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Full text of "Archaeologia Britannica, giving some account additional to what has been hitherto publish'd, of the languages, histories and customs of the original inhabitants of Great Britain: : from collections and observations in travels through Wales, Cornwal, Bas-Bretagne, Ireland and Scotland."

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ii/lctx.-^ ijCiC^. 



j^chc^ohgia Britannica, 


Additional to what has been hitherto Publilh'd, 

^ O F TH E 

Of the Original Inhabitants 


From Colledlions and Obfervations in Travels through 
Waksy Cornwaly Bas-Bretagne, Ireland and Scotland, 

By EDWARD LHUYD M.A. oijefits CoUege, -\ 
Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. 

VOL. I. ^ 


Printed at the T H e a t e R for the Author, mdccvii. 

And Sold by Mr. Batman ia Pattr-Nofier-J^rp^ London : and Jeremiah Pepyat 
Bookfeller at Dublin, 

Imprimatur, ,.,„,, 


^pX. 9,. ^707. 

1.30 MV 

The Names of the Subfcribers towards the Authors 
Travels ; As alfo of thofe who were pleafed to 
Contribute without Subfcribing. 

MONTAGUE V ENABLES Emlof j T>^ttiel 




Wtli. Lewis Anwyl of Tar k Efj; 
EJts Anwyl M- A. 

John Archer M.'D. 

John Arnold Efq; 

Sir John Aubrey Baronet. 
fFtU. Aubrey Efy; 



JOHN Loid Bijhop 2/^ B A N G O R. 

Mr. Ovoen Bowen of Gyrrey. 
M. Et^watW howxn of KettlehiH. 
Henry "' 

Mr. John 
Sir IViU. 
Mr. IVill. 

Boyle £yy; 

Brereton Efq\ 

Brewlter M.'D. 

Brideeman E[q\ 

Brigftock of LLechdynny Efq\ 

Brown of Frood E[q\ 

Brown of LLanelly. 

Brownlow Knight. 

Bulkelcy Eff, 

Bulkeley Ejf, 

Button of'Dyffryn Efq\ 

Button of Cotter el Efq\ 

Bynon of Cajlell gorvod. 



Sir John Conway Baronet. 
Mr. William Crofs. 


THOMAS Zj^rd Bj>. of St.DhY IDS. 


Sir Thomas 





D'alloune Eff^ 

Davits of LLannerch Ejf., 

Daw kins Ejf, 

Dodington Eff., 

Drake Efq\ 

Dyke Baronet. 

Edisbury of Eidbig Eff, 
Edisbury LL. 2>. 
Edwards ©. 2). 
Edwards of Rhyd y Gois E/f., 

Evans ofPeterwe/Eff, 
Evan Evans of Eaglesbu/}j E/f; 

M. Charles E va ns of LLantriflcnt. 
Mr. Will. Eyton. 

Thomas Fletcher Eff., 

Thomas Foley Efq\ 

Robert Foulks ^JM. A. 

Charles Fox E/f. 

Mr. John YtxcM.^nof Svcanfey. 

fyili Gibbons M. Z). 

Sir Will. Glyn Baronet. 

Sir Henry Go ugh Baronet. 

John Granville Eff 

Hugh Griffiths M. A. 

Francis Gwyn Ffq\ 

Rowland Gwyn of Taliaris Eff 

Arthur Gwyn ofTiede Eff 

David Gwyn ofLantowy Eff 

H U M P H.R E Y Z. i?/». o/- HEREFORD. 


The R.H. Robert Harley Eff Trincipal Secrc 

tary of State, 
Anthony Hammond Eff 
James Herbert Efq\ 

Charles Hickman D. D. 

John 'iriicV.i of Tre pydhtg Eff 

Edward Holland Eff 
George Howels of Bovil Efq. 


^'^l^ff^^y Jeffreys Khtght. 

John Jeffreys Eff 

David Jenkins of Henfal Eff 

Richard Jones of Tregib Ejf 

Edward Jones of LLetheinoyadh Ejf 

John Jones D. D. 

Griffith Jones rJM. A. 

Maurice Jones M.A.Re6iorofDolgelk. 

Sir Charles Kemeys Baronet 

Nicholas Kcracys of Cardiff Efq. 

Jokn Kinafton Efq. 

George Koytmor Efq\ 

HENRY Lotd BifhopofLO'i^TyOts. 

JOHN Z^r</^//co««/LYSBURNE 

Thomas Lewis of Lanifen Efq. 

William Lewis of Margam M. A. 

Erajmus Lewis M. A. 

Morgan Lewis rj\i A. 

a i Mr 

Mr./imbrofe Lewis, 

tSMartin Lifter M.T)- 

Thomas LLoyd of Allt y Kadno Eff, 

John LLoyd of jiber LLeveni Efq\ 

Tiavid LLoyd of Krynvryn Ej'q\ 

Rohert l±.oydi of ylfion Ef<j\ 

Will. LLoyd of Halton Eff, 

John IJLoyd of Rhmedog Efp 

John LLoyd of LLangennach E[q\ 

Thomas 'L'LoydofDanjfr Mt Efq\ 

Francis LLoyd ofGwaelody Maes Ejq\ 

Grifftih LLoyd of Kwrr.gwily Efq\ 

KfMr.John IJLoyd of Bronwydh. 
John LLoyd of Owrych E[q\ 

Mr. "David LLoyd of Fosy Bkidhiaid. 

tjMr. Simon LLoyd of Bala. 

Mr. Thomas LLoyd of LLan 'Dekvcyn. 

Mr. 'David LLoyd. 

Richard Loughor Efq}, 

Mr. Madryn. 

Str Edward Manfel of t3krgam Baronet. 

Thomas Manfel of^SMargatn Efq\ now 

Comptroller of Her Majeftys Houfhold. 
Sir Edward Manfel of Trymfarran Knight. 
Buffy Manlel of Br tt ton Ferry Efq\ 

Thomas Maniel of Britton Ferry Efq\ 

Rawkigh Maniel of ^uddlejcomb Efq\ 
Sir George Markham Baronet. 
Roger Mainvcaring of Llanymdhyvry Ef 

Sir Richard Middleion Baronet. 
Chrjftopher Middleton of Middle ton-HallEfq. 
John Mill D. D. 

Rhys Morgan M. A. 

Will. Morgan LL. B. 

Walter Morgan of LLannercb Bledry Ef 

Mr. William Morgan of Koedy Gorres. 
Sir Roger Mollyn Baronet. 
Richard Moftyn Efq\ 
Walter Moyle Ejq\ 

Edward Nicholas Efq\ 

Sir Hugh Owen Baronet. 
Arthur Owen Efq\ 

John Owen EJq\ 

WILLIAM iMd Marquis o/POWYS. 

"David Parry of Noyadh Efq\ 

John Parry of Tantyr odyn dM. A. 

Jehu Phihpps of DSl Haidh Efq; 

Sir Taul Pindar Baronet. 

Sir Thomas Powel of Lhe-/wedh dyrys Kt. 

Sir Thomas Powel of Broadway Knight. 

IVilliam Powel of Nantios EJq; 

John Powel M. D. 

Mr. John Powel of Carmarthen. 

Mr. Gervice Powel of Milton. 

Edward Pryfe ofGogerdhan Efq:, 

Lewis Pryfe of Gogerdhan Efq; 

Rohert Price Efq\ now Baron of the 

Mr. Lewis Price of LLanedy. 

Daniel Price B. D. Dean of St. Afaph. 

Mr. John Price. 

fVilliam Pugh of Mathavarn Efq\ 

Sir Roger Pulefton Knight. 


Thomas Ravenfcrofc Efq\ 

Griffith Rice of Newton Ffq\ 

Thomas Roberis Ei'q\ 

Mr. Thomas Roberts of Landaff. 

Timcred Robin fon M. D. 

Michael Roiendai M. D. 

John Rowlands of Nan t Efq; 

Air. Henry Rowlands. 


Roger Salisbury of Ryg Efq\ 

Richard Seys of Boverton Efq\ 
Sir Edward Stradlmg Baronet. 

TheR.H. Sir John Ttcsot Knight, Mafler of 

the Rolls. 
Sir Thomas Trevor Knight , Lord Chief Juflice 

of the Common Tleas. 
Sir John Thomas Baronet 
IVtlliam Thomas of Aber Efq; 
Mr. Ijewis Thomas ofCwrry Wayn. 
Mr. William Thomas of Cardiff. 
Thomas Tonkms of Lanbrigan Efq; 
Sir Jofeph Tredenham Baronet. 
John Tredenham Efq; 

Edward Vaughan f LLangedwyn Efq; 

John Vaughan ofGlany Lhyn Efq; 

John Vaughan of Derihysk Efq; 

Griffith Vaughan of Korfygedol Efq; 
Maurice Vaughan B. D. Treb. ofWmdfor. 

Lord Bifhop o/WINCHESTER. 


Ralph Wilbraham Efq; 

Sir William Williams of Faynol Baronet. 

Sir William Williams of LLanvorda Baronet. 

John Williams of Taley Efq; 

John Williams M. A. 

Mr. Philip Williams of Dyffiyn. 

Air. Owen Williams. 

Brown Willis Efq; 

John Windham of Dunraven. Efq; 

William Wogan of LLanjHnan Efq; 

Sir John Wyn Baronet. 

Owen Wyn Efq; 

John Wyn of Gop Efq; 

Mr. William Wyn of Maes y Neyodb. 

Robert Wyn of Caernarvon M. A. 

Robert Wyn of Lhan Dheyniolen M. A^ 

Mr. William Wyn. 

Mr. EJUt YouBg of Bryn Torkyn. 



S' THOMAS MANS EL o{ Mar gam. Bar*. 


O F 



AViNG fo long fince, received the Honour 
of Your Commands; I dread like a bad 
Steward, the tendring You fo Inconfidera- 
ble a Part of my Charge. The Fatigue of 
Five Years Travels, through the moft re- 
tired Parts of Her Majefty's Kingdoms, I bore 
without Reludlancy; and which was the 
Greater Task, tho' always requifite in Un- 
dertakings out of the Common Road, heard 
with Patience the Remarks of thofe whofe Education or Natural 
Talent difpofed them to ridicule. Thefe are Difficulties I was 
always prepared for, and have overcome without much concern- 
But I muft acknowledge, the Reflefting how tedious the Time 
might feem to fo many Perfons of Quality, who had fo Generoufly 
encouraged me, upon Your Example and the Favourable Charafter 

b Yow 


You were pleafed to add, has occafion'd no fmall Uneafinefs, Hov\' 
far the Time required in the compiHng this Book may A[>ologize, 
I know not. All I fhall fay is, that though amongft the Infinite 
Number of Learned Men in the Kingdom, there be but few who 
can judge of the Performance in each Language, yet there are a 
Great many that can, of the Labour fuch a Book requires, and 
whether beiides thofe Countries Particularly concern'd, it may be 
ufeful to Criticks and Hiftorians in General. To their Opinion I 
rhoft humbly fubmit, and fhall contentedly acquiefce in their Cen- 
fure. I have without fparing Expence or Pains, faithfully en- 
deavour'd the Laying a Proper Foundation of the Work 1 wasin- 
trufted with : If I have miftaken/twas not without confulting fome 
Friends whom I prefum'd to be Competent Judges from a General 
Approbation of Books they themfelves had publifh'd. Their 
Opinion was, fuch a Work might prove Inftrumental, towards the 
leading us to a Clearer Notion than we have had hitherto of the 
moll Ancient Languages, and Confequently of the Origin of the 
Firft Colonies of thefe Kingdoms. They alfo added it would pro- 
bably in Conjunction with the Late Exquifite Performance of 
D' Htchs, encourage the Antiquaries throughout Britain and Ire- 
land to a Narrower Infpeftion into our oldeft Languages, In- 
fcriptions and Manufcripts, than we have commonly thought ufe- 
ful. If upon Perufal, fome others Ihould be of the fame Judge- 
ment, 'twill be I hope fome Compenfation for the Time. But 
whatever Fate attends it, I have a Great while long'd for fo Publick 
an Occafion of exprefling my due Senfe of Your Generolity, and 
manifefting Your Laudable Aim at the promoting of Learning in 
General, however Unfuccefsful You may have been in conferring 
Your Favours on 

Honour'd Sir, 

Your Grateful and 

molt Obedient Servant, 

Edward Lhuyd. 



THE Languages whereof you have Iiere an Account, being thorc of Nations con- 
qiier'd long before the Relbration of Polite Literature, can be but little knou'n or 
regarded beyond the Limits ot their Refpe6tive Territones. And iincc Divcrfity of 
Languages is Generally granted to be rather an Inconveniency than the Contrary, 
'twill be expeiled I Ihould here give fome Account of the End I propofed in this 
Defign. I {liall therefore offer in tew Words the Reafons that induced mc to an Undertaking 
io Laborious, fo little Diverting, and fo much out of the Common Road. 

Having engaged to Add rome Account of our Bnii/h Antiquities to what had been publifh'd 
by others ; Nothing alter fome Conlideration, feem'd more proper to begin with, than an Eifay 
of tracing out the Original Language, beyond what had been hitherto attempted ; nor any 
means likelier to prove Effeilual therein, than the adding an Account of the Ancient Languages 
oi Scotland and Ireland and the other Diale6b of the Britijh, to that Excellent Di(5lionary of 
the WelJ}}, publiQi'd long lince by Dr. 'Dwies. This proceeded not from any conceited Opinion, 
as fome might be apt to imagin, of the Plauliblenefs of thefe Languages. Moll of us commonly 
hear or read too much to be Ignorant that the Generality of People are rather difpofed to a Ri- 
diculing than a Favourable Reception of any Thing in that kind. This did not I own in the 
leall dil'courage me, as well knowing that the fame prejudice in the like Cafe, prevails in all 
other Great Governments ; and that in any uncommon Undertaking, the Judgement of Men of 
Diftindlion ( or at leail particular Experience in the Subjedt propoied ) is to be only regarded. 
The Inducement I had, was no other than a feemmg Probability that fuch an Ellay might in 
this Curious Age, contribute not a little towards a Clearer Notion of the Firfl: Planters of the 
Three Kingdoms, and a better Underltanding of our Ancient Names of Perfons and Places. And 
that the few Britij\:i and /r///j Manulcripts yet remaining, fome whereof have not I prefume 
been throughly underdood in thefe Latter Centuries, would thereby be render'd more Familiar 
to fuch as are willing to beftow on that Study, fome part of their leifure Hours. Another 
Profpeil was, that fuch a Work would be an Acceptable Service, to all that are Curious in the 
Antiquities of the Ancient Gauls \ whofe Language will I prefume, upon a diligent Examina- 
tion, be found to be in a great meaiiire retriev'd in the Second Title of this Volume, or Com- 
parative Focahukry. By an Examination is here only intended a Comparing of the Gaulijh 
Words colleiiled by Ticardus ' and publifh'd by leveral others fince, with that Vocabulary. I 
lay no Itrels herein, on the ArmoriQ Words, becaufe we cannot dillinguifh what they may 
have borrow'd from the French. The Reader may confine himfelf to the Welp and Trtp only. 
I am fenfible Mr. Camden, Boxhornius and others have long fince taken notice of the Affinity 
of our Britip with the Chic; but there being no Vocabulary extant of the IriJI} (or Ancient 
Scotijh) they could not collate that Language therewith, which the Curious in thefe Studies, 
will now find to agree rather more than ours, with the Gauhjh. I own that the Gatd/Jh Words 
out of Ancient Writers might have been liable, becaufe unintelligible, to Alteration by the fe- 
veral Copyifls by whom thole Books have been tranfcrib'd till their Publifhing in Print; and 
we are further to confider, that as the Gauls were a People that confifted of three leveral Na- 
tions, ot fo many different Languages *, fome of thofe Words attributed to them in general, 
might have been Celtic properly fo called, fome ^juitanian and others Bel^ic ; and therefore 
not to be all deriveable from any one or two Languages now extant. All this 1 fay I Ihall rea- 
dily acknowledge ; but 'Fontanus's Celtic Glojfary is not the only Medium we have for tracing 
out the Remains of that Language. An Etymologilt that's Mafter in fome meafure of the Britiflj 
and Irijh, will find it a Nearer and a more Satisfaitory method, to pcrufe ihe Learned Menage's 
EJymologicon., taking Particular Notice of the Words he candidly owns, he knows not whence 
to derive-, and of a great many others which he fetches much further off, than he would ( I 
prelume ) had he been acquainted with either of thofe Languages. A Third Means which 
might prove no lefs ufeful, is a comparing of the Proper Names of Pcrlbns and Places amongft 
the Gauls with thofe in Britain and Ireland. For though the Generality of the Former be now 
either Scripture Names or mixt and ufed indifferently amonglt the Inhabitants of Neighbouring 
Countries, yet there are bclides what the Romans have mention'd, ffan///^ Names enough extant 

1 Joawiis Ficardi Toutreriani <Jc prifca Cekopedia Likri y. ad Humtertum a Ftatiera Camtanitt Pro- 
regem. Parif. .{to. i)-^^. z C Jul. C^/arit Comment. De hllo Gallico. L. I. 


in Infcriptions and Manufcripts for fiich Obfervations. And as to Places, tho' their Towns^ 
Villages and Brooks, may tor the niofl: part have New Names, yet their Cities and other places 
of the ^o;«<:« Geography, and {dism England) their Greater Rivers and Mountains whether 
tnention'd by the Ancients or not, may be well prefiim'd to retain either intirely or in pare the 
fame they Originally had. Some other Particulars relating to the Ulefulneft of preferving ( at 
leaft in Writing) thcle rnoft Confiderable Remains of the Ancient Celtic, I have propoied in 
the Epiftle before the Britijh Etymologkon, and in the Preface to the Irifl} 'DiSlknary. 

The Reafbn for publifliing this Volume firft, will be I prelume Obvious to every one; as 
well in regard a frequent ufe ol Britip and Iripi Words, falls in of Courfe, in the Remainder 
of the Work ; as that 'twill be indifpenlably Necellary towards the better underftanding lome 
Manufcripts in each Language, out of which the Materials thereof are chiefly fupplied. 

TIT. I. The Comparative Etymology which is the Fuji Title ( or SeiElion ) of the follow- 
ing Ghjfo^aphy-i conmts wholely of Parallel Obfervations relating to the Origin of DialeitSj 
the Affinity of the Britip with other Languages, and their Correfpondence to one another. 
What I aim'd at therein, was the fiiewing by a Colleilion of Examples methodized, that Ety- 
mology is not, as a great many till they have confider'd it with fome Application, are apt to 
be perfwaded, a Speculation merely Groundlefs or Conjedtural. And becaufe we have hitherto 
nothing elle in this kind relating to thele Languages, nor to any other in the fame Method; I 
have been more Copious in Confirming the Obfervations with Examples than had been Ne- 
cellary, had there been any fuch Rudiments of Etymology before, or that fort of Study more 
Generally known. As for thofe Variations of Orthography I have inffanced in out o'i Roman 
Infcriptions ; I have made ufe of none, but where the fame occurr'd frequently. I am not 
Ignorant that Divers of thofe Examples were no other than the Erroneous Orthography of the 
Vulgar ; but in regard they are common, they confirm neverthelefs for being fo, the Particu- 
lar Obfervations they are applied to ; fmcc a Change of Letters is but a Confequence of a Change 
in the Pronunciation. I have commonly inferred, though nothing Neceflary as to the Examples, 
either the whole Infcriptions, or as many of the Words as made Senfe; to the End that fome 
few Notes of Reading intermixt, might render the Examples the lefs Tedious. And I was the 
more willing to infert the Various Orthography of Roman Infcriptions, becaufe a Competent 
Knowledge thereof may be fbmetiraes Ufeful m the Reading fuch as are Obfcure. 

TIT. II. The Comparative Focahulary does not fo much Anfwer it's Title as was at firfl 
intended. What I once propofed was only a Table of fuch IriJ}} Words as agreed with any 
Diale(5l of the BritiJh ; but afterwards refledling on tfie Scarcity of Ur. 'Davies\ T>tElionaiy and 
the Great Ufe a Latin-IriJ}j Focahulary might be of; I concluded 'twas likely to prove much 
more Acceptable, if more Copious ; and therefore ( having leifure enough on Account of the 
Printer's being otherwifc employ d ) improved it to a fort of LatmCeltic 'Difiionary., taking in 
only the Common Latin Words and omitting the Participles, Adverbs deriv'd of Adjedives; 
and very frequently other Derivatives and Compounds, as unneceliary in any Diilionaries ex- 
cepting fuch as are intended for the tranflating of Latin. 

TIT. III. IV. The ^rmoric Grammar and Focabukry were written in French h^ Julian 
Mamir Jefuit, about jo years fince; and publifli'd by Order of the Bilhop of ^emper. The 
Author was one of the Maf lers at the Jefuits School in that Town, and afterwards a Famous 
tSMiffionaire in Bafs Britany, where he gain'd that Reputation, that his Life has been elegantly 
written by one of his Order. His Vocabulary tho' not very Confiderable, was yet fb far as 
I could learn, the moft Copious extant ; and fb fcarce that 'twas my Fortune to meet but with 
only two Copies, and thofe in Con-vents. The Tranflator has every where retain'd the Author's 
Orthography, as moft ufeful to fuch as fhall perufe any of their Books; though in order to our 
Readier Pronunciation, I had in the foregoing Vocabulary, ufed the General Alphabet laid 
down in the Second Page. 

T I T. V. There being at prefent no Profpedl: of reprinting Ht.'Davies'i Diflionary ; I thought 
it not amifs to infert after the Armoric Vocabulary out of fome Notes of the DoiSor's own, Mr. 
H. Salesbur/s Manufcript Didionary ' and fome other Papers, ' a Colk&ion of ^fords omitted m 
that Book. It's not fo valuable as 'twould otherwife have been, in regard thofe that are Ob- 
folete are not exemplified. However many of them being Words well known to be Authentic, 
and all coming from fuch Hands, I thought this Opportunity of Preferving them was not to be 

TIT. VI. In the Co>«?^ Grammar I thought it Pertinent to premife fome Direiflions towards 
the reading Britijh Manufcripts in General ; and have given the befl Account I could of the 

r Author of the Latin-WeiP} Grammar. Lond. izmo. IJ9J. i Communicated iy the Reverend Mr. H. 
Foulks Prebendary of St. Afaph, /tfr. Jones cf LLza Gower, and Mr. William Baxter 



Alteration in Onhography of feveral Centuries i'o far as I could trace it. And because the Great 
Number of Oblblete Bni/J)} Words is a Dilcouragemcnt from perufing our MSS. I have in- 
lertcd a Table of ilich as occurr mof I commonly in the Hiltorits or Romances according to the 
Orthography of the Thirtecnih and Fourteenth Centuries ; and have added at the end a Parallel 
of the Modern Coifj//)} with that lVe//?j (whether any where Ipoken at prelent or in Manulcript) 
which comes ncaiclt to it. 

TIT. VII. Having feveral years (incc written the Catalogue of BrKiJh Manu(aipts in Wellh 
and Latin\ the Engiilhing ot it on this Occalion leem'd Unnecellary ; and 'tis therefore printed 
as 1 had it by mc, with the Additions that occurr'd, inlerted. The MSS. in that Language 
being not very Numerous, I thought an Alphabetical Method, with References by Abbrevia- 
tions to the Studies where they are now extant, and often to the Particular Titles or Pages of 
Miicellanies, the molt ulcfal. The Abbreviations are explam'd at the ikginning ; and tho' the 
Particulars of Milcellaneous Volumes are cnter'd in their Places ot Alphabet ; the Volumes thcm- 
lelves are alfo inlerted with (orae General Account of their Contents. The Initial and Final 
Words are frequently added, and Ibnietimes other Particulars that feem'd Remarkable with oc- 
calional Notes. 

TIT. VIIT. The Author of the EJfAy towards a Br'tt'ijh Etymologkon having every where 
travell'd with me, had acquir'd a more than Ordinary Knowledge m the Diaieds of his Native 
Language ; and leem'd otherwile well qualified for hich an Undertaking. I have in the Epiftle 
before it, mcntion'd the Convenicncy of printing ( in an Eiymologicon ) the Greek in Latin 
Charaders, and of uting indifferently any Cale or Tcnfc. And the fame Reafon holds for his 
having Recourfe fometimes to any Oblblete Orthography. The Reader is not to cxoed that 
the leading EtighJ}) Words, are conflantly render d by the Proper W<;ljl) now in ule, that being 
not requilite in an Etymologicon ; and therefore in luch Cafes the Lutin-Celtic or Comparative 
Vocabukry is the rather to be confulted. He is alio dcfircd to take notice that by the Abbrevia- 
tion 'Dial. C. is not always intended that there are fuch Words in the CormJ]}, but iometimei 
only that the Welfi Words would be fb according to the CorniJ}} Idiom, and that they are in- 
ferted only as Tranlitions. In Etymology, fuch Readers as arc not acquainted with each Lan- 
guage, are apt to fufped the Derivations from Compound Words; but it often happens that 
there IS an Analogy betwixt each word out of which they are compounded, as for inflancein 
thefeOw^and iriljh words; Euplek^s, /•/i^'% ; hho\\\h, y^mhujU ; Euboulos, Hybuyll, Sec. 
To this Etymologicon he has added for the Satufaction of the Curious in fuch Studies a fhort 
Appendix, confilting of fomc fuch common words, in mofl of the Languages of Europe as may 
be prefumed to be of the mofl Ancient ufc; as the fitteft Subjeit of Etymology. 

TIT. IX. Tlje IntroJu&ion to the rrip; is an Extrad of a Latin Irijlj Grammar piibiifh'd 
at Rome by F. 0. Molloy An. id-;^. tho' compofcd by fome one elle as 1 found by com- 
paring It with a MS. Grammar tranfcribed (or perhaps Originally written) at Lovaiti in the 
year 1669. for the ufe whereof as alfo of feveral other Irtfh MSS. 1 gratefully acknowledge my 
OhVxgzuonioM.^. Jeremiah Tepy at, Bookfeller at Dublin. This Grammar oi Molloy i is the 
.mofl com pleat extant; but is yet Imperfcdl as to Syntax, and the Variation of the Nouns and 
Verbs; which Deled will 'tis hoped be fupplied by a ^Stt/z/Z; Gentleman who has fbme thoughts 
of publifliing another Grammar. 

TI T. X. Having written a Preface before the Irijh Di&ionary, there remains little more to 
be faid of that Part, but the Informing fuch as are altogether Strangers to the Language, that 
'tis not any Difficulty of its Pronunciation that makes it appear fo Singular, but our not having 
at the Prels, thofe Auxiliary or 'Pointed Letters they ufe in Writing; and their retaining in 
their Orthography on Account of Etymology, more Confonants than they ufe in Reading; a 
Particular Account whereof is given at the Beginning of the />//!) Grammar. One mam Diffi- 
culty to Learners, and what may fometimes frullrate their finding out words m the Didionary, 
is their ufing indifferently a, 0, or « ; e ox i\ b ox p \ bh or w/6; a' or / ; and dh oxgh In the 
old Manufcripts the Letter c occurrs liequently where they now ufe^; as cc eijieachd Yox ag 
eifdcacht Attending:, ocus i^and) where now agus ox agas, ike. And where according to their 
modern Orthography (which is that I have foliow'd ) they write ao, they uied anciently rf; fbr 
Laochzxi6. Caotach were written Z,^c^ and Carach, and ib in molt if not all other words The 
ufing lo many Letters indifferently proceeds partly from the Several Dialctib, but chicHy bc- 
caulc there are lb few Books publifh'd. The fame words are on this Account, becaufc ufefid 
to Learners, Ibmetimcs inlerted as the Alphabet required, in Different places; but to have had 
regard always to the Variety of Orthography would have been a neecilels and too expenfive a 
Trouble. When I had tranlcribcd this Part for the Prefs, I was very Delirous the Sheets 
fliouln have been peruled before Printing, by lome Native of Ireland or Scotland, well ac- 
quainted with the Language ; but not hearing after long Enquiry there was any Pcrlon fo qua- 
lified m England; ail that could be done was the fending Tome Copies of the D;.^:ouary when 

c Prin'ed, 


Printed, into each Kingdom. What Additions and Corredions have been thereupon retiirn\i, 
are all Printed in the Order of Alphabet, at the end, as a Supplement or Appendix. 

Having given feme Account of what this Volume contains, it remains that mention be made 
of the Particular Alliftance I have had from Perfons of Learnmg and Gcneroiity ; which is not 
done out of the leall: Opinion that the inferting their Names here, ihould add any thing to 
t"heir Charafler; but becaufe it's proper the Reader fliould be intorm'd what helps I have had ; - 
and alfo in regard that it's now fo eltablilb'd a Cuftom, that the Omillion would be a Fault. 

As to the MSS. of our own Language, the moll conliderable Colledlion I hjve had theFa- 
vour of peruling, is that of the Right Worlliipful Sir Roger Mojiyn ot Mojijn in the County 
of Flint Baronet ; who was pleafed to Honour mt- , with a conftant free Acceis to his Library ; 
and the ufe of any Manufcnpt ellewhere, whenever 1 delired it. 

The fame Favours I have alfo receiv'd from the Right Reverend the Lord Bilhop o^ Here- 
ford., and from my ever Honoured Patrons Robert 'Davies Efq; o{ Lbannerch in the County of 
'Denbigh, and ^ohn LLoydE{(]\ of Aber Lhevenin\ Merionethjhire. 

Others who were likewile plealed to encourage the Undertaking in the fame manner, were 
Willtajn Thilips of Brechmk Efq; Capt. Walter Warm ofOUberry in Shroppne, the Reverend 
Dt. Jones Dean of Bangor, the late Reverend Mi.Tbomas IFilkms Prebendary of Landnff, Mr. 
Henry Rowlands Rcdlor of Lban Idan in Anglejey, Mr. William Ball R. ot No\tbopy and Mr. 
Evan yaugban of fedw in RadnorJ\nre. Neither mult 1 decline the acknowledging on this Oc- 
cafion, that I have in General throughout ^F/^/l?J■, receiv'd the utmcll Civility from Perlons of 
all Qualities; not only as to Hofpitality, which I leave to the Oblervation of Strangers, but 
alfo in their Readinels in Communicating any Manulcript ; and in mentioning or flicwing any 
thing in their Neighbourhood, whether Inlcnptions or other Particulars, that might iccm to 
deferve Notice. 

In Cornvoal the Right Reverend Father in God, ^ixjfonathan Trelavcney then Lord Bifliop of 
Exeter ', was plealed belides the Generous Encouragement of a Contribution not Subfcnbed or 
Expefted, towards the Expenfe of Travelling ; to recommend me to thole oi belt skill m the 
Cornip, or otherwifc molt likely to further my Undertaking ; and to grant thole other Favours 
mention'd in the Preface to the CorniJIo Grammar. 

In Ireland the molt Reverend Father in GoA Narcijfus, Lord Primate of A magb, was 
pleafed to communicate a Latinlnp Focloip ( or Vocabulary ) written about fifty years fince, 
by Richard Vlunket a Francilcan of the Abbey ofTrpn, a Pcrlon of Laudable Indultry, and as 
feem'd to me ( for I ought herein to lubmit to the Opinion of ihe Rmves ) a Judicious Writer. 
The great ufe that Manufcript has been of, is particularly mention'd in the Preface to ihe /ri/h 
Diilionary. For tho' it be true that I had written and begun Printing that Part, before my re- 
ceiving the V^ocabulary ; yet the Progrels of the Printer on Account of other Bulinefs in hand, 
was fo flow, that belides its Ufe in the Co7Hparative Vocabulary, it gave me time enough to m- 
fert therein, what Additions feem'd Neceilary to the Dtlign propoled. And here 1 ought not 
to forget that the Hrlt Helps and Encouragement 1 ever had in the Study of the Iriflj, were 
from the Reverend fix. John Mill, Principal of Edmund Hall und Prebendary of Crt/z/w/'ar/, 
whofe Charadler for promoting any ufeful Studies (tho' they Ihould be of a Ditferent Nature 
from thofe Generally in requelt ) is fo well known, that nothing need be added, unlefs by a 
Hand more adequate to the SubjeiSl. 

My Travels in Ireland were much facilitated by a Te/limoniutn fign'd ( belides fome Particu- 
lar Recommendations) by the Right Reverend, the Bifliops of Clocbor, and 2)oTs:n &. Conor; 
the Reverend Di. Brown Provofl of Trinity College, Dr. Oit'f« ZAy^/ Profellbr of Divinity, 
and Thomas Molyneux D. M. and in Scotland by the like Favour from ^'n Robert Sibbald^ and 
the Principal of the College of Edinkirrough. 

Having elfewhcre given my Reafons for this enlarging of the firft "Defign and for the Delay 
and Alteration of method, and the fame being, I prefume, allowable m all (uch Undertakings, 
I fliall not detain the Reader with any Needlels Apology on that Account. A Cornilh-Englifh 
Vocabulary (as is mention'd in (ht Cornijl] Gramtnar) was at firft intended to have been in- 
cluded m this Volume, belides the Cornijh Words of the Comparative Etymology and thofe of the 
Second Title ; as alfo an Account of Britijh and Celtic Proper Names; but the Book being other- 
wile improv'd to a Bulk beyond what was at firft defign'd, they are left to the next. And I 
was the more willing to omit for the prcfent that Vocabulary, partly in regard the Armoric dif- 
fering but little from the Cornijl), fupplies in a Great Meafure that Dcfei^l ; and partly becaufe I 
have been (orae time lince mfbrm'd of a Cornijh Vocabulary, compoicd by a Gentleman who 
lives near Truro in that County, who may probably have fbme thoughts of Publiflimg it. 

I am not Ignorant of the Objedions lome Learned and Ingenious Gentlemen have been 
pleafed to urge againfl this Book, whilll 'twas a Printing; nor of the Dilad vantages to which a 
Book lo cenfured mult be Liable. But that being often the Fate of Performances infinitely 
more Valuable, and an Inconveniency which no Man can ever prevent, I think it needlefs to 

1 Now of Wmchtfter. 



fay much tlicicunto. All I fhall take notice of is, that us poUible, what became in time the 
Talk of" fcveral, might have been at Hrfl but the Surmilcs ul one Fcrlbn ; And that it's too 
Common a Milbke to take Charac'lcrs uponTiult, and an Humiliiy too much m Falhion to re- 
peat the Sentiments ol Pcrlons ot Reputation tur Learning, as our own ; without relietihing chat 
our Deference to iuch Men, ou^ht not to exceed thole Studies they are known to have been 
Converlant in ; and without making due Allowance for l^rrourand Prejudice, from which nu 
Man can be wholely exempted, by any Advantage of Kducation. Men of Extenlive Reading, 
a Happy Memory, ind a Genius lor Diiconrle, ilciicumlpee'f in their Lives and Convcrlatioii, 
and endued with an Occ.dional Allurance, can never fail of a Characler; but it often happens 
that being too leiiliblc thereof themlclves, they take the Liberty of cenlunng what perhaps 
they have but little conlider'd ; depending on being lecured by their Charader from any Bold 
Contradidions. And if, contrary to expeefation, they meet with any Iuch, (ome are fo well 
prepared that they can maintain wliat ever they have once alicited, tho' it fliould be with the 
Expence of lb much time as is Requilite to the Silencing any Opponents, that have not a like 
Proportion of Confidence ; or a Greater Talent at continuing a Dilpute, than isconliltent with 
Sociable Converlation and Good Manners. This when duly conlider'd Ihould feem an Argu- 
ment of" a Greater Concern for friunour than Impartiality, and no fign at all of that Candour 
required in thole Perf'ons whole Judgement we Ihould be willing to acquielce m. Another 
Conlideration which ought to difhvade us from regarding Characters at lecond Hand, is that 
Ibmetimcs Iuch Leading Men are fo far Slaves to their Ambition, that it makes them a fort of 
Ottoman Politicians, fuch as out of Particular Deligns or for fbmc long Profpedfs that none but 
thcmfelves mull; know; make no Scruple in Private and as Opportunities of Coniequence are 
oHer'd, ofiujuriiig the Reputation of any Perfons they fufpetit to be in the Contrary Luereft; 
altho' they can aliord to be either filent or to fpeak civilly of them, when in Company with 
their Friends. And fo H.xorbitant are the Projeds of fome Gentlemen ofthislort, that they 
can continue the fame Pradlice thro' the whole Courfe of their Lives, and carry it on lb far, 
that even they that have but the leafl Dependance on fuch Perfons, lliall allb ( iho' they may 
never know whence it comes ) receive a Proportionable llure of the fame lort of Benevolence. 
Thcfe Cenlureis of Defign, arc with a little Oblcrvation calily dilfinguilh'd from Men of Can- 
dour and Impartiality. Gentlemen that have no Aim but the Truth, commonly propofe with an 
An of Modeity and J ullice -txhetlxr [uch and fuch CouJUerattons fnay mt f^an Mataidl Uhju&ions , 
but the Men ofDefign tho' in order to gam attention they lomctimes ipeak favourably, are yet in 
the mam when there are any real Objciilions ffiil (with a leeming tendcrnels) improving them, 
and when there are not, obtruding foii:e of their own Invention where they fuppole their Au- 
thorityimay influence ; which are yet often fo far f train'd as to be too apparenr. It's thi Optnicn 
of a great many, vchich in troth I am forry for ( lays a Gentleman that would leem coaccrn'd 
for this Undertaking ) that this fir jl f^olurne will 7nest but with a Cold Reception, ft confijis 
only of Etymology and fVelp and Trip Vocabularies : Now there are not perhaps above ha^ a 
dottzen or half a [core in the Kingdom that are Curious that uiaj/. The fVoi Id expeSled according 
to his Vtomifc and Undertaking, a Natural Hijlory, which is a Study of e/lablijh'd Rejuejl and 
that a great many are Cuiious m, ike. Haifa douzen or half a fcore ! A very Comfbrtable 
Number truly towards carrying off an Impreflion; and a Speech of great Encouragement to all 
Lovers of the Antiquities of Britain and Ireland. Should we not exped that an Impartial 
Man would at the lealt have laid Three or Four Hundred mltcad of half a fcore? Or can we 
fiippofe that any who had not fome Unfair Defign, would ever have faid, the World expelled 
I ikould publilh that firlt, which (as he knew very well ) I had faid in the Printed Propofals 
for Travelling, I defign'd lalt; ixddim^ / could propofe no time for it's publifhing, if it frould pleafe 
God I might live to write it ? Theie mean Pradiccs I always defign'd to pals by, as no Material 
Information to the Generality of Readers ; but finding the Notions, tho' perhaps at firft noc 
much regarded, to fteal by Degrees on Ibme Gentlemen of Diftindhon, and fuch as are Perfons 
of Judgement and Candour; I thought I fliould be much wanting to my fclf, if I pafs'd it by 
wholely unregarded, and therefbre that the mentioning it on this Occafion, might prove nei- 
ther wholely U>elels nor very Unlealbnable. 

Aindra Mc Ghileoin Fear an Cnuic, an tindhc 
mac Easbuig Earraghaoidhil c e. 

ORdheirc an gniomh faor bhur comhluinn 
Cliu t30 phoghlum beijiio uainn : 
Ti i>o chur oo na thuic or (innfrea&lt 
Cus so fgeimh bhur linn ampuaim. 
Molfid Mc Liath na Sheanchas, 

Ochd mhacigh'achd to Icanmhuinn oirinii, 
Brathreachus GaoMil Fear Shaxan, 
Thabhart narccuimhnc ceartna loi'g 

c a M 

Ad Eduardum Luidium in Primum ArchaeoIogiaE 
BritannicsE Volumen. 

QUO Te, Magne Brito, rudis indocilifque modorum 
Carmine e^o celebrare, aut quali dicere verju 
j^ggrediar do&os^ Mufd renuente, laberes ? 

Non ego Cecrop:as urbes, non arva Meatus 
Itala lujlravi, nee Claflica rura viator 
Ca/cavi pedibus : pauci, quos aquus ApoUo 
Dilexit, tanto lati Je munere j ad ant. 

Scotia me geriuit, rlgidi terra ajpera Fergi, 
Terra antiqua, potens armis, tamen ubere glebd 
Haud nimium fi'lix ; placidis fed arnica Camanis ; 
Utcunque Aonia mihi izon risere Sorores. 

Rufiicitas mihi prifca placet, falebrofaque vocum 
Fragmina, qua patriis in mojitibm audiit olim 
Cum proavis atavut, quique has genuere parentes. 

Te tel/u!, Ardloa polus qua Jidera pafcit. 
Grata recognnfcet ; gelidique fub atkeris Ursa 
Incolumis tibi ftahit lionos.^ fertque nepotes 
Cantabunt memores Luidi per fecula nomen. 

Hac cecini Amicitia ergo 

J. Keill Scoto-Britannus. 

In Edv. Luidi Gloflbgraphiam. 

Quid Ji reverfus f^iritm afforet 
,Jam Buchanani, nobile caUidi 
Tentare ple&rum, priftinumque 
Ojficitim renovare chordis ? 
Antiqua tellus, die, age, Scotia, 
gasOT defiinares Tu, fact It yirum 
Ornare verfu ; quern parares 
No7i humili celehrare cantu ? 
Luidus priorum qui Britonum decvi, 
Pofcit Cameenat -, pulvere feu din 
Fwdata furgator repotiat. 
In Jiiperam referatque lucent. 
Sive lUe morfu teviporis iniprobo 
Exefa fidd reflituat manu, 
j-.tque acer Interpres ncudat 
In veuiens renovata factum. 
She lUe vocum exquirere origiues 
Jjongo recur fu gejiiat, <^ fuo 
A foiite deducat, redire 
Ad veterem faciatque rtturt 
Ouamvis dolendo prejfa filentio 
^m Buckanam couticeat lyra, 
Stat fama Luido, vendicantqut 
Ferpetuam flit fcripta laudem. 

Andreas Fraz-ier Eccl. Scot. Fresh. 

In Amiciffimi Viri E. L. Gloflographiam. 

QUod recem firati tibi debet atai, 
, Nomini feri tribuent Nepotes ; 
Nojira fed furgat, Lhuidoque Mufa 
Servtet uni. 
Serviet verfu memori recordans 
&uas vigil lap fas revocavit arteSy 
Verba qua nigra catus ohfoleta 

Vindicat Oreo. 
Temporis dentes hebttare novit 
Cura felicis Lhuidi ; refurgunt 
Mortua lingua, didicitque vox e- 

mijfa revert/. 

Talis Vxorem repetiffe Vates 
Thraciut fertur, cithara patents 
Tartari leges, avidumque Ditem 

Carmine mulcens. 
Hic tamen dodo tibi cefflt Orpheus 
Conjugem plorans iterum reverfam, 
Sjua femel vera tua chart a fixity 

Ufque fuperfunt. 

R. Jones Maridunenfit. 

In amici fingularis E. Luidii Archaeologiam Biitan. 

BAnnarum (i) facilis quamvis fs ruflica Mufa, 
Exhaufldque ?iive ^ Melibcci carmine raucx 
Monticola, cand g^ jam defuetudme tarda j 
^»^ folers meruit Praconia dicito Luidus. 
Luidus 1^ Alpinut : Nofiram neque Jpernit avenatrt: 

Pralia quanta tulit Saturno dicito iniquOy 
Linguarum tetrd veterum ferrugine rafa 
Scrinta, qui refer at ; denfd caligine teHa 
Emit e latebris (^ apertd in luce reponit. 
^lui Bmomim fcripta (^ Scocorutn antiqua recludity 
Memhrana an faxo concredita : Prifca recenfet 
Nomina quid vale ant propria : ^ qua proxima Scot is 
Moribus accedat veterum gens ; quaque Bricannis. 
fattt primum queritur Je dentibus expoliart 
Tempus ; dum nolens reddit qua trita volebat. 
Obliti hie primus vindex cantabitur avi. 
Reflitutt Scotis fublapfa i caduca Bricannis; 
Celtis c^ Pidtis deperdita. Cornubienfis, 
Cantaber, e^ Scotus quam linguam agnojcit uterque^ 
Comparat : Affines ferifus hac arte refolvenSy 
Et renovat furdis aures i^ lumina cacis. 
Linguas prifca loqui, cogit dum vera fateriy 
Literulis larvas, fucos dum vocibus aufert, 
Hifpanum Scotum ^ divtfd Hirpe, Britanaum 
Hijlaria ut taceant, ilatuit ; fermonis amujji 
Albanii metas Briconis Cambrique refignans. 
Primus enim Cephilos Scotos, Pcphilofque Britanftat, 
Nojque notas Britonum fibilajfe ojlendit anhelas. {%) 

Mille alia invenit doff is celebranda Camwnis : 
Cedite Banniades • Non vefira cuprefTus, erica. 
Amicitia (^ Gratitudinis ergo ' 

CollinuE Campbell Ardchattanus PaSioty Lornenfis. 

Ad ClariCT Virum £. Lhuidum Arch. Brit. Auch. 

SE U Parca infudit prifcam tibi Lhuide mentem, 
Sive luto natura novo pracordia fittxit, 
SoUieitis lictat mirari ^ quarere Mufis. 

Non tua vulgares verfant molimina curas, 
Sed per rnaccejfof /rudax contendere caUes 
Mens avet, igriotafque in lucem protrahtt artts. 
Fama tibi e Si I ice exctiffa efl indagine doila. 
Arte tua hinc ?iitidis Domut Adimoleana lapillis 
Inflruitur, patriis ditefcitque Anglia gemmit -, 
Inde loqui formata tuts ffirpe Celtica librit 
Exigit ad veterem rediviva vocabula normam : 
Sjjualia perculfas penetrarunt Cafaris aures 
Mafcula verba, fuas audax Caratacus olim 
Cum caneret pugnas pleno mirante Senatu 
"Roma catenatum (^ tremeret ^eBare Britannum. 
At Tibi, quern fanilas patria inflaurare ruinas 
Urit amor, profugofque juvat revocare Penates, 
Qualia inornatus perfolvam pramia vates ? 
Hac voveo. Dnm faxa manent tua, lingua Britannis 
Dum fuafiat, miras Gens utraque pradicet artes 
Lhuide DoUe tuas, vivantque in marmore laudes. 

Edvardus Wynn A- M. Coll. Jefu Sec'. 

(i) Banna, Benne aut Beannidhe altiores plerique Scoriae & Hiberniae montes appellantur. (z) C ini- 
tiale apud nos valet P Cambrobritannis j Cunde Scoti Cephili & Briunni Pephili ) & S, H. Vide p.zo. c.x,a ; 
6c p. 19.0.3. Gan 

R. O Ragad 6'c 

Yx, Argraf geirbraf ar goeo, 
D»fg ole, dyfguilia >aucroct5 ; 
Eglyrder or amfer oe& \ 
Tur Hanclion Tyrnafoeb. 
Vn hynod barod, byra, 
Pan belo poen rilys gyurcindra; 
Igcn mil a ganmola 
Xx. Aavyr doec, a^; Aivyr da. 
Er cnnaint iu braint a'i bri 
Prauv fiuruy;^, pryfyru-, yn uifgi, 
Sev a;^ Guaic kyn I'n hiaic ni, 
(Muya guaA ) ymma go^i. 
Gucdi'r Yaic iaunuair inion, 
Kynatteb kaun etto'r arvcrion: 
Guyr Aydau geirie Auidion : 
Pallia rym Pezero'n. 
Dros Dirocb a Morocb maic, 
Y byo^, a byuiog vyvyriair : 
Mcun perigl cr miiyn pyruaic, 
Vx. Guild; a ;>;ariad \x lair. 
Mae'n jiiir, da gyvlur dig\^ 
O 'ch luyfuai-, u<ix lefianc ir GuledyD ; 
\ix bennod i xui beynyS, 
Guedi y boen, i gidu byb. 

Don Vai'il oijibhejic Maishij-siji Edward Lhuid, 
Feap coimheab cijh na j-cub a Noilcigh Ath- 
Kdamh a Nfa^fatty Ujhbap a Nj^ocloiji Ghaoi- 
bheilg, Faike. 

Roiiert Caimpiel Feaji Fajiaicce mhic Chailm 
an Comhal cc. 

CEiIl);ai)i j'oc !)• canratp ceol, 
a'njiioj;hachb Eirion ^ach em 16; 
')■ culjiphaji abhbha ciuil ):aoi 7;hleur> 

a' n;c;iiiochuibh soibhin na Halban. 
A nrabhaiji j^a n'beiii)iam jhub, 

canamhuin oji bheajic na nrciji lib; 
ajp bhi bhi o )-hean a mbpuib 

a )-5oileabh noij- o chuibhjieach. 
Lc cainc a bh|iuib}-ai|i ^ach jhicn, 

bheinchaiji abhjiabh son apb Rjogh : 
reach ba pheabha)- ')• f ann a choji, 

')■ canamhuin a bhi ba eafbhuibh. 
Do bhpojruibh fUb Matj^caiji Leob 

'mb|iiach|ia oilleinre beai)- J^hloji 
fpeumh ton aicril chpuabhach jhpinn 

bo jhiol buabhach na mbpiochnach. 
Oiben lull a np)- na bhpiliachb 

a nopb j-cuibaiji na j-joiUeachb 
'ca chaibbpa cumnibh ij- camh 

aj a nbamh a Nfay.on. 
Sgaile mopbhachb faiji r|ieun jhniomh 

nbpon;; chuip £/rf ):uibh chpom chio)' 
aon bon chinncabh cheubchachach lib 

nco^bhail a ju)" go mhopchiu. 
A' n^niomh bo pognuibh 'maca lib 

ceif-aj- ap meub a mhemna 
b'jaf; maippionre buan a bhla&h 

alloill a' bh}-laicha)- Ghatheat. 
Niop chaifreil calamh bom phioj- 

ujhbaip chomhmeiyce Ici)-; 
faoi ba bheochuibh a)i aif 

ojhuitn ceip na Gatheilg. 
Tomnab fjpobhche bha maiji bhuair, 

a chaoibhch 50 mbi alJabh a' faj- 
caj;neachb a cheille le' nchniiaf 

50 la Luan bap eij- a bhai)-- 

Semus mkac Mkuir. Sajajic Chill Dalttdn c c. 

>e bo bheacha a Fhccloip chaoimh, 
) 5u cpichaibh ajib chlanna Gaoidhil-. 

j;u ini)- ):oj- na cjuij 5coiseabh, 

!)• e bo bheacha jan uibniji. 
Ghctbh cu pailce a Jcpiocliaibh Gtoidhil, 

1)- e bo bheacha a Ntnn]e G*U: 
in ^ach cpiach piocja cumann, 

jheibh ru mola a Neirinn hall. 
Do buij-jabh jiioc aj- anuaijh, 

an chanamhuin chpuaijh bo bhi j-aoi fmtll 
cean5a bhi cian paoi j;hei)aibh, 

bo cuipeabh leac a njlo jic j-eal. 
Tuigreach, j-aibhiji bo chcajafj, 

joilleip, cajibhach j-cimh bo ghloiji 
liunmhu)!, bpijhmhu)! bo )-hcan phoicail 

j-giamhach, -aicnambhach, ciallachm6p. 
Tabhaip mo bheannachb bo Maipiji Liarh 

bo bhuij-j le buaibh Focloiji fial : 
bheip jach Gaoidkil bhuicfe beannachb, 

ij" c lea-fa cliaji ria haijimhaji. 

Do chuireadh na Rainnfa cuideachd le Mr. Eoin 
Mc. GhiUedin, Minifdir an Tfoifgeulfin Chriofd, 
ann a Neaglais Chilla Naoinein, ann a Muile, aon 
doileannuibh Inji Gdll a Nalbmnn. 

A Ir teachd on Spdin^do (liliochd an Ghdoidkilghhis, 
-^ 'sdo fliliochd na Miligh 'nthine nach budh uis ; 
Budh mhor a nfcleo Ygach fbd air cruas a nlann. 

Air Fil'gheachd f6s,'s air fiSghlum nach budh ghinn. 
Nuair a dhfas a mpor ud mor, a bhos is thall, 

'fihi mcas is pris fa 'n Ghaotdhetlg ans gach ball 
A Teanga lionmhur, bhrioghmhur, bWafda, bhinn, 

'san chan'mhainthartrach, liobhtha,ghafta,ghrinn. 
A ccuirc na Riogh, re mile bliadh'n is tr<fall, 

DO bhi fi'ntuSjmundo thogcaint Dhuhhghall caxm 
Gach Fill's Bard, gach Leigh, Aoifdan, is Dra6i, 

Druithnich is Sheancbaoi fos ; gach eoladhain fliaor. 
Do thug Gathelm leis, on Eigkpht a nail, 

san Ghaoidhelg Igriobh iad iiid le gniomh ampeann. 
Na diagh're m6r, budh chliu 's budh ghloir don chleir 

'san Icgu tarbhach'LbhariudbriatbreDe. 
Si labhair Fadric 'nninfe Fail to. Riogh, 

'san faighe caomhfin, Colum naumhtha 'n I. 
Na Francigh liobhtha 'lean gach tir a mbcus, 

o I na ndeori, ghabh a mfoghlum freimh. 
B'i bhoide muinte' Luchd gach duthch' is teangth' 

chuir Gaill is Dubhghaill chuic' an tiulfa 'nclonn 
Nois dhfolmhfi liainn gu tur, mo nuar 's mo chreach, 

's tearc luchd a gaoil, b' e fud an fao'al fti fcach. 
Thuit i fann tur, maraon le hughdribh pfein, 

'sna Flaith' 'mbudh diith i,ghabh do cumhdach fpcis.' 
Rcic iad fan chuirt i, air caint uir o Nde, 

's do threigle hair budh narleo ngcin'mhain fcin. 
Air far o Liath, biodh adh, is cuimhnu' is buaidh, 

DO rinn gu hiir a dulgadh as a huaimh. 
Gach neach 'ta fhreimh on G^<»w</^;/ghlcifta gharg 

's gach droing don diith an chinaimhn lid mar chainr. 
Gach aoin do chinn, air treabh 'fair linne Scuit 

An duals is fiach thu, 'fcoir gu modad dhuit. 
On Bhannrigh inn air antras 'a bhfuil an crun, 

CO nuig an bochd, do naice nochd a ndiin. 
'Bhi 'nainm 's a neuchd o linn na nceud an al 

Tre meath na Gaaidkeitg, dol a cuimhne chaicfa ; 
Nois alia 'ngniomh, chluinn criochafada thall 

sdcir fiad Je cheil, bhi Gaoidhsl ein nuair ann. 
'Sni 's fcarr a Ihaoi, blaidh briathrc liobhtha nai bcul. 

Lan feadh' is brigh' ler nochdfar hrinn Dc. 
Cia fios 'nti chuir ann ylkjliah tur ? 

's a OTJ5f/i/«"'f / thogbhail arois uir ? 
Nach c fo fein a ghluais, faghleis, o Luid, 

i.e tuigfe ghcir ler dtug Ic'n ceims a tcid .' 
Bhrigh bhcith na run ainm dheanamh cluiteach mor, 

Air feadh na ccriochfa 'n 'ndfuair na Gaoidhil coity 
Gu b'arahluidh bhios, 's gach neach do chi an lo 

Biodh tainmfa fgriobhth'na chroidhann litreach 6ir,' 
Agus na chuimhn is gheibh tu choidhch uam fein 

Beannachd is failt, lem chroidh', km laimh, 's lem 



In £. Luidii, Camhohrit. Diftionar. Scoto- Angl. i 

Nunc Anglum elinguem, Scotum nunc luget lerna, I 
Vraclufos aures mceftave conqueritur : 
Filiiu iratam matrem fed ludit uterque. 

Nee linguam hie pri/cam, nee frobat ille novam. 
Arbiter him veterem renovandi Camber honorem 
' Arripit; <^ mutos fuadet utramque loaui. 
S)uam fuit innumerat labor improbut ordine -voces 

Cogere, Saxonicum ^ reddere cuique fintim 
Non JiietHS foffor fudori, aut lajfm arator. 

Nee fngit nifi qui Lexicon ipji facit. 
Vnde feres tanto dignas molimine grates ? 

Vel qua fmt meritis dona paranda tuis ? 
SciiUet leternos gem grata rependet honores, 

Secula quofque negant Jioftra, futtira dabunt. 
Jtlunere fi certet^ -vicit gens Cafllvelauni j 

Dona Britannorum reddere lerna nequit : 
Patricio ilia fidcm nam debuit ante Britanno j 

Debebit Xm^'xm fera^ BritannCi Tibi. 

Amicitiic iy Obfervantia ergo 

Rodericus O Flalierti c C. 

Kinnytid Kiwiigyn o Giveg, 
Kindhruyn, Kindhelu ae hanreg. 

Gan Vod i reliu or tydalen, ymma yn uag, Kimc- 
ru;e ir Englinion rhag Aau, am Ueligordhe a Breinie 
Pouys. Kindhelu Brtdydh maur ae kanc, ynghylA: 
1 vluydhyn i i6o. 

KIvarA;av y Byu, kivarA; baun 
Volianc i viloeb enwogaun : 
Ayrdor;i;og var^og ueu/; agkraun, 
Eryr guyr gueligorb Leijfyaun. 

Ail ueligors vaur veirb ueAyj 
Am peir;j ar vij; girveirA; ar veigirvyj • 
Blei&en toryv tervysk biecyj, 
Blaenyed kunyed Kadellyng. 

Tnde& uclygorb tndar 
Or dhmug trais uoauj bluj; blaengar : 
LLoegyr Aeibied Aovrybied Aa^iar, 
Toruerthyaun y byrtliyo ej-gar. 

Peduareb uehgorb pedueryb 
Molaud, molav y lyn ae derAy& .- 
Maur doryv daryv givaryv giucicyb, 
Madogyon Madog Elj'j'IAyb. 

Pymmeb uehgorb pymhedran 
Om kerb kentor m i bann : 
Aeruyr gaur arnod vaur varan, 
Arodion kreylon pag crey Ian. 

XueAied acrygar acraon 
KaduaKon ail Aubyon Aavyn ry&yon 
Kivneuid erinc arvogyon, 
Kmvtnyed kynyed Kaer Eillyon. 

Seicved uehgorb olcugor 
Tros uaud i traecod traecicor : 
Gurb vybm veibied i teubor, 
Guyr Ueirnyon guryd diaA;or. 

Uycved liiyc ginuyc ginuan 
I debyv, i deuis givlavan : 
Aauen doryv amgoryv amgivrdan, 
Aavrobion Aovribyed Garthan. 

Nouved i [lived puybueb 
Y5 ^hivrajk kynu by trajk y trojjeb : 
Tr^hiryon tigeb orvoleb, 
Ny Araru tijjir tajneveb. 

Dcgued yu am clyu om clyd cyrbaun 
Kerb keintor kanys yaun : 
Toryv ijgun yygnaut ij; fthaerniaun, 
Taryv jiag kad Kuk«>.yryau». 

Ynbegved auen ynbegved 
Auyb auenyb vin nhij;ed : 
Om guaud rann om bann om barbged, 
O n^Z wzIk o veitA;ion Gtued. 

Deybegved amgen amgeinuiu 
Garthan, gyrth rj:;uan pag gnactvriu 
Hyby 1 guir or gur ni idiu, 
Hil Gyryaet 'jgoeu i)-guydvriu. 

Tnbeb yu ar beg abigaun 
Rhag kl6d in jiagot pagor baun : 
Flamm ly;t:lamm yly;i;lab eftraun, 
Fau gij;hy vuyruyr Fynidiaun. 

Peduareb ar beg arbynianc 
A geif arbyrnuaud diattrcg : 

Breanie Pouys m ol skrivenydhieth y i^vyr 
Kd>c oHergcft. 

KEidavr hutnyd huanwu 
Avch mavl, herd heb davl, heb duyllav ; 
Kcrd uchel an tatuel an tav, 
Nyt cafgerd cofgor dydilyav. 

O damn mavr mah duv dylyaf 
Ar delv dull kynhelv kynheiljaf : 
O gerdfu bleideu blaengi'vaf^ 
O gaium kerdoryon kanaf. 

Kanavjon i<c\\i icirW cadeii 
Meigycn, 7iyt meigoU y kigleu ■ 
Kynumyeit ityneuavt oleu, 
Kynnyd'iuys brenhined hreinheu. 

Ny tkeltr mr wreidruyd 
Breifc a hruyfcav yn rot w yd j 
Ebediv gur briv brav dygvyd, 
Tn dyd bt-vydyr rac bronn y arglvyd. 

Ny thai gvyr powys penn reith 
Ar gym ry gan gymryt agkyfreith : 
Wedy treiil trylcv dioleith, 
Wedy trij.i traean anreith. 

O anre.'th ydyuu dioval 
Anrec anryded kyfartal i 
Ermyded tervyn teyrnualy 
Eur hybarch hebavc a btial 

Buant kyt yggryt yggredyf 
Kyfaruot kyfaruogyon dttedyf : 
T "uirthot at/not annedyf, 
O greulann o greulavn gy7ifiedyf. 

Kynnedyf g-vyr medueith medgyrn 
O efneit med'Cfuyn greit gredyf heyrn : 
Giuyllyed gy?.'t ny gedinynt gedyrn, 
Gvyl bent an am dan am deyrn. 

Kynnedyf y aergun argoetiuys 
Werin a luararut rac LLoegyr-wys ; 
Rann y vrav.f y vreint ae rywySy 
Rann y clrjjae.'' na ckaer bowys 

Kynnedyf y Liowys bejin ymadravd 
Gvyr uch gvinvvt eurgymlavd : 
Tn neb llys yn .veb lie anhaid 
Nat ef dav ar eu llav llet cavd. 

Kynnedyf y b(5V7ys kyn ojfot 
Tn aer yn aros iti rac tot : 
Tmblaen cadeu ctMv aruot, 
Ac yn ol dtwedwy r dyuot. 

Kynnedyf y bowys banel 
Ar dremyn y der uyn diogel : 
Na ho tro tramiiy g yiiarchiueL 
Na bo caeth na ho care, dychiuel. 

Kynnedyf yvch ( lowys bamouneth, 
Avch gorjaf aveh ^orjed na hei gaet'h: 
Glyv gvythuavr gv rthodvch chwt etwaeth, 
Gvrthodes rywyr ri thyllyaeth. 

Ky7inedyf yr drei^ 'jeu uegys dragon 
Berth uy horthy?it . aneduon : 
Tn eu byv ar eu r; iv rydyon, 
Na rennit ramieu ky rmydyon. 

Kynnedyf a ivart rvt y ■werm 
Ar goet nyt arget i wt bardrin : 
Nai gouvy gordvy w< t gordin 
Goual tal teledic bn vhin. 

Kynnedyf ir ketivy r ket yfgein 
Tveird katiueilch hei, 'd hard ytuetn 
Eilgverth gvarth gvi 'thodes KynrL-iii. 
Eil gormeil germes g ylch Riein. 

Gvrthodvcb avch c am Kenedloed 
Powys, peues kyrd a (hyhoed ; 
Glyv kyrchuavr, kyltl rynueirch nyt oed^ 
Guyl hebavc heboch n eut adoed. 

Nyt adoed vyn da' 'jn yn ouer 
Om gvlat am gwledic ae dirper : 
Nym gvna tro treigyl ueird un amjer 
Nym tzyli pvyli pan y. m kyuarchtr. 

Gvjyr Powys pobyl dijgyjjin 
Cat or llatues orlla-we tt : 
fedeir Kynnedyf kadv kadyr iirden 
Ardec yrdugar.t oueigr. ». 


GAN birvod immi rgrivcny in i Alvyr imma, at Uyr Kernlu, m u hen Gerulueg, a hcvyd at 
drigolion ir Euerdhoji ag Tcheldir \x Alhan, in Uydheleg ; ir idui 'ii gucled vi hyn m jiuimcdig 
fnid er Tixos asenjicidiol in i byd, ond er muyn parA; ag anjudeb) i anner^: y Kimry in in 
hiaic in hyncn ; ag i givatcv evo 'r hen Dhiarebuyr, mai Guedi treiglo fob trev. Teg yu edryx 
tvag adrtv. Ond pag ir Aicrcnne dieicr, a'r j-grivenisiec anarvcrol imma \x. jiuyftro ; bi&cd 
giiiu gennyj; kyn mind ym hcAs;;;, edry^; fain i Aicrenne urr y n6d imma. * A A;aa nad iduyv la kymcryd 
arnav odyrdod in i byd i fcijgy i guyoor i rai erJA, ond gadel paub iu jgrivennitjicc i hynen, veAy, ir 
iduy 'n deifiv ir yn pibid; ag yn gobeicio na xi\ mo'm barny gan y Diigedig in bigij^or, am beuij' vi 
Aicrennc. Nid yu hinny vuy jiisid nag a gimmerob pob Kimro a j-grivcnob in ir yn f orb ; ag nid oej- yn 
iaic ara>i a arvcrir i )krivcny na oarvy neuid yn vmy^; nalA ai i Aycrcne, ai j-ain y Aycrcne, ai p6b yn o'r 

Xui a bit>in\\x in ne^ire 'r Aivyr mat nid er bai ar )krivenibiec gl)-rcdin i Gimraeg a'r Guybeleg &c. 
a fkrivennuyd hen leicoeb i Aivyr imma a Guy&or neiAdyol ; ond am vod i geine in puiba^: vcAy, ag in bi- 
roca;^ ir SaefoK a dicirred eriA na di)-gy'r uybor Gimraeg, a'r yn Lidaueg a'r Uybeleg. Kanyj- mac Aauer o 
uyr di)'kcdig truy Loegar a cirnaj- Fraingl, ag ym mhlic ir Elhmyn, a guyr Atzlyn m 'uiAij-gar i uybod 
ki)-)-ondsb i Gimraeg a iccoeb eriA j er bod in 6 anob gancynt bifky (val Plantj i Guybor o neuyb gan go- 
vio 'n uaftad fain neuidiol i Airrcne. VeAy er bod ttxo]- aj;cnpeidiol am i Skrivenibiec h5no in i vie 
Livyr a hun, nid oej' Il/CO]- m i byd yu harvery mcun Aivyr Kimraeg ac gaA paub gadu'r uybor gif redin ne 
yn ir Atro dij-kcdig Davydh Dhy o Hiradhig, yn Dr. Gryfydh Roberts, Dr. J. Davydh Rhys ne yn Mr. 
Henri Salesbury 8cc. Am y j-grivenioiec bresenoi vi pepme am i harvery idynt j in gmta cr muyn ad- 
neuibiad hen Aicrcnne'r Britanied ag veAy guneicyr i Skrivnade Brithoneg hma ag fyb, in vuy kinevin ag 
in hau)- i darAcn. i. Er muyn j-ain priod anuahanedig i bob piu lyn, ne bob pir Aiciren. 5. Er muyn 
skriveny m nej" at laveryb, ne barabl y geirie, megif 1 mae 'n ajenpeidiol ag m arverol agof bob oef, im 
mhob iair araA. 4. Er Kimmeryd immec edliuiad 1 Saefin 3 A;enhedloeb eriA am in bod in dubly Aicrennc 
m ne;ttre Geirie, ag er muyn tyeby yn nej- at ir lounj-krivnibiec muya Kij^redinol. Ag in biuaeca er 
muyn Aai koj-c argrafy 1 Aivre a gihoebir in RhtdtKen. 

Ir hen httrene a adntmdir ima, idynt b, p, 5, 1 binod, p, j-, c, <z u in Ae a>. A'r jiai hyn a gevejr i, 
in viny;i nid in ynig ar gerig, in amryu levyb yj Himry, end hevyd meun hen livre ar gruyn hivrod i 
meg!]- a da^hoj-ej- in helaeca;>; in neAJreyad Gramadeg laith Kerniu, agin niued p. an. Ond er bod ir 
)iain ir yn Aicrcne etto ni arvcrir mo honynt ima, ond bob yn meun ^njain in uaj-tado], Ae maegancynt 
in ir hen livre ueitie bay ne dri ag ueirie ragor, val a gueluA; brovedig druy 'fample in ir yn Gramadeg. 
z. Urc f^infriod anuahanedig fob xy» xjtiren, vi mebul idiu, a dile vod Elven ne Liciren neiAdyol am bob 
fain neiAdyol j ag am hmny vod ueA Gramadeg Guyr Groeg am )'griveny x^ <p, \. a i, na Guyr Rhyven ag 
eriA a arverynt in Ac'r heini ch, pb, rh, a th : Kanys muy kij-on buedyd, ne skriveny meun Gramadeg in 
bod in kivneuid Airiren am liriren araA gidfciniol ibi, megi)' kany xany, telyn [celyn] &c. na'n bod yn troi 
yn hciren in buy, urc j-gnveny Chany a thelyii. 3. Skmeny in nes at fain i Geirie idiu pan jkrivcnir, 
A;te [ne a/:x] m ac achau De/;re in >.eDechreu, Krygmorin Ae Crucmawr; Kadualadaram Gadiualadr SiC. 
Mi a tin vod jiai GuVr Difkcdig in erbyn hyn ; ond gan nad oes aAios gancynt amgen na Aiadu 1 viny 'r 
hen arver, cv a aA paub uneiryr val a vinno o blegid nid hen Uybor Gimraeg idiu'r Uybor gifredin val a 
daj;hoj-e)- in uahanrcdol 15 Gramadeg laith Kerniu ; ag hevyd nid kanmoladuy ped vae hi hen, gmnal skii- 
venibier m 1 byd ajhivattcbol i leveryb 1 Geirie. Ag am hmny, y mae Guyr Fraingk yn biueoar, guedi 
hir-inwrverai hen forb ; m skriveny m nef o lauer at )"iin y geirie, a'r yn pec hevyd a CAir 1 buedyd am y 
Saeyneg ag arariu Icicoed ereiA. 4. Nid arver hen iaun Piuaic oe& dubly na d nag /, nag » j a >,an nad 
gueby)- hyn gan y pai yy'n a^hinevin a'n hiiic, gueA y tebigun i, jknvcny yn liciren neiAdyol droj- bob 
yn, ag o blegid nad oej- ond yn mic o /, in ir hen Gimraeg a'r Aadin mi a uelej- in ba vcncikio a o uy- 
bor 1 Groegied ag X hcvyd am ir yn ixo^ ; Kanys Ae bo eifie Airrenne, nid louna^; i kimeryd nag o'r 
lair debika 1 geirie ; ag ni un i vod y Gimraeg ("a'r Uydeleg ) in tytby at yn laic nej- nag at y Groeg. Mi 
abeuij-C)- hevyd skriveny u yn acw, in 61 1 uybor hina in 1 Gimraeg a'r yn Uydeleg ; ag hevyd yn 61 fain 
ir u, m 1 Aadin im mh6b Gulad dramor. y. Gan vod ir henAicrene ima in Argrafdy RhidiA;en eipy, ve 
vibc Aai koj-c argrafy i )-orb ima nag meun Aicrenne o'r yn meimioli in 1 forb arveredigj o heruyb vod 
pob fit val hyn in Kinuy)- Aauer muy o cirie. 

Gan na barvy in ni er j-aic oc)- ne liyc arvery 'r hen Airrenc imma, a x;an vod Guyr Aoegar guedi ar- 
grafy m biuebar imbeA livyr o'r hen Saefneg, mz'jm, ymacntin i holi, a /iuedi [loi enu Atthrenne Seijhig 
arnynt. O'r pare araA mac 'r Guydhelod gan i bod immhob oej", ag etto hyd ir aur hon, in i harvery 10 
dadly mai Aicrcnne Guybelig oebynt ar 1 kinta, a >ian iu kcnedl nhu banvon Aauer o uyr krcvidbol i brc- 
gecy 'r Evcjil ir hen Saefon, ir amfer hunnu mebant buy a difgaj-ant hevyd I'r Sacfon jgrivenny. Ni 
AjribuyAob neb o'r buy Gcnedl imma vod ir hen Vritannied hevyd, in arvery'r yn Aicrenne hyd yn biucbar 
iaun, Audur y pcj'cer Aivre Goglebig m y pagimadrob Aadin o vlaen i livyr, guedi kivneuid am vi, imbeA 
Licyr ; o blegid ibo e gliued imi buedyd vod gucA haul inni o'r Aicrenne hinny nag ir Satfon na'r Guybe- 
lod. Y kubul 1 mae c ino guedi fgrivenny ydyu, na barvy i'r hen Saefin berbyn 1 Aicrenne imma nag 
obiurc 1 Guybelob nagodiurc y Bntannied, ond gan Auflm Vina^:; 1 pec jy' gipal a pe duetj-e, mai obiurc 
ir hen Sacjun a difgob i Briianied a'r Guybelod 1 kivriu Licrcne, a hyn 1 mae'r Pcndevig fmegij- ped 
vae i air m bigon ) in i vanegy heb vod guiu ganco aai gadarnhay druy hen Odyrdod na Piinnig i rejimme 
i hynan j heb gimcryd arno immi 'j-grivenny atto ev vod 1 Aicrenne hinny iu gueled cito in Eglu>r Aan 
Gadualadar im Mon ar vaen skriven Kadvan vrenin Guyneb j a bod Kadvan in piveia in erbyn 1 i>aefon 

*'Xx ch,ti dh, y W, 3 ng, i dhinod y m y gau Fydhlon, &c. a Q. p rh, f s, z th. u '■■^yu waftad, v/ 

d z ag 


ag Auftin Vuua; ig uaic Bangor ij- 1 koed. Argol o'r yn vac Vonebigei&ruy& hevyd a Dibarciad, a sagho- 
rob audur Eyrgron ir leicoeb Gogle&ig, gan deiry mai hen Livre Scijnig idiu 'r jkrivlivre in /ivrgron 
Rhidi;ten a henuej- i, in i Mvyr ima p. ■zz6. er bod amhopbl na uy&e urc i geirie jiijofedig mai Briconeg 
oe&ynt ; kanyr er nad idiu in dei^ na Ximraeg na Guybeleg, ev a uy&e nad oeb i geirie hinny na hen Sacj- 
neg na Ai;tlineg na Normancg ; ag i mae ev hevyd meun mkn araA o'ir yn Aivyr in kiva&ev a pernne yn o 
honynt gyot i Egluyr Aan Dav. Ni Xrihuyi^ey am hyn in i pagimadrob Sei)-nig, pag kinhirvy muy bar 
a Aid nag a dale 'r vac ^uiuledrad ; ond mi a gihoe&e)- 1 baub, gan tajoj- i nod, i buy a percine'r da. Am 
1 kinta hevyd, ev a uybe o'r gore 'n bod ni a'r Guybelod in Griftnogion nid in ynig oefoeb kyn amj-er 
Au)-cin Viaaz ond hevyd kyn divod neb o gcnedl i Saeyon t'r Ynyj- j ag am hinny vod gennim /icrenne 
o'r blaen. Ag nid ocb Ic ibo ev amme nad oeb Aicreniie Aadin gan i Britannied kyn am)-er Krcd. Ev a 
lAaj-e barren in Juvetial, Gallia caujidicos docuit facunda Britaxnos^ ag m Tacitus, dharvodi Agricola gyvieryd 
gox'al eim rot Vyfgeidielh i leibion Dylidogion y Brytaimied gan ueled i bod yn vuy kyvadhas i dhyjgy, ag yn 
dmge»az i donme at athrauteth no. Giiyr Gallia (^c. a hinny in ne;iireyad ir ail oej- o anedigec in HiaA;au- 
dur ; ag ni bier i Saefon ir Iny)- hyd biueb i pymmeb, in amfer Gurtheirn Gurthe7ie. Am Gfencdl Guy- 
belod 1 Uerbon ni ;Kirhae&ob arve Rhyven mo honynt; ag veAy mae 'n eglyr mai or tair kenedl, nini a 
gavob ginta Aby)k Aicirol a moe^e dinaj-ol ; ag o ble a kae'r AeiA nhu ginta, ond obiurc i kimdogion a 
cngolion ir yn Guledyb. Mi a im cifi)- atteb i Guybelod: Nid amgen nag a medre Avergin vab Mil 
tl^aiue a baec evo'r kinta o Genedl ir Tfguidied ir Euerbon in amfer Seliv dhoeth jkrivcnny'r yn Aau ag 
a arverant etto; ond vc I'lyr paub vod amhopbl uybod hinny j a pob giir dij-gedig a uyr hevyd nad oes 
uybodec hij-by)- in i byd am drigolion ir lni)oeb imma na'r Barbaricd eriA o Europ, hma^iina Sgriv'nade 'r 
Groegied a'r Rhyveinied. Am i Siefon ni barvy i neb o honynt, am a iin i ginnig provedigec a medre yn 
oi Kenedl barAen pan baccant ginta ir Dirna)-. Ond bibcd hinny val i vmno, ^n peth fy& raid ir Saejon 
a'r Guybelod a nmne hevyd gidnabod yj; hy\x ir hen Uybor imma; nid amgen na darvod i riu buy Ge- 
nedl i dif gy obiurc i dridyb i oblegid vod pob yn m kadu nid in ini;; ir yn Aycrenne, ond hevyd ir yn 
fain ir Aycrenne. Ir yn Aicrenne meba i, oblegid nid arvere'r hen Saefon muy na ninne ("val i guelun in 
u Evcjil a argrafob Fr. Junius ag amriu livre eriA i Aicrenne k, j, ag x ; ag ni arvera'r Guybelod mo 
honynt etto. BeAa;^ mac 'n hijbyy nad aAen ni a vedren yknvenny er amjer Tacitus, adel in Aicrenne er 
muyn arvery Aicrenne 'r Saej-on : veAy naiA ai nini a biygob ir Saefon a'r Guybelod, ne'r Guybelod ai biy- 
gob nhu a ninne. Or Guybelod an dijgob ni, ir oeb Aicrenne Aadin gancynt kyn divod i Rhiveinuyr i 
inyj- Bryden ; ond pec idyu hynny nad oey le m i byd ybynt dij-tiolaecy, gan nad oej- gancynt Skrivnade 
nag ar vemrun nag ar gerig, nag ar hen evydh nag arian, obiar beyparc ir amjer at lyl Kaefar j a fet na 
>;redir vyc, er y deiry heb na jieol na pefum. Am i Britannied ni a aAun m haub brovi fkanys mae di- 
gon o olevmag j vod Aicrenne gancynt in ginharaA; nag amfer Juvenal a Thacitus o heruyb mi a uelcf la 
biucbar bryA o krian Beray. [ne Bericus\ ai enu arno, er amjer ir Imherodr Claudius : Ag i mae hevyd 
rai eriA m enu KajuaAon Tiuyfog i Britannied a imlabob ag lyl Kaefar, hcblau Aauer na)- guybyj- moi ham- 
j-er. Ag veAy ni ucla i'n brefennol, le 'n i byd i amme nad gancon ni, guedi in ni (val irarverir urc j-gri- 
vcnny) neuid imbeA liciren y kab i Guybelod in ginta 'r hen uybor imma ; a darvod ir Saefon dair oer 
ne beder in vuy diuebar i di)-ky gancon ni a A;an i Guybelod. Pe bijjcnt in dij-ky gan Auj-tin huy a viy- 
j-ent in arvery q ag x, in ol devod Guyr ir Eidal a'r Freniguyr; ag in poi naiA ai jain s ai ch ir liciren f, 
ar 61 * ag « &c. i pec ni unaecont hyd amj-er y Normannied. Ag nid oej- gan i bim lu Aiuanegy at hyn 
yn brcj-ennol 15 hyl;;; hen Aycrenne'r Britannied. 

Y pec nej-a a biyguilir mae'n dcbigol immi ej-gifodi vi hynan am dano, idyu'r hir amj-er er pan beAjrcyey 
1 dair ginta, i Gimry, heb j-grivenny ^n Aivyr ond hun, ag yn Aadm in 8°. Nid oej- gan i vaur i buedyd 
am hinny, ond bod in arverol im mh6b Gulad ag amj-er, vuru bai m ammal ar y Saul a gimerant arn>nt in 
gihoebedig, ryu orA;uyl anarverol, oni f rij-yrant lu orfcn. A bod hevyd ueicie uyr guebol boncbigcb 
m barny 'n ehyd ; naiA ai o heruyb di^migion anpej-imol pai eriA, ai eipe guybod eica 'r izofion. Nid 
oeb in vim mryd i, ag ni abauej- pan beA;rcicj- deicio, gruydro nag mor vanul, na cruy'r hoA uledyb a 
bym incynt, nag m agof gihyd amj-er : Na zuaic vi mebul nam habeuid skrivenny guaic kyn helaeced 
ag a byb hun bruy euyAy)- ir Argluyb kyn i biueb; na A;ymefyd degum 1 dravel a gimerej- urc y Silvaen 
ne'r Aivyr kinta imma. BeAaA; o)- treilie)- i vuy o amj-er ag arrian in travaelio er muyn kael gucA hij-piy- 
ruyb a guybodec ; ag oy kimmerey vuy o bocn i bij^ky immi vy hynan, ag i gihoebi i baub araA ir leicoeb 
ajenpeidiol, nag oeb vi abeuid ; ir oebun i'n goboeicio, ag ir idui etto, bee bmnag am biolA;, na xi\xa 
vaur geryb gan Vonbigion Ktmry. Am ir amjer : puy binnag a edri^ij: in 1 balen gmta o Ragimadrob 
Geirlivir y guir-bij'gedig aero Dr. Davies ag a govia at hinny leied kimmorc a gever i gan eriA {o bieicr 
I livyr o'n inig j in hyn o uaic, ev a uel mae'n dcbigol na A;evej- i vaur amyer i vod in py jegyr i peder 
blyneb kinta, ar 61 bi/iuelyd adre o Lidau m nhirnaj- Fraink. Oj- by'r Kij-fodyb in py anniben guedi hjnny 
oheruyb vod guaic pai criA tan i buylo ir yn amjer nid arna i, (oblegid nad oeb gen i odyrdod in i byd ) 
ir oeb 1 bai hiinnu. Y harver idyu gimeryd muya a gaAant meun Aau, jiag eiyie Guaic ne arrian, ag er 
muyn kadu Gueicuyr eriA aAan oi Hargrafdy ; a gadel 1 Guaic a vinnant a berciuo i Ij-kolheigion in 61, 
er muyn guaj-neicy Aivruyr Aynden ; oni xant i buguc gan ipai j-yb ag Odyrdod gancynt yu troi oi sOy&. 
Ag o\ axuyna eriA urc 1 pcini, ni arbedant deiry anuireb yu heygij-odi, ai byb ai helu yu, bod i gid m ir 
yn A;uedel. 

Ir idui 'n Kivabe a bij-j-e lai prij- ir Guyr Kij^redin druy Gimry a 'x.erviu a'r FMndhon a'r Alban pe bij- 
yun in jgrivenny am bob laic meun Aivyr neiAdyol ; ag in kidnabod hevyd a bij-je hmny OrA;uyl acj eyol 
im mh6b gulad. Ond yn Aej'j-ad a vijj-e hinny, ag yn araA oni ^amgimerej- i, a'r Guf r Diskedig am ki- 
jhorob, idyu Kimhary'r leicocd hma 'n inyj- Briden. Kanyj- druy gydojod a A;ijtadly'r geirie, a keir la 
vinyAi ucA hi)pij-ruyb am i guraib ai haruybokad in ir hen livre ; a nej" o lauer a fvoxx^x idyu'r j:orb im- 
ma 1 buybmnag a xvizvaxo jgrivcnny Geirlivr dij-kedig helaec am yn bynnag o'rieicoec imma. Hevyd 
(vel 1 guelu;t urc t henue) nid ir Kijeredin a j-krivcnnuyd 1 Aivyr ond er arA; pai o'r guyr penna 15 Himrj^ 
a Aauer o Bendevigion Diskedig Aoegar a A;ueni^cnt gimhary Guybeleg, Kerniueg, a Aidaueg evo leicoeb 
cri^ gift^l ^'f Giraraeg. 

Am uyr Kern'u a Aidau er i bod yj; himyj^k a Saej'on a Frankod mae i hiaic in dajjoj- val a guelu;*; in 
eglyr in 1 Aivyr imma mai hen Vritannicd idynt ; ond x\i\ a rivcbu;^ in biamme vod kinnivcr o eirie 
dieicr heblau 'r laic Vnconeg 15 Uybeleg ir Alban a'r Uerdhon. Mae day zxof am hinny megiy 1 mae 'n 
debigol gan i; kanyj- nid ocj- odyrdod Iftoriae na mob araA ond kimhary'r leicoeb 1 uybod 1 Guirioneb. 
In ginca Duy genedl gittrevedig [ne gydvyA;ebol ] oeb hen Vrodorion ir Euerbon : Guydhtlod a Skuydied. 
Am 1 Guybelod hen Drigolion yr Inyj- imma oebynt, a'r Skuidied a baecant o'r TJpaen. VeAy Ae maent 
m kittyno a nini ner Brycon eriA, Guybeleg yu'r geirie ; ag am 1 acIa naiA ai Guybhcleg hevyd a goAaj-otn 


AT I K I iM R 1r. 

idynt, at hen Sguydiec. Vi Ay ir axoy araA yu, barvod ir Kimry a guyr Kerniu a AidaU goAi per oi hen 
lair, gan i bod dro[- ago)- i bym kan mhlincs, fcv o amfcr /;/ K^nfar i Valentitiian i tridys dan liuodra-.r 
guyr Rhyven; mcgi)- ii baghoj-c)- in uahanrcdol, in i )un ginia o'r Aivyr imma; (ij ag urr hyn, Aaucroi 
Geirie ir idym m i uclcd in bicicr, a aAint vud hen Vnconcg in 61 i jjm; Ic a fgrivcnncj- p. 7. col i ci 
nad idym in 1 iiadnaboii. 1 Gu)t>clod imma hcvyd a vyont in ir hen Otj'.jc& V'rodonon Aocgar a Ximry, 
pryn ai kyn in liuad ni ai '11 givanifcrol, ai pob yn or bay, ni cAir morducdyd; end icbika oa in vi mcDul 
i, i bod nhu imma kyn in dividiad ni ir Inyf : ag in jiicni ni i dehol o am)cr i amj-er, ai girry ar fo ir 
Gogkb ; ag mai o Gintir ir Alban ( Ac nad ocj' ond liyc mhiAcir o vor ) ag o dir Gafuy ag Yvys F<77/<7« ir 
aerant ir 'Qcr&on, mcgiy a di;);ucla) ant i pirn honj in 61 ag im mlacn, in vinyA;. Ag n'd o br/.aA; 
a dcicaiic ir Inyy ima, njg o Ga//ia o'r Ciulcdyd a cluiriri'ian Tirna;- Frai;!;k, ir Ijcldir, ar !)■ cAmyn. 

BcAa,>; gan immi adros 1 kivriu xucd\c na ;tribuyAo!D iicb am danyn: o'r bljcn j nid amgcn na bod, in 
ginra, hen vrodorion ir Euerbon m Gcncdl tuynu ; Guy&clod a SgU)di;d. Yn ail mai ur hen Vricon 
£nc 'r Bricannied] a hanob iGuytclod; a'r Sguyditd o'r Ij-pacn. Yn dndyb v( d 1 Cuiybelod in trigo 
in ir hen oefcet) in Aocgar a Ximry, gijtal ag in 1 Goglcb, Ac maent ctto ij; himmyj k a Skuydicd a Sie- 
fon. Ag in beducryb mai Biodorion Gaf/ia ociD Ciuybclod Aocgar a Ximry, kyn i divod irJn))- imma. 
Gan immi vod nior hv, m^bai, a yknvcnny'r vac Neui&ion, a yAVibtv nad oej- mor odyrdoj skrivnedig 
am danynt, 1 mae'n bi cdyy arna i, bagoj- vi jiejimme, a hinny, gan nad ocy ini Ai-yr imma ond ac kivij;, 
ar vyr eirie. 

Ir idui gucdi provi cifij' in helaec in 1 pan ginta a'r ail o'r Aivyr ima, vod in hiaic ni in kittyno 
ar naiA ran oi hiaic nhu ; agyn y Gramadcg Guybclcg p;ui a uclu;^ hcvyd, vod tycbiad nc natynec 1 h.aic 
nhu gan ncuid 1 Airrcnnci in ncA;re'r geirie &c. in gi) )'on ir Gimraeg. 

Ag mcgiy a kevey guedi i kydij-tiiicd, 1 naiA ran in givatrcbol ir Gimraeg ; vcAy druy barAcn i Tcyta- 
menc Ncuyb, a pai pippyre a gcvey gan 1 Mcbig dijgedig Dr. Edrt.ird Brown, skrivnedig m laic i Kin- 
tavried, mi a gevcy uybodec bigonol mai hen l|-p.ieneg ocb 1 pan araA. Kanyy er bod Aauer o'r hen 
laic honno, in ir yn brejcnnol j etro muy k.diiedig idyu hi o lauer gan 1 Kmtavried (z). BiAaA; ir a;i;oj- 
am alu 1 Gucrbonuyr Brironig, in Vydkelod, a jui 'r Ijpaen in Skuidied-, idyu am vod ir hen iivre Kim- 
reig in gaiu'r Piflied, 1 Guydhyl Fichtied ; a hen Vrtthon ocb 1 Pi&ied in biamme, megiy 1 mac 'n cglir 
fheblau 1 henue Aadin a Guybeleg, (5) urc enuc'r Avon'.b ar minitocb in lyeldir ir Alban Ae 'r (cbync m 
prcyuylio. Ag ino mae'n dcbigol 1 maenc etto, fcr koAi i hiaicj im mhlic draylic a'r Skuidied, Brtthon 
Jfirad K/uyd, ir hen Saefon, 1 Aiyjmiiyr, a'r Normanied. Am alu Gtterdkonkd ir lypaen in Skuidied^ nid 
oey eij-ie Odyrdod :, Kanyy Kin Scuit i maenc y hyncn in uajfadol, in gaiu'r Kyudouduyr a bacc^nt o'r 
lypaen. Nid paid diicdyu bim pe>aA: am 1 Guy^elod; ag am 1 Skuidied nid ocy eiyie ond Kimhary 'r hen 
lypaeneg a'r Uerboneg brejennol 1 pec nid eAir imma, ond in ir i.idig cirie yyb in k^nlyn Ae mae'r Sku:- 
diaic in ginta, a'r Kmtazreg ar 61 1 Gimraeg. 

A,acha, Tiip,Kloguyn, Klaudh; Acha, Kraig. 
Adhark, Kor7i ; Adarra, Koni a changen. 
jAghartha, Bydhar; Gor, Gothor. 
Aile, Kui'tdh ■, Ahal, ahalquc. 
Aimeis I Aivrneis] Guartheg; Avre, abrec. 
• f Alga,B(7»W^/g; Algo. Edr.y GeirlivrGuydheleg. 
Aodhaire, Bigel ; Arza. Ardi, Davad. 
■] Ao\\,Savan ; Ahol,aholic. A/a/'. 4,4; ii,3+; I'tyii- 
fAon, Da, rhagarol ; On 
Ar, Xn—nii ure, giire. 
Ar [ar] Galanas; Hara, hcri. ASl. 8, ja. 
Arcoir, Agos, Ktmtdog; Hurco. 
Aras [atheras] Ty, Teilad , Ecchcra. 
Arfai', Hen ; ^aharrai. 
Arc & arcan, Porchelh -, Urrun, Mochyn. Mat- 8 

Afaith, Digon ; Afto. 

Afnic, hkaethi Ezne, eznec. 

Ahafc, Gairi Hiiz. 

Athair, Tdd -, Aita, Aitac. 

Athcha, Detfivi Eica. 

Avail, Ange; Hivil, Hil. 

Bacadh, baca', Gueled, Edrych ; Baguft. Beguia 

idyu Lhygad. 
Bal : Ar bal, O od, os ; Baldin. 
Balla, Pe»^/o^ ; Bull : Bui— hegar. Mat. 17. 3^. 
Banailte, Mammeth; Ban!i;u, Ballitu. 
Beach, Beichm, Guenynen -^ Abechon, Hifi. 
Beas, Lhau PI. Bethe. 
Beat, r<hydig. Pl.q Batzu 
Biorach [Biogharach] A-nner ne Refer dhuyvluydh i 

Bigaren Tr atl ; a Hefer hrjyd. riebr. 913. 
t Birtaii, Ar vyrder, yn vyan , Bertan, yn -vyan j 

Brck, SrtfA, Bragado, Eidion brith. Hifp. 
Br6g, Efgid; Abarca, Efgid bren^c. Hifp. 
Bru— ac* & Bre— oc^., K»r, Tervyn ; Berere. 
t Brugh, Tre'v ; Burgua. 

Caill, Sarhaed, Kolhed ; Cailte AB. 17, 10. 

C— ailleach, Keifiog ; Oilloac, Tar. 

t Can, Hydpan; Aiceno. 

Cruine. chc [Kruithneachc] Guenith; Garia,gariiia 

Cealg, [CeilginJ r«y^j Celaten. 

Cean, Pen ; Game, meun Geirie KyJJylhtedig. 

Ceard, Eyrych; Accnero HiJ> 

Ce6, Niu/ ; Kca [ & quca] Mug. 

Cia, |_Cia an] Puy ; Ceinen, Ceinec. 

Ciocar, Ki rheibys ; Chacurra. 

Cioghar, Paham j Ccrga, cergatic. 

Cionas, Pa vodh ; Cein. 

Gor, Gen, Kil; Cara, Uyneb ; Hi'p. 

Col~h' [Codladhl Hyn, Kujg; Loo. 

Comhar [ocomhar.La?. eregione'] CvmirciGu/dd. 

Eas ("mtun geirie KilTilhtedig) iV/(/j Ez. 

Eafadh, Kleiiyd ; Eritas. 

Eafgar, Codum i Eror. 

Eadadh [& 'ada'] Ejlyn, Hcda. 

Fearrya & earrya [Feardha] Gitrriu ; Arra. 

Fohraich, Kyvlog • Sariac. Fid. F— S. p.ia. c. i. 

Gach, Pob, 61h ; Gucia. 

Gadaidhe, Lheidir ; Gaichti. 

fGaoi, Keluydh\ Gue, gueguric. 

Gazrach,Po^«/; Gerdetze. ^aio'r LbadinQtme. 

Ger, Syr, ckuibl:, Garraza. 

Ghaire, [yaire] zuerthin ; B—zne, Irri. 

Ghcarg, Ko'k ; Gorria. 

Gheunav, Guneithyr; Eguin. 

Ghocar [Docar] Anodk; Gogorra. 

Gigilr, Goglais ; Kigli, Killi, quilli. 

Goirrige [oirle] Invyd ; Erhoa. 

lar [iar] ar 61 ; larrcquiren Ditin, Kanlyn. 

Itheadh Buyta ; lace, Btiyd. t. Cor. 9. lo. 

Laidir, Kryv ; Lodia, T/u. 

Lar, L^irin, T dhatar ; Lurra. Mat y y. Larraina. 

Luc. 3. 17. 
Lanv, Plentyni Lcinu Mar. iz. J ^ Aff.i'j zi,z^. 

(ij OBS. XXIII. (ij Cantabri a geilu'r Lhadinuyr 1 Guyygicd ve Brighlion Minidhe'r Pyrenaied 
in ir Tjpaen. [i,) Cruiihnigh a geilu r Guydkelod 1 Piktied ag aruydhokdd 1 Gair ydiu Brython nt 


AT I K I M R Y. 

Loit, Briu, Rltipi Lot. 

Luath, B^yaui Lehiah. Ja. i. 19. 

Mala, Ke'^j Maletas. ^. ., ■., ,■„ 

Maol [Maothol] Guds, hachgen ; Mutil, Muthilla. 

ilf— ear, Bys; Erhia. L. ii,io; 16, 14. 5cc. 

MeJa, Gra/ra ,- Mahatfic, Gr^a» Guynuydh. 

^_ire, Gualhgov, Xnvydruydh ; Erhoa. 

f Na gav, y G<i/<J'yj Negua. 

No;>;,P<»7Wi Noz, Pan, pa aur. 

Obair, Gorzuyl; Obra. 

Olan & Lo, Ga//» ; Hie. 

fOrc, «>; Arrac, arraul, arraultze. JLw. ii- l^■ 

Os cean, ^r, odhiar, yux ben i Gainean, gainera, 

PogCfPoc] Kyjfan; Pot. Mat.iG.i^l. 

PoflaP?-/W; o'r LhadinS^otiias; Spofa. 

Re & ris, At; Ri. 

Re, Urth; Ra. 

Ris, Tray; Re7.. 

Saibhrios [& haibhrios] Kyueth; Abraftas. 

Sal;(iadh, Bydredh'r, Salfuts. Mat. \<^. 18, 10. 

Saohar, [Saochar] Guaith ; Sari, Kyvlog. 

Se, ji^WA; i Sey. 

Seargcha, Cn'aj Searra. 

Sgaile, Kiskod ; Itzale. 

Siubhal [& hiubhal] Rhodw j Ebili. 

r— obar & th—ohar, Fjnnon ; [Ithubhri] Ithurri. 

Toiceach, Kyuaethog -, Datec Lhaun. iVJat. 6. az. 

Ua' [uagK] Be'dh ; OeJ, GW_y. 

Uydhaoh [ghuidhadh] Dimyno i Othoits. 

Aaueroetj eriA a e^id i ;cuanegy at hyn nid m inig o'r Kmtavreg, ond o'r Ijpaetieg brefennol hevyd, er 
maint a ^igruyd, ir laich hbno, a Aadin ag jirdveg. Ve^^y gan m bod m gueled in o cglyr bcAaA;, mat 
buy genedl oeb hen drigolion ir Euer&on j mai o'r yn Kivodiad a nini ir ot& 1 Guy&elod,ag mai guir 
diamc a skrivennot) Nimiio ag eru er Aauer oes, buad kenedl 1 Skuidied, ir' Uerdkon a^an o'r Ijf'aen; i pec 
nefa yu brovi idyu vod 1 jiin honno o honynt, a eluyd Guydhelod in trigo gynt in Aoegar ag 15 Htmry. 
Nid oer neb o'r Guycelod i hynen, am a un i, er main: a barvy ybynt Eknveny 15 hyl;!; hanej- a bonc& ■ 
i kenedl in fon vod Aoegar a Ximry erioed in i mebianr, ag etto puy binuag a &eil fylu ar lauer o r.ea 
cnue avonyb a mmi&oea truy'r Dirnaj-, "" ^cij- o le i amme nad i nhu oeo 1 Tiigolion pan roud ir enuc 
hinny arnynt. Nid oeo enu gynt ar ir Avonyb muy kipredinol truy'r dirnaj-, nag «>^, jr hun a )-gri- 
venne Guyr Rhyven Ifia ag Ofia ; ag a eluir ceo truy Loegar yisk, Esk, Vsk ; ag Ax, Ex, Ox, &c. Be- 
Aaz er bod privavon o'r enu hunu I5 Hit»ry, ag yn ara.\ in Nivncint, etto ni bcaAir nag m in Hiaic ni, 
nag \x. Herniueg aru}t5oka& 1 gair ; ag nid Aai over edryA; am danau in 1 Gimraeg a Briconeg Kerniu a 
Aidau ■ na" am 1 gair Avon ir hun f) & enu |iai o avonytj Aoegar in 1 Saejrieg. Aruytjokad 1 gair in 1 Guy- 
oeleg idiu'lJMV- Ag megis 1 mae'r geirie Coojn, Dor^ Stottr. Tame, Dove, Avon, &C. in Aoegar, in kiva- 
sev nad idynt amgcn na'r geirie Kimracg : Kitm, Dtir, Ts dur, Tdv, Dtvi ag Avott, a rruy hinny in da- 
ror mai'r Ktmry oeD i hen Vrodbrion, veAy mae'r Geirie, uysk, Au-,, Kmuy, Ban, Drym, Aexlia, ag 
amryu eriA in da^O)" vod 1 Guydhelod in preruylio gynt m 1 kivryu levytj ; kanyj- ij-tyr 1 geirie in i hiaic 
nhu idyu Dur, Ayn, Privavon, Minydh, Keven a maAuyd ne maen M<yd. Am 1 gair ily^ ne uijge nid oej" 
yn gair araA aiverol ganrynt am dhiir ; ag mi a dibit)- gynt gan amied ir Avonydh in Aoegar, o'r enu imma 
a gaAaye'r gair vod in in hiait; ninne in ir hen amjeroet) ; ond pan nij- medrun gacl i hanej- in lair Ker- 
fiiu nag in 1 Aidaueg ; a x^n ijxiried nad oeb bo)-ibl, pe bije ynuec in 1 Briconeg, ybynt buy a ninne 
eoAi gair mor arverol, ag mor ascnpcidiol i aruydokad, ni A;eve)- i le 'n 1 byd i ame, na by'r Guytjelod 
gynt dro)- 1 duazy ; a darvod in jiieni ni irry 1 jian vuya o honynt i gilio i'l Gogledh a'r Euerdhon, m ir 
yn pynyd ag a darvy ir Rhiveinuyr guedi hinny, in gortj-gin ninne, a Barbaried ir Almaen a Ai^lyn paa 
bipigiob kadernid Rhyven, m herlid o oey i oey, in Tervine pre)-enol. Ni a uelun urc hyn, mor agen- 
jieidiol idyu'r Guytjeleg ir )-aul a gimerant arnyn skrivtny am hmaviec Inyj- Briden ; ag urc barren 1 
pan ginta o'r Aivyi, a guelir hevyd in eglir nad ocf vob 1 gael Guybodec perpec o'r hen Gimraeg, heb 1 
Guybcleg a leicoeb Kerniu a Aidau. Agnid pad edry/i immheAa^; i ganvod hyn na xorlan deved a da- 
blithion: Kanyy puy vyc a liyr a/;o)- am alu Kyt deved in Garlan, er i v6d in guybod mai Beily, hyarth, 
ne Gadlas id)U Lhan ; oni uyr hevyd, v6d i Guybelod in galu IJavad, Caor ? Ne paham ir idyj- in galu 
Guarcheg godro, Guartheg hlithwn; oni liyr mai Blathuin idyu godro in ir laic honno? Ag veAy am laue- 
roeb o eirie nad oc)- in bre)-enol na hamben yu skriveny, nag zzc]- /;uaic oheruyb 1 bod eij-yr in y 
Aivyr. Y pec nefa iu baj;o)-, id.u ; Mai Kiudouduyr o'r Kenhedkedh a alue'r Rhiveinuyr Galli ne Celtas 
oedh tr hen Uybelod ht?my ; a hyn hevyd a vybh eglyr uic bal )-ylu ar gi)-)-ondeb 1 buy inch. Mi a 
ba7;ho)e)- 1 mob, in \ jiagimadrob Seiynig ; ag nid oejr le 1 oyod imma ond ir iPiidig 'j-ample fyb in kalyn ^ 
Ae mae'r geirie kinta o laic 1 Celt^, guedi 1 kinniA a/an o hen livre Aadm. 

AUobro;t;, Albtyd, Eftron Vet. Comment, in Ju- 
ven. Bruach ydyu Bro, ne odre guldd in 1 Guydheleg 
ag^\\z yu Aralh. V'exy Allobro.!i ofi//; eilbhruaA;. 
Aremonci, Guyr y morva ; Armhuirich, & Arm- 
Alpes, Tzeldir, Mmtdhdir. Servius. ^ At am hmny 
a galuodh t Guydhelod tr Skuydir, Alban ; oheruydb 
bod Ty.eld'tr t Dirnas honno tn neffa tir ir Uerdhon ? 
Aufcu, Dtnas Auchs 15 Uafgun. QxS.. At odhiurth 
liysk \dur'] ne avon or yu enu r 
Axona Avo» Ailne; Ailg i_ne liyfg] diir. 
Bardus Pridydh j Baird. 
Belgx Kenedl or Galli. Cx[. Edr. Fir, a Firbolg m 

t Geirl. Guyvheleg. 
Benna, Math o Gerbid. Feft. f Ben. 
Bondincus, Aphuys, Hei> uaelod. Bunghancach & 
Bondhannach. Or G«r Bun [g;</»fW] «gan,ghan, 
ne dhan, Ueb. 
Bracca, Math odkixedyn; Brekan, Hygan amliH ar- 

verol gan tr hoh Uydhelod in tr r^eldir. 
Bulga, Kdd Feft. Bolg, bolgan. 
Cateia, TavlfoTf, Eonuaiu Servius. Gath. 
Celtse, Guyr Gallia. Cacf. Gaedhil [Guydhel] f Cae- 
dhil, Keyil , agmt rhiv >yofog in ol m harver ni, 
Keiliet a Ceilt : Ag wd ahe t Rhvemied skrtvemy 

V Gair hunnu ond naix at Ceihe at Celtse. AW oes 
le xuaith i uyhod, pryn ai am tr yn axos a galuafin 
vi cgledh tr Tnys imma (Kelldhon, a'r Rhiveinied 
Caledonia) ai odhiurth t kocdydh ,- K^Jwy.; Keliadh in 
Uydheleg tr Alban tdyu Koed, etto. 
Crupellarius, Milur a xadpais haiarn. Krub, ai odhi- 
urth 1 gair Kruban dec Krajk negimmu;t. 
Divitiacus Brenm tr Aedui. C^f.^ynvihich oedh enit 
arverol {ontd tdyu etto) im mhlith t Guydhelod ; ag ir 
yn enu tn dhiamme tdyur dhay a Divodog im Mor- 

Uruidae, Deruydhoft; Draoidhe. 
Dunum, Bryn meun enue Trtvydh. Megis m t geirie, 
U;i;ellodunum, JVItilodunum, Neodunum, Vella- 
naudunum, Lugdunum, V'lrodunum, &c. Dun gan 
JJydhelog tr A\hzn,idyu p6b bryn Kaerog ag am hmny 
xauer oi Trevydh a henuir vexy. Tin a D'n oedh t 
gair tm mhlith y Kimry, ag odhitno Tin Syluy a Thin 
Daethuitm Mon, a Dinar uik tn Anion. 
Gocfus Campiur. Serr. Gaifgea^:. 
Leudus, Oudul : Vcrficulos dent Barbara carmina 
kudos, l^enant. Fort L 7. c.8. Laoidh. £(/r. Laoi 
tn t Geirl. Guydhelig. , 

Magus, Maes, meun enue trevydh, megis Magetrobia 
Duromagus, Rigom*gus, Rothomagus, &c. Magh 


AT I K I M R Y. 

tdyu tnaes m t Guydhekg skrhmedig, tr i hod gtiedi 

troi'r Gair m y Ucrdon urth Seijhigo'r niue , t 

Matifco, Tre V'afcon ing IJ'.ad n Acdui. C^^. Ma- 

thuifgc, Diir da. Hei-yd Maejdhur fte dhur Sc vydlyd. 
Palla, Rhyu vdth o uish. Mart. Fallain, Mantex. 
Vcrcingetorix, Tiuyjhg im mhltth ir Arvcrni. Cxf. 

Fear ceaii go turus m t Guydheleg, a -iruydhocd air 
;» air i gur pcjua urch Jr yradaith ; Lhyuiaudur ir 
Hclynt, ficc. 
VLrgafillaunus, Tiuyfog arax or Arverni. C^r. Feir 
gi) Saeljn, i Gtir urth Lymman -, ne ir Aniydhur . 
Aruydkokdd arax tdyu, Skuydur ne Arvur i Brcnin. 
Edr. Saeghlan w ; geirlivir Guydhelig. 

Vcrgobrcrus medh Kacfar otdh Triad ne yaritur in laith ir Aedui. Life us qui Cummo magiftratui prxcrar 
quem yergobretum appellant /Kdy, qui crc.irur annuus & vitx necilquc in ("uos liabcc poteitaccm. Cif. de 
b- Galileo L. I- Bex^K Fear go brcJth air in air, idiu G(\r urth var.i. Ag urth dhal fylu ar i gair ima 
ir amheyes i gmta, mai o'r Galli a deither Gnydhelod, i fcth «/ uelai bexax Ic n t hyd r« amme. Gati in bod 
ni 'n guybod ucician, uru hen bi'.h i Celtx, ng u.c laucrocB o'r hc:i z.naGalcg (nl- Uydheleg) i'ydii cto in 
1 Frennig brel-nnol, mat o Fraij;k a dactli i Guyoclod; pai a rivcDanc vod kimTeint ag (ydh in i iiiaic 
fihu o eiiic Teyt/.oieg nc Exmineg. Ond ir a/:oj- am hinny idyu ohcruya vod i Bclga im mhlic i Galli m 
fiarad Exmineg, vai i maent etto; ag htblau i C(?//<* a tcirant imma, ag a acthant riu OeyoctD hin- 
ny ir Verdhon, ev a caec hevyd rji o'r Belga;; a'r pcini fmcgiy i mac 'n debigol hcvyd gan a Guvdhtl 
Diskcdig Mr. Rkydherch O Klalierty) oet> i Guyr a aluafan: Fir Bolg i jiain a jjcicanc n ctaiit huy ir'Uer- 
Boii, in hir amj'er Kyn i Skuid'ied Gan na bharvy ir Guytselod i hyncn, na neb araA ar a un i, tjal jyiu 
ar 1 Geiric Goglebig i.i i hiaic, nid amhcrcnajol kimhary jiai o honynt ar Sadncggan vod i Sacpieg in yn 
or icvzoctiTeythoneg, cr i b6d guedi tenrikio gync rai geirie o'r G'^rafg , a Aaueroct) ir oej'oeb diuaeca 
o'r Fremg a'r A.adm. Nid oef le in ni goclio mai cbiurc i Siejmeg f osicicr imlicA air) a daec i Gtirie 
ima ir Guy&clgi oblcgd maent iu gneied gan i Guy&elod mcun hen livre, a ikrivennuyd kyn yndeb i 
&uy gcnedl : Ag mae hevyd amnu cine Teythoveg gancynt rad idynt m i Saeyneg In ir Ejamplc fyo in 
kanlyn Guy&e!eg idyu'r geiric kiiita, ar Sae)-nc.g a sknvcnir a Aicrene dyon. Ait, [ac] at. An allod, of 
old. Aoide, youth. As, is. At;:n, [pagral, talec, cojion] hat. Baiter, -water Beirim, to bear. Beic, both. 
Beithir, a bear. BuyJhe [mclyn ! bay. Bnar, [pig pigcA] brier. Broc, a brock or gray. Buidhem, a band. 
Ceachdar, W/^^r. Q.c\AAiO\x\fi,Wedden's day. Can, right. ■fCmg,King. CVctquiU, quillet. Cnaib, [Kiuar;^ ;] 
Belg. Kerinep. Cni^, \ knap, a button. T Coinne fguraig] \ quean. Coibtha, /y!if calf of the leg Craos, to 
caroufe, Q,xy\\sA\\,hard. Q.\M\}a.,c:ird. Cuzn,cave!i,ckaven,haveft. Cnwtt, cheat. CwMwquen, chueti] -Jihen. 
Culaidh, f/oaf^f. Da, /o Dal, </»/• &:dailtha, (/^-^/r. Dii::\,dear. Da:h [Aiu] a </;>. Yicox atear. Divrim, 
to drive. ' daub. Don, dun. Dcs, dijll, thijlle. \^o;chi,dark. Div.adray. Eiiog, lueefel. Eadaa 
[Tdkcn] head Vatleog, hillock, b'ohv, hoUo-dj. Fa\l:e. health | Faol, luo^ Feaoan, Germ /'/f;/. Fovar, 
Fovradh, ^.zrvp/?. ¥o\\,huile, while. Fud fui'eadh, ^Vo«i/. Vor, before. \Frig, (Sexm.fraw, a -v^oman, a. 
vife. YyiZ{\\,V\Xi\.hlid\\, hate, hatred. Q^vim, to goe. Gavuin, c<?.y". Garin, a groa-a. Gome, -JJOunded. 
Gon,hurt. j;GTe,gray. Gru&h iarain, an iron crovj. I & iagh [Inyy] {(Undue fy : Angl. fg Sc ey. 
\QA'i.xi,tov>ards. Is, m. Layun, laighim, /o //^^ ro //^. Leagh, [Mc&ig] a /f^c/'. ].och., black. Logfl'ulh] 
Germ. /w*, Dan. /of^. Luaidhe, /i?^?^/. Lumhan, /<7»^ Migaih, mocking. M'-:is, a mefi. MM,fine. Moid, 
oath. Muinn, burden. Nochdui&he, 7w,W. Oazs, hunger. Oir,/«r. Ohm [ived] «/?. Ohrt, ipooI, -woollen. 
Voc, a buck. Rc?.din, a reed. Reidh, ready. Sid&l, a /addle. Saiv,/wf«. Sir [in vaur dro)' benl Germ 
fehr. Skian,7i^Vyife. Scciv, Jhape. f Sk'.b, afiip. Seachin /hun thou. Seadhi, aja'uj Sei\,n>hile. Scnh, a 
hide. S'nvrayc, fairies. Sio:, ice. SUgan, a Jl.^ell. Sneachd & t Gn,y«oty Smc3.r:iah, beji/iearing. Soiv.keal, 
go/^el. Sreid, a herd. Snng.JIring. Sreav \ /crib Srenmh] Tachxh., to dig. Tmiilim, to tarry. 
TdiTngtheoh, a drawer. Tin (igh, a thi-ejl'o^d. Tcngi, a tongue. Turn, drie. 1 oirfcach, f;>*flf. T;ugh, 
tough, thick. Uavan [leg. iiavan] an oven, Uaillygim, to haul. 

Nid ocf gen i, ond hyn yu buedyd in brejenol, am laii: a Boneb i Guy&elod. Ag oheruyb bod hyn 
ima, er Acied idyu, in kinuyj- di;iraigion na )onuyd am liariynt or bhen, a deuij-ej" i eihocbi m gmta in 
Gimr.icg. Oy gueoa urc vod jiai o Uyr diykedig in Guild ni, haub a gcAir i jknvcny n htheca;; amj-er 
araA meun iaic muy gipredin. Am genedl i Bntanied, mae'n ajenpeidiol amgena/; guybodec nag (yb gen 
i eto, a miiy o le yu holjien oi haber lu )"m6nyb, na A;ivingder A cyr anner^:. Ond pag dibenny i pi- 
gimadrob ima hcb buedyd dim, KimeruA; i pe- fyb in kanlyn iShylA; yn o Lcd-leicocb tirnay Fraingk 
ar glffinie'r Ifpaen. 

U.X barAen Trioedh Inys Briden, ir pain a tkr.vennuyd im marn Mr. Vaughan O Hengurt, er i^hyl^; 
mil o vliniboeb, nid aAun amgen r.a dal )•) lu ar i geirie imma. Tndydh arian>y Inys Briden a aeth gan 
GafuaAon vab Beli, a Guenuynjyn a Guanar veibion Ai;u vab Kuyvrc, ag Aryanpod ver^; Beli y mam. 
j4r Guyr hirniy o Erz a Heled panvanhoedhynt. jig a aethant gtda XayuaAon y heuyzr ar uysi i Ke))aritd, 
c'r Inys honn. Sev xe i mae i guyr hir.ny in 'U-)'gU) n. Sev rhivedi a aeth ganthynt yn mil ar higeint. Or 
bay ly araA a henuayye'r audur o'r blacn i kmta a aece gan Irp Lyibog i Aixlyn in amyer Gadhyal i Btry 
[q. an I. vab Iri'] a'r ail gan Elen Lyeoog a Maxen Uledig i Lidau. a ;ean vod hiny ij;hylA; A- D. ji^^. 
ag a guebe mat 'n viiy oiuefcar, ag veAy in agoj" i amjer ir audur ir aece'r tridyb Ay, mi a vuriey i vod e 
raiA ai'n kamgimeryd enu'r Tiuyyog ai bod Kafuaxon al> Beli araA hebbu *r Tiuy) og a imlabob ag lyl 
Katfar. Ond gan i vod in galu a piveinuyr Ke/faried, cv a aAe vebul Kafuaxon vab Beli maur, 'ab Mi- 
nogan. Bibed hinny, val i vinno ; gan vod guir diame ran oi batkaniad ; ni J amgcn na mined Britin'cd o'r 
Iny)- ima i Ltdau; a Kin vod Guyr Guafguyn m arvery Kimiykiaic o Fremg a piu hen laic araA, mi a 
dibiey nad over isun nag amhercnayol, edr_, x uidig yu hiair. Rhai geirie Kimraeg afiuybelega barAenep 
mci, ond oi hiytiried druybi in hoAo!, ir he.i Romaunt I ne Rtveritiethy'^ ligredig ij^hydgimyyg a'r hen 1ff>ae- 
veg a'r Galeg idiu hi. Or amriu eirie Kimr;eg a cdiey yylu mci, i jiai muya hinod oeb 1 pain fy'n kan- 
lyn. Ach, OX- Aco & aqui a;t«. Adouzilha/i.'/y. Amagat [Kybiedig'l otk»«/: OT»|ttr ;?■/«>, ^f. iOmuy 
muy. Aro,aron ; triian. Arreire, H b. do reir, ar 61. AfJa, H b fcolt, ho>ti. Aigo [aifgo] Hib. aifge, eifgr, 
uifge ; Dur: ag or gair ima val i mae 'n debigol, idaec i Aid'mAqua. Birgti bragio xt'n ve giuarx. Biu- 
toire bloditir : bluroire idyu kijf vlaud. Bayfaduro del pabifeau • marque [rnedh i Kivieythydh Frennig"! 
qui eft a cote du pain lots qu'il a elie preffe au four. Vexy Pabiieau^x pcbez G»yr Kernyu viz,. Pobydh. Bern 
[vern] uern., pre?; guemen, Hib, Fern Bernu pcfcayru Bernard biskur, vii Bernard biskodur : veXy a ga- 
liiant t kryr glds. Berrec idyit'r tap aeilu'r Skuydied Btircd [Gal. 6c Angl. Bonccj ag odhturth i Aidaueg bur 
pen, (buriua in i Kmiavreg) i diu'r gair. Bigar / pigur : vexy a galuant i guybedyn xuyd a eilu rhai Robyn i 
gtrur. Blou bey, boy i eiJion in i geirie, beydy, boydy,i!^c Brama, ^rfx'^ ; agin 61 ir hen skrivnidhieth, bremi, 
<» brema. BrA(\'iZ breiziad v\z kovled ne goeled Britnz prrvyv: vexy a galuant ureinin. Budel bydhel. Ca- 
biiou keibr : Corn. ^ Arm. keibrou, keibirou. Cadeno [Hifp.cadena] Kaduen Cagal, cagaillou, kagal, kagle ,- 

e X Dial 

AT I K I M R Y. 

Dial. Ceni & Arm. in plur. num. Caglou. Cayre i'/Vr. CayfTal [ys cayfal, fcayfar] skithyr i.e. Kildhanr. 
CaiUhols; Nous en caillhols [Gal. Nous fommes perdus] mcgis fe dueter tn Gimraeg: Nl yn golh ulh; 
kolhedigyn ni. Cap co^a : htiy at arierant am dcrvjn fob pi'th^ val pen m t Gimraeg : Cap d'an,/if« i v/uy- 
dhyn Carrado carred. Chiu chiu, Kiu : Am i vdd a mielo Kiu ir arveravt. Chi, ki. Maent m bttyno m t 
y\iv l-yofeg a'r Aidaueg; ga}i dhuedyd Chichoua chichcr,&C. ClabaX-/oi, kluiv, f ctoib. Chpa k/apio. Crane 
krajigk. CreLQ.[Corn~\cre'z.i,credy. Qxiti^i gridhvan . Cunh ^;'». Cnrz kueirio :, Hevyd kyro : Cura les lu- 
erts Kyro /.igetd. Daban i bavt ; o> Aadin ab ante, medh rhai. Darno Darti : Darno de Salmou Ga/. Tranch 
de Saumon. Dibendres [divcndses] q d. diuener, in /.e, dydhGuener: Ag ve>y Dijau.'i Dydh lay, Dimars 
dyttmanrth, Dimccres dyumer-^er. Dom dyn: Paure dome dyti tylaud. El [Ai,'<ad] +Jcl ajil tn ir hen Gna- 
raeg; ago'omoi gair^\K^j^am edryx,a'l Aunuegjel/at. E&zniJle'nL fiannma. Fiy fay : Fujyahf giiydh fay: 
Prea arverol ing Vent a Morganug. Lac. Fagtis : Kanys kamgtmeriad idyu galu pren fimii.'uydh )-auy& i)al 
:r arvertr tvg'Vynedh. Vcnno i 'veniu. Fh : /hac. Fhyrou [a.rog\~\ fleirio. Fu g^roa, Fn guare : Fe^y 
luant fagle giiyt Ivan, ne dan Iitan; t peth fydh arverul hevyd gauthjn nkit a xan iiyr Atdau^ gijfal ag m 
Neheybarth. Fourra herrio, annog: Fourra un gous, ajinog Ki. Qm ro gar, iocs: Garrou ioes molht, heget 
keiliog. Gourgounil gorgorol .1. 7-hagoroi. Goutra cardid, cardiduyn ; Arm. guidorot. Edr.Vlg. pz%^. Gous, 
gdfi: goxiKtt coliiymie gi bizan: gouUliS, giiaetgi.batheyad. Gnpas, h-opp!o,i:roppta». Graupinaia, J^r//;- 
nio. Grougmut guraxiod ; Pifgod man. Guerlhe idytt Ihtgatraus: an q. d. W. giiyrlhyg? Guignu giiinkio, 
an q. guingo Mgeid} Hauro \amfer\ m aur. Langoufto legejl a geilii Guyr V^erinu, gmimitx.. Laura Ibavyro : 
a. ai c&urc i gair Aawr tn ir hen oejhcdh a daeth i Aadin labor, laboro, &c. ag or Aadlii eilxvalth i gair 
Mvyro. Liri [an | lilVi ? liltn ?] Elejlr. Lou^a, >^ogi. Lugies,^Corn lagas, Ihiged. Manat [^/r;W] f mt- 
naid. M2.ndto\Auynog\ madyn, madryn : in t Giiyoeleg madre riiadh [.\. Ki ko'z} yu kadno ne luynog 'ag tn i 
Frenni'^, mzdrc yu dyn dix.e>gar . M^no maulhuyn, davad. Matx& maharen, \a. hurdh. Mime; Breviad 
cen : Me c'efi la voix dun agneau, qui bek : [Merre, agneau, mouton, c'efi un terme d'enfatit'] Did. Mound. 
Muda mydo ; fimmyd i le arax. IV'UiJol melyn ; ni arverir eithir am vclyn liy, a xoden eyryx. Pic pig. Peg 
pyg. Vopou biibaz. Qui/ve. liiyaud rhifod, rhi]]odyn. Raftel r/jc/?/. Tiexo turz : Ond am iiiix ir ar- 
•verant t gair :, vail i Frangcod, i gair \ tiuis a truic. Tnga trigo hir aros. Trcuneire trane. 

Yn ki)-ondeb araA yyb genc)nt a'r Brithoneg, idyu vod i Berve in i Mo'dh anorfen, in tervmy m <« ; 
rnegi)- Barata bradixy, Barbe^.a barbio {ne eixio~\ a barrcxa kimifgy; in 61 arver Guyr Kerwiu ijiain a bue- 
dant perna am brtny., krena m Ae kriny., tuna ovni., &c. ag njd in r, val a maent in i Frhiig. Meun ki- 
uy& a jkrivenuyd i bendcvigion i ukd hono, a aecant i'r If^aen i rivela in i vluybyn 1365-. * mae jiai o 
enue'r Guyr hevyd, kyn debiked ir enue aarvere'r Kimry gynt, a'r reliu or Bntanied hyd nad oej- vsur 
le i ame nad ir yn enue idynt. Ex. gr. Mouric Meuric, Cenon Cyiiaw, Talairan Talhayar?/, Goyrans Ge- 
rens, Ganelu Kyndhelu [& Kmhelu] G'lcon [& Leon] Gua\on, Guytrad Guerthydh, &c. Ag nid aA Gou- 
delin., 1 pndytj pena o'r jiai a )krivena)ant in ir yaic liono, vod ond ir yn enu an Guydhelin ni ; er bod 
pob yn o'r Day in duad (mjc'n dcb;gol ] o'r Aadin, VtteUinus. Ond am 1 gair Bab a arveranc in gipAtcdig 
meun enue, mcgij- Dab— Joan d' Ambres. Dab Guefclin &c. gan nij- giin mui aruybokad ni Ai'nigiai bivaiy 
mai 'r yn pec idyu ag ab., na Davydh ab : EdryA,ecl 1 darAenyb a vo 'n hijpifaAi ar ir laic ag m i hen skri- 
vnade, ai veAy nnae. Hevyd nid peAa-i nag enue'r Guyr, rai o enue'r Acvydh in ir yn Kiuydh : Megij- 
Chabano)- Kevne, [t >tfi»f] Garrigus Kerig, Duel BuaUl, Virmes, Uy?iedh [Dial. Corn. 17/ wz] Guynedhi 
Blainaco Blaini'i'g, Montaudran Minydh Aedhren, Montcfquiu M. Iskau, a Carabodas Cae'r bedu ne . Gaer 
Vodax,. A Kuibinag a xuilie jkrivnadc'r Mina;elogy&, a by;;et)e Seint 1 ulad hono ev a OarAenc'n tJiame 
laueroetj mCiy. 

Nid oc)- gen i beAa;^ vaur yu aj;uanegy, ond bod in ascnpeidiol ribitio 'r darAenys nad idyu neb m 
jiuymedig i bal )ylu ar varn in i bvd in erbyn 1 Aivyr ima, oni bys 1 gur ai gogano, in deaA heblau Aadin 
a Saefneg, naiA ai Ktmraeg., ai Aidaueg., ai laic Kerniu, ai GuySeleg. Mi ai k'nigicj- 1 amryu o Livruyr Ayii- 
den, o)- guelent in &a 1 gihoebi. Ond gan na ;Kimerent mo hono, mi ai hargrape)' ap ij^h6)-t vi hynan. 
BcAaA: ev a liyr paub fy 'n gidnabi&y)- ag arverion Aynden, a gogenir pob Aivyr pan uelir in 1 tydalaa 
kinta, mai ir Audur y hyn, agnid i yn or Aivruyr, ae hargrafuyd. A miny;c a kliuir nid ininig in lAi- 
virday, eicyr heblau hiny meun imbeA Gofdy, uyr in drmigy Aivre, er na oeaAant nai hij-tyr, nai Guaj-a- 
nec Ni t)iA;on neb ond naiA ai Guyr o Gimry, ai o Txeldir ir Alban, ai or 'Uerbon vod varnur kiva&a)- ar'i 
Aivyr ima : Ag urc varn fkolheigion 1 guledys hiny, of imarverant a laic i br6, heblau leicoes eriA, ir iduy'a 
vodlon i jeviA ; Ond am 1 jiai eriA ai ken&o, pob gur a garo biiyA a ;i:iviounder, a givabev nad ocj- na 
jiaid nag zxoy yu gurando. 

Ev a eiA vod bet: Aai trail am)-er ir (JarAenyb, oy kovia vod 1 Geirhvyr Aadiit a Ximraeg &c. in helae- 
Zix ar 61 1 Airiren H; ag am hiny a byo gucA Ae bitro geirie Aadin kydijcyr, edry;<; am air a 5e;ercyo a 
jiiu linren o hiny aAan. Am 1 difig in i Aicrene o'r blaen, maer a;ioj- in ir ail tydalen or Rhagimadrob 
Seipiig. T IT. IL 

Urc ailbarAen in pihuyr 1 iiejter o enue'r Bonebigion ovhen i pagimadrob Sae)"neg, ir idui'n gueled vod 
in biledyj- arnai, kyn dibeny hyn o bapyr givabev imi a^hovio 'r Mar.i;og anpidtby)- Sir Gr. Williams O 
Varl, ag hevyd enue pai Plafe Bonebigion in Sir Von a Sir Carnarvon, oblegid nad oebynt skrivnedig in i 
papyr a berbinies; ond obamuain ev a biuigir 1 di):ig hunu amjer araA 

Am 1 reliu or Guaic, 1 kubul )yb gen i iu buedyd idyu, vod m vi mryd fdruy 'uiAyj- Dyu a gannyattaob 
gubulhay i Aivyr ima_) gihoeby o leiav yn araA gimmeint ag m'e, im mha yn a kinhuij'ir Geirhvyr o If to- 
riae Brenhinoeb, Tuyjogion, ir hen. Bendevigion, 1 Trevyb ar KeftiA, ir Egluyj-yb ar feint a'r hoA uyr a'r 
Aevyb erJA hinod, oGenedl 1 Briiamed, a gribuyAir am danynt meun hen jkrivnade. Ond am ir amjeri 
mi a gevej- ey)y)- vi nhuyAo kyn vmued in ir Argrapdy ; ag hevyd druy gamvej-yr vi hynan, 1 dravel j-yb 
ajenpeidiol 1 jgnveny 'r vac livre, oni bifgejr nad guiu enui oed in 1 byd am i kihoeby. In 1 kivamj-er 
puy binag a uel inba, banvon hi)bi)iuyb am ryu hen skrivnade ar gerig, i pai a dibyir na uelej- eyfy)-; ne 
e;cuyna pyu hen'livyr Kimraeg, skrivned;g ar vemrun (ne adj-kriv o vemrun) in anngipred pyii dej-tyn na 
noduyd ag L, m pejter 1 Aivre Kimreig t, ev a eiA uneycyr daeoni kifredin druy gihoeby 1 pec j-yb uebyj- 
yu ginat ar gofaburiec ; ond prya bin»g ev a uneip or Aeia, gimmuynaj- iu ;ijovio 'n biol.>;gar 1 reliu oi 

Ix Guaj-naecur Fiblon. 

E. L. 

* Recueil des Poetes Gafcons. Premiere Partie. viz. Las obros de Pierre Goudelin, e le Dicciounari fur h 
Lcngo Moundino. A Arafterdam per JD. Pmn 8°. 1700. p. 3J4.. IM, 6? p- 3fi?- t V^id. L. p. zy4. 




TIT. I. 


O R 


TH E Defign of this Firft Volume, being, The giving fome Ac- 
count, additional to what has been hitherto publifn'd, of the 
Ancienteft Languages of Britain and Ireland , with regard to 
their Changes or Akeration into various Dialedts ; and the 
Analogy they bear to thole of our neighbouring Nations ; it 
feems neceflary to premife Ibme General Obfervations about the 
Diflferent Ule and Pronunciation of Words ; whence proceeds the Divifion of 
a Language into Dialedts ; which upon further Changes, growing unintelligible, 
become in Time diftindt Languages. 

I am very lenfible that Etymological Obfervations, have been look'd upon 
but as a Trifling and Groundlels Dilquifition ; and the Prefervation of Anti- 
quated Languages, thought a Service of no ule to Letters. But as the Learned 
' Fofftus and Father i' Befmer have fatisfi'd the Ingenious, as to the Ufefulnefs of 
the one; Sol dare prefume that upon the Publifliing the ^Thefaurus Linguarum 
Veterum Septentrionalium^ now alinoft Printed, the World will be abundantly con- 
vinc'd of the NecelHty of the other. I fliall chule therefore rather to refer 
the Reader to thofe Learned and Ingenious Differtations, than detain him by 
repeating here what has been already fo well done by others : And fliall onely 
acquaint him, that whereas all Languages have not onely their peculiar Ortho- 
graphy , but have even alter'd That , diverle times fince their firft ufe of Let- 
ters; I have in this Comparative Etymology ^ made ule of a more General Alpha- 
bet in the writing the IVelJh^ CorniJJj , Armoric and Irijh ; whereby fuch as are 
unacquainted with thofe Languages will Pronounce the Words much truer ; and 
they that underftand them, will find no occafion of miftakes. This is not done 
out of any intent of propofing an Alteration of the Orthography, the Cornijb 
excepted, of any of thele Languages ; for they have lels need of it, than either 
Englijh or French ; tho" it niuit be own'd , that fliould it be made ufe of, ic 
would prove much eafier to the Learner, and fbmething readier for Practice. 
The rea(bn then, I make ufe of this General Alphabet, is becaufe it frequently 
removes thofe falle Colours wherewith the different Orthography of thefe Lan- 
guages have difguis'd their Words; in fb much, that according to the Alpha- 
bet of each Nation, many words that are indeed but the fame as to Pronun- 
ciation, appear fo very different, that fucli as arc not acquainted with each 
Language, nor accullom'd to Etymological Obfervations, can hardly- difcern 
their Affinity. For inftancc, the Weljh word for a J^ver , is according to our 
modern Orthography Jfon., according to the Irifli Abban and Amhan^ but pro- 
nounc'd by both, Avon.^ excepting that in fome Countries the Irifli Pronuncia- 

a Ger. Joannes Vojjii Etymologicon Lingusc La- c Hickefii Ling. V'etc. Septcntrion. Thcfaurus Grwn- 
tinae. b DHcours fur la Science dcs Etymologies. matico-Cricicus & Archeologicus ; cui pra;iniQa, de 
Nid. Diftionairc Etymologique de Monl". Menage. Linguarum iitarum ufu & dignitatc Diflerc Epift. 

A tioo 


tion is Owan. The Britijb for a Prince or Sovereign is Teyrn, the /r//& for a 
Z,or^ is Tighearna^ but pronounc'd 'Tiarna^ (o that the Difference is very little 
ia Pronunciation , and both' rnake but the lame with the Gree\ and Latm Ty- 
rannus^ as indeed Avon is no other than Amnii: and fo in many hundreds of 
other words. Nor is the Difference much lefs between the Weljb Orthography, 
and the Armoric : The word that fignifies Flejhj is according to the former, writ- 
ten Cigy according to the latter ^tc; but pronounced by both I(^g: So Celyttj 
Holly [Arm. §luelen'] muft be read i(f/yn, &c. 

The Defign then, of this Comparative Etymology being to fliew that Languages 
receive their Origin from an Accidental Difference either in the Acceptation 
and Ufe, or elfe in the Orthography or Pronunciation of Words, and an Ad- 
dition or Omiffion of Syllables ; I thought the following Alphabet in the Pro- 
nunciation whereof moft Languages agree i the fitteft for writing the above 
mention'd ; but lliall in the Irifi Dictionary , and upon other occafions, make 
ufe of their own Orthography. 

'The General Alphabet made ufe of in the Wellh, Cornifli, Armoricfl»<^Irifh. 

.•J ,'.;; :. ' "^:^' '~^ 

A. b. K- d. dh. e, f. 5. {or g.) gh, h, 1. k. 1. Ih. m. n o. p. r. rh. f. ih. t. tli. U. v y.- y. 7.. ih 

\' \ 

X. Is Pronounc'd as by the Modern ^Greeks or as Ch. by the J^Vel/h^^d Irijb. 

Dh, As tlie Englijfj Th. in the words This, That^ &c. !,^.j 

G or 5. Always as the German G. or as in Engltjh before a. o. and y^t^ 

Sh. As much fofter than x- as G. is fofter than K. 

I. As in Englip in the words Win, JQn j but never as in Wind, Kind, &c. 

Lh. Is peculiar to the Weljfj, and is to L. as Th. to T. 

Th. Is always Pronounced as in Englijli'm the words Thought], Thifiki never 
as in This, Thither, Whether, Father, Brother. 

U. or u as the Englijb 00. where Note that u before a vowel makes a diftindl 
* Syllable. 

y. As the Englijh I in the words Third, Bird; O in Honey, Money, U in 
Mud, Muji, &c. 

Zh. Is as much fofter than the Englip Sh. as Z. than S. 

A. Denotes a long vowel, as Mor [Great] is pronounced as the EnghJJj word 
Morei and Man [Small] as Mane. In molt words of two Syllables, the 
Accent is in the former, in the Wtljh , Cormjlj and Armonc , and in thole 
of more, in the Penultima. 

t Prefix'd to any Word, fhews that its now obfolete, or at leaft not general- 
ly uled; but occurs in mss. 

All the others are Pronounced as in EngltJIj, and no Letter ever changes or 
lofes its Pronunciation , excepting in the IriJIi , the ancient Orthography 
whereof has been much better prefer vd than its Pronunciation i as is ma- 
nifeft from many inftances wherein they agree with the Weljh and Ar- 
moric in the former ; but fail in the latter ; Pronouncing as different from 
what they write, as the French. 

The Pronunciation here exprefled by Dh. and Th, is us'd by the Weljh and 
Cornijb, and in fome Parts of Bafs-Bretagne -, That by Gh. diftindtly by the 
Bajs-Britans, and more foftly by the Irtjlj and Scots. Lh. and Rh. are pe- 
culiar to the Weljh i Sh. to the Irijh , and Zh. to the Cornijh and Armo- 
ric. The reft are common to all. 

The Auxiliary h. fo frequent in thefe Language?, might have been omitted in this 
General Alphabet i by ufing other Ancient or hxotic Letters, befides the 5 and 
%. butcuftoni having made it obvious and familiar to other Languages, I thought 
it a lefs eye- fore than a more mixt Alphabet j and have therefore only intro- 
duc'd X- to obviate the Readers Pronouncing Ch. as in Englijh, and S leaft he 
fhould read G before E and 1 as in the words Gentle, General, Magijlrate, &c. 

a Vid. lUieeltr's Travels, p 3^4.. 

3 The 


The Origin of Dialcds which ( as is before obferv'd ) become in time diftindi 
Languages} happens 

I I. From the Jlteratton of the uje of veords^ by applying them to Jignify different Na- 

\tio>is from thofe already receivd. 

\ II. From an Accidental 'Tranfbojition of Letters or Syllables. 

in. From an Addition or SubJhaHion of them ; which is fometimes Cafual, and fome- 
'times Jndrifirious, for Improvement. 

IV- From ujing different Prepojitions in Compounds^ or different Terminations. 

V. From a Change of Letters on account of Alifpronunciation. 

VI. From the ufe of Foreign words j either Introduced by Conquefl or borrovp d from 
thofe Nations with whom we have Trade and Commerce. 

All which, in regard there may be frequent occafions of having Recourie 
thereunto, I thought not amifs to Exemplify at large in the following Remarks, 
on the Alterations of that which we take to have been the Firft Language of 
this Iflandi and to Parallel thofe Examples, with the like Obfervations in Refped: 
of the Ancient and Modern EngliJJj^ and fbme times other Languages. 


A Deviation of Senfe : Or Dif- 
ferent Notions of IFbrds that are 
either literally tke farfie^ or manifejf- 
ly of the fame Origin, tho dijhnd 
as to Orthograj>/y, or Pronuncia- 
tion or both. 

C O R N I S B 

BAnhadlen in We^]}, fignifies 
Broom; Corn. BynoUan , 
A Beejom. 
Brithilh , A Trout i Corn. 

Bleu, Hair ; tut not us' 4 for a Head 
of hair, as in Cornifb^ BlcU an 
pedn, the hair of the head ; JBleU 
glaz, gray hairs, &c. 

Dum L in Weljb and Irijh ] the Fiji, 
Corn and Arm. the hand. 

Fos, A gutter ; Corn Aval!: Fos 
cfliyi, the It all of a houfe, &C. 

Gar, The ham; Corn. & Arm. 
the Leg. 

Guiilen, A Rod; Com. Guclan,<i 
yard: Guclan gol, the fail-yard. 
So Lhath [ or Lhathen ] -which is 
the nwderji W'clft] for a yard ; 
fignified anciently a rod ; as the 
IriJhSht doth fl ill 

Gucrn and -ocn, An Alder tree; 
Corn, the Mafi of a Ihip. Guer- 
nen is us'd in the fame fcnfe in 
G lamorganlJiire and I.ow-Bri- 
tain, and in both Countries, it alfo 
Jignifies an Alder. 

j Kalav, Stubble j Corn. Strom. 

Kauelh, A hampire, or any fuch like 
_ basket i Corn. Kauai, a Bee-hhie 

Kruth, ^ croud; Corn Kroud, a 

Kuragl, A fort of Boat cover dvith 
korfe skins, or pitch' d canvas, us'd 
»» Wiles, Ireland and Scotland. 
Com. Gurhal, A Ship. 

Bras, Fat ; Molh: bras, afatwea 
ther i Com Great or large : Me- 
an brai, <z great ff one; Lygod- 
zhan vras, a rat, &c. 

t Lhaudur&Lhodr. A pair of bree- 
ches ; Com. Lodr, plur. Lydrau 

Ob S.I. Sense Of W ores 

flockings. This has happen'd be- 
caufe the old Troufe tvas Breeches 
and Stockitigs in one Garment , 
tvhich is ft ill retain d in the High 
Lands of Scotland j and in Jeveral 
other Countries. 

Lhe^;, [Dim. Lhe;i;en] Abakeftone; 
alfo a Grave fto7ie or any broad 
flat ft one. Corn. Lehan, a ftat. 

Lheyad, The moon; Corn. Lowas, 

Lhudun/» VJe\n\,ftgnifies theXoung 
of fever al Animals, anfivering to 
the Latin , pullus ; as Lhudun 
guydh, Pullus anferiim : So Ka- 
feg a Lhudun, Lhudun hydh , 
Lhudun gavar, (^c. In the Cor- 
nifh Lodzhon is onely a Bullock , 
and Ledzhek, a Heifer. 

Peth W A thing;Corn. goods, riches: 
Peth tfiiyi , houfehould goods. 

Poer, Spittle; Corn. Pur, Snivel. 

Puys, IVeight; Corn. Puz, Heavy 

Tad gwyn, A Step father; Com 
Taz gwydn [&Sirawydn] a 
Grajid-father, and Dama wydn, 
a Grand-mother. 

Tenewyn, The Flank; Cor. Ter- 
neuan,<7y?</f ; Terneuananauan, 
the hank of the Rrjer. 

Ttth, A Teat or Dug ; Corn. Te- 
than, a Corn's Udder. 

Yskyren, A Billet ; Corn. Skiran, 
a Bough. 

A R M o R I c. 

Krog [y Grog] A Rood or crofs 
Armor. Krug, a gallows. 

la, Ice, Arm. & Corn. Jen, Cold 

Ovnog , FearfuU i Arm. Aunik , 

Gall, A Bitch; Arm. Gift, A 

fPauen is us'd fometimes for a Haitd: 
Arm. ?m, A Hoof : PaUiVIarch, 
The Herb Colt's-foot. 

Kennin , Leeks ; Arm. Kingen , 

RhaUn, Horfe hair ,- and not us'd in 
\\!t\{hfor any other : Arm, Reyn 
M6ch, Hog shrift les. 

A r 

Obs. L Sense Of Words 

Hua;, a Sow ; Arm. any Swine 

t HuAjgues, a wild Bore : \ Hux. 

Spas, a Hog. So formerly in Weljh; 

whence Guydhux, c- wild Bore; 

&ByrhUAi, a Badger. 
BTon,ABreaft; Lat. Mamma. Arm. 

Bron bey^;, an Udder. 
Rhydh, Reddj/h ; Arm . Ryuz, Red . 

Guin ryuz. Claret. 
Alht, An A/cent; Ir. Alt, a Valley. 

yn aur, No-m. Ir. an Qair, when. 
Balch, Proud; Ir. t Bailk, Bold 
Bio in Armor. and Northern Welfll, 

ftgnifies a Countrey ; Ir. Bry^; , the 

Border of a Countrey. In Gla- 

morganjhire Bro is us'd for the 

Lower or Maritim fart of the 

Brayny, To rat or corrupt ; Jr. Bre- 

ine and Breanadh,y?;»^. 
Karreg, Aftone; Ir. Kairrig, a 

Ky, Dear or well beloved ;h. Kyv, 

Kephyl,y?Ho»y?,Ir. Y.o.^i\.,amare, 

excepting in Munfter, where its 

us'd for a horje. 
Kefer, Hail; Ir. Kafair, a ftjower. 
Kar, AKinfman; Ir. Kara, a fiend. 
Kelwydhog , Lying ; Ir. Kealga;^, 

fKerdh, A Trade; Ir. Keard, a 

Gold-Smith ; a Refiner; a Tinker. 
KJav, Sick ; Ir. Klav, Scorbuttck. 
Klaur, A Lid, as of a Cojfer.&cc. 

Ir. Klar^ A board or table. 
Mam, A Mother ; Ir Muime, a 

'Niin,A Grand-mother. Ir.f Naing, 

A mother. 
Yfgavn, Light; Ir. Skeinmncach, 

^luick, adixe. 
Kleiria/;, An old man; Jr. Klei- 

rea^;, a clergyman. 
Klog & KJogwyn, Afteep Rock i 

Ir Kloz, " Stone. 
Kuyn, Complaint i Ir. Koineadh, 

Korn, A Horn; h. a drinking-cup. 


Obs. I. Sense Of Words 

Lhcs, frojit i good fer-vicei It. Lei- 

as, Cure, remedy. 
Kyvoeth, [iSc Kymoth] mcha; 

Ir. KuvaAjd, Poioer. 
Gudhv, A 'Neck i It. fKiuh, a 

Lhvg, Lig'^t i Ir. La, JD^;-. 
Davad, A Sheep; Ir. Dav, <t« Ox- 
D3.nx.,ATootbi Ir.fDmt, a morfel. 
Tavod, ^ Towgae ; Ir. Dead, a jam. 
Dry;K, A Looking-gUfsi Ir. Dreak 

ir« Image or Statue. 
Eira,5»o5»iIr. Er6g&Oire6g, If^- 
Gavel, Holt; Ir. Gaval; a Fork. 
Trogan., A Tike [Lat Ricinus] 

Ir. Dearagan, a Flea. 
Dilhad, Affarel ; Ir. Diallaid, a 


E N G L I H. 

Such Occurrences are no lefs fre- 
quent in rejpeH nf the Ancient and 

Obs. II. Words Obsolete Obs. II. Words Obsolete 

\ r»i.- V I A r K n. In SoM E Dialects, And 

Retaind In Others. 

Detr ; but toa! formerly any Beafi; 
tho' froperly, iu it jJ^ouldfeem, £- 
quivalent to Animal; as is yet the 
■tpord Thier in the High-Dutch. 
So the VVeljh, Hydh and Irifi 
Fiadh, -which fignifies a Stag; 
feenis but the fame vith the Gerr 
man Viehj Vecus. 

f Han c?" Manna [novtoritten Henj 
tons us' d fur Cock as rpell as Hen ; 
?p/v»f?Han-cred//.'c time ofcock- 
croTPtng, Holt-hana, a Jf-'ood-coci, 
&c. As is fill the German Han, 
and Dutch, Haen. 

fBriddc [or Bird'\ teas the young of 
any Fowl; as a Chick, a GoJlmgMc. 

O B S E R V A T. II. 

To this Obfervatiov ( which as well 

Modern Eng/ijh : as SPe find by the \ at the reft that follow, might be in- 

foUorcing Examples. \finitly exemplified out of thefi and 

fCneoht or Cniht; was not an-\ other La?iguages ) we may fubjoin 

. i'mitly any Title of Ho?iour ; but \ that of words growing to difuje in 

pgnifed at firfl a Boy or Xouth; \one Dialed., but continued mothers. 

as L'eorning ( hliht, a School-boy, i In an old Cornijk * Vocabulary at the 

and afterwards {as it does yet in Cotten library, 1 found (amongfi 

theDanilh)aServa7it, for Ccft- many more) the following Britijh 

cnihtas were Market-Staves. words , which are vow difus'd by the 

t Ealdur I or Elder] was us'd for- ' Cornilh . but fill imderjlood by the 

merly for a Prince 

f Cwen, A7iy woman ; Eald cuen, 
an old woman. Properly afiy Fe- 

■f< Man was anciently apply'd to both 
Sexes : oi W if-man, a woman ; a j 
•wife ; Maeden-man, a maid, &c 

t Orzfignifted a Coyn as well as Ozr; 
but the former Acceptation is now 

f Beam was any Tree, -whence the 
prefent Acceptation of it for the 
Lat. Trabs. Cillen-beam was a 
Chefnut-Tree, Ciris-beam a cher- 
ry-tree, Elen-beam an Olive-tree. 
And hence the names of Horn- 
beam and Quicken-beam, ftillm 

t Clugga [whence the word Clock] 
fig7!ified anciently, a Bell. 

I Cnaep, Abutton ; whencethe name 
of the Herb Knapweed. 

\'^\m,Number ; whence Rim-craeft, 
Arythmetic : Hence Rime or 
Rhythm,/**- meeter. 

t Ham {or home] fignified a houfe : 
Hamwyrc the herb houfe-leek. 

t Leac [ now Leek ] feems to have 
fignified formerly any Pot-herb , 
for we find a Garden was called 
Leac- tune : and a Gardener Leac- 
weard ; imlefs we Jhould rather 
fuppofe that Lceks might have 
been the Herbs of Greatefl ufe a- 
mongft the old Englijh ; and that 
they therefore call d their Gardens 


jAbtT,Thefallofa lejfer water into 
a greatter ; as of a Brook into a 
River or Ltjke ; or of a River ijito 
the Sea. 

t Altruan, j' Wall. Elhdreuin ] A 

fAnkar, A Hermit. 

tAnia;>;j If'cak, Infirm. 

fBaedh, A Boar. 

t Bardh, A Mimic k or Jejier [ W . 
a Poet. ] 

f Bath, Cow ; a7id Bathor, a Coyner. 

fBeler [Wal. Beair] Crejfes. 

t Blaidh, A mif. 

fKadiir, A Souldier , a Champion. 

f Kaith , A Servant ; a Slave : 
Kaithes, a Mayd. 

fKall, Crafty or cunning. 

fKaurvar;t, A Camel. 

t Keiiok leden, A Grafs-hopper . 

t Kelli, A Grove. 

f Kinedhel , A Generation. 

t Kiuydduyvron, The breafi-. 

t Kor, A Dwarf. 

t Koneiriok, Mad, DiflraHed. 

t Kreis, A Shirt or Smock. 

t Kryk, A tnmp or hillock. 

fKyniav [ Wall. Kynhaiav 1 ..^«- 

fKydhon, APigeon. Hinc Wall. 

t Dar, An Oak 

t Dehoules, Suutherjmood. 

t Deneuoid, A Bullock. 

t Diogel, Secure. 

fEhog, A Salmon. 

In Some Dialects, And 
Retaind In OriiEk's. 

fGonidog, AServmt. "• ' 

t Grygys, A Girdk. 

t Grou, Gravel. 

fCurah, An old womav 

fGulad, ACountrey. 

t Hail, Liberal . 

fllbd. Below. 

tLanher;^^ A Fore]}. 

t LaU, A hand. 

tLeith [Wal. Lhuych] A Tribe 

or Family. 
t Les [Wal. Lhys] fcr;;og, A bur. 
fLes duflbg [q. d. Wal Lhvieyin 
y Tyuylog ] Betovy. . 

t Lcverith, Sweet Mlk. 

t Ly, An Army. 

t Maur, Great. 

t Mehin ; Eard: The fat of Bacon. 

iM.i\, An A?iimal. 

t Moroin, A Girl. 

tMorvil, AP0Mle, 

■\ Moelh, A Black-bird. 

fNans, A l^alley. 

tPais, A Coat. 

t Per, A furnace ; a CauUlrOTi. 

fPrvdydh, A Poet. 

t Ruy, A Prina: 

tRyd, WF(J>-./. 

t Steve!, A chamber. 

tTaJ;i;, Bran; Furfures. Q_^ 

tTelein, A Harp. 

\Xoxx,ARoe; WaII,Turx,<«X<?e- 
Buck; & lyr^jes, a Roe. 

Leek-Towns, &c 
I Mora was once us'd for a Carrot; j f Eler;(<;, A Swan 
■ whence Wald-mora, Dau:i(s or \ f Eleftren, Sedge or Water Flag. 

Wild Carrot; but properly moor t Euig, AHinde. 

was any Root ; and is fo us'd yet \ f Fiol, A Cup. 

iufeveral Parts of Englayid. \ f Flair, A Smell So in the Armbric, 
fDcor or Deer] is now appropriat- ! Flacraf mad, To /mill well, Scc. 

ed to the Cervinum genus , as ["f Gallydhog, Mighty ; Putfant. 

Fallow Dear , Red Deer , Rain \ Gelvyn, A Bill ; a beak. 

" Bib Coc. Vclpaf. A 14.. 

Words of common Ufe now in Corn- 
wall, thai Occur r ir. OldWelflj Ma- 
nufiripti, but are r.zrely or 7iot atall 
us'd at prefent infbeaki7ig or -writing 


Armor, A Wave. 

Kala, Straw. 

Idhen, A bird. Wal.fEderj. 

Skavarn, An Ear ; whence our Sky- 

varnog, A Hare. 
Kon, A Supper. Wal | Kuynas. 
Gudzhygan, A black Puddmg, from 

the old word Guaedogen, of the 

fame fgnificatioTi. 
Gow, A lye; Wal \ Gay : 

Pd« varno Dovydh, dhydh htr, 

Towylhvydk gay,gol<e guir. Lh.h. 
Guak, Alyer; q.d. Wal. Gayog. 
1\iik,AFarmer, a Plowman. Wal 

t Taeog. 
K6th,0/(/. Sic Wal. Antiq. Dav. in 

Di(ft. Brit, ex Libra Landavenfi. 
Gwarthav, The Top or fummit of 

anything. This is retaind injorne 

part of Wales. 
Heves, AJh-.rt or Jkock. 
Krou , A hut. Sec Krou moh , a 

Hueg, .yiTff^ Wal. t AJUeg; xohevce 

the Proverb : ^tUeg mel, ;sUerU 

pan dalcr. 
Lolt, ATayl: W- f Lhoftlydan, 

a Beaver. K. H. 
Myhtern, A King ; Wal. f My;c- 

deyrn, A Monarch. 
Guav, Winter ; anciently in Glamor- 

gauii'ire,Gsiev,as appears from the 

following words in a Donation to 

the church of Lin Daf, regifier'd 

in the margin of a Manufcript 


Obs.U. Words Obsolete 
In Some Dialects, Re- 
T A I n'd In Others. 
Latin Go^el written about loco 
years Jitice, -which once belong d to 
that Church, but is now preferv d 
in the Cathedral at Uckfeld ; by 
the name of St. Chads Gojpel 
Oj-dendir i)ca j-cpipno quod 
dedejiic ]n\. -j luich spechi 
cpeb j;uidauc — h. c)C cenj-u)' 
ciuj- douceinc rojirh hamahajui- 
m 1 i))ham hadouceinr roprh 
i ipsacm hajiuch ha douceinc 
munnudcn do 'jjco eliudodf . 
f. j-acuiinj^uid f". nobif f . j;u- 
upci ^".cuculp c". te laici)- Cin- 
juepn €■ Collbui tf. CohopTjec 
cEjimmc. houpdu.qicunqcu- 
jTodicpir be diccu)" epic i qi 
}-panxepic maladicc j; ejii- a diT. 
Which 1 read thus: Oltcndic ifta 
fcriptio, quod dcdcrit Rhefus & 
FamiliaGrethi, Trevwydhog- 
Hic c(t cenfus ejus : Doy kant 
torth a maharen ynyr kdv, a doy 
kant torth yn y gaev, a hwch j a 
doy kant mamradhen ( fev Dysk- 
leu ymmenynj Deo 6c SandoE- 
liudo, [wz..Teilaul DcusTeftis; 
Sidyrnwydh Teitis: Nnvys 
Teftisj GurgiT.GwydhulvT. 
De Laicis Kynwern T. Kolh- 
wyn T. Gurgcnc T. Ervin T 
Hurdh T. Quicunque cuftodi- 
eric benedidtus eric, qui tregerit 
maledidtus erit a Deo. 

Aultruan , A God-mother. Wal. 
fElhdrewyn, a Step -mother. 
Rhonwen oedh Elhdrewyn 
gwerchevyr vendigaed, Galf. L. 
6 14. 

Dohadzhedh, The Afternoon, q. d. 
diwedh dydh , the later part of 
the day. 

Houldreval, 5«»-r»^g,-q.d. Hayl- 

Gyrgirik, A Partridge: q. d. Kor- 
gark, /. e. Kor-iar. 

Klcdh, The left ; Dorn kledh, the 
left hand: Hence probably our 
Gogledh for the North; as Dc- 
hey ( or Right ) for the Satith. 

Kcntar, A nail; Wal . f Kethr. 

Brennik, A Limpet ; m Cardigan- 
fhire, Brennig. 

Trenk, Sower: Trunk yn yr hen 
gymraeg ocdh Golj; ne Leilu 

Kontrevak , A Neighbour., q. d 
WaJ. Kyddrcvaug, of the fame 
Town, die. 

Lcgaft, A Lobffe'r. In the Wclfh 
Diffionarv, Legaft if render'dPo- 
J)'pus out of Liber Landavenfis ; 
hut erroveoufly IfuppofeJ'eeingit's 
nfanifeHly the fame word, with the 
Latin LccuftSj and that it's at 
this day, us' din that fin fe in Corn- 
wall. 0::e Jbrt of this Legaft, 
( calTd otherwifi by the Cornijh 
Gavar mor ) the IVeflern Englijl.' 
calTd anciently Legltcr , after- 
wards Lengftcr , and vow Lone 

Kaer Esk , The City of Exceter Jo 
caWd from the Rrver Elsit, [Lac. 
Ifca] which the Saxons by a tran- 
J>os'd pronunciation have calld Ex, 

Obs. II. Words Obsolete 
In Some Di ALECTS, Re- 
tai n'd In Others. 

whence Ex-ccafter, Exanceaftcr, 
Exanmuthc & thence Eaxan, i^c. 
The Axmot- Language agrees fo 
much with the Cornijh ; that they 
alfb retain ( with Jbme Dijjerevce 
nf Vronunciatioji) all thcje words 
amongft many more that have bee?! 
long Jincc dijiis' d in Wales. Such 
as Mat Good, a7id Madou goods 
or Riches ; Morhu;t;, a porpoije ; 
y\ncerhUA;, a flitch of Bacon i 
Gwcren , a tankard , probably 
from our Guirod, which anciently 
Jignified Drink, but is now us'd 
only in N.VV ales and that in the 
J'ameJenJ'e with the Ertgl'Jh Wal- 
lail; Kiltinen, a chejs-nut, Olive- 
Zen [Wal. fOlwydhcn] an 
olive-tree i Gid, a hare; Guys, 
ajiw, Kazek koat, a wood-pecker; 
Genaued, a morj'el ; tfgar, a leg ; 
Divefgcrgam, bow-leg d.^c[.d. yn 
ai dhuy cigir yn gam , Galek , 
French, or pertaining to French; 
the French Tongue ^ i5cc. 

Some Words of the Irifh Language 
Noted in their Old Manujirtpt Vo- 
cabularies as Objolete or Uncommon ; 
but JliU Retain'd ( and for the moji 
part of Common XJJe) iuthe&huih. 

fAdhas, Good; Wal Fit, Con- 

I Agh, A cow; Wal. Y^, an Ox 

fAinfearc, Hatred, q. d W. An- 

f Air;eion, A fide ; whence probably 
our Er^juyn guely ; the Bed fide. 

t Aifgeir, A Mountain : There are 
a great many Mountains in Wales 
of the name o/"Elgir \ but fo us'd 
Metaphorically, the word properly 
Jignifyivg a Leg ; as wejhali have 
occafion to objerve eljewhere. There 
being aljbjeveral mountains fo de- 
nominated in Ireland and Scot- 
land ; they have thence perhaps 
aljign'd it this Interpretation. 

t Allaidh, Wild, Savage: Gelhtydh 
[al. Elltydh] is us' din Jhne parts 
of Wales for woods; eljewhere 
Alhc [ plur. Elhcydh ] fignifies 
the fide of a hiU or any fieep a- 

t Aviavair, Mute ; dumb. 

f Amri, A Cup-board i W. f Al- 

tArd, Noble; Alfo Strong. Wal 
Hardh, Fair, proper, handfome. 

t Afa, Ajhoo; Wal. Efgid. Q, 

t Afeadh, Tea, even; VV. Sev^ ys 

fBalk, Great or mighty ; W.Bal;*;, 
Proud, haughty, arrogant. 

t Banna;^ '■> Lhuynog ne gadno 
Lhylenu mae'ndebygol yu hun, 
megis ped vae J groen yn bais 

tBarn , A Judge; Wal. Judge- 

fBan, Abufi.^ofhair. Lat Coma. 

In the Cornijh and Armoric, Bar 

fignifies the top or fummit of any 

thing i and m the balquc or Can- 


Gas II. Words Obsolete 
In Some Dialects, Re- 
tain'd In Others. 
tabrian , Burua w a head. Bar 
fignijied formerly in the Wellli a 
bujh, whether of hair e oroffprigs 
or of branches . whence m Mon- 
niouthlhue a>:d licrefordfliire, 
the Mijfeltoe - l.ujh 1, yet catl'd 
yA^cl-var j and hence both the Irijh 
Barragal, and the Welfh Bug for 
the tops of Trees, and Hrige, hair ; 
which we find in the name of the 
Herb Mayden-kair, Brigc Gwc- 
ner, CaptUus Veneris, al. Qualht 
y voruyn. 

t Bed, ^ Deed or Aftion; W Peth 
A thmg. ' 

t Biail, A hatchet , W. Buyalh. 

t Bil, The Mouth ; Hence in Cardi- 
ganfhire and eljewhere Bil is the 
rnouth of a Vejfil. Kuppan laun 
hyd V vyl, &c. 

Bior, Water; W. Bcrur , water 
Crejfes. & Bvrdhyn, a River in 

Bir <5c Bearr, Short. 

t Blaodh , A Cry, a Shout, W 

t Bos, A hand, and Bas, the palm 
of the hand; V.' .B\s , a finger. 

t Brae, A hand; Brai;i, an arm. 

fBran, A raven; \V. Bran, any 
crow: Kig-vran, a raven; Yd- 
vran, a rook; Kog-vnn, a jack- 
daw ; Myl-vran gc Mor-vran , 
a cormorant. 

■f Breas, Great: Corn and Armor. 
Bras , great ; \N.Fati and alfo 
fometimes large , as Bras-geir;e, 
bras-buytho, c^c. 

fBri, A hill or promontory; W. 
Bre, whence Pen-bre, Moel-vre, 


t Bronn , A Breafi. Peftut , PI. 
Wal. Mamma. 

jBuavall, Ahorne; W. B)'elin, a 
drinking-horne ; deriv'dfromBy- 
al, a Bujfelo or wild Bull. Bual, 
Bubalus , Bijbn, Urns. Dav in 
Did Brit. 

iBud.The World; W. Byd. 

tDa& Dagh, Good, W. Da. 

fDayidh, Burning; W. Dciviad, 

tDyil, A Leech; W. Gel. 

t DiA;ean, Beheaded; W. Diben. 

t Divadh , A Portion or Dowry j 
W. Eguedhi, Portion. Diuedhi, 
Marriage; Corn. Dimedha. 

tDillait, Cloaths , Apparel 1 W 
Dilhad, & fDillac. 

t Dinn, A hill ; W. Din & Tin, 
a fortified hill or Mount ; as we 
find by Dinbren al Tinbren, the 
Torwnjhip where Kafielh Dinas 
Bran in Denbigh/hire is fituated; 
as aljb by Din Oruik in Caernar- 
vonjhire, and tin Syluy and 
Tmd Aechuy in Anglefey. Hence 
the Roman Dinuni, Dinium & 
Dunum, frequent Terminations 
of the names of Cities in Gaul and 
Britain, or the Old Englijh Tune, 
now Don, Ton, Town &c and 
our Modern Brit'i/l.^Dims, a city. 

fDirma [An leg. D\TV3?]Atroof 
or company; W. T<rva. 

■ t Dith 


Obs.II. Words Obsolete 
In Some Dialects,And 
Retain'd In Others. 

t DithreaviA; , ^» Hermit i W. 

fDius, Proteffton; W- Didhos, 

a covert or fence from ram,Scc 

Dovar, Wflter^ Dovar-;KU, an Otter. 

W. Duvr [al. Dur J Water, & 

Dyvr-gi [ i. e. Cams aqitaticus ] 

an Otter. 
tDre;in, A -wren-, W- Driu & 

Dim. Driuyn & Dnuan. 
t DreaA;, An Image i W- Dry^, a 

t Druih, A harlot ; W. Drythyll, 

fEask, IVaten W. f Aches, a 

tEatha, He went i W. Aetli. 
t Eigne eo, & W. , A Salmon. W. 

Eog, Dime:, log f Eauk & E- 

Einea^i, AFace: Corn f & Are- 

mor. Enap; W Wyncb. 
fEo, An rew'tree i W.Yu. 
t Fal, A Prince i W . + Felaig. 
t Feal, Bad, naught ; W.Gual. V- 

Obferv. Vlll 
t Feaskor, The Evening, Gofper. 
t Feine, A Boor, a Hushatidman, a 

Farmer, Si^z. W.Gwe'iny,ro 

t Fes, A mouth ; W. Guevis, <?//>. 
t Fiav, Abominable ; W Fiedh. 
tFlaith, AJjord. V. Fal. 
t Foiceal [& Fai;iiil] Reward, hire, 

a day's wages, &;c- W. Guobr. 

Vid. Observat. Literaram. 

G.P. R. 
t Fofgadh, A Sadow, Kyfgod. 
f Frag, AWfe, a Woman ; W. Gu- 

t Frith, Profit; Fruyth ; Strength, 
i Fuan , A Gown or fame fiich Gar- 
men; Fuan, i e. Brae. Glofl. Vet. 

W. Gun. 
t Fulladh & Gai ; ^ Lje ; W.Kel- 

t Gairvhiain, A Tempefl ; W. Ga- 

fCilaun, An Enemy; W. Jelyn. 
fGav, Winter; WGaiavjCorn. 

Gait , An old woman ; Armor, a 

baud, a whore ; whe?ice that too 

common exprejjion amo7igH their 

Seamen, &c Map yr ghaft. 
t jjin, The Mouth ; W. Gene, 
i Glean, To Adhere ; V^ . G\^a'<j . 
t Gnia , Knowledge; W. Gun , I 

t Grian , The ground or bottom of a 

Sea , Lake or River. W. Graian, 

tGruag [&Frag] A Wife; W. 

f Guaire, Hd'ir; W.Gualht. Vid. 

Obs. Lie. L. 
■f Gulba., A mouth ; Golbhin, a ^itf. 
t \ax, A Salmon. Vide Eigne, 
flmxil, About; W. AmgyJA: & 

flmdiol. Deceit, q.d. W. Am- 

duylh or ymduylh. 
fingian, D/r/)'. q.d. W.Anglan. 
I Inntea;e, A way ; Armor. Hynt, 

Obs.II. Words Obsolete 
In So. me Dialects, And 
Retain'd In Others. 
away; W. fa journey. Hence in 
Monmouthjl.iire , Pa hynt & pa 
beth yux hynt ? How goes it ? 

tUaA;, Mrthi V\!.-\Uu}c- 

fir, Anger; W. flredh. 

t Ith, Corn ; W. yd. 

t Kadaim & Kudam, AfaU; W. 

t Kaimper, A Champion; W. Kam- 

\\^^im{c.)A Shirt or Smock; Com. 
Hevez VV. f Hevis , [ Arm. 
Hivis i a Smock ; from the old 
Chamis [ or ;Kavis ] an oblique 
Pronunciation of Kamis j Jo that 
Hevex as well at Kaimle, is ori- 
ginally but thefa7ne fame with the 

t Kais, Hatred; W. Kas. 

fKaladh, Hard; W. Kaled. 

t Kallaire , A cryer ; W. Galur , 
Ofiethat calls. 

t Kava;K , Power ; W. Kyvoeth , 
Wealth, riches, atid J'omctimes 
power ; whe?!ce Olh - gyvoechog. 

t Kana, A Whelj>; W. Kene. 

t Kaois [or Kyis J A furrow; W. 

f Kaor I or Kyr] A candle; W. 
K&yr. [ Ir. Keir ] Wa.v. 

f Karan, The crown of the head; 
W .Koryn.Karan aljo anciently in 
'lyelfl?: and thence probably Gu- 
ydhno Garan-hir, Lord o/'Can- 
tre Gwaclod in Dyved , /« the 
fxth Century, whoje Countrey is 
faid to have been overjloto'd by 
the Sea : 

YA^enaid Guydhno Garan-hir; 
Pan droes y don, dros i dir. 

f Karb, A cherriot ; Keibyd. 

t Kada;e & Keda;i; , M Brae j A 
Veil. W. Kada;K, a piece oflJn- 
}ien, a linnen rag, &c. 

f Keadal, A Story ; a Narrative. 
N. W. xuedel S. W. Huedel. 
Corn. Huitel. 

f Keanntar, An Hundred; W.Kant 

t Kear, Bloud; W. t Guyar. 

f Keathra, Katie; Allowing for tra?i- 
Jj>oJitio?i and tertnination , This 
Jeems but the fame with our Gu- 

f Kenel, A Clan or Family ; chil- 
dren. &c. W.Kenedl. 

fKilarn, A M'lkingpail, orfuch 
vejfel; W Kelurn. 

fKinog, Ihe fmallefl Coyn. Lat. 
h&,accordi7ig to Plunket in his La- 
tin-lrijhDttlionary. W.Keiniog, 
a penny. 

fKlaidhe, A Burial ; W. Kladhy 
To bury ; & Kladhedigeth & An- 
gladh, a burial. 

fKloth, Prayfe, Credit; W. Klod. 

fKlotha, He heard; W. Klywodh. 

t Koka, A Boat ; W. Ymx- 

fKoth, Meat. CL whether, hence; 
W. f Gofymdaith, a viaticum or 
provijioit for a journey, C[^.d. Koth 
[ or K.6s] ymdaith.' 

fKrcatar, Conjicrated ; W. Krair, 
A Relique. 

\Yitox,Red, W. K6;k. CL 

Obs.U. Words Obsolete 
In Some Dialects, And 
R E T A I n'd In Others. 

fKru, Bloud; W. fKray. 

fKuagh, Flejh. W.Kig. 

t Kuar, Crooked, W. Giiyr. 

j- kilva/iad , A Bed- Room. W. 
t Kydhigl, erroneoufly for Kyb- 
higl fro7n the Latin Cubiculum. 
Cydhigl guyngylh am Kidhiai, 
&c. D. G. 

t Kuvak, Wf rrouj W. Kyving. 

t Ladronn, ^rte/; W. Lhadron, 
Thieves; Lheidir, « thief. 

fLamne, A fiUmg , W. Lhanu. 

t Laich, Milk i W . Lhayth. 

fLann, ^ Church :y W. Lhan. 

t Lain, AVeil; W.Lhiein, Linnen. 

t Lear, The Sea; fW Lhyr. 

t Leathlagfa , Somrvhat weake or 

feehl; W. Lhed-le!g 
\ LeitheaA:, A PUUe or Flounder ; 
W. Lhythy. 

tLi, The Sea; a floud. 

I Lias, A hut for Calves or Latnis, 
&c. W. Dimet. Lhyeft, a Cot- 

t Lis , A Houfe ; W. a Court, a 

t Los, A Tail, W. Lhoft ; Corn. 
and Arm. Loft. 

fLuvrajWori, W. Lhavyr, /.«^oar. 

t Lua, An Oath; W. LhQ. 

t Maian & Meannad , A Place ; 
W. Mann. 

t Man , A Hand ; W. f Myn & 
Myned, a handful!; Maneg, a 

\ Meaval, Shame ; W. f Mevyl : 
Mevyl ardy varav yn Arvon, 
Ag ar dy wevyl mevyl ym 
Mfln. Dav. ab Guilim urth 
Gryfydh Grvg. 

t Maes, A Fofler-Child ; W. Mab 

t Mein & Men, Oar ,- Muyn. 

t Men, A Mouth ; W. Min, a lip. 

t Mil, A Souldier; W. Milur. 

t Meadhair , Talk or Speech; W. 
Medhir, it's faid. 

t Moirb, An Ant or Pifmire ; W. 
t Mor & Myr^ M. Morgrygin i 
which is properly the Ant-hillock. 

t Mos j A maimer or faflnon ; W. 
Ivloss, a fajhion ; y[.OQh,a man- 

t Muadh, [ M. Maith ] Good; W. 

t Muadh, Soft, Tender; Medhal. 

t Mual, The top of a HiU ; Mod. 

t Mu;k, Smoak ; W. Mug. 

t Muyn, A Neck; W. Munugl. 

t Muntork, a neck-chain; q. d. W. 
MyngdorA; . 

f Nunna, Haagf r ; W. Newyn. 

fRath, Fern. W. Rhedyn. 

fRiv, Number; W. Rhiv. 

t Rin, A all; W. Rhyo, a Pro- 

t Rubhag , Very Small; W. Rhy 
\iX, Too little. 

f Sav, Summer ; W. Hav. 

t Seafnadh, Breathing ; W. Savan, 
a Mouth. 

t Seanadh, A Convocation or Af- 
fembly ; W. Senedh. 

t Seark, Love, Ajfedion, W. Sctx, 

tS%h, An Ox, VJ.yX. 

t Seini- 


'Obs.1I. Words Obsolete 

j Jn Some Di ALBCT?, And 

Retain'd In Others. 

'fSeiniftir; A IVindow., \V .Y&- 
[ Sgafla, A fort of Boat j W. yf- 

f Skcinmnea;!;,^/<-*, niml>le,afii've. 

W.Yfgavn, Ugtt. 
tSleteora;tt,I*e/i'.- W. Lhedrad 
i Slis, A SiJe i \V. Yftlys. 
fSon, A yoke, a Sound; W. Sun 
r Son, A Pole i W. Fon, a fiaff. 
t Sroal [ Sroghal ] A Whip ,• W. 

tSu.ul, Small i W.Sal, Mean. 
fl'ai & T.ioi ; Silent; W. Teui, 

To hold one's peace j & Tawcl, 

Calme.Jtlent, ^c. 
fl'al, Tteft, W. Tuylh, Fraud, 

■jTealgadh, ACaJfing, hurlitig.&co 

W. Taviy, To caft. 
t Tcibhearfa, To dipt or drop i W. 

\T'm, Thick; W. Teu. 
jTrift, Sad; W.Trift. 
f Trora,, Melancholy ; properly 

Heavy ; W . Trum, Heavy ; alfo 

t TuA;aidh, He came ; W. Daeth. 
t Tins , A Jeivel; Wal. Dtwis , 

choice ; Tlus, a "Jewel. 
t 'I'ul, The Countenance, the Vifa^e; 

t Tur, ARequefl ; W. Tacr, Im- 


There are alfo on the other hand., 
diverfi Words of common ufi to this 
Day in the Ancient Scotifh, or ( as 
Nov) call'd) Irifll Language; tekich 
■were once common to them, with the 
Britans, but have been longfncedif- 
continu'dhy us : fuchas I . Ard High, 
from whence probably we have taken 
our Garth J a promontory ; as alfo 
Ardh & Hardh in the names of 
Places fuch as Ardhy [ or Ardh 
ahy ] a very fteep Rock at Lhan Be- 
ris /» the County of Caernarvon: 
Hardhlcx nono Harie;e m Meirio- 
nydh, <^c. 2 Blathuin [ Al. Blag- 
huin ) To milk; whence our Guar- 
iheg bhthion, milch Cows ; 3 . KvAi, 
W. t Koeg; for what the Iridi call 
Kna Kyxa, »>w Wellh Knay Koi- 
gion. 4.. IsSx., a Jhcep , wheiice our 
\s.or\zn, .a Jheepfold ; 5 Kara, a 
friend, W. f Kar. 6 Match, Good, 
W. t Mad. 7. Druim, a back, W. 
I Trim 6c Drim, whence Drim y 
To, & Drim y m\ nydh, ttx ridge 
rf a houfe and of a mountain. 
Glaine & Gloine, Glafs ; whence 
thofe Old Druid Amulets call'd Ad- 
dcr-fteucs ( tho' made of Glafs ) in 
Scotland, are in Wales caWd Gh'i- 
IV. nadroedh ; 8. Minna, an Oath, 
whence our word J\,lyn always us'don 
that occafion; as Myu lago, mvn 
Mair, Myn Elian. 9. Mo/J, Early, 
W. t Soon ; whence the Proverb 
moz a dysk niuv mab huyad, Mo.x 
artem difeit natandi, puUut anatis ; 
and alfo fomtimes Early, as mayfecm | 
from that Epithet of ike Sun, in \ 
Maiinogi; Mo;t;-dhuyrt-aug hyan : 

jObs. JII. Transposition 
I ' OfLetters. 

hav ; Early-rifing Summer's Sun. 
Atany more hijtances might be given 
of t fords difcontinued, or at leafl re- 
maining but htperfe&ly , m one 
Tongue, and intirely prefervd in 
others ; but the Examples here pro- 
duced may fuffice, tojhew that a Cu - 
rious Antiquary of any Nation, may 
the better under/land the Oldeft Ma- 
nufcripts of his own Language, by how 
much the more, he is Mafter of fuch 
others as are dertv'd from the fame 


Accidental Tranff>oJition of Let- 
ters or Syllables. 

W. Traah, Corn. Drcath , The 
Sandy Shore cover d at high water. 

t Engl. Caerter & Ceafter, A City : 
Acemanncs Ccaiter, the City of 
Bath ; q. d Akc-mans Chclkr. 

S. W. Ayv, Arm. Eyv, The liver. 

Lac. Ablblutio, Ir. Easbaloid, Ab- 

W. Pryny , Corn. Perna, To buy. 

W. Bryn, Arm. Bern , AhiUock: 
Bern Goz a mole hillock; q. d. 
W. Brynkyn guidh. 

fEngl. Cyrps, Cri§: Cyrps loc- 
cax, cur I'd Locks. 

t Engl. Aeps, An Afp or ajpen tree. 

W.Guevl, Corn. Guelv, A lip. 

\V . KyvlyA;y, Corn Golovas, The 
travail of a woman in Child-birth. 

S. W. Hcuvror, Corn. Huerval 
[ & Huevral ] The month of Fe- 

W. Dyfl-ryn , Arm. Trauien ^ A 

[■ Engl. Haefeldan, Lat. Helvetii, 
The Swizzers: Haeftldan figni- 
fies as much as XJp-hiU Men or In- 
habit ants of the High Fells. 
Hiuhvoeliet { as a Cornijl} Britan 
would pronounce it ) feemstohave 
been the word out of which the Ro- 
mans by Tranj^ofition and their 
own Termination made Helvetii: 
We of Wales would Jay Yu.;t;voe- 
liaid, i.e. Altiorum montium In- 

N.W. Mevis, Corn 8cS.W. Sevi 
& Syvi j Straw-berries . 

W.Hidhigl, Corn Filgeth; Soot. 

W. TTangncdhev,al.Tangnevedh. 

W. Aradr, Corn. Ardar, A Plow. 

W.Taradr, Corn. Tardar, An 

W. EdrvA;iad , Ir. Dearka&h , 
Sight. ' 

W .Deruydh, Ir. Draoidh, a Druid. 

W.Dros & Draus, Ir.Tairis, Over. 

t Eng. Ricfa & R ifca, A Ryjh. 

t Eng. Fidas & Fifcas, F>Jh. 

t Eng. Aclan, To Ask. 

t Eng. Acfe & Afce, Ajlces. 

W.KIommen, Ir.Kolm A Pigeon 

W Klymmy , Corn. Kelma , To 

N.W. Kuilidh, S W. KuidhU, 
Shame; Ir Y.\XX.hi\, Baf'fiitt. 

Ods IV^ Transposition 
Of Compounds. 
heard: W. Piiy a glouodh , Ir. 
KiaPilialadh ; who hath heard} 

W. Gloin,Corn. Kolan, A Coal. 

W.Goleini, Ir. Glaine, I^g^r. 

S. \V. Alhuedh, Corn.Ahuel ; A 

W Ko[crurj Au Itinerant Muftcian, 
Ir Klairleoir. a harper. 

W.'l'alm, Ir. Tamal; Apart or 
quantity, ajf>ace of Time, Sec. 

1 Eng. Nluldcl , Midle : Middcl- 
fc.\c , Midlefexe , Middcl-cunc , 
Mid k ton. 

\ Eng. Sicel, ASickle. 

S. W. & Ir. Anal, Armor. Alan; 

S. W. &Corn. Banal. Arm Balan, 

W . K ynta, 7 he Firfi or former, Ir. 
Kcadna, the fame. 

W Guneid & Guneithyd, To doe ; 
Ir. Gnidhim, 1 doe or make. 

W.Barcl, Corn. Balliar, A Barrel. 

W. O heruydh, Ir. Ar adhvar, Be- 

N. W. Y dhyrton. Arm. Terfian, 
An Ague. 

W. KrankjCom. Kankar, ACrab- 

W . Garan, Corn. Krana, ACrane. 

Germ. Rols, Angl. Horfe. 

t E. Sifer & Sifre, Sober; Byrhtnefs, 
Brightnefs , Thorp , a Village , 
whence JeveralVilf.-.gcs oft he name 
ofThriip; Gaers, Grafs ; rchence 
Gaerftun, Pij/wrf; Thc-orl'wald, 
a Threjhold , Caerfe & Ctr.e, 
Crefs, whence Ea-caerle , Water- 
crejfes; Q,\i.xnhfi\oW'i.,Cumberland, 
Culfre , a culver [ or Pigeon ] 
Bleadre, a Bladder ; Bolltre, a 
Bolfter; Authre, another; Ai- 
re or Aldre, an Elder, lirun,Burn 
& Bourn , a Brook ; as a'fo a 
Spring ; Brig & Burg, a Bridge ; 
Brid & Bird, a Chick, Sec. 

N. W. Eskob [(7rEfgop ] S. W. 
Esbo^, Ir. Easbag, Corn. Ifpak. 
a Bijiop. 

W . Lhefg, Ir. Lagfa, Feeble: Lhtd- 
lel'g , ir. Leath-Iagl'a, fomewhat 

Uisk I oruifg] The names of di- 
verfi Rivers ;'w<Gaul and Britain, 
has been vartoujly Pronounced by 
the old^n^\\i\\: As ift. Kcs or 
AcCc, whence Acfan- <»W Acfcan- 
mynfter. zd. Eacs ^ '^ Ea.x ] 
whence Eaclanceafter , Excefler , 
Eaclanminfter, Exminper ; £a- 
xanmuth , Exmouth ; 3d. Ex ; 
Exaceafter. 4th. Ox. whence 
Oxnaford , or Oxford, ^th. Ux, 
Vxbridge, &c. Nor does Wufa, 
the Old Name of the River \i;s , 
feem any other than a Corrupt 
Pronunciation of it. 


