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Full text of "a dictionary of the old english language compiled from writings of the xiii xiv and xv centuries"

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When I resolved to print the present dictionary I 
did not expect that in the next time many more materials 
loould become accessible; but soon ajter the first part was 
published, in 1864, I learned that a new society had been 
formed for the purpose of printing old English texts. The 
publications of this society* I have used for the body of 
the work, wherever it was possible; where not, for the 

Though my hopes of receiving communications from fel- 
low students have been disappointed, I was happy enough 
to find in Frederic J, Furnivall, Esq,, M, A,, of 
London, a friend who kindly pointed out to me, and readi- 
ly lent me several rare books which furnished valuable 
contributions, A great deal of whatever merit my work has 
is due to him. 

For the arrangement of my book a few observations, I 
think, will suffice. The urords are entered, in alphabetical 
order, under their oldest form, for example ^wen, owen 

* the If Early English Text Society*', 


under §Lzen; Men, fiven under sefen; ivel, evel under uvel; 
over under ufer; out under ut; who, wo, ho, quo under 
hwa; swo, so, se under swa. Compounds are placed under 
the first wordy for example kwper under k; abufen under 
an; bufen under bt; ilc under i; hwulc under hwl; swulc 
under swa. 

Imperfect or incorrect forms and various readings are 
put between brackets. 

Dubious words are marked with a sign of interrogation ; 
words occurring in notes, with an asterisk, 

Krefeldy 7 October 1867. 

F, H, Stratmann. 





olid. hi. 
Amad, Bobs, 

Amad. TFe6, 


ant, Arth, 


a. r. 

Arth, a7id Merl, 


avow. Arth, 



Ben, tob, 

Bens, voc, 


Bopp^s gloss, 
— vergl, gram, 

Bosw, diet. 
Bout, ev. 

Brem, wb* 

Address of the soul to the body, edit, by Singer, 
London 1845. 

The alliteratiye romance of Alexander, edit, by 

King AHsaimder in Weber*s metrical romances, yoI. 
1, p. 3—327. 

Altdeutsche bl&tter von M. Hanpt und H. Hoffinann. 

Sir Amadace in Robson*s early English metrical ro- 
mances, London 1842. 

Sir Amadas in Weber's met rom., vol. 3, p. 243— 

Amis and Amfloun in Weber's met. rom., vol. 2, p. 

The anturs of Arther &c, in Robson's met. rom., p. 

The apology of loUard doctrines attributed to Wic- 
Me, printed by J. H. Todd. 

The ancren riwle, edit, by J. Morton, London 1853. 

Arthur and Merlin, Edinburgh 1838. 

The poems of John Audelay, edit, by J. 0. Halliwell. 

The ayowing of king Arther &c. in Robson's met. 
rom., p. 57 — 93. 

Dan Michel's ayenbite of inwit, edit, by E. Morris, 
London 1866. 

The life and martyrdom of Th. Beket, edit, by W. 
H. Black. 

Mittelhochdeutsches wdrterbuch yon Benecke, Mailer 
und Zamcke. 

Yocabularium Anglo -Saxonicum opera Th. Benson, 
Oxoniae 1701. 

Sir Beves of Hamtoun (edit by Tumbull), Edin- 
burgh 1838. 

Glossarium sanscritum a F. Bopp, Berolini 1847. 

Yergleichende grammatik des Sanscrit, zend, griechi- 
schen, lateinischen, litthauischen, gothischen und 
deutschen yon F. Bopp, Berlin 1833. 

A dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon language by J. Bos- 
worth, London 1838. 

Die yier eyangelien in alt-nordhumbrischer sprache, 
herausgegeben yon K. W. Bouterwcck, Gtttersloh 

St Brandan, edit, by Thom. Wright. 

Yersuch eines bremisch-nieders^hsischen wdrter- 
buches, Bremen 1767—1771. 



Chest, myst. 
chron, Engl, 

chron, Vilod, 


c, of I, 
const, mas. 


dep, of B, 

Diefenh, wb, 
Diez wh, 

du Cange'i gloss* 

EgilsB, lex, 


Ell, rom, 


erl, of T. 

Etim, lex, 


f of e, 

Fritzner's ordb, 
Furn, p, 

— p, r, I, p. 



gesi. Bom, 

The works of J. Chaucer (edit, by Th. Speght), 

London 1687. 
The poetical works of G. Chaucer, edit, by Th. Tyr- 

whitt, London 1855. 
The Canterbury tales of G. Chaucer, edit, by Th. 

Wright, London 1847. 
Chester mysteries, London 1818. 
Chronicle of England in Ritson's metrical romances, 

vol. 2, p. 270—313. 
Chronicon Vilodunense sive de vita et miraculis sanc- 

tae Edithae regis Edgari filiae cur. W. H. Black. 
Sir Cleges in Weber's met. rom., vol. 1, p. 331 — 

Castel of love, edit, by R. F. Weymouth. 
A poem on the constitutions of masonry in Halli- 

well's early history of free-masonry in England, 

p. 12—40. 
The romance of sir Degrevant in the Thornton ro- 
mances, edit, by J. 0. Halliwell, p. 177 — 256. 
Alliterative poem on the deposition of king Richard 

n., edit, by Th. Wright. 
Vergleichendes worterbuch der gothischen sprache. 
Etymologisches worterbuch der romanischen sprachen, 

Bonn 1853. 
Carol! du Fresne, domini du Cange, glossarium ad 

scriptores mediae & infimae latinitatis, Franco- 

furti 1710. 
Lexicon poeticum antiquae linguae septentrionalis 

conscripsit Sveinbjorn Egilsson, Hafniae 1860. 
The romance of sir Eglamour of Artois in the 

Thornton romances, p. 121 — 176. 
Specimens of early English metrical romances by 

G. EUis, 2nd edit., London 1811. 
Emare in Ritson's met. rom., vol. 2, p. 204 — 247. 
The erl of Tolous in Ritson's met. rom., vol. 3, p. 

Lexicon Anglosaxonicum ed. L. Ettmiillerus, Qued- 

linburgii 1851. 
Le bone Florence of Rome in Ritson's met. rom., vol. 

3, p. 1—92. 
The forme of cury (edit, by S. Pegge), London 1780. 
Ordbog over det gamle norske sprog af Joh. Fritzner, 
Early English poems and lives of saints, edit, by 

F. J. Furnivall. 
Political, religious and love poems, edit, by F. J. 

The cokes tale of Gamelin in the Canterbury tales, 

edit, by Th. Wright, vol. 1, p. 176—201. 
Sir Gawayn and the grene knijt, edit, by F. Madden. 
A royal historic of the excellent knight Generides, 

edit, by F. J. Furnivall. 
The old English versions of the gesta Romanorum, 

edit, by F. Madden. 


Gow. conf. am, Confessio amantis of John Gower, edit, by R. Pauli, 

London 1857. 
The grave in Thorpe's analecta anglo - saxouica, p. 

Deutsche grammatik von Jac. Grimm, 2te ausg. 
Deutsches w(irterbuch von J. und W. Grimm. 
Althochdeutscher sprachschatz von E. G. Graff. 
Sprachschatz der angelsachsischen dichter, bearbeitet 

von C. W. M. Greiu, Cassel & Gottingen 18G1— 

The romance of sir Guy of Warwick and Rembrun 

his son, Edinburgh 1840. 
Lexicon Islandico-Latino-Danicum BiOrnonis Ilaldor- 

sonii cura R. K. Raskii editum, Havniae 1814. 
A dictionary of archaic and provincial words by 

J. 0. Halliwell, London 1850. 
Nugae poeticae. Select pieces of old English popular 

poetry, edit, by J. 0. Halliwell. 
The harrowing of hell, published by J. 0. Halliwell. 
A poem on the times of Edward H., edit, by C. 

Ancient metrical tales, edit, by Ch. H. Hartshorne. 
The ancient English romance of Havelok tho Dane 

with an introduction, notes, and a glossary by 

F. Madden, Loudon 1828. 
Linguarum vet. septentrionalium thesaurus auctore 

G. Hickesio, Oxoniae 1705. 
Historie of the arrival of Edward IV. in England, 

edit, by J. Bruce. 
Hali meidenhad, edit, by 0. Cockayne. 
Poems by Thom. Hoccleve, London 1796. 
The geste of king Horn in Ritson's met. rom., vol. 

2, p. 91— J 55. 
Horn child and maiden Rimnild in Ritson's met. 

rom., vol. 3, p. 282—320. 
Roberd of Brunne's handling sinne, edit, by F. J. 

Furnivall, London 1862. 
The hunting of the hare in Weber's met. rom., vol. 

3, p. 279—290. 
Zeitschrift fiir deutsches alterthum, herausgegeben 

von M. Haupt. 

Glossarium Suio-Gothicum auctore J. Ihre, Upsaliae 

The life of Ipomidon in Weber's met. rom., vol. 2, 
p. 281—365. 

The romance of sir Isumbras in the Thornton ro- 
mances, p. 88 — 120. 

Iwaine and Gawin in Ritson's met. rom., vol. 1, p. 

The legend of St Katherine of Alexandria, edit, by 
J. Morton, London 1841. 
Kemb, Sal, a. Sat, The dialogue of Salomon and Saturnus with an his- 
torical introduction by J. M. Kemble, London 1848. 

Gr, gram, 
— wh, 

Graff's sprsch. 
GreirCi gloss. 


Ilaldora, lex, 
Ualliw. diet, 

— nug. poet, 

Ilardw, poem 

TTartsh, m, t, 

Hick, thes, 

hist, Edw, IV, 

h. m. 



— ch, 
h, 8, 

H, zeitschr^ 

Threes gloss, 






Kil, diet. 

h, of T, 

lai le fr, 

I'm C» Ct 

Le Qon, diet, 
li b$atA8 dise, 
Lidg, m, p, 

— St, of Th. 

Lindf, lex, 

lud, Cov, 
Lye diet, 

Maerl, rb, glass, 




Mar, mir, pi, 

m, Arth, F, 

— H. 
met, horn, 


Molh, ordb, 
Mor, a, p, 

— horn, 


O'BeiUy's diet, 


Etymologicum Teutonicae linguae, sive dictionariam 
Teutonico-Latinum studio & opera Corn. Kiliani 
Dufflaei, editio tertia, Antverpiae 1599. 

The king of Tars and the soudan of Dammas in 

Ritson's met. rom., vol. 2, p. 156 — 203. 

La^amons Brut, published by F. Madden, London 

Lai le freine in Weber's met. rom., vol. 1, p. 357 — 

Launfal in Ritson's met. rom., vol. 1, p. 170—215. 

Liber cure cocorum, edit, by R. Morris. 

Dictionnaire breton-frangais de Le Gonidec enrichi 
par Hersart de la Villemarqu^, Saint Brieuc 1850. 

Li beaus disconus in Ritson's met. rom., vol. 2, p. 

A selection from the minor poems of Dan John Lyd- 
gate, edit, by J. 0. Halliwell. 

The story of Thebes by John Lidgate, printed to- 
gether with Chaucer's works, London 1687. 

Fullstslndigt Swenskt och Latinskt lexicon forfattadt 
af A. 0. Lindfors. 

Ludus Coventriae, edit, by J. 0. Halliwell. 

Dictionarium Saxonicum et Gothicb-Latinum auctore 
E. Lye, ed. 0. Manning, Lond. 1772. 

Glossarium op Maerlants rymbybel door J. David. 

The voiage and travaile of sir John Maundevile, re- 
printed from the edition of a. d. 1725, with an 
introduction etc. by J .0. Halliwell, London 1839. 

The Latin poems commonly attributed to Walter 
Mapes, edit, by Th. Wright. 

Seinte Margarete, printed together with SeinteMar- 
herete by 0. Cockayne. 

Seinte Marherete, edit, by 0. Cockayne, London 1862. 

A collection of English miracle - plays or mysteries 
by W. Marriott, Basel 1838. 

Le morte Arthur, edit, by F. J. Furnivall. 
— edit, by J. 0. Halliwell. 

English metrical homilies with an introduction and 
notes by John Small, Edinburgh 1862. 

Poems written anno MCCCLH. by Laurence Minot, 
published by Jos. Ritson, London 1825. 

Dansk ordbog af Christ. Molbech, Kifibenhavn 1833. 

Early English alliterative poems, edit, by R. Morris. 

Old English homilies, edit, by R. Morris. 

The romance of the emperor Octavian, edit, by J. 
0. Halliwell. 

Octovian imperator in Weber's met, rom., vol. 3, p. 

An Irish-English dictionary by E. O'Reilly, Dublin 

The Ormulum, edit, by R. M. White, Oxford 1852. 

Sir Orpheo in Ritson's met. rom., vol. 2, p. 248— 


OwwC% diet, 

owl and night 



pL U 

P. P. 

pr, consc, 
prompt, parv. 


reb. Line, 

reh ant, 

rel, songs 


Biehth, wh. 

Bits, ane, songs 

Bob, Br. 

— M, 

Bob, Gloue, 

8, a, e, 
Schamb, icb. 

Seh, gloss, 
Schm, gloss. 


SckUtze^s idiot, 
sg, of I, deg. 

Welsh and EngUsh dictionary by W. Owen, London 

The owl and the nightingale, edit, by Th. Wright, 

London 1843. 
The old EngUsh version of Partonope of Blois, edit. 

by W. E. Buckly. 
The romance of sir Perceval of Galles in the Thorn- 
ton romances, p. 1 — 87. 
The plowmans tale, printed in Chaucer's works, fol. 

157—168, London 1687. 
The vision and creed of Piers Ploughman, edit, by 

Thorn. Wright, London 1856. 
The pricke of conscience, edit, by R. Morris. 
Promptorium parvulorum sive clericorum, dictiona- 

rius Anglo-Latinus princeps, auctore fratre Gal- 

frido, ad fidem codicum recensuit Albert Way, 

London 1865, 
Anglo - Saxon and early English psalter (edit, by 

Stevenson, London 1843.) 
Chronicle of the rebellion in Lincolnshire, 1470, edit. 

by J. G. Nichols. 
Reliquiae antiquae, edit, by Th. Wright and J. 0. 

Religious songs, printed together with the Owl and 

the Nigkingale by Th. Wright. 
Richard coer de lion in Weber's met. rom., vol. 2, 

p. 3—278. 
Altfriesisches wOrterbuch von Dr Karl von Richt- 

hofen, Gdttingen 1840. 
Ancient songs from the time of king Henry the 

third to the revolution, London 1790. 
Peter Langtoft's chronicle, as illustrated and im- 

prov'd by Robert of Brunne, published by Tb. 

Extracts from Rob. of Brunne's chronicle in Mad- 
den's La^amon, vol. 3. 
Robert of Gloucester's chronicle, edit, by Th. Heame, 

London 1810. 
Songs and carols, London 1836. 
The play of the sacrament. 
WSrterbuch der niederdeutschen mundart der fttrsten- 

thtlmer Gdttingen und Grubei^agen von G. 

Gothisches glossar von Ernst Schulze. 
Glossarium baxonicum poemate Heliand inscripto et 

minoribus quibusdam priscae linguae monumen- 
ts collectum (a J. A. Schmeller.) 
The religious poems of William de Shoreham, edit. 

by Th. Wright. 
Holsteinisches idiotikon von J. F. Schtttze, Hamburg 

The squir of lowe degre in Ritson's met, rom., vol. 

3, p. 145—192, 

9, «. Web, 

». «. TTr. 
stt gen, 

Todd's illnsir. 

Town, myst 


Wart, hist, 



wills and invent. 

Wr, an. lit, 
Wr, diet, 

Wr, p. s, 

Wr, 8, a, c, 
Wr, spec, 
Wr, treat, 
Wr, voc. 

The proces of the sevin sages in Weber's met. rom., 
vol. 3, p. 3—153. 

The seven sages, edit, by Th. Wright. 

The story of genesis and exodus, edit, by Rich. 

Illustrations of the lives and writings of Gower and 
Chaucer by H. J. Todd, London 1810. 

Torrent of Portugal, edit, by J. 0. Halliwell. 

The Towneley mysteries printed for the Surtees 

Transactions of the society of antiquaries. 

The romance of sir Tryamoure, edit, by J. 0. Halli- 

Sir Tristrem, edit, by W. Scott, Edinb. 1804. 

The history of English poetry by Thorn. Warton, 
London 1840. 

The holy bible in the earliest English versions made 
from the Latin vulgate by JohnWycliffe and his 
followers, edit, by ForshaU and Madden, Oxford 

The new testament in English translated by J. NN yc- 
liffe, London 1848. 

The ancient English romance of William and the 
werwolf, edit, by F. Madden. 

Wills and inventories from the registers of the com- 
missary of Bury St Edmund's <fcc., edit, by S. 

Anecdota literaria by Th. Wright. 

Dictionary of obsolete and provincial English, compil- 
ed by Th. Wright, London 1857. 

The political songs of England from the reign of 
John to that of Edward II., edit, by Th. Wright. 

Songs and carols, edit, by Th. Wright. 

Specimens of lyric poetry, edit, by Th. Wright. 

Popular treatises on science, edit, by Th. Wright. 

A volume of vocabularies, edit, by Th. Wright. 

a re c aliarp^ rcL anL 1, S3, 
abece a h c, Rob. Olouc. 266,22. 

a {or 4), ASax, OSax. OFris, a^ OHGerm. ar, er, ir, 
iir, Goth, us, see Or, gram, 2,704 & 818, a, up, out, of, 
no hut in compos, 

ab^d, J^roni adiden, abode, delay, Degrev, 129; abaid ^ 
Oaiv. gloss, 363; abood Chauc, C. t, 967. 
abaelien? ASax, abaeligan? Oreins gloss., irritate f abaei- 
leden (pret) LaT^. 10275. 

abaiten, MHOemi. erbei:5eii? Ben, wb, 1, 193, baitf his 
flesh oil here was so abeited Ilalliw, diet, 6. 
abasen? ab4st (part.) perplexed, confounded. Mar, mir. pi, 
98; see abaissen. 

abeden bid, offer, Ilalliw, diet, 5; abed (pret.) La3. 4423. 
abe3en bow: ni pei abeijedoim hem no ping to pe king 
(r. kinges) best chron, Vil, 97. 
abelden (abelde) grow bold, Alis, 2442. 
abel^en grow angry; abalh (pret) LaT^. 26359*; aboi^en 
{part,) 1565. 

abelken? pat hi ne be abolke {elated f) Shoreh, 22. 
aberen (abere) bear off, Rob, Olouc, 196; abered {pres,) 
a, r, 158; aber {pret) Kath, 1555. 

abiden abide, toait, Orm. 1801 ; abide Wlcl. gloss, 3 ; Chauc, 
C, t, 1578; pu ne darst domes abide owl and night. 1693 ; 
if he moste abide pe dai Beh, 736; abit {pres,) Chauc. 
r. r, 4989; rel. ant, 1, 115; abad {pret?) Iw, 1180; abod 
Beh, 1147; s, s, Wr, 2825; abiden {part) Chauc, C, t 
9762; Mar., 188. 

abiten bite in pieces, owl and night 77; broune liouns 
and ek white, pat wolden fain his folk abite Alis, 7096; 
abited iaj. 21312; abiten {part,) rel, ant 2, 276. 
ablasteu blast: venim and lir to gedir he caste, pat he 
Jason so sore ablaste Halliw, diet 7. 
ablawen blow up: pos he gan hire herte ablowe SAor^A. 160; 
ablowe {paH.) 166. 


ablenden hlind, La'7^, 14657; pis leme shal Lucifer ablende 

vis, P. K 12351; ablended (pres,) a, r, 86; ablente {pret.) 

vis. P. P. 12730. 

ablinden, OUOerm, erblinden Graffs sprsch, 3, 256, grow 

hlind; ablinded {pres.) a. r, 92. 

abojen how; abojede {pret) Ilalliw, diet, IQ, 

abreden extend; abrM (pret) owl and night 1042. 

abreiden start up, a. r. 214; abreide w/^iraicZ, rel, ant, 1,7; 

and if pat he out of his sleep abraide Cfiauc, C,t, 4188; 

abreid (pret) a. r, 238; compos, upabreiden. 

abreken (abreke) hreakout, HalUw. diet,; abroken (^ar^.) ihid, 

abuggen (abugge) huy off, redeem, La^. 8158; a. r, 188; 

Wr, spec. 112; Hor7i 1081; abiggeu (abigge) Oi-m, 6907; 

Alis, 901; vis, P, P. 1138; aboughte (pret) Chauc, C, t, 

2305; aboht {part,) harrow, 59; abo3t Beh, 1312. 

abu3eii (abouwe) how, comply, Z/a3. 4049; abowe (aboue?) 

Alis, 188; Em, 981; abowe to pe kinges wille Bek, 867; 

abu3p (pres.) owl and night, 780; abouep 5^^. 1331; (pei) 

aboun wend, go away. Mar, mir, pi, 1 80 ; abeh ( jyr^*^.) La^. 5210. 

abu3en (abtiye) how, Roh, Glove. 102,5; abuide {pret,) 

106, 14. 

acalen? grow eoldf acale {part?) vis, P. P, 12873; he 

was so sore acale Gow. conf. am, 3, 296; akale s. s. 

Weh, 1512. 

acangen grow mad: acanges tu Kath, 2112; acanget 

(j>a7't) 2045. 

acasten cast down: dead ne acaste nawt Crist, ah Crist 

overcom dead Kath, 1127; acast {part) Wr, p. s, 149 

nou is mi comfort acast cr, P, P, 197; akest a, r, 318 

aclumsen grow henumhed; aclumsid {part) Wicl. gloss, 3 

acolden grow or make cold; acoalded {pres,) a, r, 404 

accolded {part,) Halliw,dict, 14= , Sicold Hardw, poem 23,6; 

s. s. Wr, 2518. 

acolding cooling, Halliw, diet, 17. 

acolen cool, a, r. 118; acoled {part,) owl and mght 205. 

acorien complain, a, r, 60 ; pou it schalt acorie sore Halliio, 

diet, 17; pou ne au3test n6w3t mi dep acore Hartsh.met. 

t 112; pat acorede al pis loud Roh, Glouc, 75,4. 

acumen (acome) attain, Shoreh, 73. 

acursien (acursi) aceurse, owl and flight 1702; acursep 

{pres) vis, P. P. 12289; acursed {part) Brand. 24; pe 

aJiurside gost a. r. 234. 

ach^ken, achoken? choice, Chauc, Boet. 2; achSked {part.) 

leg, g, worn, 2004; achoked Halliw. diet, 

ad^seii dazzle^ stupefy; ad^sed' (part,) Halliw. diet.; Todd*s 

illustr, 297. 

adeaden deaden, a, r, 112; adeadet (paH,) Kath. 2048. 

adeveii deafen; adeved (jpaH.) Shoreh, 103. 

adiliten prepare, arrange, dress: and so icli mine song 

adi3te owl and niglit. ?>2i\\ adihtej) Wr. p. s, 329; adiht 

{part.) Kath. 1382; adiglit // bi-aus disc. 711; yonder ben 

tuo yonge men, wonder wol adight 0am. 03 5. 

adoten grow sillg; adotep {pres.) Will, gloss. 211; adoted 

(pari.) Gow. conf. am. 3,4; dusie men & adotede «. r. 222. 

adrawen (adrawe) draw forth, draw out, Rob. Olonc. 207, 9: 

Octov. 357; adroli (/fret.) Ln'y 16487; hure swerdes pan 

pai adrowe Halliw. diet. 22. 

adreden dread, fear, Lar^. 8744; adrede owl and night. 12 04. 

adreden make afraid, alarm, rel. songs 1,26; he mai him 

sore adreden (adnVle) Hick. thes. 1,223; adredde (pret.) 

Horn 1170; adrOvl (part.) afraid, Wr. spec. 110; adr^d 

Mand. 282; vis. P.P. 13001; Tor. 289. 

adreden (adrie) suffer, Halliw. diet. 22. 

adrenchen (adrenche) drown, Lar^. 1507*; «-. r. 230; Honi 

109; Wr. ;>. 5. 217; & adreinten ham snlven i der see 

a. r. 230; adreint (part) s. s. Web. 1480. 

? adrillen co;'7*Mj?<.^ pat he nadrille Shoreh. 90; waime man 

letep adrille pat he god ;^elde schel 144. 

adrinken be drowned; adronc (pret.) La';'y 2205; a. r. 58. 

adruwien dry up, a. r. 150; adrou3e Shoreh. 34. 

aduneu din, stun; \m adunest (pres.) owl and night. 337; 

adenid (part.) Aud. 78. 

adwelen? OHOenn. artweian (tor per e) f O raffs sprsch. 

5,548, grow dull? swo heore wit hi demp adwole o^rZ and 

night. 1775. 

adweschen throw dorm, destroy, Kath. 949; adweschde 

(prit.) 1190. 

afallen (avalle)/a// down, owl and 7?/^//f. 1083 ; availed {pres.) 

a. r. 240; afallen (part.) LaT^. 15949; aMle ?t/. ant. 2,272. 

afanden try, tempt; afondep (pres.) Shoreh. 73. 

afangen receive; afonge owl and itighf. 1194; Wr. treat. 

140; Alis. 006; avaugep (pres) Shoreh. 50; aveng (pi^et.) 

Hob. Olouc. 223, 20; avonge {part.) Shoreh. 132. 

afesen (a =- i?) conjoin^ dispose? aveide (pret.) Wr, diet 136. 


> ft 

afellen /«??, cast down^ Kaih. 669; atellen a. r. 122; afelle 
Alia, 6240; afelden (pret,) La^, 4176. 
aferen (afere) affray, J^riyhten, owl and night 221; TiicA. 
4104; vis. P. P. 14257; aferde (pret) Wart hist 1, 16; 
afered (part) afeard, of raid, a. r. 326; Gow. conf, am. 
2, 21; aferd Chauc, C,t 630; il/awc/. 294. 
' afinden find out, discover, Larr^, 25775; avinde owl and 
night 527; afouude {jpret^ Octoi\ 1659; (part,) Shoreh, 49, 
afleien make flee, drive away: aflei fram hamal uvel Kath, 
2431; avleied (part) a, r. 248. 
afleon fiee; aflo3en ('part) Ucdliw, diet 27. 
aflemen dHve away; aflemde (pret) La^. 8465. 
afon receive, LaT^, 8728; afo Halliw, diet, 27; avop (pres,) 
owl and night 841. 
aforpen afford f vis. P, P, 4194. 
afreinen (a = i or af?) inquire, Halliw, diet, 28. 
dkirvT^iQn frighten; afrijt (part,) Will, gloss, 211 ; Amad, Robs, 
37, 6; afright s, s, Wr, 2704; ofright (o = of?) Hob. Br, 70, 19. 
afuUen fill; afulled (part) Xaj. 12078. 
agaden? pou art agade (for agaded? distracted? foolish f) 
8, s, Web, 2638; see egede 

ag4n go over^ pass away; agon owl and night 1278; 
aged (pres.) 1451; a, r, 184; pis worldes wele .al agop 
rel, ant, 1, 160; agan (part.) LaT^. 337; Halliw. diet 29; 
hit is not longe agon (ago) h. of T. 268; agoon Chauc. 
C. t 1278; ago Wr, p. s, 197. 

ag^sen, Ooth, usgaisjan, agaze; pe were so sore agased 
Halliw, dict^ 29. 

ag^sten (ag^ste) frighten, terrify, Rob, Glouc. 17, 24; 
Chauc, Troil, 1993; Wicl, gloss, 3: agesten a, r, 212; 
agasten (pres,) Mand, 282; ag^ste (pret.) LaT^, 6451; 
Brand, 22; ag4st (part) agad, Alis. 250; agest a, r, 372. 
agiden? confound? ag^ste & agide ham Kath, 1256. 
aginnen (aginne) begifi, oivl and 7iight, 1287; Hoim 1285; 
s, 8, Web, 1410; aginne (pres. subjunct,) a, r, 74; aginnep 
Wr, p. s. 189; agan (p7'et,) Shoreh, 53. 

agliften? aglift (part) frightened, Halliw. diet. 32; oglift 
(o = of?) Rob, Br, 72, 8. 

agramen, OHOerm, argremen, irritate, vex; agramed (part,) 
Alis. SdlO; li beaus disc, 1916; pi, t 291; agromed chron, 
of Engl, 863; agremed Halliw, diet. 33. 
a^reipen (a= i ?) pr^jpare^ dress; agreiped (part) Will, gloss, 212. 

^ 8 

agrisen grow terrified^ a, r. 306; Wid, gloss, 3; ham schal 

agnsen Katk. 2317; agrise rei songs 5, 140; Chauc. C. t 

7231; agros (pret.) Hob, Glouc, 549, 14; Horn 1326; of 

which she noujt agi-os Chauc. Troil. 2022; agrisen (2?ar<.) 

Alls, 357; agrise Will. gloss. 212; Rob. Olouc. 539,25. 

agropen (agrope) search f Halliw. did. 

agroten? surfeit; agroted {part.) Chauc. I. g. w. 2452. 

agrotonin „ingurgitare*^^ prompt, parv. 8. 

agniUeu vex, tease f nu ich mai singe war ich wulle, ne 

dar me never eft mou agrulie owl and night. 1108. 

aguiten (agulte) do wrong, offend, vis. P. P. 10230; hwon 

me agulted to ou a. r. 186; agulte (pret.) \Vr. spec. 112; 

agilte Chauc. r. 7\ 5833; agult (part.) rel. songs 2, 41; 

Mob. Glouc. 252, 14. 

aseven give up, deliver, LaT^. 4698; ajaef (pret.) 24723; 

ajaf owl and night. 139. 

ajilden yield up: and ayild pe to pis knight Halliw. 

diet. 126. 

aheven? heave up, raise; ah6f (pret.) La7^. 21625; compos. 


ahon hang up, La^. 20878. 

akelen (ak^le) cool, Oow. conf. am. 2, 91; akelde (pret.) 

Rob. Olouc. 442, 13. 

akennen beget; akennet (part.) Kath. 332. 

akennen, OHGerm. archennan, know; akende (pret.) LaT^. 

7243*; akenninge reconnoitring, Alis. 3468. 

akimon (akimen?) grow silly f akimed (part.) La^. 26354. 

aknawen (a :=: i?) /enow, acknowledge ; make akn^wen rnaie 

known, Halliw. diet. 36; ich am aknowe / acknowledge, 

Will, gloss. 212. 

alacchen (a = i?) catch, take, Halliw. diet. 37. 

alaenen (aleane) grant, La7^. 31603*. 

alamien, OHGerm. arlemen, render lame; alamed (part.) 

owl and night. 1602. 

al^pen, MHGenn. erieiden, become loath; alopep owl and 

night. 1275; render loath: aladed (aloped) La'^. 2258; 25930. 

aleggen allay, put down, abolish, refute, La"^. 7714; alegge 

Bek. 1638; ho ne miste nost alegge pat pe tile („hule'*) 

hadde hire ised owl and night. 394; aleide (pret.) Will. 

gloss. 212; aleid (part.) Wr. spec. 105; alaid is, Darie, 

pin honour Alis. 2386. 

?aleinen conceal; alained (jpret.) HaUiw* diet 38. 

6 a 

aleosen lose; 30 aleosen (pres.) a. r. 118*. 

Silesen releas€y deliver, La"^, 1084; a. r. 124; alesede {pret) 

rel songs 7,21; alesed {part,) Kath, 1150. 

alesunge release, (dat.) Kath. 1153. 

aliggen subside, cease: k muchel wind alid mid a lutel rein 

a. r. 246; pis lutle pine pat alid i lute liwile Kath. 2183. 

alihten alight, descend; alijte Wr. treat 136; alighte Gow, 

conf. am. 2, 132; alihte {pret.) a. r. 248; alighte alleviate, 

relieve, Gow. conf. am. 2, 278; alisted {part.) IVicl. gloss. 4:. 

alihten light up, enlighten; SLli^te {pret.) Shoreh. 84; alight 

Gow. conf. am. 2, 183. 

alistnen enlighten, Wicl. gloss. 4. 

aliden go over, pass away: pe windgon aliden La^. 12041 ; 

pa seove jer weoren alidene 3970. 

alongen (a = of?) long: he was alonged he longed. Rich. 3049. 

alouten (aloute) how, stoop, Beh. 2140; cr. P. F. 1496; 

li heaus disc. 1254; alouted {pret.) Will, gloss. 212. 

amaden? madden; amad {part.) Halliw. diet. 52; IF?*. ^>. s. 

156; heo Weoren amadde La^. 4438; amed a. r. 324. 

amansen excommunicate; amonsi Wr. jk s. 196 ; amaitsed 

{part.) Kath. 2101; Rob. Gloiic. 335, 7. 

amasen amaze; aniased {part.) a. r. 270; Will, gloss. 212; 

Goto. conf. am. 2, 25. 

ameken render meek; amekid {part) Halliw. diet. 54. 

ameren clear, purge; amered {part.) s. s. Web. 2266; 

amirid? Halliw. diet 58. 

amerren mar, spoil, Hallitc. diet. 55; amerde {pret.) La^. 

11725; Octov 1307; amerred {part) Shoreh. 106; amarrid 

rel. ant. 2, 211. 

anarwen narrow; anarwip {pres.) Alts. 3346. 

anewen, OHGerm. irniuwon, renew, dej). of R. 15, 19. 

aniderien, Germ, ernidern, 2^^^ down; anideri (aneoperi) 

La'7^. 14861; anepered {part.) Rob. Glouc. 217, 10. 

aquaken quake, tremble, Halliw. diet. 76. 

aquecchen quake, shake: pe wode aqueighte, so hi sunge 

Alis. 5257. 

aquellen kill, Rich. 2569; s. s. Web. 2758; acwellen iCa«A. 

1826; aquelde {pret) Horn 881; acwalde { owl 

and night. 1368. 

aquenchen (aquenche) quench, Wr. treat. 136; rel. ant. 

2, 274; acwenchen a.r. 224; acweinte (^;ref.) 124; aqueint 

{part) s. s. Web. 1991; Gow. conf am. 3,10. 

aquecteii resound; aqueden (pret) pk weolcne LaT^, 23947. 
uquikien (acwikien) quickeriy revive, a. 7\ 118. 
nraedeii? A Sax. araedaii? Oreins gloss.,, jtrepare, array 1 
and gan him arede in scorn Wr, s, a. c. 60, 69; araeden 
{pret) LaT^. 15482. 
araken start? Hits, anc, songs 79. 

? araten rate, reprot^o, vis. P,P. ^11SS\ arated (pa7't.) 9245. 
arecchei (areclie) utter, speak, Wr. diet, dA\ explain, LaT^, 
28097 ; aroujt (part,) Halliw, diet, 86 ; ara3t produced? 
Slioreh 139. 

arechen reach, attain, a. r. 128; areche Mich, 7039; Gow. 
conf, am, 1, 150: araehtc (aralite) {pret,) La"^, 10539; 
ara3te HalUw, diet, 77; arafte li beans disc, 1129. 
arvidJ'jii (aredde) rid, deliver, a, r. 390; Ilartsh. met, t 97 ] 
arudden Kath, 1142; aredde {pres, snbj,) owl and night, 
1567; aredde (j)ret,) a, r, 170. 

areden, OITGerm, irniten, conjecture, interpret, explain; 
arede Chnuc, Troil, 2597; Gow, conf, am, 1, 24; Wicl, 
gloss. 5 ; of whiche no ina:i ne coupe areden pe nonibre 
J/w. 5115; hi pat aredep pise redeles Shoreh, 24; pe 
sweven . . . pat Daniel an one arad Gow, conf, am, 1, 25. 
aredien, ASax, aredian Greins gloss, 1, 37, direct: and 
bad heom aredien him to haeh^en pan kingen (r. kinge) 
La^, 23315. 

areimen, /ISaa?. ardLnneii {erigere) Greins gloss,, redeem.^ pet 
is ure raunsun pat we schulen areimen us mide a, r, 126. 
areisen (areise) i^aise. Will, gloss, 213; areiside {pret^ 
Wicl, gloss, 5. 

areppen touch, La^. 26034: & drawed al into hore holes 
pet heo muwen arepen & arechen a, r, 128. 
arereii rem*, raise up\ arearen a.r.^90: arere Tmf. 3, 49 ; 
Bek. 901; Ociov. .21; arrere Mand, 38; arerde (pre^.) La3. 
14229; areardc Kath, 1114; he hedde arered and imad 
manye werren msc, Arund. 67, f, 86. 
aresen totter f pe tre aresede (r. aresde) as hit wold falle 
s, s, Web, 915. 

arewen pity: arewe pi \i\ite Kath. 14(53; pe deore drihtin 
areaw us 1379; Jhesu Christ arew (pitied) hem sore 
harroio 29; arewen (a = i?) repent, Wr, p, s, 240; hit 
shal him never penne arewe const, of mas. 15. 
arihten, cmp„ Germ, errichten (erect) and anrichten (pre- 
parej^ such gestening he aright Tor, 1366. 

8 a 

arimen count, number^ La7^. 25392. 

arinen touch : alle pe pinges pet heo arined, alle heo turned 
to hire a r, 408. 

arisen arise, a. r. 324; arist {pres.) Alls. 5458; aras 
{pret) Kath, 337; aros BeL 451; hi SLvise_ Brand. 10; 
arisen (^art,) h of 1\ 442; arise Will, gloss, 213; com- 
pos, uparisen. 

arist rising, Oow. conf, am. 1, 320; aerist Orm. 15034; 
ariste {dot!) a. r. 38. 

arouten, cmp. OFr. arouter, aroter, run vpl pou shelt 
herto aroute Halliw. diet. 86. 
ascuren? drive awayf asciir him a. r. 29(). 
aschaken elapse: aer pe dai weore al ascekeu (asake) 
La-T^. 19154. 

aschamen askame; SLSchameA (part.) Alis. 3309 ; s.s. Trr.2314. 
aschende (a=i?) skend, Bek. 1354. 

aschewelen, cmp. OHGerm. irsciuhen, frighten, scare away : 
par ich aschewele pie and crowe owl and night. 1611. 
aschonen shun; aschonne dep. of It, 14, 16. 
aschrenchen supplant, deceive: ac ech opreii aschrenchep 
Schoreh. 17; aschreint (parf.) Alis. 4819; ich was aschreint 
s. s. Web. 1485. 

aschupchen {sLnhunche) frighten.^ Wr. spec. 38. 
asechen seek, LaT^. 27866. 

aseen, OHOerm. ersehsm, perceive; asene (/or asecn) (part.) 
chron, of Engl, 44. 

asenchen sink: al here atil and tresour was also aseint 
Bob. Olouc. 51, 22. 

aseren dry up; asered (pret.) s. s. Web. 606. 
asinken sink; hi asinkep Shoreh. 138; asouken (pret.) 
Mapes 345. 

asitten (a = at?) sit against, resist: no man ne mighte 
asitte his swordes draught Octov, 1665. 
aslaken slacken : til atte laste aslaked was his mood Chauc, 
C. t 1762. 

asl4n slay, La7^. 22576; aslough (pret) Halliw. diet. 93; 
aslawe (part.) Bob. Glouc. 170, 6; Shoreh. 120. 
asliden slide away, Halliw. diet. 93. 

asluppen (a = and ? cmp, Dutch ontslippen, Germ, ent- 
schlupfen), slip away: ne miht i him asluppe HV. spec.ZQ. 
asmeUen smelly s. s. Web, 891. 
asnSsen strike; asndsed a. r, 200. 

a 9 

asoften soften^ Hallixc, diet 94. 

asparen, Geim, ersparen, spare, vis, P. P. 9899. 

aspien, OllOerm. erspehen (OFr. espier?),f «;??/, Ma7id% 66; 

aspie Chauc, C. t 15002; aspide {in-et.) Lar^, 19737*; 

aspieden a, r, 196. 

aspiere spy^ WicL gloss, 5. 

aspillen spill; aspille owl and night 348; Bck. 1024; 

aspilled a r, 148. 

aspringen spring up; asprongun {yart) HalUic. diet. 95. 

astaiideii remain; astonde Bek, 2015; compos, upastanden. 

astellen establish; astalden (pret.) LaT^, 8960; astald 

(part,) 12091. 

asteorven die, a, r, 326; astorven (pa/t) 310. 

asterten start up, escape, ChaitcL g. w, 1611; asterte vis, 

P, P. 7359; asturte {pret)La'^, 26035; astirte //areZ. 893. 

astien ascend, Itoh, Glouc. 317,6; asti3en (p/rf.) Xa^. 8691. 

astrecchen extend; astretchin prompt, pare, 

astresen? astrayed (part) strayed, Gow. conf, am. 2, 132. 

astreiigpien (astrengpi) strenghten, Rob, Glouc, 180, 13. 

astunien, cmp. Germ, erstauiien and OFr, estoner, stun, 

astonish: astoned {part.) Hob, Glouc, ^^^ \ (rhym, icvfoneA) 

Chauc, Troil, 274; hors and man astuned lai llallitc, 

diet 102; astouned? Shareh, 88. 

astunten stop, a, r, 72; astente Will, gloss, 213; astimte 

(pret,) Rob, Glouc, 546; astiiit {part) Mapes 341. 

asturen stir up, excite; astured (part.) Lut^. 25329; ustered 

Degrev, 757. 

aswelten be suffocated, perish with heat: ^eot (wealliude 

bres) in his wide prote, pet he asweltc widinuen a. r. 2 1 6 ; 

pe fuir ... aswelt ^IZts. 6639; aswalten {pret,) La3. 27474. 

asweven wipe off; aswcved? Chauc, h, off, 549. 

aswiken cease: aswiked Kath, 2187. 

aswiuden (aswinde) vaw^sA^ waste, decay, owl and night, 1572; 

aswint {pres,) Lai^, 1 7940 ; aswuude {part) owl and night, 1 478. 

aswinken jprocwre by labour, Bek, 1663. 

aswosen swoon? he fell aswowe (a swowe?) to grounde 

Lavnf, 755. 

aswonen swoon f aswoned (y. r. a swoune) doun sche fallip 

Chauc, C, t 8955. 

ataken (a = af?) overtake, Bek, 1961; Chauc, C, t 12513; 

-4ww 2070; Wiel, gloss, 5; atok Halliw, diet 106. 

atamen tamCf dep. of B. 15. 

10 a 

atenen (a ^ i?) irritate; ateoned (part,) chron, of Engl. 61. 

ateon treat; atojen (atowen) {part.') La^* 12096. 

atil array, furniture, store, Roh, Glouc. 51, 22; 297, 10. 

atilen, c^np. Germ, erzilen (am at, heget, produce) and Ital. 

attillare (adorn), equip, array; atiled (part.) Rob. Olouc. 1 84,1 7. 

atre3en vex, grieve; atraid \pret) s.s, TFei. 1867; atraijed 

(j>a)^. k. of T. 605. 

atrukien? /a«.7; attrokieii (pres.) Ilalliw. diet. 108. 

aturiieu convert'^ aturned (part.) a. r. 284; return^ he 

atorude as vaste as he mijte Roh. Olouc. 419, 6. 

atwiimen (a = and? cmp. Germ, entzweieu), part asunder, 

Hallifc. diet. 109. 

apeneii stretch out, extend: ix\)ened (part) Halliic. diet 105. 

apeostren darken; apeostrede (pret.) La^. 2860. 

adrusemen suffocate, kill, a. r. 40. 

a|)ursten? Germ, erdiirsten (siti co7iJici)? he werp apurst 

(at hirst) wel sore rel. ant. 2, 273; aprest lud. Cov. 190. 

awaken (awake) awake, Chauc. ^.(7. zr. 1332; awook (pret.) 

i '. t. 7285: vis. P. P. 4773; awake (part?) rel. «w^. 1,144. 

awukieu awake, a. r. 238: awakip Uoeci. 1,301; awakede 

(pret.) a. r. 236; vis. P. P. 9586; awaked [part.) Chauc. 

Hott. 3. 

a waken e 11 awaken, arii<e, a. r. 44; awakned (jpret.) vis. 

P. P. 13926; awakened {part) a. r. 58. 

i{Vi'd\}ei\ terrify, stupefy ; awaped (part.) Jiwj. 3673; (awha- 

])ed3 Chauc. I. g. w. 814; 2317. 

awarien curse, a. r. 284; awariede (pret.) Lar^. 13946; 

awaried (part?) rel. songs 4, 75; awariede wihtes Kath. 1066. 

awecchen awaken, rouse, rel. ant. 2, 278; awahte (pret.) 

Kath. 1044; aweighte Alis. 5858; awehten La;^. 17805. 

aweden become mad, Lff^y 22020; awede Shoreh. 163; 3,81; liheaus disc. 957; awelde {p^et.) Rob. Glouc. 

162, 20; awed part. a. r. 96; Bek. 1486. 

awelden subdue, Lar^. 27327; awelde rel. ant. 1, 184; 

awelded a. r. 144; awealt (part.) Kath. 555. 

awemmen (awaemmen) blemish, defile, injure, spoil, La7^. 

21290; awemmed (part.) 20165; rel. ant. 1, 128. 

awenden wend, go away; awend (part.) Bek. 1240. 

awenen (a — i?^ think; awenden (pret.) rel. ant. 1,144. 

ahwonen, ASax. ahvaenan (vexare)f Lyes diet, trouble: 

herof pe Uvedies to me raenep, an wel sore me ahwcnep 

owl and night 1562. 

^ 11 

awherfen turn away; awharf (jpret?) Oaw, gloss, 366. 
awerpen cast dovm, overthrow; aworpen a. r. 122; awarpen 
Kath. 590; awarpep rel. ant 2, 210; aworpen (jpart,") a, r. 
278; awarpen Kath. 1284. 
awesten waste; aweste (pret) La^^, 6452. 
awilden (awiligen) hecome wild, a, r. 176; hwit awileged 
(bewUders^ pe eien a, r. 282. 

awinlien win, LaT^. 18761; awiniie s. «. Web, 1822; rel. ant. 
2, 243. 

awlaten disgust; awlated (pai±) Hob. Glouc. J 85, 0. 
awr4pien become wroth: (nis) 1163! so glad pat hit lie 
awropep owl and night 1276. 

awrecchen? wrench aicayf & liabbed al mi kinelaiid 
awraeht ut of mire hond La7^. 15435. 
awreken reject, Lar^. 25194; avenge, 24898; a. r. 334; 
awreke Hich. 1771; awrec (jpret.) a. r. 334; awreken 
part.') Trist. 3, 14; awreke o^rl and night 262; Rob. 
Glmtc. 388; awroken Chauc. (\ t. 3750; awroko vis. 
P. P. 4200. 

awundren wonder : seint Gregorie awundred him rr. r. 146; 
awundrede {pret) Kath. 312; surpfise: awundred (jmrt.) 
La^' 15972; of mi tale ne beop noght awondred lialliw. 
diet. 123. 

awurien, OHGerm. erwurgen, worry ^ strangle; awirien cr. 
P. P. 1319; awiiried a. r. 202. 

a, OFr. a, ab, Lat ab. 
abatcn (abate) abate, lower, subtract, Ilalliw. diet 4 ; 
abatin prompt, parv.; abati Hob. Glouc. 54. 
abregen (abregge) abridge, Halliw. diet. 1 1 ; Wicl. gloss. 
3; Chauc. C. t 9531. 

apert open^ Wicl. gloss. 5; Alis. 2450; Harlsh, met. t. 70. 
apertli openly^' Mand. 22. 

assoilen (asoilen) assoil, absolve, Wicl, gloss. 5; assoilep vis. 
P. P. 1833; assoilli {pres. subj. Bek. 2027; asoiled {pret) 
Gaw. gloss. 364. 

a, ad, OFr. a, ad, Lat. ad. 
abet, OFr. abet, MLat. abettum, abet, abette (dat) Shoreh. 68. 
acces, Fr. acces. Jit, fever y Halliw. diet. 13; aksis Aud. Al ] 
axes Chauc. Troil. 2670. 

acointen, OFr. accointer, acquaint; acointede {pret) Uob. 
Olcmc. 15, 21; akointed ( part) a. r. 218. 
acomblen (a= en?) ? acomeled {part.) cramped^ enervated 

12 a 

(with cold)y Wr, voc. 161; acomelicl prompt parv ; acum- 
blid Wlcl. gloss. 3. 

accomplishen accomplish : pei accomplisheii Chauc, Boet 5. 
acorden accord, agree; acordip (pres.) Wicl. gloss. 3; 
acordeden {pret?) Chauc, L g. w, I7d6, 
akovereii recover, a. n 364. 
acusen (acusi) accuse, Shoreh. 34. 

ache veil achieve. Gate, gloss. 333; acheved (parti) Chauc, 
r, r. 2049. 

addeu add, Chauc. Boet 3. 

afaiten (affaitenj, OFr. ataiter, prepare, tatne, Rob. Glouc. 
179; vis, P. P. 2607; afeited {part) a. r. 284. 
aflPerineii, 0F7\ aSiirmer, fx, settle ; affarmed (part.) Chauc. 
C. t 2351. 

affien, OFr. atfiGr, confide, Chauc. r. r. 5480; afted (pret) 
Alls, 7351. 

atlight, OFr. afflict, afflicted, dejected, Octoo. 191; Gow. 
' conf. am. 1, 210. 
afolen become foolish; afoled (part) owl and night 206. 
affrontcn, OFr, affronter, affront: an if H pore man speke 
a word, lie slial be foule affrounted Wr. p. s. 337. 
afoundren founder; afoundred [part.) Mand. 69. 
agreggen, OFr. agregier, agravate, llallliv. diet 33; Wicl. 
gloss. 3. 

agreven aggrieve, Halllw. diet 33 ; agrevith lud Gov. 41. 
alegeu (aleggen) allrge, vis. P. P. 6754; allege falegge) 
Chauc. C. t 9532. 

alegen, OFr. alegier, nllcnate. Chauc, r. r, 6626. 
alosen, OFr. aloser, praise; alosed (par^.) Chauc. r. r. 2354. 
aloiieu, OFr. allouer, allow, approve; aloue (pres.) Rich. 
4662; i aloue pe Chauc. C. t 10988. 
amaten, OFr. amatir (tire', cmp. Germ, ermatten (tire), 
d'lunt, Halllw. diet 52. 

apayen satisfy; aj3ayed {part?) Will, gloss. 212; vU. 
P, P. 4012. 

appareil apparel, Wlcl. gloss. 6. 

apeisen, OFr. apaiser, appease; apeisad {pret.) Chauc. 
Boet 4. 

ai)pcren (appere appear, Chauc. compl, bl. kn. 611; pei 
apperen Mand. 273. 
applien apply, Chauc, Boet, 5. 
approehen approach: pei approchen Chauc. Boet 5. 


aqxiiten Caquiten?), Fr, acquitter, acquit, requite^ HaUiw, 

diet,] Wtd, gloss,; Chaxic, r. r. 6742; acwiteu a. r. 124. 

arai (arraij, OFr, arroi, array, order ^ Will, gloss, 212; 

Chauc, C, t 8138; dress, 6509; Hand, 252. 

araien, OFr. arroyer, arreer, array, arrange, dispose, pre^ 

pare; araie Will, gloss. 212; arraye Chauc. C, t, 8837; 

{pres. imper.) Hand, 214. 

aresten (areste) arrest, stop, Chaue. C. t, 829. 

aretten (arette) impxite, charge, Wicl, gloss. 5 ; aretted 

(part) Chauc, C. t. 2731. 

arriven (arive) arrive. Brand. 11; Mand, 31. 

assailen assaU, a. r, 362; Mand. 301; Wicl. gloss. 5; 

asali ^o'\ Glouc. 394. 

assemblen assemble, (Tiauc, Boet. 3; asembledea (pret,) 

Will, gloss. 213. 

asent assent, Shoreh, 57. 

asseuten, Oi'V. assentir, assent, C/taue, I. g, to. 730. 

assetz, Fr. assez, assets, vis P. P. 11 840 ; aseth prompt. 

parv. 182; Wicl. gloss 5; Chauc r, r, 5600. 

assise assize, statute, law, s, s, Web. 2490; Ocfov. 8i; asise 

Rob. Glouc, 53; assise size, Triam, 1557; jjretti fot of 

longe assise IJalliw, diet, 98; asise site, place. Will, gloss, 

213; assise Chauc, r, r, 1237. 

atteint, OFr, atains, attaint, convicted, Rob, Br. 122. 

atir attire, LaT,, 3275*; atire Octav, 882. 

atiren attii^e, prepare, dress, s, s. Wr. 3218; atires Rob, 

Br, 207. 

avancen (avance) advance, Min, 39; Chauc, C. t, 246. 

aventure adventure, a, r. 340; Alis, 7837; be (by) aven- 

ture Mand, 185; aunter Gaw. gloss 365; antur a7it. 

Arth, 1, 1. 

avis ad ice, opinion, Chauc, C, t, 1870; Mand, 180; 

Rob. Br. 32. 

avisen (avise), advise, Wicl, glossr, Gaw, gloss,; of pine 

answere avise pe right wel Chauc, I, g, w. 335. 

avoiden (avoide) avoid, clear, do away, Wicl, gloss, 6; 

avoid (pres. imper.) get out of the way, lud, Cov, 131. 

avouen (avowe) avow, Wicl, gloss, 6. 

avoutrie, OFr, avoutrie, advoutrie, adultery, Mand, 54; 

Chauc. C. t. 6886; (advoutrie) 9309; rel. ant, 1, 29; 

JSartsh. 7ti€t. t 170; apol. 78. 

awaiteu await, watch, look, see, vis P. P. 6280; out he 

14 k 

jeode for te (to) awaite (look) what pat wouder w^re Beh. 
80; miiiv3 voau (foes) awaitodon me mid tricherie a. r. 
220; aweitid (part) WtcL gloss, 

a, MUOerm, k Ben, wh. 1,2, ak, oh, a, r. 52 : Omi, 12808 ; 
Bek, 1177; s, s, \Vr, 1250; cis, P, B, 11016; CAa^/c. (\ t. 
1080; a wei alas, Lar^. 7223; Jfoi. (?/o?ac. 252, 13. 

a, ^ISax, k FAtm. lex, 55, Olcel. ao Efjilss, lex., OH Genu. 
00, io Grafs sprsch. 1, 513, Goth, i\i\Soh. c/loss., Diefenb. 
wb. 1, 20, a, ere*;-, Z«3. 3830; Orju. 1688;* A, (aa) A>///. 
604; k buten eude Or?w. 21; world A, buten ende a. r. 
390; 6ver and 6 Mapes 342. 

iiwher, ylSarr. Alivaer, OllOemi. eohwar, any where, IlalWr, 
diet, 122; A,wre J/ar. mir, pi, 121; owhar Orw. 833; 
owher Chattc, C, t 055; Gov\ ccyiif, am. 2, 349; ouhwar 
a, r, 00; ouwhar? (printed oiiwhar) Will, gloss, 238. 
/iwl)ir, ASax, ahvaeder, A.vder, A,der, OFris. A,hwedder, 
audor Jiichth. wb„ OHQertu. eoliwedar, see Gr. gram, 
3, 723, eithei\ llalliw. diet 124; auper Gaw, gloss. 305; 
A,u|)er ill dede or po3t Htdliw. diet 113; 4u|)ir ant Arth, 
10, 3; ow|jer vter, Orm. 124; owper of J)am hv, 3589; 
ouder of j)eos two a. r, 280; ouper ... or Mand 184; ouper 
bi daye or bi iiighte Percev, 87; ouper or, vis. P. P. 812; 
oiper... or Bob, Br, 2, 17; oiper or Alis, 4899; oder on 
him sulf oder on his freond a, r. 202 ; oper dairim 
oper daisterre owl and night 328; oper catel oper clop 
cr. P. P. 231; oder (oper) or, Lai,, 045; Kath, 93; 
a, r, 8; RoK Glouc. 315, 0; Trist 3, 41 ; CAawc. C. t 
1595; opir^Zw. 0780; oper? Or??*. 480; 0255; blipe oper 
grom owl and night 990; liper oper god Wr, treat 133; 
or Orm, 10882; (^hauc, C. t 738; or bi nighte or bi daye 
vis, P. P. 8765. 

ouhwuder, ASax. 4hvider, any whither, a.r, 172; 6whidre 
^,any where", Wicl, gloss, 33. 

liwiht, ASax, ftviht, auht, A,ht, OHGerm, eo\viht, aught, 
any thing, Orm, 6905; eawicht a, r. 124*; eawet, eawt 
a, r, 296*; Kath, 1193; Au3t TlVrf. 7/055. 6; A.ught Bich, 
2460; v?:8. P P. 3331; oust TIV/Z. J7Z055. 238; out a, r, 
124; owth {for ouht?) Jl/ar. wu>. /?/.*49; ast SAorf'A. 95; 
aght HalUw, diet, 31; oht (oht) On?i. 432; Wr, spec, 71; 
pe heoin 6ht lufeden La-7,, 25346; 63t o^ol and night 662; 
if he me wolde spousi 63t (any how) BeJc. 109; oght Mar, 
mir. pi, 122. 

ik1[>b6i 15 

4i ay, ever, Kath. 137; Chauc. C, t 63; Isiimh, 643; Lidp. 
m, p. 46 ; to pe blisse pat 4i shal be Wr, spec. 75 ; longe 
is k\ and longe is 6 106; ai wipouten ende It heaii.H 
disc. 531; ki mare, OUGerm. io mer, Kath. 1683; for 4i 
7?^?. 1510; as Orm. 265. 

aewher, A Sax. aeghvaer, OIIGemi. oogihwar, even/ wheroy 
La-T^. 13372; aiwlier Gaw. gloss. 364; aihwar Hick. thes. 
1, 223; 4iwhar Trlst. 2, 107; Rob. Br. 78, 11; eihwor 
Kath. 1728; ejwhaer Omi. 645; dghwar ^/w. 6754. 
aeider, ^l/Sao-. aeghvaeder, aegder, OUGerm. eogalnvedar, 
either, LaT^. 15982; aiper Hnlllw. diet. 35; Gaw. gloss. 
364; Havel. 2065; s. s. Wr. 787; A-iJier of pam /;<?. 3536; 
in 4iper 636 Wr. treat. 139; eider (eiper) Kath. 1983; 
OM^Z aW night. 794; yI/«. 6773; tv*^. P. P. 5330; to eiper 
limped his dole a. r. 10; on Siper side Rob. Glove. 17, 4; 
e3per heore Onn. 413; eiper ... or Chauc. C. t. 1647; 
eper Will, gloss. 222; dper of 30 w Degreo. 1177; er? or, 
reZ. rt7if. 1, 217. 

ewe, A8a>x. aeghvylc, aelc, OHGerm. eogihweliher, OFris. 
elk, ek, see Gr. gram. 3, 53, //. zeitsrhr. 11, 312, each, 
^wc (eucb) Kath. 1231; euch 20; a. r. 14; o?r/ and night. 
1222; elcK (elch?) LaT^. 1825; clches londes (gen.) 9921; 
&;h o«/?Z and night. 434:; Wr. treat. 132; Chauc. C. <. 793; 
Tor. 2758; eches (gen.) Brand. 3; eche {dat.) owl and 
night 798; Sich Ifar. wiV. pZ. 17; uch Wr. spec. 42; uch 
4 mon transact. 18, 25. 

abbei, jFV. abbaye, La^. abb4tia, abbey. Brand. 12. 

abbot, j4iSarr. abbot, abbod, MHGerm. abbet -Be^n wb. 
1, 2, jLa^. abba(t)s, a6W, Brand. 12; abbod r/.. r. 314; 
abbed Las. 13035. 

able, Dutch abel ATiZ. rf^c*., f V. habile ? «ee Diefenb. wb. 

1, 2, ofcZe, Chauc. C. t. 167; abillere (compar.) Halliw. 
diet. 7; ablere Wicl. gloss. 3. 

abelliche ably, const, of mas. 243. 

ac, A Sax. ac, ah Ettm. lex. 2, OSax. ac Schm. gloss. 
3, (to^A. ak Diefenb. wb. 1, 31, OHGerm. oli Gra/'s 
sprsch. 1, 118, 6wA Orwi. 73; Ji^ot. Glove. 2, 14; Trwf. 

2, 38; s. s. TTVi. 1313^ vis. P. P. 1483; ac pat ne schalt 
pou uevere do Shoreh. 34; nis ntiU3t malice, ac hit is 
lase 153; ac asen rist hi beop Beh. 1624; ak IFr. 
p. 8. 211; ok Hick. thes. 1, 231; ach a. r. 268*; ac, ah 
owl and night. 177 ; 1335; ah La'T^. 230; Kath. 5; auh a. r. 6. 

Id ax^iam 

acharn, ASax. aecern, Low Germ, akem, 0/cei!. akam, 
Goth, akran, Dutch aker, acom^ accorn, acharn, accham 
prompt parv. 6 ; achornes {pi) Chauc. Boet, 2 ; akir HaUiw. 
diet. 37. 

k d, ASax. 4d, OHGerm. eit, pile of fire-wood^ Kath. 
1365*; 6d ,^rogtt3''y Wr. voc. 94. 

add ere, Dutch adder, adder, vis. P. P. 12792; adder 
8. s. Web. 755; addur Wr. voc. 177; eddre Shoreh. 161; 
Wtcl. gloss. 15; eddir or neddir prompt, parv. 135; see 

a d e I, ASax. adela (coenum) Greins gloss., OSwed. adel 
(lotium) Ihres gloss., Germ, adel {coemim, Ivtum^ lotium) 
Gr. wh. 1, 177, addle, putrid water. 
adelei addle-egg, owl and 7iight. 133. 

adese, ASax. adesa Greins gloss., addice, Wicl. gloss. 
3 ; adis Ilalliw. nug. poet. 1 4. 

^dle, ASax. Ml, disease, (ace.) Orm. 4803. 

adlen, addle, earn, Orm. 4185; pank adile Mar. mir. 
pi. 140; adled {paii,.) Ot-ni. 6235. 

ae, ASax. ea, Oleel. a, wafer, river, La'7^. 1400; Orm. 7091. 

ae, ASax. ae? see t. 
^bare, ASax. aeber, OFris. aber, auber liichth. wb., 
OHGerm. aparer (apricus), manifest, LaT^. 2271; aebaere 
(pi.) Orm. 7189; 4ii ebber fol Ilalliiv. diet. 328. 
aegaedV company f in aegaede (aegede) & in leskes Orm. 
2166; 8046. 

aefen, ASax. aefen, even, vesper, La^. 26696; efen 
Orm. 4353; even Gow. eonf. am. 3, 13; Chauc. C. t. 
6332; aven rel. ant. 1, 194; ave Ilalliiv. diet. 
QwevXi'^i evenlight: at evenlight in the evening, Degrev. I GOl. 
eventid eventide, a. r. 404; Fercev. 1129. 

evening, ASax. aefnung, evening, La'i^. 30419. 

aefre, ASax. aefre, ever, Orm. 206; efre, evere a. r. 
4; 62; evre owl and night. 356; Brand. 3; evere Chauc. 
C t. 834; evere buten ende rel. son^js 7, 32; evere mo 
Wr. treat. 132', IIoccL 1,*199; aevere niaere La^. 21920; 
evere more Mand. 241; aever aelc ey^ry, Laj. 4599; ever 
ech Will, gloss. 223; Wicl. gloss. 47; eaver euch Kath. 
735; ever nlc La^. 2378; ^ver ilk Iw. 2739; ever ich 
a. r. 4; Chauc. C. t. 1853; Tor. 2574; ever ich on a. r. 
252; A:, o/* jT. 612; ^ver uch Wr. spec. 26; ^ver ihwar 
everywhere, a. r. 200; eaver ihwer Kath. 681. 

aehte 17 

aehte, Ahte, ASax. aeht Ettm, lex, 62, Goth, aihts 
Diefenb. wh. 1, 12, OHGerm. dht Graff's sprsch. 1, 113, 
from kh, possession, propei'ty, cattle, (arc) Lrt3. 845; 1311; 
ahte Kath. 1725; Wr. spec. 46; (g^o^.) ATo^A. 233; ahte 
{ace.) Orm. 1609; 4ght HaLliw. diet, 31; ^ught 5. s, Web. 
738; TTr. p, s 256; all pe gold in his 4u3the (r.^ujhte) 
Degrev. 826; 4uhte (ace.) Havel, 2215; dihte (ace.) rei» 
aw^. 1, 128; Sihte a, r. 214; diste (genit.) owl and night. 
1151; (occ.) Rob, Glouc, 537, 9; chte (ace) Alis. 1507; 
ight? Gow. conf, am. 2, 378. 

aer, ASax. aer, 4r, Go^A. air, Olcel. ar, OSax. OFris. 
OHGerm. Sr, crc, before, Laj. 372; Orm. 814; air 6ra?(7. 
jfZos5. 364; Holliw. diet. 127; ear Kath, 368; er a. r. 10; 
Wr, treat 136; Chauc, C. t. 837; er he were dM ere Ae 
was cieofif, chron. of Engl, 462; ^r ant late Wr. spec. 99; 
to er Oder to leate a, r. 338; kr owl and night 857; Iw. 
1030; Degrev. 253; az^oii?. J^r^A. 3,2; aar Alis, 5033; 
or HaUiw. did, 590; Eglam. 256; aerer, ^ISor. aeror, 
OHGerm. dror, ere, priu^, Lai^, 25351 ; erur oti?Z and night. 
1736; grest, ^Saa?. aerest, OHGerm, erist, first, a, r. 220; 
erst Chauc. C, t. 778; drst wole i wite moore vis, P. P. 
2292; on earst a. r. 152*; on aire earst iTafA. 423; 4rst 
WUl, gloss, 212; Wicl, gloss, 5; ^rre, ASax, aerra, 
OHGerm. eriro, Goth, airiza, former, a, r, 14*; hire erure 
freond rel, songs 5, 79; eror Bob, Glouc, 324,21; aereste, 
ASax, aereste, OHGerm. eristo, first, La7^, 12888; pe 
ereste dole a, r, 8; ure earste ealdren Kath, 885. 
aerdaed former deed; aerdaeden (erdede) {datpL) Lai^, 8745. 
earlich, eatly, a, r, 258; erliche 20; BeJc. 906; erli Chauc, 
C. t. 10693; earllche Kath, 116; Erliche s, s, Web, 204 
orli Mob, Br, 32, 1. 

&rmorwe early part of the morning, Halliiv, diet, 84; 
^memorwe 85. 

aerende, ASax, aerende Ettm, lex, 67; OSax, arundi 
Schm. gloss. 8; OHGerm, ^ruiiti Graffs sprsch, 1, 428, 
errand, message; aernde (earende) iaj. 25266; erende 
(ml and night, 463; ernde Orm, dedic, 159; W7\ p, s, 
329; Amad. Robs. 20; 3; erinde a. r, 246; erande Bek, 
1234; erand Trist, 1, 77; erond Degrev. 904; arende 
rd. ant. 1, 130; arunde Em, 8. 
firindebere messenger, a, r, 60. 
aerendrake messenger, Lai^. 660. 


18 aerenden 

aerenden, A8ax. aerendian (nuntiare), OHGerm, Airinton, 
commend f emde me to pi l^ve 14verd Katk. 2158; pro- 
cure f emde {imperat.) Wr. spec. 62 ; ernde (erende) me 
pe blisse of heovene a. r. 38. 

Srnding intercessiony Wr. spec. 58. 

aet, A8ax. aet, OSax. &t, OHGerm. &z, from eten, 
eating; aete (dat^ Orm. 12329; compos, overet. 

aew, ASax. aev, ae, OFris. ewa, OHGerm. ewa, eha, 
^a, OSax. eo ^ew. ewes, matrimony; ae (crcc.) Ot-^w. 145 
aewbraeche (for -breche) „adidter^, Wr. voc. 95. 
^briche adultery, rel. ant. 1, 215; eaubruche a. r. 204. 

afel? cmp. Low Germ, avel {evil), evil"? bihehten god 
to donne, and pat afel (ufel?) to forgonne La^. 18437. 

afel, ASax. afol Ettm. lex. 1, OSax aval Schm. gloss., 
OFris. aevel? Richth. wb. 615, Olcel. afl Egilss. lex., 
strength, Orm. 3717. 

afer, Olcd. afarr, horse; averes (pL) Halliw. diet. 117. 

afl en, OJcei. afla, 0^6rerm. afalon ? beget; afled (/>arf.) 
Orm. 7903. 

afte, OFris. afte? Zati?, right? Wr. p. s. 210. 

aften, ASax. aeftan, aft; afte? «. 5. Wr. 701; compos. 

after, ASax. aefter, OSax. aftar, OHGemi. after, 
OFris. efter, after, post, Kath. 744; Orwi. 120; oirZ aiij 
ww^Ai. 140; Brand. 6; (aftre) Mand. 237; aefter (after) 
La3. 19; efter a. n 14; Iw. 388; after, postea, Kath. 
. 1225; t?w. P. P. 98; eafter Lai,. 1571; efter a. r. 314. 
afterclap, Dutch achterklap, detraction, defamation, Halliw. 
diet. 28. 

aftercomer Wicl. gloss. 3. 
afterdel disadvantage, Wr. diet. 34. 

aftertale, ODutch achtertaele, HI talk, slander, Bek. 627. 
afterward Orm. 14793; Bek. 119. 

aglet, OFr. aglet, tag, ,^aeus^, prompt parv. 8; aglot 
lud. Cov. 241. 

ague, Fr. (fievre) aigue, ague, vis. P. P. 14093; agwe 
Wart. hist. 2, 58; aguwe 2, 86. 

a3e (ashe), JiiSooj. age? Olcel. agi, G^o^A. agis, aw^, 

fedr, Orm. 7185; Jtfar, twiV. pi. 175; ahse Hallito. diet. 

34; awe CAawc. C. ^. 656; Bob. Br. 215, 20; Hoccl. 1, 

383; prompt, parv. 17; for love ne for awe Will, gloss. 

214; aighe Wr. diet. 144; 5gc 938. 

Ajen 19 

ajeful HaHiw. diet. 128. 

a3lSs Gaw. gloss. 366. 

i^Ulch ^earffd^y Gaw. gloss. 363; aseliche a. r. 56*. 

43 en, A8ax. Agan, OSoa?. figan, 0/ceZ. eiga, OHGertn 
eigan, (zofA. aigan, /row 4h, owe, have^ ias. 11781; &3hen 
Orm. 6339; &we /fo^eZ. 1292; Awand {pari.) Amad. Bobs. 
3, -8; 63ep {pres.) Lai,. 3058*; owep Chauc. C. t. 662; he 
&hte (^6«.) OM^^^, iTflrfA. 248; (ha) &hten to wite 263; 
^Ste rtpossessed'^y Gaw. gloss. 366; Amad. Robs. 14, 12; pu 
&u3test Bek. 352; pis gold 4ugHte sir Isambras Isumb. 
659; ohte Wr. spec. 62; ouhte ought, a. r. 2; possessed, 
390; pu 3ulde pet tu (= pu) ouhtest (oioedst) 406; 6u3te 
r,oughtf owed, owned^j Will, gloss. 238; oughte vis. P. P. 

&3en (ftghen), A8ax. &gen, OSax. 6gan, OFrw. ^gen, 
6in, (?/crf. eiginn, OHGerm. eigener, own, proprms, Orm. 
3039; Halliw. diet. 31; to his 43ene londe fja^. 14200; 
&hne {dot.) Kath. 409] 4ughen Halliw. diet. 110; 4wen 
Isumb. 635; avow. AHh. 57, 5; Bob. Br. 182, 25; &win 
Iw. 583; Awen, Auen 6rai(?. grZo««. 365; 4un Amad. Bobs. 
46, 4; owen a. r. 158; Wr. p. s. 199; Clftawc. (7. t. 806; 
ouen «. «. Wr. 2144; is (Aw) oune hand Wr. p. s. 248. 

fthnien, ASax. kgaisin, Olcel. eigasi, OHGerm. eigeneu, 
from k^en, own, acquire, LaT^. 25359; 4hnen Orm. 5649; 
4hnede (ohnede) La^. 11864; compos. i43nien. 

owener. Germ, eigner, oumer, wills and mvent. 22. 

Ah, ASax. Ui, OFris. kch, Goth, aih, Olcel. k, (pret. 
pres.) owe, have, owl and night. 1469; pe mon pe lutel kh 
La^. 3058; god kh pe litel mede Orm. 16529; pu &3est 
£03. 1 6706 ; pu &hest to cidden Kath. 539*; (hi) khen a. r. 52* ; 
we Aghe Hcdliw. diet. 31; i kw 121; (he) kw Gaw. gloss. 
366; it kw wel at {to) b6 pin Iw. 3668; as hit kw {is 
due) Mar. mir. pi. 93; kw he pe km mkre Amad. Bobs. 
24, 1; 36 Awe 1, 4; ich oh W?. spec. 70; 3e ohen 
rel. songs 5, 2; ase mon ouh to donne a. r. 58; pu owest 
126; ancren owen to hatien ham 82; we owe yit fourti 
pound Chauc. C. t. 7688; deriv. kT^en, aehte, 

ah»t, aeht, oht, cmp. ASax. eaht, aeht {aestimatio), 
respectable, worthy, brave, Laz- 4317; 4863; 7063; aht owl 
and night. 1477; he is wurpful and aht man 1479; a3t 
Bob. Glouc. 377, 12; oht Kath. 1727*; 03t Gaw. gloss. 401 ; 
ahtere {comp.) La^. 43'48. 


20 ahte 

ahtliche (ohtliche) Lai^. 997. 
ohtscipe La'7^, 24671. 

ahte, A8ax, eahta, ahta, OFris. achta, OSax, OHGei^m 
ahto, Goth, ahtau, Olcel, atta, eight, chron, of Engl, 324; 
aght lie. 1438; ajt Ilalliia, diet. 128; aughte 110; aubt 
Bob, Br, M, 3, 341; aehte (eahte, ehte) La^, 3919; 
26502; ehte Orm, 580; eihte a, r, 12; eijte Hob, Glouc, 
633, 16; Wicl, John 20; eight Mand, 12; eite Ind, 
Cov, 129. 

eihteode, ASax, eahtoda, eighth, a, r, 236; eihtepe Wart, 
hist, 1, 15; eightepe vis, P, P, 9538; eitede lud, Cov, 83. 
^hi^i^ne eighteen, Lai,, 18014*; eijtetSne Hob. Glouc. 407,23. 
eisteti, ASax, eahtatig, eighty, Wicl, gloss, 15. 

ah 1 11 en, atlien, Olcel, aetla {cogitare, deccmere), from 
*aht, ASaa:, eaht, aeht {deliberatio, aestimatio), as sahtlen 
from saht, ettle, think, intend, design, tend, go; aghteled 
(.part,) Halliw, diet. 31; aghteld s. s, Web, 3053; atlien 
La^. 25996; atteli Will, gloss, 213; attle (pres,) Gaw. 
gloss, 365; atlede (pret,) Lai^, 30846= hire tep aren 
white ase bon of whal, evene set ant atled {arranged?) 
al Wr, spec, 35. 

atling estimation, La'i^, 25761. 

aim ere, ASax, aemyrie, Olcel, eimyrja, ember, rel, 
ant. 1 , 52; eimeri prompt, pa7*v, 136. 

air, Fr. air, La^. aer, air, Mand, 312; eir Wr- 
treat, 138. 

aire, Fr, aire? haukes of nobule eire Degrev, 46. 

4k, ASax. kc, aec, OFris, 6k, Olcel. eik, OHGerm, 
eih, oak, Wr, voc, 228; &ke {dat) rel, ant. 1, 52; 6c 
Wr, voc, 91; ok (ook) Chauc, C, t, 174; oke {dat, pi,) 
Mand, 190. 

ake, ASax, ace, aece, from aken, ache, pain, ake or 
ache prompt, parv,S; ache lud, Cov, 223; aeke a, r, 368; 
see eche. 

aken, ASax, acan, Olcel, aka {vehi) ? Lo^. agere? 
ocA^, pain, ake Zwci. Cot?. 232; akep Shoreh, 2; ijw. P. P, 
4314; min eeres aken Chauc, C. t, 15331; eke {pres, 
mibj,) a, r, 360; 6c {pret.) LaT^, 6707; ok Bob," Glouc, 
68,18; 6ke vis, P, P, 11756; deriv, ake, eche. 

aker, ASaac. aecer, OSax. accar, Olcel, tikr, Goth, eikrs, 
OHGe^nn. ei-chsLT, Lot, ager, aker, fidd, Wr, voc, 92; chr<yn. 
3ngl, 16; akir Wicl. gloss. 3; al^es {pi*) Bob, Br. i 1 6. 

al 21 

akerlaud arable land, Wr. voc. 270. 

akerman farmer, Halliw, diet, 36; acreman lai le fr, 176. 
al, ASax. all, eall, OSax,, O/c^Z. allr, OHQerm, 
aller, Got/i, alls, aU, Kath. 189; Wicl. John 4; al pis 
land Alls. 886; al mine soide a. r. 64; alle blisse vis, 
P, P. 11189; alles (gen,) entirely^ absolutely, Kath. 796; 
a, r, 64; Rob, Glouc, 17; p6 heo was alles pider icome 
Bek, 73; mid alle {dat) mihte a, r, A; mid alle withal, 
Kath, 656; owl and night, 1456; wip alle Ortn, 2174; 
no malice at al Chauc. G, t, 8921; alle (/>Z.) Mand, 10; 
alle halwin all hallows, Rob, Glouc, 416, 14; alle and 
some all together, Wr, spec, 42; Rich, 5846; all and 
sume Wr, «. a. c. 74, 20; aire {gen^ Kath, 254; aller 
vis, P, P, 11218; Chauc, C, t, 588; s, s, Wr, 365; alder 
Will, gloss, 212; Wicl, gloss, 4; alper s, s, Web, 3560;, 
Havel, 1978; Lidg, m, p, 20; here aire fet Brand, 17; 
on aire 6rest a, r, 136; pe aire worste Wr, spec, 104;. 
aller most Wr, p, s, 336; alle (dat") Kath, 125; of alle 
Chauc, G, t, 79Si al all, quite, a. r. 82 ; owl and night, 
27; al rfidi Wicl, gloss, 4; al mid wisdome LaT^, 443; 
al to longe Bek, 774; Chauc, I, g, la 824; al to fewB 
Shoreh, 93 ; al an opir rule IIoccl, 3, 7 ; all ane alone, 
Halliw, diet, 43; per hue wonede al one Horn 80; all 
anli Halliw, diet. 46 ; al most harrow. . 47 ; al mest Brand, 
7; al swa (iswa?) also, as, La-^, 70; 24570; Kath, 1986; 
s, s, Web, 3945; an oper es al swa Percev. 1452; al swa 
as so asy sicuty Kath, 289; al swa se Orm, 3536; al swo 
alse hit is biforen iseid H. zeitschr, 11, 298; al so, alse, 
als Gaw. gloss, 364; al so ase a, r, 62; al so sone so he 
mighte s, s, Web, 569; alse Las- 4308; Orm. 14801;; 
Aud, 74; alse ofte alse a, r, S-, alse (alse poh) heo 
wolden liggen La3. 1881; als vis, P, P, 2932; Percev, 
684; avow. Arth, 65, 9; als mani as men list to have 
Mand, 209; als if it waere Onw. 589; als sir I wain made 
his mane Iw, 2303; ase wod wulf Kath, 31; as Chauc. 
C, t. 387; as ha set (sat) in a bur Kath, 139; as pah 
I>e abfnihti ne mihte 987; as he were Chauc, C, t, 1654; 
as pen then^ Gow, conf, am, 3, 285; no mor of pis as.. 
nou Chauc, C, t, 14463; i schal ow telle as blivc k, of T, 
1040; as for pe time Mand, 122; os erl T, 475; Eglafn,; 
3475 al pus a. r. 238; al if iw.717; al pah afoAow^A, Wr\ 
spec. 23 ; al be it pat Hoccl, 1, 209 ; al be pat i/aMM dict^^n 

2^ aid 

almahtij almighty, Orm, 95; almihti a. r. 430; Wr. 

spec. 73. 

nlwesJidende all-ruling, Kath, 615; alwaldinde La^. 19548; 

alwaeldend Orm. 2290; alweldand Iw, 2199. 

alluiige, ASaa\ eallunga, eallinga, totally, wholly, a.r. 164; 

allinge, Wr. p. s. 214; Hartsh, met. t. 108; allinges Ma/K/. 

189; allins Gaw. gloss. 364. 

aid, ASax. aid, eald, 08ax. aid, OFrls. aid, old, OHGei-m. 
alter, Ooth, alpeis, old^ LaT,. 301; Orm. 747; Lc, 1556; 
Shoreh. 123; Miw. 8; pen aide king ia^. 133; pe ealde 
lawe Shoreh. 44 ; old a. r, 6 ; pe olde man Brand. 2 ; eld 
or old prompt, parv. 137; eld WiLL gloss. 223; Wtcl. 
gloss. 16; «. s. Web. 1942; Octoy. 656; s. a. c. 13; elde 
(pZ.) TFr. 5jpcc. 95; iw^Z. Cov. 73; eldere (cowp.) W7ci. 
gloss. 16; eldeste (superlat.) chron. Engl. 423. 
eldfader grandfather, Wicl. gloss. 1 6 ; y^avits^, Wr. voc. 
205; eld-(el-)fadir, nsocer'^, prompt parv.^ 
eldm?5der grandmother, ^avia'*, Wr. voc. 205; „8ocrus^, 
prompt, parv, 

aid, OHQerm. alta? oZrf, age^ Orm. 8831; olde G^a«>. 
gloss. 400; «. a. WV. 641. 

aid en? ASax. ealdian, groio old, make old; elden 
prompt, parv. 137; Chauc. r. r, 396; eldep {pres^ Orm. 
18826; aeldede {pret) LaT^. 2937. 

alder, ASax. ealdor, aldor, chief, aelder La'T^. 12178; 
alderes (pZ.) parents, ancestors^ Qaw gloss. 364; aldren, 
aeldre (eldre) Las. 7266; 7290; olders rel a^. 1, 44; 
eldres Chaibc. C. t. 6700; vis P. P. 1894; eldrene {gen. 
pi) Kath. 81; eldeme dep. of R. 6, 19; eldren Trist. 
3, 47 ; ealdren {dat pi.) Kath. 885. 
alderd&m principality, Orm. 18278. 

alderman alderman, chief, Orm. 14061; aldermon nprin" 
ceps, comes^, Wr. voc. 88. 

ale, ASax. ealu, ale, Mand. 251; (dot.) La^. 24440; 
rel. songs 5, 109. 

alebrey (-breye ?) sort of beoerage, prompt, parv. 9. 
alestake stake set up as a sign before an alehouse, HalUw. 
diet. 41 ; Chauc. C. t. 13736. 

alfe (alf?), ASax. aelf, elf, Dutch alf, alve, Olcel. 
alfr, OHGerm. alp pi. elbe, elf, Aud. 77; alve (alfe) 
LaT^. 19268; alven {pi) 19255; elf lamia, prompt, parv.; 
Chauc. C. t 6455. 

alfin 23 

alfin, Med. Zo^. alphiuus du Ganges gloss,, hishop {at 
chess)y Halliw, diet, 42; luhher? ibid.; aufin „alfinus^, 
prompt parv. 

alvisch, MHGerrti, elbisch, elvish, Gaw. gloss. 364; 
on alvisc smid La7^. 21131; &n elvish knight Ell, rom. 
2, 90. 

algrim arithmetic, Halliw. diet. 42; augrime^^p. ofB.29. 

a Her, ASax. air, OHGerm. elira, alder(tree), HaUiw. 
diet. 44; olr alnus, Wr. voc. 91; aldir prompt, parv. 
alderkir, alderker, alderkar alnetum, prompt, parv. 

aim esse, ASax. aelmesse, Gr. lXsii]|xoa6vi] (pity\ alms, 
vis. P.P. 1607; Chauc. C. t. 4588; elmesse a. r. 222. 

alp, huUfnch, yjicedtda^, prompt parv. 10; alpes (j?^.) 
Chatic. r. r. 658. 

alp? cmp. ASslx. yip, elephant? alpes hon ivory, Halliw. 
did. 49. 

alsene, ODtUch aelsene, OHGerm. alansa, elsen, awl, 
Wr. voc. 150; elsine prompt. paiT. 

alter. Lot aMre, altar, Orm. 1061. 

am, aSo^. eam, eom, Olcel. em, Goth, im, Gr. etj«, 
{pres. indie.) am, Kath. 463; a. r. 430; Otm. 205; Wid. 
John 8; am, aem Lar^. 720; 10524; art Kath. 450; Orm 
2206 ; Wid. John 8 ; eart, aert, ert iaj. 1442 ; 1499 ; 2237 ; 
ert a. r. 120 ; Brand. 9 ; Iw. 461 ; is Orm. 667 ; he is riden into 
feldes Chauc. C. t 1505; aren vis. P, P. 9836; arn On». 
4555; Chauc. C. t. 8218) ere Rob. Br. 2, 16; sinden (for 
sind) are, Orm. 389; sunde, sunden La3. 16796; 20760; 
senden Hick. thes. 1, 223; si (suhjunct.) Orm^ 3378; seo 
Laz^ 10498; seon (indie.?) 13837; seod (indie, f) 13846 

amen, cmp. Germ^ amen awe/ 0/V. aesmer, esmer, aim^ 
guess, (amin) prompt, parv. 190; of men of armes bold 
pe numbre pei ame (rim. w. name) Rob. Br. 228, 1 ; aume 
(pres.) Halliw. diet. 123; aime Will, gloss, 214; aimed 
(part.) ibid.; eime Wicl. gloss. 15; eimide (pret.) ibid. 

eiming estimation, Wicl. gloss. 

amete, ASax. aemete, OHGerm. ameiza, ant; ameten 
(pZ.) Rob. GUmc. 296,2; amte, ampte Wicl. gloss. 4; ampte 
tddg. m. p. 88; ematte Wr. voc. Ill \ emeten (pi.) Bek. 
2141; emot^n Alis. 6566; antes rel. ant. 1, 202. 

amise, OFr. aumuce, Med.Lat. almuciacfw Ganges gloss., 
ODtUch almuis, a(l)mutse, amice, sacerdotal vestment covers 
vng the head and shoulders, prompt, parv.; amise Wid. gloss 

24 ampuUe 

a m p u 1 1 e, Lat ampulla, vial : ampulles ( p?.) vis. P. P. 3543. 

an, ASax. an, on, OSax. OFiris, OHOerm. an, Olcd. 
a, on, Wr, treat, 134; s. s. Web. 172; an erpe Shoreh. 
102; an ende in the end, a. r. 146; an, on erest 248; 
294; an honde Laj. 25446; an horn hue ber an honde 
Ilora 1111; pe king bihuld him al an hoker Bek. 710; 
an helle rel. ant. 1, 132; a morwe and ^k an eve h 
'of T. 468; aan Halliw. diet 2; his wif lai . . . a bedde 
8. 8. Web. 1513; a londe and a watere (watre) Laj. 550; 
vis. P. P. 11187; a feld in the field, AOSl; he sloh a 
felde him pat is (Aw) fader aquelde Horn 997; pe3 al 
pe toun were a fure Bek. 1049; hi wende a lond JBrand. 
6; a godes name 7; Chauc. C.t 856; a fote TFicZ. grZo55. 
3; a daye Will, gloss. 211; a niT^t Halliw. diet. 64; he fSl a 
slepe A:, of T. 397; bringed a vlihte {to flight), a. r. 248; 
a last 314; a sumere owl and nujht 416; a (fo) schame 

1663; a (a<) wille 1720; a ,(*«^'0 P^^ ^^^ ^^^^ l^^^n mk 
of heore leoden Las. 6040; a det je beon greide a. r. 
16*; here limes ronne a {with) blode Halliw. diet. 8; 
on H^iH. gloss. 238; on der sae (in pe sa) Hick. thes. 

1, 223; he rod on hunting erl of 1\ 931; pai felle on 
slep s. 8. Wr. 2745; king on Englene loande H. zeitschr. 
11, 298; on Abrahames time Orm. 4089; on pe dai 
Marid. 288; on ende Kath. 1486; on mi p03t Brand. 15; 
on live alive, LaT^. 3537; WicL gloss. 31; Oow. conf. am. 

2, 372; on haste Alis. 1855; on pisse (pis), wise Kath. 
2110; Iw. 1577; ronne bournes all on {of, with) blode 
Flor. 609 ; on wicchecraft nout i ne con of witchcraft I 
know nothing, Wr. an. lit. 7 ; & Danmark on {of) him 
wan Rob. Br. 57, 14; what shall worpe on meMar.7nir. 
pi. 151; sixteen hundred pei brought on live iiicA. 2059; 
pat standep o pe godspelboc Orm. 315; aenes o pe j^r 
1078; fote Bob. Br. 163, 18; o de rode a. r. 262; 
pisse wise 318; o (on) worlde Kath. 527; o pat come 
domes dai harrow. 128; un Tor. 371. 

anbreken ftejrm; breked on {imp.) Kath. 1301; he brecon 

{pret) 2295*. 

abufen above, Orm. 588; abufe Halliw. diet. 12; abuven 

a. r. 304; aboven Maud. 10; Chatw. C. t. 14565; aboun 

Gaw. gloss. 363; apol. 64; abon Rich. 4361; Wr. s. a. 

c. 33, 31. 

abuten abovt^ a. r. 234 : Orm. 321 1 ; abiite owl andnight. 645 ; 

an 2S 

ab&te midniht Kath. 1749; aboutin s. a. c. 11, 13; abouten 

faboute) Chauc, C.f.2191 ; aboute Iw. 2055 ; iwounden aboiite 

tns, P. P. 3540; aboute al pe urpe lieo go]) Wr. treat 

137; (hi) beop aboute hire to schende BeL 763. 

oncome ulcerous swelling^ Ilalliw. diet. 59. 

auefen, anent, beside^ opposite, in regard^ concerning, aneu 

(for an emn) pat vale Aland. 80; anefent (t paragogic, 

see Or. gram. 3, 217) a. r. 164*; anevent 110*; anent Halliw. 

diet 61; anentis Wicl. John 5; reL ant 2, 47; alle pat 

comen aiieintes (wear) hem Hand. 298; anens Halliw. diet. 

61 ; anenist god apol 29; anemptes Halliw. diet. 61. 

onfangen begin; feng on (pret.) Kath. 315. 

anfelt, ASax. anfilt, OHGerm. anafalz, anvil, Wr. voc. 

180; anvelt reL ant 1, 6; Chauc. b. duch. 1165; anefelt 

Wid. gloss. 4. 

onfen begin, Lai^. 21194; (he) fed on a. r. 88*; we vod 

on 74; fo we on owl and night 179. 

aforen before, prompt. paw.; afore Wicl. gloss.: Octav. 1341. 

onginnen begin; ongan (pnt) Orm. 2801. 

onsein again, against, La^. 1900; onjaen Orm. 15; 

onjaenes 249; ajein La3. 1667; (ageiu?) Tor. 810; 2709; 

agein pe lawe Gow. conf. am. 3, 177; asein, aseines TTOZ. 

gloss. 212; asain, a3aines Oaw. gloss. 366; a3ein, ajen, 

a3einis, a3eins, a3einst Wicl. gloss. 6 ; a3en Mand. 1 2 ; a3en 

eve Wr. treat. 137; a3e cunde Brand. 9; ogain Halliw. 

diet. 586; a3eines Xa3. 16223; a. r. 14; a3enst 3/artcJ. 220. 

ajeinen, cmp. OHGerm. ingaLgeaen, encotonter, meet; a3eine- 

den pere verde La^. 17854. 

anhafen? heave up; auhof (pret.) La'^. 21625. 

anhangen hang on; anheng (pret.) Lai^. 29358; anhongen 

(paH.) 1023. 

anhangen hang on; anhonge Bek. 724: anhanged (part.) 

Chauc. C. t 13690; anhonged a. r. 126; Will, gloss. 212. 

'dviiebhen heave up^ LaT^. 12659. 

anhl^n hang on, La7^. 730; (hi) aiihod owl and night. 

1644; anhSn (part.) La^. 30839. 

aninne unthin, Lai^. 5617, 

aker, akir, ASax. oncerr {aditus. inversio)? acker ^ ,^impetus 

maris^, prompt parv. 8. 

onleggen lay on; onleide {pret) Ln^. 2077. 

anbcneS) cmp. Bopp's vergl. gram. 600, image, Lai,. 1162; 

onbcnesse 1141; a. r, 18; Orm. 5056. 

96 im 

? olvimen flatter^ a. r. 248; ioluhned (part.) 180. 

oluhnunge (ollkimage) flattery, a. r, 192; olhtnunge (olh- 

nung) Kaih. 1502. 

onond an(mt, against, about, for, a, r. 426; anonde 164; 

ononde 6; anont 124; onont 4; 110; Kath. 456; onont 

te (= pe) uuder 2531; anante Wr. treat, 137. 

onseken attack; onsohte {pret.) iaj. 5657. 

onseen look at; (sche was) so semli on to see Flor. 2071. 

ousene look, appearance, fades ^ Wr, Doc. 87 ; {acc^ owl 

and night. 1704; as povre wif pat fallep in ansiae Wr, 

an, lit. 10. 

onsenden send on; on isend (part) Bek. 618, 

onslaen strike on; onstesen (pret) La^, 1529. 

anstellen set on; onstalde {pret.) Lai^, 7132. 

ontenden (on = ond?) kindle, a, r. 92; ontende (pret,) 

Kath. 1415* 

ontlhen accuse; holi churche . . . pat me ti3p on Bek. 1180. 

ontOuTito; peaungel seid onto me lud. Gov, 126; see unto. 

atween („attween'*) betioeen, Lidg, m. p, 263. 

atwixen betwixt^ prompt, parv, 17; Chauc. TroU. 417; a- 

twixe ^mw865; atwix wills and invent, 32. 

anunder M/ic?er, Brand. 4; Wr.spec^b; anonder Octov, 550. 

anuven ahove, insuper, a, r, 236; anoven Wr, p, s, 188. 

anwald dominion, power; anwalde {dat^ ^«3« 13950. 

anwalden wield; ich ne maimine limes onwolde Wr,an,lit 10. 

an, A Sax, Olcel, ann, OHQenn, an (?), {pret. pres,) 

favour, grant, owl and night, 1737; as i pe love and an 

Trist, 1, 77; 3if god hit an La^- 14851; ich on wel pat 

3e witen Kath, 1761; 3if 36 me blisse unned 2376; pe 

pe ufel unnen LaT,. 28117; compos, ian; deriv. uxmen, est. 

an, ASax, an, OSax. OFris, en, Ooth, ains, OHGerm, 
einer, Olcd. einn, an, one, Kath, 1581; an man Orm, 
11213; An hors Mand, 249; 4n hound k. of T, 416; ka 
hundred Oow, conf am, 2, 113; ku widwe Orm, 7651; 
An five mile Will, gloss. 212; ^n fourti 3er Bob, Glouc, 
223, 14; ka v6we wilde hinen 540, 17; an kn {OHGerm. 
in ein) anon, Orm. 225; Kath, 31; an kn, aen LaT^, 
1668; 28242; (le3de him) in 4n {k) cribbe Orm, 3321; 
3366; ane seove niht a. r, 278; 4ne kinges ... dohter 
Kath, 73 : he 4ne {alone) is to herien 224; i had no bropir 
bot him 4ne Perceo, 2043; &nes {gen^ La^, 30032; &nes 
(&n) mannes Orm. 22; 5813; wid his &nes wit iTa^. 589; 

An 27 

hire ftnes (Jor inre) mot 647; for pen Anes („pen&nes") 

for the nonce ^ Orm. 7160; & comen to pan anes to fac- 

chen p& st&nes La^. 17304; 4ne {dat) monue a, r. 124; 

on &ne dase i^a3. 82; at {iue agreed^ reconciled. Degree. 

435; &re (/or anre, dat f.) LaT^. 555; anne (ace. w.) owl 

and night 797; anne stroc he jef him 7io6. (JZotec. 223, 14; 

4ne (ace. f^ Lot,. 2400; 4ne hwile Kath, 183; on a, r, 

20; pat 6n Wr. treat 132; on old stoc owl afid night 

25; an on a. r. 272 ; dre daies slep he al an on rel. ant 

1, 226; god one (alone') WHl, gloss. 238; he was king one 

Rob. Olouc. 315, 4; mid his ones mihte a. r, 160; for 

pen ones („pe nones") Shoreh. 125; mad for pen ones 

Alis. 1624; in one weie a. r. 150; in one hurne owl and 

night 14; pei weoren at one {agreed) k. of T, 277; as 

hit were for pan one Brand. 18; let pe gome one Gaw. 

gloss. 400; ore (dat f.) owl and night 17; won Tor. 887; 

Aud.36; aenne (ace. m.) Orm. 337 4; enne La^. 394 ; Shoreh. 

93; enne mon a. r. 56; ^n oper Horn 576; i meiden 

Kath. 66; k crune 1585; k so gr^t hest Brand. 31; in ^ 

londe Kaih. 21 ; 4 fourtCn night s. s. Web. 2363; 6 luve & 6 

wil a. r. 12; at 6 time Bob. Olouc. 306, 17; hut oo schoo 

Chauc. C. t 256. 

4rnfald simple^ HaUiw. diet. 62; Orm. 18668. 

ftnhsd unity ^ Kath. 932; onhgd transact 19, 333; Wicl. 

gloss. 31; apol. 36. 

onleven, ASax. endleof, endlyf, endlyfen, OFris. andlova, 

Goth, ainlif, OHGerm. einlif, see Bopps vergl. gram. 447, 

Ghrimm's geseh. d. d. spr. 171, eleven. Rich. 2725; euleven 

(eolleve) Lai^. 23364; enleve Degrev. 342; endleven Rob, 

Gl&uc. 298, 9; alleve Halliw. diet. 44; hi aellevene Laj. 

14531 ; elleve Bek. 489. 

endlefte eleventh, Rob. Glotic. 270,4; (endlestw a mistake) 

Alis. 67. 

Antepij only, single, Orm. 11; 4nlepi Kath. 74; a. nil 6*; 

onlspi 366; apol. 38; oonlTpi, olTpi Wiel. gloss. 31; 4lpi 

rel. ant. 2,275; ^Ipi a. r. 116; aenne aelpine ! ace.) broder 

La^. 31461. 

onlfch only, solitary, a. r. 154; onllch lif Halliw. diet. 

589; onliiest (superlat) a. r. 90; onhche (adv.) Will. 

gloss. 238; &nlT Iw. 3744. 

onllfasd solitary conditiony Wicl. gloss. 

onhnesse id. 'SbicL 

28 ande 

&nrsd unanimou^y a. r. 228*. 

onr^dnesse unanimity, a, r. 12. 

onwil \knvfil) pertinacious^ obstinate, a. r, 56; 400. 

ancle, ASax, ancleov, OFris, onclew, cmp, OHQerm. 

anchal and Olcel. okull, ancle, Chauc. C. t 1662; Wr. 

voc. 148; oncleou 87; auclowe {dat,) Halliw. diet, 59. 
ancre, ASax, ancra, anchorite, a. r. 6; ancres (pi.) 

vis. P. P. 56. 

ancren anchor; iancred {part,) a, r. 142. 

and, an, ASax, and, ond, an, on, OFrts, and, ond, on, 

OSaac, and, Ooth, and(a), OHGerm. ant, ent, Gr, ivx^ see 

Or, gram, 2, 713 & 808, an, with; compos, anond? 

anbelsen grow angry; onbol^en (part,) La^- 1696. 

amboht, Ooth, andbahts, servant, Orm, 2329. 

anbresten? enrage? anbursten Lai,. 25831; cnihtes an- 

burste (aborst) weoren 25241. 

onbti3en bow to, submit; onbu3en (pret,) Lai,. 6166. 

ondon (on = un?) undo, Shorek, 78. 

?endre3en dry up; endrfiid (pari.) Degrev, 418. 

onfangen receive, Orm. 6353; onfeng {pret) La3. 134; on- 

f^ngen Orm, 14396. 

onfon receive, La^. 1069; Orm. 17948; onfop 4224. 

on3iten perceive, know, Lai,. 26623; andsaeten ure sinnes 
Orm. 15163; ansaet (^pret.\ La^. 15726. 

angromen grieve; angromed (part) Halliw, diet. 63. 

anhungren /a7»«i*A ; anhungred (^part,) Alis. 123Q; Octoo, 

467; Hardw, poem 23, 6 ; prompt, parv, 172. 

aniren make angry; anired Rob. Br, 151. 

ondlaet countenance, Orm. 12939. 

anlong along, LaT,. 138. 

onlouken (on = un?) unlock, disclose, Shorek. 55; onleak, 

onlek {pret.) 79. 

andsaete odious, Orm, 16071. 

anstonden tvithstand. Mob. Glouc. 267, 22. 

andsware answery owl and night, 149; answare Isumb: 

674; an(djsware, aen(d)sware (answere ) Xaj. 2983; 4412; 

26355; andswere, andsware Orm, 2404; 12016; ansuere 

Bob. Glouc. 197,15; answere Shoreh, 123; onswere a. r. 8; 

andswerien answer, La^, 22421; onswerien a. r. 94; and- 

sweren Orm. 2036; answeren Chauc. 0. t. 6659; ich an- 

suerie Bek. 531; ansuerede {pret.) Brand. 9; answerde 

Gow. conf, am, 1, 51 ; answereden Mand. 229. 

and 39 

and, ASax. and, OFris, and(e), end(e), OSax, endi, 
OHGerm. anti, enti, inti, unti, and, Kath. 289; owl and 
night 30; and ^ef (3if) Z^j. 3692; and if Wr. an, lit 
12; and t/. Will gloss. 212; Oaw,gIoss.3C)A; P6»rc^^?. 1156; 
ant Arth, 16, 2 ; and {^Whitaker's edit., if) he mighte vis. 
P. P. 5171; ant a. r. 174; an owl and night. 386; s. s. 
Web. 730; (if) La^. 3524*; a Halli?o. diet.' I. 

ande, cmp. ASax. end, and {(tntea) Orein's gloss. 1, 233, 
MHGerm. ent, end (prius) Ben. wb. 1, 430, .. . pat ande 
sip {foi^merly) was cald Libi Halliw. diet 60; see ender. 

ande, ASax. anda, onda (rancor, mvidia, indignatio^ 
Greins gloss., Olcd. andi (halitn>St spiritiis, animus^ Egilss. 
lex., OSax. ando {indignatio, ira, zehts) Sehm. gloss., 
OHGerm. an(a)do (zelus) Graffs sprseh. 1, 267, breath, 
Iw. 3565; Town, myst 154; onde y,{h)aleine^ , Wr. voe. 
146; rel. ant 1, 226; Atis. 3501; Gow. eonf. am. 2, 260; 
animosity, envy, LaT^. 22756*; Kath. 893; a. r. 104; Wr. 
]). s. 196; Rob. Glouc. 40, 3; Chauc. r. r. 148; pall men 
to me han onde Wr. spec. 29. 

ondi, ASax. andig, enviovs, Mapes 336. 

anndirin, cmp. OFr. andier, andiron, prompt parv. 19 

4nen, unite; oned (part) Chauc. C. t 7550. 

4nes, OHGerm. eines, once, Kath. 126; Iw. 292; ones 
WUlgloss. 238; Wr.treatld2 ; Mand. 221 ;aenesLa3.29325 ; 
Orm. 1078; ^nes a. r. 70; Rob. Glouc. 197, 12; et ^nes 
a. r. 420; 6nis Wr. p. s. 203; Snus And. 43. 

ange, ASax. ange, enge, OjEf(?6'rw. anger, enger, Oir^Z. 
ongr, (?o*A. aggvns {narrow, strait). 
anxnm, ASax. angsnm (strait). 
anxumnesse, ASax. angsumnoss, anxiety, Orm. 10457. 

ange, ASax. ange (?), OHGerm. ango, anguish, distress, 
affiictioni him was wa3 (wo) & ange Orm. 11904; & dide 
hem mikel ange 19804. 

angel, ASax. angel, OSax. OHGerm. angul, angle, 
hook, (angil) prompt parv. 12. 
angilhiSc Wicl. gloss. 4. 

angeltwache a worm used as a bait, ibid.; ongeltwaecchc 
Wr. voc. 90. 

angel, ^Saa?. aengel, engel, angel, Shoreh. 120; angles 
(pi.) Brand. 9; engel Kath. 666; a. r. 146. 

anger, Olcel. angr (trmtble, Aa^vn), Dan. anger (re- 
pentance), anger, troubhf anxiety, Will, gloss. 212 ; Iw. 1529 ; 

30 ftngren 

Oow. c<mf. am. 1, 282; Chauc. C. t 7663; erl of T. 914; 
in anger or in t^ne Chauc, c. I, 1341; in anger and in 
care Eglam. 150; in anger, pine and mekile wo Mar, mir. 
pL 161; angres {pi.) via. P. P. 10133. 
angerhche angnly^ Oow. conf. am. \, 292. 

angren, Olcel. angra, anger, vex, O'm. 428; angrep 
vis. P. P. 2706; angred {part) HaUiw. diet. 63. 

angri angry, rel. ant. 1, 8; Chauc. C. t. 3157. 

an guise, OFr. anguisse, anguish, a. r. 234; angusse 
Wr. treat 140. 

4ni3, ASax. &nig, aenig, OHOerm. einiger, any, Orm, 
1761; 4ni Trist 3, 64; oni Mand.2:^ aeni, aeiLaj. 4270; 
6663; eni, ei a. n 8; 64; eniZa^A. 1267; Wr. treat Idd; 
Shoreh. 30; Chauc. C. t. 198; 6nyes {gen.) Shoreh. 95. 

anker, ASax. ancor, anchor, Will, gloss. 212; IVist. 
1, 34; Lidg. m. p. 50; ankir Octav. 433. 

anker, ASax. ancor, anchorite, Chauc. r. r. 6348. 

on n esse, ASax. 4nness, unity, a. r. 12. 

ante, OFr. ante. Lot amita, aunt, (aunte) vis. P. 
P. 2777. 

ape, ASax. apa, OHOerm. affo, ape, Wr. voc. 188. 
apeward vis. P. P. 3770. 

appel, ASax. aeppeL, OHOerm. aphel, apple, Orm. 
8118; Wr. treat. 132; pes eppel a. r. 52; applen {pi.) 
Brand. 32. 

appulmos, Oerm. apfelmtis, prompt, parv. 13. 
appeltre harrow. 93. 

ar, Olcel. or, ar, scar, cicatrix, Halliw. diet. 11', arre 
Wicl. gloss. b\ „4 nerre" i. e. ku erre Wr. voc. 209; erres 
{pl.'^ Halliw. diet. 338. 

kr, ASax. Olcel. kr, oar, Havel. 1776; 4re {dat.) Flor. 
1878; {ace.) Trist 1, 33; ore {ace.) s. s. Wr. 3153. 

arber, OFr. arbriere {lieu plants d'arbres)? in pe 
garden, as i wfine, was kn arber fair and gr^ue, and in 
pe arber was k trS sq. of I. deg. 28. 

ar blast, OFr. arbaleste, an engine for shooting arrows, 
Rich. 1867; alblast Mm. 16. 

&re, ASax. kr; kre, Olcel. aera, Sra, OSax. OHOerm. 
Sra, OFris. fire, grace, favour, mercy, Orm. 1476; Hartsh. 
met. t 38; Are, aere (ore) LaT^. 2972; 22382; ore (4re) 
a. r. 136; ore Rob. Olouc. 340, 4; Chauc. C.tdl2A; Tor. 
916; (hdre) rcZ. ant. 1, 102; (sdre) «. 8. Wr. 1494. 

ftren 31 

orfest piu8, Wr. voc. 90. 

4ren, ASax, 4rian, OHOerm, ^ren, apare^ pardon^ Orm 

aret? ASax. arod? 
arethed dignity f Iswnib, 6; arthed Degrev, 8. 

are we, ASax. areve, arrow, Brand, 15; arwe (are we) 
Laj. 2476; arewe, arwe Wicl. gloss. 5; arwe Ckauc. C. t 
9547; 8. a. c. 10, 25; arewen (pi.) Alis. 5283; earewen 
a. r. 60; arwes Hand, 190. 

arf, Olcel. arfr (inheritance); see erfe, 
arfname A^V, Onn. 17744. 

arfe J), ASax. es,T{ei, difjicuh, Orm. 17334; earfd(erved) 
Kath. 999; erved (arved) a. r. 108. 

argul argaly argol, tartar, Halliw. diet. 82; argoile 
{dai.) Chauc. C. t. 12741. 

ar3, ASax. earg, earh (pavidu^, pravtus), OFris. arg, 
erg (^pramis), OHOerm. arger {avariis, pravus), Olcel. 
argr {mollis, timidvs, maltts), fearful, timid, weak, bad, 
arej owl and night. 407; ar^e Oaw. gloss. S64 -, am (arwe) 
Rob. Olouc. 457, 15; arwe prompt, parv. 14; -4Z?i. 3340; 
{pi.) Rich. 3821, pe arwe rel. ant. 1, 176; eruh a. r. 274. 

arjen, OH Germ, argen, grow timid; argez (pres.) 
Oaw. gloss 364; me arges (7 am afraid) of mi selfe 
Halliw. diet. 90; pat arghede (ar^inghted) alle pat per 
w&re Percev. 69. 

arsnesse fearfulness, timidity, Halliw. diet. 82; argh- 
nesse {acc?^ Hoccl. 1, 435. 

arjd? ASax. yrgi, feat fulness ; arejpe {dat.) owl and 
night. 404; aerhde La^. 8264. 

ark? arke, ASax. earc, earee, Ooth. arka, OHOerm. 
archa, Olcel. ork, ark, chest, Wr. voc. 199; arke (dat.) 
Havd. 2018; {ace.) Rob. Br. 136, 20; arche {dat) L03 
8965; a. r. 334. 

arm, ASax. arm, earm, OFris. arm, erm, OHOerm. 
arm, Olcel. armr, GotA. arms, arw, IVm<. 2, 103; Mand. 
172; armes (pZ.) TFr. fre^*. 139; earmes Shoreh. 123; 
earmes, ermes a. n 394; 402; aerm (arm) Lai^. 28040; 
armen {dat. or ablat. pi.) 2233. 

arm, ASax. arm, earm, OHOei^m. armer, Ooth. arms, 
poor, miserable; pe arme gume rel. ant. 1, 186; arme {pi.) 
owl and night. 537; aerm Lag. 6608; deriv, ermen. 
aermbche miserably, £a3. 9435. 

32 aenning 

aerming, ASax, earmmg, ^poor man, La7^. 16690. 

armpe, ASax. earmd, ermdu, mtaery, rel, ant, 1, 182; 
aermde {ace?) LaT^. 16143. 

arren, /or*erren, yl Sao?, eorrian? arr, irritate ; (arriu) 
hid. CW316; arreden (pret.) WicL glos^, 

ars, ASax, ears, OHOerm, ars, arse^ „anus^^ Wr. voc. 
179; prcytnpt parv.\\\ Zwc?. (7o2?. 1 3 6 ; ers vis, F, P, 2821; 
Chaue. C. t. 3732. 

arten, iaf. artare, constrain, compel, Chauc, Trail. 388; 
Hoccl. 4, 8. 

asch, ASax, aesc, OHOerm, asc, asch, Olcel. askr, 
ash, fraxiriTis, Wr, voc, 162; Chauc, C, t, 2924; asche 
provupt. parv, 15; esche 143; asche (daf.) lai le fr. 26; 
(ace.) 168. 

asche, ASax, asce, q,xe, OHOerm, asche, Olcel, aska, 
ash, cinis, (ashe) Oow, conf, am, 3, 345; aschen (p/.) C/ja?^c. 
C, t, 1366; ashen, aishen, asches Wicl. gloss, 3; asches 
Mand, 107; esche Shoreh. 107; asken a. r, 214; Havel. 
2841; askes Orm. 1001; vis, P, P, 1554; axen Wr, p. s, 
203; {ddt, pL) La3. 25989; asse Halliw. diet. 95. 
askefise cinifio, prompt, parv. 15. 

asche, ASax. aesce, OHOerm, eisca, demand; 4xe 
Laj. 1053. 

ascheler ashlar, heion stone, Aud, 78. 

4schen, yl/Sarr. ^scian, aescian, 4csian (axian), OFris, 
^kia, 4schia, Olcel, aeskja, OHOerm, eiscon, OSax, 
&con, ask, (asche) Rob, Olouc, 16, 12; Eglam. 1090; 
4schede (pret) Rob, Olouc, 16, 12; pu aishest owl and 
night, 473; esche Wr, treat, 136; 4sken a. r. 242; Orm. 
10278; 4ski Halliw. diet. 93; 4ske ^wcf. 79; 4sked (prei.) 
ifowci. 24; 4xien Laj. 7193; 4xe vis, P. P. 2288; (?om?. 
conf. am. 1, 47; TF^cZ. John 1; Tor. 765; ich 4csi (pres.) 
Shoreh. 136; 4xe Chauc. C. t. 1349; 4csede (pret.) rel. 
ant. 1, 30; oxe Wr. p. s. 200; asse Town. myst. 58; ^sse 
Rob. Glouc. 196, 7. 

as hi ashy, Chauc. C. t. 2885. 

^ske? ASax. Mexe, ask {esk),newt? arskes (/or 4skes?) 
and oper wormes Wr. diet. 107. 

aspe, ASax. aespe, OHOerm. aspa, asp{tree), Wr, 
voc, 181; 285; Chauc, C. t 2943; prompt, parv. 15; espe 
Wr. voc, 228; prompt parv, 143. 

aspen aspen; aspen lef Chauc, Troil. 4049. 

asse 33 

asse, ASax. assa, asSy a. r. 32; Wr, treat, 138; Shoreh, 
122; Mand. 70; assen {pL) Chauc. C. t. 5867. 

at, ASax. aet, OSax. Olcel. Goth, at, Oil Germ, az, 
ez, atf Kath. 2500; at, aet Laj. 5; 6473; atte = at pe 
Wr. treat. 139; Chauc. C.t. 6851 ; at aeuiie time Onn. 133 ; 
at sume sipe herde i telle owl and night. 293; hit is mi 
wurschipe at pan ende 1286; she durst at (of) u6 wight 
4skeii it Chauc. Troil. 5341 ; toke lele at paire dere 
freudes Jsw?7i6. 142; es noght at {to) laiue /«\703; i liafe 
noght at do wip pe IlalUw. diet. 103; iwited et ower 
meiden learn from your maid, a, r. 64; a {for at?) do 
Mand. 132; al pat pei hau a do Chauc. r. r. 5080; wip 
wimmen have pou uat a do Lidg. m. p. 66. 
atafter after^ llalliw. diet 103; Chauc. C. t. 10616. 
atberen hear away; atbar {pret.) llalliw. diet. 103. 
atbleiichen evade, rel. songs 5, 8. 

atbreideu loithdraw; atbroide {part.) owl and night. 1378. 
etbreken hreak froni^ a. r. 172; atbraec (pret!) Za5. 1346. 
atbresten hurst from; atbrested rel. ant 1, 224; atbrast 
{pret) Orm. 14734. 

atfallen fall from; atfallen (part) La^. 4237; etfallen 
a. r. 342. 

atfangen receive; atfengen {p7*et) Lar^. 15359. 
atfaren escape, La^^. 27071. 

atfleon ^66 away, escape, a. r. 172; etflihd {pres.) 48; 
atflid owl and night 37 ; atlleh (pret.) La^. 5209 ; cttluweu 
a. r. 172; etflowen {pati;.) 48. 
atforeu hefore, Lai,. 2252; etforen a. r. 226; atvore iio6. 

Glouc. 351, 2. 

atgon, escape, rel. ant. 1, 176; atgo (part) Wr. spec. 74. 

athalden withhold, retain, La'^. 10970; atholde owl and 

night 695; Hayi^h. met t 96; etholden a. r. 208; athalst 

{pres.) Roh. Glouc. 193, 20; ethalt a. r. 246; atheold 

(pret.) La^. 768; atheld (etheold) Kath. 99; athuld Roh. 

Glouc. 62, 11. 

atleden lead away, Lar^. 3200. 

atliggen lie without; pat lond pat is louge tilde atleien 

rd. ant 1, 128. 

atlutien hide, lurk, a. r. 400. 

atprenchen escape? owl and night. 249. 

atrSchen? seize, take away; atraught {pret) Halliw diet 

106; atraht {part) Wr. spec. 37. 


34 at 

atnnen touch; atrined a. r. 50; atr&n (pret.') La^. 7558. 
atrinnen run from; atran {pret) Orm. 1424; atam 
Shorek 149. 

atriiten (atriite) escape, owl and night. 1166; atroute J2o(. 
Olouc. 78, 7. 

atsaken deny; atsake {pres,') Laj. 28210. 
atschaken (atsceken) fly, Lai,. 26516. 
atschSten shoot away^ atschSt {pret^ owl and night 44; 
atschote {part?^ 1621. 

atsitten resist, Rob. Olouc. 137, 10; Havel, 2200. 
atsldpen? slip away; al min hope w^re etslopen a.r. 148. 
atsterten start away, escape^ Kath, 2126; etsterten a. r. 
48; atsturte (astorte) (pret) La7^. 2316. 
atstonden stand at, tvithstand, owl and night 7 60 ; atstonde 
(astonde) Lag. 2661 ; atstonde Rob. Olouc. 15, 18; (astonde) 
20, 8; he nolde nowher atstonde (stop) Bek. 2258; 
etstondest resistest, a. r. 236; atstod (pret) Rob. Glouc 
15, 13 ; Horn 1455 ; (astod) chron. Engl. 62 ; when hem most 
n^d atstod when they stood most in need. Amis 1728. 
atstutten? stop; he atstutte (jpret) Kath. 23. 
atwappen escape? Oaw. gloss. 365; atwaped {part.) ibid. 
atwenden evade, owl and night. 1425. 
atwinden fly away, La^. 10003 ; Orm. 8004; atwond (pret.) 
LaZ' 87. 

atwiten? reproach; atwiste (for atw4t?) Rob. Olouc. 33, 18; 
Hartsh.met.t 105; atwist {for atwiten?) Halliw.dict 109. 
atwiten (atwite) reproach, Shoreh. 98; owl and night. 
1232; atwitest {pres. indie.) 751; etwited {pres. imper.) 
a. r. 70; atw^t {pret) Kath, 2364; atwot s. s. Web. 1876; 
atwdten {pret.) La^. 26584; (part) 19594; owl and night 
933 ; atwite Halliw. diet. 109. 
atwitien ? rcproacA; atwitede {for atwM?) Rob. Olouc. 33^ 16. 

at, Olcel. at, that, Iw. 486; s. s. Web. 382 4:; Percev. 
150; Town, myst 2; ant Arth. 14, 10. 

4te, ASax. &ta, oat; ote {dat) Mapes 350; 4ten (pL) 
Laz. 29256; oten a. r. 312; ooten Rich. 6004; otin Wr 
voc. 177. 

atel, ASax. Sitol, Olcel. atall, foul, horrible, Orm. 4803 
atehch {for atellich) a. r. 6; owl and night 1123; Ma-- 
pes 343. 

atter, ASax. 4ttor, ktor {venerium), OHOerm. eittar, 
eitar {venenum, sanies), Olcel. eitr {yenenum), atter, poison, 

atternesse 35 

Laj. 17739; Orm. 1*5383; a. r, 80; (attre) vis, P. P 

7942; (attir) „8ani€s^^ prompt, parv. 16. 

attercoppe venomous spider^ owl and night 600; attir- 

coppe prompt parv, 

atterlade hetonyf a. r, 274*; atterlQpe y^morelle^ ? Wr. 

voc. 141 ; drinc peonne attertode & drif pene swel asean- 

ward a. r, 274. 

atterltlch {for -lich) venomous^ a, r, 212*. 

atternesse, ASax, aetterness, venomousness, malignity, 
a. r, 196. 

attrien, ASax, aetterian, poison; attred {pres,) a. r, 
84; attred {part.') Orm. 15376. 

attri3 poisonous, venomous, Orm. 9785; attri a. r. 82. 

&p, ASax. kd, Ooth. aips, Olcel. eidr, OHOerm. eid, 
OFris. Sthj ed, OSax. 6d, oath, Iw. 2264; r el. ant 1, 126 ; 
4pes (j^Z.) O^vn. 4479; aden {dat pi) La^^. 5165; op 
(oop) Chauc. C. t 120; (oht) Wr. spec. 112; odes {pi.) 
a. r. 198; aed Lai^. 704. 

a del, ASax. adol, aedel, OSax. Olcel. adal, OHOerm. 
adal, edil, count? y, Laj. 16388; pat aedel heo biwunnen 
4744; apele {pl*f) natura, Halliw. diet. 105; apel nohility, 
virtue^ might, Wr, spec. 33; mid aedele help his broder 
iaj. 9263 ; adele {pi.) 10629 ; adelen, aedelen 3751 ; 12915. 

a del, ASax. aedele, OSax. edili, OFris. ethel, edel, 
OHOerm. edeler, nolle, excellent, Oaw. gloss. 365; apel 
man Orm. 611 ; adel, aedele Laj. 2917;* 10031 ; adele {pi.) 
Old and night. 632; SiioiQ^ {pi. subst) -Laj. 7852; hapel reZ. 
ant. 1, 78; hapels {pi. subst] ant Arth. 4, 3; apeliste (sii- 
perlat) Halliw. diet. 105; hire edele vif wittes a. r. 172. 

adelien, ASax. aedelian, honour? adelede {pret.) 
La^. 2815. 

apeling, ASax. aedeling, nobleman, rel. songs 6, 11. 

4pum, ASax. 4dum, OHOerm. eidum, eidam, son in 
law, Orm. 19832; odem (opom) La^^ 23106; opom Bob. 
Olouc. 182, 4; odam Alis. 2081. 

aubel, Fr. aubel, abel, ebble, white poplar? aubel(ebel) 
prompt, parv. 17. 

auk = avek {as hauk = havek), OiceZ. ofugr, OHGerm. 
abuher, [Ooth. ibuks], fto^n af? see Grimm's pref. to 
Schulzes gloss. V, (awk), awk, wrong, ,^sinist€r, perversiis^, 
prompt parv. 18; awke dedes Halliw. diet 111. 
aokward Chauc. Boet. 2. 


36 ave 

ave? OlDutch ave = af (of), 
avelong, Dan, aflang, ohlongus^ prompt parv, 17. 

avetrol, ave? and Siced, ivoYL {gohlin)f s,s. Web, 1107. 

aver? Dutch aver. Germ, aber? = over? aur over, ant, 
Arth. 20, 6. 

awermud, C7np. ASax. oferin(5d, arrogance, Orm. 4720. 
aerwen, cmp, ASax. ofervenniss (arrogantia) , overioeening, 
presumptuous; aerwene {pi.) Lai^. 27537. 
aerwitte, cmp. Dutch averwittig, unwise, La'7^. 22071. 

awel, ASax. avel, ael, M, OH Germ, ala, awl; owul 
fuscinula, Wr. voe. 93 ; owel owl and night. 80 ; eawles 
(pi.) Kath. 2209; aules a. r. 212; Boh. Glouc. 48, 22; 
oules Brand. 22; Chauc. C f. 7312; al Wicl. gloss. 3; 
61 a. r. 324. 

awene, awne, 0/ceZ. ogn, OIIGerm.SigBMSi, GofA. ahana, 
6rr. ax^a, az^w, y,a}*ista^, prompt, parv. 18; awn PF7\ t;oc. 
233; agunes ,^arestes'^, 155. 

awn en, cmp. ASax. eavian, show, Orm. 979; awned 
{part.) 3385. 

ax, ASax. aex, eax, Olcel. ox, OSax. acus, OHGet^m 
achus, (rofA. aqizi, Laf. ascia, aa:e, Wr. voc. 234; Mand 
251; s. 5. PTcfc. 384; TFr. p. s. 222; axe Orr/i. 10063 
axen {dat. pi.) ia3. 22341; aex 6473; aexe {ace.) 18033 
eax a. r. 128; ex prompt, parv. 144; li heaus disc. 1180 
exes (pi.) lud. Gov. 270. 

ax, ASax. eax, OH Germ, ahsa, ia^. axis, aa?, accZ^. 
axtre Halliw. diet. 125; PFr. 2;oc. 167; Wicl. gloss. 6; 
extre 180; prompt, parv. 145. 

axel, -4Saa7. eaxl, Olcel. oxl, OSax. ahsla, OHGerm. 
d}i%dldi, axle, shoulder; aexle, exle {dot ace.) La3. 2263; 18032. 
axiltree axletree, Mand. 181; axil-, exiltre prompt, parv. 
20; exiltre Wr. voc. 278. 

baban, Welsh Irish baban, habe, a. r. 234. 

babe, OSwed. babe Ihres gloss., Irish bab O'Beillys 
diet., babe, baby, Gow. conf. am. 1, 344; lud. Gov. 84; 
babi vis. F. P. 11559. 

babel bawble, Gow. conf. aw,. 3, 224; Hardw. poem 
54, 3; babul Halliw. diet. 130; babul (babil) ,^librilla'' 
{sort of balance), prompt, parv. 20. 

bab el en. Germ, babeln, babble; babelinde (part.) 
a. r. 100; bablede {pret.) vis. P. P. 24^87 ; bablin (babelin ) 
waver, prompt, parv. 20. 

babewin 37 

babe win, babwin, Ital, babbuino, baboon, prompt 
parv. 20; babe wines (pL) Mand. 210. 

babirlippid labrosus, prompt parv, 20 ; baberlipped vis, P. 
P. 2852. 

bac, ASax. baec, OSao', bac, Olcel, bak, OFris, bek, 
baclcy a. r. 290; Or?/i. 4776; bak Tor, 2590; (ace.) Hob, 
Br, 133, 23; an, on bak aback, retro, Gaw, gloss. 364; 
400; ant Arih. 45, 8; a bac Wr, treat 134; a bak Bich, 
4716; PFiW. John 6; Zwc?. CW 211; o bac Orm, 10656. 
bacbltere backbiter, rel, songs 1, 25. 

bacbon Wr. voc, 146. 

bachalf backside, back-part, Wicl, gloss, 

bakward li beavs disc, 1637. 

b a chare, ASaxc, baecere, baker, rel. songs 7, 35. 

bache? batch; bahche, batclie, prompt parv, 21. 

ba.cheler, OFr, bacheler, bachelor, young man, Chauc. 
C. t. 80; bachiler Gaw. gloss. 366; Will, gloss. 214. 

bac in, OJPV. bacin, OHGerm.hQchin, cmp.O Dutch bak, 
basin, helmet, Shoreh. 51; s. s. Web. 2242; Rich. 2557; 
basin Alts. 2333. 

bacon, OFr, bacon, Dutch bake (backe), MHGerm. 
bache, bacon, vis. P. P. 2859. 
bacunflesch y^petaso**, prompt parv. 

bad, ASax. baed, OSax. bad, OFr is. bed, Olcel, bad, 
GofA. bap, OHGerm. bat, {pret) bade, prayed, Orm. 2385; 
Bek. 2156; ilfawc?. 228; Tor, 1245; ( /'or bed ? comma// c?ed) 
«?w. P. P. 3088; ^mac?. TFe6. 200; bad, baed, bead, bed 
La3.2454; 3958; 4767; 4879; bed a. r. 156; Wr, p, «. 248; 
bed (het) bringen Kath. 441; pou bede Rob. Glouc. 133, 
19; pou me bede singe Shoreh. 118; beden Laj. 
10012; vis. P.P. 12179; b^de Gow. conf. am. 1, 111; 
baede {subj.) Orm. 9595; bSde a. r. 222; and bede ane 
bone Kath. 24:01] pat hi for him bede Bek. 2156; beden, 
biden (part) bidden, Wicl. gloss. 7 ; bede Gow. con^. am. 
1, 70; & dide al als him beden {for boden?) was 
Orm. 3138. 

bAd, ASax, bM (pledge), from biden, stay, delay; 
baid Gaw. gloss. 366; bade (dot.) Percev. 41 ?1029; bode 
(dat) Chauc. Ann. 119; Flor. 374. 

badde bad, Chauc. C. t 9482; (pi.) vis. P. P. 6190; 
pis badde king Rob. Glouc. 108, 17. 

38 baddenesse 

baddellche badly ^ Rob. Glouc. 566, 8. 

baddenesse badness, vis, P, P, 7539. 

b^dien, ASax. badian (pledge), OHQerm. beidon 
{wait), from b4d, stay, wait : bMien pe king wolde pat his 
folc come La3. 25649. 

baech valley f {ace.) La'i^, 2596; baeche, bache {dot.) 
757; 5644; baecchen {dot. pi) 21776. 

baere, ASax, baer, OSax. OHGerm, b&ra, OFris, 
bere, bier, Orm. 8167; beer Chauc, C. t 2873; beere 
,^feretrum^' , prompt, parv, 32 ; bere {dat^ Lidg. m. p. 34 ; 
(ace.) Gow, conf, arn. 3, 263; ant Arth, 14, 6; beren 
(ace, pi) LaT,, 27876. 

?berhom horse-collar, Wr, t?oc. 278; biruham 168; prompt, 
parv, 33. 

?berlep, b^rlep ,^sporta'', prompt, parv, 25. 
berman porter, La^* 3317; Havel 868. 

baewen, OHGerm, bahau? foment? to clensen & to 
baewen hem of alle pesre sinnes Orm, 18042. 

baffen (baffin), Dutch bafifen, Germ, baffen, bark, la- 
trare, prompt, parv, 

bagge, OSwed. bagge Ihres gloss,, OFr, bague, baghe 
Eoquef, gloss,, [Gael bag Mad & Dew, diet], bag, a, r 
168; transact 18, 28; cr, P. P, 444; baggen (pi) a, r. 168. 
baggepipe Chauc. C, t, 567. 

bagge badge, cognisance, prompt, parv, 20 \ bagges (^Z.) 
Halliw, diet, 132. 

baggen (baggin) ba^, tumere, prompt, parv, 2\; baggep 
(pres,) Chauc, b, duch, 623; pe mere was bagged wip 
fole Percev, 111, 

bai, Olcel b4gr? ,^obstaculum^, prompt, parv, 

baili, OFr, baili, bailiff. Will gloss. 214. 

bain, Olcel beinn (directus, promptus) Sveinb. Egilss. 
lex., bain, prompt, ready, willing, Gaw, gloss, 366; Iw, 
766; Trist 1, 65; Toion, myst, 28; lud, Cov, 173; Amad, 
Robs, 47, 12; buxum and bain avow, Arth, 58, 16; bein 
„flexibilis^, prompt parv. 29; Amad. Web, 514. 

b a i n e n ? „bainid fresus^, prompt, parv, 2 1 . 

baisk, Olcei, beiskr, bask, sharp^ bitter, Wr, diet, 152; 
bejsc Orm, 6698. 

bai s sen, Fr, e-bahir (bahissons), abash -^ baist (jpre^.) 
Gaw. gloss, 366; baishide Wicl gloss, 6; baist (part) 
Halliw, diet, 133; compos, abaissen. 

bait 39 

bait, ASax, b&t, OJcrf. beita, from biten, bait, Oow. 
conf. am. 1, 310; beite Halliw. diet. 172. 

bait en, ASax. b&tian, Olcel. beita, OHOerm. beizen, 
hait, feed, Chauc. Troil. 192; baite W'Sl. gloss. 214; Tor. 
1566; {pres. siibj.^ Mand. 243; beiten y^commordere, pabu- 
lar i'^ , prompt, parv. 29; bejten punish, Orm. 10171; 
compos, abaiten? 

baipen? grant? Gaw. gloss. 366. 

bay en? grant f pat bayep me ml bone Wr. spec. 27; 
or {your) blisse heo bey en 32. 

bay en, OFr. a-bayer, hay, bark, Gaw. gloss. 366; 
baye Eglam. 286. 

bak, ASax. baec, batch. 
bakem bake-house, Wr. voc. 93. 
bakbous „pistrina^, prompt, parv. 21; Wr. voc. 274. 

baken, ASax. bacan, OHGerm. bachan, pachan, bake, 
(bake) Chauc. C. t. 386; Wtcl. gloss. Q ] book (pret.) ibid.; 
boke rel. ant. 1,83; baken (part.) 07^n.99Z: Iiich.36lS; 
vis. P. P. 4387; bacun ant. Arth. 27, 4; ibaken vis. P. 
P. 4161; ibake Chauc. I. g. w. 709; Lddg. m. p. 85. 

bakestre, ASax. baecistre {pistrix), baxter, baker, 
„pistor^, Wr. voc. 93; baksteres {pi.) vis. P. P. 434; 
baxtere Halliw. diet. 152. 

bakke, Dan. aften-bakke, bat, prompt, parv. 21; Lidg. 
m. p. 152; backe Wicl. gloss. 6. 

bakke? and alle his bakkes (— bagges?) rente 
Wai. 76. 

bal, MHGerm. bal, frofv. bellen? ball, Wr. treat. 137; 
s. s. Web. 2066; Rich. 4506; balles {pi.) Lai^. 17443. 
balpleowe ball- play, a. r. 218; balplei prompt, parv. 22. 

b4I, ASax. bael, Olcel. hk\, bail, blaze, fire, Wr. 
diet. 153; in k hkle of fiir cr. P. P. 1330. 

bald, ASax. hsild, beald, OiSaa;. bald, OHGerm. hsilder, 
Ooth. balps, Olcel. ballr, bold, brave, mighty, confident, 
secure, Zaj. 6342; 0?-m. 2185; Trist 3, 47; Iw. 1402; 
Shoreh. 123; bealde (pi.) 100; bold Wr. an. lit. 3; vis. 
P P. 12224; ant. Arth. 12, 2; alle big bigginges bolde 
Isumh. 78; beld s. s. Web. 2042; JZw. 5004; libeausdisc. 
2123; purh belde worde cw^/ awti night. 1713; baldore 
{compar.) Bob. Glouc. 509; Wr. spec. 27; boldere vis. P 
P. 2295; compos, unbald. 
boldhed boldness. Bob. Br. 281. 

40 balden 

baldliche, baldeliche boldly, La^- 24673; Katk 719; 
a, r. 62; 16k hou it is, and tell me boldeli {quickly?) 
Chauc. C. t 3433; boldloker {compar.) Halliw, diet 192. 

balden, ASax. bealdian, baeldan, byldan, OHOerm. 
balden, OSax. beldian, bolden, encourage, animate, La^, 
4385; pe brandes to balde Percev, 792; bolde s, s. Wr. 
1679; his harte began to bolde Oc^ay. 975; boldede (pree.) 
vi^, P, P. 1756; bealden Kath. 1622; belden, beolden 
Onn. 662; 2614; belde lai le fr. 231*; belded (bealded) 
a. r. 162; bildep grow sstrong, Halliw. nug. poet 66; bilde 
{imper) Eglam, 3; compos, abelden, unbalden. 

balderik, MHGerm, balderich, hawdriclc, belt, strap, 
Halliw. diet 135; bauderik Gaio. gloss. 367; bauderikis 
! pi.) Lidg, m. p, 8. 

bale, ASax. bealu, dii^e, dismal: wip se {so) bale bere 
Kath 2370; mid peon (pan) balu fehte Lai^, 5943; bale 
deep {or baledeep?) vis. P. P. 12143; to bale depe Wr. 
diet 155. 

bale, ASax. balu, bealu, OSax. balu, OHOerm. balo, 
Olcel. bol, bale, misery, afflictiony owl and night 687 ; 
Iw. 3062; vis. P. P. 12480; bale, balu Laj. 1455; 2597; 
bale {dat) Mar. mir. pi. 149; {ace.) Wr. spec. 26; s. s. 
Web. 702 ; Amad, Hobs. 4, 9 ; fram bale to 6che blisse 
Kath. 2327 ; balwe (bale we) {dat^La-i^. 310;1618;t6 bale we 
(bale) & to bismere Kath. 551. 
baleful a. r. 114*. 

balse? ample, swelling *i Oaw. gloss. 366; balwe pla- 
miSy prompt, parv. 22. 

bali, ^ Saa-. baelig, bel(i)g, OHOei^m.hdXg, (?o<A. balgs, 
Olcel. belgr, belly, bellow, rel. songs 5, 83 ; Hartsh. met. 
t 200; cr. P. P. 1522; bale Oaw. gloss. 366; beli a. r. 
296; ,^venter'^, prompt, parv. 30; Wr. voc. 171; belu, belw 
Wicl. gloss. 7; below ,^follis'^, Wr. voc. 180; prompt parv. 
30; belies {pi.) a. r. 284; vis. P. P. 81; belyes Isumb. 
412; a peir belwis wUls and invent. 23. 

balke, ASax. balca, OFris. balka, OSax. balco, 
OHOerm. balcho, balk, ,^trabs, porca^, prompt pat^v. 22 ; 
lud. Cov. 343 ; Toton. myst. 99 ; balkes {pi-) vis. P. P. 4011 ; 
Chauc. C. t 3626. 

balke n (balkin) balk, overskip, jyrompt parv. 22; but 
so wel halt no man pe plogh, pat he ne balkep oper 
mle Gow. conf. am. 1, 296. 

balle 41 

balle, Oerm, balle, holly Halliw,dict.l^%\ Octav. 1272. 

balled, connected loith bal {blaze)? hold, Bob, Glouc, 
377, 4; vis. P. P. 14292; C/iauc. tit 198; ballid ^colvus'^, 
prompt, parv. 22 ; Wicl. gloss. 7 ; ballid and bar was pe 
reson dep. of R. 29, 22. 

ballednesse baldness , Rob. Glouc. 482*; 7'el. ant. 
2, 56. 

ballok, ASax. bealluc, bollock, testtcidns, UV. voc. 
208; ballokes (pi.) Mand. 102; Wicl. gloss. 7. 
ballokcod scrotum, Wr. voc. 246. 

ban, ASa^x. Olcel. bann, OSax. OHOerm. ban, OFris. 
ban, bon, ban, edict, convocation: is (Jiis) ban aboute he 
sende Rob. Glouc. 187, 19; ich folji pan ajte manne, an 
flo^bi ni3t in hore banne o«^'Z and night. VM) \ compos. \h*d\\. 

ban, ASax. ban, OSax. OFris. ben, OUGerm. Olcel. 
bein, bone, Lar^. 7559; Kath. 232; Trist. 1,25; (/>/.) Lar^. 
1603; banes 1875; Kath. 2517; J?r. 2052; banen {dat. 
pi.) Lot,. 29562; bon Mand. 50; (boon) Wicl. gloss. 
?b6nschawe sciatica? prompt, parv. 44. 
b^nwort violet? Jfallito. dict.lAO; bonwort 7'el. ant. 1, 37. 

band, OFris. Olcel. hsiml, OH Germ, band, pant, /ro7w 
binden, ba7id^ bo7id, Orm. 61; Iw. 2394; Degrev. 869; 
Rob. 'Br. 201; Mar. mir. pi. 141; bandes {pi.) Orm. 46; 
bond laqueus, Bek. 1099 ; Chauc. C. f. 9137 ; Tor. 318; bonde 
„vincula''j Wr. voc. 180; les me out of bonde HV. spec. 
29; bondes „bandeaus'', rel. ant. 2, 83; iren bondes Maiid. 
163; 3ee bend, 
band- (bond-) dogge Wr. voc. 187; prompt. 2)arv. 43. 

bane, ASax. bana, bona, OSax. OHGerm.hdno, OFris. 
bona, Olcel. bani, ftflry?(», destruction, Kath. 2398; Chauc. 
C. t. 1099; 2W. 1691; bone (bane) Laj. 7554; a. r. 
222; Percev. 1338. 

bonen ossevs: wip bonene wal 7'eZ. a/?^. 1, 112. 

baning (baning?) smelt? Ilal/iw. diet. 

ban ere, Med.Lat. banera, bannerium du Cong e s gloss., 
banner, a. r. 300; baner Wari:. hist. 1,16; Chauc. C. t. 968. 

bank, ASax. banc {tumulus) , OSax. OFris. bank, 
OHGerm. banch (scamnum), bank, bench, „r^pa", 1F?\ voc. 
239; prompt, parv. 23; scamnum, lud. Cov. 170; bankes 
(pZ.) Orm. 9210; Isumb. 169; over bankes and hilles 
m. P. P. 3532; bonk G aw. gloss. ^70; bonke {dot.) bench, 
La3. 25185; {dot or ace?) Will. gloss. 216; see bench, 

42 banne 

bankker, banker cover oj a bench ^ or seat, Hcdliw. diet.; 
prompt parv,; Oaw. gloss,; ant, Arth. 35, 2. 

b anne? 
bannenote toalmit, Wr, voc. 181. 

bannen, ASax, (ge)baiiman, OHOerm. bannan, from 
ban, ban, command, f<ummon, curse, bannen, bonnien (banni) 
La3. 7952; 8054; banne Will, gloss, 214; vis, P. P. 583; 
i banne |)e birde pat me bar ant, Arth. 7, 1 1 ; banned 
(pret.) Percet). 2123; bannede (bonnede) his ferde La'T^. 
1786; bonneden helmcs 22288; compos, for-, ibannen. 

bar, ASa^. baer, OHOerm. barer, Olcel. berr, bare. 
Brand. 24; Iw. 2470; bare (bar! La^- 3420; bare Wr. 
spec. 50; „?were". Gate, gloss. 366; mid one bare worde 
oiol and night. 547. 

barfot (-vot) a. r. 420; Orph. 226; lud. Gov. 59. 
barbed, Gei^m. barhaupt, Wr. s. a. ell] bareheed (bare- 
haeded) Wicl. gloss. 
bareli Gate, gloss. 

bar, ASax. hkr, OHGerm. ber, p^r, boar, b4r, baer 
(bor) Z«3. 1697; 25832; (b4re) Iw. 241; Degrev. 43; 
avow. Arth. 3, 1; bair Gaw. gloss. 366; bor a. r. 280; 
Cboorl Mand. 238; vis. P. P. 7259; (bore) Wr. p. s. 161. 
barehcved Ilalliio. diet.; Gaw. gloss. 

barain, OFr. baraigne, barren, a. r. 158; baraine 
Gaw. gloss. 366; barein rel. ant. 1,158; Chauc. Ct. 1979. 

barb our, Fr. barbier, barbej\ Wicl. gloss. 

bare 3, ASax. bearh, ODutch barg, berg, OHGerm. 
barch, par(u)c, Olcel. borgr, barrow, majalis, owl and 
night 408; baru Rob. Glouc. 207,2; barowes (pi.) Halliw. 
diet 145. 

bar en (barin), ASax. barian, bare, prompt parv. 24; 
barid (part.) Halliw. diet 143. 

baret, OFr. barat Roquef. gloss. 1, 131, Biez tab. 
43, dispute^ contest, strife, a.r. 1 54; Bek. 733 ; Will, gloss. 21 A. 

bar ewe, ^Saa?. bereve, barrow, carrus: pej ich scholde 
beo pider ibore in barewe oper in bere Bek. 899 ; barowe 
prompt, parv. 25; Flo7\ 2031. 

bargain, OFr. bargain, bargain, Chauc. C. t 284; 
bargein Goto. eonf. am. 2, 223 ; bargan Min. 28. 

barganiin, OFr. bargaignier, bargain, prompt, parv. 

barge, OFr. barge, Med.Lat. barca, barge ^ Chauc. 
C. t 3550. 

bark 43 

bark, barke, Dutch bark(e), berk(e), Olcel. borkr, 
hark ^cortex^, Wr. voc. 229; promj)t parv, 24; Iw, 741; 
Mand. 189; barke (dat) Chauc, r. r. 7267. 

barken (barkin) tarty prompt pa'rv, 

barke re tannery prompt parv. 

bar lie, connected with bere? cmp: Welsh barllys, bar- 
ley y rel, ant 1, 215; barli3 Orm. 15511; barlich, barli 
Wicl: gloss. 7; berlei Mand, 272. 

barm, A Sax, bearm, OSax, OUGerm, barm, Olcel, 
barmr, Goth, barms, from beren, lap, bosom, y^gremium'^y 
prompt parv. 25; Alis, 4203; s, s, Wr. 2937; Mar. mir, 
pl.%S\ baerm La'T^, 30261; berme {dat) a. r. 212. 
barmctop Chauc, C. t 3236. 
barmskin prompt, parv. 
bearm team Shoreh. 58. 

barn, ASax. beam, OFris. bern, OSax. OUGerm. 
Olcel. Goth, hsiru, bam, child, Will, gloss. 214; vis. P. P. 
884; Rob. Br. 310, 6; a?it Arth. IS, 6; barnes (pi.) Orm. 
8040; Mar. mir. pi. 122; beam a. r. 38; beam, baern, 
bern La'^, 91; 165; 5024; bern Wr.spec.^\\ Amisl^i\ 
Havel. 571. 
barnteem generation, race, Halliw, diet 144. 

barre, MHGerm. barre, OFr. barre, Mcd.Lat barra, 
Irish Gael, barra, [ Welsh bA^r], bar, ,^vectis'^, prompt, parv. 
24; y^repa^ulum^y Wr.voc.2Ql \ Chavc. C. t 1077; barres 
{pi) vis. P. P. 121 22 \ y^diagonal stripes^, Gaw. gloss. 
367; utewid pe barren of pe burhe Kath. 2349. 

barren (barrin), OFr. barrer, bar, prompt parv.; bar- 
rid {part.) Triam. 1188; barred ,^striped diagonally''^, 
Gaw. gloss. 

bars, ASax. baers, bears, bars., bass, perch; bace 
prompt parv. 

b a r t r e n (bartrin), Ital. barattare, from baret, barter, 
prompt, parv. 

b&sen? Dutch (ver-)bazen? compos. ab4sen. 

basket, Iruih Gael, bascaid, basket, y,corbis'\ prompt, 
parv. 26; basketis {pi.) Chauc. C. t. 13860. 

bast, ASax. baest Lye^s diet., OIIGerm. Olcel. bast 
{spartum, philyra), bast; bot je salle take a stalworpe 
bast and binde mi handes bihind me fast Halliw. diet 
basttre tUicLy Wr. voc. 192. 

44 hasten 

hasten (hastin), OHGerm. hesten, baste, s€it% prompt 

hat, ASax, hat, Olcel, hatr, hoat, hat, haet Laj...; 
hate (dat) De(/rev. 919; hot Trist 1, 33; s, s, Wr. 3146; 
(hoot) Wicl John 21; hote {dat) Alii. 3497. 

hataile, OFr, hataille, hattle, Cliatic. L g. w, 1627. 

hat en, haten? OFris. hatia, Dutch LGenn, haten 
(haten), see Gr, loK 1, 1158 & 2,572, Diefenb.iob, 1,288, 
avail, serve; haite? Percev. 187. 

hat el, OFr. hatel {clapper^ 
hatildore (-dour) battledore, washing-beetle, Wr. voc. 269 ; 
prompt, parv. 27. 

hatte, ^Saa::. hatt {fustis) Lyes diet, bat, club, ^fu^tis'^, 
Wr. voc. 263; hattes (pL) Alis. 78; hattis Wicl. gloss. 
7; hotte (dat) a. r. 306; botten (hattes) Laj. 21593. 

ha}), ASax. haed, Olcel. had, OlIGerm. had, bath, 
Orm. 18044; rel, songs 5,209; hed a. r. 394; hade (dot.) 
La^. 2852. 

hade, OFris.hede, OHGerm.. heie, heide, OSax. hedia, 
Olcel hadir, Goth, hajops, both, LaT^. 27305; Kath. 1622; 
hape Orm. 250; Isumb. 400; (dat) Orm. 7636; hadre 
{gen.) Kath. 1790; piirh ])e3re hapre hisne Orm. 2794; 
bode a.r. 162; beode? (bade) 10; hope we hahhep stevene 
hri3te owl and night. 1679; hope two Laj. 2399*; Wr. 
treat 139; Mapes 336; hope (dat.) Shoreh. 57; mid bode 
honden a. r. 338; boper (ge7i.) Iw. 3556; bopen (c/af.) cr. 
P. P. 445; hoden (ace.) rel. ant 1, 216; hepe? Alis. 4847. 

ha die bather'? a. r. 214. 

hadien, ASax. badian, bathe, La'7^. 6657; rel. songs 
5, 210; bapen Mand. 88. 

hau, for ha? Germ, ha? i^r. hah? baugh, pooh, vis. 
P. P. 13755. 

baud, OFr. baud, baude (hardi, gai)? baude bawd, 
Chauc. C. t 6936; Mar. mir. jjL 130. 
hau(d)strott ? „leno", Wr. voc. 216; 217; haustrop? 269. 

haudi dirtij, vis. P. P. 2865; Chatic. C. t 12563. 

baume, F7\ haume, balm, Mand. 50; hame a. r. 164; 
hasme 276*. 

bauson, from P?'. halzan, JiCaZ. balzano {having a white 
streak or spot)? bawsin, badger, prompt, parv. 27; bau- 
cines {pi.) Will, gloss. 214. 

he name of the letter b; he mi d sharp, rel. ant 1, 83. 

beam 45 

beam, ASax, beam, OHGerm, baum, boum, OFris. 
b^m, OSax. bom, Goth, bagms, beam, arbor, Lar^, 2848; 
beem y^lrabs, radius'^, ^jvompt patv, 30; Bob, Br, 103, 8; 
wills and invent. 39; hemes {pi,) Mand, 131; Chauc b. 
duch. 337; bemis Mar, mir, yl. 42; compos, sonnebem. 

beard, ASax, beard, OFris, berd, Dutch baenl, 
OHOerm. bart, beard, a, r, 290; baerd (beord) Laj. 
10753; bi (mid)indinges beard (beorde),.^aww«"?1672; „beerd 
barba^, prompt, j)arv, 31 ; berd, beerd Wicl, gloss, 7 ; berd Alis, 
1597 ; Ooic, conf, am, 2, 367; Chauc, C. t, 272; Degrev, 819; 
„berd margo'^, prompt, parv. 32; see brad, bred andhrerd, 
berdles dep, of K, 22, 25. 

berd id barbatus, prompt. pa7'V, 

beaten, ASax, beatan, MllOerm. b6:5en, beat, a, r, 
184; Kath. 1183; beten rel, songs 1, 80; vis, P. P. 8939; 
Rob. Br. 328, 7; beot {pret) a, r, 3G6; Brand, 24:\ beot, 
beet Wicl, gloss. 7; beet Mand. 83; Launf, 751; bet 
Will, gloss, 215; Tor, 1365; beten Gaio, gloss, 368; J/awci. 
46; pe wawes beote him Brand, 24; beote {pi^et, subj.) 
a. r, 364; Bek, 759; baeten (jmrt.) Orm, 8168; beten 
G^ow. con/, am, 3, 247 ; beten {worked, adorned) wip besan- 
tus ant. Arth. 29, 4; a grip of golde, richeli beton on 
pe molde j%Zam. 1031; ibeten Alls. 3848; ibete Chauc. 
C, t. 4311; enchased, 981; compos, tobeaten. 

beatunge beating, a, r, 366. 

bee, Dutch bek, Fr. bee, Gael, beic, beak, rel, ant, 
1, 210; bekes (pZ.) Chauc, I. g, w, 148. 
. bee he, ASax, bece W^r. z?oc. 285, Low Germ, boke, 
OHGerm. buocha, Olcel, beyki, beech, yfagus'^, prompt, 
parv. 27 i W7\ voc. 181; beches {pi.) Alis. 5242. 

be eh en, ASax. becen, beechen, Chauc. C. t. 13088. 

bed, ASax. bedd, OSax. OFris. bed, Olcel, bed, 
OHGei-m. beti, peti, Goth, badi, tec?, Mand, 88; bedde 
(c?af.) Chauc. C. t, 3269; beddes (j>Z.) B^^and. 6. 
bedfere bedfellow, JIalliiv, diet, 
bedlawir (Jor -leser?) bedridden, p^rompt parv, 
bedrede bedridden, ,^clinicus'^ , Wr, voc, 267; Chauc, C, t 
7351; bedreden {pi) vis, P. P. 4180. 
bedstede, bedstead, prompt parv. 
bedstre bedstraio, Wicl, gloss, 

bedde, -4iSaa:. gebedda, bedfellow, owl and night, 1498; 
see ibedde. 

46 beddien 

beddien, A Sax, beddian, led^ La^- 6658; bedden 
Orm. 2712; vis. P. P. 1078. 

bedding bedding^ ^stramentum'^ , Wr, voc. 92; Chauc, 
C. t 1618. 

bede, OSax, beda, OFris, bede, OHOerm. beta, head^ 
prayer, Orm. 1156; Oow. conj-. am. 2, 372; Amis 2351; 
prompt parv. 28; bedes (ji?i.) TFiZZ. ^Zom. 214; if i bidde 
4ni bedes vis. P. P. 3287 ; k peire of bedes*»9864[; CAawd. 
C. t. 159; beden, beoden (bedes) La^. 19722; 31395; 
beodeu a. r. 8. 
bedeman headsman, vvt. P. P. 1437; beodemon a. r. 356. 

beden, OSax. bedon, OHGemu beton, pray, beden, 
beoden Laj. 12745; 25514; bede Octav. 910; & bidde 
3UW & bede Orm. 18337; bede? {pres. svbj.) vis. P. P 
5104; his bedes bedand night and dei Halliw. diet. 156. 

bee, A Sax. beo, OllOerm. bia, bee, Wr. voc. 177; 
been {pl.\ Chauc. C. t. 10518; cr. P. P. 1449; been, bees 
Wicl. gloss. 7; bi Lidg. m.p. 88. . ' 

beffen = baffen? beat; beft (^pret.) Wr. diet. 190; 
beft {paH.) Gaw. gloss. 367. 

beggen beg, mend tear e, a. r. 356; h^ggni prompt, parv, 
28; begge vis. P. P. 4182 ; Chauc. C. t. 4525; Isumh. 150. 

I e g g e r e beggar, Horn 1133; Chauc. C.t. 242; beggeres 
(pZ.) vis. P. P. 79; baggares (gen.) a. r. 168. 

beggild? beggar; beggilde {gen. pi.?) a. r. 168*. 

begging begging: gop on begginge Hand. 207. 

be 5, ASax. beag, beah, OHGerm. boug, bang, /rom 

biijen, ring, collar; beh X05. 24520; beij Trist. 1, 25;. 

' bey Halliw. diet 171; b^e 157; be 153; bie Degrev. 556; 

• baejes (jr>i.) L03. 7425; beejes, bies ,^torques, armillas^, 

Wicl. gloss. 7 ; beren beighes ful brighte abouten hire 

nekkes vis. P. P. 321. 

bese, MHGerm. (ge-)bouge (^ pliant)? 
beisum, Germ, beugsam? obedient, Kath. 1805. 
beienllch, for beielich? cmp. Dan. boielig, humble f 
Laj. 4930. 

bejen, ASax. begen, both, beien (beie) La3. 2543; 
beye Bob. Glouc. 62, 4; beie Halliw. diet. 160; baye 
152; beire {geyi.) La-r^. 5283; Kath. 1790*- owl and night. 
1582; Hob. Glouc. 197, 4; of hem besen Onn. 15091; b4, 
ASax. hk, Goth, bai. Lot. ambao, Kath. 636; Orm. 373; 
hk, bo, boa, Laj. 281; 1469; 2605; bo, boa a. r. 60; 

b^jen 47 

212; hk tw& L/13. 2399; in bo two his honden a. r. 
396; bo Wr. p, s. 157; Rob. Glouc. 229, 4; ^Zw. 6763; 
s. s. Web, 304; bo pin 636 owl and mght 988. 

b^sen, ASax, began, OFi^, beia, Olcel. beygja, 
OJSGerm. bougan, /rom 663 ^ 6o«(;, 6ewc?, ^0; beien La7^, 
1051; beiep {pres. ind.) a. r. 266; beye {pres. subj.f) 
Wr.spec. 81; and beide heom {made them come f) to 
somne Lai,. 29089; Scottes & Bruttes bciden {camef) to 
gaderes 5178; beighed {part) Alis, 4373; compos, ah^T^en, 

b6il, Dan, boiel. Germ, biigel? bail, boid, hoop^ handle^ 
wills and invent 23. 

bek beck, nulvs, Wicl, gloss, 

bek, ASax. becc, OIccl, bekkr, OHGerm, bach, beck, 
f^rividus^, W7\ voc, 239 ; prompt parv. 29. 

bfeken, A Sax, hesicen, OSax.hocam, OHOerm.psiuclisin, 
beaco7i; (beekne) prompt parv,; (bekene) vis, P, P, 11894. 

bSken beak, tocu-m; bekeande {part) Iw, 1459; to 
beike his boones Flor, 99. 
^beikinge ^extensio'^, prompt parv, 29. 

bekken (beken), Germ, biicken {bow)? beck, nutare, 
pro^npt parv. 29; bekke {pres,) Chavc, C, t 13811; 
bekkes Mar.mir,pl, 193; bekked {pret) Chauc Troil, 2352. 

bSknien, ASax. beacnian, OSax, bocnian, OIIGeiifn, 
pauhnen, /row beken, beckon; becnen Oi^m, 223; beknin 
prompt parv. 29; baecnien LaT^. 21938; beknede {pret) 
vis, P. P. 6446; bekeniden, bikeneden Wicl, gloss, 

bdkninge, ASax, beacnung, beckoning^ p7'ompt pai^v, 

beld, ASax, byld, byldo, OHGerm, baldi, from bald, 
confidence, strength, Trist, 2, 19; Min. 27; belde Percev, • 
1412; PZor. 762; bi a childe of litil belde overcomen i 
am in min elde Halliw.dict 161; „beild, belde protectimiy 
shelter^? Gaw, gloss, 367. 

bel3en, ASax, OSax, OHGerm, belgan, groiv angi*y; 
hsielh {pret,) LaT^, 15839; bol3hen {part) Orm, 7145; 
compos, a-, on-, ibel3en. 

b elk en, ASax: belcan? fecZcA, (belke) Town, myst. 314; 
belkid {pret. Wicl, gloss, 7 ; see bolken. 

belle, ASax, belle, bell, La^, 29441; vis. P, P. 349; 
bellen {pt) Bob, Glmc, 509, 14; belles Orm, 901 ; Mand, 243. 
belle3gter bell-founder, prompt pairv, 

belle mande? Gaw. gloss, 367; Wr, an, lit 12; ant. 
Arth. 29, S. 

48 belle 

belle ^r^, Qaw, gloss. 367; ant Arih, 15, 6; ciwp. b4l. 

be lien, -4Saa:*. bellan {impingere? tumeref loare), Olcel. 
bella {impingere) , Oil Germ, bellan (latrare\ How, P^fif 
sioell, HalUw, diet 162; bolleu {part) Wicl. gloss, 9; 
boUen hertes Chauc, compl, bl, kn. 101; a bleddre ibollen 
ful of winde a.r. 282; hel\mb€lloiaf„miigire'', prompt, parv. 
30; ({)e) bole bellep ibid,; as loude as bellep wind Chauc. 
h, of f, 1803 ; compos, tobellen. 

belt, ASax, belt, Olcel, belti, OHOenn, balz, belt, 
^zoiia", Wr, voc, 231; hv. 253; Chauc, C, t 3927. 

belweii, ASax, bylgean? bellow^ mugw^e, (belwe) vis, 
P, P, 7258; Gow. conf, atn, 2, 72. 

be mare, ASax. b^mere, trumpeter, ^tubicen'^, IVr.v^oc. 
88; a, r, 210. 

be me, ASax, beme, bj^me, trompet, Wr, diet. 196; 
Mapes 34:8; bemen (pL) a.r. 210; bemen (bemes, bumes) 
Las. 4^62; 5107; 5874; bemes Will, gloss. 215; k. of T. 
499; Isumb, 429. 

bemen, ASax, b^mian, sound the trompet, a, r. 210; 
bemit {part) Gaw, gloss. 367. 

bemen, ASax, beamian, beam, prompt, pa? v. 

ben (bene), ASax. bean, Olcel. baun, OIIGerm. bona, 
bea7i; bein Mar. mir. pi. 155; bene (been) ,^faba^, prompt, 
parv. 30; beene Wr. voc. Ill', bene {dat) Mand, 158; 
(ace.) z?^s. P, P. 1642; IFiW. t/Zoss. 7; pis Absolon ne 
rough te nat a bene of al his pleye Chauc, C. t 3770; 
benen (pi) cr. P. P. 1519. 

bene, ASax. ben, prayer, Orm. 1459; (dat.) Shoreh. 
47; Wr, spec, 92; (ace.) 58; rel, ant 1, 113; benes (pi.) 
Ot^n. 154 ; see bon. 

bene well, Gaw, gloss. 368; biggit ful bene {rim. w. 
grene) a7it. Arth. 6, 6; cmp. bain, 

b e n e t (bent), OIIGerm. binuz, bent, ,^gramen'^, Wr, voc. 191. 

ben.t, LGerm. bend {meadow), HGerm. biinde, beunde 
{garden, meadow)'i Gr. wb. 1, 1747, bent, meadow, field, 
Halliw, diet 165; Gaw. gloss. 368; Chauc. C. t 1983; 
Mar, mir, pi, 113; opon pe bente bare ant Arth. 44, 4; 
over pe brode bent Degrev, 200; bentes (pZ.) Flor, 1040. 

b e d e n, ASax, beodan, OSax. bioHan, OFris. bieda, 
biada, Goth, biudan, Olcel, bioda, OIIGerm, biutan, bieten, 
bid, offer, command, order, Kath. 1480; a, r. 114; and 
lette beoden alle p4 bocares LaT^. 32124; beode Wr. spec. 

beon 49 

42; mln Grande for to beode Bek. 1408; beoded (^pres.) 
a. r. 208; beot 194; al pat pe godspel beodep Omi, 4917; 
bfediii ^^offerre^^ prompt parv, 28; bede Gate, gloss.; Mm, 
19; and wolde him batail bede Triam. 972; i bede avow, 
Arih. 19, 12; pilk honour pat ye me bede Chauc, C. t 
8236; bead {pret) a. r. 230; baed (bead) Laj. 18821; 
baed Orm. 11799; beerl avow. Arth, 61, 16; bed Rob, 
Olouc. 106, 8; chron, of Engl, 122; Trist, 3, 28; ant, 
Arth. 60, 8; Wart, hist, 2, 3; pou b^de k, of T, 246; 
buden La3. 5146; bodeii Hick, thes. 1,225; Amis 896; pai 
boden hem landes brdde Tm*. 3, 31; boden (part.) Chauc, 
I, g, w. 366; bodin Lxdg, m. p, 258; bode Oow, conf, am, 
1, 12; Chauc, C, t 6612; were boden (for beden) to pe 
brldale vis, P, P, 990; compos, a-, for-, ibeoden. 

beon, ASax, beon, Lat, fore. Or, cpuvat, be, Wr, diet, 
198; Kath. 88; a. r, 416; Bek. 105; beo 107; beon, bon 
owl and night, 262; 1344; beon^ been Orm, 21; 10255; 
been prompt, parv, 30; bee Eglam, 366; ben Mand, 24; 
16t pe sompnour be {let alone') Chauc, C. t 6871; buen 
Wr, spec, 25; harrow, 67; bue rel, ant, 1, 110; boe 2, 
244; hi Shoreh, 128; s, s, Wr. 536; ich beon (pres, indie) 
Laz- 3945; pu bist 3053; Wr, spec. 72; best Orm, 2455; 
8. s. Web, 1663; bes rel. ant, 1, 181; pou bes honged 
thou shalt be hanged, Degrev, 839; bid vel, songs 5, 66; 
ase softe as he is her, ase herd he bid ( will be) per a. r. 
304 ; bep Orm, 167; {ifi, heo) beod a. r. 8 ; Kath, 505 ; Alis, 20 ; 
beop, bop owl and night, 451 ; 1225; bep Rob, Glouc, 7, 1 ; 
500, 5; transact, 19, 320; bep, bup Will, gloss. 215; beip 
Halliw, diet, 172; biep Hick, thes, 1, 222; beon (/br beod) 
Kath. 493; been (ben) Trist. 3^ 82; (?oi^?. conf. am. 2, 
370; Chauc, C,t. 178; Mawc?. 3; PTicZ. /oA/i 8; hou bisie 
pei bfen vis, P. P. 470; b^ Wr, s. a. c. 71, 6; bis (pre«. 
imp.) este, Amad. Web, 335; beo {prcs. stibj.) owl and 
night. 1223; beon a. r. 8; beon, bon otvl and night' 4:62] 
1219; beende (pres, part,) Wicl, gloss. 7; beon, ben (pret, 
paH,) Orm, 2311; 8399; ben vis, P, P, 7047; bien Rob. 
Br. 34, 9; bin Tor. 359; ibeo Bi^and. 4; ibee BicA. 5138; 
ibien (ib^n) Hick. thes. 1, 222. 

beor, ASax. beor, 0/ceZ. bior, OFris, biar, bier, 
OHOerm. bier, 6eer, beer I?orw 1108; ber Oaiv, gloss, 
368; bor om^Z and night. 1009; beore (c?af.) Laj. 13542, 

beor ken, ^Saa?. beorcan, bark; berkin prompt, parv. 


50 beorn 

32 ; beerke vis. P. P. 629] berkest (prea,) a. r. 122; beorked 
(borked) La^. 23040; berkep Lidg. w. p. 29; bark (pret.) 
Oow, conf. am. 1, 221; borkeu k. of T. 400; burke chron 
Vil. 26. 

beorn, ASax. beorn, Olcel. biorn, knight, man, beorn, 
beam, bern La^- 1565; 7645; 8083; bern Halliw. diet. 
166; bernus (pi.) Degrev. 500; berins (/or bernis) Isumb. 
454; bernis, beirnis, burnes Oaic. gloss.; burnes vis. P. P. 
1901; biurne avow. Arth. 45, 3; birne ant. Arth. 3, 3; 
biemes (jpl.) Ilalliw. diet. 173. 

beot, ASax. beot, promise, threat, La^. 16338. 

heot en? promise; gif pou wilt holden pat pou me bSt 
Ml rom. 2, 327. 

beotien, ASax. beotian, ^Area^ew; beoteden (pre*.) ia3. 

be re, -4iSaaj. bera, OHGerm. hero, bear, ,^ursus'', prompt, 
parv. 32; Mand. 291; {rim. w. spere) Chauc. C. t. 1642; 
beore Xaj. 25590; a. r. 198; Alis. 1821. 

be re, ASax. bere, 07ceZ. barr, (?o<A. *baris, iear, barley, 
Wr. voc. 264. 

bern (for *berern) bam, vis. P. P. 13646; Wicl. gloss. 7; 
berne (dat.^ Gow. conf. am. 1, 162; ChaibC. C. t 3258; 
{ace.) Orm. 10487. 

bere, ASax. (ge-)baere (?), OFris. bere, OSax. (gi-) 
b4ri, OHGerm. (ge-)bare {jgestvs, habitus)^ noise, cry, Rob. 
Glouc. 208, 13; Will, gloss. 215; Gaw. gloss. 368; (dat.) 
Kath. 2370; ant. Arth. 10, 8; an warni men mid mine 
bere owl and night. 923; (ace.) Alis. 550; const, of mas. 
623 ; who makis sich a b^re Mar. mir. pi. 123 ; beare {acc^ 
Ija'i^. 28163*; compos, ibere. 

bere? Dutch baere? Olcel. b4ra? bore? loave; beres, 
beares, bieres {pi) La-T,. 1341*; 28077*; 28625*. 

bere? ASax. baere {ferens)? MHGerm. (ge-)baere? 
compos, erindebere. 

bere, cmp. LGerm. biire, beai', tick, {ace.) Chauc. b. 
duch. 254; compos, pilweb^e. 

beren, ASax. beran, beoran, beara Bout. ev. gloss., 
OSax. OHGerm. beran, OFris. Olcel. bera, Goth, bairaii, 
Lat. ferre, Gr. cplpstv, bear, a. r. 230; Hartsh. met. t. 88; 
bere Percev. 190; beren cliild Onn. 2031; bere fals wit- 
nesse vis. P. P. 1044; hQOYQwKath. 2491; beore ^Z^. 771 ; 
buere Wr. spec. 104; (he) berip {pres. ind.) Uoccl. 4, 15; 

bdren 51 

pet bered hevi brunie a. r, 382 ; berp fert^ WicL gloss, 7; 
bered ferurUy owl and night 1370; berip Wicl, gloss,; we 
beoren {pres, subj.) a. r, S82;heorenferantur,Kath, 194:9*, 
hsiT (j>r€t, indie) Orm, 12615; Brand. 20; Chauc, C, t, 
105; Eglam. 340; Marie pat bar pat blisful barn vis. 
P. P. 884; to herte him bar (struck, for berede?) Eglam. 
324; into pe brest he him bar Tor. 1614; bar, bear 
Laj. 1180; 1825; ber a. r. 368; W7\ p. s. 248; (pou) 
here vis. P. P. 1749; (pes) baeren Omi. 7576; b^ren 
Kath. 2496; beeren Mand. 172 1 hue beren huem so swipe 
heje Wr. spec. 106; til pei beere leves vis. P. P. 2749; 
bere {pret subj.) Bek. 193; berande {pres. paH?) Alis. 
5109; boren {pret. part) harroio. 196; s. s. Wr. 73; born 
Mawd. 274; Chauc. C. t, 980; compos, a-, at-, for-, i-, up- 
beren; deriv. baere, barm. 

beren, ASax. (ge-)baeran {se gerere) Orein's gloss., 
ODutch baeren {clamare) Kil. diet., OSax. (gi-)barian 
Schm. gloss., bear, behave: mi selve so to here {rim. w. 
lere) Wr. spec. 93; so bohlh pei pem here {r. w. fere) 
Triam, 1506; bere cry, Halliw. diet, 166; Hartsh. met. 
t. 99; .b4re (r. w. w4re = w^re) move violently? Halliiv. 
diet. 145; compos, iberen. 

be re re bearer, Mand. 83. 

ber3, ASax. berg, beorg, OSax. OFris. OHGerm. berg, 
Olcel. biarg, bergh, vnount, Oaw. gloss. 368; bergh vi^. 
P. P. 3666; beoruh Wr, vac. 92; berh3e (borewe) {dat.) 
LaT^, 12311. 

ber3e, ASax. berge, OHGerm. berga; comjoos. herber5e. 

ber^en, ASax. beorgan, OSax. OHGerm. bergan, 
Olcel. biarga, Goth, bairgan, protect, preserve, save, rel. 
ant 1, 208; bershen Orm. 1558; bargh {pret) rel. ant. 

1, 22; borjhen {part) Orm, 3248; compos, ibersen. 
berhles, /rom ber^en, salvation, Orm. 5115. 
berie, beri, ASax. berie, berigo, OHGerm. beri, berry, 

y^morum^, prompt, parv. 32; berien {pi) a. r. 276; beryes 
Mand, 168; beris Wr. s. a. c. 70. 

berien, ASax. berian, OFcel. berja, OHGerm. perian, 
bear, strike, a. r. 188*; wip a spere . . . purgh pe herte here 
Chau^, C. t 2258; as hit on ehe bered strikes the eye, 
Kath. 1056; berid {jyret) ivent, Wicl. gloss. 

b^ril, G7\ pi^poXXoc, beryl, Wr. spec 25; Wart hist. 

2, 42. 


52 berling 

berling young hear, dep, of B. 18, 4. 

berme, ASax, bearme, beorine, ODutcli berme, barme, 
frrni beren, barm, yeast,. Wr. voc. 258; Orm, 997; rel. 
songs 7, 38; Chauc. C. t 12741. 

berten hert, sweat? i bert in. bedde rel. ant, 2, 211. 

berwe, ASax. bearu {nemus, lucus), shade ^urnhraca- 
lum^\ prompt, parv, 

besant (besaunt), OFr. besant, MHGerm. bisaiit, 
byzantine coin, Chauc, r, r, 1106; Wicl, gloss. 7; be38anz 
(pi) Orm, 8102; besans Alis, 1572, 

besme^ ASax, besma, OHOerm, besemo, besom, broom, 
Wicl. gloss. 7; besme (besim) prompt parv, SS; besum Wr. 
voc, 235. 

best, OFr, beste, beast, a. r, 58; Brand. ^1, 
bestlich beastly, a, r, 58. 

bestinge, ASax. basting, from *best, ASax. beost, 
OHOerm. biost, beasting, ,^colostrum^', prompt, parv. 33. 

bet, ASax. OFr is. Olcel. bet (for bets), OSax. bet, 
bat, 0HGe7*m. baz, {comparat.) better, melius, a. r. 41 G; 
vis. P. P. 12738; Chauc. C. t. 242; Octov, 1191; Hoccl. 

1, 178; best, ASax. betst, {superlat.) Chauc. C. t. 535. 

betas, cmp. Olcel. beitiass, and, for as, windas, whip-staff f 
Bob. Br. M. 3, 396. 

b6te, ASax. bete, OHGei^n. bieze. Lot. beta, beet, Wr. 
voc. 190. 

bStel, ASax. betel, beotel, bttel^ MllOerm. bo^el, 
beetle, Halliw. diet. 169; betil malleus, prompt, parv. 34; 
bitil Wr. voc. 180. 
bitelbrowed beetle-browed, vis. P. P. 2851. 

be ten, ASax. betan, boeta Bout. ev. gloss., OF^'is.heta, 
Olcel. baeta, OSax. Goth, botjan, OHGei-m. puozen, from 
bote, beet (beat), amend, repair, expiate, LaT^. 25977; a. r. 
92; Orm. 4440; Bob. Glouc. 291, 14; s. s. Web. 2123; 
bSte Amad. Bobs. 4, 9; beten alle owre bruchen Kath. 
1406; to bete pe sunnes harrow. 229; oiire serewes to 
bete Wr. spec. 89; bete his nede Alis. 5065; rel. ant. 

2, 278; bete (appease) his hunger vis. P. P. 2255; nettes 
b6te Chauc. C. t. 3925; lires bete 2255 (see Gr. wb. 2, 
572); bette (pret) Kath. 1210; pat her bales bctte li 
beam disc. 2088; ah ever me pat fur b^tte La-;^. 2862; 
greet fuir pei under betten Chauc. C. t. 12446: bet (J or 

bdten 63 


beted) {part.) Wr, spec. 30; bett Isumb, 764; 4 brighte 
ftr wel bett Percev. 439; comjws, ibSten. 

be ten? MHGerm, bo^^en {pret, b6?te)? heat; bStte (for 
bet?) (pr^.) Wicl gloss, 7; yw. P. P. 5963 ( TFfeiVaie7-'s 
erf*it. Aa« bet) ; bett Isumhr. 310; bett {part.) Mar. mir. 
pL 153. 

bete re, ASax. betera, Goth, batiza, OHGenn. beziro, 
{compar.) better^ melior, a, r. 310; owl and night 713; 
Wr. spec. 28; betre chron. of Engl. 382; bettre vis. P.P. 
2265; beter (bettur) Chauc. C. t. 258; k. of T. 320; 
beste, ^ISax. betsta, OHGemi. bezesto, {svperlat.) lest^Bek. 
1447; pat w6re noght pe beste {optimum) vis. P.P. 225(). 

beute, Fr. beaute, beauty, Mand. 12; Chauc. C. t. 2387. 

bever, ASax. beofer, OHGerm. bibiir, heaver, Chauc. 
C. t 274. 

bever en, connected with bivien? bever, shake] mani 
knightes shoke and bevered for ^grenes Robs. met. rom. 
gloss.; his beveren {for beverend?) berd ant. Arth. 28, 6; 
wip beverine lokkes Gaw. gloss. 368. 

bi, be, ASax. OSax. Oil Germ, bi, be, Goth, bi, by: 
pe quene pat bi („by") pe stod Wr. spec, 70 ; he t^s 
{takes) pe knight bi pe swire Percev. 790; bi ni3te 
Bek. 59; bi eche side Brand. 22 » noht ne maj pe man 
bi braed al kne libben Orm. 11344; pe wuned bi {in) 
westen Kath. 591; seid uvel bi {of) kn oder a. r. 86; 
al swa hit is bi {with) mine songe owl and night. 1371; 
and dude al bi {after) his rede Bek. 169; pe castel be 
pe see Tor. 871; be pe welle Octav. 327; be cause Mand. 
15; 46; 48; be middai And. 75. 

biaften ahaft, behirid, biaften, biaeften, baeften La3. 7570; 
16077: 26927; baften Orm. 14688; baftes? lud.Cov.1%0. 
bibleden cover with blood; bibled {part.) a. r. 118*; 
Shoreh. 87; Chauc. C. t. 2004; bebledd Mand. 3. 
beblotten blot, stain, Chauc. Troil. 2119. 
bibujen decline, avoid, flee; bibaeh {pret.) LaT^. 8193; 
bibusen 27965. 

biburien bury, La'^. 10436; a. r. 216; biburiede {pret.) 
Kath. 2227. 

bicacchen catch, deceive; bikaht {part.) Orm. 12288; 
bicaught Alis. 4815; bicought s. s. Web. 2188. 
becaUen, call an, challenge^ accuse, Gaw. gloss. 367; Iw. 491 ; 
Rob. Br. 257; ant. Arth. 32, 7. 

54 bi 

biclaggen, Oerm. beklecken? biclagged ^besmeared^, Gaw. 

gloss. 368. 

bicleopien accuse, a. r. 344; bicliped {paH.) Bek. 3()5; 

bicloped owl and night. 550. 

bicluppen embrace, a, r, 90; boclippe Gow, co7ff. am, 2, 

95 ; Mand. 52 ; biclippide (pret,) Wicl, gloss, 

biclusen enclose; biclused (part.) a. r. 378; bicluset 

Kath, 598. 

bicluten clovt, patch; biclute (pres, imper) a, r, 316. 

bicume ? 

bicumeliche becomingly, reLant. 1, 131. 

bicumen become, come to, advenire, evenire, a, r. 64; and 

Cristene womman bicome Beh 40; biciimep {pres,) owl 

and night 271; bicomes „befits''', Gaw, gloss, 368; bicom 

(pret.) a, r, 316; Kath, 1563; harrow, 48; bicam vis, 

P. P, 3461; becam Mand, 231; per wiste noii wher he 

becam Gow, conf, am, 2, 120; bicumen {part,) a, r, 340; 

bicome Will, gloss, 215. 

bichermen scream at: hi me bichermep and bigredep owl 

and Tiight. 279. 

bicherren deceive, a, r, 368; bicharren (bicheorre) Zaj. 

969; 5355; bicherde (pret,) Kath, 1188; bicherd (part.) 

a, r, 224; bicharrid rel, ant. 2, 211. 

bidaelen deprive; bidaeled (part) Orm, 4677; bideled 

(bidealed) Las- 26026. 

bidaffen render foolish or silly : b^p nought bidaffed Chatic. 

C, t, 9067. 

bidaggen splash; bidagged. {part,) Alis, 5485. 

bidelven bury, Halliw, diet. 173; bedolven {part?) Chauc, 

Boet 5; bedolve Will, gloss, 215. 

bidene, cmp, Dutch bijeen, LGerm. binene, together, Orm, 

4793; Wr, p. s, 342; Havel, 2841; Min, 15; Bob. Br, 

45, 26; bedene ant, Aiih, 24, 6; Mar, mir, pi, 117; 

pus sein pei alle bedene Eglam, 1128. 

bididren delude, Orm, 15391; pe defel hafde hem al 

bididred & forblended 19138. 

bidravelen, LGerm, bedrabbelu, slaver, dirty; bidraveled 

{part?) vis, P, P, 2860; bedrabilid prompt parv, 

bedroppen bedrop, Gow. conf. am, 3, 254. 

bidutten shut up: daer pu bist feste bidytt gr. 27. 

bidwelien? bewilder, lead astray; heo bidweolied simple 

men a. r. 128; as he bedweoled were Kath, 1258. 

hi 55 

bieode went aroundy Lai^. 1188; bijede Shoreh. 145; 

bieoden tended ? Kath, 1614. 

bifalleu befall; bivalled {prea.) a. r. 296; bifSl (pret) vis. 