Befdes this AccidentalTranjpoft- 
tion of Letters, which is owing mere!-; 
to mifspronunciation, there is aljo a 
Defgn'd or Induftrious one of Com- 
pound words ; which ( as indeed all 

W. Klouodh, Ir. Kiialadh, He\Compounds) fo difguife thm; that 
B - ^ Strangers 


ObsIV. Transposition! 

Of Compounds. 
Strangers -who -would he Curious , to 
\fee into the Ori^m of a Language, 
^cannot d:fcer7t, m fuch Words its af- 
faity tokh others : The Cornijlo Ca- 
bmlygadzhak, for example, vhich 
\ l^gnifics f'juint-eyed would be thought^ 
''very -wide from our Lhygatcam, tho' 
it be but their corrupt Pro?!u?iciatio7t I 
of thejlime word, traufpos'd: Aiid\ 
'very often they that are Maflers of a 
Language make no Jiich Reflexion ; 
tho' it fame times leads us into a 
clearer Notion of Obfolcte Words ; 
as may appear from thefoUorpivg Ex- 
amples of Tranff option , in fame Old 
Britijh and Greek proper Names. 
MarA;wydh ( 6c MarAiwcithian ) 

MeilvryA; (for eafier Pronunciation 

caird MeilyrPi ) Bry;t;vael. 
Melgad, Kadvael. 
Maeldeiu, Dervael. 
Mar;v;guii [ScMeirxiaun] Kyn- 

Maelgun, Kynvael. 
Morgan & Morgant , Kynvor , 
-jjhejice Keanmor, fq.d. \\ . Pen- 
dew , Arm Penvras , or as in 
Norman - EvgHfh Groftell: & 
Grofthead) T/;? ' Agnomen of 
Malcolm the third. King of Scot- 
Gurgcn &c Gurgent, Kynnuaur 
Mengant, Kynvyn. 
Mengad, Kadvan. 
Tydvyl, Ilhtyd. 
Ynhu;K, Hyxan. 
GR i Cracippus, Hippocrates. 
Archippus, Hipparchus. 
Anaxippus, Hipponax 
Damalippus, Hippodamus. 
Lyfippus, Hippolytus. 
Menippus, Hippomenes. 
Cleollratus, Stratocles. 
Cleander, Androcles. 
Nicolaus, Laojiicus. 
Nicander, Andronicus. 
Nicodcmus, Demonicus. 
Nicoftratus, Stratoniciis. 
Dorotheus, Theodorus. 
Dofitheus, Theodofms. 
Timotheus, Iheotimus. 
Philothcus, Theophihs. 
Philoftratus, Stratophilus. 
Philodemus , Demophilus. 
Diogenes, Gennadius. 
Critodemus, Democritus. 


Addition Of Initial 

The Order of Letters Objerv'd m 
this Comparative Etymology are 
I. The Vowels : a e i y y o u. with 

their Augmentative or Note of 

Afpiration, H. 
X. Labial Mutes: P b f [or ph] V m. 
3. Palatal Mutes : k [ or c ] g% 

gh ng ; to which h might be alfo 

Initial Vowels Pre- 
M I s'd. 
A. Was often Premis'd by fame of 
the Latins to words that Ufually, 
and of Courfe, began with \L- As 
appears from feveral Antique In- 

fcriptio7is : U Ipio I'ecundino, co- 
gnato meo, cum til. luis, libcrtis, 
libertabulque omnium aeonnn. 
Fabr. Annq. p. 101. N. 138 
Antonia Magna Calliffima V ir- 
go, quas vixic An. XVIII. M 
nil. Di. XIII. aeam domum 
eternam quam, compararunt,df«' 
lb. p 144. N. 16 J. And this 
A ajid Ear /E for E, occurrs fre- 
quently as well in the middle and 
final Syllables, as in the Initial, as 
Posterisqjuae Eorum, 
for Pofterifq; ibid. p. 15. -An- 
nis XXI. Menfes Villi. Diae- 
bus II. p. ^I,&c. 

Other Inflances of the iMter A Pre 
misd; Monfieur Menage, w his 
Origin! Delia Lmgua, Italiana 
& French Didt. Etymologiquc , 
takes Notice of: fuch as 

Lat. Barb. Bericoccum, An Apri- 
cock. Fr. Abricot. 

L. Lamella, A Blade. Fr Alumelle. 

L.Laurus, A Bay-tree. Ital.Alloro 

L. Galla , A Gall or Oak-apple ; 
Span. Agalla. And from this 
Learned and Ingenious Author, I 
jhaU occafionaUy borrow Etymolo- 
gical Objervations in rewed of 
the French, Spanifli anaizzYan 

Gr iioTi, Lat. Apud ydJ'Etym. 

SiCiEol. a(!-<pi pro o-^i & Attic «5w- 
xvi pro faXvi, &c. Id. 

Lat. Species, Fr. Efpcce. 

Lat. Spargere ; Fr. E^ardre. 

Lat. Sperare ; Fr. Efperer. 

L. Spina, Fr. Efpi?ie. 

L. Schola, Fr. Efcole. 

L. Studere, Fr. Efiudier. 

IEo\. "Eowm pro Oi(o» ; Mmht pro 

Mmhn. yoff. 

Attic. '£«;«» pro »f«» , & nhii pro 

'ii^m, &c. Id. 

hi Roman Infcriptions , we find 
the E frequently added before 1, oi 
well 171 the beginning as /;/ the middle 
or final Syllables : as E I D U S for 
Idus, E I M u s for Imus, (^c. 

Lat. Ipfe a Dor. -^'t, <rtpi Voff". 
faStj! & "JvAuTTfj Populus Hifpa- 

niae. Id. 
v,A-ni 5c "lyyi-n; didti Rhodii. Id. 


y is added in the Welfh before fuch 
words as it has common with the La- 
tin; i^Latin begin with Sc. Sp.or St. 
Lat. Schola, W. yrgol. 
Lat. Scapha, W. yi%i2C^h.. 
Scribo, \V. yfgriveDny. 
Scopa:, W. yigyb. 

o b s. vi. d d d i t i o n o f ! 
Middle Vowels. 
Stannum, W. yftaen. 
Status, W.yftad. 
Stadium, W. yftod. 
Stabulum, W. yftavelh. 
Sterto, W. yftrewi. 

We agree herein with the French ; 
who aljb uje a Vowel before fitch La- 
tin words; as is above Exemplified 
in the Letter E. 

OAkjjS^, Obliquus. Mr. Men. 

Initial Vowels Af^erated , or H 
Premis'd to words beginning with 
Wal. A,ac&ag, A7id, Arm. Ha 

W. Enu, A Name ; Armor. Hano. 
VV .Eleni,r;&>;f Tear. Arm.Hevlenc 
W. Etto, ret, Ar. & Cor. Huath. 
V\'. Agos, Near, Arm. Hogos. 
VV.y^'enaid,^5i^/;'i Arm. Hui- 

nal ; Corn. Hanadzhan. 
W. YAihedydh, A Lark, Armor. 


added, as a frequent Subptute\Szumm, W. yfguyd. 

of c and X. Spatium, W. ysbaid. 

L. Lingual lHutes: t d th dh f 2. ' Sceleratus, W. yfgeler. 
1 5'. Liquids, or fuch Letters, as when Spongia, W. ysbung. 

they begin a word, admit 0/ wo ' Spinus, W. yipydhaden. 

CoTifonants immediatly after them: S'^liOy W. yipelio. 

llh n r rh. I Spiritus, W. ylpryd. 

W.An.1 ifromGitu^ RotighjCora. 

W. t Eden, A Bird; Corn, f He- 
W. Mi a elwes, I call'd; Corn. 

Mi a hylwys. 
W. Oes, An Age, Corn, f Huis. 
W. Yxod, Above, Corn f Hu;(;ot. 
Lat. Acuo, W. Hogi, To Whet. 
Lat. Altus, Fr. f Hault, M. Haut. 
L. Ames amitis, Fr. Ha7ite. 
L. Oleum, Fr. tluile. 
L. Oftreum, Fr. Huitre. 
L. Ofteum, Fr. Hiiis. 
L. Alcia , Fr. Hache. 
L. Ovum, Sp. Huevo. 
L. Ofca, [ A City 0/ Spain ] Span. 

L. Orphanus, Sp. Huerfano. 
L. Os, oflis, Sp. Hiielfo. 

Some of the Old Latins af^erated 
the Initial Vowels of diver je words 
7tow conflantly written without a7i H 
as frequently appears by Old In- 
fcriptions. -Libcrtis Libeitabufq; 
polterisq; heorum Fabr. JSS. p 54.6. 
N. 6. This we aljb find Noted by 
Aul. Gellius. H. literam, five iUam 
fpiritum magis quam literam dici 
oportet, Infercbant veteres noftri 
pleril'que vocibus verborum fir- 
mandis roborandifque ut (onus ca- 
rum eflet vividior vcgetiorq; atq; 
id videntur teciflTe ftudio & exem- 
plo lingua; Attics, &c. Gel. 1 1 . III. 


Additon Of Middle 

W.Kraig, A Rock, Corn Karrak. 
W. Kneyen, A Nut, Corn. Ky- 

Corn. Guav, Winter, ^V. Gaiav. 
Ir. Glaine, Bright7iefs; W. Go- 


The Roimns frequently inferted 
Vowels in our Britifli proper names, 
as we fi7id by thefefoUowi7ig Exam- 
ples of Britifh names fill well known 
in Wales. 



Obs.VII. Addition Oi- La 
BiAL Letters. 

Br. Kynvael & Kynwal ; Lat. Cu- AiA{,« 
novallus, as we find by an Infer i- 
ption m Cornwall, tfhich tceJkaU 
again have occajion to take no- 
tice of. 

Br. Kadvan, Lat. Catamannm. In- 
fcrip at Lhan GaJwaladr in An- 

RrlCaf\va]haim,Rom. C^/^i'f M«»«f 

Br. Maelgim, Lac. Maeloamus and 

corruptly Ma^lociinus. 
Br. Tyrnog, Lat Tighernacus. 
Br. Kradog or Cradoc, Rom. Ca- 
rat acus. 
Br. Bydhig, Rom. Boadicea. 
Lhong-Dhin, l.ongodmium. 
YAjcl-Ohin, Axelodumm. 
Bryn-Dhin, B-atmodunum. 
Kam-Dhin , Can:hodmium. 
Kam-ryd , Cavihoritum. 
Kynw)', Conoviurn. 
Kaer ;t;ymwy, Coriniutv. 
Myr-Dhin, Muridmmm. 
Dey-Dhur, or perhaps Dv-Dhur ; 

Drvs-\'acs, Drufomagus. 

The like Orthography -we find to 
have been Obferv'd by the Old En- 

gliih ■ for they vrote 
Swanwick, f Swana-wic. 
Tamworth, f Tamaweorthige. 
Wad ing-ftreet, fWaetlinga-firaete 
Urchinfield, t Urcingafeld. 
Cylda-hyrd [q- d. Child-herd] A 
School- M.jfer. 

The fame we alfo often meet Tfithj 
in thofe Languages that are deriv'd 
from r^e Latin. 
Lat Sinius, Ital. Siamo. 
Legimus, Ital. Lcgiamo. 
Amcmus, Ital. Amiamo. 
Almus, Sp Ala^vo. 
Salmanca, Sp. Selamanca. 
Mel, Fr. Miel, Fd,fiel i Galenus, 

Galien i Bene, Bieii. 
Cofmus , Ital. cofimo; Spafmus , 
Spafimo i Lxtus , Ueto ; Phan- 
talma, "Fantafima. 
Serra, Span. Sierra, Grxcus, Grie- 
goj Dente, Diente. 

lacio is fuppos'd by VoCT. deriv'd 
from Ico. 

'A-/foj, Ager; iirrfor , Afpctum ^ 
f^in, Callanea j Cieo ab An- 
tiq. Cio i quod ex xiu Vado 
"a«.o«, Alius; Kjy'/sf, Cranium ; 

Z:i«<pivf pro Heja^flfl ,• 'Atm^tfTni; 

iElculapius, ^c. 


Addition Of Labial 

I . Labial Letters Pretnis'd. 

B. Lat. Lmfus, Fr. Blefer. 
Lat. Rufjitus, Ft. Bruit. 
La: Rufcus, al. Brujcus. 

The ..tolians and Lacedemonians 
added B. to the Beginning of divers 
yls ^iciafor fisa; ^ij^tt for i^fit ; B«- 

p! for ttpi, hftf^iiitfor (uSitii, &C. 

P. Oi7i.<u, GiTtf, Puto, Scil. amputo. 

Obs. VIII. Palatal Let- 
ters Added. 
Afi^Ao;, Pampinus. 

F. Lat. Ladtare, Fr. Flater. 
Raperc, Fraper. 

'AMi;, .^ol. ipitiXo;, Fclis. 

Tr/wf^i, fiya i Frago, frango. 

OjfWOM, (ptfliicu. 

"A{i;i, Mars. 

Ixvo,-, jM(>tl(J{. 

'Oja;, f«o{a/;, fxittf ; MonS. 

2. Labial Letters Inferted. 

B. Wal.Gummon, Sea-weed [hit. 

Alga] Corn. Gubman. 
Klommen, A Pigeon i Corn. Ky- 

Amrant, The Eye-lid; Corn. Ab- 

Kam, Crooked ; Com. Kabm. 
Krymman, A Hook; Corn. Krob- 

Plum, Lead; Com. Plobm. 
Tuym, Warm ; Corn. Tybm. 

And this Rule of Injirting B. be- ' 
fore an M in the Cornifll, has but \ 
few exceptions, though it be but a I 
late Corruption. In the Latin words 

Obs. VIII. Palatal Let. 
TERs Added. 

Engl. IVorth, W. Gucrth. 

Engl. Wild, W. Guylht. 

Et\%\.AWren, Corn. Guradn. 

Engl Wandring, Corn Guandrc. 
'Tis Obfervable that the Initial 
Gu is common to the Britans , 
with the French, Spaniards and 
Italians ; and that the Romans 
freijuently began fuch words with 
an V. Confonant , the IrilLl with 
an F. and the Teutonic Lan- 
guages with W .oiwe find by thefe 
following Examples. 

Lat. Vagina, Ir Faigkin-, W.Gu- 
ain, Ual Guaina. 

Lat. Vcfper, Ir Feaskor, W. Go- 
fpcr. Arm Guefper 

L. Vigili^E, Ir. Fell; \V. Guyl. 

L.Vinum, Ir Fin; W Guin. 

L. Vcrus, Ir. F;V; W. Guir. 

L. Vir, h.Fearr; W Giir. 

L. Vicis,Vice, Ir, Fdoi; VVGuaith. 

So Valeo, WI.Galhy -, Velum, Corn. 

Goil i Vencnum, W. Guenuyn; 

Verbum, W . G<z/> ; Verius G«- 

fry; Vicia, G«7g; WAto^tofee -, 

whence Giiydh, Sight, andQ,\xy(\- 

hog, Conjpicuous; Viduus, Gu- 

edhu; Vlgilo , Guilio; Vilij , 


I ji ,1 r u c •i^'"^''j' Virgo, Arm.; Viridis, 
borrow d by theFicnch,6pini{hand t?,.„ljL \t:, ^..'.j... " ' 

Italian, when L. or K. follows M. B 
is frequently Interpos'd : As in the 
following Inflances. 
Lat. Humilis, Fr. [& Engl.] 

L. NumcrarCj Sp. Nombrar ^ Fr. 

L. Rumex, Rumice, Ital. Rombice. 
L. Gremium, Ital. Grembo. 
L. Homo, homine ; Sp. Hombre. 
L. Fames, Sp. Hambre. 
L. Nomen, Nomine, Sp. Nombre. 
L. Cumulus, Sp. Cumbre. 
L. Lumen, Lumine ; Sp. Lumbre. 
l\l. Lat. Cubitus, Ital. Combito. 
L Cubo, Incumbo. 

Gr. Avi'iai, Xttu, Xx%Mu, XufAx'u. 
V. Interpos'd betwixt Vvwels. 
'o;'?. Ovis j «»», Ovum ; iofn!, A- 

vernus ; ri/j«,-, Curvus. 
Xsgs<o5, Cervus ; "na, Navis. 
A^io;, Achivus. 
'Af/ti^, Argivus ; 4i«{j Divus, &c. 


Palatal Letters Added. 

I . Palatal Letters premis'd. 

Guyrdh , Vitrum , Guydyr , ^c. 
Ventus, Engl Wind; W. Guynt. 

Vallum, Wall, Gual 
Vefpa, Engl Waj^ ; Fr. Guefp 
Vatto, Fs\g\.ToWafl; Ital. Gua- 

Vadum, Engl To Wade ; Ital. Gu- 

adoi F'r Gue. 
Engl. iVar; Fr Guerre ; Sp Guerra. 
VVoad, Ital Guado; Fr. Guelue, 

Sp. Gualda 
Woe: Woe unto theel Ital Guai 

ate, W.Gudiit ti. 
To wind up , Sp Guindar 

z. Inferted. 
Lat. Seligo, Ital. Scelgo. 
Lat. Selefta, Ital. Scelta. 
Lat. Solutus, Ital Sciolto. 
Lat. Separate, Ital. Scevare. 

The Britans anciently inferted G. 
in the midfl of words ; fometimes out 
of regard to their Derivation ., and 
fometimes in imitation of the fame Or- 
thography, unnecejfarily ; writing. 
Kadugan, Cacj:;uoj;an. 
Kadualhon, Cac5uallon. 
Kadualadr, Cavj:;ualat)aji. 
Iduaihon, Irjuallon. 
Rhiuallon, Rij;uallon. 
Elwy \river'\ El5uy. 
Tywy, Tyj^ui. 
Tawy, Ta^ui. 
Mynuy, Mynjui. 

Lat Rana, Corn. Kranag, ^Frog. 

Lat. Radix, Com Guredhan, W. 

Lat. Ranunculus , Fr. Grenoville. 

The Welfli and Cornilh add the \ Mymwy, Mypnjui 

Letter G. before fuch words as are , Dourdwy, Douji&^ui. 

borrow' d from the Englifhi if the Peduar, Pcrjuaji. 

Englilli irorrfr ^^/«7P/r^ W. i Keiduad, ceir^uati. 

fEngl Walfted, An Interpreter ; hhrncnyih, hcr^ncrwz^&c. 
W. fGwalftod: I The Irilli who have kept their 

A glJTJeft ti a gant Gurhir I Letters and Orthography beyond all 
GuallVod pob iaith gyuyr ? their Neighbouring Nations, Jlillcon- 
A wncl duylh ev a duylhir. finue the fame , which makes their 
Englyn. y klyued.. "n-ritten Language appear very dif- 

Engl. A Weather, S.W.Guedhar. ferent from what they ^ak ; as we 

C ^ 


Obs.IX. Lingual Mutes 

find (>y the foUoTDing Examples. 

yi r The Face ] it svritten Aj^hai&h. 

B6r, Deaf; Boshaji. This is other- 
•wife -written Boshaji j and that 
more truly, hecaiife it agrees with 
the Britijh Bydhar, which is of the 
fame fignification. 

Brai, The Breafi ; Bjiajhaiah. 

Brad, The Neck ; Bpa^hat). 

Breflax, A Dream i Bpcat^haj-lach 

Deavlafta, iM-taJiedi Deagh- 

Deavola^j, Sweet -fcejitedi Deagh- 

DealavraAi , Eloque7it ; Deaghla- 

Deahoil, Benevolencei Deajhchoil. 

Deana;ii, The laft ; Deaj^hnach. 

Droinea;);, Thorns; Diioighneach. 

Fai], To get or procure ; F'ajhail. 

Fovanan, AThiJlk; Fojhbhanan. 

Larog, A fork or profig ; Laghjioj. 

Lain, The Province of Leinfter i 
Laij;hin or Laij^hion; a7id fo in 
Hundreds of other toords not only 
in the midft, tut alfo fomeii'mes in 
the Termination, -writing Da^h 
for Da Good; Fogh for F03 Sogh 


Lingual Mutes Added. 

I. Vremis'd. 
W. Ogvan, A Haxo or Ha-wthorn- 

Berry i Arm. Togan. 
W. Ken, S'ca/fJ; Arm. Skant. W. 

Kan , U^ite j Arm. Bara Skan, 

MaTuhet i panis filigineus. Arm. 

Kydon, a Ring-Dove ; W.Yl- 

Lac. Urna, Fr. Dourne : a -word us'd 

about Toloufc. M- Men. 
L.Aquse, Fi.Daqs; The name of 

a Tov>7i. 
L. Unde ; Ital. Donde. 
L. lafpis, Ital. Diajpro. 
L. Amita, Fr. Tante. 
Gr. ''E.^ilivhi, Terebinthus. 

Such -words as in the Britidl begin 
with L. M. N. or P. ha-je frequent- 
ly the Letter Sfremis'dinthe Iridi. 
W.Lhuyven, An Elm; Ir. Slea- 

W. Lhadh, To Kill; Ir. Slid , 

W.U^i-fn.Ayard; Ir.Slat. 
W. Umyih, ATrihe ; Ir. Slead. 
W.Lhauen, chearfull ; Ir. Slan, 

Healthy ; Safe, Sound. 
W. Lhynky, To Swallow ; Ir.Slu- 

W .hhuvun. Smooth ; Jr. Sleavan. 
W Lhivo, To Grind; Ir. Sliovadh, 

W . LhiAiva eira, A Lodge or Bed 

of Snow ; Ir. fSlo^Ji fine. 
W. Muyal^:, An Ouzle or Black- 
bird ; Ir. Smyla;^. 
"W M.'o.'jzr, Black-berries ; Ir.Smer, 
W.Mer, A/arrow; Ir. Smir. 
W ."Novio, Swimmi?/g i Ir.Snav. 
W. Noduydh, A Needle ; Ir. Sna- 

W. Nadhy, Chipping ; Ir. Snoiadh. 

Obs. IX. Lingual Mutes 

W. Pladyrur, A Mower ; Ir. Spea- 

W.Praidh,^ According to fome, a 

Flock or Herd; according to others, 

a prey. Ir 'SiY'tc., Cattle . 

We alfo find S. Premis'd in other 
Languages : asXtlil. Piaggia, Spiag- 
gia ; Quadrones, S^uadrones ; Span. 
Umbra, Sombra, &:c. 

2,. Inferted. 
Inthe(Zom\[\\, D. is frequently 
inte-rpos'd betwixt a Vowel and the 
Letter N. as we find by the follow- 
ing Cornifli words compar'd with 
the Welfli: tho' this be hut a cor- 
rupt Pronunciation of no lo7ig fta?id- 
ing ; for we don't fnd it fo m the 
few Ancient Kemains we have of that 
W. Bruynen, ^/?#iCorn. Bryd- 

\N.Vrcn,Timber; Cor. Predn. 
W.Guyn, IVhite; Corn. Guydn, 
White, and Guydl\3.k, a Whiting. 
W. Pea, A Head; Corn. Pedn 
W. Bron, A Breajf ; Corn. Brodn. 
W-yn-lhyseidiog, One-cfd; Corn. 

ydn lygadzhak. 
W. Guan, Weak; Corn. Guadn. 
W.Kinnio, A Dinner; Corn. 
Kidnio. And in fome words of 
this kind the N. is quite omitted, 
as Hedda that, for hedna ; W . 
Hvnny. And fo alfo in the La- 
bial Letters ; as Tubby, a Dim. 
of Thomas from Tubmy, (ire 

Zh Inferted after D by the Cornini 

W. Lhydu, Ajhes ; Corn Lidzhu. 
W.Blodeyin, A Flower; Corn. 

W. Diwcdydh, The after noon. C. 

S.W.Hudy, To Vomit; Corn. 

W. Boydy& Bcydy, ACow-houfe; 

Corn. Boudzhi. 
W. Nodwydh, A Needle; Corn. 

W. ■}■ Guaedogen, A Pudding; C. 

W. Kredy, To Believe; Corn. 

W. Lhygoden , A Moufe ; Corn. 

W. Eidolon, A BuUock; Corn Ud- 

W. Adar y Drydion, Stares; Corn. 

W . Malvoden,.^ S}iail; Corn Mol- 

Wal. Diiurnod , A Day ; Corn. 


1- Added in the Terminatio}t. often added by the vul- 
gar in the Modern Fnglifh, after 
words Terminating in n or ne. As 
Fine, Find; VJinc^Wind ; Line, a 
Lind; Sermon, a Sermond: So VV. 
Ken, Scales, Arm. Skant. 

In Old Roman Ivfcriptions . we 
fometimes find the Letter D. redun- 
dafit i» the Terjnination : As in that 
very Remarkable one for its fmgu- 

Obs.X. Liq^jids Added. 
lar Orthography, in Fabf. ISS. An- 

tiq. Expl P417. NevePost- 

hac Inter Sed Coniovravisse 
Velet — Neve Qvisqvam F"!- 
dem Inter Sed Dedisse Velet 

Ni:vE In Pvblicod Neve 

Preivatod Nev Extrad Vrbem 
— De Senatvos Sententiad, &c. 
hi the Cornifli the zh. is fre- 
qiiejitly added after d. in the Ter- 
mination, as well as inferted in the 
middle; As W Guaed Bloud; 
Corn.Gudzh. W. Lhuyd, Gray; 
Corn. Ludzh. 


Liqjjids Added. 

I. Premis'd. L. 

W. Prcn \or Guydhan] a vale ^ 

An Apple-tree ; Corn. Guedhan 

Lac. Avis, Arm. Labus. 
Lac. Hedera, Fr. Lierre. 
Lac. Inde mane, Yx.Lendemain. 
Lac. Indidum, Fr. Laitdi. &c. 
Lac. El vum, Ital Lero. 
Lac. Horndus, Ital. Lordo. 
Ital. Ad ice, S^Ladice; Aubrate& 

Laubrate, &c. 
Gr. "Am;, Labos, Labor. 

Arm. e &cn] Heaven; W.Ne 

Fr. Sc Engl. Heron, Arm. Nerun. 
Lat. Umbilicus, Fr. Nombril. 
Lac. Anla, Fr. Nance. 
Ital. Ebbio& Nebhio; Aranzo & 

Naranzo ; Afcondere, Nafconde- 

re ; Al'po, NaJ^o.Suc. 

z. Inferted. L. 

Lat. Acanthinus, Fr. Aiglantine. 

Lac. Aijusedudtus, Sp. Alcaduz.. 

Lac. Amygdala, Sp. Almendra. 

Lac. Amylum, Sp. Almidon. 

Gr. rag<«i., Lac Gloriari. 

Lac. Chelidonia, Engl. Celendine. 

Lac. FormolUs & Forjr.onfus : Hic 
I acet Ille SiTvs Marcvs For- 
monsiorV^llo. Fabr. Iss. p.374. 
N. 169. So in fome Ancient Ma- 
nufcript Copies of Virgil : For- 
MONSVM Pastor Corydon, i^fc. 

Lac. Tocies & Totiens ; Elephas & 
Elephant us. 

Lac. Lacerna, Fr. Lanterjie. 

Lac Pavicare, Ital. Paventare. 

Lat Lucra, leal. Lojitra. 

Lac. Locufta, Sp. Langojla. 

Ical. Ficcare, Sp. Hincar. 

Gr. i-ns'-™, Lac. Cencum. 

Gr. Aum;, Lat. Denfus ; '^;t;^;>Pin- 
guis j /fija. Lingo, (^c 

Lat. Papilio, Arm. Parpilivv. 

5. Added in the Ternmiation. 
W. Henui, To name; Ar.Henuel. 
W.Galu, To call; Ar. Keruel. 
S. W. Hufy, Tofweati Arm. Fiuz- 

W. Synny, To take care of ; Arm. 

W. Krio, To ball or cry cut. Arm. 



Oiis.Xl. Vowels (Emitted. 
La:. Alioqui , Alioqini- , Cxtcro- 

qui, C^teroquin ; Atijui, yif^uia. 

Vid. Muret. Var. Left. L. ap. 

Ch. 7. 
Cato, Pollio, Scipio j Kmtuh, mx- 

Vowels Om itted. 

I. Initial. 
\V. Ahuid, A bait ; Arm. Buet. 
Lac. Abbatifla, kal BadcJJh. 
Lac. Amurci, leal. Morca. 
leal. Amiraglio & Miraglio. 
Fr. Avanc-gard, Sp. Fanguardia. 
Corn.Elau, An Eh" i \\' . Lhuyv 

& Lhiiyven. 
Lac. Eremica, leal Romita. 
Lac. Eruca, Ital Ri/ca ScRuquetta. 
Lac Epiphania, lu\ Befa7iia. 
L Elccmofyna, leal. Lemofir/a. 
Gr. 'AftiA^oi, Lat Muigeo. 
leal. Innxnzi&c Narizi. 
hal. Inaranzia, Sp. Naranza. 
Lac. lnftrumencum,Ieal. Stronievto 
Lae. Obfcurus, leal Sciiro. 
Lac Obliquus, leal. Bieco. 
Lac. Officina, leal. Fucina. 
leal. Orezzo & Uezro ; Orccchio- 

ni, Recckioai. 
I ac. Olyfippo, Sp. Lishona 
W.ymododh, He hatMd. Ir. Do 

mhoehuydh fe. 
W. ylgavn , 'Light. Com. Sg.av j 

Arm. Scan ; Scanbennek, Deful- 

torj. q. d. Wal. yfgavnbcnnog. 
W . \ ikaucn. An Elder-tree ; Corn. 

& Arm. Skauan& Sgan. 
W.Yfguydh, A Shoulder., Corn. 

Skudli, Arm. Skoadh. 
W. t.vfgyvarn, An Ear i Arm. 

Skoarn ; &c. 

1. Middle VoTveh Omitted. 

A . in the Diphthong AE. was fre- 
quejitly omitted by the Romans, in 
any fart of a vord, as appears by 
divers Injiriptions. — — CoRK'ELivs 
Philostorgvs Conivgi Carissi- 
ME Fecit. Fabr. p. +8- — Avr. 
Satvrnine Defvncte, (ire lb. 
lyy. — Regine Dvlcissime,Svm- 
ME IntEgritatis Et Castitatis 
ExEMPLL lb. p. 171- LO. M. Et 
IvxoNi Regine Reines. Synt. Iss. 
p.49. N.aj. 

As alfo L in I E. 

Heuti Conivgi Victoria Fe- 
cit Bene Qvesovemti. Fabr. j 7 3. 

N. 36. FiLIS DvLCISSl-MIS Ces- 

QvENTinvs.Ibid ^•^ 

And V. after QJ^EDISEQi.'s lb. 
i 10. Clavum qem mi rcliquifti : So- 
la qe me dclblaili, p. a^fJ. Karico 
qui bixic annos qadragiiita bono 
marieo, bone mcmoric. p.^70.^3.).. 

3 . Firweh omitted in the Termination. 

In our Modem Orthography of the 
Englifll, the Final Vowels formerly 
us'd _, are in divers words omitted : 
Efecially A. and E. As in thefe 
Tcords : 
fEngl. Cryftalla, Cryflal; Hana, 

A Cock or Hen ; Sceda, a Steed or 

Obs. XII. Labial Mutijs 

Stallion i Afia, an Afs; Hara 
[ Harea ] an Hare ; Wrcnna, a 
Wren ; Lcca, a Leech or Chirur- 
geo>! i Iburcha, Fourth; Fit'cha, 
Fifth. /Efcnc, the River Avon ^ 
Arcwc, the River Arrow or Yar- 
row ; Abbandune, Abbmgdon; 
Bcamdune, Bampton-, Cridian- 
tune, Cirdington i Ciric [orKi- 
rik eunc, a church-yard, &c. 
Trcou, a Tree; Hnucu, a nut: 
Eoreh-hnucu, an- Earth-nut or 


W. Kuril, Ale; Corn. Kor. 
W. Lhiu, Colour J Ir. Li. 


Labial Mutes Omitted. 

r. Initial Labials Omitted. 

VV.Pvsk, AFiJh; Ir.iafg. 

W. Por/;elh & I'orkyn, A Pig ; Ir. 

Lac. Pciianc, Fr. Tifane. 
Lat. Plalraus, Fr. Seame. 

W. Brai^;, An Arm; Ir. Raigh. 
\V. Breidhuyd , A Dream i Ir. 

Bij!7A;o;. Raucus. Vod 
Ef'Ai'"! Rigo. Id. 
Bj!<^oi.|i(s6<, Rugio. Id. 

Ir. Fuar, Coldi W. Oer. 
Ir. Fiiiri, To flay, exped or deferr 

W. Aro& aros. 
Gr. **«. Lac.Aio. VofT 
Qx.<b^jni, (pfiivn. Rana. Id. 

«• M. 
Arm. Malven, Ir. Mala; A» Eye-\ VV. Krig, Ir. KrLU;t, Engl. Aruck; 

hroto ; W.Acl. ariik. 

Com. Mclhucz & f Melhuec, ^1 W. Kraig, Y.t^^. ARock. 

Lark. Lat. Alauda. Tfe roor^/j W- Krun, Engl /{o«W. 

might perhaps have been ^f^fi W. Krocs, Engl. The Rood. 

placed amongsl the Examples of \V. Kryr, A Heron; Ger. Raher. 

Obs.XIU. Palatial Let- 
ters Omitted. 
G r Mi«,/Eol. r«; |ui;te4f, .,^1 . i^^g,; . 

/Eol. 'tx,e^i. 
M«A,. Ala i ^;Axrt Axilla. 

1. Middle Labials Omitted. 
Gr."rT.»f. W. Hvn; sleep. 
i Engl Hrofcceafccr, Rochefler. 
t Engl. Habuc & Hafbc, A Hawk; 

Hcafod, a Had; Hlarbrd, a 

Lord; l.ivcrk, a Lark. 
W. Lhavaly, To dare or attempts 

Ir f Ni Luilim, I darenot. 
VV. Lhavan, A Blade of a Sword, 

Knife, &ic. Ir. Lainne. 
W Kevcn , The Back ; Com. & 

Arm. Kf;'», whence the Frcncii 

<jWEngl. Chine 
VV. Tcrvyn, A limit ; Jr. Tcoran. 
S. W. Avy, The liver; Ir Ae. 
W. Sovol, Stable ; Corn. Zoul. 
W. Ivangk, Toung; Corn. lungk. 
W. Lhyvyr, A Book ; Arm. Leur. 
Corn. Fa van, A Bean ; W. Faen 
VV. Bymifll, The GaU, al. Byftyl & 

Corn. Bczl. ' 

Lac. Amams Bitter ; S. \V. Hucru. 

3. Lab. omitted in the Termination. 
VV. Barv, A Beard; Corn. Bar. 
W. Kuruv & Kuru, Ale; Com. 

Cor. ■ 

Corn.Fav, Beans; W. Fa. 


Palatal Letters Omit- 

I. In the Beginning. 
W.Krav, Ir. Cramh; Engl. 
fon. AjortofwildGarlick 

Labial Lceccrs Prcmis'd, and 
like mifiakes ( tho' they are not 
•very material ) may frequently 
happen in Etymological Obferva- 
tions. Alauda, Pliny tells us, was 
a Gaulifli -word, denotingthe fame 
Bird -which the Romans had for- 
merly from its CreficaU'd Galeri- 
ta : Qux ab apicc Galeriea ap- 
pellaca quondam, poftca Gallico 
vocabulo ceiam Legionis nomcn 
dederac alaudx. PI. Nae. Hift. 1. 
9. c. 3 7. That the Cornifli Mel- 
huec or { which is all the fame ) 
y vclhuee, is the fame with this 
Celcique -Alauda, I make not the 
leafl doubt ; but it may be que- 
flioii dwhcther the Romans chang- 
ed y vclhuee, into Alauda ; ur the 

VV.Klyn,Lac.Clunisi Engl^i>/7i. 
VV.Klod, Pr^z/f,- Lac. Laudis. 
Ir. KrQch, A form or Jhape ; \V. 

t Engl Crag, The Neck ,- whence a 

Germ. Krauc, VV. Guraidh, L. 

Radix, Belg. Raet, Eligl Root. 
Com. Kranag, A Frog; F>. Grc- 

noville, Lat. Raaa. 
Lac. Cribrum, Ir. jRiovar, A 

VV.Garu, Ger. Rauh ; Engl. Rough. 
VV. Gryg, Heath ; [ Hifp. Brcco ] 

Lac. Erica. 
VV. Gulan, Wool; Ir. Olan , L. 


W. Gordh, A Mall or Beetle ; h 
Cornini,j* eldCdi\c word which I \V . Kacr Guiehelin, Engl. Watlm- 
might be Alauc, into melhuct. To | gaceasler. 

me, both feem to have corrupted '\^ . Guenz , Now Monmoutkjhhe 
y/;el-hed, or (as the Cornifli Fro- and Jbme places adjoyning ; f Eng. 
nunciation) euhelcc,/ f. AJtivola i Went & VVencleccas, the iifha- 
for a Lark is yet calTd with ns, by iilants. * 

a word ofthefsme pgnification,\ ^ .Gyxii^^n^The Ifle of I'/igkt . 
yA;liedydh. | \V.Guvg,Engl. /«r,t. 

Ital. Mappamondo & Appamon-j Lae. Graeia, VV. RkAd. 

do, A Map. \ ir. Gnahugbadh, Lat. Negotium. 


Obs.XIV. Lingual Mutes 

z. In the Middle. 

jEngl. Dorcefceafter, Donhefier. 

W. ByAian, Small i Corn. & Arm. 

W. Y;i;enaici, A Sigh i Armor, 

Ir. Kroikin , A Skin ; Arm. Kro- 
A;en, Corn. KrohaniW.Kroen. 

Arm. Gra;Ken, A Mite; W.Gu- 

Arm. Mekueden, A Snail i VV. 
Malvoden & Maluoden. 

W. Munugl, A Neck; Ir. Muneul. 

W.Guregis, A Girdle i Armor. 

W.Egluys, A church i Arm. Ilys. 

W. Dagar, Ir. Deor ; Eng. ATear. 

Lat. Argentum, Silver j W, Arri- 
an & t Arriant. 

j- Engl. Hweogul, A Wheel; Fri- 
gedaeg, Friday ; Bbgehc, Bow'd; 
Suthgeweork, Soutlnpark ; Wae- 
pengetake, A fVape?i-take ; We- 
ogoraccafter , Worcefier ; Bre- 
gentford, Branford; Bricgeftow, 

Lac. Melancholicus , Ir. Miolai- 

L. Anguilla, Germ. Ahl. Belg.Ael. 

L. Angelus, Corn. Eal. 

W.Miliangel, Corn. Mihal, Mi- 

t Engl. Lengten, The Sprifig ; Lent: 
Lengten-adle, an Ague, q. d. the 

G. hefore^.tho' frequently -writ- 
ten, IS yet never Pronounc d in the 
French, Spanifli and Italian, and 
hut feldom in the Englifll. 

■}. hi the Termination. 
W. KyM^iTX, Hemp ; Corn. Kuer 
W. Yn uisk, Backwardsj Ir. Ar ais. 
f Engl. Stirc & Steorc, A Steer. 


Lingual Mutes Omitted. 
I. In the Beginning. 

W. Davad, Lat. Ovis. 

T&i°'i> Ritus. Voir 

Tjwy^. Rodo. Idem. 

Tatavus, Atavus. Feft. 

Gr. Ajoini;, Lat. Ros. 

Ir. Siar, U'ejlem; al. lar. 

f Engl. Snottengaham, Nottingham 

^xiffoi , C^irrus. V. Salmas. Plin. 
Exercit. p. 762. 

Sxar®-, Cutis. VoflT. 

S^pssaw, Fallo. Id. 

spK«Aof, Fafcis. Id. 

Zforv®', Fungus. Id. 

Z7raA«(p2, J£.o\- pro^/xA«^5; PalfXJ. 

2yi| o-<^»)(9;. Vefpa. Id. 

Spumex, Pumex. Nam fpumex 
priiis didlus ftiit. neque enim 
aliud eft quam fpuma & fex 
quaedam lapidum liquefadtorum, 
ut fcoria aliorum metallorum. 
Seal, in JEx.aim. 

%. hi the Middle. 
W.Yftrodyr; Ir.Srathair. 

O B s. XV. L I Qj; 1 D s Omit- 

W. Yftrad, Ir. Sratha. 

f Engl. Straecled for Stratclyd, or 
yftrad cluyd : Straecled Wealas, 
The Stradclyd Welfli or Cum- 
brian Britans. 

W. Peduar, Four; Arm. Peuar. 

W.Gwydyr, G/'j/?; Arm. Guer. 

W. Adamant, A Load-Jlone ; Arm. 

W. Blodeyin, A Flower; Arm. 

W.Gwynwydhen, A Vine; Arm. 

W. Lhudun, Arm. Louen : Louen 
S6vas, A wild Beaji'. 

W. Aradr, A Plow; Fr. Araire. 

Sp. Spalda | S.W. Spold] A Shoul- 
der. Fr. Efpaule. 

W. Mordhuyd, A Thigh ; Corn. 

W. Bendiged, Blefed; Corn. Be- 

V^ SyxdtTyDrovth ; Corn.Zehar. 

W. Anadh Breath, Ir. Anal. 

W. Cottel, A Wood; Ir. Colli. 

W. Eden, A Bird ; Ir. en. 

Ir. Eleathrain , A Bier [ L. Fere- 
trum] W. Elor. 

fEngl. Abbodeffe, An Ahbefs. 

t Engl. Lindcolen, Lincoln. 

W. Guyftyl, A Pledge ; Ir. Gialla 

3. In the Termination. 
W. Klyft, An Ear, Ir. Kluas. 
W. Lhoft, A Tail; -whence Lhoft- 
lydan ( i.e. lata cauda infignitus j 
for a Beaver , in the La-ms of 
Howel Dha. Ir. fLos a Tail. 
W.Enaid, A Soul ; Corn. Eno.^ 
W. Pridhj Earth; Potters day; 

Corn. Vryi, clay. 
W.Guyrdh, Green; Corn Guer. 
W. Hurdli, A Ram ; Corn. Hor. 
W. Rhodh, A Gift ; Corn. R6 
W. Dydh, A Day ; ir. f Dia 

The Ancient Romans omitted S- 
frequently in the Termination ; writ- 
ing omnibu for omnibus :, Fami/or 
Famis; Hcrculi/or Herculis ; U- 
lixifor Ulixis : Ariftoteli, Demo- 
ftheni, Euripidi j For Ariftotelis, 
Demofthenis, Euripedis, ^c. Vid. 
Cic. De Oratore. 

LiQviDs Omitted. 

I . In the Beginning. 
Lat. Lufciniola, Ital. Ufcignuolo. 

Lat Lauri-bacca, Ital. Orbacca. Id. 
Ital. Latone & Ottone. Id. 
Fr. Lazurd, Ital. Azurro, Lazurd, 

Sp. Azul. Id. 
W.Neidir, A Snake; Arm. A'er. 
W -T^iver, Numier ; Ir. Uivir. 
W^. Nos, A Night ; Ital. Notte,Sp. 

Noche ; Ir. Oidh;!;e. 
fEngl. Naedre &c Nedderi Mod. 

An Adder. 

1. In the Middle. 
Wal. Molht, Ir. Molt, A Weather. 
Arm. Maud ; and hence the Fr. 
and Engl. Mutton. 

O B s. XV. L 1 Qj; 1 D s Omit- 

W.Kylhel/tfj- Kyltelh, A Knife ; 

Arm. Kutel. 
W. Sa\i\ir,Brimftone; Arm Sufur. 
Fr. Faulcon , A Faulcon ; Arm. 

Fr. Daulfin, A Dolphix. Arm.Dof- 

Fr. Fleur de liZi Arm. Fur di li- 

Lat. Altare, Bel. Auter. Fr. Autel. 
Germ. Golt, Gff/^i Belg. Gout. 
Lat. Stultus, Fr. Sot. Men. 
Lat. Sulcus , Fr. ^w. W. Sua;. 
Lat. Glandula, Ital. Gangola. 
Lat. Pleriquej Ital- Parecchi. 
Lat. Colligere, Sp. Coger. 

W.Feneftr, A Window, Corn. 

W. Anj^el, An Angel; Corn. Ehal. 
W. Mihan^el, St. Michael, Corn. 


The hiih frequently omit the N. 
;« thofe -words -wherein they agree 
with other Languages . 
\V. Kaing, A Bough ; Ir. Geag. 
W.Kenedl, A Tribe; Ir. Gaoil. 
W. Kennad, Leave ; Ir. Kead. 
W. Kynta, The Firfl ; Ir. Keud. 
fW. Kyntevyn, May-day; Ir. 

W. Tyngy, To Swear; Ir. Tyi. 
W. Lhynky, To Swallow ; Ir. Sluga 
Engl. Hujiger^ Ir. Ocras. 
Lat. Carbunculus, Ir. Carbhogal. 
Lat. Inter. Ir. Idir. 
Lat. Differentia, Ir. Deifreadh. 
Lat. Quinque, Ir.Kuig. 
Lat. Confecratio, Ir Coifreagadh. 
Lat Confimilis, Ir. Cofvuil. 

So fometimes in other Languages : 
Lat. Invidia, Arm. Avi. 
Lat. Laterna, E'r. Engl Lantern. 
Lat. Sponfus, Ital. Spojo. 
Lat Menfura, Ital. Mifura. 
Lat PrehenfuS; Ital. Prefo. 
Lat. Senfus, Sp Sejb. 
Lat iMenfis, Sp. Meje. 
t Engl.Nordhanhumbre, Northum- 
t Engl. Oxnaford, Oxford. 
t Engl Cyning, King. 
fEngl. Monath , Mouth; Germ. 
Mund, Vv'^.Mant. 
We find the Letter N. very fre- 
quently omitted in Roman Iti/cri- 
ptio?is, but whether for Brevity in 
wr!ti?ig, or hecaufi omithd aljb in 
vulgar Pronunciation, is not eafy to 

—Locus qui adhuc coftat, <^c. Re- 
iws. Synt. ISS p. 9^1. n. 21^. 

— Baebiae Parthenope Conjugi 
Sandtiffimae : In frote pedes 
p mxvi. in latus pedes xvi Fabr 
ISS. p. 5'3. n. 309. — Fl. Felici- 
tati quae bixit Ann v. Mefibus 
X. lb. p 61. 3^0 — Florus vixit. 
annos xvi & Mefibus feptem 
no n 270 — Silvana Niciati 
Marito bene merenti cum quo 
vixit Annis tribus, mefibus duo- 
bus , oris undecim, p. i8<S. n. 
419. — Namitius Felix Monu- 
metum fecit fibi,^c. an. n.5:3o. 

— Caftitaspermalerat, qui vixit 



Obs. XVI. Variation Oi 

1 NMT I AL Syllables. 

annisxv. p z6^. n. ii<i. — Nc- 
lia Sebcra cojugi dukillimo Ma- 
no IniioLcncioirty, n. ii6. 
Hie jacet Opttitw Pietatu nobilis 

Cm frecor ut cineresfint ia fint^ue 

yof.ic. p. 1?:^. n. i%6. 
• !■! Honato Aug. Difpefatori , 
Con ui^i fiio. p. 19V. n. 148. &c. 
Some of theje -roorjs feem to have 
heenprorioiivced us vrntt^r/ mthoiit nn 
N. tho' ij! others trcas dotibtlefs omit- 
ted for Brevity or Ir/advcrtency. Sc- 
qaenda ell nonniinquam clcgantia 
cruditorum, qui qualdam litcras le- 
nitatis caus.i omilcrunt : CiLUt Ci- 
cero qui fore/ia Mcgalcfia & Hor- 
tcfius (inc N. litera libenter dicebat. 
yel.Longus. R. 
Lat.CapitaRrum,Jcal CataJlo.Mcn- 
Lac. Caltrum, Ital CaJfo»e. Id. Nocanu.s, leal. Notaio. Id, 
Lac.Januarius, Ital.Gw(7/o. Id. 
Lat. Aciarium, Ital. ylcciaio , i^c. 
Gr. A'T{<>'> Lac. Artus. 
Gr. AritTfo>, Lelius. 
Gr-^i^fVi't Dumus. 

5. In the Termination. 
VV. Mung, A mane; Arm.Mue; 

Muc m-ixx^ydyu mung marj<;. 
W. Tervyrij v4jL;Wr, Ir. Teor. 
W. Melin, v^iW///; Ir. fMcile. 
W. Kant, An hundred; Ir. Kcad. 
VV.Ijcn & Igent, T-caenty^x.^'xxxA. 
W-Ivanj^kjiflK//^; Ir. Os 
f Engl Bedan forda, Bedford. 
t Engl. Creacan ford, Crickford. 
t Engl Fullan ham, Fiilhat/j. 
Haran \von,Hare -wort, i.c-Mallow. 
Bibliothecan, A BibUothec or Li- 
Beneodhan, Betieath. 

I 'erbs of the hif'iitive Mood ter- 
minated in N. in the old Englifli ; 
as they doc yet in the German and 
Low. Dutch. Bcdeltan was to bury, 
q. d. To be.'iche ,- Bacrnan, to burn ; 
Hacran, to bear ; Briwan, To brew ; 
\itAQC!LQ.,to break ; Bndlian, to bri- 
dle i Bringan, to bring ; Blawan, to 
blow , Blendan , to blend or mix ; 
\y MatXjASwan; Lat.01or,Ir. 


Variation Of Initial 

Befdes the Adding, Retrenching 
or Changing the Initial Letter ; we 
a I jo frequently find a Variation of 
the hiilial Syllable ; which happens 
either on account of different Com- 
pounds, or that fome Dtaleils ufe the 
Primitive <J7;<^of/Yr J f^-f Compound 
words : at appears in the following 

Lat. Dilputatio, Ir. ConJ]>()id. 
A rm . Lcnner, A Reader ; W.Dar- 

Arm. Sklerdct, Brightnefs ; W. 

Arm. Ki dur. An Otter ; W. Dy- 


jObs.XVIL Different Ter- 

Arm. Luc mcV , A Sea-calf, W. 

Arm.Madou, Riches ; W.Kyvocth. 
Arm. ArSjCorn. Harthy, To bark; 

W. Kyvarth. 
Corn. Uarras rag, The Fore-door ; 
VV. Rhagdhor. So Corn. Dani 
rag, Afore-toothi W.Rhagd- 
W.Frocnx, The Noftrils. Arm. 
Diftron, q. d. y dhuytroen, as we 
in W'cllh duylau, /or Hands. 
W .Lhy-^eid,Eyes; Arm. Doulagad. 
W. f 'i'rev, Ahou/e, a home- ff all ; 
Mod. W. a Town; Ir. Aitrcav, 
Dwelling. And hem; /^^Cornilll 
<»»</ Armoric Concrevak,<7 neigh- 
bour; viz one of the fame Town 
or Village. 
W. Guan, ^'m/' i Ir. Anvan. 
W. Karii. [ & Hydh J A Stag ; Ir. 

W. Da, Good, well. Sec. is the fame 
with the Irilli Deagh., but is re- 
tain'd by them only m Compound 
words, whereof fee Examples u?i- 
-^frOBs. IX. DeavlaltajC?'!.-. 
Ir. Kyr, or (as commonly written) 
Caor, A Sheep. W. Korlan, a 
Ir. & Corn. Kledh, The lefl ; W. 
Gogledh, the North ; as Dehey 
which properly fgnifies the Right ; 
is us d for the South. 
Ir. Foladh, Refi ; W. Gorfuys. 
Ir. Leath, Half; is the fame with 
the VVelfli Lhed ,- which remains 
only in Compound words ; as Lhe- 
diaith , Barbarifrn , q. d. half- 
Language; Lhedvyd, half-dumb; 
Lhcdynvyd , Half- Dijirafted ; 
Lhedwirion , half an Innoceiit ; 
Ir. Ron, A Seil or Sea-Calf; W. 

Engl. Broth, \x. Anbhrith.. 
t Engl. Naepe, M. ATurnip. 
fEngl. Mire; M- APifmire. 
t Engl. Rothor, An Oar. 
t Engl. Aedran, The Reins. 
t Engl. Bebeodan, To Bid. 
i Engl. Beboht, Bought : So Bebyr- 
ged,B»rWi Beclaenred,C/?««jV, 
&C Andinflead of this Be, an A 
was Jbmetimes premis'd : as Acea- 
pian , to Cheapen ; Accocan, to 
Choak; Acolan, to Cool; Acwel- 
lan, to Kill. 
Germ. Gemut , The Mind; Bdg. 

Germ Begirig , Covetuous ; Belg. 


Different Termina- 

W. Wybyr^TheSky; Corn.Ebron. 
W.Eira, Snow; Corn Er. 
W.Pulh, APool; Com. Polan. 
W. Svg, Sap ; Corn. Sygan. 
W. Deilen, A Leaf; Corn.Dclk.| 
W. Koden, ACodor Husk : Corn, i 
Kuth : Kuthu Fav , Bean-cods, j 
W. Kol, Chaff; Com. Kulhu. I 

ObsXVII. Different Ter- 
YfLh\}yven,Att Elm ; Corn.Elaw- 
VV. Halhc, Salt , Corn. Zal. 
W.Myn, WK/</i Com.Mynnan. 
W.Guadh, A Mole ; Corn. Gud- 
har. An quali Guadh v dhaiar ? 
W. Lho, ^calf; Corn.'Lcauh. 
W.Gudhv, A Neck , Corn.Kodna : 
Kodna gwydn, a iTeezl ; which 
anjwers to the Weljh Bronwen. 
W MwyalA;, An Qwzle or Black- 
bird; Corn. Mola dhiu, ;. e. mu- 
yal;^ dhv. 
U'. Rhydh, iJf^^^ ; Corn. Ryd- 

VV Krib, A Comb ■, Corn. Kriban : 

Kriban kuliog, a Cock's Comb. 

\V. Golvinir, A Curlew ; Ceil. Gol- 

vin hir, i.e. Long-Bill: Corn. 

Golvinak, q. d. Lac. Roltrago. 

VV. GuiA;iad, A Periwinkle iShell } 

W . Gucnynen, A Bee ; Corn. Gu- 

W. Guybcdyn, A File ; Corn. Gu- 

VV.Talkcn, The Forehead; Corn 
• Tal. 

\V.G\xd\\v,The Neck; Corn.Kodna. 
W.YA;enaid, A Sigh; Corn. Ha- 

W.Tammed, A bit or morfel; 

Corn Tabm. 
W. Kylhelh, A Knife ; Corn. Ky- 

W. Bvdhar, Deaf; Corn Bvthak. 
W. Medh, Mead; Corn Meddou. 
W t Lhoudur., A pair of Breeches, 

Corn. Lavrak. 
VV. Gardus, A Garter , Corn-Gar- 

W. Parlur, A Parlour; Com. Par- 

ledh. ■ 
W. LhcA;, A fiat Stone; Corn. Lc- 

\V. Kornel, ACorner ; Corn. Kor- 

VV. Porch, A Gate; Corn. Portal, 

A Porch. 
VV . Byuyd, Ufe ; Com. Bounaz. 
W Bcnnyu & Mcnniu, A Woman; 
{properly a Female] Corn.Benen. 
W.TywylhuA;, Darknefs; Corn. 

W. Kalcdu;i;, Hardncfs ; Corn.Ka- 

VV. Guydh, Gueydh & Guehydh, 

A Weaver ; Corn. Gueidar. 
VV. Braud, ^Br«/,&fr,•'Corn.Bre- 
VV. Megin, A fair of Bellows, Cor. 

W. Ylgrivenny, To Write; Corn. 

W. Lhythreiinx, Letters; Com. 

VV. Lhav.en, Merry; Corn. La- 

W. Guair, Hay ; Cora. Gorha. 
W. Bedydh, AChrifining; Com. 

W.Mcdcliir, A Reaper; Corn. 

VV. Rhidiih, A kind of Sieve or 

Rtdle ; Corn. Ridar. 
W. Kynhaiav, Haricfl ; Corn. 

\V. Ky- 



Obs.XVII. Different Ter- 

W. Kydymmaeth, A Mate or Com- 
panion:, a Friend, Cor.Kydhman. 

W Rhuyvur, A B-ower -, Corn. 

W. Pib & Pibelh, ^P/>e; Corn 

W.Melinydh, A Miller i Corn. 

W.Lhiuydh, A Dier j Cor Liuiar. 

Engl Gar-Fidi, Corn. Girak. 

D'ffcre?/t Ter?nh!atio7ts in reJ^eB 
of the VVclili and Armoric. 
W.Darlhennydh, A Reader; Arm 

W Ymma, Here, this i Arm. Man 

VV. Miig, Srfwat i Arm. Moget. 
S. W. Kcfler,H."7; Arm. Kafar;t. 
W. Eira, Snov> ; Arm. Ery;K. 
W. t Lhu;t, A Lakci Arm. Lagen. 
W.Yi^y^, An Ijlandi Arm. Enezen 
W.Perlyn, A Ferl i Arm. Pcr- 

\V.Krib,^[Cw^'.f j Combi Arm. 

W G iiryry , The neighing of a horfe ; 

Arrn. (jUrifh 
W. Lhcw, ^ Lioni Arm. Leon 
\M Y^zx\nm,A Stoat ; Arm.Kaerel. 
AV. Kogj ACmkow, Arm. Gukug. 
W.Klommen, ATigeon; Arm. 

Kulvm, Ir. Kolum. 
W.Pii Piog, Piogen & Pioden ^ 

AMag-Fy ; Arm. Piget. 
W.DridU, ./?5tof; Arm. Dret. 
W.Guennol, A Sroallow ; Arm 

W.Kungren, A Conger or Sea-Eel ; 

Arm. Kynkr. 
W. Gel, A Leech -, Arm. Gelauen. 
VV. Brig, The top hraiiches of a Tree 
or other Plant, Arm. ftir , the 
top orfummit of any thing. 
W.Talken, A Forehead; Arm 
Tal. H«OT, our Tal y bone, 
Tal y Sam, Tal y Ihyn, Tal y 
Lhyptjx, <irc- 
\V . Laflbg, A Kidney -, Arm . Elas 
W. [N.] ;KUyfigen, A Bladder; 

Arm. ;i;Uifigel. 
W. [S.] Trvan, Lean; Arm.Tret 
W.Kof, A Darf; Arm. Kor- 

W. Kufg, Sleep ; Arm. Kufget. 
W- A;Uerthinad, Laughter; Arm. 

W . Uylo, To weep ; Corn. Guel- 

W.Kan, A SoHg; Arm. Kan& 

W. Kryny, Trembling ; Arm.Kren- 

W. Klav, Sick; Arm.Klan. 
W.Parlas, The Palfie; Arm. Pa- 

W. ymmenyn, Butter ; Corn. Am- 
W. [S.] Lhveft, A Hut or Cottage; 

Arm. Lofhik. 
W. To, The Thatch or Roof of an 

Houfe; Arm. Toyn. 
W.Santedh, Holy; Arm. Santel. 
W. Enaid, The Soul ; Arm. Enev. 
W.Tywylhu/;, Darknefs ; Arm. 


ObsXVII. Different Ter- 
m in ations. 

W. Bray, Brittle ; Arm Brein. 
W.Lhauenydh, Myrth ; Arm. 

W Ti-ifluA; , Sadttefs; Arm. Tri- 

W. Medhdod, Druxkennefs; Arm. 

W.AJUrydh, APlayer^a Gamefier; 

Arm. .Jiuaricr. 

Different Termwations in rejpe& 
of the Welfli«W(/Irifli. 
W. Enu, A Name ; Ir. Ainm. 
W. Enaid, The Soul; Ir. Anam. 
WfBanu, A Pig; Ir. Banv, & 

W. Brigje, Br<7«f^w; Ir. Barrugal. 
W. Bendith, ABkjftng; Ir. Be- 

W . Bun, A Bittour ; Ir. Bunnan. 
W.Brythyn, A Brittan ; IrBre- 

W . Breyan, A ^luerti or Hand-mill ; 

Ir. Bro, Scot. Bra. 
W. Bry, The IVomb or Matrice ; Ir. 

Bruyn& Broyn. 
W. Kolh , A Lofs; Ir. Kailog 6c 

W.Kanuylh, A Candle; Ir. Kain- 

W.Karedig, Friendly; Ir. Kaii- 

W. Kollin, A Sting ; Ir. Kalg. 
W. Kan, A Song ; Ir. Kaintik. 
W. Kriaul & Kriavol, A Berry ; 

Ir. Kyr orCaor. 
W. Karnedh, A heap;\r- Kaman 
W. Amfer, r/w«'; Ir. Am. [& 

W. Krib, A Comb; Ir. Kir. 
VJ .Y.\6, A Lock ; Ir. Klas. 
W t Klog, A Skul; Ir. Klogan & 

W. Knaud, Flejh; Ir. Kolan. 
W. Afen, ARib; Ir. Afnadh. 
W. Korugl , A Boat ; Ir. Kura;K 
W. Gueiy, A Bed; Ir. t Kolkaidh 
W.Golwyth,^Co//o/'; Jr.Koll6g 
W. Kryr & Krehyr, A Heron; Ir. 

W.Krevydhol,K<'%Wi Ir.Kraiv- 

W. Kreigiog, Rocky ; Ir. Kreaga^i 

& Kreagvar. 
S.W.Kuydhyl, [N.W. Kuilidh] 

shame; Ir. KuthaileaAjd. 
W. Derwen , An Oak; Ir. Dair , 

Derg, Dara;K & Darog. 
W. Dehei, Right ; Ir. Deis. 
W . ■)■ Titrur & Didryvur, An Her- 
mit; Ir. Dithreava;;. 
W. Driu , A Wren ; Ir. f Drean , 

Mod. Dreolan. 
S. W. Dryfsien , A Bramble ; Ir. 

Dris, Dreas & Dreaisog. 
W. Dail , Leaves; Ir. Duilleavair 
S.W.Eog, A Salmon; Ir. f E6. 
W. fFehig, A Soveraign ; Ir. iFal. 
W.Gavla^, The Groin; Ir. Gaval. 
W.Guden, A Wyth; Ir. Gad & 

W.Guw,lVmter; Ir. Geivreadh. 
W. Ni lavafun, We dare not ; Ir. 

W.Rheu,Fro/?j Ir.Reo. 
W. Taradr, An Auger ; Ir. Tarar. 

Obs. XVIII. Change Of 

W.Amfer, Time ; Ir.Am [& Aim- 
fir. ] 
W. Efgid, A Shoo ; Ir. f As. 
W. ,ymenyn Butter; Ir. Im. 
W. Munugl, The Neck ; Ir. Muin 
W .M<:iyn,Afable; Ir.Muinteardha. 

The like Difference of Termination 
■we alfo findtn rejpeil of the ^indent 
and Modern Englifli; A WiUow- 
Tree, ■mas Ancieiitly call'd Willig; 
■whence the Modern W erg [ a WiUoiv'j 
us'd 111 Berkfhire a7id fome other 
CountreySy feems Corrupted. So 
fEngl. Waar, Sea -wrack or Sea oar. 
f Engl. Fro 'i, A Frog. 
jEngl. Bifceopdome & Bilceop- 

had, A Bijhoprick. 
t Engl. Bledfung, A Blefmg. 
t Engl. Sylf-myrdh, A felf-mur- 

fE. Giululing, The month of July. 
fE. Bryt, A Brit an; Bryt-Ford, 

Britannorum vadum. 
fE.Hromfa, Ramfon; i e Alli- 
um urfinum. 
r E. Lopuft, A Lobfier ,- 

The Participle of the prefent Tenfe 
■which note ends in ing, terminated 
formerly in end: as Biernend, Burn- 
mg; Bindcnd, Bindivg; BJawend, 
Blo-amg ; Bledfiend, Bleffing ; Jjor- 
giend, Borro-wi?tgi and ( as before 
noted ) the Infinitive Mood ended in 
n. As Bion, to be; Braecan, to 
break, &c. 


ChangeOf Vowels. 

A IS frequently chang'd into E. 

W.Maen, A Stone ; Cor. &c Arm. 

W.Saethur, An Archer ; Corn. 

W.Lhaeth, Milk ; Corn. Leath; 

Arm. Leas. 
W. Kae, A Ledge ; Corn. Kc. 
W. Traeth, The Maritim Land ex- 
pos' d at lo-w -water. Corn. Dre- 

ath. Arm. Treas. 
W. Lhaun, Full ; Corn. Len 
W. Lhaur, A Floor ; Corn. Ler. 
W. Kaus, Cbeefe ; Corn- Kez. 
W. Guraig, AWoman; Corn. Gu- 

\V. Gair, A Word; Corn. & Arm. 

W Guialen, ^Ro^; Cor. Guelan. 
W. Kiaudh, A ditch ;Com Kledh. 
W.Rhau, A Shovel ; Co\i\. Rev . 
W. Mai, The month of May ; Cor. 

W. Auft, Auguft ; Corn. Eaft. 
W. Dydh Maurth, Tuefday ; Com. 

W.Guialen, ARod; Cor.Guelan. 
S.VV. Pannas, Parfaip; Cor.Panez. 
W. Haid, A Srearm; Corn HeZ. 
\M. Gail;, A Bitch; Corn. Geft. 
W . Giing, A Wedge ; Corn Gedn 
W. Brai;c, An Arm; Arm. Brea;^. 
W. Kaer , A City ; Arm. Ker & 

W.Hayl, The Sun; Arm. eol. 

■ W. Maurth. 


Obs, XVIII. Cha iJcE Of 
V o w F, r. s. 

VV. Maurth, Mars; Arm. Mcyrs, 
W. Awyr, r^e v^/r, Arm. car. 
W. (Tfaun, Berries ; Arm.Gurcin 
W.Tavod, ATongue i Arm Tcaut 
\^ .Vh\m^ yi Launce ; Arm. Flcm, 

yl Sting. 
W.Tun, Fire ,- Ir, Tcine. 
S. W. Ban , y4 high filountaim Ir 

Ben & Bean. 
\V. Trnis, yioleme ; Ir.Trcifc. 
W. Bnis, Large; Ir Breas. 
\^'.Braiid, Jiiilgemt'Kt , Ir. Breach 
W. Kad'aAJ , y4 Rag; Ir j Kcda;>; 
W. Kam, A Sfep ; Ir. Keim. 
W Achvyd, ^» Heart/: ; Ir Ealla^ 
W. Aden, ^ 'Jluil/ i Ir. Kite. 
\V AlarA;, ASvan ; Ir Eala & Ela. 
N. \V. Agorriad, AKey ; Ir. Eo- 

W MMh,Whey , Ir. Mcadlig. 
tEngl. Aclt", Alt Elf, Dun-aelfas 

6c Bcrg-Aclfcnne, .A/9»;;f<7/« Fai- 
t E. Hanna, A Hen. 
t E. Braer als hrer ; A Bramble 
t Athor, Father. 
fE. Hcancfj A Bench. 
j E Lads, if/?. 
fE. Blaecan, To Bleat. 
fE. Sae, The Seaj Sac-Sceatha, a 

^ E. Paeren, To Bear. 
Lat Margarita, Fr Marguerite. 
Lat Mare, Fr Mer. 
L. Amaro, Ital. Flor. Aniero. 
L. Habui, Ital. Ehhi. 
L. Alacer, Ital. Alegro 
Germ. Thannc, AFir-Tree; Belg 

Germ Scharf, Sharp; Bel. Sherp 
ISi). Antiq. Compcraberunt for 

Comparaverunt. Fabr. pag. 84. 

N. 148. 

A Is but feldom ckavgd into I. 
t W. Taiog, A Farmer, a Ploie- 

man; Corn. Tiak. 
\\i .Mia, SmaU ; Ir. Min. 
\V Aden, A S^ill-Feather ; Ir Itin. 
t Engl. Abbandune, Ahmgdon. 
Lat Ccrafus, Fr. Cerife. 
L. Facilis , D'ifficilis i Facio, Perfi • 

cio &c. 

A Chang'd into O. 
W. Daiar, The Earth ; Corn.Doar. 
VV. Galen [r.Hogalen] AWliet- 

fione; Corn Agolan , Arm. I- 

VV. Haiarn, Iron Corn. Hoam. 
VV. Kallon, The Heart; Cor. Kolan 
W. Halen, Zalt ; Corn Holan. 
W. Guidhcd, Growids of Drink i 

Corn. Godhaz. 
W.KMUmoA;, A Hog Sty ; Corn 

Krou moh 
W. Ailwyd, AHarth;Cotn Olaz. 
W. Gay, A Lye ; Corn. Gou. 
VV.Daun, AG ft; Arm. Don. 
\V. Guadh, A Mole ; Arm. G6s.' 
W. Guied, Bloudi Arm G6ar. 
W.Maguvr, y^fKitf; Arm.Mojer. 
\V. Piit, A Cauldron; Ir Coire. 
VV. Lhaucn, Glad; Ir. LoinneaA:. 
VV.Lhawer, Much; Ir.Lor. 
W. Maun, Peat, Fue/ -Turfs Ir. 


Obs. XVIII. Change Of 

VV. Maur, Great ; Ir. M6r. 

W. Naun, Noon; Ir. Noin, the E- 

N. W. Ayr, Gold; S. W. Oyr, Ir. 

VV. Rhaun, Horfe hair; Ir Roinne. 

t Engl Ham, A Home. 

t E. yVc, An Oak ; Ac-acren , an 
Acorn ; Ac-drink, a Drink made 
of Acorns : Ac-lca, Oakley. 

t E. Canib, A Comb. 

[ E. Ban, A Bone. 

t E. Lang , Long. Lang-beardas , 
The Longobards ; Lang-bcarden- 
land, Liimbardy. 

t E. Sang, A Song. 

fE.Fald, AFold; Deor-Faldi a 
Park, a Deer-fold. 

fE. Axan , Oxen; Gat, a Goat; 
Rha-deor, a iJoe-S«fi-;t, Stanbuc- 
ca, a Stone-Buck, i. c. The Ibex 
or Steinbock of the Germans. 
Bar & Bare, a Boar ,- Mathu, a 
Moath ; Aene, One ; Atan & A- 
tcn, Oats; biht', a Loaf; Author, 
Oc^fr j Brawe,a Brow ; Cildhad, 
Childhood; Cnighthad, Knight- 

Germ.Bawman, APlowmanj Belg. 

Germ. Alt, Engl Old; Belg. Out. 

Germ. Rauh, Rough; Belg. Rou. 

Germ. Achfel, The Arm-pit ; Bel. 

Germ. Baum, ATree; Belg. Boom. 

A chang'd i7ito U. 
VV. Daiar, The Earth ; Arm.Duar. 
VV. Graian, Gravel; Arm. Griian. 
\V.Genx,The Mouth; ArmGenu 
S. VV. Huair, ASifler; Cor. Hoar. 
W.Guayn, A Heath or Down; 

Corn. Gun, PI. Guniaii. 
VV. Guain, A Sheath; Corn. Gun, 

A Sgabard. 
W. Aur, An Hour; Corn. ur. 
VV. Rhau, A Spade ; Ir. Ruav. 
\W ■ Aur, An Hour; Ir.Ciar. 
VV. Am, About; Ir. Um, uam & 

uim, in compound words. 
VV. Aval, An Apple ; Ir. Uval. 
Lat. Salfus & bijuljiu 
Gr. Ex^ci), Lat. Hecuba. 
Gr. ©a««f*o<2^', Triumphus. 

E. chang'd into A. 

W.Guenithj^^f^; Cor.Guanatli. 
VV. Tavolen, A Dock; Cora. Ta- 

W-Mineg, AGlove; Cor.Manag. 
VV'.Krogen,^ Shell; Corn.Krogan. 
VV. Askelh, AlVmg; Cor. Askal. 
W . Guen\ nen , A Bee ; Corn. 

\V. Mer, Lat. Medulla j Com. & 

Eng. Maru. 
W .Ccnx,The Mouth, Cor.Genau. 
W .Tcnx, Thin; Corn.Tanau. 
W.Neidir, A Snake ; Cor.Nadidyr. 
W Lhien, Lmnen; Corn. Lian. 
W.Yfern, HeU ; Corn. Itarn. 
W.Lheidir, -,-f r/t-/?/, Com.Ladar, 
W. Padclh, A Pan; Corn. Padal. 
W. lerthi, A Goad ; Corn- Arho. 
W. Einnion, An Anvil; Corn. 




Obs. XVIII. Chang f. Of 

VV . Pcduar, Faur , Com. Padzhar. 
VV. McrAjcr, Mercury; Cor Mar- 

yV. Guencr, Venus ; Corn.Guenar 
VV. Eirm,P/<«w ■ Corn. Aeran. 
VV. Fcnigl, Fenil; Arm Fanuil 
VV Rhedyn, Fern; Arm. Radcn 
yV. Hehg, AmUow; Arm.Halck. 
W.Keuyn, Hunger; Arm.Niun. 
W-V^enaid, A Sigh; Arm Yuanat 
W. Elylcn, Alms, Arm. Alyuicn 
VV Lhcidir, A Thief , Arm. Lacr. 

\V . Eigion, The Ocean , the Deep or 

Abyfs. Ir, Aigein. 
VV. Er^juyn Guely, The fide of a 

Bed; Ir. f Air^ion, a fide 
VV.tEfgir, A Leg; aljd a long 

ridge of a Hill. Ir. f.'VifgCir, a 

VV.Eithin, Furz or Gorxf Ir.Attin. 
VV.Krevydh, Religion; Ir.Kravadh. 
W Neidir, A Snake ; Ir. Nathair. 
W. Ebr cv , Said He; Jr. Abair, 

Jay thouijpeak; & Abruidh , 

/peak ye. 
VV.Enaid, The Soul; Ir. Anam 
W. Kerbyd, A Coach ; Ir. Karbad 
VV. Kcna;, A Whelp ; Ir.Kana. 
W. Medhai, Soft; Ir. Maoch. 
VV. Rhedyn, Fern; Ir, Raith & 

W.fElain, A Faun; Jr. ^Uain, 

a Hind; & Ly alum, a Faun. 
fEngl. Eale, Ale; Eale- gavel, 

t E. Earm, An Arm; Earmbeag, a 

t E HeaJf, Half 
fE. Streaw, Straw Screaw-ber- 

rian Straw-bemes. 
t E. Beam, A Bam or child. 
iE.Calice., Charlock. 
t E Flex, Flax , Bres, Brafs ; Ble- 

dre, ^ Bladder; Bremble, A 

Bramble ;^X.corTi, a, Heo- 

rot,a» Hart; whetice I leorotberf' 

A Whortleberry or Bilberry ; Be- 

orwick, Barwick. 
Germ. Gehen, Togoe; Belg. Gaen, 
Germ. Brennen , To B./r»j Belg 

Germ. Krebs, Belg. & Engl, a 

Crab [Fifll. ] 
Germ. Stengel, A Stalk; Bel'' 

Stangel. ° 

Lat Emendare, Yx.Amender: Eng. 

to amend. 
Lat. Mergus, Fr. Marcote. 
Lat. Duce, Ital Duca. 
Lac Sorte, Ital. Sorta. 
Lat. Specie, Ital. Spezia. 
Lat. Tigre, Itai Itgra. 
Lat. Infero, Span. Enjarter. 

E chang'd into I. 
W.Kennyn, Leeks; Corn. Kinin 
W. Eidhew, Ivy ; Corn. Idhio 
VV Medi, To Jieap; Cora Midzhi 
W. Guregis, AG>rdle;CoTn. Gri- 

W. Guely, A Bed; Corn. GuUi. 
S. VV. Huc^i [N VV. xuexl Six ; 

Corn. Huih. 
W. Evre, Darnel; Com Ivre. 
VV. Elin, An Elbow; Corn. Ilin 
W. Am/er, 



Obs. XVIII. Chance Of 

W. Amfer, Time ; Ir. Aimfir. 
W Emon, An Anvil i Ir.lnneoin 
W.Ewin, A Nail i 
W. Eog, A Salmon; Ir.flaA;. 
W. Mel.Ho^f/; Ir. Mil. 
W.Melys, Sweet; Ir. Milis. 
W.Teu, Thick; Ir. Tin. 
fEngl. Drenk, Drink; Drenk- 

horn, A Cup. 
fEngl. Feld, Afield. Fcldhus, « 

Tent or Field-houji ; Feldfwam, 

a Mujhroom. 
fE. Tin, Ten: Tinmanna-Ealdor, 

Lat. Decemvir. 
fRWcluc, Amik; afortofSea 

t E. Bleadhe, Blithe; L. Lxtus. 
t E. Braecend, Breaking. 
JGerm. Queck, Engl. Quick: 

Queck Silber, §i^ck Silver. 
Inicripc Rom. Anciq. — Patro- 

Nis Svis Fecit Dignis Et Me- 

RiTis Pro Eorvm Pietati. 

Vabr. pag. 5. Cl. Zosimvs Et 

Plavtia Zosime Vivi Sibi Fe- 


RVM Ne De Nomine Exiat 
NosTRORVM Aria Maceria 
Cincta Circv Monimentvm. 
lb. p. 91. N. 179. &: 151. N. 
314.. — Collibertis Svis Po- 
sTiRisQVE Eorvm. p. 209. N. 
yi2. — E Regione Piscinae Et 
Canalis Vsqve Ad Ariam p. 
223. N.^94.. — QvAiSTOREs Ai- 
24.1. N. 6')X. — AJmilio Felici 
cof/jugi meo bene merenti, cutn quo 
vixi annis L. fine ulld quirella. 
— hoc tnojiumentum ne de nomine 
exfiat. p idy.N. 109. 

Tarvulus hie fitus efi, vixit tris uf^ 
que per annos, 

luque novem menfes.fnrjalidofq; dies. 

Nomine Grifologus , (^c. p. 7,67,. 
N. lor. 

Ti. Claudia Drufi F. CaisaRI Au- 
guflo Germanico Vontifci maxima 
Trib. potefi. XI. Cos. V. Imp. 
XXIIII. Patri Patriai. s P.Qjl 
quod Reges Britanniai perduel- 
les abjque uUd ■juCiurd fuorum ca- 
ptivos habuerit, Gentefque Bar- 
baras ultra oceanum priinus indi- 
iio hello , Imperio adjecerit. p. 
728. N. 446. — luncfii Lvcinai 
profilid parvd laborante Reines. 
Synt. Iss. p. 57. N. 50. 

\ac\t for Iacet Occurs in almofl 
all the old Monuments of the Bri- 

E. chan^d into O. 

W. Ncuydh, Nev); Cor.Novi'ydh. 

W .Prcgcth, A Sermon ; Corn. Pro- 

V^i.K.\Qdhy^,ASword; Ir. Kloid- 

W. Keir^;, Oats;lr. Koirke. 

Germ.Kette, chilnefs; Belg. Koute 

Gttm. ^k, A Corner ; Bclg.Hoeck. 

Germ. Stecken, A Stick or Staff; 
Belg. Stock. 

fEngl. Wermod, Wormwood. 

fEngl. Arewe, The River Arro-a) 

fEngl. Awed, IVoodj or Mad. 

Obs. XVIII. Chance Of 

f Engt. Cemban, To Comb. 
Lat Creta, Fr.Cro^^. 
Gr. nijiTEif •»), L. Projerpin*. 
Gr. "Ekv^&', L. Socer. 
Gr. 'Eaomov, L. Oleum. 

E chang'd i7ito V. 
W.Lhyfeiyn, An Herb ; Corn. Ly- 

W. VMe'icn, A Houfe ; Corn.Luan. 
W.Keiliog, ACock; Com.KuUiag. 
W Fenigl, Vend ; Corn. Funil. 
W . Kroes, A Crofs ; Corn.Krouz,. 
W.Kelyn, Hotfj'i Ir. Kuilean,& 

f W. & Corn. Trev [al.Tre] A 

Houfe ; aDtKelling; f Ir. Driiv. 
WEvydh, Brafs ; Ir. Uva. 
V/. Deilen, A Leaf; ir. Duile, 

Duileiu & Duileog. 
W.Melin, A Mill; Ir. Muilean 
W.Newydh, New; Ir. Nuadh. 
W. Ergid, A Cafi; Ir. Urxur. 
Gr. NfipfA)!, Lat. Nebula' 
Gr. 2(«i7nA®', Lat- Scopulus. 
Gr. Test, Lat. Tuus. 
Gr. SiAiii')!, Lat. Luna. Vols. 
Gr. 'AftsAy^, Lat. Mulgeo. Id. 
Gr."H;«, Lat. Pubes. Id. 

I, chang'd into A. 

W . Kegid J Hemlock ^ Corn . Kegaz,. 

W. Ebrilh , April; Corn Ebral. 

W Helig, WtUoTv ; Corn.Helak 

W. i, H«. Hfr; Ir. a. 

Lat. Pigritia, Fr. Parejjh. 

Lat. Pampinus, Ital Fampano. 

Lat. Chronica, Ital. Cronaca. 

Lat. Syndicus, Ital. Sindaco. 

Gr. A(>, Lat. Tango. 

Gr. KiyxAi';, Lat CajtceUi. 

IS. Antiq. Philufa Andrei Liberti 
Uxor oUam (^ Titulum datum ah 
confervas pedifequas. Fabr. p. 
15:7. N. 263. 

I chang'd into E- 
W. Diod, Drink ; Corn. Dewas. 
W. Lhiu, The Rudder of a Ship; 

Corn. Leu. 
I or Y in the Termination of Mono- 
fyllables in the VVeifh , is Jbme- 

times chang'd into El in the Cor- 

nifli- as VV.Ki, a Dog:, Corn. 

Keij W.Ty, a Hoiije; Corn. 

W. Y Drindod, The Trinity ; Arm. 

\M .'Niul A Mifi i Ir.Neal , a Cloud 
W. f Bill , A Mouthy Ir. Beul & 

Germ. Widder, A Ram; Belg. 

Germ. Birckcnbaum, A Birch-tree, 

Belg. Berckenboom. 
Germ. Himmel, Heaven; Belg. 

Lat. Intrare, Fr Entrer. 
Lat. Ilia, Fr. Elle. 
Lat. Infernus, Fr. Enfer. 
Lat. Ilva, [ The name of an ljland'\ 

Ital. Elba. 
Lat. Dominica [ Dies ] Ital. Do- 

Lat. Vitta, Span.Tf^a. 
f Lat. Here/or Heri j Sibe&quase 

Gbs. XVIII. Change Of 

ioxfibi & quafi. Quintil. Lib. i . 
Ch. 7. 

\Gx.'\\ti.^ for Hftiigji. Plat, in 

IS. Antiq. VsE/tfr Vbi. — Abuc- 
cius Aquila Et Lvcceia Fe- 
licitas Hoc Loco Sacrarunt 
Ube Posta Est Anuci a. Si Qui 
Huic Loco Manus Intule- 
RiT Habeat Dolorem Meum 
QiiEM Ego Habui. Fabr.pno. 
IN. XIII. — Honorio Aug. V. 
— Cubecularia Hunc Tumu- 
lumPosuit. lb. p. 182. N. 390. 

I changd into K c;- G . 
W.Ionaur, Jayiuary; Cor.Genvar. 
W.Iar. A Hen; Ir, Reark. But 

perhaps the former of theje ts a 

Corruption of the latter. 
Lat. Siniia, Fr. Si7ige. 
Lat. Tibia, Fr. Tige. 
Lat. Fimbria, Fr. Frange. 
Lat. Commeatus, Ital. Congedo. 
Lat. Alienus, Span. Ageno. 
Lat. Mulier, Span.iVagfr. 

I chafig'd iitto O. 

W.Rhith, A Form or Shape; Ir. 

W Trigaredh,^!?^/ ; Ir.Trocaire. 

Lat. Divitia:, Ital. Dovizia. 

Lat. Hornbile, Ital. Orribole. 

Ital. Dimanda &: Domanda, A 
^jueftion or Demand. 

Iss. Antiq. Olli for Illi Occurs 
frequently : 

Maximus hie fitus ejl : primaevo (lore 
juve?!te, Fratribiis (^ Nobie dulcis 
amicus obit : OJIi quippe aetas vi- 
gmti eft acta per annos, & ^luin- 
tumpoft me?ije7it quarturn adujque 
diem. /w/'iZff. Fabr. 577. LXVI. 

I changd m U. 

W. Gulith, Deio ; Corn. Gluth. 
W. f bin & Tin, A Fortified H,U; 

and us'd fojnetimes as the proper 

names of Round Steep hills. Ir. 

Dun, & f Tinn. V. Supra p 5-. 

col. 3. 
W. f Trim & Drim , The Back; 

Tvhence 'tisftiU in ufe for a ridge, 

as of a Houfe, a Hill , &c. Ir. 

Druim. the Back, Sec. 
L. Fimarium, Fr Fu?aier. Mr Men. 
Lat. Pellicia, Fr. Peluche. Id. 
Lat. Barba caprina , Span. Barba 

Ital. Ferita & Feruta ; A Wound. 
fLat F'ortina, Fort una. Mr. Men. 
f Lat. Aprinus, Aprugma. Id. 
Iss. Antiq 1 Optumus for Optimus 

Occurs frequently in old Infcri- 


lovi Optvmo Maximo Sacrvm 

T. CoRVNCANivs, (3"f. Fabr. p. 

119. N. 8. 
I Confonant is pronounced by the Ar- 

moric Britans, as by the French, 

viz. as zh : Zhyus , A fu, ' 


Zbyuzhament, Judgement, &c, 

O chang'd into A. 

W. Hogilen, A Whet Stone ; Cot. 

Agolan. I 




Obs. XVIII Chance O k 

W . Pyskottur , A Vijher - man ; 

Orn. Pylgadar. 
W . Elor, A Bkr ■ [Lat Fcrctrum] 

Corn. Elar 
W . O Dad, O Father ; Corn, a das, 

Ir. a achair. 
W.Ocs, A>: Age j Ir. Aos. 
W. Hofan, A Stocking; Ir. Alan. 
W.Bodhi, TI'Drra'/zjlr Bathadh 
W.Bloncg, ^pji'rf; Ir. Blainic. 
W- Blodcyin, A Flower ; Ir. Blai- 

W.Klog, A Skull; Ir.Claigean 
W. Gov, A Smith ; Ir. Cava. 
W.fGnottai, To Accufiom-, Ir. 

W. Torr, The Abdomev ; Ir.Tarr. 
W 0^<t\cn^The Mafs ; Ir. Aifrin. 
W.Kolh, ALofs , Ir.Kaill. 
W. Kodum, A Fall; Ir t Kadaim. 
Arm. Don, A Gift ; W. Daun. 
Lat. Domina, Fr. & Engl. Darne 
Lac. Otium, Ital Agio. 
Lat. Solidus, leal. Saldo. 
La: Chrillophorus, Ital. Cnjlofano. 
Gr.'AfgoTfar, Lat Aratriim. 
Gr. Bi««, Lat. Pafco. 
t Lat. Fovii, Fatii: Mr. Men. 
f Lat.Coday Cauda ; Non.Marccll. 

O chang'd into E. 
W. Onnen & On-wydhen, A?: 

AJb-Tree ; Corn Enwedhan. 
W. Bogel, The Navel; Corn. & 

Arm. Begel. 
W Rhonkian , Snorting; Corn. 

W. Pobi, To Bate; Corn. Peba. 
W Dydh Nadolig [& vul. Dyu 

Nadolig 1 Chrijfmas-day ; Com. 

W. Dio'^i, Idlenejs; Arm. Dicgi. 
W.Oleu, 07/; Arm. eol. 
W. PeA;od, Sin; Arm. Vexct- 
W. fLhoftog, L. Caudatus; Arm. 

Loftek : Streden loftck, a Blaz- 
ing-Star or Commet. 
W. Lho, A Calf; Arm. Lue. 
W.Bod, ro^fi Ir. Bcith. ' 
t Engl. Oft, TheEaft. 
Engl. Woden , Weden ; tpkence 

tEngl.BIetfod, B/#</. 
fEngl. Bocode, Book'd, Infcrib'd. 
t Engl. Brothor, Brother. 
Germ. \\ ol. Bcig. &Engl. Xrell. 
Lac. Horologium, Span. 'Relax. 
Lac Mola, Fr. Meule ; Lat. Morus, 

Fr. Meure ; L. Novus, Fr. Keuf; 

Lac Soror, Fr. Soeur. 
Gr. KtixAwvJ', Lat. Codes. 
Gr. Tiiv, Lat. Genu. 
Lat. Bonus, Bra^, Benignuf, &c. 
fLat. Vortex, Vertex. 
f Lat. Vorfus, Ferfit. 
t Lac. Complocti, ComfleUi. 
t Lat. Votare, Vetare. 
f Lat. ConvoUere, Convellere. 

O ckang'd into I. 
W. Goglais , Jitillation ; Ir. Gi- 

W. Tin, Ir. Ton, The Breech. 
Gr.'o,-, Lat // 
Gr. Ksnf, Lat C/f"/. 
Gr.'OfiSse;, Lat. Imier. 

Obs. XVIII. Change Of 

Gr.n«»<ir, Lat. Ptf»»V. 

O chang'd into U . 
S W. Lhocr,r/'<' Moon i Cor.LOf. 
W. Trocd, A Foot -, Corn Truz. 
W.Kocd, W^W; Corn.,Arm. 

W.Golx, Light; Corn. & Arm. 

\V. Godro, To Milk ; Cor GuJra 
W . Mozyn , A Smne ; Ir. Miik 

& Mukm. 
W. Bloneg, Semet -, Ir Blunag. 
W.Kog, ACuckoTv; Ir. KQaA; 
S. W. Koel , Koelcd & Koulcd, 

An ArmfuU ,- Ir. Kual, a Fagot. 
\V. Kodum, A Fall; Ir. Kudaiin, 

/ Fall. 
\\'.Kosd,ADiJfaf; Ir. Kuiv;cal. 
W. Koluyn, AWhelp ; IrKuilcan 
N. W . Ocn, S. W. on, A Lamb ; 

Ir. uan. 
\V. Ox ! Alas ! Ir. \Jk. 
W.Olh, All; Ir.Uile. 

Equivalent to this u is the 00 us'd 
by ^/-f Englifli .jW Dutch. 
tEnglDom, Doom; Brom, Broom; 

Fot, a Foot ; Hof, a Hoof, &C. 
Germ,Hoch, Kigh ; Bclg. Hooghe. 
Germ Ohr, An Ear; Belg. Oore. 
Germ. Kohl, A Cabbage ; Belg. 


The Italians in many -words, ufe 
o or u indifferently ; Jaying Sorge 
or Surge ; Fofle or Fuffi ; Facolta 
or Faculta ; Popolo or Populo, &C. 
And the fame ice may aljb objerve 
in the Old Roman Orthography. 
In the High-vay betwixt Margam 
<?WKynhg in Glamorganlliire, ve 
find a Stone In/cr:b'd VvMrzivs Ca- 

Maen Lhythyrog at Mynydh Mar- 
gam in the fame County, PRONEPVS 
/orPRONEPOS. Camd Gibf p. 617. 
And at a place Corruptly caWd Pant 
y Pollion for Pant Paulin at 
Caio in the County 0/ Carmarthen, 
we find on the Tomb-flone of one 
Paulinus, the word Shrvatvr for 
SERVATOR.Ibid. p. 615. Nor was 
it the Ignorance of the Vulgar in re- 
mote Countreys, to write fo ; but even 
common at Rome it felf: as we find 
by Signior Fabretti's Curious Colle- 
<?;o»»/ Roman Infcriptions. 

Diis. Manibvs 

Et. Gen 10 

C. Flavh. Hermetis 

Ave. Lib. 

Ab. EFISTVLIS. Graecis 

IvLiA Antistia. Mater 

Infelicissima. Filio 

De. Se. B. M. Lacr. 


Vix An. XVIII. .M. V. D XIII. Fabr. 

Iss. p. 71. N. C^. 

And p. 87. N. xr. D .M. Fato- 
rum arbitris Aurelia Secunda frjiva 
fecit fibi ^ Aurelio Optato, filio 
dulcijjtmo qui vtxit VI 1. menfi- 
bus X. diebus xvilll. libertis, liber- 
tabufque poflerifque eorum dr qui na- 

Obs. XVlll. Caange Op 


fcentur ab Hits hoc munimentum in 

f'ronte pedes x in agro pedes x v. area 

pedes wn. H.M.U.M. A. 

In ipjo M^numcnco D. M. lu- 
liac. C p.^-lz-N Jjj. 
So Lungum/er Longum in this 



Lat Ped. 

XX. LvN. Ped. XX 2^.t77.N.3(Si. 

\J isfeldom chang'd into A, faving 
that in the Irilh; a o and u are 
often us'd indifferently , as AgUS, 
Agos or Agas, And, &c. 
W.Gudcn, AWyth; ir. Gad. 
Lat. Ulna. Fr. Aune. 
Lac. Fulvus, Fr. Fauve. 

U changed in E. 

VV. Darlhcnnur, A Reader ; Arm. 

W. KCiyr, IVax ; Ir. Kt-ir. 

W.Guydh, A Goofe , Ir Geadh 

Lat. Furt'urinus, leal. Inferigno. 

Lac. Pondus, Ponderis, VcllaijVel- 
leris ; Munus, Muneris, &C. So 
luro, Dejero, Pejero. 

IS. Anciq. j D M longiliae Ter- 
tiae cojug: inconparabili ZT piae 
quae vix It mecum Ann . 1 11 . M . v 1 1 . 
D. XIII. Benemerenti, dolens ani- 
mo Icbens feci , Sextus Trutteius 
Amianthus. Fabr. p. ifi.N xi6. 

U chang'd into I. 

VV. Bluydhyn, ATear; Ir.Bliad- 

\M.myd,Meat; Ir Biadh. 

W. Lhuyd, Gray ; Jr. Liach. 

W. Tuym, U'arm ; Ir. Timea;:. 

W. t Guyran, A Sea Fowl, caU'da 
Barnacle ; Ir. Giran. 

W.Skuyd, A Shield; Ir. Skiach 

W. Sun, Sound; Ir. Slan 

t Engl. Bledlunge, A Blejfmg, Bo- 
dung, Boding [or declaring] 
Braeftlung, a Ruffling; Clac- 
rung, aClatering or Noije; Be- 
tux, Betwixt, &c. 

Iss. Antiq.] Monimentum/or Mo- 
numentum occurrs very often m 
Roman Infcriptions as -well as in 
Old MSS. Q^Caecilius Q^L. Pri- 
mus emit in Monimento Palanga- 
nor. in agro Fonteiano quod eft 
Via Aurelia in cUvo Rutario , 
parte finifteriore Columbaria n. x 
OUarum n. XXXX. Sibi ^ Caeci- 
liae, &C. — Haec colubaria ^ ol- 
lae alio nomine neminem fiquentur 
^ It a ut area quae et cedit Moni- 
mento Comm. upt liceat ^ facri- 
ficiumfacere Fabr. p. 10. N L. 

Racilia Eutychia M. fecit Cn Ra 
cilio Telejphoro, Patrono & Con- 
jugi — St quis huic Monimento 
poft me aliquam controverfiam fa- 
cere voluerit aut de nomine aufer- 
re,infereticr!LnoP. R. H V. M N. 
Infronte p. xil. s. in agro p. xir. 

H. M.D..M.A. lb. p. 4-. N.l6^. 

So Contibernali for Contubcr- 
nali in the following. 






Obs. XVIII. Chance Of 

D. M. 

M- AvR. Vrsi. Spe. 


Peregrinvs Heres 
Merenti Fecit. 

lb. p. 134.. N. 91- 

U chavgd into O. 
W. Tuym Warm , & Tuymder , 

Warmth i Corn. Tom &: Tom- 

W. Kuyr, Wax^ Com.Kor, Arm. 

W. Dur, Water ; Corn. Dour. 
W.Pulh, A Pool, a Piti Corn. 

Arm. &Ir. Poll. 
\V. NJuiaren, A Black-berry, &c. 

Coin Moaren. 
\\f Mc<i\M,Dru}ik ; Corn. Medho 
\V. Karu,' A Stag ; Corn. & Arm. 

\V. Taru, A BuU ; Corn. Taro. 
W. Hurdh, A Ram, Corn. Hor. 
W. Hiu, ASov, Corn. Hoh 
W- Sua; , A Plow-:ihare i Corn. 

W. Uylo, To Weep ; Corn Ola. 
W. Ciuyl, Holy i Corn. (]ul. 
W. Maru, Dead; Corn. Maro. 
VV. Deni, Oaks ; Arm. Uaro. 
VV.Uybyr, The sky, Arm. Oabr. 
W. Lhuy, A Spoon ; Arm. L.oa. 
W. Bu;*;, A He-Goat ; Ir. Boc & 

Poc gabhair. 
W. Wii,ABoi»i Ir. Boia. 
W.fKnuk, AHiUi [M. a SveUing] 

Ir. Knok 
W. Ku;e, A Boat -, Ir. Koka. 
W. Kiiyn,Comp/ai>tti Ir.Koineadh. 
W. Kuningen, A Rabbit i Ir. Koi- 

W.Trum, Heavy, Ir. Trom. 
W. Dur, Water; Ir, fDovar. 
\V. Duvun, Deep; Corn. Doun, 

Ir. Dovaiu. 
W.Durn, A Fijfi It. Dorn, a 

W. Lhum, Bare; Ir. Lom. 
W-Siiiii Noife or Sou7tJ ; Ir.Soin. 
W. Rhuy vur , A Rower ; Ir. Ro- 

W. Tulh, A Hole; Ir. ToU.&cpoll. 
W. Tunny, Shining; lr.Tonna;i;. 
W. Tmr.,AHog; Ir.Tork. 

So in the OhlEi'gl'jh Buta, Both ; 
Bulluce, a Bullock i A plecun, Aple- 
ton; Huntadun, Huntingdon; Su- 
thc-gcwcork , Southwark ; Suth- 
Hamtun , Southampton ; Suna , a 
Son; Fugul, a Fowl; luc, a Toai ; 
Mus, a Aloi/fe ;Hus, Houfi ; VVulfa, 
a Wolf ; Wudugat, a Roe; q.d. a 
IFood-Goat, &C 

Germ. Kupffcr, Belg. &c Engl. 
Copper ; Summer, Son/mer, &c. 

Afid in Old Injcriptions we find 
O or ov Jo common -where nowwe uj'e 
V. that rcc have no room to doubt , 
hut that in the time of the Romans, 
a great many -writ jo conftantly. hi 
Fabr. p 33- N. \(i%- toe fwd the 
■word Cujus -written Quoius : Corne- 
lius P. F. hicfitus eft, Quoius Pietas 
laefit 7ieminem. — L. Aufujlius Vi- 

Obs. XVIII. Change Of 

vos V.ftbi <^ fuis. p 31. i^ 3 . —Nufic 
commune nobis cuftos tuferva Sepul- 
crum. Que nos haec tecum mox te- 
get orna fmul. lb. pag. lyi. D 
— L.Fabricius C.F. Cur. Fiar.fa- 
ciundum Coeravit. p. 140. — Al. 
Aha?!! L. P. T. MunatioT.F. ^juat- 
ftores aire moltac condederout. p. 
141. N. ^)i. — Poublico p. 24.1. 
N. 667. Cn. Ricinio Cn. F. Pup. 
perfac Scr. Tr. Mil. Avonculo- p. 
38^- N. xi$. — Huic monomento 
cedit cuftodiae cauj'a que eft juncla 
taberjie cum ediftcio <^ hurto , &C. 
p. 399 N z66. 

Hie fttus ille ego Merulator Pub- 
lics ipje 

^jupd vocitatus eram Baebius co- 
gnomine Patris 

Roma mihipatria nomen meu Pri- 
mus in aevom 

Hos verfus fraterque foror tumu- 
loque dicarunt 

&ui pietate ftta merito laudeni po- 
ftiere. p. 4.18. N 373. 

Aurelia —Cafta pudens volgei 
neftia,feida viro. p. 41 1 . 388 • 

— Quomfa re;confolerecur lov- 
filent cenjiiere homines pious V oin- 
voriei virei at que mulicres facra ne- 
quijquam fecije velet ; neve inter tbei 
virei pious duobus, mulieribus plous 
tribus adfuifevelent, vijei de PR. ur- 
ban! Senatuofquc (intent 1 ad , utei 
fupradfiriptum eft haice utei tn con- 
vent ionid ex deicatis ne minus tri- 
num noundinum Senatuofque ftn- 
tentiam utcljiientes efetis eorum feti- 
tentia ita futt feiques efint quei ar- 
vorfiim ead feciftnt quatn Jiiprad 
ftriptum eft eeis rem caput alem faci- 
endam cenjuere, at que utcihoce in ta- 
bolam ahenam incidcretis ; Ita Sena- 
tus aiquom ccnjitit, ttteique earn fei- 
gier ioubeatis ubei faciliumed gno. 
ftier potiftt atque utei ea Bacanalia 
fii qua Jiint extrad quam feiqutd ihei 
fr.cri eft ita utei fupradfiriptum eft in 
diebus X. quibus vobeis tabelai datai 
erunt, faciatis ut eidis mota ftent in 
agro Tevrano. Ibid, p 417. Wliere 
much more of the fame Orthography. 

And in Reineiius's Syntag. iss. 
p.4ix. N. 40. -we read — Scripfi in 
Orbe Roma. — Sibi & uxori fecit 
vivos, p. 60. N. 137. atid the like 
examples elfewhere frequently . Nor 
is this yet difiontinued by the Italians, 
-who -write and read for the Latin 
Muhui, Molto ; for Smlritia^ Stol- 
tizia ; for Sepultura^ Sepoltura ; 
Triumphus, Iriomfo; Ulmus, O/- 
mo ; Unda , Onda ; Ultra , Oltre j 
Nuce, Noce, &c. 

U Vovel cha7!g'd i7!to V Confonant. 
\V. RbaU, A Shovel; Corn. Rev. 

Rev tan, a Fire-Shovel. 
W.Guenyn, Bees; Arm. Keften 

venen, A Bee-Hive. 
VV.Neuydh, ATfip; Arm. Neves. 
W.Klyued, The Hearing; Corn. 

W. Euin, A Nail or Clan); Arm. 

W. Uix', Eggs ; Arm. Viou : Viou 

Obs. XVIII. Change Of 

pesk, Fiflj-Spami. 
Gr. K«uu; .(au'it^j Lat. Gavia. 
Gr.Niv'joK, Lat. Nervus. Vid. A 

Gel. Nodt. Att.xru. xxi. 
Gr. fiE^.-jf, Lat. Pelvis. 

y is fometimes , but rarely cha7igd 

i7ito M. 
As Dimedha in Corn. To JUarry ; 
from the W. Diuedhi. 

Y chang'd into A. 
\V. Rhedyn, Fern ; Corn. Redan. 
W . Mylvran, A Cormorant ; Arm. 

W. Rhuyv, An Oar ; Arm.Rava, 
W. Mysk, ^mo7ig// ; Ai:m.Meask. 
W. y;ii. An Ox; Ir. fAx. 
Gr. Kt/i*, Lat. Canii. 
Gr. is^vAii, Lat. Calix. 
Gr. Mvi\iu, Lat. Madeo, &c. 

y cha7igd i7ito E. 
W. Dyu, God; Corn. Deu. 
V/. Dvn, Man; Corn. Dean. 
S. W. Iluydho [ N . W. ;tuydho ] 

To Swell; Corn. Huedhi.' 
W. G uyrdh, Green ; Corn. Guer. 
W. Guydyr, Glafi, Corn.Gueder. 

Arm. Guer. 
Piyd,Time; Corn. Prcz. 
Pryv, .riWorm; Corn. Prev. 
Guydhen, A Tree; Corn. Gued- 

han, Arm. Guezan&Guedhan. 
W. Gulydh , chick-weed ^ ' Corn 

VV.Pymp, Five; CornPemp. 
W.V^i^k, Fijh; Corn. Pesk. 
\V.&\s,A Finger orToe; Corn.BeZ 
W.Lhuyd , Gray ; Armor. Lued. 
VV.Melyn, Tello-iD ; Arm. Melen 
Vi'^.Guyn, White; Arm. Guen: 

G uln guen ; IVhite wine. 
W. Sva;, Dry; Arm. Sea;e. 
W.Kry & Kryv, Strong; Arm. 

W. Guydyn, Tough; Arm.Gueden 
W. Kyn, So J at much as; Arm 

W.Dvdh,^i><s7,- Arm. Deis. 
V/. Kyf, yi Block; Arm. Kef. 
W.Lhyn, A Pool; Arm. hen. 
W. Kelyn,//9^ ; Arm. Kelen. 
\V.¥\g, Pitch; Arm. Pck. 
W.Rhuyda;, JV^r^i Arm.Ruezu 
V.''. Meiyn , Yellow ; Arm. Melen. 
W. Y mysk, AmongH ; Jr Meask 
Vv-'.Myn & mynnan, AKid; Ir 

W. Byr, Short; Ir. fBearri Corn 

& Arm. Ber. 
VV.Ty, AHoufe; Ir. Tea. 
W. B\u, Living; Ir. Bea 
W. Tyn, Strait ; Ir. Teann. 
W. Yvydhdod, Obedience; It. Ei- 

\V.Glyn,AyalIeyi Ir. Gleann. 
W. Lhyn, Liquor ; Ir. Leann. 
Gr. 'r^/■.^i;, Lat. Remus. 
Gr. 'rt-^uA![9t, Lat. Remulcut. 
Gr.MxrVn, Lit. Mattea. 

Y chafig'd into O. 
\V.Rh\,Toof»uchi Ir. Ra. 
fW. Bf [Mod. byxxfi'] A Cow 
Ir B3. 
tW. Lhym 



O Bs. XVIII. Changi^Of 

f W. Lhymmiu, jin Enfgn ; Ir. 

t Loman. 
t Engl. Thyrncn, A Thorn. 
1 V..\\!yrt, A Wort or Herb i Wyr- 

tun, 't Garden. 
f K. Hyrnet, yl Hornet. 
tE. Wyrd, AlVordi Bywyrd,/» 

f E.Byrn, A Bourn ; viz,. A Spring 

urfmaU Brook. 
Gr. kuxv, Lac. Mola,^f. 

Y'd into XJ. 
\\f. Ds, Black; Ir. Duv. 
S. VV. i loyl, The Sun i Corn,Houl. 
S. W.Oyr, Go!di Corn. Our. 
W. Dyu, God ; Arm. Due. 
W, Dvn, A Man ; Ir. Duine. 
W. Voider, Height ,- Ir. UaAidar. 
W.Trvan, Lfari ; Ir Truadh. 
W. Klyft, An Ljr, Ir. Kluas. 
W.Plyen & V\'^\yn., A Feather i 

Ir. Ivliiiv & Kluivin. 
VV. Klyn , A Hip, Ir. f K.luan 6c 

Glun, a Knee. 
W. Krvg &c Krig, --^ Htw/-; Ir. 

W. Pry V, A Worm; Ir. Kruv. 
W. Kynnog, AJinallPaili Ir. Ku- 

inneog, ^ Chttm. 
W. Sky bo, To Sureep; Ir. Skuaba. 
t Engl. Bye, A Burt or Vat. 

y Chang d into A. 
W. yskalhen, AThiJlle-, Corn. 

MynaA;, A' Monk ; Arm. Mana;K 
W . Mylvran, A Cormorant ; Arm. 

r W. MvnaA;, Oar; Ir. Mana^i- 
W. Rhybydh, Warning i Ir. Ra- 

vadli. ' 

y chang'd into E. 

\y. ynys, An Ijland-, Com Enys. 

W. Trybedh, ATrizct or Brand- 
Iron; Corii.Trebath. 

S- \V .Sjvi, A Strav>-ierry i Com. 

W. Dyvrj^i, An Otter ;C.Deviit,i. 

W. K> fylog, AU'ood Cock • Corn. 
Kyvclak. Arm. Kefclck. 

W .Dysky, To Learn ; Cor Deski. 

W. Lliyvyr, A Book ; Corn.Levar. 
Arm. Leur. 

W. Hvdrev, The month ofO&ober; 
C. Hedra. 

VV. Tyuylh, Drfr/-; Arm. Teval. 

VV.Kl>'\ved, To Hear; Arm.Klevec. 

W.Pyfgodur, A F'Jher; Arm. 

W.Skyvanr, The Lungs; Armor. 

W.SyxsdyThirfl; Arm Scxcd. 

W. t Prydain, Britain ; Ir. Breatin. 

W. ysbicn, Spain ; Ir. Eatbain. 

W.Glyny, To adhere ; Ir. Gleana. 

W. Lhys-\o.h,A Step Son ,- Ir. Le- 

W. Mynaiied, An Awl; Ir.Mea- 

y chang'd into I. 

W.Kynnyd, Ffirf/;Corn. Kinnis 

W. ByA-an, Small; Corn. & Arm. 

W. ynyd, Shrove-Tide; Ir. Init. 

O 1) s. XIX. Change Of 

The Labial Letters 

p. B. K. (or Ph.) V. M. 

\V. ynys, An Ijlaud ; Ir. In is. 

W.ymmyl. A Border; Ir. Immeal. 

W. tyfly, To Eat; Ir. Iladh. 

y chang'd into (). 
V/. Pryjcchur, A Preact/er ; Corn. 

W. Dyvnder, Depth ; C-Doundcr. 
W. Mvnydh, A Mountain j Corn. 

&: Ir. Monadh. 
\V. Lhygod, Mice; Com. Logaz. 
W. Bydhar, Deaf; Ir. liodhar. 
\V . t" Lhy/;lynnydh, A Norwegian, 

Ir. LoAjlonna;;. 
W.Lhynky, To Swallow; Ir. f Lon- 

gadh, to Devour. 


Change Of The Labial 
Letters r. b.f. (or Ph.; V.m. 

In the foregoing Notes, I have for 
the mofi part omitted the Alteration 
of yowels in the fame words of one 
and the fame Language or DialeH, 
OH account of Dectcnfion, Conjuga- 
tion, Compofttlon, &c- Such as \\I . 
Maneg, A Glove ; Plur. Menig ; 
Fon, a Staff, Plur. Fyn ; Naid, a 
Leap, Ncidio, to leap ; Kar & Ka- 
ra, Love thou ; Kcrais, I have lov'd, 
Karav, I will love; Drug, Bad; 
Drykhin, a Storm q d. Drug-hin. 
i. c. Bad Weather. Arm. Karo, a 
Stag; Plur. Kirvi ; YAoz, a Bell, 
Plur. KlcA^iet ; Me laqua , I put , 
Memeus lequet, I have put. Ir. 
Nom. Dia, God ,- Gen Dc. Nom. 
Mac. a 5ow;Gen.[&Nom.Pl.] Mic, 
&C. Such Notes 1 fay, becavfe they 
occur in Grammars, are here indu- 
flrioufly omitted; but the Alterations 
of Initial Conjonants, Jo peculiar to 
thefe Ancient Languages of Britain 
and Ireland, that all our Neighbour- 
ing Nations feem utter Strangers to 
them , may claim fome room in the 
following Qbfervations. 

In the Welfli, fuch words {efpeci- 
ally Subflantives and Verbs aBive) as 
in their primary ufe, begin wtth P. 
conjlantly change that letter inffeak- 
ing and writing as occajion Jhall re- 
quire, i>ito B.F. or Mh . which lajl,as 
alfo Nh. being together wtth Lh. and 
Rh. peculiar to //v Wellll, / erro- 
neoujly omitted in the General Al- 
phabet, p 2., A Head: Pen gur, a 
man's head ; i ben, his head ; i fen or 
C as fuch words are always written) i 
phen, her head ; y m mhcn, my head. 

Puys , Weight ; POys ayr , the 
weight of Gold ; i buys, it's weight; 
i fuys, her weight ; ym mhCiys, my 

Pyuys , The Countrej fo caWd : 
Tir PyuySjPoiryy Land; O Benvro 
i Byuys,Frow Pembroke to Powys; 
Dyved a Fyuys, the Countrey of 
Dyved [wowPembrokefhire] and 
Powys ; vm mhcnlhyn ag ym mhy- 
uys, at Penlhyn and at Powys. 

O B s. XIX. Change Of 

The Labial Letters 
p. B. F. Cor ph. ) V.M. 

Puio, To Beat ; yn puyo'r ba;!;- 
een, Beating the Boy ; lu buio, to 
beat him, lu fuio, to beat her ; yn 
ym mhuio, Beating me ; Plyj;y,'/o 
bend or fold ; Plyga'r Uialch!, bend 
[thou] the rod; lu bhjjy, to bend 
him [ or it, m. g. ] iu fl\ ry , to bend 
her or it, t. g. yn ym mhiyjy, bend- 
ing me, &c. 

The Cornifl), Armoric and Irilli, 
vary their Initial Letters much af- 
ter the fame manner , faving that 
neither of them ufe this Mh. nor Nh. 
fortheM}n. oftheh,ih,(as we/hall 
eljewhere dijlinguijh ) is only equiva- 
lent to V confonant. I choofe there- 
fore to referr the Reader to their 
Grammars , and to exemplify here 
only in the VVelfll. 

This variation of Initial Letters 
will doubtlefs feem very fingular to 
Strangers ; but in the Bricilh 'tis all- 
ways regular; and conflantly be- 
twixt Letters of the fame Organ of 
Pronunciation ; For a Labial Let- 
ter is never chang'd to a Dental, nor 
a Dental to a Labial, e^c 

'Twas doubtlefs fo ( tho' there be 
now fome exceptions ) formerly m the 
ln{[\; faving that their Initial F. 
andS were always .^as partly yet .^after 
the manner of the Spaniards, chang'd 
to H,&c. Nor are theju Initial va- 
riations how ever furprix-ing at firfi 
view, more difficult or ungrammati- 
cal than thofe numerous Declenfions, 
or change of Terminations in the 
Greek and Latin Nouns, which in 
the Britifll are alter d but once, and 
that only for Diflinflion of the 

RefleSiing on the great affinity be- 
twixt fuch of our European Lan- 
guages, as 1 have any Infight in, I 
have been fometimes te7iipted to a 
fufpicion, that this changing of Ini- 
tial Letters was once a prevailing 
Cuflom no lejs in the Contine7it than 
'tis yet with us : And that their dif. 
■ontinuing it, has been one great caufe 
of the Origin of various Dialers, 
which upon further Alteration (otie 
while by Corruption, and another by 
Improvement) became in time di- 
flni£i Languages. 

And as in Welfli, for Example, 
Pant, A Valley, Perth, a Bujb, Pa- 
red, a Wall, &c. are chang'd into 
Bant, Fant, Mhant ; Berth, Perth, 
Mherth ; Bared, Fared, Mhared : 
So limaein'd the Latin Pruina came 
to be cau'd by the French Brouine, 
and by //-f Itali.uis, Brina. Lat. Po- 
lentarius. ):x. Boulanger ; Lat. Pa- 
ter, Ida. Bater; Span. Pequcu- 
no, W. Byvtan ; Gr. i].A<,aQ«, Lat. 
Bcllum ; n«Ti.'», Delph. u^r«, ; n,- 
"■tii, Delph. ax<ei. Plut. in Hellcni- 
cis. x\*>c.,.i,, [UrbsThracise] v,x>- 
A«.»; ngjHn*),, Bralica. Seal. 

L.Pifcis, Gcr Fifth; Pater,Germ. 
Fatter; Pes, Germ. Fus , Pedis, 
Bclg. Foe/, t Engl. Fot i Gr n.jJL, 
Germ. Fart fin. 

Gr. n«r.v , /Eol. MirH; nxJBSK, 



Obs. XIX. Chance Of 
The Labial Letters 
p. B. F. (or?h.) V. M. 
^ol. Ma^Sm; Lat. Plumbum,Gr. 
M.At/JJi; i Fr. Pouil, Ir. Miol; W. 
Paflrun; Ital. Mazza,^<:. 

v?«i I was further -wiUing tofuppofe 
that by the Jhne Accident, f^f Weldi 
■mord Pryd, the Mind ; was changd 
by the Cornifll into Brez ; our Qbfo- 
lete Paft \_-whence Paftun ] a Club, 
into the Irifh Bat, and the ILatin 
Fuftis;& Pen, a Head, to Finis. 
Pinkin, A Sprig, into the Irijh Be- 
anpan; Pally, to refufe into their 
Faillie; The Latin ViT^i\\o,and our 
Pelle, into their Feleacan ; and our 
Put, any fl^ort Truncheon, &c. into 
their fNlut. Nor needes there be much 
fcruple to allow Jiich a Corruption of 
the Initial Letters ; feeii/g ther's no 
7iiore herei?! requir'd than -what toe 
are fure has beevdotie (provided that 
be allow d a Corruption) by the Ita- 
lians and Spaniards, in the Termi- 
nation : For we fee that in the Sin- 
gular Number, they have Confin'd 
the Latin Nouns to the Ablative 
Cale; calling a Horfe, Ca- 
vallo ; a Bull, Toro ; an Ox , Bue 
& Bove ; a Hog, Porco 6c Puerco. 
5o Jupiter, Giove; Venus, Venere-, 
Aries, Ariete ; Canis, Cane, &c. 
Ajidin the Plural, the Italians have 
commonly aim'd ( Notwithjfanding 
their being fi often befdesthe mark ) 
at the Nominative Cafe, whence 
Cavalli, Hor/w; Vorci, Hogs; Ca- 
valle, Mares; Capre, Goats, 6cc. 
and the Spaniards have made Choice 
of the Accufative ; frying Cavallos, 
Porcos, Yeguas, Cabras. But to re- 
turn to ourpropos'd method. 

P chang'dinto K C or Q:_ 

It's very Remarkable, that there 
are farce any words in the Irifh [he- 
fides what are borrow' d from the La- 
tin orfome other Language) that be- 
gin with much that in an An- 
cient Alphabetical Vocabulary , 1 
have by me, that Letter is omitted; 
and 710 kfs obfervable that a confi- 
derable number of thofe words whofe 
Initial Letter it is, in the Britifli j 
begin in that Language t»ith a K. or 
( as they conflantly write) C. as part- 
ly appears by the following examples 
W.Paul, A Pole or Stake; Ir Kual. 
\V. Peth, AThing ; alfo a Part or 

Share; Some,8iC- h.K.od,Kodi 

W. Pa? Ji'^hat? Ir. Ka.? 
W. Pask, Ea/er ; Ir. Kafg. 
Corn. Pencas, IVhitfon-Tide ; Ir. 

W. Peifwin, Chaff; Ir. Kaithfloan. 
W.Pefu;^, A Cough; Ir. Kala^jd. 
W. Pen, A Head ; Ir. Keann. 
W.Puy ? Who ? Ir. Kia. 
W. Puylh, Sejife or Meaning; Ir. 

W .Vhm, Children ; Ir. Klann, & 

S. W. Plvv, Feathers; Ir. Kluyv. 
W. Peduar, Four ; Ir. Kathair. 
W. Pymp, Five; Ir. Kuig. 
W.Pair, A Furnace, d Cauldron; 

Obs. XIX. Change Of 

The Labial Letters 

p. B. F. (or Ph. J v. M. 

Ir. Kuir& Koire. 
W. Pren, A Tree; ir. Kran. 
W. Par, A Couple; Ir Koraid. 
W Pridh,£arr/j or Clay; Ir.Kriadh. 
W.Praidh, A Prey; Ir. Kreajj. 
W. Pa raid ? JVherefore ? Ir.K'red 
W. Pryv, AWorm ; Ir. Kruv. 
W. Pob, Every ; Ir. Cca^, or jach 

And femetimes i?i other parts of 
the words lue fnd the fame ; as 
W. yfpydhad , A Haw-thorn. Ir. 

W.tMap[M.Mab] A Son; Ir. 


The fame is obferv'd by Voflfius, in 
refpefi of the Jnterrogatives and Re- 
latives of the }onic Dialed. lones 
(fries he) inlnterrogativis mutant 
■^ m ■■<,. Ita Ku; dicunt pro '»»s ; ox«s 

I pro cTtut ; xi pro ">} ; ■mm;, jytraj ; 
1 a TTctra.', o^ot; ; yrvicf, i(sici ; o Tivia^t o 
I )(JU5; Tra'iTJ, )(ore ; a Triri, c usTi. GrX- 

cis quuque xvaf/a ell: Faba : Quin 
I c^ JEolcs quoq; uti >= pro ^ teftatur 
j Etymologici audor in >»'•' . Sic 
1 Lat. lecur a Gr. iwa/i & Scintilla 
i quafi Spintilla a f-TrjJ^^: Qer. Jo^ 
: Vojf. De literarum permutatione. 
, Lac. Pa rce, Engl Scarce; ItalScarfo. 
; Lat Sapio. Ital Saccio. 

Gr. la'OT;. haz. E'juus. 

P chang'd into M. 

Corn. Pempas, The Fifth; W.Pym- 

Lat. Scrpyllum, Ital SermoUine. 
Lat. Carpere,Ical. Ghermire. Men, 
Lat. Perdere, Ital. Smarrire. Id. 
Gr. 'iTTitf. Lat. Somnus. 

P chang'd i?ito Sh. 
Sch in the It.ilian, and Ch. in the 
French,<jrp accordi?ig to their modern 
Pronunciation equivaleiit ?o o«r Sh 
tho' in regard we frequently find the 
Letters P. ajidil.. counterckangd ; 
butfeldom ortiever P. andS. it may 
be queflion'd whether the old Pro- 
nunciationwas 7iot as x,,or the Welfll 
^'WlrifliCh. which feems partly con 
firm'd by the French's calling a 
Rock, both Roc aW Roche. 
L.PropCjFr.Prof/j. An. tPrOA;?&C. 
Lat Rupes; Fr. Roche. 
Lat. Sepia, Fr. Seiche. 
Lat- Apium, Fr. Ache. 
Lat. Spina, Ital. Scie7ia. 
Lat. Sperno, Ital. Schema. 
Lat. Spira, Ital. Sclera. 

P. ckajig'd into T. 
W. Poeth, Hot; Ir. Teith. 
W. Plays, Weight ; Ir Tovas. 
Ix.VolAHole; W.Tulh. 
Gr. Titdtihiu, The month of Decejn- 
ber ; W. Ta;i;Uedh , November. 
Lat. Sceptrum, Span. Settro. 
Gr. BAaa-l«, Lat. Blatta. 
Gr. *«fof, Lat. Sturnus. 
Gr. nigjtf, Lat. Trans. 
Gr. Tf!iT», Lat. Verto. 

P chang'd into V C07if. 

' Amft'jKiiy Averrunco. 

M.o\. KAiTus, [pro xXiTvi ; ] Clivus. 

? . 

Obs. XIX. Change Of 
The Labial Letters 
p. B. F. (or ?h. ) V. M. 
AiTiis, Levis. 
Tlatt, P'as. 
nuTCMtSi' Vitricus. 
niTKAos, yitulus. 

niri.Volo, as; VoIT De perm lit. Lit. 
Verpa, Vervex. Idem. 
Pilus,Fi/w. Id. 

B chafig'd into C or K. 

W. Brith [ plur. Brithion, & Bry- 
thon ] Painted; Ir. Kruithnea;;, 
which fignifes alfo a Pift j fi that 
a Pi(5l was no other tha?i an ex- 
tra-provincial, Brythyn [ or Bri- 
tanj & Breathnigh, thofe Sub- 
jeiled to the Romans. 

L. Brevis [ W. Byr] Gcrm.Kurts, 
Bclg Cort, Ir. Ccearr or gearr. 

W. & Ir. Bran; Germ. Rrah , 
whence Krafen, /» oWEngl. Hrae- 
fcn, and modern. Raven. Gr. K«- 


W. Bias [ Germ. & Engl. Grofs ] 

Lat. Craffus. 
W. Barny, Gr. Ke^'w But whether 

in thefe words B is chang'd i7ito K 

or the contrary, is left to the 

Reader's judgement. 

B chang'd into D. 

Mr. Menage derives the Celtique 
Dun, a Hill, Sec. V. Supra p. 5- 
col. 3. 
Lat.Gleba, Engl A Clod; Ec\g.Clot 

B chang'd into F or Ph. 

W. Blaidh, A Wolf; Ir. Faol. 

tEngl. yElbinne, Elfs: Fxld-Ael- 
binne, Field Elfs. 

fEngl.Sper-habuc & Spcr-hafoc, 
A Sparrow-hawk. 

t Engl. Bregyd, Afraid. 

Germ. Dieb , Engl. Thief; Belg. 

Germ Liebe, Love ; Belg. Liefde. 

Germ. Ein altcs weib. An old Wo- 
man ; Belg. Een oudt wijf. 

Ger.Herbft, Harvefi; Belg.Herfst. 

Germ. Korb, A Basket; Belg. 

Germ. Schreibfeder, A Writing- 
pen ; Belg. Schrijfveder. 

Lat Sebum, Ft.Suf 

Lat. Bubulcus, Ital. B//o/co. 

Gr. ©£/!«!,"«!, Lat. Triumphus. 

S,^ifia, Fre7no ; BurKix, Fafiia ; B«'- 
i!-i(.»>6f, Fajcinus, ' Afi.<ptXK%M> ij*- 
cpr/.oupi!, &CC. This ki}id of Alte- 
ration was common amongfl the 
Macedonians. V. Euftath. in 
Dionyfii Geogr. 
The Germans and Britans ufe fre- 
quently the B. where the Latins have 

F. but whether of them is a Cor- 

ruption of the other we leave to the 

Reader's Determinatio>i. 

Germ. Buch, Engl. Beech; Belg. 
Buck ; Lat. Fagus. 

Germ. Ein Blaalt, A Blajf; Lat. 

Germ. [&Engl.] Gebrooken, L. 

Germ. Bruder, Lat. Frater 

W. Bai;t; , Lat. Fafcis. 

W. Brud, 


O B s. XiX. Chance Of 

Tm. Labial Letters 

B. p. F. (or Vh. ) V. M. 

W.Brud, Lac. Fervid«s. 
W.Blodcyin, bclg Dat niocfen, 

Kngl Blollom, Ir. Bladh, Germ. 

Eiu Bhlc, Lat. h'/os. 

B cL-Migii into G ■ 
W. Bcrua, A Barrow i Cor. Gra^ 

W. & Engl. Brati , Jr. Gaiavan; 

CJr. Ki/g^««. 
Ital. Debbo , & Deggio Subjctto, 

& Suggetto; Gabbia, Gaggia, &c 
Sp. Ab.V-lo [ A Grandfather J & 

Gr. iui^«{.(, yEoI. rxifmti. 
BxXuici , r«A«w; . whence the Lat. 

Bclg. Blyde , Engl. G/ad. 

B cha?ig'd into M. 
W'" . Bob dydh [ Bevnydh ] Daily ; 

Arm Bcm-dizhck. 
W.Baud, AThumb; Arm. Mvd. 
W. V Bore, I Gr vulg. it%Qiti']To 

Morrow ; Ir. iMara^;, Ger. Mor- 

Lac. Sorbum, Fr. Corme. 
Lat. Sabbati dies. Fr. Samedy. 
Lat. Jacobus, leal. Giacomo 
Lat Benioinum, Span. Men)ui. 
Lat Morbus, Span. Muermo. 
Lat. Bimeii Jbmetimes for Vimen, 

Spin. Mimbre. 
Lat. Globus, Sc Glomus i Probofcis, 

promufcif. (ire 

B chang'd in P. 
This alteration and the Cortverfi ; 
its irelJ as other fuch like, are fo na- 
tural, that they need not he wuch 
W Mab, A Son) Corn. & Arm. 

VV. ^iodrib, An Aunt i Corn. Mo- 

drap, (i/'c 
Gr. Bxiixi. Papae i ^mu», Pafco, ^c. 

V. Quint. L. I.e. 7. 
Iss. Anti^ 1 Apftineo/i»r Abftineo 

and fuch like very common. 
Omni Crventissimo Genere 
Negotiatiokis. Reines. S. Iss 
^. 475: N II. — QvoD Habet 
U P486 N.16. 
— Patriae Benf.ficio Et Ivdi- 
ao APSENTIS CaesarisAv- 
CVSTI. Fair. 169. JUn i. 
— Parentibvs APSTrLIT Atra 
Dies Et Acervo Fvnere Mersit. 
li 190. N. 441. 
CL Verrio CLF. Pal. 
Seviro Avcvstali 
Cvratori Mvneris 


Decreto Statvam Et Fas 
Ordo Decvrionvm Et Avgvsta- 


Et PLEPS \'niversa s.p.p.p.d.p. 
ll> 486. i(Ji. 

B chang'd into V ConfonanC 
The change ofB into V Confonant, 
is alfo no left eafy. The Greeks and 

O B s. XIX. Change b f 
The Labial Letters 
B. p. F. C or Ph. ; V. M. 
Spaniards often pronounce tlx B we 
find, as an V Conjbn. and the Bntans 
(as wejball elfewhere have occajion to 
obferve) us'd formerly no other, than 
h or m as neither doe the 1 x\\\\at this 
day j only of later Ages their Gram- 
marians have very well difiingmjhcd 
this, and all their other Mutes upon 
change of their Primary Pronuncia- 
tion, with a point thus [ • J above the 
Letters, or an h ^ter. 
Con^.l\obcr, Copper , Arm. Kuevr. 
I Engl. Heber, A Beaver. 
GcrniSilbcr, Bclg & EivX Silver. 
Germ. Habcrn. Bclg }rhvci,Oats. 
Germ Ballubcn, A Bath j Belg. 

Lat. Gubarc, Fr. Couver ,- & Mor- 
bus, Morve. 
Lat Rubens, Ital. Rovente; pleb.s, 

pieve; plebanus, Piovano,&cc. 
Lat. Cibus j Span. C/evo ; Faba , 

l^'ava, &C. 
Lat Fcbruarius, W. x^evror , & 

Iss. Antiq ] r/6^ B was douklefs 
pronounced by fame, as an V Confo- 
nant m the time of the Romans, elfe 
we jhould never find on their old Mo- 
7imiients Vene for Bene ; Livertus 
for Libertus; Inconparavilis for 
incomparabiiis j as in the following 

Aelivs T1M0XE.NVS MiLEX Cho 
Sephme Praetoriae Centvria 
Glyconiana Balerio Crispo 


Ti Fecit ^£ NE ME R E NTE. 
Fabr. p 137. N.iz7. V^p 14.001.3 
Aelio Sacerdoti Et \'l- 
PIAE Trophimae Concessit Do- 
n'avitqvae liver LIVER- 
TABVSGI^Pos.Aeor. Ibp i^-r. 
N. 160. 

DM. AvRELiAE Spenis T. L. 
Mesivs Her Meros Coivci Ca- 


D. xxviir. H XI. lb p 189.417. 


GALi Anniae Alkxandriae C F. 
CoiVGi ReliBiosissime Lvcivs, 
Steivs Ae.milivs V. C. lb p.aj 3. 
N. 50. 

VENE Merenti Qvae Vixsit 
Annis xviiii.DiEs. xxxxi. Faecit. 
<^c. 169 N. 123. 

AvRELivs Vittalio Hanc Me- 
MORiAM CvM Solar 10 Et cWI- 
CVL O A Solo Fecit. lb. p. ici. 
N. 131. 

B is fometimes chang'd into V 
Vorwel : as 

Lac. Abfcro , Aufero j Ouviolavit 
/J^Obviolabic — SiQviOvvio- 
LAViT, Ad Iferos Non Reci- 
piATVR,&c. /?«». Sync. Iss Claff 
XVII. N. i<58 

Overcit & Ouvius/iw Obvertit & 
Obvius. Dau/q. ex i\ lario Vidto- 
rino Grammadco. Lat. Habcna. 
W. Auen. 

The Alteration of the Initial B in 


Obs. XiX. Change Of 
The Initial Letters 
B p. F. ('or Ph.; V.M. 
the Britifh, is only into V and M as 
Hraud, a Brother; [ brau.i , Her 
brother ; i vraud His brother; ym 
mraud, My brother ; iizri. Bread; 
1 bara. Her bread; VAjvdig o vara. 
Some bread; ym mara. My bread, 

F chang'd into B. 
W.Fcncftr, A JVinduw:, Corn. 

Ir.Fhdh, A Deer; Arm. & Fr. 

Lat. Fiber, Fr. Bie'vre, Engl a 

Beaver; Ital. Bevero ; Span. Be- 

Lat. Fremitus, Span Bramido. 
Gr.' AAi^o,-, Lat. Albus. 
Gr. "a,«^», Lat. Amho. 
Gr. <!>KXa4,x. Lac. Baltena. 
O^^xv:,;. iufcc?u»Js. Umbilicus. 
i>ifmK„ , Maced 


The F of the Modern Welfll, was 
anciently exprefed by B or M. and is 
fltllfo by the\n^\: as VV. Afal, Ir. 
Ubhal, an Apple, &c but this is 
only a Variation of Orthography , not 
of Pronunciation. 

E*f««, A Town of 

F is butfeldom chang'd to KC.orC. 

W. & AngI, Flagen, Ir. Kla^n. 

Gr tesa, Lac. Gero. 

Gr Ni^«, Lac. Ningo. 

/Eol. Ttffc; pro Hifti ; Tergus. 

F chang'd into H. 
Corn.Filgeth, Soot; VV. Hidhigl. 
Ir. Fas, Growth & Fad j Long. VV. 

Hyd , Uvgth: Pa hvd .' how long} 
Ir. Fail. Liberal; \V. Hiel. 
Ir. Falaihim, / Cover -, W. Hilio. 
Ir Fios, Knowledge; \V. Hysbys, 

Ir.Fein, Self; \V. Hvn ; Tu fhein, 

%y?/y; w. Dvhvn. 
Ir. Fiadh, A Deer; VV. Hydh 
Ir. t Fin, Old; VV. Hen. 
Ir F6s, Yet; Corn. Huath. 
Lat. Foras & Foris, Fr. Hors. 
Lat. Fagus [ Fagafler ] Fr. Haitre. 
Lac Falco, S^n.Halcon. 
Lac Ferrum, Span, tlierro. 
Lac. Furnu, Span. Homo. 
Lac. Fagus, Span. Haia. 
Lac. Fame, Span Hambre. 
Lac. Farina, Harina. 
Lac. Fatum, Span. Hado. 
Lac Foenum, Span. Heno^ Lat. 

Formolus, Span Hermofo. And 
fo in mofl Spinilh words deriv'd 

from the Lacui. 

F changed into P. 
W. Feneftr , A Wmdaw ; Corn. 

W K16f, Lame; \ Lac. Kloppus. 
\V. Kyt, A Block; Ir. Keap. 
Gr. n,ffv'(^, Lac. Purpura. 
Gr <i>nZ«{, Lac Pubes. 
Gr. *fa.i,v, Lac. Pellis. 
Gr <I>»i>i«4i>, Lat. Funiceum. 
Germ. Finck , [Engl. A Chaff- 

Finch} Arm. Pintik. 

_^_^ F chang'd ' 



D s. XIX. Change Of 
The Labial Letters 

p. B. F. (orPh) V- M. 

F ckangdinto S »»• Z. 
W. Furn, An Oven ; Ir. Sorn. 
W.Fvft, A Flail i Ir. Suyft. 
W.Feneftr, A Windo-w; Ir. Sei- 


^\^ Fruyii, A Bridle i Ir. Srlan. 

VV. Frouylh, A Whip ; Ir. Sroal. 

W. Fon, A Staff i ir Son,<iP»/i?. 

L. Falcc , Bclg Zeckel , Engl. A 
F changditito V Confimat. 

W. Furn, An Oven ; Corn. Forn 

\\'.¥orx< A Fork i Com. Vorh. 
So FYtt,vvft,(^c 

t Engl.' Afene, The River Avon. 

fEngl. Andefcr, Andover. 

t Engl. Defna-Scire, Devonjhirc, & 
Defenifc, one of that Coiintrey. 

f Engl. EfcilLim, Evejham. 

fEngl. G'i.'iaMoid, Gavel ford. 

t Engl. RacuU-caafter, Reciiher. 

t Engl. Swefas , The Swevians, or 
Inhabitants (?/"Schwabenland in 
Germany. So Aefcn, Evening ; 
Harfeft, Harvefli GMc.Glove, 
&:c. But perhaps the Letter F 
Tvas formerly pro7ioimc'd as V con- 
Jon a7it i t ho fame of the Common 
People of the JVeJlern Counties pro- 
Tiou7icing yet !■ bur , vor , Five , 
veiv, &c. Seem to imply that the 
old pronunciation ( at leajl that 
amongthe Weft-Saxons ) has been 

Gr. <l>iT>i;,L3t. Vates. 

Gr. <l>i/TO«. Lat. Vejica. 

Gr. S^J-w. Lat. I'efpa. 

Gr.*«3A«?, Lat.^/w 

In the Irilll Language, -when in the^ 

primary life of -words, the Letter F 

is the Initial ; it's frequently changd 

into V . and jbmetimes omitted: As 

Fad, Lovgi A vad o hoin, Long 

fince ; Ro ad, Ferv long, &c. but in 

the WclOi, Cornifli and Armoric, 

it never alters. 

V Confonant chang'd into B. 

The changing ofV Confonant into 
B as -well as the contrary ; is fo eafy 
an Alteration, that I jhall only ex- 
emplify in fame Ancient bijcriptions; 
and the like occurr fo frequently that 
the Romans feem to have iis'd thefe 
Letters indifferently. 

Hic Se BIVO O.MNiBvs Svis 
Bene Fecit. Fabr. p. 21. N 92- 

De Nil In Nil Qvi BID IT 
BoNi Nil BIX IT AN. 11. m. 
II. Di. XXI. OR. III. lb. N. 9+. & p. 
61. N.^fJo. 

BALERiysD.\^^AsEr Ostilia 
Hermione Fecervnt Sibi Et Sv- 
is, ^c — BETO HvNC MoNv- 


IDonare. lb. N. 3^^. 

1 Vlpivs Aepictetvs Avg. Lib. 
I Sibi Et VlpiaE Sabinae Conivgi 
ISvaec^c. F- S-- N. 118. 
I PirpinivsAlphvs Sibi BIF;'^ 

Fecit. p.8?.N. i^z. 
_QvoD SiQvi Vltimvs Ex No- 

ObsXIX. Change Of 

The Labial Letters 

p. B. F. (or ph. ) V. M. 


enare BOLFERIT, Damnatvs 

EsTo Collegio Ivmentariorvm 
Qvi Est In Cisiaris Tibvrtinis 
HERcvLisdf''^. lb. 91. N. 179. 
— Itaqve Si Post Obitv.m No- 


Arce Pontificvm SS. Centvmi- 
lia nvvimvm. 

H.M. H.N.S. p. 92. N. 190. 

j^elio Cogitato Veterano 
AvGG. N.N. Qvi Vix Ann. xxxx. 
Mensib. X. DiEB. viiii. Et MI- 
LITABIT Ai^msxviii&c. p. 

ir- N. 7(j. 

— Si Qvis AvtemLocvm Istvm 

EAT CvM IVDA g^f . p. I ID, N .272. 

In freta dum fluvii current, dum 
montibus nmbrse 

Luftrabunt conbexai polus dum 
fidcra pafcent ; 

Semper amor decufque tuum 
laudelque manebunt- 

O dulcis conjux teneris erepta 
Tub annis 

Extinxifti hic meque fimul ma- 
tremque patremquc. 

Flavius Paregorius inimitabili 
conjugi fecit. p. 191. N.^+S'. 

Nevia SEBERA Cogvgi 
DvLcissiMo o'c. p. 269. N. 126. 
V. & Reines. p. 5 1(). N . 16. 

BALERIO CrispoCondam 
MiLiTi Fecit Vene Merenti. 
Reines. p 542. N. 7+. 

V ConJ. cha7tg'd into F. 

This is alfofo Obvious, as to need 
?iot 7nuch exemplifying. 
Lat Vices, Fr.Fois; Clavis, c/i?fi 

Navis, Nefi Bovis, Bteuf.Scc. 

V Conf. chang'd into G. 

The Examples produced by Me- 
nagius in his Principes de T art des 
Etymologies, of the Initial V. in 
L atin words cha?ig'd by the French 
into G. as Vafco, Gafion i Vailare, 
Gdter i Vagina, Game; Vifcus , 
Gui; Vefpa, Guepej^Vadum, Gue, 
&c, I have already plac'deljewhere, 
viz amo7igE the Palatal Letters pre- 
mis'd, p. 9.OBS. Vlll. ForwefiTid 
that in fuch words the V confonant 
is only chang'd to an U vowel, and 
the Initial G is a common Addition, 
amonjl the Italians , Spaniards , 
French atid Britans ; unlejs wejkould 
Juppoje with the Learned Father 
Pezron, that the Greeks and Ro- 
mans omitted it in the words they 
borrow'd from the Celtie : for he 
derives ( jimongll fever al other Ex- 
amples ) Venus from our Guen or 
Guener. Ce nom Jaies he ; a die 
forme fur le Celtique Vener ou 
Guener; ce qui veut proprement 
dire una perfonne blanche & bel- 
le, ^f. * 

• Aritiquite de la Langus, 8c de la Na- 
tion des celtes. Tjb. de mois Latins pris 
de la Langue des Celiei ou Gautois. 

Obs. XIX. Change Of 

The Initial Letters 
p. b. F. (or Ph. J V. M. 

The other Examples in Menagius 

Lat. Solvo, Ital. Scio/go. 
Lat. Volvo, Ital Folgo. 
Lat. Calvus, Span, cialgo; wheuce 

Murcielago, A Bat. 

V Coxf. chang'd into H. 
Vagus, Fr. Hagard Id. 
Lat. Veredus, Fr. Hedard. An old 

French word which fig7iified a 
Horfe. Id. 

V Conf. chajig'd into M. 
If we allow of the above mentio7id 

Abbot Pezron's Pofition; we have 
\71fi7ute Examples of this ; fuch as 
( to ijiftance in a few ) W . Krav , 
Gar lick ; Gr. Kjoftw; W.Kuruv, 
Ak i Gr. vulg. Ki^fA, i Corn. & W . 
fKalav, Gr. KiA««.«i Lat Cul- 
mus j W. Tav, Taui, Toui, Teivi, 
Dyvi, ^c. Names of Rivers , Gr. 
Uom/ASi; W.Avon, A River, Lat. 
Amnisi W. Fyrv, Lat Forma &i 
F.rmus And the fa7ne is likewife ob- 
fervable in reffeB of the Teutonic ; 
whom he alfo contends to have bor- 
row'd 7i!uch from the old Celtx; 
W. D6v,Germ. Zahm,'Qe\g.Tam; 
}Lng\.Tamei ir.Savra [W Hav] 
Belg. Somer , Germ. & Engl. Sum- 
men W. & Ir Krav, fEngl. 
Hromfa, Sc Mod. Ramfons : and 
he7ice perhaps the old Britijl) Savr 
& Havr, ( whence Sabrina & Hav- 
ren ) were chang'd t7ito Humber & 
Summer-&/ ; as 'tis certain Tavuys 
&Dyved were, into Thamefis & 
W. Trev , A Houfe or Home; Ir. 

Dream, a Tribe or Fa7nily. 
Lat. Varicare , Fr. Marcher ; Me- 
nag. Tho' I had rather with Tri- 
bouet (*) derive this from the 
old Celtique ( and our Britijh ) 
MiT>:,whe7jce the Irifl.i Marchuia 
[ S. W. MarAJgay ] To ride : and 
as for Varus (whence varicare j 
it Jeems but the fame with our 
Weljh Guyr, Crooked. Vid. p. 9. 
col 3. 
Lat. Vimen, Span. Mimbre; &c. 
Lat.Divulgo & Dimulgo. Cic. 
Lat. Provulgo dc Pro7mtlgo. 
Lat. Avita & Amita. 

V C07if. changd into P. 
Lat. Vefpertilio, Ital. PipiflreUo; 
& Opilio quafi ovilio. VofT 

V Co7if. changd into U Vovel. 
W. Avon, A River ; Corn, Auan. 

Arm. Aun. 
W Skyvarnog, A Hare; Corn. 

\V.6\zn,Fear; Corn. Oun. 
W .T^vod,ATongue; Arm.Teout. 
W. Pryv, A Worm; Arm. PreU : 

Preu Skier, a Glow-worm. 
W. Skyvarn, An Ear; Arm. Skfl- 

WGuevys, A Lip; Arm. Gieys. 

• Traa. de Rep. & Lingua Francica. 

W. Barv, 



Obs. XIX. Chance Of 

The Labial Letters 

p. B. F. (or Ph.) V. M. 

W.Barv, ^ Beard; Arm. Barou. 

W.Kcvcn, A B,uki Arm. Kcin 

al Kciin. 
W. Ivank, roM«^ ; Arm. Icuank. 
W. Tavleii, ATable., Arm.Taul. 
Lac. Abtcro , Seems to have been 
fronounad Avi'ero, and thence 
Autbro i J'o AuFugio,/roOT Avtu- 
•^io or Abfugio, &c. 
V Confinant is ne^jer the Initial 
Letter of any word of the VVcllll, 
Corniili or Armorique in its Pri- 
mary i<fe : If^eu therefore you read 
ViT.\,forBreadi Vaur Great,vyxm, 
Small; Vyu, Living , S^c. you are 
al/vays to wjidtrftatid the Initials of 
fuch words in their primary iifi, to be 
either R or M and that the V Con 
finant is govern d of one of them: 
So the Primary words of theje, are 
Bara, Maur, ByA^an, Byu. The Irilli 
Grammarians, have herein, iis'd , 
better method, by retaining allway 
their Initial Mutes, and diflinguijh- 
ing them, when the Sound ts alter'd 
by fuch a point above them as is us'd 
above [i] but there being no Iridi 
Types , where this Book is Prifited, 
that point is here allwaysfupplydby 
an h after the Letter, which has been 
alj'o the method m the publijlymg fe- 
veral Iriih Books; and is recommend- 
ed as the befl, by O MoUoy their 
latefi Grammarian. ( * ) 

M chang'd into B. 
\V. Melin , A Mill; Corn. Belin- 
W Myskyl, Mufiels ; Corn. Bed. 
\V. Maink, A Bench ,■ Com Benk. 
W. Mynaued, An Awl; Corn. 

W Muydion, The pith or foft of 

any thing ; Arm. Biicden. 
W. Moes, A Manner or Beha- 

veour ; Ir. Bcs. 
W. Menniu, A Womaft ; Ir. Bean. 
V^. ^\iQn, A Place ; Ir. Bail. 
W. Moel, Engl. Bald 
Lat. Flamma, Fr.Flambe, Flam- 
Lat. Marmor, Fr. Marbre. 
L. Cammarus,ItaI. Gambaro Men. 
Lat. Murmur, Ital. Borhoglio Id 
Germ. Milch [ Milk ] Belg.iV/e/fyt, 

Bohem. Mlico, W B/zV/f-. 
Gr. M«A«« , A Limb or Member ; 

whence our Kvmmal, a Joynt j 

q. d. Kyd-OTfl/ Ir Bal. 
Gr. Kii«<fi(S^, Faba.J£.o\ts mutabant 

fiin ,3 : ita^i^fi' dicebant /it^ko.; 

«ftfi^A«, &c. Voir 

M ckangd into F. 
W. Medry, To be able ; Ir. Fcidir. 
W. Mofj The Sea; Ir. Fairj;e. q. 
W. Karagoes, Bandy-legd ; Span 

Cancaiofo. q. 
Gr. AJi/'f^4; \ji.x.. Formica. 

M charted into N. 
fEngl. Aemec [al. Emmet] An 

* Fnnc. O lAtlUj, Grammacici Licine- 
Hibernici. Rom. 1S77. p. 119. 

Obs. XX. Change Of The 
Palatal Letters K 
[tf/.C. orQ]G.;i;. [orCh]!! 

Lac. Amita, Engl Aunt. 

Lat Mappa, Fr. Nappe; & Matta 

Lac. Mel'pilus, Ital. Ncjpolo. 
Lat. Limpidus, Span Lindo. 
\ Lat. Amnus, Annus ; Solcmnis , 

Solcnuis ; Dumtaxat, Duntaxat ; 

Quom jam, ^Uioniam; Smciput, 

Semicaput., &c. V'od. 

Iss. Antiq. ] C- lulius lafon ^ 
Cocceia Tryphaena fecerunt fibt <^ 
Libertis Libert abujque J'uorum dum- 
taxat qui ex famtlia eorum futjfent. 
Fabr p. 1^4.. N. 109. 
Vicifli prijcos lonceva etate parentes 
Annis parve quidem fed gravitate 

Nou luxus tibi cura fuit non gratia 

Ponpac,&c. lb. p. 19%. A. 



Pio Felici 




lb. 412. N. 3^,- 

Fedimus conditor Sacran Veneris 

Cntdies cum porticum <^ Cocmatori- 

um cojlitui itenque do7tavi. p. 4.97. 

N. 4. 

M chang'd iiito P. 
W. ymmennydh. The Brain; Cor. 

Gr. MoAuiai, Lat. FoUuo. 
Gr. MjAk^A;, Lat. Plumbum. 

whence the Lat. Ofia. 

M chang'd to V Confinant. 
fEngl. Hremn, A Raven; Hrem- 

nes fot. The Herb Crow-foot. 
Gr. M.»xxU, Lac- Vellus 
Lac. Flamma, Flavus. V'ofif. 
Lat Pluma, P«/x7»«x. Idem. 

The Greek, Lat. and Teut M. in 
the Midjl and Termination of words, 
is commonly exprefs'd by V Conf. in 
the Britijh and (which is one and 
the fame as to Pro?iu>iciation ) by Bh 
or Mh in the Irijh. See Example in 
V. Confon. 


Change Of The Palatal 

Letters K. {al.C.orQ.1 G 

X. lorCh.] H. 

K. C. (?r Q^ chang'd into B. 
VV. Kogurn, A fort of Sea Snail; 

Arm. Bigurun. 
Lat. Ledus, Ir Leabba. 
Lac. Cut 5 VV. I buy ? q. 
Lac. Quxfitus, Span. Bufiar. 
Lat. Quotidie, Span. Cadadia. VV- 

Bob dydh 
Gr. '£«« [ W. Akku ] Lat. Ui. 
Dor. T«r«i pro TnxM ; Tabes. 
Lat. Facio, Faber. Voll 
Succifana Tribus al. Subufana. Feft. 

Into X or Ch. 
Lac. Lorica, Ir. Laivrea;^- 
Lac. Adjcftives that Terminal in 

CUS, end aUways in g in Welfll, 

Ons.XX. Change Of The 
Palatal Letters K 
k m the Arnioric aiid Cornidi , 
and in >. in the Irilh. as Lac. Gal- 
licus. VV. Lvn61rhai J GMyd- 

hekg, Arm. Galek; h Gallia y.. 
Lat.Saxonicus, VV Saefneg, Cor 
ZoHznak, Ir Sa(^\iia^, ^c. 
Lat. Caput, Fr. chef. 
1 -at Caro, Fr. chair. 
LatCanis, Fr. Chien. 
Lac. Carus, Fr cher. 
L. Unurquifquc, (by Tranff>oftion) 

t Chalcun, 7iow chacun. 
Lac^Cacena, Fi chame. 
L. Calor, ¥t. Chaleur, Sic. 

Ch was introduc'dmto the Hnolifli 
Tongue by the Normans, as w^may 
conclude from the following words 
and hundreds ynore in the old Saxon 
Manufcripts : 
Ceaftcr, chefler; Acemannes Cea- 

fter, Ciffa-Ceafter , Andredes- 

Ceafter, Colncealler, ire 
Cilteni, The Chiltem hills . 
Circ&Ciric, A Church. 
Cyppanhamc, Chippenham m Wilts. 
\^\.c,Vy)ch; Sindmc, Sandwich 
Birc, Birch: Birc hok, A Birch- 
Boc, Beech ; Ceoca, A Cheek , Cild, 

a child, Bracce, Breeches, &c. 
Gr."AyKi>,®', Lat. Anchora. 
Bfvxeif, B^i^®', Brtichus. 

Into D. 
W.Kan, A Song; Ir.Dan. 
W.Keluydh, A Lye ; Ir. fDalv. 
Germ. Kuhn, Bold; Ir. Dana. 
Gr. Kiftft^t [ Sic. iUftf.(0ii ] Dama. 

Into F. 
W. Kaur , A Giant ; Ir. Fovra. Q. 
W.Kaib, A Mattock; Ir. Fcak, 

A Spade. 
W.Kylgod, A Shadow; Ir. fFof- 

\V. Kodac, Husks ; as of Peas, &c. 

Ir. Fcichlcog. 
W.Kael, To Get; Ir. Faail. 
Lac. Bucca, leal. Buffa; whence the 

word Buffoon. Menag. 
Lat. Mucus, leal. Muffa. Idem. 
Gr. Kxxio,. Lac. Fleo. VolT 
Gr. K{i/'«, Lat. Frigus ; Id. 
Gr. KeJfitci, Lat. Farma. 

K. C. or Q_^chang'd into G. 
N. W. Kyn , A Wedge ; Ir. Gin, 

S. VV. Gairig, Corn Gedn. 
W. Kil. A Jaw; Ir. GiaJ. 
\W.K[o,ALock; Ir.Glais. 
W.Kymmu;j, A Lobjier; Scot. 

Gimma;<;, Ir. Glioma^;. 
VV. Kravank, A Claw; Ir. Griv. 

Griv partain, a Crabs claw. 
VV. Koilio, To Believe; Germ. 

Lac. Crypca, Fr. Grote. 
Lac. Hemicranium , Fr. Migraiiu. 
Lac. Cibarium, Fr. Gibier. 
Lac. Acer, leal Agro. 
Lac. Maccr, Ital. Magro. 
Lat Alacer, Ital. Alegro. 
Lac. CucuUa, Span. CoguUa. 
Lat. Mucro , mucronare j Span. 

Mogronar : mogronar vidcs, To 

Prune Vines. 
Lac. Mucor, Span. Mugre. 
L.Quadrageffima, VV Grauisiiflir. 



Obs. XX. Change Of The 
Palatal Letters K 
[al. C. or Q,]G. X. [_orCh.'\H. 

Gr. K«>.A©-, n i Lat. Galluf. 
Gr Kt/xyos, Lat. Cygn"' 
Gr."Ayr.vx(^, Lat. jingulus. 
Gr. AKoJyxs, Ky.^y*n^, Agrigeii- 

The Ancient Romans m'd riot the 
Letter G at all ; till added ( a! Plu- 
tarch informs us ) by Spurius Car- 

Et cum C ac fimpliciter T. non 
valuerunt , in G ac D. MoUiuntur. 
Quir.t L I.e. XI. 

Pravaluit pojl^uam gamma vice 
fiijiBaprimC. Aulon. 

K. C. or Q^chang'd into H. 
Germ.Kopf.^^HM^; telg.Hooft 
Germ. Bitterkeic, Bittertiefs iBelg- 

It's very objirvable, that a great 
many rpords , -whereof K. C. or Q^ 
IS the Initial Letter in the Greek, 
Latin, Italian, Spanifli , French, 
Britifli, Irifli, Sclavonian and jome 
other Languages begin mtb H in 
the Teutonic ; tohich -when { bcjidcs 
the Termination peculiar to each 
Language ) fever al other Alterations 
{ /J5 Tranf^ofition, Qmiffton, Addition 
or change of other Letters ) coyicurr ; 
Jo dijguijis words, that they appear 
utterly irreconcilable, till traced thro' 
feveral Languages. There are infi- 
nite Examples of this ; but Ijhall 
inflawe only in thefe Few. 
W.Kydhio, Engl. To Hide. 
W ■ Koed, iVood i Belg. Hout. 
W.Kaib, A Mattock; Belg Hou- 
wcl j where the latter Syllable is 
only a Termination, of Diminu- 
tives, &C. And the alterations 
have happen' d thus, Kaib, Koub, 
Kouv, Dim. Kouvell, xouvell, 
Houwel ■■ And from Aiouvel or 
Chouvel, came the Engltjh Sho- 
VV. Kelyn, Engl. HoVy & Hulver, 

B(;ig. Hulfl. 
W.Korn, Germ.En»l. dff. Horn. 
\V. Koluyn, ALapJog; Ir. Kulan, 

Engl. Huelp. 
W. & Ir. Krav[tCram]^7^;- 

Garlick ; \ Engl Hramia. 
Sclav. Kurba, A Whore i Pol. & 
Bohem.Kurwa, Hung. Kurva ; 
Swed. Hora Germ Hur, fEngl. 
Hure, Dan. Hore, Belg. Hoere. 
Gr. Ko<A®^. Germ. 6c Belg. Hoi 5 

Engl. Hollow. 
Gr. KuOT, VV. [Plur.] Kun, Lat. 
Canis ; Germ. Hu^id, and f Engl. 
Gr & Lat Cyclus, fEngl H-we- 

gol. Mod. Vl'l^eel. 
Lat. Ccrvus, W.Karu ; Engl Hart. 
Lat Cor, Corde ; Ir. Kioiolic, E. 

Lat. Centum, W Kant; fEngl. 

Hund. Mod. Hundred. 
Lat Cavea, fEngl. Hofe. 
Lat. Circus, f Engl. Hring. 
Lat.Corvus, f Engl. Hricm.Gcrm. 

Raaii Mod. Engl Raven. 
Lat Caput, Germ. Kepfi Fr. chef 
Belg. 'hoaft, f Engl, 'heafut, Ger. 
'haupt. Mod. Engl. 'Hsad. 

Obs. XX. Chance Of The 
Palatal LettersK. 
[<!/.C.orQ.]G. a: [orCh]H. 

Gr. & Lat. Cannabis, Ir. Kanapj 

Belg. Kenip, Fr. chanvre. Germ 

'haiif. Engl. 'Hemp. 
Lat. Qui, fEngl. Hwa i Cujus, 

Hua;s ; Qud 8c q[lod,Hwat. 
Ital. Gala, Germ. Haufs . Engl 

K. C. or Q^hang'd into P. 

Jf1}e7i C. K. or Q^is the Initial 
Letter in the Ionic, j^lolic, Latin, 
Teutonic or I rilli; Thoje words fre- 
quently begin with P. /« other Dia 
leBs of the Greek, and in the V\ elfh, 
Cornilh and Armorique^ end the 
fame Alteration, happC7is fometimes 
in the Middle and Final Syllables; 
wherof fie fame Examples in the 
Changes of the Letter P. I 
Gr. SxuAoJa/, Lat. Spoiio. Voir 
Gr. Sfiii ti-cptjusi, Vejj/a. idem. 
OKsiM, 'Omicf Arlixui. Hefych. 
S. W Karreg, A Stone i Cantabr 

peira, hi. Pierre. 
Lat. Qi.ii:quid ; Ofce, Fitpit ; Feft 

\V . Pa beth. 
Lat. Qiu , W. Puy ; Quicunque 

puy hynnag [Arm Pue ben 

nak ] Quatuor ,, Quin- 

que Pymp, &c. 
K. C. or (^chang'd into S. 
W.Kclh, A Cellar; Arm.ScUier, 

W.Bokys, ./^.Box-^rff; Arm.Bys, 

Fr. Bouys. Ital. Boffb 
Lat Racemus, Fr. Raifn ; Placere, 

Plaifir ; Licere, Loijen Sara- 

cenus, Sarafin. 
Gr. '•S.y.-niJt^i. Lat. JEflimo. 
Lat. Lacio, Laffus. Vofl'. Q_ 
Gr 6t Lat. Cycnus, [ Cygnus] Sp. 

Cifne ; Germ. Schwan ; Belg. 

Lat. Clufus ; Germ. Schlofs, A 

Lock : Includo, Belg. Infchluiten; 

Germ. Eynjchliejfen. 
Lat. Qusero, Belg. Spueren; whence 

the Scotifll To Spire. 

K. or C. chang'd into T. or Th. 
Lat. Fafcellus, Ital. Faflello. 
Lat Labrufca, Ital. Abrojlmo. 
Lat. Vacuus, Ital. Veto. F>. Vuide; 

whence our Englijh Void. 
L. Clauliporca, claufiporta ; whence 

th; French Clauporte. Men. 
Lat. Marculus, Martulus, Martellus. 
Gr. Anxnise, Lat. Lutetia. Voir& 

Gr. Asi/i(j:, Lat. Lutiwi herba. VofT 

ex Salmas. excrcit. Plin. 

^vs;. Dor. Tin;; }(jii-\i>.yi,Tii-^it>,v, ; 

Auriuvt Sordes. KaS^. TAj.t^jt. 
BoTOi),:yt, Beflia. Canin. 
Lat. Ledtio, W. Lhith. 

K. cha7ig'd into V Confo7iajit. 
Gr. KaTTjf, Lat. Vapor & Vapos. 
Gr. KtK?, Lat. Vanus. 
Gr. V^wxz^K, Lat. Venari. 
Gr. Ki^i, Lat. Verro. 

Words that Primarily begin with 
K :n the Britifli, have four Initials, 
K.G ;t;. andn^. which laji as well 
as the other Letters that requir'd it, 
were fo well diJH7iguiJhed by H. Sa- 
Icsbury with particular Characters,, 
that ttfeems much Davies aTtd ethers 

Obs. XX. Change Of The 
Palatal Letters K. 
ial. C. or Q.]G. X. [or Ch.-]H. 

who have written Jivcefljould not re- 
tain them *. 

I NIT. L yx Kaban, Tour Tent, 
yx Kift, your chefl or Coffer ; yx 
is.ledhiv,/o»r Sword; yx is.6b, your 
cloak; yzii.cphy[,your Horfi ; yx, 
t\.ux,your Boat. 

Init. IL I gaban, His Tint; 
I gill , his Coffer ; i gledhiv , his 
Sword; 1 gob, his cloak ; 1 j^ephyl, 
his Horje ; I guA;, His Boat 

Init. III. i xaban, her Cottage; 
I XI&:, her chejl ; [ Aiojel, [Jrom 
Kegel ] her Dijlaff; I xiiX , her 

Init. IV. ynghaban, My Tent ,• 
Tnghift, my Coffer; Yughledhiv, 
my Sword; Ynghob, my cloak; Yng- 
hu;e, my Boat, 

Q^ ts fo much the fame, with K 
or G. that it ficms to have been ab- 
folutely fuperjluom a7>io7igsi the Ro- 
mans; and that //fr? Greeks deferv- 
edly cajhir'd it, retaining 07tly its ufe 
as a7mmeral Note. In the Arnio- 
rique it's a Commo7i Letter, but was 
7iever receiv'd ( oi far as I could hi- 
therto obfervefrom Old Ma7)ufcripts) 
into the VV'elfh and irifli ; Cu or Ku 
rendering it ufelejs : jior ca7t we di- 
fcover tho fame Lcar7ied Gramma- 
rians have 7namtam'd the C07itrary, 
any more neccfjity of it , tha7i the Ita- 
lians <7;/f/ Spaniards have of invent - 
i7!g a 7wa> Letter inftead of'G injiich 
words as Guaftare, Guado, Guer- 
ra, <irc A7!d that 'twas redunda?it 
a7no7igSi the Ronians is co7ifirm'dby 
their doubting when to make ufe of it, 
as we find by the foUowi7ig Infcri- 

Suetrius Hermes hie jitus efi, cui 
tertia C07ijunx 

Aram conjlituit, digno 7ncritoque 
7iiarito ; 

De CUJUS fajna multi cum laude 

^llipd fucrit cultor domini rerum- 
que c^y a7nator . Frbr. Kjy. N.3C0. 

— Non 7nihifufjictebat habuiJJ'e vi- 
ta tccu7n per tempora 7nala : aliam 
quidevi fiituram cuottidie obtahas 
bona — Tu vera <i\xo\.i\<^\e. ffcElabas 
videre proxtma palnia, &c. 1 b . z 71 . 
N. 150. 

Helpis Sinno Marito Bene Mer 

Enti F'ecit q VixiT Annos 
x'xiiii (^UfM CoivGE Sva Fecit 
MG III. p. 9(^.170. N. 137. 
D. M. 
Fabivs. Caricvs 
Fecit Fabio Zoti 
CO FiLio Bene Me 
Renti Q Bixit 
Atnis CIN^JfAE 
Mensibvs CI'n ^ 
De XVII lb. p. 410. 385. 
Aclius Timoxenus 7rtiks 'Bale7io 
Crifj>o corrrmanipulario cotidam mili- 
ti fecit vene merenti^ Reinef p. 

Anaflafio bene merevti in pace 

* tUnnct Sat'ubitrii Gj2ma\zuciL Brican- 
nici Limi. 1}$%. 




Obs. XX. Change Op The 
Palatal Letters K. 
[al. C. or Q.IG. X. lorCh.']H. 

yiro honeflo qui vixit arijiis Pmlx. 

&c, lb. 899.4?8. 

G (hang J into B. 

\V .Qm\. A MaU . Ir. Balla. 

W.Guaranc, AWarant, Ir. Ba- 

W. Gr^g, Heath i Arm. Brijk. 

Gr.'Ajyw, iiiColis, Asolibus' A{J«;. 

ex quo Arpos. Serv. ad vcrfum 

cccLXX'xvi Icptimi /Eueidos. 
W. Glas, [Gr. & Lat. Glaucus] 

Germ Blait. 
fCek. Gueldre?. Lat. Befgium. Q_ 
G ckajt^d into C or K. 

r/v Mutes ofthefirjf Initial P.T. 
and K are us'd in Tcrmmatinns by 
the Britans o/"France , {a^d partly 
by the Cornilh ] but very fcldom by 
the VVellll, ivho havechojen the Ter- 
minating Jiich Tpordi by the MuteS 
of the Jecond [mthl B. D. and G\ 
and Jometimes of the third, as being 
the fitter Letters that the Wellll 
Tpords (for example) Skvvamog, 
A Hare ; Helig , a Willoyp-tree ; 
Kvphylog, a Wood-<ock,S>CC. are 
in the Comijh , Skyvarnak, Hclak 
<j»</ Ky vclak . Arm. Haiek, Kephe- 
]ek,^c But this change ofQ into C 
is fi fmall an Alteration, that I Jh all 
only exemplify ijifomefetc Incriptions 
D. M. 

M- Antonio Extricato Vlavia 

Hermione conjuci/«o B. M. Fabr. 
(Jo. 55-j. 

Vicifli prifcos lonccva atate. &c. 
p. 191. A. 

L. Namitivs. Felix 

MoNiMETVM. Fecit Sibi.Et 


Et Libertis. Et. Libertabvs 
QvE Svis 

Ibid, i 1 1,^50. 
D . M 
CONiyci Et 
FiLio. Bene 
Fecit. ^.iiz.7,6^.. 
G^ui cemitu trijli lacrimis te 
deflet in oras 
Dtilci conjugio quaeritur te luce reli- 
tiilum lb 2,37. ^ag. 
G chatig'd into X, or Ch 
W.Kciliog, A Cock j Ir. Cailca/;. 
W.Brag, Malt; Ir Braix. 
W. Ta^y, To choak -, Ir. Ta;<;da. 
W. Kroj^i, To Hang ; Ir Kroxa. 
\V.Mvj;y, To Smother; Ir. MuAia. 
W. [S.] Eaug, A Salmon, Ir. f la^;. 
W. 1 ^ilidh. Together ; Ir.Da ;>:eile. 
\V . Tuyfog, A Commander or Ge- 
neral ifromTuyCotoleadi as the 
Latin Dux /row Duco. Ir. Tyi- 
W.Deg, r«»;Ir. Dei;K. 
t W . Lhvg, A Moufi, whence Lhy- 
god and Lhvgoden [Mod. a 
Shrerp or Field-Ahufi'] LuAJ. 
Wal. Milji, A Grey-komd; Jr. 

Gcrm.Ewig, Terpetual; Belg.Eeu- 

Obs. XX. Cha nc e Op The 
Palatal Letters K. 
[tf/. C.arQ_]G.A:. [orChJH 

Germ. Trog, A Trough i Bclg. 

\W.Gi.yir, A Goat; Fr. Chcvr. 

W. Gualht, Hi>r; Fr Chcuelurc 

\ Gr. l"«A-i«»ii, XxxZitn V'ofl" 
G chang'd into D. 

WGel, A Leech; Ir. Dyil. & 

VVGloin, ACoal; Ir.Dcaian. 

W- GuiA;iaJ, A Periwinkle or Sea- 
Snail; Ir. Dao;eog. 

W. Gclcyo, To shine; Ir. Dcaira 

VV.Guahclh, A Bodkin, &cc. ir. 

W.Guncyd, To Doe; Ir. Deana. 

W.Guedi, After; Ir. Deis. 

WGobaith, Ho/f , Ir. Dobh;>;as. 

W. Gulith, Dew; Ir. Dru^jd. 

W.Guydh, Trees; Ir. Feadha, 

Gr. r>i!pi;. Dor. Ai«^o«. 

Gr. r»«f !{.. §c Aii(ptfe¥. 

Gr. rvifti-nif He Atifxinif. 

Gr rpiixii, Lat. Dulcis. 
Gr. T^ii'/j, Lat. Rodo 
Lat. Ringo, Rideo. Vofl 
G chang'd into F. 

Divers -words that begin with G U 
in the Britifll, begi7t with F m the 
Irifli; -whereof fame hijlances are 
given in the VII 1 Obferv and much 
more might be added, fuch as : 
S. W.Guadh, A Mole; Ir. Fadh 

& Fadhv. 
W.Gulcdh, AVeafl; Ir. Fleadh. 
W. Guafjy, roPre/?,- Ir. Faifjea. 
W.GuiAiiad, A Verminkle ; Ir. 

W. Gummun, Guyntimun & Gu- 

ymnaA: ; Sea Wrack ; Ir. Fe- 

W. Guern [ & Guernen ] An Al- 
der-Tree; Ir. Fearn. 
W.Guyth & Guythen, A Vim; 

Ir. Feith, A Sijiew. 
W.Guiir, Hay; \r.¥c\iT, Grafs. 
W. Guay, To IVeave; Ir. Fiia. 
W. Guyn, IVhite ; Ir. Finn. 
W. Guydhbuylh, Apair of Tables, 

Ir. Fithzille. 
\V. G\i\n, Worthy ; Ir. Fiu. 
W.[N. 1 Gueini,7b Serve; Ir.Fona. 
W. Gualht, r^f hair of the Head; 

Ir. Felt. 
W. Guraig, A Woman; flr.Frag. 
W.Gryg, Heath; Ir.Fry^;. 
\V.Go);t, Lye > [Lat. Lixivium] 

W.Guaith, ATurn; [Lat.Vicem] 

Ir. FeaA:t & Faoi, Fr. Fois. 
Gr. r«>.?, Lat. J-'elis. 

G chang'd into H. 
Lat Germanus, Sp. Hetmano. 
Gr.n"er,Lat.H/>r7»w. V. Seal. Call 

in Manil. 

G chang'd into \ or Y . 
W. Guegil, Lat. Jugulum Q. 
Lat.Argentum, V^ Arrian & ar- 

t Engl. j;eol & seohol, ckriftmas ; 

in Northern Engl. lule. 
t Engl, jeong, Toung -. Geong wif- 

man, a Maid, a Girl. 
fEngl. j;eorftendaegh , Xeflerday. 
t Engl. Bc^condan, B»yona. 

Ob J. XX. Change Of The 

Palatal Letters K 

[ol Cor Q.-\G.X. lor C\i:\H. 
\ Engl Blegene, ^ J5/tf/« or Boil 
t Fngl. Bracgcn, Bram, &c. 
Ir. S'us, ^ P/w-rrM Gal.Narbon 

Yeus, Ilex.. 

G chang'd in S. 
W Gola:, /./;i;^r; |r .Solus. 
Engl.Gofpcl, Ir Soivjgel 
Lorn Gol, Kngl. Sail; Bclg Zcil^ 
W. Guyl, Holy., CJerm. Seclig,c^c 

Tho' in fevcral fuch Examples it 
[ccms not eajy to di/linguijh whether 
the G be chang'd into 5. or the con- 

The Britans of France , doe in 
imitation of their Couvtreymen, fre- 
quently change the ( J either into Sh 
or /h. which yet are both m French 
and Armoric written Ch. 
\\ .G'i.xfx.yTheHams; Arm Sharrc. 
W.Gardas, A Garter ; Arm, Sha- 

Lat Gigas, -antis; Arm. Zheant. 
Gr. i^ol. Mu}<(^.^ Lat. Mrfer 
Lat.Algco, Alfiofus; Cold, Chill 

G is very fe/dom chang'd into T. 
W Gofgordh, A Guard ; a Tribe or 

Family; f Ir. Talcor. CornKol- 

gar, Lads, Xouth. 
HxA. Tvf'^; [pro Tiv^f ] Turtur. 
Mi(}a>,a, Mufiela. Menag. 

Words Primarily beginning with 
G havethree Initials in the W cUh, 
G. U. Ng. 

As Guas, A Servant : \K, 
your Servant ; i Uas, his Serv ant ; 
yng ngQas, my Servant. 

Guaith , Work ; yx guaith, your 
Work; I uaith, his Work; yng ng- 
uaith, my Work 

Guilio, Watching ; yn yx guilio, 
Watchingyou ; yn i uilio, Watching 
him ; yn yng nguilio [ and yn yng 
nguilied ] Watching me. 

'The Armoric Britans vary it alfo 
into Gh. as Gurcc, A Woman; 
Map yr ghurec, the Womans Son : 
VelhyGaftjP^rrfw; Mapyrghaft, 
Mdb y bytten, &c. Ar^eth rhy ar- 

verol, ym mhlkh morwyr Lhy- 

a; [ er Ch ] M very rarely chang'd 
ir/to B. 
W. A:uiu, Ir. Biheav; As ;euiu lei- 

drin, Bihcavnach. 
W. lur^c, A Roe- Buck ; Ir Earb & 


X, chang'd into K. [ C. "! or G. 
W. Bua:, a He-Goat , Corn. Bvk 
W. Ymx, a Boat; Corn Kok. ' 
VV. [N.] A^uvsijen , A Bladder ; 

Cor. G<zigan. 
\V [ N.] ;ii;uare, Play or Sport; Cor. 

\V Kra^;, DwarfiJI} ; Arm. Krak . 

KraA:-huyadcn , Arm. Krakuat, 

A teal. 
W.iiax,AHook; Ir.Bakan. 
W.SiJ^, A Plow-Share; Ir. Soc 
W. Sctx, Love; -j- Ir. Scark 
W. Myny^;, Frequent ; Ir. Minik 
W.Kilx,L>me; Ir.Kailk, Chali. 
W. Mar;e, A Horfe ; h .Mark. 
W. Mo;eyn, A Hog; Ir. Muk, & 

Dim. Mukin. 
W. Lhe>:, 



Obs.XX. Change Of The Obs. XX. Ch a nge Of The 

Palatal Letters K. 

[«/. C. or Q.] G. X. [or Ch.] H. 
W. Vatx, A broad flat Stone ; Ir. 

N. W. xm\cn, A Beetle; Ir.Kuil: 

KCiil dhuv ydyu ;*;uilen dhy. 
N. W. AiUithig , Left-handed, &CC- 

N. >V.;t:uth, A Blaft-, Ir. Gaoth, 

N.W.;>;uerthin, To Laugh; Ir. 

W.Ba;K, A Hook; Ir. Bag. 
W. Ba;e and ?,yxin. Little; Ir. 

\>^.Y.\oX^A Belli Ir. Klog. 
Germ.Frohch, chearfuU ; Belg- 

Gctm.'LQrA, A Lark; Belg.Lce- 

Germ. Bauch, A Belly; B. Buick. 
Ger. Hoch, High ; Belg. Hooghe. 

Vid. yoj'. De literaritm permuta- 


Inibrip. Antiq.] D. M- Magnia 
Tychc tecit iibi & Karis iuis T. 
Magoio Eutycho & Q_Tilio Fi- 
guliano bene merentibus. Fabr. p. 

D . M . S 
Q^ Sosio. Heliodoro 




Fanti. Rarissi 

Mo. Q^V. A. VL M. IL 

Fecervnt. b. m 

SosiA. Proba. Et 

EvsEBivs. Parentes 

Ib.ayi. 37. 

Hillariae Glimitillae Flaminicae 

Sex. Attius Myrojics \_ini"\ Aug. 

Co?i')ugi Kariflimae quae 'vixit Me- 

cum ex firginitate annos xxyiv.Mes. 

II. D. XI. iir Sibi vivus fecit ^fub 

afciadedicavit. Rein, bync Iss.p. 


X Chang a into r . 
W. [N.J xuexed. The Sixth; Cor. 

Gr. jjAoos. Lat. Flos. 
Gr. X^'i^e/i, Lat Flora. 
Gr. x<»«- [ & .^ol. ;K<i'" 1 1 Lat. Fo- 

"JO &c Foveoy to Dig; whence 

Fovea, a Cave. 
Gr. ^t"^''' Lat. Fel. 
Gr. z'^'i' Lat. Fmis. 
Gy.x^'"i' Futuf, TphenceFuulis. 
X chang'd into H. 

The Armoric Britans have been 
more retentive of their Ancient Pro- 
nunciation than thofe of Cornwal 
a7!d South-Wales : for the Modern 
Cornidi ufe no X or Ch at all, tho' 
they did, not long fince, as appears 
by their mss The defeEl they C07ifiant- 
ly fupply Tvith an H in atty part of a 
■word; but in South-Wales tts only 
chang'd to h, w the Beginning. 
W.SyA;ed, Thirji; Corn. Zehaz. 
W.Marxnad, A Market; Corn. 

W. Bazac, Hooks; Corn. Bahau. 
W.Merz, A Daughter; Corn. 

W. Keirz, Oats ; Corn Kcrh. 
N.W. i-;KUeg,5jpfe^i Corn. Hueg. 

Palatal Letters K 
[<j/.C. «rQ.]G.;K. [erCh.]H. 

N. W. & Arm. A;ueru , Bitter -, 

Cor. Huero. andfo in all-words, 

■without exception. 
N. W. Aiuaer, A Sifter ; Arm. xo- 

ar; S. W. Under. 
N.W. jiUant, Defire , Appetite; 

Arm. ;t;oant. S. W. Huant. 
N. W. A;uare, To Play ; Arm, xo- 

ari. S. W. Huare, &c. 
Gr. x«"' Lat. Wo. 
G r js xf^M , Lat . Humi . 
Gr. ;uai«3tAi;, Lat. Hmnilis. 
Gr. ;(;"'?• fLat. Hir. 
Gr. x^e,®'' Lat. Hara. 
Gr. x^fvin> Lat. Hiems 

X chang'd into S, or Sh. 
W. yu;j, Up, Above; Ir. Os & Ois: 

as Os cean , above ; Oisbreag , 

Hyperbole ; Oifereideav , Super- 

ftition ; Oiflgrivean , Superfcri- 

ption, &c 
W . YAicl, High; Ir. uafal j Koble. 
W. Dc;ttre, A Beginning ; Ir. Tus 

& Toia;t. 
W. A;uant, Defire ; Ir. Saint, Cove- 

W. ;!;uedel A Tale ; Ir. Sceal Sax. 

W. ;KUc;eedh, The Sixth; Ir. Sei- 

V^ . XMf:i\iy Bitter ; Ir. Searv. 
\^ .X^thzd, A Blaft i Jr.Seideadh. 
W. A;uacr, A Sifter ; Ir. Siur. 

The Armoric Britans Pronounce 
ch and g as (li fometimes , {as in 
the folloiving Bxamples) in Imita- 
tion of the French ; tho' this jeems 
but a late Corruption. 
W.Bay;t;, A Burden; Arm. Bas. 
W. Ba;(i, A Hook ; Arm Bis : Bis 

Berzher , a Shepheards Crook; 
W. Lhog, Hire; Arm. Lualh: 

Mar a; luafli , a Hackney-Horfe . 
Gr."S.yx'i' Lu. Enfts. 
Gr. x"^"!^' Lat. Seta. 
Gr.;e«eA4. Lat. SHex. 
Ir. Acht, But ; Lat. Aft. 
W. Kry^;, Curld, Lat Criftus. 
Span. BaAia, Loweft; Fr. Bas, Low ; 

W. Shallo-m. 
Ch chang'd into T aiid Th. 
Gr. MiX" , Lat. Muftum. Seal, in 

Varr. p. ro\.- 
Gr. "Oix"^, Lat Hortus ? Voff. 
Gr. N«;ii«, Lat. Nato. Id. 
Gr. Tarent. "Oe,'tx^i for ip'^^f ; '(«''■>'- 

;t^. Sicul. 'wiA^Jh Lat. Ct/?/:'« , "Wf- 

^.^», Carthago. 

Ch cAdiz/gV /»/» U Conf. 
Gr. Bgjsjiu;, Lat. Brcvis. 
Gr. M«A«j^, Lat. Malva. 

The Irilli Language agrees -with 
the Southern Britidi a72d Cornifli, 
in that they begin no word Primarily 
■with Xy and thofe ■which begin -with it 
in the Armoric and Northern 
Weldi, 7iever vary their Initial. 

VofTms a7id Menage have given 
Fjcamples of the Changes of this 
Utter into F. G. P- S. Th. a7id 
V Confo7ia7it : to which might be 
here added that the hiitijlH in the 
Britifh, is ge7ieraUy F or S in the 
1 Irifli : but .becaufe H « «ever the 

Obs. XXI. Change Of ThE 
Lingual Letters T. D- 
Th. Dh. S. Z. 

Firft Initial ofa7iy word in the Irifli, 
and is allways the Second offuch as 
begin with F or S. I choofe rather to 
fuppofe fiich words better preferv'd by 
the Northern Extraprovi7icial Bri- 
tans, and fo ret am' d in the Irifh, 
than by us ; notwithfta7idi72g that we 
agi-ce herein with the Greeks, and 
they with the Romans. Savail (for 
Example) which ftg7iifies in the Iri/h, 
Like, Equal, ^c. is fometimes ha- 
vail j as, a havail. His Peer or E- 
quaJ. So that we fee they agree ;;/ 
the Fir^ ( or Primary ) Initial:, with 
the Latin j and in the Second, with 
the Greek '0^yA« . and our f W. 
Hivahand at the fame fme that the 
later words are deriv'd from the 
former. So Sean, Old ; Do heanoili, 
thy Old Age; Sarruyia , Injury, 
Opprejfion; Do harruidh fe, He 
Wro7igd or hijur'd ; Faga, to leave ; 
Do hag fe, He left. Fait;i;ios, Fear, 
Hazard; Gan haitAiios, Safely. Feal, 
Treachery ; Ni healfa le ort ; He 
will 7iot betray thee, &c. 

HI chang'd i}ito L. 
Engl. Hlynn, ^i.w«, ie. A Lake 
infome parts of the North. 
t Engl. Hlip, A Leap; Hlaford , 

A Lord. 
Hlidanford, Lidford. 

Thti Hi of the O/^EngliflKiW 
Germans, was probably the fa7ne 
with our VVelfh Lh | or LI ] as their 
Hr. could be 710 other tha7t our Rh. 

Such words as begin with H in the 
Wclfli, Cornifli and Armoric, ne- 
ver cha7ige their Initial. 


Change Of The Ling ual 
Letters T. D. Th.Dh. S. Z. 

T chang'd into B. 
An aGr. b«t1«, Lzt.Balbus ? Vofs. 
Gr.AiTgjSj Lat.Z./^rrf. 
Gr. Ti{)jT{o>, Lat. Terebra. 
Gr AsjTif, Mo\. Bffsrijj Lat. Ver- 

Gr. Te^trlis, Lat. Tribus. 
Lat Sputarej Span. Efciibir. 

T a7id Th chang'd into C or K. 
W. Taran, Thu7ider -, Arm.Kyryn. 
\V. Tail, Muck. Dung; Ir. Kcal- 

lair. q. 
Lat. Pofliea, Ital. Pofcia. Men. 
Lat. Bcftia, Ital. Biftia. Id. 
Lat. Anguftia, Ital. Angofcia. 
Lat. Turma, Ital. Ciurma. 
Lat. Infantulus, Ital. FanciuUo. 
Lat Mutilate, Span. Mochar. 
Lat. Pulte, Span Pucka. 
Lat. Mukus, Span. Mucho. 
Lat. Foetus, Foetundus ; Fcecundus. 
Lat. Iratus , Iratundus ; Iracundus. 
Gr.'on, Dor. "oi(5'. ; & nin., -musn 

IcWiTl, U?i\6t(0L ; Tin, TVtfjfi. 

ISS^Antiq. ] — D D D. C^ Frincipes 
N . Valentinian Vaiens &z Grati- 
anus Semp. Augg- Filumenum in 
omni aclhetico certamine ab ori- 
ente ad mcidente ufque vidorem 
pammacho luBapamrati ceftibufq. 




ObsXXI. Change Of The 
Lingual Letters T. D. 
Th. Dh.S.Z. 
U cfl, Fycme Loc/ttiouc Statuae 
in aclecarum curi.i aetemitatis 
gloria digjium ejfc jiidicarunt quod 
omnes xtflici gratariter acceperaut 
Snt fartter fimulq PR. ivgetiti 
faborefrofecHtus eft. Fabr. p loo 

— Eadem MarcelUna Collegia^ SS. 
dcdit donavitque HS L. M. N ho- 
mimbtu n". lx. fuh hac condicio- 
one ut ne f lures adlegantur quam 
t/umerut SS.&c. lb. p 71^.445. 

— Port /cum cum appar^forioi^ <^0"'- 
fit urn ajblo {ecuu Jiia fecerunt <^ 
in perpetuum \T . Id lua. die 71a- 
tale Sat/itii epulantib. kic p'^gt- 
uis anvuos J^CXXV- dari juffi- 
rutit ed condicione ut Nort. luji. 
pagM.i luftrent 1^ feqq. diehus ex 
conjiietudniefud caevetit, 8cc. lb. 

T or Th changd into D. 

W. Tiaeth, Tl-e Sea-Shoar at Ebb 
or Low Water ; Corn. Drcjth. 

W. Yfgythan, A Ring Dove, q d. 
Ys k\ dhon ; Arm Kiydon. 

W.Nyth, ANefti Ir.Nead. 

W.Taly, To Pay; Ir. Diol. 

W.Truy, By or through i Ir. Dar. 

W.Tywys [Sing. Tuyfcn] An 
Ear of Corn. Ir. Deus. 

W. Teg, Pair; Ir. Deagh 'in Com- 
pound words j unlefs tkis laft may 
be from our Da, Good ; luhich the 
1 nfll Aiiciently us'd, [tko' it he now 
ObJ'olcte.) and writ fomtimes Da, 
andfimtimes Dagh ; for in an Old 
Irifll Manufcript Vocabulary, I 
findfx^h >. e. mairh 

Germ.Tieft:BeIg.£)/> Deep. 

Germ. Trctten, Belg. Treden, Eng 
To Tread. 

Ger.Thier, An Animal, Belg Dier. 

fEngl. Blctfian & Bledfiani To 

Lat. Intyba, Fr. Endive. 

Lac. Cubitus, Fr. Coude. 

Lat Capitolium , Ital. Compidoglio. 

Lac. P.uronus, Ital. Padrone. 

Lac Potcftas, Ital. Podefta. 

Lat. Nutrire, Ital Nudrire. 

Lat. Catena, Span. Cadena. 

Lat Amatiis, Span Amado. 

Lat Vitis [ Viticula J ViJija. 

Gr. b«t;. , Lac. Vadum, "Am;, 
JEdes, &<:. 

ISS Antiq 1 L. Valerius papiahunc 
locum Monu rcliquid L. Val. Hie- 
roni heredtfuo, &ic. Fab. 1^8- I- 

— Vixi cum eo aunos xxv. Nihil do- 
lui nifl quod me reliquid. lb. p 
175: N. 160. 

— Ki-ce fponfalia nive convivia pub- 
lica pofiea in eum diem eo<]ue die 
qui dies erit A D. Villi. K 
Martias fient concipiantur indi- 
canturi-e jtrve qui ludi Scenici Cir. 
cevfefve eo die fiant jpeclenturi-e 
titique eo die quodaniiis pubtice 
Manibus ejus per Magiftratus eof- 
ve qui Fifis jure dicmido frae 
trtnit, &CC. Reinef. p 4.7a. 

T chajfg'd into G. 
W. Taer, bnportunate ; Ir. Gcr, 

O B s. XXI C H A N G i: O !•■ T H [■; 
Lingual Letters T. D. 
Th. Dh. S Z. 

W. Torri, To Cut ; Ir. Gcarra. 

'^. 'I ld,A Father i Ir.Giid : f Sc- 
anghaid & Gaid nior, a Grand- 

W. Trum,Ir. Trom Heavy-., Lac. 
Gravis, which according to our Old 
Orthography , would be written 
Gramis. The Greek '^•'(ui alfo , 
whether foever of them is the heft 
prejerv'd, agrees herewith 

Gr. 'isi^i. 'i<r}iui. \'oll! &: Men. ex 

Gr. 'I't":;. Lac. Ruga. 

Lat. \'crto & Vcrgo. 

T changd into P. 

W.Tulh [or TuU J Scot. Toll, A 
Hold Ir. Poll. 

Lat. Extiuguo. Ital. Spcngo ; & Ex- 
tindus, SpentOi Men. 

Gr. Xm*!,!, gc .^Ol. 2OTc;ti,- , Lat 

Gr.Sro'Jioi. Crct. Xmptcv ; undc Lac. 

Gr. X»4;, ;r;ca7i{; CorpUS. 
JEo\. Tallin pro Teen;, Pavo. 
Hollis, Signified Anciently a ftran- 

ger, whence Holpes 

T changd i?tto S or 7j. 

T in Wcllli words is frequently 
chang'd into Sor'Z., in the CoTQUh, 
■/^ecially when L or N are placed 
before T : As we fjid by the fol- 
lowing Examples. 
W. Kynta, The Firft; Corn Kenfa. 
W-Kanc, An Hundred ; Cor.Kanz 
W. Guync, The W'/?;^; Cor.Guins. 
W. Sant, A Saint ; Corn. Sanz. 
W. Dane, A Tooth ; Com. Denz. 
\V. yskyvantj.r/te Lungs; Corn. 

W. Ij;einc \^Vulg. igen] Twenty ; 

Corn. Igans. 
W.Arrianc \_v. Arrian] Silver; 

W. [N. ] Molhc, A Weather; 

Corn. Mowlz. 
W.Guelhc, Straw; Corn. Guelz. 
W. Alht, A Cliff; Corn. Als. 
W. Barkic, A Kite ; Corn. Bargez 

Gr. Nscv-nx, Lac. Naufia. 

Gr. 'Vmn, Lac. Rcfina. 

Gr. 'Pax'iW. TOs i/«; L. Rhapfodia. 

Gr. T-ifi, Lac. Servo. 

Gr."A:>'.T®'. Lac IJrfus. 

Lac Procapis/rora Caput ; Rufleus 

& Roflus/;ow Rutilusj Sonus 

from Tonus and Tenfus for 

Tcntus,&c. Vojf. 

D chavg'd into B. 
W. Davan, A Drop ; Arm. Banna, 

C. Badna. 
Lat. Laude, Germ. Lob. 
LatRaderc, Raducrum ; Yi.Rabot 
Lat.Funda, Ital. Fromba , whence 

Lac DueJlum, Bellum. Cic. Orat 

Quinc L. 1 C.+. 

AUf oi, iEol. B«A:f«i. 
E.Jvimf, iEol Ei«ff»}. 
iitXutf, J£.o\. iiUd^. 
A-irrlii, Mo\. B-Jxlv;. 
'ohxti, Mo\. 'OcoAif. 

KA«Va, /Eol. KAx^i Lac.C^i"». 

Obs. XXI. Chance Of Thb 
Lingual Letters T D 
Th. Dh. S. Z. 

A<rTv/i. JEol E({7»{; unde L. Ver- 

ber. Silm.Plin. Exerc p. 87. 
Au^i.i;, Boeot. BaipUif. 
Gr. Ai;, Lat. Bis. 
Gr. AiTKj, Lat Bipes. 
Cr.^K yEol. £.;,, undo. SibUla. 

r Lac. Duonus, Bonus. 

Into C. 
Gr. if-ifht, Lac. Cecrops. 
Gr. 'iJW.;,, Lac Jucundus. 
Lac. Foedalcs olim qui poftea Foc- 

cidles. Serv. ad JEneid. i, LXVI. 
Into X.. 
W. Diod, Drink ; Ir, Dio;;. 

Into Dh. 
W. Buyd, Meat ; Ir. Biadh. 
VV. Troed, A Foot; Ir. Troidh. 
W.Kynnyd, Fnjjf/i Ir. Konnadh. 

Into G. 
W. Draenog, A Hedge hog; Ir. 

Lac. Diurnus, Ital. Giorno. 
Lat.Hodic, \i2.[.Oggi. 
Lac Modius, leal. Moggio. 
Lac Radius, Ital. Raggio. 
Lat. Dama, Span. Gama. 
Lat. Delphin, Span. Golfin. 
Into J Confonant. 

D and Dh in Weifli, is frequent- 
ly chajigd into J Confonant by the 
Cornilh ; As, W. Diurnod, a Day; 
Corn.Jurna. IVhereof fee Examples 
under Zh. inferted after D. p. lo. 
col. 2. For I Confojiant , as Pro- 
nounc'd by the Cornifh, being a com- 
pound Somid, I have chofen to make 
ufeofQlhfor it. 

Into L. 
Lat. Vidiana, A River of Brccagn 

in F'rance, ViUaine. Men. 
Lac Cicada, Ital. (according to fame) 

Cigala. Id. 
Lat Odor, Ital. Olore. 
Lat. Cauda, Span. Cola. 
Lat. Gades, Span. Calls. 
t Lac. Adlabor , Allabor ; Adlido, 

Allido; Adloquor, AUoquor. 
Gr. A«xi«, Lac. Lolium,S<.c. Vid. 

VoJf. De Ljterarum permutatione. 
Into M. 
Admoneo, Ammoneo Id. Ammit- 

Co in old Mss. for Admicco ; and 

Ammoveoyir Admoveo. Sipont. 
hito N. 
Lac. Perdice, leal Pernice. Men. 
Lac Tendicur &Tennicur. Donat 

in Phorm. Tercnc Non rcte 

accipitri tennitur, neque Milvio 

So Adnitrr, Amtitor ; Adnume- 

ro, Annumero, &c. 
Into P. 

This is alfo obvious in Cofpoft- 
tions : As, Adparco, Appareo ; Ad- 
paratus, Apparatus ; Adpcllo, Ap 
pello; Adpono, Appono,Scc. 

Into R. 
t \V Melicdydh & Metierydhi A 

Lark. Vid p. II. col. i. M. 
t Lat. Medula , [a modulando] 

t Lac. Media dies, [Medidics] Me- 

ridies. And fo m the Armoric , 

Kres deidh, ie. Mid-<lay, /or 



Ocs. XXI. Change Of The 

Lingual Letters T. D. 

Th. Dh.S. Z. 

the South; Germ. Miccag, & 

Belg. Middach. 
Gr. K4iJi»>. Lat. Coriiint. 
Gr. AiTif;, M7nh>, ; Lat. Lopus, orn- 

So from Adcelso, yircefo ; fro>n 

Adrepo, Arrepo ; from Adrideo, 

Arrideo ; Adrodo, arrodo ; Ad- 

vorlum t & Arnjorjum , &C. 
Ijito Sor Z. 

S or Z if generally us' d for D by 
//leBritans o/Cornwall and France. 
as appears by thefoUoTcing Examples. 
W-Kynnyd,F"^<"''i Corn-Kinnis. 
W- Kavod, A Shower ; C Kuas. 
W. Tavod, A Tongue ; Corn. Ta- 

W.Ket;id, Hemlock i C Kegaz. 
W.RhCiyd, ^W??; CRuz.. 
W .?y(god,F>Jh ; C.?y(g!iz. 
W . Davad, A Sheep j Cor. Davaz,. 
W.Had, Seed; Corn. Haz. 
W. Haid, A Swarm i Cor. Hez. 
W.Troed, A Foot; Ir. Truz. 
W.Efj;id, A Shoo; Corn. Ezjiz. 
W. yd*^, corn ; Corn. iz. 
W.Lhygad, An Eye; C Lagaz. 
\V . Drindod, Trinity ; Corn. Drin- 

WGuaclod, A Bottom; Corn 

W. Mordhuyd, A Thigh; Corn. 

W. Ewinedh, Nails ; C. Winaz. 
W. Klevyd, A Difeafe; Corn. 

W. Blaud, Meal ; Corn. Blez 
\V. Kaled. Hard; Corn. Kaliilj. 
W. Dilhad, cloaths ; C. DiUaz. 
W. Anwyd, Cold; Corn. AnncZ- 
W. Bedu, Birch; Arm. Bezo. 
W. Eidion, An Ox; Arm. Ezhan. 
W.[N.] Lheden, A Flounder; 

Arm. Lizet. 
W . Sidm, Silk ; Arm.Seis. 
W . Mdved, yehet ; Arm. Vulus. 
Infer. Ant.q. 1 Ita Levis Incvm- 

BAT Terra Denvncio Tibi 

Bvs Tvis 
RoGO Ne SepvlcriVmbjus Vio- 


Fabr. p. 183 181. 

n«<iKov, Pu/io ; 'Ptht, Rofa ; ^ei>cwfM, 

Siguu?// ; Aflideo, Alilgno, AfTi- 
mulo, For Adftdeo. &cc. Ardco, 
^rfus ; Mordeo, Alorfus ; Cado, 
Cafus ; Occafus, OccaJIo; Cudo, 
Cufits, &c 

Gluidquid Syllabanoflrie in B Ute- 
ram (^ D imiituntur ade'o ajpere 
ut plerique ?ion AritiquiJJlmorum 
quidemjed tamen veterum, moUire 
tentaverint ; non foliim afverfa 
pro adverfa dicendo fed in prapo- 
fitione B abfonam <^ ipfam S Svb- 
jiciendo. Cjuintil xii. 10. 
D chafig'd into T. 

W- Diliu, A Flottd; Arm. Tol. 
If. Tuil. 

W- Tad. A Father; Arm. T'lt. 

W.Klyued, To Hear; Arm. Kle- 

W. Kaled, Hard; Arm. Kalct. 

t W. Mad, Good: Arm. Mat. 

W. PcAjod, Sin ; Arm. PcAjet. 

Obs.XXI. Change Of The 
Lingual Letters T. D. 
Th. Dh S. Z. 

W.ydyu, Is; Ir. Ata. 

W. Deuis, choice; Ir. Toa. 

V^ -Dmsdh, An End ; Ir. jTiudh. 
See f Tiugh in the Irifll Did. 

Infer. Anciq.] The chayige ofD in- 
to "Y . is fo eafy, that in Roman 
Iss. -we find it very frequent . 

Fabr. p. 147. Is. 168- — fiujeti ae- 
ternae Evtychiani Fili dulcijjimi 
pientijfimi (^ prudentilfimi ReVG- 
rentiOimique vergini qui vixit 
Annis XJ^U. M. II. D. HI Ro- 
matius pater ponendum citravit ^ 
fub Afcia dedicavit. 

Fraecedere 'voluifli fandijjima cojux 

Ut we relinqueres in lacrimis. 

Si efl aliquic in bifernas partes bene 

Ego autem fine te vitam fordidam 

Eftofelix dr- ibi dulcijjtma Thalaffia 

Educatrix C V. <^ mihi in connuvio 
per annos XXXX 

Papirius Vitalis Arte Piiicrid Ma- 
ritus ejus 

Feminae incomparahili fecit ftbi ZT 
fuis. lb. p. 25; J 6ia. 

— Interim apuC me multae proba- 
tio7ies, 5cc. 

— Illut Servabitur Fontanis quod 
obtinuerunt aput fuos ]udkes,i^c. 
lb. 278 & 179- N. 170, 171. 

D M 

T. Aelivs. Crispin 

Vs. AvG. Lib. ATIVTQ R 

A Rationidvs. Qv_i 

VixiT Annos XXlI. 

IB p. 3+6. N. 3. 

— Tefiis quoqiie Urbis nofirae & to- 
tius Italiae aeternitati proj^exe- 
rtt, quibus ipfe non foliim praeceplo 
augufliljimo fee etiam exfemplofuo 
prodejfet, &c. Rcinef 477. XI. 

D chang'd into Th. 
The Irilh have not only fo ckang'd 
a great maiiy Britifll -words : but have 
alfo in a manner annihilatedthe Pro- 
nunciation, for tho in the following 
Examples they write th , yet they 
Pronou7ice but the h , and fometimes 
not that. 
W. Rhedyn [Dim. Rhedyna;t;] 

Fern ; Ir. Raithnea/i. 
W.Rhedegog, Running; Ir. Rc- 

W. Lhydu, Ajljes ; Ir. Luaith. 
W. Lhed, [i» Compound words ^ 
Half; Ir. Leath , Lhed-ynvyd , 
W . Aduyn • Mia aduvn, I Know ; 

Ir. Aithne, Knowledge. 
W.Edivciru;*;, Repentafice; ir. Ai- 

W. Dadfgriven, ATranfiript ; Ir. 

W.Rhod, A meel, Ir. Roth. 
W. Kaled, Hard; t Ir. Kaladh. 
W . [ S. ] Kerdin, A e^cken-tree .. 

Ir. Kyrthin. 
W. Kader, A Fort; [ Dav. Did. 

Br. ] Ir. Kathair, A City. 
W. Y.7idiCV, A Chair i Ir Kathaoir. 
W. Kad, A Battle ; Ir. Kath. 
W-Kv/od, A Shower; Ir.Keatha. 
W.Peduar,fo«rj Ir.Keathair. 
W. Lhflyd, Gray j Ir. Liath. 

Obs.XXI. Change Of The 
Lingual Letters T.D. 
Th. Dh. S. Z. 

W.Bedu, B;Vf/7; Ir. Beithe. 
W. Kiuyd, A Hurdle; Ir. Kleath. 
\VMs.l6d, Praifc, Fame; Ir. Cloth 
W. Didrev, A Defert, an Her?m- 
tage^Scc. Ir. Dithrav. 
D cha7ig'd into V Confbnant. 
W.Kydyn, A Lock; Ir. Kiav. 
W. Kiuyd [ut fupra], 

A Basket. 
Lat.AdulcerOjItal. Avoltero. Men. 
Ital. Chiodo&Chiova, A Nail. 
Gr. k^«'Aj, ^ol. kXcHic, L cluva. 
Lat. Fodio, Fovea. 

Verbs and Subflantives that Pri- 
marily begin with D in the Welfh, 
have three Initials, D. Dh. «WN. 
I nit. I. Daiar, G^okW; D61, 
a Meadow ; Davad, a Sheep. 

I nit. II. Idhaiar, His Ground; 
I dhol , His Meadow ; I dhavad, 
His Sheep. 

I N I T. III. yn Naiar,iM[y Ground, 
&CC. So Dysky, Teaching; lu Dhy- 
sky, to Teach Him ; In nysky, to 
Teach Me. 

Th chang'd into X or xd. 
W. Tyluyth, AHouJl^old ; Ir.Tea- 

W. Lhuyth, A Tribe or Family; 

Ir SlioA;d. 
fW. Blith, Milk; whence Byu^; 
vlith, a Milch Cow ; Ir.Bo vlio;'id. 
\^ .T^yih, Ajourtiey i Ir.TeaA;d. 
Gr. "0{»5«s, Sic. & Tarent. 'o?w;^t;. 
Afr. Carthada \ i. e. Nova Civitas 
Carthage'] Sicul. Kfl(f;j«Ai & al. 
Gr. K«{;^r<^V Id. 

Th chang'd into D. 
W.Saeth, An Arrow; Ir. Saiead. 
Gr. 'A?«;> Lat Ador. 
Gr. ©i«. Lat. Deus. 
Gr. ©«<f««f, Lat. Dumus. 
Gr. n,5b, Lat. Fido. 
Gx-'Bitht, Lat. Fundum. 
Gr.rfl^'w, Dor. ?^>'«. Lat. Gau- 

Gr."E»5". Lat. Ivde. 
Gr. Mirjw, Lat. Merda. 
Gr. "of>t. Lat. Ordo. 
Gr. nif?«, Lat. Perdo. Id. 
© Cer Th j chang'd into F. 
In the Eolick Dialed (which the 
Latin chiefly follow d) Th was fre- 
quently chang'd into F. 
©iaS», JE.o\. ^rixh, t Lat. Fello, To 

Suck. Non. 
©■if. &o\. 'b'ii, Lat. Fera. 
Qi^u, yEol. '^if, Ferveo. 
Bitfii, JEo\. ^''ifii. Fiber. 
Gr. ©"gje, \jax..Foris. 
Gr. Qii^t*, Lat. For as. 
&<j>i^ii, JE,o\.<i>ii>-Mc, FoUis. 
&t(f<s(,Mo\. 'i'tfffii, t Lat Formus. 

i. e. Calidus. 
evfiiu, /Eol. 4>uf*iZ ; Fumo. 
©•{•«, K.o\. Osfdj ; Furor. 

& (or Th ) chang'd into H. 
W. Maurth, Mars; Corn. Merh : 
Dydh'Maurth, Tuefday; Corn. 
De {_or Dedh] Merh, & Mis 
Maurth , the month of March ; 
Corn. MIz Merh. 
WGuarthav, The top or fummit 
of any thing; Corn. Guarhaz. 

W. Forth, 



Obs.XXI. Change Of The Obs.XXI. Change Of The 

Li NGUAL Letters T. D. 
Th. Dh. S. Z. 
W.VoTth, A Have>i; Corn. Porh 

\V .AJUcrthin, Laughter i Corn Hu- 

W. Torth, A Logfi Corn. Torh. 
Th chang'd htto S orlj. 

The Armoric Britans ahout Mor- 
laix and S. Paul's dc Leon , Pro- 
nounce the 7. (irhich is elfewhere 
their Dh avd Th j as S or 'L in 
Engiifli- as in the following Ex- 

WGulkh, Dfip; Arm Glis. 
W CiUcnith, IVheat ; Arm. Guinis. 
W. Tracth, The Sea Shoar expos' d 

at Ebb; Arm. Trcas. 
W. Nvth, A Nefti Arm. Neis. 
W. Kath, A Cat i Arm. Kas. 
W.Teth, A Cows Teat ; Arm.Tcs. 
W. [S. ] Lhythi, Flutes or Floiin- 

ders. Arm. Lizct. 
W. Guythen, AVem, Arm. Gui- 

W.Trothe, A ThreJIiold i Arm. 

Corn.Harthy,rflB<jr,tj Arm.Ars. 
Corn. Brcthal, A Mackrel; Arm. 


Graci Veteres 'videiittir olim O ore 
bUjo extulijfe, atqiie in tantum eli- 
quajfe ut potiUs fonarent S quam 
imde quoque JEolihus , qui receptx 
Fronunciationi fcribentes, inftfiebant, 
nuf<m di(ft funt qui aliis Ux^Jtii. Si- 
i«< quoque (^ ©i>a/ iifdem funt quos 
Chinas hodie pronunciatit Vofl. V. 
Salmas. dc Hclleniftka. p- 367. 

Th is never the Firft Initial of 
any iford in the Britidlj^n^ theThird 
from Ttords that I'rimarily begin 
vith T. <MjI thavod, Her Tongue ; 
I thai, Her Forehead; 6cc. From 
Tavoii a7id Tal. 

Dh chang'd'into D. 
W. Medhal , Soft ; Corn. Medal. 
W Byfledh, Fingers ; Arm Bizied 

But this is fo eafy an alteration 
•ds ' ~ 

Dh chang'd into Gh 

that it neei 

not mucK Exempli- 

Dh andQ^ are us'd indijferently 
by the Irifli ; for they write A5- 
hai&h [The Face'l or Afcha)j;h, &c. 
The reafon wkereofwas their fiftning 
their Frouu7!ciationfo far, as that it 
became a Doubt at length whether of 
them (hoiild be made ufe of 

Dh chang'd into Th. 
W. Maidh, It^ey ; Ir. Meith. 
WJvIadhe, To Forgive ; Jr. Maith, 
Forgive thou, &c. But the Diffe- 
rence here isfofmall, that tko' both 
founds are common in our Modern 
Englifh, as in the words Thine, 
Thin, &c. Tet a DtfinHion in 
vriting, fuck as that of^ and \> 
formerly us'd, has been thought 

Dh chang'd into S or Z. 
W. Guinonedh,Tr«(/i5ii Arm-Gui- 

W. Fjdh, Faith; Arm. Feiz. 
W. Trigaredhj Mercy; Arm. Tri- 

W. DHh^ADay; Arm. Deiz. 

LiNGt/At, Letters TD 
Th. Dh. S. Z. 
VV. Hidhigl, Soot ; Arm. Eyzil. 
VV. Muynglaudh, A Mh:e ; Arm. 

\V. Guydhcn, ATree \ Arm. G','- 

VV.Gureidhin, ^fioe/,- Ar. Grif- 

W.Rhvdh,Rf^.Vi«.; Arm. Ry^s; 

Red ' 
VV. Medhu, Drunken; Ar. Mezii; 

Ir. MeiiseaA;. 
W. Guadh, A Mole ; Arm. Cos. 
W. Guydh, A Goofe; Ar. Goas. 
W. Hurdh, A Ram; Arm. Urz. 
VV. Blaidh , A Jl'olf; Arm. Bleis. 
\V.ioUdhug,The Neck; Ar. Guzuk. 
W .yl'guydh,A shoulder ; Ar.SkiJas. 
VV.Mordhuyd, A Thigh; Arm. 

W.Bydhar, Deaf; Ar. Buzar. 
VV. Beynydhiol, Daily; Ar. Bem- 

VV. 1. S. J Alhucdh, A Key ; Arm. 

Corn. Idhen, A Bird; Arm. F.zn. 
W. Guedh, A Meen ; the Look or 

Ajpe^i. Ir. Gnuys. Q. 
W.Trydydh,r,6er^;Wi Ir. Treas. 

Dh or Th chang'd into V Conf. 

Ir. Kne^dh, A JVound; W. Kluyv. 
VV. Guadh, ^ Mole; Scot Fav. 
VV.Fiaidh, 17^/7; Ir. Fiav. 
VV. Guinuydhcn, A yine ; Ir. Fi- 

VV. Guraidh, Roots; Ir. Freav. 
VV. Giineytbyd, To l)oe; Ir. Gni- 

VV. yr oedh e , He was; Ir. Do 

raiv fc. 

Dh is never the Primary Initial 
ofanywordintheBtiui\\j but the 
Second of words that Primarily be- 
gin with D. As Derwen, an Oak ; 
y dheruen, the Oak, &c. 

S chang'd into C. 
Lat. Verfellum, Fr. Berceau. Men. 
Lat Sorba, Fr. Ctfrwf. Id. 
Lac. Sicilia, Ital. Cicilia. 
L. Vifitarc, Ital. yicitare. 
L. Fafcis \_Fafcinus'] hd.Facchino. 
L. Cafcus, Ital. Cacio. 
L. Sera [Seraculum] Sp.Cerrojo. 
W.Morl'us, Span Al-mueno. 
Gr. Si", Lat. Con & Cum. ' 
Gr. ngjwjje, Porca. Voff 
S chang'd into Z- 
Fr. Eflranger, VV . Eltron ^ Ir. Eax,- 

VV. rs. ymaes, Ox/i Ir. Ama;^. 
Fr. [ & W. ] Bas, Law ; Sp. Baxa. 
Lat. Aft i Ir. Axd. 

S chang'd into D. 
L. Acris, Acredula. 
L. Pecus, Pecudis ; Laus , Laudo ; 

Fraus, Fraudo, &c. 

Claudius ohm Claufus nam Ap- 
pius Claudius Sabinus qui Sexto pofl 
Reges exaffos anno, fe Regillo Sabi- 
norum oppido Romam contulit eum 
clientibus, apud Sabinos Clauius dice- 
batur, Romam verb ut venit Claudus 
(^ pojl Claudius diffus efl ; a quo 
gens Claudia deftenJit. VofT 

Obs.XXI. Chanqe Of The 
Lingual Letters T. D 
Th. Dh, S. Z. 

Gr. 'Oth'„, Dor. 'Oifii, j 'I^/xw, 'lifttt; 

KutfTfAi,,:, Kut^i/ii'tt, Scc. 
Gr. Kfism;, Kfirmh', ; Creptdo. 
Gr. MtTiir, Mediiis. 
Gr. 2.Tun3i(, Stadium. 

S chang'd into V . 
I'al.Sino &>'/'«<»; Doifi & Dolfi; 

DoUcto ec Dolfero , Dolfono& 

Gr. -v\5.-. I^at Ficus. 
Gr. SixaiTO, L. Fkatum ; Ital Fe- 

cato, Figadello ; Gall. Foye. 
Gr. Xv^>.ihi, Lat Ficedula. 
• S chang'd info (i. 

Gr Th'u, /Eol TijTOj Tergo. 
Gr. B^Misi;, liy Tranjpofitioti Bai>jii;, 


S chang'd into H. 

The Infli cha7ige the Initial S 
into H. As Syal, an Age or Life; 
Ar fedh mo h\ail, all my Life tmie, 
&C. And (as IS already hmtcd) 
it feems therefore mofi likely, that 
wheras a great ma?iy words that 
haveUfor rZ-Wr initial in the Bt\. 
tilh, begin with S ;// the Irilli ; thojc 
words have been better prejerSd in 
?*^ North of Britain <j;// Ireland, 
than by the Provincial Britans of 
Wales, Cornv/all and France. / 
am veryfenftble I might make ufe of 
the Authority of VolTius , and the 
Generality of other Learned Cri- 
ticks, for deriving their words from 
ours, feeing they take it far granted 
that fuch Latin words as begin with 
S are corrupted from 'the Greek , 
whofe Initials are ajperated VovvcLs ■ 
but had they had a Notion of theje 
changes oflnhah., they would per- 
haps have doubted with me, whether 
fuch Variation of the Firjl Letter has 
not been alfo Anciently the PraHice 
of the Greek and other Languages. 
Ir. Sailcug, A Willow; W. Helig 
Ir. Salan, Salt; \V. Halen. 
Ir. Sailte, Salt; [adj.] VV.Halht. 
Ir. Saith, A Swarm ; VV. Haid. 
Ir. Saith, AThrufl ; VV. Huth. 
j- Ir. Sav [ whence Savradh ] Sum- 
mer; VV. Hav. 
Ir. Savail, Like; VV. Havail. 
Ir. S-icoiltea, A cleft; VV. Holht. 
Ir. Se,/*; VV. E & corr. ev. 
Ir. Seavak , A Hawk ; VV. Hebog. 
Ir. Sealv , A Herd or Drove ; VV . 

Ir. Sealva, Poffejjion ; W. Helu. 
Ir. Sealga, Hw»r/»^ i VV Hcla. 
Ir. Sealgaire, A Huntfm.m; VV. 

Ir. Sean, Old, VV. Hen. 
Ir. ScavigaDa.^; , §}ujck. Soon; W. 

Hy-skavn, very light. 
Ir.Seafg, Sedge or Bur-reed; W. 

Ir.Scile, SpUtla; W. fHaliu. 
lT.Sc(ii,ASail; VV.Huyl. 
h. Si, She; VV.Hi. 
Ir.Siar, r.6f ^/,- W .Uixyt^Late. 
Ir.Sin, This; W. Hyn. 
Ir. Sith, Peace ; W . Hedh & hed- 

Ir. Sil, Seed; \ and hence our Silod 

/•or>/jtfF#l VV.HiJ. 




Obs.XXI. Change Of The 
LiNGVAL Letters T. D. 
Th. Dh S. Z. 
fir. Sir, Long; W. Hir 
Ir. Sithlan, A Stramer ; W. Hidil. 
Ir.Soinean, Fair Weather; W- 

Ir. Suan, Sleep ; W. Hyn. 
Ir. Sail C W. Soudul ] Engl. Heel. 
Eag\. SeediW.H-id. 

A great many fitch Examples in 
refiea of the Greek and Latin, may 
hefeen in Voflius, De Liter, per- 
mutatione inthe Letter H. 

Sometimes in the Welfli, the H « 
lofl : As, t Ir. Segh, AnOx,^ . 
y%; Ir Suas, Above; W. yUA; ; 
Silaftar a Flag ; W . Eleftr, 6-c. 

Lncojtes, Argivi. Pamphyltt , & 
Erctrienfes S eximere Solent atque 
al}>iratio?iem ejus loco fufficere; it a 
Mim its efi f<i"« ; Msmxi, fimiij. ; n«- 
tm Tcaa; 'Bun*, fin'tc; neii<mi, n«i««<, 

&c. Voir Vid. Prifc. L. V. 

S chang'd into R. 
t Engl.Bes, Mod. A Bear. 
Germ. [& Belg.] Haafci Engl. 

A Hare. 
Germ. Eyfen, Engl. Iron. 
Bclg.Baflen [fEngl. Barcen] To 

Lat. Maffilia, Fr. Marfeille. 
Lat. Camurus, Ital Camufo. 
t Lat. Efit, Where now ;.V.nt. 
fLat. Glofia, Gloria. 
t Lat. Plufima, Flurima. Feflr. 
f Lat. Pignofa , Pignora. Idem. 
fLat. Ai^,Ara. 
fLat. Afena, Arena. 
\ Lat. Cafmen, Carmen. 
t Lat FefiEB, Feria. 
f Lat.Lafes,I,^?-w. Q^nt. L.i C.4.. 
t Lat. Aufelii, FufiirPapifii, Vale- 
fii , 11^0 -were call'd afterwards 
Aurelii, Furii, Papirii, Valerii. 
Acus,Acerii; Pecus Fecoris; Pignus, 
Pignoris ; JEs, arts, &c. 
Sc chang'd into Sh. 
t Engl. Sceaftesbyrig, Shaft shery. 
t E. Scrobbesbyrig, Shrewsbury. 
f E Sceor-ftane, Sheer-ftone. 
t E. Sceap-ise , The Ifle ofSheppey. 
fEBifceop, ^Bj/^'cp- 
t E. Scepaherd, A Shepheard. 
fE.Scip, ^5/'/>. 
t E. Sco, A Shoo ; ScodyShod. 
\E.Sce^\, A Shell. 
fE. Scotian, To Shoot; Cildifli, 
Childijh; Scin, Shin,&zc. 

S changd into T. 
Whether in the following Exam- 
ples, S is chatig'd into T, or the con- 
trary, is left to the Reader ; But be- 
caufe the High German Language 
has generally the preference as to An- 
tiquHy, itsfo here allow' d: tho in re- 
gard 'tis manifefi from an Old Vo- 
cabulary hi the Cotton Library, that 
the Cornifh have chang'd T into 
S *. it /}jouldfie?n not unlikely that 
the Germans have done fo alfo ; 
e^eciaUy when we conftder that our 
O/i^Englifh-Saxons caWdnot Water 
Waefer, but Waeter ; nor a Foot 
Fos, ^fFot,&c. 
Germ. Weifs, Belg. Wit; Engl. 

• Bib. Cot. Vefpar. A. 14.. 

Obs.XXII. Change Of TheI Obs.XXIL Change Of The 
LiQ^uiDs Lh. L. Rh R. N.j Liquids Lh.L. Rh.R. N. 

Germ.Waffcr,Belg. & EnglWater. 
Ger. Nufs, E. A Nut ; Belg. Note. 
G.GrofSjEngl. Grent ; Bc\g Groot: 

Groflevatter , a Grand-father ; 

Belg. Groot-vader. 
G. Geifs,Belg. Gheyte -, EnglGoat. 
G. Nifs, B.Nete;E.Nit. 
G. Fufs, E. Foot ; B. Voet. G.Was, 

E. What; G. Das. Engl. That ; 

G. Befler, E. Better ; G.Aufsi 

Engl. Out. G. Biisen, Engl. <i 

Bit. GBifs, Untill; W. Bit. Lib. 


S chang'd into Z. 
W. SlK, A Sack ; Corn. Zali. 
W.SyA;, X>?7; Corn. Zah. 
\M .S(iz,A Plow-Jhare ; Corn.Zoh. 
W. Sant, A Sai?tt, Holy ; C. Zans. 
W.Saifneg, Engltfl} ; CZaznak. 
W. Saeth, An Arrow; C. Zeath. 
W.Saethur, An Archer. C Zethar. 
W.Sadurn, Saturn; C.Zadarn. 
W . Kafeg, A Mare ; C. Kazak. 
W. [ S. 3 Kefser, Hail; C.Kezzar. 
W. Ifel, Low ; Corn. Izal. 
W.Afen, A Rib; Corn. Azan, 
W. Pas, A Cough ; Corn. Paz. 
W. Pris, Price; Corn. PriZ. 
W. Egluys, A Church; C. Egliz. 
W. ysbryd, A Spirit ; C. Speriz. 
W. Mis, A Month ; C. Miz. 
W. Nos, A Night ; C. Noz. 
W. Glas, Gray ; C GlaZ. 
W . Lhyfeyin, An Herb ; Arm. Lu- 

W. Afen, An Afs ; Arm. Azen. 
W. Mefen, An Acorn ; Ar.Mezan. 

Words that begin with S in the 
Britifh, never change their Initial. 

See the Changes of the Letter Z 
in Voflius's Trad De Literarum 
permutatione premis'd to his Ety- 

mologicum Latinum. 


Change Of The Liquids 
Lh. L.Rh.R.N. 

Lh( or as others write ) Lh is pe- 
culiar to the Welfllj (for the Spanifl} 
LI is profiounc'd but as Li) and differs 
from L as much, and in the fame 
manner, as the Engl'Jh Th in the 
jpor«/r Thought, Thanks, (^(T. from 
T. the Britans of Cornwall and 
France, aid thofe of Scotland and 
Ireland, have (if ever they had it ) 
loB this Pronunciation ; as partly 
appears by the following Examples , 
and it holds in General. 
W. Lhygad, An Eye; Arm. & 
fCorn. Lagat, Mod. C Lagaz. 
W .Lheyan, A Nun ; Arm. Leanes, 

f Corn. Laines. 
W. Lheidir,y^ r^if/i f & M.Corn. 

Lader & Ladar, Arm. Ladhr. 
W. Lhe, A Place; Corn. Le ; At. 

W. Lhfs & Lhyfeyin , An Herb ; 
t Corn. Les ; Ir. Lus ; Mod. C. 
Lyzuan ; Arm. Luzauen. 
W.Lhiu, Colour; Corn. & Arm. 

Liu. fJr.Li. 
W. Lhydan , Broad; Corn.Leden, 
Arm. Ledan, Ir.Leathan. 

W. Lhau, A Hand; fCorn. Lau 
& Lof, Ir. Lav, &c. 
When L is the Primary Initial, 

It IS thus aj^erated in all Welfh 

words without exception, and changes 

only into the common L : ^.rXhys, 

A Court j yn i lys, in his Court :, 

Lhyn, a Pool-, Ar lyn , on a 

Pool j Lhefter , to Hinder j yn i 

lefter, Hindering him, &c. 
L chang'd i7tto C- 

Fr. Arfenal & Arfenac i An Ar- 

Lat. Lanugo, Ital. Calugine. 

Lat. Lip^us, Ital cif^o. 

Gr. SxbtbAjJj Scutica. 

L changd intoD. 

L. Amylum, Ital. Amido. 

Lat. Monopolium, Sp. Mofiipodio. 

Gr. MvSh.M<ii, Madidtis. 

Gr. Mixtrat, Meditari. 

Gr.'EAas^oj, iJ«fo«. 

Gr. TJiyihif, Rigidus. 

fLat. Delico, Dedicoi Vofl. ex 

t Lat. Reluvia, Redtivia. 

L chatig'd into G. 
Lat. Lilium, lulGiglio. 
Gr. MUii, Att f«i><j. 
Gr.MK>it.„y,Magis. VofiT 

L chang'd into I. 
Lat. Flamma, Ital. Fiamma. 
Lat. Flatus, Ital. Ftato. 
Lat. Flaccus, Flaccidusj Ital. Fi- 

Fr. Flanc, Ital. Fianco. 
Lat Floccus, Ital. Fiocco. 
Lat. Flumcn, Ital. Fiume. 
Lat. Planta, Ital. Pianta. 
Lat. Placere, Ital. Piacere. 
Lat. Plaga, Ital. Piaga; Planeta, 
Pianeta ; Platea, Piazza • Planus, 
Pia?io; Pleniis, Pieno, Plebe, 
Pieve j Pluvia, Piova ; Pluma , 
Piuva, &c. 

Equivalent to this Li of the Ita- 
lians, is the Initial E\ of the Spa.- 
niards ; for Lleno , FuU^ is Pro- 
7iounc'd Lieno, and fo in all other 
words ^ which may be therefore con- 
fidcr'd as Exa?Nples of the fame 
change of Pronunciation ; fince the 
Alterations of Languages have come 
by the Ear and not by the Pen. 
Lat. Clamarc j Span. LLamar. 
Lat Flamma, Span. LLama. 
Lat Pliga, Sp&n. LLaga. 
Lat. Planus, Span. LLano. 
Lat. Clavis, Span. LLave. 
Lat. Ctf/ ligere, Span. LLegar. 
Lat. Plorare, Span LLorar ^Vlnc- 
re,LLover ; Pluvia, LLuvia,&cc. 
Gr. <!>"'.»■«», Lat. Folium. 
Gr ." AX^'l^ai, Lat. Salio. 
Gr. KvXXin , Cilium; "AXXes , Alius ^ 
&xMas, Thalia, &c. 

L cha7!g'd into N. 
W. [N. ] LuUen, AKidney; Cor. 

Lonath *. 
W. Pelh, Far ; Ir. Kian , For the 
Initial P in the Welfli, is K in 
the Irifh +. und the Comparifon 
betwixt Pell and Pian ; is not f^ 

• vid Examples of Different Termi- 
nations. p.15. ccl.x. ^Vid.Chm^rtefihc 
Letter P. p. »o. col. I. 



Oes.XXII. Change Of The 

LiCLviDS Lh.L. Rh.R. N. 

remote as the Italian Maninconia, 

from Melancholia. 
Lat.Colus [Coluaila] Fr. ^f- 

Lat. Mugil ; Ital. Mugme. 
Lat. Philomela, Itil. PHomena. 
Lat. Falcc, Spaiv M-faige. Men 
Lat. Cake, Spin. M-car.-ce. Id. 
Lat. Mulus, Bifc. or Cantabnaii, 

Man do a. 
Gr. Bi»n«', Crct- Bi'atio*. 

Gr.'HAjw, Dor.i'V; BiAtist,-, /SirTWJ; 

L chang'd into R. 

W.Eskilh, W^n^i Corn. Skclli 
andfomtimes Skcrlii whence Sker- 
li erehan, a Bar. q.d. Wai.Af- 
j;elh green, i.e. Leathcr-mng : 
for the Armoric name is Alj^el 

W.Kil, ^7'»»; Ir.Kir. 

W. MaJ, As-, Ir. Mar: Mai hyn 
[or val hyn I Thus ; Ir. Mar Shin. 

W. Guilio, To PP'otih ; Ir. Faire *. 

W.Guell, Better; Ir. Fearr. 

W.Gucilji, The Sea; Ir Fairje. 

W.Glaii, Rain; Ir. Ffflrthain. 

t Engl Cclender, Coriander. 

Lat. Ulmus, Yt.Orme; Ulmellus, 

Lat. Floccus ; Fr. Froc. 

Lat. Lulcinia, [ Lufciniolus ] Ital. 

Lac. Akhimia, Ital Archimia. 

Lat. Ululare, Ital. Vrlare. 

Lat Pallidus, Span. Pardo. 

Lat Palpebra, Span. Parpado. 

Gr. Kt^xAaAjix, Att. K(^«A«{>«» Sic 

KAiwtio;, If-eivicyct. 
L. Flagellum ; »'w Barbarous Greek, 


f Lat. Cceluleus ; Cceruleus. 
t Lat. Janualius, /« n>f// <« Januari- 
us i yef«»f f^e Hymns to Janus 
irfrf cai7V Janualii, and the 
AfoBf/^,Januarius. Vofs. 
The Cantabrians or Bifcaneers in 
Spain, -whofe Language is frefum'd to 
he the Ancient Spanifh ; feem to 
have affeiied the Letter R teyond 
all other Europeans ; as we find by 
their New Tejiament in the Bodley 
Library \ ; wherin I ohj'erv'd that 
in Latin words they frequently 
changd the L and N into R. As, 
Lat. Coelum, Cant Ceru. 
Lat Angelus, Cant. Angerrua. 
Lac Oleiim , Cane Orioa. 
Lat. Argentum , Cant. Urreguria 
Lat. Anima, Cant. Arrimea. 
Lac. Senex,Sene, Cant. Sarra. 
L choTtg'd into U towel. 
Lat. Alms, Fr. Haut ; Neap. Auto. 
Lat. Alter, ¥t. Autre, Ncap.Autro. 
Lat. Alba, Fr. Aube, ficc. 
Lat. Saltus, Neapol. Santo. 
K chang'd into G. 
f Lat. Innotus, Jgnotus. 
i Lat. Innavus, Ignavut. 
t Lat Innarus, ignarus. Noti eraitt 
(fr Navi cj* Nari ; quibus ciim In 
proponi oporteret dulcius -jifum 
Ignoci, Ignavi, ignari dicere qitam 

•V. Pjlatjl Leittrs premii'd. p. 9. col 5. 

^ Jcfus Chnll gure Iiaoiieo, Tetta- 
mencn Berria. Rochellan. IJ71. Sel4 T. 
6. Th. oaavo. 

Obs.XXII. Chance Ok The 
LiQUi Ds Lh. L. Rh.R. N. 

ut Veritas pofiulabat. Cic. dc 


N changd into I.,. 

W. A;uyfij5cn, A Bladdtr -, Arm. 

W. Uin.APlacei Ir. Bal«*. 

Lat. Unicornir;, Fr. Licorne. 

Lat. Orphanus, Fr. Orphelin. 

Lat Canonicus, hzX.Calonico. 

Lat. Venenum; Ital. Veleno. 

Lat. Naupaftus, Ital. Lepanto. 

Lat. Bononia, Ital. Bologna. 

Lat. Anima, Span. Alma. 

Lat. Antenatus , Span. Almado. 

Lat. Mcffana, Mejfala. 

Gr. nKit^fiii, Lat. Palermo. 

Gr. Nufifu. Lat. Lympka. 

Gr. 'AfUiic, Lat. Melior. 

Gr.NiTs?, AiTric whence Lepus.V'ofli 

Gr. 'ElvJjin;, 'EAi/'^{>;; ; whence Lutra. 

Iss.Antiq ) N before L /'« Compound 
Latin words, has for eajier Pro- 
nunciation been chang'a into L 
for ht old Infcriptions we read 
Inluftris, Conlegium, Conlatio, 
Conlaplus , ana fuch like -very 

Andronicenis . C. et Speff 
F. Neptis urbis prafetii fi 
liae Comitis AFric nurus 
Comitis Ord. prim. Ifauriae 
Ducts conjugis Comitis Sacr 
largittonum Inluftris. 
Reiner, p. 39. XVI 
LocvM. Sepvltvrae. Donavit 
C. Valgivs. Fvscvs. CO AT 




Et.Vxoribvs. Concvbinisq^ 
Fabr. 177. a6i. 
— Cui cum ob abflinentiam fingula- 
rem ejus Deciiriones confentienti- 
hus Auguftalibus ^ plebe Batuas 
aere conlato obtuli^ent , remiffa 
conlationis inpenfa ipfe pons juf 
ft,&cc. lb. p. 486. idj. 
P S VM Solo 
Restitvit. Reinefi-j-j. 
N chang'd into M. 
N before Labial Letters ( and 
fomtimes L^ i/ithe names of Places 
in Wales, is by the Engliih often 
pronounc'd as M: As, Penvro, Pern 
broke; Pcnlhyn, P'mhk; Pen bre, 
Pembre, &c. And the like changes 
for eajier Pronunciation was alfo ui'd 
by the Romans : N Tranfit in M, 
jequentibus B, 'v'c/M, -velV : »t im- 
bibo, imbellis, imbutus, immineo, 
I immitto, immotus, improbus, im- 
perator, d^c Prilc L. 1. 
Lac. t Stannare, Fr. Ejlamer. Nin- 
nus, ninniario, Abgnard. Ninio 
Ninionis, Mignon. Men 
ISS. .Antiq ] In Roman Infcriptions 
we frequently -meet with Quicum- 
quc, imfens, Dumta.xac, quam- 

tus, and fuch like. 

5f</quicumque deus quicumque ra- 

caberis heros.&cc. Fabr. p. 13+. B. 

— Piiljimo imlanti, efrc lb. zi;^. B. 

quam vtneam vobis Augujlali- 

** Vid. M cbint'd inttB. p. i;. col. i. 


Ofw. XXII. Chance Of The 

LiojriDS Lh.L. Rh.R. N. 

bus iJ.fico dart -joh quae efl A- 

mrnea ul fi cogiiationi meae qua 

projbexijje //.? utilitatibut vejlrit 

credo confenferi!ii vmum ufibus te- 

Jfris dunitaxat ijuum publice epulas 

exercebitis habere poljitis , gcc 

lb. 40+. I. 

— His parce tumulis ingredi 

pcdtm faepe 

Sic nunquam dolcas 

Alque trifle fufpires 

Quanitum doloris titulus 

Ifle teflatur. 613. A. 

N chang'd into R. 

VV. Kneyen , A Nut ,- Arm. Kra- 

uen: Kraucn Gaiek [i.e. Nux 

Gallica I A H'aUnnt. 
W . Mm, A Place i Ir. Mar: Mar 

a raivfe, yn y man yr oedh t ; 

In the place where he was. 
Lat. Diaconus, Fr. Diacre. 
Lat. Pampinus, Fr. Pampre. 
Lat. Tympanum, F>. Timbre. 
Lat. Coffinus, Y\. Cojfre. 
t Lat. Condolium & Cordolium. 
Canimen, Carmev. 

Ti-anfit etiam N m R, ut corrtgo, 
corrumpo,Irrito,&cc. Prilc. L.I. 

N chang'd into U I'OTtei. 
Lac. Conftare, Fr. Coujler. 
Lac. Convencus, Fr. Couvent. 
Lac Monalterium, F'r. Moufiier. 
Lac. Sponfare, Fr. epoufer. 
leal. Montone [ An f Moltone ? ] 

A Ram; Fr. Mouton. 
R changd into D. 
It.Ferita & Fedica,a wound, a fir oak. 
Lac. Rarus, leal. Rado. 
Lac. Concrarius, leal. Contrado. 
Gr. Kvs-^vxiitt, Tarenc. Hsf^vxAtt, Ca- 

Gr. riu/z*u, Gaudeo. 
Gr. i\«[fMr?o;, Umpidus. 
Lac. Querquerus, %ierquedula. 

R changdmto L. 
W. A;UCvror, The Month of Fehrw 

aryi C.huevralj Ir. Faoillidh. 
W. [& Engl.] Drummedari, Arm. 

W. Mer, Marrow; Arm. Mel. 
W.Ardhurn, y??^//?i Ar.Alzurn. 
Fr. Erreur, A Mtftake , Ar Erryl. 
W. Skybor, A Barv ; Ir Skibol. 
W. Bciur, J^-'ater Crejfes, Ir. Bilar. 
W. GiiraA:, An Old Woman; Ir 

t Engl. Helcol, Hercules -, Brembr, 

a Bramble, &c. 
Lat. Tempora, Fr. Temples. 
Lai. Fragare, Fr. Flairer. 
Lat. Mus, muris ; Fr. Mulot , &c. 
Lat. Peregrinus, Ital. Pelegrino, & 

Engl. Pilgrim. 
Lat. Arbor. Ital. Albero. 
Lat. Mercurii die, Ital MercoUi. 
Lat. Parabola, Span. Palabra. 
Lat. Papyrus, Span. Papel. 
Lat. Career, Span. Car eel 
Lat Arbitrium, Span. Ahedrio. 
Lac. Marmor, Sjwn Marmol. 
Lat. Cancer, Cancellus ; Liber, Li- 

bellus ; Niger, Nigel/us ; Pukher, 
Pulchellus ; Capra, Capel/a , Ca- 
ftrum, CafteUum ; Rallrum, Ra- 

flellum i Monllrum, MofleUum i 
YhgTum, Flagelium; Fnici,Fra- 


J 2 


Obs.XXII. Change Of The 
Liquids Lh. L. Rh. R. N. 
tellus ; Ruber, RubeAo ; Sacer, 
SaceUu7» i Vefperoncs, Vej^iUoves, 

Gr. A«6<«, Lat Lilium. 

Gr. Ke/Miw, Lat Clibams. 

Gr. naSjov, Lat. Faulum. 
R chang'd ivto N. 

Gr. Aajeir, Lat. Domim. 

Gr. TijjjF, Lat. ri?»f?-. 

Gr. Tn(ia, Lat. 7>»fo. 

Gr. nA«f«s. Lat. Plenm. 

Gr."A7wgj(, Lat. Angina. Seal. <r^ 

Gr. 'Ae^iifky Lat Sinificr. 
R changd Into S. 

Lat. Quernus, Fr. chef7ie. 

Gr.'Appnv, Attice"Ao<n)». 

©«ffieAf»Sj Att. Gitfim?.fti. 
K»pf)!, Att. K«5OT(, 
Ta'ffo;, Att. Tttfcrii. 

Lat. Arbor ijcarbos; Robur & Ro- 
bos, 'mhence Robuflus. Fed. 

Lat. Ardeo, .4^^. 

^/Z TOor^f Vrimarily hegivnlvg 

■with R, are afperated in the Welfli 

d-; 7» ?^f Greek; ^»^ we? by the 

Corni(h,Armoric-Britans nor Irifh 

W. Rheu, Frojt ; Corn. Reaui Ar. 
Reo; ir. Rio. 

W. Rhifg & Rhifglin, The B.irk 
of a Tree; Corn. Risk. 

W.Rhod, AWheel; Corn Ros 

W Rhos, A Mauntahi-meedoTD or 
Mofs ; Corn. Ros. 

WRhedeg, To Ru?i ; Arm Redek. 

W. Rboi, To give ; Arm. Rei. 

W. Rhybydh, IVarniugi Ir. Rab- 

W.Rhedyn,F^r»; Ir. Raith,Rai- 
thiii, & Raithneach. 

W.Rhuyv, A71 Oar, Ir Rava, &c 
But it feems probable that they 

alfo ajj>erated the JnittalW former- 
ly i as we fnd the Old Englifli did, 

in thefe foUowing words and ma?iy 


t Engl.Rha-deor & Hraen, A Roe- 
buck i q.d. /I Roe-deer: & rhaege, 
a Roe. 

t Eng] . Rhaed, Ready. 

t Engl. Hraefen, A Raven ; Href- 
nes-Ieac, Orchis or Satirion, q.d. 
Raven's Tjeek. 

t Engl, Hracgl, A Rug. 

t Engl. Hramfa & hramfan, Ram- 
fins or broad leav'dmldGarlick. 

fEngl. Hreac, A Ruck or Heap. 

t Engl. Hreaw, Raw. 

t Engl Hregnan, To Rain. 

t Engl. Hrendan, To Rend. 

f Engl. Hreode, A Reed. 

t Engl. Hreopandune, The Town of 
Reppingdon in Jiarby-Jliire . 

fEngl. Hreowan, To rue or re- 

t Engl. Hrim, Rime or Hoar-frofi. 

t Engl. Hnng, A Ri«g, a circle. 

t Engl. Hroc Sc Hrooc, A Rook. 

t Engl. Hrof, A Roof. 

The Initial Rh in the Weldi, is 

chang'd into R ; As rhuyd, a Net ; 

1 ruyd, his Net ; yn rhedeg , Ru>i- 

ning ; I redeg, to Run ; yn rhuyftro, 

Hindering ; I ruyftro , to Hinder , 



FoRREiGN Words Introduc'd By 
Conquest: Or Borrow'd From 
Those Nations With Whom 
We Have Trade And Com- 
merce, l^C. 

Of the great number of Latin 
Toords we find in the Welfh, Cor 
nilh and Armoric, pari were doubt- 
lefs brought hither by the Firfi In- 
habitants , long before the Romans 
were a diflincl People ; a7id fuch we 
may fuppof thoje words that are fo 
Obvious and Necejfary, that a Lan- 
guage may not want them even when 
a Nation is in the utmojl Simplicity, 
and Ignorance ; Such as, Avon, Am- 
nis; Auyr, Aer; Th ^Terra ; Mor, 
Mare ; Mynydh, Mons ; Fynnon, 
Fons i Glauio, Pluo -, Ke{y\,Cabal- 
lus i Ir. Each, Equas -, Taru, Tau- 
rus; Byuch,F<if(r«; Hurdh, .^r/«; 
Davad, Ovis ; Oen, Agnus -, Gavar, 
Capra; Lhaeth, LaBe; Pvfc, Pi- 
fcis. &c. 

Another part was borrow'd from 
the Romans when they reduced this 
Coujitrey under their SubjeiiioK, and 
introduced together with their Arms 
a more Polite or Civil Co?iverfation, 
and divers Fafl}ions as well as Arts 
and Sciences, to which the People be- 
ing Strangers J fuch of thein as were 
Converfant with the RomSins, found 
it necejfary to addfeveral words to 
their Language, which are doubt lefs 
not only retam'd to this day by us, 
but were alfo very early communi- 
cated to our Neighbours the Extra- 
provincial Britans and Scots j who 
have alfo added much more to them -, 
as will appear upon perufal of the 
Iridi Dictionary , the Scotidi Na- 
tion having bee?i ( whilfl the ufe of 
it prevail' d) behitid none in Culti- 
vating their Language. Of this Se- 
cond firt we may probably reckon fuch 
words as Albalafter, Arcubalifla ; 
Aliun, Almius ; Ammhrydh, Im- 
prudens ; Araith & araud, Oratio -, 
Argymmhenny, Argumentari ; A- 
ftrys, Aufierus; Aftyd, Studiofus -, 
Auydhys, Avidus ; Bloefg, Bloefus -, 
Brad , Prodo ; Kaeth , Captivus :, 
Knis, S^iiefior i Ksi\hor, Ca/darium ; 
Pcdheltr, Pedefler; Kebyftr, Ca- 
piflruin ; Lhyryg, Lorica , &c. A 
Third fort o/" Latin words in the Bri- 
tifli , are Terms of Divinity intro- 
duced into that Language ( as i?ito 
all others) with Chrifiianity ; and 
much augmented fmce. Thefe are Jo 
Obvious, that even any flranger may 
readily dijlinguifl) them. As, Egluys, 
Ecclefia; Temmel, Temp km ; A\- 
hor , Altare ; Efgob , Epifcopus :, 
Sagart [Ir. & tEngl.] Sacerdos -, 
Pref^ethur, Pradicator -, y Drindod, 
Trinitas, Evenj^il , Evangelium; 
Sant, Sanltus ; Merthyr , Martyr ; 
Wlymxi -l^ofi^chus ; Abad, Abbas ; 
Bcndith, Benediffio; Bedydhio, Ba- 
ptize; Kyflegry, Confecro; Kym- 
myn, Communio ; ynid y grauis , 
Initium quaJrageffima ; Penkaft 

Obs. XXIII. FoRREiGN Words 
Introduced, (^c. 

[Com.} Pentecojle; Vd.(g,Pafcha, 

There are alfo a great many Teu- 
tonic or Gothic words in the Bri- 
tilli j but as we fie that the Latin 
words therem, are but partly owing 
to the Roman Conqueft, fo wejbatl 
find that of thefe , very few have 
beot borrow'd from the Saxons , 
whofi Language can not be fuppos'd 
to have been tJjenfi Copious, as that 
of the Romani'z.'d Britans : and much 
fewer, if any, from the Danes, who 
had jiever any fittlement amongil 
them. The vulgar err our in fippof- 
ing mofi or allfiich Welfll words as 
agree with the Englitli, to have been 
receiv'd from that Latiguage, will 
plainly appear to any that fi all pe- 
rufe ^ Maunoir's Armr ric Vocabu 
lary, where they' I find as mafiy fuch, 
as in Dr. Davies's Welfli DiSlwna- 
ry, which yet could 7iot have been 
borrow'd from the Englifli, y?«wg 
( as is agreed upon, by the Inhabi- 
tants of both Countreys ) they left 
this ifland before the Saxons were 
call' d in. As to the Migration of 
thofe of the Ifland {/ay s an Aimo- 
ric Hfiorian ) into Gaul-Bretagne, 
its lufficiently attefl:ed that alter 
the Birth of Co7ifiantine there; 
Three Colonies of Note have 
come over into our Bretag7ie : One 
in the time of the faid Co7iftanti!ie, 
about the year 313. Another with 
Max'nnus in the year 985. And a 
Third under Confia7itine the Ty- 
rant, An. ^op \. whereas the time 
of the Saxons coming over, was a- 
bout the year jj.j'o **. 

Thatfinall part 0/ Cornwall thai 
retains the Britifll and thofe of 
Wales, that border upon England, 
ufe a great ma7iy Englifli words d'lf- 
guis'd with their own Terminatiofis ; 
but as fuch are only us'd by the Bor- 
derers , Jo they have been almofi 
wholy omitted by Salsbury andX^i.- 
vies in their Dictionaries, and are 
not apply' d to uje by any Writers ex- 
cepting Jome ignora7tt Rimers. 

Some Cornifli Words jiearer then 
the Welfl), to Latin. 

The Damnonian andother South- 
ern Britans, bei7ig on account of their 
Situation earlier C07iquer'd, a7id con- 
J'eque7itly more C07iverfant with the 
Korrans than we of Wales, it's not 
to be adm'ird if fever a I Latin words 

* ' Le Sacre College de Icfiis divife en 

* cinq clafles, ou I'on cnfeigneen langue 

* Armorique les lecons Chrtftiennes avec 
' les %■ Cirfs pour y entrer, un Diflion- 
' naire une Grammairc & S/ntaxc en mc- 
■meiangue. Par le R. P. JulienMausoir 

• de la Compagnie de Jcfus, .A §.*""{" 

• L""'"". oaavo Anno idj-p. 

4- Hilt, de Bretagne par D*" Argentre. 
pag 1. 

**A.ccccLV. Hep HenjjejT •} 
Hojij-a puhcon pi's Pyji-jeaiine 
I'am cyninj:,e. in (ixpe jcope \e ly 
crcten ./Egekj^ojiS , <^c. Chron. 



Obs. XXUl. FoRREioN Words 

Introduced, &c. 
A Firrec, Fraret; Karlum. 
To Trot, Trff/fr; Tithio. 
A Berry or Barrow [ A Hillock ] 

Bern ; Tuyn, bcllan, brvnJcyn. 
A Toad, TuiTcg i l.hyfanc'dy. 
An Adder, ^«- ; Ncidir. 
A Buzard, Byzard j 15od. 
ACock,K«^; KeiJiog. 
A Quail, a;«<7/; SovJ-iar, Rhingk. 
A Herring, Artngk i Penhuirm , 

Skadcnyii. ' 

A Salmon, Sayxmon ; Glcifiad coi; 
A Face, Fas ; Uyneb. 
The Shoulder B'lade,PAj»*f» sioas, 

q. d. Shoulder Plankj W. Try- 

l)cdh yr yfguydh. 
The Flank, Tul F/ani iTyncuyn. 
Frizld, Frizet ; Kry^. 
A Mefs ; Mys ; Saig. 
A Bafon, BaJ/jn ; Kaug. 
Round, Runt, KrUnn. 
Lees, Li , Gu.adhod. 
A Filler, FiUier , Kolovn. 
A Maid, Moz. ; Arm ^ Corn. Mo- 

A Flatterer, Flattrer i Guenhici- 

thiur, Trylhiur, ^c. 

Cornifli words agreeing with the 

Bagaz, A Bh/Ij i Bagaz eithin , a 

Bujh of Furzi W. Lhayn,per- 

Bidhcn, A Meadow -, Guayn, Gu- 

'&oti, A Boar i Baedh. 
Brettal, Brittk ; Bray. 
BroA; , A Brock or Badger ; Pry 

Ihuyd, pry penvrith, moAsyn by- 

;>ian, Byr-huA; i whence perhaps 

its deriv'd. 
Drufher, A Threjher , Dyrnur. 
Dzharn , An Orchard i from the 

Norman Engl, lardin. 
Dzherkin , A Jerkin -, Krysbais. 
■^\nk.,AGar-FiJh ; Mor-nodwydh. 
Guhk^AHuski Pliskin. 
Guradnan, AlVren; Driu. 
Hanath, A Cup; Q^lVhether from 

the Englijh Can *. W. Fiol , 

Godart, Kuppan. 
Hc],AHaUi Neyodb. 
Heroan guidn, A Herrmgi Skt- 

denyn, Pennog- 
Hon, A If^hore ; Pytten. 
ig, A Hook i Blx. 
Kavatf! : , Caiage , f W . Kaul, Bre- 

Cy/j bcngron. 
Kiulat, ACover/et; Kaiad. 
Kota, A Coat if W. Paii,„M>d. 

Kot. ,• • .. 

Krilliaz, Cur/di Kt^x. 
Kylij;i, Cock/e-JheUs ; Rhython , 

Kynihias, A'iw|i{i;»jgi Gueryriad. 
Launter, A Lanthorn, Lhygom. 
Livan, A Leaf of a Book , Dalen. 
Mavl, A Boy i ^X-^en. 
Pen gam, A Gurnard ; Pengernyn. 
Plankan, A Plank ; Burdh, Aftelh, 

Rakkan, A Rake -, Kribin. 
'S\s.iikt^s, A Shark ; Morji guyn. 
Spekkiar, Speckl'd-, Brith. 

• V. C.K tt.%jbtniii iHf H. p. 14. cot. 1, 


Obs. XXIII. Forreign Words 

Introduced, &c. 
occur in the Cornilh and Armoric 
Dialeiis not orcn'd by us j fame of 
which are thefi allowing 
Corn. Splander, L. Splendor ; W . 

Gloiudcr,Dilgleirdcb, Eglyrder, 

C.Glihi, L. G/<i<r/Wi W.Ia. 
C. Plos, L. Pulvis; W Vnnx. 
C & Ar. Panez, S W. Pannas, 

L.Pafinacai /atifo/ia] N. W. 

Moron gunnion, Lhylix Guyd- 

C. 'Zaban,L. Sapmus ; W. Fynnid- 

C. Kranag, Rana , W. Lhyfent 

C. Klvmmiar, columbarium, Klo- 

C Legalt, Locufta [ marina ] Kim- 

C.Pur,Lat. Pus, Pww; W.Kraun. 
C Bouin, Bwra-i; W.Kigeidion. 
C. Padn, Pannus; W. Brethyn. 
C.Hevez \ A;emcz, Camifta j Krys. 
C Skians, Scientia; Guybodaeth. 
C. Manal, Manipu/us, Ylj:;yb yd 
C. Luar, A Garden ,- perhaps from 1 

olera. W.Gardh j 

C. Filgeth, Fuligo ; Hidhigl. 
C. Guarrak, ^rf«/ ; Bua. 1 

C. Skath, Scapha ; Bad, YmX. \ 

C.Gol, I'elum , Huyl. 
C- Zeithaii , Septimaua ; Ciythnos. 
C. Etin, Junius j Mehevin. 
C. Metten, Matutinum ; y bore. 
fC. Avain, Imagine; Dclu. 
fCKiich, A Servant; perhaps 

from Captivusi Gwds,Guemdog. 
iC-Y^\\Mor^Ca!dariumj Pair. 
fC. Kams, Camifta [ Sacerdotalis ] 

fcil. Alba vel t'uperpellitium ^ 

t C. Kantuil, Candeta; Kaniiylh. 
tC. Kaul, Caules [olera] Lhyfiae 

fCKloireg, Clericus; KloA;ydh. 
|C. Flurrag, Prora; Pen blaen 

t C UsuxX^yigil ; Dyvaijguilidurys, 

digufg, govalys. 
+ C. Hui?;eren , Socer j Tad yng 

hyvrjeth ; & hueger, Socrus. 
t C. Hulc, Ulula ; Tywylhyan. 
t C- Huvcl, HKwi/w ; Gortyn^edig. 
t C. Loj;el, Loculus ; Purs,Koden. 
fC. Mehil, MuUus; Barvog. 
fC. Parkemmin , Pergamenum; 

fC Pirgriii, Peregrinus:, Eftron, 

fC Plyvog, ; Gobcn- 

fCRuy, Rex; Erenin. 
t C. Riiyvanaid, Regnutn ; Tyrnas. 
t C Stagcn, Stagnum , Lhyn. 
fCSkudel, i'fxtw/tfi Dyskil. 

Armoric words nearer thajf the . 
Wellh /o Latin. ;\-, .,.,,.. 

Arm.Sklas, Glacies;\Kr,%,, 

A. Fultr, Fulgur ; Mclhden. 

A Sephyr, Zephyrus ■ Guynt gorl- 

Arm Pultr,P*/^fr3 Lhu;;. 
A. Trynzhcn, Tr^wiTK/ ; Kvph. 
A.PQr, Porrum; Kennincn. 

Obs. XXIH. Forreign Words 
Introduced, &c. 

A. Kim^T Cannabis ; KyuarA;. 

A. Fuen, Famim; Guair. 

A. 'Z,hcncvr,Juniperus; Eithinviu. 

A. Priiyn, Pruna : Eirin. 

A. Brenk, Branchix ; Kragcn. 

A L'abus, Ai'ts ; Aderyn. Q. 

A. Urs, Vrfus; Arth. 

A. l^iinigl, Cuniculus ; Kuningcn. 

\.'R.ln, Rana ; Lhyfant. 

A.Spezart, Spado; Kephyl Dil- 

A.Kurrauter, Cur for; Rhedcg- 

.'\ Ackl, Aquila; Eryr. 
A Fokun, Falcone ; Gual;t. 
A. Sin, Cr^w«^ J Alar;:. 
A. Rca,R.j.<i ; Morkath. 
A. Angillicn, Acus marina j Mor- 

A Balan, Balxna ; MorvarAJ. 
A. Gucfpedcn, i'ej^a; Kackynen. 
A.Grill, GW&j; J^ura;e yLhydu. 
AServeljCerf^n/OT ; Ymmnenydh. 
\.'\\l:\,MeduUa; Mcr. 
A Koften, Cop a; Afen. an truad; Plant a pedis; 

Guadan y troed. 
A Funn, Pwg«//j ; Durn. 
A. Articl, Articulus ; Kvmmal. 
Fek.Ff/; Byftyl, Bymi'ftyl. 
Ulfer, Ulcer ; Briu, Kiijyv. 
Paner, Panarium ; Kauelh bars. 
Kuvi, Convivium; Guledh. 
Pazen, Paffus ; 
Salver, Salvator ; Ia;eaudur. 
Subfyn, Sufpicio; Amms. 
Pyudyr, P»</orj Kuilidh. 

Englifliwo;-(/y agreeing with the 

There are of this fort , as afore 
faid, a conjiderable number ; whereof 
fome were common to the Old Ger- 
mans with the Celtx ; others owe 
their Origin to the Latin ; and others 
to the Franks, and were not perhaps 
known to the Celtai, hut IjhaUin- 
fiance only in a few, wherein the Ar- 
monc-Britans agree with the En- 
glilh more than with the Welili. 
A Star, Stereden; W. Seren. 
ARiver, Ryivier ; Avon. 
A Pool, Pul; Lhyn. 
A Border, Bord; Bord an mor, the 

Sea Shoar : vmmyl. 
A Mountain, Muntaign ; Mynydh. 
A Rock, R(S:/: ; Kraig. 
A Hill , Hue/en ; which agrees with 

the Latin Col'ih ; W . Bryn. 
Ghi'SfGleJpm Guydyr. 
A Grape, Grappa ; W. f Graiui- 

A Fagot , Fagod i Seldrem , Kov- 

Icn, Kocl. 
Barly, Brazet ; Haidh. 
Crenes,Krf^wi Berur. 
Carrots, Karrotes ; W- Moron - 

A Rat, Rds J Lhygoden Frcnnig 

Skuarn na ras. Lat Ptlofella. 
Spurge, Spiyrydi; Lhacch y Kyth- 

A Hook, Ijeni Ba^;. . . 
Cattle, j;ha:tal i Guarthcg,Di. 



Obs. XXIV. Translation, df'-; 

Spens, A Spefice or Buttery ; Kelh. 

Termen, Time or Term ; Amfer. 

Trikkh, A Tucier; Pannur. 

Truzu an darai, A Threjhould; 
Trothuy, eminniog,rhinniog. 

Tdiauk, A Jackdaw ; Kogvran. I 

Tlliappen, A Capon; Kappulht, 

Tlliofar, A Chaffingdijh, Tanleftr. 

Tumupan, A Turnip i Meipen, 

Yet, A Gate; Kluyd , Lhidiart 
A7!d an infinite number of other 
tcords which have been receiv'd 
into the Corniffl of late Ages, for 
in the Old Corniill Vocabulary at 
the Cotton Library, we find very 
few like Englifli ; and thofe pro- 
bably owitig to the itnskilfuUnefs of 
the Author, Jeeing he could find 
?io better word for Leftor than 
Redior j nor any other for Salta- 
trix than Lappiores *. 


Translation .- Or Words De- 
riv'd From One Common Ori- 
gin As To Signification Tho' 
Of No Affinity In Sound. 

W. Gloin Dvu, { i. e Carbo dei ) 
A Butter-fly ; Corn Tikki Deu, 
Scot. Dealan de. 

fCorn Dehoules f /. e. Hcrba au- 
itralis) Abrotanum. Engl..So»f^- 

W. Lhyfias Ivan ( i e. herbx Jo- 
hannisj Mugwort. Arm. Lu- 

W. Kasganj;ythrel [ Fuga daemo- 
monis] Vervein; Arm Luzauan 
ar groas, The Herb of the Crofs. 

W. Penloin [ i. e. Cole-head ] A 
Tit-mouje, Ar. Pendiuig, Black- 
head, Atricapilla. 

W. Keiliog rhedyn [ i e. Fern- 
cock] A Grafs-hopper; Arm. 
Kog raden. 

Arm Pennig ar vron,^ Niple; W- 
Pennig y vron. Mammae capitellum. 

W. Pry KadaA;og [i e. rag-worm ] 
A Caterpiller. Ir. Brattag. W. 
Brat&bettyn, A Rag. 

W.Brithilhrq.d. Angl. Spot-Fifli] 
A Trout ; Lat. Fario ^uafi Vario. 

Auf. & Ir. Biec, i. e. Verficolor. 

Corn. Pedn vz [ i. e. Corn-head ] 
Ah Ear of Corn; In the Canta- 
brian, Buru, i.e. Head: Behin 
belhar, guero buru; gueroogui 
bihi bethea buruiin : Firfl the 
Blade, then the Ear ; after that, 
the full Corn in the Ear Mar. 4. 
i8. W.Tuyfen [plur Tvuys! 
Ir.Dias, both from the old word 
Tus, a Head; itow'us'd in the 
Irifli for Beginning. Hence our 
tuyfo, to Lead; tfwt/Tuyfog, a 
General ; a7id probably, the La- 
tin Duco and Dux. 

W. yskyvant [ i. e. Lightnefsl The 
Lungs ;Sp:iii. Levianos ; Ir. Sga- 
van & Sgavog ; Engl. Lights. 

W. Gobennydh [q. d. a Hcad- 
ftead] a Bolfier ; Cr.iatsn.i(p«?iict 
• Bib!. Get. Vtfp. A 14.. V'li. p * Gbf. 4. 

A Summary Of Etymology. 

W. Kneyen Frennig [ /'. e. French 1 
Nut j A Wall Nut; Arm. Kra- 
uen Galek,Germ. Walfchnufs, 
Bel. Wall nota, Pol. Wloski or- 

W. Lhygad maharen [i c. Sheeps 
Eye ] a Limpet ; Fr.Oeil de bouc. 
& Germ Bock's aug. 

W.Dyvr-^i [ie. Water-dog ] An 
Otter; Ir Madadh uif^e, ma- 
dadh donn, & Dovar-xu ; Gr. 

W. yn y mann [ i. e. in the place ] 
Prefently ; Ir. Ar bal 6c Lat. 
Ulico, i e in loco. 

W . t Nebyn [ i. e. not one J Engl 
None; Ital Niuno, Span. Niu- 
guna, Lat. NuUus q. ne uUus 

Corn. Gavar mor [»". e. Sea-goat ] 
A fort of Lobfler,fo caU'd from 
its long horns ; atid thence perhaps 
the Span. Chatiro. 

fEngl. Nofc-thrils, or Nofe-thurls, 
Nojlrils ; Belg. Neus-gaten. 

M O L O G Y. 

From the foregoing Obfervations , 
Etymology or the method oftraieing 
out the Origin of a Language, Jecms 
reducible to Ten clajfes 
Cl AS. I. 

Words of the fame Origin as to 
Sound or Pronunciation, but de- 
viating in the fenfe. Obf. \ p. 9 . 

1 uje the word Deviating rather 
than Different or Diftindt, becaufe 
it implies, that in fuch words; fame 
Affinity is fl ill retaitt'd; and in Ety- 
mology, either an Identity or Analogy 
of fignification, is always reijuird. 
Clas. II. 

Words Obfolete in fome Dia- 
ledts, Retain'd in others. Obf.z.p.^. 

An Etymologifl ought to be well 
acquainted with the Obfolete words 
of the Language he is to explain, as 
being nearer the Fountain Head; and 
diverfe fuch, befides what occurr in 
old Manufcripts, are prejirv'd in 
particular Countreys, tho' not admit- 
ted into Diilionaries, and for that 
reafon Vocabularies of Laical words, 
as that of Ml- Ray's, the Diffionaire 
De la Langue Tolofiinc,f ^/^ the end 
of Goudelin's Gafcoigfie Poems) and 
fuch like ; ought to be diligently per- 
us'd. Clas. III. 

An accidental Tranfpofition of 
Letters. Obf 5. p 7. 

This is caU'dan Accidental Tran- 
fpofition, becaufe it proceeds from a 
Carelefnefs in Pronunciation, and di- 
ftingutjhes it from thenextcUifstwhich 
is of words defignedly tranfpos'd. 
Clas IV. 

Tranfpofition of Compounds. 
Obf. ^. p. J. 

Clas. V. 

Addition of Letters. 0^/5'.;). 8 

This has partly proceeded from an 
Accidental mijpronunciation, as, ae- 
ani for earn, 6cc. and partly from 
an Induftriou! Alteration of words 
for the eafier freaking them ; as, Cai- 
fivelaunus for Cafuallaunus ; Co- 
' novium^r Convium, A^ielodu- 

A Summary Of Etymology. 
num for Y;Keldunum, c^c. 
Clas. VI. 

Letters Omitted. Obf. 1 1 , &c. 
p. II. 

This has happen' d after the fame 

Clas. VII. 

Variation of Initial Syllables. 
Obf i6 p. I-}. 

This proceeds either from the ufe 
of different prepoptions or other 
words m Compounds ; or elje becaufe 
jome Lav tiages retai?i only theftmple 
words, and others kjiow 7i07ie but the 
Compau7ids: As,<Zo'cn. Hartha (or 
as they 71011} pronounce it harrah ) 
to bark; W. K^-x-arth, &c. 
Clas. VIII. 

A Difference of Termination. 
Obf ly p. 15. 

In Etymological Obfervatio7is we 
are to allow all Languages their 0W7i 
Terminations, a7td therefore not to 
wonder that the Romans, (for Ex- 
ample,)jhould write theW\t\\\\ names 
Avon, Abone; Ahxen Alauna ; 
Gevnt or Keimi [now Kenvi J Go- 
bannium j LyA;ur, Leucarum j Rj - 
nuy, Conovium :, Kamdhun, Cam- 
bodunum ; Kamryd^ Camboritum, 
&c. Nor that the Englilh Jhould 
render the Latin words Arcus , an 
Arch-, Arduus, Hard; Audax,^*?- 
dacious ; Attonilus , yijlonijhed ; 
Barba, a Beard ; Batuo, to Batter ; 
a7id fuch like. 

We fee then that a Diflind Ter- 
7nination is 710 7nore than what the 
Nature or Property of each Lan- 
guage requires ; and yet the not heed- 
ing this, when the Differerue is wide, 
and other Alterations intervene, oc- 
cafiojis ns very often to quejlion the 
Origin of words, where there is not 
indeed room for any Doubting. This 
we partly fnd by the following words; 
and fuch JExarnples occurr very often. 

Lat Epifcopus; Span. Obif^o , 
Ital. Vefcovo, Fr. Evefque, Ir. Eaf- 
bog. Hung Pijhok, W. E/gob, Eng. 
& Dutch Bijhop, Germ. Bifchoff. 

Lat. Elemofina^W. £/)y?»,Span. 
Limofna, Germ. Almojen, Fr. Au- 
mofne, Ir. Almafa, Belg. Aelmoe- 
fe, Engl. Alms. 

Gr. Sux?, Lat. Vicut, Engl pig, 
W, Figyflen, Hung. Feiigeva, Pol. 
Figowi, Ital. Figara, Span. Higuera. 
Clas. IX. 

Permutajion : or Change of Let- 
ters. Obf\%,(^c. p. 14. 

It may be of fame ufe to the Cu- 
rious in Etymology, if we diftinguijlj 
Permutation of Letters into three 
forts ; which may be call'd Claflkal 
Idiomatal a:id Accidental. ' 

By Claffical Permutation I im- 
derjla7id a chatige of Letters into 
others of the fame Clafs, or of the 
fame Organ of Pronunciation. And 
this -we find fo Natural, andfo Fre- 
que7it, that there is no room to fcru- 
ple Alterations of that fort 

The clajfes of Letters as divided 
in this Comparative Etymology are 

I . Vowels : A, e, i, o, u, y, y . 
2. La- 


A Summary Of Etymology. 

a. Labials: P,b, t-',ph, v, m. 

3. Palatals : K, c, q,g, K or ch 
gh, h. 

4 LinguaJs: T, d, ch,dh, f, z. 

^ . Sequels , or J'uch Conjonants 
at when they begin words, admit of 
none other immediatly after them ; 
tho they I immediately folloiD. L,n,r. 

Iilomatal Permutation is , when 
from an Objervation cfiablijh'd by at 
leaft Five or fix Examples of Primi- 
tive words, we fvd that according to 
thefropriety of Speech, a Letter of 
one clafs in fame one Language, is 
chang'd into one of another clafs, in 
another : As the Labial Letter P. 
in Britidi, anfwers to the Palatal C 
mthe Irilh. Vid. col. cj. 

Acciikiual Permutation is alfo 
when a Letter of one Clil's,/; chang'd 
into a Letter of another ; but fo fel- 
dom, thi't we cannot make it a Rule, 
tho' from the Agreablenefs of Sound 
and Signification we find it highly 
probable it has fo happen d: As the 
change of U into R , /w the word 
Meridies from MeJi-dies. 

The changes ofVorwels {whether by 
chance or Ajfe&ation) are Jo very 
eafy, and fo common tn all Lan- 
guages, that in Etymological Obfer- 
vations, they need not indeed be much 
regarded ; the Confonants being the 
Sinews of words and their Altera- 
tions therefore the mojl perceptible. 
The changes of Confonants alfo into 
others of the fame Clafs ( ejpecially 
Labials, Palatals and Linguals ) are 
fuck Obvious miflakes, that there is 
no Nat 1071 where the Common People 
in one part or other of their Countrey, 
do not fall into fame of them. 

What is then chiefly fcruptd in the 
Permutation of Letters, is when a 
Letter of any one clafs , is chang'd 
into one of another ; but when we find 
fuch an Alteration Idiomatal , or 
proper to that Language, by Exam- 
ples of Five or more words of diffe- 
rent Origins fi chang'd ; it mujl then 
alfo force our Aflent. And as for 
Accidental Permutation, tho' it be 
not fo Jpecious or Apparently fat if 
factory as the CliiTlcal and Idioma- 
tal ; yet when we confider how un- 
likely it is, that any Notionjhou/J 
be exprefs'd in one Language, by a 
word like that of another by mere 
chance, we mujf alfo ( where there 
is no Exception as to Senfe ) admit of 
fuch changes , as at leaji highly 

A Diligent Regard to the Changes 
of Confonants { efpecially Idiomatal 
Permutation) is of that ufe in the 
traceing out the Origin of Lan- 
guages , that I cannot but think a 
Good CoUeiiion of them, from the 
United Obfervations of divers Lin- 
guifls, in re^a of the Radical words 
(7^ »Kr European Languages , would 
prove a li'ork very Acceptable to the 
Curious, in Languages and Anti- 

The mofl remarkable Changes of 
Confonants in the fore-going Sheets, 
are the following. 

A Summary Of Etymology 

B in the Old Engli(h and CJcrman, 
is chang'd into V m the Modern 
Englilli and\^Mi:\\. p. io col ^ 

C ["'■K. ] in the\>,x\i\ih, is chang'd 
into¥ inthe \u[]\. /> 13 col. ^ 

C crK, in the Britilli, is'd in- 
to ij in the \t\[\\. p. -i-^. col. I. 

C or K, in the Greek, Latin, Ita- 
lian , Spanilh , French , Britilh 
and Irilh, is chang'd into H in the 
Teutonic Languages pz^. col i. 

Q\\(or x) in \\ cllh, is chang'd • /- 
'" C, K, or G, in the Cornilh, 
ArmorictfWlrifli. p z<; col. 5. 

Ch or K in the Northern Wellh and 
Armoric,// chang'd into W in the 

X. in Wellh, where S in the Irilh 
/>. i5. col. z. 

D in VVelfli, is chang'd into Dh 
«» Irilh. p 28. col.z 

D in Wellh, is chang'd into S or Z 
in the Cornilli and Arraoric Hn- 
tilh. p.i^.col I. 

Dh in W'cllli, becomes %or'L in the 
Cornilh. p :i.%.col. i 

Dh chang'd into V Cotifgnant , by 
theln^y p.%i).cnl.i. 

F in the Beginning of words, in the 
Latin and Irilh, is chang'd into 
H in the Spanifh and Britilli 
p. zi- col 1 

F Initial, in the Britilli, chang'd in- 
to S by the lr\[[\. p. zz col I. 

G in the \\ ellh, chang'd into x. or 
Ch in the Irifli. p. zy. col. z. 
intoD. p.zycolz. 

The Initial G in the Bricifll, French, 
Spanifh andlulhn, is equivalent 
to F in the Iridl, V Confonant in 
the Latin, and VV in the Teuto- 
nic Languages, p. 9. col. 3. and 
p if. col. z. 

The Final G in the Welfll, is C or 
K in the Cornilh and Armoric, 
and X or Ch in the Iridl. p.z'^. 
col. z, 3. 

L in Welfll, chang'd into R in the 
Irifli. p. 31.C0/. I. 

M ;;/ the Greek, Latin and Teu- 
tonic, equivalent to \' Confonant 
;»r^f Britifll. p.zz.col.7, 

M ^t the Beginni'ig of words in the 
Welfll, chang'd into B by the 
Cornifli. /> z^col. 1. 

P in the Welfll, Cornifli and Ar- 
moric, is equivalent to C in the 
Irifli, ejpeciallj when 'tis the Ini- 
tial Letter, p. zo. col ijZ- Fide 

drp. i.i. col.z. 

S when tee 

. 3S 

A Summary Of Etymology. 
i-MtopcAa Languages from the La- 
tin or CJrcck i or indeed to Deiive 
conflantly the Primitives of any 
one Language, from any particular 
Tongue. //.'/ x// we doe this ; we fern 
to forget that all have been fubjeti 
to Alterations, and that the 
Greater and more Polite any Na- 
tion IS, the more fuh^cU they are, 
( partly for Improvement , and 
partly out of a Luxurwus Hantou- 
'"■'js ) to New model their Lan- 

We miifl therefore neceffurily al- 
low, that whatever Nations were of 
the Neighbourhood, and of one com- 
mon Ongin with the Greeks and Li- 
tins, when they began to Diflinguijh 
themjelvesfor PoliUnef ; n.ufl have 
prejerv'd their Languages (which 
could differ from theirs, but in Dia- 
led s ) much better than them. And 
confequcntly no AbjiirJity to fuppoji 
a great many words of the Language 
ffoken by the Old Aborigines, the 
Oici, the Laclirigones ; the Aulb- 
niaus, Ocnotrians, Umbrians and 
Sabins, out of which the iMinwas 
compos'd, to have been better pre- 
jerv'd in the Celtic than in the Ro- 
nian. Lingua Hetrufca Fbrygia & 
Cekica, (fays the Learned Stiern- 
helm ) aliincs funt omnes ; ex uno 
fonte derivat*. Nee Craca longc 
diftat. J aphecicx funt omnes; ergo 
dcipli Latina. Non igitur niiruin 
clt innumera vocabula diiitarum 
Linguarumcommuniaellecum La- 
tinis. Eandem linguas Latinac ori- 
ginem alFerit etiam CI Ger. Joh. 
yolfms, ill Prxtatione ad TraCtatum 
De vitiis firmonis ; cujus tamcn al- 
fcrtionis immemor, in Lexico fuo 
Etymologico, bene multa vocabula 
infeliciter & invita Minerva, trahit 
ex Grxca qua: commode & fine vi- 
olcntia duti potuerunt ex Ccltica *. 
And that being granted, it muji alfo 
be allow d that theCcXnz ( as well 
as all other Languages) has been 
befi Preferv'd by fuch of their Colo- 
nies as from the Situation of their 
Countrey, have been the leafl fiibjed 
to Forreign Invafions ; whence it 
proceeds, that we allways find the 
Ancient Languages are befi reta'm'd 
in Mountains and Iflands. 

But as no Situation of a Countrey 

could fully ficure its Language from 

Alteration, fo we fljall allways find. 

Initial Utter of Irifli I that of the Radical words, lime are 

words is chang'd into H in the] better preferv'd in one Language. 

Britifh. p. 29 col 3. j andfime in another. 

S in the Welfll is chang'd to Z iu\ Of Radical words thofefeem, Ge- 

the Cornifli. p. 30. colz. j Jierally fi>eakmg,to be Ancienter that 

T in \\ e^'^\,becomes Sor Z in the confifi of fen-efi Letters: for when 

Cornifli. p. z-j. col. 1 words agree only m Part, thofi that 

Th /« Welfll, S «r Z in the At- ^ have the Additional Letters or Syl- 

moric. p. 19. col. i . , lablts are for the mofl part, (for it 

Clas. X. ^often happens otherwife) the De- 

Forreign words introduced by nvatives : And according to that 

Conquefl: or borrow'd from thole ' Obfervation , we /kail find , that a 

Nations with whom we have Great number of words mthe Liun 

Trade and Commerce, p 31. col.z. ' Tongue might better be Dertv'dfrom 

It's a very common Errour in Ety- 
mology, to endeavour the Derivii>g.\ . ^"'i"^"""!"''"'' l''j <>'■■ i->'>6<'>- 
li.rij J I J f Ti X^ """ Of'gii":, idM.G.De |j Ci/die Ul- 
aUtheRadicalwords o/oar W eftcrnphiUra Redivivum. Stwk. Quano. 167,. 
I a their 



A Summary Of Etymology. 
their Neighbouring Languages, than 
thofi Languages from it. 

A great many Etymologifis, for 
want of making fich Reflexions, 
have fallen into fo many Ahfurditics , 
that they had render d a very ufe- 
fuU Art Ridiculous ; till refcu'd by 
the Learned and Ingenious Obferva- 
tions of divers of our late Criticks. 

Their AjfeEisition of Punning , 
feldom aUoTo'dthemto Derive Latin 
■seordsfrom r^e Greek, and to De- 
rive any from other Languages .teas 
■what they had fcarce any Notion of: 
fo that their aim feems to have been 
more atjhetoing their Exuberance of 
Phanfy, than the Invefligation of 
the True Origin of Words. 

This has caus'd too many ; and 
even fome Leariied and Ingenious 
men, wholy to ?iegle& Etymology., as 
not otherrcife founded than on hare 
Conjeilures . 

But the Difference betwixt an Ety- 
mologift (notwithftanding his being 
/imetimes miflakcu ) and a Trifling 
Conjcdlurcr, tviV I pre fume appear 
fromt be folio wing Comparifon ofDe- 
rivations, out of Voilius's Etymolo- 
gicon, and Joannes de Janua's Ca- 
tholicon, ichofe Etymons are com- 
monly out fl/" Jfidorus. 

Voss. [& Seal.] Anguis ab 
'f;yf inferto n, lit 3. tuKimi, Cincinmu ; 
ti ?^HX<» Lingo, &CC- 

Ian. Ex Ifid. Anguis ab angu- 
lus, quod a?igulofus incedat. 

Voss. Barba: Stephanut Gui- 
chartus deducit a TmVOTs, i7tferto r. 
EJf vera iriian;. Lanugo; prima 

Ian. Barba qnafi Virana, a viro; 
quod virorum Jit C^ non multerum. 

Voss. Barbaras. Strabo\A).y.\v 
ubi flise difhutat, cur Honierus Ca- 
res pro: atiis vocavit Bxf%»!fe(pmiii , 
enfdem docet nationes alias a Greeds 
didas Barbaras, tum quod vernacu- 
lus earum Servio Gr/ecis videretur 
inco?icinms , abfonufque (uti ^ Gra- 
corum Sermo gintibtts aliis ) tum quod 
Greece loqui volejites, dijficulter, du- 
riter ajpereque graca fonarent, tit 
or Graci Iniguas exteroriim. Ac 
haw quidcm ait primam fuijfe t5 
Sxfoi^eis votationeni : poflea autem ea 
voce ufos Cracos in Divijione Natio- 
num Barbaros Gracis opponentes:h'.t- 
<i vera hac Barbari Origmatio fatis 
verifimilis efl tamen alteram quoque 
ponam ex Leojiis Afiicani, de Africa 
Commentariis, uvde (^ Jul. Cufar 
Scaliger earn uti alia multa in exerci- 
tationes fuas tranflulit. Docet igitur 
Leo Arabihut Barbar fgnificare 
murmuroj indeque ejfe quod Africa 
pars ab Arahihus ditlaflt Barbaria 
[ non ilia Africa Pars qua vulgo 
fie dicitur, fed Marmariea i^abiUis 
^^^■i^ai forte ^ Barbarorum tiomen 
ortum'] quodnempe Aficanus fermo 
Arabibiis n07i aliter fonet , quam bel- 
I luarum vox, nee loqui itlis fed incon- 
dittim quid murmur are vtderentur. 
Giuare ^ Graci forfan ab Arabibtis 
kanc vocetn hauferunt. 

Ian. Barbaras a barba & rure 

A Summary Of Etymology. 
quod qui rure habitant barbam hi- 
f^idam habere foleant. 

Voss. Bellum quajl minime bcl- 
lum diet fcribit Charifus L. IV, Dio- 
med. Lib. ll. Dortatus, Ci'p. debar- 
barifmo, &c. Sed itm<^^<ni, iit fape 
diximus, tantummodo Jnfcitia efi a- 
fylum. — Angelas Caninius qui i?i 
Hellenifmi Alpliabeto putat bel- 
lum factum ex -mXiiAsi quod etymon 
fcio ridebiint indoHi. Sed cenfuit Fir 
ill: DoHifjimus ( quern <i)- Nunnefius 
in Grammatice Jequitiir « ■ni-f.ijjsi fi- 
eri kanc vocem abjecid & 7nutata a- 
in mediam b, abjecia terminatio7ie 
OS, quomodo ab i^eR ab, ab \i-m ibb, 
ah oTTov ubi, a xvifi;, burrus, Cfc. 

] a n. Bellum a bonum per an- 

Voss. Bos a Graco $5s ut agno- 
fcitVarro in IV de L-L. Nempe more 
Dorum, qui i^a% dicujit. Pofjis (^ di- 
cere Bos effe xf royi(s;T>i> faEtmn 
ex boviS) hoc autem ejfe ab ohliquoa 
Biii five potius JEolico Btiit. Nam 
Latini intcrdum reElos formant ab 
obliquis Gracorum. Sic a "-^t'o: efl 
Canis. Veteres autem in redo dixijfe 
Bovis, auiior eft Farro Lib. vii 
de LL. 

Ian. Bos quafi bonus operator 

Voss. Cafeus a coago quod co- 
aguloprematur. — Carere eft lui^w, 
Ki^t'tir. Idem quod Germ. Karen vel 
Keernen, «»aff fimiliter Kaes. 

Ian. Cafeus a cado quod facile 

Voss- Cauflay^w Caufa a Caif- 
foftve quaijb, i. c. Peto. 

Ian. Caufa </ cafu quo evenit. 

Voss. Catena a i(»d>if<s^, quo ca- 
tena five monileftgnificatur. At que 
hicc fortajfe caujfa eft quod in qui- 
biifdam codicibus Cathcna cum ad- 
Jpiratione J'criptum inveniamus. 

Ian. Catena a capiojaoi capi- 
endo teneat. 

Voss. Caftor Gr. K«V j quo ufus 
Ariftoteles Lib. vin. Hift. Animal. 
Cap. V. Videtur ;oi5w; dici quafi yx. 
if^, quia id animal ventricofim . 

Ian. Caftor quod cum fentit 
venatores fe fiquejites fei^fum ca- 

Voss Car bo a >4tf", h. e. are- 
facio, %ri^aivu. Itaque carbones inter- 
pretanttir ligna arida uftulataque . 

Ian. Carbo a carpo quod ab ig- 
ne carpatur. 

Voss. Caper a Tyrrhenis qui- 
hus caper diEius K«3-gc;. Eft autem 
caper hiircus caftratus . unde martial. 
Dumjugulas hircurn fadus es ipfe 

Ian. Gaper k carpo quod carpet 

V OSS. Caput a Kiipm^.i. Nam ^ 
(f> interdum abit in tenuem p, quo- 
modo a cicpii, eft fapio, a Kx^ff, 
carpo <^c. 

Ian. Caput a capio quod omnes 
fhifus ^ nervi ab eo ivitium capiant . 

Voss. Dies a Gracis ejfe Often- 
dit qnod Hits 'iyAt; fit meridianus , 

Ian. Dies a Diis , quod eorum 

A Summary Of Etymology. 
nominihus dies appellantur. 

Voss. Enfis ah 6v;yo5, quod 71071 
haftam modi) Jed ^ enfemfignificat. 

Ian. Enljs a Secando. 

Voss. Faba Hefvcli. *« J« ab a7i- 
tiquo haba ut fcribunt Velius Lofi- 
gus <ir Tereiitius Scaurus, Sec. 

Ian. Faba quafi Faga, a <i'xyf,t 
Comedcre. Primiim enim homities 
hoc legumi7ie ufi fujit. 

Voss. Fagus a Gr *«;!s;,Dor, 


Ian. Fagus a <^«»/f^v, i. e. coTne- 
dere quod ejus frnflu ante fruges 
invent as vejci folereyit . 

V o s s. h acies. A7igelus Caninius 
a Punico V'ag deducit. 

Ian. Facies a facio, qubdfaciat j 
notitiam hominis. j 

Voss. Fama a Dorico t'tc/iipro ' 
*>if4.. quod a 1'«» , uKde Latinum 
I" ari. S^are commode i7iteUigcndum ■ 
quod t'inum a Kando dici ait Feftns. ' 
Eft fama /de7'/ quod rumor, ac ut be- \ 
nejinfit VaUa, J'old origme dijfcrmn \ 
kac duo : quod putd rumor fit Lati 
t!um, lama Gracum 

I A n. Fama qu'afi Famula, quod 
famulatur 7iobis. 

Voss. Familia ab if«Ai«Spiritu 
in F abeunte, quomodo ab i^f^^ eft 
Firmus : Ex cfuMa F<if"li« Hclych. 

Ian F'amilia d femore , unde 
egredimur, &C. 

Voss. Colta ab 'On'«j quod efl 

■ Ne7npe ut ah cwx),, caula, fie ab 
«SK, cofta j e^ Bohemis ah os coft 
quod Idem ac os offis. 

Ian. Coftxicuftodioj«(?</f(?/?^ 
cuftodia7!t i?!tcriora. 

Voss. Formica aiiquo modo 
( ait Servius ) b. Grascis derivatur ; 
quam VOCant ftv(f.tii^. Modum iflu7n 
quo d ftii^fjiii, veniat, 7ion e.\'plicac. 
Sed facit id Angelus Canmius, qui 
docet yEoles quos Romani impri?nis 
imitantur, pro ftiJfftii^ dicer e ft<lffia^, 
atque ah obliquo fitifffsnigi ejfe For- 

Ian. Formica , /'. e. Foromica 
quodferat micas f arris. 

Voss. Fumus a ^^/S*, i. e' F*- 
migare ^ in <p abeu?ite, ut ( ex efi'J- 
dem Scaligerijen:e7itia) a Ji-jje^Foris. 

Ian. Fumus quafi ios. means, i.e. 
Ignis means. 

Voss. Gallus pro notio7ie diver- 
sdaliud atque a Hud Etymon habet. 
Gallus Gallinaceu.s {pro quo g^Gal- 
linaceus fi7ie adjeEiio7!e Galli Jicunt 
Columella <^ Plmius) d Gratis ve- 
nire 71071 7/egarit, qui J'ciat , iis ^>A- 
A«i»( dici ruber! s illud quod de 7He7!to 
Galloriim barba injtar propendet. 
Paleam vocant Columbia <^ Varro. 
dec. . . ■ 

Ian. Gallus quafi cafiras, vel 
caftratus, quod inter aves hac filh 
caftratur. ■ ■ ' 

Voss. Gladius quafi Chdias. 
Varro rv de Ling. Lat- Gladins C 
in G cpmmutato, a clade quod fit 
ad hoftium cladem gladius. Fel d 
K^xh;,i.e ramus. Nam his primiim 
pro gladiis ufi agricola. 

Ian. Gladius fi^T^guladius quod 
eulam dividit- 




A Sr.\:M ikv Of Etvv.ulogy. 

Voss H;i(hni quamquam m i-ett. 
^ Ufidiliiis cf IiItis ( q'temadmodum 
Ald:is in Orthografkiit tejlatur)jcri- 
batur c:im lj>ir:tu ajfcio : ab allaHdo, 
hoc eJK aollando d^ducit Farro 

Ian Halia ai> allu qiiodaftutum 
qujcrit ' in ed uteuda. 

\' OSS 1 Icrba; Etyn'on H Gytccis 
vel ab Ht!"'j;is fell cict-c: A Oru:- 
cis commode- pojjis. Sam ut hcrba 
iis diiitur m»s O' ^'■^•t, a tto* C" 
/3««t, hoc efi, paico •• Sic hciba fit a 
(fifii, quod coinmuni lingua cptfonfit, 
a (ftfiu, hoi eft, p.ilco Hci'ychius 
ififlii, /3«iJ»/:j 1^ it a iiji I'etnes. Ut 
frius di.xerc rii\.us li^tedus, poftca- 
que hirais, cif \\cii\xi, fie {rius fuent 
terba quam herba. 

Ian Hcrba ab arvo •' JaQo enim 
feinme in arvuni, non lovgo tempore 
fofti ipjlim puUiilat in kerbam. 

Voss. Lana viquit Varro Lib 
de L. L. Gntcum, uc Polybius & 
Calhinachus i'cribunt. Optivie qui- 
dem Varro, quia eft a >.aQr, quod 
Doricum pro >'<>&•. Id ab Hefychio 
quoque cr Scholiafte ApoU&nii expo- 
nitiir «ii»> A Ajiot! Gr^cc. Aamsoj di- 
3i, qui lanam carmniant. 

Ian. Lana a lanio, as ; quod I a- 
niatur cum carpttur. yd quod olim 
lautepnus laniarentur : fcilicet evel- 
lerentur non tondermtur . 

Voss. Lcpus inquit Varro quod 
c Siculis quidam Graeci diciint ai- 
»T6«i EtLib.iii.deR.R.Cap.xii L. 
.(4£lius puubac didtum leporem a ce- 
leritL.dine quod /evipcs elset. Ego 
arbitror ^ Gr*co vacabulo antiquo, 
qjcd cum /Eoles Botii /eTwe^' ap- 
pellabant. C-'uam Otiginationem ijli 
JEHan£ quoque prefert Ctefar Sca- 
liger J in J his de caufjh L. L. Ubris 
C.CLXXXiX Et fajie ita ma/iifefta 
eft, ut in contro'verpant -vocari non 
pojjit, vifi ab eo, qui cum Aiiaxagora 
ambigat, an v:x fit alba, ^luin ut 
7tejciremus Siculos /ijrag/ij dixijje, non 
tamen Icpu^ .. Ixwvci deduci deberct , 
Jed a fMyui qttam gj- ipfam i-nf/j^xeyteu 
Varro adducit apud Agelliam L I 
Cap '^i.w: ^ Nunnefius fequiturin 
Grammatifiice . Sane <^ y in tt con- 
lerti i'lidi^at, quod a a; ■■m'/'o; eft ru- 

[o biclane a Avjo. tft Lupus, e?'<^ 

1 A N. L epus quafi Icvis pedes 
quod pedes habeat leaves. 

Voss Liaum a Grieco >,iKi a 
quo non alUer divert quam modulo 
Syllabu- Nam priorem Gracis cor- 
rifit, Latinis producit. 

Ian. Linum a lenis, quod fit 

\ OSS. Manus proprie dicitur , 
cum pa (fa dediiiiaque ; pugnus autem 
cum cTa-ifa. Docet id Origo : 7:am 
USh^i, ^ iri/«ti; opponitur : ab illo au- 
tem manum, ab hoc pugnum, dixe- 
runt i ut acute conficiebat Cicfar Sca- 
liger. L. I. De re Poeticd. Cap zi. 

Ian. Manus a munus ; quodto- 
tius corporis ipfa ik munus. 

V OS s. Kox a. Grxco »«| ut re- 
de Varro. 

Ian. Nox a noceo quid mceat 
oculis propter diftretionem rerun -jel 
propter cojitrarium quod jwn noceat 

A P I' li N D I X. 

oculis fed potius proficit eis. 

Voss Ulor. — Magis autem ve- 
rOimilia dicunt qui a Graco mat; ut 
i in A Labeat, qumnodo ab o^'cmf; 
eft Uiijfes, ac - m K, w e filicclhi- 
um, talmcn, clic .,fa(lafunt filicer- 
nium, carmen, erit. 

Ian. C'lor avis ] a Grxco iA.t 
Totus, quod tot us plumts fit albus. 

V OSS. Q^icrtusybr/c'atff^A.o;, 
quod valet Durus, alper : eft cnim 
ligui dun ac corticis ajperi 

1 .A N. C^uerciJS a quxro; quod 
in cis olim qua:reba?it rejponja vel 
glandes adpajium kominis . 

Voss. Ramus ab cgfi^ic; quod 
eft K^ciiii prout Nicandri Scholiaftes 
expontt in Theriacis. 

1 AN *Ramus a radix ; quafi a 
r ad ice means. 

V OS S. Sal veleft a reclo ii,\i per 
metathefin, vel potius quando Latini 
redos Jiios formaiit ab obliquis Gra:- 
coruin ( quomodo x mM^.o, eft pcJe- 
caiius j ab «Aii eft laiis, t^per aphx- 
refin ;ial. 

Ian. Sal d SaJio quod in igne 

Voss. Sus ut quidem Don at us 
fcribit Eunuch Ad. ill. Seen. ll. fa 
Bum a Gra:co v,- , co7iverfo j^irit:i 
a[j>ero in S quomodo ab is, eft lex, ab 
fjria, k'ptem, (^c. Sed liihil opus eo 
recurrere cum Gra:ci ipft ^ is dicant 
& m;. 

Ian. Sus a fuo quod ejus fetis, 

Voss. Vaccaf* ^■"x.i- Nam fict- 
i(a; Vaccinus, &c. 

Ian. Vacca <J vacillo quod va- 
cilla, cj* debilis fit reftieSiu tauri. 

Voss Vulpes ab «>jii5n,|, pro 
quo yEoles j«Aa^? unde V alopes O" 
poftea Vol pes. Latini enim 4 C^ 4' 
mutant in S, quomodo a xIx^m^ fit 

Ian. Vulpes f«<7/2"volupesf«o</ 
fit volubilis pedibus. 


Containing fome further Obferva- 
tions, chiefly on the Correj^on- 
dence of Conlonants, in rcipedt 
of the Britijh and 2r///jjWith lome 
Forreign Languages. 

Classical Permutation. 



W.Pig, A Birds HI; alfo a Sting, 
or any Jharp prickle , &C. Span. 
Pico J Fr. Bee, Engl Beak, Jtal. 
Becco. W- Pfioa, LMarried] E 
Bride, Germ. Breutigam. L 
PuUus, [a Colt"; W.Ebol. Ital. 
Pcli, Lat. Pili, Hair, W Blev. 
Gr. [Jim, Early, in the Morning. 
\V. y bore. 

W. Peidio, To Defift , to j^are, for- 
bear, &ic. Gt<^tiiif<u. Pen (as 
before j a Head, Lat. Finis. The 
word Pen, is Jbmetimes us'd for 

A P 1' L N D 1 X. 

either end ; as Day ben foii ; The 
tiro ends »f a Stick: and this per- 
haps the Greek liXits is but the 
Jame Qrigmallj -oith our 1 al a 
W.PymcdhDan Fimte.V.n^ Eifh. 
7A<'Gcrmans uje frequently Pf. 
for an Initi \^-where others ufe?. 
as , Engl Pipe , Germ. Pfeiljei 
A Pole [Lat Palus J Pfal ; a 

Pour; Germ Fiir , Eni\.' For 
L.Pinus, Fr.Pjgneti W Fyn- 
nidvydh. Lat Porta, W. Fordh. 
[a IVay^ Germ. Furt , Engl. 
Foord. For I had rather Derive 
the Latin Porta (as ircll as our 
Fordh j fro?n the Teutotiic Fuit, 
than from Cato's Portando ara- 
trum , which fiems little better 
than the foregoing Etymons out 
of Ifidorus. VoiU (fays Vojpus) 
juxta Ifidorum Lib. xv. Cap. i. 
quia porcll vel importari vei ex- 
portari aliquid. Qu.anquam al- 
tera quoque nominis ratio adfer- 
tur. Nam olim cum urbem no- 
vam condcrcnt, aratro urbis fu- 
tuia; (patium dcfignabant : ubi 
vcro introitus & cxitus futurus 
erat, aratrum a dcfignatore por- 
tabatur : unde portas nominatas 
volunt. Cato : giui urbem no- 
vam condit, tauro &: vacca aret : 
ubi araverit, murum faciat : ubi 
portam vult effe, aratrum ftftaUat 
& portam vocet. Quae ejus ver- 
ba Ibidem Ifidorus adducit. And 
as Porta is here fuppos'd to be 
deriv'd from the Verb Fahren to 
goe , fo wefndeCiK (which in 
the Nonh figntfies alfo a way ) is 
from gaen. 
jLat. Cloppus, W. Klof; Lat. 
Paucus, Engl Few, Lat Pes, 
Germ. Fus ; Gr. a-np. Germ. 

W. PrC'V, Lat Vermis ,- Gr. XiUi , 
Fr. Vit, Bclg Dicp, Engl. Deep, 
W. Duvun,^c. 

W. Paftun, A club i Ital. Mazza; 

W. Priod, L. Maritus. Q. 

B-F. ^ 

W.BayA;, Lat. Fafcis; Fr. Faiz, W. 

Brud, LFervidus ; Germ. Bladh, 

Lat. Fids ; Lat. Scarabeus , Ital. 

Scarafaggioi W. Bai, Fr Faut. 

Belg. F^«ff.f W.Breir [a Baren] 

Ceim. Freher , Belg Freyher ; 

W.Buytta, E Feed, B. Feeder -, 

Gr A,^c-,, [L. Tumulus] Ir Le- 

abia, a Bed; So in Uetjlj, Bedh, 

a Grave ; in the Germ. Beth, a 

Bed Qcjm Blut. {"bloud] h.Fuil. 

Gr. Ion. Bi7t«^j [a Frog"] Germ 

Frofch i Gr. S}>^ , pluvia ; Ir. 

Frais, a Shower. 


W Byu, Lat. Vnus; Sc byuiog, 

•vivaz , W. Bcr, a Spit, Lat Ve- 

ru ; W. Byuch, L. Vacca -, W. 

Brigin, Lat. Virga. Eclg.Beer, E. 

Boar, Lat. Verres-, Engl. Bull, 




Belg. VuUe; Sclav. Fol. Germ. 
Binden, L.rmio. LacTrabs, 
W. Traufi ; L. Robur, W.K^i'- 
der. Belg. Yben boom [an Ewe- 
trecl W. Ttien. 


W. Bargod, Lat. MargOi W. y 
bore:,EnglMorrBTP, GermMor- 
e-ensi Ir. JUara^. W. Blith,Boh. 
Mlko; G. & E. Milch. B Afelch i 
Ir. Bat [a Staf] Ital Mazza. 
Engl. Bald, W- Moel. Gr. 
CoUisj \^.Myvydh. 

Ir Faith, \jiX..Vates -, Germ Reift, 
Lat. Ferox, tvi^-Wroth. Vid. 

p. o.&lX. 


W t Faeth, Lat. Mius; Lat. Fce- 
mina, W..Afcw»7K; Lat. Forum, 
yM.MarXnadi Lat.Formica, W. 
Moririg i Tchkh yet jeems but a 
compound ■word of fW-Morv, 
Gr. fiHI^il, ^Krig Tumulus: 
Germ.Fcucht, Engl Moifi, L. 
Madeo. W. Muydo. 

W.Savan, A Mouth; Gr. S"f£i|. 
W. Palv, L. P-j/wi ; W. Aval, 
Lit.Malum ; Arm. & Corn.Gol- 
van [a Sparrow] Gr.ijaV'f Belg 
Vveye, Engl. Whey, W.M?"/*' ; 
Lat. Vepres, W . Miaren. L. Ve- 
redus, perhaps from the Celtique 
Merh Ifor March] rhed. i. e. E- 
quuscurforius,dr<^. V.p.xi.col 3. 



W.Kroth, rheWomh; Gr-^t^^i- 
W. Koiho, to Believe; Belg. Ge- 
loofen; G.Glouben. Lat. hacer- 
dos, Ir Sagart ; Lat. Secale, Fr. 
Seigle. Ir. Segal; Engl. & Dan. 
Kalt, Ir. Cavain ; Fr. Piquer, W. 
Pigo; Lat Caruleus, \t.*Gorm. 
Lat.Calo, [a Souldiers boy,cSrf.] 
Ir. Gila ; Gr. «Tji«t. W.Guiros ; 
L.Luccma, W !.%<"•»; Gr.K.iV- 
7«,a Mag-Pyel Ital. G<iz.z«. 
C, «:^<: — X- 

W.K16f[Lame] Gr. ;*;«>>«. W. 
Klaiar [Lukewarm] Gt.z>^"^'s- 
Ir. Kriadhaire, a Boor, a Coun- 
treyrnan, a Plov>-ma?hGT. x^e^- 
w; Ir.Kil [a Church] Helv. 
XxXx. Gr. K«x(»«!, W Kox-, Ko- 
xyn. Red; Gr. & Lat. Cyclus, 
W. Kylx.-, a hoop ; Suev. Keden 
[ to Ipeak ] t Engl, cpe&e, a fay- 
ing. VV. xuedel; Belg Pac, Engl 
a Pack, W. Baix ; Engl. Dark- 
nefs, li. Dorzadus. Gr-^rifbi, 
W. Serx; Lat. Torques, W. 
Torx; Belg.Clocke, [a Bell] 


W . Kas , [ Hatred ] Germ. Hafs ; 
Ir. Kuan, Belg. & Engl. Haven ,- 
Lat. Scola, Germ. Shul. \_forfo 
they pronounce tho' they -write 
Schul] W.Krib [Kriben, Kri- 
belh ] a Cock's Comb, a Creft, 

• vid. Varijt. of Terminations, p 
col.t. J.tcp- 34- Chf 8> 

Appedjd i X. 
(^c. Boh. Hreben. Boh. Kawe, 
Germ. Huft, i3e]g. Hoef E. 
Hoof; B. Kuiper, E. Hooper ^(^c. 
Via. p. 14. col. I. 
Fr. Gauche [Lett, Left-handed] 
W . xuith ; W . Gaiav, Gr. x"- 
ftiit. W. Guevl [a Lip] Gr.A;«>«!. 
Lat. Fa^us, Germ. & j Engl. 

L I N G U A L S. 


L. Iterum, Bel. Viderum. Fr. Tas 
[ a Heap or Pile ] V^.Dds; Lat 
Puteus , W. Pydcu, &c- 

Lat Ofto, VV.Uyth, L LadcW. 
LhaethL. BJtuo, W Bathy L. 
Sagitta, W. Saeth. L. Vates, Ir. 
Faith. Lat. Mater, Ir. Mathair, 


Gr.'r«^%«, yN.Krydh. B. Root 
[Red] W. Hhydh:, Jr. Ruadh, 

T - S, Z. 

W. Taly, L. Solvo, Ger. Be-zalen. 
W.Tardhy [viz,. Dur vn tardhy, 
6-1: ] LSurgo. W.Walht [Hair] 
BohWlas GwalhtGuener [Mai- 
den-hair] Boh. Wlas a ivenhar. 
L.j^tas, W. Oes, B. & Engl 
Vatj L. Vas. G. Thon, L. So?mt. 
In the Iriih the Initials is fre- 
quently chang'd into T, as, Sagart 
a Priejltun Tagart the Prie/; &C 

W.D6r[&drus] Gr.e-'ej.. W. 
Kledren [ A Spar, a Lath. ] Gr 
KA?&{6s. Germ. Dach, E Thatch. 
Germ. Dank, Engl Thanis. So 
Daum, Thumb; Dick, Thick; 
Dorn , Thorn ; Ding , Thing ; 
Durch, Through, 6cc. 

L.Prxda. W Praidh. L. Spado, 
W. I?w*tfW*3 W.Guadh, [a 
Mole] Maurit, guodcn Arab. 
Guzden. Germ. Das, Engl. dhat. 
Dar , dhere. Dein , dhine, &c. 
D-S, Z. 

W. Glyd [Bird-lime] Gr.Tx,iU, 
W.KJod. [Prayfe] Gr. KAf.j 
GT.'Ar,^v,'^.Eos, a Nightingai 
Boh.Gedle. [aFir-treeJ lr.G;a/ 
a Pine W .tnv2d,Getn\.Schaff, 
a Sheep. L. Dimidium, [fW. 
Dimmx] Semis. W. Duyrey, 
L. Surgo. Ir. Boxd , Poor. Gr. 
iiTux'f. L. Edo, W-fyJ/y. L. 
Prieda, Sp.Prefa W. Genedi- 
jaeth, Genejis. Ital. Daga, [Span. 
Dagua.] h.Sica. Engl Mayd, Sp. 
Moza Corn, ikfooz. W. Dangos 
[tofhew] Germ. Zeigen. W. 
Oed, Fr. Aage. W. Ysbaid, Fr. 


W. Trybedh, Gr. & Lat. Tripos. 
W.Rh'Jdh,Ital. Rofo.^r. Rouge. 
W. Hedhu;c [Peace] Gr. 'Hm- 
;i<«, ReH. W. Pymmedhj Gr. 
nifiiTTjf. W. Myrdh. Gr. Mi^.t, 
Turma, W.Kidhio, Yx.CaJher. 


Sequals or LiQjJiDs. 


W. Krajqen, [A Shell] Sp. Caracal. 

L. Sol, Germ. Sonn. \V . Stavelh, 

Ital. Stalla, Germ. Stall Pol 

Stainia. W. Plethy,Engl. K»/f. 


Gr.s^iA.;, W. Efgeir. Gr. k«a5j. 
Arm Kaer. Gr. riAiicn;,- , Germ. 
Breit , Engl BroW Lat. Mal- 
leus, Fr. Marteau, Sp- Martillo 
W. morthuyl. Lat. Obelus , 
& Ffr«. Lac. Flagellum, W 
frouylh. L. Halece , Ital. Kj- 
re;/^?^ Fr. Harang. W.Kolhen. 
h.Corylus. W.AJUilio. L §ltifro. 
fCorn. Flurr, Lac. Prora. W. 
Klodhio, [to dig] ^ Graveji 
E. Silk, L fericum. Fr. Tarault 
[an Auger] W. Taradr. Fr. 
Flaye, W. ^v». Ital. Tagliare 
[to cut] W Torri. Germ.Wclge 
laWiUoTp\E. IVerg *. 

N — NG. 

L. Strenuus, G. Streng, E Strong 
L. Egenus, W .Angkenys. ^.^- 
gel, W.^w^-e/, &c. 
R — N. 

W Krimog, Gr K»iij»>i. W. Lhaw- 
er [much.] Gr. A.V.r. W. [ S ] 
Lhoer , L. Luna. Ir. Feur. L. 
Fisnum ; Ir. Bired, a Cap, from 
Bar ^ Burua, a Head; retain'd 
yet in the Armoric and Canta- 
brian Ital Barctta, Fr. & Engl. 
Bonet. L. Tympanum. Fr Tam- 
bour. L. Gratia, Germ Gnad.K. 
Asker. L Scincus. Fr. Kernean 
( Engl. Kernel. ] W. Kynhuil- 
hin. Gr. K«;t/»», [Scot.KrQ ] W. 
Kneyen. Ir. Lar, W. Lhaur, 
Cantabr. Lurra j £. Lar;d. 


Correspondence Of La- 
bials And Palatals. 

P— C,K<7rQ_ 
L.Palea, W.Kol. L l^eto, W. 
Keifo L Puella, Ir. KatUi'n W. 
Peth, [ a thing. ] Ital Cofo, Fr. 
Choje. W. Pliskm, Gr. kaii4>« 
W Poeth, [Poethog Poethygys] 
Gr. V^juisiyji. W. Pridh, L. Cre- 
ta. Gr. -iriiiH^, W Kravy. Gr. ni- 
^Adf, L. CucuUus , & W. Koxol. 
Germ. Pfenning, Engl. Penny , 
W. Keiniog. L Spuma,Fr. Efiu- 
me. L. Spmus, Gr."Ap(^i}»; L. 
Spolinm, Gr 2x;>io>. Gr XTn^af, 
[ a rock ] W. yskol, 4: ital. i'^o- 
g/w. Gr/lTOT!, L Equus. 
P — G. 
Gr. 'ETf.^, W. Gwedi. Gr. noirl*/, 
W. Giineyd, Corn. G^rfy Gr. 
nAi;»«<, W . Glanhay. Gr. ni<ft.., 

* rWi 1; kjV »ii Berkfhire, int vhtrhcr 
common in tther (,tuntiei I kjow not. ^ YC 
kolion dyon, ar« BUck, jlaf ^ocki unicr 
Karnedh Lhewelya i" Lhin Lh:xid ; 




W. Guadan L. Ploro, W. Ga- 
lary. L. Vluvii , W Glau. L 
Pcrna, Arm. Gar. L.Rupcs, W. 
Kraig. VV. & E. Brann, Ir G.t- 
ravan. Gr. Ki/^,;;.*. W. Bras. Fr 
Gr<». Engl Bowl, Germ.K»fff/- 
P — ;c. 

Gr.'YvJ/nAi.-.W. rtf/. Gr.''i»-7r»<, Ir. 
Ea;*;. L.Porcus, Qxx.'^f'i Gr 
n;«;Ji, VV. XHtru. L. Ripa, Ir. 
Bruax <5r. T^n;, W. r;/;e. 
P — H. 

Germ. Spalt. [ a Cleft ] W. Holht. 
B— C,K<7rQ^ 

Gr. B»MioF,\V. Kyjpin. Gr- '&x-n>, [a 
Kay or Thornback ] W. Kdth. 
Gr Bj*-/^;, \\f .Krygni. Gr> B»- 
AoTii, W. K/i7Kr. ical. B.irca. Jr. 
Kwi?;;;, [aibrcof .'oat] Ir.Le- 
abba, L Lelfus. \V.Bras,L Craf- 
fus. Fr. Bois, W Koed. W.Bola, 
Gr. Kii-M*. W.BurJh, L. ^a- 
dr.j \V Pobur. Germ. Becker. 
\V. Bran ' a Crow ] Gr. Vulg. 
K.{i.«. W .Earny ^ to Judge J Gr 

B — G. 

Gr. bA'**. W. [plur] ?;f/c</. L. 
Lumbricus, W. Lhyn^yren. L- 
Belgium, Gueldres. Bolch, VV. 
Guydh Ger & B Blau, L Gl^u- 
ciis,\V. glds. L Cribrum, W. 
Gogor. isp.Cuba, W. Kaug. L 
Rabies, fr. & E. Rage. Bel. 
BKde, Engl. Gfad. \V. Byr, 
[ fliort. ] Ir. gearr. 
B — x. 

W. Bro, Gr.AJ'i'e?'. W. Bias, Gr. 

W Ba;ii, Belg. Haec, E. Hook. Boh. 
Haiet, Luiat. Sai. 


Gr. <I>«e [ Ir. Fovra, AGiant ] W. 

Kaur. L Farina, Gr. Keip»». Gr. 

irxT^.x, [ a Ring Dove] f Corn. 

Kydhon, W Skythan. Dan. Faar, 

, a Sheep] Ir Kaor. Gr.>^W,anes. 

F— G. 

Gr CoTAts. [Germ. Faul-bct] W. 

G«<t7. L. Fei, G. & E. Gall. Fr. 

Foarre [ir. Fcur] Straw, W. 

Gwair, | Engl G<7rr. hay ; grafs. 

M — G. 

Gr Miw, W.Cuedi. Gr. Mi'a^ [Spe- 

cillum] W.Gueled. Gr. ««>«, 

[multum, val'dc.] W Guala 

Gr. Mvs^Kti, \\ Gr'yg. Gr Vulg. 

tiUHic. fAKXti, [Sc M«AAo; vellus ] 

W.Gualhc Lat Myrtus, \V. 
Gurdiiiing, Myrtus Brabant tea. 
L. ■^'euius, W. Guedhol L Ma- 
lum, W.Gu-lh. L.Malo&Me- 
Jius,V\'.Guelh. L Miles, Guilh. 
L. Mcr.tum, j;en. Gr. aiiA'j , 
GemGlied. Arm. & fW.Mat, 
Belg Goet, E good. Ir. Mart,\V . 
Guartheg. Helv. Mul , [the 
mouth] Fr Gueule Bel. Geel, 
[yellow] W. Mefyn. 

CorrespondenceTOf La- 


P — T. 
WPib, Bclg. Pijpe, Ut.TiiU 
Lat L& Cr.] Farma, W. Tar- 

Appen DI X. 

rian L. Puto , W. Tyiio. Gr. 

nji*. W. Torri. Gr. Ht'ji, W. 

Traus. Gr ntciihm, December, 

\V- 7'd.J:wfi//'. November. Sicul. 

Antiq. ni; [a f.ither] Corn. 

Tas. Lacon iio^ [ pes ] W. Tro- 

P— D. 
Lat. Pafliis, S. W . Diodkevus . L. 

per, Fr. Par, W Druy ; Bclg. 

Doer. L. Potus , \V. Diod. L. 

Lupus, VV. Blaidh. 
P— S. 
Gr.'TCT, W. is. Yr.?a.\x [LPax] 

It. Sit h. L.Depfo, VV Toeji. L 

Rapes , Fr. Roch. Ital. ijpalla 

[Span.Efpalla, Fr.}:rpaule,S.\V. 

Spold , N.W.Spaud] Germ. 

Sckulter, Engl. Shoulder. 
B— T. 
W.Brig, Gr.Gfi?. Gr. Ba^i;, W. 

Trum. L.Glcba,Bclg.C/tfr. Gr 

B^trTTJ, W. Tra/ix. 
B — D. 
Lat.Gleba,Engl c/o</. Germ. Lob, 

L. Laude . W. Klod. Gr. B*a,«, 

XV.Dalh. Germ.Hebcn, W. 


B — S 
VV. Pob, Gr. n«;. Ir. Sios, [Fr. 

Sous ] Lat. Stib. 

F — T. 
Germ Farr, [ a Bull] W. Taru. 

Fr. Souef, Engl. Sweat. Belg. 

Soet. Gr. •i>'',\i, W. Teily. 
F — S. 
Lat. Falce, Belg. Zeckel. E. Sickle 

L. Faber , W. Saer. L. Ferrum, 

Gr. ^ihi^-. L. Ficus, Gr. S"/"?. 

L. F'cenum, 2«r«. Gr. Kuijipof [Fe- 

ftuca] VV. Cor/fM. 
V — S 
Lat. Velum, Belg. Seil. L. Vagina, 

Belg. Scheede. LVidtoriajGerm. 


Correspondence Of Pa- 
latals And Linguals 

C,KerQ_— T,D,Th. 
Gr. Ks^jtiiMt, VV Taran. Gr. K.v^t, 
\W .Tarrian. Gr. Ki/^ri^D. W. 
Tyuod. Gr. ux^y^ , W. P/<?%. 
Belg.Kecren, Engl.TVrz?. Fr- 
Tourner. Ir. KrithneaAit. L. Tri- 
tkum. Gr.Hiijij, Ir. Tirim, Germ. 
D'urr, Engl Pry. L. Le<flio, W. 
Lhith. VV. Kivruy [ a Saddle] 
Cor Diber, Aim Dibr. L Quer- 
cus, W. Deru. 
C, &c. — S, or its Equivalent. 
L. Duco, W. Tuyfo. L Lixivium, 
Fr. Ijeffive. L Canis, Fr Chien 
L. [& Gr. ] Cygnus, Germ. 
Sckuan, Engl Siean. L. Includo, 
Germ Emfchlieffen , Belg. In- 
fckluiten L. Curtus, [Fr. Courcl 
Belg. & Engl. Short. Gr. Bi?, V\'". 
Vds. VV . K>n [ Fr. Going ] Gr. 
c^r,,. Ir Koill, L. Syka. Span. 
Cufre. ¥t Soulfre. Gr. kiAui^o*, 
Belg. Schulp, Germ. Schal. L 
Carus, Fr. C^fr. W. Kraig [a 
Rock] Germ Sc/rroff. 
G — T. 
Fr. Efeuillon, L. Stimulus. Ir. Go 

A I'PENnix. 
[Dalm.ka] Engl.rtf.Gtrm. Zu. 
VV. Gcicn [ a Sinew ] Gr. Ta,,-.. 
Fr.Gage, \V . Guyfiyl Fr. Groin, 
VV.rru;;; Groin d'un ^oxc^Trvyn 
moxyn. Ir. ■sjcarra , W. Torri. 
L Grivis, VV.Tr;/n». 
G — D, Uh, Th. 

W. Gueiny [ to Serve ) Ger D«- 
m. W.Aguedh, I Ir. Aghaidh] 
the Face. Gr.'tJ»;. W Mangre 
[ Jr Mainrej;e] aHut, Gr a:«>- 
<*>«, Ovile. L Deljihinus, Sp.iu. 
Golfin \ r Mxg, [ W hey ] VV . 
Maidh. W. Cures, Gr. ©sjpjt. 
G— S,Ch,&c. 

W. Gavar, Fr chcvr. VV. Gualhc 
Fr. Chevelu. L. Magus [;» tke 
namcsof places in Gaul, Sec ] Ir. 
Magh, W-Maesi a great Field, 
a Plain, 6cc. C G61. Dan. & 
Engl. Sail. 

a: — T,D,Th,Dh. 

Gr. XiAi-,, W. Telyn [tfH<?r/>,] 
Gr Xnf, Corn & Arm. Dorn, 
[aHand} GrX%-, \W . Dhoe. 
\W.WiX [Small] Yi. Petit. Ir. 
Dio;^ [Drink] VV. Diod.Ct. 
^VK" ' W. Rhedeg. Arm K6/:, 
Germ Kdth, Belg Ge-voeth. 
a;— S,&c 

\V.A:Ue;k; [L.Sex] Span .y^^; W.; 
A;uys, Ger Schweis, Belg i'lPff/, 
Engl. Sweat. VV. A;uith. L. Sca'j- 
ns. W..j^acr, Fr. ■SfffxT-.W^ jKue 
grun, Span, ^afgro, Belg Suager, 
L- .Sofer. W.Aiuibiany, L. 5/wo 
Gi.,. h Seta. W. Peru;K, 
Gr B,^. Sp. Baxa,W.BaV. VV. 
Tur;K [ a Hog ] L.Turfo f a Por- 
poile, i/«s. a Sea-bog J Plin. Fr. 
jTriyye a Sow. VV. KraA; be- 
ery n. Fr Crachat. W. LhUA:. 
fCorn. P/or. VV.Hu>: L. Sus 
W Kt\X. LCriff>us.W.G\irix 
Gr. rgj.;.-. W KIoa;, Fr. cA'f/:'^. 
Sp PaA;aron, F"r. Paflereau. Ir. 
Islx, [a Breaft, a Pap] Fr Co 
chon [Porcellus] q. d <i Suckling. 
a Ir. A;Kt, L.Aft. Ir. DruA;d 
[Dew] Gr. J)nira;.Belg. Lauch, 
a Leek ] deriv'dferhaps from the 
Irijh and Britijli Lus and Lys, 
an Herb. 

H — S. 

VV. t Hvan , Germ. , Engl. 
Sun. VV. Hfn, Ir. Suan, Pol. & 
Boh. Sen. F-ngl a Hall, Germ. 
Salh, Belg. Sael, Pol Sala, Fr. 
^a/e. VV. Hu.K, Belg. Soch, Ger. 
5-;j», E Sme. W I lad, Belg 5<»f, 
En^. Seed.YiiTi. Saed VV Huyr, 
Fr.v4« 5<;fr. VV. t Hob [a Hog] 
Sclau. t Zopa, whence Mar zopa, 
a Porfoifi. Hence our Hanner- 
hob, a Flitch of Bacon., vid. Hob 
i^i Dav Did. Engl. Heel , W. 
Soudul. Fr. Honte, Ger. Scham. 
Germ Has [a Mare] Sclav. Sais, 
Lulat Saitits. Dan. Huede, [W. 
fd, corn] Gr. 2ith. 

Correspondence Of The 
Seq^uels With The O- 
THER Consonants. 

L — M,D,G. 
Fr. Efgaille, Engl. ScaJe. Lat. Sga- 



me. Lat. LachrymK V^.Dagra:. 
W. Lhvmmya. Gr rvftios. 
L — S. 

W. Lhi.Engl. ^fcw [Swed.5i7>, 
Bclg. Sat^cGcxm. Seage\ W.Ll- 
hylhoii Ltiholh 1 Germ Sden. 
V/. Lhaiies, Engl, ske'v; f>o?» 
Lhau,o>',Wj in the Caledonian Bri- 
ii/bj Lav [ a hand ] j.< f /j^ Latif^ 
Manica//-ow Manus. W. Lhaur 
[Ir. Lar, Cantabr Lur, Lurra] 
Germ. Saal, Lat So/nm. W. 
Lhymman, Gr. ^i/mio. 
N— M. 

Engl.Nep, [Span. Nabo] VV. 
Maip. Gr.N»OT.{, W ^Map,?nAh. 
Sp Cancoiol'o. Ir. Kam-xofaz , 
VV Kofj^^ro. W.Lhyngyren, L. 
Lumbricus. Ir. Nithe | Waflied, 
Cleanfed ] Boh. Miti & Umtti. 
Germ.Narr Gr. Muu-,. 
N - Ng, G. 

Lat. Strenuus , Gtxm. Strevg. E. 
Strong. L.Egenus,W. Anghevyi. 
N omitted. 

Lat. Fxnum,[ Span. Heno] Belg. 
Hoy, Engl. Htiy, Germ. Hew. W . 
Dangos, Gr. A(ix:,vix' L.Sponfus, 
W. car Fuys, Engl Spoufi, Ir. 

R— S,Dh. 

Engl. To Bark [Fr.Abbaier] Belg. 
Bajfen ; Engl. Hare, Germ. Has, 
Belg. Hay?. Engl. Iron, Germ. 
Eyfin- Fr. Lire [to read] Germ. 
Ldfen. Belg. Lefen- W. Dreui, 
Gr. Ai-mi'^;. L QLiercus,quernusj 
Fr.Chefne. L. Soror, Belg. Sufier, 
Germ. Schuefter. Gr. x/afw , Ir. 
[ & W. ] G/^/. Belg. Beer, Eng. 
Boar, [L. Verres] W.Bdedh\ 


/ have already ( p. 19. col. 5. ) 
Recommended to the Ohjirvation of 
the Curious , whether it has not been 
heretofore the praBice of other Lan- 
guages, to 'vary their Initial Cojifo- 
7iants, after the manner fliU retain d 
in the Britijh and Irijh. I mujl now 
further declare it my Conjeiiure,that 
Ancie7!tly Confonants have been oc- 
cafioTially premis'd to mofi words 
{ if not all ) beginning with Vowels or 
Sequels, as has been Obfirv'd of the 
Letter G. p 9 col. 3 And as is 
yet pra&ijed, in rcjpeii ofT and N 
in the Irifi. The Confonants fup- 
pos'dto have been fo introduced, are 
what is here meant by Prepofitives. 
But how Right or Erroneous this 
Conjeciure may be , is left to the 
Reader to inferr from the following, 
andfuch like Examples. 

Labial Prepositives. 

Ir.Uirkin [a Pig] L. P«rfw. 


'r. iask, L. ¥ifcis. 

I'r Athair, [Vv Euithr] L. Vater 

Gr. '0(ty^ LS. W. Glam. tuMon. 

Herky] L. Porrigo. 
W. Hcdeg [ To Hy,] Dor.n^-rS. 
Gr r«;Ai,Dan.Rifet, Bel^. Hoed, 

Engl Rod, Germ. Rut, Bohem. 

\V. Lhydan, L. Latus, Gr. ti^aii;. 

W. Tav, Gr. Ht—myJ,;. 

W.Bruyn, Gr W— 57150;. 

W.Dalen, Gr. ^i-^xoK 

W. Rhvd, Gr. OT— fe;. 

W.HedhuA;,L. Pads. 

Sp Llaga, L Plaga 

W. Lhuvun, Lat. Planus. 

W. Lhaiua, L. Plenus. 

W.Lhmer,L. Plura. 

Lat. Lupus, W. Blaidh. 

vV. Lhadh [ L. La:do] Fr. Bleffer. 

Lat. Lutum, Sclav. Blatu. 

L. Lsetus, Belg. Blyde, EngX.Blyth. 

Gr."Ax,'h;, W. BaiZ. 

Gr. "Af-n;, Germ. Brot: Ir. Aran, 

W. Bara. 
W. Adhev, L. Fafus. 
W. Ylu, Lat. FaviUa. 
W. Ede, [thread] Germ. Faden. 
W.Ocr [cold] Ir. Fuar. 
W.Ovni [to fear] Gr. <i>oo5/<9H. 
W. Ailod,Gr. MiAo'i. 
Engl. Oufle , f Lat- ■l^^'dula , \_me- 

rula\ \N -Muyalx- 
tCelt.& Lat. Alauda, Corn. Mel- 

Gr. '0/i;k«s, Ir. Magarl. 

Palatal Prepositives. 

W. Lheidir [Lat. Latro] Gr. K/J- 
TTJif. Lat. Laus- Ital.lodc, Gr 
Kasos, W. Klod. Lat Lxvus, E. 
Left, Corn. Rledh. Germ. Roh, 
Engl Raw, L. Crudus, W. Kri 
& Krai. Lat. Raucus, V^.Kryg. 
'Ti-nc, W. Kavod. L. Polio, W» 
Kaboli. L. Rcpo, Bclg. Kruipen. 
L. Nodus, E. Knot. Lat. Sedeo, 
Gr.K«S.^«. Fr.Roftir, W Kr^j^y 
Goth. Leaf [Bread i Vand. Klieb, 
Boh. Chleb, Pol. Chlieb. L. Or 
nus, W Kerdin. W.Lhaw,Be]g. 
Klaeuwe , "EngX.Claw. Ir. Olan 
[ Wooll] Germ. WoUen , W. 
Guldn. Lat. Hortus [ & Onus ] 
W. Gardh, Ital Giardino. L. Ar- 
cus , Corn, Guarrok L. Nidus, 
Ger.Neft Sclav G»ez^a', Dalm . 
Gjiyzdo, Pol Gniazdu. W. Lhu- 
fun [Smooth ] Sclav. Gofuf. Gr. 
"iixgj:, W Garth. Gr «^<t. W. 
Guala. L. Ambra, W Guevr. 
Engl. Land, VV. Glan : Glan A- 
von, the bank of a River, &c. 
Gr.'Axm [Tefqua] S.W. Gdlht. 
Belg. &z Engl. Lent, the Spring, 
Germ. Glents. Gr i«A«{, Germ. 
&c. Glafs. Lat. Ulmus, Ital. Ol- 
mo], Belg. Olmen , Boh Gulm. 

Belg. Setten, tngl.Set,W.G»></. 
\v.Irx & leithi, Cierm Gert. 
Fr. laune, W Guina L Lu.i- 
dus, V\'. Gloiu W.Lha is, Sclav. 
G/«, 'D^ln.Glaaz,. Gr. 'ir:itu, 
W. Xiithio; Gr. 'o/tar. W. x'-'y- 
dho hr louer, 'V'l . xuare. W. 
Rhaid, Dor. A;??5a. 

Lingual Prepositives. 

L.unda [Ital.Onda] W. & \rTonn. 
Lat. Anus, \x.T6n; Lat. Altus 
^ Tal L. Ignis, Vv Tan. L. 
Urina, f VV , Trunk. Gr. "A,«;«.f , 
\V. TyvodQ- Tyuod. Lat JVlyri- 
Ci.,6- Tamarifciis.-\ W. 6: Ir. Am. 
Engl.r/,»e, ¥x. Temps. Gr. 'r-^ 
V^.Truyn. W Rhedeg,Gr.Tpi- 
Z"- Gr. 'Af^.^ W. DeA;re, Gr. 
A'?w,[Erigo, Ir Eria] \y.Duy- 
rei; whe7!cey Dh\j,yTer\,tke Eaji. 
Gr. 'lne/.tai. \V. Digon Gr."t.oy.^ 
W. Daiar. Lat. wvis, W. Da- 
'i'^d. L Lege, Ir.Dlighe. Engl. 
Other, Gr. Ati-7if«, Ir. Dara, Fr. 
Darechev. Germ.Halten, W. 
Dal,Dala. W. lyr^res, Gr. Aog- 
w. L. Ros, Gr.Afoffi; Ir Ura^;'. 
L.Taurus, Germ. 5r/er Ital. 
Ncve, [ Gr. Vulg. Hitpi ] Germ. 
Sch7iee , Dan. Snt. Fr. Neige , 
Scl^.v. S)iegi Pol. &/f^. Boh. 
S7!ih, Ir. .Smp^;!;'. Gcrm. Niellen. 
Engl. Sneeze Dan. Kniff, Engl. 
Knife, Ir. ^/f/fw. W. Lhuyth [a 
Tribe] Sclav. Schlachta. Ir. 
Pofta,tr. E/poufe Gr. 'A„.,ijcal. 
Stalla, Germ. Stall Gr "aiAk?, 
hit- Sulcus. Gr. Ttiw, W. £/?/». 
Lat. Erigo , Surgo Lat Paiier , 
Ger. Spam. W. Tuyfen, tyuys j 
Gr. 27B';j;t/f. Gr. Vulg. r«j-jKA«, 
W. yfj^ydojilh. E. & W. Pin 
[Acicula] L.5/>/»rt6:Germ Spen 
ut Spen-Nadel L.Limus[Ciook- 
ed, Awry, Squint-Ey'd] Germ. 
Schlim. W.Kath \viz. Morkath] 
Engl Skate,L.S^uatina Fr.Oeil, 
Ir sai. Fr. Padelle, Engl. Spade, 
Spittle Lat. Parco, lelg Sparen. 
VV Kyphylog, Gr Sc Lit. Scolo- 
phaz ; perhaps from the BritiJh 
yfj;ylvog, which would imply as 
much as Bil-bird. Brab. Neppe, 
Germ Schnepf , Engl Sriipe. L. 
Rupes, Germ Schrojf. Gr K»- 
^ci, W. yfgavn. Fr. Greffier, L. 
Scriba, Ger. Schreiber W. Lhei- 
fi£e [ the Temples ] Ger.Schlafi; 

S E Q_y E L S. 

Gr. 'Aiej.[S. W. Evrse] N. W. 
Lher, L. Lolium. Belg. & Engl. 
Otter, Fr. L'outr, Lat Lutra \V. 
Aren [ A Kidney ] Germ. Nie- 
ren, Engl Adder, Ir, Athair, 
Germ. Natter, ^Q. 

[+1 ] 

TIT. 11. 



o F 


In the following Vocabulary , befides the words of Jffinity ; others for the Satisfa- 
Hion of the Curious in Languages are freijuetitly inferted^ that have no Analogy at alii 
and ( as elferohere throughout this Book ) the words thus t dijimguijhedj are now Obfokte, 

Aab, abs;W. o, ygan, iurthj 
Vrom,hy. Arm Diganc ; 
■5 Jr. o, a, iJa. C. a, Uorth. 

Abavus, WHendaid, hen'daid; 
The great Grand-fatker's Father 
rC. Hengog, Hendat [avus] A. 
Tat diou. 

Abbas, W. Ah^A^ Am Abbot . C. 
&A. Abaclr Ab 

Abies, C. Zaban, f Sibuydh & 
Aidblen ; A Fir-Tree. A.Sapin , 
W. t Fynniduydh. 

Abramis, C. Ziu [plur Ziuion] 
A Greater fort of Bream, & Lob- 
raaz, a LeIJer 

Ablinthium, C FeJcn & fFue- 
Icin, lyormwood. A.iuclen,W. 
Uermod , Ir. Burbun , barvmotr, 
Scot. Sept Buramad. 

Abfolvo, VV.Gorpheii, ToF'miJI.>. 
A. Penra;iievi, done a beneus, ac- 
complidaf. Ir. K.nxmyim. 

Abundantia, A.Fonn; Plenty, 
&c. Ir. Fonai, Enough. 

Accipio, W. Kvmeryd, To take, 
A. Kemerec, C. DhoKymeraz. Ir. 

Accipiter,S.VV.Hebog,<i Hantk-, 
Ir. Sheavok, C. Kry(Tat& tBide- 
uen, Faucun N. \V'. GiiaU. 

Accufo, \V Kvh)dho,a;!;uyn,r<' 
Accufe,C Dho 5yhydha, A. A-^ys 
& accufi, Ir.gearanaim, lonlayim, 

Acer, erisi N.W. Kvnhoulen, 
Glam j^xxenmtlm, A Maple, A. [& 
Fr. ] Erapl. 

Acervus, \V. Krig, A Heap, Ir. 
Krua;i; , a Rick, as of Com, Hay, 
Turf. &c A. & t C. Bern, [ W. 
Bryn & Brynkyn, a Hil/od i w. 
& Ir. Karn, a heap of Stones, Sec. 

Acicula, A. Spillen [ plur Spil- 

lou] APin. C.Skinan, Ir. Biran, 
dealgan. W. Pin, Nodwydhbcn. 

Acies, W. Min, aup;, An Edge ; 
C. Mid, fyvar, A. Lem, drem, bar- 
ven. W.Lhym&lhem, [./*:»f«y] 
& drem, [ Fades. ] 

A(ftus, us ; m. W. Gueithred, 
An AB or Deed , A.Grer, obcr j 
C- Ober, guil & gwcy^facio i unde 
t W. gorig, fecit, & Scot. Gar, 
faceroi Ir. Gnivadh, Dcanadh. 

Aculcus, W.Kollyn, A Sting; 
A . Koloen guenan, Aculcus apis ; 
C. Guan, Ir. Ga, dealg. 

Acuo,W.Hoj;ii Ihivio, Ihym- 
myi To Whet or Sharpen; A. Lem- 
ma ; C. Dho lebma, Ir. jt^rayim, 
fyvrayim, livam. 

Acus, eris; N. W.Kol, chaff. 
Ir. Kaillea;i;, Kaith j A. Pell. 

Acus, us ; f. W. Nodwydh , A 
^^^fi//e; Nadihedh, A. Nados. Ir. 
Snathad. VV M6r- Nodwydh, a 
Needle-FiJh,aGar; C. jirak. 

Acutus, W. Lhym, auA;ys, mi- 
niog , sharp; A. Lcm , C. Lem- 
mys. Ir.jer, t aith, f feigh, f a;i;ar, 
f aJAjear. 

Ad, W. At, i, To; C. Dho, A. 
Bet. Ir.Go, a, ana. 

Adeps, ipis ; m & f. W. Braf- 

der, GUcr, bloneg , Saim j Fat, 
Tallow, Greafe ; C. | Blonek , A. 
Blonnekjblonnegucn, laid. Ir.Saill. 

Adhuc , W. Etto , t erua j Tet , 
C. Huathi A.Hoaz. Ir. Gorcadh, 
go foill. 

Adiantum,W.Gualht y voruyn, 
briserGuener, gualht Gucner, gu- 
alht y dhaiar. The Herb Majden- 
hair { Ir. Duv-xol'a.'i, q. d.W. Dy- 
goclog i Black-Jhank. 

Adolefcens, W. f Guas, Lhank, 
gur ivank, Dyn ivank,&c. ATouth; 
C. lynkar. Den iynkj A. Goas, 
plur. goalcti Ir Ogana^;, oig- 

A dvena, W . Alhdyd,Eftron,Dyn 
dLiQitht, A Stranger, C. DcnunAJUt, 
A. Eitren, Ir. Ea^tranna;^, Coivi- 
dhea;<;, Coigriyca/j. 

Adverfus, \V. Ar Jyver ; Fore- 
right, oppofte, &c. Ir. 6 kovar, o 
;!ioinne, A. An t^diereb. 

Adulter, W. Hokrelhur, Godi- 
nebur. An Adulterer, A. Avoultr, 
Ir. Adhaltraidhe. 

i^:difico, W.Adcilady,r(7 Build; 
A. Batida, Edifia, C. Dho dereval 
Ir. Foirgnyim. 

^Eger, W. Klav, kluyvys, i';V^; 
C. Klav, A. K Ian vys, maladit, Ir. 
Tin ; eaflann f Ningir f Tia;eair, 
t Fovair. 

yEqualis, W. Kydradh, ky- 
vyrdh, gojqy vyrdh, kyftal ^ Equal; 
A. Ingal, par; Ir Kov.^ovchrom, 
KovA;ofvail, Kovhavail. 

i£quus, W. Guaftad, iaun, Kv- 
uyr; Teg; Even, Jujl, Fair C. 
Teg; A.Rciz; Ir.kovchrom,k(Mr, 

Acr, acris; m. W. Auyr, auel, 
arua, C. Air tAuyr, A. earj'lr 
Aear, aidhcoir. 

i^rarius, \V. EyxyXiA Brajier, 
a Tinker. C. jGueithiurKober, Ir. 

' JEmgo, W.Rhad, Rufi; A. 
Mergl, Ir. Meirg. 

ALs, eris; N. VV. Pres, Kopr, 
evidh,lettun,elydr ; Brafs, Copper, 
C Breft, Kobcr, A.Letun, Kuevr 
Ir. Prais, uva, Kopcr, t iris. 

iEftas , W.Hav, Summer ; C. 


Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 

Albus, W. Guyn [ f. guen ] anwyliad, Kyveilht, hoMhya, A 
....... ...... ...^... W^tffjCGuydn tguyn; AXJuen. frifW. C Kar, A. Mignoiii ir. 

yiftus, us, W Cures, tesi mylh- Ir. Finn, ban, j^eal, fealtaidhe. Kara , karaid ^ Adjeii. [s^muhXy 

Hav. A. Han. Ir. Savra , f Sav , 
aimfliir havraidh 

ni. Heat i A- & C Tomder, A 
Groes ; Ir. Teas, FiUAiadh. ^ftus 
maris; W.Dif;yvor mor, Lhanu 
a thrai mor ; the Tyde, C. An froz, 
mor lenol, ba thrig. A. Tol mor, 
Ir. Lan mara, Rovairt, W. Rhy- 

Aeras, W. Oed, Agt; A. Oat, 
C- uz, Ir. Aos, aois, aidhne, f ette. 

yEther, yr uybyr,yr uybren ; The 
Sty i C. Ebron, A . oabr ; Ir Aear 

/Evum, Oes, hoedel ; An Age, 
a Man's Life. A. Hoadhl; Ir.Syg- 
hal, fadfyghal, Bithre, buanre. 

Affinis, W KyvathraA: , o'r a- 
faith; Al/ieJ; fC. Karogos; Ir. 

Agcr, W.Maes, Kae, Koetgae, 
maenol , tir, rhandir; A Field, 
Land or Ground, a Mannour, a 
Forw.&c. A. M&, Park [ pi. par- 
cou] tyrien. G.Tir, gueal. LMagh, 
maAiaire; aAiadh, Fcarann tte^rt 
t Fao;i;, f Fuithir f Forba f Fonn 
t Flealglava, | Bruigh f Des, f Ree 
f iath, t Grian, f Trcann. 

Aggcr^W Klaudh.gurthglaudh, 
argae ; A Bank or Dam ; a Mud- 
wall, a Rampart, a Dike, &c. A. 
Kleydh; CBankan, tiiban; Ir. 
Kloidhe, mota, bankan, pure, tu- 
aim, trainfe. 

Agmen, W. Lhy, bvdhyn,Kyn- 
Iheidva, bagad o uyr , i^c. Torv, 
rhaud, diadcih, Lhiaiis, mintai. A 

A\e3i,V\f .D\s, A Dye i A. Dikfu Kairdcavail,muintirea;i: 
Uw; Ir.Difle. j Amita, W. Modrib, ^« ^wt/.- 

Alga, W. Gummun , ^a-o-jr JC. Modrap; A. Movereb [pI. 
Sea-wrack i C. Gubman, Ir. Feam- 1 Moverebec ] Ir. Maithrean, oilei- 
na^;. DnWeaig^is an edible Jbrt caWd vathair 

Dih, in Anglefey dilys or dylefg 
Fucus membranaceus ccranoides, 
C. B. Slat vara ( or Sea Rod) is the 
Fucus arboreus polylchidcs, C B. 

Aliquando, W VV eithije, Some- 
times; A. Uithiu, uiziu; Ir. Ar 
liariv, fcachci liair. 

Aliquid, Rhyubeth; 5flw;/i/'«gj 
fimvjhat , A.' & C. t Nebcra ; ir. 
Ni eigein, (ire 

Alius, \V. Aralh, nailh, Anothen 
C. gele ; A. Yn all,eguiie ; Ir.Kile, 
oile, aroilc. 

Allium, Krav [ -vul. Kri ] Gar- 
lick ; Ir. Krav, gairle6g; A. Kin- 
gen ; W . Keninen , Porrum. 

Alnus, W & C f Guernen, An 
Alder-Tree ; A. guern, Ir. 
Fearn, Fearnog. 

Aio, W. Porthi, Maethy,maj:;y, 
meithriii ; To Nourijh, to Feed, to 
Nurje up, &c. C. Dho methia ; A. 
Maguet, maga, beva; Ir. Bea- 
tbayim, Kothayim, ailim, altra- 

Alter, V. Alius. 

Altarc, W. Alhor, An Altars 
A. Alter; Ir. Altoir, fmiaSjfuru- 

Alms, W. Yxel, duvun, f Kay ; 

Band, a company, a multitude, Sic. ! High, Deep ; C Ehual, ban, doun ; 
C.Lias, i»/«ir^, many,&cc A. Bagat, j A, Yhel, Dun; & dundcr, Depth. 
Rum, lodat. Ir. Sluagh, Kruinne- Mi"- Ard, fDiocia, gaivtheaz, do- 
adh, buidhean f tara f turba. vain. 

Agnus, W Oen, A Lamb-, C. Alveare, W. Ku.^; guenyn, A 
& A. oan [pi. ein] Ir. uan, Iflan,' Bee-Hive -, A. Rysken, Coloenn , 
luvan. i gueft guennan, keftcn venan C 

Ago, W Guneyd, guneythyd ;! Kauai guanan , q.d. W. Kauelh 
To doe i to make ; C. j;il,'gurey, Ir. \ guenyn ; Ir. Koirrikeog. 
Gnidhim, tgniiim, mm. ' '■ Alumnus, Maeth-vab, v^ Fo/y^r- 

Agricola, W. Ardhur, Lhavyrur; 1 Child -, C. t Mab meirhrin ; A. Ma- 

t Amaeth, f taiog ; A Husbandman, 
a Flmc-man, a Farmer, &c. Corn. 
Tiak, t j;uyrchiad ereu. A. Labur- 
er, gunidec ; Ir. Sythroightheoir , 
fgolog, treavtbaA;, kriadhaire. 

Agritolium, W. Kelyn, HoUy -, 
A Kelen [& Kelennek, a place 
■where HoUy-Trees grow ] Ir. Kui- 

Ah, W Och ! Alafs ] fPb it me I 
Ir. \Jx ! C. Syueth , A. Sioath ; 

Ala, W. Afj^elh, Filo» , aden, 
Am»g ; C Afgal [ pi. askelli ] A. 
Askel. Ir. Ite, eiteog, fj;iathan, af- 

Alacer,Hoenys,Lhauen; Cheer- 
fuU, Glad, Merry ; A.Laiien, C. La- 
uenik, Ir. Lainnea;*: , meanmnaAi , 
fuvax, intinnea;t;- 
' Alauda, W.Hedydh, ehedydh, 
yA;hedydh, finelierydh; A Lark; 
C MelliueZ, an velhuez feuidydh; 
A. Zhiluet ; Ir. Uileog. 

Alba,'aE; f. VV. Guenwisk, A 
Surplice; f C.Kams, A.Sarpelis, I 

gadcn ; Ir. Dalta, daltan, f meas 

Amarus, N. W. A;ueru , S. W. 

Hueru, Bitter; C. Huero; A. 

;i;uero, Fcro, Ir. Searv, domblafta, 

1 1 Ningir, f aith. 

Ambulo, W. Rhodio, Kerdhed; 
To walk, &CC. A.Kerdhet, C. Dho 
mao2.. Ir. Shivlaim, [W.Syvlyd 
To 7noze'\ Triallam, imthyim, ke- 
imnyim, reimnyim, gluaifim. 

Amens, W.ynvyd, ammuylh, 
Kyndheiriog, Mad, Foolijh, Di- 
jlraBed. C. fCoineiriok, Meskat, 
A. Fol, diot. Ir. Amadan, Ar mire, 
ar boilcadh. 

Amica, W . Kariad, Kariadver;^, 
Gordher;e, Kyveilhes, AMifhefs, 
a leatnan , a wifs,^c. C. Hora, 
A. Gift, a Harlot. Ir. Leannan, 
Kroidhe6g, Searkog ; bean A;ara, 

Amicitia, W. Kymdeithas, Ky- 
vcilha;e , Karennydh , Karedigrii- 
ydh ; Friendship , amity. A. Ka- 
rantes , Ir. Kairdeas f Kairdhe , 
fKunna, Konailve, f Kolva, fkon- 

Alb, leine aifrin, q.d. W . Lhen I dalva f Koda;; 
ofFeren. I Amicus, W. f Kar, Anwylyd, 


Amitto, V'id. Perdo. 

Amnis, Avon, frud, Nant, fkar- 
rog ; A River, a Brook, &c. C- 
Auan; A. Ryivier, Rivierig,gue- 
ryn ; Ir. Avan , dothar ,' bimh , 
t Snuadh. 

Amo, Kary, To Love ; C. Kara, 
A Karet; Ir. KaramjCrayaimj^ic- 

Amor, Karriad, Ser;s, hoffder, 
anwylder, Love, Affeaion,&(.c. A. 
KaranteZj karenreah ; Ir. f ^earc, 
gradh, gion, kion, f to^ja, f ordaa. 

Amoenus, Tirion, hyvryd, hy v- 
rydluys, didhan; Pleajant , De- 
lightjome. C.Teg, A.Agreable; 
Ir. yiv, yivin/fan, fgnaot, fai- 
rear, t n\\\%x, Tr"ealla;t;, faeara^. 

Ampleftor Kovleidio, brai.s;ci- 
dio, ymual^y. To Embrace; C.Byi- 
la, A. Bfiata, Ir. Umbracam, um- 
glacam, umfail^im. 

Amplus, Ebang, ehelaeth, aiaur, 
ami, brailg, flu;t, rhuth, Lhydan , 
Large, Ample , Extevfive , gcc. C. 
Lcdan, iaidzh, braz..- A. Ledan, 
meyr, picol Ir. Leathan, fairfing, 

An? A? Ai? Onid? Whether 1 
Ir. An ? na;i; .? 

Anas, acis ; Huyad [f Adiad QJ 
ADiuk, C. Haz, f hoec ; A. iiat , 
huat; Ir. La;<;, la^ra, gaill;ijeark , 
ton nog. 

Anachoreta, fAnkr, Meyduy, 
An Hermit ; f C Ankar, A. Her- 
mit. Ir. Angkaire, Ditreava;e. 

Anchora, te ; Angor, an Anchor-, 
C. t Ankar; A. Heor; Ir. Ang- 
kaire, flnpr. 

Ancilla, Moruyn, A Maid; C. 
Moz, t C.Kaithes, a Servant-maid; 
A. Maces, pi. Micilien. I.Idi1c,Ko- 
val,banogla;>:, Kailin, bainghiJa. 

Angelus, AnT;el ; An Angel; C 
Ehal,El, [pl.Eladh]tC.Ail,A. 
M.. pi. A;ies; eai; Ir. Aingeal 

Anglia, Lhoegr; England; C. 
Pou an Zouzn, A. Bro Saos, » *. 
RegioSaxonum. ir.Saklan, &Sa- 
skan. Lingua Anglicana, Saeineg ; 
the Englijh Tongue; C. ZouznaK, 
A Saolnek ; Ir. SakfanaA; , Saks- 

Anglus, Sais, Afi EngHJh-mau^ 
C. Zouz, A. Saos , Saolbn, [pl.j 
Saofoner, ] Ir. Sakfona^:. 

Anguilla, Lhyfouen, f Lhyue- 
than; An Eel; C. Zilli, zilli dour 
yr ; A. Aviel filien [pi Siliou] la- 
biftran, Ir. Eaigan, [Scot. Sept. 
Elg ] gealog. 

Aoguis, Neidir , A Snake ; an 
Adder ; C Naddyr, A. Aer,& Vi- 
ber, a Viper. Ir.Athair & Nathair; 
[ Sc. Sept. vul. nair & Ask. ] 

Angulus, Ongl, Kongl, Kornel, 
Kilva^;, ebaA: ; A Corner, a Nook, 

an Angle , C Kornal , A. Korn ; 
Ir. Uillc, uillein, kcarn, koirnel. 

Anguftus, Ing, Kyving, Kvl ; 
Narrow, Slender. C- F.dn, A. tnk 
Ir.Kuvangjtkilak.tkuvak, teann 

Anima , Enaid ; Tfx Soul , C 
Enifenev, Ar cnc [pi cnevu] 
Ir. Anam. 

Animal, Mil ^ anivel, u4n Ani- 
mal, a Be,ift. C. Beft [ a Beajl] & 
fMil , A. Aneval , Jr. Ainvea;K , 
bcathodha;i [^An hinc, \V.Bia;t? J 
beadhail t m'' 

Animolus , Kalonnog , gusvi , 
f arialys , gleil , kevnog ; Stout , 
Courageous -, C Kolannak, A. Ku- 
radiius; Kalonnck ; Ir. Kroidhca- 
vail, mcirncavail. 

Animus, Brvd , medhul, fgo- 
vcg; Tl.v Mind; C. Brci, A. Pri- 
diri, kil, A;oanr, V'olontcdh, kao- 
dct. Ir. InntiHj mcanmna 

Annulus, Modriiy j [q d Bod- 
rviy vci Baudairuy ] A Ring i C. 
Beiau, A. Bizu j bezu, Ir. Fainn, 
tFaii. K. 

Annus, Rluydhyn, A Tear ; C. 
Bledhan,tblidhen J A. Bloaz, [pi. 
bloziu] Ir. bJiadhain, f Fang. An- 
no prxtcrito, W. y Ihynedh, A. 
Voar lenc. Hoc anno ; W. y leni, 
A Hevlcnc 

Anfi, Dvrntol [vel Trontol J 
negK-lt, A Handle; C Dorn, A. 
Durguen, Krummclj Ir. Dorn, 

Anfer, Guydh, AGonfi -, Keilia- 
gujdh, a Gander, C. Gudh, Kul- 
liag godho, j Kelio^ giiy^h; A. 
Goadh, garz, ; Ir. j;eadh, Ganra ; 
a tfildGoo/e, Kadhan; a Barnacl, 
gidhran An q d 7;edh chrainn, / *. 
Anfrr arborigena ? 

Ante, Kyn, rhag, o vlaen ; Be- 
fore ; C & A. Ken, kenc, rag. Ir. 
Suil, roive, f ria, friav. 

Antiquus, Hen, Old, Ancient ; 
C Koch, A.Koth, bloadhuedh ; Ir. 
Shean, arfaigh, yfta. 

Anus, us ; f. GuraA;, hen uraig. 
An old Woman ; C Bcnncn goath, 
gurah. A. Grix, grck k6rh Ir. 
K.aillea;j, Sheanvean, f RiaghlaA;, 

Aper,BaedliguvIht, baedhkocd 
tgUydh-hUA^i A Wild Boar. C. 
Bora, t baedh ; y\. W\ix gCies; Jr. 
Fiadh;i:uJla/.', KuIlaA; fiadhain- 

Aperio, Agor, datgloi, dialhu- 
edhy , datjidhio ; To Open , Dlio 
gorou, A Dialhuedha,lr fofglajro, 
ofglaim, no;Kdam, leigim Icis, bra- 
tham, taisbeanam, (^c 

Apes vel apis, Guenynen, a Bee ; 
C Guanan, i pi. giienyn ] A. Gue- 
nanen, Ir BcaA;, t beachnian, cark 

Apoftoiiis, Apoftol, kennad ; An 
ApoJ/le; C.& A. Abofdoli LP' 
Ebeftcl 1 Ir. Abfdal, tea;cdaire. 

Appe]]o,asi Enui, gi\u,To Name 
or cell; C. Dhohonua, dhokriha; 
A. Henvel, j;ervel ; Ir. Ainmny- 
im,gairim, luadham. 

Apprehend©, Dal, gordhiues, 
kael gavel, ymhcrkid, To Catch, to 
Apprehend j C. Dho fcndzha , A. 
Sdia; Ir.Gavam, glacam, fedim, 

cuirim a liiv, L. Laivfiim, Fola- 

Appropinquo, nefliy, dincny, 
To Approach or draiv unto ; Ar 
Ncflaac ; Jr.Dniidim leis, dlutham, 
tairngim no teadham a voAiair, q d 
W. Tyedhy at oKor. 

Aprilis, Ebrilh, April. C. Miz 
ebral, A. Ebret, Ir. Aibrcan. 

Aptus, Adhas , kyvadhas, ky- 
mhcdr, gofiymmcdr ; Apt, fit, 
meet ,fuit able , &C. Ar. Dereat , 
kempcn. Ir. OireavnaAf, inveaA;, 

Aqua, Dflr, duvr, fauedhur. 
[£>av.] Water. C.t>our. A. Dur, 
Ir. Uii^e, fb^al, fbir, fdovar, 
tan &can, ) jil, ftual flo, [lua] 
I caskong f oi;i:e, f ea^k, f beathra. 

Aquila, Eryr, cryres j An Eagle 
fC.Er, A Aekl. Ir.Ilar, fakuil, 
F. C. 

Arator, Trour, ardhur, amacth, 
Ihavyiur; A Ploip-man. C. Dean 
ardar, f ardhur, A. Laburer, guni- 
dck, Ir. Treavthoir, treavthaA;, ar- 
reav. Scot. Sept. F'er krein. 

Aratrum, Aradr, guydh aradr, 
pcnfeftr ; ^ P/(np ; C. Ardar, A. 
arar. Ir. Sheifrea;;. 

Arbor Pren, guydhen, koeden, 
A Tree ; C. Guedhan, f guydhen, 
A. Guczan, pi. gucs, Ir. Krann, 
bile , t baifine , f kuvas , f eo , 

Area, Kift , lhout;ift, kift yfty- 
Tphsiog., Achejl, aCojfer ; CKci- 
phbr braz ; A. Kufr, Ir. arg, airk, 
Kofra, t knl, konra, karkair. 

Archangclus, Ar;i;angel , An 
Archangel. C. Arxili , A- kxx^. 
Ir. ArdainT;cal. 

Arcus, Bua, f mQd, [^Dav.'] A 
Bow i C. Guarrak, A. Goarek j Jr. 
Boy a. 

A rdca,Kryr glas, krchyr, kryhir, 
A Heron i f C. Kerhidh, A.ker- 
heis, Ir. Kor glas. Ardea ftellaris, 
W. Aderyn y bun, a Bittour; C. 
Klabittcr, Ir. Bunnan, kor ghreine. 

Arduus, Kaled, anhaudh ^ yxtl, 
peryglys, dibin, diphuys. Hard, 
Difficult . &ic. High; C. Kalifhj 
uhal y A. Kalet j yhel. Jr. Krualdh, 

Area, Lbaur, A Floor; C. Lcr, 
A. Leyr, Ir. Urlar, \xujA. 

Aremorica & Armorica, Lhy 
dau. The Province of Bretagne in 
France. ABreidh 6cBrciz. Lingua. 
Armoricana, W. Lhvdaueg, Bry- 
thoncg, A BredhoneK, Brezxjnck. 

Arena, Tvuod, tyuaud, gro, 
graian ; SanJ, Gravel; C. Drwth, 
A. Treas, griian j Ir. Gaineav, gro- 

Arco , Krino , fy^y ; guyvo , 
guiuo j I keltelio i To be Dry , to 
dry up, to wither, &C. C. Dho Scha, 
guedhra; A.^exz; Gura;Kellat, 
gocnvi, Ir. Krinam, cirmayim, Oic- 
argam i feodayim. 

Argentum, Arian, ariant ; Silver; 
C Argan, fArghans ; Ar.Arghant. 
Ir. Airjid, airjead, f kir, f kearv. 

Argiiletunij Pulh pridh, prid- 
* Az 

helh ; A Clay.pit ; C. & A. Pui 
pri, Ir Kriadhadan, kriadhlog, Jog 

Aries, Hurdh; [ Vinedot.'] ma- 
harcn, A Ram ; A Urdh, urz, 
mauktUr;«,Mq C.Ffor,t hordh, 
Ir. Rcithe, rcaith. 

Arifta, Kol yd ; A beard of Com; 
C. Kulhu. Ir. Kolg no feasog 

Arma, Arvae, offer, trck^ Arms, 
Weapons A. Armcl, Ir. Arm, ar- 
mail, t ail, f idhna, f meas. 

Aro, Troi, ardhy, aredig, brae- 
nary J To Plow i (J. Dho araz., A 
Arac, Ir Trc.wam, nim treava,j ir 

Arra, Km, ernes, f bridyu i An 
Earneff ; A. Dcdhrumid. Ir. Air- 
neidi, nadhmairdhe, nadhm^io- 

Ars,Kelvydhyd, kyureinruydh, 
kreft di;^;clh,' Art, Science, Skill, S<c. 
C. j- Krct'r, skiaus A Gudhut, gu- 
idhicguedh. Ir Faladha, iiil , fis, 
t neiveadh, t fcth, f Ihearthonna, 
t ai, yi. 

Artemifu, Lhuydlys , Ihyfi* 
lluydion, llyifix Ivan ^ Mugwort ; 
C Les IQy t, A Luzauan San Zhan ^ 
Ir. Liachlus. 

A reus, fGoluyth, aelod; ajoynt, 
a Limb ; A. Membr, Ir Ale, ball^ 
aknafg, balnalg. 

Arundo, Korfen ; A Reed, C 
Pendiuen, t C. Hcsken, \_whtch in 
V\l Jignifies a Burr-reed or Sedge \ A. 
Penducn. Ir. Gilk, gilkog, gainne. 

Arx, Tur, kallelh, amdhi- 
fynvai ATower, a Fort, a Caftle ; 
C. Tur, kaltal ; A. Sictadel, tGr. 

Afcendo, efj^in, dringo, dyr^ia- 
vel, To climb , to AJcend. C Dho, 
grambhj A- Pignac- Ir. Freafgha- 
vam, frcalligani ciryim s&as ar, 

Afellus minor, Guinniad m6r , 
A Whiting ; C. Guidnak. 

Afinus, Aiyn, A. Azcn [azen 
guas. Onager J Ir. Afal. 

Afpedus, Golug, drem, trem, 
tremyn, goly^iad, golygaud, go- 
drcm, godremmydh, iiyncbpiyd. 
The Look, Meen , Ajpeff.Sic. C 
Miras, Ar. Sellat, Ir. Avarlc, rad- 
hark, dearkain, Fea;Kain, SiJleadh, 
t Im;uai{in, f ImkaA:adh, f Deufin. 

Adijefco, Anery, Kynnevinoi 
To Accujlom ; A Fn em boafi, Ir 
Klca/idam, enathayim. 

AflTula, Auylhcn, afglodyn, f ta- 
velh, peithinen ^ A Shelf, a Plank; 
a Shingle. A. Skliken, Skedhren, 
gulazcn, toen goat, Ir. Slis, flin, 
klir, tSdiaJl. 

Aftutus, kalh, kyvruys, diA^clh- 
gar, kyvruyfgalh, yftrywysi Crafty, 
Subtil, cumiing.C. Kudnick, fkalJ , 
A. Driik dives, guaJ fin ; Jr. Keal- 
gix, luba^;, meangaA;, lobaifcaA;, 
eadarnaidhea>;, gaifteogaA;. 

AlvJum, Nodhva, ffintor; A 
Sanffuary or place of Refuge Ir.San- 
doir, kealxovairejkilfd hidean. 

At, Eithr, ond, ctto, erhynny; 
t hagen, But, yet ; C Bez, huatn ; 
A.Hojen, hegon; Ir. AA;d, jiy- 



I T I T. II. A 


Atavus,Gorhendaidj The Great 
GrMulfathers Father, t CGurhog, 
A. Tat koch :, I. Sheanghaiathair. 

Ater , Dv, tyuylh^ Black, Dark, 
Dun, Brown ; C Diu; Teual; A. 
Dy,dyart; teval, kommolek, / e- 
W Kymmylog. Ir.DuVjKiidhuv, 
Dorcha, lar, donn. 

Athleta, Kampiur, ^ Chamfion ; 
C ymdoulur, &c- t Kampur, A. 
Gurenner, Ir. Sparnpupa , fpar- 
noidhe, gaifseadha;^ 

Atramenrum, Dy, yfgriv-dhy j 
Ink, Ir. Duivc. 

Atrox, t Dyual, Kreylon, far- 
rig, er^iylh. Cruel &CC. Ir.FuilteaA;, 
garg, &c. 

Avarus, Kybydh, KnntaA;, zu- 
annog ; Covetous-, f C. Kraf^ A.piz, 
mondien, Ir. SantaA;, akovarajK , 
akora;!i, myinshirama^-, myinki- 
kra;e, foitvi'na;>;, AxAzinnzX- 

Auceps, Adariir, A Fowler ; C. 
Edhanor, A. Edhnctacr, Ir. Eana- 
doir, eoinhcalgaire. 

Audror, Audur; An Author i 
A. Othor, Ir. Ug'hdar. 

Auda;k;, Hv,con, covn, hyderys, 
Bold; Confident. A. Diloudhan , 
hardidh; Ir. dana, fdeadlaj Sonn- 
ta, doxii'^Z , kruidhAiuifeaA: , ur- 

Audeo, Bcidhio, meidhio, ar- 
veidhio, hydery, Ihyvafy, antyrio , 
To Dare ; to Prejume ; A. Kreta, Ir. 
Lavam, f luifim, i laivim. 

Audio, Klyued, klybod, t An- 
dau t Dav. ] gurandau, diglyued ; 
yftyried, To Hear, &c. C Klouaz, 
dho glouaz, A. Klevet. Ir. Klu- 
ynim, kluifim, eifdim, f ailim, lu- 

Avena, keir.?;, ker;K ; Oats ; C. 
Kerb, A Yierz ; Ir. Koirke f She- 

Aufero , Duyn ymmsEth, duyn 
odhiar, yfglyvio, kipio; Kymryd 
ymmeth,kymeryd i furdh ; To take 
or cany away. C- Dho kymeraz, 
kerr j A. kerneret, tenna , lemel; 
Ir. Togvam liom, beirim no im- 
xnim liom- 

Augur, Deruydh, deuyn; A 
Southfayer,an Augur, f C.Kuiliok; 
A Devinur, Ir. Droiche coin, eon- 
di-yi, faifteanoir, tarraghalaidhe , 

Auguftus, i. m. Auft, Augufi, C. 
Eaft. A. Eoft. Ir Oguft. 

Auguftus, D>iedog,kyfiegredig, 
Anrhydedhys, breiniol, brenhinol, 
i^c. iloyal , Imperial, Majejlick , 
Princely, Noble, &c. A. Magnivik, 
koifrcagtha, n^'vcha, earlav, oird- 
heiik, uafiil. 

Avia, main j;y, nain, henvam j 
A Grand-mother i C. Dama widn, 
i. c W. Mamwen; A. Mam goch, 
Ir. Sean vathair, nain mor. 

Avis, Aderyn, f Eden, A Bird, 
C. t Hedhen. A. Ezfl [pi. eznett] 
Labus. I. ean, eon. 

Aula, Ncyodhi AHaU-, f C. 
HelljA.Sall. Ir. All, halla. 

AuriSjKl^j yf^yvarnj An Ear; 
C. Skevara , f Skovarn j A. Sku 

Comparative V ocabular y 

A. 1 B. 

arn [Aurcs, Diuskoarn] Ir.Kluas, 
f 6, t Snuot. 

Aurora, Guaur, y uaur dhydh, 
Ihyg y dydh, klais dydh, di;Klais 
dydh. The Dawning of the Day . A. 
Mintin, Ir. Ormaideanj ammaide- 
an, kreapuif^el. 

Aurum, N.W. Ayr5S W. Oyr ; 
Gold; C. Our, A. Aur. Ir. or, f a- 

Aufterus , W. Sf r , SyrAiuibl , 
Ihymdoft , trufgul ; anhyviryd , 
anvodhog, farrig, Kreylon ; Sour, 
Rough, Auflere, Rugged, CraUed, 
Ir. Boib, pont,j;earg. 

Aut, ne,Or ; C. & A. Pe, Ir.No. 

Autumnus, kyuhaiav j Autumn, 
Harveft ; C f kidniadh, j kyjiiav, 
A. Ragveauft. Jr. Fovar. 

Avunculus, euythr, braud mam j 
The Mother's Brother, or Uncle on 
the Mother's fide. C-CXmtcr, f Eui- 
thr o barch mamj A.Eontr^ Ir 
Aithrean, orlcathair, dearvrathair 

Avus, Taid, fid ky, hendad ; A 
Grandfather i f C- Hcndat , fira 
uidn i A. Tat koth ; Ir. Sheana- 
thair, flieanghaid. 