P. P. 11; hit biful Bek 219; bifalle (part,) Laj. 27135*. 

bifangeu take; bifeng {pret.) Laj. 829. 

bifinden find; bivond {pret.) Rob. Glouc. 267, 22; bifunden 

(part.) Orm. 748. 

hi&eon. Jlee; bifle {pres. subj.) Shoreh. 36. 

bifolden/oW in; bilblde (part) lai le fr. 172. 

bivon contain, a. r. 76. 

bilbreii before, Orm. 117; \Vr. spec. 24; bivoreu a. r. 190; 

beforii Mand. 225; Amad. Robs. 28, 11. 

bifuleii defile, pollute, a. r. 128; befild (part.) Ilalliw. diet. 

bigaleu cliarm; bigolon (pret.) La"^. 19256. 

bigalwen fricjhteii^ |)at liors was swift as A,ni swalwe, no 

man might pat hors begalwe Ell. rom. 2, 171. 

big4n bego^ surrounh be^set, adorn; bigaed (pres.) Lai^. 

11194: mid goldo bigon {part.) 24598; \)e erpe it is, 

which ever mo wi|) mannos labour is bego Gow. conf. am. 

1, 152; wel begoii (luiuc. r. r. 580; (wip) wo was pis 

wrecched womman po bigoon C. t. 5338; woo begon is he 

Tor. 1873. 

bigapen gape at; bigapede {pret.) Kath. 1262. 

bigilen beguile, Horn 328; bigiled {pres.) a. r. 330; 

bijuled Kath. 1054; bigiled (ptart:) vis. P. P. 12662; 

bigiled, biguled a. r. 268; 270. 

bigin? OHGerm. bigin? beginning; bigunne {acc^ Hick. 

ihes. 1, 226. 

biginnen begin, Kath. 281; Orm. 7822; Chauc. C. t. 42; 

biginne {pres.) oiol and night. 1154; bigan {pret.) 44; 

(pou) bigonne vis. P. P. 3450; ha bigunnen Kath, 294; 

begonnen Mand. 41; bigunnen {part.) Orm. 7823; be- 

gonneu Mand. 40; bigonne Sho?'eh. 58. 

bigiuning beginning, Kath. 290; Orm. 706. 

bigraven bury; bigraven {part.) Halliw. diet. 174; begrave 

Goto. conf. am. 1, 189. 

bigreden cry at, beweep; bigredep {pres.) owl a'nd night. 

279 : begredde {pret^ Halliw. diet. 159 ; bigradden ^/is. 5175. 

bigripen comprehend, inchtde^ begripep {pres.) Gow. conf 

am. 3, 102; bigripen chastise, censure, rel. ant. 1, 220; 

Crist hem bigr&p of pesre woh Orm. 17861; bigripen 

(part) 19857. 

56 bl 

bigrippen? grasp; bigripte {pret.) Gaw. gloss. 
bigrowen overgrow; bigrowe (part,) owl and night 27; 
Gow, conf. am, 2, 358. 

bigurdel girdle to carry mo7iey^ a. r. 124; bigirdel j?romp*. 
jparv. 51; bigirdles (pi,) vis. P. P. 5072. 
bigurden begird; bigurt (pres.) a. r. 378; bigerte {preL) 
' Skoreh. 51; bigirt {part) HalUw. diet 174. 
biseond beyond; bijend Wr. an. lit 5; hi^xmde Brand. 3. 
bijeonden beyond, Laj. 29149; bijende, bisonde Wicl. 
gloss. 9; Rob. Glouc. 181; bi3onden Orm. 10603; s. a. c. 8. 
hiT^ete {higete) begetting, Halliiv. diet 172; 174; „pro^6wy", 
Will, gloss. 216; gain, Wr. p. s. 200; bijaete (ace.) Orm. 
16835; for paere muchele bisaete (biseate) Laj. 609; 
bijeate obtaining, a. r. 166; biseate (bis^te) Kath, 472; 
bigate booty, Alis. 2138. 

bi^eten beget, obtain, proeure, Kaih. 1633 ; begeten Em. 44; 
bijete owl and night 1627; bisiten La3. 17987 ; a. r. 142; 
biset {pret.) 160; bisat Brand. 24; bigat Orm. 13986; 
Will, gloss. 215; biseten {part) Laj. 15792;. Orwi. 1645; 
s. s. Web. 1066; bisute Bek 119. 

bihalden behold, Orm. 15663; bihalde Iw. 1426; biholden 
a. r. 54; bihelde s. s. Web. 744; bihalt {pres.) a. r. 214; 
Wicl. gloss. 7; biheold {pret) Kaih. 744; biheeld vis, 
P. P. 25; bihuld Bek. 709; bihelden ^o^A 741 ; beholden 
{part) Hand. 13; erl of T. 368; beholdin (be holdin?) 
or boundin prompt parv. 28; i am beholde {beholde7i, 
bound) Gow. conf. am. 3, 354. 

bihalfe see half; on mi behalfe {for halfe) on my behalf, 
Chaue. Troil. 2550; on goddes behalve Mand. 225. 
bihangen behang, hang round; bihongen {part.) Lai^. 36dl ; 
bihonge Alis. 201. 

bihangien hang round; behonged {part.) Will, gloss. 215; 
bihenged Orm. 951. 
bih4s behest, Alis. 7840*. 

hihkien promise, bih4ten, bihaeten Laj. 6605; 11302; bi- 
hoten (bihaten) a. r. 6; behotin prompt. parv. 29 ; behoten, 
bihete Wicl. gloss.; i bihote vis. P. P. 3398; Chauc. C. t 
1856; i behete Mar. mir. pi. 15; (he) bih4t a. r. 6; (heo) 
bihoted 430; pei behoteu Mand. 251; biheihte (bihehte.) 
{pret) La'7^. 1263; bihet a. r. 176; Kath. 415; Oym 5574; 
bihist Will, gloss.; Wicl. gloss.; bihighte vis. P. P. 2603; 
behSighte Mar. 20; pu bihfit Orm. 7621; ye bi- 

bl 67 

highte Chauc. C. t 11639; bih^ten {part) Kath. 75G; 

Orm. 13823; bihoten a. r. 182; Wicl, gloss. 

bihStinge promise, Wicl, gloss. 

bihaven (behave) behave, Flor. 1567. 

bihMen (bihMe) heed, guard, owl and night. 635; biliedde 

rel. ant 2, 225; his nest 1103! wel he ne bih&ide owl 

and night 102; pe king hit wel bihedde regarded? Laj. 


bihSfden behead, KaJth. 2273; bihevedid, bihedid {part^ 

Wicl. gloss. 

bihelden (^biheolden") perfundere, Kath. 1400. 

bihemmen Aem; bihemmen and bilegge owl and night 672. 

bih(§st behest, promise. Will, gloss, 215; Mar. mir. pi. 1 5 

bihest, bihSste Wicl. gloss. 8; bihSste a. r. 208; Bek. 1406 

Chauc. C. t 4461; {dat) Hand. 1; vis. P. P. 14160 

{ace.) La'7^. 1263. 

bihSve, A8ax. behefe, useful, profitable, a. r. 158; 176. 

bihfeve, A8ax. behefe, gain, profit, a. r. 96; 230; to hare 

bih6ve s. s. Wr. 2301. 

bihinden behind, Oi^m. 401 ; Bek. 1374; bihiude rel. ant 1, 183. 

bihof, ASax. OFris. behof, Germ, behuf, behoof, profit, 

use; bihove (bihofe) {dat) Lai^. 1050; to his owene bihove 

a. r. 70; servep to our behove transact 19, 330. 

behoffol useful, hist Edw. IV. 13. 

hehofiich profitable, behoveli „opportunus'^, prompt par 0. 29; 

Chau^. TroU. 1353. 

bihofpe, OFris. bihofte, behoof, {dat) Rob. Glouc. 26, 18; 

(„bi6fpe") Las. 4376*; bihofte {dat) P. P. p. 540. 

bihoven, ASax. behofian {indigere), OFris. bihovia, behove, 

Wicl. gloss. 8; bihofep {pres.) Orm. 16706; bihovep vis. 

P. P. 11994; pe bihovep godes helpe /S/^oreA. 95; behovip 

Tor. 162; behoves s. s. Wr. 1545; Lc. 3022; bus 1085; 

2763; 3023; bihovede {pret.) a. r. 394; hir bihoved per 

to bide Percev. 2228; bud Mm. 20. 

bihon behang, hang round, La'7^. 5620. 

bihuden conceal] bihud {2)art.) a. r. 100. 

binneu within, Orm. 6292; binnen lut ^earen Laj. 221; 

binne Shoreh. 40; bin Iw. 1214. 

bijapen trick, dupe: bijape[) cr. P. P. \)\' bijaped {part.) 

Chauc. C.t 1587; i shal bejaped been a |)oiisand time more 

pan pat fool TroU. 531; god wol noght be bigiled ne 

bijaped via. P. P. 12663. 

68 bi 

bikeimen acquaint^ commend, commit^ Havel. 1268; bikenne 
{pres,) Will, gloss. 215; bekeii Amad. Robs. 32, 11; i bi- 
kenno [)ee Crist vi.'^. P. P. 080; hikQnwQw Qaw. gloss. ^^S\ 
bikende (pret) ibid.; his modir in keping to pehebekende 
llalliw. diet. 160. 

bikn^wen recognize, acknowledge; ))ikii6weii Rich. 4476; 
vis. P. P. 407; 8. s. Web. 2689; Gow. conf. am. 1, 62; 
biknowe Chauc. C. t. 5306; (pres.) Gaiv. gloss. 369; yif 
i beknowe ini name Amis 1279; beknew (pret.) Chauc. 
I. g. w. 1056; (f)ei) bikncwe vis. P. P. 13251; biknawe 
(part.) Halliw. diet. 175; beknowen Oaw. gloss. 367; 
biknowe vis. P. P. 12120. 

bilaefen (bilaeven) leave, relinquish, La-7^. 2254; bileaven 
a. r. 340; bileve Will, gloss. 215; belave i/aZ/i?^». diet. 161; 
bilaeven be left, remain, Lay 1055; bilefen Orm. 8380; 
bileve Rob. Glonc. 14, 22; s. s. Web. 48; Chauc. C. t. 
10897; Min. 10: |)ei . . . shule \vi[) Sathauas bil^ven 
harrow. 23); blevin prompt, parv. 30; ]iit bileaved in his 
secnesso a. r. 360; belevo^ ant Arth. 38,6; bilaefde {pret.) 
La-, 1613; bilefdo a. r. 372; bile f te De^r^y. 1885; beUfte 
Halliw. diet, 160; blefde („blefe(l9") Octov. 507; bilefed 
(part.) Orm, 8914: bileaved a. r. 168; bileved Alis. 6310. 
bilaggen splash; ))elaggid (pai-t.) prompt, parv. 29; Wr. 
voc, 173. 

bilahen? laugh at; bil63 (pret.) Sho7*eh. 102; bilowc 
Rob. Glove. 299, 4. 

bilangen belong: belonge Gofo. conf. am, 2, 351. 
bilappen lap about, wrap ?^jt>; bilapped (par^.) Orm. 14267; 
s, s. W^eb. 2210; Amis 1014; bilepped a. r. 100. 
belasten load, charge; belast (part.) Halliw. diet. 161. 
bileave belief, a. r, 2; bileeve Chavc. C. t. 3456; bileve 
Bek. 30; brieve Maud. 131. 

bilefen (beleve) believe, Mand. 53 ; bilefde {pret.) La'7^. 2856*. 
bileggei} (bilegge) belay, owl and night. ^1 2 \ pe baere was 
bilejd wij) baeten gold Orm. 8167. 

bi!e3en belie; bilie vis. P. P. 3302; witnesses false and 
fele bilowen (pret) hine Shoreh. 84; bilowen (part.^ a. r. 
68; vis. P. P. 922. 
bilenge belonging, Orm. 2230. 

bilif (bilife?), cmp. OHGerm. bilibi (tnctus), living, suste- 
nance, food, Kemb. Sal. a. Sat. 229; bilive Rob. Glouc. 
496, 8; (ace.) vis. P. P. 13426; bileove (ace.) a. r. 168- 

bi 59 

bilifen remain; bilaef (pret.) Orm. 2391. 

biliggen besiege, La7^. 506; bilai (pret) 8710; Rob. Olouc. 

19, 13; belein {part,) Gow. conf, am. 1, 338; bilaiii lain 

withy Flor. 1071 ; his doughtir pat was bilaiii litck, 1111). 

bilimien dismember, La7^. 29364; bilimen Rob. Glouc, 301 ; 

bilimed Kath, 2160; a, r. 360; bilimedeu {pret) Hallna. 

diet. 175. 

bilimpen happen, Orm. 11085; bilami) {pret.) 1929; bi- 

lumpen {part.) 2905. 

bilinnen (bilinne) cease. Gam. 553; blinnen Orm. 4505; 

blinne WUl. gloss. 216; Oaw. gloss. 369; \Vr. p. s. 212; 

Mar. mir, pL 3; blan {pret.) Degrev. 1117; ayow?. Arth. 

58, 11. 

blinminge ceasing, {dat.) Kath. 1694. 

biloken ZooA; at, behold, Orm. 2917; biloked {j^res.) a. r. 

132; beloked {paH.) Octov. 1046. 

biluvien belove, like, La'T^. 921; and if pou wilt... bilove 

pe amonges lewed men vis. P. P. 4254; 3if hit eow bi- 

loved LaZ' 989; biluvede {p7*et.) 375; beloved (parf.) 

Gow. conf. am. 2, 273; so wel beloved Chauc. C. t. 1431. 

bilAken lockup, enclose; biloukeii Shoreh. 121; biluken 

{pres.) Orm. 12126; bilSk {pret.) owl and night. 1079; 

biloken (part.) a. r. 160; rel. songs 7, 68; beloke Halliw. 

diet. 162; biloke 176. 

bilurten, ASax. belyrtan, deceive; bilirten rel. ant. 1,217; 

bilurt {part.) a. r. 280*. 

bimasen amaze, bewilder; bimased {part) a. r. 270; and 

lefte us Hinge ... al bemased in a soune {swoon) Chest. 

pi. 2, 93. 

bimelden. Germ, beuielden, denounce, betray; binielde {pres. 

subj.) Wr. an. lit 3. 

bimenen (bimene) mean, signify, Halliiv. diet. 163; Havel. 

1259; what pis metels bimenep vis. P. P. 414; bimene 

bemoan, complain, Rob. Olouc. 490, 24; perfore we ne 

bimenep pe no3t Bek. 983; (pei) bimenep vis. P. P. 9912; 

bim^nte (pret.) signified, 12108. 

bimolen spot, vis. P. P. 8907. 

bimonen bemoan; bemoonid {part.) Halliio. diet 163. 

bimornen bemoum; bimornedon {pret.) Wicl. gloss. 

bineoden beneath, a. r. 304; bineode (benipe) La^. 1325; 

binepen Orm. 10729; benepen Mand. 158; binepen, bi- 

nepe Wid, gloss. 8; binepe Wr. treat. 132. 

60 bi 

.. binimeu take away, deprive^ a. r. 194; chron. of Engl 
292; binime Wicl. gloss. 8; binira (pres. irnper,) s. s. Wr. 
705; binom (p-e«.) Laj. 26112; beu^me Gaw. gloss. 367; 
biuumen (jjart.) Orm, 7299; binomen vts. P. P. 1998; 
Chauc, r. r, 1509. 

bipechen deceive, . La"^, 5301; reh ant. 1,' 180; bip4ht 
{part.) rel. songs 5, 128. 
bipennen pen up; bipeniied {part?) a. r. 94. 
bipileii peel; bipiled {part.) a. r. 148. 
biquaslien quash; biqiiashed {pretf) vis. P. P. 12574. 
biquepeii bequeath, yjegare^, prompt, parv. 31; biqued 
(bicwap) {pret.) La5.'9190; biqiiap Gam. 99; biquepen 
{paH.) cr. P. P. 814. 
biquide bequest, Rob. Glouc. 381^ 9. 

biraeden (bireaden) advise, counsel, LaT^. 31072; birede 
Hartsh. mt. t. 98; biradde (bireadde) (pret.) Kath. 1237; 
biredde Shoi^eh. 124; biradden chron. of Engl. 40. 
bireafien bereave; biraevien (bireave) La"^. 30311; bii'eve 
vis. P. P. 4293; bireaved {pres) a. r. 120; biraevede 
{pret) Lar^. 8801; bireafde 102*; bireft Will, gloss. 216; 
biraefed {part) Orm. 2832; bireved owl and night 120; 
Wr. spec. 101 ; biraft Halliiv. diet. 177. 
biredien make ready, La'^. 4198. 

bireinen berain, rain upon; biriue Horn 11; bireined 
{pari.) a. r. 344; Wicl. gloss.; bereinid ^complutus'^j 
prompt, parr. 

bireiineu ru7i to; biarude (prvt.) La^. 26775. 
bireoweii repent, Otm. 450G; birewe vis. P. P. 7930; 
birue? pityf Wr. treat. 139. 
bireaunesse pit7j, {ace.) a. r. ^^. 

bireowsen repent, Orm. 8800 ; bireusi („birensi" is a 
mistake) Shoreh. 43. 
bireousuuge repentance, a. r. 372. 
birideii ride rounds Lai^. 

birimieu run round; biunien {pret) La;^. 26066; {part.} 

bisawe proverb, {dot.) a. r. 88. 

bischadwen shade: bischadewep (pres.) s. s. Web. 586; 
beshaded (part.) Oow. conf. am. 2, 109. 
bisdiedeu besprinkle; bischedde {pret.) Wicl. gloss. 
bischiueu beshine; bishiuep {pres) Orm. 18851; beshiuep 
Goiv. conf, am, 3, 242. 

bt 61 

hiBchlten beshite; bishiten (part,') Alts. 5485. 

bischrewe beskrew, deprave, blame, curse; bisclirfiwu (p7*es.) 

Chauc. C. t 6427; bislirewi[) Wicl. gloss. 8; bisherewed 

(^pret.) vis. P. P. 2418; besbrewcd (part.) Goto. conf. am. 

1, 76; pis world is al beshrewed Hardw. poem 45, 2; 

bescherewd Aud. 32. 

bischutten shut up, inclose; bishetten (pret,) ins. P. P. 

1308; bishett {part.) Alis. 5765; beshet C%awc. T. ^ 4488 ; 

Octov. 1280. 

bisechen beseech: nu icb mot bisecben pat ping pat ich 

aer forhowede ia3. 3494; and swa habbed Englisce men 

ure icunde atheolden (r. atholden), pat we n^vere (naevere ?) 

seodden bisechen hit no (ne?) mihten 31672; puscholdest 

bisechen me cosses a. v. 102; biseken flay^'/. 2994; biseche 

{pres,) Kath. 2375 ; vis. P. P. 580 ; Alis. 4631 ; Mand. 316 ; 

beseeche (r. w. speeche) Chauc. I. g. w. 1622; biseeke 

(?•. w. meeke) ('. t. 14652; beseke lud. Cov. 129; bisehp 

owl and night. 1437; bisohte {pret.) Kath. 2395; bisoiightc 

Percev. 2144; bisouhten a. r. 230; bisoht {part) \Vr. 

spec. 72; bisouht a. r. 234. 

biseching beseeching, prayer, Wicl. gloss. 

bisSmen beseem, befit; bisemep {pres.) cr. P. P, 116; bisemez 

Oaw, gloss. 369 ; bisemen Wicl. gloss. 8 ; besemen, biseme r^ap- 

pearly Will, gloss. 215; bisemede ( j^ref.) appeared, a. 7\ 148. 

bisen short-sighted f Ilalliw. diet. 178; pii art blind oper 

bisne (r. bisen) oicl and night. 243. 

bisenchen siiik, a. r, 400; bisenken Oi^m. 19690; bisencte 

(pret.) a. r. 334* 

bisenden send to; biseude {p^et.) Bob. Glouc. 524; bisent 

Rob. Br. 309. 

biseon beisee, see to, provide, array, adorn, a. r. 344 ; biseo 

Bek. 106; bisen s. s. Web. 507; biseo {p7*es. sicbj.) owl 

and night. 1270; bisai (pret.) Kob. Qlouc. 192; pe due 

bisaeh a Brenne La^r^. 4907; besein (pa?i.) Gow. conf. 

am. 1, 341; biseye vis. P. P. 14329; Uoccl 1, 142; so 

richeli biseye Chauc. C. t. 8860. 

bisetteii (bisette) beset, apply, vis. P. P. 3000; bisetten 

{pret.) „engrafted'^^ Wicl. gloss. 8; and bisette pis schip 

al aboute Brand. 21; biset {part.) a. r. 58; Kath. 1578; 

Orm. 8169; pou hast wel beset mi god Octav. 956. 

besewen sew a?'ound; besewed {pa7*t,) Will, gloss. 

he%i^t provision; besiste {ace.) H. zeitschr. 11, 298. 

62 bi 

bisitten (bisitte) sit^ vis, P. P, 1164.^ 

bislaberen beslahber {slaver); bislabered {part,) vis. P. P, 


bisniar, ASax, bismer, bismor, OHQerm. bismer, disgra^ce^ 

shame, reproach, scorn, Rob. Olouc. 12, 7; pe pe bismar 

haved idon La^. 4403; bismare {dat.) Alts, 648; Chauc, 

C. t 3963 ; lauhwen him to bismare a. ?\ 270 ; bismare {ace) 

Ilalliw. diet 178; bismares {'pl.) vis. P, P, 13545; bi- 

smere {dot.) Kath, 551 ; vis. P. P. 2651 ; Halliw, diet, 178. 

bismerven besmear; bismeoruwed {part) a. r, 214. 

bismitten, Dutch besmetten, OHOerm. bismiz/en, dirty; 

bismitted (part.) a. r, 214. 

bismotereii, cmp. LGemi. besmaddern, dirty; bismoterud 

{"part) Cliauc, C. t 76. 

bismudden dirty; bismuddet (part) a, r, 214* 

bisnewen besnow; bisnewed {part) vis, P, P, 9830; Qow. 

conf. am, 1, 111. 

bisoilen soil; bisoiled {part.) Shoreh, 108. 

bisokeu request; bisocne (dat.) iaj. 30219*; {ace) a. r, 

376; ac poru bisokne of pe king delayed it was 3ute 

Hob. Olouc. 495, 7. 

bispeken bespeak, discuss; bispeke {part) owl and night, 

1736; 3e habbep among 3U... bispeke pat ilome jB^i. 919. 

bispel example, owl and night. 127. 

bisj)erren loch up; bisparred {pres.' a, r. 94*; bisperede 

(pret) vis. P. P. 9904. 

bispeten (bispete) bespit, Wicl. gloss. 8; bispeted {pi^es.) 

a. r. 288; bispatten {p?*€t.) Wicl. gloss.; bispet, bispat 

{part.) ibid. 

bispitten (bispitte) bespit, Wicl. gloss. 

bespreden bespread; besprad {pret.) Chauc, fl. a. I, 266; 

bespred {part) k. of T. 762. 

bisprengen besprinkle; bisprenge {pres.) Rob. Olouc, 128, 5; 

bisprengde {pret) Halliw. diet. 179; bispreinde Wicl, 

gloss. 8; bispreind, bispreint {part) ibid.; al bespreint 

wip bloode Lidg. m. p. 91. 

bistanden stand about, surround; bistant {pres) owl and 

night. 1436; bistode {p7*et.) Will, gloss. 216; bistonden 

{part) a. r. 264; bistonden mid himden La-^. 30323. 

bistaren stare at; bistarede {pret) Kath. 309. 

bisteden? VIIGejrn. pistaten {constituere), bestead, place; 

bestedd {pari.) Tinam. 1461 ; bostad „riVr«m^/rmr^rf^, Gaw, 

bi 68 

gloss. 368; Chauc. C, t 5069; Hoccl 1, 129; lud, Cov. 
329; wofulli bestad (?o?<?. can/, am. 1, 198; hwon we beod 
80 bistaded (?J a. r, 264. 
bisteken shiUy a. r. 62. 

bistelen steal away, LaT^, 9756; bistal (pret.) 28422. 
bisteppen meet, overtake? bistepped (part.) a. r, 174. 
bistere bestir, Alis. 5837; Oow. conf. am. 3, 205. 
bistowe bestow, Shorelu 95; vis, P. P. 4622; Chauc. C. t 

bistrideii bestride, Lai,, 28020; bistridep vis. P.P. 11525; 
bestrod (pret.) Tor. 504. 

biswiken deceive, betray, La7^. 754; a. r. 224; Orm. 11678; 
Alls. 4609; beswike Horn 296; Rich. 5918; s. s. Web, 
2500; Rob, Br. 273; biswak (prgf.) Las. 14864; biswiken 
{part.) a. r. 54; Wr. spec, 45; bisiiike /^6. Gloiic. 272,2^. 
biswinken procure, produce by labour; biswinken (pres,) 
vis,P,P, 10574; biswonke (pret.) 14=610', beswonke (j;a?'^) 
Halliw, diet, 169. 

bitaechen assign, commit, Oi^m. 6126; bitechen La^. 5314; 
a. r. 300; biteche WM. gloss, 216; Crist i pe bit^clie 
Horn 577; beteiclie J/a>\ mir, pi, 62; bitahte {pret.) LaT^, 
247; Kath, 608; Orm. 14774; betaujte s, s, Wr, 324; 
betaughte Chauc, r, r, 4438; pe ring pat 1 him bitaughte 
Percev, 2156; biteijte B<?Ar. 1827 ; bitau5ten Wicl. gloss, 8; 
bitaht (part,) Wr. spec. 4:2 \ bitaujt Will, gloss, 216; 
biteiht a, r, 166. 

bitakeu (betake) betake.^ commit, deliver, LaT^, 3542*; 
Wicl, gloss, S; s, s. Wr, 30; i bitake Chauc. C, t. 3748; 
bitoc (bitok) (pret.) Laz- 22464; Rob. Olouc, 183; Will, 
gloss, 216; Wicl. gloss, 8; s, s, Wr. 412; Chauc, C. t, 
12469; betoke Tor, 2250; bitaken (part) Wicl, gloss. 
bit^enen bitokeu, signify, Orm. 919; bitocned (pres.) a, r, 
170; bitoknede (pret.) Rob. Glouc, 288, 7; pat he was 
lord and king of kinges wel bitoknede pe sterre Shoreh. 
123; bitokenede „marked''\ Wicl. gloss. 9; bitocned {part.) 
a. r, 374. 

bitocnunge signification, a. r, 308; bitokninge Bek. 103. 
bitellen excuse, justifi, Orm. 2045 ; and lust hu ich con 
me bitelle owl and nyght. 263; to bitellen {claim) eowere 
rihtes Xaj. 7894; betelle iVar. wiV.p/. 139; bitelled (pres.) 
a. r. 226*; bitald (part,) La^, 31304. 
bitellunge excuse? imputation? a. r. 392. 

64 bi 

biteon draw over^ employ , Lai^. 9117; a. r. 398; bitosen 

{part) LaT^. 19910; pe nijtingale al hire ho3e mid rede 

hadde wel bitoje owl and 7iight 702 ; or elles ich hevede 

iivelo bitoweu muchel of mine liwule (r. hwile) a. r, 430. 

bitiden betide, a. r, 278; bitide Wr, spec, 90; bitidde 

(pret) Belc. 1511; 8, s. Wr, 589; betidde ant. Arth, 1, 1. 

bitijten? cover? bitist mid ru3e velle owl and night, 1011. 

bitildeu cover: and lette hine bitillen {for bitilden?) mid 

goldfaje palleu La3. 27852. 

bitimen happen; bitimed {pres) a. r. 324. 

bitraien (bitraye) betratj, Bek. 650; vis. P. P. 538; bitra- 

ishe Halliw. diet. 170; bitraide (pret) Brand. 27. 

bitrappen (bitrappe) t7'ap, Halliic. diet. 170; bitrappet, 

bitreppet (part.) a. r. 174*. 

bitrenden ? wind round; bitrent {part.) Chauc. Troil. 4080. 

bitreupen betroth; bitreupede {pret) Shoreh. 66. 

bitriiflen beguile; bitrufled (pres.) a. r. 106. 

bitrumen betrim; al abuten bitrumet {fortified?) wid ft 

derewurde wal Kath. 1659*. 

bitunen e^iclose; bitunden {pret.) LaT^. 4287 ; bituned (jjar^.) 

a. r. 164; bituined Kath. 1659. 

bitumen tu7m round; biturn pe and cum ajean a. r. 394. 

bitweonen, ASax. betveonan, between, La^. 253; KcUh. 

1526*; bitwenen a. r. 72; bitweone owl and night. 1377; 

bituene Wr. treat. 134; bitwene vis. P. P. 1509. 

bitwih, ASax. betvih, betveoh, betvyh, betvuh, between, 

bitwije Xaj. 20947; bitueisen 784; bituhen Kath. 1526- 

bitwix, ASax. betvihs, betveohs, betwixt, Chauc. C. t. 882 ; 

Amis 142; bitwixen (bitwixte) Xa3. 5010; betwixen CAai^. 

Troil. 7000; bituxen oiol and night. 1745; bituixte 

Shoreh. 77. 

bipecchen cover; bipeht {part.) La^. 24742. 

bidenchen bethink, meditate, LaT^. 12724; bipenche jBei. 43 ; 

Shoreh. 33; bipenken Orm. 2917; bipenke Will, gloss. 

216; Wicl. gloss. 8; bepinkin ,^cogitare, meditari'^ , prompt. 

parv. 34; 3if he lid & bidenched him hwonne he wule 

arisen a. r. 324; bidouhte {pret.) 200; bipou3te Wicl. 

gloss. 8; bidouht ^part.) a. r. 342; we beod bipohte we 

think, rel. songs 4, 56. 

bipringen oppress; bidrungen (biprongen) {^part^ LaT^. 

8814; wip wandr/ip biprungen Of-m. 14825. 

bipunehen think; 3if him so bidunched a. r. 346 

bl 65 

bufen above, Orm, 4773; buven a. r. 106; Katk 2396; 

buven (bove) Laj. 26050; buve owl and night. 208; bove 

Wr, an. lit. 5 ; al pat is bove and under molde Sho^eh, 

117; compos, abuven. 

huten (^ for biuten) hut, without, Orm. 2228; buteu (bote) 

Noe & Sem La^. 23; buten (widAte) live Kath. 252; pis 

world nis buten (praeter) 4 wei to heovene a. r. 150; 

bAte nisi 230; bute sine, owl and night. 1788; bute pu 

wille bet aginne, ne shaltu bute schame iwinue 1287; 

but (but?) Orm. 493; sed, vis. P. P. 386; Wicl. John 6; 

tamen, Chauc. C. t. 74; pei conne mecbe of holi writ, 

but pei undirstonde it not Mand. 136; beouten cr. P. P. 

1298; bouten ende W7\ treat. 132; boute sine, Hartsh. 

met. t. 266; boute gile Wr. spec. 38; but, bot „except^, 

Will, gloss. 217; boute, bout y^without**, ibid.; but, bout, 

boute „without", Qaw. gloss. 370; 372; bot if „unless'^, 

ibid.; boten Wr. p. s. 156; bot sed, Isumb. 150; and was 

bot seven winter old s. s. Wr. 1 4 ; compos, abuten. 

biwailen bewail, Chauc. C. t. 4446; biweile Wicl. gloss. 9; 

biweilep Alis. 4395. 

biwaken (biwake) watch, s. s. TFiei. 2764; biwakeden (jore^.) 

LaT^. 26823; be waked {part!) Oow. conf. am. 2, 350. 

biwalwen? wallow, roll about: bi waled on axen (biwalewed 

in axe) Laj. 25989. 

biwapen stupefy; bewaped {part.) Halliw. diet. 171; so 

be whipped and assoted Gow. conf. am. 3, 4. 

biwaren beware, guard, keep; be war pe s. a. c. 10; if pe 

clerk beware his faip Oow. conf. am. 1, 262; if pou so 

doe, pi wit is wel bewared Chauc. Troil. 636. 

hiwedden wed; biwedded {part.) La'7^. 4500. 

biwefen wind round, cover; biwefde {py^et.) Lai^. 28474; 

biweved {part.) Rob. Olouc. 539, 21; Alis. 1085; biweaved 

La^. 130. 

biweilen? deceive? biweiled {part.) Shoreh. 3. 

bewelden wield, govern, Oow. conf. am. 1, 312. 

biwenden turn about, a. r. 306; biwende {pret.) Kath. 

2362; heo biwenden heom sone Lai^. 26576; biweute 

Horn 329; biwent {part.) a. r. 1108 

biwepen beweep, weep over, a, r. 108; Orm. 151 30; owl 

and night 972; biwepe Shoreh. 102; Chauc. r. r. 5121; 

biweop {pret.) a. r. 278; Alis. 3655; bewopeu {part) 

Chauc. Trail. 5585; biwope s. s. Web. 1186. 


66 bi 

biw^pen (biwSpe) heweep, Wicl. gloss, 9; biwepte {p^et,') 

ibid.; biwSped (part.) Will, gloss, 216. 

biweren defend, protect; biwerest (pres.) owl and night 1124. 

biwfeten wet; bewet (part) Halliio, diet, 171. 

biwicchen (bewicche) hewitchy Mand. 159; hiwicched {pret,) 

vis, P, P, 13262. 

biwiselien beguile, Lai^. 969. 

biwilen beguile, rel ant. 1, 182; biwille Halliw, diet. 180; 

biwiled (part.) Shoreh, 67 ; Gaw. gloss, 369. 

biwinnen win, obtain, La^, 472; biwinne chron. of Engl, 

465; biwan (pret) La"^. 4:67 i ; biwunnen (part) a. r. 228; 

biwonnen Laj. 109. 

biwist being, living: beowust among men a. r, 156; hii 

beod pine beou8te(|?Z..^) hoto «r^yow, Loj. 17809; biwiste 

(dat.) rel. ant. 1, 131; beouste (bewiste) (ace,) a. r. 160. 

biwiten guard, keep, La'i^, 2613; 13782; biwitten 6659; 

biwusten (pret.) 13722; biwust {part.) 20684; a. r. 104. 

biwiten guard; biwite {pres. subj.) rel. songs 5, 259; biw&t 

{pret.) La^, 13028; biwiten {paH) 24678. 

biwitien guards La'7^. 6659*; biwittie 27534*; biwitede 

{pret) 31013* 

biword byword, proverb, Chauc, TroU. 5438. 

biwrappen (bewrappe) wrap up, WicL gloss. 9 ; bewrapped 

{part) Will, gloss. 215; biwrabbet a, r. 260*. 

biwre^en (biwreye) denounce, betray, Chauc. C, t. 2231; 

biwrighen Alis. 4116; bewrie Will, gloss. 215; bewr^ie 

{pres. subj.) Hartsh. met. t. 102. 

biwrenchen deceive, cheat; biwrenched {pres.) a. r. 92. 

biwreon cover, hide; biwro owl and night. 673; biwrijen 

{part.) La^. 5366; biwrien a. r. 262. 

biwrixlen change; biwrixled {part) a. r. 310. 

bi, ASax. b^, Olcel. h^v, town, Halliic. diet. 172. 

bicche, ASax. bicce, Olcel. bikkja, bitch, t^el. ant. 1, 
187; Wr. an. lit 11; vis. P. P. 3180; bicche (bicke) 
prompt, parv. 35; bicchen {pi.) Alis. 5394. 

bid, ASax. bid {mora) Oreins gloss., stay? bide {ace.) 
Tor. 1463. 

bidden, ASax. biddan, OFris. bidda, bidia, OSax. 
biddian, Goth, bidjan, Olcel. bidja, OHGo^m. bittan, bid, 
beg, pray, a. f\ 228; to bidden pes bone Kath. 611 ; to 
bidden his milce reZ. songs 4, 55; & bidden for pe Onn. 
6130; to bidden {for beoden) us to Crista S990; biddiu 

biddere 67 

„orare, mandtire^y prompt, parv, 35; bidde {pres.^ WilL 
gloss, 214; if i bidde &ni bedes vis, P. P, 3287; bidde{) 
Chauc, C. t 3641; he pat biddep borwep vis, P, P. 4639; 
biddep (for beodep) Mand. 235; biddes Isumb, 270; beddez 
Gaw. fjloss, 367; bit 0}*m, 5454; he bit {prays for) oullch 
stiide a, r. 156; hii biddip vor ur fon Uoh, Gloria, 235, 
22; biddande {part^ Will, gloss, 214; compos, ibidden. 

biddere, ASax, biddere, bidde7*, j)€titioner ; bidderis 
{pi,) vis, P. P, 4204. 

biden (bide), ASax, OSax. bidan, Goth, beidan, OIceL 
bida, OHGerm, bitan, hide, wait, remain, Gaw, gloss, 368; 
Wicl, gloss. 7; vis, P, P, 12698; s. s. Web, 2864; Wr, p. s, 
204; Mi7i, 20; (Jctov, 874; Tor. 1023; i mai no leiiger bide 
Chauc. C, t. 4235; bide kn answare Flor. 264; bidez, 
bides, bidis (pres.) Gaw, gloss, 368; hidns ant. A)ih, 10,5; 
b4d {pret) Percev, 569; bad, baid Gaw, gloss, 366; bod, 
bood Wicl, gloss, 7; Gow, conf am, 3, 292; Chauc. C, t, 
4397; biden reh. Line, 17; hiden (part.) Alis. 897 ; compos. 
a-, i-, overbiden; deriv. b4d. 

big big, great, strong, Chauc, C,t. 548; beg Gaw. gloss, 
367 ; bigge {pi) vis, P. P. 4224. 

bigli Halliw. diet. 174; bigli landis Flor. 220; bigli blis 
1681; begle Halliw. diet. 159. 

big, Olcel. bygg, barley, Wr. voc. 283. 

bijels, ASax, bagels, „{arcu^), fomix^U Wr, voc, 92. 

bijt, ASax. hyhi, from bujen, bight, bend, Gaia, gloss, 
369; 7 el. ant. 1, 190. 

bike? building, Gaw. gloss. 368; nest: a bike of waspes 
IlaUiw, diet, 175. 

biken. Germ, bicken, Duich hecken, peck, strike ; hidked 
{pres.) a. r. 84: hiked {pret.) Alis, 2337. 

biker, OHGerm, becher, beaker-, cup, prompt, par iK^t), 

biker, yrom biken, fight, quan^el, Rob, Glouc, 543, 4; 
Chauc, I. g, w, 2659; bikir „piigna''\ prompt, parv. 35; 
Alls. 1661; bekir Halliw, diet, 160. 

biker en, LGerm, pikern, strike, skirmish, fight, prompt. 
parv, 36; bekire Gate, gloss, 367; bekere ant. AhIi. 4, 2; 
bikere {pres^ vis. P. P. 14082. 

bil, ASaxr. bill, OSax, MHGcrm. bil, bill, axe, La^. 
1714; wills and invent, 37; bill Lr. 3225; hille- prompt. 
parv, 36; billes {pi) Alis, 1624. 

bile, ASax. bile, Ir. bile, bil? bill, beak, owl and night, 


G8 bille 

79; {dat) a. r. 84; vis. P. P. 7290; bille Oow. conf. am. 
2, 106; (ace.) s. s. Wr. 2196; bilis {pi) Wicl. gloss. R. 
? bile whit simple, mild, Orm. 6654. 

bille billy letter, prompt, pat v. 36. 

billen bill, ^rostrare*^, prompt, parv. 

billin, MHGerm. billen, hoe, ,.pinarrare^, prompt, pai^. 

binde woodbine, vine-branch, prompt, parv. 

bin den, ASax. OSax. Qoth. bindan, OFris. Olcd. 
binda, OHGerm. bintan, bind, Lar^. 18458; bindep ( pres.) 
Wr. spec. 104; bint a. r. 6; band {pret.) Iw. 1776 Chauc. 
C. t. 4080; bond Wr. treat. 136; vis. P. P. 11508; bunden 
Orm. 15820; bounden Will, gloss. 216; bunden {part.) 
Iw. 289; Rob. Br. 138, 20; bounden harrow. 53; Chauc. 
C. t. 8580; Wicl. John 11; bonden Percef\ 1830; bun 
Town, my St. 99; compos, for-, ibinden; deirivat. band. 

binge, Dan. bing, bin, pi^ompt. parv. 36; benge 31. 

b e n g e r chest, prompt, parv. 3 1 . 

binne, ASax. binn {praesepe\ Germ, binne, benne 
{corbis), bin, Wr. voc. 180; {dai.) lud. Gov. 159; (ace.) 
Chauc. C. t. 595. 

birche, ASax. birce Ettm. lexic. 287, Wr. voc. 285, 
beorc Greins gloss., byre Wr. voc. 33, OHGerm. bircha, 
Olcel. biork, birch, proinpt. parv. 36; birke Flor. 1518; 
(dat.) Percev. 773; burclie W?*. voc. 181; birches (pi.) 
Alis. 5242. 

birkin, ASax. bircen, Olcel. birkinn, birchen, Gaw. 

bire? shed, stall, Halliw. diet. 177; Gate, gloss. 369. 

birle, ASax. byr(e)le, Olcel. byrli, cup-bearer, butler, 
,.pincerna^^, Wr. voc. 89; birle (borle) Laj. 24164; birles 
{^l.) Orm. 14023. 

birlen, ASax. byr(e)li{in, Olcel. byrla, give to dHnh, 
a. r. 114; 0?7w. 15418; birle Wicl. gloss. 8; brillin 
rtpropinare^^, prompt, pai^v- 51; birlide {pret.) Wicl. gloss.; 
sche birlid whit win and red Tor. 292; birlute avow. 
Arth. 46, 14. 

bis chop, ASax. biscop, Lat. episcopus, bishop, rel. 
songs 6, 5. 
bischopriche bishopric, Bek. 1008. 

bis en", ASax. bysen, example, (bisne) Onw. 8987: bisne 
{dat?^ LaT^. 30; (ace.) Halliw. diet. 179. 

bite, ASax. bite, bita Lyes diet., Olcel. biti Egilas. 

bite 69 

leanc^ OHGenn. bizzo bit, morsel, vis. P. P. 12481; {ace) 
Bob. Glouc. 207, 4; kn bite braedes Orm, 8640. 

bite (bite?), ASax, bite Greins gloss., bite Ettm 
leadc,, OSax, biti, OFris. biti, bite, bit, Olcel, bit Haldors 
lexic, Ooth. (anda-)beit, OJSOerm, biz {MHGerm, bi?) 
bite, Kath, 2437; a. r. 288; «. s. TTei. 760; Mand. 49 
bit (bit?) Iw. 94; bitt ^Zw. 5436; biten {dot. pi) La^ 
21364; bitt (bite) „mors\is, lupatum", prompt parv, 37 
bitte ^morsus'^, Wr, voc, 198; bitte (dat^ bit of the bridle 
Ckauc L g. w, 1206; bitte bit, edge of an axe, Gaw, gloss 

bite, ASax, bite {fera), viper? boUen as 4 bite Mapes 334 

bitel biting, sharp: bitel wraeches {gen.) Orm. 10074; 
bitele duntes Laj. 26967. 

bitel (bitil), ASax. bitel (blatta), beetle, prompt, parv. 37 ; 
betil Wr. voc. 255. 

biten, ASax. OSax. bitan, OFris. Olcel. bita, Goth. 
beitan, OHGerm. bizan, bite, a. r. 364; vis. P. P. 8947; 
per was no knif pat wolde him bite („byte") Eglam. 491 ; 
pat evere wolde ale bite Havel. 1731; bitep (pres.) Orm. 
9954; bit a. r. 166: b4t (pret.) Iw. 2029; bot (boot) s. s. 
Web. 773; vis. P. P. 2642; Chauc. C. t. Tyrwh. 14519; 
Octov. 329; lud. Cov. 29; (pat) ever bot bred ant. Arth. 
43, 2; biten ^03. 1788; Alis. 5435; bitand (/?re5. j?ar<.) 
Qaw. gloss. 369; bitten (pref. pari.) Chauc L g. w. 2314; 
ibite Alis. 5438; compos, a-, forbiten; derivat. bait. 

biter, ASax. biter, Olcel. hitr, OHGerm. hiterer, fro^n 
biten, fti^er, s. s. Web. 849 ; bitter a. r. 302 ; nawt bittres 
Kath. 1704; bittre bitterly, vis. P. P. 1867; bitture {com- 
par at.) a. r. 114; bittrore Wr. spec. 99. 
bitterllche, ASax. biterlice, bitterly, a. r. 364; bitterli 
Wm. gloss. 

biter e biter; compos, bacbltere. 

biternesse, ASax. biterness, bitterness, Shoreh. 91; 
bitternesse a. r. 372. 

bittren, ASax. biterian, make bitter, a. r. 308. 

bitor, Fr. butor, bittern; bitonr Chauc. C. t. 6554; 
bittor Chest, pt 1, 51. 

bivien, ASax. bifian, beofian, OSax. bivon, OFris. 
beva, OHGerm. biben, tremble, bivien, beovien, buvien 
Lai. 27453; 27718; 27817. 

bl& (blaa), ASax. blae, bleo, OFris. blau, Olcel. bl&r, 
OHGerm. blawer, blue, Isumh. 311; bio, bloo f^lividus^. 

70 blaber 

prompt parv, 40; ^fvlvtis", rel, ant 1, 8; Rich. 2644; 
Rob. Br. 173, 28; bloo askes via. P. P. 1554; as bio as 
Igd Mar. 7nir.pL 148; pe water so bio Em. 318; blodi 
and lloo lud. Cov. 335; blac as k bloa (bla) mon a. r. 
236; of Ethiope he brohte p^ bleo men Lai^. 25380; 
bleu („ble\v") caeruleus^ prompt parv. 41; Trist, 3, 10; 
bleu („blew**) as inde {indigo \ Mand. 48; (blew, bliew) 
Chauc. C. t 10093; (blwe) Gaic. gloss. 370. 

blabirlippid blobber-lipped, Halliio. diet. 209. 

blaberen, Dan. blabbrc, Oerm. blabberu, plappern, 
blab, tattle^ „stammer^f Wicl. gloss. 9; ,.,hlaierare^, prompt 
parv. 37; ])0u blaberest llalliw. diet 180; pei blaberin 
lud. Cov. 164. 

blac, ASax. blaec, ODtitch black, black, ^. '*. 234; 
Wr. treat 133; blak Mand. 51; Chauc. C. t 2132; &. of 
T. 773; blak and bio Wr. spec. 68. 
blakbeiye blackberry, llalliw. diet. 180. 

blac (blek), ASax. blaec, Dutch black, OIIGerm. 
blacli, black, ,^atramentiim^^, prompt, parv. 

blac (blak), ^Saa?. blAc, blnec, OSax. blec, * Zee/, 
bleikr, OHGemi. bleicher, fro77i bliken, bleak, pale, ant. 
Arth. 51, 8; bL^c ant won Wr. spec. 74; bloc a. r. 332; 
bleik y,pallidiis'^ , prompt, pai-v. 39; Lirf*;. st of Th. 2332. 

blad, At^ax. blaed (folium), OSax. blad, 0/r^/. blad, 
OIIGerm. blat, tZade, pro'inpt parv. 37; Chauc. C. t 620; 
Jwcf. 12; compos, schulderblad. 

blader, ^/Soa?. blaedre, ODutch blader, blaere, OHGerm. 
blatra, from blawen, bladder, rel. ant I, 190; bladder 
Chauc. C. t 12367; bleder Wr. voc. 256; bleddre a. r. 
282; bleddere cr. F. P. 442; bleddir „vesica^, prmnpt 
pare. 39; bloure {pL) pustules. Town. myst. 62. 

bladeren, Dutch bladeren {frondere), blade, slioot? 
bladdirp {pres.) llalliw. nug. poet 6C). 

blaed, ASax. blaed, OIIGerm. plat, from blawen, 
blast, fame, glory. 
blaedfaest famous, glorious, LaT^. 10100. 

blaed. ASax. bl^ad, OTcel. blaiidr, OSa.r. blodi {timidusX 
OIIGerm. bio ler {'legcner), ti/nid, fearfuL La^. 18737. 

blaffai-d, ODutch Maffjiert {balatro^ blatero), fro?u 
*blafFen, blabber, stammerer; blaftord (blatfere) ^tratdu^'^, 
prompt parv. 

blaffen 71 

blaffen? Dutch blaffen, blab, staiwner; wlaflfes (pres.) 
Wr. voc, 173. 

blake blackness^ a, r. 282. 

b 1 a k en (blakin, blackin), blekkin, ASax. blacian, blacken, 
prompt parv, 38; 39; blakep (pres.) Shoreh. 155; bleckid 
(part,) WicL gloss, 9; blekit Mar, mir, pi. 183. 

b 1 &ki e n , ASaac, bl4cian, blaecan, Olcel, bleikja, OUGerm. 
bleichen, bleach, blanch; bl&kien (blokie) Las. 19799; blaken 
Rob. Br, 183, 18; his browes t6 blA,ke Percev, 1056; his 
brees con (r. gon) bl4ke avow, Arth, 15, 15; blokne for 
bloken? Shoreh. 4; bleik(en) (bleken, bldchen) clol) prompt, 
parv. 39; panne gan bleiken here ble Wr. p, s. 341; 
wule & weob beon mid one watere wel ibleched a. r. 324. 

bleikester bleacher, prompt, parv, 

b la men, Fr, blamer, blam^, a. r. 64; Chauc. Boet. 2. 

blanc, Dan. Swed. blank, Olcel. blakkr, OIIGerm, 
blancher, from blinken, tchitCy blonc rel, ant, 1, 37. 

blonke, ASa4c, blanca, blonca, grey horse, WUl. gloss.; 
Gaw, gloss,; ant. Arth. 43, 2; lihted of eowre blanken 
La3. 5862. 

blanden,-^liSair. Goth, blandan, Olcel. blanda, OHGenn. 
blantan, mix; blondep Shoreh. 73; blande (part.) Halliw. 
diet. 182; Gaw. gloss. 369. 

bl4ren, ODit^A blaeren, J/jEf (?6rm. bleren, blare; blorin 
(bl^ren) ,flere^, prompt, parv. 40. 

blase, ASax. blaese, cmp. MHGerm. bias, blaze, flame, 
a. r. 254; vis. P. P. 11790; Chauc. Troil 4853; enne 
blase of fare Laj. 2859; pei setten all on blase Gow. 
conf am. 2, 244; blasen (pi.) a. r. 254; blese (blase) 
prompt, parv. 39. 

blasen (blasin) blaze, ,flammart^^, prompt, parv. 38; 
brennen and blasen vis. P. P. 11830; vort (a dat) al pet 
hiis blasie (pres. subj.) vord a. r. 296. 

bl4sen? ASax. blaesan? OHGerm.\AQ&Qn (flare), Olcel. 
bl^a, blow? Chauc. h. of f 1802; deriv. blSs, blast. 

blast (bl&st ?), -4Saar. blaest (flatus)^ Off Germ, blast, 
Olcel. bl^str, blast, ^flatus^, prompt, parv. 38; Wr. t^-eat. 
136; Wr. spec. 106; Chauc. Troil. 2479; homes blast rel. 
ant. 1, 223; winds blast s. a. c. 14, 17; blaste (dot.) 
Brand. 19; compos, ponerblast. 

blast en (bl£sten?), ASax. blaestan (flare), OHGerm. 
blestan (plaudere), blast, blow; blaste Brand. 27; and took 

72 blAwen 

his blacke trumpe faste, and gan to puffeii and to Waste 
Chauc, h. of f, 1866; blasten (pret,) Alis. 5348; compos, 

bl4wen, ASax, blawan, OH Germ, bla(h)en, blow, Alis, 
5630; bl^wen, bUuwen (blowe, bloue) La^^ 4462; 7951; 
blawe Isumb, 393; bl4ue ant, Arih, 26, 5; bloawen a, r, 
210; blowe vis, P, P. 18060; Chauc, C, t, 567; bragge or 
blowe (hoasty hluster) lud. Gov. 183; blawes {pres,) Mar, 
mir, pi, 176; bostus and bl4wus avow. Arth. 23, 6; bleow 
{2)r€t,) Alis, 185; bleou, bleu Laj. 808; 1762; hlen Bra7id, 
24;(bleu3) t^cb'^^^act 18, 25; (blew) Rob, Olouc, 13, 24; vis, 
P. P. 3516; (blu) avow, Arth, 15, 6; (blw) Oaw, gloss. 
370; bleowen (bleuwen) Lut^, 5107; blewen (or bleuen?) 
s,a. a 14; ,^blasted'' , Wicl, gloss, 9; blawan d (pres.^ari.)/?^?. 
340; blowand Will, gloss. 216; blauing Qaw. gloss, 369; 
blA,wun {pret, part,) apoL 24; bio wen vis, P, P. 2508; 
s. s, Wr, 2181; compos, ablawcn. 

bled, ASax, bled, OHOerm, bluot, fi^om bio wen, sprout, 
blossom, Old and night, 1040; bleden (pL) LaT^, 28832. 

bleden (blede), ASax. bledan, from blod, bleed, Gow, 
conf, am, 1, 188; bledde (^>re^.) a. r. 258; rw. P. P. 13166; 
his woundes bledden Alis. 5845; blMand (part,) Gaw. 
gloss, 369 ; compos, bibleden. 

blein (bleine?), ASax, blegen {pustula), Dutch bleine, 
blaifi, ,,,papula'', prompt, parv, 39; blan ^papula'*, Wr, 
voc, 206; blain Mar. mir. pi. 104; bleine {dat) Chauc. r, 
r. 553; bleines (pi.) Wict, gloss, 9; pokkes and bleines 
Flor, 2024; blast? porugli blanis (bleines) might Alis. 

blemish en, OFr. blemir, blemish: al blemischid is 
pibleilfar. mir. pi. 148; blemschid (blemished) „obfuscatiis'*, 
prompt, parv. 39 ; blenschin (Jor blemishin) ^obfuscare^, 

blench blench, turn, trick, rel. songs 1, 4; bleiik Bob. 
Br. 274, 26; blenches (pi.) owl and night. 378. 

blenchen, ASax. blencan (decipere, fallere), OIceL 
blekkja, from blanc, blench, glance, wince, tvj-n aside: k vl^ih 
mei eilen |)e & makien po to blenchen a. r. 276; ich am 
iwar and can \ve\ blenche owl<tnd night. 170; panne shaltou 
blenche at a !)eigh vis. P. P. 36(>6; blenke Bob, Br, 115, 
18 ; pat envie us i at (r. ir. pirike - peiike) Halltw. diet. 
189; bleinte {prtt.) La^, U60; Chciuc. C. t. 1080; (Jooked^) 

, blenden 73 

WdL gloss, 216; Tristrem bleint bi side Trist 3, 44; 
blenyte /or blenjte or bleinteV Rob. Olouc. 338, 14; com- 
pos, atblencheii. 

blenden, ASax, blendan, from * bland (mixture), blend, 
mingle: pi blissed blod to blende Mar, mir. pi, 149; 
blendis (pres.) Oaw, gloss, 369; blende {pret.) ibid, 

blenden (blonde), ASax, blendan, OHOerm, blenden, 
blind, vis, P. P, 5870; Chauc, Troil, 3056; & blendep 
mannes heorte Onn, 4525; blende (pret,) La^, 29361; 
blent Gow, conf, am, 2, 281; compos, a-, for-, iblenden. 

bleo, ASax, bleo(h), OFris, bli? colour, complexio^i, 
Wr, treat, 139; Wr, spec, 33; bleo, bio owl and night, 
441; 1545; blee Octav, 50; blee, hie Gair, gloss, 369; ble 
Will, gloss, 216; Mar, mir, pi, 148; bright of blee (ble) 
Amad, Robs, 58, 9; Eglam, 33; blie Shoreh, 103. 

bier (bier?), Oerm. blerr? Gr. wb, 2, 107. 
bier (bleer)-eyed blear-eyed, ,^lippus^, Wr, t?oc. 225; Wicl. 
gloss,; blereighed vis. P, P, 12016; blerl^d prompt, pare. 

bier en (bleren?), blear; blere Rich, 3708; Chauc. C. 
i, 4047; Hardw, poem 41, 2; blered (pret.) vis. P, P. 
148; pus sclio blerid hire lordis eie s, s, Wr, 2952; blered 
{part^ Chauc. r, r. 3912. 

bles, ASax, blaes {blastyf Bosio, diction., MHGerm, 
bl4s (flatus) Ben. wb, I, 201, blast, a. r. 82 ; bl4se (dat,) 
Lai. 27818. 

bles chin, ODutch bleschen, extinguish, prompt, parv, 

blessien, ASax, bletsien, Olcel, blessa, Wg5«, (blescien) 
a. r. 354; blessen Chauc, C, t, 3448; blisse Wicl. gloss. 9; 
lud. Cov. 50 ; blesse (pres, imper.) Wr. an. lit. 1 ; blessede 
( pret^ Rob, Glouc, 338, 9 ; blesseden Will, gloss. 216 ; bletsed 
(part.) Oi^n. 4826; blessed Wr, spec, 83; compos, iblessien. 

bletsing blessing, Orm. 10661. 

b 1 c t, ASax. bleat, Olcel, blautr, ODutch bloot, MHGerm. 
bio?, Heat, bare; blete (pi-) owl and night, 616; we hab- 
bed . . . moni aenne gode wifmon iworht to bletere widewe 
Laz> 23620. 

b 1 e t e n (bletin), ASax, blaetan, ODutch blaeten, OHGerm. 
bl&zan, bleat, ,^balare^, prompt, parv, 39; blete P. P.p. 
555; blSrCtep (pres,) Onn, 1315. 

bliant? OFr. bliaut Roquef, gloss.^ MLat. blialdus du 
Camge's gloss., robe, mantle; blihand (blihaud?) Trist. 1, 
38; bleant (bleaut?) Halliw. diet. 184. 

74 bliken 

bliken, ASax, blican, OHGerm, blichan (shine): his 
lippes shuUe bliken {grow pale?) rel. ant. 1, 65; derivat 

blikien, Olcel. hlikjsi, OHOerm. hlichen, shine, glitter^ 
Xaj. 27360; a, r, 362; hire bleo bliidep so briht Wr, 
spec, 52; blikede {pret^ Kath, 2396; blikked Oaw. gloss 
369; blicande, blikkande (part) ibid, 

blind, ASax, OSax. blind, OHGerm, blinder, Olcel, 
blindr, Goth, blinds, blind, Bek, 1695; sum blind mon 
oivl and night 1235; pe blinde man Gow, conf, am. 2, 210. 

b 1 i n d e n (blindin), ASax, blindian, blind, prompt, parv. 
40; blinde s, s, Wr, 2994; compos, ablinden. 

blind nes, ASax, blindness, blindness, Chauc. Boet, 4, 

blink, Dan, Swed, blink, blink, glance; blinkes {pi-) 
Chauc, test, of Ores, 226. 

blinken? ODutch blinken, blenken {micare, splendere), 
blink, gleam: before pi i3en hit blenkis llalliw, diet 
1&5; derivat blanc. 

blinkien? Dan, blinke, Sioed, blinka, blink, shine, 
glance; blenke Gaw, gloss, 369; blenked {pret) ibid,; 
quenne {tohen) pe balefuUe birde blenked on his blod 
ant Arth, 42, 4. 

blis, ASax, bliss, hliis, from blide, bliss, Trist 2, 95; 
Wr, spec, 60; Alis, 2638; blis, blisse oiol and night 420; 
1278; blisse La^. 858; Kath. 1723; On?i. 719; Bek,QS^\ 
{dat ace) a, r, 192; {acc^ Gow, conf am, 2, 145; blissene 
{gen, pi.) Wr, an. lit, 96. 

blissful blissful, a, r. 360; blisful Kath, 1879; Chauc, C, 
t 17. 
blisfulnes Chauc, Boet 3. 

blissien, ASax, blissian, rejoice, La^, 19041; blissen 
Orm, 444; (bliscen) a, r. 360; blisse {pres, subj,) owl and 
night, 478; pah je blissen ow prof Kath, 848. 

blissen? /or blischen, bluschen or *bliksen, J/i/G^enw. 
bliczen {lighten)*^ glance? pe lioun bremli on pam blist 
{rirn, w, wist) Iw, 3163. 

blister, ODutch bluister, blister, Halliw, diet 193; 
blistres {pi) Chauc. jl. a, I. 408. 

blip (blip?), from bleo? cmp, Gael, litli {colour, hue), 
look, appearance? loke pt nailis ben clene in blithe llalliw, 
diet. 189. 

blide (blipe), ASax. blide, OSax. blidi, Olcel. blidr, 

bllpin 75 

Ooth, bleips, ODutch blide, OHOet^n, blider, hliihe, vierry, 
joyous, gay^ Kath, 1879; a, r, 348; Onn. (568; AU^, 443; 
Ckauc. C, ^.848; Gaic. gloss. 369; blipur {comp,) k, of 
T. 781. 

blideliche hlithely, a. r. 68; Brand, ^\ blipelike Orm, 
935; blipeli Hob, Br, 163, 4; blMehche (blopellche) ? 
La'7^, 3304; blepehche? Ualliw, diet, 185; bleliche? 184. 

blipiii, OHGerm. blideu, rejoice, prompt, parv, 

blobur (blobir), hlohher, bubble, prompt, parv, 40; see 
blaber and blubber. 

blod, ASax, OSax. OFris, blod, Goth, bl6|), Olcel, 
blod, OHGenn, bluot, blood, Onn, 1770; Wr, treat. 139; 
Wr. spec, 105; (blood) Wid. John 6; (bloid) Mar. mir, 
pi. 102; blud Iw, 2071; bloude {dat) Mar. mir, pL 24. 
bl6dgute(-gote) bloodshed, La^ 630. 

blodi, ASax, blodig, bloody, a, r, 112; m«. P. jP. 6958. 

blok, OHGemi. bloch, /or *bilok? see Gr, tab, 2, 135, 
block, prompt, parv, 40; blokkes {pi-) Wr. s, a. c. 66. 

bio me, OSax, blomo, Goth, bloma, OHGerm, bluonio, 
bloom, y^jlos^, prompt, parv, 40; Orm. 10773; Flor, 686; 
Isumb. 176. 

bio me 11 bloom, Orm, 10769; blomiii prompt, parv. 

blostnie, ASax, blostma, ODutch blosem, blossom, a. 
r. 192; Orm, 1928; otol and night. 437; rel, aiit, 2, 8 ; 
blosme Wr, spec, 26; Chauc, C. t. 3324; ,.frons^, prompt, 
parv. 40; blossome erl of T. 330; blostmen {pi.) a. r. 
276; blosmen Bits. anc. songs 31 ; blosmes vis. P.P. 10806. 

bios me 11 (blosme), ASax. blostmian, blossom, Wicl. 
gloas. 9; blossemip {pres.) Chauc. C. t. 9336; blosmede 
Ipret.) vis, P, P, 2751. 

blot (blotte?) blot, prompt, parv, 41 ; Mar, mir, pL 119; 
see plot. 

blot tin blot, ,^oblite7'art^, prompt, parv. 

blou? connected toith OHGenn. bliuwaii, Goth, bligg- 
van? blow, ictus; blowes {pL) Wr. s. a. c. 72. 

bio wen (blowe), ASax. blovan, blow^ fiorere, owl and 
night. 1131; Bob. Glouc. 352, 13; blowed {pres.) a. r. 30; 
bleou {j)ret.) LaT^. 2013; on blowe {part?) ris owl and 
night. 1634; compos, iblowen. 

bio wen? MHGerm. bliien {pret. bliiete), blow ^ flor ere; 
bloude {pret) La^. 2013*. 

blubber blubber, bubble, Chauc. test, of Ores. 192. 

76 blubren 

b 1 u b r e n , LGemi. blubbern (blabbej') Bretn. ivb,, blubber, 
bubble ; blubred {pret.) Gaw, gloss. 

blunder, connected with blandeii? blunder^ troublcy 
Gaw gloss. 369; blundur Flor. 1330; blonder To?on. 

blundren blunder; we blondren Chauc, 6. t 12598. 

blundering hebefatio, pro7npt. par v. 

blunt blunt, dull, r,hebes^^, prompt, parv. 41; blunt & 
blind Omi, 16954. 

blur? blur ? so mani pus broght i on blure {to disgrace f) 
Town, my St. 310. 

blusch, A Sax. blysige, blyse {Jlamm/r, fax), Swed. 
blysa (laierna)? cmp. Dutch blosje, bios (rubor) and Swed. 
bloss, Dan, bins {flamma, fax), blush, ylook^, Gaw. gloss. 

bluscben, ASaxc. biysian {ardescere, rubescere), cmp. 
Dutch blozen {rubescere) and Swed. blossa, Dan. blusse 
{jlammare, ardere), blush, glare; blusched {pret.) ,dooked''^ 
Gaw. gloss. 370; blushed vtdi Chauc. c. I. 1199; blischede 
Halliw. diet. 189; pe king blischit on [)e berin wip his 
brode 6ghne ibid. ; bluschande {part?) ,^blushing, glittering'^, 
Gaw. gloss. 

blustren bluster; blustreden (pret.) vis. P. P. 3531. 

bob (bobbe ?), Olcel. bobbi {nodus) ? Haldors. leocic, bob, 
bunch: a bob of cheris Mar. 135; bobbes {pi-) Halliio. 
diet. 190. 

bobbe, Dan. bobbe, Swed. bobba, bob {a small insecty, 
bobbs {pi') Halliw. diet. 190. 

bobben = butfen? bob, buff, beat: bobbi Halliw. diet. 
190; bobbe j,mock^, Wicl. gloss. 9; bobbed {pret.) s. s. 
Web. 2246; bobbiden rel. ant. 2, 45; bobbid {part) Lidg. 
m.p. 261. 

b b e t buffet, y^colaphus^ , prompt, parv. 

•bob e tin buffet, prompt, parv. 

hoc, ASax. OSax. boc {fagus, liber), OFris. Olcel. 
bok, Goth, boka, OHGerm. buoh, book, (dat.) a. r. 170; 
On/i. 14240; Wr. spec. 41; peos boc a. r. 12; b6kes(^e?i.) 
Orm. 8934; boke {dat.) 8932; owl and night. 350; (booke) 
Chauc. C. t. 4610; buke Iw. 1947; baec (bokes) {nom. 
pi.) Lai^. 7263; bokes Orm. 5811; in owre bokes Kath. 
839; boken {dat. pi.) LaT^. 6298. 
bocstaf letter, Orm. 4308; bocstaven {pi.) LaT^. 7637. 
boctreow beech-tree, Wr. voc. 91. 

bocare 77 

biikmast beech-mast^ Halliw, diet. 37. 

bocare, ASax. bocere, book-man, Lai^. 32125. 

boche, OFi\ boche, cmp. Dutch botse, boetse, butse, 
botch, y^gibbns^, Wr. voc. 224; bohche, botche ' „wici/^", 
'prompt, parv, 42; bocche Wid, gloss, 9; lAdg, m, jo. 31; 
bocches (pZ.) vis. P. P. 14092; see boss. 

b c h e r e , Fr. boucher, butcher, prompt pa^^v, 4 1 ; «. a. c. 1 9. 

bochi gibbosus, Wr, voc, 225. 

bocchiii, cmp, ODutch boetsen, butsen, botch, patch, 
Wicl. gloss. 

bod, A Sax. OFrU, bod, Olcel. bod, OH Germ, bot, from 
beoden, command, La^. 13407; bode? Orm. 5255; (he) 
sende heast & bode Kath. 48; bode? offey^. Rich. 3298; 
Oatc. gloss. 370; {ace.) a. r. 400; bode? message, Trist. 
2, 88; Chauc. a> f. 343; Will, gloss. 216; pi^ompt. parv. 
41 ; compos, for-, ibod. 

bod word command, message, mad. Web. 70 ; Hob. J5r. 47 ; 
Mar. mi?', pi. 173; bode word O^^n. 7. 

bode, A Sax. boda, OSax. bodo, OH Germ, boto, mes- 
senger. Rich. 1359; Amis 1254; Rob. Br. 22, 8; boden 
(pZ.) La'T^' 4695. 

bo die II, ASax. bodiau, OFris. bodia, bode., announce, 
from bod, La'T^. 23290; Kath. 1481; ()u bodest (pres.) 
owl and night. 1150; bodep Goto. conf. am. 1, 153; bodied 
a. r. 212. 

b d i 3 , * ASax. bodig, OHOerm. bo tali, body, Orm. 1555; 
bodi La3. 4908; Wr. treat. 138; Percev. 1166; bodies 
(pi) Kath. 1444. 
bodilTch bodily, Mand. 281. 

bodkin? bodkin, dagger; bodekin (boidekin) prompt. 
pa7'v. 42; Chauc. C. t. 3958. 

boggelen boggle, foil ; bogelid (part.) Hallitc. diet. 959. 

boggisch, cmp. baggo, tumidus, prompt, pare. 42. 
boggischli tnmide, prompt, parv.; bogeisllche boastingly. 
Will, gloss. 

bo 3, ASax. bog, boh, Olcel. bogr, OHGeryn. buog, 
bough, branch, bogh Iw. 392; IViam. 410; b63, b6u3 
Wicl. gloss. 9; b6u3 Brand. 9; bouh a. r. 150; Wr. p. 
8. 341 ; bou s. s. Wr. 610; bose ( Jof.) oi^^Z and night. 15; 
buses (pi.) Oaiv. gloss. 370; bo3hes On??. 10002; bowes 
a. r. 30; J^7H. gloss. 217; TVicZ. gfZoi*5. 9; vis. P. P. 3656 ; 
boes ant. Arth. 3, 13. 

78 b63 

bousum, bowsum? ASax. bocsum? Dutch booghsaem, 
obedient, Oaw. gloss, 370; bowsom (bousom?) Itv, 1155. 
b6u(„b6w")somnes obedience, Ilalliw, diet. 202; bocsom- 
uesse Itob, Glouc, 234, 5. 

boje, ASax, OFris, boga, OSax. OllOemi, bogo, OIceL 
bogi, boWy {ace?) LaT^. 6471; bowe 1453; a. r, 250; Chauc, 
C. t 108;. bo we (bouwe) ^arch'^, WicL gloss, 9; bawe 
„bow'', Gaic, gloss, 367; compos, el-, rein-, saclelbo3e. 
bowedraught Mand, 240. 

bo3en (bo^en?), Dutch bogheii, booghen {arcuare), 

bow, tu7^n, go, boje Gaw, gloss. 370 ; bowe {rim, w. wo we) 

s, s, Wr. 2536; bojed {pret,) Gaw, gloss, 370: bowide 

Wicl, gloss, 9; boweden here hedes J/a«J. 235; beoweden 

(beoiide) Laj. 22305; iboued? {part) Wr, treat, 139. 

bojien (bosien?), -4Safl7. bogian? OFris.hogm, remain, 
dwell', beogie Laj. 29233; bo5ede (pret) 5974. 

boilen, Fr, bouillir, boil, Gow. conf, am. 2, 265; boile, 
buile Wicl, gloss. 

boist, OFr, boiste, box, Itv, 1835; Mand. 85; busies 
(boistes) {pi') a, r. 226. 

boist, ODutch puiste {pustula)? ,^ikreat^, Gaw, gloss, 

boistous, rough, rude, Chauc, C, t Tyrwh, 17160; 
Lidg, m, p, 91; buistous Wicl, gloss, 9. 

boye, ODutch boeve, MUGenn, buobe? see Gr. wb, 2, 

457, boy, knave, fellow, servant, vis, P, P. 6962; boie s. s, 

Web, 960; Hartsh, met t 278; boi Wr. p, s, 199; bei or 

boi prompt, parv, 29; bai Alis. 4376; boyes (pZ.) Bek, 79, 

bokel, Fr, boucle Diez wb, 575, Germ, buckel Gr.icb, 
2, 485, buckle, Wr. voc, 150; bocul, bokil prompt, parv. 
41; bocle Wr, spec, 35. 

boken? bokc, bokit {pret?) „vomited'^, Gaw, gloss, 

bo ken (boke), ASax, bocian, book, Halliw. diet. 192. 

bokeram, MHGerm, buckeram, buckeran, OFr, bou- 
caran, buckram, prompt parv. 

boket bucket, Chauc. C, t 1535; rel. ant. 1, 9. 

boi, ODutch boi {caudex, tintncus), OIceL bolr {trmicus), 
bole, trunk ; bole ( dat f) Gaw, gloss, ; boles (p/.) Ilalliw, diet, 
bolax? Olcel. boloxi {securis, dolabra), Haldors, lexic,, 
OSwed, bolyxa {securis major) Ihres gloss,, a sort of axe; 
boleax rel. ant, 2, 176; boleaxes (pZ.) Oc^o^^. 1039 ; bulaxe 
Orm. 9281; see poUax. 

bold 7d 

?bulrische bulrush, prompt parv, 244. 

bolwerk, ODutch bolwerk(„6iocA;2^?erA;") Kil,dicti(m.,bulwarJc, 

Lidg, m, p, 237. 

bold, ASax. OFris, bold, house, Kaih 1664; Itoh, 
Olouc. 116, 1 ; boldes {pi) Mapes 343. 

b 1 g e n ? bol3en ? ASax, (ge-)bolgaii {iniumescere) ? bolu- 
wed (bolesed, bolhes), inflates? a. n 214; ho\g\i {hulgedf) 
schipis rel, ant 2, 24. 

bo Ik helch, ructus, vis, P, P, 3267. 

b o 1 k i n , ASax, bealcian ? belch, „ructare'^, prompt parv, 
43; bolke „feW ow*", WicL gloss, 9; bolkede (pret) ibid, 

bo lie, ASax, bolla (ijaw), OFris. boUa (bulla), Olcel, 
boUi (caiilUis, vasculum), ODutch bolle {globus, caput), 
OHOerm, poUa {bulbus, folliculus), (hirni-)polla {b^^ain- 
pan\ from bellen, boll, bowl, catinum^ lab^'um, poculum, 
Wr. voc, 199; prompt parv, 43; vis, P, P, 3212; Chauc, 
C, t 13138; Lidg, m, p, 52; boUen {pi) La^, 19781; 
bollis Gaw, gloss, 370; boUus avow, Arth, 46, 14; boll, 
bud, bulbus. folliculus, Halliw, diet 193; boUeii {pi) Wr, 
ti^eat 138; compos, flax-, protebolle. 

boll en, Goth, bauljan? swell: blister boUinge sore on 
alle his folke lasse and more Halliio, diet 193; boUid 
{pa7't,y Wicl, gloss, 

boUen, ME Germ, boUen {throto), smite, strike; boiled 
{pret) Halliw, diet, 193. 

boiling swelling: for bollinge of liir wombes vis, P, P. 

b o 1 n e n (bolnin), Dan, bolne, Swed, bulna, sioell, ,Mcmere, 
turgere^, prcympt pai^v, 43 ; bolne Wicl, gloss. ; {pres,) 
Gaw. gloss,; al mi bodi bolnep vis, P, P, 2709; bolneden 
{pret) Wicl, gloss,; wawes bolnede in pe flode Halliw, 
diet,; bolned {part) ibid, 

bolninge swelling, ,^tumor'^, prompt, pat^v,; {ace.) 
Halliw, diet 

bolster, ASax, bolster, Olcel, bolstr, OHGerm, bolstar, 
bolster; bolstar WV. voc, 178; bolstir prompt parv, 43; 
bolstre {dat) rel. songs 5, 90. 

bolsteren. Germ, bolstern, ^oX^ievw, bolster ; bolsterid 
{jyaH.) Lidg. m. p. 200. 

bolt (bolte?), ASax, Dutch bolt, OHGerm, bolz, holt, 
Wr. voc. 196; 278; prompt parv, 43; Chauc, C. t 3264; 
lud. Cov. 136. 

80 bonde 

bonde, ASax, bonde, bond, serf, villain, „sermts^, 
pr&tnpt parv, 43; Will, gloss. 216; LaT^. 15291; Trist 1, 
89; transact 18, 24; pral and bonde Chauc, C. t 7242; 
compos. Msbonde. 

bondeman bondman, owl and ntgltt. 1575; Bek, 552; vis. 
P. P. 2859. 

bon, Olcel. bon, boo7i, prayer, (boin) Mar. mir. pi. 
147; bone Wdl. gloss.; Oaw. gloss.; a. r. 214; (boone) 
Chauc. C. t. 2271; bone {dat.) La-jy 14912; {ace.) Orm. 
7606: Kath. 611; Brand. 30; s. s. Wr. 546; Tor. 1578; 
avotv. Arih. 13, 15; Mar. mir. pi. 101; (boone) Eglam. 
101; bone (now. pi.) Aud. 72; bonen {dat. pi.) a. r. 142; 
{ace. pi.) 152; see bene. 

honeii pray; bone {pres.) Orm. 5223; boned (j?ar*.) 694. 

boni, 0F7\ bugne, twnour, bump, prompt, parv. 

bor, ASax. Olcel. bor, boie, terebra. Mar. mir. pi. 142. 

hord, ASax. OSax. OFris. bord, Olcel.hovS., OHGerm. 
bort, Goth, baurd, board, tabula, {nom. ace.) Orm. 1096; 
Bek. 691; clipeus, Laj. 9283; ora {clipei\ Alis. 1270; 
latus {navis) Eglam. 902; {dat.) Tor, 1197; borde {dot.) 
a. r. 324; vis. P. P. 4332; bordes {pi.) Will, gloss.; bord, 
boord Wicl. gloss.; bord, burd Gaw. gloss.] burd Aviad. 
Bobs. 66, 7. 

bor in, ASax. OHGerm. borian, bore, prompt, parv. 44: 
bore {pres.) Wr. voc. 94; borien {pres. subj.) Kath. 1949. 

bor3, ASax. borg, borh, Gei-m. borg, /row berjen, 
borrow, security, bail; borh Xaj. 11913 ; borgh vis. P. P. 
2259; borghe i/ar. mir. pi. 158; porj borj and jemer 
3eld Shoreh. 113; borwgh Bich. 3259; borgh, borghe, 
borwe, borowe „^?as", prompt, parv. 44; 45; borugh t?w. 
P. P. 13952; borow 7'el. ant. 1, 9; borowe (r. t^. morwe) 
Alis. 6996; borwe (rfa«.) vis. P. P. 9301; have hdr mi 
faip to borwe Chauc. C. t. 11546; borwes {pi.) v's. P. P. 
613; Amis. 899; borewes Beh. 585. 

borien, ASax. borgian {fidejubere^ mutvari), OFris. 
borgia, burgia, OHGerm.horgen {cavere), OIcel.hoYgei{celare), 
borrow, protect, bail; burjen (bor3e) La^. 21261: borwin 
rfmutuari, vadari'', prompt, pai'v. 45; borwe Alis. 1243; 
Chauc. C. t. 4525; to bore wen us alle he wes ibore TTV. 
spec. 25; borewe hem out of here baude Hartsh. met. t. 
14; borowe rel. ant. 1, 9; us alle from bale to borowe 
Ma7\ mir, pi. 149; buruwen from pes deofles botte a. r. 

Ms 61 

366; borwe (pres. svhj.) vis. P. P. 2300; borwid (part.) 
Hood. 1, 369. 

bos, ASax. bos? Olcel. b&s, Oerm, banse Gr, wh. 1, 
1119, cmp. Goth, bansts Diefenb. wh. 1, 274, hoose, stable; 
boos (bose) yfmcetam^y prompt parv. 41 ; bose „bostar^ 
(bovile), Wr. voc. 235. 

bos em, ASaJx. bosum, bosm, OSax. OFris. bosm, 
OHGerm. buosum, bosom, Orm. 19391; bosum a. r. 146; 
bosom Chauc. C. t. lblb\ boseme {dat.) a. r. 146. 

bosse, ODutck bosse, busse, OFr. bosse, boce, boss^ 
Chauc. C. t. 3266; hoc^ prompt parv.; boces (pi) Wicl, 
gloss.; see boche. 

bost, Welsh bost Oweris diction., Gael, bosd Mad. & 
Dew. diction., boast, Rob. Glouc. 209^ 20; Wr. spec. 94; 
Degrev. 231; penne said Percivel on bost Perciv. 793; 
boost noise, vis. P. P. 9397. 

bos ten, Welsh bostiaw, Ga£l. bdsd, boast, vis. P. P. 
1043; boste & blowe transact 18, 25; bostep (pr^a.) Chauc. 
C. t 7254; bostus avow. Arth. 23, 6. 

boster boaster, dep. of R. 11, 1. 

bot, Dutch bot {obtusus, rudis)? 
botforke Wr. spec. 110. 

bot, ASax. Olcel. bot, OSax. Goth. b6ta, OFris. bote, 
OHGerm. buoza, from *baten, boot, amend, reparation, re- 
medy, help, Will, gloss. 217; Mapes 336; hoie Lai^. 21926; 
ant Arth. 16, 9; shal ben ur bote transact. 18, 25; pat 
is bote of alle bale Amad. Robs. 17, 10; til ure s4wle 
bote Orm. 2692; bote (ace.) Rob. Glouc. 448, 19; Rich. 
3086; don bote a. r. 88; boote Mar. mir. pi. 24; (ace.) 
Chauc. C. t 426; to boote (dat.) to boot, vis. P. P. 9439; 
bote, bute Gaw. gloss'. 370; bute Min. 1. 

bote, Provenc. bota, boot, y^ocrea'^, Wr. voc. 197; botes 
(pi) Mand. 250. 

bo tin, Swed. bota, boot, amend, give more, prompt, 
parv. 45; bote Amis 2340; he was botid of mekile care 
Eglam. 188; see bSten. 

botel, ASax. boti, OSax. bodl? bottle, home; botle 
(dot.) Orm. 2788. 

botel, OFr. bottel, cmp. OHGerm. bozo (fasciculus), 
bottle^ bundle: & botel hei Chauc. C. t. Tyr. 16963. 

botel, MLat. botellus? bottle, lagena, lud. Gov. 138. 

botelere huder^ Wr. voc. 257; boteler, botler, Wicl. gloss. 


82 botnen 

b 6 tnen, /row bot, amend, repair, cure; botned (pre».) 
Kaih, 2523; botnede {pret) chron, of Engl 768; botned 
(part,) Will, gloss,; boo tiled vis. P. P, 4181. 

botenere curer, Wart. hist. 2, 109. 

botening, Swed. botning, cure, Halliw. diet 

bo ton, OFr. bo ton, button, Wr. voc. 238. 

bope, MHGerm. buode, booth, prompt parv. 46; {dat) 
Goto. conf. am. 3, 281; {ace.) Oi^m. 15817; Hardw. poem 
45, 11; bopes (^i.) Alls. 3457. 

bop em, ASax. botm, OSax. bodom, OHOe^^m. Dutch 
bodem, Olcel. botn, bottom, Wr. voc. 159; Gaw. gloss. 
370; bopum s. s. Wr. 809; botme (dat) Mand. 52; Gow. 
conf. am. 1, 108; Chauc. C, t 13249; k botme {r. botem) 
of prede prompt, parv. 45. 

b one lie, OFr. bouelle, bowel, „viscus'^, Wr. voc, '247; 
bouele Gow. conf. am. 2, 265. 

bought, Dutch bogt, Germ. h\xcht, from bujen, bought, 
flexura, sinus, Tor. 668 ; of peose bought was heore croune 
Alis. 4712; see bijt. 

bouken, Dutch buiken, LGrm. biiken, Swed. b^ka, 
HGerm. bauchen, bauchen, hick, lixivio incoquere, vis. 
P. P. 8939; bouke rel. ant 1, 108. 

bounde, ASax. bunda, bondman, s. s. Web. 582; hus- 
band (?), Halliw. diet 

bounde, OFr. bonde, bonne Roquef. gloss., MLat bunda, 
bonna du Ganges gloss., bound, limes, terminus, {ace.) Gow. 
conf. a7n. 3, 92 ; boundes {pi-) Chauc, C. t 7922; bouns 
Halliw. nug. poet. 6; bunnen (dat pi.) La7^. 1313. 

bounen, Dan. bugne (bend), from bujen, go; boune 
{imperat) Gaw. gloss, 370; to bed bounus he avow.Arth. 10, 
13; bounit (^pret) Gaw, gloss,; bounut avow. Arth. 50, 13. 

bourd, OFr, behourd {just, tournament), MHGerm. 

buhurt Ben. tab. 1, 735, Dutch hoerde {joke), OFr is, bord, 

tournament; bourdes {pL) Will, gloss,; bordis Halliw. diet,; 

joke, jest, Will, gloss.; Chauc. C. t. Tyr. 17030; bourde 

Gaw. gloss.; Toum. myst 107. 

hour den, OFr. bourder, behourder {just, play, joke), 
joke; bourde (pres.) Chauc. C. t, 14193; bourded {pret.) 
Gaw. gloss.; bourdinge {part) vis. P. P. 9677. 

bo were bowyer, Wr. voc. 195; bowyere prompt, paj^v. 

box, ASax. box, HGerm. buhsa, Gr. ii6St(;, box, Rob, 
Ghuc. 456, 7; Chauc. C. t 14284. 

box 83 

box, ASax. box, Lot. buxus. Or, 7i66oc, hox. 
boxtree Chauc, C t 1304. 

box hoxy plagay y^alapa^^ prompt, parv, 46; Chauc, Z. 
g, w. 1384. 

brae, A Sax, (ge-)braec, brec, Olcel, brak, OHGe^-m, 
(ge-)breh, noise, (ace) Orm, 1178. 

brae he, OHGerm, braeho, scenting Jioimd, rel, ant. 1, 
151; braehes (pZ.) Oaw, gloss, 

brad, OHOerm. prat, prart {ora)*i brad, „aculeiLs'^, 
Wr, voc. 234; see bred. 
brade(brad ?)ful hrimfid, La-i^, 32224. 

brad, ASax, brad, OSojx. OFris, bred, Goili, braids, 
Olcel, breidr, OHGenn. breiter, broad, Orm. 3431; Iw, 
163; s, s. Web. 2784; Percev. 269; avow, Arth, 3, 15; 
brM, braed (brod) La'^. 14219; 15898; brod a, r, 102; 
Tor, 1252; (brood) Chauc. C. t, 155; a brood abroad, 
Mand. 45; z?^5. P. P. 9031; pat Hod stod al a brod 
Bob, Glouc, 261, 19; her winges bope a brod she 
spradde Gow. conf. am. 2, 105; and held hir lappe 
a brod Chauc, C, t. 10755; bradder, brodder {comparat) 
Wicl, gloss. 

brodarwe catapulta, prompt, parv, 53. 
broodaxe dolabra, ibid, 

brod en, ASax, brMian, Goth, braidjan, Olcel. breida, 
OHGerm, breiten, spread, dep. of R. 13, 2; see breden. 

brag, OFr, brague, Olcel. brag (fragor)? brag, Begrev, 
231; brai? noise, Alis. 2175. 

brag, brag, proud, imolent, ,^bold'\ Will, gloss. 217; 
pat makep us so brag and bolde Wr. spec, 24; wordes 
bragge Skoreh, 110; hi shoulde nought beren hem so 
brag cr, P. P, 1407; brai? ,^bold^, Gaw. gloss. 371. 

brag at (brake t), Welsh bragawd (a llqtior made of 
wort of ale and mead fermented together) Owens diction., 
Irish bracat (irnalt liquor) O'Reilly s diction., from brag, 
braich (malt), bragg t, Chauc. C. t. 3261. 

bra gen, OFr. braguer, Welsh bragiaw (brag, boast^ 
swell out), Irish bragaim (boast), brag: he bostep and 
braggep vis. P. P, 8595; braggip „fcm!/5", Wicl, gloss. 9; 
braging ,^boasting^, Gaw, gloss. 371. 

braggere bragger, vis, P, P, 4104. 

braid, ASax, braegd, bregd, Olcel, bragd, /rom brei- 
den, hraidj turn, throw, start., blow, trick, Gow, conf am, 


$4 bidden 

2, 21; Chaue. I. g, w. 1164; Tor, 1611; scho braid hit 
a doun at on braid a, s. Wr, 483 ; pat was A pSves braid 
"Rob. Br. 164, 3; he abod moni k bitter braid transact. 
18, 24; brad (r. w. said) Mar. mir. pi. 153; breid Rob. 
Oloiic. 22, 15; Ipom. 1834; he went to pe uscher in k 
breide {in a trice) CI. 448; ivele breides rel. ant. 1, 218; 
compos, upbraeid. 

braiden? braid; braide (/or braidde or braid?) (pret.) 
yjStartedy threw^^ Will, gloss. \ braide, braiden ^turned, 
drew, threw, started'^, Gaw. gloss.; out of sl^pe sche braide 
(r. w. saide) Chauc. C. t. 4283; on swouning doune sche 
hrsiide Eglam. 1155; braidit Gaw. gloss.; braidet antArth. 
10, 5; and braided him doune Alis. 5856; braided out 
of paire bedde Isumb. 104. 

brain, ASax. braegen, ODutch bregen, OFris. brein, 
brain, Wr. treat. 138; brain (bra3en) LaT^. 1468. 
brainpanne Hand. 234. 

bra yen, Oi'V. braire, bray, cry, Gatv. gloss.; «^e bragen. 

brake brake, fern, Wr. voc. 156; prompt, pai^. 47; 
lud. Gov. 22; brakin (pZ.?) Wr. voc. 191; 226. 

brake (br4ke?), O-Oz^^cA braeke {lupatum, frangibula)'i 
Swed. brake {frangibula, frangibulum)'i from breken, 
brake, ,^i^pa, vibra''', Wr. voc. 217; 276; ,^rasteUum^ , 
prompt, parv. 47 *. 

brakin (brakin?), ODutch braeken, break, vomit, prompt. 
pa7*v. 47. 

br4me, ODutch braeme, OHQerm. br4ma, tribulus, 
vepres, Wr. voc. 192. 

brand, ASax. OFris. brand, brond, Olcel. brandr, 
OHGerm. brant, brand; brandes (p/.) Percev. 774; brond 
Chauc. C. t. 2340; brondes (pi.) a. r. 368; Gaw. gloss.; 
brand sword, avow. Arth. 14, 6; Mar. mir. pi. 137; brond 
Kath. 2395; brandes, brondes Gaw. gloss. 
brandnpe, ASax. brandreda? Ofl^^rgr/w. brandreita ? tripus, 
Wr. voc. 232. 

brand en, ODutch branden, brand; brondin y^caute- 
rizare^, prompt, parv. 

brank, ODutch prange {postomis, numella), an insbm- 
ment formerly used for punishing scolds, Halliw. diet, 

brank en, Goth, praggan, ODutch prangen (premere, 
urgere, arctare), brank, press? brankand (part.) Halliw. 

bira&t 9B 

brant, ASax, brant, Olcel. brattr, brant, steep, Halliw, diet, 

bras, AS(ix. braes, OIceL bras {ferrumen)'i brass, 
Orm. 17417; Wr. treat. 136; prompt, parv, 47; bres Wr, 
voc. 94; a, r. 216. 

brase, Dutch brase, OS?ced, brasa, [Span. Port, brasa, 
Fr, braise, Ital, bracia, bragia], glowing coals, (brasse) 
Gaw. gloss. 371; ant, Arth, 15, 6. 

bras en (brasin), ASax. braesen, brazen, ^aereus^, 
prompt parv, 47; Alis^ 6685; o pat brasene neddre Orm, 

brastlien, ASax. brastlian, from *brast, MHGerm, 
brast {crepittis), brastle, crack, LaT^, 28551; sceldes brast- 
leden 27463. 

bratt, ASax, bratt {pallium) Lyes diction., brat, gownf 
Chauc. G. t. Tyr. 16349. 

br&p, Olcel. bradr, hasty, violent, fierce, Orm, 7164; 
brope Gaiv. gloss. 

brapli hastily, violently, Halliw. diet, 207 ; bropllche Mapes 
343; bropeli Percev. 2123; Rob. Br. 166, 12. 

br&pe? violence, fierceness ; brappe (ace) Orm, 4719. 
br4peful violent: bropefulle wordes Rob. Br. 55, 28. 

braun, OFr. braon (sura), LGerm. brie pi. br&en 
{mra\ ODutch braede (pulpa, sura), OHGerm. tr&to ace. 
br&tun {pfella), brawn, „laeertus, pulpa*'^, prompt, parv, 48; 
neiper bacon ne braun vis. P. P. 8219; ful big he was 
of braun and eek of boones Chauc. C. t, 548; braunes 
(pi.) ^sinews^, Wicl. gloss.; his braunes hard and stronge 
Chauc. C. t. 2137. 

brawlin, ODutch brabbelen (rixarC)? brawl, y^jurgare^y 
prompt, parv. 48. 

braulinge brawling, vis. P. P. 10100. 

bread, ASax. bread, Olcel, braud, OFris. brad, braed, 
OSax. brod, OHGerm. brot, bread, a. r. 412; Shoreh. 30; 
braed Orm. 1939; breed Wr. spec. 104; Wicl. John 6; 
brM rel. songs 1, 42; Brand. 6; Mand. 18. 

breche, ASax. breca, OHGerm. brecho, breaker; com- 
pos. Swbreche. 

breche, ASax. (ge-)brece, brice, OFris. breke, OHGerm. 
(ge-)breche, breach, fracture, rupture, Alis. 2168; Gow. 
cfmf. am. 2, 138; {for bruche?) Shoreh. 133. 

brSche, OHGerm. br^cha, fallow field f {dat.) owl and 
night 14. 

86 bred 

bred, ASax. bred, ODutch bred, berd, OHOerm, bret, 
bred, board, prompt parv, 48; nailid on a bred of tre 
rel. ant 1, 63; see brerd; compos, taevelbred. 
bredchcse prompt parv, 

bret(/or bred?)fid brimfvl, Chauc. C, t 689; Hardxo, 
poem 4:1, 8. 

bred? brede? ASax, braed, Olcel, brM, OHOerm. 
^rkt, flesh, meat; brede (ace.) Lut^. 30583; owl and night 
1628; Wr. spec, 27; avow. Arth. 31, 15; brMes (pi) 
Alts. 5249. • 
brSdelren gridiron, Ilalliw. diet 208. 

brSde, ASax. braedo, OFris, brede, Goth, braidei, 
OHGerm, breiti, brede, breadth, ,^latitudo'^ , prompt, parv, 49 ; 
Gow, conf. am, 2, 388; Maud. 117; ant Arth, 45, 13; 
brede, breede Wicl. gloss, 9; \)q knight ligges per on brede 
Percev, 797; al aboute on brede pei spredde Rich, 4434; 
pine armes shalt pou sprede a brede {abroad) Chauc r, 
r, 2563; breede C, t 1972; in breede and lengpe Lidg, 
m, p, 98; breade a, r, 102. 

bred en, ASax, bredan, OFris, hrida, throw, a, r, 222; 
his berd perwip was bropen (? r. to, sopen = soden) 
Bob. Br, M, 3, 397; see breiden. 

breden, ASax, braedan, spread, extend, La^, 14283; 
bredin prompt, parv, 49; breadep {pres.) Mar, mir. pi. 11; 
bredde (pret) ? Will, gloss, ; hrsidde Gaw, gloss.; see hrkden; 
compos, abreden. 

breden, ASax. braedan, OHGerm, braten, roast, LaT^, 
25986; brede rel. songs 5, 200; Bich, 1493; brede (part.) 

breden? roast; brad (pret) Gaw, gloss, 370; bredden 
Halliw. diet, 208; bradden La^. 20978. 

breden (bredin), ASax. brMan, OHGerm, bruotan, 
from brod, breeds prompt, parv, 49; brede Wr, spec, 101; 
breded (pres.) a. r. 222; bredep Bob, Glove, 111, 2; vis, 
P, P. 7271; bredde (pret) oivl and night, 101; bredden 
vis. P, P, 7287; bredd (part) Wicl, gloss, 

bre'', OFr. bref, brief, OHGerm, brief, brief letter, 
s. s. Wr. 3213; Bob, Br. 155, 12.. 

breiden (breide), ASax, OSax. bregdan, OTceLhregSa, 
brigcia, braid, wreath, turn., throw, puU, Wicl, gloss, 9; 
breiden kue cruue a. r. 124; a gret ok he wolde breide 
a doun as it k smal serde were Bob. Glouc. 22, 7; pei 

brek 87 

ta\ighten him 4 lace to braide Gow, conf. am, 3, 237; breide 
(pres.) „necto, torqueo^, prompt parv. 49; breid (pret,) 
a. r. 280; breid (drew) he . . . k sweord iaj. 1548; pe 
king hine breid {feigned f) saec 6667; braid rtStarted'^, 
WUl, gloss. 217; he braid (threw) him doune Tw, 3248; 
he braid aur to pe kinge avow, Arth. 43, 9; broiden 
(paH.) owl and night 645; wip blis and bote broiden 
Halliw, diet 213; broidin „laqueatus'^, prompt parv. 53; 
. braiden variegated^ coloured? ^embroidered'^ f Oaw. gloss,; 
brauden „woven'^, ibid,; compos, a-, at-, for-, i-, to-, um-, 
up-, utbreiden; deriv, braid. 

brek, ASax, (ge-)brec, break, fracture, Alls, 2168*; 
(„breke'* ?) prompt, parv, 49 ; („brike" ?) Chauc, C, t Tyr, 
14620; see breche. 

brekil, brickie, brittle, prompt, parv, 177; Mar. mir, 
pi 112. 

brek en, ASax. OSax. brecan, OFris. breka, Goth. 
brikau, OHGerm. brechan, break, a. r. 242; Hand. 228; 
brekin „frangere, rumpere'^, prompt, parv, 49; breke Wicl, 
gloss.] breake y^cut up^, Gaw. gloss,; brekep (pres,) Wr, 
treat. 136; brae (pret) La^. 1558; Orm, 15; brak vis. 
P. P. 12721; Chauc. C. t 1470; Iw. 3778; Wicl. gloss.; 
Rob. Glouc. 126, 12; brek 22, 16; Gaw. gloss.; brake 
tbid.; Isumb. 652; broken, breeken Wicl. gloss.; breken 
La^. 27506; Alis. 5891; s. s. Wr. 1218: broken (part) 
Chauc. Troil. 7574; brokiu Octav. 944; compos, a-, an-, 
at-, i-, to-, up-, utbreken; deriv. brake, breche, bruche. 

brembil, ASax. brembel, bramble, Wicl. gloss.; brem- 
mil, brimbil prompt parv. 

br ember, ASax. brember, bramble, Chauc. V. t 15158. 

breme, OHGerm. bremo (tabanus, oestrus), from 
*bremen, OHGerm. breman {fremere), breeze? rel. ant 
1, 81. 

breme (breme?), ASax, breme Ettm, lex, 321, breme 
Greiris gloss.^ broeme Bout ev. gloss., bream, loud, keen, 
fierce, Orm. 7197; Will, gloss. 211 \ Gaw, gloss. 371; 
Town, my St. 197; pat brid so breme in boure Wr. spec. 
52; her breme (breme?) blastis dep. of li.21, 4 [bremme 
wordes 11, 1 -= brimme?]; pu art wel modi and wel 
brSme (r. w. teme) owl and night 500; breme and bold 
k. of T. 835; k br^me b4re Amad. Web. 171; brfeme as 
& bftre Degrev. 1240; br^me wittes vis. P. P. 7878; when 

as breme 

briddes singep breme (r. w, deme) loudlyy Wr.- spec. 4a ; 
foughten breeme fiercely, Chauc. G, t 1701. 
bremeli, bremli loudly, kee^ily, fiercely. Will, gloss,; Gaw, 
glosn, ; briddes ful bremeli on pe bowes singe Hartsh, met, 1 257. 

breme, OFr, bresme, OH Germ, brahsema, bream^ Wr, 
voc. *253; prompt, parv, 49; Chauc, C, t, 352. 

b r e n , OFr, bren, Bret, brenn, Welsh Irish bran, bran, 
rtfurfur'^, prompt, parv, 49; Chauc, C, t, 4051; vis, P. P. 
4160; bran Wr, voc. 201. 

brenn en, ASax, brennan, bernan (urere, cremare\ 
OHGerm. OSax, brennan, Olcel, brenna, ODutch bernen, 
Goth, brannjan, bum^ urere, uri, vis, P, P, 11830; Chauc, 
C, t 4531; brennin ^cremare, ardere^', prompt, parv, 49; 
brenne Will, gloss.; Gaw, gloss,; Wicl, gloss,; Alis, 5935; 
Mand, 48; Min. 23; Bob. Br, 44, 18; brenne (pres,) ant 
Arth, 15, 6; bernen (= ASax. beornan?) a, r, 306; owl 
and night, 1201; berne Rob. Glouc, 81, 15; Wr, treat, 
136; baernen Orm, 1529; brende (pret) 1702; Oow, 
conf, am. 2, 164; vis, P, P, 12021; Gaw, gloss,; Wid, 
gloss,; brenden Chauc, C, t, 2427; Rich. 6057; bernde 
Kath, 1665*; a, r, 242; barnde La^- 30459; Rob, Glouc. 
300, 6; bearninde (pres, part) Kath, 1362; brend (pret, 
part) Orm, 1000; brend (burnished) gold Chauc, C, t 
2164; Rich, 3349; brend, brent Will, gloss,; brent Hoccl. 
1, 390; compos, for-, upbrennen. 

b r e s e n bruise ? compos, tobreosen ? deriv. br^sen, brosen ? 

breost, ASax. breost, OSax, Olcel, briost, OFris, 
briast, breast, Alis. 621; breest ^pectus''', prompt parv. 49; 
brest Orm, 4:774; brist lud, Cov, 14; breoste (dat) Lai^, 
15831; a, r, 230; broste gr, 20; breeste Mand, 92. 

breoden, ASax, breodan, perish, La^, 5807; breoded 
(brepip) 5196. 

brer? ASax, brer (tnbulus), brier; brere? y,tribulus, 
vepris''^, prompt parv, 49; y^^glantier^ , Wr, voc, 163; 
,^tribulvs", 181; 229; s, a, c, 8; Mar, mir, pi. 111; brere 
(dat.) Min, 31; breres (pi) a, r. 276; Orm, 9212; Will, 
gloss, 217; Mand, 115; Chauc, C, t 1534; 4 burpen of 
brere Wr, spec, 110. 

brerd, ASax. brerd, breard, OHGerm. prart, brim, 
brink, Orm, 14040; Gaw. gloss.; Wicl, gloss,; brerde (dat.) 
a, r, 324; breorde Lai^, 23322; see berd and bred, 
brerdful brimful, Orm. 14529. 

hfdm 89 

brSse, ASax. briosa, breeze^ „oestrum^, Wr. voc. 255; 
^asilus^y prompt, parv, 49. 

brest (breste?), ^Soar. berst(?), Dutch hQY%\^{(lefectu8) 
Maerl, rh. gloss., MHOerm. brest, breste (vitium) Ben. wh, 
1, 256, OIceL brestr (defectus) Egilss, lex., lack, want, 
prompt parv, 49 ; breste (ace.) damage, harm, Halliio. 
diet. 209; berst 167. 

bresten, -4Sair. berstan, OFm. bersta, ODm^cA bersten, 
OSax. brestan, OHGerm. brestan, prestan, Olcel. bresta, 
hjirst, hrust, Kath. 2028; brestin prompt, parv. 50; breste 
Mar. mir. pL 1 42 ; breste, berste Wicl. gloss. ; briste Oaw. 
gloss.; brusten? Will, gloss.; bersten La^. 27683; a. r. 80; 
berste -Horn 662; bursten JfiLafA. 2028*; breste {pres. subj.) 
Chauc. C. t Tyr. 11071; brast (pret.) vis. P. P. 4153; 
Ckauc. C. t 2612; Tor. 687; JJegrev. 1622; barst Laj. 
1467; Hick. thes. 1, 228; Alis. 625; brusten Gaw. gloss.; 
brosten Octov. 1088; brosten, brasteii, barsten Wicl. gloss. ; 
bursten Mich. 2892; borsten A. ofT. 1049; brosten (part.) 
Change. C. t 3827; prompt, parv. 53; brosten, borstun 
Wicl. gloss.; compos, an-, at-, to-, utbresten. 

bred, ASax. braed, cmp. OHGerm. br&dam, breath, 
vapour, fervour, a. r. 106; brep owl and night. 946; 1452; 
Wr. treat. 136; ^rage, anger^, Gaw. gloss.; breep Chauc. 
C. t 5; vis. P. P. 12721; brepe {dat.) Lidg. m. p. 62. 

brep en (brepin) breathe, exhale, evaporate, y^spirare^\ 
prompt, parv. 50; brfipi Wr. treat. 136; brepep (pres.) 
Wicl. John 3. 

brew (brSu?) breio. 
brewam, ASax. breavaem, brewhouse, Wr. voc. 178. 
brewhous, MHGerm. briuhas, Wr. voc. 204; Chauc. C. t. 

brSw (brewe?), ASax. breav, OFris. br^, Olcel. hvk, 
OHGerm. br&(?), brawa, Dutch brauwe {ora, cilium), 
bree, brow; br^se Wr. spec. 34; brie „cilium", Wr. voc. 
183; br& brink, Gaw. gloss. 370; bro id., Rob. Br. 187, 9; 
br&ye id., Halliw. diet. 207; br^ye {dot.) rel. songs 5, 
238; brewis {pi.) Wicl. gloss. 10; brees avow. Arth. 15, 
15; breowen Laj. 18374; compos, ejebrew; see bruwe. 

br^we, ODutch bruwe, brue, broeije, MHGerrn. hrueie? 
broth, sauce, „brodium^, Wr. voc. 241 ; compos, fischbroue? 

brewen (brfewe), ASax. breovan, MHGerm. briuwen, 
ODvUh brouwen, brew^ a. s. Wr. 1490; bruwin, briUn^ 

90 brAwen 

brouin (browin) ^^pandoxari^^ prompt paw. 54; br^w 
(pret.) Wr, p, s. 69; vis. P. P. 2910; Gaw, gloss; hro- 
wen (part.) Rich. 4365; ibrowen Ilardw. poeni 29, 6; 
ibrowe s. s. Web. 1494. 

br^wen, Olcel. brugga, brew; hrewid (part.) Flo7\ 687. 

br^were brewer^ prompt parv. 54; vis. P. P. 13755; 
brueres {pi.) rel. songs 7, 35; hrners Halliw. nug. poet. 9. 

br^wes, OFr. broues, brewis, broth^ (brewis) Halliw. 
diet. 210; brues y^adipatum^^ IVr. voc. 266 ; brouis (browis) 
id. ibid. 199; (browes) id., prompt parv. 53; and soupid 
of pe brouwis a sope Rich. 3077. 

brewestere brewster, (female) brewer, vis. P. P. 3087; 
broustere lud. Cov. 132; hronstsir prompt, parv. 54. 

brewet, OFr. brouet, Dutch bruwet, OFris. brout 
(brew, brewing) f broth, Wr. diet 255; bruet ibid.; brouet 
(browet) prompt, parv. 54; dep. of R. 10, 3. 

bri, ASaoo. briv? Dutch brij, OHGerm. bri, nptds^, 
Wr. voc. 93. 

bribe, Fr. bribe (rnorsel), bribe, Chauc. C. t 6960. 

b rib en (bribe), OFr. briber, Span, bribar, filch, steal, 
y^manticulari^^ prompt, parv. 50; Chauc. C. t 4415. 

brid, ASax. bridd, (young) bird, a. r. 102; owl and 
night 124; Mand. 48; s. s. Wr. 3035; Wicl. gloss.; berd 
Gow. conf. am. 1, 45; lud. Cov. 44; briddes (pl^ pullos, 
a. r. 118; volucres, 128; Kath. 64; vis. P. P. 7681; 
Chauc. C. t. 2931; Will, gloss.; Gaw. gloss.; ant. Arth. 
27, 4; birdus Tor. 2044. 

bri del (bridel?), ASax. bridel, OHGerm. britel, prit- 
til, emp. ODutch breidel, bridle, a. r. 74; Sho?eh. 6; Chauc. 
C. «. 906; bridil Rich. 5817. 

brid I en (bridlen?), ASax. bridelian, iricJZe; pei bridlen 
(pres.) Goto. conf. am. 1,110; bridled (part.) Orm. 11664; 
brideled Mand. 253; ibridled Chauc. I. g. w. 1112. 

briht, ASax. breht Bout ev. gloss., beorht, OSax. 
berht, OHGerm. berahter, Ofcel. biartr, bright, Orm. 
3431; Wr. spec. 25; k. oj^ T. 240; lud. Cov. 21; brist 
Degrev. 1483; briyt Hick. thes. 1, 231; britli (briht?) 
Mar. mir. pi. 42; brijth (bri5ht?) Degrev. 1545; britt 
Hick. thes. 1, 228; brist (brit?) rel. ant I, 48; brihte 
brightly, chron. of Engl. 770; brijte Brand. 2; brihture 
(comp.) a. r. 38. 
brihtllche brightly y a. r. 154; brihtluker (comp.) 96. 

brihten 91 

brihten, ASax. brihtau, beorhtan, brighten, a. r. 148; 
til on morwen pe dai bright s, s, Wr. 1997. 

brightuesse, ^ISaar. bryhtuess, beorhtness, brightness, 
{dat) Hand. 260. 

b r i k , Fr. brique, Dutch bricke {later), LGerm. bricke 
{tabella, discus), brick, wills mid invent 37. 

brim, ASax. OIceL brim, -flood, sea, Min, 30; pe brim 
of pe see Brand. 22; brimes (/>/.) Gaw. gloss. 

brim (brime, brimme?) — breme {or breme)? brim 
loud, sharp, fierce, ^ferus, ferox'^, prompt, parv. 5 1 ; Oaw. 
gloss. 371; Bob. Br. 28, 27; brime (r. w. lime) Wr. s. a. 
c. 20, 4; br^res brimme Chavc. r. r. 1836. 
brimli Mar. mir. pi. 176. 

brime? Olcel. brimi {fire)? 
brimeston brimstone, rel. songs 5, 211; brimstou chron. of 
Engl. 181; Chauc. C. t. 631; brim-, briimstOii Wtcl. 
gloss. 10; brumston Mapes 339; bremstcn Halliw. diet. 

brimme, ASax. brymme, bremme, brim, Octov. 931; 
{dat.) LaT^. 14720; Goiv. conf. am. 2, 293; Chauc. I. g. w, 
2449; Em. 694. 

brimmen (brimme), ASax. bremmau, brim, roar^ 
grunt, prompt, parv. 51. 

brimse, ASax. brimse, ODutch bremse, brims, breeze, 
oestrum^ Wr. diet. 

brin, Dan. Swed. br^n, Olcel. bruii pi. br^nn, (brine) 
y^supercilium^ , prompt, parv. 51; avow. Arth. 15, 6. 

brine, ASax. bryne, brine, ,^salsugo'\ prompt, parv. 

bringe, ASax. bring, bringing, {gen.f) Laj. 743. 

b r i n g en, ASax. OSax. OUGerm. bringan, OFris. bringa, 
Goth, briggan, bring, Orm. 1327; harrow. 6; pei bringen 
{pres.) Mand. 237; brohte {pret.) Orm. 14361; Wr. p. s. 
221; bro3te owl and night. 107; brouhte La7^. 63; broute 
(brofte) 36; broughte Chauc. C. t. 4942; broliten Horn ^i\ 
broubten a. r. 114; broht {part) Wr. spec. 29; broght 
vis. P. P. 7691; Mar. mir. pi. 135; brouht k. of T. 193; 
compos, ibringen. 

bringere bring er^ Mand. 243. 

brink, LGerm. Dan. Swed. brink {hill\ brink., ora, 
Wicl John 21; brinke {dat.) a. r. 242; Chauc. C. t 9275. 

brin n en, ASax. brinnau, beornan (ardere, uri), OSax. 
OH Germ. Goth, brinnan, Olcel. brinna (brenna?), bum; 

92 brkle 

brinne (= brenne?) Chaibc, C, t 5634; Isumb, 695; birne 
(= berne?) Tor, 555; beornen La^- 2858; pe castel gon 
to bernen 16218; born {j>rct) 16217. 

b r i X 1 e , OTcel. brixl (opprobrium) ? from breken ? compos. 

broblen =: burblen? brobilande in his blode HaUiw. 
diet 212. 

broc, ASax. broc, Dan, brok, Irish Gael. hroCy Welsh 
bro<;, brock, badger, Wicl. gloss. ; brok prompt, parv. ; 
brockes {pi.) Laj. 12817; brokkes vis. P. P. 3854. 

broc (broc?), ASax. broc? affliction? Lai^. 21029. 

broc, ASax. broc {torrens\ Dutch broek {palus\ 
OHOerm. bruoch (paZws), brook, LaT^. 21783; brok yprivu- 
h(s'\ prompt, parv. 53; Mand. 99; brook Chauc. C. t. 
3920; broke (dat.) vis. P.P. 4067; brokes (pi) a. r. 258. 
brocminte brook-^ waiermint, Wr. voc. 1 40. 

broc, ASax. broc, 0/ceZ. brok, OjETG^e^'wi. bruoh {braccL)] 
br^ch (pZ.) breech (breeches)^ a. r. 420; jB^Ar. 260; vis, 
P. P. 2822; breech Mand. 250; breoh or brek ^braccae^, 
prompt, parv. 48; brek ,^braccae''^, Wr. voc. 238; Iw, 1770; 
Rob, Br, 161, 13; brik 5. a. c. 10, 57; brSchen (dot.) 
LaT^. 16749; breke Lidg. m. p. 114. 

broche, OFr. brocho, broach, a. r, 420; Oaw, gloss.; 
Wicl. gloss. 

brocour broker, vis. P. P. 1001; brocouris (pi.) IlaUiw, 

brod, ASax. brord (sptca)? OTcel. broddr {spicidumy 
frons, ora\ OHOerm. prot, prort (prora)? brod, point, 
prick, sprout, y^aculeus^, Wr. voc. 202 ; ,^clavus acephcXus^, 
prompt parv. 53; brod & blome Orm. 10773. 

brod, ASax. brod, OHOerm. bruot {hea£), broody Bob. 
Glouc, 70, 16; brod (ace.) owl and night. 1631; brode 
(dat) 93; 518. 

brodden sprout, Orm. 10769. 

broden brood, ,^fovere^, prompt parv. 53; ibroded? 
(part.) owl and flight 1310; see brouden. 

broil en, OFr. bruiller, broil, roast, „usUdare, torrere^j 
prompt parv. 53; broile Chauc. ,C. t 385. 

brok, ASax. broc, Olcel. brockr Haldors. lex., brock, 
jade, Chauc. C. t 7125. 

broke = broken? 
brokebakkid y,gibbosus^, prompt parv. 

iNTok^ 93 

brokefootid „fracto pede", WicL gloss. 
brokelegged crook-legged^ vis. P. P. 4068. 

brokel, O Dutch brokel, brocJcle, brittle, prompt parv, 
53; Shoreh. 3. 

broken, ASax. brocian? rebel; brokke Shoreh. 106. 

brol (brol?) child, proles, vis. P. P. 1767; cr. P. P. 
1485; rel. ant. 2, 177. 

brom, A Sax. brom {myrica, genista), Dutch brom 
(genista), broom, „genista^, Wr. voc. 91; 140; broom Mawd. 
130; brome {dat) Alis. 2492; bromes (pi.) „myricae^, 
WicL gloss.; Chauc. h. of f. 1226. 

b rosin = brAsen? (as broken ~ bruken) bruise, 
,^quassare^, prompt. pa7*v. 52; broosede Wicl. gloss. 10; 
brosed (part.) Hallixo. diet. 213. 

brop, ASaa;. brod, OHOerm. prod (jus), from br^wen, 
broth, soup. Bob.. Olouc. 528, 2; Hardiv. poem 43, 8; 
Mand. 250; prompt, parv. 

bropfal, cmp. 01 eel. brottfall, epilepsy 1 Orm. 15504. 

brop el, from breoden? bad, miserable? pe truest is 
ful bropel for to triste Chauc. I. g. w. 1881; broyil? 
prompt, parv. 178; bropel tvretch, Gow. conf. am. 3, 173; 
lud. Cov. 217; brodel Mar. mir. pi. 165; bropels (pi.) 
cr. P. P. 1540; brepelis lud. Cov. 308; breyel? y^miser- 
cuLus^, prompt, parv. 50; breel? Halliiv. diet. 209. 

broder, ASax. brodor, OSax. Ooth. bropar, Olcel. bro- 
dir, OHGerm. bruoder, Lat. fr^ter, bi^other, broder (broper) 
Laj. 2116; broper (bropur) Chauc. C. t. 531; bropir Ivd. 
Cov. 224; broper in lawe Alis, 4399; broder Flor. 718; 
broper (gen) Rob. Olouc. 291, 4; brepre (pi.) Orm. 8269; 
breper Will, gloss. 217 \ Rob. Br. 51, 25; brepir Amad. 
Robs. 60, 8; breder Aud. 35; briper s. s. Wr. 1899; br^- 
deren LaT^. 2137; Bek. 5; br^dren (ace.) a. r. 54; br6- 
dren (bredre) (dat) 74; brSpren Mand. 222; broperen 
Shoreh. 45; broderen (dat.) Laj. 10461. 
broperhed brotherhood, Chauc. C. t 14453; Amis 362; 
Oaw. gloss. 372. 

broaden, /row breiden? „intexer€'^, prompt, parv. 53; 
floures pat so wel brouded (variegated, coloured?) ben 
HaUiw. diet. 214; „brauded embroidered'^? Oaio. gloss. 371. 

b ruche, ASax. bryce (fraetio), ODutch breuke (frac- 
tura, peccatum, multa), OHGerm. bruh (fraetio, fractwra), 

94 iH^cbe 

frcym breken, hreach^ rupture^ violation^ trespass^ a. n 164; 
Rob, Olouc. 26, 22; for monnes bruche Kath, 1210; 
bruchen (pL) 1407; bruches 1615; Wr. spec. 30; pat tu 
wite me witt ham & alle hore bruchen (pevalties?) a, r. 
28; compos, aew-, gripbruche. 

bruche, ASax. br^ce, Goth, bruks, useful; briche rel. 
ant. 1, 217. 

b r u c h e 1 brittle, Kath. 2029; a. r. 1 6 4 ; bruchelure 
(comp.) ibid. 

brud, ASacr. brycl, brygd, OFris. breud, from breden, 
breiden; compos, upbrud. 

brud, ASax. br^d, Dutch brud, bruid, OFris. breid, 
OSax. brud, OHGei^m. brut^ Olcel. brudr, Goth, brups, 
bride, sponsa, nupta; brude Horn 1058; Wr. p. s. 239; 
bruid Chauc. C. t. 9694; brid Orm. 14194; brude {dat.) 
LaT^. 164; (ace.) a. r. 164; brude maiden, lady, puella, 
femina, LaT^. 294; burde 19271; vis. P. P. 1384; Degrev. 
769; Will, gloss.; Gaw. gloss.; buirde k. of T. 374:; biurde 
(ace.) avow. Arth. 32, 16; birde Percev. 1289; berde De- 
grev. 759; bierdes (^pl-) Halliw. diet. 

bridale bridal, Oi^i. 14003; vis. P. P. 969; Octav. 
brldgume bridegroom, Orm. 17958. 

brug, ASax. brycg, ODutch brugge, OFris. bregge, 
Olcel. bryggja, OHGerm. brucca, bridge, Will, gloss.; 
brugg Rob. Glouc. 402, 1; vis. P. P. 3690; pe brig of pe 
nese Wr. voc. 207; brigge Chauc. C. t. 3920; Hob. Br. 
241, 5; bregge li beaus disc. 1271; brugge (gen.) Rob. 
Glouc. 539, 27; (dat.) a. r. 242; brigge (dat.) Hoccl. 1, 
190; (ace.) Mand. 7; bruggen (pi.) Rob. Glouc. 555, 27. 

bruk bi*uck, locust, Wicl. gloss. 

broken, ASax. OSax. brucau, OFris. Olcel. bruka, 
OHGerm. bruchan, Lat. frui (fructus), bi^ook, use, enjoy, Orm. 
2154; a. r. 202; brouke vis. P. P. 6819; Wr. p. s. 332; 
broke (pres. imper.) Amad. Robs. 61, 1; Tor. 834; broken 
mete y^digerendo. retinere'*, prompt, parv. 53. 

briin, ASax. OFris. brun, OHGerm. bruner, Olcel. 
briinn, brown; broun Mand. 158; Chauc. C. t. 207. 

brune, ASax. bryne, Olcel. bruni, /rom brinnen, b^im- 
ing, ustio, Lai^. 8255; a. r. 182; pu bodest buses brune 
owl and night. 1153; bringen on brune k fur Kath. 1364. 
?brunstOny cmp. ASax. berne(-lsc) a7id ODutch bern-, 

brfinen 96 

barnsteen (succinum), brimstone^ ^^Iphur^^y prompt parv. 
54; brun-, bren-, brinston WicL gloss. 10; brenstOn Hich 
thes. 1, 228; brinston ,,sulfi(r^'y Wr. voc. 269; ant Artk. 
15, 6; bronston Bob, Br, M 3, 415; Ivd, Cov. 308; born- 
stDn Wr, voc, 211. 

brun en, OH Germ, briiuen, become brown; brounip 
(pres.) Alls, 3293. 

brunie, ASax, byrne, Olcel, brynja, OSax, Goth, 
brunjo, OHGerm, brunia, brunna, cuirass, a, r, 382 ; La^, 
1553; burne 6718; bruni Alts, 1869; bruni, brene, brine, 
birni Gaw, gloss,; breni aiit Jhth, 41, 7. 

brunt, from brinnen? brmit, ^impthis'', prompt, parv, 
54; bront Lidg. m. p, 261. 

brun tun insilire, prompt parv, 

brusche, Ital. brusca, Fr, brosse, brush, peniculvs; 
brusbe {dat.) vis. P, P, 8899. 

brusche, Ital, brusco, Fr, brousse^ brush, scopa, 
ffiruscus^, prompt, parv. 54. 

brusen, A Sax, brj^san, bruise; brisin prompt, parv, 52; 
bi*usede, briside {p)*et,) Wicl, gloss, 10; bresed (paH,) Gaw, 
gloss. 371 ; brSsid Flor, 103; Triam, 237; compos, tobrisen. 

brust, ASax. byrst (damnum), OUGerm, brust (frac- 
ttira), from bresten, damage, loss, want; burst Laj. 1610; 
Wr. spec. 24; brist Halliw, diet 215; erl of T, 833. 

brust, ASax, byrst, Olcel, brust, OHGci^m. burste, 
h^istle. Ell. rom, 2, 322. 

brust, Olcel, byrstr, covered with bristles, Wi, p. s, 151. 

brusten? ibrusted mid golde iaj. 3639. 

brust el, ASax, bristl, ODutch borstel, bristle, k. of T, 
111\ bristil, brustil (burstil) „seia^', prompt, parv, 52; 
bristil Jlfar. mir, pi. 112; brustelis (pi.) Alts, 6621; brist- 
les Chatic. C. t 9698; (berstles) 558. 

brustlien bristle; bristled (part.) Chanc, Boet. 4; 
Alts. 5722; iburstled (ibrustled) mid stele Laj. 16095. 

brustlien brustle, crack; brustlep (pres,) Halliw, diet, 
215; and brustlep as a monkes froise Gow, conf am, 2, 
93; brustlede scaeftes LaT^. 20080. 

brut el, /row *breoten, ASax, breotan, Olcel, briota 
{break), brittle, brutel (britel) Gow. conf am. 1, 33; Halliw, 
diet. 215; brutil, britel (brotel) Chauc. C, t 9155; 9935; 
brotel Shoreh. 5; vis, P. P. 4983; brutil, bretil, britil, 
brotil Wid. gloss. 10« 

96 bmtelnesse 

brutelnesse hritdeness, Chauc, C. t 9155. 

brutnen, ASax. brytnian, cut in pieces^ divide; brut- 
tene Will, gloss.; brittene Halliw. diet,; brittun avow. 
Arth. 8, 9; britnez {pres.) Gaw, gloss.; brutned, bruttened 
{pret,) Will, gloss,; britned, brittened, bretinit Oaw. gloss.; 
bretinid Halliw, diet,; pe bor brittunt his schild avow, 
Arth 14, 15; britned {part,) Orm. 14178. 

brutten, ASax, bryttan, brytian (bryttian), OIceL 
brjrtja, cvt i?i pieces: pe dMe bodi pei britten (pref.) Rob. 
Br, 244, 10; compos, tobrutten. 

brutten, ASax, bryttan (stringere), turn; brutte {pret.) 
Hartsh, met, t. 112. 

bruwe? bruwe? ASaa*, bru Oreins gloss,, bruv Bout 
ev, gloss,, bruva (pl-f) Wr, voc, 64 & 282, brow; browe 
„supercilium^, prompt, parv, 53; Wr, voc. 179; 183; Gaw, 
gloss, 372; Wr, spec, 28; li beaus disc, 883; brow (brou?) 
y^dlium^^ Wr, voc, 206; brow3 Tor, 655; bruwen (briiwen ?) 
{pi) La'T^, 22283; brouwes 18374*; k. of T, 417; browes 
Wr, spec, 34; Tor. 1454; reL ant, 1, 54; bro3es Gaw. 
gloss,; browen {dat) Brand, 19; Wr, spec, 39; see brfiw. 

b r o w i d browed, Mar, mir, pi, 112; compos, bitelbrowed. 

bu, Olcel, bu {pecm)*i OFr, bue {bos)? beast f ox? 
{rim, w, kt) Alis. 5957. 

buc, ASax. OSax, buc, Olcel, bukr, OHGerm, buh, 
body, owl and night 1130; bouk Alis, 3254; Mar, mir. 
pi, 185; buke {dat.) a. r. 134; bouke Chauc, C, t. 2748. 

bucke, ASax. bucca, Olcel, bukkr, bokkr, OHGerm, 
boch, buck, a, r, 100; buc Orm. 1140; buk prompt, parv. 
bukkeshorn Chauc. C, t, 3387. 

budde, ODutch botte {gemma\ Germ, butze? bud^ 
„gemma, frons*^, prompt, parv, 54; buddes {pi) Iddg. m. 
p. 217. 

budden, ODutch botten, Ital, buttare, bud, prompt, 

bude (bude?), ASax, budea, budda {scarahaeus)' Wr. 
voc, 90, bo^id, beetle, weevil, Wr, voc. 255 ; boude ,^gurgulio^, 
prompt, parv. 46; compos, scharnbude. 

budel, ASax, bydel, OHGerm. butil, from beoden, 
beadle, praeco, Kath, 1928; owl and night, 1167; Wr. 
spec, 22; bidel Orm. 97; bedel vis, P, P, 1102; Wicl. 
gloss, 7; budeles {pi,) Wr, p. s. 151. 

buff en, Germ, hnSen, puflFen, Dm«cA boflfen, Fr. bouffer, 

buffere 97 

hvff^ puff; bofifing {part^ Bob. Glotic. 414, 14 ; see bobben, 
and puffen. 

buffere buffer, ^^tuMerer^^, WicL gloss, 

buffet, boflfet, OFr, buffet, buffet, „alapa^^, prompt 
parv, 41; 54; a. r. 182; buffat, boffat WicL gloss, 9; 
buffet, bofet buffet-stool^ ^Apes'\ prompt parv,] seehoh^t, 

b u f f e ten, OFr, buffeter, buffet; buffetin, bofeten prompt 
parv, 41; 54; buffeted (pret.) vis, P,P. 4148; buffeteden 
a, r. 106. 

bAgel (bugle), OFr. bugle, Lat buculus, bugle, buffa- 
lo, Wid, gloss, 10; Tor, 142; beugul Triam, 1092; bugles 
(pi) Mand, 269; Alis, 5112. 
bugelhorn Chauc, C, t 11565. 

bugge, Welsh bwg, bu^, larva, prompt, parv, 

buggen, ASax. bucgan, OSax, buggean, Go^A. bugjan, 
buy, redeem, Kath, 1633; a, r, 208; owl and night 1366; 
Wr. an. lit, 9; vis. P.P. 2260; biggen Orm 15793; bigge 
Alis. 6494; Uardw. poem 41,4; bigge, bise, bie Wid, 
gloss. 8; hmx prompt, parv, 36; bien Chauc, C, t 14467; 
bie Hoccl, 3, 31; beye Octov, 388; bud (pres,) a. r, 
148; bijen Mand, 179; bohte (pret.) Orm. 711; bou3te 
Wid. gloss.; bohtest Wr. spec, 68; bouhten a.r. 362; boht 
(part.) harrow, 97 ; boght Octav, 689; compos, Si-, for-, ibuggen. 

buggen, ASax, bycgan? Olcel, byggja, big, cultivate, 
buUd, dwell; biggen Orwi. 1611; higgni„aedijicare^% prompt 
parv, 35; bigge pi, t 475; Min, 35; bigge (pres) apol, 
71; biggede, bigged (pret,) Gaw, gloss. 368; Rob. Br. 26, 
6; planted and bigged pr. of consc, 4850; bigged (part,) 
Lndg, m, p, 264; biggit ant, Arth, 6, 6. 

b u g g e r e buyer, vis. P. P, 6220 ; biggeres {pi,) Mand, 86. 

buggung, ASax, bycgung, buying, a. r, 362; bigging, 
biing Wid, gloss, 

bugging budding, „aedificium^^, prompt parv, 3 5 ; Wr, 
p. s. 151; bigging Isumb, 78; bigginges (pL) Min. 23. 

biisen, ASax. beogan, bugan, Dutch buigen, Goth, 
OHGerm, biugan, bow, bend, turn, go; bu3hen Orm. 6627; 
bfijen, buwen (boujen, bouwen) La'^, 3709; 5386; 5968; 
buwen a. r. 22; to bowe {for bouwe?) into pe bent De- 
grev. 56; buhd {pres,ind,) a. r, 130; buesrne*. hom, 135; 
bouwes Wm, gloss, 217; bowep {imper.) vis. P. P. 3637; 
bAhe {subj) Kath, 1484; beh {pret indic,) Lut^, 15740; 
18275; p& b6h hk pe swire Mark 22; and beh him to 


98 bftseii 

me over bord TFr. spec. 54; ich beih to pe deofle a. r. 
304; bSij c. o/ Z. 358; b6i r^Z. aw*. 2, 276; baeh Ortn. 
8961; busen Laj. 24683; buhe (««^&/.) -STo^A. 2400*; 
ccympos. a-, bi-, for-, ibu3en; deriv. boje. 

bAjen, ^Saa?. b^gan, io?£?, icwd; bAye -Bet. 1529; 
ant bujep me to grounde reL ant 1, 122; bMide (pret.) 
Kath. 2400; buyede Boh. Olotic. 475, 15; ibiUd (part.) 
Wr. treat. 139; compos, abu^en; see besen. 

btih? Olcel. biugr {cunms)f 
buhsum, ASax. buhsom (?), Dutch biiigzaam, Oerm. bieg- 
sam, Imxom, compliant, obedient, Kath. 1805; a. r. 356; 
Orm. 6176; bughsom pr. of consc, 50;*bAxom ois. P. P. 
679; Flor. 1725; met. horn. 62; bousom (= bojsom?) |>r. 
of consc. 85. 

buxomlTche vis. P. P. 7667; buxomli Mand. 82; buxumli 
Hoccl. 6, 52. 
bftxumnesse „ohedientia^% prompt, parv. 

buin? buying; bune {dat.) a. r. 362*. 

buine (bune) to he hov^ht, a. r. 368. 

buld huUd, aedifidum ; hild JSalliw. diet. 175; cr. P.P. 
311; pat was so strong of beld Wr. diet. 193. 

buld en, ASax. byldan (?), fromholA? huild, La^. 2656; 
Kath. 1657; cr. P. P. 233; builden vis. P. P. 7886; bil- 
de lud. Gov. 20; belde Trist. 3, 47; Boh. Br. 135, 10; to 
belde {dwell) and to hide Halliw. diet. 161; bieldez {pres.) 
dwells, 173; bulde {pret.) Boh. Glouc. 21, 13; bilde, belde 
Wicl. gloss. 8; bilded (^ar«.) Mand. 58; belded cr. P. P. 
1092; pi b6r is sone ibuld rel. songs 5, 153. 

bulder, Dan. bulder, Swed. buUer, holder. 
bulderston, Swed. buUersten, holder-stone, Havel. 1790. 

bulding huHding ; beeldinge prompt, parv. 30. 

bule, Olcel. boll, Dutch bulle, boUe, hull, bos, Orm. 
990; bulle Wr. voc. 187; hole prompt, parv. 4^3; Brand. 6] 
bolle-G^OT^. conf. am. 2, 72; bule {dat^La"^. 14209; (ace.) 
Kath. 61; bules (boles) {pi.) ps. 21, 13; boles vis. P. P. 
7258; Chauc. C. t. 2141. 
boleslating Alis. 200. 

bule, ASax. b^le, ODutch buile, MHGeim,. biule, hUe 
(boU) ; bile „gibbus^\ Wr. voc. 207 ; „pustula^\ prompt, parv. 
36; biles (pZ.) Wicl. gloss. 7 ] biles (bules, builes) vis. P.P. 
14092; WaH.hist. 2, 58 & 86. 

bulen = bollen or bulten? a. r. 366*. 

bulge 99 

bulge, JFr. bouge? Lat. bulga? hvlge^ protuberance^ 
Iw. 263; bouge „bulga^^ prompt parv, 46; bouge yjiunch, 
botd^y Wicl, gloss. 9; bulches? (pL) Mapes 338. 

buli, ASax byl(i)g, bellow; bulies {pi.) Brand. 22; see 

bulke, Olcd. bulki, bidk^ heap; bolke prompt parv. 

bulk en (bulke), bttlk^ beat, Halliw. diet. 

bulleren, LGerm. buflem, Swed. bullra, HGerm. 
bollem, boldem, Dutch bulderen, bolderen, Dan. buldre, 
bolder, roll; bullerand {part.) Oaw. gloss. 

bulloke, ASax. buQuca, bvUock, ^ybuculnSy^ Wr. voc. 
177; bullok prompt parv. 66. 

bulten', Swed. bulta, bolt, strike: hit wulepulten (bul-* 
ten) on him a. r. 366; bulte mele prompt parv.; boulte 
Chauc. C. t Tyr. 15246; hulted {part.) Orm. 992; beete 
and bulted flour Lidg. m. p. 98 ; cmp, MLat buletare. 

bumbin, bummin, Germ, bummen, Dutch bommen, 
bum^ hum, prompt, parv. 66 ; bummed {pret.) drank, vis. 
P. P. 2917. 

bumblen bumble, grumble; bumblip {pres.) Chauc. C. 
t 6654. 

biLn, ASax. (ge-)bdn, Olcel. biiinn, {part.) prepared, 
Orm. 523; boun Wr. spec. 100; vis. P. P. 1202; Tor. 
2044; Percev. 1066; Eglam. 583; Mar. 4; sche 
was boun to goon Chauc. C t. 11807; bon Rob. Br. 99, 
26; of spfiche he is ful bon (?) Tor. 2143; ibon La'T^. 
12805; pe al mid golde is ibon {adorned?) 25788; iboen 
Wr. an. lit. 13. 

bunch, Dan. Swed. bunke {heap), Dvichhorik {lump)? 
bunch; bunches {pi.) Mapes 344. 

bunchen (bunchon), DwfcA bonken, bunch, strike, „tun' 
dere^^, prompt. parv. 65 ; to bunschen (r. bunchen) on felde 
Hartah.met. t 264; bunchip(j?rea.) P.P. p. 507; pei bon- 
chen peire brSstis Halliw. diet. 194. 

bun del, ASax. byudel, M HGerm. (ge-)bundel, ;from 
binden, bundle, prompt, parv. 

bune, ASax. bune? Ir. Gael.hxm {stock, stump)? bun; 
bunne „c(damus^, prompt parv. 55 ; bonis (pZ.) „stalks of 
pKX^, Wid. gloss. 9 ; bunne ^placenta'^, prompt parv. ; bon- 
nes (pi.) Halliw. nug. poet. 1 ; buuis barrels, casks f Hal- 
liw. diet. 219. 

bun en? compos, tobunen? 


100 bunge 

bunge, Germ, bunge, barrel^ ,ylura% prompt parv. 

buns en, LGerm. bunsen Br em. wb., DtUch bonzen, 
bounce^ beat, a. r, 188. 

bunt 6MW*:[|)e bunt of pe saile HaUiw. did. 

bunting bunting, prompt parv.; bounting Wr. spec. 40. 

bur? from beren ? 
burlich, OHOerm, burlicher {sublimis), burly, high, excel- 
lent, Oaw. gloss.; pi burliche bodi ant. Arth. 16, 8; burli 
Percev. 269; borlic rel. ant. 1, 222; pe borlich berde (la- 
dy) Degrev. 759; burlokest {superlat) Gata. gloss. 

bur, Olcel. byrr, from beren ? birr, storm, impetuosity, 
Gaw. gloss. ; bir met. hom. XVII ; bure^ bire (dat. f) Wid. 
gloss.; to him he stirt wip bir ful (pointed birful) grim 
Iw. 1661; here (dot.) Flor. 659. 

bur, A8ax. OSaoc. OHGerm. Olcel. bur, /row *buen, 
ASax. buan {parare^ colere), bower, chamber, a. r. 34; 
owl and night. 956; hour Will, gloss.; harrow. 32; bure 
(dat) Orm. 3323; boure Chauc. C. t 3367; boure {pi) 
Hartsh. met t 91; bures Laj. 6982. 
bur-(bour-)cniht Laj. 30255. 

burmaiden prompt parv.; bourmaiden rel. ant. 2, 175. 
burwoman Wr. voc. 215. 

bur, ASax. (ge-)bur, OHGerm. (gi^pur, boor, farmer, 
peasant; bouer Lidg. m. p. 192; beuir rel. arU. 1, 187; 
compos, ibur. 

bur bil, burbul bubble, „bulla^^, prompt, parv. 66. 

burblen, burblon bubble, prompt parv.; seebnrlen. 

bur en, JlSarr. (ge-)byrian {evenire, decere), Olcel. hjr^A 
{incipere, decere), OSax. (gi-)burian {evenire, contingere), 
OHbferm. (gi-)burren {id.\ become, behove; burp {pres.) 
Wr. an. lit 4 ; juw birp understanden Orm. 89 ; bers met. 
hom. 10; burde (pret) Gaw. gloss.; burd Bob. Br. 76, 9; 
birde Havel, 2761; him bird met. hom. 17; comj?(w. iburen. 

bur 3, ASax. burg, burh, buruh, OSax. burg, burug, 
OHGerm. burg, Olcel. borg, Goth, baurgs, bury, burrow, 
borough, arx, owl and night 766; burh Kath. 46; Orm. 
7262; burh (borj) Lag. 220; burgh Alis. 2056; Isumb. 
547; buruh a. r. 74; burs, borj Gaw. gloss.; bor3 Bob. 
Glouc. 47, 18; bourgh Gow.conf. am. 1, 30; burw, borw3 
Will, gloss.; burwh, burw prompt, parv. 56; burse, burie 
(borwe, borewe) {dat) La^* 2168; 3553; 9888; burghe 
vis. P.P. 4414; burghes (pZ.) Chauc. C. t 6452; bourghes 

bury els 101 

Lidg, m. p, 210; borowis ,^den8*\ Wid, gloss, 
burchbriche reh ant 1, 33. 
buruhman a. r. 350. 
burhreve Kath, 1927. 
burjtoun Wid. gloss, 

bury els, Aoax, burgels, burial, Rob. Glouc. 204, 16; 
burieles tns. P.P. 13245; biriels, biriel Wid. gloss.; biriel 
yysepttlcrumy tumultis*\ prompt, parv. 37 ; beryels „sepulcrum^% 
Wr. voc. 178; beriel s. s. Wr. 2561. 

burien, A8ax. byrigean, bury, LaT^. 27872; bir3en 
Orm. 15264; hirmi ,,sepdire^\ prompt parv. 36; birie Wr. 
p. 3. 197; Wid. John 19; berye Eglam. 488; burye {pres. 
imperat) Alis. 4628; birye s. s. Wr. 1257; buriede (pre^.) 
Horn 906; burede BeJe. 2119; buryed (part.) vis. P. P. 
6707; beryed Mand. 15; compos, bi-, iburien. 

burien, LGerm. burreln (bubble)? Brem. wb.^ welter? 
burland (part.) erl of T. 99; Betres lai burling in hur 
blode Flor. 1639; see burblen and broblen. 

burne, ASax. bume, OFris. burna, OSax. OHGerm. 
brunno, Olcel. brunnr, bourn (bum)^ well, brook, lel. ant 
1, 1; (dot.) owl and night 916; hornQ Oaw. gloss. \ bournes 
(gen) vis. P. P. IQ; (pi.) Flor. 609. 
? brunswTn ,phoca, delphinus^\ prompt parv. 

burn en, OFr. burnir, burnish) burned (part) Gow. 
conf. am. 2, 231; Chauc, 0. t 1986. 

bur re, Germ, burre (tomentum, gnaphalion), i^r. bourre, 
MLat. burra (tomentum), bur, „lappa^\ prompt, parv. 
?burseu Wr. diet. 
?burtr5 elder-tree, ^^samhucus^^, Wr.voc. 228; Halliw. diet. 

burton, OFr. borter? burt, „comu peter ^\ prompt. 
parv.; see bourden. 

burp, ASax. (ge-)byrd, OSax. (gi-)burd, OHGerm. 
burt, Olcel. burdr, Goth, (ga-)baurps, from beren, birth, 
origin, lineage, Aud. 20; birp Wid. John 9; burde (burde) 
(dot,) Kath. 84; birpe Gow. conf am. 2, 76; pat was of 
hire kin & of hire birde Orm. 2052; burpe (ace.) Chauc. 
C. t. 4612; burde (burde) a. r. 158. 

burp en, .4)Saa;. byrden, burthen (burden), c. of I. 958; 
Wr. spec. 110; burden Chauc. Boet. 3; hir^en ps. 37, 5; 
dep. of R. 10, 18; birpun, berpen Wid. gloss. 7; burn 
Qiest. pi. 1, 66; burdene (ace.) LaT^. 25970; a. r. 232. 

busard, Fr. busard, buzzard, Alis. 3049; busherd 

102 busch 

Wr.voc, 220;! bosard prompt parv,; i rede ech ft blind 
bosarde doboote vis, P, P. 6167. 

busch, OHGerm, busc, O/ceZ. busk, bushy Will, gloss. \ 
busk „dvmus'\ prompt, parv. 56; Gaw. gloss. \ vis. P. P. 
7265; Percev. 768; hosch Shoreh. ISl; busche(da^.) Chcmc. 
C. t. 1519; bushes (pZ.) Mand. 115; boskes Roh. Glouc. 
547, 9. 

buschel, OFr, bussel, boissel, hishd^ Hardw. poem^O^ 
6; bushel ChaucC.t. 4091; boi^chel, buischel Wid. gloss. 

busi, ASax. bysig, Dutch besig, 6w^, Chauc C. t. 
1493; bisi (busi) iaj. 2837; bisi a. r. i42; mee. Aom. 
108; besi Gow. conf. am. 2,42; Mand. 3; bese -4t«i. 15; 
bisegure (comp.) a. r. 182. 
bisihed diligence, Mis. 3. 

busiliche, bisihche busily. Will, gloss.; bisillche a. r. 146; 
Shoreh. 55; Wicl. gloss.; besiliche Gow. conf. am. 2, 43. 
bisischipe diligence, a. r. 384. 

busi en, ASax. bysegian, busy, ChaurC. Boet. 4: besien 
Gow. conf. am, 2, 43; bisiede (pret.) Wicl. gloss.; bisied 
Gaw. gloss. 

busines business, diligence, cr. P. P. 1449; besines 
Mand. 251; besenes avow. Arth. 61, 1; besinesse Gow. 
conf. am. 2, 60. 

busk en (buske), Gael, hvi^g {dress, adorn), Ir. busgam 
(/ dress), busk, prepare. Will, gloss. 218; Gaw. gloss. 372; 
buske pe forp to fare Eglam. 348; buskep yow to pat 
boot vis. P. P. 5440; pai busked and maked hem boun 
Trist. 1, 14; pai buskute hom avow. Arth. 10, 2; pe eorl 
buskede on his wsii Degrev. 598; hitwasbuskid (adorned) 
obove Avip besauntus 1427. 

busse, OFr. busse, buse, Dutch buise, bass, fishing- 
boat, Rob. Br. 187. 

but, Fr. but, but (butt), „meta''% prompt, parv. 66 ; ,^am- 
seges'% Wr. voc. 270; butt 239; butte 271. 

butte, LGerm. butte, Dutch hot, flou7ider, prompt, 
parv. 56; Havel. 759. 

butte, .4Saa?. bytt, 0/ceZ. by tta, MHGerm. biitte, btiM, 
y,uter'^, Wr. voc. 95; bit ps. 32, 7*. 

butt en, ODutch botten, butt, „pellere^\ prompt, parv. 
56; hebigan to stiren &t6butten Orm. 2810; see putten. 

butter, ASax. butor, butere, butter, Wr. s. a. c. 56, 
16; buttire Wr. voc. 198; botir 178; buttir, botir prompt. 

buttok 103 

parv, 66; botere Wid, gloss, 
boturftle biUterfly, prompt, parv, 

buttok, /ram but, buUock^ Wr.voc, 183; Chauc, C, t 
3801; buttokes {pi.) Wr. treai, 139. 

eft (kft, kaa), ODtUch tft, kae, Dan. kaa, OHGerm. 
caha, daWy „monedtda^% prompt, parv. 84; Wr, vac, 188; 
CO (ko, koo) prompt, parv. 57; 280; Wr. voc. 145. 
cftdswe cawdawy caddow, prompt, parv. 57. 

cabel? Dutch kab^l, Fr, Span, cable, MLat. capu- 
hmiyseeDiez wb. 87, coftfe; kablen (cables) {pl.)La7^. 1338. 

cacche, J^oZ. caccia? 
cachepol ca^cApoZZ, vis. P. P. 12165; catchepollis (pi.) 
Wid. gloss. 10. 

cacchen, Itdl. cacciare, OFr, cachier, Span, cazar, 
ODutch kaetsen, ketsen (captare), catchy Laj. 31501 ; vis. 
P. P. 369; cacche Will, gloss. 218; Chauc. C. t. 4103; 
Wid. John 12; cache chase, prompt, parv. 57; kache 
met. horn. \6\; kecchen a. r. 324; kecche flbrn 1377; kec- 
ched (pres.) Kath. 25^^; cahte {pret.) LaT^. 4547; ca3te 
Bob.Glouc. 14,11; caughte Chauc. C. t 600; caufte-4wtj 
2455 ; kejte ant- Arth. 49, 2 ; keihte a. r. 154; cahten 
Kath, 1990; caht {part?) Wr, p. s. 152; icaht214; caught 
vis. P. P. 11805; ikeiht a. r. 88; cachid Wid. gloss. 10; 
pus am i cachet {chased, driven) from kipe ant Arth, 12, 
8; compos, bicacchen; see chace. 

cad, cmp. OFr. cadeau. Lot. catulus, cad, young lamh? 
Wr. voc. 219. 
kodlomb cade-lamb? Wr. voc. 245. 

kader, Welsh coder? Pr. cadre? coder {cadar)? heather , 
cradle^ a. r. 378. 

cftf, ASax. cftf, quick, eager; cof rel.ant. 1, 212; kSne 
he was & kof Boh. Br. 66, 25; pe cove a. r, 66; biforen 
k&fe & k6ne Orw. 19962; cove quickly, owl and night 379. 
cofiiche quickly, La^. 1705; cofli Gaw. gloss. 374; Wart, 
hist. 2, 105. 

cai, Fr. quai, Welsh cae Owens diet., Bret, kae Le 
Gen. diet. 169, quay, kei prompt parv. 269. 

cai (kai), Fris. Dan. kei Outzen's gloss., Molb. dial, 
lex., cmp. Dan. keit and Ir. ciotog, Gael, ciotag {left hand), 
caw? left, Gaw, gloss. 

cair, Olcd. kaerr {cams). 
kajrlesc, Swed. kartek, love, Orm. 2187. 

104 cairen 

cairen (kaire), OIceL keyra? turn, wendy HMiw, diet. 
237; 488; Oa?v, gloss. 39 \ ; ksiires {pres.) Wart. hist. 2, 106; 
kairit {pret.) ant. Arth. 53, 13; pe kouherde kairedto'his 
house Hartsh. met. t. 274; icaired {part.) Wr. spec. 37. 

caiser, ASax. c&sere, Lat. Caesar, emperoryAlis. 1409; 
kaiser a. r. 138; vis. P. P. 13228; keiser (caiser) Laz* 
27366; keisere 7484; keiseres {gen.) Kath. 3; kejseres 
Orm. 3519. 

caitif, OFr, caitif, caitif, captive^ Wicl. gloss. 

cake Swed. kaka, Dan. kage, cake^ y,placenta^% prompt 
parv. 58; {dat.) Chauc. C. t. 670. 

cakelen (kakelen), Diitch kakelen, Swed.k&klsiy cczckle, 
a. r. 66; cakelin prompt, parv. 58; caclep {pres.) Oow. 
conf. am. 2, 264. 

cald, ASax. cald, ceald, OSax. cald, Go<A. kalds, Olcel. 
kaldr, OHOerm. chalter, from calen, cold,Iw. 360; pr, of 
consc. 767; cold a. r. 400. 
Pcaldmewe Lidg. m. p. 202; calin^we Hartsh, met. t. 133. 

cald. (calde)? ASax. cealdu, OFris. kalde, kelde, 
OHOerm. chalti, cold; cold Wr. p. s. 330; Mand. 256; 
colde ^^frigus^\ prompt, parv.; calde {dat) Iw. 2974; Qow. 
conf. am. 2, 38; kelde Wr. spec. 37. 

col den (colde), ASax. cealdian, OHGerm. chalten, grow 
cold, Chauc. TroU. 5031; s. s. Wr. 1678; compos, a-, for-, 

calen, Olcel. kala pret. kol par*, kalinn {algere); com- 
pos, acalen; dernv. cald, col. 

kalender, Lat. calendarium, calendar, Lai,. 7219. 

calf, ASax. calf, cealf, Dutch kalf, Olcel. kalfr, 
OHGerm. chalb, caZ/, vitulus, Orm. 5858; vis. P.P. 10560; 
keif a. r. 136; calveren {pi.) Mand. 105; Wicl. gloss. 
calfflgsch Wr. voc. 200. 

calf, Dutch kalf (pwZpa), Olcel. kalfi {sura), Jr. Oael. 
calpa, calf sura, prompt, parv. 58 ; Chauc. C. t. 594. 

calketrappe, ASax. calcatrippe {heraclea) Wr. voc. 68, 
cmp. Fr. chausse-trappe, caltrap {caltrop), „tribulus mari- 
nus*\ Wr. voc. 1 40 ; calketrappe, caltrappe „hamus, saliun- 
ca'\ prompt, parv. 58 cfe 59; calketrappen {pi.) Mis. 6070. 

calle, Ir. calla, OFr. cale, cawZ, Wicl. gloss. 10; Wr. 
p. s. 158; Chauc. C. t. 6600; k. ofT. 365; kelle „r€tim' 
lum'% Wr.voc. 196; Em. 303; kelles {pi.) Mar. mir. pi. 183. 

callen 105 

call en, ^Saa?. ceallian {clamare), Olcel. kalla (voccere), 
ODutch kallen (loqui), OHQerm. challoii {clamare\ colly 
Mark, 3; callin prompt, parv 58; callen {pres.) Mand. 1; 
callede {pret)m8, P, P. 12260; Perce?), 6iO; compos, be- 

calu, A8ax,li8ihi gen, calves, OHOerm, chalawer, iaf. 
calvus, caUowy laid, Wid. gloss, 

camb, A8(tx, camb, comb, Olcel, kambr, OHOerm, 
champ, com6, Orm, 6340; comb prompt, parv. 88; Hardw, 
poem 16, 4. 

camb ok, MLat, cambuca, cmp, Ir, Gael, camog, crook- 
ed staff, Wr. voc, 232. 

cammed, from Welsh Ir, Oael, cam, Bret, kamm 
{crook, carve), short nosed, prompt, parv, 59 ; rel, ant, 1 , 

c a m m k , ASax, cammoc, cammock, rest-harrow ; cam- 
mokes (pZ.) VIS, P, P, 13585. 

camp, ASax, camp, comp, OFris, kamp, OHOenn, 
champh, comhat, contest; comp LaT,, 4347; kampe {dat) 
Halliw, diction, 

camp in, ASa^, (iSiJXi^mxi (pugnare), OFm. kampa, kem- 
pa {litigare), contend in playing at football, prompt, parv. 60. 

can (kan), ASax, can (cann), con, OSax, can, OFris, 
kan, Goth, Olcel, kann, OHOerm, chan, {pret,pres,) can,know, 
Orm, 1314; 5282; i can k noble tale Chauc. C, t 3128; 
nou can i no rM Triam, 595; con a, r, 18; harrow, 26; 
Aud, 16; GSiti^i owl and night, 1180; kanst vis. P, P. 1703; 
cunnen Orm, 5514; pe wel cunnen a (l)at wel conne of) 
sp^che who are expert in speech, La'7^, 7301 ; cunne Bek, 
1325; connen, conne Mand, 5; 213; cunne {suhjunct,) a. 
r, 280; cunne (conne) LaT^, 28644; pou konne vis, P, P, 
13011; ye conne Chauc, C, t, 3120; timr. cunnen, kennen. 

can del (candle), ASax. candel, Lat, caudela, candle, 
Bek, 1969. 

candelstaf Wid, gloss, 
candelstikke ibid, 

can el, Fr, canal, channel, 
canelb<Sn collar-bone, Gaw, gloss, 373; ant. Arth, 40, 12. 

can el, Fr. cannelle, cinnamon, prompt parv, 60; Wicl, 
gloss, 10. 

cang foolish, mad, a. r, 62; Kath. 260, 
cangliche foolishly, a. r, 56, 

106 cang 

kangschipe folly ^ madness^ a. r, 338. 

cang /ooi, a. r. 270; canges {gen.) 214; kanges {pi.) 

cangen become foolish or mad; cangede {part, pi.) a. 
r. 362*; compos, acangen. 

canne, ASax. canne, OH Germ, channa, can, pot; kan 
lud. Cov. 259; Cannes {pi*) Wid. gloss. 

cant, Dan. kant? cant^ strong, Oaio. gloss. 373; Roh. 
Br. 50, 17; mani kant knight Halliw. diet. 488; cant 
and kene Min. 30. 

cant el, OFr, cantel, cand^, comer, Chauc. C. L 3010; 
li beatis disc. 346; ant, Arth. 41, 1. 
cantelcappe LaT^. 29749. 

cape, OFr. cape, cope, cloak, LaT^. 13097; cope a. r. 
56; VIS. P. P. Ill; Chatic. C. t 262. 

cappe, ASax. cappe, caeppe, OFris. kappe, OHOerm. 
chappa, OFr. cappe, cap, prompt parv. 60 ; Mand. 247 ; 
Wr. p. s. 330; sette here aller cappe outwitted them all, 
Chauc. C. t. 588; keppen {pi.) a, r. 420. 

capul, Olcel. kapall, Ir. capall, capuU, Oael. capull^ 
Lot. caballus, Or. xa^oXXtjc, horse, vis. P. P. 2 1 23 ; capil 
Chauc. C. t. 4086. 

car, Lithuan. kairas? leftf wip pe car honde {or car- 
honde? as printed) ant. Arth. 48, 2. 

carde. Lot. carduus, card, teasel, prompt, parv. 82. 

cardin card, carminare, prompt, parv. 

care, ASax. cam, cearu, OSax. cara, Goth, kara, 
OHGerm. chara, care, cur a, La'^. 23051; Orm. 4862; 
c. of I. 217; Chauc. C. t. 1571; pr. consc. 7263; Mar. 
mir. pi. 99; kare owl and night. i588. 
careful (earful) L«3. 278; earful Bek. 639; Will, gloss. 
218; carefuUe {pi) vis P. P. 13207. 
careles La7^. 12478; kareleas a. r. 246. 

car i en, ASax. cearian, care, curare, a. r. 48; carye 
Rob. Olouc. 312, 2; care Min. 34; carest {pres,) WiU^ 
gloss. 218; carep Hardw. poem. 28, 3; carede {pret?) Bek. 
125; carande {part.) Gaw. gloss. 373. 

cark, ASax. care? Somn. diction., Welsh Gael, care, 
cCtrk, care, Gam. 754; ksLrke Halliw. diet. 488; {dat^Bob. 
Br. 135, 26. 

carken, ASax. (be-)carcian? Lye's diet., cark, care, pi. 
t 198; carke and care Wr. spec 54; sq. of I. deg. 924. 

carl 107 

carl, A Sax, carl {mas), Olcel. karl (wicw, vir, rusticus), 
ODtitch kaerl (vir, rusticua)^ OHOerm, charl {vir\ carl^ 
many „rusttcits"y prompt parv, 62 ; Chauc, C, t 547 ; karl 
Jm7.559; carles (pi.) Mar. mir. pi, 99; see cheorl. 

carol, caral, OFr. carole, Lat chorale, carol^ prompt 
paro. 62; carols (pZ.) Chauc. C, t 1933. 

car pin speak^ y(fahulari^\ prompt parv, 62 ; carpe 
(karpe) WUl. gloss. 218; vis. P. P. 13088; Chauc. C. t 
476; Degrev. 9; lAdg. m. p. 191; i am comun ... to 
carpe wip 30ur qwene ant Arth. 11, 13; carpez (pres.) 
Oaw. gloss. 373; pe king . . . carpis pes wordes HalUw. 
diet. 233; karpede {pret!) Isumb. 234. 

carre, OH Germ, carra, OFr. carre, Lot. carrus, car, 
cart, prompt, parv. 62 ; Mand. 130; carris (pZ.) Wicl. gloss. 
10; chsive prompt parv, 69; chare, charre Wicl, gloss. )i. 

carrien, Fr. charrier, carry; carien vis. P, P. 1207; 
carie (carye) Mand. 49; Chauc. C. t 130. 

cart (carte?), Olcel. karti, Welsh cart, GoeZ.cairt, A Sax, 
craet? cart, „rheda^\ prompt parv, 62; Wicl. gloss. 10; 
karte Orm. pref" 54; kert Wr. voc. 95; carte {dot.) LaT^. 
11396; cartes (pi.) Mand. 250. 
cartwei vis. P. P. 1621. 

car tin cart, prompt parv. 62. 

car tare carter, owl and night 1184. 

kask, Olcel. kaskr, karskr {alacer, strenuvs) Egilss, 
lex., Fritzners ordh., strong, Havel. 1841; see crask. 

cast, Olcel. kast, cast, jactus, Will, gloss. 218; Wicl. 
gloss. 10; Mand. 92; Chauc. C. t 3605; Flor. 1406; ant 
Arth. 48, 2; kest Oaw.. gloss. 

caste n (kasten), Olcel, kast<*i, cast, jacere, Kath, 94H; 
Wr. spec. 37; Chauc. C. t 3560; to casten him in irens 
vis. P. P. 2252; caste Oow, conf. am. 1, 334; Wicl. John 
8; Percev. 682; kesten a. r, 56; keste Bob. Br. 54, 6; 
kaste (pret.) Kath. 1360; caste L03. 1919*; Brand, 8; 
Mand. 93; Chauc. C. t 2856; keste Isumb. 608; casten 
PPr. 5pfc. 37; kesten 6ra2<?. ^Zo55. 392; cast (joczH.) FZor. 
2181; icast Bek. 450; c. 0/ Z. 807; transact, 18, 25; ikest 
a. r. 228; compos, a-, overcasten. 

castel, ASax. OFr. castel, casrfe, JJct. 2089; kastel 
Orm. 19941; castle {dat^ La^. 14138. 

cat, ASaoR. catt w., 0/ceZ. kottr, Lat catus, cattus, /r. 
Gad. csXy OFris. katte /*., OHOerm. chaza, cat, a. r. 102; 

108 catel 

vis, P. P. 297; kat owl and night 808; ofte musep pe 
cat after hire moder rel. ant. 1, 180; catte prompt parv. 
63; Chauc. C, t 5932; cattes (gen.) vis, P, P, 364; cattes 
(pi) Hand, 129. 

catel, OFr, catel, chatel, Lot, capitale, see Kuhn and 
Schleicher s heitr, 2, 50, cattlcj chattle, capital^ property ^ 
money, La^- 30673*; vis. P, P, 4508; Rich, 1546; Chauc, 
C. t 375; s, s, Wr, 1210; wip heore catel and heoregode 
transact, 18, 24; chetel a, r, 224. 

cauce, Fr. chaussee, causey, prompt parv, 64; kauce 
Rol, Br. 183, 2. 
caucewei causeway, prompt parv, 

caudel, Fr. chaudeau, caudle, prompt, parv, 64; vis, 
P, P. 3195. 

caudron, Fr, chaudron, caldron, Brand. 17. 

c auk en, Ital. calcare, tread, breed, vis. P. P. 7888. 

ceelin caelare, 7)rompt, parv. 65. 

celler, Lat, cellarium, cellar, Goio. conf. am. 3, 12. 

cerchen (cerche), OFr. cerchier, search, Lidg, m. jp. 159 ; 
cerched {part,) Hand, 315. 

cesseu, Fr. cesser, cease; cese transact. 19, 329; ceese 
pr. of consc. 6373, 

cite, Fr, cite, city, Mand. 244; ps, 45, 5. 

citezein citizen, Oow. conf. am. 1, 75. 

clai, ^Saa?. claeg, OFr is. klai, clay, Alis. 915; pr. consc. 
411; clei rel. songs 5, 73; Chauc. C t 12735. 

clesi, cleyi clayey, Wicl. gloss. 

claim, A Sax. cl4m (lutum), Dutch kleem {argUla), 
cloam, (gleim, glem) „gluten, viscus^', prompt, parv. 198. 

claim en, ASax. claeman, Dutch kleemen, OHOerm. 
chleimen, cleam, cleave, smear, daub, rel. ant 1, 14; cleime 
Lidg. m. p. 53; (gleimin) „viscare*% prompt, parv. 198; 
clemede „liniviif% Wicl. gloss. 11; dome {pres.^ sacram.d4. 

claimen, OFr. clamer, cZaim; cleimen vis, P. P. 9421; 
cleimep „calW^, Will, gloss, 219; cleimed {pret) Rob, Br, 
19, 14. 

clak, ASax, claec, MHGerm, klac, Olcel, klakki', blot, 
spot: 3if pat 30 wel 3UW loken fra clake & sake Orm. 

clakke, ODutch klacke, clack, claquet, Wr. voc. 180; 
prompt, parv, 79. 

clakien, clacken, ODutch klacken, Olcel, klaka, clack, 

cUtm 109 

daquer; clake I. c. c. 54; pu clackes(t) owl and night 81; 
compos, biclaggen? 

clam. Germ, Dutch Dan. klam {tenax^ arttis, humiduSy 
visco8us\ ,yglutmo8tis^% prompt, parv. 79 

clambren, cmp, Oerm, klammern, clamher; clamerin 
prompt, parv. 79; clainbred {part.') nclustered^^ Oaw, gloss, 

clap, ODutch klap, OHGerm. chlsL^h^ dap, a. r, 102*; 
(clappe) „strepitus, fra^or^\ prompt, parv, 79; clappes (pL) 
Boh. Br. 175, 6. 

clappe, ODtt/cA klappe, cZap, clapper; clappe of Amille 
prompt, parv,7 9; hold pou pi clappe (tongue) chron. Vilod. 
94; cleppe a, r. 70. 

clappen (clappin), J-zSaa?. clappian, OFris, OJceZ. klnp- 
pa, OHGerm, chlaphon, clap, ,,pulsare'\ prompt, parv, 79; 
Wicl. gloss, 11; Octov. 569; hi clappep {presl) Shoreh. 
135; what so men clappe (toiA) or crie ChaucC, t, 12893; 
ch.^ fed (knocked) Sit pe widowes gate 7163; clappid (^ar«.) 
talked, Hoccl. 1, 394. 

clapper, ODutch klapper, clapper, Gotv. conf. am. 2, 
13; coppe and clapper he bar ... as he & mesel war 
Trist. 3, 80. 

claps claps {clasp); clasp Bich. 4084; claspes {pi,) Wr, 
p. s, 222. 

clapsen, d<zsp; elapsed (part,) Chauc, C. t, 275. 

clater, ODutch klater, clatter, Town, myst 190. 

clateren, ODutch klateren, clatter, Kath. 2026; pe 
arwes in pe caas . . . clatren Chauc, C, t, 2361; clate- 
rande {pres, part.) Gaw, gloss, 374; clattered {pret.) Lidg, 
m, p. 106; clatered (pret, part.) „shattered^\ Will, gloss. 219. 

clap, ^Saa;. clad, OFris. ]dki\i, Olcel. Msieii, MHGerm. 
kleit, cloth, Orm. 3208; clod a. r. 418; clop Bek. 691; 
Chauc. C. t. 7215; clApes {pi.) Iw. 1803; clMes (elopes) 
Laj. 2367; cl4den {dat. pi.) 3187. 

eld, pen, ASax. clMian, clothe, Orm. 2710; cl&the pr. 
of consc. 3553; clopen Gow. conf. am. 2, 227;. Gam. 72; 
clepe Wr. spec, 37; Iw, 1787; cladde {pret.) Bich. 3097; 
cledde meL horn. 87; clodinde (part.) a. r. 16. 

eloping clothing, Orm. 19074; eloping Laj. 3187*; 
doping ant. Arth. 9, 2. 

clau, ASax. clavu, cl&, clea, cleo, OSax. clawa, ODutch 
klauwe, OFris. klewe, Olcel. klo pi. kloer, OHGerm. chloa 
pi. chlawen, claw, Wr. voc. 87; „claw or cl6 ungula"^ 

110 claver 

prompt jjarr. 80; cleo? Wart. hist. 1, 26; clawe (|rf.?) owl 
and night 153; clawes {pi) Orm. 1225; ^iw. 2186;'clee8 
Mand. 198; Gow.conf. am. 2, 39; clees, cleen Wid. gloss. 

claver, ASax. claefer, ODutch klaver, klever, owed. 
klofver, clover y HaUiw. diet. 263. 

claver? claw\ cleafres (^pL) a, r. 102; see cliver. 

claveren, Dvich klaveren, kleveren, Dan, klavre, da- 
ver, damber: hweder pe cat of helle clavrede Sver toward 
hire a. r. 102; claverande on heghe Halliw. diet 253. 

claw en (clawin), ASax. clavian, OHQerm. klawen, 
elaw, eluteh, ,^scalpere'% prompt, parv. 80; vis. P. P. 307; 
11743; clawed {pret) Chaibc. C. t 4324. 

cleche (cliche)? eleek^ elaw; cleches (jpZ.) a. r. 174*; 
see cloche. 

clechen (clSchen?), eleaeh (deak), snateh^ (cleche) Hal- 
liw. diet. 253; (r. w. spSche) Horn 963; [r. w. leche) c. 
of I. 734; penne sir Gauan hi pe coler cleches pe knist 
ant. Arth. 48, 7; cleke (n w. cheke) Iw. 2478; clekis 
Oaw. gloss. 374; clahte (pret.) a. r. 102*; claught Oaw. 
gloss.; claht (^part.\ Wr. spec. 37; see clucchen. 

cleken, Olcel.ldekja, hatch; clekit (^part.^ Toum. myst. 

clemien? OSax. clemmian, OHGerm. chlemmen, from 
clam, close, fasten; clemid (^part.^ llalliw. diet. 254. 

clenchen (clenchin), OHGerm. chlenken, clench, prompt, 
parv. 80; clenche owl and night 1204; is (his^ harpe he 
gan clenche Horn 1488; iclenched (^part.^ Chauc. C. t. 

clfine, ASax. claene (^mundus, purus^, OSax. kISne 
QexilisJ, OHGerm. chleiner {subtilis\ clean, pare, „mundus^^, 
prompt, parv. 80; Orm. 1590; Chauc. C. t 506; cleane 
a. r. 2; claene (cleane) Lot^. 6290; cl4ne Hartsh. met. t 
206; ne maino manclene telle JBei. 128; clenner {comp.') 
vis. P. P. 13457; clennest 8992. 

cl^nliche cleanly^ Bek. 130; cr. P. P. 456; clAnli Gaw. 

clengen contract; clengez {pres.) Gaw. gloss. Zl 4:*, clen- 
ged (pret.) ibid. 

clennes, ASax. claenness, cleanness, purity, lud. Gov. 
204; clSnnesse a. r. 164; prompt parv. 80; clennes Gaw. 
gloss.; claennesse (ace.) Orm. 4598. 

clSnsen, ASax. claensian, cleanse, a. r. 314; Orm. 

cl^nsing 111 

1343; clfinsin prompt, parv. 81; dense vts. P. P. 4006; 
cl^nsi "Shoreh, 50 ; cld,iisi owl and night 610; compos, iclensen. 

clSnsing, ASax. claensung, deansing^ Orm. 15006. 

cleoven (cleove), ASaa;. cleofan, Olcd, kliufa, OHGerm. 
chliuban, cleave, findere, Alts. 7702; eleven Kath. 2027; 
clfife (v. r. „clewe*' = cl^ve?) pr. consc. 6736; cleve Boh, 
Br. 188, 9; cleef (clef) (pret.) Alts. 3708; Trist. 3, 8; vis, 
P. P. 12195; Mand. 86; claef Laz- 21390; cloven (part,) 
Chauc. C. t. 2936; Mand. 95; lud. Cov. 45; clofen Orm. 
1224; compos, toclfiven. 

clepien, ASaa;. clipian, cleopian, clypian, call, Kath, 
2199; clepien (cleopie) Lai^. 2498; cleopien a, r. 260; 
clepen Orm. 15325; clepin ^vocare^^, prompt, parv. 81; «. 
s. Wr. 1452; clepe Chauc, C. t, 645; cUpie Beh. 474; 
clupie Bob. Olouc. 322, 18; clepede (pret.) Qctov. 759; 
cleopede Marh. 18; clepeden Orm. 12978; clepiden Wicl. 
John 9; cleped (part.) vis. P. P. 5637; Mand. 305; Tor, 
341; clept Hoed. 1, 225; icleped Chauc. C. t. 869; icli- 
ped Brand. 7; compos, bicleopien. 

cleppen, Dutch kleppen (pulsar e, sonare), from clap, 
yjdnnirt^, prompt, parv. 81. 

cl^r, OFr. cler, dear, Wr. treat. 133; pe cliere light 
Lidg. m. p 215. 
cl6rbche clearly. Brand. 20. 

clerc, OFr. clerc, clerk, clerc, clarc (cleark) Xaj. 39; 
29748; derk a. r. 318; Chauc. C. t. 482; dark Wr. p. 
8. 211.^ 

clete (cl6te?), cmp. OHGerm. chletta, chledda, (lappa), 
deatf yJLappa^, Wr. voc. 191; see dote. 

cldte cleat (date), wedge, „cuneus^\ prompt, parv. 81; 
(ace) transact. 18, 24. 

kleve, -4iSaa?. cleofa, chamber, „cvhile", ps.36, 5; kl^ves 
(pl) 4, 5. 

clevien (cleve), ASax. cleofian, OHOerm, chleben, 
deave, haerere, ps. 93, 20; lud. Cov. 54; clevep (pres.) Wr. 
treat. 137; cleovied La'7^. 9389; clevede (pret.) Bek. 2142; 
cleved Hoed. 1, 31; clevet ant. Arth. 40, 13. 

clew? cleugh, ravine? clewes (pi.) Gaw. gloss. 374; pe 
clewes and pe clifes Halliw. diet. 255; see clow. 

clewe, ASax. cleove, dive, OHGerm. chliwa, chliuwa, 
dew, clewe (dowe) „glomus^\ prompt, parv, 83; clowe owl 
amd night. 578. 

112 dif 

clif, ASax. clif, cleof, Olcd, klif, cliffy clif (clef) La'^. 
1926; cliffe, clefe prompt, parv. 81; clife, clefe (dcLtt) Eg- 
lam, 379; 415; clive li heaus disc. 1163; kliffes {pi.) ps. 
113, 8; cleyes Chauc. leg. g. wom. 1466; cliven {dot, pi.) 
Alia. 5429. 

clift clift (eleft)y clift (cliff) ^rirna^^ prompt, parv. 81; 
clift (clif) ,^(mrchure^\ Wr. voc. 148; cUfte (<iat) CAoue. 
(7..<. 7727; cliftus (pi.) Wicl. gloss. 

climb en, ASax. climban, OHGerm. chlimban, dimb^ 
a. r. 140; Orm. 11860; Chaue.C. t 10420; climme SAoreA. 
3; clamb (pret.) Percev. 1223; clam s. s. Wr. 851; clomb 
a. r. 354; pu clumbe Laj. 21439; heo clumben 9420; a. 
r. 244; iclumben {part,) 216. 

cling en (clingin), ^/Saa?. clingan (iworcere), ding^shrinky 
dry upf „rigere^% prompt, parv, 82; clinge owl and night. 
743; Alis. 915; Itid. Cov. 54; clingest vis, P. P. 9011; 
clingep Wr. spec. 85; his beliclinges pr.consc. 823; clun- 
gen was his ch^k met. horn. 88; compos, forclingen. 

clinken, ODutch klinken, clink, Wr. p, s. 189; clin- 
kin prompt, parv. 81; pai herd & belle clinke Chauc. C. 
t, 14079. 

klint clinty cliff; klintes (pi.) Halliw. diet. 497. 

clippen, Olcel, klippa,cKp, shear, Orm. 4106; clippin 
,,tondere'\ prompt, parv. 82 ; clippe Wicl. gloss. 1 1 ; Cfuiuc. 
C. t. 3326. 

clipper clipper, shearer, Rob, Br. 238^ 5; clippare 
„tonsor^\ prompt, parv. 82. 

clive (clive?), ABa^c. cUf (clif?), OHQerm. chliba (Zap- 
pa); compos, g&rclive. 

cliven (clivin), -4Saa?. clifan, Ofi'G^crm. kliban {hasrere), 
Olcel. klifa (scandere), clive, haerere, prompt, parv. 82; 
clive vis. P. P. 7010; klive ps. 93, 20*; claif {pret.) „clo' 
ve", Oaw. gloss. 

clive r claw; clivre {dot,) owl and night. 78; clivres ipl.) 
84; see claver. 

cliver, ASax. clyfer? clever^ keen, rel. ant. 1, 213. 

cloche (cloche?) clutch, claw ; cloches {pi.) Mapes 338; 
douches vis. P. P. 308; clokes a, r, 102; pr. consc.Q9S6; 
Town, my St. 324; see cleche. 

clogge clog, ,,iruncus^\ prompt, parv. 83. 

cloke, Ir. Oad, cloca, cleoca, cloak^ prompt, parv. 83; 
{dat,) Chauc, C. t. 2001. 

clokke 118 

clokke, Olcd. klokka, klukka, ODutch klocke, dock^ 
prompt, parv. 83; at VII of pe clokke wills and invent. 17. 

clokkin, dtick, prompt, parv. 83. 

clond, Olcel. kland, harm, injury ^ La7^. 11704. 

closin dose, prompt parv. 83. 

clot, ASax. clot, ODutch klot, klotte, OHGerm. cloz? 
dot {dod)y a. r. 140; rd^. songs 5, 73; clott j^leba*^ Wr. 
voc. 239; clotte, clodde y^gleha^^ prompt, parv. 83; clotte 
(dflrf.) a. r. 264; clottis (^.) „gleba£^\ Wid. gloss. 

cl 1 e , ASax. elate (blitum, lappa)^ d^ote {daut\ ^JLappa^^y 
Wr. voc 91; prompt, parv. 83; ret ant. 1, 37; Wid. gloss. 
11; take pe rote of pe klote Halliw. did. 497; cloote leef 
Chauc. C t. 12505; see clete. 

cloterin (cloderin), ODutch klotteren, clotter^ ncoagu- 
lare^^9 prompt, parv. 83 ; clotered (clottered, clopred) blood 
Chauc. C. t. 2747. 

cloude cloudy „nubes^\ prompt, parv. 84; Bek, 1415; 
cloude (dot.) Alis. 777; clouden (pi.) Wr. treat. 136; clou- 
des ps. 17, 12. 

cloudi doudy^ prompt, parv. 84; Brand. 23; Lidg. 
m. p. 139. 

clout (cloute?) = clAt? dout, blow, Gaw. gloss. 374; 
Isumb. 619; lud. Cov. 98. 

clove, ASax. clufu {spica?\ clove; clove of g&rtek 
prompt parv. 84. 

clow dxmghy ravine^ Halliw. diet. 257; clough Trist. 2, 
59; does {pi.) ant. Arth. 12, 7; see clew. 

clubbe, Olcel. klubba, club^ „fustis^\ prompt. parv. 84; 
y,pedum'\ Wr. voc. 240; La^. 26062; clobbe Trist. 3, 4; 
clubbes {pl^ Iw. 3200. 

clubbid dubbedy ^^rudis^^ prompt parv. 84. 

cluchen, from cloche? clutch: to clucche or t6 clawe 
vis. P. P. 11743. 

cliid, ASax. clud, roci, Lag. 1915; cloude {dat.)f Wr. 
spec. 44; eludes {pi.) Orm. 2656; owl and night 999. 

cliidis, ASax. cludig, rocky ^ Orm. 2734. 

clumsen be numbed or dullj torpere: pou clomsest for 
cold vis. P. P. ^010; clumsid {paH) Wid. gloss. 12; he 
is outher clomsed or wod^. consc. 1651; compos, aclumsen. 

cluppen, ASox. clyppan, clip, clasp , embrace, a. r. 
424; cluppe Wr. spec. 38; clippe Horn 1362; vis. P. P. 
11744; cleppe Octov. 585; cluppup {pres.) Alis. 7640; 


114 cluse 

clippip Chauo. C. t 10287; clupte {pret) La^. 5011; Bek. 
288; compos, bicluppen. 

cluse, ASax, cliis, OHGerm. chlusa, sluice f {dcU.) a. 
r. 72; clouse prompt parv. 84. 

clusen, ASax. cl^san, close; clusden (pret.) 2^3.9760; 
compos, biclusen. 

cluster, ASax. cluster, clyster, clust^y „p6Tpuc", Wr. 
voc. 217 \ clustir (closter) ^yvacemus^^ prompt, parv. 84; 
clustres {pi.) Mand. 168. 

clAt, ASax. cliit, Olcel. klutr, Welsh clwt, clotU^ a. r. 
256; r el. songs 5, 68; clout ,panniculiLSypictaciwm'% prompt, 
parv. 84; Shoreh. 15; Mand. 293; k wollen clout Alts. 
4459; clutes {pi.) Orm. 3327; cloutes Mand. 112; sche 
rent it al to cloutes Chauc. C. t. 9827; compos, swepel-, 

cliit ien, ASax. clutian, clouit, patch; cloutin ^arcire^\ 
prompt, parv. 8^; cliitie {pres. subj.) a. r. 256; iclouted 
{part.) VIS. P. P. 3914; compos. biclAtien. 

knafe, ASax. cnafa, OHGerm. chnabe, knave, hoy , met. 
horn. 131; cnave Laj. 292; knave Wr. treat. 139; Chauc. 
C. *. 3434; Havel. 4:68; Flor. 2095; Tor. 2008; is youre 
child k knave Mar. mir. pi. 128; pe kokes knave a. r. 
380; knight, swain and knave Ahs. 7968; knavene {^en. 
pi.) P. P. p. 515. 
knavechild male child, Wicl. gloss. 

knagg, Swed. knagg, Dan. knag, Ir. Gael, cnag, knag, 
knot, peg, Flor. 1795. 

knak? Olcel. knakkr (,Jcrak^^) Fritzners ordb., knack, 
crack; knakkes {pi.) Chauc. C. t. 4049. 

knap, ASax. cnaepp (top), OFris. knap, Olcel. knappr 
(buttori), Welsh Ir. Gael, cnap (knob, hill), knap, top, but- 
ton; knappes {pi.) vis. P. P. 4342. 

knape, ASax. cnapa, OFrw. knapa, O/Sao?. cnapo, Olcd. 
knapi, boy, s. s. Web. 930; Gow.conf. am. 3, 321; cnapes 
{gen.) Orm. 4106; see knafe. 
cnapechild Orm, 7895. 

knar re, cmp. OHGerm. Dutch knorre {ttiber), knar, 
knot, crag, Gaw. gloss. 392; Chauc. C. #. 551; knarres 
{pi*) Wicl, gloss. 25; owl and night. 999. 

knarri knotty, Chauc. G. t. 1979. 

en 4 wen, ASax. cn&van ^e^. cneov, [O^^erwi. chn&han 
pret. chn&ta], cmp. Olcel. knA, kn&tta. Lot. (g)n6vi, notus. 

cn&we 116 

Gr. yvoTvat, Russ, SHami., hnow^ Orm, 1314; kn4we Havel. 
2785; pr. consc, 429; knSmn notes p, 266; kn&ue ant. Arih. 
19, 12; knowen WHl gloss. 232; knowe vis. P.P. 13360; 
cnouen rel. ant. 1, 172; knoue Aud. 43; cneow {pret.^ 
Orm. 12584; kneow Alis. 113; cneou La^. 17069; knew 
vis. P. P. 7580; kneu Rob. Glouc. 315, 2; Horn 1151; 
knSwen vis. P. P. 7729; kn&wen (part.) Iw. 2666; pr. consc. 
444; knowen Hand. 2; knowe Will, gloss.; compos, a-, 
bi-, icn^wen. 

cn^we = cn&wen (known)? 
knowleche tcnowledgcy Chauc. C. t. 14441; lud. Cov. 93; 
knowleche, knouleche Jlfa?i€?. 134; 313; knowlache Aud. Id; 
kn4wlage Percev. 1052. 

knoulechin acknowledge^ y/ateri^^, prompt, parv. 280; knou- 
leche Mand. 120; knoutiche lud. Cov. 67; cn^wleched (pres.) 
Kath. 1362; knowelechen Chauc. C. t. Tyr. p. 118; kno- 
welechide (pret.) Wicl. John 9; knoweliched vis. P. P. 
3435; knoulecheden WUl. gloss. 

knouleching acknowledging, Oow. conf. am. 2, 23; cn&w- 
lechinge {dat.)Kath. 1388; cnoulechunge {ace.) a. r. 92. 

knowing, ASax. cn&vung, knowing, knowledge, pr. consc. 
145; cnowunge a. r. 280. 

knedin, ASax. cnedan, OHGerm. chnetan, knead, 
prompt. parv. 279; knede Chauc. C.t. 4092; cnedest (pre*.) 
Orm. 1486; kneden (part.) a. r. 217. 

cneo, ASax. cneo(v), OSax, cnio, Ooth. kniu, OHGerm. 
chniu, OFris. kne, kni, Olcel. knS, knee, rel. songs 5, 228; 
knS Eglam. 1279; to pe nipe cne {degree) Hick. thes. 1, 
226; in pe tepe kne Rob. Glouc. 228, 17; knewe {pi.) 
Trist. 2, 103; kneon Wr. treat. 139; cneon (ace. pi) Mark. 
9; failed a cneon a.r. 16; kneis {pi.) Octav. 52; knowes 
vis. P. P. 3192; o cnewes Orm. 6467; cneon {dat. pi.) 
La^. 4996; pe king laei on cneouwen 32046. 

cneolien (cneolin), ODutch knielen, kneel, Marh. 20; 
cnSlen Orw. 6138; knele Mand. 14:; Eglam. 1279; cneoled 
{pres. imper.') a. r. 18; cneoulede {pret) La^* 29654; 
kneulede Bek. 540; knelede Wr. spec. 106. 

knicche, kniteh, bunch, bundle, Wicl, gloss. 2b; knoches 
of hai Rich. 2985. 

cnif, ASax. cnif, Olcel. knifr, ODutch knijf, knife, 
Orm. 4128; knif a. r. 282; Wr. spec. 102; Alis. 1061; 
Mand. 61; knifes {pi.) Chauc. C. t. 233; knives a. r. 212. 