Auxilium, Forth, porthordhuy, 
kymmorth, kynnorthuy, ymuared; 
Help, Succour i C.Kyueras, A- Si 
kur. I. Kavar, kuideaghadh, kong- 
nav, Furta;(;d 

Axilla, kei'el, The Armpit; C. 
Kazal, A Karel,Ir. Afgal. 

Axis, EA;el, guerthyd ; An Axle- 
tree. A. Acl. Ir. ^Iul, akaftoir. 


BAcca, kriolyn ; graun, man- 
aeron ; A Berry ; C. Mo- 
ran is one fort of a Berry ; 
as, Moran diu, A Black- 
berry, vnot^a kala [& fivi] a Straw- 
berry Ir. Kyr, [kaori] ga;e mm 
veas kran. 

Baculus, Fonn, Lhaufonn , oyr- 
Ihyfg, kulbren, Ihyf?;, Ihyfgbren, 
paftun, A Staff; A Bath, "baz j C. 
L6r. Ir. Bat, bata, maide. 

Balbus, Myngys j mantaAi, bri- 
uieythys ; Stammering, Stuttering. 
'Tongue-tied ; A. Gaguill. Ir. Brio- 
tax, mantax, prantaA:, balv, f ma- 
6n i mantaire, prantaire, briotaire. 

Balsena, morvar.j;, AJI^ale, C. 
fMorvil, A. Balan, Ir. Parn, mil 

Balneum , ennaint ; GolAiva , 
ymolAiva, ymdro;eva j A Bath; Ir. 

Balo , as , Brevy , To Bleat; C. 
Dho privia, Ir. Meilighim, Meyol- 

Balteum, Guregis, Kledhuregis, 
t aluar j A Belt ; Ir. JcnAJris , 
airmA:ris, beilt. 

Baptifma. Bedydh j Baptifm, C. 
Bedzhidhian, A. Badidhiant, Ir. 

Baptifterium , Bedydhvaen, A 
Font; A. Dlen Font, Ir. YAox 

Barathrum, Annuvn, morger- 
uyn, A Gulf, a deep Pit, &c. C. 

Pol doun ; I. Andoivne, t Deirk , 
K.Pol flugtha, fughvoire, iyvxoire. 

Barba, Barv, barav ; A Beard; 
C Bar, t barcv, A. Baro Ir. Fea- 
fog, t grinn, t greann, f ul;ea. 

HarbaruSjGuladedh, tn.ilT;ul,tay- 
OgeJh, diuibodi Barbarous, Rude, 
Ignorant, ^c. Ir. AinvifaAJ, anvo- 
dzx, aincoia/;. 

Bafis, troed kolovn, bon, fail, 
gofail, guadan ; The Foot or Bafe 
of a Pillar ; a Foundation. Ir. Cofh, 
bonn, laxdar j f Fotha , Fundai- 
nient kolv, kolavain, earkaili. 

Baxes, efeidise difoudl, f Fel- 
hy;t , French Shaboes ; A- Bottes 
pren, galoig ; Ir. Broga maide. 

Beatus, Deduydh, bendij;edig. 
guynvydedig, Happy, Bleffed ; A. 
Beneft, Ir.Sona,flieanvur, adhvur, 
keineavana;*; ; laidiivir , toikeai , 

Bellis, Lhygad y d<^dh; A Daife; 
C. egr, egr deli ; neonin. 

Bellum, Rhyvcl, bruydr, f A- 
ban; Kadi ^'ar ; Battle; A. Brc- 
fel. Jr. Kogadh, f j;rim, t duAion, 
t gliad, t kofnav, doiA;e.idfaidh 

Bene, yn dhaj vn iou^idha; 
mil ; A. Mat; Ir. Go maith , go 
t nir, t go t nadhas. 

Benedico, Bendithio, rhoi gair 
da, moli To Blefs, to ExtoS ; to 
fieakwellof C. Dho bcnij;ia, A 
Benidhien. Ir. Ecanuaymi f Shea- 
naim, f adhavrayim. 

Benignus, Muyn^ tirion, houdh- 
gar, karedig. Kind, Courteous', O- 
i>lig>ng. Affable. A. Hcgarat, Kyn, 
a di^cmcr mat ; Ir. DeachoileaA;, 
deathoilteanaAi, deaAiroidheaA; ; ky- 
ift, min, kmealta. 

BoJlia , Mil , Aniuel , buyflvil, 
gueftvil ; A Beafl j f C Mil, gur- 
thvil; A. Aneval [pi. anevalonl, 
Ir BeathodJia;>; , whence probahfy ' 
our Biix. 

Betonica, kribx S. Fred, Betony; 
f C. dufliok ; A. Bctonik, Ir. 

Betula, Beduen [pi. bedu] A 
Birch- tree; Ar. Bezo, bedhtii Ir. 
Beth, beith, bethog. 

Bibo , y ved ; Jigno j f Lheua. 
To Drink, to hnhibe or Suck in; to 
Soak, &c. C. & A. Dho evaj Ir. 
Olam, ivim j dinim, diulam. 

Bibulus, y vgar ; a y vo ne a fygno 
yn vyan ; Soaking. &c. Ir. Ivthea;^, 

Bidens, For;K,Pikk)rA;j./^Pro»g 
or Pikle, a Pitchfork. C. Forh. Ir. 
Gaval, gavlog, laghar, glak, gla- 

Bitumen; pygloin glydiog.Br//»- 
fiotie; Ir. BoirAJriadh. 

Blaefus, Bloefg ; One that Siam- 
meretkor Lijheth; C. tStlafFj Jr. 
Boigveala^j, KirthafnaA;. 

Bonus, Da , Daionys ; f mad , 
Good; C. Da, maz, A.Mat. Ir. 
MaithjtDa, t avra,tadhas,tnar, 
t fearn, f ba, f takar, f mealla^, 
tbil, ffo, tfial,tgle,tld,tne- 
oth, makanta. 

Bos, yx, cidion, ftyuarAraur 

\_Dav.'] By, byu^ ; An Qx; a Cow. 


Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 



C TJdzheon, f Odion ; byuh i A. 
Kzhian ; bivA; ; Ir. Dav j bo, marc, 
t learb , ■] eark , | agh , f iithrc , 

Bracca,K16s, f Ihaudr, i Ihodrx, 
i brykani Breeches i C. Lavrak. 
A Brjgu, brakes. Ir. Brifte, trius, 
triulan jfearbolg. 

Brachium, Brai/:, y4» Arm; C- 
Brcli, t bre;K, A Brc,>i, pLdiuvre^-, 
Ir Raigh,tbrak 

Brallica,Kabctnien,tkauI; Cai 
tage; C. Ka-i-atjh, kiol ; A. Kau- 
Icn [pi.Kaiil] Ir. Kal, gabaille. 

Brevi--, B)ri\S'/!-tfrr, (j. Ber, A 
Bcrrj Ir. jcarr, gairid i fl^carrj 

Bubo, Tylhyan ; \ blodey wydh 
Ah OtpI C. Ola, A.Kauen. Ir 
Mul/ia.rr.ul/iin, uJ);t;avkan, kallia;; 

Butca, Boa;, A Cheek; C. Boh, 
A B6x' : Ir. I'luik, pluikin j me- 
lUc, meillin. 

Buccca , Tammcd , A Morfel , 
C.Tabm,tam; A ^enauet ; tamet. 

Bufb, Lhyphaucdv, AToad , C 
Kranagd:u; A.Tuieg, [pi. tu- 
lej;cc] Ir. Buaf. 

Hulga Kod grocn, bylgan,krid j 
A Iliad i a Budget. A. Mai, malil- 
fen ; Ir. Bolg, bolgin, pukan. 

Bulla, \i\bx ar dhur, A Bubble , 
C Huethvians an dour, A. Klogo- 
rcn , LagadcD. Ir Plub , pluibm , 

Butco, Bod, bod y gueri3i, &c. 
A Buzzard i A tuzard, If. Prca- 
/sin jearr, hnecn, j;ile6n 

Bucio, Aderyn y bunn ; bump y 
gors j A Bittour or Bittern , C. 
Klabicter, Ir. Bunnan. 

Bucyrum, ymenyn^ Butter i C 
Manyn , f amenen ; A Amman , 
Ir. Im, paiteog, kaiteog. 

Buxus, VV .Bokkys ; Box, a Box- 
tree A. Beys, Ir. Bukfa, krann 

Bync Brag j Mault ,• C. Brag, 
Ir. BraiAj, gruyd. 


Slaughter i C. f Ar, bar; A.iVIyntr ; 
Ir. a;,irv.i;K, duinvarvadh, duinea- 
varvadh. pi. 

Ca:do, Puyo, kyro, fyfto, taro, 
maedliy; To beat or ftrtke , to 
cudgel, to bang,&:c.CDho kronkia; 
A. Duma, fibla, fyfta, kanna, dar- 
Aiant j Ir.Buailim, puilgimj lillam, 
kairlirr, flinkam. 

Caelum 1^ r. coclum "] NcVj y fyr- 
vavcn, y wybyr, yr auyr. Heave?!, 
the i'trmament , the U'elkhi, the Air. 
C. An nev, an cbron, an air j A 
An c f (Sc en i anoabr, an car ; Ir. 
\n neav, f kcal , f cark, Haitheas 
no flaithcavnus de 

Cicrulcus, Glas . afyr, brithks ^ 
ncvliu : f ballalarn ; Blew, Azure, 
Skie-colour' d ; -wan. CL BloUjfglaSj 
A Pcrs; Ir.Gla:, foghlas, lia:h- 
ghlaf, acardhaice; fBathghorm^ 
l-'l. no gorm ar dliath na t"airj;e. 

Cxlaries J Gualht , fbrijier, 
I Dav ] Hair, a hiijh of hair ; C. 
Bleuanpedn. gols. A.Bleo; W . 
Blci', />//< ; bleuyn filus. Ir. Folc, 
gruag, tcrillis, ffiiuadh. 

CsBlpes, TyuarA^en, mopnen ^ 
A C'od, a turf or fid i C. Kczan, 
i_plkc2iul A.Muden [ 
dec ] ta var;uen ; Ir. Fod , Ihgaith , 
Igraithog, fhpairt, fpartan. 

Carter &-cerus; y reliu, y Iheilh, 
yr creilh ; The remnant or rejidue, 
others; the reft: Ir.KaAJjOilcan fui- 
ycal; PuiyeillaA;. pi. 

Calamus, f Kalav, korfen ^ Bon 
afj5elh, bon aden ; A Reed, aftalk ; 
a quill; C. fKorlenj kuilan^ A- 
Pendyuen ; plyuven bras. Ir. ^i- 
olka, kuilkj jilkog ; kleite, kuiJle, 

Calathus , Bafged , kauelh ; A 
Basket , a hamper or fannier. C. 
Basket, A.Paner, [pl.paneriu] Ir. 
Baskeid, kliav, keis. 

Calcar, ysbardyn, f barrog, f go- 
doiu, fethyj A Spur; A. Kentr. 
Ir. Spor fbrod. 

Calceus, Ef^id, f kuaran, f gu- 
ineas, t foliar;, t Ihoppan, f ar;ten. 
Hence in Monmouthjhire, &c. Di- 
arjien. Barefoot ] ajhoo, afick.^c. 
C.Efgiz, ■\OTX'mit A. Botes [pi. 

C Acumen, Brig, blaen, trim, butu j Ir. Brog, fas, io'mxu ftb- 
kribm, guarthav ; The Top las;' triaghin, kuaran; This word 
or Summit of any thmg, C. feems the fame with the Greek and 
Latin Cothurnus , and is us'd in the 
High-Lands, for a kind of Sock. 

Calcitro, gumgo , To winch or 
j^urn A. Ryal, guinkal, fringal. Ir. 
Preabam, fporam. 

CalcLilus, Tauaudvaen, karre- 
■^yn, graienyn ; marienyn ; Atittle 
Pebble or Gravelftone; C-Mean bi- 
A. Bilien [pi. biliul mean 
Ir. ShruthA;loz, mmAjloAi, 
airtein, llipriugog, oinnin, ainin, 

Caldarium, kalhor, pair, fevy- 
.ihyn 1 Dav. ] ACaldron or Kettle. 
Caecus, Dalh, tywylh, tkoeg,'c Kaudarn, tper, rkaltor; A 
kocgdhalh ; Blind, Dark. C. & A. Shodudron. Ir. Koire, bruin, aig- 
Dal, teual j Ir. Dall, kiox, i k\K 1 1 hean. ' 

tIcrea;;,tlorg,rinne,dorka,drox: Calefacio, Tuymno, brvdio, 
Caeaes , Acrva , Iheas , Ihadh- 1 poithi, gurelb?;!, kvnncly j To heat 
va,k>vlavan; manioljcth, angaclw make hot; to warm; C. Dho 

Acumen, Brig, blaen, trim, 
kribin, guarthav ; The Top 
or Summit of any tktng, C. 
Bar, A. Blm^icn, Jem, nein, 
fcarr. Ir. Rin, bar, mulla^;, baird- 
heis, t odh, jmuUanj t ei^c, \ kle- 
•the, t dighais. 

Cadaver, Kclain, korph maru, 
vf^erbut ; A Corpfe, a Cerkafs, a 
dead Body; C [ & A. | Korph 
maro ; A Ur Xx\n , Ir. Klarvdn , 
korpmarv, j ablaA:, K.conablaA: 
Cado Kuympo, f\rthio, ikuy- 
dho, diguyaho; To Fall; C. Dho 
kodha; A. Kucdha, kue'^ia ; Ir. 
Tuitim, kudaim, t totAiaim, j- tc- 
arnodham, eaii^raim, fhleavnaim 

tul.roa, A. Toraailr. Teagham, 

Calcndx, Kalan, fev y d\d!i 
kynta o bub mis ; The Calends or 
Firft day ofeiery month. C Kali^^ 
halan. Dcii halan gu.iv, j>iU Saints 
day, q. d. the Calends of ]Vwter ; 
Ir. Kallaiii, kcad la ga^; tmla. 

Calcndarium , Kalcndar ; Kyv- 
nvlyvr, rhivlyvr; kovrcltr Ar.i- 
lendar or Alman.iik , A Book of 
Accnunts. Ir 1 cilirc, ka-leandoir, 
milcavar; Rivleavar, Lcavar no 
kldr kuiitaJs. 

Calidus, pocth, kynncs, giuefog, 
brut], tCiym, tuymyn j Hot,'warm, 
fiiltry; Jialditig , &CC. C. Tubm , j 
r toim, A. Tom, poath ; Gurcick,; 
Ir. Tcgh, [tc J tmieaAi, toifliuniA;, | 
greadanta. j 

Caliga , Hofan , koefuifg , koe- : 
iarv, t kuaran nx. j^yran miliary. 
An hc/e or ftocking ; a buskin ; a I 
leg-hamefs , C Lodr, [ pl.Jydrau ] 
A- I pi. j bazr, leru Ir. Koifvcirc 
Calix, piol.trylh, karcgl, kupanj 
A drrnking cup , a bowl, a dijh, a 
mug; C.Hanarh, bolla ; fhanaf, 
riol ; A. Tas, gubelcc, anav, skyu- 
del, pockardilr. 1 Korn K.fkuib. 
kupin . 

Callidus, yitryuys, kyvruys, 
kalh, Fel ; Cunning, crafty , wily ; 
Ir. Kealga^i, meanga^:, lobaifea.^. 
V. Altutus. 

Catlis, Fordh, Lhuybyr, A way, 
a path ; C- For, pi. Furu ; A Henr, 
pi hinlhu; Ir. Shhye, beaia^;, ka- 
lan ; gnath;!iyi, gnaithflighe. 

Calor, Tuynidcr, giires, tea, 
brydania:th,Wi?<»/,jp-irOT/^; C.Tom- 
dcr, A. Gurcs, tomder, tomigenj 
Ir- Teas, r time, f faith. 

Calvus, Mccl, Ibura, Ihymrigj 
nocth. Bald, bare; C. Pilez, pcdn 
pilez; A.M6al; Ir.MaoI [mvl] 
kcanvv'l, ra^'il/ieannaA:, Lom, lom- 
noA;d, noA:t. 

Cal;;, cis, m. &f. Soudul, A 
heel; C. Gueuan, A. SeydhI, calun 
antroad; I.Sal, failin. 

Cal.>i, cis; f.g. Kal^;, Lime; f C. 
Kalx, Ar. Radh [razj Ir. yil, 

Camclus, Kamel, kourvar.'< ; A 
Caj/iel; C. fKaurvarA;, Ir. Kaval. 
Camera , Krongluyd , nen ty , 
mui; yltavelh, fiambar; A Vault 
or Roof an Arch-Roof; A. Cambr ; 
Ir.Boghtainn, keanftuaighc, fraigli; 

Caminus, Shimnse,t fumcr, f 
fauclh , A chimney; C- Tfhimbla, ' 
A. Shimilan,fhemii3al. Ir. Mu;t;4n. 
Ihimilear, forn. j 

Camilifl, Kr«s, f hevis ; AShirt. \ 
a Smock ; C Kr<s, hevez ; A. Ro- ' 
llict [ pi roflicdu ] a Shirt; & hin- 
vis, a Smock. Ir. Leine, f kona^, 
fguird , t cneaA; danbtha. 

Camifia, VV Gtienuisk, ASur- 
flice; Ir Suirplis. V'.Alba. 

Campana, Kld^J, A Bell; C. 

K16h, t kloA:; A.Kldx, plklcA:; 

Jr. Klog, [£>;».] kloi5in,Kcolan, 


Campus, Maes, maefdir, goaf- 



Tit. IL A Comparative Vocabulary 


dattir, gmyn, guein; a V lain or 
Domi; a plain Field, a Chantpain ; 
C. tGun , guein ; pou izal; A 
Mesledan; Ir.Magh, maAiaire, 
maighneas, froe, tbri, kavan , 

Canalis, kanawl, kavn dur, pi- 
ftilh ; pibelh dur, Fos, A Channel, 
a Conduit Pipe i a Gutten C. Sha- 
nol, AKanal. Ir.Pib, feadan,klais, 

Cancer, Krank, fkruban; A 
Crab-Fijh ; C. & A. Kankr, grill j 
Ir. Partan, kruban. 

Candela, Kanuylh, golasj A 
Candle; C. Kantl, fkantuil [pi 
kyntulu] A. Kaiicol ; gulu,gula- 
uen i Ir. Kainneal, f Innlis, t kyr 
t loikead. 

Candelabrum , Kanhuylhbren , 
A Ca?idleftick , C. Tfliounlcr , A. 
Kantoler ; Ir. Kainleoir. 

Candidas, V- Albus. 

Canis, Ki, gaft ; A Dog, a Bitch ; 
A. Kij kies ^ Ir. Madadh,madradh, 
gayear [ gyr ] fagh, [ Scot. Syi & 
galla ] a Bitch. A Gray-hound, ku, 
t V\x, t kuiv, Sibne, gre^;, f luan. 

Cannabis, KyuarA;*n, kyuar;^ ; 
Hempi C. Kuer. A.Kanab; [& 
kanabek, a hemp-yard] Ir. Kan- 
naib, knaib. 

Cano,Kany, kyuydhy j To Sing 
C. Dhokana; A.Kana; A A;ui o 
Xeus k;net? have you fung} Ir. 
Sinnim , kanam , gabham avran ; 
vul. gavatn 6ran. 

Cantor, Keiniad, kaneyur, kan- 
tor J i kyuydhur Dav . A Singer , 
a Songfleif. fCKeniat; Ar ki- 
niat ; Ir. Kantaire, fheanmaire, ga- 
valadhe foinn no avran, fear keoil 

Cantus, cantio, canticum ; Sing- 
ingi afong or tune. C. Kans kana; 
A. Kan, kanauen, Ir. Avran [ -vul. 
oran] f eafnadh, kovA;lan, kaint, 

Canus, Lhuyd, penlhuyd, brig- 
luyd , t blaur , f kaened ; Gray , 
gray-hair d, C. Ludzh, A. Guen, 
gris. Ir. Liath, grant. 

Caper , Hyvr ; A gelt-goat or 
■weather-goat. C. Byk, j boch, A. 
& W. Bua;, a hee-goat; Ir. Pok, 
Kulphok t kadhla firean. 

CapiUus, W.[&tC.] Bleuyn 
pen ; gualht ; kydyn ; A hair of 
the head, a huh of hair. C. Bleu 
an pedn, A- Bl^o, Ir. Ribe, roinne, 
dlaigh, dlaighe6g, ^iv, jivog ghru- 
aige i Gruag, Felt, kiav, f Trillis 

Capio, Kymmeryd ; derbyn ; To 
takctofeizeorfurprize; to receive. 
C- Dho kymera, dho kymera ker, 
A. Kemeret, Ir. Gavam , glakam, 
f edim. 

Capiftrum, Kebiftr, rheffyn, ten- 
nyn, penuar, rhuymyn; AColler, 
a halter, an head-Hall. A. Kabeftr, 
Ir. aghaftar, keannra;;, kin-fhrian, 
f peatruik. 

Capital, Yfnoden; A head-band, 

a fillet ; a hair-lace. A. Taleden , 

talguen , talgen , Ir. Shrangan na 


Capitaneus, Tuyfog, ACptawi 


A. Kabiten, Ir. Tyifhea^: no kin- 
veirt keada, kaiptm. 

Capito, Penvaur, penvras, pen- 
deu , pendrum ; A jolt-head , a 
grout-head; C. Pedn braoz, f pen 
maur, A Klopennek, Ir. Keanna- 
van, keann m6r. 

Capitulum , Pennyn , pennod , 
penklum ; cabidul j A little head, 
a chapter , Ir. Kinnin , keannog , 
gairtin , kuitin , foixeann , min- 

Capra, Gavr [ gavar ] Ihilhen , 
A Goat; C. Gavar, Ar. Gauvr 
[pl.gcor] Ir. Gavar. 

Capreaj Iyr;t;es j jyrAielh, guyd- 
hzvT.,ARoe; tC. & A. ior;Kes, 
Ir. Fearbog, Fiadlighavar. 

Capreolus, lurx, kariur;;, iyrA;- 
vu;i: ; A Roe-huck; ■\ C KydiorA; 
[anq. kQed-iur;!i .' ] A. lur^ ;; Ir. 
Fcarb , earb i'c bu;Kkcarb. 

Caprifolium [al pcriclymenum] 
Guydhvid, guydhuydh, tethae 'r 
gafeg., Ihaeth y j;eivir, iygn y jeivr^ 
Wood hind or Honey -Jiickte ; A.Gui- 
yuden, Ir. Fethleog. 

Caplula, Prennol, [Dfw. pren- 
vol ] t clior, kiHan j AJmall Cheft 
or Coffer, a Box, &c. Ir. Koifrin, 
krilin, truinkin, kruifgeid 

Caput, W. A.&fC. Pen, A 
Head C Pedn ; Ir. l\eann t koll. 
t kuth t gart t truU t itros, toll 

CarbOj Gloin; maruoryn; a coal 
C Glou, A Gluuen [ pi. glau ] Ir. 
gual , dealan ^ athainne , f bran , 
t gorr t eivlcog, t air)S, gris, Ime 

Career, Kar^jar, jeol ; A Prifon 
or Jay I. C Karhar, A Prizim, Ir 
karkair , maineir , gunlann , luA;- 

Cardo, Ba« dr&s, koUyn d6r, 
baA;aE 'x d6r, The hinge or hooks of 
a door or gate ; C. Bahau an darraz 
A. Midyuryn ^ Ir. Tairlea;*; ao ba 
kan dorais, lubldn baklann. 

Carduus, Yskalhen [ pi. yskalh ] 
A Thiftle ; C. Askallen [ pi- askal J 
t Askellen; A. Askolen, pi Askol 
Ir. Fovthanndn t Fcothan, leadan 

Careo.Bod meun eifise, bod hebj 
To -want or lack; C Ma faut dho, 
I lack or -want; A Faot, goall; 
•want, defeH. Ir. Eafvayim, teafta- 
yim, ataim ar eafvaigh, ar uireaf- 
vaigh, ar dhith, ar dniovail, no a 
neagvaisi Ata eafvai no f iniitriv 

Carex, Hefgen [pi hefg] Sedge; 
Ir. Seifg. 

Carmen, fKathl, kan, kaniad, 
t mydr , guers : Bardhgan , bard- 
huaud, guaud, kyuydh, audi, au- 
dyl •-, Suyn, Deuiniseth, Suyngau j 


A.Kig ; Ir. Feol [al feoil] f broth, 
t bruith, t kua, f karna; fliearkollj 

Carpus, yr ardhurn. kad^uraidh 
y Ihaw \pav:\ The -wrtfl ; C kod- 
na breh LI 'i w. gudhv brai;t;] 
A. Alxurn ^ Ir. krodhvaiDj tnuine- 
al na iaivcj i e. munugl Ihau. 

Carrus, kar, karven ; kerbyd ; 
A Carr, a Cart; a IVaggon ; Ir karr, 
kairt, f fen, karbad, f korb, i kul 
t drav, f a, koilf e. Carrus inanua- 
lis, A hand - harrow ; W. btrua 
dhuybu, C. Gravar dula, A. Gra- 
vaz. doubennek. Carrus S vehicu- 
lum trufatile, W . Beiua oluynog, 
CGravar roz, A. Grav'az rodcllek. 
Carus, Dryd, pr^d, guerthvaur i 
Dear, Cojily. C & a' ker; 'ir. 
Daor [dyr ] luaAjvor, kollala;):. 

Cafa, Buth, kydhigl, tulk, kyt, 
Ihyefty f ymogaur , A Cottage or 
Cabin ; a Hut, a Tetit, &c A. Lo- 
(Ink, fC. Overgugol. Ir. Both, 
bothan, urvoth, kro, kabdn f lias, 
bothdg, boitin. 

Caleus , kaus , Cheefe ; C. Kez , 
Ir. Furmaflij ir. kaile, ff'aiskre 
Caflanea, kneyen galtanuyd- 
hen, kaftangnayj kaltanuydlien ^ 
A Chefsnut ; a chejsnu:-iree. A 
kiftinenj pi kiftin ^ gut-^an ki- 
ftin j Ir. j^eanm;KnM, knu j^eanni 
naidh; Fos krann geanmnaidh. 

Caltellum, Kaltelh, kUs, ymd- 
hifynva, A Cajlle, a port &t, Ir, 
kailleann pure, f tun;t;ailtel f fon- 
naPi, tonna*, bavan, daingean. 
v/. Arx 

Callor, fAvangk, fadhangk, 
fLhoftlydan ; A Beaver ; Jr. i:ea- 
var,kafl:ar, f Davaran loifleathain. 
Caftra, Guerfylh, pebylh, Ihye-: 
llaii Tetits; Ir. Payailieun fFin- 
voth, kampa , foflongphurt , Du- 

Caftus, Diuair, dihalog, dilugrj, 
Chajl, Pure, Cont merit, Uncorrupt, 
Undefil'd; A. Shaft, f C. Guaf q , 
Ir. ^eanmnaidh , f Kaidh , geana- 
(iX- glan, idhan, f pur, macanci, 
Innraic, neavhalax, <^c. 

damuain,di;tuain, diguydh. AfaO,' 
hap, cha?zce, adve?iture, cafualty, a(- 
cident. Ir. Leagadh, Ipirlinn, f of- 
gar no eafgar, tagvais, tagvail, tui- 
tim, f cadaim, ftearnodh, [crin- 
near ; tapog, tapadh, jion, kailli- 
6g,fpailleadh,contavairt W.Cado. 
Catalogus, Rhiv-reftr, kovrellr, 
A Catalogue ; Ir. Rivrolla, rivlift, 
rivAiIar no ainimlift. 

Cataradla , Rhaiadr , eiru ; ku- 
ymp dur ; kored, argae j ACatar- 
ad or fieep fall of Water ; a flood- 
A Song, meeter or verfi; a poem; 'gate , a mill-damm , &c. Ir. Eafa, 
A charm, a prophejy. A.Guers, jleim no tuitim mor uifj^ re fair- 
[ pi. guerfiu ] kanauen, poefi ; Ir. i neadh ; eark;eovla, kovla vrca;i; 
Rann, fduar, fearfa, keathrava, | Catena,Kaduen, f lyg; «cA<ji« 

kov;Klann, avran , bordiin, lyidh, 
dan, diian ^ Filidhea;ed ; dryidhe- 
a;Kd, t briAjd. 

Garni fprivium, .ynyd; Shrove- 
tide; C-Enezi A. MorJargez, Ir. 

Caro, Kig ; knaud ; Flejh. C.&cor porringer 

A. Shaden Ir Slavradh ^ f muinke, 
t muntorko f Idh, f ronn. 

Cathedra, Kadair, Eifl:edhva ; A 
Chair. C. SkavaL a Stool. A. Ka- 
dor. Ir. Kathaoir. 

Catillus, Dyfglan ; A little dijh 

C. Skidalj podzher. 

Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 47 

A.Skyudcl [pi skydili] Ir. Mci- 
sin, kluaisin fkeiinin 

Catulus , Kene , f koluyn j A 
Whelp, a Puppy, C. 1 Koloin, A. 
Kolcnki, [pi kclinfhas] Jr.Kui- 
lean, kuileainin , fkanaj meai'dn, 
f moaf/Sii, maidrin 

Catus, Kath ; A Cat; CKath, 
AKds; Ir. Kar, ]u;eaire, braikne 

Caucia, Kynfon, kloren, f Ihofl-, 
rhonclh, fkonclb, Uofgurn, LMu j 
yitail, a rump, &c. C. & A. Loill, 
Ir. Earball, f los, f feam, t bod 

Caudex, Kyf, bonkyf, kippilh ; 
paladr pren ; Tke ftock or trunk , 
the ftem, body or trunk »f a tree. 
A Reyneyden ; Ir Keap, krann- 
tavann, bunn krain, kcap krainn 

Cavea, Cavema;Ogov, keydulh, 
Fay i A Den, a cave ; A . Kaftj ka- 
ov, kavarn, [ p|. kaviu, kavaruu ] 
Ir uaighulvan. 

C»veo, GoAicI, goAiclyd, gtiilio, 
govaly, hariony, I)*"-' To beware, 
to take Ned. C Dho kymeras ui- 
hithi Arm Evelaat, lakac evedh 
[evez] Ir. Koiveadaim , airiyim, 
beirim aire. 

Caula, Korlan, fkail ; AShetp- 
coat,afo!d C. Boudzhi, a Fold; 
krou, a Hut; a Stie ; krou moh, a 
kogs-fiie; A. Krou dcnvec, a Sheep- 
coat. Ir. Kru, lok, kyrlan, banraA; 
kyra>:, &:c. 

Caulis, Kolovn nx baladr Ihy- 
lis, bonyn Ihyleyin ; A flalk or 
Jlem of an herb; A. Trynzhen, Ir. 
K-oIv , gas , iglad , koinlin , buin- 

Caupo , Tavarnur , Ihetteiur ; 
A ViHualler, a Sutler, an hm-keep- 
er; C -[Maidor, A. Sharreror, ta- 
vernor; Ir. Mangaire, taivcmeoir 

Caupona, Tavarn Diowtcy ; ^ 
Tavern, an Ale-houfi, a VUlualling- 
houfi; A. [ & C. ;| Tavargn ; Holl- 
Icri i Ir.Tcagh ofta, tavairnc. 

Caufa, Aaios, ethrib j kyngaus 
kyngheyiedh, h.ul, dadl, A caufe 
or reafon ; ajuitj a procefs at law, 
a plea; A. Pen, abec, kiriek, ki- 
riok, kos; piaidi, breytaac, profe- 
di, profeohi , klem , Keinvan Ir. 
Adhvar, alfat, f fjAiain no fo>:ain, 
davna,mana, jtugaid fJual;kuis, 
t leas, t kain^ean, f ai, teadhma j 
kas, tagradh, aighneas, imreafan, 

Caufidicus, Kyvreithur, gur o 
j;yvrath, dadleyur, fkanlhau, E- 
drydh haul ; A loTPyei-, a pleader, 
a counfiUor, ait advocate, &c A. 
Breytour [ W . Braudur , Judex j 
Ir.Tagarth6ir, agnaiidhe, feardlij^- 
hidh, avkoidthc, tearmantoir, co- 

Cautus, Go;iielgar, go»aly$, gu- 
aftad-buyjh, fynhuyrol, kyvruys; 
Wary, provident, circum~ ~ 


Kavv, kao ; tullek, Ir. Folav, kOa- 
fix, kuafanaA;; loga>:^ logana>;j 
poUaA:, fc tolla;K. 

Celebris, Klodvaur, kanmolada- 
duyj pelhglod , liyglod, cnuog, 
anrhydedhys, par;i;cdig, hybarA; , 
Renown d, famous ; celebrated A O 
hano mat; raeylabi ; Ir. lomraidh 
tea;t , luadhraidhteaA: , ni6rA:lui- 

Celer, Byan , bywiog , ;<;uyrn , 
X,\iym\M\\, fclgid, cbruydh, yl- 
gavn; Dem. yngloy. Swift, ahive, 
).'imble,f tick, Sec. C.Strik, A.By- 
han. Ir.Luath, f in, ff^cinvnci?:. 


Cdio , Pe,d,o , dyfpeidio cor 

phouy.;go.phen, dibcnnyVda"- 
vod, To ce/7/e, to deffff t«J 

a;- beloved C K h^ dearly- 
tadmalh jgrib, fa.tlL f traid i | A K(:t • h .QndLx^^'^^y'M^^ 
tdoi;e,tdiskir;eadtrom, rapaidh, infeirke. ' JOf^-ohraidh, 

elide, briolg, deifrca;t, t eiigaidh I Chclidonium minii<! ru- j 
Cella,Kelh, buytty, f kydhigl, Ebrilh ; P:le.wort \r\}:^^'^ 

almari ; A cellar or iiore-houfi, a 

buttery, any private room; a pantry Ciiiragra , Lhau-uft 

or larder ; C.Selda, a cellar ; Spens, ihaw ; The Hand Gout \ rvc ^ 

a buttery. A. Sellier; armel , Ir. an douarn. Ir. Lav-<^huta t o " 

Saileir, fcalla, fiorlann; butrai, ghuta, mearghura ° 3 "^odh- 

CeloKe]y,dirsely,keIky,tm)T-U>.v.^GVj/.S/G i?y' 
nio, kidhioi To conceal; to hide ,\nik, A. AJaneg Ir r i ^ i^'*- 
cover or keep clofe C.Kitha, to hide ; Chirurgus, Medht T "v,' '""°°- 
A.Kydha [kyza] /</.^.'lr. Ke.- ihig ; ^ ^^.^.'f ^C^S^^^^ 
I'm, tal.ghitn. I A. Shinurzhanf medhe^" r r ''' 

Cenfus, Treth, macl, ardreth, 1 liaigh, dcirgliaigh, taithliaic-h 
dovreth; A tax or tribute, aJub-\ ChoJora, ^eri klevvd • 

fidy. A.Tafs; Ir.Kis, f bes, kin, %n aeluircholer. cW A^k" ' 
kion, fmaljkovaA;, f eark. l(>r Krn»;ik 1 ■ n.. 1^0 

Centum, Kant; AnhuTidred; C. 
Kanz. A.Kant; Ir. Ked, kead, 
t keantr. 

Cera, Kuyr, Wax; C. Kor, 
t koir ; A Koar, Ir Keir. 

Cerafum, S W.Keiroefen,N.W. 
Sirianen ; A Cherry ; A. Kerefen 
[pi. keres] Ir. Shilin. 

Cerebrum , Ymmennydh ; The 
Brain ; C. Pidnian , f impinion ; 
Ar. Empen fervel. Ir. iDAjinn, 

Cerevifia, V- Cervifia. 

Certe, yn uir, yn dhiai, yn fikir, 
yn dhioer, yndhinam, yndhio^el, 
yn dhiammas, yn dhilys, yn hysbys; 
Surely, verily, for certain, without 
doubt. C. En uir, A. Adra-fyr, en 
deCin ferten, hep mar er bet, nen- 
deys mar erbet. Ir. Go fir, go di- 
vin, godearv, go f doigh, goffi- 
onn, go firinnea^;, go dearvtha, gan 
vreig, gan avarus, ^c. 

Cerva, Euig, eilon, hydhes ; A 
Hind; AHcidhes; Ir.tCigh,ei- 
lit, t brii t boiskeal, f airAjealtraA;, 

Cervical, Gobennydh, klyftog 
ben,klyftog fdydhed [_Dav ] a bol- 
fier ; a pillow; A. Pen guele, treys 
plevnek. Ir.Kcanadhart,adhartan, 

Cervifia, Kurv , kuruv , Ihyn , 


Chorea, Aaiare dauns; A Dance 

A.Koroll Ir.IJ„„Jce,ioldhamfa' 
Chors, Kyt peski,kluydieir 
&C A pen or coup ; AplL wTere 
poultry « kept, Ir. iCearkioA;, keark- 

Chorus,K6r,tkavelh: mints 

Muff- C tKar^; h.Kovxeol 
kovfmim, kov^caireaAid. 

Cibus, Buyd, ymborth, porthi- 
ant ; Meat,food,fuJienance.t.?,xxT. 


Cicada, V. Locufta. 

Ciconia, Kryr guyn, A Stotk. 
Ar. Sikun; Ir. Korr ban. 

Cicatrix, kraith, kJais; A mark 
of a wound or bruife , a fear Ar 
Kleizen ; Ir. Kreilineav , krea^rd- 

*,-^'5u''',P^''' S""' guardhov, 
hyuedh, IJowvaeth ; Tame, gentle 

kyvrOys; Ihyn ha.dh; .^/.. BeerrC.)Lor:p^.^t^f^,^^^^^ 

frbttl,fure, cautious. C kudnik, Leann. ' r-ji A Siriu ■ Ir f.«.;l 

"^cunning; {h,wiji; A. Kretek, e- Cervix, Guarr, guev;U; The'^ CmdSTkvdvnWr^^T'r. 
vedhek._[evezek_] (lit.l, ffr, mzf\ hinder part of the necl; C. Kodna v,ilhT7od%f^gJl'ri'xX^"^ 

full of holes. CSiT^er, tollck, A. fthydun; A Hart or Stag. CV^o, 


CinexeuSjLhuyd, Lhydliu; Gray, 


T I T. II. A Comparative V o c ak u l a r y 


\Ajh-colour'd; C. Glas, AGris. Ir. Pengot, doronen, cren vas^ Ir. 
iLiath, luatha, luaithreavanta , lu- | Kuaille,loigaimrcavar, tflion,re- 
aithre'avail. i i"ill>^S kairle, bata. 

' Cingo, guresyfly, amgyl^iy iTo\ Claudo^ Kay, kloi ; ToJJjut ; to 
vird; to furrouvd or encompaji. A- ii'ock; Dho lyhuetha, A. Serra, al- 
Guriza. gluiiza, troedella uoar droj | A;uedha, cnka, kcat j Ir. Druidim, 
Ir Krifamj timxioUaim, timziol- 
rayim, tt^mangaim. 

Cinis, Lhydu, Ihydy; ^Jhes; 
C.UdzWw. A.Lydy. Ir. Luaith, 
luaichre, Iiuithrcin. 

■ Cingulum,Gure5is,gmfgruym, 
^ Girdle , a bmtd i C Gri.^iz, A. 
Gurysi Ir. Kris fferenn, (eirfinn. 
Circa, yngbylA;, am?;ylA;, u'th. 
About, round or round about. C 
Adro, A.Toftavad. Ir. Um,im, 
fa, a tim;.iol, fyi Siiairt; ar ga;^; 
tyiv, ar ga;;; kith. 

Circulus, Kyl;i;, kant, tor;e, do- 
len, I d)laith, V.y\z\g, Dav. A 
circle or compafs ; a rifig, a hoof . A. 
KelA; ; Ir. t Kirkal, kompas, be- 
axt, fainne, fail. 

Cis , ckra j O'r ty ymma ; 07t 
tkitftde. C &A. Antyman, [an 
ty eman ] Ir. Don tyivfc , ar an 
tyivfe, ar an leithfe i t skeo. 

Cifta, Kift, kofor i A Chefi ; C. 
KofiT, A. Kufr. Ir Kriol^ bardog. 

Citcriur, y ncfa ; The nearer, the 
kitkermojl , A. Ar neda, hentedh ; 
C. Nella. Ir. As neafa, as foil j;e. 

Cithera, Telyn ; a harp. \ krijth, 
a croud] C Kroud, a fiddle, a -jiolin; 
\ telein, a harp ; I.Kruith,clairlea;(;. 

Cito, yn vyan; ar vyrr,yn y man, 
huap, huyppyn, gida 'r gair, kyn 
nemmor j Soon, quickly., prejintly, 
immediatly ; A Suden, prcll, prom- 
ptamanc , byhan ^ ir. Ar ball , go 
luath, go tapaidh, go deithvreax, 
go foirthe, go [ grib. 

Citus, Ryan, kyvlym, byuiog, 
pryflyr; S-wift, Speedy, quick, nimble, 
haBy, fudden ,- Ir. Liiath, tapaidh, 
klifte ; luathvur, f grib , calgaid , 
t athlav , brisk, bras, cadtrom, ga- 
(la, deithvrea/: , deineafaA;, dian, 
mear, feavfganaAi, \ fjeinmneaA;, 
luathfganaA^ oban, grod, prab. 

Glades, f Har, aerva, Ihadhva, 
kyvlavan, diftriu. Slaughter, &c 
Ir. ar, arva^; , maidhm, koaiaA: , 
klada^;, marvcha. 

Clam,yndhir5el; heb uvbod, 
in Ihcdradcdh , Privatly ; clofelyi, 
una-amres, by ftealth. A En fekret, 
en kidhedk, en fiul ; Ir. Os ilheal, 
OS ifliea;K,gan his, fo ;eleith. 

Clamo, Gueidhi, Ihevain, bloid- 
hio , I gouri , f cigi , t Sermain , 
t ybain, | geluain, f dylevain ; To 
cry, to ball, to cry out ; to /bout, to 
hoot or hollow, 6cc. A Krial, lenva, 
garmi, j:;crvel , hyuperi ; Ir. Gai- 
rim, fgairtim, liuvam, eijim, bei- 

Clarus, Gloiu,eglyrj Clear, 
C. Spladn t;fplan, fplen ; A. Skier, 
fplan,Ir. Gian, | gle, gluair, f glor, 
iodhan, glonra. 

Claflis, Lhynges, Ihy mor ; Ihy 
oleftri, Ihy oiongas; A Fleet, A. 
Lv leilTi. Ir. Luycs, karly;:. 

Clava, Klupp'a, knuppa, paftun ; 
A club, a baioon ; C. Lor vraoz A. 

diianam, ftopam 

Claudus. K16f, baglog ; Lame, 
a cripple. C.Kloppek, A-Kam [W. 
kam, curi-us] gilgam, gargam ; Ir. 
Baka;e , kam , ) lolg , kirthamax, 

CJavis, N.W.Agoriad, S.W. 
alhuydh, alhucdh, A Key. C. Ahu- 
elj'faluedh! A. AlaA;ys, Ir.Eo- 

Clavus, Hoel, \ kcthr ; A tiaih 
a pin or peg. C. Kentar [pi. ken- 
trou] pidn; A. Tafli; tryfiaden j 
Ir. tairnse, fklo, (hc-amfa, taka, 
Ipikc, pinna, dula, i eo. 

Clavus, Lhyu Ihong ; The rudder 
ofajkip. CLciigurhali A. Styur 
leftr, Ir. Stiuir loinf;e. 

Clemens, Lharixdh, guar, hy- 
naus , hyuar , mijyn , adhvuyn j 
Meek, mild, gentle, courteous. C. 
Triuadhek, A. Dus[doc^] hyu- 
men, tryuedhck ; Ir. Keanla, kyin, 
kinealca; anairc, tailj^ean. 

Clericus, Mab Ihen , gur Ihen, 
yfgolhaig ; A clerk or Clergyman. 
tC Cloireg, A. Kloreg [pl.klo- 
er] Ir.KIeireaAJ, eaglailea;t, f rea- 

Clibanus faxeus , aut fcrreus j 
LheAJ, IheA; pobi ; gradelh, A bake 
fione, a gridle ar girdle C. Man po- 
baz ; Ir. Greideal , greadog, forn 

Cliens , t Dyn gofgordh, Dei- 
liad ; A dependant, a tejiant, a vaf- 
falC.-f Den koskor. A Guas, [W. 
Gvlsjervus, olim juvenis] Ir. Tro- 
mara, dufara, duifj^hilla, troimghil- 
la, greifghilla. 

Climax, yfgol, kaniva,ef5ynva, 
dringvaj A ladder , a fltle ; any 
afcent by fleps . A. Deredh [pi. diri 
& deredhiu] Ir. Dremire. 

Clivus , llhiu , goruaered , gu- 
aered, brynkyn, dif^ynva mynydhj 
Ihedvron, Ihechr bron, gordhiij^in, 
yftlys bryn \ tir penalht, ^urthalht, 
goralht, euinalht ^ An ajccnt or de- 
fcent ; a rifing or jail of an Hill i 
a cliff or pitch of a Hill. C. Als, 
alz -y A. Koftez ar muntaing ^ Ir. 
Fana, foirneadh, uxdiX, kala;s no 
mala knoik. 

Ciunis, Klyn, f pedren, f folen ; 
bontin ; A buttock or haunch -, a 
crupper. C Patfhan, f Pen kl^n, Ir. 
Ton, fnad, jead. 

Clypeusj Tarrian, yfgiiyi ^V^- 
led, t taluas, f aes ; A Jhield, buck- 
ler or target. C. Koftan ; A Buk- 

ler ; Ir. Sjiath , t kailk, f luivne, 
t finnen, ffinnelL kokdhar f fearn, 
t lumain, f kovra, -\ixzg. 

Coacervo , Tyrry , pentyrry , 
krynhoi, guneyd krig ne garnj 
To amafi or pile, to heap up together; 
A.Daftyum, gronna, dafpyugn. 
Ir. KovA^arnam , kovghnuvam , 

Ihaeth ^ kaus maidh ; Cheefe-rumet -, 
Curd, fr.Kruth. mul;!;aii, t niil- 

Cochlea, Kogurn malucn, korn 
malucn, maluodca; A /heU-pail -, 
CBulhonij [ molhuidzhon, a ;uik- \ 
edfnail] A. Mel/iucden [ pi. mel-j 
A;Uet ] a fnail, krogen^ a fljeU, pi. 
Kregin. Ir. Shelishide, ballanfliei-i 
lighidej Fy;:og, gnavin, kota ban 
bighisj fhlij^ean. / 

Cochleare, Lhuy, A Spoovi , C. 
Lo [pi. leu] A.Lua, pi. loiui 
Ir. LiaA;, Sponug. 
Calum, V. Cajlum. 
Coemiterium, Mvnuent, korph- 
laiii A Church-yard' C.Goihn, Ar. 
Bcdhrcc [W.BeJhrod, Sepulchrum \ 
1. Reileag f tir thre tholl. 

Ccena, f kuynos^ fupper ■., A /up- 
per -, C. Kun, A. Koan, Ir. fSenc, 
kuid, fuipear. 

Ccenobiarcha,Abod, Priory An 
Abbot or Prior ; V. Abbas. Ir.Ab, 
Prior, iiiav. 

Ccenobium, Mvna;Klog, m vnaA;- 
ty, abatty, priordy j An Abbey or 
Monafiery, a Convent. A.Abbati 
[ pl abbatriu] Ir. Manillir, cov- 
thionoi, f klo;i;ar, koinveint, tcagh 
brathar, mana;i;, no kaillea.^i nduv. 
Coenum,Tom, lbaid,mign, bau, 
t.iil, plukka, tomdailj Dirt, mire, 
filth i C. Pol i A. Fank, buillen j 
Ir. Kant, kanta, kanaigh, lathaA;, 
labin, laib, klabar, f kea^iair, kla- 
da;i, grib, muirgin, lal, neivcadh, 

Cogito, A'ledhvlio, medhylieid, 
tybio, buriady, iynniedj myvyr- 
rio, f arvaethy, amkany ; To think, 
to conje&ure, to confider ; to ?nu]e ; to 
aimor imagine. C. Kridzhi, lybbo- 
fiaj A.Sonzheal, mennat, kridi, 
ftyudia i Ir. Smuaintiyim , fmuai- 
iiim, t imradhaim -j meiilieavayim, 

Cognatus, Kar, karur, kydgarur, 
kyduacd, yndras, tralol; Kin, al- 
lied, of the fame bloud fC. Karo- 
gos [Jorte quafi kar agos ] A.Kar. 
[ pl. kerent J Kenderu [pl. kindir- 
VI ] a coufnigeimaji ; It. D'aonghaLl, 
kongafa;;, Idiavain. 

Cognomen, Kyvcnu j Lhyslie- 
nu ; A by natne. or fir riaim ; a nick- 
name ; A. Les hano ; Ir. Slaineadh, 
covflaineadh, covainim. 

Cognofco, Guybod, ymwybod, 
kydnabod, aduain, ymorol,dealh ; 
To know , to perceive ; to under- 
fland, &c. C. Adzhan, A. Ad- 
fa naiu j Ir. Aithniym, fifaiym , 
tuij^im, fionnam, mothaiym. 

Cogo, Kymmelh, f dirio, gu- 
thio j to force or compell; A. Forfi, 
contragn ; Ir. Eigniym, [ W. eg- 

ni , Vorce ] coiveigniym, ibireig- 
niym, dinjim, fatham, flieolam, 

Coitus, Kydiad, kytgnaud, ym- 
read ; Copulation ; Ir. Lanavnas , 
t koivlij;he, koivriatain. 

Cola, &CoIum, Hid), A Strai- 
ner ; A. Sil , Ir. Sithlan , dloA;d , 
Coagulum, Kayl, keylcd ; k\ uer' Colaphus, Dvrnod,kernod, bon- 

Of The Original Languages Of Bkitaik And Ireland. 49 

tuir^hin, fuhng, garmain, polla, 

Colus,l<.oj;eI rk-cigcil] ADiJiajf, 
Cfigil; A Kcij;d ; Ir. KuiT^cal. 

Coina, Guilhc, kydynnx gualht, 
brit;cr, rfyli;^ ; 7 he hair of the head, 
a btijh of hair, locks, &c. C. Hlou 
ail pcclii ; I kydynuou, A. 
[ bled pen : bko rodellet, curtd 
tocis. Ir. Kiav, f tnJis, f kurkais, 
i auairc, gruig, f grog, gl:b, urla, 

Coincs,Kydymma;tli ( , [kydy m- 
claich 'I kyvailii , kyueithydh ; A 
Companion, a Comrade or fartner, a 
fcUotp-traieUcr, an attendant ; A. 
Compamun,martc'loCj Ir.Kompan, 
kompinai;, jKoigle, kuallaidhc ^ 
parcaidhe i kovphartaidhc 

Cotncta iSc ccmetes, Seren ualh- 
tog, Icieii y j^ynfon, feren Iolj:;yr- 
nog ; A Comtt or Blaziiig-Jlar ; 
C Scerran Icski. A. Stredan loftek; 
Jr. Moingreal:, rcak vonga;K, koi- 


a clufure, a contmijfure ; Ir. Alt, co- 
ivA;cangsl , j kabir ; koivghrca- 
mnghad'h, kovdblathadh, kov^.ur. 

Commodijs , Bvdhiol , Ihefol ; 
kvmmuys, kvtDmhcfyr, kyvadhas, 
adliasi Profit atle , advantageous ; 
conveiiie}it , commodious i fit , apt, 
a^reahle A . G unitctik, mat, profi- 
tablj dcreat, dleet, kcnipcn ; Ir. 
Tarva/;,cadala;K, avadara^;, maith, 
gara^, garavail, jivin, Hiv, Ihola- 
;a., glealta, galb, dcas, koidhea- 
vail, dathavail, (^:. 

Commoror ; Bvu, trigo, anncd- 
hy prelliylio; kyd-brcfliiilio, ky- 
d.uos; To dwell or mhakt, iq fo- 
journ, to pay or abide ; to C07ttime 
or dwell -with ouci C. Dbo U\x,\i, 
dho kontrcva ; A. Shemal ; dale, 
Ihom I chom 1 hcr/cl , Ir. Kovna- 
yim, mm anvain no kovnaidhe , 
nim muil a nait. 

Communis, Kyflrcdin, kyifre- 
dino! ; fathrcdig ; Common, publick j 

meata, t boidrcak , realc a nzzr ,\ general, univerjal i A Butin, com 

kiyft. t kis, t palvod ; A buffet or 
blo-m vitk the fifi, a box, &c. C 
.skat. .Ar. Bo^iat ; Ir. Dern , bis^ 
Liiiilc dnirn no biile. 

Colk-ga, Kyviilii kyvclh 1 kv- 
dyn>maTii , kydiuy Jh ,' yj feUow , 
a copaiti.'-r in office, a coltegiic, a 
joint -cemmiljloneri Corn. Ryuedh 
[^ t k uedhiad] A. iVlartoloc, kom- 
pjnniun , kamatad ; Ir. Kompa- 
\ax. , k(.iv;tonipanj;t, kiLilIanJlic , 
t coigk ,kov/ioi.><k'>kuvpharuidlic. 

Colkgiuni, kynllieidva [kyn- 
nilheidva] k^dlwyjhogaetb, kol- 
heg \ A Corf oration^ a Society or 
Sratentityi a College. A Cou:pan- 
nyuntxitt, tolkfli , Ir Kuall.i,>;d, 
koi\ thiouoi, t klo;!jar, kovluadar, 
Geaiviathairea;Kdi kolailte. 

CoUigo, Kaigly. kvnnilh, kryn- 
hoi Ta gather orbrivg together, to 
coUelf , C. Uho kynti, A. Kutuil, 
diiUinii Ir. Kruin'yini, cimlayim, 
knualayim , tinolaim ^ cov/;ruin- 
iiiShiui, ; grinidhim. 

C.olhs, Bryn. l're.brvnkyn,kryg, 
kevuen , A hdl, a hillock. C.Hal, 
rrenc-th biao, i kryg; rhyncn; A 
hiucluii, krc;<;en; nienedhen Ir. 
Knok, m\iK t koidc t Din, fmam, 
fbri, t rinni knokin, khoikin, 
ftrjatb, tuilg. 

C'olloquium , ymgommio , ky- 
dymdhidhan, kydfurid kydlava- 
nad ; Difioiirfi, talk, conference C. 
Kouz, tkoums; A Komps , prc- 
zek; Ir Kovradh, y keileavradh, 
!nwidh, kovlavra, f ara, kovA;an- 

CoUum, Gudbv, gudhtig, mu- 
uUgl j The neck, the crag ,• C. Kod- 
na, -\ kona^ A.Iiudhuk [Guz.ul'^] 
Ir Muincl, braghaid, jmuln. 

Colo, Adholi; anrh dcdhy, per- 
Xi; k • ry , hoffi ; To -worJlAp ; to ho- 
nour or re^eB ; to love, 5cc. C. 
Dho gurria, I An bobl rig urria, 
the people Tporl/ifed ] Dhok;r3 j To 
lo've^ A. .'^dori j cnori^ karet ; Ir. 
Ac:hram ; onoraim , arvindim , 
f miadham j uta ineas agam ar ; 
graidhim [ grayim] fearcam. 

Color , LLiu, eiliui A colour , 
d^eor hue ; C. & A. Liu ; Ir. Dadi, 
li t'''v--i ' ''"■^'1- 1 laic, fbriocht, 
tfnaftli.f '-!:.: 

Co.aber, K'fidir , An Adder ; 
C. Nadar A Acr^ Ir Nathair, 
buaf'an, ! i:.:..:t.u;r, buaifiphiaft . 

Coliimba, K'kmmeni A dove, 
a pigeon or c;:k - ; C. Kvlobman, 
; kolom, A Kiilm [kulym'J pl. 
kulir;cci Ir. Kolm 

Columbariji. , Kiommendy ; A 
pipovhoufe, a dove-cote i C. Kly- 
miar & klomiar, A. Kuldry \ Ir. 
Kolmailtj-kolirxa, kolmlan. 

Coliimis, laA:, ia;;-lai.ten , hci- 
niv ; IVhole, found, fafe] healthy ; 
C \iXy A.Ia>;,gaillatdi Ir.Slan, 
fillan, in.lin, kvvanntx 

Columna , Kolvn , pilcr , poll , 
tTyboft. Da-j. exK H A pdler 
or pofl, a prop or fupporter ; a' co- 
lumn; C.P6b & po(t. A. PiUier, 
kolomn , Ir. Kolavuyn , uaithne , 
tear>;ail, fortoil, faeghlan, colv, tiad, kydiad ; kymm'al j'^'7^w/,im6rdaim^ koindeaigani, kuirjin al 

.. f£ goi%- ■ 

t loUrcalc, \'.Los, in Diet. Hib 

Comis, Muynaidh, krocl'au s ; 
hynau3,Iharijcdh, bonhcdhig, rhy- 
uio;^cdh, boncdhit;edh, houdhgar; 
Gentle^_ mild gracjous, affable, kind, 
courteous, debonnair . A.Kyun, hc- 
garac, a dijemer mat, hyumcn; 
Ir. Kyin [caoin] kinealt, min, mi- 
A;air, mi>;arta, fineka, kw, fail, 
t aik, t ailghean, f ;in, uafal. 

Comitia, orumiKymmanvagyf- 
frcdin ; Dadleydy, parlmant ; An 
ySffembly, a Parlamcut, a Convejt- 
tion. A. Parlamant Ir. Pairlemeinc, 
Ridhail [K. ] kovdhail, !</. feas, 
Id. Kodal 

Comitor, ynaj) vcilha.?; , kyd- 
xerdhed, kydymganlyn, kanym- 
d ith,kanhebruiigi kynlhuyn; To 
accompany, or go along -with, to fol- 
loTP j to attend. A Kompanniukat 
urebennak, der;tel companniunedh 
da urebennak, Ir. f Sailim, kovliia- 
draim, kuidca.;idayim , koiglyim , 
imthyim a goivideaA;d ; nim com - 
panta;td , coigIea.^d , no kualaid 

miunj Ir Koir;Kean, kov^.oitA^e- 
an, j^eincaralta, puibligh, gi)atha;e 

Como , is , ere ; Kribo , kribo 
pen; pinkio, guy;Ky, ymdrullio , 
taklylo, hoiui , kymmhenny;ro 
kcmb or deck the hair; to trim or at- 
an pedn, to comb the head, A.Kribat, 
para, aflcijonni, tifa, fifha, kenfla^ 
paramanti, kinkla, pinfa. Ir. Ki- 
rara, kiovalaim, dcafaiyini gruaig, 
koirighim, eadaiyim. 

Comicdia, ;Kuara2, antarliut, gu- 
ars Hiftori, [I><ZT/1 A Flay, a Co- 
medy C. GuarsE, guare mirkl, an- 
tarlick; Ir. Koiviok, dealvAjluithe^ 
grean;;!uithe, SheanAjuithe 

Conipages, KylSjlht, kyd, kym- 
mal, kylsylhtiad, kydiad ; A Clofe 
joyning or fetting together; a joint 
or clofure ; Ir. Koiv;Keangal, dluith- 
A;cangal, keangaldluth , kovdlilu- 
thadh, kovnafg, alt- 

Compar, Kymmar, kidwedh, 
kyvailht, [kvvclhl kydradh, ky- 
vartal, kymmar, f kyftedlydh, ky • 

hea/id •• Leanam, kovleanam, nim vyf dh, ky vadhas, kyffclyb j A com- 
leanvuyn \pani0n, guar J or (econd, a compeer, 

Comrcentarlus & commentari- \^apartner, equal, even, like. A-Yiom- 
um,Kovlyvr, byrdraethaud oryu panniun, [ pl. ou ] Martolo: [pl 
bcth, byrr adhyfgi A brief Regi- martokdet] confort, kamarad, par, 
ffer or account of Anions, Sec. -^ ,iugal, hOnvcl, hanval. IrKompiu, 
Day-book; a Commentary or ^Wf/" kompana.>; , fkoigle, kuallaidhe. 
Abfl>a&; an Hiftorical y^^va'^- ' Kovthrom , fkadrama, kovaith- 
ment ; A. Paper pcmdedhiek, kun, 5hein,korvuil, kov;tOivuiI, kovba- 
niemoar. Ir. Ath^ioivearan, aith- jvail, ionavail, ffiri covanaii, lei 
gheirrein, j^erradan no leavar na thid,kovlcithid,koived, koiv-frea' 
mbid neithc /t;rivtha go hath;iioi- gartha^ 

nicar. Irilleavar airrdheal, leavar 
irife coivne, no covarthadh. 

Comparo, Darpary, arluyo, j 

;0, pe 
ri darmenh, parottoi, rdaphar; ky 

Commcrcuim,KydvafnaA: kyv- vartaiy, kvftadly, kvmhary, kyfl" 
rannoj;ixth, k- ttyi'cdh, kyttro, ky- • lyby, kybydry, kydofod i to pre- 
varrisetb; yroj;yr;>; marA;nad, mar- [pare or provide, to procure ; to com- 
/jaduiixth; marfiandacih [Dav.'] 
Commerce, traffick, merchav.dife . A. 
Trafic, mar.^aduredh [marchadou- 
rc7." Ir. Kovj^aidrcadh, kaidreadh, 
mintirca;, jjcillios, kovghnothu- 
ghadli, coiglea;);'', kuaiKidhcaxid, 
kovthra^id, koivA:eanniidhea/;d ._^ 

Commiflura, Kynulht, kyfsylh- Uadh. SavIa°mrkoivnieal'am, kov 

pare or collate, to parallel, to exem 
plify i A. Akkifita, prepar, prepari, 
Ola, ktmpen, diCposj Ir. Ullva- 
yini, glcafam, dealayim, reidhim, 
lalaraim, reivim. kruiuniyim, no- 
nolaim , knuafayim , tionifayim , 
kuirim ar faghail, ar part no re ha- 


T I T. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 


goivmeas, a gompraid j nim koiv- 
meas, i^c. 

Compedes, Lhyfethair, troedog 
fhyal, tSevyn. Fetters , gives , 
Jhakls,&iC. Ir. Luanaifg, ringhei- 
veanna,ringhcivlea;Ka, ur^ail, lua- 
ghlais, glais;Kos, boltadha. Fos 
buara;ia, kofara;Ka. Fos jne ar- 
raidh, do viodh ar mnaiv. Fos dru- 
da a mbealaighiv a naitnfhir xo- 

Compendium , Arbed , timx ; 
elu, ynnilh, bydh, kronodeb,bcrr- 
fofdh, byrAJUedl ; Thrifim-efs^J^ar- 
h!g7ieh; gam J profit; an abftrail 
or abridgement. Ir. Kogaik no ba- 
laighe; tarva, bidiea;*;, gnodhadh 
no ro;Kar ^ aithshirre, ^earfhoirm, 
gairreim no foirm aithj^hearr. 

Compcnfo, Taly'r payth gu- 
neythyr iaun, bod vn inion am 
bech; To recotnpe?!je or make amends^ 
to requiteor reward i Ir. Kuittiyim, 
fafam , ne falayim, loirgnivam , 
ikam, diolam, beirim kuiteaghadh. 

Comperio, Kacl alhan, kael dio- 
J^eluybodxth, kacl fikruydh, guy- 
bod yn fikkir, To find cut or difco- 
•ver ; to get good intelligence ; to 
knoTo for certain and hy trial; C 
Dho kavaz, To find, to have or 
obtain ; Dho godhaz, to know ; mi 
ry adzhan, / kno-w, or am acqitaint- 
edvith. A Kauc, invenci.gudhut, 
Ir. j;eivim re grudadh, re fpinadh, 
re kurtaghadh, re IorgaireaA;d no re 
toraidheaA;d ghearj jeivim dear- 
vadh Ijeala ar^ ata fis no fgeal 
deivin agam ar. 

i Compono, Kyvanfodhi, f kym 
'moni , kyff/lhty ; trevny , gunei 
thyr, ordeinio; kyvartaly, kyhy- 
dry, kyftadly j f adhyrno, takly, 
trufio^ gofod. To Compofe, to corn- 
found or fut together ; tofet in or- 
der, to make or frame ; to compare 
collate or confront ; to drefs or adorn; 
tofaj}.non,totrim. C. Dho gora To 
put orfet ; A. Kompos, difpos , pre- 
pair, gronna ; ordreni, ola, kem- 
pen. Ir.Kovfuirivim, kovfi;;im, 
kovfvidhim, kov;Kuirim, kovdhlu- 
tham, koivjieafam, dcafayim, fhi- 
nim re ;ce!le, irc- 

Compos, Kyvrannog, kynnyf- 
gaedhol ; abal ; Ajharer or partak- 
er ; able, capable; A. Galkidek, 
galludys; abk:, puifajit ; Ir. Ran- 
phanas;, ag a viiil kiiid no pairt do 
ni ; koraafa;c, akvninjea;!; ; kuvaA;- 
da;S ; Compos animi, ar a ;Keil, kei- 
lidh, rcalunta, konnaA; 

Comprehendo,ymavaeIyd; kym- 
meryd gavel, kyrhaedhyd , gord- 
hiues, kraffy ; Amgyftred, kynuys; 
To take or lay hold on ; to reach, to 
overtake, to fiije ; to contain; Dho 
Kymera, dho fmdzha , dho iefia, 
A.Kemerct, fefia ure bcnnak, pe- 
ga en, krej^i ox, Szc. Kompreni ; 
Ir. Faftogam , greamuighim , ga- 
vam, glakam, f edim, kongvayim, 
coimfigim, j;eivim, tuigim, fion- 
nam, mathayim, airyimj aithnig- 
him j kri;!snayim. 

Conamen, Kais, prauv, ymgais, 

C. I 

egni ; Endeavour, an attempt, an 
cnttrprife; an effort, force. A- EfliK, 
after, poanj Nerz. Ir. Dith.^iol, 
divirke, faraidh, konaifi, foathar, 
lathar ; neart, dreim fpa^n , fran- 

Conccdo, Kanhiady,kanniattay, 
gadacl, godhev ; Toyeild, to grant 
or allow; to permit or confent. C. 
Rhei an gucUa, i.e. VV. Rhoi *r 
goriE : Mi vedn rhei dhiu an guel- 
la j /'// yeild to you. A. Permiti, 
Ir. Fymam [ l7. f.vF. C. ] bron- 
nam, dalayimj fuiangamjlijim dho, 
yntayim , kcadayim , beirim aic 
dho, (ire. 

Concha, Kronen, A fhell ofttx 
bivalve fort; fuch as O'fters, Mufcles, 
6cc. C. & A. Kronen, pi. krc^in j 
Ir. Sli^can. 

Concilio,Kymmodi,Hedhy;iy ; 
To make friends or reconcile ; C. 
Dhokyzalatha; A. Oberpeo;: ;Ir. 
Reidhim, fithghnifim , nim sith- 
;ianta, nim Ciih^An,&c. 

Concilium t Kunfli, kymanva , 
kynnilheidva; Acouncilor ajfembly; 
C Bagati Ir. Kovthionol, kov- 
.<;ruinneagadh, f klo/.ar. 

Concinnus, Kryno, proppor, 
pink i tlus, guyA; , taklys , hoyu , 
heini ^ Lhiniidh, kyucir, f deftlys, 
t dilhin ; S. W. Pert. Fine , neat, 
trim ; well fafliion'd, quaint, J>ruce, 
gay , Sec C Fein , teg \ja:r or 
handfome'j A. koant, koantik, pro- 
pik,dcreadik,millriki I.Deas,gIe- 
afta, gafta, bolunta. finealta, fjean- 
mnaigh , kaidheavail , dathavail , 
maifca/; , kyin , kinealta , blath , 

Concio, onisj Araith [arsth] 
prejeth ; An Oration or Speech, a 
Sermon; C.'Prognh, A.Orafon, 
predhek, peden. reket^ Ir.Oraid 

Concionator, Areithiur, prege- 
thur ; A Speaker, a Preacher, a De- 
magogue; C. Progathar. A Pie- 
thegur [^prezegour^ Ir. Sheanmon- 

Concordia, f Kordiad [ Dav. ] 
kynghordiad , yndeb , kyttyndeb, 
ky vyndeb , kydvod , kymmodlo- 
nedh fkymrodedh, hedhu/i ; Peace, 
concord, agreement. C.Kyzalath, 
[A. PeoA;] peace; Ir. KovA^roi- 
dheaAjd , kovardadh , kovarda^id , 
kovyntaAjd ; Sithj sith^ian, ofadh, 
(ocraidhea;td, kiuineas. 

Concubina, Kariaduraig, kariad- 
ver^;, kywely, gordherA;, gordher- 
)i\xn\g, t kyfoden ^ A Mifs, a con- 
cubine, a bed fellow, a paramour j a 
ftrumpet. C. Hora, a ftrumpet. A- 
Gall, gaft oza;!;, pyuten ; Ir. Lion- 
nan mna, toithleannanj meirdreaA,-, 

Concupifcentia, Tra;>iuant, An 
eager or earnefi defire ; A. ;(;oant 
bras, avaris; Ir- Ainvian, ajntoil, 
antolidheaxd , ainviongas , andui- 
lidheaA^d, anhaint, anhintayeaAid 

Conditio, Kyvlur, modh, dylh, 
fyt, anfodh ; State, quality, condi- 
tion ; A . Stat, condiflion, Ir. Staid, 
\\XAy kruth. 

Copdo, Rhoi i jjadu, kidhio , 
Adeilady , To lay upfafe, to hoard, 
to flow , to hide , alfo to kr.ld. C. 
Dhokidha; dhodereval; A Kydha 
[cuzaj goloi Batifla, edifia. Ir. 
Tailgyim, falayim, kynam no kui- 
rim a valaA; ar- Nim, foirgnyim, 
no kuirim suas. 

Condono, Rhidhay , madhoe, 
pardyny j To releafe or acquit , to 
forgive ; A . Pardonni , lakat adarre, 
dilelel, kitaat ; Ir. Maithim, log- 
ham ; beirim maitheavnas, loghadh 
no pardun. 

Confellio, Kyfte:, adhcviad, k>'- 
vadheviad, kydnabydhiad ; ConfeJ- 
\fion, acknowledgement ; A. Koes, 
koles; Ir. Advai!, fyfyide, [fto- 
faoiden. pi. ] 

Confidus, ymdhiricdys, hyderys, 
trahy, eovn, [ eon ] confident, lueU 
ajfur'd, bold. A. Adra-lyur, ende-fn 
lerten, hep mar j dllbudhan, har- 
didh j Ir. Dana, ibnnta, meardhan- 
ta, ainlgianta, neiveagla;; ^ doth- 
Ajafax' ; lealva^;, divin, f nairne 

Confluvium, Kymmer, kydtrud, 
kydliv, Aber; a place where two or 
more Rivers meet, f C. Aber j Ir. 
Konavan, kovrhuth, kovnhuadh. 

Congruo, Kyttyno, kynghordio, 
kyflbni ; To agree with, to accord, to 
flit or match, A. Otren, Ir.Koiv- 
reirim, imairgyim, tigim leis, re- 
idhim leisi koivfreagraim dho, 

Conor, ymegnio, ymorA:efty , 
keilio, rhoi kais, ymgais; To en- 
deavour , to attempt or ajfay. Ax. 
Epiuf, eflea, klas poania, en em 
nertha. \r. Dreimim, dithA;eollam, 
rpairnim,gleakam, tairgim, righim, 

Conlanguineus , Kar, kyduaed^ 
Acoufin, a kinfman i C. Kar [pi. 
keranz] A. kar, pl.kerent; ken- 
deru ; a Coufin German, i>l kindir- 
vi. ir. Dyn d'ynhuil, a ^yivghaol, 
kovvrathair , koivhiur , brathar 
j:;yil, e^c. 

Confcientia , Kyduybod ; Con- 
fcience, C. Keskians, A K6nfians, 
Ir. Kojudhas, koinfias, koivfis ; fi- 
odhnaili duine ar fein. 

Confcius, Kyvrin ; beiys,eyog; 
Conjcious ; guilty ; A.Kuvntabl, kia- 
pabl, [ G«/70' J Ir. KoivfifaA;, koi- 
veola^;, koiviulaA;; kovA;oirthaA;, 
kovArionta^;, koirtheaA;, no kion- 
tiX a giii^. 

Conientio, Kyttyno, kydfv'nnio, 
kylTynio, kordio, kydgordio^ To 
confent, agree or accord; C. Dho 
bargidnia, A. Otren, Ir. yntayim, 
kovyntayim , kovthoilyim.. koiv- 
dheonayim, fymam, Tighim leis, 
ataim reidh leis no ar. 

Councel, advice, judgement ; C.Kyf- 
I'yl , A. Avis j barnj Ir. Kovairle 
fairlo, t koindcag, f aitheak, oide's, 
breathavnas, run- 

Confobrina, Ky vnither, [ Glam. 
knithder] kyvnitberu, kyvnith- 
deru, Ajhe coufin-german ; A. Ki- 
nideru, I. Bean;;ovua, totA:ovui. 

Confobrinus, Kevnder, kevnde- 
- - TU: 

Of The Origin'al Languages Of Britain And Ireland, fi 

ruj A Ctufm-Gcrmtin , A Kcnde- 
ruj Ir. Kovua, m;nh;!50vua , fear- 
Piovi'ia, mak dcirvfiura>j pi. 

Conl'picuus , I lywcl , nmlug , 
guydhog ; Cetiffticuou! , tap* to be 
fee?!, very clear er affareyit i (S.. 
Spladn I dear or trighel A. Sklcr^ 
(plan, patant, dnat, rcidn. Ir. Fol- 
hs, loillcar, reii, ffoireil, fran, 
t meaiiin , -f eke f eafaidhe , fo- 

Conilans , Giiaftad , dianuadal , 
difcrvilh, (cvydlog, dioriog, diyf- 
gog. Conjlant, fteJdy, ftcAfeft, rc- 
Jbh'J, ferjevermg. A. Conlbant , 
padiiis, flare Ir. SheafvaA; koiv- 
hcafva.»r, dainjqcan, f dron, urru- 
dhafa,Vj iaidir, bunaiteaA;, ncavthy- 
d&x , ueav?;orra,v: , neavghogaA; , 
dearv, doigh, kovnaidhea/;, nca- 

Confuetudo, Cnottaad, arvcr, 
devod, k>'nnevod, kynnevindra, 
hcnvoes ; dylh , ^cdh , mcxlh j 
Cujlome , iifage , uje ; a fajhion or 
manner. A. Guis, kyftyum j Ir. 
Gnath, bes, n6s f mos, f tal, f feo- 
dhradh; modh. 

Confumo , Treylio , guarrio , 
t dyualhdrain, avradloni, diva, di- 
vrodi, yily, divetha, gormely, di- 
ftrvuio, To -wear out, to ^end, to 
rpafi or defiroy. CD ho 
guaftia^ dho touli d\ vc-as ; A . Go- 
afta , Ir. Kaithim , mealam, kear- 
narrij kreanam, kealam, knyiym, 
fcarlakaitn, knagham , kovA;nvi- 
ym, korbam, kov;i;orbum , bran- 
nam ; flugam, millim, fgrilam, do- 

Contamino ; Halop , duyno ; 
bydrcdhy ; To defile, to pollute or 
corrupt i A. Sotra, filrbuilla, kon- 
(heza, hakrat, diflipa, difegonni, 
koli J Ir. Truaillim, falayun, for- 

Contemptus, Dirmig, f dibrif- 
fiad, tremig, diyftyrU/i, faluedhj 
Tdicluedhj Contempt , fcorn , dif- 
datn. A. Dilpris, [ difprifuc, /c fl^- 
^//?1 Ir. Tarkaifhne , f tar, mive- 
as, divea.s-, fpid, f dennis, f divi- 
7;im, neiv-veas, droi^-veas, neiv- 
headh, easonoir, mivodh 

Contendo, vmdre;t:yp ymryflbn, 
ymorcefly, vmdynny, ym5eiDCa;>;, 
kynhenny, kckry^ ymryvaelio ; To 
firne or contend, to lie ■mitk, to 
Rrtigle ; to debate, to quarrel. C. 
DhoomdhaL A Brefdekat, fkan- 
dalat, tabyutal, trybuillij Ir. Nim 
duvlan , fpaim, imreal'an; kean 
nairjyim, kiapalaim, confpoidim, 
bruidheanaim,troklim, kovrakaitrij 
dreanam, kathayim. 

Contineo, Kynuys, farrt;yfifTcd, 
dal, kynnal j To ho/dor contain ; C. 
Dho(endzhe,/o ^.Wj A. Dcr-iel, 
kompreni ; Ir. Kongvayim 


5ena i; ; Contrary , repugnant j a- 
verji; A. Kontroli , cr Aiontroll ; 
ktxiarfna, a naghaidh, koninry x,\ together , to par'c'^c. C.Dhod 

Copulo. Kvplyfly, kviK-lhty, 
kydiu, kymhary ; To couple or joyn 

konnailica/; , trithvcarta/; ; drc 
andha, eafvnta<;. 

Controverfia , ymryflbn ^ dadl , 
gUrthdhadl, ymravel, fymurthrin, 
t kyurvilcdh , f kyvrvlcdti ; coh- 
troverfy, debate, variance, difpute, 
quarrel, A. Argyll, tabyut, profcdi. 
Ir.Imrealan, ktMnnairT:;e, konCpoid, 
kiapail, f imnili, krinkan, eaglava- 

Contubernalis, Ky veilh f t ^y- 
veilht] kydymma-th, kyuely, 
f kytcy. [Diioi "I Amate, or compa- 
nion i a coatr.ide, a chamhcr-fellorp 

nia, A.Kuhli, parat; Ir Ka- 
braim, koivi;canglaim, koivT^rea- 
mayghim, kovnalgam, kovCnadh- 
mam, koivA;uivryini , kuplayinv, 

Coquo, Bcrui, To feet h or boil. 
C. Dho bridzhan i A. Binii ; Ir. 
Hruithim, bcarvam. W.Brydio 
to heat. ' 

Coquu.s, Koor^ACooki fCKcg, 
A. Kcjjincr, Ir. Kukaire. 

Cor, Kailon, The hart. C K'v 
Ian, A Kalon , ir. Kroidhc rTork 

Corallium, Kurd, Cora/l i Ar 

A Connpannyun, marcoloc , con- Gular, Jr.Kroivcal , korudhan pi. 

fort, kamarad ; Ir. Compan, com- 1 Coram , yng uydh, -er bron 

pina;,', I koiglc, kuallaidhc; koiv- rhag bron, o vlacni ^Before or in 

Ihe.imroir, koiv-vilidhc. \pre/enceof; C Dvrag; A.Dirak- I 

Contumax, Anyvydh, kyndyn, 
avrvUiog,pcngaled ; Stubboritjelf- 
■wiU d,Jiille7i, peevijh, froTPard, per- 
verfi, refi-alioryi A. Mulpennek , 
kiipcnnek, pcndok, penvcrz, kil- 
verz; efii-ontet. Ir. Kafuval, neav 

a lathair, a viodhnaifi, o Pioinne, 
o A;ovair, [ \V. ar5\ver, oppo/ite\ 
ar aghaidh , aghaidh ar aghaidh ; 

Corbis, Baft;cd, kauclh j f kec- 
tOg,lDav.]afwrg-basht,a pannier, 
urrama*;, kinntrean, kruaidh, te-i&:c C. Basket dorn, a k.vrd-basket, 
inveala>;, krofanta. ; A. Paver; Jr. Baskcid, kliav, keis' 

Contumclia, Sarhaed, ammar;:, | Corium , Krocn , tonncn ; Ihc- 
dirmig, tremmigdiyftyrU/;, dryg-.der; A skin or hide; leather; C. 
voes, icnn, enlhib^ A reproach ,\^to\\i.n ., A. Kro/ten; ledhr'. Ir. 
an ajfront or abufi , a tarmt or Kroikean , ancis, iechig , )■ ton 
checque. A. Inzhiur , difmegans , f kart, f kadhal j Leathar. 
guall 6s; Ir. Aivieas, tuaileas, Comix, Bnin, ./^ Croro ; ydvran, 
j;rain, miAilu, toiveim iganail, be- 1 a rook; C. Bran drc, friu. Ir. Fia;^' 
illein, eafmail, fal ; athais , aith- 1 [fcannog the Roy/Ion Crow] prea 

vir, raafla, imdheargadh,rpreagadb, 

Contundo, Puio, briuo, kym- 
mnuo, kymmhuyo , dilio , kyro , 
baedhy; drylhio; To beat or bang, 
to bray Or pound; to knock,thump,^c. 
To dajh or break rnpieces. C- Dho 
kronkia, dho terhi, (^c A. Pilate 
teri, bryufiuna, myunyudi ; frika, 
frouefa, flaftra, fodtra; Ir. Kov;;- 
nagam, kovthiiarkaim, kovA;aini- 
kim, koivgheangam, fakvuaillim ; 
Gavam fakadh, knagadh, kainke- 
adh no fpalladh ar. 

Conventus, Kynnilheidva,kym- 
manva, eiftcdhvod ; ammod , ky- 
vammod dijvmnaod; An ajfembly ; 
aijo a b.rrgain or covenant; f C. 
Kedva, a Jynod or convention; A. 
Bagat, baden^ ryura; Accord. ■ 

Convitiiim. V- Contumeiia. 

Convivium, Guledh, kinio, k>'- 
vedha.'; ; A feafi or banquet. A. 
Kuvi, banket, Lcin, ilicr vat ; Ir. 
Fleadh, fcafda, f fuircas, f urgnav, 
j ftirthe, f imdhiil. 

Conus, Aval piquydh , (^c. A 
cone or pine-apple. C. Aval zaban, 
A Aval pin pc aval (apin, drc. Ir 

kin. q. Pi. badhv, fuinkc , f Te- 
athra, fkluivealta, f kruii-heaA,-r^, 
f ma;!;a t neavan. 

Cornu, Korn, A horn ; C. & A. 
Korn; Ir. Adhark, beann, fbean- 
A;avar, fludha^;, fluadhakin. P/. 

Corona, Talaerh, koron ; A 
A crown, a coronet, &c. A. Kyu- 
ryn, Ir. Kor6in, fleafg ; kruinnea- 
kan, c^-f. 

Corpus, Korf, A Body j C. & A . 
Korf ; Ir. Korp , truaill , f kras , 
t ark, t kli + kura;i;, f aA;t, f kun, 
t kroA;ar f kuni f fithcal, f Luva 
f Sheatna;^. 

Corte.Y, Rhifj;in, rhifglin ; ki- 
bin, plif-Jn; A rind or bark; a 
IheU orpiU. C. Risk, A.Riusken, 
kro;tan ; plysken Ir Kairt , kroi- 
kean krainn, blaorg[blyrg 1 

Corvus, Kig-vran, A Raven; 
C. Bran vraoz, A. Bran, Ir Prea- 
yAn, Pi. KnaivigheaA; , knaiv- 
fhia>;, f Brin 

Corvus aquaticus ; Myl-vran , 
mor-vran; ACormerant; CShzg- 
ga, A. Mal-vran , mor-maut. At. 
Ir. Fia^imara, shar. 

Corylctiim , Kolhluyn, kelhi , 

Kirin klogaide no leithid oilc go \ Hjiiyn kylh, A hajle-rcood, a grove 
mbar j^yl agus go niban leathan or'coptojfha/le-trees.A.Kclucdheki 
Copii, Amldcr [corr. Andlcr : Ir.KollAiaill, kolvuinc. 
Contra, ynerbyn7j;yveiruyneb, Dav.]^ amiedh, f havlyg, hdacth- ; Corylus, KolhenjKolhwydhcn, 
y ngurthuyi eb ; Again)? ; C Enap, ruydh ; Colyd, kvvocth, kyiTseth ; f Kolh ; An hafle-tree ; C. Gutd- 
bidn^ A Lnep , En ty dicrcb , Ihiolbugruydh. P/wfy, /rArWirwrf ; ban knyfan , f Goluidhen, A. Ke-> 
e co7itrario ; Ir. t Tar, anaj;haidh, irfa/r^j riches. C Lufdcr ; peth. lucdhen , Guedhan [ & guezan "; 
kodartna, ar rhyivno ar Icithoile; A Fon madu, pcnvidigedhu , Jr. kraun. Ir. Koll, krann koi'll. 
athy-vnoaran leith thall. L6n,lKSr; ¥ ox\i'u enough ; laivreadb, Cos, Agalcn | An v hogalen? J 
Contrarius, Gurthuynebol, yng \_r:ckes'^ toike , myin, f teacmoc, maen hori ; A-aketJlone ;<Z Ago- 
urthuyncb; a vo yn erbyn, am- f ana jti.xr;:ar, iarmart. Ian, Ar. Igfilcn, Ir. F; varon klox 
^ hyvar. 


Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 


hmr kloAj livtha; fairrneav. I Tros; brabm j A. trus, turni, far 
Cofta,Afen,eiien,[plur.N.W. var, gigur. Ir. Bryilleadh , flileaf- 

AfennKjS W.Ais '\Aribi C. 
Azan, [pi. a-iou] A. Koftenj ir. 
Aina, f airve. 

Cothurnus, t FolhaA-', t kyran, 
Dav. jl buskin; f Ir.Folasjkuardnj 
^ kind of Jock I 

ComrniA:, Scfl-iar, t rhingk ; ^ 
ffitinil. A xmW; Ir ^earghuairc. 
'^oxa &: coxendix ; Klyn, mor- 
dhuyd, aigura pen klyn^ The hip 
or hau}!cl.\ the huckle-bone C.Mor 
raz, the thi hi A.NiorMt, Idem. 
Ir Leis, lealha.';, Uiafad, urran^ 
kna V no aval Icifc. 

Crabro, Kakkynen vaur, mar;e- 
gakkynen,C. i ;Kuilkiores,^ hornet, 
A. Guefpeden vraz. ir. EirkveaA; 

Cranium, Kreyan, afgurn pen, 
penglo?; A Skull i C Pcdn pral 
I pednpial mix\\,ydyu pevglogka- 
fylj A Kran, Ir. Kloi^ean, Bal- 
log an kinn no blylf; na hmAiinne. 
Crapula, Medhdod.fbruyfsedh, 
rhythni, bolull i Dnmkimiefs , crop- 
fkknefs i a fur charge of fiomach, a 
furfet. C Medhdas, \ Dru7ikennefs\ 
A.Mcfvinti; Ir. MiHiSe, f baji , 
Pvitcafadh, kuibthinneas, poitchin- 
neas, h^x\\^vx^■, ba;<;vradhad, baA;- 

Cras , Y vory ; To viorrow, C. 
y vuru; A. Ar x'oadh. [_M.'\ Ir. 
Klara;;, a mara;ii. 

Cralfus, Tcu, braifg, rhevr, prat, 
bras i Grofs, thkk, big. fat. C & 
^.V>rlz, large, big i Ttu, Fat. Ir. 
Reavar,tiu, f Tin, urovaidh ; te- 
olvar r F/c*)' J t kuavar Idem , 
meth, Fat. 

Crates, Kluydj plaid wud, <&c. 
An hurdle of Rods mat I'd together -, 
C . t Kluyd, L y- <'-ww- '» t^tf^*' ] 
A. Kluct. klueden , Ir. ls.liach,kov- 
la, brciki kreatax no kreataigh 
thighe. VI. 

Creber, Teu, anil; arvcredig , 
kynnevin; myny;« > Thick, thick- 
groton clofe ; frequent, commoji ; of- 
tc7i. Q. Liaz, 3 .lias KetmenJ'requejit- 
ly: A. Till, itank, teo, fonnyiJs, 
pyuU i a liers, meyr a ucth. Ir.Tiu, 
t tin. Ian ; kathayeai;e, jnathaA; , 
•t5reafa;K, klea;;da;ii, koit;Keaai 
30 minik, ar vorin d'uairiv. 

Credo, Kredy , koelio j To be- 
lieve; C.Credzhi &krid2.1ii; A. 
Kridi ; Ir. Kreidim , jcillim , ty- 
vam,syilim; beirim Icreideav, &c. 
Credulus, yfgavngred, hy-^red, 
houdhgrcd, t ehyd ; Credulous i 
Soi-^rcidvea;;, meir^reidvca;;, lu- 
ai"thxi'cidveA;K, meir;ireathar. 

Crcna, Rhigol, rhygn, buUi 
guly faeth ; A flit i a nip or gap; a 
notch of an Arrow, &cc- h Fig, be- 
am, gm'iis, gag, rig, f^ailtcadh , 
[«c/f/f] igaineadh. 

Creo, Krey, To create; C- Dho 
gurei, dho jil, i'c wm^c ; A. Kiua, 
Ir . Kruthayim, uim, dealvam, ko- 

Crepitus, Diafpad, tonk, tguith, 
kleck, fain, trufti Bram ; Abounfe; 

gadh , blo4gadh , dyrfa , truiplea 
gadh, toran,torman; rgonnogjljin- 
ne6g, brem, bruma. 

Crepufculum, Kyvnos, gogyv- 
nos, ky vlyxjuyr j kyvliu gur a Ihu- 
yn ; Giuur, kyvdhydh, klais dydh, 
y dydh-lyg ; The tivilight in the 
evening, after fun-fet ; the da-W7iing 

Auero. A'.ryyftjdifafyun tenn^din- 
vat, ingratj digar, kryuel, krJz Ir. 
Borb, f pont, garg. djganta, aordha, 
fuiltea.*;. neivnea.;tj ainn:uk, anu- 
ais, anuafalj fiadhta. ncavdhaonna, 
neavdhuineatSj deineap:da;<i. 

Crudus, Amrud, Ihymrig^ ir, 
kri ncuydh-uncithyr , anadhved. 
Crude [ or. cold j raw ; green or ?ictp 
7nade i'uKripe. C.Krlv, A. Fretk. 

of the day. C Gydhihuar,r/:c'ew»- 1 nevedh, anhao j Ir.Glas, tin ana 

i}ig, terri an dzhcdh., the daunmg of 
the day ; A. Kemesk deidh ha uos 
dar mare ar ruedzheu; Ir Tuai- 
lea;tt, brejk-holas, krcapuifjeal. 

Crefco, Ty vy, kynnydhy, fkyn- 
nyrAiy , anguanegy i To grow or 
wax bigger, to incrcaje. C. Dhote- 
va, A.Kriski j Ir.Fafam, meadayim, 
\ arthrayim , tiyini a f vorvair , 
ataim domuileadh. 

Creta , Pridh-galAj, chalk; 
Arm. Cleis;, Ivriadh- 

Cribrum, Gogor, guagar, rhi- 
dilh ; A fieve or fierce; C.Krodar, 
ridar a kazher ; A.kiocr, tamoes , 
Ir. Kriathar, pivarj krethirin, pi- 

Crimen, Bai, karedh, f farbaed, 
fkyvlavan; A crime, a foul fault 
or offe7ice, an injury, &C. C. Pen 
|/»J A. fcandal, offtnce , -^tx&x.., 
Jin. Ir. Koir, kion, kionta. lo/cd, 
t forb, brobar, dimbuaid, aithvir, 
mafla, ^c. 

Crinis, Gualht penn, bleui^n 
penn J Hair of the head; C- Bleu 
an pedn, A. Bleu pen. Ir. Gri'iag, 
folc [Sc. fait] tsrog, ftrilis. 
f barr. 

Crifpus, Kry^;, modruyog, gu- 
alhtgryA;, pcngry^:, 7 dylhiog, yn 
rhy;ca:, yn dhilhix ; Curl'd criffd, 
frizl'd,-wrinkl'd,cru7tipl'd. C. Kryl- 
Uaz, curl'd^ A.Frizet j Ir.Kua^ap;, 
kamoga;;;, ba^ila;;, ba;i;alla/j, ba;;^- 
logach , kua;i;oga;i;, koirnincaAi , 
JdoigineaA: ; Ranga;e, gruga.?:, ra- 
ga;i;, rokaA.-, rokana;e kliba^;, gi- 

Crifta, KribjBri^injkoppa adc 
ryn; A crejl , as of a lapwing, a 
lark, &C. a tuft, a plume ; C.Kri- 
ban;, A.Kribel i Ir. Kirin, kurka, 
turn, tuimin., tor, puirtleOgj ftu- 

Crocum & rcus j Saffi-um, Saf 
fron ; A. Safrun, Ir. Ki6a:. kro;Ka. 

Crotalum. Simbal ^ rhygl groen ; 
A cymbal, a rattle. Ir. Krotal. P/ 
Crucio, Poeni, ny;ttyj dirboeni, 
dygnbocnij govidio, f dygnflino , 
t arteithio, m'erthyry To pain or 
torment, to grie'vejo affiff, &c. C. 
Dhofpeitiajfo vex. A. Poania, an- 
keniaj enkrefi, ncx'h turmanti, af- 
flizhea, trybuilla ; Ir. Piloidmij pi- 
nam, kroA;am, keafam, kradliam, 
urA;radham, prea;Kam,gallruighim, 
bruidim j greadam no loii'j;im ar, 
buaidhrim^nokuirim buaidhirtar. 
Crudelisj Kreylon, kethin, fyr- 
"'g> t dyuaL f -jthy t:,Cruel,fiirce, 
il/-7jatur'd ; rude, bar bar ow, hard- 

admOTTioife, a creak; a fart ; C.\hearted; C. & A. Garo , hagar, 



Crumena , f Aluar , f amner , 
tpoutneij kodeii, pursj Apurfe, 
a p4)uchsa7>207iey-bag; A. lal;5 ; Ir. 
Sparan ; peas, pcalan, fpriiuva;i;an, 
Tiagh, tioAiog t bolg, lpiA;og. 

Cruor, Kray, guyar ; Blood drop- 
pi7ig out of a wound; Gore. Coru. 
Giidzh, [A.GoatJ Blood. Ir.Fuil, 
t flan j kru. 

Crus,.KoeSj fLhorp, tgom- 
ma^: ; The Jljank or leg from the 
k7tee to the a7ikh; C. Garr ; A. 
Gar, [ pi diupjar & divcskar ] ir. 
Lorg, an ;t;os o ghliln go mug- 

Crufta, Kaen, krauen, krcft, kre- 
ften, blisk, guisg, kryftyn, kram- 
menj Acrufi; a Jheil ; the Jcurf or 
fcab of afore; C. Krevan j A.Krc- 
uen; Ir.Sgreav, krufta , blyfg, 
kroikean, jearVj doiVj pjiltar no 
garvjiadh , 

Crux, Krocs, [ pi. kruys ] krog, 
kro/iren, kroguytih,prendi6dhev 
Govid, blinder, helbyl, tralhod, 
farteith, poen, crc. Acrofs, a gib- 
bet or gallows ; affliiiion, vexation, 
any thing that troubles, grieves or 
tori)ie7ns ; Cj. i Krois j A- Kroas ; 
Ir. Krolli, kr6;s, kees f'^o^ & 
riagh, j- garman. • • 

Crypta , Fay , ogov , k'cydulh ; 
Ihc kay [S.W.Koy] yn y dbaiar ; 
A grot, a cave or den, &c. A Kafi, 
kaoVjkavarn; Ir. itaigh talvan. 

Cryftallus, Krilhial, knfluant, 
Gridiicl, kerig keUer ; Cryjial. A. 
Kriftalj ir.Knihtail. 

Cubiculum, Kyvigl [& corr 
kydhigl ] yftavelh gutly^ hyudy ; 
Shanibar ; A bed-roui/t, a lodgmg- 
room ; C. Tlhombar; A. jKambr ; 
Ir.kuil-heomra, kuilt-heomra,flie- 
omra kodalta no le.ibtha, f imsking. 
Cubitum & -tus ; Elin, pen elin ; 
kyvelin ; An elbow; a cubit ; C 
Gelen; A. Elin, ilinj elmat, Ki- 
vilin; ir. Ulyn, knav raighe; ban- 
lav, kuvaith, raighveas. 

Cucull s, KoAjol, t kul, fkuvl, 
f Kukkulh ; A friars cowl ; a hood, 
a moTttiro cap; fC. Kugol; A. 
Kapot. Ir. Kuidarun, bairreadj a- 
tan-f mel. 

Cuculus, K6g, kethlydh, >' guk- 
ku i A cuckow ; C. An gog , A 
Kykkug ; Ir. Kua;t-, t kai no kyi : 
Scot. Mo7!t. kiiag [& ^ilag] I>ian 
kivag. . 

Cudo, Morthuylio, bathy, CT-f 
To hammer ; to flamp or coin money 
A. Morzola, to hammer, forziiea, 
tn forge, jr. Inneonam [ to beat on 
the a7ivil'] klodhvuailim, to Jtamp 
^ CujiS' 

Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 


Cujas ? Gur o ba wlad ne a ba 
ryu blaid ? dftpkat count rey, Se& 
or fa-ty ? C. Den o piui an pou ? 
o pa an f ruivanasdh ? e^r . AO 
pea IcAi ? 6 pea an ruanteleth ? Ir. 
Kait as ? ge dar muintir , drying 
no tir? 

Culex, Guydhbedyn , [ Dav. ] 
man-iiybedyn, tcdnoj^yn j A gnat 
or littlifly. t C Stur, A. Fibyuen^ 
Ir. Kuyl, kui leog, milcmilt6g. P/. 
Culina, Kej;in ; A Kitchin :, C. 
& A. Kcj^in; Ir. Kirchana;K.P/. f. 
Culmenj Krib tV, Drym y to j 
krib^ koppa^ koryn, y^jedh, yA;der, 
guarthav; The ridge of an houj'e, &c. 
the to£^ peek or fummit of any thing ; 
C Krib an tllijij the ridge of an 
houfii A. Lcin an ti ; Ir. MullaA;^ 
t mua), t foi^e, barr^ ua;!idar, fir- 
varrj fir-vulla^;, erf- 

Culmus, fKalav, guelhtyn yd^ 
korfcnyd, paladr; Holm; the fiem 
or fialk of Com from the root to the 
ear; C Y^zh. , firara> ■, A. Korfcn. 
Ir. jiolk, jiolkog, koinlin^ lorga 

Culpa, Bai, f kul, kamjul, f ka- 
redhj tguyd- A fault or errour -, 
A. Faz, fot, goal, rebelh, blam. Ir. 
Koin kion, IoA;d, f forb. 

Culter,K.ylhelh,bidog ; A Knife; 
C Kyllhan ; A. Kutel ; Ir. Sjian^ 
kuirk; A fen-knife, iriuin, mea- 
dix, meadog. A highland durk or 
dagger, Bidoc. 

Cuker, Kulhturj A coulter of 
a Plough. C. koultyr ; Ir. Koltar 
Cum , Kan , gan , ^ida , ^i- 
dag; With , C. j;enj gan; A- Di- 
gant ; Ir. Le, la, re, laisj go gus^ 
fre, fria, agj naaillcj t oinme^ mail- 
le rcj maile ris. 

Cumulus^ Turr, penturr, fup, 
tkyrt,klydaer,IJai'. A. &C.Bern, 
graA;el ; Ir. Karn, karnan , gnuvj 
moil ; knok, knokan^ knoikin^kno- 
kaire : Retairvreie, )omad,moran. 
V- Acer-vM. 

Cunabula, N. W.Kryd. S. W. 
Kader; A cradle; Q. Lesk , A. 
Kavel [W.Kauelhj a hampire'] 
Ir. Kliavan, nocrufgan; keangalL 

Cuneus, N.W. K<n, S. W. Ga- 
ing ; A Wedge ; C j;edn, A. jen^ 
kifeli Ir. j;in, f pilcj licnean, fpalla. 
Cuniculus, Kuningcn, Phioj:;en 
[ Dav. ex Ul>. Land. ] A rabbet ; 
C. Kynin; A. Kunigl, konifl; Ir. 

Cupidus, A;uannog, kybydhj 
auydhys ; Defrous, covetous, greedy, 
eager; A. xoantek^ avarifius ; Ir. 
Santa;!:^ akovarax, akon^;, myin- 
^hirama;Kj myinkikra;e, IbitvinaA;, 

Cuprum, Koppr^ rhydh-evydh ; 
Copper ; C. Kober, A. Kuevr ; Ir. 
Cur, Pam, paham ; am ba beth ? 



dy valuA,-, ymjjeledh, Care^diligetice; Goddefs -, A. Dues ; Ir. Biindia , 
indujlry. A. Prcdiri, fourci, ftyudi, bainduilcain. 
damant;lr.Kuram,gringal/riA;nav. Deauro , Eyro , goreyro, gor- 
Curia, Lhfs. dadlcydy, kyng- j;ydhio ag ayr; To guild, to lay 
hordy, Senedhdy ; A court, a town- over with gold. Jr. LiSioram , oir- 
haUi a council-houfi, &c. A. Odi- ghiltealaim. 
ans; Ir. Kuirt, fkuird, koindcal- Debco, Dyly, bfld yn dhylcdys, 
gairt , Teagh kovairle ; t Waid , bod yn rhuymcdig ; To one; to be 
palas; t Lis^ A houfe. V. Lies m indebted; iobeoblig'd. Q Dha bos 

the Irijh Didionary 

Curro, Rhedeg ; To run ; C.Dho 
punnia ; A. Redek ; Ir. Reathaim 
t rordam, rilidim 

Curruca, Gura;telh y kay, Guas 
y Gog [ Dav. 3 gui;celh y gog, id. 
guigyn y gog, id. A hedge-jf ar- 
row. C. Gylvan Je, A. Perdun. 
Ir. Kylog. 

Currus,Menn, kertuyn, kerbyd; 
A cart , a -waggon ; a chariot or 
coach; A. Karr. Ir. Kairc. fcn^karr, 
karbad, kro^^ar. 

Curvus, kam, krum^guyr, kruk- 
ka, baA;og ; Crooked, bended, boTp'd, 
awry , hook'd; C. Kabm , f kam ; 
krum ; Ir. Kam, f kuar,fiar, klaon, 
ftaon; Iubtha,c$-c. 

Cufpis, Blaen arv, ^\g-,The point 
of a -weapon; A. Beki Ir. Rm, 
t eo, bar. 

Cuftodio , Kadu , guarxadu ; 
guilixd , di%uil ; To keep or pre- 
ferve i to guard. Q. Dho kuitha ; 
A. Miret, dihoal ; Ir. Koiveadaim, 

Cuds, Kroen , tonn ; A Skin ; 
C Krohan, A. Kro;Kcn, Ir. Kroi- 

Cyathus, Fiol, godart, kuppan ; 
Adriitking cup. C. Hanath, f Fiol; 
Bolla , a borwl; A. Potkard , tis ; 
Gueren, a can or tankard. Ir. Ku- 

cn kyndan. Ir. Dliyim, ata d'hia 
xz\y orum ; As fia;ia orum. 

Dcbihs, Guann, cguan , Ihefg , 
eidhil; Weak.impttent, infirm C. 
Guadn, devclo; A. Dinerth, fall. 
Ir. Lag, anvann. 

Deb;tum , Died, dyled, dyled ; 
T>ebti C. Kyndan, A Die; Ir. 
FiaAj, fia;i;a 

Deccdo, ymadau, myned ym- 
mxth, kilio, rhoilhe ; To depart, 
to recede or go off; to give place ; 
A. Difpartia; Ir. Imthyim , fiov- 
laim, t ortayim,aitfiCarrayim ; bei- 
rim ait dho. 

Decem, DegiTca, C Deg,A. 
Dek; Ir DeiAi. 

December, Rhagvyr [Mis rhag- 
vyr] The mojith of December ; C. 
Mis kevardhiu , A. Kerdiu ; Ir. 
Dei;i;vis, mi meodhain an ^heiv- 

Decens,Guedhys, guedholjgue- 
dhaidh, teg, hardh, adhyyn, kym- 
muys, hardhuedh ; Decent, becom- 
ing, be feeming; comly.handfome C. 
Teg ; Handjome, fair, decent , A. 
Dereat. Ir. im/;uvaidh , f imair- 
j;idhe, kaideavail. 

Deccc, E wedhae, nwc 'n uedhys 
guedhys yu. It becomes, Ir. Asim- 
AJuvaidh e i as kaideavail Ihin. 

Decipula & decipulum ; Magal, 

pa, kupan, korn, f kuib, f krithir. f telm, f annel, brad bulh, kyph 
Cygnus 5 AJarA; , Afwan ,- C. Ihygod, yfleppan, kroglath ; Apit- 

tEIer^;, A. sin; Ir. Eala, j;eis, 

Cymba, Kua;, bad, ylgraf; A 
boat ; C.Kok, a boat \_plur. kuku ] 
skath ruz, a fjhing-boat , skath hir, 
a long boat. A. Bak, treiz Ir. Bad, 
koi:e,tgrodan, ]f.mzx.\Ahorfe-skiri 
boat'] fkoka, kok-vad. 


fail to catch birds ; a fnare or gin ; 
a moufe-trap. A. Stoker, gripec; 
Ir. Gaiite, gaifteog, dul, painteaL 

Decus, HardhuA;, par^:, kym- 
meriad, anrhydedh, yrdhas, id- 
myg, maul, kl6d ; Decency, credit, 
•accept aiue , honour ; praife ; A . E- 
nor ; honour ; mylydih, [& luans] 
praife ; Ir.On6ir, f oirvid, fmiadh, 
gloir, klu, mear , aireav, moladh, 
adhvoladh, maife, fftillon; kai- 
deavala^d, datbavaIa;Kd, makan- 

Dedecus, Mevl, guarth, anyr- 
dhas, kuilidh, [S- VV.Kuidhil ] 
ammharx;, anhardhuA; ; Difgrace , 
difcredit, diJ}ionour,Jhame, reproach, 
di^arageme7/t. A.DizenoT, mepris; 
Ir. Salaij^he , fobas, broghaighe, 
tutaighe, truaillidheas, miovaJcan- 

Why, wherefore. C. Prag.' praga? 
fraga, rag fraga, rag fra .? A. Perak ? 
Ir. Kiodar? kiodfa? kiodfar? kio- 
duime .•" kreadfa ? 

Cura, Goval, pryder, hariany, 
Idydhoriad. Dav. Aftydruydh, 


Ama , Gavar dhan , euig 
luyd; A fallow-deer ; f C. 
Euhigluyd, A.Bi(h;Ir.Fi- 
adh odar-vuiye, noruadh. 

Damno , Divarni , kolh-varny , 
condemnio, buru i varuoteth, be- 
io, kerydhy ; To condemn ; to dijlike, 
difapprove or difaUow, to caH in a 
futt or tryal at laic ; to arraign and 

prove one guilty. A Kondoni. Ir. ' tas, graineavalaA;d, grain, malla , 
Damnayim, dyram [daoram] loch- nairc, nairighe, naireaAid, aile. 
dayim, ionnlaiyim. Defedus, Diffig, palh, abalh, 

Damnum, Niued , t ar^yuedh, [ gualh, eifiJe, janghael, raeth, biU;t;. 
kolh, kolhed;H»rf , damage, lofs, de- DefeEi , want , failing ; C. Faut , 
triment, A. Kollidiketh. Ir. Divail, ' want , A. Defeut ; Ir. Eafvadh , 
doledh , pudhar , ur;s6id , Do«ar , j uirealVadh, eagvus ; dearoilea/td, 
kaill, kailleavuyn. dith, diovail, tlnntriv. 

De, O heruydh, am, ynghyl,e ; Degener, Avriu, Ihedriu, avry- 
Of, about or concerning; A.tvit; uiog,anvonhedhig, ileluaed; De- 
Ir. O , ar , de , ua , ag , na, am, do generate, bafe, mean-^irittd, awk- 
reir, do hviv [dothaoiv] fa. -ward. Ir. AininnskeaAi, cil;sin- 

Dea, Diuies, f duyues, Dav. A neala;^. 
O Deinde, 


Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 

O-K traon, en diaz. Ir. A nuas, 
Deplumo, N.W. Plyo S Plyvo 

Deinde, yii 61 hynny , heb lau I Deorstim. Ty ag i uired, ar i 
hynny, wedi hynny, ymhelhaik, 6 uared,ty acobry ; ilod Downicard, 
hynny alhan ; Aperwards ; €■ Ud- 1 down ; C. An dor, lour,^ f ^'ot Ar 
zhe, udz,he henna, udihe hedda i 
A. Gude, gude-fe ; \x. iar , iarav , 
iar (hi'n, dels fliin, na dhiagh fhin. , , ^ -, ^ ,■ 

Dekaamentum , f dyuenydh , i To plume or pluck off the feathers ; 
divyrruAJ, digrivuch, hyvrydUA; ,! Ar. Phuna; Ir. Kiuvam, (golJam, 

didhanUA;. kyvannedhruydh. be- beanam. 

light, pkafnre, paftlme ■ Ir Solas, Deprxdor, Preidhio, anrheithio, 
fonn, taitneav, yivneas, taidhle- yfpeiiio; To rob or f^oiL to plunder 
achd, faivea;td. \a?id ptUage i C. Dho robbia. Ar. 

Deleo, Diley, kravy ymmxth, |Ribla. Ir. KreaAiam, argnaim, eil- 
dielui, diftryuio; To blot out or . kirn, fpoASam, fladam. 
deface ; to raze out, to deftroy, to \ Derideo , chuerthin , guatuor , 

aioliJl.ii to avnuU. Ir. Dallam, mil 
lim, fjjriofam. carA;ailim, ftiadraim, 
arghairyim, krofam no kuirim a- 
ma;s as Icavar 

Deliciie, Priv-ankuin, ankuyn. 
melyfvuyd , buyd amhcythyn; 
niuythi, divyrru^;, digrivu^ ; De- 
lights, dainties, pleafures, pajlimes, 
toys,fa}icies, Ir. Solas, aitcas, moc- 
nas, faighle, fheafgaire, (avas, gre- 
ann, luarkas, meadhaiv ; miifliedn, 
earkan, carkvann, biadh mil'fli. 

Delineo, Lhineo, Ihinelhy , To 
Delineate ; Ir. Uirdhealvam , uir- 
dhrea;uam, uir/j'inmiolaimjCumam, 
tairnyim, kcad-hoirmim. 

Deliqueo, Todhi, ymilhung, 
ymdhattod, yniroi, dadlaith, dad- 
mer, meirioli ; To melt, to thaw or 
diJfol've,S<c C.Dhotedha.A Tey- 
dhi, Ir Leagham,tinam, meotham. 
Deliquium, V. Deledtus. 
Dehrium, Gorphuylh, ynvyd- 
ruydh, fvndod, furdandod | syvr- 
dandod Dav ] f ymlev^rydh, Id 
Dotage; A.Rambre,lorhenn, dio- 
taifli ; ibtoni, follencez j Ir Ama- 
danaAid , mearaghadh , lliea/iran , 

Delude, Guatuor, fliommi, tuy- 
Iho ; To mock., to delude, to beguile, 
to cheat or deceive, &c. A Guapa- 
at to mock; Trompla, delevui^ to 
deceive s Ir. Ssijim, knaidaiiti nim 

DemOjTynny ymmaeth. To take 
away, to pull off; C. Dho kemera 

kerr, A.Tenna, lemel; Ir. Bea- 

uam as no dhe, eiskirdam, ufga;r- 

dim, fTallaim no tallayim, fgaram, 

tairrngim de, kuirim as. 
Dcmum, yn y diuedh , o'r di- 

ucdh; Finally, at length, at laft. C. 

uar an diuadh; A. Uoar an di- 

vedh, uoar an fin, uoar an ifliu 
Denarius, Keiniog, ji penny -, C 

Dinar, A. Diner i Ir. Piin. Kean 

nayira, I buy i do AJeannuigh fe, 

he bought. 
Dens, Dant, yf?!)''!''' j -^ tooth. 

a fang, a tusk C. Danz pi. Denz; 

Denz rag, The fore- teeth , Denz 

dhclhor. the jaw-teeth or grinders. 

t Dant, pi. Dannet. A. Dant pi 

Dent , kildant , Dens molaris Ir. 

FiakaiL t feag no feg^ kuil-hiakail, 

A grinder. 
DerJus , Teu . Thick ; C. Teu j 

A. Poftif i Ir. Tiu. 
Denuo, Dra;Kefenj etto , etua ; 

uinew, afrejh, again ; C. Huath ; A. 

Adarte^hoathj arrej Ir. Jarain, a ris. 

guaudio ; To laugh to J'corn , to 
mock, toflear at, to deride ; A Gua- 

pa.ti Ir. Sgigim, knaidaim, mm 

Uclcendo, Difgyn, myned i ua- 
red.myned i laur; To defcend, to 
go or come down, to alight or light 
off C Dho deiskyn A. Deisken. 
Ir Turnaim, 'f'uirlinim, Tigim a 
nuas no teadham, Imthyim (ios. 
Delero, G-du, gadael ; gurtnod, 
To leave alone, to for fake, todefert ; 
Ar. Dilefcl, kitaat. Ir Treij^im, 
fagvairi, fgaram, tibim, lig.m, dea- 

Defiderium , ;(;uant, tuylbys, 
euylhys-A,uai t; Defire , lip lont- 
mg ; want or lack of a th'vg ; t\i . 
/> gairihi .ioaiitaat, ?tf dejire. 
u. Du.l, min.fon, failgheas, rnui- 
gna^, lamt., f adlaik, faike. 

Deliiio, Arus, ymaros, gorph- 
ou/b crigo. p la o , ymattal ; to 
ceaji or leave off i to dtfifl, to give 
over i Ar. i^ibuUes. li. otadaui , 
l^uirim, igithim, anam, feaumj lai- 

Dei'peratio, Anobcith ; Defpair -, 
Ar. D»:eiperi ir hadoA;as, mi- 

f diiiharbodij To defpair, to be out of 
hope; Ar Dilci^cri. Ir. hadoig- 
hmij nuovuinira, teadham. 

Deipuiiio, Dieuynny, tynny 'r 
euyn, euynny; To fcum or clarifie 
liquor i Ar. Spuma, Ir. Sgeimim , 

Defquamo, Di?;enny, Dirifglo; 
Tofcale {JJhi) alfotobark [a tree) 
or pull off the bark i Ar. Diskanta j 
Ir. Laiiam. 

Deluper, OdhyAiod, odhiv ynu ; 
From above, aloft, over head i Ar. 
A didan, diou^r, dreift, eu-. al lae, 
diuoar lae ; Ir. A uiias ; fos fios 

Detego, Datgydhio, dadannydh; 
didoi j dia;(ilydh : To detefi or un- 
cover i to lay open : to dijclofe or 
difcover Ar. Ditkueus Ir. No-.- 
tam, lij;im leis, faifneifim ; diovra- 
tam, o;glaim, inifim. 

Deus Dyu ^Godi C Deu ; A 
Due, Ir Dia, f Seathar. 

Dexter, Deh^, deheyig; cym- 
muys J Right, dextrous C.Dehou 
Ar Eun. ir Deas, DireaAS 

Dextra, Deheylau, y Ihau dhe- 
hay, y ty dehay ; The right hand or 
fide : C. Dorn gledh, Dyhou i Ar. 
An dorn dehou. Ir. Lav deas. 

DiaboIus,Diavol, Diaul, y kyth- 
rael The Devil-, CDzhiaulj Ar. 
Azrouanc />/»r. Ezreuent. Ir.Di- 
aul, Deavan, ainfpiorad. 

Dico, Dyuedyd, Ihevaru, heby, 
adrodhj To fay, to Jfeak, to telli 
C. Kouza, laoli Ar. Lavaret, 
prezec. Ir. Abraim , deirim , lav- 
raim, raidhim, Innifim, fuighlim. 
Di(ftunj, Dyuediad, gair, yma- 
drodh, diarheb: ^word, a faying, 
a proverb: C. Lavar. Ar. Comps, 
ger plur. geriou. Ir. Focal, Briar, 
ffuieall, fduar. 

Dies, Dydh, Diurnod ; A day. 
C tDet, dydh plur dydhiou , 
dzyrna, Arm Deidh plur. ded- 
hiuu, de plur dedhiou Ir. La, 
dia. Dies lobs, Dydh fyl ; Sunday ; 
C. Dezil j Ar Dilul Ir. Dia dov- 
nigh Lunae, Dydh lhyn;»x«»</<iy: 
C. Delin.Ar Diliun ir Dialuan 
Martis , Dydh maurth j tuejday : 
C De merh Ar. Demeurs ^ Ir. 
Dia mart. Mercurii, Dydh mer- 
rier ; mdnefday ; C. De marh^r j 
Ar. Demcr.Ker i Ir. Dia keadam. 
jovis, Dydh ley ; Thurfday; CDe 
.eu, A.L/inou. ir.Diardyn — ve- 
uens, Dydh Liuener; Friday;. C 
ije gueuar; Ar. Guener. Ir Dia 
hyne -S.irurni, Dydh Saaurn j 
Saturday : C. De Zadarn j A. Dar 
S idoi n : Ir. Dia sarn 

Difficilis, Anhaudh,kaled,H/ir(/, 
difficult, uneafie; G.'Callifll A-Dixs, 
puanius. Ir. Dokar, deakar, Dok- 
ra^:, deaklaA;,dokavail, dokavala;t, 
(ioiligh, crughah/:, J aire. 

Digero, Dolparthy, trevny, go- 
fod mcun trevenj Todifpofe or fit 
in order; to digefl : Ar Reiza. Ir. 
Eagraira, gleaiam, ordaighim, ru- 
nain, ruiiiim. 

Digitus, Bys ; A finger : C. Bcz 
(/>/«r. ) byzias, Ar. Bes, bis {plur.) 
bifiat Ir. Mear j griov , criib , 

Digitale, Guiniadyr, byfledrgu 
nio i A fnger-flall , a thimble : C. 
Bclgan. Ir mearan. 

Dignus, Teilung, guiu ; Adhas, 
cymmhelyr, Pf'orthy , defervmg, 
meet, becoming , &CC. Ar. Din. Ir. 
Fiu, airigh, diol, cuivid, diong- 

Diledus, ky, hoff^ anuylgy, ca- 
redig j Dearly beloved ; alfo choice 
or chofen. C Kyr. Ar. Ker. Ir. 

Diluculum,y borei-dhydh, Ihyg 
y dydh, klais dvdh : The dawning 
of the day, day break : C Terri an 
dzedh Ar. Goulou deidh, tardh 
an deidh. Ir. Glafana.s;, breakana;K, 
brcakadh, j;ealkadh, kreapuil'seal 
an laoi, maidean. 

Diluvium, Dilyu, Ihiv, Jhivei- 
riant, Ihivdhur; A deluge, a great 
floud: C Lyv. Ar Dilus. Ir. Di- 
le, anhalk, anvathad. 

Dimidium, Hanner, hatinereg ; 
Half; C Hanter. Ar Anter. Ir 
Leath, leathog, leathAiUidj leath- 

Dimitto, Anvon f r led, gellung 
ymaith, rhydhhay , To difmifs, to 
__^ fend 

Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland, yc 


fejtd away, to let go: Ar. Pcllaat- 
Ir. Kcadayim , beirim kcad, ftwf- 

Diploma, yfgrivcn, fhartar ; A 
charter , a patent , &C. Ir. Bulk, 
kairt, paitcant, toghraiv. 

Dilcalceatus , Diclj^idiiB , diar- 
chenog; Vnjhod; Ar. Diarchcn. 
C Diclgiz,. Ir. Ko(hlomarka;t. 

Difccdo, ymadau, ymadail, my- 
ned ymaith ; To depart ^ to go a-waj, 
to leave. Sec. Ar. Dilpartia, dipla- 
{'i j loda , lodenni ; ranna : Oor. 
Dho dile^sa. Ir. Imchighim uaigh, 
oramuaigh ; fgaram, dealayimjleir. 

Difcerpo, Rhuygo 'n dhrylhi- 
ay, drylhio , karpio , Iharpio : To 
pluck or tear i:i pieces : C Sguattia; 
Ar. SqueizJica Ir Straillim, Tairn- 
gim, klibam, gibam. 

Difcipuluus, Dll'gybl, yfgolhaig .- 
A fcholar, a dtfciple, a prentice, a 
learner; Cbr. Desgibl. Ar. Di- 
skibl p. diskiblien , diskidic, sko- 
lacr. Ir. Diskupal, fgolaire, f fo- 

Dilco, Dyfgy [ gan aralh j To 
learn or get the knowledge of a thing, 
to underHand. C t Dcsky,dho del- 
ga. Ar. Diski p. disket. Ir. Nim 
t(3ghlaim, gheivim eolas. 

Difcordia, Anghyctyndeb, ang- 
hydvod, amravael, ymryflbn, fan- 
nyfgymreod : Difcord , dijagree- 
ment, variance, debate, ftrife : Ar. 
Dizikord, skandall, aigu, tabut. 
Ir. EaJ^roidhea;>;d, Imrealan, aim- 
rcidhea^d, Eifich. 

Difcus, Dyfjil ; M dijh or plat- 
ter for meat -, alfoaquoit. C- Sky- 
del. Ar. Skudel. Ir. Mias, plaitin. 

Difloco,Symmyd, diJchay, i oiod 
o'i Je. Todifloca1e,todi§lact: Ar. 
Diuempra, dileA;i. Ir. Diniititn , 

Dil'par, Anhebyg, angjyffclyb, 
anghyinmarys •• Unlike, unequal, 
different : C. t Anghefpar. Ar. Di- 
fpar. Jr. Eagfavail, Eagkofvuil,ne- 
av/iofviiii., neavaithghein J ffain, 

Dili, yn hir, tros hir amfer ; A 
long tine or vhile, long, of long con- 
tinuance : C Pel; Ar. Pell, hir. Ir. 
A vad, go fada, go him.iian, go 
t rudhraAJ j taraal, dreivflie no (he- 
al i^da. 

Dives, Kvvoethog, golydog, 
fberthog : Rich, wealthy : C. ; Pu- 
ludoc. Arm. Pinnuidic. Ir. Sai- 
vir, Toikea;e, Toikeavail, akvam- 
geaAjjkoftalaA;; Ian do vaoin. 

Divido , Rhanny , kyvranny , 
parthy,dosbarthyi tuahany, \ Igar : 
To divide, to dijfnlute, toJever,to 
part: Q. Dho radna, dho barri; 
Ar. Ranna, darnaoul, Ir. Rannamj 
ruinnim, anlannaim, koivreanaim, 
dailim tklairim. 

Diviims, Dyuiol, nevoL fang- 
tzdb, rhagorol, ardher/.og: Di- 
vine, heavenly, excellent ; alfo holy, 
conficrated : A. Dcvinour Ir.Dia- 
dha, fQieathardha, daadhavail, dui- 
leavanta j neavdha, neavaidh, nyv. 

Divifio , Rhanniad , rhannodi- 
5XCh, parthiad, guahanijeth, gua- 

I hanedigflECh, yfgar. Diviflon. par-] Domus, T^, kartrev trevred 
tition, dijinbution fevering^^ C. trevad, trJv. AnholfiJalT^' 
Radn. Ar^Ran^lr.Rumn.tDu.l. « dwelling. C. [ plur frf- 
tearnaU.tfodhail, runntail, run- ven.J Ar. Ti [ pluf ] dtfsoruer 
dcrnuranes. Ir. Tcagh,aras, a,Jt; 
iong ilann,ikai, j Diiiadh 
ys LJ>osJ [kongvail, fDom' 
Domuilios. ''.•"> 

,„^''"'^*^'Hyd l;ydpan,hydoni, 
{D metis) fed; kvd ac, tva Uiiiill] 
"! lon^as, whilft that. C.Tty, fpas, 
en men termcn. Ar Emcitma, an 
dra. ir.Nogo, kemgo.gobdch, 
gogus, arfeadh,arfad. 

nadh, koivrcan, kovruinn; deaJu- 

Do, Rhodhis, rho:; Kaniattais 
kanhiadi j kynnyg. To grve, to 
grant or yeild, to allow, to tejlow, 
to offer. C. Dhorei. Ar Rci, p. 
Roec. Ir. Beinm , Toirvrim, Tu- 
gam, radam, j-daigbim. 

Doceo,Dy(f;y, adhyiJ5y,athrauy, 
athraiiiacthy. To teach or infiruti, 
to informe. C. Deljgy , tesky. Ar. 
Skolia, kelcn. Ir. Muinim, teagaf- 

OKoiia, Keicn. ir.MUinim, teagai- -hp„ ^... ^„;/-,' ' ', S'-*"" 
.a.m, .on;t:oigam, f'oir;ecadalainj, S^'/i'ifi'^' '''■'"'r''',''/''■^- 
? kolaidhim. ' J""' "J'r- "" '^"'"'S Ar. Done- 


Doiftrina, Dyfg, Dyfgeidiaeth, 
athrauiaeth , athrondhyfg , yfgoi- 
hcigtod. Ljearning, doarine, teach- 
ing, injlrudion, knowledge. At De- 
skadiuredh. Ir Foghlaim, fath, for- 
^eideai, caladha, f faoladh. 

Doemon, (potius daemon) Di 
aul , kychreil. A devil, a dtemon 
or^rrit. C. Dzhiaul. Ar Diaoul, 
azraolant, ezreuent, drouk-l'perec. 
Ir. Deavan, Diaul, ainl'piorad. 

Doleo, Dolyrio, govydio, cuyn- 
van, triftai, galari, To grieve, to be 
in pain, to be firry, to ake, to repine. 
Ar. Daladuriat, iaia Ir. Mairg 
nyim, ata doilgheas ciam, itu 
feolgaire oram. 

Dolium , Tynnelh, baril , pob 
math ar lefter maur. a tub, any great 
vejffel, a tun, a pipe or hogshead. C- 
Balliar. f tonnell Ar Tonnel. Ir 
DavaA;, -f koiniuhe, tonna, pioba, 
ftanna, ftonta, buta 

Dolor, Govid, dolyr, poen, ky- 
fteg, gCifl, gua) u ; trymder, alaeth 
Grief pain, finart, forenefs, forrow, 
angui/h, C. Poan. Ar. KueuAJ, po- 
an, angen, doladiur. Ir. Doilgheas, 
i 7 ionnl'a , f dreann , f eabeaire , 
I bearran, doA:ar, bruid, avgar, gle- 
1 odh, pian^ doa^ial, mairg, gailleav- 
j um, tuirle, dolas, dobron, brug , 
daigh, arraing. 

Dolus, Tuylh, hokked, di;Kelh, 
|(homedi;;2eth. Guile, deceit, trum- 
\pery, craft, treachery, faljhood, a de- 
j vice, a wile, a plot. Ar. Fallagricz, 
tromperes, Soutildez Ir. Lub, ke- 
alg , meang , f imdioll , f Eadir- 
[ naidh i lubais , kluin , kluikeog, 
meantail, gaftog, kaimfcog, meal- 
I ladh, feall, meaval. 
I Dorainus, Argluydh, [SW. ar- 
luydh] meiftr , Ihyu , I'hyuydh j 
(■ nav, fni-r, j pery v. A lord, a ma- 
jfler, a ruler, a chief. C. Arlcth f ar- 
luydh. Ar. Macflr (plur Msftri; 
Autrou(plur.;) autrynez, ticc, [pa- 
ter tamilias. ] Ir. Tiyarna , triath, 
ftor, t tuir, t ruire, f muireaohaA;, 

Domo, Dovi, guarhai , daro- 
ftung, gorefjyn. To tame, to fib- 
due, to vanquijh, to overcome, to 
break { a horfe, &c ) to keep under. 
C. Dhodova, dho terhi(marh,&c ) 
I Ar. Donva. Ir. Smachtam, keann- 
layim, kloidhim, farayim, brifim, 
kuirim sios no fyi. 

Donum Rhodh,daun,rheg, an- 

ion, Rekumpans. h. Brontannas. 
tidhlakadh, tndhnait, tim;Kho- 
vauk,tdeol.tair,tdathadh, feir- 
neadh, tiodhnakal, tfuithkearna;e, 


Dormio, Kyfgy, hyno, heppian. 
To fleep, to he afleep. Dho kyfga. 
Ar. Kouskec, morkousket, morhe- 
di,founia. Ir Kolaim, r Kodlaim 1 
luanaim , kalam, f tudim no tu- 

Dorfuale, kevnlhiain, yftam, 
pynnoreg. (adelh, yftrodyr. An 
horfi-cloath,a fack-fiddle,an houfmg 
C Dibre. \a fiddle^ A.Bafs, pannel, 
Dibr. Ir. Pillin, paineal, I athar, 
uii.uh, eada;t, diaJlaiahc folachno 
kanavas ciA;. 

DorfumjKevni tkurrum,t trym, 
penrhyn, morbeni efgyr, kevnen 
o vynydh, Ihethr bron. Aback of a 
man or beafi , a promontory or hill 
lying out, a ridge or fide of a hill. 
C. &A. Kein. Ir. Druim, muin, 
dronnan, kruit, kul, dromain j 'aif- 
jeir, umaire, droimlin, taov, be- 
annjlearga, nomalaknoik. 

Dos, Guadhol, kynnvfgaedh , 
[kynhyf^xth,] aguedhi, eguedhi, 
fargvvre. A portion or dtrwr'y, mo- 
^y, goods or lands given with the 
wife in marriage. Ar.Argouron, ar- 
gobrou. Ir. To^ar, krodh, feart- 
^rodh. LanAjrodh, baAirodh, t Li- 
vearn, liveadhan, |divadh, kryi- 

Drachma , Uythved ran Uns j 
Bath arian a Ihyh byftax; amo,a da- 
lai rod ouvth vn yr uns Adram, 
the feventh ( once, now the eighth ) 
part of an ounce. Ir. Dra;KV3 no 
kovthrom thri fixeid grainneadh 
orna beige i teftun [no tuiftean] 
kota bin. 

Draco, Draig. A dragon. C.& 
Ar. Dragun. ir. Dragun, draig, 
dreagan, drig. 

Dubium, Petryfder, aramhey- 
aeth. A doubt, a quefiion ; Ar. Due- 
tans, difeidh, Anfeidh. Ir. Avras, 
kontavan, fainAicas, fa;!::, f math- 
ftdh, t oii;Keas. 

Duco, Tyuys, tuyfo, aruain, cj'- 
varuydho; duyn, aruedh 'To/f^./. 
to convey, to bring along, to draw ; 
to wheedle, cajole or allure. C Dho 
ledia, dho tedna. ArKai, ren, 
condiii, embruk. Jr. Trcoraitn , 
airveartaim, flieolaim, kinveirnm, 


Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 


ftiuram , fmuainim } Tinlakaim ' 
driiidim, keafnayim iiias. 

Dudum, yn dhiuedhan yn huyr, 
ynhuyro amfer; o vlaen hyn,o'r 
blaen, er ys talm, gynt. But late, 
ere^hik, not longftnce ; alfoagreat 
while fence , lovg ago. C. Pel dhan 
urma, long-fence. Ir. O AJineadh , 
tamall, treall, fliealad no dreivfe 5 

Dulcis :, Mclys , per , peraedh , 
croyUj croyuber, melysber, Aiueg, 
di;tueruj Hyvryd , Hyvrj'dber. 
STteet, delicious, fleafant, delightful, 
favourable: alfo gentle. C- hueg. 
Ar. Dus, hegarat ; kenduA; , Ir.JVli- 
lisj blafta, I'aiv, favafa^ {oMzx,, 
taithneavaA;, toidhlea«, neivhearv; 

Dum, Pan, pryd, tra, hyd oni, 
lurd tra, kyd ag, truy. while, ■whilfl 
that, as long as ; yet, as yet, after 
that. C. Try , fpas, en men ter- 
men. Ar. Ahet, an dra. Ir- Trath, 
aniiair, ar feadh, f kan^ gus trathfa. 

Dumetum, Mierinlhuyn , Dav. 
tir mieriog, dyrys-le, dyrys-luyn. 
perth, kixbenh-A place full of bujhes 
or brambles. Ir.Tor,tom,kriA;,kri- 
Ajan, duvar, no tiu draeghein, dre- 
as no fjeaAi fiodhruva. 

DurnuSj Pob rhyu dhrain a mieri 
a dryfl. ji bujh, all kind of thorns, 
briers or brambles. C. Bagaz, [ ba- 
gaz eichin, a bujli of furz. ] Ar- 
Guedhen vian. Ir. Dos, dofan. 

buntaxat, yn ynig, o'r hyn Ihe- 
iav. Only, at the leafhvife ; to -wit. 
C. En ednak. Ar. Hep muy ken, 
hep ken. If. Avain , go hairigh , 
meath, dala. 

Duo, N.W.Day, S.W.Doy,duy. 
Ttdo , twain. C Deau. Ar. Doit, 
fam. Diou. Ir. Do, dis, belt, f faiv, 
koraid, kupla, kuinj;ir. 

Duplex, Daydhyblyg, dyblyg , 
Deyryu, deyvath. Double, twofold, 
twice as much. Ir. Diibaltaj eavantaj 
do uraid, fyi dho, da uraid. 

Duro, Kaledy guneythyr yn ga- 
led j ymaros, ymodhev, godhev ; 
parhay. To harden, to make hard; 
toflof or make coferue ; to abide or 
endure; to lafl or continue. Ar. 
Gudhan, padout. Ir. Kruaidhimj 
fuadayim, lainfeadayira , lanthai- 
rim, lanvairim, mairira no beirim 
ar fad amaA;. 

Durus, Kaled , f d vrvng ; Hydr, 
dryd, dyraidh j creylon, farryg, ga- 
ru, geruin. Hard, fo lid, dull, grie- 
vous, ft ijf, rough, rugged, hardy, 
fturdy. C.Kallifh. Ar. Kalet. Ir. 
Kniaidh, kaladh:, fkruideata, fdur, 
feodaidh, duirk, kaiikidh, kailke- 
vail, neavmog, teann. 

Dux, Tyuyfog Uy, Pendevig, 
pennaeth,ynbeai Arueinydh, blae- 
nor,Penkiudad, Penn aig, Dyg. A 
captain, a guide, a leader, a principal 
or chief, a ringleader, a Duke. Ar. 
Cabiten ( plur. ) cabitanet, condu- 
<Sor. Ir.Kaipun,Treoraidhe, airv- 
eartoir, kinnveirt, keanfeidhne, 
ttavartana, tyifeaA:, flaAidaran. 
flaith no privdheantoir. 

Dyfenteria, Haint y gallon, y 


darymred guaed. The bloody-flux 
or the griping of the guts. C. An 
girr. Ar. Fuerel. Ir. Flainghearr- 
tha;; , kruflugla , kru-fgyileadh , 
Flanfsyileadh, flan-vuinea;e, kru- 

Dyfpnaea, Dyffyganadl. Hard- 
nejs orftraitnefs of breath, purfenefs. 
C. Ber anal. Ar. Beralan. Ir. Te- 
an-kleivcj muA;adh kleive, Jearr- 
anal, jearranala^d, kliav-vuAiadh, 
kleiv-theine, droix-Ajliav. 


O, allano. Outof,fram,of, 

fence, for, according to. C. 

« Mesj meas. Ar. Eys, di- 

ouz. Ir. De. as, ua, a, oi. 

Ea, y hi. She ; C. Hai, hodda, 
Ir. I, flu. 

Ebrietas, Medhdod, bruyfjedh, 
medhuaint, Drunkenvefs,fulnefs of 
juice or liquor. Ar. Mefvintih. Ir. 
Miflise, ba^^;, mifhj;ea;t;d, mifhjea- 
valaAid, poic. 

Ebrius, Medhu, tbruyfg,diaud- 
rydh. Drunken ; aljb caufeng drunk- 
ennefs. C. Medho. Ar Mezo & 
Medho. Ir. Pocaire, mifhgeircjba- 

Ebur, Dant yr oliphant. Ivory 
or any thing made of Ivory, an Ele- 
phant's tooth. C. Danz elephant- 
Ar. Olifant. Ir. Knaiv no fiakail 

Ecce,yele,uely, f nyA;a, na^^av, 
Ihj'ma, liiyna, t yAja Lo,fee, be- 
hold; Ar. Sheda, fhetiu. Ir. FeuA;, 
ag (ho, t enne. 

Ecclefia, Cynnylhcidva, tyrva, 
egluys. a congregation or ajftmhly 
and meeting of people to worjhip 
God; a church, a temple. C. Egliz. 
A. His. Ir.koivthionol kovAiruin- 
neaghadh, Eaglais 

nerthol, galhyog, affeithiaul. Ejfe- 
&ual, forcible, prevailing much ; ef- 
ficacious, powerful, of force, ftrength, 
and power ; that ca» do much. Ir. 
Brighvar, eifea;KdaA:, tavafa;e, ko 
malaA;, akvainj:;eaA:, laidir, farran 
ta, feadhma;!;, kalma, krodhya. 

Egeo, Bod ag eiCix arno, bod 
meun an^en, bod meun eiCae. To 
need, to lack, to be in want, to ft and 
in need. C- Faut , want : ma faut 
dho vi, 1 want. Ir. Eafvayim. f Iii- 

Ego, Mi, myvi, 1, I mj felf. C 
Mi J dhebm, tome. Ar. Ma, me; 
ma iunan. Ir. Me ; egimtet ; me 

Elemofyna, elyfen, kardaud, to- 
ftyri. yilms,pity. Ar. Aluufen. Ir 
Deirk, almala, triaighe. 

£ligo, Ethol, dethol, deuis. To 
choofe, eled or pick out. Ar. divis, 
diledd, flioafa. Ir. Togham, tu;t: 
dayim, roighnim. 

Elimino, Buru alhan, buru dros 
y trothuy. To put , cafl forth, or 
turne out of doors Ir. Eadtairfyim 

Eloquentia, Hyaudledh, rhygli' 
aith , ftraethder. A gift or good 
grace of /peaking, eloquence. Ir.Dca 
lavra, deaghlavairt, deaghlavra/jt, 
t Sulvaire, faivriathraA;t, binvria. 
rax.1, readhlavra;et, milskoiteaAjt 

Emendo, Guelha, gueJhhai, di- 
uyjio, diveio, gurygio ; lachai kle- 
vyd. To amend , correii or make 
better ; to heal or cure ; to fet to 
rights. C. Guella, dho ouna. Ar 
Guellaat, kitaat, difeza. Ir.Lea- 
fayim, keaftayim, koirighim, dea- 

Eminus, O belh, o hirbelh. Var 
off , aloof, at diftance. C. O bel. 
Ar, Abell. Ir. Avaduath. 

Emplaftrum, Plaftr, cli. Aplai- 

fter or falve of divers things. Ar 

^hinus , E)raenog ; An urchin i Paiaftr. Ir. Treata, keirin, plaftar. 

or hedgehog. C. Zart. Ar. Yur-l Emo, Pryny, purkafy. To ^ay; 

link, erifun, beureufhin. Ir. Gra- 

Edax, -Buytteig, rhuth, gluth, 
diuala am vuyd, guangkys, f avle- 
ru, tKVj gormefur. A great eater, 
a glutton or greedy gut hx . Debriat, 
debriat braos. Ir. ^eokaA;, jlavin , 
kryifin, glavaire, flugaire, anA^aith 
veaA:, ainA;earnax. 

Ediftum, Gor^ymmyn, ordin- 
haad, kyhoedh. Acommand, ordi- 
nance or charge of them that be in 
authority, a proclamation,in]unBion, 
a citation, an ediil, an order, a de- 
cree from court. C.'t Gurhemin. 
Ar. Ordrenans,giu;eemen. Ir.Or- 
dughadh, aithne, fuagradh. 

Edo, Buytta, Iheua, yfy, diva, 
ymborth. To eat, to graze ; to con- 
fume or waft. C.Dho debbry. Ar. 
Dibri. Ir. Ithim , f toivlim , kai- 

Edo, onis; V. Eda;e. 

Educatio, Meithrin, magiad, dy- 
giad i vyny. Education, bringing 
up, nurture. Ar Magaduredh, ma- 
gadiur. Ir. Beathaghadh, aileadh, 
altrannadh, aliavuynj dalta.S5as 

Efiicax . 

to purchafe or procure, to farm or 
take to farm. C. Dho perna. Ar. 
Prena. Ir. Keanayim , f kiuram , 
t ruikillim, fularaim, koivkyim. 

Emunftorium, Glanhiadyr, ju- 
ellae kanuylh, kan-uelhae. A pair 
offnuffers, Bearradan,fmdladan. 

Emungo, Torri penn kanuylh ; 
syA;ytruyn To fhuff a caudle; to 
wipe orffiift the noje. Ar. xxieiz e 
fri. Ir. DifmUgam, difmalam. 

En, Uele, nyA;a, yxz, Ihymma, 
Ihyna, fnaA^av ; Lo, fee, behold Ai. 
Sheda, (hetiu. Ir.Feu;e, avairki- 
dcak, ag Iho, f enne. 

Encomium, f Aruyrain, kerdb 
voliant, maul, f guaud, molaud. 
An oration or fong in praife of one. 
Ar. Meuleydi. Ir. Direadh , mo- 
ladh, moladadh, faille, fblatbj 
feartaille, feartvoladh. 

Enim, Gan, kanys, o heruydh, 
o blegid. For, alfo, truly, forfooth. 
C.Rag Ar. Rak. Ir. Oir,do brigh, 

Enormis, Maur, dirvaur, amrof- 
go, tabruyfg], anveidrol, alhan o 
vefyr; Avreolys, anihyuodraethys. 

Gryriimys, gxytn\o\,'Out ofrule.outtf fquare, irregular ■ 


Of The Original LanouAcJes Op Britain And I rel and. j^ 

exceedivg great, vafl, huge, of u»- 
reajbnalile bifjiejs, enorinoiu. C Bri- 
oi. Ar. Dirollct, dsrcii, Jixxlon, 
dibropos,cliuar;.ct, dilordrcnct.Jr 
Mor, anvor, adhvalvor, t jjiavair, 
jiiivcafarthi^, an/;oiix\(iaw<:^ Aivria- 
ghalta. ' -T .. 

Kniis, Klcdbyf, brdog. A/pord, 
a rapici-j a tuck. C. klcdjli. Ar. 
Klcdhc, (pUir.) kledheicr. Ir.Kloi- 
dhcav, t Kolk, f lann, f.jgen, j; du- 
ivghcann, grcillcan. 

Eo, is j Myncd, kcidhed ; Uci- 
tliiic Qvvod. To s;oi fimetime to 
cotfe^to p.Tfs , to fioceeii. C. Dlio 
jarras po maoz. Ar. Moijc, pcriio- 
nec. Ir. Inithiyini , tcadluni , ga- 
vam. fiovlam.kcininyim/cimnyim, 
ailwiiaHif Karcidhiin, gluairim. 
. /^phippium, 'l ibiri", \ llaru, kyv- 
ruy. 2'hc karriefi of an horfi.ajad- 
i'.e, cu koufiui, or horjc-cloath. Ar. 
Dil)r. ir. Uiillaid, fladhall, piilin. 

Epiglottis, Tavodyn.j.kacad y 
gcs;, kJoAi yr ymadrodh. The cover 
o>\fli^ of the rpeafgiid. Ir. Sgorn- 
^.wilve, fjjoirnfcas. 
.. j^pigroroma, ArgraflT; Pennilh, 
en^lya. W» itifcription upos ajiatue 
or the like ; ati epigram. ir.vJigraiVj 

l^pileplia, yr liaiiit diguydh, y 
kliiy diguv'dh, f gloclion Iheuyg, 
kluy Tegla, fy glocfion maur, 
giiiaJcn Grift, y kievyd bcndigaid. 
l%e' fillhig Jicknefs. Ar. Kadyuk, 
kadyures. lr.Mork-hyth,mojrkea- 
ikiJn, fkud.iimearadlii Tineas m6r. 

Epiphaiiia, ymdhangoliad, am- 
Ivj^iad, dydli vlluylh Epiphany or 
twelfth day. C Dcgl ftul. Ir. Taif- 
beanadh, foillflieaghadh an darna, 
fell na riogh, kcann-aA;ra, no a;i;ra 
Aiinandala dheag. 

Epiicopus, Efgob, golygur, go- 
rVAiUiliUr. A Bifhop , a Prelate, a 
chief officer in the church, afuperin- 
tendant. C lipak. Ar. Eskop,/>/»r. 
cikcb pe eskibicn. Ir. Easbag, iia;c-, muirncav, braichcoir. 

Epiftola, Lhythyr , ihythyr an- 
von. An epifile , a letter jent , a 
mijjive C. Lytherau, liters. Ar. 
Lidher ( Lizr ) cpiUbleu. Ir. Litir, 

Epitaphium, EcdlnrgraiT, yfgri- 
vcn ar vcdh, bcdh^erdh, marunad. 
Art epitaph or injcription Jet on a 
tomh-flone j alfo a funeral fong or 
yerfe. Ir. Mnigli, fearcghraiv ^ fos 
Marvna;; no kuvad. 

Epuluin, KyvedhaA;, guledh..<€ 
folenn feajf or tanquet ; a great 
treat, a irieal. C i'xCL bu7.. Ar. 
KCivi, baukct, fcft, banvez [plur. ) 
benveziou, Ir. Moirfleadh, rieadh 
mor no foUamiiaA; j Epulum ferale, 
Torradh ne fleadhtorraidh. 

Eoua, Kafleg, t guilff, t guilog, 
tguil. AAUre. C. Kaza.t Ar. Kaf- 
feg. {plur ) Kcfek Ir.Laer,kappal. 

Equcs, Gur mar^;, marA;og. A 
horfeman, a nan of arms : » knight. 
C. Marhag. Ar. MareLaour. Ir. 
MarkaA;, Kidire. 

Equito, Marx;c^xth. To ride, to 
fit on horji, to beflride. Ar. Mare- 


kat, mareguc/,. Ir. Markayimj nim 
( no initliyim ar ) markaya;KC. 

tquuL'us, Kbol, cb()ulvar;c A 
horje-colt. C. Ebal , Maih biari Ar. 
l^bcuil, ))/.vr Ebeulieu. Ir Moith- 
llicarr, iliearr,.lhcarra;»;, flicarr;tan, 
klibog ci/j. 

l^quus, ^farch, kcflFyl,fgoruydh, 
.^oruydhvarA;, j cdhellyr. Au horje 
C. Marh. Ar. Mar^. Ir. Ea;K , 
mark, |^ peall, Iliad, grcadh, fgo- 
var no gavar 

Eradico, Diureidhio, dadurci- 
dhio. To pluck up by the roots, to 
root up i to dejlroy utterly. Ar Dif- 
gridhicnna. Ir. Freavftraillim, dif- 
lrcva\ im,freivfgnlam j Icirlgrilam., 

Ercmus , AnialuAJ , diflcitliiu. 
A ■wilderitcfi , a defart , a folitary Dichreive, fafa/;,uaigncas, 
ait uaijhcii no uaigncaAj. 

Erga,Tyag,Tyagat, parthijCr- 
byn, gv vcrbyn, ar gyvcW.Tojrards, 
agai^. Ar Ektinvcr , dajehcla , 
en andrec. \t. lodars, arforraid, k 
goinne, fa thuaraim, ar yi, [aragh- 
aidh ] ar ■ cadao . a n'yi , [a na- 
ghaidh. ] 

Ergo, Urthhynny, am hynny, 

heruydhpa ham. Thereforei then. 
Ar. Eta, ir. Ar an adhvar fliin, do 
vi ! Ihiii, tre Uiin, uime Iliin. 

Erica,. .Gryg, f mynkog. Heath 
or li?tg^ hather. Ai. Bruk. Ir.FryA;, 
t fraoA; J (tyxza. 

Erigo, Kodi, kodi y vyny, ky- 
vodt, dyr^iavy. To ereff, raife or 
build up i tofet,pull, Itft.ftir or hoU 
up: to advance. Ar.Iiuna, renka, 
oidreni, kcmpen. Ir. Togvam, 
foiiguyiip, no kuirim suas, tairn- 
gim, korrayim. 
ErrOjKyvciliorni, f arar\ vyfedhy, 
guneythyr ar vai , kamuneythyr j 
iiiyncd ar dhiuanva, ar dhidro, &c. 
To err, rove, wander or firay ; ta 
/^''''ii^^' "> go out of the way; to 
mifiake or mijiinderjland , to be mi- 
fiaken or out. C.Dho miskyraeraz. 
Ar Fazia , dianaouc. Ir. ihcaboi- 
dim,flica;;rakaim, imrollaim, mea- 

Error,Kyveiliorn, famryvyfedh, 
didro, kamdyb, kamgymeriad,kru- 
ydr, iomiant, ibmm, kamfvnniad. 
An error, a mifiake, a wrong orfalfe 
opinion; a wandring, winding or 
turning out of the way. C. Mysky- 
mcrians. Ar. Erryl, tazi. Ir. Shea- 
;iran , imroll , f fordal, mcarvall, 

1 meirve, meavra, nieaA;malall,me- 
araghadh,kearghadh,flieavoid, fi- 
than, aivrios, ainvfis, mcalladh. 

Eruca, Pry'r dail, Tailiur dyu ^ 
Apaliner or canker worm ; a cater- 
pillar. Ar. Prgv cdcn. Ir. Ail- 
flicog , ». f . Knuv no piailog ga- 

Eruditus, Ucdii dhyfgy, dyf- 
gedig, uedi kael adhyfe , kyvar- 
uydh i aught, infiruiled, bred up, 
teamed, skilfuU. Ar. Gouizick, la- 
vant, pervcz Ir. Muinte, teagai- 
fgthe, JbirA;eidealta, foglarotha, ea- 
ladhjinta, fifa/;, fodaA;, iathavail, 
eola«, eoka, grithcaA:, treatha;s. 


Eruo, Tynny alhan druy nerth, 
t\ nny o'r gUraidh, diiyn alhan, To 
pluck, root, tear up, or out, to pitV 
out , to dig up. Ar. Lemel, tenna, 
diframa, digrizicnnai difplanta , 
didiatranii. Ir. Tairn-llircangam, 
llrangam , Itrailliin no bcanam 
ama/; . 

Elca, Buyd, abuyd, ymborth. 
Meat, food; » bait to take filhes or 
birds with. C. Bfii. Ar. Botr. Ir. 
Biadh, biralg, baite no taip. 

Efuries, Neuyn , ncuyndddj 
Hunger ; niggard linefs or mifery C. 
Guag. Ar Nauii, iiboet. Ir.Ok- 
ra.s, gorta, knuas, gantan, gamai- 
nighc, gainne. 

Et, A, ag, hcvyd. And. alfo. C. 
Ha, a, Ar. I fa, hak ; yues. Ir. A- 
gas,agus,takt, nco,ked 

Etiam, Hevyd, do, ic, eil'oes, et- 
to, ymmhelha.^. Alfo, too. more- 
over, yea further, even. yet. yes. Ar. 
Yucs. Ir. Fos, leis;*;eana, lonvaifij 
tar kcann, tar flio os keann. 

Etiamli, Er.kydbai, fbcrhdn. 
Dav. although. C Syl. Ir.jiodhgo, 
biodh go, ar fon. 

Etymologia, Guir-air, kyuir-air, 
tadogacth gciriae, iaun ymadrodh. 
Etymology, or an account of the ori- 
gijial and derivation of words. Ir. 
Kaifiueirt, bunadhas, foras, Ibras 
fokal, (Jianafan, fflianas, (ain-his. 

Evidcns, fHonnaid, kyhoedh, 
eglyr,goJK,amIug. Evident, cUsr. 
"Pparent, plain and eafie. At. Pa- 
tant, anat, skier, fplan. Ir. Follae, 

Eunuchus, DiCpaidh An Eunueb. 
Ir. Ettiana^;, eanuk, siiiiii. 

Ex, O, alhan o, odhiurth, urth, 
druy, er, ucdi, yn 61; Of out of 
from; by, through; after, accord- 
ing unto; C. Dhort, dho ort, me- 
as a veasi gen, der. ir.De, do, 
da ; as, o, a, le, re, tre, fa, for, ar, 
na, do reir. ' "^ 

Examen, Haid, mintai , tyr*, 
fdiadelh, grei Dyval holiad. A 
Jwarm of Bees ; a /lock or company, 
ajhole; alfo examination or trial. 
CGiez. Ar. Hetguenan [a /warm 
of Bees ] Ir.Saith bezx, &c S5< igh 
imad,moran.Fos fgrudadhjipmadh. 

E.xamino, Hoh, ymovyn, ym- 
;!iUiIio, provi. To examifie. tofearch 
to try. Ar.Examina. Ir. SSrudam, 
mireatham, kraireighim. 

Excellens, yn blaenori,rhagorol, 
godidog, ardherAiog, gor;tcftol. 
Exceliing.pajfing.furmounting. ovtr- 
toping;exceUent Ar Excellant, ef- 
kis, maenivici dibaot. Ir. Ag 
niarughadh, ag dol os keann , ag 

Excipio, Derbyn, kymmeryd, 
t arvolh, kroelauy, guarcd, aA;yb 
rhag. To receive, to take, to accept ; 
to entertain or welcome. Ar. Keme- 
ret, kregui, e.vccpti Ir. Giakara, 
Savam, edim, beanam as. 

ExcJto, Kvffroi, kynnhyi^y; 
kodi 1 vyny ; Peri, anncg, zico'iio; 
Ueflroi. To move, fiir or raife up,, 
to waken ; (o quicken, to encouraged 
to rowze. Ar. Gorren, (evel ; aiJia' 
attila ' 


Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 

attifa. Ir. Korraighim ,_ kuvfgam , 
brofgairo no togvam suas. 

Exemplar, Kynlliyn, kyndhelu, 
eilyn; elampl Afrmfltr, a fat- 
tern, a modeil ; a copy of a writing ; 
anexampley afamfk, &c Ar. Squ- 
ezj, patrom,exempl Ir. Shompla, 
eafamplair i koib. 

Exercitus , Lh^ , bydhin. An 
army, a hand or troop ; an hoji or 
k^d of armed jovldiers ; alfi exer- 
cife. C fLy. Ir. Sluagh, f arvar. 

Exilium, Herurizcth, deoliad, 
alhdydxth. Exile , hanijhment. Ir. 
Divirt, deoraidhea;cd. 

Expefto, Difguyl, aros, ymaros, 
ky varos, edryz am> gobeithio. To 
look for, to tarry, alfiae or wait for : 
to jf ay for. to expeSl i to hope. Ar. 
Gortos, deport, dale, chom. Ir. 
Fea;gam, anam no foiryim leis. 

Extollo, Kodi, dyr;eavy, ardhyr- 
>;avy; klodvori, maurygi. To lift, 
held or take up ,- to extol, to praife, 
to raije or advance ; to amplifie, Ar. 
gorren, Teuel, guinea. Ir. Togvam 
no kongvayim fuas, meadayim, ar- 

Extra, Odhialhan, y maes, alhan, 
eithr, odhieithr, odhivaes. With- 
out, on the other fide. C- E meas. 
Ar. Adiavez, er mes, mes. Ir. jan, 
ar an tyiv, no ar an leith a moigh. 

Extrinfecus , A vo odhialhan. 
Outmard, om the outfide, out of the 
matter, from without. Ir. Go foiri- 
meala«, go flica;ttair, go flieaAia- 

Exul, Guladuahardh, gur deol, 
divro A hanijhed, man or woman., 
an exile Ar. Divroet. C Diures. 
Ir. DcoraidhCi dibeartha^;, no du- 
ine dibeairtha. 


FAba, Faen, f ponar. A tean 
C. Favan. Ar Fa. Ir. Ponar 
noponra. Fabafuilla, [i.e. 
Hyo/cyamut'\ gavan, kloj;. 

Faber, Pob math ar faer a gov. 
A work-man, ahandy-craft' s-man, 
a fnttth , a forger , a hammerer. 
C. Gov diu , A hlackfmith. Ar. 
Kaluex {^plur.) Kilvizien , car- 
penter. Ir.Keard; fahr ferrarius , 
gava; Faber lignarus, Syr [Saor, ] 

Fabula, Aiuedcl, ;euedel guney- 
thyr ; Aiuarae. A Paile , a tale, a 
ftory, whether falje or true ; a fib i a 
feign d device; alfoaplay. C.Gou. 
[W. Ke/ayrf*.] Ar. Rimadell, feri^ 
ruaill : Gau. Ir. Finnfgeal , brafl- 
geal, dofgeal, ffaval. 

Facetus. fArab, arabedhys, di- 
griv, digriv-air, kelhueirys, jeirl- 
hon. Facetious, merry, pleajant , 
witty i alfi brisk. gay, Q-c. Ar. Ma- 
ruailler, farcer. Ir.Greannvar, grin, 

Fades, Uyneb,uynebpryd,drf aj, 
guep, y golug a vo ar yn, edryAiiad, 
^urthdhryAsiad. A face, a v'tfage, 
the feature, make orjhape ; the form, 
fajhionorjhew. C Enap,f envoch, 
mein,miras. Ar. Ar fas, drem, ar 

vJiafh. Ir. yi , f aghaidh ] eadan , 
kainfij f tork, gnuais, ttul,dealv. 

Facilis, Haudh, hyruydh. rhu- 
ydh, elhiuyth ; Hyuedh, hynaus, 
bodhgar , medhal , yvydh. Effi'e , 
feafible; facil, gentle, pliable, tra- 
dable , good-natur'd ; eafie to he 
pleas' d; favourable. C. Hedh Ar 
&&.f diboan, habask, fafil, reidh. 
Ir tJras, sykla^;, reidh, f fukridh, 
eafgaidh, iafalax- 

Facinus, Kyvlavan, c«rys, gu- 
eithred dhibryd; antyr, gorxeli. 
AviUanom deed, a prank; a great 
aflion whether good or bad ,- an ex- 
ploit, an enterprije or adventure. C. 
Drog-ober. Ar. Gual-ober , fall- 
ober , druk-ober. Ir. Ainghniv , 
droi^ighniv, tiavan, fiavghlon. 

Facio, Guneythyr, ^nTomake, 
to do, tofadge; C. Dho ^11. Ar 
Ober. Ir. Nim, Siiidhim , f gni- 

Facultas, Galhy i uneythyr peth; 
grym; kennad; Golyd, kyvoeth, 
da. Power to do or J^eak ; faculty, 
leave, licenje; occafion, opportunity; 
force orflrength ; riches, wealth, &c 
Ir. Komas , komala^id , akvaing , 
t ara^:, f rea^it, feav j neart 

Faex,Guadhod,gUaelodion, Iho- 
rion, rhyttion, ibeg. Dregs or lees 
of wine ^ the ground or fettleme7it of 
any liquor. Ar. Li. Ir. Dcafj;aidh. 

Fagus, Fauydhen, prervfauydh, 
A beech-tree. Ir Krann faighe,fagh- 
vile, fegh-vaifinc. 

Faico, Hebog, Gual^; A harwk, 
a falcon. Ar. F6kun. Ir. Shea- 

Fallo, Tuylho, Oiommi, hydo 
feithyjio, peri feichyg. To deceive, 
to beguile, cozen or cheat ; to difap- 
point; to lurk, to abfcond, to keep 
out of the way. C. DoUa & DiUa 
To Deceive. Ar. Trompia, dece- 
vout. Ir. Meallam, kealgam, bre- 

Falx, Krymman, pladyr, ifarn, 
gudhi , ba;e , Tjavlaz , bilug. An 
hooky a billy fit)} or fickle , &c. C. 
Voulz , tilh. Ar. Faux , fels. Ir. 
Korran, f (hear, knika no fpeal. 

Fama, y gair, y f6n ^ Enu, bri, 
parAl, kl6d. Fame., bruit, common 
talk or report , tidings; re7tow» , 
praifi, good name or reputation ; alfi 
tradition , hear-fay. C. f;er da, ( a 
good word. ) AT.TT\ls(plur. ) tru- 
iiou, briut turni, fauar ^ briut mat, 
hano mat ( a good name ) Ir. Klu, 
t bladh , t kloth, f nafadh , laga , 
luadh, luadhradh. 

Fames, Neuyn,A;uant buyd,Gu- 
angk, auydh. Hunger, dearth, fa- 
mine, fafiing; alfi greedy defire. Ai. 
Naoun, ilbouet, naoncguez- Ir. 
Gorta, nuna, ampal, akras. 

Familia, Teyly, tyluyth ty, ty- 
aid, gofgordh, yntyaeth, teyl^seth, 
kymmaethly; Lhuvth, tyiuyth, 
kenedl Ak houjhold, a family, a li- 
neage, flock or kindred. C- f Gof- 
kordhi. Ar. Tieguez. Ir. Teghla^;, 
treav]aA;t, la^t, bunadh. 

Famulus, Gu5s, gueinidog f^, 
guafanaethur,gur Ihys. Afirvast, 

an houfl^old-firvant , a valet, a man, \ 
a waiting -man. C. Den huel,! 
Ar. Serviiher, meuel. Ir. Ogla;!:, 

Fanum, Teml, Ihan, egluys. A 
Temple or church ; or plot of ground 
confecrated. Q. Hgliz. Ar His, 
Tempi. Ir. Daivlia^:, Lann, kill, 
teampal no eaglais. 

Farcio, f Sengi, f fe;ti, Ihenui, 
pefsi. To fluff, to farce, to cram; 
or feed. Ar. Karga, leuna, bar- 
ra. Ir. Gloitlinam , linam, car- 

Farina, Blaud. Meal, flower ; alfo 
powder, asfaw-dufl er pin-du^. C. 
Blez. Ar.Bleut. Ir. Min, pluar, 
luaithre, no piidar. 

Fartum, -tGuacdojen, ffelfijen, 
fmonoAien, [S.W. Potten] A pud- 
ding, a farce ; or the fluffing of a pud- 
ding or other thing: afa-wfage. Q. 
Gudzhyjan, (a black pudding) pot 
guidn, (a bagpudding) Ar.Gmdo- 
Sen, filfig. ir. Putug, inreaictan. 

Fas , Ky vreithlbn , rhydhf urch 
gyvraich, kyvraith, iaun, ynion- 
deb j kyviounder. A thing lawful! 
orpeffible; iuflice,equity,ri^ht. Ar 
Shyullis. Ir-Koir, keart, kovthrom. 

Fafcia, Rhuymyn dyn ba^Jj fy- 
nen, talaith liain, guafgruyni. A 
fwaith or Jieadling band; a band to 
tie wounds ; a wreath. Ir. Kris,ke- 
angal, rtrioUa, Itrea^itan. 

Fafciculus, Seldrem , dyrnaid, 
Ihoueth, dyluv, tyflii, tuyfg, tuyf- 
f^ea. A packet or little bundle; a 
handful; Ar. BeA:,fam,karg, pocs. 
Ir. Glak, glakalla.J; , dornan, glai- 
kin, kQaiiin. 

Fafcino, Arganvod, fuyno, Ihy- 
T^attyny, rheibio. To bewitch, to 
forelook orforeffeak. Ar. Sorfa. Ir. 
Aidhvrim, fulradharkaim, fiilveir- 
nim, kronayim. 

Fafcij, Sup o vriuydh, yfgyb o 
^d, yfsybelh o vaniaydh, fagoden, 
baiA:. Aknitchofwood or twigs, a 
fagot, a bundle or far die, a packet, 
ajheaf. Ar. Fagoden, {plur. ) fa- 
got, bcAT, bot. Ir. Brolha, kor6g, 

Faftidium, Fieidh-dod. t>ifdain, 
diflafl, loathing. Ar. Mepris, dil- 
brizans. Ir. Grain, deiftean, mi- 
ghrean, f tarkuilne. 

Faftigium, y brigin yA;av, krib 
t^', trym, yAielgrib, divlaen, brei- 
dhben. The top or height of a thing, 
the ridge of a houfe; a head or chief 
point. C. Krib an tlhyi. Ar.Lein 
an ti. Ir. Barr, keann, mullax, 

Fateor, Ky vadhev, kyfefTy, kyd- 
nabod a'i vai, adhev. To confefs, to 
acknowledge, to own, to grant. Ar. 
Kofes, koes, kofeUaat. Ir. Advu- 
yim , nim ad vail j ataim adva- 


Fatum, Tynjed, tynghedven ; 
maruol.ieth, angae, faudh trangk. 
Fate ordefliny^ the courfe of nature ; 
death; calamity, misfotune. At. 
Ankou , ( death. ) Ir. Kinradhark 
no ordughadh de; fulradhark. 
_ Faveo, 

Of The Ohioinal Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 



Favco, Favro, hoffi, dityn cu- 
ylhvs, kyllynio. TV bear good -miU^ 
to favour or countenance ; to he for 
on»j or on hit fide ; to Tpijh one well. 
Ir. Fayrim ; mm foyar, no taillibea- 
naim deagluhoil. 

Favilla, Ylu, maruydos, gurci- 
;Kionyn. ^n hot emier, the white 
'ajhes wherein the f re u rated up. A r . 
Lydy brut. Ir.Bcoluaithc, fmall no 
lmala;K ilcarg. 

Favor, Favor, hoftedh, hofftcr, 
tyedh, (or;:, kariad Good will , fa- 
vour^kindntji. Ar. Favor. Ir. Foy- 
ar. f toghar. ] 

Fiiufhjs, Lhiiydhiannys , dedu- 
ydli, fvnnedig, tynnaduy. Lucky, 
fortunate, frof^eroas. Ar. Fyrys, 
j^uinvidik. Ir.iiona,nieanvar,adh- 
var,deagluhoiI, j;radh. 

Favus, Krib.i; guenyn, kiiybr. 
Akoneycomb. C kribinnicl. Ar. 
Tullu suenan. foUen koar, pe di- 
rcn mcl. Ir Eirkriovor j kriathar 
no t riovar mcala. 

Fax, Kanuylh, fagaJ, eteuyn. A 
torch, a flambeau, a link, A Torfh, 
flamboelen ; Ir. Prikead , f ftaral j 

Febris, kryd, y dheirton, yr ak- 
fcs. Afever,anague. Ar.Terfian 
Ir Fiavras. 

Fcbiuarius, Mis ^luevror. The 
month offebruary. C. Huevral [cor. 
Huerval] Ar. A;eveurer. Ir. Fcav- 
ra, fyili- 

Fecialis, Heraud,arwydh-vardh; 
kennad yn kyhoedhi rhyvel An 
herautdat arms, to denounce war or 
peace Ir !"eafgaluidhe, Griom;eal- 
laire ^ sithvollaire. 

Fel, byftl, ;kueruedh j Govid 
medhul Gall, hittternefs, grief of 
Jpirit C.Bcfl Ar.yvcftl.Ir.D6m- 
blas, flieirve, bearran. 

Felis, Kith. ACat C-Kath. 
Ar. Kas. Ir. Kat, luxaire. 

Femur, y ty alhan j'r uiordhuyd, 
y r irr. The thigh -, properly the out- 
fide of the thigh. C. Morraz. Ar 
Mordhct Ir. Lei«, leaftraA;, lairjc, 

Feneilra, Feneftr, golse; aduy. 
A window ; an entry or way into ; 
a gap. C- Beildar, t fcnefter. Ar 
Prencft. Ir. Fuirmeog, f Iheini- 

Fera, Auivail guylhr, juydhvi), 
Guydhludn. Avild beafi i any kind 
ofbeajl. C.fGurtbvil. Ar. Aneual 
5UCS. Ir. Beatha^, [ beatbodha;s 1 

Fcra^,FruythIon, toretbog, fru 
ythvaur, knydvaur, hv gnud Fer- 
tile, fruitful, abounding.fuU of. Ar 
Fonnus. ir. ToraidheaA;, torrthsA:, 

Fcrtulum, Saig. A dijh or mefs 
of meat bom to the table. Ar. Meys 
boct. IrKoithvias, m;as bidh. 

Fere, Agos, odhieithr yA;ydig, 
haiaA:, haia/;en. Almoft,ntgh, with- 
in a little; for the moft part, gene- 
rally, commonly. Ar. tlogos, kafi- 
mant. Ir. Beag na^;, gan naA; ; ni 
mor na;e. 

Ferctrum,Elor.j!;eIor, eloruydh,!* A'w^'^ inflrument. C. f Tcici- 

A bier C. Klar. Ar. ArA; , ar/;et, 
\a cojfin] Ir KroAiar , Elcatrain , 

Ferise, Dydhiic guylion. Holy- 
days, days vacant from labour. C. 
Dtdh soil & De-1. Ar. Gucl , 
(/>/Kr. ) gucliou. Ir. Laithe syirc, 
rj;itlie, foire. 

Fcrina, Kig hely, kig aniyjcl v;u- 
ylht. 'Blejl.f of a wildheafl, I'enijbn. 
:\r. Kig vtn&on Ir. fFiadhPiua, 
Pi Fi;i(Jh vrorh,(])engl-vroth. 

Fermentum, Syrdoes, ;Kuydh- 
docs. Leaven; a lump levvned ; 
barm, yefl. Ar. Guell. Ir Laivin 

Fcro, Duyn, aruedh, aruain ; 
odhev , diodhcv , aros. To bear. 

nior, ; Hartcllor. \^Fidicma, i fel- 
lores 1 Ar. Rebetcr" [afidler. ] Ir. 
Klairdicoir, flcais^A; , caladarna , 

Figo, Guthio i mcun, Jyrry i 
ipeun, ■* kethry,lioclio,planny, 50- 
iod. To thrufl in, to drive in; to 
flick, to fix, to fajlen ; to fet or plant 
C Dho kclmy, dho takkia Ar. Fi- 
Hia, filhcUa, planta. Ir.Satham, 
din^:;im, tcannamjfeifjim. 

Figulus , KroA;cnydh , krcje- 
nydh, gueithiur Iheftn prydh, pri- 
dhaur. A potter or worker of things 
in clay. Ar. Podcr. ir. Krkdhcalv- 
th6ir, krithA:omad6ir. 

Figura, Dylh, gofjedh , Ih^n, 

to carry, to bring, to fujfer endure or \ cilyn, dclu, dcluad. Figure,Jl.^ape, 
abide; to lead or guide. Ariquzan, j /'?/''<'», mould, image, Ukenefs or 
enduri. Ir. Iom;Eruim , altraini , make. Ar Fyrm, felon Ir. Figh; 


Ferox, Krcylon, fdyual, j^or- 
uylbt, ttlihavar-; naufuylht, anhy- 
ueth, fanftyualhr. Fierce, cruel, 
/hrewd,furly, ijifolent, proud, huffe. 
Ar. Riuft , tenn Ir. Borb , garg , 
t pont, di^pnta. 

deaJv, ■} drca;K 

Filia, Mer;s. A daughter. C. 
Merh. fmuj;. Ar. MerA: , ;>/«r. 
merxet, plc;i:,/>/«r.plejiet. Ir. In- 
;5eanj fscaiw dear, nigh. 

Filiafter, Lhys-vab. A Jlep-fon. 
I C. 1 Els, Ir Lealvak, Lealluan 

FerrugOj'Rhud haiarn. Rufi of\ Filius, Mab. A fin, a child C 
iron. Ar. Merkl uarn. Ir. larn- i t Mab. Ar. Map. Pi'a^-. Mibien ir. 
vcirje. _ _ I Mak, f lAm, t bar, t ork. 

Filix, Khedyn. Fern, brake C. 
Reden. Ar. Kaden. Ir. Raith , 

Filum, Edx, adev,edev)in, Hi 
nyn Athred, yartt; a line,fhingj 
&c. C.Linyn, noden. Ar. Neu' 
den,plur. neyc. Ir. Snaithe, jiblie, 

Fimbria, ymyl guilg, godre, go- 
dreon, ymylj;ylA; , amaeruy. The 
skirt or hem of a garment^ a fringe, 
a welt : the border, end or edge, the 
C t Pillen. Ar. Bcven, bort, Le, 
lenn. Ir. jivas, im^al, bryk, ur, 
bile, favra. 

Fimetum, Tcmmen,tomir,endail. 
A dnng-kill, a muck-hill, a lay -flail. 
Ar. Bretyjen , bern teil. ir. Kar- 
nan iligb, lbrb;earn. 

Fimus, Tom, tail,bi(ljeil, kagal, 
\A\S. Dungor ordure. (2,T^\\ Ar. 
Teill. Ir. UeaA:, ka;Kj klada^;, lal, 
falA;ar, keall6ir. 

Findo, Torri, holhti, yfgyrioni, 
delhienny , aftylhodi. To cleave, 
to rive, to flit, to^lit, to divide. C. 
Dho fallia po t'eldzha. Ar. Fauta, 
frailla, drailla, digocntra, ranna. Ir. 
Sgoilcam, fgainim, gagam, fgaram. 

Finio, Diuedhy, dibenny, gor- 
phen, tervyny, kuplai To fn'tfh or 
end, to accomplijh ; to determine. C. 
Dho diuadha. Ar. Dibcnna, digoe- 
7,cut. Ir. KriA;nayimj eidirgfica- 
dham, forbam, fuinim. 

Finis, DiUcdh, diben, tcrvyn, 
gorphen, pen, diuedhva. C. Di- 
uadh. Ar. Fin , termen , ilTiu, di- 

Ferrum, Haiarn ; Arv, offeryn 
Iron ; aiiy weapon or tool made of 
iron. C Hoarn. Ar. Uarn. Ir. la- 
rann, carnaA:, no iama'.j:. 

FerviduSjPoeth, brQd, beruedig, 
ttanbaid, tanflam, f Teruynj Ihit- 
boeth. Scalding hot burning, fer- 
vent ; fierce, hafty, vehement, ear- 
nefi. C. Tubm. Ar. Lisgidik,tom, 
poath. Ir. Teagh, ar brui;Keailj 
dith.<;ioila;e, diA,ra. 

Ferusj Guylht, kreylon, jo- 
ruylht. U''ild,favage, cruel, fierce. 
C Gueliz. Ar. ^ues. Ir. Fiadh, 
fiadhain, fiadhanta. 

Feftino,Bryfio,tfryftio, pry'fvro, 
ebruydho, divrj fio. To make hafi, 
to hop en or do a thing ^eedily. C. 
Dho feftinua. Ar. Hafta, diffi-e,de- 
pefh. Ir. Deithvryim, tapam, lua- 
tham . 

Fiber, V. Caftor. 

Fibula, Guaeg , pcnn guresys, 
bax', gavaelva.i. Abutton,abuckle, 
a claf^; a hook, a cramp, a haj^. 
Ar.Buttun. Ir. Biikla, klasba, [Scot. 
Braft] bakan, kruka, knaire; Knap, 

Ficus, Fijybbren, A fig-tree. C. 
t Fikbren. Ar. GueZen fics. Ir. 

Fidclis, Fydhlon, ymdhiriedys, 
krededyn. Faithful, loyal, trujly, 
fure. C. Leal , t Laian. Ar. Leal , 
fidel, guir. Ir. Feidil ; tairis, f fm, fi- 
rinneaPi, dileas. 

Fides, Fydh, kred, koeI,hyder, 
fydhlonder, kredynisEth , ymdhi- 

ried, f Ihougair. Faith, truth, ho- ' vedh. Ir.KriA;, deircadh, foir;tean, 
nefiy ; belief truft , credit ; faith- f fuinn. 

fulnefs. C. Krcdzhans. Ar. Fcidh, Finitimus, Agos i, agos at, ky- 
lealdet, Ir. kreideav, krc, kread- vagos, nefav at, ar dervyn pcth, 
vail. am y tervyn. 'Bordering upon, like, 

Fidicen. t Filor, Lib. Land. Te- cloje or near to. Ar. Hentcz, ncl£, 
lynior, gur urth gerdh tannae. An amezek Ir Asfoifse; neafa. 
harper , i^c. he that playeth on Firmamen & Hrmamentum, fi- 
Po kruydh, 


"T,Y'T.,Ijf. A 'C0U¥.A^>:^:T.iy^y.VPQfipiJ l^AKY.:ik =J 

kmydh, kaJeruid, dioseluAJ, di- 
lyfruydki Sylvaeii dx'i punkpen- 
mv o ryu dhadlj y fyrvaven yr 
uybyr , V uybicn. Security i a 
groioid or'fiay . the chief point of a 
bufinefs ■> "^jo the firmament, she or 
heaven. C. Sekerder, krevder , an 
mean ler; An ebron ^ Ar. Nerth i 
[ nerz, ] forla ; fynt y /in oabr ; ir. 
DaingneaAid ; bun, idu i Air, an 
tair. , , > 

Firmus, Kadarnj firv , kryv, 
fikkir, diosel, kadarngryv, f diyf- 
god, northol, grymmys ; lavaduy, 
I dianuadal, difervilh , Finn.fteddy, 
firong ; conjfant, refih'd, ferfever- 
ing i Ar. Meyr, meyibet, galludys, 
vaiUanti conlhnt, padyus, Hart. 
Ir. paingnea;K, tren, laidir, flieal- 
vaAi, bunaitea/:. 

Fiftula,S.W.Pib, N.W.Pi- 
belhi piftilh; ;Kuibanogl; A pipe 
of -what fort fiever, a water ^out, 
afiute,&cc.C.?lh; A.Pibell,hui- 
tell, huibanell. Ir. Pib,piban, rea- 
dan, fide6g, lonloinxcan i Itaidhg 
no fteig braghad , rrhe vezel or 
vind-pipe, W. Pibelhyryfsyvaint, 
breyant, y korn pori. 

Flabcllum, Guyntylh , A fan, 
C.Guinzal. Ir. seoitWean , gei- 
dcal, fheafal. 

Flaccidus, f Guyu, Dav. Gueui 
giaydo, [S.W.guedigvyuo] egu- 
an, Iheipr, Ihippa, diffruyth, di- 
nerth,)hak, Ihipprynxdh ; f/;- 
t her' dy feeble, veakJoaTi^ivg^ lolling, 
flaggiug or flapping , C Guedrys , 
guadn, drc Ar. Goen, fcmpl, fall, 
diiierth. Ir. fhearkiha, krin, anv- 

Flaccus,Kulla, klyft-lippa.F/<r;'- 
eared, flagging and hanging down. 
Ir.Spad;clul"a;c, nofadxlulaA;. 

Flagellum, Guialen, fFlanjelh, 
ffreuylh ; fs'rt : Gol;^fon. A f nail 
branch or twig of a tree , a whip or 
feourge : a flail: a battledoor. C 
Vyft, [ a flail. ] Ar. Fraill, guialen 
plur. guiali fcurzhez, fouet. ^^ 
Kryibin, kruobog, flaitin, no nay- 
thigbeag; fgiurlajfhrogalj'maloid 
no flat fuiftc, no buailtin. 

Flagitium, Drugueithred , z\x- 
aen dhrug, gucithred dhybryd, di- 
rafruydh, fe^irys, gueithred ej;ry- 
floni yfgelerder. A naughty a&wn; 
a -viUany or mifchiefi an hainous 
offence ; a detcftable aSi i a wicked 
prank. C Drog-ober. Ar. Gual- 
ober,fal-ober,druk-ober. IrDroA:- 
gniv, mighniv, feillghniv, Doigh- 
niv, tiavdn, fiav-;::oir, fiavla^d. 

Flamen, ;>;uaouynt, Aiuyth pi- 
bx- Ablaft or puff of wind, ahlafl 
or found in an inftrument . Ir. Shei- 
deog, Iheideadh, gyithe. 

Flamen, offeiriad >"m m^fg y 
kenhedloedh. A prieft or Arch- 
priefi Ar. Belek. Ir. lodhaileaf- 
bag, Ardfagart, t flavnaidhe. 

Flamma,Flamm,tagaI, f eirias,ei- 
riafdan, tanlhuyth,kynnx. Aflame 
or bright burning fire ; a blaze, a 
flafl} of fire. C. t Flam- Ar. Flam. 
Ir.Lafair, l.ziux, loilcead, rikis, 
breo, faighn.n. 

5 ______ 

Flatus, zuyth, anad],,tSi1,A;Ua' ] 
auel, ^iuythad. ylpuff, Hafl or gale 
of wind. h. Shcidhghe , flicidcog ., 
Sythreog, Iheideadh, 5ru;Kd. 

Flavus, Melyn, melyn gloyu val 
gualhtmer;t;. A bright yellow like 
gold. C. Mellyn. Ar. Melen. Ir. 
iBui, [buidhe] or-vtiidhe', 6r- 
1 voidhe. 

, Fledto, PI>7;i, kammy, krvmmy, 

I guyro ; trbi. To bend, to low, to 

I crooken i to turn. 

Ar. Plega , kruma. Ir. klynam , 

ftynam, kruniam , lubam, pillim. 

Fleo, Uylo, uylovxti. To weep, 

bewail or lament. C. Dho hoalea. 

Ar. Gucla, dalaoni, kanvaoui, 

hiruoudi. Ir.Guylim,kyinim,ky- 

im, nim gul no kyineadh. 

Flo, A;uythy, auely, anadly. To 
blow. C.Dho huethia. Ar.;!iuedha. 
l.Sheidim, Ihealnaim, bolgam j.nim 

A lock ofreool, a flock of the jhear- 
ing df woUen c loath Ar. Tor^iat 
gloan Ir. t LAj ribe , giv j kliiv , 
kluvas, Hokkas. ' '. 

Flos , Blodeyin , blacndardh ; 
pr'dverthruydh. A flower, a bloom 
or blojfom. C. Bledzhan. Ar. Bleu- 
nuen,p/«r. bleun. Ir. Blath, fgoth 
no fgaith, foillear, foillearan, iox- 
lagan, breada;;it, maiiea;«c. 

Ihiveiriant, Ihiv, guarfor, mor- 
donn ; A wave, furge or biUow ; a 
tofs or dijquiet, Ar. Goaguen, plur. 
goagou- Ir. Tonn, krca;i;, nin, 
triathah, anfadh. 

Fluidus, Hylithr, frydiol, rhe- 
degog; Gulyb, tena:, tenieulyb. 
Falling or droppingoff; fluid, ?iioifl, 
watirifb; wavering^unconftant . C. 
Gleab. Wet, moifl. Ir Shrutha- 
vail, flinjthvar; ag rioth, ag fjy- 
ileadh amaA:. 