116 cniht 

cniht, ASax. cniht, cneoht, OFris. knecht, OHGerm, 
chneht, knight, servant, owl and night 1573; kniht Horn 
508; knicht Wart, hist, 2, 2; knight Chauc. C. t 43, 
kni3t, knisth Degrev. 1506; 1528; knihte (do*.) a. r. 86; 
cnihtes (pL) Orm. 8185. 
knihthod knighthood, Horn 543. 

knihten knight, Horn 640. 

knob be (knob?), Dan, knub, Stoed, knubb {nodus, tu- 
ber), knob, knot, prompt, parv, 280; pe knobbes sitting on 
his cheekes Chauc. C, t, 635. 

knobbel (knoble), Dutch knobbel, knobble (knubble), 
knot, prompt, parv. 280. 

knok knock, vis, P, P, 6262; knokk Ali^, 1621; Triam, 
331; knokkes {pi) Wr, s, a, c, QQ. 

knok kin, ^Sao?. cnocian, cnucian, 07ccZ. knoka, Welsh 
cnociaw, knock, „pulsare^\ prompt parv, 280; knokke (m- 
per) Chauc, C. t 3432; knokede {pret,) s. s, Wr. 1420; 
knokked vis, P, P, 3268; knoked {part) Min. 10. 

knokil, ASax. cnucl, OFris, Dutch knokel, knuckle, 
„nodus^*, Wr, voc, 186; „condylus^\ prompt, parv, 280; 
knokelis {pi) rel, ant 1, 190. 

k n 1 1 e , ASax, cnoU {cacumen), Dutch knolle {glomus), 
MHGerm, knolle {tuber), knoll, knob, prompt parv, 280; 
knolles „colles'\ ps, 64, 13. 

knoll en, cmp. Germ, knallen, knoll, „pulsare^^, prcympt 
parv, 280. 

knop, knoppe, OFris, knop {nodus), OHGerm. chnoph 
{id.), Dan, knop {gemma), Swed, knopp {id,), ODutch 
knoppe {nodus, bulla, gemma), knop, button, bud; knop 
lud, Cov, 245; Z. c. c. 39; pe knop of pe kn6 Wr. voc. 
208; knoppe „bvlla, nodus, fibula, gemma^\ prompt parv. 
280; knoppe {dat) wills and invent, 35; knoppes {pi) 
Chauc, r, r. 1080; 1683; knoppis of crystal Degrev. 1494. 

knotte, ASax. cnotta, ODutch knutte, knot, ,,nodus'\ 
prompt, parv, 280; Chauc, C, t 10715; {dat) a. r. 2; cnot- 
tes {pi) Kath. 1157; knottes Mand, 1 90 ; knotten Bek. 1879. 

knottel, ODutch \ai\iiiQ\ {Uiber),knottle, knobble; knot- 
tiles {pi) Halliw, diet. 498. 

cnottien, ASax. cnottian, knot; cnotted {part,) Kath. 
1551*; iknotted a. r. 420. 

cnotti knotty, Kath. 1157*; \inoii\ prompt, parv. 280. 

cnul, ASax, cnyll, Welsh cnuU, knell, rel, ant, 2, 277. 

cnullen 117 

c n u 1 1 e n , ASax, cnyllan, MHGerm. kniiUen (strike), ring ; 
knille Percev. 1 348 ; const, of mas. 689 ; knulled {part.") thrown, 
Wr. p. s, 193. 

cnurned knurled: to his cnurnede cneon Mark. 10; 
knorned ,yrugged^* , Gaw, gloss. 

cnutten, ASax. cnyttan, knit, tie; knitten vis. P. P. 
357; knittin „nodar^\ prompt, parv 279; knitte his browes 
Chauc. C. t. 1130; knut (pres.) a. r. 396; knutte (pret.) 
Alis. 2251; knette Gow. conf. am. 2, 30; knitted (part.) 
pr. consc. 7215; icnut Kath. 1525. 

cob, Welsh cob? coh, head, chief; cobbis (pi.) Halliw. 
diet. 259. 

cob el cobble. 
cohUsi^n cobblestone, „rudus^^, Wr. voc. 2^6; prompt. parv. 84. 

cobelere cobbler, „sartor'\ prompt. parv. 84; vis. P. P. 

CO c ken (cocke) cock, brawl? Wr. p. s. 163; he wole 
grennen, cocken & chiden rel. ant. 1, 188; mon pat sip 
briddes cokkinde I, 262. 

cocker (cokker) cocker, brawler, cock-fighter f Town. myst. 
242; cocker, p^f & horeling rel. ant. 1, 188. 

cod (codde), -4/8aa?. codd (per a) Ettm. lex., Dutch kod- 
de (coleiLs) Kil., Olcel. koddi {„pude'^) Fritzners ordb., 
cod, „silimia, testicultis^, prompt, parv. 85; Chauc. G. t. 
13949; lown. myst. 84; codde (dot.) owl and night. 1122; 
coddes ,^siltquis^, Wicl. Lake 15, 16; coddis (cushions) of 
silke HaUiw. diet. 262; compos, ballok-, pescod. 

code (coode), OHGerm. cuti (gluten)? cobbler's wax, 
Halliw. diet. 262; prompt. parv. 85; coode npice^, Wicl. gloss. 

codule, ASax. cudele, cuttle-fish, „sepia^, prompt, parv. 

codling codling, prompt parv. 85; Hartsh. met. t. 118. 

cofre, OFr. cofre, coffer, (dat.) c. of I. 992. 

cog, Ir. Welsh cog, cog, tooth, Wr. voc. 233; (cogge) 
prompt, parv. 85; cogge (dat) owl and night. 86. 

cog (cogge), Dutch kog, cmp. OHGerm. kocho, OFr. 
coque, Ir. Gael, coca, Welsh cwch (cuq), cock, boat; cogge 
(ace.) Halliw. diet 262; (dat^ Chauc. leg. g. wom. 1477; 
cogges (pi.) Rich. 4784. 
COgboot prompt, parv. 

coint, OFr. coint, quaint, cunning, artful. Will, gloss. 
220; Gaw. gloss. 375; koint, cwoint a. r. 140; 294; se 
cointe (v. r. so icudd) keiser Kath. 580; quoint Mapes 

118 coite 

337; pe quointe swike Roh. Olouc, 105, 5; queint Chauc. 
a t 5943. 

coite quoity prompt parv. 86. 

cok, A8ax.QjOQ>Q (?), Olcel. kokr, cock^ Mand. 91 ; Chauc, 
G. t 3357; coc owl and night 1677. 

k k (kok ?), ASax. coc, OHOerm, coch, cook, Wr. spec, 
101; Havel, 903; cook Chauc. C. t 2022; Lidg.m, p. 217; 
kuk Wr. voc, 211; cokes {pi,) La3. 3315. 

cok 11, A8ax, cocel, cockle, Wicl, gloss. 12; rel. ant 2, 
80; (cokkil) lAdg. m, p, 149. 

cokenei cockney, young cock? vis. P. P, 4371; Percys 
rel. 95 ; cokenei, coknei ^qui deliciis a matre nutritur^, prompt 
parv. 86; cokenai Chauc, C, t 4206. 

coker, ASax, cocor {pharetra, vagina), OFris. Dutch 
koker (theca, pharetra), OHGerm. chochar {pharetra)^ cocker, 
quiver, La^* 6470; cokir, cocur „cothumus^, prompt parv. 
84; cokeres (pL) vis. P. P. 3915. 

coker coker, reaper? cokers (pi,) P. P. p, 514. 

coker in, Welsh cocru (indulge), cocker, coddle, prompt, 
parv, 85. 

col, ASax. col, Olcel. kol, coal, La^- 2366; Chauc. C. 
t 2694; cole (r. w. hole := hoi) s, s, Wr. 2170; (r. w. 
pole) pr. consc. 6762; coles (pi.) Mand. 101; coolis Wicl. 
John 18. 

colblak owl and night. 75. 

? colmose, ASax. colmase (parra) Wr. voc. 62, ^alcedo^, 
prompt parv. 88. 
colrake Wr. voc. 276. 

col, ASax. col, OHGerm. chuoler, cool, (cole) prompt 
parv. 87; JfawcZ. 305; cole red Rob. Glouc. 131, 8; coul 
Shoreh. 105. 

col, ASax. caul, cavl, 0/ceZ. k41, OHGerm. chol, choli, 
iaf. caulis, cole (cale), I. c. c. 48 ; c&l (^k&le^) reZ. ant 1, 
52; coul („COwle") Mar, mir. pi. 8. 
coleplante vis. P. P. 4374. 
cMstok prompt, parv. 58. 

colder colder, refuse, prompt parv. 86. 

CO lien (colin, colen), ASax, colian, OHGerm. chuolen, 
cool, nfrigejacere^, prompt parv, 87; Gaw, gloss. 374; 
compos, a-, forcolen. 

CO ling cooling, Wicl. gloss. 

colyere collier^ Octov. 495; colyer prompt parv. 87; 

coloppe 119 

col3er Wr, voc. 213. 

CO Ik (colke?), cmp. DiUch ]d6k (-hms), couk (coke), core; 
colke (datj Town, myst 281 ; face.) pr. consc. 6445. 

colloppe, cmp. Swed. kalops, collop, prompt parv. 88; 
coloppes (pil.) vis. P. P. 4372. 

colok coUocky ncantharus^y Wr. voc. 257. 

colour, OFr. coulour, colour, Shoreh. 26. 

colt, A8ax. colt (?), coU, ,^pvllus^, prompt, parv, 88; 
Chauc. C. t. 3263; Lidg. m. p. 255. 

comb, ASax. cumb, ODvtch kom, comb {coomb); coum 
prompt, parv. 97. 

con, Fr. Lot. con. 
confermi confirm, Bek. 481. 

comanden command; comaunde {pres.) c. of I. 956. 
cumpas, Fr. compas, compass, circle, c. of L 739. 
conseil counsel, Hoccl. 1, 76; consail Bek. 881; counsaile 
pr. consc. 6943. 

kunsenten consent, a.r. 272; consentede {pret^ Bek. 1871. 
controYen contrive, devise; controves (pres.) pr. consc. 1661', 
contrfiveden {pret.) vis. P. P. 11079. 
coveiten covet, a. r. 60; covaites (jpres.) pr. consc. 7634:. 

c onig, coning, OFr. connin, cony; conig Min. 37 ; coning 
Will, gloss. 219. 

conningere (-erpe) warren, prompt, parv. 90 ; coningeris 
(pi.) Lidg. m. p. 174. 

centre, Fr, contree, country, Xaj. 1282*; Mand. 244; 
contrai Bek. 241; cnntre Wart. hist. 1, 17; Chauc. C. 
t. 216. 

cop, ASax. copp (calix, culmen), OFr is. ODutch kop 
(testa, caput), Olcel. koppr {testa, patera), OHGerm. choph 
(crater), Welsh cop (culmen), cop, head, top, La7^. 7781 ; 
Wr. p. 8. 70; rd. ant. 1, 144; Wicl. gloss. 12; (coppe) 
^cacumen'*, prompt, parv. 91 ; pe cop of pe hille Mand. 17; 
coppe {dat^ Chauc. h. off. 1166; bi pone coppe (the later 
text has toppe) he hine nom La^- 684; from pe tures 
coppe a. r. 228. 

cop (coop), OSax. copa, OHGerm. chuopha, coop, 
„xo"cpoc", Wr. voc. 178. 

copen, ASacr. copian? cope^' exchange f Lidg. m. p.\()6. 

coper (copir), ODutch koper, Olcel. kopar, OHOerm. 
chupher. Lot. cuprum, copper, Wr. voc. 255; Chauc. C. t. 

120 copnien 

copnien desire, long: ich copni(e') pi cume Mark, 21; 
pat cleoped me and copned-BTo^A. 2378; kfiped and copned 
pi come 2467. 

copenere, ASax, copenere, from copnien, lover y owl 
and night 1340; copinere Rob, Glouc. 335, 7; copiner s. s. 
Web. 2226. 

copped copped, crested : coppid as & lark HaRiw, diet. 269. 

cops, J./8a«?. cops, cosp, cops(cosp), y^pessvlusy compes^y 
Wr. voc. 95; cospe prompt parv. 238.* 

cor (core) core, sacram. 767; core(dat) Li4g. m, p, 43. 

corien, ODutch koeren (gemere), complain? compos. 

corn, ASax. OSax. com, OFris. OIceL kom, OHOerm. 
chom, Goth, kaurn, com^ grain, Orm. 1500; Shoreh. 32; 
Wr. p. s. 342; corne {pi.) Chauc. k. off. 698; comes 
pr. consc. 3420. 
comstak Rob. Br. Jlf. 415. 

corner, OFr. cornier, comer, Mand. 217. 

cors, OFr. cors, corps, body, Gaw. gloss. 376; Wich 
gloss. 12; vis. P. P. 9631. 

cose he cosh, cot, prompt, parv. 94. 

cost, ASax. cost (modus) Bout, ev, gloss., OFris. kost 
(victus), Olcd. kostr {pptio, conditio), OHGerm. chost 
(electio, aestim>atio), Goth, kustus (Soxtjii^), from cheosen, 
choice, manner, quality, Gaw. gloss. 375; vis. P. P. 1491; 
per naes cost n£n oder Laj. 18166; needes cost necessa- 
rily, Chauc. C. t 1479; cosies (pi.) rel. ant. 1, 178 (& 226; 
Shoreh. 10; met. horn. 147; costus Degrev. 364; son sum 
ic was waxen man, p4 flaeh i childes costes Orm. 8056; 
compos, far-, or-, uncost. 

cost, MHGerm. ODutch kost (sumptus, expenswm), OFr. 
const? cost, expense, Chauc. C. t. 806; Hardw. poem 40, 
7; lAdg. m. p. 208; costes (pi.) Wicl. gloss. 12; Hoed. 
1, 362. 

coste, OFr. coste, Lat costa, coast. Tor. 1419. 

cos ten, Olcel. kosta, MHGerm. ODutch kosten, ASax. 
costian, costan (tentare, probare)? OFr. couster? Lat. 
constare? cmp. Welsh costiaw, Bret, kousta, Gael, cosd 
(spend), cost, spend: he schal costen pe ful deore c. of I. 
1092; coste „impende^, Wicl. deeds 21; itcostip natmekil 
Lidg.m. ^.152; costed (pret.) vis. P. P. 405; coste Chau^ 
C. t 1910; and yet wolde i swere pat it coste me muche 

costnien 121 

moore vis. P.P, 8793; if pou have ojt on hur cost avow 
Arih. 28, 3. 

costnien, ASax. costnian {fentare, probare), try: icost- 
ned (part.) Lai^. 24669; cost: costnede (^pret,) a. r. 290; 
costned (part.) vis. P. P. 406. 

cot, ASax, coty Olcel. kot, Dutch kot,kote, cmp, Welsh 
cut, cwt, cot, „cella^, Wr. voc. 95; kot a. r. 362; cote 
^casa^, Wr. voc. 273; coote prompt, parv. 96; cote {dot.) 
Chauc. C. t 2459; cotes (pi.) Wicl. gloss. 12; vis. P. P. 

cote, OFr. cote, cotte, Ir. Gad. cota? OHQerm. cozo, 
cozzo? coat, yfninica^, Wr. voc. 238; Oow. conf. am. 2, 
47; coote Wicl. gloss. 12; Chauc. C. t 103. 

cote (coote) coo*, „mergtis'*, Wr.voc. 188; 253; prompt. , 
parv. 95; Wicl. gloss. 12. 

cotier cottager, P. P. p. 526. 

cotoun, Fr. coton, cotton, Mand. 212. 

cop, ASax. cod (morbus), swooning, prompt. parv. 96. 

couard, OFr. couard, coward, (coward) Alis. 2108; 
harrow. 140. 

coufel, ASax. ceofL{corbis)f Bret. kRYel (panieT,nasse)f 
basket? coufles (pi.) Rob. Qlouc. 265, 9; see coul. 

cough? ODutch kuch, cough; coghe prompt, parv. 97, 
cowe Wr. voc. 267. 

coughen, ODutch MHGemi. kuchen (kuchen?), cough, 
Chauc. C. t. 10082; cowghen, cowhin, coYf^n prompt, parv. 
97; coghip (pres) Flor. 248; coughed {pret) vis. P. P. 8237. 

coul (cowl), Jt/HGerwi. kiibel, coop, tub, prompt. parv. 97. 

coupe, ODutch kuipe, Lat. cupa, tub, ^cupa^, prompt, 
parv. 99; coop, rel. ant. 1, 4; see cop. 
cApeful c. of I. 1278. 

couper, ODutch kuiper, cooper, Wr.voc. 212; coupare 
prompt, parv. 99. 

coup en, Fr. couper, Ital. colpare (colpire), strike, cut: 
couped shon Tor 193; galoches icouped vis. P. P. 12099; 
compos, geincoupen. 

couren (coure), Welsh owrvaxi, cower, crouch, pl. *. 155; 
Flor. 786; kourip (pres.) Alis. 2053; koured (part.) Will, 
gloss. 220. 

cover cover. 
kovercheef, OFr. couvre-, cueuvre-cheef, kerchief, head- 
doihy Lidg. m. p. 48; keverchef Chauc. 0. t. 455; cour- 

122 coveren 

chef HaUiw, diet. 274; curchif Wr, voc. 238. 

coveren J OFr. covrir, cuevrir, cover, recover, pr.consc. 
811; kevere Wtcl gloss. 25; vis. P. P. 14694. 

crabbe, ASax. crabba, Dutch krabbe, Olcel. krabbi, 
crab, y,cancer^, prompt, parv. 99 ; Lidg. m. p. 58 ; crabben 
(pi.) Alls. 4943; crabbe „malum sylvesire^, profnpt. parv. 
crajjtre Wr. voc. 192. 

crabbed crabbed, Chauc. C. t. 9079; Lidg. m. p. 132; 
crabbede wordes vis. P. P. 5816. 

cracchen, OHGerm. chrazon ? cratch, scratch, vis. P. P. 
307; cvdi^Q^ohivL prompt parv. 99; cracched {pret^ Orph. 78. 

era del, ASax. cradol, Ir. craidhal, Gael, creathall, 
cradle, a. r. 82; Alis. 3655; Chauc. C. t. 2021; cradel, 
credel prompt, parv. 101; credel s. s. Wr. 778; credile 
(dot.) Rob. Br. 243, 7. 

craft, ^Saa?. craeft, 0/Saa?. craft, OJFVw. kreft, OHOerm. 
chraft, Olcel. kraptr, crafty power, art, (nam. ace.) La7^. 
2818; Orm. 18809; Wicl. gloss. 13; Chauc. C. t. 403; 
3189; Lidg. m. p. 162; creft Kath. 872; crafte (dat.) pr. 
consc. 4212; pough he criede wip alle pe craft pat he coude 
Mand. 305; craftes (^pl-) owl and night. 568; Percev. 560; 
creftes a. r. 78*; compos, leche-, wicchecraft. 
craftmon Laj. 28944; craftis-man Chauc. C. t. 1899. 

craft en (crafte), ASax. craeftan, attain f Shoreh. 167; 
creftep (pres.) 2. 

crafti, ASax. craeftig, OHGerm. chreftiger, crafty, met. 
hom. 2; crafti and Strang pr. consc. 9088; crefti -BCa^A. 125. 
craftihche craftily. Wart. hist. 2, 76; craftili Iw. 3104; 
creftiluker {compar.) Kath. 260. • 

crag, Ir. Welsh craig, Gael, creag, crag, rock; cragge 
(dat.) Chauc. r. r. 4156; cragges (pi.) pr. consc. 6393. 

crahien, /row crawe? Marh. 9. 

krak (krakke), Dutch krack, MHGerm. krach, crack, 
yfragor^, prompt, parv. 100; Alis. 641; li beausdisc. 962. 

krake (krake?), Olcel. kr4ka, crake, croto, „comix^, 
Wr. voc. 188; s. s. Web. 3632. 

crakien, ASax. cracian (?), Dutch kraken (kracken), 
MHGerm. krachen, crack, crepare, stridere, jactare; crake 
Rich. 5423; Flor. 92; rel. ant. 1, 2; crake, crakkin prompt, 
parv. 100; crakep (pres.) Shoreh. 99; so chantep he and 
crakep Chauc. C. t. 9724; pel craken Gow. conf. am. 3, 
94; and craked hope hire legges vis. P.P. 12221; b&nes 

crallen 123 

per crakeden Lai^, 1876; crakked {part.) Min. 4. 

crallen curl? cralle {pres. imper!) Z. c. c. 35; cralled 
{part) ibid,; wip curious harneis quaintli crallit pi. t 134. 
cr am m e n , ASax. crammian, cram, stuff; crammid( pari.) 
Wicl. gloss. 13; icrammed vw. P. P. 82; Chauc. C. 1. 13763. 
crampe, ODutch kramjie, OHGerm. chrampho, cramp, 
y^spasmus^, py-ompt. parv. 100; {ace.) vis. P. P. 8697; 
Chauc. Troil. 3920. 

crane, ASax. cran, ODutch krane, crane, „gru8^, Wr. 
voc. 188; prompt, parv. 100; (ace.) Lidg. m. p. 154; cron 
(crane) Laj. 20163. 

crank crank, red, prompt, parv. 100. 
cr Si ni cranny, prompt, parv. 100; cranis {pi-) sacram. 7 10. 
crappe, ODutch krappe, crap, refuse, prompt, parv. 
100; crappis (pi.) Wr. voc. 201. 

craschin crash, prompt parv. 100. 
era sen, Swed. krasa, craze: pe cablis crasen hartsh. 
met. t. 128; pe pot was erased Chauc. C. t. 12862; covei- 
tise hap crasid 30ure croune dep. of R. 4, 21. 
crask = kask? lusty, prompt, parv. 100. 
cravien (cravin, crave), ASax. crafian, Olcel. krefja 
pret. krafda, crave, ^petere^, prompt, parv. 101; c. of I. 
249; Wr. an.lit. 11; s. s. Web. 52; Iw. 2733; Hoccl. 1, 
432; crave {pres?^ Wr. spec. 72; cravep Shoreh. 61; cra- 
ven (kraven) Will, gloss. 220; vis. P. P. 1802; icraved 
{part!) a. r. 2* 

crawe, Dan. krave. Germ. Swed. krage, Dutch kraag, 
craw, throat, neck, prompt, parv. 101; Wicl. gloss. 13. 

crawe, ASax. crave, OSax. craia, OHOerm. chraia, 
chraa, crow, „comix'% Wr. voc. 188; crowe owl and night. 
126; Chauc. C. t. 2694. 

cr^wen (cr^we), ASax. era van, [OHOerm. chr&han 
pret. chrata], croiv, Wr. p. s. 238; crowe Wicl. John 13; 
crew (pret.) Wicl. John 18; cr^we s. s. Web. 2636; crowe 
(part.) lud. Gov. 278; icrowe Chauc. C. t. 3357. 

creke, ASax. crecca, ODutch kreke {vorago, crepidd), 
creeks Chauc. C. t. 411; crike prompt, parv. 103: krike 
Havel. 708. 

ere lie creel, „sporta^, prompt, parv. 101. 
c r e m p e n , ODutch krempen, MHOerm. krempfen, cramp, 
contract; crempe (imper.) owl and night. 1786; compos, 

124 crenclen 

crenclen, cmf, Dutch krinkelen, crinkle; crenkled (par*.) 
Chauc, leg, g, worn. 2008. 

crengien? Olcel. kringja? cringe? crenchen (crenge) 
mit (wid) swire Mark, 9. 

creopen (creope), ^/Soa?. creopan, OSaa;. criopan, OFris, 
kriapa, Olcel, kriupa, Dutch kruipen, creep, Alis. 676; 
cr^pen Ld^, 29313; crdpe pr, consc. 474; crope owl and 
night, 817; creop (imper,) a, r, 292; creopirtde {pres. 
part) Marh, 11; creap (pret) Kath. 908; crep Alis. 571; 
s. s. Wr, 479; krep s, a. c. 1, 16; cr4p (creop) Laj. 
29282; 30500; crop? avow, Arth, 65, 1; pou crope vis, 
P, P. 1739; hi crope Bek, 2141; crepen? Chauc, C. t 
7280; crope {pret part,) Gow, conf, am, 1, 198; Chduc, 
C, t 4257; lAdg, m. p, 240. 

cresse, ASax, cresse, cerse, OiTGerTw. chresso, Dutch 
kersse, cress, nasturtium, prompt, parv, 102; crese Degrev, 
191; kerse Gow,, 1, 299; is noght worp k kerse 
vis, P. P, 5629; compos, watercresse. 

krevis, Fr, ecrevisse, cr ay-fish, Lidg, m, p, 164. 

cri, Fr. cri, cry, Bek, 81. 

crib, ASax, cribb, ODutch kribbe, CHGerm, crippa, 
crib, apol, 97; cribbe Mand. 70; {dot,) pr, consc. 5200; 
(dec) Orm. 3321. 

cri en (crie), MHGerm, krien, Fr. crier, cry. Brand, 
22; crie (tVwper.) a, r, 136; cride (pre«.) vis, P, P, 12249; 
criande (part.) Will, gloss, 

crikke (crik?) crick, cramp, prompt, parv, 103; pou 
might stomble and take pe crik rel, ant. 2, 29. 

crimp el, /row *crimpen, ODutch krimpen, OHGerm. 
chrimphan {contraht), rimple, prompt, parv, 103. 

crimplin rimple, prompt, parv, 103. 

crisp, ASax, crisj}, Lat, crispus, cmp, Mand. 168; his 
crispe her Chauc, C.. t, 2167; crips Wr, treat, 138; pe 
kirspe skin TAdg, m. p, 200. 

cristen, ASax, cristen, christian: k cristen man vis. 
P, P. 6827. 

cristene, -^Saar. cristena, christian, Shor eh, 66; cristen 
pr, consc, 4136; cristene {pi,) La^, 29773. 
cristendom Bek, 108; Shoreh. 5. 

cristnien, ASax, cristenian, christen, Shoreh, 9 ; crist- 
nen {pres,) Orm, 13251. 

croc he, OJFr. croche, crosse, if aZ. croccia, croot; croche, 

crock 125 

croce npedum^, prompt parv. 102 & 103; & bishopes crosse 
(croce) vis, P. P. 5089; Wart, hist 2, 70; croche cnUch, 
^sustentaculum^ y Wr, voc, 211 \ Halliw, diet, 280; see 

crock, crocke, ASaac, crocc, crocca, Welsh crochan? 
crocky pot; crokk dep. of B. 10, 4; crocke „olla^y Wr. 
voc. 93; (dat) a. r. 214; crokke Shoreh, 106; (ace.) vis. 
P. P. 13516. 

crockere porter, Wicl, gloss. 13; crokkere Shoreh.106. 

croft, ASa^x. croft^ croft, vis. P.P. 3652; lud. Cov.SQ. 

crok (croke?), cmp ODutch krock {aracus), Swed.krak 
(quisquiliae), croke, core, refuse, Wr. voc. 230; 267. 

crok (crook), ODutch krooke, Olcel. krokr, crook, hook, 
turn, trick, „uncits^^ Wr. voc, 237; Alis 4819; Lidg, m, 
p. 211 \ croc (occ.) Orm. 11635; on his bake he bar a crok 
Tor. 1018; crokes {pi.) a, r. 268; Wr. spec. 105; crefti 
crokes Ka£h. 125. 

croke n (crokin, croke), ODutch kroken, crook, „cur' 
vare^, prompt, parv. 104; Oow. conf am, 2, 144; s. s. 
Wr. 609; crookeden (pre^.) Wicl. gloss. 13; croked {part,) 
owl and night 80; Oaio. gloss. 375. 

crone, ODutch kronie, Fr. carogne, crone, Chauc. C, 
t 4852. 

cronen, 0-£f6rerm. chronen, croon, roar; ye croine Mar. 
mir. pi. 133, 

crop (croppe), ASax. cropp ODutch krop, kroppe, Olcel. 
kroppr, OHQerm. chroph {struma), crop, craw, top, „cyma'^, 
Wr. voc. 229; prompt parv. 104; vis. P. P. 10940; hit 
hadde crop so ^n heort Alis. 688; k tree ... of whilk 
pe crop es turned do(u)nward pr. consc. 663; pe crop of 
pe rMe brere l. c. c. 42; in crop ant rote Wr.spec. 100; 
croppes (pi.) Chauc. r, r. 1396. 

cropp en (croppe), ODutch kroppen {glutire), Olcel. 
kroppa {carpere), crop, cut off the crop {top), Hartsh. met. 
t 167; he is ase pe widi pet spruted ut pe betere pet 
me hine ofte cropped a. r. 86; put in the crop {craw): 
croppep mi whete vis. P.P. 3859; croppede(j[>rcf) 10424. 

cros, Olcel. kross, OFr. croix, Lat crux, cross, LaT,* 
31386; Kath. 727; in pis purse wheper per b6 eni cros 
or crouche Halliw. diet. 282; creoiz (cros) a. r. 18; croiz 
Bom 1314; croiz, croice Bek. 959; 971; see crAche. 

croisen, Fr. croiser, cross; creoised {imper.) a. r. 64. 

126 crote 

crote, ODtUch krotte, jFr. crotte, cZof, „glehula^, prompt, 
parv. 105. 

crouchen crouch, bow, {pres.) cr. P. P. 602 ; see crucchen. 

croude? crowd? 
croudewain, ODutch kruiwagen, crowd-, or wheel-harrow, 
Amis 1858. 

crouden (croudin, croude), A Sax. crudan? creodan? 
pret cread, ODutch krui(d)en pret krood, crowd, push, 
shove, prompt, parv. 105; Ghauc. C. t 5221; croudest 
{pres. ind.) 4716; croude (/?re5. imper.) Alts. 609; compos. 

crouke, ASax. cruce, 08ax. cruca, pitcher, Chatcc. 
C. t. 4156. 

crouke n croak, prompt, parv. 105. 

croup, Welsh crwth, crowth, fiddle, Wr. spec. 53; k. 
of T. 485; croud Wicl. gloss. 

crow, ASax. crov, crow: cokkes crow Chauc. C. t. 
3675; crowe {dot.') Bek. 1090. 

crucche, ASax. crycc, O^Gerw. krucka, crutch, (dat.) 
LaZ' 19482; cruche y,pedum'', prompt, parv. 103*; see 

crucchen? crouch, bow; crucchep {pres.)cr. P. P. 1498; 
see crouchen. 

cruche, OHOerm. cruci, cruzi, cross, {dat.) Kath. 1171; 
crouche {ace?) Shoreh. 15; vis. P. P. 3547; see cros. 

cruchen, OH Germ, cruzon, cross, mxikethe sign of the 
cross: heo cruchede hire Kath. 628; crouche (pres.) Chauc. 
C. t. 3479; crouchep Shoreh. 15. 

crud curd, „coagulum'^, I. c. c. 12; crudde, curde prompt 
parv. 105; cruddes {pi.) vis. P. P. 1365; curdes Wr. voc. 

crud din curd, ,^coagulare'^, prompt, parv. 105; crudded 
(part.) Wicl. gloss. 13. 

crul, MHGerm. krul, ODutch krol, crisp; cruUe {pi.) 
CJiauc. C. t. 81; croUe AUs. 1999. 

crullen, ODutch kroUen, curl; crul(l)ing {part.) Halliw. 
diet. 284. 

crumb, ASax. OSaa;. crumb, OHOerm. chrumber, cmp. 
Ir. crum, crom, Oael. crom, Bret, kroumm, kromm, Welsh 
crwm, crooked, Orm. 9207; croum s. s. Wr. 2477. 

crumb (cromb) crome, „uncus^, prompt, parv. 104. 

c r u m b e n , OHGerm. (ge-)chrumben, ODutch krommen, 

CTume 127 

crook, curve; crom(m)in prompt parv. 104; crumpt (part,) 
Halliw. diet, 284. 

crume, A8ax. crume, Oerm, krume, Dan. krumme, 
Dutch kruim, crumh, „mica^y Wr, voc. 258; a, r, 342; 
crumme Goto, conf, am, 3, 35; crumes (pZ.) Orm. 1475; 
cromes P. P. p. 524; cromes (crommes) Chauc. C. t 
16528 Tyr, 11988 Wr, 

crump e crump, cramp, (ace.) Mar, mir. pi, 178. 

crumplen crumple: (he) was crompild and crokid 
Flor. 1979. 

crune, Lot, corona, crovm, La7^. 4251; Orm. 8158; 
crunen (pi.') a, r, 238; crounen Rob. Olouc. 242, 6. 

crAnien croum; crouni Bek, 1728; hcunei (pres.) a. r. 
392; cruneden (pret.) La7^. 31935; cruned (part.) Orm. 

crupel, OHOerm. crupel, Olcel. krypill, kryppill, OFris. 
kreppel, ODutch krepel, kreupel, cripple, rel. ant. 1, 243 ;. 
cripel chron. Engl. 771; cripil, crepil prompt, parv. 103; 
crepel Oow. conf. am. 3, 147. 

crupelen? go like a cripple? cripelande (part.) rel, 
ant, 1, 211. 

crus, MHOerm. krus, ODutch kruis, crrniSj crisp, cross, 
wroth, ifavrf. 1966; crous Halliw. diet. 283. 

crus (crous), Olcel. krus, can, pot, prompt, parv, 105. 

cruschin crush, ^^quassare^, prompt, parv. 106. 

crftskin little can or pot, prompt, parv. 106. 

crust, Lat. crusta, crust, Wr. p. s. 204. 

cu name of the letter q, prompt, parv. 106. 

cu, ASax. cu pi. cf, OSax. OFris. ku, OHGerm. chua, 
chuo, ODutch koc/ Olcel. kfr ace. ku, cow, Halliw. diet. 
121; kA Wr. voc. 91; a. r. 418; Alis. 5966; cou vis. P. 
P. 4376; kle(pZ.) ps, 67, 31; Bob. Br. 28, 14; kiiin Alis. 
760;kienvw. P.P. 4076; Wiel gloss, 25; kSn Octov. 672. 
Couherde cowherd, Hartsh. met. t. 256. 
couscott, ASax. cusceotte| (?), cowshut, wood-pigeon, Wr. 
voc. 221. 

cousloppe cowslip, prompt, parv. 99; kousloppes (pi.) Hal- 
liw. diet. 

cubbel kibble, stick, a. r. 140. 

cucstol a stool to pumish culprits by cueking (chucking) them 
in water, prompt, parv. 107; cokstol Hardw. poem 72, 3. 

128 cucking 

cuckingstol = cucstol, Wr, p. a. 346; cokingstsl rel. ant. 
2, 176. 

kuchene, ASax. cycene, kitchen, a, r. 214; cuchene 
(kichene) iaj. 3316; kechine Percev. 456; avow, Artk 
15, 7. 

cud? (cudde, cod), ASax, cud, from cheowen, cud {quid), 
„rumen", prompt parv, 86; cude (ace) Orm, 1237; kude, 
code, quide, quede Wicl, gloss, 12; 26; 35. 

cuf, ASax, cyf, tub, Wr,voc. 93; kive rel, arU. 2, 191. 

cuf fe cuff, prompt, parv,; coflfes (j?Z.) vis. P. P. 3916. 

kuggel cudgel? a, r. 292. 

kukeweld cuckold, owl and night, 1542; kukwald Wr. 
voc, 217; cokwaldl94; coke wold vis. P. P. 2409; Chauc. 
a t, 3154. 

cul stroke: pe cul of per eax a. r. 128. 

culfre, ASax, cul(u)fre, dove, pigeon, Orm. 1258; 
kulvre a, r. 98; culyer Chauc. leg. g. worn. 2315; colvere 
vis. P. P. 10434; colfren (pi) Mob. Glouc. 190, 11; col- 
veren Alis. 5405; colveren, colveres Hand. 118. 

cullen, cmp. Dan, kyla {„schmeiszen^), kill, smite, slay; 
kulle kill, vis. P.P. 11080; kil]m ^ocddere'^, prompt, parv. 
274; culle (pres, subj.) strike, a. r. 126; kiUe kUl, Chauc. 
C. U 6623; kulle (throw, pour) al lit pet is i pe krocke 
a. r. 346; culde (pret,) killed, k. of T. 179; ofte me hine 
culde (struck) Laj. 20319; kilde (culde) killed, vis. P. P. 
14123; WaH. hist. 2, 86; kuUed (part.) killed, vis. P. P. 

culm. Germ, qualm? smx>kef prompt, parv. 108. 

kuln, ASax. Welsh cyln, Olcel, kylna, kiln, rel. ant. 
2, 81 ; kiln prompt, parv. 274. 

culter, ASax. Lat, culter, colter, Wicl. gloss. 13; (cul- 
tour) vis. P. P. 4004; colter Mapes 338. 

cumberen (combren), MHGerm, kumbern, ODutch kom-' 
meren, Fr. (en-)combrer, molest, trouble, cr. P. P. 918; 
cumbered (part.) Em. 483; met, hom, 129; combird s. s 
Wr, 3403. 

cume, ASax, cyme, Sax. cumi, Olcel. komsi, OHGerm. 
chumi, quemi, coming, a, r. 188; kume owl and night 
436; pi cume (come) me is iquSme Laj. 6646; cume, 
come Kath. 413; 671; come Orm. 718; c. of I. 1031; 
Will, gloss. 219; Gaw. gloss. 374; compos. 3an-, Mcume. 

cume 129 

cume, ASax. cyme {becoming). 
kumli, ASacr. cymlic, comely, Iw, 2886; comli Alis, 6055; 
vis. P.P. 10528; comloker (co7wp.) Oaw, gloss. 374; cume- 
hche Mark. 19; comj)05. bicumeliche. 
comlihed Goto. covf. am. 2, 354. 
comlinesse prompt, parv. 89. 

cum el? OIcel.\iwm[ (tumvlus)? hill? oncumelan, come- 
lan, an comlen Las. 6630; 20273;. 30400. 

cumeliug, OHGerm. chomeling, comeling; cum(e)ling, 
comeling Wicl. gloss. 12; cumlingi^w. 1627; komeliug Rob. 
Olouc. 18, 19; comeling, comling prompt parv. 89. 

cumen, ASax. OSoa?. cuman, OJVw. kuma, koma, Olcel. 
koma, OHGerm. choman, queman, Goth, qiman, come, O^^m. 
2179; rel. ant. 1, 223; kumen a. r. 394; comen Chauc. 
C. t. 7266; come vis. P. P. 13648; cumed (kimed) (pres. 
ind.) a. r. 350; comp vis. P. P. 582; sche comep ride 
Lannj. 867; kume (subj.) a. r. 424; kum (imper.) 292; 
comep (commip) Wicl. gloss. 12; com (pret.) Orm. 2181; 
owl and night. 453; Tor. 662; Will, gloss. 219; p4 com 
per at mon irnen iaj. 5748; cam JlfaW. 12; Chauc. C. t. 
549; s. s. Wr. 460; kam Havel. 863; pou come Horn 
1178; comen s. s. Wr. 318; «. a. c. 13, 7; (coomeni vis. 
P. P. 14364; k. of T. 189; kemen s. a. c. 11, 8; comend 
(pres. part.) Goto. conf. am. 1, 1 ; cumen (pret. part.) Orm. 
134; Iw. 2956; comen Chauc. C. t. 673; (commen) pr. 
consc. 5775; icumen Marh. 4; a. r. 64; compos, a-, bi-, 
overcumen; Jer^i?. cwSme. 

cum 1 en? 0/crf. kumla („m.ishandle^^) Fritzners ordb., 
numby stiffen; cumblid, comelid fjpari.^ Wicl. gloss.; comelid 
prompt, parv. 

cun (kun), ASax. cynn, O/ceZ. kynni, OjFrw. ken, OSax. 
cunni, OHGerm. chunni, Goth, kuni, A;iV?, rac^, sort, La^. 
319; 328; cun Kath. 445; J3^A:. 61 ; kun a. r. 308; fader, 
moderantalmi kun Wr.spec. 91; kin Orm. 2053; Havel. 
393; i have no kin pere vis. P. P. 3769; his kin and his 
tr^ndes Mand. 309; ken Gow.conf. am. 3, 332; ones kun- 
nes treou a sort of tree, a. r. 150; for nones kunnes mede 
Wr. p. s. 193; his cunnes men Bek. 1657; Davipes kinnes 
man Orm. 12528; pou were bore of mi kin(ne) harrow. 
203; two cunne ancren a. r. 128; alle kinne sinnes vis. 
P. P. 14668; coiapos. mancun. 
kunr^ kindred, tribe, Degrev. 835; ken red Shoreh. 45; 


130 cund 

kunrede (dat.) owl and night 1675; kinrede Mand. 67. 
cunrede Marg. 65; kunrede Roh. Glouc. 284, 3; kinrede 
Chauc. C, t 2792; wills and invent 39; prompt parv, 275; 
cunraden {printed cum raden) Hick, thes, 1, 225; kinrade 
Will, gloss, 

cund, ^fii«ir. cund, Goth, kunds (7iative) ; compos, god-, 

cunde, ASax, cynde, hind^ natural^ genuine, Wr, treat, 
136; pe cunde folk of pe lond Roh, Glouc, 40, 11; kuinde 
c, of I, 1044; Wart, hist 1, 20; kinde Chauc. C. t 8478; 
kinde wit 2^25. P.P. 227; kind pr.consc, 2353; kinde, kende 
Will, gloss, 231; kende Shoreh, 90; compos, icunde. 

cunde, ASax, (ge-)cynd, OH Germ, (ki-)kunt, OIceL 
kyndi, kind, nature^ generation^ Marh, 8; peo kunde a, r, 
14; pe kinde (kuinde) pat of him com c, of I, 179; kinde 
,,nature'% Wicl, gloss, 25; Ortn, 663; as kinde askep vis, 
P, P, 933; als pair kind (natural disposition) es pr, consc, 
52; kinde ,^nMure, lineage ^^^ Gaw, gloss, 392; kinde, kende 
„genus, prosapia^, prompt, parv, 275; pe lawe of kinde 
Gow, conf, am, 3, 204; pat it were comen of riche kende 
lai le fr, 138; cunde (ace) Kath, 1002; he hap angles 
cunde Wr, treat 134; toward his cunde {the other text 
has cuppe) La'7^. 21492; kinde Chauc, C. t 2453; asenst 
kinde Mand, 223; kind met hom. 14; kende Shoreh, 9; 
kuinden (pi,) c. of I. 926; compos, icunde. 
cxmdelich kindly, natural, Kath, 96 4c -^ kindelich a^?o?^?. Artk. 
11, 2; kindeli Wicl, gloss. 26; kundellche /ciW/y, naturally, 
a, r, 120; kindellche, kindeli vis, P. P. 1385; 12519; 
kindeli pr. cotisc, 1686. 

kundel progeriy, offspring, a, r. 82; kundles (^ZJ 200; 
kindles rel. ant 1, 222; kindeles (kindlis) Wicl, gloss. 

cundlen kindle, bring forth young; kindlin prompt 
parv, 275; kundled (pres,) a, r. 194; wanne he is ikindled 
rel, ant 1, 209. 

cunnen, ASax, OSax. cunnan, Goth, kunnan, OFris. 
Olcel. kunna, OHGenn. chunnin pret choiida, con, know, 
Orm. 2958; alle pe creftes pet clerke ah to cunnen JiTa^A. 
524; cunnen pone dank wiszen, a, r. 124; kun him pank 
Mar, mir. pi, 94; kunne Wicl, gloss, 25; cunne^ connin 
prompt, parv, 90; konnen c. of I. 1071; conne Gow. conf. 
am. 1,200; s. s. PTV. 33; Creseide slial not coiine {he ahle) 
knowen me C hauc. T9*oil. 7774: knowe and konne 2;w. P. P. 

cunnen 131 

9686; cunnand (pres. part.) cunning^ met horn. 93; konning 
vis. P. P, 6715; kude (pret.J coud (covldj, Kath. 1544; 
a. r. 66; coupe Chauc. C. t 236; 5. s. Wr. 2319; koupe, 
koude vis. P. P. 362; 9589; coude Shoreh. 79; koup Iw. 
171; pr. consc. 3787; coud Tor. 178; cudest a. r. 280; 
kuden 72; cuden Kath. 1330; coupen Wr. p. s. 248; coupe 
Mar. mir. pi. 95; cud (pret. part.) La'^. 2768; cup Orm. 
9240; heo beod . . . al to kude (to well known) a. r. 204; 
coup JB^A. 1198; 2,310; Chauc. C. <. 8818; 
koup Lidg. m. p. 25 ; koud Wicl. gloss. 

cunnen, ASax. cunnian, OHGerm. chnnnen pret. chnn- 
neta, con^ seek, try^ Orm. 12137; cunnid (pres.) Marh. 13; 
cunnede (pret.) a. r. 114; compos, icunnien. 

cunning, ASax. cunning? cunning^ knowledge^ skilly 
„8cie7itia''% prompt, parv. 90; pr. consc. 2350; dep. of R. 
11, 2; kunniug Wicl. gloss. 25; Lidg. m. p. 31; konning 
vis. P. P. 6511. 

cunte, OFris. kunte, Welsh cont, y^vvlva^y Wr. voc. 
186 & 208; counte rel. ant. 2, 282. 

cuppe, -4/8arr. cuppa, cup^ (dot.) Lidg. m. p. 53; (ace.) 
Mand. 62; ^calicem^^ Wicl. John 18; coppe (ace.) Shoreh. 
20; vis. P. P. 6226; cuppes (pi.) Orm. 14043; Chauc. 
C. t. 2591; coppis s. s. Wr. 1795. 
cuppemele by cups, vis. P. P. 2921. 

cure, ASax. eyre, OHOerm. churi, from cheosen, choice, 
La3. 8077; wind god of cure Horn 1446. 

curen, Germ, kiiren, choose, Kath. 1893; icured fjpar*.^ 
a. r. 56*. 

curnen (curne), Germ, kornen, corn, gramdate. Hob. 
Glouc. 490, 1. 

kurnel, ASax. cyrnel, kernel, granum, nucleus, Wr. 
voc. 91; kirnel 267; prompt, parv. 276; kernel vis. P. P. 
7086; curneles (pi.) LaT,. 29266; I. c. c. 25; curnles a. r. 

curre, ODutch korre, cur, a. r. 140*; Chauc. I. g. w. 
396; Ijidg. m. p. 29; curres (pi.) cr. P. P. 1283. 

kurre, Olcel. kyrr, kvirr, MIIGerm. kiirre, Goth, qair- 
rus? quiet, tame? a. r. 288*. 

curs, ASax. curs, curse, rel. ant. I, 129; c. of I. 1385; 
Chauc. C. i. 657; Lidg. m. p. 53; cors llardw. poem 43, 11. 

cursien, ASax. cursian, curse; cursi Brand. 26; curse 
Gow. conf. am. 2, 364; kursed (pres.) a. r. 198; corsep 


132 kurt 

vis. P. P, 4435; cursede (pret) rel, ant. 2, 277; cursed 
(part) Oi^m, 16059; compos, acursien. 

kurt, Olceh kurt, OFr. curt, cort, Lat cors (chors), 
courts a, r. 210; curt Beh, 1^.1'^ court Chauc. C. t 1416. 

curteis, OFr. cortois, courteous, Bek. 1190. 

curtel, -4/800*. cyrtel, kirtel, „tunica^, LaT^. 4993; Bek. 
2261; Wr. spec. 40; kui'tel a. r. 10; kirtel Omi. 10137; 
Chauc. C. t. 3321; kirtil prompt, parv. 277; cortils {pi.) 
Eglam. 1256. 

cur tin, cortiii, OFr. cortine, curtain, Wicl. gloss. 12; 
cortines (pi.) Will, gloss. 220. 

cus^ ASax. cuss, coss, OHGerm. chus, Olcel. koss, cuss 
{kiss\ prompt, parv. Ill; cos a. r. 102; Wicl. gloss. 12; 
Aud. 60; cosse {dot.) rel. ant. 1, 29; kosses (pi.) Will, 
gloss. 220. 

cuss en, ASax. cyssen, Olcel. kyssa, kiss, a. r. 424; 
cusse Wr. spec. 38; kissiii prompt, parv. 277; kisse met. 
hom. 83; cussep {pres. imper.) La^- 5097; custe (p7'et.) 
1194; kiste vis. P. P. 12934; custen Bek. 288. 

cussin, OHOerm. chussin, Fr. coussin, cushion; cuschon 
prompt, parv.; kussinis {pL) Ilalliw. diet. 

cust, ASax. cyst, OFris. kest, OSax. cust, OHOerm. 
chust, Ooth. (ga-)kusts, from cheosen, manner, quality; 
custe {dot.) La'T^. 20324; (r. ?^.' wuste) owl and night. 9; 
(ace. pi.) La'7^. 31019; rel. ant. 1, 178. 

custi, ASax. cystig, 0^(?erm. cliustiger, liberal, muni- 
ficent, Wr. voc. 90; Laj. 6366; kistij Oy^n. 4698. 

cut (kut) lot, y^sors^, prompt, parv. Ill; rel. ant. \, 7; 
Chauc. C. t. 837. 

kutte, ODutch kutte (crena, cu7inus\ cut, cunnus, (ace.) 
lud. Cov. 218. 

cut tin cut, yfScindere, secare*^, prompt, parv. Ill; kutte 
(kitte) Wicl. gloss. 25; je kutte {pres. subj.) Mand. 49; 
cutte {pret.) Laz. 8182*; kutte Alis. 2336; vis. P. P. 
14037; cutted {paH) pr. consc. 3715; cr. P. P. 864. 

cutte re cutter, Wr. voc. 195. 
, cud see cunnen. 

cudlaechen, J.Sair. cudlaecan, acquaint'^ he Line cudlaehte 
La3. 17103. 

kudlechunge acquahitance, {ace.) a. r. 68. 
cudllcli, ASax. cudlic, OHOerm. chundllher, knoion, fami- 
liar: mid cxidllche (coupliche) worden ias- 19679; cupllj 

cud 133 

familiarly^ Orm, 2204; coupli Gaw, gloss. 375; kou|)li 
Wicl, gloss, 25. 
GiidLr^AQn familiarity; cMredne {ace J) a. r. 168*. 

cud, ASax, c^dd, OFris. kede, OHGerm, chundi, kith, 
acquaintance, country ; kip Oaw. gloss, 392 ; vis, P, P, 8785; 
met, horn, 62; Percev, 1281; ^w. 594; cudde {dat?) iaj. 
2425; kij)e ant. At^th, 12, 8;. fro kipe and kinne Goto, 
conf am, 2, 267; keppe Shoreh, 19. 
cudelich, ASax, c^delic? kippelis familiarly, Orm, 16532. 

cudi, A8ax,cf(iig, OHGerm, chundiger, Jc^Z. kunnigr, 
cunny, wise: cudie meies jLaj. 5098. 

cudi en, cuden, ASax, cudian, c^den, OSax. cudian, 
OFris. keda, OHGerm, chunden, Goth, kun^jsm, make known, 
announce, declare, tell, show; coupe cr, P, P, 34; cuden 
Lai^, 1157; kuden his strencde a, r, 222; pat so muche 
love him kui[)e wolde c. of I. 590 ; kiden rel, ant. 1, 209 ; 
kipen Orm. 210; kipe lloh, Br, 2, 8; Percev. 1234; pe 
sop i wille pe kipe Octav. 609; kepen Shoreh, 20; coupe 
ipres,) vis, P, P. 2833; cupest owl and night. 90; we en- 
ded Kath, 1318; cudde (pret) 1354; Rob, Glmc, 56, 13; 
c, of I, 756; kidde vis, P, P. 3354; kidde pat he was 
hende Trist, 3, 11; kedde Shoreh. 48; cud {pari,) Kath, 
814; of alle kudde & kude sunnen a. r. 342; kid Goto 
conf. am, 2, 299; it was ffll loude kid Havel, 1060. 

cuvele, ASax. cufle, Olcel. kufl, cowl, a, r, 10; cule 
(covele) La3. 17697; covele i?eyfc. 2128; Shoreh, 110; coule 
prompt, parv. 97. 

cwaken? quake; quoc (pret,) met. horn. 99; quok Ghauc, 
C. t, 1578; Rob. Br, 292, 10; quoke Iw. 3849. 

cwakien, ASax. cvacian, quake, tremble, Mark, 19; 
a, r, 116; quakien (cwakie) LaT^. 17915; quaken Wicl. 
gloss, 35; qwake, whake jc>r. consc, 5411; 7343; quakede 
(pret,) Hickthes, 1, 228; Rob. Glouc, 24, 22; Octov,\l\^', 
quakide Wicl, gloss. 35; quaked vis, P, P. 12573. 

quale, ASax. cvalu, OHGerm, quala, Olcel, kvol {cru- 
ciatus), /rom quelen, death, Laj. 31809; qwalle {dat?) lud. 
Cov. 67. 
qualehtJs Laj. 727. 

cwalm, ASax, cvealm, OSax, qualm, OHGerm. qualm, 
chualm, destruction^ deaths pestilence; cualm owl and night, 
1155; qualm La'7^, 31877; Rob, Glouc, 252, 5; Wr, p, s, 
342; qualme {dat.) Chauc. C. t. 2016. 

134 cwart 

cwalmhus Kath. 600; a. r. 140. 
cwalmstou a, r. 106. 

cwartem? cwarterne, ^Saa?. cveartaern,pri5aw, Kath. 670; 
{dat) Orm. 6168; rjuarterne La%. 19293. 

cwavien quave, shalce^ ilfarA. 48*; quavide (pret.) WicL 
gloss, 35; quaved vis. P. P. 12196. 

quecchen (cwecche), ASax. cveccan, shake, move, go, 
LaZ' 3316; queche Alis, 4747; quehte (jt^ref.) Laj. 20141; 
queite? WUL gloss. 239; compos, aquecchen. 

qued, OFris, quad, Dutch quaed, bad, evil, wicked, 
owl and night, 1135; Eob, Glouc,414:, 2; Alis, 1243; HV. 
p. s. 256; quead Shoreh, 147; qu4d G^ot/?. conf, am, 2, 
246; qu4de 3er (pL) Chauc. C, t, 14849; pe quede the 
evil one, Rob, Olouc, S14., 20; vis. P, P, 9298; he ded al 
to cweade {too ill), a, r, 72 ; pai poghte to do him quede 
(qued?) Isumb. 611. 
quedhc ps, 17, 22*. 
quednes wickedness, ps, 5, 11. 
quedschipe wickedness, Lai^. 5066; cweadschipe a, r, 310. 

eweise, Olcel, kveisa {,^byld^) Fritzners ordb,, bile 
{boil), a. r. 328. 

q u e 1 e n, ASax. cvelan [pati, mori), OSax, quelan, OHGerm, 
quelan, chelan {cruciari\ die; 'quele {pres. suhj.) rel, ant 
1, 174; quelen {fird) Lai,, 31820. 

cwellen, ASax. cvellan, cvelian, OHGenn, quellen, 
chellen, Olcel. kvelja (cruciare), from quale, put to death, 
kill, slay, Orm, 1843; cwelle rel. songs 5, 14; quellen 
(cwelle) ia3. 644; quelle Bek, 767; Chauc. C. t. 12633; 
met, hom, 96; Lidg, m, p, 109; quellep {pres.) Wr, treat, 
136; quellun a;/«. Arth, 4, 9; quelt (^r^?^.) yi6\ P. P. 11030; 
cwalden Orm, 55526; qualden (cwelden) La^. 1752; quel- 
led {part,) Oaw. gloss, 403 ; compos, aquellen. 

cwellere killer, slayer, Marh. 22; quellere Wicl, gloss, 
35; queller met. hom, 40; cwelleres {pi,) Kath, 2200", com- 
pos, manquellere. 

cwelmen, ASax. cvelman, cvylman, from cwalm, put 
to death; quelm {pres. subj,) ps, 36, 14. 

ewe me, ASax. cveme, OHGerm, (bi-)quamer, from 
cumen, convenient, pleasant, agreeable^ Orm, 2210; queme 
LaT^, 2427; Gaw, gloss, 403; qu6me c. of I, 500; quern 
met, hom, 20 ; whSme Flor, 145; Town, myst 2 ; compos, icweme. 

cweme 135 

cwSme? conveniency, liking f noht ne maj ben don 
almahtis god to cweme Orm, 1661. 

cvemen, ASax, cwemsiJi, please, a, r, 138; Onw. 1217; 
reL songs 5,255; quemen (cweme) iaj. 348; qnemen Jlich, 
3432; queme c. of L 1018; Oow. conf, am. 1, 166; fs, 
114, 9; Uob, Br. 286, 26; lernip . . . pe highe lord to 
queme Lidg. m, p. 12; servises inedde ne cwemed uout 
ure loverde „coacta servitia deo non placent^, a. r. 338; 
ewemden (pret,) Orm. 4152; compos, icwemen. 

c we n , cwSne, A Sax. even [femina, uxor, regina), OH Germ. 
quena, chena {uxor, mulier), Olcel. kvaen, kvan {uxor\ 
OSax. quan (wiror), Goth, qens (yi^vi^), queen, ivoman; cwen 
Mark. 19; Orm. 2159; quen Trist. 2, 6; qwin s. a. c. 5, 
11; quen, queue iaj. 43; 182; qwen, qwene lud. Cov. 
80; 215; cwene a. r. 296; queue rel. so7igs 1, 7; Chauc. 
C. t 4581; qwene pr. consc. 4461; queue (gen.) Bob. 
Glouc. 26, 5; (dat.) Tor. 776; (ace.) La^. 25843. 

quenchen (queuche), ASax. cvencan, quench, extinguish, 
rel. a^nt. 1, 132; Shoreh. 49; Lidg. m. p. 151; cwenken 
Orm. 1191; quenchep (pres.) Wr. treat. 136; quenched 
(part.) Mand. 70; queint Gow. co?if. am. 2, 201; vis. P. 
P. 12774; Chauc. C. t. 2323; compos, aquenchen. 

c w e s s e n , Dutch quetsen ? quash ? flesclies lust is strong 
to cwesse owl and night. 1386; see queisen and quassen. 

cweden, ASax. cvedan, OSax. quedan, Olcel. kveda, 
OFris. queda, OHGerm. quedan, chuedan, chedan, Goth. 
qipan^ speak, say; cwede {pres.) Kath. 869; quepe Chauc. 
r. r. 6999; quedende (par^.) rel. ant. 1, 129; q\\e\)mg lud. 
Cov. 362; cwap {pret.) quoth, Orm. 5214; cwad otol and 
night. 1184; quap Trist. 1, 96; cr. P.P. 195; quad, qued 
La^. 696; 6203; cwed Kath. 379; a. r. 122; quop, quod 
Chauc. C. t. 660; 790; quod Goiv. conf. am. 1, 47; s. s. 
Wr. 668; cop ant. Arth.37, 3; cweden Kath.ldi; queden 
LaT^. 893; compos, a-, bi-, for-^ icweden; deriv. cwide. 

cwic, ASax. cvic, OSax. quic, Olcel. kvikr, OHGerm. 
quecher, checher, quick, vivus, Kath. 1890; Orm. 1370; 
quic (cwic) La^. 23; quik Bek. 1822; Chauc. C. t. 1017; 
chron. of Engl. 762; qwik pr. consc. 6390; quek met.hom, 
26; whik Hartsh. met. t. 156; Mar. mir. pi. 128; nawiht 
quikes nullum vivi, La'7^. 25758; nowiht cwikes a. r. 334; 
quike {pi.) Lai^. 26726; of ^uike and of dede vis. P. P. 

136 cwikien 

cwicliche quickly^ a. r. 246; quicliche Laj. 4697; quikli- 
che Alls. 2607. 
quikmire cr. P, P. 450. 
quiksilver Chauc. C, t 12700. 

cwikien, ASax. cvician, OHGerm, quichan, cMchan, 
qaicky become a live; qwiken pr, consc, 1723; in him per 
gan to quiken so gret desir Chauc, TroiL 295; quikide 
(pret) Wicl. gloss. 35; compos, acwikien. 

quiknen (quikne), 0/ceZ. kvikna, quicken, bring to life, 
Wid. gloss. 35; vis. P. P. 12773. 

cwicnesse quickness, (dot.) a. r. 150. 

cwide, ASax. cvide, OSax. OHGerm. quidi, Olcel. kvidr, 
from cweden, 5a2^, legacy, {ace) a. r. 208; qnide (dot.) owl 
and night. 685; quides (cwides) (pi.) LaT^. 9141; compos. 

cwidden, ASax. cviddian (cvidian?), Olcel. kvidja, say, 
Orm. 19358; cwiddest (pres.) Kath. 2172; cwidded a. r. 
174; quiddied La^- 25325; cwiddeden (pret) Orm. 8613. 

cwuld, ASax. cvild, OHGerm. quelida, from cwelen, 
„p€Stis^, Wr. voc. 89. 

ewiver, ASax. cvifer (?), cmp. Goth, qius pi. qivai 
{quick), quiver, bold; ewiver (cover) a. r. 140. 

chacen, OFr. chacier, chase, Mand. 3; chace pr. consc. 
4316; Lidg. m. p. 139; chaced {pret.) vis. P. P. 11473; 
see cacchen, 

chaf, ASax. ceaf, Dutch kaf, chaff, Laj. 29256; Orm. 
1483; chef a. r. 2 70; caf pr. consc. 3148; apol. 54. 

chaft, 0/ceZ. kiaptr, chaf t, jaw; chsiftis {pi) Gaw. gloss. 

chaise 1, 0-Fr. chaisel, chainsil Diez wb.Sd, linen cloth, 
Alis. 279; s. s. Web. 1814; cheisil La^. 23761. 

chalengin, 0F?\ chalengier, chalongier, Lot. calumniari, 
challenge, accuse, ,^vindicare, reprehendere^ , prompt, pai'v.; 
chalange met. horn. 3; pr. consc. 2253; kalengest {pres.) 
a. r. 54; chalanged {pret.) s. s. Wr. 3290; {part.) vis. P. 
P. 2819. 

chalk, calk, ASax. cealc, OHGerm. calc, chalc, Lat. 
calx, chalk, „calx, creta^, prompt, parv. 58; chalk Chauc. 
C. t 13150. 

chalcston „calx^, Wr. voc. 94; chalkston Chauc. C t. 

chamber, Fr. chambre, chamber; chambre {dat.) Bek. 

chaumberling 137 

chaumberling, OHOerm. cbainarlinc, chamberlain^ 
a. r. 410. 

changen (chaungen), Fr, changer, change^ a. r, 6; 
changep (pres.) Wr. treat. 139; changede ( pref.) Mark, 3. 

chappen, Dutch kappen (consecare, resecare% chap; 
chappid {part) Mar, mir, pL 109; compos, of chappen. 

charge, OFr. charge, charge; charges (pZ.) Mand. 302. 

chargen, OFr. charger, charge; chargede Brand. 11. 

chari5, A Sax. cearig, OUGerm. charager, chary, 
anxious, Omi. 1274. 

charkien (charkin, cherkin), ASax. cearcian, charJc, 
y^stridere^y prompt, parv. 70 & 76; charke Gow. conf. am. 
2, 102; charkip ^stridef^, Wicl. gloss. 

chasten, OFr. chastier, chastise, a. r. 218; chaste 
Will, gloss. 

chaterin, Low Genn, ketern, chatter, y^garrire^ , prompt, 
parv. 70; cheftteren a. r. 152; chatre Lidg. m. p. 150; 
chaterest (pres. ind.) owl and night. 322; chatre {suhj.) 
vis. P. P. 9376. 

chaterestre chatterer, owl and night 655. 

chat, Fr. chat, chat: pe chattes of hasele Mand. 168. 

chave, ODvtch kave, chaff, Ualliw. diet 242; see caf. 

chavel, ASax. ceafl, OSax. kafel, chawl {chowl), jaw, 
Trist. 2, 32; chavil Iw. 1991; chevil y^mandibultim'^, Wr. 
voc. 187; chaul Wicl. gloss. 11; ehevele (dat.) La^. 26034; 
choulo And. 77; choUe awt Arth. 9, 10; cliaefles (choules). 
(pi.) Lar^. 6507; chaveles rel. ant. I, 220; chawlez Mor. 
a. p. 3, 268; chaules Mapes 338. 

chavilbon lud. Cov. 37; chavil-, chaulbon ,^mandibula^, 
prompt parv. 70. 

chavelen, Low Germ, kawelen, Dutch kevelen, Dan. 
kjaevele, chavel {chaff le), chatter, quarrel; chaule Wr. p. s. 
240; chefled {pres.) a. r. «28. 

chav(e)ling chaveling, owl and night 284; chevelunge 
{dat) a. r. 100. 

cheance, OFr. cheance, chance, Shoreh. 60; chaunce 
pr. consc. 3768. 

cheap, ch6p, ASax. ceap, OSax. cop, 0-Fm. k4p, Olcel. 
kaup, OHGerm. chauf, cheap, bargain, price ^ La'7^. 385; 
31799; so liht cheap a. r. 398; cheep ,.,pretium^, prompt, 
parv. 72; light chep Town, my st. 102; god chep bon mar- 
ch^f Wr. p. s. 341 ; good chep h bon marcM, Gow. conf. 

138 cheapien 

am. 2, 169; better chepe Hardw, poem 72, 8. 
chepmoa chapman, merchant, LaT^, 30681; a. r. 208; chfipman 
reL songs 7, 33; chapman Orm. 15783; Chauc. C. t 399. 
. cheapien, ^Sorr. ceapian, OSax. c6j}on, OFrts, kapia, 
OIceL kaiipa, Goth, kaupoii, OHGerm, chaufaii, cheap, chop, 
bargain, hvy, sell; chepin y^licitari^, prompt, parv, 72; 
chepen Gaw, gloss, 373; chepe Chauc. C, t 5850; chepe 
.(pres,) vis, P, P. 9648; cheaped a, r. 190; 418; chepede 
(prff.) Octov, 389; cheped vis, P, P, %1%1, 

cheapild trader, a, r, 418. 

cheping, ASax, ceapiing, buyirig, market, La'7^. 16682; 
23413; Wr, p, s, 159; vis, P, P, 2194; Will, gloss. 218; 
Wicl, gloss, 11. 

cheast, ASax, CGUst, strife, dispute, contention, rel. ant. 
1, 129; cheaste a, r, 200; cheeste vis, P. P, 8946; cheste 
(ace.) owl and night, 177; Shoreh, 113; Octov,76^; wipouten 
cheste Eich, 5143; s, s, Wr, 1638. 

chef, Fr, chef, chief, head^ top, Will, gloss, 218; chefe 
(dat.) ant, Arth, 9, 10. 

chef fare for cheapfare? chaffer, bargain, trade, mer-- 
chandise, a. r. 310; 418; chaff are c, of I, 1112; vis, P.P. 
61; 8787. 

chek, Fr. echec, check, prompt. parv. 71; chekkes (pi.) 
Rob. Br, M, 3, 309; Mor. a. p. 2, 1238. 

cheke, ^6W. ceace, OJ^/-is. keke, *kiake (tziake, sciake), 
ODutch c4ke Maerl, rb. gloss., Icel. kjake Fritzners ordb, 
350, Swed, kck, cheeky maxilla, gena, prompt, parv, 72; 
Wr. spec, 34; {dat,^ Gow, conf, am, 2, 14; cheokc (ace) 
Marg. 159; cheoken {pi-) a, r, 70; cheekes Chauc. C, t. 
635; chekes vis, P. P, 2182; chokes Rob. Br, M. 3, 309. 
cheek-, chekebon Wicl. gloss. 

cheke? ASax. ceoce? 
chekeful choke full^ llalliw, diction. 2 AS. 
cheke- (chek-), chokelew choky? ibid. 

c h 6 k i n , ASax. ceociaii, choke^ ,^svffocare''\ prompt, parv. 
72 ; compos, aclieken. 

chelde^ ASax. cyld? cold, frigus, (ace.) Alis. 5501; 
see cald. 

chele (chelle), ASax. ceole, ODutch kele, OUGerm, 
chela, throat, jaw, Wr, p, s, 154. 

chele, ASax, cele, OH Germ, chuoli, from col, cool, 
cold, frigus, La^-dOSll ; Orm. 1615; Wr, p, s, 256; Gow. 

cheosen 139 

conf, am, 2, 369; nowder heate ne chele Kath, 1701; in 
pe norphalf ... no man ne wonep for chele Wr. treat, 
137; for chSle quake vis, P. P. 5720. 

cheosen, ASax, ceosan, OSaxc, kiosan, Olcel, kiosa, 
OFris, kiasa, tziesa, Ooth, kiusan, OHGerm. chiusan, choose^ 
La'T^. 15147; Kath, 1894; a. r. 242; Wr.spec, 62; cheose 
owl and night 1341; Alis. 1659; Horn Q^Q\ chesen Orm, 
9218; Hartsh, met t 92; (chesin) jt?rompi. parv, 73; chese 
vis, P. P. 9662 ; pr, consc, 79; chesen (pres, ind,) Mand, 60; 
chese (mper.) (7/iauc. C, t 1597; chaes (pret.) LaT^, 12175; 
Orm. 2541 ; ches Mand. 2;Chauc, C t 10022; WiclJohn 15 ; 
pr, consc. 2132; Percev, 1207; Amad, Robs. 46, 3; [)u chui'e 
Mark. 19; curen (chosen) Laj. 12994; chosen ITawc/. 225; 
vis. P. P. 61; chose Bek. 1986; coren (^a?-^.) LaT^. 16358; 
corn Amis 1431; core chron. Vilod. 121; chosen (cora) 
ps, 17, 27; chosen Orm. 9623; Mand. 22^] Wicl. John 
15; compos, icheosen; deriv. chis, cure, cost, cust. 

cheowen, ASax, ceovan, OHGerm, chiuwan, cheio; 
chewen (chewen?) Orm. 1241; cheouwep (pres.) a. r, 80; 
ch4wep Chauc. C. t 3690; chewen Mand. 20 

chere, OFr. chere, cheer, countenance, entertainmoit, 
Marh. 3; a. r. 344; Brand. Q', Chauc, C. t 749; 859; pr. 
consc. 1636; (schere) Wr, voc. 245. 

cherin, Fr, cherer, cheer, ,.^hilarare^, prompt parv. 
72; cherid (part,) Wicl. gloss. 11. 

cheri, Fr. cerise, Lat cerasus, chei^ry, prompt parv. 
72; chiries (pi.) vis. P. P. 4390. 
cheritre Wr. voc. 181. 

cherl, ASax, ceorl, Dutch keerl {vir, rusticus), OFris. 
tzerl, churl, peasant, Orm. 14788; Wr. spec. 111; Alis. 
5598; Jm7. 268; vw. P.P. 3193; 6831; Chauc. (7. t 7764; 
Will, gloss, 218; cherl, churl Wicl. gloss. 11; cherl, charl, 
chorl y,rusticus^\ prompt. parv. 62 & 72; cheorl Laj. 4260; 
a. r. 86; chorl cr. P. P. 4 39; Lidg. m. p. 182; Gaw. 
gloss. 374 ; chorles ipl.) Mor. a. p. 2, 1258. 

cher {cherve), ASax. cevr, cyrr, ODutch keer, OHGerm. 
cher (cher?), char, turn, vices^ La7^. 8356; te (=pe) vifte 
cherre the fifth time, a. r, 36; sume cherre (char) 408; 
don ^ char Wr. p. s. 341; charres (pi.) Gaw. gloss. 373; 
charis Toion. myst 106. 

cherren, ASax. cerran, cyrren, OFris. kera (kera?), 
OSax. kenan, OHGerm, cheren (cheren ?), cherren (vertere). 

140 chese 

char^ turn, wend; chearren jfiuorfA. 2261; charre Mapes 348 
met horn, 52; charin a wai drive away, prompt parv. 70 
lud. Gov, 325; charre (^pres,) ,^retum'^, Gaw, gloss, 373 
cherrij) (churrep) rel, a7it 1, 172; cherde (pret) owl and 
night 1656; cherde, charde Laj. 7234; 28744; cherden 
(charden) Marh 3; charde Mo7\ a, p, 1, 607; compos, 
jji-, icherren. 

ch^se, ASax, cese, cheese, prompt parv, 73; Mand. 
272; (schese) Wr, voc, 268. 
chesfat Wr, voc, 202. 
cheslcpe rennet? ibid. 222. 

chesil, chisel, ASax, ceosel, OHGerm, chisili, chisel, 
gravel, y^glarea^, prompt parv, 76; cheselis pebbles, lud. 
Gov. 56. 

chestein, 0-FV. chastaigne, cas^awea C'AttMc. C t 2924; 
chesteines (pZ.) Mand, 307. 

chestre, ASax. ceaster, Lot. castrum, chester (in com- 
pos,), ,^civitas'% Wr, voc. 94; Orm. 8479. 

chete, ASax, cete (cello), OHGerm chezzi (cacabus)? 
hende as hake in chete (r, w. wete) Wr. spec. 31. 

chetel, ASax. cetel, OFris, ketel, szetel, tsetel, Olcel. 
ketill, OHGerm. chezil, chezzil, kettle, Wr. voc. 93; chetil 
wills and ini'ent 23; chetil, ketil prompt parv, 273; ketel 
ps. 107, 10; cheteles (pi?) Wicl. gloss. 11. 

chevese, ASax. cefese, OHGerm. chebis, concubine, 
Laj. 384; Marh. 3. 

chide, ASax. cid, chiding, Mapes 342. 

c h i d e n , ASax. cidan, chide, LaT^. 8149; chidi n prompt, 
parv. 74; chide vis. P. P, 2186; Hardw, poem 51, 3; 
chided (pres.) a. r, 198; chiden Mand. 260; chidde (r. lo, 
bridde) (pret.) owl and night. 112; Bek. 1910; Ghauc. 
0. t 3997; chidden Wicl. John 6. 

chidar, ASax, cidere, chider, prompt, parv, 74. 

chiken, ASax, cicen, cyccn, Dutch kieken, chicken, 
Wr. voc. 90; chekin prompt parv, 74; chike Ghauc. r. r. 
541; chiknes (pi.) vis. P, P. 2156; Ghauc, C, t 282; 
chikenis Wicl. gloss, 11. 
chikenmete Wr, voc. 140. 
chikenwed prompt, parv. 74. 

chikkin chick, ,^pullulare'', prompt, parv. 74. 

child, ASax, cild, child, LaT^. 295; (chield) Lidg. m. 
p. 58; (schild) s. s. Web. 355; childes (gen.) Orm. 8056; 

childen 141 

childre {iiom^acc, pi.) Lut^. 5317; Onn. 8005; Alts. 4638; 
cr. P, P. 1508; Tor, 2643; (childere) hid. Gov, 30; (chil- 
der) Cliauc. C. t. 8031; pr. consc, 5881; (childir) Isicmb, 
81; children a, r, 334; oiol and night, 631; Maud, 249; 
Bek. 24; (cJaf.) La'7^, 12992; childrene {gen.) vis, F. P, 
2315; compos, knave-, stepchild. 

childhad cMcZ/iooc?, A'a«/f. 79; childhed CAaifC. C, t. 14912. 
childli childly [childlike)^ WicL gloss. 11; lloccl. 1,64. 

childen hring forth a child, Onn. 156; childin ^pa- 
rere^, prompt, paw. 74; childed {part.) Mand. 133. 

chillin, LOerm. killen, kiillen, kiilden, Dutch killen, 
kilden, cAiM, prompt, parv. 75; chilled Mor. a. p. 3, 368. 

chim? A Sax, cim(m)? ODutch kinime {or a, mar go), 
chimb; chimbe {dot.) Chauc. C. t. 3893. 

chimblen, Olcel. kimbla? chimblef chimbled {part) 
y.jolded'^ .^ Gaw. gloss, 

chim en, Dan. kime, Swed. kimba, chime, prompt, parv. 
75; chime Gow, conf, am, 2, 13; chimbe Chauc, C. t, 3894. 

chin, ASax. cinn (cin) Wr. voc. 43, cinne Ettm. lex. 
391, Olcel. kinn, ODutch kinne, OSax. kinni, OH Germ. 
chinni, chin, La7^. 9110; Mand. 107; chinne {dat.) LaT^. 
15000; Wr. treat. 139. 

chine, ASax. cine, chine, cleft, Wicl. gloss. 11; rel. 
ant. 1, 217. 

chin en, ASax. cinan, OSax. kinan, OlIGenn. chinan, 
[Goth, keinan], chine, rive, split: p6 pat d^p het hert(e) 
chon Ualliw. diet. 248; pat heved fro pe bodi ch4n Alis. 
2228; compos, tochinen. 

chippe, OHGerm. chipha, chip, „assula'^, prompt. parv. 
75; chippes (^;Z.) Gow. conf. am. 1, 106; Chauc. C. t. 3746. 

chip pen (chippe), ASax. cippian (?), ODutch kippen, 
Olcel. iipj^Si, chip, Halliw. diet. 250; 5ee chappen, choppen. 

chireche, ASax. civice, cyrice, OSax. kiriksi, OHGerm. 
chiricha, La7^. 26140; chirche a. r. 242; Wicl. gloss. 11; 
cherche Gow. conf. am. 1, 63; Launf 199; kirke Orm. 
3531; rel. ant. 1, 225; vis. P. P. 3978; chirchen {pi.) 
chron. of Engl. 923; churchen Bek. 1414. 
chirchegong Rob. Glouc. 380, 9. 

chirchejeard a. r. 318*; church3erd jBei. 2117; kirkegaerd 
Orm. 15254. 

chirchehaye Wr, voc. 178; chirch(h)eie a. r. 318. 
chirchereve Chauc. C. t 6887. 

1 12 cliirkin 

chirkin chirk, „sthilare^j prompt, parv, 76; chirkip as 
k sparwe Chanc, C, t 7386; see charken. 

chirm, A Sax. cirm, cyrm, cAirw, scream; chirme {dot,) 
owl and night. 305. 

chirme n, ASax. cyrman, Dutch kermen, chirm, scream, 
a. r. 152. 

chirn, ASax. cer en, Dutch kerne, chvrn, prompt, parv. 
76; scharn Wr. voc. 268; kirne 202. 

chiruen (chirne), ASax. cernan, ODutch\ieYnen,chu'i*n, 
prompt, par^. 

chirp en (chirpe) chii^p, Hartsh. met. t. 102. 

chirping ,^garrittis^ , prompt, parv. 75. 

chis, ASax. c^s, ODutch kies, from cheosen, choice, 
7iice, Wart. hist. 2, 110; gent ich wes ant chis rel. ant. 

1, 123; pe ladi is of lemon chis Alis. 3294; chosin ful 
chise lud. Co v. 180. 

chisli choicely, Mor. a. p. 2, 543. 

chisel, uFr. cisel, chisd, sccdprum, Shoreh. 137. 

chist, ASax. oist, cest, Olcel. kista, Lat cista, chest, 
Chauc. C. t. 5891; Mar. mir. pi. 10; kist Gow. conf. am. 

2, 130; cheste (dat.) LaT^. 32203; kiste Percev. 2109; 
chiste {acc^ Bek. 2358. 

chiteren (chitre) chitte^*, garrire, Gow. conf. am. 2, 
318; chitering (^part^ Chauc. C. t. 3258; see chateren. 

chiterling chitterling, prompt, parv. 

chitte, OHGerm. hizze (hinnvlus.,haedits),kitUng; chit- 
tes y^catulos^, Wicl. gloss. 

chivelen, cmp. chivel (rent) Evans's Leicestersh. words 
18, rend? hise chekes . . . chiveled for elde vis. P. P. 

c h p p e n , ODutch koppen ? chop, Mand. 201; see chappen. 

chou? chough, ASax. cea, ceo, ODutch kauwe, chough, 
Mand. 59; keo prompt, parv.; see ca. 

chuffe, choffe miser f prompt, parv. 77. 

chuffer trickster? Town. myst. 216. 

chuffing deceit f Orm. 12177. 

chullen = cullen? drive? and chulles him as men 
don a balle Ualliw. diet. 249; we hafe ben chased to daye 
and chuUed as hares ibid. 

da (daa), ASax. da, doe, Gaw. gloss. 375; Iw. 2027; 
do (doo) prompt, parv. 124; Wicl. gloss. 15. 

dab be dab, blow, (ace.) Alis. 2306. 

dabben 143 

dab ben, Dutch dabben, dab, knock; dabbep (pres.) 
Wr. ih s. 192. 

dadren (dadir), Genw. dadern, tadern (chatter)? Gr, 
tvb, 2,671, Schrn. b. wb,l, 4:62, dadder, yj'rigutire^^pi'ompt 
parv. 121*. 

dael, A Sax. dael, (ge-)dal, OSax. CFris. del, Olcel 
deili, Goth, dails, OJIGerm. teil, deal, part, portion, dael, 
del (deal) LaT^. 2951; 9436; dael, del Onn. 1722; 2715; 
del Mark 17; a. r. 276; Shoreh. 145; Jl/awc?. 231; vis. 
P. P. 10573; prompt parv. 117; /ImaJ. TJofes. 14, 8; pat 
oper del Brand. 3; sum del aliquantiim, Kath. 668; 7i^i. 
688; dail Ga^^. gloss. 375; daeles (^/.) Orm. 10497; com- 
pos, ordal, fordeL 

dael en, ASax. daelan, OFris. dela, Olcel. deila, Goth. 
dailjan, OHGerrn. toilen, deal, divide, distribute, Orm, 6175; 
delen, dealen a. r. 28; 224; dSlen Chauc. C. t. 247; dele 
s. s. Wr. 3442; pr.'consc. 3460; deile Amad. Web. 651; 
d41e Halliw. diet 290; pei delep vis. P. P. 5656; deale, 
dele (imper.f) judge? a. n 276; 286; 362; daelde (pret.) 
Ld^. 21126; delde Bek. 1191; deled (part.) Rob. Glouc. 
23, 17; chron. of Engl. 370; compos, bi-, i-, todaelen. 

delare, AS ax. daelere, dealer, prompt, parv. 117. 

daffe daff, dastard, dolt, prompt, parv. Ill; vis. P. P. 
737; Chauc. C. t. 4206. 

daffen daff, daunt; compos, bidafifen. 

daft, A Sax. daeft (mitis), daft {deft), meek, timid, dull, 
stupid, Mapes 343; dafte Orm. 2175; 1, 134; 
deft prompt, parv. 116; dat defte meiden rel. ant. 1, 209. 
daftellke deftly, decently, Orm. 1215. 

daftij, LGerm. Dutch deftig (solid^ respectable). 
daftijtike decently, Orm. 15921. 

d a g g e , Dutch dagge (pugio), OFr. d£ig\ie,Bret, dag (dague), 
Gael, dag (pistol), dag, jag, prompt. parv. Ill; dagges (^Z.) 
Chauc. r. r. 7260; dep. of K. 21, 12. 

daggen (daggin), OFr. daguer, pierce, cut, jag, prompt, 
parv. 112; vis. P. P. 14211; daggande speris Halliw. diet, 
290; dagged (^ari.) Chauc. ed. Tyrwh.p. 155; Lidg.m.p.200. 

daggen, Olcel. doggva {irrorare, irrigare), dag {deg\ 
moisteti, sprinkle; compos, bidaggeu. 

dagger, Welsh Bret, dager, dagger, Chauc. C. t. 113. 

da 3, ASax. daeg, OSax. dag, Olcel. dagr, Goth, dags, 
OHGerm.tsig, day, Orm. 4168; daei, dai La'7^. 833; 10246; 

144 da3 

dei Kath. 74cl\ a, r. 20; dai Wr. treat 132; al dai toty'owrs, 

Beh. 1458; to dai Aoc?ie, Kath, 788; a. r. 278; dases (gen) 

LaT^. 26464; dales bij day, Kath. 1078; deies a, r. 418; 

da3e, daye {dat^ LaT^. 82; 146; nou a dai(e) Gow. conf, 

am, 1, 64; after his fader dai(e) Chauc, C, t, 9012; dawe 

Rich, 3249; nu bi dawe Wr. p, s. 326; bi deie a, r. 32; 

daeies (d^jes) {pi.) Lai^. 16587; dales, dahes Kath. 1562; 

1844: dayes Wicl, John 11; dawes a. r. 70; Alis. 1436; 

Gow. conf. am, 2, 113; Launf. 1; dasen ((/^ti. pi.) Shorek. 

126; dasen, dawen {dat. j)!-) La^,. 128i ; 4277; da^wen Alis. 

5631 ; see dase. 

dairawe aurora, Mor. a. p. 2, 893. 

daired, ASax. daegred, OHGerm. tagarot, aurora, rel. songs 

4, 17. 

dairieme ,^aurora^, rel. ant. 1, 130; dairiin o«(?Z and night 


daisterre mortiing-siar, Wr. voc. 272; Wicl. gloss. 13; owl 

and night 328. 

daswhamlik daily: heore daswhamlike swine Orm. 6238. 

da3 (dagh), ASax. dag, Dutch deeg, 0/ceZ. delgr, 
Goth, daigs, OHGeim. telg, dough, Wr. voc. 201; douj 
PFicL jrZos^. 15; dow prompt parv. 128; doghe (c?a^) Z. 
c. c. 41. 

dowribbe prompt, parv. 
dow trow ibid. 

daje? ^ISarr. daga? Grein's gloss., day; dajeu (nom. 
pi.) La^' 3615; dawene (daisene) (gen. pi.) 4605; twentl 
dahene gong Kath. 2502. 

dasien, ASax. dagian, Olcel. daga, OHGerm. tagen, 
from da3, dawe, dawn; dasen Wa^i. hist. 1, 21; dayin, 
dawin prompt parv. 13 2; da wen Wr. spec. 96; s. s. Web. 
2249; dawe. vis. P. P. 12437; dawed {j)res.) a. r. 352; 
dawej) Chauc. C. t 1678; da^ede, dawede {pret) Lai^. 
1694; 8523; dawed Degrev. 597. 

dawunge, ASax. dagung, dawdling, (dat) a. r. 20; 
dawlnge Gavj. gloss. 376; daing ant Arth. 37, 5. 

dale, ASax. dael, OSax. Goth, dal, Olcel. dalr. OHGerm. 
tal, rfaZe, valley, (nom. ace.) Orm. 9203; Rob. Glouc. 362, 
1; vis. P. P. 29; pr. consc. 1044; pat dale iaj. 27166; 
dale (dat) owl and night. 1; ^Zw. 2550; daeles, dales (^Z.) 
Lrt3. 5191; 20860; dales Mapes 348; deales a. r. 282 

dale, Olcel. deila, OHGei^m. telia, dole, division, distri- 

dalyin 145 

hution, Orm, 8273; dole (d41e) a. r, 10; peos laste dole 
412; dole prompt parv, 126; d&le {ace) Mark, 22; &ne 
dMe Kath. 99; ne scalt \m naever halden dale (the other 
text has deal) of mine landeias. 3084; dole c, of L 291; 
heo eoderi topaere dkle {distribution of alms) LaT^, 19646; 
dales {pi) Onn, 8266; doles Roh. Glouc, 165, 12; vis, P. 
P. 1498; dolen a, r, 10. 

dalyin, Cfinp.Gei^m. dalen, talen (?r. wK 2, 696, dally ^ 
yfabtdai'i^, pro7npt. parv, 112; dalye Gaw. gloss, 376; di- 
sours dalye Alls, 6991; daile Rob, Br, 116, 3. 

da Ike (dalkV), dimin, of dale? delk^ hollow, „vallis^y 
prompt, parv, 112; rel, ant. 2, 78; pr, consc, 6447. 

dam, OFi^is, ODtvtch dam, Olcel. dammr, MHGerm, 
tarn, dam, ,^agger'', prompt, pa7*v, US '^ ^stagnum^y Wr.voc. 
239; ps. 106, 35*. 

dame, Oi^r. dame, dame {dam), a, r, 230; Mand. 302; 
Percev, 336. 

dampen, MHGerm, dempfen, damp; damped {part) 
Mor, a, p. 2, 989. 

danger (daunger), OFr, dangler, danger, dominion^ 
subjection^ a, r. 356; Chauc, G. t. 665; pr, consc, 8522. 

dank dank: on pe danke of pe dewe mani dedeliggis 
Ilalliw. diet 292. 

dan ten (daunte), OFr. danter, daunt, tame, Wicl, gloss. 
13; daunted {pret) vis, P, P, 10422. 

daper, ODutch daper (strenuus,^ fortis), Olcel, dapr 
{tristis), OHOerm. tapherer {gravis), dapper, pretty, prompt 
parv, 1 1 3. 

dappel dapple. 
dappul- (dapple-) grai Chauc, C.t 15292 Wr, 13813 Tyr, 

dar, ASax, dear(r), OSax. (gi-)dar, OFr is, dor (thor), 
Ooth. dars, OHOerm, (ge-)tar, {pret p^es.) dare, Orm, 
10659; harrow. \4c2\ Mand, 249; vis, P.P. 9130; sacram, 
316; ne dar {for parf) he seche non oper leclie c. of I, 
733; der La'7^, 6639; a, r. 206; Shoreh, 5; darst Oj^i, 
5615; owl and night 1693; c. o/ Z. 1081; hou perstou 
(= derst pou?). . . nemne his name J3raw J. 27; nedurren 
heo (dorren hii) me abiden La'^. 15063; durre Alis.\S\4c\ 
men durre {for purve) selde here orf in hous a wintre 
bringe Rob, Glouc. 43, 7; (pei) dur Mand, 271; durn, 
doren Wicl, gloss. 15; dor Chauc, C. t, 12589; we ne pore 
(=dorre?) abide no3t Bek. 1375; durve (subj. J owl and night 


146 dar 

1704; durren a. r, 128; deriv. durren. 

dar, OIceL darr {hasta)? dar, dace, TFr. voc, 253. 

dare, ASax. daru, Dutch dere, OUGerm. tara, hamiy 
injury; („dsLrr^) aw. gloss, 376; dore oiol and night. 1124; 
dore Iw. 2577; iiicA. 1696; erl of T. 642; Egldm. 513. 

darien (darin) Aic]?^, lurk, ^latere^, prompt, parv. 113; 
Lidg. m. p. 153; dare TTV. spec. 50; transact. 18, 26; 
CAawc. 6\ ^. 14514; erZ of T. 553; Ifor. a. _p, 1, 838; 
darie (pres.) Marh. 16; i droupe and dare Mm. 2; dore 
Halliw. diet. 311; and darip per for drede Triam. Z2\\ 
dared so 3e ded were rel. ant. 1, 217; deovelen pat in 
ham dearied (daried) Kath. 553; daren ant. AhL 4, 12; 
oc daren stille in here pit als so he weren of ddde (= de- 
de) oifrist rel. ant. 1, 226; dare (subj.J owl and night 
384; dearede (pret.) Kath. 1135. 

darkien hide, latere; darkis (p7*es.) Gaw. gloss. 376; 
darked, darkeden (pret.) Will, gloss. 220 ; see derkien. 

dart, ASax. dared? Olcel. darradr? OH Germ, tart? 
dart, y,telum^, prompt, parv. 114; Mand. 117; Chavc. 
C. t. 1566. 

das eh en, Dan. daske, Swed. daska, da^h, Alia 2837; 
daschte {pret^ Eob. Glouc. 51, 20; daschande {part.) Mor. 
a. p. 3, 312; compos, todaschen. 

da sin, Olcel. dasa {desidem esse), Dutch daesen, 
dwaesen {delirare, desipere), daze, doze, grow dull or faint, 
r,caligare^% prompt, parv. 114; dase Ilartsk. met. t. 311; 
i dase and i dedir Totv7i. myst. 28; dased (pret.) Mor. a, 
p. 3, 383; dasid „vertiginosus'\ prompt, pay v.; dased pr. 
consc. 6647; dased is pi looke Chauc. h. of f. 658. 

dase wen, ASax. dvaesigean (ineptire)? grow dizzy, dull 
or dim, y^cal(ga7*e^, Wicl. gloss. 13; dasewide (pret.) ibid.; 
see dusien. 

dasi, ASax. dvaesig (stidtvs)? see dusi. 
?dasi-, daisiberd simpleton, prompt, parv. 114; dosebeird 
Chest, pi. 2, 34. 

das mi n, Olcel. dasama (mirari), cmp. OFris. desema 
(stt(po7'J, groio dizzy ^ prompt, parv. 114. 

dastard, cmp. Olcel. daestr {fessm), dastard, prompt, 
parv. 114. 

d a u b i n , /r. dobaim, Welsh dwbiaw, daub, plaster, prompt, 
parv. 114; dauben Wicl. gloss, 13. 

d^we, OHOerm. taha, daw; compos, cadawe. 

de 147 

d e , OFr, Lat de. 
deceiven, OFi\ decevoir, deceive; desaive pr, consc. 4235. 
defender! defend; dififende Lidg, m,p. 209; defendide {pret) 
WicL gloss, 

delit, OFr. delit, delight, a. r. 112. 

deliten, OFj; dellter, delight, a, r, 52 ; delited {p*et.) pr. 
consc, 8336. 

deliveren (delivere) deliver, Mand, 2 ; dilivere c. o/ I, 3G8. 
depeinten depaint; depeinted {part) c, of I, 704. 
depriven (deprive) deprive, Mor, a, p, 2, 1 85. 
deserven, OFr, deservir, deserve; deserve (p^^es,) Chauc, 
C, t, 1234; deserved {pari.) c. of I, 402. 
despisen (dispise), OFr, despire, Lat, despicere, despise, 
pr, consc, 4252; dispisen {pres) Mand, 295. 
despit, OFr, despit, Ital, dispetto, Lat, despectus, despite, 
spite. Bob, Glotic, 18, 18; Chauc, C. t. 7758; dispit Lidg, 
m, p, 67. 

distres distress^ Mor, a, p, 2, 1160. 

destruien (destruye) destroy, vis. P, P, 11797; destruyed 
(pret.) Wart, hist. 1, 16. 

de, Fr, de, die; dees (pi,) dice, Goto, conf, am, 2, 39; 
dees (dis) Chauc. C. t, 13882 Wr, 12401 Tyr, 

dead, -4/Sa^. dead, OFr is, dM, d^th, 08ax,d6A, Olcel. 
daudr, Goth, daiips, 0HGe7*m, toter, toder, dead, rel, songs 
5, 248; Wicl, John 6; Lidg. m. p. 35; diad rel. ant, 1, 
42; dead, daed La^- 196; 10247; daed 0?7w. 908; deed 
Chauc, C, t, 148; deade (pi.) Marh. 1; dede Percev, 166, 
deadlich, ASaor, deadlTc, deadly, 7nortal, Kath, 1104; a, r, 
206; deadhche senne S^ ore/?. 99; deadli, deedli Wicl, gloss, 
13; dedli Oow, conf. am, 1, 355; vis, P, P. 9070. 
dedlines IlalUw. diet. 295. 

deaf, ASax. deaf, OFr is. daf, OSax, dof, Olcel, daufr, 
Goth, daubs, OH Germ, touber, deaf, Marh, 20; daef Onw. 
9887; deef Chauc. C. t. 448; pr. consc. 782; Lidg. m. p, 
189; lud, Cov. 264; deif Mar. wir.pZ. 99; desiwe (pi.) Kath. 
1061; deve vis, P. P, 13211. 
defli, Olcel, daufligr (tristis), deajly. dully. Town, myst. 1 00. 

d e ah , ASax. deag, deah, OSax, dog, Goth, daug, OHGerm, 
toug, {pret, pi^es!) is good, fit or worth, Kath. 1853; deh 
Marh, 1 ; pet ou ne deih a. r. 420 ; Thebald nouht ne d^ili 
Rol, Br, 133, 24; pat ping pat noht ne daeh Orm. 4872. 

dead, -4/Sair. dead, OFris, d4th, Akd, OSax, dod, Olcel. 


148 dMe 

daudi, Goth, daupiis, OHQemi, tod, deaths Kaih. 1127; 
Shoreh. 28; dead, ded Zaj. 284; 2587; dep Cham. C. t 
607; WicLJohn 12; daep Orm. 17450; deth, dM prompt, 
parv. 115; ded Iw, 1262; pr. consc. 815; Mar. mir. pL 
151; (deid) Awad. Hobs. 8,. 12 Web. 152; died Fum. 
p. 8, 93; deades (gen.) Kath. 1143. 
deepdai vis, P. P. Ihlb. 
d^pprowe B'um. ^>. 15, 192. 

dede, ASax. daed, OFris. dede, OSax. Akd, Olcel. 
d4d, Gof^. deds, OHOerm. tat, /rom don, deed^Ln^. 26556; 
a. 7\ 62; Orm. 2267; Jiot. Olouc. 73, 12; (ace.) Chauc. 
C. t. 4853; pr. consc. 2485; in dede in deed^ really, Chavc. 
C. t 661; deden (pi.) a. r. 86; rel. ant. 1, 131; Wr.spec. 
99; c. of l. 938; deden (dedes) La'7^. 4864; deades Kath. 
575; compos, mis-, weldede. 
dMbDte a. r. 348; daedbote Oz-m. 6025. 

deden, -4.S«ir. dedan, Goth, daupjan, OHGerm. toden, 
dead^ perish: pe olde tre bigan to dede s. s. Web. 623; 
deded {pa7*t.) Wicl. gloss.; compos, adeaden. 

dejen, OFris. deia, Olcel. deyja, Goth, daujan, OSax 
doian, OHGerm. towan, die, Onn. 8090; deijen Laj. 283 
deien Kath, 958; deyen Will, gloss. 221; deym pro^npt 
pai*v. 117; de^e harrow. 54; deje, dee Gaw. gloss. 376 
deye Chavc. C t. 11290; deghe, dighe i)r. consc. 1939; 
1942; dien c. o/" Z. 218; die met. horn. 79; 5if his frend 
schal die on pat evile Mand. 201; de3ede {pret) LaT^. 
7150; deide Kath, 1101; vis. P. P. 6970; deieden a. r. 
301; dieden Ma^id. 286; deiande {part) Halliw, diet, 296. 

deye, Olcel. deigja, female servant, prompt, parv. 116; 
Chauc. C. t. Tyr. 14852; Hardiv. poem 15, 5; deie Wr, 
p. s. 327; daie? 7*el. arit, 1, 129; deye male set^vant? stat. 
25 Fdw, III, St. 1, c. 1, quoted by Tyrivhiit in note on 
Chauc. C. t. 14852; the aldirman and die of the same 
gilde wills and invent. 30. 

deyeu (deye), ASax. deagian, dye, y^tingere^, Chauc. 
C. t. 11037; diin prompt, pai^. 124. 

deyer dyer, Chauc. C. f. 364. 

deieri, deiri dairy, prompt, parv. 

deinte dainty, a, r. 412; deintee vis. P. P. 6671. 

del? cnq). OFris. del, ODtttch delle, Olcel. dael, dell; 
dele (dat.) rel. ant. 1,208; dellun (o?af. ^;Z.) aw<. ^WA. 4, 11. 

delf, ASax. delf, delf, grave, ditch, pit; delfe {dat.) 

delven 149 

Mar, mir. pL 156; delves (p^.) Wicl. gloss, 

delven, ASax. delfan, OFris, delva, OHOerm. telban, 
delve, grave, dig, ,^fodere^, La^, 15894; vw, P,P, 13684; 
del via prompt, parv, 118; Lidg, m. p, 145; delve Chauc, 
C, t. 538; delfep (pres.) Orm, 6485; dalf Hob, Olouc, IZl, 
7; s, 8. Web, 2419; Shoreh, 165; dulven a, r, 292; dulve 
Marg, 219; dolven vis, P, P, 4178; dolven (part) Mand, 
62; vis, P,P. 4156; Chauc. r, r, 4070; idolven a, r. 292; 
compos, bidelven. 

delve re, ASa^r, delfere, delver, digger, vis. P. P. 444. 

deme, ASax, dema, OHGefm, tuomo, judge, (dat) a, r, 
428*; Orm, 650; oicl and night, 1781; (ace.) LaT^, 363; 
demen (dot,) Furn. p, 8, 48. 

ddmen, -.iSaa*. deman, OjF^-w. dema, O/ceZ doema, (?o^^. 
domjan, OHGerm, tuomen, from dom, deem, doom, judge, 
Orm. 652; Hand. 41; pet tu schalt demen pi sulven wod 
a, r, 120; deme Wicl. John 7; mi fader of heven has me 
doun sent to deme youre dedes Mar, mir, pi, 188; oper 
folk to deme Lidg, m, p, 12; demde (pret) La^, 4936; 
a, r, 306; Shoreh, 86'^ demden jRCcsff//. 330; (dcmeden) A ar- 
7'ow, 54; demed (j^art,) met. horn. 7; pr, consc. 1995; com- 
pos, for-, idemen. 

dema re, ASax. dcmere, judge, a. r, 286. 

demstere judge, pr, consc. p, 270. 

demmen (demme), ^/Sao?. demman^ OFris. demma, dam, 
stop? Mor- a. p. 1, 223; demmed {pret) 2, 384. 

den, ASax, dQ^n icubile), ODutch A^nxiQ {area, antrum), 
OHGerm, tenni {area), den, cave, ,,specus''^ prompt, parv, 
118; y^spelunca'^, Wicl, John 11; pet den gr, 24; denne 
„cavema'\ Wr. voc, 271; denne {dat) La'7^. 22015; Alis, 
5400; avow, AhJi, 6, 12. 

dene, ASax, dene, denu, Dutch dene {asser, tabtda)f 
dene, y^vallis^, Wr, voc, 92; y^convallem^ , ps, 59, 8*; Mor, 
a, p, 1, 295. 

dennien, ASax, dennian? lodge? wu he dennede him 
in dat defte maiden rel, ant, 1, 209. 

deofel, ASax, deofol^ OHGerm, tiufal, Lat, diabolus, 
devil, Orm. 671; deovel La'7^, 17669; a, r, 208. 

deop, ASax, deop, OFi-is. diap, OSax. diup, Olcel 
diupr, Goth, dm^^, OHGerm, tinier, deep, a, r. 224; Marh, 
15; deop (deap) Lai^, 647; deope Marg, 91; dSp Orm, 
16697; Mapes 335; k dupe dich Brand, 27; deope {pi) 

150 deope 

Wr, spec. 62; deope in his flesch hi wode Bek. 2132; pat 
3e ne falle to depe Shoreh. 104; deoppre (co?/y?ar.) Mark, 
gloss. 100; depper vis. P. P. 10020; Chauc. C. t. 12178. 
deophche deeply, a. r. 154. 

deope, ASax. deope, 6rofA. diupei, 0//(?€rm. tiufi, deep^ 
sea, (ace.) Furn.p. 15, 84; deepe (cJa^.) Chaue. C. ^.4875. 

deopien? Goth, (ga-)diupjan? deepen: deoped into pe 
soule a. r, 288. 

depnisse, ASax. deopniss, deepness^ Kath. 980. 

deor, ASax. deor, OFris. diar, Sax. dier, Olcel. diiir, 
d^r, Goth, dius dat. pi. diuzam, OHGemi. tior, tier, deer^ 
animal, Lai^. 6438; deor, der Orm. 1177; 1312; der rel. 
ant. 1, 215; dor oivl and night. 493; deores (gen.) LaT^. 
30555; a. r. 196; deore (Ja«.)ia3. 6459; deor(^<.) 1125; 
Alis. 461; deir, der Gaw. gloss, 376; duer chron. of Engl. 
30; deoren (dat pi.) La'i^. 1128. 
deorfrid La'T^. 1436. 

deor? deore, ASaxc. deor [fortis, gravis), Aqovq {pretio- 
suSj gloriosus, nohilis, caTms) Grein's gloss., OFins. diore, 
diure (pretiosus), OSax. diuri, Olcel. d^rr (pretiosus, glo' 
riosus, eximiiis, canisj, OHGerm. tiurer (pretiosus, cartisj, 
dear, precious, excellent, nohle, LaT^. 165; a. r. 408; deore, 
dere Orm. 2206; 2356; deere Chauc. C. t, 2455; derm€«. 
horn. 11; dere Maud. 2^2-, Hardio.poem. 78, 6; til Arthur 
pe dere Percev. 508; of dujtimenand of dere avow.Arth. 
1, 6; nou fele we it dere {grievous) pr. cotwc. 1469; dSre, 
deir G aw. gloss. 376; duere rel. ant. 1, 110; deorre (co7wp.) 
a. r. 190; Aqyvq Ghauc. C. t. Tyr. 1450; deoreste fdwperZ.J 
Laj. 8975; derrcstv?^. P. P. 904; deore c?ear/i/, a, r. 392; 
Bek. 112; deere Lidg. m. p. 217; dere 7iicA. 5312; duere 
harrow. 59; IFr. ^. 5. 214. 

deorliche dearly, La'7^. 31752; drinke to him deorli Wr, 
spec. Ill; dereliche Halliiv. diet. 299; derii Will, gloss. 
221; derelima. P.P. 12962; deorluker (com^.) Las. 30060. 
deorewurpe precious, Orm. 6689; diirewurde (dereworpe) 
La^. 16700; derwurpe avoio. Arth. 22, 8; derworpe c. of 
I. 27. 

deor li ng, ASax, deorling, darling, Lai^. 6316; a. r. 56 ; 
derling Orm, 9219; pr. come. 8791; lud. Gov. 53; dtirling 
Bra?id. 3. 

d e r p , Olcel. d^rd, OHGo^ni. tiurida, dearth, worth, Amis 
1822; derpe 3/a72cf. 38; vw. P.P. 4460; J/or. a. 2^. 1, 99. 

d^pen 151 

depen (depe), -dSaar. depan, deapian, OFris, depa, 6rofA. 
daupjan, OlIGerm, toufen, dip, Shoreh. 11. 

derf, ASax. deorf (?) Ettin. lex.^ dearf Bout, ev. gloss., 
OSax, dervi, Olcel, diarfr Fritzners ordb,, from derven, 
hard, strong, sore, Mark. 5; a. r. 348*; Orm, 16780; Gaw. 
gloss, 376; Mor. a, p, 2, 862; for pi derfe dMe avow. 
Artk. 64, 12; derfe (pi.) Mar. mir. pL 190; dervre (comp.) 
Kath. 948; pe. derveste dead 565; derffe) strongly, met. 
horn. 23, 

derfhche strongly, sorely, a. r. 114; derf like rel. ant. 1, 
218; deorfhke Orm. 9752; derfli Gaic. gloss. 376; ant. 
AhH. 24, 13. 

derf, ASax. (ge-)deorf, hardship, affliction^ pain, Mark. 
5; a. r. 80; pe derf of dead Kath. 2426; uas n4 man 
pat durste him derf makien La^. 10943. 

derien, ASax. OSax. derian, OFris. dera, OUGerm. 
terian, terran, /ram dare, harm, injure, Fuim. p. 8, 168; 
derye Shoreh. 28: Alis. 3657; dereii rel. ant. 1,212; vis. 
P. P.'4568; dere Mand. 13; Chauc. C. t. 1824; ps. 88, 
23; pr. consc. 2290; Min 3; Percev, 1171; avow. Artk. 
3, 11; we deriep {pres.) Marg. 226; derede (pret.) La7^. 

derk, ASax. deorc, dearc, dark, prompt, parv. 119; c. 
oj L 71; Mand. 237; Goio. conif. am. 2, 120; TFari. hist. 
1, 185; lud.Cov. 2l\ dearc (/r. 26; doork Bek.l^W; durk 
Wr. treat. 134; Fum. p,2, 43; dirk a7it. Arth. 6, 10; Lidg. 
m. p. 144; darke nist Hardic. poem 61, 4; darkest (swper- 
/««.) Jfar/i. 8. 

derkhcd obscurity. Wart. hist. 2, 5; deorklicd Ualliw. diet 
298; durched Brand. 2. 
derkliche darkly, vis. P. P. 6363. 

derknes darhiess, Chauc. C. t. 1453; derknesse vis. P. P. 

d e r ki e 11 (derkin), ASax. deorciaii, darken, prompt, parv. 
119; derkede (pret.) li beaus disc. 1379; derkeden Wicl. 
gloss. 14; derked {part.) Gow. conf. am. 3, 307; dirkid 
Lidg. m. p, 138; idurked Bek. 1414. 

derknien? OHGerm. tarchnen, terchnen {supprimere, 
palliare), hide, latere; durkene {pres.) Gaw. gloss. 378 ; 
dirkins ant Arth. 5, 1; durcninde (pa)t) Kath. 2049* 

derne, ASax. derne, dyrne (o6scM/n*s, occidtus, secretus), 
OSax. demi, secret^ LaT^. 13604; Marh, 8; c. of I. 1030; 

152 derne 

WUl gloss, 221; Gaw, gloss, 376; vis. P. P. 1235; met. 
horn, 166; bi k derne stl(e) Isumh, 40; godes derne runes 
a, r. 96; dern Mar, mir,pl, 181; dearne iiTafA. 574; daeme 
Orm. 2004; durne Bek, 23 ; dierne Hichthes, 1, 222; derne 
secretly^ Wr, spec. 23; Mor, a, p. 2, 697; luvie derne owl 
and night, 1355. 

derneliche secretly, a, r, 146; Hartsh, met. t, 103; dernellke 
Hallizv, diet. 299; derne-(deorne-)lTche La3. 4392; dearne- 
hche Kath. 407; dernli Town, myst, 141 ; derneluker {comp.) 
a, r. 128. 

derne, -4/S«ir. dyrne, secrecy: in pe derne otol and 
night, .608; in derne ps, 9. 29; a^?0M?. Arth,b2, 12; let us 
halde us in derne Degrev, 607. 

d e r n e n 5 ASax, dernen, dyrnen {occultare, celare), OSax, 
dernian (id,), OH Germ, tarnen (occulta7*e, dissimxdare), hide, 
conceal^ LaT^. 18549; derni Shoreh, 79. 

derven, ASax, deorfan, OFris. (for-)derva, OSaxc, 
(far-)dervan^ OTcel. (for-)diarfa, grieve, afflict, pain, harm, 
a, r, 382; c. of I. 676; to derven mine soule Hick, 
thes. 1, 227; devYed. (pres, indie) Kath, 1684; derve (subj,) 
Marh. 12; compos, iderven; deriv, derf. 

deu, ASax, deav, OFris. dau? dat. dawe, OHGerm, 
tau, ton, Olcel, dogg, d:io, Wr. treat. 137; Mapes 347; 
Wr, spec. 72; met, hom,2C}; daew Or?w. 13865; dewe (rfa^) 
Wr. treat. 137. 
? deulappe dewlap, prompt, parv, 120. 

deven, ASax. deafian, OFris, dava, Olcel, deyfa, /rom 
deaf, deave, deaferi, stun, stupefy, Gaw, gloss. 377; devit 
{pret.) ant, Arth, 22, 4; devid (parf.) Z?/c/. Cot?. 348; coin- 
pos, adeven. 

dewien (dewin), ASax, deavian, Dutch dau wen, 
0HGe7*m, to wen, Olcel. doggva, dew, prompt, parv, 120; 
daewen Orm. 13848; dewep (jpr^5,) WicLgloss. 14; seedaggeii, 

die, dich, ASax, die, OFris. dik, Olcel, dik, diki, 
MHGe?m, tich, cJiYc/^, ^/e-fe; dik ^rowz^^f. ^>^ary. 121; enne 
die (one dich) iaj. 646; pa (pe) dich 12570; in p6re die 
(pan dich) 12595; in a dik falle vis, P, P, 7410; t8 del- 
ven k dich 13684; dich a, r, 216; Eob, Glouc, 549, 15; 
Brand, 27; Alis. 6632; (diche) Mand. 29; diche (dat.) 
Chauc, C.t, 4104; Orph, 347; to p4re diche owl and night. 
1237; dike jRicA. 6021; diches (pi) La^, 9238; diche 
Furn, p, 8, 21. 

dichen 153 

dichen, ASax. dician, OFris. dika, ditsa, ditch, dike; 
diche, diken vis. P, I\ 4078; 13430; dikin prompt pat^, 
121; dike Oow, conf, am. 1, 15; Cliauc, C. t 538; dike- 
den {pret)vi8. P. R 4178. 

dike re, ASax. dicere, ditcher, vis. P. P. 444. 

diderin diddei^., tremble, ,^frigutire'^, prompt, parv. 121; 
dintus geruthim to dedur awow. AHh. 25, 8; dedir {pres.) 
Toivn. my St. 28; see dadren. 

digge? diff^ dnclc; digges (/>Z.) I. c. c. 9; Chest, pi. 1, 
52^ {Mar. mir. pi. 9). 

digge n dig, fodere^ Mand. 107; diggin prompt parv. 
121; digge s. s. Wr. ()31; Lidg.m. p. 145; digged {pret) 
vis. P. P. 4011; see daggen. 

dijel, ASax. A^gol (digol), deogol, deagol, OHOerm. 
tougaler, secret: in one supe di3ele hale otcl and night 2. 
dijelliclie secretly, Lar^. 13539. 

di3elnesse, ASax. d5'gelness, s^c/'^(^?/, (^ciaf.) La^. 2391 ; 
dihelnesse fare.) Onn. 5501. 

dill ten, ASax. dihtan, Lat dictare, dight, dispose, pre- 
pare, dress, La^. 3150; Kath. 147 1 ; ,^{li\itinparaj^e^, prompt 
parv. 123; „dltin dictare'', ibid.; hi leten hem diste a gret 
schip Brand. 5; di5t(e) a bap Eglam. 526; to depe di3te 
avow. Arth. 4, 8; dighte Percev. 652; Tor. 1966; dihte 
(pret) Marh. 2; he dihte feole domes Laj. 7221; pe king 
dihte him for to wende k. of T. 954; dijte Shoreh. 10; 
and dighte me dereli vis. P. P. 12962; dight {part) 
Chauc. C. t 14147; pr. consc. 448; a lettre has he dight 
Degrev. 155; idiht Kath. 10^07 ', compos, adihten. 

diljhen, ASax. diligian, OFris. (ur-)diligia, OSax. 
(far-)diligon, OHGerm. tiligon, destroy, Orm. 4083. 

dille, ASax. dile, OHGerm. tilli, dill, ,.,aneth%mi^ , prompt 
parv. 121. 

dim, ASax. dimm, OFris. dim, 0/ceZ. dimmr, dim, owl 
and night 577; Shoreh. 86; c. of I. 71; Mand. 60; Percev. 
1994; ^;r. cowsc. 1166; Mar. mir. pi. 149; (dimme) />rcww/)^ 
parv. 121; pis dimme place vis. P. P^ 12717; dimme 
dimly, Gow. ca?if. am. 2, 292; pough i loke dimme vis. 
P. P. 5970. 
dimllche dimly; dimluker {catnp.) a. r. 210. 

d i m m e n , ASax. dimmian, Olcel. dimma, dim, rel. ant. 
1, 65; dimmin prompt, parv. 121; dimmip {pres.) Fum. 
p, 6, 7; dimmed {pret) vis. P. P. 3186. 

154 dimming 

dimming dimming^ Etch, 6977; Tor. 514* 

dindelin dindle, tingle, prompt parv, 121. 

ding, ASax, ding (?)^ dung, Furn, p, I, 7, 

din gen ding, strike, vis, P.P, 4079; dinge Alis. 1732; 
Havel. 215; pr, consc, 7015; Percev, 1967; Eglam, 556; 
dang (pret) 550; wi{) his tail pe er{) he dang Iw. 3167; 
dong Rich, 5270; dungen (part) pr, consc. 3256; dongen 
JftVi. 29; dongun apoL 5. 

dingle, OHGerrn, tunculla (gurges) f from dung ? dingle, 
Mark, gloss, 100. 

dis, OFr. dis, des, Lat dis. 
dischargen, OFn descarchier, discharge, (pres,) Mand, 302. 
disherite(n) disherit, Mor, a, p, 2, 185; disherited (part.) 
Chauc, I. g, w. 1063. 

departen depart; departede {pret.) Bek, 483. 
dispendin, Lat dispendere, dispend, prompt, parv, 122; 
despended (part) vis, P, P. 6258. 
displesen displease; displesez {pres.) Mor, a, p, 1, 455. 
disport, OFr. de(s)port, disport, sport, Chauc, C, t 4041; 
sport h, of f, 664; lud, Cov, 185. 

derai, OFr. desroi^ disorder, Gate, gloss, 376; pr, consc, 
pref, XII; ant, Arth. 40, 6. 

dresse(n), Fr, dresser, Ital. d(i)rizzare, dress, direct, Chauc, 
C t 3468; dressed Mor, a. p, 2, 92. 
disteine, Fr. deteindre, distain, stain, Chauc, I. g. to, 255; 
.steine Goio, conf. am, 1, 225; disteigned {part) 1, 235; 
desteined Hoccl, 1, 340. 
desturbi(en) disturb, Furn, p. 17, 360. 

dis? dise? LGerm, dise {flax prepared for spinning) 
distaf, disestaf, ASax, distaef, ^distaff, „colus'^, Wr, voc, 
157 & 269; distaf Chauc, C, t 3772. 

disch, ASax. OSax, disc {discus, tabula), Olcel. diskr 
{patina), OHGerm, tisc (inensa, ferculum), disc, dish, desk, 
(dish) ,.^discus'^, prompt, parv, 122; Wicl. gloss, 14; ibroken 
nep Oder disch a. r, 344; dische {dat) Mand. 52; desk 
jjluteum, prompt parv. 120; deske (dat) wills and in- 
vent 39. 

dise, OHGerm, dehsa {ascia) ? rel, ant, 1 , 8 ; see adese. 

dite, OFr. ditte, dicte, ditty, „carmen^, prompt, parv, 
123; Wicl, gloss, 14. 

diverien, cmp, ODutch daveren {tremere), daver, tremble : 
pat ha ne schulden nowder diveren ne dreden JSTaM. 619; 

docke 156 

speoken i ne clar ii4wt, ah diveri(e) ant darie Mark. 16. 

docke, ASax, docce., dock^ lapathum, Ckauc, TroiL 5130. 

dock en (dokkin) dock^ „dectcrtare^, prompt, parv. 126; 
docked {part^ Chcmc, C. t 592. 

do d din dod, lop, promjyt, parv, 125; dodde WicL gloss. 
14; Ao(ide\) (pres,) Wr. p. s, 192; idodded (parf.) a. r. 422. 

do el, OFr. doel, duel, dole, ff^^^f^ sorrow, vis. P. P. 
3246; doel, duel, del, dul Will gloss. 221; doel, dull, deol, 
deil WicL gloss. 14; deol Hob, Olonc. 166, 9; duel Wr. 
spec. 34; dul s. s. Wr. 710; dol (dool) Degrev. 1736; 
Isumb. 158. 

deolful doleful, La"^. 6901 ; delful, diilful Gaw. gloss. 376 
cfe 378; dilful Eglam. 759. 

doge r el doggerel: rim dogerel Chauc. C. t. 15333. 

dogge, ODutch dog^e,dog, „c(inis^^ prompt. parv. 125; 
a. r. 290; Hob. Qlouc. 69, 4; Mand. 66; Chauc. C. t. 9888; 
doggen (pi.) Wr. p. s. 239. 

dohter, ASax, doliter, OFris. dochter, Olcel. dottir, 
Goth, daub tar, OIIGerm. tohter, Gr. OoYaxifjp, daughter, 
Lar^. 211; doghter pr. consc. 2130; doghtir Eglam. 58; 
doubter a. r. 170; dou3ter Bek. 22; dougiiter J/anc?. 246; 
dowter s. a. c. 2, 17; doftir li beaus disc. ^9 ; doster 
(dowter) pi^ompt. parv. 129; dolitre (pi.) ia3. 3085*; dob- 
tren (dobtres) 2924; douhtren c. of I. 289; dester Mor. 
a. p. 2, 270; debtren chron. of Engl. 545; dobtres 0;-m. 

doke, fro7u *duken, ODictch duiken pret. dook, OllGenn. 
tucban (?) pret. toub (?) tubben (douk, tauchen, merger e\ 
duck, r^a7ias^', prompt, parv. 125; vis. P.P. 11495; Chauc. 
C. t. 3576; dokes (pi) Mand. 216. 

d oka re diver, TfV. 7wc. 253; see doukere. 

do Ik, ASax. dole (spinther)? widute knotte & dolke 
a. r. 2. 

do Ike n? conqyos. fordolken. 

dom, ASa^. OSax. OF^ns. dom, Olcel. domr, Goth. 
doms, OHGerm. tuoin, doom^ judgement, sente?ice, decree, 
Orm. 1472; Hob. Glouc. 337, 7; pe dom . . . ne lA,st be 
nowit longe Furn. p. 8, 85 ; domes (gen.) owl and night. 1693; 
domes dai rel. songs 4, 1; domes mon a. r. 156; pe dai 
of dome pr, consc. 1859; domes (pL) Lar^. 7221; compos. 
alder-, cristen-, freo-, bali-, king-, ricbe-, wisdom; deriv, 

156 dompen 

d6mstol a. r. 306. 

dompen (domp) fall^ plunge? Min, 47. 

don, ASax, don, OSax. duan pres, don, OFris, dua, 
OHOerm, tuon, do, make, put, Kath. 784; a. r. 16; Mand, 
3; (doon) ^rowip<. j[)ary. 126; do p?'. coAiifc. 4290; . . . shal 
do pee noglit drede vis. P, F, 14232; to depe don citron, 
of Engl. 908; todonne Kath. 22^1 \ a. 9\ 6; to done BeJc. 
248; do (pres.) a. r. 200; dest Kath. 754; a. r. 124; owl 
and night 321; Wr. spec. 104; dost Orm. 5258; doist 
Wicl. John 3; ded a. r. 174; dej) Eob. Glouc. 321, 11; 
c. of I. 899; 1468; ded (dop) Lai^. 674; dop Orm. 1042; 
30 d6dl434; heo dod a. r. 328; c. of I. 896; dnie (pret) 
La^. 431; a. r. 102; Z^eA:. 1050; dide (dude) iTa^A. )552; 
dede Chauc.C.t. 2264; Isumb. Ql ; dudest a. r. 306; deo- 
dest (dudest) Laj. 2294; duden a. r. 330; diden Onw. 
429; vis. P.P. 9070; deden Hick. thes. 1,225; don (imrt.) 
Onn. 237; CAa?*c. C. t. 2094; i. of T. 813; compos, {or-, 
idon; c?mz?. dede. 

donken moisten^ donkep {pres.) Wr.spec. 44; donkande 
{part.) Gaw. gloss. 377. 

doppe diver? Alis. 5776; compos, devedoppe. 

doppaj {dive')dopper, prompt, parv, 127. 

dornen, cmp. OHOei-m. beturnen (obdurare) and pi- 
turner (consteimaius, confusus), deceive? per husbondes pei 
wil so dome (r. ic. borne) Wr. s. a. c. 57, 33. 

dotard dotard, Chauc. C. t 5913. 

dote fool, rel. ant. 1, 184; Trist. 2, 72. 

dotien, 02)i/^cA doten, OjPV. (re-)doter, dote, rave, LaT^. 
3294; dotin ,^delirare^ desipere'% prompt, pjrv. 128; dote 
Chauc. C. t. 12911; lud. Gov. 98; avow. Arth. 16, 11; 
dotes(t) {pres.) Kath. 2111; his wittes failes and ofte he 
dotes pr. consc. 785; dotie (snhj.) a. r. 224; doted (part.) 
Will, gloss. 222; compos^ adotieu. 

doteren totter, stagger: he began to dotur and dote 
avoiv. Arth. 16, 11; pe due dotered to pe ground Degrev. 

doude? if she be never so foulc a doude {r. w. shroude 
Town, my St. 311 (Mar. mir. pi. I S3 J. 

doukere, OHGerm. tuchari (mergus), ,^plongeou^, rel. 
ant. 2, 83. 

doune, ASax. dun, Olcel. dunn, dozen, „pluma'' , prompt, 
parv. 128; doun Oow. conf. am. 2, 103. 

downen 167 

down en, Olcel. dauna (?), deyna, /row OIceL daunn, 
Goth, dauns, smell, Otin, 6745. 

doupar (dooper) diver, prompt parv, 

douren^ LGerm, duren, MHGerm, turen, grieve; dou- 
red (pret) Mor. a, p. 3, 372. 

douse, ODvtch duise (concubina)f yit is she k foule 
douse (r. w, house) Mar. mir, pi. 117; oure dame douse 
shal sitten him bi Wr. spec. 111. 

douve, ASacc. Olcel. dufa, Dutch duive, Goth, dubo, 
on Germ, tuba, dove, Mand. 87; Rich. 5671; vis, P. P. 
10422; dove lud. Gov. 48. 

drabelin, drablin drabble, prompt, parv. 129; see 
droblen and dravelen. * *- 

draed, ASax. draed (?), dread, pavor; drM La3. 1660; 
a. r. 6; drede vis. P. P. 10970; pr. cansc. 5263; (ace.) 
Bob. Glouc. 337, 4; Rich. 5515; drade face.) Alis. 5740. 
dredful harroio. 202; c. of I. 454. 
dredfufli vis. P. P. 11494. 
dredles Gaw. gloss. 
dredlich terrible, a. r. 58. 

draeden, ASax. (on-)draedan, OSax. (an-)dr4dan, 
OHOerm. (in-)traten, dread, pavere, Oun. 590/ ; dreden 
La^. 31164; a. r. 136; drede Gow. conf. am. 1, 344; vis, 
P. P. 14232; drede (pres.) Kath. 1498; dredep Ilardw. 
poem 47, 10; dred (pret) Wicl, gloss. 15; Rob. Bi\ . . .; 
dredde {for dred?) 0>m 19965; dradde Bek. 127; Goio. 
conf. am. 1, 341 ; compos, adreden. 

draeden, ASax. (of-)draedan pret. draedde, afray, 
alarm; drede k. of T. 429; ne drede 3e ow nawiht Kath. 
1403; dredde (pret.) Shoreh. 49; drad {for driided) o/raicf, 
Gaw. gloss.; compos, a-, for-, ofdreden. 

draedung dreading, Orm. 5G02. 

draf, ODutch draf, OIIGerm. (trab) pi. treber, draff, 
di*eg, dross, LaT^. 29256; vis. P. P. 5617; Chavc. C. t. 
17346; Wicl. gloss. 15; prompt, parv. 129. 

dr4f, ASax. dr^if, Olcel. dreif, OIIGerm. treip, /row 
drifen, drove; drove {dat^ Hartsh. met. t. 264. 

drage, dragge, F?*. dragee, dredge, mixed corn, prompt, 
parv. 130; Wr. voc. 111. 

draggin, Swed. dragga, drag, prompt, parv. 130. 

draje, OHGe^nn. traga? 
drawbrig drawbridge, Iw. 167 ; drawbrugge {ace.) Alis, 1205. 

158 drajen 

drasen, ASax. dragan {trahere), OSax. Ooih. dragan 
{ferre,portare\ OIceL draga {trahere\ OFrts, draga, drega 
(ferre), OllOerm, tragan (^)erre\ draic, trahere^ ferrc^ 
La'7^, 10530; dra^hen Onw. 11545; drahen^ drehen, draien 
(dreien) iiTa^A. 33; 1193; 2237; drahe owl ayid night 1373; 
draye Town^myst 106; drawen a. r. 160; drawin yflrahei^e^y 
prompt, part), 130; drawe WV. treat 135; Chavc, C, t 
1418; Wr. p. s, 153; W id, John 4; 16c queper i wit riht 
and lawe mai him wit me til helle drawe met, horn, 56; 
drawe (pi^es,) 30; to del)(e) i drei^e Wr,spec, 34; drawes 
p?, C0718C. 1291; drawe (tmper.) coZa, l, c, c. 13; Arohi^prct) 
La^, 93; Ma?'h, 2; purpre and pal he droh rel, aiit 1, 
119; dr63 Qaw, gloss, 378; oper folk pider Avo% Rob, 
Olouc, 41, 2; drogh pr, consc, 2249; Istcmb, 364; Amad, 
Hobs, 26, 2; drouh a. r, 102; toward chirche he drouh 
WaH, hist 1, 16; drogh, drough vis. P, R 2889; 9126; 
drouj, drow Will, gloss. 222; drow Eglam. 316; ^t |m 
dead drohe Kath, 2467; drojen La^* 818; Gaw. gloss, 
378; drohen Kath, 2155; drowen a, r, 110; vis, P. P, 
7252; pe ministres pat drowen pe wate,r Wid, John 2; 
drashen {part) Orm, 7413; drauhen Jiob, Br. 183, 3; 
drasun evisceratitSj I, c, c, 35; drain T^^ist. 1, 65; drawen 
Mand, 40; parfor pis buk es on Ingles drawen jp\ consc, 
336; compos, a-, i-, to-, up-, ut-, widdrasen. 

draht, Dutch dragt, Olcel, drattr, MUGemi, traht, 

from Avdi'TfiXi^ draught; drawt „tracius, hauittus^^ prompt, parv. 

131 ; draw3t Ilardw.poem 29^ 3; a draught of win Ckauc. C, 

f. 398; draght id quod fertur, Pet^cev, 2160; Ax^Aii habitus^ 

Wr. p, s. 153; drahte {dat) LaT^. 29259; drastis (pi) 

Wid, gloss, 1 5 ; drawe draghtes and (here) berpenes Ilalliw, 

diet 315; drau3tes as me drawep in poudre Ficrn, p, 17, 


drauhtbrigge Mob, Br. 183, 2. 

d r a h t e n , Olcd, dratta, draught, draw ; drathen ? 0)*m. 

drai, ASax. (ge-)draeg {tumidtus), noise, Halliw, diet 
316; Min, 35; see de(s)rai. 

drake, A^ax, draca, Lat draco, dragon^ Marh, 10; 
a. r, 246; Orm, 1843; h, of T, 408. 

drake, LGerm. drsike Schamb, lob.y cmp, 0/ccZ. andriki, 
OHGerm, antrache, drake, {dat,) Chauc, C. t 3576; dra- 
kes {pi.) Wr. spec. 44. 

Hrane 159 

drane, ASax, dran, OH Germ, treno, drones ^fucus^, 
prompt pa9*v, 130; TIV. voc. 177; ci\ P. P. 1447; Lidg. 
m, p. 154. 

draste? ASax. dreste, daerste, OH Germ, (trast) pL 
trestir; drastis (pi.) darsts, dregs, lees, ^faeces'^, Wr. voc. 
178; drostis pi*om]}i, pari\ 131; dersten ^awwrca",. Wr.voc. 
94; drastis, drestis, darstis Wicl, gloss, 

drasti draffy^ dreggy ^Chauc. C. t 15331; dresti „/W^- 
culevtus^, prompt parv, 131. 

drauk, Dutch dravick, draick, y^zizanium^, -Wr, voc. 
2Q6'^ prompt pa) v. 130; rel. ant 2, 80; dranc? met hom. 

dravelen, LGenn. drabbeln (slaver) Brem. wb., cmp. 
MGGerm. (be-)treben, slaver f draveled {part.) Hardw. poem 
55,6; [draveled {pret) ^slumbered fitfidly^f Gaw. gloss.]; 
compos, bidravelen. 

dream, ASax. dream {sonus, cantiis, gaudium), OSax. 
drum {somnmm^ convivinm, beatitudo), OFris. Avkm. (som- 
nium)^ Olcel. draumr {id.), OUGei^n. traum, troum {id.), 
dream, so7iu^, cantm, Kath. 14:98; a. r. 210; dream, draem, 
drem Xaj. 1010; 14286; 24554; draem Orm. 923; dreem 
Wr. spec. 57; belles drem rel. ant 1, 223; dreem ,.,som- 
nium^, prompt, parv. 131; vis. P. P. 4800; drem id., Goto, 
conf. am. 1, 24; pr. consc. 8076; dreme {dat) owl and 
night 314; he schal a domes dei grimliche abreiden mid 
te drddful dreame of pe englene bemen a. r. 214; compos. 

d r e c c h e tronble ? Halliw. diet 317; delay f Gaw. gloss. 3 7 8 • 

drecchen (dreccho), ASax. drecean, dreccan, cmp. 
MHGei^m. trecken pret. tralite {trahere), trouble, plague, 
Chauc. Troil. 2563; drecchep {pres.) Wr. spec. 113; cr. 
P. P. 924; drecche (subj.) rel. songs 2, 47; if it so betide 
pis night, pat pe in slepe dreche ani wight Iw. 480; drecche 
tarry, linger, Gow. conf. am. 2, 5; Chauc. Troil. 2356; 
drecchand {part) ps. 108, 10; compos, idrecchen. 

dreg, Olcel. dregg, dreg, faex, ps. 39, 3; dregges {pil.) 
Wr. voc. 198; {Aveggi^) prompt, parv. 131; dregges and 
draf vis. P. P. 13761. 

dreggi dreggy, prompt, parv. 131. 

d r S 3 , dri3, Olcel. driugr (largus, magnus), from dreo- 
3en? dree, dry, long, strong, enduring, patient, Gaw. gloss. 
378; bt 4 river brod and dregh Halliw. diet. 317; drije 

160 dreghe 

(pL) Mar, a. p, 1, 822; drSje strongly^ Oaw. gloss. 378; 
poll lovest Tristrem clreighe {deeply) Trist 3, 67; drinke 
driie P. P. p, 527; compos, iindrc3. 

drejli strongly ^ Gaw. gloss, 378; dre3li, drijli Mor, a, p. 
2, 74 & 476; dreli continuously? Town. myst. 90. 

dregjie length? Halliw. diet. 317; on dreghe (dri^e) 
at a distance^ Gaw, gloss, 400 ; a dre^fe) Mor, a, p. 2, 7 1 ; 
pet oper drogh him o dreghe ant, Arth, 44, 3; o drehi 
lioh, Br, 276, 25; on drihe Halliw, diet, 321; a drigh(e) 
Goic, conf, am. 2, 46. 

dremare, ASax, dremere (7W2(5icws), dreamer, ^somnia- 
tor^, prompt, parv, 131. 

dremels dream, vis, P, P, 4804. 

dr erne 11, ASax, dreman (jubilare), dromian (id,), 
OHGerm. troumen (somniare), from dream, dream, sonare, 
cantarejubilare, La^. 13586; harpen gunnen dremen 22885; 
dremin ^^so'niniare'', prompt, parv, 131; dreme {pres,) som- 
mb, Goiv, conf, am, 1, 281; dreamen (subj.) sonent, a. r. 
430; dremde (pret.) La^, 9785* 

drench, drenche, ASax, drenc^ drence, Olcel, drekka, 
OSax. draiic^ Goth, dr^gk, OHGei-m, tranch, from drinken, 
drench, potion, rel, songs 1, 18; drench, draenc Laj. 10234'; 
16084; drench, drenche Rob, Glouc, 68, 16; 69, 1 ; drenche 
Horn 1164. 

drenchien? drenchen, ASax, drencean (?), drencan, 
OFris drenka, Olcel, drekkja, Goth, dragkjan, OHGerm, 
trenchen, drench, drown, La^. 1507; i schal drenchen in 
p.e deepe Chanc. C, t, 4875; drenche vis, P, P, 7759; 
Gou\co7if, am, 3,295; ,^mergi", Wicl, Math, 14; drenched 
(2^rc^.) Tor, 1871; drenchiden Wicl. gloss, 15; drengte? 
La^, 12111; dreiiite Wr, p, s. 217; drenchid, (Iveini (pafi,) 
Wicl. gloss. 15; dreint Gow. conf, am, 3, 10; idreint Chauc. 
C. t. 3520; compos, a-, fordrenchen. 

dreng, ASax, dreng, Olcel, drengr, man., soldier; dring 
La'7^, 12713; pr, consc. notes p, 267; drenges (jpZ.) Havel, 

dreojen, ASax, dreogan {agere, perficere, pati), OSax, 
bi-driogan (decipere), Olcel. driuga {exercere, pati^are), Goth, 
driugan (axpaxeisodat), OHGerm. triugan {falla^e, dedpere)^ 
dree, perfo^^m, endure, stiff er, Inum, p. 8, 145; dreshen 
Or/w. 1505; drehen Kath, 626; drese Wr, spec, 62; 105; 
drey(e) met. horn. 59; dree (dre) Isumb. 379; a7it. Arth, 
11, 11; drisen (dresen) La^* 370; 13392; drise Mor, a. 

dreopen 16 1 

jp. 2, 372; drighe, dr^ghe pr. consc 2044; 2235; drise, 
drie Oaw, gloss. 378; drien a.r. 80; drie Will, gloss. 222; 
Chauc. r. r. 7484; k. of T. 235; he smot as faste as he 
might drie Ualllw. did. 318; penance for to drie Hardw. 
poem 27, 2; i drd (pres.) Mar. mir. pi. 148; drie Degrev. 
560; drggh(pv«.) 5. s. Web. 2(i60\ dreih a. r. 136; druhen 
Kath. 628; idrohen (part.) Mark. 21; compos, adresen. 

dreopen, ASax. dreopan, OiSarr. driopan, OFris. dria- 
pa, Olcel. driupa, OHGerm. triufan, dreep, droop; drepe 
lud. Cov. 170; dreepij) (pres.) Lidg. m. p. 161; nou glad, 
and nou dreping 167; deriv. drope, drup. 

dreori3, ASaxc. dreorig, OHGerm. triireger, dreary^ 
sad, Orm. 4838; dreori Mark. 15; a. r. 106; Wr. spec. 
70; dreeri CAowc. C. t. 8390; dLvtvi pr, consc. 791; Isumh. 
125; avow. Arth. 66, 7; drSri, driiri Wicl. gloss. 15; druri 
(dreri) Laj. 14547; drtiri i/?w. 808; Mor. a. p. 1, 323. 
dreriliche drearily, Kath. 1898; drerili Halliw. diet. 317. 

drdrines, ASaxc. dreorigness, dreariness, Chauc. Troil. 
701; drerinesse, drurinesse Wid. gloss. 15. 

dreosen (dr^sen), ASax. dreosan, OiSarr. driosan, Goth. 
driusan, fall, La^. 9245. 

drepen, ASax. drepan, OJceZ. drepa, OHGerm. trefan, 
hit, slay; dreped (pres.) rel. ant. 1, 221; drepez Mo7\ a. 
p. 2, 246; drap (p9*et.) Mapes 343; dr4pe ps. 93, 6. 

drevelen drivel? vis. P. P. 5683; see dravelen. 

dreven, ASax. draefan, Olcel. dreifa, Goth, draibjan, 
OHGerm. treiben, from dr&f, dreve, pellere; dreved (pret) 
Mor. a. p. 1, 979; compos. todrSven. 

driven, ASax. diMsin, from drot, trouble, disturb; dre- 
ved (pres.) rel. ant. 1, 220; drSvede (pret?) Oaw. gloss. 
378; dr^fed (part.) Orm. 14.1 \ compos, for-, idr^ven. 

drl, ASax. dr^, „magvs^, Wr. voc. 89. 
dri3craft magical art, Orm. 16053. 
drisman magician, Orm. 16051. 

drifen, ASax. drlfan, OSax. drivan, OFris. driva, 
Olcel. drifa, Goth, dreiban, OHGej^m. triban, drive, Orm. 
16982; driven iaj. 946; Chauc. Trod. 7549; drife met. 
horn. 31; drive Bek. 197; drivest (pres.) a. r. 230; drif 
(imper.) 274; drivende {part.) 244; drivande Gaw. gloss. 
378; draf (pret.) Mark 8; Orm. 8260; dr^f, draef, drof 
iaj. 309; 7843; 9367; drof Bek. 676; Mand. 86; Chauc. 
C. ts 7122; Mor. a. p. 1, 1152; pou drive Horn 1279; 


1S2 dfift 

(we, 3e, hi) driven Alis, 5731; drive Boh, Olouc, 21, 12; 
dreven Wicl. gloss, 15; dreve Rick. 5092; drifen (part.) 
Orm. 8239; driven Mand. 67; idriven La'7^, 6213; drive 
Will, gloss. 222; dreven Wicl. gloss. 15; dreve Halliw. 
diet. 318; compos, for-, to-, purh-, utdnfen; deriv. dr&f. 

drift, ODwfcA drifte, MHOerm. trift, /row drifen, eiri/i, 
rfroi^c, Wr. vac. 279; prompt, parv. 132. 

driht, ASax. driht, dryht, Oi^m. drecht, OSax. druht, 
Olcel. drott, /row dreo3en, retinue; drihte {dat) La^. 92. 
drihtfare Kath. 1852. 

drihtlic, ASax. dryhtlTc, excellent^ noble: drihtliche men 
Zaj. 1623. 

driht in, ^/SW. dryhten, OSarr. drohtin, OFris. droch- 
ten, Olcel. drottinn, OHGerm. truhtin, lord, Kath. 1095; 
Orm. 2; drihten (dristen) Laj. 4; dristen r el. ant. 1, 186; 
dristin Gaw. jrfo^^. 378; dristen (drihten) Kemb. Sal. a. 
Sat. 227 ; rel. ant. 1, 171 ; drihte wef. Aow. 1 ; drijte Shoreh. 
61; drighte Mapes 34:8] Alis. 6402; vis. P. F. 867 1 ; drihte, 
dritte, drithte Fum, p. 8, 40, 55 & 60. 

drihtnesse lordship? Kath. 1123. 

drill en, ODutch drillen {gyrare^rotare, volvere)f drill; 
compos, adrillen. 

drinc, ASax. drinc, drink, potus, La^. 1303; met. horn. 
24; drink Mand. 248; Hardw. poem 42, 4; Degrev. 1739; 
drinc, drinch Orw. 165; 15388; drinke {dat) Brand. 11; 
drinches (dringes) {pi) La^- 3558. 

drinken, ASax. OSax. drincan, OFris. drinka, Ooth. 
drigkan, Olcel. drekka, OHGerm. trinchan, drink, hibere, 
a. r. 238; Orw. 165; drinken (dringe) Laj. 5804; 14330; 
drsink {pret.) Rich. 3090 ; Lidg. m. p. 91; drone a. r. 210; 
dronk (drong) La3. 6928; drnnken Qoic. conf. am. 3, 21; 
dronkenvis. P.P. 9042; Chauc. C. t. 822; dronken (^ar^.) 
Mand.2bO\ Chauc. C. f. 135; dronken (dronke) man 12485 
Tyr., 13966 Wr.; idrunken La3. 6692 ; compos, adrinken; 
deriv. drench, drunch. 

drinkere, ASax. drincere, drinker, W?. treat. 138; 
drinkares (pi.) a. r. 216. 

dripe ? ASax. drypa (?), ODutch druppe (drupe?), 
OHGerm. trupha^ from dreopen, drip, stilla, (drippe, drepe) 
prompt, parv. 132. 

drip pin, ODutch druppen, MHOerm. trUpfen, drip, 

4iit lj08 

jfStiUare^y prompt, paro, .132. 

drit, Olcel. drit, ODtitch drijt, dirt, r^^tercus^, prompt, 
parv. 132; Alis. 4718; Wr. p. 8. 240; Ilavd. 682; Furn. 
p. 1, 7. 

driten^ -4iSaa?. dritan, Olcel. drita, ODutch drijten, 
^cacare^f prompt parv, 132. 

drivel, ODutch drevel, drivel (dribhle), servant, Mark, 
gloss. 99; drivil prompt parv. 132; driveles (pi.) Katk. 

drobli, drubli, cmp. ASax, ODiitch drabbe {fae^iS), 
^turhidus, faectdentus,^ prompt parv. 132. 

droblen (drobil) irouhle, Halliw. diet. 319; drubblin 
„turbare'^, prompt pat-v. 133; droubelonde {part.) pr.consc. 
1443*; see drabelin. 

drof, ASax.drof, OSax.droyi, OIIGerm. truober, frow- 
Uedf sad, La^. 1040. 
droftic LaZ' 1^26. 

drope, ASax. dropa, Olcel. dropi, OHGerm. tropho, 
/row* dreopen, drop^Matid.hX', Chauc. C. t. 131; pr.consc. 
3065; aenne drope blod iaj. 7650; dropen (pi.) a. r. 
220; Wr. treat 136. 
dropemele by drops, a. r. 282. 

drop pen, ASax. dropian, ODutch droppen, drop, sttl- 
lare; droppep (pres.) If awcf. 50 ; dropped (pret.) vis. P.P. 
10958; Chauc. C. t 12608. 

dros, Af^ax. dros (?), ODutch droes, OHGerm. (gi-)tro8, 
from dreosen? dross, a. r. 284; pr. consc. 3339; (drosse) 
prompt, parv. 133. 

drosne, ASax. drosn, OHGerm. trusana, truosana, 
trosena, ,^faex'^, Wr. voc. 93. 

drotin drate, drawl, prompt, parv. 133. 

droukeniug slumber f Mapes 334. 

droukiug slumber f pro mpt parv. 114. 

drovi (drovi?), drovy, „turbidu^'^, prompt, parv. 133*; 
rel. ant. 1, 220; Chauc. C. t. Tyr. p. 165; Mor. a. p. 2, 

drovien, ODutch droeven, Goth, (frobjau, OHGertn. 
truoben, /rom drof, trouble, disturb; droves {pres.) ^tribu- 
lant^, ps. 3, 1; pr. consc. 1319; droved {part) j,turbata^, 
ps. 6, 4; see dreven. 

druggeu drudge: to drugge and drawe Chauc. C. t 


164 druse 

druse (druje?), aSox. irjge, LGerm. driige, droge, 
dry, chron. of Engl, 346; druye Rob, GlotLC. 531, 21; druie 
a, r. 276; (finie Wr, p. s. 193; druse, drise 3for. a. p. 2, 
385 & 412; drije Oriw. 9883; driise transact. 18,23; drie 
Wr. treat 135; Omo. conf, am. 2, 266; dreje Shoreh.\4t^\ 
dreye Chauc. C. t. ^11 b. 

drujen, ASax. drygan, drugian, LGerm, driigen, dro- 
gen, dry: dreye lud. Cov. 230; driep (pres.) Chauc. G. t. 
1497; drinke whan pou driest vis. P. P. 508; driede (pre*.) 
Hand, 68; drijed {part) Orm. 8625; dried ps. 21, 16; 
compos, adruwien, fordrusen. 

druhp, -4Safl7. drugad, LGerm. driigde, droughty siccitas; 
drost Gaw. gloss. 378; droghte vis. P. P. 4378; drowte 
prompt parv. 133; droughpe, droughte {dat.) Chauc. C. t. 
597; 10432; druhpe (ace) Orm. 8626. 

drunc, drunch, ASax. drunc, drync, Dutch dronk, 
OH Germ, trunch, Olcel. drykkr, /row drinkeu, potus, a. r. 
14; 114; drunch Marh. 8. 
druncwile? a. r. 216*. 

drunken see drinken. 
drunkenhed ebrietas, WicL gloss, 1 5 ; dronkenhed Gow, conf. 
am. 3, 20. 

dnrnkenuesse drunkenness^ Onw. 166; dronkennes met horn. 
113; dronkenesse Chauc. C. t. 13964. 
dronkeshipe ehrietas, Goio. conf. am. 3, 20. 

drunken (drmike), ASax. druncen, Goth, drugkanei, 
Olcel, dfykkni, OHGerm. trunchani, ehrietas, Fum. p, 8, 
128 & 130. 

drunkenlewe, drunkelew subject to drunkenness^ Wich gloss. 
15; dronkelewe (druukelewe) (r, w. pewe) Goiv, conf. am. 
3, 5 ; Halliw. diet. 319; dronkelewe (r. to. schrewe) Chauc. 
C. t 7625; dronklewe vis. P. P. 5064; drunkelew ^rompf. 
parv. 133; drunklew Lidg. m. p. 68. 

drunkien drouch {drouk\ drench; drunkede (^pvet) 
WicL gloss. 15; dronked {part) Will, gloss, 222; compos. 
ofdrunkien. ^ 

druncnien, ASax. druucnian, OHGerm, truiichanon, 
drown; drunkne WicL gloss. 15; drun met horn, XVIII; 
druncned {pres.) Marh. 15; drunkenes met, horn. 138; pes 
druiicnen Orm. 15308; druncnie {siibj.) a, r, 58; druiik- 
nede (jord.) WicL gloss, 15; dronkened ps. 64, 10; drou- 
ned Mor. a. p. 2, 372; drouned {part.) Mand. 57; Lidg. 

drftp 165 

m. p» 149; compos, ofdruncnien. 

drup, Olcel. driupr {stillans)f sad^ sorry; drupest (su- 
perlat) Mark. 16; drupest aire monne Kath. 2050. 

drupi? sady sorry, Halliw, diet 321; & maked drupie 
ch^re a. r, 88. 

drupien? Olcel, drupa, droup {droop) ; droupin prompt 
parv, 113; droupe & dare transact, 18, 26 ; m, Arth. F. 2575 ; 
drou^e (pres.) Min, 2; droupus ant Arth. 5, 2; his arwes 
drouped (pret) nought wip fepres 16 we Chauc, C. t 107 ; 
see dreopen, 

drouping „slumber'^? Gaw, gloss, 

dr^pnien, Olcel, drnpnsiydroupen : i droupne ant dare 
Wr, spec, 54; dripninde (?) & dreri Kath, 2049. 

droupning slumber f faintness ? Mapes 3 40. 

dub ben, A?iax, dubban, Olcel, dubba, duh: to cnihte 
hine dubben (dobben) Lai^. 22497 ; dubbe him knight Isumh, 
484; peo knightis heore bodi dubbep Alts. 4311; dubbed 
{part,) Gaw, gloss, 378; dubbed and dight ^r. co/wc. 8790; 
dubbed wip precious stones Mand. 241. 

dublen (dubli), Fr. doubler, double^ Brand. 28. 

diLc, Fr, due, duke, La^. 86; a, r. 300; vis, P, P. 13672. 

dudde mantle, cloak, prompt, parv. 134. 

duggen (dug) dug, cut? Mar,mir, pi, 185; see daggen, 

d u 3 e n ? ASax. OSax, Goth, dugan (?), OFris, (?) Olcel, 
duga, OHGerm. tugan (?), dow, be good or worth; dowes 
{pres,)Mor, a, p, 3, 50; du3ende (/?ar«.) Laj. 4133; dohte 
(pret?) met, hom, 149. 

du3en, ^Saar. (ge-)d^gan, degan, OSax. dogmn {suffer), 
avoid, dispense: wel mei duhen ancre of ... a, r. 420*. 

d u 3 e d, J-Soo!. dugud, OFns. duged, Olcel. dygd, OHGerm, 
tuged, power, force, loealth; du3ede (do3epe) La'^, 1819; 
doup Gaw, gloss. 377; du3epe {dat^ owl and night. 634; 
{ace) rel, ayit I, 184. 

duhti3, ASax. dyhtig, MHGerm. tii htic, /rom *duht, 
MHGerm, tuht {virtus), doughty, worthy, brave, Orm. 8617; 
duhti Kath. 782; pine domes . . . beod duhti Marh. 8; 
duhti (dohti) Lot^. 14791; du3ti avow. Arth. 14, 5; du3ti, 
do3ti Gaw. gloss. 377; douhti Trist 2, 32 ; transact ) 8, 
25; Amis 207; dou3ti Will, gloss. 222; Wicl, gloss. 15; 
doghti Isumb, 273; doughtier {comp.) vis. P. P. 2675; 
doghtiest {superl.) 13219 

duly AStix. OSax. dol, Dutch dul, dol, OHGerm, to- 

1«6 d^#8se 

ler, dully yjiehes^j prompt parv. 135; Chauc. C. t 10593; 
dul wit Kath. 1268; pi brain is dul Lidg. m, p. 191 ; stunt 
& dil Orm. 3714; mit te duUe neiles a. r, 292*; dille Mor. 
a, p. 1, 679; dedes . . . pat derfe ware and dille Halliw, 
diet 303; see dwal. 

dulnesse dullness, prompt parv, 135. 

dull in, doUin, Dutch dolen (err are, delirare), dull 
(dilljy „hehetare, tepefacere^, prompt parv. 126 & 135; dille 
rel ant, I, 217; itduUep me to rime Chauc, C, t 13021; 
min heed dullip lud, Cov, 343; duUid (part.) Wicl, gloss. 
15; Lidg. m, p. 217; i am ner hand dold, so long have 
i nappid Mar. mir. pi. 109. 

dullard, Dutch dullaerd, dullard^ prompt, parv. 

dult {part.?) dolt, ohtusus, hebes, Kath. 1268*; mit te 
dulte neiles a. r. 292. 

dumb, ASaoc. 0-Fm. dumb, Olcel. dumbr, Goth, dumbs, 
OHGerm. tumber (mutus, stultus), dumb, Orm. 211; owl 
and night 416; dumbe (dombc) La'i^. 17140; 26354; domb 
Chauc. C. t 776; 4 dombe bM Fum. p. 13, 220; doumb 
vis. F. P. 5885; dom p7\ consc. 49; doum lud. Gov. 126. 
dumnesse dumbness, prompt, parv. 

dumbien, ASaa^. dumbian, dumb; i doumbed ,.,obmutui'^ , 
ps. 38, 3. 

dumpen (dumpe), Olcel. dumpa, dump, dash, tumble, 
Mor. a. p. 3, 362; gloss, ind. 144. 

dun, ASax. dunn, Ir. dunn, Welsh dwn, dun, Chauc. 
r. r. 1213; dunne (pi.) Mor. a. p. 1, 30; Lidg. m. p. 152; 
donne Launf. 988. 
dunhed Halliw. did. 325. 

dun, dune, ASa^. dyn,. dyne, Olcel. dynr, din, sound, 
noise; dune Zaj. 1009; Kath. 2024; a. r. 132*; dm Mor. 
a. p. 2, 862; pr. consc. 7332; dine prompt parv. 121; dene 
vis. P. P. 12197. 

dun, ASax. dun, OHGerm. duna. Of V. dune, Olr. dun 
Zeusz gram. celt. 1, 29, down, hill, Orm. 14568; dune 
(dat) owl and night. 830; uppen pere dune La'7^. 27256; 
doune Rob. Glouc. 362, 16; Wr. spec. 85; hi doune and 
dale Alls. 1767; a dun deorsum, La^. 551; a dun riht 
Marh. 12; a. r. 60; a doun Rob. Glouc. 208, 6; Chauc. 
C. t 395; pe piler fel a doun s. s. Wr. 2045; knele a 
donn Aud. 79; dun for sl dtin La^* 6864; Orm. 631 ; doun 
Percev. 786; dfines (pi.) a. r. 380. 

dmldi 167 

ddnward downward, Orm. 2056. 

dunch, cmp. ASax. duncor and OHGerm, tunchaler 
(obscurusjy dunch, dark, Halliw. diet, 324. 

dunch en, Dan, dunke, Swed, dunka, dwwcA, ri^wndere^, 
prompt, parv, 135. 

dung, ASax, OFris, dung, dung; dong Mand, 49; Chatic, 
C. t, 12735; (donge) „/iwiw«", prompt, parv, 127; dunge 
(datj Rob, Olouc, 310, 13; (ace) a, r, 142; donge face) 
Alls. 4718. 
dungheep Wr, spec, 103. 

dung, OHGerm, tunc (kypogeumj ? pit? pool? ichleade 
ham . . . into so deop dung pet ha druncned perin Mark. 15. 

dun gen, ^/Sarc. dyngan, dung, prompt, parv. 127; don- 
gen cr. P. P, 1566. 

d u n i e n , ASax, dynian, Olcel, dynja, duna, din, resound, 
LaT^. 30410; dunnin prompt, parv. 135; dunede (pret) 
Mark, 20; pe erpe dunede under hem Rob, Olotic. 4:69, 3; 
denede Will gloss, 221; rel, ant, 2, 7; donid Rich, 4975; 
compos, adunien. 

duning (dunning), ASax, dunxmg^ noise, prompt, parv, 

d u n n e n ? donned (part.) dun coloured, Halliw. diet. 310. 

dunt, ASax. Olcel. (?) dynt, dint, ictus, La^* 8420; 
Kath, 22; Alis. 1505; sweordes dunt a, r. 60; pu schol- 
dest iseo wel longe him smite duntes wip pin eye, er pu 
schuldest eni dunt ihiLre Wr. treat. 135; dint Orm. 4290; 
vis, P, P. 12124; dint, dent Will, gloss, 221; dent Launf. 
332; duntes {pi,) owl and night, 1226', c. of I. 1162; din- 
tes pr. consc, 7017; met, hom, 135; dintns ant, Arth. 40, 9. 

dunt en (dnnt) dunt, dash, met, hom, XII, 

duppen, ASax, dyppan, dip; dippen prompt, parv, 121 ; 
dippest (pres.) Orm. 1551; duppep Shoreh. 11; dipped 
{part.) pr, consc, 8044. 

dippere dipper, Wicl, gloss, 

dure, -4/Saa7. duru, dure, OFris. dxaxQ, dore, G^ofA. dauro, 
OHOerrn. turi, tura, Gr. dupa, door, rel. ant. 1, 225; Fum. 
p. 8, 64; dur Tor. 1144; Amad. Robs. 11, 2; dore Chauc. 
C, t. 552; Isumb. 652; duren (dores) (pi.) La^. 2363; 
doren Rob. Glouc. 495, 22; Wr. spec. 110; Shoreh, 55. 
dorstod Wr, voc, 170. 
doretree vis, P, P. 833; Havel, 1806. 
dureward Lai^. 17672; doreward Shoreh. 46. 

168 d^ren 

diiren (dure), Fr, diirer. dure^ lasty Ghauc, C, t 2772; 
durede {pret) Xaj. 26708*; vis. F, F. 12200. 

durren (dum), ASax. durran (?), OSax, ( gi-)durran (?), 
OHQerm. (ge-)turren (?), Goth, (ga-)daursan, dare, „ay' 
dere^y prompt, parv. 114: dur pr. consc. 4135; dore 
Wicl. gloss. 15; durste {pret)Kath. 1315; Wr. spec. 10 A:} 
Isumb. 618; durste (dors te) Laj. 375; dorste Fercev. 1966; 
dorate (purste) vis. F. P. 5136; Wart. hist. 2, 74; perste 
Marg. 304; Bek. 1156; dursten Ma9id. 282. 

durstij, ASax. dyrstig, OHOerm. {gi^)t\xrsiiger, daring, 
dirstijllke audacter, Orm. 16152. 

duschen dash, smite; duschand(jpari.) G^atr. i^ioss. 378; 
dusched {pret^ Mor. a. p. 2, 1538; duschit pr. consc. gloss. 
291; see daschen and dweschen. 

dusi, ASax. dysig, Dutch duisig, OHGerm. tusiger, 
dizzy, foolish, Kath. 782; a. r. 208; owl and night. 1464; 
disi pr. consc. Ill', desi rel. ant. \, 179. 
dusilec KaJth. 425. 
dusischipe a. r. 182. 

d u s i e n , A^ax. dysigean, OFris. dusia, dizzy, he foolish ; 
desiet (j?r^«.) rel. ant. 1, 177. 

dusk, cmp. Swed. dusk, dusk, nuhiltbs, ohscwrus; deosc 
a. r. 94. 
dusknesse Wicl. gloss. 

dusken dusk, obscurare, cr. P. P. 1122; dusking (^arf.) 
Chauc. C. t. 2808. 

dust, ASax. ODtUch Olcel. dust, dust, ,^pulvis'^, prompt, 
parv. 135; Orm 1.636; a. r. 252; lud. Gov. 225; pat dust 
(doust) LaT^. 27646; doust rel. ant. 1, 28; douste (dat.) 
Fu7*n. p. 18, 26. 

dusten dust; dusted {pres.) a. r. 314. 

dust en, Olcel. dusta (?), cmp. OFris. dust, dash, smite, 
a. r. 212; deste? {pres. subj.) Shoreh. 52; duste (pret.) 
Kath. 1094; idust (part.) Marh. 11. 

dusti, ASax. dystig, dv^ty, Hick. thes. I, 224; prompt. 
parv. 135. 

duten, OFr. douter, doubt, fear; duted (pres.) a. r. 
244; douten Mand. 64; douted (part.) c. of I. 382. 

dutten, ASax. dyttan, dit, close, Wr.spec. 110; dutten 
(ditten) a. r. 82; ditten Orm. 18590; dittez {pr^es.) Mor. 
a. p. 2, 588; dutte {pret.) La^. 19812*; Marg. 208; idut 

d^ye 169 

(part,) rel. ant. 1, 90; c. of I. 31; compos, fordutten. 

dive-, devedoppe, A Sax. dufedoppa ? dive^dapper^ ^mergw- 
lus^f WicL gloss, 

duvelrihte? flatly? ah felle (feolleu) ba (a) dun duvel- 
rihtes Kath, 1599. 

Any elunge flatly? ant te meiden duvelunge feol dAn 
to pe eorde Mark, 20; develing Halliw. diet. 300. 

d liven? deoven? A^ax. dufan, deofan(?), c/owt?^,^M/w7e; 
def {pres. irnper,?) Mark, 17; deaef {pret,) LaT^. 6505; 
d^f? Mark, gloss, 100. 

duven, ASax, d^fan, dive; diven prompt, parv. 124; 
vis, P. P. 7748; duved (pres,) a. r. 282; dived reL ant, 
1, 221; defde (pret,) Mark. 22. 

dwal? ASax, dval (?), Qoth. d vals, /ooZwA; pat devel 
dwale Wart, hist, \, 22; ne chid pu wip nenne dwale rel, 
ant. 1, 183; dwale heretic, Orm, 7454; see dul. 

dwal^, Olcel, dvala, dvol (mora), OHGerm. twola, {td.)^ 
Dan. dwale {somniLs\ from dwelen, narcotic potion, night- 
shade, Gow, conf, am, 3, 14; Chauc. C, t, 4159; rel, ant, 
1, 324; prompt, parv, 134. 

dwalken? fi-om dwal? see Or, gr, 2, 283, lead into 
error? purh dwalkende lare Orm, 7441. 

dwelen, ASax. dvelan, OHOerm, twelan (torpere, so- 
piri); compos, adwelen. 

dwelien? dwellen, -4Sarr. dvelian, dwellan {errare, tar- 
dare), Olcel. dvelja (morari, tardare), OHGerm. twalian, 
twellRTi {7norari), dwell; dwellen Orw. 9938; s. s, Wr. 1635; 
dwellin ,^morari'^, prompt, parv. 134; dwellc (duelle) Alis, 
225; Shoreh. 19; Wr. spec. 82; Chauc, C, t, 2356; him 
reowep pat he dwellep her swa swipe lange on eorpe Orm, 
5576; dwelle (dwele) „errant^, ps. 94, 10; dweled {pret.) 
„erravi^, 118, 176; dwelde moravi, vis. P, P, 14612; s, s. 
Wr, 3204; dwalde Orm, 13218; compos, bidwelien? 

dweole, ASax, (ge-)dveola? error, delusion, oiol and 
night, 1237; rel, songs 2, 35; wend a wei mine eien vrom 
pe worldes dweole a. r, 62; heo was igon o dweole she 
had lost her way, 224*; see dwole. 

d w e r douht ? Mapes 361; dwere (ace) lud, Cov. 17; 117. 

dwergh (duergh), ^Sao?. dveorg, Olcel. dYergr,0}lGerm, 
tnerg, dwarf , Mand, 205 ; Jw?. 2390; Gaw. gloss. 37 8 ; dwerw 
(duerw)/pr(wwp<. pai-v.; Trist. 2, 86; dwerf Ipom, 1746. 

170 dwedoben 

dweschen, ASax. dvaescan; compos, adweschen. 

dwilde, J.Sarc. (ge-)dvyld, Go^A. dvalipa, error, Orwi. 973 6. 

dwimor, ASax, (ge-)dvimor (phantasma); compos, i- 

dweomercraeft magic art, La^, 30634. 
dweomerlakias. 270; demerlaik -Mor. a. p, 2,1561; Alex. 
Stevens, 15. 

d w i n e n ? dwinien ? ASax, dvinan, ODutch dwlnen, Oloel 
dvlna, dwine, waste; dwinin ^evanescere^, prompt, parv, 134 ; 
dwine Wtcl, gloss, 15; pr, consc, 703; as gres in medowe 
i drie and Awine Halliw. diet, 326; dwinep Gow. conf, am, 
2, 117; dwinede ( pref.) Wicl, gloss,; dwined (part) Ckauc, 
r, r, 360; compos, fordwinen. 

dwole, ASax, (ge-)dvola, OH Germ, (ga-)twola, error, 
delusion, owl and flight, 923 ; see dweole. 

6, ASax, ae? OFris, e? see ae. 
egede stupid, foolish; his Sgede orhel Marh, 11; hwA egede 
ping is orhel a, r, 282. 

? ^lenge ellinge, miserable, vis, P. P. 37S; Chatic, G, t, 6781; 
^ling(e) Halliw, diet 331; Brand, 30; Alenge s, s. Web, 
227; elengere (comp,) Halliw, diet. 331. 
dlingllch altd, bl 1, 396; Slengliche vis. P, P, 7531. 
Slengenes Ghauc, r. r. 7406; alengenes s, s, Web, 1736. 
erede irresolute? heo was howful and erede owl and night, 

ead, ASax, ead Greins gloss,, 0^(?erm. (gi-)6ter, oder, 
Olcel, audr {dives, beatus); see ead. 

eadmede, ASax, ead-, eadmedu Greins gloss., OHGerm, 
6t-, odmuoti, grace: purh his aedmsden Lai^. 10013; and 
3eorneden Araures grid & his Mmeden 21866. 
Mmcd, ASax, ead-, eadmod, OSax. 6d-, odm^di, OHGerm. 
6t-, odmuoter, humble, gracious, Wr, voc, 90; a. r. 158; 
aedniQd Orm, 2887; mid aedm(5de worden Lai,, 22422; 
purh pine Mmode wil 25571. 

edm?5dhche humbly, a, r, 94; aedmDdllche La^* 26288; 
aedm5dlT3 Orm. 1108. 

edmodnesse humility, a, r, 8; aedmodnesse Orm. 19218. 
eadmDdien make humble; eadmcdied {pres, imperat,) a. r, 

^nesse (h^dnesse), ASax, eadness, happiness, Kemb, Sal, 
o. Sat 230. 

eadi, ASax. eadig, Goth, audags, Olcel. audigr, OSax. 

eiuBBi 171 

ddag, OHOerm. otager, happy, richy Mark, 2; a. r. 28; 

Shoreh. 129; eadi, Mi La^. 2361; 16559; Mi rel ant. 

2, 228; aedis Orm, 2333; aeidi (sedi)' men cfe earme 

jFtt>^. p. 8, 115. 

eadiliche happUy, a. r. 328. 

eadinesse happiness^ a, r. 28. 

earn, ASax. earn, OFris, em, ODuJtch oom, OHOerm. 
oheim, €a«i, uncle; eam, aem La3. 8831; 8897; eam JKoft. 
-Br. 90, 15; eem prompt, par v. 139; It ieaus disc. 397; 
6m Hick. thes. 1, 227; Trist 1* 84; 6row. con/, am. 2, 267; 
Ocfot?. 1379; m. Arth. F. 1681; yem Chest, pi. 2, 55; 6mis 
{gen.) s. s. Wr. 1054; eme(dat) CAawc. TroiZ. 1022; 6mes 
(pZ.) Perceo. 1050. 

eard, ASax. eard, OSax. ard, MHGerm. art, 2anc2, 
country; aerd Las- 29174; Orm. 1416; pe king of pissen 
earde La3. 7417; in unktide earde a. r. 358; erde (c?at) 
-Jfor. a. p. 1, 248; ich fare hom to mln(e) erde owl and 
night 460 compos, middelerd. 

eardien, ASax. eardian, OHGei^m. arton (arare, ha- 
bitare,) dwell, kabitare; erden Will, gloss. 223; eardid 
{pres^Marh. 9; erdestp*. 21, 4; erded (jpref.) Will, gloss.; 
erdand (part) ps. 16, 12*. 

ear ding, ASax. eardung, dwelling, habitatio. 
eardingstowe owl and night 28. 

eare, ASax. eare, OFris. are, OSax. ore, OHGerm, 
ora, 0/ceZ. eyra, 6ro<A. auso, ear, Kath. 1734; aere Orm. 
2800; ^re Fum. p. 15, 118; „Sre ansa", prompt parv. 141; 
esiren { pi) Marh. 20; a. r. 90; flbrn 969; gren JiZw. 6448; 
Wr. p. s. 154; eres Mand. 205; ^r. consc. 782; seres 
Halliw. diet. 946. 
erelappe earlap, rel. ant. 1, 54. 
eerering earring, Wicl. gloss. 
3erwigge earwig, prompt parv. 143. 

earn, ASax. earn, Olcel. orn, cmp. OHGerm. aro <7en. 
aren, 6ro<A. ara gen. arins, em, eagle, a. r. 134; aem Za3. 
2826; Orw. 5880; ern Will, gloss.22^', Launf. 268; ernes 
{gen.) rel. ant. 1, 209; Rob. Glouc. Ill, 2; ernes {pl^ a. 
r. 196. 

earnen, -4/Saa;. earnian, ODutch kthqw, evTiQn, OHGerm. 
arnen, eam; Sime Halliw. nug. poet. 14; compos, of earnen. 

erning, ASax. earning, earning, desert, Furn. p. 8, 32. 

east, ASax. east, OjFrw. aest, oest, ODutch oost, Olcd, 

172 easte 


aust (?), east; Sst nortens^, prompt parv. 143; Sst, eest 
^oriente^, Wicl, gloss, 16; east in orievte^ owl and night 
921; pat aest & west & sftp & norp pis middelaerd bi- 
luken Orm, 12125; i shall walk eest (versus orientem) Mar. 
mir.pL 172; bi easte Shoreh. 137; bi este Fum. p. 18, 2. 
aestddle Orm. 16400. 
aest-(ea8t-)ende La^. 28305. 
fistsee Fum. p. 13, 18. 
6stside Bob. Glouc. 2, 10. 
estward Brand. 2. 
fistwind prompt parv. 143. 

easte? easten? ASaoc. easta (?), OFris. 4sta, aesta? 
OHGerm. osten? ea^t: bi esten a. r. 232; Boh. Br. 45, 4. 

easter, ASax. easter, eastre, OHGerm. ostra, Easter; 
aester (easter) La'i^. 14896; ^^t&r Brand. 11; astere (dot) 
Aud. 41; eestem (pi.) „pascha^, prompt, parv. 143. 
^sterdei a. r. 412. 
Asterlomb chron, Vtlod. 88. 

ea'stern, ASax. e&stenx, eastern: of aesterne („aestene") 
weorlde La^. 27393. 

ead, ASax. ead(e), OSax. odi, OHGerm. oder, eath, 
easy, Kath. 626; blide hi biep and eade Hick. thes. 1^224; 
aep Orm. 13012; an his mode him wes p4 aede iaj. 
22S59; ed 2234; ed to ivelen a. r. 222; ep Boh. Glouc. 
327, 2; Will, gloss. 223; Gow. conf. am. 1, 60; Min. 20; 
Boh. Br. 194, 3; epe Mor. a. p. 1, 1201; Chauc. Troil. 
7220; ed (esi,S) easily, a. r.Q2; eade 276; iepe (eade) jPwrn. 
p. 8, 143; aepe Orm. 17676; 6pe c. of I. 1281; /iorn. 61; 
Hartsh. met. t 97; eip Degrev. 473; compos, unede. 
aepelic ca^y; for aepehke gilte Oi-m. 10172; aepeliz easily, 

edfele easily felt, a. r. 194. 
Sdlete lightly esteemed? Fum. p. 8, 37 & 130. 
edsene (-cene) easily seen, Kath. 381; a, r. 116. 

ebbe, ASacr. ebba, C?-Frw. ebbe, e&fe, Alis. 6184; Ckatic. 
C. t 10573. 

ebben (ebbe), -4iSaa?. ebbian, ehh, lud. Cov. 56; ebbe 
or flowe Hartsh. met. t. 131. 

ec, ASax. ec, eac, OFris. kk, Olcel. Goth, auk, OSax. 
6c, OHGerm. ouh {etiam, sed, autem), eke, also, moreover, 
Marh. 14; a. r. 168; Orm. 159; Sk iJo6. GZomc. 200, 3; 
Alis. 2164; and ek ich frovri vele wiste owl and night 

eche 173 

535; eek Chauc, C, t 41. 

eche, ASax. ece, ache^ pain, a. r, 282; Fum, p. 8, 100. 

6che, ASax. ece, aece, eternal, Kath. 302; a. r. 108; 
Orm. 971; rel. ant. 1, 130; owl and night 1277; ^che 
(Ache) reste Hick. thes. 1, 224. 
ficheliche eternally, Kath. 2387. 
^ciiesse eternity, Kath. 664; Marh. 7; echenesse a. r. 144. 

eche? ASax. eaca? increase, addition: wipoute wane and 
feche Shoreh. 10; .see eke. 

echen, -4/Saa?. Scean, ecan, OaSoo*. okian, OHGerm. au- 
chon, eke, increase, a. r. 124; rel. songs 5, 126; ^che Rob. 
Glmic. 199, 19; WV. spec. 92; 8//or^A. 38; ^Zw. 6026; 
Wicl. gloss. 15; eken Orm. d die. 57; eke pr.consc. 3256; 
iJoi. Br. 176, 4; eche (pres.) Chauc. Troil. 705; ekes 
^adjiciet^, ps. 50, 9. 

ed, ASax. ed, Goth, id, 0/crf, id, OHGerm. it, re(^rf/ 
edg^n? t£;m.^ a. r. 390*. 

edgrow edgrew, aftermath, prompt, parv. 135. 
? edisch, -4Saa;. edesc, edisc, ecifwA. 
edis(h)henne y,coturnix^, ps. 101, 40. 
edwit, A^ax. edvit, G^o^A. idveit, OHGerm. itwiz, reproach, 
a. r. 108; jBo5. CrZowc. 379, 16; aedwit La'^. 5827. 
edwiten (edwite), ^Soa?. edvitan (?), reproach, blame^ Wicl. 
gloss. 15; i?w. P. P. 3213; Fum. p. 4, 8; pr. consc. p. II*; 
etwite (pres. svhj.J a. r. 426. 

eddre, J-SaoJ. aedre, OFris. eddre, OHGerm. kdrsi, vein, 
rel. ant. 2, 273 ; (dat.) a. r. 258. 

eder, ASax. edor, OSax. eder, MHGerm. eter, eder, 
hedge, . . . 

efen, ASa^. ef(e)n, emn, OFri!». even, iven, Olcel. iafn, 
OHGerm. ebaner, even, like, equal, just, Orm. 1 840 ; (efne) 
a. r. 2; even Chauc. a. f. 149; Wicl. Luke 20; evene dom 
c. of I. 490; eivin (suhst.) Mar. mir. pi. 62; euch k\\ hi 
his evene Kath. 57; an emn evenly, conjointly, Shoreh. 75; 
efne (eafne) pissen worden enen with these words, LaT^. 
25939; ich singe efne o?ol and night. 313: pat is evene 
above pin heved Wr. treat. 132; to here him evene Chauc. 
C. <. 1525; evene forp wip pi selve m^. P. P. 11637; em(ne) 
forp (to?) mi wit Chauc. Troil. 2089; compos, anefen. 
efenald Orm. 18605; eveneld „coa€taneus^\ prompt. pai^. 143. 
evencristene /<?Ho?/?-cArw<iaw, vw. P. P. 3353; em(n)cristene 
Hick. thes. 1, 223. 

174 ^0 

evenhgd ^equity", Wicl. gloss. 
evenknight y^feUaw-soldier^, Wicl. gloss. 
efenbk evenly: whilk is wip god al efenllk Orm. 1837; 
evenli f^eqaitcMy^j Wicl. gloss, 

efenmete, OHOerm. ebenmazer, eqiud, Orm. 3099; even- 
mete ps. 48, 13. 
evennes, ASax. efenniss, evenness, ^aequitds^j ps. 10, 8. 

efne, Olcd. Qini {opportunity^ Dan. evne {ability)? ef- 
ter hire efne a. r. 6. 

efnen, A^ax. efnan, Olcd. iafna, OHOerm. ebanon, 
Goth, (ga-)ibnjan, even, y^aequare*^, Orm. 1396; evenen 
Wicl. gloss. 17; e venin jpromp^. parv. 143; efned, evened 
{pres.) a. r. 82; 132; eyenep Bek. 1629;-efnede {pret.) a. 
r. 126; evened {part.) ps. 88, 7. 

efning, from efen (as apeling, /rom apel)? equal, a. r. 
182; efning, efening Orm. 10702; 10991; evening Kath. 
119; owl and night. 770. 

eft, ASax. eft, aeft, OSax. OFris. eft, eft, after, again, 
Xa3. 3264; Kath. 1449; Orm. 181; c. of I. 751; vis. P. P. 
11590; Oow. 2, 264; Chauc. C. t 1671; Mand. 
14; Hoccl. 1, 408; and ever eft he was lame li heaus disc. 
477; eft sone owl and night. 819; Wid. John 20; (efte) 
Mor. a. p. 1, 332; pr. consc. 6523; Mar. mir. pi. 143. 

eft, ASax. eofot {culpa)? eft and nip met. horn. 35. 

eg, ASaa;. ecg, OFris. eg, Olcel. egg, O/Sao;. eggia, 
OHOerm. ekka, ec^e, y,acies^, Wr. voc. 238; egge prompt, 
parv^. 136; ^Zis. 1271; egge (da«.) Xaj. 5202; Orm. 8146; 
li heatis disc. 1923; mid sweordes egge a. r. 60. 
eggetol Oow. conf am. 2, 251. 

egg en, ASax. egian, ecgan? Olcd. eggia, OHOerm. 
egian, ecken, edge, incite, instigate, a. r. 146; Orw. 11819; 
eggin „i7icitare^, prompt, parv. 136; occare: eggen oper 
harwenP. P. p. 514; egged {pres.) incites, rel. ant. 1, 131; 
eggen Chauc. C. t. Tyr. p. 169; egged {pret.) „incited^, 
Will, gloss, 222; pr. consc. 5483; Adam and Eve he egged 
to ille vis. P. P. 590; eggiden Wid. gloss. 15; k knif 
iegged in eiper side Rob. Olouc. 310, 19. 

eggunge incitation, instigation, a. r. 82; egging Orm. 
11675; Mor. a. p. 2, 241. 

egle, Fr. aigle, eagle, Mand. 48. 

egre, Fr. aigre, eager , sharp, sour, Will, gloss.; Wicl. 
gloss.; Chauc. C. t. 9075. 

esi9 175 

egrebche eagerly, ins. P, P, 10928. 

63 e, A^ax. ege, aege, OHQerm, egi, /mr, terror, Orm. 
4481; eie Mark. 5; a. r. 418; Fum. p. 8, 140; Wr. p. a. 
196; eye Bek. 282; Rich. 3609; aeio, eise La'^. 4733; 
9126; aye Rob. Br. 275; «^e hifi. 
eiful ^a^A. 40. 
ejelaes Orm. 6191. 

636, -4Saa;. eage, OFris. &ge, OiSoic. oga, OHOenn. ouga, 
Olcel. auga, GotA. augo, -Kw^s. oko, Xa^. ocu-lus, cy^, otrZ 
and night. 426; Sghe ^^r. con^c. 2234; Percev. 691; die a. 
r. 60; eighe t^w. P. P. 5857; ee -J/ar. mir, pi. 176; 636, 
i3e Wicl. gloss. 15; 136 J?o5. Br. 330, 10; ighe Chauc. 
C. t 2682; ae3en (pi.) Xa3. 7247 ; e3en£mW. 26; eshen 
(eien) Hick. thes. 1, 222; eien a. r. 16; ei3eii Will, gloss. 
222; eyen, dighen Chauc. C. t. 152; 627; een ani. Arth. 
47, 1; ehnen Kath. 497; eghue Orm. 3415; Isumh. 620. 
e3ebrewe fFr. />. «. 239. 

eyeled prompt, parv. 136; eelid T^r. voc. 206. 
g3liesalfe Onw. 9426. 

eaehsSn, aehseon, OHOa^m. ougsiuni, La^. 3092 ; 9703 ; 
SxsSn rd. ant. 1, 103; out of his eighesene IVist. 3, 14. 
^hsihde Kath. 2347*; Marh. 17; eihsihde a. r. 58; e3he- 
sihpe Ot-m. 1868. 
eypurl Marh. 8; Sipurl a. r. 62. 

e3ese, AHax. egesa, OHQerm. egiso, horror. 
aei3esful LaT^. 17912; eisful Marh. 9. 
eishc AorriiZe, WV. voc. 90; eisliche wihte JPttivi. p. 8, 142. 

ei, MHGerm. ei? ei^A, Hoccl. I, 393. 

ei (ey), ^Saa?. aeg, O/ceZ. egg, OHOerm. ei, ejrj, iio5. 
Glouc. 404, 7; Go?^?. cow/, am. 3^ 76; Chauc. C. t. 12734; 
cr. P. P. 447; Wicl. gloss. 15; Lm/^. w. p. 244; ey (eg) 
prompt, parv. 136; at Tmf. 3, 79; Alis. 568; (?am. 604; 
Rob. Br. 175, 1; eye {dat.) owl and riight. 133; eir mon- 
ger(e)8 Fmm. p. 12, 69; eiren (pL) a. r. 66; Mand. 49; 
/. c. c. 1\ airen JlZw. 4719; egges vis. P. P. 7279; TTV. 
s. a. c. 56, 13. 
aischelle Alis. ^11. 

^i, ^Saa?. eg, ig, Dutch ei, 0/ccZ. ey, ey (in compos.) 
6ilond island, rel. ant. 1, 220; eland Rob. lir. 77, 5; ilaiid 
Trist. 1, 94; ilond La3. 1133*; Octov. 539. 

eile, ASax. egla (arista) f Wr. voc, 36, ail, awn, ^acus'^, 
Halliw. diet. 343; eilen (pi.) a. r. 270. 

176 eild 

eile (eil?), Goth, agio? <3w2, harm^ a. r. 50; 62; 186*; 
La'^. 8281* 

eile, A^ax. egle, Ooth. aglus, grievous: eyle and hard 
and muche hit wes c. of I. 223. 

eilen, A^ax. eglan, Ooth, agljan^ ai7, grieve^ harm, a, 
r. 276; Rich. 3629; eslen Orm. 4767; eiled (pres.) Kath, 
1699; eilep Chauc, C. t, 1083; i woot wel what sikuesse 
yow eilep vm, P, P. 4316; eilie (subjunct,) a, r, 418; eile 
Marh, 9; ailed {part,) Min, 41. 

eise, OFr, eise, ease, a, r, 108; fee JBei. 2133; pr. 
consc, 595; eese Chauc, C, t, 971. 

eise (aise), -Fn aise, easy, a, r, 20. 

eisil, OFr, aissel, Or, o£aXt^? vinegar, a, r. 402; c. 
of I. 1160; eisel Chauc, r, r. 217; Aud, 64. 

dit (aeit), A^ax, igod? aiV, wZ^, Laj. 23874. 
Sitlond island, La7^. 1117. 

eke, ASax, eaca, addition; teken (to eke) moreover, 
Marh, 4; t^ken Oriri. 747; t^ke (to eke) a, r, 78; on eke 
TFr. sjpec, 34; «ee 6che. 

eker (iker), /or niker? ^Ziis. 6175; ekeris (pL) 6202. 

61, JlSoa?. ael, OHOerm. 41, 0/c^Z. 411, eeZ, prompt, parv, 
137; 61es (pZ.) ifaric?. 161; elis L c, c, 50. 
elger, ODutch aelgeer, eelspear, prompt, parv, 

eld, elde, ASax, aeld(o), eld(o), yld(o)^ OSax, eldi, 
Olcel, old, Goth, aids, OHOerm, alti, a^rp, TFicZ. ^rZoss. 16; 
elde Wr. spec, 48; vii. P. P, 6658; Chauc. C. t, 2449; 
^r. C07WC. 1513; elde, nlde Fum, p, 8, 9 & 188; elde 
{dat) a,r, 318; Orm.764:; Hand, 293; aelde L03. 11546. 
elding („eilding"), Olcel. elding, elding, fuel, prompt, 
parv. 136. 

ele? ASax. ele, aele (?), Ooth. alis, Lot. alius. Or. 

eldeodi, ASax, elpeodig, foreign, a. r. 348*. 
alpeodisc, ASax, elpeodisc, id., La^- 2301. 

ele, ASax. ele Ettm. lex., oele jBoi^^. ez>. gloss., oil, Orm. 
13252; Shoreh. 41; e\i Ilick. thes. 1, 229; eole JTa^A. 2512; 
eoli Marh. 11; a. r. 320; oli jp5. 4, 8. 
elesaew Orm. 8667. 

elien (elye) oi7, oint, Shoreh. 41; elep (pres.) 42; ieled 
(„iheled") (part.) Bob. Glouc. 457, 7; he was icruned 
and ieled La^- 31941. 

ell am, ASax. ellarn (?), cmp. LGerm. elhorn, alhorn. 

eUen 177 

elder, ,^sambucm^y Wr. voc. t81 ; ellern prompt, parv. 137; 
eller vis. P. P. 595; hillern? ibid.; see hilder. 

ellen^ -4Sarr. ellen, OSax. OHGerm. eWsLH, Olcel eljsrn, 
Goth, aljan, strength, comfort, (elne) Marh, 10; a. r. 106. 
ellenlaes Orm. 10908. 

elles, ASax. OFris, elles, OHOerm, elles, alles, /rom 
ele, else, Orm. 7983; oivl and night 662; Mand. 5; pr. 
consc. 1281; Hoed, II, 23; ellis vw. P. P. 182; sacram. 
211; elles hwar a. r. 78; ot(?/ awcJwiljrA*. 930; elles whoder 
aliorsum, Fum, p. XVII, 549. 

elm, ASax. elm, ^Zw, prompt, parv. 138. 

elne, ASax. eln, OHGerm. elna, elina, OFris. ielne, 
Olcel. alin, (?ofA. aleina, £ra^. ulna, (xr. uiXevi], eU; elne, 
elle prompt, parv. 138; elne facc.^ J.Zm. 2750; 4n elne long 
TFr. spec. 35; elle (dat.) Octov.ddA; eluen (pi.) Rob. Glouc. 
429, 3. 

elbowe Wr. voc. 87; Wr. treat. 139. 
elnserde 6raM?. gloss. 

elnen, ASax. elnian, OHOerm. ellinon, Goth, aljanon, 
from ellen, comfort, a. r. 10; elnede (pret) Kath. 672. 

elp, ASax. elp, yip, elephant, rel. ant. 1, 223; see alp. 

emti, ASax. em(e)tig, aem(e)tig, empty, Kath. 393; 
prompt, parv.; (empti) a. r. 156; Chauc. C. t. 3892 ; we^. 
Ao9n. 151 ; amti Rob. Glouc. 17, 23; 4ne amtie place Halliw. 
diet. 57. 

em lien (empte), ASax. em(e)tian, emtigean, empty, 
Chauc. C. t. 12669; aemteden (pret.) Lai^. 30408. 

en, Fr. en, Lat. in. 
encline(n), incline, Mor. a. p. 1, 629. 
encombren incumber; acombre vis. P. P. 982; encombrip 
(pres.) Hoccl. I, 355; encombred (part.) Chauc. C. t. 510. 
endite(n), OFr. endicter, endlter, indict^ indite, prompt, 
parv. 139; Chauc. C. t. 2743; Gam. 704. 
engin, OFr. engin, Lat. ingenium, engin, contrivance, Wr. 
spec. 58; Alis. 1213; Cham. C. t. 12267. 
enhaunse(n) enhance, Chauc. C. t 1436; anhansi Rob. 
Glouc. 198. 

enherite(n) inherit, Mor. a. p. 2, 240. 
empeire(n), Fr. empirer, Span, empeorar, impair, Mand. 
316; apeire vis. P. P. 3634. 
enquere(n) inquire, Bek. 1356. 
enspire(n) inspire, Fum. p. XXIX, 80. 


178 ende 

ende, ASax. ende, 08ax. Olcd. endi, OHOerm. enti, 
Ooth. andeiSjCTwi, Orm. 19326; vis. P. P. 1084; Chcmc. C. 
t 4675; to ende bringe c. of I. 288; al pe ende pet tu 
ant heo habbed in ierdet Mark. 16; £ch man . . . wende 
hdmin his ende Fum. p. X, 41; pen (pene) ende rel. ant 
1, 175; ende, aende (eande) La^. 243; 27505; aende 
H. zeitachr. 11, 298; 3ende Eglam. 961. 
endedai Beh. 1963. 

endeleas a. r. 146; endeles Oow, conf. am. 2, 231. 
? endelong endlong^ €7idway8f Bich.26A9; Chauc. C. t 1993; 
endelong hire ant pwertover Mark. 10; endlang pr, consc. 
8582; endlong pe bord Gow.conf. am. 1, 182; he is end- 
longe feouwer & sixti munden Xaj. 21993; over pwart 
or endlonges Mand. 49. 

enden, ASax. endian, end^ a. r. 24; Orm. 3254; ende 
harrow. 147; Mor. a. p. 2, 402; ended (prea.J owl and 
night. 941; endede (pret) Bob, Glouc. 32, 13; compos. 

ender, cmp. Oerm. ender (prius) Or. wh. 3, 46, and 
Olcel, endr (dim) EgUsa. lex. ISQy former, past: pis ender 
dai Wr, spec. 60; Wr. an. lit. 11; Fum. p. XXVI, 2; 
s. s. Web. 1080; Gow. conf am. 1,45; cr. P. P. 476; this 
endris (?) dai m. Arth. F. 1017. 

ending, A8a>x. euAxmgy ending^ Wr. spec. 69; pr. consc. 

ened, ASax. ened^ Olcel. ond, OHQerm. anut, Lot. 
ana(t)s, duck; eind („heind") Wr. voc. 252; ende p-owi^. 
parv. 139; enede (datj rel. ant. 1, 302. 

6nin, ASax. eanian, Dutch oonen, from ewe? yean, 
lamb, prompt, parv. 140. 

enke, Fr. encre, ink, Wid. gloss. 

eode, ASax. eode, Goth, iddja, (pret.) went, Marh. 747; 
a. r. 52 ; Wr. spec. 42 ; c. of I. 320 ; eode, 3eode Boh. Glouc. 
53, 3; 79, 7; ede Horn 115; Mapes 335; jode (yode) 
Eglam. 531; Tor. 892; w€«. Aow. 72; Amad.Bobs. LXVI, 
9; Jfar. mir. pi. 106; sede Orm. 3162; vis. P. P. 4780; 
Chauc. C. t. 13209; s. s. Wr. 1964; sacram. 299; compos. 
bi-, foreode. 

eorl, ASax. eorl, OSax. erl, 0/ceZ. iarl, ^arZ, Bek. 607; 
erl Chauc. C. t. 6739; 3orl Degrev. 1881; eerl Hartsh. 
met. t. 3; eorles ^Z.j Orm. 3989; JFwrw. ^. F///, 161. 
erldom vis. P. P. 1049. 

eornd 179 

eorne, cmp. Olcd. em fstrenutis), eagerly f a, r, 44. 

eornesty ASax. eornost, OHGerm. ernust, WeUh or- 
nest, earnest, zeal, ardour: perwesfeht svriidestor, eornest 
ful sturne Zaj. 16480; tihte mid foUe joraeste 16468*; 
emest Gow, can/, am. 1, 297; Chauc. C. t 3186; mid 
gode ernest Rob. Glouc. 175, 5; emest arrha, Gaw. gloss. 
379; Wid. gloss. 16; Hartsh. met. t. 128. 
emestli earnestly, eagerly, prompt, parv. 142; Mor. a. p. 
2, 277. 

eorpe, ASax. eorde, iorde Bout. ev. gloss.^ OSoo?. erda, 
OFris. erthe, erde, OHGerm. erda, Goth. airpa,> Olcd. iord, 
earth, Orm. 2596; c. of I. 95; eorde (earde) iaj. .27817; 
erpe tns. P. P. 4468; Gow. conf. am. 3, 92; ps. 11, 7; 
Percev. 156; erthe, erye? prompt, parv. 141; eerpe rel. 
ant \, 282; 3orpe HalUw. nug. poet. 50; urpe Wr. treat 

erthedin pr. consc. 4790; erpedine, -dene, prompt parv. 141. 
eordetilie a. r. 414. 
erpetilpe Wicl. gloss. 

eordeware inhabitant of the earth, a. r. 322. 
eorpbc, eorphs earthly, Orm. 7036; 10933; eorplich Alts. 
429; urplich Furn. p. XVII, 269; erdli pr. consc. 4955. 

eorden earthen, a. r. 388; erpen Chauc. C. *. 12689. 

e-ow, ASax. eov, eovic, OSax. iu, OHGerm. iu, iwih, 
Goth, izvis, {dat ace.) you, Fum. p. VIII, 79; eou iaj 
737; rel. songs VII, 3; OYf Kath.277; owl and night 1696; 
ow (ou) c. of I. 567 ; ou harrow. 2 ; a. r. 8 ; ou {for je) 
sulven 406; ou {for se) self Wr. spec. 35; juw Orw. 89; 
3U Wr. spec. 136; yow (you?) vis. P. P. 489; jou (you) 
Marg. 136; (7Aawc. C. t 730; J.M<i. 6; 30 antArth.26,2 

eower (eouwer), ASax. eover, OSax. iuwer, OHGerm, 
iwar, GofA. izvar, (gen.) your, LaT^. 13833; ower a. r. 8 
Rob. Glouc. 500, 8; yourndiper neither of you, Amis 852 
he is your Chavc. Troil. 1679; 3or Fum. p. XXX, 58; 
or Wr. spec. 37; eowre laste kare Lai^. 13582; eoure go- 
des 13947; eoure sunne rel. songs VII, 88; eures^ule rel. 
ant. 1, 171; in owre bokes Katk. 839; 3ure n4n none of 
you, Orm. 9271; 3ure preost 934; 30ure (youre) Brand. 
5; vis. P. P. 1499; youres yours, Chauc. C. t 14200. 

6 pen, Olcel. aepa {for oepa), cry; ^pep {pres.) Orm. 
9198; see w^pen. 

6r, ASax. ear, aeher JS^ttw. lex. 17, eher Bout. ev. gloss., 


180 erfe 

OHGerm. ehir, ahir, Ooth. ahs, Olcel. ax, ear, „spica", 
W9\ voc, 233; (ere) prompt j>arv, 141; fire (c?a«.) ^Zw. 
797; fires (pi) Rob. Glouc. 490, 2. 

erfe, -46W. erfe, yrfe, OFris, erve, OHGerm. erbe, 
Go^A. arbi, cottZ^, (c?a*.) Orm. 1068; erfes {pL) ps. 148, 10. 

erfte? ASaoc. earfe (?), Dutch erfte, erte, Oic^Z. ert, 
OHGerm. arawiz, Gr. SpoPoc, ^'^^Z hurfte = urfte? Wr. 
treat. 132. 

erien, ASax. erian, O/ccZ. erja, OFris. era, OHGerm. 
erren, ear, plough, owl and night. 1037 ; aerien ia3. 10030 
erie vis. P. .P. 3800; eriin y,arare^^ prompt, parv. 141 
eren, ere Wicl. gloss. 16; ere Mand. 44; Chauc. C. t.SSS 
eren (pres.) Goto. conf. am. \y 152; erede (pret.) a. r. 
384; Uoh. Glouc. 21, 13. 

erere plougher, Wicl. gloss. 

ermen (erme), ASa^x. yrman, from arm, make miserable, 
grieve, Chauc. C. t. 13727. 

erming, ASax. erming, misery, Alis. 1525. 

ern, ASax. ern, 2iQvxi, hcmse: coTwpos. bak-, bere^, brfiw-, 

erneful emful, sad, Chauc. C. t. Tyr. 12236*. 

erren, 0F7\ errer, Lat. errare, err, cr. P. P.^1679; 
erre (pres.) Chauc. C.t. 12377; erride (pr^.) Wicl. gloss. 16. 

errour, OFr. errour, error, Shoreh. 30; ^^r. cowsc. 4266. 

es, OFr. es, e, Lat. ex, e. 
assai, Fr. essai, Lat. exagium, essay, Fum, p. XXX, 166; 
Flor. 1500. 

abaissen, Fr. ebahiss-ons, abash; abaissed (part.) P. P. 
p. 517; abaist Mand. 295; abasched Alis. 224. 
eschape(n) escape, pr. consc. 2678; aschape Will, gloss.; 
ascapen vis. P. P. 1287. 

escusen, OFr. escuser, excuse, a. r. 304*; escusede (pret.) 
Shoreh. 40; excused (part.) pr. consc. 6077. 
affraye(n), OFr. esfroier, afray, Chauc. C. f. 8331 ; afraiyed 
(pret^ Mor. a. p. 2, 1780; afraied (part.) met. horn. 21. 
amende(n), OFr. amender, Lat. cmendare, amend, Bek. 
1094; amended (pres.) a. r. 420. 
expounen expound, vis. P. P. 9464. 

essoignc, OFr. essoine, essoigne, see Diezwb. 321, Diefenb. 
wb. 2, 290, Ktihns zeitschr. I, 340, essoin, excuse, Halliw. 
diet. 340; asoine Rob. Glouc. 539, 10. 

esch 181 

asoine(n), OFr, essonier, excuse, Boh, Qlouc. 539, 5; asu- 
uien (asonien) a. r. 64. 

astone, OFr. estoner, astound, astonish, Qow. conf, am. 3, 
54; 'astoneid (pret.) CfiaiLc. C. t. 8192; see astunien. 

esch? Oerm. esch? esh; compos, aver-, edish? 

6s te (este?), ASax. est, OFris. est, enst, OIceL &st, 
OSax, OHGerm. aust, Goth, aasts, from an, favour, delight^ 
(r. w. reste) Fum. p. VIII, 181; Hick. thes. 1, 224; fle- 
sches este a. r. 364; este (rfat) owl and night 353 ; Triam. 
1416; for goddis este Eglam. 904; estes? {pi.) dainties, 
Orm. 7542. 
estful a. r. 108. 
esthche daintily, a. r. 204. 

este, ASax. este, favorable, delicious: pat lond nis god 
ne hit nis este owl and night. 997; nas n4n este (este?) 
mete paer Onn. 829. 

ete\, ASax. etol (edax); compos, oferetel. 

eten, ASax. OSax. etan, Olcel. eta, OFris. ita, 6rofA. 
itan, OHGerm. ezan, 0/^i. 7806; Chauc. C. t. 9764; ete 
WVcZ. e/oAw 18; to etene a. r. 54; ete (pres.) met. hoin. 
70; (ette) pr. consc. 4675; etest rd. ant. 1, 264; est Hoh. 
Glouc. 238, 22; etep Skorek. 23; et Mark 17; hi etep 
owl and night 1005; at {pret) BeJc. 274; aet La^- 8725; 
et (et?) Orm. 11549; Degrev. 1419; eet t?w. P. P. 3238; 
met horn. 39; eten Orm. 4797; vis. P. P. 3713; eeten 
Hich. 113; ete {subj.) c. of I. 177; eten {part.) vis. P.. P. 
1 1562 ; CAawc. C. t 4349 ; Jw?. 763 ; Wicl. John 21 ; (etten) 
s. s. Wr. 837; etin Percev. 931; ieten, iseten LaT^. 6691; 
31773; iete Jio6. Glouc. 418,13; Brand. 14; c. of I. 338; 
ijete SAorcA. 23; (iyete) Octov. 757; (isette) Pwrw. j?. iii, 
33; compos, freten; deriv. aet. 

eten, ASax. eton, eoton, 0/ce?. iotunn, giant, Trist. I, 
87; etain Gaw. gloss. 379: yhoten (eten) ps. 18, 6; eotand 
(eatande) La'7^. 1375. 

epel, ASax. edel, OSax. odil, 0/cc/. odal, OHGerm. 
uodil, y^patria^., Wr. voc. 92. 

6dien (edi), ^Saa?. ediau, breathe^ Marh. 13. 

ever, -^ISaa:. efor, eofor, OHGerm. eber, 6oar. 
everfern oak-fern, rel. ant» 1, 52 ; Mor. a. p. 3, 438. 

evese, ASax. efese, yfese, OHGei^m. obisa, OFris. ose, 
eaves, edge, prompt, par v. 144; Wicl. gloss. 17; ovese (cfa^.) 
reZ. aw<. 1, 219; epvesen (da^. j>i.) ia3. 29279. 

162 eTeden 

eve si en, ASctx, ef(e)sian, cZip, shear; evesede (pret.) 
a. r. 398; e\esed (part.) cr, P.P. 330; ieveseta. r. 422*. 

evesunge ea(ve)sing, clipping, (dot. ace.) a. r. 142; 
398; evesinge prompt, parv. 144; evesinges {pL) vis. P. P. 

evete, A8ax. efete (?), eft (evet), n-ewt, Wr. voc. 167; 
Wid, gloss. 17; eveten (^.) Fum. p. VIII, 138; ewtes 
Mand. 61. 

6 we, ASax. eovu, OHOerm. awi, ODutch ouwe, oie, 
««?€, reZ. ant. 1, 161; awe J?tte. anc. songs 1, 11; ouwe 
Mapes 335; eeiie, yeene (jt?Z.?) Wid. gloss. 
6welamb, ODutch oilam, Wid. gloss. 

f4, ASax. f&h, OFris. f4ch? OffG^grw. (gi-)feher, /oe, 
/«?. 874; (faa) pr. consc. 1453; fo Bek. 870; Chauc. C. t 
63; ITat^eZ. 1363; v6 (f&) a. r. 62; fon fj^.; Sek. 711; 
c. o/ Z. 683; voan (f^n) a. r. 388; compos. if4. 
foman prompt, parv.; Mor. a. p.- 2, 1175; voa-(f4-)man 
a. r. 186. 

fad, Fr. fade, duUy wan, (fade) Oaw. gloss.; Wid. gloss.; 
Gow. conj. am. 2, 117; (faed) Mar.mir. pi. 149; vad Wr. 
treat. 138. 

fad en (fade) fade, Fum. p. XXX, 42; Lidg. m. p. 35; 
vade HcMiw. diet. 906; pei faden (pres.) Gow. cW* ^^• 
2, 117. 

fader, ASax. faeder, OiSaaj. fader, OFrw. fader, feder, 
Gfith. fadar, 0/ccZ. fader, OHGerm. fater, Zra«. pater, Q^r. 
navfip, father, (nom. dot. ace.) Trist. Ill, 38; vis. P. P. 
486; Mand. 2; Tor. 2058; fader (fadur) (Jliatic. C. t. 100; 
fadir Isumb. 313; fader, faeder Xa3. 212; 2971; feder 
rel. ant. 1, 1; veder a. r. 10; fader (j'ew.) Zra3. 398; Orm. 
2269; JSbJ. GZowc. 302, 4; (fadre) /*et. Z/wic. 9; fadres 
Chauc. C. t 12254; federes Marh. 2; a. r. 406; faderes 
(pi.) Boh. Glouc. 127, 3; vaderes La^. 30099; faderen 
(dat. pi.) 5724. 
faderles Kath. 78. 

fadien? ASax. fadian (ordinare, disponere) Eitm. lex. 
334, OHGerm. faton? Graffs sprsch. 3, 450; fad, fadd 
(part?) disposed, prepared? Trist. Ill, 41; Percev. 616. 

faec, OIcel.{eikT{immanis)? Vortiger wes faec, forhfer 
he his 14verd biswaec La^. 13507. 

faeie, feie, ASax. faege, OSax. fegi, Olcel. feigr, 
OHGerm. feiger, dying, dead, La7^. 298; 4694; feye Wr. 

fael 168 

tpec. 28; avow. Arth, IV, 6; ikj Degrev. 755. 

ffiiesTd LaZ' 304. 

faeiescipe deaths La^. 21258. 

fael, ASax. fell, fyll? ruin, destructionf {taet ne mihte 
pes kinges folc of heom fael makien La'7^, 635; pat heo 
wes al forfaren purh pere leodene vael 2921. 

fage (r. w, language) fiattery, Lidg. st of Th. 453. 

fa gin flatter, ^adidari^y prompt, parv, 146; fage HaUiw. 
diet 345; fage {imper.) Wid. gloss. 17; faged {preL) Lidg. 
m. p. 27. 

fa3en, ^Soa?. faegen, OSoo;. fagan, Olcel. {eginn, fain, 
glad, rel. anL 1, 220; faein Laj. 11619; fain Fum, p. 
XVII, 412; pr. consc. 4562; Isumh. 556; wip herte ful 
faine 2uJ. Cov, 26; vein a. r. 192; fain, fawn prompt, parv. 
146; 152; fain, fitwe CAauc. C. t. 2439; 5802; fawe k. of 
T. 1058; vawe J2o6. Glouc. 183, 12; fainest (superl.) Mor. 
a. p. 2, 1219; compos, ifasen. 

fa3er, ASax. faeger, OSax. fager, Olcel. fagr, OHGerm. 
fagarer, Ooth. fagrs, fair, puLcher, Orm. 6392; fayer s. «. 
PTr. 2533; fair Chauc. C. t 575; faire sightes pr. consc. 
9249; faeir, feier La'T,. 152; 3886; feir a. r. 206; cAron. 
Engl. 603; i. o/ T. 445; fairere {comp) Brand. 33; fei- 
rore c of I. 737; vesereste (superl.) LaT^. 29663; fasre 
fairly, Orm. 1215; faeire La'^. 4842; he gr^tte him faire 
Bek. 34; feire chron. Engl. 612. 
fairhBd beatdy. Brand. 9; ^Zw. 6392; Flor. 1670. 
feirlec beauty, Mark. 19; c. q/ Z. 145. 
fajemesse, JB3ax. faegemess, OHGerm. fagarnessi, fair- 
ness, Orm. 12253; fairnesse prompt, parv. 146; Chauc. 
C. t. 1100; fairnes pr. consc. 249; veirness(e) a. r. 52. 
feirschipe beauty, c. of I. 690. 

fairien, A^ax. faegerian, make fair, become fair; 
fairip {pres^ Jit^. 2903; fairede (pr^) a. r. 302*; feirede 
e. of I. 876. 

f&3ien, A^ax. f&gian, /rom f4h, colour, stain: strSmes 
of Mode f&3eden p4 feldes La3. 16413; if&wed (ivowed) 
mid blode 4165; see fowen. 

f&h, ASax. fHh, f&g, Olcel. ikx, OSax. f^h, OHGerm. 
feher, Goth, faihus, cmp. Buss, nirin and Or. notxtXoc, co- 
loured, variegated, La^- 24653; foh and grei rel. songs 
IV, 28; foh ne graifficfe. thes. 1, 224*; foh {printed hh) 
ant grkrel. ant. 1, 109; fduh Wr.voc. 90; f&w Oaw. gloss. 

184 fai 

380; fow and griis llcMiw.dict. 376; Trist II, 9. 

fai, MHOerm.{eiey jFr. fee, Prov. fada, i^aZ. fata, /airy, 
Gow, conf, am, 1, 193. 

faile, MHOerm, vaele, OFr. faille, Welsh fael, fail: 
wipouten (wipoute) faile c. of I, 1162; (?ow. conf. am. 
2, 71. 

faile n, MHGerm. vaelen, OFr. faillir, Wdsh faelu, 
Ir. feallaim, fail, Gow. conf, am. 1, 337 ; faili Gaw. gloss. 
379; him ne failled nost Brand. 13; pei sein pat wefai- 
len Mand. 134; pe king . . . failede his mihteLas- 2938*; 
and failede of his hiire a. r. 404. 

fain e joy. ^ for faine Iw. 2086; Flor, 844. 

fainen, A Sax. faegnian, fagenian (Za^^ari), Olcel. fagna 
(gaudere, cum gaudio excipere), OHGerm. faginon {exul- 
tare)y Goth, faginon (^atpetv), fawn, rejoice, La'T^. 3688; 
faine sal alle pat hope in pe yj,aetentur omnes qui sperant 
in te^, ps. 6, ]2; fawnin y^hlandiri^, prompt, parv. 152; 
peonne veined he mid ou (penne fahenes {msc. „fanehes") 
he ow) a. r. 194; fainede swidefolc an hirede of Ardures 
cume La'T^. 21843; fawned (fauhnede) wip pe tailes vis. 
P. P. 10216. 

f ainare flatterer, prompt, parv. 146. 

fanning fawning, Wicl. gloss. 1 7 ; Wr. spec. 2 3 ; vawe- 
nunge (dot.) a. r. 290. 

faint, OFr. tsimt Diez wb. 626^ faint, ,^segnis^, prompt, 
parv. 153; cr. P. P. 93. 

f4ken, ASax. f4cen, OSax. fecni, 0/ceZ^ feikn, deceit- 
ful, Orm. 12656; foken Bob. Br. 194, 16. 

f4ken,-4/Sair. f4cen, OSax. fecan, Olcel. feikn, OHOerm. 
feichan, deceit, Orm. 12797. 

f 4ke n , f&knen ? OHOerm. feihnon ? deceive f foken (pres.) 
rel. ant, 1, 179. 

fai, ASax. feall, fell, fyll, OSax. OHOerm. fai, OFris. 
fai, fel, Olcel. fall, /oZZ, „casus^, prompt, parv. 147; KaJth. 
2322; Lidg. m. p. 29; (fall) Orm. 11862; Alts. 4412; 
(val) a. r. 326; see fael. 

fald, ASax. feald, OSax. OFris. fald, Olcel. faldr, 
OHGerm. falter, Goth. falps,/oW/ compos, an-, feole-, mani-, 
twa-, pr^fald, 

fald, ASa^. fald (?), fold, „otnle^, Wr. voc. 204; pr. 
consc. 4637; fold Wicl. John 10; faldes (pi.) Orm. 3339. 

falde, ASax. feald (?), MHGerm. valde, valte {plica^ 

falden 185 

recessus), Olcel. falda (peplum), fold, plica: in one volde 
01^2 and night 696; yestement of riche fold met. horn, 
113; robes in folde Percev, 32; under felde (r. tv. belde) 
Wr. spec. 24. 

falden (falde), ASax. fealdan, Olcel, falda, OHGerm, 
falden, fallen, Ooth. falpan, fold, clasp, bend, Iw. 1425; 
Isumb. 307; foldin f^plicare^, prompt parv. 168; for no 
fa(i)ntise Arthur nold folde m. Arth. F. 2547 ; pe feen- 
des strengpe to folde k, of T. 1118; sixti sir Roger doun 
can (n gan) folde Triam. 326; felde (r. w, elde) rel, ant. 
1, 120; ant mei no finger felde (r. w. helde) Wr. spec. 
48; folden {part?^ Gaw. gloss. 382; Wid. gloss. 18; cr. P. 
P. 452 ; volden to grunde iaj. 20077 ; compos, bi-, unfolden. 

faldien. Olcd. falda, OHOerm. faldon, fold? blind 
fellede {for feldede?) (pret.) blind-folded, a. r. 106; fol- 
did (^part^ Wicl. gloss. 18. 

f aiding a sort of doth, prompt parv. 147; Chauc. C. 
t 3212. 

fale, Olcel. fair {vencUis)? Mor. a. p. 3, 92; see fgle. 

fa lie, A^x. fealle, OHOerm. falla, trap, prompt, parv. 
147; felle ibid.; compos, mousfalle. 

fallen, -4Saa;. feallan, OSax. OHOerm. fallan, OFris. 
Olcel. ioW^^ fall, Lai,. 801; Orw. 7640; vallen a. r. 372; 
fallin „cadere, accidere^, prompt. parv. 147 & 148; vallinde 
(pres. part.) a. r. 280; feol (pret.) LaT,. 177; Alts. 563; 
Wr. spec. 62; feol, veol a. r. 226; 280; fel (fell = fel?) 
Orm. 67; Jc. of T. 1086; Launf 755; fel, fil vis. P P. 
9072; 9699; fU Chauc. C t 847; fill Brand. 1; feoUen 
Lai. S73; fallen vis. P. P. 12701; felle (feoUen) Kath. 
1598; fullen c. of I. 100; fallen {pret. part.) harrow. 108; 
Mand. 52; compos, a-, bi-, i-, tofallen. 

fals, ASax. {ah, Lat. {sAsns, false, a. r. 74; Belt. 1004; 
(sv})st^ Orm. 12177; valsest (superlat.) La^. 30182. 
falshed /aZ^eAooc/, Gow. conf. am. 2, 226; pr. consc. 1176. 
falsliche falsely, vis. P. P. 12785. 

falsi en (falsie), ASax. {sAsism, false, fail, betray, La^. 
23967; falsen Chauc. Trod. 3633; falsin prompt, parv. 
148; falsen (pres.) apol. 60; valsie (subj.) a. r. 270. 

faltrin falter, prompt parv. 148 ; faltren {^pres,) Chauc. 
C. t 5192. 

falow. Germ. idXg Schm. b. w. 1, 627, fallow, „novalis^, 
prompt, parv. 148. 

186 ialwe 

falwe, ASax. fealo pi. fealve, OHGerm. falwer, Olcel. 
folr pi. foXydiX (pcMiduSyjlatms^fuLtms)^ fallow^ fiamiSy Chauc. 
G. ^^1366; pe falewe feld Uijch. 461; falewe (t^.) La^. 

f ale wen, ASax. fealvian, OHOerm. fialewen, become 

^aUoto or paUf Wr. spec. 89; reL anL 1, 65; falewi rd. 

songs /, 6; valewed (pres.J a. r. 132; falowip Ftwm. p. 

VI, 7; falewede (preLj La^* 4163; Mor. a. p. 2, 1539; 

falowede HaUiw. diet 346. 

falwen, Germ, falgen, fallow; falwe „«(wo", prompt, 
parv. 148; hi faleweden erpe chron. 3ngl. 94. 
• fdm, ASax. fAm, OHGerm. f&im, foamy Degrev. 1386; 
fom Brand. 19; (foom) Chauc C. t. 12492. 

f Ami en? ffimen, -4jSaa?. faeman^ OHGerm. feiman, foam; 
fomin prompt parv. 169; fdmed (pret.) «. s. Wr. 969; 
f&miden W%Z. gloss. 17; vemde -Bo6. GZ(w«c. 208, 7. 

famblen, Dan. famle» stutter, rel. ant. 1, 65. 

fan die n, ^iSoo;. fandian, OFris.{ajidia>(visitareJ, OSax. 
fandon (inquirere, tentarej, from finden, seek, try, tempt; 
fanden Orm. 11336; fande Wr. spec. 41; Iw. 316; pr. 
come. 2228; Min. 24; fondien Zaj. 2949; fonden harrow. 
68; s. s. Wr. 1489; vonden a. r. 194; fonde Chauc. C. t. 
4767; Percev. 1466; Dejrre©. 118; fondep fpres.^ t?M. P. P. 
7784; (tom7. con/", am. 2, 106; fonde we pis toun to were 
BicA. 4402; fondede (pret.J Bek. 716; fondeden JfCa^A. 121; 
fanded (paH.J ps. 11, 7. 

fanding, ASa^, fandung, trial, temptation, Orm. 12262; 
pr. consc. 314; vondunge a. r. 252. 

fane, ASax, Goth, fana, OSax. OHGerm. fano {pan- 
nus, vexiUum), vane, flag, prompt parv. 148; Gaw. gloss. 
380; chaunging as & fane Chauc C. t 8872; his mast of 
silvir and of golde . , . and of r6d golde was his fane 
Eglam. 1192. 

fan gen, Germ, fangen, Dutch Ysuagen, fang, take, seize, 
catch, Orm. 10799; {smgin prompt parv. 149; fangep^- 23, 5; 
met. hom. 80; fange, fonge Gaw. gloss. 380; 382; vis. P. 
P. 3621 ; 9195; fonge Chauc. C. t 4797; m. Arth. F. 3503; 
vonge owl and night. 1133; feng, ASax. OSax. OFris. 
feng, OHGerm. fiang, fieng, (pret^Laz^ 30580; Bek. 783; 
s. s. Web. 924; feng to pe flist Mor. a. p. 2, 377; veng 
to deliten a,^r. 52; his dom he feing Bob. Br. 335, 5; 
fonge, ASax. OFris. (ge-)fangen, OSax. OHGerm. (ge-) 

fangel 187 

fangan, (part) Flor. 1831; compos, a-, at-, bi-, i-, on-, 
imder&ngen; deriv. feng. 

fangel? cornpos. newefangeL 

fangelen? hold 30U stil and fangel nojt rel ant. 1, 257. 

fangere f^sriaceptor^y ps. 3, 4. 

fann, A8ax. fann, cmp. OHOerm. wanna onci Lot. 
Yannus,/an, prompt, parv. 148; fanne Wr. voc 233. 

fannen Jan; fanne prompL parv.; fannez Mor. a. p. 
2, 467. 

far, A8ax. (ge-)faer {iter, navis), OIceL far {gressusy 
iter, vecturoy navigium). 

farcost, Olcel. farkostr, proceedingy La^. 1490; vessdy meL 
horn. XIX. 

f a r e , ASax, faru, OFris. fere, Olcel, for, farCy expe- 
ditioUy coursCy proceeding y movementy bustUy adoy Alis. 7072 ; 
via. P. P. 12109; Cham. G. t 4989; a. a. Wr. 842; Mor. 
a. p. 2, 861; 3, 98; m. Arth. F. 945; Percev. 1037; ant. 
Arih. IVy 8 ; lud. Cov. 1 83 ; Min. 45 ; h6r wes mete, her wes 
draenc, h£r wes animate fare (movable goodaf) La'T^. 10236; 
pei buskid pern wip riale fare (apparel?) Eglam. 1054; 
swulc fare (Tiostf) of fleojen her was La^- 3904; compoa. 

far en, A8ax. OSax. Goth. OHGerm. faran, OFria. 
Olcel. i2iT2^ farCy goy paaay proceedy Orm. 3456; and h^hte 
hine mid his ferde faren asaein to Rome La^. 26252; 
farin prompt, parv. 150; fare via. P. P. 6428; pr. conac. 
1863; Percev. 1113; Boh. Br. 164, 18; after him for to 
fare a. a. Wr. 290; fare (prea.) owl and night. 460: pou 
farest (doeat) bi me Chatic. Troil. 5132; vared a. r. 120; 
and farep over pe flod Triat. II, 17; faren {auhj.) Marh. 
1393; farinde (j?ar«.) Xa3. 4262; wel farande /^w6. 333; 
for {pret.) Orm. 2655; Eob. Br. 28, 21; he for neh lit 
of his iwitte Marh. 6; and seodden he vor to Lundene 
iaj. 29367; fore ant. Arth. LVy 11; pei fore forpward 
Percev. 1425; faren (part.) rel. ant. 1, 225; via. P. P. 
2481; sinden faren lit of life Orm. 8361; compoa. for-, 
forp-, ifaren; deriv. far, fere, fore. 

farh? ASax. fearh, OHGerm. farh, Lat. porcus, farrow; 
feren? (pi.) Alia. 2441. 

fart. Germ, farz, /ar<i, Chauc. C. t. 3804; lud. Cov. 21 

farton, Germ, farzen, /ar^, y^pedere" y prompt, parv. 160, 

faselin. Germ, faseln, ravel, prompt, parv. 150. 

188 fast 

fast, ASax. faest, OSax, fast, Olcel. fastr, OFris. fest, 
OHGerm. fester, fdsty firm, close, strong, j^fixus^, prompt 
parv, 151; Orm, 1602; faestre (comp.) Lai^. 9775; faste 
{adv,) Brand. 5; Rich, 3331; Percev, 1020; and riden faste 
vis. P. P. 2136; faste bi {fast or close by) pe Belle Chauc. 
C. t. 721; on fast near, Orm. 3334; vaste Rob. Glouc. 
568, 26; feste (faste) Laj. 7533; an fest near, 16607; on 
fest (faste bi) Radestone 9; an, on veste quickly, 1455; 
9786; compos, or-, schame-, sop-, stedefast. 
faest-, festliche fastly, firmly, strongly, quickly, La'7^. 18096; 
21201; vestluker {comp.) a. r. 234. 
fastrede /flw* in counsel, owl and night 211. 

fast? fest, ASax. faest? Olcel. fasti? OHOerm. festi? 
fest, ^ligamen^, prompt, parv. 158. 

faste, OSax. OHOerm. OlceZ. fasta, OFris. (esisi, fast, 
„jejunium^, prompt, parv. 151; Orm. 11333. 

fasten (faste), ASax. faestan, Goth, fastan, OHGerm. 
festan, Olcel. festa, fast {fest), fix, tie, Halliw. diet 348; 
m. Arth. F. 3324; festin ,^figere^ ligare^, prompt, parv. 158; 
fastid {part.) Wicl. gloss. 17; fested pr. consc. 5295; fest 
vis. P. P. 1130; met. hom. 79; compos, ifasten. 

fasten, ASax. faestan, Goth, fastan, OHGerm. fasten, 
Olcel. fasta, OFris. {estia,, fast, „jejunare^, Orm. 11326; 
fastin prompt parv. 151; vesten a. r. 412; faste {pret) 
Brand. 5; veste a. r. 126. 

fasten, J-Sao*. faesten, fasten, jeiunium, Furn. p. VIII, 
74; vesten a. r. 138; compos: miflesten. 
vestendei a. r. 318. 
{sisiingSing prompt, parv. 151*. 

fes tinge, ASax. faesting, „fixura^, prompt parv. 158. 

vaestnien, ASax. faestnian, OFns. festna, OHGei-m. 
festinon, fasten, firmare, LaT^. 29061; festnen, festni Kath. 
1180; 2011; festnen Orm. 1718; festne Chauc. C. t 195; 
festenez {pres.) Mor. a. p. 2, 156; fastnede {pret) Wicl 
gloss. 17; c of I. 1426; {astned {part) ant Arth. XXXIX, 
6; (fastend) Gow. conf. am. 2, 29; festened Z. c. c. 36; 
compos, ifaestnien. 

fastness, ASax. faestness, fastness, y^firmamentum'*, ps. 
24, 14; fastnesse Wicl. gloss. 17. 

fastning, ASax. faestnung, fastening, Wicl. gloss. 1 7 ; 
festninge prompt, parv. 158. 

vests chipe closenessy a. r. 202. 

fat 189 

fat, ASax. faet, OSax, Olcel. fat, OHOerm, faz, vat, 
f^eupa^^ prompt parv, 151; rel, ant, 1, 55; (fatte) Mor. a, 
p. 2, 802; fat, vet a. r 320*; fet Htck. thes, 1, 229; fet, 
feat Mark 17; 18; fattes (pi) Rich, 1491* 

fat, ASax, faett, OUGerm, feiz(i)ter, Jat^ Onn, 959; 
Wr. treat 138; BicA. 6003; Wr, p. s. 332; Chauc, C, t 
200; {laite) IIa7'dw, poem 34, 4; pe fatte La3. 19445; „fat 
or fet pinguis^y prompt parv, 151 ; vet a, r, 136; pis fette 
keif (fatte calf) 138. 

fatten, ASax, faettan, OHOerm, feizten, fat, fatten, 
Wicl, gloss, 17; fatte Chauc, C, t 7462; vetten a, r, 128; 
fatted {pret,) ps, 22, 5. 

fadem? ASax, faedm, OSax. fadm, Olcel, fadmr, 
OHOerm, (adem, fathom; vedme {ace) Lai^, 27686; fedme 
Octov, 1656; fadme (pi.) Chauc, C. t 2918; fedme Alis. 

fadme n, ASaxr, faedman, Olcel. {aimsi, fathom; fadmen 
„ulnar€^j prompt parv,; fadmede {pret) emiraced, Havel. 
1291; frendez (for frendes) fellen in f^re fapmed to geder 
Mor, a, p, 2, 399. 

fax, ASax, feax, OFris, Olcel, fax, OSax, OHOerm, 
fahs, AaiV, Flor, 1545; Mor, a, p, 2, 790; ant, Arth, XXIX, 
5; Mar, mir,pl, 183; vaex Laj. 21873; faxes {gen.) gr, 45 

fea? ASax, fea pi, feave, OFris. fe, OSax, f4h, OTcel. 
f4r, OHOerm. foher, GofA. fans, Laf. paucus; feawe (pi,) 
few, Kath, 950 ; feuwe (feawe) Furn, p, VIII, 176 ; faewe Orm, 
424; ane faewe 19764; f^we Mand. 255; k fewe men BoJ. 
GZoi^c. 18, 2;. in f^ue jere Laj. 387*; feu Aud, 16; fftu 
(fawe, fewe)? a7it. Arth, VII, 2; fowe, foue rel, ant 1, 85; 
foe Amad, Robs, LXX, 4; fone, fon? ^5. 106, 39 ; ]^\ consc, 
764; 2693; Min, 7; m, Arth, F, 2378. 

feble, OFr, fehle, feeble, Furn, p. XVII, 547. 

fecche, emp, OHOerm, wicche and Lat vicia, vetch, 
prompt parv. 153; feche Wr, voc, 201. 

fecchen, ASax, feccan, fetch, Orm. 8634; vis, P. P. 
1244; vechchen a, r, 368; fecche Horn 357; Wr. an. lit, 
10; Furn. p. XIII, 222; ysiccke chron. of Engl. 207 ] foche? 
Toivn.myst. 60; ant Arth. XXXIII, 5; facchep ipres.) Wr. 
p, s, 190; fecche (subj.) rel. songs 2, 44; feche Mor, a. p. 
1, 846; faehte {pret) Laj. 6460. 

fed en, ASax. fedan, OFris. feda, Olcel. foeda, OSax. 
Ooth, fodjan, OHOerm, fuotau, from fode, feed, LaT^, 3253; 

190 fefer 

Orm, 2080; vfiden a, r. 414; fSde Mand. 68; met. horn, 
43; (feide) Arnad. Web, 330; fet {pres.) a. r. 198; f(^de 
(fedde?) (pret,) Kath. 1843; CAawc. C. t 146; fM (fed? 
/or fMed) {paH.) c, of I 1276; HqA Fum. p. XTII, 135; 
ivM a, r. 206. 

fefer, iat febris, /c»er; fefre (dot.) a. r. 112. 

fejien, A^ax. faegian, Olcel, fegja, faegja, Dutch 
vegen, vaegen, MHOerm. vegen, feigh {fey\ polish, cleanse; 
faeien heore stfiden Laj. 8057; fej de dus of di br^st 
filde reL ant. 1, 213; faejeden heore wfipnen La7^. 7957. 

feyar, MHOerm, vegaere, cleanser, prompt, paw, 203. 

ffeje, A^ax. fege {aptus); compos, if^se. 

f 6 3 e n , -4Sai». f^gan, 08ax. fogian, OFris, foga, OHQerm, 
fuogan, fay, join, fit; vfiien a. r. 396; fie (r. w. 6ye) «. s. 
Wr. 2981; vie WV. treat, 139; vlep (pres.) ^eA?. 658; 
feased, feahes? a, r. 58*; feiede, fiede? {pret) LaT^, 50; 
649; fejed {part?) Orm, 11501; compos, if§3eii. 

{^'T^VLTLg joining; v^iunge (dat) a. r. 78. 

feh, A^ax, feoh, OFris, fia, OJTceZ. fS, OSax. fehu, 
OHGerm. fihu, (ro^A. faihu, ia^. pecus, /ee, eattJe, ^oorf, 
property, money^ Orm. 3279; Wr. p. s, 152; feoh (feo) La3. 
4429; feih (feh, fech) a. r. 224*; 326; fei (feis) c, of I. 
467; fee Chctuc. C. t. 6279; Isumh.^O\ Eglam. 29^; hirdes 
pat kSpe p^r fee -Mar. mir. pi, 95; mi gold and fee sa- 
cram, 382. 

fei, feip, OF?: fez, /atfA; fei Bek, 2062; sacram, 589; 
fai De^rev. 428; feip J'wrw. p. XXV, 136; (feith) „>Wc5^ 
prompt, parv. 153; Mand, 18; Eglam. 440. 

f^ide, j4Saa?. faehd, faehdo, OFris. feithe, OHQerm, 
(ge-)f(§hida? /ewrf, enmity, (dat,) Alis, 96. 

fei n in, OJPr. feigner, /etj'w, prompt, parv, 153; feine 
Chauc, C e. 738. 

fei, ^Saa-. OSao-. OFrw. OHGerm, fell, fei, 0/ceZ. fiall, 

ia*. pellis, /I?Z/, sim, Kath, 1617; Hick, thes, 1, 227; s, s. 

Wr, 2483; k, of T, 752; (fell) Orm. 10441; fei, vel a. r. 

362; 364; felle (rfaf.) pr, consc, 82; 4 feyerping of fl^sche 

and felle Eglam, 29. 

fei, ASax, (vael-)fel Orein's gloss., fell (?) Somn, diet, 
ODutch fei Maerl rb, gloss., OFr. fei Roquef. gloss., fell, 
cruel, fierce, Furn. p. XXIV, 35; chron. oj Engl. 791; 
iJicA. 4419; Chauc. C. t. 7584; Lidg. m. p. 145; 4 fei wind 
vis. P. P. 10857; fell and grim met horn. 123; (felle) 

fel 191 

nSeveniSf ferox^^ prompt, parv, 152; pr. consc. 1743; fefle 
frekes (pi.) vis. P. P. 2811; felle {dot. pi.) Mor. a. p. 1, 
367; mid hire felle wrenches La^. 5302*; felle {adv.) 
Trist. J, 9; he lokede felle Octtyo. 936. 
felli fdly, Mor. a. p. 2, 571; pr. cotwc. 4449; Percev. 613. 

fel, Olcel. fiall, /eZZ, hUly Degrev. 1149; met. kofn. 25; 
(fell) iw?. 2711; felle8(jpZ.) ant. Arth. /, 8; fellis Gaw. gloss. 

felaje (fSlaseV), Olcel. fSlagi EgUss. lex.^ Fritzners 
ordb.^ fellow, Shoreh. 161; felaghe pr. consc. 5485; felawe 
Alls. 2255; vis. P. P. 4488; Chauc. C. t. 397; Percev. 
460; felawe, feolawe a. r. 114; felawe, felowe Wid. gloss. 
17; felowe Mand. 24; felau Amad. Bobs. LVy 12; fela 
^sodus^y prompt, parv. 153; felajes (/>Z.) Gaw. gloss. 380; 
felahea -KaiA. 2339; felois avow. Arth. LXVI, 1. 
veolauliche feUowly {-like), a. r. 38. 
velaurgden ^ww. -redden) company^ a. r. 30 ; felawrgde Rich. 
3137; fe. 0/ T. 956; felaursde Horn 174:. 
fela3SGhip fellowship, Mor. a. p. 2, 271 ; feolauschipe a. r. 

feld, ^Saa?.feld,feald.(?), OSaa;. OHGerm. (eld, OFris. 
feld, field, field, Orm. 14568; TTr. spec. 105; tni. P. P. 
462;- Mand. 50; Degrev. 269; pen feld (ace.) Bofr. Ghuc. 
213, 2; veld a. r. 102; veld, faeld (feold) La^. 14202; 
17156; feld (feeld, field) Chauc. C. t. 888; feeld prompt. 
. parv. 154; feild Alis. 3403; fild Percev. 1679; Tor. 3; 
^kmocf. J?o65. JTF/, 11; felde (dot.) owl and night, 1712; 
vaelde, valde (felde) Laj. 14190; 15188. 

fele, ASax. fela, feola, feala, OFris. felo, fele, OSax. 
OHGerm. filu, filo, Gr. izoXo^-many, vis. P.P. 2055; Mor. 
a. p. 1, 21; pr. consc. 2453; m. Arth. F. 6; ant. Arth. 
XXI, 2; fele shulen fallen Orm. 7640; fele wike owl and 
night. 803; fele, feole Kath. 89; 120; feole, veole a. r. 
162; 320; fele, feale Furn. p. VIII, 5 & 35; fele (fale) 
Z&re La^. 13733; fale Hick.thes. 1, 232; vale Rob. Glove. 
200, 11. 

feolevald (falefold) manifold, La^- 27129; feolevold a. r. 

fele fare? ASax. fealafor? OHGerm. felefor? felfarcy 
fieldfare; feldfare Eartsh. met. t. 264; feldefare? Chauc. 
r. r. 5510. 
felefaldien multiply; felefaldes (^pres.) ps. 11, 9. 

f61e (fele?), A^ax. faele, OFris. fdle (fele?), OHGerm. 

192 f(gle 

feiler (venalis)? good^ true, La^. 3290; (r. w, tfile) owl 
and night 1376; Mapea 350; 35S; Percev, 729; compos. 

f6le, -4Sair. (ge-)fele, seTisible; compos, Mfele. 

felen (fele), ^Sda?. feolan, OiceZ. fela, 0/f6en». felhan, 
G^oiA. filhan, feal, hide, met. horn, 3; incline? avow, Arth. 
XXXVIII, 11; fele? {pres.) Mor. a. p. 2, 914. 

f^len, ASax, felan, OFris, f^la, OSaa?. (gi-)f61ian, 
OHGerm, fuolan, feel, Oow. conf, am, 3, 281 ; Me Mor. 
a. p. 2,107; apol. 1; veled (prea.) a. r. 178; f§lde (jpre*.) 
318*; Rob. Olouc. 17, 13; Shoreh. 86; fglte Chauc. C. t. 
12449; feled (part.) Wr, spec, 68; compos, ifelen. 

felunge {(elinge) feeling, a. r. 114. 

feli, ASax. felge, ODtttch velge, OHGerm. felga, felly 
(fello), Wr.voc. 180; felwe „caw<Aws", prompt, parv. 154; 
fellowe PFr. t?oc. 234; felien(pZ.) Kath. 1944; feliis WVcZ. 

fell en, A^ax. fellan^ fyllan, OSax. fellian, OHOerm. 
fellan, Olcel. fella, /<?//, make to fall, Wr. p. s, 189; felle 
Chauc. C, t. 1704; met horn. 45; fellen, faellen, feoUen 
La'T^. 4204; 5632; 8600; felde {pret.) Rob. Glouc. 70, 13; 
fulde La^. 3710; felden Alts. 5844; feoldeu chron. Engl. 
94; compos, a-, ifellen. 

felt, ^Saa:. felt, Dutch vilt, OHGerm. &lz, felt^ Mor. 
a. p. 2, 1689; feelt prompt, parv. 154. 

f el ten felt? felted botes Hardw. poem 26, 4. 

fen, -ASoo?. fenn {palus), OHGerm. fenni, fenna (Jd.), 
OFris. fenne {palus, locus palu^tris), Olcel. fen (*Vi.), 6ro<A. 
fani (uT^Xo?), /en, luium, palus, Wr. spec, 54; cr. P. P. 
854; 2)r. C(wwc. 566; (fenne) prompt, parv, 154; ven a. r. 
138; venne (rfaf.) oW and night 830. 
fenvern ^salvia^, Wr. voc. 139. 

fenni, ^Saa;. fennig, fenny, Mor, a. p. 2, 1113. 

fenel, fenkil, A&ax, fenol, finol, Lat feniculum, fennel 
(fnkel), prompt parv, 155; fenekel, fenkel Halliiv. diet. 
352; finkil Wr. voc. 191. 
• fenelseed vt^. P. P. 3101. 

feng, ASax. feng, /rorw fangen, capture, grasp; fenge 
(rfo*.) 02/?Z and night 1283; vouge La3. 614; fenges {gen.) 
86 1 0. 

f eo , MLat feudum,/?^, -AZw. 7963 ; fee y^feodus^, prompt 
parv, 152; fees cities? Mor, a, p. 2, 960. 

feon )9»3 

feon? ASax. feon, feogan, OHGerm, fien, G-oth, fijan, 
hate; compos, ifeon? 

feond, ASax, feond, OSax, fiond, OFris, fland, ftund, 
Olcel, fiandi, Ooth. fijands, OHOerm. fiant, fient, fiends 
enemy ^ devily La^. 237; Wr, spec. 93; veond a. r. 66; 
feend ^diabolus^ ^ prompt, parv, 156; Mand, 87; fend (feond) 
c. o/ Z. 893; f^nd Orm. 12354; Eglam, 564; saeram. 884; 
fgnde Mor. a. ^. 2, 205; pr. consc. 1253; find Tor. 991 ; 
^wd. 2 ; compos, ifeond. 

feondliche fendly, LaT^. 85 ; feendli Wicl. gloss. 
feondscipe enmity ^ LaT^. 7714. 

feor, OFr. feur, fuer, foer (tatuc), price, value, a, r. 
398; feore (dot,) c, of I, 1091, 

feorde, ASax. feorda, fourth, La;^. 3311; feorpe Orm. 
4318; half feorpe jSr three years and a half, 8631; veorde 
a, r, 228; ferpe Oow. conf am, 3, 113; vis, P. P. 13552; 
Chauc. C, t, 5946; Percev. 1118; furpe Bek, 587; Alts. 
52 ; cAro». Engl, 429 ; firde s. s, Wr. 59 ; fourpe Mand. 234. 

ferping, OJc^Z. fiordungr, /ariAiw^, Chauc. C. t. 134; 
y^quadrans^^ prompt par v. 158. 

feower, ^iSoa?. feover, OSax. fiuwar, OFris. fiuwer, 
flower, OHGerm, fior, Olcd, fiorir, Goth, fidvor, four; 
feouwer, fewer, feour, four La^. 2.5; 194; 2092; 25395; 
fowre Orm. 507; vour (fouwer) a, r, 160; 172; alle foure 
Bek, 2295; faur met. horn. 4; allefaure Mor. a. p. 2,958. 
feowernsked four-cornered, La^* 21999. 
feowertene fourteen, LaT^. 25675; vourtene Bob. Ghmc. 
279, 3. 

fonrtepe fourteenth. Bob. Glouc. 300, 13. 
feowerti /or^y, LaT^. 31932; fowertij Orm. 15594; fourti 
Wr. treat. 139. 

fer, ASax, feorr, fyrr, OSa>x, ferr (fer), OFris. fer, fir, 
OHGerm. ferrer adj-, ferro adv., Olcel. fiarr adj., flarri 
adv., Goth, fairra adv., Jar, „procul^, prompt, parv, 156; 
Iw. 1815; Mor, a. p, 1, 334; pr, consc, 3895; s. a. c, II, 
3; a fer Gow, conf, am. 1, 314; ferr met. horn 101 ; feor 
0?'m, 8473; c, of I. 1304; Alis. 3851; feor, veor a, r, 
76 & 104; feor, for owl and night, 710& 1424; he ferde to 
feor LaT^, 1720; pe nes noht feor (for) from heom 543; 
fur Wr. treat. 133; Furn. p. I, 50; hi stode a fur XVIII, 
43; of ferre londe Bob. Glouc, 331, 19; fro ferre Gow. 
conf am, 3, 95; on ferrum {datf) met, hom, XX J; o ferrom 


194 fer 

Mand. 271; he saw pe toun o ferrum bren Mm, 29; fer- 
rer, OHGerm. ferror, (comparj Iw. 1813; pr. come, 2329] 
er. P. P. 411; Boh. Br. 44,25; ferre, ASax.ijrrey OFris, 
ferra, Chauc. C. t 48; Mor, a. p. 2, 97; firre 2, 766; 
iwcr%Fum.p. XXXV, 132; {erreste (superlatj Kath, 1666 ; 
ferrest Chauc. C. t. 496; it strecchep ferrest Alis. 4826. 

fer? ASax. ferh, feorh, OSax. 0HOerm.{er{sL)h, Olcel. 
fior, life? p4 ich wes an vore {for veore?) fiftene s^re 
when I was fifteen years of age, Laj. 16700. 

f Sr, ASax. fer, OSax. Olcel. ikr, MHGerm. v4r, v4re, 
OHGerm. f4ra, /ear, Mapes 338; feer ^^timor^^ prompt 
parv. 156; f6re ^terror^, Wicl. gloss. 28; feere vw. P. P. 
8365 ; f(§re focc.^ Brand. 8. 
f§rful (?ow. cow/*, am. 2, 13; Fum. p. XXX, 93. 
fSr-, fearlac me^t^, terror, a. r. 306; -fiTa^A. 39; nehap he 
f^rlak for (of) no fo c. of I. 672; f^rlsc Marh. 9. 
f§rhc perilous^ terrible, sudden, ps. 138, 6*; feorlic iaj. 
25553; ffirlich a. r. 362; ^Zw. 5719; pe faerhche daed 
(feorlTche deap) La^- 6835; fertiche frechen Kath. 732; 
fdrli Mor. a. p. 1, 1083; Isumb. 235; verliche terribly, 
suddenly, a. r. 178; Bob. Glouc. 299, 6; faerlike Orm. 
9410; ferli Jkfor. a. p, 2, 269. 

ffirlTch /^^rZy (farly), wonder, La^. 5381 ; feorlich Kath. 
2086; ffirllk Halliw. diet. 353; ferli vii. P.P. 11; Percev. 
530; ^. C07WC. 2955; ant. Arth. XLI, 11. 

ferd, ASaxA^vA., fyrd, OFris. ferd, 0/ceZ. ferd, OSaa?. 
fard (Zaf. ferdi, OHGerm. fart ^en. ferti, expedition, army, 
host, Orm. 14850; Bob. Glouc. 19, 7; ferde Laj. 1413; 
a. r. 264; fda^.j ^V«. 5579; v6rde Bob. Glouc. 216, 4; 
ferde {ace.) owl a/nd night. 1666; verde a. r. 232; ferd(e) 
Hartsh. met. t. 275; furde {dot) Fum. p. XVIH, 10. 
ferdwite „quite de viorance de ost^, rel. ant. 1, 33. 

ffird, MHGerm. (ge-)vaerde? fear, metus. Bob. Br. 
252, 20; fSrde Mor. a. p. 3, 215; for terde Percev. 911; 
pr. consc. 6864; Min. 14; Mar. mir. pi. 175. 
ferdful „terribUis'^, prompt, parv. 156; Wicl. gloss. 
ferdlaik metus, terror, pr. consc. 6427. 
fSrdli terrible, Halliw. nug. poet. 65. 

fSre, ASax. {ge'){&rsL, feer, companion, fellow, a. r. 114; 
Orwi. 8608; harrow. 67; Amad. Bobs. ATI, 3; (feere) c. 
o/ I. 136; 2?w. P. P. 12004; s. s. Wr. 244; Hoccl VI, 23; 
f§ren (^Z.^ Kath. 1252; vfiren a. r. 86; compos, ifere. 

fi§re 195. 

ferhed company^ Alia. 3060. 

ferrseden coinpany, La^. 6020; fSrreden Kath. 703; feor- 

reden a. r. 106*; ftrrede Fum. p. XVI, 145; Rich. 2278. 

fere company? in(i) fere(feere) Wr. treat. 136; Ckauc. 
C. t. 4748; 8. 8. Wr. 263; Mor. a. p. 1, 89; Degrev. 244; 
w. .4rtA. jF. 3702; Mar. mir. pi 79; Hoccl III, 40; 
i veore (vere) La^- 3286 & 5330. 

fere, ASax. OFris. fere, Olcel. fserr, foerr, OHGerm, 
(ga-)fuorer, 8ound, atrong, Horn 155; jIZw. 3510; h41 and 
fere Isumb. 601; pr. cotwc. jo. 271; hoi and fere Will. 
glo88. 224; pat makip pe slke pus fdre Flor. 2006; he 
was a bold man and 4 fere Halliw. diet. 353; fere, feore 
(fore) ia3. 7027, 17618 & 30601; compo8. unfere. 

fere? 0Fri8. fere, Olcel. fseri, OHOerm. (ga-)fuori, 
ability y power: after pine f^re Orm. 1251. 

fSren (ferin), A8ax. fseran {terrere), ODutch vaeren 
{metuere), OSax. faran {pbaervare), OHOerm. f^ren {obaer- 
vare, inaidiari), fear, ^^errere^y prompt, parv. 156; Wicl. 
gloss. 18; fere vis. P. P. 4:632; pr. consc. 2291; Jfar. wir. 
pi. 98; fteren Orm. 675; fearen a. r. 230*; ferde {pret.) 
Gaw. gloss. 381; fered {part?) Wr. spec. 24; wet. horn. 134; 
ferd Percev. 925; 7?o5. Br. 191,4; ccmpos. sl-, for-, offeren. 

fSren (fseren), ASax. fdran (iVe), OFris. fera, 0/ceZ. 
faera, foera, OSax. forian, OHGerm. fuoran {dttcere, ve- 
here, ferre), go, proceed^ La^. 4401; ferde (pret.) Kath. 5; 
Onw. 2661; s. s. Wr. 573; Amad.Robs. XIX, 2; and glad 
was he, if kni wight wel ferde Chauc. Troil. 4640; as 4 
wod mon he ferde k. of T. 98; vSrde La'i^. 24552; furde 
Beh 2064; fSrden vis. P. P. 5461; forp pei ferden Alis. 
181; compos, for-, purhferen. 

f e r i , Olcel. ferja, MHOerm. vere, ferry, promptparv. 156. 

ferien (verien), ASax. ferian, Olcel. ferja, OHGerm. 
ferran, Goth, farjan, ferry, transport, convey, LaT^. 32098; 
fere Flor. 2086; feriip (pres.) Fum. p. V^, 42; ferede 
{pret.) LaT^. 237; feried {part.) Mor. a. p. 1, 945. 

feringe, ASax. f seringa, OHGerm. f^ringa, suddenly; 
f cringes Rob. Br. 185, 10. 

ferkien (ferke), ASax. fercian, ferk {firk\ drive, ride, 
go. Will, gloss. 224; Gaw. gloss. 381; ferkep {pres.) Gow. 
conf. am. 3, 295 ; pe freke ferkez up Mor. a. p. 2, 897 ; 
he ferked over pe flor 2, 133; pei ferkid hem forp dep. 
of R. 17, 28. 


196 ferme 

ferme, ASax, feorm, meal, repast, (dat) rel. ani. 1, 
131; veorme (ace.) Laj. 14426. 

ferme^ Fr, ferme, /onw, y,firma^y prompt parv, 156; 
reintf CJumc. C. t 263. 

fermin farm, „firmare vel ad firmam accipere^y prompt 
parv. 167. 

fermien (ferme), ASax, fearmian, feormian, farm, 
deanse, Halliw, diet, 353. 

fermere, ASax, teaxmere, cleamer ; cowpoa. gongfirmar. 

fern, ASax. fearn, OHQerm. farn, farm, y^m; feme 
{dot,) Ghauc, C. t 10569; compos, ever-, fenfern. 

fern, ASax. fyrn (priscus), OSax, fern, fum {priscus, 
praeteritus\ OHOerm, fimer {y€tvs\ Goth, faimis (icoXatog), 
past: pe snow of feme y^re Chauc. Troil, 7546; i dar nat 
speke & word of feme yeer Hoccl, I, 423; distant: it feme 
halwes CAawc. C, t 14; fro feme /row /ar. Boh, Br. 193, 
3 {cmp, Oerm. fern Gr. wh, 3, 1532); compos, if urn. 
famda3 former or past day: i furndajen (in vorne daje) 
Xaj. 27118. 

femser former or past year? pe kindenesse pat min even- 
cristene kidde me fernyere (feme yfire?) vis. P. P. 3354; 
hou fele fernyeres are faren 7443. 

firnen, OHGerm. jBbrnen (senescere), Olcel. fymaz 
(mem4>ria dilahi)f firnes {v. r. fursed) a. r, 76* (cmp. too 
Oerm. ent-femen amovere), 

ferren, ASa4c, feorran, feorrane, OSax. ferran, ferrane, 
OliOerm. ferron^ ferrana {e longinquo, procul), far, from a 
distance: pe sonne and mode and mani(e) sterren bi easte 
arisep swipe ferren Shoreh, 137; p4 ise3en heo n^wiht 
feorren (vorre) & muchel fur smokien La7^, 25733; pet 
stod ^r veorren a, r. 288; is feorrene ikumen 70; of fer- 
rene (fome) londe La^. 5328; of furrene londe Furn. p. 
XIX, 20. 

ferren (ferre), ASax. feorran, OHGerm. firran, Olcel. 
firra, remove, ps. 51, 7. 

fers fierce, Bek. 512; Chauc. C. t. 1600; Mor. a. p. 
2, 101 & 217; wip ferse folke Eglam. 42; fierse beestes 
vis. P. P. 10222; fers, ferche, fersche WUl. gloss, 224; 
see fresch. 

fersK, feersli fiercely^ Wicl. gloss.; fersli, ferscheli Will, 
gloss,; fuirsli avow. Arth. VI, 14. 
feersnes fierceness, Wicl, gloss. 

fersen IW 

fersen, ASax. feorsian, remove, Orm, 14198; fursed 
(^pres^ a. r. 76. 

f e r w e n farrow : pus beod peos pigges iveruwed a. r. 204. 

fSsien (fesin), ASax, fesian, feese {pheeze, feaze, fe%ze\ 
drive away, prompt, parv, 158; fese HaUiw. diet. 354; 
fesed {part,) Boh, Br. 192, 1 & 274, 14; if^sid Furn. p, 
II, 172. 

fest. Lot, festum, /(?<w*, met, hom, 39; feste {pi*) a, r, 

tester fester, suppuratio, HaUiw, nug, poet, 65. 

festrin fester, suppurare^ prompt, parv, 158; festred 
(part,) vis, P. P, 11553. 

fetelen?/rom ASax, fetel {cinguLwm, halteum)f fettle, 
prepare; fettelez (pres,) Mor, a, p, 3, 435; fetled {part.) 
Gaw, gloss, 381 ; fetild Town, myst. 309. 

fetel s („fetles"), ASax, fsetels, vessel, Orm, 14450; 
met, hom, 120; vetles a, r, 164; Marg, 207. 

feter (fetir), ASax, fetor, OSaa;, feter, Olcel, fioturr, 
OHGerm, fezera, fetter, prompt, parv, 159; feteres {pi) 
Bek 15; 0am, 380; fettres Mor. a. p, 2, 1255. 
fetirlok ^^era compeditalis^^ prompt, parv.; k litil fetirlok 
of gold loills and invent, 37. 

feterien (feterin, feteren), ASax, fet(e)rian, Olcel, 
hbtrsL, fetter, prompt parv, 152; 0am, 380; fettred {part,) 
vis, P. P, 11588. 

fetlak? Germ, {eszlsLch? fetlock; feetlakkes {pi.) Bich. 

fetten (fettin), ASax, fettan, fetian, fsetian, fatian (?) 
{ducere), OFris, fatia {id), ODutch vatten, vaten {capere), 
MHGerm, vai^^en {id\ fet {fat, fot), fetch, take, „a^erre^, 
prompt, parv, 153: fette Gow, conf, am, 2, 198; k. of T, 
363; Octov, 549; Mor. a, p. 2, 802; vette Bob, Olmc, 
325, 4; his fo fettep him in uche ende c, of I, 430; fsette 
(vette) {pret) La^- 9177; fette vis, P, P. 1011 ; and ladde 
hem hom to his in(ne) . . . and mete inouj hem fette 
Bek. 888; fatte Kath. 720; fott(e) Mar. mir. pi, 127; fet 
{part.) vis. P. P. 14569 ; Chauc. C. t. 821 ; compos, ifetten. 

feper, ASax. feder, fider, 0/ceZ. fiodr, OHGerm. iedera,, 
feather, owl and night, 1686; Chauc. C. t. 2146; fedir 
prompt, parv. 152 ; Wr. voc. 221 ; fiper M(yr. a, p. 2, 1026; 
vederen (pZ.) a. r. 140. 
feperbed Mor. a. p. 3, 158. 

198 fedrien 

federhome (feperhame) plvmagey La^- 2874. 

fedrien, ASctx. federian (?), /eo^Aer; compos, ifedrien. 

v6dren? load? a. r. 140; see fodrien. 

fi, MHGerm. fl, fy (fie), s. s, Web. 1599; h. of T. 612. 

flf, ASax. fif, fife, OSax. fif, fivi, OFris. fif, OHGerm. 
finf, finfi, Goth, fimf, Gr. Tclfiue, Jlve^ h. of T, 1017; Mor. 
a. p. 1, 848; vlf a. r. 26; fif monep Orm. 233; purh fife 
grimme wundes 1443; betere is on almesse before, panne 
b^n after vive Fum. p. VIII, 14 ; pe vormeste vive a. r. 22. 
fiftene j^eew, LaT,. 19900; Rob. Glouc. 70, 20. 
ti£iepe fifteenth^ Degrev. 1869; fiftende Orm. 9170. 
fiftis fifty, Orm. 8102; fifti La^. 1285. 

fifte, ASax. fifta, fifth, vis. P. P. 9511; pr. consc. 
3088; vifte a. r. 110; vifte half jere four years and a 
half, Laz^ 32195. 

fig, Lat. Reus, fig, Wr. voc. 228; fige Mand. 50; figes 
(pZ.) a. n 150. 
flgtrS WV. voc. 228; flgetre ^romjpt parv. 159. 

fiht, -4/Sa£c. feoht, OFris. fiucht, OHGerm. (gi-)feht, 
fight, pugna, c. of I. 973; transact. 18, 24; viht a. r. 358; 
fiht, feht, feiht La^^ 172, 407 & 1744; feht Kath. 608; 
fejt Jifor. a. jp. 2, 275; compos, ifiht. 
fihtlac fighting, owl and night. 1697. 

fiht en, ASax. feohtan, OFris. fiuchta, OHGerm. feh- 
tan, fight, pugnare, Orm. 1842 ; k.ofT. 1078; fihten, fehten 
LaT^. 1359 & 1580; fehten Kath. 603; feightin jprowp^. pary. 
153; vi3te owl and night. 172; fe3te ant. Arth. XXXII, 
8; vihted (pres.) a. r. 268; feaht, faht {pret?) iaj. 1591; 
4353; fajt J?o6. 6rZowc. 274, 6; faght Octav. 535; fauht 
Eo6. Br. 170, 19; faught JBicA. 5677; fawt Tor. 668; fuh- 
ten La3. 14037; a. r. 196; fostun ant Arth. XXXXIV, 
13; foghten (^part?) Min. 20; foghtin Eglam. 439; compos. 

feightare, ASax. feohtere, OHGerm. fehtari, fighter, 
prompt parv. 

f ikel, ASax. ficol, fickle, deceitful, Alis. 2661 ; vis. P. P. 
929; transact 18, 22; Mor. a. p. 3, 283; fikil s. s. Wr. 
985; fikele (pi.) a. r. 268. 
fikelhche fichlyf fikeli pai dide y^dolose agebant^, ps. 5, 11. 

fikelare, ^WlqI^xq flatterer, a. r. 84 & 86. 

fikelien (fikele), Germ. fikeln (fickeln),^a<«er, iZoft. Glouc. 
31, 18; vikeledf>re«.ja. r. 84&198; fikelinde fjpar^.j 256*. 

fikelunge 1 99 

fikelunge /aftery, a. r. 82. 

fikien, -^.Saa?. (be-)fician, Germ.&c\Len,fickyficlge: fikin 
aboute prompt parv. 162; a wai fike Rich. 4749; fike 
(r. 20, swike) flatter f Wr. spec, 46; nuUe we nout mit te 
fike (r, w. like) trifle'? Hick, thes, 1, 225; pu fikest flat- 
terest, Mark, 13; vikiinde (part.) flattering^ a. r. 256. 

file (file?), ODutch fiel (homo vilisy turpis^ foedus), flUe, 
worthless man, Rob, Br, 95, 17; Min, 31; rel. ant, 1, 194; 
fals file Halliw, diet, 356. 

file, ASa^x, feol, ODutch vijle, OHOerm. fila, fihala, 
file, y^lima^, prompt, parv, 160; vile (file) a. r. 184. 
vileveste? a. r, 244. 

filen (filin), OHGerm, iiXon, file, y^limare^, prompt parv. 
160; file Chauc, a. f, 212; viled {pres,) a. r. 184; filed 
(part,) y^ground^? Gaw. gloss,; iviled a, r, 284. 

fille, A Sax, fiUe (serpyUumJ Wr,voc, 79, wild thyme? 
Wr. spec. 44; worp a fille Rob, Glouc,2d7, 11; Bek. 946. 

film, ASax. Glm, film, „ folliculus^ , prompt, parv, 160. 

filtren, Dan, filtre, Ital. feltrare, Fr, (entrer, feUer, 
entangle; filter {pres,) Mor. a, p. 2, 696; filtered (part,) 
Halliw, diet, 356. 

fin, MHGenn, fin, vin, Olcel. finn, Ital. Span, fiino, 
fine, Alls. 2657; chron, Engl, 628; Ocfov. 1754; fineste 
(superl) vis, P, P, 897. 
finliche /meZj/, Will, gloss.; c, of I. 1132. 

finch (finche ?), -4Saic. fine, OHGerm, finco, finch, prompt, 
parv. 161; Chauc. C, t, 654. 

fin den, ASax, OSax, OHGerm. findan, OFris, finda, 
Goth, finpa, Olcel, &nna,, find, Orm, 383; Wr, an. lit, 3; 
finde Bek. 800; fint (pres.) vis. P, P. 2344; pat finden 
pe pi fode P. P. p, 514; fand (pret,)' Trist I, 62; Iw?. 
1705; isM7?i6. 374; fand, fond Chauc. C. t 655 & 2392; 
fond vis, P. P. 9926; Jfowd. 220; ich him fond ligge 
Brand. 27; vond a, r, 258; funden Orm, 3398; fonde 
Brand, 6; funde (subj.) Furn. p, VIII, 34; funden (jpari.) 
/t/7. USA; pr. consc, 4608; avoie?. -4r«A. iFJ, 12; founden 
Chauc, Troil. 5603; fonden Percev, 1902; fun Ifiw. 38; 
Mar. 94 ; compos, a-, ifinden; c?6riv. fandien, fundien. 

finde Is („findles, fundles"), Dan. findelse, invention, 
a. r. 6 & S, 

findare finder, prompt parv, 

findis, ASax, ijndig, firm, Orm. 13327. 

MO fiodiDg 

finding, OHGerm. (ar-)findxinga, findingy invention, 
Wicl. gloss, 

finger, ASax. OFris, finger, OSax. OHGerm, fingar, 
0/ccZ. fingr, (?o«A. figgr8,/n^er, c. of I, 1104; fm^v prompt 
parv. 161; fingres {pi,) Beh, 1194; vingres a. r. 2^0; 
fingren {dat pL) La^. 49. 

fingerling, Germ, fingerling, finger-staUy pr<ympt 
parv, 161. 

f inne, ASax, finn, Dutch vinne, Lot, pinna, ^w, prompt 
parv, 161; Wr, voc, 221; (ace,) Mor. a, p, 2, 631; finnes 
{pi.) Mark, 9; vinnes Alis, 6591. 

fir, ASax. furh (?), OHGerm. for(a)ha, Olcd. fura, 
fyra, jir^ j^ahies^y prompt parv. 161; Ckauc, C, t 2923; 
firre Wr, voc. 228; firres {pi-) Wid. gloss, 
vertre Wr, voc, 181. 

firs („firse"), ASax. fyrs {rhamrms) Wr. voc, 80, fyres 
{ruscus) 285, fyrsas {rvhos) Grein's gloss. 1, 364, furze, 
Wicl. gloss. 18; „firris ruscus'^, prompt, parv, 162; firses 
(pi) vis, P. P, 3176. 

first, ASax, OHGerm, first, y^lajguear^^ Wr. voc, 93. 

fis, Dan, fiis, foist, Wr. voc, 209; see ftst. 

fisch, ASax. OSax. OHGerm, fisc, OJTceZ. fiskr, Goth. 
fisks, Laf. piscis,^A, Brand. 8; fisch . . . whon pe worm 
he swolewep c, of I. 1129; fisc (fis) La^, 1235; viss Rob. 
Glouc. 265, 9; fisches {pL) LaT,, 2009; Shai^eh, 146; vw. 
P. P, 10747; fiskes Or?». 13297; fisses Hick, thes, 1,223; 
fische Mand. 103; Zwd. Cov. 22. 
fiscbrowe „garum^y Wr. voc. 241. 

f i s c h i n , ASax. fiscian, fish, prompt, parv. 163; fischede 
{pret) Fum, p. XZ, 3. 

fis here, ASax, fiscere, fisher j Horn 1134; fischare 
prompt, parv, 162; fiscaere La'7^, 9083; fischeris {pi) Wicl. 

fisken fi^sh, frisk: fiskin aboute ^vagari'^, prompt. parv. 
162; fiskep {pres.) P. P, p. 528; fiskes Gaw. gloss, 

f £ s t (fiist), ODutch vijst, fyst { fiest, foist), prompt parv, 1 63. 

fiisten, Germ, fisien, Dutch Yijsten, fyst (foist), prompt, 
parv. 163. 

fit, cmp, ODutch vitten {convenire^ a>ccomodare\ fit, ap- 
tiLS, prompt, parv. 163. 

fit (fitt), ASax, fitt, fit, impetus, Chauc, C, t 4228; 
Eglam. 254; carm^ Gaw. gloss. 3^81; Eglam. 344. 

fitte 201 

fitte match f nis non his fitte otd and night. 762. 

fipele, MLat. fidula, from Lot. fidis, fiddle^ Brand, 9; 
vis. P. P. 6374; fipel Mor. a. p. 2, 1082; fipul Chauc. 
C. t 298; fidil, fiyele prompt, parv. 159; fipelen {dat. pi.) 
Laz- 3642. 

{ i deli TL fiddle, prompt parv. 159. 

{ipelere fiddler, vis. P. P. 5791. 

fixene, OHOerm. fuchsin, vixen, female fox, Halliw. 
diet. 359. 

fist (flaa), ASaxc. fl&, arrow^ a. r, 60*; flA, flo iaj. 
311 & 1456; flo Chauc. C. t. 17213; s. a. c X, 20; flAn 
(jpZ.) La3. 1844; floon 6ra7». 642; see flSn. 

flsesh, -4iSarr. flsesc, OSax. flSsc, OFris. flfek, fl&sk, 
OHGerm. fleisc, /esA, Orw. 3532; flsesc (fieas) ia3. 
25986; flesch J^wmft. 311; fldisch TFVcZ. JoAw 1; fless Boh. 
Glouc. 243, 21; flesches lust a. r. 274. 
fleschhewere hUcher, Octov. 750. 

flSschllch /esAiy, carnal, Mor. a. p. 2, 265; flsBshlike man 
Orm. 17276; fleschllche c. of I 1388. 

f 1 e s c h i fleshy, prompt parv. 166. 

flagge, ASax. flacge {cataplasma)f ODutek vlagge 
(vextUum navoLe), flag, ^cespes'^, prompt parv. 163. 

flaje? Dan. flage, /Si(?€€?. flaga {platte, fiise, scholle, 
flocke) Gronb. wb., Mollers wb., Dutch vlaege (procella)? 
Kil. diet, MHGerm. vldge {id^? Ben. wb., fiag^ flaw; flai 
of snowe Wr. voc. 160; flawes of fire Halliw. diet. 361. 

flake, Olcel. flaki (flade) Fritzners ordb., Swed.fLdike 
(platte) Mollers wb., flake, prompt, parv, 163; Wr. voc. 
160*; lud. Gov. 140; flakes (plj Chauc. h. off. 1192; Mor. 
a. p. 2, 954. 

flakeren flacker, flutter; flakered flatters, a. r. 222; 
flakerande ^t^ttmnjr, Mor. a. p. 2, 1410; see flikeren. 

f 1 akk e n (flacke). Germ, flacken, Olcel. flaka (extenso cor- 
porejacerej, flack, flag, Gow. conf am. 3,315; flak s. a. c. I V, 5. 

flan, ASa^r. flean, ODutch vlaen, vlaegen, Olcel. fl4, 
flMy, decorticare; flan (flean) La'i^. 6418; flo Horn 92; 
Wr. p. s. 191; fleen prompt parv. 166; flen Alis. 1734; 
fla3(e)st(i?rg«.) SAoreA. 97; flep c. of I. 1308; M^(pret) 
Iw. 1699; flouh Bob. Br, M. 3, 398; vlosen Laj. 20957; 
flawin, flain (part.) prompft. parv. 163; flain rel. ant 1, 
152; pr. consc. 9520; 119; iflawe JiZw. 894; 
iylasene (pi.) La^. 212^11. 

202 fl^ar 

flear flayer ^ prompt parv, 165. 

fldn, A8ax. fl^n, Olcel. fleinn, arrow, a. r, 60*; flon 
La^, 311*; Alis. 785; flonez (pl,J Gaw. gloss. 

flanke flake, spark f flaunkes of fir Mor. a. p, 2, 954. 

flap? flappe, Dutch flap, ^o/?, prompt parv, 163; flap- 
pes of scourges vis. P. P. 8166. 

flappin, Dutch Q^SL^^^en, flap, prompt parv. 164; flap- 
ped (pret.J s. s. Web. 766; flappeden Wicl. gloss. 

flasche, OFr, flache, flasque (stagnum), cmp. LOerm. 
fl&ske, flatsche (f ragmen), flash, pool, prompt, parv. 164; 
flask(e) ps. 142, 7. 

flasken^cwA: heo vlasked water peron a. r. 314. 

flat, Olcel. fL2iix, jlat, planus, prompt parv. 164; 72^.259. 

flat ^ground, field^, Gaw. gloss. 

flat, Germ, flatz? Stalders idiot, blow, HaUiw, diet. 
360; Eich. 5265. 

flateren flatter ; flatred (f printed faltred), flattered 
(pres.) a. r. 222*. 

flatling^a%, Halliw. diet 360. 

flatten flash, dash: fette water . . . and flatte (pret.) 
it on his face vis. P. P. 3375. 

flape? Dutch vlaede, vlaeye, OHGerm. flado ace. fla- 
don, OFr, flaon, flawn, sort of cake ; flapen fpl.J Wr. voc. 
127; flaun prompt, parv. 164; Wr. voc. 241. 

flax, ASa>x. fleax, OFris. flax, OHGerm. flahs, flax, 
prompt parv. 164; Wr. voc. 156; flex vis. P. P. 3819; 
Chauc. C. t 678. 
flaxbolle Wr. voc. 126. 

fie (flee), ASax. flea, Olcel. flo, OHGerm. floh, /ea, 
„pulex'*, prompt, parv. 165; fiicA. thes. 1, 231; fl6e (^pZ.^ 
Fum. p. I, 5. 
flewort Halliw. diet 362. 

fleam, -4Saa;. fleam, OHGei^m.&o\im? from ieon, flight, 
fuga; fleam, flem iaj. 1577 & 8857; flem („flgme") J[Zw. 
4341; torne ... in fleme ps. 88, 24. 

flSden, ODutch vloeden, MHGerm. vluoten? flood? 
Marh. 9. 

fleet, ASax. fleot, ODutch vliet, MHGerm. wlie^, fleet, 
water^course, channel, prompt, parv. 166. 

flegge sedge, prompt parv. 165; (flege) Wr. voc. 226. 

flgje? 0/ceZ. fley? 6oa«; fleyen (pi.) Octov. 1671. 

fie 3 en, A8a^. flegan, fl^gan, Olcel. fleyja, OHGerm. 

flesl 203 

flaugian, fley {flcty\ make flee^ frighten; &ky pr. consc. 
2244; fleide (pret) a wei pat fearlac Kath. 1602; flayed 
Mor. a, p. 2, 960; met. horn, 69; fl&yed {part,) Mar. mir. 
pi. 122; compos, afl^ien. 

flesl, ODutch vlegel, OHGerm. flegil, flail, Orm. 1600; 
fleil prompt, parv. 165; flailes (pi-) vis. P. P. 4166. 

fleke (flek?), Olcel. fleki, flaki? ODutch ylsiek? fleaJc 
{flaik\ hurdle, ^crates^, Wr. voc. 234 ; fleike prompt, parv. 
166; flekes (pi.) Rob. Br. 321, 8. 

fie ken? Olcel. flaekja, floekja {intricare)? pei fleked 
p&m over thuert Boh. Br. 241, 3. 

flekked, OHGerm. flechoter, flecked, spotted, Chauc. 
C. t 9722; wip fleckede feperes vis. P. P. 7234. 

fleme, ASax. S^^msL, fugitive, Bek. 1850; flsemen (fleo- 
mes) {pi.) Laz- 6962. 

flemen, ASax. fleman, flyman, OIceL flsema, from 
fleam, make flee, drive away, banish, La^* 6675 ; fleme 
Bob. Glouc. 562, 23; Bob. Br. 82, 17; fl^mep {pres.) Alts. 
3348; flemde (flemde?) (pret.) Orm. 8243; heo hine flem- 
den out of pane londe La^- 323; flamed {part,) Chauc. 
C. t. 11986; pr. consc. 2977; flemid Town. myst. 320; 
Degrev. 899; compos, a-, iflSmen. 

flSmere banisher, Chauc. C. t. 4880. 

fl^n? Olcel. floeja, fl^ja? flee; flees (pres.) met. horn. 
114; flede (pret.) 73; fleede Halliw. diet. 361; flM {paH.) 
met. horn. 71. 

flender? flendris {pl^ flinders, splinters, Gaw. gloss. 

fleoden? ODutch y^^A^Qn'i flee; fledd(e) {pret!) Triam. 
317; fledden vis. P. P. 1348; Chauc. C. t. 2932; fledd(e) 
{part.) Degrev. 519. 

fie 030, ASax. fleoge, fl^ge, OHGerm. fliuga, /y; fl^ye 
Wr. p. s. 238; flei Hick. thes. 1, 231; vli3e a. r. 8; flle 
Mand. 61; Chauc. C. t. 4350; fleosen, flesen {pi.) Lai^. 
3900 & 3904; vlien (flejen) a. r. 290; flien Bich. 2918. 

fleo3en, -4/Saa7. fleogan, OjE?6rerw. fliogan, OlceZ. fliuga, 
fly; fleshen Orm. 5991; fleghe jpr. consc. 7947; fleoniaj. 
2870; -4.Zw. 544; vleon a. r. 130; fl^en Mand. 48; flee 
rw. jP. p. 7912; Eglam. 194:; fliin prompt, parv. 167; flie 
Mapes 335; Isumb. 375; fli38t (/>re5.) owl and night. 227 ; 
flihd «.r. 132; flejhep Orwi. 5889; fl^h (pr^.) La3. 27788; 
fle3 jBmwc?. 9; fl^gh Zaww/. 473; flseh Orm. 5885; fleigh 
Mand. 27; flSi Eglam. 311; mef. Aom. 101; flu3en, fluwen 

204 Beon 

ia3. 813 & 3891; flowen Rich. 4366; Mor, a. p. 1, 89; 
fluwe {suhj,) a. r, 132; flowen {part) Chauc. h, of f. 905; 
flowe Gow. conf, am, 2, 252. 

fleon, ASax, fLeon, OHGerm. fliohan, Oi^ris. flia, [Goth, 
pliuhan], /ee, Horn 887; fleo Beh. 1072; fleon, flen Orm, 
4144 & 9803; fleen prompt, parv, 166; 2?w. P. P. 12000; 
flee Perc«?. 876; flisp (pres,) Bek, 1489; fleop Orw. 9812; 
fleep t?w. P. P. 12004; flih (imperat) a. r, 162; fl^and 
{pari) Tor. 1448; fleah {pret) Kath, 16; fleh iaj. 552; 
flseh Orwi. 823; flMh a, r. 374; fleigh Monc?. 24; vis, P. 
P. 1303; fleij FicZ. /oAw 6; flew Eglam, 786; fleu JBoft. 
Glouc, 17^23; flu3hen Orm. 893; fluwen a. r, 154: flo3en, 
flowen L03. 580 & 81 7; flowen If awd. 226; vis. P. P. 1349; 
«. «. WV. 822; iflowen (part.) Alis. 1907; ivlowen a. r. 
168; compos, a-, at-, bifleon; rfmw. fleam, fluht. 

fleos, A8ax, fleos, fl^s, ODutch vlies, fleece; flees 
nvelltts^^ prompt, parv. 166; Hartsh. met. t. 42; apoZ. 104; 
flAs P. P. ;?. 629; fleose (dot.) a. r. 66. 

fleote, ASax. fleot (ratis^ navisjf Greins gloss.^ Olcel. 
fliot (noget flydende) ? Fritzners ordb.^ fleet, classis, ( pi. f) 
La^. 2155; fl^te prompt, parv. 166; {dot.) Gow. conf. am. 
1, 197; (ace.) Rich. 1653; Rob. Br. 59, 19. 

fleo ten, ASax. fleotan, OSax. fliotan, Olcel. fliota, 
OHGerm. tLiozaji, fleet, finer e, natare, Horn 159; vleoten 
iaj. 22009; Mte Mand. 100; t?w. P. P. 14015; Heete Lidg. 
m. p. 98; fleoted (pres.) Kath, 9; a. r. 76; fletep Orw. 
18093; fletez Mor. a. p. 2, 1025; flet rel. ant. 1, 220; 
vleotinde (part.) a. r. 46; fletande I. c. c. 54; fleting Chauc. 
C. t. 1953; flet (pret.) La^. 28960; Trist I, 34; flaet 
Orw. 3466; flot {for flotte?) Mor. a, p. 1, 46; fluten 
iaj. 32033; flotin met. horn. XVIII; flote Brand. 21; 
compos, over-, tofleoten. 

flerd, 0/crf. flserd {dolus), deceit, rel. ant. 1, 219; 
flserd Orm. 12177. 

flerien {&erye), Germ, flerren? fieer, grin, Flor. 1769; 
fleryande {part!) Halliw. diet. 362. 

flet, ASax. flett (flet), OFris. Olcel flet, OSaa?. fletti, 
MHGerm. vletze, from flat, j/?oor, hall, Will, gloss. ; Gaw. 
gloss.; Wr. an. lit 9; Wr. p. s. 337; Launf. 979; flette 
{dat.) Alis. 1807 & 2884; he com to pan vlette per pe 
feond lai La^- 26023. 

flStiii 205 

flStin, ODutch vlieten, Dan. flode, fleet, skiniy prompt 
pare, 166. 

flfiw, 6r6r»w. flau? ^6tr {flue), shallow, prompt parv.lQ7, 

flicche, ASax, flicce, flitch, vis, F, P, 5517; flikke 
prompt parv, 167. 

fligge, ODutch vlugge^ OHOerm. fLvA^Q, fledge {flig\ 
able to fly, prompt, parv, 167; flegge Hartsh, met t 124. 

fliker unsteady? man of fliker poht met, horn, 36. 

flikeren, ASaoc, SijcerisLii, flicker; flekerin „volitare^, 
prompt, parv, 165; pet flikered {pres.) so mit pe a, r, 
290; flikered {pret.) Chauc. TroU, 5890; pis bischop fle- 
kerid in his poht met, hom, 92; see flakeren. 

flinder? ODutch vlinder? s^e Sender, 
flindermous hat, Halliw, diet 363. 

flingen (flinge) fling, li beam disc. 338; Toi\ 2027; 
Alisaundres folk forp gon flinge Alis. 1111; flinging (part) 
Tor. 378; porugh pe heorte pe launce flang (pret.) Alts, 
2749; flong Chauc, C. t Tyr, 17255. 

flinken? Dan, flinke? flonc (pret,) flung, swept, Mor. 
a. p. \, 1164. 

flint, ASax. flint, ODutch \\inte, flint, y^sUex^, prompt 
parv. 167; TristII,SO', vis. P. P. 9041; vlint a. r. 220; 
flintes {pi.) pr, consc, 7018. 
flintstDn Mand. 150. 

fliren (flire), Qerm. flirren? flire, fleer, Halliw, did, 
363; see flerien. 

flit, A^ax, O/^W. flit, OHGej^m.Qiz, contention, debate, 
LaZ' 24966; Kath, 688; Iw, 93; ps, 106,40*; Mor, a. p. 
2, 421; flit & win rel ant 1, 130. 

fliten, ASax, flitan, OH Germ, flizan, flite, contend, 
debate, quarrel, Kath, 721; Qiim prompt parv, 167; flite 
Will, gloss. 224:; Hom 855; Iw. 1027; Triam. 1227; Mor. 
a. p. 1, 353 ; flot {pret.) Mapes 344; Amad. Robs. XXXVI, 6. 

flit ere, A^ax. flitere, quarreler; fliteris {pi-) prompt, 
parv, 106; flitars Mar, mir. pi. 179. 

fliteren flitter: it flitterid al a brode Halliw. diet 364. 

flod, A^ax. OSax. flod, OFris. flod (floed), Ooth, flo- 
dus, Olcd. flod, OHGerm. fluot, from flowen, flood, {nom. 
ace.) Orm. 6793; owl and night 944; Wr. spec. 70; Alis. 
6185; (flood) Wicl. gloss.; sefter pan flode Laj. 19; flMe 
{dot.) Min. 11; flodes {pi) pr. co/wc. 4706. 
flSdset floodgate, a. r. 72. 

206 flodien 

. flodien? MJBGerm. vluoten? flood f and flodeden so 
faren in felde Alts. 2441. 

flok, ASax. flocc, Olcel. flokkr, flock^ troop, y^grex^y 
prompt parv, 167; Chauc, C i. 826; k flok of briddis 
Alis. 566; floe La^. 4192; (flocc) Orm, 511; floe, vloc a, 
r. 154; flokke (dat.) La^^ 18005. 
flokmele ^w, by fiocks, Chauc. C, t 7962; Wtcl, gloss, 

flok (floke), ASax, floe {platissa) Wr. voc, 65 & 281, 
Olcel. floki {solea, passer) EgiUs. lex., flooh, ^phoca^y Wr. 
voc. 254. 

flokke, ODwfcA vloeke, OJ^G^nw. floeeho, Laf. floceus? 
flock; flokkes (pZ.) lud. Cov. 241; flokkis prompt parv. 
167; flockes owl and night 427. 

f 1 o k k i n j/^ocfc, gregarCj prompt parv. 167; pei floeken 
ipres) ant Arth. XXVI, 6; floekede (pret.) LaT,. 4729*; 
flokked Mor. a. p. 2, 386. 

flor, aSox. Olcel. flor, ODutch Yloer, MHGerrn. vluor, 
floor, (nom. ace.) Rob. Olouc. 288, 2; Mapes 349; Jtfbr. a. 
p, 2, 133; i pene flor Las- 22809; i pe flor Orm. 15566; 
flore {dat) Wr. an. lit 5; Isumb. 653. 

flosehe pool, Oaw. gloss.; {ace.) ,^lacum^, ps. 87, 5; 
see flasehe. 

flot, ASax. Olcel. flot, Dutch \lot, float, fat, Mor. a. 
p. 2, 1011; nou er(e) alle on flote (a float?) Rob. Br. 
169, 13. 
flotgres floatgrass^ y^ulva^, prompt parv. 168. 

flote, ASax. flota, Olcel. floti, ship, fleets La^. 2155* 
& 4530* 

flotien, flotten, ASax. flotian, ODutch yloien, vlotten, 
Olcel. flota, OHGerm. flozzan, float : a manges ous to flotie 
(versarif) Shoreh. 21; flotten (pres.) Chauc. Boet.3; flotte 
(pret) Mor. a. p. 3, 248. 

floteren (^floter). Germ, flotern, flutern, flutter, dep. 
of R. 13, 27; floterep (imper.) „ fluctuate'^, Wicl. gloss.; 
floterand ( part.) Halliw. diet 364 ; flotterede {pret) Horn 129. 

floteri? floteri herd Chauc. C. t 2885. 

flotise ,^spuma^, prompt, parv. 168. 

flour, OFr, &OUT, flower, c. of I. 919; Chauc. C t 4; 
fliires (pi.) a. r. 340. 

flousen? LGerm. flusen ? cmp. floose {„fllyings of wool 
or cotton^) Bamford's dialect of South Lancash. 178, fly? 
felt flosed (flosed?) him umbe Mor. a. p. 2, 1689. 

floute 207 

floute, OFr. flaute, /wte {fiout\ prompt, parv, 168. 

floutin play on the flute^ prmnpt. parv. 168; floute 
Chauc, G, t, 91. 

flow en, ASax, flovan, cmp, Olcel. floa pret, floda and 
Dutch vloeijen pret, vioeide, flow, fluere^ Orm. 4783 ; Chauc, 
C. t. 4607; vlowen a, r. 64; flowin prompt, parv, 168; 
flowe lud. Cov, 56; flowep {pres,) owl and night, 944:] vleau 
{pret,) a. r, 112 [fleoweden, /or floweden? HOl. 

fluht (vlulit), ASaoc. flylit, ODutch vluclit, /ijrAf, vola- 
tus, a, r. 132; flist rel, ant, 1, 210; flight Alts, 348. 

flulit, J-Sair. flyht, OHGerm, fluht, ODutch vlucht, 
flight, fuga, a, r. 48; fliht Orm, 19683; flight Chauc. 
C, t, 990. 

fluschen (fluschen?), LGerm, fliischen? flush: flushe 
for anger dep. of R, IS, 27, 

tins sen? fly? pat hit open fluste {for fluschte?) {pret,) 
Horn 1080; ^ boterfleje tojain me fluste Hartsh, met. t, 
100; see flousen. 

flutte, Dan, flytte (-dag &e.), removal; flittereZ. ant 
1, 235; flette 1, 160. 

flutten, Olcel, flytja, OFris, Aettsi, flit, remove, shift: 
mete & clod pat heo mei vlutten bi {go on with) a, r, 
428; from foot to foot to flitte (flutte) Fum, p, XXV, 
175; flitten Orm, 2082; flittin prompt, parv, 167; flitte 
pr, consc, 3762; fele times have ich fonded to flitte it fro 
poujt Hartsh, met, t, 287; he xal nevir flitte out of pis 
grave lud, Cov. 341 ; ping pat mai chaunge and flitte 
Chauc, C, t, Tyr, p. 154; flittinge {part) vis, P. P. 6699; 
and to scipe flutte {pret) Laj. 30503 ; nou be pei bop in 
sinder flit {part) transact, 18, 23; ivlut La'7^, 27934; 
compos, forflutten. 
fluttunge subsistence? {ace) Marh, 22. 

f n a s t, ASax. fnaest, cmp, Olcel, fnasa {fremere), OHOerm, 
fnehan {anhelare) and Gr, icvsTv, breath, owl and night, 44. 

fnasten, -4/Saa:. fnaestian (?), OHGerm. ineiston, breathe, 
pant, Havel, 548; fnasted Gaw, gloss. 

fode, ASax. foda, food, ^alimentum'^, prompt, parv, 
168; Orm. 828; Isumb, 134; vode a, r. 142; Fum, p. /, 
57; fude Pereev, 1326; child, man, woman: mi child, mi 
dune fode Jfforw 1350; to wedde pis (pat) fr^li fode Eglam, 
1254; Amad, Robs, LIV, 6; fodis {pi.) dep, of Rich. 
23, 19. 

208 ioder 

foder (fodir), ASax. fodor, foddor, ODntch voeder, 
Olcel. fodr, OMGerm, fuotar, fodder, ^pahuLum^y Wr,voc, 
264; king Phelip saide to pe modur, pou hast bom k soii 
foder (child f) ^i^. 645; iodA\jj:{iooAiv) prompt parv,\%S\ 
fodder Xaj. 27031; foddre (dat) a. r. 416. 

fodien? /<?ed; foded {pret.) Will, gloss,; see fMen. 

fodrien, ODiUch voederen, OHQerm, fuoteren, fodder, 
feed; foper {f printed froper) pou sal „enutries'^, ps, 30, 
4; foddred {part^ Wicl. gloss, 

^ogg©, Dan, iug? fog, rank grass, Mor. a, p, 2, 1683. 

f63, ASax. fog, MHQerm. raoc, Jitness : mid foje and 
mid rijte owl and night 184. 

foil en, ASax, feolan? foil: in vein pu foilest pi flesch 
wip abstinens apoL 44; see felen. 

{oinevL foin: peifoine wip daggers & wip swerdes Lidg. 
St of Th, 4332; foineden {pret.) Chauc, C, t 1656; foi- 
nede Degrev, 274; funede Halliw, diet, 385. 

fol, OFr, M, foolish, LaT^, 1442*; a, r, 164; (subst) 
fool, Mor, a. p. 2, 750. 

folc, ASax. OSax, folc, OFris, Olcel, folk, OHGerm. 
folc, folch, folkj^people, Orm, 141; Wid, John 11; pat 
folc of Kent Uoh, Glouc, 269, 14; vole a. r, 156; folk 
Chauc, C, t 746; Lidg, m, p. 12; swa mikel folk com 
never to gider pr, consc, 6013; iolke{dat,) cr, P. P, 175; 
{gen. pi,) Orm. 12149. 

folde, ASax, folde, OSax, folda, Olcel, fold, earth, 
ground, Flor. 342; m. Arth. F. 3549; avow, Arth. I, 2; 
on folde Wr. spec. 24; Mor. a. p. 2, 403; heo fallen td 
folde Xaj. 5390. 

fole, ASax. fola, OHQerm. folo, Ooth. tvHa., focd, ^^ptd- 
Im^, Wr. voc. 90; Horn 587; vis. P, P, 7263; Mand, 
250; Percev. 717; ant Arth, XLII, 9. 

folhsum, Qerm. folgsam, compliant, Orm, 7750. 

fol 3 en (foljhen), ASax, folgian, fylgean, OFris, folgia, 
fulgia, Olcel, fylgja, OSax. folgon, OHGerm, folgen, fol- 
low, Orm. 944; folhen Kath, 2340; folien, fulien (folsen) 
La7^. 1002 & 4140; folwin prompt, parv, 169; lud, Cov, 
268; fol we Gow, conf, am, 1, 50; Chauc, G, t, 6706; vo- 
lewen, voluwen a. r. 28 & 102; filghe ps, 17, 38; filowe 
reb. Line, 13; felowe Bob, Br. 291, 10; iohfiS. {pres.) Furn, 
p, VHI, 7; voljep Shoreh. 40; folsez Mor. a, p, 2, 6; 

folwere 209 

folewes Degrev. 1561; fulied owl and night, 1237; folisen 
rel, ant. 1, 129; filiand ('part,) ps, 7, 2*; folwede (pret.) 
vis, P, P. 6622; Chauc, G. t 530; folewede harrow, 22; 
fulede -La3. 95. 

ioXyf^vQ follower, vis, P, P, 3587; iolyfdiTQ prompt, parv, 

fon, ASax. fon, Olcel, ik, OSax, Goth, OHGerm. tsihsiny 
take, seize, La^- 5437; Orm. 3733; Wr, spec. 41; fop 
(pres.) Orm, 5390; on me heo fop c, of I, 895; fon (part) 
Marh. 3; compos, a-, bi-, i-, on-, underfon. 

fonne, Swed. {§ine? fool, Chauc, C, t. Tyr, 4087. 

fonnen {(onne) he foolish, dote, Chauc. c, I, 458; ifon 
Town, myst 229; pou fonnist lud, Cov, 36; fonned (part) 
fond, Wicl, gloss,; Chauc, r, r, 5370. 

font, OFr, font, font, Marh, 1; fount Shoreh. 13; funt 
Orm, 17208. 

foppe (fop?) fop, fool, prompt, parv. 170; lud, Cov, 295. 

for (vor), ASax. for, OSax. for, far, OFris, for, fore, 
for, OHGerm, fur, fure, furi, Olcel, for, fur, fyr, fyri, 
Goth, faur, ia«. pro? Gr, Tzpo? for: herto onswerede ^n 
for h4m alle^a^A. 1134; halden pe vor kinge (king?) LaT^, 
29065; his care was al for hire BeJc, 131; pet heo ne 
gruchie never more vor none mete ne vor none drunche 
a, r, 108; he died for hungre and prest Mand, 230; for 
drede vis, P, P, 5337; war pe for his hokes Wr, spec, 
105; hk sende swipe for to witen hwat wunder hit were 
Kath. 151; for pan propterea, LaT,. 989; he scholde never 
die for pon c, of I, 1072; for pan (enim) hi beop tweire 
kunne otvl and night. 1394; for pat (propter ea quod) he 
hade pe Sarazenes slain Isumb, 489 ; for ich hit wot owl 
and night, 1246; for (nam) h^r in pe norphalf, for (quia) 
hit is so fur fram pe sonne, no man ne wonep Wr, treat, 
137; for enim, LaT^, 148; Orm, 119; for to unio, untill, 
Alis, 5363; forte LaT^, 7563*; for te pe Mte a morwe 
come Wr. treat. 137; vort midniht a, r, 236; vor (ante) 
pe feste 22; for alle oper Bek. 721. 

foralden, OHGerm. faralten, grow old; forolded (ms. for- 
olped) (part) Fum. p. XVII, 175. 

forbannen, Germ, verbannen, banish; forbonne owl and 
night, 1091. 

forbeoden, ASax, forbeodan, OFris. forbiada, Goth, faur- 
biudan, Olcel, furbioda, OHGerm, for-, far-, fer-, firbio- 
tan, forbid, y,prohibere^ , Laj. 27408; iovh^dSxi prompt. parv. 


210 for 

170; forbMep (pres.) Mand. 71; Chauc. C. t 14058; for- 

bSdes Mor.a, p. 2, 1147; forbeode (si*6/^ a, r, 8; forbede 

VIS. JP, P. 1582; forbead (pret) Shoreh. 157; forbsed Orm. 

1955; vorbed Bob, Olouc, 496, 6; forboden (part) Orm. 

12021; Mand. 20; Chauc. r. r. 6616; cr. P. P. 291. 

vorberen, ASax. forberan, OHGerm. for-, far-, fer-, fir- 

beren, forbear, a. r. 218; forbere Bek. 1426; Gow. conf. 

am. 1, 164; Chauc. C. t. 887; verbere Rob.Glouc. 321,1; 

forbere (pres. subj.) Furn. p. XXXI, 362; vorber (pret.) 

a. r. 218. 

forbeaten 66ai entirely; forbeten (part) vis. P. P. 14321; 

forbetun ant. Arth. LI, 9. 

forbi (for = fore?), Germ, vorbei, forby, past, Alis. 5487; 

Mand. 11; Chauc. C. t. 13540; avoio. Arth. XXV, 6. 

forbinden, Ofi'Germ. ferbinden, bind up; forbindep (pres) 

Orm. 4524. 

forbisen example, Wr. p. s. 197; ps. 68, 12; vorbisne a.r. 

76; forbisne (forbusene) (dat) vis. P. P. 4956; Wart. 

hist. 2, 67; forbisne (ace) Kath. 698; vorbisne owl and 

night. 244; forbisne, forbisene c. of I. 555 & 980. 

forbiten. Germ, verbeiszen, bite to pieces; forbitep (pres) 

vis. P. P. 10865; forb^t (pret) La^. 6497. 

forbleden. Germ, verbluten, bleed to exhaustion; forbled 

(part) Triam. 1243; m. Arth. F. 3434; ant. Arth. LI, 8. 

forblenden. Germ, verblenden, blind, Orm. 15391. 

iorhod. prohibition, rel. ant. I, 111', (forbot) Amad. Robs. 

LX, 12; forbode (dat) La7^. 1446. 

{orhreden pervert; vorbredep (pres) oicl and night. 510; 

forbrode (part) 1379. 

forbreiden pervert, distort; forbreidep (pres) owl and night. 

1381; he is forbroken and forbroiden (part) rel. ant. 1, 

211; vorbroide Tiob. Glouc. 21, 11 & 205, 7. 

forbreken, ASax. forbrecan, OHGerm. ferbreclian, break 

in pieces; forbroken (part) rel. ant. 1, 211. 

forbrenne(n), OHGerm. for-, fur-, fer-, firbrennen, bum 

up. Will, gloss.; forberne Horn 692; verbarude (pret) 

Bob. Glouc. 2d Q, 8; forbarndenia^. 4115 ; forbre nd (por^!) 

Mapes 339; forbrent Alis. 4669; m. Arth. F. 1925; vor- 

bernd a. r. 54. 

forbugge(n) redeem, c. of I, 1090; forbigge Wicl. gloss.; 

forbou^t (part) Shoreh. 164; forbought Ell. rom. 2, 355. 

forbigger, -bier redeemer, Wicl. gloss. 

for 211 

forbu3hen decline, avoids Orm, 7514; forbuwen a. r, 206; 
vorbuwen (pret,) 306. 

forburp (for = fore?), Ge7*m. vorgeburt, previousy former 
hirthy Halliw, diet 370. 

forcalden? grow coldf forcold (part.) s, s. Web, 2623. 
forclemmen clem, starve; forclemmed (part) Mor, a. ^. 3, 395. 
forclingen wither; forclonge (pret) Furn. p, XXIV , 216; 
forclungen (part) Orm, 13851. 

forcrempen, MHGerm. verkrempfen, hecom£ cramped or 
contracted: vorcrempep and vorbredep owl and night. 510. 
forcroken become crooked: pe bond was forcroked Furn. 
p. XVII, 336. 

forcumen (for = fore?) come before? forcom ^praeveni^\ 
ps. 16, 13. 

forcud (forcoup) wicked, La7^. 28240; forcMest (superlat) 
Kath. 2242. 

forcweden, ASax. forcvedan (reprobare), OHGerm. far- 
quedan (abdicare), Ooth. faurqipan (a^sxsTv), deny, reprove ; 
forcwidest (pres.) Kath. 389. 
forcwiddare? a. r. 212. 

forcheosen (for = fore ?) choose previously ; forchosen (part) 
Mand. 132. ^ 

fordel, ODutch veurdeel, MHGerm. vorteil, advantage^ Hal- 
liw. diet 370. 

fordSmen, OHGerm. for-, furtuoman, condemn, ia3. 3457; 
Kaih. 428*; ford^me owl and night. 1096; ford^mde (pret) 
Marh. 2 ; fordemed (part) c. of I. 447. 
fordil^hen^ OSax. fardiligon, OHGerm. fertiligon, destroy; 
fordiljhed (part) Orm. 14541. 

fordolken stab with a dagger (Dan. Swed. dolk)? cmp. 
Germ, erdolchen; fordolked (part) Mor. a. p. 1, 11. 
fordon, OHGerm. fertuon, fordo, destroy, La^. 2567; Mand. 
56; (fordoon) vis, F. P. 2512; vordon a. r. 210; fordo 
pr. consc. 3395; forded (pres) Kath. 214; fordop 07^m. 
4069; fordude (pret) Marh. 2 \ iovA.OTL (part) Chauc. C. t, 
Tyr, 17239. 

fordreden terrify; fordred (part) Orm 659. 
fordrefen trouble, disturb; fordrei'ed (part) Orm. 2194. 
fordrenche(n), ASax. fordrencan, inebriate, Furn. p. VIII, 
166; fordrenct (part) 2343. 

fordrinken, MHGerm, vertrinken? fordrunken (part) drun- 
ken, a. r. 214. 


212 for 

fordriven, ASax. fordrifan, Olcel, fordrifa, OHQerm, far- 

triban, drive away, disperse; fordriven (part) rel, ant, 1, 

220; fordrive Chauc, r. r. 3782] mid wedere fordreven 

Laz* 6206* 

fordrue(n), ASax, fordrugian, LQerm, verdriigen, dry up, 

owl and night. 917; vordruwede (pret) a, r. 148. 

forduUen, Dutch yerdolen, grow dull; fordulle(d?) (part,?) 

Lidg. m, p, 191. 

forditten close. Rich, 4170. 

fordwine(n), Dutch verdwijnen, waste away, Furn. p, 

XXIV, 215; fordwinnen (part) rel, ant, 2, 211; [for- 

dwined Chauc, r, r. 366.] 

foreode (pret) went by, gave up, Wr. spec, 23; voreoden 

a, r, 406; forsode Halliw, diet, 375; foryede Chauc, C, t 


forfseren, ODutch vervaeren, afray, terrify; forfsered (part) 

Orm, 665; forfered Chauc, C, t. 10840; Iw, 1678. 

forfaren (forfare), ASax, forfaran (perire), OFris, forfara 

(id), OH Germ, for-, fur(i)-, fer-, firfaran (transire), perish, 

Gam, 74; Eglam. 119; lud. Gov, 47; & let forfaren al 

mankin Orm, 14582; forfare destroy, Mor, a, p, 2, 1168; 

pe3 wolden him forfaren al & cwenken Orm, 19632; al 

J)is lond he wule forfare LaT^, 25683; forvared (pres) 

perishes, a, r, 138; forfaren vis, P, P, 9889; forforen 

(pret) LaT^, 12380; forfaren (part) 2920; p4 pisne wei 

us habbed forvaren (stopped up?) 27373. 

forferen destroy; forferde (pret) La7^, 7280; Mor, a, p, 

2, 511; vorverden perished, died, a, r, 334. 

forflutten, Dan, forflytte, Swed, fdrflytta^ remove? forflitte 

(part) Amad, Web, 381. 

forfreten corrode; forfretep (pres) vis, P, P, 10853; vor- 

vret (forfretes) a. r, 138; forfrete (part) Will, gloss, 

forga(n), ASax, forg^n (praeterire), OHGerm, ferg^n 

(praeter-^ transii^e), forgo, pass by, avoid, give tip, pr, consc. 

1842; forgon a. r, 8; Wr, spec, 88; his rihtes forgon 

BeJc, 726; forgo rel, songs VII, 81; Chauc, C, t, 8047; 

unepe he mi^te forgoe to wepe Amad, Robs, XVIII, 2; 

forgo (pres) rel, ant 1, 103; vorged a, r, 364. 

forgang(en), ASax, forgangan (praeterire), Goth, faurgaggan 

(TiapaTiopsucO^at), deny? Mar. mir, pi, 110. 

forglopnen astonish; forglopned (part) Orm, 670. 

forgnawen^na?^; to pieces, corrode; forgnawep (pres) a,r, 338. 

for 21 


forgniden bruise; forgnod (pret.) y^contrivit^^ pa, 106, 16. 
forgrowen grow to excess; he was old and forgrowen 
(part.) Brand, j?. 52. 

forgulten incur guilt: to forgilten (render guilty) us gsen 
god Orm. 2619; ear we wSren vorgulte (become guilty) 
a. r. 388. 

forsaren, Swed. fbrgora, fordo^ forfeit; forgart (pret) Mor. 
a. p. 2, 240; (part) Orm. 14584 & 17531. 
for3elden, ASax. forgildan, OSax. fargeldan, OHGerm, 
for-, far-, fergeltan, repay, requite; forseldest (pres) La^. 
2298; forjelde (subjunct) a. r. 428; vis. P. P. 4356; 
Hartsh. met. t. \\\ Degrev. 860; m. Arth. F. 1548; forsilde 
avow. Arih. XLIIy 1. 
foryeldinge retribution, (ace) ps. 27, 4. 
vorjemen neglect, a. r. 372; forsemden (pret) Orm. 7 602 ; 
forjemed (part) c. of I. 947. 

forjetil „obliviosus'^, prompt, parv. 17 4: ; foryetel Gow. conf 
am. 3, 98. 

forgetelnes ^oblivio'', ps. 9, 19; foryetelnesse Gow. conf. 
am. 2, 19. 

forjetin ybr^e^, prompt, parv. 174; for3ete Wicl. gloss. 19; 
Mor. a. p. 1, 86; (foryete?) vis. P. P. 11850; for^iten 
Furn. p. VIII, 17; vorsiten a. r. 272; forjetep (pres) 
Orm. 2965; forsete (subj) I. c. c. 2A; forjat (pret) Furn. 
p. XVII, 216; Wicl. gloss. 19; (foryat?) vis. P. P. 6692; 
(forgat?) s. s. Wr. 1273; forjset La^. 25833; toYT^et Kath. 
1835; forjeten a. r. 330; Will gloss. 226; {orT^eien (part) 
c. of I. 998; (forgeten?) Chauc. C. t. 1916; Iw. 1584; 
pr. consc. 3909; forgeten, forsete Wicl. gloss.; forsete 
Will, gloss.; vorsiten a. r. 100; for3ute Brand. 26. 
for^ifen, ASax. forgifau, OHGerm. fur-, for-, far-, ferge- 
ban, Goth, fragiban? forgive, Orm. 1464; (forgiven?) vis. 
P. P. 1370; forjive Wicl. gloss.; for^af (pret) ibid.; for- 
3ef ia3. 4273; for3iven (part) a. r. 124. 
vor3ivelich pardonable, a. r. 346. 

for3ifenesse forgiveness, Orm. 1477; forgivenis (?), r el. ant. 
1, 57. 

for3eovere pardoner, a. r. 256*. 
forhacchen? forhaht (part) Wr. spec. 37. 
forhaten renounce, forsake: 3if puwult . . . vorhoten pine 
sunne a. r. 340; forhet (pret) Furn. p. XVII, 86; vor- 
heten a. r. 192; forhote (part) Shorek 162. 

214 for 

forheden, Oerm. verhiiteD, ward off; forhedde (pret,) La'T^, 

forhele(n) conceal^ owl and night 796; pat je forhele fro 
me no ping Halliw, diet, 372; forhal (pret) Orm, 233; 
forholen (part) 2468; forhole Furn. p. VIII, 39; Wr. 
an. lit 8; Alis. 6967; s. s, Web. 250. 
forhewen hew in pieces; forheow (pret) LaT^. 4593. 
forho3hen despise, Orm. 3959; forhohien Kath. 993; for- 
howien a. r. 166; forho3ed (pres.) iaj. 31565. 
forh6ne(n), Dutch verhoonen, scorn, ps. 43, 6. 
vorhSren debauch, a. r. 394; forhored (part) Orm. 2043. 
forhungren, Germ, verhungern, famish; forhungred {part.) 
Orm. 5679; Will gloss.; forliungrid prompt parv. 172. 
forhuschen? deride; forhusce (pres.) La7^. 3171; forhusten 
(pret) 29021. 

foridlen gi^ow idle; foridled (part) a. r. 116. 
vorkeorven cut in pieces, a. r. 360; forkarf (pret) liheaus 
disc, 1325. 

forkulien? scorch, char? pet te sode sunne, pet is Jesu 
Crist, haved widuten vorkuled ou a. r. 50; vorkuliinde 
(v. r. forswidande) hire sulven mid pe fure of sunne 306. 
forlseden mislead; forleded (p?'es) Laj. 1333; forledde 
(pret.) Shoreh. 164. 

forlaeten, ASax. forlsetan, OSax. forlatan, OHGerm. fur- 
lazan, Ooth. fraletan? relinquish, abandon, Orm. 3769; 
forleten La3. 30599; a. r. 406; forlete c. of I. 178; Chauc. 
C. t 14279; furlete HicJc. thes. I, 225; forlatin prompt 
parv. 172; forlete (pret) Will, gloss.; (part) Wicl. gloss. 
forlseven (forleve) leave, Wicl. gloss.; forleft(e) (pret) 
Will, gloss.; forlaft (part) Wr. p. s. 340. 
forlange, cmp. Lat perlonge, very long, Orm. 6996. 
forlangen. Germ, verlangen, long: jif pat tu forlanged art 
if thou longest, Oi'm. 1280. 
vorlonginge longing, a. r. 274. 
forlejernesse adultery, (ace) Orm. 2032. 
forleosen, ASax. forleosan, OHGerm. forliosan, Goth, fra- 
liusan? lose, La'7^. 9486; Kath. 347; a. r. 108; forlesen 
Oi-m. 2278; forlese Horn 665; forleost (pres) owl and 
night. 947; forleose (subj) Wr. spec. 94; forleas (pret) 
ia3. 213; vorleas a. r. 232; forlses Orm. 4758; (pu)vor- 
lure a. r. 310; iovloY&n (part) forlorn, a. r. 146; haJTOw. 
243; forlorn Chauc. C. t 11861. 

for 215 

forliggen lie with illegitimately; forlai (pret) Goto, conf. 

am, \, 347; forlesen (part.) Orm, 1988; forleyen Skoreh, 65. 

forlisten desire much : beon forlist after pe blisse of heofne 

Orm, 11475. 

forloke (for = fore?) foresight^ providence, (dat) Amad, 

Robs, XXXIV, 6; forltike Halliw. diet, 373. 

forluke(n) forelook, foresee, pr. consc, 1946. 

forpinen pine, torment; forpined (part,) vis, P. P, 4107; 

Chauc, C. t 205 & 1455. 

forrseden betray, seduce; forradde C^re^^ La^- 14867; for- 

rad (part) Mapes 337. 

forrecchen? OHGerm, ferrecchan (extendere, porrigere)? 

forraht (part) perverted? Orm. 14540. 

forrldel fore-rider; vorrTdeles (pi) a. r. 206. 

forrotien rot, rel, songs V, 169; vorrotien a. r. 344; for- 

roti Fum. p. V\ 4. 

forsaken forsake, dispute, deny, refuse, abandon, La^, 28714 ; 

Maud, 226; forsake s. s, Wr, 65; pr. consc, 4406; (pres) 

vis, P. P, 3336; fursake Hichthes. 1, 226; forsaked a, r, 

226; forsakep Orm. 17243; forsoc (pret.) £efe. 659 ; forsok 

Alis. 7715; fursaken (part) rel, ant, 1, 103 ; forsakeSeA:. 661. 

forschaden ciepart : al bid des faxes feirnes forsceden ^r. 47. 

forschaldeu scald; forschalded (part) a, r, 246. 

forschamen shame, abash; forshamed (part) Orm, 2183. 

forschapen de-, t7*ansform; forschop (pret) Will, gloss, 

225; Halliw, diet. 373; forshapin (part) Town, my st, 115, 

forschuppen de-, transform; forschupped (2)re5^ a, r, 120; 

forschipt (part) c, of I, 634. 

vorschuppild transformer, a. r, 120. 

forseoden seethe too much; forsepe Shoreh. 165; leste ure 

owune teares vorseoden us ine helle a. r. 312. 

forseon despise, Orm, 9619. 

forsetten block, obstruct; forsettez (pres) Mor, a. p, 2, 78; 

and sipun forsette (subj) him pe strete avow, Arth, 

XXXVIII, 6; foPBette (pret) m, At^th, F, 3046. 

forsitten neglect; forsete (pret, subj) Laj. 28518. 

forslewien neglect? forslSwip (pres) Shoreh, 114. 

forsmiten smite in pieces; forsm^t (pret) Laj. 1598. 

forspeken forspeak, „fascinare'^, prompt, parv, 173; for- 

spokin (part,) Mar, mir, pi. 131. 

forspille(n) destroy, ps. 93, 23. 

forstal disturbance? rel, ant, 1, 33. 

216 for 

forstallen forestall; forstallep (pres,) vis, P. P. 2193. 

forstoppen stop up; forstopped C^res^) a. r. 72; forstoppid 

(pret.) Rich. 4843. 

forswal3e(n) swallow up, Lai^, 28453; forswolhen Mark, 

5; forswolehen rel. songs F, 215; vorsuolwe Bob. Olouc, 

205, 8; vorswoluwen a. r. 164. 

forswesen? forsweye Gow. conf. am. 1, 76. 

forswelen sweal, bum; forswaelde (forswelde) La7^. 16228. 

forsweljen devour; forsweolhes (pres.) a. r. 66*; forsuals 

(pret.) Marg. 161 ; forswalh Mark. 10; forswolhen (part) 13. 

forswelten killy Math. 5. 

forswerin forswear, ^^perjurare^, prompt, parv. 173; for- 

swerip (pres) Wicl. gloss.; forsworeii (part) vis, P. P. 


forswiden, AS ax. forsvidan (reprimere)? consume f forswi- 

dande (v. r. vorkuliinde) (part) a. r. 306*. 

fortrede(ii) tr^ad down, Halliw. diet. 374; fortroden (jpar^^ 

Chauc. C. t Tyr. 150. 

forprsesten distort, pervert; forprast (part.) Mor. a. p. 2,24:9. 

forpringen oppress; forprungen (pari) Orm. 6169. 

forpunken, Olcel. fyrirpykkja (mishage) Fritzners ordb., 

forthink, displease; forpinkep (pres) vis. P. P. 5432; pat 

forpinkep me Mand. 303; me forpinkep pat i so did(e) 

m. Arth. F. 3849; forp03t(e) (pret) Mor. a. p. 2, 557; 

his dedus him sore forpo3te Amad. Robs. XV 111, 3 ; for- 

pout s. s. Wr. 2248. 

forpursten, Dan. fortorste, Germ, verdursten, thirst very 

much; forpirst (part.) ,^sitiens'^, prompt, parv.; forprist 

Orm. 5679. 

forwanie(n), MHGerm. verwenen, forwean, spoil, vis. P. P. 

2541; forweined (part) dep. of R. 5, 11. 

forwarjen curse; forwarjed (part) Orm. 8048. 

forwelken, Germ, verwelken, wither; forwelked (part) 

Chauc. r. r. 361. 

forweren wear out; forwered (part) Chauc. r. r. 235; for- 

werd cr. P. P. 853. 

forweri exceedingly weary. Will, gloss.; Chauc. r. r. 3336; 

m. Arth. F. 2901. 

forwerpen cast away, reject, Orm. 1320; vorworpen a. r. 

120; forwarp (pret) ps. 77, 60*; forworpen (paf^t) Orm. 

1393; vorworpen a. r. 366. 

forwirken forfeit, condemn; forwroht (part) Oi^m. 17547. 

ford 217 

forwlenchen make proud f forwleint (part) Wr. spec, 24. 

forwreien denounce, accuse, Fum. p. VIII, 49 ; forwrfiied 

(part) a. r. 172* 

forwundien wound; forwundede (pret) Laj. 27582; for- 

wonded (pret) Bob. Glouc. 56, 3; forwounded Chauc, r. 

r. 1830. 

forwundren wonder, astonish; forwundred (part) Orm. 

3417; forwondrid Hartsh. met t 19; forwondret antArth. 

XXVI, 9. 

forwurnen prohibit, La^, 3497. 

forwurden, ASax, forveordan, OSax, farwerdan, OHGerm. 

ferwerden, Goth, fravairpan?. Lat pervertere? corrupt, 

perish, LaT^, 28425; vorwurden a. r. 210; forworthe ps. 

1, 6; forwurpen (pres) Om^, 18814; forworthes pr, consc, 

780; forwurde (subj) Kath, 2191; forworpen (pret) La'T^. 

nil", forworpe (part) owl and night 575. 

ford, ASax, ford, OHGerm, {nrt, ford,- ^vadum^^, Wr. 
voc. 92 ; Trist 3, 48 ; pene vord (ford) Laj. 201 59 ; see forp. 

fore, ASax. fore, OSax. OHGerm. fora, OFris. fore, 
fara, Goth, faura, fore, pro, ante: pat tu fore ibeden ha- 
vest Marh, 21 ; non no spak him on word fore Alis. 4038; 
pis ma(8)kell€z perle . . . pe joueler jef fore alle his god 
Mor, a, p. 1, 733; pis Gilbert hire tolde fore ( = foren? 
r, w. ibore = iboren) Bek. 31; so stille and derne he was 
pe fend fore (r, w. ibore) c, of I, 1030; compos, parfore. 

fore, ASa>x. fore, fore, before, antea. Will, gloss.; 
Wicl. gloss. 

forefader forefather; forefadres (pi) vis. P. P. 3483. 
forjerd foreyard, Wicl. gloss. 

foreheved forehead, Bek. 2100; forheved Peroei?. 495; for- 
heed Chauc. C. t 154. 

forsight, OHGerm. {ovdi^ihi, foresight, prompt, parv. 171. 
foretuken, ASax. foretacen, OHGerm. forazeichan, foreto- 
ken, Halliw. diet. 371; fortaken Orm. 16157. 
fortop /ore^o/?, Wr. treat. 137. 
foretop foretooth; fortep (pi) Flor. 1609. 
forewal, ASax.toreyesSl, forewall, y^antemurale'^, Wicl. gloss. 
fore ward, ASax. foreveard, forward; forewardes Mand. 61. 
foreward, ASax. foreveard, Olcel. forvordr, covenant, com- 
pact, La^. 23657; a, r. 126; c. of I. 1055; vis. P. P. 2101 ; 
voreward owl and night 1687; forward Chauc. C. t. 831 j 
m. Arth. F. 3695, 

218 fore 

forwit prescience, vis, P. P. 2804. 

fore, ASax. for, ODutch voere, OHGerm. fuora, cours€y 
way, track, rel, ant, 1, 160; (dat,) Mis, 2355; pe cnihtes 
weoren on vore ia3. 5858; fore (ace) 13667; and so for- 
lost pe hund his fore owl and night, 815. 

for en (forn), forne, ASax, foran, forne, OSax. foran, 
forana, OHGerm, forna, before. Ell, rom, 1, 395 ; forn seid 
Wicl. gloss, 1 9 ; foren an his h&fde vorn an seinem haubte, 
Laj. 23968; pej token eft forn on (sie fiengen wider vorn 
an) to serfen Orm, 553; forn ajens (aseinst) Wicl, gloss,; 
forne „ formerly^ ? Gaw. gloss, ; compos, a-, at-, bi-, toforen. 

forest, OFr, forest, forest, lai le fr. 145. 

iovsiev forester, vis, P. P. 11592; Chauc, C, t, 117. 

forke, Lat, furca, /ori, Wr. voc, 180; W?\ spec, 110; 
forken, furken (pi) gallows, Lai^, 5720 & 21102; forkis 
dep, of R. 8, 3; compos, galheforke. 

forme, Lat. forma, form, (ace.) Furn. p. XIII, 314; 
^n hare, whan he in forme lip Wr, treat. 139. 

forme, ASax, OSax, OFris, forma, /rsf, La^, 4942; 
Orm, 14431; Alis, 1292; s, s, Web, 1424; pr. consc, 483; 
vorme a, r. 10; furme Wr, p, s. 155; see frame. 

form est, ASax, formest, fyrmest, OFm. formest, Goth, 
frumist, foremost, c, of I. 1140; vis. P, P. 6043; furmest 
Wr, p. s, 154; firmest rel, ant 1, 213; formast Mor, a, 
p, 2, 491; pe formeste iaj. 6855; vormeste a, r. 208. 

forp = ford? Wicl, gloss,; Gaw. gloss.; Mor. a. p. 1, 
150; forthes (pi.) Rob. Br. 187, 16. 

ford, ASax. OSax. ford, OFrU. forth, ford, MIIGerm. 
vort, forth: ford pe king wende La^- 25751 ; he droh pat 
witnes forp Orm. 3078; farep forp 6406; vorp to unto, 
untill^ Rob. Glouc. 7, 22; he hsehte heom ford riht iaj. 
25713; forp riht an 4n he flseh a we3 Orm. 3196; se 
ford so far, Kath. 243; so ford ant so feor Marh. 15; 
he wule to vord a. r, 294; forp daies far (late) in the 
day, Wicl, Mark 7 ; Percev, 825. 

vordbringen bring forth, a. r. 66; forp ibro3t (part.) Furn, 
p, XIII, 135. 

fordfare departu?% decease, Lai^, 6009. 
forpfare(n) fare away^ depart, c. of I, 218; Alis. 6937; 
ps. 10, 2; fordfaren (part) a, r, 30. 

forpgan go on or away; forpgSn (part.) prompt, parv. 173. 
vordgong progress, a, r. 318. 

forpen 219 

forpward forthward, forward, Orm. 5226; Bek, 674; ford- 
ward (forpwardes) Lai^, 5370; 3if ich hie swAde vordward 
a. r. 242. 
forpwerpe(ii) cast away, Halliw, diet 374. 

forpen, ASax. furdon, moreover, Orm, 825. 

for den, ASax, fordian, perform, rel. ant 1, 212; for- 
pen Orm. 1834 & 2379; fordes (pres.J a. r. 364*; compos. 
a-, iforden. 

foster (foster?), ASax. fostur, Olcel. tosir, foster, nu- 
trimentum, Mark. 8; (child?) Kath. 451; (manfj Mor. a. 
p. 2, 257 ; voster La^. 25921 ; fostre (dat.) Mar. mir. pi. 194. 
fosterfader Orm. 8855. 
vostermoder Lai^. 25899; Mark. 8. 

fosterling, ASax. {osterlmg, foster-child; fosterlinges 
fplj La'7^. 28574. 

fostren (fostren?), Olcel. fostra, foster, nutrire, Orm. 
1558; fostrin Marh. 2; fostre Chauc. C. t 8469; ps. 54, 
23; fostred (pres,) a. r. 296; fostren vis. P. P. 11782; 
fostrede (pret) LaT^. 25858; fostred (part) Hoccl. 1, 229. 

i 6 sir ild foster-mother, a. r. 72. 

fot, ASax. OSax. OFris. fot, Olcel. fotr, Goth, fotus, 
OUGerm. fuoz, Gr. 7to8-6c, Lat. ped-is, /oo*, Orm. 11369; 
& i pe l^itende fur hSt warpen euch fdt (man, per synec- 
dochen) Kath. 1371; vot a. r. 194; com ofer AxvTfi fot 
(dry-foot) Orm. 10338; hot fot without delay, immediately, 
MapesdSd; fot (foot) hoi id., Chauc. C. t. 4858; s. s. Web. 
843; k. of T. 104 ; two fot Eglam. 312; on fote & onhors 
J/or. a^ p. 2,79; fote lame (fotlame?) debilis pede, Hardw. 
poem 51 ; fet (nom. ace. pL) Orm. 4775; chron. Engl. 630; 
vet a. r. 122; foten (dat. pi.) LaT^. 14820; voten a. r. 
166; fote? Orm. 11946; feete Chauc. C. t 5524; fallen him 
to fete (im zu filszen) met. hom. 95 ; fit «. a. c. XVI, 10. 
fotmau Alis. 1611. 
fdtsteppe prompt parv. 174. 

foper, ASax. foder, OSax. fvother, Dutch voeder, 
MllOerm. vuoder, f other, load, Chauc. 0. f. 1910; on his 
head fallep pe foper Rich. 1732; fopir Alis. 1809; voder 
(foder) a. r. 140; vodere (foper) (pi.) Lai,. 25762. 

f6dere(ii) load? a. r. 140*. 

fouaile, MLat. focale, fuel, prompt parv. 174. 

foun, OFr. faon, fawn, ^hinnultuf^, prompt, parv. 176; 
Mand. 290. 

220 founderin 

founderin, OFr. (ondrer^ founder^ prompt parv. 175; 
foundred (pret) Chauc. C, t 2689; foundret ant Arth, 
XLIl 9. 

fowen, OIceL faga? cleanse, Halliw, diet 376; fowin 
prompt parv, 175; fSwed (part) ibid. 

f 6 ware cleanser, prompt parv, 174. 

fox, A8ax, ion, OHOerm, fuchs, Dutch vos, fox, rel. 
ant 1, 217; vox oivl and night 817; voxes (pl.J a. r. 128. 

{ oxish foxish, prompt parv. 175. 

Ira (fra?), Olcel OHGerm. fra (fra?), fro (fra), Orm. 
1; Iw. 1290; ps, 2, 3; pe limes pat er cutted fra pe bodi 
pr. consc, 3715; fro m. P. P. 3554; Wicl. John 8, 14; 
m, Arth, F. 633; he ros fro dede reL ant 1, 209; no ping 
pou mai take fro us Hand, 294; god schilde us fro schame 
Eglam. 508. 
? frete ? 

fretewil voracious? a, r. 128*. 

? freten, ASax. fretan, OHGerm, frezan, Goth, fraitan, fret, 
devour, La^, 31677, frete Shoreh, 161; fretep (pres,) Orm. 
16133; vret a, r. 184; frat (pret) ps, 79, 14; fret Rob, 
Olouc, 203, 18; Alis, 703; freet vis. P. P. 12468; freten 
Alis, 5171; freten (part) 5179; Chauc, C, t 2070. 
fra ward froward: p£i turnest tu pe fraward god Orm, 
4672; if he fraward be pr, consc, 87; froward ,^cont7^arius^ , 
prompt parv. 180; pe weder was cold and froward s, s. 
Web, 2622. 
frawardnes froioardness, pr, consc, 1173. 

fraht (fraught), Dutch vrsichi, freight, lud, Cov, 137; 
freight prompt parv. 177. 

fraughte(n), ODutch vrachten, freight, Chauc, C, t 
4591; frau3t (part) Will, gloss, 

frakel vile, despicable? a. r, 102, 182 & 204; frakele 
(adv) rel. ant, 1, 178 & 183. 

frakin frecken, freckle, prompt, parv, 176; W7\ voc. 
209; frekin 267; freknes (pi) Chauc, C, t 2171. 

fram, ASax, fram, from, OSax, Goth, OHGerm, fram, 
from, Kath. 2325; Wr, treat 137; vis, P. P. 3555; a litil 
fram his halle s. s, Wr, 750; to wite pe fram pe fende 
Shoreh. 90; from c, of I, 656; pe from (fram) drihtene 
com LaT^, 20; from worlde to worlde a. r, 430; from pe 
time pat he ferst bigan Chauc, C, t 44; pet he wardie 
ou vrom (v. r, wid) alle peo pet ou awaited a, r, 174. 

fram 221 

frsLmwaird fromward : pat evene fram ward pan &t toward 
pane west dr6u3 Brand, 3; frommard a. r. 92. 

fram (frame), ASax, fram (strenutis), Olcel. framr 
(praestansjf Halliw, diet 378. 

f ram e, Dutch vrame, Olcel. frami, ASax, freme, fremu, 
frame, "profit, Orm, 961; rel. ant. 1, 169; Wr. spec. 71; 
Rob. Br, 162, 12; 3if hit be for mi frame Halliw. diet. 
378; y,fabrica^, prompt, parv. 176; freome a. r. 124*; for 
pe freme of pe loande U. zeitschr, 11, 298. 

framien ('ramin), ASax, framian, fremian, fremman, 
(prodesse), OFris, framia, frema (prodesse, perficere), Dutch 
vramen (prodesse), OSax, fremian (perficere), Olcel, frama, 
fremja (promovere, efjicere, ornare), frame, ,^dolare^, prompt, 
parv, 176; fremien avail, Kath, 288; vreomien he of use, 
a. r, 284; freme „proficere^^ ps. 88, 23; Havel. 441; frem- 
men perform, LaT^. 24010; frames (pres,) avails, profits, 
a, r, 126*; Rol. Br. M. 3, 389; fremede (pret,J benefited^ 
Kath. 2399; framed (part.) framed. Rich. 1859; compos. 

framing, ASax. fremung, framing, winning, prompt, 
parv. 176. 

fr^sten (fr^st), Olcel. freista (experiri, tentare), seek, 
try. Mar. mir. pi. 98; fraiste (pres.) Mor. a. p. 1, 169; 
fraistes pr, consc, 1090; Isumb, 669; freistes Rob. Br. 
119, 13; fraisted (pret.) Iw, 3253; silver fraisted {part.) 
wip pe fire j,argentum igne examvnatum^, ps. 11, 7. 

frede(n), ^Sarr. (ge-)fredan, ODwicA vroeden, OUOerm. 
fruotan, feel. Goto, conf, am. 2, 119; we fredep {pres.) 
Shoreh. 7 ; fredde ( pret.) 120 ;s.s. Web. 1514; compos, ifreden. 

f rein en (freinen?), f^om ASax. frignan pret. frajgn, 
Goth, fraihnan, Qmp. OSax. tr&gon p7'et. fr^goda, frain, 
ask, inquire, Kath. 1645; fraeinien Laj. 17116; freine 
Gow. conf. am. 2, 384; Octov. 1381; frajnen O^-m. 5664; 
fraine T7nst. Ill, 30; Percev, 1293; treined {pres,) a, r. 
264; frainez Moi\ a. p. 1, 129; fraine {subjunct.) Amad. 
Robs. LVI, 7; freinede {pret.) La;^. 7244; freined m. Arth. 
F. 678; frained 2;i5. P. P. 575; frasned (i^ari.) Orw. 12973; 
ifreined {part.) Chauc. C, t. 12361 ; ivreined a. r. 338. 

frek, ASax. free, Olcel. frekr, Goth, friks, OHGertn, 
frecher, /recir, eage^^, keen, brisk, quick, Degrev. 1365; Min. 
15; vrech (free) a. r. 128; ink prompt, parv. 179; Lidg. 
m. p. 230. 

222 freke 

frecliche greedily, LaT^, 31772; vrechhche a. r, 204; frekli 
fiercely, Degrev. 285*. 

freke, ASax. ivec2L, freck man, Alis, 2161; vis. P. P. 
2101; Mor, a. p, 2, ^\ ant AhL XXXII, 8; frechen 
(freoken) {pL) Kath. 732. 

freme (frim)^ A Sax. freme, frem {frim), strong, vigo- 
rous, I. c. c. 5; liixuriantly? Mor. a. p, 1, 1078. 
fremsomnes ,^benignitas^, ps. 64, 12*. 

fremede (fremid), ASax. frein(e)de, fremde, OSax. 
fremidi, OHGerm. fremider, framader, Goth, framapis, 
fremd, foreign, strange, prompt, parv. 178; Amis 1999; 
4 vreomede (fremde) child a. r. 184; of fremde lond(e) 
Chauc. C. t 10743; fremde men Orm. 1250; fremde and 
sibbe Roh. Glouc. 346, 1 ; wip fremid(e) and sibbe Wr. 
p. s. 202. 

f r e , ASax. freo, fri, OFris. fri, OHGerm. frier, Goth, freis, 
free, liberal^ noble, La^. 29591; Kath. 1179; Bek. 554; 
Alis. 192; vreo a. r. 220; freo, fre O^^n. 2968 & 12201; 
fre Chauc. C. t. 854; fri Shoreh. 102. 
ivQ^^m ;freedom, Mand. 193; Rob. Br. 71, 17. 
freolsien, ASax. freolsian, Olcel. frelsa, frialsa, for freo- 
halsien, celebrate: messedas to freolsen Orm. 2720; frels 
{pres. imper.) free, deliver, rel. ant. 1, 22. 
freolac, vreoleic (freolaic, freolec) liberality, a. r. 192, 
222 & 386; freolaic Kath. 2398. 

freolich freely, liber, Kath. 68; Marh. 13; freli m. Arth. 
F. 3121; freollche liber e, LaT^. 185; freli Chauc. C.t. 1209. 
freman prompt, parv. 178. 
frenesse freeness, prompt, parv. 178. 
vreoschipe liberality, a. r. 386. 

fre, ASaxjc. freo, OSax. fri, noble woman, Gaw. gloss.; 
Degrev. 745. 

freoken, ASax. freogan, free, liber are; freoijen, freoien 
La'7^. 882 & 5619; freoin Marh. 3; freode {pret.) Laj. 
6175; compos, ifreojen. 

freond, fr^ud, ASax. freond, OFris. friond (friond?) 
friund, OSax. friund, OHGerm. friont, friunt, Goth, fri- 
jonds, Olcel. fraendi, friend, 07'm. 1609 & 17960; freend 
prompt, parv. 178; frind Aud. 22; freond (nom. ace. pi.) 
Bek. 367; frend Orm. 443; Mapes 334; frende Eglam. 
144; freonde {dat. pi.) Fum. p. VIII^ 111; frende (r. w. 
pinde) sacram. 720. 

freosen 223 

frendli friendly, ChaUrC. C, t 2682. 
frendlihed Gow. conf. am, 2, 286. 
freondrede amicitia, AUs. 1488. 
freondschipe friendship, a. r. 98. 

freosen, ASax. freosan, JceZ. friosa, OHOerm. {rinsan, 
freeze 'j freosep (pres,) Wr, treat 136; fr^sep Mand. 131; 
frees (pret) WicL gloss.; fr& Gaw. gloss,; Rob, Br, 121, 
28; frore (part.) Wr, spec, 25; ifrore Wr, treat. 137. 

fresch, A8ax. fersc, Dutch versch, Olcel, ferskr, 
friskr (?), OHGerm, friscer, fresh ( frisk), brisk, fierce, Gaw, 
gloss,; Furn, p, XXX, 49; fresh Orm. 6348; Chauc, C, t. 
92; pr. consc, 1254; as fresch as II lions ant, Arth, XLV, 
2; fersch Wr, treat. 136; verss Rob, Glouc, 217, 12; fers 
(r, w, flesch) Triam, 1246; of fresche watir Mand, 115; 
on fresche steden Alis. 2405; see fers. 
freschli freshly, prompt, pa/rv, 178; Gaw. gloss. 

frese? OSax. fresa. {periculum), ODutch vreese (iimor), 
OHGerm, freisa {periculnm, pernicies)? fear? no fr^s 
Town, my St. 291. 

freslTch, OHGerm, freislTcher? fearful? fresllche? {the other 
ms. has ferslTche) Furn. p, XXV, 32; fresli? = fersli? 
WUl. gloss. 224. 

frete? ASax. frsetu pi. frsetve, OSax. fratah, fret, 
ornament: her fret of gold Chauc. leg. g. worn. 225; wip 
frette of perle Gow. conf. am. 2, 228. 

fret ten, ASax. fraetvian, OSax. fratohon, fret, adorn; 
fretted (part.) vis. P. P. 901; Mor. a. p. 2, 1476; frettut 
ant. AhK XXIX, 5; frett pr. consc. 9107. 

Frie, ASax. Frig (?) Ettm. lex. 373^ Gr. myth. 277, 
Venus, Rob. Glouc. 112, 17. 

Fridai, ASax. Frigedseg, Olcel. Friadagr, OHGei^m. Fria- 
tag, Friday, Kath. 2531 ; Rob. Glouc. 1 12, 18 ; Vrideia. r. 422. 
Vrtniht a. r. 122. 

frie? Olcel. fr^ja (exprobratio)? 
freles, Olcel. fr^julauss? blameless^ Mor, a. p. 1, 431. 

Irie(n), Olcel. fr^ja, blame, reprove, Havel. 1998. 

friggen? ASax. fricgan (tnterrogare, sciscitari)? to fri3- 
jen & to tselen Orm. 16513. 

frijt, ASax. fyrhtu, OFris. fruchta, OSax. OHGerm. 
forhta, Goth, faurhtei, fright, Mapes 338; s. s. Wr. 948; 
freihte prompt, parv. \11. 

frijten, frohten? ASax. fyrhtan, forhtian, OFris. 

224 frise 

finichta, OHGerm, furchtan, forchtan, Goth, faurhtjan, 
fright, frighten; compos, a-, offrihten. 

frise, Fr, trise, frieze, prompt, parv. 179. 

frist, ASax. first, fyrst, OFris, first, ferst, OHGerm. 
frist, Olcel, frest, space of time^ respite; frest Orm. 261; 
prompt parv, 178; first La'T^. 287 & 12242; furst Beh 883. 

frestin, AS ax. firstan, OFris. fersta, OHGerm. fristan, 
Olcel. fresta, respite, defer, prompt, parv. 179; n6 langer 
wold he freste Halliw. diet. 380; firsten Mark. 15; friste 
{pres.) prompt, parv. 179*; \Mor. a. p. 2, 743; fifstede 
Ipret.) Kath. 2399. 

frid, AS ax. frid, frido, Olcel. fridr, OFris. ferd, ferda, 
fretho, OSax. fridu, OHGerm. fridu, frith, peace, protection, 
preserve, inclosure, LaT^. 2549; frip Orm. 3380; vis. P. P. 
11593; Jt/».157; Mor. a. p. 2, 534; Min. 9; frip or forest, 
toun or fild Amad. Robs. LXXI, 5 ; frep Degrev. 486 ; 
frip, firp Gaw. gloss.; ^e huntied i pes kinges fride La^. 
1432; frepe (dat.) Tor. 586; fripis (pi.) ant. Arth. I, S. 
fripsocne rel. ant. 1, 33. 

fridien, ASax. fridian, OFris. frethia, ferdia, OSax. 
fridon, Goth, (ga-)fripon, protect, preserve; fridede (pret) 
Kath. 2399*; fredde (friped) (part.) ant. Arth. I, 7; fri- 
ped in fenced in, vis. P. P. 3668. 

iro for frou? Olcel. frA, OSax. ffrua, OFris. fr&(u)we, 
OHGerm. fr6(u)wa, frow, mistress, woman, Halliic. diet. 383. 

frofer (frover), ASax. frofor, OSax. frofra, [OHGerm. 
fluobara], consolation, comfort, rel. ant. 1, 17] ; frovre iaj. 
9075; vrovre a. r. 92; frofre {ace.) Orm. 8786. 

frefren, ASax. frofrian (?), frefrian OSax. frofrean, 
/^OjKf6rer«i. fluobiren], console, comfort, Orm. 150; frovren 
Kath. 287; vrovren a. r. 72; froveren rel. ant. 1, 186; 
froefrien Laj. 14844; frovri (pres.) owl and night. 535; 
freverep Shoreh. 7; frorep Wr. spec. 73; frovere c. of I. 
889; frovrede {pret) Marh. S. 

fro ring consolation, harrow. 166. 

frogge, ASax. frocga, frog, ,^hufo'^, prompt, parv. 180; 
Rob. Glouc. 69, 3. 

froise froise {fraise\ prompt, parv. 180; Wr. voc. 24:2; 
I. c. c. 50; Gow. conf. am. 2, 93. 

frok, Fr, froc, frocJe, prompt, parv. 179; Mor. a. p. 2, 
136; frokke (dat.) vis. P. P. 2635; see roc. 

frosch, ASax. frox, OHGerm. frosc, frosch, Olcel. 

frost 225 

froskr, ODutch y orsch, frosh (frosk), ^rana^^ Wr,voc,22Z; 
Wid, gloss.; frosch, tvosk prompt parv. 180; froskes (pi,) 
ps. 104, 30; To7vn, myst 62. 

frost, A Sax. OFris. torsi, OSax. Icel, OHGerm. frostj 
from freosen, frost, prompt. parv. 180; Oj^m. 12655; Maud. 
130; forst Wr. treat. 137; Wicl. gloss.; vorst Rob. Glove 
265, 11. 

frosti frosty, Chauc. C. t. 270. 

fro the, OTcel. froda, froth, prompt, parv. 180. 

fropen froth; fropep (pres.) Wicl. gloss.; fropen Chauc. 
C. t. 1661; fropande (part.) Mor. a. p. 2, 1721. 

frounin frown, prompt parv. 180; Lidg. st. of Th. 254. 

frow, AS ax. frea? OSax. frao, fro, OFr is. fro, OH Germ. 
fr6(w)er, iv2iVfQv^(laetus), Olcel. fr^r (celer), frow (frough), 
gay, loose? Halliw. diet 383; fals and fr6u3 Mapes 337; 
fr6w(e) „festine'% rel. ant. 2, 216. 

fru3t, OSax. OHGerm. fruht. Lot. fructus ? /7*Mt<, apol, 
4; frut a. r. 150; Wr. treat 133. 

frume, ASax. Goth, fruma, Lat ^rimxis, f rum, first; 
frume (forme) (subst) beginning, commencement, Lai^. 13265; 
frome (dat) owl and night. 476; at pe (at te) frome e. 
of I. 1455; Alis. 5356; compos, ordfrume. 
frumraes Lqt^. 8665. 

frumpil, ODutch frommel, rumple, ,^ruga^, prompt, 
parv. 181. 

frumpe, ASax. frumd, frymd, beginning, commencement, 
Orm. 18558; i pe vrumde a. r. 218. 

fruschen rush? pei fruschen to gidere Mand. 238; 
frouschen Degrev. 1087; fruschit (pret) Gaw. gloss. 

fujel, ASax. fugel, Olcel. fugl, Goth, fugls, OHGerm. fo- 
gel, fowl, avis, owl and night 1095; fujel, fojel (fowel) iaj. 
4832 & 20174; fuwel, fuel a. r. 14 & 126; foghel pr. consc. 
7075; fowel Wr. treat 139; Hoim 1414; Chauc. C. t 190; 
foul Mand. 48; Tor. 2050; fuheles (pi) Kath. 2124; fo- 
^eles Shoreh. 146; foweles vis. P. P. 3184; fuwelene (gen. 
pi) a. r. 298; fujele (dat. pi.) owl and night. 64. 

f u 1 a r e , ASax. fugelere, foivler, ,^auceps^\ prompt, parv. 
175; foulere Wicl. gloss. 19; fuheleres (gen) Marh. 3. 

foul in, ASax. fugelian, fowl, ,^aucupari^, prompt, 
parv. 175. 

ful, ASax. full (for fuln), OSax. ful, OFris. ful, fol, 
Olcel. fullr, Goth, fulls, OHGerm. foller, Gr. iiXsoc, TcXstoc, 


226 fal 

Rtt88. noJHHH, LUhuan. pilnas, Lat plenus, /wZZ, vis. P. P. 

33 ; hundred is ful tel & noted perfectiun, pet is ful dede 

(or fuldMe?) a. r. 372; pe fulle tale Orm. 11270; fuUe 

fiftene ferden La^- 27433; weres fulle fowertis Onn, 11210 ; 

fulle six 36r Horn 926; ahte ant tuenti foUe 361' chron. 

Engl. 416; mid fuUere strenden (r. strengde) La^. 29047; 

ser pe king hsefde paes ful isseide 26044; ful wel Marh. 

4; a. r. 6; Orm. pref. 17; fol wel Shoreh. 159; Mich. 

1550; ful neh LaT,. 101; ful late pr. consc. 789; ful bold 

vis. P. P. 11166; ful hard (or fulhard? Olcel fuUhardr) 

transact 19, 321; ful wis (Ooth. fuUaveis) Mor. a. p. 1, 

747 ; ful cl^ne ant. Arth. XXX, 1 ; ful enden (fulenden ? 

Germ. voUenden), Furn.p. VIII, 123; ful ende Bek. 2205; 

ful waxen (fulwaxen ?), OHGerm. folle wahsan, ftdl-grown, 

0^«w. 10884; Fum. p. XXX, 38; compos, ase-, bale-, care-, 

dr^d-, Sst-, fer-, grid-, hih-, luf-, miht-, nip-, red-, sorh-, 


fulbriht (ful briht?) Hick thes. 1, 222. 

fulbringen, OHGerm. follebringan, accomplish ; fulbroht 

(part.) Orm. 16335. 

fuldon (ful don? OHGerm. folle tuon), a. r. 372. 

fulfremien perform; fulfremed (part) Orm. 2530. 

fulfuUen /t^Z/Zi, a. r. 288; ful-fiUe Mor. a. p. 2, 264; fol- 

fuld (fulfild) (part.) c. of I 561; folfeld Shoreh. 147. 

fulhed. Germ. voUheit, ps. 23, 1. 

fuliwis (ful iwis?) La^. 1324; Ot^m. 687. 

fulliche fully, iaj. 14124; a, r. 124; owl and night. 1685; 

fulhke Orm. 16302; fuUi pr. consc. 4570. 

?fulst, ASax. fylst, fuUaest, OSax. fullSsti, OFris. fulliste, 

Dutch vuUeest, OHGerm. foUeist, help, avxilium; fulste 

(dot.) Laj. 1747. 

fulsten, ASax. fylstan, fuUaestan, help, auxiliari, Laj. 

5581; filsten rel. ant. 1, 186; fulste (pres.) owl and night 

887; (pret) La^. 1148. 

filstnen id., Orm. 6170; filstnede (pret.) rel. ant. 1, 209; 

filsened Mor. a. p. 2, 1167. 

Pfultum, ASax. fultum, help, auxilium; fultume (foltome) 

(dat) Za3. 14618. 

fulwen, ^/Saa?. fulvian, fullian,/o?*fulvihan? [*vihan = Goth. 

veihan (AytaCstv)] baptize, LaT^. 2402; folwen („folewen") 

Hich. thes. 1, 229; foUede (pret) vis. P. P. 10519; fulsed 

(part) Mor. a. p. 2, 164; folut ant Arth. XVIII, 4; iful- 

fai 22T 

wed c, of L 1457; ifulhet Mark. 1; ivoUed Roh. Glouc. 

239, 3. 

fuluht, ASax, fulviht, baptism, a. r, 322; fuUuht La^* 36; 

Orm, 4054; fullit Mark 19; folht Wr. p, s. 157. 

fuluhten baptize; fuUehted (pres.J LaT^, 29769. 

fuhltnen id., Orm, 94. 

fulwirken, OHOerm, fol(l)awurchan, perfect, complete; ful- 

wroht (part.) Orm, 15597. 

ful, ASax. ful, Olcel, full, OHOerm, fiiler, fovl, a, r, 
118; Orm, 2032; owl and night, 94; foul Rob, Olouc, 69, 
3; Wr, spec, 103; J?^. 1332; 3if pine v6 enne fulne (ful) 
nome a, r, 316; fulre (compar.) 84; 0?*m, 15831; fAluste 
(superlat,) a, r, 216; fule (adv,) Orm, 1201; foule Alia, 
1118; vis, P, P, 2640. 
{ulhche foully, a, r, 124. 

fulmart fotdmart, pole-cat, Mar, mir, pL 8 ; fulmard prompt, 

fulen (foulin), ASax, fulian, £f Ian, foul, file, yfnirpare, 
maculare^^, prompt, parv, 17 fj; fiilen ,^inquinare^ , a, r, 124; 
Mark. 13; filen Orm, 4493; file Wr, voc, 203; pr, consc, 
1210; apol, 22; foulen (pres,) vis, P. P, 13586; fiilep owl 
and night, 100; fouled (pret,) Mor. a, p, 2, 269; fiiled 
Rob, Glouc, 290, 15; foulid (part) Wicl. gloss,; filed 
Mor, a, p, 2, 136; compos, bifulen. 

fulle, ASax, fyllo, OH Germ, fuUi, ^/Z, plenitas: pe 
je<ant had his fulle of fight Eglam, 560; fiUe prompt, parv, 
160; (acc;) Fum. p, XVII, 391; 5. 5. WV. 967. 

fulle n, ASax, fuUian, fyllan, Olcel, fuUa, fylla, OHGerm, 
fulian, OSax, Goth, fuUjan, fill, implere, Wr, an, lit, 8; 
fille Rich. 6039; fuUep (pres,) c, of I, 731 ; fullenvis. P. P. 
5716; fulde (pret) a, r, 40; Horn 1155; filde Gow, conf 
am. 2, 204; fulled (part) fulled, vis, P, P, 10529; filled 
filled, Mor, a. p, 2, 104; compos, a-, ifuUen. 

fo nines, ASax, fulness, jTowZwes^, Wicl, gloss, 

fulpe, Dutch \v\tQ, OHGerm.iviMAsi, fidness,m€t,hom,l , 

fulde, ASax, f^ld, OHGerm, fulida, filth, (ace) a, r, 
128; fulpe ^ordure'', Wr, voc, 159; (dat) c, of I, 1138; 
filpe ,.sordes'^, prompt, parv, 160; Mand, 61; fulden (ace, 
pi.) a, r, 128. 

f u n d e 1 i n g , MHGerm, vundelinc, Dutch vondeling, 
foundling, prompt, parv.; Will, gloss.; fundling Horn 226; 
findling Fum, p, XXIII, 56; foundlinges (pL) ps, 67, 6. 


228 funden 

funde(n), ASax, fundian, OHGeim. funden, OSaor, 
fundon, from finden, fovnd, seek, tend, go, Furn. p, VII, 
10; founden Wr, spec, 82; founde Iloryi 107; m, Arth, 
F, 1965; Amad, Web, 52; Town, myst 216; i mot hepen 
fonden C9\ P, P, 812 ; when pou an hunting foundes (pres,) 
Eglam. 259; funded Mark, 10; pider ffindep evrich man 
owl and night. 719; foundes ant. Arth. XLI, 6. 

funding departtire: paire fondinge dai Isumb, 143. 

funke, OHGerm, funcho (fomes)^ Dutch vonke (fo- 
meSy scintilla), funk, sparky y,igniculus^, prompt, parv, 1 82 ; 
pat ilke firi funke Gow. conf am, 3, 18; pat was not 
worth k fonk Rol, Br. 172, 26. 

fur, ASax. f^r, OSax. OFris. OHGer^m. fiur, Gr, itup, 
fire, La'7^. 1187; a. r. 124; Brand, 8; fuir Alts, 6^7 ; Mand. 
35; Degrev, 1378; fir vis, P. P. 1553; Chauc. C. f. 1248; 
Percev. 791; fier 5. s. Wr. 2505; Lidg. m. p. 35; fer 
Shoreh. 99; Trist. II, 33; Rich, 781; sacram. 494. 
firbrand ^r. consc. 7421; firbrond Wicl, gloss,; fiiirbrond 
Alis. 6848. 

fiirherp. Germ, feuerherd, prompt, parv. 161. 
furlre, MUOerm. viurlsen, Brand. 30. 
fierpanne, ODutch vier-panne, Wicl. gloss, 
flrreed Chauc. C, t, 626. 
fiirston prompt, parv. 161. 

fiiren, ASax. f;^ren, OHGerm. fiuriner, igneus^ Wicl. 
gloss,; lirene (dat,) Orm, 17412; furene (pi.) a, r, 356. 

fur 3, ASax. furh (?), OHGerm, fur(u)h, OFris, furch, 
ODutch Yore, furrow (fur), rel, ant. 1, 217; furgh Go?j\ 
conf. am. 2, 63 ; fore, forowe ^sulcn^i''^, prompt, parv. 171; 
for we (ace.) Halliw, diet. 375; forow(e) vis. P, P, 8771; 
foure Flor. 1300; forces (pi) Mor. a. p. 2, 1547; furwes 
vis. P. P. 4005; fore wis Wicl. gloss, 

furlong, -4ySorr. furlang (?), fuAong, Mand, 190; ibrlang 
li beaus disc. 306. 
furlen(g)p Gaw. gloss. 

furi, ODutch yiQYig, MHGerm. \mrec, fiet^y, Brand. 15; 
firi pr. consc. 7762. 

firin, ASax. {frism, ' OHGerm. tiureu, fire, ,Sgnire'', 
prompt, parv. 162; fiire (pres. imperat) Marh. 18; fiirid 
(part.) Wicl. gloss. 

furst, ASax. Olcel. fyrst, OHGerm. furist, first, Furn. 
p. XII, 6; for pi comen pe3 him first to seken i pat ende 

furste 22 9 

Orm. 6876; ferst Chauc, C, t 727; frist dep, of Rich, 6, 27. 

furste, xiSax. fyrsta, OIceL fyrsti, OS ax. OHOerm, 
furisto, first, c. of L 300 ; ^ Shore/i, 119; firste vis. P. P, 
11176; l)e firste preost Orm. 293; ferste Degrev. 1522; 
friste m. Arih. F. 149. 

fur per, A Sax* OSax. fur dor, OFris. further, forther, 
OHGenn. furder, further, rel. ant. 1, 173; Eglam. 373; 
lie sChalt tu gou no furder a. r. 228; fiirder (forpere) 
ia^. 4880; forper Orm. 7338; forpir pr. consc. 440; for- 
pere Brand. 2; forper, ferper? Chauc. C. t. 36 & 4115; 
ferper? vis. P. P. 24:83. 

forpere, AS ax. furdra, OSax. ffurthera, OFris. for- 
deva, further, prior, anterior, Wicl. gen. 32, 17; his forpere 
fet Brand. 30; Iw. 2004. 

f u r d r i e (n), ASax. fyrdrian, MHOerm. viirdern, further, 
rel. ant. 1, 131; furpren Gow. conf. am. 1, 228; firpren 
Orm. 5084; forpren Wr. spec. 99; furdred (pres.) a. r. 156. 

fus, ASax. OSax. fus, OIceL fuss, OH Germ, funser, 
ready, Orm. 9065; fous Wr. spec. 50; li beaus disc. 288; 
vous rel. ant. 2, 243 ; fuse (pi) LaT^. 4399. 

fuse 11, ASax. fj^san, OIceL f^sa, hasten, iaj. 2073 
& 17081; fiisde (lyret.) 16420. 

fust, ASax. ffst, OHGerm. fust, fi^t, owl and night. 
1536; vis. P. P. 11644; fist prompt, parv. 163; fustes 
(pi.) a. r. 82; Wr. treat. 139. 

fustian, OFr. fustaine, fustian, Chauc. C. t. 75. 

gab b e, OIceL gabb, jest, lie : gabbe ant gile VTr. spec. 49 ; 
wi{>outen gabbe fairly, c. of I. 507; gabbes (pL) Kath. 2269. 

gabb en, ASax. gabban (?), Olcel. gabba, gab, jest, licy 
a. r. 200; gabbin ,^me9itiri'^ , prompt, parv, 183; gabbe yw. 
P. P. 17.18; Chauc. C. t. 3510; (pres) WilL gloss.; Wid. 
gloss.; gabbed (pret) m. Arth. F. 1105; gabbid (part) 
met. horn. 57 ; igabbet Kath, 2305. 

gabb ere, ASax. gabbere, gabber, liar, Mand. 160; 
gabbar prompt, parv. 183. 

gabbing, ASax. gabbung, gabbing, vis. P. P. 13870; 
gabbinge (ace) owl and night. 626. 

gabil, Fr. gable, gable, Lidg. m. p. 204; gabul Flor. 
1864; Eglam. 1193. 

gad, gadde, OIceL gaddr (clavus)f gad, bar, rod, pole^ 
prompt, parv. 184; Wr. voc. 202 & 234; 4 gad of stele /. 
c. c. 6; gaddes of iriri Ualliw. diet 388. 

230 gadeling 

gadeling, ASax. gaedeling, OSax. gaduling, Goth. 
gadiliggs, OHGerm. gataling, fellow^ Gam. 102; a luper 
gadeling Rob. Glouc. 310, 9; •pat covetous gadling s, s. 
Wr. 1589; pou berdles gadling Tor. 1015; gadeling, ge- 
deling vis. F. P. 5375 & 14239 ; gadelinges (pL) Laj. 
12335; stalworpe gadelinges Alis. 1192. 

gader, ASax. gador, geador, OFris. Dutch gader, 
MHGerm. gater, simul; to gadere together, Lai^. 568; Wr. 
treat. 138; Shoreh. 92; to gedre Orm. 991; Mand. 70; to 
gedir Wicl. John 4; to gidere vis. P. P. 92; to gider 
s. s. Wr. 786; to gederes Kath. 114; a. r. 354. 

gad r en, J./Saa?. gad(o)rigean, gsedrian, OPr w. gad(e)ria, 
ODutch gaderen, MHGerm. gateren, gather, Orm. 13407; 
gsederen La^. 25463; gederen Kath. 990; a. r. 146; ga- 
derep (pres7) Bek. 617; gaders pr. consc. 1342; gedirs 
Percev. 759; gadren Lidg. m. p. 216; gaderede, gadrede 
(pret.) vis. P. P. 10960 & 14150; gederiden Wid. John 
11; gadred (part.) Hardw. poem 14. 

gadering gathering, pr. consc. 8831; sacram. 73; ge- 
dering c. of I. 643. 

gaed, ASax. gsed (societas); compos, segsed? 
gsetelses careless? Orm. 6190. 

gaeten, Olcel. gseta, guard, keep, Orm. 2079; gete 
avow. Arth. LIX, 1; getes (pres.) met. horn. 23; 3e 3eate 
a. r. 114*; geated (imper.) 50*. 

gag el en, ODutch gagelen, gaggle, rel. ant. 1, 86. 
gag gin gag, prompt, parv. 184. 

gaje, Fr. gai, OHGerm. gaher (praeceps, velox), see 
Diez wh, 159, gay, Wicl. gloss.; gaye Mor. a. p. 1, 260. 

gajel, ASax. gagol, Germ, gagel, gale, hog-myrtle, Wr. 
voc. 141; gawl (gawil) prompt, parv. 189. 

gashen, Olcel. gagn, gain, Orm. 13923; per nas non 
oper gain to save his MLidg. st. of Th. 2832 ; gein Marh. 18. 
? gainsum WUl. gloss. 

gdl, ASax. gM, OSax. gel, O-HGerm. geiler, goal (gole), 
luxurious, lascivious J Orm. 1201. 
goUlch rel. ant. 1, 132. 

galder , ASax. galdor, gealdor, Olcel. galdr, from galen, 
enchantment; galdere (dat.) Lai^. 19257. 

gale, OFr. gale? from galen? song, mirth, Alis. 2047 
& 2548; Wr. spec. 26. 

gale 231 

gale, OFr, galee, galie, galley f Tor. 1315. 

gal en (galin), ASax. galan, Olcel. gala,5i72y, cry, prompt, 
parv, 185; gale Chauc, c, L 1356; compos, bigalen. 

galje, ASax, galga, gealga, OFris, Goth, galga, OSax, 
OHGerm, galgo, Olcel, galgi, gallow, patibulum; galwes 
(pL) Rob, Br. 172, 19; galewes Wr, p, s. 221. 
galheforke a, r, 174*. 

g a lien, ASax, galian(?), cry, yelp; geHiei (pres) a, r. 
128*; hundes per galied LaT^. 20858; par galede pc gouk 
HalUw, diet 389. 

galle, ASax, gealla, OSax, OHGerm, galla, Gr. x^^ 
gall, bills, a, r, 106; Orm., 15383; Alis. 5073; vis. P. P. 
11116; Mor, a, p. 2, 1022; Mar. mir. pi. 112. 

galle^ Olcel. galli (naevus, vitmm^ noxa), gall, mce^ 
sore, Chauc, C *. 6522 ; Mor. a. p. 1, 1059 ; Halliw, diet 390. 

gall en gall: pe hors was . . . galled upon pe bak(e) 
Gow. eonf, am, 2, 46. 

galnesse, ASax, galness, luxuriance, lasdvwusness, 
(dot.) Orm. 8015; golnesse a, r, 198; owl and night 492. 

gal pen, OSax. gnXpon. (gloriari) f ODwteA galpen (gan- 
7w*€)f gaup (yaup), belch, vis, P, P, 8214; galping (jpar*^ 
yawning, Chauc, C. t 10663. 

galschipe (golsipe), ASax, galscipe, luxurianee, rel, oM. 
1, 222. 

galstren, OHGerm, galstron (incantarej, LGerm. 
galstren (jlagitare) Schiitzes hoist idiot, from galen, galster 
(gauster), brag: jelstred (galstres) & selped of hdre god 
a, r, 128. 

galte, Olcel, galti (aper)^ gait, young boar, prompt 
parv, 185; Wr, voc, 204; (dot,) Halliw, diet. 390. 

gal wen gallow, golly, frighten; compos, bigalwen. 

gamen, ASax, gamen, gomen, OSax, Olcel, OHGerm. 
gaman, OFris, game, gome, game, play, sport, Trist III, 
10; Am>is 710; Degrev, 3; gamen & gleo Fum, p. VIII, 
145; gomen La3. 7014; a, r, 214; Mapes 347; gomun 
Amad, Robs. LV, 1 \ game y,ludus^, prompt, parv. 185; 
Chauc, C. t, 855; in ernest or in game Gow. eonf, am, 
1, 297; game praeda, Hartsh, met t 122; game, gome 
owl and flight 1647 & 1664; gome chron, Engl. 456; ga- 
mene (dat) Percev. 1689; gomenes (pl.J a. n 3 1 8 ; Wr, spec, 2 4. 
gamehche jocose, rel. ant 2,8; gameli Will. gloss.; gomenli 
Gau>. gloss. 