Flumen, Avon vaur, priv-avon ; 
fhyttynt dur, kerrynt dm. A river, 
flream or water-courfe ; afloud. C. 
Auan bras. Ar. Rivier, fter. Ir. 
Avan, Dothar, broinach, fluuth, 
Ihriav, flinuadh. 

Fluxus, Maris, Trai, nae'r Ihanu, 
Hyttynt dur, kerrynt dur, rhediad 
dur, kerdhed dur. A flux or flow- 
ing. C. An frou, & trig. Ir. Lain 
mara, muirlan, f bathlliruth, bath- 

Focus, Padelh dan, aeluvd ; Ty 
annedh, ymogor, tan. A hearth or 
fire-fide ; a private houfe or family ; 
fire. C.Shimbla. Ar Oalct. Ir.Te- 
alla;e no teintean beag, f Draigei- 
ghean, no f Draigvias. 

Fodina, Klodlwa, kledhiuig, 
muynglaudh. A quarry, a mine, a 
place whereout any thing is digged 
C. Kuare, huel-lVean. lAtinpit.'] 
Ar Menglys', Min. Ir. Koileir , 
t0A:ailt, ruvar. 

Fodio, Paly, klodhio, kladhy^ 
aredig. To dig, to delve or mine, to 
plow. Ar. Kleudhia, Ir. To;:]aim, 

Fcecundus,Torethog,-t andlerog, 
knydvaur , helcethlaun , digonol , 

dibrin, dianidJaud. Fruitful, aiun- \ 
dant, plentiful. Ar.Fonnus. Ir. To- 
raidheaA;, torrtha;K, rultv,ur,.meath. 
F'cedifragus, A. dorro' kyngrair 
naeammod, adyrrfarvolh That 
breaks a league, ir. Sithvr.fl:ea;t y 
fithreabtha;;, naimreabtha;*;. 

Famina, Henyu, byn ; Guraig, 
mer;;,rhiaiu. A woman i in brutes 
the female. C.Ber.en,gureg.Ar.Ma- 
oiies, femellen, [//at.' femellerec J 
grek. Ir. Bean, t be, aindear, ge- 
an, koinnt, gruag, j frag, rfcmen, 
t fern, t tot. 

Fcenum , Giiair , guy ran, s;uei- 
ryn, doluelht. Hay. CGorha" Ar. 
Foen. Ir. Fcur, fikfcur. Pi. no feur 

FoetOT, Dreui, dreuiant, dryg- 
faur, drugarogi, dryguynt. shnk 
or iU favour. C. Drog-lauaru. Ar. 
Fler. Jr. Breine, breineaid, bre- 
antas, dro;ii-vohdh, dro;c-voltan, 
droAi-voltanas , fheuntas, flieanva- 

Fcetiis, Beixiog, torrog, ky vebr, 
kyvlo;'. yr hon a efgorodh, blith. 
Great or big with young ; alfo that 
ir delivered of her youKg. jr. Tor 
x%X, toraigheaA;, lin, lionta. 

Folium,|Deilen, d2.\en. A leaf of 
a tree, or of a book C. Delkio. Ar. 
Delien, plur. deliou. Ir. Duillc, 

duillein. ' 

Folium, Deilcn ; dalen. Aleaf 
C.Delk, dclkio, Ar.' Delien, Ir. 
Duile, duillcn, <luilLeog, fc. dei- 
libg; Mutt. bill6g. 

Follis, Kod, purs, pel drosdj 
me^in ; A hag, a leathern pouch or 
budget ; afoot-ball ; alfo a pair of 
bellows. C. Mij^inau, a'pair of bel- 
lows, Ar. Mcjin ; Ir. Bolg , rak , 
fparan, mealv, no mala leatliairj 
cadtroman, les ^ bolg Ihed, builig. 
Fomentum , Plaltr i eimuytho 
dolyr^ pob peth a liniaro, <^c. Dav. 
Any plaifier that allays pain. Ir. 
Keirin , treata no plaltar do veir 

Fomes, | Gofgvmon, f yfgruth, 
peth idhcAjre ag i gadu tan ; kyn- 
nyd, kynborch, tanuydh ; Titider, 
toucl:iwood ; fewel ; ir. Daighvioraig, 
t Draighviralg i ga;i; iiiloloifgthe. 

Fons , Fynnon , f fynbonyys , 
t Goyer fynnon ; A well; a fotiv- 
tain or fj>rivg C Fentan, Ar, Pi- 
uns, fentan. Ir. Tybar ' Ltobar] 
tibradh, fopar, £ons, fuarun, bir, 

Foramen, Tulh, Ahole -, C.Tol, 
Ar. Tul ; Ir. Poll, toll, breifne, 
tol;K, P/. ftlmuir, paighear, pollir. 

Foras, Alban, ymae alhan o dy j 
Without , on the out fide; out of 
doors : C. Meas, a vez, A. Emcs 
Ir. Ama;K, as. 

Forceps, gevail ; A pair of 
tongues , Ar. Tyurkes, jevel. Ir. 
Teangdhe, lirfal, kjaiv i fos gnv 
no kruv partain no riakail glio- 
maigh j korrin adal no kruka. 

Forda,ByuA; 7;yvlu; byuA, vlitth; 

A cow with calfi alfa a T/iilch-cow ; 

C Biuh gen leaub, A. \iiyz gant 

lue bivA; leyii. Ir. Loilghea;i; no 

^__^______ lovghax, I 

Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland, 6i 


lovgha^;, uideJA:, klcathair, 7 f«i i 
bo no mart vlio*d no baine uairn- 
Kax no bo pukain. 

Foris Alban, txlhialhan, o't ty 
alhan; y macs. Wtkout Jaarsj o» 
the out flit, C A vez; A- Ames, 
Ir. A mui^h, Don leith a inoiijh. 

Forma, tGo/7;cdh,clylh,6Utdh, 
agucdh,tcg,ux, pryiJ, jHf r, uyncb- 
pryd, Ihvn, tyrv, rhith, moclh,ky- 
Hyoiscth, tebygolixth, math, Rhiu 
rhiuoj;irh, (yt, Ihyn , A formfa- 
Jhioti or Ihapt ; teauty, the air or 
favour of the fact or Mean of the 
body ; a reprejentation refemblance 
or charader ,- J draught or fat tern, 
a kivd or fort ; Ar. tyrm, imafh j 
patron ; kaerdcr, kenct. Ir.Dealv, 
t drca;ts foirm, arrajst, mudli, fio- 
gair, kruth, modh, rioAid, komadh, 
gnuis,gne, gleas. 

P'ormica, Morgri5in,myuionyn, 
gryKionyu, Wn ant orfijmtre-, an 
emit C- Murrian, Ar. Mcrrienen; 
Ir., nx)irb. 

Formidololus, Kalonduylh, ov 
ovnaduy, er^xylh; Dreadfully fear- 
fully terrible, dav^erous , Ar. Nou- 
nik, Iponnk ; Ir tagl.;e, j^ea!ta;e, 
mrtta , fjitea;K , lag - xtovi\\Ki.x. , 
dro-A;anfaiihenA;, iiathvaiaA;. 

Formoi'us, PryuuedhOl j prydys, 
teg,glan, f berth, fpevr, gol?;ci- 
dhig, t^irian, cirioes, gucuhei- 
dhdlusj T guymp, guedhys, gliiys; 
Fair , beautiful! , comely , veU-fa- 
■our'd; C. icg, A. Kaer, koant, 



brao, magnivik, miflr, dcreatj Ir fhean, t'uinfheog. 

rhigol, foflc, Ihyn tro. A ditch or i Frivolus , Over , gvael , falu 
trench, &c. afurrom. a mote i C. f diJas, Uibris ; brcyol'; Vrivolau:, 
Klcdh, pollan troiUia. Ar. KJcys, ' of no naomt or -valti' (M-t, forry 
pul; Dig, klais, trainfe, kloidhc. i/./r./.i', trtflmg. Ir. Diovajin, di-' 

I-ovea, Fay, ogov, tulh, pulh, vyinca;;, fdemvcar, fciliofa;c,nii- 
bradbuJhi Aden, a cave, a pit- - ' ■ ■ 

fall i A. Kaf , kaov , kavaru ; Ir, 
Kuithc, login f lothar, mil, pt)ll, 
uaigh, kualan, P/. 

Fracnum, Frawn, A iridUi Ar. 
Brid, frcn ; Ir. Snrian, all, nail. 

Fraga;N. W. Mevys,S.W. Sy- 
VI, Straw-berries, C. Sevi ; A.Sivi. 
Ir Siiv, fiiv lir, fuv talvan, ftla^d- 

P'ragilis, Bray, breyol, liydor, 
hydhelht.hydruA: ; Brittle, friable, 
&c. Ar. Hrcsk, Ir. Suvriltca;e,lbi- 

Fragmcntum , Drylli, darn, ta- 
nicd, rhanj Apiece, a fragment. 
C Tabm. A. Skiricn, talm, tarn, 
pcz, , drailJen , fclpcn. Ir. BLdh , 
rann, kuid, buikcad. 

Frango, Torri, darnio, drylhio, 
rhuygo; To break i C. Dhoterhij 
Ar. Flaftra, terri,trika. Ir. Bntim, 

Fratcr , Braud , A brother ; C 
Bredar , Ar Brcur ; Ir. Bratliair , 

Fraus, Tuylh, di,i;clh, hyd, Iho- 
miant, hokkcd, yftryuj Deceit, 
fraud, guile, cheat , Ar. Fallagrics, 
tromperes. Ir. Meang, lub, kealg. 
Fraximus, On, onnen, onv;y- 
dhen, An ajh-tree. C. linwydh, A. 
Guezan on , ocn, M. Ir. Fuinn- 

Breidha, i-^wiz, foirmeavuil. 

Fornax, Furn, pobty, odyn ; An 
oven, a kiln; C- Forn, an oven; 
Ar. Fum i Ir. Sorn i foimeisj 

F"ornicator, GordherA:ur, godi 
nebur , pitteiniur ; A fornicator 
Ar. Lubrik, lyki'yurius, paillard^ 
Ir. Druiiteoir, baifteoir, lotoir. 

Fornix, Mud,buamaen;pyttein 
dy. An arch or vault , aljo a bro- 
tbel-koufe or feres. Q. Guarrak ; 
Tfhyihorai Ar. Vols ; bordeJ, 
galty : Ir Straigh, gaireadh, bogh- 
tain no uirfe; F6s druthlann, no 
tcagh (IripaA: no meirdreaA: 

tor£in, Agatvycih, yfgatvydh, 
t agatvedh, Perhaps i Ar. Rag 
fhans, rag av;intur ; Ir. Do b'eidir, 
do budh eidir. 

Fortis, fKadr, kadarn, grym- 
mys, dryd, glcw, nerthol, pybyr, 
dihavar;; , dt-ur , guy;Kr . Strong, 
imprepiable, Jiout, courageous, va- 
liant. C.Krev- A. Galludek, gai- 
ludys, piuiflant j vaillant. Ir. Lai- 
dir, nearcvar, tren ; kalma, kroidha. 

Fortuna, Damuain, dam;Kuain, 
diguydh, T Faud, | antyr, f kvn 

Fremitus, Turv, durdh, da- 
durdh, godurdh,' nad, rh<ad,tnill j 
moruerydh, trult dur ^ A roaring, 
a great xoije; a murmuring or 
rumbling; a noije of waters. A. 
TrCis, turni, lavar j Ir. Beikeadb, 
baireadh', Ualkdh, fgf^ad, fgr^a- 
dadh, fgreaA;adh, fiiaim, toran. 

Frendco, Guaij;y dannedh, rhin- 
kian dannedh, grydian, grugnaA; ; 
To gnajh the teeth, to grumble; At. 
grirgnofa an dent, grinlal. Ir. dif- 

Frequens, ammal, Hy7;yrA;, my- 
nv;^;, Frequent, ordinary, often ; C. 
Liai, Ar. A lies. Ir. 'I athuighea^;, 
Ian dodbyinedh. 

Fretum, Kyvyngvor, rafir-^y- 
ving; Bray^; na; gaingkovor; A 
narrow Sea between two lands ; an 
arm of the fea; the fir ait s ; f C. 
Frot, Ar. BrcA: mor, guaz mor ; 
Ir. Krealvuir, fairrj^ekuvaing. 

Frico, Rhyglo, rhvgny, S. W. 
RhUCtio, t rhathy ; To rub, chafe 

airdcaA;, mithavjfa>;, mieiica;etai;; i 
wdtrom, amid.Tn3;e, ciombiian. j 
Frixorium, Padclh frio ; A fry- \ 
ing'pam C. Lctrtiar. Ir. Fn^tan,] 
friA:t-aigheauri , aighean fro^taJa 

Irons, di.'i ; j.)eilen prenn, lean- 1 
gen, guryfgeu. A green boufh or] 
leaf of a tree, a green branch with I 
leaves. C Dclkio gucr. Ar.Dcl-l 
lien. Ir. Uiiille, duillc6g, Btg 

Frons, tis ; Tal, talken ; ty bla- 
eii, wyucb, pen blaen, de;Kr;i.-, ky- 
A;uyniad The forehead; the front 
or fore-part, the countenance , the 
brow ; the entrance and beginning of 
a thing. C Kodiu tal. Ar. An 
tal, ar vizafli. Ir. Eadan , ftul, 
ionxcin , kcannafg ■ | tuide , tiis, 
tola^:, ur, brolla;i;, adbnaire, tub- 

Frontale, Talfruyn ■ Rhagtal, 
talaeth , tal-lia:a. The front-fall of 
au horje-bridle ; a frontlet, a fore- 
head-cloatk. Ar. Ryuxeres. Ir.Ea- 
dinan, beindealin, keannra;^, kc- 

Fruiftus, knud,niuyniant,fruyth 
koed,i-aeron,lhC-s,^<:. fruit of trees 
or of the earth; alfo benefit, profit, ad- 
vantage, pleajiire. Ar. Fruasj mac, 
gounit, profit. Ir. Torad'h , mcas, 
t maothla, math ; fos tarva, foAiaT, 
eadail, \ frith, gnoghadh, taghval- 
tas, b.lheaA;, f faidhir, feidhm, fe- 
alv,yivneas, folas. 

Frumentum, yd, <d bara, amyd 
ylU manner of corn or gram for 
bread. Clzbara. Ir. Ith, aivar. 

Fruftra, yn over, yn jhiies, yn 

dhivydh, yn anolo, yn fcithug. In 

vain, tonopurpofe. Ir. Go divaoin, 

go divyineaAi, go deinvea;t, gofei- 

liofaA;, go miodiavafaA; 

Fruftum, V. Fragmentuns. 

Frutex, Prylgylh, mangoed, ma- 

nuydh, pr;/fgoeden, Ihyfgluyn. Ar. 

Guezen vian. Ir. FyiAirann, 

A;rann,raA;tvaide; ga^ maide ilheal. 

I"'ucus, Filiu, adliu ; Fyg, fyanr, 

tuylh. Afaljedieor paint. Jr. Bri- 

ondath, dath brcighe, keaJg, lub, 

kliiain, bok no bokan. 1 

Fucus, Bcjejyr, euenynen or- 

mes ; A drone ; Ir.KeinicivaD. 

Fugio,Foi,kilio, lenteithio, rhc- [ 
deg \ mmxth, diangk, rhvfio. Go- 
xel, goAjelyd, myned ar darv ^ To 

fee, ejiape or run away, to vanifh 
or fret; C. Dhorhittia ; A.Yto\.i;\and dij'appear ; to Jhun or avoid C- 

Dho punnya kerr. A . TeA;cr dio«, 
mont kit, aflup kit ; en cm tenna, 
pe diframa, pe dilirapa dio;e j la- 
quat eucz, bcza uar cvez ; mirct, 

Ir Comlayim, tiiarafaim, (griobam, 
lommam no IJ5il!im : fpiiam. 
Frigidus, Ocr, adhoer, oervelog, 
rabod; Farfvw?, ^o/>f, fifeaTrff, &c. j anghynnes, anuydog, lbippa,lhdg, 

Ar. Shans, avanryur ; Ir. Kinea- Ihaei, Iheipr, Ihibm, cguan ; C<»/</,'dihoal.' Ir'Teatham, tearnodham! 
vain, foitun, kouuvairt. chilJ, fiigid, famt, &c. C.lein ; Ar. j gavam na thcathah. 

Forum, MarAJnad, mar^^nadva, foW, icn: f r;;g/</ or rm//?, dick, di- Fugitivus, Foedig, kiliad, anfa- 
foir; A marketplace, a market or ej;ys, lyui:;icer, lezirek, tudallut, vaduy, enkiiiad , ga^eiiad. Fugi- 
/k»r. C. Telhar marhaz, A. Plasi laosk. Ir Fuar,lag,anvann. \tive,runningaway,arunnagate. A. 

raar^at; Ir. TlaAitairm, ait ynai:! Frigo, Fr!o; to fry ; C Dho Fiuptif j k. TeithveaA: , | ski- 
no margaidh; ReaA;dairm. ; fria, Ar. Frica ; Ir. FriA;talairo, mm j urlang. 
Fo(Ia,Fds,klav;dh,tkkdh, rhy^;, fri^jtaii. I' Firlgeo, Difgleirio, geleyo, Ihe- 

__^ 9^ iiy «y , 


Tit. II. A Comparative 'Vocabulary 

uyAjy, gloivi ; damleuyAry ; fnelh- 
denny ■^ToJ}:ine,glifter or glttten to 
lighten. C. Dho gylyua, dho fplan- 
na. Ar. Skleraat, fplanaac Ir. De- 
alrayim, nivam, foirreilim, ruithea- 
naim, glonrayim, foillfyira, drith- 

Fulgur , LhvAjeden , melhden ; 
Lightnings C Louas,golouas i A. 
LiuAietjSklerizhen ■■, Ir. TeincreaA;, 
foillfe, folas. 

Fuligo, Hidhigl, Soot; C Fil- 
tedh. Ar. Eyzili Ir. Suthaighe , 
t muA;toic, fmuid, fmuidean, I'ma- 

Fullo , Pannur ; A fuller ; C. 
Trykkiar; A. Kommer mezer ■-, Ir. 
Fukaire, kivaire,breithioncoir,mu- 
Uleoir cadaigh. 

Fulmen , melhden , Ihy^eden , 
tan melht; A thunder-Bolt -, Ir. 
Teintrcaxd, folveim, tbreo-A;yr, 
kyr [ no caor ] teintrighe, ainne- 
art. V. Fulgur. 

Fulvus, Gloyu-velyn ; eyraedh, 
eyr-lhiu, rhydh-velyn, Ihiu y 
rhydh-ayr ; Of a deep yellow, &ic- C. 
Ridh-velyn, Ar. Ryys-velen; Ir. 
ur-voidhe, dearg-voidhe , riiadh- 
voidhe : ar dhach flieannaigh. 

Fumaria, y Ihyfeyin a elwir mug 
ydhaiari Fumitory i It . f Thxt- 
vUx, i.t.fumus tirra. Pi. Koman 
Ihearraigh. Id. 

Fumus, Mug i Smoak ; C. Mog, 
Ar. Mogec , ir. Deataa ; Scot, oc- 
cid. toit , Sc. Sept. tex ; f Mu;; , 

Funda, Tavl, pren tavalj A 
fling ; A. Bacalm ; Ir. Tailm,krann 

Fundamentum , Sail , fylvaen , 
guaelod, guadan. A foundation or 
ground-vork ; a bafts, a ground or 
chief flay. C-t^el. Ar. Fonda- 
mant. Ir. Bunn, bunait, iaA;dar,fo- 
tha, fundaimeint j Tiis, tola;K. 

Fundo, is; Tyualht , buru al- 
han , &c. To four out i C. Dho 
toulaemeas; Ar. Skuilla, fenna ; 
Ir.'Doirtim; Fos Bearvam, leag- 

Fundum , Guaelod , lliaur ty , 
fylvaen, &c. A bottom, a floor of 
an houfe. C. Golas, ler ; Ar. Goe- 
let, fol ; lyr ti, Ir. laAjdar, tireadh, 
grinneal, f grian, eagan, lar,urlar. 
Fungus, Buyd elhylhon, kaus 
Ihyfant [madarA;, Fungus arhorem} 
A ?>iulhroom, ti toad-ftool, &C. Ar 
Kabal tufeg; kebel tufegadi Ir. 
Fas na henoidh^je, puki peil, beak, 
beakan; Scot. Ballag lolsyn. 

Funis, Rhaf tant , kord , rhef- 
fyn ; a cable, a rope, a cord ,- C.L6- 
van, A rope -, Ar. Kordeii, Ihabl. 
Ir. Tead, ropa, cordi, fLovna, 
fugan, [ a thum-rope made offtraw 
or hay ] breadaAJ, breadog no trei- 

Funus, t Ar wy I, arwylianc , kla- 
dhedigaeth, kynhebrungS. W. an- 
gladh. A funeral, a burial. A.Ser- 
vifs ; Torradh, adhlaxadh marvan. 
Fur , Lheidir ; yfpciliur, herur. 
C. Ladar ; Ar. Laer, voler, Tru- 
Kn'\i!a.XyAcut-purfe. Ir.Gadaye, 

fleitr, fladaye, bithveanaA; , meir- 
leaAi, ladran, f tadhad, f ceol j flad- 
thoir, robaire. 

Furca, Yoxx, pilcfor;^, kigfor;;, 
fur^; ; a fork , C. Vorh , kiguer. 
Ar. For;K j Ir. Gaval, aighe bea- 

Furfur, Bran, Eifin,.i rhyAiion, 
t yfgarthion, Bran , gurgeons. C 
t'l'ai;t- q- Ar. Bren Ir. Bran; fos 
karra, jearba, ftinlc klaiVj no fal 
.Tineife, IgrutaA;. 

Furia, Kythreilies, y valh ; A 
fury, a fiend or hag. C. Dzhoules, 
diaul A. Diaules, adhrauant,druk- 
fperet. Ir- Drcavna;i;, fear no bean 
mire. Furia, Ailldhreavnaigh,aill- 
/;eas, diinaigh, kealdunaigh ifrinn, 
LuA;t pionafta na nifreiac;a;e, tod- 
vruid, fod;iinuv, foid;^reidhm no 
knijv kogudhais. P/. 

Furnus, Furn, pobty, odyn. An 
oven, a furnace , a kiln. C. Vorn, 
a7i oven. Ar. Furn, an oven., fur- 
niez, a furnace. Ir. Som, foman, 
gread6g no bakudhas. 

Furor, Angerdhol j;ynnurv me- 
dhwl, kyndharedh, kyndheiriou- 
gruyh, gu^'n, ynvydruydh, guylh- 
tineb ; dibuylh. Fury, rage, mad- 
nefs, a trance, a poetical rapture. 
Ar. Koruiar, diboel. Ir. Tym, 
t readhg, tyd no fpang mire, ku- 
th.ix : mire mainigh , f dreavan , 
dafaA;t, yiveal, buileadh, botalla^;, 
bodog, Ihivas, imi[Iiea;ean : ainfhe- 
arg, peircadh, konadh .- ainpiikras 
Furtum, Lhedrad, f anghyvar;t; 
Theft , robbery , ftealth. Ar. Lae- 
ronfi. Ir. Goid, flad, f tall, f tai- 
dhe, gadaidhea.;;d , f lleiteoraA;d, 
t livas, fliearb no fearbaidh, air 

FufcusjTyuylh, dy, t5uinae,t;ui 
neidhy . J3ro5r»,/<i»K^, a dun or dark 
colour, dusky. C. Teual, diu. C 
Teval, kommolek, dy. Ir. Dumi, 
donna, la;k;na, kart-voidhe, ieath 
dhiiv, LeathdhorA;a, leith-A;iar. 

Fuftis, Kluppa, knuppa, Lhoii- 
fon, kulbren ; A club hajf or cudgel, 
abattoon. C. Lor vraoz; A. Baz. 
Ir.KuailJe, f fonn, kyirle, fron- 
nadh, bata, fmai^itin. 

Fufus, Guerthyd ; A Jpindle, C. 
jigal; tgurchyd, C.KerdhitjGu- 
erthyt, guerzit. Ir. Fearfad, uir- 



Agates, MyA:ydh, maen 
myA:ydh; jet. Ir.Gaighid, 
gaingfe. Pi. 

Galea, Helm, Penfeftyn, 
penuisk dyr. An helmet or head- 
piece. Ar. Kaskec. Ir. Klogad,kath- 
var, keinveirt, t diniath, f gailia. 
Galerica, V. Alauda. 
Galerus, fHeylrhod, Het, fku- 
len. Dav. A hat. C. Hat Debr 
dour [».f. fella pluvialis] Tphich 
fome ufe,feems a late invented mord. 
Ar. Tok. Ir. Hata, kuithveirt, gar- 
tan. Pi. 

Gallica lingua , Fremiig [ al. 
Frennaeg] The French Tongue. C. 

Vrinkak, Ar. Galek Ir,Teanga 
'RankaAij no tcanga Ghalta. 

Gallina, N W. lar, S. W. Giar. 

Ahen.C-.Hr. Ar. I-ir. Ir. Keark. , 

Gallinago minor, kyphylog. A I 

woodcock. C. Kvvelak, Ar. Kephe- 

lek. Ir. Kridhar ; Sc. occid. Nefg ; { 

Sc.Sept. KeiicaAi na kyiligh. q. j 

Gallus, Kclliog, keilog, A cock ; 

C. KuUiag , t Kehog , Ar. Kiliog 

&k6g. Ir. Kylia;K, tGali. j 

Gammarus, Krangk, f kruban ; 

morgrank; A crab-fjh; C.Kan- 

kar. Ar. Kankr. Ir. Parcan j Sc«t: 


Garrio, Trydar, rhyo, Iharad^' 
aldordh, Iheilio mal adar. To bable 
or chati to prate or talk idly , to 
chirp as a bird. Ir. jirakaim, kil- 
ratajm, biolafgaim, glifrim, kaibei- 
fim, glafraim kilearaim, nmi kla- 

Gaudium, Lhauenydh, tgora- 
uen, hoen , gorhoen, divyrruz , 
didhaniu , digrivuA;, fmenuyd. 
Dav.Joy,gladnefs, mirth, delight, 
&c. C Lauenez, Ar. Lauenedi- 
ges. Ir Gardeas, urghairdeas, lu- 
athghaire,i foikle no |foiA;eall,Lai- 
nca;t;as , folas , alteas , fonn, fuva- 
;Kas, fugaighil ; taithneav, fuilvire, 

Gaza , Tryfor Brenin , f lulht , 
kyuoeth, fHeniar. Dav. Thetrea- 
fureofa Prnice ; Riches, Ifialth, &cc. 
Ar. Penvidi jjezii. Ir. RighAjifte , 
Flaith^ifte, f breaf-oirAiifte,oir/;i- 
fte righ : Ga;t oirAsifte, kifte inn- 
vus, faith, inntliv, faidhvrcas no 

Gclidus, V. Frigidus. 
Gelu, la, iaen, rht-u, dyreu, oer- 
vel IcOj aflaque of ice, frojl, a black 
frofi ; cold. C. Klihi, ue, ixm,frofl. 
Ar.Sklas, reo,frimieinder. Ir. Shik, 
flukan ; f Sc. reodh no reo ] aith- 
reodh; oighear, oireog, cuifne, 
fua;ed, leaoighre. 

Geminus, Dubul, dyblig, day- 
dhyblig ; Double, two-fold Ir. Du- 
baka, eavanta, do uraidh, fyi dho. 
Gemitus, Gridhvan , kuynvan, 
y;KenKd,o.?;,tybain,tebu;!:. agroan 
or figh, a howling, £cc. C. Hynadz- 
haz ; Ir. Ofnadh , kneadh, akyin, 
mairignea.^, gul , kyineadh , ko- 
vadh, gleodh , criavain , eagnax , 
gearan, komairk. 

Gemma, s^nim, maen guerth- 
vaur. A precious flone, a jewel, a 
gem. Ir. Neavuin, fseam, VS.ox 
uafal, filed. 

Gemo, Gridhvan, kuynovain, 
kuyno , a;;uin , ubain, y^eneidio, 
ox\, eby;Ki, alaethy, galary, dryg- 
nady. To groan, to figh, to make a 
lamentable noife; to lament or mourn; 
alfo to roar. C. Dho hynadzha. Ar. 
Guela, daloui, kanvaoui, hirvou- 
di. Ir. Ofnaim, kneadliam , mai- 
righnyim, giiilim , kyinim, nim 
kyinadh, dobr6n, tuirfe. 

Gena, B6A;,Gr<;'dh,lhethrgrydh. 
The cheek ; the ball of the cheek. C. 
Boh. Ar. B6;c. Ir. Lika, gniaidh , 
•^iall, gailieaA;, pluik ; Scot, occid. 
Lehian, Sc. Sept. I'erkil. 


1 Of The Original Language s Of Britain And Ireland. 631 

G. G. 

Gcncalogia, Az, ax ag edryv, bragad. Mith, modh,dylh,guedh, 
cdryd, iz aj', cdryd, guclygordh. fynyd. T/:e rifi of ones hirfhi .z 
A defcription of the lineage^ fiock or kivdred^ family^ breed, ftock, /mage, 
ftdigreeof any cne i a genealogy. [tJft^a&iott , race or parentage-, an 
Shean;eaye, f franvas, ffeineaA^as, | off-/t'^''>gi a nation or people -. a fort, 
eilaA;, fli,>;t, lorg, (hU, kiiieal, 1 manner, kind orfafhion. Arfjucn, 
ie, treav. 1 Lignez., kirinticdh ; maniel, I'clhn, 

»t.i ,__.._. L i_j .... I fccurc. Ir. Fincur, treavur, tolax 

fine, j^eiiiealaigh, no treava ; Tc- 
aghla>;, j^cincala •<; , (liA;d , lorg, 
kiaiiii, keap, bunadhas, flieinllici- 
rea^c^aichreaJiC, aikme, ailtCjjne, 
(ore, modh, kaidli, n6s. 

Gcographia, Argraph ydhaiar, 
Geography. \x f Tla>;t5hraiveaA;l, 
clai;Ktheift:, tlai/,tebcirc, tuarafvail 
talvan re fgrivadh. 

Germanus, A hanftoo'r >ii k^f. 
laun, juir, rhyuiog, natyriol, prio- 
doi, o'r iauurhyu. OfthefameJloc.L; 
near a kin. aljb right, proper, true., 
not counterfeit, genuin, natural. Ir. 
D' yriAicap , d' yintreiv ; direa;^ , 
firineaA;, hnoruiruik , ro mdurtha, 

Germen, Kangen pren ne ]y- 
feyiii, blaendardh, t blagyryn, fyf- 
^yuylh, tuv bluydhvn, esinin. A 
branch of a tree or herb, a bud, a 
year's growth, a young ttttigor jfrig, 
a Jj>rout. C. Skirau, branches. A. 
Grefen, a J^ig ; imbue, a fitcker ; 
Burzhun, a hud; Ir. Kryv , geg, 
bangan, buinncin, mythanogkra- 
imi no luivc. 

Gero, Duyn, arucdh, aruen, kj- 
Ucn ; Tobear or carry. Ar.Du^en. 
Ir, Im^i^raim , aftraim , beirirn ar 
im;>;air liom. 

Geltio, Dangos euylhyfgarUAi, 


Gener,Mab ynghyvra»thjtdauv, 
dau, Dov , JJb Land. A fin in 
law, a daughter's kxsbana. Ar. 
Mapkacr. IrAdhluan, reaAitfgoth, 

Generatio, Kenhedlxth, kened- 
liad, hiliad, eppiliad, eppilcth In- 
ge-idring , begetting ; a generation. 
Ir. j;eineadh, jeineavnadh, toirke- 
aghadh, koimpreadh, jeineadhail. 

Genero, Kenhedly, hilio, eppi- 
I Ho, ynnill eppil, kael plant ; ym- 
dhuyn, ergor, duyn plant. To breeds 
to ingevder or beget, to make or cre- 
ate , to bear or bring forth. Ar. 

Engucnta. 1 j;einim,j;eineavnaim, 
toirkighim , koimprim , geivim 

Gcnerofus, Bonhedhig,d>icdog, 
yrdhiliyu, bonedhigryu, guiuryu, 
dileda;e, kcnhcdlog; Da i ryuo- 
gxth. Noble, born of a noble race, 
of a good f.imily ,- gallant, generous. 
Ar. Nob], dizhcntil ; \aillant Ir 
Uafal , I'lais , f niiaUann , f fyr , 
t'rann, fuaCaA;, fmi'iadh, miadh, 
baravail, fyithcavail, kryidheavail, 
mei;;neavail ; galh, duthavaiJ, do 
Aiincal vaith, toraidhea;*:, fhiJvur. 

Genilh, N. W. Banhadlen, [>/. 
banadl ] S VV. Banhillc;n,/'/«r. Ba- 
nal ; Broom. C. Banal. Ar. Balan. 

Ir. Bcallyi, byrra;^, mealaga^;. , ^^ — •-, .^^-ov^- ^v7'"7■5•""''- 
Genilta fpinofa, Eithin j furx. or guneythyr mynydise, Da-u. Ihajn- 
gorfl i C- Eithin. Ar. Lann. Ir.A- my gan lauenydh,tpy;^;o. Tofljew 
tin, ctna^. or defire by gefiure of body; to leap 

Genitale,Dir5eIu;^gurneuraig, lor skip for joy. Ir. Fontaivrim, no 
The privity of a man or woman. Ir. i taisbeanaim fonn no luath^haire re 
jeineadin, flull-vali, krovall, ball i gliiifa;:: /;oirp, Leimnyim, urg- 
aivr^;e no uaignca^; 'hir no mnal hairdim. 
mar ata an ball teardha no baineafi. ; Gibbofus, Kevngrun, kevnhur- 

Genitivus, A ^ynhedlo; ania-irug, krum, kruban, kevn-grubaj 
no], kynenidj That hath poTter to. Round -jhoulder'd, bunch - back' d , 
ingender , alfovatural, that is born\bofs'd ; crook-back' d C- Kabmfgu- 
with us. Ir. j;eintca;>; , jcincavan- 1 dhak Ar. Tort. Ir. Krora;;;, krui- 
ta«. |tinea-<;, knagaidh, knapa;e, fadh- 

Genius, Angel da nc dhriig per- i vaA;,^fadhvana;:. 
thynaCoI i bob dfn, yfpryd dyn ; ' Gigas, Kaur, koures, guydhon 
natiriai'th ag anian ne anuyd dyn. A giant; Ar. Zheant j Ir Arhaz , 
A genius, a guardian Angel or fpi- ^ FathaAi, avas, lala;tt, molra.v, t:o- 
rtt. Shail-fpirad, fpirad no aingeal i valla;>j . 

koividc^xtJ niuj'.h no oik ; fpirad Gigno, Eppilio, kenhedly, yn- 
no anam duine i nilh eppyl, ynnilh plant, planta, 

Gens Kenedl,kenhedtethjlhu- j noajy, \mdhuyn efgor. To ingen- 
yth, pobol, ty luyth j A nation orlder or beget, to breed or bring forth, 
people, atribe,pock or family. C- 1 Ar. Engucnta. Irjeinim, j:;eineav- 
Tiz, Ar. Tyd ; Ir. Kineadh, Fine, I naim, toirrkijjhim, koimprim, ^ei- 
aikme ; poball, dream, drung F6s ' vim klainn. 
5iol, trcv, teaghalJa;;;, Ihil Oili^c, I Gilvus, Kiglyu, ko;Kliu. Carna- 
jcineala;^;, muinntir , keap, lorg U/W or fleflj-colour , the colour of 

Genu, Glin, A bies ; C.Vedn' brick half burnt C. & Ar. K 

na!d,hare orvrhotit hair,rmc,oth 
W C.Noath, leven. Ar.Di- 
blysk, diis, noas, 
aipill,nwal. Ir Lorn, lomardia, 
lomai(tca^,m^vi^ no^daA: , (lea- 
;vum, mm. 

Glacics la, lacHi Ice; C.KIihi 
L icin eold-\ Ar.Sklas [i^n, fr.g,- 
«;«r] Ir diar, oireog |-W.Ocr, 
frig,dus ] kuifne, niikain". 

Gladiolus, Kiedhyvan, f bidog, 

L 5 '^^'y* ^'''' ttruydheu 
ilvr/fS^"';'' ponyard, a baganei. 
C Mcdha bian. A. Kutclaken. Ir. 
bgian hada, Scot, bidog. 

Gladius, yi\td\x^v ° Afford. C 
Klcdlia. Ar. Kledhc Ir Kloi- 
dheav, tduivseann, f ^cn, r lann, 
r kolg, srcillean, f^ian adda. 

Glans, Melen, An acorn; C & 
Ar. Meien. Ir. Darkain, meaiog 
k^^rrkior] a berry ° 

Glarca, Graian,gro,marian, Ty- 
Uod. Gravel, round little pebble 
ftones courfefaiid.grit. C. Dreath. 
Ar. Trcas, Gruan. Ir.Grothal, 
gameav garv, fruthA:Io;t;a, min;K- 

glin [me-^is a dnedxm innepen elm'] 
Ar. Glin. Ir. Glun. 

Genuinus, Priodol, anianol, na- 
tyriol ; Peculiar, natural , proper. 

gliu Ir. Feoildheondha , broith- 

dheandha, foidhearg, bamdhearg. 


vanedh, kig v dancdh, yr en y bo'r 

genu.n; Ir. Dual, duth;ea, dileas, damiedh yndhi. The gum wherein 
nadurtha. \the teeth be fet. Ar Kig an dent. 

Genus, Rhyu, kenedl, paladr, j Ir. Dead, gailleaA;, kior, kair. Pi. 
Ix i kyfaj;, bonedh, rhyuo5acth, Glaber, Lhum, Ihymmyn, Ihu- 
kenhedlarch , f Edryd , karennydh | vun, divleu : wedi i hifio, giniedig. 

Glaftum, Gladys. The herb wo- 
ad. Ir Goirmin. 

, Glaucus, Glas, guyrdhlas, Ihiu 
r u y bren . Gray or blew,sky-colour'J 
azure; fea-green. Ir. Gormghlas^ 
liarhghlas, goirmriavaA; ; fos iiaine; 
fos nvav, (liseana;u, broiknea^ , 
brokaAJ, kuileaA;, i'5eada;e, break. 

Glis, ins ; Patheu, math ar Iv- 
goden. A dormonfe. Ar yry;eyn 
Ir. FeaskarluA;, milt6g. 

Globus, Glain, globyn,pcl, pel- 
hen, tkronnelhjknappan, ^*(w/, 
or any other thing very round; a 
globe, a baU. C. f Pellen. Ar.BuJ. 
Ir. Mogal, kruine, f topnaska,-fga- 
la, meal], mirle, gaA: ni kruinn ; 
meillio;:;, kua;i;. 

Glomero, Diruyn vn grunn , 
pelheny, peleny, fdirynn v, fTuyf- 
go. To wi?id round as they do thread 
upon a bottom, make round balls of 
any thing ; to gather in a round heap . 
Ir. ToA;ardaim, kua^iam , keirt- 

Glomus, Pelhen. A bottom of 
yarn or clew of thread. Ar. Pellenn. 
Ir. Keirtle. 

Gloria, Klod, gogoniant, moli- 
ant, yrdhyniant, tgorhydri jRha- 
gorixth, ardhcr.xougruydh. Glory, 
re7iown,praife, reputation,advance~ 
ment, good name. C. Guoryans. 
Ar. Gloar, enor- meulcudi. Jr. 
Gloir, fortan, moladh, klu, deagh- 
ainim, ainim maith, onoir, kaith- 
reim, ua.»;daranaA:d, ardaghadh no 

Glos, /:uaer yn y gyvrxth, fev 
.ijuaer gur, ns uraig braud. The 
husband's fifler , or brothers wife. 
Ir.Deirvhiuar 'hir, no bean dearv- 

Gloflarium, Geirlyvr. A glojfa- 
ry, a diHionary or table. Ir.Shea- 
na^an no fokloir vinighthi, glo- 

Gluten, yfglouring, yrgrauJinff, 
gltd. Glue,faft, filler. C. f Glut. 


Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 



Ar. Glut. Ir. Gliuv , glydh , tath , 
tys, lite, fhodar : bura^'d 

Glycyrrhiza, Likoris, y xuegn- 
raidh, pcr-uraidh. Sweet-root or Li- 
<luorilh. Ir.'Maide milis, caskreav. 
Gnaphalium , jr Adavedhog , 
Ihuyd V fordh, LhCiyd bonhedhig. 
Cudwort , cl:aff-u;eed. Ir. Gnaflus , 
P/. Gnafal, Id. Kadtluiv. 

Griarus, Kyvariiydh, kelvydh, 
kvuraint, hyvedr ; Adnabvdhys. 
SkilfuU , expert ; -aell knoirn. Ar. 
Guiziek, iavant- Jr. Eola^j , fifa>; , 
fo^a/j, foghlamtha, fyitheavail, ai- 
theanta/:, tui'^fliea;);, tuigflieanax;. 
Gnavus, Byuiog, pytiyr, cfj^yd, 
blaudh, heiniv, A;uyin. ^«i,/«//r, 
a&ivCy apt to every thing., diligent. 
Ar. Habil, kapabi , diligcnc. Ir. 
Klifte, luthvar, koilglidh, gafb, 
beo, brigvar, urrudhanta, gniva/i, 

Gnomon, Koduydh y deiol,b<s 
y deioli y dant ir aducinir oc- 
dran marA; Urtho. The pin or cock 
of a diali the tooth of a horfe, -where- 
by his age is known. Ir.Forais, heg, 
hakail-'horais, fis-'hiakail, /' e. an 
'hiakail re niithntcar yis €\z no 
Aiapail. Cloigvear, cloglhathadh. 
Gonorrha;a, Had-red, had iiv. 
The running of the reins. Ir. Shil- 
hlagfa, no aran-lilagfa, I'i^. Dor- 
tadh no innthea,^t hil nadurtha o 
dhuine gan his i no dortadh du- 
Viin no aran. 

Gracilis, KvljCidhil, main, tcac, 
a;Kyl, mcinduvi tlus. Small., thin, 
flinty lank^JIender, lean, meager. C- 
Tanau, fMuin. Ar. Grifill, ka- 
zarx, treut, muan. Ir. Bo;t;d, tru- 
adh, \ fhirrea;;,tana,fgolbanta,kyl, 
Iheang, fciv, feivid, flieagan,(healg. 
Gradatim, Meun ucvn ar j;ylx- 
o vefyr y;iydig ag y.ydig. By de- 
grees, I'f flep!, hy li'tle and little i 
gradually, ir. Go toueama;>; go 
kcimeavail, go rcimeavail, go hor- 
daighthi, go gleafta. 

Gradior Kerdhed, rhoi kamrx, 
rhodio. To go or va/k , to go flep 
iy ftep , to march along. C. Uho 
Maoz; dho garras. Ar. Kerdhet , 
bole , purmen. Ir. Keimnyim , 

Gradus, Gradh, drfng, Ihettring, 
gris, kam, Apep, ajfair ; a grieje ; 
a pace; a degree. C- f^Grat. Ar. 
Kamet, ur palen. Ir. Kcim,beim, 
koiskeim, iVayire, reimire. 

Grxcus, Groegaidh, Groegur. 
A Greek, a Grecian. Ar. Grcfian. 
Ir. Grcaga.;;, 

Gramen, Glas-uelhtyn, guelht- 
glas, bleuyn glas, iruelht, gueiru- 
clht Grafs; all kind of herbs and 
grafs. C. Guclz,. Ir. Ga;e fcLir glas, 

Grammaticu.s Grammadegur. A 
grammarian, a teacher of grammar, 
h. Monadoir, monAJofgaire, mon- 
vaighiflir, Gramadoir. 

Grando,Kenlhyrg,S W-KclTajr. 

Hail ;C.Ke7.Zir. Ar. Kafar^;. Ir. 

KIoa; Ajuifnc no rneaA;da, fnea^id- 

A;1o;;, (3 ran. Pi. 

Graflator, ylpeillur, anrheithiur, 

treifiur. j4 padder or robLer on the 
bigh-Tsay, a Bandito, a high-TS>»y- 
man ; an affailant or aggrejfor. Jr. 
Sladvarvthoir, krea;i;adoir, lpoA;a- 
doir, robaire, foireignightheoir. 

Gratia, Gras, Rhad, Ihid, kcd, 
daun ; bri ; hofledh, tegu^,haudh- 
garuAJ ; kennad ; kariad ; Akos , 
aA^lyiyr. Grace, favour, geod-v>itl^ 
kindnefs ; gracefulnefs , lovelinefs ; 
courtejie or good turn ; leave, txcuje, 
pardon; fake, caufe.^occafion. C.&A. 
Gras. Ir. Grata, deolaidh, deagh- 
thoil, Foyar niaithc , fgeivfea^id, 

Gratis, yn rhad, heb haedhiant, 
yn hael. Freely, gratis, for nothing, 
■eoithout defert or hope of reward. Ir. 
Cian luaidhcaA;t , gan tarva , gan 

Gratus, DiolAJgar, diolAjys ; ka- 
redig, kvmeraduv ; Hyvryd, kroe- 
iauys. Grateful, thankful, kind, ac- 
ceptable, welcome. Ir. BuidheaAi, 
Ian do vuidhca.;ias, kinealta, tait- 
neava^;, taidhlea;e. 

Gravis, Trum, amdrum, ath- 
rum, gorthrum ; Govidys, poenys; 
puyfvaur, raaur, amrolgo. Heavy, 
•weighty, of weight or importance ; 
grievous , cumherfome , troublejome, 
burdenjome, inconvenient . Ar. Pon- 
ner, poefus. Ir. Trom,muirineaA:, 
muirteavail, dokraA;, doaklax, do- 
iljeafaA;, dolalaA:, mivnea^i . 
Gremiura, Kyvung y dhay vor- 
dliuyd,ar9cd. A tap.the bofom,^c. 
C. Dcvra. Ar.Barlen ; Brulhct ; Ir. 
taval, foA;ras afgall nogajeait div- 
ra;c; BroUa^;. 

Grefliis , Kerdhcdiad , kam. A 
pace, flep or going. Ir. Keimncag- 
hidl), rcimncaghadh, aftradh, Ihi- 
val, imthcaA;d, f toikioll. 

Grex, Haid, torv ; kn<d ^ kcn- 
vaint. Afiock,an herd, a drove; a 
company or band. C. Tonek. Ar. 
Bagac. Ir. Tred, fealvc, mukla/;. 

Grumulus, Tuyn ba;e, tumpe- 
thyn, brynkyn, tumpath turA: dai- 
ar, tumpath morgryg ; guely meun 
gardh. A little hillock, an hop-hill, 
a mole-hill or ant-hill, a tump ; a 
bed in a garden. C. Pil gudhar. Ar. 
Bern, graA;el. Ir. Tulkan, tulog, 
knokan, knoikin. 

Grus, Garan, kryr, kryhyr, ade- 
ryn garhir. A cratie; C. Krana, 
jGaran.A.Guriy; [Gru ] IrKorr 

Gryps,, A grype or gryf- 
fon. Ar. Grit'on. Ir. Gnr ingneaA;. 

Guberno, Lhyuio, rheoli, ky- 
varuydlio. To rule, order, manage, 
guide, conduit or govern. C. Dho 
roulia. Ar. Guam, kondui. Ir.Fol- 
lavnayim, foUam, ftiuram. 

Gula, y fevnig, y j;eg, v ffbrdh 
i'rkylhai gudhv. The gullet, we a- 
rcand or pipe; the throat. Brand- 
7.ian.Ar Gueol. Ir.Staidhgno ileik 
braghad, t Lonloinjean. 

Gurges, Lhyn anodhyn, Ihyng- 
kly nn, mor-j;eruyn, a gulf, a whirl- 
pool. C. t Abcr. Ar. Golf mor , 
pul troen. Ir.Sugmairc,LuA;thairc 
laov, koire uifge. 


provi, kacl prauv. To tafle, t» fip, 
to ajfay, to fmack or fmatter. Ar. 
Taiiva. Ir. Blafam, iormam. 

Gutta, Davn, devcyn, dcigryn, 
dos, difelh, dcvnyn. A drop of 
any liquid matter, very Utile of any 
thing. C. t Banne, Hadna. Ar. Ban- 
ne, banncA;, loum, (trill, beradcn, 
daguennik, divcraden, ftrillik. Ir. 
Braon, deor, f arg. 

Guttur, Keg, breyant, korn po- 
ri, gudhv. The throat. C. Braiid- 
Zhian. Ar, Karnallien , gargaden , 
gourlanflien. Ir. Sgoig , Igogan , 

Gymnaliarcha,Pen yfgol-veiftyr 
pen-meiftr yfgol, pennaeth yigol. 
A chief fchoolmajler, a red or or go- 
vernor of a fchool ; a principal or 
head of a college ; the mafler of an 
Academy Ir. Airdfreakarthoir. 

Gymnafium , Lhe i ymarver j 
kynncvinva,ylgol dhyl'g, yfgoldy. 
A place af exercifi ; A Jchool ; a 
college or ball in an Vnivcrfity . Ir. 
Freakaran, t'reakarairm ; igolj ko- 

Gypfum , Pridhsift , kymrud 
kalAJ Parget, W}ite lime, plaijler. 
Ar. Plallr. Ir. Doib , plaldar no 


HAbeo , Kacl , kaflFtI , bod 
idho, bod ar ei helu. To 
have, to hold; to keep,topof- 
fefs,to contain,iic. C.Dho 
Gouas,dho gaval,Fedii ArKayout. 
Jr Ata agam, ataini a flieilv, ata 
part no ihealv agam, no ata ar ftig- 
hail no ar part. 

Habito, Trigo, prefuylio, pry- 
fedhi, kyvannedhi, anhedhi, kar- 
trevi, trevad. To dwell, to inhabite 
or live in ; to lodge. C. Dho trega. 
Ar. Chemel, chom, chcmmet. Jr. 
Aitrighim, aitighina, kovnayimj 
foflongam, nim fbnong. 

Habitus, iij ; Kyvlur, j gordhi- 
gor, anlodh, gucdh, aguedh, dyJh, 
modh, diuyg, dyli ; Guifg, dilliad, 
adhyrn. Form, flate, fajhion, car- 
riage, manner, feature and demeanor 
of a perfon ; the conflitutiou of body ; 
an habit whether of mind or body ; 
Apparel or attire. C. Dillaz & Ar. 
Diliat, a garment. Guifgammannt. 
Ir.Dealv, dreaA; , foirm, ftaid, 
f Konghraim, kulaigh, ionar. 

Hac, adv. Heibio yma, y ffbrdh 
yma. By this place; this way. Ir. 
Ar a naitle, ar an leithle, ar an ty- 
ivfe ; ar a nait fliin, ar an tlighe. 

Ha£lcniis, Hyd yma, hyd hyn, 
hyd yn hynn. Hitherto, thus far , 
to this time or place. C. Bet an ur- 
roa. Ar.Bete ureman. Ir.Gustrdth- 
Ca, go namfa, go foill, go fliead, go 
froigheadh, go foijheadh, go Iraig- 
headh, go nuijeuiin. 

Hsemorrhois , Kluy't n5ar.t;o5i- 
on , Ihodeuiguil. The emrods , or 
piles, the fwellingof the veins ifithe^ 
fundament. Ar. Dyuadyures. Ir. } 
nadfuinc. I 

' Hzreo, \ 

Ajel , daUec. Ir. Keanglaim , tca- 
nam, dcillidliim j am i;caiaim, av- 
rafaim, f nun no kuirim a nam- 

HKrcfis, Kam grcJ, j;ai-grcd, 
hxreli. j4u epnuon contrary to found 
frmdflestfreUpmii attlxrejie. Ir. 
EirikeaA;d, i tjris. 

H.vreticus, Hxretik, yn kam- 
^rcd, < n 7;ii-5rcd. Anheretick. Ir. 

Halcion, Glas y dorian. The 
Khig's fiber. C PylgadN r vn my- 
tern. Ar Allion. Ir.Biorra, kruiiltn. 

Hxrcs, Ecivcdh, dyledog, trcv- 
tadog Anheir, cue -who fiicceeds in 
lauds or efjic. Ar Mcritour, pen- 
ncrcs. Ir. oidhrc, krodhaidhe. 

Haelko. \Mlxreo. 

Halcc, N.W. Penuag, pennog , 
SVV. yrgadenin./»»M-rmg. CHcr- 
nanguidii, Ar. Arink. Ir. Sgadan. 

Haiicus , Mygydarth, anadl. 
Breath or v-rpour; agajp. IrAnal, 
toic no imuid. 

Hallucinacio, Dalhincb medhul, 
ryuylhni fynuyr, fliommcdigsrth , 
ky\'eiliorn. A blundering overjight^ 
amijlake. Ar. Tromplcicz , fella- 
gricz. Ir. Rofgdhalladh, dalladh. 

Hamacus, BaA;og, a bzK'x. arno 
Crooked or hooked^ fet with hooks. 
Ir. Korranca , korraiUA; , baikcaA: , 

Hamus, Modruy llyryg, kadu- 
en, baAi, kreftyn ba/iog ar j;ifi; 
Heifylht kyuar;^ .A chain, an kook -, 
a hitchel ; the hook or crooked head 
of a fl-^aft i an iron co?nl> to kemb 
flax or hemp. C- ig. Ar. Krok , 
ba/;, igucn. Ir. Duan, bakan. 

Haraj Kytt mbx, tulk mo;e, 
kytt guydhse, krau mox, kreuyn 
Ar.Krau. Ir-t Lia-;i!;ro,miik-lann, 

Hafta, fGyayu guayufton, flat- 
fuy, frhcthrcn, Ihoft, tarlhoft A 
^ear^ lance or pike. Ar. G uao, lans. 
Ir Ga, T gOj t gochjgatnadh, t dii- 

Haurio, T) nny alhan, golhung, 
gualhau, diualhau, tyualht, guag- 
hai, diylpydhi, lygno alhan. To 
draw, take or fuck out., to empty, to 
drink, to faialloTP, fuck or fip up ; 
tojiciortakein. Ar.Pimla, lonkaj 
korvoi.^ Ir. Tairnj^im, rugham,di- 
ulam, &c. 

HaulluSjTravIungk, trankelh, 
tynniad, tynn, tarlyngk. a draught, 
afoop, a taking :n. C. Suidnan. Ar. 
Bannae. Ir. Tarraiiig. 

Hedera, Eidheu, eidhiorug. The 
lyy-tree. C. Idhio. Ar. llio. Ir. 
Eidhean , cidhcinean, eidhcineog. 

Hemicyclus, Manner kyl^:. ^n 
half circle, Ir. Leich-veaAid, Leath- 

Hera, Argluydhes, meiftres. A 

fuelhc. Fuli of herbs, graji or weeds. 
Ir. Luivea,^;, lufaA; , fearvur , Ian 
do luifiv, no luiviv. 

Heri, Doe, dhue. Tefierday. C 
De. Ar. Dca;. Ir. Ne, la nc. 

Herniol'us, Borlbg. That hath n 
hurtling or rupture. Ir.Madhann- 
'hikncaA; ; ar a mbi madhan fiknc. 

Mcros, Arur , gur bonhedhit;; 
yn a una orAfeftion yUA; Iju arver 
dvn. A noblt man ; an hero , a 
■worthy -, an. enaUent perfonagc for 
courage or other vertues. Ir. Eargh- 
naidheaA;, uaifeaA;, uais'heail. 

Herus , Argluydh , meiftr. A 
Lord or Mafter. C. f Arluidh. Ar. 
Maeflr, plur. ma;ft:ri, AutroU. Ir. 
Maighiftir, triath no tiama. 

Hefperus, Seren y n6s, y go- 
huyr. The evening ft ar i the even- 
ing tide. C.Gydhiuhar. Ar.'Gou- 
Iper. Ir.Feaskarin, noinrcak, rcalt 
iomfcafgair , realc an tratha nona. 

Hefternus, yr hynn oedh dhoe. 
Of the day before;yefterday. Ir.Don 
la ne. 

Heu, yhin,guae vi. Alas ! wo's 
me. C. ah ! ah fyweth ! Ar. Alias, 
(igaz. ir. Faraor ! as truadh ! as 
boAid, as kraidhte. 

Heus, Ho, debre. o ho .' Do you 
hear ? Jo ho ! alfo, alas 1 Ir. 6 ! a 
'hula, a dhuinc, a vean. 

Hiatus, ymegoriad, gaj^endorr 
daiar,iavnrhychni,aduy. a gaping or 
or wide opening of the mouth, or of 
the earth ; a yawning or gaping : 
alfi a gap. Ar. Digor- Ir.Brao- 
fadh, gdgadh, gagayil, ofgailt. 

Hie, prono?n. Hun, hon, hyn. 
This man,reonian or thing. C. Ma. 
Ar. Heman, homan. Jr. An fearfa, 
an beanla. Ilioifliin. 

\-{'\c,ad:J. yma, fyman. tiere in 
this place. C ymma, obma, ybba. 
Ar. Aman Ir. An flio, fliiv agus 
thai], a vus agusthall. 

nys, digriv. Pleafant., cheerful, mer- 
O": i^y^poliik, \ocund. C. l.euenik, 
Louen , Louenak. Ar. Laouen , 
mao, feuen, gaillart, dreo, gardiz. 
Ir. Suvax, fuga;e, fuilvir, luag- 
haireaA;, folala>c, lainnea^:. 

Hinc, Odhi \ ma, odhi fyman, 
vn 61 iiyn, uedi hyn, o hyn. Vrom 
hence, from this place, hereof, here- 
upon. C. A lebma. Ar. Ahan. Ir. 
o nil), de flio ua, an flio , ^o Iho, 
lar Iho; o naitfe. 

HinQitiis,Guervriad. The neigh- 
ing or ■ahinying of an korfe or mare 
C. Kynihas. Ar. Gurilh, ;tuirin- 
lub. Ir Sithrea;i, fithreaghadli. 
karu ievang. A young hind, a kind- 
calf a young deer, a foTsn, &c A 
</o^j5/Z'. Ar. Bifhvian. Ir. f Baigh- 


Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland, rfy 

Hxreo, Glyni, glydio, gavacl* herb, grafs or weed, a blade of graft. 
'ndynn i.\mmx, ymattal. Toftick, C. Lyiuan Ar.Luzaiian,/>/«r. lou- 
to cleave, to take faft hold , to doubt, ibu^ gucauten, plur. gucauc. Ir. 
r»</fOTar. C- Dhoglcnys. Ar Dcr- Lils, liiiv, f foilt;Kib. 

Herbiilus, l.hyfeyog, Ihaun gla- 

lady, amiftrefs, a dame. Ar. Itron j Ic, | mang. Lygh no gavain tiadha. 

(/>/«r. j Itrouneiet. Ir.Banpbupa. fl. 

Herba , Lhyfeuyn , glaiuelhc , 

guelhtglas, korfen yd, e3inyn. An 

I OS koiniafg no madadh niara 

Hircus, i\ix ^eivr A buck- 
goat; The rank fnteU of the arm- 

hoUs. C. Byk. J.iilbyk , [ a wea- 
ther goat'] Ar bu;s. Ir. Pok no 
bok gavair; f6^ br»ne afgil no' 

Hirquitallus, Lhcngkyn XITTI 
ocd a ;eLiant y knaud yn dcxxTi. 
dyvod arno. A boy about the age 
of fourteen, when his -joiee breaks. 
Ir. Boikina^, fear boikmea;t;da re 

1 lirlutu.i, Garu, bleiiog, Ihaun 
gury;;, pigog j Anvodliog, i;eruin. 
Rough, hairy, rugged, briftly., prick- 
'tJ^aggy; alji> unpleafant and au- 
//'■re. C. Blciiak. Ar. Bieuck. Ir. 
kliba^;, sibax, ribca.^, j;arv. 

Ilirudo, giil. An horjileech or 
bloud-Juckvr. Ar 5claucn,/'/«r. rc- 
lauennoLL Ir. Dall6g , Liaigh na 
vionn flaindialta;;, peiftc6g do dhi- 
lilas full. 

Hirundo , GiiennoJ, gijenvol. 
Afwallom G. Tlhikuk, f Gucn- 
nol. Ar. Guinili, /i/w. guuiiliet. 
Ir. Ainlc, ainlcog. 

Miftoria, Hillori. hanes. A hi- 
ftory, affory, a tale Ar. Hiftor, 
/>/'(r. hiitoriou. Ir. Stair , f irifal- 
dhra.«t, fkuadh. 

Hiftoi icus, Hiftoriaur, yfgrivcn- 
nydh hilloriac, koviadur. A itrit- 
er ofhijlories, an hiftorian. Ir. Stairr- 
thoir, igealaidhe, dreaK;ciaire. 

Hiilrix, Pork\ pin, rhyu vath ar 
dliraenog. A porcupine, ir. Grai- 
neog t gruim. 

Hiulcus, Ajennog, holhtog vel 
y dhaiar ar uies^ Anghyflulht , 
diymuafg Gaping as the ground 
doth m great drouth; full of gaps , 
not well fet together. Ir. GagaA: , 
fgainte, fgoilte, broila.;i:. 

Ilodie, HeahyUjhedhy. Today, 
in thefi days, in this age, at prefent. 
C. Hidhu, yn dzedh. Ar. Hiriou. 
Ir. A niugh, a nois, fa naimfliirle. 

Hasdus, Mynn. A kid or young 
goat C. Mynan. Ar. Gavr biaa. 
Ir. Minan, gavarog. 

Homicida , Lhovrydh , Lhau- 
rydh, Iheidhiad dyn, Ihadhur ke- 
lain A Murtherer , a man-flayer. 
i\t. Muntrcr. Ir. Duincavarvchoir, 
duineaflaightheoir, fear duinea- 

Homicidium, Lhadhiad d^n, 
Lhovrydhiajth , lliaurydhia:th , 
myrn, myrndurn. Mur'ther, man- 
flaughter. CHar, Kalanedh Ar. 
Muncr. Ir. Duineavarvadh. 

Homo, Dyn. A man or woman. 
C.Dca,plur Tiz. Ar. Den, plur. 
Tyt. Ir.Duine, fDae, tear no 

Homuntulus, Dynyn, guael- 
dhyn,anur,oerur, boudhyn,koeg- 
dhyn. A UttU forryfellam. Ir.DlJi- 
niri, Finn j avak. 

Honcftus, Oneft, da, o ymarue- 
dbiad da,dinam,adhuynj kannio- 
laduy, kvvrivol, guedhys, hardh 
Teg. Honefi , kind, civil; honou- 
rable,fafl?ionable, of good behaviour, 
well condition' d, of good reputation ; 
alfo handjbm, fair, &c. C. Oneft, 
leg. Ar.Onell mat, meulabi j 
kaer, koant, brao , magnjvik, 


Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 


miftr, defeat. Ir.Kneafta, makan- 
ta, maith, kincaka, uaial, ononx 

Honor, Yrdhas, anrhydedh, tei- 
lyngdod, edmyg, pirr., bri, kv- 
myrredh, maurhaad,gory;iaviEeth. 
Honour, rvor/hip, rej^eff, regard^ re- 
verence i glory, promotion. ArEnor, 
plur. Enorriou. Ir. Onoir, katha, 
airtnid, airmidin, airminne, f mi- 

Hora, Ayr, amfer. An hour, a 
Jpace, a ttme, a feafon of the year 
C. Our, ouer. Ar. Heur, />/»r. 
hcur iou ; aml'er. Ir. V^'''> t kan, 
f ionvaidh, tan, aimfhir, re. 

Hordeum, Haidh, Barlis.Bar/cj. 
C. Barliz. Ar. Heidh, brazet. Ir. 

Horreo, Kodi guiy>-, kodi gu 
a!ht; hylhy,dy;tryny, arluydo,5e- 
ruino,(ynni arno,ttyfmuyo. Tofet 
up hi} brifiles, to have his hairs 
fiare; to he ajlonijljed and deadly 
afraid ; to Jhiver or tremble for fear 
C. Dho kernah [ro tremble ] Ar. 
Krenna,skri2.hea. Ir.\JathA;algam. 

ardy,yftordy. Aharn or com-houfe, 
a fiore-houfe , a grange ; a ipare- 
houfi C Skibor. Ir. Ij^ibol , ith- 
lann , iothgardha no agart ; jeir- 
tical, jeirnedn. 

Horribilis, Ythr, arythr, efA^ylh, 
ovnaduy. Horrible, terrible, dread- 
ful,frightful, ghajfly. At. Terribl. 
Ir uathvaiaA;;klibaA; fadghruaga.*:. 
Horridus , Hylh , erAiylh , ovna- 
duy ; DyAiryncdig, a gryno gan 
ovn nae anuyd ; Garu , j;eruin 
Horrid, dreadful, hideous, grizly ; 
ghajfly, frightful i fiaking for cold 
or fear i rugged. Ar. t'uzik, krucl, 
ternbl, elHam. Ir. Uathval'a;*; , 
mith.'^lc, an\ai.inaX', deanafa;K. 

Horror, DyAjryn, te;Kryn, i'i- 
reth, fergryn, kryn, krynva, kry- 
nedigaetli, deinrgryd, ylgryd, e^;- 
ryd, kryd ; farluyd. A Jhivering 
pr fliakivg for fear or cold; korrour, 
fright, dread,a-a> Ar. Horror, Don- 
j;er, rcket, euz Ir.UaithAirith, 
fuairzrith, yaith;Kreathadh. 

Horsiim , Ty ag yma. Hither- 
ward, towards this place , to this 
purpoje. Ir. Gus flio, an fho, idir 
(ho, gonui7;eflio. 

Honulanus, Gardhur. Agard- 
ner. Ar. Zhardiuer. Ir. Garradoir, 

Hortus, Gardh, Perlhan, kad- 
lys. A garden or orchard. C. Liiar, 
Dzhara. Ar. Liorz, zardin. Ir. 
Garrdha, gairdin, f uiriis. 

Hofpes, Lhettyur a dherbvnio 
dhiekhrsd; Lhettyur a gaflo letty, 
ofp, gueftai, guahodhur. An hoft 
that receiveth flrangers, an enter- 
tainer, a landlord i alfo agueflthat 
lodgethinones houfe. Ar. Oltis. Ir. 
Greafaire, oftaire, bradhtaAJ. 

Hofpita, Lhctteyuraig. An ho- 
fiefs or landlady ,- a fix guejl, a 100- 
mavfiranger. Ar Oftifes. Ir.Bain- 
ghrealaire, banoftaire. 

Hofpitalis, Lhetteygar, yn rhoi 
Hietty, krocfauys , lliettyurxdh , 
teylyxdh. Hofiitable, friendly, uje- 


hojpitality ; of or belonging to 
guejls or ilrangers. 

Hofpitium, Lhetty, yfpytty, y- 
rpydhaud , Ihattyuriseth , kroefau 
An bnt, a lodging, a place to enter- 
tain grangers or guefls ; an hoj^ital; 
entertainment , friendfinp. Ar. Ta- 
varn, holtelen. Jr. Greafailt, gre- 
aflann, greaflong ; Fos teagh olla. 

Hoitia, Aberth, o&rumernnuyn 
kael gorvod ar elynion. A facrifice 
for the obtaining vidory over the 
enemies. Ir. Keirniodhvairt , fuai- 

HolHs, jelyn; ynbulad aralh. 
An enemy i a Jl ranger, one of ano- 
ther countrey. Ar Advcribur. Ir. 
Navaid, nava, bidhva. 

Hue, yma, y ty yma. Hither, to 
this place ; to this end, to this point . 
CDhybba. Ar. Aman. Ir. Goflio, 
go nuije ; an iho, go naitfe. 

Hujulmodi, Kyvryu, o*r vath 
yma. Such, of this fori. Ir. A lei- 
thid flio, a 'havail flio. 

Humanus, Dynol, dyn-gar, hy- 
naus, haudh ei drin, trigarog. Hu- 
mane, belonging to man, gentle, kind, 
compafflonate. Ar.Humen. Ir.Dyn- 
na, dynnaidh, duineavail, kinealta. 

Humerus, ylguydh, yfguydhog, 
yfpaud. The fi.wulder. C. Skudh. 
Ar. Skoas. Ir.Guala, fglang. 

Humi, Ar y dhaiar, ar laur. 0?^ 
the ground. Ir. Ar no fa talav, ar 
lar ; sios nonia.-:dar. 

Humidus,GuK'b, Ihaith, fynuft, 
gulybyrog , dyvrlhyd , glauog 
MoiR, wet,waterilh, rainy, d^ink. C. 
Gleb. Ar Delr, leidh. Ir. Tailh, 
fiiu>;, miflijcavail. 

Humilis, t Hyvell, Lib. Land 
Goftyngedig; He), guael, dibris, 
fdiftadl, daud ; yvydh, dival/;, di- 
draha, dityvig, ifdvryd Humble, 
low, mean poor ; of little worth or 
account ; baje ; feeble, -aeak C 
fHuvel. Ar. vmbl, iiel. Ir Iflieal, 
uirilheal, tairkailhnea/<;, uval. 

Humor, Lhynn, gulybur, guly- 
baniseth, Iheitndrai f'ydh, iRg, dur. 
Moiflure, -water, juice or fap, an hu- 
mour. C fGlybor. Ar. Humor 
Ir.Leann, flaich, lionnrafg, taiflile- 

Humus, Daiar, pridh, gueryd, 
Ihaur,daiar ulyb. The ground, moijf 
earth ; low ground; earth, duji. C- 
An 'oar, fGueret. Ar. An dCiarj 
dCiar diflu, frauft. Ir. uir, kriadh ; 
kriadhvog, kieag. 

Hybernus, Gayavcedh. Of or be- 
longing to winter, winterly, rough, 
rainy. Ir. ^eivreidh, J^eivreavail , 
5eivtha, geivradhta, ftiar. 

Hydra , Dyvineidr. A water 
ferpent. Ar. Kuriufen. q. Ir. ^ilviia. 

Hydromantia , Duvr-dheuini- 
£Cth. Divination by water. Ir. Bir- 

Hydrophobia, Klevyd a bair 
ovni dur, dur-arfuyd. The fear of 
water, which hdppens to thofs that 
are bitten by a mad dog. ir. Bir- 

Hydrops, y dropfi,y dyvrgiuyv. 


The dropfie. Ar. Hydropifi. Ir. 

Hyems, Gayav, tymmeftl, di- 
hinedh, anardymyr Winter, ajform 
of hail and rain together. C Guav, 
t Goyv. Ar. Goan. Ir. geivreadh, 

Hymen, Kroenyn yn arfed 
mer;; a dyrr pan golho ei moruyn- 
dodj kyuydh priodas, kerdh brio- 
das. Athtn ski7t, film or membrane -., 
alfo a nuptial fong. Ir. Sgan, igan- 
nan, fgannailrid. 

Hymnus,Hymn,temyn, kyuydh 
moliant,taruyrain. A hymn or Jong 
Ar. Kan, muez, ton, guers,kana- 
ouen. Ir. Imain , avran no dan 


Ilto, Kerdh, kerdha, dos. Go, 
get thee gone. Ir. Imthigh , 
• Bidh , ar fluval , toigh ort, 

Jaceo, Goruedh, bod a'i 0(0- 
diad ; Bod yn Ihonydh , bod yn 
dhirmyj^ys ag vn dhibris. To lie, 
to be fituate ; to lie along or out at 
length ; to be in no ejleem, to be un- 
regarded. Ir. Luidhim, al. laidhim. 

JaciOj Buru, tavly, Ihyxio, er- 
j^ydio , faethy ; Golbd ; adrodh , 
kyhoedhy. To caji , throw, fling, 
hurl or Jhoot ; to dart; to lay or 
place; toJf>eak or utter; to puhlifh 
or fet abroad. C. Dho toula Ar. 
Tf^A.prat tauleti ftrinka, finkia, 
kafs, ftlapa, LanCa. Ir. Teiljimj 
Lavayim , t hrlakaim , flireidim, 
ur;taraim no beirim ur;(;ar, kai- 
thim, tarlaikim, bearcam. 

Jaitura, Kolhed, cniueid ; Pe- 
tha: a davler alhan o long Lofs, 
dammage ; lofs byfi:ip-wrack, or the 
throwing of goods over board in a 
form. C. Kollet. Ir Kaill , kail- 
Icadh, kailleavuin, kailleug, Dith. 

Jadtus, us; Tavliad, erj;yd ; 
Tynn a rhiiyd. A throw, hurle or 
caH ; a cafi or draught vith a net. 
Ar. Taul. Ir. \Jxxox, f Kor, ftail. 

Jaculator, Tavlur, ergvdiur, fae- 
rhur, tavkdydh alhooter,a darter, 
dart-flinger. Ir. Bonulbir , bonn- 
faidhe, kaithveoir. 

Jaculor, Tavly, er^''dio, buru 
faeth, leitliy, pikkio, fpikkelhy.TV 
jhoot, to dart, to fling Out. Ar. Te- 
url, taulet, tenna, ftrinka, finkia. 
Ir. Bonnfayim, Lavayim, teil^im, 

Jaculus, Math sr neidr. A fer- 
pent that lietb under tries, andfiid- 
denlyJl.<oots himfelfout with a great 
violence, when any one pajjeth by. 
Ir. Koirnivean, korvuafan, kran- 

Jam, yn aur, yr awrhon, weithi- 
an, weithion, belha;K, eifoes. Now, 
at this time, atprefsnt; jufloreven 
now, now at length or at lajl ; al- 
ready. C.Breman. Ir. A nois [fw/^. 
a ni(h ] ar a nuairfe, ar an larhairfe: 
F6s kcana, tair.>;eana. 

Janua, Dor, porth j De«rK,ky- 
A;uyniad. A gate, the firfl entry in- 

" . . _ to 

Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 67 



/* a hoiife;the begtmung or entrance. \ f vimeadh, brugadh, f toixneadh 
C I'urth. Ar.Uor,/>/«r Donou, ', jemaculum, Horeivuyd,torr ym- 
porth, flur. perchier. Ir. Doras , i p^yd- A break-faJL C. Iliunlcl 

Dizhiimh. Ir. tSeirc,kcdthovailt, 

Jefus, lefy Keiduad , aA;ybur, 
iataudur Jffus i A Saviour., a Re- 
Jeemer C L3'icziu. Ar. bhcius ; 
Salver, Rcdampt>r. Ir Slanaigh- 
theoir flanaidhe, llmadoir. 

igitur, Ani hvnny, gan hynay, 
urth hynny Therefore, from hence- 
forth., then, thereupon. Ar Eta, iiak 
evit lb Ir Cioiiadharre (hin, uimc 
(hin, trid (hin. 

Ignarus, Diuybod, fdiariiybod, 
anhvlpys , heb wybod. Jgnoraitt , 
unskilfnl, unacquainted with ; un- 
knosBn, Jlrange. Ar. Ignorans. Ir. 
Aineola;e, ainvcafaA;, anv'odaA; , 

Ignavus, Lhurv, dicg, niyfgrelh, 
furth, ka/iad, dirym-legyr, aiiu- 
raidh, digalon, Ihegy.";, f Ihegen- 
raidh. Idle^Jloatkful, fluggijh, co-w- 
ardly, lither, unmanly, falfe-heart- 
ed, faint, dull, good for nought A r 
Diek, Diejjyus, luguder,lefirek,di- 
dallout, laufqi digalon, digu- 
raifli. Ir. Meata, -^^i^nK, cagiax, 
athoglaA;, klaghaire, lorganaA;. 

Igneus, Tanlhyd, difglair val tan 
poeth Viery, bright or fliinifig like 
fire, burning, fharkling. Ir Teintea- 
vail, iafanta, loilj^canta, f breodha 
Ignariutn, tGolj;ymmon,y peth 
y galher Ihadh tan ag ev, ysburn 
sy'Ai . any thing that -will take fire quick 
dhul. An idea, form, model or pat- I ly, tinder or touchwood. Ir. Teineal. 
terni aljb an imagination fancy or\ Ignis, Tan, fyvel; izxy,. Fire, 
concert. Ar. Furm. ir. Rofgmuadh, /'^^rw/fff; heat, -vigour; love Q 
rofgA;lo.>d. Tan J Ar. Tan ; karantes. Ir Te- 

ldein,vr <iTy.Tke fame, the felf fame, ' ine , f ydh , [ no aodb ] f breo , 
alike, all one. Ir. Kionda, ionann, i t drag, Daigh no doigh, f boit, 
koivionan. 1 1 buite, "iial , f ur. f Buiteala;!: , 

Ideo, Am hj-ruiy, urth hynnv, ; A great pre P. ex CI. 
o ethryb. Therefore, for that caufe.\ Ignitus, Tanlhyd, tanbaid, po- 
Ar. Kak evit fe. Ir.Gonuime (liin. | eth, Iholgcdig. P'ery, burning It 
Idioma, Priodoldcb iaith, tavo- : TeinteaA; , tcintreaA; , teinteavail. 
dixth, Ihcdiarth. An idiom or pro- \ Iguobilis,Anvonhcdhig,annyle- 
per form of j^ech, a propriety /« dog, iangur ; Ancnuog, lalu, difas, 
Jbeaking Ir. Dakvearla, daivearla, ! anhvnod. Ignoble, of low birth, 
Ibearla no teanga dhuth kais no di- | meanly born, bafe, vile, of no repu- 
leas ga;i; tire, fa leith dir-vearla. tation or ejleem, nothing ^oketi of; 
ldo!oUtria,Dclu-adholia[:th,gay- <»^ fo«r/?, common, ordinary. Ar. 
dhyuirtth. eilyn-adholiacth. /(^/i- Dianavezet. Ir Anual'al, anuais , 
try, Idol-worjhip. Idaladhradh, lo- 1 failillieal, fainifheal. 
dalaAsd. I Ignominia, Sarhaad,dirmyg, en- 

Idolum, Delu, lhyn,eilyn,j:;ay- I Ihib, Thort, gogan, anair, anglod, 
dhclu. An image, an idol i alfo a I anyrdhas. Difcredit , reproach, di- 
falfe imagination At.\Ao\,\Tva^\. Jhonour,igntmi7iy,difpact. Ar.Me- 

jcata, t inntea;e 

Januarius, Mis lonaiir, v maru- 
vis, y mndy. The month ofjanuary. 
C. ^envar. Ar.Guenver. Ir. jjin- 

Ibex , Rhyu avar u<'lht vyan. 
Eannavar, kreig-avar. A kind of 
■wildgoat lr.Gallghavair;Gncgha- 
vair hadhain fan fieivtiv Alpa 

Ibi, yna, yno, fvngo, fyngod. 
There, then, when that was done. C. 
Ena. Ar Kno, di. IrAnfhinjan 
Ihiid, fa naitfliin. 

Ibidem, yn yr vn mann, <ti yr 
vn Ihc There, in the fame place ; in 
the fime thing, or in the Jiime cafe. 
Ir. Sa nait kionda. 

Ifterus, y kluy melyn, y kr-Cd 
mclyn , f y rhivunt. The yellow 
j.iundife Ar. Shonis, teriienzhau- 
nifs. Ir Boyealadh, galar boyc. 

Idtus, Dyrnod,lab, fknith, jkis, 
palvod, -fgurflon, kyrva, yfpongk, 
Jfatt, dyl, trained. A ftroak , a 
blow, ablaf,apuff. C. Bynk. Ar 
Koup, plur. Coupiou. Ir. Buille, 
Itallcog, poiftc, plouka, plcata. 

Idcirco, Am hynny, o heruydh 
hynny, o'raAios hynny. Therefore, 
for that caufe, thereupon Ar. Evit- 
fe, dr'an abek fe, a balamour dake- 
menc Ic, drc-fe. Ir. Uime (liin, fe 
fliin, trid fliin, gonadhaire fliin, ar 
anadhvar fhin. 

Iiiea, Rhith, k\'\'rith_, ffyrv^ Bu- 
riad medhul, tyb,dy;irymmyg me 

ir Idal, Laivdhia, Dealv no dia 

Idonrus, Adhas, ky vadhas,ky m- 
muysjkymmheffyr. Fit, meet, pro- 
per, cvtivenient, due, able, fujjicient, 
&c. Ar Dercat, kern pen. Ir. Ain- 
n)ea;>:, im^uva;!:, oireavanaA;, oi- 
rcavail, oincavail; Tarva^;, eifc- 

Jecur, '> y,avy .r/&f liver iff man or 
beafl.C Avy Ar.Aij Ir Acv.gruan 

jeiunuim, ympryd, ynpryd, di- 
rueft, kvthlnng, katgor. Fafirng , 
hun^ ; alfo afafUnrday. Ar. Tjn 
lun, pA/rr luniou. Ir. Frofgadh; 

pris. Ir. Mafia, iruA;lu, fganail, 
naire, dro/jainim. 

Ignolco, Gvybod yn dhaj par- 
dyny, madhx. To know and under- 
fta7id; To pardon, to hold excufid, 
to take no notice of; to forgive. Ar. 
Pardonni. Ir. Mathaim, logham ; 
bcirim maitheavnas, <irc. 

Ignotus, Anuybodedig, anhv- 
nod . Ignorant, irat doth not know ; 
unknown. Ar.Diauavczet. Ir Nea- 

Ilex, Mith ar dhcnicn. A kind 
of oak tree, called of fon» Helm ; 
the fear let oak. ]r. Gne dhara;t ; 


fos kiiileann no krann kuileinn. 

iliLO, yn y man, yn dhiamuxl, 
hel) attrcg, ar vrvs. Anon, by and 
h. '» aU hafi, forthwith. Ir. Ar Lai, 
gan vuil, go (iian, go mcar, go dci- 
ncala., go dcithvreaA;, go Juath. 

lllc, a, ud ; Ev, eve, evo, hi, yr 
yn huiiiiii,Hf,y/,<.^ ii^at, tbeonejthe 
other,Jomeone; the forefaid C E, 
ev, hai, honna,hoddi. Ar. Eunan. 
Ir.bhe, ci tlliin, (luilhin, an few 
"iiii, ail fear ud, flu, i, niinii;llu 
od, Ihud. 

Illecebra, Hvd, deniaddruy yf- 
l^l'-dha.i;. IrSaivin, biralg.'biraf- 

nedhvol. illegitimate, bafe born, un- 
lawful. Ir. Aindligluhca>; f deal- 

lllcx,egis yndhigyvra;th,heriir. 
Lawlefs, that lives without law, an 
outlaw i r. Edlightnea a;, eabanna;K, 
gan dlighcadh ar bith, direaA;ta;>;. 

II line, Odhi tno From thence, 
from that fide. Ar. A hano, a lefle. 
Ir. As (Inn, 6 (hin, lia fliui , de fluQ, 
on leith (hin. 

Iliullris, Eglyr, gloyu, difglair, 
gluylgam, golcydeg, Ihathr, eglyr- 
latlir, gol-.<; ; enuog, hynod, ardhcr- 
;>:og Lightjbm, clear , bright, illu- 
flrious ; plain ; evident ; famout, no- 
ble, renouned, excellent. C Spladn. 
Ar. Skier, fplan, patant, anat, reiz. 
Ir. SoilKhea ;i , iolalda , ffoirreil , 
fekfidhe, faikeala;e , feke, glan, 
tgle, t gluair. 

Imago, Delu, deluad, Ih-^n^ ei- 
lyn, dry.x, dry;Kiolasth, kftelybi- 
xth, kynllyn, kyndhelu; Guedb, 
aguedh, fgof^edh. An image, a re- 
femhlance or reprefejitation of a 
thing, a likenefs ; a counterfeit; a 
fiatue, pidure or portrait ; a vifion, 
a fancy , &C. C.|Avain. Ar. I- 
majlh, hcvelediguez. Ir. Dealv, 
drca^;, j Muadh, f Arrait, ivaigh, 
foirm, fighair, fuajjaidhi avra. 

Imbellis, Anviluraidh,anuraidh, 
lhuvr,ka;ijad, digalon, ovnog,lhef- 
J^ensedh. Cowardly , weak, faint- 
hearted , fearful. C. Guadn. Ar. 
SempI, (all, dinerth, digalon, di- 
guraifli. lr.GrimA;itaA;, grimveirv, 
neivionn;iiogaidh, lag no neavain- 
meaji, neav;t:ogavaiJ. 

Imber,S VV.Kauad, N.W.Ka- 
vod, glau, giilyb- hin, f glauojydh. 
Ajhower orfcudofratn, rain-water. 
C Kuas, glau Ar. Kahouat glau, 
Ir. Kaoth , t kalair, keorthin n© 
kiavarthanj Bailteax no frais fear- 

Imberbi':, Divarv, heb varv an- 
varvog Beardlejs, without beard. A. 
Divarvek. Ir. Neiveilbgax, ain- 
ghrinnea.!;, ainvulka;e. 

Imbre.x, Kavnbeithyncn i'rffbs 
na: I'r grib. The gutter-tile or roof- 
tile, made crooked for the paging of 
ram. Ir. Kir-iglata, mualfglata. 

Imbricatim , Ar uaith peitbvn 
krib. In the marmer of roof-tiles. 
Ir. Go fglatavaii, go (lainnteav ail. 

Imitor, Dynuared, dilyn, kan- 
lyn, elvydhy, kyfJelybu. Toimitate, 


Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 


to refimik, to counterfeit, to doe the 
like, to follow an others example. At. 
Imita, hcul ar rout eus , deguila, 
diflefonnij dichevelebi, hevelout, 
beza hcavel, pe hinval ou'i. IrLe- 
anam, nim Icanvuia 

ImmaculatuSjDivryA;, f divann, 
divry;Keylyd, dihalog,dilugr, glan, 
lefsi clean. Ir. Neavalla;t, neavalll- 
ga;i;, neivfgeadaA:- 

Immanis, Kreylon , avreolys , 
ythr j Maur, amrofgo, tamr\fBe, 
fanftad, er;Kylh, ovnaduy. Cruel, 
outragious , ijierce , favage , -wild ; 
huge, exceeding great i unreafonahle, 
dreadful , -wonderful , incredible , 
Jlrange, C Braz., Ithik. Ar. Garo, 
;t;uero, ruH:, difalun, tenn, dinvat, 
mgrat, digar, kruel, kriz ; guez. ; 
meur, gras, pikol. it. Borb, garg, 
tponc, fuilteiA:, fiadhta, fiiad- 

Immaturus, Anadhved,ir, ir-las, 
kynnar, kyn yr amfer, annbym- 
moraidh. Immature, unripe, green, 
four, ujipleafatit j out offeafon, taken 
or done before time ; o'verhafty, un- 
timely , oiier-early , under-age. ir. 
Auabaidh, glas, domviafta, Ihearv, 

Immemor, Anvedhylgar, ang- 
hovys. Forgetful, unmindful, heed- 
lefs , regardlefs. Ir. Dearmada.^ , 
dichlea;!i, eagovain. 

Immenfus, Anveidrol o vaint , 
divefyr, tra melyr, fanvad va- 
ur, tamryfflc, abruyfgl. Unmea- 
furable, huge, vafl, immenfe, infa- 
t table , unreafonable , infinite , bot- 
tomleji. C. Itliik, brat. Ar. Gras, 
meur , pikol. Ir. Doivcis, dotho- 
vais, dothavaifte. 

Immergo, Sodbi, fydho. tio;!ii; 
Bodhi to plunge or dip over head and 
earSitofoufe;alfo to drown. A.Plou- 
ma, pluiivia. Ir. Tumam, batham, 

immerito, Heb haedhy, yn dhi- 
hacdhianc, yn dhia;KOs. Without 
caufe, undefervedly . Ar Go neav- 
thuillveaA;, go heakora.^. 

Immicis, Anlharixdh, anuar, 
anhynaus, kreylon, didrjgaredh, 
Cirryg, blung, anvuyn, toft. Cruel, 
without pity, ungentle, rigorous ; un- 
pleafant. Ar. Ruft, tenn; trenk. 
ir. Ainvin, garv; neiv.^inealta. 

Immolo, Abcrthy, oftirymmy. 
To offer, to facrifice, to kill. Ar. Sa- 
krifia. Ir. Idhvrajm,ofralaim. 

Immortalis, Anvaruol, divaru, 
didrangk, diangse. Immortal, ever- 
lafling, that never dieth. Ir. Dovais, 
doeaga, dovarvtha, Ihirdhaidhe. 

immunis, Rhydh,diruydh, brei- 
niol , didreth , ni unel uafanseth. 
Exempt, free from duty , office or 
charge i that pays no tribute, rent 
or fervice. Ir. Eifjeirte, kaiarma- 
na;K, eii'headhmanta. 

Itoq, le, yn hytraA;, t cxrt- But 
raiJKT, yea rather , yea but; uay, 
yes. C la, huath. A lejhoguenjhe- 
gon. Ir. A;Kd as kora. 

Impar, AnghyvartaLfanogyftal, 


anghyfTcIyb, famynivcr, amryu. 
Unequal^ not like, notfuffcient, odd, 
uneven. Ir. Eagovthrum, nea'iov- 
thrum , cagoivuil , riiiUgairteaA; , 

lmpedio,Lheftair, Ihydhias, at- 
tal, golydhio, rhuyftro, rhagod; 
tHyaly,lhvffctheirio. To let, hinder, 
cumber or d/Jiurb ; to tut angle ; to 
fetter. Ar. Diftrei , miret , berfa , 
difFen ouzj huala. ir.Toirmeaf- 
gaim , gnbim , bakam , bafgam , 
t carghraim. 

Impendium, koft, trayl, kyr, go- 
val ; kymmuynas, fked. Cojl, ex- 
pence, charge i Ar. Kouft. Ir. Ko- 
ftas, kaitheav, fkearn, f gleitb. 

Impcrator , Penkiudad , pen- 
naeth lliy, ymmcraudr, ynben, fte- 
laig. ./4 Commarider, the Ge?ieral of 
an army, the chief Captain of an 
hofl ; an Emperor, a Ruler. C-f Ern- 
pereur. Ar. Impalazr. Ir. Folar- 
thoir, Ri 'heinneaidhc, mil-vreas, 

Imperitus, Anghelvydh, anghy- 
varuydh, anghyuraint, aughynnil; 
Hyduylh; Trufgul, diuybod,an- 
nyfgcdig, anhyvedr. V?iskilful, ig- 
norant, rude,fimple, unlearned, un- 
experienced, raw. Ir. Aneola.5i, ai- 
nula;;:, ainvil'a/j, foidhialhA;. 

Imperium,GorA;Ymmyn hynod, 
Ihyuodraeth, rhuyig, audyrdod , 
galhy, ynbenna;th, ymmerodri\;th, 
luydh, gurddcEth. A command or 
office, power and authority , domi- 
nion, empire, figniory, rule, govern- 
ment, jurijdtiiion. Ar. Ordrenans, 
gour;tcmen ; gouarnamant ; au- 
trouniez Ir. Ri-'heinnidhca;i;d , 
ardth) litzxd, ard;<;eannas, aird^^e- 
annfal, priv-fallavna;!;d , airds di- 

Impero,GorA;ynimyn,kael mei- 
ftrolaeth ar, argluydhiaediy, Ihv- 
uodrae.hy, rheoli, bod yn ynben, 
bod yn ymmerodr, rhufgo, duyn 
rbuylg. To command with authority, 
to have the maflery or command 
over, to ruky govern and bear fmay 
over. Ar. GourAiemen , ordreiii , 
karga. Ir. Foralaim, aithnyim, kui 
rim daithne 

Impetus, Rhythr, kyr;^, dygyr;i;, 
ryrr, diebyd, hurdh, hup, guib, 
IhyAiynt, kais, hyppynt. Violence, 
force, an ajfault ojifet or attack, an 
effort, a brunt, ajbock, apuJl.K Ar 
Poan. Ir.Foirncart, foireij^ean, 

Impiger, Anniog, difurth, divyf- 
grelh, aneidhUjdilerg, diuann,tef- 
5yd, dyuyd, byuiog, dihavar.J2, 
guy XT , hoyu , didrum , byan , 
blaudh. Diligent, mettlefom, coura- 
gious,lufty, quick, ready, fuiift. C. 
Strik. Ar. DilizhanCilburcius, da- 
mantus , aketus. Ir. Neivleiisea- 
vail, neivlian, neivrighin. 

Impius, Kreylon, annyuiol, an- 
uir, drvjionys , didhyu , yi^eler, 
anrafol. Impious, ungodly, wicked, 
irreligious , atheiflical, ungracious , 
unnatural, undutiful , mifchievous. 
C.Drog,hagar. Ar.Drouk,goall, 
fall. Ir.Neavaidh, divaidh , ain- 

vaidh; neivdhiadha j eadrokaire-' 
aAi; olkjfnir 

Impleo, Lhenui, k)'vIeDUi,kyv- 
louni, kublhai ; gorphen, dibenny. 
To fill up, to fulfil, accompliflj, per- 
form or make up; to bring to an 
end, to finijh C Dho Leana. Ar. 
Leunia, barra, karga; peuraflievi; 
goualA;!. Ir. Linam, earkam, foir- 
Unam, koivlinam, kovallaim. 

Implico > Goblygy , ymblethy, 
ymglymmy, kynglymmy, kytn- 
mhlethy, kyvreftry. To wrap or 
fold in, to invelop, to twi?ie or twijl 
one with another, to interweave, to 
ijttangle. C. Dho plegya. Ar. Ma- 
iliura, tortuilla. Ir.KuairfjjiiTijkor- 
nam, kalam, pillim. 

Impluniis, Dibly, dibly v, mod, 
Ihuni. Featherlefs, callow; without 
hair. Ar. Djbluen. Ir. Di;tluiv, 

Impono, Golbd ar, dodi ar, do- 
di i meun; Tuylho, fiomrai, ty- 
uylhy llygaid yn, hydo. To put, 
lay or fet in or upon ; to impoji ; 
to deceive or beguile ; to put a trick 
upon one. C. Dho gvirra. Ar. Jakat 
voar. Ir. Kuirim, iuirivim, tyi- 
dhim, fi;„im. 

Importunus, Ammrhydlon, peth 
ammrhyd; rhydaer, ylmala, ha- 
erlhyg, tacr diguilydh, anrhdyrn- 
mol, avlonydh, dij;ymmorth Out 
offeafon, inconvenient ; troublefome, 
rejihfs ; abfurd, unreafonable, im- 
portunate, urgent. Ir. Antratha;i; , 

Impotens , Anlhyuodraethys ^ 
eguan, Ihefg, dinerch, ammhybyr, 
dialhy. Unruly, that caitnot govern 
or moderate himfelf Impote?it, weak, 
feeble, unable. C. Guadn. Ar.Fal), 
fcmpl, dinerthi feziet dihalJou- 
dek. Ir. Neav;eovaAidaA:, neav;iio- 
mafa;*;, gan neart, lag, fann 

Imprecor, Dymyno drug i yn, 
rheJ5y , melhdithio. To wijh Jime 
evil to one, to curfe. C. Dho moly- 
thia. Ar. Drouk komps, millizien. 
Ir. Mallayim, anghuidhiru. 

Imprimo, Printio, argraphy, fe- 
lio, nodi, rhoi nod. Toprivt, or im- 
print, to ingrave, to Jeal, to fit a 
mark. Ar. Imprima. Ir. Klodham, 
klodhvuailim j kuirim a glodh no 
a brinta. 

Improbus , Drygdhyn , koeg- 
dhyn, koejyn, tanvadur, yfgeler, 
dyrras, kyndhyn, f del, i derr, di- 
rixd, drysionys, mourdhrug, dy- 
gas, atgas ; toll, f d vrving. Djfho- 
nefl^ naughty, wicked, lewd, knavijli, 
waggijh, fawcy, Jl.^rewd , confident ; 
pert, mifchievous, cruel. C. Hagar, 
t drog. Ar. Drouk, fall, goall. Ir. 
Oik, t av, t eilk, nir, don^, tubai- 

Impudens, Diguilydh, trahy, 
taerdhrug, haerllyg. Shamelefs, im- 
pudent, gracelefs, brazen-fac'd. Ar. 
Djvergont; dive^:. Ir. Minairea/;, 
avnaireaA;, f avnas, andina, gan 

Imus, Ifav, dyvnav. The lowefl 
or deepeji part, the lower or Mtker 
part, the bottom of. C. Ifeldor. Ar 

Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 


Ir. Ro iaAsdraA;, at ia^drighe, as 

In, yn, meun, o veun i yn Ihe, 
i, yn erbyn, ty ag at, dros, ar, urth, 
at, ar 61, hyd, yn uyfg, yn Ihuru. 
/«, within i into, to, till ^ "^"'fit 
towards , upon , for, after. C- to, 
ynnc. Ar. H, er, eu. Ir. In, inn, an, 
a, (an, na. 

Inaequalis. V. Impar. 

Inanis,Guig, goruag j over, fa- 
nolo, guaglau, tmaiu, dielu, di- 
dhim , noeth ; koi, koeg, guaci , 
tlaud, anvydhiol, kolhedig, dibris 
Efifty , void ofi -vain , frivolous, 
flighty unfrofitable, filly, proud, ar- 
rogant. C.Sej;eri3 , po sigr. Ar. 
Goullo, dincuz. IrFolav, faon , 
fais, toll, fa rcir ^ gan dadadhan, 
ar dith, ar cafvai, cafvaiteaAi , di- 

Incantamcntum, Kyvaredh, fu- 
yn-gyvarcdh, fuyn, fuyn-ganj 
GorAian, Lili-Land. A charm or 
mchant merit. At Arfhant, fharm. 
[r. Duardryidheadh , fliivrayadh , 
beaJdhryidhea;Kd, doilveaAid, bri^- 
tora;Kd, lhivraitheaA;d. 

Inccndium, GoCgymmon, go- 
dhaith, goleydan, kynnje, tanlhu- 
yth, fflamm, Iholg, ftagal ; Kynvi- 
J^cn A fire, as wken a houfe or 
town is on fire ,- a burning flame , 
envy , hatred. C. Losky , tor^ian 
Ar.Loskadiures, FFam. Ir. Lof- 
gadh, Daighidh, doghadh, toigre- 
aghadh; Tnuth. 

Inceptum, De^^reyad, kjauyn, 
antyr. Al>eginning,anenterpriJeor 
defign. At. Deirou, kotnmanfa- 
mant. Ir. TofaA;, tiis, Tionnigain, 
t taide. 

Inceftus, us ; Lhofga^;, tralhof- 
gax, godineb o veun k yvagos a^a;; 
anniueirdcb , godineb ; pob rhyu 
halogruydh. Jncefi, marriage or 
lying with one too near a kin ; all 
manner of uncleamiefs. C. f Sque- 
nip. Ir. Koilpheakadh, ^yilvyis. 

Incido, T orri, tryzy, yfgythry, 
Ihadh, ymdaith. To cut or chop., to 
notch or pare about ; to etch, to grave 
or entatl. C- Dhotrehy Ar Tro- 
xz , bulxa , cngravi, skriva, im- 
pnma. Ir. 7;eirram, (iea.%;dam, ke- 
arbam , korvani , rinnam no rin- 
nayim, breakam. 

Incile, Aauy, bulA; ^ Dyvrftbs, 
klaudh diir. A trench, ditch or fur- 
row to convey water. Ir. Beam , 

Incipio, De^rje, ks A:uyn To be- 
gin, to enterprije , to go about. C. 
Rebea, Dhodallach. A.Kommans. 
Ir. Tinlgnaim, tolayim, f taidyim, 
I annam, f fobrayira. 

Incite, Annog, kvnhyrvy, kyf- 
froi, peri, kymmelh, yfpardyno, 
hvllio. To incite or fiir up ; to egg 
or Jpur on, to kafien or put forward. 
C Dhodereuall aman. Ar. AUia, 1 
attila ; halla, diffre. Ir. Broiigim, 
bidhgam no beaahgam , greilim , 

Incline, Goguydho , goftung , 
puyfo i laur, efgoi, guyre, yftlyly, 
lhcd-eA;ri, Ibedpcie. Ammhai, paJ- 


hi, methi, guaethyj;i. To incline, 
bend or bow down, to change or turn, 
to recoil , to give back ; to leffen , 
impair or ahafe -, To decline or </» 
cay i to be going down. Ar. An 
klina. Ir. Klynani, ftynam, liibam, 
no krunnam ann do xum, no lios 
Fos mcatham, lagdayim, trytham 

Include, GuarA;ai, arjiai, kai i 
mcun. To include or inclofe, tofkut 
up, to flop i to inchafi, grave or fet 
in. Ar.Serra,enket,klora. Ir.Dua- 
nam, druidim, ftopam, no kuirim 
inn no a ftcaAi. 

Inclytus, Gogoncdhys, cnuog^ 
ardhcrA;og. 'Famous, noble , exceU 
lent, of great renown. Ir. Glorvor, 
oirdheirk, iomraidhtea;e, ualal, ba- 
ravail, farmaith. 

Incola, Trijiannel meun gulad 
dhieithr, trijiannol , preiijyliur, 
kyvannedhur. A Sojourner, a dwel- 
ler, an inhabitant. C. Trcvedig- 
.doer. Ir. OilearthafaAi, oilear;tov- 
nuidheaA;, keivcadha.Xj ea;i;dran- 

incolo, Trigo, kyvannedhy,pre- 
fuylio. To inhabit, continue, abide 
or dwell m a place. Ir. Aityim, ai- 
tryim, kovnayim. 

Incolumis, laA;, kubl-ia;;, holh- 
flais, kyueir, ky vrdo, ky van, dian- 
gol. Safe, found, whole, intire. C. 
Sau. Ar. \zz, gaillart, mao ; falo. 
Ir. Slin fallan, bla, imlan. 

Incommodum, Kolhcd, niucd, 
avles, anghymmuynas , farrhaad. 
Lofs, damage, detriment, an incon- 
venience, dijadvantage, dij^leafure, 
annoyance. Ar. Gaou, dommaifli. 
Ir. Mighar, daA:ur, dolaigh, divail, 

Inconftans, Anuadal, anuaftad, 
anfavaduy, oriog, yfgoeuan, anl'e- 
vydlog. Vnconftant, light, waver- 
ing. Ar. Berboellik, skin, skanben- 
nek, variant, penskort; variabl. Ir. 
Neiv'heafvaA;, neavAJovfaidh, ne- 

Incrcmentum, Tuv, kynnydh, 
tyviad, tyviant, kynnyr;?;, priviant. 
Increafe, improvement ; a growing, 
rifing or waxing bigger ; ad advance- 
ment, promotion or preferment. Ar. 
Kreskadur , krcskans. Ir. Meud , 
meudayadh, j teifveirt, f tormaA;, 

Increpo, Senio,fynio, cryftio, 
rhoi icnn, kerydhy, kyftuye, dia- 
Ipedain, annog. To rattle, ruftle or 
make a noije; to chide, check, taunt, 
accuje and blame. C. Dbo kanvas 
flout. Ar. Tamall, rcbefli, diftazia. 
Ir. Torannaim,tormanaim,tairne- 
fim, aim terann. 

Incrufto, Guyn-gal/;y, krauen- 
ny, kreftenny, kaenenny. To par- 
get or rough-cafl, to make hard in 
a crujl Ar. Ihika Ir. Sgrcavam , 
ionnylam, ylam, [ aolam ] no doi- 

Incubus, yr hynlhev. A difeafe 
called the night-mare, lying like a 
load upon one., that one cannot flrr 
or f^eak. Ir. Lcuan fiye, no fliie- 



Inculco , ymhvrdhy , guthio i 
nicun ; adrodh yr yn pith yn vy- 
nyA; ; Icnji, puyfo i laiJl-, duyfo , 
guiifjiyi futhry, kymmelh i meUn. 
To drive or thrujl in i to repeat a 
thing often ; and, as it were, to beat 
it into ones head. Ir Dinj^im, tean- 
nam, fatham, timainim, fonnam, 
faiff;im ; F6i aithfrithlaim go mi- 
nik no kuirtm a goivnc no a mea- 
vair godaint;ean. 

Incumbo, Puyfo ar, gorphuys 
ar, gorucdh ar,' bod a'i buyj ar ; 
ymegnio, dvval gy^iuyn, myned 
vnghyi;;;; Damueinio To lean or 
lie upon, to fall, ft ay or reft upon ; 
to mind a thing and apply himfelf 
ear2teftly and vigor oufly to it. Jr. 
Luidhini, I.eaiiuidhim , fdeiJli- 
dhim, fladam, turnam. 

Incunabula, KryddynbaA;, ka- 
uia: a dilhad dyn hix, maboed, 
mcbyd ; DeA;reyad , ky;euvnniad. 
A cradle ; aljo cradle cloaths, chil- 
drens clouts , alfo the age of infancy. 
C.Lesk. Ar. Kauel, /"/ar. Kevel. 
Ir. Kliavai), leaba, no eadaigh n> i- 
dhein no leinvj Luska; i-os tir 
duthA;as, keap, no keanntine. 

Incuria, DiovaluA;, eff;eylyftra, 
gualh, dibrydcru;e, divraUA;. Neg- 
ligence, carelejfnefs , want of care. 
Ar. Neglizhans. Ir. NeavAJuram. 

Incurro, ]<,liedeg i meun, rhe- 
dcg yn erbyn, taro urth beth druy 
dhamuain, kyvarvod. To run in, 
upon or againH, to incurr, to light 
upon or meet with one by chance, to 
happen or befall. Ir.Reatham, f ror- 
dam ann no a naghaidli, imrua- 
gaim leis no ar, tuitim ann. 

Incus,udis j Einion gov. afmith'i 
anvil. C. Anuan. Ar. Anneu. Ir. 
Incoin ghavanna. 

Incutie, Taro , kyro , yf^ytcio. 
To ftrike, to finite or dafh upon. C 
Dho kronkia. A. Kanna, skei,dar- 
haygant, pilat ; Teurl, ftrinka, gin- 
kla, kai's, ftla. Ir. Buailim, teiljim 
no kathaim ann no fa. 

Indago, Kcifio, A:uilio, ymgais, 
oLrhen, dyval ymovyn ; To fee k, to 
fearch for diligently ; to trace out. 
C. Dho huila, aho mira rag, gj-c. 
Ar. Klask. Ir. Lorgam, mm lor- 
gairea;Kd, kiiartayim. 

Inde, Odhi yne, o'r vann hon- 

I, yn neflav at hynny, o hynny 
alhan, ar hynny , aucdi hynny. 
Vrom thence, from that place, from 
that perfon , then , next , thence- 
forth, thereupon, then or after that. 
C. Nenna, Ar. A hano, a Icfle. Ir. 
6, de, as no lia lliin, e n'ait fliin, 
e fliin amaA; a Icith no fuas ; jkea- 
na,no ar A;eana, ar aiCde, X. Hinc 
inde, o bob ty, ymma a thrau. On 
all fides, Ir. Ar ga;<; tyiv, ar ga« 

Indeclinabilis, AnoA;eIaduy,ann- 
hreigladuy , didreigl j lavaduy,di- 
\ fgog, dibiyg That canv^it be ef- 
chewed or avoided. Ir. Do/ilynta, 
do'hynta, doilliea;Kanta. 

Indemnis, Diniwed, digolbed, 

diargyucdh, diaduyth, diangolj 

Scot-free , harmlejs i without hurt 




Tit. II. A Comparative Vocaeulajiv 

1. '^■ 

harm or iammage. Ir. Neavdho- rhoi i yn i ar;j, kyd-dhiiyn, tofty- 
laya;i;, neavdhibalaA;. ' "O, trigarhay, porthi muythse, gu- 

Index, A,>;uynur, kyhoedhur, neythyr fanues. To indulge or he 
kvhydhur, myne^ydh, dangofur, ^iondof^ to grant or fermit, &c. Ir. 
yir,y(vx.' Aninformer or Impeacher, Fyimm, yntayim ath,-i;uinj5idh go 
a difeoverer, &c. Ir lonlaighteoir, j leidh ; Beirim kairde. 
Fear kafaidc no rgeil, failnighthe- Jnduo, Guilgo am, amuifgo, rhoi 

oir, fear faifneife 

Judico, as ; Dangos, Kpy^yj 9^7" 
nej;y, Dacgydhio, amlyj^y, eglyro, 
kyhoedhy. To P:cid or dtfcover ^ to 
dijikfi or make kKOwn; to accufe. 
C- Dho diskUedha ; Ar. Diskueus. 
Ir. Innifim, aicrifim, no/;daiti, li- 

am dano ; kymmeryd arno rich a 
ralh. To put on a garmmt ; to tranf- 
forta Ir. Eadayim. ' 

Iduftria, Dyvalu;^, diuidrUydh, 
yftryu , Ihavyrboen, govalboen 
De induftria, O wir guaith godhe. 
Indiiftry^ pains taking For theHonce, 
of Jet purpofc. Ir. Dith;,eall, duth- 

Indico, isi Kyhoedhy, rhoi guvs, I raAst, sythar, f sy th, duadh, doAjar. 
guyfio, peri gofteg. To dsnounce,\ Inedia,Neuyn,gualhb_uyd^HKw- 

hidor procLim j to declare folemnly, 
to fublijli. Jr. Fiiagraim , for'hua- 
graim ; beirim fiiagradh no gairm. 

Indies, C) dhydh buy J^ilidh, bob 
dydh, S W. Bojnydh, N. W . Bey- 
nydh. C- Kynivar dzhyrna ; ftel- 
la. Ar. A 7,eiz e deir. , [adheydh 
e deidh ] bepret. Ir.Go laicheavail, 
a la go la , gix ynla. 

Indifterei^s, Diragor; didyxdh 
Indifferent^ mediocral ^impartial. Ir 

Indigena, Priodor, \ kiudaudyy; 
yn a anuyd yn y ulad honno. Bro- 
dorrion, indigena. Aiiative ; hoitie- 
bred. Ir.;iaraA;, tirtha^;, tir- 

Indigeo, Duyn eifise ; bod ag ei- 
fiae arno ; To -want or fland in 7teed 
of. Ir.Ataimar dith, arealvai, &c. 

Indignus, Annheilung, annuiu, 
anadhas ; Unrporthy , unbefeeming 

ger. Ar. Naun, llbuet. Ir. Gorta, 
divail beatha no bith, ijna. 

Ineptus, Anadhas,anghymm\iys, 
anghymmhelyr ; ynvyd, over, di- 
dhevnydh; Unapt, wcoiivenient , 
unmeet, unfit : fiUy, foo/i/h, frivo- 
lous. Ir. Neavainvea;;, f Diavain, 
neavabaidh, amadana;t;. 

Jnermis, Anarvog, diarvj Un- 
arm'd. Ir. NeavarmaA; , neav;i;o- 

InerSjDigreft, disclvydhyd,ang- 
helvydh, diog, furth, ihelg, Ihei- 
Sethan, Ihylgennsdh, mylgrelh, 
anvyuiog , ynvyd, Ihcd-hyrt j Di- 
gyflyr, digalon, diymadverth, di- 
yipryd. Diftruyth,anvydhiol,hyrp, 
divlas, trufguijefgeylys. Sil/y, that 
hiows nothing, that hath no skill ; 
Idle JloathfuU, fluggifl} , duU i In- 
Jipid, hhnderhig. C. fDikrcf. Ir. 
Neivealanta, aineolaA;, ainvifa;^: ^ 

A.Drt!g,guall,fall., jg™ ^crd, gan ealadhain 
midhingvala, granna; oik t nar. j Infamis, Anenuogienlhibys,go- 

Individuus, Diran, diuahan, an- ganys; Infamous. Ir.MiA;luap;,mi- 
hybarth, dibarth, didorr.' [ Indivi- ;cluicea;>;. ^ 

duum, kyvanbethl/w/pp-jr^^/fj/K-l Infans, Avlavar, mab avlavar, 
dividual. Ir. DoidhealtaA;, doran- ; plentyn, maban. An infant, a babe, 
m:c, korp koivbeagf-hin mK eidir i ^ child, f C. Mib avlavar. A-Kru- 
a rannadh. \ adyr, by^el. Ir, Nyidhean, garlaA;, 

Indoles, Tyedh, athrylith naty- ; Icauv gan ;>;aint. 
rixth ; Bonedhi^eidhruydh par;;e- 1 Intantia, Mebyd, mabolarth. hi- 
digruydh ; cyxdh at dha ne dhrijg. \fancy, childhood. Ir.NyidheamaPid, 
Natural towardjiefs or d'/y^o/r/oc, 1 1 luska, leanvaidhea;t;d. 

aptnefs to good or evil. Ir. So;;ly- 
nadh , dea;i:lynadh , foadhvarrai- 

InfeliAi, Anneduydh, avluydhi- 
annys, t triiJ:,truftan, janfodiog. 
Didhaun, dignud, didorsech, hysb, 

Inducix, Hedhu;i dros amfer, |anvydhiol, diflruych. Unhappy, un- 
kyngrair. A truce 'or refitt from \ fortunate, unlucky; unproftable,u?i- 
■marfer a certain time, h.OM\\,' fruit full. Ir. Miadhvur, dona,mia- 
grunf^igh, fgur kogaidh ar feadh j dhala^ neavA;uidea;^, muumeava- 
tamail, \ ntaah an dha rann. na;^, neav'hona. 

Induce, Duvn i meun, tuyfo i I Infernus , Ifel, hyn fydh ifod, 
meun, deny, annog, goguydho ; j ifav. Low, lowefl, nethermofl. h%- 
Ihommi, tuyJho; kroefialhan, di- drax 

ley, kravy ymmseth, f divydhio. 
Tynny am draed i efjidiae dx i 
hofanac fGorchoi, f gorxydhio, 

Infero, Duyn i meun, kyuen. 
buru i meun, dodiat,dibenny. To 
bring in or upon, to cafl in, to put or 

buru ar. To induce, lead into or\lay up07i. Ir. Beirim, im/;raim no 
bring in, to perfwade, to draw on j aftraim , mm , teilyim , kaithim, 
or over ; alfo to void or difa7inull i : isinnim, no fgirram ann no a ftea;*; 
to pat on kofe or Jhoos ; to cafi up- Infcfto, Blrno,dygn-vlino, mo 

on, &c Ir. Treoraim, fheolaim go, 
a, no ann; kuirim no teilgim 

Indulgentia, ymodhev,diodhev- 
garuAijhynaufedh . Indulgence, fo7id- 
nefs , gentlenefs. Jr. KinA;aireaA;d, 
ro'hulant, ro'hoidhide 

lefty, gormefy, dygny ; To molefi, 
to trouble or amioy, to hurt, to in- 
dammage; toinfeft. Ir. Buaidhrim, 
kuirim buaidhirc no tribloid, nim 

Infideiis, Anfydhlon, digred, di- 
fydh, anghredadyn, digoel, divm 

Indulgeo, Kaaiatcay yn haydh,) dhiried. U}ifaithfuU,difloyal,falfe. 


egkrcidvea'j; , f cakkradax, neav- 
thairifh ^ neivionnruik, fealltax. 

Infimus, lav, faluav, guaelav, 
t diftatlav, koegkav, falu , guael, 
dibris diyftyr; gorilel the lowefi 
or moji bafe , the meancfi Ir. R6 
ia;i;dra;i;, r6 idie-al. 

laformls , Dibryd , avlynisedh, 
dilyn, anvodhol, anfy rviol, anofje- 
dhig, anh\ vodh, gurtliyn, tryfgul. 
IVtthout jh ape form or fajhion ; mi- 
Jhapen, ill-favour'd i rude ugly, &C. 
Ir. DoidhealvaA; , dothair , mio- 
Aiumra, gan AJomadh, gan dheilv, 
gan 'hoirm. 

Infra, Tan, is, ifod, iflay, odhi- 
tan, tanodh, obry, odhi' danodh. 
Below, under, underneath: C.Dadn, 
Ar. Didan. Ir. Fq, fyi. 

Iiifula, t Pengyu/i offeiriad, Pe- 
nuifg, kappankdr; Ihenni egluys. 
A mitre , a turban i an ornament 
that priejls rpore upon their head in 
old time. Ir. Barrayin, <f kearvnvar 
no barreg- easbaigh , kris, fkril- 

Ingenium, Anian, nacirixth, ty- 
edh, disbuylh, puylh, fynuyr, ath- 
rylith, anuyd. The nature, quality 
or dif^ofition of a thing or perJo?i 
aljo wit, fancy, inveation, judge- 
?nent, apprehenjion. C. Natyr, ski- 
ans. Ar. Natiur. ir Naduir duth- 
;^as, dualghas, klynadh no ftynadh; 
lnntlea;(iC, faireag, feadarghna, 
t eargna. 

Ingens, Maur iaun,dirvayr,am- 
rol'go, anverth o vainc, 
rytie. Huge, exceeding great, mon- 
f Irons, wheady , enormous. Ir. An- 
vor, ainer, anva, adhval, adhval- 
v6r, anadhval, diavair no f divor. 

Ingenuus, Breiniol J5cni, rhydh 
ener, tkynhuynol, bonhedhig; 
Nacyriol fdyledog, ftelediu, o- 
neft. Free-born, natural, ingenuous, 
honefl , liberal, gentile. Ir. Fyirg- 
heinte, fyirveartha, fyirtuifmigh- 
thi, nadurtha , dual. 

Ingero, Duyn i meun, kyuxn i 
meiin, rhoi i meun, tyuaihc i me- 
un, ravly i laur. To bring in, to 
thrufl into. Ir. Imi;raim, aftraim, 
Beirim, kuirim no doirtim ann; 
keithim no teilighim ann, ar, no 

Ingredior, Myned i meun, Rho- 
dio, kerdhed, gorymdaith ; Dex- 
ra;, ky;i:uyn. To e7iter, tdgo orwalk 
into. Ir. Keimnyim, reimnyim,tea 
dham, no fhivlam a ftea/:noann 

Ingucn, KylAJ yr arfed i ijr ne 
uraig, teneuyn , t y Ueryd , f y 
uerdhyr, f plykkrorh , kedorlhe , 
kefel mordhuyd. Thegroin orjhare, 
the parts about the privities, f C. 
Ketorva. A.Tulartknk. I Bonn 
tarra, broinii-ia;idar, blein, glotain 
no gaval 'hir no mna. 

Ingurgito,Kej;y,guankio, fym- 
dhyvoli , ymrythy , bo;t;luytho, 
hopprany , yfly yn uankys ; buru 
ir kadhyglyn To devour greedily, 
tokram, to Jwallow up, to Jivill \ to 
fluff or fill one's feJf vith. It. Slu- 
gam, plukam, glomam oram go 
krifa;*; , mamam oram , fhirolam, , 
gloititoam ; 

Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ikelano. 71 


gkrirlinam ; no linartimefcin leis^ 

liihibeo, Giunvyn, guahardh, 
Iheflcr, Ihydhias, attal, dal, rhuy- 
ftro; rhagod. To vith-kold or keep 
back ; to ft ay or ftop^ to k'nider or 
forbid C. Dho guitha dhorc. Ar. 
Mirec pe berl'a, pc diflcn ou'i, c^f . 
If. Bakam , toirmealj^am , krca- 
plaiin, bal'gam, koflaim, ftadam, 
itoram, kralam. 

Inhio, Lhedy favan, cgori favan, 
favn-rythy, ;i:ucny^'y \ii vaur , 
ai'ivdby, ymcgnio i ?;eiiio. To gape 
^ier, to (ovet or de/Ire very much. 
Ir. Braofam , bain'heatham , ian- 

Inibi, yno, yn y vnnn h6nno; 
ym myig, h)any. There., therein; 
at thai place. C Kna, Ar. Eno. Ir. 
An fhiii, fa nait fliin. 

luimicitia , j^elyniaerh , galanas, 
gaJanafdra, angliariad, kas, fdiga- 
ledh, kafincb. Enmity, hoftility, va- 
riance, flrife, filling out. Ir. Nava- 
das, naivdeanas, cafA;uadhas, ea- 
skairdeas , bidhvas , beodhvava- 
la^d; +ollatha>;, hii'eterate enmity, 
implacable hatred. P. ex CI. 

liiimicus, selyn, kaidhyn, efgar, 
yfj^ar. An enemy ^ ^fi^y "" "dver- 
farj. Ar. Adverlur. Ir. Navaid, 
nava, bidhva , cafearn eafvaraid, 
aidhvciriheoir. Navada;i bidhva^;, 

Inde, Odhi yno, o'r varuj hon- 
no, yn neffi. at hyuny ; o hynny 
alhan, ar hynny ; Vromthence,from 
that place ; then, thenceforth., there- 
upon. C. A dhenna, enna, nenna. 
Ar. Ahano, alelle. Ir. lia, o fliin, 
dc (hin, as ihin, o'n mall Ihin. 

Iniquus , Anuiftad , aninnion , 
anghvvartal, anghyftredin, anghv- 
vion, pleidiol, tycdhol, anrhclX m- 
mol, dibuylh, diglhoi'., yn dal gug, 
gurth'ncbol, anf'odhog, trails, rhy- 
draus, anhynaus. Uneven, unequal, 
ruggedipartial, unjuft, unreajbnahici 
fromard,perverfe. C. f Kamhinflk 
Partial. Ar. Inzhiiill. Ir. t'agov- 
throni , learhromaA: , neivimvea- 
dhana^, eagoir, cjeart, leithlea;^, 

Initium , Dc/ireyad , kyA;uyn- 
niad; [N.VV.1 A beginning; C. 
Dallath [ An r.'tallath ? ] Ar.Dez.- 
ru, commanfamant. Ir. Tofa>;, nis, 
ttaide, kcadladh, | aireanaA:,dine, 
t brainc no broine. 

Injuria, Kum, f karauri, kamu- 
edh, kaiTiucithred, tfarh^ad, tro- 
fedh, t kaudh, gogan, kolhed, ni- 
ucd, anghyviounder j Jl^rongy hi- 
jury, lofs, dammage , injuftice. Ar. 
Kam, in/.hur. Ir.E'.akkoir, dgkeart, 
Icathtrom, ffroghaim, klannpar , 
foehail, dolaigh. 

Innocens, Diniued , fdiargv- 
uedh, Divalis, guirion, didhrug, 
dicyog, divai. Itmocent, harmlejs, 
guittlej's. Ir. Innolanc , divlam pe 
glan, pe pyur ha net a beA;et. Ir. 
Hanna;*:, neavurxoidea/j , neav- 
;KoirtheaA;, ncavloxda*;, neivpca- 
kavail ; ■ neivdhibala.>; . 

InnuO, Amnerdio, katnmy Iby- 


gad, aruydho, buru amnaid , rhoi 
amnaid, pc-nganmiy ; kenniattai. 
To nod or beckon -with the head ; to 
make Jigns to one i to grant or con- 
J'tMt. Ir Smeidim, mm Imeidcadh 
no (mcidear, ky^am mo 'huil ar ; 
aontayim [ no yntayim. ] 

Inopia, Tlodi angen, SV^l'i' ci- 
fhc, prinder ; Poverty, necejjitouf- 
nefs, ■want,fcarcity. Ar.Paurcntez, 
tavantcj;c2,czom,diencz. l.Boi;;- 
de, dearoileaA^d, dith, divail. 

inops, Tylaud, digy vocdh, rhoi- 
dys,3nghenog, feificucdig ^Dav.'] 
didhym,diborth, a guan borth gan- 
dho, ag eillie arno. Poj)r, needy, ne- 
cejjitous, unable, helplejs. C.Eohod- 
iiiak, Poor. Ar. Paur, ezommck, 
didra, didanvcz. Ir. Bo/jd, nop^d, 
dearoi], dai'vir. 

Inprimis, yn jynta ; FirB of all. \ 
C. En dallah. Ar. Da jenra, da 
j^enta pae. Ir. O duSj ar doi'a.v, o 
j^cadoir, do keid-ni. 

Inquam, Ebr vi, f eb yvi ; me- 
dhav, f e^re. / fay, quoth 1. C. 
Thera vi koire, tliera vi laol. Ar 
Me a koums, me lavara. Ir. Doi- 
rim, ar millii, abraim. 

Inquies, etis ; Goval , avlony- 
dhu.x,anorphuys,anhyn. Anxiouf- 
nep, difquiet, lack of refl. Ir. Ml- 
kiuncas, neav fokraitheaxd. 

Jnquilinus, Gur dyvod, gur dy- 
vodiad ; a ardrecho dy, deiliad ; a 
drigo yn yr yn ty ag yn, kytcy. A 
fojourtter ; a tenant ; an imnate, or 
one who dwells in the fame houfe 
with an other. Ir. tear kovnoidhe 
ar fearann kovai'thca;;; , ikaidhc , 
t Rudhra;^. Fos fear yintighe. 

Inquino, Haloji ; duyno [/?»■»- 
bitur <ir diuyno] bydredhy; am- 
mher;;i , anyrdho ; To defile, to 
fain; to dijgrace or dij]>arage. A. 
Vikanfa, paillura^ taiflia, Ibcra, fur- 
builla, conllicza, hakrat, dillipa, 
difegonni, koll ; dezonora. Ir.Sa- 
layim, neimim, lorbam, truailyim, 

Inquire, ymovyn, ymoralu, ym- 
gais, keifio, govyn, /.uilio, holi. 
To e7:(]uire, fearch, ask, demand or 
inake inquiry. C. Dho gophen, to 
ask. Dho huilla & dho viras rag, 
to look for. Ar. Klask, en em en- 
klask. Ir. Fiafraira, fifthrayim, i\-/c- 
dam, fiarfayim. 

kyndharedh, kyndynruydh ; Mad- 
tiefs,dtftra6iion,willfuUttefs. C.Me- 
skatter, diskians Ar. Follentez. Ir. 
Mire, buileadh, kucha>;, botalia;;;, 
maineadh, fdrcavan. 

Inledtum, Guybcdyn, kilionyii; 
A Fly, an Infeti . CGuiban, Ar. 
Keiienen. Jr. Ga/i peilteog go fe- 
inre idir dha volg mar ata nnltog, 
kuileog, no fheangan. 

inridue,DiA;elhion i dhal vn heb 
w\ bod,rhagod,ky nlhuyn,k vragod, 
kydviiriad , ymuneythyry rhung 
rhaj, kynlhuyniou. Anambtijb,an 
ambuj^ade, a lying in wait, fnares, 
treachery. Ar. tmbyfgaden, faJla- 
griedh, Trompleredli Ir. Luidhea- 
1 Asdn, J Forvas, duma, datai;, brath 


I Infidiator, Kynlhuynur, rhago- 
dur, (elur. One that layeihwait, an 
enjnarer, a conjpirator, a traytot. 
Ir. Forvafoir, dato r, dumairc. 

Indgne, Ar-vydh hvnod, Ihy- 
nvn, amlyj5yn, arvje boncdh. A 
notable fign or ma-k ; ' an tmpreji, 
anenfign. Ar. Merk, sin, tcftena 
bedh, enfcin. Ir. Kovaitha , nuall 
A;ovarth, nuaIl;Kronn; Armas. 

Ii^ignis, Hynod, nodo],go]N j;ys, 
am!ug, cglyr. Ardlier/iog, ei'iyog, 
pelhglod, hvfon. Remarkable, ' *o- 
taile, conlpicuousi excellent, eminent, 
illuftT:ous. Ar. Patant, anat, skier, 
iplan ; cxfcllant, eskis, magnivik 
Ir. lonA;ovartiia. ionairidhe, ion- 
;<;rom, lon'haikfme , alain, f li- 

Infinuo, Mynuery,duyn i meun, 
rhoi i meun, kydj;y(Iylhty, dir^el 
dhuyn ar gov; ymlichro i meun 
yn dhir^ej. To put in hts hofim, to 
imbofom, to put or thrufi in, to in- 
fmuate, to wrigle by little and little, 
to hint, toflealin, &c. Ir. Kuirim 
a vo^ras, no a n' afgaill. Beirim, 
kuirim, lubam, fnavam, no thea- 
dam a Ilea,';, ar fyi no a vo;ear go 
tailidh nogoluba.>; gan &, iw go 

Inlbmnium , Guagvreydhuyd ; 
A frivolous dream, a vain imagi- 
nation ; Ir. Brafavra, brinaifling, 
bririgloideaA:, diyyineax. 

Infpicio, Edry^- y meun, kym- 
meryd golug, golvgy, tremio, fv- 
ihy gucled, fimmio, kanvod. A;ui- 
lio, dvval yftyried. To look upon, 
to behold, to view, to over fee, to 
pry into. Ir. Fcu.>;am, dearkam, a- 
varkam, fUIim, infia;>;am ar no nim 

Inftar, Me^is, mal, [ val ] kvf 
felyo, fhaval, tebyj;, kvmmeint, 
kyftal, kyvrev. Like, as it were, as 
big as. C. Haval, pykar, kara,vel. 
Ar.IngaJ, kement, hcnvej, hanval, 
par; cvel, ej:;is, hervedh. Ir. Avail, 
mar, favail, ionavail. 

Inftituo, De;i;ra^5 ky;enyn, go- 
fod, ordeinio, trevny,'appuyntioi 
burriady, amkany arovyn, paroc- 
toi, arluyo, athrauiaythy, adhyi^;/. 
To begin, to inflitute, ordain or ap- 
point, to Jet in order ; to intend, de- 
fign or projeii. To prepare or pro- 
vide; to inftruii. Tinigruyim,tolay- 
im,oirnim, ordayiraj ^realam, uJl- 
vayim, deafayim, koiryim, cag- 
rayim, kuirim a n'egar, a n'ordu- 
yadh, ar gleas no ar kajdh. 

Inlula, ynys, An Ijle, an Ifland. 
C. Ennis, Ar. Enezen. Ir. Innihe, 
chn, Scot, mfh, fi. 

InfullUs, Dihalen, divlas, f fladr, 
nvyd, annoeth. H'tthout Jmack of 
Jtlt,unfavoury. Ar. Deholen, diha- 
lon. Ir. Domblafta , miiafta , mt- 
ghreanvura, gan vks, neavfhaidh- 

Infupcr, Hevyd, etto, heb liu 
hyn, am ben hynny, gida hynny, 
dros ben. Furthermore , moreover, 
over and above, bsfides. C. Huith, 
am. Ar. Uzpen l& uz benjke- 
ment-fe, mui, Ivez. Ir. Tar, tar 


Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 


keann, os keann de [ no Ic ] rnoigh. 

Integer, Kyva, kyvaa, didunni 
hx dhianav, kyvan-gubul, didor, 
didolh, krunn ; p^r, anlhygredig ; 
tdiafgen, diniued, fdiarsyuedh, 
fdiveth, disbyr. Hevyd Ivank, 
xuyrn, heini, boiu. Union ag o- 
neit, klay, rliydh, digaeth. Iit'rt 
and whole, fafe and found, firong, 
healthfuU, liiflyjrefi, unfpotted.un- 
fiayn'd^ innocent .^fure., upright, ho- 
nefi, freJJj, faultlefs. At. Anterin, 
an oil, a gren ; iix, gaillart, mao. 
Ir. Imlan, iimlin, ogh, flan, fallan, 
Neav'hala^, glan, idhan, fpur, 
ur, beo. 

Intelledlus, Dealh , puylh , sy- 
nuyr, guybodaeth, synniad. Under- 
ftanding,fenje, judgement, the intel- 
lea. Ir.Tuigdie, frofg, f airve- 
art, finneigeo 

Intelligo, Dealh, guybod, dir- 
nad. To perceive or nnderfiand. C. 
Dhoadzhan. Ar. Entent. Ir. Tui- 
5im, rofgam, fimiam, mothayim. 

Intemperantia , Anardymerys- 
/uydh, anghymmedrolder , anar- 
dymmer, aiiuaftadruydh, analhy i 
rcoli ci annuydse. Intemperance, 
mmoderat dejire, excefs ; an unahle- 
nefs to rule and moderate the appe- 
tite and lufis. Ir. Ainveafarcha.«d , 
ainrialtaA;d, ainvinaAid, antola^id. 

Inter, Rhung , y rhung , kyv- 
rung, yn, f yngres, ym myfg, yr, 
ym mhlith ; Betrceen, betwixt, at, 
amongft:. C. & Ar. Etre, e mesk. 
Ir. Idir, a mcfg, ar beal ; ar bea- 

Intercedo, Myned rhung, ker- 
dhed rhung, bod rhung, kyvryn- 
gy , gmieythyr kyvrung. Ihefter, 
Lhydhias, guaravyn, guahardh. To 
come or paj's between, to intercede ; 
to hinder or forbid. Ir. Eidir;i;eim- 
nyim, eidirreimnyim ; Toirmeaf- 
gam, bakam. 

Interdico, Guahardh yn dofl, 
goravyn yn dynn, gorAiymmyn o 
dhivn nas guneler. To forbid JiriSl- 
ly, to charge to the contrary ; to bar 
or keep from , to let or hinder ; to 
put fourth an order or injundion. 
Ar. Miret, pe berfa pe diftenous. 
Ir. Lantoirmeafgam , Lan-vakam 

Interdum, Weithise, riu amfer, 
ymbelh uaith. Some times, now and 
then. C. ht urou. Ar. A uithiu, 
a uareadu,3 doladu. Ir. FeaA;dnailj 
uail no Iheal eigein ; anoifli & anu- 

Interea, ynghyvrung hynny,yn 
V kyvamfer, yr hyd, tra, y hyd ag. 
In the mean time i Ar. Kulskude, 
fapandent,ekeit, andra. I An feadh, 
ar tad no ar omaid fliin, gus raike- 
adh, go nuij;e, no gus fhin. 

Intereo, Maru yn Ihuyr, darvod 
am dano,methy, f abalhy, trengy. 
To die, to fail or come to naught, to 
to be undojie, toperijh. C Dho ma- 
ru. Ar. Mervel. Ir. cagam , tea- 
dham deaj;, jeivim bas, meatham, 
teadham ar J^yl no a mugha. 

Intereft, Mae 'n fydhiol,mae'n 
Ibefy, mae 'n perthyn, e f <lhaur j 
mea 'n brefcnnol, mac rhagor, mae 

I- ] 

'n araryu, mae'n y ky-vrung. It 
imports, it's profitable i it concerns 
or pertains to. There is a difference . 
As maith, tarva;e, foghainteaA;, oi- 
reavana^:, Im^uvaigh , no as oi- 

Intcrficio,Lhadh, divetha, Ihov- 
rydhio; Tojlay, kill or murder. C- 
Dho ladh, Ar. Ladha [laza] Ir. 
Marvam, f madam, f ortam, fko- 

Interims , maruolcEth , anje , 
t dylxth, t dilain, kuymp, tram- 
guydh, trangk, diuedii. Death, de- 
Jiru&ion, rum, utter decay ; an end. 
C.Marnans. Ar. Mervent, anku- 
Ir. Bas, ^ag. 

Interloquor, Torri ar ;tuedel yn, 
duedyd ym myfg, duedydkyn dar- 
vod I'r Ihalh i A;uedel. Dosbarth 
rhung pleidiae, tra vydher yn aros 
barn. To interrupt one in difcourfe ; 
alfo to determine fome fmaUer matter 
i?i a cauje^ till fuch time as the prin- 
cipal caufe be fully difcujfed. Ir. I- 

Interlunium, Kyvrung duy le- 
yad ; kyvneuid y Iheuad The change 
of the moon, when neither the old 
moon 7tor the new isfeen. Ir Duiv- 
re, re dotxi, a naimfliir idir an t'- agus an re nuadh. 

interraiflio, Golhyn^iad heibio, 
feibiadt, hamdhen ; y baid yn y 
kryd, dyfpeidiad, gorphuys, toliad. 
A breaking off, an intermiffioti or 
reffite. Ir. Tairligean , idirlijjean ; 
fgur, fj^ith, f^iige , tas , turnadh. 

Internodium, Kymmal ; yr hyn 
fy rhung y kymmalx ne'r kl\ m- 
•mx,. The joint or knuckle ; thejpace 
between two joints or knots. Ir. Idir- 
Ihaidhm, idaralf, idarghlan. 

Internus, A vo odhi veun. That 
iswtthm or inward, internal. Ir. In- 
veadhana^:, folaighthi , a kith a 
fli, inneavail. 

Interpcllo, Rhuyftro i yn dhue- 
dyd ne uneithyr, anoftej;y, avlo- 
nydhy. Govyn, erA;i, deifiv. To 
i?iterrupt difiurb or hinder one that 
is ffeaking or doing any thing . To re- 
quire, ask or deviand a thi?ig. Ar. 
Miret, pe berfa, pe diffen uz, &c. 
Reketi. Ir. Idarthoirmeafgam, Idir- 
ghribim , Idar-vakam, idarvuai-' 
dhrim, aithrifim, innifim, no fua- 
graim dho. 

Incerpres, Deonglur, f Ihadmer, 
kyvieithydh, ieithydh, fgualftod, 
tavodiog. Dydbiur, kyvryngur, 
kyvlavaredhur. Eiewin. An hiter- 
preter, a Truchman^ a tranjlator i 
a mediator, a moderator, a South- 
fayer or diviner. Ar. Interpreter , 
disklener, kemretter. 

Interpretor, Deongl, kyvieithy, 
Ihadmery , dirnad, yfpyffy, aruy- 
dhakkay, bamy, k>'vriv. To inter- 
pret, expound or declare ; to tranf- 
late; to judge or account. Ar. Dii- 
kleria, interpret!, kemeret. Ir. Idir- 
theangayim, idirthinjim, minyim, 
idirvinyim, idirvearlayim. 

Interrogo, Govyn. ymovyn, holi 
ymsyvar;K . To demand , to ask -, 
to argue and reafon. Ar. Intcrrozhi, 


enklask, gulen. Ir. Fiafrayim, fif- 
rayim, firhiyim, keiftnyim, fkoi-' 
geartaim, foftam, ImAJovairkim. 

Interrumpo, Torri yn y kanol, 
rhuyftro. To break off in the midfl. 
Ir. Idir-vrifim, idir-reabam. V. in- 

Interfum, B6d yn brefennol,bod 
ym mffg. To be prefent-, to be a- 
mong, to be in the mtdft or between. 
Ir. Atainj a Jathair, ataim a vo;tair ; 
ataim idir, ataim a meafg. 

Intervallum, Kyvrung poUion 
meun klaudh,guarA;32 rhyvelj kyv- 
rung, gorjjhuys, hamdhen, gorlavj 
Gorphuylva meun kerdh Tbefiace 
between the flakes in trenches i any 
diftatice of time or place, a pauje, 
an interval, a recite. Alfo a reft in 
mufick, or the taking of the time. Ar. 
Spas Ir. Idar;iuaille , idar'honn , 
idarftada, idai'halav. 

Intimus, Pelh i meun, eithav ; 
k^'av, ages, karedikkav. Mofl in- 
ward, moft intimate, the innermofl, 
moft dear or familiar, intirely he- 
lov'd. Ar Ebarfav, adiabarfav ; ke- 
rav. Ir. Ro inveodana.^;, roindhiv- 
tix, roifekreidea;);. 

Intricatus, Dyrys, rhuyftris ; I?t- 
tricate,ab[lrufe, perplex' d, intangld. 
Ar. Maritellus. Ir. A ngaifte, a 
brainteai, a gonial, a iin. 

Intro , I meun ; Within -, into a 
place. Ar. Ebars , adiabars. Ir. A 
Itea;e, go ftea.?;avail, go, anu, a, a 

Intro, as ; Myned i meun, a;Kyb 
Ihc. To enter or go i», to take pof- 
feffioH of a place. Ar. Antren. Ir. 
Itea.Kam, teadham a ftea^; no ami. 

Introduce, Tuyfoi meun, aruen 
i meun. To bring or lead in,toi?i- 
troduce. Ir. Treoraim, flieolaim no 
beirim a ftea;t; a, aim, no go. 

Introitus , Mynediad i meun ; 
deA,reyad,kyA;wynva; A going in, 
. an inlet, an entra7ice or entry ; a be- 
ginning. Ir. Stea^idhol, ftei;ereim- 
jiicadh, Iteigeimneadh, dol a ftea;e. 

Intus, O veun, gartre, \ndre, 
I yn re : o'r ty meun; Within, with- 
in doors, at home ; Inwardly, from 
within. Ar. Ebars, a diabars, ebars 
an ti. Ir. Goiv, a leith fti, go hin- 

Invado, KyrA;y am benn, rhy- 
tiiro am ben, kael gavel ar, gofod 
ar, gorefgin, f antyno. To invade 
or attack, to affail, to fet upon, to 
Jeize or lay hold of, to come up or 
into, to march along. Ir lonnfayim, 
teannam, faifgim, ftiivlaimjdinjim, 
timanaim ar, niatharaim, beirim 
ruathar, ruag ; riiifj, ionnfcishe 
no tuanaifjear. 

Invenio, Kael, kaffael, dyA;ym- 
mig, amkany, buriady, dyvod o 
h\ d, gordhiues. To find, to meet 
with, to find out, to invent, to con- 
trive or devife: C- Kael, dho gael 
dho gavel. Ar. Kaut. Ir. geivim 
ama;^, ffornikim, komam, teili- 
5im, dealvam, fhidim. 

Invicem, 1 gilidh, y nailh ar 61 y 

Ihalh, ar svl^e, b6b eiluers, bdb 

yn ciluxtb ; One another, each other; 

' ^ alfo 

Of The Original Languaghs Of Bkitain And Ireland. 73 



voya, Boya uifjc ; Fos an luiv da 
ngoirthcar lli)rno blath dc lii'is; 
an luiv dar.ib ainim gloiriaa. 

Irouia, Dylh ymadroUh a eliiir 
Guouduttli, guoudair, guatuai 
;^erdh. An Irony orf^nre in Jf>eak 

alfo one after another h turns. Ir. 

CiO IhtaladaAi, a doraidhca/id, ar 
oilc Icith, ar Icith, fa leitli, a ndi- 
aigh a /.cile. 

Jnvidia, Kynvij^cn, [ kynghor- 
vyiu, t kilug; drug cuvHiys, k.'is, 

kyndhiN j;e(jll. Envy, hatred, iU-\i7tg when one means contrary to 
■ml/j^iic!, grudging, lU opinion, nrta- jignification of tkeicord. Ir.Au ;; 
lice, dilpleafure. Ar. avi, kas, kal- 
loni, c'icSj'nialis, icniscn, glalcn- 
tedh. Ir.Tniith, imthmuh , tnu- 
thin, cid, lovadh no f imaidh, for- 
mad, F.C. 

Invito, Guahodh, kyvar^;, dy- 
myno dyvod, deny, annog, peri. 
To bid or invite, to de/ire to come ; 
to allure or iritice ; to provoke. Ar. 
Allia,konvia, invita. l.l^eirim kui- 
readl), iarram, Ihirim, j^airini. 

Invtus, An'u lli>igar, o an- 
vodh, \ n crbyn cuylb)s, hcb dhi- 

lavraai ;.on-aghal 

Irregularis, Avreolys ; out of 
rule or order, out of tune. Irregular 
Ir. Aivriaghdha, aivriaghalta, lon- 
ghlaktlia a riaghail. 

Irridco, Guaiuor,>;ucrthin gua 
tuor, ymj^clluicr, guoudio i kym- 
hQcdh. To mock or deride, to laugh 
to [corn. Ar. Guapaat pc godilLe 
urebcnak, ober guap. Ir. Mag.rni, 
Ij;i3;im , | 5canayim , ftraikim , 

Irritamcntum , Kyffroad , kyn- 

obj. Viraillmg, againjl one's or///,; nurv, anno:;. A thing that Jiirreth 
by conflraint. Ir Aivuhcona/j, nc-'^ or provoketh, anmcitment or provo- 
avthoiltcana>, areij;cin, aring. \ cation. Ir. Broigan ; no ga;*; ni do 

Involucrum, S. W-Klaur, ToM" vrolgas, greannaghadh, brofgadh, 
cr/;yr, gor,':ydh, gortho, yr hyn y brodadh, kuvlgadh, korrJghadh. 
bo pcth ym mhlyg yinbo fi'fry Irrito, Kyfii-oj, kynlv. rvy, kyn- 
thing that J'erves to cover cloak ot" n;r dig, ennyn lliid, anncg To pro- 
hide. Ir. Ga;t; brat no tola^;. | voke, to move orjlir, to tar, to a?i- 

Inurbanus, Karcrcvol, trufjuljigf?-. Ar. Attahlna, iskinac, hegal, 
anvoelol,anuybodol ; koftouj:;cdh, ' hcgazi, argarza. Ir. Broil^inijgrc- 
tayog. 'Rude,fviple,homeh , Kwnv/J annayim,brodamjrporam,kalgam, 
ungentilc, unmannerly. Ar. Riuft,| prikam. 

tcnn. Ir. Neav.-iatharya, bodavail, Irricus, Over, guag, difFruyth, 
kaileavail. jdirym, anolo, roichyg. Void, of no 

Iniitilis, Anvydhiol, avlefol, di- effeB, force or -weight, Clothing vtorth, 
Ics, divydh, dielu, fanolo. Vnpro- 1 -vain, addle-, that mif]e:h ofitspur- 
fital>le,ufelefs,unferviceable. A.D\-pofe. Ar.Dineu/.. IrFalav, taon, 
fter. Jr. Muharva.Si, milbghaintc- 1 ealVa;t;, arcilVaigh, ar dith, ardhi- 

^x J gan tarva, gan 'heidhm , gan 

locor, Kelhuxr, A:uarc kylgam, 

vail, gan eifea,>:d, gan tadhvaAid, 
gan oird, gan vri, na;; fiu. 

Irrumpo, Torri i meun, rhy 

kymhuedhi gu.ituor,guaudio. To, thro i meun. To break in violently, 
jeil or droll, to play the i^'ag, to joke. , to enter or rujl.i in by force or with 
Ar. Huari, fartal, obcr guap eus,\ main flrength. Ir. Madhmarn, ftial- 

godiila. Ir. Prail'^im. 

locus, KelhuA-r, digrivair, kym- 
huedh, kytgam, digrivu;., divyr- 
ruA;, guoudair. Hytcan i ;tuerthin 
am 1 ben Raillery, a jeff, a joke, 
a droU. Ar. Fars, huan , lolori , 
ebat. Ir. Sugradh, greann, fgilea- 
valaA;d,prai(g, anaos, antlas, liiar- 
kas, aiteas, /port, magadh. 

Ipfe, ipfa, iplum; F, ev, eve, 
N. W. Evo; Hi, hun, yr yn. He-, 
Jhei This, that. Ir.c, flici i, flu, 
efliin, ilhcj fliin, fliod no fliud; a 
fein, i t'ein. V. I lie. 

IpfifHrnus, Hunnu i hvn E-aen 
the very fame. Ir Kionda, kionna. 

Ira, flredh, flrlhonedhjguyth, 
guythlonder, dig, diktcr, digo- 
vaint, Diklhonedh, Ibid, Ihidioug- 
ruydh, tralhid, bar ; Fromder f gu- 
<"n avruydh. Anger, dif}>leafure , 
wrath, rage,palfton. Ar. Koler, by- 
uanej;cdh, bruedh. Ir. Fearg, ly v- 
nos, T Tfi^, t ir, f dea;<;radh, f ire- 
lilj;, ainine, Fi, fbearg. 

Ins, N.W. yr envys, S.'W.Bua 
glau; yreleftr; Hevyd maen gu- 
erthvaur. The rain-bow, the herb 

lam, reabam, brilim, teadham no 

Is, Fa, id ; Fv, evo, yr vn, hun- 
nu, hun He, the fame, that, fuch 
au one. C P-, ev ; hana, hedda , 
hodda. Ar. Henncs , honnes ; he- 
velep. Ir. e, i, lliinj flic, flu fliod 

Ifte, Hun, hunnu. This, thati 
alfo he. C. Hana, hedda -, e, ev. 
Ar. Hcman, f. homan, hennes, f. 
honnes. Ir. e, ifliin,lhud. 

Ifthmus, Gudhyv o dir Ihe bo 
deyvor yn dyvod agos \ nghyd A 
neck of land or narrow part of a 
countrey betwixt twofeas. Ir. Inifli 
no lhoik;c;vl do 'hir idir dha fair- 
righearg^;!i tyivdhi. 

IlHc, \ na, ihe 'x uyt ti. There, 
m that place, in this matter. C.Fna, 
Ar. Eno, di^ afe , ahonc. Ir. An 
ihin, an fliad, an Ihud, fa nait fliin. 

Iltiufmodi , O'r vath hvnny, y 
kyvryu. Of the fame fort, fuch. Ar. 
Hevclep. Ir. Don t'avail, don aith- 
ghein, don ghne, do n'aikme, don 
nos, no don tlort kioada. 

lea, le, velhy, vel hynny. Tea 

caWd Flower de luce -, alfo a kind of fi , even fo , in fuch fort , by that 
precious ff one. Q. Kamdhavas, i ..._-- 

rain-bow. Ar. Guarek ar glau, ka 
neveden, keneven ; Idem. Ir.Bir 

means , on that condition. C. Yea 
Ar. Ya, ya siir, evelcn, tvelfe. Jr 
Seadh, | avlaidh fliin, mar fliin, ar 


an modh no ar an n6s fliin. 

Item, HeVyd, velhy, a hcvyd 
Alfo, likewife, in like manner. Ar 
'^'vcs ; tvclen Ir. Fos, kcana, mar 
an j;eadna, ar an vodh, no ar an nos 
Sioiidlu, agus mar fliin, agus as 
avlaidh fliin. 

Iter, Taith, hynt, treipl, ym 
daitli, rtordh, kcrdhcd,kcrdhediad, 
liclynt. A journey i a way, a paf- 
jage i a vay.--ge ; a march At. Hent 
p/ur. hinlliou; bealli, pirAiirindct. 
Ir. Turiis, fluval, altar, c.i>;tar, im- 
thc.i.<;r, I toi>-call, , Hivall, 
t Ibiinadh, t ioraiv, irntliuiiicadh , 
udmaille. -f dirmak, A long journey. 
K.oilidhea,-:d, Iter pedeflre. 

Itcrum, Dra.«cvn , dr.i>,j;cvn, 
eiluaith, cil,,uyl. Again, the Je- 
cc-ndtime. C Area Ar. Adarre, 
arrc, A;oas. Ir Doiridhis, a ris, ar 
athuair, ar an dara 'hea;i;t, ar a 
dh6, fyidho. 

Itidem, V'elhy, vnyrynmodh, 
ynj5yffclyb. Ukewife, in like may 
ner. Ar Hcnvel, hanval. Ir Av- 
laidh mar fliin, no mar flio,' aran 
;saidh, ar an vodh, ar a naille no 
ar an nos jio.ndha, mar an 51011- 
dha, mar angeadna 

Itinerarium, Teithlyvr, Kov am 
a uneler urth ymdaich -, kalendar 
ij'r milhtyrocdh. An itinerary or 
book of remembrance , containing 
things done in purnies i the calender 
of mites with the diflance of places. 
Ir. Tuir-leaiur, Leavar tursis. 

Juba, Mung, mynjen. The mane 
of an horfe,&cc. CJ. Ren. Ar.Mue 
mary;t. Ir. Mung eiA:, Vid. Tu- 
adhvyile in the IriJb-Engli/h Di^ 

Jubar, Seren y dydhj Difgleir- 
deb, Ihcuyr^, goleyni tan, peiydr 
a th\uyn hayl. The day liar-, the 
beam of the Sun or other fiar; 
Brightnefs , light, ^lendour. C. 
Splander. Ar.i)kleur. Ir. Lyirealt, 
rcalt na mainae -, Dealradh,' loiiflie 
no loiniier; griandlaiv, fLukar, 
eathal dluiv. K. 

Jubatus, Myngog. That hath a 
mane. Ir. Mungax:, mungvur. 

Jubeo, GorAJvmmyn, crxi, peri, 
deilyv. To bid charge or comma?td 
to decree , ordain or appoint. C. 
Rygthc. /\r. Gur"<emen, ordreni, 
kaiga. Ir. Foralaim, folaraim, +car- 
bam, ailayim, tyil'yimj aithn'yim, 
no kuirim d'aithnc d'ualapi no d'- 
ia;*;aivar; fuagraim. 

Jubiluin, Gaur o lavenydh heb 
eiria;, gorhoeii. A joy full Jl: out. It. 
Mcanmgair, meanmigairt, mean- 
mnual, meadair vor. 

Jucundus,A vo aA;os o lauenydh, 
hoenys,digriv, hyvryd, llicnn, hy- 
lon. PleaJant.delightful.liking.A.A- 
greabl. Ir. Solafa<>; , favafa^;, fei- 
Ihea/:, yivinn. 

Judacus, lydheu, idh eu A "few. 
C Edheuon \_Jeas. ] Ir.Iual, eav- 

Judex, ynad, yngnad, braudur, 
barnur, beirniad; l>itys A Judge-, 
an efleemer or weigher of things. Ar. 
tarner. Ir. Breathav, brcitheav, 
. TRe- 


T IT. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 

t Rea;iitaire , fbam, buadhlann, 

i mciflii. , ^ 

Judicium,Pabl,U'ii'.braud bam, 
barnedi2;a:th,haul,dedryd Judge- 
moit ; a try a/ at law ; fintence, opi- 
nion, advice. C. Brez,Gydhaz.Ar. 
Barn, barnidigedh. Ir. Breithca- 
vnas, breath, t meas, f ro'^'j ^^'^^' 
^earr, f eidirghlaoidh. 

Judico, Pabli, barni, rhoi barn, 
dyvarni. To judge, to think, deem, 
orfuppofei togivefentence. Cyng- 
gyc. Ar. Barn. Ir, Breathnayim , 

Jugerum, Hyn o dir a ardhogu- 
edh yA:en meun diurnod, guaith 
aradr, kyvair, atkor, eru, vllang 
yln acre of ground, Jo much as one 
yoke of oxen will ear in a day Ar. 
Kenver duar. Ir. Akra,obair 'heif- 
righe la 16. 

Juglans , Kneyen Frengig. A 
mil-nut. C. Kynyphan frenk. Ar. 
Krauen Galek. Ir. Gall-A:nu, knu 

Jugulo, Lhadh , torri gudhuv , 
torri guythi guaed. To kill or cut 
ones throat, to butcher. C. Dho la- 
tha. ArLadha. Ii.j;earram a skor- 
mx no gavam fteik braghndaighe 

Jugulum, y ty blaen I'r gudhv 
Ihe mae'r pibelhion, breyant, korn 
breyant, fevnig, korn gudhv, gu- 
dhv, keg, gofle. The fore-part of 
the neck -where the tcind-pipe is ; the 
throat, the neck, &c. C. Kodna, 
Brandzhian. Ar, kornal- 
Jien. Ir. Sgorna;e, Sgoig, muineil, 

Jugum, Trym, trymmen, kev- 
nen, krib mynydh, guartha bryn ; 
lai, guarrog, kuplus, iai y;Ken. The 
ridge or top of an hill or bank ; A 
yoke; a couple or pair. C. Kcinj 
mydzhovan, f leu. Ar. Kein ; 
ar yau, yeu. Ir. Drumain, druim- 
linn, druim, t kleiche no mulla.^; 
knoik no fleive ; kuing. 

Julius , Mis gorphennav. The 
month July. CMiz gorephan. Ar. 
Guezre. Ir. Boymi, mi bo voye. 

julus, Plykkan, y govleua vydh 
ar aeron. The mofs or down of fruit, 
as of Peach, SjMnce, &c. Ir. Meaf- 
;Kyn, i.e. Fionfadh no an kynaA; 
beg do vias a dyiv a moy ar mea- 

Jumentum, yfgrybl, anivail gu- 
aith, tVUarAJaur. A labouring beafl 
yphatfoever it be, whofe help we ufe 
in carriage and tillage. C. Ehal , 
Beft huel , yskrybL Ir. Otair-vil, 
duaidh-vil syith-vil, syithbeatho- 

Juncetum, Kors,tuyn bruyn. A 
place where rujhes grow. Ar. Broen- 
nek. Ir. 1 oi^eanaA;. 

Jundim, ynghyd, yn gyfsylhte- 
dig. Jointly, clofe together. Ir. Go 
hurnadhnicha, go keangailte , go 
nafgtha, go greamaighthi,go dluch j 
a vogas no a ngaol a A:eile. 

Juncus, Bruinen, Kors-vruynen, 
lavruynen, barv-vruynen,morvru- 
yncn , morhefsen. A bulrujh. C. 
Brydn. Ar.BrUyn. Ir. LuaA;ar,boi- 


Jungo, Kyfsylhty, kydio, kym- 
maJy, kuplyly . To join or couple ; to 
fl^fwrf. C.Dho dzhunia Ar.Zho- 
enca, aflembli, fouda, frama, ku- 
pla. Ir. Keanglam , gramayim , 
Inadbmam, nalgam , diutham, ta- 
cham, no finnam re ;Keile. 

Junior, leya;; , icvanga;*;. Xoun- 
ger. Ar. Mui iouank. Ir. As oige, 

Junius, Mis mehevin, Themonth 
vf June. C.Miz ephan. Ar. Mez- 
even. Ir Mi ghiuine, mi meo- 
dhain havraidh, oigmi. 

Juramentum, Lhu, tung, rhaith, 
Ihougair. An oath. C. Toun Ar. 
Le,plur. Icou, ledouec. Ir. Mion- 
na, t luye no luya , | urthaidhe, 
t da la, t dinis. 

Jure, yn gyvreithlon, truy de- 
gUX. Rightly, not without caufe, by 
right, Ir. Go keart, go koir, o x.^- 
arc, 6 A;oir, go dlifteanax. 

Jurgium, iienn, ymfen, ymferth, 
ymrylon ar eirix , kekreth. A 
brawling, chiding or fcolding, a flrife 
in word! ; a put in law. Ar bkan- 
dall , argu , tabuc. Ir. Buighean , 
bruighnea;ca.s, konfpoid, kiupail, 
kointinn, keannair5e,krinkan, im- 
reaiaii, trodan. 

Jurgo, ymfenni, vmferthi, ym- 
jeinio, ymryfloii ar eiria*, kckri. 
To chide to fcold, to brawl. C.Dho 
Deragla. Ar. En em skandalat, 
tabutal, trubuiUi, enemargui. Ir. 
Kainim, fpreagam, imdheargam, 

Juridicus, a, um, ; A berthyn i'r 
gyvi-aeth. Of or pertaining to the 
law. Ij. Dlightheavail, rea.i;tavail, 
dlighthea/i, f Kagaidh. 

Juridicus, ci ; Ifel-veirniad , a- 
drodhur kyvrxth. An under Ju- 
flice. Ar. Barner. Ir. Foirea.'staire, 
tbivreathav, breitheav beag no 

Juri(coii(ultus , Kyvreithur. A 
Lawyer.^ a counfeller at law. I .Dligh- 
theana/; no minighthcoir dlighidh. 

Juro, Tynj;y, rhoi lhu,kymme- 
ryd lhu . To jweare, to take an oath. 
C. Dho Tiah. Ar. Tuet, ober un 
le. Ir. Mionnaim, ffoirglidim. 

Jus, Kyvrseth, iaun, yniondeb, 
audyrdod, kyviounder ; ordinha- 
ad, devod, arver. Lam, right, e- 
quity, authority, rule, liberty, power; 
an ordinance, cujlom or Jlatute. C 
Laha. Ar. Eunj rsefon, abek. Ir. 
Dligheadh, xfiict, fDual, f iris, 
t ban, f eagan , airilladli , keart , 
kovthrom ; fummum jus., kruaidh- 

Jus, Kaul, brefyA;, ifjelh. Broth, 
pottage, gruel. C.Ilgal. Ar. Suben, 
kevaleni bero. Ir. Eanvruith no 
anvruith, praiftiea;s, tfolla;c, bru- 

Juftitia, Kyviounder, yniondeb, 
iounder, guirionedh Ju/lice,T!gh- 
teoufrtefs , upright dealing, reajon- 
<7^/«/i?//. Ar. Shyuftisjguir. Ir.Ke- 
art, koir, kovthrom, k6rtas, rea- 
fiin, kudhveas. 

Juftus, Kyviaun, iaun, ynion, 
guirion, dledys, kyvreitblon. Jujl, 


upright, righteous, reafonable ; «■ j»;'- 
table, right, legal. CEunhifik . Ar. 
Zhyull, guir. Ir. Keart, koir, kov- 
throm, t ofa, kogaidh no kagaidh, 
dlifteana^' , dlightheaA; , direa^t , 
fdron, reafunta, kofvuil^ Firin- 
ncaA;, fireanta, fireanaA;. 

Juvat,'n vodlon,mae'n hufF 
It delighteth, pleafeth or is a plea- 
fine^ It profits or doth one good. Ir. 
As maith, as fona, as meanra. 

Juvenca , Anncr , anneirvyu;K , 
treifiad. An heifer. CLedzick. Ar. 
Ouner. Ir Kalvthog, bolog, bo- 
dog : XJrxsdhz, a yearling heifer, 
kollaid, one of two years ; Athua- 
na;>; & bo dara, one of three years. 

Jiivencus , Byfta.;;; , byfta£-yx- , 
treifiad ; cidion ievangk , dynie- 
ued, t enderig. A bullock or fleer -, 
a young ox. C. Lodn. Ar. Ezhian 
bian. Ir. Dav fnartaidhe , bulan, 
bolog, kolvtaA; fireann, Dovan no 
dav og, tarvan no tarvog. 

Juvenis, Ievangk ; gur ivangk, 
guas ivangk. Young ; a young man 
or woman. C- Dean iunk. Ar. Io- 
uank ; pautr. Ir. OganaA; , ogan, 
makav, oig'hear, oigvean ; anylaA; 

Juvcntus, levengktid, pobl ie- 
vaingk. Touth, young folk. Ar. lo 
tianktis , iouanktet. Jr. Oi^e, oi 
5ea;;d, yidhe, ogas, 6ganas,ankois, 
anvlaA.'d, yys 6g, makradh, ogain. 

Juvo, Rhoi porth, kymmonh, 
kynnorthuyo. To help, aid, fuccour 
oreafe. Ar. Sikour, aliifta. ir.Kui- 
dyim, kongnayim, kavrayim, ilir 
tayim, foirim. 

]u\ti, Frap. Ages, kyvagos, 
urth, j^erlhau. Nigh, by, near to, 
toward, hard by, next after. C 
Reb. Ar. Ekiflien, toft da, a doft, 
eharz, toft a doft. Ir. A \oxw, a 
vogus, rehu;ed, alaivre, re tyiv, 
a naike, re ais, ar koir, ar koraigre 
kois, fa vun, faike, ai^e, ag farr, 
K. a ngairea^yvair. 

Juxta, Adv. yn gyffelyb,me5ys, 
yn 5yftal, yn 61. Even, alike, all 
one; as -well one as the other. C. 
Reb. Ar. Henvel , hanval. Ir. A- 
vail, konairde, do n6s, mar, do 
reir, kovmaith. 

LAbarum,Lhymman. The Roy- 
al or imperial fiandard; a 
banner oryf^^.Ir.Killveirje, 
Lainnveirje , noitvcirjje ; 
bratax teampaill no egluife. Fos 
grimveirge no brata^ ;eogaidh. 

Labeo, Dyn gucvIdeu,giievlog, 
guevl-lippa , guevlyn. Blabber- 
lipped. Ar.Mulellek. Ir.Braoftaire, 
klabaire, libairej duine klaba* , 
piifa;*; , libra;e , bryfa^; ; pufvor , 
puifreavar, klabvor, ^c. 

Labes, Rhyverthuy o dhiir nx 
d} mhcft], daiar-dorr maur j Magi, 
btyx, bry.^euyn, mann, bai, guyd, 
diiiiftr. A great fall or gujh of rain 
or hail, a great downfall or fjsking 
of the ground, as in earthquakes -, a 
f^ot, blemifl} orftain ; a dajh or blot i 

Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 


a fault, ice. Ar. Untifs. IrKron, 
ainiv, f on, ball, balllla, balllgoid 
no leas granna, fiav-va!l,hav-A;ron, 
Io/;d, i Ibrb, brubar, g:\>: pcakadh 
no ga;t liil intinne ; millcadh, Ican- 
tubaiftc, truaillcadh, Ipailleadh. 

Labium, Guevl, giicvys, gucys, 
mill. ^ ///. C Guclv, plur. gu- 
elvanz, | giicus. Ar. Gucol, guc- 
us, plur. diueus, muzcll. Ir. Fiis, 
libar, kliib ; kab. 

Labor, oris ; Pocn, Ibavyr, trcs, 
k\ lleg, guaitli, gorAiuyi, Ihydhcd, 
traflcrth, helbyl, tralhod, pcrigl. 
antyr. LahouT, pains, travail, tur- 
moil, drudgery i hardjhip , trouble , 
dijltefs. C Hucl ober. Ar. Labour, 
gunidiguci, poan. I.jSn th,^iythar, 
trcikar, obair, inonar, t modh, o- 
car, diudh, doA;ar. 

Labor , cris ; Lhithro , tripio , 
vmlylgo, vmlichro, diguydho, ku- 
ympo i laur, s>rchio. To flide or 
glide along ; tojlip and fall, to fall or 
decay. Ar. Riskla, rampa, lan-.pra 
I r. Sj^irram, tuillyim, lleavnayim, 
lladam, Ihavam, gluaifim. 

Labrum, Vid. Labium. 

Lac, Lhaeth, Ihevrith, blith. 
Milk. C. fLait, Lach, Leath. Ar. 
Leth Ir. Bainnc, laith, bloA;d, 
1^ Luim no | lean, Cl- p. +i. asiiik, 
meilg, keo, seat, f bnn, f fegh, 
bleagona-; ; f leavna;>jdat , fweet 
milk. C- Lcverith. 

Lacer, Rhuyjcdig, braduyog, 
dragiog, drylhiog, karpiog, kan- 
drylh, yllig. Torn, rent ; mangled, 
maimed , difmembred ; Jl.^atter'd , 
mauPd, dtf/bl'd. Ir.Stiulca, rtrok- 
:ha, Itialla;:, Itroka^;, kliba^;, •:;i- 
ba;^;, kIiboga;e, jjiboga^^jbratoga^;, 
keirteoga;ej prtabaiia/;. 

Lacerta, N.W jenx goeg,peder 
AiUilcn, S.W. Madvalh. j4 Lizard, 
a 7iewt, an eft.C. fPedreiiv, Pedre- 
vor. Ar. Glafarc. Ir. Laghairt. Ark 

LacclTo, Annog i dhigovaint, 
kySroi, kynnyrvi, kythrydho; 
avlonydhy. To provoke, fiir up or 
egg a 7nan to anger or Jlrife; to 
abuji with ill language; to trouble 
one. C.Provyeha. Ar Dent trenk, 
trenka ; attaina , iskinat, hegal , 
hcgaz, i, argarza. Ir. Broilgim, gri- 
iiim , greilim , prikam, I'poraram, 

Lachryma, Deigr, devnyn, dei- 
gryn. A tear in weeping C. plur.Dz- 
grou. Ar. Da7.1aouen,/>/Kr. dazleu. 
Ir. Guil deor, gviibryn. 

Lachrymo, Uylo, gelhung da- 
grje, Ihevain. To weep, to cry, to 
fhed tears C. Uole, krio. Ar Gue- 
la, dazlaoui. Ir. Guilira,kyighim, 
kyinim,guil dcoraira, gulbrvnaim- 

l^cinia , Lhiin ar ymyl guilg 
ucdiichorri yn vyl.^x, gurym, ei- 
rionyn,amaeruy, Ccra/S, fider. The 
lappet of a gown ; The gard, hem or 
ftnge of a garment ; a jag, a piece 
or Jrtjp i a clout or rag. Ir. Raig, 
raigvile, ragvivA;, kivas, beirn- 

Li&\ici,hetVjS.The herb Lettice. 
A.Letuien,/>/«r. Lettius. LLeicii. 

I Lacuna, Klaudh a dur yn fcvylh 
yndho, korrlhynn, merlhyn, pulh; 
Dyvrftosj DiHyg nx vuU mcun 
pcth. yi ditch whereift water /land- 
eth ; a puddle or dike; a gap or 
empty place. Ar. Pull , kltUS. Ir 
Dig uiij^c, trainllic* vcaranu , flod, 
llodan ; plod, plod.iii. 

Lacus , \ Grclyn Lib. Land 
Lhynn, Ihu^, pulh, ievi dlyn, mcr- 
lliyn. A lake, a (landing pool, or a 
Lough, a bog. C. t Grclin. Ar.Lcn, 
Lagucn. Ir. Lo;^. 

Lxdo,Briuo,cniuo,7Jji; niueidio, 
(arhai, dr j^i, argvucdhi. To hurt, 
to wrong, to injure , to do difplea- 
juretOi to ojfe7id,to trouble or grieve; 
to annoy. C.Dho Droaga, dhoher- 
cia. Ar Gulia, blcffi. Ir Gortayim, 
gaillim, grcadam, no loifgim ar, 
ur;i;oiditii, mm cakkoir, ckkcarr, 
klampar, mighar. 

L-xna, Dilhedyn dyblog a uifgai 
yr Augmes; ko;tIuydhuri Hy5 
j^edenog; mantclh Ucrdhonig ^ 
gorwn ttJied ; A priejl's cope, wherein 
he facrificed , An Irijh mantle or 
rug ; a freez cajfock. Ir. Landryi- 
gheaic, rrealav kuUigh no ]iada.>j 
do viodh ta tandr\ itheiv. 

Littitia, Lhauenydh, W- vrydu;e, 
digrivuAi, eluA; , hoen, gorhocn, 
gorauea, divyrru/i, Ihonnder, me- 
nuyd. Joy, gladnefs, mirth, plea- 
fantnefs. C. Louene. Ar. 2;h6a , 
Lauenedij^cs, zhoauldet, Levenez. 
Ir. Luathghair , liiathghaireaAid , 
gairdeas, gairdca;eas. 

Lxtus, Lhauen, Ihonn, gorhoe- 
nys , gorauenys , didhan , divyr 
Glad, merry, frolick, cheerful, joyous, 
pleajant, delightfome. C. Leuenik, 
fLouen, Louenak. Ar. Louen, 
mao, feven, gaillart, dreo, gardiz 
Ir. Luathghairea^;, gairdeas; , ur- 
ghairdca^;, i"uva;i: no lugaA;, foil- 
vir, Lainnea/; , uflainnca;:, intin- 
neaA;, fonvur, Iblafa;!;. 

LvEva, y Ihau alTuy, y Ihau x\i- 
ith. The left hand. C. Dorn gledh. 
Ar. Durn kleidh. Ir. Kitan, ki:6g, 
Lav ki:a^ no kll. 

Lxvigo, Lhy vnhai, lh\ vni, ka- 
boli , guaftatai , gorlhyvni. To 
fmooth or Jlick, to plain, to polijli. 
Ar. PolifTa, plenaat, kompoefa, 
kompcfa. Ir.SIigam, minighim , 
planam, fukrayim, blatham, nim 
minfokair; fleavam. 

Lsevis, Lhuvun, cfmuyth, gua- 
ftad, kaboledig. Smooth, flick, foft, 
Jlippery , without fcales. Ir. Klin , 
(leavain, fleivail, Ibkair, kov^ov- 
throm, tla/itvur , bearrcha, loinf- 
gallta, lomartha. 

L3EVUS, Afuy, afu, a vo o'r ty 
afuy, AiUithig ; ynvyd. Left, on the 
left fide; footijk , overthwart. C. 
klcdh ; hep skians. Ar Cleidh ; 
jdisqiantet, trellatec, diboellec. Ir. 
KitaAi, kll, tuakvii ; amadanaAj, a- 
maidca;!:, krolanta, carina, urA;oi- 
dea^;. Fos miadhvur, duna, mi- 
A;aidcavail, muuidvcafax:. 

Laganum, Bara niiod, krempo- 
^en. A fritter or pan-cake -, a fim- 
nel. C. Krampothan, plur. Kram- 

pcdh. Ir. Breakthort no bairgean 
vrcak, pankog 

Lagena, KynnaA;, koftrclh. A 
flagon orjlone bottle to keep wine in. 
C t Kanna. Ir. Kiagun, t puitrik 
no buidcal. 

Laicus, Lhvg, Ihygol, ni bo mab 
Ihcn. A Lay-man, that is not of the 
Clergy. C. I Laig, 7 Lcik. Ar.Lik. 
Ir. J uatavail, tuata, neiv^ilcireaA:, 

Lambo, Lhcppian, Lhy vy, Ihei- 
bio, kjvurdh. To lick' with the 
tongue, to lap ; to touch a thing foft- 
ly. Ar. Lipac. Ir Lighim ; fos gla- 
kam go kiiicalja, Inavam ar go mm. 

Lamella, Lhevnyn o vcttcl. A 
little thin plate of mettle. Ir. S^rei- 
bin, Igrcabog. 

LiiiDcntabilis, Galarys, alaechys, 
bruyn Dav. Lamejitable , mourn- 
ful, doleful, woful; to be bewailed or 
lamented Ir KoinadhaA:, kyinteaA;, 
dLura^;, eolkaircaAj, dobrona;;;, be- 
arranaAi, doilghcara;e, dolalaA;. 

Lamentor, kuynvan, galary, a- 
laethy, gridhvan, kuyno, govidio, 
drygarverthy. To lament , bewail 
weep or mourn for ; to bemoan , to 
takeonfadly. Ar. Guela, daloui, 
kin vaoui, hirvoudi,keini. Ir Kyi- 
nirn, guilim, ky ighim, f ki;>;im, ar- 
x\f\ix\, ea^yinim. 

Lamia, Anivail ag uyncb me^xx 
a thraed mar;i;; Morki, ki bry^ ; ^r 
ijylh, guylh. Ajhe-devil or hag ; a 
witch orJbrcereJs,that does mifchiefs ; 
a fairy, ^z Ir.Markdhae, Dae- 
pheall. Fos Learmadadh, madaoh 

Lamina, Lhavn o vettel, lhev- 
nyn, Ihavn kledhyv, peichyn to, 
altylhen liv. A plate or thin piece 
ofmettal; a pate ; a fworde-blade ; 
a thin board or plank. Ar. Lamen 
kledhe, [a Jword-blade ] Ir.Sgreab 
fgreabal ; Leak no plata , miuil^ 
eisine, flin, (lata, fdiail, klir no 
lann thana. 

Lanpas, Lamp, Ihygorn, tan- 
leftr, kuyren ; Ffagl o dan. A lamp 
or torch ; a lanthorn, &c. C. fGo- 
louleftr. Ar. Flamboelen, torfli. Ir. 
Stapol, -f loiAJcad, prikead, toirfe, 
trillfliean, kaincall, fiunlisi Fos 
foillfe, loAJran, tSudralla. 

Lampetra, Lhamprse, Ihyfouen 
bendolh . A lamprey, afuck-ftone, a 
Jeven-eye. Ir. Naid, piaft an da 
hul dcag. 

Lana, Gulin. WooH that grows 
onjheep -, alfo the down of birds, &C. 
C. GliJan. f Gulan. Ar Gloan. Ir. 
Olann, fLoi kalla no |kafloj 
t Lomar, large wooU KiII;(;eis, La- 
na femoralis, P/. keaflaA:. 

ilanarius, Gulanur, trinur gu- 
lan. A wooU-merchant ; a clothier 
a draper; any one that worketh or 
dealeth in wooll. Ir. Ollaire , kean- 
naidhe, figheadoir, i^c. 

Lancca, Guayu, guayuifon, 
Ihoil , j rtang , fafiuy , rhethren , 
rhaidh, rhon , kaduayu j pen gu- 
ayu. A lance or launce ; a pike^ 
ffear , or javelin ; the head of a 

. tfL 


Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 


^ear or dart. At. Guao , lans. Ir. 
Sleagh, f ruivne, no f roivne, fma- 
nyis, t laighean, kryidieax, t om- 
na, t keis, f rnuireanii, t gV"vu- 
inne, fkail, t miomask, f karr, 
t fidliAicis, t rinkus, f beara, | gav- 
]a, t kodhna, f luin j -( kairdheadh- 
vam, ILanced fug7io. PI ex CI. 

Lancearius, Guayu-ur, iheidhi 
aur, faffuyaur. He that beareth a 
Jbear or javelin i a pike-mati .^ a 
Jancier. Ir. Sleaghadoir. 

Laneus, A uncler o ulan. Woollen 
or made of vooU or flocks. Ir. Uila, 
deanta d'olainn, oUavail. 

Laiigueo, & Languefco klevek- 
kian, bod yn glav, bod )'n mnn, 
kyriau, guanhai Ihefgai, ny/^i; y 
n- elhung, Ihacfi ; Dioj;i, bliiio, dif 
fyj;io. To lafigui[l.\ to he fie k.^ feeble 
or faint ; to cool /'» /•;'/ courage ; to 
fiieak ; to he idle or lit her ; to he 
■without life and&irit ; togrov weary 
and dull. Ar Languifli. Ir. La- 
gayim, meircnighim, troithlighim, 
igagam, flieargam, krinam. 

Languidus Lhefg, kyluarln, me- 
thedig, palhedig, nvAjlyd, egmn, 
klav; ovnys, diog, myfgrelh Faint., 
■weak.^ feeble.^ -wait., fick ; idle., Uther., 
flow ; ^iritlefs., without life.,fluggijh, 
lazy, dull. C. Guadn, klav. Ar. 
Sempl, kl>^, klini Dkk, dicgus, 
lefirek, didallout, lausk. Ir. Lag 
fan,annvan, tlaith, tamaike, marv, 
marvannta, meirvgroithlidh, tro-j 
tailte, loghtartha, Ipaideavail, ipa- 
danta, righein, leil^eavail 

Languor, Nyx;,nyA;dod, methi- 
ant, Iheljedh, klevyd, guendid, 
Ihefmair, govid, binder; Diogi, 
myfgrelhi. Faintnefs , feihlenejs , 
•meaknefs , languijlmient , want of 
flrength or j^irit ; wearinefs.^ lazi- 
nefs, dulnefs , drowfinefs. Ar. Di 
a.tdec ; Langour, Iannis; Die- 
gi , lefircguez , didalloudeguez. 
Ir. Laij;e, lai7;ea;!id, anvainnc, fai- 
ne, lagar, meirveaArd, tluithea/;d, 
tamailtea^id, marvanta;>,d, troith- 
lidheazd, trotailteaA^d. 

Laniena, Kigva, kigty, kij;'dli- 
dy ; kij;ydhiad, div\ mad, drylhiad. 
The flejl} Jl.-iamhles.^ the butchery., a 
flaughter-houfe ; a renting in pieces ; 
the trade of butchery., the flaughter- 
ing and cutting up of cattel. Ar. Bo- 
fercz. Ir. f Brothvargadh , f k^a- 
vargadh, margadh feola. 

Lanificium, Nydhiad giilan,tri- 
niad gu'.an, guaith gulan Spinning 
or carding, working ofwooll, cloth- 
ing i the art of making cloath ; f^in- 
ftry, hufwtfery. Ir. L6 vonar, ga;*; 
uUvaghadh, Lavfradh, no gaA: ba- 
nadhvairflieaAid ar olainn. 

Laniger, A dhvgkoulan, adyvo 
gulan arno That beareth wool!, or 
hath a fleece on Ir f Loivcar- 
thav olan-vearthaA;, c^r. 

Lanio, as ; Kigydhio, divynio, 
drylhio, darnio. To butcher; to 
quarter, rent , tear, pull in pieces ,- 
to cut up, to chop. Ar. Bolcr, kjj^- 
uer. Ir Kafgraim, fpollayim, ton- 
cayim, feoilghearram, kaaivghcar- 
ram. K. 


Lanio, oniSjKigydh. A butcher, 
ajlaughter-man. Ar. Bolcr, kijer. 
Ir. Brothaire, baifteoir, no biulte- 
oir, kalgarthoir. 

Lanilta, i cnymladhur,pcn ymu- 
itwxx.A majier of defence , a fencing 
mafter Ir Keaniiva.idaire, airdpe- 
anioir, dreann;.ol'gaire. 

Lanuginoliis, Kiiroj;log,kottym- 

mog,a iacthvleu arno Downy mojfy, 

covered with cotton or foft hair:, [oft 

like wooll. iX Myithghreanna^ , 

tlaithghrcannaA;, iryth/iairtheaA; , 

oii;,gnie.inna;K, minghrcann. 

Lanugo, Plykkaiijgovlcu, facth- 

j vieu, araenbly, giiianaA; a vydh 

I ar aeron , man-bly aoar. Down, 

I mofs, the foft andtender hairs which 

\prfl appear en the face of young 

^people; the foft wooll, cotton or fur 

I up07: fruit and herbs ; the down fca- 

i thcrs in birds. Ir, Myith,<;air...e , 

I myithj^hrcann, klaithghreann, oig- 

I ghrcann, fionntaah, olan no kadas 

I nun, luittire no luithreavan min. 

^ Lanx, Dyigili\dan,dyrgil vu)d, 

I yfgal , kloriau A great broad plate., 

chcrger or porringer ,- a deep dfh or 

platter, to ferve meat up in ; afcale 

' or' b a fin oftheballance. C. Talhiar. 

Ar.Allia. Ir. Oihgreab, oill;!iuas, 

! igreab no mias vor no Icathan. 

j Lapatlium , Tavol. Dock. C- 

jt iavolen. Ar. Tiinlhen. Ir. Sa- 

j va, kapog. 

[ Lapicida , Klodhiur kerrig, na- 
[ dhur kerrig. A digger of fiones in 
a quarrey ; a hewer offlone ; aflo?ie 
cutter; a free-rnafoji. Ar. Bener 
menglfudhier, piker mein. Ir. Oin- 
Aiearvaire, fear thoA;al:a no ^carr 
thaklo;K, iyr klo;e 


Lapicidma , Klcdhiuig 

Klodiwa gcrrig. A quarry of fiones. 
Ar. Mengleuuh. Ir. AitA;uileir, 
kuileir kloA;. 

Lapidator, Lhabvdhiur, tavlur 
kerrig. A hurler offio7ies.h.¥Ao'\X- 
tticoir , onnlavaigheoir, onnvarv- 
choir, ann;iarntoir. 

L„pidcus Mcinig,o'r maen ; ka- 
led val y garreg Sto?iy , of ftone, 
made offlone; hard like aflone. Ir. 
Kloi;Ke, klox;avail, mur;!;loi^. 

Lapidofus, karregog, graianog ; 
kaled val y maen. Stony , full of 
flones ; gravelly ; hard like a flone. 
Ir KloA;aA;, onnaA;, arta.«, aileaA;, 
li.iga;e, Iiagvur, liagana;K. 

Lapis, Karreg , maen, Ihe^ien, 
lhe.>v. en. A flojie, a pebble C. 
Mean. Ar. Men, plur. mein. Ir. 
K!o;i;, t onn, f art, f liag, t ail, lia- 
gan;Doileog, dornog, Calculus. 
Leak, Lapis latiis. 

Laplus, us; Kuymp, Ihichrad , 
yfglent, trarr.guydh,kodum. A flip 
or fall ; afliding or glidii;g ; a glance; 
a trip. Ir. Leagadh, tuillc, Ijirradh. 
ealgar, fpirlinn, tuitim, j krinnear, 
kudaim, flaod, fy;iorrog 

Laquear, Krongluyd tt, ncnn t^ 
ar uaith biaa, nenbren t<', trault yn 
nenn ry. A roof, the impardroofof 
a houfe, or the roof of a chamber. 
C. t Nenbren. Ar. Aflaniuii Ir. 
Kean ftekaidh no boghtainne tigha, 

myil;>;eann no keann myl {maofA 
thighe. ^ ^ 

Laqueus, Kebyftr, rhefFyn,ten- 
nyn, hocnyn, magi, tant, rhaft'. A 
jnare, a gin or f}>rii!ge; a halter or 
cord to bang one in, or mfnare one 
with. C. Maglen. Ar. Pifli. Ir.Ag- 
halbr, keannra;;;, geirrnin. 

Lardum, Mehin, kig max, xnz- 
hinen ; kig hu -,, kig mo;e. Lard; 
the fat of bacon. Bacon. C. f Me- 
hin, kig moh Ar. Kig fall. Ir.Bo 
gun, teoil larda. 

Largus, Ehelaetli, ehang, rhuth; 
fflu;, hael, haelfluc, haeluy^-, 
amal, d\gv\nuz, digroQniad,digo 
nul, lliaun, diamdlaud, dibrin, di- 
arbed, guiiidrayl.Hia'^^f, very great ; 
free-hearted, bountif:il,open-handed- 
large. C. \ Hail , Leadan , ithick, 
braoz. Ar Ledan. Ir. Fairiliin , 
lu;Kdvur, foirlearhan. 

Larva, Klhylh nos, dry;tioliEth 
nos, guylh, clhylh, anylprydj ei- 
lyn ; yn uedi ymdhieichro ag ym- 
dhioli. A walking Spirit, aghoft, a 
phavtoyn, a hag ; a hob-goblm , a 
bugbear; one difguifed. C. Spiriz. 
Ar. Den bleiz. Ir. Fiika , goftu , 
puiglpirad, fpirad oidl:it;e. 

Larus, Guylan luyd, bykkan. 
ASeamerp, Cob or gull. C. Zethar. 
Ir. Fyilleannan; l<os Gagadh no 

Lalcivia, Drythylhu;i; , nuyv , 
nuyviant,teraA:,' moelyllod ; kroc- 
lanaeth, bylHedh, I'erthedh, aviaith, 
direidi Wantonnefs , playfomnefs , 
toyifl;?iefs ; ribaldry, lujlfulnefs . Ar 
Impyudidite, pailiardiez. Jr. Mak- 
nas, manvis, DroA;vunadh re mna- 
iv, druiflieavala^d , ra;Kmas, ra- 

LalTus, Lhydhedig, uedi blino. 
Weary, faint, tired, jaded , f^ejit , 
wornout. Q. Skith. Ar Skith, dar- 
nou, darnouet. Ir. Kurtha, toir- 

Latebra, Lho;.es, keih, kidhva; 
Eikyl,lhiu, kvvrith.^ /'/W/z?^ place, 
a lurking hole a clofe corner, ajhel- 
ter ; a dijguije or jhift, a feigned ex- 
cufe. Ar Kudhiat, kudhiadel. Ir. 
Kelait, kealairm, kealpholl, kleath- 
;^uas, no kuas duaithnighthi no 
falaigh ; nead, dtilaic. 

Lacebrolus , Lhaun \hoxe(x , 
Ihaun fteyx, lhaun gode;>;ve)'dh. 
That is full of dens, coverts, holes, 
hiding places, to lurk and lie clofe 
in; dark, fijady. Ir Klcathfolla^, 
kleath;;lLiidea;t;, kleathpiluala;!:. 

Lateo, Lhe;i;i, gode^, tcji, ym- 
^ydhio, ymdhirgcli, bod dan lex, 
bod dan gydh , bod yn dhirgel , 
anuybod, anamlug To lie hid; to 
lurk , to skulk, to ahfcond, to play 
leafl in fight , to hide himfelf. C. 
DhoGouea. Ar. Kudha, kudher, 
golo. Ir Ataim a vala;e a n'ivar, 
Fo /Jeith, gan fis a nait ; ni vuil 
aithnc no eolas oram ; Teadham a 

Later, Pridhelh uedi ei ;era(i a'i 

A;aledi, pridhvaen, pridhbeithyn , 

pobvaen, krafvaen. A brick , tile, 

orfuch like. Ar. Teolen, plus teol 


I Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 77 

I.Brike, kritrglata, no fglata kriadh. 

Latibulum, Ogov, !hoA;es, ftay, 
lheA:va. A den or burrow ; a lurk- 
ing place; a covert to hide in. Ar 
Kavarn, Lc^ , kudh. Ir. Klcath- 
pholl, kleatli->;Mas jkuinikcir, klai- 

Latifolius, Lhydandhail, a dail 
Ihydain idho. Brtad-lenv'd , that 
kath broad leaves. Ir.Lcathandhui- 

I. acinus, O'r Ihadin, Ihadinur. 
Latine., or of the feople of I .atium. 
Ir. Lainnc, Laindcav.ul, K. I.aidc- 
anta, Lainconta , l.aindconDidhc. 

Latipcs , Tfocdl\ dan. Brond- 
footed. Ir.Coilhlcachan, troithlca- 
than, fpaiglcathan , kroiglcathan , 
fpaga^;, fp3g.idiJ:,kragaA;. 

Laticudo, Lhcd, Ihydandcr, K- 
hangder hclaethdcr. ^readthjarge- 
nefs., latitude, width. Ar.Ledander. 
Ir. Lcithne, leichneaA;d, leatha- 

Latrici, Seydy, kodhyn, ka^idy, 
yfgothva, karthic, cCmuythva. An 
koufi of office, a hog-houle^ a jaies, 
a prrvy ; ThefvL- of aprivate-houje. 
Ar. Prive?.. li. Kamra, teagh beg, 
giiitcir, tailciog. 

Latro, kyvarth, dal kyvarth. To 
bark, to cry out at one, and hay like 
a dog. C-Dho harha. Ar.Harthal, 
tzhilpat. Ir. Amaftraim, talnaim, 
mm amaftar no tafann , konual- 
laim, nim liall mar madadh. 

Latro, onis ; Lheidir, Ihadrones, 
yfpeiliur, hcrur. A robber, a thief, 
a high-way man, a padder, a cut- 
throat. (J. t Lader. Ar. Ladhr , 
plur. Ladhron, laer, plur. laeron 
Ir- Tothaire [1 toaire | fpoA;choir, 
argancoir, fladchoir, ladran, meir- 
\c2lZ , gidaidhc no robaire flighc 
moire. N. f Slarai'Si. 

Latus, a, um ; Lhydan, ehang, 
chclaeth, rhuch,a anno Ihauer yn- 
dho. Broad, wide, large, fpacious. 
C Bredar, | ledan. Ar. l.cdan. Ir. 
l.eathan , leitlieada;<; , f'oirleitliea- 
da.5;,tairlin,mur,la;<;dvur; Gaifa. F. 

Latus, cri!>;yftlys, ty,ox;or, kurr, 
paruydcn ^tynQXXin.Afdei a flitch, 
thewafl. C. Tencucn, tcrnehyan. 
Ar.Kollenff koflczen ty Ir.Tyv, 
f tath, ftuaim, llis; air'-rion F. \ 

Lavacrum, Ennaint dur,dy vren- 
naint, gol;^va ; bcdydhva, Awajb- 
ing-place ; a bath or bain i a font. \ . 
Fothargan, tobar, amar, lotharj foi- 
dheax no ait foithairghe. 

Laudabilis, Hyglod, haedhglod, 
uiuglod, hyvaul, kanmoledig , 
klodvorys, kanmoladuy Commen- 
dable.^aife-worthy [Kx\Ac\x\lkA.\x 
Involta, inadhvolta, inaille intair- 
tha,molta;K,t trolviai.-,c;umapN.t 

Laudo, Moli, kanmol, klodvori, 
moliarjli. To fraife or commend; 
to name one with honour. C Dho 
feyfya. Ar. Meuli. Ir. Molam , 
adhvolam, ailiighim, tairim, beir- 
immoladh, mm taireadh , ar- 
dayim; blatham. 

Lave, Goizi, diftrcyli, glanhai. 
To ■wajh. C. Dho Hambrokkya, 
dhouolhya. Ar. jelxi- Ir.Nighim, 


lonnlayim , fruthalaim , glaiiam > 
15111 ram. 

Ilaurus , Lauryv, lauruydhen ; 
diayduydh, preii y jeriiyn, dail y 
kiiruv. A Bay-tree. Ar- Lore. Ir. 
Lavras, krann lavsiw 

Laus, Moliant, kl6d, maul, klod- 
vorcdh, kanmoliiEth, molaudiGair 
niaur, j:;cirda Vraife, laud, com- 
niendation, glory, renown, a good 
name, a good report. C. Ooniiola 
Ar. Mculeudi. Ir. Moladh, adhvo- 
ladli, faille, j blath, taireadh, 
gloir, deagli-A:lu. 

Lautus, Dilhyn, deftlys, bar 
dhuy^;, diamdiaud. Fi?ie, neat, 
clean , handfoffie. Ir Glan , me- 
allta, ibafta, safta, gifta, gieaftha, 

Laxo, Golhung yn rhydh, Ihak- 
kai, dittod, rhydhhai ; clniuythai 
efniiiyrho, chciij:;!, helaethi, rhy- 
thi. To loofe, flacte?!, widen, untie -, 
to fit at liberty, to releafi. C. Dho 
Louzall. Ar. Lauska. Ir. Sgyilm, 
lij;im .'.uijje ama;e no fareir, iuaf- 
glaim, fyram, reidhim. 

Laxus, Lhak, rhydh, ehang,ehe- 
laeth, rhuth,efmuyth,guan. Loofi, 
wide, large, flack. Ar.Lausk Labas- 
.kennck, ir. iJgyilce, ligthe,dinairg, 
taiifliin, bog ; lag, neivtheann,glo- 
gartha, flaghalta. 

Lexna, Lheues, A Lionefs , a 
She-lion. Ar.Leonels. Ir.Toithleo- 
vainn, bainnleovain, leovanan bai- 

Lebes, Kalhaiir, pair, evydhen, 
Dav. A cauldron, a kettle, a brafs- 
pot. C. t Per, kaudarn. Ar.Shau- 
douron. Ir. Koire aigheann^ f ea- 
bron, t lotar, bruin, bcille. 

Lcftica, Elor veir;i;, kadair, ker- 
byd. A Utter, a horfi-litter ; a 
fedan or chair. Ar.Lcter. Ir. fFuad. 
kroA;ar, t ara;K. 

Ledio, Lhead, darlhead, Ihith, 
gucrs ; etheiiad, dcuifud, kafgliad. 
A reading, a lejfon ; a choice ; a ga- 
thering. Ar. Kcntel. a coUeHion. Ir. 
Leaghadh, leaghthora;<;d ; togha , 
rogha, reaghad, fgleire. N. t Ai- 
cleachr . 

Ledtor, Lheaudr, darlheaudr. A 
reader, rehearfer,&cc. C- f Redior. 
Ir. Leaghthoir. N. ant Lc-^hzoi]\. 

Ledtus, a, um ; Uedi ei darlhain; 
deuil'cdig, dcuifol, etholedig. Read; 
gathered, culled, picked, chofin. Ir. 
Leighte, toghta. 

Ledtus, i, Guely. A bed. C. 
Kryuedhe, t Gueli, 7 Lovcn. Ar. 
Guele. Ir. Leabba, kear;fcail, f (e- 
oil, skeng, \ airtel, foadh, kuva;t3il, 
kuiltjkolW no kolkaidh,keadudh, 
koisir, f Long.'imdhai, Iceang. 

Legaiis, K\ vreithiol, kyvreith- 
laun, dedhvoi, a bcrthvn I'r j;yv- 
raeth. La-wful , legal; helongmg to 
the law. Ir DlightheaA;, dlighthea- 
vail, -fairlleadh. 

Legatio, Kennaduri.fuydh priv- 
J^ennad. Anembajjage; or the office 
of an Emba/fadour. Ir. Ea;*;la;Kd , 
ea/.laidnea^-t, targraidhea^id, cea;K- 

Legatu5,Kennad, nejefur, nese- ' raghadh no furta;ed. 


Tcyur. An Emba/fadour, an Envoy, 
a Lieger; a Plejiipotentiary Ar. i 
AmbafTadur. Ir. Taidhleoir, f bu 
innir, ttca<tdairc, gila turais, 
targraidhcoir, Imbafadoir. 

Lcgio, Lheng, rhially. A legion 
or regiment ofSouldiers. Ir Lcij^eun, 

Lcgiflator, Gofodur ksvracth, 
guneythyriir ky vncth.' a law-giver, 
a maker or giver of laws. Ir. Rc- 
aAidthavarthaidhe, rei;Kdthcantoir. 

Legitimus, K\ vreithlon, dedh- 
voi j kyviaun, adhas, kymmuys, 
kymmheryr,ynion. Lawful, right, 
convenient, meet, ]ufl, fit, due, ac- 
cording to law. Ar. lult, guir; le- 
ihitim. Ir. DliftcanaA;, dlighthea- 
vail, dlighthea;!;, kcart, koir, kov- 

Lego, as, Anvon kennad, anvon 
negclur ; GorjKymmyn, rhoiar yn, 
ky mmynni . To fend as an Embaffa- 
dour. Legate, Deputy, Lieutenant. 
Ir Kuirim e.^■A■^x,, taidhleoir, te- 
a.xdaire,5ila turais no imbalfadoir j 
kovarva, airm;tia, airmrea^id, leib- 
tionoil no fear ionaid go, drc. 

Lego, is ; kafgly, ethol, deuis ; 
Lhey, darlhain ; Lhadratta. To ga- 
ther, to choofi;to read; tofleal. C 
Dho kyntil, dho porogga; dho 
ladra. Ar. Daftum, kyntiU ; diuis, 
dilenn, dibab, Lea Ir. Leagham , 
nim IeaghthoraA;d ; knufam, tim- 
fayim no kruinnyim, Toghaim, 
glakam royaj pikam as,F6s goidim. 

Legumen, Pob math ar bys, yt- 
bys. aU manner ofpulfe, as peafe, 
beans, &c. Ir. Gax pilhearla;t;, mar 
ata pis, ponra, &c. 

Lembus, Lhong vyan. A pin- 
nace, or bark ; a fmack, a fjher- 
boat. Ir. Luathloinj;in,c^f. Luath 
veagluath,' bad, bark. 

Lemma, Dadl, rhefum. An ar- 
gument, a fubjeil, an oration, di- 
fcourfe, &c. Ir. Arguin, reafiin. 

Lcmures , yfprydion nos, elhy- 
Ihon, buba;iiod, koblvnnod, y ty- 
luytli teg. Spirits thatwalk anighAs, 
hobgoblins, ghofls. Ir. Goftadha, 
taduvaiileadha, piikadha, f meiiri, 

Lena, Karnbytticn, Ihatteies, 
Ihactai. A bawd. Ir. Druththar- 
rangtog, dnathnaidhmeog, druth- 
vangog , bean tharrangta (Iripa/; 
ar a keile, konarachda. 

Lenimen, LhiniaruA;, efmuyth- 
dra, IhonydhuA;, Iharicidhiad, ef- 
muythdad. An eafe or refrefl:ment ; 
an ajjwagement of pain or grief ; a 
redrefs. I Gi/C foakal akJaidheaArd, 
furtaAJd, fyileadh, iblas i no gaxni 
do veir foakal. 

Lenio, Lhyvnhai, gorlhyvni, 
ksboli i Efmuytho, Ihonydhi, Ihi- 
nari, IharieidhiOjrhyuioji, kylTyro, 
dieruino. Dav. To make fmooth, 
to polijl.' ; to eafe, ajfwage, mitigate, 
allay, appeafe,flaken. Ar. Frankaat, 
fubla, habaskaat, dufaat. Ir.Sligam, 
miniyim , blatham , planam , fo- 
krayim; nim kyin kincaJta no fo- 
kair ; trytham ; Beirim ibakal, fua- 



Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 

Lenis, Diaru, cfmuyth, Ihuvun, 
Ihariaidh; Hynaus, diodhevgar, 
guaredhog, hyuar, rhyuiog, aray, 
tauel, klaiar,lhednais. Dav. Gentle, 
foft, eafie ; mild, calm,fiiU. , good na- 
tur'd^complaifant. CAife,meddall. 
A.Grafiys,dous. I.Min,tlioghdha, 
blatha, blathvur, tailsean; mi- 
onnla, aklaidh, leavar, f anairt, fo- 
kair, kiuin, bog, bogurj faiv, 

Leno, Lhattai, a gaduo bytfei- 
niaid. ji ha-wd, a f under, a mer- 
chant of whores, a procurer, one that 
brhigeth whores andhiaves together. 
AErezel, plur. Bredhili I Dmith- 
vloskaire, fear kruinighthi, ftripa^; 
fa re A;eile, Druithkeannaidhe , 
Druithmangaiie , keannaidhe no 
mangaire ftripaPi. 

Lenocinium , Lhatteixth , Ihat- 
teiruydh ; ymbingkiid,ymhoeuad. 
ThepraBke of bawdry, playing the 
tawdi ■whoring i?tticement, complai- 
fance, alluring language, or carnage; 
a neat winning drefs or inveiglement. 
mairea;td, drc 

Lenocinor, Guneythyr Ihattci- 
a:th, hydoa deni'a thcg eiriae. To 
he or to play the bawd; to entice 
with fair words; to decoy, wheedle, 
trepan , &c. Ir. Druthvloskaim , 
druthvrolgam, druithAieannayim , 

Lens, dis; Nedhcii- A nit. C. 
Nedhan, plur. nedh. Ar. Nedhen, 
plur- nedh. Ir. Sneadh. 

Lens, tis ; Rhyu y tbys, p'^'S me- 
lin. A kind ofpulfe caU'd Lentils. 
Ir. Gne phife beige no rois. 

Lentigo, Bry^ini uyneb nae le 
aralh, mann. A pimple or Jpeckle, 
or little redJ]>ot in the face, or other 
part , like a Lentil. C. Guenan, 
kyriak. Ar. Apotyum,krenkig. Ir. 
fFearb, bolg, gur no guirin ar 
kopp go hairigh ar eadan. 

Lentifcus, y pren Maftix. The 
Lentisk or Maflick-tree. Ir. Krann- 
vaiftij;e, mailteog. 

Lentus, Diog, huyrvrydig, div- 
rys, dioval, dibryder, annibcn, fe- 
5yr ; Medhal, mafu, yftuytii, hyb- 
lyg, ylgoeuan , guydyn , glydiog. 
Slow, lingrijig, idle, lazy ; Umber, 
pliant, flexible, tough, clammy. Ar. 
Lent, gorrek, ponner. Ir Maoth 
[myth] t muadh , bog , foluyta j 
mad, mailltriallaA; , lifta, fhinia;ii, 
fliinfana;*;, tarfanaAJ, gleavfana.<; , 
LeadranaA;, liboideaA: ; tavanta 

Leo, Lheu. A Lion. C-^hhexi. 
Ar. Leon Ir. Leovan, fLeo. 

LeoparduSjLheuparc.y^ Leopard 
or panther. A. Ltupird. I.Leopard. 

Lepidus, Dilhyn, tlusbroppor , 
proppor, muyndlus, tlus, hyvryd , 
digryv, divyrr , Ihauen; Deftlys. 
Dav Pretty, witty, conceited, fmart, 
1 brisk, merry, jocund, pleafant, wag- 
\gijh, quick, tart, dainty. C Fein, 
! skeans, Louan. Ar. Agreable , la- 
j uen,geven. Ir.Greannvur, jgrinnj 
!ait, iiiairk, fuva^;; prafganta, dea- 
Uovluadra^;, futavail, glan, fgibal- 
tta, fgeanmnaigh, gafta. 


Lepor , vel-os , oris; Muynder 
vmacirodh , haudhgaruA; ymad- 
rodh; Guedheidh-dra , hardhuA;. 
A grace, mirth, wit, drollery, a 
good meen, a pretty conceit, complai- 
fance. .^^r. Guaperes, leuenedh. Ir. 
Greann, fuarl«as, proifg, aite. 

Leporarium, Lhekayedig i gadu 
aniveiliscd, park,argae koed,hydh- 
goed, yf5yvarnogle,&c. Anyplace 
tnclofed to keep beafis for pleafure j 
a park ef^eciaUy for hares ; a hare- 
warren. Ir. PataA;, P. ex Cl. 

Lepus, yfgyvarnog. Ajt Hare. 
C.Skouarnak. Ar. Gat, p/ar. Ga- 
dou. Ir. jeirfliiadh, pata, mil moi- 
ghe, mil boidhc. 

Lepufculus,yfv;yvarnog levangk, 
glaftor a; . A Leveret, a young hare 
C. Skouarnog bian. Ar. Gat bian 
Ir. Paitin, glaifvil, pisin ^eir'hiaidh 
no j;eir'hiadh beag. Patan,breog,F. 

Lethalis, Angheyol, maruol, a- 
duythig. Mortal, deadly, &c. Ar. 
IViortel. Ir. MarvthaA; , plaighea- 
vail, ur;toidcaA;, bais. 

Lethargia, Rhyu glevyd a ladh 
f n o dra a^yfgi, ag a bair ebrgovi 
pob peth; yr hyn-gluyv, yr hyn- 
mint. The Lethargy i afleepy,drow- 
fy, and forgetful dijeafe. C. fHuvn 
dhefympit. Ar. Lorniadyures. Ir. 
Doirmeafadh, keileafadh,kailthein- 
neas, galar dearmada^; no kolla- 
tha;K ; tainaA; no fpadanta. 

Lethifer, Angheyol, maruol, a 
ladho. That bringeth death, deadly. 
Ar. Mortel. Ir. Tcidhmveartha;^, 
baisfeaAJtaA; ; do veir bas. 

Lethum , Maruolseth , anga: , 
Ihaith, Iheas, Ihias, dylaeth. Death. 
C. Ankou, marnans. Ar. Ankoun, 
maro. Ir. Bas, Vid. Mors. 

Levamen, HauOiiad, cfmuytha- 
■.id, didhany;t;, yr hyn a leihao bo- 
en. F.fife , comfort; an eafmg, dif- 
burthening, or lightnijig of grief or 
trouble. Ar. Konfolation. Ir. Ead- 
tromaghadh, cadtroma;Kan, fyiHie- 
adh, fuargadh, furtaA-'d, foakal, fo- 
las, kavair; Fofair. F. 

Leucoph3eus,Lhiu'r onncn,Ihu- 
ydliu, Ihai, rhung guynn a dy. A 
gray, or rtijfet, or hrovjn dusky co- 
lour. Ar. Gris. Ir. Baru-rivaA;. 

Levidenfa, Brethyn nae lixnhylh 
tenaE, gulanen, tenlhiv. Agarment 
made ofcourJe,yet very flight cloath. 
Ir. Strepin, fkinntea^al, gairvea- 
daA:, garvana^i no roifleaA;an ea- 

Levir , Braud gur <fn. The huf- 
band's ( or wives ) brother. Ir. De- 
arvrathair 'hir no mna. 

Levis, yfgavn, yfgon,ymyfgavn; 
Haudh, el'muyth ; yfgoeuan, anu- 
adal, anfavaduy; Salu, byA;an,ei- 
dhil,guael,difas. Dav. Light , flight , 
fjnaU, ituonfiderahle ; eafie , gentle ; 
fwift, nimble, brisk , lively ; incon- 
ffant , wavering , falfe, vain, &C. 
Ar. Eskuit, skan, skanbennek, va- 
riant, penskort, berboellik. Ir. Lu- 
afgana/;, ftairikea^;, giianaA;, pioi- 
deaAi , boifjeanta , arraydea^; , 
ualliA:, barbyitfeaA; , byitheanta , 
ftuakaA;, ftakailleaA;, korraAi, go- 


ga^;, foghluaiftc, neavforafta, ftair- 

Lcvo, as ; DytA^avi, kodi i vyni; 
tynni ymma:th, Iheihai, tolio; ef- 
muythai, houfliai, Ihonydhi, Ihi- 
niari, yfgavnhai. To lift or holdup ; 
to lejfen, abate, anda/fwage ; to eafe 
one of a thing, to disburthen, to de- 
liver, or rid out of, to lighten. C 
Dhoderevall; Dhokofoua; Dho 
aizia. Ar. Sevel, gorren, tenna, 
lemcl. Ir Togvam, kongvayim lu- 
as no ardaighim ; Togvam no bei- 
rim liom; millim , Igrifam , do- 
nayim ; Laghdayim, traotliam, fo- 
krayim, kiunim. I 

Lex, Kyvraeth, dedhv, yftattyn, i 
ordinhaad, gofodiad ; Amraod, dy- 1 
Symmod. A law , flatute , ordi-\ 
nance, decree ,- rule or good order ; a ' 
conditio?} or terms agreed on. C. La- 
ha. Ar.Ltfenn, gur;Kemen, ordre- 
nans. Ir. Dligheadh, reaAJt, f adh, 
t ins, t foras, f toix, f bann, f ai- 
rilleadh, f dual, f eigean, leagfa, 
riaghail ; Modh , n6s, gnath, or- 
dughadh, rafta, ftacyr; konradh, 
r naidhm, koinjiall, a;i;t. Lex mi- 
litaris, f Adailgne j Leges cajium 
venaticorum, f koinrea^Jta, dior, 

Libamen, Aberth, y peth a bro- 
vid i vlas aga offrymmid. Afacri- 
fice, a drink-offering. Ir. lodhbairt, 
f3krafis,gaA;miodlibartha &blafta. 

Libella, Lhinyn mefyr nae blum 
faer. A line, levell, or plummet of 
a mafon or carpenter. Ar. Reolen, 
skuedhr, linen. Ir. Bonntri fmui- 
lein ; Inj^ir no riaghail in^cartha 

Libellus , Lhyvran ; Traethiad 
haul; Bryv guys, Ihythyr dyvyn ; 
Lhythyr anvon , uarant. A little 
book ; a petition, fupplication, or bill 
ofrequeSl; a libell, or declaration ; 
a letter inijfive. C & Ar. Liver bi- 
an. Ir. Leavrin, leavrdn no Jeavar 
beag, Bille, fgrola, barantas bryith; 
Profes, Fifgairm no fuagradh- Li- 
bel lusfamoliis, Duilleavair, yirlea- 
var, leavar aoire. 

Libens, Euylhy/jrar , Kublvod- 
lon, bodhldun. Willing, glad, with 
a good will af/d liking. Ir. ToilteaA;, 
toilteannaA;,toiIeavail,deontaA; Se- 
al, maith, toghartaA;. 

Liber, v rhilglyn nefav i'r pren ; 
Lhyvyr. The inward bark or rind of 
a tree i a book or work written. C. 
Levar, f liver, plur. livrou. Ar. 
Leur. Ir. Kroikean inmeodhanaA; 
Ajrainn; Leavar; Long, F. 

Liber, a, urn ; Diangol, rhydh, 
breiniol, digaeth, rhydhedog, bre- 
in-rydh, hydrym ; DidrafFerth, di- 
ruyftr; Helxth, ehang; urth i 
vodh i hyn. Free, at liberty '; fafe ; 
void of, or without, &c. not hound 
or fubje£i, exempted from ; at ones 
pleafure. Ar. Libr, frank. Ir. Saor, 
[ Syr ] SyirfeaA:, K. Fa reir reidb, 
araAJorfein, kaovanta, ardith, ar 
eafvaigh ; NeivAJeangailte , gan 
thoirmeask, gan teorainn, gan by- 
ghal ; gan buadheirt ; m6r, fairfiii; 
ara thoil fein; dana. 


Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 7^ 

L. I L. 

Liberalis, Hardh, gucdhys, pry" j nedydh , yfgrivcnnydh , keiduad 
ducdhol, adhuyiijoneft; Hael, hy- 1 Ihyvrx. AJcrhexer, a took-vnter; 
Jed, haelfHuA;, brcylan, kz\oai\l-\ one that tranfcribes tooks t a library- 

ydh, kalonrodh, Ihaucf^or, Ihau 
rodhiad , dianhacl . c^c Ijheral , 
ofin-kanded ; gtntleman-like, free 
hearted, bountiful, free, frank, gene- 
rous. Ar. Larzh. Ir.Maillica^, 51- 
navail, makinta , lialal , fialvur, 
ut,\irx,ro\i\\\ciX, rcadhAiroidbcaA;, 

Libcralitas, Haclioni, hacledh, 
haeldcr; Adhuynder, Bounty, li- 
berality, freedom, franknefs, kind- 
nefs, good nature; generofity . Ar. 
Larj:;entes. ]r. Fcile, fcilea;ed, fia- 
laA;d, tiilvuire, fialvu]rca^-d, cinc- 
aAij t gart, f foiA^earnfa, f luith- 
AiearnaAjjttonj feaflavra, miAiainc, 
t eanghav. 

Libcro, Guarcdi, vmuarcd, rhy- 
dhhii, golhungjgolhung yn rhydh, 
digjcthiuo, ■xx,)h. to delner or re- 
leafe ; to Jet at liberty ; to free, to 
enfranchize ; to rid out of; to ac- 
quit. Ir. Syram, fuafglairrii I.ij^im 
ama,<i no fa reir, l^i Uim no beirim 

Libertas, Rhvdh-dod, rhydhid, 
golhyngdod , braint , tru ' dhed ; 
Hvdcb, conder. Freedom, liberty, 
leave ; fraiikncfs, good nature, in- 
genuity ; boldnefs of j^eech. Ar. 
Roll, liberie j frankis. Ir. Syr- 
fe, lyirrea;iid , kead , dana^id ; fos 
Antoil, ainvion, anravairt, anra;e- 
vas, anl's) ilteaA;d. 

Libertus, A unacd o gacth yn 
rhydh, kaeth uedi 1 vreinioJi; gur 
Ihys, gur ty. One that of bond is 
made free; a late fervant or bond- 
man. Ar Oriat. Ir. SaordhyirifcaA,, 

Libet , Mac'n vodlon j:;enniv , 
mae'n rhynxi bodh, &c. It liketh\ 

keeper, &c. A.Skrivancr. l.Lcavar 
graivcoir, fgrivncoir, Icavar-klo 
dhairc, priontoir, Icavar nalgairc, 
Fos klcireaA; koiticaii no puibligh, 
t Reataire. 

Librator, yn a dyniio dhiir urth 
j^yveirioj Hun a davlo vam or 
magncla;; Albryfiur. Dav. Acon- 
veigher of waters from J}>ri?igs to 
conduits tj levellingof the ground; A 
flingcr and hurler of Jl ones in war 
Ir TovailteoirjKovthromaighthe- 
oir ; Fos tavalloir no fear cavaill, 
Itailkheoir no fear lavaigh kloA; a 

Libro, Puyfo, mantoli, guney- 
thyr yn drum , kymmhuylo, go- 
gymmhuylb, k^ veirio, ynioniurth 
linyn, ynion buy(b, rhanni ynyni- 
on. To -weigh or foifi ; to counter- 
foife, to counterbalance ; to balance; 
tolevell; to try by plumb-rule , to di- 
vide equally. Ar. Poefa, balanfij 
kompefi, skuedhra, lignenna, reo- 
lenna. Ir. Tovaifun no tavaifim ; 
kuirim a govthrom, a f meas no 
a davas, ingrim no kuirim a nin- 
greadh no fcakam re naghail in^e- 

Liburna, yfgavnlong vyan he- 
rulong. A light and fiDtftJl.^ip,foift, 
or pinnace ; a privateer , a galley. 
Ar. Lcilr bian,;'/«r. leflri. Ir. f Li- 
vearna ; Long ro luach do vias ag 

Liccntia , Kennad , truydhed , 
gormodh rhydid i uneythyr a vyn- 
no. Lice?tce. unlawful, immoderate, 
or overmuch liberty, licentioufnefs , 
unrulinejs or boijleroufiiefs (Z.XJziy 
Ar. Roll, libertc, frankis. Ir.Kead, 

argad no airjcad , anfaoirfe, an- 
or conte7iteth; it is my will and plea-\ f)'irleaA;d, ain;t:ead j komas no kea- 
fure, I think good, I lijl, I would! drogha bcirthc ; Andanaxid, me- 
faia. Ir. Taimidh, ata toikeana/;| ardhantaA;d,ainfi:;iannta;(;d. 

Licentiofus, A;uidr, ehyd, pen- 

no daointeaA; j As toil, as daoin, as 
oil, as maith, as mionn le, <^f. 

Libidinofus, A dhylyno i dra 
;KUanc i byn,anlhad, drythylh, tra- 
nuyvys, godinebys,anniueir. Lu/l- 
ful, wanton, leacKerous ; flejhly,fen- 
fual; wilful, bent to his lufl and 
pleafure. Ar.Liubrik, \ ill. Ir. An- 
tola;;, ainvina;t, druiflieavail, byi- 
flieavail, feilhea;^, iavalax, rmx,- 

Libido , DrythyllhuAJ , guyn 
knoudol, Aiuant y knaud, AJuanta;^, 
godincb, anlhadruydh, dyre,dryg- 
.>;uant:. Lufi,paJJion or unlawful de- 
fire ; wantonnefs ; leachery, concupi- 
fcence, fenfuality ; ones will, appe- 
tite, fancy and liking. Ar. Liborti- 
nafli, impiudifTitei lubrifite, pail- 
lardicz. Ir. Antoil, antoilcaAid, ain- 
mhion ; Fonn , diiil, toil j Drui- 

Libra, Puys, pynt; Klorian, 
mantol. A pound; a pound in money. 

rhydh, avreolys , guylhtbuylh , a 
gymmcro ormodh rhydid. Rajh, 
licentious, diffolute, unruly. Ir. An- 
dana, meardhanta, ainfj;ianta, ain 
riaghalta, iovarta;; ; Syirfea/;. 

Liceor, Golod pris yu.?;, aruer- 
thy, dyuedyd pris pech, kynnyg 
am bcch, mar^inatta. To cheapen a 
thing, tabid money for it, to offer the 
price. Ir. LuaA;am, kuirim \v.2iZ no 
tia;Ka na jcann ; nim fa luaA,-, in- 

Licet , licebat , i^c. y mac yn 
gyvreithlon, mac yn rhydh, ev a 
alh vod It is lawful, it is free, it 
maybe; you may if you will Ar.Fer- 
mettet eo. Ir. As kcadaA;, a ta kcad, 
as koib, as cidir. 

Licet, adv. Bydhed velhy, bod- 
Ion. Be it fi, content. Ir. Biodh av- 
laidh fhin ; biodh mar Ihin. 

Licet, conj. Pc rhon, cr,cr hyn- 
ny. Although, albeit. C. Syi. A 

lo jl:iUings; a balance or pair »/, Pej;ement benak ma Ir.j^iodhgo, 
fcales. Ar. Balans Ir. Ponta; Fos j biodh gur, ar Ion gur. 
fAirveadh, kovthrom, | laithcj Lien,\- dhyeg, kledhyv Blse- 
meadh thovais. I dhyn , Dav. kledhyv bilWl. Tht 

Librarius, Lhyvrur, y(s!i\ta-\ milt, the ^leen. C. yvabm! Ar. Ar 

fcl;t:. Ir.Shcabag, Pi. Scot. Safna;K 
& duliag. 

Licnteria, Darymrcd guaed, y 
bib uied. A lask or loojinefs ; a 
kind of bloudy-flux, when the meat 
comes from a man, without any con- 
cotlion ordigefiwn. C. An f;irr. Ar. 
HUKs, fuercl. Ir. Ain'hlugfa, ainf- 

Ligatio, Rhuymiad, tidiad. A 
binding, a tying. Ar. ]ire,plur. crc- 
011, amar, liam. Ir. Greamagadh, 
kc:ingladh , nafgadh. Imdheal. F. 
Ligncus, ogoed, a unelcr o go- 
ed. Wooden, made of wood; of tim- 
l>er. Ir. Maide, amaid no Airainn. 
Li^nilc, Kocdty, kynnydty. A 
wood-houfe, a wood-loft -, aftack of 
■wood. Ar. Bern kcuneut. Ir. Kon- 
nadhva^ Tcagh no taradh kon- 
naidh no in a m'i konnadh. 

Lignum, Kocd, guydh, k nnyd, 
prenn, kynuyd, rhyfuydh. Wood, 
timber; a log, block, or flump. C. 
1 Prcn, koat , kuz , prcdn. Ar 
Prcn, kcuneut. Ir. Maidc, amad, 
konadh ; F6skIo<ii fj;illan. 

Ligo, as ; Rhuymo, tido, klym- 
my. To bind, to tyeorwrap; totye 
up, orfafi. C.Dho kclmy, Pal. Ar. 
Amarra, eren, liama. fir. Kean- 
glaim, grcamaighim,na(gam; dom- 
nafaim, F. 

Ligo, onisi Rhau, pal; kaib, 
fu.^ . A Ipade, ajloovel, a mattock, a 
p!ough-Jhare,&cc. C.Rtv, pal.. Ar. 
Pall, pig. Ir. Feak, laise, fpad, 

Ligurio, Buytta'r tamirxd go- 
rvE, buytta aminheythynion, kym- 
meryd i dheuis dammacd, keji , 
guangkio. To eat daintily ; to pick 
and choofe t id-bits or dainty morfils ; 
to feed nicely and delicately ; to play 
theglution.. Ir Ithim biadh mills, 
foghavaili flugam, grabam , gla- 
mam oram , ho ithim go jeoka- 
vail biadh ; milifthogham no pro- 
kam giz greim as blalla. 

Lilietum, Lhe y tyvo'r lili. A 
place where Lilies grow ; a Lily-bed. 
Ir. Lilea;;, ait na d'ighid lileadha. 
Lilium, Lili, elcftr, A Lily. C. 
j Lili. Ar. Fourdelifenn Ir.Lile. 
Lima, Lhivdhyr, rhvgnen lau. 
■^file. Ar. Hcsken,lim. Ir. Livaii, 
no ithx;omala ; Fos keartaghadh, 
koraghadh, deafaghadh. 

Limatura, Lhiviad,lhivicdigxth, 
Ihivion y lhivdhyr. Powder or dujl 
that Cometh from filing. Ir. Livadb, 

Liniax, Maluen, maluoden, gu- 
lith valuen ; ;iiuilcnnur. Afnail,a 
dew-fnail or /lug. C. Molhuidd- 
zhan, jMelyen. Ar. MelA;ueden,\x.\w. I Sheilighidjicfhei- 
lyide ; Scot, lislihiag. 

Limbus, Amaeruy, ym\\-^y\x, 
IhavnynghyU godreon, ei'nonyn. 
Apurfle; a welt, lace, border or 
gard about a coat or gown ; an hem 
of a garment ; a frmge, a felvidge. 
Ar. Bordur, borr, kollez. Ir Kiu- 
vas, imeaj, f ur kriila.;;, teorann. 

Limen, Porth, porthva; Hini- 
og, eminiog, rhiniog, troihuy. The 


Tit. II- A Comparative Vocabulary 

L. I L 

threjlwld of a door i an entry or en- FlaxJ.nnen.C fLm Ar.Lin LLjn. 
trance. C. Portal. Ar. Treuth , i Lippus Koegdhalh kibdhalh, 
tlur. treuthou. Ir. Tairniea;^ do- ^ Ihygadulyb Ihygadlaith molog. 
rais : Fos garman no urfa dorais. j Blear-eyed bleared that hath drop- 
% I -ic^ ,^^^„'P'»g "^^trijh eyes,(&c. Ar. Pikkus. 

Limes, Tervyn, kyffin maen ,ij^ ^^.^.^^/j^^/^^.^ (hil'hu.lea;. , 
tervyu , em.niog ; talar ; krocs- , j^^^^^jj^-^^ • ' • ' 

ftordh ; ffordh vaur. A bound or ^ ^^ Todhion, ifgiMrsd, 

fgriveann, Foghlaim, eoIas,eola- 

Literatura, Gramadegydhiseth , 
dyfg, dyfgeidixth, yfgoihcikdod, 
Ihen, kyvaruydhyd, adhyfg. Gram- 
mar-learnmg ; Learnijig in general^ 
fiholarjhip, good literature. C. Ski- 

, L,uju..iiicii, X uuunjii, ii,sii,iritu, ans. Ar. Dcskadiuredh, skiaiit. Ir. 

Imnt; a iorder or frontier, "'^^"'iguar taudh , diverion ki|. Drip- Gramadlmd, igrivneoireaxd, li- 
dary or land-mart ■, a rneer^ ;acroJs- | ^.^^^ ^^^^ ^^.^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^6^^ ^^^^^ teardha;id, mona;ed. 

Literatus, Lhythrcnnog, dyf^e- 
dig, kyvaruydh, a uypo Jhen, hy- 
dhyfg. Learned, /etter'd , able in 
fcholarfiiip. C. Diskys. Ar. Gui- 
ziek, favant , perveth. Ir. Fogh- 

dary or lana-mari. ■, a m.., . ^ ^.u^ i ■ ^^,y,^^ „„^ y^n^, „^^f ^^^^ 

path, a great broad way^ Ar_ Men- V^J^^^ J^^^^^^-^ J. ^^jj 

I'l^li!'^'''''' "''''"'''' IWteal, Ga/uifse no ga;, ftv 


Limine , Gored tervyn i beth, 
rhanni dan dervynx. To bound or 
limit i to divide and part; to fet 
bounds and limits. Ar. Ranna [ to 
divide. ] Ir. Teorannaim, Koigri- 
ghim , kriflaighim , kuirim teo- 
rainn koighrigli. 

Limpidus, Klaer, gloyu, eglyr, 
clear, bright, pure, tra7ijj>arent, 
clear as -mater. C.bpladn. Ar.Skler, 
fplan, patant, anat, reiz,- Ir. Glan, 
gle, t gluair. 

Limus, Torrm, Ihaid meun dur, 
pridh-dom, Mud^flnne^ clay, loam, 
morter. C.Tylc, poll, pry. Ar. 
Fangk, buillen, fri^as, kaiUar. Ir. 
Kloda/;, r'oide, muda, P/ 

Linarius, Gueitliiur lhi2:n,adri- 
no lixn. A fiax-dreffer , a fiax- 
merchmit ; he that fcUeth or iporketh 
flax or linnen Ir. Linoibridhe, fear 
oibrighthi lin. 

Lineo Lhinio, Ihinelhi, tynni 
IhinivE. To drayo lines; to draw the 
figure of a thing in lijies. Ir. Li- 
nyim, ftrioam, fgrivam. 

Lingo, L.hyvi, Ihio. To lick with 
the tongue i t9 fuck foftly. Ar. Li- 
pat ; dena, fyno. Ir. Lighim, fli- 
vam, ;<:. beirim ligheoigh ar, ga- 
vam do lighcogaiv, do dhiulainj 
t Leargam. F. 

Lingua,Tavod, tavod-iaith,iaith; 
Penrhyn, morbcn. At07igue, a 
language, or j^eech ; a promontory or 
narrow piece of land running into the 
Sea. C.Tava?., t Tavod; fLavar. 
Ar. Teauti Langaiih. Ir. Tean- 
ga, fting, ftairighinj Bearia, 

Linguax, Tavod-hir, tovodog, 
rhyadys,dyuetgar. Long-tor/gued, a 
blab i full of words, a great Jpeaker ; 
a pratler or chatterer. C. Tavaz 
re hir. Ar. Marvailler; tcaudek, 
lanflienek, pe lanflieneicr. Ir.Fad- 
;KainteaA;,, ro;Kaintea.3i 

Linquo , Gado , gadsel, ymur- 
thod a phech ; Lhuygo , ihaeiTi , 
Ihakkai. Bav Toleave,quitorfor- 
fake. C Dho garera. Ar. Lefel, 
Dilefel, kitaat. Ir. 'rrei?;im, fag- 
vam , fgaram no deilaighim leis, 
klynam no ftynam ua, teadham a 
laij^e, tivim, fcallara. 

Lintcr, Kavn ynpren, kavn ar 
dhCir, keybol, kux dur, yfgraph, 
bad. A boat made of a hollow tree ; 
a wherry, a fuller ; atrough. C Gur- 
hal. bian, kok. Ar. Bark, leftr, (^c, 
ir. Koite,t koka,kokvad,atraA;in, 
kyi3^ I grodain. F6s amar, f Lo- 
Linum, Lhin, edavedh Ihln, ^c 

nielt, to dijfolve or make liquid Ar. \ lamtha, eola^;, liteardha, fgolar 
Teudhi. Ir. Leagham, bearram, ti- I tha, fgrivtha ; ceagij-gi N. Ant. 
nam, bogam, maotham , no my- Lithargyros, Euyn arian, gor- 
cham. iveru plum Litharge , the fcum , 

Liquet, Mae'namlug, mae'n eg- /'•"^'^ or fiume of lead, fiver, 
lyr, mae'n dhilys. It appears, it is or gold. Ir. Luaidne ban ; kuvar no 
fure, clear , certain a7id w;a«i/e/?; 'S^im ar;;eid, f kearbuan. 
tt is apparent or well known. ArPa- ] Lithiafis,Klevyd y macn toftedh. 
tant eu, skier eu, anat eu. Ir. As ; "^l^e flone in the kidney or bladder. 
follas, as foilleaA;, as f ran, as lear, C. Klevaz y mantedh. q. Ar. Me- 
as t reil, as t meanan, as divin. an, gravel. Ir. Airteaiadh, tinneas 

Liquefacio, Todhi, dattod,dad 
mer,dadleithio To melt or make to 

Liquor, Gulyb, gulybur, Iheith- 
der, Ihynn , gulybaniaeth, sydh, 

xioz fuail aranu no davann. 
LithoftrotusJ'almant, larn ; Lhe 

nodh. Moiflure, humour, juice, //-:Uedi ei balmanti. A pavement, a 
quor, drink, water. Ar. Leifder. Ir. \caufit>ay i pav'd with flone. Ir. Art- 
Lcann, gt;e bitaille suv, f bra;i;t, Ido^ur, toA;urkloA:. 
I'uvla/;, luirafg, kuifliea/:. ! Lithotomia, Gueithdy faer ma- 

Lira, Kevn o dir, grunn, trym en, nadhle, klodhva jerrig. Ama- 

kevn, malk, kuysj Telyn A balk 
or ridge of land betwixt two furrows, 
A harp. Ar. Iruen , plur. irui. 
[r. Imaire no balk ; Fos kriiit, klair 

Liro, z%; Kevni tir, trymio, 
grynnio, kuyfo. To make balks or 
ridges in land; to plow land the 
thirdtime. Ar. Ober irui Ir.Imai 
rim, balkam, nim imaire no bailk 
a vearann. 

Lis, litis; Kynnen, ymryflbn, 
ymrava-1, ymurthryn, anghydvodj 
Haul, dadl, kuyn. Strife, quarrel, 
debate, variance, contention ; falling 
out, a brangle, a wrangling dijpute ; 
a flit , procefs or aElio^z at law . 
Ar. Skandall, argy, tabut, proles, 
dil'pyut. Ir. Imreas, imreafan, 
keannairj;e , koinntinn , kon/poid, 
knopail, koinnin, krinA;an, \ ban- 
,-.uis, f ban^aighean, kuis dlig- 

Litania , Ervyn, cidhnyed, dy- 
inyncd. Afupplicatiojt, the Litany. 
Ir. Liodain, urnaighthi no athAiu- 
injicadh koitA;ean an Eaglais. 

Litcra, Lhythyrcn, Ihythyr yf- 
griven, Ihau Igriven yn. A letter in 
a book i a bill or fcroU ; ones hand 
writing. C. t Litheren plur. Lithe- 
rou Ar Litheren, skriptyr. Ir.Li- 
tir, t mion ; Bille, fgrola, no fgri- 
vean j^earraidhte 

fon's work-houfe or a quarry. C.Ku^eir, f artfaojA;a, te- 
aghkeard;Ka, no bothan artfaoir no 
faoirA;lo;t ; Ar^oilcar no koileir 

Lithotoraus, faer maen, nadhur 
kerrig,macnlaeri Lhauvedhyg fydh 
yn torri am v garreg yn y ;i;uyfi- 
gen. A mafon, a fiojie-cutter -, a 
chirurgeon that cutteth out the flone 
in the bladder Ir. Artsyr no faor 
klo,Ti ; Fos airtliaigh no liaigh do 
veanas kloA,a 'huail as dhuine. 

Liticcn, Keiniad ydkorn byA;an. 
A blower ofafmall trumpet or fife. 
Ir. Stokaire, Fear ftuik no trompa 

Litigator, ymryflbnur, kekrur, 
kyniihennur, plcidiur, dadleyiu. 
A wra?!gler, quarreller, &c. Ir.Ke- 
annairgtheoir, bann;t;\iifeoir. 

Litigiofus, _ymryfongar, ymra- 
vaelys, kynnhcnnys, y pt-th a vo 
mcun dadl ag ymrylton. Litigious, 
quarrelfomi , full of dijpute ajid 
wranglijig ; a thi?ig in dijpute. Ar. 
Kraignous, hegazus. Ir. Keannair- 
5ea;i:, Imreafa.^:, imreafana;;;, con- 
I'poidcaAi, krcapala^;. 

Litigo, ymryflbn,ymravaeli,ym- 
j^cintaA;, kynnhenni, fkyuaethly, 
ymdhadli, ymgyvreithio. To con- 
tend, ftrive, debate, vary ; to wran- 
gle; to go to law. C.Dhokennkia, 

Literas, Lhvthyr anvon, Ihythyr i gucskall. q. Ir. Keannaigyim^kon- 
anner;e; Dyfg, dy'Seidiaeth, Ihen | fpoidim , krapalaim , mm kean- 
athrauiseth, guybodaeth, kyvaruy- ; nairj^, konfpoid no imreasan. 
dhyd; yfgrivennadae Anepifileor\ Lito, as ; Kael i arA; druy aberth, 
letter fent to a friend ; Learning,\ik)c:xx\\\, dyhydho ag aberth, gH- 
fludy, knowledge, fcholar/hip ; wrrf- , neythyr iaun. To faer i fee, to offer 
ifigs, deeds, &c. C. Lytherau. Ar. up infacrifice. Ar Sakritia. Ir.Ene- 
Lither ( Lizer ) epiftolen j Deska- aklannaim, caraikim, dirim, fafam, 
diuradh. Ir.Litirnoeipiftil ; Tea- lealayim, loirgnivam, idhvram. 
galg, oideaghadh ; Bille, kairc no Licura , Dilead , didhymmiad ; 


Of The Original Languagks Of Britain A UiO' Ireland. 8i 

Ircidiad ^*/«r,A.^^-,jgar, rhyadys. FuU of rvorJs, pr^t.\ [r. SoilJll,ca;:, foL/da, ] ai.^, 
or Jajh tktough any rfr,ti»g ; .» blur , ,ag, talkative, bu,e nf hi tovtuc ; a. \ cifidh" \> I in il i ;,v. ^ 

Jiawb'mg or jmearivg. Ir. i alllg , I />rj.'/irr or /a /^cr. C. TavaZfk. Ar. 

balllgoid _ Marvailler Ir. KaintcaA; , |, ica,'- 

Litus, orisi Glan y mor, tracth, ka/C, f cangax, brciska ,, llicadlia- 

vcildoHj tvuyn. arvordir, r/r ii.u,uIoraA;,brola(gaA;, kaibincaA;, 

kaibiflijao, kaba;;, nianiadanaA; , 

baiiradanav, plculcavail, t'ad;iuin- 

tca;. ; bcalgat. F 

Loqucla, Parabl, Ihcverydh, llia- 
VJr, yni;.diodh,dyucdJad,gair, lia- 
rad, Mildliulhin Speech, talk , Ji- 
fcourle , latr^iiage Ar. Langailll , 
koinps, ger. Jr. Lavra urkvra, la- 
vart, tmcadair; Ujilabh/iaci. N. 

Lot)uor, DuK'dyJ, liuvary, v- 
in.iiiruJh, p.irabiy, (i.ira<i, krvbu- 
ylh To jpcak, to Jay, to ti-ll, to talk 
erdijioiije. C.Uhokoua Ar. La- 
varci., Ocirim , rai- 
dliirn, luadjiani, a^aii.iim, , taigh- 

Jhoar^ the fea-fule, the Bank or coajl 
land lyingnear the J'ea . C 1 onitU- 
an, t Als, iii" Ar Aut, plur au- 
Ihu ar vor. Ir Traidhi-, ftroda, 
piirr, nuirrulg no muirnalg. 

l.iiLJUS, ; Tolgorn, iJb Latid. 
Korn kaiii, korn kam nicinlhai.s , 
ytgorii byA;an,bagal cigob y^Vroo^- 
eJ trumpet for horfe ; a clarion ; as 
the ftraight one for foot i a Bijhops 
Crojier. CfTollkurn Ir.iMaidc- 
no bata kam do viodh ag Eoii- 
dryithiv ; Idok kam \ Easbiiig 
Lividus, Klcifio*;, dylJS, gla('ut- 
lu , dyuilu, plymliu. Black and 
blew, pale avdscav, of the colour of 
leadorhruifcdflejh. Ir Duvghorm, 
uaiiK-, liu.ghbs. 

Livor, klais, dygliis, plvmliu ; 
Icvrivijcn, kynghorvynt , traAias. 
Blennefs, black aJidhlnv, or a lead 
colour, jj>ite,eniy, malice Ar C^U 
ruen, avi, {envy ) Ir Ball d.'iv lu) 
gorm ; dathliiaidhe, I'lainc no Jfiv- 
ghorni. Kostnikh, tnuthan, ^ tbr- 

Lixa,Gu.'is kc?;in, p'.ias karr, ko- 
eg-uefyn. A JcuUiox or drudge, a 
kitchin boy , &c. Ir Sguil.c, dcoir- 
kiy^, fglavaille, moiih..l^c 

Li.^us, GUi^di 1 vcrui Boiled, 
fid. C. Brudr.hiaz.. Ar Bcro Ir 

Locus , I Menu ; Mann , Ihc , 
mangrc ; kyvliir, axjlyfyr, kvvam- 
fcr ; ; Scibiant , hamahen ; Bri , I 
kyvriv, kym\ rredh. A place, room, i 
orflead; a condition, fiate or caje,\ 
&c C Lc, Ar. LeA;, plas, karter; 
kirick, abek; Stat. Ir. .'\it, ionadj 
t airin, f Log, ball, r maighcan, 
t meannad ; f Rail. F. 

Loculta, keiliog y rliedyn. A 
grajhopper. C f Kcliog rtden. Ar 
Kildervv. Ir. teafvui 

Locufta, [marina] kinimuA; mor 
A lobflcr. C. Gavar mor, legaft 
Ir. Glima/,-; Scot 

,"1 , i 

I.ucifugus, A lb rh.ig,y,gola;, a ' 
rodio V nos That flkth from the 
l'f,ht, that di'r-hteth ,?. Jarknejs,a\ 
nigkt.i,.,lUr. jr. I.c-ahciilu'ta.^ I 

i.uciiiius. vij a Ihygaid l.\^tuin a 
^ocg olug irhich hath little eyes 
and fmaU fghr, pinkiyed. It. Mm- 
luiIcM.i, , iiiir.iaJI,:.ika>; , 

I u.Tor, tliu, vjh.ilii. maclio. I 
To ^.;//., to win, tj »a ad,:,,.iui!r\ 
or pro/a, loea.n. C. DIjo i 
Ar Guiin^c. Jr. Giiodhayim, tar-i 
v.iyim, cad.ili'ii), nim, gv.ivixn noi Li.u.uj, rarva iiu sino'hadh ' 
as- ° i 

Lucrofusjvnnilh vaur,bv(ih vaur, ' 
Itiuun clii Gaiufull, profrt^!bk. jr. ' 
I'iadahi'. . ', ■ ' ' \ 

Lucrurn,*Klu,ynniih,:Tiad,bydI], ' 
:Iuant. Lucrt;^ gain, profit, advau-'' 

' ■ ■ 'i r> -i I ■ — £>•• I - --- — ^j iy""^-,!^' vftt, tt»va7l 

lim, abiai.-ii, tcarmaighim, kanam,, '•'.?'', cr.r7,:,tg. Ar Giniic, guiiide- 
innilhi.ii, domairim, f. agalhiin. \'R-'}-^- ^r. (ino^',Iudh,tjrva,biiheaA:, 

Lorica, | Lhyryg, f toryn dvr, 
pais dhvr, krysdyr, kac-bais, f ky- 
ras. Krib-mVr i vuru glau hcibio. 
A coat of fence, a coat of mail. Al/h 

[fuidhir, (i..du!, ifriLl), 'flcirna^ 
j broghauh , .f athnuv, 7 fjlbairc; 

ArdraA:. F. Ed. Id. 

I.iidbtor,ymael)tiJi, vm.;v}ydh. 

the coping or head of a ipall made\^'^^"^''^^^'- ^ '"C/?/?'-. . C Vn;- 
tocafrojf the rain. Ar. Hamcs. Ir., °.^?''- f^""; Gu.-enner Ir. Spar 

Lu-.vrca/:, liii)iea;i. K an! 

I.oiuni, Karrii-i;roca,mar;ij^cn, 
kynihyvan, tiit , aw cnfruyn , "^Fre 

iiaidhc.gleakaicihc, fear .^barna, ka- 
Lufto Zco 

thongs. Ar .Ai^illcccn. Ir. lalJ , a' 
h Ibriana 

firive, contevd. CDho yu-.doula 
Ar. Gurcnna. Ir. Sp.<riiaim, ur- 

Lotio, GolAiiad. A vajhine. Ir. 'P^'"'™' ^Icakam 

Nijho, nighcadh 

LudtuoiusjKuynvanys, to/lyrys, 

Ar. Talkr. .. _,. , ..-. 

Occid. gim.TjaA; i Scot. Sept. kam 

lodix, kynvas, Ihenlhiain, lliy 
uioncn, brykkan , gurtliban. A 
JJ.-'eet, blanket, or coverlet. C- Lian 
guili. Ar. Liler, L. guele. Ir. Brae 
hn, Scot. Kanavas, Bralin. 

Lolium, Evrc Daniel Ar. Ivre. 
Ir Roille, K. Mrhean K. ant 

Longipcs Troet-hir, Kocs-liir. 
Long-footed. Ar. Troat-hir. Ir. 
Kos-ada, fadAJofa^;. 

Longitudo,Hyd, hirdcr. Longi- 
tude, letigth of time, place, Szc C 
Hc-2 Ar. Hct. Ir. Faide, dfalde- 
aA;c, kcine. yaisi. N.ata. 

Longus, Hir, maith, parhays 
^^^Sj of ^"^t ''"('nuance, tedious. 
C.Hir. Ar. Hii. Ir. Fada, kian, 
imkian, f aidhvoan, f diu, f ionn- 
las, sir, (la. Fcii:,h]igh, F. riah', Id. 
leavar, Id lung, Id. 

LoquaXj Siaradys, Ihavar, dj uet- 

Lotur, Lotuydhen The £.<,^e- Vy'pvys, trym.Jnfr, alaethy^, bru- 

tree. Ir. Loiteog, krandearmaidh. yj]fy''^'j}\yynI-'"e>.tal.lrJbrroir- 

Luber, rid. Libcc. '/""' f'^"'' >!'"':> ".o.„jfult, daUfuU. 

Lubrictis, Lhithrig, Ihithredig, ^3 "^jobront ^M<^'- V'^" 
Scrvylh, anuaftad, tmlhodrys, h"- nidhal^ Za^' tt '""i°'- 
Ithr. Sl,ppery,-rcaverim, molinfr ""^^^.^' <?"^='^> g'eod^^, toirflie- 

Ludus, Uylovcdh, uvlovain, 
ku)r.van, f ybain, fdrvgvrverth, 
gridlivan, bruyn, triftu,.;, alaeth 

ceitfiiU, uncertain. Ar. Lampr, lis, 
risklys. Ir Sleavuin ; tuillcJA;, kor- 
ra^, %ogix, neiv, hcafva;;, neiv- 
•/■AnniQ, luaimneaAr; lolardha, cag- 
favaii, rnwlvtha,luba;i jlcmam no 
Slevain. N ant. 

Luce,^ ngoley, urth Iiu dydh, ar 
ofteg. Openly, in the day time Ir. 
Go follas, re fohs laoi, la la,arnii- 

Luceo, LheuyA;y, di/gleirio, ^o- 
ieyo , Ihcvvery , gloyui. To gi-je 
light, to Jhine, to glifler. Ar. GU- 
loui, skleraat, sklcrilfa, sklcria, ly- 
^crni, lintra, I. Foilllhigfiim, -for- 
lannam, 5eala;-;3m. 

Luccrna, Kanuy Ih, lamp,tanlhe- 
fter, ]hy"orn, golcy, golcyad. A 
candle, light or lamp. C. T GoJou- 
leftr, lygarn, kantly Launtier.'' A. 
Lctern,, skler;zhcn,.sklerdi.r. 
I Kaineall,ilnnlis, lhpal,prikcad, 
tnlKlie, trilliliean, lolas, f lo- 

Lucidus, Goley, gloyy, jfplen- 

nydh, xmirain, di/glair. Bright, 

light, clear, lightfime C. Spladn. 

Ar. Splan, skkr, patanr, inat, reiz. 


kalar, kuynahcth. Mourning,veep. 
ing. Trailing, firrorv, he.jvi>:efi, la- 
menting. Ar. Koiin. Ir. GuJ , kyi- 
ncadh, kuinadh, brbii, dobrb'n; 
doilghcas, toirle, j cor, f torai , 
I' kiavaiiic. 

LucubradOj Guaith n6s,my vyr- 
daud no.<; Studying or vroriing by 
candle. light, ftting up at Rudy. Ir. 
Airnc-, airncan, airncaghadh, air- 
noanadh; RagarcaA;d, ragobair, 
rag-lavra no obair yidh^ie re kain- 

Luculentus, GoI.e, cglyr, am- 
'i:'t;> difglacr; Tqr, prCdvcrth : 
Enuoi'jhCnod clear, fair, beaati- 
fuU, renonrned, notable , creditable 
rich, abunJant , rrea/thy , bright \ 
brave. C Spladn. Ar. Splan, .skJcr,' 
rciz, anac,patanr. 'ir. SoidicaA;, fo- 
iafda , (oillcar ; Follas, + foifleiJ , 
glan, alainn, maiflcaA:, brcadha, o- 
nora^i, covraidhctaA;, oirdhark, 
ballirda^:, intaravaiJ . 

Lucus, Lhuyn, kocd, kocduig, 



Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 



kojdva, tvuylhgocd. ^ grove or 
ifood Ar:Koat. )r. DWthvuinc 
koill tiugh na>iSearrchardo vrigh 
gut ny v-zoillreagtivar i, do Dni ai- 
j;en, do rcir phagana'^. 

Ladi, /.uareon,kampay ^iiurcy- 
vevdh Sports , fajlimes or plays i 
pjgeaiits, fights or publkk jhevs to 
delight the people C.Choanou . A r . 
1 loariou. Ir SugJitha, kluireadha 
no freakarkoitA;eaniia. 

Ludibrium, Guatuor, gyatuor- 

gerdh, kvf klcr, vn i uaudio am ei 

benn, f arabcdh. A m»ck, a mockery 

\or mocking-ftock; a may-game, a 

\fcorne or jport. Ir. Magadh , Iji- 

I j:<-adh, kluitlie magaidh, iTc 

I Ludifico, Guatuor, guneythyr 

Isjuaud, fiommi, tuylho, pen Ici- 

I thyg. To mock, to dccen;e, to dijap- 

\powt and haffle ; to cajoU or chow/e 

Ar. Guapaat, gaudiflal urebcnak , 

obcrgoap. Ir. jjcan^vim, magam, 

rgiSira, knaidim, llraikim, mm 

maajadh, mcallam. 

Ludimagilk-r, At hrau..ylgol-vci- 
ilHr A j'chool-majler Ar. Msftr. 
IrDainoid, Igoloidc, rgolpupa,oidu 
no m.iishilK-r Igoilc 

Ludo, ;cuar.ic, xuaray, guarcy ; 
Tuylho, iiommi; Gmudio, gua- 
tuor, kvtgam, kelhuair; kany ar 
oteryn kerdh. To play, to Jtort, to 
frisk or dance, to make pnfltme, to 
mock one, to ke tn jcjf, to cheat, to 
chovfe or beguile ; to play upon an 
wflrument. C Dho Guarc. Ar. 
Hoari, cbata. Ir. lmrim,nim imirt, 
kxafvagaim ; Nim magadh. ^ 

Ludus, ;Kuarae, guarae; Kelh- 
uair , kvtgam , divyrruA; , t ara- 
bcdh; kamp; kyf kler, guatuor- 
gcrdh; vigol o dhyfg , ylj^oldy. 
Vlay,Jport,papme,agame,a prank, 
a trick of youth, a feat, ajeft, ajhow 
or fight i afckool or place ofexercife, 
C.Guare Ar. Hoari, iolori, ebat. 
Ir. Imirt, kluitc, Tugradh, fadha- 
var, klca/it, |-mon, frcav, antla/;t, 
rp6rt, magadh, ihea;siiagadh, kre- 
athnais, maknas, rcnkcarn no kai- 

Lues, Kouyn, kornuyd, hamt v 
uodiiv, i-iaintlhyn, yr haint arani- 
vciHaid,pla, divraud, gormes. ?e- 
ftilence in men, murrain in cattle, a 
cc77imon difruBion or great morta- 
lity -ahcther among pcrfons or cattle ; 
^.Ifo the Pox. C Pokkys Frenk. 
^ThePox^l Ar Kle'avct,bofen. Ir 

Lugco, Uvlovain, galary, a!ae- 
rhy, ybain, kuynvan , kuvnovan. 
To mourn, lament, or vail for the 
death of a friejid. Ar. Guela, da- 
loui , kanvoui, hirvudi; dou^en 
kaoun Ir. Kyiyim, kyinim, jui 

Lugubris, Galarys, alaethys,ku- 
ynvanys, trift , toilyr. Mournful!, 
lamentable , /brrowfuU , grieveoiis. 
C. Dreuefy. Ir. Kuvaidh, kuva- 
da;%;, bronax, tuirtliea^i , deara;<;, 
diiia;t, gala^;, gulana^;, triavaine- 
■iX iminiva-;, kiavaineax, kyinte- 
a;;'fvi, hoirllie, (i-i: 
Lumbago, Guendidkevn, dclyr 

o'r luynay. Feebleuefs ^ pani or acke]yn Ahy^MS. Pale, van, black and 
of the loms. Jr. \Jxn\m^\\s'i\nQ-,'Mev,difv}at,griJly,gkaJlly.\x^'Q- 
druimealadh, laigc no tinneas air- | uaine, duvghorm 

neadh, no koill dronia. 

L.umbricus, Lhyngyrcn y dhaia 

Luicus, Koegdhalh, ynlhyj;ei- 
diog, kam. hlmdof erjc eye.kethat 

ncy ym mol d^'n, )hyn-;yren.^'?"j^-^«'^'^«^ o«e eye, a hlmkard. C 

earth-TDOrm, aljb a belly-worm. ( 
Prev nor. Ar. Prenvv, />. prenvct. 
ir. Pcilttalvan, boilg-phialt. 
Lumbus , y luyn, yr aelod 61 ; 

Ydn J)'gadzhiag, f kuik. Ar. Born. 
Ir Leathrplgadh, fear ieathrofgj 
fos fpid'huilcaA,, badiiv-huilca;;. 
Lul'or, ,--,uareydh, guarcur,tuyl 

teneuyn; kocs. The loin, hauchorllhur, fiommur. A J^orter, a de- 

flank, (j. Tameuhon. Ir. Kildhru 
im, luan, lumne. 

Lumen, Goleyni,goleyad,tlhe- 
yver, dydh, goley dydh, kunuylh, 
Eglyrhaadjdcongliad; Tai). J.ight, 
day, a lamp or caudle, a tOi'ch, a 
ftar, an eye, beautty,inJlruHion. C. 
fGolou. Ar. Gulu, sklcrder. Ir. 
Solas, loillle, les, fleos, roi(Tcil,Ia, 
kainneal, innlifs, trilJflie, tnlllhe- 
ann, f loikead , llapail , prikcid 

ceiver. Ar Hoarier, Ir. Sugarthoir, 
fear lugartha, kIcaA;daidhe, mo- 
noir no monaidhe, f reava;s, mak- 
naCoir, imeartoir,kluitheoirej Me- 

Luftro, Kvl-^yni, amgylAii, e- 
dry.5i o amjyl;!;, buru golug vn 
dh) val, To conipafs, to inviro?t., to 
furvey, to take a-xitetv of, ^c. Ar. 
Enlerna, tridella uardro. Ir Tira- 
A;iollam, tagmangam , uim;';ci 

toirihe, rcak,l"uil, t ka^lli, fdearke; inn\ im , .'Uimreimnyim ; Gavam 

Fuinneog, jtineaftar; Ban.j^ealta.F 
Lumino, Gokyo, rhoi goleyni, 
lheuyr;vy. To light, to enlighten i 
aljb to limn C. Dho Goiiloua Ar. 
Skleraat, fplanaac Ir. I'oilllliyim, 
leoiam, nim loilllhciA;, beinm lo- 
los no fbilllhe. 

L.una , y Ihhyad , y Hiolt The 
moon. C. Lur. Ar. Laor. Ir. Re , 
eaiga, j;(.ala;(i, 1 caskonn, f luan. 
Lunaticus, Lhoerig, gorphuyl- 
hog ar amliero'r Ihcyad, Ihcyatgiav 
That is mad or fra?ttick or jick at 
certai?i times of the moon ; lunatick. 
Ir. Rcidhrcavana^ , eigdhreava- 
naAi, <.algvainca,<;. 

Luo , 'Faly , guneythyr taiedi- 
gaeth, taly'r puych, karthy ; Glan- 
hay, diley. To pay, to facrifice, to 
at tone, tu fiiffer punilhment or death, 
to purge or vajh, to rue, to pay for 
C Dho Pea. Ar. Pa;a, latisha , 
I'akrifia. Ir. Ikam , dilam , falam, 
lealiiyim ; Kurtyim, no bcirim di- 
olaidhea;iit, lirc 

Lupa, Bleidhiaft, kydymmcs ; 
P)ttain. Ajhetpolf; alfo an har- 
lot, a common whore, a punk, a bawd 
Ar. Bleidhes ; Clail, pautrcs, ferfli. 
Ir. i Kriunog, fToth^iriun, h'L.u, 
t kriu no maktirc bainnean. 

Lupanar, Pytteindy. A bawdy- 
houfe. Ar. Bordcl. Ir. Druthlan , 
r jiiavar-za, j giavarailt, teagh itri- 
paA;, meirdreaA;, no oinflica;>j. 

Lupinus , ytbys a eluir Lupin 
A kind of pulje of mo (I bitter and 
harjhtajl. Lupins or hops. Ir Fyl- 
>;ona, fy konavail, t'yb,onta. 

Lupulus, Hoppys Hops. Ar. 
Ublun. Ir. BreaA;, failvrea^;. 
" Lupus, Blaidh , kidum Pyfg a 
eiuir panhuyad. A wolf; a pike or 
jack. C Biaidh. Ar. Bleidh. Ir. 
Maktire, madradh allaidh, madrc 
alia, no madre alta ; f kriun, t ^'i- 
ol, fvI-A;u, tglyidheavain aJlai^5. 
N. ant. 

Lurco, D^n rhuth, dyn keylr- 

huth, dyn gluth, yn a \ ib 'r kaibl. 

A glutton, a belly-god, a greedy -gut, 

a great eater, a gormandizer or de- 

Ar.Glm If. Slugatrc 

no tliivlaim tim^ioU ; Fea;!:am, a 
varkaim, nodearkam fvi 5,uairt go 
grinj^eala;;. F"6s iodhvau't- ghla- 
nam, koilrcagam, c^f. 

Luftnim, Ogov na; ffai anivei- 
Faed guilhtion meun kocdydh; 
p\ ttcindy ; \fpaid pym mlynedh. 
The dens or caves of wild beafls in 
woods ; aljb brothels or ftcnvs ,■ the 
Ipace of five years, &C Ar. Kavarn. 
Ir. ^Luska; Tcagh talvaa no fyi 
tJlav ; Mil/iiuasj kuas liaigh no 
poll beathodhaA- allaidhc ; Fos gla- 
nadh no koifieaghadh re hiodh- 
vart ar gai; kuij:;cavadh bliaghain. 
Lufus, Guarx, ;i;uara', p.,uarey- 
dhia-th, arabcdh, divyrru;^. A play, 
Jport., dalliance, paflime, recreation 
Ar. Hoari, zholori, cbat Ir. Imirt, 
fugrath, kluithe, f rcav, i mon, 
fport , maknas ; keavradh F. kai- 
theav aimfirc. 

Luteola, Rhyu vlodeiyn inelyn- 
Ihiu ; Aderyn tcbyg i linos, yfj;' - 
do?:;ylli. A yellow flower not much 
unlike a violet ; a tittle bird like a 
goldfjich , call'd a Siskin or Yellow- 
hamher. Ir. Blaitin no blath beag 
boye ; F6s ean beag koiVuil re boi- 
dheoig; boidhean 

Luteolus, Govelyn, melynlhiu. 
Tellowifl.', J bmewhat yellow. C. fMi- 
Ar. Melen. Ir. Leath-voidhe, 

Luteus , A under o bridh nae 
domm ; Boulyd, lomlyd, guael, di- 
brys ; mclyn, mclynihiu. That is 
made of clay, loam, ?nud or dirt ; 
dirty, nafly, muddy, pitiful ; yellow. 
C. fMilih. Ar. Melen \yellow^ 
Ir Kriadha, kriadhvail, kriadhvoi- 
dhe, fod, labinta, laibeavail, mu- 
davail; Boidhc, buiTSi. N.ant. 

Lutra, Dyvrgi. An Otter. C. 
Dovr-^i. Ar. Durki, ki dur. Ir. 
Dovaran, dovar;>su, madadh uif^e. 
Lutulentus, Tomlyd, Iheidlyd, 
pridhlyd, Ihaun pridh a thomm, 
boulyd li:iry, dirty, muddy i vile 
and filthy. Ir. Duine laia;;, bro- 
kax, labana;>i. 

Lutum , Pridh , tomm , Ihaid , 
klai, pridhglai, priJh-dorb, tail 

Luridus, Dyias, glaiuelu, a vo | tomdail. clay, loam, mire, dirt ^ 


Of The OkisOinal Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 

mud G.PriUyle. Ar.K-i(ilhir,ftnL-, 
builicn. Ir. Kriadh, kishar, labaii, 
kl.'.tla,':, grealla.'j, grib, doib, moir- 
teal, e^f .' 

Eux, Gola:, golcynj, llwyvcr , 
Ihem-rydh, Ihcuyr;:', feolx dydh ; 
Difgleirdcb , gl'oyudcr; Going, 
Ihvjjad;; Diiirnod. Ugh: , day i 
highxiff I annv. C Golofl. Ar 
Sklcrdcr, Gouloii li: Soit.s, foill- 
fc, 1 Ics, ■; Iccis, I rc>il, t fbro'Hai k, 
tglinn, 1 forAJa, tg'i?^, t gogor, 
t toiMiAid, la glainesAjdi Bin, 
j;enfta. F. 

Lux.itus, Gucdi datr^ymmnli, 
giiedi rhvdhai<n v t; Yut 
mit ofjoynt, loofheJ. Ir. rT;yiltc. 

Luxiiria, Pob gorraodedh o dry- 
thvlliJ,i- y knauri ; Rhyurayl ar 
viiyd nn: adcilad ; Rhyl'cJhjmcrcf, 
glodhclt; tra. Ar l.cyklyiir. Ir 
r)ruis,bvis, t doA;trail,'t faikcaxr j 
ainvin kollaidh. 

I.uxurio, Rod yn ortnodh, kym- 
mcryd rhy a pormotlh ; ymdry- 
chylhi; arvcr oiiuyv eg aiilhadru- 
ydh; TWi <;ormodh Taexceed,to 
over iibmmd^ to he tto?. fov and rio- 
tous, to grow rajik, to l/o Itijly. &c 
Ir. Ainvronaim, antoihm, -navoi- 

Luxuriofus, Rhy drythylh, rhy 
nuyvys, rhy utelog, tra gotniodh, 
anlhad. Luxurious^ Jitmptuou!, rio- 
tous, wajlful , prod;e;a/ in dnt and 
garb^rnvk^fuperfluoHs. Ir. Arafvar, 
beolvar; mitjeavail, poircavail, ro- 
vana:-,, dimfa;K, p tolgdlia, makiva- 
b.x, letfj^e, ainvina>i, -inxP^iisiK 

Lychnis, Rh6s Kampx Pabuy- 
rcn. The wykeofa candle. Campions. 
Ir. Buakais ;>;ainal, j Lorkead 

Lycopthalmus , Macn gyerth- 
vaur val Ihygad blaidh. A precious 
jione like aifohe's eye. I. Liag k'la;*;- 
vur; klo.)i lialal re dathaiv eag- 

Lydius lapis, yreyrvacn; y ma- 
ma brauv yrairararian Thetoucb- 
Jlone Tfherevith gold and fiher are 
tried. Jr. Deirv lisg , no k.'o;. de- 

Lympha, Dur. Water C. Dour. 
Ar. DQr. Ir. UilJ^e, V-Aijua. ' 

Lynx, Anivxl brith tcbyg i 
vlaidh, a'i olug yn Ihymni ag yn 
grafi' A beaft of the nature of a 
■B>olJ\ that IS very quick-Jighted. Ar. 
Linx. Jr. Lingle; bcathouha;;, a- 
vail viktire, go ii'imaddo vallaiv 
& do f^eadaiv, & go u'avark ro 
Iviath, roighcar. 

Lyra/Iclyn. An harp. Ir.Kruic, 

Lyrirtcs, Telyniaur , yn a g;in 
gyda thclyn. A harper ; ' tme that 
fmgeth to the harp. Ir. Kruitirc, 
flcilgaA; ealadhna, klairfeoir.' 


MAcellirius, Kij;ydh ; Hun 
a ucr-ho vuyd a diod. A 
butcher ; A viffml/er, or 
one that Jelkth Ttiiuals or 
drhk. Ir. Briadhvangaire , man- 


gaire bfdli; hrorh-vahg.iire , kna- 
vangairo, mangairc tcola. 

.\laccllum_^, y maun y gucrthcr 
pob rhyu vuul, \ vjigva, niar;(;na(i 
y klg. A market p/ace for //ei/j,and 
aUtnaifner ofproiijion ; thejhambks 
or hHtchrVw. C J Ihyi marhazno 
Ar. Marzat kig. Ir. Knavargidh, 
brorhvargadh, fkiia-vargadh, mar- 
I gadh teola. 

I ALicer, Kvl, tcnx ; W'l'p. £,<■«», 
I thin.^ barren^ poor in ffe/h. out ofcaje 
C t K.ul. 'I'anau : Oavaz. tanaii , 
\a lean fl.<eep. At, 1 rcur. Ir. Tn'i- 
adh, t (i(lircaA;t, truailhdh, Lorn, 
lomartha, bo;Kd, raiia, ankrota^i, 
ainpila^, eagkrota^, lea(g, airrtrid. 

Maceratio- Muydiad, dyvrh.rad, 
dot! lad y ng U I v;ii A watering , a 
fl-ipiTig or jbakmg in -water Ir.Ma- 
othfadh, ar bogadh no ar Hiu;>;';tlh • 
li!"rea«tadh, triiaiilcadh. 

Maceria, .Ma^uyr, mvr kerrig, 
m vr fy.?; . Adrs uraL' nfjlones., leiih- 
oiit mortar. Ir .SikzailCj], ("ikvalla, 
kai(h:i ririm gan col no moirtcil. 
moirtcal. Fos truaidhe no cn'iai-, c^c. 

Maccro, Kyjhai, guncythyr vn 
^vl agyndcnx; Muydo, rhoi yn- 
guK'^, likkiomcun diir, dvvriiai. 
To pine^ to vjotc thin or lean ; to 
foak or Jleep, to -water. Ar. 'Ireu- 
di, trenraar. Ir. SilreaA;r.i.Ti , cru 
aiilim , bo.i;-aim no Ixi.-.^dayim , 
mm trdidb, kuirim as kri'ith, ^c. 
Fos diu;;am kuirim a n' uilhj;e. 

Maccico, Kylhai, mvned ynsyl, 
myncd vn hyl'p. To grow lean or 
barren. Ar.Treudi. Ir ""i'lnlgnaim 
(irreathadh,Truailleadh, bo;iidadh, 
tanaghadh, lomadh. 

Machxra, Kledhyv, kledhyvan, 
da.:;er \ bidog ; kylhelh , <^c. A 
f-word.y a hanger^ a dagger, u pon- 
yard, <7^ff;/f. C. klcdhe. Ar. Kle- 
dhe Ir. Kloidheav, daij^ear, fjian 
tada, roipeir, Itoikear. 

Machina, Magnei, pcirianr, or- 
myg. An engine, an injfrument of 
■mar ; a machine. Ar Ingin. Jr. An- 
grais, aifik no inlheimeinc. 

Machinor, Dyviymmyg, buria- 
di, dyveifw, guneythyr peth yn 
j^Nvruys ag vn dhi/.clhgar. Tode- 
vifi, to contrive, to plot. Ar. Son- 
7.heal, invent!. Ir. Angraifim, aifi- 
kim, keardam, komam, dealvam, 
teiJi^im, mm, antrrais, Itaid , no 
aiflieak; ; tairnikimno j^eivim a- 
mix , glcas lubaA; -, mm luib no 
kuJrimkleas luibno ftaid 


lalaA;; fiaint-vall, fiain-vuinc, fi- 

Maculanis, MannogjbryAJibritli, 
aniliinog, ucdi i vanni,iiodi dliiy- ' 
no. ffpotted, Hotted , defiled,l>lemilh' \ 
ed,lpHkl,d ,flaived Ir. BalUgrha , 
(Scidtlm, brcjiknlghtl-.i, lakighthl, I 
iorbtha'; tvi balKgoid 

Macublus, Brith , brv):, man- 
i>og; Gog.inyit b vdyr,brilr«:. Speckl- 
ed, lj,Mted, viaA-ed, flamd, full of 
Ij'ots. Ir BJHAA;,ball^^oiHc.l;^;;lJ;e^- 
d.i:^, IcinlaA: , brck, bretkiiea;!; , 
I ;riina;K. ., • ,. •. 

MadeftcfOj GuIva;!, gol;ui, giN 
lybhar, niuvdo , trOAJi. Toi^t'or 
moiftev, to foak or fteep Dho doii- 
na. Ar.Cilibia, ]eicha,ii(|f,i, trcm- 
pa, fiiba. Ir. Fluivani, caMlivim, 
nini fliii;:, taifnyim no toJkam no 
kLiirim foikadh ar^ foforaghim, 
cumam a nuilj;e, i^c. 

Madcbtftus, Guedy i uly;ti,gu- 
cdy i vuydo Made -wet or nioifi, 
foakedor fteeped. Ir. Fliu;stha, tai' 

Madidus, Gulvb, Ihaith, Ucdi i 
uly.*;i. iret,moift,foaked. C Glcb. 
Ar. Glt'b. Jr. FliuA.-, tais, teorgh- 
tha, barkrha. 

Mador, CJuK banixth, Jhelthdra, 
X-WSJ.. Moiflure^ dankneft -, Sweat 
Ar. LcithdtT. \r.Y\\XQ\, tlivcaAjd, 

Magia, Dcuinixth anianol ; kv- 
varcdh, iiiyn, deuindabeth Natu- 
ral magtck ; Sooth faying, rottchcraft, 
forcery. Ir. DualdhryidheaA-d, j;vi- 

Magis,idis ■ LhcftrfvJino,kavn 
tyhno, Rholbrcn ; Dublcr ; DylgiJ 
vaiir. A ■•■.■at to knead bread m i a 
ruridle or ro-wUixg pm ; a dijh or 
platter Jr. Loiad, j craill, f leite- 
iz, amar, |lothar. 

Magiftcr, Meiftyr , 'arhro, dvf- 
gaudur, zdhyi^t.Amafter^a teach- 
er, one that hath the government of 
others, an oierfeer. C. fMaift.Ar. 
Mxltr , Autrou. Ir. Maighiftir , 
^pupa, reagaskthoir/oirAieaJaidhe. 

MagilVerium, Mciilrolaeth, mei- 
ftrolriiydh, pcnguattrodOTh. The 
office of a 7/iafler, mafierjistp ; office 
or chief rule. Ar. Gu7erriamant. 
Ir, MaighittreaA;d, piipar:d, kinn- 
veartapid, LiaA:trana;,d, tvniea;td. 

Magiftra, Meidrcs, athraucs, 
dylgodrCN. A mifire/svr go^jernefs i 
a jchool-viifirefs,k teacher'. Ar.\fe- 
llrcs. Jr. Maighiltrcas, banphiipa, 
baina-og, igolvojime, bijinlc,lgoi- 

Macics, Kyini, kvldcr, hyfprii- je, banvaighilbr. ¥.C 

ydh 'Lean,harennefs.\x.'\xva\6hc, 
truadhas, truidhea^d. 
Macilentus, V. Mater. 

Magiltratus, Suvdbur^ penfuy- 
dhog; rhcolseth, penJuydbcigaetlij, 
audyrdod A magijirate-, a htad 

Maito, Lhadh, ihiali, abcnhi ;;flr chief officer -, Magifiraey^the au^ 
bac^hi, kyro, (iirhai To flay or \thority, office, and po-wer '»f a ruler 
kilt, to facrifice; to mav>f to butcher ! Ir liaA^rran, tronaidh , kinnvcirc 
C Uholadha Ar l.adha. lrMar-jtMnieaj:,keannli»laidhe,privoifij:c- 
vam. V.lntcrhck), j aA;,tallavn3;<;. 

Macula, Magi, mann, br<-;i,brv- ; Magnanimiras, Mourvrvdigru- 
;!icuin,n6d; Anair,gogan, anglod,i ydh, maurcdigruydh,maiTruriarth, 
anyrdhas, drygair. A blot^ a ^/#-imaurVryd. yaltantnefs of heart and 
mifl.', a mark, a /f>eck, a flam ; re- 1 courage ; ftoutnefs , magnanimity 
preach, dtjlwiour , dtfcredtt. kx.'- greatnefs of f^nit Ar. Kurefli. Ir 
TaiPi. Ir. Ball'g, ballgoid, no b»lH IWoirveanmaA^d, m6r^roidheaA;d, 
X -i. meid- 


Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 

M. I 

'mcidveanmaun, fborr; meamnu- 

•Magnanimus, M.mrvrydig,mau- 
rvdhig, yAiclvryd ra/iant, ftout ^ 
c'ouragious, of agreat Jpirit, adven- 
turous. C. Kalonnek. Ir. Moirvc- 
annia;K, m6r/;roidhea;i, meamnua- 
fal, trean;eroidheaA; , uaifve-anm- 
na;K, kalma, kroidha, dana. 

Magnas, Gur maur, yAiclur, gCir 
y;ielruyfg„ A great man, a gra?i- 
dee C. Den maur. Ar. Den nobl. 
Ir. Rodhuine, earlav. 

Magnes, yr ehedvaen, maen e- 
hcd, maeii tynni. The Loadftone 
Ar. Kmmaut, nientutli.. ir Sreang- 
tart, kloA; tarraiigtha. 

Magneticus, yn pertbyn yr ehed- 
vaen, ne 'r Adamant j Pertaining 
to the Load ftofie. Ir. Srcangchain, 

Magnificentia,Mavr dhigruydh, 
maururi.rth, gune) thyriad moun- 
on bethse. Statelyneji, magnificence, 
gallantry A M-gnihlcns iMoirj;- 
nidheiAid, n.oirdheann;iid, mor- 

Magnificus, A unci vaiir ncith- 
redoedh ; maurydiiig, mauitdncg, 
maur-uraidh, iViiUrhydr, nioiiru- 
y^;; Maur, yrdUcdIg, yrdlulol, 
y;Kel , bal^; Magmficeiit , brave , 
\Jlately, noble, honourable ,funiftu 
ousjofty. C.Braoz-obcry?., imou- 
robrur. Ar. Magnivik. Ir. Moir- 
5hnidhtca;K, moirgliniva/i. 

Magniloquus, Maureiriog, yx>i- 
lair. jiigh -/fown , vaunting, &c. 
C. Den braoilavar; t moureriak. 
Ir.MorAJlabraA;, borrlavraA; , er- 

. Magnicudo, Mouredh, rnaint, 
meintioli, meintiolxth. muyhad , 
heUethruydh. Greatnefs , tignefs , 
bulk i higth, Jize, rate, magnitude. 
C. Braoxder, f mourder. Ar. l>e- 
;eet. Ir. Meid , meuda^d , toirt , 
toirteaAid, tonteavalaAjd. 

Magnus, Maur, i hydr, braifg, 
helaeth. Great, large, fair, big^huge 
C. Braoz, f maur. Ar.Meur, bras, 
Picol. Jr. Mor, f er, f breas, aah- 
val, t oil no all jborr, f n.aighne, 
t moA;t, t mork, f di, brua^iaha no 
broghdlia, toirteaA;, toincavail ; 
Learhan, tairfinn, fada, troro, mol- 
fa. F. 

Magus, Deuin, fuynur, ■\ gor- 
;eeiniad , Ltb. Land. A Sorcerer. 
C. Hydol. Ir Dryi,dr\ithc. 

Maialis, TurA;, A barrow-pig, a 
hog. C, Porhal, ftorA;. Ar. Por- 
xd, Hnz. Ir.Tork no kulla;*;, ku- 
illte, ^iUin, muk A;ail!te. 

Majeftas, Mouredh, maurhydi, 
ardher;iiougruydh, y;Kelvraint,rha- 
gorvraint ; Ma'jejly, greatnefs, di- 
gnity , authority, prerog/'tive. C- 
t Mourder. Ar. Meurder. Ir. 
MordhaA:r, mordhail, mordhala;(;t, 
f borr. 

Major, Muy, hytra^,, hyna;c j 
Greater, bigger, elder. C. Braoza, 
mui, mui bra6z,e^f . Ar.Mui guel. 
Ir. Mo, oille no Uille, moide, moi- 
didhe, toirridhe, linidhe. 

MajoreSjHynavixd, rhieni; An- 

ceffors, predecej^rs, forefathers. C 
Rhagdazu. Ir. Sheinlhire , tbrai- 

Maius, Mis mai. The month of 
May. C. & Ar. Miz mc, Ir.Mai. 

Mala, Grydh, aval grydh, boA5, 
kern, boA;j;ern. The ball of the cheek, 
the cheek, the jaw or cheek-bone. Ar. 
zhot, box;. Ir.Meill, mcillin, pluik, 
Ilka, j,\i)\, gaikiea;;, gaillca/;, le- 
ach ail. N. 

Malacia, Tauelu;;;, aravliin A 
Calm, a talmnefs, quietnefs^jiillnejs. 
C Au.elvaz, teg-auel Ar. Aniftr 
kalm. Ir Muir-A; , kiui- 
nea;Kd fairr^^e 6 anfadh 

Maledico, Melhdithio, melhdi- 
go, rhe?;y, f ym^einio, To curfe, 
to Jlander or revile. C. Molletha. 
Ar. Milliihien, Druk komps. Ir. 
Mailiidhim, beirim milla;i:d, kui- 
rim c.;skoinne ar ; angaidhim, im- 
dhcargam , iavram go hoik ar j 
nun anA;aint ; Deirim di/^aint no 

Maledi(ftio, Melhdith , rhcg , 
ymj:;einiad, ymrheg A curjing,fla7i- 
dring or reviling. C iVloliethians. 
Ar Mallos, niilligadcn. Ir. Mal- 
lughadh, ea.'koinc. 

Maledictum, Senn,farhaad, ma!- 
haii, drygair, anair, goganair go- 
gm, edliuiant A taunt, a check or 
reproach; a curfe C MoUcth. i\x 
Druk pid Ir. MallaAjd, miikaith, 
trilt, easkyin, kontra;(;d , marv- 
ihofg, anfokal, dro;ifokal 

davodiog , ablcnnur drug. lU- 
tongued, foul rriouth'd, back-biting, 
Jlandering, reviling C- Drokuava- 
zek. Ir. An^aimea;ii» dro'.-,iiain- 
tea;ii, droA;'hoklaA:,tailvcalaA;, ain- 
heangcha;?; . 

MaleH(Ui, Drygur,dryj;iog,dir- 
ras, te.<;i"> Hon, niueidiol, yl'geler. 
Hurtful!, noifome, -wicked^ mijihi- 
veous. C. Drogoberor, f purkeni- 
ac. Ar. Druk oberer. Ir. Doigh- 
nivaA; , dovanna/; , anghlonnaA; , 
ainj:,heaftala;*;, ainghnidbtheaAijUr- 

Malevolentia, Drugeuvlliys, ki- 
lug, n alis; Spite, grudge, lU-witl. 
C. Drogbrez Ir. Droi/;veinea;Kd, 
droiAiveineavalaAid. Ainnine, F. 

Malignus, tEnuir, dryj:;ionys, 
drug, maurdhry5iog,yli:;eier,drug- 
euylhyfioi, kynvij;ennys, fdyrv- 
ing; krintaA; , kaled , kvbydh. 
Wicked, naught, malicious, envious, 
JJ>itefuU Alfo cruel, unnatural. C 
Drog, pedn-dhrog,drog-bredery.s 
Ar. Druk , guall, tall. Ir. Maili- 
(lieax, oik, akaifhea;;, droi^iiiitiii- 
nea^:. Fos borb, garg, pone, c^tv 

Malleolus , morthuyl by.ran , 
gordhan ; Afgurn y fer, f meiliin, 
t eguyd. A little hammer ; a beetle 
or mallet ; alfo the ankle or ankle- 
bone, CMorthol bian ; fybeddcrn 
Ar. Horz; Mezell i ufem. Ir. Ka- 
I'ar, lavorda i leiriftin. Fus boinin, 
buinean no frakadh ionathAiuir. 
Fos ilaitin j;eartha do ;i;rann. 

Malleus, Gordh, morthuyl gor- 
dhuyn. A mallet^ a hammer or 

beetle, a maul or mall. CMorthol. 
Ar. Mczell , mortholl , ordh. Jr. 
Orda, tara;:a, leirill 

lMalo,CjUtlhgeniiyv, deuis gen- 
nyv / ked rather, X would rather. 
C. Mc vcdn ktnz ArCaiel to j;e- 
nen. Ir. As ftan liom ; as f deaA; 

Malum, Aval. Anapple. C Aval. 
Ar. Aval. Jr. Uval, avJl, ul. 

Malum, Driig, fc/iry.s, y valh, 
eniued, drygioni, govid, ylgele- 
der, malhamt, baint, kicvyci, klu- 
yv,cA;rys-hainr, t.ilj5en,tiryx;iatb 
! ^n ill thing or matter, a Jhrerf'd 
I turn, a mifhief i labour, vexation, 
• g^'iff, pai?.', trouble , care, fbrrow, 
adverfity, mifery, harm, hurt i di- 
fi"!'-' ■> fikriefs i mijhap, iU-ckance, 
j misfortune C. Drog , drog ober. 
Ar. Druk, Druk ohir. ir. Oicas , 
t aiidagh, j teal, f kudal, t ti, f ur, 
{ mcis, t Ills, f dro;srcodh, f dirlan, 
dibail, ur;t;oid, tubuilte, Allghos, 
F. dO; lotlaij;e. F'. d'iogadh. 

M.iJuni! JJrug Dyu idho! oer- 
A;uedel idhol arnmoi tii idho! With 
a mifchief. Tvith a pox ! mth a ven- 
geanie\S<c C. [Mciul! Ar ReusL 
druk cur! Ir. O^iaingar ! Jearolk .' 

Alalus, a, um, Druf, drygionys 
nialh, cuLlir, liiriad, liirras, e;i;fy.- 
Ilon, j (gelcr, anvad. 111., bad ^naught, 
mean. Life; Tvicked, leivd . C. Drog, 
hjgar. Ar. Diuk, gual, Jr. Oik, 
tan, tuai. do, ainvaiih, luarra;^, 
dro;t;, t nar, j elk, f aprainii, | ai- 
dhvcan, | ncoid, | iorA;ada.t, f me- 
a' al, J^ an no ain , f laith, Jbtlaig , 
F. ur;toidea;(;, tubailtea;!i. 

Malus, i m. g Huylbren Ihdng. 
Amafl C Guern. Ar. Guernan 
leller. Jr.KrannuJJ. 

Malus, i. f. g. Avaluydhen, a- 
valh, avalhen, avalbren, perbren. 
An apple-tree C Guedhan iavaluj 
t Avallcn. Ar. Avalen. Guedhcn 
aval. Ir. AvaiJJ [aball] avallog, 
krafi avaiJle, krann avaJl. 

MamiJia,Bronn, pen bronn, tctb, 
didcn. A little teat, brcafl or dug. 
C.Tethan. Ar. Pennig ar vron ; 
bron vian , Tech. Ir. Cichin. N' 

Mamma, Bronn, diden, tcth ; 
Blaendardh pren A dug, a breafl, 
a pap, a teat ; Alji) the bump of\ 
trees, out ofrrhah branches Jprout. C 
Bodn, -fbronjTidi. Ar.hion, Tes. 
'r. Ki'a;, did, niamm, uielfine, baJ- 
Jan, toillcagan no ba;t,la ;trainn. 

NIanatiOjDyvod jad alhan o beth ^ 
ggveriad vel dur,dyveriad vel;eufs 
A flowing orftreaming. Ir. Sileadh, 
lilcann , fnidhe, diorain, frevadh, 
inavadh, tinnl'anadh, flieannaidh- 

Manceps, A gymmero beth dan 
ardreth, a bryno berh i elua amo. 
A farrner, that huyes or hires a thing 
of the people upon a rent, one that 
huyes up things at great, and after 
lefts or fells tkcm at a higher price 
joy his oiun gain; a regrattr. C. 
tGuikur. Ar.Merur. fr.Kis-van- 
gaire, fear, glaktha ard^ris o'n pui- 
blidhea^id & faidhte ar kis, ni as 

Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland, gj 



m6doRnA;oile; ruimmangiirc, an mihtin. Tr, Go mo;; armaidin, go 
tc do xeiniiiij;hea,s fv'i liiim-miii- jdro^ armaidin, f;o mo;:; na man 
gairc Fi)skoirrea;i:toire,' rcak- ^ne [ Biiara;;, Th dawning of the 
thaaruivrudhas, arophoila; naalg- </ay. 
hilHrix)lhdh. 'Maneo, es ; A ros, trigo; Arcs 

Mancip.itus, Rhiiym, kacth,gu- vn vr \'n man ; Parhay, dilguyl. To 
cdi ci gacthiuo Sold or given up to tarr\\ toJ},iy^ to ahidc^ toconi'mue or 
thefOv>erofanotker;mgaitd:i'iort-\lafl, to renain, to Wiiit or expeH 
gained, wt)'ral/ed, in/lav'^. C\ Kcl- ; C Dtio j'.ortlia. Ar ( lorcos, mt-- 

v>-, -kuc-th Ir hii.nreakth-, I'.nn- j ncl. Ir. Anam , i'ouiigiuni , tairi- 

dliiolta, diolta no rcaktlia nofollas 
na ds iric-a/. no Iglavaidhc tavartha 
fvi r.ovix^i dinnfc oile. 

Mancipium, Kar;;aror a dhalicr 
meun rhwcl , giir kacrh , t mab 
ailht; v pcth a dhalier a Ihau ^ 
Mar^nad yr liyn a Ucrrlier d/uy 
ardhelu; Sikrhaad pcth ym me- 
dhiant ; Ikaint pi.'r;(;ennog;ieth W 
prijiner taken in^ a captive, a 
Rave i an'i tknig taken -with the kani; 
The contrad or bargain of a thing 
fold hs varrantife, tke alfurance of a 
thing to one as his own poffefjion ^ a 
bargain of fate. fCCii'rkacth Ar. 
Priibnner. Ir (jrombakal , daor- 
dara, dvrvoda;i£:,dyirrea;i;,dyirghi- 
olla K' Slavaidhe, moghaidhe,ga;t; 
ni glaktha a !aiv : Rcik, margail 
diol no daingnea^i feilve do dhu- 
ine. Fos ughdardhas no k'ovaA;da 
OS keann duine oile. Mancipium 
veteranum. Sheinghila no llicanog- 

Mancus , Ynlhauog , Ihaudun , 
anavys, + tunn, dyrdun, ammhcr- 
ferh, a ;iiolh yndho, ak anav arnc. 
Maimed^ lame^ defe&ive of any limb 
or member^ imperfeif^ -weak^ of 710 
ftrength or force ; C. Mans. Ar 
Moign. Ir Kirrclian^a^ii', •^'^'^'^•^ 1 
ncivimlan lag. gan vrigb, gan nc- 
art ; fvi no ar leathUiv^ 

Mjndatum, C.or,>;ymniyn., ar.Xi' 
ad, kainaduri A Commiffion ^ a 

fliim, foillim, rtadam, fcalam, mm 
rtad, hiirea;t, t tairiliiior no kov- 
naidJT ; ataim ag teatliadh leifli Fos 
leunam no t^rcamait^him , kovni- 
yim, dci (idhim, dcalam , tairifim. 

Mancrium , Argluydhiacth. A 
Mamior or Ij>rdjhip. Ir. Tuat , 
r badliu, tij;hcarna.s. 

^ lango, \ lun a baencio ve;t?;yn 
a mcrzed iu pen yn dckka/;; Hun 
a bryno bcth ag a'i takklo o neu- 
ydh i'u uerthy yn dliryttaA; He 
that biiyes and fells boys and girls ^ or 
fervants , and pampers and paints 
them to fet them ojf^ and jell them 
the dearer ; a regrattr^ that biiyes 
and polijhes any kind of "ware to make 
it Jiem fairer. Ar. Kurcter, farder, 
merfer, &c. Ir. ^ilia, naneach. N. 

Mania, ynvydruydh, ■5ualhj:;ov, 
t;orphuylh, kvndharedh. Madnefs, 
adifeafe in cattle^ See. C. .Vleskat- 
tcr. Ar Diboelder, fatoni Ir.Mire, 
■{ dreavan, mainigh. 

Maniif, Huba;Kod i ofhi plant 
J'ohgoblins , bugbears , ivith which 
Nurfis ufi to fright their children. 
.Ar Tra bennak a eftlama r bu- 
gaie ; by v;ei nos Ir Piikadha, no 
bovova do y^m eagia ar leiniv. 

Manda, Lhaues, Ihauj;iut i j;y- 
dhio 'r Ihau. A fleeve of a garme7it .^ 
or a flap'covertng the hand C . Rro- 
hal, bre>;ol. Ar Manlh ]r-(!lais 
lav. hv malaird F'os kiwrain no 

command or charge, a mtjfage C krukadha, ghrcamaighthi & fafto- 
fGurhemniin. Ar GurAenitrn Jr.|ghthi loingflie; iavanna no mito- 

.\ithne , furailcav , j f'orugaire , 
f darb, tolaireav , ^lor, iighdarthas, 
kuma/ida, kuram, uala.Ji ho fiaAia 
ni do ciheanadli .'■ 

Mandatus, GorA;\'mm>'Kiad, ar 
/jiad. A bidding., a charge or corn- 
mandj f C Gvr,-.menniz Ir Ti- 
marntha, tar\tha, fiirailthe, kurtha 
d'aithne, fn aichnc, u'rala/j no 
d'la -.a 

Mando, Gor;i vmmyn. rhoi gor- 
;;jvmmyn, er;Ki ; burn i meun. To 
command^ to bid., to charge.^ to com- 
mit .^ to intrufi., to give in <harge 
tC (Siot\\mtimi.,To command Ar 
("•urjicmen. Ir. Fyirailiin, carl>am 
aflayim, timarnaim , airhnighim, 
kuirim d'aichnc, d'uala/; do xuram 

Mandragora, y mandraglyfieyin. 
An herb called Mandrake Ir. Man- 
dragar, koiiacan, kol-ius, kol-luiv 
Liiiv no li'is do A;uireas kodla trom 
ar dhuine. 

Manduco, Knoi, buytta, bytta. 
To chew ^to eat C.Dhodebri Ar 
Shokar ir Kognaim, ichim,ttoim- 
lim no kaithim biadh. 


Manicas, \ [cnyg dyr, j;evvnna; , 
Ihaiicthciriac ; Dyrvcr^ig Dvrnvyl, 
dvTvalx Manacles tt^ye the hands-, 
affo gantlets and fblints Ar. M me- 
gii hi/arn, dorncku dir. Ir Main- 
^ille, ; muyncille AT. ] bragaille la- 
va no initog. 

I^'Iariicatiis, A Iheuis idho, a uif- 
TJOvenyg. Having fleeves . C"! Bru- 
lialck" -Ar Manlhck Ir Maiii;>;il- 
lca>; , t brOA;ailleax; ; Iavanna-, , 
miroga.^. - • . • ''■. 

Manifefto, Amlyj;y, ejjly'rcJ, yf- 
pvlTy, diart;cly To mattifefi^tomtike 
apparent., to betray <tr difcover. Ar 
Iplma, disklena Ir. Foillfighim , 
rcannram, tbrrcilim , foillearaim , 
lorkayim , taisbeanaim , taivrim ; 
mm tollas, brachahi, (hcolarn. 

.Manifeli^us, -Vnilug, diargcl,er;- 
lyr, h rpysv-honniad, hvnod,dilys, 
diammiv , dit'etris, ■ ard\ uynnig 
Manifefto clear ^ evident ., open., plain., 
apparent , downright. Ar. Skier , 
Iplan. Ir. Fbllas, fbillear, i reil, 
1 kok, T lerr, + gle ; meann, 4mc- 
anann, fran, f tionn. Sor'Aia, glaii, 
Mane, Bore, v bore. Early., i« ! ballarda> , oirdhcirk, divin, dcarv, 
the morning. C Mctui. Ar. Beure, j fiodhna/;, F. RiadhnaillieaAJ. 



Manipularis , yn yn perthyri i 
V dhinocdh n.c vinteioedh. Of or 
belonging to a band of men ; a com- 
mon Jiuldier. Ir. Ikndhne, biiidh- 
neavail, kuidca;td.i, faighidcoir ko- 

Manipulus, Lhonaid Ihau, dym- 
ald, fmvnaid, mauaid, vlj;ybelh. 
AhandfuU., a gripe ^ abmidle, a bot- 
tle of hay Ar Durnat. Ir. Glak, 
dornin, glakaliap;,'kr()dh.ilia/j, Ian 
(loirnnoglaikcj plaik; Uailk,dal- 
kan j (lav, ilivin, ilavag, | "o;k : 
punnan finneil, llicafgan ^ lop, Ib- 
pog, Ibipin, barla>,, mamm, mai- 
mm. Fos Fcargghlak. i. e. Glak 
faighivir no dea;Knavar faighidior 
f\i coney i(liea;i; & f ; i eonnpayail- 

Manna, y bara nevol a dhanvo- 
nodh D'. u i blant Ifrael yn \ r ania- 
lu->; dheyj;en mhlvncdh.' The bread 
of heaven wherewith God fed the If- 
raelites in the wilderneji. ir Kcal- 
pludhar, pludliar neavdha. K Man 
i c. an biadh do ^uir dia do ;i;iuin 
kloinne Ifrael ar an vafa^i. 

Mannus, Mar;^ byA;an, kryn- 
varx;. A nag., <^c. Ar. MarAiik, 
mar;>; bihan. V. Equiu. 

Mano, Dyvod allan obeth, rhe- 
deg allan, finery vel dur, divcry 
vel >;uys, mvned, d\ vod, dyfjjyn, 
m\ ned rha^dho, ymdany, } mledy. 
To f.ow^ toflream.,toijfue, to fpring., 
to drop., to gujh forth., to run down 
asJweat.,to trickle as tears ^to ^read 
as report. Ar.Mont er maes, redck, 
lortia Bera, divera,didhura; dinaui. 
Ir. Shilim, fnidhim f iheanaidliim, 
ftinnfanaim, fnavam, reatham, ti- 
ghim, imthyim, teadham,fliivlaim, 
Ihreavam, freathnayim, leachna- 

Manfuctudo, F.harycdli, Iharey- 
ynder, aravu;;, tiriondcr. Meeknefs^ 
gentlet/efs , mildnefs. Ar Du!der, 
hyumenedh Ir. KcannfaAid, mine, 

Manfuetus, Lhary, Iharyaidh , 
7:;viar , Ihouvaetli , juaredog , a- 
dh\uyn , kvueithas , 'h\ uedii , ti- 
rion , j:;uar-dhov, hvnauj, arav. 
Meek., gentle, tame, courteous, ten- 
der, mild. Ar. Dus, hyumen , try- 
uek , Grafius Ir Keannfa , mm, 
k.ibv, [nokyv | kineaka, fokar,, 
kiuin, maair, n-i;>;arthe, keannais, ! 
t I.igha>: , f ailghean, mannla, 
: taichlea;!; , folaidh , mythraidh , 

Maiueium, Lhau-lia:n ; Toryn, 
roron, manrelh, ko.-.oi, t-pilis. yi 
toicel or napkin to wipe the hands ; 
aljo a mantle. C f L.ien duylov , 
.Mantel. Ar Mantel, plur. mentel. 
Ir. Naipikin, no tuaille lav; fos 
ftillain matal, pcallnobrat eijen. 

Mantes, Dcuin. A Diviner, an 
■^ugur, Sec. Ar. Devinur , Profet. 
Ir. Dryi no fear fifa; ^cafaire no 

Mantica, Kud, kod, yfj;rcppan, 
I kCid day penniog ; ko;Kol. A wal- 
I let, a little bag orfcrtp, a port-man- 
jle , a capcafi , a knapfack ; alfa d 


Tit. 11. A ComparativeVogabulary 


c/oaki At. Mai, maleten, malifen. 
Ir. Mala, tiagh no uoz, fbolg, 
mealv, puka , knaplak , portvanca 
no klok-vala. 

Mantis, Dcuin, deuiniur, daro- 
ganur. ADiviner. Ar.Devinur. Ir. 
gcfaire, j^eafadoire, dryi, dr; idhe. 

Mantifla, y vantes, tros vcfyr. 
Over-meafure^ advantage.^ the van- 
tage or O'ver-TPcight. Ir Meafthuill- , ... 
eadh no minin os keann to\iis^^pne,to grov feehkito fade, flagaiid 

bothanu, kabanu, ^f . Ir.Bothaya, 
Igavail, Igalain nokabain. 

Mappa, Lhijen biiyd , Ihisn 
burdh Atahle-cloth. C. Lianbuz, 
A.Tubier,tUZ,er. Ir.Sgathraighidh, 
tuaille, naipikiii, palla, abc mar ata 
abc baifte. 

Marceo, Braeny, pydry, IhySry? 
7;uyvo, krino,tedui.[S.\\ . guyuo] 
dihoeni, ny^iy- To rot., to wither, to 

finneadh laive. 

Manuale, A lanuo'r Ihau, a j;ot- 
ter ney a davler a Ihau, a dhykker 
nieun Ihau , o led ney hyd Ihau- 
Art hajidfuU ; a manual, a little book 
to carry in ones hand. C. t ftol lov, 
kouaithliver i Manulc vocahular. 
Antiq. Corn. Q Ar. Durnac. Ir. 
Lamcua.:;h. 1_L. lav thuagh, J N. 

Manubiac, yr anrhaith, ar yipail 
a dhvkker odhiar v gelynion, rhan 
Blaeiior y Ihy o'r anrhaith ; yr ari- 
an a gaer am yr anrhaith ; An- 
rhaith a dhvkker a Ihau. The prey 
or booty taken from the enetny ; 
the Captain or Genera!' sjhare of the 
booty Ar. Preidhbrefcl. Ir. jPrait, 

\faint, to decay, to grawjluggijh^ Ar 
Gue'nui, gura;iieUat. Ir.^heargam, 
krinam, meathani, troithlaim, tru- 
ailiim, Igagam, leagham. 

Marcidus, Bracalhyd,pudur,ta- 
bar ; Lheig, f Suyu, f animhjbyr. 
Rotten, -withered, faint^ feeble, fiag- 
gingjither , heavy .dead,waxingfovr . 
Ir. Sheargiha, iheirgthe, krannta, 
lag, trolailtiic, troithlighthi, fagva- 
la;i;, iheargana.^. 

Mare, Mor, f Ihyr, y ueilgi, yr 
ei^ion Thejea. C [Mod. & f] an 
nior. Ar Mor. Ir. Fairrge [taiji- 
ci&fai|it^iN. i muir, 1 Icar, frun, 
t bo;tina, t gaoth, fbla, t bath, t h> 
f treathan, t gOj r tcathra, ajgein 

airneis, krei;iic, krea;^ navad no be- ■ Mare infulare, fimvath, mun- no 
' ■ Uirrgea dinixiol oikain ,, 

Marga, Mail, pridh bras i deilo 
tir. A kind of earth caU'dmarl,good 
to dung the fields. Ir. Maria. 

Margarua, Maen juetthvaur , 
myreryd, ^em, perl. Apearl. Ar. 
Perleien.Marganc, Nom Fem.Mar- 
^aref. Ir.Neavaiu,.pearla. 

Margantit'cr, Perlog, That bri^ig- 
eth forth, or hath Jl ore of pearls. 

Margino,ymyly. To ma^e brinks, 
edges or margents. Ir. Kiuvalaj.m, 
mm kiuvasj bry;>; no imeal. 

Margo,Kyrr, for, ymyL^lhedy- 
myl, min, miniog, glann, tgoror ^ 
Marfdir, ymyldir, miniouedir. The 
brim brink or edge of a things ii'C 
margin of a book ; alfo the frontiers, 
borders or marches of a coa?itry. Q. 
yrhian. Ar. Bord, koftez Ir.BryA;, 
iiii.K,kt\l\V4y iraea), kiu/as,,t^r 
no or, t ion:iaig, fiomoraij fep- 
kair, kriA;,,marghan. ,. ,, , 

Marifcus, Pib-vruyneji. A.kind 
of bulrufh. Ar. Bras-vroea, bra- 
ofvroenen. Ir. Feadh, feadhadh ; 
bogluaA;ar da ndeantar kainnle. 

Maritimus, O lann y mor, arvor. 
Near the fea, clofe to the fea fide ; 
upon the fea. A x ■ Morvan, Tir mor, 
niorek;. Ir. T.yive zd\{e^ vryi;;; no 
;iuain mara,re t> iy,re kois,ar bry;>; 
no a naike fairrj;e, laiv re muir. 
Fps ,fliiYla;ii , flieavoideaA:;, neiv- 

Maritus, jur priod, Jur J^urei- 
giog; y j;urryw o'r aniveliaid. A 
married man, an husband; the male 
of beafls. C. t Gfir kans ureg. Ar 
Priet, oze;;;. Ir. Fear,, fe^r polla. 

Marmor, Maen f mynor, maen 
klais , kabolvaen. A marble fione. 
Ar. Marbr. Ir. Marmour , ive^r , 
t ajrtneav. 

Marmoreus , O'r maen mynor. 
Of marble. Ir.Marmuir, jeal mar 

artha o navad i kuid righ feimii- 

Manubrium, Karn, | menybr, 
troed arv, faid, fcydyn, fmua. 
I he hilt:, haft or handle of a weapon 
or tool. C Karn kolhan, o":. Ar. 
Dornen, troat ; Sic W. Troedfyfl ^ 
^.oesplaJyr. Ir. Sathva;t;. 

Manufadtus, A unacd a Ihau, o 
uaith Ihau . Made by hand. Ir. Laiv- 
dheanta, maindheanta. 

Manumiilio, Rh) dhhaad jur ka- 
cth, j;olhynj;iad o j;eithiucd. A 
making of a fervant free, a difcharge 
or difmijponfromfervingany longer. 
Ir. Eadhy irfeadh, difglavaidUeaAid, 

M^numitto, jolhung o ^eitbi- 
ued,rhvdhhay kacth, juney thyr y n 
urrhydh brciniol, brcmioli, brei- 
nio. To manumife, infranchife , or 
make free a bondman. Ir. Eadyirfig- 
him , didhyirfighimj tjim fyr, no 
beirim a fyirle dho ; kiurim as dy- 
irle ; laivlighim. 

Mai<us, Lhau, -\ Ihovlen, fadav, 
fnedhair, ansadj Palv , pauen ; 
Lhau yfj;riven. Ihy o uvr; ^a- 
vaelva<; Ihongay. Ahand, a blo-m, 
aflroke; a hand -writeing i a mul- 
titude or C07npany of men ; A grap- 
ling iron -wheremth fhips are faflen- 
ed together in time of fight . C . Dornj 
plur. Dula. t lau [An legendum 
lav? J 8c lov. Ar. Dorn//«r, da- 
uarn. A dhorp da dhorn. From 
hand to hand. Ir. Lav, f lais, doid, 
t brak, t man, main, f mab, f kib, 
ffrag, mad F. krodh, glak, dorn, 
bos, krag, griov, kruv ; manghraiv 
no fgrivean laive. 

Manutcrgium , Lhau-H«n. A 
to-ael. C. j Lien duilov Ar. Ser- 
vieden. Ir Tuaille, no eada;i tir- 
rqaighthi lav. ,, , 

Mapalia, Bythod , tylkiae, kyt- 
tiay, tai to j;uclbt, rhedyndai. cot- 
tages^ booths. Af. Bothu, bochiku, 

M. - 

varmuir , marmuravail, iveardha. 

Marra, Kaib, pal. A mattock.^ 
pick-ax^weeding-hook . C Pigol. Ar. 
Mar, marbikel, pig. Ir. Pikoid. 

Alarrubium album, Lhuyd.y 
kun. VFhite horekound., iZ. t Les 
luyd. Ir. LiathluB. 

Mars, Maurih, Dyu y rhyvel. 
Rhyvel, kadjbiuydr, yroladh, The 
God of U^'ar , aljo taketi for scar or 
battle ttfilf Ar.Meyrs-. Brelcl. De 
meyrs, Hies martis ; Demeurs he- 
net| W. Dyu Maurth ynyd'jShrove' 
Tuefday. Ir.Marc, baighdhia, D'a 
an xogaidh. 

Marlupium, Purs, aluar, amner. 
A purje, a pouch, a bag to put ?no- 
neym. Ar. lal^. Ir.Mala, tiOLK no 
iparan. V. Mantica. 

Martcs , Bcle. A martin. Ar. 

Martius, Rh, velpr, deuruy;«. 
Warlike, valiant. (_. t Brezeler. Ir. 
Mairte no kogaiuh , mairteavail , 
kogavail, feargavail, gailj^eavail,di- 

Martins, MaUrth. The month of 
march. C. Miz. mcrh. Ar Mcyrth, 

Martyr, Tyil, merthyr, A wt- 
7ieJ's, a martyr. Ar.Merther, plur. 
martheritri,, Ir i'ldhaih, piaii tira;K . 

Martyrium, MtrthvrdoJ, nicr- 
thyrolaeth. KyOcpr y merthyron. 
Martyrdom, alfo a Church or Jem- 
pie -where fame Martyr's reliques are, 
Ar. Mer.theredh. Ir. MairtiraAid- 

Mas, f;ur-ryu. The male in all 
kind of creatures. C. fGurruydh. 
Ar. ^lal, //«r. malet. Ir.Firean, 
fireanaA,-, -\ moth. Mapcjia. N. De 
homine, Fair'hear. 

Maltulinus, j^urryu, SV^aul, o 
ryu J^ur. Of the male kind, 7nafcu- 
Itne. Ar. Mai. Ir. Firean, fearrdha, 
t Moth. Mafculi?ium genus, kineal 
feardha, firinnske. 

Mafia, Klamp toes, telpyn, talp. 
A mafs or lump ofa?iy thing, pafie 
or dough. Ar Peth \pez. ] pez kik 
majfa carnis. Ir. Tys, kolv ; f mais, 
kyr, brath, barra meall, taip ; maf- 
fa. rotunda , f baiskvealJ , meall 

Maftruca. A furr-coat,^c. C. 
t Pengughrek, pellift kcr. Q^ 

Mater, Mam, mammus, mam- 
Uyth; mammacth. A inother or 
dam; a nurfe or fofter-mother. C. 
Mam, Dama. C. f&Ar Mam. Ir. 
Mathair, brinnea;K, naing, iog, bu- 
imc, banaltra. 

Materfamilias, f;uraig y ty. The 
miflrefs of the houfe . C tMamtey- 
ly. Ar. Grek an ti ; mam tiegueth, 
&c. Ir. Bean tighe. 

Materia , Devnydh , deynydh , 
devnydhuaithjkocd deynydh. Afo?- 
ter orjiujf -whereof any thing is made; 
timber or -wood for building. A\- .Yim- 
uedh, materi. Jr. Adhvar, fsAJain, 
f fotha arraigh, adhvras, adhvra- 
dheaA;d, davna. 

Materialis, Devnydhiol, a une- 
ler o dhefhydh. That w offome mat- 
ter, material. Ir. ;KUife adhvair. 

Maternus, Mammaul, o'r vam, 
o dy'r vam. Motherly, of a mother. 

I Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland, 


on the mother s fide. It. Mathar, ma 

Miiertera, Modryb ;;uacr mam. 
Art aunt hj the inother's fide. C 
j Modryb a barh mam. i\x moc- 
reb Ir. Maithrcan, oiica-vathair 

Mathcmaticus, A v\dho kyvar- 
uvdh \ n V kelv dhyda:. A Ma- 
ihematician. Ir. Maitlicavaiic. , 

Matricaria y ucrmud llcn. Fe- 
verfew. C. t Lcs ucrtlicn. 

MatriJda, Lheidhiaid mam.r/-f 
murtherer of hii mother. IrMathar- 
ornoire, mathvornaire 

Macnma, Lhvivam, A fep-mo- 
tker. Ir. Kov-vathair , krild-va- 

Matrimonium , Priodas, dyuc- 
dhi, kulum priodas. Hedlock. ma- 
trimony., marriage. Ar. Priedelcth. 
Ir. Poladh 

Matnlylva, juydhvid, tethay 'r 
jaleg, Ihacth v f;civir, lyjyn y je- 
ivir. Hood imdor honey-Juckle. Jr. 
DuiJiearteatha, t'ethlcog. 

Matrix, V vam,marr.mog 7;uraig, 
mamu)s, Iheftcr plant, kr6th,bry 
y muydionyii a'r pabuyryn mcun 
Ihyliay y vammog aruraig,klevyd 
y vam. The mother or mat rice in a 
womaity vherein the child is CO71- 
cei-v'd, the womb ; in herbs and Jhruhs 
it is the pith i any female kind that 
conceiveth and beareth, or is kept 
for breed Ir Ma;slog an vath.iir no 
t'oi('hea;e torraighcis an mn\ i Ma- 
trix bavk. Bean j An lydhan a lui- 
veiv noagrannaiv. 

Macrona, j;uraig, fjuraig urci- 
gaedh, j^urc gdha, ?;uraij< vt)dra- 
bxdh. A matron., a grave and mo- 
therly Dame , a fage and difcreet 
woman XI. f Bennen vac. Ir-Trom 
vathiir,rrom;toinne, mathair ;iilain- 
ne, mathair no bean tromdha, be- 
an vathravail, krionna, keilidh 

Matronalis, Modrabaidh. Per- 
taining to amatron. I. Tromvatliar- 
dha, tramvairhrcavail , krovacliar- 
dha, trom;ioinneavai), tromvachar, 

Matrueiis, Mab modryb /;uaer 
mam. An uncle's or aunt's child by 
the mother's fde. Ar. Nith pc ni- 
ches. Ir Kovua, koi^hcarn , klan 
dearvrathair no deirvduur j go 
hairigh do th\ iv mathair. 

Matta , Pleth vorhefg, f bancr 
bruyn, p!cth vruyn. A matt ormat- 
trefs. C. t Straii eleftr. Ir. Strai- 
de65, kaiteaA; thuighci>:h, kuileUH 
no leaba voigheun, trillflieog. 

Matula, Truythlcfter, trunkle- 
ftcr, t taiythuydyr; dyn oftiog An 
urtnal or chamber-pot i a timorous 
coxcomb. C. Pitfhar pi7,a Ar, Pot 
guele. Ir.Puirineal,tualan, flicom- 
ra pota. Fos jeilt, boiskell, j;eal- 
tan no duine j;ealta;e no meata. 

Mature, Meun pryd, meun am- 
fcr, yn^hanol yr amfer, ar aur dha 
ag amier ; Ar vrvs , yn brvsyr , 
|;yda'r kyntav Timely, in ft jea- 
Jon, in a good hour, betimes., quickly.^ 
with thefooneJi,fuddenly, before his 

timt. Ir. Trath, go doi«, go moA;, 
na nam. 

Maturus , Adhved ; Kyvadhas, 
kymniiiys, sdhas. Kyviaun-^u- 
bul , j;orphenncdig Ripe., mellorp , 
fit, and convenient , finitbed, timely, 
feajonalAe ; aljo quick, Jpeedy, early, 
too Jhon , hajfy, grave, fieddy. (J. 
Arvei Ar I lao, mciir. ir.Abaidh. 
grainti', invuana, a nainvc air;i;c, 
toiritc, imlan,ar bryA; ; mo -.jdoiA;, 
luath ; Tromdha, Ib/Smaidn, bii- 

Matutinu.<!,BoreyoI,abcrthyn i'r 
bore. Of or in the morning early 
C Arvis. Ar. MmtingulujMati- 
ncfu ?reces matutina:. ir. Maimie, 

Mivortius, Rhyvel^ar. War- 
tike Ar Brczclcys. Ir Kogavail, 
gairv;cavail, dilunta, mileara, ( ang- 
vaidh, laigliidcordha, f Kaimper , 
fear morAjovlam , gailjcadhaA; j 
L)K, Jin .alma. 

Maulolcum, tj:;uydhva, bcdh- 
rod , bcdh ardher;tog. Any fum- 
ptuous and ftately monument or Je- 
pulchre. Jr GiK nitd.<;ovartha, fc- 
art, liaii^h no tumba breadha fta- 
tavail, mairv. 

Maxilla. Afjqurn jrydh, afjjurn 
T:;en,karr5cn,bo>,^crn.,kern.75i vdh, 
^(3n The cheek-hone, the ja-a>-l>one, 
the chin, the mandible C jGrydh 
Ar Ihokat. Ir. j;ia)l gail^ea;i,5aik. 
lea;t;, Ilka, deadhlniig, Imigm, lea. 
cam fcuinc N. 

MaxiniJtcs, y fuydhojion pen. 
nav, vorcy5Uyr. The greatefl men 
in authority. Grandees. Ar AutrU- 
nedli. Ir Ardua^jdrain no dyuie 
as n.o a n'ughd irdh is. 

Ma.\'imusMuyav,pennav GrfiT/^- 
efl,of mofl efieem or account. C. & 
Ar. Brala Ir. Rovor,anvor, moar 
bich, niejlavla , onoraighc, uaille, 
fearr dingvala,barravalai Ihine no 
as arfjighe iloyA-.; roivcalavail ro- 
onoraA;, roiiaial, rovarravail, dear- 

Mea-us, Fordh y vyned, lliuybr, 
mynediad. A pajfage or way., a 
movement or courje. Ar Tremen- 
\c:c. Ir. Shlishc, anaA; i gluaiaAid, 

Mcchanicus, ^Ucithiur Ihau,me- 
j;is faer, j;ov, ^>c. Any handy crafts- 
man, any tradefman. Ir LaivAieard, 
fear keirde, tuathavail, (^i-. 

Mechanicus,a,um, Krcfturaidh. 
Mechanic): . Ir. Laiv-A;eirdeavai]. 

Mecum^gyda mi. With me, with 
my felf. Ar. Ganc mc. Ir.Agara, 
faram, liom, maille riom no agam- 
fa , taramfa, liomla no maiiie li- 

Medela, Medhyjiniaech. Ame- 
dicine, aremedy,acure Ar.Medhe- 
j;ieth, renict Ir. Leigheas, fik, 
7 bualadh, t'oirin. 

Medcor , Ia>,ay, meidhj;iniae- 
thy, rhoi ymwared To heal, re- 
medy or cure, to help or fuccour. Ar 
Aula, mcdefina, remcdia. Ir, Lei- 
ghcaJaim ikim, foirim, mm nobci- 
rim leigheas, foinn, furtax;d, ka- 
vair, kuidca,*;adh no kongnav. 


Mediator, Kyfryn^ur. ^q media- 
tour, interce four. Ir. Kagnark.nrc, 
impidliea;K , fear impidhe, no la- 
vartha ar Ion no idir, (^-c. 

Mcdicabilis, Mcohixiniaethol, a 
allur ci uziw, a iax,io. Curable, 
medicneabk U Solcislus , foue 
ikvnghvari Innlcighi-s inikc. 

Medicina, Pylvjquriaeth , mc- 
di.?;>macth, ymwared, nzizd 
IhyJIck, the art of Phyfick , a me- 
dicine, a remedy or cure. C f Ma- 
dheknedh. Ar McdhcT^iech mc- 
dcfinereth. Ir. I.eigheas, jik, 'bu- 
Jlndl), 1 Ircaradh, tuirm, furta^jd, 
tail , anakal , [ rcalbrt , tcafargain. 

Meditus Mcdhig, pylvj^ur. A 
Phyfic.n. C. f Mcdhck. ArMcdc 
rin,medhck. Ir, Lugh,Filike, L-l- 
lav no Dodtur lci,T;eij;. 

Mcdicus, a, urn, Medhjriniac- 
thol, iax:ys. Vhyfical. jr. Le^Kha, 
leiTjis, ikc, ikeavail, leiraealavail 
learav.iil,f"rcapavail, failve;ir, ranai- 
lle, no mcar an hamnc 

Mediocris, Mel'yrol, k.inoJir 
kvmmhcdrol, kymmuys, kvn iric- 
lyrol, loiindha, kryn,i(y'rn. Jndife- 
rent, moderate, ordinary not too bio 
nor too little. AriiticdaUi nabraz 
na iihin. Ir InvcodhanaA:, mea- 
lardha [ fie <S- N \ neivimairkaA; , 
impiuvaigh, rcafunta. 

• Mediterraneu.-:, yrhyn fydh yn- 
?;hanol y rir, y bcrvedhulad. In 
the middle of the land, far from the 
lea. Ir. 'I ir-vcadhoiu,-. , (■ ke-vea- 

Meditor, Dyvn-vcdhylio, afty- 
dio, myvyrio, rhoi i.^ad'u'n y kov, 
proyi JjlhK-) th) r peth. To meditate, 
mufe or think upon, to confider or be- 
think himfelf, to forecafi, to roll in 
his mmd or thoughts. C Prediri 
Ar. Stiudia Ir.Midheavnaim, mi- 
(hearnaym , meadhayim , in'hea- 
tham, Imuaintyim. 

Medium, y pervedh, v kanol, 
kyvrung. The midfl, a mean, mid- 
dle or indiffere?it thing. Ar.Kreiz. 
Ir.Lar, mcadhon, boilllj^can, 7 mu- 
adh, tboij^an , Innc, uimleak, uim- 
leakan, k.iilea/;. 

Medius, Kanol, kanolig, ban- 
ner, rhung y dhay. The middle, 
half, between two extreams. At. 
Kreiz, kre zeyz. Ir. Mcodhona;e, 
bailli^cana,<;, inveadhoruA;. 

Medius hdius, Min vy f^dh. So 
God help me, as J hofe to be knight- 
ed, (f ■<: Ir. Dar Aireidcav ! 

Medo, Mcdh, meddyxlyn. Mede 
or meath, mulje C t Medhv. 

Medulla, Mcr, merion, muy'di- 
on, madrydhvn. Marrow i.- bones ; 
in herbs and plants the pith and 
heart. CWiiU. V\\x\gin, medulla 
panis. Ar. Mel ^ Boeden ar guts, 
meduUj arborts. Ir. bmir ; Lvdhan 
no kroidhc Fos neart no brigh. 

Medullitus, I meun , hyd at y 
rner. o'r ^ulou, o vcrion \ jalon, 
o'r merion. Intimately, to the very 
marrow, deeply, heartily, ajfeilio- 
nately. Ir. Go h'inveadhunaA;, go 
rmirdha,go fmiravaii, go lydhanta, 


Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 

M. j 

go h'inneavail, go mor a ^iroidhc I 
Mei,O'm.0/wf I r. Mo, cram. 
Meme7!to mei, Kmynighonm. 

Meio, TroL-thi, truyrho, Suney- 
thyr dur, pifo, j;ellung trunsk. To 
make water, to pip. At. Stotet, troa- 
tha. Ir. Munam, fulaim, nim mun, 
nofual; tairnjiim uil^e. 

Mel, Mel. Ho?iey Clmod&ci] 
Mel. Sk & Ar. Ir. Mil, t eark. 
F6s kiallaighiilh, dith^icall, bamne, 
innlea;Kt no nadur. 

Melampiis , Troedty, cnu ki. 
Blackfoot, a dog's name. Ir Ainim 
madaidh; Duvlua, duvxos. 

Melancholia, y koler dy , yn o 
beduar devnydh korph dyn ; f;or- 
phuylh vn dyvod o'r Melankoli 
i Me/ancholy, hlack choler, a kind of 
madnefs rtfing from ?nelancholy Ar 
Anken, enkres, triubuil , enkdet, 
melkony. lr.Duvkaiin,leannduv. 
Mire leanna duive. 

Melancholicus, Dyn o anian ko 
ler dy ; Athrill , tauedog, trum, 
neilhd^-ol, medhv!j;ar. Melancho- 
lick, full of Hack cholerj'adjullen, 
folitaryjuvipijh. Ar.Triit Ir.Duv 
laithe', duvlaithca;>:; Gru:ima,nuik- 
na;K, duva;K, dobrona^;, doilvir, 
duvalta/;, ^nmimin, duivneaila.-i, 
toirleaz, trom, tavax- , 

Meleagris,yr iar Turki. AGmny 
or Tiirky ken. C Kuliag hag iar t;i- 
ni,kok5ini. Ar. Kok Indes. ir. 
Keark 'hranka^. 

Melinus , j;uynlhiu , Sorvclyn. 
YeUo-miJh , honey-colour. Ir. Ban- 
voidhe, no ban-vuye , ar dath ar- 
raifte no ^ionlaigh. 

Melior, 7;uelh, Better, kinder, 
morefropahle. C. & Ar. Guel.Ir. 
Fearr, t dea>;, feairdhe. Ni)-j=eapp 
N. /. e. ni is fcarr. 

Melioro, ^uelhhay, To better a 
thing, to improve. Ar. GucUaat. Ir. 
Feairdhyim, fdeaxara, fcavlayim, 
leal'ayim ; nim ni as fearr, as dea^;, 

Melis, Daiarhu.^, daiar-voxyn, 
byrhu;K,[d^BurvuA;] pryvlhuyd, 
prvv penvrith. A Gray, a brock or 
badger. C. lmod6'-\] Bro/i. Ar. 
Bro;.. Ir. Brok. 

Mel itxi canes, Man-^un, kun 
bvA;in,koluynion,t?;elhgun. Lap- 
dogs, foiJH?ig hounds, Jhocks. Ar.Ke- 
lin. Ir Meal'ain, mcafeoin, koin no 
gaidhcir vcaga. 

Melitites, Diod a uneid o uin a 
mel; Rhyu vaen guerthvaur. A 
drink made of honey and -aine , a 
kind of metheglin ; alfo a precious 

Melius, t;uelh. Better. C & Ar. 
Guell. Ir. Asfcarr, asfeairrdhe, as 
deaAi, as dea;eaidhe 

Melleus, A berchyn y vel ; me- 
lys Of honey, jTveet. C. Hueg. Ar. 
DCis. Ir. Milis, marvil, boidhe, no 
duv-voye mar vil, ar dhath meala. 
Melligo, Mcl-ulith, y veljavod 
A mil-dew falling on the trees or 
com, honey-dew. Ir. Eark-dhru.K, 
raiUruinniog , dru;Kd meala do 
thuitar;6rannaiv no ar arvar. 
Melo, A melon, kt Sykrin. 

M. M. 

Melodia, Melyfjerdh, percidh- 1 '^u'n. Ir. Koivnyim, luadham, ai- 
jan, pyroriaeth , meluaud , kyt- thrifim, abraim, lavraim, no thi- 
jerdh, kyuydholiaeth. Melody. Ar. 5™ ar. 

Melodi. Ir.Oirl^d, tkruifik, tklas, i Menda, Bai urth y%rivenny,ky- 
t eaihadh , kaatairea^id no keol ' vciliorn, didro, mann, bai, bry- 
binn Binneas, binne, hmv\ea.zd,]''-^]m^ Afault,adefeff,a mijfake, 
keoIvuire,keolvuireaA;d,keolfighe, i "'"■ ^^ror or fiape in writeing, a blot 
tkeoItaighiuir/F. Keis /^. \orblem,Jb. Ar Fazi,f6t,guall. Ir. 

Membrana, y j;roenen y.'iav i ,Grav-lo<;d, grav'horb, io/;d (griv- 
bobpeth y rhifj^lyn nefav i'r pren. Ineor, balllgoid no (al 

Mem run. The uppermojl and little 
thin skin of any thing, a membrane, 
the pill of wood between the bark and 
tree, alfo parchment. C [ Pairche- 
min Ar Farfliemm, kro;Ken,f/«r 

Vlciidacium, Keluydh, ;^ay,fyg, 
anuir. A lye,afalfetale, aJlory,a 
fib. C. Gou. Ar. Gau , plur. ge 
uier. Ir. Brcg, fbrionn, f bras, me- 
avra , f kcarmnas , f iomarva , 

Kre;t;in Ir. Sgann, forxroikeann ; it meirveilea;;;, grug f tlus, t fulla, 


Membranaceiu, Tebyg i'r kv- 
vryu vemiun nx j^roenen. L.ike 
parchment or a thin skin; skinny. C. 
&: Ar Farlhmcnnck Ir. Sganna- 
vail, mar Igann, fgannan , meam- 
brum no Airoikean ihana. 

Membraneus, Ovemrun, neyo 
ryu j;rocnen Made of parchment, 
or velum Ir.Sganta, igan.mta 
, Membranula , Tense j;roenyn , 
dernyn o vcnirun. A little skin, a 
piece of parchment G &Ar.Parfll- 
mt-nnen Ir. Sj;amail, Tgannan no 
meambrum beag. 

iMcmbrol'us, Aelodog, aj aelo 

fforghal. t mc-aiv, minnea^i, 50, 
?5U, gai, gaoi, fdaiv, fallas, miol- 
lan, ffavall, finnfjeall, K. fgeal 

Mendax, Keluydhog, j;eyog,fy- 
t;ioI. Lying, falJe,deciitfuU. C.Gii- 
ck, tgouok, t gou-laveriat. Ar. 
Gauiat. Ir. Breaga;K brionnapj, 
t ciimca;ii f \u\f,\\cix, brafa;K, io- 
marva;i;, dalvaA;, clula;i;,eff<;. Brea- 
gaiie, brionnaire, finigealaidhe , 
&c. Luba.^;, meanga;e, kealga^;. 

Mendicacrix , Kardot-uraig. A 
begger-woman. Ir. Shutog. 

MendicOj Kardotta, govyn yn- 
j:;hardod. To beg, to ask alms. Ar. 

da; mourion idho Having great | Klask j Alyknna j Beua diuar an a 

members, well limb'd, well hujig. Ar 
Ililek Ir. Ballvor., gomallaiv mora 
Membrum, Aelod,rhann o J^orph 
dyn, ney o beth aralh, y knaud a 
5ydhia'rj;euynnx ;Rhan o araith, 
darn o ymadrooh. A member , 

lylen. Ir. larram, ihirim. 

Mendicus, Kardottyn,dvn tlaud, 
rheidys. Abegger. CGuilleiu. Ar. 
Martokin, klaskcr, haillon dij;em- 
pen. Ir Bo/idan, bo>jd, labain, du- 
me bo;Kd ; larratoir, fliirthoir, foi- 

Imb, any part of the body, or of any ; dh<.a;i, dithca^i, kraidhte, minidh, 
other thing the flejb that covereth j bei5eartha, bcij^eir, gila na fyidhca 
the finews, veins and bones of a?iy j no na deirkc ; beaghluaigh fiu 
part : in orations ajhorl fentence or \ beagan, Kurrax, gan aird. 
clauje. C. t t-'el Ar. Membr,;i/«r. ! Mendol'us, Beiys, Ihaun beias , 
— u, ifili. Ir. Ball, rann, kuid no I kyveliornys. Faulty, fuU'of faults -, 
blodh do ni eij^ein. l/«^> vitious, lewd. Ar. Fotys. V. 

Memini, Kov yu gcnnyv, yr uy j menda. Ir. \^ozdi.x, , ibrba;e, flie- 
'nkovio. lb remember, call in mind,, zXTimx,eiTTiidhciz. 
or have i« memory. Ar.Kahutku'n. j Mens, y rhan bennav o'r enaid, 
Ir. Kuivnighim, as kovain liom, a- j y rnedhul, y iynnuyr, y dcalh, yr 
taim koivneaA: ar , ata ar goivne euylhys, brVd, kov. The jnmd, the 
agam,ataaveavaragam. Luadham UW^r/y/jwrfVwg, wit, will, thought, 
no lavram ar. '.'judgement, opinion; adviJe,coujuell, 

Memor, Hun a Jovia, koy ys,\memory,reme?nbrajiice. C. Anbrez. 
medhylgar. yr hyn a J^ovier, yr Ar.Poellat, skiant, fonlh, ibnzhe- 
hyn a vcdhylieram dano. Mmdfull, : Ion, faltafi, opinion, pridiri, pennat, 
remembring. C. Kovys Ar. Ku'n- ! fruden. Ir. Intinn mein, run ; In- 
vys. Ir. Koivne;: [ cuimncach W. ] I tlcAid, tuigdie ; toil; meavair, koiv- 
neivdhearmada;^. F6s buidhca;e. jne; kovairle ; keadfadh, baravail, 

Mcmorabi'.is, ^uiugov, hvgov ; I breitheavnas. 
j^uiu ci adrodh, j:;uiu 1 j:;r\buylh. ] Menfa, Bord vuyd, taIvort,tre- 
Memorable, notable, fit to be re- 1 ftel^ Kiniau,tkuynos,pr<'d o vuyd, 
membred. Ir. lonAJoivne, inteaAJta, faig o vuyd. A table or hoard to 

thairifli, ionaithril'e , iniomraidh, 
fiu luadh, ionAiovartha. 

Memoria, Kov, kota, kofaduri- 
aeth. Memory, remembrance. Ar. 
Kii'n, mcmor, mcmoar. 

Memoriale, Kov, kofa, kofadu- 
riaeth. A memorial of a thing, to 
have it rememhred; a monument. Ii. 
Meavaran, koivnean, koivnead, 
lliead A;ovartha. K. 

Memoro, Kovio, kofey, kr\ bu- 

eat on ; a meal, dinner or Jiipper. C. 
Bord, fmius. Ar. Taul, /i/»r. tau- 
liu, imhn. plur. -ennu. Ir. Bord, 
klar, f fdiall ; mias no tranifheur ; 

Menfes, Bloda: juragedh, mif- 
t;luyv ^uragedh, mifliv. The flow- 
ers or monthly terms of women. Ar. 
Amferiu, miskle'nvet, bleyn, mi- 
liu,merku. Ir. Ban'hlugfa, blathf- 
j;yileadh, blathdhortadh, mii'dhor 

ylh fkymuylh, adrodh. To re- j tadh, fj;yileadhdo veanasdo vnaiv 
member, to bring to remembrance, to go nadyrtha gaAi mi. 
tell rehearle.. report. Ar. Kahut Menfis,Mis,mifeuaith. ..^W(J»»*. 
' V , r . . C. Miz, 


Of The ORiqiNALLANquAGfis Qg Bk itain And Ireland. 

M. M^ 

C. Miz., i luis Ai. M\s,pkr. mi- 
liu. Ir. Ml 

Mcnlor, M^i'yrur I'r, tcrvyuur 
tir, yr hun a olocto r van i lyc- 
liliuyr i iicifUhy W weafurer or 
J'urvcyer of landi ; a I jo he that lay- 
cth out the ground for the jou Idlers 
pitching their tents in tha field. Ar. 
^ I y liurcr. I r.Tovailh:oir, meafairc, 
reorantoir, koigi ighcoir, tear reo- 
ranua ru) koigritjli do dhcanadh 

Menltrualis, ^ll^JIdh, cros vis. 
Monthly or every month^ laflingfor 
arnonth. Ir.Milavail 

Mcnfuli, Jordan, creftcl. j4 lit- 
tle table. Ar. Taval, pc tavlcn bi- 
han. Ir. Klairin, klaru;;, kjara/iaiij 

Menfura, Mcfyr, medr. Amea- 
fure^ Jix.ey proportion or gage. Ar. 
Muiur. Ir.Taviisnotovus, 1 meas, 
\ dirma, milar, ii;ejdarthaAid,kov- 

Menfus, Melyredig. Meafured. 
ir. Tavaille, nulurcha. 

Mciitagra, Rlaur j^en, klavr uy- 
ncb. A foul tetter or fiab, like a 
rin^-TTorm, vhich begins at the chin, 
and rims over the face., the neck, the 
ireaji, and the hands. Ar. Deruoe- 
dcn, tanizheii. Ir.Lea^iiia o grc 
i.e. deir no j:;ear, grana do Icath- 1 
aaigheas ar feadh aghaidhc, vui- 1 
iieil, Aiciv, no lav. Galar Tgrai- 

Mentha, Mintys; j;uialen jur 
The herb called mint j alfo a man's 
yard. C f Mcnte. Ar.Mcnc. Ir. 

Menthaftrum , Mintys juylht. 
Wild mint Ar.Ment gued,m- gucz,. 
Ir. Fiadh-vintas. 

Meiuior, keluydhy, f fysio. To 


f</, corrupted with money , mercenary .^ 
hrih'd. Ar. Din gobr. Ir. | Fuid- 
hir no fodhvr, rai;tleaA; no tvi kW- 
IcaA,, tear tiiaraltail, taiA;iollan. 

Morccs, K\ vlog, tal, tal-puyth 
Suobor, ju.Tth, ardrcrli, •[ kyUid. 
Wages or hire, a fee or bribe, rent of 
farms, or lands, a rate, price, penny- 
■sforth. Ar.Gobr,gopr, rccompans, 
kommanant. Ir. 'J'uaraldal , hia^; , 
I'ythar, kuniadh, no kcaana^; i du- 
ilgne, ixxiwX, \ tairkel, f lonarradh, 
i othar, I rath, duais, mir, tii- 
iUc, K. 

Mcrcor, Pryny, pryny tr muyn 
ailguerchy , ma(ha;e, mar;Knatta, 
porthmonna. To buy, to purchaje 
Ar. A IarA;ata ; obcr niarA;at pc t'eyr, 
prcna. Ir Kcannaighim,ninikcan- 
naidhc.)A;d, biiighca/;d no ionilat 
no icik agus kcannax. 

Mercurius, Mcr;ecr. Arian-byu 
Mercury, Glmck-filver . A. Mer/icr, 
Arghant,beu. DemcrA;er, DiesMer- 
curii. Ir.BiA;carb, biy.m, airj^id bco. 
Dies Mercurii, DiaKeadyinc. 

Mcrda, Bail, torn d</n ney ani- 
vail Ordure, cr dung. AT.K6z,teil. 
Ir. Kak, j;air^ni, nonin , noibig 
his, gidhar, miutas, oicrea^; no o- 
cra^;, K. biialtraAi, ^eirrneis, me- 
iric,i'al^ar duine no bcathodhaigh. 
Merc, yn byr, heb dlum kym- 
myfc. Purely without mixtur. Ar. 
En biur. Ir. Go glan, f go gle, go 
hiodhan, go f pur, go fir, go tirin- 
nea/i, gan ;)2omarg. 

Mercnda, P> rnhaunvuyd, ki- 
nio e;iiuydh. A beaver or after- 
71O071S nuncheon, a collation or re- 
frejhment beticixt dinner and fupper. 
lye, feig7:. forge, counterfeit. At. Lz-'C.iiruA. Ar. Mem , mercn. Ir. 
varctgaii ; Ob<-r man, ober ncy?., | Ruiiin, biadh idir meadhon lyi a- 
Cnfli • Dcjil'a, dilfclbnni dilhevc- gus x\i\d no huipear. j-jiubhan N. 

lebi. Ir Brcagam,brionnam, clui' 
lim, bralaim 

Mento,j;(}n-hir, maureien.r^/»/ici. Todeferve,tomerii, or get. Ar. 
hath a longer chin than ordinary. A- 1 Dellczut, merita, gunit. Ir. Tuil- 
Hir-e)j;eti Den Ihik-vras Ir. Paid hm, ninuiJ!ll[:c6raA;ci, glakam tiia- 

lmeaga.?i, ibkaire, lokan; fear fmei 
ge ro' hada. 
Mentula, j;uialen j^ur, dirgeluAi 

SUr, kali, pidin. A man's />m;)' ! j;cn, dihirog, f 'ymlojien, fmuy- 
member. C. & Ar. Kal. h.Eod , ■^\Qn,in\\\i(^-\etX.ATt>hore,aquean, 
boidin , neav , j bia/i, T nieamar , " ' ' " " 

ball no llac, 'heardha. )eam K. 

Mcntum, Elgcth; Aeljenhjgen. 
The chin. C. 7;en. f Eljec. Ar. 
Shik , elj^et , ^^ronlh Ir. Smeig , 
t fmeaA;, Jmeij;in. 

Mercator, Prynur, porthmon . 
marliandiir, marAinattur maeliur. 
A merchant, a chapman. C. f Gui- 
kur. Ar. \Iar/iadur 

a sfrumpet , an harlot. C. Hora 
hr.G'i.[\.,plur iqiiti, potrcs, ferlli. 
Ir Sin^iX no flrcapa;i,meirdreaA;, 
oinlhea/i, Itriboid, fdruth, floe, 
i j;iovar, f kuiteileir, | aith;i;eas. 

Merga , Pikfor;ii ; Rhyu Hrvm- 
nian ; Klarl-brklh juyn. A pitch- 
fork or prong ; a kijid of reaping- 
\hooks or fit he s i white marie. Ar. 
Ir. Kean- jFor;i , /"'ar. fcr;tier. Furlhotes , 
A table-fork, &c Cavle. Ir. Gra- 
Mercatus , Pryniad , mar:;;nad , [ innc pike, pike no gaval ; jnc kor- 
marAinadva. A buying and felling, I rain viiana no I'peile. Fos marlc no 

a fair, a place where ware is fold, a 
market place. A. MarA;at. Ir.ynaA; 
no margadh 

Mcrccnarius, Ky vlG5.dhyn,j;;u,is Ir. Dornan buane, fraithedg no pu- 
fcyvlog,siir_ suobor a j;uerth Hir- jnan no uruid do togfadh duine ar 
var phike. 

Mergo,JSi Bodhi, fodhi, fydho, 
tro^ii. To drown, to fink, to duck or 
plunge over head ^ ears,to immerft. 
Ar. Bcydhi ; pluma. ir. Ratham , 
mukam no tumam a n'uilli;t;c. 

Mcrgus, Mylvran, morvran. A 
cormorant ; aljo a douker or diver 
C. t Shaga, f Sartlior q. Ar. Mor- 
UiUt,morraaut. ir.Kurrgh3lan,sa- 
an kurra ; Gairg, gairg-cann, fyil- 
Ican, duiyean, &c. oiris ainiin koic- 
A;ean c d'imad d'eanaiv mara agus 
go hairigh don dhuivcan. 

Mcridics, Kanol dydh, y dchx. 
Noontide, midday; the f out h. C. 
Hantar dydh. Ar. Kreizde. Ir.Lyi- 

Mcridionaiis, Deheyol, a ber- 
thyn i'r dehay. Of or belonging to 
the South. Ir. Deiskeart, deiskcar- 
ta;;i,faitnieai,dciskcirr, ffaide. 

A'lerito, ynnilh, gobryny, hae- 
dhy, I rhyj^lydhy. To get, gain, to 
bring in by way of rent, to deferve. 
Ar. Gunit, delledhut, merita. Ir. 
Go tuilveaA;, go luai'dheaA;daA;, go 
dingvala, as keart, as koir. 

Meritum, Kymmuynas, turn da, 
hacdhedij^xth , hacd'hianr, rbysly- 
dhianr, ?;obryn, j cvrlhid, gobyr. 
Dejert, or merit ; a kindnefs, a fa- 
vour, pleafure , or good turn , the 
worth or -value of a7iy thing. Ar. 
Merit. Ir. Gar, garaidhcaA;d,akar- 
tha, leas, maith, lua;;, luaidheaA:d, 
duais, fothraiA;, t tixtxttix, f ftil- 
Icadh, tuillcadh. 

Meritus , Rhyj;lydhys, hun a 
hacdhodh. Deferving or that hath 
de/erved. Ir.Do thuili.arduilleadb, 
akartha; Tuillte; Fiu, airigh no 
diul, koir, keart. 

Merfus, ^uedi bodhi. Drowned. 
Ar. Beydhit. Ir. Baite, tumtha, 
muiA;te, falaighthi. 

Merulj, yraderyn dv, muyai/i ^ 
Pyfj^odyn f;uyniad. A mearl , a 
blackbird; alfo a fijh called a mear- 
ling. C.Mola dhiu, tmoelh. Ar. 
MuaU plur. mualAii. Ir. Lon, Ion 
duv , lonyla>;, f tear, Ciajij-an N. 
tus j^oe eilg. 

Merum , ^um pvr dijiymmyfg. 
Pure -mine. Ar. Guin pyur. Ir Fir- 
fin , fin firinnca;i gan Aiomafg j 

Merus, PV, dij;yramyrg, ynig, 
?;uir, iaun. Vu<e, clear, clean, un- 
mixed, downright, plain. At. Pyur 
[ pur i Ir. Ley , lea/Ira^i , f Ion , 
larg; Fir, firinnca;t , glan, fgle, 
iodhan , f gluair, f piir duv f yn- 
nkix, yn-rakana/i. 

Merx, y pcth bynag a Ucrthir. 
irare,commodily. Ar.Mar;!:adureth, 
raerlcreth. Ir. Innreakeadli. 

Mefencerium, y Ihicin-rig. The 
midriff, h. Meadhna^ niuadh. 

Mereo, Haedhy, f rhyjlydhy ; 
Kymmeryd kyvlog^ ynniih, kafa 

raldal no tuilleadh; Gnoghayim, 
j^civim bjflieadh no gnoghadh 

kriadh van noj^cal 

Merges, Dyrniad medelur, for- 
A;iad o vd ney uair. A gripe or Mx no meadiion an veadhnaigh 
Mercatonum, MarAsnadva. A\handju<J of corn in reaping, flr /o .Sgannan tlu reavar ata na^ avar no 
market place. Ar. Marchalla. Ir. \much corn at one can with a pitch- \ na koivAjeangal air an druim & an 
Krcan/.i^irt, i.e. kuirt no ait koit fork take up at a time ; a bottle of mcadhnax:, agus fos do xuiinxcas 
A:ean a gathair re haghaidh kean-i/ft-jy, &c. Ar. Durnat midi , dur- i & diuthes in: ' ' ' 
naidhea.zda I nac raidider i Mallanj Butel foen. voir do veir oieavain 

& diuthes imad gcjg don A;uille 

don vei- 



Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 


dhna;K, & do veir fiiv an vidh, gus 
na haev. 

Mel'pilus, Pren avalae tin-ago- 
red ; Pren keri. A medlar tree. Ar. 
Gucdhen mefper. Mefperen, me- 

Meffis, Kynhayav. f Andler o 
beth D<»i;. HarveB., alfo great plen- 
ty or fiore of any thtJig. CKidniath, 
f hitadver. Ar. Eauft. Ir. Fovar, 

Medbr, Medelur, pladyrur,kyn- 
hayavur. A reaper or mower , a 
husbandman. C Midzhar , f & 
Ar. Midil. Ir. Buanaidhe, fpeala- 
doir no fear fovair. 

Mer, in the termination of fame 
Pronouns; at Egomet&c. Hynan. 
Self. C. Honyn. Ir. Fein. 

Meta, Panel, ^^ual faethy, n6d i 
ersydio atco, amlyj;yn; Tervyn, 
fhn, eithav pethi Maen ilTa'r ve- 
lin ; Das , tnudul ; Bera o yd ne 
mir. A Butt or mark to fljoot at ; 
the end or deftgn of one's aBing ; 
a boundary , limit or end of any 
thing • any thing that is copped , 
that grows taper-tui/e, or in fajhion 
of a jpire. Ar. Bern , gravid. Ir. 
Baire, fjjilp dyra;e, buka lavaigh, 
keann fgribcjkovarrh no kean koiv- 
ieanna ; Teoran koigrigh no kri^; • 

Metacarpium, Kaduraidh y Ihau, 
keven Ihau. The hack of the hand, 
from the virifl to the roots or lower- 
mo/l knuckles of the fingers. C. & 
Ar. Kein dorn. Ir. f Mandruira , 
druim baifc, kroidh, no laive. 

Metallum, Mettel, mCiyn. Met- 
tle : A mine, a niein. Ar. Mecall , 
men, Ir.Mitail no mina/; MicalN! 

Meteora,t5ory;K ion,5ory^elion . 
Appearances of the heavens, ingen- 
dredin the air, affnow, hail^rain, 
Jlaj}}es of fire, CTC Meteors. Ir. O- 
neitheadh arda, feathadh no ftui- 
dear ar neithiv arda, 

Methodus , Lhuybreidhruydh , 
hyluybredh , hyfordhruydh , ber- 
fordh i dhylj;y peth. A method or 
ready -way to teach or do any thing. 
Ar. Reolen, yrdh, skyeZr, ordre- 
nans. Ir. Modh no flighe readh 
ghafta an foghlama no an deanta 
ni AithA;eipt. F. C. 

Metior, Mefyro, kymmeryd me- 
fyr. To mete , to me a fur e , tojitr- 
vey , to take meaftire of. Ar. Mu- 
fura. Ir. Tovaifim , rim tovas , 
t meas no mifar. 

Mcto,is, Medijhadh a phlidyr. 
To reap, meiv, or cut down. C Mld- 
zhi. Ar. Midi. Ir. Beanaim tallai- 
dhim, f gadaim, kruinnyim. 

Meror , aris , Tervyny , Jjofod 
tervynae , mefyro. To Jet bounds or 
limits, to meafure out. Ar. Lakat 
termen , tcrmina. Ir. Terranaim , 
kuirim teorainn no koigrigh uime ; 
Tavaifim nim tavais. 

mam-drev, pen-jorfedh. The chief 
head or Mother-city or town. Ar. 
Kxr kapital. Ir. Kcann^iathair , 
priv/;athair no priv-vaile j Cachaip 
aiji&eaj-buiS N. 




Metrum , Mefyr, medr, meidr,| >ng to war, w/trlike , martial, mi- 
mydr , brai;t; o j^crdh davod. Ay^'^/y- Ir. Ly;i-dha, adhly^idha, 
meafure,meeter,or verfe. Ar.Guer?, | ;5aifj;eavail, dilunta, kethearnta, ke^ 

yr uers. Ir. Tovas , | meas no mi 
fur rann. 

Metuendu.';, Ovnedig, dyAiryne- 
dig. To be feared, dreadfull, terri- 
ble, Ir. Ineagla, uaichle, uathvafa;^, 

Metuo,Ovni, dy.j;ryny,tarinei- 
jio. To fear, to be afraid, or in a 
fear. Ar.Kahut oun,ciuzhea,fponta^ 
Ir.Eaglaim, jealtaijhim, ata eagla 
oram,f aghaim, ataim a t n'ain^seas. 

iV'etus, Ovan, arfuyd, f arynnaig, 
pryder. Fear, dread, care. C Oun 
Ar.Oun, fijrm, fpont, fuflam. Ir. 
Eagla, ovan, f »ath, f ag, tar, fgath, 
teiviol, kas, faithij:;heas , kreathna- 

MeuSjMy, y myvi,vy,vyeidhov, 
t einov. My, mine, mine own. Ar. 
Ma, ma liini. Ir. Mo, Horn, agam. 

Mica , Briwionyn , briufionyn , 
mymryn. A crum or little quan- 

thcarnavail, kogaidh, kogavail, ly 
;i;avail, bi'ianavail. 

Militia, Miluriaeth,rhyvel. War, 
warfare. Ar. Brefel. Ir. Saighideo- 
ra;id,feineaA;as, finnaidheaA;d, mi- 

Milito, Miluiio, rhyvela, Ihy- 
ydha, mynd y ryvel. To go to war- 
fare, to be afouldier. Ar. Brefela. 
Ir. Ly.xam, greitim , nim fai'deo- 
ra;td &c 

Millc, Ml!. A thoufand. C. Mil. 
Ar.Mill. Ir. Mile. 

Millefolium , mil-dhail. T^irroiu. 
CtNinteli. Ar. Mildelien. 

Milleformis, O vil o lyniae, ma 
thae, ne vodhay. Of a thoufand 
Jhapes or fufhions. Ir. Mileaxro 
thair, miledliejlva;>;. 

Milkfjmus, Milved. The thou- 
fandth. Ar. Milvet. Ir. Milearadh. 

Milliare, Milhdir; Kalhaurpres. 

tity of bread , or any thing ihat\ A mile:, aljb a brajs Cauldron. Ar- 
breaks off. C. Brouian, broufian,! Anter leo. Ir. Mile fearrain, mile 
plur. f Breyonen. Ar. Minvik, bri- j koiskeim. 
enen. Ir.SprudhaiIIe,fprudhaille6g, I Millies, Miluaith, mil o ucithi 

fpintog, fpringog; Grainearvarno 

Mico, as, Difjleirio, lheuy/;y, 
ymdhangos. Kyro a Ihammy vel 
y juna'r ■quythi. |Buhuinman,fky 
huvan, ymyf;quyd, kynhyrvi. To 
glitter , glifter orjhine, to -wag or 
move to and fro , to piant or leap 
at the heart doth , to beat as the 
pulfedoth. Ar.Lyjerni, brilla, lin- 
tra, eluenni, fylenni , fteredenni ; 
Trivvlia, trefremi ; Igrizhea, ftra- 
villa ftreuia. Ir. Dealraighim , nei- 
vim, nivam, foiilfighim. 

Microcofmus, y byd by;Kan fev 
dyn. Man Jo called, the Microcofm 
or little world. Ir. Dovnan , min- 
dovan, dovan beag, i. e. duine. 

Migrator , Symmydur o van i 
van. Ajhifter of lodging , a goer 
from one place to another. Ir. Imir- 

Migro, as, Symmydo f trigias, 
treijio, m>'do, fymmyd o'i le. To 
remove from one place to another, 
to dwell in, to depart. Ar. DileAii 
Ir. Imirkyim , taskoram , arrayim , 
arrayim o ait go hait. 

Miles, Lhyydhur, milur, rhyve- 
lur, t rhyfur, ymuanur ; Marchog 
yrdhol. A fiuldier , a varriour , 
■Q'c. alfo a ferjeant or beadle be- 
longing to Magi (Irate s; A Knight, 
or Efcjuire. C. f Kadur. Ar. Su- 
dart. Ir. Saighideoir, kearnaz, bii- 
anna , milidh , f mil , f mal , fein- 
nidhe, diluna;K, gaifgeadhax ; Ri- 
dire. f xearait, t Sr^'tj fearr no 
err, f galgad, ly/; adhlann, f fearg, 
fuoithrea;e K. jhih. Miles htbernus, 
ffeargfene, ly;>i eircanna^;. Miles 
torquattts, Niath nailg. K. Milites 
parvi, t Ailthigh mbig. Miles ti- 
midus, t Mele, dro/ilyA;. Milites, 
LyA;radh, kethairn, fion,7oig, 5a if- 
Jeadhaigh, fai'deoire. 

Miliraris, A berthyn i ryvel, rhy 
velys, !hyydhog,miIuraidh. Belon^- 

X ; yn vyny.?; laun. A thoufand 
times, very oft. Ar. Millgueth. Ir. 
Mile liair. 

Milium, Tor,^; koHoukki o ^ro- 
en a hoelioa. A maflives collar 
made of leather, fiuck fuU of nails. 
Ar. Kolier ki. Ir. Shcamfaird, aird 
gaghair no madraidh, Ian do thairn- 

Milvius vel milvus, Kvt,barkyt, 
t byry, t bery, bod y juerni. Krib 
dheiliur,yfj;yvlur. Rhyuvorbyfg. 
A kite, a glead, a puttock; alfo a 
greedy extortioner ; a kind of flying 
fiflj. C Bar3e2,j f skoul. Ar. tkul 
Ir- Kroman no preaA;an keirtea;;, 
no buinneaA; , prca;jan na geark 
ppechan. N. 

Mima, Lhangkes nuyvysadhy- 
nuared vynydiay rhai cri].\\-i.Awa7i. 
t07i wench counterfeiting the beha- 
viour and carriage of others. Ar 
Guaperes, Ir. Avall6g, banavalloir, 
bean aithrife do dhcanadh ar dhy 
ineiv oile go magavail ; kleaf6g , 
reav6g, kluitheog, bean A:Ieafaid 

Mimus, Dynuaredur , guatua- 
rur, drythylhvab. .(^OT/wV^', <jf(»»w- 
terfeiter of other men^s words and 
anions. C- f Bardh. Ar. Guapaer 
[ pe goapaer j Ir. Avalloir, geoin- 
fheara.^doir-, fearaithrifs do dhe- 
anadh ar dhuine go magavail ; ge 
onaidhcjknadhaire kleafaidhejfrea- 
va.Ji , geocach N. 

Minx, t Byf;ul,byguth ; Rhag 
vyriae vel kanlhau ar gacrae ; pi- 
nagkie. Threats., menaces; breaches 
in walls , the tops or DinnacUs of 
wails or turrets , ike battlements 
Ar. Ur gurdrii^, Ir. Bagar [ ba- 
giip J>r j batail, tovaitheav ; Bub- 
tadh, fubtadh, fpraik. 

Minax , Bygyrhiol , bygylys , 
vygythio. Threatning. furly, angry. 
Ar. Gurdrufek. Ir. Bagaraj: j BO' 
raana;!;, fpleagha?;, mor'hokla;>;. 


Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland, pt 


Miiicralia, Muyn-j;lodhi£c. Mi- 
nerals. Ar.R'Icngledhil]. Jr. Mi- 
nax, I mein no men iiokuiloir nii- 

Minerv.i , Dyuics yr adhyfg ; 
Natyriacth, fynlutyr, kelvydhyd. 
The Goddefs of Learning; Alfo na- | 
/«rf, B)/>, craft. Ar. Pal as. Ir. Mi- 
narv, Fatli-valiidia, Baindia iiaiyh- 
lamaj Naduir, latlea<i:d & ea- 

MinimcjNag e, nadho,nid dim, ' 
na dho dliim, yn Jhciav o ?;ubl. | 
tiot at aU, in no tvije, ;>/ no cafe., by 
no means:, at leaf. Ar. Ne, ne kct. 
Ir.As luya ar bich, ar yn->;aidh, ar 
)'n-j;h!cas ar yn-vodh. 

Minimum, y;eydig iaun, y dim 
Ihciav. Very liitk. Jit Icafi. Ar. A 
nebeydu ; en ncbcydik j Da viina; 
Ir. Roi-veagan. 

Minimus, Lhciav, byA;an iaun. 
The leaji, very little, f?naU, or cheap. 
Ar. Bihana, mynyta. Ir. Asluyaar 
bith, luidhea/;, roivcaA;, Uiarra;>5; 
AW.v minimus , j Olar , an ti as 

i\Iiniftcr, juas, j^yeinidog, ju- 
einydh. An attendant ^fer vant, mi- 
niflcr. C i Gonidok. Ar Semi- 
flier, gunidtk, laburer. Ir. Timire, 
5ill.i , ogla;; j Miniltcir cimcii- 

)l!5h, N. 

Minilterium, 5uafana:th, juei- 
nidoj;a;th, luydh , f ymyr , trini- 
a'th^tH.iil Service,atiendance,duty, 
labour, fains, implayment, O'c. Ar. 
Scn'idi. Ir Timirea..;d,parrtii,^il- 
laA;d, ogXiXis, rea;<;tairL"a;'id frea- 
ftal, fritcolav, riail, f finnc, feadh- 
mantas, oiftfig, kurain. Obair,5no- 

^li^.iftra, ^uafnactli-verx: , ^u- 
einidoj^cs, j;ueinydhcs, Ihau-vor- 
uyn. yi maid Jervant, a wa.-ting- 
maid Ar Serviflicres, maces. Ir. 
Baintimirc , banogla;^ ; bean fri- 

Miniftraror, juafuaethur, j;u- 
einydli. A waiter , an atietidant. 
Ar. Scrvilher, mcvcl Ir. Freafta- 
loir, frith^iilltcoir, riarthoir, fe- 
ar, frcaftaii, friothoilte, ffuidhrc. 

Miniftro, j^uafanacthy, j;uciny ; 
Kyiinyg, rodhi, rhanny, heilio. To 
minifiir, toyeild or afford, tofifply 
with or help to, to deliver or give a 
thing in fervmg. Ar Scrviiha Ir. 
FriLhoiaini , ticjftlaim , f triliii- 
lim, d'c. 

Minium, f Sinopr, f finobi, mu- 
yn k6>:, pridh k6,<;. Sinople , red 
lead or vermilion C- Plobm rvdh, 
fliumclct. Ar. Rydli Iruz.] Ir. 
no hiaighe dhearg. 

M inor, t Byj;y ly, bysuth, f j;o- 
j^yvadliau. Bod yn yu;e nag arall. 
To threaten, to menace, tojland a- 
l»ft; to boaji and vapour. Ar.Gur- 
drus. menans. Ir. Bagraim. 

Minor , Lirai j JLf/i. Ar. Eiha- 
nox, ncbyto;i. Ir. Luya i^niflu- 
jha N. / c. ni as luya, J mine, mi- 
nidh,oi5e,oij;idhe, tairc, tairidhe. 

Mmores, Hcppil, hiliojsah, 
a dhel ar 61. OMr fucceffors, pofte- 

rity or off-firing. Ar. An re l;on 
goiidc j a Icrx; re a dhcvi uar hon. 
Ir. SlioA;d, lorg, klann, tkrt>> ki- 
nd, VIS 6g. 

Minuo, Lhcihay,prinhay [ toli, 
trcio. To dimittijh, to lejfen, to abate, 
impair, decay. Ar. Uiminiiii. Ir. 
Lai;ih.iyim, trvtham, difgam. 

AIiiius , vn iiiai. Ijcfs. C. Lc; 
mer Ic, much lefs ; Dhan leiah, at 
letfl. en leiah /d'wA Ar. BihanoA;, 
ncboyto.i- Ir. As luya 

Mnuifculus, BvAianig, ^n by;Kan 
ba^ Somwhatfmall. Ar. Forz. Ir. 
Buidhea;;, ni as luya, leithveag. 

Minutal, Buydo amryu bethay 
uedi ey briuo ynj;hyd, paltai ba- 
delh. A jujfel, a gallimaufry, a pan 
pudding. Ar. Hallicis. Ir. Pitarrais 
nobiadh bradhaite noj^cartha. 

Minutilunius , yn byr van, yn 
byr \szzn. Exceeding fmaU, very 
little. Ar. Fori bilip.n ; An bihana, 
yrmoana, Jr. Koi-vin, roi-veag. 

Minutus, Uedi ci Icihay, uedi 
ei vriuu yn van, b>,>;an, man, 
main, Minijbed, [or mined \ Jinall, 
little, Jimpk,mean.Jhort. Ar.Moan, 
tanao , bihan , myniuc Ir. Lagh- 
daighthi,trytha F'os beag,lijarra.x, 
gann, iann, anfaii, jearr, j;utaAi. 

Miraculum, guyrth, guyrthi* , 
rhy vedhod, arythredh. Amiracle, 
wonder or marvel. C. Rataria. Ar. 
Byrzut, mirakl. Ir. [Mipvail N.] 
Mu-vaile, feart ; longradh, iongan- 
tas, luaichcantas, aidhveij. 

Miror, Rhy vedhy,ary thro, hofi 
yn vaur, J^uueythyr kyvriv maur 
o beth , bod yn vaur jandho yn. 
To wonder, marvel, admire, to like 
or be in love with, highly to efleem 
or I'et by, to imitate. Ar Scravilla, 
luetlia, elHami, abaffi, fuethani, e- 
llonni. Jr. longnaim, ma.Jitaimj 
mactnaira, nim iongnadh ar , as 
iongadh no es iongantaA; liom,mea- 
fam go mor. 

Mirum, Rhy vedhod, arythredh. 
A wonder, a marvel. Ar Sueth, yun 
dra admirable. Jr. Iongnadh, ion- 
gantas, -fdeakar ; ainvcid, aidhveil, 
luaitheantas ; ni ionganta^. 

Minis, Rhyvcdh, rhyvedhol, 
arythr, f ercs, f enj;ir, f enj^iriol. 
WonderfuU, marvellous, firange Ar. 
Sucthys. Jr. longantSA; , aidhvea- 
laA: , adhvaJ mor, imarka;;;, luai- 

Milcellsneus , Peth kymmyrg, 
blith draphlith, blkh draxymmyig. 
Mixed, confujed, jumbled together. 
Ar. Kemeskec. Jr. Comaiigthe , 
gan korduyadh ; na keann ar fud, 
na tiuk traka ; na kiram karam, na 
jirlc j^iiairle. 

Milcellus , y peth fydh j;ym. 
mylg o amryu betha;. Mixt of di- 
vers kinds together. Ir ll/;omaisk- 
the, komaiigthe do neithiv eaglav. 
Mifceo, Meafgam., luatham loinim 
no kiiirim thrid axcilc; Biiaidhrim, 
mm koian, kcantad no j^irlc j;uair- 
Ic; korrayim, Icuvl'gam, jluaifim. 

Milellus, Tryenyn, iryan-ur, a- 
nur, X Jiiyn. Poor. mifer able, wr tick- 
ed, pityfkU. Ar. Pour, ezommck , 

didra, didanvcdh ; vihfln ; reyfcy- 
dik, milcribJ. lr.Lcuh-voA;d,leith- 
dhearoil, leach;(;raidhtc ; Truayan, 

Milcr,Tryan,5ovidys,tadyn, to- 
(tyrys flaud, rhcidys, anncduydh. 
Poor, wretched, pit if uU. roth. 
Ar. Rcylcydik, k.cs,di(mantet mi- 
Icrable. Jr. Kraidhcc, ur^radha;K , 
l)o;cd , dearoil , deadiival ; f dis, 
truadh, ftruiganta, f Aprainntro;^ 
/"C. Innis, avgliarax;, buaidheartha, 
anroidca;^., cribloidca^;, tinntoirlhe- 

Miicrabilis, ■J'rvan,toltyrys,5re- 
fynol, ;50vidy$. Mifrrable, lamen- 
table, wretched, pityfuU. ,\r. J'ley- 
fcydik, ka-s. Ir. Truadh deorinta, 
iontruaighe, iontrokairc. F6s tro- 

Mifcrandus, Tryanol, tollyriol. 
Lamentable, pityfiiU. Jr. lontruaye, 
iontrokairc, truagh, kraithce,bo;td, 

Miferco, Trij^arhay, i^rcfyny, 
tolljrio, bod )n dhrug j;an'dho. 
To pity, to take pity or compaffion. 
Ar. Tryedhat, irygaredha. Ir.Tru- 
kairighim, ata truighe oram dho ; 
aram Ian do thrugliaye dho. As 
Ci uadh liom, as I klirfan, as kraitlite. 

Mileria, Trieni, grelyndod, 50- 
vid, avluydh, f tr\-;Kincb, t an- 
jhyvnerth, advyd. Wretchednefs , 
mifery, diflrefs, misfortune, trouble. 
Ar. Anken, poan, tiybuiU, enkres 
enkdet, reys, re(eydif;eth, drukey r. 
Ir Innis, avgav kraidhtea;Kd, boAi- 
daineaA;d, anrodh, truaighe, trua- 
gantas,truaighvcile,skcile no skleo; 
miadh, ncavAiuid, neav^uidca^d, 
miA:inneavuin, tubaifte, le -.indonas 
fmail, t doirthcas, virvaigh. 

Mifcricordia, Tryj^arcdh, tofty- 
ri. Mercy, compaj^on, pity. Ar.Try- 
edh, trygarcdh. Ir. Trokaire, tim- 
;^aire, tim;:roidhe, myth-;roidhe, 
fokroidhej kovphais, truaighe, 
f skeile no skleoj louA^aiv, uxd, 

Mifericors, Try^arog, toftyriol, 
a vo drug j;andho. Mercyfull, pity- 
full, compa'tjionate . Ar. iryedhys, 
trygaredhys. Ir. Trokairea.^, tim- 
Ajairea;;, tim.j;roidheaA;, mythAiro- 
idhea;e, foAJroidhea^;, kovphaiflic- 
a;;, Ian do thruaighe, skeileaA;. 

IVliJilis, Erjydiol, peth a alher 
ei davly a'l er^ydio. That may be 
thrown, cafi, hurt'd or flung. At. 
Taulctik. Ir. Solavaigii, iourAiair, 
Ibitheiligthc, foxaite, ioftaillte. 

Midiis, Anvonaug , anvonedig. 
Sent, cafi, hurl'd. Ar Kaflet, di!e- 
felct, taulct. Ir. Kurtha, fyitc, do 
fearadh no do ;:uireadii ar fliival, 
7 eatha, j forriiva, f ryladh no ro- 
ladh, -t-do flieanadh; Teilgthc, 
kaitc ar na lava^, skaillthe, leig- 
the no do leigeadh ama;is ar ftival 
no f.i reir ; Lavartha, a leigthe thai- 
riflij Sokraighthi; Jigartha, dea- 
laighthi ; Kri;Knaighthi. 

Mitigo, Lhcnydhy, Ihiniary, cf- 

muythhay, Ihaeiy. Adhvedy, fee- 

thy, medhalhay.' To m:t<gate, af- 

Jwage, appeafe, allay, or eafe , to 



Tit. 11. A Comparative Vocabular 


make rife or mellow. Ar. Havi, to 
ripen. Ir. Kcannlayim, minyim, fo- 
krayim, kiuineyhim, aklayim,mo- 
glayim, mythrayim, rma;edam. 

Mitis, Lharyaedh, juar, hynaus, 
muyii, adhvuyn,tlhednais;Tauel, 
Ihonydh, did'onnx, adhvxd, faeth. 
Meek, mild., gentle, calm ; Ripe '"el- 
low. Dus j Den peoAJ, fiul, pafiant, 
dinoes,rei2,i Hao,meur. Ir. Min, 
kyin, kinealta, f teith, leavar, fail- 
gean, ffuavais, miAiair, miAjartha, 
konnairmaiita. Moglaidh , mytli- 
raidh, bog, bogur, aklaidh, fo;i;ma- 
idh, forafta. 

Mitra,Mitir, koronef?;ob, kap- 
pankor^ Penuifg, penjyu^, pen- 
Ihiain juraig. yi Boiwet or Turban, 
a Bifl^op's mitre ; An attire of the 
head. Ar. Mintr. Ir. Baijnn N. 

Mitto, Anvon, j^yrry ; Jado hei- 
bio , selhung yniaith , madhaE ; 
Burn, tavl'y, erj^ydio. To fend or 
dif^atch (letters or mcpngers) to 
prefent [gift!) to caff or hurl; to put 
forth, to utter, to difmifs, to ceafe, to 
give over, to forgive. Ir. Fyidhim, 
t ladham, t kardini, fea^am, fca- 
ram, nieannaidhim, kuirim ar fliiu- 
val ; Ladham F. 

Mixtura, Kymmyfsiad , kym- 
mylg, tymVieriad. Ammglingtoge- 
ther Ar. Kemelsdra. Ir.Komask, 
meafgadh, fuachadh, loineadh no 
kur ar fud' a A;eilci BreaA;dna- 
gadh, F. 