232 gameuen 

gamenen, ASax. gamenian, Olcel. gamna, game, plo^y^ 
sporty (pres.) Alia, 5461; gomenin Mark. 17; gomede 
(pret) a, r. 368. 

g4ii, ASax. OS ax, OFris, OHOerm, gan, Olcel. ga, 
go, Laj. 597; Orm, 7767; lie. 800; gon a. r. 268; Wr. 
treat. 137; Chauc. C. t. 12; g4 Percev. 1462; /?r. consc. 
4100; (gaa)i5W7w6. 696; goon, go vis. P. P. 1192 & 4404; 
go Mand. 4; i wil go sittin lud. Cov. 20; guon Amad. 
Web. 670; to g^nne Mark. 4; gsest (pres.J Lai^. 26437; 
gest owl and night. 873; gest (gost, gas) a. r. 86; gast 
Orm. 4660; ged a. r. 364; gep Roh. Glouc. 205, 6; c. of 
I. 409; Tor. 2142; gkp Orm. 1236; goip Wicl John 9; 
(heo) gM iaj. 711; god a. r. 10; gon Gow. conf. am. 
3, 322; gk we nu til pat ilke tun 07'm. 3390; goande 
(pres. part.) Mor. a. p. 2, 931; gan (pret. part.) Percev. 
1062; ^r. C07WC. 1995; gon Chauc. C. t. 1784; Eglam.S76; 
compos, a-, at-, bi-, for-, forp-, i-, over-, purhgan. 

gandere, ASax. gandra, gander, rd. ant. I, 217; 
Mand. 216. 

g&nien (g&ne), ASax. ganian, OHOenn. geinon, gawn 
(yawn), oscitare, prompt. parv.lSb"^ ; gone Oow. conf. am. 2, 
262; (goune?) s. s. Wr. 1365; gones (pres) avow. Arth. 
XII, 4; yaned (pret.) Rich. 276; goninde (part) Hick, 
thes. 1, 228; saning Halliw. diet. 950. 

gang, ASax. gang, gong, OS ax. OHGemn. gang, Olcel. 
gangr, Goth, gaggs, gang, loalk, way, Orm. 8910; gong 
Kath. 569; (jong?) La'7^. 1298; gong privy, prompt, parv. 
203; s. s. Wei. 1315; cornpos. ford-^ in-, out-, umgang. 
gongfirmar prompt, parv. 203. 
gonghas privy, a. r. 84. 

gan gen, ASax. gangan^ gongan, OSax. OHGerm. gdii- 
gan, Olcel. ganga, Goth, gaggan, gang, ire, Orm. 1076; 
rel. ant, I, 211; gauge Wr. aii. lit. 9; vis. P. P. 1219; Mar. 
mir. pi. 122; gouge (3onge ?) Laj. 9061 & 29660; gangep 
{pres.) Orm. 1228; gang(e) j^n consc. 194; compos, for-, 

gant, ASax. g'dnei (fulica^ cy gnus)? cmp. L Germ, gan te 
(aTisermas), OHGerm. ganazo (anser), ganet ? prompt. parv. \ 86. 

gant (gaunt) gaunt, ,^macer^\ prompt, parv. 189. 

gap, ASax. geap Greins gloss., Olcel. gaj) Egilss. lex., 
gap, prompt, parv. 186; gappe (dat.) Chauc. C. t. 1641. 

gapin, ASax. geapian (?) Ettm. lex., Olcel. g^^di, gape, 

gar 233 

y^hiare^, prompt parv, J 86 ; Mm. 31 ; gapes (pres.) avow. 
Arth. XII, 4; gape Chauc. TroiL 7503; jeapede (pret) 
Mark. 46*; gaped cr. P. F. 310; gapaiide (part.) Will, 
gloss.; compos, bigapeu. 

gar, ASax. gar, OSax. OHGenn. ger^ OIccl. geirr, 
spear, La^. 5079; gare (dat.J Octav. 1527; Isumb. 453; 
gaeres fpL) La'/y 19561 ; compos, elger. 
garclive „agrimo7iia^^, Wr. voc. 139. 
gartisch porpoise, prompt parv. 186. 

gkrlek garUck, Hick. thes. 1, 232; /. c. c. 53; garleek Chauc. 
C. t. 636. 

gar din, Goth, garda ace. gardaii, OSax. gardo, OHGerm. 
garto ace. gartoii, garden, (dat) vis. P. P. 10818; Chauc. 
C. t. 1053; s. s. Weh. 419; Mor. a. p. 1, 260. 

gardener, OHGerm. gartinari, gardener^ Wart. hist. 

1, 20; Wicl. John 20. 

(gare) gore, A Sax. gara, OFri^. gare, Dutch geere, 
OHGenn. gero, Olcel. geiri, ^ore, ^^lacinia'^ prompt, parv. 
203; IPV. yoc. 238; CAaitc. C «. 3237; a gore (printed 
agore) Halliw. diet. 32; under gore (gown, per synecdoche n) 
owl and night. 515; IfV. spec. 26; IFr. a?*, lit. 2; reZ. awf. 

2, 210. 

ga r n e m e n t , OFr. garnenient, garment, vis. P. P. 8951 ; 
garment prompt, parv. 187. 

gar sum, ASax. gtcrsum, treasure, a. r. 350; garsum 
Z/a3. 1293 ;gersumiirofA. 799 ; Marh. 3;gersomrel.a7it. 2,217. 

gasen, cmp. Olcel. geisa (cum impetu ferri, fur ere) 
and Goth, usgaisjan (terrere), gaze : gase Lidg. m. p. 203 ; 
gased (pret.) Chauc. C. t. 8879; compos, agasen. 

gasp en, Olcel. geispa, gasp: gaspe and gape s. a. c. 
XVII, 14; gaspe and gone Gow. conf. am. 2, 262; gais- 
pand (part) Halliw. diet. 395. 

gast, ASax. gast, gsest, OSax. gest, OHGerm. geist, 
ghost, spirit, Onn. 259; Flor. 778; Rob. Br. 185, 19; gost 
a. r. 368; Mand. 18; Chauc. C. t. 205. 
gastlic ghostly^ met. hom. 2; gastlic, gastllj Orm. 14244 
& 14398; gosthch a. r. 194; ^Bek. 1^1. 

gast (part.?) afraid, Gaw. gloss.; Wicl. gloss. 
gastllcli, ASax. gaistlic? gastly, Furn^ ^>. XV, 147. 

gas ten, ASax. ga^stan? Greins gloss., gast^ frighten, 
Wicl. gloss.; compos, agasten. 

gastnes gastness, fright, Wicl. gloss. 

234 g&t 

g&t, A Sax. gat, gset, Goth, gaits, 0/ce/. geit, OHGerftu 
geiz, groa^, HV. i?oc. 219; Orm. 988; g4t (got) La3. 21301; 
got Wr. voc. 91; (goot) Mand. 47; Chauc, C. t 690; gSt 
chron. Engl. 34; PVr. ^. 5. 198; geat a. r. 100; geit apoi. 
105; goto (dot) Goto. conf. am. 3, 96; gaet (pL) Ortn. 
1206; gaet (geat) La'7^. 25682; gaite {dat. pi.) pr. consc. 
6134; Percev. 186. 

gate, Olcel. gata, OHGerm. gaza, graie (t)^^)^ w^ay, 
„vta, lier", prompt parv. 188; vw. P. P. 2166; Percev. 
1961; 3/or. a. |? 1, 395; sacram. 629; alle gate algates^ 
a. r. 58; Bek, 1136; Mar. mir. />Z. 154; al gate Chaiic. 
C.'t 573; while gate Orm. 2281; paer he bi gate jede 
12749; nou er pei alle on gate Rob. Br. 209, I; in his 
gate Gow. conf. am. 3, 196; swa gates Isumb. 250. 
gateschadil (-shodel) „compitu7n'^, prompt, paro. 188; gate- 
schedel Wr. voc. 271. 

gavel, ASax. gafol, /row seven, tribute, Laj. 6104; 
a. r. 202. 

gavel ok, ASax. gafoluc, Olcel. gaflok, gaflak, Welsh 
gavlach, Gael, gobhlag, gaveloch, spear, Alls. 1620; Rob. 
Br. 297, 19; gavelokes (pi.) ps. 54, 22. 

gede? compos, egede. 
geddede? love is wele, love is wo, love is geddede Wr. 
an. lit. 96. 

geet, Fr. jaiet, jef, Halluo. diet. 396; geete (dat.) De- 
grev. 1461. 

gein, AlSox. gaegn (?), Olcel. gegn^ gain, convenienty 
ready, good, „directtis^, prompt. parv. 189; 4 gein pap Lidg. 
St. of Th. 2148; gain Mor. a. p. 2, 749; m. Arth. F. 1904; 
gaine (adv) Flor. 1986; geinest (superlat) Wr. spec. 29; 
gainest Iw. 1979: compos, ungein. 

gainlich gainly, Mor. a. p. 3, 83; gein-, gainliche (adv) 
Will, gloss.; genllche rel. ant. 1, 132 ; ge3nllke Oj^u. 18084. 

gelde, ASax. gelde, Olcel. geldr. Germ, gelt, gait, geld, 
barren, Wr. spec. 24; elde makip me geld(e) rel. aivt. 2, 
210; geld ps. 112, 9. 

gel din, Olcel. gelda, Germ, gelten, gdd, render barren, 
„castrdre^, prompt, parv. 190; geldid (parf^ Wr.voc. 250. 

gelding eunuch, WicL gloss. 

gelsunge, OHGerm. geihiinge, delight, (ace) a. n 100*. 

gelunge, cmp. MHGerm. geilen (hilaremjacere), delight, 
a. r. 100. 

gelos 235 

gelus, Prov, gelos, Ital. geloso, jealous, owl and night. 
1075 ; jelous Wicl, gloss, 

genge, ASax, genge, OHOerm, genger, from gangen, 
current, usual, owl and night 802, 1000 & 1063. 

genge, ASax, genge, Olcel, gengi, ging, company, host^ 
Laz- 15095; Mark 21; Orm. 3918; Havel 2353; Mapes 
348; ps, 2, 8; ginge Alis, 1509; Rich, 4978. 

genge n, ASax, gengan, MHGerm. gengen, promote, 
help: swa pat it mujhe gengen us to bershen ure sawle 
Orm, 4160; he gengp (pres,) goes, owl aiid night 376; 
gengden (pret) La'7^, 12865. 

gen til, Fr, gQTi\A, gentle, Chauc, C,t72; Mor, a,p, 1, 278. 
gentilliche vis, P. P. 1381. 

gerner, Fr, grenier, gamer, Mand, 52, gernere (dat) 
a, r. 272. 

gesen (geson), ASax, gsesue, wanti^ig, destitute, Halliw, 
diet 397; gesene (pi) vis, P. P. 8575. 

ge sling gosling, Wr, vac. 187. 

gesse, Dutch gisse, guess, conjectura, aestimatio: up 
gesse vis, P. P. 3316; bi gesse Lidg. m, p, 58. 

gessin, LGerm, Dutch gissen, Dan, gisse, Swed, gissa, 
guess, conjicere, opinari, ,^aestimare^ , prompt parv, 190; 
gesse Rich, 4482; Mor, a, p, 1, 498; he seide he wolde 
gesse to arive at Westnesse Ham 1187; gesse (pres,) 
Chauc, C, t, 82; transact 18, 26; Hoccl I, 332; gesside 
(pret) Wicl, gloss, 

gest, ASax, gsest, gest, gist, OSax, OHGerm, gast, 
Olcel gestr, Goth, gasts, Lat hostis, guest, prompt, parv, 
191; Wr, spec, 30; vis, P. P. 10185; gist a, r. 68; rel 
ant, 1, 130; gestes (pi) pr, consc, 1374. 
gesthalle lai le fr, 258. 
gesthus Orm, 7040. 

ghesting, MHGerm, gastunge, lodging, Gaio, gloss, 

gistnen lodge, entertain, a, r. 402; gistnede (pret) 
ibid,; gestened Halliw, diet. 397; Degrev, 935; igistned 
(part) Shoreh, 13. 

gestning entertainment, banquet, Alis, 1779; gestening 
Tor, 1366; gistninge (dat) Laj. 14262; gistninges (pi) 
a, r, 414. 

get, OFr, get, gin, contrivance, „machina, modus^, 
prompt parv.; in |)e newe get Chauc, C, t 3322; pat pei 
be trapped a get Degrev, 1181; jet Wr, p, 8. 329, 

236 gepe 

gepe, ASaor. geo(h)du, gehclu, gihdu, caref Flor, 1607. 

gicle, Fr. guide, guide, ola, P. P, 10495. 

gidi, ASax, gidig(?), giddy, Rob. Gloiic. 6S^ 3; gidie 
(pi-) owl and night 291. 
gidihed giddiiiesa, Funi. p, XIX, 13. 
ygidellche gidddy, owl and night 1280. 

gie(ii), OFr. guler, guide, Chauc. C t 1952; s, s, \Vr, 
5; gied (pret,) vis. P, P. 1257. 

gigge? Olcel gigja, MUGenu, gige, gig; gigges (r. w. 
twigges) (jjl.) Chauc, k f, 1942. • 

gil (gill), OIceL gil ffissicr a, fauces) .^ U Genu, gil (her- 
nia) f gill^ fauces, Flor, 1419; gillis (pL) Gato. gloss, 384:; 
gilliis ant Arth, XXXIII, 2 ; gille „branchia^\ prompt, 
parv, 194; Wr, voc, 222; gile Wicl, gloss, 20; giles (pi.) 
Mor, a. p, 3, 269; cmp, Swed, gal, Dan, gja41e. 

gil, Dutch gijl, wort, ,^c€lia'\ prompt, parv. 193. 

gild re (gilder), Olcel, gildra, gildri, gilder, snare, Hal- 
liw, did, 399; met. horn. 69. 

gildreu, Olcel, gildra, catch in a snare; gilderd (jt>ar^.^ 
pr, C071SC, pref. XI, 

gile, ODutch gile ( „g]iile" ) Jiaer/. rb. gloss., OFr. g(u)i'(l)e, 
guile, LaT^, 16382*; a, r, 128; rel, ant, 1, 182; Wr, spec, 
49; Shoreh, 164; s, s, Wr. 1346; Perceo. 1035; see wile. 

gil en, ODutch gijlen Kil. diet., OFr. g(ii)il(l)er, gutle, 
deceive, a, r, 128; gile s, s. Wr. 2637; gilep rel. ant, 1, 
116; gilled? (part.) s. s. Wr. 989; compos, bigilen. 

gille, OFr, gelle, gill, hemina, prompt, parv. 194; vi^, 
P, P, 3166. 

gil of re, Fr, giroHe, Gr, xapuocpiiXXov, gtlliflower, clove, 
a, r, 370; Chauc, r. r, 1368; Mor, a. p. 1, 43. 

gilte, ASax. gilte (scrofa), Olcel, gilta (porca), gilt 
(yilt), young sow^ prompt, parv. 185. 

gin, Olcel. ginn (fallacia)f gifi, contrivance, art, Kath, 
1980; Orm, 7087; s. s. Wr, 2035; vis. P. P, 12582; giune 
(dat) c, oj I, 93; m, Arth. F, 3037; purh mine ginne 
(pL^ ^^3- 18839; see engin. 

gin, ASax, (an-)ginn, OSax. (ana-)gin^ OH Germ, 
(ana-, bi-) gin, ginni; compos, bigin. 

gingelin jingle, prompt, parv, 195; gingle Chauc, 
C, t 170. 

gin giver, Gr, CtyytPspt^, ginger, Halliw, diet, 401; 
gingivere (dat) a, r, 370. 

ginnen 287 

ginnen, ASax. ginnan, OSax. OFris. (bi-) OHGerm, 
(bi-, in-) Goth, (dii-) ginnan, (be-) gin ; ginne (pres.) sacram, 
502; ginnest Bek. 760; ginnep Chavc, C, t. 3020; (i, J)u, 
he) gan (pret) Ot^i, 2805; vis, P. P, 21; Chauc, C, t 
303; of hevene he gan penche sone Fvm. p. IX, 173; 
aftur mete sche can (r. gan) him telle Eglam, 520; gon 
(gan) La^. 27; gon c. of I, 209; (con) Hick, thes, 1, 226; 
(we, hi) gunnen LarT^, 24695; gunne h of T. 1037; Isvmb, 
448; (cmme) Eglam, 1106; gonnen vis. P. P. 8568; gonne 
Chancre, t 1660; gonnen (part) Rob, Br. 167, 3; com- 
pos, a-, an-, biginnen. 

girle, cmp. LGerm. gov (pver, puella), girl, child, Mor. 
a. p. 1,205; girles (^p/^ Alis.2%02', Wr. p. s. 337; gerles 
vis. P. P. 528; lifd. Tow. 181; gurles Chauc. C. t. 666. 

gise, F7\ guise, griise, fashion^ Chauc. C. t 995; Mor. 
a. p. 1, 1098; see wise. 

giterne, from Gr. xt^apa, guitar, W id. gloss.; (dat) 
vis. P. P. 8493; Chauc. C. t 3333. 

give? gyve; gives (pi) La^. 15338; Octov. 222; wip 
fe teres and wi[) gives Wr. p. s. 221. 

givegove trifle f givegoven (pi) a, r. 196. 

glad, ASax. glsed (nitidus, laetus, comis), OSax. glad 
(laetusj, OFris. gled (levis)^ Olcel. gladr (splendidus, lae- 
tii^), OHGerm. glater (splendidus), glad, Orm. 2811 ; Brand. 
6; Fvrn. p. Ill, 34; gled Marh. 10; a, r, 282; rel, ant. 
1, 180; gladder (comp) Gow. conf. am. 2, 53; gladdest 
(superl) Alis. 5261. 

gladlTche^/rt(//i/, Z/a3. 22305; Furn. p. XIX^ 145; gladlike 
Orm. 10463; gledllche a. r. 126; gladloker (comp) Gau\ 
gloss.; gledluker a. r. 188. 
gladsum gladsome, Wicl. gloss.; gladsom lud. Cov. 16. 

glad, ASax. glaed (hilaritas^ gaudium) Greins gloss., 
joy, cheer; glade (dat) Tor. 1143; to speke to gider in 
glath Rob. Br. 192, 15. 
gledful a. r. 242. 

gladien, ASax. gladian, Olcel. glada, glad, gladden, 
La-7^. 31768; gladie Bek. 1204; gladen Orm. 2180; gladen 
ChaMc. Trail 2071; glade(n) vis. P. P. 5688 & 13247; 
glade Iw. 1440; Min. 20; glathe Ivd. Cov. 171; gledien 
a. r. 178; ^e\\\e (pres) Marh. 6; gladie}) reL ant, \, 123; 
gladede (pret) Rob. Glouc. 265, 25; vis. P. P. 14267; 

SS8 gladine 

Abraham ^our fadir gladide pat he schulde se mi dai 
WicLJohn 8 ; gladed (part.) Will gloss.; igladed Skoreh. 132. 

gladine, AS ax. glsedene, gladen (gladdon), spurge- 
ivort? HaUiw. diet. 

glading joy^ WicL gloss.; c. of I. 841; gledunge a. r. 94. 

gladnesse, ASax. gladness, gladness, prompt, parv. 
197; Wicl. gloss.; glednesse a. r, 94. 

giadshipe, ASax. glajdscipe, joj/, Orm. 784; Wr.spec. 
38; gledschipe a. r. 180. 

glaire, Fr. glaire (album ovi), cmp. ASax* glsere 
(succinum) and Olcel. gler (vUrum), glair, glare: glaire of 
4n ei Chavc. C. t. 12734; pat glent as glaire Mor. a. p. 
1, 1025. 

glam, Olcel. glam, sound, cry, talk, Gaw. gloss.; Mor. 
a. p. 2, 499 & 849. 

glarin glare, nitere, prompt, parv. 198; glaring (part.) 
Chauc. C. i. 686. 

glas, ASax. gla?s, OHOerm. glas, glass, Kath. 1676; 
Wr. spec. 31; Chauc. C. t. 702; Mor. a. p. 1, 989; gles 
a. r. 164. 

g la sen, ASax. glsesen, OHGerm. glesiner, glazen 
(glassen), vitreus: k glazene houve vis. P. P. 14269. 

glas en (glacin), Olcel. glaesa? glaze, make bright, 
prompt, parv. 197; glased (^pre^^ glanced, Halliw. diet. 4^03. 

glasi glassy, Lidg. m. p. 53. 

glaum? Olcel. glaumr, sound, noise, („glaam") Alex. 
Stevens. 188. 

glaum en, Olcel. gleyma, make a noise, shout; glau- 
mande (part.) Gaw. gloss. 

glaver, Welsh glafr? talk, Alex. Stevens. 188. 

glaveren glaver, flatter; glaverez (pres) Mor. a. p. 
1, 687; wip glaveringe wordes cr. P. P. 102; glaverande 
blustering? Gaw. gloss.; glaverande gomes m. Arth, H. 112. 

glede, ASax. glida, Olcel. gleda, glede (gleadj, ,,mil- 
vus'^, Wr. 2;oc. 188 & 220; Mor. a. p. 2, 1696; Octav. 680; 
gledes (pi) Mand. 309. 

glede, ASax. OFris. gled, Dutch gloed, Olcel. glod, 
OHOerm. gluot, from glowen, gleed, glowing coal, Goto, 
conf. am. 1, 280; Chauc. C. t. 1999; Percev. 756; Isiimb. 
452; m. Arth. F. 780; (gleede) vis. P. P. 903; JIoccl. 
J, 159; gleden (pi) La^. 18863; a. r. 122; gledes Orm. 
1067; met. hom. 133; ant. Arth. X, 1. 

g^m 239 

glSm, ASax, glsem, gleam, splendor, Hick. ihes. 1,227; 
Mor, a. p, 2, 218; Avd, 45; Mar. mir. pi. 162; (gleem) 
Wr, spec. 57; glem, gleam Marh,%& 12; gleam a. r. 94. 

glemin gleam, aplendere, prompt, parv. 198; glemede 
(pret) Wr, spec. 36; F/o7\ 379; gl^mande (pari,) Mor, 
a. p, 1, 70; gleaminde Kath. 1668. 

glene(n), Fr, glener (glaner), glean,, parv, 199 ; 
Mor, a, p, \, 954. 

glent glent, glance, Gaw, gloss,; glentez (pi.) Mor, a, 
p, 1, 1143. 

glen ten glent, glance: ()e wal of jasper pat ^QXii(pret,) 
as glaire Mor, a, p, 1, 1025; gleves (glaives) gletering 
glent opon geldene scheldus Degrev, 279; when pe swird 
out glente Octal), 892; her eye glent a side Chauc, Troil, 

gleo, ASax, ^leov, gliv, glig, Olcel. gl^, glee, gaudium, 
LaT^. 7006; Kath, 146; Mark, 3; a.r. 210; ^/is. 191; gleu 
Mapes 347; iwef. ]i07n, 23; (glew) J?oi. £r. 295, 6; glu 
y,musica'^, prompt, parv. 200; gle Degrev, 34; hii ^Sve him 
selver for is (his) gle 7ioi. GZowc. 272, 18; gli (,.glie") 
Shoreh, 103; glewe (dat) Trist, 1, 27. 
gleoman glee-man, La;^, 7004; Alis, 1152; glemon Wr, 
spec. 49. 

gleowien, ASax, gleovian, rejoice, sing, play, LaT^. 
20315; gle wen Mapes 340; glewe WV. spec. 38; Triam. 
108 ; gleowede (pret) a. r. 368 ; gleowinde (part) Kath. 1682. 

glette, OFr. glete? slime, filth, Moi\ a. p. 2,306; glet 
(glette) pr. consc. 459. 

gleu, ASax.^Q2i\, O/Sao*. glau, OHGei^m. glsiwer, Ooth. 
glaggvus, Olcel. gloggr, sagacious, prudent, owl and night. 
193; rel.ant. 1, 181 & 183; gla?uest (swj^rto^ ia3. 16237. 

gli den, ASax. OSax. glidan, OFr is, glida, MHOerm, 
gliten, glide, LaT^, 800; glide Alis, 2245; Shoreh. 161; 
Fum. p. Ill, 10; glidez (pres) Mor. a. p. 2, 325; glit 
c. of I. 1454; glad (p-et) La'7^. 15714; Percev. 2116; pr. 
consc. pref. IX; glod Chauc. C. t. 10707; Amad. Web. 
761; Gaw. gloss.; gliden LaT^. 24753; gliden (part) 
Chauc. C. i. 9761. 

glider, from gliden, glidder, lubricus. 
glepurli Halliiv. diet. 404. 

glien (glien)^ Olcel. glia (splendere)? gly (gley), squint; 
gliande (part.) Wr. voc. 225. 

240 gliere 

gli e r e squinter, ,^straho^y Wr, voc, 225 ; prompt parv. 199. 

gliffen? look, gaze? gliifed (pret.) Oaw, gloss. 385. 

gliften? gaze, stare? gliftis (pres.) Halliw, diet. 404; 
glifte (pret.) Gaiv. gloss.; Mor. a. p. 2, 849; compos. 
agliften ? 

glijten? look, shine; gli^t (piet) Oaio. gloss.; Mor. 
a. p. 1, 114 & 3, 453. 

glim? MHOerm. glim? splendor; glimme (dat.) Mor. 
a. p. 1, 1087. 

glimerin, Dan. glimre, Swed. glimra, Germ, glimern, 
glimmer, shine, prompt, pary. 199; glimerand (paH.) Will, 
gloss.; glemiring Tor. 427. 

g 1 i s i e n , ASax. glisian, OFr. glisa, shine ; gliseden 
(ms. cliseden) (pret.) La^,. 21725; glised Horn ch. 173. 

glisnien, ASax. glisnian, shine; glissenede? (pret) 
LaT^. 21725*; glisnande (part) Mor. a. p. 1, 165; glis- 
iiinge Wicl. gloss. 

gl is si en? ASax. glissian? look; glisset (pret) ant. 
Arth. XXVTII, 5. 

glisten shine, look; gliste (pret) Flor, 1659; glistinde 
(part) Kath. 1668; Marh. 12. 

glistnen glisten; glistnede (pret) Marh. 9; Wr. 
spec. 36. 

glistren, ODutch glisteren, gliste?^, shine ; glister (pres.) 
Oaw. gloss.; glistred (pret) Gow. conf. am. 2; 252; glis- 
tering (part) Em. 350. 

gl iter en, Olcel. glitra, glitter, (pres) Chanc. C. t. 
979; (glitteren) Wicl. gloss.; gliterand (part) ps. 44, 14; 
glitering Degrev. 1839. 

gloden, ASax. gladen, gloden (calthaj, gloden, ,^helio' 
tropium'^, Wr. voc. 140. 

gloyere, /rom glowen, „.**^ra6o", prompt, pari). 199. 

glome n (glombe), LGerm. glumen (gliscei^e), glum 
(gloum), gloar, Chauc. r. r. 4356; gloumbes (pres.) Mor. 
a p. 3,94; glomede (pret.) , ^gleamed, g I oiced'^ Gate, gloss.; 
and glommede als he were wrap Halliw. diet. 404. 

g 1 6 p e n ? for gliipen {as broken for bruken) ? Dutch 
gloepen, gluipen, glupen {ohserva7-e, insidiari), OFr is. 
glupa {insidiose speetare)? glop (gkmp), gaze^ stare; gloped 
(i^^et.) Mor. a. p, 2, 849. 

gl 6 p n e n (glopnen ?), Olcel. glupna {overraskes), gloppen, 
gaze, startle, a. r, 212*; (glopine) Halliw. diet. 405 ; gloppen 

gloren 241 

(pres,) ant Arth. VII, 13; glopned (pret.) m. Arth, H. 
90; compos, a-, forglopnen. 

gloren, ODutch gloBren, gluren, gluiren (nictare), 
LGerm. gluren (candere), gloor (gloar^ glour); glorede 
(pret.) m, Arth, H, 90. 

gl6se(n) glozcy flatter, WicL gloss.; glosed (pret.) Will. 
gloss.; Rob, Br, 34, 10. 

glouten gloMt, gloat; gloutid (pret) Rich, 4771; glout- 
inge (part) Shoreh, 97. 

glove, ASax, glof, glofa? Olcel, glofi, glove, prompt, 
parv, 200; Lidg, m. p, 110; (ace) Oow. conf. am. 2,370; 
gloven (pi) a. r. 420; gloven (gloves) La^. 28581; gloves 
ant, Arth, XXXI, 3. 

glowin, Olcel. gloa (candere, splendere), OHGerm. 
gluo(je)n (candere), glow, prompt parv, 200; glowe vis. 
P. P. 11811; pr, consc. 7360; glowes y^loohs^, Dan. gloer, 
Gaw, gloss,; ^o\f\A(pret) s, s. Wr, 2688; gloet ant.A^'th. 
X, 1; gloweden Chauc. C, t 2134; glowende (part) Orm. 
1067; glowinge Marg. 214. 

glubben, gluppen? cmp. ODutch gulpen^ golpen, ywZp, 
swallow; iglubbed (part) vis. P. P, 3165. 

glopping gulping, cr. P, P. 184. 

glucchen glutch, swallow; glucches (pres) a. r. 240*; 
see gulchen. 

glut glut, slime, filth, cr, P. P, 133. 

gluternesse, cmp, Olcel, glutr (odselhed, overdaadig- 
hed), gluttony? Orm, 11653. 

gnacchin, cmp. Dan, gnaske, knaske, ODutch knascheuy 
gnash, prompt, parv. 200; gnacchen (pres) rel. ant. 1,240. 

gnappen? ODutch knappen? gnaw? gnapped (pret) 
Halliw, diet, 405. 

gnarre („gnare") = cnarre? „snare^? Wicl. gloss. 

gn^st, ASa^, gnfi,st, Olcel. gneisti, OHGerm. gneisto, 
spark, scintilla, Wicl. gloss. 20; gn&st (kntet), gnaist 
prompt, parv, 278. 

gn^sten (gn^stin) gnash, rj^remere, stridere", prompt, 
parv. 200; Wicl. gloss, 20 ; gnaiste 2>^. consc. 7338; gn^sten 
(pres) apol, 93 ; gn4st(e) (pret) Town, myst 307 ; gnaisted 
ps, 2, 1; Rob. Br, M. 3, 309. 

gnat, ASax, gnset, gnat, Chauc. C. t. 5929; gnet a. 
r, 8; gnit? rel. ant. 1, 86. 

gnaw en, ASax. gnagan, OHGerm. gnagan [uagan], 


242 gn^dia 

&Icd: gnaga [naga], gnaw; gnawin (knawin) prompt petrv. 
200 & 278; gnawe Boh. Olotic. 404, 11; Chauc. TroU. 
52^; pr. consc. 6908; giia3(e)8t (pres.) Shoreh, 97; gnawe 
(subj.) met. horn. 142; gnogh (pret.) HaUtw. diet 406; 
gnow Rich. 5074; gnowen Wid. gloss.; gnowe (svhj.) Bob. 
Glouc. 539, 6 ; gnawen (part.) pr. consc. 864 ; ignawe 
Hiclc. thes. 1, 227; compos, for-, tognawen. 

gnSde, ASax, gnead, gmien, sparing, wanting, r el. ant. 
1, 120; Percev. 607 & 752; Degrev. 1159; (printed gu^e) 
Trtsi. Ill, 49. 
gnSdellche, ASax. guMeltce, sparingly, a. r. 202. 

gQSde(ii) need, wantf Havd. 97; const, of mas. 670. 

gniden, JjSaa?. gnidan, OHGerm. gnitan, rt^, a. r. 238; 
guide (printed guyde) rd. ant. I, 175; gniden (pret.) 
a. r. 260. 

gnaf? miser f Chauc. C. t. 3188. 

gnudden rub, a. r. 238*; gnodde (pres. imper.) Halliw. 
diet. 406; gnuddeden(pret) a. r. 260*; and moni knight 
wip d^pes wounde gnodded (printed guodded) gras on pe 
grounde Alts. 2374. 

god, ASax. OSax. OFris. god, OHGerm. got, Olcd. 
god, gud, Ooth. gup, god, Bek. 2 ; godes (gen) chron. Engl. 
630; (pi) Kath. 53. 
godcund divine, Orm. 5873. 
godcundnesse divine nature, Kath. 985. 
goddohter {^dowter) goddaughter, prompt, parv. 201. 
godfader godfather, Shoreh. 69. 
godhed godhead, deity, a. r. 390; Mand. 144. 
godmDdir godmother, prompt parv. 201. 
godsib gossip, P. P. p. 518; gossib Chauc. C. t. 5825. 
godsibrede gossipred, Shoreh. 69; gossiprSde Lidg.m.p. 36. 
godspel gospel, Beh. 1072; met. horn. 5; cr. P. P. 512; 
gospel Chauc. C. f.'483. 

godapellere evangelist, a. r. 94*; wcf. Aoiw. 47; gospellere 
Chauc. r. r. 6887. 

godsune godson, Wr. voc. 214; godsune, godsone, gossone 
prompt parv. 201; godsone Brand. 2. 

god, ASax. OSax. OFris. god, Goth, gods, Olcel.godr, 
OHGerm, guoter,' good, La^* 1782; i^eA. 1; (gooid) Mand. 
66; gfld Isumb. 177; Mm 9; j>r. cotisc. 80; guod Amis 
16; pe gode child Bek. 119; pe gode mannes Orm. 1459; 
gode men 3954; In alle gode dMes 2622; k g&de knave 

god 243 

Percev. 216; te (to) godre (dat. fern.) heale wSre je ^ver 
iboren a. r. 194; godne (ctcc. masc.) owl and night 810; 
Shoreh. 135; have nou godne dai Horn 731; T1^. aw. Jii. 
6; pet god (suhst.) a. r, 248; wat dostu (G?oes« f Aow) godes 
0M?Z awd m^A^. 563; wip heore catel and heore gode ^raw5- 
act 18, 24. 

goddede good deed^ a, r, 150. 

godhed, Germ, gutheit, homtas, Alts. 7060; Flor. 1682; 
gudhed rel. ant 1, 209. 

godleic^ Olcel. godleikr, bonitas, a, r. 136; godlesc Orm, 
1768; godleic, godlec KatL 290 & 899; godlec Mark, 10; 
Wr, an. lit 8. 

godhch goodly, Mor, a. p. 2,753; godli Ipom, 76; goupllch 
Wr, an. lit 2; godliche (dat) La^- 6159; gollke (= god- 
like? cmp. Olcel. gollgr bonus, praestans, OHOerm. guol- 
licher gloriosus) tun Orm. 15662; godlTche (adv.) Degrev. 
675; goodhche c. of I. 1396; god-, god-, gudliche La^* 
99, 10761 & 18857. 

god (goud), ASax. gM? goad, y^slimulus^^ rel. ant 1, 
86; gode Wr. voc. 89; (dat) cr. P. P. 862; goode Wicl 

goden, ASax. godian, benefit, improve, Orm. 10866; 
igoded (part) a. r. 386. 

godnesse, ASax. godness, goodness, Orm. 2109; (dat) 
LaT^. 6897; transact. 18, 28; gudnes pr. consc. 134. 

goodschipe (-schupe) bonitas, c. of I. 503. 

gogil^yid goggle-eyed, prompt parv. 201 ; gogilised Wicl. 

gok, ASax. geac, Olcel. gaukr, OHGerm. gauh, gouh 
(cuculus, stultus), gowk (gawk), cuckoo, fool, rel. ant 1, 291 ; 
gouk Halliiv. diet 389; see jek. 

goki gowky (gawky), fool, vis. P. P. 7186. 

gol, Olcel. golr, gulr, gole^ flavus; guile? (pi) Halliw. 
diet 424; gollis (subst. pi.) gulls, young birds, Wicl. gloss. 
golsoght, Dan. Swed. gulsot, jaundice, Halliw. diet. 409 ; 
gouilsought ,^glaucoma^, Wr. voc. 224. 

gold, ASax. OSax. OHGerm. gold, Goth, gulp, Olcel. 
gull, gold, La'7^. 4779; Hardw. poem 9; golde (dat) Wr. 
spec. 38; guide Iw, 888. 
goldfah gold-coloured, La^* 31406. 
goldfinch goldfinch, Alis. 783. 


244 goldin 

goldhord gold-hoard, Mark, 17. 
goldring gold-ringy La^. 24600. 
goldsmip goldsmith^ prompt parv, 202. 

goldin golden, Eglam. 860; see gulden. 

golf, OIceL golf, golf (goaf), floor, prompt parv. 202. 

gom? Dutch goom, OIceL gsuxmr? ace. gaum, OHGerm. 
gauma, gouma, gaum, heed, care, (ace) Orm. 916; g6me 
(ace) rel. songs V, 18; Halliw, diet. 409; nime gome Bob. 
Olouc, 38, 4; see jSme. 

gome, ASax, gdmo, (palatum), OHOerm. guomo, Olcd, 
gomr, goom (gum), ^gingiva'^, prompt, parv. 202 ; Wr. voc. 
245; gomes (pi) rel. ant, 2, 78; see gume. 

gore (gor?), ASax. OIceL OHOerm. gor, gor (gore), 
dirt, ^limus^, prompt parv. 203; Mor. a. p. 2, 306; li beaus 
disc. 1471. 

gorst, ASax. gorst, gorse, prompt parv. 204*; Wid. 
gloss. 21; gorstez (plj Mor. a. p. 2, 534. 

gos, AiSax. gos, OIceL gks, OHOerm. gans, goose, rel. 
ant 1, 217; (goos) Mand. 49; ges (pi) a. r. 128; (gees) 
Mand. 49; Lidg. m. p. 118. 
gosei cr. P. P. 447. 
goshauc Alis. 483; Lidg, m. p. 152. 

gossomer gossamer, prompt, parv. 205; Ghauc. C. t 
10573; Lidg. m. p. 46. 

got, OHGerm. goz, from 3eoten, fusio; compos, ingot. 

gote, Dutch gote (canalis), gote (gut), channel, water- 
course, prompt parv. 205; gotez (pi) Mor. a. p. 1, 607. 

gopelen, Germ, godeln, gudeln Staid, schw. idiot 1, 
488, rumble: hise guttes bigonne to gopelen vis. P. P. 
3167; 4 slab of ire pat glowinge a fure were, in water 
hit wolde gopeli loude Wr. treat 135. 

goule(n), OIceL gSiulsi, gowl, yowl, howl^ pr^ consc. 477; 
gaule Halliw. diet 395; goule (imper) Wicl. gloss. 

gowen, OIceL gk (observare, attendere, curare)? look; 
pu gowest (pres) Orm. 12233; gous? ant Arth. X, 11. 

grace, Fr. grace, grace, Beh. 421. 

grsefe? ASax. grsefe (cove)? Bout ev. 50, ditch, pit? 
grSve (dat) Lidg. m. p. 57; greive hunt 107; graefes 
(pi) Orm. 9210; greaves La'7^. 31881; see gr^ve. 

grsenen, ODutch graenen? prepare? heo grseneden 
(greinede) heore steden £03. 23909. 

graf (grave), ASax. grsef, OFris. gref, OS ax. graf, 

gr4fe 245 

05 Germ, grab, grave, „sepulcrumy Wr, vac. 231 & 249; 
WicL John 19; grafe (dat) Mar, mir, pi. 150. 

gr4fe, OHGerm, gr^vo, OFris. grSva, OIceL greifi, 
grave (greave), provost, steward, „villicus^ praepositus^ , Wr. 
voc. 211; his bidel & his gresfe Orm, 18365. 

grai, ASax. graeg, OFris. gre, OIceL gr&r, ODutch 
grauw^ OHGerm. grawer, gray (grey), Wr. spec. 34; grai, 
gra met. hom. 42; grei prompt, parv. 209; grei as glas 
Chauc. C. t. 152; his greie vel owl and night. 832; grese 
(dat.) a. r. 12; greise (pi) Shoreh. 145; grai (subst) a 
sort of fur, MHGerm. gra. Hick. thes. 1, 224*; li beaiis 
disc. 839; grei vis. P. P. 10065; gro Launf. 237; in gro 
ant in gris Wr. spec. 26; grei gray, badger (cmp. Fr. 
grisard), prompt, parv. 209; gr4 devil (see Grimm's mythol. 
945), Marh. 6. 

? graihond, ASax. grajghund ? cmp. Olcel. greyhundr, gray- 
hound, s. s. Web. 698; greihound Triam. 473; greahund 
a. r. 332; grehound prompt, parv. 209; Lidg. m. p. 29; 
grewhond s. s. Wr. 738. 

grajen, OHGerm. gra wen, become gray; grayes Gaw. 

gram, ASax. gram, grom, OSa^. gram, Olcel. gramr, 
OHGerm. gramer, angry, furious^ Havel. 214; jho warp 
sone gram & gril jsen sant Johan Orm. 19859; bltpe oper 
grom owl and night. 990; grame (pi) Amis 214; .mid 
grame wordes La'7^. 24774; gramest (superlat) Gaw. gloss, 
gramcund angry ^ Orm, 1545. 

grame, ASax. grama, vexation, anger, Chauc. C. t. 
13331; Wr. p. s. 199; Mor. a. p. 3, 53; Min. 18; Degrev. 
1372; Triam. 1223; Tor. 2029; grame, grome Las. 1435 

6 3745; owl and night. 1088 & 1482; grome Zat A. 1363 ; 
Marh. 17; see greme. 

gromelich grievous, Marh. 9. 

gramien, ASax. Goth, gramian, vex, anger; gromien 
(gramie) iaj. 25216; grame lud. Cov. 27; Aud. 77; gro- 
meS (pres) Marh. 17; gromede (pret) Kath. 2106*; igramed 
(part) Old and night, 1601; compos, agramien; ^eegremien. 

gr^n, from *grinen, OHGerm. grinan (mutire, gannire)? 
groan; gron Mapes 343; gr4nes (pi) Gaw. gloss. 

gr^nien (groiiie), ASax. granian (murmurare, gemere), 
Olcel. greina (dicer e, proferr^f groan, Xa3. 25557; gr4ne 
Halliw. diet. 414; graine Cfaw. glo'^s.; gronye Furn. p. 

246 groning 

XVII, 580; gronen a, r. 326; grone harrow. SO \ gronede 
(pret.) li heavs disc. 478; gr^nand (part) pr. consc. 798. 

groning, J-SaiT. grkming, groaning, ant Arth. XXV I ^ 2. 

granten, OFr. granter, grant; grantede (pret.) La^. 
4789*; Bek. 550. 

grd,p, ASax. gr^p, from gripen, grasp; grapes (pi.) 
Kaih. 855. 

grape, Fr. grappe, ^^rajje, y^woa^, Wr. voc. 240; grapes 
(pi) Brand. 19; Mand. 219. 

grfi.pien, ASax. grapian, Oic^Z. greipa, OH Germ, grei- 
ion, grope; gr^pe ps. 113, 7*; grope Ji^s. 1957; V2«. P.P. 
8722; CAawc. C. «. 646; Flor. 1633; (heo) gropied (^i?r€5.j 
a. r. 378; (hi) gropiep Shoreh. 125; gr^pede (gropede) 
{pret.) LaZ' 30269; griped (part) pr. consc. 6566. 

gras, ASax. grses, gaers, OSax. Olcel. Ooth. OHGerm. 
gras^ OFris. gers, grrass, La3. 16414; Wr. treat. 137; 6rozr. 
con/l am. 1, 152; gres proiwp*. pan?. 2 1 ; jBo6. Br. 336, 4; 
Per ceo. 1192; girs 6ra«<?. grZoss. 384; grases (j:>Z^ Wr. spec. 
114; greses Orm. 8193. 
greshoppe cicada, locusta, Wr. voc. 165; Orm. 9224. 

grase(n), ASax. grasian (?), grra:^^, izrfgr. m. p. 121 
gresin prompt, parv. 210. 

grasp en, LOerm. grapsen, grasp, Wicl. gloss. 21 
graspid (pret) Flor. 678. 

graven, ASax. grafan, Olcel. grafa, Goth. OHGerm 
graban, grave, fodere, Laj. 9960; gravin prompt. parv. 208 
grave Chauc. C. t. 8557; grof (pret) ps. 7, 16*; graven 
sepultus, vis. P. P. 6709; Mand. 93; Mor. a. p. 2, 1332 
igraven Laj. 7636; compos, bigraven. 

great, ASax. great, OFris. gr4t, OSax. grot, OHGerm 
grozer, yrea«, ^Zw. 935; cr. P. P. 106; grset Orm. 2479 
gret Tor. 128; gret wip childe k. of T. 531; greit Amad 
Web. 124:', greate pine Bek. 11; greate (pi) a. r. 194 
grete lordes Mand. 13; mid grseten (dat. m) kne huxe 
La^. 27881 ; mid greatere (dat. f) heorte 569 ; moni greatne 
(ace. m) dunt 2284; gretture (compar) a. r. 194; grettere 
owl and night, 74; gretter Mand. 2; grattur ant. Arth. 
XII, A; gr^iesi (superl.) Brand. 2 ; Chauc. C. t. 120; greste 
a. r. 66. 
gr^thche greatly. Will, gloss.; gretluker (compar^ a. r. 426. 

greate n, ASax. greatian, become great, a. r. 128; 
greti Bob. Glouc. 68, 17; gretep (pres) Alis. 464. 

gr^e 247 

grfide, AStxx. greada (gremium), Itxp^ s, «. Web. 1802; pe 
coppe he putte under his gr6de Alts, 4187. 

gredel, Welsh greidell, Ir. greideal, griddle^ gridiron^ 
Halliw. diet 415; I, c. c. 13; gredil a. r. 122. 

greden, ASax, gredan (clamare), Goth, gredon (icet- 
vijv)? cry, call, a. r, 236; vis. P, P, 1029; gr^de Bek. 
129; grede ant grone harrow. 80; crie and grfide Fum. 
j9. /, 32 ; ful loude gonne thel bio we and gride m. Arth, 
F. 791; wipe and grede lud. Gov, 361; gridep (pres.) 
Alis. 142; alle p6 pat to me grMe Wr, spec. 82; grede 
(imperat,) HoccL VI, 36; greedde (grMde) (pret.) Lai^. 
8634; gredde a. r. 244; Horn 1202; grMde Alis. 1067; 
gredden, grfi^dden Shoreh. 84 A 86; compos, bigreden. 

gredi3, ASax. grsedig, OSax. grAdag, Goth gredags^ 
Olcel. gradugr, OHGerm. gr^tager, greedy^ Orm. 10217; 
gredi ^avidus'^, prompt, parv. 209; Fum. p. VIII. 133; 
gredie (pi.) a. r. 324; gridiure (compar.) 416. 
gredi3le3C aviditas, Orm. 3994. 
grediliche greedily, a. r. 240*. 

gredi3nesse, A&ax. grsedigness, greediness^ Orm. 
4522; gredinesse a. r. 416. 

greid, Olcel. greidr, ready; graip met. horn. 99; avow. 
Arth. XXXVI, 8; pe graipe gate vis. P. P. 870; greide 
(pi.) a. r. 16; graipest (superl.) Min. 18. 
graipliche graidly, readily, cr. P. P. 1054; greipli Will, 
gloss.; graipli met. hom. 44; Per ceo. 491. 

greipen, Olcel. greida, graith, prepare, Alis. 170; 
gre3pen Orm. 98; grseiden (greipi) LaT,. 8058; greipe 
Mapes 334; greided (pres) a. r. 236; graithes m. Arth. 
F. 2530; greidede (pret.) La^. 1097; Bek. 931; graiped 
Percev. 123; igreiped (part) Wr. spec. 48; igreidet Katii. 
1993; compos, agreipen. 

greme, Olcel. OHGerm. gremi, anger, tvrath, Gaw. 
gloss.; Mor. a. p. 2, 947; see grame. 

gremien, ASax. gremian, Olcel. gremja, OHGerm. 
gremen, vex, irritate, Marh. 12; gremen Mor. a. p. 2, 
1347; greme Havel. 442; gremed (pres) a. r. 334; gre- 
mede (pret) Wr. spec. 36; gremed „irritavit^, ps. 9, 25; 
see gramien. 

grene,^Saa;. OFris. grene, Olcel. grcenn, OSax. groni, 
OHGerm. gruoner, green. Bob. Glouc. 362, 9; Wr. spec. 
90; Alis. 638; Hand. 54; (greene) Chatic. C. t. 9911; pe 

248 grSnin 

woundes gr^ne cof L 1433; grenner (compar.) Brand, 15. 
grenhed viriditas, rel. ant 2, 84. 

grfenin, ASax. gr^nian, green^ virescere, prompt parv. 
210; grened (pres,) a. r. 150. 

grennin, ASax. grennian (ringi), OHOerm, grennan, 
(mutirejf Olcel, grenja (fremere, strepere)? gririy y^ringi^y 
prompt parv. 210; grennen a. r, 212; grenne pa. 36, 12; 
grenne and berke Alis, 1935; non per las ^® 8^®^ -^^^• 
49; grenneden (pret,) La^. 29550; grenede Bek. 987; pe 
teep grennand Rich, 3406. 

grennunge rictusy a, r, 212. 

greesli, LOerm, greslik, MHGerm, griuslich ? horrible^ Mar, 
mir, pi, 34; gresli Will, gloss,; Halliw, diet 404. 

greot, ASax. gYQoiy OSax, Olcel, griot, OHOerm, grioz, 
gravel, a, r, 70; P. P, p, 541; greet Wicl, gloss. 21; rel. 
ant 2, 81; gret? Trist III, 21. 

gres grease, Chaibc, C, t 135; grees Wicl. gloss, 

gr^t, Goth, grets, Olcel, grktr, fletus; grete (dat) Mar. 
mir, pi, 150; ant, Arth. XXV, 12. 

gr^ten, ASax. grsetan, Goth, gretau, Olcel, gr^ta, 
greet, weep, Havel. 164; {gCQim) prompt, parv. 210; grete 
Trist I, 67; Mor, a. p. 1, 331; pr, come, 7099; (greete) 
vis, P, P, 3245; grete and grone Mar, mir, pi, 152; grete 
(pres.) ani, Arth, VH, 13; greten Wr. an, lit 11; gretand 
(part) Rob, Br, 165, 4; gret (pret) met, horn. 18; Isumb, 
315; grete (part.) Halliw. diet, 417; Eglam. 926. 

greten, ASax. gretan (alloqui, invocare, ciere, salutare), 
OFris. greta (provoeare, appellare), OSax, grotian (alloqui), 
OHGerm. gruozan (provoeare, ciere, salutare), greet, salute, 
Kath. 2303; Orw. 2805; vis. P. P. 3159; {gvQim) prompt 
parv. 211; grete Mar. mir. pi. 152 ; greete (griete) Chauc. 
C. t 8890; greted (imper) a. r, 430; grette (pret) Laj. 
133; Beh, 452; Horn 788; vis, P, P, 6050; Launf, 252; 
grStten Alis, 5696; co7npos, igreten. 

grStunge greeting, a. r, 250; greting Bek, 1238. 

greve? greave, lucus? Will, gloss.; Gaw, gloss,; (dat) 
Chauc, Troil, 7514; Mor, a, p, 1, 320; greves (pi) Trist 
I, 2; Oow, conf, am, 2, 261; Chauc, C. t 1497; li beaus 
disc, 551; pe graves graye Pereev. 172; pe grene greves 
ant, Arth, F, 8 ; of grevis and of gillus XXXIII, 2 ; 
see grsefe. 

graven 249 

gr6ve(ii), OFr, grever, Lot. gravare, grieve^ molest^ in- 
jure, Mand, 11; grevi Bek, 1522; greve (prea, subj.) a. r. 
422; vis, P. P. 11590. 

grilich, cmp. OHOerm, grulich, MHGerm, griulich, horrible, 
HclLUw, diet, 418. 

grien, cmp, OHOerm, gruen, gry, feel horror? gried 
(pret) yfirembled^y Oaw, gloss. 

gridlre gridiron, Fum, p. XV, 204; gredlren WicL gloss, 

griging, cmp, Dan, grye and JDutch krieken (dawn), 
dawning, Ualliw, diet, 418; griking (griging) ps, 77, 34. 

gril, MHOerm, grel, harsh^ rough, sharp, prompt, pdrv, 
212; Orm. 7145; Amis 1275; grille Rob, Br, 92, 16; 
grille (pi) Chauc, r, r, 73; woundes . . . grille Wr, spec, 
91; grones full grille ant, Arth. XLVIII, 9. 

grille(n), ASax, grillan, grellan (provocare), Dutch 
grillen (korrere), provoke, afflict, „torment^, Oaw, gloss,; 
sacram, 786; pi bidding, lord, i shall fulfill(e) and never 
more pe greeve ne grill(e) Mar, mir, pi. 4; pat (hoc) mi 
liert(e) grillus ant, A^^th, XXXIII, 6 ; so gretli can (r, gan) 
he grille (be afraid) erl of T, 1 66; me grulled I am afraid, 
a, r, 366; compos, agruUen. 

grim, ASax, OSax, grimm (grim), Olcel, grimmr, 
OHOerm, grimmer, grim, fierce, furious, y^avsterus, horri" 
dus^^ prompt, parv, 212; gr, 30; Alis. 764; Iw, 2 \83; Rob, 
Br, 192, 5; pr. consc. 2260; 4 grim word a, r, 100; grim 
and wrop s. s, Web. 818; grimme wundes Orm, 1443; 
grimmest (saperlat) a, r. 202. 

grimli grimly : pe grimli gost Wr, spec. 111; grimllche 
(adv) LaZ' 1914; a. r, 104; owl and night, 1330; grim- 
iokest (superlat) ant. Arth, VIII, 8. 

grimnesse, ASax, grimness, grimness, „austeritas'*, 
prompt, parv, 

grin, ASax, grin, gryn, grin, snare; gren dep, of Rich, 
14, 9; grone a, r, 278; grine (dat) owl and night, 1057; 
grune Mark 3; gronen (grunen) (pi) a, r. 278; grines, 
grenes, granes Wicl. gloss, 

grind? ASax, (ge-)grind (fragorjf 
grinds ton grinds, grinding-stone, a, r, 332 ; Wicl, gloss, 

grin del, ASax, grindel (obex, vectis)? 
grindelston grindle-, grindstone, Gaw, gloss. 

250 grindel 

grind el angry, wroth, Qaw, gloss.; Mor. a. p. 3, 524. 
grindellaik anger, Gaw. gloss, 
grindelli angrily, ibid. 

grin den, ASax. grindan, (f renders, terere), ODwtch 
grinden (fienderef hirrire)? grind, a. r. 70; grindin promp*. 
parv. 212; grinde Mor. a. p. 1, 81; grinde (pres.) Chauc. 
C. t 13953; grindest Orw. 1486; grond (pret.J „contrioit", 
Wicl. exod. 32, 20; grunde (subj,) a. r. 70; grunden (part.) 
Iio. 676; grounden Wr. voc. 155; groundin /. c. c. 30; 
compos, igrinden. 

grindere grinder; grinderis (pi.) Wicl. gloss. 

grinnen (grin), Dutch grinnen, grin (gim), pr. consc. 
2226 ; gape and grin Totvn. myst 53 ; (i) girnedand gn4st 307. 

grip, ASax. gripe, MHGerm. grif, grip, gripe, Qaw. 
gloss.; gripen (dat. pi) La^- 15273. 

grip, Olcel. gripr, OHGerm. grif, „gryphtis, vultur^, 
prompt, parv. 212; Brand. 20; Alls. 6345; Octov. 447; 
gripes (pi.) Laz- 28062. 

gripe? ASax. grepe? gripe, trench, ditch, prompt parv. 
213*; see grippe. 

gripen, ASax. OS ax. gripan, OFris. Olcel. giipa, 
Goth, greipan, OHGerm. grif en, gripe, rel. ant. 1, 174; 
rel. songs V, 76; gripin prompt, parv. 213; gripe Rich, 
4471; gripep (pres) vis. P. P. 11772; gripes (imper) 
,^adprehendite*^, ps. 2, 12; grsep (pret.) LaT^. 8440; grkp 
Orm. 8125; grure gr4p euch mon Kath. 1994; grep? 
Halliw. diet. 416; grepen Rich. 5070; gripen (part) „con- 
prehensus'*, ps. 9,16; compos, bi-, igripen ; deriv. grkp. 

grip el gripple, covetoios, LaT^. 7336. 

grippe, ODutch grippe (svlcus), grip, trench, ditch^ 
prompt parv. 212; see gripe. 

grippel, LGerm. griippel (sulcus) Schiitzes hoist idiot, 
trench, ditch, prompt parv. 212. 

g r i p p e n , MHGerm. gripfen, grip^ seize ; grippest (pres) 
Hartsh. met. t. 118; gripte (pret) Will, gloss.; Rob. Glouc. 
22, 19; griped (part) vis. P. P. 1721. 

gris, OSax. OFris. MHGerm. gris (canus), a sort of 
fur, Wr. spec. 26; vis. P. P. 10065; gris and gro Launf. 
237; gris and grai li beaus disc. 839. 

gris, Olcel. griss, grise, pig, porcellus, pi^ompt parv. 
211; rel. ant. 2, 79; a. r. 204*; vis. P. P. 2183; avow. 
Arth. II, 16; I. c. c. 55. 

grlse 251 

grtse? cmp. MHGerm, griuse, grilse, horror f 
grise-, grisful horrible, WicL gloss.; grisful Furn, p, 1,33; 
Chauc, C, t 1540. 

grise horrible, U beaus disc. 597; pr. consc, pref. X. 
grislrch (grislich?), ASax, gris-, gr^shc? OFris, grislik, 
Dutch grijselik, grisly, horrible, Kath. 2320*; a. r. 190; 
owl and night 224; s. 5. Web, 756; k. of T, 168; grise- 
iTch, grisli Alis. 684 & 5717; grislij Orm. 3842; grisli Mor, 
a. p. 2, 1534; grisli, griseli pr, consc. 1404 & 1757; gris- 
\lchG(adv) a. r. 118; Rob. Glouc. 24,21; cr. P. P. 1166; 
grisllkere (compar.) Furn. p. XVII, 357; grisllkeste (su- 
perlat.) XVII, 353; see grdsli. 
grislines grisliness, pr. consc. 2310; griseiinesse Wicl. gloss. 

gris en, ASax. (a-)grisan (horrere), ODutch grijsen 
Qrendere, nngi)? cmp, ASax. (be-)greosaii, MHGerm. 
griisen, and see Gr.gram. 1,371 (3d ed.), grize? be afraid, 
feel horror, rel. ant. 1, 130; grise transact. 18, 26; met. 
horn. 23; Lidg. m. p. 113; Mar. mir. pi. 177; to make 
pe haipin kingis to grise s. s. Wr. 2674; me grises (v. r. 
grulled) a. r. 366*; pet ou grise (v. r. uggi) wid h^m 
92*; gros (pret) Halliw. diet. 420; grisiden? Wicl. gloss. 
21; compos, agrisen. 

grisi? cmp. OHGerm. griusiger (horribilis). 
grisihch horrible. Will, gloss. 
grisines horror, Wicl. gloss. 

grisung, ODutch grijsmge (rictus)? horror, a. r. 190*; 
grising Wicl. gloss. 

grist, ASax. OS ax. grist (f render, molitura), grist, 
bruisef Mor. a. p. 1, 465. 
gristbat gnashing, LaT^. 5189. 
gristbatien gnash; grisbatede (pret.) a. r. 326. 

g r i s t i 1 , ASax. OFris. gristel, gristle, ,^cartilago'\ prompt, 
parv. 213; Wr. voc. 179. 

grid, ASax. Olcel. grid, peace, quiet, security, Lai^, 
1416; a. r. 174; grip rel. ant. 1, 172; c. of I. 702; grip 
& frip Orm. 3380; grith ant. Arth. V, 7; griht (r. w. 
wiht = with) harrow. 124. 
gripbruche owl and night. 1732. 
gridful a. r. 406. 
gridllche peaceably, La'7^. 121. . 

gridien, ASax. gridian, make peace, Laj. 5551. 

grom, Olcel. gromr (homuncio)^ groom^ young man^ 

252 gromil 

Beh 148; Horn 971; vis. P. P. 3221; Wr. p. s. 218; 
moni knight and grom Jlis. 1150; gromes (pL) a. r. 
422; owl and night Ills ; gromene (gen. pi.) Wr. p. «. 238. 

gromil, Fr. gremil, gromwell, Wr. spec. 27. 

grope, groupe, OFris. grope, ODutch groepe, groop, 
channel, trench, prompt, parv. 216. 

gropen, groupin, make a groop &c., prompt, parv. 216. 

grot, ASax. grot, particle, atom, a. r. 260; Ckauc. 
C. t. 6874. 

grot? 0/ceZ. grautr? groat, polenta; gr6te (dat.) I. c. c. 
53; grotes (pi) 47. 

grote, ODutch groote, groat, drachma, vis. P. P. 2534; 
grote, groote Lidg. m. p, 50 & 152: grotes (pi) Chauc 
C. t. 7546. 

grout e (grout?), ASax. grut, ODutch grute, gruite, 
MHGerrn. grti^, grouty prompt, parv. 217; Wr. voc. 178. 

grove (grof ?), ASax. (vyn-)gr4f, grove, y^lucus^, prompt, 
parv. 215; Mand. 271; grove (dat) owl and night. 380; 
Ckauc. G. t. 1480; groven (grove) fpl) Lai^. 469. 

grow in, ASax. grovan, Olcel. groa, OFris. groia, 
OlJGerm. gru(o)en, grow, prompt, parv. 215; greowen? 
(growe) Las- 8696; growe vis. P. P. 14038; Mand. 88; 
grouwep (pres) Wr. p. s. 332 ; growinde (part) Shoreh. 
159; growing Chauc. C. t 13981; greu (pret) La^. 2014; 
Rob. Glouc. 4:70, 6; greowe (subj) rei ant. 1, 173; growen 
(part) cr. P. P. 440; compos, bigrowen. 

g r u b b e n , from *grubbe, ODutch grubbe (fovea), grub, 
prompt parv. 217. 

grucchen (grucche), OFr. groucher, grudge, murmur, 
Wicl. John 6; grugge lud. Gov. 228; grucched (pres) a. r. 
114; groches pr. consc. 297; grucched (pretj Mand. 57. 

gruen (grue), OHGerm. gruen (horrere)^ grue, grieve*? 
sacram. 155; see grien. 

gruf? cmp. Olcel. k grufu (ncesgrus) Fritzners ordb., 
pei fillen gruf (on the face) Chauc. C. t. 951; and laide 
her gruf (face downwards) upon d tre Em. 656; on grofe 
ye lie testam. of Ores. 362; on groufe fallin m. Arth. H. 
323; on the gruffe fallis Halliw. diet 419. 

grufelinge, grovelinge groveling (grublings), on the 
face, face downwards, see transact phil. society 1862 p. 88, 
prompt parv. 215; grovelinge to his fete pai felle Mor. 
a. p. 1, 1119; grovelings Alex. Stevens. 6277] groflinges 

grund 253 

pou shall be laid Town. myst. *40; grovelonges ant, Arih. 

grund, A Sax. OSax. grund, OHOerm. grunt, Olcel, 
grunnr, ground, fundus, La'T^. 2296; Orm. 18286; Iw. 2003; 
Wr. p. 8. 196 ; grund, grond pr. consc. 209&7213; ground 
vis. P. P. 10924; into helle grunde (dat) a. r. 268; falle 
to grounde ^r. treat. 136; eode to gronde jperwA^of, P.oh. 
Olouc. 79, 7; hire keverchefs wSren ful fine of grounde 
Chauc. C. t. 455. 

groundebbe, Germ, grund-ebbe, Ltdg. m. p. 50. 
groundlias groundless, Shoreh. 154. 
groundsope y^faex, sedimen^, prompt, parv. 216. 
grundswilie groundsel, senecio, rel. ant. 1, 37. 
gi'undwal Orm. 13372. 

groundin, ASax. gryndan, ground, „fundare^, prompt, 
parv. 216; grundien cast down? LaT^. 26553; grendep 
(pres.J sinks to the ground, Shoreh. 137; groundid (part.) 
„ founded^ y Wicl. gloss. 

grunt en, OUGerm. grunzen, grunt, a. r. 326; grunton 
prompt, parv. 218; i grunte (pres.) ant grone rel. ant. 1, 
120; gronten Maud. 274; grunte fjpre^.^ Furn. p. XF, 99; 
Mapes 341; grentin Wicl. gloss. 

grure, ASax. gryre, OSax. gruri, horror^ La^- 277 16; 
Mark 7; Kath. 1994; a. r. 112. 
grureful a. r. 210. 

grure horrible? orn al o grure blode (or grureblsde?) 
a. r. 294. 

gvu^QU grouze, munch; gruse (pres. subj.J a. r. 428*. 

grut, IiGerm. grut, gi*ut, gravel, ,^limus^, prompt, parv. 
218; pe touiidikes wer(e) . . . full of grut Rich. 4339. 

grutten? from ASax. grytte, OHGerm. gruzze (fur^ 
fur)? of grits? pet him is muchele leovere pen pet tu ete 
gruttene bread, oder werie herde h^re a. r. 186. 

gulch en gulch (gulk), swallow; gulched (pres.) a. r. 
240; see glucchen. 

gulden („guldene"), A^ax. gylden, golden, a. r. 336; 
gilden pr. consc. 5360; lud. Cov. 76; 4 guldene crune JBTa^A. 
1582; pe gildene jate Mand.S\\ gildene (pi.) Orm. 8180; 
geldene scheldus Degrev. 280. 

gild in, ASax. gyldan, gild, prompt, parv, 193; gildid 
(gilt) (part.) Wicl. gloss. 20; gilde (pi.) Mor. a. p. 2, 1344. 

gult, ASax. gylt, guUt, La^* 4272; a. r. 258; owl and 

254 golten 

wight lAOS; Bek, 827; c. of I. 414; MapesSAl; gOtMand. 
134; gelt Shoreh, 166; gilte (dat) pr, consc, 6559; giltes 
(pi) Orm, 1143. 
giltles vis, P. P. 68; Flor. 2090. 

gulten (gulte), ASax. gyltan, do wrong, Fum, p, VIII, 
108; gilten Orm. 824; WicL gloss,; gulted (pres.) Mark. 
17; gulte (subj,) owl and night 1521; gilt (part) m, Arth. 
F, 1377; compos, a-, forgulten. 

gulti, ASax, gyltig, guilty, a, r, 58; Bek, 2111; Chauc, 
C, t 662; gilti Rob, Br. 112, 15; gelti Shoreh. 40. 

gume, ASax. Ooth,gumsi, OSax,gumo, OHOerm, gomo, 
Olcel. gumi, Lat homo, man, met horn, 127; gume (gome) 
La^. 3590; gome Wr, spec, 36; Alis. 1024; s, s, W^L 
1399; vis, P, P, 8387 ; Mor, a, p, 1, 231; ant, Anh, VIII, 
9; gomen (pl) Horn 169; Alis, 1384; compos, bridgume. 

giime? OHOerm, giumo {palatum)? gum, „ging{va^y 
Wr, voc, 207 ; see gome. 

gun, Gael, gun, Jr. gunn, Welsh gwn, gown; goun 
„toga^, Wr. voc. 238; Chauc, C, t 93; Jfor. a. jp. 2, 145; 
gunes (jt)Z^ rel, ant 2, 174; gounes D eg rev, 1604. 

gund (gound), ASax, Goth, (?) gund, OHOerm, gunt, 
gound, „chassie'^, Wr, voc, 145; gound y^alhugo^, prompt, 
parv. 206; reZ. aw«. 2, 78; rede goundes (rMe gundes) vw. 
P. P. 14090; Wart hist 2, 58 & 86. 

gundi (goundi) ,^chassieux'^, Wr, voc. 144; Halliw. 
diet 412. 

gunne, Ir, Oael. gunna, gun, avow, Arth, LXV, 3; 
gunne, gonne Chauc, I, g, w, 637; h. of f, 1643; gonnes 
Xpl.) Alis, 3268. 

gurd („gird"), ASax, gyrd (?), MHOerm. gurt, girth, 
Alis, 2272; gerp ,^cingula^, prompt, parv, 190; J?ic^. 5733. 

gurd el, ASax, gyrdel, Ulcel, gyrdill, OHOerm, gviviil, 
girdle, a, r, 420; Wr. spec. 35; gurdil, gerdul Chauc, 
C. t 360 <fe 3250; girdel Orm, 3210; vis, P, P. 9867; 
gurdle {dat) La^- 1325. 

gurden („girdin"), ASax, gyrdan (cingere), Olcel, 
gyrda {id), OHOerm. gurten {id.), ODutch gurden^ gorden 
{cingere, caedere loris), gird, ,^cingere", prompt, parv. 195; 
gorde mere? Mor. a. p. 2, 911; gurdus, girdus {pres.) 
caedit, ferit, ant Arth. XLV, 10 & XL VII, 8; gurdes, 
gordez, girdez y^strihes, smites'^, Gaw. gloss,; girdep vis, 
P. P. 1284; gurde {pret) cinxit, Rob, Olouc. 435, 7 ; ferivit, 

gate 255 

iaj. 1596; a, r, 106; gird {part^ cvncttis, Chauc. C. t 
331; gord Oaw, gloss,; igurd a. r. 380; gavd fertiiis. Alts, 
2299; compos, bigurden. 

gute, ASax. gyte, OHGerm, guz? /row seoten, /i*5*b; 
compos, biodgttte. 
gutefestre running fester ^ {ace?) a. r. 328. 

gut, ASax. gutt(?), guty vis. P. P. 534; Mor. a. p. 3, 
280; (gutte) y^viscus'^, prompt, parv. 220; gnites {pi.) Mar g. 
112; Tor. 192; gottes Rob. Olouc. 289, 8. 

gut ton guty y,exenterare^ y prompt parv. 220. 

3 a, ASax. ge£t, OSax. Olcel. OHOerm. ja (i4), Go^A. 
ja, jai, OFris. j6, ge, yea, Orw. 2411; Iw. 1004; (y^) -4Zt5. 
3571; Lidg.m. p. 40; (yaa) F/or. 1736; jk, yai, 36 IfarA. 
4 & 5; 36 a. r. 136; Bek. 36; Mand. 292', (ye) t?w. P.P. 
2979; Tor. 829; (3he) Wicl. gloss.; yoo i?w. 888; 306 
avow. Arth. XXIV y 14. 

3ui (3eoi, 3ei)-he yea hef see Or. gram. 3, 765, a. r. 334. 
3use, ASax. gese, gise, yes, see Grr. gram. 3, 764, La'7^. 
17208; a. r. 392*; 3ise J^Tor. a. jt>. 3, 117; 3i8 Eglam^66] 
yis vis. P. P. 3776; 368 Skoreh. 153. 

3 a m e r , ASax. geomer, OSax. iamar, OHOerm. iamarer, 
lamentable, miserable; 3emer Shoreh. 113; h4re 3eoinere 
biieave Kath. 1831; 3emere {pi.) La^- 12039; 3omere 
{adv.) owl and night. 415; 3eomerest {superlat.) Lai^. 16566. 
3eomerllc lamentable, LaT^. 29564; 3omerli Mor. a. p. 2, 
971; 3eomerlTche {adv.) Mark. 6; 3amerli ant. Arth. VII, 
8; 3amirli Oaw. gloss. 

3amereii, ASax. geomerian, OHOerm, iamaron, yam- 
mer, lament; 3amers {pres.) Oaw. gloss.; 3amurt {pret.) 
ant. Arth. VII, 9. 

^ 3ard, ASax. geard, OSax. gard, Goth, gards, Olcel. 
gardr, OHOerm. gart, Lot. tortus, Or. xopToc^ yard {garth), 
Furn. p. XXIII, 73; 3erd (yerd) „Aorfws", Wr. voc. 270; 
vis. P. P. 4198; Chauc. Troil. 1912; z^rde {dat.) HaUiw. 
diet. 950; compos, middel-, wm3ard. 

3a re (,,gare"), ASax. gearve, OSax. garewi, OHOerm. 
gSir{si)wi, gare {gear), clothing, armour, Trist III, 52; Em. 
198; gere rel. songs IV, 36; Oow. conf. am. 2,227; Mor. 
a. p. 2, 1811; Percev. 189; Tor. 652; gseren {pi.) La^* 

3^re, ASax. ge4ra, yore, long before, long since. Brand. 
31; 3^e, 3e&re La3. 2671 & 3415; a. r. 88 & 298; 

256 garkien 

jore c. of I 1339; Wr. spec. 28 & 43; Chatic. C. t 4594; 
s. 8. Wr, 2153. 

3arkien, jearkien, AS ax, gearcian, yark {yerk\ pre- 
pare, dispose, LaT^. 2631 & 19513; jarken Kath. 1752; 
Orm. 96; 3arkep (pres.) vis. P. P, 4638; serked a. r. 
410; 3arkede {pret) Rob, Olouc. 12, 8; parked (part.) 
Mor. a. p. 2, 1708; yarked Em, 329. 

3 arm, Welsh garm, Gael, gairm, yarrn, cry, Mor. a. p. 
2, 971. 

3 arm en (3arme), Welsh garmio, Gael, gairm? yarm, 
cry, scream, Ualliw, diet, 951. 

3arn, AS ax, gearn, Olcel, OHGerm.. garn, yarn, Wr. 
voc, 157; 3ern Halliw, nug, poet, 18. 
3arnwindil prompt, parv, 188. 

yarow(e), ASax, gearve, OHGerm, gar(a)wa, yarrow, 
rel, ant, I, 53. 

3arren? from 3erreii? yar, snarl; 3arrande (^part,) 
Gaw, gloss,; garrende Wicl, gloss, 

3aru, ASax, gearu, OSax, garu, OHGerm, gar(e)wer, 
Olcel, gorr (gerr), yare^ ready, La';^, 7783; 3arow Kath. 
2334; 3eruh a, r, 394; 3are owl and night, 488; Boh. 
Glouc, 237, 4; avow, Arth. LXIV, 8; (yare) Gow, covf. 
am, 2, 237; Rich, 6727; s, s* Wr. 305; Ga7n,90; m, Arth. 
F, 218; Mar, mir. pi, 134; 3eare, gaere {adv,) La;^, 525 
& 18547; 3are Mor, a, p. 1, 833; 38erewe (pi,) La^. 
9457; 3arewe Kath. 1750; owl and night, 378; yarwe 
Rich, 6751. 

3arwen, J.Sair. gear(u)vian, OiSaa:. garuwian (gerwean), 
OHGerm. gar(a)wen, garen, Olcel, gorva, gora, from 3aru, 
gar, prepare, make ; garen Wr, an, lit, 1 3 ; 3are Roh, Br, 
294, 13; gare Percev, 1411; gere ant, Arth, XXI, 12; 
garez {pres) Mor, a, p. 1, 331; 3ared {pret,) Rob. Br. 
58, 13; garte vts, P, P, 2597; Rich. 6037; Isumb, 402; 
3arweden, 3areweden, gereden LaT^, 1873, 5361 & 9761; 
gared, gered {part.) Gaw, gloss,; gered Mor, a. p, 2, 1568; 
gert Mm. 28; compos, for3aren. 

3at, ASax, geat, OSaaf, gat, OFris. iet, [Olcel, gatt], 
yat {gat, gate), foris, Rob, Glouc. 540, 16; c. of I, 877 ; 
j^^it Degrev. 613; 3ate Kath. 2454; Orm, 4122; T^sdt La^. 
6059; 3et a, r. 74; Bek, 2150; yate {dat) Eglam, 281; 
Hoccl, I, 178; 3eate a. r. 424; 3ates (pZ.) ^rawof. 4 ; yates 
vis. P, P. 12600; yhates pr. consc, 2127; compos, flodset 

3a1^en 257 

gattopid? Chauc, C. t 6185. 

3ateward harrow, 139; seteward a. r. 270. 

3atien? ;^a.ten, ASax. geatan(?), OFm. getta, grants 
give, Orm. 9819; jetten LaT^, 10052; jete? Mor. a. p, 1, 
557; 3etted (pres.) a, r. 170; god jate (3ote) (suhj,) 
p7'ompt parv. 201; 3atte (pret) Orm, 2372; 3ette IjWt^. 
4426; 3ettede KaJth, 1590 & 2402; 3ated (paH.) Orm. 
154; i3etted MarK 16. 

3ettunge permission^ (daU) a, r. 204. 

3e, ASax. ge, OSax, gi, Go*A. jus, Olcel. jer, er, 
OHGerm. ir, (?r. ufifi&c (^/br uofie(;), ^ee Bopp*s vergh gram, 
473, 2/6', vos^ a. r, 4; Orm. 366; Bek, 26; ye Chauc, C, t, 
728; Lic?5'. ^ .P- 28; Eglam, 4; hadde ye rattes youre 
wille, ye koupe noght rule yow selve vis, P. P. 398; yee 
HoccL'IV, 12; yhe pr, consc, 68; see eow and eower. 

3eap, A Sax, geap, crafty, cunning, quick; 3eep Wr. 
spec, 39; 3ep La3. 7581; noder 3ep ne wis owl and night, 
465; pou art yong and yeepe vis. P, P, 6606; sl6h & 38ep 
Orm, 13499; 3eape (pi,) a. r, 362; 36pe Boh. Br. 320, 18; 
3epe (adv,f) Mor, a, p. 2, 881. 
3ephede calliditas, owl and night. 683. 
33eple3C id., Orm, 2523. 

3epllche craftily, quickly j vis. P. P. 9998; 3epli Will, gloss. 
254; ilfor. a, p, 2, 1708. 
3eapscipe calliditas, La'7^. 2760. 

3ed, AS ax. gedd, gidd, word; 3eddes (jpZ^ La3. 25853. 

3eddien, ^iSorr. geddian, giddian, speak, Lai^. 21429; 
3edde s, s, Wr. 215. 

3edding, ASax, geddung, gidding, song; 3eddingi8 
Halliw, diet, 951; 3eddingus Degrev, 1421. 

3 e d e r , cmp, ASax. edre (confestim), with 3edire (great f) 
308kinges Alex. Stevens, 172. 
3ederli quickly, Oaw, gloss.; Mor, a, p. 2, 463. 

3eft, ASax, OHGerm, gift, OFris, left, gifty Will, gloss, 
254; 3eft, 3ift La^. 1790* & 7705*; 3ift Bek. 570; 3ifte 
(dat. or ace.) Wicl. gloss, 53 ; he gifes k gifte he makes 
a vowf Percev. 85; 3eftes (pi) Shoreh. 45; yiftes vis. 
P. P, 1557; Hoccl, J, 366. 

3ei cry, clamor, a, r. 306*. 

3eieii (3eien?) cry, clamare, Kath, 207; a. r. 66; 3e3e 
(pres)f Wr. spec. 111; 3eiede (pret) a, r, 152; 3eide 
Marh, 6; 3eideii La3. 27750; 3e3ed Mor. a. p. 2, 846. 


258 jein 

36 in („gein"), ASax. gegn, gSn, OSax. gegin, Olcd. 
gegn, gagn, OHGerm. gagan, gairif contra^ lAdg, m. p. 1 62 ; 
gain Mor. a, p. 1, 138; pr, consc. pref. XII \ jsen Orm, 
124: \ compos, an (on)-, in-, tojein. 
3ainclap counter-strokey Kaih, 129. 

jeincume return^ a. r. 234; seincome Halliw. diet. 962. 
jeinchar return, Wr. spec. 46. 
gainsawe repHy^ met. horn. 75. 

Seinseggen gainsay; geinsein (pres.) Iddg. m. p. 135; jein- 
seye (subj.) Halliw. diet. 951. 
Seinturn return, Kath. 2118. 

^einen, Olcel. gegna, gagna (otviam ire, occurrere, pro- 
dessej, OHOerm. gaganen (obviare^ occurrere), gain, encoun- 
ter, meet, avail, Kaih. 179; per mai no miht ne jiftes 
jeine Fum. p, XXV, 89; me shai pe jene owl and night. 
843; gawne Town. myst. 320; geined (pres.) a. r. 362; 
Wr. p, s. 324; ac nu ne gesnep it hem noht Orm. 970; 
gainep Shoreh. 41 ; us gainep no raunsoun Chauc. C. t. 
1178; gaines m. Arth. F. 1071; yfinet (part.) Mark. 1; 
compos. a(n)3einen. 

36 k, ASax. geac, cuckoo, Halliw. diet. 951; see gok. 

3 eld, ASax. geld, gild, gield, OSaor.. geld, OJ^rw. ield, 
Ooth. gild, Olcel. giald, OHQerm. gelt, payment, tribute, 
Kath. 212; a. r. 58; Shoreh. 113; (yeld?) Alis. 2969; 
3eld (3ield) ia3. 7194; 3ilde (dat.) 4784; 3eldes (pi.) 
Orm. 10170. 

3 el den, ^Saa?. geldan, gildan, gieldan, gyldan, OS ax. 
geldan, OFris. ielda, (So^A. gildan, 0/ceZ. gialda, OHGerm. 
geltan, yield, render, requite, pay, La7^. 6150; Kath. 568; 
a. r. 58; Orm. 19903; 3elde Wr. spec. 69; ylield(e) pr. 
consc. 3987; yeilde Alis. 132; 3ilde Halliw. diet. 954; 
3ulde Fum. p. XIV, 44 ; pou 3eldest (pres) noght, bAt 
borwest vis. P. P. 3068; god 3ilde (subj) you Eglam. 
271; yald (^^e*^ vis, P. P. 7810; me«. horn. 32; 3eald 
Xa<%. 128; pu 3ulde a. r. 406; 3olde Bek, 775; heo 3ul- 
den a. r. 404: 3olden Mand. 105; golden (part) Orm. 
6239; 3olden Mand. 261; yholden pr. consc. 6672; compos. 
a-, for3elden. 

3 el yrfZ, Mapes 339; (yelle) Tor. 1490; 3elles (pi) ant. 
Arth. VII, 8; compos. i3el. 

3 e lien, ASax. gellan, gillan, giellan, gyllan, OHGerm. 
gellan, Olcel, gella, gialla, yell, sonar e, tinnire, Kath. 20^0; 

jelp 259 

pe sS ' . . bigan to sellen andtobellen Halliw. dtc^. 961; 
3elle s, s. Wr, 805; Eglam, 411; foules herde sche jelle 
Octav, 330; yhell(e) pr. consc, 7341; gullen (selle) Laj. 
16407; 3ulle Brand, 23; jal (pret) ibid.; s, s. Wr. 801; 
(gal?) Bob. OJxmc, 208, 13; helmes per gullen (sollen) 
Laj. 9797. 

3elp, ASax. gelp, gilp, OSax. gelp, OHOerm. gelph, 
gelf, boast, La^. 17133; Orm. 12041; c. of I 1364; Iw. 
2765; Bob. Br. 264, 6; (yelp) Launf. 718; 3elpe (^da«^ 
a. r. 210. 

jelpen, ASax. gelpan, gilpan, yelp, boast, La7^. 22949; 
a. r. 146; Orm. 2042; jelpe (yelpe) !4Zw. 1065; Gow.conf. 
am. 2, J16; s. a. c. X, 67; jelped (pres.) Kath. 1287; 
3ealp (salp) (pret.) LaT^. 2870; isolpe (part.) Alis. 3368. 

3 el ping boasting, Oaw. gloss.; 3elpunge (ace) a. r. 330. 

3elte, OHQerm, gelza (sucula), y^scrofa'^, Wr. ))oc. 
Ill', see gilte. 

3eiu (3eolu), ASax. geolo, OHGerm. gelwer, Lat. hel- 
vus, yellow, Wr. p. s. 158; 3eoluli a. r. 88; 3eleu rel. ant. 
1, 129; yelew Bich. 2644; 3elow, 3alow Mand. 48; yolw 
Chauc. C. t. 2134; 30I0W Alis. 207; yalu Halliw. diet. 
943; her yelwe hair Oow. conf. am. 3, 265; hir yolwe 
heer Chauc. C. t. 1051; see gol. 
3alowsou3t jaundice, Halliw. diet. 950. 

3 erne (ySme), ASax. g^me, g^me(?), OHOerm. gouma? 
heed, care, (dot) Halliw. diet. 945 ; (ace.) LaT^. 6981 ; a. r. 
32; Bob. Olouc. 194, 8; c. of I. 502; Shoreh. 11; vis. P.P. 
6000 ; Hardw. poem 9, 2 ; nim 3dme of pi 3uliede Marh. 
4; Kath. 1462; see gom. 

S^meleas, ASax. geme-, g^meleas, OHGerm. goumates, 
heed-, careless. 
3emeleaslTclie heedlessly, a. r. 92; 3dniel5slTclie rel. ant. 

1, 129. 

3emeleaste, ASax. g^meleast, negligence, (ace) a. r. 46; 
3emel8este Orm. 2913. 

3 6 m e n , ASax. geman, g^man, Icel. gey ma, OSax. 
gomian, OHGerm. goumen, Goth, gaumjan, yeem, look after, 
heed, keep, a. r 98; Orm. 2911; 3eme harrow, 24; s. s. 
Wr. 99; Wr. p. s. 215 ; m. Arth. F. 2512 ; ySme vis. P. P. 
5003; ps. 11, 8; met. hom. 4; 3dmes (pres) Mor. a. p. 

2, 1493; 3dmde (pret) La^- 30845; (3dmede) chron. Engl. 
152; 3^mande (part.) Percev. 1136; compos, for-, is^men. 


S60 y^nier 

y^mer keeper^ met, horn, 114. 

3 Enisle, Olcel. geymsla, Ag^rf, care^ (ace) Orm. 5095. 

3 e n , ODutch gene (ghene), gone, OFris. iene, OHO-erm. 
iener (gener), Ooth, jains, yon, ille; jon Afor. a. |?. 1, 672 ; 
yon light vis, P, P. 12366; in jone stede Iw, 2549. 

36 nd, A8ax, geond, gynd (illuc^ trans), Ooth, jaind 
(Ix8t)> ODutch gin(d)s, yond, trans, Horn 1012; (jent) 
Wr, p. s. 264; jend, ^eond, 3ond LaT^, 28, 113 & 494; 
3eond te world a, r, 72; yond illic, Ckauc, C, t, 1101; 
3ond hoves k rial kni3t Amad, Robs, XL VI, 2; 3ond al 
pe world c, of I. 1448; yond (for yon) light vis, P. P, 
12454; 3ond half Orm, 10588; pe holi man was 3und 
of Irlande Brand. 1 ; a 3und half 33 ; 3endis Wtcl, gloss. 
53; compos, hi3end, 

3ender, 02)w<cA gender, ginder (illic^ iUuc), Goth, jain- 
dre(lx87), yonder (yinder), iUiCy Mor, a, p, 2, 1617; 3endir 
Halliw, diet, 952; yonder Chauc. C, t, 1121; Tor. 2070; 
yondur Eglam, 290; at 3onder (for 3on)hille Percev. 373. 

3eonien, ASax, geonian, ginian, OHGerm, ginen, 
yawn, gape, a, r. 242; 3eonep (pres) rel, songs F, 233; 
3enip Alis, 485; 3eonede (pret,) Mark, 9; 3enede Mopes 
338; 3eneden Wicl, gloss. 

360 ten, ASax, geotan, OSax, geotan, Ooth, giutan, 
OHGerm. giozan, pour, found, cast, LaT^. 17318; 3eten 
Orm, 17418; 366 te Wicl, gloss, 53; 3eoted (pres.) a. r. 
282; 30 ten (pret) Mapes 338; yhotten (3hutte) ^s. 78, 
3; 3oten (part) Orm. 1773; Ridi, 371; Amis 2024:; yho- 
tin ps, 44, 3; deriv. got, gute. 

3eoter, ASax, geotere, founder, Alis. 6735; 3eetere 
Wicl, gloss, 

3epse? LOerm, gopse, as much as may be held between 
both hands joi7ied together ; 3^psen ? (printed pepsen) (pi.) 
Wr. voc, 147. 

3Sr, ASax, gekr, OSax. ger, OFris, ier, Goth, jer, 
OHGerm, ikr, [Olcel, kr], year, a. r, 218; Orm. 9503; 
36er Wicl. John 11; 3i6r rel. ant. 1, 130; yar s. s, Web, 
568; 3^r (yeer) (pL) Alis, 790; Mand, 12; Chauc, C, t, 
603; Hoccl, I, 110; 3er, 3i6r Shoreh. 63&71; 3er6 I. c. 
c, 34; yh^re pr, consc. 741; to 3ere hoc anno, ia3. 8039; 
Brand, 11; Chauc, C. t. 5750; Mar, mir, pl, 158; 3dre8 
(pi) Mark 2\ a, r, 190. 
yeerli yearly. Hoed, 1, 421. 

36rd 261 

36 rd, ASax.gyrdf 0/Saa:. fgerda, OFm. ierde, O^fl^crw. 
gerta, yard (yerd), virga, a, r, 184; Shoreh, 132; jerd 
(jeord) LaZ' 14771; 3urd Bek. 2268; yard Oatv. gloss.; 
3erde (dat^ Mand. 85; (yerde) ChaiLC. C. t 149; in A 
mannes 3erde Wr, diet. 1036; 3erde (ace) Orm, 16181; 
Bob, Br. 292, 19; 3erden (jpl.) a. r. 186; 3erde8 vis. P.P. 

3eren? OSax. OHGerm. geron, OFris. ieria, desire; 
3irden (3eorden) (pret.) Lax. 10297 

3ern? OHOerm. gerni (dUigentia) ? 
3eornful, ASax. geornfuU, yeamfuly eager, Orm. 1631. 

3erne, ASax. georn, gyrn, OSax. gem, Olcel giam, 
OHOerm. gerner, Gotk. gairns, yearn^ desiroics, diligent, 
eager, Chavc. C. t 3257; (adv.) 6575; Degrev, 605; Boh. 
Br. 56, 9; 3erne (3eorne) c. of I. 76; 3eoriie Mark. 2; 
Kath. 1588; a. r. 108; Orm. 2718; 3eorne, 3orne owl and 
night 661 & 1579; 3orne avow. Arth. XXIIl, 3; 3uriie 
Brand. 5; chron. Engl. 52. 

3eornellche diligently, eagerly, a. r. 98; 3iernellche rel. ant. 
1, 129; 3eorneluker (compar) a. r. 234. 

3ernen, ASax. geornian, gyrnan, OSaac. gernian, 
OHOerm. gernen, Olcel. girna, Goth, gairnjan, yearn, de- 
sire, La'7^. 6196; Iw. 1242; yherne ^r. co/wc. 4663; seornen 
Orm. 3579; 3irne (pres) a. r. 400; Wr. an. lit. 3; yhernes 
(yhornes) ps 51, 2; 3ernde (pret.) La7^. 4720; 3ernede 
Kath. 1591; 3eoriide Orm. 5241; 3irnde Marh.2; 3irnden 
Laz- 10305; Wr. spec. 43; 3erned (part) Mar. a. p. 1, 
1189; 3irned harrow. 164; compos. i3ernen. 

3irnunge yearning, a. r. 114; yherning pr. consc. 1127. 

3erren? ASax. georran (sonar e, strider^ Orein'sgloss.^ 
yer (yir), screak: 3urren (pret) p& stUnes mid p4n blod- 
stremes LaT^. 28358. 

36 st, ASoiX. gist, MHGerm. J6st, g6St, from *36sen, 
MHGerm. J6S6n, g6S6n (ferment), yeast; gist? HaUiw. 
diet. 426. 

36 1, ASax. get(a), git(a), gyt(a), OFris. ieta, eta, ita, 
yet, LaT^. 109; Kath. 70; (yet) m. P. P. 418; pat tu nart 
noht 3et in heofne Orm. 7951; pe3 ne wseren 36t noht 
tahte 9802; & godes engei se3d6 pser of sant Johan 3et 
m^re 780; 36t lesse a. r. 66; 36t (tamen) 3if we wole re- 
pente Fum. p. XXV, 141; p4 3et Kath. 561; pe 3et 
adhuc, LaT^. 19292; Marh. 1; he is nout pe jet ischend 

262 3^^ 

a. r, 298; ah pah ml lif me beo atschote, pe set (etiam 
tarn) ich mai do gode note owl and night 1622; yet, yit 
Ghauc. C. *. 70 & 257; jit (yit) Gow. conf, am. 3, 242; 
Wicl. John 2; Rob. Br. 7, 6; Eglam. 76; yhit pr. con^c. 
105; p6 3it ne mihten heo . . . ileeven c. of I. 1423; jut 
6r pe wordles ende Brand. 3 ; pat he pe ^ut (jam turn) 
of londe wende Bek. 680; 3ete a. r. 280; jite Degrev. 
986 ; 3ute Bek. 2044 ; pat nfiver ^ute iholde nas c. of I. 266. 

3 St (get?) „&oo^y", Gaw. gloss.; compos, hi^^te? overgat? 

3eten (3ete), ASax. getan (?), (bi-, for)gitan, Olcel. 
geta, 08ax. (bi-, far)getan, G^o^A. (bi)gitan, OHGerm. 
(ar-, bi-, fer)gezan, jre^, transact. 18, 23; geten WVK. 
glosF.; Gow. conf. am. 2, 242; to geten him gilte spores 
vis. P. P. 12098; gete Isumb. 151 ; pou getist (pres.) Eglam. 
347; he get Orm. 10219; gat (pret.) Will, gloss.; Wicl. 
gloss.; or he gat his wif to schipe Chauc. C. t 3540; and 
gat upon hire Constantin Maud. 12; hit fro me yot (?) 
Mor. a. p. 1, 10; pou gete vis. P. P. 12747; (pei) g6ten 
14238; Gaw. gloss.; geeten, go ten? Wicl. gloss.; goten? 
Mand. 67; g&ten? Will, gloss.; geten (part.) Gaw. gloss.; 
Mand. 19; Chauc. C. t. 293; pe good pat pou hast geten 
vis. P. P. 3065; befor pat he was geten and forth broght 
pr. consc. 443; (getten) Mar. mir. pi. 142; geten, gete 
Will, gloss.; geten, goten Wicl. gloss.; compos, bi-, for-, 

30 ve (3efe), ASax. geofu, gifu, OFris. ieve, OHGerm. 
geba, gifty LaT^. 401; 3eove a. r. 202; 3ife Orm. 5482; 
3ive Fum. p. VIII, 37; (give) Rob. Br. 155, 15; 360 ven 
(pi) Kath. 37; yeves vis. P. P. 1557; compos, morhsive. 

seven, ASax. geofan, gifan, OIceL gefa, OFris. ieva, 
OHGerm. geban, Goth, giban, give; seven (siven) La^. 
2742; yeven, give vis. P. P. 5501 & 6510; seve Rob. 
Glouc. 13, 2; Wr. spec. 39; yeve Hoccl. Ill, 30; 30 ve, 
geve Tor. 933 & 2088; gexe Eglam. 2C)6; geye, give Chauc. 
C t. 223 & 507; siven a. r. 68; siven (seoven) Kath. 
636; sifen Orm. 1864; yive Alis. 5526; gife Amad. Robs. 
Lilly 10; yeve (pres) Hick. thes. 1,226; sevep Wr. treat. 
134; sif (imperat) a. r. 294; yevep Lidg. m. p. 48; saf 
(pret) Orm. 761 ; Shoreh. 21 ; Mand. 97 ; saf, sef Wr. spec. 
43 & 106; yaf m. Arth. F. 269; gaf Chauc. C t 177; 
Eglam. 407; ssef, sef £03. 42 & 24712; sef Kath. 357; 
Rob. Glouc. 58, 8; gef Gaw. gloss. 384; pu seve^eA:. 786; 

seven 263 

gsefen Orm. 6476; j^ven (jeeveii) c. of L 616; s^ven, 
34ven? 36ven? WicL gloss,; go van sacram. 39; gove PFtZZ. 
gloss.; 36 ve (subjunct.) Bek, 308; 3ifen (part.) Orm. 2111; 
gifen /i^. 3540; yeve m. Arth. -F. 88; 30Yen (/orseoven) 
Mand, 13; (roi^. con/*, aw. 1, 79; yoven Hoccl. J, 99; 13!- 
ven a. r. 82 ; c. of L 60 ; compos, a-, for-, upseven; de- 
riv. 3eft. 

gevelrc giftf rel. ant. 1, 213; on gevenhke, gevehke 1, 
215 & 225. 

givere, OHGerm. gebare, giver, vis. P. P. 4611. 

3evede, AS ax. gifede, gyfede, given f seorwe pe beod 
gevede Lai^. 2272. 

Sifvede, AS ax. gifede (sorsf) Greins gloss., wealth? 
La^. 8118. 

3exe, AS ax. geocsa, gicsa, gisca, yexy hiccough, singula 
tus; 30xe Halliw. diet. 954. 

3exen, ASax. giscian, yex (yesk, yisk), hiccough; sixin 
j^singultire^ , prompt, parv., quoted by Tyrwh. gloss, to Chauc. ; 
30xep (pres.) Chauc. C. t 4149; 30xide (pret.) y^sohbed^, 
Wicl. gloss ^ 53; and sore wepinge wende forp and 3oxede 
and siste ofte Bek. 1568. 

30s king, ASax. giscung, gicsung, yexing, Wr. diet. 
1038; 30xing y^sobbing'^, Wicl. gloss. 

3 ice hen, O^Gerw. iucchen? itch; sichin, 3ikin, sekin 
„prurire^, prompt, parv. 258; sicchinde (part.) a. r. 80. 

3if, ASax. gif, OFris. ief, Goth, jabai? see Gr. gram. 
3, 283, gif^ si, La'i^. 356; Orm. 1438; c. of I. 181; Mand. 
3; Mor. a. p. 2, 758; I. c. c. 32; (yif) s. s. Web. 293; 
3if pu pus dest nout a. r. 294] gif Chauc. C t. 1272; 
Eglam. 495; ant. Arth. XX, 1; 3ef Rob. Glouc. 12, 23; 
Wr. spec. 36; 3ef godes wille wfere Marh. 2; yef Hick, 
thes, 1, 226; Horn 111; Degrev. 185; met. horn. 30. 

3ilde (gilde)^ Dutch gilde, OFris. ielde, guild, yfra- 
temitas'\ prompt, parv. 193; lAdg. m. p. 207; silden he 
gon rere Las. 32001. 

gildehalle yfpraetorium^^, prompt, parv. 193; geldehalle 
Chauc. C. t. 372. 

Sim, ASax. gimm, Lot. gemma, gem; 'Zfrnm^^ (pi) Rob. 
Glouc. 489, 15; gimmes Alis. 3152. 

Simstan Kath. 1662; simstOn a. r. 134; 3im-(3em-)ston 
Laz. 21143. 

264 3^^ 

jlsel, A8ax. glsel, OH Germ, glsal, Olcel. glsl, hostage; 
jlsles (pi) Lax. 5324. 

Sistre? Aoax. geostra (?), OHGerm, gestre, gestren? 
Lat. hesternus? yester: jursten (jorsten) dsei (orsursten- 
dsei?), A8ax. gyrstan (gystran, geostran) dseg, (acc^ yester- 
day^ hestemo die, LaT^, 17063; 3ursten dai Wr, an. lit. 4; 
jister (for jistern? cmp. Ooth. gistradagis) dai Percev. 
509; yhistre dai ps. 89, 4; sistern eve (ace.) yester even, 
heri vesperi. Will, gloss. 254; yister 6ven Mar. mir. pi. 
122; 3U8ter evin avow. Arth. XXXVII, 6; yersten night 
Halliw. diet. 946. 

3it, ASax. 08ax. git, ye (two), La;^. 5093; Orm. 4498. 

jits en, ASax. ^tsiaii, MHOerm. ^tesen? covet; giscen 
a. r. 196. 

3itsere, ASax. gitsere, miser; sissare (jiscere) a. r. 
202; jisceres (pi) Fum. p. VIII, 135. 

jit sung, ASax. gitsung, coveting, Orm. 4:697] jitsinge, 
jissinge ^dat^Laj. 5332 & 6560; jlssunge (ace) a. r. 258. 

jiver, ASax, gifre (avidtis), Olcel. gifr (immanis), 
greedy, a. r. 84; jlfer Orm. 10218*; jifre f pi^ LGrj. 7337. 
jiverliche greedily, a. r. 240. 

jivemesse greediness, Laj. 9491; a. r. 198; rel. songs VII, 
11; jifernesse Orm. 9318. 

30, 3u, ASax. geo, iu, OS ax. OHGerm. giu, iu, Goth. 
ju, jam, quondam, olim. 

joman, ASax. geo-, iumann, yeoman, Will, gloss. 254; 
Maud. 220; Isumb. 408; yomon Amad. Weh. 347; jeman 
Chauc. C. t. 101; Mor. a. p. 1, 534; Wr. s. a. c. XXX, 5. 

30c, ASax. geoc, ioc, Goth, juk, OHGerm. ioh, Lat. 
jugum, yohe^ a. r. 156; Orm. 4045; 30k Wr. voc. 234; 
c. of I. 957; apol, 80; jok Chauc. C. t. 7989; yok (3hoc) 
ps. 2, 3. 

3 ok el, ASax. gicel, Fris. jokel, icicle, prompt, parv. 259. 

yok en yoke, Gow. conf. am. 2, 63; i3oket (part) rel. 
ant. 2, 210. 

3 61, ASax. geol, iul, Olcel. jol, j/wZe, chrlstmxis, Orm. 
1915; TFr. aw. Zt^. 5; Gaw. gloss.; (361e) Tl^r. voc. 238; 
Amad. Bohs. XIV, 2; 361e (Sa«^ Percev. 1803; 361es mo- 
nep Orm. 1910. 

361da3 Orm. 11063; 361dai s. a. c. XX, 1; 3eold8ei La'7^. 
yolniht mei. ^om. 101. 

SMe 266 

sole, ASax. geola, iula, december^ Rob, Br, 47, 2. 

30 Ike, ASax, geol(e)ca, yolk, Wr, treat, 137; yholke 
pr. C0W5C. 6448; yelke Wr. voc, 150; 3olkes (pZ^ Z. c, c. 18. 

50 lien (jolle) veM, cry^ owl and night, 970; Wid, 
gloss,; voile (pres,) Chauc, C, t, 2674; 3ollande (part) 
Gaw, gloss, 

jolpen yowp, yelp; 3olped (pret) Mor, a, p. 2, 846. 

30ulen (30ule), LOerm. jolen, jaulen, yowl, howl, Wicl, 
gloss, 53; HalUw, diet, 954; 3aules (pres.) Gaw, gloss,; 
3aulit (pret) ant, Arth. VII, 9; see goulen. 

3U3ede^ ASax, geogud, iogod, OSax. iugud, Dutch 
ieugd, OHGerm, iugund, yoiiih, La7^, 6566; 3uhede Kath, 
1462; 3uwede a. r, 156; 3eo3ede (3eu3epe) Fwrw. p. VIII, 
188; Hick, thes, 1, 224; 30uhpe rel, ant, 1, 173; 30Upe 
Chauc, C, t, 4583; yhouthe pr, consc, 5972. 
T^VLweShod juventu^s, a. r, 342; youphed Halliw, diet, 948; 
southed Isumb, 60; yhouthsd pi\ consc, 5713. 

3ung, ASax, geong, giung, iung, OSax, iung, OFris. 
iung, long, OHGerm, iunger, Goth, juggs, Olcel, ungr, 
young,Laz.^7Q; Kath.l7S; a, r. 6; Orm, 1212; Bek, 124; 
yhung, yhong pr, consc, 214 & 3785; 3ong c, of I. 171; 
{jong) Chauc, C, t 7; Tor. 1971; sing Halliw. diet, 954; 
Amad. Bobs. XL, 5; pe jinge Degrev, 1807; 3unge (|>y 
avow, Arth. VII, 3; singe Isumb, 144; Zwdl. Cot;. 73; 
Sungre (compar.) a. r, 424. 
Songhed, ODutch iongheid, juventus, Bek, 3. 
Sunglich youngly, Brand, 33. 

sun gen, MHGe7^m. jxxngen, make young; T^ingei (pres,) 
rel. ant, 1, 216. 

Songling, ASax, geongling, iungling, OHGerm. iun- 
geling, youngling, young man, Trist, I, 79; Hartsh. met, t, 
110; Wicl, gloss. 53; so^geling Alis, 2366; seonglinges 
(pi.) LaZ' 28681. 

Sungpe youngth, juventus, Halliw, diet, 954; s<>^gp® 
Wicl. gloss, 

(Sur) seor cry, a, r. 306. 

S u r e n cry, shriek, Kath, 2040 ; Tfirde (pret) Marh, gloss. 

h41i, huli? y^exosus^, prompt, paro, 222 & 289. 

habur? OFr, avoir? 
haburdascher haberdasher, Chauc. C, t 2867. 

hacche („hatche"), Swed, hack, LGerm. heck, hatch 

266 hacchen 

(hack, hecJeJf Wr, voc, 261; hacche (dot,) owl and night 
1066; hek (hech) prompt, parv, 231; hek „ostiolum^y Wr. 
voc, 203; Mar. mir. pi. 119; hacches (pi) WUl. gloss.; 
Chauc. I. g. w. 648; (hachches) Mor, a, p. 3, 179; (baches) 
anJt. Arth. XXXV^ 6; baches (hekkes) Gaw. gloss. 

hacchen, Swed, hacka, Dan, hsekke, LGerm. hecken, 
hatchf dep. of R. 13, 4; haste (pret.) owl and night. 105; 
ihaht (part,) Wr, p. s. 237. 

h&d, ASax. h&d, OSax. hed, OHGerm. heit, hood (in 
compos)^ state, condition^ order^ Orm, dedic, 9; h&d (hod) 
La^. 13267; godli hfid (or goJlihed?) Gow, conf. am. 2, 
22; wikkede hed Mapes 335; hode (datj a. r. 318; (ace.) 
y^ordinem^j ps. 109, 4; of h^de pus dwinep he Gow. conf. 
am, 2, 117; his cote of pe same hede Percev. 1103; h&des 
(pi.) Mark. 11; hodes (hMes) a, r, 26; compos, bold-, 
child-, dronken-, fair-, juwed-, knibt-, man-, meiden-, 
swikel-, wrecchehad (-hod, bed). 

h & d i e n , ASax, b^dian, ordain, consecrate ; hA,ded (part.) 
Orm. 10881; boded Laj. 21856; iboded owl and night 

hadok haddock, rel, ant, 1, 81; baddok Wr, voc. 222. 

b a e 1 e , ASax. bselu, OSax, bfeli, OHGerm, beill, from 
b&l, heal, welfare, fortune, solus; bele iaj. 30551; s, s, 
Web, 2201; pr, consc, 1326; Degrev. 1766; (heele) nsani- 
tas^, prompt, parv, 234; bele, heale a. r. 180 & 312; bele 
(dat) Chauc, C, t, 3104; to goder („geder" is a mistake) 
bele come pou bider Wr, an, lit, 9; heale Kath, 874; 
wip evil heale Mar. mir. pi, 9; bsele (ace) Orm. 5378; 
vis, P, P, 4320; Mand, 11; Mar, a, p, 1, 16; mi soule 
bele m, Arth, F, 3655. 
bealewater? a. r. 106^. 

b&leweie heal-cup or dHnkf La3. 23071 ; bali (yorb&le?)- 
wei Kaih, 1707; prompt, parv,; bMwei Furn, p, XXXV, 
84; pet bealewi a. r, 164; b^lewi Marh, 14. 

baelen, ASax, bselan, OSax, helian, OHGerm, heiLsin, 
Goth, bailjan, heal, Orm, 2218; helen, healen a. r, 112 
& 330; belin „sanare'^, prompt, parv, 235; bele Wicl. 
John 4; Isumb, 486; met, horn, 127; jele? apol. 28; b41e 
s, s, Web, 1033; belde (bealde) (pret) La^, 29541; belde 
Bob, Glouc, 244, 3; b&led (part) Rob. Br, 7, 6; pr. consc, 
8323; compos, ihselen. 

baelen d, ASax, bselend, OHGerm, beilant, saviour. 

hfilare 267 

La7^. 9144; hselende Orm. 2216; hfilend Kath. 185; h6- 
linde a. r. 112. 

hfilare, OHOerm, heilari, healer, Laj. 9145*. 

helde, AS ax, hseld, OHGerm. heilida, healthy La^. 
29992; helpe (ace.) Lidg. m, p, 69. 

haer, AS ax. hser, 08ax. Olcel. OHGerm, h&r, OFris, 
her, hair^ Orw. 3208; hfir a, r, 398; Wr.treat 138; ilfa?wi 
81 ; Chauc. C. t 591 ; (heer) prompt, parv. 235 ; Mr Iw. 823 ; 
8, s. Web. 79 ; hor ant. Arth. XL F, 1 3 ; hfere Ci^^ J.iw. 4989. 
herseve hair^sieve, I. c. c. 7. 

here^ ASax. hsere, OIceL hsera, OHGerm. hkrve^ hair^ 
cloth, Bek. 2231; heren (hearen) (pi.) a. r. 10. 

haes, ASax. hses, from Mten, command; hes (?ae^. 
gloss.; Fum. p. VHI, 174; hks Alia. 444; hsese (acc^) 
Orm. 3537; compos, bih&s. 

hest hesty command, promise, a. r. 420*; Chauc. C. U 
14062; heste Shoreh. 98; (acc.J a. r. 58; Bek. 381; c. of 
I. 172; -4Zw. 1330; m. Arth. F. 3686; Ane hgste La^- 
2494; heaste -BTaiA. 235; h&tes, hasten (pi.) a. r. 6 & 8; 
compos, outhest. 

haete, ASax. hseto, OFris. hfete^ OHGerm. heizi, /rom 
h4t, Aeo^, caZor, Orm. 13855; hete a. r. 238; TTr. freert. 
136; Percev. 862; ^wc?. 46; heate Kath. 1701. 

he tin, -^/Sarr. hsetan, Olcel. heita, OHOerm. heizen, 
heat, calefacere, prompt, parv. 238; hete Marg. 247; heaten 
a. r. 404; hette (pret) Chauc. a. f 145. 

haep (heth), A'^ax. hsed (erica,thymtis), OHGerm. heidsi 
(myrice, thymus), MHGerm. heide (myrice, campus incultus), 
Olcel. heidr (tesqua), Goth, haipi (aypoc)^ heath, erica, 
ericetum, campus incultus, Fum. p. XXIX, 30; (heep) 
vis. P. P. 10541; Chauc. C. t. 6] hoth? Lawn/. 250; 
hepe (dot.) Mor. a. p. 2, 535. 

h^pelich, Olcel. hsediligr, mocking, scornful, Trist III, 55; 
hsepelis (adv) Orm. 7408; hepeli met. horn. 43. 

hepe(n), Olcel. hseda, mock, scorn, Wr.spec. 37; hsepen 
(pres.) Orm. 13682. 

haep in g, Olcd. hseding, mocking, scorn, Orm. 19702; 
heping s. s. Web. 91; Chauc. C. t. 4108; ps. 78, 4; Rob. 
Br. 273, 4; Town. myst. 310; Mor. a. p. 2, 710; Amad. 
Robs. II, 5. 

haep en, J^Saa?. hseden, Olcel. heidinn, OSax. hfidin, 

2ft6 hseidenesse 

OHGerm. heidaner, heathen, Orm. 1948; h6pen vis, P. P. 
10541; Mand. 3; Mpin Octav, 1598; haipen wet Aow. 99; 
Isumb. 424; ^r. consc. 5521. 

h8e|>endDm heathendom, paganism, Orm. 9673; headendl^m 
Kath, 35. 

haedenesse paganism, (ace.) La^^ 29388; hfipinesse 
tm. P. P. 10509; h^penesse (c?a^^ Chauc, C, t 49. 

haft, A8ax. hseft, OHGerm, hefti, OJceZ. hepti, Aa/i 
(heft), capulus, manuhrium, Wr. p, s. 339; PZor. 1636; 
Wicl. gloss,; heft FTr. voc. 201; prompt parv. 232; under 
heft and under hand s, s, Web, 259. 

hagge, MHGerm, hacke? hag, vis, P. P. 2854; heggen 
(pi) a. r. 216. 

haje, ASax. haga, Dutch hage (haghe), OJceZ. hagi, 
Aaz^?, sepe5, Zoct^ 5e^e circwmdatus; haje, hahe (cfo^. acc^ 
02^Z and mgrAf. 585 & 1601; hagh (ace) Halliw, diet. 428; 
hawe (dot) Chauc, G, t, 14270; Hartsh. met, t, 167; «io- 
rum spinae albae, (ace) Rob, Glouc, 524, 20; c, of i, 505; 
Chauc. C, t 6241; Hoccl. I, 380; hawen (pi) JZw. 4983 ; 
hawes m. P. P. 5615. 

hasporn hawthorn, Fum, p. XIII, 187; haweporn t^isr. 
P. P. 11154. 

ha3el, AS ax, hagol, h8eg(e)l, OHGerm, hagal, OJceZ. 
hagl, AaVZ, grando, oiol and night, 1000; hawel Wr, treat, 
137; hail vis, P. P. 8362. 

haweli(n) hail. Brand, 32; hsiilGS (pres) Wr.voc, 201, 

hasher, OIceLhsigr, apt, dexterous, Orm, 13471; hawur 
(haser, haher) a, r, 52; hawer Wr, p. s. 155. 
hasherlike aptly ^ properly, Orm, 1214; hagherlich(e) Mor. 
a, p, 2, 18. 

hai (haye?), AS ax. hseg, hege? MHGerm. hac gen, 
hages? hay, sepes, Chauc, r, r, 54; Halliw. diet. 439; heie 
(dat) owl and night, 817; haies (pi) ps. 88, 41; compos. 
chirchehaye ? 

haih^f (-„hove") ground-ivy, prompt, parv. 250. 
hairif (harife) haireve (hairif), „rubia minor'% prompt, parv. 
221; harofe (-refe?) Halliw. diet. 435. 
heisugge hedge-sparrow? owl and night. 505; Chauc. a. f, 

hai ward hayward, field-guard, Alis, 5756; Wr, spec. 110; 
vis, P. P. 13624; heiward ,^agellarius'^^ prompt, parv. 23 i; 
a, r, 418. 

haifiure 290 

haifare, ASax. heafore, heifer^ Wr, voc. 177; haifre 
Wr. p. s, 239; hekfere Wr. voc. 250; prompt parv, 234. 

hail, ASax. hsel, OHGerm, heil, Goth, haili, hail^ solus: 
dronk hire hail Roh. Glouc. 118, 7; hail, seint Michel 
rel, ant 2, 174; heil, fair w£f lud, Cov, 25, 

heilin hail, „salutare'\ prompt parv, 233 ; heslen 
Orm, 2814; hailede (pret) La'^, 18580. 

hailsen, ASax, hselsian, h&lsian, OHGerm, heilison 
(augurari)? Olcel, heilsa (salutare), salvte; hailse (pres.J 
vis, P, P, 2673; hailses Gaw. gloss,; hailse (imperat) 
Percev, 404; hailsed (pret,) vis, P, P. 4918; hailsute avi, 
Arth, XXVII, 8; hMsed (part) Mor. a. p. 2, 1621. 

ha in, Swed, h'sign, MHGerm. hagen? enclosurey preserve ; 
haines (pi) La^. 5064; grete hertes in pe haines HaUiw, 
diet 439; fayere parkes inwip hainus Degrev, 70. 

hake, ASax, hsecce? ODutch haek, OHGerm. haco, 
hacco (uncus), hake, uncus, quidam piscis, prompt, parv. 
222; Wr. spec, 31; Lidg, m. p. 201; compos, nuthake. 

hakele, ASax, hacele, Goth, hakuls, Olcel. hokull, 
OH Germ, hachul, hackle, gCtrment, rel. ant 1, 129. 

haken? Dutch, haeken, catch with a hake (hook)f 
and noght hakke after holinesse vis. P. P. 13765. 

hakenei, Fr. haquenee, Span, hacanea, hackney, vis. 
P, P. 3111; hakenai Chauc. r, r. 1137. 

hakkin, ASax. haccian, ODutch MHGerm. haeken, 
hack, prompt pai*v. 221; hakke Chauc. C. t 2867; hacke 
(imperat) I, c, c. 52; hackede (pret) a. r. 298. 

hal, ASax, heal? from helen? recess, corner? Shoreh. 
160; hale (dat) owl and night 2. 

h ^ 1 , ASax, h41, hsel (sanus, salvus, integer, totus), OSax. 
OFris. hel (id.), OHGerm. heiler (sarius, salvus), Olcel, 
heill (sanus, salvus, integer), Goth, hails (uyii^c)^ (w)hole 
(hale), a, r, 206*; Orm. 14818; s. s. Web. 1064; wunied 
her hk\ and hseil La^- 12528; of 4ne hkle yh^re pr, consc. 
3933; hoi (hool) ^sanus, integer'^, prompt, parv, 242; Roh. 
Glouc. 86, 18; Wicl. John 7; Tor. 1052; lud, Cov. 374; 
betere is for te gon sic touward heovene pen al hoi tou- 
ward helle a. r, 190; (he) was m&d hool Mand. 88; An 
hool monep 134; i have but oon hool hater vis. P. P. 
8900; heil ,^sanus'', prompt parv. 233; lud. Cov. 372; 
heil and sund rel. ant 1, 210; hseil seo (beo) pu La^. 
10498; hail Alis. 3080; compos, unhal. 

270 hald 

holhche wholly y Will, gloss.; m. Arth. F. 935 & 3826; 
holli vis. P. P. 12964; Chauc. C. t. 1820; holli, hailK 
Gaw. gloss. 

h&lsum, OHOerm. heilsamer, (wjholesomey Orwi. 2916; hol- 
sum prompt, parv. 244; Soccl. J, 248; holsom Chauc. TroU. 
947; Lidg. m. p.QQ; (h)eilsum ltt4. Cov. 93; helsum apol. 6. 
Mlwende salubris, La^- 2851; healuwinde? a. r. 190. 

hald, ASax. (ge)heald, Olcel. hald, holdy custodiay 
castellum, (nom. ace.) Omi. 13380; Trist. Ill, 47; Oato. 
gloss.; halde (dat) Iw. 170; holde Lai^. 3839; Mor. a. p. 
2, 1597; Tor. 399 & 2088; pat not k peni had(e) in 
hold(e) Chauc. r. r. 451; pe geant stod in his holde 
Fercev. 2005. 

hald en, ASax. haldan, healdan, OSax. Goth, haldan, 
OFris. Olcel. halda, OHGerm. haltan, hold^ tenere, s. s. 
Wr. 1238; godes lashes halden Orm. 941; halden, hselden 
(holde) La^. 1390 & 1416; halde Mor. a. p. 1, 489; Isumb. 
304; healden Furn. p. VIII, 28; holden a. r. 176; holde 
harrow. 124; healdep (pres.) Shoreh. 17; holdip festis 
Furn. p. /, 23; (he) haldes p4m wise pr. consc. 794; halt 
a. r. 50; Gow. corvf. am. 2, 128; vis. P. P. 11578; wat 
halt (avails) it to telle longe Boh. Glouc. 231, 11; what 
halt it long to strive Trist. /, 84; heold (pret) a. r. 108; 
Alis. 323; heold, hMd Orm. 2225 & 11330; pA heold he 
pene wai pat touward Hamtone lai Laj. 28430; hseld, 
htild (heold, h61d) 3914 & 4546; heeld vis. P. P. 6075; 
Rich. 1335; Chauc. C. t 339; hield rel. ant. 1, 129»; Lidg. 
m. p. 86; huld Bek. 95; heolden Laj. 8082; a. r. 152; 
wip pe false (pei) hllden t^wr. P. P. 13703; heolde (suhj) 
c. of I. 181; halden (pari) Mar. mir. pi. 153; and pus 
es ilk man halden to do pr. consc. 5960; for foriejen 
halden Orm. 2000; haldin met. horn. 49; holden Chauc. 
C. f. 141; he is mochel holde (obliged) Gow. conf. am. 
1, 368; compos, at-, bi-, i-, uphalden. 

halin, OSax. OHGerm. halon^ hale (haul), draw, fetch, 
f^trahere^y prompt, parv. 223; hale .Gow. conf. am. 2, 295; 
Chauc. a. f. 151; Harish. met. t. 513; Mor. a. p. 3, 219; 
halie vis. P. P. 509ii haled (pres) rel. ant. 1,214; halen 
Alis. 992 ; ant. Anh. XXXV, 5; halede (pret) La^. 16712; 
ihauled (part) Bek. 1497. 

half, ASax. half, healf, Olcel. halfr, OHGerm. halber, 
Goth, halbs, half Mand. 99; half so freo Wr. spec. 40; 

half 271 

half hgre lif Beh 2424; &n half y^r (yeer) vis. P. P. 1338; 
7/iet, horn, 91; pet halve z^r Lai,, 3377; pe halven (halfen) 
del (ace) Mand, 166; Boh, Br. 48, 17; pd, hselven d&k 
Laj. 7093. 
halfded half-dead^ Bob, Glouc, 163, 10. 

half, ASax, healf, OHOerm. Ooth. halba, halfy side^ 
LaZ' 1748; Bob. Glouc. 168, 1; Shorek 51; tni. P. P. 
2063; hselve (c?a«^ Laj. 6474; on pis half pe see Mand. 
234; on hope halve Alis. 957; o godes halfe on the part, 
by ordevy of god, Orm. 3846; on his halfe in his name^ 
Chauc. Troil. 2826; bl halve, halves beside^ La'T^. 11893 
& 27913. 

halving(e), ASax. healfunga, halflingsy in part. Goto, 
conf. am. 2, 65; halflunge a. r. 354; halflinges Orm. 16767. 

h^lsien, ASax. h^lgian, OHGerm. heilagon, hallow^ 
sanctify, La3. 17496; haljhen Orm. 4413; h^lwin prompt, 
parv. 224; h^lwe Bob. Glouc. 154, 3; Gow. conf. am. 2, 
370; vis. P. P. 10700; lud. Cov. 61; hdlowe Wicl. John 
11; h^lewed (pres.) a. r. 396; h^lje (imperai.) Shoreh. 
93; h^ljed (pret.) Mor. a. p. 2, 606; hkljhed ps. 45, 6; 
h^lewed (part.) Mand. 1 ; compos. ih4]3ien. 

h ^ 1 i 3 , ASax. h^lig, hseiig Bout. ev. gloss., h&leg, OSax. 
helag, Olcel. heilagr, OHGerm. heiliger, heileger, heilager, 
holy (holy, hallow), Orm. 541; h41i La3. 10130; rel. songs 
F, 253; pr. consc. 3690; h41i, holi Shoreh. 8 & 13; holi 
a. r. 10; c. of I. 7; Mand. 1; Wicl. John 14; hSli rel. 
ant. 1, 23 ; on h^lowe Thurs daye Halliw. diet. 430; h^lghe 
(subsi) saint, pr. consc. 6087; Mlwe, h&lewe Beh. 1085 & 
1086; h^l3en (pi) La^. 10122; hal3hen Orm. 6009; hA- 
lewen a. r. 124; h&lighes ps. 49, 6; hdrlewes rel. ant. 1, 
38; h&lwes Chauc. C; t. 14; h^uwene (h&lesene) (gren. p^ 
a. r. 94 & 330. 

h^lidei holiday, a. r. 20; h&li-dai vis. P. P. 3292; (hd,li 
dai?) Chauc. C. t. 3309; Mor. a. p. 2, 134. 
h41id(5m holy thing, relic, La^. 30328; Bek 2273. 

h Klines, ASax. h^ligness, holiness, pr. consc. 4240; 
hdrlinesse (ace) LaT^. 1820. 

ha Ike, from hal? comer, ^angulus, latibulum", prompt, 
parv. 223; (dot) Halliw. diet. 429; Chauc. C. t. 14433; 
halkes (pi) Mor. a. p. 2, 104. 

ha lie, ASax. heaU, OSax* OHGerm. halla, OJcei. holi, 
hall, j,aula^, prompt, parv. 222; La'7^. 28038; Chauc. C. t 

2523; (dat) Wr. spec. 48; (ace,) s. s. Web. 175; Mar. 
mir. pL 165; compos, gest-, silde-, mothalle. 

halm, ASax. healm, OS ax. OHOerm. halm, Olcel 
halmr, halm (kaum), culmus, prompt, parv. 223. 

hals, ASax. hals, heals, uSax. OHGerm. Olcel. Goth. 
hals, hals (hause)^ y^collum^, parv. 22 ^\ Orm. 4777; 
vis. P. P. 355; Rich. 2561; s. s. Wr. 2223; Oaw. gloss. 
387; Bob, Br. 279, 18; avow. Arth. LXV, 11; lud. Cov. 
342; compos, wikhals. 

hals in, ASax. healsian, OHOerm. hslsejiy 0/ceZ. halsa, 
halse (hause)^ embrace, entreaty y^ampLecti^' , prompt, parv. 
224; ich halsie „obsecro^, a, r. 348; halsi La'7^. 32168; 
Marh. 17; halse Chauc. c. I. 1289; halsep and kissep 
Lidg, m p. 32; halsende (part,) Wicl. gloss, [halched 
halshedy embraced, looped, Gaw. gloss.] 

halt, ASax. health OSaa?. halt, 07ceZ. haltr, Goth, halts, 
OHGerm. halzer, hcdt, y^claudus^, prompt, parv. 224 ; Mor. 
a. p. 2, 102; coTist. of m^as. 154; halte (pi.) Orm. 15499; 
halt(e) men met. horn. 34. 

halt in, ASax. healtian, OJceZ. helta, halt, ,^claudicare^, 
prompt, parv, 224; halten Wicl. gloss.; Goto, conf, am. 
1, 310; halte stop? HoccL VI, 42; halted (pret) ps. 17, 
46; haltinde (part) Wr. spec. 48. 

halter, ASax. hselfter (?), OHGerm. halftra, ODvtch 
halfter, halter, halter, owl and night. 1026; Bek. 1174; 
helter (halter) proiw^^ parv. 235; helter Mar. mir. pi. 186. 

ham? Dutch haam, hame, horse-collar; hames (pi.) Wr. 
voc. 168; compos, b^rham. 

ham, ASax. hamm, homm, OHGerm. hamma, Olcel. 
hom, ham, y^poples*^^ rel. ant. 1, 8; hamme prompt, parv. 
225; hommen (hammes) (pl.J a. r. 122; hommes Mor. 
a. p. 2, 1541. 

h4m, ASax. h4m, OSax. hSm, OHGerm. heim, Olcel. 
heimr, Goth, haims, home: hus & h^m Orm. 1608; hAm, 
h6m LaT^. 2644 & 19455; nute 36 his hom owl and night. 
1749; h4m sho hied fast Iw. 1836; come hom s. s. Wr. 
2499; at hkme Percev. 338; at hoom Chauc. C. t. 514; 
h6m lud. Cov. 30. 
homcome homecome, Wr. an. lit. 9. 

homli homely^ y^domesticus'^, prompt, parv. 244; Chauc. C. t. 
9666; hSmeli secretly^ Gaw. gloss. 
homlinesse homeliness^ familiarity^ Chauc. C. t. Tyr. p. 118. 

hame 273 

Mms^kne nquite de entrer en autri ostel h force^^ rel, ant 

1, 33. 

Mmward homeward^ Bek, 254; homward vis, P. P. 1:745. 

hame, ASax. hama, OSax, OHOerm. hamo, covering, 
prompt parv, 224; Alis, 391; compos, feder-, llc(h)aine. 

hamelen, ASax, hamelian, OHOerm. hamalon, Olcel, 
hamla, hamble; hameled (part) Chauc, Troil. 2056; iham- 
led cut off cr. P, P. 598. 

hamer, ASax, hamor, homer, OSax. hamur, OHOerm, 
hamar, Olcel. hamarr, hammer, Chauc, C, t 2510; hamur 
prompt parv, 225; hameres (pL) Brand, 22; homeres 
a, r, 284. 
hamersmip ,^malleator'^j Wicl. gloss, 

hameren hammer; homered (pret) Oaw, gloss, 

hammen? OFris, hamma, hemma, MHGerm. hemmen, 
hem, restrain; hamld (part) Mar, mir. pi, 109. 

hampren hamper, impede; hampris (pres.^ Will, gloss,; 
hamperde (^pr^<^ him in his holde Flor. 1175; min hert(e) 
is so hampered (part) Hartsh, met, t 277. 

haunche, Fr, hanche, haunch, a, r, 280. 

hand, ASax, OSax. hand, Goth, handus, Olcel, hond, 
OHOerm, hant, hand, Orm, 14684; Iw. 2086; Lidg, m, p, 
49 ; an hand i 30W hete / promise you in hand, Degrev, 
1400; hond Bek. 299; Mand. 172; Chauc, C. t 193; pe 
h^rre hond habben Kath, 758; he hede pe heire hond 
chron Engl, 268; peos children weoxen an hond Lai^, 
7165; pe wunde pet ever wnrsed an hond a, r, 326; habbe 
an honde Wr, spec, 41 ; wind heom stod an honde LaT^, 
22313; bivoren hond a, r, 212; kn hande brede CAawc. 
C, t 3809; honde (pi) Furn. p. XVII, 170; Horn 200; 
honden c. of I, 625; chron, Vilod, 79; hende Iu\ 3151; 
pr, consc, 3214; Mar, mir, pi, 138. 

handfasten handfast; handfest (part) Orm. 2389; ihond- 
feest ia3. 2251. 

handful handful, Orm, 8648; hondful Wicl. gloss,; honful 
a, r. 254. 

handeperc, ASax, handgepeorc, handiioork, Orm. 5054; 
hondiwerc r^i. ant, 1, 48; hondiwerk Wr, spec. 60. 
handeprit, ASax. handgeprit, handwriting, Orm, 13566. 
hondhwrle little while, (dot) Kath, 218?^*; hondewhile Mor. 
a. p. 2, 1786. 
han(d)sale, Olcel, handsale handsel (hansel), prompt, parv, 


274 handil 

226; hansel Gow, conf. am. 2, 373; hansell dep. of R. 

30; hanselle (dat) vis. P. P. 3128. 

han(d)selle(n), ASax. handsellan, handsel, prompt, parv. 


handsum, ODutch haudsam (deader, tractabilis, commodus)^ 

handiome, prompt, parv. 225; handsom Tor. 1301. 

handil, ASax. handel, handle^ prompt, parv. 225. 

handlin, ASax. handlian, handle, prompt, parv. 226; 
handlen Orm. 18913; hondlien Lot^. 1338; hondlen a. r. 
378; handlede (pret.) Bek. 1983; hondlede a. r. 318; 
handilde Flo7\ 2112. 

hangen? Olcel. hanga (?), hang, pendere, La^. 5725; 
heong, ASax. OFris. heng, OHGe^^m. hiang, (pret.) La;^. 
5738; h^ng Orm. 7339; Alis. 6750; Mand. 93; Chauc. 
C. t 160; (heeng) Wicl. gloss. 21; hing EicA. 5053; han- 
gen LaT^. 5722; Shoreh. 85; hengen him on heigh vis. 
P. P. 805; hingen Oow. conf. am. 2, 47; ihonge, ASao!. 
hangen, OSax. OHOerm. hangan, (part.) owl and night. 
1134; compos, an-, bihangen. 

hangian (hangen?), ASax. hangian, hongian pret. han- 
gode, OSax. hangon, OHOerm. hangen, hengen pi'et. 
hang(e)ta, Olcel. hengja pret. hengda, hang^ pendere, vis. 
P. P. 12842; hongien LaT^. 510; henge Mor. a. p. 2, 
1584; hinge Eglam. 557; hongep (pres) Wr. treat. 137; 
hangede, hongede (pret.) La'T^. 13109 & 29559; hanged 
vis. P. P. 596; per tire loverd hongede a. r. 106; hengde 
Orm. 13773; hongeden Kath.^^l; hanged (jt>ar<^ vis. P. P. 
350; honged k. oj T. 979; henged Orm. 1018; compos. 
an-, bihangian 

hannen? let pu pa hundes hannen to gaderes La'T^. 
31676; and betwixe p4m he hande (pret.) k table of 
golde Halliw, diet. 431. 

hap, Olcel. happ, hap, fortune, Lqt^. 3857; Kath. 187; 
vis. P. P. 7655; ps. 90, 12; god hap Rob. Glouc. 412, 2; 
Shoreh. 52; evel happe s. s. Wr. 1744; Tor. 645; happes 
(pi) Wr.spec. 24; harde happes Lidg. m, p. 225; compos. 
un-, wiperhap. 
? hapli ,.forte^^y prompt, parv. 226. 

hap pin hap, ivrap, prompt, parv. 226; happe Flor. 
112; (imperat.) Mor. a. p. 2, 626; happed (pret) Percev. 
2244; liappid (part) Town. myst. 98; see whappin. 

happe^n), happen, vis, P. P. 3887; Hoccl. VI, 70; 

happen 275 

happep (pres) Mand.24t2\ lAdg. m, p, 27; happed (pret.) 
Gow. conf, am, 1, 199; Chauc, C, t 1191. 

happen, Olcel, hempen, fortunate, Mor. a. p. 3, 13. 

happenen happen; happenep (pres,) Mand. 158; hap- 
ned (part.) Halliw. diet 433. 

hap pi happy, prompt parv, 226; jor. come, 1334. 
happiliche happily, Will, gloss, 

hkv, ASax, bar, Olcel. hkrr, hoar, hoary; hser iaj. 
16372; hoor vis. P, P, 3962; Chauc, C, «.' 3876; (oor) 
s, s, Wr, 27; hore hiine hoarhound, marrubium, Wr, voc, 
139; hore (dat) m, AHh, F, 314; hlire (plj Trist /, 35; 
Pereev, 230; hore Orph, 207. 
horfrost Wicl, gloss,; horforst Wr, treat 137. 

hard, ASax, heard, OSax, hard, Goth, hardus, Olcel, 
hardr, OHGerm, harter, hard, strong, severe, Wr, spec, 
105; pr. conse, 806; (ard) 2?o6. Glouc, 213, 8; hard & stare 
Orm, 1596; Strang & hard 6326; ruh & hard & sharp 
9663; pe king hefde enne pein swipe heard (hard) Lag. 
1584; herde here a, r. 186; p6 scuUen habben hardne 
dora Fum, p, VIII, 86; hserdere (compar) La7^, 4349; 
herdure a. r, 430; hardest (superlat.) iaj. 4181; he smot 
Corineus harde in63 Rob, Glouc, 213, 8; haerde bidrungen 
La^, 8814. 
hardliche hardly, LaT,. 7480; herdehche? a, r, 290. 

hardin^ ASax, heardian, OHGerm, hertan, harden, 
y,indurare^, prompt, parv. 221 \ hearden a. r, 220; harde 
(pres, subj) LaT^, 5871; hardide (pret) Wlel, gloss,; har- 
ded (part) Chauc, C, t 10559. 

h a r d i , Fr, hardi, hardy, Kath, 1745; Bek, 70 ; vis, P. P, 
13537; Mor, a, p, 2, 143; herdi a, r. 56; hardiere (corn- 
par) LaT^, 4348*; hardieste (superlat) 4181*. 
hardiliche hardily, Kath, 676; hardiU Mor, a, p, 1, 3. 
hardinesse hardiness, (dat) vis. P, P, 13020. 

hardnen harden, asseverate, Orm. 18219. 

hardne s, ASax, heardness, hardness, pr, consc, 3515; 
hardnesse Will, gloss. 

heardschipe hardship, a, r, 6. 

hare, ASax, hara, Olcel, heri, OHGe^^m. haso, hare, 
oiol and night, 373; Rob, Glouc, 457, 15; Chauc, C. t, 
686; I. c. c, 21. 

h^ren, ASax, h4rian, become hoar; hore tel, ant, 1, 
125; Alis. 1597; (pres) Wr, spec. 50. 


276 hariin 

h a r i i n , OFr. harier, hardier ? harry ^ puU^ prompt, parv, 
221 \ harie Chauc. C, t Tyr. p. 149. 

harlen (harli), OFr. haraler Diez wb. 658, AarZ, pM^ 
Fum, p. ZXJ, 131; harl met. horn. 52; hii harlede him 
out of churche Hob. Olouc. 536, 5; pe wind h*m harlede 
up and doun Brand. 1 1 ; harled (part.) Oaw. gloss. 

harlot, front OFr, hardel (coquin)? harlot^ ribcddy 
rogti^e, ^^curra^^, rel. ant 1, 7; a. r. 356; vis. P. P. 11584; 
Chauc. C. t. 649; Mor. a. p. 2, 39; Lidg. m. p. 52; Mar, 
mir. pi. 167; lud. Cov. 217. 

harm, ASax. hearm (a^erbus, malignus) Chrein's gloss.^ 
OSax. harm (maliLs?) Hel. 148, 18, Olcel. (harmr) super" 
lat, harmastr (acerbissimus) Egilss. lex., ill f an leve pe 
harme an d6 (pe?) gdde Fum. p. Ill, 20. 

harm, ASax. hearm, OSax. OHOerm. harm, Olcel. 
harmr, harm, Wr. treat. 136; c. of I. 896; Goto. conf. am. 
1, 270; hearm Mark. 8; hserm (harm) La^- 2171; herm 
a. r, 116; harme (dot) Mor, a. p. 3, 17; harmea (pl.J 
^injuries'^f Wicl. gloss.; ^sorrows^. Will, gloss. 
harmful JSoccl. 7, 413. 
harmles Beh. 2113. 

harmin, ASax, hearmian, OHOerm, harmen, harm, 
injure, prompt, par v. 228; harmen Mand, 190; hermien 
a. r. 398; hermi Skoreh. 100; harmed (pres.) jBTa^A. 2435; 
hsermde (pret.) LaT^. 9935. 

har neis, OFr. harneis, Ir, harnais, Bret, harnez, harness, 
„Q7*ma, phalerae^', prompt, parv, 228; Will, gloss. 

harneisin harness, „ armare^, prompt, parv. ; harnesche 
Alis. 4708. 

harpe, ASax. hearpe, Olcel, harpa, OHOerm. harpha 
(harfa), Aar^, La3. 4898; Mor, a. p. 1, 880; Lidg. m. p. 30. 

harpien, ASax. hearpian, harp, La^. 20311; harpin 
^citharizare^, prompt, parv, 228; harpeden vis. P. P. 12903. 

harsk, Dan. harsk (rusty), harsh, prompt, parv. 228. 

har owe, ASax. herepe, Olcel. hervi? (herfi), harrow, 
occa, Wr. voc. 234; harowe (harwe) prompt, parv. 228. 

har win harrow^ occare, prompt, parv. 228; harwen 
P. P. p. 514. 

h&s (h&se), ASax, has^ Olcel, h4ss, OH Germ, heiser, 
cmp, ODvich heesch, heersch, hoarse, raucus, Iw, 3620; 
haast? (hos) ps. 68, 4; hos (hose) k, of T, 599; Mar, 
mir. pi. 123; hose (dat) owl and night. 504; hoos, hors 

hasil 277 

Wid, gloss.; hors (hdrse) prompt par v. 228; Chauc. b. 
duch. 347; (r, w, \As) Eglam. 927 ; (hoors) ww. P. P. 12017. 
hooshsd raucitas, prompt parv, 248. 
hoosnesse, ASax. h^sniss, hoarseness, ibid, 

hasil, ASax, ha3sel, Olcel.hsisl, OHGerm, hasal, haael, 
corylus, Wr. voc, 181; hesil prompt, parv. 238; rel. ant. 
Ij 53; hasles (pi.) Zaj. 8696. 
haselnote Mand. 158. 

hasp, -4/Saa;. hsesp, hseps, ODutch haspe, Olcel. hespa, 
hasp (haps, kesp), Chauc. C. t. 3470; and undernepe is 
an hasp, shet wip a stapil and k clasp Rich. 4083 ; hespe 
„sera^, Wr. woe. 92 & 237; haspe reel, prompt, parv. 2SB; 
hespe hank, ibid.; of grete haspis wer pe reinis Odov. 

has pen hasp; h.SLspez(pres.) Gaw. gloss.; hasped (part.) 
Mor. a. p. 2, 419; ihasped vis. P. P. 855. 

hassok hassock, prompt, parv. 228. 

hast, OFris. haest, ODutch haeste (festinatio), haste, 
Chauc. C. t. 3545; in alle haste Mand. 243. 

haste, ODutch haest (festinus)'^ 
hasteliche, OFins. hastelike, festinanter^ Bek. 1929; Alis. 
2825; hasteli Oow. conf. am. 2, 262. 

hasten (hastin), MHGerm. hasten, ODutch haesten, 
haste, ,^festinare^, prompt parv. 229; Gow. conf. am. 1, 
336; Chauc. C. t 8854; hastede (pret.) Bek. 272. 

hasti, OFris. ODutch haestig, hasty, Mand. 243; pr. 
consc. 1548. 

hastiliche, ODutch haestiglik, MHGerm, hasticlTch, hastily, 
vis. P. P. 13672; s. s. Wr. 317. 

hat, ASax. hsett, Olcel. hottr, hat, Chauc. C. t 1390; 
hatte (datj) vis. P. P. 3662. 

hdrt, ASax. h4t, OS ax. het, Olcel. heitr, OHGerm. 
heizer, hot^ La^. 29281; Orm. 1564; Iw. 2030; hot a. r. 
190; (hoot) prompt parv. 249; vis. P. P. 11781; Mand. 
65; Ltdg, m. p. 193; pe hoote somer Chau^c. C. t 396; 
h&te (pi.) Percev. 1969; hote it schon Alis. 572; hattre 
(compar.) a, r. 400; hattore Bob. Glouc. 531, 22. 

h^t, ASax. (ge)h4t, Olcel. heit, commxind, promise, 
Orm. 13822; hot Rob. Br. 69, 3; hete (dot.) Amad. Web. 
440; hates (hotes) ^vota*^, ps. 49, 14; h6tes cr. P. P. 688. 

hate, ASax. hete, OSax. heti, ODutch hate, Goth, 
hatis, Olcel. hatr, OHGerm. haz, Aoie, ,,oJm3n^, prompt 

278 h4te 

parv. 229; Bek. 1665; Goto, conf, am. 1, 40; Hoed. /, 19; 

pei hadden me in hate Wicl, John 15; hunger & hete 

(hate) iaj. 20728; hate, hete Shoreh. 84 & 161; hete 

Orm, 1404; oiol and night 167; s, s, Web, 1205; li heaus 

disc. 198. 

heteveste Marh. 10; a. r. 306, 

hatehch hately, odious, c. of I. 682 ; heteliche (adv.) Ell. 

rom. 2, 82. 

haterigden hatred, ps. 24, 19; hatreden pr. consc. 3363; 

haterede Wart. hist. 2, 5; hatrede vis. P. P. 1639; hatred 
Wr. p. s. 157; Rob. Br. 10, 25. 

h&te, AS ax. hkt, color, fervor: pat uvel h4te i>a3. 

hatel, ASax. hatol (?), hetol (?), OSax. hatul, AottZc 
(hettle), odious, keen, Mor. a. p. 2, 227; hetel swerd a. r. 
400; tis hatele tintreohe Kath. 1971; hatele reve Mark. 
6; hatelest (superlat.) 22. 

h^ten, Ji/SaiT h4tan, OSax. hetan, Ooih. haitan, Olcel. 
heita, OH Germ, heizan, call, command, promise, La^. 31607 ; 
hote Fum. p. XIX, 58; hete Mar. mir. pL 152; hoten 
be called, owl and night. 256; hote Chauc. C. t. 1559; 
hote (pres) command, Bek. 479; s. s, Wr, 511 ; hete pro- 
mise, Degrev. 1400; ant. Arth. XIX, 1; Aud. 28; hkiKath. 
364; a. r. 6; c. of I 1006; hotep Alis. 1215; hit (the 
horse) dep pat mon hit hot owl and night. 111\ hetes Mor. 
a. p. 2, 1346; (ich, he) hatte, Goth, haitada, am, is (was?) 
called, LaT^. 4643; s. s. Wr. 223; met. hom. 149; hatte, 
het Kath.' 22 & 1788; hette a. r. 134 & 198; TFarf. Aw<. 
1, 16; pe furste douster hette Merci c. of I. 300; i hote 
Chauc. C. t 1560; what hlittestoii vis. P. P. 14602; pei 
hoten Gow. conf. am. 2, 171; h^hte, hsehte, hehte, heihte, 
ASax. heht, het, Goth, haihait^ (pret) called, commanded, 
promised, was called, Lai^. 424, 2049, 3347 &4221: h^hte, 
het Kath. 412 & 433; height, Mght Tor. 101 & 1204; 
hi3te c. of I. 176; highte Chauc. C t. 862; hight ^r. cowsc. 
966; highte, heet vis. P. P. 12306 & 14471; het Orm. 
4922; Bek. 90; Degrev. 1006; pu hete Kath. 540; heo 
hahten hine Kinebord La3. 30702; highten Gow. co7if. am. 
2,173; haten (part) called, La^. 3156; Orm. 5200; was 
hoten Marcius s. s. Wr. 92; compos, bi-, for-, ihA,ten; 
deriv. hM, hses. 

hatien, ASax. hatian, Goth, hatjan, OSax. haten, ha- 

hatunge 279 

ton, Olcel. hata, OHOerm, liazen, hazon, hate^ odisse, La7^, 
26740; VIS, P. P, 5794; haten Omi. 5062; hatin prompt 
parv. 229; (pe) hatieJ fpres.) Mark, 17; hatede (pret) 
a. r. 130; hated (part) W?\ spec, 37; ihated Alts. 1544. 

hatunge, ASax. hatung, hating^ a, r. 200; hatinge 
(dat) La-7^. 8321. 

he ting, OHGenn, (pi)heizunga, promise, Halliw, diet, 
447; Mar, mir, pi, 135. 

hat re (hatere), ASax. hsetru, pL of *h8et, MHGerm, 
haz, hsez, clothes, garments, Halliw, diet. 437; fdat) Mor, 
a, p. 2, 33 ; naked pei g6p, wipouten hater (r, hatre) 
Alis, 7054; hater (as a singul.) vis, P, P, 8900; heater 
(hatter, hetter) a, r, 418; hateren (dat.) 104; (a<» nom, 
or ace) LaT^. 30778; hattren Wr, spec, 110. 

have, OHOerm, haba, possession, property, 
haveles Oow, conf. am, 2, 214; hafles Town, myst, 152. 

havec, ASax, hafoc, OH Germ, habuh, Olcel. haukr, 
hawk, Old and night 307 ; havek rel, cmt, 1, 265 ; hauk 
Chauc, C. t 7520; havekes (pi,) La^, 3258; Wr, spec, 
105; liaukes vis, P, P, 2331; compos, goshauk. 

haven, ASax. habban pres. hsebbe, hafa pret hsefde, 
OSax, habbian, hebbean pret habde, OFris, habba, hebba 
pret. hede, Olcel. hafa pret, hafdi, OHGet^i, haben pret. 
habeta, Goth, haban pret habaida, have, Havel. 609; har- 
row. 98; havin, h^n prompt parv. 225; have ant holde 
Wr, spec, 35; Lidg, m. p, 29; have, hsln vis, P, P, 217 
& 4089; Chauc. C, t 492 & 656; h^n s, s, Web, 294; 
Hoccl, I, 31; hafe Percev. 915; hafen, habben Orm, 123 
& 4964; habben Laj. 145; Kath. 291; a, r, 10; habben 
and owen c. of I. 132; hebben Alis. 4940; ich afe (pres) 
lai le fr. 268; hafe, habbe Orm. 465 & 958; habbe Lag. 
464; Bek, 353; c, of I, 329; havest La3. 2275; a, r, 236; 
harrow, 57; hafest Orm, 12236; h4st c of I, 950; haved 
a, r, 186; hafep Orm. 153; haved, hafd La'7^. 1331 & 1926; 
havep, \\k\) Bek, 162 & 184; hap C^awc. C. t 917; Hoccl, 
I, 437; Lidg, m. p, 28: hep Shoreh. 95; (we, je, heo) 
habbed ^03. 460; a. r, 2; Wr. treat 135; havede, hafde, 
hevede, hefde O-^f^ La^. 110, 226, 4887 & 25414; hafde, 
hefde Kath. 289 & 322; hafde Orm. 6; hefde a, r. 124; 
hevede Wr. spec. 36; harrow. 7; hadde Mand. 2; Chauc, 
C, t 48; Wicl, John, 5; i had levir gon horn lud. Gov, 34; 
hedde Wart, hist, 1, 15; c, of I, 308; compos, bi-, ihaven. 

280 haven 

haven (havien ?) have (haave)^ levare ; pai haven (pres.) 
ant Arth, XV, 6 ; hof, ASax, OSax, OIceL hof, OHGerm, 
huob, (pret) hove, La'T^, 28018; Orm, 16705; pa, 120, 1; 
pou hove Horn 1277; hoven Alia, 5889; hoyen, ASax. 
hafen, OHGerm, habaner, (part) hoven, rel. ant 1, 130; 
Hartsh. met *. 29; Mor, a, p,2, 206; pr, co/isc. 3126; ho* 
fen Orm, 2649; hovin Amad, Robs, XX, 8; ihoven a. r. 
282; see heven. 

haven, ODutch haven, Olcel, hofn, haven, La3. 7415; 
Mor, a. p. 2, 420; Hoed, IF, 9; havene (dat) Bek. 1160; 
havenes (pi,) Mand, 46. 

haver (hafir), Ot)utch haver, OIceL. hafri, OHGerm. 
habaro, haver, oat, avena, Wr. voc, 233. 
havercake vis, P, P, 4366. 
havirstraa HcHliw, diet 438. 

h&we, ASax, hape? h8e|?en? Hue, y,azure^, Gaw.gloss.; 
h4we as pe leed test of Cres, 257; wip h^we (?) bake 
Chauc, C, t 4515; haa hew ant Arth, H, 5. 

h^wen? ASax, h4|?ian, haw, look, 

ha were, ASax, h4|?ere, spy; h^uweres, hseweres (pi.) 
1^3. 19638 & 30465. 

he, ASax, OSax. he, OFris, he, hi, Goth, his? is? Lat. 
is? OHGerm, ir, er? he, La'7^, 3; vis, P, P, 136; he, ha, a 
Shoreh, 120 & 125; e Hickthes, 1,225; his (gen) LaT^. 62 ] 
Bek, 4 & 1576; vis, P. P. 184; his godes suos deos, Mark. 
4; is Wr, p, s, 249; him (dat) LaT^, 48; sche swor him 
(to him) Chauc, C, t 6543; him (for hine) a. r, 312; Orm. 
208; Mob. Glouc, 490, 23; him (for he) self Kath, 1086; 
hine (ace) La^- 323; a, r, 58; owl and night 826; Shoreh, 
4 & 80; chron, Engl, 612; heo, ASax, heo, hio, OFris, 
hio, hiu, Lat, ea? (nom. ace) hoo, she, LaT^, 144 & 24557; 
a, r. 8; Bob. Glouc, 237, 15; c, of I, 301; vis, P, P, 1413; 
J^wJ. 59; heo, ho, hi owl and night 19, 32, 932 & 937; 
heo, h^ Kath, 80 & 117; Mark 2 & 6; hie rel, ant 1, 
128; lai le fr, 114; hue Horn 76; Wr, spec. 30; he 26; 
h6, hi Shoreh, 121 & 136; ge rel, ant 1, 214; ho Mor, 
a, p, 1, 177; cr, P, P. 817; ant Arth, I, 13; hoe Wr, 
an, lit 3; 3h6 Orm. 115; hire (^ew. dat) LaT^, 192; Orw. 
235; vis, P. P. 151; CAawc. C, t 927; hire cun Bek, 61; 
wip hire 60; al is hire (hers) a. r. 46; hir Percev, 190; 
hur Triam, 24; hire (for hi; 02<;Z and night, 1079; -^Zii. 
525; vis. P, P. 575; 3h6 |?as hire self god |?id|>e Orm. 

hean 281 

8685; hit, ASax, OFris. hit, OSaxt, it? Goth, hita? ita? 
Lot, it? OHGerm, iz? (nom, ace) it, La7^, 11; Bek, 25; 
/SAor^A. 30; ^Ziis. 166; harrow. 160; s. s. Web. 277; Eglam, 
49; And. 2; it Orm. 763; vis. P. P. 63; Mand. 13; Ckauc. 
C. t 39; hit bicomep to It pikke blod and changep his 
(its) bleo Wr. treat. 139; heo, J.Saic. heo, hio, hie, hi, 
0-Frw. hia, (nom.acc. pi.) they, a. r. 142; c. of I. 52; heo 
(hii) Iras- 16, 283 & 309; heo, hi owl and night. 924, 1256 
& 1304; heo, hk Kath. 264 & 648; hie rel. ant 1, 128; 
hii Rol. Glove. 237, 5; hii, hi vis. P. P. 573 & 842; hi 
Fum. p. VIII, 21; Shoreh.16; hue harrow. 237 ; he Havel. 
162; Wr. spec. 75; ha Mar}t. 2; k Hick. thes. 1, 225; 
heore (gen) Laj. 25; heore pine Fum. p. VIII, 146; 
ejper here (heore) either of them. Orm. 119 & 413; here 
Mand. 11; Ghauc. C. t. 588; Degrev. 756; bi h6re beire 
red Beh. 2438; hore (heore) a. r. 28; he is h^re aire 
schuppend Kath. 304; 4r(e) londes Wr, p. s. 150; huere 
non Horn 1260; heom (dot) Fum. p. VIII, 146; oicland 
night. 1613; Alis. 61; heom (h^m, J^m) Laj. 27 & 402; 
h6m 07-wi. 50; Mawrf. 11; Chauc. C. t. 18; Tor. 1198; 
Hoccl. V, 12; ech of hem Wr. treat. 132; h4m a. r. 30; 
hom Gatt?. gloss. 390; aw^. u4r^/i. X 13; Degrev. 2; heom 
(^/or heo, ace) LaT^. 358; o?^i anrf night. 1251; ham (for 
hA, ace) Kath. 280; a. r. 8. 

he an? A Sax. hean, OHGerm. honer, Goth, hauns, base, 
mean, poor: pis heane . . . tintreohe Kath. 1971; he seal 
wurden bene Laj. 30316; h^ne (pi) Wr. p. s. 150; heine? 
wretch? Chauc. C. t. 13247. 

heanling? vile manf heanlunges (pi) Marh. 14. 

heep, ASax. heap, OFris. hkp, OS ax. hop, OHGerm. 
hauf, houf, heap, acervus, prompt, parv. 235 ; Mand. 62 ; 
hsep (heap) Laj. 816; haep Orm. 4330; heape (dat) a. r. 
314; Lidg. m. j), 106; hepe Chauc. C. t. 577; t6 hepe 
together, cr. P. P. 1450; heapes (pi.) Kath. 1996; compos. 

he pin, ASax. heapian, heap, ,^cumulare^, prompt, 
parv. 235; heaped (pres.) a. r. 314; hseped (part) Orm. 

heaved, ASax. heafod, Olcel. hofud, OFris. haved, 
h4fd, ODutch hoofd, OHGerm. houbit, Lat caput, head, 
Kath. 1360; a. r. 10; heaved, heved, hefed Shoreh. 23, 
85 & 149; heved Rob. Glouc. 17, 21; Alis. 205; Mand. 

282 hifdin 

10; j)r, consc. 771; ant, Artk. XLII^ 8; hseved, hsefd iaj. 
1596 & 3856; hSfd met horn. 39; head Rich 1732; Lidg. 
m. p. 106; heed vis. P, P. 11508; Wicl John 13; h6d 
Tor. 704; compos, forehgved. 
hSvedlond Halliw. diet. 44^7. 
heefedman Orm. 297. 
hSvedtdun Boh. Glouc. 23, 4. 
hMpew c. of I. 799. 
heedwerk prompt, pm^v. 232. 

h e f d i n , hedin^ ASax. heafdian, head, ^decollare^, prompt 
parv. 231; compos, bih^fden. 

hevedllng, ASax, heafodling, chief tarn, La7^. 9986*. 

hedlinge, Germ. haubtlingS, headlong, Wicl. gloss. 22; 
Alls. 2261. 

hebben, ASax. hebban, OSax. hebbien, OUOerm. 
heffan, Olcel. hefja, Goth, hafjan, heave, LaT^. 9010; a. r. 
156; hebbe Rob. Glouc. 17, 8; Shoreh. 18; hefde (pret) 
La'7^. 6768*; hevede Wicl. gloss. 22 ; compos, anhebben. 

hechele, Dutch hekel, OHGerm. hachele, hatchet 
(heckle), Wr. voc. 156; hechil ret. ant. 2, 176; hekele 
prompt, parv. 234; hekile Wr. voc. 269. 

hekelin hatchel (heckle), prompt pare. 234. 

hede, OFris. hode, OHGerm. huota, heed, (ace.) Fum. 
p. IX, 25; s. s. Wei. 1169; Rich. 3766; pr. consc. 592; 
taken hede Wr. spec. 35; (heede) Chauc. C. t. 305; Lidg. 
m. p. 66. 

heden (hede), ASax. hedan, OFris. hoda, OHGerm. 
huoten, heed, Wr. spec. 22; Fium. p. V^, 33; Mar. a. p. 
1050; hedden (pret.) LaT^. 17801; compos, bi-, i-, forhedeu. 

hedi heedyf Wr. spec. 22. 

hegge (hedge), ASax. hecg? Dutch hegge, MHGerm. 
hecke, hedge ^sepes''^, prompt, parv. 232; hegge Wr. spec. 
110; Lidg. m. p. 116; (dat) owl and night. 17; (ace.) Alis. 
783; hegges (pi) Wr. treat. 137; vis. P. P. 1624; Chauc. 
C. t Tyr. 15224. 

h e gge n (hedgin), Dutch heggen, hedge, ,.^sepire^', prompt, 
parv. 232; begged (part.) Lidg. m. p. 181. 

he3en (heghin), ASax. hegian (?), MHGerm. hegen, 
hedge, sepire, Halliw. diet. 443. 

h^sen (heghen), ASax. began, hean, OHGerm. hohan, 
Goth, hauhjan^ exalt, elevate, pr. consc. 4119; heien Kath. 
460; hSien and herien Marh. 3; hesen, hisen W^icl. gloss. 

Uh 283 

23; h^shep (pres) Orm, 2640; hijep Gow, conf. am, 3, 
295; hesi (5^6/^ ShoreL 52; hfejede (^r^^^ Las. ''^^'^5 
heiden Mark, 1 ; compos, ihesen. 

h^h, ASax, heah, h^h, OSax. hoh, OHOerm, hoher, 
GofA.bauhs, Ai^/*, O^-m. 2347; hegh p?-. cotwc. 1872; Isvmb, 
16; hseh, lieih, hey Laj. 128, 985 &2452; heih a, r, 130; 
Chauc, C, t 318; he^ Bek, 649; h^i prompt, parv, 232; 
hob? Havel, 1361; hogh? To?^?w. my^f. 262; honged hire 
on heh (on high, in altum) Marh. 5; he saide an h^h 
(a loud) Wr, spec, 41 ; an hej Shoreh, 82; Wr, treat. 132; 
on high s, s, Wr, 2830; pe hese strete Fum, p, XVII, 
367; 4n hi^e strete Tor, 1526; hei^e Shoreh, 2; pis highe 
quene Oow, conf, am. 2, 113; him pojt it was hie time 
Halliw, diet, 449; he3e (adv,) oiol and night, 987; heshe 
fleshen Or7n, 5991; heie a, r, 424; to hsesen (dat, neut.J 
4ne castele LaT^, 5849; heo heolden hine for hsehne (ace, 
masc) god 8082; mid hsesere (dat. fern.) strengde 2188; 
preo hundred hse^ere (gen. pi,) scipene 30909 ; hejere 
(compar) Wr, treat, 134; heyere dep, of M, 17,11; higher 
pj\ conoc. 992; hehre Orm, 6297; heire chron, Engl,2Q8; 
hiere Mand, 92; herre Kath. 768; Mark 6; a. r, 352;' 
owl and night, 1635; pa herre endes La'T^, 7835; pe heihste 
(superlat) 1807; hsext cniht 24587; hejiste Beh, 290; 
heyeste prompt, parv, 232; heixte a, r, 138; hexte Fum. 
p, XV, 14; hehest Kath, 4; he^hest Orm, 2146; highest 
pr, consc, 993. 
yhejful Wr, treat, 133. 

heslTche highly, Fum, p, XIII, 276; hahhche Laj. 8088; 
heih-, heilTche a. r. 56 & 190; hehlike Orm, 11875; hesli 
a¥or. Of. p. 2, 1527. 

he3e? OH Germ, hohi? Goth, hauhei? altitudo: in pe 
heei5(e) WicL 1 kings 9 ; harez ... to pe hise runnen 
ifor. a. p, 2, 391. 

hdhnesse, ASax, hea(h'^ness, highness, (ace) Lai,, 
29734; heihnesse (dat) a, r, 412; heisnesse c, of I. 534. 

heischipe excelsitasy a, r, 100. 

hespe, ASax, heahdo, OHGerm, hohida, (So^A. hauhipa, 
height, Mor. a. p. 2, 317; heighpe Mand, 40; h^ijpe (hisp, 
hijt) Wicl. gloss,; opon heghte ant, Arth, XLI, 3; heght 
pi\ consc, 4760; on highte Hoccl, I, 172. 

hei, MHGerm. hei, hey, Kath, 579; Fum, p, XIX, 
137; hai Gaw, gloss, 386. 

384 hei 

liei (hey), ASax. heg, Dutch hei, hoi, Olcd. hey, 
OHOerrn, hewe, howe, Goth, havi, bay, y^foenwm,'^^ Wr, vac. 
92; prompt, parv. 232; La'7^, 24441; Oow, conf, am. 3, 
367; hai Iw, 3078. 
heistak prompt parr, 233; haistak Wr, voc, 233. 

heir, Lat, heres, heir, Bek, 24. 

held, cmp, OIIOerm.]islde (clivus), heald (heild)^ slope: 
pe heighe held Trist III, 89; jeond huUes & seondhel- 
des La3. 12867. 

helde, ASaa\ held (gratia, fides), OFris. helde (graJtia)^ 
faith, loyalty f (ace) Bob, Glouc. 285, 18. 

helde, A Sax, helde, jurisdiction, Rob, Glouc, 225, 10* 
xhelde, ASax, helde Wr, voc, 79, tansy, „ttnacetvm^, 
Wr, voc, 139. 

hei den (helde), ASax, heldan, hyldan? hold, keep^ 
Trist, III, 46; s, s. Web, 1567; harrow, 105. 

hei den, ASax, heldan, hyldan (inclinare), Dutch 
OHGerm, helden, Olcel, hella (fundere)^ heald (hell), in- 
cline, decline, pour, a, r, 428; heldin prompt, parv, 234; 
helde m, Arth, F, 261; min huerte ginnep to helde (sirJc) 
Wr. spec, 48; of his hors he m4de him held(e), Horn 
ch, 674; helde (heelde) Wicl, gloss, 22; pk halle gon 
to hselden (fall down) LaT^, 28038; he wile i pi mud 
healden Kath, 685; heldis (pres.) Mor, a, p, 2, 1330; 
Mar, mir, pi, 145; helde (imperatj I, c, c, 40; helde pine 
ere to me ps, 16, 6; hselde, healde (pret) Laj. 1551 
& 2477; hehalde (held) pk mile in pat fur 1196; held(e) 
Alis, 2521 ; helde (helte) Wicl, gloss,; and helt water opon 
pe Stan Iw, 368; compos, bihelden. 

helder, Olcel, heldr, Goth, haldis, kelder, rather^ more, 
Gaw. gloss.; s, s, Wr, 1835. 

hele? Germ, hole? cave, cavern? helen (pi) Alis, 4959. 

hele, ASax, OFris, hela, Olcel, haell, heel, ,^calx'^, Wr, 
voc, 179; a. r. 112; Beh, 2234; Rich, 3834; Lidg, m. p, 
108; heel Wicl, John 13; helen (pi) Marh, 10. 

helen, ASax, OS ax. OHGerm, helan, heal, cocer, con- 
ceal, Wr, an, lit, 8; hele Chauc, C f. 6532 ; s, s, Wr, 
nil; erl of T, 1034; m. AhL F, 143; Min. 22; heolen 
a, r, 146; heled (pres) Marh, 16; a. r. 314; hele (imperat) 
Amad, Robs. Ill, 6; I, c, c, 40; hal (pret) Mapes 341; 
helen Fum, p, VIII, 81; hole (part) Alis, 4203; Octov, 
1365; iholen a, r. 146; compos. lorhelen. 

heled 285 

(he led) haeled, ASax, hseled, OSax. helid, OH Germ. 
helid, warrior, £03. 11989; heledes (pi.) 1779. 

he lien, ASax. helian, OHOerm, hellen, heal, cover, 
conceal, a. r, 84; to helien hem wip leves vw. P, P. 7892; 
helye La^- 27852*; heliei (pres,) a, r, 316; helede (pret) 
Brand, 29; helid a. s, WTr. 1234; heled (part) Will. gloss.; 
Gaw. conf, am, 2, 327; iheled a. r, 70; Launf, 284. 

heling covering, Gaw, gloss,; Maud, 247. 

helle, ASax, hell, helle, OSax, hella, hellia, OHGerm, 
hella, 6ro<A. halja, AeH, pr. consc, 6437; helle (^en^ sates 
(hellesates ?) c. 0/ Z. 1341; harrow, 40; helle (cia^.^ a. r. 
290; Wr, spec, 39. 
helleftr (helle. fir?) Orm, 1529. 
hellepare (helle pare?) Mark, 9; a. r. 244*; Orm, 3593. 

helm, ASax, OSax, OHGerm, helm, 0/crf. healmr, 
from helen^ lielm, galea, prompt, parv, 235; Rob, Glouc. 
49, 11; Rich, 2562; Goti?. cow/*, am. 2, 233; helm, hselm 
Xa3. 21419 & 23766; helmis (pL) Percev, 1225. 

helme, -^Saa?. helma, helm, gnbernacvlum, Wr. voc. 
274; prompt, parv, 235; J/or. a, p. 3, 149. 

h elrai d , OHGerm, gehelmot, helmed, galeatus, WicL gloss.. 

help, ASax, help, OIceL hialp, OSoo:. helpa, OHGerm. 
helfa, hilfa, *eZ/>, Marh. 6; a, r, 290; ZJeA?. 162; c. 0/ Z. 
1363; 2?i:». P. P, 9412; helpe (ooc^) Orw. 3193; Chauc. 
G, t, 9202. 
helpful Wicl, gloss, 

helples Bek. 798; helplees vis, P, P, 4683. 
helplich, MHGerm, helfelich, helply, Furn. p. I, I; Gow, 
conf, am. 3, 46; helpeli Wicl, gloss,; rel, ant, 2, 52. 

helpen, ASax, OSax, helpan, Olcel, hialpa, Goth, hil- 
pan, OHGerm, helfau, help, a. r, 204; Gow. conf, am, 2, 
78; Chauc. C. t, 9327; halp (pret.) Orm. 1342; vis, P, P, 
13213; help (halp) Laj. 9263; a. r. 88; pu hulpe (holpe) 
La^. 8931; (hi) holpen vis. P. P, 4009; hulpe (suhj) a, r. 
220; Oi^, 12033; holpen (part,) 6201; vis, P, P. 2420; 
Chauc, C, t, 10244; Lidg. m. p, 224; compos, ihelpen. 

helve (helf?), ASax, hielfa (helf), ODutch helve, 
OHGerm. halbe (halb), helve (halve), „manubrium^, prompt, 
parv. 235; helve (dat) Wicl. deut. 19, 5; Ell. rom, 2, 
84; (ace) Orm. 9948; s, s, Web. 384. 

hem, ASax. hemm, hem, fimbria, La^, 4996; hemme 
prompt, parv. 235; Mor, a. p. 1, 217. 

286 hSme 

hemlec? ASax, hemleac EUm. lex, 453, hemlic Wr, voc. 
31, hymelic 67, hemlock; „hemeluc het-^ba henedicta^f Wr, 
voc, 140; „liumlok ciciita^, 265; whan brom will appeles 
here and humlok honi s, a. c, Wr, VIII, 20; ,,homelok 
cicuta'^y Wr, voc, 191. 

heme domestic'^ owl and night 1113; Wr, p, s, 156. 

h e m m i n hem, „Jimbriare^f prompt, parv, 235; hemmid 
shoin Mar. mir, pi, 183; compos, bihemmen. 

hemp, ASax, hanep, Olcel. hampr, Olcel, hanaf, Lat 
cannabis, Or, xavvapt?, hemp, prompt, parv, 235. 

hempen hempen, prompt, parv, 235. 

hen, ASax, henn, Oi?G^erm. henna, hen, a, r, 66; Oow, 
conf, am, 2, 264; heane (ge7i.) a, r, 66 ; (dot,) Mand, 49; (ace) 
I, c, c, 22; hennen (pL) rel, ant, 2, 272; Wr, p, s, 151. 
henbane henbane, prompt, parv, 235. 
henbelle name of a plant, Halliw, did, 444. 

hende, ASax, (ge)hende, ODutch hende, from hand, 
at hand, ready, polite, gentle, LaT^. 25652; a, r, 186*; 
Brand, 3; Shoreh 21; Wr. p, s, 192; vis, P. P, 14300; 
s, s, Wr. 3002; Haj^tsh, met, t, 269; Amis 1583; Mo9, 
a, p, 2, 612; Isumb, 177; m, AHh, F, UO & 332; wip 
wordes heinde Mar. mir, pi, 97; hinde Eglam. 1297; avow, 
Arth. XLI, 7; hendure (compar.) a, r, 192; hendore Wr, 
spec, 27; hendest (superlat.) Laj. 13938; a, r, 398; Iw. 
74; compos, i-, unhende. 

hendelaik politeness, civility, Mor, a. p. 2, 860; hendelaic 
met, hom, 49. 

hendelich polite, dextrous: mid hendeliche worden Laj. 
25942; hendeliche (adv,) a, r, 316; Bek. 167; vis, P, P, 
hendenesse politeness, (datj vis. P, P, 13021. 

h e n d e n (hende), ASax.. (ge)hendan, OFris, Olcel, 
henda, from hand? cmp, Goth, (fra-, us)hinpan, take, seize. 
Rich, 4033; s, s, Wr, 2860; hende (pret) Laj. ^21365*; 
see henten. 

hendi, ASax, (list)hendig ? Goth, handugs (0096c)? 
handy, gentle, La^i^, 4833; a, r, 186; Furn, p, VI, 8; Wr, 
spec, 28; Halliw. diet, 444. 

henen („h8enen"), ASax, henan, h^nan, OFris, hSna, 
ODutch OHGerm, honen, Goth, haunjan, from liean, hine 
(hoine), debase, revile, oppress, La7^, 28870; heane (heanin) 
Kath, 1020; he heanid ant hated me Mark, 8. 

henene 287 

henene (^heonene"), J-Snta;. heonan(e), OSaa?. OHGei'm, 
hinan(a), Aewc^, a. r. 230; heonene, heonne (hinene, hinnes) 
La^. 1581 & 19119; henne Bek 34; Fum. p. VIII, 199; 
heonne rel, ant, 1, 175; heonne ford Mark, 12; heonne, 
honne oivl and night, 862 & 1671; hennes Hick, thes, 1, 
224; Skoreh. 41; mk F. P. 814; HoceZ. 7, 49; hens Tor. 
10; itrf^. m, p. 220. 
heoneward a. r. 248. 

henge („heeng"), ODutch henge, frcym hangen, hinge^ 
Wicl, gloss, 

hengil, MHGerm, hengel, fnngle, „cardo^, Wr, voc. 
261; prompt, parv. 235; henglis (pi.) Wicl. gloss. 

hengest (^.hsengest), -46air. hengest, Ofl G^^rw. hengist, 
OFris, hengst, stalUon^ Lar^. 3546. 

hent, OFris. hent, MHGenn. hinz = hin ze Ben. wb. 
1, 689, till. And. 15. 74 & 76. 

h e n t e n (hentin), A Sax, hentan, hent^ take, seize, prompt, 
parv. 240: Wr, spec. 32; hente Bek. 2203; vis. P. P. 
9381; Mor, a. p. 1, 668; avow, Arth, XIII, 11; hentes 
(pres.) pi\ consc, 2722; hente (pret.)La7^. 21365; s. s. Web. 
768; Chauc. C. t. 700; hent (part) Lidg. m. p. 225; ihent 
Wr. spec. 28; see henden. 

(he ope) heepe, hepe, ASaa. heope^ OSax. hiopa, 
OHGerrn. hiufo, hip (hep)j bacca sent is, s. s. Web. 2532 ; 
Chauc. C, t. 15158; hepen (pi) Alis. 4983. 
hepetre Halliio. diet. 445. 

hepe? ODutch MHGtrm. hepe (Jalcr)f what wip hepe 
and wliat wip eroke Gove. conf. am. 2, 223. 

her, ASax. OSax. Olcel. Goth, her, OHGenn. hiar, 
hier, OFris. hir, here, Marh. 6; a. r. 236; Orm. 241 ; Wr. 
treat. 137; harrow. 46; heer, hier Chauc. C. t. 1614 & 
7152; here? Furn. p. VIII, 51; vts. P. P. 76. 
her-after (her after?) Shoreh. 164. 
h^r-bl or her-bi (her hi?) oicl and night, 127. 
herfore Wicl. gloss. 
h^rinne harrow. 163. 
hermid (,.her mid**) iaj. 5355. 
herof rel. ant. 1, 217. 
heron vis. P. P. 8299. 
hert5 a. r. 388. 
h&rpurh Orm. 12710. 
herat or hsrat a. r. 290. 

288 hAr 

hfir? A8ax, (f) OSax. h6r, OH Germ, hdrer (magmbs^ 

herlich, ASax, herlic, OHOerm. h^rhcher, exceUenty maffm- 
ficent; h^rliche (adv,) Kemb,Sal, a. Sat 240; compos, un- 

herber, OFr. herbier, arbor, herb-garden^ Alts. 331 j 
vis. P. P. 10822; s. s. Wr. 329; erber Mor. a. p. 1, 38; 
Tor. 1968; see arber. 

herd? herde? ASax. heord, heorde (stuppa) EUm. lex. 
459, ODutch herde (fibra lini} Kil.dict. 177, herd (hard); 
hordi? ,^stuppa^y Wr. voc. 180; herdes (pi.) ^^tuppa^^ 
prompt, parv. 241; Chauc. r. r, 1233; WicL gloss. 22; 
hardes Wr. voc. 217; heorden (dot. pi) a. r. 418. 

(herd?) herde, ASax. heord, ODutch herde, (?o£&. 
hairda, OHGerm. herta, Olcel. hiord, herd, greXy WiU. 
glofs.; heerde prompt, parv. 236; heorde (hierde) (ace.) 
LaT,. 305; hearde? a. r. 334. 

herdeman, ODutch herde-man. Aercf-maw, Mand. 255; her- 
demon a. r. 100; hirdeman Orin. 6852; Isumb. 88. 

herde, ASax. heorde, hyrde, hirde, OSax. hirde, ODvtch 
herde, OHQerm. hirti, Ooth, hairdeis, herd, custos, Chatic. 
C. t. 605; Wicl. John 10; s. s. Web. 903; hirde Mark, 
12; Orm. 3193; rel. ant. 1, 209; pr. consc. 4638; hirdes 
(pi.) met. hom. 63; Mar.mir. pi. 123; compos, cu-, schSp- 

here, ASax. OFris. here, OSax. OHGerm. heri, Goth. 
harjis, host, troop, army, LaT^. 539; Orm. 3370; owl and 
night. 1700; Alis. 2101; Gaw. gloss. 388; Mor. a. p. 2, 
902; heere Octav. 1252. 

herbershe harbor, lodging, Orm. 6167; Chauc. C. t. 767; 
hereberje, -berwe La^. 24556 & 28878; herberewe „hos' 
pitium'^, prompt, parv. 236; Alis. 5748; herberwe vis. 
P. P. 6430 ; herberewe, herborewe, herburghe, herbore 
Wicl. gloss.; herborow, herbori, herber, harborowe Gaw. 
gloss.; herbaruwe a. r, 224; herber Iw. 2985; pr. consc. 
6153; harbor Mar. mir. pi. 165. 

herberwin harbor, „hospitari'^, prompt, parv. 236 ; herbe- 
rewen Wicl. gloss. ; herborow, herber Gaw. gloss. ; berber- 
wed (pret) vis. P. P. 11514; berberd pr. consc. 6154; 
herbarwed (part.) Will, gloss. 

heregong invasion, Kemb. Sal. a. Sat. 229 ; hergong owl 
and night. 1189. 

here 289 

heriet, ASax, heregeatu (apparatiLs militarls) f heriot^ Turn. 

p. XVII, 464. 

here-mserke ensign, banner, La'7^. 27469. 

here-to5e duhe, La'7^, 10319. 

here, ASax, lieorii, OIceL hiorr, Goth, hairus ? sword f 
LaT^. 2159; Min, 46. 

here, ASax. h^re (obediens); compos, ihere. 
hersura, ASax. h^rsujii, OHGerm. horsam, obedient, Onn, 
2534; Gaiv. gloss.; hsersum (horsom) La7^. 19395. 
hersumen obey, Kath. 147; hersamest (pres.) Mark. 4, 5. 
hersumneose obedience, rel. ant. 1, 131; (ace.) Zaj. 29731. 

here? ASao:. here (?), OHGerm. heri (dignitas). 
hereword praise, a. r. 148; hsere-word La'7^, 11917. 
heriful (herefiil?) Wicl. gloss. 

here, yiSax. heore, h^re. Olcel. h^rr, OHGerm. (ga)- 
hiurer, mild, Amis 16. 

h ere n , ASax. heraii, hj^ran, OFris. hera, OSax. horian, 
OHGerm. horraii, Olcel. heyra, Goth, hausjan, hear (hire), 
obey, appertain. La-. 3959, 9199 & 18888; Orm. 901; reL 
ant. 1, 129; here 2)r. consc 526; Tor, 1307; sacram. 9; 
^ere ajwl. 37; heere, hiere Chauc, C. t, 916 & 6611; hure 
Mob. Gloiic. 165, 4; huire Wart, hist, 2, 73; hire Fum. p, 
II, 159; Wr. p. s. 200; s, s. Wr. 457; \iQVQdi (pres) Mark 
6; herrte (herde?) (pret) La^, 1164; Orm, 907; vis. P, P, 
375; Degreo. 11', harde Eglam.281; Tor, 623; pa hafve- 
nes pe^ herden to pan londes Ifi^. 24062; i have herd 
(part.) sain Goic. conf. am. 1 , 3 ^ ; compos, iheren. 

her3ien (..haer^pen"), ASax. hergian, Olcel, herja, 
OHGerm. herion, f7'om here, herry (harry, harroiv), vas- 
tare, praed'iri^ La-T^. 5063; her3ede (pret) 1640; her3ed 
Mor. a. p. 2, 1179; herjed he helle Halliw. diet, 446; 
herhede Kath. "636; lieriede Will, gloss.; heried /w.*. 2874; 
herid met. horn. 14; harwed Chauc. C, t, 3512; harewede 
Hartsh. met. t. 25; harowed erl of T. 256; haroed Tor. 
1902; horehedest Marlt. 10; iheri3ed (part) Degrev 140. 

heri en, ASax. herian, ha^rian. h^ren? OSax. heron, 
OHGerm. heren;, /ro?wher? exalt, praise, Kath. 147; Marh» 
2; a. r. «S8; rel. ant. 1, 216; heryen Wr. spec. 51; herien, 
ha?rien, huren? La^. 1210, 6234 & 16844; herie (r. w. 
merye) Chauc. C. t. 8492; herye (r. w, derye) Sho? eh. 2S; 
herest (\ iv. biwerest) (pres) owl and night. 1516; herede 
(pret) a. r. 414; Bek, 287; hered Mor, a, p, 2, 1086; 


290 hering 

hSreden Hick, thes. 1, 167; compos, ih^rien. 

hering, ASax, hsering, OFris, hereng, OHGerm. harinc, 
herring, HaveL 758; Alis, 6589; rel, ant 1, 83. 

heriunge, ASax, hergung, devastation, (ace) rel, ant, 
1, 172. 

h fringe, hSrijinge praise, (dat) Hick, thes, 1, 167. 

hercwile liking to listen^ a, r, 100. 

her ken (herken?), OFris. herkia, harkia, Dutch hor- 
ken, OHGerm, horechen, heark, Chauc, C, t 1528; cr. 
P. P, 308; „herkin auscultare'% prompt, parv, 237; herke 
lai le fr. 147; herke (imperat.) lud. Gov. 55. 

h^rknie(n), ASax, hercnian, hearken, Wr, treat, 133; 
hercnen (hercnen?) Kath, 1735; a. r. 320; O^-m, 7748; ' 
h^rkne Hoccl, 1, 263; h^rkne (imperat.) Wr. spec, 29; 
herknep harrow, 1; Chauc, C, t, 2210; hsercnede (pret,) 
La'7^. 10163; hercneden Marh, 21; herkned (part) Mar. 
a. p, 2, 193. 

heme, ODutch heme, hirne, OHGerm, hirni, Olcel, 
hiarni, ham; hernis (pi) y^cerebrum''^, prompt, parv, 237; 
hemes Min, 10; (hernez) Mor, a, p, 1, 58; harnes Mar, 
mir, pi, 122. 

hernepanne y^cranium^^, prompt parv,; Rich, 5203; rel, 
ant 2, 78; hernpan Iw, 660. 

herre, ASax, heorr, ODutch herre, OIceL hiarri, bar, 
,,,cardo^, Wr, voc, 261; prompt, parv, 237; Wicl. gloss,; 
(dat) Gow, conf, am, ly 36; harre Chauc, C. t 552. 

herre (herre?), ASax, herra, hearra, OIceL herra, OSax, 
OHGerm, herro (herro ?), master, lord, a, r. B ; Rob, Glouc, 
102, 5; herre, hserre Laj. 7178 & 24791. 

hert, ASax, heort, heorot, ODutch hert, hirt, Olcel. 
hiortr, OHGerm, hiruz, hirz, hart, ,^cervus'^, prompt parv. 
237; Gow, conf, am, 1,54; Mand, 238; Degrev. 42; heort 
La3. 26762; Alis, 688; hertis (pi) Percev, 218; heortes 
a, r, 398. 

herte, ASax, heorte, OSax, herte, Olcel, hiarta, Goth, 
hairto, OHGerm, herza, La*, cord-is, heart, Wr. spec, 38; 
Mand, 2; Gow, conf, am. 3, 262; Rich, 292S; Chauc, C, t. 
150; Eglam, 153; herte, heorte Orm. 1460 & 1596; heorte 
a, r, 8; Alis, 20; heorte, horte owl and night 37 & 945; 
hurte Wr, treat, 138; Brand, 2; huerte Horn 281; rel, 
ant 1, 110; hierte Hick, thes. 1, 223; harte Flor, 2075; ' 

her tin . 291 

Tor, 689; Mar, mir. pi, 150; heorten (pi.) Mis. 2464; 

heorten (heortes) Laj. 5826. 

herteles liich, 4410. 