Mixtus, Kvmmyfg, kymmyf^e- 
dig. Mixt, mingled. Ar. Kemesket. 
Ir. Meafgtha, fuaitc, lintenokur- 
cha thrida xoIAz ; A gomask lear,F. 

Mnemofynum, Kov, kofa, aru- 
ydh i jadu kov am bcth; kofadu- 
riseth. A monument or memorial, a 
token or pledge left with one's frie7id, 
in retnembrance of a thing. Ar.Ku- 
'n ; Sin memoar, teftenabeth ku'n, 
^c. Ir. Irris'highein , kovarcha 

Mobilis.Kyxuynnol, kyfroedigj 
tServylh, anuaftad, yn buhum- 
mam. That may be movd,movable, 
wavering, giddy, light, imconjlant. 
Ska'n, ska'n-bennak , ber-bocllik , 
penikort, variant Ir. Soghluaiftc, 
loAJorraighchi , fo^uvufgdia, kor- 
ra^: , gogaA: , neiv'hcafvaA: , kead- 

Moderamen , Kymmhefyruydh, 
jrdymmer, Ihyuodrxth, rheolaeth. 
Government, rule, management, di- 
reBio7i,guidance,fteerage. Ar. Go- 
varnamant. Ir. Meal'ardhaAid, riag- 
halaghadh, ftiuradh, dirgadh, fol- 
lavnayadh, j^reoradh , faIlavna;Kd, 
riaghail, keannas, keannfal, kinni- 
reaA;d, kinveartus. 

Moderans, yn Ihyuodraethy, yn 
rheoly, Ruling, governing, manage- 
ing. Ir. Ag nadhlaghadh, ag ftiu- 
radh, ag follavnayadh, ag treoradh. 

Moderatio , Kymmhelyruydh , 
kymmedroider, ardymmer, kym- 
hedrol reolacth. Moderation , ma- 
nagement, good government, right 
order, due proportion. Ar.Myfyur, 
govarnamant, temperans. Ir. Me- 


afartha;ed, meafraghadli, riailaadh, 
ftiuradh, follavnayadh. 

Moderaior, Lhyuydh, Ihyuo- 
draetlnir, rheolur. Agovertwur, a 
guide, a ruler Ar. Govarner. Ir 
Rialaytheoir, ftiyrthoir. 

Modernus, Prclennol. Modern 
Ar. Prefant. Ir Frcaknaireax, noi- 
lliefaA;,na hamlliirefe. 

Moderor , Lhyiiio, Ihyuodrae- 
chy^ rheolij kymmedroli,kymmhe- 
ry. To govern, rule, manage, guide, 
order. Ar. Govcrna, reolia, reiza, 
renka, yrdha^ ordreni. Ir. Meai- 
rayiiTi, f'ollavnayim, rialayim, ftiu- 
ram, glealam, kuirim a ngleas, feol 
no fyi 'heol a meafarthaA;d, a mifur, 
adeavasj Keannfayim^ fma^idam, 
kuirim riaghail no ImaAid ar. 

Modeftia, Lhedneifruydh, f mo- 
dhulruydhj kynuyledh, diuajfau- 
ruydh, kymmedroider, ardymmer, 
j;orA;uyledh , joityngneidhruydh. 
Modejfy, Jhamefac'd?ieJ's, fobernefs, 
difcretion, good government, orderly 
behaviour. Ar. Me7.,,dirmcgans. Ir. 
Aidhnaire, adhnairi.aA;d, uirifle , 
uvla, deighiom;ear , meafartha;i;d. 

Modcflus, Tymherys, modhys, 
medrys, lhednais,puylhog, diuar- 
(au, kymhcdrol. Modejl , bajhfull , 
fiber, demure, civil, civil, -well go- 
vern d^fitte behav'd. Ar. Moderet, 
mezeys. Ir Adhnairea;);, faitea;^ , 
meafartha, miiavail, dea^iovairlea^, 
deighiomxair, deaghoirAiillea;e , 

Modicus, y^ydig, byA:an, kym- 
hedrol, kymmeiyrol. Little, fmall, 
firry, mean, indijferent. Ar. Bihan, 
mynyuc. Ir.Bcag, min ; 5car,gann, 
gamaineaA; , koimear , aith'jhear , 
athA;oimcar, meafartha, inveodho- 
naA;,neivimarka;t, realunta,ni roi- 
vcag ni ro-vor. 

Modiolus , Meilixd ve;tan, he- 
ftoraedh, hobaid, lelleri jodidurj 
PhioUynn , dioudlefter; Oluyn 
menn j Rhyu oferyn a arfer Ihau- 
vedhyj;on. A little bujhel, a bucket, 
a goblet ; alfi an injlrument which 
Surgeons ufe to cut out fmall bones 
wit hall, called a Trepandiron. Ar. 
Poeflel bihan, poeflelik. Ir. Mi6g, 
kron6g, buska, kreithrin, mioA; no 
kriathar beag tovais ; j;alun kurra ; 
^ne koirn no kupain veig. 

Modius, Math ar vefyr ;Tclia;d, 
hobaed , hellorsed , tel jrennaid , 
meiliaid A bujhel. Ar. Poeflel. Ir. 
MioA:, meifrivar, kriathar ; tovais 
no keithreavadh kuid do vairille. 

Modo, yn aur, yraurhon; velly, 
mal, hydoni. ynynig; Er hynny 
i j^yd , ueithian , ryu amfer. Jufl 
now, even now, a while ago, lately. 
Ar. Breman,a brefantik,brema tu- 
Ihant , etarz ne meyr. Ir. Anois 
[ ainilh ] a lathair, ar ball ; Oxtx- 
neiv , tamal no fliealadh o 'hoinn j 
fheadh, avlaidh , madh , ionnus , 
monkaA;d ; Go hairigh meath dha- 
la, ni as luya ar bith ; jidheadh ar 
a 'hon ftin ; feaAid , nail, liair ai- 
7;ein. Modo non ; Beag na^i , ni 
mor mx. 
Modulo'', juneythyr peth urth 

riv a mefyr, kany kerdh, kany yn 
jyuir vefyrol ; Dyuedyd vn berei- 
uhuyA;. To meafure, to model, to 
compofe or fit a tU7ie, to fitig, totiine, 
to play a tune upon an injlrument. 
Ar.Ober uar ler;tt mefyur, kana 
uar mefyur, (ire Ir. Mei'fliinnim, 
nv'hninim, keoil-rivam, meiftiAie- 
olam, riv-;.eolam. Sinnim go bin, 
nim keol no kantairea^id re tovaifli, 
a mifiir no re hionran, tovaifhm, 
meadarayim, j;leafanrf, no kuirim a 
ngleas re xc\[q, no a goiv'hrea- 
gradh keoil re .^eile. 

Modulus , Mefyr peth , maint , 
maintioli ; Mefyr keidh. Amodell, 
a meafure; Mufical notes. Ar. Me- 
fyur, ar ment ; Skuezr, patrom, cf- 
fempl. Ir.Tovas, fmeas, mifur 

Modus, Modh, juedh, dylh,fyt, 
fynyd, delu, Ihyn ; Maint ; Diu- 
cdh ; Mefyr ; Amfer a melyr me- 
un kerdh. A meafure, a mean, a 
bound or compafs, a manner, fajhion 
or way of domg the (quantity, fize, 
bigiiej's or proportion of a?iy thing, an 
end or flint ; The time or meafure in 
mufick. Ar jis ; Imaifli, fyrm. Ir. 
Modh, kaidh, ■!;leas,doigh, kargo- 
thadh,aiftc, bladh bul, kruthrio^d 
innel, gavail , kukigh, kongraim, 
foirm, f fath, dal K. nos. f Mos, 
mifur. jne, tkuit,lbrt, komadh, 
riaghail, keird , ealadha ; kaivdhe 
no mcid j KriA; ; Am, f meas no 
miliar a geol ; Meafara^id, kofvu- 
\3./cd, imad no moran. 

Mxcha., j;odincburaig, pyttccn, 
bydrog , j;ordher.t . A whore , a 
ftrumpet. At. Gaft,/>/«r.T;iiti,ferA;, 
potres. Ir. Ban-adhaltr> e, bean a- 

Moschus, Torrur priodas, ^odi- 
nebur, jordherA^ur. A whorema- 
fter , a lecher , a?i adulterer. Ar. 
Gaftauer, avultr , lybryk, lyk- 
fy'rius, paillard, ryufian Ir. Ad- 
haltraidhe,adhaltrannaidhe , givai- 
re, druifirc, byifhire, lothair, dru- 
thoir, fear ftripa;Kuis, oinfliire. 

Moenia, Ar. Myrail. V. Murus. 

Mojftus, Prydh, trift, trumj T;a- 
larys, alaetliys, f bruyn. SorowfuU, 
fad, mour?!ful! , dijloiitent , wofuU, 
penfive. C. Trauedhak, q. pryde- 
rys Itrift. Ar. Trift, hirudys. Ir. 
Dobrona;;'. , brona^; , bearrana^;, do- 
lafa-. , doilgheala^ , eolA;aireax; , 
triavainea;;, 5leodha,v, kiavaireax:, 
deorauta, k«vadha;!j, kraidhte,toir- 
lliea>; jruama, mukna;; miolain- 
neaz, duva;e r duivair, duilvir. 

A'lola, Melyn, breyan ; Lho Ihe- 
yad, pel y vammog; Teifen o vlaud 
a halen. A mill i Meal or flower 
jfnnkkd withj'alt upon the facrifice ; 
A Moon-calf. C. Belin , f melin, 
brou. Ar. Mul, meill, melin. Ir. 
Muilean, Muilin^ & -leans, N. 

Molaris, A bei thyn i felin ; Per- 
taining to a milt. Dens molaris, VV. 
Kil dhznt, A grinder or chaw-tooth, 
Ar. Kildant. Ir. Mullein no kloi- 
xe muilein ; Denies molares, ku- 

Moles, Peth maur trura, fum- 

Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 93 


mcr,anj;henvainc; Adail v;iur,tom- 
men; Ar7;;ic i attaldiir j Anhuul- 
iIlT , kalciJi, d)j;ncuh A pile ar 
heap, a lump, a ireig/l, j /lu/k, a 
damm to flop f/v coiirje of water y 
any tkmg that is hard to accompHjb 
Ar. Meyrbctli ; pucs-bctli , pacs- 
dra, cTf. Ir GaA;ni roihrom, rovor, 
no rothO'tto;^. 

Mol'.iiia, j;ovid, | dyj^ncdh , 
;^d)5nboi,Mi, blindc-r; Avlouydhu ., 
tralLTth, tralliod, tacrni. Trouble, 
diJqHiet. Ar. Ankeii, poan, tryLuil, 
enkrjs, enkdft. Ir. JJu.kal, do;>;ar, 
doil^cas, bearran, buaidhirt, a:;- 
Ibdh, niilliaivncjs, mi . iuineas, tri- 
bloid, klibifo, coirle, ki'ir, antrail, 
lifta;i;d le.;draii, kladan. 

Molelto, ; Dyj^iiy, avloiiydhy, 
lirh.iy, blino, ptK'iii. 7;ovidio, tra- 
Ihodi To frnul/te or dijijuiet, to ag- 
grieve, i/:oleJL Ar. Aiikiniia, jxja- 
ni. c^f. Ir Ci'iiiim, buaidhrim, kra- 
dhani,bcarranaim, toirlhyim, kui- 
rini buaidhirt, anfhodli, tribloid. 

Molcftus, -f Dyv;n, blin, avlo- 
nyd!), ti alhodus, pot-ii} .-;, anivaudli, 
kaicd, taer, tacrdhiut;. Tioublefome, 
grieveoKS^ painfull, vexatious, ojfcn- 
jive, difficult, hard. Ar. Ankcniiyus, 
poanyus, dici. Ir. Tribloidhca.;^ , 
buaiuhcarti.a, kroLnia, doakla;: , 
dokra;^'. an'hokair, an'hokra;!,, doi- 
]igh, ku'iaidli, kmagala;^, ancrail- 
leaA;, IcadUrana;>i, K.ov.\\\eiK, doil- 
^eafi!;;, bcarra.-;, brona/;,C'"<^. 

Molimcn, yr e^ni a'r J^rym a'r 
nerth a lo yn i uiicythir pcth. yJ?i 
ijideavour, attempt, nr enterprise, a?t 
undertaKing. Ar. Poan, nerth, <2rc 
Ir. Neart, dith;ica!, dli'thas , du- 
thra;id no drcim do x,\}m ni do 
dheanadh ; kruas v.o krivigail, kru- 
atan, keimA;riia!gh no doakai. 

Mohor, yrr.e?;nio i wncythyr 
peth,ymor;.clly, kvnh\rvy, 1- m- 
mydo; kvAiUyn peth, ;^i.!neythyr. 
j;ueithio, lha\ yrio,adeilady ; ^un- 
cythyr ci orey, \madvery. 'lo at- 
tempt , enterprife or undertake ; to 
defgn, plot or contrive; to prepare 
or mate ready ; to wove or remove, 
to force, to throrv or cafl, to -work or 
labour, to build or raijc. Ar. Ktscj, 
klask, melli, poania. Jr. Gliiaifim, 
korrayim , aithearrayim , dith;^;!!- 
laim, dreimin, Iparnaini, mm dith- 
xeal, dreim, j;leikj ipairn no landi- 
thra/jd, do dheanadh ni. 

Molitor, Malur, nieiinydh. A 
grinder. C. Belen(ier. Ar.NIciller, 
melincr. Ir. Muilkoir, foir mtil- 

Mollis, Medhal, cfmuyth, malu, 
yHuyth, muythyi, jureiraidh , 
myn'ennaidhjjijuaj; faw,lhakk, Iha- 
es, yn ymolhuag; Adhvaed|, fa- 
eth. Soft, eafy, gentle, tender, pliant, 
finooth, freet, pleafant , delicious , 
calm, mild, nice, -wanton, effeminate, 
looJe,ripe. C Medal. Ar. Guak ; 
blot. IrMvth, hog, bogur,ak!aidh, 
muadhim, moglaidh, t konnairkle, 
t anairt, leavar, eakkriiaidh, flieaf- 
gar, fagal, (licide, lavafa;;, fogha- 
fa/;,foghavail,rokair, finealta, min 


Bandha. mala ; f Soraidh , (birv. 
MoUis homo , BoganaA; , kathaire , 
leidm, feimiiica;t. 

i\ lollior,N leilhaihay To befoften- 
ed. Ar. Guakka/:,yo/?ir. Ir. Ni)- 
bui^lii. /'. e. ni ai bijighi. N. 

MoUities, Medhalu,*, nialucdh, 
tyncru;:, muythylder, niyrlcndod, 
j;uaj:;(auruydh ; Araveidhdra, rhy- 
uioLi.:;ruydh. Kacthdca C Medal- 
cicr. Ar. Llrakdcr. Ir. Boga,boi'^e, 
boit;caA;d, bugune, myithe, my- 
tlia^d, nu)glaidhca>.d, mythraithc- 
a- d, mine, minea.>;d, lincalta.s. 

iMoIofliis, Kollog, koltoLiki. A 
majlive-dog. C. Mellan, j giiikcr. 
Ar. Stank doj;es. Ir. Ku no ga- 
dhar ar till. Mil-cu. N- 

Momcntancus, yr liyn ni pheri 
end yA;ydig, rr.uij^kedig. Momen- 
tary, that Trhich lafls but a moment. 
Ir. Trc/Iidha, taithcivail. Faikca- 

Momento, Puyfo yn yniaim. To 
hallance a thing exailly. Ir. Go tai- 
tcavail, go treallavail. 

Momtntura,Didhym anMcr, my- 
n)d. Kyvriv, a pliuys, a jrym, a- 
ncith, a phuyth pcch- A moment, 
a minute, a -weight or or poifc, any- 
little ff>acc or difiauce of place. Ar 
.\, moinvnt. Ir. I'aiteadh, tai- 
tcog, moimcint, mniuit, treallta- 
ikc no an kuid as lua ar bith d'- 

Monachus, j^ur ynig, myna.?;, 
krev\dhur. A Motik, a Frier. C. 
fMana.^ Ar. Mana^; , />/«>•. Me- 
nc;i. Ir. Mana;i, Sic & N duine 

Monarcha, Vnben, ar;iideyrn, 
pennadyr, |myA:deyrn. Amonarch. 
Ar. Ri'ie, plur. Rua.iet. Ir. yin- 
vreas, yinrigh, yinflaith ; Righno 
fiaithgan'hrcalavra.K gan .?;oiv-ri 

Monarchia, Ynbennaech , pcii- 
nadyriacch, ar;cdcyrnaeth. A mo- 
narchy, the rule of one prince alone. 
Ar. Ruantelech. Jr. yinvrcalaAid , 
\ in'hlaitheaAid. 

Monafterium , Myna;>;]og, krc- 
V) dh-dy, prior-dy. Amonajfery or 
conve7it i a minijler, an Abbey or 
Nunnery. Ar Abati. Jr. Maimj ce|i. 
A'^. Monaifiir no koivthionol ma- 
na/i,br2thair nodyineadhrialta. 

Kloncdula,Ko^vran GAj/w.Cou- 
ki.i» chough or </aro. C.TIliauka,! Pa- 
lores Ar.KaujnJrKavog.cao3;,iV. 

Moneo, Rhvb>dhio, dyuedyd 
i yn, duyn ar 56v,kynj;hori. Toad- 
monijh, advife, counfell, -warn, to put 

mar a; . A jeTsel or other ornament 
to bang about one's neck , a poitrel 
of a horje. C. f Ueck. ir. Mllin- 
'liead, IhcJvraghad, treas vraghad, 

U U/., tl/C. 

Moninientum, Kov, kofa, aru- 
ydh, tylholacth, ■ (grin vur maria. 
A monument, a record, chinnicle, or 
l.iflory , a tomb or ji-pulchre Ar. 
l-cdh, Alepulcher,plur bedhiu ir. I 
Ravaindhc, llitd-;;;ovartha, kovar- 
tiu kuivnc ti^cin. 

Monitor, Rhybydhiur,5uyfiur, 
kvn^horur, koviuri Sulyj^iir 511- 
aith An admonifher, advifer, coun- 
feller, informer , remembrancer , a 
monitor. Ar Avcrtiller. Ir.Ravairc, 
tu.igarthoir, f'earrova i'geil nokur- 
tha ar aire, no ar A;oivcd 

Monitum, Rhyb\dhi Kerydh , 
lean, j^ur;;vmniyn, 'kynj;hor. An 
admonition or irarning, an advice, a 
leff'on or infiruc'tton, a check or re- 
buke. Ar Avcrtiflamant. ir. Rova 
no rav.';dh jfuagr;dh,l5cal -, iprea- 
5adh, aithvir, aithne, fuarailcav, 
t allaA;, kovairlc, tcagalg, oideas, 

iMouoculus, Ynlhyj;cidiog. That 
hath but 07ie eye. C. Ydiilagad7,hak 
Ar yn-lagad'ck Ir. Ar Icruh-huil, 
ar Icath rolg ; leath-hiila, leathrof- 
ga.>;. l-ath CKch. N. 

Mons, Mynydh, bre, brynn , 
mocl, j^anh,f,alht ; Pcnturo dhim. 
A mount am or hilt, a great heap of 
any thnig, a mou?it. C. Monedh 
braz^ fmenydh. Ar.Mcnedh, \me- 
ne-z. J ir. Knok , mulla;t , | mViai, 
Uiav, r mam, ard, + a, bri , aighc, 
fdinn, t aif^eir, t neas, fais, ko- 
dadh, figh, i kuanna, bcann, trinnj 
Karn motaj karraig. Montes 
; Roilve , f beannthavra Mons 
nundinalis, ; Tcidc, kntik vnvigh 

Monflro, Dan^osj mynesi, a- 
drodh, yip (Ty, provi ToJI.^ew, de- 
clare, to telf to prove or convifl. 
Ar. Diskucdha. Ir. Taisbeanaim, 
taireavam, tailealvam , ftaivrim, 
j;linnidhim no toillyim, foirreilim, 
taidhfighim, Uicolam, beartrayim 
K. mumim^ teagafgaim. 

Monftrofus, Anj;henviJaidh, di- 
eithyr, anf^rhcdiduy, arythr. Ahn- 
\flrou!, ugly, ill Jhaped, Jlrange. Ar. 
Monltrcys Ir. I'oratharda, mio- 
/MiteriK, fuaitheanta , ardharka^:, 
ionganta/;, aidhvcala^;, minadur- 
tlia, doixjreidthe, toraithrea.;i. 

Munllrum, Anj;henvil, peth 
avl}niadh; Aruydh , arj^ocl, ar 

one in mind to do a thing. Ar. Aver- dhan^^oGad. A monfter, a ftrange 
tifla, guzavi Ir. Fuagraim, beirim 'ySgA/. an ugly mijkapen thing-, a 
rova no Ij^eaJ, do innifliim, aithri-|d'/rf;^«i'/>rf/7?gf. C. f Kn kinedel, a 
flum, kuirira ar aire no a goivne j Gmw''. Ar. Monftr. IrTorathair, 

dho ; Beirim kovairlc dho 

tmio;;airti, fiavarr j^id, arra;Kd no 

Moneta, Munai, Bath. Money or deilv granna go n'imarkaigh, go 
coin. Ar. Monneith. Ir. .Air5id,|n'eafvaigh nogomighleasi nadur- 
kearb-.^lodh no klodh airjcia no j tha , Ca;i: ni minadurtha, no a na- 

ar airhead, monatan, K. 

Monialis, Krevydhver.x,./^»«». 
C i Laines, t Manacs, Ar. Lea- 
nes, monnes. Ir.KaiJIca;; duv, be- 
an riaghalta. 

Monile, Tor/;, munuj:;!, arian- 

ghaidh ^urla nadurtha 

Montanus, Mynydhig, rayny- 
d'nol HsUy , mountainous. Ar. Yu- 
hei, mencdhek. Ir. SJcive, IJcivtca- 
vail, knuikj knokavail. 

MonticoLi,Mvnydh-drig ; S W. 

dlus, tlus, kae, tcjaD. Bron-j;cn5l;Blaenig, blaenydhig, <n o'rblac 
A a ' ' nx 

Tit. II- A Comparative Vocabulary 

19 4 

I M. j M. 

ncc. Amountaineer. Ar.Menedher, | dryj;air, pij:;o to hite tog?ian> ; To 
mcncdhen ; Den menedh, guas me- 1 backbite and j^eak ill of one, tojlmg, 
nedhek,Hcrmit,c^f. Ir.Sighdhairc, i^ettle or vex one. Ar Danc.i, kic- 

(livairc, roilveoir, fleivteoir, fear 

lleivc, no ;eovnaidhe ar fliav. 
Monciculus , Bryn , brynkyn , 

krvg , j^ovron A hillock , a Jhull 

hill, dec. CtKryg, runen Ar. 

Bern, graAjel, tyryumel, doroHen. 
j IrKnokan, knoikm, knokaire, kar- 

nin, fornan, ardan, tulgan, tuilg, 
I fmalan, molin. 

Montigena, yn a aned yn y my- 

nydh. One horn in the mountains. 
I Ir. Roilv^qheinte, fliav thuifmigh- 

thi, ailgheinte, rinveartha 

j;i- Danta gant e komiu, lemel an 
hano mat, dilcnon, infami,bryudi 
ir. j;earram , beanam ^rcim as ^ 
kuirim tiakal, faitodli no kalg ann. 
kreidl)mim,lircidiinirim, Icavraim. 
Leamam, fj^eavam fglavam, mm- 
graim , ingnyim , bc-arram , nim 
kreidhmirc, leavairtno iglavanc ar. 
F6s mm kul;Kaint, itliiomradh, an- 
Aiaint jjearaidlieaAid, fcalA;aidheaA;t, 
ipeal;,aidhcaA;d, bordaidhca;t;t no 
bairfca.j;d ; Itliim, kainim j;o fe- 
ar, no beinm athais j:;liear 

Montofus, Lhaun mynydlioedli,! Alorior, Maru, trcngy To dye 
mynydhiig, bryniog. HtUy., moun-\ Ar. Mcrvel. Ir. Lagam , eiblim F. 
tainom. Ar. Menediick, y'uliel. Ir. i teadham d'eag, jeivim bis, f bca- 
Knoka;e, llcivcea;tt, d^-f- ' vam, tallayim, undiyim argul, ar 

Mora, Aros, 7;odrig,fohir,ocd, I d.armad, no meatliam. 
Delay ,fii>y,lettj^indrance. At Y>i-\ Moror, Aros, rriv^o, ymaros , 
lez, dale. Ir. Muill , malan, fiona,! prelliylio, kyvanedliy ; Oedi, tjo- 
Iibaid,5lcavran, f dolva, maillcri- j birio^ Lliycjliiais, rhuyftro, attal j 
ali, i'droill, radhraA;as, K Fadail , guncytliyr kyvriv o beth. To flay, 
flij^air, lighneas, lilla;(;d, lilta;t:as, ''^''O', <»'?/•«)', linger; to flay or Trait 
fuirea.",, im'huireaA; -\ furnaidlie, !/<"■; to flop, let or hinder ,- to regard 
ft:ad,kovnaidhe, t coirifiv, tiis, tall, ' <"■ care for. Ar. Allen an termen, 
j taircan, tuirncav, |- iodlinaidhe, 'deport , gorto. Ir. Muiliim, mm 
foil!, Ibtrait;hea/>:d, coirmeafg, kre- ' nunll, Ihdam fuirighim ; mm Ihul, 

I apall. 1 luirca^i no kovnaydlie. 

I Moralis, Moefaul, a bcrrhyn i; Morolus, Anynad, druj;nauvys, 

j vottfay ag arverion. Moral, manizer- : anhynaus, anhvuaith, f guanavog. 
/>',8cc. Ar. Mat-manilys , mat-fe- Morofi, croJs,peefiJh,teJiy'. Ar.Di- 

jlonnet. I.Dynna, dynnaidhe,no/;- j ts, Krainniis, legafys, kilidik. Ir. 

j davail, mofavail, bcafavail, taldlia, \ Minola;^, anvofa;;, fyvnofaA;, fvil- 

talavail, moralti, bealdha 
j Moratus, Moefiul, moclj^ar, j;u- 
j ybodauljmoefaug. IVell or ill man- 
nered ; but more ufually in a good 
fenje. Ar. Mat-manilys, mat-f'elbn- 
net; hyumen, kuantik, propink, 
derciadik, miftrik. Ir. BeafaA;,mo- 
fap;, nofa.Jj. Bene moratus, foivea- 
laAijdeighvcaraA;, f iiiav. Male mo- 
ratus, droiAiveafa;i;, dovofax, mi- 
nofaA;, FyilveafaAi, droAjvuintc. 

Morbidus, Kluyvys , heinys . 
klav, dolyrys. Sickly, faint, difeaf- 
ed, fiabbed. Ar. Kla'n. Ir. Tinn , 
eallin anvfalldn, truaillidh ; Sytha^; 
go galraya^;. 

Morbofus, Lhaun klevyday, hc- 
inlhyd, heinys, kluyvys. Sickly or 
full ofdifeafes. Ar.RU'nuys.Ir.Tin- 
neala.3i, eallana;i; anvfallana i, gal- 
nx, galraya^;. 

Morbus, Klevyd, kluyv, haint, 
amhyynt,anhuyl, dolyr. Adifeafe, 
pcknefs, or difiemper.^ a trouble, a 
default. C. Klevaz, fklevet. Ar, 
Klc'nvet. Ir. Tinne2s,galar, eaflain- 
te, t fcoth , t fo;i;aidhe, f fireav, 
t luvra, t makraidh, f eafadh, f o- 
thras.Neiv, buaidhirt,lo;Kd, piaigh, 
t tav. Dy»reitlia , F. Treavlaid , 
iadal, F.Kreidhim. F. 

Mordax , A vratho a dannedh, 
ney a ;>;olyn, ney a j^eirise ; Toft , 
Ihymm, coftlhym. Biting, nipping. 

veaJaA;, droi^veala;j, doirv, doru 
innca;*:, conruineaA: , krinkana^i , 
mailkea;i,doiriarra, tyda^;, tynian- 
ta, + tcidhmn<.a.;i,klibifliea/;, Icibi- 
dea;;, leav, fs.'alkhyma;, bvjha- 

Mors, Anje, [<^ angey] Maru- 
olaeth, f dicn, dihen\dh, Ihaith, 
dylaitli, Iheas. Death, decay. C. 
lAnkoii. Ar. Arkun. lr.I3as,eag, 
oidheadh, f tcidhm, f teive, -fj^Us, 
r etlira;--, t , ] irt, f bann, fbano, 
t bath, f keal no kiol, | toinneav, 
Koilcarvadh, f availt no avail, 
t meilg, t fab, fkro, ■\ divadh, nas, 
fiiforb. Kill F. fEarnvas, mors a 

Morfus, Brathiad a dant, f tym- 
mhij;iad, brath a Aollyn ; fenn , 
kerydh, farhaad, dryj^-ablcn, jfi- 
vid,pocn; Knova, atj^no j knoad 
anivail ; Tamm, tammaid. A bite 
■withthe teeth, a flinging, a taunt or 
rebuke, a backbit eing or /lander. grief, 
pam, ache. Ar. Krok , tam , pcth, 
draillcn, feipcn. Ir. Grcim, fiakal, 
ff eav, leam, (glav .; J ail, j caglan, 
athais, akafan, iprcagadh,an<aint, 
(ganail, nciv, pun, doA;ar,igalladh, 
bruid,J5earradh, kradh. 

Klorlus, a, um, Gucdi vrathy, 
brathedig. Bitten, gnawn. Ar Kre- 
J^it, dantct Ir. G.'eim-j;hearrtha, 
kreidhmtha, krddhmcartha , lea- 

[iinging, poinant, fiarp, fatyrical ' bartha, (glavtha, krainte, Jjearrcha, 
Ar. Dantek, lem, Hemmek, koloe- ', bearrtha. 

aek, brudck, be^ek. Ir. j;er, feal- 
.taidh, fpsalAiaidh, neivnea;i; , fglu- 
vaire, leavaire, kreidhvearthoir. 

i Mortarium, Lhefter nc gavan i 
gyro pcth yndho. Pulh i uncythyr 
kvmmrud kal^;. A mortar vherein 

Mordeo, Brathy, knoi, f tym- things are tray'd ; alfi a place where 
mhigau. jogany , rhoi fenn, rhoi lime and fand are mixed to make 

\mortari alfo morter it felf Ar. 
IMorter, Pri, mortez. Jr. Moirteal 
j na m'rudhthar ni. Fos moirteal no 
' doib. 

{ Mortuarium, Obediu. A mor- 
tuary. Ir.fForbaA; kuid na mairv 
no kind anama. 

Murtuus, Maru, diy fpryd.Df^?;/, 
■without courage, life, or j^irit . C. & 
Ar. Maro Mortuusefl. Ar. Maro 
CO, ct eo dan anaun, decedet eo, 
trcmet co. Ir. Marv, 

Morum, Muyar, muyarcn, A 
black-berry , a bramble-berry. C. 
Moran diu, plur. mor diu^ ^ mo- 
yar &; moirbren, Morus. Ar. Mua- 
ren, muaren drez. Ir. Ga;^ kvr 
dhuv no dhearg, graininea;-; ; mir 
ata, Imcar, mucor, ixyxog,&c. 
Mora rubi Idai, fuv kryv j Mora 
rubi, inicara, fGrian vui'ne. 

Mos, Aloes, arver,d'ylh, guedh, 
fmynydh, tkynnedhVjCampiDe- 
vaud, kynevaud, kyvlur. Aman- 
'""'■j f^Jhion, guife or cuftom, the or- 
der of a place; one's te7nper or con- 
dition, quality or nature. Ar. Mani- 
cJ, kyltym, feflon, fceyrt. Ir. Bes, 
nos, T mos, | tul, f airilteun, | fi- 
dhradh, im;.,ar, oir^ill, munadh, 
logvail, mi'dh ; gnath,klea;tdadh, 
u.uu5hadh, glcas, koingeal, ibid. 

Alotacilk, Tinfigil y^uys, brich 
y vyA;es, brith y r o^ed'. AbirdcaUd 
a wag-tail. C Stenor Ar. Kancre- 
'ik an dur. Ir. Glafog no gluafog. 

xMocus, Kyiinyrv,kyfro,tcrvylg, 
kythryvul, guvn, furingclh, yl- 
f;ydva, ^iiyv. A motion or moving, 
a flir, trouble , a7iy paflion of the 
mind, geflure or carriage. Ar. Ke- 
Hysk, fruden. Jr. Imlar, imraidhe- 
ad, j^lcai'tal,, oir^iill, ionga- 
vail, j;lilala;ct, kovlgal, f b.inn, Uii- 
val, t fonnadh. Rat F. farakar, 
\ iomrav. 

JVloveo, ymmod, kvnnhyrvy, 
kyfroi, ky;tuyn, t kuyvan, iiglo, 
.^■'SOS) fvvlyd, xuimio ; Tervylj;y, 
r tralhodi. Tomove,ftir,jOg,Jhake; 
To depart, quit Or leave a place ; To 
provoke, raife ; to iyitice, allure, de- 
light orpleaje, to trouble or difturb. 
Ar.KcHysk, remyui, flailh, fi'nval, 
ryla. Ir.Gluaifim, korrayim, Juaf- 
g-im , K. easkraim , tar;^ovlaimJ 
t manraim , uigardaim , bogam , j 
krcthara, iguidam aithfjuidam , ' 
togvam, aitheairayim , klodham ; 
.'\ltraighim, F. f iomraidbira, iod- 

Mox, < n y man, ynaurhyn, yn 
dhioed, yn (ihiannod, yri dhiatreg, 
ar \yrr. By and by, anon,prefently, 
ftraight, afterwards, a while after . 
Ar. LJremizha, a brefantik, brema 
cufliant, cbarthnemeyr. Ir.Arball, 
kovluath agus, ar lathair, fvi.xe- 
ann tamaillj'^^o doix, ^o gairid, 
go h' aithfhearr, ann Ihin iaraiv, iar 
Ihin ; na dhiaigh fliin, go tapaidh. 

Mucor. Rrvnti, Ihuydni, malh- 
der. Mviildinefs, muflinefs. Ar Al 
luet Luec, mucidus. Ir Mutaidhe, 
nutaidhe, fuarlogh, fuarloghadh, 
tachd, leathadas, leathas no leithe 
a mbiadh no a n'aran. 


Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 





Mucofus, Lhyfnavedhog, Ihaun |otW or w/^otp, &c. C. Banen, gu- markix:. dramaA;. dc-ilvea;t. jlci- 

maim, j frag. Fos maigludcan ion- 

Mulicrculs , 7;urcigan, j;urei^- 

nith. A little -woman^ a poor firry 
cincdh Ihvfcyin ney'r ky- |n'ow/7w. Ar. Moucfcn , mauelik , 
kledhyv The pom't tf a fcmcllenik, grck vihan. Ir Koin- 

nin, f"r.ij;in, bean bcag, bean bO/;d. 


IMulCum , Brajaud. Ub. Land. 

Mel-uiii,T;uin a nicl j;ucdi cy bcrui 

vnT;hyd, meilh' j;lyn Metheglin , 

mead, mufcadtl. C Brakat, bragot ; 

fbrcgaud. Ar. Mcl-'uin. Ir. Ti- 

meark, mil'liinn, hnn comaifgthc 

IhyfnaveHh vcl y dau o'r truyn 

Snotty, Jhive led Ar. Mo."<ick Ir 

Smuga jkr.iintll-iiea;^, Ian do Imii- 

gaiv, limigan, rmi'ij;;m, Imugar- 

Idn, rmiiiT;irlin no Imugog, imu- 


iVIucro, Blacn arv, divlaen arv, 



Jiford or knife , the Jhr.rp fo'nit of 
\the top of hcrhs or avy other thing. 
' AJ'void Ar Bck, Ir. fV^i '^'^•^ "" 

bairrdhijs A'loidheiv no lj:; j 

rinn, fco, jjoli, I'golb no barr, 5c- 

ar ga;tt ni. l-oskloidhcav. 

Mucus, Lhylnivedh y froenx!, 

bydrcdhi 'r truyn Snivel or frot. 

C. Pur. Ar Alc/iiLii Ir. Smug, 
fnn.Jguille,kraintrcile, iuiglcadh no 
fal itowx. 

jViugi'.. Rliyu vorbyfe; Penvras. 
AfKuUet. C. Mcl)il,fA/r mchilli, 
tmchil. Ar Mcill, /-/r/r. Mcili cr 
nx'illct. Jr. Miiilled. 

Mugio, Brevy vel eidion, brcvc- 
rad, bvj:;ynad, kro;<;-lcifiu, '^v\z- 
leilio, t crthy/;a:n. To lonv or hel- 
/o'ui^ to cry, to roar aloud, to groan, 
to »:ake a great noife. Ar. Bytellit, 
minicilac, bynlelht Ir. jrcimim, 
5eininyim,buirmi, buirtighim, bei 
kini, nim j^eim, f;nuifim, mm bui- 
reaah no beikcadh ; (gairtim, gai- 
rim, j^sirchayim, togvam gair iua- 
;eas no nim garrclia ; ataim ag ffi\- 
mnigh ag beikigh; Ofnayim, knca- 
dam, agoinim, mm olna [ no of- 
n^dh. ] 

Mulceo, Dyh) dho , Ihonvdhy , 
Ihiniary, hcdhyx;y, el'miiycho, Iho- 
xi,5orIhyvny, J;uarhay,dovi,bod- 
loni. Toappeafeor aJftpage,tomake 
tirme or gentle, to quiet or JfiU, to 
refrejh or cheer, to plea fe or delight, 
t» Jlroke and make much of Ar. 
C)ber peoA;. Jr. Sokrayim, mini- 
ghim, kvinedim , blatham, blach- 

Muliebris, ;surcij:;xdh Mcdh- 
vaerh, ri ner. Womanijh., effeminate, 
wanton, nice, dainty, fearful! , uncon- 
Jfant. Ar. Moueiys, tcmelennck , 
gudk, bloc Ir liar'idha, f bkhe, 
t toth, mna , mnavail , banavail, 
baincann , piilicogax , banfgalta , 
myth, (aval, fcJlgar, Icide, j;calta.j: 
eadtfom , korra.?:, ncivflicafva;^. 
yir nmliehris, Piteog, banigal, fei- 

^Jula:a. Vid, Muka. 
Muldtra,Lhefter jjodro, kynnog 
cAxo^ii^-c. Mcvydlhacth iicvyuh 
odro A milk-pail; Alfonew milk, 
the ffrippmgs . C. Buket gudra, Ar. 
Pot godhro,c^-<: Ir B!cghan,kn'idh; 
(bidhea>: bleaghain. Fos kuinneog, 
t dearv, no ballan no ga;;foidheaA: 
ina r;urthar bleaghna/; . 

Aiuictus, Lhaetha, v^ w;/*;"»g. Ir. 
Blcaghan, tomla^^d, kn'idh. 

Mulgeo,j;odro,lhoxi, j^orlhvv- 
ny.To milk or Jlroke. Ar. tiodhro, 
godbro teth. Ir. Blighim, krudham 

f<?o C?" t- f"oid Ar. Maues, lemcl- | rea^:, yjlcarava 

Icii, grak. ir. Ik-..n, j koinnc, j be, I Mulus. Mv|- A mule. Ar. Myl, 

aindear, t gcann, i fcmen, fkom- />/»r mylct. ir. Miullc; Mul, N 

Munditics, CJicnJid. Cleanlinej. 
C Cjl.innuthdcr. 

Mundus.y b\d, vruybrcn, y fyr- 
vavcn The -world, theuniverfe. C. 
An By?., fcnbyt Ar.Bct. lr.S\- 
ghjl, kriimnc, bioth, |!mn, fbi'idh, 
dovan, glmn,(irmaimcni Eatail.F. 
Fafrannaic Id. 

Mundiis, a, um^ ^lan, dilhyn, 
j;landeg , j:;lanwai[h clean , fine, 
neat, trim, handjome. CCilannith 
Ar. Net, pyr, glan.iiivlam, dinam. 
Ir. CJlan, j gle, fg'uair, iodhan., 
t glor t naire, tf;nn, -f dcin, t ku- 
remil'jbragoid/miodh. lcmnarkt.j"^'i' (glcthe, fong, H^^axdha 

A^. at for] an lac recent mvMwmi'o- 
cahat . 

Multa & muldta, Diruy, kam- 
luru, trah, fortcd, kolhcd. A pe- 
nalty or fine, amercement or forfei- 
ture. Ar. Amand, poan Ir. Kain, 
plaik, pinofta. Meijip N. 

Mukangulus , Ami - jonglog , 
aml-o ;r6g That hath many cor- 
ners, full of angles. Ar . Kornck. Ir. 
(m;iiuidja<;, iQl.5iIi;ideaAi, kluidc- 
a;2, kiuidcanaz-i. 

Multicolor, Amiiuiog, amrylii.i 
Of di^-ers colours. Ar. Bris, mc-yr- 
iiu; tailhek. Ir. loldhathaAi, im- 
dhatha;^, imtli!a;t;da;i;, ildheanvur, 

Mulcifarius, Amryu. Of divers 
or fundry forts. Ar. Meyr-lyrmek, 
n;e\rfciron, me\rarvezu. Irlol- 
vodha;;, iol;,rotlia<,, iomaiftea.^, 
iiveafaA:, iomnola^; j ar \ odhaiv no 
ar nolaiv eagfavala 

Multiplex, Amryblyg, Ihiofog, 
amr) vodh, o amr\ u dhylh. Many 
fold, of divers forts and ways, ir 
iolvodhax, il3;leara.Ji, iolAiaidiica;;;-, 
imnoyA-^y. , komaiftea/jj fain- 
veaA;, ainfcadh. F. 

Multitude, Lhiaus, Ihiofoiij; 
ru\ dhj amlder. A great company or 
number, a multitude ; aljo a great 
flore of any thing Ar. Kym biras ; 
Kals, p6t, [^paut ] n.eyrbet. Ir.Im- 
radh, imadavalaA;d, moran, imar- 
kaigh. iliomad. MoL F. tolaiv. /</ 
gianaid. Id. 

Multo, Kofpi, kofpi 'r purs, ke- 
rydhy, divarny, diruyo; Finio ; 
Blino, poeni, dyj^ny. To fine, to 
amerce, to fconce, to punijh, to heat 
or trounje one. Ar. Ivaftiza, poana, 
kondoni. ir. Kainfikim, kamkear- 
caiyim, kuinm kain ar, iseanam 

MultLjm, Maur, maith, hirvaith 
Much, a long time or feafon, a great 
while. ;C Lias, Mtr. A r Kals, 
p6c ipe paut '^ mcyr. Ir. Go'h'io- 
markax;, godith/iealia/:, go duth- 
ra^da.^;, go divirkea/;, go Icroidea- 

Multu.';, Maur, Liiauer, amal , 
Ihiofog. Much, many, great, long, 

nim blcaghan, kriidh, "; xom\oyA..l>ig,thick. Ar. Kals,meyr Ir M6r, 
Mulier, ?;uraig, benyu, bVn, rhi- \ iomdha [ \mt:i.N ] brainca>;, ima- 

*i" 5Ur j;ureij;xdh. A voman,wife, , davail . frava^;, brovur, dluvur !i- 

t pur, l^canniaidh, fgibalta, Igath- 
fanta, tincalta. 

Mun^a, Suydhay, dlcdfuydhay. 
Offices, charges, places of trufi. Ar. 
Offis , dcver , karg , lam , belh 
Ir.Fcadhmantais, oitci^e, giiothai- 
^he no kuraim,as diiai do diieanadli 
do vaith phuibiigli. 

Municcp.s, IJinefydhj jur rhvdh, 
;sUr breiniol,bur':;ais. A Burgher,a 
rown's-man, a free man of am cor- 
poration Ar. Bur;i;is. Ir. Sy rL-a;*!; 
duinc fyr ; kathroir, kathraighcoir, 
burgauc , buirgheillie^A: , F'eaah- 
manta^;, 7 arniann, oitijea.^;. 

Municipium, Trcv vreinioLbur- 
deilUrev, trev-vraint. Any City or 
Town corporate Ar. Kxr. Ir. Ka- 
thair,duan, ^lithve no baile mor. 

Munihcus, fHs^cd, hyrodh, 
hydhaun, doniog, f riivjcd, hacl, 
hacifiu.?;, hael amj^ed, haelvrayA;, 
brak, t dijjvrrich, di:t;raun Liberal, 
bounty full, free of gift ; that yieldeth 
great profit , iic Ar. Frank , libr, 
larg. Ir Fiai, tialvur, fialvaith;ta- 
vartha/;, bronncana;e, toraidliea^;, 

Munimen, Amdhifynva, dio^el- 
va, kadarnle, kadernyd. Afortifi- 
cation, afortrefs, a rampire, afejice, 
a fort or hold. Gr. DifFen, bars; 
myrai), inojer, kleidh, kae, gardh, 
pailiiadrcn. Ir. Dainj;ean, damg- 
nca;!i, diin, innill, iomdhaingean, 
iomdhuinj^eax, purt, f6rt, f fon- 
mx , ftona;*; funcaiflel, baviin, 
f^onnla, kailheai, miir, baila, kloi 
dlie, ftiiaim, gann , h.x, rath no 
moti, marvrad. Lonjjpopc AT. 

Mimu?, Rhodh, daun, f;uobor, 
gobriiy, til puyth, f rheg, anrhcg, 
kvvariiys, Ihcurodli, ked , kym- 
miiynas. Suydh , iuydho^aeth, 
dledfuydh. A gift , a prejent , a 
bribe, a reward, a court if e or fa- 
vour i A charge, an office ; Duty, hu- 
finefs or employ. Ar. Donelon ; Of- 
fis, karg, dever. Ir Tiodhlakadh, 
cirneadh, t»ilsidh, bronntanas, ta- 
vartas, duaiSjIiiath, keanna/;, koiv- 
re, t dcirgli , f tionskra , no brib 
( mar a deirthear go faiglvearlavail 
anois ) irrifhea^jd, preaianta. Ku- 
ram, gnothaigli, feadhmantas, 01- 
fcig ; obair dhcanta don phuibl- 

Murxna, Lhyfouen bendolh A 
Lain- ' 


T I T. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 

Lamfrey. C.fMor-nadcr.Ar.Lam- 

, MuriEnula,Eyr-doi /i a uifj^ai gu- 
raj^edh. yijijie chain of beaten gold 
I which -women us'd to ttear about their 
necks. Ar. Kaden [ al.Jhaden J aur 
an mouefec, lirc. Ir. Naidin, nai- 
deog, piaft veag an da fill deag. 

Muralis, A berthyn i v^r ne ja- 
dern id . Pertaining to a vail or hul- 

Murex, Krojen byfg )' j^uneid y 
lliiuporforoi ifgelh ; Portor. Dan- 
hediiiad kraig, tya'r m6r. The bur- 
ret orpurple-fjhi The purple colour 
itfelfci Alfo a jliarp rock on the 
^jhoar. Ar. Kroj^en purpr. Ir Mu- 
irak, i.e iask Uit;eir, do dharaliiv 
donithcar an dath puipair, Fosan 
purpeir fein. 

iMuria, Hcli Brrne. C. Brvn. Ir. 

Murmur, Myrmyr , jrujina^ , 
tgodurdh, rliyad , fifrud, [ llyn- 
jcian, SI. A murmur or rehifper., a 
huMmi7ig or buzzing Jioife., a mum- 
bling., muttering or grumbling. Ar 
Triis, turni, iavar. ]r. Munvur, 
torman, knaigh;;col, kiiilann, gna- 
dan, dordin, darfan, liutan, mio- 
nan, beikca.^, buirrtica.^. 

Murus, MVr, gual, pared, ma- 
Suyr, amdhifynva, kaer. yl mall of 
a'c'itjy a bulwark. C FoZ Ar My- 
raill ; Mogutr, koth mogUcr, Pa- 
rictina. Jr. Miir, |ronna.3S, f con- 
mz, baviin, fgofifa, kailhcal ; bal- 
la,kloidhe, ; cuaimjdaingean. Alu- 
rufaltus., fdac no diii 

Mus, Lh' j;oucn. A moufi. C. 
Lygodxhan, L-vraoZ, a rat. f Lo- 
god. Ar. Logoden. Ir.LuAJ, lii- 
;20g. Mus major, Gallu;i; no Iua;, 

Mufa , Melyf-^un, pereidh-jan, 
kerdh. Amufi,a Jong. Ar. Guers, 
kanoucn. Ir. IKalnadh, kcol, fonn, 
keel taighiuir no avran binn. 

Mul'a:, Dyuicfte 'r dhyfg ; D\fg, 
dyfj^eidiaeth, prvdheft, prvdydhi- 
Kth, bardhoniazth. The nine mufes ^ 
the Patroneffcs of learning Jioejtc and 
tnufick. Jr. Fatlivaindee , Baindec 
foghlama, filidhea;<;da& keoilFos 
fai no aoi , eigli, ffliearrhonna, 
eol.«a, kliar, yis dana, yis eala- 

Mufeum & mufeum,Ty adhyfg, 
ty j;ur dyfjedig, y("?;ol dhyfg. ji 
Jiudy, a library, a fchool, a place for 
learned men to refort to. Ar. Stiudi, 
skol. Ir Eigfliea^,igol,kolaifte, tc- 
agh leighinn no foghlama, jgudhb. 

Mulca , Edno^yn , guybedyn , 
kylionyn,fk!eyryn. j4fly.CQ\i\- 
ban, f guibeden, fkihonen. Ar, 
Kehenen, />/«?-. kelien. Ir. Kuil no 
miok, mioltog. 

A-lufcipuIa, Kyf lhysod,kath ly- 
r,od,Amoufetrap. Ar Ratuar. Ir. 
Fiodh^at [yibhcac N. ] lu.«-ghai- 

Mufculus , I>hyj;oden veA;an ; 
kvhyr, Ihyucth o ?;ig kyhyrog, ka- 
Icdig Ihyucthog, Al\ sklen ne gra- 
ven las. A little moufe or rati a\ 
mujile or Jtnewy part of the body, | 


fer'ving for motion ; brawn or hard 
fie/h. Amufile Ihell. C Bezl, Afea 
OTtf/c/f , fmebklcn. Ar Meskj,/^ Ir. 
Lu^og, lu,"ivcagj Fos oradduno 
lu>,a v'eol, fos pairneolaidhe, viz. 
Sne eilj. 

Mulcus, Mufug, mufogl, gue- 
ryd, ken y kerrig, kip y koed, ka- 
Ihodr. Mofs Ar. Keon, mucldr; 
Bare ar gues, mufius arboreus. Ir 
Kyna, konivx, k\ nax , Munjl. kii- 
x\\z, Scot. KonivA; 

Mufita, Kerdh, kyuydholiaech j 
t Prydiielt, prydydhi-ech, bardho- 
niaerh. Mufick Ar. Myufik. Jr. 
Keol, I avar, f rinn f kor, f ainc , 
t peiteadh , fairfideadh ; binneas, 

Muficus, a, um, Kerdhjar, | pr v- 
dheftol. Pertaini7ig to mufick. Ar. 
iVJyufiker. Ir. Kiuil nj kco:lavair, 

Muflb, Diiedyd dan dhannedh. 
SrugnaA;, fibrud j Teui, dilteui^ 
T^olte^., amnia;; Perryfo. To mut- 
ter, to murmur or repine, to "whifper 
and Jpcak foft, to grumble. Ar.Gro- 
gnal, gronda, grugnal, grontal,my- 
urmyrl Jr. i^iiam , pifamayim , 
dr.!vdaim muifikim , gnadaiin , 
kiuidam drantan, knai;^eol, mu- 
nvur (i;x. 

Multcla, j Lhovennan,Z.;./,<7?/^ 
j;uenki, bronuen, karlum ■ Lam- 
prai. A ■aeajel , a fitcko; A fen 
lamprey. Ci'Codnaguidn, f loven- 
n. n Ar. Kacrel, kazrtl, ; Katlirel. 
Jr. Eafog, cap N. Fus bathnaidh. 
Vid l,anip>jtra. 

Mullum, Ncuydh-uin, ncuvdh- 
gurv, diod neuydh. NcTv-wine, ale 
or beer. C. Guin po kor neuedh. 
Ar. ^J^.^ft, guin nevedh Ir. Fin 
ni'iadh , gilc, -^xx biotaille ni'iadh 
no II r. 

IVluftus,a,um, Neuydh, ir, kro- 
yu Frefl.\ new, of mujl. Ar. Ne- 
vedh, fresk. ir ilr, niiadh. 

Murabilis , Neuidiol , trovays, 
anuadal. chavgeahle, mutable, un- 
confiast. Ar.Skan, berbodJik. Ir 

Mutilo, Torri ymmaitb, tryA;y 
ymmaich, anavy. To maiyn or man- 
gle. Ar Ellropia,mahaina. Ir.Koirr- 
thanaim no mm kirtama;;;. 

Mutiliis, Anavys, klof. Maimed. 
C. t Klof, d^f Ar Manket , kam, 
didhorn, eJ'f. Ir. KinhamaAi, mar- 
tartha, kirvadhax;, F. C. 

Muto, Neuydio, faralhy. To 
change, to alter. Ar. Senlli, ober e- 
skem ; Diplafa, dilozhea ; Dillrei. 
Ir. Kly;Kloidhim , aithearrayim , 
malairtim, imlataim, lontodham. 

Mutuo, yn ezuyn. Mutually Ar. 
An eil hag c jilc, an eil e le.;*; e 
gile. Ir. A n'ymfca;i;d> fa re Aieile, 
a guideaA;da, a A;eile, mar yn ar a 
;i;eile, dha x:eile ar oile. Go h'yna;i, 
ar iafa/id, ar airleagan. 

Mutuo, E.xuyna, benihykio. To 
lend Ar. Prefta. Ir. Airleakam dho 
no 6; Beirim airleakadh, no gla- 
kam airleakadh.. onaim [ no ynaim 
dho ] beirim iafaA;,6nghlakam. 

Mucus, M<*d, avlavar , diyma- 
drodh, cauedog. Dumb ,Jl>eechlefs , 


mute. C. t Avlavar. Ar.Myt.dila- 

var. Jr. BalVjbalvan, balvog, mu- 

itc, -\ maon, t mean, f to, f dibe- 

oil, avlavar. 
Mutuus, A eAiuyner jan ei j;i- 

lydh Lent or iorroved i mutual. 

Ar Picft, dare da, etail da. Jr. 

Airleagtha , onta , ar airleagan, ar 

iara;Kd, ar 6n, ar oin. 
Myinda, Mujud y ieir. Blind- 

man-bujf Jr. Loi'g^;at , kat Vyx, 
I bokan no kluithe bokain. 
I Myrrae.x, Mouionyn,morgri5in, 
I An ant,emmetorpiJn/ire.G.Muini- 
i nen, f Miuionen. Ar. Merrienen. 
i Jr. Shcangan, moirb. 

Myik-rium , DirfeluA: j dirj^e- 

ledh, Amyflery,athingfecret. Ar. 

Myfter. Ir. Riiindiovair , faran , 

t uivran, ni divra^; no a v'ala;K a 

m'ruthraiv , a fereamoineiv no a 

giiis kreidheiv. 

Mylticus, Dir^el , kydhiedig, 

kvvrina.;:ol. Myffical, hidden. Ax. 

Kydh,fiul, iekret. Ir.RuindivraA;, 

diomrund a, fanindha, faidhkial- 

la;>;, K fata^-, dorA^a , falaigh, a 



N/E, y n uir,yn dhiay,tneyd. 
Truly, in good faith, on my 
word , marry. Ar. A dra 
syur, hep mar er bet, en 
deun fertcn. Jr. Godivin, go de- 
ar v, go t doigh, go tirinea;c. 

Nxim,iVJarunad, jalarnad; ga- 
laruaud; overuaud. Afuiieraljong 
at the death and burial of any per- 
fon. Ar. Guers koun, marouers?, 
kanouc-n koun. Ir.Marvna;<:,marv- 
/-ovadh, purtA;ovad, marv;i;yine- 
adh, kovadii mairv no vais duine. 

Nxvolus, Dyn Ihaun o vannx 
genedigaeth. VuU of moles. Ar. 
I ailhek, taiflieys. Ir. Broiknea^; , 
brok, broka.x, Ian do vroikneiv. 

Nasvus, Mannjeni, f fiamp. A 
mole, a freckle. Ar.Taifli Ir.Broike, 
no broikne, ball divrainn noaineav 
eij;eiu nadurtha. 

Naiades, Elhylhon a vo yng- 
hylA; fynhonnx ag avonydh. Fai- 
ries of the fountains. Ar. Enkele- 
dhruan dur. Ir. j^il veis, bir-'hiv- 
radh, i. e. Shivradh uifge, fhriith, 
no tobar ; bir-veif. 

Nam, Kan, kanys, am, o lier- 
uydh, o ble^id, oa^ios. For, as 
touching. CRak. Ar. Rak,evit-fe, 
dr'an abek-fe, a balamyr, da ke- 
meut-le, dre fe Ir. Oir, or, tre 
mar, do vrigh, kionn gur, ar fon, 
fa, um, tre for j agas fos. 

Nana, Korres, j;ure;.i5 j Awo- 
man-dwarf C f Korres. Ar Kor- 
riges , torgoUes. Ir. Ban-avak ; 
[ al. ban-avaz ] avax mna,5ort6g, 
bean buidhea;ii. 

Nancifcor, Keifio, kael, kafael. 
To get, to obtain, to find. C. Dho 
gavaJ. Ar. Kahut. Jr. 5eivim,fair- 
nikim, i"alaraim,kuirim ar faghail 
no ar part, ata agam, koivfighim, 

Nanus, Korr, korryn. A dwarf. 

Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 97 


C. )Kor. Ar.Kornandon, torgofs 
Ir. Avak, av;a, q. Scor.occiii kryt- 
tics^aQ, iV Sept galobaii. 

Napus, N W. Meipen vd, S \V. 
F.rvinen u<"lht ; A -a-iH turnip or 
fiavcTP. Ar. Irvincngucz. Jr.Toi- 
iiuip, meakain roibc. 

Naris, I'rocn, trCiyn. Thf vo/fril, 
tkenofe. C ! Frig. Ar. Tron, A 
nofirtl, p/ur. diufron, the voflrih. 
Ir.SmyiHira-j rr6n, pollun na t'ron. 
"i^ot. tol na Iron. 

Narro, Dangos, tr.icthy, mync- 
ic;i, aJroiih, dvuedyd, vIpylTy. To 
Ihev, tell, report^ declare^ expreji, 
Ar. Kon.pSj didhrevcl. Ir. Airhril- 
fim, rcilyim, F. congrayim, Id. in- 
iiifhim, jdinnim, fcadham, t ^i'- 
ncidhim , f fedam , t kuadham , 
t mcidim, faifneighim, tailncifim, 
kymfaklhim F.fcadadham,I</ Ku- 
ivghcaJham Id. I^Sluiniiiiii, todl 
(, lor .ayim taisbwnam (^'c 

K'alcor, j:;cni, majy, tvvy, tar- 
dhy ; Kodi vcl dur To he bom, to 
rroTP or Jkying-, to brred., to he in- 
\endred Ar Bcza ganet. Ir Do- 
vcarthar, tiiilniighrhcar no ^can- 
thcar me no ataim dom vreidi , 
dom tuilmeagadh j t afsm , eir- 

kath a great no/e. C Frigaubraz. 
Ar. Fri braz. Ir. Srona/;, frdnvar, 
fod-fhrona^, ^c. 

Ndfla, Kryu, ^urthkry u, kauclh 
pvfj;otta, balhcg. A roee/ or bov- 
net. Ir. Gallic , dul no lin lalgai- 

Nalturtium , Bcrur. CreJJes., C. 
t fieler. Ar. Beler. Ir.Bilar no glc- 

Nafus, Truyn Anofe. C.Fri- 
gau, fcrein. Ar. Fri, plur. Diou- 
fron. Guapar, Hafo Jhfpendo. Ir. 
Sru'.i, koniar, F. 

Nal'utus, Truyn-hir,Hir-druyn. 
Ove tkat hath a great long noje, Ir. 
Sroiner . lui, fron-'hada, tadi'ronax, 
T;il!a na Irona. 

Kara, Ar. Plar^^cplex. V. Filia. 

Natalcs, y kyt nac'r Ihoyth y del 
yno honCi, T;uaedo-a:th, f j^idy- 
gordh The fiock, horfe.^ or family 
■whereof one comet h. Ir Keap tea- 
ghallax;, j^einea'a^i no kean tine o 
dig duinc. Fo.sbreith'heilc no fell 
5eineavana no brcithc dp.uinc. 

Natalis, Dydh jenedigncth One's 
birth day C. Nadelik ; Deu nade- 
lik, Natalis ChriJU. Ar. Nadelck, 
Id. Ir. Brcitli-Ia, la brcithe no jei- 

Naiatilis, A novio, a vedra no- 
vio That firimmeth or can fxim. 
Ir. Snava, Inavchax ■ 

Kst«, F'olen, t pcdrKn,bontin. 
A buttock, an haunch., the hips. Ir. 
Ton, t nad, tiarpa, brilga, JJiorrta, 
rumpj, rumpthol, mas 

Nario, Kenedl j Mintae, kened- 
Ixth pobol , killdod. A Nation; n 
Tribe, a Party, or Company, a People 
Ir. Fine, kineadh, tir i duth.^araigh 
no \\i,:t ducbA-ais tire, no do ru 
gadh (a tir. 

Nativi's, Natyrioljanianol, kya 

liuynol, senedigol. Natural. Ar. 
Guinidik. Ir. Diith.'tafaA;, dii, du- 
al, duaigafa.-i, nadurthaodvith;i;as, 
6 naduir. 

Nato, Myny;; novio, kcrdhcd, 
Uiorio, Ihongurio, k.icl ei ruyvo 
To fivim, to fail, to be row'd in a 
barge or galley. Ar N u'nvi. 

Natrix, Duvr-neidyr; Lhyfei- 
yn, a faur bu;K jjcivir arno. A ira- 
ter-Jhake or Jerpent ; Al'i) an herb 
the root ■tpkereofjlinketh like a goat 
Ir. Bir-viiavan, nathair nciv uifj^e 

Natura, f Anian, nattyr, natyri- 
seth ; Atlod dirj;cl dyn nc bcrh 
aralh. Nature ; Alio the prny mnii- 
ber of a^man or beafl. Ar. Natyr 
Ir. Kaduir , duthA;as , dualdhas , 
i coi^.fdoix. Fos beas, n6s, mein, , koingiall, buaidh, 
brigh, ncart 

Natus, V Nafcor. Mib. A fin. 
C t Mab. Ar. Map ; mapik , Pi- 
tiolus. Ir Hcarrtha, tuiimighthi,j;e- 
iiite, do riigadh, do thuilmeagadh. 

Na\arLhis, Lhong y pennacth 
The Admiral's or the Captain's Jhip. 

Navarchus, Penlhongur, pcn- 
nacth lhong, Ihyuydh lhong. An 
Admiral, the Captain or Mailer of 
aji.lp. Ar.Loman Ir.Loing-hithvc, 
nviA,oinveirr, tyinicax no niaighi- 
rtir loinge. S'^ibcolaidhe eolaidhe, 
loinge, iliuraidhe loinge, ardva- 

Nauclerus , Penlhongur, Ihyu- 
ydh Ihon", mciftir lhong. Thejila- 
fier or Pilot ofajhip C. t Leuyidh. 
Ar.Leviadcr, Ionian. Ir.Long-phu- 
pa, maighiller luing. 

Naufragium , Torriad lhong. 
SkipTPrack. Ar Pas , pens. q. M. 
Ir. LoingvriflKeadh, loingreabadh, 

Naufrngus,Hun avodhodh urth 
dorri lhong. Drowned by (hip-wrack. 
Ir Loing-vriftc, loingrca'btha, ^f. 

Navigo Morrio,morduyo, Ihon- 
gurio, huylio. To fail. Ar. Kaviga, 
merdci Ir. Loinfighim , artraig 
him, imthighim aloing, ire- 

Navis, Lhong; Ihefter, yfgoren, 
ylgorog, yfgraph. v^yfo/i, a boat, a 
bark, a rjejfel ofthefea. C. Gurhal 
1 kok,/>.'tfr. kuku, naz-icula'^\ | le- 
tter. Ar.Lcftr. Ir. Long, I karv, 
': llid, f fgaf, t efs, f livern,t fgib, 
nvi no naoi, tkuadar-vark, fknar- 
ra, t eathar,arthrak. K. bark, bad. 
Navis alitiaria, Raiv-long , long 
raiva+, gaileir, long fada. Navis 
pradatoria, kxcix long, long Airei- 
?CQ. Navis ffeculatoria, Feath-long, 
Navis, Breas-long righ-long, long 
ard.^ovIai gheora no A idmorala mar 
a dcanhar go koir/;eann. 

Naulnm. Guobor Ihongiir. The 
fraight pay' d for pajfage . Ar. Gopr. 
V. Scipendium. 

Naumachia,Kad af vur,lhong-5c 
inta/:, rcor-geinta;*;, ymlaahlhon- 
5X A fight or battle byfea. 1 r I .ong- 
A;ath, nyi-dhrednn, fgafthroiJ, mu- 
ir-grim no kogadh fairrje. 

Naupcgus, Sacr long, A Jhip- 

■a>right. Ir. Long-'hyr [ no long- 
lliaor] faordhcauva long. 

Naufe3,Kyvog, ;t;Qyd, fieldh ra. 
Difjofition or Itfl to lomit, a being 
fea-fck. Ir Eift, cilttadh , eillte- 
a.iid , calltvuircaA;d, eilkcavjlaA;d. 
t.igh:dii, ta'hgharnaA:d 

Nau(cabundiis, A lo barod i 
.^udy, xQydlyd Dtf^ofcd or ready 
to vomit Ir Ealtvar, cillteavar , 
rcidhaii, fgcathraighe ag tadhghar- 

Ajbip-man, a mariner. C Den m6r. 
Ar.Merdcat, Ir Mairntal3A;,]oing- 
ilieoir, f maraidlic, mardiidhc, 
fairrijeoir, fear fairrige. F'aijiju- 
5i)ie N. 

Naviis, Kvvlym, b^an, byuiog, 
pybyr, hvvcder. fcigyd, kyva- 
rU y d h ^ick, aUive, valiant, brisk., 
nimble, Jlirring, diligent^ knowing 
Tvell. Ar. Surfius, damantys, ake- 
rys Ir. Kliile, luthvur, beo, bc- 
oghavail, tapaidli, bra.';, brioft,dio 
lilnta, niilcata, gniva^;, dithA;eal- 
laA;,duthrj,v;, cola;*;, gafta. 

Ne, Adv. Ni, nid, na, nag, nad. 
No, not. Ar Ne Ir. Na,nar,Con, 
ni nadh.i.on, nair. 

Ne, Ccnjuvff. KhagjVelna. Vn- 
lefs that, left. Ir. Mon, eaA;d mon, 
aeagla, arkcafta. 

Ne, Adv. irJerr. Ai,a. JVkether 
or 710? Ir. Ka.' konadhairc do 
vrigh .' an ? 

Nebula, Kummul guyn by ;ean ; 
Mvgvdarth guyn yfgavn ; Niul. 
A little white cloud, a mijl, afogg. 
C. Niul. Ar. Kounabren. Ir. Ne- 
illin, [ noli N ] foineall,min-neall, 
neall beag no tana. 

Ncbulo , Koeg-dhyn, dihiryn , 
bril odh^n, drejyn. A knave, a 
rafcal , a rogue. C. Kynava. Ar. 
Divalo. Ir. Neallaire, miiadhaire, 
dro.Kdhiiine, anduine, dodhuinc; 
Diiinc faith, furra;e, tair, dibligh, 
kuilillieal, gan vcas^ gan aire. 

Nec,na,nng. Neither, nor, not. 
Ar. Ni,neiz. Ir. Ni,naid,na;t. 

Nee dum, Nid etto, hyd yn hyn. 
Not yet, not as yet. Ir.Ni go feadh, 
go foil, gus trathfa no ni fos. 

Neceflarii, Kerynt, kyvathra;k;u- 
yr, anu>Iiaed. Kinsfolk, allies, very 
near friends , or acquaintance. Ir. 
Lu/jd gyil, dyinc, muincire,noyis 

Neceflarium , Peth angcnrhei- 
diol. Any neccj'ary thing. Ir. Deile 
ria/;danas, akarcha- 

Neceflfaiiu.s , Rhaid , anghen- 
rhaid. Nectffary , needfull. An in- 
timate Friend Ar. Nlinnion. A 
Friend Ncicflcr, rekis, dlcet- Ir 
Ria.<;dana;3;, oirkeafa?;, pragainne- 
zy., kruoga;e. 

^ Ncccrim's, Rhaid, anghenrhaidi 
Karcnnydh agos, kyvathrax anu- 
yl-gy. Ntcefjity, need, conffraha ; 
Alfo nearfriendjlrip, a band or alli- 
ance of amity. Ar. NcfdJire Ir. 
RiaArdana-.d, praghainighc, prag- 
hainn, pragh3inca;td, oirkeala.-id, 
oirkeafaighe, kniog, Jauoga;t:d. 
_^ Necne, 


Tit. II. A Co m p a'r at i v e Vo c abu l a r V 


Necnc, Ai nid e ? ai na dho? Tes 
or uo ? !r. Scadh,noni feadh ? 

NecrQnwntes, Dcuin a alyo ar 
y meiru ^ nca-omamcr, a co?ijurer, 
d wizaid. Ir. Marv-dhryi. 

Necrbmantia , Deuindabaeth 
druy aluar y mciru. Hecromancy. 
Tr.'Marvdhryidhcaid, marviiaith- 
Ajle, marv-vria^d, maiv-vollaire- 
a;ecl,marv-ghairm, dryidhcaxd re- 
gairm ar dhvinciv marva. 

Nefto, Klvmmy, rhuymo, di- 
ruyn. To kvii, to tje. Ar. Kulma, 
liama. to wind Ir. Greamayim, ke- 
anglaim, nafgam, fighim, treavray- 
ini, nim treavraghadh. 

Nedum, Nid yn ynig, A;me- 
tha;;, Ihai o lauer. Much lefs, not 
OTilyfi. Ir. Ni lieadh avain, as luya 
go mor, as mo go mor, as moye 
go mor. 

Nefandus, P>;eylh fon am dano, 
cAiryflon, arythr ei j;rybuylh. Hor- 
rible ^ hainous^ villanotis, ahomi7iahk. 
Ar. Druk, guall, fell. Ir. Granna, 
ffiav ,' advadhvur , liathvafay , 
juaithAile, deinea.J:da;K , f nua- 
;t;oI!a, deiftcana^;, feididh, grai- 

Nefas, Peth fiaedh dyj^as, eA;ry- 
flon. A thing deteSlable. Ir. Fiav- 
A;oir,koir ghranna,feill5hniv,biniv 
no binavas, ni deifteana;!;, droigh- 
niv, doighuiv, f anvod ; Gniv no 
kuis grainncavail,mallaighthi,diva- 
laidh, ainlifteana;:;, cubaiftea;t;, zyo. 

Nefrcns, Porxelh juedi ei dhi- 
dhyvny, porAiellyn; M61ht, my- 
haren ; Dyn ba;c avlavar. A -wean- 
ed pig i Alfoa -weather amongjhecf ; 
A young infajtt Ar Por;,el, flur. 
perA;el. Ir. Ark, pigin, banv so 
banvan, 6g muike. 

Negativus, Nef;yv, nej:;ydh, a 
ro mg. Negative, that denyeth. Ir. 
Dibea^;K, F. 

Negligens, Efjeylys, j;ualh)s, 
divrau, dioval. Neglige7it, careless, 
idle. Ar. Dibredet , dievcz. •• Die- 
vefdet , fiegligentia Ir. Maineax- 
dax, foillighea;!;,ailinieaA;, admol, 
anairea;;, fannuidhideaA:, ncav;i;u- 
rama;K, neivghriongalaz ,neivdhei- 
dheaA;, arraighidea^;, f feiv, "eav- 
/.-onideaA:, neav'huimeavail, neiv- 
fpeileavail , neavAioneideaA: , tav- 

Negligo, Efjeylyfo, dibrifio , 
b6d yn dhioval, diyftyry. To ne- 
gle&y to have little regard to, to 
contemn, dej^ife. Ar.Bezadiek, le- 
llrck. Ir. Foillighim , aillfighim , 
adhmoilim, F- C 

Nego, Nakkay, -SOA^y, t Som- 
medh, palhy , jurthod. To deny, 
refv.fe, difavo-w Ar-NaA;,renyijnfia, 
diandhout , kudhen. Ir. Shcanam, 
diultaidHim , kuirim druim leis , 
acaim flieanta.i, righim a n'aghaidh 
anraidhim no deirim a n'aghaidh. 
Fus eafuvlayim, ni thagam uvla no 

Negotiator, Nej;cllir, marfian- 
dur, mafna.J;yr. A fad or, a vier- 
ch ant, a dealer, a trafficker Ar.Mar- 
;t;adur. Ir Keannaidhe, gnothaig- 
heoir, fear dheanva gnothaye. 


Negotior, Marfiandaeth, mar^i- 
natta, porthmonn.-ieth , nej^cfeya. 
To traffick,to buy and fiU, to trada. 
Ar. En em emellut Ir Imthjghim, 
no araim re keannaidhea;i;d. 

Negotium, Kcj;es,traftertU, tral- 
hod Bufiiefs, affair, imploy, trouble, 
fain. Ar. MiUier, undra. Ir. Gno- 
thaigh toifg, turas, ffeaAjd, kuis, 
adhvar, buaidhirt, konais, kiiram, 
tribloid, fythar diiadh, ffaoth, do- 
A;ar. Fos gleas, kaidh flighe no 

Nemo, Neb, f nebyn, f nebaud. 
Nobody. Ar. Nikun. Ir. Avdhle, 
avdhuine, ncavdhuine | nembuiuc 
N. ] didhuine. 

Nemorofus, N. W. Koediog ; 
S W Koedog, Ihaun koed. Woody. 
doireaA;, fiadha^;, paia^;, pafana;:, 
garranaA; . 

Nempe, yn uir, yn dhiay, fcv, 
ys cv yw. Truly, certainly, yea, even 
fo, that is, to -wit. Ir. Seadh, av- 
ladh mar fhin, adhon. 

NemuSjKoed, [S W. Kod'\ \io- 
edva, kocduig. ^ irW, a forrefi, 
a grove. C. f Kelhi Ar. Koat. 

Neo, Nydhy, kyrJedhy (^ k'' v- 
rodedhy edavedh. ToJf>in, to tnvfi. 
Ar. Naadhut. Ir. Snivam, kalam. 

Neophytus, A blanuyd yn dhi- 
uedhar, yn ncuydh droi i'r fydh, 
nev.yd\\b\il-i. NcToly a7!d lately plant- 
ed or fet, a 7!0vice, one lately co?i- 
verted or turn'd to the Faith, ir. 
Nuadh;Kurtha, kurdia go niiadh, 
foghlaintcaA: ; nuadhA-reidveaA; , 

Nephriticus , Klav o arennai'r 
keven . Troubl'd-with pain in the kid- 
Tieys. Ir. Luaintin, luainearaidhea;^ 
go dineas duvan , airnealaidhea;;. 

Nephritis, y toftedh o'r keven. 
The Jione or gravel in the kidneys. 
Ir.Luain-eaiadh, luan-ghalar, tein- 
neas duvan Fos luan-art, klo;^a 

Ncpos, Uyr ; Nai ; j^lodheftur, 
Uttreiur A grand-child, a 7iepheTv, 
Alfo a riotous perfon, a prodigal. C. 
fNoi. Ar. Ni. Ir lia , garvaA; i 
mak vik no ingheine dhuine^ F6s 
oileava/;,mak dearvrathara node- 
irvfliiura/i dh'uine. F6s duine an- 
A-'aithvcaA; dimala;*;, probaid. 

Neptis, Uyr o verAi, nith. A 
niece. C. t Noith. Ar.Nil'es. Ir. 
Ban-ua , gair^hean , gairin^ean , 
nidh vik, ingean dearvrathara no 

Nequam, Dryjionys, fanvadur, 
dirras, koej;yn, anlhadur. Naught, 
ungracious , lewd , &c. C. Drog , 
hagar Ar. Drog , guall , roalort, 
pendok. Ir.Anduinc, droA;dhuine, 
oik, t andaAi, f iorA;ada;i; , f n4f> 
t meaval, leav, droAivuintc, tubai- 
ftca;K, mighrafavail. 

NequaquaiT,, Ni, nid, nag c, nag 
e dhim. By 710 means. Ar. Nekct, 
falo kras. Ir. Ni,naka,nim,naide K. 

Nequeo, Nis jalhav. I cannot 
Ir. Ni 'headham., ni feadhtar, ni 
veidir dhau, ni vuil neart, ara^; 
dail no faghail agam ar. 

I Nequior, juaethjdiraliiA;. Wbrfe, 
[more 7/iijckievo-us.. Ir. Meafa, milde, 
jmildidhe, ^c. 

I Ncquiliimus,5uaetha,^fl/y?o/<jff. 
jlr. Fir-andiiine , fir-dhrozdhuine, 
jro-olk, fii-olk, rodhona, meafa ar 
bith, dona arbith. 

Ncquis, Rhag i neb, vel na bo i 
neb Leaji any na7i, that no 7uan. 
Ir. Deagla ynduine, ar keafta yn- 
duine no yinnea;;; no yin-ni. 

Nequiti.i, f Uttrcs , dirrafedh , 
direidi, drygioni ; fjualh, efgey.lyf- 
dra. Wickedjiefs , ?iaughtynefs . Ir. 
Oik, donas, tubaifte, icive, migh- 
i"afaA;d, ain-vin, antoil, fgyilteas. 

Nereides, Elhylhon y mor Fai- 
ries ofthefea. ir. Murdhukain, K 
f Suireadlia, maidigheana mara 

Nervolus, j;ciynnog, fj:;ie)iyd, 
kevnog, kadarn^ryv, nerthog Si- 
nevy., greatly or Jiro7igly wade /?» 
body. Ar. Diftag, Hart, ppfttk. Ir. 
Fejtha;t;, feth-reavar.featliTVor, fe- 
athunta, tcothaidh, laidir, urru- 
dhanta, kalma, tren. 

Nervus, J^euyn , -Jiicyti , nerth, 
deuredh, ^alhy ; Tant kruth n^e 
dclyn; j;uialen Jur j 51.U nna: 
Ihyfix; Hyal , troedog , byruy; 
Lhinyn bua, Ihinyn taval. Ajineie, 
a 7icrve ; Jlrejigtb, force, Tnig' 
the firing of a harp ^ lute, or other 
inflru7>ie7it , e ioTP-Jlring, The nerves, 
fine-ws, or veins iti leaves ; a fetter, 
bolt, or Jheckle C. tg'-ien. Ar. 
Ncrvcn,/>/«r. nervennau. Ir. Feth, 
neart, laidire; ftreik kylan no ted, 
angrail'e kiuil;Fos ball feardbaj Fos 
gnc /jeir, glais no jjeivin. 

Nefcio,Ni un 1, bod heb uybod. 
To be ignorant, 7iot to knoTO. Ar. Nc 
un doare;nc un mat meur, neun 
kft Ir Ataim, ain'vilaA;, aineo- 
\\x, gan eolas, gan fis, gan aithnej 
ni aithniyim, ni feadraim. 

Nefcius, A vo heb uybod. Ipio- 
rant. Ar. Diskiant. ir. Ainv'hi- 
(az, aincob;, ainvfodha^;, Ibidial- 

Neu, neve, ni; Rhag i, na, nag- 
Aiuaith Lefl that, that 7tot,?ieither. 
Ir. Deagla na;e, ar keafta na;e. 

Neuter, Na'r nailh na'r Ihalh , 
nid yr yn o'r dhay. Neither the one 
nor the other, 7ieither of the two. C. 
Na neile. Ar. Nag an eil nag eg- 
ilc Ir. Nea;itar, neiv;:ea;etar, ni- 
;tea;itardhiov, ni firean ni baioe- 
an, neivA;ea;Ktartha. 

Neutiquam, Nid, nag e dhim, 
nid dim. Not, in 710 -wife, not at all. 
Ar. Euep fefon, enco moien, voar 
nep tro. Ir. Ni, xo, ni he ar yin- 
ghleas. Ni vuil dadadh no duva 

Nex, Maruolaeth o anvodh, 
Ihaith, Ihadhiad. Death, nmrder. 
Ar. Ankoun Ir. Anvas, bas ana- 
baidh , has ar cijean , marvadh , 
maktadh, milleadh, fgns, leann no 

Ncxu,'-- , Rhuym , rhuymiad ,| 
kulum ; Tro, ky];u-dro. A bond ty- 
ing, bijiding, a -winding or turning. 
Ir. KcangaJ, naig, f tainlliim inai- 
dhm farnaid. kuivrea;^, naigadh, 
^^ figheadh, 

Of The O^ifiiiNAi. Lai^guaces Of Britain Anp Ireland. 99 

■ N. ■ ~ 

figheadh , ticavfaghadlv .ka(adb., 
Tortiitadh, k6bu'!\ k./r'J 'fciiapog, 
■(• naadlinijkourai'fh, Jiiii^nca... 
' 'K'ii Eithir, oiud, oru bydh. // 
?ior, 'Except, but thiit, uniiji. Ar. 
Nctnet. Ir. lia -.d, a.d,, e3;od mon 
' 'Nicdtiana,Tybakko,iTiy5lys. To- 
bacco. Ir.Tolxik, tcobjki. 

Kidto, is, j^uyncio val bythdad, 
oirli;t-n, i.dryu.->,hy. T>rent or open 
a: J hound or jpantel doth^ wheJi he 
hath the fcent of his ^ame. Ir. Ol- 
gbim, ^lakirri jvith, acar no ba- 
la^h. . , 

Nido, as, Lliy^atj^ammy, am- 
neidio u Jhypd, f darrcn, licppian. 
Tfwink. ArKilgac'Ir. "hir-lniei- 
dim, nu niai Imcidcadh go minik. 
' NiJor, 'Drijijlaiir, drug-aroj;l , 
drfeuianti yftjvniyji a danncuhj 
Difjicirdcb. JitTtnlt, a funk, a r;a- 
Hy JtneH , ti'e erijt7t:rig orjheiuing of 
the ircthi aljo tr:ght»efs. Jr. Ba- 
ladh, no boladh. 

NiduiijN ih,nytli luytlijLhefter 
vel nyth i Yi\ozt.AneJl, aveffellike 
avejl i A(io>:.jtiU or dravjer^ijukere 
fhop-keeters put their -wares. C. 
Neitb, (-nid. Ar. Keith, ir. Nead. 

Ntgcllus, gordhy, jodyuylli. 
Bro'v:!!, fime-ahat blach Jr. Kiar- 
diii^n no ieadi-dhuv, Icath dhorA.a. 
' Niger, l^y, f ^urm, ty U) lii, py- 
gliu, Maru, niucidiol, dryi^ionys 
fan'vod. '^hck.^purple., dark, unfor 
tunate ., unlucty , naught, mijchie- 
iroKf . C. C^ Ar, Diu. IrDuv,kiar, 
bran, t ^y^> dorka, \ iar, duaithni- 
ghthi ; I oi marv, Ur/^uidca;;, byg- 
haia^; . 

NihU,Dim,didhiro.. t bydheilu. 
Nothing, nought. C Ni ncbtra, ni 
travcdi, fladuic. q- Ar. Mctra ^ A- 
rabudicth, R<?i nihi/i-lt. Nciviii, 
aiviij, neav'rdodh, gaa yin, no gan 

Nihilominu.s, Er hynny i gid , 
nidanlhii. Nothing k/s , notvjith- 
JFar.ding. Ar. Kuls kude. Ir. ^i- 

Nilus, Dyvf bibclhj pyftylh. A 
large C07iduit or -^ater-pipe. Ir. Pib 
uilge, no ftadan it or uifgc. 

Nimbodi', Tymmheftlog, dilii- 
ncdh, kymolcg, kauoriog- Stormy, 
raitty,P.'0-u3ry^ cloudy. Ir. Keotha/., 
keotbanna;^, anfaJa;,, aufaiflieaA:, 
teafgals/jjlan do ;-,ea:liaiv. 
Nitnbu.^, Kavod vaur o liu,S. W . 

Kauod tyjijn"^ft'> >- \i^ ^'^ V o VX'"- 
A great form of r air, a great bla(l 
of vhid. C. t Kouac. Ar. Kabuar, 
glau bias Ir.Troim/.itlijnioirjiitb, 
aiDX.'ii\ crom/.afair^ bark, barkadh, 
birkogjbaiftea/i no liraii tearrthan- 
na no >,ioi;i rnea/;i2,anfadh,cca(gal 
no Jioirm fearthanna no ^tloi.^rne- 
3XLi anbaiilea;^ . 

NLmituir., k yn ulr, yn dliiayj 
fcv yu hynny. To wit,Jitrely, cer- 
tainly. Ar. Fcnn. Ir.Ad!ion,mar, 
ais, avail, go divin, go dcarv, f go 
doigh, gan avras no avarus. 

Nimius,Rhy,t rhyu, rhy vaur, 
jormodh. Too much, exctjf-ue o^jer 
muih. CRe. Ar.Re, Fonn , rc- 
'nvcr, kaUgant. q. Ir. Inaarkayt, di- 


vcJrkc,,inimarkaA:, f troghdha, an- 
v'or,'aihvealjrdlin, os modh, os kc- 
ann nioidli no niiiuir, an;^aith- 

Ningo, Ody, buru cira. Tofnoto. 
Ar. Ober cr>;. ir. Snea-.dayim. 

Kifi,Onid,cichir, namyii.J7"w(7/, 
except , but , unlep. C Fy ni , po 
ni. Ar. N'emct, pa na, pa na vcic-. 
Ir. Mon, mun, inuna, cnur, a/;d 
mill), ca;cd mur, dc moigh, rc- 
nioigh eas, eas avain, flica/i gan. 
Ktf quod, mun toilgc, mun go. 
h!if quodj.'ov, mun nar, mon toilgc 

Nilus, Lliymyftcn, guepia, he- 
bog. A ^arro-uj hawk commonly , 
or a merlin that catchelh larks, h. 
Diili;teal, dcimfirnigh,, 
divirke, i'yihar no gLkadh fychar 
ta dhcanadh ni. 

Niccdula, y jyvaruydli ; Math 
arly'jodin. ..' glovj.-worm ; Aljo a 
feild moufe. Ir. Lamprog, 6 ghrc, 
IcolAinuv, piaft (oilldieah, fa noidh- 
.te. Fos magh-lu;s no lu^; 'licir. 

Niteo, yiT.hoyui, bod ynuyA;, 
dif^Ieirio. To Jfnne , to be brii^ht , 
gay, trim or JJ'ruce. Ar. Ri,^koIa. 
Ir. Atsim gidn, fj^camr.naigh, f^i 
balta, raaiflieaA;,dcas, fgivaA^jtma,'-', 
alainn, breadha, rgivta, gafta,^f. 

Ni[idus,5uyA;,huyu,5lan. c/fiJ», 
7ieat , trim. C.GIannich, fpladn. 
Ar.Sklcr^risklys; Saflin. Ir. Glan, 
tgle, tgluair , \%\6t, iodhan, 
rgibaka, breadha, maiflieaA;, f mas, 
f^iva^, alainn, f an ; liglidha, grea- 
ga;^, gafta, glealh,5eanka;e, hx^ix 

Nitor, oris, gloyuder, lioyuder, 
7 dilliynder, juy^ider. Brizhtnejs, 
luflre, gayety. Ar.Skleur. Ir. Gla- 
innc, glainnea/id, gluairc, gluaire- 
a>d, aille, aillea.^d, breadlias, bre- 
adliaighe, maifc, deife, Tgeiv. 

Nitor, cris, ymegnio, ymorA;e- 
fty, j;uneythyr ci orcy ; Puyfo ar 
belli; Rhoi koel ar, rhoi ymdhiri- 
ed rr.eun pet 1. To endeavour, to la- 
bour, toflrive j to put trufi or coji- 
fideiice in, to rely upon. Ar. Poellat. 
Ir Dithxiallam, roi/;im, fyclirayim, 
fparnaim , gleakam , confpoidim , 
eignyira me fein; nim dithx;eall, 
dreim , firaigh, divirke no duth- 

NivcuSjV'al yr eira, j;uyn vol eira. 
Like fnoiVjfiowey. Ir. Snea;iidavail, 
ladghavail, finneavaii. 

Nivofuf, Eiryog, Ihaun eln.FuU 
offnovi Ir. Sr.ejzda.!i, firiea;!;, lag- 
dha;:,lan do'hnej/ida. 

Nix, Eira, 6d. Snav>. C. Er , 
\\jx Ar. Er;:. Ir. Saea;ed [no 
Inea/jda^ fiadhg, fsin. 

No, Novio. To j-ujtm C. Dho 
nyidzha. Ar.ncu'n Ir.Snavam,im- 
thighim no nim fniv, 

Nobilis, Hynod , rhajorol, no- 
dol, enuc^, bonhedig, fdiltdryu, 
dylcdog. Noble , excellent, famouiy 
brave, flately, reno'^ned, notable. 
C. Peniivik, t Hyuelur. Ar. Di- 
zhentiJ, magnivik. Flo;i, An E- 
fquire ; Marekaur, A Knight. No 
blans, A'o^iV;rx 


fnoithca;;, nualj, fnois, fnodh, 
t iiadun, f nafaoli, j gno, f eaig, 
avr,i, F. t ncafa, f nuallan, fuaill, 
'iyitlica,cdha , cariav, dcarfgaigh, 
tuais, fard, fart, t", tgV" 
airc, t fyr ; M6r,mordha,mortha- 
la;!;, malgla.v , barravai], oircadha, 
farranta, ardha;(;d2;i, ballarda/,,im- 
raidhtejA:, airimnca^; , ainimnea- 
vail, f gorni, grata. 

Nobiicuni,5ydani. IFithus. Ir 
R inn, linn, maille rinn, agu'nn, 

Noceo, Niucidio, f aif;yi^edhy, 
briuo, koliiedy. To hurt, to harm. 
Ar. Makainaj nualout. Ir. Nini 
Uix;ohj, diovail, dolaigu ( aisk no 
roghail, gaillim ar ; bakam coirme- 

Nociviis, Niueidiol, dry;c;ionys, 
a una dh'Ug. HurtfuU, noxious Ir. 
y'r.^ioidcaA;, divaia;: , doIaigcaA;, 
milltea/;, foghalaidh 

Nodtivagus, A jjruydro 'r n6s , 
a gerdbo 'r nos , a rodio 'r nos. A 
night wanderer. Ir. Oidhftieavoi- 

Nodtu, y n-is, liu n6s, o h'^d nos. 
In t benight, by night. Ir.San'oJdh- 
/..Q nu ar fliival oidh;ce. 

Nodua, Dylhyan. An o-wl. C. 
Ula, t liule. Ar Frao. Ir.MuUan, 
nauUjan mula>j nomulcha,ulUav- 
kan, kaiilia;^ nyidh/;c, & kaliiaA: 

Nodurnus, Nofaul, a berthyn i'r 
n6\ In the night time, nightly. Ir. 
OidhA;e, na h' oidhA;e, oidh;Kea- 

'^yjnog » J'huyftrys rin glymmse. 
Knotty, fuU of knot s .li.Siudhrr.zx , 
krampaA; , krampoga;t , knapa;t , 
krapana;*;, fidhrzx, fadhvana.*;. 

Nodus, Kuliim, f kyjun, kym- 
mal. A knot, a joint. Ar.Kulm. 
Ir. Snaidhm, krampa, barrog, kno- 
ta, knag, alt, knap, f fadhb, kair, 
karraig; Galba, kruas, aivreidhe, 
doakal, dorainn, ftankan. 

Nolo, Bod heb vynny, ni vyn- 
nav. To nitl or to be unwilling. Ir. 
Ni hail liom , ni thoillighim , ni 

Nomcn, Henu; yrdhas, anrhy- 
dedh. A name, renown, fame. Ar. 
Hano ; Lefliano, a Sur-name , a 
nick-name. VAtirnen, Id. Ir. Ainim, 
ainm, kineadh, onoir., kaithreim, 
ughdardha;td,klu,imradh, tuaralg- 
vailjluadhradh noballard : Tiodai, 
titeah fiuAia, falta^ fine no keap ki- 
neadh nollamneadb. 

Nomenciator,Huna uypoenuae, 
&c. jeiluadifhyu fuydhog. An offi- 
cer of names. Ir. Ainimnightheoir, 
iloinntcoir, garmadoir as ainim no 
as floinneadh, no fear A:urtha aini- 
me & iloinnte. Bolfaire, kallaire 

Noraino, Henui, To name. Ar. 
floinnim, luadham, no livraira ar, 
gairim noglydham ar as ainim. 

Non, Na, nag, ni, nid, nis; heni 

Dem. No, not. Na, ne, nag. Nag 

r. uafal, oirdiieirk [ yu, quod non efl. Ar. Ne. Ir. Ni, 

Bbz ko. 

T I T. II. A C O M P A K A T 1 V £ V O C A B U'li A k V 

ko, naide, K. nim,nior, nar, mz , 
na, gion, mZ2, kouaz. No?! ejf, ni 
v'uil, nil. 

Nome, V dvdhix nefav nrol ka- 
lan pob mis ' T/^e novcs of every 
»«»f^.]r.Nydh5a/ e nanyilaethe 
giZ mila do vias roive na hiodhga. 
Noine. N- 

Nonagenarius, Dengmluydh a 
pheduar y3;;ain oed Four/eoie and 
tenjearsofage. Ir. NO'.a^, no;ca- 
dha;c, noA^adhin, a seann no an 
yis noA;adha. 

Nonagefimus, y desved a phe- 
duar ygiin. The ninetieth. Ir. No- 
zavadh, noAJ'dvadh, andeaA;avadh 
ar kcichre fi^Kid. 

Nonaginta, Nau dcg, dega phe- 
duar ygain. IJinety. C Padzhar 
iganz Iva dcg. Ar. Dcg ha pevar 
ygent Ir. Noxadh, t "0^2, dei/i 
agus keichre fi^iid. 

Nondum, "^{Azxxo.Kot yet. Ir. 
Ni, nil go foill, niv'uilgo foill no 
gus tiadhfa. 

Nongenti, Noukant. S.W. Nau 
cant, time hundred. Ar. Naukant. 
Ir. Nyi 5ed, nyi, f ^eannair. 

Nonna,Lhcian, ^w«». Q.\\/ii- 
nes. Ar. Leanes, Monnc?,. Ir.Ka- 
illea;>j diiv no bean rcaghalta. 

Nonne ? Onid , t pond ? + po- 
nid ? onid e ? ai nid c ? Is it not Jo ? 
Ir. Nar ? annar ? na;i ? naA,ar .' 

Nonnihil, y;i;ydig, peth, talm, 
f taASUedh. Somewhat, a little. C. 
fNebira Ar. Nep. Ir. Daciadh ; 
ni no raod eigein, beagan no raod 
beag cijein, taileijein 

NonnuUuSjRhyu vn,rhyubeth, 
rhyU. Some., fomething., a little. C. 
fNcbdcn. Ar.NcpJen. Ir. NeaA; 
cijein, no ni eigcin kail no beagan 

Nonnunquam, Ueithix j Some- 
times, Ar. A uithiu. 

Nonus, Naued , nauved The 
■ninth C Nauhuas. Ar. Nauec 
Ir. Kyidheavadh. 

Norma, Rheol, yfj^uir, Ihyni- 
audr. A rule or fqiiare to do any 
thing l>y; A form, a prefcript. Ir. 
Riaaghal ; Ingir, boraA^l, line, do- 
radh, fnaithe, ingcartha. 

Nos,Ni,nyni. We. C Nei. Ar. 
I Ni Ir Shinn. Ad nos , A:Ugain j 
! nobis, dhuinn no dhuinne^ Nohif- 
j cum, Rinn, linn, aguin ; a nobis, 

Nofco , ^uybod , adnabod. To 
1 know , to underjland, to perceive. 
I Ar- Axnaut ■• Aznudek ; known. 
|Ir. Aichnim, fifayinij As tiia/id 
I dhom, as eola;e dhom, ataim an- 
'aithne no au'colas. Finnam, tui- 
Jim no bratham ar, eadargnaim. F. 

Nofocomion, \ sbytty kleivion. 
A HoJf>ital or Spittle for the fick 
and difcafed. Ir. Othrafxa, othraf- 
lan, othrafailt, oilpiocil , Ipideal ; 
Tegli no team pall i'pideil, othrais, 
i teinnis nodhyineadh teiune. 
I Nofocomus, Peniaethr' vsbytty 
I kleivion. The masler of the hoffital. 
ilr. Ochraskoir, othrafphupa, mai- 
ighiftir no ua^tran an tighc (bin. 
I Nortcr, Kin, einom, eidhom, ei- 

nym. Our, ours. C-gen. Ar.Hon. 
Ir. Ar, aguinn, dhuinn. 

Noftras, A vo o'ngulad ni, o'n 
tyluyth ni, on plaid ni. Of our or 

own country, boujl^old, fcB , par- 
ty. IrDar, dir, ar dire, ar muintire 
(Jar muintir no dar deaghla;i fein. 
Nora, Aruydh, iiM, amlNjyn, 
mann, fiamp; f Horc, anair, lar- 
haad A note, a mark, a fign , a 
token, a jpot, a mark ofdijhonour, a 
blemijh. Ar Arevenfi. Ir Kovar- 
tha, fairrdhe, sighin, notfliocd, 
lorg, kron, f on, leas. 

Norabilis, Hynod, nodol, node- 
dig, hyfpys Notable, remarkable, 
noted, apparent Ir. Oirdheirk , 
t noithea;!;, f nuall, aithe3nta,fol- 
las, ion;Kovartha , ionaraidhe ; ib- 
Xovartha, foairridhe, foaitheanta 

Nothus, Baftaidh, mab ordhcr;>: 
A haflard. Sic dr C. dr Ar. plur. 
Befterd. Ir. Baftard, j;cin, ncivdli- 
fteana;*;, bre.igJA;. 

Notitia, juybod, Jjuybodaeth, 
kydnabod, kj dnabydhiacth, dealh. 
Knowledge, underffanditig, acquain- 
tance, 7iotice. Ar. Aznudejeth. Ir. 
Ir. Fis, colas, coluil, f grich, fodh, 
aithnc, aitheantas, ris F'. 

Noto. Nodi, ariiydho, dal fylu, 
provi. To note, to mark, to mind, 
to take notice of Spia, fclletyhelau 
piz to obferze accurately . Adhrove, 
Notatus Ir. Kovarthayim, airdhy- 
im, sinyim, flea;Kdam, kuirim no 
tagvam kovartha ar fpresgam io- 
mordam, kronuim 

Notus, i. Dehcyuynt. The South- 
wind. Ar. Ai'el Ai. Ir. An j^th 
deas ; Nova fseaJa, dala. 

Novacula, Elhyn , kylhelh. A 
barber's raz*ur i any knife Ar. O- 
ten Ir. Bearrth6g, bcirrfgian no 
fjian bcarrtha, loimfgian. 

Novale, Tir a ardher bob ail 
vluydhyn, tirneuydh aredig, bra- 
nar. Land fowen every other year, 
fallow ground, fum7ner-land . Ar Ha- 

Novellus, Pyr neuydh.A^ry new. 
Ar. Nevedh flam Nevidhinti &* 
kchedhlu doare. Novella, News. 
Ir.Le.ithniiadh, leath-iir,fy-nuadh, 
ro niiadh, ro ur, og, dfas go nuadh 
no go h'6g, 

Novem, Nau. N;'»?- C. Nau. 
Ar. Nao. Ir. Nyi ; Novemdecem, 
nyidhea^ida, nyideag. 

November, M?s TaA;uedh, mis 
dy kyn t^z^o\\g.November . C.Miz 
diu. Ar. Misdiu. Ir. Nyi-vi, an 
keidvi do ghcivreadh. 

Novcndecim, Pcduar ar bym- 
thcg. Nineteen. Ar. Nanteg. Ir. 
Nye deg. 

Novcrca, I.hyfvam, mam yn- 
Shvvrxth, t cllidreuyn A ftep- 
ynotker. C f Altruan /\r.Lefvam. 
Ir. Leas-vathair. 

Novies, Nauguaith. Nine times. 
Ar Nau gucth. Ir. F\ i nyi , no 
nyi nuaireiv 

Novilunium, y Iheyad neuydh. 
The new moon. Ar. Primaloar 

Noviffimus, Diuacthav , olav , 
guaelav. The lajl, the hindermofi. \ 'Barefoot. Ar. DiarAlen 

the meaneft. Ir. Deircanna;t; , de- 
aghna/j, divcannaA; 

Novitius, Neuydh, neuydh u- 
neythyr, diuedliar. Nev begun ^ 
come, done, or fit forth. Ar. Ne- 
uedh Ir. Nuaidhejnta, nuaidh- 
chionnfganta og; Noivifte.'F. C. 
Novus, Neuydh, Ir, dieithr,an- 
ghynnev.n. Ntw,frej}.^,ftrange, un- 
look'd for, tmexpehed. C Neuydh 
Ar. Nevedh , noadh, noadh pill. 
Ir. Niiadh, go niiaidh, ur, 6g,koi- 
vidhea/>;, ioiiganta;e. 

Nox, Nos, noiuasth. Night. C. 
Noz, fnos. Ar. Nos. Neithur, 
No&e hejlernd ; enoth, Udcnoliei 
Anternos, Media node. Ir. Oidh- 
ze, reag, be F. Kc, Id be kod- 
ladh, dor^adas, keo, bis, daille, 
ainv'ios, anrodh no buaidhirt. hdc 
nolle, a n'o;i;t j Ultima nolle , A 

Noxa , Niued, f arj;en, drug, 
aduyth, briu, e^jrys, kolhed ; Bai, 
kcrvdh, Cofp. An offence, a fault 
or blame ; alfo hurt, damage, harm 
Ar Guallj gau , dommaifli. Ir. 
Koir, peakadh, urA;oid, kion, ki- 
onta, lo/,d, oik, f forb, dolaigh, 
divail, foghail, f aisk, pudhar no 
koirea;iian arfonoilk. 

Noxius, Niucidiol, dryrionys, 
kolhedys, beiys, eyog. Ojfenfive, 
hnrtfuU, voifom, mifchievous^ crimi- 
nal, faulty, guilty Ar. Kupabl. 

Nubecula, Kummul bjA^an, trif- 
tu^ uyneb, kummul ar uyneb. A 
little cloud. Ar. Kunabreri bian. Ir. 
Neillin, foineall. 

Nubes, Kummul, uybren ; An- 
hydh, ^orAjydh ; Beth bynnag a 
lydhio i beth dhwod i oleyni A 
cloud, thick mill, haze or fog; Ad- 
verftty, trouble -, A cloak, a cover. 
CGoruer, fuibren Ar. Kuna- 
bren. Ir. Neall, fdluiv, f muadh. 

Nubilis, Adhved i'u priodi, me- 
un oedran priodi. Marriageable. 
Ir. In'hir, invna, ionva^air, ion- 

Nubilus, Kyramylog, tvuylhj 
Trum, trift, d'ij^ys, f J^ysjsi ky- 
A;iog, anvodhog Cloudy, aljo heavy, 
fad, lowring, frowiiing. Ar. Ku'na- 
bryus, teual, kommolek, dy. Ir. 
Nealli;tt, fyi neall. Fos duv, dor- 
^a,duivnealla;e, toineallaA;, gniai- 
me, muknaz, duvghnuaifhea;!:. 

Nubo, Priodi o verA: , sw^ ; 
Kydhio, gorA;ydhio. To be marri- 
ed, to take a husband, to cover. Ar. 
Prieraat, dimidhi,eureU5i. Ir. Fa- 
laighim^ kuirim falaA: no brat ar. 
Fos pofam no beirim fear, teadham 
re fear, do phoftar me re fear, ke- 
anglam leis no dhe. 

Nucetum, Kolhuyn, kelhi, Ihe y 
tyvo kvlh. A place where nut-trees 
grow. Ir. Knovuine koill-A:ho. 

Nucifrangibuium, j^evxl gnay. 
Anut-cracker. Ir. Knudhaire. 

Nucleus, Kneuylhyn, knyuylh. 
A kernel Ir. Grcikinnte , inrte 
knyidhe, krottal. fgreav no krufta. 
Nucleus all/i, ionga gairleoige. 

Nudipes, Troed-noeth, diar^ien 

~ Ir. Lom- 


Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland, ioi 



A;ora;:, koflilom, kofnoA:tar. ,SoUers. Ibid. Ir. f Kearbaire , ki- 

Nuijiuftcrtius, JiA-doe. '£he dty mire , kcarbulaire , tear biligh no 

hefore jefierday. Ar. De^kciUCA: UlaireaAJda re malraid, re h'lmlat 
Nudo, Nocthi, d\ uocthi, diar- i no rckur airjeid ar bilhcaA; 1,0 ar 

;Keny, [SAV. Dihatry,! diol'g, dat- : uiairea/,d amaA:. 

j;ydliio, Ihvmhay To make naked or \ Nunuis,Da bathol, munai, arian 

l^are,toJl>oil,to ftrip. Ar.Pelia, pa- bach. Mo7:ey,coin. C. Dinair. Ar 

liiat, To pee/.&ic. Ir. No .dam, fa- j Monnei/,. Ir. Airjjid, * kcarb,kim, 

dhvam, lomam, Igollam, lij;im Icis, monadh, icthe 

divrakam tagvamlcis 

Nudus, Kocth, Ihum, hylum. 
Hcb j;ladhv, maru, ag cilix arno 
Bare^ naked, uncovered, void, empty, 
deftituie of. C. Noadi. Ar Moal. 
IrMo;jd, no taidh , tairrno;;d 

Nunc, yn aur, yr aurhon, bc- 
IhaA;, ucithian. Now, even vov, at 
prejevt. C. Lemmyn, an urnw, an 
termcn ma, -jluman. Ar. Hrcman, 
brema I'liden e^ brcmatulliant Jii/f 
now. Jr. Anois I lege., anilb | ar ball, 

lom, lomno.ijd, lomraillca^: na bro- I a lathar ar a n'uairlc. Nunc tavdcrn. 

manaA;, t tul 

Nugor, Overa, j;uneythyr ko- 
cgbethxjdyuedyd kocg.>;iie<Jlse To 
trifle, toy or dally, to talk vainly or 
impertinently, topLry tl^ fool or wag. 
At. Glauri. Ir. K.reachnaighim , 

Nullateniis, Nid vn ynman, nid 
yn vrdhe. In no wije, at no hand, 
hynomcans. Ir. Ninonilar yn;i;or. 

NuUus, Neb, dim, nid yn ; Di- 
bris, heb d.dy dim Null, void, of 
no Mfi, force or worth. C.Nagoncn. 
Ar. Nikun, den cr bee, nop den, 
hinier bee. Ir. Aivne-a;e, neavdhu- 
ine no neiv ni , niyin ea;K, ni yn- 
duine, ni yinni. 

Num ? Ai ? a ? ai yntey ? IPtetker? 
■whetherorno? kr. A.} lr.An?ncr 

Numella, Piluri, frhigod, kyfi- 
on. A pillory, a pair of flocks. Ar. 
Kef an druk-oberuricn. Ir. Syith- 
xear, kear no piluid ina gurthar 

anois fa deireadh 

Nuncio, Myncj^i, dyuedyd a;u- 
cdl, diiyn neuydhion, adrodli. To 
jhem, to hring tidivgs or neivs , to 
report, to tell. Ir. Innifim, aichrilini, 
keadalaim, iuadham , fuiUligiiim , 
t dreaA-dam, tuircl:eai,dam,beirim 
fjel, drcA;: no hs Igcal liom, no 
niiaidhea^it Ijeil, 

Nuncium, ;>;uedl neuydii, neu 
dhion, kennaduri. Tidings, nexus, a 
meffage , or report. Ar. Kcvridi 
Ir. Sj;eal, jdre/sc, tuirthea;.d, nu- 

Nuncius, Kennad, mynej^urjd.V'- 
?;ur neuydhion. A mejfenger , a 
bringer of tidings. Ar. A ben kev- 
vridi. Ir. Tca/;taire, tea^jd.!, fyi- 
dheav, taidhleoir, K. eiKh:c, tt'U- 
mnir, 51 11a turais, fearJj;eil no nu- 
aidhea;>;ca, fjeal, nmidheaA;d. 

Nuncupo, Enui, j;alu crbyn ci 
henu, dutj^an yn cjlyr, kyhoedhi 

dro;!;dhyine ; Minkeap, rlnnAieap, 1 yn oix, tracthy alhan, adrodh. To 
muinj^heok . name, to pronounce, titter and tell ex- 

Numen, Dyu, >' Dyijdod. A'.prejly , to rectte , to rebearfe. At. 
Deity. Ir. Kova;ida , toil, mor- Henvel, hamec. Ir. Ainimnighim, 
dhaxt. fcart no near: de ; Dia, ua- i beirim, gairim, nokuirim anim ar. 
trana j;d de no diadha Fos kuva;>;ca, i F6s deirini, ahraim, raidhim, f iu- 
ughdardhas. Fos brcitheavnas. j ighlim,kanam llainnim, innifim ai- 

Numero , Rhivo, kyvriv. Tojchrifim, keadalaim kiadham, for- 
nnmUrortell. Ar.Nivera. Ir. Ri- ,kaighim,foilIlighim lavraim. 
vam, airvim , t arvainnim, kona- j Nundin.r , t'tir, marA;nad. A 
faim, nmi kontas, aireav, no ion- ,/'"'■. " mart, a market. Ar. Foar 
ran, meafam, (yilim, breachnaifim, ir. yna;^, j tla.3id, t kleide, f ea^;- 
meadhayim no ceilighim , f6s di- rais, mnea;>;thrcas, fteidhe, mar- 
lam, ikami Bcirim airleakadh no 'gadh, oirea;<idas. 
iafa;!;d. j Nunquam , Erioed , byth. Ne- 

Numcrofus, Am! o rivcdi, Iha- 1 "'^tr. C Na nevra, na vedn c nevra; 
uer, Ihiolbg. Numerous , rnanifold \he iievcr will. Ar. A birvikan, bi- 
Tr. Imadavail, morvar, lionvur, a skuas, ncpret. Ir. Ni riav, \\\x6\- 
no re nuivir voir, rivax, dimaA;,ldbA;, ni go deaigh, nigo brath, no 
kontafa^;, imadavail. | a;o, ni heidir, ml neart, ml dadh 

Numerus, Niver, rhiv, kyvriv; I Nunquis.' Puy, pa bcth, a oes 
Kytgerdh, kerdh blethedig, pen- j neb .^ a oes dim? a vy, a vydh.' 
nilh o ^cruh ; Mintai o bediay , j Who ? or is there any one ? -whether 
Ihiaus ; Parx;,kvvriv, kymmcriad, any ? Ir. 7;e .- ^can reaA;d, dhuine ? 
kymmyrredh. Number, reckoning,\no in ni? an neaA; ? an duine ? 
account or tale ; Harmofiy , order , an ni ? 

due time and proportion; A com- Nuo, Amncidio a phcnn. To nod 
pony, a multitude or rout, honour, with the head. Ir. Smeidim , Dim 
credit, ejleem, place, quality. Ar.Ni- i fmeideadh ar kvAiam mo 'huilar. 

ver, rimadel, nombri. Ir. Uivir, 
nuivir, aireav, f nv, ionran,'bean, 
meid no koivde, | dirna. 

Numifma, Arian bath. Money, 
coin. C. fBach. Ir. Monadh, t kc- 
arb, fkim 

Nuper, yn huyr, yndhiuedhar, 
nid cos nemmor, jynnae. Late, 
lately, of late, t'other day. Ar. A 
baoue nemeyr. Ir Go deaghnaAj, 
go mall, o;>;inadh, tamall o'iioinn, 
go gairid o'hoinn, ni kian no fada 

Numularius, Bathur arian, aria- I o'hoin 
nur. A banker or exchanger of mo- Nuperus, A yy nx a unaed yn ! 
ney. C. t Bather, juasbathor, Lat. / dhiuedhar. Lately happened, done\ 



of come. Ir Ueaghna.Ji, do thcag- 
vais deirigh , do 'hainig no do rin- 
iicadhgo dcighnaA;. 

Nupra, y uraig neuydh briodi, 
ybriouvir;; The bride. Ar. McrA; 
ncucdh. Ir. Bain>.eilc, brideog , 
niMAJa, bean pholh no bannua;Kor. 
Nupcix, Friodas, ndihior. A 
weddijig or marriage Ar Pricdc- 
lah Ir.Poladh, nuathar, K. Bainfe. 

Nurus, 5uraig mab yn, tx.ctx yn 
ySVVraith, guaydh. A daughter 
m law C. Guhidh. Ar. Guhedh. 
Ir.Mak-/:oinne, bain^Iiavai'n, be- 
an vikdhuinc. bean bomeic, W. 1. 

Nufquam, Nid yu ynlhc. In no 
place, 710 -ahcre. Ir. Aneavair, ni 
ait no nionadar biih. Fus go nea- 
vait, ni gohait arbith. 

Nutabundus, yn 'mron I'ynhio, 
pendun)pio. 'Ready to fall Jr. Ag 
Imcidearnaigh, ar bogadh, arkrith, 
noag langadan kritheana>;. 

Nuto, Pcn^ammy, hcppian, jjo- 
JliydlK), pcnoumpio To beckon, to 
nod, to lean and bend Ar. Urclkt. 
Jr. Smeidim, ky^i'm full, kratham 
no ;i;can-voyan, no kruraan moA;e- 
ann, longadanaim. 

Niitriu, i\la;5y, maethy, meith 
rin. To 7:o'inJb. Ar. Magu , mc 
chyr. Ir. Ailim, oileaynaim , al- 
Cfiim, beaihiighim, kothaij^himno 
kongvaighim luas , benim kigh 

Nutncor, Magur, majai, mac 
thydh. [S. VV. Tadmaech. ] A 
7iurjer.,a breeder. C. | Tadvath. Ir 
OiM, N. ant. 

Nucrix, Mammaetb, majuraig , 
Majuraethle. Anurfe -, aljo a nur- 
fery of young trees. C. f iVlammath. 
Ar. Mat;ercs Ir. Buime, bcnaltra, 
banailk'oir, bean-oijeavna no bea 

Nutus, Amnaid a unelo yn a'l 
lyj^aid nse ai ben , mynyd ; Euy- 
Ihysyn, bodh; goj^uydh, f;oj;uy- 
dhiad. A beck, a nod ; one's will, 
pleafure, or appointment ; the bent 
inclination; aljo a fall. Ir. timei- 
deadh, ky/:adh ful. 

Nux, Kneyen, pob aeron kalcd- 
vlilg. A nut ; aljo all fruits that 
have a hardjhell. C. K\ nytaa Ar. 
Kraui.11 Ir. Knujt gre :,nu;e,mo- 
fchata, knu kovthra meag-/;nu, 
P/. Nuces vitiofa , kna ky;i;a, kua- 
uinne, cl. 

Nydtalops, yr hun a ucl yn dha 
'r dydb, ag yn uacth yr huyr, a 
dim y nos. Purbhnd Ir.keagdhall, 
r^ag ,)•/; reaglolg ; Duinena ; fei- 
keann dadadhfa n'oidh;Ke. Kailin 
6g, oigvcan. 

Nympha, PriodverA; ; j;uenyn 
ievangkkyn hcdcg. Abride iyoung 
Bees before they fly. Ir. Nimpha, 
brideog ; Fos bca?r 6g , login an 
phuifinc iaA;dranghc. Nymphtc , 
Brivandec, Iruth-vair.dee ; Bain- 
dee na nuilgeadh oig veig , leigh 
oga gan ithleoig. 

Nympbii-a, Alau. White water- 
ItUy. Bultus. ytUans ■water-lilly. Ir. 
Buaillice, birros, duillcog vaite. 


Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 


Ol O ! ox\ uh ! gme vi ! 
\ O! oh\ to! a/afs! Ir 
, O ! o;e ! faraor ! mo nu- 
air ! 

Ob, Am, er muyn, o heruydh, 
o aA;os, o vlaen, yr erbyn For, iy 
reajinof. C Rag Ar. Kak. Ir. Fa, 
far, urn, trir, ar ;>ieann, do ;>:eann, 
tre mo mar, ar fon, a los, do vrig 
vrigh, kiiin mar jionn, le, re, do, 
ar, oir, de, dcoigh ; As igiuvail, do 
dhruin, hi dhein, a goinne, a n'ag- 
haidh, a govair no o A^ovair ar ag- 
haidh le no re haghadh. 

Obambulo,Rhodio 5; verbynag 
yn, rhodioo amj;yU, j^orymdhaith 
vnghyl;;; . To ira/i about or up a?:d 
down, to valk JiJe ty fide Trith one. 
Ar Kcrdhec. bale, purmen. Ir. 
Shiovlaim, ipaifdim, nimfliioval no 
(pais deora;;d o Ajovar no a dim- 

Obba , Koftrel, kynnax, f pot- 
ten. A noggin, a coflrell, a hoivl-rrith 
a great belly. Ir. Kyrratghin, kan- 
na, boidel iio (bidheaA;-eij;ein kof- 
vuil maide. 

Obdurefco, Kaledy, To harden 
Ar. Kaicta. ir. Kruadliaim. 

eidhruydh. Obedience C. f Hy- 
veldoi:. Ar. Obeiirans. Ir. Uvla, 
uvla;(:d, uviaghadh, urraim, urra- 
m3;>:d, 6moid, omos. K. omoidh- 
eas, jcillcadh, \ aidide, f aididm, 
dcide, i urlutaidh , f urral. 

Obedio, Yvydhhay. To obey. C. 
t Hyvla. Ar. Senfi. Ir. Uvlaighim, 
urramaim, omoidim, geillim no 
jiallam. K. Ataim fyr dho, bei- 
rim iivk, urraim 6moid, uifim no 

Obelus, Ber, Ihinelh a dynner 
urth yl'^rivcnny, j;uialen, Taeth 
A f^it or broche ; alfi a critical note 
in writeijig like a Jf>it . Af Ber. Ir. 
Bi'r, birin fmeirne , fgolt, prika, 
ftrik, fgrib fad a avail beara. 

Obeo, Maru. To dye. Ar. Mer- 
vel, Vid. Morior. 

Obelus, Teu, bras, hyrt. Fat, 
foggy, grofs, duU, heavy. C. Teu, 
bor, braoT,, ithik. Ar. Lart^, dru , 
kuiU, ftank. Ir. ym;i;nyi5e, um- 
A;rainnte, uimite,"ite no krainnje 
fa juairt ; tiugh , [ 1. tiu ] reavar , 
meth, na veatha;i;, dallaigheanta 

Obex, Trofol drus, bolhr, klik- 
kied, rhuyftr, Ihydhias, attal. A 
Jl>ar or bolt of a door, any manner 
ofletjjlop, or ft ay .^ an obftacle. Ar. 
Moraill. Ir Barra, Iparra nofpeike 
doras, ruagaire glais loifte dorais, 
drud, kairle, gaA; toir meal'g a m'- 

Obfufco, Dalhy. To render ob- 
fciire. Ar. Dalla. 

Objciftio, j;urth-atteb ; jjoravy- 
niaeth, cdliu.icth. An objeilion ; 
Cafting in the teeth. Ir. KufporaAjd, 
frithvcarradh, ku.sb6rad, kur a n'- 
aghaidh no kaladh ar. 

Objicio, jufod yn erbyn, rhoi 

jer bron, buru yn erbyn , edliu , 

liiiuied, heyry ar vn, buru ar yii ; 

Duyn ar 50V. To lay, throfPyor cafi 

3 . 


againfl, to fay tootte's charge, to up- 
braid, to hit owe in the teeth ,• To 
bring to mind. Ar. Rebclli. Ir. 
Frithveartham , kuirim , te)lij;im 
no kaithim ar no naghaidh, o;Koin- 
ne no OAJOvair ; kuirim na leith ar 
no fyinaA;ofaiv, imordaim, kafam 
no aidhvrighim ar kronaiyim ar to 
ghvam ar , koivarghim do. Nim 
imordadh , myij;headh , c^c. Nim 
kufpora>:dar; kuirim na mafia, na 
thoiveim no na vioA;luar; Kui- 
rim a gontar no a ngiiais; kuirim, 
tainghim no teilghim me feinann; 
taisbeanam go hoban j Nim no bei 
rim fa dear, kufporaim mm ku 

Obiter, Ar y fordh, ar jerdhed, 
urth vyned heibio , ar dhamuain , 
yn V kyvamfer. By the tray, inci- 
denialy , beftde the furpofe, in the 
mean time, by the by. Ir. Go teag- 
raiihcaA; , go teagvalaA; , do tha- 
poigli, do ti-oradh thapoighc arbe- 

Obitus, Maruolaeth yn, trangk, 
dydh diuedh yn ; Kyvarvod. The 
death or decenfe of any One ; Alfi 
one's coming or meetijig cafualy. Ar. 
j;remcnv;in. ir Bas. eag, tuitim,im- 
theaA;d taftail cagadh no faghail bais 
Objurgo, Kerydhy am vai, rhoi 
fenn, yfturdio. [S W. Krio ar yn ] 
To chide, to rebuke, to find fault mth. 
C. Dho omdhal. Ar. Skandalat , 
tenfa, rebefli. Ir. Kyinim, ruidhim 
no fpreagam go jear no go m6r. 

Objuro, Rliuymo truy lu. To 
bind by oath. Ir. Heirim mionna ar, 
kuirim fyi mionna luighghreama- 
yim, mionnalgam, keanglaim fyi 
t luighe no fyi vionna. 

Oblatio, Offtum. An offering. 
Ar. Proff." 

OblatrOjKyvarth yn erbyn yn, 
j;urthj:;yvarth. To bark againft one, 
or rail atone. Ar. Harzal. Ir. Ava- 
llraim no tafannaim ar. 

Oblatus,5uedi i offrvmmy, kyn 
nyg , nf.-y roi. Offered , proffered, 
given. C- j;yrheffias. 

Oble(flo, y mvodloni mcun pcth, 
kymmeryd dyvyrruA; o beth, di- 
j:;rivhay, di V) rry. To delight, to re- 
create, to re Joyce one, to pleaje and 
give content. Ar. Lauennat, en em 
reiouyda. Ir. Re kearnaim , faiv- 
p;ealgaim, folafaim , kuirim fonn 
no folas ar, nim kaitheav amlliire 
dho ; jeivim fonn, fofas aigneadh 
no kaitheav aimdiire nim no gla- 
kam fonn, folas, i^c. 

Obligatus, j;uedi amruymo, J^u- 
edii ruymo. Bound, obliged, tied. 
C Kclmys- Ir Grcamaighthi , ke- 
angailte, nafgtha a gaingel, a ^e- 
angal no a gaivrighivi j;ealJta, 
moidthc, no fyi void. 

Obligo, Rhuymo, amruymo. To 
bind, to tye up or about, to oblige. A r. 
EnderAiel, dcr/.tl. Ir. Keanglaim, 
j^reamaighim, nafg3m,kuivrighim, 
Ihadhmam no keanglaim fi guairt 
yile no a nonn et a nail, kuirim 
komyin, no obligoid ar. Fos jeal 


Ihedtraus, \ Ihedhv, f Ihedpai, ar 
0(50, arohen. Crooked, awry, bow- 
ed i -winding, oblique. Ar Adrfis. 
Ir t Kiiar, fiar, k,yn, ftyn ; lubth.;, 
k.ifta no kortha a laeth thyiv, tar- 
fna, krofta, kodarfna, neivdliirea;t. 
Oblitero, Kravy ymmxth, diley, 
To blot out, to abolijh, to deface. Ar. 
Eftici, kmel; Terri. ir Krofam, 
earA;ailim, fgrifam , fgribum , ur- 
mam, miliim no kuirim amaA;,ar 
dearmadh, 6 koivne, ar giil. 

Oblitus, guedi an;shovio, juedi 
j;ilhung tros gov. Forgotten, or that 
hath forgotten. Ir. Dearmadtha, ar 
na dearmad arkeal K. No do dhe- 
armaid, do lig ar dhear mad no do 
rinne dearmad. 

Oblitus, j;uedi iro drofto, t;uedi 
i eneinio drolto. Smeerd, anointed 
all about. Ar. Sucret, furbuillet, 
i^c. Ir. Smeartha, bcaltHa, uigtha, 

Oblivio, An^ov,?;uaIh-k6v,te- 
bargoviad. Forgetfulhiefs . Ar An- 
ku'nhamant. Ir. Dearmad, dtar- 
madayc , dearmada;Kd , dithleaAit, 
droA;oivne, keal. K feaAimali , 
flicaA;maill, fliea;Kmailleadh, laiv- 
thionadh, laivthionaAJd, dithleaA: 

Obliviofus, Anghovys , t ebar. 
j:;ovys, drugeij^ov. Very forgetful! , 
oblivious. Ar Aiiku'nhek , dilbn- 
fliek. Ir. DearmadaA; , fdithlea;!; , 
\i.\\ix, . 

Oblivifcor, Anjhovio, f ebarj^o- 
vi, Jelhung yn anj^ov. To forget. 
Ar. Anku'nhat, difonzheal. ir. De- 
ar madaim, f IlieaAjmaillim, lijjim 
ar dhearmad, no as koivne, laiv- 

Obloquor, j;urth-dhyuedydj j;o- 
j;any, rhegy, melhdithio, melhdi- 
50 To Jpeak againft, to curje, re- 
proach or back-bite. Ir. AnAiaintim, 
nim an^aint , droA;-A:aint , kul- 
;Kaint no ithiomradh. 

Obludo, ymavlyd, ymorAiefty. 
Towreftel. Ar. Guren. 

ObmuteOjMynd ynvydan,[S W. 
Bod heb yn^^anyd.J T» tvax mute. 
Ir. Ataim balv, eris dim. 

Obnitor , ymet;nio yn erbyn , 
j;urthladh a'i holh ej;ni. Toftrive 
or ftruggle againfl. ir. Glealcam , 
fpairnim, troidim, fithveartham, 
kuirim a naghaidh mar mo dith 
;>;eall, mo 'haraigh, no mar mo 

Obnixe, [S W O nerth braiA: ag 
yfguydh.] With all one's force. Ar. 
O boes e divvre^: , Wttb all hit 

Obnoiius, A haedho j;ofpedi- 
SCEth, eyog, beiys, rhuymedig, a- 
dhas, ym mherygl o beth,darollyn- 
?;edig , yvydh. Obnoxious, guilty , 
faulty, fubjeff or given unto, obedi- 
e?jt, compliant, ir. Koirthea;;, km- 
taA;, loAida;,-, infinofda, iupinaidhe 
teilj;the, dyitha, damanta. 
Obnubilo, Tyuylhy aA:ummul, 

lam, moidim, leirim no nim ageal-' kymmJiyly, fkadhygo, Dav. jqu- 
ladli no moid. ' neythyr yn brydh, triliay . To cbud. 

Of The Okiginal Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 103 


to darken, to overcafl. Ir. Diiiv ne- 

ailun, ni.'all-clliork.iyim, ncill-du- 
vayiin, no nmi di'iv re ncallaiv Fos 
tluvghiiuiliiii, nun duv^hnu liie.iA; 
no gruaiiia, kuirim gruaini, 1 mil- 
ki no fmuilk ar 

Obolus, Oimmtc; A half penny 
C. Hmcer diner. Ar. Antcr j;cn 
nek. Ir L.aeth-(j;riibal no tovas 
dheiA; ngrainncadii ornabcij^c l-u!i 
bonn wguvail airj;eid do reir na ti 
re na mui; ata nj leich phin agu 
innc, no na ^uij^ fniiolkineiv uo 
reir lunius. 

O.ionor, DeA;rey tvvy, kodi 
fduyr^i, d.duyram. hetin to Jfumg 
up,to arijf Jo hreat forth Ir.l inn- 
gnaim Ms, clica;;d, no eirghc ar, 
no ama^;. 

Ubrepo, ymly'50, Ihadratta i 
mcun, uyvoj yn dhifvniuth To 
creep or fleal upon one U7imrares, to 
freak in. Ir Sn.ivam , icoltog^m , 
gadaim, ealoghaim no tijim ar tai- 
thiol gan his, gan vothagludli no 
K) ;tieich ar. tos mca.lam gar. 

Obrogc, j;uarA;ay ar ;;iiedel yn, 
j:;urth-dhyut<iyd To check or inter 
rupt one in his talk, to gain-fay. Ir 
kadhthuivayim , rauhithririnejl- 
gjim, kuirim toirn ealg no tiir- 
vaigh ar Aiovradli no ar igcl j kui- 
rim ar giii i Krithlavram. 

Obruo. j:;orA;ydhio a phridh ne 
bcch aralh, jorthoi, dvmA;uel>d, 
kiadhy,j;orthr>miTiy rho j:;ormod 
ba.Ai ar beth. To cover over and 
over with earth, or other things, to 
overwkelm, to hide in the ground . 
to bury. Ir., llLi;;Am no 
falayim go Icir; Kuirim a vala/; 
nofvi brithuile. Adiilakaim, kui- 
rim a di'ilaiv, no a nuir ; kuirim a 
u'uala;^ no ar vuni.i ar, kloidhim, 
rr.illam, igrram. 

Cbr)7.a, Maen prauv ayr. The 
touch flone for fine gold Ir Dearv- 
onn, dear\'-art, klo/; theallaigh 6ir 
no air^jcid. 

Obli-cenus, A vo i'u oA;el, bydy r. 
brunt, anlhad, avian, f drytl-.ylh 
t krocfan, ftnh, ai.niucir, koej- 
vrunt, ficdh, anonell, kvuiiydhy.';, 
j^uraduvdhyj. Unlucky . ominous , 
til boding, unfortunate ; filthy, foul, 
wanton, barrdy , unchafe, Ar. Lik, 
lyubrik,vil. Ir Grylta, gairflici- 
vail, nninairea;^ , dro ,vuinnte, 
ainAlcirdea;*;, lala;^, broghaA;, bre- 
an , n.ivakanta no miovnavail , 
granna,truaillidhi Ancuora-; no do 
chiuras oik, rrudhvur. 

Obll-urus, T>uylh, kadhyg, ky- 
dhicdiK,dy,anamlug, ansluer, niu- 
log , k\ mmylog , anh' nod, anen- 
uog , anvonednigjedh , ilel-uaed , 
iaiu y \x, diyftyr, heb Ion am da- 
no. Obfcure , dark, without li^kt , 
difficult , hard to underfiand , clofe 
and fecrtt, of mean birth. C. Te- 
ualjdal. Ar Teual, komolek Te- 
ualien & ttualijen, dalladigcth 
barknefs.objcurity. Ir Dor^ia, av- 
ra, doilcir, K Leirskona, f fi^ox 
ioinxc, duaithnighthijduv, f 16;*;, 
I neavloililcaA;, neavfolal'di, keovar, 


duivnealla;!;,do-aidhvnica>:, do-fa- 
i;hala, uivraA;, deirruiCa . kniais, 
kriiaghala^, i.\\[i.ix, dk.lh, ickrci 
dca/K, ne^vaithcania, <irc. 

Ublecro, Attolug,d>myno, ym- 
bil, |cr,ya:cd, ociiyv, cidliyno, 
y.nynhcdh, fvniadoluyn, t ioii 
I'o pi ay heartily, to bejeech, to in- 
treat and beg upon one's knees Ar. 
lidi, rc'kcti uiga t, gu en o,»;, fin- 
li o ,. Jr eiUidhini,ath>-uinghim 
air^im j ailim, aith;>:im, Sinm no 
"\rain dath;i!;uinj;idh, go uuthra;t- 
diA;, dughralii, d'impdlic; ar Ion, 
iioarghradhde, (if'ir 

Oblcqu urn, Yvydhdid, ^IMIJ- 
n3ethT;ariiA; , ;si'ft.''n?;i-'iohruydh , 
paiouriiydh i uncvthyr y pech a 
vynner; ;'rrycn,3ucniaith. Ready- 
nets, dutyfuilnejs, complyance, com- 
plaijance, fondnejs , officioufnefs . ir 
talgaid .ca;it, civea/;d , urlaithe- 
a..a,rc:d icaA;ii. 

Obltquor, Yvydhhay, bodloni, 
bod vii ualhcatlij^ar. To doe as ano- 
ther wills him, to be plyant, to be 
ready at hand Ar. 6-nci pc (iuU 
ox obeiilada, fyuzheada. Jr.Nim 
CO 1 leir no koivreirdiiuine ; ataim 
no ban uval, eai'gaidh no reidh an 
coile, reirc giolla^ida, t'ogliainre no 
leirvil'c do dheaiiaoh ; Leanim toil 
uhuinc oile an ga^; iii, ataim frai- 

Obiero, Kloi Hay o amj^yl^;, 
ambliiiny, planuy o amsylA;, pian- 
ny, k>l ,\My,aii ^vLv- lo lock, to 
let or fow about, to plant Ar Ai- 
huedha, ll-rra, anl'crra; Hada, plan- 
ta,&c. Ir. Kuirim glis ar doras, 
i^c. Glalam no druidim go dai;.- 
gean Shil A^uirira fa thimA:iol. 

Obicrvantillimus , Jjoftynjedig 
iiUii, 7;ovalys iaun. Mojl rejj>e{f- 
full, mofl obfervant Ir Koaiica^, 
roifrithcoiUea,,, Ian do j;!iilla;td. 

Obfervantia, Par;K, anrliydcdh, 
-j:;uar odsech, ym^^idaid.ith, ky- 
var^ivyl, daiiud I'yiu. Reverence , 
honour , ohfervance , rejfacf. Ir. O- 
noir, on6ra;(;d, airminc, airvinde- 
ixd, meas, aireav, urraim, uvia, 

Oblervo, Dylj^uyl ar, dal fylu, 
d liar beth, j;rar>.ad ar beth, 3;ui- 
licd ar, kyvar uylio, yltyned; 
Per;(;ij anrhydjdhy 10 mark, con- 
fider, keep, obferve, reffeiJ and ho- 
nour. Ar. Spial'ellecgueda; Ihelau 
pi7,. h.Fcatham ar, ataim amj^hio- 
m^na;>;, amghiolla, amogla;*:, am- 
Aiuval, no amvanogla;<: ag ; Airi- 
ghim, fionnam, kovarthayim, air- 
dhighim no taidearam ; beirim aire, 
uidh no fadear; Kuirim, uvail , 
.ird konoid no kovarthaari kig- 
him, tuiy;im, fionnam no bratham, trii-onam, nim koived 
Kos ata mcas, onoir, airvinde, gra 
dhagam ar, no ataim fpcillieavai!, 
mealavail j^ionavail ar no foghar- 
chaA;dho Kudaighim,konvaighim 

Obfes , 5Uyft)l An hoflage or 
pledge in war. C fGuyltcl Ar. 
Krt-t, kofion. Ir. j;iall, bru!t;he tha- 
iridie no koga dh ; j;eall no urra. 

Obfideo, Kyl;>;vny,kvnlhuyn j 


Arcs, ciftedh, trijoj PcrA;cnnoj;i, 
nitdhiaiiiiy To befege inviron or 
compafs about, to pojfefs, to lie in 
watt At ;>illn:iuia ]r Um'hui 
dlum, umluiAum, un dhuanam , 
umdhruidim, vi""il'iogam, dila- 
kuirim forvas. t.C. uinluidhca- 
XM1 uniluidJKa, Icijrcas no fy- 
idhgica <iimA:ioll,Ic, iioia A dim 
a voivnsaluid|jea;,an, ag l)rath,ag 
bradriid.i , ag br\ kaircaA;d no ag 
diiatidh ari Keupam , Jokam uo 
koiigvayim a Hc,\z no a fti. 

O.lidi.c, Kynlhllyn. The lyings 
in wait or at catch for a prey. Jr. 
Luidiie.u;n, bradn'dli, duchadh 
no brataarmgokcalga;t. 

Ubioiecus, Uedi mcihy, hen, 
an.^h nncvin, uedi treyl o vel d - 
Ihcdyn a nil^nyd Decaf d , old. 
'grown out ofuje, oldfaJhion'd,flale. 
.Ar.KoiJi a. (in ir 5hean,arlaidh, 
Iheanta dj mcath, gan'heim, gan 
'hoghnuu.i (;an vrign, 
a>., aimbri^hjj.-i, kaicc, loai j fa- 
:a^,, bcalta. 

' l;loaium. Fob bCiyd ond bsra 
a d od, enlhynjhyniscili, C n*.onh, 
kynliallixth tood^ meat, any thing 
that is eaten with bread C. Buz 
i Cjint. Ar Boet bcvaas,niag<!dy- 
lech Ir. Ga/; anLan. 

Gblonus, Drug Iciniog. Harjl.\ 
fjucaking, out of tune. Ir. DroAjt'y- 
aimeaPi , doioinea;t , anghlura . , 
aiighothaA; dro,.-^ovardaA;, flie- 
irv ghioraA;. 

lhclta.r. A let or hindrance an ob- 
jlacle Ar. Harz Ir 1 ..irmealg , 
bakail, kroib d Fos krampug, fl:an- 
kia no Itothal. 

i^oluyn-iuai^. Amidwife,a motker- 
OT/J-»/^^r.C Benenglyvidhaz Ar. 
Coueri.6, jenncres, guel .tres. Ir. 
Giskorvtiia;e, g:iil^earrrha ., bean 
Lona, bean Ajoi.gmta nia dhtog 6 
ghreig, bea.i kuid ghchi re n.naoia 
nibreitii klainne. 

Obftinatus , K} ndyn. Qbflinate. 
.Ar. Barker, V ContumaA; 

Obllipus, P(.nj:;am, 7;ydhvj;am. 
[ S \V. Kern-gim. ] Wry-neck' d , 
crooked Ir Kaai-vuinca^ tiarvui- 
nea., muinrniar, fcamvuinealaA:, 
go muinel kam. Fos kaim^eanna.? 
no ka mleith;c;eannaA;. 

Obllo, jimhlevylh, j:;urthuy- 
ncby, Ihydhias, Ihcilxr, rhuyftro. 
To withjland to lett., to hinder Ir. 
Sheafliani an'aghaidli,lcis no idir, 
llieafham roive no ataim fa mbea- 
\iX roive j kuirim a n'aghaidh , 
frithveartam,bargjm, bakara, toir- 
mealgam, feargairim. 

Obftrcpo, Lheva-n yn erbyn ^n, 
nady, dialpcdainn try itio a tnratd, 
7;urthdh2durd:i. To cry on one, to 
make a noije to interrupt or trouble, 
to Ifeak againflorgainfay Ir.Sgai- 
rim nobcikim ar, plcalgam, blof- 
gam,br'> iL.m, klaeham,m'mtoran, 
torman, toirnigh, dilgan, ti uipleag, 
brvilhgh, briofgariiaigh no klogar- 
naighi Buaidhrirn, bal'gam, toir- 


Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 

O. I 

meafgam, bakaim, ataim no kuirim 
a n' aghaidh. 

Obllridtus, Rhuymedig, ^ual^ 
kaled-dhuys. Bouvd , M,g d^ A 
pnch,afirait,^ihardpafs. Ir. Kru- 
ai'Aieangailte, krtiaghnafta, teann- 
faiigte, keangailte, greamighthi, fy i 
lialaA; no vuirin, a iiglas no a ngei- 
veann, kongvaighthi no kreapaike 
SS> dainj;ean. 

" Oftringo, Rhuymo yn dynn, 
klvmmy yn dynn, tido yn Saeth. 
To hmdfaft, to tye hard. Ir.Kru- 
air;seanglaim, kruaghnafgam, kru- 
;Kuivryim , kruaidhghreamaighim, 
kru'hnadhmani,teanfafgaim, kean- 
glaitn, teannam no faifjim go kru- 
aidh, kuirim keangal kriiaidh ar, 
kuirim kymyin, oibligaid no lia- 
\iK ar. 

Obftruftio, Attal, arjae, juar- 
Z2.C. Aftoppmg-, objlruawn. Ir Du- 
anadh, drud no drudadh, drudan, 
ftopadh, ftopail, fbdoghadh ; Foi- 
reigneaghadh, togvail, no kur fuas 
oibre eijcinc 

Obllrudtor, Attaliur, jurthga- 
eur. Hethatftofpetb. Ir.Duantboir, 
drudthoir , Itopthoir , foireisean- 
toir, fodoghthoir, fear foirij;eanta. 
Obftruo, Attal,^urth-j;ay,ar5ay, 
suarAJay; \\\t[\xr.toftopup,dam?i 
'upi toobftrud or hinder. Ir. Diia 
nam, drudam no ftopam fuas,fodo 
gam, foireigneighim togvam no 
kuirim forigneaghadh fiias. 

Obtupeo , Synny, brauyA;y. To 
iefurprizd. Ar. SarA;enni, luctha, 
fauzani, eftlami. Suech eo genen, / 

ObCum, Briuo, niueidio, kol- 
hedy, rhuyftro.' To hinder, to hurt 
or indatnage. Ar. Gulia, bleiTa. Ir. 
Gortayira, urA;oidim, mm urzioid, 
dolaigh, divail no fogail. 

Obtcro , Mathry i laur , fathry, 
i^c. To opprefs, Ar Mahaina. 

Obteftor, Yvydh-attolvgy, ado- 
luyn er muyn Dyu, t;alu n n dyft, 
galu amborth, dvmynooeuylhys 
kalon. Humbly tobefeech, to dejire 
for God's J'alte, to conjure one. Ir. ili- 
fiarraim, iaraim go huval, (hirim go 
t h'uis, go huval, dath;:uingidh, ar 
fon no ar ghradh deno dvine,ef'^. 
Obtineo, Kael, kafsei, kael ked 
am beth, kyrhaedhyd, j^ordhiues, 
C-nnilh, dal, attal, kadu T^yd ag ev. 
To ohtain^toget or gain, to have and 
to hold ; to keep, &c Ir-^civim, fair- 
nikim, fularaim, takraim, nmfay- 
im, knuafaiyim, kruinyim tmo- 
laim, gnoghayim, (liealvaiyim, a- 
taim a iheilv, a n'urlaiv, teadham a 
flicilv, no a n' urlaiv , kuirim ar 
part, ar ban, ar ax;adh, ar fdeirjhe, 
no ar taghail ; Ata agam ; Kong- 
vayim, gavam, glakam, <^c. 

Obcortus, ;^uedi y amdor^i, j;u- 
edi j;ylAimrgy. Wreathed or wreft- 
ed. Ir. ym'haifghe, faifgthe, fniv- 
tha kafta no lubtha a dim;cioll- 

Obtrudo, T^uchio i laur, ^ut^^'O 
ar yn, dirio peth ar yn. To thruft 
Ttith force againft one, to obtrude. 
C.Dhotoulaen, d^''' Ir Dingim, 
fatham, failjim, timanaim, fpalpam 

O. I 

no teannam siofno ama;;;. Kuirim 
ar, no beirim do ar eigean ; iakam 

Obtrunco, Lhadh , Ih.idh penn, 
torri pc-nn, | yljsymmydio. To he- 
bead., to kill., to butcher ^ C- Cf Ar. 
Dibeiina. ir. Tavnaim , duean- 
naim, igachamjgcarram, beannam, 
biiailim, tcili^im no ij^iljam an ke- 
ann de, marvam. 

Obtueor, Edry^i yn graf, del (y- 
lu, dal golug. To behold Hedfamy. 
Ir. Kiira, [^no x'm \ featham, fea- 
X^m, dearkam, av2rkaim,godain- 
jean no go ^(.-arar, tavjim, no I'a- 
tham mo'huil-j ann^ leagam iuil go 
damgean ar. 

Obtimdo, Puyo, kyro,taro ; tor- 
ri ; pyly, hyrtio, blino yna Seiriay. 
Tothump^tojlrike, or beat e, to dull, 
dim or hlmit, to repeat a thing often. 
ir. Karnikini, i'unkam, buailim , 
lunkadh no lunkas ar , knagam , 
Imulkam, kuriim, liollaim, tuark- 
nami plinkam, t-ak-vuahm, gavam 
facadli nogeangadhar. DuUaigni- 
gliim , mylam, klagam no buai- 
dhrim re lliir-.j;aint. 

Obturo, Kay. To flop or clofe up 
Ar. Steuian, flupa, ItuFa. 

Obturatus, j^uedii^ay, j:;uedi ei 
attal. Stopped , Jhut . Ir. Duania , 
drudtha, Itoptha. 

Obtulus, Ful, beb vin, heb vla- 
en. Trvmhyrdhig, hyrt, Ihedve- 
dhod, diylpryd. Dull, dun, blu?it, 
Ipiritle/s, heavy. Ir. Myl, [ maol] 
neavhyvra;t;, flcavain tamailte, ne- 
ivfpinavail , neavfprakavail neiv- 
leo , neav-vothaightea/i , tavaA; , 
fpaid,l"paidin, tavana/S, j;yid, j^yi- 
din dallai5eanta;c , neiv5hearA;iu- 

Obtutus , ^olug , t drem , tre- 
mynt, kra-fiad j;olug, A ftedfafl 
beholding, a feriom look, a fight or 
view. Ir. Avark , dearkam , fea- 

Obverfus, juedi troi 'n erbyn. 
Turned agamft. Ir. Kafta, ionntogh- 

Obviam, (icr bron, ar y fordh. 
In the way, before one. Ar. Diar- 
benna, obviam ire. Ir. Ar beala^:, 
ar flighe, a goinne, a n'aitrus. 

Obvius, A j;yvarvydho ag yn ar 
fordh, haildii y J^ael. Openandeafy 
tobemet ivith. Ir Arruilliea;;;, ionn- 
raighidhea.};, teagvailhea.?;, kasba- 
la;e,teagvala.5i, do theagas, ag ka- 
i'adh no ag thcjgvail le ar dhuine 
no ar vealaA; . 

Obvolvo, Plyi^y yn?;hyd , ply- 
57 ynS'iy'^' amhlyj;y. anhydho, 
kydhio, dir^ely. To fold about, to 
rprap up ; to bide ; to cloak or dij- 
femble a matter. Ir- Kuairij^im , 
kornam, pillim no kafam ta A;eile. 
Fos falayim, kynam^ no keilim. 

Occa, og i lyvnytir. [S.W. O- 
ged.] v47i /wToiP. C Harau. Ar. 
(J-^Qt.Ot,td\,To harrow. Ir.Praka, 

Occafio, A;;l lyr, arvod, adeg, 
kyvlea ;i:vvamrer. Qccafwn.feafon 
or opportunity . Ar. Andhoue, eiir, 
lans, kiriek. Ir. Sidkair, kion fo 


tha, k!on liokaire, okaid, ^aovar, 

i.)Lcarus , Dij;uydli ; Kuymp , 
Maruolacch dyn neanivxl- vma- 
/ilydhayl T^orlheuin Death l Fall, 
runt^ dcftruHiojt ,- ' Alfo fun-fetting ; 
The Tvcfl-. C. Houlzedhas. Ar. 
Kyilh htol. Ir. Luidhe 5reine,iair- 
skeart, iorar, ty v larij^earta^; an tyv 
siar ; Tiiitim ,'• kud.iim f krinne- 
ar, I tean!odhj(j;nos, fdili^liion, 
milleadh, tu baifte, leaun, leagadli, 
k}';iaedh no nieath. 

Occido, Lhidh, Iheas, ar^iolhi 
hyd anji^;, dihen\dhy, aneithio. 
To kill, to /lay, to murder C. Dho 
ladha Ar. Bionflu, ladha, myntra. 

(Jccido, ku> ir.po, i'yrthio, f ku- 
ydho, diguydho, yniai;lydo vel yr 
hayl; kael ei dhihcnydh,kyvrj;olhi; 
Kdvc\\w.Tofallbyablo-w,to be [lain; 
To go down as the fun dot hi To come 
to an end, to decay, fail, or perijh. 
C. Dho kubma , dho dhiguydha. 
Ar. Kuedha, To fall. Jr. Tuitim, 
ttor;traim, kudaim, ftcarnodam, 
do varvthar me, imthighim, ea- 
gam. Luidhim, no theadham fyi 
mar do ni an ghrian. KyA;am, me- 
atham, teadham ar gul,ataknA;no 
deireadh liom, atann miiite, do 
naighthi no tarraighthi go leir. 

Occino, Kany at ya aralh, t^or 
dhi-5;iny, jurth-gany. To fing to, 
or againft another. Ir. Frith'hin- 
nim irith;Kant,iireaA;d no frith.^:eol, 
finnim a n'aghaidh no finnim taor- 
rann notribil; finnim no taisbea^ 
nam tuaroile no dro;K-;i;ineavna 

Occipitum, j^uej;il, j;mrr, tylh- 
j;oin V f;uejiil. The hinder part of 
the head.\:.'?o\ kll. Ar.Kill.fliuk 
ar x,\\\; Mell ar A;il. Ir. Kiiagan, 
kuil;tean, iairkean, iar;iuth, kiil 
kinn, gla.Si no knaiv, muineil. 

Occilus , ^uedi i lhadh, J^uedi 
i arteithio. Slain, killed, murthered. 
C. Ledhaz. Ir. Marvtha ^ Fos leirf- 

Occludo, Kay, kloi. To flop. Ar, 
Steuian, ftufa, alAiueza, anlerra. 

Occludo, Kay v dynn, j;uarA:ay, 
Tofliut ufjojhutfafl. C-Dhokeaz 

Occo, Lhy vny a'r og, malyrio 'i 
pridhellii. To harrow , to break the 
clods in a plough' d field. C Dho 
klodzha. Ir. Foirfim, minyim no 
brifim i'pairteaA; kreadh foi^hejpra- 
gam, nim prakiil. 

Occulto, Kydhio, 50r;.'5ydhio, 
kely, kelky. To hide, to keep clofe, to 
conceal. C. Dho j^itha. Ar. Kydha. 
Ir Falayim, keilim, kynam, cong- 
vam a vala;e gan fis, fu ;Kleith K- fyi 
run ar ni, ligim fis no aithne ar, ni 
dheanam fj;eal ar. 

Occultus, Kydhiog, kydhiedig, 
dirj;el. Hidden, conceatd. Ir.Kynta 
[ cdo7ita ] keilte, falaigthi, a v'ala^;, 
fji vrat, fyi boAian, divraA;, deir- 

Occumbo, Kael ei ladh ; kuym- 
po i laur ; maru, darvodam dano. 
To die, to be [lain. Ir. Tuitim, tor;e- 
raim, eagam, keirim, ^eivim bas. 

Occupatio, Krefc, 5orxuyl,an- 

I ^henwaith. Kynnaliad medhiant 


Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland, io;- 


meun Ihc ; Axvbi.'eth, a>;ybiad y 
blaen Occupation^ hupnefs^ an .iffair, 
alfo the prevention of tin ohjeflion. I r., kon^vail, urlaniis no 
flicil va; ni. horghljkadh , foi- 
led, roiv iiealvaghadli nodola'cilv 
ar du9'. 

Occupo, Rhag-vlacny, ^uney- 
tli)ro vlucii iralli,dc^rx, ky;t;i.iynj 
5ore(j:;y(i, mcJhiatiny , dal o an- 
vodh , vmdrafcrthy, dal ar uaidi \ 
K jfl javxl ar ToJ'e'r^e^ to take 
by force, to furprix^ ; to do before 
another, to forefiall, to prevent, to be 
before hand wit/: one, to imploy or oc- 
cupy ; aljo to invent or devife Ir 
l-orghlakam,toircdliim, glakam no 
jcivim ar dus no roivc ; Meall;am, 
buailifn,tola)ini,glakamgavani no 
kongrayim ar cij^can no go foirne- 
artaA; i biiaidhrim, kuirim in'uidhirc 
no triobloid ar. Bakam , toirme- 
aigam , kicaplaim, f'oirghnifim no 
nim roiv diiumcoibc. 

Occurro, vinj:;yvan.'od, ymjacl, 
vmj;ata-l, Jvvod ynjlnd i'r yn 
man yin~vnnyj^, dyvod meun ar- 
vcr, dyvod meun kov, ymurthladh, 
vmurthuyncby To meet -mith, to run 
towards one, to come into one's mind, 
to pre^-ent or refiji Ar Diarbcnna, 
Ki-'izhca. Ir. Kaliim ar, no leis, tea- 
dham fliivlaim no imthighim go 
halt ; ataim la m'eala -. no la llighcj 
Tathayim, klea/ nognathay- 
im, no aca tathaigh. Koivnighim 
no do thig an ;toivne no an inn- 
tinn. Toirmeafgam, baskara, ba- 
kani, koil'sim, gavam roivc no idir- 
ie^i^c. Frithveartam , kuirim no 
Icafim a n'aghaiuh no leis. 

Occurfus, Kyvarvi.)d , kynnal , 
ymjvhurdh. Arunning againfl,an 
encountering, a meeting. Ir. Rich a 
n' aghaidh, airkis f airisin, ircas, 
tavairt, iiirkife, dol a goine, koin- 
lli;Kt. K. 

Oceanus, y mor maur, yrcij;ion, 
y ueils;i, annodhyn, y dyvn-vor, y 
mor caUA;, v kevnvor. The ocean or 
mainfea. C. An mor brii, morcot. 
Ir Aij;en , aigeun , K. Muir , an 

Ocellus, Lhj^edyn. Alittleeye. 
Ir. Su 1 lin, kaism, dekran, iliilve- 

Ochra, Lhiu Vbx, a arvera 'rpa- 
cntuyr. Oker that painters ufe. Ar. 
Biiliemmi, Ir Ba.>>k-/;ailk, ruadh- 
>,ailk, kailkdhearg no ruadh no 
gnedhatha dcirj^e. 

Ochroieucus, Mch'nuyn , Of a 
faffroncolour. Ar Mclenuen. 

Ocrea, f Kyran, boctalen, koes- 
arvac. A boot, a karnefsfor the leg. 
C. t Hos. Ir. Butais, koilvcirc 

Ocrcatus, A uifj^o j;yrana; , bot- 
tafog. Btoted lr.ButaillieaA;,lioifli- 
vearca-.c, fyi vutaileiv, c^c. 
Oclangulus, U y th-onglogjUyth- 


Otflinpenarius, A j;ynhuy(o fiyth 
Tjanc O/ orcontaming eight hundred. 
Ir. OiA;dA;cada>,, oi;-,tA;cantra^. 

Odo, uyth. Eight. C.cath. Ar. 
Eith. Ir.OpKt. 

(.)(flodccini , Daynau. Eighteen. 
C.KiCag. Ar. TrihueA;. Ir. O/it- 

October, .Mis hydrev. The mouth 
ofiober. C.Mi'/.-htdia. Ar (juhcre. 
Hcdhrc [ At Manerio Hezre efl . 
"Julius menfis ; An forjan mendosc } J 
ir. Oi.>;t-vi, an mi deireannaA; d'av- 

Oc'togefimus, y peduaryjeinvcd 
The eightieth. Ir. An to;;dvodliacl- 
adli,;iiikeatliravad fiAjidtadh.Ocht- 
modliadh, no keithre tix;id uair. 

Odtoginta, Peduar yf;xn. h'our- 
fiore, eighty. C Pady.iwr i;5ans Ar 

Pevar ygenc. IrO/itvodha, kcithrc | bolcanas 


Odor, Aro5l,aroj;ledh,a5er,ar- 
uynt, laliyr, i S.VV SaurJ adry- 
ucdh, cdryuedh, Dcalh, guybod 
A favour , [cent , or fmeU, an odour 
C. Sauarn, ^H.iir. Ar ut-z Jr Ba- 
ladli,bolcan, [ Bohanatii A''] bolta- 
nasrd, n>othaghadh, tuigeal, tuig- 
fliin, avras no baravaii. 

Odoracor, Aro;>^lur, aa'yntiur. 
He that Jmelleth or fcenteth. Ir. 
Bolcnaiphthcoir , boUoir, bolcan- 

OdoratLis , Aro^lher, fauyrvs. 
Terfumd, well fcented. Ar. ,-,uc(ys, 
A,'Uelek lr.Suvoltna]f;h!lu , boka, 
boluiJiha, dcat^hvoladh, kovthra, 
fovail, fovojaidh. 

Odoracus, us. Arogliad, aroj:;!, 
aruync, tdryuedh Thejhije offmel- 
ling orfcenting. Ir.BaJauhiioboladh, 


Odtonarius, yr hvn (V u^' th. An 
oilonary orJlanz,aofeight -jerjes. Ir. 
O/itavail, oi^ic, <^c. 

Oculatus, Lhyjjadog, kraf ei o- 
lug, Ihaun Ihyjaed. Full of eyes. 

Odorifequus, 01 r hcur,olrheini- 
ur,a janlyno cdrvucdh. Abound 
orffy.iniel, &c that hunteth by [cent. 
Ir. Bailghlinnteax' ; J^ydhar vail;;- 
cea;: no j^ydhar loirg. 

Odorus, Aro?;lbcr, fauyryj,aro- 

quick of fight. C. Lagadzhek. Ar. ^leyvaur. Of a fweet or pleafant 
Lagadck Jr KaifiieaA;, fuileaA:, Ian VfmelL Ir. Sovaii, lovolaidh, deagh- 
do'huileiv, pollaA;,landophollaiv.| volaidh, kovthra 
Oculatijfimus , Roaineke, roibrea 
dha re na taikOiin in ga;<; ait Fos 
ro muirnca^i. 

Oculus, Lhyjjad, ^olug, ftrem. 
An eye, the fight, a look. C. Lagaz, 
t lagad. Ar. Lagat. Daulagat The 
eyes. Burbel , Saucer-ey'd. Ir. Suil, 
j- kais, t deark, rolg 

Ocyor, ByanaA;,kynt, A;uyrna;K, 
k\ vlymmaA;, byuiokka;e. Swifter, 
jfeedier, juicier. Jr Luaithe, Juai- 
thiye, tapiidhe, tapaidhiyc, luath- 
vairc, luathvraidhe. 

Ocyus, .>;yyrna;t , kvvlymmax. 
G^icklier, fwiftlier. Ir.DoiAic, doi- 

Oda, Kauiad, audyl, oudul. An 
ode or Jong. Jr. Fonn, purt, avran. 

Odeum, y Ihc a ofodcr i'r j;uyr- 
urth-^crdh. Amufick-room. Ir. 

Odi, Kafay, digary, b6d yn jas 
jantJio. To hate. Ar Js.afsaat, erefi, 
argarza. Ir Fuatham. 

Odiose,yn 5as,ynatj;as. Odioufly, 
hatefully. Jr. Gomithaitncava^.jgo 
pieavthaidhleaA:, go miohalla, go 
domblafta, go might eannvur, go 
h'ion'huatha, go tilathvar, go kai 
Jlica.?i go h'akaiOieax: go miskai- 
llieai go h'anmyiJlieaA;. 

Odiolus , Kas , acjas , dy^afog , 
kas-dhyn, pi. kalcion, anvodhog, 
blin, a uneldralhod a hclbyl Hate- 
fuU, odious, troublefom, tedious. Ar 

Oeronomia, Kheolxth t^, Ihy- 
uodra-th teyly, teylyurixth; Or- 
dain a threvn urth uneyttiyr peth. 
A Jlewardjl.'ip or ordering of a fa- 
mily. Jr. Lan-varalgala ,d , fcnras 
tighe, no ftivaroais, oroughadiino 
righlaghadh tight.-, ^c 

ly, meiltir guaith A houfe -keeper, 
the flrward of a houfe Ir. Tighea- 
i%z, ti^hcarloir, lan-vara/5al tighe 
no ftivard. 

Oenophorum, Koltrel uiji, kyn- 
naA,. A wifie pot, bottle or flagon. 
Ir. Pota, klagiin no buideal tina. 

Oenopola , juerthur j^uin , A 
ta-verner a -vintner. 

Oclbphagus, y levnig The gullet, 
the weafandpipe. h Gail-fcs ; bcal 

ydh ; Kakkynen y meirA; ; KJyryn 
Ihuyd. A gad bee, a dun-fly, or 
horfe-fly ; Alfo fury, madnefs. Jr.yi- 
veal no mire. 

Ofta, Tammxd, tam, f kyvyn- 
dam, fdivyn, joluyth; Telpyn o 
does. A morjel, gobbet or piece of 
flejh ; a lump or little piece of pafte 
or dough. C ri>L!bcn. Ar.Tam, 
j;cnauat. Ir. Grcim, IgobailaA;, 
r dant, llaik, dy^ja], Jan bcil, oiJog. 
Sj^ibin, tjibog no koJog ; meaJJ. 

Offatim, yndammeicJia:, o vefyr 
tammcidix. By bits. Jr Go danta- 

Kallcys. Ir. I'uathvur, dcirteaua^-, vail, nadhantaiv, nagrcamaniv,na 
granua, iniothaitneaia^, noavtlui- oilogaiv, na grcimcavail. 
dhlea^;, mio/ighaila. Offella, Tammeidyn,cf^f. Kayla 

Odium, Kas, atjafruydh, kyn- 1 under o vriu-fjig Acollop, Pottage 
Ahryf)Cd\\,ki{meb,6y'^ii^dh,i \ii-\madewitk little piecesofflejh. Ttm- 
0/;rog Eight co'rner'd fr. S/ituil, I lug, blincdh, ; dy5ncdh. Hatred, mik. Ir Griniin , dainun , koJ6g , 

o;:tuilleaA;, go n'oA;t n'ui leanaiv 
Oftavus, yythved. The eighth. 

C. Ethas. Ar'. Eithvet. Ir. An t'- 

Oftici, Uythuaith ; Eight timet 

Ir. Fo no ar oxc nuairciv. 

fkite, ill will, grudge, difpleafure. Ar 
Kafs, kafoni, ores. Jr. Fuath, mi- 

l^ibin, ifltbog, jreimbcag, ^c 

Oflendiculum, Rhuyftr, Jhydhi- 
asj P€tryrder,tram5uydh. .<<«/>« 

Odontalgia, y dhannocdh. The pediment , a hinderance or left, a 
tooth-ache. C.Denz-kliv. Ir Dei- ftumbliugliock. Ir. Toirn>ealg,fto- 
i deadh no tinncas Hakal. i padh. 
^Dd ■_' _OScndo, 


T I T. II. A C O M P A R A T 1 V E V O CU B U L A R Y 

o. I 

dfFendo, Kael o dhamuain, ky- I 
varvod, kacl kyvod, tramguydho i 
mcun, dil^yn ar beth, taro peth nx 
daro iirth beth yn dhiamybod, bri- 
uo, niueidio; juncythyr ar vai,su- 
lieythyr yncrbyn,ciuyn anvodh yn, 
kamucdhy. To ftrike upon, to dajh 
or kit a thhig uvawares^ to jiumble, 
to offend^ to be in a faulty to difpleaje, 
to anger, to difcontent, to give of- 
fence. Ar Kaluic, rcnkoncri, kiz- 
heut Hi, arvut gam. Ir.geivim tha- 
po glino do thoradh tapoighe go 
teagvaidiea/i no go teagvala;;, ka- 
faiDj tarlam noteagam leis, biiailim 
ar,"eirghjm do; Buailim uime no 
ar gaii 'hios, gan vothughadh no go 
neavaireaA;, gorcaighim no nim do- 
laigh, divail no urxoid, cfrr . 

Offenfa, fKaydh, fkodhiant, far- 
haad,aii^hymmuynas, anvodh, ke- 
Tvdh, bai,briu, niued. An offence, 
a flumhe or trip, n mifcarriage or 
I misbehaviour, dif^leafure, blame, ayt- 
igfr; nlfo hurt and grief . Ir Koir, 
1 kion, lo;id, oik, peakadh, mighar, 
I aivleas, dolaigh,djvail, urA;oid,fog- 
hail, j^aillcavuin, oirvire, aithvir, 
I feag, gn'iaim.Tuifle ipirlin, eafgur. 
■ Oftenfio, Briu, nx niued, attal, 
rhuyftyr, Ihydhias, forriant, jug, 
k?Iug, t Ihedug, t kaudh, f kodhi- 
ant, iarbaad , anvodlonedh, anvodh, 
anues, tram^uydh. Aflumbling, a 
\ flopping, a hurt, an ajfence^ trouble, 
dihleafure, a peek or grudge. I r . Ur- 
I xoid, dolaigh, divail, 'oghail,mil- 
Ifeadh, aisk, tdo;!;ur. 
I '^ -Oflenlb, Mvny/; daro urth, <^c 
(To kit often. Ir. Buailim ar go mi- 
1 nax, bafgam, bakam, toirmeafgam 
I no ftdpam go minik ; Timanaim an 
j^haidh. Fos brofgam, ^rifanj no 
I gliiaifim. 

~- Offenfus, A gafo niued , briue- 
! dig,anvodhog. anvodl6n,irami:;i.iy- 
■•dhys, a gavodh juymp. Hurt, an- 
I noyed, dijj>leas'd, fomev>hat angry, 
'' tript ,flipt ,flumbHng. Ir. Gortaigh- 
thi do n'earnadh, o ur;e6id,dolaigh, 
: doxi'r no divail. 
I Oftero,Ofrymmy,kynnyg,kyn- 
; nyr^y^kyvluyno, rhoi yn euylhvf- 
' j;ar, adho. To offer, to proffer orpre- 
ifint, to give ■aillingly, to promifi, to 
! give occajion of. Ar. Kinizien, offri. 
ilr. Tairighim, furalaim no ofra- 
j laim, nim no beirim furail, tairig- 
irfliean noofrail, kuirim no beirim a 
lachair, no oASovair, kuirim ann no 
|0 xwm, beirim dho go teilteanaA:, 
j;ealiam do dheanadh, beirim fikair 
' no-odhvar, kafam Ids. 
; OfBctalis, Suydhogdan benfuy- 
I dhog. An officer, an attendant upon 
j a magijlrate, an official Ir. Feadh- 
manca -, , f armann , oifijeaA;, og- 

j Officialis, vn perthyn y fuydhae. 
iOf or belonging to duties or offices. 
j IrFeadhmanta, ofeiscavail, feadh- 

i ■ -Officina, jueithdy, marznadry, 
:ruaith, j^uneythyriad ; lar-dy, 
' icytt-iair. Afl.'op or work-houfi; alfo 
\ a hen-roofl, coop or fen. C. jGoviil, 

O. ^ I 

[c^ V/. Gcvri'll officina falri, Ar. 
apa; Teagh kcirde no oibrc- I'V's 
keardrtzd , dcanadh o oibrcaghas. 

Officinator, Krcfcyr, gur "^iX- 
vydhyda work-man, a handy-craft's 
man Ir. Keard, kuiroirc keirdirc, 
laiv-/:eird, fear kcirdc, kcardAiaire, 
flieapoir, fear keard.5ia, no flieapa. 

Officio, Briuo, niueidio, guney- 
thyr, Ihiuio brcthyn. To hurt, to 
make againil, to hinder ; aJfo to die 
cloth. Ir. Goraighi.Ti mm do;ear, 
dolajgh, divail no Ur;Koid. 

Officiofus, juaihaetlisar , knre- 
dig,aunel yn rhuydh \ r hyn a dhy- 
ly, parod y ryn^yt.odh Friendly, 
ferviceable, officious, <^c. Ir IVluin- 
trea;t;, buidhea;;, konnailvea;i.par- 
vxx, daivea;;, fritheoltaA; jiollavail, 
1 aravail, uval, eafgaidh,ullav,,gon- 
ta, reidh no fonnvar ar j^hillaAid do 
dheanadh, foghaintea>; fcadhma/;, 
airminnea^: noonora;,; uime dith- 
.5:iolla>;, ciuclira.xda;e uime. 

Officium, Suydh, died, d'led- 
fuyd , gualanacth , vmaruedhiad , 
anrhydcdh a unelcr i yn, J^Uryo- 
j;a;thj kymmuynas, Ihts, tiirn da. 
office, duty, hufinefs, imploy ; Alfo 
benefit, pleafure, good turu ; alfo re- 
ffefi or attendance, fervice. ir Fe- 
dhmantas pifeig, kiiram, dualdhas 

Oft'ula , Kai'l , broucs. Broth , 
foop Ar kcvalen. 

Oggannioj f Hyftyng, (ifial yn 
V j;lyli-, mvny;: dhyuedyd Tochit 
chat, fay over and over. Ir. Beirim 
ll'ifoig no ^ogar,nim katvuireaxd, 

Oh ! Oh ! ox ! oio ! oian VOh\ 
heigh hoi C. Ah ivueth ! Ar. Si- 
liath din ! Ir. Kiadh, ath. 

Olea, Oieu-uydhen; jraun y 
prenn oleu . An olive-tree ; alfo an 
olive C. fOleybren, guedhan oleu 
Ar Guedhen oliues ; Oliveferi.'Ir. 
016g, kran ola, k\ r oloighe no kra- 
inn ola. 

Oleaceus, Vel oleu, vel oleu-uy- 
dhen. I^ike an olive-tree. Ir Olaidh, 
oleavail,olu d'ola no do veanas re 
h'ola no re krann ola,no re dath ola^ 
no re .''^yr ola. 

Oleafter, Oleu-ydhen uylht. A 
vild olive-tree. Ar. Guedhen oli- 
ues guedh. Ir Fiadhxran ola, kran 
fiadhain ola Fos fiadh>;yr ola no 

0!eo, Aroj^li, rhoi aroj;!, buru 
ar uynt, faurio ; Dreui To fmell , 
favour or fcent, to flmk. Ar. '/.\x\- 
s-aat. Ir Bolrnayim,atabaladh,bol- 
than' no boltanas oram, ta balad bre- 
an oram ; Nim, kuirim no dovei- 
rim boladhnaim. F6s ata avras a- 
gam ar; Kuirimajeil, avriotal no 
a n'uvail. Fus fafam, fos mothaig-l 
him, finam, tuij;im no bratham ar. 

Oleum, Oleu; K6ft a thrayl 
Oyl; alficnfl and charge. C. Olcu. 
Ar. Oleo. Ir. Ola. Fos koftas ; Fos ! 
adhvar. - 

Olfacio, Arojli, aruyntio, kael 
fauyr, kael edryuedh ; Dealh, t;uy- 
bod,tybio, druj;dybio. TofmeU,to 
fmell out a thing ; alfo to fr^eli, to 


perceive a matter, to have it in the 
fceiit. Ar. Klevct ur ;i;uez; myfla. 
Ir. Boltnayim, tutrayini , tutham , 
nim balad., morhaighim baladh. A- 
taim an' avrus ar; 1 uij;im mo- 
thayiiTi, finnam, aithnighim. 

Olfaclus, AroT;! frcena:, fynuyr 
yr aro^liad. The fmell or fenfe ' of 
fmellrng. Ir. Bole nayadh , tuciag- 
hadh, baladh, mothughadh,noke- 
adfadh, boltan, boltanas, tuthadh. 

Olidus, A vo ag aroj;la» y;cel ar- 
no pa yn bynnag ai drug al da ; 
Dreulhyd. Of a sIrongfmeU, ram- 
mijb, rank. Ar. Luedik Ir. Ollar- 
tha go m'aiadh laidir; brean. 

Oiim, Weithian, rhyu amfer, 
5ynt, cr ys talm, yn buyr,' yn dhi- 
uedhar; yr amfer a dhau. In time 
pafl, a good vhile ago, long f nee, in 
time to come.^ hereafter. Ar. Dia- 
Sent, ^iafaCik: Ir uair ei5ein,fca;t:t 
nail a naliud, a nail an (lio, a roive 
llio, fa t'eanaim (liir , treivdic no 
Jh'.-alad o fliin, tamal naith ofliin, a 
nilh, naidiaigh no iarav Iho, an'yin- 
feax;r, ar yon uair. 

Oliva, bleu-uydhen ; jraun yr 
oleuydhcn. An olive ; alfo an olive- 
tree. C. Oleuen , guedhan oleu , 
toleubren. Ar. Oliucn, olivefen; 
Guedhen oliues. Ir. Olog. Vid 
OJea. *^ 

Olivetum , Olcuydhluyn , Ihe 
tyvo ; r oleuydh. The place -where 
olives grow, an olive-yard. Ar. Oli- 
vcfek. Ir. Koill olog no .5;rann ola, 
ola-vuirie, koill ola. 

Olla, Kro/,-an, kro;Kanlheftr , 
fkalhor Afoi. C- Zeadi, f feith. 
Ar. Pot. fheduron, dyellen kauter. 
A cauldron. Ir Pota, cjiocan', N. 
korkran, puiftcuin. Fos lo.;i;d a gra- 
inniv. Ollafi&ilis ^ korkran krio- 
tha, pofa kriadh. 

0\oT;k\irk.'Afu3an. C.fElefx. 
Ar Sinn. Ir. Eala, mela N. f gall, 
5cis, ai no yi. Bahdh, boltan, bol- 
tanas ; Tuch no brentas. 

Olorinus, Alar^iaidh. Oforper- 
tainingtoa faan. Ir. G?lladha, ea- 
hnna, ealaVail. 

01ui,P6b math ar dhail a vuyta- 
er, dail kroAian, kaul, Lib. Land. 
[ S. W.LhyfxxkaulJlhyniaeth tlaud. 
AU kind of herbs for food, pot-herbs ; 
alfo mean orjlenderfare. C. f Kaul. 
Ir. Tairrfliean , tairrfheal, buftal, 
fliealgann K.Podus,pot-luiv,'prai- 
fliea;>; fada, ga;^ luiv no luivneaA; 
inite. F6s tejrke ibigh, bladh ' no 
fogh hoxA. 

01ympia,Kamp2 mynydh Olym- 
pus The olympian games . Ir.Oileavfa 
oincavfa no oircavfa & kluithea- 
dha,fugartha no ynaA: favyil ynaigh 
rheiltein an Hrinn, no;!i do rinne 
Ar kuil a n'onoir j^hova Bidisga^; 
kuij;eadh m'leadhuin. "' ' 

Omafum, Pcnnyjen vrar, koly- 
dhyn bras, felfij;en. A fat tripe or 
chitterling, the leaf of a fwine or 
goofi,fowfe. If. TiarthoAjd, -f tOA;d, 
no fpolla an tarfa no an xmd as re- 
ava a darr mairt. Fos braithlin is 
bin no tripas main; Scot: }.^d3^ 
nomaodal. •;:■ . 

Of The Original Languages Of Britain An;di Ikel 

AND. 107 

O. O. 

Omeii,ArnocIobcthadhcI,r!iam- OmnivoluSjAeuylhyfiobobpcih 
iti'anCiRhngJhyuediaddjmyainui I'l^''^ vil.'eth or defireth all things. 
nx»:hrLig, ilarogan. Anotnen.good Ir. UilcathoilcJA; , uilvionna;*;, Ic- 
nr bad luck, a prophfjie or forej^eak-\^f3hmm^o^i;. ni 
higvlat tiiity happen. Ir., gal- ' Onager, Afcn uylhc. Avildafs. 
nighauliuu'do thca;.-d.j Tarraighil;C. ( Aicn-giiill. Ar. Alen gucdh. 
nofaoskne. : Ir. Fiadli-a(ail, alal fiadhain, aal- 

. . Dmc-iuiim, y uercn vol, ^uiik vr | lat). N. tos Ihid no angrais, &c 
yrhrp'canydh aehiir Pia mater, 13ri- , Oncrarius, A ualanactho i dhu- 
thcjli yr ynimcnnydh. The caul or I yn lliuyth.r a pliviinx. That Jerv- 
Ihaet i yil/othe rwd or thhi skin, lu- Y^h for burden or carriage, ir. lia- 
■wrtifping the brain call'd Pia mater, liigii nuiirine, maikaireaxda, mal- 
Ir. Sjj^nan no vart (aillc an vcadh- U'lJ'gli nokaraiftc. Navts oneraria, 
naigh, no do vair, tim;f,ollan vc- l-ongvuirinne on Acannaidhc. 
adhnaigh ; jjcir no blainik. | Onero, Lhuytho, pynnio, pyn- 

Ominor, Dyvaly beth a dham- 1 norio. To load, charge or burden. Ar. 
Ucinid,' rhammanca. To gue/s what j Be^ia, karga, tarda, fama. Ir. ua- 
y5^<^// happen or follov , to prefjge.^hm, no liaiaighim, oirim, kuirini 
Ir.Tiiarani, galraighim, tarragh- 1 ua).i;i, oirc, niuirin no kuram ar 
laim no tbir naighimadli, non-.i-i'no mm iniaikaigli; Tcariighim , 
Lioiiam no kuirim alan no nior.iu 
an uo ar. 

Onpcrotalus, Aderyn tebyg i a- 
lar;e, a ueryra vcl aflbn. A pelican 
Ir. iiunnaiij/i/. ^ Pei:-ak.m. 

Onus, Lhu}[h,puiin, bai.x,pu- 
Y& A burden, a load, a weight ;ir 
Hex, k.jg, iam. Ir.UaiaA;, niuirin, 
bcirihan , ulrhax , ki'ial , ku*i6g, 
t airvin, mala^, myis, myileog i 
Muir: trom no truin;e. Fos kurain 
buaiuhir:, tribloid,kre.!palI notoir- 

adh no kncavu incij;ein. 

Cuiino(us^ Rh.inmvant lhu< dhi- 
ahhys nx avliiydhiannys. Portend- 
ing ili luck, ominous. Ir Adhvur, 
miatihvur,kinncavnax, droi^-/;in- 
neav'ana . no laV/;nidcaA;, no thiia- 
randan no govartha oilfc no mai- 

Omitto, Ptidio , ^adxl heibio , 
n^adhae, c(f;ey]yfo, j^elhimg yni- 
msethj mjned tros btth, ocdi, j;o- 
hirio To forbear., to leave, negleil^ 
to oviitt, pafs over, to put away or 

\ lay a fide, not to (peak of. Ar. Di- , Onuftus , Lhuythog, pynnog , 
jlciel, kicaat. Ir. tagovallaim,sdh-|danci vai ,, a phiiys arno, uedi ei 
moillim, F.C Koiljimjfoiilighim, orchrymmy, Ihauri, ucdi kail ci 
kuirim arathla no ar kairde , avfa- V.i\x. Laden, burden d, overcharg'd 
dail no an ftraile. llrMuirineaA;, lodaA;, K tro.ii, Ic- 

OmiduSij^ucdi acfjel heibio. Left ! aththronia;c , fyi uaia;>; no muirin, 
or laid'apde. \x. Fagovaka, adhmo- j lionta, Ian, imarkaAJ, imadaAi, ima- 
ilte, ligthe fios fa no ar no thai- | davail 

ris, foilLv^hthi, mainnca .daighthij Onyx,Euinj Rhyu vaen j:;uerth- 
gan.aird ar miairde. | vaur The Onyx f one. Ir. Duin 

Omnifarius, Amryu, amrava:l. | ionga, longa dhuine. 
Divers ^fundry, of all forts. Ir. Ui- 1 Opacus, Kyixodog, ty Uylh, f ka- 
leavola;!!;, uilghlea la;ii'ilcaftca,<; ,idhyg. shady .dark. Ar. Dillieol , 
uilglicala;., iovodhaA;, iolvrothax., | teval,komniolek,dyu. Ir Sgaibgh-, iolardha, ailkaA,-. , thi, tyi Ijiyilc fyi igath ar Igath, j 

C^mniformis, O bob dylh, o bob; v'alaAj, dorx;a | avra, duaithnigh- 
t;ucdh. of all kinds offi.^aj<es. Ir. ■ thi, diiv, dlurh, tiugh. 
yildhcalva;^ , uiidhrcaA;a;K uilea- OpalunijRhyuvaen^uertbvaur. 
'lioii-nia^i, i'iie;Krothax;, uilghnca;;; L<» Opal. Ir. Ophal gncAjloi^e 
na null dhcalv go nuilc dhealvaidh. j uaillc.-. 

Omnigcnus, O bob rhyu, o bob i Opella, Lhavyruaith b}'.?;an, po- 
rhyi'OJ^;»;th. Of all kinds or Jhrts.len veKin. Little labour or bujinefs . 
Ir. Uii/.innealaA;, uilinnskea.;:. Ir. Oilinn, fyithrni, min-obair, i>y- 

OnininoduJ, O bob rHyu vodh. Ithar-obair. 
Of all fajl.'ioiif. h Uileav'OdhaA; , I Opera, Lhavyr , trava;! ; poen , 
uilghkr.ta ;." I j:;uai;h, j:or.5iuyl. X.'»^o«rJ/l<7;wrJ<l'/- 

Omnino, yn holhauI,yn j;ubul, I A^gfwic, Jludy' Ar. Servilh , labur. 
n Ihuyr , i>. Un, yni n.hAb rh> u | Ir Sy thar, f h th [no laorh ' obair. 

T monar, t modh, dith;;eall, duth- 
ra/;f, ftuidcar, kuideaghadh, kong- 
nav, diudh, doA;ar, do>-,al. 
Opcrac pretium, '1 al lhavyr, 

Vj5dh. Ift-oIJy , iatireiy , throughly 
Ar.A grcn, anoll dan oil, c pep rut. 
Ir. Go Ij'uilc go h'uilidh goleir i-o 
h'l'mlan go bula.;;, go duballaidh, 

a fjToighjja ma;!;, ar gx-, moah, j puyt'h, ctholu^ith, j^odidoiijuaith 
ar.kai:' glilcas no'ar ga^: aiftc F6s j 7'h regard of one's fervice, .worth 
go h'aiththearr go h' anvor. .the pains, or -worth one's while. Ir. 

Onryiipotcns^ HolhalhCog, a al- Syth-luathjyth ar notoradh. Gax 
h^td^opt'h'Omnipdthit.'allmigi'tf ni tarva;, oir.'cearaA: no ria>dana;<; 

, 'Pe: . ^ 

Ar (MlghilIudck,ollj;hal'udy.s. Ir. 
UU6:lv.\x:iiiK, uilcakmaingeaA; 
Htalfi^, Olh, holh,'kubiiJ.- yill, 
fvery,S<.c. C.Cil .ArOll, pep.Gii- 
en bynin. \ir turn, Omnfs: rr.Uile, 
ga;<i;yi6;t;, foghjl, an tionilan, an 
ypi44n"uraia. "' 


craft's man, a day labourer, C-Dfn 
hw'l. Ar. Copraur, Laburcr.gvin 
'dek, mtnicriir. Ir Oibridhe,(v- 
tliraidlic, diivoibridhc, fear Oibre 
no kcirde. ... 

Operariu.s, a, um, vnpcrthyn i 
Uairli nx iiL-ithllyr Belonging to 
work or workmen. V.. J Obcror. Ir. 
Oibridhe no oibre (ytharavaili fy- 
thair. '■ 

Operatio, juaith, Jjucithrediad, 
lliavyruairh^ Aberchiad , olVnm. 
IVorkmg^labouriv'^ Alfh paying one's 
devotion Ir Oinicaghafih, oibrid- 
neii.j;d, oibpiurhat-h, A/". • ■■ ' 

Opera'or, j;ueithirr. He thrt 
worketh. Ar Lahurcr, gurtidek , 
mesl-.erur. Jr. Oibrightheoir, sv- 
tliraighrheoir. ' ' 

Operculum, Klaiir, kaead, itu- 
cr;;yr. A cover, afid.Arttlo, 
gulAier. Ir.FalaA;, f teiveal featli 
no brat. " 

Opcrio, Anhvdho, kT-dhio.ror 
>' y^li"), Horrhoi; kay, kay a x;i'ead 
To cover, to hide, to cloje orjhut, to 
/top Ar Golo, kahini. fr Falai- 
gliini, kynam,fceiiim, kuirim fiJa;e, 
'o'Tb , t teiveal no br^r ir 

Opcror,j:,ueichio IhavvriOjkym- 
mcryd poen, travaciio ; Aberthy 
To labour, to work, to travel i alio 
to offer facrifice. C Dho ;^T:, dho h. 
Vina Ar ir Oibryim 
'Mhrayini ; nini obair, (vthardith- 
areall, duihra>d ; glakam fvthar 
Oram, bun ar (liioval, gnothayim 
no mm gnothait^h. 

vyrys, uedi ei ueithio vn dhi>;lyn 
uedr ei ynnilh tiuy boen vaur' 
Bufie, diligent, panifuU, made or got- 
ten with great labour andftudy \ r 
I'oaniyi. Jr. Svthra;e , diiadhvar 
i\ thvar, doakla;; , dokra^, doka- 
vail, kru3galar,gnothaJghea;>:, ko- 
nailhea/2, dithA;iolla;<:. 

Opertus, K)dhiedig, dir^el, an- 
liydhedig, dirji^eledig Cover d over, 
cloje. Jecret, hidden Ir Falaighthi, 
keonta, keilte, teivllghthi, duaith- 
nighthi, diomlaighrhi, dii.,nta. 

Opes, j;alhy, j;olyd, kvvoeth, 
dacedh, Riches, wealth , j'iibjlance. 
C. Pech Ar PinvidiT:;eth Ir.Toike, 
lai'vrcas mvin , moithadha , kille, 
lonvas i inmus, N \ ffaith, (preidh, 
ed no eid, avadar, biia;;ar, biniait. 
Foskova/;da, akvaing, ara;;, 

Ophiogloflon, Tavod v neidyr. 
Adder s tongue. c.Tavaz nadar. ir. 
Teanga' nathair. 

Opiiiolirorodon, Krav y nadro- 
edh. A fort of wild gar lick. Ir.Krav 

Opik-i, Kinnorthuvol, a J;vm- 
mhorrtio. Which aideth or helpeth. 
ir. Kavair-veartha;^ , konganta;K 
kuidighth.-aA;, kavartha«, do veir 

ndeanu, lonfyihair. | Optcx, jjueithii-r, 
Opcrana.^ueithuraig, j^or^-.uyl- neythyrur, de\'nvdhmr, dy' vm- 
l-raig. ATsork-wonan. Ir. Bin-oi- mvjur Aworkman or craft' s-man 
bridhc, ban-hythra:dhi, bean oibre a contriver, aninventer or devijer 
nohychair, <-^ t In guinor. Ar. Labi'rer, gu- 
Operarius, ji'eithiur , krcfciir , uidek, merOierur. Ir. (3ibridhe , 
5or;;uyli«ir. Awork-man, a handy- lythraidhe, tear keirde, keard, de- 
- D<^.- alvthoir. 


Tit. 11, A Comparative Vocabulary 

o. I 

alvthoir, deantoir; fythraA; , dirh- 1 
A;callaA:, fairniktheoir no kuma- 

Opificina, j;ueithdy, mar;inadty • 
jiwork-kimje,dJbop. Jr.Kcard^a, 
teagh oibre. 

Opificium , suaith , j^uncythy- 
riad. IVork, -workmanjhip. Ar. Liv- 
raifli. Ir. Obair, f monar, fniodh 
fythar. kcardaA;d. 

Opilio, By^ail dcvxd. A Jl^fp- 
herd. Ar Byj;cl ar faut ; pautr, pe 
mirer ar faut , meflacr. Ir Sprea- 
dhaie, ydliairc, no buaA;ail kyraA: 

Opimus , Tcu , bras, diuy?;ys, 
kvvocthoR. Fat.grofs, rich,p/enti- 
full. Ar. Lart, dru, kuill , Itank , 
pnvidik Ir. Reavar, meth, feol- 
var [no feolvur] iultvur, meatha;*;. 

OpinatiflimuSjParAicdikav. Mofi 
rej^efled. Ir. Rovaravalaj;, rothul- 
radharka^;, roighlik, roixrioiina. 

Opinio, Tvb, traus amcan, j;o- 
dyb,druj;d>b, son, k'lod, kymme- 
riad, bri.' An opinion or fuppofal, a 
fancy or conceit, an apprehenjion cr 
fentiment, judgement or ejfcem, repu- 
tation and credit. Ar. Pennat, fal- 
tefi. Ir. Baravail, keadvadh,doigh, 
joipcen, AT. Sviltean. 

Opinor, Tybio, medhul, buri- 
ady, amkany! To think, judge, fup- 
pofe,deem. Ar. Mcnnat, barn. Ir 
Baravlaim , kcadtaidhim , fvi'.im, 
mcafam, brcatlinayim, cidirghk-o- 
Iham, beirim no nim baravail, as 
i mo baravail, mo dhoigh, move- 
as, mo vreathavnas no mo kcad- 

Opis, em. e ; Forth, kymmorth. 
nerth,amdhifyn.j:;rym,5alhy Hf//>, 
fuccour, aid, aljijlance. Ar. Sikur , 
minixi Ir. Kuidcaghadh, konga, 
kavair, furtaAjd. 

Opituior , Kymmorth , kynnor- 
thuyo, nerthy To help, fuccour or 
<»i<^. Ar.Duj;cn miniAji. Ir. Kui- 

Oportet, Rhaid yu,evauedha, 
mae'n j;vmmuys,ev adhylae, fdir 
yu, mae'n rhaid It behoves , it mufi 
needs, it Jhould or ought. C. Rez, 
e dal. Ar. Ret eo. Ir. As oirkeas , 
as oireafax: , as tiixdimz ; ni fo- 
lair, as eij:;cin as f ing? kaithcar. 

Oppidanus , Dincfydh , jur o'r 
drev Belonging to a tovn or city. 
Ar. Bur;sis. Ir. Kaithraigheoir , 
I (ithvthcoir , duanoir , tuimeoir , 
baileoir, brughaidhe; Fear baile 
no kaithreax. 

Oppidatim, O drev i drev, o'r 
drevbuy jilydh Vromtovntotown 
Ir. Go kaithreavail, go fuhveavail, 
go duanavail , go brughavail, (^c 

Oppidb, yn dhirvaur, yn dhiat- 
treg, yn dhiannod. Very much, in a 
trice. Ir. Go h'anvoir, go rovor, go 
h'iomarkax, go h'iomadavail. 

Oppidum, Dinas, trcv j:;aerog, 
burdeifdrcv. A tvtdled town or city, 
tf toreugh. C. Tre. Ar Kcr, mar- 
x,zt- Ir Kathair, duan f fithve , 
briigh, t taim, f bla, f du, t kong- 
vail no baile muraA: no go miir ui- 
me. Oppidum Ttgif, f koantuiriifvc ; 
Bail no purt righ. 


Oppigneratio, j;uyftil. A laying 
to pledge., pawning. Ir Geall'iiuir- 
mcadh,^eall AilUi kurangea.l 

t)ppono, vmollbd yn erbyn,j;ur- 
tholiod. To nppofi or refjl. Ar. Brey- 
taan, koncrolha, dcbac oz. 

Opportunus, Kymmuys ir am- 
kan, Icyvadhas, kyvulA;, prydlaun, 
vlI y dylai vud, vcl y niMineni ; 
Menu peryj;!, parod Aleet for the 
purpoJe,fit, C07ivenient, very commo- 
dious ; alfo incliuahle orapt, in dan- 
ger or fuijecl to Ar. A iSreCiK(.n- 
tcl , kcntrat. Ir. '1 rathavail , tru- 
tha^;, garavail, garaA;, iniA;uvaighj 

Oppofitio, ymolTod f;urfhoflad 
kyvcrbyniad, t jurthfivvicad 0/>- 
pojition, contrarying. thwarting. Ir. 
I'rith;tur, frithvtartadh , j irith- 

Oppofitus, j;yvetbyn, arj;yvcr; 
Oppojite. At. An ty dictcb, e tall ; 
kenvcr,kenver c kcnvcr I.As koine 

Ofprdiio, •:;uithre;'i, 3orthrym- 
miad, j;orn!es,trais, tdirdrais,t;or- 
dhuy, j;ormail Opprefjim , extor- 
tion, violence, force Ar. Mors. Ir. 
Hiudhudli, lonnadh, eigneaghadh, 
foireigneaghadh, tbircij^can, toir- 
neart, -j tokar, forlonn, iivtzz. 

Oppreflbr, ^orthrcJCi""! j;orth- 
lymnu'r, ;:;ornurur, ^orn eiliu, 
ir^iiur j;ordhl'yur Ayextnrtiover, 
an opprejjor Ir. foireignigluheoir, 
toirneartaighthcoir , furranaidhe, 
forlonnoir, foirvrighthcoir. 

Opprimo, Puyfo i laur, j;orthre- 
xy, j;orthrymmy, roarlenj;!, Ihe- 
thy r;ormcilio, J^U'^^o >'" S^'^^^i 
kvr/sy am ben,tri.itio max,; A •. yb 
y blacn, t;ordhiucs, duyn pech truy 
drais. To opprefs., to beat down, to 
over-charge, to grieve to thriifi hard, 
to trample upon tofeiz,e, to Jurprize, 
to force or ravijb a toovian ; To pre- 
vent, to overtake, to go beyond one, 
to wrefl out by force. Ar. Ober gau 
ox ure bennjk, guana, mahaina, 
moria, ^u..ska, enka, grevi, man- 
tra. Ir Sonnam, dingim no tean- 
nam fios, fail'j^im go pcniaidh. 

Opprobrium, Kainuri , farhaad, 
fcnn, kcrydh, j:;uracuydh, cdLui- 
ant, dannodiaeth, jmfh, gura- 
(iuydh. A check, a reproach, a di- 
f^aragement, foul language, a taunt, 
a rebuff Ar. Rebelh. rebclliat Ir. 
Mafla. eagkoir, miviod, ealbnoir , 
diviadh, beadh/;a, toiveim, grain- 
nairt, atais, t ail, ipreagadh, aith- 
virt, imdhearghadh, f aisk kaine- 
adh, tarkuifne, taireim,rpid,disbea- 

Oppugno, j;ofod ar, ymofod yn 
erbyn, ymladli yn erbyn , jolbd 
ksnlnuyn urth, amj^ylv.yny trev, 
vmej^nio i uneythyr niueid. To 
fghtMgainfl, to a fault, to batter, to 
layfiege unto, to Jet upon, to attack. 
Ar. Brefekkat,ftiirm ouz. Ir. Inn- 
fayim, fatham, taii^im, dinj;im, te- 
annam, fliivlam no tuailim ar, rea- 
bam,brifim noftiallam, kuirimfor- 
b»i, F.C. no tuidheaxan re h^ait. 

Opfonator,Arluyurbuyda diod. 


A buyer of meat, a caterer. Ir. Ann- 
lanoir, bidh ^eann.idhe, katur, fe- 
ar'halair no AiCannai^^h an bidli 

(.)p onium, P6b buyd ond bara 
a diod, enlhyn, yn.borth, kynha- 
lia;th. jhU manner of meat, or vi- 
ituah, except bread, fijh, 'viands. Ar 
Boet. Ir OaA; anlann. 

Optatib^ j;v'cdi ci dh\myno. j;u- 
cdi ttheiiiv Vlljh'd, dtfird, longd 
for Ir. larriha, ordaighthi, ii,n 
ghavrha ; Na vuil tonu no dull j 
taikc, ruvtad 

Op'icus, yn pcrthyn i'r joiiig. 
Optick, pertahimg to the fight, ir. 
koilg no radhark. 

<.;ptiniates, S0'''"y5Vy, j;uyrda, 
d Iccigion, honedhijj.on culedog, 
pendcvigion y 1 ubi The grandees, 
the chief men of the city or country 
C PcdnziviTjian peiri vikjurlyah 
Ar. KcbLiis. Ir. Kouhymeaui.a , 
\ nvuhymeadha , cirlaiv , f arigh , 

Gprinic, Or ;^orx,p<'r-dha, WeU, 
very welt. C. Kc-dha. ir. Go ro- 
vaith, ^c. 

Optimus, 3orcy,i^orcy o jubul, 
da uios ben, da lauu, da dliijjon, 
[S.\V. ^odidog, p;r-dha J Befi , 
befi ef all, very good, exceUent C. 
Gutlla & gucl'ha, por-dha. Ir.Sir- 
vaith, ro-vaith, tear ar bioth no do 
na dhyineiv 
I Opco, 7 PyA;o, frhybyA^o, d<- 
iniyiio, dc-i!> vy, crvyn, >,ucnyxy, 
|cuylh\fio, ieidhynoi Deuis, de- 
thol [S.W y.\XMiy'\lowiJh,toTi>yh 
for, tochoofe, to make choice. Ar.A;U- 
antaat. Ir.Ordayim, ordughadh, as 
fear liom ro ghnoighiro j larram, 
firim, noguidhim. 

Optdencus ;:;olydog,kyvoethog, 
diua.h, di;sonol. 'Rich, wealthy, pten- 
tyfiiU, abundant. C. f Puludok q. 
Ar Pinuid.k. Jr Saidhvir. 

Opus, suaith , j^ucithred, ^or- 
A;Uyl, jperuyl, Ihavyr, poen, adei- 
liad, jjuneythyriad W work, deed, 
bupnefs, travel or labour. C. l-.ucl, 
\ guaich Ar Obcr. Ir Obair. f .no- 
nar, f modh, gniv , f j;ifl:al, bed, 
t biian; Sythar, ffyth, duadh, ku- 
is, gnothaigh, toiig, fcidhm, boil, 

Opus , Adj. indecl. Rhaid yu , 
ant;cni haid, anhcpj;or, a vo rhaid 
Urtho. NeedfuU, expedient, necejfary. 
Ir. Ria;(;danaA;, oirkeaiaA: , prag- 
ghainneaA;, kruoga^:. 

Opufculum, juaith byAian, ruag 
nejcs A little ll^'ork Ar. Ober 
bian. Ir.Oibrin, modhin, min- 
obair, beg'h\ thar, min 'hythar. 

Ora,yniyl,lhed-ymyl, kurr, mm; 
Kytinydh ag eithavocdh j;uledydh; 
Bro, sulad, froror, tiriojaeth , 
tyedh, minion, blaenx3ulad ; ju- 
rym ne odre dilhcdyn. The coafi 
or border of a country ; alf* the ut- 
mofl part or end ef any thing C. 
Kur. Qra marit'ma, BroU an mor. 
Ar. Beyen, kolkn, kofitzcn, le- 
fenn. Ir BryA;, imcal, f ur, f or, 
t airA;eanu, f coAiair, kivas, krJA;, 
knlax;, beal, kab, bile, balta 

(Jraculuro, Attcb Dyu, kynghor 

Of The Original Languages Ot Britain And Ireland. loy 


Dyu; ymndrodh t;uiu. AnoracU. 

Ir. Airc.ikal K. raidhte, breitlicav- 

nas, kovaile no Freagradli de Fos 

nuaillraidhtc, dcaghroial, niiaillvrc- 

ath raidhte, no breichcavnas oir- 

dheirk maith. Fo! tcampal no ait 

nattugthar aircakil. 

Orans, yn j;uedtiio. Pra)ing. Ir. 

Ag guidhe, ag j;uidheadh, ag or- 

nalghthi, ag iarraigh ar^ ag deunadh 

guidhe no ornaighthi. 
Oratio, ymadrodb, fiarad,ymdhi- 

dhanj tracthnd, adrodhiad, araeth. 

■^uedhi. A Ipeeck, (iiJcour[e^ talk, 

language ; tijo prayer. C. Pidzhi , 

Padar, tfr(j/;o domlnka. Ar.Pateren. 

Ir. ortha, araid, araighid, oraid 
Orator, Arcithiur, ymadrodhu', 

;KUedleyur, f arodrydh, ndrodhur, 

pjdereyur, Tucdhiur,dadleyur An 

Orator, a jpoie/man , a pleader or 

advocate. At. Advokir. Ir. Oraide- 
oir,oraididhe, orrthaidhe, deaghla- 

varchaj:,avkoidhc, tagarthoiraidh- 

neidhe, tear oraide dodhcanadh. 
Oratorium, Ty j;ucdhi, kylFt j^yr 
uedhio. A place dedicated to pray- 
er, an oratory. Ir. Oircakal, to- 
ghatmailt, edcalailt, fcipeal, ieagh 
no ait ornaighthi. 

OrbatuSjjuedi duyn odhiar. De- 
priv'd. Ir.Tallaighthi, kaillte, krc- 
ai/;thc, arganta, fpo;.tha, fladtha, 
do x.aiU no dar veanadh ni 

Orbiculatus, Uedi uneychyr yn 
5runn vol kyl/i Made round like 
acircle. Ir. Kruinntc, baiikche,tor- 
ra^te, fbloikte, bea^tc, deanta 

kruinn no kurtha a lann /;ruinn| AnOrgan. Ar. Ogru. Ir. Ga/; an 
mar vea;it no A;ompa>. grais, oirne.';, greas, ftaid, orga, no 

Orbiculus, KylAi byx;an,;,uerv3n |ga.j; inftremeint do dhcanadh ni. 

dro;TuIho;pii;Pelhen,pelcn.^/;V-| Orgia , julcdliae Bakku-. The 

tie hoop or circkythe 'ujheel of a puUy, feajls ofBacchm. lr.Bai;,iodhvurta, 


Ordino, Trcvny,dosbartliy, lliy- 
niaethy, jiofod mtuii ticvcn,ordci- 
nio, Yrdho, t;radhio, rhoi yrdha;. 
Tb order or di//>o/e, to ordain, to put 
or fet in order, to regulate, to rank 
aljb to advance to promotion, to put 
in authority or place. Ar. Reiika. 
Ir. Ordaighim, oirnim, cigrayim , 
glcafam, innlim, kuirim, a n'cagur 
a n' ordufflvidh a n' glca.s, kuirim ar 
ord , ordugh:idh no doigii ar. Fos 
kuirim a'gaichreiin a n'onoir. 

Ordo, Treven , rhcs, Rhc- 
fter, rhcnj^k, f rhilh, to, kyl-: ; 
Jradh pob dvn urth ci jyvocth ai 
le; JU'T yn-radh; Yrdh , yrdlia:, 
yrdhas. Order, roiu , rank , the de- 
gree, rank, or quality of per[ons. Ar. 
Yrdh [urz] ftroilat, renk. Ir.Oid 
[Sic N.J cagar, gleas, doigh, kaidh, 
kurfa, laidhne, (haith, kifeal, fpaigh 

Orcadcs , y tyluyth teg. Fairies 
of the mountains. It. Airdflliav- 
radh, no ftiiavradh knok. 

Orexis, Xi^ant bijyd , ;Kuimp o 
ncuyn ; j;uanj;k ag auydh ag aingk 


daduyrain ; Tardhy ve! fynnon, j:;fi- 
ni, k6di vel yr hayl, de^irae, ky- 
x:uyn. Ti rije, to jpring tu a river 
doth, to he born. Ar. Gorren. Ir. 
Tinrgnaim , to(dyim , fofam , eir- 
ghim, tighim, jcinim , f siirii- 
ghim. K. 

Ornamentiim, Adliyrn,hardhu;B, 
diuyj;iad, 5a„-der, nuflad; An- 
rhydc'dh , tciiyn^dauJ , j^ory^javi- 
Kth, moliantjiclod, par/; ; Tc5u;k, 
prydverthu^j Kymmuynas, anrl'iy- 
dcdh vaur. An ornament, a grace, 
a credit or commendation ■ a drefs, 
garniture or garnijh ; alfo honour , 
dignity , promotion, prai/e. Ir. Oir- 
ghreas mairc, rj;eiv, aille, forvlath, 
forvai/?;, foraile, fiias, brcadhas, dc- 
iCe, f dea.5iar. 

Ornatus, Adhyrncdig, trufiadys, 
taklys, kyuair, hardh, j;ucdhidh ; 
Anihydedliys, par;!;edi'^, uedi kael 
j;radha /;odiad, prydvcrth, vmad- 
rodhys ; I Jcniog. AJorn'd, deck'd, 
furnifl.t'd j honour d, recommended, 
fet out, appareU'd, drefs'd. Ar. A- 

1 vQyd; /;uyd, kvvog. A Stomacki rorvu. Ir. Ortha,' oirghrcafta, or 
or appetite to meate. Ar. AiUant duighthi, maifighthi, f'orvaifighthi- 
boct. Ir. Kikras, jiram no kanadh fjivtha, toirrgivtha, aillighthi, fo- 

j;earvaA; gaiie no fon bidh, f^rea- 
thra;!; ar uairiv. 

Organifta, A jano yr orjan. An 
organifl. Jr. Organaidie, organaA;. 

Organum, Oferyn, ermyg, arv 
i uneythyr pcch a hi, peiriant; O- 
fer kerdh, arvay thyvel, arvay kref- 
tiir ; Ori:;an. An inflrument of any 
fort, all kinds of muficalinfcruments; 

the eye of a doublet ; aljo a ball C 
Be2.o. Ir Kroinin, kruincan ,kro- 
n6g,baiskin, baskan, fleaskan, kro- 
ineakan, no gaA; ni beag oilc kru- 

Orbis, Kyl;t;, modryy, t kryn- 
nogyn, kacad krunn ; Ardal, brd , 
Mimai vaur o bobol ; Biuydhyn ; 
Pelhen;Sidy!h,fidelh. An orb, a cir- 
cle, a round ring orcompafs, a globe; 
the vjorld, alfo a country or part of 
the -[iiorld, a great company or mul- 
titude of people , a year, a bottom 
of yarn, alfe the outward circle of 
aiuheele Ar. KeU; bet. Ir. Kro- 
ne, bc.i.;^d, fain ne, kompas, roi/j- 
hj^in, kirkai, f tagmang, Ga;K ni 

Orbita, Oluyn menn, 61 mcnn, 
fidelh. A cari-wheele or the track 
of It in the ground- Ar. Rout karr 
Ir. Roithleann , karta^; no lorg 
roithlein a dalav. Fos bea/it kro- 
inne no kroinea;;:d. Fos flighe. 

Orbito, Sidelhy. To turn round 
like aijleec/. Ir.Rcimnyim,itn[hig- 
him no iluvlaim flighe. 

Orbus, Amdhivad ; f di«rad , 
uedi ei ado. Fatherlefs , de/titute , 
fuccourlefs, forlorn. Ir. Tul!a;i;, di- 
leax:,ea(vaia.>;, uireai'vaighcaA;, di- 
valaA;, ar dhith, ai eafvaigh, ar di- 
vail, kaillte, darbeanadh, do A;aill. 
mac tJileach&a, An orphan. N. 


Orgya,£e,Guryd. Afadhom. Ar. 
Giiret, briat 

Orichalcum, Lattum, coppar. 
Laton or copper. C Bici. Ar. Ku- 
evr. Ir, Kopar, uv a. 

Oriens, y dhuyrxn, kodiad hiyl. 
The Eafl , the Levant. Ar. Sevel 
heaul. Ir. Oirthear, oir.«keart , an 
tyv'hoir, eir^hean an ghrian. 

Orificium, jcnXjfavan p6b pcth, 
[ S. W. ArAiOlh. ] An orifice, the 
mouth, entry or brim of any thing. 
Ir. Bcal, bryA; [ no brao;K 1 kab no 
fala;. ni. F6s fuvaifte, biiagaire. 

Originalis, De^ireyol, kynhyy- 
nol, y peth a vo j^an yn o'i dhe- 
Aireyad. Original, jirfi, primitive, 
that -which one has from his birth. 
Ir. BunadhafaAi, bunaidheaA;,frea- 
vavail, tulavail clu[h;>;a hx. 

Origo, Hanes, de^jreyad, ky^juy- 
niad, kyvodiad, bonedh ; jcnedi- 
gxth, dc;;rcy, kyf kenedl; Fyn- 
honnelh y kotto dur ; Krcad, ka- 
rennydh, a^osi Aruyrain. An ori- 
ginal, a rife, a beginning, a pedigree 
or birth, a fource , well-^ring or 
head. Ar. DtZru. pen m'amcn. Ir. 
Biin, bunadh, bunadhasj Keap, 
freav, tobar, toIaA;, ftaide, Jeine- 
adh, Jeineavuin. 

Orior, Hanvod o le, kael i dhe- 
A;reyad, kyvodi, aruyrain, dyyre, 

railiighthi, bria;Knaighrhi, greagtha. 

Ornatus, uSjTrevnyfruydh. Gaie- 
ty , bravery; alfo ornament and 
grace. Ar.Laftr, Ir.yilvjyadh,gleas. 

Ornithobofcium,'Adardy. Apen, 
a coup. Ir Keark-alt , kearklann , 
teagh no kro kcark, eanailt ; ceagh 
no kro ean. 

Orno,a5, Adhyrnyjhardhyjtrev- 
ny, trulio, diJhady, darpary, ar- 
iljyo. To adorn, garnijh, deck, beau- 
ttfie, to provide, prepare, make rea- 
dy. Ar. Kacrat,goarni(la, paraman- 
ti, eunna, kinkla, reiza. Ir. 6ram, 
oirghrca;am , greagam, mailighim, 
forvaiskim, f^ivam, foirtgivanij aii- 
lighim, foraiiiighim, oirdnighim,K. 
brcadlwyim , dealayim, koiryim , 
rnaCam, dcifmyim, dea;;raim, dear- 
layim; Kiiirim (gciv no niaile ar, 
mm maidea;^ no breadha, trealam, 
kuirim trealav no kulaigh ar. 

Ornus , Prcn kriavol , kriavolen 
[S. W. Kerdynen & pren krauel] 
The PUiicken tree. C. Kcrdcn. Ir, 
Kcatthan [/c^. kearhvn] Kran kear- 
thuin. Mu7ifl. Karhyn. Scot. Kvrvn. 

Ofo> j:;uedii!o, deifvvy, attolug, 
dymyno, f ioli, r ymiaul ; Dadley, 
areirhio, pregethy. To pray, defire, 
intreat, to plead, to preach. Ar. Pi- 
di. Ir. Guydhim, aiiim , aic;Kim, 
athxuingim , toghoirim , eada- 
laim, iarram, (hinm, nim guidhe, 
t j;eis , t edel , ornaighthi ; Nim 
t taghairm no f ata;*; j Tagrairo 

Orobanche, yr orvan^ ne jal- 
drift y banadi 3room-rape. Ir.Srath- 
man ilur no fliir-aJa;!;. 

Orphanus, Amdhivad. An Or- 
phan. Ar. Erodhinuat. Ir. Dille- 
aA;ta , f diloit , f cillircaAsd , leanv 
gan tuifmighthcoir beo aijje. 

Orthodoxus, loun j^rcd, ynioun- 
dyb f^*'dh. Orthodox.. It. Kcirt- 
/i reid vea;i J f ir-A; reidvea/; . 
Or thopygium, 

Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 



Orthopygium , Kynfon aderyn j Beilin, fesin, caibin, goibin ; Pog, 
ne anivsel, klorcn. The rump of a f raea_m 
Mrd or beaft. C Loft. Ir.Bon eii- 
buil, los, feam, bod. 

Orthographia , laun-fsnvenny- 
dhixth ; Argraf adeiladaeth xuedi 
i thynny kynn adeilad. Orthogra- 
phy ; alj'o a draught or platform, a 
model for building. Ir. Graivkeart, 
keart-ghraiveoAid, keircfgrivneo- 

Ortus, a, um, J^uedi kodi, Jjuedi 
kyA;uyn,5uedi dex're ; juedi y em. 
Sprung, rtfen, born. Ir Beartha, je- 
inte do rughadh , do sheineadh , 
d'eirghe, do 'hainik, do sil. 

Ortus, Kodiad, kyCTvniad, de- 
Aireyad, kodiad hayl, y dhuyrEii ; 
venedigseth, tuv, tyviad. Affrmg- 
ing, a rife or beginning ; the rifmg of 
the fun, the Eajl ; birth, defcent. Ir 
Eirghe. Fas,tciA;t,tfortraidh, cinn- 
fgain, toikx. 

Ortygometra, Ar. Kuail, >;uaill 

Os, y Sen-Je, 'avan, uynebpryd, 
edryAjiad ; laith, tavodiaeth, yma- 
dr6dhi t Eovnder, fhydeb, deu- 
redh; Aber avon; Kurr, eitha- 
vedh,min, ymyl; Pig a j;ylvin ade- 
ryn j jenae ag uyneb kuppan. The 
mouth, therrfage, countenance, lan- 
guage,fro>iuuciation; Alfoanouth, 
pajfage or entrance of a river; alfo 
the outmofi part of a thing, brim or 
edge ; The beak or bill of a bird. C. 
Ganaujtstne. Ar.genu. Ir.Bel[»'' 
be'al^-\¥cs, tbil, f kcl, t S'O", 
fmen, tgulba fkoil, t kailve, 
kab, fuvaifte. 

Os, offis, Afgurn ; karrcg eiri- 
nen, nse'r k\vryu aeron A bone, 
alfo the fl one in plums, cherries, ^c 
C Afgarn, al'gorn. Ar. Askorn. Ir 
Kndv, ffeik, \ tuk no tek. F6s 
knavog na meal'aiv airighe raar aca 
a i-^coxo'it. 

Olcillo, Symmyd 5ensE,^oj^uy 
dho i laur. To move the mouth, to 
bom down. Ir. Bogam bel, bogam, 
korrayim no gluaifim fios agus fii- 
as, bog-ghluailgim no nLii bog 

Ofcillum,5enx byxan, favan ve- 
X^lIx; Rhyu dhelux by^iacn. A 
little mouth. Ar.genu bian, Ir. Bei- 
lin, fesin, kaibin, goilm. 

Ofcitanter, yn efgeylys, yn arav 
dhivrys, ynvyft;relh,yndhi?;allon, 
yn dhiouj;rurth , yn j^yfgadyr. 
Sleepily, dro-wfily, carelefsly. Ir. Go 
matneaAitax, go lei(j;eavail,gotal- 
fa, go fpadanta, go kodaltaA; , go 
neivghriongalaA;,go forvafaA:. 

Olcitatio, Dylyviad ^cn, ejori 
favan ; Efj^eylyfdra, diogi, fej;yryd, 

diovaIu;>;. Gaping, yarning, negli- 
gence, idlenefs, caretejfnefs. Ir Me^ 
anadh, meanfaghadh , meanfbigh 
theaA;d, bryfail no bryfadh. 

Ofculum, 5en3Eb.vA:an,|minus5 
Kyflan. f Impok. Ub Land, fpok- 
kyn. A little pretty mouth; A kifs 
or bufs. C.fPokkail, impog,ky- 
fyn [»»/>/«>•] baiou. Ar. AfF,Pok 
Afiet, budiet & pbket, to kifs. Ir. 

OlTeus , Af^yrnig , tebyg i af- 
gurn , kaled vel yr algurn. Bony, 
or like a bone. C & Ar. Afgor- 
nek. Ir. Knaive, knava, knava/i, 
knaiveavail, feikeavail, do veanas 
reknaiv, mar A;naiv, kruadhA^na- 
vzz , IomA;navaA; , kov;eriiaidh , 

Ofliculum,Arj;yrnyn,afsurn by- 
z^n; Karreg aeron. pi. Briu-ef- 
j;yrn, man-efj;yrn A little bone; 
alfo the ji one of a fruit ; As a plum- 
fone, a cherry-fo>ie,S)CC C. Mean 
^\ymon,aplu>,i-Jlone Ar.Askornin, 
Askorn bian ; Men frCiath pefruas. 
Ir. Knaivin, knavog, knaiv beag. 
F6sklo;s mis, kloi^jm toraidh. 

Ollifraga, Math ar eryr a dyrr el- 
j;yrn a i big. An ojJ>rey. Ar Per- 
fillot Ir eanknaiv-reabthaAijknaiv- 

Ollifragus,A dyrr yr t?^<jmThat 
breaketh bones. Ar. Ter-men. Per- 
fiilot, Q^i7« Of^rey Gall Cajfe-pi- 
erre. M. Ir KnaivreabthaAJ, knaiv- 

Ofliiarium, Efjyrndy. A char- 
7iel-houfe. Ar. Aiarnel. Ir. i meam- 
bra, no fgria ina ni'id knava no 
taife Nyv do Aioivead, ula a d'eam- 
pal no a reileag. 

Oftendo, Danj^os, myne.^i, ad- 
rodh,datj;an,dyuedyd. ToJheTi>,to 
tell or declare, to pomt at, to let one 
underflajid. Ar. Diskcus, diskleria, 
fignifia. Ir. Taisbeanaim, tailea- 
naim, taifealvam, taivrini, tc-arat- 
vam , taidhvrighim , foillfighim , 
t j;]eithini, dolvam, innifim, aith- 

Oftenrus,j;uedi y dhanjos. Skew- 
ed. Ir. Taisbcanta. 

Oftento , MynyAj-dhanj^os, fro- 
ftio, t boklaAiy, ymfroftio TojhcrB 
often, to boafl, brag or vaunt. Ar. 
Pompadi , marvailla , marvailler , 
OJfentator. Ir.Sglcirim, fpleagham, 
blomafaim, fallafaim, adhvA;lofaim, 
nina fgleip, fgleagha, bomain no 
bomanna, blamas, f tallas no glo- 

Oftia, Ebyr, aberoedh priv avo- 
nydh. The entries or mouths of great 
rivers. Ar. Porth mor. Ir. Sroth- 
Ajailveadha, froth-dhoirfe, bel bra- 
es, kraos no doirefe avan no fru- 
thradh mora. Invir. 

Oftiarius , Dryfor , porthor. A 
porter or door-keeper. C. Darador, 
Ir. Doirfeoir. 

Oftiolum, Dryfan, drus by^ian, 
rha7;dhor, f kynnor, f gordhor. A 
little door ormcket. Ar. Dor bian. 
lr.Fodhoras,mindhoras,doras beag. 
Oftium, Drus, porth. A door , 
gate, entry or pajfage. C. f Darat. 
Ar. Dor. Ir. Doras, geata, kovla, 
bealaA;, (ire- 

Oftrea, Oeftren, Lib. Land. O- 
ftryfcn , pob marh ar grosen ; 
t IhymmhyrAien. All forts of fijh 
having hard J hells, as oifiers , &c. 
Ir. GaA; iafg, fligeanaA;, fli^cin, 
blyif^e no ballain, mar ata oiitre, 
gnuvar, c^f . 

Oftrearius, A berthyn i'r Ihym- 
mtua .Of or belonging to oifters. Ar. 
Otrer Ir. Sliganta. 

Oftreum, Oftryfen, Ihymmhyr- 
Aicn. An oifler. C f Efiren. Ar. 
Iftren,^oftren. Ir.Oftrin. 

Otidr, B6d yn legyr, diojji. To 
be idle, to be at refl, to have nothing 
to do. Ir. Sjithim, Ijriftim fofam, 
nim kiuineas fofadh no kovnaidhe ; 
Ligim %ith, fokrayim nim fokrui- 
ghtheaAid, ire 

Otium, Scj;yryd, dioji, f ham- 
dhen , elmuythdra , IhonydhuA; , 
feibiant. Leifire , idlenefs , -want 
of bufneji or imployment , fhare 
time. Ar. DidalludegeZ, , diegi , 
lefirejjez j luguderez Ir. Divyine- 
as, t feilios, leifj^ , falfaA;d , Igith, 
fjifte, liain, fois, kovnaidhe, f tas, 
■\ tairifliiov ; foill ; kolg no fgtiir do 

Ovile, Deveid-ty,korlan devsed, 
t kaid dev£Ed. [S. W. Lhok de- 
vaed ] A jheep-coat , a fold, ajloeep- 
houfe. C.Boudzhe devaz. Ar.Krau 
de'nvet. Ir. Lok, banrax, no kro 
kyraA; [cxijieaA;, iV.] f oi-lis, kyir- 
lis, kyr-ailt. 

Ovis, Davad, Jhudun davad, 
t man-lhudun. [»WfDim man- 
Ihtiyn. J Af.'eep. Q. Davjs , f da- 
vat. Ar. Da'nvat. Ir. Kaora, [ no 
kyra] f oi ai no yi. 

Ovum, uy. An egg. C. Oi. Mil 
prcv. Ovum druidum,feu anguinum 
rlinii. Scot. Krap na na'raA; . Idem 
Ar Ui. Ir. ligh, f ork j F6s ijgh- 

Oxalis, Drinj:;ol , fyran yr ■^d , 
i^c. Sorrel. Ar.Treinflicn. IrSava 

Oxyacanthus,Drain yfpinys,pren 
mclyn. The Barberry-bujh. .rise 
SiZ, f^eog, j ske, krann i^eixe 

Oxyacantha, Drainen uea, yfpy 
dhadcn, drain yi'pydhad. A white- 
thorn or haw-thorn. C Spernan 
uidn. Ar. Spem guen. Ir.S5iaA;6g. 
Oxyacanthtc bacca.\M .Ox^Via. Dim. 
Eguan, kraual mbz 

Oxybaphum, Kuppenyn ; Math 
ar velyr yn kynnuis xue Ihuyad. 
Afaucer ; A kind of meafure con- 
taining fix Jpoonfulls. Ir. Saivi'eir. 

Oxygala, Syr-lhaeth,lhaeth enu- 
yn; KymmyCg o laeth a fyr-uin, 
f;Jr-buk. Sowre-milk ; A fyllabub. 
Ir. Baine j;ear, treavantur no kar- 
raighin,toskor tharradhus. 

PAbulum, Porva , porthiant 
aniveilixd, ebran. Fodder , 
forrage, provender or fog for 
cattle, pajlure. Ar. Keineit, 
Ignis pabulum. \r GiX beovan no 
biadh eallaigh ; Inik , tear, fodar, 
foAian, glafeliart , foirne , glaidhe. 
Pacatus, tJedi ei hedhyA;i §luiet- 
ei. Ir. Beask'naighti, fichc, sithA:an- 
ta, keanfaighthi, kiuinighthi, fok- 
raighthi , fma^itaigtithi fithea;; , 

Pacifcor, Ammodi, kyvammodi, 
roarA:natta,kytryno, cove- 
nant or bargain,te agree . Ir Naidh- 
x mim, 

Of The Original Languages Of BKitAifi Akd Ireland, m 


mim, konraim, margnlaim rcidhim 
no tij^im Icis, iiim konradh, -j n.ii- 
(ihni, margail, malairc no keangal 
leis ; gcallam, ben im jealladh no 

Paco, fDyhydhoJlionydhv, hc- 
dhy/:y , bodloni. To appeaj'e, to 
quiet or HiU , to tame. Ir. Sithini, 
sich>;aniim, beasknayim, sithoilim, 
fbkrayim, kiuinyim, reidhim, fa- 
lam, nr.n (ithAian. 

Padtilis, Plechedig, ucdi i uay 
yn^^lnd , ucdi i blyjy. Plaited , 
wreathed,folded Ir.TiIke, kuairlg- 
tlic,kas, kalta na thilteiv, na a;u- 
airij;thciv,na A;arnaighthiv,na phlc- 
atadhaiv no deanta do ."codaiv im- 

Pacflitius , Ammodol , dan am- 
mod. Doiie upon agreement. Ir. Ar 
iionradh, ara^id, ar ,^oinj:;ial], nai- 
dhmeavail, konnarthavail no dean- 
ta ar AJonnradh no re reidhcea>;. 

Padtor, Ammodur, dyj;ymmo- 
dur, mar.^natcur, j^iineithyrur am- 
mod, kytryniir Atargawer, a co- 
venant or agreement maker .^ an in- 
gager Ir. Konnartoir, naidhmthe- 
oir Aionnartha no reidhtigh , 
margalaiohe, malraiteoir, &c. 

Padlum, Mar;Knad, kvttyndeb, 
kordiad, ammod, fdyyndeb, adhe- 
Uld A bargain, a covenant or agree- 
ment, a co?!traH, a treaty, a condi- 
tion. Ar.Feyr. Ir. Konradh, f nai- 
dhm, frichola, reidhtea;^, margadh, 
margiil, maJiirt, keangal, a;>;d, ko- 
mgiall, bcalcame, koman no koma- 

banhiad j Kanj^hennx 'r juinu- kloka,gunna,roba,ko(a, pealJ,brat, 

Padlus, j;uedi ammodi; Guedi i 
gyfvlhty Hafing bargain d or a- 
greed; Alfo joy?/ d., &C. C Barj^id- 
nias Ar. Plen , joyn'd. Ir Kon- 
raidhte, naidhmthe, ^c. Fos grea- 
maighthi, nafgcha. 

Picdagogus, yfjol-veiftir, athro, 
T hvucdhur plant. Afchool majler, 
a trainer up of children, a pedagogue. 
C. fMailhr meibion. Ar. JVJaeltr 
skol Ir. Leanv;eovaidhe, fear koi 
veaoha leinv, oide no maighiftir 
igoile, no teagafgthoir leanv. 

Psderafles, A unci anlhadru- 
ydh 7;yda be/;5yn. ABuggerer, a 
Sodomite. Ir Leanv-vyiflieoir, So- 
dhomoir, Sodamin. Fear dhruife 
no pcakiidh mionadurtha do dhea- 
nadh re buaA;uilleidhiv no re fea- 


Paedia, Adhvfj;iadneathrauiaeth 
plane. Jnftru&ion of children Ir. 
Leanv-A;oig, leanv-oideas, leanv- 
vunadh, teagafg no munadh leinv. 

Pcedor, Dreui, dryi^raur,bryntni, 
bydredhi. Naftynejs^ Hench.Jloven- 
linefs,Jlutt:Jh7ie]s Ir Salaighe, bro- 
ghaighe, tutaighe, breine. 

Paganus, 7;ur or ulad, d^n j^ule- 
dig an^hyvaruydh ; Pagan dijred. 
Belonging to a countrey-man ; Hea- 
thenijh, pagan Ar Diskridik. Ir. 
Tuaithea>. , tuaithcan, tuaithea- 
na;t; j duine do chuaith, no vias na 
kovmidhc ar tuaith, fear tuaichre- 
a;td Fos neiv-vilidhe no duine na;t; 
faighidcoir. F6s tiiatha, tuathanax. 

Pagina, Ty dalen Ihyvyr j Dof- 

ydh. The fide of a leaf or page in a 
book i AIJo the place in the ti atlofa 
vine, ivlxre every branch is fajhied. 
C. Tyrnehuan livan ; f tncp Ar. 
Coftez Ir.Uull-thvv, tyv no le- 
ath thyiv dhaiilcoighe a leavar !<;- 
lis, 6 ^hreig. leath cna;K, N. 

Pagus, Pentrev j;ulad, kor-drev, 
maenol ag yndhi laucr o bcntrc- 
vydh. A village or countrey roivn., a 
lordjhip or marches having divers 
torwiis and villages. C. Trc Ar. 
Guik, ker. Ir.Gragan, gragvaile, 
ftuaim, t rath, t lis no baile tii- 
aithe, tiiich no tij;hearnas. 

PaJa , Rhau, Pal. A Jhovel or 
#«</?. C.Rev. Ar. Pal. Ir Laighe, 
feak, Scot. Kcib, fpad. 

Palxftra, ymavlyd, ymavxl, Ihe 
i >Tnavlyd kuymp, WreftUng or bar- 
riers , awrejiling place, ir. Spairn, 
fpamaidhea;<;d, karaidhea>-.d, glea- 
kaid , hea^jd j I'parn-airm, Iparn- 
lann, fparaait no air fparna. 

Palam, Ar j;yhoeah, yn ejlyr, 
yn amlUg. Openly, publickly . Ar. 
Aueldrem. Ir.Osaird, gan ;i;leith, 
go folks, goofgailte, gono.cta, go 
loilleor, go ffoirreil. 

Palacium , P'las , Ihys brenyn , 
privlys , fneyadh-dy, f rhiiyl. A 
Palace. C. Telhar, plas. Ar. Les, 
maner. Ir. Teagh Righ no Flatha, 
tpilaic, t righ-dhao, righ-lann , 
breas-lann, kuirt, palas, teaA; ri- 

Palatum, Tavlod y Jenx, y j;e- 
nx. Thereof or palat of the mouth. 
C Guarhaz ganou, fllevnig. Ar. 

Palea, yfion yd, manys, pcifuyn, 
?;uehilion, f bedion, j;raun-yfion; 
guelht. Chajf or corti-JtrarD^ a vile 
and contemptible thing. C. Kulin , 
ifion. Ar. Plufcn. ir. KaichleaA: , 

Palear, Taj^elheidion. The dew- 
lap of a beafi. Ir. Sbrogaille , bea- 
tliodhaigh, fparfan. 

Palearium, Lhe i j;adu manys. 
A place to lay chaff in. Ir An ait 
thaifgche kaithleigh, tuidhcadan, 
no ait tailgthe thuidhe. 

Palinodia, 5urth-j;an, dad-dhy- 
uediad yr hyn a dhyuettuyd ne a'f- 
j^rivennuyd . A recantation, an tin- 
faying of Tvhat one hath j^oken or 
tDritten. Ir. Frith;KaointaireaAid , 
frithA;eadal, frithAieol , frith-radh, 
aithrea/ias, no gairm ar ais an ni a 
duvradh no do igrivadh 

Palleo , jlafy, kolhi i liu, mynd 
yn lafuelu ; amliuio. To be or look 
pale or van. Ar Difliua. Ir.Odh- 
riim , gormaim, foghlafam, ba- 

PallidiJS, tSVelu, jlafuyn, tj:;ue- 
Iuj;an, f;uyn]as,ovnog. Pale.bleack, 
wane, fearfuU, -ahitij}) C. Guidn. 
Ar Difliu. Ir. Odhar, konodhar, 
gorm, liaine, glas, ban, bdn-ghlas, 
glas-van, liith-van. 

Pallium, Mantelh, ko;!;oI, f to- 
ron, ftoryn. A cloak -, alji a •wo- 
man's pallor mantle. Ar. Mantel, tf 
mantle, ir. Fallain, liianax; , kaba, 

inar no kiilaiadda. Fos fcoA;al no 

Pallor, t^ueluder, tSucIuliU, 
S't-'lni , ?;l.Uuynni , Ihiu divlann. 
M'annefs.palcneji.fear. Ir.Odhaire, 
odhairctcaAJd, knodhaire, konodh- 
airea/,d, glailc, goirmc, iiainea;Kd, 
baitcaA;d i dath odhar , knodhar , 
baite, dro;;-dhath. 

Palma, CIcder Ihau, Ihau, palv, 
pauen, ihcdihau. The palm of the 
hand, the hand, a meajure of an 
hand-breadth. C. Tor an daorn , 
dalv. Ar. Paifandorn, polot. a:U- 
ari polot, Ludus palmaris. Ir. Bas, 
Palmaris, O Led ihau ; A vo yn 
myned a'rgamp, a voyn duyn y 
gloAT. 0/ a JJian long , or hand- 
breadth i Renorwned, famous .^ vido- 
rious. Ir. Baile [no boife] dear- 
naide. Fos pailmc, buaidhe, buai- 
dheapi no buaidhcavaii. 

Palmarium , jjuobor nc aruydh 
bydhyjjolixth, y yjamp. A mafter- 
ptece. Ir. Duals no luaA; buaidhe, 
keamairrdhe no Ajovartha buaidhe. 
Palmarius, A v6 yn hacddhy'r 
samp, a dhylx'r ■s\oz, a dhylse'r 
bcl. Deferving or bearing the prize. 
Ir. lonvoka, no ion;i;oivne, fiv- 

Palmes, Caingk ne vlagyryn o'r 
uinuydhen. A branch or young bud 
of a vine, a tendrell. Ir. j;eg, kryv, 
beangin no bainiiean og ftnneavu 
in, no ;i;rainn oile. 

Palmeus, O'r palmu^dh. Made 
of palm-trees. Ir. Pailme, paile- 
oige, ^rainn pailme, no ar dath pa- 
ilme, pailmidh, pailmeavail. 

Palmipes, A vo a'i draed vel palv 
juydh, palv-droedog. Broadfoot- 
ed. Ir.Traigh-lcathan,kois-leathan, 
kruiv-leatlun, i{5aig-leathan, kofh- 


Palmus, Mefyr Ihed Ihau, mefyr 
peduar bys nc bedser modvcdh j 
K\^'j-x^\X'i■X\l, Palmus major. Man- 
ner trocdvcdh, Palmus minor, tour 
inches or a hand breadth. Ar. Ru- 
ben, ruhenat, A jpan. Ir.Glak, 
leathad baifc, no ;.eithre mear. 

Palpator , j^uenhieithur , •)■ trv- 
thiur, t fyantur, yn yn K\l2tx Ihau 
uen, ^3.\\!i\\.\x. A flatterer, afoother, 
a cogger, &c. Ir. Smearrthoir , a- 
vailltheoir, teghlaitlicoir, milkaire, 
lygairc, iuas-voltoir. 

Palpebrx, Bleu'r Ihyjacd, bleu'r 
amrantce; kaeadx 'r Ihvgxd, yr am- 
rantx. The eye-lids , the hairs that 
grow on the eye-lids. C. Bleu an Ja- 
gat. Ar. Gurennu, maluennu. At. 
Ir. Avradh, favra fi'ila. 

hyrvy.ysbonjkio, kyro a jueithio 
a neidio a Ihammy vel y pillon ne'r 
ymmennydh. To pant ., to leap at 
the heart or brain doth, to throb, 
to beat. Ir. Preabam, klifrim, Imea- 
^.am, buailini,gluaifim,korraighim, 
luaivnyim, foluavnaim, leimim, ic- 
imnyiro, nim preabaighil. 

Palpo, Teimlo yn efmuyth, pal- 

valy, jorlhyvnyi suenhicithio, 



Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 

ftrythio, ffyanty, bydoathegei- 
rix. To handle gently, toftroakjott- 
ly, to grope or feel his -way ; Aljo tn 
flatter, to foot h or jpeak one fair. 
At. Embreser. Ii-.Smearram,avail- 
lim, taltam, glakam, (ligam, bla- 
thara. F6s teaghlayim,laogam,mil- 

Paludofus, Korfog, ?;u^rnog 
Marfljy,femiy, moorijlj. Ir.Riafga^, 
mointeaA;, Ian do riafg , do rial- 
glaigh, do x^riix. do voga;*;, no do 
vointeiv, moinineaAi, riafgavaii. 

Palumbes, f Kydon, L.tb. Land. 
yfeythan. A ring - dove , a -wood- 
fidgeon, a qtioift C Kylobnian kux, 
fkydhon. Ar. Kydon Ir. Fearan. 
I'alus, udis j Kors, morva j^uiyb, 
ruayn ulyb. A moor, afev, a marjh, 
a bog. C.tirdevrak. Ar.Palut. Ir. 
Riolg, kurra;;, boga;^, bogan, fbo- 
ihix, moin, moinin, frach, feif- 

Palus, Paul, klcdren,bydhel,di(t. 
Apale,flake, a poft. C.Stikedn. Ar. 
Sranken, peul Ir.Kuaille, cuaiUi. 
N- t fonn, t ronnadh, K. Saittan, 
ftaka, pofta, kolv, no orda maide ^ 
Reimte no bata mor. 

Paluftns, 0'r?;ors, korfog, o'r 
morva. Of or belonginz to a fen. Ir. 
Kurraigh, bogaigh, bogaiiin, reilg, 
monadh, fratha, raifgavail, moin- 
teavail, kurra^avail. 

Panarium, Kauelh bara, falmari, 
yftavelh vara, kill vara, bafjed va- 
ra. A bin, a patttrey, an hutch, a 
basket or pannier to carry or keep 
bread in. Ar. Pancr. Ir. Pantra;K, 
ait no foidlieax cit;cin do xovda^i 
no d'im;^;a^ arain, aranailc. 

Pancreas, y pankread neV go- 
hiythmelys. The fmeet-bridorbirr. 
Ir. An tavan mar do veafam.^ ll. 

Pandiculatio, Dylyviad Jen, y- 
myftuyriad. A reaching or ftretch- 
ing of the body. C Kehcdzhc. Jr. 
Braofadh, bryfaighil, bryfairca.Kd. 
Pando, Ajori, Ihedy, rhythy, 
yftyn allan ; Adrodh, myne^i, dy- 
uedyd. To open, tofireadaboad, to 
(bread or lay open, to relate. C Dho 
aj;erou. Ar. Dialhuedha , skigna , 
digori" Ir. Olglaim, kuirighim, le- 
athnayim, freathnayim, no Ihinnim 
amaA;. Taiibeanaim,foillfighim. 

Pandus, ^uyr ty a'r Ihaur , kam 
ari uared. Crooked, or bov>ed dow7i- 
ward. Ir. Kam, krum no lubtha 
(hios ; do luidheas no do thuiteas 
fyi ula,Tj. 

Panegyricus, yn perthyn i f luy- 
ruys ne j^ymmanva o'r bobol. Of a 
publick or folemn affembly. Ir- An 
volta;e, aniorthaA;, brafailtea^ ina 
v'uil moladh imarka;. no bregaAJ. 
Panegyris , t Lhuyruys , kym- 
manva o T^ubul o'r bobol mej;is 
Ihan ne var.^nad, c^e. A folemn af- 
fembly, or meeting of people. Ir. Kov- 
dail, covoirealas, oireaias tire. 

Panifex, Pobydh bara. .^ baker 
of bread. Ar. Baraer. Ir. Aranoir, 
aranoidhe, fuinteoir no fornoir a- 
rain, bakeir, no bakar mar a dear- 
thar go koitAjean. Fos Pantraighe. 
oir no fear thaiskthe arainn. 

Pango , jofod , planny , ylgri- 
venny, kany, adrodh, guneythyr, 
jyrry i meun yn dynn megis jjyr- 
ry hoel. To f aft en or drive in, to 
■write or compofe, tofing, to platit or 
fet. Ar. Plena, To plant, im buda, to 
graff. Ir. Satham, dingim faifgim, 
timanaim, fpalpam no greamaighim 
ann, fcrivam, kanam, finnim no in- 
nifim. Fos kuirim sil no planta. 
Panicula, fKynauon kylhne sp- 
ed erilh, y peth a dyvo yn hir- 
grun. The down of hazel, Si.c. any 
thing that gro-weth round and long 
Ir. Gax kronfhasj no gax ni do has 
go fadAlruin. 

Panis ,' Bara, fireed. C Bara, 
Torth, a loaf, Bara kan, Ta7iis al- 
bus. Ar.Bara, Bara kan, Afoul-cake, 
torth, a loaf. ir. Aran & aran. 

a draper. Ir. Faitheoir, faithA:eard, 
eadvigheoir, fear dheanva , eadai- 
gheadh ; Faith;!icannaidhe , faith- 

Panniculus, Lhixn main, kade- 
;Kyn,brettyn, karp, Iharp o^adaA;, 
tbril. [S W.PilinJ Fwe thin cloth,a 
little piece of cloth, a clout, a rag Ar. 
Pil /»r/»^,tredhu,;i frol 
no tinnealta; Keirtcog,bratog, brei- 
din, breideog, keivleog, plibm, kli- 
bin, klibog, keirtm, kideog, kidin 
beanog , jibog , preabaa , paifte , 
kulta, kuikin no ga;i eada;;;. 

Panno'fuSjTlaudo dhilhad, klyt- 
tiog, carpiog. [S.W. Brallog. ] 
Ragged, tatter d, torn, beggerly ap- 
parrelld Ar. Pillauek, piUennek. 
Ir. Keirtea^;, keirteoga;:, bratoga^:, 
klibogaA;, preabana;*;, keivleoga.^, 

Pannus, Brethyn ; Karp , larp , 
brat, fbril j jorech briu Cloth ei- 
ther linnen or woUen ; a clout, a rag 
or tater ; Alfo the tent for a wound. 
C. Padn. Ar. Mether. Ir. Eada^;, 
t faith, t kealt, f lathaire,tkeada;t;, 
t dillait, gibal, breid, keirt. 

Panfa, Troedlydan, troedtraus 
Splay or broad footed. Ir. SpagaA;, 
fear ipai^c no troighe leithne. 

Panther, Anivsel Ihaun mannse, 
Vntu^ixi AVantheryoLeopard Ir. 
Paindeal no likord , vix,. Beatho- 
dha.s; break airigh. 

Papa, Tad , pab. The pope. Ar. 
Pap. Ir. Papa no athair. 

Papae, ! Naudh Dyu rhag hyn- 
ny. Dyu a gatuo a garon ! O 
ftrange ! 6 woTiderfuU I God blefs us ! 
C, Rea ! ria ! rea reve ! ^an forte 
quafi W. rhy ryvedb. ] Ir. longan- 
taA;, aidhveilea^:, fuaitheanta, koi- 

Papaver, Pabi. Foppy. C. fMill. 
Ar. Ros mbx. Ir. Kodlaian, lus 
kodlaigh [ no koUai. ] 

PapUio, sloyn Dyu ; [D/w.Pry- 
vynDyu. Glam.^iihi] f Eilier,pa- 
belh, Ihycft, juerfylh. A butter-fly i 
Apavilion or tent. C. Tikki deu 
Ar. Balauen, fybien. Ir. Feleakan, 
Scot, dealan de, gealan de & anara 
yndam. Fos finnvoth, K. no pay- 
ailliun, toighideora. 
Papilla, Pen bron , teth, diden ; 

Keiliojyn, piftylh dur. The nipple \ 
or teat of a hreaft ; Alfa a little cock 
or f^out iu a conduit. C.Tidi. Ir. 
Kio;e. Fos fine no balldn beatho- 

Pappa; Yud peilhiasd. Pap or 
thickejz'd milk. Ir. Lithe leavna no 

Pappas, Tad, tada. A father, a 
dad. Ir. [giith nyighein] athair, 
gaid no oide. 

Pappo,as, jalu tada^Buyttayud. 
To call dad; To eat pap. Ir. Gaidim 
no daidim, gairim ghoid mar do ni 
nyighean no leanv ag foghlaim ka- 
inte. Fos ithim lithe no roiveil. 
^ Pappus, Ply 'r sueynydh, y gu 
lan-bly a vydh ar lyfiEe ; v Ihyfeyin 
a eluir y fj^reylys; Taid. Thiflle 
down, thefoft down or cotton of flav- 
ors i alfo a kind of herb called groujid- 
f'U i A granfire or grand-father . I r. 
Blaithghrean, gyithghrean an klu- 

Papyrus, Pappyr. Paper. Ar.Pa- 
per, pabaur. Ir. Gne luaA;ra moire 
da ndearnadh au kead phaipear 

^zx,Ady Kydradh, yovaint, 50- 
jyvyrdhj Adhas, abal, di^onol. 
Even, equal,alike, all one, meet, co?i- 
venient ; alfa able or fufficient to 
tnatch orfuftain. C.Pykar. Ir Meid. 
uraid, kovmeid, kovuraid, koivio- 
nann,kovthrom, favail, kov'havail, 
kovA;ofvuil, aithshein, kovaith- 
^hein, leithid. 

Par , Par , Kymmar , kupul. A 
fair, a couple, a brace, a match. Ar. 
Par, kubul, kenfort Ir. Pire, f- ci- 
fim, kiipla, koraid, koingir dis la- 

Paradigma, Efampl An example 
or inftance of fomethmg faid or dove 
Ir.Bann'hompIa, gnivibmpla, radh- 
'hampla ; fompla gniva no raidhte 
Paradifus , j^ardh , kadlas , per- 
Ihan, paraduys. Paradije. Ar. Ba- 
rados Ir. Parrthas, f;arrdha, gair- 
din, luvghort, avallghoitno ait y 

Paradoxum, f Amrydyb, peth 
fanhyj^oel, peth dieitlirol y n erbyn 
k\fredin d^b dynion j Tyb rhyu 
yn a'i dhilynuyr A paradox, a 
ftrange and marvellous thing contra- 
ry to common opinion. Ir. Frith-ni 
no frith-/2eadfadh,frith-dhoigh no 
frith- varavail. Ni no keadfadh in- 
ganta;*;, kodarfna no kontrardhado 
varavail A;oit;Kean ; uath-varavail , 

Paradoxus, a, um, Amrydybaul. 
Paradoxical. Ir. Frith;teadfadhax, 
uathvaravla.?;, <iyc. 

Parallelus, O'r fn belhder odhi- 
urth i gilydh, Sogyvartal. Paral- 
iel , every where alike diftant. Ir. 
KovA:;ovthrom, kovdhron, koiv- 
A;ian no kov-hada oA;eile an ga^: 

Paralyfis, y parlys, haint y jice. 
The palfie. Ir. Feadhfgyileadh , di- 
vothaghadh no dighluafaAjd, paili- 
ris no paireilis. 

Parafitus, Bolerur, f n yn difgu- 

yl Ihenui i vol, adrythio ag a ue- 


Of The Original Languages Of Britain And I'rxland. iii 


nieithio er pryd o vuyd , a uirit/i 
petU a dliuetto nralh I. id uir biu 
j;clu> db A fmell feaff^ a fatterer, 
afarafite^ a trencher friend, a hav;^- 
crw C. Uilekur, ) bojyok Ir. 
Bcjoudhcaii, gaiiiii, ruivcaltin,ga- 
lavM, tmlkairc, mUl-caraid 

Paracus Paiod , kyUair, iii.-di i 
dhaipiry,l'eiii i arluyo. Ready, in 
reai-^yuejs , made ready , provided, 
prepard C FarcZ- Ar Dare Ir. 
\jllvaii;hthi, glfcUla, dcaUigluhi , 
koirit-julii, rcidh. 

Puree, vnbrin, vn j^rinta^.lvd, 
yn T;vbydhlyd. Sparingly, thriftily, 
nearly. Ir. t.o kogaicaA: , yo koi- 
mear go kca;vartha,go gan, go ga- 

Parco, Arbcd, eiria;<i , madhx, 
pardyny,pcidio, j;oohcv, kyd-dhu 
yn, I S W coll'', I l cnlhvnio. To 
,B>are^ forpce, or pardon to leave 
off. to forkar, not to m.ddle -with 
(J bholpjrria Ar.tipern. Ir.Ko- 
glaiiu, gwam ai^e, maithim , ba- 
gham, beirim maitheavnas no lo- 
ghadh,lij;im dhcnoleis, iniA;raim 
Icis, tulant;aim no d.vam dho, mm 
fiilaing no foidhidc leis, i^uirim 
no kolfsim dho , koiigvayim me 
feiii uu , mm tbgli^is no kiurim a 

P.rcus, Arbedys. eiria/;o!, prin, 
krinra>:, bauai, kynnil , kvbydh, 
ktlcd, aj;os atto ci h\n. sparing, 
■favmg, hard, niggerdly, thrifty. CJ 
t Hcubidhiat Ar. i iz , mondicn. 
Ir. KogaluA2, &c- 

Pardalis, Lheupardcs. Ajlx-Leo- 
pard. Ir.Toith-Uparc no lipjr: bain- 

Parens, Tiid a mam, rhicni, hy- 
nav. A father or mother, a parent., 
an elder or ancejior Ar Kir, />/»r. 
karenr. Ir. Tuilniight'ncoir, \ tuil- 
dhigh ; Achair no mathair. 

Parentela. Taduys, tadojxth , 
j;iJcly7;ordli, ■quehelyth, a^-j, j^i'ely 
kcncdl. Parentage., OTKcfiry, pedi- 
gretyaljo iindred, alliance At Ki- 
rintiedli. Ir Tuildhigheajid , iem- 
(iieire, leiiilhcirea;5d, j;\l, geinea- 
h?i, llican>;as, fcan;^as. 

Pareo, ymdhangos, bod i'u uc- 
led i yi')dhay, bod tan lyuorfrxrh. 
To appear., to bef'een, tofhew himfclf; 
To obey, to fubmtt hinifelf, to h fiib- 
jeff or ruled by Sinti oa:, obeilla da, 
fydieada. Ir.Laitlirigh\m,ataim no 
tigim a lathair, o Ajoine, o ;^ovair, 
taisbcanam me tcia. Fiis uvlayim, 
urramaim, omoidim, j^cillim no 
j;iallam, K Ataim fyr dho, beirim 
uvla, urraira, omoidj iiiiim no ui- 

Paricidium , Lhadhiad tad ne 
vam ; jiiineithyriad ei;rys i'u iilad. 
A murdering of parents or any one 
elji ; A working a mijchief to his 
country. Ir. Tiil-orn, tiil-orgain, 
tur-v..rvadh, tiil'-vaktadh. 

Paries, Pared, pared ty. Avail 
ofanhoufi. C Fox, poruit Ar Mo- 
guer. Ir. Kaidical no balla, fos 
tea a;. 

Parilis, Teb) g , T kynnhebyg , 
kyvartal, ynion. Like, eijual, even. 

luitabte Ar Hcn'vel , hanval. Ir 
kolvuil, ^c fid Par. 

Pario IS, l-.(j;or, diiyn neuydhien 
I'r hVdj i Dcor, dyvod a^.yuion, 
dyvod a phcrAjylh, dyvod a xyna- 
uon , vn.oei a una kaifeg. Dav. 
ymdlRiyn, kcnedly,nia^y To bring 
forthchildren or yoiin^, tobedvliverd 
of ; To lay, to hatch, to farrom, to 
■whelp, to fole, to ingender, to breed, 
to begin. Ar. iJcui i Dilbio Ir.Tu- 
ilmy im no licirim j;cin eigcin ; Gc- 

Panrcr, 1 j;vd , ynghyd , yn yr 
vn m-'wili, yn jvt-'elyb, yn ynion, 
vn dcbyg, yn ;^ylla! Together, alike, 
equally, in like mavner or fort C. 
Aiiitlh Ar Kcvrc:, aOcmblles. Ir. 
A n'yintcaAit, niaraon [no mar 
\ n ' fa re .-icdo, go koivionann, go 
kudrama, go kovthrom , go duv, 
is duv, go kovAiolValaAid, kudru- 

Parma, 'I'arian ^ron veA;an iuyr 
tracd. A little round Jhield, target 
or buckler C Kolhn Ar Skoet. 
ir. Ssiath, [cocun. iV. ] Vid Cly- 

Parmula , Tarianen , A little 
Ihield. Ir. Kailk, kailkin, no igech 
beg. _ 

Paro, as, Darpary, pen, sriuyo, 
parottoi ; KacI, katat 1, trtiHio, tak- 
ly,trevny, kyueirio To prepare, 
provide, or make, ready, to array, 
dreji, trim ; To get, to purchafi, to 
procure. Ar. Purvci, darcvi, kink- 
la, kempen. Ir. Ulvayimjgleafam, 
deidhim, dealayim, koirighim. 

Parochia, Pluyv. A parijh. C. 
lieu Ar. Plue, pares. Ir. Fairigh, 

Parochus, yr hun a dharparo y 
hanjhLnrhcidia:, i.^ennadon diei- 
thr, f Perijlor, ofeiriad pluyv. A 
Purveyor j j^lfo a Curate or parijh 
priefl Ir. ParoA;oidhcvi2. Fear lu- 
lair ria/;dannais do thaidhleoir no 
d' Ambafladoir ; Kuraidiye no fa- 
gart parraille. 

l'ara;cia, Pluyv, yftrad, heol A 
parijh or neighbourhood belonging to 
the fame church. Ir Fairigh, par- 

Paroplis, Dyfgyl, dubler, fiol 
vrcfy.i. A platter or dips toferve 
up meat in. ir. Mias. 

Pars, Parth, riian, darn, drylh, 
parrhedh; Ty, \ lllys, plaid, Suydh, 
dlci.i(u\dh,rhan. A part, a piece, a 
Jhare, a portion; a party, or fide in 
contention ; alfo the ifay or coaji. 
C Part, piz; Hanter, Pars d'rmi- 
dia. Ar. Ran, kevvren,darn, talm, 
pcth, pez. Ir. Kuid, tann, blodh, 
earnail ^ dal , komaighmir, mire- 
ann, ;;iovreann, part. 

Partialis, Pleidiol, tyedhol, aii- 
jhyvion. Partial C. Karohinfek, 
pers Ar A hers, partly An tu al 
6c an, parte altera Ir. Leith-lea;>i, 
leathroma;.i, eagovthrom, neivim- 
vcadhona;*;, cgoir, ejeart, mucil 

Particeps , Kyvrannog, haone- 
rog, kyv:sli, kydur, rhannog, o 
blaid pcih. A partaker, a jharer a 

co-partner, a confederate an accrffa- 
ry, a complice ir. Rannphnrtaiohe, 
partaidhc, kuallaiuhc, koimpanaA;, 
pairieavail, kiiideavail, rannavail. 

Particula, Rlnm ve;Kan, dernyn, 
A pnall part or portion, a parcel C 
Temmig. Ar. Falpcn , penfel. Ir. 
.Spui))eacli. H. 

Particulatim , yn rhannar , yn 
dharnsE, vn diirylhix, \ n aeludx, 
^n ncillidyol yn ualianredol 
Particnlarly, by parcels, one by one, 
feveralty, piece meal C In demi- 
g'ju. Ir Go rannavail, go kuidca- 
vail, go dalavail, cjrc 

Paitior, Parthy, rhanny, d:irnio, 
torri, j:,uahaiiy, ncilhcivo, dol'par- 
thy, kyvranny. To Jhare or divide. 
Ar. Raima, darnaiii. Ir. Raniiam, 
ruinnim, (garam no dealayim. 

Partus, a, uni, r,uedi i eni. j;iiedi 
i cl^^ory Born, begotten, brought 
forth into the world. Ir. Tuii'mi- 
ghrhi, bcartha, J5cinte,faphalta, fu- 
lartha. rakartha, tfmfaighthi 

Partus, Ffjor, cfjorva, jjenedi- 
Saeth, yr hyn a antr ag a el^qorer 
arno. A birth or bringing forth of 
young , a woman's delivery or being 
brought to bed Ar. sinniucleth ; 
kruadyr Jr Taifmeanghadli, bre- 
ith, t Ugadh, loth, beiriotas, f toi, 
no5eiiica/uin leinv. 

Paruni, y;ivdig, prin, nid, nid 
dim A little f but little, too little, 
fcarce C Ncbaz. Ar. Nebeut. Ir. 
Bcagan, roiveagan, go roiveag, go 

Parus, Lhyj^oden y dcru, y ben- 
loyn, y Jheian a eluir o blej^id i 
benn dy, f uidu uas y dryu ; Sy- 
vij^U i^r luij;u. Dim A titmouje, a 
muskin. C.Tskekke r c;thin. ^Ir. 

Parvulus, Bv;ian, by>:an ba;K, 
tbyA;ani5vn,tlus VeryfmaUor^- 
tle, petty, mean C. F'lo. Ar. By gel 
kruadyr Ir. ByidheaA; , roiveag, 
roivin no Iagha<;. 

Parvus, Bv;,baA;, eidhil, ko- 
eg,dibris Tittle, jinall, weak, faint. 
C Bianc^bihan, f byx;an. Ar Bi- 
han, myniut ; Ne brifan ket. Par- 
vi a:Jltmo. Ir Beag, mm, f *ov, 
t fuaill, f feiv, j iionn, f do/iuidj 
t koev , f keart , t lu , t leikeud , 
laghaA;, trie. 

Paicha, Trcidhiad, trolVynediad, 
' palg The pafjeover, or the feajl 
of Eafier. C.l'mk Ar. Pask. Ir. 
Kaii'g, dovnaA; kalga ; no Qa h' ei- 

Palco , Pori , ymbaur , buytta , 
magy, maethy, porthi, peski, por- 
vay, by;:;eilioi Bodhhay, rhynj;y 
I bodh. To feed upon, fo graze , to 
pa/lure, to bring up, to maintain, to 
I nourjh, to keep or tend cattle rnfhe 
'fields, to delight, to pleafc to enter - 
I tarn. Ar. Paska, pcuri , bocta , ef- 
! laat. Ir Iniltim no iniitrighim ; A- 
taim tr ii.Hr, tcadham arttar,arfe- 
ara/: noarkyraidheaA:d. 

Pdcuum, Porva, | alhueft, por- 

veydh. Feeding ground or p.ifiure. 

C. Guctuclz, bounder, common. 



Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 


Ar. Peyrvan. Ir. Inilt, aitinilt,fe- 
arrann. Cluann. N. jabhan. li'd- 

Pafcuus, a, um ; Lhe ymbaur , 
Iheiborvay, porvadir. Serving for 
faflure or graz-'mg of bcajis . ir. In- 

Pafler, Aderyn y to ; t Golvan.>. Land Llie<kn y mor ; [ S W. 
Ploil'en, a plaice. ] Ajparrow -, Al- 
fi a kind of Jijh call'd a plaice. C. 
Gvlvan, t golvan. Porpoz,, />/«r 
porpezou,Ptf^^ maculofus Ar Go- 
juen Lichen, a plaice. Ir. v;ealvan. 
Oreolan, IV. Dryu, Fajfer troglo- 

PalTio, xodhevaint, diodhevaint, 
kynnurv, Kythry vul, i S VV. j;uyn | 
7;oyid, j^odhcviad. Paljion^ thoubie, 
grief fufferijig. Ar. Paffion. Ir. Pais, 
plan, t (aoth, bruid, buaidhirt, bu 
aidhreadh, tribloid, ovghar, bear- 
ran no doiigheas Fos taod, taom, 
j teidhm, f readhg (p-ing. 

PaflLis, lis ; Kam, kamre, kerdhe- 
I diad . Apace in going which contain- 

• eth five foot, a Hep. Ar. Pafen, ka- 
' mek Ir. Koiskeim. 

j ?i'ki,Toes,Pafte,Jough.^:.At 
Teas. Ir Taos, fos, tioi^li phuccog. 
1 Paftinaca, Latifolia-, NIororen 
\ ucn, ne lyfeyin ;s:;uydhclig ; [ Pan- 
lliafcn, S. IV.'\ Tenuifolia :, Mororen 
I "^ox, plur. Moron ko;iion, j S IV 
Karetlhen.'l Morkath. Aparfnip^a 
I carrot ; Alfo a ray. C.Karctys,/'^/?: 
I tevuifolia. panan [ plur pane?, J la- 
\tifoHa. Ar Panafen, Ir.Meakan n- 
ogh, latifolia. Meacam buidhe, te- 

Paftino, Paly , klodhio , keibio 
I daear. To dig., to delve, to hoTX> ground 
I Ar. Marra, To how or dig tcith a 
' mattock. 

j Paftor, Byj;a;l, keiduad aniveili- 
i led, Ipaskadyr. Ajhepktrd^ a keeper 
\ of cattlc^apaflour, an kerd-man. C. 
i t Byjel, bijjal dcvaz. Ar Mi-flaer, 
bij^e) ar lai'it. Ir. vdhiire, treadai- 
dhe, fprcadliaye, bua;.ail, eallaigh. 
Partus, Porchiannys,ued) ei bor- 
I thi, uedi ei bel'gi, Ihaiin ; Uedi ei 
Ibori. Fed , ^c. Eaten. Ir! Inilte, 
; miltrighthi, beathaighthi, biadhta, 
' rcavaightJ-ii. 

! Patefacio,E5oti;Datj;ydhio,an- 
[nirjely, fdadannhydho, vfpyry , 
I kyhoedhi. To of em to dtfcover,to 
. make knorvn. Ar. Splana, diikleria, 
diluia , diskiue, diskuilia. Ir. Ol- 
glaim, no;k;dam, li^im leis, taisbea- 
j naim,tbill(ighim,innifim,nim foilas. 
Patella, Padelban ^ron a roir ar 
I drybedh j Dyfj^il ve;,an , kaiig ; 
JKra;ii ar 7;oed p;an lofgant ?;an \r 
I hayl ; Padelheg y j:lin. Arouvdpan 
or skillet which is fit on the fire -with 
\a t revet, a porringer, a little dijb., 
a platter or bafon ; The iHea~les in 

• trees svhen they are burned or fcorch- 
td by the fun ; The knee-pan ; A 

\ limpet or jhell-fijh CBcrnigan, 
\plur brcnnik, Alimptt. Ar Pedhel, 
a pan Ir. Oighean kruin no I'^il- 
; led o mbranra fyi ; kluasin,. a por- 
ringer, &c plaitin, mias veag. 
! Pateo, yme^ori, ymdhanj^oSjbod 
' yn amlug ag yn e^lyr ag yn hyf- 

pys , bod uedi i dhatj;ydhio, bod 
yn haudh i j:;acl , bod meun pe- 
ry?;l To be nr lye open, to appear., 
to be plai7i or manifefl, to be eafie to 
come to, alfo to be in or fub]eH to 
danger. Ar Splan eo, patet. Ir A 
taim, orgailte,not'hce, leis, leas, fol- 
ks, loillear, f reil, ftoirreil, ran, 
feke, aikraidh, taikeala.s;, tbiliiigh- 
thi, for^aighthi, a lathair,av'iodh- 

Pater, Tad, t.iduys. A father, a 
pre. CTiVi, Tira, t wd. Ar.'I'ac. 
Ir. Athair, gaid, (/aide.m. 

Patera, iJod-lclIcr iydan o ayr 
ne anan, fiol, kuppan , j;orvlu;e. 
A goblet or broad piece of plate to 
drink in, a bowl, a maz.e C. Bolla, 
I skala. Ir. Korn , kiia^; no bolla 
leathun oil oir no air?;cid 

Parerfamihds , jnur y ty, pentey- 
ly, pennia:ch cy The mafler or good 
man ofthehoufe. C Penteyly. Ar. 
Tick Ir Fear an heih \^fear an 
thigh ] 

Patheticus, Kyfrbis, kyfroedig, 
kvnurvieditj, Pathetical. pafjionate, 
moving paljion. ir Toilghnlci.;t; , 
nynghrilta;^, fonn v'rol'ga;*;. 

Patibulum, Krojqpren, kroju- 
ydh, prcn diodbiev, pren krog, kro- 
es j Trolol drus, picii driis; [S.W. 
Par drus 1 oter.n i Sarf;ly i^raun 
Uin. A gibbet, agallouvs ; alfo a lock, 
bolt or bar to make doors fafl ; Alfo 
au inflruvient or ladder ;>/ gathering 
of olives and grapes Ar. Kroug, 
potans. Ir.Kro -,,1 garman, f riagli, 
krodi rugaire daras. Fos gne an- 
grail'e no drqimirc do '/inuiiX, meas 
as kranaiv. 

Patiens, Diodhevgar, ymmyne- 
dh)s, ymarhoys, da i |oicho. Pa- 
tient , long-fujjerivg. At. Pafiant j 
Den iiul, a patient man. Ir.Foidlii- 
dea^, iulanigaz, i\\iX , ruvaA; , 
davtha;^, algatha/:. 

Patientia, ymmynL-dh, diodhcv- 
J.ULI/;, j:;odlicvedh , \iiiaros. Pa- 
tience, J'ujfera?ice , endurance ofhard- 
Jhip. Ar.i-'alientet. lr.iFoidhidea/;d, 
tulang, ffaol, riava, algath, loav 
;>iur. i-'6s, uvla, urraim. 

i'atina, Rhyii lefter lliydan i ve- 
rui b'.iyd, kaug ymol;,, kij;-dli>i'- 
j;il, t dubler. Abroad Jifh or plate, 
a large vejfel or pati, a charger, a 
bafon to Ti-ajh in. U. Skudei, ~ en 
gurbor. Ir Mias , plaitin ho b.d- 

Patior, j;odhev, diodhev, > ma- 
ros, bod \ n 5uiiul vodlon Tofuf- 
fer, to abide, to bear with, to permit 
or allow. Ar Gudhan Ir irulan- 
gaim davam no rnva) im, fvlam, 
imxraim j Nim foidhidc, fulang, 

Patrator, j^uneythyrur, ne dhi- 
b-.nnur ptih. The doer or nElor of a 
thing. It. KriAnaighthcoir, kov.,11- 
thoir, dcantoir no tcjr dheanva ni. 

Patria, julid yn ; 7;u;y.i, Bro. 
One's couTttrey or native foil , Alfo a 
whole countrey or region. V.. Pot! . 
Igulad. .*\r Bro. Ir.Tir, dutiiadh 

Pairiarcha, y/;el dad, Lib Land. 
Padnar/; . A chief father, a patri- 

arch f Hyueldad. Ir. Priv-athair, 
aid-athair, keannachair, Paitriatk ; 
ua)Ml achaij). N 

Patricida, Tad leidhiad, a ladho 
i dad ne i jar aj;os A murtherer 
of his father or other nearefl rela- 
tion. Ir.Gvl-organax, brathair-or- 
na;i, an te do varvas a athair no a 

Patricidium , Lhadhiad tad. A 
murdering of a father. Ir. Athar- 
orgain, atharvaktadh. 

Patricii, Rhyvcin-uyr yn han- 
vod o'r henadynxd ag o'r pcndcvi- 
j;ion. Nobles, nobly born, properly 
the defceiidents of thofe hundred 
whom Romulus made Senatours. Jr. 
Uaide no dyine liaille kaithre.iA;. 

Patricius , a, um , Perth', nol i'r 
hcnadyriivth Of or belovgning to the 
nobles Ir. Shcanoidheadh no fliea- 
naidhcan do veanas re llicanadhiv, 

Patrimonium, Trev- tad, trev- 
dada;th, etivcdhia;th, byuyd , di- 
j;iiydh tir nedha. Afatrimony, an 
inheritance, an estate Ir Athair- 
dhivadh, aithred , athar-vyin, oi- 
dhrca.Jid diirhaidh , fdovghnas, 
kryidhcap;d, rayin, rinia;tas,nobe- 
atha do 'hagvas, (^c. 

Patrocinium , Nodhed meun 
blincier, nodhva, naudh, fa^iles, 
porth, amdhityn Refuge in trouble^ 
protedion, maintenance, patronage. 
Jr. Tearman, ftrom, | tomra, de- 
ive, kolhainc, didean, kiiil-didean, 
amair, kyvainc, anakal, f anaAJt, 
tarrthail, f reaidhirc, f tealg-argain^ 

Patrocinor, Bod yn nodhed i f n, 
diiyn i'r lajin, nodhi To uphold, to 
bear out, to maintain one's right and 
quarrel, topatronix.e. Ir. Tearman- 
naim, bcirim no mm tearman dho. 

Patronus, Dadleyur tros yn,kan- 
Ihau, tadc'g, fkynheiliad. An ad- 
vocate, a jpoke' s-man, a pleader, a 
patron, ki. Patron, breytaer 

I'atronimicu.-, Tadog, taduys,a 
d\nnodh i hcnu odhiurth i dadae. 
Derived of the father or ancejlour's 
name Ir. Tulainimea/j , atharain- 
mea;K . 

Patruelis , Kevnderu, plant y 
dhay viodyr. Acoufm-german, bro- 
ther's children. Ar. KendeiTJ, kom- 
pes. Ir. Koviia, klann, klainnc no 
dcile dearvrathair no deirv'huar. 

Patruus, FAiythr vraud tad. An 
uncle by the father's fide, the father's 
brother. C. Uuntr, | euythr a barb 
tad. Ar. Fontr a barth tat. Ir. Oi- 
leathar, dearvrathair athar. 

Patuius, Lhed-ajored , Ihydan , 
ehang, rhuth, ar led, heli'th. Jf'^ide, 
ope7i, broad, large, f^read abroad. 
Ir 1-airlliin, leatban, ofgailte, be- 
alljyilte, leathnaigthi no freath- 
naighthigo m6r no a v'ad o ;5eile 
no ama;i. 

P.uciloquus, Anamsl air, vA:y- 
dig cii iae. A man of few words, he 
that f^eaketh little. Ir. Tc.rk-lav- 
ra;;, g.uin lavra^. 

Piiucus, v;Kydig, t bvA;ydig, a- 

namal, niver f yigavala. Pew, a 


Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 117 

( ! . 

/maU number. C. Ncba7.. Ar Xe | />«/?, a feg., the pm that keepeth on kvvocth a cnnilhafom ar lavyr >ii 
bcyt. Ir. Tcark [fc tir N. ] aiinav, | the -wheels to the Axle-tree. C.Pidii. ! diiylo, da a rodlicr ) n lliau Vn i"u 
gann, bctj, jamainncaAJ. _ Ar. Peyl. Ir. Soinnin, kiiaillm, ki- viiynhay ag i var;tnatt3 ag tv, ka- 

tha;-:, kintaA;. 

Peccacrix , Pc/jadyres, trol'cdh- 
Urais She that Jivneth or ojfendcth 

Paveo, Ovniyn v.uir, bfaiiyA;/, 
arfuydo, rlnlb, Imd nicun kvihry- 
vul medhlll. 'L'o be in f,reat 
and dread., tn be afraid., to he trouhrd 
jnjpirit. Ar Skrizhca. Ir. Krcath 
nayim, j;caltayim. 

Pavidiis, Arluydys, ovnys, bra- 
uys, brain- .>ivs,'dyx rynncdig, ov- 

nog. Fearful), timorous, ^ff<»/'/'Bg , I Ir. Bainfc. kthaA;, bain.^rca,vCa;i;. 
trembH7ig. Ir. J^oalca/;, i-aj^la.?;, fai- Pcccatuni, 1 c/.od, bai, [ j:;uvii, 
tea^, ftbth, t^inn)dea.-<;, Igathvurr, | trolcdh, , karcdh, kaniucdh. ylj^'i, 
feadhanganaA; ' ^ fault, an offence ., a trej^afs., a viif- 

Pavimcntum, Palmant, \\\im ^'carriage .,^c. C Pth Ar Pc-.ct, 
lhe;K-laur,tlliarodr, K H. ^ F/oor | grail. Ir.Pcakadh, fandoigli, \x\\- 
or pavanetit^a caufy or pav'd place. ^Vi\\\, ; ;>dh,ill,f roivri, ) kis, kion, 
Ar.L6r. Ir. ToAittr, kloAisn, ur- ;kionta,koir, loA;d, foghail. 
Idr, pavail, paivcaAid bi?h5ath AT. j Pccco, Pe?:y, j^uncythyr ar vai, 
" Paulatim , t) vclyr va; yoig , yn | mechy j^anrlio, troicdhy. To /c, to 
arav dcg, tK^" buylh, ; yn A;UJ-i ofr7/</, to do amifs. Ar PeA;i. Ir 
ricn. By little ai.d little. Ar Dre Pcakuii, kioiuayim, mm peakadh, 
rabin, a ncbeyt, a nebeyt c nebeic. , kioii, kionta, uu loA^d. 
Ir. Arveagin, gobeag, gomin, go Pcdtcn, Peirhyn j;uydh, krib , 
mall. krib pen, f heiflan, girdi-c, krib;s, 

Pauliiper, Dros cnnyd vaA;, dros ' Ktdor, i plykkroth, y f ucrdhyr j 
VAiydig va<;. .4/<Vr/f ir/vVf, /or^ Kribjn, Og lyvny j Ar.::lodyn i ;=;■- 
fbortttme. C Ragtcken. Ir, '\r te- ■ ny rh) u^cruh daiina- j Rhyubyl^; 
j adh tamai! , fe.ilaid , treinfc fcula, ■ Lhin kocd ar hyd yr hon yr hyilit 
I no amiirc eij;cino. I The //ay of a vrcazer's loom., a comb 

Pavo, Payn, Dim. poin, Glam. to comb the htad^ a pair of cards to 
\^mo\\.A^ea-cock C.tPaim Ar. ■ card -erool with i The hair about the 
j Paiin. Ir.Pcav-gi.all, pea\-.;iaileaA:, !;>vn'vp,7/7x,- A rake, a dr agger or 
no kailea/J peav-koij;e. \ harrow i The flick or quill whereiJith 

Pavor,Ovan malir,dyA;ryn,brau. | they play upon an inHrumcvt ; A 
\ Dread, confernation \x.KtktX,\jhell-fiJf) caU'd a. fcallop ; The grain 
great fear. Ir. Kagia, ovan, f uath of icoodintreesAZ.Y^xh Sic S- Ax 

ran, ki!aillc no Ibitcan bcag. Fus ' f.iciiad One's own proper goods^got- 

Ihnnlcog 'hiodh-A;aic no thr.ppa. ^teu by his own labour and induj/ry. 

Pcvtutor, Pc adyr, trolcdhur , I Ir. Dcarv-vvin, duighcLl, myin dc- 

kaniucdhur. A fnner, an oJjeiider.\MV no airigh dliinc" Fos gi^ mv 
Ar Pc;cr. Ir. PcakthaAi t orcaA;- infyghalta;G;!A; tofaA; biin noftok 

h^ealtaidlic, kreathnuyadh , peire 
adh. Pibradh-eagla no mcataAO 

I Pauper, Tlaud, +BvA;odog. Lib. 
I Land anjjhcnog, an^hcnys, rhci- 
'dys. Vocr, needy, bare, beggarly. C. 
I Bohodzhak, 7 boA,odok. Ar 'Paur, 
J dianncdh, didanvciih, didra, tavan- 
! tek. Ir Boxd , dai'vir , lorn, glas, 
' triun j-ailj^cach. N 

Ir. Kir, Igribcillcal, karda, gomala, 
ilin, [)-linCi, N ] 'hij^hcadora ; fos 
korran kire no bi'iana ; Raka no 
kjiath 'hoirfthe ; Blein, bleaniilaz, 
gaivleaA: no biinn tarra, tynian no 
iHufiun duinc- Gne eifg da ngar- 
thar klualog ; An fnaithe a navadh 

Pecto, Kribo, takly Jjuaiht, kri- 
bo f;ulan, taro lant, kany tannx 

PaupcrculuSjJodlaud Somewhat To comb or trim hair., to card -wool^ 

poor. Ir. Fo-vo/;d, le th-vo/;d, da- 
lom, leatli-ghhs, leath-lom, boiA:- 
din, bo/.din beag, <^c. 

Pauperics, Tlodi, eifia:, anj:;he- 
nokdid, ^rheidyfni. Poverty, need, 
■want Ar. Paurentedh, tavotcj;cth. 
Ir. BoiAjde, bo.'ida/jd, bo^daine, 
boA;daincaA;d , daidhvrcas, loime, 
glaife, billcaAid, triuine, triunaA;d 

Paula, Scibianr, t;orphu)fva,en 

to touch or play upon an inflrumcnt 
Ar. Kribat. Ir. Kiram, kiinam, ki- 
omalaim, kardalaim, dcafayim, koi- 
righim, fligam, blafliain j Fos Ign- 
bam, finnim no imrira ar an an- 
grais A;iuil 

Pcdtoralc, fBronvolh, duyvron- 
ncg, brondhor A breaff plate or de- 
fence for the breafl.^ a flomacher, a 
poitrell. Ir. Khav-arradh, klciv-vc- 

nyd, tjorfav, hamdhen,aros, yma-|arc , klciv-cideadh , broillcada;: 
ros. Apaufe^a flay^ " fop-, /f'T"''*, i gail-cadaA;, brcidin, brolliigh. Fos 
rtpofe. Ir Sgith, Ix'.lK-, do;.d, Igur, uA;ta/; pilline no dhiallaidi. 
kolg, toradh ciis, kovnaidhc, f cai- Pectus, Bron,duyvion; Kalon, 
riflliov, muill, foill. l kalondld The breft\one's bofom ; Al- 

Pax, HedluiA:, I hcdh, f nnj;k, \fo heart., foul or {j>irit. C. t Kluyd 
tangnev, tan^nevcdh, IhonydhuA:,) dvyvron. Ar Peytrin, krybuil. Ir. 
cfmuythdra, rhydhdid; Kcnnad, Kliav, kliathan,kliathana;t,kangani 
madhcyant Feace, quietnefs ; Alfo brolla;;, UA;d, '" longabronn, urv- 

\ pardon and forgivenefs , /jrovr ,| riunn, meifnea;^. 

,lea-je C. Kyzalath. Ar. Peo;;. Ir. ; Pcculiarie , Ncilhdvol , vrpyCol , 

jSich. fith^an, f beaskna, f taitle ' pcrthynol i yn- Peculiar, fngular , 
a;c, kogaras, j kairde, ofadh, kiui- particular , pertaining to one's pri- 

I ncas, fokraiis Fos for'hos , ly iric, fatepo/fefjion. Ir. Dileas, d>-rir%-, ai- 
kcadh. Pos maitheavnas. righ,du, dual,rpcilialu,rontadha;K, 

Paxillui, Paul byA;an, p6ft b)'- duinc airighe. Fos faith , fdarraA:, 
A;an, hoel,yr hoel a dheil yroluyn tair 
urch yr eA;el. A little flake, pete or . Peculiura, yn j;uir-dha kvuir, vn 

'■ ■ ■ Ffx ■ 

airf;eid no airneis do vcarthar do 
dhuinc an 

Pccunia, .Arun, | mynx, da bath, 
dl b..thol; Da, J^olyd Money. ^coin, 
a Jinn of money, money's worth ; one's 
rrhole ejlafe or revenue CJ. Monnah, 
j Sols Ar. Monneith Ir.Airjcad, 
i kii'i, ; kcr.rb.moirilh. 

I'ccus, Pob hiatli ar aniveil ;ied a 
vo \ m rnlicr;(;enno^xih \n,aniva;l, 
[• yifirv! 1 , t milrairh. All manner 
of cattle that is in on's pojfejfion. C. 
Tfluttaijgmrrhog, \c\\\. Ar Ane 
vil , Ihacal. Ir. LallaA; , ( keathra, 
t bco, t aimeis, f foladha, j tlas no 
tills, innile, gai myin, ba buarky 

Pedalis, Troedvedh o hyd ne 
led A foot lo7ig or -w'lde . Ar.Troa- 
dathct. !r. ko,s'ad, Irinn'ad, 
t'ad, iroidh'ad, f treathan'ad 

Pedamcn, .'Vttejbaiil A prop or 
fiay, anappuy. Ir. Kuaill, gaval no 

Pcd.itus, Pcth a j;vnhel}cry vv- 
ny,attc;:;ol. That is prop' t or holden 
tip. Ir. Gaivkhc , ar gavail no ar 
uaithne, ar kiiailie no arlaithean j 
no kongviighthi fuas re gavail. 

Pedes, T;ur traed,dCntr3ed,tpe- 
dhyd,|pcdhcll:er. A foot-man, that 
goes or travels on foot. C. A druz, 
a foot. Ar. Den uar Croat. Ir.Koi- 
fidhc, t troighthcaA;, ftokaA;, fgo- 

Pedetcncim, Bob y^ivdig, yn ar- 
av deg, j;an buylh, | xiuyn a A;uyn 
Dav. By little and little, fair and 
foftly, by leifure. ArGorek. Ir.Ar 
vcagan & ar veagan, go fokair, go 
kiuin, go mi'n, ar a fokair 

Pedica , Byruy , hyal , troedog, 
krof;lath, \ tclnri, ma^al, f anncl ; 
Klofrum , Ihyfcthxr, kvffion. A 
fetter or jive , a fetlock , a jLeckle, 
a ffr'ingc or gin, a fitare or nooze 
Ar Hyal, pilli Ir. Korra-<,luaraA;, 
giiA: kcangal kofli, mar ata ur.:Kall, 
giakan, f Icithrcan, buara;>;> pain- 
teal, keap, luanafg no bolta. 

Pcdiculofus, Lhcyog. Lowfle. C. 
Lell:c7.ius. Ir. MioIia;, faraA;, fara- 
ga.>;, T;ilu na miol. 

Peiliculus, Troedyn, troed dei- 
Icn, paladvry peth a vo vn tvvy • 
Lheyen , A little foot, the Jfalk of 
a leaf or any fruit ; Al/o a loTP/e. C. 
Luan, i_pl!'r lou] jloycn. Ar.La- 
ucii. Ir. Koiflun, loirjjin, gaA: colli 
no lorga ve.ig. Fos mil, far, iarog, 
mak llama/;, kcanan, mil ea&ai-^h. 

Pediolus, Troedyn, troed by- 
X\n. A littlefoot,h Koilhin, rin- 
nm no !oir sjin, grimin 

Pcdillequa , Moriiyn \ llavelh , 
Ihau-voruyn. A chamber-maid , a 
■waiting woman. Ir. Koval no kai- 
lin, koividcaA;ta, faibinilt. 



Tit, II, A Comparative Vocabulary 


'Pedifequus. Huis tracd, troedi- \ofdoor!, to chafe or drive arvay to 
og, suiltiad avuyn. A footn^^n, a ' '""'" "■ /?'- -"• '"-"' *" ■^''^- touch 
lacqiiy, a foot -boy, a page. Ir. Gilla 

;iollhiye, lailghilla, giUa wivide- 

a/;da, leakaye, C^uivcir. 

Pedo, ere, Brammy, bremrnam, 

rhe/,xn. To fart, to break vindback- 

ward Ir. iM-aavaim ^ nim, liH'i^j "O 

T;e.irram bruim. 

Pedum, Ba^; by^xl,by5eil-toiin. 

Alhepherds crook orjtaff. Ar.Kroks 

bygel ar laout IrKisk'hearr, ba- 

Z.ill no kruka freadaidhe. 

Pegai'uSj'Mar/i al'selhog, aruydh 

liybrol. A'-Mvgcd horfe ; alfo a con- 

fiellation. ]r. Gythvark, eaA2 fgra- 
thana c^ax ain;elifte no pofta ; f 6s 
kovartha realc 

Pegma,Twlod3;oed i ofod X^- 
areyon ami , ne betha: erilh i'u 
danj^os. Af^jfold or flage. a flail, 
a machivs iifid on the Theaters in 
aHing of flays. Ir PL-aghma, Igai- 
tal, Itaid no karkair im;>;air avark 
no thiisbeanta 'h.od no neitheadh 
Pejero, Tyn;:;y anydon. To for- 

fwear. Ar. Tiict e gou fe e fios, 
paizhiuri. lr.Eichyim,5yi-vionay- 
im, beirim cithca;; no mionna ei- 

thigh- , , . 

Pejor, suaeth. IVorJe, naughtier 

C.Laka. 'Ar. Guath. Ir. Meala, 
mifde, mifdidhe, dona, donaidhc, 
tubailtighe, lnaiTiighide,taire, cai- 

Pelagus, y mor, y ueilj;!, y dy- 
vnvor, t anodhyn y mor. The fea, 
the mainfea, the bottom ofthefea. 
C. fMordivcid Ar Mor Ir Muir, 
eagin, iaAidar no grinneal mara. 

Pclicanus, Pelican, The pelican. 
Ir. Pealng , jne ein goiv-leathaui. 

Pellex^ j:;ordl-.erA; , kariadverA;, 
fkytodcn, j^ordlicr;i;ur 7;uraig SUr 
priod yl whore, eviif,a harlot, a 
vedJcdman's lema?!. Ar.Gaft, re- 
be) ten, potrcs Ir. Nv.a;;onillie3;i;, no ftripa/i a 7:;c-inn vna po- 
fta. Fos nuax;louire, i. e. leannan 
no ftnpax a j,eann 'hir pbolta. De- 
arlotaire. /. e. Athair do ni ftripa- 
;t;us re na ni^hein dearloto;^, i. e. 
Mathair do veir ar a hingiiein a- 
dhaltrannas do 'dheanadh tar cis a 

Pellicula, Kroenen,kroenyn, te- 
neyril'g A little skin, hide or rind 
Ir. Sga'iinan no kroikean beag tana. 

Pellicium Rhyu vrykkanne bais 
jroen. A leather pilch C. f Pellift 
"ur, \ ■vestment mn qitoddam ajitiqu- 
Kw;.'\'oc. Corn. Cctt. ] Ir. Brea- 
kaii vroikin, ieithi'h-vreakan. 

Pellis, Krocn, pan. Askm,afell 
or pelt. ( . fKroin. Ar. Ledher ^ 
Fuliiien, Vurr Ir. Kroikean , fei- 
thigh, fkuft, tonglhing, bian, fka- 
dhal, i gaimean, Icathar, leab, lea- 
bax. Pelles bourn, Col.imna no ku- 
ilmeana, f'carb, kroikne bo. Pellis 
\ viVofa, grcan AJUlt, kluvian, kro- 
ikean leal'aighthi kldva;!;. 
I Pello, j;vri'y alhan, buru alhan, 
tavly alhan nc ymarth , j;uthio yn 
61, peri kilio, taro, k\ troi, blino, 
f dv-^ny . To drive out, to thrufi out 

/mite, toflir or move, to vex, touch 
or grieve Ar. Allia , emol.<;- Ir. 
Kuirim,timanaim,diugim, teilgim 
no buailim amaA;,as no o. Ruagam, 
kuirim ruaigh no diveirt, ^c. 

Peliucidus, E^lyr, jloyu vcl y 
jueler truydho, bod yn dryloyu. 
clear, fl.nning , bright , per^icueus, 
tranf^arent Ir Laui-dealraA;, lain- 
niava,-,, trid'hoilltheaAi, slyinea;?:;, 
lan-hoillfeax, roghlonra. 

Pelvis, Kaug ymol;i, t ofgyd , 
fofjed A bafon, a laver . Ar Bilik. 
ir. Baifin, Fos bathais blaofg no 
ballog na h' inzine. Pelvis oculo- 
rum, Logan. 

Pen:ites, Dyuise p6b teyly, dir- 
jelocdh t^', ty yn Houjhold Gods 
peculiar to every family, the Jeer et 
parts of one's houje ; A houje or ha- 
bitation. 7\iit-dhee, dee diile gaA; 
tighe, no nyiv duthA;ais ga;i ceagh 

Fendeo, Bdd ynshrog, bod yn 
nibyn,dibynny, \ mdhibynnyjPer- 
thyn i, j^lyny urth ; Bod ar ei jyn- 
j;or, fk-.'^n^ycito, ammse ; Puyio , 
bod o buys To hayig, to be hang'd, 
to hover] to float ; To depend or rely 
upon one ; To be in doubt orfuf^cnce, 
to tpeigh, to be ofa?iy weight, ir- A- 
taim kioixte as, ar, le no anairde 
flielam no buaam as, ataim tyi 
no livaldho. Ataim kovthrom. 

Pcndo, Puylb, rhoi'n y klorian; 
yftyricd, holi, pnfio, taly, taly'n 
61. To poife , ballance, or weigh ; 
To ponder or confidcr , to efleejn , 
prize, rate, to pay. Ar.tftimyt, pri- 
lut, Poela, To weigh Ir. Tovailim 
no tavaifliim no kuirim a dovus, a 
govthrom, f a n'airveadh no a me- 
adh thavais. 

Pendulus,Lhippa, dibyn, aroj;- 
uydh. Hanging, dangling, Jlooping 
ir. Kroiktc, ar ;^ro;cadh,krum ar 
A;rumadh, klaon. 

Pene, Aj5os,5an y muyav. ^- 
moft, wellnigh. Ir Beag tiax, ni mor 
nzx, gan na;>i beag dothais taighi 
dheas do, a vogas no a ngar dho. 

Penes, ynjalhy yn, arlau yn. In 
one's hand , power or pojfeffion. Ir. 
Arzomas, ar /iova/tda, ar laiv, ar 
urlaiv. Ag, a, or, fyi, inn. 

Penctro, Treidhio, tryuany, ty- 
Ihy, tylhy druadh, dyvod, myned 
truadh To penitrate, pierce, enter, 
or get in, to boar through. C. Dho 
guana. Ar. Guana, brolhla, tardha 
dham no imthij;him tluid a ftea;K. 
PeniciUum, Pyntr; Tyi'u, kadaA; 
Iheftri ne 'r kvfelyb ; ^oreth a roer 
mcun briu. A painter's pencil i A 
wif^y a difh-clout, &c. A tent put 
into a wound to keep it open. Ir. Pe- 
inleal kinmilaidhe no pinteora, ga^ 
lirman ; glantan no fgiuran, no gzx 
ni as maith an glanta no an fj^iurta, 
fguaban, Iguaibin, earkvod,fgatha- 
^an, fop, keirt, (goibilleun no ga^; 
ni renglanthar no fguabthar. 

Peniculus, Kada^; Iheftri. Adijh- 
cloiit. G.Klut leftri. Ir.GiA; urman, 

glanrdn no i^iuran, fguaban, fguai- | gayadh. 

bin, Peinfeal painteo7-a. 

Peninfula, Lhe a vo uedi i am- 
gTl.3:y a dur, oni bo af;os yn ynys. 
A place almoft inviro7idw'tth water. 
A pcn'm/vla. Lcith-inifhe, leith- 
ilcan, ait beag nix, ileau. 

Penis, t Rhonelh, kloren, kyn- 
fon, lhof?;urn j j;uialen jjur; kali, 
pidin. A tail, a ma?is yard. ChoAy 
kal Ar. Loft. Ir. Earball , fgatha- 
;i::an; fMeamar, bod, ball fearr- 

Penitiis, yn dhuvun, ym tnhelh 
i meun, yn Ihuyr, yn dralhuyr, i'r 
eithav, hyd ir eithav, yn ^ubul, yn 
Syvan, fa^ilan, truydho Deeply^ 
far in, utterly, quite ^to the uttermofl, 
throughly, nit'irely, perfeflly , Ir. G O 
h' inveadhonaAi,|go dovain no av'ad 
a ftea^:, go fada, go kian, a gein, 
go leir, go huilidhe, go h' iomlan, 
go balaA;, go duvalaidh. 

Penna, Pin, bon adsen, afjqelh, 
adxn. A pen, quill, feather or wing 
C Kuillan , f plyvcn. Ir. Peann 
[peanb JV] kleite, kuille, ite no 

Penfa,y r hyn a daler am a bryner, 
tal, taledij;a;th, tal-puyth. Payment. 
Ir. lok, diol,diolaiclheaA;d, luaA; ni 
keannaighthi. . 

Penfilis, A vo yn^hrog, a vo yn 
nibyn, ar ei o^uydh, a vo yn fe- 
vylh ar yr yAider. Hanging in the 
air, dangling, flanding up high. Ir. 
Ir. Kroikthe, ar kro.x;adh no a n'- 
airde j na kroA;arlan no na f^ibir- 
lin fios no a nuas, ar ard, arua;e- 
tar no armulla.;t. 

Ponfio, Tal blynnydhol, fky- 
Ihid bly nny dhol. A penfion, a pay- 
ment, a yearly fee. Ar. TellUjferm. 
Ir. Duals , lua/i , tuaraftal, diolai- 
dheas, pcinfe no fijqheis. 

Penfionarius, y neb a vo yn der- 
byn tal blynnydhol. A penjioner. 
Ir. Duaiflica;;;, duaifl)e6ir. 

Penfo, Puyfo, dyval vyvyrio, 
holi, provi urth buys, prifio, taly'r 
puyth. To weigh Jo ponder, confider.^ 
examin, to poife, to ballance, to try 
by weight, to prize, to ejleem, to pay 
for a thing. Ar. Poela , Mennat , 
fonflieal, prifut. Ir.Tavaifliim, me- 
adhayim, kuirim a dovas, \ a meas 
a govthrom no a meadh thovuis. 
Penfum,Trcth,talg,fuydh a rhan 
yn, yr hyn a or;i;ymmynner i ^n; 
Kogeiliad, juerthydaed ; Mantaul, 
peth a buyfer ag a brover urth y 
puys. A task, a charge, an under- 
taking, one's office, or that which is 
enjoyn'd him ; Alfo the diflaff or 
rock full of yarn ; Alfo that which is 
tryd by weight. Ir. Ga;.tafga, ku- 
ram, uala;K,obair fcadhmantas, oi- 
feig. F6skui5eallax,ihath, peanfa. 
Pentatcuchus, Lhyvyr pym rhan, 
pym lhyvyr Moefen. The penta- 
teuch, or five books of Mofes. Ir.Kuig 
leavar no fuimleavar na mbid.;KU'S 
leavair, no volam ;>;iiig leavar. 

Pentecofte, v t;c;^vcd a deygxn, 
y fylguvn. The fiftieth day after 
Eafter,Whitfuntide. C. Penkaft. Ir. 
Kinky is [an ;;inkighis] an ky- 


Of The Original Languages Of Britain And Ireland. 117 

Penula, Koa;o1 a uirj:;ir ar 'laii. 
A cloak or cloje coat to wear in rairry 
•weather. Ir.K-loka notallaingo hai- 
rigli re haghaidh t-.-archaiuia, dian- 
/iloka, dian-'hallainn. 

Penultimus, y diuacthav ondyn. 
The lap fave one. ir Foirdhcagh- 
ni;>;, toirdhcircaiui jfoil'sc do dhet 

Pcnuria, Prinder, eifiiV, anj;cn, 
dityg, anj;henraid. Extream need, 
ftnury^ leant of all Ttecejfirie! Ar. 
l-'urcntcz, tavantc^e?.,, dic- 
nez. Ir. AinriaA;danas,ainealvaigh, 
anuircalVaigh , laincalvaigh , lain- 
dith, loimdhith, loimdhivail, aln- 
tcirkc, gorta, divail,cat'vaigli no ri- 
a/idanas an voir. Pentiria ohjhnit , 
DuvallaA;,tura/. anlainii. 

Penum, Pob math ar ymbOrth, 
biiydadiod, vlhV, heiniar, arluy 

Ir. Roi-hcan , ro-ar(aidh , krin-ar- 
iaidh, ro-ylla 

Perarduus, Tra y^jcl, tra A;aled, 
j;or,i;aled, anhaudli laun, tra blin, 
traterthys. l^'ery hard, difficult, troii- 
trlcjbm.and uneajy Ir. Ro-ard, roi- 
dliioksa, ro/;n'iaidh, roAjriiagala/i , 
mmIox. ra z , aiidoaklaAi . 

Pcrcipio, Kymmcryd , derbyn, 
tamvvffed, dcalh, ^uybod, katacl, 
.kaljqly. To perceive, to under/land, 
to hiOTP, to take, to receive, to gather 
Ir CJlakain, fcdini, gavam, koiv- 
fighini, koivprim, airighim , bra- 
tliam, taidearam; i6s llicalvayim, 
atairn a (iic-ilv 

l-'ercucio, Tarau, macdhy, kyro, 
puyo , \ lhci;si'-> ■, knichio , f rhoi 
kis. To ftrikc, hit or (mite C. Dho 
krongkia, dho ikiiaitia, dho rci 
ftiran uar an voh, c^c. Ar. Durna, 

lyniieth AUitmdofi-iffiialsmeat hbla, fylh, badhata, kanna, skci, 
a7id drink Jlon- and proi-ijion for an \ darcuanc ir.Buaiam, sirtani, rraii- 
hoiijhold Ar. Boec. Ir Gax biadhj tim, ihiollam, picankam, rLiifgim, 
nodt;o;<; no ga^; gnc bidh veathai knagam,liuram,beanaim. 

no dhighe ; lonn bidh & dighe. i Pcrdirus, Kolhedig, diuyn, ky- 
Peplum, Rhyii dhilh-.dyn rhe-l vyr-j^oih, mcchedig guedi methy, 
Iho" ; Fcnuili?, pensyu';, moled, | y^-'di darvod am dano, ucdi myncd 
penfhixn j^uraig. A ladies veil, aj'ir j;yv-. r-^olh , pcth heb obxth 
hood, a mantle C.fUlair [<i w««r/V I Suelhad na iyniam o hono, Lofi, 

1 fupfoje ke means'] Ir. Pcafan, / e. j dejlroy'd, nndotie, decay d, marrd, 
Brat oibrighthi, do viis ar'oil'd, defperate, pafi recovery. C 
naiv ban, ag del go n'eaglais, daj,. Ir. Kailkc, millthe, doua- 
A;oiireagadh nod'aghail kvinnle a-' ightiii, llieawd fa A;oilI, do didi, 
gus ar gloinnc do vreith. Fos brat do mactli ; d'lmthigh go leir, leirl- 
oirghrcara,i go n'e.ilvaiv mbuai- grilla, lainvilkc,lan;Kaillte,gaiido- 
dheadh & nea;<;d noirdheirke tar- x-as ro-olk, droA;-dhuine, iieava- 

rangta arno>; a h'iom;(;artiiar a n' 
avarkaiv puibHghe Fos leavair c- 

IaA;,divala.",, an^iaitveaA;. 

Pcrdix, Pecris, ( kor-iar Apar- 

beirtea/;dearlavaT;haifl),-iadha;;ro|''-/</^i?- C. j^yrjirik Ar. Kliuar: 
rT;riv Ainllail. Fos ,- paiA;oll, brati Klyzheria , Ferdices aucupari. ir. 
no kroPiair mairv. Paitrilg : Krcodhar no tryna, Per- 

Per, Truy, druy, yn,nieun, hei- 1 dix rujlica ; viz. A wood-cock. 
bio, hcb lau. Br, ;h, irith, through, j Perdo, Kolhi, kael kolhed, dive- 
of, &c. C. Dcrj dicdh, 7;en, rcb. ' tha, 3iuyno,dielui, diva, lhyjc;ry a 
Ar. Dre. Ir.Tre, trid, ftreivid. o, | modie drug, anrcichio, diftryuio. 
do, a, re, le, go, ar, or, fri, fre, far, To lojit., to dejlroy, to kill, to j^oil, 
dar, ft, urn, ar Ton, a tos, deoigh, I <» undo C KcUi, dho golli. Ar 

icigh no t doigh, ar ti'd, ar feadh 

Pirra , Kod , koden , vl'v;reppan , 
k iid . A pouch, poke, Ji rip orjatchel, 
a bag or budget . Ar Mai, maliiln, 
godel. Ir.loigh no tioA;, n'achiV. 
t bolg, bolgan, inntile, mealv, ma- 
la, buiile, pukan, liathaitan. 

Perago, Kwlouni, kubl-hay, di- 
benny, ^orphen, j^uneythyj ygv- 
aith drU)dho, duyn i ben, > ftyried, 
jyrry trdadh, treylio yn y kylha. 
To perform, finijb, accompHlb or di- 
fpatch; to thkft through i to digefl. 
Ar. Perathevi. Ir. Lan-;covallam 
lain-A;ri;inaym, lain-reidhim, fain- 
hoirtighim, kovallaim, krt/nlayitn 
go h'imlan, iiim go h'imlan, no ku- 
irim lain-;iri-: no lain-deireadh le- 
is, teadhim thrid no ar fad ama;^ 

Peragro, Rhodio o am^ylx Ihe; 
rhcdegoamj^yl/; Ihe, myned trfi- 
adh, ymdaith driiadh To ramble , 
to take a walk, to fetch a compafs, to 
furvey,to range about Ir Lainihiv- 
laim , Iain-;gciiiinyim , lain-reim- 
nyim, lain-imthyim. 

Perantiquiis, 'Ira ht-n, tra he- 
nocdh, hen iaun. Very ancient tr old. 

RoUi, diftcraat, diank, diovcry. Ir. 
Kaiilim, lij;im no kuirira a muya, 
lhea,> adh no t'a A;oill,l5irira,donay- 
im, tarrayim. 

Perduellio , Brad } n erbyn j;u- 
lad ne ar>;luydh;bradur, bradyA;Ur. 
High treafon againfl the Prime or 
jlate. Jr. Feal, j mcaval, rinaghail 
notreaciira;;d ar righ, no artir. 

Perduellis, J^tlyn, j;elyn vllyv- 
nig i vo yn dal rhvvcl i'n herbyn 
n\.A>! enemy of the State or Country, 
a Jiubborn enemy., one tchu tj ingag'd 
m actual TBar againfl us . Ir. J-ir-na- 
vaid, navaid ;Kiutrcan do ni kogadh 
ar dhuine dearg-navaid. 

Peregrc, O ulad dhicichr, alhan 
o Iliad yn, otlhi kartrcv. Abroad,in 
or to a flrange countrey , far front 
home. Ir. Go h'oileardha ar goig- 
righ, 6 tir uo a dir koiv idhigh, ar 
oilearas,6oileanxd,arno 6 dlieo- 

Peregrinus, Dieithr-dhyn, alh- 
ulad,araih-ulad, alhtyd, pclhcnnig, 
yno ulad aralh, Forrei^>i, flrange., 
outlandijh , come or brought from 
fame other countrey. C. f Pirgrin , 
dC-n UH/tut. Ar.tllren, pcll-vro j 

Pir/iirin , A pilgrim. Pir^tirindct , 
Pilgrimage : Ernicldi, Peregrini. Ir. 
KoividhcaAi, ca ^draunaA;, 1 alvu- 
raA; no ( allvuir, danar, aduain, tai- 
ft:calaA;,oilcar, oilcara;i;,dcoraidh«, 
turalaii no tear turais. 

Pcrcndic, y dydh nefav ar61 y 
vory, trcnnydh, traduy, v f tryde- 
dyon, y vory nelav. The next day 
after to morrow, tvpo days hence, ficc. 
Ir. A iiorchaljhear, rar marai;, ar 
na trcas li. 

Perciidinus, Trcnnydh, i^rc The 
ne.\t day after to morroiv Ir. Nor- 
Uiaifjhcar iar mara;K , an trcas la 

Pcremiis, Tray;uydhol, byihol, 
parhays, annibcn, j^uaftadol, di- 
b.lid. Continual, perpetual, conflant, 
endlejs, neverfailiug, everlafling. Ir. 
Lain-vhanaie, fad-'hylaA; f fithve, 
lithvco, buan, kinnte, marthanaA;, 
luathain, sirdhaidc, bithvuan. 

Pcrco, Kolhi, bud ar j;olli, dar- 
vod, darvod am dano, mynd ar 
vcth, maru, mcthy yn Ihuyr, yman- 
rhcithio. Toperijb, to be quite gorte, 
to be loft or thrown away, ficc Ar. 
Ivoil, diucret. Ir. I'eadham a mu- 
ya, fca;;ad, a dith, adliiv.iil; Im- 
thyim go Icir no thrid ania;*;, kai- 
thim, meatham, ky;t;am, Icagham, 
logham, Ihcargam, ata kovAiorbadh 
no kov.Jian.heav oram, ataim dom 

Perfamiliaris , Tra theyKaedh , 
tra ;ijartrevaEdh, tra A;ydnabydhys. 
Very familiar, very well acquainted, 
or all in all with one Ar. Kn guers ; 
En e guers ema. He %s all m all with 
him Tr. Ro vuintirca/, ; ro ghna- 
tlvaA:,ro ;Klea;i;dadhaA:,RoA;arada/e, 

Pcrfectus, Pcrtxth, kyvan, ky- 
van-jubui, pcrfcith-j^ubul , kyv- 
laun, kyvlounuedh, ucdi i orphen, 
kubul. PerfeEl, compleat, 
nijh'd, accomplijh'd. ir. Foirtighthi, 
lain;:riO/;naighthi , lan-;Kovalltha , 
lain-deauca, koivlint3,iom]anta,de- 
anra goimlin,beas, Ian, lain-eolaA;, 
hr-hra;e, fir-foghlamtha 

Pcrficio, Perfeithio , kubl-hiy, 
duyn i ben , gurphen , dibenny , 
kvvlouni, kael i amkan, katvcl. To 
ejfefl, to accomplijh, to atchteve, to 
perfeH, to compleat, to finifl} At. 
Perathevi Ir. Foirihghim, lan-A;o- 
koivhonaim, kuirmi lain-;fcri^ ar 

Fertidia, Ant'ydhlondcb, anvm- 
dhiricd, anghtM:!, bredyA; , bradu- 
rix'th. Faljehood, treachery, unfaith- 
fulnefs. Ir Fcall,meavjll,finaghail, 
teaJltyni, feaUtyma;id, nicangAiryi- 
dheaiid. eilhiourakas, aindiile, ne- 
avthairirticaAid, ; lang,nciv'hirinne, 
treathura^d, K.. Icath ;Komaidh. 

Pcrlidus, A dorro i air a'l adhc- 
uid . Perfidious, falje, treacherous, un- 
faithfuU. C Fouiz ArDifleal, di- 
llcaldct,rrM(^e/-j( Ir.i eallta;t, me- 
avalJA;, tealtana;t, roiveanla;(i, me- 
antaiax; ; ncivtirinnea',,breaga'. . 

Perforo, Tylbydruadh. To bore 

through. C Dho guana, uho tulla; 

Dho guana taidha. Ar. Tulla,trc- 




ydhi. Ir. Treadam, tollam, lain- 
treadam, lan-xlunnam, lanthoUam, 
fatham, lan-hallam,lain-dingim. 

Perfrico, Rhyglo yn doft. To rub 
<i//(7wn C. Dho rhyttia 'n dha. 

Perfuga, Foadyr, a ymadauo a 'i 
vlaenor ag a foo at y j;elynion;ten- 
kiliur. A dejirter^ one that leaves 
hit ovnjide and goes over to the ene- 
mies. IrfSkiulang, ealaidhtea;: , 
fear cheithve go h'airigh 6 viia- 
thaigh no o kaipdn gils navaid. 

Perfunftorie,yn myned tros beth 
yn yfjavniau, yn dhioval, yn 
fdhidharbod. Slight ly^eafily, light- 
ly. Ir. Go maineafa;*;. • 

Vcrg^mem^M^mixxn.Parchmeiit . 
At. Parlhemin. Ir. Volum , leavar 
no meambrum. 

Pergo, Kerdhed ym mlaen, my- 
ned rhagdho, myned ym mlaen. 
To go, to go o?t or forward, to go or 
come along. Ir.Imthyim, keimnyim, 
rcimnyim, fivlaim,triallam, aftraim 
no feadham ar m'aghuidh. Gavam 
dhono tovam. 

Perhibeo , Dyiiedyd , adrodh , 
haery, taery,rhoi, krybuylh To 
fieak , fay or affirm. Ar. Lavaret , 
lavraim, gairim ; Kuirim no nim 
fiodhnaifi leis, Tefiimonium fer- 

Pericardium, J^uifg ne lieinj;ig 
>' J^allon. The thin skin or membrane 
that inclofith the heart. Ir. Feithle- 
og, bly(J5 no moghal fa ghran 

Pericranium, y groenen fy ar af- 
j;urn y penn. The skin compafjing 
and covering the skull. Ir. Bar;Kuft, 
barrthonn , kroikean no blyiskc 
an ;Kinn. 

Periculum, Enbydruydh.perygl, 
tpyd, t antyr, prauv, proviad. ¥e- 
ril, danger or harm ; an eJfay,aproof. 
Ar Piril [Pirillius, Dangerous '\ 
Tail], e tail ema da vedha krujjct, 
He is in doKger of being hang'd. Ir. 
Kontavairt, guais,bvghal, gavadh, 
tgadh, fell, feitim, anghlonn , 
kontar, peiriakail, forvas, oik, do- 
laigh. fos teaftaghadhjkriitliaghadh, 
fcajjain, dearvadh, provadh. 

Peri^efis, Amj;ylA;, byarthjae, 
A compajs or circuit., a going about. 
Ir. Timolol!, kompas, f tangmang 

Perimo, Duyn ymmsctb, Ihadh, 
divetha, diftryuio, dinillrio, an- 
rheithio, divuyno. To kill orjlay, 
to deflroy, to aholijh, Ar. Ladha. Ir. 
Togvam no beirim Horn go leir, 
forrayim, lan-varvam, lain-villim, 
lain-(grifam , kuirim ar giil no ar 
neivni, lan-rrafgraim. 

Pcrinde, Majpaei, me^is, mal pe- 
ta^ yn ^yfelyb, nid am;t;en. Alike, 
in like manner, all one, jufi Jo, even 
fo Ar.Ynan: ur ynan eo din, //'/ 
all one to me Ir. Ar an vodh no ar 
an nos A;ionda, avlaidh, mar fliin, 
avail, mar avIadhoheara;cd: Avail 
do veadh no dam'cadh, Perindeac 

Periodus, ymadrodh k)-van-j:u- 
bul i Perfeith-nod, diuedh-nod. A 
Period or perfeii Jenteiue . Ir. Beaf- 
guin, lan-ghuin , lan-phunk, iar- | 


phunk, lain-tiok, ponk, kri;k;naigh- 
thea;i; , raidhte go h'imldn, f imthoi- 
neadh, imtheaAid, flieal no kupfa 
aimfliire na gri;(;naigthear ni. Lain- 
xnx no laindeireadh. 

Periofteum, y groenen fydh o 
am^yl;K yrel'^yrn. The thin skinor 
membrane about the bones. Ir.Uim- 
feikean, i.e. Sj;annan beag tana do 
vias a dim;cioll A;nava go h'invea- 
dhonaA;, ombi mar do meaftar, mo- 
thayadh a gnaiv & ni ona naduir 

Peripheria, Am':;y];i;edh,dyv;iad 
o amj;vl;K. A circumference , the 
crooked Ime about a circle. Ir.Uma- 
llar,uimvre!th, umthoi;t;eall; Brcith 
no gaval fyi juairt, beaAidfaine. 

Periphrafis, Amj:;yl;Kixth; hir- 
Ajucdcl i eglyro byrr-A;uedel. Cir- 
cumlocution. Ir. Umlavra , tarradh 
chim.j;eill A;ainte, umfraid, duairil- 
vineaghadh no miueaghadh yin- 
'hokail re h'imad fokal. 

Perifcelis, fLhodrxa vydhaejan 
uraj:;edh , j;ardas , koes-ruym. A 
kind of breeches that -women wore, a 
garter. Ir. Gairteal. N. 

Periftroma, Lhenn ty, ky!;iied- 
lenn, Ihcn arras. Tapejlry work, rich 
hangings of Arras or the like, a co- 
verlid. C. Kyulat. Ir. ]VluaidhA;e- 
alt, muadhvrat, eada;K no brat ildh- 

Pcntia, Kvvaruydhyd, kelvy- 
dhyd , kyureinruyd, ?;uybotteth. 
Skill ,cutming, skillfuUnefs , ktiowledge., 
experience. C. Deskans. Ir. Eolas, 
eol, juI, fis, aithne, caladha, j fod, 
foghlaim, f fath,fgoIarthas, jlikas, 

Peritus, Kyvaruydh , kelvydh, 
kyuraint. Cunning, skillfull, expert. 
C Slev , skientik. Ar. Guidhiek, 
perveth. Ir.EolaA;,grithea.i;,iulaA;, 
ualla^;, fifaA;, fodhap; , foglamtha, 
fatha;*;, fathavail, ealadhanca, fgO' 
lartha, litheardha, cagnaidh, tre- 

Perjurium, Anydon, auydonedh, 
Ihu anydon, tuylh-dung, Ihu gey- 
og. Perjury, forjwearmg i a falje 
oath. Ir Eichea;t, gyivionna, braf- 
luye, mionna eithigh breijjhe. 

Perizoma, f Lhoudur, kl6s-ho- 
fan», ballog An apron, a pair of 
breeches or drawers, a cod-piece. C. 
tLavrok pan 'J.e. IV.Klos brethyn.~\ 
Ir. Brifte, ftcarvolga, criudhas, la- 
liX. no breid gavail. 

Perizonium, j;uresys Ihydan a 
uil'Sae merA^ed dan ei bronnac,bron- 
gen^el ; Arfedog Awoman's apron 
or parlet. Ar. Davanzher, An a- 
pron. Ir. Napran, bruin-eada;t; . 

Permiffio, Godheviad, kennad, 
kaniattaad Permifjion , fufferance , 
leave, licence. Ir. 1-ulang, foidhide, 
fulangadh, fulangas, davadh, im- 
A;ar, fyl, I ruva, kead, f argad, no 
f arjead fymadh, kuvaia. 

Permitto , Godliev , kaniattay , 
j;ado, madhsE, rhoi odyrdod a gor- 

Permuto, Neuidio, nuidio,kyv- 
neuidio. Te chatige or alter, to ex- 
change. Ir. Malradaim, imlataim, 
aithearrayim, kljvKlodham. 

Perna, Mordhuyd hu;i;,tan- 
r,c\hh\ix,Dav. Rh'yu grogen-bylg 
tebyg i folen hQ;K. A gammon of ba- 
con, a leg of an hog ; j^lfo a kind of 
Jhell-fljh like to that which is call' da 
Naker. Ir.Keafan,kofli, urran raigh 
no gambun niuike, muk-raigh.tos 
j;nc-cil'5 iligein. 

Pernicies, Anjja:, f dien, dihc- 
nydh, dilaith, diniftr, dirtryu, ez- 
rys,aduyth, divraud. Mifchiefde- 
Hruflion, undoing, ruine. Ir.Bas.eag, 
oik, amluadh, K yr;toid, f'aidh 
kleadh no aidhkcal, doloigh, dio- 
yail [ leg Divail ] iarog, innis, le- 
an, Ignos, donas, tubaifte ar far- 
rax, Imall, urvaigh, milleadh, dlo- 
vaifin, truaiileadh, mifliean, miadh, 

Perniciofus, Angheyol, maruol, 
cA;ryflaun, niueidiol,peryglys, en- 
bydys. Pernicious, dejhuiiive, mif- 
chievou! , hurtfuU. Ir. MarvthaA;, 
makta;t, millteaA:, fgrifta;K, \itxo\- 
dea^;, diovaIa;e, baghala;;;. 

Pcrni.x, Knlym, byan, yfj^avn. 
Swift of foot or flight , quick , fleet. 
ir.Luach, luathvur, tapaidh, klifte. 
Peroro, ymadrodh yn gubul, di- 
uedyd y A:uedel i ben, ymrefym- 
my hyd y diuedh. To make an end 
of freaking , to conclude an oration, 
to wind up all. Ir. Lanaroidim,nim 
aidhneasj mm famaraid. 

Pcrpendiculum, y Ihinyn plum, 
Ihyniiudr kyviaun. A level ', a 
plumb-lme, or carpenter's rule. Ir.In- 
?;ear [ no in^ir ] riaghail mjeir no 

Perpendo, Dyval buyro, dyval 
yftyried. To weigh thoroughly, to 
confider vieU, (Iridly to examine and 
try. Ar. Balanii, poefa ; Sonzheal, 
pridiri. Ir.In;trca;Kam goduchra;t- 
di.x 3lain'hea;Kam, linfgrudam, lai n- 
fpinam, lain-theaftaighim. 

Perpcram, yn dhrug, ar 5am , 
ar vai. Ami/s , vjrofig , awkwardly, 
(aljly. Ax. Driik, E you, e fos, fof- 
(amant. Ir.Goholk, go tubailleax;, 
go dona, go lcithromp;ej go h'ea- 

Perpetuus, Trajuydhol, parhay.', 
dibaid, didorr, didrangk , bytiiol; 
Kyvari, digyvung, y nailh urth y 
Ihalh, yr hyn ni bo yn rhanny . Per- 
petual , continual, uninterrupted , 
confiant , "without ceafing; Aljo 
■whole, all of onepeice. C. Bifjueth, 
termen hep dyuadh, Ar. Het a het, 
Continually. Ir.' Siiathain, fliirdhai- 
dhe, bich-viian, lan-viian, bith- 
lan-varthanaA:, bunaiceaA;, lan-vii- 
naitea;i;, kovnaidhca^;, lan-/;ovnai- 
dhea/o . 

Perplexus, Dyrys, rhuyftrys, dy- 

rysbleth, ky[bleth,kynglyn, pttrys, 

;:ymmyn, jilhung ymmaeth. Ttfl ammheys, amuys. Intavgled, fuar- 

permit,Jujfer, allow, yield or grant, 
&c. Ir. I- ulangaim , davam , im- 
Airaim, crt. 

led, fwifled, intricate, difficult, ob- 

j'cure, doubtful!, ambiguous, perplex. 

Ar.Duetys, maritcllis. Ir. Kruaidh- 


Of The Original Languages Of Britain ^i^o lRELAND.,ii.< 

xangiikc, kruadhnafgtha , kru' 
aidli'hnivtha , tcannfailgthc; , tean- 

tvi/fiiDy frowarJ, pfrtinaeiauf, ^c. 
Ar. Pcndck, pcnvcrs, kilvcith, kil- 

/.Uiirlgthc, lainjireaptlia, laiirrrea- • pennck. Ir. Lallival, ealbmoidca^,, 

p.iiltc, do(j;)'ilce, do'lmalgailce, do 
riiiny;ej;K , aivrcidh , a(h,ranta, 
krofanca , (lankina>. a daraing, a 
lathaigh, a vadlivaidh ; Ookavail , 
dokra;^ f airk , dorx;a ; kriiaidh , 
duiveakana/; , dothuij^fe, ain>,ca 
(iXi kontavairtcaA;,avrala-; ; neiv- 
^inte,doi^iaJlaA:, koividea?;, ion- 
gancaA . 

Perquira, yn vaur, yn dhirvaur 
ytry much. Ir. Go h'anvor go lan- 

Pcrrar^, yn anamal, yn anvy 
tVfK. Very I'eldom or tartly. Ir. Go 
roanav, go roith;.-ark. 

Perlecutor, Erlynur, kanlynur. 
A ptrfecutor, a purfuer. C. \ He- 
liad. Ar. Heuiier : Hcul, Perfecutio. 
Ir. jscirlcancoir 

Icrfcquor , Erlyn , eriid, ymlid, 
kanlyn ar 61 ; j;uneythyr, dibenny, 
gorphcn. Topurfue, toperfecute.,to 
hunt after, to follow on ; To do or 
put in execution Ar. PiuluiF, rcdek 
uor \cf/C. Jr. jeirlcanam , aingh- 
linnim, ainghlearam, ain'hei.>;im. 

Perfona , Pcrl'on , pcrfbnolixth , 
dynoliacthi T-'ylli, gofjedh, aj;ucdh; 
J^ayuyneb, ymndiiad, a vo yn rhith 
yn aralh, delu, dclyad. A Perjon, 
aperjonage; The quality, flate or 
cmdttion wkereby one man differs 
from another ; A falfe face, a dif 
guife, c^f Ar.Dcii, perfonnaifli, Ir. 
Pearra,nea/:, te, fear no bean. 

Perlpicio, Kanvod yn egkr, j;u- 
cled yn amiug ; Kr.ify ar, (y-li y ar, 
dal fylu. To lee or perceive plainly, 
to try thorough!-/, to look through. 
Ir. Lain-.>- ighim, lin-radharkiim. 

Perfpiro, Tvnny anadl truy berh. 
To breath through. Ir. Treanana- 
laim, analaim, tairngim no kuirim 
anal chrid, leidim oo li^im anal 

Perfuadeo, Annog, peri koelio, 
\mynhcdh , duyn ar dhealh, diiyn 
ar goi- i ynuneythyr peih. Toper- 
fiuade or make one believe, to put 
into one's mind or head, to induce 
or move to do a thing, to prevail 
•with one. Ar. Laquat efperet ure 
benn3k,pcr(uadia. Ir Kovairlighim, 
koindeaJgam no beirim kovairle. 

Perfujfio, f Hygoelcdh, cirlol , 
ytrbil, ymvnhcdh Aperfuafwn, an 
opinion or belief Ar. Atis. Ir. Ko- 
vairlcadh, kaindhealgadh. 

Pertajfus, A vo juedi b!ino ar 
beth, a vo anvodlon i berh. Weary 
of a tieing, diffleas'dat it. Ar.Skii- 
ith. Ir. Lan-.;iurtha no idn-thoir- 
diea'^ de. 

"errica,t5yeilj;ing, tranfl:, tro- 
ftan, kicdrcn, eruydhcn,ir£P, trord. 
A pole , s perch, a long /faff. Ar. 
Perfen. Ir fYoxtix, pt-irfc no Hat 
thovais fcarainn. F6s kuialle no 

Pertinax, Kyndynn, yftyvnig, 
anylHiyth, tynn, tynr.'. .''•;; givael- 
gryv, dryd, deur-dhKd, parhays , 
gl djtaerihyd. That hoUcth ftfl and 
•will not let fjo :, Ohflmate.fluiborH, 

ncavurama;i;,ncavaidcaA;, ncivdhci- 
dca.*;, tintrcan,teinvcaiaA;, kralanta 

Pcrtinco, y llyn, kyrliacdliyd, dei- 
ryd, pcrtliyny, j vnij^yftlum. To 
reach, lye or extend, to pertain, be- 
long or ferve to Ar. Apar;Kantut 
oy.: aparA-antut araudliin mc. It 
belongs to me Ir.Roixiim, fhinnim, 
gavani, beanam Icis. 

Pcrtinct, I'va berthyn, y maeyn 
berthy nas. // pertaineth, it belong- 
eth. ir. Roiiidh do bcanaidh , no 
t baiAiidh leiSj tbghnadli dho, ata 

Percurbo, Avionydhy, kytliry- 
dhy, kyiinhyrvy, reri-ylj;y, kvfroi, 
t kymmraiiy, tralhodi. To trouble , 
to diflurb, to dijorder, to co?ifound. 
Ir. Lin-vuaidlirini,anvuaidhrim. 

Pcrtulus , jucdi i j^yro, Jjuedi i 
biiyo, guedi i vacdhy, juedi i dyl- 
liy druadh Beaten, thumped, bro- 
ken, bored through. Ir. Brilte, lan- 
vriidhaicc, lain-ftialltha, lan-tholica, 

Pervcrle, yn urthnyfig, yn t;il- 
dynn, vn j^y ndynniog Overth-wart- 
ly , perverjly .y frcujardly. Ir. Go 
carina, go krolta, go h'olk, go Icav, 
go dona, go tubailtea/:. 

Perverco, Trauluyro, traguyro, 
dyni-Mielyd , kyro i IjIK, Ihygry , 
duyno,anrheithio yn Ihuyr. To turn 
up fide dovin , to pervert , to over- 
throw , to ruine or undo. Ir. Kui- 
rim bun OS kean, ar meall, druim 
ar easkyin, go tarfna, go kam, go 
fur, go ho'k, ia<;dar ar ua;tdar no 
a ghar ar ua;^dar. 

Pervicax, 1 ynn yn i vedhul , 
kyndynn, jurtlinylig, yftyvnig, an- 
inaiedii, pcnjaled, anvftuyrh. Fro- 
ward, vjilfull, (lubborn, Jfrff, furly, 
dogged, crc. Ar. Pcndok, penver<, 
kilverth, kilpennek. Ir. Kinrrcin , 

Pervigil, f Hirheuyl. L,ib. Land. 
yn a uilio yn uadad, di^^ufg, | an- 
iiynog, juiliadurys, dWal, diuyd. 
Very •watchfall, •wakefull. C f Hy- 
A;euyl. Ir. Lin-airneaA; , lan'hara- 

Pes, Trocd, troedvedh: Lheyen 
penn. Linth yr huyl. A fcot, the 
meajiire of a foot ; A levfe ; Alfo 
the hatjer in ajhtp, 'ojheireviith the 
Si: ! it hoi fed up. C.Tru2,/>/. treiz; 
fTrijyd. Ar. Troat, pau. Ir Ko-, 
t rinn, f- Ilia, troidh, x 1*^} ■!""**■ 
than , lorga. F6s banri no bunn 
ni ; jriv, krub, fplangadii n6 fpSn- 

Peflim^, vn uaethav; Very ftur- 
vih or naughtily. Ir. Goro-olk,go 
ro-riiuvaiftca>; , go rc-dhona mar 
as meafa ar bioth 

Peflfulus, Trofol drCis, klikkied, 
bollit drOs, bollit klo ; Ceret. par. A 
bar or bolt of a door , an iron or 
■wooden peg or ptn. ht. MoraiT Ir. 
Barra, no rugaire dorais. 

Pe(Iundo,Mathry,(3thrydan dra- 
ed,t myflaing, Dav. buru i laur. 7» 
G g i 

over-throiv, tl threw to gmund, to 
c.ijl under foot. Ar. Difcbcr. Jr. 
DravLim, (altraim, biiailini no tci- 
lifjini (los. 

Pellis, \^\\. L<b. L»nd.\Yj^i 
yn, t kouyn, y kornuyd, y xuar- 
rcn, y nod, y nodx. haint y nodjE j 
E;fcrvs,aduyili, arj;,i-, maruolxtii ; 
Malh-haiiit. A pejl, a plague^ P'JU- 
lencc or infeihan, death or morta- 
lity i Alfo a I'Ltdiiefs , poifm. C 
; Bal, an val. Ar. Bokcn, bir. Ir. 
Plaigh , 1 tav , anvall.iine aire no 
dro,-;-acar. Ur;.oid. l-os nciv, bas, 
farrax, arno'eag mor. 

Petafo, Mordiiuyd liG^ , klCn 
tur^;, I angelli hu>., banner, .b. A 
gammon of bacon, a peille of per k., 
a flitch 0^ bacon. Ar. Zhambon. Ir. 
t Lia-vasy fl. mas muike. 

Petigo, Tardh-ureinyn a 5erdh 
dros jubul o uyneb d<Jn. Dimet. 
Tirxxdcn. A tetter or ring-morm.Av. 
Dervotden. Ir. Deir. 

Petiolus, Troed j^elhyjen ne 
fruyili aralh. The ft alk of fruits. Ir. 
Lorga duileoij^e no meafa. 

Petitio, Govyn, govyniad, arx, 
cidhyned, dymyniad. A petition, 
demand or reiueft. Ar. Gulen. Ir. 
AthA;uinj;cadh, fkum^idh, aif- 
Sid,-, ( ata^,, t ail, f toghairm, ftim- 
ghairc , |- imAjomark , as lonnadh 
larraid ; Seafadh no I'ychraghadh ar 
Ion. Fos lain'-hci^; , ceanfasgadh ; 
Sathadli, Bualadh lava^;, teili^ean 
no kaitheav ni. 

Pecicor, 1 ir.!;iad, govynnur. A 
demander or jeeker , a JUiter. Ar. 
Kilidik. A plaint if . Ir. Ath>;uin- 
j;eoir, | kuinghidlicoir, jaifgidhe- 
oir, f ata^ioir, failoir, f toghair- 

Peto, Govyn, er^;) , dymyno j 
KyrA;y at, kynnyg, taro, dyrnodio, 
kynlhuyn, myned ynghjl^; pcrh , 
kanlyn, gorlhiiyn, erlyn. To defire, 
recfuefly beg , ask or crave ; To fet 
upon, to acco/t, to Rrike at, to make 
a pajs at,^e. Ar.Kcr.?;at. Ir.Ath- 
AiUin^im, iarram d'ach.x.uin5idh , 
failim, toghairim, fliirim, iarratDj 

Petra,Ktaig, klojuyn. A rick, a 
great ff one. Ar Men, karrek, vox. 
Ir. Kairrig. f gall , koirthe kloi;ce, 
leagan no klo;. vor. Fos ^rcig. 

Perrelaeum , Oleu a dhcl o j;ar- 
reg. Ak'mdofbrimflone like oil that 
runneth Naturally out ofr«cks. Ir. 
Gail-oli , art-ola. i.e. ola do rhig 
^o nadurrha'ae /:loi/;. ' 

Petulanf, Diriatd,tdiviog,f<dry- 
fhylh, t;iiagl!.u, anhvueth ,'haudh 
•^antho uwychyr kam , ^ kroc(an , 
Icrth Sa-jjcy, malapert, abu/tve, in- 
foltnt , impertmenl , -jianton , dif- 
honeR. Ir.Drozvinte, aifiAJeirdcaA,, 
makrala-<; , athaiflicaA; , j^nnala;?:, 
malbda^i, aindiuid, jridftaj graba- 
ire, gairlhcavail. 

Pcxo, Kribo. Ta fow^ CDho 
kribsz.. Ar. Kriba. Ir. Kiram, ki- 
mam, kimalaim. 

Ph3nt3fma,tTarnydan,I-r Land 
7;uag-eilyn, juaj-yfpryd , drS'>;io- 
teth, anyfpryd. Aphantom,a tuhim. 

Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulaky 


a Chmxra. C. t Tarnytuan. Ar. 
Byxell nos. Ir. ce=8bhai)- H. 

Phiala, Phiol, diodleftr uyneb- 
Ivdan, gorvlu;^. Avial, dfottvith 
a wide mouth to drink out of. C. 
f Har-fel. Ir.Kupa, tkorn,kupan, 
t kuib, t krithir, kuirteog. 

Philomela, Eos, eaus. j4 nightin- 
gale Ar.Eoftik. Ir, jpiDeog N. tar- 
ma/;an Scot. Sep. q Imiola^i, q. 

Phlebotomia, Golhynj;iad j;ua- 
ed. phlebotomy or letting of blood. C '. 
Dylla gudzh. Ir. Fi'iil-dhortadh , 
t Han-dhortadh. 

Phocasna, Lhammadydh, pylgo- 
dyn dyjP/wlhammadydhion, pyf- 
god dyon. A porpoiji. C. f Mor- 
hux. Ar.Morhu/iw/moru;5. Ir. 
Muk vara. 

Phoca, Moelrhon, mor-lo, dini- 
eued y mor. Afea-calf., afeal. C- 
Tahua. Ir. Ron. 

Phosaiceus, Koa;- OfCrimfinor 
fcarlet colour. Ir.Dearj^-vask, tin- 
dhearj, tin-ruadli- 

Phrenefis, Kyndharcdh, gorphu- 
ylh, y t Sylp- Afrenfie or madnefs. 
Ar. K.onnar,diboel. Jr. Kmn-vire, 
mainigh kinn, dreivan 

Phreneticus, Kyndheiriog, gor- 
phuylhys. Frantick. C- f Foltre 
guske. Ir. Ar mire, ar buileadh, ar 
kulha^; , ar bocalla/; , ar mainigh , 
ar t dreamma. 

Phthifis, Klevyd yr yfgyvxnt, 
nyAjdod, darvodedigacth. A con- 
fumptioK of the lufigs., a tijjick. Ar. 
Berralan. Ir. Sgav-;Knyi , knyi , 
knagh, no kov;taichcav fgavan. 

Phyfica, Kelvydhyd a j;uybo- 
doeth natyriseth. Natural Philofi- 
phy, the knowledge of nature. Ir Fi- 
fikeas, jyihear no pealfa nadurtha. 

Piaculum, Diuyg-aberth. A fa- 
crijice for theexpiatioti or atonement 
offomehamousfn Ir Diriodhva- 
irc, dire,enca;t;lanii, loirghniv, lea- 
iaghadh , idhvairc ar fon peakaidh 
no koirc. 

Pica, Pi, piog, pio^en, pioden. 
Apy,a py-annet, mag-py or chatter- 
py. Ar- I'lk. h.^iCik.\\XX.,MunJl. 
Piec, Scot. Fos min vna torraighe, 

Picea, Pren pyg, y pren a divera 
yr yftor o bono, pyg-wydhen- The 
pitch or rojin tree. Ir. Pikeo, pig- 
;Kran, krann pi.3;e. 

Piceatus, Pyglyd, ucdi i byjy. 
Befmeared with pitch , pitched. Ir. 
Pi^the no piAealta , Imeartha re 

Pi(flor, Lhiu-ur, Lib L.and. Pa- 
entiur. A painter or colourer. C 
t Liuor Ar. Peinter. Ir.Li-dhealv- 
choir, lidhrea;i;toir , kinnvilthoir , 
t gaifdidhe. F. 

, Pi(J^tura, Paen'iad, Ihiuiad, kel 
vydliyd paentio Painting or the art 
of painting., a pidure. Ar. Peinta- 
dyr. Ir. Gaifdidheas, kinn-viladh, 
kinnvilas, li-dhcalvadh, kroinike- 

Picus, Delor y deru, kymmynur 
y koed, kafeg y dryk-hin. Cer.Tz- 
rad y koed. A wood-pecker. Ar Ka- 
I fek koat, Picui vtridis major. Ir Snag 
[& ihvg] ar darii Dreg, drenk 

Pietas , Dyuioldcr, dyuioldeb , 
t hynaufder, f hyjaredh ; Dyuiol 
(ecx, kariad natyriol par.>;cdig. Pie- 
ty, devotion, godlyne/! ; Natural af- 
feliion or love, tender-heartedneji , 
kindnefs. Ar. Relizhoii, an devcr :, 
riaghalta;>jd , kraidhvea.;.;d , duth- 

Piger , Dlog, diougfurth , myi- 
grclh, Ihefg, Ihyfj^enaidh, Ihibyn , 
IhejjnA;, f merydh, faneljjyd. Stow, 
/lothfuU, fluggijh, dull, lax.y, heavy, 
&c. C. Kozal, fdiok, zif;yr. Ar. 
Diek, Diej;ys, didaluedh, lelyrek, 
labaskennek. Ir. Leiljeavail, ieifg, 
K. liun, falfa, divyinea;t;, mall, ri- 
jhein , tamailte , War , ipadanta , 
(graifteavail , lorganta , noideanta, 
krionraiga.j; lifta, jyideavail, loi- 
fteavail, neiv-veo, marvanta, krui- 
baire, J^aoid , loifte, Ipaidh, kail- 
keanta, flieakanta. 

Pigmentum, Kiliu, Ihiu y paen- 
tuyr. Painter s colours. Ir. Kinviol, 
t deann, dath no pinnteail. Fosor- 
radh, maile no dath brcadha ar ni ; 
liib, meang, kealj;, kleas, miollain 
mealladh breaga. 

Pignero, ^uyftlo, rhoi j^uyllyl, 
prido- To lay to gage , to morgage 
or pa-mn a thing. Ar. Gueftia , en- 
gueftla. Ir, j;eil]ighim,5eivlighim, 
kuirim a ngeall, jjlakam jeall, kui- 

Pignus, j^uyilyl, t^uyftleidiseth, 
fattavacl; Aruydh uio?;el. Apawn, 
a pledge, a gage, a mortgage, afecu- 
rity. Ar. Gucftl. Ir. j;eall, j^eive- 
all, kinnfe, kovartha geill no daing- 

Pila, Pel, pelen, [lelhen; Breyan 
i valyrio ag i vriuo peth ; Kolovn, 
kamboft ; Art;x i attal diir. A ball 
to play with, any round thing like a 
globe. A morter to beat things in; 
A/^uare pillar, a pilajler ; A mole 
or dam or bay to break or flay the 
courje of -water. Ar. Bolat , a ball, 
iMorcez, a morter. Jr. Liathrod, 
fbann, balla iugartha,mirle no ga;;; 
raeall kruinn mar valla. 

Pileum, i Heylrhod, kap, kap- 
pan. A cap Ar. Tok , kabell. Ir. 
Beired, kuthvarr, kdrhdhari'in, boi- 
ncd r ileus cucullatus, Cujiach. N. 
Pilolus, Bleuog, Ihaun bleu. Full 
of hair, hairy. C. Bicuak. Ir. Ribe- 
a/C, riiaineaA;, f brothairneaA;, ribe- 

Pilum,Pikkelh,guaiu. A javelm. 
Ar.Guao. Ir.Trealga, ^earrgha,ga, 
bonnfa;i; yM\g troigheadh ar fad. 

Pilus, Bleuyn, bleutyn, t;ovleu- 
ynj Pcllel i vriuo peth. An hair 
on any part of the body C. Bleuan. 
ArBleven. Ir.Ribe, ruainne [ jiua- 
m no Fuilci M] fbrothairne, nbc- 
og, ruainnc6g. 

Pincerna, f Trylhiad, | pentry- 
Ihiad, A butler or mancipleX^.^Mc- 
niftror. Ar Kuper, hanaper. Ir 
t Deoghvaire, daifiie, daileavnai- 
dhe, fjilla [ no gioUa ] kupain no 

Pingo, Paentio, britho a Ihiuias, 
amliuio. To pai!jt,d<C. Ar. Peinta. 

Ir. Kitmviolaim, kroinikim, lidhe- 
alvam, lidlireaA^am 

Pingucdo, Braider, bloneg, me- 
hin. Fat orfatnefi. C fBerri. Ar. 
Teoder, dryzoni, lard. Ir. Reive, 
leava, reivre, metea;Kd, meathlas 
lult, tij^hea^d, fcolvuirea;t;d, ding- 

PinguCeco, Brafsiiy, teuy;i;y,my- 
ned )'ii vras. To grow fat or greafy. 
Ar Tevac, bralkii, larda. Ir.Reav- 

Pingui.';, Bras, teu, tirv, fruyth- 
lon , Fat , grcafy , plump , in good 
liking. C. Teu,' \ bor, braoz, ithik 
Ar. Teo , tollenuck IrReavar, 
meith ; Fos toraidheaA;, torrthavail. 

Pinna, Rhyu bylgodyn ; Bon 
ai;^clh aderyn ; Madrydhyn y 
glylt ; Krib peiifeftin ;' Adenyn 
pylgod &c. Kanlhauiae kaerse ; 
K( dx oluyn melin. ' Ajljell-fjh 
which fame call a Naker , the fin 
of a fijh; The great feather or quill 
of a bird ; The broad griflly part of 
the ear i The crejl or top of an hel- 
met ; A pinnacle, a battlement j The 
little boards in mill wheels, which are 
d)iven ahout by the water. CAskal. 
Ar. Askel. Ir Pionn, kleite, kuille, 
cue IK) I'giathan. Fos gne cilg ili- 

Pmnaculum, PinagI tur^ Nenn- 
dt. ^ pinnacle of a tower, a battle- 
?ne}it. Ir. Stiiaik, buaik,beann,ftui- 
rike no iluirikin vias ar vuIaA; t6r. 

Pinfo, Briuo,kyro, maedhy, 
malyrio, breyany ; Pobi bara, kra- 
iy yn vara. To grind, bruife,ftamp, 
to pound or bray as in a mortar ,- To 
make bread , to bake C. Dho po- 
bas Ar. PibL Jr. Brudham , bre- 
oghara, meilim, buailim, fuinim, 
tciiij:;im fa lar. 

Piiita, Pint, pintiad. A pint. Ar. 
Pint, pintal. Jr. Pinta, Ieath.;2art. 

Pinus, Pinuydhen, pren pinys 
The pine tree C. f Pinbren. Ar. 
Guedhen & guezen pin Ir Krann 
^ius no jiuvas. Cpanb j^iu)' N. 

Piper, Pyppyr. Pepper. Pibar, no 
piobar. Pipuji N. 

Pirata , Her ur mor, morleidyr, 
mojuylhiad. A robber eii the fea , 
a pirate. C Anghredur mor. Ar. 
Mor-laer, Icllrlaer; Laer uar ar 
mor. Ir. Fovora/:; K bathrobaire, 
piraid [no pioraid] krea;i;adoir no 
robaire mara. 

Pilcaria, Mar.<;nad y pyfgod,pyf- 
godva, j;uerthiad pylgod. AfeWmg 
offijh, the place where they are fold. 
Ir lalgan , iaig-vargadh, margadh 

Pifcatio , Pyfgotta , heluri;eth 
pvfgod. Afijl.'ing. C. Pyfj^etta. Ir. 
iaigaireaAid, f akladh no aklaidh, 
lalgadh, gavail cifj;. 

Piicator,PYfgodur. Afif-'er-tnan. 
C.Pyfgndar. Ar.Pesker. Iriafgaire. 

J'r.'cma, Pyfgod-lyn, pyigodry. 
Dvvr-lcfter maur obren Apoolor 
fijh-pond, ajlove to keep fiJh in ,- Al- 
fb a great vat or treen vejfel. C. 
t Pisk-Iin. Ir. Eifglin, lin no tur- 
raigh eilg. Fos fothairgat, ait fb- 
'thairgthei Lin no lo;;aa. 



Of The Original Languages Of Britain Anp Ireland. ta.t 


Pifcis, t Pyfg, pvfgodyn. ^0j 
C Py%, plur. pvzgaz. Ar. Ptsk 

Pifcor, Pyfgotta, hcla pylgod, 
fheli pylg. To fijb. Ar. I'cskctta. 
Ir. Eilgim, no lalgaim, mm ufgai- 
rea>.cl no gavam iaig. 

Piftilluni,Pcftel i vaedhy pcth ag 
cv , puytxlr. A feftcl to f^ound or 
ftamf-aiith in a mortar. Ar. Pcllcl : 
Bat hit I, njf ilium conifanx. Ir. Pi- 
flail re hafhaidh, hrudliaicc. 

Pil'tor, T>linur, pobydh. A 
hread-haker., ahteader. C. | I'ctxr. 
Ar. Bark-r. Ir. Kyinteoir,U'iaiteoir, 
bakoir, lornaire, tylaire no tear tyis 
do 'hi'uthadli. 

Piftrilla, lau, melin laii. 
A kand mill or quearn . I r . Lav- v u i- 
Ican, t meile no bro Jjcarr. 

Piftrina, I'opry, niclin, melindy, 
breyandy A iah'-toufc, a mill.^ a 
grixdixg houje. C- Tllivi pob;z. & 
tzhyi vorn, fpop-ti. Ir.Sorn-lann, 
tcagh fuinte. 

Pilum, PylTcn. ^Peafe. C Pc7. 
Ar Pc(en Ir. Pis, pil'air, pifradh 
Picuiu, Ficm, Ihylhavcdh, gla- 
vocrion , pocr. Phlegm or rheum , 
fnhel or Jnot Ir Fli;:c, Hixea^id, 
linugayil , ninayil , pillin , fmug , 

Pius, Dyuiol ; Trijarog, "f^VM, 
hvuar, h\'iiaus, natvriol, rliadlon. 
riouSy religiou^j godly., ajfeSfionate, 
lovmg, kind- hearted^ good-natur'd 
C.Dran Deu .^r.Dcndibe^jinat- 
obcrcr. Ir Biiidh , riaghalta , f n- 
agh, riagha, K. diadha,kraidlivea>,, 
trokairca;ij, kyin,keann(a, kincalta, 
uafal, ioiinruik, tairilli, tirinnea;i, 
mairh, makanca , nadurtha, kcarc, 
direa;^, f dron. 

Pix,P>g.P/Vf^\ C.Peg Ar.Pck. 
Ir. Pik no pi^. 

Placenta , Teifen , amheythyn- 
vuyd. Acake C. Kakan, />/</r. ka- 
kez. Ar. Guaftel, kinn. Ir. Koire, 
t taiskrc, bunna, bairshcan, ftort, 
kille noaran rpiolarrlia, avian, min 

Placco, Rhynt^y bodh, bodloni 
[& bodhloni] boTShay. To plea fe 
or give content C. Dlio plczia Ar 
Pliieuc Ir. Tairnim [ no toirni- 
ghim] taidhlighim , f roithuim , 
kuirim fonn no lolas, tij^iiim leis. 
Placide, \ n hedliy;iol, yn Iho- 
nydh , yn arav. Piuietly ^ calmly , 
feaceabty. Go i'okair, go kiuin, go 
foirv, go Ibincannta, go kyin, go 

Placo, HedhyA;y, Jhonydhy, go- 
ftc^y, dovi, j^uarliay, tauciy, dilta- 
uy, boTShay, bodhloni, rhyuiojji, 
Ihiniary. To facifte, appeaje, ^u:et, 
conten; or reconcile, to attone , to 
tame, to make calm mild or gentle. 
Ar Pli7.hi:ur d:i, oberpJO;j, kalma, 
fublajhabaskat, haga;i;at, dulaat. Ir. 
Sokrayim , kiuinighim, kcanniay- 
ira, taithiighim, koviayim. 

Plaga, Ar;>;olli, ; j;ueli, briu, 
dyrnod, traiiiid, cr^vl; tru/i meun 
prcn ; Pla, maur-golhciij gormes; 
5lilad, br'j/ard I, tvcdh; Lhcnn 

P- I P. 

A-a'Ound,blvrporpr,pe,agi^horchap\\x.l.\:>^g\ IcJrg, maAairc, kavan 

Rucc lCjuli,bo;tac.J Ir Loitc, knc 
adh, krca;(;d, j ncas, iighar, f,oin, 
buille, bcim, peinic; urA;ur, Uair, 
pleata, plionka, paillc, leab, tair- 
riiig, gnilla, loiltc, llaill, liialan, 
knj^;6g, H.iinnin, daircad, Itroikui, 

Planta, ji^iadau y troed ; treed j 

Planhij;yn, plannuydlKn ', prcnii 

plinn. IheJbUof the foot, the foot , 

Alfo a plant., an herb or tree. C 

I^lanx Ar C.Uct<.n Vlavta pedis, 

1. 1- C I 1 , \- 1 ■,,,•,'! f^ (--ola-itrui. Ar I lant an troat. 

Iviak brukilwthtog. 1-os dolaigh, I Ir 1 roith, flat, bunn: rraxjt no 

diyail, ur,.,oid, no migar mor Poi | kroidhc A;oirc. F6s planta, coxair. 

kuan, kaladli, j aircar Fos tir, ta 
lav, righax;d Fos Jin, ko/;al no 
b.alaA; tiadhaigh 

Plaga:, Rhiiydx i dhala J^uylht- 
vilod ; l.,hi.nni tv, brcthyn ncyodh. 
M'ide nch or toils to takeirildbcafis 
vithall. ir. y\nga, angaria no linca 
mora fiadhaigli. F6s riagiivrat ny 
brait kioiktlic, breakain. 

Plagium, Lhedrad plant ne uci- 
fion. Thejlealmg orJpiriti-,ig of peo- 
ple. Ir. Dacveirlc.iAjd, koir ghadai- 
dheaA;d a hvrniea;t no dhyirlhca;t 

Plagula, Dalcn ovcmnui ne b.t- 
pir j Molco v,uraig, Hylmg j^iicJy. 
AJheet of parchmejit or paper ; A 
knit-kercbcr , fuch as rpomen wear j 
A covering, a carpet. Ar. He^k Ir. 
Braian , bcag 'halaA: , f luamai- 

Plagyoftonuis , Min/^am. Wry- 
mouth' d Ar Mingam Ir.Bclgham, 
kam-veul, kamvclax. 

Planca , Ailvlhen , f tonniar , 
plangk. A board or plank. Ar. Plan- 
ken. Ir. Klar, ] rdiall,bord, plank. 

PlanftiJs, us : T'rauiad, maedhi- 
ad, kyriad ; f Ybain. Jalar, alacth, 
kuynvan , j;alar-?;vyn , ydva a\ 
ftriking, knocking or heating ; Great 
ivailrng,plaint,andlamentatio?!. Ar 

Kiiniinc no t'ainin 

Plant igo latifolia, Lhvriad, lliy- 
dan y tordh. Plantanc. C. f lin li- 
dan, Icdanles. Ar. Met Icdan , ]e- 
daiiius. Ir. KxuiX phaidrig. Plant: 
angi,/hfo/ia, Llniyn hidydh, yrj;e- 
lynlhys, pcnnx 'r j;uvr , treatyri- 
;Ed y hy?;cilydh,cr Dcmet. Aftyili- 
cnlyi D.iv. Ribwort. Ir. ijiariius. 

Phnto,Planny,golod planhirion. 
ToplavtorJ'ct Ar Pl.uica. Ir.Pian- 
tayim no kuirim plantadlu. 

1 'lanuSjLhy vn, Ihuviin, ^uaftad, 
Ihathrcdig, didolk ; arrilug, tgjyr, 
hylpy;, ; IJivdan, di"run. Smooth, 
even, level, plain, evident, clear, ma- 
nifeft ■> Alfo flat, not round Ar.Plat, 
ingal, par, i.^Icr, Iplan, patant, a- 
nat, rci7. Lampr Slipcry. Jr. So- 
kair, kovtiirom, min, lleim, lleav- 
uin,rcidh, folia*. 

Planus, i : Tuylhu%,liydiir, j;ua- 
tliornr. An impoftor, a deceiver, a 
cheat, a rogue. Ir.Sairmcalkoir, fir- 
iubaire, (air-;;lca;:daidhe, llighte- 
oir r,o flufaidhc mor. Firavalloir, 
far/;nadaire, tuailcafoir, aivleafoir, 
rnil<t;ealaidhe , fear vilj^cil no ka- 
laidh breij^Cjfrutbairc, gadaidhc an 

Plalma , j^uaith kro;i;enydh , 
pridhldler; Dcvnydh. The irorkof 

baskarn!;^, bualadh , no Hrcadadh I f,X T-'rl^'".'" "'^T u'\^'''}'r 
bos, eagk; in [ treana. ^°^^' "^nth-vona.r knth-oba.r,h.r 

Plancus,Troet-pm,troedrraus, 2X VSlf-'',! f l,'''''^"'' 
iroedUdm. splay-footed C.Tru2.-^J^'„ ' ^""^ ^"'^''•''' 'avail Jio dan 

biat Ir.Koil'leathan, krvib-leachan, "^nf^i.^^ l' ji 

troirb-leathan. ' -„^-f %V''^"'^'^''' 1^^"^,''^^'='' 

Plane, yn eglyr, vn amiug, vn ^ f ' ^ ^'f: ^/""r, ^r. Poder 
_ ...■<} .b 1 .■; . . . .&.> . ipn. ir.Kritaire,Rardheanvaoibre 

uaftadlvvn; yn dhiai, yn dhiocr 
Manifeftly, plainly, evidently ; Alfo 
utterly, altogether, to be fiire. Ar. 
Skier, Iplan, patant. Ir.Goglan, 
go tbllas, go foillear. 

Planeta , Planed , fcrcn uib. A 
planet, a tuaiidringflar. C. Sferran 
guandre Ar. Planeden. Ir. Plai- 
ncad DO realt fiicavoidea.;);. 

eijcine do .sriadh fmar ata foidhigh 
no dcalva kriadh j kridhealvthoir. 
PJatea, Hcol vaiir \si}iin. Abroad 
way or great ftrcct. Ar. Strt t, ryu. 
Ir Sriia, bothar, iliglie, c^c. 

P!a;ido., Kyro du)lo vnj;hyd o 

lauenydh To clap hand's, ir Bof- 

^^hairdini , bol'gliairim, boif-vci- 

„, „ J. J ,. I ^"""j bol-uallaim, urghairdim, bd- 

Plango, Taro, meadhy, dylio, aiijm ba(a [ no bofa ' nim bualadh 

yro; kuyno, jala.-y, f:i;ynovain, ,10 grcadadli bos, re luariiKliaixe 

t ybani, vvlovain, ydo. To beat, to k,« molam.l : id'aim v--rnnr,brof- 

thump, tchang; Aljo^o bewail, /<»- 1 gaim , meilniahim ,'mcanmnayim. 

, - _. pi..udus, Klyll-laes.klyfdleyfyn, 

OTf?;?, or bemoan ir. Buailim, kna- 

gam, mm - treana, iavAsovairt, ba- 5uact3i klyftbes. One that kath 

skarnaigb no grcadadh Km. great and hanging fars.^r. Svid- , 

Plan.lphrer,um,kronnclh iTaftad, ■ y^^^,^ p^, „,^,, ghadlur, ga- 

Ihvvn-gronnelh ^ ?/-""#«■?. jhar llicalga no loi/e 1 

!r Rcadh-;iri'.ne,.o:mlpc.rno kru- P|,u(ibilis , A baro lauenydh , I 

mne rcidh,lle:m, no j,.:„.,n,^.r,duy^a j,,,.rb>nier vngro- ! 

Plaiutics, 5L'ulhd-vacs, j^uafta-ldauys Plaufible,that uweU acceiH-\ 

dcdh; ?;i,'aihciaiydh, Ih/vndra. A ed and receivd with favour . Ir.Bor-i 

~ ,, .. , , , • plain field, le. el ground, a -/cirff ; .ghairdea;;, doAiUirtas luadigliair ^ ! 

gvdh yLheianodjliicnlhiacnsVcly I Alfoplainnefs,tvennefs. C. iGucn. !lolaia^,ravalk;i,uithncavaA,,taidh- 

Hh lea^ ' 


Tit. II. A Comparative Vocabulary 

lezx, ionghavtha, ionghlakthajion- 

Plauftrum, Menn, kertuyn, 
karrven, kerbyd, ffaen. yi cart or 
wain, a Tcagon, a tumbrel. Tr. jFen 
kairc, korbad , fdruv, t korb no 
koifte. An t'reak thuaifsiorta/; . 

Plaufus,us; T'rauiad duylo yn- 
hyd o lauenydh, kKXWn o laue- 
nydh, gor'volcdh. Clapping of hands 
in token of joy or praife, fl^outing, 
rejoyceing , applaufe. Ar. Stragual. 
Ir.Bafgairdea;ed, bafluathghair, bof- 
voladh, gair-voka. Biialadhnogre- 
adadh bafa re luathghair. 

Plautus , i : Troetsam , troet- 
traus. Splay-footed Ir. SpadA;oia;e, 

Plebeius , A berthyn i'r bobol 
xyfrediii, tlaud, rheidys,anghenog, 
fdifas, ilel, '?;uael. Of or pertain- 
ing to the commonalty^ mean^fimple, 
&c C.GUJZ Ir.Gafraidhjkudhar- 
.main, dilgair, graii^e, gravaif^e, 
bralgain , gravfgair don ghairadh 
don ghraifg, do na fodhyineiv no 
don tubal ;Koit;^-can, kudarmanta, 
boA;d, fuarrax, faith, tair, kuii-ilhe- 
al, dibligh, fimpligh 

llebs, ykyfredin bobol, f yju- 
erin, f taeo^ac, tacojion, f bilein- 
Ihy, fadlauwed pobol. D. Dhy The 
common people. Ar. Tyt diuar ar 
mxs. Ir. Gafradh, kutiamwn dif- 
gar, grairg,brafgan, gravailg,gramr- 
gar, fuithean, d\rA;lan, anuaifle, 
klanntomais, bodaigh, flea(gaigh, 
kaileadha, pubal koit.';ean, fodhy- 

PledlOjKofpi, kerydliy, kyftuyo, 
t yfdovi, maedhy, tare, puyo. To 
corred, to puniJJj or beat. Ir. Ke. r- 
tayim,koirighim, nim keartaghadh, 
kuirim pinafta, buailim no gavam 

Plecflo, Plethy, eilio , rhuyftro, 
dyryfy. Toplait, hiit or weave. Ir. 
Kreaplaim, keanglaim, pillim, kor- 

Pleftrnm, Bon af5elh,bua kruth, 
peth i daro tanna; urth gany. ji 
quill or bow to play wit hall upon the 
firings of miifical inflruments. Ir 
Cnanb gle) ca N. Kleitc,peann no 
boghta do finim ar angrab ^iuil. 

Plenus, Lhaun, f kyvoriog, he- 
Ixth, amal, Ihuyr, kubul, kyvan, 
kyvrdo. F«i', perfeB, large, -whole, 
rich,ple7tteous, &c. C. Len. Ar.Le- 
in. Ir. Lan, umlan, ogh, K beas, 
poirife, leathada;K , foirlcathada.?:, 
tairfliin,rabaA;. Fos fai'vir, toikc- 
a;t:,toikeavail^ akvainjeaAi, linvur, 
lanavail, foirlmta. 
I Plenque, Lhauer, Ihaueroedh, 
j y rhan vuyav. The mofl or greatejl 
'part. Ar.-Ar fon muya. Ir.Forgla, 
: imad, mrtran, forvor, morvor. 
I Plcruruque,Wcithiae, vyny;!iav, 
I yn amlav Often times, mofl com- 
\ monly, for the moU part. Ar.Arfon 
! muya. Ir Go minik, arminik, ar 
' liaireiv. Fea^c nail, go koit>;ean. 
Plciirefis, j;uayu yftlySjCif-uayu, 


res. Ir. Tyv-ghalar, tyiveafadh, 
tuaimeafadh , teineas thyv no af- 

Plica, Plyg, dylli, rhf a;, plethi- 
ad, plvgiad. A wrinkle, pleat, or 
fold. Ar.Plek. Ir.Kor, lub,t drol, 
nlleadh, kloka kuairig, korn, kaife, 
rag, turkla. 

Piico, PK'Sy, plethy, t dylhio, 
e:lio. To fold, to knit, to plait. Ar. 
Plcga. Ir. Pillim, kornam, kuairf- 
gim, kalam, koram, lubam, dro- 
1am, prafam, turklayim, pkatam, 
grogam,rangam.Fi5him, greamay- 
im, nafgam. 

Ploro, Kuynovccn , kuynvan, 
gridhvan , jalary, uylo, uylovxn 
To bewail, to weep, to cry out, to la- 
ment. C-Dhogalarou. Ar Kanuo- 
vi, guela. Ir. Kyinim guilim, kvi- 
ghim^ kovairkim, nim giil no ko- 
vairk, milghraim, nim milghar, no 

Pluma , Man-bly , medhal-blv 
n.dar,plyi.'n.,plvyn,p!yvyn,ada'n. A 
fmall or foft feather, alfo a plume of 
feathers. C. Plyvan '^plur. pliv. i 
Ar. Plyen : Plyna , Deplumo. Ir. 
Kluiv, kleite no eitc min, min- 
;eleite, min-eite. 

Pul, hyrr, ftrymh^ idhig Leaden, 
or of lead ; alfo dull, blunt., heavy, 
lumpijh. Ir Ldaidheanta, liiaij^hca- 
vail,- nr dath ;Kailidheas no ar na- 
duir luaidhe Myl, tamailte, trom, 
taipeavail, Ipaideavail, lifta. 

Plumbum, Plumm,peJen blumm. 
Lead, a ball or plummet of lead. C 
Plobm. Ar. Plum. Ir. Luaidhe ; 
Fos kaor, f bruth, mcall no pileir 
luaidhe. Plumbum argentartum,iiin^ 
plumb. ci7iereum. Peatar. 

Plumeus &; -ofus, O'r ply. Of 
feathers Ir. Kkitigh, kleitea^, ei- 
tea;i;, kluva;t, eiteavail, kleiteavail 
Pluo, Glauio, bod yn lau, Buru 
glau. To rain. C. Dho jil glau. 
Ir. Ainvea^am ; baiftighim, nim no 
aiaim ag fearthain no ag baifligh, 
kuirim fearthainn, f ainveax no 

Pluralis, yn kynnuys lhauer, Ihi- 
ofog. That cont aineth many , plural 
Ir. llraidh no ulraidh, il, ileirdha. 
BO iolaradha, imdha, imadavail. 

More or many. C. Liaz , mcr. Ir. 
Lia, mo, iolardha [no ilara] io- 

Plurimum, yn vaur, yn vaur 
iaun, o'r eithav. Mojl of all , very 
much, for the mofl part. C Ithik tra 
Ar. Ar ton muya, paut. Ir. Go ro- 
vor, go morvor, go forvor, iom- 
dha, iomada;;;, imadavail, go nio- 

Plurimus, A^uyav Very mucb,ve- 
ry 7nany. Ar. Forz : Meyr a dra. 
A great many things. Ir. lomdha, 
imada;<;, imadavail. 

Plus, uris, Mi'iy, lhauer. More, 
above. C. May. Ar. Muy. Vlures, 
Kjlz, lies hini, naufpec den. Ir. 
Mo, lia, moghaidhe, liaidhe, mo- 
ran no tuilleadh os keann. Fearr, 

juayuynais, eil-j^luyv. The pleu .. 

Vtfie, a flitch in the fide. Ar. Pley- | boirr, korraghadh os keann 

Pluteus, Aftylhen argraf; Kift 
yftyfvlog. A reading dcjk ; A hutch 
or bin to keep bread in. Ir Kran- 
naighil Icapa ; krinlin , koitrin , 
dailj^in, f kriol, kofra no dafgabe- 
ag. Fos gne angraife Aiogaich fyi 
deadhthar go muraiv a vorbas no a 
n'um'haidhc-adh kaithrea^;. 

Pluvia, Glau. Ham. C.Glau. Ar. 
G1;!0. Ir.Fearthain, baiftea;K, t ain- 

PUiviofus, O'r glau , dyvrlhyd , 
gly by rog,glauog,lhaim glau, glau- 
lyd. Very rainy, full of rain. Ir.Fcar- 
thanaA; , ke^tharrana.;);, ian d' ear- 
thainn no do vaiftigh go n'imad 

Pncuma, < fpryd, 7;uynr, Aiuyth, 

;!;uthad. A fptrit, wind, breath. Ir. 

Spirad, 5yth, il-ideadh, ffeafnadh. 

Pncumon, yr yigyvaent. The 

lungs. Ir. Sgavam, fgavog. 

Pocukim, Kuppan, f iol , diod- 
leftr, ' goivIuA; ; Travlungk, di- 
od, T^jurod, Ihynn. All kind of cups, 
a drinking pot ; Alfo a draught, a 
potion^ a waffel, drink. Ar. Hanav. 
Ir Kupa>kupaniCopan,Ar.] fki'iib, 
t krithir, korn, kuirteog. Ga^; gne 
foidigh oile. 

Peidager , Troetglav, a vo arno 
dliolyr o'i diacd. Gouty footed. Ir. 
Liiaghul.iirc, Idaghutog. 

Podagra, Dolyr o'r tiaed, Kluy 
'r traed,trocduft The gout in the feet. 
Ar. Gliti. Ir.Lua-ghuca,ko(lighuta. ' 
Podcx , R hevcr, tin , y ky vei- 
ftedb. The arfe.fhe breech, the bumm. 
Ir. Ton, I nid, inad fuidhe, tol no 
poll tona. 

Poema, Aucn-^erdh, bardhoni- 
xth, bardhvjan, bardhaud. Apoem, 
a copy of verfes^ a piece of poetry. 
Ar. Pocfi Ir. Dan, daiin, | neive- 
adh, koi, tagvodh, obairno fychair 
tile ; yiiiDcacht). N. 

Poena, Poen, kofp, kofpedij^aeth, 
dihenydh, dialxth, artaith funijii- 
ment, torment, pain, remorfe, &C. 
ArKafli. Ir r Svth,pian [ ftVN. ] 
pionolla , pionoid , f toidhearnav, 
piloid J pcincarkadh , fvth-;>;oval , 
komal peine, kain, plaik. 

Pcenitencia, Ediveiru.*;, ediveri- 
ant, dirmyg, diyltyrUA;, penyd, pt- 
nydia;th Repentance, an after-for- 
row, alfo diflike or flighting. C, Ed- 
rak. Ar.Piniihen. Ir. Aithrige,ai- 
thfcaA;as, kroidhe avrudhadh, feal- 
ta, Kyngain ;sroidhe no toirre 

Pcenitet , Edivarhay , bod yn 
dhrug ganrho, bod yn Jyuilydh 
gantho. To repent, to grieve, to be 
ajljam'd of, &c Ir. As aithrea;e, as 
doilidb, as doilsheafa.^;, as oik, as 
t nar, as avaka, as naireaAj, as krai- 
dhte leir, do gaillidh ar, ata aithre- 
a;tns ar, ata nairc no avaltas ar. 

Poeta, Bardh, prydydh, kerdhor 
kerdh davod, kyuydhur. A Poet, 
one that writes or makes verfes. C- 
Prvdydh, Ar. Poetrian. Ir. File, 
• fllidlv [Sic ^ n] t tadhg, f mal, 
jamais, \ bol, ei5cas,tok, fear dana. 
Poetica,&-ce,Kelvydhyd bardh, 
^ kerdhurirvth , bardhonixth , bar- 

Of The Original Languages OfBritainAnu Ik el 

AND. 123 i 

dhas, pryd^'dhixth, f ovydhi.tth. | Pollutus, H.ilog, Ihygrcdij;, iic- 
Poetry. jr iiuladha an daiia , fili-idi ei dliuyiuj; I ydvr, bruiic, uv- 
ahcaA;d ;l*'i- Deftlvd^poUuiecl, foiled h.'S.x- 

Pocticus, Bardhonacdh, prydy-|laighthi, lbrbtlu,rieivthc,truiiill!he, 

dhaedh. Poetical. Irtik-ivail, udh- 
givail, ok.ivail. 

PokaM, Ptilhixd haidh ufdi ci 
graiy urrh oaii vii 61 bod yirsulvA:. 
Barley flotver dryd at the pre and 
fry d, after tt hath fok'd iti vater. 
r.Plujrmin-oriia, no oriia bi-ige, 
kruai!4htlu re tcinidh in ar m'cidi 
dhi ar niaofadh oilfcan oghrcig. 

Polio, is, l.hyviihay, lhachr}\ 
f kyboli, takly, trtvni, j auhyriio. 
To polij}.', to make frr.ooth, to trim., 
to adorn., &c Ir. Koiryini, tlc.iiay- 
im, biatham, mir.iglu