? heorteliche, Mil Germ, herzeliche, heartily ^ a. r, 390 ; 

hertelike Havel, 2748; hertili Chauc. C, t, 764; hertili, 

hertli Will, gloss. 

heorteput Alis, 2250. 

hertespoii heart-spoon^ navel, Chauc, C, t. 2608. 

hertin, ASax, hyrtan, hearty hearten, y^animare^\ prompt, 

parv, 238; herted (part.) Will, gloss, 

herp (hertli), ASax, heord, OFris. herth^ OHGerm. 

herd, hearth^ prompt, parv. 267; compos, fiirherp. 

hervest, ASax. hserfest, ODutchherht, harfst, OHGe^^m. 

herbist, harvest, ,^aucticmnus'% prompt, parv. 238; vis. P.P. 

4382; Hoccl, II, 27; harvest Brand, 32; hervestes (gen) 

La^. 25403. 

herfesttid Orm. 11254. 

hervesten harvest, (pres.) Mand, 300. 

heter hetter (hitter), sharp, rough, Mor, a, p. 3, 3731. 

heterliche sharply, fiercely, Kath, 777; hetterliche Marh. 
6; a. r. 290; hetterli Will, gloss, 22^ i Hartsh, met, t, 263; 
hetterli, heterli Gaw, gloss. 389; heterli Mor, a. p, 1, 402. 
hep en, Olcel, hedan, hence, Orm, 15570; Mor, a, p. 
1, 233; cr. P. P, 812; Percev, 1904; fra hepen forth ps, 
112, 2; (he then) pr. consc. 509; hethun ant, Arth, XIX, 
11; hipen Uoh, Br, 26, 16. 

heven, OFris, heva, for hevien = hebben ? heave, Mor, 
a, p. 1, 16; heve Chauc, C, t. 552; hefen 0?*m. 11865; 
heoven Marh. 6 ; he heved (pres) a r. 86; haf (pret) 
Chauc, C. t. 2430; Ell.rom, 2, 85; heaf, hsef (heof) La^. 
1914&6768; hef J^Ta^A. 184; a. r, 122; Alis.22^1\ heven 
Kath. 2495; heven, OFris, heven, (part) ps. 12, 3; com- 
pos, a-, over-, upheven; see haven. 

heven, ASax. hefon, heofon, Olcel. hifinn, OSax. heben, 
heaven, Chauc. C. t. 1092; Degrev, 1196; pr, consc, 7756; 
hefen 7net. hom. 98; hoven? rel. ant, 1, 102; hefne lud. 
Cov. 21; hefne, heofne Orm. 10830 & 13842; hevene 
Kath. 1799; pe heovene is swude heih; hwo se wule bi- 
3iten hire &c. a. r. 166; heovene (heavene) La'T^, 27455; 
heofnes (gen) Orm. 801; hevene (dat) vis, P, P. 3518; 
to pere heovene La'7^, 29580; a, r, 356. 
hevene-blisse (hevene blisse?) c. q/* i. 113. 


292 hevenen 

hevene-driht(e) c. of L 225. 

heveuking? (ms. heven king) reZ. ant 1,224; Furn, p. Ily 
103; hevene-king c. of I, 244; (heveneking) TFr. spec. 45. 
hevenlich heavenly^ Kath, 1784; pe heovenliche hird a, r. 
94; heovenliche (dat) La^, 32053. 
hevenequene (ms, heyene quene) Wr. spec, 93. 
hevenriche rel, ant 1, 209; s, s, Wr. 3450; Oow. conf. 
am, 1, 265; Mor, a, p, 1, 718; heovennche a. r, 150. 
heveneware a. r. 244*; hefne|?are Orm. 12919. 

hevenen (hevin), OIceL hefna, avengCy met horn, XVI. 

hevening^ OIceL hefning, revenge^ HalUw. diet 447. 

hefij, ASax, hefig, OSax, hebig, OHOerm. hebiger, 
heavy, Orm, 4522; hevi Xa^. 26067; a. r. 232; Mor. a. p. 
3, 2; pr. consc. 4583; Tor. 1270; apol. 26; hevie (adv.) 
a. r. 32; Wicl. Mark 10; heviere (cowp^ i^i^r/i. p. XF, 106. 
hefistlke heavily, Orm. 4771. 

hevesen (heviin), ASax. hefigian, heavy ^ ^^gravare^ 
mae'itare^', p^'ompt parv. 239; hevie Furn. p. XV, 16; 
heve3i Lai^. 18408; hevejed (pres.) a. r. 424*; hevyed 
(part) Wicl. gloss.; compos. iheve3en. 

hevinesse, ASax. hefigness, heaviness, a. r. 132; he- 
vinisse Wr. treat 134. 

he|>, ASax. heo|>, hi|>, Goth, hivi, hue, Orm. 19251; 
heu Wr. treat 140; heuh (heu^) c. of I. 710; heou a. r. 
50; heowe iaj. 3071; hewe (dat) Chaiic. C. t 3255; 
in anes weres hepe Orm. 2172; feir on hewe TTV. spec. 
46; howe owl and night. 511 ; heue ant Artk. IX, 4; hi we 
Furn. p. II, 43; hewes fpl) vis. P. P. 7307; heowes a. r. 
150; c. of. I. 705. 

hewe, ASax. (hipa) pi. hipan, OHGerm. hi(w)o, OIceL 
(hio) pi. hion, from *heow = *hiw (for eo = i, cmp. iw 
anc? freo\ domestic, servant, Chauc. C. t 9659; hewen 
(pl.J vis. P. P. 2192; heowes Wr. spec. 114; see hiT^e; 
compos, isinheowe. 

he pen, ASax. hipen ? /amiZy, Orm. 594. 

hewen, ASax. heapan, OFris. hawa, OHOei-m. ho wan, 
Dutch houwen, OIceL hoggva, hew, Wicl. gloss. 23; he- 
win prompt parv. 239; hewe Chauc. C. t 1424; hsepen 
Orm. 10083; to hewene LaT^. 28030; hewen (pres.) Mand. 
189; hew (pret) s. s. Web: 592; Oow. conf. am. 2, 263; 
heowen, heuwen (hdwen) LaT^. 7480 & 9796; heuen avow. 
Arth. XL VI, 1; hewe Boh, Glouc. 540, 19; Yi^yf^n (part) 

hfiwere 293 

s. s, Wr, 1712 ; hewe Wr, spec. 110; compos, for-^ i-, tohSwen. 

he we re („hewar") hewer, prompt parv, 238. 

hewien, AS ax. hi|?ian, colour; heowecle (pret) a. r. 
392; iheowed (part.) 35G. 

hexte sorcerer? a. r. 192. 

hiccheu (hichin), LGerm. hicken, hitch (hick), remove, 
prompt, part'. 239; hicke (imper..) dep. of R. 11 y 3. 

hide. ASax. h^d, hid, hide, (dat) Rob. Br. 110, 27; 
ei3te hide land Kob. Glove. 297, 9. 

hider, ASax. hider, hyder, Goth, hidre, Olcel. hedra, 
hither, Onn. 209; IVr. spec. 42: Mand. 44; Chauc. C. t. 
074; pr. consc. 508; hider in Laj. 36; hider to Kath. 
447; hedir Bek. 2439; Percev. 1153; lud. Cov. 52. 

hify ASax. heof? Germ, hief? horn mid grsete hive 
blowen ia^. 790. . 

hije, MHGerni, hije, hie? /or hi we (hewe)? servant f 
hi5ez (/>Z^ Mor. a. p. 2, 67. 

hiTende, for hi3inge? an hi3ende ia^. 26054. 

hi^ien (hi3io), ASax. higian, hie, hasten, Marg, 267; 
hi3hen Orm. 2723; hihen Kath. 412; hien (hihen) a. r. 
92; hien cr. P. P. 813; highe Alts. 5133; hie s. s. Wr. 
3108; sacram. 860; hi3ez (pres.) Mor. a. p. 2, 538; hihe 
(imperat.) Marh. 21; high pe ps. 30, 3; hi3ede (pret.) 
Bek. 2124; hiede vis. P. P. 14572; hi3eden La^^ 2317; 
hi3ed (pai^t) Wicl. 1 Thess. 2, 17. 

hi3inge haste: an hi3inge La3. 2358. 

hih haste: wij) mikel hih Orm. 2689; an highe s. s. 
Web. 1478: in highe Chauc. C. t 4629; in hie Triam. 
277; a7it. Arth. IV, 3; in hi Percev. 918. 
hihful a. r. 302. 

Ill hen? ASax. h^han (augerejf in uch an hird pin 
a])el is hiht W7\ spec. 33. 

hihde, ASax. hihd, haste^ (dat) a. r. 324; histe? 
(printed hithte) Wr. spec. 110. 

h i 1 d i r , cmp. OHGerm. holder, hilder, elder ^ ,^sambucus^, 
}>rompt. parv. 239. 
? hillortrc Wr. voc. 191. 

liilt, J/Sacr. hilt, hilte, ODutch hilte, Olcel. hialt, 
OHGerm. helza, /n7f, ^03. 6506; he smot him on pe 
sclield igult, porughout pe bord, porughout pe hilt Alis. 
1270; hilte dat) Horn 1434; pere hilte (pan helte, heolte) 
Lai. 1559 & 22510. 

294 hinde 

hinde, ASax, Olcel. hind, OHGerm, hinisi, hind,cerva^ 
(dat) vis, P. P. 10174; (ace) La^. 2589; Alis, 1889. 
hindehele hind-heel, tansey, Wr. voc. 140 ; rel. ant I, 36. 
hind (hinde?), OHOerm, hint? hind, backward, Alis. 
hindward Wicl, gloss,; hindeward „retrorsu7n'^, ps. 9, 4. 

hinden, ASax. 0/Saar. hindan, Ooth, hindansi, OHGerm, 
hintana, hind; compos, bihinden. 

hinder, ASax, hinder, Goth, hindar, OHGerm, hintar 
(retro, post), hinder, 

hinderfot? hinderfet (printed hinder fet) (pi-) Brand. 30. 
hindergat Chauc, r, r, 5850. 
hinderleg I, c. c, 36. 

hindere? Olcel, hindri, OHGerm, hinisiro (posterior) "f 
pe hindre partie Mand. 107. 

hindere st, OHGerm. hintarosto, hindmost, Chauc, 
C. t. 624. 

hindren^ ASax. hinderian, OHGerm. hintran, hinder, 
Lidg, m, p, 93; hindvm prompt, parv. 240; hindre Chauc. 
a t. 1137. 

hine, ASax. hina(?), hine, servant, Beh. 263; vis, P. P, 
4058; Chauc, C, t, 605; ps, 18, 12; met, horn, 145; Mar. 
mir, pi, 113; hinen (pLJ LaT,, 368; Rob, Glouc. 540, 17; 
Alis, 1215; Wr, p, s. 149. 

hinp, ASax. h^nd, from hean, „damnum^, Wr. voc. 89. 
hire, see he; heres hei^s, Chauc. C, t, 4647. 
his, see he; sometimes inflected as a possessive pronoun: 
hise limes rel. ant, 1, 210; an of hise men Kath, 406. 
hiss in hiss, „sibilare''^ prompt, parv. 242; see huschen. 
hishing hissing, Wicl. gloss, 

hitte(n), Olcel, hitta, hit, vis. P. P. 7656; Eglam.2Q9; 
we hitted (pres.) a. r. 176*; ye hitte Mar. mir. pi. 53; 
hitte (pret.) La^. 1550; Alis. 2357; 2;w. P. P. 3134; Mor. 
a. p. 3, 289; hit (part.) prompt, parv. 242. 

hipe, ASax. h;^d, hitke, „statio'\ prompt, pai^. 242. 
hiw? Olcel. hiu (familia)? cmp, Goth, heivafrauja 

hired, ASax. hip-, hired, cmp. OHGet^i. hirat (conjugium), 
family, retinue, company, LaT^. 6152; hird Kath. 81; a. r. 
94; Orm. 612; Wr. spec. 32; Trist 1, 16; hlredes (gen.J 
Laz. 2336. 
hired-cnafe La^. 28824. 

ho 296 

hird-cniht iaj. 4316. 

liired-gume Laj. 12289. 

hired-mon La^^, 2350; hirdmon Kath. 2247. 

ho, Olcel, ho, ho: hoo to him, hoo, hoo Halliw. diet 457. 

ho, fromhon^ ho^suspense, cessation: wipouten ho CAawc. 
Troil 2175. 

hobbelen, ODutch hobbelen [hoppelen], from hoppen? 
hohhle, (pres) cr. P. P. 212. 

hod, ASax. OSax, hod, OHGerm. huot, a. r. 56; als 
ich ever brouke min hod under min hat FFr. p. s. 332; 
hood vi5. P. P. 2861; CAa?^c. C t 103; Lidg, m, p. 103; 
(hode) Percev. 271 ; hiid ant Arth. 11, 5. 

hodren, LGerm. hudern, huddle: hodur and happe 
Flor, 112; hodred in per hottes Roh. Br. 273, 5. 

hof, ASax, OSax, Olcel, OHOerm, hof (donms, aula). 
hofdans (ins, hove-daunce), ODutch hof-dans (chorea au- 
lica), court-dance, Gow, conf, am, 3, 6. 

hof, ASax, hof, Olcel, hofr, OHGerm, huof, hoof; 
hove (dat) Wicl. gloss, 23; hufe pr, consc. 4179; hove 8 
(pi,) Gaw, gloss, 

hof, Olcel. hoi, measure, moderation, Orm,4c74:2; wit(h)- 
uten hove (cessationf) pr, consc, XI; compos, bihof? 
hofleas a. r. 108; hofles Marh. 17. 

hog, Welsh hwq(hwch)? hog. Alts, 1 886 ] hogge prompt 
parv. 24:2 \ hogges (pi.) vis, P. P. 4159. 

hoje, ASax, hoga, hogo, care, (ace) owl and night 
701; howe fdat) Rob, Glouc. 461, 5; Alis. 1906; s, s. 
Web, 1450; face) rel, ant 1, 263. 

ho3heful Orm, 2902; hoj-, hoh-, howful owl and night 
537, 1290 & 1293. 

ho3ien (howyen), ASax, hogian, ho, care, think, rel, 
ant, 1, 173; hojep (pres) owl and night, 4:66; howep? Wr, 
spec, 23 ; ho^ede (pret) Lai^, 1^4:1^; compos, for-, overhojien. 

ho^e? OFr, h6g(u)e, hogh (how, hoo), hill; hoes (pi) . 
ant, Arth, V, 5; see h^'Tfi, 

hoh (ho), ASax, hoh, ho, hough, Marg, 160; ho^e^ (pi) 
Gaw, gloss, 
h6u3senu W^icl, gloss, 

hoh? OH Germ, huoh (irrisio)? 
hohful derisive? LaT,. 14096. 

ho hen (howhin, howghin) hough, „subnervare^, prompt 
parv, 251. 

296 hok ' 

hok (hok?) hock^ ^malva'^, Wr, voc. 265; hoc 91; holi 
hokke ^althaea'^, prompt, parv, 243. 

hok, A Sax. lioc^ Dutch hoek, hook, Wr, voc, 240; 
c, of I, 1128; h6ke(dat.) Mark, 3; Tor, 2508; h6kes(pl) 
vis. P, P, 3694; war pe for his hokes Wr, spec, 105; 
compos, angilhDc. 

hoked hooked, owl and night, 79; his hokede iieose 
Marh, 9. 

hoker, AS ax. hocor, mocker ij, derision, Lai^. 17307 ; 
Marh. 5; Kath, 778; a. r. 100; Roh, Olouc, 272, 19; 
hokir Chauc, C, t, 3963. 
hokerleop (rns, -lop) La^. 28872. 

hokerliche mockingly, La%, 19412; Kath, 742; a, r, -198; 
Wr. p, s, 204. 
hokerword ia3. 19595. 

hokerien Twoci; hokerest (pres.) Kath, 458; hokeried 
La'7^, 15785; hokered (imperat) a. r. 248. 

hoi, ASax, OFris, ODutch hoi, Olcel, holr, OHGemi. 
holer, hoi (how), „cavus'\ prompt, pa?^. 242 ; hole (dat,) 
owl and night, 963; hoi (subst) hole, Bek. 1152; (hole) 
s, s, Wr, 2169; hole (dat.) Marh. 10; owl and night, 824; 
Mor. a, p. 3, 306; holes (pi.) a, r. 128. 
hoUek, MIIGerm. hoUouch, ,.eschalot'\ Wr. voc. 225. 

hold, ASax. OSax. OFris. hold, OHGenn. holder, 
Olcel, hoUr, Goth, hulps, faithfid, Orm, 6177; Wr. p. s, 
214; pin holde mon iaj. 14091; holde (pi.) Roh. Glouc. 
377, 14; met, hom. 102; hulde Iiv, 887; holde (adv.) 
Gaw, gloss. 
holdeli faithfully, Gaw. gloss. 

holde, ODutch houde, OHGenn. hiilda ? fidelity^ (ace.) 
Alis. 2912. 
holdeop Rol. Glouc. 383, 8. 

holh, LGerm. liolig Schamb. wb., hollow, LaT^. 761 ; 
hols owl and night. 043; hol3, holle (for hole^?) Gaw. 
gloss, 390; holle rel. ant. 1, 54; ant. Arth. Z.Y, 12; holu 
Rob. Glouc. 251, 7; holow prompt, parv. 242; hol^e were 
his I'T^en Mor, a. p. 2, 1()95; iii l)e holw(i asche Lai le fr. 
209; holwe (pi) Rob. Glouc. 131, 12; Chaac. C. /. 13(;5; 
holle (subst) hollow? .^carina'\ Wr, voc. 274; liolses (pi) 
La^. 20848. 

holwen hollow; holwed (pret) Rob. Glouc. 415*. 

holou3nesse ^^ 

holou3nesse hoUoioness, Wicl, gloss. 

holi, for holin? holly ^ PFr. voc. 91 ; holie (dat) a. r. 418. 

ho lien (holin), ASax. holian, OHGenn, holan, Goth. 
(us)hulon, hole, cavare, pi'ompt. parv. 243; holied (pres.) 
a. r. 130; holed (part) Alts, 5929. 

ho lien, ASax. holian (calumniare) f Somn, diction,^ 
Goth, holon (aoxocpavxetv) Sch. gloss.^ OHGerm, huolan 
(frustrari) Graff's sprsch. 4, 849, calumniate f pat holep 
o pe lajhe leod & rippep hem & ra^fep Orm. 9319. 

holin, ASax. holen, hollm, „hotis'^, Wr, voc. 163; a, r. 
418*; rel ant. 2, 280. 

ho Ik en, Swed. holka, hoik (howk), excavare; hoiked 
(pret.) Mor, a. p. 2, 1222; hoiked (part.) Gaw. ploss..; 
holket ant. Artli. fX, 12. 

holm, ASax. OSax. ODutch holm, Olcel. holmr, holm^ 
island, doivn, hill, prompt, parv. 243 & 244; into pan hse^e 
holme iaj. 20712. 

holm (holme?) holm (tree), prompt, parv. 244; Chauc. 
C. t. 2923. 

holm en of the holm: holmeu leves AUs, 4945. 

holste rain-bird^ Wr. voc. 253. 

holt, ASax. OSax. OFris. Olcel. holt, OHGerm. holz, 
holt, ivood, Wr. voc. 270; prompt, parv. 244; holte (dat.) 
Laj. 826; Chauc. C. t. i^; avoio. Arth. XIX, 4; holtes (pi) 
Percev. 230; holtis m. Arth. F. 3029. 

hon, ASax. hon, OFris. hua, Goth. OHGerm. hahan, 
hang, LaT^. 10009; ho suspend, cease. Town. myst. 31; pei 
ho (pres) Gotv. conf. am, 3, 103; i rede ... of warre 
pat ye hoo erl of T. 153; ho (imperat.) li heaus disc. 
1938; ihon (part.) L/73. 2086; compos, a-, an-, bih^n. 

ho one, ASax. han? hone, ^gos^, prompt, parv. 245. 

hone? delay: wipouten hone ho. 3667. 

h6ne(n) stay^ delay. Town. myst. 11; Mor. a. p. 1, 
920; met. ho7n. 129. 

hon en hone; see henen; compos, forhonen. 

honour, OFr. honour, honour, Fiu^n. p. XVII, 508. 

hop, ASax. (?) OFris. hop, ODutch hoep, hoop, Wr. 
voc. 276. 
hopring, ODutch hoep-ring, HalUw. diet. 458. 

hope, ^1>SW. hopa, ODutch hope, hope, ,^spes^, prompt, 
pail). 245; Lai^. 13899; Marh. 8; a. r. 78; Orm. 3816; 
vis. P. P. 1757. 

298 hopien 

hopien, ASax, hopian, Dutch hopen, Olcd. hopast 
Fritznevs ordb., MHGerm. hoflfen, hope^ sperare^ exspectare, 
a. r. 78; hope Rich. 3474; hopie (pres,) Bek. 137; Shoreh. 
129; hope Chauc. C, t. 4027; (imperat) Lai^, 17936; 
hopede (pret) Rob. Glouc. 33, 9; hoped Iio, 1675; hope- 
den Will, gloss. 

hoppe, ASax. hoppa (bulla), (flax-)bolL head, prompt 
parv. 246; hoppen (pi.) „boceaus^, Wr. voc. 3 56. 

hoppe, Dutch hoppe, OH Germ, hopfo, hop, ^humu- 
lus'^, prompt, parv. 245. 

hoppe, ASax. {g2evs)hoi}]^Si, hopper ; compos, greshoppe. 

hop pi 11, ASax. hoppan, Dutch hoppen, 0/ccZ. hoppa, 
hop, „s<dire*^, prompt, pai^v. 246; hoppe vis. Jp. P. 1757; 
Chauc. C. t. 4380; see hiippen. 

hop p ere, ASax. hoppere (aaltator), hopper; hopere 
(for hoppere?) corbis seminh, HalUw, diet. 458; hoper 
vis. P, P, 3917; hopur prompt, parv. 246; hoper infundi- 
bulum, Chauc. C. t. 4037. 

hor? OFris. hor, OHGerm. huor (formcxtio, stuprwiii, 
adulterium) ? 

?h6rcop bastardy prompt, parv. 246; Triam. 224. 
hordom, cmp. Olcel. hordomr, derived from horr (adulter), 
Egilss. lex. 380, whoredom, a. r. 204; Shoreh. b%\ pr. consc. 
8259; Rob. Br. 58, 4; horedom? Orm. 4632. 

hord, ASax. OSax. hord, OHGerm. hort, Goth, huzd, 
Olcel. hodd, hoard, a. r. 224; Wr. spec. 54; hord of gold 
Orm. 6732; hord of apples Chauc. C. t. 3262; hoord 
prompt, parv. 246; horde (dat) Lai^. 6077; Gow. conf, 
am. 3, 155; hurde pr. consc. 55()7; horde (gen. pi) Orm. 
6733; compos, goldhord. 
hord (ms. horde)-lioiis Halliw. did. 459. 

hor den hoard, Orm. 12281; hordes (pres) ps. 38, 7. 

ho re, ASax. OSax. horu, OFris. hore, OHGerm. horo, 
slime, mud, filth, owl and night. 596; Furn. p. XVII, 8; 
li beaus disc. 1477; rel. ant, 2, 243. 

hore, ASax. hore, Dutch hoere, OHGerm. huora, 
tvhore, La'7^. 15579; a. r. 290; Shoreh. 62; Alis. 1000; erl 
of T. 653; lud. Cov. 218. 
horehous, cmp. OHGerm. huorhus, brothel, W?\ voc. 274. 

hori, ASax. horig, OHGerm. horger, horry, foid, Furn. 
p. V^, 13; rel. ant. 2, 176; hoori Wicl. gloss.; wip touges 
horwe (?), Chauc. c. M. a. F. 206. 

horling 299 

h or ling, OHOerm, huorlinc (spuritis), from hor? for- 
nicator, s, s, Wr. 2189; Har die, poem 6, 2; horlinges (^^Z^ 
Fum, p. VIII^ 52. 

horn, A Sax. OFris. Olcel. OHQerm. horn, Lot, cornu, 
horn, La^. 27444; Wr, p. s. 342; homes (pL) Mark, 7; 
Mand, 47. 

horned, ASax. hyrned, OHGertn, (ge)hurnter, Lat 
cornutus, horned, Octov, 1335; ihurnd Mark, 9. 

h orn e n, OUGerm, hurniner, homen, comeus, Wid, gloss. 

hors, ASax. OFris. hors, Olcel, hross, HGerm, {h)ros, 
horse, a, r, 208; owl and night, 771; Tor. 1171; on horse 
(dat) Wr, spec, 48; hors (nom, ace, pi.) Orm. 8704; Mand. 
38; Ghauc, C, t, 7141; horsen (dat. pi.) La^- 24635. 
horsbere horse-bier, prompt, parv, 247. 
horsfleese horse-fly, Wicl, gloss. 
horsher korse-hair, Furn, p, XVII, 158. 
horskam horse-comb, Ualliw, diet, 461. 
horsknave horse-boy, Halliw, diet, 460. 
horsman horse^nan, LaT^^ 26617. 
horsminte horse-mint, prompt, parv, 248. 

horsed, ASax, (ge)horsod, horsed, Halliw, diet, 460; 
horsid m, Arth, F, 87. 

hor wen, OHGerm, horgon, from hori, render horry, 
foul; hor wed (part.) Mor, a, p, 2, 335. 

hose, ASax, ODutch OHGerm, hose, Olcel, hosa, hose, 
y,caliga'^, Wr, roc. 196 & 259; prompt, parv, 248; Laj. 
15216; Trist, 2, 34; Gow, conf am. 3, 236; Ghauc, C, t, 
3931; hosen (pi) a, r, 420; Mand, 59; Ghauc, C. t. 458; 
cr, P, P, 847 ; hosin and shoes wills and invent, 32. 

host (hoost), OFr, host, Lat. hoste, host, army, Mand, 
240; ost Wart, hist 1, 16. 

host (ost), OFr, hoste, Lat. hospite, host, landlord, 
Ghauc, G. t, 749 & 3116. 

host, ASax, hvosta^ Olcel, hosti, OHGerm, huosto, 
ODutch hoest, host (hust), „tussis^, Wr, voc, 224 ; prompt, 
parv, 248. 

hostel, OFr. hostel, Lat, hospitale, hostel, inn^ Gaw, gloss, 

hosteler (hostiler), Fr, hotelier, host(e)ler, keeper of 
an hostel, vis. P. P. 11515. 

ho s tin, Olcel. hosta, „tussire'', prompt, parv. 249. 

hoten Aoo* ; hotend (part.) Will, gloss.; see huten. 

hotte hot, hip? (ace.) Rob. Br. 282, 1. 

300 houpen 

houpen hoop, shout; houped (pret) vis, P. P. 4140. 

h Olive, ASax. hufe, OTcel. hufa, OHQerm. hiiba, cap, 
coif^ jyrompt parv. 249: Chauc. 0. t. 3909; houves (pU) 
vis, P. P. 419. 

hove, from heven? dregs, prompt, parv. 250. 

hovel, ASax. hofel (?), Ao?W, wills and invent, 19; 
hovil prompt, paro. 250. 

hoviii, ODutch hoveii (colere hoHuta)i Welsh hofian 
(hover) ? Lat, cubare ? hooe, dwell, 7'emain, prompt, pctrv, 
251 & 252; Gow, conf. am. 2, 370; Triam. 1471; Lidg. 
m, p. 4; whi nilt [Jou over us hove Chauc. Troil, 4276; 
hovep (pres.) Wr. treat. 136; he hovect in de sunne rd, 
ant. 1, 210; hoves ylmac?. Robs. XL V[, 2; pr. cwwc. 7579; 
hovez i¥or. a. ^;. 2, 458; hovede (pret.) Rub, Olouc. 172, 
12; he hovede and abod s. s. TTV. 2825; hoved vis. P, P. 
418; pai hoved on [)e ilode Min. 11; thei hovid & biheld 
7/1. Artk. F, 259; and hoveden on heighe over pe lake 
J.Zi5.'5445; hovande (part) Perce v. 533. 

hover, ASax. holer, OHGerm. hovar (gibbus), 

hove ret, ASax. hoferod, hump-backed, Marh. 20; 
hoverede (pi) Kath. 1063*. 

hoxe(n),yrom hoh, hox, ,^subneroare'^, Wicl. gloss, 

huche (hucche), OFr. hiiche, MLat. hutica, hutchy 
Mand. 85: vis. P. P. 2314; /. c. c. 33. 

hiide, ASax. h^d, OSax. OFris. hud, Olcel. hud, 
OHGerm. hut, hide, Lai^. 3071; Marli. 18; softe, as is 
cundelTche wummone hude a. r. 120; hiiide (ace) k, of 
T. 752; hide Trist. 2, 30; pr. co7isc. 5299; Mar. mir. pi, 
151; hur sone was . . . feir of hide and hewe Triam, 
468 ;• huden (dot. pi) Brand. 5. 

hude Is („hudles"), ASax. h;^dels, hiding-place, a, r, 
146; hidils Halliw. diet. 449; Wicl. gloss. 23; hidel ps. 
9, 30; hudlese (dat) LaT^. 1817. 

huden, ASax. h^dan, L Germ, (fer)hu( d )en, G?\ xs j^stv ? 
hide, absconders a. r. 130; huide k. of T. 305; hiden 07*7n. 
1019; hide Chauc. C. t. l-il^d;' viet. horn. 54; m. Arth. F. 
110; hut (pres) Marh. 15; hut (liiu(les)a. r. 130; hudde 
(pret) La^. 13110; KatJi. 912; Hob. Glour. 2-26,16; Alls, 
2489; hidde vis. P. P. 11585; hud f part) Furn, p. VllI, 
39; hid Chauc. (.'. t. 9818; compos, bi-, ihuden. 

hi dues, ^-1/Sair. (ge)h^dness, lading -place, Rob. Br. 11 , 1. 

huge huge (hougy), vis. P. P. 7060; Mand. 45; Chauc, 

huje 801 

C t 2953; Mor. a, p, 2, 1659; hflghe Oow, conf, am, 1, 
236; houge Tor 550. 

hu3e, huie, ASax. hyge, OSax, hugi, OHOerm, hugu, 
OIceL hugv, (to^A. hugs, wmcf, (c?a^. acc^ J^«3- 3033 & 
4910; hi3 (?) & hope Orm. 2777. 

huht („hiht"). ASax. hyht (ipe^, gaudmm), OHOerm. 
huht (sensus), hope, joy, Orm. 3816 ; hi5te owl and night. 272. 
huhtllc joyous: hi^tli? Gaw. gloss.; compos, unhuhtllc. 

huht en, ASax. hyhtan, hope, njoice.; huihted? (pres.) 
rel. ant. 1, 132; hi^tep owl and night. 436. 

huke (hiike?), O Dutch \\mkQ, OFr. huque, MLat huca, 
hiike, cloak, mantle, prompt. pa7'V. 232. 

hukel („huckel"), OlceL hukuW {?) Halde7*s. lex., OSwed. 
hukli Ihres gloss., cloak, a. r. 88. 

huken, Grerm. liokeri, hoken, huck, ,.^auctionaH^^ , prompt 
parv. 252*. 

hukkerie, Genn. hokerei, huckster's trade, vis. P. P. 

hukstere, Dutch heukster, huckster, ,,auctionator^ , 
prompt, parv. 252; hokester rel. ant. 2, 176; hucsteres 
(gen.) Orm. 15817. 

hul? hull, hut; hule (acc.f) reZ. ant. 1, 214; hulen 
(dat. pi.) n. r 100. 

hul, ASax. hyll, Dutch hil? Lat. collis? hill, Wr. 
voc. 92; a. r. 178; Bek. 1717; hil Wicl. John 4; Rich. 
6048; (hill) Orm. 9205; hel Will, gloss. 229; \i\i\\Q (dat.) 
Alls. 2550; huUes (pi) La'i^. 5191. 
? hul-wurt ,.>pulegti(m^'', rel. ant. 1, 36. 

hulde(n), ASax. (be)hyldan, Olcel. hylda, hild,flay, 
Will, gloss.; hilde Hall ho. diet; hilden (pret.J Laj. 20957*. 

hulen, LGerm. hulen, hiilen, Dutch huilen, howl; 
houlin prompt parv. 250; houle Gow. conf. am. 2, 265; 
hulen (pres) rel. ant. i, 217; houled (pret) Chauc. 
C. t 2819. 

hulien, huilen, OHGerm. huilen, Goth, huljan, Olcel. 
hylja, ia/. (oc)culere? hill, cqver; hillin prompt parv. 240; 
hille dep. of E. 25, 26; hules (pres) a. r. 150*; Will, 
gloss.; hiled rel. ant 1, 223; als pe bark hilles pe tre 
Iw. 741; hile (imperat) ps. 16, 8; hiled (pret) 26, 5; 
hilde Amis 2302; huled (part) rel. ant. 1, 39; hulet 
a. r. 388*; hiled vis. P. P. 3686; Mor. a. p. 2, 1397; 
(hilled) Chauc. C. t 15061; compos, unhilen. 

302 hilling 

hilling hiUing, covering, prompt parv. 240; arvt, Arth. 
IX, 4. 

hulk (hulc), ASax. hulc (cubile), hulk, yfsugurium^, 
Wr. voc. 95; (hulke) ^hovel^, WicL gloss,; hoik („holke") 
cote, sty, Wr, voc, 178. 

hulke, ASax,\m\Q>Q (?), ODutc/i hulke, holke, OHOerm. 
holcha (actuaria navis), hulk, heavy vessel, prompt parv, 252. 

hulle? Dutch hulle, OHOerm, hulla? hull, husk^ shell; 
hole? prompt parv, 242. 

hull en hull, shell; hulle (pres, subj,) I, c, c, 7, 

hulvir, Olcel, hulfr, hulver, ilex aquifoUa, pro'mpt 
parv, 253; holvir Wr, s. a, c, 40, 1; hulfere (dot.) Chauc, 
c, b, k, 129. 

hummel? Dutch hummel, hommel (fucus), 
hombulhe humble-bee, rel. ant, 1, 81. 

hummelen? Dutch hommelen (bombilare), 

humbling humming, Chauc. h, f, 1039. 

hund, ASax, OSax, hund, OFris, hund, hond, ODuich 
hond, Olcel, hundr, Goth, hunds, OHGerm. hunt, hound, 
„canis", Wr, voc. 219; Marh, 6; a, r. 324; Wr, p. s. 197; 
hund (hond) La^- 26762; hond Ociov, 1530; hound Brand. 
6; vis. P, P, 2994; hundes (pL) Orm, 7405; hondes Eoi. 
Br, 75, 28; compos, grai-, sehuiid. 

houndfisch Chauc. C. t 9699; houndfish Lidg. m, p. 201. 
houndfleese Wicl. gloss. 23; houndflie prompt, parv. 250. 

hund, ASax, OSax. Goth, hund, OHGerm, hunt, Lat. 
centum, Ir, Bret, cant (kant), Sanscr, \}|^^, Gr, sxaxov, 
Ir, cead, Gael, ceud, Ru^s. cmo, LaT^, 83. 
hundred, /or hundred? see Gr.gesch. d, d, spr, 263, ASax. 
hundred, OFris, hundred, hunderd, OSax. fhunderod, 
Olcel, hundrad, OHGerm, hundert, hundred, centuria, 
centum, a, r, 42; Wr, p, 5.344; hu he sette hundred LaT^. 
31998; 4n hundred Orm, 4333; twa (two) hundred La^. 
1556; twesen hundred Orm, 4317; fower hundred 4321; 
hunderd Gow. conf, am, 2, 113; hondred Bob, Glouc, 1, 7[; 
hundrep pr, consc, 4524; Bob, Br, 35, 8; Isumb, 740. 

hund-, ASax, hund-, OSax. ant-, OFr. ODutch t-, cmp, 
Goth, tehund and Lat, -ginta, G7\ -xovxa, Sanscr, JIfJ. 
huntseventi septuaginta, rel. ant, 1, 173. 

hune, ODutch hune, Olcel, hiinn, inast-top: seil heo 
drosen to hune ia^. 28978. 

hunger, ^Saa:. hunger, OSax. OZTGerm. hungar, OFris. 

hungren 303 

hunger, honger, Olcel. hungr, hunger^ fames, Orm. 5682; 
vis. P. P. 4445; honger Rob. Qlouc, 378, 15; harrow, 60; 
Chauc, C, t 4520; hungre (dot.) a, r. 260. 

hungren, ASax. hyngran, OSax. (ge)hungrean, OHGerm, 
hungeren^ G^o^//. huggrjan, hunger, esurire, a. r. 214; hung- 
red (pres.) rel. ant 1, 220 ; whan pe hungrep vis. P. P. 
9009; hungeres Mor. a. p, 3, 19; hungrede (pret.) a. r, 
162; Isvmh. 557; comj)os. of hungren. 

hungri3, ASax. hungrig, hungry, Orm. 6162; hungri 
harrow. 87. 

huni3, ASax. Ol^ris. hunig, OSax. fhoneg, OHGerm. 
honig, honag, honang, Olcel. huiiang, ho7iey, Orm. 9225; 
huni a. r. 404; cr. F. P. 1448; honi c. of I. 78; Skoreh. 
90; Mand. 251. 

honicom honey-comb, prompt, parv. 245. 
hunisucle (-„succles") honey-stickle, rel. ant, 1, 37. 
liuniter nectar, Hide. thes. 1, 167. 

huntfe, ^l>Sa.T. hunta, hunter, Orm. 13471; Chauc. C. t. 
2020; hunten (pL) Lot^. 2590; rel. ant. 1, 120. 

l)untare hunter, p7^ompt parv. 253; honter Chauc. 
C. t 1640. 

hontep, ASax. huntod, hunting, Rob. Glouc. 418, 6. 

huntien, ASax. huntian, hu7it, Laj. 2586; hunten 
Orm. 13460; honte Chauc. C. t. 1676; Degrev. 50; hun- 
tede (pret.) a. r. 344; ihonted (pa7±) vis. P. P. 1318. 

hupe, ASax. liype, ODutch hupe, heupe, Goth, hups, 
OHGenn. huf, hip, femur, Wr. voc. 87; a. r. 280; hipe 
p>rompt. parv. 241; Wicl. gloss. 23; hippe Gow. conf. am. 
2, 159; hepe Wr. voc. 179; hupes (hippes) (pi.) Chauc. 
C. t. 474; pet his bodi tobarst o mid heppes (f printed 
omidheppes) Mai^h. 10. 
hepeboon iJalliw. diet. 445. 

hup el (hupel?), ASax. h^pel, hippie, acervulus, Wr, 
voc. 89; hipel IMcl. gloss. 

hupp en (huppe), OHGerm. hupfen? hip, hop, Rob. 
Glouc. 537, 5; huppe (pi^es.) Wr. spec. 38; hupte (pret.) 
Rob. Glouc. 537, 6; Brand. 8; hippinge (part) vis. P. P. 
11488; Flor. 1993; see hoppin; compos, overhuppen. 

hurde, ODutch hurde, horde, OHGerm. hurd (crates), 
Olcel. hurd (foris)? Gr. x6pxoc? crates; \mxdcis (pi) Gaw. 
gloss.; Min. 46. 
? hurdreve „centauria'^, rel. ant. 1, 36; Wr. voc. 139. 

804 hordel 

h u r d el, ASax, hyrdel, hurdle; hirdil prompt parv. 241 ; 
herdil Wr. voc, 279; hurdles (pi) Alts, 6104; herdles 
Bob. Glouc. 232, 22. 

hure (htire), JlSax, huru Ettm, lex., liuru Greins glass., 
see Gr. gram. 3, 186, at the least, Kath. 1737; Ma7*h. 16, 
23; a. r. 390*; hure aud hure a. r. 390; owl and night, 
11; I4n hure Kath, 1074; a. r. 390*. 

hure, ASax. h^r, Dutch huere, hire^ LaT^. 31110; 
a. r. 404; Wr. spec. 42; huire vis. P. P. 3616; Mand. 
285; hire (hiire) WicL John 4; Min. 28; here Alis. 5221. 

huren, ^ISarr. h;^riaii, Dutch hueren, hire, La3. 80441 ; 
a. r. 126; hirin prompt, parv. 2 i\ \ hire Mor. a. p. 1,506; 
Lidg. m. p. 43; liurede (pret.) liek, 1173. 

huryen? hu7*i*y: horyed (pret.) Mor. a. p. 2, 883. 

hurkelen, cmp. Dutch hurkeii and MIIGerm. huren 
(cower, squat), hiirkle, ruck, shrug; hurkelez (pres.) Mor. 
a. p. 2, 150. 

hurlen, D^/cA horrelen? 6rer>;i. hurrolen? Schamh.wh.^, 
hurlen? Stnlders idiot, hu7*l; hurlest (Tyrwh. reads hurt- 
les!) (pres.) Chauc. C. t 4717; [)et hurled to gederes . . . 
hore vetles a. r. 166; hurlip WicL gloss,: horlip Wr. p. s. 
211; hurluu ant Arth. XV, 5; [)e see him hurlede up 
and doun Furn. p. XXIII, 25 ; hurled (part) Mor. a. p. 
2, 44. 

hurne, ^iSax. hyrne, OFris, heriie^ hum, corner, Marh. 
8, 33; Roh. Glouc. 272, 16; Wr. p, s. 150: rel. ant 1, 
264; hxvnQ prompt, parv, 241; Orm, 1677; Mor. a. p. 3, 
178; heme Chauc. C. t, 11433; Imrnen (pi) a. r. 314; 
hiernes Ilartsh. met. tales 118; hemes vis. P. P, 1349. 
himestan (h-m. 6824. 

hurren (hurrou), Swed. hurra? Germ, hurren? Stal- 
ders idiot., hur, lohir^ prompt, parv. 254; compos, to hurren ? 

hurst, ASax. (?) MIIGerm. hurst, Dutch horst, hurst, 
bush; hurstes (pi) Gate, gloss.; ant. Arth. V, 5. 

hurt, ODutch MIIGerm. OFr. hurt, hcrt, a. r. 112; 
hurtes (ph) LaT^. 1837; Chauc. C. t. 10785. 

hur ten, ODutch MIIGerm. hurten, OFr. liurter, hurt^ 
a. r. 8; hirten Onn. 11370; AHs. 584 1; liirte s. s. Weh. 
267; herte Rich. 4715; hortes (liurtos) (pres) pa. 36, 24; 
hurte (subj) vis. P. P. 6349; hurten (pret) La"^. 1878. 

h u r 1 1 e u (hurtelin ) hurtle, „ impingere, coUidere'^^ prompt 
parv. 253; hurtle („hurtel") Will, gloss.; hurtlep (pres) 

Mb ton 

Chauc. C. t 2618; hurtlip (hirtlip) Wicl gloss.; hortle 
(„hortel") pr. consc, 4787. 

h ii s , ASax. OSax. Olcel, Goth. OHOerm. h6s, house^ a, r, 
134; Orm. 1608; owl and mghU 623; huis Wr. p. s, 327; 
hous Rol. Glouc, 20, 10; Mand. 24.1 \ Chauo. C, t 580; 
s. s. Wr. 2815; fs. 83, 4; Degrev. 309; hus (^^/^ iaj. 
1937; compos, bak-, brew-, cwalm-, gest-, gang-, horehas. 
hAsbonde, Olcel. husbondi (herus)^ husband^ „pater fa-- 
miLias^, prompt, parv. 248; £03. 31058; Mand. 24:7; Wicl, 
John 4; Degrev, 189; hAsbande Mar. mir. pi. 123. 
houshold Mand. 209; Lidg. m. p. 67. 
houshaldere Chauc. C. t. 341. 
houslek prompt, parv. 251. 
hiisting, Olcel, husping? husting, La^- 2324. 
hilswlf „mater familias^^ Wr. voc. 215; (hAsewif) a. r, 
416; houswif VIS. P. P. 8904. 

huschen, LGerm. huschen, hussen, htcsh; husht (part.) 
Chauc. C. t. 2983; bust Troil. 2007. 

huschen? ASax. hyscan, from hux ? deride ; compos. 

husel, -4/Saa?. husel, Olcel. husl, (?ofA. hunsl (Ooota), 
housel, eucharist, a. r. 208; Orm. 6215; housel via. P. P. 
13747; Chauc. n r. 6386; Tor. 1273; housil jpr. consc, 
3402; hosil iirfgr. tw. p, 248. 

hu sell en, JSair. huselian, OJceZ. husla, Go^A. hunsljan, 

housel, receive the eucharist; huslen Orm. 6129; houseliil 

prompt, parv. 250; housele Mand. 261; houseled (part.) 

Chauc. C. t. Tyr. p. 170; houseled, housled vis. P, P. 

12965 & 13754; ihuseled a. r. 16; ihouseled Shoreh. 22. 

h u s i e n , ASax. husian, house ; housin py^ompt. parv. 251; 
house Ualliw. diet. 464; housede (pret) liob. Glouc. 21, 13. 

housing housing, Gow, conf. am. 2, 352. hush, prompt, parv. 254; Mand. 188. 

huspilin, Fr. houspiller, huspil, ,^spoliare^, prompt, 
parv. 255. 

hut en hoot, Orm. 2034; houtin prompt, parv. 261; 
lud. Cov. 179. 

hutte, ODutch hutte, OHGerm, hutta, hut; hottes? 
(pi.) Rob. Br. 273, 5. 

hiive, ASax. hj-fe, hive; huive rel. ant. 2, 84; hi(e 
Wr. voc. 223; hive Fum. p. IV, 31; Chauc. C. t. 7275; 
Mor. a. p. 2, 223. 


306 hux 

hux, A8ax. hues (hux), husc, OSax, OHGerm. hose? 
derision: hux and hoker La'T^, 28865. 
huxword ias. 21682. 

h|?a, ASax. lht>a, OFris. hwa, 08 ax, hue, Dutch wie, 
OJce/. hvar, OHQerm, hwer, Go^A. hvas, ia^. quis, Ir. 
cia, 6ra€Z. co, who, Marh, 20,16; (printed hwa) Kath. 170; 
hwa swa quicumque, La^. 24707; |?ha (printed wha) so 
Onn. 2091; wha Percev. 1613; wha so ^r. cemsc. 90; 
qua met horn, 3; hwoa, hwo a. n 6 & 18; hwo rel, songs 
Vy 225; 3W0 Mapes 334; who Chauc, C. t 833; who, ho 
c, of I, 268 & 1159; wo owl and night, 113; Rob, Olouc 
215, 20; s, s, Wr, 1093; quo awf. ^rfA. XXIV, 9; ho 
Degrev, 1433; ho so rekene conne PFr. treat, 133; ho se 
Ar. of T. 894; h|?as (j^ew.^ whose, cuju^, Marh, 9, 23; hwas 
quarum, a, r. 348; was, whes £03. 74 & 17111; whos 
Wicl, John 4; whos (hos) c, of I, 61 ; wos rel, ant. 1, 226; 
hwam (dat) ichom, a, r, 56; wham Wr, treat, 138; Orph, 
126; pr, consc, 91; pam (misprinted 3am) i'Mrn. p. F2/ii 
134; whom c, of I. 296; hpam (for hpan) £^a*A. 225; 
whan (ace.) , , , ,; (for wham) Brand, 27; hpat, ASax. 
hpa^t, OSax, huat, OiceZ. hvat, ODu{ch wat, OFris, hwet, 
OHGerm. hwaz, Ljf. quid, quod, ?^;Aa«, JiTa^A. 150; owZ 
awrf mV/At 1728; what c. 0/ Z. 1061; t?i5. P. P. 4753; 
what swa y^quodcunque^^ , ps, 1, 3; what lutles pat he et 
Furn, p, XVII, 396; what for eye, what for love Beh, 
337; wat ping La7^, 273; what cnihtes we beod 13845; 
quat rel. ant, 1, 292; met, horn, 5; hpet Marh, 6, 11; wet 
harrow, 194; of hwat (for hwam) a, r, 66; of hpet (for 
h|>uche) cunde Marh, 16, 18; wan (ace.) Lai^, 2679; to yam 
(misprinted pan) |?e scuUe & of |?an pe come Fum, p, VIII, 
164; hpon J/arA. 16, 4; (hwon) a. r. 320. 

|?haete, ASax. hj^aete, OSax. fhueti, Goth, hvaiteis, 
Olcel. hveiti, OHGerm, (h)weizi, wheat, Orm. 10521; 
h^Qdiiei hick.thes. 1, 224; (hweate) a, r, 270; whete Ifawc?. 
189; vis. P. P. 1436; wete Slioreh. 30; qxieiQ met, horn, 140. 
whete-breed t?i5. P. P. 4732. 

hwal (whal), ASax, hpsel, O/c^Z. hvalr, ODutch OHGei^m, 
wal, whale, Wr, voc. 222; Chauc, C, t, 7512; whal, qwal 
prompt, parv. 523; qwal PFr. 2;oc. 189; qual met, hom, 136; 
of whales bone La'^, 2363; whalles bon Wr, spec. 35. 

hwan (whan), ASax, hpanne, hpsenne, hponne, OHGerm, 
(h)wanne, wenne, OSax. huan, Goth, hvan, Lat, quum? 

hwanene 307 

when^ tris. P. P. 1498; Chauc. C. t 179; hwan, wan, 
hwanne owl and night 1249, 1262 & 1529; hwan, quanne 
Havel, 162 & 1353; quan s, a. c. /, 13; (qwan) Ivd. Gov, 
256; wills and invent 48; |?hanne Orm, 133; WicL John 
12; i^anne (misprinted janne) Fvrn, p. VIII, 76; wanne 
rel. ant 1, 209; hpen Mark. 6, 25; (printed hwen) Kath. 
632; wen s. s, Mr, 994; when, whenne Wr, spec. 74; 
quen Mar. a, p, 1, 40; met horn, 2; avow, Arth, IV, 9; 
whenne, wenne, wonne (wan, wane) La7^. 714, 3570 & 27174 ; 
hwon, hwonne a, r, 114. 

hwanene, ASax, hpanone, hponan, OHOerm. (h)wa- 
nan(a), wannan, OSaar. huanan, tokence; whanene, whoneno 
(wanene) Laj. 1430 & 13846; wanene owl and night 
1298; Rob. Qlouc, 376, 15; hpoilne Mark. 16, 17; whenne 
Horn 169; whannes Wr. treat, 139; whennes Chauc. C. t 
13750; whens Triam. 431. 

whappin Zap, wrap, „involvere^, prompt parv. 287; 
wappid (part,) in wo Wr, s. a. c. XXXIII, 1 ; see wappen ; 
compos, biwhappen. 

hwar, ASax, hpar, hpser, Olcel, Goth, hvar, OSax. 
huar^ OIIGerm. hwar, where, ubi, quorsum, a. r. 48; hwar, 
war owl and night 1131 & 1725; whar pr. consc, 357; 
phser Orm. 1827; whser, wher (ware) La^- 3320 & 4454; 
hper Mark 10, 26; (hwer) JlTa^A. 1760; rel, songs F, 97; 
wher Chauc, C. t 1054; Wicl. John 20; compos, k-, ihwsir. 
hwar fore a, r, 158*; wherfore Mand, 246. 
wherin Chauc. C, t Tyr, 13732. 
wer-mid rel. ant 2, 274. 

hwarof a. r, 12; wharof Wr, treat. 136; wherof vis. P. P. 

whseron („wh8er on") La^. 15502. 
hwarto a. r, 392; hperto Marh, 16, 19. 
hwarduruh a. r. 210; h|7erpurh Kath. 236. 
whar-with jt>r. consc. 3835; wherwip Chauc. C. t 5713. 

(hwarf) warf, ASax, h^edirt (reversio, commutatio) Ettm. 
lex., OSax, huarf (covgregatio) Schm, gloss., Olcel, hvarf 
(v€7'satio, rcfvgium) Egilss, lex,, OHOerm, warb (vertigo) 
Graffs sprsch, 4, 1235, from hwerven, turn^ change? La^. 
2070; he per wserf (assembly f) makede 17485. 

hwarf? Sived, varf, Dutch werf, wharf; wherfe (dat) 
Hob, Br, 310, 3. 

h w ar V i e n , hwerven, ASax. h|?earfian, hj>erfan, hpyrfan, 


908 hwat 

Olcel, hTarfa pret, hvarfadi, hverfa pret hverfcji, OHGemu 
(h)werben pret warpta, <wm, change; |?harfen Orm. 14137; 
whserven La^. 31680; whserfde, warfte (pret) 6319 & 3t)738; 
pharfed (part) Orm. 9658; blint wharvet blindfolded^ 
c. of I, 1146; i^herfed (perverse) folc Orm, 9721. 

hwat, AS ax. hpset, OSax. huat, Olcel. hvatr, quick; 
whsete (wate) (pi) La'7^. 7137; whate (adv) Alis. 2639; 
t6 Mm he ran full wate li heaus disc. 1548. 
hwatbche quickly y owl and night. 1706; |>hatlTke Orm. 
12166; whatloker (compar.) Bek. 1249 ; watloker Boh. Gloua 
429, 15; whatlokest Fum. p. XIII, 315. 

hwate, -4Saa7. hp8et(?), Olcel. hYot, fortune? pemanpe 
Mved upon h|>ate rel. ant. 1, 131; to bulden he hevede 
gode wate chron. Engl. 163; quate Halliw. diet 656; com^ 
pos. unhwate. 

hwei (whei), ASax. hpseg, QDutch wei, whey, ^serum^y 
prompt, parv. 523; wei owl and night 1007; qwhei rel. 
cmt \y 9. 

whele (whele?), ASax. hpele (putredo)? Som.n. dict^ 
wheal (weal), ^pu^tuta^, prompt, parv. 523; Wr. voc. 267. 
whelke (whelk?) whelk, ,,pustula^, prompt, parv. 523; 
Wicl. gloss.; whelkes (pi.) Chauc. C. t. 634. 

whelm en (whelmin) whelm, turn, y^supinare'^, prompt 
parv. 62^; Chauc. Troil. 139; quhelmis (pres) G aw. gloss.; 
whelme (imperat) Halliio. diet. 926; see wehnen; compos. 

I^help, ASax. hpelp, h|7ylp, OSax. huelp, Olcel. hvelpr, 
OHGerm. welf, whelp, Orm.. 5838; whelp ,^catulus'', prompt 
parv. 524; Tor. 2201; welp Trist 3, 10; hweolp a. r. 
198; whelpis (pi) Octov. 314. 

h welp en whelp; |?helped (part) Orm. 5839. 
h wen en vex, grieve"^ wSnep (pres) Wr. spec. 49; com^' 
pos. a-, iwhenen. 

hpeol, ASax. hpeo(h)l, hpeogul, hpeopol, ODutch weel, 
wiel, cmp. Olcel. hiol, wheel, Kath. 1951; a. r. 322: |>heol 
Orm. 3632; whel Chauc. C. t 7837; qwel Halliw. diet. 
657; h|>eoles (hpeole) (pi) Kath. 1942 & 2017; weoles 
Boh. Glouc. 408, 10; wheles Mand. 241; whowelen? 
Shoreh. 109. 

whSlspor wheel-spur, y,orbita", prompt parv. 524. 
whelwrist tcheel-ivright. rel. ant. 2, 8; quelwri^te ant Arth. 

JXI, 11. 

hweolen 809 

hweolen wheel; hweolinde (part.) a. r. 366. 

hweosen? wheeze; qwease mar. mir, pi. 126. 

hwerven, A Sax. hpeorfan, Olcel. hverfa, OHGerm. 
(h)werban, Goth, hvairban, turn; compos, awherven; deriv. 
hwarf, hworvel, hwirveL 

whetston, ASax. hpetstsn, ODutch wetsteen, whetstone, 
prompt, parv. 524 ; whettestOn rel. ant. 1, 85. 

h wet ten (whettin), ASax. hpettan, ODutch wetten, 

Olcel. hvetja, OHGerm. wezzen, from hwat, whet, prompt. 

parv. 524; quettus (pres.) avow. Arth. IV, 9; YfeUQ (pret.) 

B. 8. Web. 911; whsette Laj. 14215. 

whepen, Olcel. hvadan, whence, Boh. Br. 236, 19; 
vrhethen pr. consc. 5205; whethen (wepen) ps. 120, 1; 
quepen Gaw. gloss. ; met. horn. 131; quepun ant. Arth, 
XXXII, 3. 

h w e a e r , ASax. h^^seder, Goth, hvapar, OHGerm. hwedar, 
Olcel. hvarr, Gr. xoxspoc (Tcoxspoc), whether, a. r. 258*; 
whepir Chauc. C. t. 1858; whader La'7^. 23915; queper 
met. horn. 18; hpeder . . . oier utrum . . . an, Kath. 2312; 
wheper . . . oper Wr.spec. 59; hweper . . . pe Za^. 52S(5; 
owl and night 1406; whSr c. of I. 1040; wher ... or 
Mand. 219; Wicl. John 7; queper Gaw. gloss.; hwederes 
(gen.) fere wult tu beon, mid hweder wult tu polien a. r. 
284; compos. 4wpir. 

hwedre (wheper), ASax. hp8ed(e)re, yet, ,,tamen^, ps. 
38, 6; te (peh?) hpedere Marh. 11, 27. 

h p i , ASax. hpi, OSax. hui, Olcel. hvi, OHGerm. hwiu, 
hiu, Goth, hve, Lat. qui, Gr. x^ i!^^^ ^hy^ Marh. 16, 19; 
hwi owl and night 907; wM Wr. spec. 49; Mand. 295; 
for phi (whi) Orm. 12690; c o/ Z. 568; Shoreh. 43; ^r. 
consc. 709; hwt, hwui a. r. 148 & 320; qui met horn. 31; 
avotv. Arth. XXXIII, 12. 

hwu, ASax. hpu, hu, OSax. huo, OFris. hu, ho, OHGerm. 
(h)wieo, weo, Goth, hvaiva, see Gr. gram. 3, 186, how, 
a. r. 256; wu rel. ant 1, 172 & 224; whou cr. P. P. 279; 
wou Hick. thes. 1, 225; hu La^- 561; Marh. 13; Orm. 
938; hou Bek. 131; c. of I. 569; PTr. «p^c. 39; Chauc. 

C. t 879. 

whulc, ASax. hpylc, hpelc, hpilc, OSax. huilic, OFris. 
hwelik, hwelk, hwek, Olcel. hvillkr, Goth, hv^leiks, OHGerm. 
(h)wiolicher, Lat qualis, B^iiss. kojchki, Gr. nrjkixo^? see 

310 whicche 

Or. gram. 3, 46, and Bopp'a vergl. gram. 600, whichy La^. 
2305; whilk s. s. Wr. 23; pr. come. 144; hf^uch Ma$i. 
6, 8; hwuch a. r. 8; owl and night 1672; W3uch (whuch) 
c. of.L 110; wuch Rob. Glouc. 220, 13; which vis. P. P. 
12324; he which Gow. conf. am. 1, 279; 4 prest . . . 
which was so plesant Chauc. C. t. 12942; you which 1 
have loved 13083; which h miracle 2677; quilk Oaw. 
gloss.; philkes (gen.) kinnes Orm. 5287; on wilche (dot.) 
wise rel. ant. 1, 130; a wulche time Furn, p. VIII, 66; 
of whulche londe Las- 2303; for wulchere neode 4446; 
compos, ihpilc. 

whicche, ASax. hj^ecca, arh^ chesty prompt, parv. 242; 
whichche Mor. a. p. 2, 362. 

h|>ider, ASax. hpider, hpyder, hpseder, Goth, hvadre, 
whither^ Kath. 1299; rel. ant. 1, 128; whider Wr. spec 
61; pr. consc. 2115; whuder (woder) La^* 1202; hpeder 
rel. ant. 1, 185; whedir lud. Cov. 38; whoder Brand. 32; 
quedur ant. Arth. XI, 5. 
whiderward Will, gloss.; hwuderward a. r. 168. 

h|>ile, ASax. h|>ile (tempus), OSax. huila, OHGerm. 
(h)wila (hora, momentum), Goth, hveila (xpovoc, xatpoc, (Spa), 
Olcel. hvila (quiesj, while, tempus, (ace.) Mark. 3, 14; 
hwile owl and night. 1589; phile Orm. 142; while rfmo- 
mentum'^, prompt parv. 524; pr. consc. 632; a while in 
p03te he stod Bek. 1243; litel while vis. P. P. 11463; 
er while Furn. p. XX, 91; hwule a. r. 246; quile lud. 
Cov. 73; while (ace. or ablat) aliquando, Rob. Glouc. 9, 17; 
W7\ spec. 28; pus menie kinges per were while in Enge- 
londe Furn. p. XIII, 73; so wile dude sum from Rome 
owl and night. 1014; hpile . . . h|>ile modo . . . modo^ 
rel. ant 1, 128; h|>il(e) dum, Marh. 12, 26; whil Wr. 
spec. 30; quil Mor. a. p. 2, 627; Amad. Robs. Ill, 11; 
pe wile id., oiol and night. 1139; p^, p4 h]>ile Furn. p. 
VIII, 11 & 12; peo hwule pet a. r. 422; p6r while der 
weile, s. s. Web. 701; per wile Shoreh. 43; der wile he 
hied a live Hich. thes. 1, 222 ; oper while (wile) interdum, 
rel. ant 1, 110; Rob. Glouc. 100, 13; P. P. p. 515; oder 
hwule (hwiles) ct. r. 82; hi while interdum, Orph. 10; 
whiles whilst, Chauc. C. t 35; pr. consc. 3645; ]>hilum 
(dot. pi.) whilom, quondam, Orm. 4868; whilom .Chauc. 
C. t 861; pr. consc. 4202; whilem Alis. 41; whilen Laj. 
8279; Wr. spec. 91 ; wilen Mapes 340; compos, handhwile. 

hwllen 311 

xwllwende? temporary; hwilinde a. r. 182*. 
phflwendllk Orm. 18787. 

hwilen, OHOerm. (h)wilon (manere), Olcel. hyila 
(qu%esc€re)y Goth, hveilan (icaosoftat); compos, ihwilen. 

whin whiriy y^saliunca^, Wr. voc, 229; whinne, qwinne 
prompt, parv. 162; quin Iw. 169. 

hwinen (whlnin), AS ax. hpinan, OIceL hvlna, whines 
prompt, parv. 524; whine Chauc. C. t 5968. 

hwinge wing; hwingen (pi.) La^. 29263; a. r. 130; 
see winge. 

whippe, ODutch wippe, whip, „scutica^y prompt, parv. 
624; Mand. 249; Chauc. C. t. 9545; Hoccl /, 118. 

whippin, ODutch wippen, whip, prompt, parv. 524. 

hwirvel? JceZ. hvirfill, ODt^^cA wervel, /row hwerven, 

whirlbun, ODutch wervel-been, whirlboncj y^verlebra^y prompt, 
parv. 524; werelbon Wr. voc. 179; wherlbun 208; [hurl- 
bon ^intemodium'^ , Halliw. diet 470.] 
whirlwind, Olcel. hvirfilvindr, ODutch wervel-wind, whirl- 
wind^ „turbo^, prompt, parv. 525 ; qwirlwind rel. ant. 1, 6. 

hwirvelen? Olcel. hvirfla, ODutch wervelen, whirl; 
whirlin „rotare'^, prompt, parv. 525; whirle Chauc. r. r. 
4362; whirlide (pret) Wicl. gloss. 

hwispren (whispre), ASax. hpisprian, ODutch wisperen, 
whisper^ Lidg. st of Th, 695. 

whist whist, hush, Wicl. gloss. 

whist el, ASax. li|>istle, whistle, Lidg. m. p. 21 1 wills 
and invent. 41. 

whistlen whistle, Wicl. gloss.; whistleden (pret) Alia. 

hwistren whisper; whistrende (part.) Wicl. gloss. 

hwit, ASax. hpit, OSaa:. huit, 0/ceZ. hvitr, Goth, hyeits, 
OUGerrfi. wizer, white, albus, a. r. 396; whit Wr. treat 
139; Tor. 458; (whiit) Wicl. John 4; (suhst) cr. P. P. 
455; quit Mor. a. p. 1,220; met horn. ^^\ hwite sun(n)edei 
a. r. 4,12 \ hwitture (compar) 324; whittore Wr. spec. 28; 
whittere Brand. 7; compos, bilewhlt. 
whitflowe (-flawe), whitlowe? whitlow, y^panaricium^ , prompt 
parv. 525. 
wit-porn rd. ant 1, 38. 

hwite, Olcel. hviti, OH Genu, wizi? white, albedo, 
a, r. 98. 

iH hwitel 

h wit el (hwitel?), A8ax. hritel (pallium) Ettnu Um^ 
Olcel. hvitill (uldent sengetceppe) Fritzner's ordb.9 tthdtUi, 
lHankety mantle f a. r. 214*, 

whiten, AS ax, h|>xtian, Goth, hveitjan, whitey alban; 
vis. P. P. 1477; hwited (pres.J a. r. 150. 

whiting, ODutch witing, whiting, alhumusy prompt 
part). 525. 

h w i t n e n , Olcel. hvitna, whiten ; whitened (part.) ps. 50, 9, 

whitnesse whiteness, y,albedo^, prompt parv. 525. 

whorvil, ODutch worvel, from hwerven, whorly verii^ 
oHluSy prompt parv. 626. 

i, e, 3e, ASax. ge, OSax. ge, gi, OFris. ge, gi, ie, e, i, 
OHGerm. ga, ge, gi, Goth, ga, y (e, aj^ see Gr. gram. 2, 
733 af^ 3, 50, 
isedelien ennolle, LaT^. 22496. 
i^jnien own, iaj. 3743. 

iau (pret pres) grant; iunnen (part) La^. 16392. 
iarnen earn; isdrned (part) Lai^. 24154. 
ibsere („i-bere") noise^ cry, (nom. ace.) owl and night 222 
& 1346; reulTche iheren (pi) Lai,. 15067. 
ibseren („iberen") behave, lament? La^. 25828 & 30288. 
iban ban, y^edictum^^, Wr. voc. 88. 

ibannen call together-, i-banned {part) owl and night 1666, 
ibeat, MHGerm. gebo?, beat, beating, Laj. 1740. 
ibeaten beat; ibeaten (part) a. r. 186; i-b6ten Wr. 
spec. 70. 

ibedde bed-fellow, oxol and night. 1568. 
ibede, ASax. gebed? prayer, (pl.f) Fum. p. VIII^ 150. 
ibeden (part) bidden, prayed, Kath. 2464; ibede Fum. 
p. XVII, 142; to colde gistninge he was i-bede rel. ant. 
2, 277. 

ibelsen irritate; i-bolye (part) owl and night. 145. 
ibenden bend; i-bent (part) c. of I. 743; ?w. Arth. F. 1036. 
ibeoden command; iboden (part) LaT^. 22122. 
ibeot promise, threat, Lai^. 21029. 

iberen bear, La^* 27850; iber (pret) a. r. 194; i-boren 
(part) rel. songs V, 25; c. of I. 21; Chauc. C. t 8502; 
ibore Bek. 32; (i-bore) vis. P. P. 12342; Lidg. m. p. 116; 
abore Halliw. diet. 9. 

iberjen („ibur3en") preserre, save, Xaj. 9988; iborsan 
(pari) 4265; i-borje owl and night 881 ; iboruwen a. r. 8. 
ibeten amende repair; ibet (part) Kath. 1219; a. r. 272. 

i 313 

iUdden bid; ihiddQ (pres,) La%, 20655; ibidded (imper.) 
<k n 144. 

ibtde? stayf pu nA,htes(t) i n&ne stude habben freo-mon-^ 

lies ibude (or ibude?) Lcn^. 15577. 

ibiden hide^ wait, expect, La^. 4721; he ib4d (pret.) pes 

wederes 9734; (hi) ibide^^ A;. 988; ich habbe ibiden pat 

ich bare sitte £03. 3419. 

ibinden hind, £03. 2487; ibunden f'^arfj) a. r. 254; i-bunde 

owl and night 1352; i-bounden Ckauc. C. t 1151. 

iblenden Wind; iblend (part,) Mark. 13,12; i-hhni Shoreh. 

Ill; Alis, 3956; s. s. Web. 2523. 

iblessien (^iblessi") bless, Wr. an. lit 6; i-blessed (part.) 

C. of L 1441; Shoreh. 125; Chauc. C. t 5905; iblesced 

a. r. 376; rel. ant. 1, 159; iblesset Marh. 5, 29. 

iblopen blow, jlorere, (part) Marh. 10, 31; i-bl6we owl 

and night 618. 

ibod command, rel. ant 1, 184; ibodes (pi) La7^. 22524. 

ibrdden enlarge, spread? pe mousing is so i-broded owl 

and night. 1310. 

ibreiden braid; ibroiden (part) Za3. 29252; ibroide Fum. 

p. XVn, 156. 

ibreken break; ibroken (part) Kath. 1218; vis. P. P. 

142; Trist 3, 55; i-broke Shoreh. 161. 

ibrengen? bring; ibreinde (part, pi) a. r. 92*. 

ibringe(n) bring, owl and night. 1537; ibroht (part) Marh. 

2; Wr. spec. 39; ibrouht a. r. 144; c. of I. 580; ibr03t 

Hob. Glouc. 473, 15; i-brought vis. P. P. 349. 

ibroder brother; ibrodere, ibroderen (pi) LaT^. 3880 & 10446. 

ibuggen (ibie) buy. Tor. 1223; iboht (part) Wr. spec. 62; 

ibouht a. r. 398. 

ibu3en bow, turn, go; ibo3en (part) Lai^. 11751. 

ebur, ASax. gebur, OHGerm. gipiir (colonus); compos, 


iburen befit, beseem; i-bured (]pres^ rel. ant. 1, 172; i-burd 

a. r. 420* 

iburien iwri/; ihuvied (part) Hich.thes. 1,166; Lai^. 6014; 

Kath. 835; ibured Bek. 321; i-bered Shoreh. 89. 

iclensen (i-clense) cleanse, cr. P. P. 1516. 

iclepien call ; i-cleped (part) yclept, Shoreh. 45 ; c. of I. 

1357; Trist 2, 51; iclepid Wicl. gloss. 11; i-clepet Kath. 


icndwen know, cognoseere: for liverd me icn4wen (ionowe) 

3U i 

LaZ' 26^02; to icnowen him sulven a. r. 182; i-knowen 

c. of I 36 ; i-knowe Horn 1213 ; Chauc. C. t 6952 ; flSschllche 

i-knowe Shoreh. 63; icnowe (pres.) rel, ant 1, 144; iknSu 

(pret) BeJe. 87; |>e beod icn&pen w^e recognise^ Mark. 22; 

beo iknd.we ^Zt^^. 724 ; wel ich am perof iknowe Bek. 783. 

icneden knead; i-knede (p<irt.) rel. avt. 2, 277. 

icnutten knity La'T^, 29272; i-cnut (part.) KaJth. 1525. 

icunde natural^ proper ^ La7^. 22155. 

icundeliche naturally, owl and night. r422. 

icunde (i-kunde) kind, nature, owl and night 115&1381; 

icunde property, La^' 7909. 

icunnien try; icunned (part.) LaT^. 26237. 

ictien announce, proclaim, declare; icud (part.) Kath. 540; 

Bek. 2247; Wr. spec. 25; icud (icuddet) a. r. 64; icudde 

(icud) ia3. 24671 ; i-ked Shoreh. 24. 

icweme convenient, pleasing, a. r. 120; iqu^me La^. 117. 

icw^men (i-cweme) please, satisfy, owl and night. 1782; 

iquemen (icweme) La'^. 13288; iquSme reL ant. 1, 174; 

i-qwemed (part) c. of I. 1394. 

icwepen (i-quepe) say, speak, owl and night. 502; iqued 

(pret) La^. 2267; iqueden (icwepe) (part) 9140. 

icheose(n) choose, rel. ant 1, 182; ichaes (pret) iaj. 6356; 

(heo) icure 11555; icoren (part) Marh. 16, 10; c. of I. 

203; icorn Trist 2, 106; i-core Brand, 33; Wr. spec. 2o; 

Wr. p. 5.247; chron. Vilod. 23; icoren, ichosen LaT^. 1539 

& 12312; Kath. 836 & 1624; a. r. 5G & 160; ichose ^efc. 


icherren ^wr/i; ichord (part.) La'7^ 21053*. 

idaelen deal, divide; idseled (idealed) (part) La'7^. 12196; 

ideled a. r. 204; ideld Bek. 332. 

idemen deem, judge '.^ idemden (pret) Lai^. 4054; idemed 

(part) a. r. 170; i-demed c. o/ Z. 114; i-demid Shoreh. 2. 

iderven grieve, afflict; idorven (part) Marh. 16; a.r. 106; 

londfolc wurp i-dorve owl and night. 1156. 

idihten dispose, make: hu me psene king mihte to dsede 

idihte Lai^. 19671; i-diht (part) Kath. 1607; owl and 

night. 1545; pu us havest ful pel i-diht rel. songs II, 13; 

til he was to bed i-dight m. Arth. i^. 610. 

idon do; idon (part) a. r. 316; (i don) Mand. 10; a riche 

mon pe was swide wel idon Laj. 910; i-doon Chauc. C. t 

1027; Eoccl. VI, 58; e-don Aud. 16; ido Bob. Olouc. 

470, 2; (i-doo) Trtam. 411; Lidg. m. p. 223. 

i 315 

idrajen draw; i-drahen (part.) KatL 1200; idrawe BeJc» 

1625; CAawc. C. t 13368. 

idrecchen plague, trouble; idreijt (part,) Fum. p, XIX, 

45; idraht Lai,. 4521; [idrecched 5054]. 

idrfefen trouhle, disturb; idrefed (part) La^, 171. 

idrtsen suffer, endure, La;^. 6708. 

idiiven drive; idriven (part) KatJi. 1816*; idrive Bek. 

678;, c. of I 199. 

idu3e? agreeable? owl and night, 1580. 

idu3en? honoure oure godes . . . while 30U is wel ido3t 

Fum. p. XV, 182. 

idwellen seduce, deceive? i-dueld (part) Shoreh. 147. 

idwimor ,^phantasma", Wr. voc. 90. 

ienden end; iended (part) Bek. 1768; Shoreh, 150. 

itk foe, Lai^. 15855; i-v6 oivl and night 1714; if4n (pi.) 

Marh. 5, 26; i-fon rel, ant. I, 175. 

ifa3eii (i-fa3e)/am, Shoreh. 67; ifaie rel. ant. 2, 276, 

ifallen fall; ifalle (pres) Chauc. Troil, 5718; i-fallen 

(part) owl and night. 514; ivallen a. r. 58; ifalle Trist. 

2, 76; a-falle Ilalliw diet. 24. 

ifandien fry, experience; ifonded (part) La'i,, 16314; ivon- 

ded a. r. 58. 

ifangen take; ifeng (pret.) LaT^, 820; ivongen (pa7't.) 26847; 

i-fonge Alts. 4573. 

ifaren (i-fare) fare, go, owl and night, 400 ; ivaren (part.) 

a. r. 366; she was fro pis world ifare Chauc. Troil, 5838. 

ifasten fast, fix; i-fast (jyart) Fum. p. Ill, 95. 

ifastnieu fasten; ivsestned (ifastned) (part) LaT^. 31132; 

ifestned /iLa^A. 1523; ivestned a. r. 218; ifastened JLZw. 179. 

ifeden feed; ifed (part) Wr. spec. 110; Chauc. r. r, 471; 

Hardw. poem 26, 5; ived La'7^. 13573. 

ifesen? ifeon? hate; ifaeied, ivseid, ifead (ifeised) (part) 

Laz^ 964, 9837, 14459 & 21214. 

ife3en join: mihte & wisdom & luve iveied (ife3et) to 

gederes a. n 26. 

ifelen (ivelen) feel, a. r. 232; ifele Fum. p. XXIII, 18. 

ifellen/eZ/; ifelde (pret) Horn 68; ifelled (part) Xa3. 988. 

iteond fiend, enemy, LaT^. 16077. 

ifere companion, reL songs V, 182; Horn 227 \ rel. ant. 

2, 275; ivere LaT^. 26020; iveren (pi) a. r. 392. 

ifeterien fetter; i-fetered (part) Chauc. C «. 123 1 ; iveotered 

a. r. 32. 

316 i ' 

ifetten fetch: of ferrene i-fat (part) Kath. 1296; i-fet 

Chauc. C. t. 10488; i-vet? (r. w. grtt) c. of I 310. 

ifeierien feather : earewe pet is ividered a. r. 60. 

ifiht fight, Laz* 4347. . 

ifinden find^Kaih. 516; ivinden a, r. 156; ifinde 8, 8, WA. 

2371; ifinded (pres.) Marh 20; ifond (pret) Kath. 161; 

ivond a, r. 66; ifunden (part,) 48; i-founden vis. P. P. 


iflemen drive away^ banish; iflem(e)d (part) Bek. 2484; 

c. of I 113. 

ifleon, OHGerm. gefliehen, flee; i-flowen (part) c. of L 470. 

ifoj aptus; compos, unifos. 

ifon takcy catch, La'T^, 8231; (hi) i-fod (pres) owl and 

night 1643. 

iforden perform, La7^. 31561; ivorded (part) a. r. 408; 

his heast was i-forded Kath. 2278. 

ifrSden (ivrede) feel, (misprinted inrede) Shoreh. 7 ; he herm 

ifrMde La^. 27138. 

ifreoijen free, La^. 29474. 

ivullen/M, Laj. 32184; ifuUed (part) a. r. 156; c. of I. 1280. 

ifurn, ASax. gefyrn, formerly, here tofore, owl and night. 

1304; hit is ifurn iseid rel. ant. 1, 182; ivurn (ivorn) 

Laz- 24017. 

iflisen dispatch, La7^. 22123. 

igade ,^complex'% Wr, voc. 95. 

igaderen gather; i-gadered (part) Hardw. poem 52, 5; 

igedered a. r. 76; c. of L 1418. 

igdn (igon) goy a. r. 208; i-goon, i-g6 (part) Chauc. C. t. 

288 & 12111. 

igA^t (part?) agast, afraid, a. r. 372*. 

ig^stliche fearfully, La^- 17869. 

igeren, ASax, gegerpan, gegyrpan, array; igerede (part. 

pi) La'T^. 8400. 

igladien gladden; i-gladed (part) Will, gloss. 230. 

igrede crying, owl and night. 1641. 

igreden cry; i-grad (part) owl and night 1147. 

igremien vex, irritate: ure godes pat tu i-gremed havest 

Kath. 1467; i-gremet owl and night. 931. 

igreten greet, salute, Kath. 2303*; i-gretten (pret) rel. 

songs V, 99; i-gret (part) Shoreh. 119. 

igrinden grind; i-grounde (part) vis. P. P. 12231 ; Chauc. 

C. t 4006, 

1 317 

igrlpen gripey La^* 21513; igrftp (pret.) 6489; Mark. 12; 
igripen La'T^. 4559; (part.) 16550. 
i3el yell J ias- 17799. 
ijelden yield; i-3olde (part) c. of I. 343. 
isemen look after j heed, keep, a. r. 44*; i-36med (part) 
c of I. 448. 

i3ernen yeam^ desire; isemed (part) a. r. 192; i-3irned 
Wr. spec. 28. 

i3even, OHGerm. gegeben, give; iseven (part) La7^. 3167; 
c. of I 608. 

ih&l (ihol) tohole, La^. 821; ihol a. r. 256; Shoreh. 27. 
ihald („i-hold") AoW, owl and night. 621. 
ihalden hold, LaT^. 17212; ihalden (part) 8951; iholden 
a. r. 250; vis. P. P. 11705; i-healde Shoreh. 34; iholdo 
Boh. Glouc. 470, 17; Chauc. C. t. 2960; Hoccl. J, 184. 
ih^ljien hallow; ihilesed (part) LaT^. 29443; ih&lewed 
Fum. p. XX, 75. 

ih^ten call, order; ihaten (part) Marh. 2, 13; Kath^ 
2202; 3eMten Orm. 112; ihote Bek. 699. 
ihaven? iheven? heave; ihoven (part) La3. 28771; iheven 
Hick. thes. 1, 226. 
iheawen hew, (part) Wr. voe. 92. 
ih^den heed; ihedde (part, pi.) LaT^. 2725*. 
ih^Sen, OHGerm. gihohan^ elevate, exalt; ihSied (part.) 
a. r. 154; iheiet Marh. 11, 29. 

ihelen conceal; ihel (pret.) Kath. 2055; iholen (part) 
a. r. 146. 

ihelpen help; iholpen (part.) a. r. 242. 
ihende near, owl and night. 1129. 

ihere obedient? pej he ne be n^U3t i-here ac wikke Shoreh. 27, 
iheren (i-heren) hear, obey, Marh. 6, 16; a. r. 414; c. of 
I. 67; iheren (ihiere) Laj. 14611 & 18888; i-here owl 
and night. 224; Wr. spec. 46; s. s. Web. 1871; Degrev. 
27; ahere Oc^oy. 23; ihure Wr. treat. 136; i-heer (imperat.) 
vis. P. P. 11643; iherde (pret) Marh. 2, 26; ihurde Bek. 
41; iherden Hick. thes. 1, 167; Kath. 2088*; iherd (part) 
a. r. 370. 

iherien praise; ihered (part) Kath. 2413; Bek. 1213; 
Hardw. poem 2, 10; i-Mrid Octov. S65. 
thevejen make heavy: ihevesed (part.) a. r. 332. 
ihtiden hide; ihud (part.) Kath. 1187; a. r. liQ] c. of L 
32; Alts. 2403; i-hudde (pi) vis. P. P. 6479. 

318 i • 

ihwaer (iwar) (everjywhere, LaT^. 2968; ihyer Mark, 12, 16; 

Kath, 1728*; a. r. 416*; compos, sehwer. 

ihwSnen? vex, grieve? god so pou schelt iwene (printed 

i-wenne, r. w. clSne) Shoreh, 33. 

iphilc, lie ilk, (ever)y^ quisque, Orm, 603 & 513; iwil La^. 

18956; ilch rel ant 1, 131; ilk 1, 227; Chauc, C. t 

1833; «. 8. Wr. 638; Hob, Br, 7, 16; pr. come. 53; Mar, 

mir. pi. 117; ilk, ich prompt parv. 258; ich Trist 1, 6; 

cr. P. P. 947; Lidg. m. p. 59; m. Arth. F. 2036; uch 

c. of I. 1228; Wr. spec. 33; ilkes (gen. m. n.) Orm. 9199; 

ilche (dat m. n.) LaT^. 7006; iche rel. ant 1,235; Degrev. 

89; iXch&rQ (dat f.) a. r. 132; ilchene (ace. w^Za3. 7091; 

ilke Isumb. 492; compos, ewe. 

ihwilen, Goth, gahveilan (icauso&at), he at leisure: ne mei 

heo nout i-hwulen vor to hercnen mine lore a. r. 422. 

ikelen cool; i-kSlet (part.) Kath. 2291. 

ikennen ken, make knotcn, La^. 28559; ikende (pret.) 

25430; ikenned (part) 4844. 

ikennen, OHOerm. kichennen, leget; ikenned (part.) La^, 

26128; Wr. treat 138. 

ikepen keep, await, receive, a. r. 156; Kath. 399*; per ase 

ower glede vreond ower cume ikeped a. r. 190. 

ilacchen catch ;i\sihte (pretJLa^. 29260; ilaht Wr. p. s. 214. 

ilseden lead; jelsed (ilsed) (part) Furn. p. VIII, 3; ilad 

La^. 24989; Kath. 2233; j^eA;. 374; Wr. spec. 106; Mand. 

13; Ghauc. C. t 532; iled a. r. 54. 

ilsenen lend; ilened, ileaned (ilenet) (part) Kath. 1908 

& 2177; ileaned a. r. 208; i-lent Chauc. C. t 13334. 

ilser leer, void, iaj. 15961; iler Roh. Glouc. 541, 15. 

ilseren teach; ila^red (part.) LaT^. 6898; i-lered a. r. 64; 

Bek. 158; Skoreh. 136; i-learet Kath. 1314. 

ilsesten last, execute, continue, LaT^. 25195; ilaste Furn. p. 

VIII, 122; Roh. Glouc. 246, 5; i-leste owl and night 341 ; 

ilastep (pres) Wr. treat. 132; ilested a. r. 320; ilaste 

(pret) Brand. 8; i-lasted (part) vis. P. P. 1742. 

ilfete („i-l<5te"), Dutch gelaet (jestus, hahitus, vultus), 

MIIGerm. gela:^, look, countenance, (ace.) owl and night 

403 & 1444. 

ilsBten let; ileten (part) a. r. 112; ilete LaT^. 18980. 

ilseven leave; i-lefde (pret) owl and night. 123; ileved 

(part) Bek. 2228. 

(ilang) ilong, ASax. gelang, long, along, Bek. 1642; Wr. 

i 319 

spec. 61; c. of L 229; whwron hit weore ilong Za^. 15502; 

on hire is al mi lif i-Iong rel. so7igs Ji, 1 ; all is on ml 

self along Oow. conf, am. 2, 22. 

ilad loath, owl and night 1605. 

iladien invite; i-leaded (iladed) (part.) Kath. 1918. 

ileave, AS ax. geleaf, leave, permission, Shoreh. 46. 

ileave („il8efe"), ASax. geleafa, OSax. gilobo, OHGerm. 

galoubo, faith, Lai,. 2974. 

3eleaf(f)ul Hick. thes. 1, 167. 

ileggen lay, La^. 26890; ileid (part.) a. r. 66; Shoreh. 

126; Chauc. C. t. 3568. 

ilengen attain: & leted me ilenge (Idszet mich gelangen) 

riht to Stanhenge La'T^. 17834. 

ileo3en lie, mentiri; i-loje (part.) owl and night. 845; 

i-lowe s. s. Web, 2272. 

ileoten leet, sortiri: pervore him seal ileoten bitterest aire 

baluweniaj. 31306; ah nas hit noht swa iLoten (destined) 

7819: pe iloten was to kinge 23264. 

ilernen („i-lerne") learn, Chauc. G. t. 6576; i-lerned 

(part) vis. P. P. 4566; j-leorned Kath. 386. 

iletten let, impedire; ilet (part.) a. r. 164; Shoreh. 71; 

i-lat Alls. 1776. 

ileven^ ASax. gelefan, gel^fan, OSax. gilobian, OHGerm. 

gelouben, Goth, galaubjan, credere, Lai^. 5762; a. r. 224; 

i-leeven c. of I. 1424; i-leve Kath. 342; Horn 559; s. s. 

Web. 1198; ileve (pres.) rel. ant. 1, 42; ileved a, r. 68; 

iluvet Fum. p. VIII, 66; ileove (subj) Wr. treat. 134; 

ilef (imperat) Shoreh. 31; ileved a. r. 56; ilefde (pret.) 

Marh. 18, 22; owl and night. 123; ilefden a. r. 110; ileved 

(part) Beh 2328; Wr, spec. 47. 

ilic (ilik), ASax. OSax. gelic, OFris. gelik, Olcel. glikr, 

Goth, galeiks, OHGerm. gilicher, like, alike, rel. ant. 1,218; 

AUs. 6995; vi<i, P. P. 641 ; i-lik to hir Chauc. C. t. 8133; 

ilich ham (heom iliche) Kath. 502; pu wenist pat 6ch 

song bo (= beo) grislich, pat pine pipinge nis i-lich owl 

and night. 316; godes riche pat evre is suete and evre 

i-liche 358; iliche a. r. 4 & 12Q: s. s. Wr 3451; ilichest 

(supei^l) LaT^. 29482; iliche (adv) a. r. 112; Brand. 33; 

vis. P. P. 13139; Chauc. C. t. 2528; Lidg. m. p. 15; 

iliche, aliche Mor. a. p. 2, 228 & 1477; eliche dep. of R. 

6, 20; aliche Gow. conf. am. 1, 268; compos, unillc. 

ilicnesse like^iess, a. r. 2^0 \ Kath. 992. 

320 i 

iUche, ASax. gellca, Goth, galeika, OHGerm, gilicho^ Me, 

Kaih. 1843; a. r. 136; his iliche ia^. 12789; Fum. p. 

XXIII f 66; nis non his iliche Horn 19; godes iliche 

Shoreh. 167; pine ilike owl and night 167. 

ilisen lie^ jacere; ileien (part.) a. r. 326; ileye Bob. Glouc. 

618, ^i vis. P. P. 2637. 

ilihten %^e: pet ich beo ilihted of hore hevinesse a. r. 356« 

ilihten illumine; i-liht (part) c. of I. 778 & 794. 

ilimpe, ASax. gelimp, accident*^ compos, unilimpe. 

ilimpen hefall^ La'7^. 4508; ilomp (pret) a. r. 64. 

ilide, MHGerm. gelinde, lithe, gentle, La^. 4917. 

iliden go; iliden (part) La^' 26094. 

ilome frequently, Lai^. 16500; a. r. 136; owl and night 

290; Rob. Glove. 3, 1; Brand. 2i; c. of I. 435; WaH. hiit. 

2, 5; ilome, selome Furn. p. VII 1, 24 & 46. 

ilosien lose; i-losed (part) Kaih. 2046 ; ileosed? Laj^. 28338. 

iluken closer iloke (part) Bek. 824; Alis. 2769; one ilokene 

cope a. r. 56. 

iluvien love] i-luved (part) rel. songs II, 33. 

imsene, ASax. gemsene, OFris. gem§ne, OHGerm. gimeiner, 

Goth, gamains, Lat communis, common: ich wuUe d61e 

pis lond us alle imsene La7^. 13614; k child heom wea 

imene 11037; pat bid ure imone dead 978; pe3 sungen 

alle im8en(e) (arft^-.^j Orm, 3376; imene rel. ant 1, 216; 

li beaus disc. 608 ; pet heo alle habbed imene a.r. 12 ; speken 

of alle imene 90; hit is fale oper wijte i-mene owl and 

night. 628; for more is (m^. his) blisse god and clene 

amonge frendes to habbe i-mene Shoreh. 125; pet is pin 

wid me i-meane Kath. 1867; imone Eob. Glouc. 311, 12; 

hi gonne to singe imone Brand. 17. 

imaene ? ASax. gemana, OHGerm. kimeini, Goth, gamainei, 

community, company: peh pe wulf beo (ms. beon) 4ne, 

buten aelc imdne (imone) LaT^. 21308; wipoute more imone 

Horn 842; vlesches i-mone Shoreh. 64; wipoute mannes 

imone 118; pat wit pe fule havep i-m^ne, ne cumep he 

n6ver from him clene (ms. cleine) owl and night 301. 

imaete („imete"), ASax. gemaete, Dutch gem&te, OHGerm. 

gem4zer, meet^ La"^. 6584; compos, unimete. 

imseten dreamy imaette, imette (pret) La^. 1269 & 28016. 

(im&h) imouh „p(rocax)^, Wr. voc. 95. 

imake (imak ?), ASax. gemaec, OHGerm. gimacher, apt, 

fif^ Wr. spec. 28; compos, unimake. 

i S21 

imalden make; imaked (part.) a. r, 328; Wr. treat 138; 

Wr, spec. Ill; Shorek. 62; vis, P. P. 28; i-maked, i-maad 

Chauc. C, t 1909 & 5113; im^d Rob. Olouc. 470, 24 r 

i-maad Hoed. /, 203. 

imang, ^Saa-. gemang, gemong, OSax, gimang, mixture; 

imonge (dat.) La^. 10868; imang (for on imang?) among ^ 

Isumh. 368; imong MarJi. 12, 5; imong pon scipmonnen 

Za3. 2229; emong pL t. 793. 

imarkien mark; imerked (part) a, r. 42. 

imelten (i-multen) melt, rel, ant 1, 1831 ; imelt (part) 

a. r. 284. 

imengen mix, trouble; imenged (part) Rob, Glouc. 119, 5; 

imenget Kath, 605; imengd Bek. 2147; Shoreh, 9; imeind 

a. r. 332; owl and night. 18; Chauc. C. t. 2172. 

imete, ASax, gemet? measure, moderation? a. r. 286. 

imetlic moderate? kn imetliche broc Laj. 21783. 

imeten measure, metiri; i-meten (part) rel. ant, 2, 217. 

imeten meet, Furn. p. VIII, 67; i-mete rel. songs V, 205; 

rel, ant, 1, 144; imette (pret) a. r, 154; chron, Engl, 611; 

imet (part) k. of T, 960; sacram. 237. 

imilsen have mercy: imilze pu Octa & his ivSren al swa 

iaj. 16837. 

imot assembly, LaT^. 11545. 

imunde, ASax. gemynd, Goth, gamunds, OHGerm. gimunt, 

mind, (dat. ace.) owl and night 253 & 1514. 

imunde, ASax. gemynde? mindful? Marh. 12, 8. 

imune3en remember; imune3et (part) Marh. 21, 2; more 

godsibrede nis per nau3t pane is (ms. his) i-mene3ed here 

Shoreh. 69. 

imunen remember, LaT^. 16309. 

imunten intend; imunte (pret) LaT^. 8038; imunt (part.) 

a, r. 408; rel. ant 2, 277; iment Alis. 5942; Octov, 1963. 

ineden need, compel; ined (part) a. r. 72. 

inemnen name; inemned (part) a, r. 252; i-nempned 

c. of I. 61. 

inimen take; inumen (part) Marh, 2, 26; a, r. 42; i-nume 

owl and night. 541; i-nomen Alis. 4668; inome Bek. 655; 

Shoreh. 126. 

inoh,' ASax. genoh, genog, OSax. ginog, OHGerm. genuog, 

Goth, ganohs, enough, La7^. 2558; Kath. 347; Orm. 731; 

owl and night 1180; Wr. spec. 28; harrow. 51; inos Rob. 

Glouc, 18, 21; inogh vis. P. P, 12511; pr, consc, 1466; 


322 i 

in6uha.r. 86; inouj (i-nouh) c. of I. 408; i-nough 6'Aawc. 

C. «. 8085; indu Wr. treat. 140; inow Mand. 59; cr. P. P. 

457; HoccL J, 145; i-nowj Lidg, m, p. 226; inow, in6w3, 

iiiew3 Wicl. gloss. 24; enogh Per ceo. 952; inough, anougli 

Trist. 2, 38 & 44; inohe (pi) Kath. 514; i-noje oivl and 

night. 16; treos inojhe Orm. introd. 14; inowe cr. P. P. 

427; inowe men Bich. 5905; anowe s. s. Web. 921; Amis 

872; enfiwe Mar. mir. pi. 126. 

iopenen open; iopened (part.) a. r, 242; iopenet Mark. 

12, 31. 

ipunden pounds includere; ipund (part) a. r. 128. 

irsechen reach; i-r^3te,(jpre^^ (ml and wight. 106; ir^wt 

(part) Hartsh, met. ^.88. 

irsed („irad") ready, La^^ 24990. 

irsed-, ir&dhche readily, La^^ 11532 & 29631. 

iraeden ordain f as biforen irad wes c. of I. 654. 

iraedi („iredi**) ready ^ owl and night. 488; Brand. 30; 

a-redi? La^. 7978*; Shoreh. 81. 

irecchen (irecche) explain? Horn 368; iraht (part) Lai^. 


iriht right: Rome is eowre irihte La3. 7906. 

irihten establish; iriht (part) La^. 14889; pou hast i-ri3t 

pat was a mis Shoreh. 131. 

irinen touch, adorn; alle heore vingeres irinen (part) mid 

goldringes LaT^. 24600. 

irip „messis^, Wr. vac. 89. 

isaele happy, LaT^. 7666; compos, unissele. 

isseli („iseli") happy, LaT^. 28861; a. r. 50. 

isaht reconciled: i-sahte (pi) rel. songs V, 122. 

(isamnien) isomnie assenMe, La^* 24248; isompned (^^ar*^ 

a. r. 186. 

isawen sow; i-s6wen (part) vis. P. P. 3589. 

ischapen? make, form; iscop (pret) Hick. thes. 1, 223; 

ischapen (part) Marh. 20, 11; rel. songs IV, 25; rel, ant. 

1, 174; Alls. 6465; Chauc. C. t. 13008. 

ischeawien show; ischeawed (part) Kath. 1573; a. r. 154. 

ischenden shend, disgrace; ischeud (part) Marh. 15, 12; 

a. r. 248; owl and night. 1334. 

ischeoten shoot; i-scoten (part) rel. ant. 1, 183; ischote 

chron. Engl. 928; ishote owl and night. 1119; Alis. 5953. 

isclieren shear; i-schorn (part) Chauc. C. t. 591. 

ischilden (i-shilde) shield, owl and night. 779; ischilde 

i 323 

(pres, suhj.) a. r. 84; i-shilde rel, ant, 1, 245; i-schelde 

(imperat.) Shoreh. 86. 

ischiren pronounce, speak: ne dar heo 1165! ^ word ischire 

owl and night. 1530; loke pat pu nk mare swulc ping ne 

iscire Laj. 17129. 

ischriven shrive; ischriven (part,) a, r, 332; ischrive Bek, 

2188; i-shrive vis, P. P. 2653. 

ischruden clothe; ischrud (part) Kath, 1187; a. r. 66; 

reL songs F, 9; i-schrid rel, ant 2, 191. 

isechen (i-seche) seek, oicl and night. 7^1; isohte (pret.) 

La7^. 24556; is63t (part.) rel. songs F, 150; Bek. 68. 

iseggen say; iseid (part) Marh. 19, 10; owl and night. 

1035; c. of I. 1123. 

iseienlic visible: alle iseienllche ding Hick. thes. 1, 166. 

isellen sell, deliver; isold (part) Furn. p. XXI, 77; c. 

of I. 344. 

isSmelic seemly: (pe broc) swide isemeliche into sse wended 

La^. 21785. 

isemen seem^ suit: on name pe hire mihte isemen Zaj. 

9587 ; arrange: pa he hafde al iset and al hit isemed 21128. 

isenden send; isend (part) Bek. 1328; i-sent Chauc. 

C. t, 10094. 

iseon see, Marh. 7, 6 ; a. r. 92; rel. songs IV, 41; iseo 

Bek. 125; c, of I. 556; iseon, iseen Alis. 144 & 527; isee 

Furn. p. I, 14; i-s6 Chauc. C. t. 10276; Trist. 2, 20; 

i-si Shoreh. 107; isihst (pres) a. r. 178; owl and night 

1230; isihd a. r. Q\ i-sihp c. of I. 708; (we, 3e) iseod 

(iseop) a. r. 196; Wr. treat 132; c. 0/ I. 16; S^or^A. 56; 

iseh (pret) La"^. 1408; i-se^ owl and night. 29; i-segh 

s. s. Web. 966; i-sehen (part) Kath. 1746; i-^Q'TfiTL Shoreh. 

160; i-seighen m^. P. P. 2480; i-se^e Brand. 1; iseien 

a. r. 92; i-sen Degrev. 1576; i-sene (^/br iseen?) owl and 

night 166 & 275; Chattc. C. t 594. 

iseten (part) sitten, sessus, Lu^. 18532; whan we beop 

isete Brand. 13. 

isetten set; iset (part) Kath. 1997; a. r. 254; Bek. 1366; 

C^awc. C. t 3243, 

isewien seii?, consuere; iseouwed (part.) a. r. 200. 

isib related, La'^. 411; Bob. Glouc. 315, 5; menie of hem 

him were isibbe Furn. p. XVI, 85. 

isijen descend; isisen (part) La7^. 12537 ; i-sihen Kath. 



324 i 

isihde sights Hick. thes. 1, 224; (dat) La^- 13990. 

isinheowe? isinheowen y^conjuges^^ Wr, voc, 87. 

islftn slay; islajen (part) £03. 965; i-slase owl and night 

1140; islawe Beh, 2189; i-slawe, i-slain Chauc. G. t. 945 

& 5025; islain (ms. y slain) Trist 2, 33; i-slaine (for 

islaien?) Will, gloss. 230; i-slein Kath. 201; isleien a. r. 


isl^pen sleep; islepe (part.) Brand. 6. 

ismakien taste? hende&che ismoked (ismaked) a. r. 316. 

ismiten smite; ismite (part.) Bek. 2143; rel. ant. 1, 267; 

ismete Hardw. poem 73, 11. 

isom agreed^ 7 el. songs F, 254; imme (pi) Rob. GUmc, 

40, 10; beop isome owl and night 1733. 

isodien verify^ La'7^. 29011. 

ispeden speed: al heo ispedden ase heo ispeken hafden 

ia3. 3399; isped (part) Bek. 1485; Wr. spec. 110; Chauc. 

C. t 4218. 

ispeken speak; ispeken (part.) La^.* 3136; a. r. 108; 

ispeke owl and night 1291; Brand. .16; c. of I. 1062; 

ispoken Chauc. C. t 9380. 

ispreden spread; ispred (jpar*^ a. r. 390; espred And. 78; 

isprad Brand. 6. 

ispringen spring; i-sprunge (part) owl and night. 300; 

ispronge Bek. 1285. 

(istanden) istonden stand, Lai^. 15505; istond(e) (part.) 

Trist 1, 89. 

istadelien make stable: pis lond wes istadeled LaT^. 6777. 

istisen mount; istien (part) a. r. 400. 

istillen still; i-stild (part.) Shoreh. 133. 

istrengen fortify; i-strenget (part.) Kath. 2197. 

istreon progeny, produce, La^. 22597; rel. ant. 1, 175. 

istreonen beget; istreoned a. r. 66; c. of I. 1380. 

isund sound, sanus, La7^. 82 1 ; i-sunde (pl) oicl and night. 


isunde, Dutch gesonde, health: mid isunde La'7^. 3982. 

isundren sunder, separate; isundred (part) a. r. 252. 

isunesen? sin; isunesed? (printed isuneged) (part) a. r. 

306; isenesed (printed i-senoged) Shoreh. 6. 

isutelien manifest; isuteled (part) a. r. 8. 

isweljen devour; i-suolje (part) owl and night. 146. 

iswevien put to sleep? mid psere wrsedde he wes isweved 

La3. 3073. 

i 325 

iswiken cease: i-swike (pres. subj) owl and night 927. 

is|?inc, is|?inch, 3es|>inch Idbouvy Hick. thes. 1, 223; Fum. 

p. VIII, 18 & 98. 

iswingen swincf^ heat; iswungen (part,) Wart, hist 1, 24; 

i-swongen Wr, spec. 84; i-swonge rel. ant. 2, 278. 

is|>oren (part.) sworn, a. r. 96; rel. songs V, 60; i-sworn 

Chauc. C. t. 3301 ; i-swore Hardw. poem 48, 5; ^. ^. Wr. 


it^cnien toTcen^ signify; it^cned (part) Lan^. 32115. 

itsechen teach, assign, La7^. 10395; itsehten (pret) 11169; 

itaht (paH) 6298; i-t4ught Chauc. C. t 127; itSiht 

a. r. 170. 

(itaese?) itase commodious, convenient, La^- 6502. 

itawien taw; itauwed (part.) a. r. 418. 

itesen tie; iteied (part.) Kath. 1292; a. r. 14; (i-t6yed) 

Chauc. C. t. 459; i-teid owl and night. 776; itised c. of I. 


itel number, LaT^. 7805. 

itelle(n) tell, La^^ 24627; itald (part) 8392; Kath. 1293; 

itold a. r. 198; Wr. spec. 26. 

iteon draw, educate, La^- 2418 & 32114; i-to3en (part) 

owl and night. 1723; itowen a. r. 108 & 324. 

itiden (i-tide) tide, happen, owl and night. 1731; itidde 

(pret) Laj. 27898; a. r. 152. 

itilien tdl, cultivate; itiled (part) La^. 10026; a. r. 78. 

itimbren timber; itimbred (part) a. r. 124; i-timbret 

Kath. 1972. 

itreouwe true, La^- 4451. 

ituhteii draw, discipline; ituht (part) Wr. p. s. 220; hwon 

he . . . havedituht hit (his child) wel a. r. 184; pei bup 

to pe king itight Alis. 7164. 

ittidien grant; itudet (part) Marh. 9, 20. 

itwin twin; itwinnes (pi) La^- 12256. 

ipanc, idanc thought, Fum. p. VIII, 54; Hick. thes. 1, 223. 

ipenchen (ipenche) ^AiViA;, cogitare. Hick. thes. 1, 223 ; i-penche 

(pres. subj) owl and night. 723; ipouht (part.) a. r. 164; 

ip03t Bek. 110; i-poujt Shoreh. 115. 

ipeon thrive, Lai^. 9116; ipeo Brand. 7; i-pi Shoreh. 102; 

ipe3 (pret) Bek. 151 ; ipei (ipeh) La^. 299 ; ipowen (ip03en) 

(part) 340. 

ipeven (ipeven?) permit, La7^. 15279. 

ipolien suffer, La^. 482; a. r. 122. 

326 i 

iprasten thrust: mon mihte i p&re lasten (for peo laste, 

scU. wunde) tw4 gloven ipraste Las. 28581. 

ipreaten compel; iprat (part,) a, r, 304*. 

ipringen push, press: ponne pu art t6 me i-prunge owl 

and night 38. 

iunne(n) grants La^- 31668; iude (pret) 16549; iunned 

(part) a, r. 30. 

iwakien wahe^ La'T^. 28082; i-waked (part) Kath, 1760. 

iwalden govern, manage, LaT^, 17213; i-weld (for iweald?) 

(pres) owl and night 1541. 

iwalken walk: muchel ic habbe iwalken bi water ant bi 

londe HicJc, thes. I, 228. 

iwan resource, fortune, La^. 7706; his freondes strived to 

gripen his i-pon rel. songs F, 76; pes ich have nou liper 

iwon Bek. 1022. 

iwar aware, a. r. 104; owl and night 147; vis, P. P. 643; 

pe king was perof iwar Boh. Glouc, 168, 11; iwar, iwser 

iaj. 5781 & 7261; compos, uniwar. 

iwarnen warn; iwarned (part,) a, r, 318. 

i waxen wax, crescere; iwaxen (part,) a. r, 380; iwoxe 

Fum. p. XVII, 143. 

iwede weed, vestimentum, La'7^, 26754. 

iwejen move? i-weid (part,) Shoreh, 14. 

iwelde wieldy; compos, uniwelde. 

iwemmen injure; iwemmed (part) Hob, Glouc, 339, 10; 

i-|>emmed Kath, 1427. 

iwende? tum"^ men habbet among oper i-wende, a rum- 

hus at hore bures ende owl and night, 651. 

i|>enden wend, turn, go, Marh, 2, 18; iwende (pret) a, r. 

260; iwend (part) owl and night 1517; BeJc, 1198; i-j>ent 

Kath, 1300. 

iwenen wean, train? peo pat hefde ipist ant ipenet hire 

Marh. 2. 

iwenen ween, expect; iwende (pret) La^. 20237. 

iwerc, ewerc tvork; compos, handeperc. 

iwerpen throw ^ cast; iworpen (part) a, r. 368; i-worpe 

owl and night. 1119. 

iwerden (iwerpe?) worth, turn, become, (printed i-worpe, 

r. w. erpe) Fum. p. V^, 4; ipurden Mark. 7,34; to reoupe 

iwnrden (the other text has teorne) La^. 24944; freond 

iwurden (iworpe) 5441 ; ser heom mihte iwurden (occur) 

what heo don wolde 25333; al pe wo pet nu is & ever 

\ ■" 


jete was & ever schal iwurden a. r. 52 ; leted hine iwur- 

den Idszet in gewerderiy let him alone, 96; iworpe Bek, 

1252; 14t god i-worpe vis, P. P. 4250; iward (^/>r<^.^ Za3. 

B769; iweard a. r. 236; i-|>urdeii Kath. 2487; i-worpe 

(part.) owl arid night, 660. 

iweven weave; i-woven y,contextus**, rel, ant 1, 7. 

iwil agreeable: pat him wes ful iwil La3. 29515. 

iwil will, LaT^. 5935; i|>il Fum. p, VIII, 7. 

iwin contest, strife^ La7^, 9044. 

iwinne striver; compos, wideriwinne. 

iwinden wind; iwonden (part,) Wart, hist. 2, 2; i-wounden 

vis, P, P. 3540. 

iwinnen (iwinne) win, owl and night 766; Roh, Glouc, 

519, 6; Wr, spec, 113; iwon (pret,) La^. 2560; iwunnen 

(part) 7233; i-wonne 8hor eh, 94=; vis. P, P. 2657; Chauc. 

C. t 2661; ewonne Wr, an. lit 87. 

iwirchen work; i-werche (pres. subj) rel. anJt. 1, 173; 

iworhte (pret) iaj. 4208; ipraht (part) Marh. 9, 33; 

iwroht chron, Engl. 755; Wr, spec. 36; i-wroght vis, P. P. 


ipis, A Sax, ge]?iss (ge|>is), OHGerm, gewisser, certain, 

Mark 6,9'^ Orm, 687; (iwis?) a, r. 270; iwis Za3. 29481; 

Wr. treat, 132; Mar. mir, pi. 130; Z. c. c. 5; (i-wis) oW 

and night ^h', Chauc, C. t 3277; Triam. 2\6] Tor. 1213; 

(ms, i wis) met, horn, 1 7 ; sacram, 483 ; ^it was pe sonne 

po seve(n) sipe, i-wis (for hit is iwis), brihtore pen heo 

nou is c. of I. 101; iwisse, OS ax. OHGerm. gewisso? 

certainly, LaT^. 19315*; (i wisse) met, horn. 41; Mor, a. p. 

2, 84; Tor, 392; m. Arth. F. 3633; mid ivisse (iwisse), 

ctnp, OHGerm. in giwissi, with certainty, Fum, p. VIII, 

71; LaT^. 7607; Wr, spec. 61; Shoreh. 23; to iwisse Lai^, 


iwisliche certainly, Laj. 26184. 

iwisien, iwissen show; iwisse (pres. subj) rel. ant, I, 102; 

iwised (part) LaT^, 1525; Shoreh, 122. 

iwist (iwust) being, living, a, r. 156*. 

iwit wit, se7ise, owl and night, 772 & 1186; (he) for neh 

ut of his ipitte Marh, 6. 

iwiten wit, knoic, guard, keep, LaT^, 15800; c, of I, 67; 

Alis,76B; iwite Hob, Glouc. 487, 23; Shoreh. 12^', Hartsh. 

met. t. 103; iwited (imper) a. r. 64; i^ist (part) Marh, 

2, 19; i-wist, i-wust c. of I. 261 & 1473; iwust a, r, 48» 

328 ic 

iwiten goy La'i^, 17235; iw&t (pret.) 658; wes I pfire ilke 

wike pe serchebiscop ford iwiten 13244; purh plnne sti- 

W2erd pe haved iwiten (guarded) al pis serd 13572 ; he sculde 

beon iwiten (punished) 2084; iwite known, lai le fr. 321. 

iwitnesse witness, ^^testimonium^y Wr. voc, 90; Kaiji, 2491*. 

iwre^en accuse, denounce; iwreied (part,) a, r. 172. 

iwreken wreak, avenge; iwreken f jpar*^ Lai^, 3661; Wr, 

an. lit. 7; i-wroken 0am. 537. 

iprit writ; i|>rite (dat.) Furn. p. VIII, 51. 

iwriten write; i|?riten (part.) Mark. 2, 4; rel. songs F, 15; 

(iwriten) a. r. 410; i-writen f^horek. 91; i-write c. of L 

24; Chauc. C. t. 5086. 

iwriden writhe, wirid, bind; iwriden (part) La^. 25974; 

iwripen Chauc. r. r. 160. 

iwTinden wound; iwunded (part.) a. r. 240; i- wounded 

Chauc. C. t. 10474; Trist. 1, 8. ' 

iwnne custom, Laj. 24580; i-wone owl and night. 475. 

iwunen accustom; iwuned (part) a. r. 230; iwoned Bek. 

1409; i-wont Chauc. C. t. 1694. 

iwurht, AS ax. ge|>yhrt, OSax. giw(u)hrt, deed, desert; i- 

wurhte (dat) La^- 24189. 

iwurdien honour, LaT^. 29687; iwurded (part) 13422; 

i|?urged Mark. 1. 

ic, ASax. OSax. ic, Goth, ik, Olcel. ek, OHGerm. ih, 
Lat. ego. Or. lyo), I (ich), Lai^. 461 ; Rob. Glouc. 1 ; Wr. 
treat. 137; Wr. p. s. 199; ic (ich) Furn. p. VIII, 1; ich 
Marh. 1; Kath. 222; a. r. 12; owl and night. 1; Shoreh. 
129; ic, i Orm. 4813 & 4815; met. hom. 32; ich, 1 c. of 
I 85, 326, 329 & 495; vis. P. P. 3 & 4780; Trist. 1, 
J & 89; i Mand. 6; Chauc. C. t. 732; jpr. consc. 1738. 

icchen = 3icchen? itch; „ichin, ikin prurire^, prompt, 
parv. 258; icched (part.) Chauc. C. t. 8682. 

icchen = hicchen? hitch: icchen upward Orm. 11833; 
and evere lai pis maide stille, hi ne miste hire enesicche 
Furn. p. XXI, 132. 

idel, ASax. OFris. idel, OSax. idal, OHOerm. italer, 
idle, Kath. 471; rel. ant. 1, 129 & 218; owl and night. 
915; Furn. p. IX, 59; Wr. spec. 41; Chauc. C. t 2507; 
4n idel |?ord Orm. 825; idel poht met. hom. 33; (idil 
pought) lud. Cov. 225; on idel in vain, vis. P. P. 9310; 
on Idel & |>iputen ned Orm. 12514; in idel Chauc. C. t. 
14057; of idele manne La'^. 3310. 

idelen 329 

idellejc vanitas, Orm. 2165. 

idelen, AS ax. id(e)lian, tease f idils (jtrea.) Mar, mir. 
pi 185. 

idelnesse, AS ax, idelness, idleness, Orm. 4736; idel- 
nesse (idilnisse) La^. 24911; idelnisse Fum, p. JZ, 62. 

i f = 3if ? cmp. however OSax, OFris, Olcel, ef, OHOerm, 
ibu, Goth, iba, ibai and see Gr, gram, 3, 284, if, Orm. 
589; reL ant 1, 175; vis, P. P. 164; Chauc. C. t 145; 
s, s. Wr, 56; pr, consc, 85; if, ef met, horn, 33 & 62. 

ikel = *3ikel, 3okel? icle (ecle); Ikil, iekil prompt, 
parv, 259; compos isikel. 

ilde island, ,^insula^, prompt, parv. 259; (dat) Rob. Br. 
56, 10; idle Alis. 4856. 

il, ile? ASax. Olcel. il, OFris. ile? solef to pe yle 
(ile) of hire helen Marh. 10, 19. 

ile, OFr. isle, OH Germ, isila, isle. Brand. 11; Horn 
1330; Mor. a. p, 1, 692. 

ilespil („illespil"), connected with ASax, igil? hedge- 
hog, Fum. p. XVIII, 47; ilespilles felles a. r. 418. 

ilke, ASax, ilea, ylca, same, Kath, 212; a, r. 68; Orm. 
755; owl and night, 99; Shoreh, 12; vw. P.P. 626; Chauc. 
C. t. 723; Percez^. 340; Triam. 514; w. ^r<A. F. 1765; 
sacram. 495; pat ilke lond Laj. 1640; pis ilke dei Kath. 
2315; pe ilke womman Wicl, John 4. 

ille, Olcel. illr, i?/, mollis, Fum. p. VIII, 37; Chauc. 
C t. 3150; god or ille Triam. 113; 4ii ille trS pr. consc. 
660; pu farest so dop (dep?) pe ille owl and night. 421; 
heo gan him telle hire ille Alis. 1147; pe 14di grSt and 
gaf hire ille Isumb, 315; be blip and yeve pe n6 ping ille 
Tor. 1583; take hit not to ille Degrev. 442; ille (adv.) 
male, Orm. 6245; rel. songs V, 120; vis. P. P. 2699; p^ 
swiken speken ille Lai^. 5426; quepir sa pai do wel or 
ille met. horn. 37: pei hire likede swipe ille Havel. 1165; 
Rimenild wep wel ille Horn 677; he mai ful ille ferre 
fare Percev, 1079. 

illing, Olcel. illing, malice, rel. ant. 1, 218. 

impe, Dan. ympe, Swed. ymp, ODutch inte, ente, Fr. 
ente? iinp, ,^surcultts'^, prompt, parv. 259; transact. 18,25; 
impen (pl.J a. r. 378; impes vis. P. P. 2746. 

imp in, ASax. impien (?), Dan. ympe, Swed, ympa. 
Germ, impfen, MHGerm. impfeten, ODutch inten, enten, 
Fr. enter? imp^ „inserere^^, prompt, parv. 259; imped 

330 in 

(pret.) vis. P. P.' 2748; impid (part.) „insitu8^^ rd. ant. 
I, 9 ; i-imped a. r. 360. 

in, ASax. OFrts. Olcel OHQerm. Goth. Lat. in, Olcel. 
i, Or. Iv, in: pe cnave wes iboren in pere burhe -Laj. 
293; in pe (inne) marhen Kath. 603; in hire breoste a. r. 
230; in his moder wambe Orm, 168; in mine neste owl 
and night. 282; in (o7i) eiper side Bob. Glouc. 174, 15; 
in one dai Fum. p. /A, 56 ; in pe rode XXy 42 ; in pe 
brinke Wicl. John 21; in eorde (erpe) Kath. 353; vis. 
P. P. 1618; Chauc. C. t. 1898; in live Mand. 135; nes 
Brutus i pon londe La^. 342; pu scalt do pe i pene waei 
29512; in halle & i bure Kath. 1470; i pe worlde a. r. 
10; i pis middelserd Orm. 3496. 
?inli, ABax. inhc, inly, Wicl. gloss. 24; Hoccl. 1, 237. 

in, A8ax. in, inn, Olcel. Oofh. inn, in: pet sweord 
in deaef ia^. 6505; (heo) god in a. r. 272; he orn (ran) 
in Bek. 88; de engles pe mid inn comen Hick. thes. 1, 
168; in suked (insuked?) rel. ant. 1, 220. 
inblawen (in for and ?) blow up; inblowip (pres.) Wicl. gloss. 
inbringe(n), Germ, einbringen, bring in, Wicl. gloss. 
inbu3en? inbowe (in /brand? cmp. ASax. inbindan = on- 
bindan) incline, Wicl. gloss. 
inclepen (in = an) call on, Wicl. gloss. 
income income, entrance, Halliio. diet. 475. 
income(n), ASax. incuman, OHGerm. inqueman, come in, 
ps. 23, 7. 

inga(n) go in, Halliw. diet; ingoinge, ingoende (part.) 
Wicl. gloss. 

ingang, ASax. OHGerm. ingang, entrance, ps. 120, 8; 
in3ong a. r. 164; inseong Laj, 28370. 
igain (i = a, an), Olcel, igegn, again, met. horn. 4. 
ingot, (}erm. eingusz ? ingot, jet, mold : he schop his ingot . . . 
of pis teine Chauc. C. t 13156; in pe ingot he it cast 13242. 
inlfftden lead in; inladde (pret) Wicl. glosF, 
inlsete (inlate). Germ, einlasz, inlet, met horn. 51. 
inlaeten, ODutch in-laeten, let in: nenne mon ne leten 
(pres. subj) heo in a. r. 424; inlate (part.) Octov. 1188, 
inlaje ,^suject h la lei le rei'^, rel. ant. 1, 33. 
inlijten, ASax. inl^htan, enlight ; inli^tid (part) Wicl. gloss. 
inras ,^irruptio^' , ps. 90, 6. 
inread very red, a. r. 402 ; inred s. s. Wr. 61. 
inseil seal, sigilliim, Marh. b ; inseT^les (pi) Orm. dedic. 260. 

in 331 

insetten set in; insett (part.) WicL gloss. 

insiht insight, LaT^. 30407; Orm. 14398; met. horn. 2; 

(in-siht) c. of I. 558; insist Wr. treat. 132; Mor. a. p. 

2, 1659; insight pr. consc. 253. 

inteon, Germ, einziehen, enter: porw pe faste 3at he con 

(r. gon) inteo (f ms. in teo) c. of I. 877. 

intil, Swed. intill; intillj Havel, 128; Trist. 2, 24; vis. 

P. P. 8447; (in-til) pr. consc. 6644; (in til) met. horn. 14; 

pat ledep men up intil hefnes blisse Orm. 46. 

into (in to?) into, Marh. 4, 13; Kath. 7 ; a. r. 54; Orm. 

635; owl and night. 1581; Brand. 32; vis. P. P. 3; Mand. 

7; Chauc.C. t. 2431; li heatts disc. 4:60 ; from hevene in-tl5 

eorpe alihte c. of I. 916; heo comen into (ms. Cott. Calig. 

A. IX in to, WW. Cott. Otho G. -3r/Z/intQ)havene £03. 5160. 

in|?ard inward^ Marh. 8, 4 ; inward, inwardes a. r. 92 & 272. 

m\f2ir^c)xQ inwardly, a. r. 282; Wicl. gloss. 24; inpardlis 

Orm. 697. 

in wit conscience, a. r. 2 ; Brand. 26; Shoreh. 55 & 96; 

2;is. P. P. 11927; pr. consc. 5428; inwitte (cZa<^ Bob. Br. 

155, 10. 

in|?id inwith, intra, Kath. 172; a. r. 308*; inwip Chauc. 

C. t 9818; (in-with) Percez?. 611 ; i-with? Mor. a. p. 1, 969. 

inwrappe(n) imorap, WicL gloss. 

in, ASax. inn (in), Olcel. inni, inw^ house^ home, La7^. 
14263; a. r. 260; inne (iiaf;) Chauc. C. t. 2438; 5. s. Web. 
1606; Trt^^. 2, 11; at inne Onw. 12739; vis. P. P. 4907; 
innes (pi.) Mand. 34; met horn. 63. 

inc, ASax. OS ax. inc, yow (two), (dat. ace) La3. 5102; 
Marh. 21, 33; 3unc Orm. 6206; inker (gen) La^- 5102; 
3unker Orm. 6183. 

inne, ^Soa?. OSoa?. OHGerm. inne, Go^A. inna, m, in- 
tits, a. r. 62 & 280; vis. P.P. 13597; Chauc. C. t. 10891; 
Hoccl. Ill, 6; he is inne sone forseten rel. ant, I, 184; 
p6 he wes inne 2, 272; pulke hous ... as seint Thomas 
was inne ibore Beh. 83; pat hus pat brsed is inne don 
Orm. 3530 ; he went inne Percev. 437 ; compos, her-, parinne. 

innemeste („inemaste"), ASax. innemeste, inmost^ c. 
of I. 809. 

innene, innen, inne, ASax. innan(e), OSax. Olcel. 
OHGerm. innan, OFris. inna (ina), Goth, innana, in^ intra: 
pe sparewe innene crap La'7^. 29282; inne gride & inne 
fride 184; inne pe see Fum. p. VIII, 42; inne, ine a. r. 

332 inner e 

20 & 30; ine heovene owl and night. 914; compos, an-, 
bi-, widinnen. 

inner e, AS ax. in(ne)ra, 0-ff6rer7». innero, <?/ccZ. innri, 
inner ^ WicL gloss.; inre a. r. 4. 

innerli, Germ, innerlich, innerly^ internally , Wicl. gloss.; 
inderlike? reZ. ant. 1, 235; inderli? Oow, 1, 227. 

innerest, OHOerm. innerost, ^?^<^mw5, Wicl. gloss. 24; 
inrest Oi-m. 1017; inreste (dat.) ps. 85, 13. 

inneste, ASax. innoste(?), intimusy Wicl. gloss. 

inned, ASax. innod, cmp. OHGerm. innsidxi (intestina), 
into de maidenes innede „m virginis uterum^, Hick, thes, 
1, 168. 

innien (inni), AS ax. innian, inn, lodge, Roh. Glouc. 
336, 14; inned (part) Wicl. gloss.; were our seed inned 
Hoccl. II J 29. 

inninge, ASax. innung, inning, Hoccl. 11, 15. 

ire (ire?), OFris. ire, ASax. yr, yrre? angry, La^. 
18697; see irre? 

ire (ire?), OFr. ire, Lat. ira? ire, Chauc. C. t. 1784; 
Rich. 3633; pr. conse. 8588. 

iren, ASax. iren, isen, isern, OFrw, isern, OSax.OIcel. 
OHGerm. isarn, Goth, eisarn, iron, ferrum, a. r. 284 ; 
Orw. 4129; Mand.hO] Cha/uc. C. t. 3807; Lidg. m. p. 54; 
pr. consc. 8033; ire Wr. treat. 135; ise Alis. 5149; Irene 
(dat) La'7^. 7831. 
irensmip Wicl. gloss. 

iren, ASax. iren, isern, iron, ferreus; irene (dat) Orm. 
19821; (nom. pi) Mand. 30; (dot. pi) LaJ^. 1019; Bich. 

irk (irke?) weary, loath, Roh. Br. 297, 22; met horn. 
23; Flor. 1519; ant Arth. VI, 12; erk Chauc. r. r. 4870; 
irke (pi) Triam. 463; Isumb. 118; sacram. 917. 
irksum irksome, ,.fastidiosus'% prompt, parv. 266. 

•irkin, MHGerm. erken, irk, weary, ,^fastidire^, prompt, 
parv. 266; irke Bob. Br. 72, 18; pr. consc. 8918; lud. 
Cov. 178; erke And. 74. 

(irre) eorre, ASax. eorre, yrre, angry, wroth, a. r. 304. 

irre, ASax. irre, eorre, yrre, ODutch erre, anger, Orm. 
18000; eorre a. r. 116*; eire? (urre) rd. ant. 1, 175. 

is (iis), ASax. OFris. OHGerm. is, Olcel. iss, ice, Wicl. 
gloss. 24; cr. P. P. 867; pr. consc. 6672; ise (dat) rel. 
songs V, 142; Bob. Glouc. 463, 4; Mand. 130. 

isil 333 

isikel icicle; iis-ikles (pi.) Oaw, gloss. 390; Isekeles vis. 
P. P. 11820. 

isil, ASax. ^sel, isle (easle), ^favilla^, prompt pare. 
266; isels ('pl) Halliw. diet. 949. 

ipen, Olcel. idinn (assidutos). 
ipenli assiduously, met. hom. 108; pr.consc. pref. X. 

iven, ODutch ieven, iviuy hedera. 
iven-lef s. s. Wr. 181. 

ivi, ASax. ifig, OHGerm. ebah, ivy^ y^hedera^y prompt, 
parv. 266; owl and night. 27; ivi, ive Wicl. gloss.; ive 
Fum. p. XXXI, 358. 
iviberye Mand. 186. 
ivilef Gow. conj: am. 2, 21; Chauc. C. t. 1840. 

iw, ASax. Vfy eop, OHGerm. iwa, yewy yfaxus^, Wr. 
voc. 91; ew rel. ant. 1, 7; Chauc. C. t. 2925. 

jade jWe, Chauc. C. t, Tyr, 14818. 

iagge, Gael, eagj? jag, prompt, parv. 255. 

jagg en jag; jagged (part.) Halliw. diet. 482; jaggid 
Mar. mir. pi. 193. 

iakke, ODutch jacke, OFr, jaque, jack^ coat, prompt 
parv. 2^ Q. 

iangelin, Dutch jangelen, OFr. jsmgler, jangle, ^gar- 
rire, blaterare^'y prompt, parv. 256; jangle vis. P. P. 1071; 
jangli rel. ant 2, 243; jangle (pres) Chauc. C. t 10534. 

jap in jest, tricky „illudere^y prompt, parv. 257; japed 
(pret) vis, P. P. 593; (part.) Chauc. C. t 1731; compos. 

iogelin, OFr. jongler? Lat. joculari? see Diez wh. 
174:, juggle, prompt, parv. 263; jogele vis. P. P. 8490. 

jogelour, OFr. jogleor, jugleor, [jongleur], Span. juglar, 
jugglery vis. P. P. 3935; Chauc. C. t 7049; jogoleris (pi) 
Alis. 835; jogulours Mand. 237; summe iuglurs beod pet 
ne kunnen serven of non oder gleo bnten makien cheres 
& wrenchen mis Lore mud & schulen mid hore eien 
a. r. 210. 

joggen, cmp. LGerm. jukeln (joggle), jog; joggep 
(pres) Chauc. I. g. w. 2705 ; jogged (pret) vis. P. P. 14192. 

joie (ioie), OFr. joie, Ital. gioia, joy, a. r. 218; Fum, 
p. IX, 206; Wr. spec. 76; (yoie) Eglam. 4. 

j i n e n (ioine)^ Fr. joindre, Ital. giugnere, join, Mor. 
a. p, 2,726; joine (pres.) Chauc. r. r. 2355; joined (part) 
vis. P. P. 1157. 

334 jol 

jol, from jowe? jowl, ^^caput^, prompt, parv. 264. 

j ornai, OFr. jornee, Ital. giornata, journey^ Tor, 1396; 
journei Mand, 57; jurnei Eglam, 230; (yumei) erl of 
T, 961. 

iowe, iouwe, OFr. jowe, joue, Prov, gauta^ Ital, gota, 
jawy „mandibula^, prompt, parv, 265; (lowe) Wicl, gloss,; 
jowes (pi,) Mand, 107. 

iowel, OFr. jouel, Ital, gioiello, jewel, prompt, parv, 
265; juwel s, s, Wr, 2811; iuel Mor. a. p, 1, 249. 

juggen, OFr, jugier, jucier, Lat. judicare, judge, a. r. 
118; vis. P. P, 1196; jugge c. of I, 419; s, s. Wr, 3099; 
Jugged (part.) Mand. 92. 

kebben? kebbede (pret) Shoreh, 111. 

kechel hichel (kicJcel), small cake, Orm, 8662; kichel 
Chauc, C. t, 7329. 

kei, ASax, cseg, csege, OFris, kei, kai, key, ,^clavis^, 
prompt, parv. 269; kai s, s. Web, 1864; keie Wr, voc. 92; 
Goiv, conf, am. 1, 10; cr, P. P, 60; keie (keye) (dat) owl 
and night, 1555; lud, Cov, 31; (ace) Chauc, C, t, 13147; 
Lidg. m, p, 62; keije Shoreh. 47; keyes (pi) Rich, 4147; 
Mor, a, p, 2, 1438; keyes bere (hearer) Wr. spec, 49; 
kayes Percev. 2102; keyen Rob, Glouc, 186, 8. 

keil, ODutch kegel, OHGerm. chegil, keil, conus; cailis 
(pi) rel. ant, 2, 224. 

k^len, ASax.celsLii, OFm. kela, keel, cool j Or?^. 19584; 
kelin prompt, parv, 270; keie Furn, p, XV, 102 ; Chauc. 
c, I, 775; I/idg, m, p, 31; ant, Arth, /F, 6; Mar. mir. pi. 
163; I, c. c. 6; kelep (pres) Oow, conf, am, 2^360; keled 
(part.) rel. ant, 1, 53; see colien; compos, a-, ikelen. 

keling keeling, Havel, Ihl -, rel, ant, 1, 85. 

kemben, ASax. cemban, OHGerm, chempen^ kemb 
(comb), a, r. 422*; kembe Chauc. C, t, 3374; „kemin 
pectere^, prompt. parv, 270 ; kemben (pres) vis, P. P. 5631 ; 
kembed (pret) Mand, 24. 

kembstere (kemster)^ ODutch kemstere, (female) com- 
ber^ Wr, voc, 194. 

kernes, ASax, cemes, Lat, camisia, shirt f met. honi. 
124; withouten kirtele or kemse Rob. Br, 122, 14. 

kempe, ASax, cempa, OFris. kempa, OSax. kempio 
H, zeitschr, 5; 199, OHGerm. chempho, cliemphio, from 
camp, kemp, champion^ pugil, pugnator, Kath 803; Oi-w,. 
3587 ; Will. gloss.; kempen (pi) Mai^h. 1 ; kempen (kempes) 

ken 335 

ia^. 463; kempes Perr,ev,M\ Chest pi. 1, 259; kempene 
(gen. pi.) a. r. 196. 

ken, Olcel ksenn? knowing? beo nu ken Kath. 2070; 
pu art ken (iken) 2254. 

kene, ASaoc.cene, HOerjti, chuoneTy keen, sharp^ bold, 
La^. 3120; Kath. 1932; a. r. 140; Orm. 16139; owl and 
night. 1703] Ftim.p. XXI, 149; c. of 1 1248; Wr.spec. 110 ; 
Mand. 173; Eglom. 1248; Tor. 2710; ant. Arth. XLVIT, 
3; s. a. c. XVIT; kenre (compar.) Kath. 1953; kennest 
(superl.) La^. 22652. 

kenliche keenly , Lai,. 1573; rel. ant. 1, 172; keneliche 
Kath. 2240 ; keneli Mor. a. p. 2, 945 ; kenlukeste (auperl.) 
Laz. 25429. 

kennen, ASax. cennan (monstrare^ confitei'i) Oreins 
gloss., OFris. kenna (noscere), Olcel. kenna (noscere, docerej, 
OSax. (ant) kennian (noscere), OHOerm. (ar-, bi) chennan, 
from can, ken, knoio, recognise, perceive, tell, teach^ show, 
LaT^. 6639; kenne Goio. conf am. 1, 204; Percev. 407; 
Triam. 506; kenne me ... on Crist to bileve vis. P. P. 
621; and paim pe wai til hevin kenne met. hom. 3; 16re 
and kenne 85; fe kennid ... & cuded Kath. 1347; |?e 
kenned & cn4|?ed 2096; heo kennep us care Wr. p. s. 
159; kende (pret) Brand. 2; Mar. mir. pL 162; & p4s 
word kende iaj. 32066; pe meiden him answerede ase 
pe anjel hire kende Hick. thes. 1, 226; in pe face pe 
knighte scho see and kende an oon pat (hils) was he s. s. 
Wr. 2875; kend (part) Wr.spec. 25; sacram. 16; compos. 
Si', bi-, ikennen. 

kennen, ASax, cennan, OUGerm. (ki)chennan (gi- 
gnere), from Sanscr. JT^, Lat gen(ui, -itus), get with 
child, beget : & moni enne hende wimmon purh heore crsefte 
(heo) kenned an an Laj. 15811; kenned (part) Orm. 
19268; pat porgh pe holi gostes might kenned was rel. 
ant. I, 160; compos, a-, i-, ofkennen. 

kep (keep) keep, heed, care, Wr. spec. 103; Chauc. 
C.'t. 2690; lud. Cov. 276; koep (= kop?) Wr. an. lit. 
90; kepe SAor^A. 12; 3, 187; jpr. consc. 381. 

kep en, ASax. cSpan, c^pan (obsei^varej tenere) Ettrn. 
lex., ODutch kepen (servare, tenere) Kil. diet., keep, watch, 
observe^ await, receive, a. r. 332; vis. P. P. 1946; Mand. 
252; whser he mihte pene kseisere iwisliche kSpen La'7^. 
26184 ; per heo wolden kepen (wait) 26937 ; swa heo wuUed 

336 kSpere 

k^pe (the other text has so hii woUep habbe) Are childr^ 
to 3isle 5316; kepin ,^servare^y prompt, parv, 272; kSpe 
Wr. spec, 35; Mand, 52; (keepe) Chauc, C, t 130; & tu 
schalt ... to curtcume ... & kinemede k^pe Kath. 399; 
to kepe him when he doun sal come pr. consc, 5029; ne 
k^p (care) ich napt (nojt) Mark, 18; owl and night, 154, 
of pe ne kepe i nost Bek, 998; copnid & keped hpuch 
ure is kempe to overcumen oder Kath, 802; gode s^me 
kipep (takes) Shoreh, 11; kSpte (kepte?) (pret.J La^* 
27714; Chauc, C. t, 514; & god ne kepte noht of pat 
Orm, 3114; he ne kipte of hem non hure Fum, p, IX, 
64; pe ontful(l)e ne kepten nout (would not like) pat me 
dealede of hore gode a, r, 248; mi bede kepid has he 
^orationem meam adsumpsit'% ps, 6, 10; kept Mand, 6; 
compos, ik^pen. 

kepe re keeper, vis, P, P, 7675;, 3,176; 
kepare prompt, parv, 272. 

ker, Olcel, kiarr, kiorr (krat, virgultum), Dan, kjser, 
Swed, ka^rr (palus), car, marsh, fen, prompt, parv. 272; 
kerres (pi) Bob, Br, M, 3, 414; compos, alderker. 
? kerlok, ASaos, cerlic, cyrlic (rapum silvestre), charlock 
(carlock, kerlack), ,,rapistrum'^, Halliw, diet, 492; carlok 
y^eruca^^ Wr, voc, 266; prompt, parv, 62. 

kerven, AS ax, ceorfan, ODutch kerven, OFris. kerva, 
carve, secare, Horn 241 ; kervin ,^scmdere, sculpere^, prompt, 
parv. 273; kerve vis, P. P. 4004; Chauc, C, t 10472; 
Mor. a, p, 2, 1104; kervis (pres) ant, Arth. XXXXVII, 
5; ]s.Qr^Q (imperat) I, c. c. 6 ; kerved jLa3. 5864; keorvinde 
('part) a, r, 250; karf (pret) Alis, 3629; carf Chauc, 
C, t, 100; s, s, Fr. 3011; cserf I/aj. 4012; kerf a. r, 398; 
corven chron, Engl, 757; \i\\xyQ (subjunct) a. r. 384; corve 
Fum, p, XVIII, 50; corven (part) Chauc, C. t 2698; 
corvin Eglam, 279; corvun prompt, parv, 94; ikorven a, r, 
424; compos, for-, tokerven. 

kerver carver, Chauc, C, t. 1901; kerveres (pi) vis, 
P. P. 5967. 

ket, Olcel, kiot Fritzner^s ordb., ket (kit), fleshy rel, 
ant, 1, 218. 

kete (k.Qi'i^ keen, fierce f as 4 king kete (r. w, sete) rel, 
ant, 2, 9 ; of pe sonne . . . pe leomes beop so kete (r, to, 
hite) Wr, treat, 138; and wormes per bep kete (r. w, 
sh.etems.Digb. 86 f. 127 b, quoted by Madden, Will. gloss. 

kevil 337 

231; kete lordes Hartsh, met. t 272 (Will \3J. 
ketli boldly f Will, gloss. 

kevil, Olcel. kefli, kafli (bacillum), Dutch cavel (sors) 
MaerL rb. gloss., kevel (cavel), ^camfts^, prompt parv. 274; 
ps. 31, 9; keviles sticks f Rob. Br. M. 3, 395; keveles 
(lots) did pai caste Percev. 1426. 

kex kex (ktx), vis. P. P. 11804; kix „calam/u8^^ prompt, 
parv. 277. 

kid, Olcel.kii^ kid, ^hoedtts^y prompt, parv. 274; kide 
„chevreau^y rel. ant. 2, 80; Orm. 7804; Choiuc. C. t 3260. 

kid kid, „fascis^, prompt, parv. 274. 

kid-, kidenere kidney, Wicl. gloss.; kidenei? Wr. voc, 149. 

kigge kedge^ lively, prompt, parv. 274. 

kiken (kike) kick, Wicl. gloss.; kikide (pret.) ibid. 

kiken, LGerm. kiken pret. keik, kek, Dutch kijken, 
Swed. kika, look, (pres.) Chauc. C. t. 3839. 

kikir „tentigo^, Wr. voc. 186 & 246. 

kile, Olcel. k^li, ulcer, Wr. voc. 224; kiles (pi) rel. 
ant. 1, 53. 

kime, cmp. LGerm. kiime (aeger), MHOerm. kum (id), 
kime, wretch? pe silli kime pi. t. 643. 

k i m e n , L Germ, kiimen (querij, OHOerm. chAman (id) f 
be faird? ikimet (part) kimed, Kath. 1298; compos, akimen, 

kimlin, from A8ax. cumb? kimlin, tub, prompt, parv. 
274; kemlin Chauc. C. t. 3548. 

kinch kench (kinch, kink), twist, Wr. voc. 229. 

kindlen, cmp. Olcel. kynda, MHOerm. kiinten, kindle, 
Orm. 13442; kindlin prompt parv. 275; kindle Chauc. 
C. t 13896; kindils (pres) Percev. 756; kindled (part) 
Hand. 70; kindeld pr. consc. 6603. 

kine, ASax. cine, cyne (vir nobiiis, rex). 
kinebern king's son, Marh. 4, 11; kine-bearn La3. 199. 
kineburh royal castle, Kath. 1883. 

kinedom realm, Kath. 1472; a. r. 322; Orm, 2227; Rob. 
Olouc. 507, 12; rel. ant 2, 226. 
kineserde royal yard, sceptre, Orm. 8182. 
kinelich royal: sine kineliche burh Zaj. 14130. 
kinelond royal land, La"^. 2523. 

kinenche realm, Kath. 182; Orm. 2236; c. of I. 1416; 
Wr. p. s. 215. 


338 king 

kinering („kine ring") royal ring^ Kath, 409. 

kinessete royal seat^ Orm, 2224. 

kinestol royal stool, Laj. 4517. 

kinepurde worthy of a king, Kath.^67 ; kineworpe c. of I. 14. 

king,^aa?.cin(in)g, cyn(in)g, OFris. kini(n)g, keni(n)g, 
OSax. cuning, OHGerm. chum(n)g, Olcel. kon(un)gr, kiiig^ 
KatL 27; a. r. 138; kinges (gen^ Bek. 203; kinge (dot.) 
KatL 1307; kinges (nom, pi) 226; kinge (gen, pi.) Orm. 
3588; kingene ias. 24609; vis. P. P. 669. 
kingdom kingdom, Mand. 40; vis. P. P. 4806; rel. ant 
1, 22; pr. consc. 8788; met. horn. 96. 
kingK kingly, Lidg. m. p. 20. 

kingrlche realm, Alis. 5981; vis. P. P. 250; kingnke pr. 
consc. 5780. 

kinken, ODutch kinken (anhelare), cmp. AS ax. cin- 
cung (cachinnatio) Lyes diet, hink, pant: i laghe pat i 
kinke Town, myst 309 (Mar. mir. pi. 179^; pe Cristene 
kenchen Kath. 2042. 

kip, ODutch kip (deciptda)f 
kiptre well-sweep, „telo^, prompt, parv. 276. 

kippin, ODutch kippen, Olcel. kippa, kip (kep), y^ra- 
pere^j prompt parv. 276; kippe Havel. 894; i kippe ant 
cacche Wr. p. s. 152; he kippis Mar. mir. pi. 128; (pai) 
kippe Mor. a. p. 2, 1510; tipte heore longe knives Boh. 
Glouc. 125, 15. 

kite, ASax. cyta (buteo) Wr. voc. 29 & 63^ kite, ypiml' 
vus^^, Wr. voc. Ill', Chauc. C. t 10938; rel. ant 2, 19; 
dep. of R. 13, 22; like to kites (printed tokites) HaUiw. 
diet 879. 

kit el en, AS ax. citelian, ODutch kitelen, ketelen, 
OHGerm. chizilon, kittle, tickle. 

kitelinge, ASax. citelung (?), OHGerm. chizelinge, 
tickling, Halliw. diet 496. 

kitling kitling, y,catellus^, prompt parv. 277. 

kitt(e), ODutch kitte (ohba), kit, pail, Wr. voc. 217. 

Ift, ASax. \k, lo, Orm. 741; owl and night 1541; 16 
Kath. 2458; a. r. 158 & 278; Wicl. John 1; (loo) Lidg. 
m. p. 145. 

labben, ODutch labben, blab; labbing (part) Chauc. 
C. t 10302. 

la CO he (latche, lahche) latch, „pessulu^^, prompt, 
parv. 283. 

lacchen 339 

lacchen, ^iSaoj. Iseccan, latch ^ take, Orm. 12300; lacche 
owl and night. 1055; vis. P. P. 3184; lecche (pres. aubj.) 
a. r. 164*; lahte (pret.) 102*; Horn 249; lahte lit his 
tunge Marh. 9; laughte vis. P. P. 12732; lau3te dep. of 
R. 13, 20; laht (part.) Orm. 11621; laght Iw. 3622; 
laught Alis. 685; lacched Boh. Br. 120, 24; latchid (lah- 
chid) „arreptiis*^y prompt, parv. 284; compos, ilacchen. 

lad, ASax. hlaed, Olcel. hlad, from laden, haustus: fe 
loden alle tpinne lad of his godnesses pelle Orm. 19313. 

lad? ASax. (ge)14d? load? Isedes (lodes) mon. Germ. 
geleits mann^ loads-man, La7^. 6245; lodes mon Mor. a. p. 
3, 179. 

ladde lad, prompt, parv. 283; Wr. spec. Ill; Mor. 
a. p. 2,36; dep. of B. 19,24; (dat.) Wr. p. s. 239; laddes 
(pi) Havel SdO; Alis. 1189; vis. P. P. 13022; Iw. 2266. 

laddre, ASax. hlseder, OFris. hleder, Dutch IsiMer, 
leeder, OHGerm. (h)leitra, ladder, Shoreh. 3; (ace.) c. of 
I 915; vis. P. P. 10883; leddir Wr. voc. 225; leddere 
prompt, parv. 293; leddre (dat) a. r. 354. 

14de, ASax. ltd, 14du(?), Olcel leid, OHOerm. leita, 
leiti, from iiden? lode (load), iter, ductus, onus: ilc &n 
sholde prinne Ike habben pip him o IMe Orm. 3455; 
he pile folshen a3 pat ilke steornes l&de 2140; of mani 
smale comes es mad til 4 hors bak k mikel \kde pr. consc. 
3421; lode (ace) a. r. 268; Trist. 1, 39; Tor. 1676; 
(loode) Chauc. C. t. 2920; „loode vectura, vehieulum^, 
prompt, parv. 310 ; compos, liflade. 
lod-cniht iaj. 25729. 

lode (loode)-sterre, ODutch leid-sterre, Mand. 180; Chauc. 
C. t. 2061. 

ladel^ ASax, hlsedle, ladle, vis. P. P. 13514; Chauc. 
C. t 2022. 

laden (ladin), ASax. OiSaaj. hladan, OHGerm. {h)l2idsLn., 
Olcel hlada, lade, prompt, parv. 283; lade Horn 1409; 
ladep (imper) Orm. 14044; loden (pret) 19313; laden 
(part) 14054; Bick 1389; lade Mor. a. p. 1, 1145. 

laech? looJef Iseches (pi) La^- 1884; leches owl and 
night. 1138. 

laeche, ASax. laece (medicus, hirudo), Goth, lekeis, 
OFris. letza (medicus), ODutch laeke (hirudo), OHGerm. 
14chi, leech, Orm. 19354; leche y^medicus, hirudo^, prompt, 
parv. 291; a. r. 178; Wr. spec. 92; Shoreh. 36 & 53; 


340 laeche 

vis. P. P. 14531; Mand, 199; Chauc, C, t. 11984; s, s. 
Wr. 446; m. Arth. F. 200; leches (j>l) Fum. p. XVy 190. 
Isechecraft leech-craft, Orm, 1869; Isechecrseft La'7^. 7616; 
ISchecraft a. r. 178; Iw. 2736. 
Isechedom medicine^ Orm. 1851. 

laeche (leche), Olcel, -leiki = leikr? compos. cn4we- 

laechen cure^ heal^ Orm. 1856; leeche Chatic. dr. 864:; 
liache (16che) -Fwrw. p. VIII, 152; leched (pret.) vis. P. P. 
11028; Iseched (part.) Orm. 17227. 

laechen, AS ax. Isecan pret. Isehte (salire, ludere), from 
l&k; compos, cn&we-, cud-, neh-, rihtlsechen. 

laecnien (lecnen), ASdx. Isecnian, Mcnian, Olcel. Isekna, 
Goth, lekinon, OHOerm. l^chenon, cure, heal, a. r. 330; 
l^chnie La^. 16589*. 

laed (IM)? compos, unled. 

laeden, IMen^ ASaa:. laedan, OFris. leda^ OSaa?. Indian, 
Olcel. leida, OHGerm. leitan, from 14de, lead, ducere, La^, 
1000 & 10322; IMen a. r. 78; Orm. 938; s. s. Wr. 1636; 
god lif leden Fum. p. VIII, 62; lede vis. P. P. 11602; 
Tor. 1061; leaded (pres.) Kath. 261; Isedde (ladde) (pret.) 
La^. 584; ledde (ledde?) a. r. 160; Orm. 3204; Qow. 
coT^. am. 2, 374; leadde Kath. 1592; ladde Bek. 887; 
-4Zw. 1485; Chauc. C. t. 2277; ladden reZ. arU. 1, 120; 
led (jpori^ Orm. 6359; lad vt». P. P. 5185; -Ma?id. 14; 
compos, at-, for-, ilseden. 

l^dere, ASax. Isedere, leader, vis. P. P. 775; ledare 
prompt, parv. 292. 

leding, Germ, leitung, leading, pr. consc. 4217. 

laene, ASax. Isene (mutuo datus, transitorivs, futilisy 
vUis, macer), OSax. lehni, lean, La^. 19436; lene rel. ant. 
I, 211; Fum. p. XIII, 358; Chau^. C. t. 593; Hardw. 
poem 34, 6; (leene) vis. P. P. 246; Lidg. m. p. 132; lene, 
leane a. r. 118 & 368. 

le nin, ASax. laenian (?), y,macerare^\ prompt, parv. 296. 

la en en (lenen), ASax. Isenan, OFris. lena, OHGerm. 
lehanon, from lane, len (lend), commodare, a. r. 248; Orm. 
15795; cr. P. P. 1477; hu mihte he leanen (lenen) lif 
to pe deade Kath. 1086; lene Iio. 737; (leene) Triam. 
683; (leine) Mar. mir. pi. 116; lese wordes pu me 16nst 
(pres.) owl and night. 756; Isene (subj) La'7^. 4383; lene 
(imperat) Degrev. 1599; lene me youre hand Chauc. 

leenere 341 

C. t 3084; lende Cpret.) Fum. p. VIII, 61; Bek 775; 
l^ned (part.) Orm. 5159; lend rel. ant 1, 113; ISnt vis. 
P. P. 8983; compos, a-, ilsenen. 

leenere lender, Wtcl. gloss. 

l^nnesse leanness, prompt, parv. 296. 

laere (l^re), ASax. (ge)l8ere(?) Somn. diet., OSaco.lkn, 
MHGerm. Isere, OHOerm. lS,rer, leer (lear), vacuus, inanis, 
owl and night. 1526; Bob. Glouc. 81, 1; compos. User. 

laeren, ASax. ItersiJi (docere), OSax. Iferian jpre*. ISrde, 
OFris. lera^ OHGerm. leran, lerran, ODutch Igren (docere, 
discere), Olcel. laera, GofA. laisjan (docere), lear, docere^ 
Orm. 6129; leren a. r. 64; l^re Boh. Glouc. 67, 8; vis. 
P. P. 12530; Chauc. Troil. 5110; Pcrcet?. 232: l^rin 
„docere, discere'^, prompt, parv. 298; lere pr. consc. 155 
& 5874; discere, s. s. Wr. 131; and Ifired prestes lore 
rel. ant. 1, 211; & pene king Iserde (pret.) La^- 7458; 
lerde Fum. p. VIII, 154; lerdest owl and night. 1051; 
Wden Kath. 470; 16red (part.) Chauc. C. t 13698; Octov. 
1715; m£t. horn. 2; compos, ilseren. 

1 e r a r e , OHGerm. ISrari, Goth, laisareis, teacher, prompt, 
parv. 297. 

laest (lest), ASax. Isest, l^st (vestigium^ forma), OHGerm. 
leist (forma), Goth, laists (txvoc), last, forma, Wr. voc. 
181; (leste?) prompt, parv. 298; l^st Wr. voc. 196; lestes 
(pi) Fum. p. XXXIV, 13. 

laesten (listen, lestin), ASax. leestan, OSax. lestian, 
OFris. lesta, 14sta, OHGerm.lehten, (?o*A. laistjan (Swoxetv), 
last, exsequi, praestare, durare, manere, prompt, parv, 299; 
cr. P. P. 1697; pat mai to hevene leste Shoreh. 3; in 
sunne leste c. of I, 1058; l&sten (lasten?) Kath. 279; 
Orm. 8549; Wr. spec. 49; Gow. conf. am. 3, 239; Isested 
(pres) iaj. 1959; lasted a. r. 20; leasted Marh. 5, 2; 
pei lasten noght pat pei behoten Mand. 252; l^ste (pret.) 
Boh. Glouc. 9, 19; l&sted (part.) Mand. 10; co?»po5. 

laet, Isete? ASax. (ge)l2ete (?), ODutch laet (gestus), 
Olcel. \ki, Iseti (gestus, sonitus), OHGerm: Mz (remissio, 
junctura, spatium), leet (let, lat), look, sound; 14t met. horn. 
123; pe lot of pe windes Mor. a. p. 3, 161; otlotefdat) 
& hue 1, 895; lete owl and night. 35; man haldep hem 
for gode men for pesre gode l^te Orm. 1213; Mtes (pi) 
LaT^. 1195; Kath. 105; a. r. 90; |>id luveliche lates 3farA. 

342 laeten 

14; pe l&tes of pe fotiles Alex, Stevens, 149; IMis Taumb, 
180; weie (ms, weien) laeten (dat pi.) La7^. 15509; com- 
pos, i-, in-, ixtlaet (-Isete). 

laeten, AS ax, Isetan pret. let (stnere), OFris. lSta(wi^, 
Goth, letan pret. lailot (lav, Stptlvat), OSax. Mtan (sinersy 
mittere), ODuich laeten (sinere^ miUere^ se gerere, vidert), 
Olcel. l&ta (ponere, sinere^ facere, dicere, se prdehere, se 
gerere), OSOerm. llizan (sinerey permitterej dimittere), see 
Qr. gram, 2, 75, leet (let), sinere, ponere, mittere, relinguere^ 
putare, se gerere, LaT^. 8612 ; & laeten pel of opre men 
Orm. 7527; leten Oow, conf, am, 2, 369; peos . . . beod 
alle ine freo wille to donne oder to leten a. r. 8; pat 
Oder pu most leten 102; leten to wel of hire sulven 176; 
lete, leote Kath. 944 & 1475; lete vis. P, P. 2464; and 
16te him stille in his prisoun dwelle Chauc. C. t 1337; 
he hap leve his firste wif to l^te 8621; hir lif sch6 moste 
Ute 12451; lltte 4407; I4tin (laatin) prompt parv. 288; 
IMe Mand.ri^l ; l&te him inne Percev. 966; his fel he der 
ISted (pres) rel. ant, 1, 211; he ne let him nout blod 
a. r. 112, 17; al pat men sein he leet it soop vis, P. P. 
9967; IMep m6dili3 Orm. 1336; 14tes pr. consc. 1567; 
laete (suhj) Fum. p. VIII, 1 70 ; 14t (imper) owl and night. 
258; vis. P. P. 1502; ISted writen a. r. 42; let (pret^ 
BeJc. 451; & let it eornen Orm, 1336; & l^tlihtlis paerofe 
16517; sho let als sho him noght had sen Iw. 1809; 
leet Chauc. C. t. 128; and leet light of pe lawe vis. P.P, 
' 4132; (lete) Trist. 2, 3; Percev. 966; [lette La^. 432; 
Kath. 792; a. r. 54]; leten Brand. 5; Alis. 3278; Bich. 
3305; pe Intel leten of godes bode Fum. p. VIII, 131; 
l^ten (part) rel. ant. 2, 273; Ifete Chauc. C. t 4344; 
for t knight i mai be lete Percev. 803; l^ten Iw. 2423; 
s. s. Wr. 1811; Boh. Br. 61, 18; compos, for-, inlaeten. 

laeven, -4/Saa:. laefan, OFm. leva, Olcel.leiisi, OHGerm. 
leiben, Goth, (bi)laibjan, from l^ve, leave, relinguere, re- 
liquum esse, manere, La^. 994; leven vis, P, P, 9749; 
Gow, conf. am, 1, 86; leevin prompt, parv. 301; pat he 
he miste leve per Bek. 1246 ; leaven Kath. 429; a, r. 162; 
pat taer ISfep (pres) Orm. 8664; Igve (suhj) Degrev, 933; 
lef (imperat.) a, r. 102; lefte (pret) Chauc, C. t 510; 
for love Ufte pei lordshipe vis. P. P. 14426; i Wte wip 
mi lord 1751; laefden LaT^. 3909; leved (part) Min. 3; 
compos, hi-, for-, ilaeven. 

laei^ed 343 

laeped, ASax. Isd^ed, lewd, glaums, ignarus^yOrm. 84:6; 
BeJc, 378; lewed Mand. 164; Chauc. G. t 676; Octov. 
1715 ; 16ud prompt parv, 301 ; Avd. 18 ; l&wed wef. Adw. 6. 

l^udnesse lewdness, j^ignorantia^j prompt parv, 301. 

Uf, J5aa?. hl4f, G^o«A. hlaibs, Olcel. hleifr, OHGerm. 
leib, Zoa/, Orw. 1474; lof (loof) jprompt ^arv. 310; Brand, 
13 ; Trt'd*. 1, 35 ; 14ves (jpZ^ iaj 22781 ; loves Wid. John 6. 
lammesse, ASax. hlammsesse, hlS»fmsesse, lammas, prompt, 
parv. 283. 

l^ferd, ASax. hl^ford, lord, Orm. 42 ; 14verd owl and night 
957; pr. consc. 416; l^verd, Iseverd La^. 268 & 19175; 
Ihoaverd H. zeitschr. 11, 298; loverd o. n 2; BeJc. 490; 
lord VIS. P. P. 204; Mand. 3; Chauc. C. t 839. 
14ferddom dominatus, Orm. 11851. 
lordschipe lordship, c. of I. 142; Mand. 9. 
14ferding lording; l&ferdinges (pl.) Orm. 918; lordinges 
cr. P. P. 1214. 

IsLverdling id.; loverdlinges (pl.) BeJc. 524. 
lordlich lordly, vis. P. P. 8622. 

Wdi3 (lafdij?), J.Saa:. hlsefdige, lady, Orm. 2156; Mdi 
Kath. 88; 14vedi oz(7Z and night 957; rcZ. aw*. 1, 102; 
Isumh. 108; Isefdi (leafdi) La^. 19277; l^fdi, leafdi a. r. 
4 & 38; ladi Mand. 86; Chauc. C. t 88; Wr. )ipec. lid; 
14vedies (pl.) a. r. 62*. 
lefdischipe ladyship, a. r. 108. 

la 3 6? compos, in-, ut-, widerlase. 

laje, ASax. lagu, law, La7^. 6312; owl and night 967; 
Shoreh. 50; lashe Orm. 2376; laghe chron. Engl. 104; 
pr. consc. 2163; Mar. mir. pl. 175; lawe BeJc. 300; vis. 
P. P. 1679; fc. of T. 387; fadir in lawe y,socer^, prompt 
parv. 145; laue Aud. 39; lauh Bob. Br. 340, 14; lape? 
(laje) (>y Fum. p. VIII, 156 (^j&ic;!:. thes. 1, 223^; 
lahes AaiA. 320; lawen La3. 1167; c. of I. 167. 
Ia3liebsc Orw. 1953. 
lawe-breche breach of law, Wicl. gloss. 
Ia3eliche legitime, rel. ant 1, 131; la3hellke Orm. 2374. 

la 36, ASax. OSax. lagu, Olcel. logr, lay, laJce; laife, 
leye Halliw. diet 502 & 517; lai Oow. conf. am. 2, 5; 
lauen (r. w. slawen) (dot. pl) Alts. 3856. 
leiven (la3efen) La'^. 22835; leiven? (printed leinen) 
Marh. 14, 11; leievenne (dat) a. r. 328. 
leimure a. r. 328*. 

344 lajere 

latere (lawere) lawyer, prompt, parv. 290; lainiere 
ms. P. P. 4587. 

lah, ASax. l&h (?), Olcel. Ikgr, ODutch laeg, leeg, 
OFris. leg, Zow?, Orm. 15246; grr. 15; lAih (loh) La^. 986; 
I63 -Bei. 1783; Wr. spec, 73; Shoreh. 145; a logh t>i». 
P. P. 7897; bi loogh ftrfot^, Mor, a. p. 2, 116; louh a. r. 
140; l&w Ifm. 20; Halliw, nug. poet. 17; low Wr. treat. 
136; pe l^she leod Orm. 9319; 1^36 (adv.) owl and night. 
1454; 14he -MarA. 12, 31; lawe ^w. 323; 14hre (comparat.) 
Orm. 2664; lowure a. r. 380; lushest (auperlat) Orm. 
15247; laiieste i¥arA. 14, 34. 

16311 lowly ^ Mor. a. p. 2, 614; lowli Chauc. C. t. 99. 
louhnesse lowness^ a. r. 278; lownesse prompt, parv. 314. 

Ia3hen, ODutch leegen, low^ lower^ Orm. 2639; lowin 
prompt, parv. 315; lowep (pres.J Gow. conf, am, 3, 295; 
pe Sonne lowep Alis. 5746; 14wes pr. come. 8505; 1636 
pe Shoreh. 107; lowudest (pret) a. r. 190; 163ed (part.) 
Mor. a. p. 2, 1650. 

lahtoun, ASax, leahtnn Wr. voc. 285, lehtun Bout. ev. 
gloss., laightoriy garden, rel. ant. 1, 264. 

la hen? laugh; loh, ASax. OSax. Qoth. hloh, Olcel, 
hlo, (pret) LaT^. 25980; Wr, spec. 28; I003, ^^^3 ^^^1. 
gloss. 26; logh Eglam. 948; Triam. 1558; Octav. 988; 
16u3Pci.710; lough vis. P.P. 13880; Chauc. C. t. 14376; 
s. s. Wr. 3154; Trist. 3, 52; 16u rel ant. 2, 272; 16h3en 
(lowen) ia3. 23987; lowe (subj) Fum. p. XVIII, 46; 
la when, OSax. hlagan, (part) Chauc, C. t. 3853; compos. 

lahienV ASax. hlehhen, hlyhhen, hlihhen, OHOerm. 
(h)lahhen (lachen), Ooth. hlahjan, Olcel. hlsegja, laugh 
(laigh); lahen (lahhe) Mark. 14, 32; lah3hen Orm. 8142; 
laghe Eglam. 522; ant. Arth. XXXIV, 4; laughen vis. 
P. P. 2113; Chauc. C t 6425; lauhwen a. r. 200; lau3we 
Pwrw. ^. XXVIII, 3; lawhin prompt, parv. 290; la3hen, 
lei3en PFzcZ. ^Zos5. 26; leh3en, lihsen (iah3e) La^- 22419 
& 23717; leighe Rich. 3451; lishe, lihe Bob. Olouc. 93, 
3 & 101, 19; ligh(e) Oow.,264c; lahinde (^part.^ 
Kath. 1556; la^inge Fum. p. IX, 72; lauhwed (lihes, 
li3ed) (pres.) a. r. 198; laghes pr. consc. 1092; la3ed 
(pret) Mor. a. p. 2, 653; leisede Wicl. gloss. 

laghter, ASax. hleahtor, OHOerm. hlahtar, Olcel. 

lai 345 

hlMr, laughter y pr, consc. 1451; laghtur Triam. 1558; 
laughter Chauc. Troil. 2261; leihter Wr. voc. 93; lahtre 
(leahtre) (dat) Katk 2326; lehtre (lihtre) La^^ 3045; 
leihtre (ace.) a, r 212. 

lai, OFr. lai, Lat. laicus, lay. 
laifeo Bek. 556. 

lair, OIceL leir, iair, c?ay, Halliw. diet. 602. 

1 a i t e n (laite), Olcel. leita (quaerere)^ cmp. ASax, platian 
(mtuerij, Goth, vlaiton (icsptpXlTcsaOat), lait, look for, seekj 
Ito. 237; Trist. 3, 69; Pcrcev. 255; lesten Ortn. 3457; 
laites (pres.) pr. consc. 7535; laitand (pres. part.) ps. 23, 
6; lai ted (pret. part) Mor. a. p. 2, 1768. 

lak, Dutch lak, lake (defectusy vitmm, vvtuperium), 
lack, f^defectus^y prompt parv. 285; Bob. Glouc. 412^ 15; 
Lidg. m. p. 158; lac of met Hick. thes. 1, 231; lake Octov. 
1394; s. s. Wr. 2146; wipoute lake Shoreh. 146; lakes 
(„lakkes") (pi.) vis. P. P. 6145. 
lacles lacklessy P. P. p. 544. 

l^k (14c), ASax. 14c (ludusy munuSy sacrificium)^ Ooth. 
laiks (xopoc), OJccZ. leikr (Indus), OHGerm. leich (iwodw^), 
sacrificCy presenty Orm. 1062; 14c (16c) La7^. 17748; Intel 
16c (lac) is gode lef Fum. p. VII% 37; preo kinges . . . 
16k him brojte XIXy 128; laik laiky play, Will, gloss.; 
vis. P. P. 9388; sinful laik met. horn. 58; brohten to 14ke 
Katk. 63; 16kes (14kes) (pi) presentSy a. r. 152; laikes 
plays, Mln. 10; Percev. 1704; ant. Arth. XLII, 5; leskes 
Orm. 2166; compos, cair-, dusi-, feir-, f^r-, fiht-, freo-, 
g6d-, idel-^ love-^ meok-, reaf-, schend-, siker-, wedlak 

lake^ ASax. lacu(?), lac(?), ODutch hk,- Olcel. laekr, 
OHGerm. lacha, lakey pool, prompt, parv. 282 ; lak Mor. 
a. p. 2, 438; pen lac (lake) (ace) La^- 1280; lake Mark. 
14, 11; (dat) Fum. p. XX V, 162; Mapes 337; Chauc. 
C. t 5851; Lidg. m. p. 153; lud. Cov. 309, 350 & 387. 

lake, OSax. lacan, ODutch laken, OHGerm. lachan, 
linen, Halliw. diet 502; Chauc. C. t 15267. 

laken, ^iSaar.'l^can, Goth, laikan, 0/ceZ. leika, spring, 
leap: Ardur him Isec (the other text has leop) t6 ^03. 
21269; hit laec t6ward hirede folc unimete 28522. 

lakien (lakkin), OFris. lakia (impugnare), ODutch 
laken (vituperare, deficere)y from lak, lack, deficere, „vitU' 
perare^'y prompt, parv. 285; lakke Mand. 214; s. a. c 


346 l&kien 

XVIII, 1 ; to lakke his chaffare vis. P. P. 2736 ; hSm sholde 
lakte no liflode 7147; lakes (pres.) pr, come, 797; lakede 
(„lakkede") (pret) Chauc. C, t 758. 

lakien (liken), MHGerm. leichen? from l&k? lake 
(laik), sacrifice, Orm. 973; l^ke flay. Mar, mir, pi. 139; 
whan pai wil km man l&ke (deceive) s. s. Web. 1212; laike 
vis. P. P. 341; lejken Orm. 12044; laikez Mor. a. p. 2, 
872 ; p4 prS kinges 14keden (presented) Crist pip prinne 
kinne l&kes Orm. 7430; laiked (pret.) played^ Will, gloss, 
232; Oaw, gloss. 392; laikid met. Tiom. 71. 

lam? ASax. lama, 08ax. lamo, Olcel. lami, OFris. 
lam, lom, loma, OEOerm. lamer^ lame, ps. 108, 23; lame 
owl and night 1730; Wr. an. lit. 7; Lidg. m. p. 226; 
lome iaj. 30777. 

lS,m, ASax. \km, Dutch leem, OHGerm. leim, Joam^ 
Jfa^A. 991; we*. Aowi. 1; l&me Halliw. nug. poet. 39; pr. 
C0W5C. woto 272. 

lamb, ASax. OSax. Olcel. Goth. OHGerm. lamb, lamb 
(lomhj, Chauc. C. t. 4979; met. hom. 45; (lam) Mar. mir. 
pi. 160; lomb If arA. 12, 22; a. r. 304; Mand.264^; lambre 
(pi.) Orm. 13329; lambren vis. P. P. 10034; Wicl. John 
21; Lidg. m. p. 169. 

la mi en (lamin), J-Sao?. lemian, OHGerm. Yemen, Olcel. 
lemja (per cuter e, fr anger e)^ lame (lam), prompt, parv. 286; 
lamed (part) Bob. Br. M. 3, 309; compos, alamien. 

lampe, Fr. lampe, lamp, Mark. 20, 21; lampen (pL) 
Fum. p. XIIlj 121. 

Une? ASax. laen, OFris. 16n, Olcel. 14n, OHGerm. 
Ifehan, loan; lone prompt, parv, 312; reZ. anf. 1, 113; 
Amad. Robs. XXXV III, 10; lane (dot) Halliw. diet. 504; 
Fum. p. XVII, 479; Gow. conf. am. 2, 284; Chauc. C. t. 
7443; lone (ace) a. r. 208; (loone) vis. P. P. 14498. 

land, ASax. OFris. land, lond, OSao?. Olcel. Goth. 
land, OHGerm. lant, land, Za/id (lond), Orm. 7092; /z«7. 
1023; pr. cowsc. 1404; met. hom. 98; land, lond Chauc. 
C. «. 194 & 2377; lond prompt, parv. 312; iTaiA. 49; 
a. r. 208; oerZ and night. 997; i2o6. GZowc. 472, 17; vis. 
P. P. 251; J/and. 6; pat lond ia3. 74; lande (d^i)Percev. 
208; c. of I. 554; londe Mor. a. p. 1, 936; cmip qS. giland. 
loncUblc La7^. 30930; owl and night. 1156. 
londtilie La^. 14850. 
londuvel a. r. 360. 

landien 347 

1 a n di e n , ASax, landian, land; londe „appello, applico^, 
prompt, parv. 312; landed (part.) Isumh, 231. 

lane, OFris. lane, lone, Dutch lB,en, lane, prompt parv, 
286; RicL 4373; pr. consc. 8919; lone -Jfor. a. p. 1, 1065; 
lanes (pt) Wr. voc, 165; vis. P. P. 1314; Chauc. C. t 

lang, ASax, OFris, lang, long, OSax. lang, Olcel. 
langr, OHGermAsmgeTy Goth. laggSy La*, longus, long (lang)y 
Orm. 15210; Iw. 1479; s. s. Web. 55; pr, consc. 632; 
long LaT^. 6366; iTaiA. 518; owl and night 7 55; Wr. spec. 
35; long in longum? ant Arth. XXXVII^ 9; al longe 
niht La^' 23751; pene dsei longe 5668; al pe longe yeer 
Lidg. m. p. 152; al pe j^r longe owl and night 788; lange 
(adv.) Orm. 1264; met horn. 72; longe a. r. 268; BeJcl 
10; Octav. 130; leng (comp. adv) owl and night. 42; BeJc. 
161; t der no leng abide Trist 3, 28; p6 lenge pe more 
-4Zi5. 5864; lenger (comp. adj) pr. cotwc. 3932; no longer 
(r. lengre) tale Chauc. C. t 332; lengre (adv)Kath. 810; 
a. r. 8; Orm. 13163; lengre ipolien La^- 471 ; lenger LTocci. 
J, 288; compos. an(d)lang. 
langm(5d patient, ps. 102, 8. 

lang, for ilang? long: for al Cristene folkes hald is 
lang o Cristes helpe Orm. 13377; long Chauc. C. 1 12858; 
mi lif is long on pe Wr. spec. 29. 

langien, ASax. langian, ODutch OHGerm. langen, 
long, prolongari: dsejes gunnen longen (longi) ia3. 30627; 
low^^n porrigere, 30896; longie pertingere, Shoreh. 123; 
longen Chauc. C. t 2280; langen desiderare, Orwi. 19364; 
Ion gin j^pertinere, desiderare^, prompt, parv. 312; longed 
(pres.) Kath. 1915; owl and night 888; longip Alis. 139; 
after him me langes full sore Isumh. 666; longede (lan- 
gede) (pret) iaj. 10124; longede Beh. 45; longed Mor. 
a. p. 1, 144 & 2, 1747; compos, a-, bi-, for-, oflangien. 

Ion gunge, JjSaa?. langung, Icmgrm^, a. r. 190; longinge 
Wr. spec. 28; longing Gow. conf, am. 3, 309. 

lanke, ODutch lanke, OHGerm. lancha, lank (lonk), 
hip-joint: and leip is (his) leg o lonke Wr. p. s. 156. 

lapien (lape), ASax. lapian (?), ODutch lapen Maerl. 
rb. gloss., Fr. laper, lap, XctTCxetv, vis. P. P. 13962; Mor. 
a. p. 2, 1434; lappin prompt parv. 287; lappep (pres) 
Gow. conf. am. 3, 215; lapiden (pret) Wicl. gloss. 26. 

lappe, ASax. OFris. OHGerm. lappa, lap, segmen. 

348 lappen 

laciniay prompt parv. 287; La3. 30261*; Fum, p. XXI^ 
29; vis. P. P. 11429; Chauc. G. t 688; 8. s. Wr. 1262; 
nou es left me no lappe mi ligham t6 hele Halliw. diet 505. 

lappen (lappin) Zap, prompt parv. 287; lappe Flor. 
113; lapped (pret) Gow. conf. am, 2, 268; Triam, 417; 
about pe schild he lappid it Tor. 557; lapped (part.) 
pr. consc. 523; lapped in cloutes cr. P. P. 872; ilappid 
fvm. p. I, 39; compos, bilappen. 

larder, OFr. lardier, larder^ Fum. p. XIII, 236; lar- 
dere (dat) Rob. Br. 28, 14. 

ld,re, A Sax. 14r, OSax. OHGerm. ISra, lore^ doctrine^ 
precepty Kaih. 116; Orm. 5245; Min. 47; pr. consc. 6469 
Mar. mir. pi. 99; l^re, Isere (lore) ias- 693 & 6299 
lore (lare) a. r. 80; lore Shoreh. 59; Chauc. C. t 529 
Mor. a. p. 2, 1556; (loore) vis. P. P. 7978; lere? Ml. 
rom. 2, 373; m. Arth. F. 521. 
l&rspel sermon^ La^- 10162; Orm. 12686; lorspel rel. ant 

1, 129. 

lordeu (printed -den) teacher^ rel. ant 1, 130; lordewes 
(pi) 1, 129. 

IS, rep, ASax. Idreop, teacher; I4rej>e8 (|)Z.^ Orwi. 7233. 

large, jFr. large^ large^ a. r. 168. 

las, ASax. Ises, OSax. les, (compar.) less, minus, Trist. 
3, 19; les a. r. 30; pe les eo minus, Boh. Glouc. 26, 22; 
met. horn. 19; n6 pe les owl and night 374; les „ne", ps. 

2, 12; leste (= les pe) lest, LaT^. 6642; Kath. 2386; 
a. y. 58; for drede leste he wolde hire bite jfc. of T. 404; 
lasse, ASax. Isessa, OFris. lessa, minor, La^. 7042; Fum. 
p. VIII, 107; Orm. 7906; McZ. e/oAri 3; a lasse hul Uol. 
Glouc. 204, 6; lasse (pi.) owl and night 482; lasse and 
mare (more) Alis. 68 ; m. Arth. F. 687 ; lesse a. r. 86 ; 
lasse minus, Kath. 1561; Orm. 4896; vis. P. P. 2976; 
lesse a. r. 92 ; and god can more pane dan pe him jived 
lesse Fum. p. VII I, 36; lest, ASax. Isest, Isesest, (super- 
lat) least, minime, Marh. 13, 10; and lest it costep Goto, 
conf. am. 1, 153; er me lest wene a. r. 178; Iseste, OFris. 
leista, minimus, Orm. 15277; leste Mand. 173; pe leeste 
man vis. P. P. 1403; at pe leste Horn 612; at (et) te 
leste a. r, 164; c. of I. 171. 

14s, OFr. 14s, lacs, lace, Alis. 7698; (laas) Chauc. 
C. t 394; 14z? a. r. 420* 
la so he, cmp. OHGerm, losche, morocco^ Halliw. diet 506. 

laschin 349 

laschin, Fr. lacher? litsh, „verberare^, prompt parv, 
288; lasched (pret) Mor. o. p. 2, 707; lashed Em, 298. 

lasse („lasce") lassy met. hom. 39. 

lassen lessen; lessin prompt parv. 298; lasse (pres.) 
rel, ant 2, 211 ; lassed Kath, 1718; Goto. conf. am. 3, 147; 
lessith Wr, s. a, c, XLVI, 20; lessed (pret,) ps. 88, 46; 
ilessed (part) Shoreh, 127. 

last, Olcel. lostr, from ASax, lean, Goth, laian, OSax. 
OHGerm. lahan (vituperare), faulty La^. 2297 A; Orm. 
4522 ; laste (dat) Wr. spec. 37; lastes (jp^ Mor. a. p. 3, 198. 
lasteles faultless^ Kath. 105; Wr. spec. 52; leasteles Marh. 
12, 8. 

last, ASax. hlsest^ OHGerm, (li)last, OFris. hlest, Zewf, 
oniAs; lest prompt, parv. 299; Isisi (pi.) Chatic. C. t 14849; 
laste (dat) dep. of B. 29, 26. 

las ten (laste), Olcel. lasta, blame, a. r. 64*; pou lastest 
h6m rel. ant. 1, 243. 

1 a s t e n , ASax. (ge)hl8estan, ODutch lasten, last, oner are : 
pai . . . w^rn laste & lade Mor. a. p. 1, 1145. 

lat, ASax. Iset, OSax. lat, Olcel. latr, Goth, lats, 
OHGerm. lazer, laty tardus^ Mor. a. p. 2, 1172; late, ASax. 
late, (adv) late, tarde, La^. 3075; Orm. 753; owl and 
night 1145; vis. P. P. 1503; leate, lete (late) a. r. 240 
& 338; later (comp) later^ Fum. p. VHIy 67; latere latter^ 
La'T^. 8356; a. r. 86; latre Orm. 868; latste (superl) last, 
Orm. 15044; laste Kath. 585; a. r. 86; at pan laste La^. 
3765; at pe (te) laste Wr. treat 134; Chauc. C. t 709; 
s. s. Wr. 2672; latemiste id., La^. 11080*; pe latemest(e) 
dai rel. songs F, 49. 

lat on, latun, latoun, OFr. laton, latten, brass, ^auri- 
chalcum^, Wr. voc. 255; prompt, parv. 289; Gow. conf. am. 
I, 221; cr. P. P. 389; Chauc. C. t 701 ; jpr. cotwc. 4371. 

1 a 1 1 (e) , ASax. Isetta Wr. voc. 26, ODutch latte, OHGerm. 
latta, lat (lath), ,^asser^, Wr. voc. 235; laththe, latthe 
prompt parv. 288. 

Iki, ASaa;. IM, OSax. m (leth, Md), Olcel. leidr, 
OHGerm. leider, loath, odiosus, Marh. 14, 14; (14d?) gr. 
43; IM, Ised (lop) La^. 244 & 7321; 14p (?r?w. 4140; 
Jw7. 135; Mapes 360; lod a. r. 168; loop 2?w. P. P. 5268; 
ich was him lop owl and night. 1086; be him lop or leef 
Chauc. C. t 1839; pe lope gost Fum. p. VUIy 135; pe 
l^pe Lazare Mar. mir. pi. 166; laipe (pi) met. hom. 51; 

350 l&p 

oure laith(e) sinnes Mor. q, p, 3, 401; leide rel, ant. 1, 
219; Aud. 31; lodre (comp) a. r. 266; loper Amis 2206; 
IMest (superl) Mark. 3, 19; (ms, IMest?) iaj. 4573; 
lodest a. r. 296; compos. ilM. 

ladhc (m>s. l&dtic) loathly, gr. 42; l^dlich (7?w. l&dlich) 
(loplich) ias. 4573; l&dlich fiww. lodltch) a. r. 118; rcZ. 
«ow^5 Vy 246; lopli prompt, parv. 314; «. «. PTr. 3207; 
Tor. 963; (W. lodli?) Jtfa^es 339; IMliche (pi.) La^. 
1884; Fum. p. VIII, 141; lodliche ^ms. lodliche) (adv.) 
c. of L 1136; IMluker (ms. l^dluker) (comp.) La'^. 15967; 
loplokest (superl) Alis. 6312. 
lopsum, OHGerm. leidsamer, loathsome, prompt, parv. ^1 4c. 

lap, ASax. \kSij OHGerm. leid, loath, harm, Orm. 11887 ; 
he ne wile us don non lod rel. ant 1, 218; lop chron. 
Vilod. 92; Percev. 1935; avow. Arth. LVII^ 3; lope (dai.) 
owl and night. 1144. 
lodleas a, r. 188. 

lape, OIceL hlade, from laden, lathe, y,horreum^, Wr. 
voc. 204; prompt parv, 33; Chauc. C. t. 4086; m£t. horn. 

ladien, ASax. ladian, Olcel. lada, Goth, lapon, OHGerm. 
ladon, lathcy invitare, La^- 6673; ladied (pres) a. r. 144; 
lapez (imperat) Mor. a. p. 2, 81 ; ladede (pret) La^. 
14427; compos, iladien. 

ladunge (lapinge), ASax. ladung, lathing, invitatio, 
(ace) LaT^. 5115. 

l£dien, lopin, ASax. 14dian^ Olcel. leida, OHGerm. 
leiden, loathe, „obominari^, prompt, parv. 316; lope Rob. 
Glouc. 32, 9; pat us lopep pe lif vis. P. P. 309; lodie 
(pres. suhj.) a. r. 324; lopende (part) Wicl. gloss.; lodede 
(WW. leodede) (pret) La^. 6096; compos, al^dien. 

lodnesse, OHGe7*m.\eidmsssL^loathn€ss, (ace.) a. r. 310. 

14dde, ASax. Iseddu, ohomination, hate, La^' 2328; 
a. r. 310*; I4ppe Orm. 5451; in love and naujt i lope 
(for loppe?) Shoreh. 57; lepe (for l^ppe?) met hom. 81. 

14 ve, ASax. M, OFris. l&va, Olcel leif, OS ax. leva, Goth. 
leiba^ OHGenn. leiba, from liven, lave, reliquum : nas per 
n4 m&re ... to lAve iaj. 28583; leave (ace) a. r. 168. 

lavel? ASax. l8ef(e)l, OHGerm. label, howl, basin; Isef- 
len (So«. pi) Laz. 22762. 

laven Zave, lade: to lave & to kest(e) Mor. a. p. 154; 
pe deu of grace upon me lave Wr. spec. 72. 

layen 351 

layen, Fr. laver?7ay«; helavede (wnshaihed) a sweote 
jLa3. 7489; it lavede a blode rd, ant 1, 144; laved 
(pari*) washed, vis, P. P. 8909. 

14veroc, ASax. l^perce, ODutch leeuwerke, OHGerm, 
ISracha, lavroc (learoc, lark), Wr^ spec, 26; l&verok Oow, 
conf, am. 2, 264; Chauc. r. r, 662. 

l&pe, ASax, hlllp, hlsep, OHOerm, hleo ^Z. lewa, law 
(low), ^tumulus^j Oi^m. 9205; l^we (dat, ace.) Mor, a, p. 
2, 992; Isumb. 392; lowe (dat ace) Havel, 1291; Alis. 
4348 & 5364; rel. ant 1, 120; U leans disc. 1000; Tor. 
1967; in pe liunes IShe (for Igwe denf) Kath. 1847. 

lax, ASax. leax, Olcel. lax, OHGerm. labs, saZwon, 
Havel. 754; TFr. j). ». 151; lex Wr. voc. 90. 

lead, Dutch Swed. lod (lood), Germ, lot, ZeaeZ, ^Zwwi- 
fcwm; Ised (leod) La^, 5692; led TFn sjpec. 83; (leed) 
prompt parv. 292; vis. P. P. 3688; Mand. 75. 

lee din „plurnbare^, prompt parv. 292. 

leaf, -4)Saa;. leaf, ODutch loof, O-FW9. l&f, OJceZ. lauf, 
OHGerm, laub, 6ro«A. laubs^ Zea/, Marh. 1; lef PTn ^reat 
137; (leef) vw. P. P. 2054; Chauc. C. t 3111; leaf (leves) 
(pi) LaT^. 46; Isefes Orm, 13737. 

lefsal, Swed. lofsal, Dan. lovsal, bower, ant. Arth. VI, 6; 
lefsel Mor. a. i). 3, 448; (levesel) CAawc. C. t 4059; „16ve- 
cel umbraculum^, prompt parv. 300. 

leaje? ASax, leah, ODutch looge, OHGerm. louga, 
Zie; ley(e), lie j^ixivium^, prompt parv, 294; l^e, lie rd, 
ant 1, 8 & 53. 

leak („l§k, leek"), ASax. leac, ODutch look, OiceZ. 
laukr, OHGerm. louch, Zeei, „porrum'', Wr, voc, 264; 
prompt parv, 295; vw. P. P. 2637; Chauc, C. t 3877; 
compos, car-, g&r-, bem-, bol-, bous-, [pel-, scbinlek (-lok). 

lean (^laen"), ASax, lean, OSax. OHGerm, Ion, OPm. 
l&n, Olcel, Goth, laun, wages, La"^, 16691; Orm, 1518; 
14n Za^A. 806; lien Fum. p, VUI, 32. 

leap („leep"), ASax, leap, Olcel. laupr, Zeop, „sporta, 
corbis, nassa'^y prompt, parv. 296; Wicl, gloss,; lepe (cZa*^ 
ot£?Z awe? m^A*. 359; Wr, s. a, c, LXIX, 9; lepes (pi) 
Bob. Glouc, 265, 9; (ISpus) Aud, 81. 

leap („leep"), ASax, bleap, bl^p, ODutch loop, OHGerm. 
louf, Zeop (loup, lope), y^saltus^, prompt parv. 297; lepe 
Mand, 113; lupe (leope) ia3. 1928; liipe (dat) Fum, 
p, XVy 148; lope HaUiw. diet 529; lope (lop?) (ace) 

352 leapen 

Gow. conf. am, 1, 310; leapes (pi.) Lidg. m. p. 32; Iftpes 
a. r. 48; compos, overlop (-lepe). 
lepjer leap-year, Wr. voc. 239; lepeseer Hand. 77. 
?leapwinke, AS ax, hleape-|>ince Wr, voc. Q2 & 280, lap- 
wing, y^upupa^ ; lap (lap?)-, leepwinke Wicl. gloea. 26; 
14pwinke prompt jpart?. 288; lappewinke? Qow. conf, am. 
2, 329. 

leapen, ASax. hleapan, OFris. hlapa, ODutch loopen, 
Olcel. hlaupa, OHQerm. hlaufan, loufan; leap (laup, lope)^ 
a.'r. 106; Isepen Orm. 11792; lepen (leape) iaj. 24697; 
l§pen vi8. P. P. 1344; lepe Mand. 113; Chauc. G. t 4376; 
leapinde (pres. part,) Kath, 196; leop (pret) a, r, 52; 
Alis. 1076; h, o} T. 1066; leep vis. P. P. 1018; Chauc. 
C. t, 2689; lep Mor. a. p. 3, 179; s. s. Wr. 886; Percev. 
479; leopen La^, 1836; lepe Octav. 476; lopen vis. P. P. 
691; (16pin) s. s. Wr. 2417; (16pon) Alis. 861; leope 
(subi) a, r, 140; lupe Orm, 12037; lopen (pret. part) vis. 
P. P. 2868; s. s, Web. 739; Mor. a. p. 2, 990; compos. 

16 pare, ASax. hleapere, leaper, ^^cursor^, prompt, 
parv. 297. 

leas, ASax, leas, OFris. l^s, OS ax, 16s, OHOerm. 
loser, (joth. laus, Olcel, lauss, false, vain, Mark, 15, 20; 
lees prompt, parv. 298; Chauc. r. r. 8; erZ of T. 1086; 
mi lif was luper ant lees Wr. spec. 49; les Boh. Olouc. 
160, 9; Bich. 3230; Wr, p. s. 214; s. s. Wr, 2470; rel. 
ant, 1, 123; pi lease |>it jBCa^A. 1010; lease (pi) LaT^. 751 ; 
i^wr?^. ^. VIII^ 129; lease swefnes a. r. 268; lese wordes 
ot^Z and night. 756; leas (subst.) falsum, a. r. 82; Shoreh. 
Ill; ISs i%. 5«. o/ jTA. 1777; buten lese La^. 28150; 
wipouten les(e) Alis. 6790; Degrev. 1213; compos, berd-, 
care-, ende-, fader-, help-, herte-, lak-, lif-, moder-, rSche-, 
red-, witleas. 

leasien, ASax. leasian, lie, mentiri. 

leasunge, ASax. leasung, leasing, „mendacium'^, a. r. 
82; leesinge ^rompf. parv. 298; lesing owl and night. 84:6 ; 
Chauc. C. t. 12407; Octav. 1660; ^jr. consc. 4274; Atod. 
27; lesinge face) La^. 2969; vis. P. P. 2113. 

leave (leve), ASax. leaf, OS ax. t(or)16f, OHGerm. 
(ur)loubi, leave^ permissio, ,^licentia^, prompt, parv. 300; 
leave (ace) La^- 4879; a. r. 56; We Orm. 10229; Isumb. 
142; leve vis. P. P. 12610; Tor, 440: ich . . . nime leve 

leave 363 

owl and night. 457; leeve Chauc, C, t 1219; live s, s, 

Wr. 1568; reb. Line, 6. 

lefFul „h'citus^, wills and invent 22 ; (leful) prompt parv, 

293; Chauc. C. t 5619; apoL 71; leef-, leveful WicL 


leave, JjSaar. leafa, OS ax. (gi)16bo, t(gi)16vo, OHOerm, 
(gi)Ioubo, (be)lief, fides, Kath, 386; Shoreh, 143; leve 
rel. ant 1, 131; Rob, Br, 247, 14; Isefe Orm, 16809; 
compos, bi-, ileave. 

leafful Kath. 1038; lefful st gen, 3447. 
leaflic („Ievellk") credible, ps. 92, 5; compos, unMfllch. 

1 e a V i e n (levi), OHGerm, louben (frondere), have leaves, 
Fum, p, XV ^ 126. 

leden (ledden), AS ax, Iseden^ leden, \yA&n, speech, Mor, 
a, p. 1, 877; Mar, mir. pi, 9; ledene (ace.) c, of I, 32; 
(dot.) Marh. 23^ 6; ledene, leodene a, r. 136 & 170; ledne 
(lidne) Chauc, G. t 10749; lidiu s. s, Wr, 3238. 

lee lea, cut (of yarn), prompt parv. 291. 

leg, Olcel, leggr (cms), leg, „tibia'^, prompt pa7*v. 293; 
Alis.' ISOS; legge? face) Octav. 12,14: \ legges (pi) La'7^. 
1876*; Wr, treat 139; Wr. spec. 52; Chauc. C, t 3267. 

legge ledge, prompt parv. 293. 

leggeu, -4/SaiF. lecgan, OHGerm, leggen, O/Saa?. leggian, 
Olcel. leggja, Goth, lagjan, from lijen, lay, Kath, 773; 
a. r. 346; lessen Orm. 5097; legge Bek. 2278; vis. P. P, 
949; Chauc. C, t 3935; lein prompt pai^v, 294; leye 
Mapes 341 ; and sai a knight ley(e) him on wip a swerde 
scharpe and felle Eglam, 416; pii leist (pres) Kath, 1895; 
(he) leid a. r. 288; (we) legged -Fwm. p, VIII, 159; pei 
leggip Alis, 6602; lejde (pret) Orm. 1334; leide La^- 
38; vis. P, P, 4040; Flor, 740; sche leide hur doune be 
pe childe Octav, 366: leiden Kath, 2252; lejd (part) 
Oi^m. 3401; compos, a-, bi-^ ileggen. 

lese, /rom lijen? fallow, unploughedx mi lond leye lip 
Wr, p. >-. 152. 

(lei^e) lai ley (lay), novale, p^^ompt parv, 285; Tor, 
165; eryen hise leyes y?k P, P. 4,414,, 
? leilond prompt, parv. 285*; Mar, mir, pi, 112. 

Ie3e (leise), AS ax, leg, l^g, lig, OHGe^mi, long, flame, 
Mapes 338; leie Fum. p. VIII, 140; rel, songs V, 236; 
leye vis. P. P. 11783; lei Kath, 1412; lighe Alis. 3458; 
lie Brand, 23; 16ie (dat) a. r, 202. 


364 1^36 

1^36 (l^S^^e), Olcel, leiga, Swed, l^ga, Dan. 16ie, hire, 
Orm. 6234. 
l^jheman Orm, 6222. 

Ie3en, A8ax, ISgan, MHOerm, lougen, inflame; ilesed 
(part.) rel. ant. 1, 266. 

lei, OFr. lei? ley, law, Kath. 321; c. of I. 240; lai 
Shoreh. 122; fc. o/ T. 383; Mar. wiV. pL 201. 

lein, OHGerm. lougen, concealment, Amad. Wei. 511; 
laine (dat.) m. Arth. F. 1964. 

l^inen (laine), ASax. legnian, OHGe^mi. longnsin, Goth. 
laugnjan, Olcel. leyna? lein (lain), conceal, ho. 703; Percev. 
1940; m. Arth. F. 989; leines (pres) a. r. 314*; lained 
(part) Mor. a. p. 1, 244; laind pr. consc. .5999; compos. 

leir, A Sax. leg'er, OSax. OHGerm. legar, Olcel. legr, 
layer. Wart. hist. 3, 330; layere (dat) Halliw. did. 509. 
leirstowe La'7^. 22874. 

leit, ASaa:. leget, l^get, flame, flash, Go7v. conf. am. 
3, 94; Mand. 292; Wicl. gloss.; Iei3t Rob. Glotic. 308, 8; 
li3t? s. s. Wr. 2243; leite (dot) La^. 25599; a. r. 306; 
Chauc. G. t. Tyr. p. 169. 

leiten, Goth, lauhatjan, OHGerm. loiigezen, flame, 
blaze, flash, a. r. 202; leited (pres) Marh. 13, 21; leite 
(subj.) Gow. conf. am. 3, 95; ISitede (pret) La^. 18539; 
Kath. 671. 

leli (lelli?)^ cmp. ASax. Isel (livor), livid? wip leli 
lire Iw. 2510. 

lenchen, ^Saa?. hlencan ? part. goblenQQ^ (tortus) Eum. 
lex. 492, MHGerm. lenkeri (flectere)? lench, stoop f i len- 
ch(e) rel. ant. 2, 211. 

lende, ASax. Olcel. lend, ODictch lende, OHGemi. 
lenti, lend, loin, Orm. 4776; leende Wicl. gloss. 26; „leend 
(lende) lumbus'^, prompt, parv. 296; lend pr. consc. notes 
p. 267; lenden (pi) Marh. 18, 19; a. r. 280; Shoreh. 
44; lendes Orm. 3211; Chaxic. C. t. 3237. 
lendbon rel. ant. I, 216. 

lenden, ASax. lendan, Olcel. lenda, from land, ar^^ive, 
stay, Orm. 2141; lende c. of Z. 504; Lv. 1449; Hartsh 
m. t. 8; w. J.HA. f'. 565 & 2473; Tor. 2600; in Acris 
gunne pai lende Isumb. 508; lende (pret) Degrev. 1560; 
lente m. Arth. F, 988; see landien. 

lenien (lenin, leinin), ASax. hleonian, hlinian, OSax. 

lenge 355 

hlinon, ODntch lenen, leinen, OHGei^m. (h)linen, cm'p. Or. 
xXtvstv, lean (line), prompt parv, 295; lened (pres,) rel. 
ant. 1, 223; lenep Lidg, m. p. 29; leonie (subj.J a. r. 142; 
lenand (part.) s. s. Wr. 2895; leonede (p7'et.) Lut^. 10776; 
leoned Fttrn. p. XXV F, 18; linede X, 45; lenede vis. 
P. P. 17. 

lenge, ODutch lenge, linge, lingj Indus marinus, prompt, 
parv. 296. 

lenge (lenghe)^ ASax. lengu, OHOenn. lengi, length, 
rel. ant. 2, 281; Mor. a. p. \, 416. 

lenge n, ASax. lengan, OHGerm. lengen, OTcel. lengja, 

froi7i lang, prolong: pi lif lengen rel. ant. 1, 185; lenge 

remain, vis. P. P. 878; Mor. a. p. I, 261; m. ArtJi. F. 

8276; Amad. Hobs. XXVIII, 5; linge Fum. p. XXVI, 4; 

lenges (pres.) Degrev. 1340; compos, ilengen. 

lengpe, ASax. Olcel. lengd, ODntch lengde, length, 
prompt, parv. 296; oiol and night. 174; vis. P. P. 1060; 
on lengde at length, rel. ant. 1, 221; lenkpe s. s. Wr. 
2696; lenthe pr. consc. 5899; leinpe chron. Engl. 26. 

1 e n t e n , ASax. lengten, lencten, cmp. OHOerm. lenzo, 
lent, vis. P. P. 14645; met. horn. 122; leinten ^ver'^ Wr. 
voc. 90; La^. 30626; a. r. 70; leinte Roh. Glouc. 187, 8. 

leo, ASax. OHGerm. Lat. leo, lion^ rel. ant. 1, 125; leo, 
le 0?^. 5834 & 5978; leun a. r. 120; rel. ant. 1, 208; 
leones, leunes, lenes (gen.) La^- 5827, 5838 & 6.027; liunes 
Kath 1847. 

leo, leow, ASax. hleo, hleoj>, OSax. hleo (hlea), Olcel. 
hl^, hie, OFris. hli, MHGerm. lie? lee (lew), umbraculnm; 
lee dep. of R. 29 ; le Em. 348; pr. consc. pref. XII \ leouwe 
{\Q\\Q)'(dat)f a. r. 368. 
leowstude ,^ap7*icns locus^% Wr. voc. 95. 

leod, leode, ASax. leod, OSax. liud, OHGerm liut, 
Olcel. liodr, l;^dr, people, nation ; l^d, leode, l^de 0}^m. 
7166, 7446 & 11313; leodes (gen) Marh. 20, 8; pisses 
ledes king LaT^. 9656; al p4s leode (pi.?) 2054; on leodo 
(ms. leoden, the other text has in londe) 1 ; in lede Octav. 
183; m. Arth. F. 653; ant. Arth. VII, 5; Mar. mir. pi. 
163; Loth lengez in 5on leede Mor. a. p. 2, 112 \ inne feole 
leoden (dat. pi) Lqt^. 8320; leode man, vis. P. P. 4912; 
lede Flor. 716; Octav. 1459; ant. Arth. XXII, 6; liid 
Hartsh. met. t. 278; lued Wr. p. s. 155; leode (pi) men, 
folks, O^^m. 3237; nSre par n^ne leode Laj. 1113; wolde 


356 leodigc 

ye, mi leode (IMen), lusten eure loverde reL ant 1, 171; 
his lond and his leede Gam. 71; lipe Hob, Br. 79, 18; 
leodes Wr, p. s. 150; londes and ledes Hardw. poem 65, 
2; p4 leoden La'7^. 1784; speken wid pon leoden (dot. pi.) 
5611; pere leodene (gen. pi.) king 892. 
leodking Laj. 867. 
leodran La'7^. 14540. 
leodscome ia^. 26297. 
leodswike Las- 12960. 
leodpeaw Laj. 2059. 

leodisc natwnaly LaT^. 2144; ledisch Mor. a. p. 2, 1556. 

leof, ASax. leof, OSax. liof, OFris. liaf, Olcel. liufr, 
OHOei^m. liuber, liober, Ooth. Hubs, leef (leaf, lief), caims, 
La'^. 344; a. r. 250; Bek. 37; leof, lef Orm. 733 & 2356; 
leof, lof owl and night. 230 & 1275; 16f HV. aw. ZtV. 3; 
(printed les) Hartsh. m. t. 89; leef Cliauc. C. t. 1839; 
leef or loop ms. P. P. 5268; (leve) Eglam. 210; luef rel. 
ant. 1, 110; leof (subst.) a. r. 380; Wr. spec. 92; hire 
leof Alls. 2906; lef (leof) Kath. 786; leef i^is. P. P. 946; 
mi sweete leef Ghauc. C. t. 3790; Rimenild pi luef Hoim 
564; in his leoves heorte a. r. 400; enne leove mon 
(lemmon) Lai^. 4486; his leve mon Wr. an. lit. 12; leve 
(lieve) broper Chauc. C. t. 1138 & 6977; l^fe (pi) and 
dere jpr. consc. 2978; leovere (comp.) a. r. 230; levere 
(leovere) Kath. 2312; levre Fum. p. VIII, 15; levir 
Octav. 1183; avo?/). Arth. XLIV, 14; it were me lever 
Chauc. C. t. 10995; i hadde lever (levir) 10037; Tor. 
320; Mar. mir. pi. 126; leovest (superl) a. r. 242; his 
leofeste enihtes Zaj. 28419. 

leoflic amiable, La'7^. 31787; spa leoflic and s]>a lufsum 
Hich. thes. 1, 167; leofllch a. r. 90; leflich TFr. spec. 52; 
luefll31; hire leflich(e) (leofliche) lich Kath. 1553; he 
heom leofliche biheold LaT^. 47; & leflis (aj^ectionately) 
3h6 him f^dde Orw. 3181; leoflukest (superl.) Marh. 4. 
leofmon amasius, amasia, iaj. 18611; a. r. 90; lefmon 
(leove mon) Kath. 678; lefmon, H'^r. aw. lit. 11; lemman 
Ghauc. C. t. 4238; Launf. 301; Mor. a. p. 1, 762; m. -4wA. 
F. 586; lemmon Horn 550. 

leo3en, ASax. leogan^ OSax. liogan, OHGe^^m. liogau, 
liugan^ Olcel. liuga, Goth, liugan, lie flee), mentiri, Fum. 
p. VIII, 145; lejen rel. ant. ?, 175; leshen Orm. 4907; 
1^30 Wr. spec. 91; li3en (le3e) La3. 3034; lise owl and 

leejer 357 

night 851; lien a. r. 68; liin (lijin) prompt parv. 304; 
lie BeL 1183; s. s. PFe6. 2409; poii lext (pres.) Halliw. 
diet 517; lixt vis. P. P, 2797; lesed rel. ant 1, 224; 
lejp Shoreh. 100; lihd a. r. 33 G; leiglieii Trist 3, 84; 
lie Mn7id, 292; leb (>re<^ La^. 12942; Iseli Orm. 12178; 
leigh Amis 846;'pou leighe vis, P. P. 12893; lu3en La3. 
15024; Furn, p. VIIT, 81; lowen 5. s. Web, 799; lowen 
(part) vis, P. P. 2661; compos, bi-, ileo3en. 

leeser, AS ax, leogere, liar, Wicl. gloss,; leigher Halliw. 
diet 512; lieser rel, songs VI, 7; ligher^^. 115,11; Here 
[pom. 928; Aud. 12. 

leome, A Sax, leoma, OS ax. Homo, OIceL liomi, Lat 
lumen? leem, light, Kath. 1594; a, r, 94; Wr. treat 133; 
leome (leom) LaT^. 17873; leome, leom Orm, 658 & 7627; 
leme vis. P. P. 12324; leem y^fiamma^'^ prompt, parv, 
295; lem Alis, 6848; leomen (leomes) (gen.) LaT,, 17874; 
lemes (pL) Chaue. C, t Tyr, 14936. 

leomien (lemin), ASax, leomian, Olcel, lioma, leem^ 
shine, „flammare'', prompt, parv. 296; leomed (pres) Mark. 
13, 20; leiiiep Ell, rom, 1, 269; TF?-. spec, 25; liimes 52; 
lemede ( pret) Laimf. 942; lemed Mor. a. p, 1, 119; ISmid 
7H. Arth. P. 3308. 

leor, ASax. OSax, hleor, Olcel. hl^r, Dutch Here, 
/^e;% cheek, face, Marh. 3, 4;* Kath. 316; a. r. 64; ISre 
(ler?) awt J.r^A. XIII^ 6; lure (lur?) PFr. spec. 52; lere 
(dat) Alis. 799; vis. P. P. 5598; JEtw. 294; Mor. a, p. 1, 
398; m, A7*th. F, 3624; (ace) Octav, 40; leores (^/)Z^ La^. 
5076; ISres PFr. 52)ec. 26; Hardw, poem 27, 6; Hres 
Halliw. diet. 522. 

leosen, ASax, (be-, for)leosan, OSax, OHOerm. (far)' 
leosan, liosan, Goth, (fra)liusan, leese^ perdere, Kath, 805; 
a, r, 102; c, of I, 1177; loose Bek. 950; Wr. spec. Ill; 
lesen JSicA. 3182; {lesin) prompt parv, 298; lese Chaitc, 
C, t 1217; pr. consc, 2915; aw<. .4r^A. ZA7J, 12; lise 
s, s. Wr. 899; i leese (lese) (pres) Wicl, John 6; Lidg, 
m. [J. 189; pu lust Bek. 859; he lest Qow. conf, am. 1, 
189; ha loosed Marh, 14, 25; leas (pret) a, r, 54; leas, 
laes La3. 637 & 6931; lees vis, P. P. 3479; 5. s. Wr, 
3425; les ^Zw. 951; pou lom Roh, Glouc, 428, 10; loren 
Alis, 951; Wr. p. s. 190; lore Shoreh, 18; lore (suhj,J 
Fur7i, p. XVII, 4cll', \oxQii (part.) ilfape^ 334; lorn Chauc, 
G. t 3536; 5. s. Wr. 3065; Percev. 159; lore, ilorn i««. 

35B leoten 

P. P. 12233 & 12704; lore Hoccl 7, 349; iloren Wr. 
spec. 110; c. of I. 204; k, of T. 563; ilore Bob, Glouc. 
160, 16; Lidg. m, p. 38; compos, a-, forleosen; deriv, leas, 
los, lor, lyre. 

leoten, ASax, hleotan, OSax, hliotan, OIceL hliota, 
OHGerm, (h)liozan, leet^ sortiri; compos, ileoten ; derir, lot. 

leod, ASax, leod, OIceL liod, OHGerm, liod, leod, 
song, rel, ant, 1, 129; leode (dat,) La^. 30054. 
leodscop LaZ' 30609. 

1 e V e , Dutch leve, OHGerm, liubi (amor) f love, L^s- 

leovien, ASax, leofiau, OHGerm, liuban (amare, com- 
mendare)? love; leovie (pres,) iaj. 4556; leovede (pret.) 
4850; ileoved (part) 4487. 

leowp, ASax, lileoj>d^ hleod^ lewtk, „apricitas'^, Wr, 
voc, 95; tutela: we wullet g&n a leode Laj. 5307; per heo 
leode (liope) hafveden 12022. 

1 ep e, Swed, lope (rennet)^ from leajjen? compos, cheselepe. 

16 pi, ASax, (an)lepig, l^pig; compos, anlepi. 

lernen, ^/Saar. leornian, O-STGerm. lernen, lirnen, OFris. 
lerna, lirna, leam^ discere^ rel, ant, 1, 109; lerne Rob. 
Glouc, 100, 10; vi^, P, P. 14339; Chaicc, C, t, 310; Tor, 
2202; lernen, leornen Orm, 9309 & 13005; leornieu (leorni) 
LaZ' 9897; leorni, lorni owl and night, 642 & 1210; 
leornen Kath. 110; lurnep (imper.) rel, ant, 1, 109; lernede 
(pret) Percev, 221; (docuit) vis, P. P, 4756; lernde Orm. 
7248; leornede Las. 6297; Kath. 833; a, r. 254; lurnede 
Furn. p. XVII; 300; compos, ilernen. 

lerning, ASax. leornung, learnmg^ Aud. 10. 
leorningcniht disciple, Orm, 2234. 

lese, OFr. lesse, lesche, It, lassa, MLat. laxa, leash, 
Octov, 767; leese Halliw, diet. 512; leece {\q^q) prompt, 
parv. 291; leeshe Halliw. diet. 510. 

lese, ^iSaaj. lesu, laesu, lease (leasow), pascitum, Rob. 
Glouc. 43, 9; Brand. 7; Gow. conf. a>m. 1, 17; leswe a. r. 
94; leswe, lesewe Wicl. gloss.; lesewes (pi.) La'7^. 2011*. 

lesen (lese), ASax. OSax. OHGerm. lesan, Olcel. lesa, 
Goth, lisan, lease, colligere, vis, P. P. 3928. 

lesen, ASax, lesan, l^san, OFr is, lesa, Olcel, leysa, 
OSax. losian, OHGerm. losen, Goth, lausjan, from leas, 
release, deliver, Orm. pref. 63; harroiv. 215; «^ 5re/^. 2897; 
leosen (= losen?) Kath, 1530; leses (pres.) met, horn, 167; 

l^ser 359 

lese fsubj.) avow, Arth. XXIII, 7; leo|>8e (= louse, lose?) 
(imper) Mark, 14, 16; lesande (part) Mor, a. p. I, 836; 
ksede (pret,) rel, songs F, 63; lesed Iw, 2864; lesed 
(part) pr. consc, notes p. 267; compos, ar, up-, utl^sen. 

leser releaser, Wart hist 1, 24. 

Idske (leske?), Da7i, l^ske, OS wed, liuske, O Dutch liesche, 
lesk (lisk), ,^mguen'^, prompt parv, 298; Orm, 4776. 

lesnesse releasement^ (ace) rel. ant, 42; lisnisse Fum. 
p. XV, 75. 

lesson, Fr, legon, lesson, pr, consc, 3857; lescuns (pi) 
a, r, 22. 

leswien, ASax, lsesj>ian, pasture; leswe (imper) a, r. 
I00;'leseweden (pret) Wicl, gloss, 

lette, ODictch lette, MHOerm, letze? from lat, let, re- 
tardatio, impedimentum, LaT^, 4572*; Shoreh, 71; Gow,conf, 
am, 2, 92; Chauc. C. t 8176; s, s, Wr. 2439; ant, Arth. 
Ill, 10. 

let ten, ASax, lettan, OSax, lettian, Olcel, letja, 
OHGerm, lezzen, Ooth, latjan, let, retardare, impedire, a, r, 
162; reZ. ant 1, 131; Oow, conf, am. 2, 72 ; lettin prompt, 
parv. 299; IqHq' Shoreh, 69; vis, P, P, 11524; Mand. 173; 
lette (pres) Brand, 21', lettep Orw. 14117; lettes j?r. co?i5c. 
238; lette (pret) Chauc, C, t 8265; Isette Las. 1344; 
compos, iletten. 

lettinge letting, impedimentum, La7^, 7820; letting vis, 
P. P, 6052. 

lepe, Dutch lede (otium), leath, release, ease, Halliw. 
diet, 515; Mor, a, p, 3, 160; pr, consc, pref. X, 

leder, ASax, leder, 0/ceZ. ledr, OHGerm, \qAqv, leather, 
a. r. 324; lepir Chauc, C. t 3250; lepir, ledir (leir) prompt 
parv, 293. 

leper n, leatheim, vis. P, P, 2855. 

lepi, ODutch ledig, OFris, ledig, letheg, MHGerm, 
ledee, lithy, ,^exibilis, (lentus)'^, prompt, parv, 302 ; his 
erelappes waxes lethi 7'el. tint 1, 54; lepi (weak) mastes 
Hartsh. m. t 129; 5ef eni I63 (printed boj) per lepi 
(f printed lothy) ("yoi^ were Shoreh, 156; a ful lepi (idle?) 
ping it were vis, P. P. 5979. 

ledien, ASax, leodian, release,]^ slacken, Kath. 1530; 
lej)e Mor. a. p. '6, 'd\ Crist comanded wind and se to lepe 
met horn. 135; if he him wold(e) leodien of IMe his ben- 
den La3. 4776; lepes (pres.) ps. 88, 10*; leode (imper) 

360 lederien 

Mark, 13, 2; leode ure benden La3. 21922 ; leodede (pret,) 
Mark, 13, 4; pat weder leodede La'7^. 12042; leped his 
soru met horn. 86. 

lederien, ASax. ledrian, lether (lather): he leperede 
a swote La3. 7489; liderede o blode Marh, 5; KatL 155^. 

level, ASax, lsef(e)l, levels prompt parv. 301 ; vis, F. P. 

lev en, ASax, lefan, l^fan, Olcel, leyfa (laudare, per- 
mitterej, OHGerm. (er)louban. Oath, (us)laubjan, from leave^ 
allow, permit; leve (pres, siibj.) a, r. 88; c.ofl, 1523; 
Crist leve pat he so mote transact 18, 25; lefe Orm, 8873. 

1 e V e n , ASax, lefan, l^fan, OSax. (gi)16bian, t(gi)16vian, 
OHOe^^m, (gi)louban, Go<A. laubjan, (beJUeve, credere. Mark, 
5; rel, ant \, 131; harrow, 235; Wr. spec. 37; (leeven) 
c. ofZ. 615; ho seal leven o mine godes Hick, thes, 1, 
226; levin prompt parv, 301; lefen Orm, 1347; lefe Mar, 
mir, pi. 110; leve (pres.) Chauc, C, t 10079; (leove) 
Marg. 169; lefe Isuml, 253; leeven vis, P. P. 10443; 
Maud, 108; leve (suhj) s. s. Wr. 1506; lefde (pret) Kath. 
430; (levede) Eol, Glouc, 265, 18; lefden Marh, 2, 32; 
leeyed (part) Hoccl, /, 220; compos, hi-, ileven, 

levene (levene?), for *lemne, Goth, lauhmuni? levin, 
„fulgur'', prompt parv. 301; Havel. 2690; Gow. conf. am. 
3, 77; 6-^. cjen, 3265; Uoh. Br. 174; (levin) avo?c, Ai^th. 
LXV, 4; Toion.myst 116; levene (dat) Chauc. C. t. 5858. 

ley enin fulgur are, prompt, pnrv. 304. 

lew (lewe?), Olcel, hlser? ODutch laauw? lew (lite), 
tepidus, Halliw. diet. 517; Wicl. gloss. 27; mi bodi wexit 
l&we rel, ant. 2, 211; lue I. c. c, 33; compos, cheke-, drun- 
ken-, purstlew(e)? 

lie, ASax, OSax. lie, Olcd. lik, Goth, leik^ OHGerm. 
lib, like (lich), corpus; lie, lich Orm. 8183 & 16300; lich 
La'7^. 6682; Marh. 5; st. gen. 2441; hire leflrch lich Kath 
1553; liche ,,,fiinus''', prompt, parv. 302; rd. ant. 1, .178 
Alls, 3482; whan he lip a cold liche Furn. p. V\ 48 
liche (dat) Bek. 259; vis. P. P. 5599. 
lichame body, rel, ant 1, 128; Furn. xh 17/7,153; licham 
st, gen, 200; likame vis. P. P, 60; licam Aud. 17; licome 
Kath. 215; a. r. 4; rel. songs F, 23. 

lichamllch bodily; licomliche (pi) Kath. 42; a. r. 240; 
lichamliche (adv.) rel. a?it 1, 130. 
lichewake like-wake, Chauc, C, t 2960. 

licour 361 

licour, Fr, liqueur, liquor y Shoreh. 8; Chauc, C. t 3; 
pr. consc. 6763; licur a. r. 166. 

lid, ASax. hlid, Olcel. hlicl, OHGer-in, lit, lid, prompt 
parv. 303; Furn, p. XV I^ 168; CL 272; wills and invent 
23; lides (pi,) rel, ant, 1, 209; compos, eselid. 

lid en, JtSora;. hlidan, cover, close; \\Aq% (pres) a. r. 84*. 

lif, ASax, OSax, OFris. Olcel, lif, OHGerm, lib, life, 
vita, co7*j)vs, Orm. 1625; oid and night 1096; harrow. 179; 
Ma7id, 100; s, s, Wr, 2816; (liif) Wicl John 3 \ lif & 
leomen (lime) La^^, 702; lif and soule vis, P, P. 7801; 
his doughter^ pat leove lif Alts, 2502 ; lives (gen,) alivo^ 
a. r, 390; rel, ant \y 235; vis, P. P, 13268; ah pu nevre 
mon to gode lives ne deapes stal ne stode owl and night 
1630; live (dat) a, r, 152: on live alive, s, s, Wr, 56; 
D egret), 066: to bringe pe of live Uom 695; bringe fro 
live Chauc, r. r. 7260; bi live quickly, LaT^, 4191; Katk, 
2311; s, s, Wr, 2693; bi life O^m 17943; be live hid. 
Gov, 230; be life Flor, 1654. 

lifda^ day of life; lifdayes (pi,) vis. P. P. 612; pe wile 
pu art on lifdaje (dat pi) owl and night, 1139; lifdawe 
Furn, p. XIII, 93; ibroht of lifdawe Horn, 914. 
lif lade livelode, course or mode of life, Marh, 20 ; liflsde 
a, r. 350; rel, ant 1, 129; Mand, 293; vis, P. P. 59. 
lifleas lifeless, Kath, 896. 

liflich lively, transact, 18, 25; liifllche (pi) bodily, Trist 
3, 50; lifli (adv) Chauc, C, t 2089. 
liftlme rel, ant, 1, 224. 

lift, Dutch lucht, left, sinister, Rob. Glouc. 22, 17 
Mand, 31; lift, leoft, luft La^. 15263, 24461 & 28047 
left promj)t parv, 293; vis, P, P, 888; Chauc, C, t 2955 
on his lifte half rel, ant 1, 131; over her lifte schulder 
Mor, a, p, 2, 981. 

liggen, ASax, licgan, OSax, liggen (liggean), Olcel, 
liggja, OFris. lidza, lie (Ug), jacere, La^. 1437; Kath, 
2286; a. r. 4; (liggin) prompt, parv. 304; ligge otol and 
night, 1198; vis, P, P. 7411; Mand, 240; Hardto, poem 
70, 8; 2?r, consc, 475; s, s. Wr, 144; ligges (pres,) Percev, 
797; 3e liggen (ligged) Kath. 2389; (heo) ligged a, r. 
316; owl aiid night 1046; ligges met, horn, 29; ligge (subj,) 
a, r. 424; Shoreh, 30; ligginde (part) 122; liggende 
Gow. conf, am. 1, 187; ligging Chauc. C, t 2392; compos. 
a-, biliggen. 

362 lij®^ 

lijen, OHOerm, ligen, Goth, ligan, lie, jacere, rel, ant, 
1, 177; lije Mand, 276; lien Mapes 335; (line) lud. Cov, 
221 \ \\m prompt parv. 304; lin Orm. H020; lie Chauc, 
C, t 3651; lijp (lip) (pres.) c. o/ i. 775; lip Orm. 1238; 
PFr, p. s. 152; lijand, liand I^i7Z. gloss,; la3, ^/Saa?. Iseg, 
OSax, OH Germ, Goth, lag, Olcel, la, (pret.) lay, Orm. 
3692; lai JS^i. 892; t??:^. P. P. 2601; laei, lei La^. 393 
& 1218; lei a, r, 54; lesen iaj, 1657; leijen Wr. p. s, 
190; leien a, r, 106; l^ye jBei. 2357; leyen (part) vui. 
P, P, 1432; Rich, 2477; leien Wr, an, lit, 11; lein Mand, 
286; lien 5. 5. Wr. 496; compos, a-, at-, bi-, for-, ilison; 
flieriw. Ia3e, leggen, leir. 

lihnen, from ASax, lean, OSax, lalian (vituperare^ 
reprehendere) ? blame, reprehend f (,^contradict'' White) to 
lihnen pat laerede folc Orm, 7440; to lihnen pejre spseche 

1th t (liht?), ASax, liht, leoht, OFris, licht, OHGerm. 
lichter, Dutch licht, leicht, Goth, leihts, Olcel, lettr, light, 
levis, a, r, 220; Orm, 4500; (r, w, riht) Wr, spec, 102; 
liht (list) c, of I, 958; light Goto, conf, am, 2, 95; ne 
luvede ha nane lihte plahen Kath, 106; liste (adv.) Rob, 
Glouc, 25, 3; lihture (comp) a, r, 140; lighter vis. F. P, 

lihtllch lightly, owl and night, 1757; lihtllche (adv.) a, r. 
392; lijtlTche Bob. Glouc. 79, 2; lightliche vis, P. P, 
12617; lihtllke Or^n. 6487; lihtluker (comp) a. r, 254; 
liStloker Rob, Glouc, 214, 22; Mor. a. p. 3, 47; lightloker 
vis. P, P. 11^1, 

lihtsum lightsome, ,^facilis^\ pi^ompt, parv. 304; lightsom 
Chauc, r, T, 936. 

liht (liht?), ASax. leoht, l^ht, OSax, OHGerm. lioht, 
leoht^ OFris. liacht^ Goth, liuhap ? light, lux, Ftcrn, p. VIII, 
141; Kath, 1594; Orm, 1918; (?•. to. briht) owl and night, 
947; (r, w. niht) rel, songs V, 204; liht (licht) a. r. 92; 
liht (lijt) c of I, 723; list (r, w, rijt) Wr, treat. 132; 
litt Hick, thes. 1, 227; lihtes (gen) rel, ant, 1, 132. 
liStbere? lucifer, ayenb, 10. 
lihtfat lamp, Orm. 13399. 

liht (liht?), ASax, leoht, 15^ht, OSax, lioht, OHGenu, 
liohter, light, lucidus, La'7^. 7238; list (\ w, rist) owl and 
night, 230; (r, w, ni^t) PFr. treat, 134; 6-. 6*. FFn 2037; 
pe lihte dai Horn 497; lighte brenne Chauc, C. t, 6724. 

lihte 363 

lihte (lihte?) light (leet), lung, (pL) La^^ 6499; lightes 
Trist. 1 , 4 6; (c7np. Euss. JierKoe pulmo, JierKiii lev is,) 

lihten (lihten?), ASax. lihten, OHGerm, (gi)lihten, 
OfceL letta, light, levare, gr, 41 ; je schulen beon idodded 
four siden i de jere vor to lihten ower heaved a. r. 422; 
hwat god |)erof muhte lihten 96; a dun heo gunnen lihten 
LaT^. 26337; to lijten her on erde rel ant 1, 209; lightin 
prompt, parv, 304; lighte Gotv. conf. am, 2, 371; lihted 
(pres.) Kath, 1791; lightep (delivers) hem of children cr, 
P. P. 158; listen him of his birdene rel. ant 1, 217; 
lihte (pret) harrow. 31 ; he lighte a doun vis. P. P. 11498; 
lighted (part) Mand. 71; liht Wr. spec, 37; light Town, 
my St. 107; compos, a-, ilihten. 

lihten (lihten?), ^Sarc. leohtan, l^htan, OHGerm. liuh- 
ten, Goth, liuhtjan, light, liicere, illuminarey Kath. 1411; 
Orm. 19084; liste (r. to. rihte) Bek. 1415; lighte Chauc. 
C\ t. 2428; lihtep (pres) c. of I. 718; light (imper) min 
eghen ps. 12, 4; lihte (pret) LaT^. 25595; liste Furn. p. 
XIII, 121; lait (for hit) s. s. Wr. 2234; compos, althten. 

listing, ASax. If Yiting, illuminatio, fulgur, Wicl. gloss. 
27; lis tinge Wr. treat 135. 

listnen lighten, illuminare, fidgere, Wicl. gloss, 27; 
lightenin pi'ompt parv. 304. 

lightnes lightness, levity, Chauc. C. t 3383; pr. consc. 

lightning lightning, fulgur, Tor. 1512; litening s. a. 
c. XIV, 22. 

1 i k , ODutch lik, Olcel. likr, for ilik, like, similis, Mand. 
47; Chauc. C. t 414; (liik) Wicl John 7; lie Orm. 2569; 
rel a7it 1, 227; st gen, 223; lik, lich vis. P. P, 5165 
& 5280; Uich. 5498 & 5900; liche s. s. Wr. 2991; (pi) 
Hardw. poem 56, 11; compos, ser-, aje-, aht-, an-, arm-, 
atel-, bald-, biter-, blide-, brad-, breme-, briht-, caf-, clen-, 
crafti-, cume-, cunde-, cud-, deop-, deor-, derne-, dreori-, 
eadi-, eade-^ eche-, efen-, eses-, fast-, feond-, fer-, flsesch-, 
freo-, freond-, ful-, ful-, gal-, gast-, glad-, god-, grame-, 
great-, grede-, grim-, grls-, samer-, jeap-, ser-, s^i''^®"* 
sung-, lia3j)e-, hal-, ham-, hard-, hasti-, hSh, help-, hende-, 
her-, herte-, lieven-, hoker-, huht-, hwat-, hwu-, i-, in-^ 
inner-, ken-, kine-, lase-, lad-, leaf-, leof-, licham-, lif-, 
liht-, man-, mis-, modi-, name-, naru-, open-, perte-, pliht-, 
prut-, rad-, redi-, reh-, reu-, riche-, rum-, sad-, s&r-, schame-, 

364 Uke 

schand-, schort-, sehe(n)-, sel(d)-, sem-, siker-, smerte-, 
snel-, sod-, sped-, stark-, stem-, stif-, stil-, Strang-, sun- 
der-, swete-, swikel-, swide-, swu-, tid-, time-, treow-, 
pew-, pra-, |)u-, pulde-, ut-, wak-, waii-, war-^ wereld-, 
wif-,. wiht-, wis-, wod-, wrad-, wrecche-, wun-, wunder-, 
wurdllc (-Itch), 
likli likely, Chauc, C, t 1174; HoccL 7, 74. 

like, /or ilike, like, Orm, 5813; Gow, conf, am. 1, 143; 
like, liche a. r. 224&262; Hche SAoreA. 20; a wifmoniies 
liche La'7^. 1142; compos, manliche. 

licwiirde, ASax. licpyrde, acceptable, a. r. 120. 
licpurpij id., Orm. 12919. 

likien, AS^for. liciaii, Olcel. lika, OS ax. licon, Goth. 
leikan, OHGerm. lichen, like, placer e, rel. ant. 1, 171; 
likin ,^delectari^, prompt, parv. 304; lik<Mi a. r. 238; & tet 
(= pe it) maj ille liken Orm. 18279; like]) (pres.) Wr. 
treat. 140; Chauc C. t. 779; him likep Maud. 209; me 
likef) wel youre wordes vis. P. P. 546; likes pr. consc. 
7851; likede (]^et.) c. of I. 214; hit pe likede wel LaT^. 
8746; compos, misllkien. 

likunge liking, (dat) a r. 344; liking pr. consc. 292; 
likinge (dat.) vis. P. P. 6612. 

liknin^ Swed. likna, /or iliknen, 0//(Ter/?i. gilichinon, 
liken^ ,,si7nilare'^, prompt, parv. 305; likne Maud. 48; 
liknez (pres.) Mor. a. p. 1, 499; likned (part) Chauc. 
(\ t. 180; pe water is likned to pe world vis. P. P. 4976; 
ilikned Shoreh. 58. 

likne ss (licness ?), /or ilikness, likeness, Orm. 686; lud. 
Gov. 35; liknesse (dat) vis. P. P. 686. 

likkin, ASax. liccian, OSax. liccon, leccon, OHGerm. 
lecclion, lick, ^^lingere'^, jtrorupt. parv. 305; licke ps. 71, 9; 
pou lickest (pres) Wr. an. lit. 90; lickode (pret.) Fitrn. 
p. XVIII, 69; likked /«?. 2008; Mor. a. p. 2, 1521; licked 
(part.) rel. ant. 1, 114. 

lilie, ASax. lilie, OHGerm. lilia, iiY//, owl and night. 
439; Wr. spec. 33; Chauc. C. t. 2180; lili prompt parv. 

lim, ASax. lim, leom, Olcel. limr, limh, p7'ompt. parv. 
305; a. r. 360; Tor. 2498; pr. consc. 1912; Hoccl I, 31 ; 
lim and lip Hartsk. m. t. 80; lim, lime La3. 3011 & 4227; 
lime Wr. treat 137; Shoreh. 23; vis. P. P. 14314; wip 

lim 365 

lime and lip(e) Mapes 335; lime (pU) owl and night. 
1096; limes a. r. 298; Orm. 4005; rel ant 1, 210; Wr, 
treat. 138; limes, lemes Chavc. C. t 9332 & 9339; lemes 
Mand. 159; limen (leomen) Kath. 252; leomen (lime) 
iaS. 702. 

limmele Umbmealy Laj. 25618; lim-, lememsle [Vicl. gloss. 
26; todrawe limemele Bek. 1813. 

lim, AS ax. Olcel. OHOerm. lim, limey gluten, y,viscuSy 
calx'^y prompt pari'. 305; LaT^. 15466; a. r. 226; Alis. 
420; Chanc. C. t 12734; lim & sUii Orm. 16285; lime 
(dat.) Fvrn. p. II, 91. 

Iim3erde prompt parv. 305; limyerde (dat) cr. P. P, 1123. 
limrod, ODutck lijmroede, MHGe^^n. limruote, Chavc. C. t 
Tyr. 14694. 
limtwig Lidg. m. p. 189. 

limin^ ASax. liman, MHGerm. limen, lime, glutmarey 
p7*ompt parv. 305; lime Chauc. Troil. 353; limed (pres.) 
Kath. 1792; ilimed (part) a. r. 226. 

limpen^ AHax. jimpan, OHGe'rm. limfan, fally come; 
limped (p7^es.) Kath. 471; to eiper limped his dole a. r. 
10; limpes Mor. a. p. 3, 174; him limpus pe wurs ant. 
Arth. XL VI 1 1, 4; as hit lomp (pret.J Marh. 4^ 16; com- 
pos, bi-, ilimpen. 

1 i n , OH Germ, lun (paxilluSy obex) ? 
linpin lin-piny Wr. voc. 202. 

lin, ASax. OSax. Olcel. OHGerm. lin, Ooth.lQin^ Lat. 
linum, Gr. Xtvov, line, „linum"y rel. ant. 1, 7 ; 4 cloth of 
line I. c. c. 30; here smok of line s. s. Web. 474; liifsum 
under line Trist 3, 47. 
linclath rel. ant 1, 53. 

linde, ASax. Olcel. linA, OHGerm. linda, lind, „tilia^y 
2)rompt parv. 305; Wr. voc. 228; Chauc. C. t. 2924; sa- 
cram. 389; (dat) Alis. 2489; Oow. conf. am. 1, 119; vis. 
P. P. 769; Triam. 426. 

linden, ASax. linden, linden: linden spon Trist. 2, 84. 

line, ASax. line, Olcel. OHGerm. Una, li7ie, yychorda^ 
funicidus''' y prompt, parv. 305; lines (pi) vis. P. P. 3183. 

linen (linin), ASax. linen, OFris. linnen, 0HGe7mi. 
lininer, Ii7ie7i, „li7ieus'\ prompt, parv. 306; k linen cloth 
rel. ant. 1, 163; no linene clod a. r. 418; linnen vis. P. P. 
9021; linnene clop (ace) owl and night. 1172; mid linnene 
cl^de Laj. 22290; linnen (subat) vis. P. P. 465. 

366 Itnin 

linin, from lin, line^ y^dupUcare^ , prompt parv, 306; 
lined (part,) Chaur. C. t 442. 

ling, OIceL lyng, ling, erica, prompt pariK 305; Harts ft. 
m, t 189; Degrev. 336.' 

link (linke?) Unky saxisagcy prompt, parv. 306. 

link en link: linked (part,) Lidg, st of Th, 1744. 

linn en (linne), ASax, linnan, Olcel, linna(?), Ooth, 
(af)linnan, OHGerm, (bi)linnan, Un, cease, Wr, spec. 103; 
linned (pres,) Kath, 1717*; Ian (pret,) Trist. 1, 4; com- 
j)os, bilinnen. 

lins, ASax, lynis (axis)? Dutch luns, Germ, liins (da- 
vus rotae praefixtis)? linch-pin? linses (pi.) Shoreh. 109. 

lint, Dutch lint? Lat linteum? Zmf, prompt, parv. 306. 

lippe, Abax. lippe, OjFrils. lippa^ lip^ „lahmm''', prompt. 

parv, 306; Alis, 6429; biting on mi lippe Goto. conf. am. 

\, 283 ; lippes (pi) La"^, 29359 ; lippen a. r. 106 ; Shoreh, 82. 

lire, ASax. lira^ lire ^ flesh, a. r, 130; li J)eaiis disc: 
1325; Isumh, 262; boon ne lire Octo?) 1119; lif and lire 
Mar. 94.; leere Chauc, C, t. 15265; compos. sperlTre. 

liri (or liri)? leide hir legges a liri vis. F. P. 4040; 
a liri^ o leri Halliw. diet 43. 

lirken, Olcel. lerka, lirk^ pidl: i lirke him up with 
mi bond Halliw. diet. 523. 

lispin^ MHGei'm. lispen, lisp, prompt, parv. 306; lis- 
pede (lipsede) (pret) Chauc. C. t 266. 

lisse, ASax. liss, lids^ from lide, mitigation, reliefs ease, 
Laj. 3261; Fum. p. FiJJ, 119; c. of I. 757; Wr. spec. 57; 
vis. P. P. 5211; Chauc. C. t 11550. 

lissien (lissen, lisse), ASax. lissian, lidsian, mitigate, 
soothe, relieve. Will, gloss.; Gow. conf. am. 3, 82 ; Chauc. 
r. r. 4128. 

liste, ASax. OSax. Olcel, OHGej*m. list, art, LaT^. 
17210; a. r. 220; owl and night 757; s. s. Web, 2046; 
luste (liste) Kath, 1527; liste (dat) Shoreh, 24; listes (j9/^ 
Horn 239. 
listeliche artfidly, rel. ant. 1, 188. 

liste (liiste), ASax. list, Olcel. OHGerm. lista, list, 
y^forago^, prompt pa7*v. 3Q7 ; vis. P. P. 3538; Chauc. (\ t. 

lit, Olcel. litr, colour, Wr. sjiec. 36. 

lite, Olcel. l^ti (vitium)? deceit? Town, myst 71; 
wipouten lite Lv. 1142; wip lite 1620. 

litin 367 

litin, Olcel. lita, lit, y^tingere^j prompt par?^308; lited 
(pre^.) a, r. 268; lited (part) ps, 67,24; iWiei Kaih. 1432. 

litneii (litnen?), from Olcel, lita (specerejf look? p4 
pat litnen to pin fode Orm. 6115. 

1 i t s t e r lister, ,^tinctor^, W7\ voc. 212; listare prompt 
parv. 307. 

lid, ASax, lid, leodu, OSax, lid (lid), lido (litho);, 
OHGemi. lid, lido^ Olcel, lidr, Goth, lipus, lith (leath), 
artus, membriim, rel, aiit 1, 223; (lip) Gow, conf, am, 1, 
99; Chauc, C, t Tyr, 14881; Ilartskm, t. 80; Tor, 2498; 
Triam. 467; pr, consc, 1917; (lithe) prompt, parv, 303; 
lides (pL) a, r, 262; (lipes) Havel, 2163. 
leodebeie Marh, 16. 
leopewok leath-wake, rel, anU 2, 229. 
lipewurt „it^e", reZ. awf. 1, 37. 

lid, Olcel, lid (or do, coetus, auxilium)? help? nes per 
nan Oder lid Laj. 5213; lipe Havel, 1338; 6ofl?j/, corpo- 
ration? pr6 leodes in oon lip vis, P, P. 11170. 

lid, ASax, Olcel, hlid. Or, xXtTO^? slope: jeond wudes 
& jeond Men Laj. 32219. 

lide, ASax. lide, OSax, lidi, lithi, OHOerm, linder, 
Olcel. linr, lithe, mild, soft, calm, a, r, 428; lide him beo 
drihten La^- 4; lipe Orm, 1307; s, s, Web, 2617 ; Chauc. 
h. f 118; Em, 833; Rich. 4859; ps. 106, 29; Isuml, 494; 
lipe (lithe), liye „lenis, mollis, tranquillus^ , prompt, parv, 
310; lipe (adv.) Triam. 417. 
lideliche mildly, a, r, 428. 

lide, ASax, lida, miW month? efter(e) lid(e) July, 
Marh, .23. 

liden, ASax, lidan, OSax: lidan, lithan, OJceZ. lida 
(ferri)^ Goth, (ga)leipan, OHGerm. lidan (ferre), go, ferri, 
Laz. 27; (lipen) Onw-. 8374; IM (pret) Lai,, 4880; liden 
(part) 5783; compos, iliden. 

lipen (lipe), Olcel, hl^da, lithe, listen, Alia, 5751; vis. 
P. P. 5030; Boh, Br, 93, 5; Tor. 337; Octav,^\ m, Arth. 
F. 676; Amad, Robs, XX III, 9; Aud. 66; lipe (imper) 
ps, 30, 3. 

lideren, from lidere (ludere)? leather, smite? lidere 
(Imper.) to him a. r. 290. 

lidi en (lipe), ASax. Udegian? OHOerm, lindian, lithe, 
soothe f soften, lenire, mitigare, Alis. 433; Chauc. Troil. 
5423; Mor. a. p, 1, 357; lipep oure pine Shoreh. 19. 

368 live 

live, AS ax, (and-, bi)leofa, cmp. OHGerm, (bi)libi, 
victus; compos, bilive. 

live? cmp, ASax, langlife (?), OHOerm, langliber 
livehch lively^ a, r, 6. 

liven, ASax. Man, OFris. (bi)liva, OSax, OHGerm. 
(bi)liban, Gr, Xsticstv, Imquere; compos, biliven; dertv, lS,ve. 

livened, Olcel. lifnadr (vita)f foody victus, a, r. 104; 
livenode rel, ant, 1, 214. 

liver, ASax. lifer, Olcel, lifr, OFris, livere^ OHGerm,, 
libara, lebara, livery jecur, Gow. conf, am, 3, 100; livir 
(levir) prompt, paw, 309; livre rel, songs F, 172; Wr, 
treat, 139; levir hid, Cov. 181 ; livere (livre) (ace) La^. 
livirwort liver-wort, prompt, parv, 

livien, leovien, luvien, libben, ASax, lifian, leofian, 
lyfian, libban, OSax, libbien (libbean), OFris, libba, Olcel, 
Ufa pret, lifda, Goth, liban pi^et. libaida, OHGerm. leben 
pret, lebeta, live, La^, 6902, 6904, 18049 & 27779 ; liven, 
libbe vis. P. P. 314 & 1812; liven Mand.24.', live Ckauc, 
C, t, 508; life pr, consc, 1869; leve Shoreh. 2; s, s, Wr. 
534; s. a, c, 11, 11; libben Katk, 1901; a. r, 38; Orm. 
372; libbe Shoreh, 70; ^Zi5. 7965; s, s, Web. 287; karrovj, 
247; life (pres.) Amad, KobS. LIU, 11; libbe Wr, spec, 
27; lifep Ortw, 2698; lived Mark, 5, 1; a, r. 352; levip 
Eglam, 120; heo livied a. r, 310; we libbed 360; (heo) 
libbed Mark, 10, 4; owl and night. 1010; liviende (pai^t.) 
ia3, 27213; Kath. 1227; liveand ps, 38, 6; levand Tor, 
315; libbinde a. r. 350; livede, leovede (pret) Lot,. 352 
& 15074; liveden vis. P. P, 52. 

livisch livish, living: nkw lifishe man Orm., 2463. 

lobbe, ODutch lobbe, LGerm. lobbe Schamb.wb., lubbe 
Br, wb,, lob, 
lobbekeling met. hom, 136. 

lobi •= lobbe, or i diminutive? looby (luhby), dep. of 
R 14, 1 ; lobies (pi) vis. P, P. 109. ' 

lof, ASax, OSax. Olcel, lot, OHGerm. lob, praise, laus, 
La^. 8376; a, r, 104; Orm, 3379; ps. 8, 3. 
lofllk ,^laudabilis'^ ^ ps, 96, i, 

lofsang Orm, 18025; lofsong (ms, lof song) HicJc. thes. 1, 
167; c. of L 29. 

lof, Swed. 16f, ODutch loef, loof (luff); heo scuven ut 

logge 369 

heore lof LaT^, 7859; he went pene lof a. r. 104; her loof 
and her windas Rich, 71 ; heo wenden heore lofes & liden 
toward londe Lq't^, 20949. 

logge, Fr, loge, Ital, loggia, lodge^ prompt parv. 311; 
li beaus disc. 550; Mor, a. p, 3, 457. 

log gen (loggin), Fr. loger, lodge^ prompt parv, 311 ; 
Mand. 193; loggede (pret) a, r, 264; logged (part.) 
Ckauc, C, t Tyr. 15004. 

1 o 3 , A Sax, luh ? Gael, loch, loiigh, lake, Mor. a. p, 
2, 441; louh Itoh. Br, M. 3, 304; loghe (dat) ant Arth, 
VII 5. 

I63, AS ax, Idh, 0Fri9. loch dat loge (locvs), Dutch 
loog (yagns), OHOerm, luog (spectis, cubile)^ place, Shoreh, 
145 & 157. 

loje (lo3he), OFins, loga, 0/ceZ. logi, MHGerm, lolie, 
/o?/?, j.Jlamma''^, Oi^n, 16185; lohe a, r. 356*; \o^q prompt. 
pa7'v. 314; st gen. 643; lie, 343; jpr. co'.»2sc. 9431. 

lo3e mendax; compos, warlowe. 

lo3en (lowin), Olcel.logei, MH Germ, \ohen, low, nflam- 
7ware", prompt, parv, 315; lowinge (part) Degrev, 1436. 

loine, OFr, logne, see Diez wb, 676, loin, ^lumbus^, 
prompt, parv. 312; Wr, p. s. 191. 

1 i t r e n (loitron), ODutch leuteren, loteren, loiter, prompt. 
2)arv. 311; loitrande (?„loltrande") Mor, a. p, 3, 458. 

lok, ASax, loc^ OFris, lok, Olcel, lok (operculum, con- 
clusio), OHGerm. (bi)loh, from luken, lock, ,^sera'^, prompt 
parv, 311; vis. P. P. 864; Mand. 179; loke (dat) oivl 
and night, 1555. 
loksmith prompt, parv, 311. 

lok, ASax, locc (loc), Olcel. lokkr, ODutch locke 

(cirrus, jloccus), OHGerm, locch, lock, lock, ,,,cincinnus, 

Jloccus'* : lok of here, of hei, of wuUe prompt, parv. 311; 

lockes (pi) La^. .21875; Wr. spec. 34; lokkes Alis.\\^\\ 

Chauc. C. t 81. 

loke, ASax. loca (claustrum, clausura), ODutch loke 
(sepimeritum), Olcel. loka (,^stang, laage^^) Fritzners ordb., 
lock, ,^iMjilva'% prompt, parv. 311; loke (ace.) clavstrum, 
Shoreh. 79; per weoren in kne loken fif hundred gaten 
LaT^. 21309; heo unbunde pa locun (pi) 5926; loken 
Shoreh. 79. 

loke (lok?) look, y^visus''^ prompt, parv. 311; look 
Chauc. C. t 3342. 


370 lokien 

lokien (loke), Dutch loken, Olcel, I6k% lock, ^obse- 
rare^\ Alis. 3936; lud. Cov. 341; lokkin p?'ompt. parv, 
311; lokke Chauc, C. t 5899; lokede (pret) Skoreh, 46; 
lokid s. s. Wr. 1222; m. Arth. F, 2620; iloked („ilokked") 
(part.) Mand. 265. 

lokien, A Sax, locian, Dutch loken, look^ provide, 
guard, heed, La7^, 24295; lokie Brand. 9; lokin Mark. 
4, 33; loki owl and night 604; Shoreh. 55; loken Kaih. 
1596; Orm. 1815 & 3973; c. of I 494; vor te loken riht 
bitweonen ou a. r. 286; loke Roh> Olouc, 488, 5 & 562, 
5; Alis, 1823; Tor. 1492; luke Iw. 849; pr, consc, 205; 
lokede (pret) La^^ 2266; Kath, 791; vis. P. P. 9004; 
loked (part) Oi^m. 439; pe lahen pat tu Lam havest 
iloket Marh. 10, 5; compos, an-, bilokien. 

lokunge* looking, (dat.) a. r. 102; lokinge „visv^, aspec- 
tus'^, prompt, parv. 311; loking Mor. a. p. 1, 1048. 

lollen, Dutch lollon (femora fovere foculo)? loll: he 
pat loUep is lame P. P. jt?. 528; as a leperen purs lolled 
his chekes vis. P. P. 2856. 

lollere loller, P. P. p. 528; loUer Aud. 37. 

16 me, ASax. lom^i, loom, „utensile, instrumentum^ , prompt, 
parv. 312; ps. 2, 9; Mor. a. p. 2, 314; Percev. 2032; reZ. 
a7i<. 1, 54; lomen (pi) a. r. 384; Wr. spec. 41. 

16 me, ASax. (ge)16me, OHGenn. (ki)16mo, frequently, 
Fum. p. VIII, 6; 07-m. 2178; Wr. p. s. 197; Shoreh. 7i ; 
Octov. 1944; ofte and 16me s. s. Wr. 1892; chron. Vilod. 
98; lomere (ccmp.J vis. P. P. 14400; compos. il6me. 

loppe, ASax. Dan. loppe, Swed. loppa, lop, pulex^ Wr. 
an. lit. 84; loppis (pi) Town, myst 62. 

loppister, ASax. loppestre, lobster, Wr, voc. 176; 
lopster rel. ant. 1, 81. 

lopren lopper, coagulare; lopred (part) ps. 118, 70; 
lopird pr. consc. 459 (Ilalliw. diet 5 2 9. J 

lor'^ ASax. lor, OSax. OllOerm, (far)lor, loss: with- 
outen lore Rob. Br. 97, 9. 

los, ASax. Olcel. los, from leosen, loss, ,,perdi io'^, 
prompt parv. 313 ; Chauc. C. t. 2545; Mo7\ a. p. 2, 1589; 
lose („losse") (dat) vis. P. P. 8913; ga t6 lose La^. 22844. 

lose, ODutch los (different from loos), loose (lous) : 
lose in pe haft Ha^'dw. poem 74, 4; Wr. p. s. 339; „loce 
or loos solutus^, prompt, parv. 310; loos Chauc. C. t 4062; 
his lose tunge Gow. conf. am. 1, 131 ; pe louse st6n a. r. 228*. 

losien 371 

losien (lose), ASax. losian (solvere, evader e, perdere), 
Olcel. losa (solvere), ODutch losen, lossen (solvere, laivare), 
lose, -perdere, Mor. a. p. 3, 198; losin (losia?) loose (louse), 
ysolvere, laxare''', prompt, parv. 313 & 314; losen harrow, 
30; loosen, lousen Wicl. gloss. ; louse Percev. 1871; Octav. 
1634; lonse and binde Aud, 45; louses ( pres) pr, consc. 
1792; losen Gow. conf. am. 2, 150; losede (pret.J lost, 
La-y 2201; Kath. 1120; loused loosed, Flor. 1545; lost 
(part) perditiis/ Mand. 273; Goto. conf. am. 1, 153; Chauc. 
C. t. 14596; loosed solutus, r. r. 4511; compos, ilosien, 

losne(n), Olcel. losna, loosen, Wicl. gloss. 27. 

lost, OSax. (far) OHOerm. (for)luiit, Goth, (fra)lusts? 
lost, loss, P. P. p. 520; Aud. 13; gop'* to lost Gow. conf. 
am. 1, 147. 

lot, ASax. lot (dolus, fraus)? Olcel. lot (nittatio), from 
111 ten, bow, inclinatio corporis; lote (dat) Mor. a. p. 1, 238. 

lot, ASax. OFris. hlot, ODutch lot, Olcel. hlutr? 
OlIGerm. liluz? /70m leoten, lot, ,^sors'^, prompt, parv. 314; 
a. r. 358; Orm. 133; Rich. 4262; loten (lotes) (pi) La^- 
13058; lotes Rob. Br. 124, 12. 

lote? cmjy. OFris. lotha, lota, tribute, Halliw. diet. 530. 
'iloiahi paramour, s. s. Web. 1443; Chauc. r, r. 6339; 
And. 5; lotbl s. s. Wr. 2148; lutbie met. horn. 82; lote- 
bies (pi.) vis. P. P. 1659. 

lotie(n) hide, lurk, LaT^ 21509; lotiep (pres) vis. P. P. 
11573; lotinge (j^ai^) Chauc. C. t. 12114. 

16 d, ASax. lilod, OFris. liloth, band, tf^oop; lod? 
Mapes 339.. 

love; Olcel. lofi, Goth, lofa, loof, ,,vola'^, (misprinted 
lone) Wr. voc. 207; (loove) Alex. Stevens. 2569; lufe 
Town. myst. 32. 

1 V e n (lofen), ASax. lofian, Olcel. lofa, OSax. OHGerm. 
lobon, praise, laudare, Orm. 208; love Mor, a. p. \, 285 
hou loufis (estimatest) pou him Town. myst. Ill; loved 
a. r. 408; loved (prct) pr. consc. 321; (lovid) Octav. 121 
(loovid) Flor. 714; loved (part) ps. 9, 24. 

lover l(lovir) lover (loover), y^lucanar'^ Wr. voc. 236 
prompt, parv. 315. 

lowin, ASax. Iil6]?an, O/ZGerm. (h)luon, Zow, y^mugire'^, 
prom]}t. parv. 315; loowen Wicl. gloss.; lowep (pres) 
Ilardw. poem 33, 6; (louwep) Wr. p. s. 332. 

lowinge loioing, (ace) Kath. 144. 


372 lucchen 

1 u c c h e n , ASax. lyccan (?), httch, puU f luche (pres.) 
Mor. a. p. 3, 230. 

lud, ASax. OSax. hliicl, HGerm, {h)l\iter, Gr. xXoxoc, 
loud, a. r. 210; owl and night 6 ; & bigoii to 5eien ludere 
stevenie Kath, 208; lucle (adv.) Laj. 1768; ich grede lude 
owl and night. 1253; lalijhen Ihude Or^n. 8142; loude 
Wr, treat. 136; AUs. 283; Chauc. C. t. 674; luddure 
(compar.) a. r. 290. 

lude? OFris. hlud? OHOerm. (h)luta? sound, noise; 
lAde (loude) (dat) La7^. 2591; p^ Itiden (pi.) heo iberden 
27034; he wole maken fule luden rel. ant. 1, 188. 

lud(e), ASax. lil^de, Ude, March, Rob. Glove. 569, 9; 
lide liardw. poem 35, 11. 

luden, ASax, hl^dau, OHGerm. hluten, make a noise 
or clamour. 

Itiding clamour, LaT^. 24873; ludinge (ace) Kath. 145. 

luddok y,lumbus^, prompt, parv. 316; I. c. c. 43; lu- 
dockes y^nates^, Wr. voc. 186; luddokkis Town. myst. 

luffeten, ASax. lyflfetan, flatter. 

luffetung, ASax. IjSetung, flatte7*y, Wr. voc. 95. 

luft, ASax. lyft, OSax. OIIGerm. luft, Goth, luftus, 
Olcel. lopt, lift, air, Wr. voc. 90; lift Ot^i. 17533; met. 
hom. 26; o hxtt (ace) a loft, a. r. 212; o loft Orw. 11823; 
lufte (dat) Mark 9, 29; Kath. 2124; Itoh. Glouc. 280,24; 
vleinde bi pe lufte a. r. 244; bi lofte h. of T. 680; to 
pon (pan) lufte Laj. 2881; leofte 25585; lift(e) Wr. treat, 
136; vis. P. P. 10340; fojeles on dar lefte (fueles on pe 
lode) Hick. thes. 1, 223; on lofte Chauc. C. t. 4697; o lofte 
vis. P. P. 640. 

loftsong high song? La^. 68; Ma^-h. 19, 14; Wart, hist, 
1, 74; ps, 39, 4*; (loft song) c. of I. 29* (the other ms. 
has lofsong). 

luft en (liftin), MHGerm. liiften, Olcel. lypta, lift, 
„suhlevare^, prompt, parv. 303; liften vis. P. P. 3191; 
Mand. 190; leften Orm. 2488; lifte (pret) Flor. 767. 

lugge lug, rod, pole? lugge (dat) oiol and night. 1607. 

lugge(n), Sfved. lugga, lug, pull., Lidg. st. of Th. 4597; 
luggep Gow. conf. am. 3, 149; luggid dep. of R. 14, 4; 
compos, toluggen. 

(luje) lighe, ASax, lyge, Olcel. lygi, OIIGerm. lugi, 
from leo3en, lie (lee), y,mendacium*'% ps. 5, 7; lie Chauc, 

luhnen 373 

a t 3391; h. of T, 1056; leghe s. s, Web. 2887; lee 
2'own. my St. 216; lijes (pL) Furn. p. XXX, 141. 

luhnen? connected with A^ax, leccan? compos, oluhnen. 

luke, Dutch leuk? luke, LaT^. 27557; leuke y^tepidus^, 
prompt, parv. 302; rel. ant. 1, 52; pr. consc. 7481. 

leukenesse „^cpor", prompt, parv. 302. 

luken, ASax. lucan, OSax. (ant-, bi)lucan, OFris. 
Olcel. luka, Iloth. (ga-, us)lukan, OHOerm. (ant-, ar-, bi) 
luchan^ louk (look), pull, close, La7^. 29072; Kath. 2128; 
Mark. 6, 21; rel. ant. 1, 209; louke vis. P. P. 12567; 
luked (pres.) rel. ant. I, 220; luken Orw. 16432; loukande 
(part.) Mor. a. p. 2, 441; lek ( pret.) Mapes 339; he lek 
his eghen s. s. Web. 929; up he laec pene staf La^. 29661; 
pa Isec pe |?ater ofer hem Orm. 14814; luken tit of sc4pe 
sweordes longe iaj. 23211; loken Amis 492; loke Bob. 
Glouc. 495, 22; loken (part) Orm. 1091; Gow. conf. am. 
1, 226; cr. P. P. 62; s. s. Wr. 2951; Degrev. 552; lokin 
7net. horn. 88; a Sarsins legge hap he lokin Octav. 1274; 
compos, hi-, i-, to-, unluken; deriv. lok. 

1 u k e r y^runcator^, Wr. voc. 218. 

1 u k k e , luk, OFris. ODvich luck, Olcel. lukka, MHGerm. 
(ge)liicke, luck, prompt, parv, 316. 

luk ken (lukke), Dutch lucken, luck, succeed, Hartsh. 
m. t. 225. 

lullin, Dutch luUen, lull, prompt, parv. 317; lullid 
(pret.) Chauc. C. t. 8429. 

1 u m p e , ODutch lompe, lump, „ frustum^, prompt, parv. 
317; lompe P. P. p. 527. 

lund, Olcel. lund, nature, disposition, Orm. 7038. 

lunge, ASax. OFris. lungen, OUGerm. lunga, lungun- 
(na), lungin(n)a, ODutch longe, Olcel. (lunga) pi. lungu, 
lung, j^pulmo'^, prompt, parv. 317; ret songs V, 172; Gow. 
conf. am. 3, 100; lud. Gov. 181; longe Alis. 2156; li beaus 
disc. 602; longeiie (pi) La'Ty 6499; longes Wr. voc. 183; 
(lounges) Chauc. G. t. 2754. 

lure, ASax. lyre, from leosen, loss, Lai^. 980; Kath. 
805; a. r. 58; owl and night. 1151; luere rel. ant. 1, 263; 
lire Orm. 5667; st. gen. 2920; lere? Rob. Glouc. 526, 12; 
leore? Alis. 1122. 

lure(n), ODutch leuren, loren, Fr. leurrer, lure, Chauc. 
C. t. 5997; lured (part) vis. P. P. 3351. 

(luren) lourin, LGerm. luren (specular i)? lour (lower), 

374 louri 

scowl, prompt parv, 3 1 fi ; loure Gow. conf. am. 1 , 47; 
Rich. 3470; vis. P. P. 2735; Triam. 1032; louring (part.) 
Chauc, C, t 6848. 

louri, LOerm. lurig, lowery, Lidg. m. p. 52. 

luring louring, owl and night 423. 

lurk en (lurken?), related to luren, as herken to beren? 
lurk ; „lurkin latere'^, prompt parv. 317; lurkes (pres.) 
Mot. a. p. 3, 277; lorkus Degrev. 1655; lurken cr, P. P. 
120; lurking (part.) Chauc. C. t 12586; lurkide (pret) 
Wicl. gloss.; lorked Will, gloss. 

lurkere lurker, rel. ant 1, 133. 

(lus) lous, AS ax. Olcel. OllOami. lus, louse, vis. P. P. 
2867; luse (pi.) Fum. p. 7, 5; lis (luis) vis. P. P. 2866 
(Wart, hist 2, 55); lise pr, consc. 651. 

lousi lousy, Chauc. C. t 7049. 

lusch, LOerm. lusch, lush^ „laxus'^, prompt, parv. 317. 

luschen rush? luischen (pres) Halliw. diet 535; lu- 
schit (p7'ct) Gaio. gloss. 

lusk(en), Dan. luske (auscultare), MIIGerm. luschen, 
ODutch luischen (latere), lurk, Bob. Br. 9^ 15. 

lust, ASax. lust, lyst, OSax. OFris. OHGerm. lust, 
Olcel, lyst, lust, Marh. 14, 24; Orm. 1628; owl and night. 
507; Hoccl. Ill, 60; met. horn. 165; Aud. 4; „luste vo- 
luptas, libido''^, prompt, parv. 317; „list delectatio'^ , 300; 
we hadden gret(e) lust, to see his noblesse Mand. 220; 
at here owne list 50; sinful list rel. ant 1, 221; list, 
liste? Mor. a. p. I, 907 & 2, 843; lust, lest Chauc. C. t 
132 & 1320; luste (r. w. custe) (dat) owl and night. 1395; 
lustes (pi) Marh. 1; a. r. 176; ivele lustes rel. ant. 1, 129. 
lustles Gow. conf. am. 2, 111; listles prompt, parv. 307. 
lustllcbe gladly, rel. ant 1, 129; list-, listeli Will, gloss. 

lust, ASax. hlyst, OSax. Olcel. blust, hearing, LaT^. 

lus ten, ASax. lystan, Olcel. lysta, OHGerm. lusten, 
list, cupere: whan hem list Mand. 38; if pe list Chauc. 
C. t 1185; jef wif luste hire make owl and night. 1191; 
luste (pret) Kath. 1588; a. r. 238; Brand. 6; ne luste 
beom hider varen La'7^. 28811; lust(e), leste Chauc. C. t. 
102 & 752; liste Orm. 8119; Goiv. conf. am. 2, 366; 
vis. P. P. 11646; Mor. a. p. 1, 14:Q; compos, oflusten. 

lusten, -^jSaa?. blystan, list, auscultare, La^. 919; Fu7*n. 
p. VIII, 114; listen Orw. 8574; listin prompt parv. 307; 

lusti 376 

listip (pres.) Lidg, m, p. 189; lust (imper.) Mark. 3, 15; 
lustep owl and night 1727; luste (pret) LaT^, 29526. 

lusti, MHGerrn. lustic, lusty, hilaris, ,^voluptuGSits'\ 
prompt, parv. 317; Kath. 1693; Gow, conf. am, 1, 110; 
Chauc, C. t 80; in pi youp be lusti, sad whan pou art 
old Lidg, m. p, 68. 

lustiheed kilaritas, Chauc. C, t 10602, 
lustili lustily, Chauc. C. t. 9667. 
lastines lustiness, Furn. p. XXV, 160; Chauc. C. t. 1941. 

lustnen listen, Kath. 110; a. r. 422*; lustnep (pres.) 
Wr. spec. 24; listhep vis. P. P. 9534; lestne (imper.) 
Shoreh. 76; lustnep c. of I. 1027; listned rel. ant. 1,217; 
lustnede (pret) La7^. 26357; listnede st. gen. 2137. 

lut (lut?), ASax. lyt, Olcel, litt? lite (leet), parvum, 
LaT,. 252; Kath. 34; worldliche men ileved lut a. r. 66; 
mid lut wordes 70; lute (r. w. prute) Beh. 2279; lute 
and lute paulatim^ Wr. treat. 137; lute god 133; 4 lute 
liste owl and night. 763; to luite (the other ms. has luitel) 
c. of I. 632; k lite (lite?) vis. P. P. 8569; Chauc. C. t. 
1452; a lute (parvus) wilit a. r. 72] t lute fowel Brand. 
9; alid i lute lipile Kath. 2183; lite (r. w. bite) Havel. 
1730; (r. w. wite) Hartsh. m. t. 34; pi sorje is al to lite 
Shoreh. 32; lite (plf) Chauc. C. t. 496. 

Intel (Intel?), ASax. lytel, litel, OSaa;. luttil, OHGerm. 
luziler, Olcel. litill? Goth, leitils? little (litle, leetle), par^ 
vus, owl and night. 561; 4 Intel lond Kath. 2178; Intel, 
luttel Zaj. 1652 & 26452; litel (litel?) Orm. 3205; Chauc. 
C. t. 492; litil Wicl. John 4; Lidg. m. p. 163; Intel fjpar- 
vu7ti) Kath. 3 54; a. r. 74; k Intel Marh. 13, 5; luitel 
c. o/ Z. 73; Intel, litel Furn. p. VII I, 6 & 69; litel woot 
Arcite Chauc. C. t. 1527; k litel Orm. 1715; rel. ant. 1, 
211; a littel Hick. thes. 1, 228; ane lutle while La7^. 
5818; pis lutle pine Kath. 2182; pane lutle fusel owl 
and night. 1095; pe litle pereld Orm. 17597; Utile (pi) 
and mikile Tor. 751; what lutles Fwm. p. XVII, 396; 
sum )?hat litles Orm. 4681 ; litles phat 6952; senne lutelne 
sune LaT^. 6329; Intlen (dat. pi) by little, 3669; lutlen and 
lutle 11 by little and little j Marh. 12; litlnm and litlum vis. 
P. P. 10787. 

luten, ASax. lutan, Olcel. luta, lout, incline, Orm. 
6139; St. gen. 1926; (he) luted (pres) rel. ant. 1, 223; 
(hi) luted Kath. 1781; liited (imper) a, r. 13; lutende 

376 Ifttien 

(part) 426; heo leat (pr€L)\k}iQ to hire Mark, 12, 31; 
ofte heo luten a dun La;^. 1880. 

lutie(n), ASax, (ge)lutian, OHGerm. luzzen ( latere) y 
incline, cower, lurk, LaT^, 21509; loutin „conquini8cere'^ ^ 
prompt parv. 316; loute Chauc. C. t Tyr. 14168; Rob. 
Br, 333, 24; luted (pres.J reL ant, 1, 223; pe hare lutep 
al dai owl and night, 373; luttes a, r, 332*; loutes Degrev. 
1225; lutede (pret) Kath, 1848; loutede vis, P, P, 9604; 
and his hed loutede a doun Rob. Glouc, 115, 5 ; loutid(e) 
s, s, Wr, 406; lutte Orm, 8961; lutten st gen, 407C; 
compos, atlutien. 

Inter („lutter"), ASax, hlutor, hluttor, OSax, hluttar, 
Ooth, hlntrs, OHOerm, (h)luterer, lutterer, pure, Orm. 5707. 

lutlien, ASax, lytlian, c^mmisi^, decrease, La'7^. 8838; 
lutlin (? printed littlin) Mark. 5, 1; lutli owl and night 540. 

luder, ASax. lyder, lither, bad, wicked, a, r. 96; luder 
(Inper) La7^, 6833; luper vis, P. P, 2708; luper and qued 
owl and night 1135; luper ant lees Wr, spec. 49; lider 
rel, ant 1, 131; st gen, 369; liper Eek. 364; s. s, Wr, 
2250; lither pr, consc, 1059; leper Iw. 599; pe ludere 
reve Mark, 6. ' 

luperh^d badness, wickedness, Rob, Glouc. 240, 6; liper- 
hede (dat) Fum. p, XIII, 88. 

luderliche lithcfdy, badly, wickedly, Marh. 5; «. r. 290 ; 
liperliche s. s, Web. 972; liperli Chauc. C, t 3299; letherli 
Mar, mir, pi, 1 1 4. 

lithernes lithemess, pr: consc, 226. 

lupre, ASox, lydre, lid(e)re, sling^ funda; luperen 
(dat pl,J Rob. Glouc. 394, 19. 

luve, ASax. lufe, lufu, love, amor, Marh. 5, 9; owl 
and night 1508; lufe Orm, 1572; pr. consc. 69; Isumb. 
242; lufve Amad. Robs. LI I, 11; luve, lufe, lofe (love) 
LaZ' 223, 413 & 783; love Chauc. C, t 1602; Wicl, John 
13; luve (pi,) Fum, p. VIII, 156. 

lovedai a day appointed for the amicable settlement of 
differences, Fur7i. p, XVII, 494; vis, P. P, 5634; Chauc. 
C. t 260; Aud. 26. 
lovedrink Trist 2, 54. 
luflful a. r, 222. 
lovelaik Trist 2, 82. 
lovelees loveless, vis, P, P. 2707. 
luvelich lovely, a, r. 428; lovelich vis, P. P. 5069; luve- 

luvien 377 

liclie (adv,) a. r, 14; luvehche (lofveliche) La'i^, 7892; 
luvehke reL ant 1, 217; lovelokest (superl.) P. P, p, 518. 
lufreden amor^ met horn. 30; lovered /»*. 108, 5. 
lufsum lovesome, Kath, 316; Mark, 3; Omi, 3583; ant 
Arth. XXVII, 6; (printed lussum) Wr. spec. 34; lufsom 
Iw. 214; lofsom Lav^nf, 942; lovesom Chauc. Troil. 6835. 
luvewurde a. r. 112. 

luvien, ASax, lufian, love, amare, a. r. 206; reL ant 
1, 212; luvien (lovie) iaj. 3056; lufen Orm. 940; lovien 
Wr, spec, 57; lovie Shoreh. 91; loven Mand, 160; love 
FFicZ. JoA/i 8; luvie (pres.) Mark. 4, 7; lovie Bek, 890; 
z;w. P. P. 1420; luvest a. r. 282; luved Kath, 231; ow^Z 
and night 230; (hi) luvied Kath, 952; a. r. 282; owZ and 
night. 1353; luvede (pret) Kath, 106; luvede, lufede (lo- 
vede) LaZ' 156 & 256; lufede Orm, 16712; lovedest Pefe. 
781; luveden a. r, 282; lufed (part) Iw, 1164; compos, 
hi-, iluvien. 

love re Zov(?r, Chauc, C, t 1381. 

ma,, J/Srtar. ma, OFris, ma, mar, OSax, OHOenn, mer, 
Olcel. meir, Go^A. mais, ia*. magis, (compar,) ma (mo), 
mag is, plus,. Kath. 1282; Marh. 8, 32; Flor, 1104; pr, 
consc, 3997; nefede he bern no vak Lit^. 91 ; he hafde 
sunes ma Orm, 8157; naefre ma 4206; mo owl and night 
564; Mand, 275; Chauc, C, t 578; Mor, a, p, 1, 869; 
Aud, 80 ; Oder mo oder les a, r, 42 ; no [)e mo Wr, treat, 
138; mo pan a pousand vis, P, P. 294; evre mo Fum, 
p, VIII, 53; m4r (for mkre?y pltis, On7i, 1715; rel, ant 
1, 145; mor Chauc, C, t 2368; mare, ASax, 0Fris,mkv2i, 
OSax, OHGerm.^ mero, Olcel. meiri, Goth, maiza, Lot, 
m^jor, Sansc.^^Um^, more, major, Orm, 19566; mare luve 
La'Ty, 30055 ; eaver se pu mare p4 & m^re |>eane dest me 
. . . se pu |>urches(t) mi |>il & mi |>eol mare Kath, 2140; 
more Fum. p. VIII, 1 ; Hoccl. /, 65 ; more wunder a. r. 
54; godes merci is more pan &c. vis. P. P. 3050; hope 
more and lesse Chauc, C, t 6516; Inde pe lasse and pe 
more Mand, 4; mA,re (neut) plus, Pf*rcpv. 229; ne nrA-s 
he never mare La3. 1555; pat is mare j?urd Kath, 70; 
napiht mare 2144; godes engel sejde . . . 3et m4re Orm. 
780; & mare (magis) lufest tu pat ping 4662; pe mare 
10146; pS more a. r. 194; n4 more owl and night. 213; 
more oper lasse W^r. treat 138; msest, ASax, msest (ma- 
ximus, maxime)^ msesta (maximv^)^ OSax, mest (maxime^ 

378 macche 

maximum)^ mesta (maxirmis), OHGerm. racist fmaxime), 
meisto (maxirmis), Olcel, mestr (mestr?)^ Goth, maists, 
Or, fisytOTo;, (sitperlatj most, maxime, LaT^, 27601 ; pe 
most worpi Mand. 1 ; mest plerumque, fere, a. r, 88 ; 
Turn. p. VII T, 4; meast alle Kath. 29; & taer |?as pe^re 
king a3 ra^st Orm. 8471; m^st (maximus) & heshest 
10734; ant tu schalt . . . meast |>unne ant |?eole pelden 
Marh. 6, 10; ho so havep of urpe mest (plurimum) Wr. 
treat. 138; pat mseste (maximus) viht La'T^. 27482; m^ste 
Iw. 2123; pe mA,ste lufe Orm. 5328; pe moste sinne 
Mand. 249; pe m6st(e) and leste Chauc. C. t. 2200; 
meste Rob. Glouc. 9, 18; (b)is meste fo Wr. spec. 24; 
at te meste Biand. 31 ; mesten (ace.) d41 (del) La'7^. 2153. 

macche, A Sax. (ge)m2ecca, from mak, match, conjux, 
par, vis. P. P. 8125; Uoccl. I, 307; (mache) m. Arth. F. 
1607; nan of hemne sholde ben |?edded |?ip hsepen macche 
Orm. 1958; pe schrewe fond his macche p6 Furn. p. 
XIV, 48; mehche (metche) prompt, parv. 331; ches Crist 
to meche reh ant. 1, 225. 

macchen match, comparare; macche (imperat) you to 
gideres vi.s, P. P. 5526; machet (part) ant. Arth..XXXIV, 8. 

mad, ASax. (ge)m8ed (amens), OSax. (ge)med (stultus), 
Goth, (ga)maids (avaiiTjpoc), OIlGerm. (ga)raeiter (stultus), 
mad, (r. to. rad) s. s. Wr. 2091; (maad) li heaus disc. 
2001; (mad? = mseded? r. w. lad = landed) Wr. spec. 
29; „madde amens^, prompt, parv. 319; met. horn. 53. 
madllche madly, Kath. 2ir4. 

madnesse („maddenesse") madness, prompt. po.rv. 319. 
madschipe id., Kath. 237; medschipe a. r. 148. 

maddir (niadir), ASax. mseddre^ madder, prompt. parv. 
319; ITV. voc. 265. 

maeden? -4Saa;. (ge)m8edan, Go^A. inaidjan (xaTiTjXeustv), 
Olcel. meida p^et. meidda (laedere), inad^ trouble, htirt? 
„maddin wsa/ziVe", prompt, parv. 319; if pou nuidde Chauc. 
C. t. 3156; pat maddid (for madde?) her eien (ms. eine) 
dep. of It. 6, 17; compos, amaeden. 

maei, ASax. mseg, OSax. OHGerm. mag, Olcel. magr, 
Goth, megs, relative, cousin^ ,^propinquus'' , Wr. voc. 87 ; 
maei (mey, may) La^* 3838, 8139 & 19674; pi mei (ma^i) 
ne pi moje Furn. p. VIII , 15; mei rel. ^ongs V, 162; 
maejes (meyes) (pi) Laj. 457; meies Marh. 16, 9; com- 
pos, winemaei. 

mael 379 

ui.iol, ASax. mrel, Goth, mel, Olcel, mel, ma'l, mal, 
OFns. mel, iiitil, OSax. OIIGenn. mal, meal., LaT^. 10 090; 
mel (meal) a. r. 262; mel Katlt. ] 83d; Be/c.23d6; Ckauc, 
C. t. 7356; meel „pastus'', prompt, parv. 331; Gam. 630; 
Furn. p. A"AA^, 1; mseles (pi) Onn. 4959; compos, uii- 
dernmel, cuppe-, flok-, lime-, piind-, stundemgle, wuke- 

meltid rel. ant. 1, 132; Chauc^ TroiL 2648. 
melseotel Marlt. 11, 24. 
meeltime vis. P. P. 1806. 

maelcii, ASax. mselan, Olcel, raddlii, from mal, speak, 
Orm. 2919; mele PTV. sper. 34; a7it. Arth. VI, 9; melez 
(pres.) Mor. a. p. 1, 496; mealde (pret.) Kath. 1245. 

macne (meeue), OFris. mene, /br imsene? mean, com- 
vion, vis. P. P. 36; pe mene folk Roh. J?r. 168, 5: [)e 
meiic siiines pr. consc. 3192; meuer (co7np.) vis. P. P, 

«J -^ «J <^ , L. C Ca f . 

m^eiiellch 7nea7ih/, common: oure menellcbe loverd rel. ant. 
1, 282; mu'iiollke |»mg Orm. 2503. 

maiisieii, ASnx. iiiansiimian (?), gema?nsiimian, OHGerm. 
gemeinsamon, communicare; mansea (manseii V), for amau- 
seii, (pres.) Orm. 10522; mansed, for amansed, (part.) 
vis. P, P, 2402; Mor. a. p. 2, 774. 

ma e lie, for ima^ne? community, company.^ Orm. 1948; 
mone S/ioreh. 61 & 70; mono of alle halweu ?'eL a7it. 1, 
57; lie mihte [;at maiden his moue (imoiie) ipolieu LaT^, 
25t^lu; meno .s^. gen. 501. 

maeiie (mene), OFris. mene (opinio), OHGerm. meina 
(sigiiificatio), 7Hoan, opinion, co7hmi(jiicatio)i, com.plamt, reL 
ant. 1, 103; a fals meiie vis. P. P, 10692; mane rel. aiii. 
1, 60; Iw. 535; met. liom. 119; Min. 12; mone a. r. 64; 
Pioh. Glouc. 34, 15; Shoreh. 89; Alts. 1281; Chaicc. C. t. 
11232; (nioone) Triam. 182; and made hir mone to Piers 
vis. P. P. 4042. 

maenen, meiien, ASax. msenan, OFm. mena, OSax. 
meiiian, Olrel. meina^ OHGerm. nieinen, HKtui (main, numn), 
comma aicare, dicer e, signijicare, queri, ^^3' 8294 & 29613; 
menena. r. 274 & 316; Orm. 4817; meanen Kath. 1243 
& 2345; mene owl and night. 1255; lioh. Glouc. 330,28; 
c. of I. 401; IVist. 2, 2; Gow. cmif. am. I, 94; Triam. 
28 & 473; mone liich. 4636; Percev. 128; i mene (pres.) 
Chauc. C. t. 2065; hit is k schep(h)erde pat i of mene 

380 menihge 

Hartsh. m, L 74; as Marc menep in [)e gospel vis, P. P. 
()178; and menip him bi name Tor, 759; i wot what pis 
menes Rob, Br, 155, 11; as pe stori mones 128. 2; pei 
menen Mand, 132; msende, mende (pret) Lai^, 1904 & 
2438; mende Degrev, 1568; mende (mante) a. r. 64; ase 
ich er mende Skoreh, 129; menden Mark. 6, 4; compos. 
bimenen (-monen). 

me n i n g e , OHGerm, meinunga, mecifUmj, moaning j com- 
mumcatiov, prompt, parv, 332; Percev. 1986; Rob, Br, 25, 
26; ant, Arth, XL VI, 11. 

mennesse m>eannes8, community, rel, ant, 1, 42. 

maer (meer), A Sax, (gG)mddre, Olcel, mseri, meer, 
„lim€s^, prompt, paw, 333; maer (mer) Laj. 2133; mere 
hid, Cov, 171; meres y^terminos^, ps, 2, 8. 

maere, ASax, rase re, OIccL maerr, Goth, mers, OSax, 
mari, OHGerm, marer, famous, illustrious, Orm. 806; maere 
(mere) Laj. 1139; mere Furn. p, VIII, 196; Wr.spec.2Q, 
mscrh'che /amow«Zy, ia3. 267 7. 

maep^ ASax, maed, Oi/ (?er7n. (ga)mahida, meeth,, fitness, 
measure^ modesty , dignity, Oi*m, 7515; mep Wr, spec, 103; 
mede st. gen. 3601; msede (mepe) (dat) Lai^, 977; in 
mesure & mepe J/or. a. p, 2, 247; wipouten mep(e) c. of 
I, 318; and Mari ledd(e) hir lif wip mepe met. hom, 107; 
man ne can his mudes mede (ace.) 7^el, ant 1, 131; com- 
pos, unmaep. 

medful a, r, 430; mepful (methful) Wr, spec, 32; 2?^- 3,6. 
medleas meedless, a, r. 96; meples Gaw. gloss, 

mepe moderate, Ilalliiv, diet, 552; compos, unmede. 
medelike moderately, st, gen, 1758. 

maedesien, ASax. (ge)maedegian, temper, moderate: 
we sculled mMegie heore mod LaT^. 25231. 

maedien, ASax. maedian^ temper, moderate: pe man 
pe hit meded riht rel, ant, I, 132; an angel mcdede hire 
dat ned st. gen. 1242. 

maew („meaw"), ASax, maep (alcedo), Olcel, mar 
(larus), meio (maw), Wr, voc, 90; mowe prompt, parv. 
346; compos, semewe. 

maj, ASax, maeg, OSax. OHGerm. Goth, mag, Olcel, 
ma, (pret, pres.J may, Orm, 109: mai (mai3) Hick, tkes, 
1, 223; mai owl and night. 228; (may) c. of I. 1; mai, mei 
a, r, 6; maei LaT^, 1202; pu maht Mark, 4, 25; Wr. spec. 
91 ; maht, miht Orm. 1488 & 1492; maut Wr. an, lit, 8; 

maj 381 

miht LaT^, 13289; hm^ow. 80; mijt owl and night, 555; 
Brand, 30; meiht (maht) a, r. 102 & 406; (we, 30, hi) 
ma3en, mawen ^05. 731 & 1333; mahen iiLa/A. 757 ; ma- 
wen ITV. spec, 96; muwen (masen) a, r, 16; mujen Fvm, 
p. VIII, 104; (raushen) 0;'rw. 202; mu3e owl and night. 
182; mo wen Chauc, C, t, Tyr, 13967; mo we Roh. Olottc, 
316, 13; c. of I. 23; Mand, 5; Hoed. /, 148; moun s, s. 
Wr. 1340; mahe (subj.J Kath, 967; mawe Fum. p, VIII, 
168; mjeie (mawe) LaT^. 3180; mushe Orm. 200; muhe 
02vl and night. 1579; mo we Bek. 141; deriv, main, maht, 

ma3, A Sax. mseg? Olcel. mser? Ooth. mavi? way, 
maid, Orm. 2489; may Lot^. 30486*; Wr. spec, 26; Ooiv. 
conf. am. 2, 2; Chauc. C, t. 5271; Town, my st. 67; Amad 
Hobs. LI I I, 9; mai met. horn. 39. 

ma3e (,.mahe"), ASax. maga, OH Germ, mago, Olcel. 
magi, ma?v, stomachvs, rel. songs F, 171 ; mawe a. r. 370; 
Hob. Glouc. 311, 16; Alls. 1260; vis. P. P. 9715; liardw. 
poem 43, 6; met. horn. 124. 

ma3e? m63, ASax. maga(?), maugh, kinsman, st. gen. 
1761; m63e (dat, pi.) II. zeitschr, 11,* 299. 

ma3e (mawe), m63e(m6we), ASax. mSge^ msege, female 
relative, cousin, La7^. 257 & 25897; m63e (ma3e) Fmm, 
p, VIII, 15; mo we rel. songs V, 162; Rob, Glouc. 316, 
5; mow(e) sister in law, prompt, parv. 345; mo we (melie) 
a. r. 76; mowe (pi.) Fum. />. T ^, 3; mehen (pi) Marh. 
16, 9. 

ma3den, ASax. msegden, maiden (maid), Orm. 2102; 
pat maiden, mseiden, maide, mseide LaT^. 150^ 3059, 3111 
& 22225; maiden Tor. 2008; meiden Kath. 66; a. r. 64; 
maide owl and night. 1416; Rob, Glouc, 206, 12; maid 
Gow, conf, am, 1, 150; maidene (gen. pi) rel, ant. 1, 128; 
meidene Marh. 5. 

maidin-, maidechild Wicl. gloss. 27 ; maidecliild LaT^. 14378. 
ma3denhad Orm. 4606; maidenhod Chauc. C. f. 2331; 
meiden-, meidehod a. r. 164&392; maidenhed Gow. conf. 
am. 2, 230; st. gen. 1852. 
ma3deiiman virgin, Oi-m. 2085; maidenmon ITV. spec. 82. 

m ai d e k i n , Dutch maegdeken, ,^p2teUa^, 2)rompt. pa)-v. 

ma3d, ASax. m2eg(e)d, OSax. OHGerm. msLgad, virgin. 
ma3[)liad Oi^m. 2339; meidhad Marh. 2. 

382 maeip 

m<iei|), AS ax, msegd, ,^('proge)nies, tribus'^, Wr, voc. 
87; inaspe (dot,) Orm, 6985. 

m4h, A Sax. mah, bold, iaj. 10201; compos, imah. 

maht, ASax, meaht, miht, OSax. OHGerm. malit, 
Goth, mahts, from ma^^ might fmaiight), i:>otestas^ Wr, spec. 
34; mast Mor, a, p. 3, li2; maght Iw. 3621; (maught) 
Trist, 3, 45; maht, miht Orm. 2015&2956; m\\ii transact. 
18, 26; mi3t (miht) c. of I. 1174; might vis. P. P. 225; 
Chauc, C, t. 540; mihte' a. r. 26; Ilic/c. thcs. 1, 222; rel, 
songs IV, 16; mighte (mihte) jyrompt parv. 337; msehte 
(mihte) (dat) Lai^, 6810; mahte (ace.) Mark. 7, 6. 
mi^tful c, of I, 588; st. gen. 100. 

might, ASax, meaht, maught, strong^ sacram. 182; miu 
miste name st. geti, 3038; compos, almiht. 

mahti3, ASax. meahtig, mihtig, OHGerm. mah tiger, 
Goth, mahteigs^ mighty, Onn. 806; ma^ti rel. ant. 1,214; 
msehti (mihti) La'7^. 2839; majti, mijti st. gen. 983 & 
3797; mihti a, r. 182; misti Brand. 16; mighti Chauc. 
C, t. 108. 

maile, Fr. maille, Ital. magliii, Lat. macula, mail, 
prompt, parv, 320; mailes (pi.) ant. Arth. XXX, 5. 

maime(n), OFr, mahaigner, MLat. mahamiare, maim, 
Chauc, C. t. 6714; mainin (maimin) promjyt. imrv. 320; 
imaimed (pan) Rob, Glouc. 288, 4; vis. P. P, 11746. 

main, ASax. msdg(e)n, OSax. megin, OHGerm. magan, 
megin, Olcel. magn, megin, from ma.^, main, j9ofe?i/m, 
La'7^. 1541; Rob. Glouc. 10, 7; Alis. 656; lud. Cov. 25; 
mein Marh. 12, 4; c, of I. 1479; maine (dat) Gow. conf. 
am. 3, 4; Triam, 740. 
mainful Mor. a. p. 1, 1092; meinful Kath. 1096. 

maister, OFr, maistre, Lat. magister, master, oivl and 
night, 1776; s. s. Wr, 36; meister a, r, 236. 

meistren master, Kath, 1280. 

maithe, ASax, magede, meaden, wild chamomile, HV. 
voc. 190; maide, maithis p7*ompt, parv. 319. 

m a k (make ?)^ Olcel, makr, for imak ? fit, meet, easij, 
,^aptus'', prompt, pa^-v, 321. 
makli easily, prompt, parv, 322. 

mak, Dan, mak, maddik, Olcel, madkr, 7naak (mawh), 
maggot, ,^cimex'', prompt, parv, 321; mauk Wr. loc. 190; 
maked (for madek?) 255. 

make, ASax, maca, Olcel. maki, OSax. (gi)maco, 

makere 383 

OHQerm, (gi)mahho, mnlce (maik)^ conjux, par^ a, r, 114; 
Orm. 1276; oiol and night 1157; rel, ant 1,224; Shorek, 
67; Alls, 3314; vis. P. P. 1596; s. s, Tf'r. 239; Gow, conf. 
am, 1, 45; Degrev. 1116; m, Arih. F, 1062; Lidg, m, p, 
153; pe turtle pat hap lost hir make Chauc, C, t 9954; 
he wenes his mak(e) mai iia man find(e) met horn, 49. 
makelcs Marh, 11, 4; c. o/Z. 819; Chauc, TroiL 172; 
ant AhL XXVII, 10. 

makere maker, vis. P. P. 6095. 

makien, A Sax. macian, OFris. makia, OSax, macon, 
OHGerm. machon, make, Lot^, 635; Kath. 1026; a. r. 6 
maki Wr. treat 138; maken c. of I. 479; vis. P. P. 1179 
makin prompt parv. 321; m4 Trist 3, 43; Mor. a. p. 1 
283; (maa) Percei), 520; makie (pres.) Wr, spec, 86 
mas pr, consc, 255; makede (pret) a, r, 224; Wr, treat 
132; made Mand. 261; (maade) c, of I. 34; m2ikQA(part) 
O'i^m, 995; Shoreh, 71; maad Chauc. C, t 396; compos. 

mal, A Sax. mk\, Dutch mael, OHGerm, m41, meil? 
Goth, mail? mole (maul, mail), macula, naevus; mool rel, 
a7it 1, 108; moles (pi.) vis. P. P. 8651. 

mA,l^ ASax. mal, majl (iermo, stipendium), Olcel. mkl 
(sermo, pactum), OSax. 0HGe7*m. mahal fsenno, concio^ 
pactum)^ mailj speech, tribute: o Grickishe mal Orm. 4270; 
moal st gen, frl ; & samnen la3hellke & riht pe kinges 
rihte male Orrw. 10188. 

male, OFr. male, O Dutch maele, OHGe^-m. mal(a)ha, 
mail, bag, ,^mantica'', prompt, parv. 323; sacram, 179 
males (pi) vis, P. P, 2940. 

mal en? mail, macular e? moled (part) vis. P, P. 8584 
compos, himolen. 

malle, Pr. mail, Lat malleus, mall, (dat) Tor. 322 
melles (pL) pr, consc, 6572. 

malskren masker, bewilder ; malskred (part) Mor. a p. 
3, 255; malskrid (maskrid?) Will. 16 (Hartsh. m. t 276^; 
maskede men Brand, 6. 

malt, ASax. mealt, Olcel, malt, OHGerm. malz, malt, 
Wr. voc. 93; prompt parv. 323; vis. P. P. 392; Chauc. 
C. t 7328. 

maltin, Germ, malzen, malzen, malt, prompt pai*v. 
323; malte meltj soften? (cmp. OHGerm. malzer lenis) 
Mor, a. p, 2, 1566; see melten. 

3^4 inamelen 

mamelen mumble, vis, P. P. 2514. 

mamere(n), A Sax, mamerian? mammer, mumble^ Wr, 
voc, 203; memered? (pret,) Gaw, gloss, 

(man) mon, ASax, man, mon, Olcel, man, mon, mun, 
Ooth. man, Lat, memini, Qr. [xejxova, (pret, pres.) man 
(mun), think, toill, Percev, 567; pr. consc, 96; Tor, 1113; 
m, Arth, F, 3230; pou mon be ded Iw, 703; mun Min. 
12; ant, Arth. XXV, 3; it mune? Onn, 14356; (we, ye) 
mon(e) Halliw. nug, poet, 41 ; Town. myst. 63 ; per mone 
no dintus him dere avow. Arth. Ill, 1 1 ; pai mun(e) Min, 
3 ; derio, manesen, munen. 

man, ASax. man(n), mon(n), OSax. OH Germ, man, 
Olcel. maun, Goth, (mann) gen. pi, manne, man (mon), 
Bek, 4; Shoreh. \\ Alis. 1579; Mand, 1; vis. P. P. 690; 
Ckauc, C. t. 733; Iiv, 2109: pr. consc, 42; man hem halt 
for gode men Orm. 387; mon La^. 910; Kath. 925; 
a, r, S; c. of I. 622; mannes (gen) Chauc, C. t. 4707; 
monnes Katk. 237; manne (dat.J owl and night. 798; 
monne a. r, 68; men (no'iu. ace. pi) Orm. 123; owl and 
oiight. 385 & 923; vis. P. P, 64; & spa men (me) dide 
sone Kath, 1552; in eorde me hine sette iaj. 27933; 
ase me seid a, r, 54; men (for mannen, dat. pi) Kath, 
406; a. r, 286; Bek, 310; manne (gen. pi.) Furn. p, VIII, 
82; Orm, 2597; Hob. Glouc. 312, 15; monne a. r. 384; 
menne P. P. p. 540; monnen (dat, j)l.) La'i^, 345; manne 
owl and night, 389; [mennes (gen, yL) Orm, 386; Mand, 
104]; compos, aker-, alder-, bonde-, burs-, cheap-, dri-, 
f4-, tot-, gleo-, 30-, heaved-, hired-^ leof-, sae-, steor-, 
wep(en)-, wifman. 

mancun Furn. p, VIII, 153; mankun owl and night. 847; 
monkun La'7^, 436; harrow. 130; mankin Orm. 1; st. gen, 
240; monkin Wr, spec, 95. 
mon-qualm (man-cwalm) Laj. 3908. 

manhod Shoreh. 148; manhed Chauc. C. t. 758; monheed 
Attd. 55. 

manllch manly, human, Furn. p. XX HI, 33; 2;is. P. P. 
2991; monllch iiTaf//. 1324; manli Iw. 3207; monluker 
(comp.) a. r, 422; manlokest Will, gloss. 234. 
manllche, -4/Sair. manlTca, Goth, manleika, OH Germ, man- 
licha, human form, rel. ant. 1, 234. 

mon-reden homage, Laz- 420; man-rede Pwrw. ^). XIII, 203; 
.4/is. 4665; monraden awf. Arth, L, 5; monrade harrow. 88. 

mkn 385 

monscipe (mansipe) dignity, honour , La^. 346; manshipe 

Orm, 19014. 

monslahe Mark. 11, 8. 

mon-slseht La^. 27826; monsleiht a. r. 56; manslajt Bek. 

365; st gen, 485; monslast Aud, 2. 

man, ASax, m^n, Olcel. meinn, OHOerm, meiner, 
had^ false, 

manap false oath, Orm. 4480. 
monsware jperjurus, La^, 4148. 

mansworn mainsworn, perjuratus, Iw, 3938; m^nswore ia3. 
22139; monsworn Mor, a, p, 2, 182. 

man, ASa,r, man, OSax, men, Olcel. OHGerm, mein, sin: 
pat tu pe loke pel fra m4n in 4pes & i fitness Orm, 4478. 
monful „pro fames'', Wr. voc, 94. 

mande (maunde), ASax. mand, ODtUch msmde, maund, 
f^sportula'^ , prompt, parv, 330. 

mande (maundee), OFr, mande, Lot. mandatum, maundy, 
Mand. 18; vis. P, P, 11086. 

mane, OHGerm, mana, Olcel. mon, mane, „jvi)a^, 
prompt, parv. 324; Alis, 1957; Iw, 1853. 

mane, OHOerm, (far)mana? mind, remembrance, (dot.) 
Percev, 553; mone BoK Qlouc. 281, 21 & 293^ 2; face.) 
vis. P. P, 9637. 

m A, n e n ? Olcel, meina (prohibere) ? blame, reprove ? mone 
Mapes 336; per dedes pou not m6nes(t) Rob. Br, 219, 28. 

(m a n e 3 e n) monesen, ASax. mani(ge)an^ monian, OFris, 
monia, OSax. OHGerm, manon, remember, bring to mind, 
mention, Kemb, Sal, a. Sat, 240; mone^e (pres,) Shoreh. 
89; monin jyrompt, parv, 342.. 

maner, OFr, manoir, manor, Bek. 480; manoir vis. 
P, P, 3679. 

manure, OFr, maniere, manner, a. r. 6 ; Fum, p. X VII, 
301; manere (maneere) c, of I, 663. 

mang, mong, ASax, (ge) OSaar. (gi)mang, mang (mong), 
mixture, a. r, 384; mang (for a mang?) pimmankin Orm, 
239; a mang among, 110; a mong a. r. 2; owl and night, 
497; a mong men harrow, 131; a manges amongst, Shoreh, 
21; Percev. 1148; a monges Mand, II; bi mong Katfi. 
200; a, r, 100; Wr, spec, 35; compos, imang. 
mougcorn prompt, parv, 342; cr, P, P, 1567. 

mange(n), ASax. (ge)mangian, Olcel, manga, trade, 
barter, ps. 101, 27; manges (pres,) a, r. 408*. 


386 mangare 

mangare, ASax. mangere, Dutch manger, monger^ 
„m€rcator^y Wr. voc. 88; mongeres (pL) Turn, p. XII, 69. 

man glen mingle; mongled (pres.) a. r. 338; mong- 
linde (part) 116. 

manij, ASax, manig, msenig, monig, OSax. manag, 
OHQerm, manager, OotL manags, many (monyj, Orm, 693 
man! owl and night, 1321; Shoreh. 8; moni Marh, 1 
a, r, 2; meni Bek, 654; Tor, 699; manies (gen. m.) Fum 
p, VIII, 18; monies kunnes (mani kinnes) LaT^. 1710 
manise (pi,) st, gen, 428; manye laches vis. P. P, 4347 
monie a, r, 200. 
manifald, ASax, manigfeald, Goth, managfalps, manifold, 
Iw, 2973; monivold a, r, 176. 
monivolden multiply, a, r. 402. 
menitnwe y^sollers^^ Wr. voc, 88. 

manie, ASax, manigo^ men(i)go, OHGerm, managi, 
Goth, managei, many, multitude; monien (ace) LaT^. 24558. 

man kin, Dutch manken, mang, „mutilare^, prompt, 
parv, 325; mankit (pret) Gaw, gloss. 

m a n n e , ASax, Goth, manna, man f monnen (for monne ?) 
(gen, pi) La7^, 24509; rel, ant, 1, 171. 

mannisse, mennisse human nature^ rel, ant, 1, 129 
& 130; mannesse (mennesse) Kath, 1118. 

mantel, OFr, mantel, mantle, Bek, 2100; mantles (pZ^ 
Marh, 7, 

map el (mapul), ASax, mapel, maple, „acer^, Wr. voc. 
181; prompt, parv, 325; Chauc. C. t. 2925. 

marche, ASax, mearc, OSax, marca, Goth, marka, 
OHGerm, marcha, march, border, „confinium'' , prompt, 
parv. 325; pe king of pe marche Fum. p. XIII, 32; 
(ace) vis. P. P. 10516; marches (pi) Mand. 292; merkes? 
Trist, 3, 41. 

marchen, OHGerm. marchon, march, border: pe king- 
dom of Hungarie pat marchep to pe lond of Polaine 
Mand, 6; marchen to giderea vis. P, P. 126. 

mare, ASax, mara, maera (?), Olcel. mara, MHGerm. 
mare, mare, „ephialtesy sagana'^ prompt, parv. 326 ; siren f 
Kath, 1500; mirie singed dis mere rel, ant, 1, 221; com- 
pos, nihtmare. 

(m^ren) morin, OHGerm. meron, increase, prompt, parv, 
343; morep (pres) Lidg, m, p, 243; mored (part) Goto, 
conj. am, 2, 181. 

marj 387 


marj, ASax. mearg, mearh, OSax, JTiiarg, OHGerm. 
marg, marc, OFris. merg, Olcel. mergr, marrow, medulla; 
mar3, margh, mary, mergh, merewj, merow, merow^ Wicl, 
yloss. 28; mary, marow (marwh, marugh) prompt parv. 
326; mary Chauc. C. t 13957; mergh Halliw, diet 550; 
merowe (dat.) a_pol, 91. 
marybon Chauc, C, t 382 ; lAdg. m. p, 165. 

mariin, Fr, marier, marry, prompt, parv. 326; marie 
Mar. a, p. 2, 52; marien (pres.J Mand, 212. 

mark, ASax. marc, Dutch mark, merk, OFris, merk, 
Olcel, mork, war4, prompt parv. 326 ; marc vis. P. P. 
2533; for marke ne for punde Fum. p. VIII, 149. 

marke, ASax. (ge)mearc, MHGerm. marc, ODutch 
mark, merk, Olcel. mark, merki, mark, signum, (ace.) LaT,, 
19099; Chauc. C. t 6201; s. a. c. X, 47; marke, merke 
Marh. 5^ 16 & 13, 18; merke prompt, parv. 334; a. r. 
300; Orm. 17982; Rob. Br, 129,9; merk ms. P. P. 10324; 
pr. consc. 4402; met. horn. 57; merke (dat.) Chauc. C. t. 
11192; (ace.) st gen. 3455; merken (pi) a, r. 364; mar- 
kis s. s, Wr. 1928. 

m a r k e n , ASax, mearcian, Olcel. marka, merkja, mark, 
signare; merkin prompt parv. 334; merke (pres.) lud. 
Gov. 308; markep Shoreh. 7; markede (pret) La^* 5642; 
markedest Marh, 10 ; marked (part) vis. P. P. 7796 ; markid 
s. s. Wr. 2595; merked Mor. a. p. 1617; compos, imarken. 

market, Lat merc^tus, market, prompt, parv. 326; 
Alls. 1515. 
market-beter Chauc. C. t. 3934. 

marl, ODutch margel, mergel, OHGerm. mergil, marl, 
prompt parv. 327; marie (dat) P. P. p. 541. 
marel (ms. marle)-pit Chauc. C, t 3460. 

marmon, Lat marmor? 
marmon (marbre)-stan, ASax, marmanstan, marhle-stone, 
La^. 1317; marbelston Bek. 2142. 

marren (marre), ASax. merran, myrran (offendere.^ 
impedire), OSax. merrian, ODutch OHGerm. merren, 
marren (impedire, tardare), Goth, marzjan (oxavSaXtCetv), 
mar (mer), or. P. P. 132 ; he palde merrin hire meidhad 
Marh. 4; marre (pres) Mor, a, p. 2, 279; k maide mar- 
rep me Wr. spec. 29; merred Kath, 1780; merres Halliw, 
nug. poet. 39; mserde (pret) La^, 1903; mirde („mired") 
met. horn. 38; compos, amarren. 


588 marrelen 

(marrelen) marlin, Dutch mar(re)len, from marren, 
marl^ „illaqueare^ ^ prompt, parv, 3*27. 

martir, Lot, martyr, martyr, Kath, 2217. 
martirdDm iaj. 10120. 

(maru) marw, marow marroy), y^sociua^y prompt, parv. 
327; maro Town. myst. 110. 

mas chin wiosA, ^miscere^^ prompt, parv. 328. 

mase maze, Fum. p. XXII I, 14; Chauc. Troil. 6838; 
(maze) vis. P. P. 471. 

m&se, AS ax. m&se, ODutch meese, OHOerm. meisa, 
(titJmoiLse, parus, Lddg. m. p. 203 ; mose owl and night. 
69; compos, col-, titemasCa 

masedliche foolishly, a. r. 272. 

masednesse confusion, Chauc. C. t. 8937. 

m a s e 1 (masil), ODutch masel, measle, prompt, parv. 328 ; 
maseles (pi.) Wr. voc. 161. 
? mseslesceafe ,yeruca^, Wr. voc. 91. 

ma sen maze, ie confused, hewildered; ma^&e^ (pres.) Will, 
gloss.; ye mase Chauc. C. t. 10261; mased (part) Oow. 
conf. am. 3, 6; Chauc. C. t. 4946; mased of wine ps. 77, 
65; masid sacram. 653; masid and mad Mar. mir. pi. 
170; compos, a-, bimasen. 

maser, ASax. (fj ODutch maser (tuber), OHOerm. 
masar, Olcel. mosur, mazer, knotty wood, bowl, Wr. voc. 
198; prompt, parv. 328; wills and invent. 35; masere 
(dat) Oaw. gloss.; hire nap of mazere* reZ. ant 1, 129. 

maske, ODutch masche, OHOerm. msiscsi, mash (mesh), 
prompt, parv. 329. 

mask el, ODutch maschel, spot; maskle fdaf) Mar. 
a. p. 2, 556. 
maskelles Mor. a. p. 1, 743. 

mast, ASax. msest, OHOerm. mast, mast, y^mclus^, 
prompt, parv. 329; Chauc. C. t. 3264; mastes (pi) La^- 

mast, ASax. maest, OHOerm. mast, mast, sagina: pe 
wilde b^r, penne (wane) he i (in) pan maeste (maste) 
monie swin im^ted La'7^. 21263. 
mastswin prompt, parv. 329. 

mas tin, ASax. maestan, OHOerm. masten, ODutch 
mesten, fatten, y^saginare^, prompt, parv. 329. 

masti, Qerm. mastig, masty, fat; mas tie (pi) swine 
Chauc. h. of f. 1777. 

mttstUng 869 

mastling, ASax, m8es(t)ling, mas(t)lm; brctssy Rob. Qlcmc, 
87, 2; mestling a. r, 284* 

mat, OFr. mat, mate^ tired, confounded, a, r. 382; c. of 
I 1205; (mate) Iw. ^27; Rick, 6749; Flor, 771; Tor. 679; 
mate fpZ/) iTa^A. 2015. 

mate, Dutch (ge)maet (socius), OHGerm, gimazo 
(conviva)? mate, companion, prompt, parv. 329; Roh, Glouc 
236, 1. 

m^te, Olcel. mMi^ MHGerm, m&?e (modus): mote 
(moderately, tolerably) wok prbw/)^. jpart?. 345. 

mat en, OjFV. mater, mate, defeat, a. r. 98; mate Mor, 
a. p. 1, 612; mated (part) c. of L 1324. 

matte, ASax, meatta, Lat, matta, mat, Wr. voc. 260; 
prompt, parv, 329. 

matt ok, JLSao;. mattoc, mattuc, mattock, nligo^, prompt, 
parv, 330; Wr, i;oc.'234. 

mape, -4Saa:. mada, Cro^A. mapa, Ojff(ycrm.mado, ODutch 
made, maye, mad, ,^cimex^, Wr. voc, 91; „maye or mathe" 
prompt parv, 330; mapen (pi) HaUiw. diet. 544. 

ma del en, ASax. madelian, msedlan, Goth, mapljan, 
speak, prate; msiSelei (pres) a. r. 74; madelinde (part) 86. 

madelere, ASax, madelere, prater, a. r. 88*.' 

madelild id. ibid. 

madelunge, ASax. madelung, prating, (dat) a. r. 76. 

m^dem? ASax, mdd(u)m, OSax. methom, Olcel. 
(meidmr) pi. meidmar, Goth, maipms, treasure; mMmes 
(pi) LaZ' 896; m^dmes (madmes?) Orm. 6471; rel. ant. 
I, 174. 

(m^wen) ^lowen, ASax, m^pan, ODutch maeyen, 
MHGerm. maen, mow (maw), Fum, p. VIII, 1 1 ; mowe 
owl and night, 1038; meowen (mewen) (pret,)VLid'T^, 1942. 

m^wer mower, Wr. voc. 213. 

me, ASax, IRQ, OFris. OSax, mi, OIIGerm.]miT, Olcel. 
mer, Goth, mis, Lat. mihi, Gr. [xot, Rv^s. mh* (dot.), ASax. 
me, mec, OFris. OSax. mi, OHGerm. mih, Olcel. Goth. 
mik, Lat. Ir. me, Gr. [xe, Welsh Gael, mi, Russ. mchh 
(acc^, Tne, Laj. 698; jBTa^A. 470; a. r. 26; c. o/ i. 330; 
me self (for 1 self) Arnis 850; ich me seolf Marh. 11, 13; 
i me self sah godes g4st Orm. 12592; ich me selve s. s. 
Web. 383; mi 135; mi selve Wr. spec. 93; mi self ich 
w(u)lle teo iaj 791. 

me^ OFris. ODutch men? but, K<Vth. 327 & 1281; me, 

390 mdche 

pu hSaene hund, pe h^he healent is min help Marh, 6 ; 
me wSnestu a. r. 54; me muchel jef he us 388. 

meche, AS ax, mece, Goth, (m^keis^ meki?) ace, meki, 
Olcel, msekir, mseki, OSax. maki, sword; mseche (dat.) 
LaT^, 7495; mechen (dat. pi.) 178. 

mede, ASax, medu, meodu, OFris. mede, OHOerm. 
medo, meto, Olcel, miodr, mead (meathj, ,^mulsum'^, prompt, 
parv, 331; La^^ 6928; Wr, spec. 88; mepe Wr, voc. 178; 
Chauc. C. t, 3261. 

mfide, ASax. med, OSax. mMa, OFris, mSde, meide, 
ndde, OH Germ, m^ta, mieta, meed, ^praemiumy merces^, 
prompt, parv, 331; Zaj. 17646; a, r. 94; Orm. 3380; 
Bek, 34; Wr. spec, 42; vis, P, P, 1777; Rich, 5404; 
Chauc, C. t, 3380; TFtcZ. Joh?i 4; pr. cotisc. 96; meden 
(pL) Kath, 1646; a. r, 240. 

mede, ^Saa?. msed, OFris, mede? mead,pratum, Chauc. 
C, t, 89; (dot,) owl and night, 438; Alis, 8; 5. s. PFr. 
1120; m^des (pi,) Rob, Glouc, 496, 5. 
medwurt Wr, voc, 139. 

mede, ASax, medo, Goth, model, OHGerm, muotl; 
compos, eadmede. 

medeme, ASax, medume, moderate, rel, ant, 1, 129 
& 182. 

mfiden (medin) reward, „remunerare^\ prompt parv, 
331; Kath, 415; medep (pres) vis, P. P. 1789: mMed 
(pret) Will, gloss. 

m e d e w e , ASax. meadu, msedu, MHOerm. mate ? meadow, 
Mand, 312; medewe, midewe ,^pratum''', prompt, parv. 337 ; 
medewe (dat) La'7^. 30251; medue Roh. Br. 195, 7; me- 
de wes (pi) Gow. conj. am, 2, 327. 

medlfe, OFr. mesle (mespilum)1 
medle-tre Halliw. diet. 547. 

medlen (medlin), OFr. mesler? ^.neddle, ,^miscere'^^ 
prompt, parv. 331; Uoccl. I, 176; medlip (prts) Shoreh, 
28; medled (pret) Will, gloss.; (part) vis, P, P. 5159; 
Mand, 76; Chauc. C, t, 330; see mellen. 

megre, Fr. maigre, meager, vis. P. P. 2121-, Chauc, 
r, r. 218; Mor, a. p. 2, 1198. 

melden, ASax. meldian (loqui, indicare, prodere), 
OHOerm. meldan (prodere), OSax, meldon, denounce, met. 
hom. 166; see mellen; compos, bimelden. 

mele, ASax, melo, meolo Ettm. lex,, mealo Bout, ev. 

mdle 391 

gloss,, OH Germ, melo, Dutch mele, Olcel, miol, meaL^ 

farina, Orm. 1552; vis. P. P. 8555; Hand. 189; Chauc. 

C. t. 3937; Mor. a. p. 2, 226; meele prompt, parv. 331; 

melowe (dat) Wicl. gloss. 

? meldew^ ASax. meledeai?, OHQerm* militou, mildew, Wicl, 

gloss.; mildew prompt, parv. 337. 

melesek Iw. 2032. 

mele, ASax. mele^ pot; mSles (pi.) Halliw, diet 548. 

me 11, Olcel. medal, mell, middle: a melle Mar. mir. 
pi. 95; mell(e) Iw. 1436; i melle I. c. c. 24. 

m ell en (melle), OFr. mesler? mell, mix, Ch. dr. 538; 
lud. Cov. 21; melled (part.) pr. consc. 9431; Lidg. m. p. 
23; imelled Brand 13; see medlen. 

me 11 en = melden? speak, tell: pe profete Isaye of 
him con melle (r. w. quelle) Mor. a. p. 1, 796; as i the 
melle (r. w. welle) Mar. mir. pi, 97. 

me It en (meltin), ^Soa?. meltan pret. mealt, 6rr. (leXSetv, 
melt, ^liquere, liquare'^, prompt parv. 332; Mark, 6, 24; 
Orm. 17417; rel. ant 1, 185; melte Qow. conf. am. 2, 37; 
meltep (pres) vis. P. P. 11818; malt (pret.) st gen, 1017; 
5. s. TFr.2043; Launf, 740; mo\\^n(part) vis. P. P. 8201; 
pr. consc. 1\2Q', met hom. Ill; molte Chauc. Troil, 6380. 

m el ten, ASax. meltan, miltan, myltan, Olcel, melta? 
melt: pet fleoweden & melten (pret) al of teares a, r. 
110; pe gridlre milte Furn. p. XV, 204; compos, imelten. 

(melu?) melwe mellow, prompt, parv. 332. 
.men? Fr. moyen. Span, mediano, mean: in pe m^ne 
while Wicl. John 4; meene ,^medium^', prompt parv, 332. 

men gen (mengin), -45aa;. mengan, Oi^m. menga, OSax. 
mengian, Olcel. (mengja?) part, mengjadr, mengdr^ from 
mang, cmp. Gr. [xtyvuvat, meng (ming), mix, prompt parv, 
332; his mod him gon mengen La'T^, 3407; menge Wr, 
treat 140; minge Roh. Glouc. 42, 13; meinp (pres) owl 
and night 943; mengde (pret) st gen. 3581; mengde 
(meinde) La3. 15530; meingde (mengde) a. r. 326; men- 
ged (part) pr. consc. 6738; ps. 105, 35; mengid opoZ. 87 ; 
meind Wr. spec. 24; compos, imengen. 

menginge (menging), -4iSaa7. mengung, miccture, prompt. 
parv. 332; Wr. treat 136; pr. consc. 4705. 

mennisc, ASax. OSax. mennisc, OHGerm. menniscer, 
Olcel. menskr, Goth, mannisks, from man, human; meu- 
niske (dat) Orm, dedic. 218. 

892 menske 

mennisclesc humanity ^ hwman nature^ Orm. 85. 
menniscnesse id, ibid, 1373. 

menske, Olcel. menska (humamtas, virtus, honor)^ 
OSax, menniski (humanitas), mensk (mense), dignity, honour, 
Laz. 3360; Kath. 135; a. r. 38; Amis 690; Trist 2, 91; 
Mor, a. p, 1, 162; Percev, 1423; Z. c, c. 12; with menske 
and with manhede Degrev, 83. 

menskeful a. r. 358; menskful Wr, spec. 51; menscful 
met. ham, 10. 

menskeliche humanely, a. r. 316; menskli honorably, Oaw. 

menske(n) mense, honour, grace, vis. P. P. 1726; 
menskez (pres.) Mor. a. p. 2, 141; menske (imper,) Kath. 

meoc, Olcel. miukr, ODutch muik, Ooth. muks, meek, 
Orm. 667; meok Fum. p. XVIII, 6; m6k Rob. Glouc. 
287, 6; meoke a. r. 280; Wr. spec. 112; meke vis. P. P. 
803; Mand. 132; Chauc. C. t 69; pr. consc. 395; meokest 
(superlat.) Marh. 4. 

meokhed humilitas. Bob. Glouc. 389, 17. 
meoklejc, Olcel. miukleikr, humilitas, Orm. 1546; mekeleic 
Kath. 1240. 

mSkllch meekly, altd. bl. 399; meoklike (adv.) Orm. 11392 ; 
meokeliche Mark 14, 20; mekeliche Trist 1, 16; mekeli 
Chauc. C. t. 8424. 

meok en meek, a. r. 276; Orm. 9385; mekin y,humi- 
liare*^, prompt, parv. 331; mSke vis. P. P. 2613; Chauc. 
r. r. 3541; pr. consc. 172. 

meocnesse meekness, Orm. 10720; mieknesse Wr. p. s. 
335; mekenes ant. Arth. XX, 3; mekenesse Mand. 170. 

mercer, Fr. mercier, mercer, a. r. 66. 

merci, Fr. merci, mercy, Marh. 5, 30; a. r. 30. 

mere, ASax. mere, OSax. meri, OHGerm. meri^ mari, 
Lat mare, mere (meer), ,^mare^', prompt parv. 333 ; c. of 
/. 671; Mor. a. p. 1,158; mere, msere Las- 21739 & 21959 ; 
meres (pi.) ps. 113, 8*. 

mermaidin mermaid, ,^siren^^, prompt parv. 334; meremai- 
den Chauc. r. r. 682. 
mereman merman, rel. ant 1, 221. 

merminne (mereminne) siren, La^- 1322; mereminne £^a^A. 
mereneddre „muraena^, Wr. voc. 90. 

mere 393 

mereswTn mereswine, dolphin, HalUw. diet 550; mersuTn 
met. horn. 25. 

mere (meere), ASax. mere, myre, OHOerm, merhe, 
marhe, mare (meer, mear), „equa^, prompt, parv, 333 ; 
Chaue. C. t. 543; Pereev. 713; mare rel. ant. 2, 211; 
Mand. 250; mure Bek. 1173. 

meren, ASax. merian, elear? compos, ameren. 

merling, Fr. merian, whiting? ^gammarus^, prompt, 
parv. 334; met. horn. 136. 

mersche (mersch?), ASax. mersc, Dutch mersche, 
marsh, (ace.) ps. 106, 34; mershe (dot.) owl and night 
304; Wicl. gloss. 

(meru) merugh, merow, ASax. mearu, OHGerm. ma- 
r(a)wer, tender, Halliw. diet 550; meruwe f^^ a. r. 378. 

mes, OFr. mes^ Lat missus, mess, Degrev. 1202; mees 
vis. P. P. 8132. 

meschen? crush? mid pine clivres woldest me m^slie 
owl and night. 84. 

messager, Fr. messager^ messenger, a. r. 190. 

messe, ASax. msesse, MLat missa, mass, a. r. 32; 
Shoreh. 27; s. s. Wr. 1631; messe, masse prompt parv. 
334; masse La7^. 24549. 

mesure, Fr. mesure, measure, pr. consc. 7690. 

met, ASax.' met, OS ax. (gi)met, OHGerm. mez, f9'om 
meten, met, measure, prornpt. parv. 335; rel. ant. 1, i31; 
St. gen. 439; vis. P. P. 8745; met & msep Orm. 7515; 
compos, i-, ofermet. 

metfastnesse, ASax. gemetfsestniss, modesty, Orm. 2524. 
? metlic, ASax. (ge)metlic, OFris. methk, OHOerm. mez- 
licher, moderate: he was a metli (rns. metely) man Halliw. 
diet. 551; compos, imetllc. 
metwand prompt, parv. 336. 

mete, ASax. mete, OSax. meti, mat, Olcel. matr, Goth. 
mats^ OHGerm. maz, meat, ,^cihus, esca^, prompt, parv. 
335; La'^. 657; a. r. 412; Orm. 3213; owl and night 101 ; 
Chauc. C. t 1617; mete ne drink Degrev. 1739; at pe 
firste mete Eglam. 121 o. 
metefetil prompt parv. 335. 
metesel Uoh. Br. 334, 6. 

mete, ASax. msete^ meet, modicus, aptus, Wr. spec. 
36; Pereev. 802; lud. Gov. 318; (meete) Chauc. C. t 
2293; compos, efen-; i-, orm^te. 

394 motels 

meetli meetly, Chauc, r, r. 822; m^tellke Orm, 10703. 

motels dream, vis. P, P, 414; WicL gloss. 

me ten, ASax. OSax. raetan, OFris. Olcel. meta, Ooth. 
mitan, OHGerm. mezan, mete (meat), metiri, Mor. a, p, 1, 
1031; mete ps. 107, 8; metep (pres.J a. r. 232; ye mete 
vis, P. P. 811 ; mat (pret) Wicl. gloss. 29; met pr. consc, 
7695; Eglam. 328; Tor. 701; me ten (part) reL ant 1, 
46; st gen, 2701; compos, imeten. 

me ten (metin), ^S^oa;. me tan, OFris. meta,, 0/ceZ. mseta, 
OSax, motian, meet, ^obviare*^, prompt, parv, 335; meete 
vis, P. P. 10116; Chauc. 0, t 14108; pei meeten (^pres.J 
Mand, 164; meiiQ (pret.) Brand. 14; s. s, PFr. 1297; met- 
ten Alis, 5697; compos, imeten. 

me ten, ASax. msetan, ODutch msi>eien fmeiiri) ? dream^ 
vis. P. P, 21 ; mete Will, gloss.; metep (pres.) 7*el, ant, 
1, 262; mette (pret) Purn. p. XXIII, 8; Chauc. C. t. 
8684; m^ted (part) painted, Orm. 1047. 

met ere y^pictor'^ Wr, voc. 89. 

meting, ASax, metung, ,^mensuratio'^ , prompt parv, 

mating, ASax, (ge)meting, meeting, prompt, part?. 336. 

meting, ASax. mseting, dream, Alis. 327; vis. P. P. 
8031; f^pictura'^, Wr. voc. 89. 

metsunge, ASax. metsung, repast, (gqc) La7^. 31769. 

mid, ASax. mid, OSax. mid (midi)^ OFris. mith, mithe, 
Goth, mip, Olcel, med, OHGerm. mit, miti, Gr. [lizaf with, 
Kath, 790 & 1953; Orm. 11077; Rol. Glouc. 17, 7 ; c. of 
I. 439; Shoreh. 5; Wr. spec. 94; Alis, 1513; Horn 260; 
vis. P. P. 293; peo wimon was mid childe LaT^. 266; he 
wolde . . . fleon a wsei mid his cnihten 7948; forfaren 
mid hungre 23614; pat he . . . mid his rihte honde wi- 
te3e (witie) me wid (fram) sconde 23737; ich wulle wu- 
nien mid pe 29630; imeind mid spire and grene segge 
owl and night 18; ich alle hlisse mid me hringe 433; 
pe ule . . . mid pisse worde hire esen ahrad 1042; mid 
sworde . . . fiste 1066; i ne mai mid 30U wende Brand. 
23; mid, mide Marh. 13; a. r. 4, 106 & 274; mide rel. 
songs F, 174; st gen. 2478; compos, her-, parmid. 
? midwif midwife, ,^obst€trix^^, prompt, parv. 337; cr. P. P, 
155; mid-, medewiif Wicl. gloss.; inedewif Shoreh. 12. 

mid? midde, ASax. mid (?) /. midde, OSax, middi, 
Ooth, midis /. midja^ Olcel. midr, OHGerm, mitter, Lot, 

midde ^95 

medius, Or, filoo<; (for fxl^toc), rnid: in pe midde (dat) 

place Mand. 303; a midden ine wselde LaT^. 10001; of 

midden pine boseme „de medio einu (tuo)^, a. r, 146; t6 

midder (dat f.) niht La'7^, 25714; a midden (dat pL) 

alle his fon c, o/* Z. 333. 

middai, ASax. middseg, OFris. middei, MHOerm, mittac, 

OHGerm. mittitag, midday, Brand, 10; z?w. P. P. 3480; 

middei a. r. 34. 

midfesten, Dutch mid-vasten, medium jejunii, iaj. 22256. 

midlenten midlent, vis. P. P. 11153. 

midmorwen, OHOerm, mittimorgan, mid-morrow, a, r. 24. 

midniht, OHG^rm. mittinaht, midnight, La^* 1683; a. r. 

236; midnist Wr. treat. 132. 

midrede, A<^ax, midhride, OFris. midrede, f^diaphragma^ , 

Wr. voc. 208. 

midrif, ASax. midhrif, OFris. midref, midrif, ^diaphrag- 

ma^^f prompt parv. 337; midref Wr. voc. 183. 

midside latus medium f stonden in water t6 mid-side rel. 

ant 1, 222. 

midsomer, Dutch mid-somer, midsummer, Wr. voc. 273; 

vis. P. P. 9239; Rob. Br. 137, 19. 

midwei midway: midwei bitweonen pet and ester a. r. 412. 

midwinter, ASax. mid|?inter, midwinter. Bob. Glouc. 452, 

2; Fum. p. XXXIV, 12. 

midde, OHGerm. mitti, Lat medium? mid: kserf pis 
lond a midde LaT^. 4836; a midde pe hevene Wr. treat. 
132; a mid (for midde?) te burh Kath. 1478; a middes 
amidst, vis. P. P. 8202 ; dep. of B. 2] in middes pe s6 
pr. consc. 2938. 

midde, ASax. OFris. midde, OSax. middia, MHGerm. 
(mitte?) dat mitten, mid: pe stsef tobrsec a midden Laj. 

middenerd, ASax. middaneard, terra media, Fum. p. VIII, 
98; Hick. thes. 1, ) 68. 

midde-night, ODutch midden-nacht, nox media, s. s. Wr. 

mid(d)e-winter, ASax. middan-|?inter, hiems medius, a. r. 
412; Brand. 11. 

middei, OFris. middei, OJQ'Germ. mittiler, middle: pe 
middei place Mand. 2 ; medil s. a. c. II, 17; his medile 
sone Isumb. i 79 ; midleste, ASax^ midleste, (superl.J La'^. 
2116; a. r. 370; chrov. Engl. 112. 

396 middel 

middelserd Xa3. 11167; Orm. 3980; middelerd rel. songs 

IV, 11; Wr. spec. 22; Alis, 214; cr, P. P. 69. 

middelyard, OSax, middilgard, OHGerm. mittelgart, OIceL 

medalgardr^ Chest pi. 1, 67. 

middelniht, ASax. middelneaht, Laj. 20607; middelnist 

owl and night 325. 

middel wei a. r. 336. . 

middel, ASax. ODutch middel, MHOerm. mittel, middle^ 
medium, a. r. 180; vis, P. P. 8350; pe middel of pis lond 
Boh, Olouc. 229, 21; hire middel smal Wr. spec. 35; me- 
dil Mar. mir. pi. 128; iveng me bi pan midle fdat) La^. 
28069; in middel (for midle) of his live s. s. Web. 1729; 
see mell. 

midder, MHGerm. mitter (medius)? 
midderfiiht, MHGerm. mitternacht, La^. 15942. 

mig(g)e, ASax. mjcg, ODvich mngge, OHGerm. mxiccB^ 
midge, culex, Wr. vac. 223. 

migge, -4iSaa7. micge, ODutch mige (mijge), urine, a. r. 

misen, ASax, migan, Olcel. mlga, mingere; msdh 
(pret.) LaZ' 17726. 

mile, ASax. meol(u)c, mile Bout ev. gloss., OFris. melok, 
Olcel. miolk, Goth, miluks, OHGerm. miluh, milk, lac, 
LaZ' 1182; Orm. 12662; milk a. r. 320; Wr. spec. 36; 
Ghauc. C.t 10928; melk vis. P. P. 3362; mule Brand. 
7: melke (ace) Shoreh. 121. 
melkwt't Octov. 1679. 

milch e, OHGerm. melcher, milch (melch): milche ecu 
prompt parv. 337; sch^ was melche lai Ic fr. 196. 

milde, ASax. milde, OSax. mildi, Olcel. mildr, Goth. 
milds, OHGerm. milter, mild., La3. 30809; Furn. p. VIII, 
13; a. r. 120; Orm. 668; Rob. Glouc. 287, 6; Wr. spec. 
62; mf Ire (compar.) a. r. 268; owl and night 1773; mil- 
dest (superl) vis. P. P. 13466. 
mild-heorte misericors, Lai^. 16813. 

mildheortnesse misericordia^ a. r. 120; Orm. 2896; mild- 
hertnes ps. 87, 12. 

mildeliche mildly, a. r. 40; Brand. 3; mildeli vis. P. P. 

milde, Olcel. mildi, OHGerm. milti, clemency. 
mildeful ps. 114, 5. 

mildenesse mildness, Wr. spec. 73. 

milcLse 397 

(mildse) milze, milce, ASax. milds, clemency , mercy^ 
La^. 66 1 6 & 16831 ; milce Kaih, 297 ; Fum, p. VIIJ, 107 ; 
a. r, 30; 0?'7W. 1476; owl and night 1081; Bob, Olouc, 
265, 5; c. of I 350; st gen, 3728; milse ShorekU; Wr. 
spec. 58. 
milsful a. r, 264; c. of I, 543; ps, 114, 5. 

(mi Id sen) milcen, ASax, mildsian, have mercy, Orm, 
1041 ; milse ,^misereri^^ , ps. 114, 5; milce (imperat) Kath, 
2419; milce hore soulen a, r, 428; compos, imildsen. 

mile, ASax, mil, Olcel, mila, OHGerm. mila, milla, 
Lat millia, mile, La'Ty, 5819; fourti mile Wr, treat 13 -J; 
twenti mile weyes Alis, 4444; fiftene milen Mark, 2. 

miikien (milkin), ASax. meolcian (?), Olcel. miolka, 
milk, „mnlgere'', prompt, parv, 338; milked (preU) Mand. 
71; imelked (part) Furn. p. XIII, 234. 

milte, ASax. OFris, milte, OHQerm, milzi, milt, rel. 
songs V, 111. 

min, OFris. OHGerm, min, Olcel, minnr, Qoih. mins, 
Lat minus, less, minus: ne more nemin I. c. c. 22;*minnQ 
Olcel. minni (for minri), OFris. min(ne)ra, OHGerm^ 
minniro, Goth, minniza, Lat minor, ps, 9, 6; pe more 
and pe minne Flor. 549; Percev, 1608. 

min, ASax, OSax. min, Olcel. minn, OHGerm, miner, 
Goth, meins, mine (my): min hirde Marh. 12, 22'; min 
hiis owl and night 623; min herte La3. 7289; Ghauc. 
C. t 1146; fader min c. of I, 325; pe viht is min a. r. 
266; mi fader Kath. 466; mi beam Lai^. 2276; mi dep 
Chauc. C. t 1568; mi s4|>le Marh, 3, 13; mi tonge owl 
and night 37; mines (gen. m. n.) LaT^, 3588; a, n 406; 
mine lives Marh, 13, 22; mi l^verdes 12, 22; mire 
(gen, f.J LaT^, 8407; mine (dat m, n) 698; a, r, 
148; owl and night 46; min Orm, 10998; of mi necke 
Marh, 13, 1; of mi londe Bek, 440;* mi broper Chauc, 
C. t 1163; mire (dat, f) La7^. 16936; owl and night 
1739; bi mi miste Bek, 1597; of mi soule vis, P, P, 
2362; minne (ace, m) a, r. 306; minne, mine Laj. 3384 
& 14864; mine owl and night, 36; mi broder Marh. 12, 
2; mine (ace. f.) a, r, 38; owl and night. 1186; st, gen, 
277; min heorte Kath, 2163; mi hpile 765; mi soule 
Bek, 356; min (ace. n) st, gen, 2882; s, a. c. 2, 16; min 
iwit owl and night. 1186; min heed Chauc. C. t 784; 
mi lond Bek, 39; mi gold vis. P. P. 1721; mine (nom. 

S98 minte 

ace. pi) Mark, 8, 14; a. r. 62 & 214; Bek, 914; tni. 
P. P. 2690; jif je beon mine Kath. 1774; min PTr. «pca 
47; min, mi met Aow. 18; minen (dat. pL) Lai^, 2946; 
mine Mark, 20, 15; owl and night 364; Bek. 478; mine, 
min a, r. 62 & 234; min Wr. spec, 61. 

minte, A8ax. minte, OHGerm minza, Lat menta, 
mentha, minty y^menta^'y Wr. voc. 190; prompt parv. 338. 

minte minty mite; „mintis vermes'^, Wr. voc. 176. 

mire, ASax. mire(?), ODutch miere, Dan. m^re, Swed. 
m^ra, mire, formica, rel. ant 1, 214; compos, pissemire. 

.mirk, ASax. mire, myrc, Olcel. myrkr, mirk, dark; 
Mor. a. p. 2, 894; in mirke Halliw. diet 555. 

mirke (mirk?), ASax. mirce, my roe, OS ax. mirki, 
Olcel. myrkr^ mirk (murk) ^ ^ohscurus'^, prompt, parv, 339; 
Bob. Br. 221, 20; pr. consc. 45r>; met. horn. 98; ant Arth. 
VI, 11; mire st gen. 284; merke (merk?) rel. awt 1, 218; 
Chauc. r. r. 5339; apol. 87; pe merke dale vis. P. P. 
461; merke night Halliw. nug. poet. 51. 

mi f ken, Olcel. myrkja, mirk, darken, Horn ch. 8i ; 
merke lud. Gov. 207. 

mirknes mirkness, pr. consc. 194; methom.2^; merk- 
nes apol. 98; merknesse (datj vis. P. P. 12349. 

mis, misse, MHGerm. ODutch inisse, 0/ceZ. missa, miss, 
wrong, want: seid & ded so much mis (ms. Cott Tit. XVIII 
Aewuvel) a. r. 86; 3if him mis biveoUe (misbiveolle ?) 200; 
to mende b6pe p6r mis Bob. Br. 303, 2 ; 3if me hit wale 
turne a mis (amiss, Olcel. k mis) owl and night 1363; 
30 penchep a mis Brand. 8; is faren o mis Mar. mir. pi. 
152; a misse ,^male^^, prompt parv. 11; b§ misse never 
so huge Mor. a. p. 3^ 420; of hete hi habbed misse J^Ww. 
p. VIII, 118; i wol be vengid of pis gret(e) misse lud. 
Gov, 43; wipoute misse (yai'Z^) Shoreh. 135; rel. ant 1, 49. 
misbeode(n), ASax. misbeodan, Olcel. misbioda, MHGerm. 
missebieten, offer wrong, owl and night 1539; mis-bMe 
(imperat) vis. P. P. 3884; misboden (part) Oaw. gloss. 
398; who hap you misboden Chauc. C. t 911. 
misbileave misbelief, Kath. 348; misbileve s. s. Wr. 2302; 
misbiliefe pr. consc. 5521. 

miscwemen displease; miscwemed (pres) a. r. 182; mis- 
qu€me (subj.J pi. t. 595. 

misdede, Ootk. missadeds, OHGerm. missitat, misdeed, 
(ace) a. r. 124; Orm. 7830; owl and night 231. 

mis 39d 

misdemen misdeem; misdSmep (pres.) Chauc. C. t. 


misdon, A Sax. misdon, OHOenn. missituon, misdo, do 

wrong ^ oivl and night 1487; misdo vis. P. P. 1603; mis- 

ded (pres.) a. r. 124; misdede (pretj Mapes 336; misdide 

Kath. 1207; misdiden Orm. 15154; misdOn , (part.) a. r. 

98; Wr. spec. 72. 

misfangen (mis-fonge) take amiss, owl and night 1372. 

misfaren, Olcel. misfara, OHOerm. missifaran, mis/are, 

st gen. 1911; misfare (part.) Will, gloss. 230; Amad. 

Robs. XXI, 6. 

misferen go wrong; misferde (pret.) Laj. 26229; s. a. Wr. 

2765; misferden Kath. 93. 

misdemen (misse-jeme) neglect, Mor. a. p. 1, 322 ; mis- 

jemed (part.) a. r. 344. 

mis-hap mishap, owl and night 124 7; mishep a. r. 1 80. 

misiheren hear amiss; mis-ihgrest (pres) a. r. 296. 

misiteon trai7i amiss; mis-itowen (part.) a. r. 370. 

mislaedeu mislead; mi8led(d)en (pret) Chauc. Troil. 4717. 

mislere(ii) teach amiss, Fum. p. XI V, 6. 

misseleve wrong belief, Mor. a. p. 2, 1230. 

misleven discredit; misleved (pres) a. r. 416; misleved 

(part) 68. 

misltcli, ASax. OSax. mislic, Olcel. misllkr, OHOerm. 

missel icher, Ooth. missaleiks^ different, various, Marh. 1 ; 

a. r. 180; misltcLe nomen Kath. 271. 

misliken, ASax. mislician, Olcel. mislika, OUGerm. missi- 

tichen, misLike, displease, a. r. 338; & tis maj pe misliken 

Orm. 18287; misllked (pres) Fum. p. VIII, 7; owl and 

night 344; misllke Horn 670. 

misnimen mistake; misnime6i (pres) a. r. 46 ; pu misnCme 

(pret. subj.) Kath. 455; mis-numen (part) st. gen. 3091; 

mis-uume owl and night 1512. 

misnotien abuse; mis-noted (pres) a. r. 130. 

misrede(n) counsel amiss, advise ill, Horn 298; mis-irad 

(part) c. of I. 427, 

misreken direct amiss f vor sumeres tide is al to wlonc 

an dop (dep?) mis-reken monnes ponk owl and night 

490; an sone mai t word mis-reke par miip shal ajen 

horte speke 675. 

misrempen? misrempe (pres. subj) owl and night. 1785. 

missawe evil saw or speech, a. r. 124. 

400 missen 


misschapen misshape; misschapen (part.) Mor, a. p» 3, 

1355; mis-shapen vis. P. P. 4674. 

ini88egge(n) missay, speak ill^ 8horeh.'98; misseist (pres.) 

Kaih^ 457; misseid a. r. 34; missigged 284; misseid {parL) 


mistsechen misteach; mistaste (pret) st. gen. 475. 

mistaken mistake; mistakep (pres.) Chauc. r. r. 1540. 

mistlden tide amiss; mistide (pres. suhj.) owl and night. 1499. 

mistrOst, OHOerm. missetrost, mistrust, lud Cov, 126. 

mistrDsten mistrust, Wicl, gloss. 29; mistriste Chauc. G. t 


mistru(en), ODutch mistrouwen, MHGerm. missetriuwen, 

mistrow^ pr. consc. notes 270; mistrowande (pres. part.) 

Wicl. gloss. 29; mistrowet (pret. part) a, r. 68*. 

mistume(n) pervert, Wicl. gloss. 

mispunchen misthink: pat te mispunched- Kath. 982. 

miswerche(n) do wrong, Will, gloss. 23Q ; miswroght (]pa/^ j 

pr. con^c. 1993. 

miswiten guard ill, a. r. 202. 

missen (missin), ASax. OHOerm. misssin, OFris. OIceL 
missa, miss, „carere'^, prompt, parv. 340; misse jBTa^A. 651; 
Wr. spec. 57; pr. consc. 6266; Mor. a. p. 1, 329; lud. Cov. 
50; missed (pres) a. r. 364; miste (pret.) Lai^, 18817; 
Bde. 50; st. gen. 3872; misten Orm. 8919. 

mist, ASax, ODutch mist, mist, ,,nebula'^, prompt, parv. 
340; Wr. treat 136; Alis. 5761; vis. P. P. 426; miste 
(dat) Fum. p. VIII, 9. 

misti, ASax. ODutch mistig, misty, ,^nebulosus*^ , prompt, 
parv. 340; mistier (compar) vis. P. P. 5974. 

mis til, ASax. mistel, OHOerm. mistil, mistle, viscus: 
bedes of mistil wills and invent. 16. 

mite, ASax. mite (tamus), ODutch mite (mijte) (aca- 
rus), OHOerm. miza (culexj, mite, acai^s; mites (pi) 
Chauc C. t. 6142. 

mite, ODutch mite, mite, f^minutum'^, prompt, parv. 340; 
vis. P. P. 14282; weie 4 mite Oow. conj: am. 2, 275; 
nought worp k mite Chauc. C. t. 1560. 

mi pen, ASax. midan, OSax. midan (mithan), OHOerm. 
midan, avoid, conceal, Wr. spec. 24; Horn ch. 825; mide 
(pres. suhj.) st. gen. 3807. 

mix, ASax. mix, meox, Fris. miox, miux, mix (mux), 
stercus, Kath. 204; Shoreh. 109; mixe (dat) rel. ant. 1, 183. 

mixeti 401 

mix en, A8ax. mixen, mixen^ sterguilinifum^ Chaue. r. r. 
6496; mixenne (dat) a. r, 140. 

mixen, ASax, miscan? OHOerm. miscen? mix; mixid 
(part) Wr. s. a. c. VI, 19. 

mod, ASax. OS ax. mod, Goth, mods, Olcel. modr, 
OHOerm. muot, mood, animus, owl and night 950; Alis. 
102; (mood) Chauc. C. t 1762; modes (gen.) Or«*» 9386 ; 
imenget in hire m6d(e) (dat) Kath. 606; he pohte on 
his mode Horn 287; wip glade mode Wr. spec. 80; wip 
. . . dreri mode Isvmh. 186; mude pr. consc. 2391; hit 
com him on mode (for m6d, ace) Laj. 11. 

mod, ASax. OSax. mod, Olcel. modr; compos, ead-, 
lang-, s4ri-, polemud. 

moder, ASax. modor, OSax. modar, Olcel. modir, 
OHOerm. muoter, Ir. Gael. mAthair, Lot. md^ter, Gh*. (xa- 
TYjp, (JLi^'njp, Russ. M&mb gen. M&mepH, Sansc. XHfTly mother, 
Mark. 2, 18; Bek. 153; (mooder) prompt parv. 341; 
Chauc. C. t 4696; modir Percev. 445; (moodir) Lddg. 
m. p. 243; moder (gen) Gow. conf. am. 1, 352; cr. P. P. 
537; pr. consc. 447; (Sa«^ Kath. 931; Orm. 248; (occ^ 
vis. P. P. 9431. 
moderles Kath. 78. 

m6di3, ASax. modig, Goth, modags, moody , animosus, 
Orm. 8245; modi Lcj. 8344; WV. p. s. 220] Octav. 771; 
««. gen. 2660; Mw. 19; pu art wel modi and wel br^me 
owl and night. 500; modieste (superlat) Kath. 1247. 
modijlejc animositas, superbia, Orm. 73. 
mfidijllke moodily, proudly, Orm. 2035; modihche vis. 
P. P. 2427. 

modijnesse moodiness, pride, Orm, 12040; modinesse owl 
and night. 1403. 

modrie („m6ddri"), ASax. m6drie, modrige, cmp. 
OFris. modire, OHGerm. muotera, aunt, iaj. 3771. 

mo3pe („mowpe"), ASax. mogde, modde (tinea), ODutch 
motte (id)? moth (mought), y^tinea^, rel. ani. 1, 6; moppe 
P. P. p. 540; mope vis. P. P. 8947; moujpe, mou3te, 
moghe Wicl. gloss. 30 ; mowste (mowghe) y,tinea^, prompt 
parv. 346; mowghte y,tarmes^, Wr.voc. 22B; moughtes 
(mopes) (pi) Chauc. C. t 6i42; pe moghtis pat pi elo- 
pes ete Halliw. diet 558; moghes pr. consc. 5572. 

moist^ OFr. moiste, moist, prompt parv. 341; Chauc. 
C. t 359. 


40i moke 

moke 9 8wed. mocka? moke, net, (ace,) rel. ant 1, 248. 

moke (m6k = mAk?) „tmea", Wr. voc. 190 & 223. 

mol (molle?), ODutch mol (for mol-, mulworp?) KU, 
diet., mole, „talpa'^, prompt parv, 342. 

molde (mold), ASax, OFris. molde, Olcel, mold, Ooth. 
mulda, OHGerm. molta, mold^ „humus, solum^, prompt, 
parv, 342; Shoreh. 137; on molde Wr, spec. 33; vis. 
P. P. 133 ; Mor. a. p. 2, 1114; under molde Wr. an. lit. 91. 
moldwerp m>old(i)warp, toLpa, Wicl. gloss. 29; moldewarp 
rel. ant. 2, 83; apol. 57. 

molde (mold), Span, molde, mold, modulus, prompt 
parv. 342; Trist 1, 86; vis. P. P. 7274; molden (pL)f 
a. r. 84. 

mo me, ODutch mome, moeme, OHGerm. muoma, aunt, 
prompt parv. 342. 

mom el en, ODutch momelen, mumble; momelep (pres.) 
Wr. p. s. 238. 

momeler mumbler, P. P. p. 543. 

monche(n), ODutch monken (mussitarejf munch, 
Chauc. Troil. 914. 

mone, cmp. Olcel. mona (mater), LGerm. mone (amita), 
mother? Gow. conf. am. 1, 97. 

mone, ASax. mona^ OSax. OHOerm. m4no^ Olcel. 
mkni, Goth. mSna, moon, prompt parv. 342; Wr treat. 
133; c. of I. 103; s. s. Wr. 332; (moone) Ghauc. C. t 
9759 ; mone (dat) Kath. 272; Mand. 51 ; (ace.) Orm. 13843; 
pesne mone a. r. 166. 

Monedsei Monday, Laj. 13935; Monedai Wr. treat 133; 
Hardw. poem 75, 3. 

moneie, OFr. moneie, money, vis. P. P. 547; Chauc. 
C. t 705 ; mone pr. consc. 5570. 

mo nek, Lat monachus, monk, Boh. Glouc. 4k7, 19; 
monk VIS. P. P. 3394. 

moned, ASax. monad, Olcel. m^nadr, OHGerm. m4- 
nod, Goth, m^nops, month, st. gen. 6i9; monep cr. P. P. 
494; tweolf moned a. r. 218; ftf monep Orm. 233; moup 
Bek. 1850; monpes (gen) Wr. treat 134; monepe (dat) 
Mand. 49; m6ned(e) Kath. 2529; monpe vis. P. P, 1648; 
mondes (pi) La^ 7771; monethes pr. consc, 4988; mo- 
nithis Tor. 1860. 

mont, Fr. mont^ mount; munt LaT^. 25807; Orm. 5374; 
mount Mand. 12. 

montaine 403 

montaine, Fr, montagne, mountain^ LaT^, 1282; moun- 
taine Brand. 24. 

(mope?) moppe, Dutch mop (pug J? puppet, „pupa^y 
prompt parv, 342; Mar, mir. pi. 135; mope, fool, s, s, 
Web. 1414; moppis (pl.J dep, of Rich. 24, 5. 

mopisch mopish, Bek. 78; moppische men Brand, 
notes 69. 

mor, ASax. Olcel. m6r, Dutch moor, moer^ MHGerm. 
muor, moor, Percev. 1127; pan more (dot.) owl and night. 
816; mores (pi.) LaT^. 4817; Alis. 6074. 
morhen moor-hen, Wr. p. s. 158. 
morven (-fen) moor- fen, La^- 20164. 

more, ASax. (|>eal)mora ( pastinaca)? Bosw. diet., 
ODutch moore (id), OHOerm. mor(a)ha (id), more (moor), 
,.^radix^, Wr. voc. 181; otvl and night. 1420; Roh. Qlouc. 
352, 9; vis, P. P. 10802; s. s. Wr. 1726; moren (pi) 
La'7^. 31885; mores Brand. 13. 

morsen, ASax. morgen, mergen, OS ax. OHOerm. 
morgan, Olcel. morginn, Goth, maurgins, ODutch morgen, 
margen, mergen, OFm. mom, mom (morrow), st. gen. 247; 
mor win, morwe, morowe prompt, parv. 344; evin and 
morwin lud. Cov. 257; morwe Alis. 1241; Chauc. C. t. 
1494; pe pridde morewe Wr. spec. 82; good morwe vis. 
P. P. 3088 ; morn Mor. a. p. 2, 493 ; Furn. p. XXIX, 
20; more Rich. 6977; a morwen oper a niht a. r. 22; 
a more wen Wr. spec. 26; a morse owl and night. 432; 
a morwe Bek. 771; at morwhen (moryhen, morn) ps. 29, 
6; pe first(e) ping pat pei meeten at morwen Mand. 164; 
at morne pr. consc. 2668; to mserjen, marewene (morje, 
morwe) La7^. 729 & 16066; to marhen Katk. 645; he 
sal to morwen pole dep s. s. Wr. 647; to morwe Bek. 
769; vis. P. P. 968; to morne Degrev. 1695; compos. 

mor^enjive, ASax. morgengifu, OHGerm. morgangeba, 
dower, ,^dos'^, st. gen. 1428; mor(3)ive prompt, parv. 343; 
morh^ive (marliensive) a. r. 94 ; mor-, mserjeve La^. 
14394 & 31090. 

morsenliht (moreliht) Laj. 17928. 
morwinsterre prompt, parv. 344. 

morjentid st. gen. 59; morwetld Wicl. gloss. 29; moretid 
Alis. 4106. 

(morseninge) morweninge, morwinge, morninge, 


404 morkn^n 

moridngy prompt parv, 344; morweninge Fum. p. XVII, 
584; vis. P, P. 9; Chauc. C, t 1064; more\feriing Wr, 
spec, 60; morowninge, morewinge WicL Mark' 1 & John 
18; in pAre more3eing(e) owl and night 1716. 

morkne(n), Olcel, morkaa, rot, Mor, a. p. 2, 407. 

morteis, Fr, mortaise, mortise, Mand, 10; mortals 
Halliw. diet 662. 

morter, Fr. mortier, mortar, prompt parv, 344; vis, 
P. P. 4080. 

mord, A8ax, Olcel, mord, OSax, morth, OFris, morth, 
mord, OHGerm, mord, Lat mors gen, mortis, death, de- 
struction, LaZ' 28715 & 31824; morde? (dat) Bek. 2276. 

mor per, ASax, mordor, Goth, maurpr, murther (mur- 
der), Chauc, G, t 14987; morder Gow. conf. am, 1, 343; 
morpre (dat) Rob, Glouc, 144, 13. 

mos, ODutch OHGerm, mos, Olcel, mosi, moss^ „ww- 
scus^^y prompt, parv, 344; Iw, 2040; Triam. 392; mosse 
(dat) vis, P. P, 10190.. 

mos, OHGerm, mos, ODutch mose, Olcel, mosi, moss, 
palus, Hartsh, met t 15, 

moste, ASax, OFris, moste, OSax, mosta, OHGerm, 
muos(t)a, (pret) must, Kath. 1397; oiol and night, 665; 
Fum, p, XIII, 249; c, of I. 220; Chauc, C, t 714; pat 
ne m6ste per na mon in cumen La'7^. 6712; muste st gen, 
2624; mostest Beh, 1214; mostist Mapes 336; mosten 
harrow, 8. 

mot, ASax, OSax, OFris, mot, OHGerm, muoz, (pret. 
pres,) moot (mot, mut), mihi licet ^ debeo, La7^, 3494; Koth, 
1919; a, r, 98; Shoreh, 11; Mor, a, p, 1, 31; (moot) 
Chauc, C, t 737; Hoccl, i^ 75; perfore ic mot ju telle 
Wr, treat, 136; pu most a, r, 102; Brand, 1; k. of T, 
446; ye moten Trist 2, 58; 5e ne mote bileve b6r no 
leng Brand, 3; M moten Mark. 14^ 13; pei mote vis, 
P, P, 5387; icli mote (subj) Mark 5, 14; owl and night 
52; sacram. 211 ; as evere i moote drinke win or ale Chauc, 
G, t 884; as mut(e) i prive Tor, 1443; pu mote Orm, 
1266; harrow, 151; (he) mote c. of I. 332; Wr, spec, 57; 
welcome m6t(e) he be Rob, Br, 192, 18; al so mote bi- 
tide pe ^'. s, Wr, 1185; ure loverd sive ou grace pat heo 
moten ou helpen a. n 298. 

mot^ ASax, mot, moot, assembly, debate, Kath, 1324; 
owl and night, 468; mote (dat) Laj. 31616; compos, imoi. 

lapte 405 

m6t(moot)-halle prompt parv. 345; vis, P. P. 2352; Gam, 
711; Wicl John 18. 

mote (mot?), ASax, mot, Span, mota? mote, ^atomus^, 
prompt parv. 345; WicL gloss, 30; (?ctw, gloss, 398; rgZ. 
aw^. I, 27: mote (cJa*^ vw. P. P. 6149; withouten mote 
oper mascle Mor, a, p, 1, 725; motes (pi,) Chauc, C, t 
6450; moten ElL rom, 1, 317. 

mote, OFr, mote, mote (moat), agger, collis, fossa, 
prompt parv, 345; Mor. a. p, 1, 142; pr, consc. 8896; 
(moot) vis, P, P, 3678. 

mo ten (mootin), A Sax, motian, moot, debate, „discep- 
tare'^, prompt parv. 345; Kath, 586; Mark, 17; mote vis, 
P. P. 809; Oow, conf. am, 3, 296; Iw. 3328; Mar, mir. 
pi. 30 ; motest (prcs,) iaj. 1443. 

mote re mooter; moteres (pi) Kath. 725. 

motild debater, Kath, 397. 

m ouch en mouch; mouchid (pret) Town, myst, 320. 

m u t i n , LOerm. miiten, OHOerm, muzon, Lot, miltare ? 
mout, molt, prompt, parv, 347; moute Halliw, diet. 564; 
moutes (pres) pr, consc. 781. 

moven, rr, mouvoir, move; moevi Brand, 31; meven 
(pres.) Mand. 13; moved (pa rt) cr , P. P. 1644. 

much e, Gr, fisyac, Sanscr, JJoIf ? much (michj, magnus : 
muche deal La^- 6078; k muche flod a, r. 74; & muche 
man vis. P. P, 5038; moche Fum, p, XV, 147; moche 
(pLf) and lite Chauc, C, t 496; miche Percev, 11; meche 
Tor, 270; muche multuum, Marh, 2, 28; owl and night 
1210; pah he muche polie Kath, 229; moche Wr, treat. 
132; moche pe boldere Laj. 16508*; miche Wicl, John 
5; meche Shoreh, 139; Mand, 6; mid mochere (dat f,) 
ferde ia3. 3688*. 

much el, ASax. mycel, micel, OSax, mikil, Olcel, 
mikill, Goth, mikils, OHGerm, michiler, Gr, (fisYOcXo;) gen, 
fxsYctXoo, mickle (muckle), magnus, mulius: godes |>isdom 
is |?el muchel Fum, p, VIII, 107; muchel (mochel) LaT^, 
1998; muchel seolver 7263; muchel luvede he us a. r, 
292; ich con muchel more owl and night 1205; bi muchel 
sleihte vis, P. P. 13148; mochel multum, Mand, 181; 
Hoccl, I, 370; per coupe he mochil helpe Chauc, C, t 
260; mechel Shoreh, 147; pat michel can Trist 2, 37; 
michel, mikel st, gen, 26 & 1209; mikel ps, 21, 26; met 
hom, 2 ; „mikil multus'^, prompt parv, 337 ; mikel multum, 

406 mnchelin 

pr. consc. 925; mikel blisse Orm, 788; mukel maffnua^ 
Mor, a. p. 2, 366; mekil s, a. c XV ^ 2; peo muchele 
blisse a. r, 38; muchele jeoven (pL) Kath. 37 ; pe mochele 
see Brand, 1 ; A lord of mochele prid(e) Degrev. 98 ; pe 
mikil(e) tree s. s. Wr. 634; mikile (pi.) Tor. 751 ; dide 
him mekile honour Fercev. 22; muchele (multo) p6 bal- 
dere LaT^, 16508; muchele leovere a, r. 186; muchele 
mare (more) Fum, p. VIII^ 194; owl and night 904; 
micle l^hre Orm, 2664; mucheles pe swAdere a. r. 368; 
mid muchelere (dot. f,) ferde iarj. 516. 

muchelin, ASax, myclian, miclian, OIceL mikla, 
Ooth, mikiljan, OHOerm, michilen, magnify, increase^ Mark, 
15; mucheled (pres,) a. r, 182; mikled (part) ps, 19, 6. 

mikelnes, ASax. micelniss, greatness^ ps, 28, 4. 

muchen (michin), OHQerm. muhhan, mich, ^manticu- 
lare'% prompt, parv, 337. 

mi chare, OHGerm, muhhari, micher, „manticulariti8^ 
furuncidus'^^ prompt, parv, 336; miclier Wr, voc, 213; 
Chauc, r, r. 6541; muchares (mucheres) (pL) a. r, 150; 
michers Mar, mir, pi. 179. 

mud, LOerm, mude, mod^ mud, ,^limus'^, prompt parv. 
347; Fum, p. XXXI, 2; mod Rich. 4360; mudde (dat) 
Mor, a, p, 2, 407. 

mue, OFr, mue, mew, prompt 2)arv. 350; meue 
(„mewe") Chauc, C, t 351 & 10957. 

mugwort, ASax, mucg|)yrt, mugwort, prompt, parv, 347. 

mugle? tailf [„vocatur , , . cauda ah indigents, patria 
lingua, mughel" Forduni Scotichronicon 1, 188, quoted by 
Madden, Lai^, 3, 420] muggles (moggies) (pi.) La^. 29588. 

mu3e, ASax. muga, Olcel, mugi, moiVy acervus; mowe 
Wr. voc. 154; Wicl. gloss, 30; mu3en (pi) LaT^, 29280. 

mu3en (mu3hen), ASax, mugan, OHGerm. mugan, 
magan, Goth, magan, Olcel. mega, from ma3, he able, posse, 
Orm. 2959; st gen. 1818; mowen Chauc. Troil. 2686; 
mown prompt, parv. 346 ; mow(e) pr, consc, 7964; msehte, 
mihte, mohte, ASax, meahte, mihte, OHGerm, mahta, 
niolita, Goth, mahta, (pret) might (mought), La'7^. 403, 3 I 48 
& 30893; mahte Marh, 7, 13; mihte (mahte) Kath. 62; 
mihte, muhte a. r. 58 & 94; mihte Orm, 130; mi3te 
owl and night, 394; Bek, 62; moht met, hom. 7; moght 
Iw. 226; Min. 24; moute Wr. an. lit 3; mught pr, consc. 

muk 407 

282; mihtest harrow. 95; mi^test Fum, p, XXlVy 206; 
might (part.) Mand. 298; Chauc. Troil. 3503. 

muk (mukke?), Olcel. mykr (mog) Fritzner's ordh., 
muck, nfinms^, prompt part?, 348; Oow. conf. am, 2, 290; 
vis. P. P. 4081; pr. consc. 9008; mok Fum. p. /, 20; 
(mokke) Mor. a. p. 1, 904. 

middinge, Dan. mogdynge, midding (middefn)^ ^aterqui- 
limum^, prompt, parv. 337*; midding pr. consc. 628; 
Town, my St. 30. 
mukhille „sterquilinium^j prompt, parv. 348. 

mul, ASax. myl, ODutch mul, mull, „pulvis'^, prompt, 
parv, 348; Oow. conf, am. 2, 204; Mor. a. p. I, 904. 
mulrein staubregen, prompt, parv. 

mul, Lat. moms? 
mulberi, MHOerm. mulbere, mulberry, ,^moru/m^, prompt, 
parv. 348; molberi »s. 77, 47. 

mule (mulle), OH Germ, muli, Crr. fxuXij, Lat. mola? 
mill, Rob. Olouc. 547, 22; mille prompt, parv. ^^1 ', Mand. 
189; melle Chauc. C. t. 3921. 
melston Wr. treat. 136. 
milward rel. ant. 1, 85; meleward Fum. p. XXIV, 6. 

mulere (millere) miller, vis. P. P. 1106; millere, mel- 
lere Chauc. C. t. 6U & 39 W. 

mullin, OHOerm. mullen, Olcel. mylja, mull, pulve- 
rize, prompt, parv, 348. 

mull ok mullock, rubbish, Chauc. C. t. 3871. 

mulne^ ASax. myl(e)n^ Olcel. mylna, ODutch molen, 
Lat. molina? miln, (ace) Wart, hist. 1, 43; (gen. dat) 
a. r. 72; owl and night. 776; milne Wr. voc. 235; Wicl. 
gloss, 29; milnes (pL) Rob. Br. 173, 27. 
milnston Wicl. gloss. 29; milnestOn rel. ant. 1, 81. 

milner, Olcel. mylnari^ OHGerm. mulnari, milner, 
Wr. voc. 212. 

multestre, ASax. miltestre, „m£retrix^, Wr. voc. 95. 

mummen, ODutch mommen, mum; imummed (part.) 
dep, of R. 26, 7. 

mund, ASax, OSax, Olcel. mund, OHGerm. munt, 
mound, palm, protection, La7^. 25569; and habben me to 
munde 23246; mounde (dat.) Wr. p, s, 189; &, knight of 
mochel mounde Launf. 597 ; feouwer & sixti munden 
(mundes) La^- 21994. 
mundebriche ^trespas vers seignur^, rel, ant, 1, 33. 

408 muDide 

munde, ASax, mynd, Lot, mens gen. mentis, Ghr. (i^fttCy 
mind^ Marh. 21, 25; Wr, treat, 134; (pet he) habbe ou 
ine munde a. r, 66; muinde Fum. p, XXVI, 38; minde 
Orm. 17577; Gow. conf. am. 2, 82; vis. P. P. 3048; pa. 
108, 15; pr. consc. 59; k man pat is out of his minde 
Chauc. C. t. 13909; as pe bok makip mind Flor. 2168; 
„mende mens, memorial, prompt, parv. 332; Ivd. Gov. 19; 
compos, imunde. 

munde (mindo)^ ASax. (ge)mynde, mindftd, rel. ant. 
1, 216; Wr. spec, 82; Mapes 336; compos, imunde. 

munden, ASax. (ge)myndan, mind; minde (pres.) 
Hartsh. m. t. 134; mindende (part.) Wicl. gloss. 

mundij, ASax. (ge)myndig fmemor). 

mindi^nesse memory, (ace.) Orm. 11508. 

mundlunge; compos, unmundlunge. 

mune, ASax. myne, Qoth. muns, memory, remembrance. 
munedai a. r. 22*. 

mune, ASax. myne, mene, y^monile'^, Wr. voc. 89. 

munen, ASax. Qoth. munan, Olcel. muna, /rom man^ 
ihinh, remember, rel. ant. 1, 217; st. gen. 687; munde 
(pret.) Orm. 1967; comps. imunen. 

munejen, ASax. myn(e)gian, OHOerm. munigon, 
ming, remember, admonish, a. r. 320; h4re dhne ded ant 
drihtines munejin Marh. 15, 3; munegie (munesi) iaj. 
24027; mungen c. oj I. 1193; minge Wr. spec. 96; Octav. 
7; Em. 926; Mor. a. p. 1, 854; minge, menge Gaw. gloss. 
397; munge (pres.) Fum. p. XXV, 167; mune3ea reL 
ant. 1, 130; meneji (subj.) Shoreh. 104; & munejede bine 
t8 fiisen La^. 16648; compos, imunesen. 

munet, ASax. mynet, Olcel. mynt, OHGerm. muniza, 
Lot. moneta, mint^ y^aumisma^, Wr. voc. 88. 

mune3unge rem^ubrance, (dot.) a. r. 26. 

munien, ASax. mynian, min, 7*emember, mention, La'i^. 
2033; munnen Kath. 1714; mare pen eni mud hit cude 
munnen Marh. 14, 34; munne c. of I. 268; rel. ant. 2, 
210; of him we ohte munne Wr. spec. 112; minne Mor. 
a. p. 1, 582; ant. Arth. XVIII, 9; of one thinge i woUe 
you minne m. Arth, F. 169; muune (pres.) rel. ant. 1, 
125; munnest Kath. 974; pat pou mines (menes) of him 
„guod memor es ejtts^, ps. 8, 5; me minep / remember, 
Urm. 1817; me minez Mor. a. p. 2, 25; munned ant 
mune3ed Marh. 21; ye minnen vis. P. P. 10547; mene? 

munBter 409 

(imperat) pr, consc. 5740; pai be mined ^reminiscentur'^ , 
ps, 21, 28. 

munster, ASax, mynster, Lot, monasterium, minister; 
munstre (dat) Bob. Glouc, 419^ 15; minstre (ace.) Orm. 

munten, ASax. myntan, munt (mint^ ment), intend, 
aim, reL ant 2, 216; mintin prompt, parv, 338; minte 
Triam, 1513; mente (pret,) Shoreh. 151; mxint(pa7't,) reL 
ant. 1, 131; mint s. s. Wv. 1660; Percev. 1667; Tor, 
1616; compos, imunten. 

mure (mire), ASax. m^re, Olcel. m^rr, mire, ,^palus'', 
prompt, parv. 338; Rich. 6939; Chauc. C. t. 510; Rob. 
Br. 70, 18; (miere) reL atvt. 1, 7; miires (pL) Wr. p. s. 
216; compos. leimHre. 

miri miry, Hartsh. m. t* 128. 

(murje) murie^ ASojx. myrge, merge, msrry (murry), 
LaT^. 10147; Kath. 317; owl and night. 345; Brand. 14; 
k. of T. 288; merye SAoreA. 148; F/or. 1766; meri CAawc. 
C. t. 235; miri prompt. parv. 338; s. s. Wr.26i; pr.conso. 
904; murie (adv.) Horn 592; vis. P. P. 20; mery(e) Tor. 
1959; mirie HoccL 1, 237; murie (pi) a. r. 390; muriere 
(compar) Brand. 10; murieste (superL) vis. P. P. 10056; 
mirieste Mor. a. p. 1, 199. 
meriliche merrily, Chauc. C. t 14521. 

mur3en, ASax. myrgan, ODutch mergen, make merry; 
mursep (pres) reL ant. 1, 124; Wr. spec. 45; miries ps. 
46, 2. 

murhde, ASax. myrhd, mdrth, Kath. 2382; Marh. 11; 
murhde (merspe) Fum. p. VIII, 184 (Hick. thes. 1, 224); 
mur3pe, murejpe owl and night. 341 & 355; murehde, 
murde (murhpe) La^. 1794 & 5111; murhde, muruhde 
a. r. 92 & 132; murpe Alis. 1575; vis. P. P. 12515; 
murpe (merpe) c. of L 42; merpe Chauc. C. t. 768; 
mirthe prompt, parv. 339; met. horn. 37. 

m ur k e n , ASax. murcian (?), murmur ; morkeden (mur- 
keden) (pret) ps. 105, 25. 

murcnen, ASax. murcnian, pine, Orm. 7785. 

murne, ASax. (un)murne, sad, (pi) LaT^. 16159; 
Halhw. diet. 567. 

murnen, ASax. murnan, OSax. mornian, OHGerm. 
mornen^ Goth, maurnan, mourn (mum)^ Marh. 14; a. r, 
310; murne Rob. Br. 20, 15; mornin prompt, parv. 344; 

410 muming 

mourne WicL John 16; 1 morne (pres.) Chauc. C. t. 3704; 
whi mornes pou s, s, Wr, 1862; we murne met. ham. 36; 
mourne (imperat,) via, P. P. 1337; murnede (pret.) it. r. 
366; mornede La3. 3116; mornid Eglam. 692; compos. 

murning, ASax. mumung, mourning, pr. consc. 1846; 
murninge (dat.) owl and night 1696; B.ek. 23. 

murdre, ASax. myrdra? murderer? a. r. 278. 

murdren, ASax. myrdriaii, murder, Laj. 21516; mur- 
pri Fum. p. XXIII, 21 ; murpere vis. P. P. 2192; mirpren 
Orm. 8124; murdredest (pret) a. r 310; morprid (part) 
Chauc. C. t 8601; imorpred Roh. Glouc. MO, 3. 

murperere murderer, vis. P. P. 4347; mordrere Mand. 

mus (mous), ASax. Olcel. OHGerm. Lat mAs, mouse, 
vis. P. P. 361; Chauc. C. t 144; mus, ASax. m^s, (pL) 
mice, owl and night 87; mise Mand. 291; Wr. s. a. c. 
LVIII, 39; compos, reremous. 
musere mouse-ear, Wr. voc. 140. 

mousfalle, OHGerm. musfalla, ,^muscipula''\ prompt, parv. 

muschil, ASax. muscel, muscle, prompt parv. 348; 
muscles (pi.) P. P. p 526. 

(mus el) mosel^ OFr, musel, muzzle, Chauc. C. t 2153. 

mu8e(n), OFr. muser, muse, vis. P. P. 5839; mused 
(pret) Chauc. C. t 5453; 

must, ASax. must, OHGerm. most, Lat mustum, must, 
Wr. voc. 261 \ La3. 8723*; vis. P. P. 12822. 

mud, ASax. mud, OSax. OFris. OHGerm. mund, Goth. 
munps, Olcel. mudr^ munnr, mouth, a. r. 64; rel. ant. 1, 
211; mup Orm. 13868; owl and night. <)73; moup Brand, 
8; moupe (dot.) s. s. Wr. 2320. 

m u w 1 e n (mowle), Olcel. mygla ? moul (mould), ,^mucor'% 
prompt parv. 346. 

muwlen, Olcel. mygla? ODutch molen? moul, mucere, 
a. r. 344; mowlin prompt, parv. 346; Chauc. C. t. 4452; 
mowled („moweld") (part) pr. consc. 5570; moulid brSd 
rel. ant 1, 85; miilede pinges a. r. 104*. 

nadre (naddre), ASax. nsedre^ OSax. nadra, Goth, 
nadrs, Olcel. nadra, nadr, OHGerm. nat(a)ra, nedder., ^^ser- 
pens'^, Shoreh. 104; nadder s. s. Wr, 774; nedre Roh. 
Glouc. 43, 1 1 ; neddre a. r. 82; Orm. 9759 ; rel. ant. 1,211; 

^ nagge 411 

st gen, 323; Gow, conf, am, 3jr 118; Mand. 206; nedder 
Chauc. C, t 9660; neddir prompt parv. 352; naddren 
(pL) Furn. p. VIII, 138; naderes Wr, voc, 265; ^e^addere. 

nagge, Dutch negge, natj, inannvs, prompt parv, 350. 

naht, ASaoc. neaht, niht, 08ax. OHGerm. naht, Goth, 
naKts, Olcel, nsltt, Lat nox gen, noctis, Gr. v6$ gen, voxto^, 
Kuss, HO'ib, night (neaght), (nam, ace) Wr, spec, 34; pa, 
103, 24*; najt J/oa a. p, 2, 807; naght 7i<?. 3897; naht, 
niht Omi. 972 & 1904; nast, ni^t 5«. gen, 76 & 1678; 
niht Kath, 1592; to niht Aac nocte, LaT^, 709; nicht rgZ. 
ant. 1, 177; ni3t owZ and night 334; niht (p^.^ chron. 
Engl. 157; seoven niht La^- 20192; feowertene niht 26675; 
fourten nist Roh, Glouc. 533, 17; bi nihte a. r. 20; bi 
niste owl and night 365; a ni3t(e) 219; nahtes, nihtes 
(gen.) Orm, 6492 & 16897; nihtes Kath, 1078; nijtes owl 
and night 238; compos, midniht. 
night-cappe Chauc, C. t 9727. 
nihtfuel a, r. 1 12. 

nihtegale, A Sax, nihtegale, OHGerm, nahta-, nahtigala, 
nightingale, Wr, spec, 26; nistegale rel. ant 1, 241 ; nihte- 
gale, nistingale owl and night, 4 & 1510; nightingale 
Chauc. C. t 98. 

nihtlic nightly, ps. 90, 5*; nihthche (pi) rel, ant, 1, 131. 
nightmare night-mare, ^,ephialtes^ , prompt, parv, 356. 

nail, ASax, n8eg(e)l, OSax, OHGerm. nagal, Olcel, 
nagl, nogl, OFris, neil, nail, y^clavus^ unguis^, prompt parv. 
350; chron, Engl, 629; neil a, r. 404; nailes (pL) vis, 
P. P, 3916; Chauc, C, t 6351; neiles Marh, 19, 33; 
Kath, 2151. 

nail in, ASa^r, nseglian, Goth, (ga)nagljan,' /lati, f^cla- 
vare^', prompt, parv, 351; naslen Orm, 2100; ineiled 
(part.) a. r, 114. 

n ai s , Olcel. neiss (contumeliae ohnoxius vel pudibundus) f 
nakid and nais met, horn. 52. 

nait, Olcel. neytr (strenuw*, viiLis)f compos, unnait. 
naitli? Mor. a. p, 2, 480. 

naite(n), Olcel. neyta, nait, use, Mor, a, p, 2, 531; 
Percev. 185; pr. consc. notes 270; nate Mar. mir, pi. 139. 

naitin, Olcel, neita (negare), ASax, nsetan (a^ligere), 
Goth, ganaitjan (axtfiouv), OHGerm. neizzan (a^ligere, 
atterere)? deny, ,,,negare'\ prompt parv, 361 ; naitid (part,) 
apol, 77. 

412 naked 

naked, ASax. nacod, OHGerm. nacoter, nachoter, 
Olcel. noktr, nokkvidr, Goth, naqaps, naked, a. r. 316; 
Orm, 6164; Brand. 24; vis, P. P. 7745; s. s. Wr. 152. 
nakedhed nuditas, Alis. 7056. 

nakednesse nakedness, Chauc. C, t. 8742. 

nakin, for nakeden, ASax, genacodian, OHGemu 
kinachaton? „nudare^, prompt parv. 351; nakide (pfet,) 
WicL gloss. 

name, A^ ax. OFris. nama, noma, OS ax. Goth. OHOerm, 
namo, Olcel. nafn, name, prornpt. parv. 351; Orm. 1831; 
Lidg. m. p. 67; nome LaT^ 1951; J)ene nome a. r. 60; 
bi nome il/arA. 2; nomen fpl.) Katfi. 271; c. of I. 615; 
compos, toname. 

nomecud /amoi^, Kath. 537; a. r. 334. 
namehche namely, Bek. 21; Chauc. Troil. 1304; nomebche 
Kath. 21; a. r. 18; nameli ,^praecipue^, prompt, parv. 

namin, ^>aa?. (ge)namian, name, ,^nommare^^, prompt 
parv. 351. 

nap, ASax. hnsepp, ODutch nap, OHGerm. hnapf, 
naphjiow/, Laj. 14333; rel. ant 1, 129; Mapes 343; nep 
a. r. 344; nappes (pi.) rel. songs V, 107. 

nape nape, „cervix^, prompt, parv. 351; Alis. 1347. 

nap pi en (nappin), ASax. hnappian, nap., ^dormitare^, 
prompt, parv. 351 ; nappi ha'^. 1219*; nappe vis. P. P. 
3260; napped (pres.) a. r. 324; Chauc. C. t Tyr. 16958; 
nappid (part.) Mar. mir. pi. 109. 

nappinge, ASax. hnappung, napping, „dormitatio'^ , 
prompt, parv. 351. 

naru, ASax. nearu, OSax. naru, narrow, Orm. 3687; 
Ti-ist 2, Ifi}, nare Furn. p. VI 11, 174; Wr. treat. 139; 
narw j?s. 83, 4; narow, narwe Mand. 45 & 69; „narowe 
(narwe) strictus'^, prompt parv. 351; neruh a. r. 144; 
narewe (dot. ace) La^. 5511; Fu^m. p. VIII, 171; narpe 
stijhes (pi) Orm. 9202; narwe, ASax. nearpe, (adv) vis. 
P. P. 8770; Chauc. C. t 3224; narewe owl and night. 
68; neruwe a. r. 268; neruwure (compar) 430; nerewest 
(narewest) (superl.) 50. 
neruhliche narrowly, a. r. 334. 
neruhde angustia, a. r. 378. 

narwen, ^fi^ao;. neaq^ian^ narrow: narwand n^ffiigens'^, 
ps. 34, 5. 

nase, ASax. nasu, nosu^ OHGerm. nasa, OFris, nose, 

naselinge 4lS 

OleeL nos pi, nasar, ODutch neuse, nese, nose^ Shoreh, 6; 
Go7V, conf, am, 1, 98; Amad. Robs. VII, 1; nose Bek. 
2201; Ckauc, C, t 152; s, s. Wr. 2070; lud. Cov. 137; 
neose (nose) LaT^, 8181; neose Mark. 9; a, r, 100; nese, 
nose prompt parv, 354; nese Mand, 204; Iw, 260; pr. 
cowsc. 626; iZo6. 5r. M. 3, 309; neise reZ. ant, 1, 54. 
neasepurl nostril, Mark, var, read, 46; neosepurl r el, songs 
V, 235; nosepurl Chauc, C, t, 559; nesethirl prompt, 
parv, 354. 

naselinge (noselinges) ^supinus^y prompt, parv. 358. 

nape, 0/ceZ. n4d, OSax, nAthe, OFris, n&the, nftde, 
OHGerm, (gi)n4da, grace, (dat,) Orm, 18362. 

nave, ASax, nafu, ODutch nave, Olcel, nof, OHGerm. 
naba, wave, y^modiolns^ , prompt, parv, 352; Chauc. C, t, 
7448; nafe R^r. z;oc. 278. 

navegor, ASax. nafogar, MHOerm. nabeger, auger, Halliw. 
diet, 572; nauger Wr, voc, 170. 

navele, ASax, nafola, OFris, navla, Olcel, nafli, 
OHGerm, nabalo, navel (nawl), Shoreh. 44; navele, naule 
Wicl, gloss,; navel Chauc, C, t, 1959; navil Iw. 1992; 
navil, novil prompt, parv, 360; novil Lidg, m. p. 199; 
naul Mor, a, p. 1, 459. 

ne, ASax. OSax, OFris. Olcel. Goth, OHGerm. ne, ne, 
non, nee: pet we ne bicumen prude a. r. 232; no wunne 
ne schal wonten pe 398; pat hit ne for|?urde nd;Ut Marh, 
5; we(n)st pu pat ich ne cunne singe owl and night. 47; 
hi ne seje no ping Brand, 11; hi ne kn^we hire spSche 
n63t Bek, 66; per ne was vis, P. P. 351; i ne saugh 
Chauc, C. t. 766; nam (for ne am) Orm,. 10281; a, r. 
38; Chauc. C. t, 1124; nabbe Qor ne habbe) Las- 7876; 
Kath, 1765; nas (for ne was) Orm, 311; owl and night, 
114; Chauc. C, t. 120; nes a. r. 38; n^t (for ne w4t) 
La3. 6243; Orw. 2445; Hoccl. I, 329; ndt Pffe. 163; 
nulle (for ne wille) La'T^. 1447; MarA. 22, 5; nille s. s. 
Wr. 1768; nelle owl and night. 452; vis. P, P, 3404; ne 
wurde nan cniht swa wod, ne kempe swa wilde, pat he 
severe speke word Laj. 8593; pat 3h6 ne psere shamed 
. . . ne shend Orm. 1992; pat pei ne b^ hurt ne harmed 
Mand. 245; ne for sorewe ne for wo Bek, 63; pat hit 
ne sem(e) n6|?der ne suteli(e) Marh, 5; ne ne mai nk 
ping pidstonden his |?ille Kath. 221; he ne had nouther 
strenthe ne might pr, consc. 465. 

414 ne 

n& (jot ne ft) wo, Iw, 716; no a. r. 334; c of I. 1099; 
nuUe ich nft so don Laj. 6239; 3ef pu ne dSst nd Mori. 
7; no but it were joven to pe from above W%d. J6k% 
19; no mo Bek. 24; nft mftre Lwt^. 15737; nft mdre 
harrow, 64; n6 more Mand. 273; nS mftre a. r. 96*; 
nft p6 mo i2o&. Glouc. 257, 11; nft, no, neo pS les Zoj. 
141, 8033 & 25611; no, neo pe les owl and nighL 1295 
& 1365; nft pe les Mand, 14; Chauc, C. t. 4514; neo 
dS les Mark 13; nS pS les iitcA. 3812; Gow. conf. am. 
1, 4; Wid. John 4 ; no pS betere owl and night, 283; nft 
lengre Orm, 13163; no leng Brand, 3; ne beo pe dai nft 
swa long La3. 1327; n6re pe voreward no so strong JSoJ. 
Ol(mc. 379, 3; nft, nse, neo (no) nec^ La^, 9680, 13344 
& 13665; nouper heort no hinde no mihte(n) heo nsevere 
ifinde 30568; no Rob, Br, 41, 5; soster no broper Wr. 
p, 8. 205; no nftut so bold s, s, Wr, 38; nftn (for nft) 
mdre a. r, 164; non longer s, a, c. //, 8; i wot not wher 
nSn (for n6, nft?) hou Lidg, m, p, 31. 
nftwer, nowher, neouwer (for ne fthwer) nowhere^ I^Z* 
753, 3301 & 31800; nftwre Mar. mir, pi, 121; nouhwar 
a. r, 134; n6phar Orm, 3565; Marg. 113; nohper Kalh, 
1731; nowher vis, P. P, 1316; Chauc, C, t, 650; nour 
Bob, Olouc. 233, 5. 

nftuper (for ne ftuper) nouther (nor), netiter, nee, met, horn, 
18; n6|>der Marh, 5, 17; (nopper?) Orm, 3124; (nowper?) 
Isumb, 149; n6wper of hftm 7?^?. 3230; nouder a, r. 52 
& 350; nouper of gold nor of silver Mand. 239; nouder, 
neouder iaj. 6972 & 8723; noper owl and night, 1003; 
BOper of flesch ne of blod Wr, treat, 134; noper . . . nor 
Chauc. C, t 948; noiper lai le fr. 153. 
nohpider (for ne ohwider) nowhither, Marh, 9, 33; 
nouhwuder a, r, 424. 

nftwiht, nftht, noht (for ne ftwiht) nought (not), La;^. 209, 
473 & 6129; nftpiht, nftpt, nftut Marh, 5 & 7; nolde he 
nftpiht lejhen Orm. 10351; nowiht, nout (nftut, nftwt) 
a. r. 86 & 144; noht (noht?) harrow. 60 & 109; noht 
tat Crist maj C]>emen Orm, 13117; god ne mihte noht 
pft belles h^ren ringen 910; nftught Rich. 5678; nftught, 
nought, nat, not Chavc. C. t 746, 758, 791 & 13349; 
nojt (nojt?) Brand. 3; for nojt Rob. Glouc. 449, 11; 
noght vis. P, P. 1907; noght, n6u3t, nout s. s. Wr, 53, 
209 & 210; be it nought so lite Gow. conf. am, 1, 174. 

nead 415 

nAi (for Tie fti) nay, Kath, 111\ a. r. 370; owl and night 
464; Shoreh. 169; iw. 1152; Mand. 292; CAawc. C. <. 
1669; Wicl John 20; nsei ias- 13132; naj Orw. 10285. 
neiper (for ne ^iper) neither, ^neuier^y prompt parv.S62] 
VIS. P. P. 2342; neiper of us Chauc, C. t 1137; me list 
not to whispre neiper to roune Lidg, st of Th. 695. 
nsefre (for ne sefre) never, Orm. 6940 ; nsevre, nrevere . 
Laj. 3104 & 26253; n^vre rel ant. 1, 209; Brand, 3; 
nevere vis, P. P, 24; neavere Kath. 126; n^ver mo Bek. 
2039; nSver more a. n 88; nSver pe lesse 218; ne b(e)o 
pe song never so murie owl and night 345; pow he b6 
nevir so wilde Eglam. 708; ngr Wr, spec. 36 & 102. 
n^n (Jor ne kn) none, LaT^. 26015; Kath. 124; n^n man 
owl and night 1537; n6n(e) hete Tfr. treat. 135; n^nes 
(gen. m.) La^. 26754; Kath. 975; n^ne (dat m.) La^. 
24624; none a. r. 68; n^re (dat f.) La'7^. 24626; nkmiQ (ace. 
m.) Fum. p. VIII, 60; owl and night 810; nsenne, nenne 
(n4nne) Laj. 9862 & 26753; nSnne a. r. 96; none face, 
f.) Furn. p. VIII, 119; none (pi.) a. r. 168; none oper 
elopes nadde he on Brand. 29; i n4ne d^pe sinnes Orm. 
12839; nk no, Laj. 25378; Iw. 500; no man Bek. 272; 
no ping a. r, 120. 

nif (for ne if? cmp. OHGerm, nibu, Ooth. niba nisi) 
unless, Oaw. glocs.; Mor. a. p. 2, 424; norf ant. Arth. 
IX, 4. 

nead („neod"), A8ax, nead, ned, n^d, OFris, n§d, 
OSax, nod, OHOerm. not, Olcel. naud, need^ La'7^. 5282; 
Bek. 874; jif hit neod is a. r. 80; nM Orm. 906; i hadde 
al pat me was ned Mapes 335; neode owl and night, 904; 
nede y^necessitas'^, prompt, parv. 352 ; neede Chauc. C. t 
8337; nMe face.) vis, P. P. 4608; Mand. 82; neode La^. 
9526; c. of l. 19; neade (aWa^^^ weeds, Shoreh. 138; nMe 
O^-m. 13558; Pwrw. p. XV II, 392; he mot nMe b§ien 
Las. ^^51; nMes Chauc. C. t 1292. 
neodful a. r. 260; nedful s^ gen, 2130. 
neodles J?eA. 1662. 

nedli, ASax. n^dlice, needly, necessario, Iw. 1 1 84 ; pr. 
consc. 2864. 

n ^ d u n g e (n^dlunge), ASax. neadunga, necessario, Marh, 
14, 22; nedlunge a. r, 190; n^delingis m. Arth. F. 753; 
nedelonges Amad. Robs, XII, 1. 

neat (neet), ASax. neat, Olcel. naut, OHOerm. noz. 

416 n^b 

from neoten, neat (nawt^ nowt), nbos^f prompt parv. 354; 
Octov. 927; nout ps. 143, 14; no|>t Orm, 1298; n^te {dai.) 
Iw. 252; nfete (pi J Rob. Br, 117, 28; ngte (niete) Ziaj. 
369; neet «t gen, 2097; naute -4wac?. JSo&s. aF, 8. 
neethirde „hvhuleus^, prompt parv, 354; neethurde Chauc. 
a t 367. 

neb, ASax. nebb, ODtitch nebbe, O/cci. nef, we6, „r<w- 
trum^, prompt, parv. 352 ; re?, dnt 1, 124 ; T^arf. Awr^. 1, 24 ; 
Flor. 618; his neb & his neose La^- 8181; scheau pi neb 
to me „ostende mihi faciem'^, a, r, 90; nebbe (dat.) 276. 

necke, ASax. hnecca, OFris. hnecka, Olcel. hnakki, 
necJc, LaZ' 687; Mark, 12; a. r, 322; owZ and night 122; 
Bei. 2202; nekke prompt parv, 352; Mand, 48; vw. P. P. 
2742; CAawc. G. t 238. 
neckebon ^Zts. 2336. 

neden (nMin), AS axe. nedan, n^dan, /rom nead, need^ 
cofHpellere, ^egere'^, prompt parv. 352; Orm, 11820; pe 
veond ne mei n^den nenne mon to don sunne a, r. 304; 
all pat h^m nMep Mand. 241; perof n^dep nought td 
speke Chauc. C. t 464; nMep (nMep) vis. P. P. 5728 
(Wart, hist 2, 79); nfidde (pret) Mor. a. p. 1, 1043; 
nedden La^- 4048; compos, iniden. 

n^di, ASax. nedig, needy, Furn. p. V^, 58; vis. P. P, 
4613; lud. Gov, 127. 

nfidle, ASax. nsedl, 0-Fm. nedle, G^ofA. n^pla, OHGemi. 
nA.d(e)la, needle (neeld), prompt, parv. 352; Orm. 6341; 
vis, P. P. 7745; nelde a. r. 324. 

nfedlere needier, vis. P. P. 3112. 

nefe, Olcel. hnefi, neaf (neif), fist, Percev. 2087 ; neeve 
Flor. 1636. 

n^jen, ASax. n^gan? compos. anSyen. 

n^3en, ASax. hnsegan^ neigh, yjiinnire^j Wicl. gloss. 
30; n^yin prompt parv. 352; n^ide (pret.) Rob, Olcuc, 
459, 4. 

neh, ASax. neh, neah, OFris. nSi, OSax. OHGerm. 
n4h, Olcel. n^, Goth, nehv, nigh, ,^prope''^, Ma7'h. 6, 26 ; 
Orm. 13537; Wr. spec, 34; neh him Laj. 1989; n^s st 
gen. 1234; Z. c. c. 34; ne3 pan ende Brand. 33; neih 
a. r. 60; Chauc. C. t. 1528; pat stood me neih c. of I. 
370; neigh vis. P. P. 1647: it was n^igh ded lai le fr. 
198; hit is nei vif 3^r Rob. Olouc, 195, 7; n6hi Rob. Br, 
203, 19; nigh MaW. 44 ; s. s. Wr. 3185; ni (n^i) prompt 

nShen 1^17 

parv. 365; niej ayerib, 212; neor (compar,) nedr, pro pins, 
Lai^, 6484; and come neor and neor Alia, 599; ner Wr, 
treat. 133; Oow, conf, am. 3, 212; Chauc. C. t 841; nis 
heom perfore harm no pg n6r owl and night. 1258; neer 
vis. P. P. 10938; nerre propior^ Orm. 15691; pe n^rre 
half Wr. treat, 133; n^st (superl.J neest (neoct), „proximus^, 
prompt, parv. 354; Orm. 1054; st. gen. 3921; his nfexte 
cun La3. 22837; pe nexte Wr. treat 132; pe nexte wike 
vis. P. P. 8349; pe nexte wai m, ArtJt. F. 278; neghest 
proxime, pr. consc. 2920; next a. r. 334; next pe grounde 
Wr. treat. 132. 

neihebur, ASax. neahgebur, 7ieighbour, a. r. 368; n^gh- 
ebur pr. consc. 5863; neighebour Chauc. 0. t. 537; nSgh- 
ebor vis. P. P. 2659. 

nehlechen approach; neihlgched (pres.) rel. ant. 1, 131; 
a. r. 60; nehfehte (pret.) La^. 5267. 
newist, ASax. nea(h)j?est, OHGerm. n^hwist^ vicinity, pre- 
sence: heo comen hire a n^weste La3. 3507; a neoweste 
pan st^ne 17426; his cun pe was a neoste 18247; he 
com a n^uste 25752. 

nehen (neihen), OHGerm. n^hen, Goth, nehvjan, neigh 
(nigh), approach, a. r. 134; nehe met. horn. 17; nejhen 
Orm. 4491; neghen vis. P. P. 11486; n^ijen Mapes 345; 
neighe Mand. 241; neghe pr. consc. 1208; nlghe m. Arth. 
F. 2832; nSihede (pret.) a. r. 134; n^ghede vis. P. P. 
14388; neghid s. s. Wr. 950; nighed Triam. 1512. 

nemnen, ASax. nemnan, OHGerm. nemnan, nemman, 
nennan, Goth, namnjan, Olcel. nefna, name, nominare, 
Orm. 157; nemnen (nemni) La^- 2910; nemne Wr. spec. 
113; cr. P. P. 939; nemni Wr. treat. 132; nempnen 
c. of I. 299; nempne vis. P. P. 12998; nemmen a. r. 
198; nevene Hartsh. m. t. 83; Roh. Br. 33, 20; Mar. 115; Itid. Gov. 173; (nevine) Triam. 6; nevene 
(pres.) Isumb. 27; neYens pr. consc. 969; nemned a. r. 
10; nemde (pret) 138; Arth. and Merl. 9379; nsemde, 
nemnede Za^. 6005 & 29621; nemnede rel. ant. 1, 131; 
Brand. 3; h. s. 2287; compos, inemnen. 

neode, Aba^x. need, OS ax. niud, OHGerm. niot, de- 
sire? La^. 25686; compos, unneod? 

neodliche, yl/ScKc. neodlice, OSax. niudlico, diligently? he 
ferden alle nihte neodhche swlde LaT^. 26923; ant heom 
1 folhi neodelukest Marh. 13. 





neoten (listen), ASax. neotan, OSax. niotan, OIceL 
niota, Goth, niutan, OHQerm, niozan, ^oy, frui, rel. afU, 
1, 222 ; deriv. neat, note, nut. 

nSpe, ASax. n8epe(?), OIceL nsepa, neep^ rape? Wr. 
voc. 191; prompt, par v. 353. 

n6re, ODutch niere, OHGerm. niero, Olcel. n^ra, 
neer (netr), „ren^f Wr. voc. 186 ; I. c. c. 52; neere prompt. 
parv. 353; neeres ^renes'^, ps. 25, 2; compos, kidnere. 

nesche, ASax. hnesce, ODutch nesch, Goth, hnasqus, 
nesh, mollisy tener, a. r. 134; owl and night. 1544; Wr. 
treat. 138; Alts. 915; Shoreh. 146; Mand.SOS] s. a. Web. 
732; neshe Orm. 995; pr. conec. 614; I. c. c. 33; nesch 
Mor. a. p. 1, 605; nesh Chauc. c.l. 1092; Mar. 128. 

neschin, ASax. hnescian, make nesh, mollire, prompt, 
parv. 353; neshen Orm. 15909; nesched (part.) ps. 54, 22, 

n^sin, Olcel. hniosa, OHGa^i. niusan, ODutch niesen, 
neesey ,^stemutare^ , prompt, parv. 354. 

nest, ASax. OHGerm. nest, we^^, „nidus^^ prompt. parv. 
354; a. r. 134; owl and night. 100; Chauc. C. t. 14970. 

nest en, ASax. nistian, nest, nidulari; nested (pres.) 
a. r. 132. 

nestlin, ASax. nestlian, nestle, ^nidificare'*, prompt, 
parv. 354; nestlen Hoccl. 1, 288. 

nestling nestling; nestlin ges (pi.) dep. of R. 17, 10. 

net, ASax. OSax. nett (net), Olcel. net, Goth, nati, 
0IIGe7'm. nezi, net, „rete^\ Fum. p. XVII, 157; nett 
prompt, parv. 354; Orm. 13474; Maud. 116; nettes (pl-J 
LaT^. 29251; a. r, 334. 

netle, ASax. netele, OHGerm. nezila, nettle, Wr. voc. 
139; Lidg. m. p. 171; netlen (pL) ayenh. 230; netles h. s. 

netlin. Germ, neszeln, nettle, prompt, parv. 355. 

neve, ASax. nefa, OHGerm, nefo, OFris. neva, Olcel. 
nefi, OFr. nevou, nevy (nephew), y^nepos*^, prompt, parv. 
355; St. gen. 72^; nevu ayenb.^8] nGYen Degrev. 26 ; nevou 
Rob. Br. 100, 25. 

newe, A<ax. neoj?e, nipe, OSax. niwi, OHGerm. 
ni(u)wer, OFris. nie, Goth, niujis, Olcel. n^r, Lat. novus, 
Sansc. rfcTH, Russ. hoblih, Gr. veo^, new, Kath. 2137; st. 
gen. 1286; c. of I. 780; vis. P. P. 3131; Chauc. C. t. 
8733; s. s. Wr. 1489; nepe (niepe) i^wrw. p. VIII, 156 
(Hick. thes. 1, 223^; ayenb, 97; newe, niwe iiot. Glouc. 

nepen 419 

217, 12 & 517, 24; nepe, nep, neop Orm, 3447, 7246 & 

11030; niwe Shoreh. 163; neowe a. r. 8; neowe (neuwe) 

La^' 2675; nue (niue?) prompt, parv. 360; PTr. treat, 133; 

newes fg'ew. w.^ ««. gen, 260] o newe anei^?, (?ai^. gloss. 400. 

neowcumen new-come, iaj. 8562. 

newef angel new-fangle, Gow, conf, am. 2, 273 ; Chauc. 

C, t. 10932. 

iieoweliche newly, a, r. 218; newehche ^Ir^A. awe? Me^i. 

4658; neuli rcZ. aw«. 1, 146; Roh, Br, 67, 18. 

ne|>en, ASax, neopan, shortly, Orm, 173 & 7129; 
neowen, neouwen ia3. 3591 & 20683. 

new en, ASax, neopian, nipian, OHOeim, ni(u)won, 
new, 7iovare, Wicl, gloss.; newe Chauc, TroU. 3164 ;> jiGwei 
fp7*es.J rel. ant, 1, 210; newed (pret) pr, consc, 7460; 
inewed (part.) ayenh, 107; compos, anewen. 

nice, OFr. nice, nice, foolish, y^iners^^ prompt, parv. 
355; Shoreh 46; s. s. Web, 4i2; Hoccl, 1, 204; nice 
sightes vis, P. P 10861; of nice conscience Chauc. C, U 
400; pat we ben wl8(e) and no ping nice 6520; nise 
Mor, a, p. 2, 824; m. Arth. F. 3010; Lidg, m. p, 202. 

nifte, ASax. OFris, OHOerm, nift, Lat, neptis, niece, 
prompt, parv, 355; st, gen, 1386. 

niggard, Swed, njugger? niggard, prompt, parv, 355; 
vis. P. P, 9898; Chauc, C, t. 5915. 

n i 3 e n , ASax, nigon, OSax, OFris. ni^an, Goth, OHGerm, 
niun, Olcel, niu, Lat. novem, Ir, Gael, naoi, nine, Trist. 
1, 34; nishen Orm. 1051; nien Iw, 402; nije Wr, spec. 
37; nie, niene a. r. 30 & 326; nine vis, P, P, 700; neghen 
pr. con^sc. 729; neghe Octov, 650; neoje Wr, treat. 134. 
nisentene nimteen, iaj. 1850; neojentene Fum, p, 
XIIJ, 82. 

neojenteope nirieteenth, Fum, p. XIII, 351. 
nijenti ninety, st. gen. 1027. 

nijede, ASax, nigoda, OSax. nigunda, Goth, niunda, 
ninth, Fum, p, VIII, 170; nisede, niede a. r. 198&236; 
neojepe Bek, 617; nijhende Orm. 4488; nejende ayenh. 
10; Shoreh, 100; neghend pr. co7isc. 3988; ninpe vis. 
P. P, 9545; h, s. 2906. 

n i k i r , ASax, nicor, ODutch niker, loaterspirit, ,^siren^, 
prompt, parv, 356, nikeres (pi.) Zaj. 21746; Hob. Br. 
M. 3, 305; nikeren ayenh. 61. 

nikken, ODutch nicken, OHGerm, nicchen, nod; nicke 


420 nimel 

(pres.) Wr, spec, 32; nicked a. r. 308; nikkes Percev, 
1024; nikked (pret,) Gaw, gloss, 

nimel (nimil), ASax, nemol (?), nimble, ^capax'^, prompt, 
parv, 356; Halliw, diet, 578; nemel Lidg, m, p. 168. 

nimen, ASax, niman, neoman, OSax, Ooth, niman, 
OHOerm, neman, Olcel, nema, nim, take, La'7^, 993 ; Kath, 
2148; Orm, 2910; c, of I, 547; st. gen, 1042; vis. P, P. 
8774; s. s, Web. 1430; (nimin) prompt, parv, 356; nime 
owl and night 1095; Wr. treat, 139; neme Rich, 3876; 
neomen Marh, 3 ; nimed fpres.) a, r. 6 ; nam (pret,) st, 
gen. 200] Gow, conf, am, 1, 212; 5. 5. Wr, 461; nam, nom 
Kath, 910 & 1023; nom a, r, 230; c. of I, 917; Bek. 
1095; Degrev, 126; pou nome s, s, Web. 277; n^men 
Bob, Br, pref, 98; n&men F\irn. p, XXIV, 104; s, s, Wr. 
317; Min, 43; n6me (subj,) st, gen, 3341; numen (pqrt,) 
Ortti, 6940; st, gen, 409; nomen Havel, 2265; Chauc. 
Troil, 6884; Triam, 1181; nome s, s, Wr. 2680; compos. 
bi-, i-, over-, up-, utnimen. 

nip, Dan. nip (^det yderste af noget^) Molb. ordb., nip^ 
top? out of pe nippe of pe norp vis. P. P. 12402. 

nipen, ASax. hnipian, MHGerm, nipfen, sink: p4 
sunne gon to nipen La^. 31734. 

nipen, ODutch nipen (nijpen), nip, pinch, prompt, 
parv. 357. 

nite, ASax. hnitu, ODutch nete, OHGej^m. niz, nit, 
y^lens'^, prompt, parv, 357; Wr, voc, 190; nete 177 ; nites 
(pi,) pr, consc, 651. 

niten (nite), Olcel. nita, nite, deny, Gaio, gloss.; nite 
(pres, subj.) met. hom, 137; nitte (pret.) 50. 

nid, ASax, nid m. (nisus, contention tribulatio, invidia, 
nequitia) Greins gloss., OSax, nith (impetus, contentio, in- 
vidia, malitia) ScJim. gloss., OHGerm. nid (invidia, iniqui- 
tas) Graff's sprsch. 2, 1031, Olcel. nid n. (contumelia, vio- 
latio) Egilss. lex., Goth, neip (cp^ovo^), coiiiention, envy, 
malice, a. r. 404; nid and win rel. ant. 1, 213; nid and 
strif St. gen, 373; nip Orm, 123; nip and wrake oivl and 
night. 1192; nipe (dat) La^. 3934*; s. s. Web. 1205; 
Amis 208; of nipe ant of onde Wr, p. s. 212; ine . . . 
wrepe and nipe Shoreh. 156. 
nidcraft La3. 7116. 

nip em est, ASax, nidemest, nethmist, infimus, Wr, treat. 

niden 42 1 

niden, neden, ASax, nidan, neodan(e), OIceL nedan, 
OSax. nithana, OIIGerm. nidana, neath (neth), mfra; 
compos, bineden. 

niden (nipe)^ OUOerm, niden, strive^ envy, ,,aemulan'^; 
ps, 36, 8; nidede (pret) st gen, 1521. 

nider, ASax, nidor, neodor, OSax, nithar, Olcd. nidr, 
OHGerm, nidar, down, deorsum: nider b4 heolden La^. 
8182; falle nider rel. ant. 1, 223; ne parp pu me na|>t 
neoder into helle Mark. 17, 21; sal gliden on his br6st(e) 
neder st gen, 370. 
nider ward rel. cnt 1, 221. 

nidei:e, ASax, nidera, neodera, OUQerm, nidaro, 
nether, inferior: his nipere cheoke Marg. 160; pe niper(e) 
ende Brand, 24; neper(e) Trist, 2, 32; pe nepere lippe 
Wr, voc, 146; neoder e a. r. 332. 

nideren (nipren), ASax, niderian, Olcel. nidra, 
OHGerm, niderren, put down^ humble, Orm, 13966; neo- 
dered (part) La'7^. 29992; compos, anideren. 

niding, ASax. niding, Olcel, nidingr, miser ^ wretch, 
villain, Laj. 690; niping ayenh, 139; Horn 204; Alis, 
2054; Isumb, 23; Aud. 16. 

nivelen snivel^ a. r, 212 & 240; i nifle rel, ant, 2, 
211; nevelinge wip pe nose vis, P. P, 2741. 

noble, Fr. noble, nolle, a. r. 166. ^ 

no 3, noh, Olcel, nogr; compos, inoh. 

noise, OFr, noise, noise, a, r, 66; Wr, treat, 135. 

nok nook, Havel. 820; n6k(e) (dot.) Mor, a, p, 3, 278; 
of pe noke „angidi'\ ps, 117, 22; he held pe lettre bi pe 
noke Degrev, 165; nokes (pi,) Min, 26. 

nokke, Dutch nocke, notch, prompt, parv, 357. 

nol, ASax, hnoU, OHGerm. hnol, noil, head, „vertex'^^ 
Wr, voc, 87; Wicl, gloss. 31; (nolle) prompt parv, 357; 
dep. of E. 6, 4; nolle (dat) Wr, p. s. 157. 

non, ASax, non, Lat nona (soil, hora), noon, La^* 

nonne, ASax, nunne, Lat, nonna, nun, Gow, conf, am, 
3, 281; Chauc, C, t, 118; nunne met hom. 164. 

n p p e , ASax, hnoppa (?), ODutch Dan, noppe, nap, 
,^villus''^ prompt parv, 358. 

norice^ Fr, nourrice, nurse, proinpt parv, 358; Furn, 
p, XIII, 135; norise Mar, mir, pi, 141; norische Halliw, 
diet 581. 

422 noriscbin 

norischi(n) ncmrish, Beh. 1874; norschin (norishen) 
prompt parv, 358; nurist (part.) pr, consc, 4198. 

nord (north), A8ax, nord, OFris. north, nord, OHOerm. 
nor A, north, „septentrio'^, prompt, parv, 358; ChaVrC, (7. t 
4013 &'5368; north (norht) ps, 88, 13; & droh him rihtes 
nord LaT^, 2659; she lokede norp Havel, 1256; ic wile 
. . . min sete nord on hevene maken st gen. 278; bi 
norde Laj. 21043; bt norp(e) Alts, 161. 
norpdale Orm. 16412. 
norpende Havel, 734. 
norphalf Shoreh. 149; Wr, treat, 137. 
norpsee Fum. p, XHI, 17. 
norpside Fum, p. XVU, 350. 
norpward Bek, 1127; Chauc, C, t, 1911. 

nor den, ASax, Olcel, nordLn (a septemtrione), OHGerm. 
nordan (septentrto)? bi norden (for norde?) LaT^, 21805. 
norpenlight Chauc, C, t 1989. 

n order, OiceZ. nordr, nordar? p4 ferde pe king nordur 
(norper) m^ La^, 2674. 

norpern, ASax, nordern, northern, Roh. Br, ilf. 3, 323 ; 
pat norderne vole Laj. 31333 ; norperne wind Wr. spec, 51. 

not, ASax, hnot, not, shorn, Chauc. C. t. 109. 

note, ASax, notu (usus, officium), OFris. note (fnictus), 
frcym neoten, note, usus, ,^opus'^, prompt, parv, 359; Fum. 
p. XIX, 53; ayenl. 159; Shoreh. 36; s, s. Web. 992; 
chron. Engl. 434; Rich. 2651; Chauc. (7. *. 4066; h, s, 
2073; Mor, a. p. 2, 381; Mar. mir, pi, 123; is in pe eni 
oper note bute pu havest schille prote owl and night, 557 ; 
note and frame Wr. spec. 71. 

notion, ASax. notian, note, uti, vesci, a. r. 106; notie 
Shoreh. 21; noten st. gen. 3144; notun prompt, parv. 369; 
note h. s. 2602; note (pres.) Rich. 6604:; pu notest Orm, 
12228; inoted (part.) iaj. 30603. 

nope, ASax, nod, OHOerm, nand (audacia, temeritas)? 
Shoreh, 111. 

nu (nu?), ASax, OSax. Olcel, Ooth, OHGerm. nu, now, 
Kath. 515; a. r. 114; owl and night 46; st. gen, 379; 
Wr, p. s. 257; til nu Orm. 14066; nu ju, OHOerm. 
nu (g)iu, 92^1; nu den Marh. 13, 11 & 21, 30; nH pe 
Fum. p. VIII, 5; nu de La^- 29863; Kath, 2120; nou 
Wr. treat. 135: Havel, 120; vis, P. P. 876; nou pe Chauc, 
C. t, 464; Mor, a, p, 3, 414. 

nuht 423 

nuht, ASaor, genyht, OHOerm. ginuht (ahundantia), 
nuhtsom (neghtsom), ASax, genyhtsum, OHOerm. ginuht- 
sam, abundant^ ps. 98, 8. 

nuht80me(n), AS ax. genyhtsumian, abound, ps, 64, 14. 
neghtsomnes, A Sax. genyhtsumness, abundance^ ps. 129, 4. 

nusche (nouche), OHOerm. uiisca (fibula, monile), 
(n)ouch, ,^monile^, prompt, parv. 359; nouches (pi.) Chauc. 
C. t. 8258. 

nut, AS ax. nyt, Olcel. nytr, OHOerm. nuzzer, useful, 
LaT^. 9470; compos, unnut. 

nute, AS ax. hnut, Olcel. hnot, Dutch not, OHOerm. 
hnuz, nut; note prompt, parv. 359; Havel. 419 ; Alts. 3293 ; 
nhote ayenb. 143; nutes (pi.) st. gen. 3840; notes Bek. 
1203; compos, hasel-, walnote. 

nuttehakke (nothak) nuthatch, „picus^, prompt, parv. 359; 
nuthak(k)e sq. of I. deg, 55. 

notemigge nutmeg, prompt, parv. 359; notemugge Alis. 
nutescale La^T^. 29265; nutteshale Gow. conf. am. 2, 20. 

nflten, AS ax. n^ten, cattle, pecus, Wr. voc. 90; niitene 
(pi.) La7^. 341. 

nut ten, ASax. nyttian, ODutch nutten, OHOerm. 
nuzzan, use, a. r. 370; nitten Orm. 5543; nitte Havel. 
941; nutted (pres) rel. ant. 1, 132; 3ef M nutted h^e 
nome Mark 1. 

6, Ooth. MHOcrm. 6, oh, Kath, 1453; a, r. 54; ayenb. 
258. ' 

oc, Olcel. ok (et), and, Orm. 1216; (= ac?) but, st. 
gen. 213; oc he fled fro him rel. ant. 1, 212; ok Fum. 
p. Ill, 7; oc (6c = ec?) also, st. gen. 54; and oc it ma- 
ked his esen brist rel. ant. 1, 2\0', ok (r. w. bok) Havel. 

o d d e , Olcel. oddi (ultge tal) Fritzners ordb.^ Swed. 
udda (impar) Inndf, lex., odd, ,^impar^, prompt, parv. 362 ; 
Mor. a. p. 2, 426; odd(e) or even Gow. conf. am. 3, 138. 

of, ASax. OFris. of, af, Olcel. af (of?), OS ax. Goth. 
af, OHOerm. aba. Or. aico, Lat. ab? of: pk he sculde of 
live wende La7^. 6851; & brseid hine of his stede 26777; 
aras of dead(e) Kath. 337; heo wolden kecchen of pe al 
pet pu hefdest a. r. 324; Wawain hem tok pe knave of 
Arth. and Merl. 7826; alused . . . of bende Fum. p. VI II, 
68; pu most of londe fleo owl and night. 1302; pe king 

424 of 

lihte of his stMe Horn 51; pe ISves fallen of pe tree 
EIL rom. 1, 269; pe stude pet |>e of feollen Mark. 17; 
& bicom of engel atelrch deovel a. r. 52; ich wolde pet 
heo wSren of alle, alse heo beod of ou . . . iholden 48; 
ich bijet hit ipriten of pe pritere Mark. 2 ; pe dome pat 
(pe) ic eoy er of sede Fum. p, VIII^ 79; peo preo sun- 
nen pet ich spec of last a. r. 56; pane gode mon pat of 
so feole pinge con owl and night 1770; 4 man of god 
inwit of alle pulke him mai skere Wr. treat, 133; he 
borwed of me vis. P. P. 2187; itend of pr^dde Kath. 166; 
eaples of irne 2209; al pat god of pisse londe iaj. 999; 
pe ord of pan sworde 18094; pe ende of pe tale a. r. 
72; deien of hungre 342; ponked him of his seove 44; 
to warnie wummen of hore fol Sien 54; heo is gulti of 
pe bestes deade 58; to here witnisse of pis falshede Bek. 
1117; k 3ung mon of priti 3eren iaj. 377; k king of 
muche miht c. of, I, 275; ful of witte 400; and 3it is 
more wonder . . . of pe child pat Isaye of tolde 646; it 
was tSn of pe clokke Ghauc. C. t 4434; of olde Abraham 
and Sarra st, gen, 1196; bringe o dawe lud. Gov. 291; 
af Halliw, diet. 24 ; a Bich, 973 ; compos, her-, hwar-, parof. 
of^schen ash^ inquire; of-eschte (pret.) Fum. p. XIII, 343. 
ofblten, OHOerm. ababizan, hite off; ofbot (ms. of bot) 
(pret) St. gen. 2926. 

ofclepen call for; ofclepip (pres.) Alts. 1810. 
ofc|?ellen kill, Orm. 8104. 

ofchappen, Swed. afkappa, chap off; ofchappid (part.) 
Rich. 4550. 

ofdrseden afray; ofdred (part) La;^. 8425; a. r. 178; 
Orm. 7925; st, gen, 3955; ne beo pu n4|>iht of-dred Kath. 
674; ofdrad owl and night, 1148; s. s. Web. 903. 
ofdrawen, Swed. afdraga, draw off, a. r. 392. 
ofdrunkien drench; ofdrunked (part.) Orm. 6793. 
ofdruncnen drown; ofdruncnep (pres) Orm. 14611. 
ofearnen earn, Kath. 2167; ofearned (pres) a. r. 194. 
offal, OIceL affall, OButch afval, offal, prompt parv. 362 ; 

6. C. Cm dl U. 

offeren terrify, a. r. 230; offere Shoreh. 129; offered, 
offsered (part) La^- 5270 & 15491; offeared Kath. 669; 
h. m. 43; offerd st. gen. 2844. 

affraine(n) ask, Halliw. diet 26; affrained (pret) vis. 
P. P. 11365. 

of 425 

offullen fill; of-fuUed (paH.) La^^ 20438. 

offurhten frighten; offurht (part) Lwt^, 12113; offruht 

Kaih. 669; offrijt rel. ant 1, 226; st gen. 3692. 

ofgon obtain, win, &. r. 390; Fum. p, XVIII, 21 ; via. 

F. P. 6382. 

oigsisten agast : so sore hi were ofg&ste Fum. p. XIII, 212. 

of^iten perceive, La^^ 25777. 

ofhalden (ofhealde, ofhialde) retain, ayenb, 9 & 24. 

ofhungren grow hungry; ofhungred (part) a, r. 376; 

Amis 1908; (ofhungret) Katk 1030; afingred Brand, 19; 

Wr. p, 8. 342; vis, P. P. 4336. 

ofkennen beget, gignere; of-kende (pret) rel. songs IV, 42. 

oflongen long, desiderio teneri: sefter pe ic wes oflonged 

Laz» 19034; an(d) sit and sihd wel sore of-longed owl 

and night 1585. 

oflusten, ASax. oflystan, list, cupididate teneri : p4 wes he 

. . . oflust after deores flsesce Laz» 30554. 

ofr^che(n) reach, attain, Rob, Glouc, 285, 6. 

ofrive(n) rive, pr, consc, 7379. 

ofsake(n), ASax, ofsacan (denegare), Olcel, afsaka (und- 

skylde), deny, Fum, p, XV, 60. 

ofschamen shame, pudore afficere; of-(s)chamed (part,) owl 

and night 932; Shoreh, 160; ofsamed Rob, Olouc, 342, 1. 

ofshreden shred or cut off, Oow, conf, am 1, 188. 

ofseche(n), Olcel, ofsoekja? seek, Fum, p, XI, 13 ; ofseched 

(pres,) a, r, 232; ofso^t (part) Rob, Glouc 145, 5. 

ofsen, ASax, ofseon, OH Germ, obesehan? see, perceive; 

ofsei (pret) Hartsh, m. t 269; rel, ant, 2, 272. 

ofsenden (ofsende), send for, Rob, Glouc, 122, 21; Alis, 

500; Shoreh. 41; s, s. Web, 704; ofsende (pres, subj) 

La'7^, 15748. 

ofslean, ASax, ofslean, Goth, afslahan (aicoxTStvstv), slay, 

occidere, Laj. 685; ofsloh (pret) 2559; of-sla3en, of-sla- 

wen (part) 75 & 8445; of-slajen st, gen, .4077; of-slahe 

owl and night, 1609. 

ofsmiten smite off; of-sm^t (pret) La'T^. 26071; otsmoot 

Chauc, C, t 13670; ofsmite (part) chron, Engl, 1036; 

ofismite Bek, 2227. 

ofspring, ASax, ofspring, offspring, Fum, p, VIII, 105; 

Brand, d; c, of I. 1484; ofsprung a, r, 5,r. 

of-stingen stab, percutere, La^. 5034; of-stungen (part) 


426 of 

of8tripe(n) strip q^, Etch, 3399 ; he strepep of pe bridel 
Chauc. C. t. 4061; hi strupten his elopes of Bek. 2125. 
ofswippen strike off, La^* 878; ofswipte 8184; & s|^ipte 
hire of pat heaved Kath, -2486. 

oftaken take, La7^. 21330; oftake Bek. 53; ayenh. 43; 
Octov. 1625; oftok (pret.) Horn 1241 ; (oftook) R%ch. 4367; 
oftoken a. r 244. 

ofteonen vex, irritate ; oft(e)oned (part,) owl and night, 
255; oftiened ayenb. 66. 

ofpunchen (ofpinche), ASax. ofpyncan, ODutch ofdinken, 
displease, repent, Fum p. VIII, 103; ofpunched, of pin- 
ched (apinchep) (pres,) La7^, 3364 & 13590; sore ofpinkep 
it me Boh, Glom:, 54, 13; ofpunche (subj.) a, r, 118; of- 
pU3te (pret) owl and night 397; pet him of-puhte (of- 
pohte) ssere Laj. 20903. 

ofpursten grow thirsty 1 ofpurst, ASax, ofpyrsted, (part^ 
a. r, 240; afurst (for afpurst?) Horn 1120; vis. P. P. 
6719; aferst Halliw, diet. 29. 
of waken awake: he ofwok Arth, and Merl, 3810. 
ofw^ve(n) waive or throw off, Bek, 953. 

of, OFris. ODutch of (avi)'! orf Alis. 667; vis, P. P. 

oft, ASax OSax, oft, OHOerm, ofto, Ooth, ufta, Olcel. 
opt, oft (often), Fum. p, VIII, 11 ; owl and night, 763; 
ofte Laz- 622; Mark 15, 8; a. r. 68; Orm, 9016; Bek, 
15; vis, P. P, 919; Lidg, m, p. 6; ofte, often Chauc, 
C. t, 3\2 & 4698; oftur (compar,) a, r, 284; ofter vis, 
P, P. 12813; Mand, 19; oftest (superl) Kath, 114. 
oftesipe Hoccl. VI, 51; oftezipes aijenb, 45; oftslthe pr, 
consc, 7460; ofteslden a, r, 418. 
oftetlme Triam, 28. 

oker, Olcel, okr (aager), ASax, i^ocor (fructus, proles), 

OFris, woker (foenus, usura), Goth, vokrs (toxoc), OHGerm. 

wuochar (fr actus, usura), usury, a,r, 202 ; apol. Ill; okir 

ps, 14, 5; okir, okur h, s, 2395 & 2457; ocur prompt, 

parv, 362. 

okeren, 8 wed. ockra, increase; okered (pres.) a. r. 
326; okerin h, s, 2456. 

oker ere, Swed, ockrare, usurer, h, s, 2563; okerer 
met, horn, 142; okerar Mar. mir. pi, 185. 

olfend, ASax, olfend, camel, Wr, voc. 90; olfentes 
(gen.) Orm, 3208. 

open 427 

open, AS ax. o^en, OSaa?. opan, 0/ce?. opinn, OHGerm. 
ofaner, opew, apertus, a. r. 60; Orm. 732; opene (pi.) 
Kath. 1132. 

openlic openly^ met horn. 29; openltke bisne Orm. 2909; 
openliche (adv.) a, r. 86; c. of L 55 H; Shoreh. 62; open- 
luker (compar.J h, r. 8. 

op en en, ASatr. openian, OSax. opanon, Olcel. opna, 
OHGerm. ofauon, open, aperire, a. r. 70; opnen Orm. 
4114; openede (pret.) Fum, p. X, 50; opnede st. gen. 
3773; vis. P. P. 12576; openeden La^- 5773; opened 
(part.) Kath. 2455; compos, iopenen. 

openunge opening, (dot.) a. r. 60. 

or-, ASaoc. or-, Olcel. or, ur, OHOerm. ur, Ooth. us 
(ex), see Gr. gram. 2, 787. 

orset? ODutch oraete, LGerm. or(e)t, ur(e)t (reliquiae pa- 
bull)? ortus orts, remnants, prompt, parv. 371. 
orcost, Olcel. orkostr, wealth, Kath. 1724." 
ordal, ASax. ordal, ordeal, judgen^ent, Chauc. Troil. 3895. 
or3el^ cmp.ASax. orgoUlce and OHGerm. urgilo, haughty f 
or3el pride (or^elpride ?) st gen. 3767. 
orshelmod Orm. 6262. 

orjel („ore3el"), ASax. orgol (?), haughtiness, rel. ant. 1, 
130; orhel Marh. 11, 10; horel (orhel, orsel) a. r. 224. 
ormete, ASax. ormsete, immense, Orm. 238. 
orrap perplexed, Orm. 3150. 

errest, ASax. orrest, Olcel. orrasta (pugna)f battle, Orm. 

orseoruh, ASax. orsorg, OHGerm. ursorger, ,^securus^, Wr. 
vac. 94. 

ortrope, ASax. ortrype, OHGerm. urtriwe, diffident, Orm. 

ortrowen, ASax. ortrupian, mistrust? ortrowed (pres.) a. 
r. 382; ortroweden (pret) Wicl. gloss. 
ortroppe mistrust, Orm. 3145. 

or? ASax. or (or?), beginning: buten ore & ende Fum 
p. VIII, d\. 

or, ASax. or, ore, metal, a. r. 284*. 

ord, ASax. OSax. OFris. ord, OHGerm. ort, Olcel. 
oddr, ordj point, ^dge, beginning, LaT^. 624; Fum. p. VllI, 
43 ; chron. Engl. 174 ; Arth. and Merl. 11 77 ; („hord") Alts. 
932; ord and ende Orm. 6775; orde (dat) a. r. 212; mid 
speres orde owl and night 1710; Horn 1389. 

428 orf 

ordfrume prindpium^ Mark, 8, 28. 

orf, ASax. orf, cattle, pecus, La7^. 15316; Rob, OUmc. 
6, 18; st gen, 795; Wr, p, s, 342; Gow, conf, am. 1, 17; 
orve (dat) owl and night -llh^. 

orne, ASax. (un)orne, dainty^ nice? Shoreh. 80; & was 
ornure of mete & of drunche pen pe twei odre a. r. 370; 
compos, unorne. 

orped orpedy brave, bold, ayenb. 183; Arth. and Merl. 
2166; Gow. conf. am. 1, 129; „orpud audax'^y prompt, 
parv. 371; orpid („horpid") Hartsh. m. t 311. 
orpedlich(e) boldly, Arth. and Merl. 1729; orpedU Mor. a. 
p. 2, 623. 
orpedschipe courage, Alis. 1413. 

orchard, ASax. ortgeard, Goth, aurtigards? orchard, Wr. 
voc. 94; a. r. 378; Bob. Glouc. 104, 13. 

OS el, A8ax. osle, OHGerm. amsala^ ooael (ousel), merula, 
I, c. c. 36. 

ostir, ASax. ostre, Lat. ostrea, oyster, Halliw. diet. 
692; oister prompt, parv. 363. 

oter, ASax. otor, Olcel. otr, OHGerm. ottar, otter ^ 
Wr. voc. 251; Brand. 30; otur prompt, parv. 372; otir 
Lddg. m. p. 158. 

Oder, ASax. oder, OSax. othar, odar, OFris. other, 
6der, Goth, anpar, OHGerm. ander, anderer^ Olcel. annar, 
annarr, other, alter, a. r. 14; oder (oper) ia^. 2931; oper 
Alis. 51; vis. P. P. 476; an oper (ms. a noper) c. of I. 
626; heo schulde oder hwat 3emen a. r. 98; oder (oper) 
half one and a half, LaT^. 7856; Bek. 11; chron. Engl. 
120; Rob. Br. 119, 5; Mar. mir. pi. 141; he polde al 
seggen oper faliterf) Fum. p. VIII, 75; wan it nolde 
oper gon Rob. Glouc. 161, 16; odres (gen. m.) a. r. 252; 
opres owl and night. 1497; oper (odres) mannes fr(e)ond 
Fum. p. VIII, 15; oderne (ace. m.) a. r. 404; ayenb. 8; 
pene odren LaT^. 3881; odre (pi) Kath. 1051; opre gode 
preostes Orw. 692; hwan pe opre sawen pat ifaz^eZ. 2416; 
6dere st. gen. 2199; opere Bek. 571; bifore alle pen operen 
Shoreh. 46. 
oderliche aliter; operluker (compar) Fum. p. VIII, 76. 

oure, OFr. oure, ore, hour, ayenb. 173. 

oven, ASax. of en, OFris. oven, OHGerm. ofan, Olcel. 
ofn, Goth, auhns? oven, yfomax''^, Wr. voc. 93; prompt. 

over 429 

parv, 372; ps. 20, 10; ovin Z. c. c. 38; ofne (dcA.) Orm, 
993; owl and night: 292. 

over, ASax. ofer, OFris, ODutch over, (?o«A. ufar, 
OJceZ. yfir, OH Germ, ubar, over, super: over pene wal heo 
clumben La3. 9420; lie leaped over h4m a. r. 380; (he) 
wende over lond Bek, 1178; over pe nabbe i no mihte 
c. of L 1110; over (a6oi;c) alle ping a, r. 92; over al 
surtouty 254; partout, Kath, 728; a. r, 74; c, of I, 7S2; 
Chauc. C. t 549; JSicA. 2940; OrpA. 371; pet no viend 
ous vondi over oure miste ayenh, 170; over pre mile 
Arth, and MerL 6648; ovir alle pe wode pei hur soght 
Triam. 349 ; over (per) pe z^r 2. c. c. 33 ; over night 
Chauc. TroiL 2641 ; ofer Orm. 1034; our Gaw. gloss, 401; 
aur Amad, Eohs. 40, 1. 

overbeoden. Germ, iiberbieten, overbid; oferbeden fpres, 
subj.) Orm, 6233; overbide (part.) Fum. p. XXIX, 92. 
overblden survive; overbod (pret.) s, s. Web, 1731. 
overcasten (overkesten), Dan, overkaste, overcast, a, r, 
274; overcaste (pret,) Fum, p, XVII, 354; overcast 
(part.) Gow. conf, am, 3, 310. 

overcumen, ASax, ofercuman, OHGerm, ubar-, obarqueman, 
overcome, La'7^, 31684; a. r, 198; overcomen vis, P, P. 
2245; overcom (pret) chron, Engl, 410; overcSmen Marh. 
1; overcumen (part,) Kath,lSd] st, gen, 2108; overcomen 
Trist. 3, 46. 

OY erd ede exaggeration, (dat.) owl and night, 352; ayenb, 66, 
overdon overdo, a. r, 286; oferdon Orm, 2575; overdsn 
(part,) Chauc. C. t, 12573. 

overeode (over3ede) passed over, Mor. a. p. 2, 1753. 
overet? overeating; overetes (pi) rel, ant. I, 131. 
overetel „edax^, Wr. voc. 95. 
overfallen fall over; oferM (pret) Orm. 4799. 
overfare(n) fare or go over, Havel, 2063; over-varep (pres.) 
owl and night. 387. 

overfleoten, OHGerm, uberfliozan, fleet over; overfleot 
(pres) c, o/ /. 849 ; overflet (pret) st. gen, 586. 
overflowen overflow; oferflopep (pres) Orm, 10721. 
overfuUe superabundance, oivl and night, 354. 
overfuUen overfill; overfullet (part) h. m, 19. 
overgan, OHGerm. ubargan, overgo, pass over, transire, 
Mark. 16, 8; oivl and night, 950; 16t lust overgon a, r, 
J 18; overgan (part) LaT^. 6258; overgDn st, gen, 1186. 

480 over 

ofergangen, ASax. ofergangan, Goth, ufargaggau, ouraang, 

conquer, Orm. 10228; overgange (ms. -over gange) HaveL 


overgart arrogance? Mark, 16, 13; Orm. 8163. 

over3arwen? exaggerate? overgart gr^t Will, gloss. 238; 

overgart proud c. of I. 993. 

overgulden overgild; overgulded (pres.) a. r. 182; overguld 

(part) Mark. 9, 2; overgilt pr. consc. 8902. 

over3eoten transfuse; overdo tun (part.) Wicl. gloss. 32. 

overheveii? neglect; overhaf (pret) Mapes 341. 

overhisien (overhie) overhie, avow. Arth. 19, 6. 

overho3e (overhowe) disdain, a. r. 276; overhohe h.m. 43* 

overho3ien despise; over-hohed (pres.) owl and night. 1404; 

oferhowep rel. ant. \, 184. 

overhuppen (ovirhippin) overhip, transsiUre, prompt, parv. 

372; over-huppen (pres) vis. P. P. 8169. 

overhwelmen (overwhelme) overwhelm, Chauc. r. r. 3775; 

ovirqwelmin (overwhelmin) prompt, parv. 374. 

overhwelven subvert? overwhelvep (pres.) Chauc. Boet, 2. 

overladen, OUGerm. ubarhladan, overlade, (part.) a. r, 

368; overlade Lidg. st. of Th. 4557. 

overlseden (-leden) lead over, oppress, Wicl. gloss. 32; 

ovirledin prompt, parv. 373; overlede vis. P. P. 2001. 

overlseyen (-leeven) leave over, Wicl. gloss, 

overlang(e) overlong, pr. consc. 7274; overlonge owl and 

night. 450. 

overlate too late, pr. consc. 1988; Percev. 1956. 

overleap overleap; overlop (-lepe) met. horn. 32. 

overleapen (-lepe) overleap, h. s. 2916; overleaped (pres.) 

a. r. 380; overleep (pret) vis. P. P. 299. 

overleie(n) overlay, oppress, \^icl. gloss. 

ovirlitil too little, prompt, parv. 373. 

overlive(n) overlive, survivre, Chauc. C. t. 6842. 

ofermet, ASax. ofermet, excess,' Orm. 10720. 

overmete, ASax. ofermsete, immoderate, immense, (adv.) a. 

r. 296. 

overmodi, ASax. ofermudig, OSax. obarmodig, arrogant^ 

Hide. thes. 1, 167. 

overmuche (-moclie) overmuch, Shoreh. 35. 

overmuchel (-mikel) too great, pr. consc. 6662. 

overnimen overtake; over-nome (part) Uai^dw. poem \, 4, 

overrsechen ove^^^each; overreche (pres.) vis. P. P. 8775. 

over 431 

overrennen overrun; orrennus (pres,) ant Arth, 21, 3. 

overriden override; overriden (part) Arth. and MerL 9101; 

Chauc, C. t 2024. 

overrinnen run over; overeorninde (part) A. m. 19. 

oversen, ASax, oferseon, OSax, obarsehan, oversee, vis, 

P. P. 4022; lud. Cov, 197; over-sihd (pres.) Furn. p. 

VIII, 38; oversein (part.) Oow. conf, am, 3, 304. 

oversenden, ODutch oversenden, send over, Wicl, gloss. 

ovirsettin overset, prompt parv, 373. 

overskippin overskip, prompt paio 373; overskipped vis. 

P. P. 7184. 

ofersleie, ASax, oferslege, lintel, Wr, voc, 95. 

oversprseden overspread, iaj. 14190; oversprMde (pret) 

a, r. 54; oversprMde vis. P. P. 13367; Chauc, C. t 287.8. 

overstT3en, ASax, oferstlgan, Ooth, ufarsteigan, surmount; 

ofer-stied (pres) rel. songs III, 1. 

overstrong excessively strong, a. r. 294. 

overswTpe too violently, owl and night, 1516; overswude 

a, r, 368. 

overswiven vanquish: godes sune sholde pel pe deofel 

ofers|?lfen Orm, 1848. 

overtaken overtake, vis, P, P, 11532; overtake Iw, 665; 

overtok Havel. 1816; Mor. a, p, 2, 1213; overtaken a, r, 


over trust presumption, a. r. 332. 

overtrusten overtrust, a. r. 332. 

overturne(n) overturn, vis. P, P, 11065; overturned (pres) 

a, r, 356. 

ovirthrowin overthrow, prompt parv, 373; overprowe vis, 

P, P. 4971; overprowe (pret) Shoreh, 124; overprawe 

(part) ayenb. 15; overprQwe Alis. 1113. 

overurn over-run f a. r. 398. 

overwe3en, OHGerm. ubarwegen, overweigh; overweid 

(pres) a, r. 386, 

overwenden? nule he nout . . . wenden over „non vult 

transire^, a. r. 266. 

overwene, OHOerm. uberwsni, presumption, (ace) rel, ant 

1, 216. 

overwenen overween; overweninde (part) ayenb, 169. 

overweninge overweening, ayenb. 17. 

overwerpen, ASax. ofeq^eorpan, OHGei^m. ubarwerfan, 

overthrow; overworpeu (part) a. r, 142, 

432 6ver 

overwinnen, ASax, oferpinnan, OHQerm. ubarwinnan, 
vanquish; overwonnen (pret) ps. 108, 3. 
overwrl3en cover; over-wnjep (pres,) c. of I. 716. 

over, ASax. ofer, Dutch oever, over^ shore: ovro 
(ofre) (dat) LaT^. 8584; ovre Halliw, diet 694; on pe 
sSis ovre (printed sei soure) Havel. 321. 

ovest, ASax, ofest, ofost, OSax, 6f(a)st(llco), htzste: 
an oveste, eouste iaj. 9735, 21493 & 31573. 

ovet, ASax, ofet, ODutch ovet, oft, OBOerm. obaas, 
/rwif, ayenb. 262. 

oxe, ASax. OFris. oxa, OJccZ. oxi, OHGerm. ohso, 
GoiA. auhsa, oo;, PTr. voc. 177; prompt, paro, 376; a. r. 
32; ayenh. Ill; Shoreh. 122; oxen (pZ^ -Bot. Glouc. 276, 
11; J^Zii. 760. 

pacche (patche?), patch, prompt, parv. 377; Wi'cZ. 
Mk 2. 

padde, ODutch padde, podde, Olcel. padda, toady lud. 
Gov. 185; (pade) Oaw. gloss.; paddis (pi.) Wicl. gloss.; 
podes St. gen. 2977. 

paddok paddock, „bufo'^, prompt, parv. 376; lud. Gov. 
164; paddokes (pi.) Mis. 6126. 

paeti, ASax. psetig, ^astutus^ Wr. voc. 90. 

paien, Fr. payer, pay, satisfy, a. r. 108; paie vis. 
P. P. 1480; (paye) Bek. 315; ipaid (part.) La^. 2340* 

pais, OFr. pais, peis, pes, ^eace, La3. 480*; Bek. 404; 
Shoreh. 122; Degrev. 1569; peis a. r. 166; pees Chauc. 
C. t. 534; pes owl and night. 1728; Mand. 11; peas p5. 
27, 3. 

pak, ODutch pack, Olcel. pakki, Ir. Gael, pac, Bret.. 
pak, jpaci, 2;w. P. P. 8429; lud. Gov. 137; pakke prompt, 
parv, 378; packes (2>y «. r. 166; reZ. aw^ 2, 175. 

pak kin, ODutch packen, pack, prompt, parv. 378; and 
pakken hem to gideres vis. P. P. 10000. 

pal, ASax. pall, Lat. pallium? pall, Orm. 8173; pal, 
peal ia3. 897 & 1296; pel (pal) Kath. 1461; pel lai le 
fr. 185; palle (dat) rel. songs F, 10. 

pal, ODutch pael, Olcel. pall, OHGerm. phal, La^. 
pMus? jt?aZc, „palus, paxillus'^ prompt, parv. 378; (paal) 
Wicl. gloss. 33 ; see pol. 

p^len, ODutch paelen, pale, inclose loith pales; p^lid 
(part.) Wicl. gloss. 

pane, OFr. panne, Lat. pannus? pane, prompt, parv. 

panne 433 

380 & 381; Mor, a. p, 1, 1033; k pane of riche skinne 
Trist ), 52. 

panne, ASax, ODutch panne, OIceL panna, OHGej^m. 
phanna, Lat. patina? pan, „patella'% prompt parv, 381; 
ayenb. 23; vis, P. P. 2238; Chauc. C. t 7196; panne, 
ponne (misprinted paune, poune) Alis. 2770 & 2800; 
compos, brain-, hernepanne. 

pan tin pant, y^anhelare^, prompt parv, 381; pante 
Mar, mir, pL 138. 

pape, Fr. pape, pope, pr, consc. 1886; pope owl and 
night 746; Bek 249; vis, P, P, 10586. 
?papejai, OFr. papegai, popinjay^ Wr. spec, 26; Mor. a. p. 
2, 1465; popegaie Mand, 274. 

pappe ^ap, ,^mamilla^^, prompt, parv. 382; (dat) Orm, 
6441; (ace) pr, consc, 6767; Octav, 442; pappes (pi.) h, 
m, 35; a, r, 330*. 

par ad Is, Gr, TcapctSstooc, paradise, Shoreh. 157. 

pare, ASax, pearruc, MHGerm, pferrich, park (parrich), 
La"!^. 1432*; park Furn, p, I, 5; Gow, conf, am. 2, 45; 
park, parrok prompt parv, 384; parkes (pL) Rob, Glouc, 
1, 12. 

parlur, Fr. parloir, parlour, a. r, 68. 

parosche, OFr, paroche, parish, Bek, 1879; parisch 
Chauc, G, t 493. 

par ten, Fr, partir, part; partep (pres.) Shoreh. 76; 
parti (suij) a, r, 406. 

pas, Fr. pas, pace, Bek, 69; Shoreh. 133. 

paschen, pasken, 6W(i. paska, Germ, patschen ? pasA : 
pasken in pe water Furn, p, XX, 8; and al to duste 
pashed vis, P, P. 14125. 

passen, Fr, passer, pass; passi Bek. 1148; passed 
(pres.) a, r, 394. 

pate pate, Furn. p, XXIII, 83; Lidg. m, p. 54. 

pap; ASax, paed, OFris. path, ODutch pad, OHGerm. 
jDhad, 2^(^iK Alis, 3219; vis, P.P, 9516; pep Wr, voc.^2', 
ayenb. 121 \ papes (pi) owl and night. 380'^ Havel. 268. 

pawe (pane?), OFr. poe? paw, prompt parv, 386; powe 
Arth. and Merl. 1491; pawes (pi) li beaus disc. 1997; 
Isumb. 181. 

paxwax (-wex) pax -wax, tendon of the neck, prompt, 
parv. 388. , 


484 pace 

pece, OFr. pece, piece^ promvt parv. 388; Mand. 10; 
vis. P. P. 9000. 

pfechen, ASax, psecan (dectpere), LGerm. peken 
(furari); compos, bipechen. 

peddare pedder, ped-maker or earner^ prompt, parv. 
389; pcoddare a. r. 66. 

pedde ped^ „caloihus^^ prompt, parv. 390. 

pedlare pedler, prompt, parv. 390: pedlere tns. P. P. 

pegge, Dan. pig, Swed. pigg, peg, prompt parv. 390. 

peine, Fr. peiae, Lat poena, pain, Beh. 481; Shoreh. 
38; vis. P. P. 6881; Mand. 11; Chauc. C. t 1321* 

peintin paint, ^pingere'^, prompt, parv. 390; paint 
(pres.) Bek. 2151; ipeint (part.) owl and night. 76. 

peir, Fr. pair, Lai. p4r, pair, prompt, parv, 391; peer 
peer^ 394; p6r Fum. p. XVII, 380. 

peisin^ Fr. peser, poise, prompt parv. 390; peised 
(i>ree^ wis. P. P. 2906, 

pekke peci, picotin, prompt, parv. 391; Chauc. C. t. 

pele 2?eaZ, „classicum^, prompt parv. 391; Halliw. nug. 
, poet. 3. 

pelt jpeZ<, Furn. p. r. I. p. 16. 

pening, ASax. peni(n)g, Olcel. peningr, OFris. pen- 
ni(n)g, panni(n)g, OHGerm. phenning, phenting, penny, 
Orm. 3287; peni rel. songs F, 27; Bek. 1174; pani Arih. 
and Merl. 3639; penie (panie) (dat) Fum. p. VIII^ 34 
(Hick, thes, 1, 222^; penises, paneses (2)1) La^- 3544 & 
29460; penyes Rob. Br. 146, 3; Octav. 726; penis met. 
hom. 18; pens Wr. s. a. c. LVIII, 26; pans Bek. 332. 
peniworp vis. P. P. 1884. 

pennen, OFins. penda (pignus capere)"! pen; compos. 

peper, ASax. pepor, pipor, Lat. piper, pepper, Mand. 
168; pepir prompt, parv. 392. 

peple, Fr, peruple, people, Mand. 3; Chauc. C ^. 8871; 
pSple, poeple vis. P. P. 309 & 553; people Octav. 854; 
puple Shoreh 53. 

pere, ASax. pern, ODutch pere, OHOerm. pira, 7faZ. 
pera, /ia^. pirum], pear, PFr. i?oc. 192; aye/it. 208; Mand. 
245; peren (pZ.^ Pwm. p. XXIII, 89. 
pertre RV. t?oc. 227. 

p6re 438 

pere pier, prompt, parv, 394. 

perle^ ODutch perle, OHGerm, per(a)la, ber(a)ia, 
pearl, prompt, parv. 394; Mor, a. p. 1, 1. 

perseli, Lat. petroselinum, parsley^ I. c. c. 18. 

persone, OFr, persone, person, parson, prompt, parv. 
395; vis. P. P. 5398 & 7791. 

pert = pret? pert, Launf. 294; wis and pert st. gen. 
3292; proud and pert as is k pie Chauc. (7. *. 3948; stout 
he was and pert li beaus disc. 123; pert in plai h. of 
T. 18. 

perteliche pertly, Hartsh. m. t. 258; perteli ovow. Arffi. 
XIX, 8; perteli t6 hem he rM Tor. 1504; pertli Triam. 

pese, ASax. pisa, Lat. pisum, OltaL peso, pea(s), 
prompt, parv. 395; Mand. 158; pesen (pi.) ayenb. 120; 
2?is. P. P. 4189; JBicA. 6004; peesen Ghcuc. L g. w. 648. 
pescodde peas-cod, prompt, parv. 395; pescoddes (pi.) vis. 
P. P. 4386. 

peutir, OFr. peautre, Span, peltre, Ital. peltro, petcter, 
l)7'ompt. parv. 395. 

pic, ASax. pic, OHGerm. pech, Lat. pix, piteA, mtst. 
horn. Ill; pik reZ. ant. 1, 53; pik, pich prompt, parv. 396; 
pich Furn. p, VIII, 110; s. s. Web. 1280. 

pic, ASax. Gael, pic, Dutch pike? piA:e, acw?et*«, 5pi- 
culum, aiispis, (nom. ace) La^^ 30752 & 30857; pik vie. 
P. P. 3437; pike prompt, parv. 396; Immb. 497; pikes 
(pi) Kath. 1946; Bob. Glouc. 51, 19; as ful as kn illespil 
is of pikes Fum. p. XVIIl, 47. 
pikstaf, Olcel. pikstafr, vis. P. P. 4002. 

picchen (pichin), Dutch picken (pungere), Olcel. 
pikka (stikke, hakke)? pitch, lud. Cov. 179; picche a two 
pe rotes vis P. P. 4003; picche (scil. hei) to pe carte 
P. P. p. 514; and picchep first his hope Hardw. poem 
45, 11; wher he were o pe feld picchinde stake Wr. spec. 
110; per he pihte his stsef La^- 29653; stakes of irn he 
pihte in Temese gronde Roh Glouc. 51,- 5; and wip hir 
bek hir selve so sche pight Chauc. C. t. 10732; "piz^ (part) 
Mor. a. p. I, 228; k spere pat is pight into pe erpe 
Mand. 183; paveluns were pijte ant. Arth. XXXVII, 7; 
ipi3t Furn. p. II, 94. 

picher, OFr. picher, pitcher, Percev. 454; pichar 
prompt, parv, 395; pecher h. s. 10749; see biker. 

436 picken 

picken, ODutch picken, bicken, MHOerm, bickeD, pick 
(peck), a. r. 84*; pecken (pres,) WicL gloss, 33; pe pie 
liap pecked you Halliw, nug, poet 43. 

pie, OjFV. pie, pie, pica, owl and night 126; vis. P. P. 

pigge, ODutch bigge, pig, „porcellus'^, prompt parv. 
395; pigges (pL) a. r. 204; Maud, 72. 

pik, ODutch picke, pick, ligo, Wr, voc. 234; pic ayenb. 
108; pike h. s. 941. 

pikforke (pikforke?) „inerga^, prompt parv. 397; picforke 
ia3. 21597. 

pike = pic? pike ^lucius'^, Wr. voc. 189; prompt 
parv. 396. 

pikel (pikil), ODutch pekei, pickle, prompt parv. 397; 
Hartsh. met t 126. 

pike(n) pitch, picare, Havel. 707. 

pi ken (pike) peek, look, Chauc. Troil. 2909; Halliw. 
nug. poet 57. 

pikien (pikin), ODutch picken (manticulari), pike 
(pick), prompt parv. 397; to piken it and to w6den it 
vis. P. P, 10827;. pike Gow. conf. am, 2, 351 & 3, 162; 
pikep (pres.) Wr. p. s. 150; ni at pe mete pi top pou 
pike const, of mas. 746. 

pil, AS ax. ODutch pil, OH Germ, phil, [Lat pilum], 
pile, pilum, sudis, vis. P. P. 10855; pei pou b6 rotin pil 
and pid Mapes 335; piles fpl.) Rob. Glouc. 51*; vis. P. 
P. 10838. 

p i 1 c h e, ASax. pylce, OFr. pelice, pilch, coat of skins, 
prompt, parv. 397; a. r. 362; cr. P. P. 484; Lid^. m. p. 
154; pilches (pi.) st. gen. 377; Maud. 247. . 

pile^ Fr. pile, Lat. pila, pile, prompt, parv. 398; if i 
dwelle in mi pile of ston Tor. 375. 

pilegrim pilgrim, a. r. 348; pilgrim met horn. 54. 

pilen (pillin), Fr. peler, Lat pilare^^iYZ (peel), prompt 
parv. 399; piled (part) Chauc. G. t 4305. 

piler, OFr. piler, pillar, Furn. p. XV, 206; vts. P. P, 
3692; s. s. Wr. 2022; pileer Ma7id. 91. 

pi lien, cmp. Dan. pille (pick, pluck), Fr. piller, Lat. 
(ex)pilare (plunder), Gael, piol (pluck), Ir. pioUaim (pick), 
pill, pluck, plunder: rushes to pilie P. P. p. 526; pile 
Gow. conf. am. 1, 17; peolien (pilien) a. r. 86; pus me 
pilep pe pore and pikep ful clene Wr. p. s. 150; pilep 

pilkon 437 

holi kirke vis» P. P. 13846; ipiled (part) Mardw. poem 
61, 3. 

pilken pilk, pluck: pilken & peolien a, r, 86. 

pinch en, Fr, pincer, pinch; pinched (pret) vis, P. P, 
8770; ipinched (part.) Chauc. C. t 151. 

pine, ASax. pin, OSax. Olcel. OHGerm, pina, pincj 
pain, Laj. 2515; Kaih, 1031; a. r, 24; Orm. 2987; owl 
and 7iight. 1564; at gen, 955; Shoreh, 83; BeJc. 8; Alis. 
1944; 2;w. P. P. 6393; CAawc. (7. t. 1326; Jw?. 489; i^/or. 
2087; HoccL /, 448; ilfm. 29; Isumb. 73; iwe^. Aom. 55. 
pinful a. r, 356. 

pine? Lat pinus. 
pin(n)ote „pinum'^, prompt, parv, 400. 
pinnotetre s, s. Web, 544. 

pin en, ASax. pinan, Olcel, pina, OHOerm, pinon, 
pine, torment, a, r, 216; Orm, 1614; Chauc. r. r, 3511; 
pined (pres) Kath, 1824; Wr, spec. 81; pinden („pine- 
den") (pret) c, of L 314; pined (part) met, horn. 144; 
ipined a, r, 114. 

pinne, -4/Saa?. pinn(?), ODutch pinne, Olcel, ])mni, [Lat. 
pinna], pin, acus, clavus, Wr. voc, 261; prompt, parv. 399; 
Alts. 6146; Chauc, C, t, 196; s. s. Wr, 1410; chron. Vilod, 
117; 3e hitte pe pinne lud, Cov, 138; pinnes (pi) Fum, 
p. XXXV, 59. 

p i n n u c pinnock, owl and night, 1128. 

pinte, Fr, pinte, pint, p7*ompt parv, 401. 

pin til, ASax, pintel Wr. voc. 65, cmp, LOerm, Dutch 
pint (penis), pintle, Wr, voc. 184. 

pipe, ASax.(f) ODutch pipe, Olcel. pipa, OHOerm, 
fifa, pipe, ,„fistula^, prompt, parv. 401; owl and night. ,22 'y 
Octav. 197; pipen (pi) La7^, 5110; pipes Chauc. C.t, 2754. 

pip in pipe, ,^fistular%^, prompt, parv. 401 ; pipen Chauc. 
C. t. 1840. 

pip in pipe, ,^pipire'', prompt, parv, 401; pipest (pres) 
owl and night. 503. 

pip are piper, prompt, parv, 401. 

pippe, ODutch pippe, pip, ,^pituita", prompt, parv, 401; 
sacram. 525. 

piren peer; pirep (pres) Oow, conf. am. 3, 29; pirip 
dcp. of B. 16, 14. 

pirie, ASax. pirige, pear-tree, Chauc, C, *. 1009J; 
piries (pi) vis, P. P. 2503. 

488 pirne 

pirne pini^ spool, prompt parv, 402. 

pisse y^arinay minctura^\ prompt parv. 402. 
pissemire formica, Mand, 301. 

pis sin, pischin, Fr. pisser, Ital, pisciare, piss, ,^mingere^, 
prompt parv, 402; pissen Mand, 249; pisse Furn. p. 
XIV, 66. 

pite, OFr. pite, pity, Rob, Glouc. 143, 4; m£t. horn. 7. 

pithe, ASax. pida, cmp. Dutch pit and LGerm. pedik 
(medulla), pith, „medulla^^, prompt parv, 402 ; pith Percev. 
1640; pif Wr, voc. 221. 

place, Fr. place, place, a, r. 358; Bek, 117. 

plase, MHQerm. pflage? play, st, gen. 537; playe 
Isumb, 188; met horn, 85; plawe Rob, Glouc, 291, l; Wr. 
p, s. 153; Trist 3, 73; pat trewe wes in uch plawe 
Horn 1094; plajen (pi.) La^. 29219; plahen Kath. 106; 
plawes Wr. spec, 45; met horn. 115; see plese. 

plasen (play en), OJc^/. plaga (pleie)f play, Chauc. C. 
t 760; met horn. 80; plawin plaw, ^bulUre'^, prompt, parf). 
403; plawe Flor. 258; sacram, 664; playand boiling, I. c. 
c. 37; see plesen. 

pl^se („pl4ge"), Olcel. OHOerm. Lat pl^ga, plague, 
Chauc, C. t Tyr, p. 159; lud. Cov. 125. 

plait in j^Zaiit, ,^plioare'^, prompt, parv. 402; plaite vis. 
P. P. 2896. 

plank(e), Lat planca, planh, prompt parv. 403; K s. 

plante, ASax, plant, ia*. planta, plant, prompt, parv. 

plan ten, -4Saa;. plantian, Lat plantare, plant, Mand. 
50; plontep ayenb, 123. 

plasche, Dutch plasch, plash, y^lacuna^'^ prompt 
parv. 403; Halliio, diet, 630; see flasche. 

plaster („plastre")> ASax. plaster, Lat. (em)plastrum, 
plaster^ Wr. spec. 89; piastres (pi.) ayenb. 148. 

plat, Fr, plat, Gr. TcXaxic, flat, prompt parv. 403; 
Mor. a. p. 2, 1379; plate feet Alis. 2001; see flat. 

(plat) plot, Goth, plats (lictpXrjfia), Dan. plet (macula), 
OHGerm. plez, blez (pittacium)^ cmp. Russ. njiamt (wa/i- 
^eZe), ^/a* (plot), prompt, parv. 405; ?;ts. P. P. 8585; 
Chauc. fl, a. I. 499; lud. Cov, 47; see blot. 

plate, OFr. plate, pZd^e, „lamina^, prompt, parv. 403; 
plates Chauc. C. t 2123. 

platten 489 

plat ten, Germ, platzen? burst? pat on hem plat(te) 
Artn. and MerL 9747; plattinde HaveL 2282. 

pie eke, ODutch plecke, placke, i>lecJc (plack), spoty 
prompt parv. 405; plek Halliw. diet, 631; Mor. a, p, 2, 

p 1 e d e (n), Fr. plaider. Span, pleitear, pleads c. of I, 
1024; vis. P. P. 4549; plete Chauc. TroiL 2560; dep. of 
jB. 26, 18; plaidi owl and night 1637; Fwm. p. XIX, 77. 

pleje (pleye), A Sax. plega (Indus), OFris. plega, 
MUGerm. pflege (usuSy cura) f play, „ludus'^, prompt parv. 
404; Chauc. C. t 3771; pleise, pleowe La^. 2282 & 8187; 
pleie, pleowe (plo5e) a. r. 184 cfe 344; ploghe? Isumh. 
397; pleses (pi.) ayenb. 207; pleyes Fum. p. XVI, 68; 
see pla3e. 
pleifere Fum. p. XVII, 64; Octov. 1232. 

plesen (pleyin), ASax. plegan, plegian (7wc?er6), OFris. 
plegia, ODutch plegen, MHGerm. pflegen (fungi, uti)f 
play, y,ludere^, prompt parv. 404; pleien La^- 8398; a. 
r. 78 & 94; h, m. 41; owl and night 486; pleyen Fum. 
p. XIII, 150; Mand. 50; pleye Chauc. C. t 114:\ pleye 
wip a pl6w(e) vis. P. P. 1987; pleyen (pres.) harrow. 68; 
pleiede (pret) a. r, 318; pleojede Laj. 29219; pleoweden 
8145; pleiende (part.) Kath. 1691; see plasen. 

plette(n), ASax. plsettan, ODutch pletten, strike, 
Havel 2444. 

pliht, ASax. pliht, OFris. plicht, MHGerm. phliht, 
plight, peril, Orm. 4738; pre dseses hit rinde blod . . . 
pat waes swupe mochel pliht La^. 3897; plit (plight) 
,^status'^, prompt, parv. 405; serst heo pleoweden and 
seodde pliht makeden La7^. 8146; he bad him maken 
siker pli3t (engagement) st gen. 1269; a plist (pliht) c. 
of I. 304; Shoreh. 120; i telle it ou a pliht Wr. p. s. 
218; i sigge a plight Arth. and Merl. 3909; tidende . . . 
of swide muchele plihte LaT^. 13309; beon icnowen of his 
pliht (guilt) 18567; Crist deyed for mannes pliht met. 
horn. 99; born in plight pr. consc. notes 266; Moises fastede 
siden to plist XL dai3es and XL nist st. gen. 3611 ; plijt 
condition, Mor. a. p. 1, 1074; god of plist s. s. Wr. 1448; 
plite Flor. 2110; plit Chauc. C. t 10209; wip mikel plith 
Havel. 1370. 

p 1 i h t e n, ASax. plihtan,^ MHGerm. phKhten, plight, 
engage, LaT^. 13071; pliste (pres.) Shoreh. 145; i plighte 

440 plihten 

pe mi troupe vis. P. P. 3863; plist (part.) st. gen. 1275; 
Wr, spec. 30; iplight vis. P. P. 2875; ipluht? a. r. 208. 

plihten (plighte) twist, lud. Cov. 153; plite Chauc 
Troil. 2296; plighte (pret) C. t. 4435; plighten Alis. 5831. 

ploh, Olcel. plogr, O Dutch ploeg, OllOerm. phluog, 
plough, a. r. 384*; Orm. 15902; plouh rel. ant.l, 173; 
pl6ugh Chauc. C. t. 889; plough, plowgh vis. P. P. 4123 
& 4730; plow (plou?) prompt, parv. 405; Havel. 1017; 
Mand. 250; 5. a. c. /F, 2. 

plukkin, ASax. pluccian, ODutch plucken, MHGerm. 
"pQ^ncken, pluck, prompt, parv. 405; plucke lud. Cov. 146; 
plukked (part.) vis. P. P. 7928. 

(plume) ploume, ASax. plume, Lat. prunum, phrni, 
prompt, parv. 405. 
plumtree vis. P. P. 2503. 

plum pen, ODutch plompen, plump, plunge; plump 
(imper.) I. c. c. 51; plumten (pret.) Alis. 5776. 

p6, ASax. p4va, Lat. p^vo, p€a(coch), Wr. p. s. 159; 
Mand. 48; Chauc. C. t. 104; Town. myst. 98. 
pocok Halliw. diet. 635; p^cok vis. P. P. 7909. 

podel, Ital. padule (= Lat. palude)? puddle, prompt, 
parv. 406; Boh. Br, 54, 5; Halliw. nug. poet. 53. 

poghe, ASax. poha, hag, sackf Halliw. diet. 634; 
powghe? cr. P. P. 1232, 

point, Fr. point, ^om^, a. r. 178; pointe (c?a«^ Bek. 

poke, J-iSaa?. GizeZ. poca, ODutch poke, O/ccZ. poki, 
Fr. poche, poke, ,^sacculus^, prompt, parv. 407; Havel. 555; 
ZJW. P. P. 8459. 

poken, Dutch poken, poke; poke (pres) rel. ant. 2, 
211; pokep t?i5. P. P. 3730; pokid (pret) Chauc. C. t. 
4167; jRicA. 3459. 

pokke, ODutch pocke, pock, ,^porrigo'', prompt. pat*v. 
407; pockes (pi) Wr. voc. 161; pokkes vis. P. P. 14120; 
Flor. 2024. 

pol, ODutch pol, bol, poll, ,^caput''', prompt, parv. 407; 
Marg. 177; vis. P. P. 6686; Rol. Br. 279, 25; poUe 
(dot) Mor. a. p. 2, 1265; ant. Arth. IX, 11. 
?polax f^bipennis^', prompt, parv. 407; poUax Chauc. C. t. 
2546; Rich. 6870; poUex l^r. voc. 263; see bolax. 
?polbere prompt, parv. 407. 
?polkat pole-cat, Chauc. C. t. 14270. 

pol 441 

pol (pool), ASax. pol, ODutch poel, MHOerm. pfuol, 
Lat. palus ? pool, ,^stagnum'% prompt. pa7'v. 407 ; pol rel. 
ant. 2, 81; Percev. 682; pole (dat) La^, 21748; Flo7\ 
J 738; j)61es (^pZ.^ Havel. 2101; compos, waterpol. 

pol = pal? pole, ,^contus, pertica'', prompt parv, 407; 
pole (dnt.) ayenb. 203; poole vis. P. P. 12177. 

polk pidk, pool J prompt, parv.4,0S\ Havel. 2685; Trist 
3, 52; Rob. Br. 277, 15. 

pollen poll, crop; polliden (pret.) Wicl. gloss. 34; 
pollid (jmrt.) prompt, parv. 407. 

ponde pond, prompt, parv. 408; Fuim. p. r. Z. p. 26. 

po})!, ASax. popig(?), poppy, prompt, parv. 409; Gow* 
conf. am. 2, 102. 

popul popple, ,^lolmm'% Wr. voc. 201; popil rel. ant 
1, 53. 

poren pore, look; pore (pres. suhj.) C/iauc. C. t 5877. 

poren pour, ,^fundere'^, prompt parv. 409; pourett 
(pres.) Chauc. G. t 12598. 

pork, Fr. pore, porlc. Rich. 3049. 

pose pose, j^catarrhus^'^ prompt parv. 4:10; Fum. p. IX, 
92; Chauc. C. t 4150; poose sacram. 616. 

post, ASax. post, Lat postis, post, Wr. treat 135; 
postes (pi.) La7^. 28032; vis. P. P. 10908, 

pot, LGerm. Fr. Welsh pot, pot, a. r. 368; ayenh. 58; 
Tw. 759; Wicl. John 2. 

pouer^ Fr. pouvoir, power, Mor. a. p. 2, 1654; (powSr) 
Shoreh. 21; pr. cooisc. 5884; poer Wr. treat 133. 

p u k e, Olcel. ptki, Ir. puca, Welsh pwca, powA: (pwci), 
o?6yi7, vis. P. P.' 9300; Rich. 566. 

povre, OFr: pauvre, poor, Kath. 50; a. r. 260; reZ. 
so7igs V, 19; pover ^5. 24, 16; pore Bek. 1120; rel. ant. 
1, 115; povre (pi.) Havel. 138; povere c. of I. 890; ^^i5. 
P. P. 2985; pure 2>^. cowsc. 3609. 

pr a 11 glen, cmp. ODutch prangen, constrain? prangled 
(part) Havel. 639. 

l^ranken prank? „prankid plicatus'', prompt parv. 
411; prankid gounes Mar. mir. pi. 184; see branken. 

prat, ASax. praete (ornatus) f ODutch prat (fastosus, 
arrogans), pert, Orm. 6652; prset, pret La'7^. 81 & 5302; 
see pert. 

praten (prate), Dutch praten, Dan. prate, prate, Lidg. 
m. p. 155; lud. Cor. 353. 


442 prati 

prati, ASax. praetig (astutus)? pretty (pratty), ^for- 
mosua^, prompt, parv. 411; Ivd, Cov. 104; s, a, c. XVI I^ 31. 
pratilich prettily^ rel, ant 1, 63; pratili lud, Cov. 82. 

prechen (prfiche), OFr. precher, preachy Wart. hist. 
1, 17; pr. consc. 3815; precliede (pret.) c. of I. 1416. 

precliAr preacher^ a. r. IGO; prcchour Shoreh. 48. 

preis? OFr. preis, Span, prez, Lat. pretium? praise; 
preise (dat) Chaitr, Troil. 2677. 

preisen (preisin), OFr. preciei'? praise, ^laitdare^, 
prompt, parv. 412; a. r. 64; preise Havel. 60; Chauc 
Troil. 2675; prcisep (pres.) vis. P. P. 1626; preisen . 
Maiid. 2111 preisede (pret) Bek. 1360. 

prey in, OFr. preyer, pray, prompt parv. 412; 1 preye 
Wr. spec. 58; (i) preide vis. P. P. 619; (pei) preyeden 
Wicl. John 4. 

preon, ASax. preon, LGerm. pren, preen, pointy pin, 
a. r. 84; prene (dat) ant. Arth. XXIX, 8; preones (pi) 
Kath. 1946; prenes st gen. 1472. 

preonen (prene) pin, prick, pierce^ Wicl. gloss. 34; 
sacram. 467; preoned (pres) rel. songs V, 68. 

preost, ASax. preost, OFr. prestre, Lat. presbyter, 
priest, a. r. 16; Bek. 364^ prest st gen. 3922; preest vis. 
P. P. 2447. 

pretten, ODutch pratten (superbire), from prat^ be 
pert: yef pe pokoc him prette vor his vaire taile ayeni. 

prien (prle) pry, Chauc. C. t 3458; pried (pret.) vis. 
P. P. 11145. 

prikil, ODutch prikel, prickle, prompt. pa7*v. 413; h. 
s. 8486. 

prikien (prikie) prici, Furn. p. XXI, 131; vis. P.P. 
12093; i3riked (pres) st gen. 3964; Chauc, C. t 1045; 
stedes prike Arth. and Merl. 1834; prikied a. r. 244; 
priked s. s. Wr. 2551; k. of T. 1080; pr. consc. 5338; 
prikiinde (part) ayenb. 66; prekanle Percev. 605. 

prikke, ASax. prica(?), ODutch prick, p7'ick, prompt, 
parv. 413; pricke a. r. 228; G^oz^. conf. am. 1, 283; prikke 
ayenb. 71 ; Chauc. h. of f. 907. 

prince, Fr. prince, prince, Marh. 2; Shoreh. 15; JB^A:. 

pris, OPr. pris, Lat. pretium, price, prize, a. r. 66; 
st gen. 32<); Havel. 283; P^A. 150; c. of I. 792; W^r. 

piisen 443 

spec. 103; Chauc, C. t 817; Mor, a, p, 1, 272; avofo. 
Arth. XXXIV, 5; see preis. 
prisnet vis. P. P. 13487. 

prisen, OFr. prisier, prize^ prompt, parv. 414. 

prison, Fr, prison, prison, vis. P. P. 6841; prison 
(prisoun) c. of I. 386; prisoun Bek. 366; prisun a. r. 126; 
si. gen. 2040. 

p r k i e n (prokie), Welsh prociaw (thrust) f prohe, incite, 
h. m. 47; proked (pres.) a. r. 204; prokede (pret.) Wr. 
p. s. 343. 

prollin prowl, ^sonttain'^, prompt parv, 415; proUe 
(p?*es. subj.) Chauc. C. t. 13340. 

prong prong, lud. Cov. 287. 

prove, Fr. preuve, proof, Shoreh, 62. 

provin, previn, Fr. prouver, prove, prompt, parv. 415; 
proven Arth. and Merl. 3011; proven, provi Bek. 791 c& 
1006; provie Shoreh. 187; preoven a. r. 390; prfiven ww. 
P. P. 5141; preve Mand. 50. 

prud, ASax. /prAt, Olcel. prudr, proud^ rel. songs V, 
70; .st gen. 1414; ant. Arth. XXVI, 10; prM, pr6t a. r. 
176 & 276; prut (prout) La^^ 8828; prMe P«m. p. /, 
12; proud Wr. spec. 104; vis. P. P. 1716; prout Wr. 
tj^eat. 138] Degrev. 1559; prMe (dat.) Kath. 678; prAd^st 
(superl.) a. r. 296. 

prudliche proudly, Kath. 577; aw^. -4hA. XXVIII, 2; 
proudliche ayenh. 196. 

prude, J.Saa?. pr^ta, O/ceZ. pr^di, pride, a, r. 140; 
7'rf. 50^5^8 77, 34; Wart, hist 1, 43; pruide Mapes 342; 
prute -Ro6. Glouc. 163, 13; pFr. <rea*. 139; pride vis. P. 
P. 5754; Mand. 3; s. s. Wr. 585; Octav. 560} prMe 
Shoreh. 110. 

pruden, -4/Saa;. priitian(?), pride, rel. ant. 1, 188; a. 
r. 232*; pridin ,^superhire^ , prompt parv. 413; proudep 
(pres.) Furn. p. XXVIII, 18. 

pue(n) (peuen?) pee, look, Wr. treat 139; pAed (pret.) 
Hart^h. m. t 260. 

puf, Dan. Swed. puf (puff), Oerm. pttf, buf, 7)w<cA pof, 
bof, piiff, a. r. 122. 

puf fen, Dan. puffe, Gcnw. puffen, buffen, puff, a. r. 
272; pufte (pret) 266; puffed (^parf.j vis. P. P. 2604; 
5ce buffen. 

pule, ASax. pyle, ODutch pulwe, OHOerm. phuluwi, 

444 pulten 

pillow (peel), Wr, voc, 92; pilwe j^^ompt. parv. 399; pil- 
wes (pi') Gow. conf. am. 1, 142; Lidg. rn. p. 118. 
pilwebere pillow-beer, Chauc. C. t. 096. 
?pellek wild thyme? Wr. voc. 266. 

pulten (pulte), Lat. pultare? thrust, push, put, Rob. 
Glouc. 71, 11; pilte Wr. p. s. 196; pelte Jrth. and Merl. 
2926; pulte (pres.) owl and night. 871; pulte (pret.) La^. 
7528*; hii pulte hem vorp bivore pe opere JRob. Olouc. 
479, 7; pilte Horn 1433; pult (pai-t) c. of I. 207; pilt 
St. gen. 2214; s. s. Wr. 670; Rich. 4085; ipult La^- 
10839*; see bulten. 

pun chin punchy ,^tundere, trader e^, prompt, parv. 416; 
punche lud. Cov. 355; punchiden (pret.) Wicl. gloss.; see 

pund, ASax. Olcel. Goth, pund, OHGerm. phunt^ Lat. 
pondus, pound; pond ayenb. 1 ; punde (dat) Fum. p. 
VIII J 34; punde (pi.) owl and night. 1099; pound Bek. 
775; cr. P. P. 815; punden (dat. pi) La^. 5118. 
poundmele by the pound, vis. P. P. 1327. 
; pund, ASax. pund(?), pound. 

pun(d)-, pondfold pound (pun)-fold, vis. P. P. 3757 <fe 

punde, ASax. pynd(?), pond? miu net liht (lies) her 
wel hende wipin a wel feir pende Horn 1138. 
pin(d)fold pinfold, prompt, parv. 400; Wr. voc. 239. 

punden (pinde), ASax. pyndan, shut up, ^.^inclxidere^^ 
prompt, parv. 400*; Halliw. diet 625; in prison . . . 
pende pi. t. 598; 3e punded a. r. 72; compos, ipunden. 

pinder pinder^ ,,inclusor", Wr. voc. 214. 
. punge, ASax. pung, Olcel. pungr, Goth, puggs, purse, 
Alts. 1728. 

pun gen, ASax. pyngan, pungere: puinde (pungde) 
Laz. 23933. 

punishe(n), Fr, puniss-ons, ^^zmwA, vis. P. P. 6356. 

purs, burs, Lat. bursa, purse, prompt, parv. 417; purs 
Chauc. C. t. 65 S; pors Hardio. p. 64, 6; purse (dat.) rel. 
songs VII, 39; purses a. n 168. 

put, ASax. pytt, Olcel. pyttr, Lat. puteus, pit, a. r. 
58; Wr. treat. 132; Alts. 717; pit Ma7id. 94; putte (dat) 
rel. songs V, 111; pette rel. ant. 1, 160. 
putfalle pitfall, Wr. p). s. 193; pitfale Wr. voc. 264. 

puten, Gael, put (push, thmist), Welsh pwtiaw (butt. 

puttok 445 

thrust), Bret, pouta, bouta (pousser), put, pellere, ponere, a. 
r. 116; piiten, putten vis, P, P, 6841 & 13085; pute rel, 
songs F, 135; puten, putten Havel. 1033 & 1051; putten 
Mand, 227: puttin out 5. s. Wr, 2068; putte Brand, 8; 
pou pottist Mapes 336; puted rel, ant. 1, 224; puttep 
Ilardw. poem 16, 3; heo putep . . . vord a, r, 328; thai 
pottin Aud, 35; putte (pret) La'7^. 18092; Mand, 230; 
Chauc, C, t. 990; put (pai-t.) lud, Cov, 29; iput Mar A. 22. 

puttok piittock, j^milvus'^, jyrompt, pai^, 418; potok 
Wr. voc, 252. 

puderen piither (pudder); puderes (pres.J a, r. 214*. 

quaier, OFr, quaier, quire, prompt, parv, 418; quair 
Chauc, c. h. h 674; quaer a, r. 282. 

quaile, OFr. quaille, Dutch quakele, guail, prompt, 
parv. 418; Mor. a. p. 1, 1084. 

quappe(n) quop (whap), Wicl, gloss. 35: Chauc, Troil. 

quasi quaisy (queasy) : it is 4 quasi meet and perilous 
for mannis bodi Hai^tsh, m. ^. 333. 

quaschin, OFr. quasser? quash, ,.,quassare^ ^ prompt, 
parv. 419; quassed (pret.) Rob. Br. 209, 9. 

quer, 0F7\ cuer, choir, ,,,chorus^\ prompt, pari?. 420; 
Ma7id. 70; Lidg, m, p, 258; que or Fum, p. XVII, 436. 

queisen? Swed, quasa? squeeze, rel, ant, 1, 302. 

quer kin, OFris. querka, querk, ,^suJ^ocare^ , prompt, 
parv. 420. 

querne, A Sax, cpeorn, Olcel, kvern, ODutch querne, 
Goth, qairnus, OHGerm, cliuirna, quern, ,^mola'% prompt, 
parv. 420; (dat) Fum, p. XIX, 233; ayenb, 181; Chauc, 
h. of f, 1798. 
qwernston Wr. voc, 233. 

qwert, whert „incolumis, sospes^^, prompt, parv, 420; 
quert s. s. Web, 771; lud, Cov, 202; hoi and quert lAdg* 
m. p. 38. 

qwie, Olcel. kviga, quy (tchy), ,Juve7ica'% Wr, voc, 218, 
qwie-calf W?-. voc. 219. 

quilte quilt, ,^culcitra'', prompt, parv. 421. 

quit, OFr. quite, quit, free, c. of I, 1142; cwite a, 
r. 46. 

quiter purulent matter, rel, ant, \, 192; quitore (dat.) 
Fum, p, XVII, 159. 

quiver quiver, y^pharetra''' , prompt, parv, 421. 

446 r& 

r A, ASax, ra(li), OIceL rk, OHGenn. rth, roe^ pr. conse, 
8938; roa (r4) Mark. 3; ro (roo) y^capreolua^, prompt 
parv. 435; reh ant 1, 121; Eglam, 261. 
r^buk Wr. voc. 219. 

rabet rabbity prompt, parv. 421. 

rablen, ODtUch rabelen, rabhle, speak rapidly; rable 
(imperaJt,) Halliw, diet 661. 

race he (ratche), ASax, r8ecc(?), Olcel. rakki, hunting- 
dog, prompt parv, 422; racches (pL) Orm. 13505; Gow, 
conf, am, 2, 274; raches avoio, Arth. VI, 7. 

rad, Olcel, hraecldr, afraid, Orm. 2170; Iw. 481; Mar. 
a. p, 2, 1543; met, hom, 73; Ma?*, mw*. pi. 114. 

r4d, A<ax, (ge)r4d, rsede, OFris, rede, Go^A. garaids, 
OHGerm. reiter, ready, owl and night 1041; stgen, 2481; 
s, s. Wr, 1290; compos. ir4d. 

rMliche, ASax, rsedlice, promptly, iaj. 25603; Wr. p. s. 
252; readliche JifarA. 10; owl and night 1279; redliche 
Bick, thes, 1, 167; rMellche? cr. P, P. 1613; r4dli avow. 
Arth. XIX, 6. 

r^de (roode), ASax. rA»d (itio, iter), Olcel. reid (equi- 
tatio), ODutch reede (statio navium), MHGerm, reite (equv- 
tatioj, froiu riden, road, prompt, parv, 435; rode (ace.) 
Mapes 339. 
roodi^e)-!iors, MHGerm. reitros, Wicl. gloss, 

raechen^ ASax. rsecan, OFris. reka (retsa, resza), 
OHGerm. reiclien, reach, porrigere, pervenire, attingere, 
iaj. 21412; r^chen vis, P, P, 7299; reche pr. consc.^HlA; 
met, hom, 61; pe schadewe of him rechep to Lempne 
Mand. 17; r^ched ford mid bode honden a. r. 338; r4ht(e) 
(pret) Wr, spec. 42; met, hom, 162 ; ra3t(e) Mor. a. p, 
2, 1691; raght(e) Octav, 977; raughte Chauc, C, t 2917; 
me him to rehte (reahte) anne sceld Lai^. 23775; r^ught 
(part) Lidg, st, of Th. 158; compos, a-, at-, i-, ofra'chen. 

raed, ASax. rsed, OFris. red, OSax, r4d, Olcel. rA,d, 
OHGerm. r^t, counsel; rsed, read (red) Laj. 610 & 866; 
rsed, r% Orm. 1415 & 18719; read, rad Kath. 579 <& 2000; 
red, read a. r, 6 & 66; red o«^?Z awd night, 682; 7io6. 
GZowc. 26, 6; l^eA:. 100; a o/ Z. 1001; st gen, 309; Shoreh. 
127; transact 18, 28; CAai^c. t-. «. 667; 5. 5. Wr, 1260; 
^r. C07WC. 20 1 4 ; ant, Arth. VIII, 2 ; reed prompt, parv. 
426; TFr. spec, 104; 2;^. P. P. 8776; Hoccl. I, 108; h^ 
token 4n oper red Havel. 1194; to pe federl^s was he 

raed 447 

rap (r. w. \k\) 75; rMe (dat) Arth, and MerL 2834; 

compos. hi(w)-, wandred. 

rsed^ive couixseller^ La'i^. 11615. 

redles owl and night, 691; Mar. mir. pL 150. 

raed? compos, an-, samrsed, orrap. 

red els, ASax, r^edels, MHGerm. rsetsal? see Gr. gr. 
2, 335, riddle, Wr, voc. 160; vis, P, F. 8394; ridel 
prompt parv, 433. 

raeden, ASax, rajdan, OFris. rSda, Goth, (ga)redan, 
OSax. radan, Olcel. rada, OHOerm, ratan, read (red), 
counsel, interprety guess, govern, Laj. 10323 (fel7976; 
reden Chauc. Troil. 668; rMe owl and night 1695; Belc. 
831; Gow. conf. am. 1, 151: Iw. 2153; Fum. p. Ill, 60; 
Percev. 1248; ant Arth. XLITI, 4; rede rMels vis. P. P. 
8394; pat dremes coupe rede Mor. a. p. 2, 1578; r^pen 
Orm. 2948; rape Havel. 1385; raede (pres) Orm. 18336; 
reade a. r. 24; rede s. s. Wr. 1689; Hoccl. I, 382; ic 
rede dat je flen st gen. 31 1&; redep c. of I. 943; who 
se riht redep roune to John Wr. spec. 26; [rsedde, rSdde 
(pret) LaT^. 414 & 9608; r^dde Orm. 6496; Bek. 467; 
(^ozi;. cow/', am. 2, 63;] ra)den ia3. 11414; rM(e) (suhj.) 
met hom. 39; redin (part.) Halliw. diet 673; compos, a-, 
bi-, for-, irseden. 

raeden, ASax. (ge)r8edan, Dutch r^den, Goth, raidjan, 
MHGerm. reiten, from r4d, red, prepare : and large roum 
about hem rMde Arth. and Merl. 7906; compos. a-(?), 

raeden? compos, cun-, fela3-, fer-, freond-, hate-, luf-, 
man-, sibreden. 

raedien? 7'eady, prepare; redie (redie?) Mand. 185; 
redies (pres.) Iw. 1956; compos, a-, biredien? 

r a e d i 3, from r^de (as Germ, fertig from fart) ? ready, 
Orm. 2527; rsedi (readi) i^J3. 8651; redi reZ. songs II, 
45; s^. (7<?w. 1066; vis. P. P. 2465; Mand. 236; 4 r^di 
wei Tor. 869; reedi PFicZ. e/oAw 7; compos, iredi. 
redili readily, Trist 2, 37; CArtwc. (7. f. 14082. 

redinesse readiness, prompt parv. 426. 

raemen, Dutch raemen (extender e, intendere, consi- 
dcrare), OHGerm. ramen (intendere, dirigere)? ream, reach, 
seize? LaT^. 4128; r^mip Alis. 3347; holde ever ich his 
owene mester & nout ne reame odres a. r. 72; heo . , . 
rsemden to gadere LaT^. 613; see raimen. 

448 raeren 

raeren, ASax. rseran, rear, erigere; rseren (reai^e) 
LaZ' 17458; pei lete r^ren k halle s, s. Wr. 138; r^ro 
Chauc. dr. 468; rere (imper.) vs. 50, 11; rerde (pret.) 
Fum. p. VIII, 86; Rob. Glouc. 28, 5; compos, areren. 

raes, ASax. rses (impetus, cursus), Olcel. r4s (cursvs), 
ras (lapsus, praecipitantia)? race, course; reas iaj. 2283; 
res owl and night. 512; he was wrop and maked 4 r^s 
(onset?) s. s. Web. 2391; if pou me woldist hire k r6s 
(while?) Wr. p. s. 200; rees Gow. conf. ant. 1, 335; erl 
of T. 1080; Gam. 543; avow. Arth. XXII, 16; r^s, reas 
m. Arth. F. 1957 & 2961; rds p7\ consc. 8938; rsese, r^se 
(datj La^: 21367 & 31236; on k rese (rkse) Percev. 1145 
& 1366; Mor. a. p. 2, 1782; to pe bischope in k r4s he 
ran met. horn. 141; of raas pa3 i were rasch Mor, a. p. 
1, 1166; rsesen (dat. pi.) Lot^. 5200; compos, inras. 

raes en, ASax. rsesan (tmere), Olcel. raesa (in cursum 
mittere), rasa (mere)? Swed. rdi^'d, (mere, grassari, furere)? 
ODutch raesen, rasen (furere)? race (raise), rush, La'7^. 
1004; rese rage, Ipom. 1831; r4se (rase?) rush? Gow. 
conf. am. 2, 264; Saladin began to rase for ire Rich. 
3633; ant te drake resde to hire Marh. 10, 17; & r^sden 
to pan castle La^- 1679. 

raft, Dan, Swed. raft, Olcel. raptr, lath, avow. A.7'th. 
XXV, 3. 

rafter (raftur), ASax. rsefter, ODutch rafter, rafter, 
Chauc. C. t. 9j2; refter ,^trabs'^, Wr. voc, 260; ayenh. 
175; rseftres (refteres) La3. 7829. 

ragge, Olcel. rogg {villus), rag, ,^cincinnus, panni- 
culus''^, prompt, parv. 421; Shoreh. 110; ragges (pi) Wr. 
p. s. 150; Goic. conf. am. 1, 100. 

raggid ragged, prompt, parv. 421 ; a ragged colt Alis. 
684; in raggede elopes vis. P. P. 6639. 

raiken (raike), Olcel. reika, raih, mm, ramble, pr. 
consc. 4891; m. Arth. F. 3373; met. horn. 58; reike Mapes 
342; raikes (pres) Mor. a. p. 3, 89; raikinde (part.) a. r. 

rail, Swed. regel, OHGerm. rigil? rail, ,^paxilltis'' , 
prompt, parv. 422; Gow. conf. am. Z, 75. 

rail en rail; raile (pres) prompt, parv. 422; railed 
upon k rowe Min. 16; lettres railed k right m. Arth. F. 

raimen = rsemen? cmp. too Swed. rama (capere, arri- 

raisen 449 

pere), rame, reach, take: falser men might no man raime 
erl of T. 431; raimi ayenb, 44; reime Roh. Br. 185, 4; 
al pat pe riche mai reime P. P. p. 543; raimep (pres) 
Wr, p. s. 150; reimed (pret,) Rob. Br. 29, 17; compos. 
areimen ? 

raisen^ Olcel. reisa, Ooth, raisjan, [ASax. r^sian?] 
raise; reise Wicl. John 11; ressen Orm. 15599; reisede 
(pret.) rel. ant. 1, 224; compos, a-, upraisen. 

rak, ASax. racu? Olcel. rok? rack, doudf Halliw. 
diet. 662; Mor. a. p. 3, 176. 

rake, ASax. race, ODutch rake, raA:^, „ra«frt^m^, 
prompt, parv. 422; PTr. t?oc. 201. 
rakestel Chauc. C. t. 6531. 

rake? compos, arendrake. 

rake, ASax. liraca(?), OH Germ, racho, jaw, Marh. 11, 
1 1 ; rel. songs F, 214. 

raketeje, ASax. racenteag, chain, (ace.) LaT^. 16752; 
rakenteis (pi) Halliw. diet. 665; raketehen (dat. pi) 
Kath. 919*; raketeie Fum. p. VI12, 141. 

rak el racJde, rash, Chauc. C. t. Tyr. 17227; Mor. a. 
p. 3, 526; rakil Hoccl. I, 83; lud. Gov. 24. 

rakin, ASax. racian (regere), ODvtch raken (radere^ 
tangere), Olcel. raka (radere), r^ka (tangere), Swed. raka 
(radere, currere), r&ka (tan^gere), Ooth. ufrakjan (Ixxstvetv), 
rake, „rastrare^, prompt, parv. 422; raken tangere, st. 
gen. 3324; currere, cr. P.P. 144; rake (r4ke?) Arth. and 
Merl. 8048; pe right sholder o wai he r^s (= rakes^ r.w. 
tas = takes) Iw. 3267; Horn t6 halle rakede Horn 1084; 
mid sweorden heom to rakeden La'7^. 18058. 

rakke, ODutch racke, rack, crates, prompt, parv. 422; 
Halliw. diet. 665. 

ram, ASax. OHGerm. ram, ram, ,^vervex^, prompt, 
parv. 422; Orm. 1136; Iw. 3019; Lidg. st. of Th. I. 

rami en (romen, rome) roam, vis. P. P. 6836; Chauc. 
Troil. 1608; romep (pres) Alis. 7207; p4 Romleoden 
rameden jeond uden La'7^. 7854; rominde (part) s. s. 
Web. 1429. 

rammin ram, prompt, parv. 422; rammed (pret) 
Arth. and Merl. 533. 

rammisch rammish, Chauc. C. t. 12815. 

rams is rams, wild garlic? prompt, parv. 422. 


450 ran 

ran, Ir. Gael, rann, poem, song, a. s. Web. 27 23; ron 
Wr, spec. 33; ronnes (pL) Kath. 108. 

ran, Olcel. rann (domus). 
ransakin, Olcel. rannsaka, ransack, y^scrviari, investigare^^ 
prompt parv. 423; ransaken st. gen. 2323; ransake Chauc. 
C. t. 1007; ransake (pres.) rel. ant. 1, 8; ransakand (patt) 
ps. 7, 10. 

rand, AS ax. OHGerm. rand, Olcel. rond, rand, border 
randez (pi.) Mor. a. p. 1, 105. 

(randien?) rondin, OFris. randa, rend^ Marh. 6 
ronden Kaih. 1998; see renden. 

rank, ASax. ranc, Olcel. rakkr? rank, h. a. 5095 
Isumb. 200; ranc Orm. 9622; st. gen. 2105; ronk Mor. 
a. p. 1, 843; ranke (pL) Wr. p. s. 341. 

rap, Dutch Dan. rap, hasty, Gam., 101; rape (adv.) 
Chauc. r. r, 6516. 

rapllche hastily, vis. P. P. 11363; rapli met. horn. 32; 
Min. 24. 

r4p, ASax. r^p, Goth, raip, Olcel. reip, OHGerm. reit 
rope, /wms, Z/a3. 20333; Orm. 15818; rop Rob. Olouc 
448, 17; roop prompt, parv. 436; r^pe (dat.) rel. ant. 2, 
282; rope Shoreh. 110; r^pes (pi.) Min. 37; compos. 

r6pere roper, vis. P. P. 3121. 

rape (rap?) haste, ,^festinatio^, prompt, parv. 423; s. s. 
Web. 1631; rel. ant 1, 115; h. s. 2143; rape (dat) vis. 
P. P. 3141; Goto. ccmf. am. 1, 296; over peo table he 
leop a rape Mis. 4239. 

rapien (rapin), Olcel. hrapa (mere, festinare)^ hasten, 
yfestinare'^ prompt parv. 423; rapen st gen. 2376; rape 
Grow. conf. am. 1, 335; sacram, 659; rape and renne 
Chauc. C. t 13350; rape pe to shrifte vis. P. P. 3272; 
pe folk pat escaped to Scotland p4m raped Rob. Br. 90, 8; 
compos, uprapen. 

rappe, Dan. rap, Swed. rapp, rap, ,^ictus'^, prompt, 
parv. 423; rappes (pi.) Octov. 334; Em. 660. 

r a p p e n (rappin), Swed. rappa, rap, ,^pulsare^, prompt, 
parv. 423; vis. P. P. 649; rappe lud. Cov. 183. 

r4r, ASax. ger4r, roar; rore (dat) Gow. conf. am. 3, 
74; r^ris (pi) Gaw. gloss. 

r^rien (rare), ASax. r^rian, ODutch OHGerm. r^ren, 
roar, nigire, Iw. 242; pr, consc. 7341; roorin prompt. 

rasch 451 

parv, 437; rore Fum. p. XIX, 241; Eglam, 327; rorede 
(pret.) Havel 2438; Octov. 1739; r^rinde (part.) Mark 17. 

rasch, OHGerm. rascer, Olcel. roskr, rash, Mor. a. p. 
1, 1166; rashe (adv.) I. c. c. 18. 

rasken, ASax. rsescian (vibrarejf Olcel. raska (tur- 
hare)? pan beginnep he to klawe and to raske h. s 4282. 

rasp en, Dutch raspen, Dan. raspe, Swed. raspa, rasp; 
rasped (part) Mor. a. p. 1, 1545. 

ratelen, Dutch ratelen, rattle, rel. ant. 1, 65; ratled 
(pret) Arth. and Merl. 7858. 

raten, Swed. rata, rate, reprove; ratid (part) Chauc. 
C. t. 3463; compos, araten. 

ratte, Dutch ratte, rat; rattes (pi.) vis. P. P. 398; 
Mand. 250. 

ratten, MHOerm. ratzen? tear? ratted (part) Mor. a. 
p. 2, 144. 

r a p, ASax. hrsed, Olcel. hradr, OHOerm. hrader (celer), 
rath, hasty, Perce v. 98; rape mon ant. Arth. XXXIV, 9; 
rade rathe, quickly, early, La3. 4338; Kath. 554; dis sonde 
hem overtaked rade st. gen. 2313; rape Orm. 13766; 
ayenb. 152; vis. P. P. 1503; Chauc. C. t. 3766; Roh. Br 
87, 13; met. horn. 26; rape oper late owl and night. 1145 
reade, rede (rade) a. r. 54 & 86; rader (compar) rather 
La'7^. 3539; a. r. 190 & 384; Bek. 1652; Shoreh. 160 
Chauc. C. t, 10176; is rapere wif his former wife, Rob 
Glouc. 285, 22; pe rapere toun Mand. 46; rapest (super 
lot) vis. P. P. 9327; Chauc. c. b. k. 428. 
radllche quickly, a. r. 422*; rapli Min. 29; Mar. mir. pi. 

raven, ASax. hrsefn, Olcel. hrafn, OHGerm. hraban, 
raven, rel. ant. 1, 218; Mor. a. p. 2, 465; ravin lud. Cov. 
350; reafen (reven) a. r. 84; reven Wr. treat. 133; ra- 
venes (pi) s. s. Wr. 3147. 

ravin, Lat. rabere? rave, prompt, parv. 424; rave 
Gou\ conf. am. 1, 282; lud. Cov. 44; i rave (pres) Hoccl. 
ly 394; we rave Chauc. C. t. 12887; raved (pret) vis. P. 
P. 9606. 

raw, ASox. hreap^ Olcel. hr4r, OHGerm. rower, raw, 
„crudus'^, prompt, parv. 424; Alis. 5774; Mand. 203; r4u 
Wr. p. s. 237; rk Wr. voc. 200. 
rawhede y^cruditas*^ , prompt, parv. 424. 

r^wnesse rawness, prompt' parv, 4t2A:. 


Hi rftwe 

r&we, A8ax. r&p, rowj Kath, 1964; Trist. 3, 73; Mor. 
a. p. 1, 544; avow, Arth, VI, 8; rowe ^serieSy Unea^^ 
prompt parv, 438; Horn 1086; jlwiw 1900; Tor. 818; 
for pr6 nistes a rowe lie seis pat same si3t chron, VHod. 
68; rgwe Bek 2101; Got^. con/, am. 1, 50 (fe 3, 308; 
Chauc. C t 2868; rfqp. of R. 3, 10; a rewe a. r, 90; bl 
reawe 336; compos, dasrswe? 

r^wen? |)e dai rSwed (broke) vis. P. P. 12323. 

rax en rax, stretch? raxed (pret) vis. P. P. 3269. 

raxlen stretch? raxlede (pret.) La^- 25992; raxled 
Mor. a. p. 1, 1173. 

re-, Fr. Lat re-, 
receive receive, h. s. 236. 
recoilen, Fr. reculer, recoil, a. r. 294. 
recorden, OFr. recorder, record, a. r. 256. 
reherse(n), OFr. rehercer, rehearse, Chauc. 0. t. 4509; 
reherce pr, consc. 2390. 

relese(n), Fr. relaisser, Lat relax^re, release, pr. consc. 
3813; relesse (pres.) Chauc. C. t. 11917; relessed (part.) 
VIS. P. P. 1472. 

releve(ii), Fr. relever, relieve, vis. P. P. 12359. 
remembren, OFr. remembrer, remember; t remembred 
me Mor. a. p. 3, 326. 

respite OPr. respit, respite, Beh. 631; ayenh. 39. 
reward, Fr. regard, reward (regard), vis. P. P. 11901; 
pr. consc. 1880. 

read, ASax. read, OFris. r^d, OSax. rod, Goth, rauds, 
Olcel. raudr, OHGerm. rot, red, a. r. 112; reed Mand. 
57; Chauc. C. t 153; Hoccl. I, 159; rSd rel. songs V, 
244; reade (adv.) Kath. 1432. 

re ad i en, ASax. readian? redden; rMes (pres.) Wr. 
spec. 34; ireaded (part.) a. r. 356. 

reaf, ASax. reaf, OFris. r4f, Dutch roof, OHGerm. 
rouf (spolium), reif, rohe, spoil; rsef (reaf) Z/aj. 8612 <fe 
23760; reif apoL 12; reve (aa^^ owl and night 458; -4r«A. 
and Merl 8396. 
rseflac rapine, Laz» 22601; r^flac a. r. 202; ct gen. 436. 

(reak) reek, r^k, ASax. hreac, rick, y^acervus^, prompt, 
pwrv. 428; Wr. voc. 154; rel. ant. 2, 80; rekes (pL) 
Chatic. t. I. prol.; Wicl. gloss. 

(ream) rem, ASax. ream(?), LGerm. raum, Dutch room, 
ream, cream, Hick. thes. 1, 227; Arth. and Merl. 1455. 

reaffld i55 

r e a m^ ASax. hream, cry, a. r. 1 1 * ; rsem (ream) La^* 
11280; raem Orm. 8137; rem rel. ant. 1, 209; owl and 
night 1213; st gen, 1962; reames (pL) Kath. 164. 

rearde, ASax. reord (for reard, see Or. gram. 1, 351, 
3^ ed.), OHGerm. rarta, Goth, razda, Olcel. rodd, roArd, 
speech, voice, sound, ayenb, 24 & 60; reord, rerd, Omk 
9566 & 16664; rerd Iw, 2073; s, s. Web, 910; J/ar. wtr. 
pL 178; lie him kneu wel bi his rerde rd, ant, 2, 274; 
see rord. 

reordien, ASax, reordian, speak, Laz* 22170. 

reaven, ASax, reafian, OFris, r4via, ODulch rooven, 
Olcel. reyfa, OHGerm, roubon, Goth, (bi)raubon, from 
reaf? reave, Kath, 1229; a, r. 286; reave Shoreh. 46; 
rsefeii Orm, 2015; reven (revin) ^spoliare^^, prompt, parv. 
431; 5^. gen. 2802; harrow. 132; rSve CAawc. C. «. 4009; 
apo/. 48; revep (pres,) Hoccl, F, 21; if he r6vep me ml 
right vis, P, P, 12630; reves pr, consc, 251; rivis s, s. 
Wr. 2348; rsevede (pret.) La^- 4038; reved Min. 12; 
refde Marh, 13; r4fte Mapes 336; r6ft (part.) Tor, 2176; 
raft s. s. Wr. 1015; ireaved ayenb, 143; compos, bireaven. 

revere, ASax, reafere, reaver, robber, rel, songs VII^ 
27; Wicl. gloss,; revar apol. 112; reavares ^j?Z^ a, r. 150; 
h. m. 29; rseveres La^- 14059. 

recchen (rsecchen), ASax, reccan (regere, dirigere, 
porrigere, exponere), OSax, rekkian (exponere), Olcel. rekja 
(explicare), OHGerm, recchen (extendere, exponere, expli- 
care), retch, direct, eoctend, explain, La't^. 14079 & 25632; 
if he can rechen dis dromes wold st, gen, 2122; wen heo 
shnlden pider recche rel, ant. 2, 279; pe sunne recched 
hire rune Marh, 9; recched ever abiiten a, r. 164; out of 
his slepe he raught m. Arth, F, 3191; ut of scipe heo 
rehten ia^. 25646; here armes whan h£ upward reiste 
Furn. p. XX, 95; i was rauht on roodetre XXV, 63; 
compos. Si.', for-, i-, uprecchen. 

reche (reche?), MHGerm, ruoche, reck, care, 
recheles, ASax. receleas, MHGerm, ruochelos^ retch-, reck- 
less, Chauc. C. t. 4649; Lidg. st. of Th, 1039; rechles 
Hick. thes. 1, 233; reckelaes Orm. 932; rekkelSs prompt, 
parv. 428. 
rechelesnesse recklessness, vis. P. P. 6638. 

recchen (r^hchen), ASax, rSccan^ recan, Olcei* roekja 
(rsekja), OSax, rokian, MHGerm, ruochen, reck, care^ 

454 t6A 

LaZ' 18042; r^cche (recche?) owl and night 801; rdkken 
(rekken?) prompt parv, 428; Orm, 16165; rdke (reke?) 
Rich. 1811; rScche (r, w. fecche) (pres.) Fum. p. VIII, 
112; of 6per ping ne rScche i noht Wr. spec. 69; i rSche 
never who it here Aud, 51; rsecche La^. 3170; rScche, 
rekke Chauc. C. t 1400 & 5911; reke (f r. w. speke) 
Halliw, diet 676; 3if heo beod feor, me ne rScched a.r. 
104; reches Mor, a. p. 2, 465; recp owl and night 491; 
rekkep vis. P.P. 9976; ye r^chep of me lite Alts. 7319; 
r^cchen Mand. 64; recche (imper.) pe nevere vis, P. P. 
6638; r^che (suhjunct) rel. ant 1, 225; rohte (rohte?) 
(pret.) Orm. 9024; r63te owl and night 427; Brand. 34; 
avow. Arth. XXV, 15; rouhte a. r. 60; roughte vis. P. P. 
12075; Chauc. C. t 3770; t tresoun roughte pe king 
Rich. 1669. 

r 6 d ? compos, dairgd. 

redden, ASax. hreddan, OFris. hredda, OHGerm. 
retten, rid (red), Orm. 8126; ridde Oaw. gloss.; redde 
(pret.) Orm. 19316; pe children perwip fram dSpe he 
redde Hartsh. w. f. 133; red (part.) Arth. and Merl. 8606; 
compos, aredden. 

rede? compos, midrede. 

rSden, ASax. rMan (legere, loqui), Olcel. roeda 
(logui), Ooth. rodjan (XsYStv, XaXelv)? read, speak, a. r. 
286; rel. ant I, 263; Havel. 244; Shoreh. 47; clerkes pat 
conne reden c. of I. 124:1; no tonge ne mihte r^den, ne 
pou3t penken his mihtful deden 1359; wa schal unker 
sp^che rede oiol and night. 1780; rede and say(e) pr. 
Gonsc. 6288; per herd i rede in roune who Tristrem 
gat and bar Trist 1, 1 ; rseden (reade) LaT^. 4497 ; rede 
(pres) St gen. 34; pei reden Mand. 83; redde (pret.) 
rel. ant. 1, 59; rsldde Laj. 10; vis. P. P. 2048; redden 
Chauc. C. t 11025; red (part.) Orm. 6870: rad Gow. 
conf. am. 1, 194; Mand. 132; Degrev. 962; irad Furn. 
p. XVII, 431. 

rSdere reader, Wr. voc 210; Marh. 20; Bek. 1068; 
Shoreh. 47. 

r^dunge reading, a. r. 286. 

reye, ODutch reye, MHGerm. reie, ray, chorea; reyes 
(pi) Chauc. h. of f. 1236. 

reihe, rowhe, ASax. reohha, ray, raja, prompt, parv.^ 
427 & 438; rehsen (rohsen) (pi) La'7,. 29557. 

reil 455 

r e i 1, ASax, hrsegl, OHGerm. hregil, OFris. hreil, rail, 
vesttmentum, Hick. thes. 1, 167; rseil Wr. voc. 93. 

r e i n^ ASax, Olcel. regn, OSax, regin (regan), OHOerm. 
regen^ regan, Ooth, rign, OFris. rein, rain, „pluvia^, 
prompt, parv. 428; La^- 3898; a. r. 246; Wr. treat 136; 
vis. P. P. 9045; Chauc. C. t. 494; resn Orm. 8622. 
reinbowe rainbow, Wr. voc. 273; st gen. 637; Fum. p. 
II, 170. 
reinwater rain-water, prompt, parv, 428. 

reinin, ASax. regnian, Goth, rignjan^ rain, ^pliiere'*, 
prompt, parv. 428; rejnen Orm. 8620; line LaT^. 19745; 
rine ayenh. 49; reinep (pres.) vis. P. P. 12034; Mand. 
45; rine (subj.) Wr. treat. 136; rinde (reinede) (pret.) 
La'7^. 3895; compos, bireinen. 

rek (reek), ASax. rec, OFris reek, Olcel. reykr, 
OHGerm. rouch, from reoken, reek (reech), „fumus^, 
prompt, parv. 428; (r^ke) ps. 17, 9; reech Halliw. diet. 
674; reke (dat) pr. consc. 9431.' 

reke, Olcel. reki? haste? wip gret(e) reke Arth.^and 
Merl. 7904; in a grSte reke Halliw. diet. 676. 

rek els (rekles), ASax. recels, r^cels, Olcel. reykelsi, 
incense, ps. 140, .2; (recles) Orm. 146; m£t. horn. 105; 
rikels rel. ant. 1, 53; rechles, r^cheles a. r. 216 <fe 376; 
richelis prompt, parv. 433; richels? (ms. riches) iaj. 8091. 

reken, Olcel. reka, Goth, rikan, MHGerm. rechen, 
rake, drive? in erpe pi bodi reke (r. w. speke) Arth. and 
Merl. 1027; ich wule forpur reke owl and night. 1604; 
to her sone schS gan to reke Octov. 182; his spere to 
his heorte rac (pret.) La^^ 9320; in oure ashen colde is 
fir ireke (part) Chauc. C. t 3880; compos, misreken. 

reken, ASax. recen, LGerm. reken, ready, fit? Wr. 
spec. 27; Mor. a. p. l, 5; rekeneste (superl.) Halliw. diet 
676; compos, unreken. 
rekenli promptly? Gaw. gloss.; Mor. a. p. 2, 127. 

reken (rSke), ASax. recan, OHGerm. rouchen, reek, 
„fumare'', Lidq. m. v. 114; rekes (vres.) avotv. Arth. 
XV, 8. 

rekenen (reknin), ASax. (ge)recenian, OFris. rek(e)- 
nia, MHGerm. rechenen, reckon, ,^comj)utare'^, prompt 
parv. 428; rekene Wr. treat 133; vis. P. P. 2435; Mand. 
213; li beaus disc. 2109; reknen Gow. conf. am. 3, 121; 
rekne, rikne Chauc. 0. t 403 & 4530^ rikenen a. r. 210; 

466 rekenere 

rikene Wr. spec. 68; rekenede (pret,) Fum. p. XXIII, 
17; recned (paH,) Orm. 2055; irekened h. m. 33; Lidg. 
St. of Th. 707. 

rekenere (reknare) reckoner, ,^comptitator^, prompt 
parv. 428; rikenares (pLJ a. r. 214:. 

rekeninge reckoning, ayerib. 18; Chauc. G. t 602; 
rekninge prompt, parv. 428; rekning Lidg. m. p. 240; 
recning Fum. p. J, 23. 

rekke? ODutch recke (perticajf hevie rekkes binde 
to hire fet Fum. p. XV, 192. 

re men, ASax. hrSman, from ream, reem, cry, KcUh. 
2371; rel. songs IV, 22; reme h. s. 7858; Mor. a. p. 1, 
1180: remed (pres.J rel. ant. 1, 223; remden (pret.) Laz* 
5795; Mark. 18; sif me remde lude furl fur! a. r. 242; 
3e habbed . . . ir6md on me efter riw'e 1. 

ren, Olcel. renni? „cursus^, prompt, parv. 429; riines 
ren(?) st. gen. 1. 

renden (rendin), ASax. rendan, OFris. ren da, rend, 
yjiacerare'^ , prompt, parv. 429; renden Kath. 1999; rende 
VIS. P. P. 395; Lidg. m. p. 202; rende (pret.) Rob. Olouc. 
289, 14; Horn 727; rente Chauc. C. t. 992; rendden 
Laz* 7849; rended (part.) met. horn. 144:; irend a. r. 148: 
compos, torenden. • 

reng, OFr. reng, Welsh rheng, rhenc, Bret, rennk, 
Ir. rang, ranc, rank, „series'^, prompt, parv. 429; on 4 
reng Arth. and Merl. 1508; renk Brand. 12; renges (pi) 
Chauc. C t. 2596. 

rengen range, gyrare; renged (pres) a. r. 164; rin- 
ginde (part.) 140. 

rennels (renlis), OHQerm. rennisal? rendles (rindles), 
„coa^ulum'^, prompt, parv. 429. 

rennen, ASax. rennan, sernan, OHGerm. rennen, 
OFris. Olcel. renna, Goth, (ur)rannjan, run, ,^currere^, 
prompt, parv. 429; vis. P. P. 10075; renne Fum. p. 
XXVIII, 10; sernen, ernen La^- 1638 & 8129; renne 
(pres) harrow. 144; Chauc. C. t. 2870; renned Kath. 
2511; rennep Mand. 32; Tor. 1298; Hoccl. I, 78; rende 
(„rennede'') (pret) Wicl. gloss.; arnde Lw^. 9296; Rob. 
Glouc. 140, 4; ernde Horn 1239; renned (part) Wicl. gloss. 

renner, MHGerm. rennsere, runner, Chauc. C t. 6865; 
rennsire prompt, parv. 429; urnare chron. Engl. 900; ren- 
neres (pi) vis. P. P. 2337. 

rent 467 

rent, MHOerrti, rente? course f Hick. thes. 1, 232. 

rente, Fr, rente, rent, owl and night 1771; Chauc. G 
t 258; renten (pL) a. r, 168. 

reod, ASax, reod, Olcel. riodr, red, La^' 19890. 

reod, ASax. hreod, OHGerm. riot, reedy arundo, arun- 
dinetum, Alis. 6433; reed (rM) Wr, voc. 226; prompt 
parv, 426; met horn. 36; reode (dat) Zaj. 20168; reedes 
(pi) Maud, 189. 

reoh, ASax. hreoh, keen, hold: pat pu swa r^h sert 
iwurden La7^. 24784; rei rel. ant 1, 188; rsehne (ace, m.) 
La'7^. 3884; rsehere (compar.) 4062; rehest (superlat.) 
Mark. 13. 
rehliche quickly, La^. 9324. 

reoken, ASax. reocan, Olcel. riuka, OHOerm. riochan, 
smell: pe ensence r^kep soote Chauc. L g. w. 2609; deriv. 
rek, roke. 

(reol) reel, rel, ASax. hreol, reel, Wr. voc. 180 cfe 
269; prompt parv. 428; rel. ant 2, 81. 

relin reel, prompt parv. 429; reled (pret.) Mor, a. p. 
3, 147. 

(reopen) repe, ASax. reopan? pres. r^pd, reap, metere, 
Wr. p. 8. 152; ps. 125, 5; repe (pres.) vis. P. P. 8776; 
reepip Wicl. John 4; ropen (pret.) vis, P. P. 8776; Wicl. 
gloss.; ropen (part) Chauc. I. g. w. 74. 

rep are reaper, y^messor^, prompt, parv. 430. 

reosen, ASax. hreosan, fall, La^. 18869; rees (pret) 
15518*; ruren 27986; deriv. rure. 

reoven, ASax. reofan, Olcel. riufa, hurst, hreak; rSf 
(pret) rel. ant \, 1 ; sacram. 48 ; roven (part.) Halliw. 
diet 695. 

reow, ASax. hreo|>, Olcel. hryggr (tristis)? 
reonlich sorry, piteous, Lai,. 15080; reowli Alis. 6907; 
rewli s. s. Weh, 910; rewli, reuli st gen. 1162 & 1968; 
reulich Roh. Glouc. 296^ 9; reuli Horn 1057; Mapes 
338; ruli prompt, parv. 439,; reo|>lTche (adv.) Marh. 4, 
10; reuliche Arth. and Merl, 788; rewli, rfiuU met. horn. 
59 & 143. 

reowe, ASax. hreop, OHGerm. hriuwa, rew (rue), 
dolor, misencordia, (dat) owl and night 1443; rewe (aoc) 
Bek. 1051. 

r^wful rueful, vis. P. P. 9216; rguful Furn. p. XVI, 26; 
met. horn. 26; Aud. 7. 

468 reowen 

reowfulnesse h, vt, 41 ; reoufulnesse a. r. 368. 

reowen (reowe), ASax, hreopan, OHGerm, (h)riuwan, 
rew (rue), dolere, poenitei'e, rel. ant, 1, 184; Alts. 3944; 
Wr, spec, 37; severe hit wule pe reouwen (r6uwe) La^ 
16047; r6|>en (printed repent rel, ant. 1, 221; rSwe 
Triam. 1544; r^ue Aud, 42; ruwin „poenitere, compaH^, 
prompt parv, 439; it reo|>ep him Orm, 3976; he r6wep 
me c. o/ Z. 541; me rewep sore for hende Nicholas Chauc 
C. t, 3462; he r§wes „miserettir'^, ps, 36, 26; reewe (tm- 
per at) Hoed, I, 412; rSw, reu (pret) st gen. 1166 4s 
1828; for pi ne rddf him noht of hem Orm. 75; compos. 

reowien, OHOerm. hriuwon? rew (rue); r^wed (pret) 
met. horn. 15; rfiude Bek, 298. 

reounesse, ASax, hreopness, sorrow, pity, a. r. 144*; 
rewnesse Havel, 502. 

reows? sorrow? 
reusful rel, songs VII, 15. 

reowsien, ASax, hreopsian, OHGerm, (h)riuwison, 
feel sorrow or pity; reousede (pret) LaT^, 22173; compos, 

reo|>8unge, ASax, hreopsung, repentance, Orm. 5563. 

reopde, Olcel. hrygd, rewth (ruth), dolor, fnoeror^ 
misericordia, Kath. 2372; reowde, reoude (rSupe) £^3. 
10869 & 12116; reoude a, r, 32 & 150; rewde st. gen. 
2339; reupe Bek, 541; Chauc, C, t 2394; s, s. Wr. 1389; 
Rol, Br, 71, 11; (reuthe) pr, consc, 6729; rtipe (rAthe) 
prompt, parv, 439; vis. P. P, 2297. 
reoudful a, r, 116; Alis, 6501; reupful c, of I, 197. 
reo|>dfulllche Mark, 4, 8. 

rep, ASax, r^? from reopen, reap, ,^harvest^. Wicl. 
gloss; (rSpe) ^handful of com'^, ibid.; ,^manipulu^'^ , Wr. 
voc. 201; ,^javele^, 154; rel, ant, 2, 80; (reepe) Totan, 
myst, 13. 
rep-time reaping-time, Wicl. gloss, 

rep en, ASax. hrepian, touch, take, a. r. 128*; compos. 

rere, ASax, hr^re, reer (rear), raw, prompt, parv. 430. 
?rSremous, ASax, hreremtis, rearmouse, vespertilio, Wr. 
voc. 164; Wicl, gloss,; reremis (pi) dep. of R, 24, 1. 

reschen? hire leofliche lich reschte of pe leie 
Mark. 18. 

reste 459 

reste, AS ax. rest, rsest, OSax. resta, OHGerm, resti, 
rest, quies, LaT^. 28328; a. r, 166; c. of I. 90; st, gen. 252; 
Chauc. C. t 9729; reste & ro Or//*. 7042; to eche reste 
Kath. 2373; whan pei wfire a reste vis. P. P. 2939; 
riste met. horn. 70. ^ 

res ten, uiSao;. OHOerm. restan, OSaac. restian, rest^ 
qutescere, Mark. 6; a. r. 260; Orm 9598; st gen. 1369; 
Brand. 6; m5. P. P. 1831; riste Percev. 1203; restep 
(pres.) Shoreh. 133; reste (pret.) Laiy. 26)1. 

reesten re^s^^ iecow^e rancid, prompt, parv. 431. 

r^sti re65^y (ru^ty), „rancidtis^*, prompt, parv. 431; r«Z. 
aw«. 2, 29. 

re tin (retin?), Dutch reten, Swed. rota? re< (raii^, 
prompt, parv. 431. 

repe^ ASax. hrede (rede?), rude, fierce: pe weder, als 
in somer smSpe, s6n bigan be ru3 and ripe met. horn. 

reper, ASax. breeder, brider, OFris. britber, rother, 
bos; reoder a. r. 140*; reperes (gen.) Wr, p. s. 220; 
roperes (reoperes) Mis. 4719; reoderen (pi.) Kaih. 60; 
ruderen (ropere) £03. 8106; roperen Boh. Olotic. 52, 21; 
cr. P. P. 857; reperne tounge ox-tongue, bugloss^ Halliw. 
diet. 680. 

reule (rewle)^ Lat. regula, rule, prompt parv. 432; 
Chauc. C. t. 173; riwle a. r. 2; riulen (pL) 428. 

reve, OHGerm. reba (vitis)? compos, bai-, burdreve. 

r^ve, ASax. gerefa, reeve, steward, govemour, prompt, 
parv. 431; La^- 15597; Mark. 6; Bek. 49; (reeve) Chauc. 
C. t 544; rife pr. consc. 5785; r^ves (gen) vis. P. P. 
3328; r^ven (pi) Kath. 1975; compos, burb-, scbirrBve. 
refscbipe Kath. 11. 

rib an, Ir. ribin, Oael. ribean, Pre^. ruban, ribhon, rel. 
ant. 1, 19; riband prompt, parv. 432; rebant Wr. voc. 
268; ribanes (pi) vis. P. P. 310; rebans ant. Arth. II, 4. 

rib be, ASax. ribb, OPm. rib, Dutch ribbe, OHGerm. 
rippi, ri6, Pl^r. 2?oc. 226; prompt, parv. 432; (^acc^^ 5. «. 
Web. 1572; ribbes (jpZ^) ias. 1603; Havel. 1900; G^ai^c. 
(7. i. 6088; compos, dowribbe. 

ribbe-, ribskin a piece of leather worn in dressing flax 
with the rib, prompt, parv. 432; ribscbin Wr. voc. 269. 

ribb en, £ 6rer7w. ribben, dress with the rib: ribbin flax, 
bemp prompt, parv. 433. 

460 ridie 

riche, ASax. rice, OSax. riki, Olcel, rikr, Ooth, reiks, 
OHQerm. richer, rich^ prompt parv. 433; Laj. 128; Katk. 
2360; a. r. 66; Onw. 6384; Bek. 341; Shoreh. 57; iZicA. 
5899; rike Hartsh. m. t 15; ricchere (comp,) La3. 9911; 
jfVrw. p. xXIIIf 92; richere s^. ^e/i. 1280; richore chron. 
Engl 409; richeste (mperlat) vis. P. P. 1773. 
richedom, OSax, rikidom^ OHOemi. rich(e)tuom, riches^ 
LaZ' 3328; h. m. 3. 

richellche richly, La^. 2728; Amis 699; 2Vwf. 2, 40; 
richelike st gen, 2442. 

riche, ASax, rice, OSax, Olcel. riki, Go^A. reiki, 
OHOerm. richi, reign, dominion, Kath, 2374; Futn. p. 
VIII, 179; a. r. 40; Orm. 7011; ot^Z a7id night 357; 
Wr. *rea<. 132; ayenb. 66; PPr. spec. 94; rel. ant. 1, 42; 
Horn 20; Crow?, cow/*, am. 2, 268; rike Havd. 290; Aar- 
row. 178; iM7. 142; ps. 21, 29; -F/or. 1809; compos. 
bischop-, heven-, kine-, kingriche. 

richesse^ Fr. richesse, riches, ,^opulentia'^, prompt 
parv. 433; c. of I. 1016. 

ride, OHGerm. gerit? ride, way, (ace.) st gen. 3950. 

ride? compos, unrlde. 

ridil, cmp. OHGerm. rit{e)rsi, riddle, „crihrum^, prompt 
parv. 433. 

ridel rider; compos, forrldel. 

ridelin riddle, „cribrare^, prompt parv. 433; ridlen 
a. r. 234;^ ridlide (pret) WicL gloss. 

rid en, ASax. ridan, OFris. rida, Olcel. rida, OHOerm. 
ritan, ride, LaT^. 432; a. r. 216; ride Bek. 1179; ridep 
(pres.J Orm. 6966; rit vis. P. P. 339; r4d (pret) Mark. 
17; Trist. 1, 16; met. horn. 135; Percev. 496; rod Tor. 
506; (rood) vis. P. P. 11567; riden Alis. 1038; Gkauc. 
G. t 827; ridden Rich. 4025; riden (part) Chauc. C. t. 
48; iride Arth. and Merl. 3103; deriv. rade. 

rid ere nJcr, Laj. 9288; vis. P. P. 6217. 

rif, ODutch Olcel. rif, ree/ (of a sail), Oow. conf. aw,. 
3, 341. 

ri^ ASax. hrif, OFris. rif, ref, OHGerm. href, rt^, 
womb; compos, midrif. 

rif, ASax. ODutch rif, OlceZ. rifr, rife, abundant, libe- 
ral, Shoreh. 112; st gen. 1252; Hoccl. I, 427; of riches 
pou art so rif Eglam. 1041; rif (rife) ps. 26, 1*; rife 
Gow. conf. am. I, 213; rive h. m. 29; Fum.p.XVII, 52; 

riflin 461 

Wr, p, s. 196; balu per wes rive Laz- 20079; rife (pi.) 
Percev. 560; rive (adv) Kath. 2513; Mapea 350; pat folc 
pat deide so rive Rob, Glouc, 252, 6. 
rifli reL ant 2, 7 ; met. horn, 42. 

riflin, OFr. rifler? rifle, „spoliare'^^ prompt, jpcrrt;. 433; 
riflede (pret) vis. P. P. 2940 ; rifeld (part) Min. 6. 

rift, from riven, rift, ^^rima^^ prompt, parv. 433; reft 
Chaiic. r.' r. 2661. 

rift, A Sax. rift, Olcel. ript, cloth; rifte (dot.) La^- 
28475; compos, waserift. 

r if ten rift, eructare; riftes (pres.) ps. 18, 3; rifted 
(pret.) 44, 2. 

rig, Olcel. hregg? rig, storm? Mor. a. p. 2, 382. 

riht, ASaoc. riht, OSax. reht, OHOerm. rehter, 0/ceZ. 
rettr, Ooth. raihts^ Lat rectus, right, Orm. 763; ml riht 
arm La^. 28040; richt rel. arU. 1, 23; rist (= rlt?) 1, 
48; rith (— rit) Havel. 1812; Mapes 336; pe rigkte wai 
Mand. 6; n^nne rihtne (ace.) wei owl and night 1236; 
rihte (adv.) La^* 27345; owl and night 1244; righte as 
pou w^re k god Mand. 295; righte whar scho lai Isumb. 
194; righte forth prompt parv. 434; riht a. r. 2; pat him 
riht (a riht) luvied Kath. 1741 ; riht sone Lidg. m. p. 29; 
riht (mhst) La^* 2511; owl and night 948; vor te ddti 
alle men riht a. r. 286; ri3t st. gen. 3714; Mor. a. p. 
1, 621; a riht aright, La^* 17631; a. r- 76; mid riste 
Brand. 3; Shoreh. 60; an on rihtes (rightis) a. r. 42; 
Alis. 170; compos, i-, un-, upriht 
rightful vw. P. P. 253. 
ristfulnes A. s. 600. 

rihtlechen direct, rel. ant. 1, 130; rijtleche Wicl. gloss. 
rihtnesse (ristnesse) righiness, rectitttdo, La^* 14; rijtnisse 
Bek. 1627. 

rihtwTs rightwise (righteous), La^- 6537; a.r. 268; Orm. 
2880; c. of I. 63; Fum. p. XXV, 38; met. horn. 1; rist- 
wls Mor. a. p. 1, 674; rightwis s. s. Wr. 2764; rightwes 
pr. consc. 135. 
ristwTshed sf. gen. 3740. 

rihtpisliche Xa^^. 753; rijtwlsli Mor. a. p. 1, 708. 
rihtwisnesse a. r. 304; rightwTsnesse Mand. 294; vw. P. 
P. 12474. 

rihten, ASax. OHGerm. rihtan, right, direct, adjust, 
regulate: rihten alle pse hallen Zaj. 5980; to rihten eore 

462 ri^ti 

leoden 6254; listen st. gen, 3423; righte Goto, conf. am. 
3, 170; pe riwle pet rihted pe heorte a, r. 410; righte 
fjdirige^^ ps. 24, 5; rihtep (imperat) Orm, 9201; rihten 
(pret.) Laz- 25732; & here arewes rijte Fum, p. XVIII^ 
43; compos, a-, i-, uprihten. 

risti, MB Germ, rihtig? „rightful'', \Mcl, gloss, 

rihtnen rtghten, correct, Orm, 10361. 

rlkien? Olcel. rikja, reign; riked (pret.) ps. 92, 1; 
rlkande (part.)? Gaw. gloss, 

rim (rime?), ASax, OFris, Olcel, OJBGerm. rim, rime 
(rhyme)y number , prompt, parv, 434; Orw. 11248; rim 
Havel, 21; rime (dat) Shoreh, 165; Hoccl, I, 247; writen 
rime rel, ant. 1, 224; in rime i rede Octov, 1679; ant 
seide pise rime (pi.) Mom 812. 

rim (rime?), ASax, Olcel, hrim, ODutch rim, rime, 
„pruina^y prompt, parv, 434. 
rimfrost „pruina^, Wr, voc, 239. 

rime, ASax. rima, reoma, rim: rim of & whele prompt, 
parv. 434; rime ,.Jllm^y Wicl. gloss.; rim (reme) integument 
of the foetus, pr. consc. 520 ; compos, da3-, S8e-, wuderime. 

rim en, Jl/Soa?. rlman, O-HGerw, (gi)rimen, rime (rhyme), 
number, Orm, 11217; rime Gow. conf. am 2, 173; Rob. 
Br. 71, 5; Chauc. C. t. 13021; Lidg, m, p. 55; compos, 

rimpil, ODutch rimpel, rimple, „ruga^, prompt, parv. 

rim pi en rimplef rimplid, „rugatus^, prompt, pat^. 434; 
Chauc. r, r. 4495; Lidg. m, p. 200. 

rin, Olcel, rin? rine, stream, Halliw, diet. 685. 

rinde, ASax. rind, OHGerm. rinda, rind, a. r. 150; 
c. of I 1308; ayenb. 96; Bob, Br. 333, 4. 

rinen^ ASax. OSax. OHGerm. hrinan, rine, touch; 
rined (pres) a. r. 320; r^n (pret) Orm. 15518; compos. 
a-, irinen. 

ring, ASax. OSax, OHGerm. hring, Olcel, hringr, 
ring, circuhis, annulus, LaT^. 30805; a. r, 420; h. m, 2l; 
Percev. 425; in & ringe Alis, 1112; ringes (pl.J st, gen, 
1872; compos, earering. 

ringworm ^^impetigo^, Wr. voc. 256; ringwirm ,^serpigo^^ 
prompt, parv. 434. 

ringe(n), Olcel. hringja, OHGerm. (gi)hringen, ring, 
compass, Halliw. diet. 686. 

ringen 468 

ringen ring, sonare, Orm. 901; ringe Chatic, C, t 
3894; rang fpret.) Iw, 1397; rang, rong Chauc, C, t 
3215 & 14077; rong Rob. Glouc, 509, 14; lai le fr. 181; 
rungen Eartsh, m. t 15; rongen vis. P. P. 12946; ronge 
erl of T. 319; rungen (part.) Havel. 1132; irungen Lut^. 
29441; ironge Horn 1025. 

ringen, A Sax. hringan pret ringde (clanger e) Oreins 
gloss., Olcel. hringja (campanam pulsar e) Egilss. lex., ring; 
ringede (pre^ Chauc. C. t. 2602; ringeden LaT^. 24486. 

rink, ASax. OSax. rinc, Olcel. rekkr? rink (renk), 
man, Mor. a. p. 3, 216; rel. ant. 1, 78; rank vis. P. P. 
382; dep. of R. 9, 13; rinkes (pi) La^* 5188. 

rinnen (rinne), ASax. rinnan, irnan, yrnan, eornan, 
OSax. OHOerm. Goth, rinnan, OFris. Olcel. rinna, renna, 
ODutch rinnen, rennen, runnen, rin (run, urn), currere, 
Percev. 1662; Isumb. 182; irnen Zaj. 5748; eomen a. r. 
74; Orm. 1336; ernin prompt, parv. 142; erne Arth. and 
Merl. 1228; ierne (yerne) ayenb. 173; Octov. 965; urne 
Rob. Glouc. 514, 17; rinnes (pres) Iw. 3245; his ^ghen 
rinnes pr. consc. 781; urnej) owl and night 375; emep 
(eornep) c. of I. 730; runnande (part.) met horn. 114; 
ran (pret) Orm. 1364; Havel. 216; Wr. spec. 83; vis. P. 
P. 291; Mand. 41; pr. consc. 5297; Tor. 1050; ron Hick. 
thes. 1, 227; euch |>eoved . . . ron of pat baleful blod 
Kath. 205; iarn ayenb. 191; ran (for arn, r. w. bam) 
Arth. and Merl. 2587; orn a. r. 188; Rob. Glouc. 208, 
12; runnen Wicl. John 20; avow. Arth. XXV, 4; ronnen 
Chauc. C. t 2927; urnen a. r. 112; urne Brand. 22; 
runnen (part) Mor. a. p. 1, 26; ronne vis. P. P. 5078; 
ironne Chauc. C. t 7; compos, at-, bi-, overrinnen; deriv. 

riote, OFr. riote, riot? hwo se is onwil ine ping pet 
heo haved undernumen vor t6 donne . .-. so pet non 
wisure read ne mei bringen hire ut of hire riote a. r. 
198; he ne hep none hMe of longe riote of tales ayenb. 

rip, Olcel. hrip, rip, basket; rippe (dat) Havel. 893. 

rip, ASax. rip, rip, messis, Wicl. gloss.; see rep; com- 
pos, irip. 

ripe, ASax. ripe, OSax. ripi, OHGerm. rifer, ripe, 
„maturus'^, prompt, parv. 434; owl and night 211; Brand. 
33; Alis. 5757; Wicl. John 4. 

464 ripel 

rip el, Dutch repel, Oerm, rifel, ripple, 
repilstok Wr, voc. 269. 

ripen (ripe) ripe^ search. Town, myst 112; riped 
(pret) met. horn. 143; ripande (part.) Mor. a. p. 2, 692. 

ripen, A8ax. ripan, reap, Fum. p. VIII, 11; ripe 
ayenh. 214; repen (pret.) La^. 10033; P. P. p. 520; see 

ripien (ripin), ASax. ripian, OHOerm. rifau, ripe, 
f^maturare'^, prompt, parv. 434; ripen vis.'^P. P. 10873; 
ripid (part.) Wicl. gloss. 

ris, ASax. Olcd. OHOerm. hris, rise, frons, ramusy 
Wr. spec. 26; Chauc. G. t. 3324; Launf. 937; on bldwe 
ris owl and night. 1634; per he under rise lid iaj. 740; 
hulen of ris(e) & of leaves a. r. 100; pe hare pat brMus 
in pe rise avow. Arth. II, 12. 

risen (risin), ASax. OSax. OHGerm. risan, OFris. 
OIceL. risa, Goth, (ur)reisan, rise, y,surgere^\ prompt, parv. 
436; risen Orm. 4197; st gen. 4039; vis. P. P. 13246; 
rise Wicl. John 11; s. s. Wr. 1603; rks (raas) (pret.) ps. 
3, 6; r&s (ros) La^^ 1565; ros rel. ant. 1, 209; Alis. 
4378; (roos) vis. P. P. 2939; Wicl. John 11; risen s. ». 
Wei. 2089; rise Eoh. Br. 222, 22; resin Tor. 2568; 
reson Eglam. 284^; risen (part) Chauc. C t. 1501; risin 
s. s. Wr. 211; compos, a-, uprisen; deriv. raisen. 

riste rist; compos, a-, upriste. 

ritten (ritte), OHGerm. rizzen? rip, Havel. 2496; 
ritte (pres) Oaw. gloss.; rittis Halliw. diet. 687. 

rip (fip?), ASax. rid (rid?), rithe, rivus, Wr. voc. 

rive, ODutch rive, ^rastrum'^, prompt, parv. 435. 

rivel rnvel, wrinkle; rivelis (pi.) Wicl. gloss. 

rivelen, ASax. (ge)riflian, rivel; rivele (pres) rel. ant. 

2, 211 ; riveling Chauc. r. r. 7214; riveted Oow. conf. am. 

3, 870. 

riveling, ASax. rifling, a sort of shoe, Rob. Br. 
282, 4. 

riven (rivin), Olcd. rifa (rumpere), ODutch riven (ra- 
dere, fricare), OHGerm. riban (fricare), rive, radere, lace- 
rare, prompt, parv. 435; rive Chauc. C. t. 9112; pr. consc. 
888; Lidg. m. p. 189; sacram. 713; rife Mar. mir. pi. 
164; r&f (pret) Iw. 2615; Percev. 2157; r^f (rof) iaj. 
23943; riven (part) Rob. Br. 148, 10; his robes riven 

nxieu 466 

w^re Trist 1, 63; rifen Iw, 3639; reven s, a. c. XII^ 6; 
compos, toriven. 

rixien, A8ax. ricsian, OHGerm. richison, reign; rixed 
(pres,) Hick, tkes. 1, 224. 

rlxlien reign, La^* 19323; rixien Orm. 2237; rtxled 
(pres.J Mark 19; a. n 80; rtxlen Kath, 226. 

ro, ASax, ro)?, OIceL ro, Dutch roewe, OHGerm. 
ruowa, r4wa, quiet^ Mark. 20; Orm, 7042; c. of I. 90; 
Wr. p. s. 149; met horn. 14; (roo) Flo9\ 840 ;i2icA. 7135; 
m, Arth, F. 3614; Mar. mir. pi. 146; ro ant reste rel. 
ant. 1, 116; compos, unro. 

robben, OFr. rober^ rob, Havel. 1968; cr. P. P. 914; 
robbed a. r. 86; robbede Boh. Glouc. 16, 24; irobbed h. 
m. 15. 

robbare, OFr. robeor, robbery a. r. 150; robbour Jlf and. 

robberie robbery, Bek. 396. 

roc, ASax. rocc, Olcel. rokkr, OHGerm. roch (tunica), 
,4oral'\ Wr. voc. 93. 

rode, ASax. rod (virga, pertica, crux), OSax. roda 
(virga, patibulum), OFris. rode (patibulum), OHGerm. 
ruota (virga), rood (rod), La-r^. 11166 & 22101; Kath. 
928; a. r. 26 cfe 60; Orm. 5608; r(?Z. songs VH, 22; ««. 
^€w. 386; Furn, p. XV, 125; Wr. spec. %^\Mor, a. p. 1, 
704 & 3, 270. 

rof, ASax. OFris. hrof, Dutch roef, roo/, Las. 2894; 
jKofe. (?Zowc. 416, 1; rel. a7it. 2, 216; s. s. Wr. 2168; roof 
Chauc. C. t. 3623; rhof Orm. 11351; rove (ofa«^ a. r. 152. 

rok, ASax. hroc, OlceZ hrokr, OHGerm. hruoh, rooJe, 
owl and night. 1128; „rook graculus^, prompt. J9ar^;. 436. 

roke, from reoken, rohe, ,^nebula", prompt, parv. 436; 
St. gen. 1163. 

roki 9*oJcy, ,^nebulosus^ , prompt, parv. 436. 

rokke, Olcel. rokkr, OHGerm. roccho, rock, . ^olv^^\ 
prompt, parv. 436; rocke Wr. voc. 157; rok rd. mnt. 1, 
4; Mar. mir. pi. 122. 

rokke, roche, Ital. rocca, Fr. roche, rock, ,^rupes'\ 
2yrom2)t. parv. 436; rokke Chauc. C. t. 11373; roche st. 
gen. 256. 

rokken, Dutch rucken, OHGerm. ruchen? 7'ock, 
movere, agitare, Chauc. C. t. 4155; r ocki ai/ent. 116; rokke 
prompt, parv. 436; rocked (pres) a. r. 82; rokked (pret) 


466 roUe 

tns. P. P. 9608. 

rolle, OFr. rolle^ Lot. rotula, roll, a. r, 344. 

rollen, Fr. rouler, roll, Chauc, TroiL 1751; rollede 
(pret.) Laz^ 22287* 

romien (romi) howl, roar, avow. Artk, XII, 3; romies 
(pres.) Mor. a. p, 2, 1543; romede (pret.) Halliw. diet. 690. 

ronge, ASax. hrung, MUGerm. runge, Goth, hrugga? 
rong (rung); ronges (pL) vis. P. P. 10884; Chauc, C. t 

rop, OHGerm. hruof, roop (roup), call, La7^. 12540; 
rope (dat) s. s. Web. 1185. 

ropen (rope), ASax. 08ax. hropan, OHGe^*m, hruofan. 
roop (roup), call, Iw. 242; roped (pres) a. r, 330* 

r p p e , ASax. roppe (?), rop, intestinum, Mor. a. p. 3, 
270; roppes (pi) ayenb. 62. 

rorde = rearde?50w^, owl and night. 311; y^sonus^, pa, 
18, 5. 

rorien (roorin), OSax. hrdrian, OHGerm. hruorian? 
stir, poke, prompt, parv. 437. 

ros, 01 eel. hros, roose, praise, boast, Orm. 4910; met 
horn. 43; rous h. s. 5160. 

rose, ASax. rose, OHGerm. Lat. rosa, rose, Kaih. 
1434; rosen (pi) a. r. 276. 

rosen, Olcel. hrosa, roose, praise^ vaunt, boast, O^-w*. 
4906; rose Mor. a. p. 2, 1371; roses (pres.) met. horn. 
49; riised (part.) Mar. mir. pi. 153. 

ros pen? rospen & raken H. gen. 2132. 

rospinge ,^eructatio'^, prompt, pai^. 437. 

rost, OHGerm. rost (craticula). 
rostlrin, OHGerm. rostlsan, y,craticuW, prompt, parv. 437. 

ros ten (roostin), ODutch OHGerm. rosten, roast, 
prompt, parv. 437; roste Furn. p. XV, 203; rosted (paH^ 
Iw. 757; rostud Chauc. C. t. 147. 

rot, ODutch rot, rot, putredo, prompt, parv. 437; Wicl. 
gloss.; Mor. a. p. 2, 1079. 

rote, OFr. rote? rote: bi rote Chauc. 6. t. 14933; 
en P. P. 752. 

rote, Olcel. rot, root, y,radix^\ prompt, parv. 437; 
Zaj. 31885; a. r. 54; Wr. spec. 57; h. s. 7619; Finm. p. 
II, 98; (roote) c. of. I. 830; vis. P. P. 9808; Chauc. C. 
t. 2; rotes (pL) Orm. 3213; Mand. 190; roten JBCatA. 
2153; ayenb. 34. 

rotelen 467 

rotelen, ODiUch rotelen, rottle^ rcOtle, rel. ant. 1, 65; 
rolled (pret) Alts, 930. 

roten (partf), Dan. rodden, Swed. rutten, rotten, vis, 
F. P. 9808; Chauc. C. t 3873; h. s. 0765; rotin a. r. 84*. 

roten (rotin), Olcel, rota, OHGei^m. ruozan ?• roo^, 
y,radicare^y prompt pari). 437; iroted (paH.) a. r. 386; 
ayenb. 26. 

r 1 i e n , ASax. rotian, ODutch rotten, OHGerm. rozzen, 
rot, putrescere, a. r. 116; Mapes 347; roten Orm. 4773; 
Mand. 49; rotie Wr. spec. 101; rotye ayenb. 32; rotele 
(p7'€t) St. gen. 3342; Bek. 2304; roted (part.) a. r. 84; 
compos, forrotien. 

roper, ASax. roder, OHGerm. vVioABXy rudder (rather)^ 
ayenb. 160; Gow. conf. am. 1,243; Chauc. dr. 1379; Rob. 
Br. 185, 16; Furn. p. r. I. p. 2^. 

round, Fr. rond, round. Bob. Glouc. 414, 11; Chauc. 
C. t. 3932. 

round, -Fr. rond? round: k round of bacon P. P. p, 
527 ; & te grene boWes beod al vordruwede & forwui'den 
to druie hwite rondes a. r. 148. 

roust (ropst), Olcel. raust, voice, Orm. 9197. 

route, OFr. route, route (rout), LaT^. 2598*; Shoreh. 
135; Furn. p. XXI, 14; Chauc. C.^t. 624; rute a. r. 
92* (fc 350. 

route(n) rout, assemble, Rob. Glouc. 39, 20; in al pe 
lond dursten no cristen route Chauc. C. t. 4960; compos. 
atrouten ? 

routen, Olcel. rauta (brole)? Fritzners ordb., rout, 
mugire; route (r. w. bloute) Havel. 1911; (r. w. stoute) 
avow . Arth. XII, 3 ; see ruten. 

rowen („rowne "), Olcel. hrogn, OHGerm. rogan, ro^, 
prompt, parv. 438. 

rowen, ASax. ropan, Olcel. roa, roio, remigare, Horn 
122; rouwen Laj. 7813; rowe Chauc. C. t. 3550; rewe 
(pret) Bj-and. 5; Trist. 2, 49. 

r 6 ware rowe?; prompt. pa?*v. 437. 

rub bin rub, yjricare'^, prompt, parv. 438; rubbip 
Chauc. C. t. 3745; rubbede vis. P. P. 8236. 

rud, ASax. rud, rwd, ruber; rod? Wr. spec. 34. 

rudden (ruddon) md (rub redf), prompt, parv. 438; 
ruddede (rudede or rudde?) (pret) Furn. p. XVII, 172; 
iruded (part) made red^ a. r. 50. 


468 ruddok 

ruddok (rudok?) ruddock, red-hreasty prompt, parv. 
438; Chauc, a. f, 349; sq. L deg, 46. 

rude, ASax. rudu, rwS, rubor, a. r. Z^O \ owl and night 
443; (rudde) Oow. conf. am. 3, 27; erl of T, 200; rode 
Wr. spec. 26; Chauc. C «. 3317; w. ^r^A. i^. 179. 

rudi ruddy, a. r, 330; h. m. 35; (riiddi) prompt, parv. 
438; rodi J.Za«. 7833; vis. P. P, 8235; C^awc. C. ^. 10699; 
rudie (adv.) Kaih. 1431. 

rudnen redden? pe r6ve rudnede al o grome Mark. 

ruff elin ruffle^ p7'ompt. parv. 439. 

rug, ASax. hrycg, O/c^Z. hryggr, OSax. t(h)ruggi, 
OHGerm. hrucki, ridge (rig), dorsum, La7^. 1912; a. r. 
264; h. m. 17; Wr. treat. Id9; rig Iw. 1833; rigge Alts. 
5722; 7W. -4rtA. jP. 2178; reg Wart. hist. I, 25; ayenb. 
116; rugge (c?a*.j oiol and night. 773; 2;?i5. P. P. 9346. 
rigb<5n PVr. voc. 245. 

ruggid, C7»2?. Swed. rugg (^;lZZ^ hirsuti), rugged, ,^hispi' 
dus^, prompt, parv. 439; rugged Arth. and Merl. 1501. 

ruggen (roggin), Olcel. rugga, rug, ,^agitare''', prompt, 
parv. 435; ruggede (fret.) Hallnc. nug. poet. 41; rogged 
ms. P, P. 10956; lAdg, m. p, 40. 

ruglinge, cmp, UJSGerm. hruckilingun^ backwards: 
he r^rinde rad ruglinge into belle Marh. 17. 

ruje, ASax. ryge(?), Olcel. rugr, Dutch rogge, 
OHGerm. rocco ? rye, Wr. p, s. 152; rie prompt, parv. 
433; Min. 2; reye Chauc. C. t. 7328. 

ruh, ASax. ruh, OHGerm. ruber, rough, Orm. 9211; 
rugh Town. myst. 99; ru st. gen. 1539; rou5 transact. 18, 
23; rougb Mand. 285; Chauc. C. t. 3736; (rowgb) Alis. 
6261; rou („row") Orph. 253; bis rube necke Ma7'h. 12; 
pet riiwe vel a. r, 120; bitist mid ru3e velle owl and 
night. 1011; rubure (comp) a. r. 284. 

ruke? OSwed. ruka, ruck, heap; ruken (pi.) a. r. 214. 

rukelen heap up, a.r. 214 & 406. 

ruken rouk (rook), squat "^ ne mei be nouder on hire 
ne ruken ne riden a. r. 266; and in pi bedde to rouken 
pus Chauc. Troil. 6779; pe neddir pat on pam sal rouke 
(r, w, souke) pr. consc. 6765. 

rukkin ruck frucky), cotver, prompt, parv. 439; nou 
pei rucken in hire neste Gow. conf. am, 2, 57 ; rucking 
Chauc. C. t. Tyr, 15232; rukking Lidg, m. p. 118. 

rftm 469 

rAm, ASax, OFris. rtim, OIceL rftmr, OHOerm, rAmer, 
Goth. rAms, spacious, oxol and night 643 ; roum Boh, Glo^, 
303, 28; Artk and Merl 6936; roum (rom) Chauc, C. 
t 4124; rtime riche Orm. 3689; in roume stede ps. 30, 9. 
ruinliche Lut^, 2452. 

rum, AS ax, OSax. Olcel, OHGerm, rum, (?ofA. rAms, 
7*oom (roum), space, La'7^, 1003; Orm, 8489; roum prompt, 
pa7'v, 438; Chauc. I, g. w. 1995; s, s, Web, 599; Mor, a, 
p. 2, 96; pr. consc, 9168; rom s. s. Wr, 615; jede on 
rum (OSax, an rum) at a distance, st, gen, 4000;^ roume 
(dat.) Arth, and Merl. 8065; a roume „seorsu7n^, prompt, 
parv, 14; Rich. 464; a roume he stod Trist, 3, 6. 

rum, ASax. brum (fuligq), 
rumhus owl and night, 652. 

rumen, ASax, r^man, Olcel, r^ma, OSax. rumian, 
OHGerm. rummen, evacuate, clear, remove, concede, La^. 
10640; rimen rel. ant. 1, 175 (Kemb, Sal, a. Sat, 231^; 
reme? AHh, and MerL 4408; pene wsei rumde La7^, 28323; 
rumede (for rumde?) Bob, Glouc. 536, 2. 

rummelin, ODutch rommelen, rumble, prompt, parv, 
439; romblen Chauc. I. g. w. 1216. 

rumpe, ODutch rompe, rump, prompt, parv. 439. 

rumde (rimthe), ASax, r^md, space, prompt, parv. 
434 ; a rumde at a distance, Lai^, 27492. 

run? Olcel, hryn (strepitus)? & ruten ford |>id s|>uch 
rune Kath. 2031. 

run, ASax. Olcel, run, OSax, OHGerm, Goth, rAna, 
conversation, counsel, Orm, 18719; in sunder run(e) st. 
gen. 991; ofte heo heolden rune La'i^. 25332; elche (^che) 
rune he ihurd (ih^rd) Fum. p, VIII, 45 (Hick, thes. I, 
223^; roune (dat.) Alis, 806; Trist. 1, 1 ; hSrkne to mi 
roune Wr. spec, 29; wip briddes roune (song) 43; ne 
mai no man wip pe holden roune Wr, an, lit, 4;. go- 
des derne runes a. r. 96; mine dearne runes Kath. 
574; pat he write runen (letters) La'i^, 25340; on Sexisce 
runen (rune? la?iguage?J 32000. 
runstaf letter, La^- 9961. . 

rune, ASax. ryne, Olcel. runi, OHGerm, run, Goth. 
runs, run, course, Marh. 7, 12 cfe 9, 31 ; owl and night, 
1154; hwon pe tunge is o rune a, r, 74. 

r u n e 1 , ASax, rynel, „cursor^, Wr, voc, 90. 

runen, ASax. runiau, OHGerm. runen, roun, y^susur- 

470 rungen 

rare^^ Lag. 32116; rounen Wr, p. s. 326; rouniti prompt, 
parv. 438; roune Ckauc, C. t 7164; m. Arth. F. 3423; 
runep rel. songs