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*'^ *"- -■•--WX. «^ rf« ^«^^.^. «^^ 


1. Hindustani Manual, contniiiing a Compendious Orammar, 

Exercises for Tranelation, Diaiogiies and Vocabularj. Priiv 
3s. 6d. 

2. The Bugh Bahar ; or, "Adventures of Four Dervishttj," 

a celebrated Tale, by Mir Amman, of Delhi; with a complete 
Vocabulary. Price Ss. 

'\. A Dictionary ; Hindustsni-English and English-IIindfiHtrmi. 
Price 36s. 

4. A smaller Hindustani-English Dictionary. Price 12^ 






HhiduBtunl Gmmmar, with Specimens of Writing in the 
Persian and Nagari Characters, Reading Lessons and Voca- 
bulary. Price 10s. 6d. 

The Bagh o Bahar, in the Persian Cluiractcr, with a roni- 
pleto Vocabulary. Price 12b. 6d. 

The Tota Kahanl ; or, " Tales of a Parrot," in the Persian 
Character, with a complete Vocabulary. Price 8s. 

The Ikhwan us SofS ; or, "Brothers of Purity," in the 
Persian Character, with a complete Vocabulary. (Nearl} 

The Baital Pachlsi; or, "Twenty-five Tales of a Demon," 
in the Nagari Character, with a complete Vocabularj-. 
Price If iy 

Oriental Penmanship ; a Guide to Writing Hindfijitrun in 
the Persian Character. Price 8s. 

A Hindustanl-Eudish Dictionary in the Persian Cha- 
racter, with the Hind! words in Nagari also ; and on 
English Uiudustam Dictionary in the Roman Cliaracter; 
bo^ in one Tolume. Price 42s. 





* »- 















Jt^^, ^ . 2/. 

n:u^g akd sojr, rnixxERS, swilr BrxLDiKGS, (49) kooboats sthbet. 



This edition of my Hindustani Diohonabt is printed entirely in the Roman character ; 
and the words are arranged according to the English alphabet The grand object in view 
has been to render the work more portable and less expensive than hitherto. Every 
HindustSni word, from the beginning to the end of the work, may be unerringly 
transposed into the Oriental characters in accordance with the system laid down in the 
last editions of my Grammar and Manual of the language. It is needless for me to 
remark that the work is not intended to supersede the Oriental character, a knowledge of 
which must be ultimately attained by all those who mean to distinguish themselves in 
Her Majesty's Indian Service. 

It remains for me now to point out a few obvious particulara which present themselves 
in the course of the work. 

1. Compound words are generally to be found under the first or leading member of 
the compound ; at the same time, it is proper to observe that the Hindustani language is 
capable of admitting or forming thousands of compounds not to be found in any 
dictionary ; hence, the learner should bear in mind the more general rules for the forma- 
tion of compound words as laid down in any good grammar of the language. The same 
remark applies with regard to the rules for derivation, particularly those relating to the 
formation of causal verbs and abstract nouns. 

2. The few contractions used throughout the work are the following : The letters a, p, s; 
as well Bs hy d,t, or g, at the end of the definitions, denote that the word there defined is 
from the Arabic, Peraian, Sanskrit, respectively ; the letter k distinguishes such words as 
are aboriginal or purely Indian ; and d such as are peculiar to the Deocan (dakhan) : the 
few words marked t and ^ are of Tartarian and Greek origin respectively. The other 


contractions are, m. denoting the nutscaline gender ; f. feminine ; a., ui active or transi- 
tive verb ; and n. a verb neuter. The letter v. imports vide, and pi. the plund number. 

3. The following contractions ate need in the fonnation of compound verbs : k, for 
kama, "to make;" A, for Aona, "to be, to became ;" j for j5n2, " to go, to be ;" r, for 
ToJchna, " to keep, to have ;" d, for dend, " to give ;" t, for Una, " to take ;" d, for ifuina, 
" to throw " and 6, for bSndknS, " to bind." These, with the exception of the first two, 
are shieflj used in the formation of intensivee, and consequentl; the; have then laid 
aside their own primitive signification. As a general rule, compound words have their 
parts or members separated by a hyphen, thus dH^tthin, um-durutt, taT-gardun, &c. 
Such compounds, when transferred into the Oriental characters, are optionally written 
entire as one word, or distinct as two. The short t, denoting the Persian i^afat, is 
indifferently written either as the last letter of the governing word, or separately between 
the two words, as dardi tar or dard i tar, the sense bsing abundantly obvious either way, 
as no Persian word ends in the short t except it be in a state of construction with the 
substantive or s^jocti*^ following. 

4. I have avoided cross references, which are veiy embarrassing to the learner ; and I 
never have recourse to this slovenly plan except when the word referred to is either close 
at hand or is attended by a long explanation wUch it would he needless to repeat. 

In conclusion, I have only to add, that amid such a mass of small lettera, it will not 
seem surprising that an occasional error of the press should have occurred. I trust, 
however, that the number of such errora is small ; and I am confident (hat ±e generous, 
the learned, and the experienced (and it is thtir good opinion, and th^in only, I am 
ambitious to obtain) will not deny me their kind indulgence. 


i, BuxKoi GanosMT, 
jrofol, 186L 




a5, now, presently ; by adding Iw, ke^ ki, it formB 
an adj., as ab-kd zamdna^ the present time, h, 

ab (contract from a5v), a fiither. a, 

dbf m. water, splendour, elegance, dignity, lustre 
(in gems), temper (of steel, &o.), edge, sharp- 
ness (of a sword, &c.). p, 

ibd^ fitthers, pL of ab, or mbu (as above), a. 

*abd^ a kind of cloak worn by darweshes. a, 

abdbil^ m. a swallow, a, 

a-haci^ that which has not escaped, h, 

ah<Md^ m. eternity without end. a. 

ihdd, cultivated, prosperous; used in comp. in 
the sense of dty or vUU, as akboT'dbddj the 
city of Akbar, or (as the Americans would say) 
AJkhar-ville, the city of Agra, p, 

ahadan^ eternally, for ever ; never, a. 

dbdddUf synonymous with dbdd, q.y. p. 

ibiddm^ L a nabitation, a cultivated, populous 
place; population, cultivation, abundance, p, 

Sbdd'heshi, i. first assessment of newly-settled or 
cultivated land, p, 

a^hadhf sacred, inviolable. ». 

a-hadkya^ not deserving death, inviolable. «• 

ahadi, eternal, without end. a, 

ibddl, synonymous with dbdddnu p, 

mbdd'kdr^ the first settler on waste land. p. 

mbdd^kamdy a. to build, cultivate, make a place 
habitable and populous, p, 

a-hikj dumb, speechless. «. 

«-&a4 weak, without strength or power, a-hald^i. 
weak; a woman. a-5att,i, f. weakness, a-haldpd, 
m. weakness, frailty. a-haU, weak, powerless. «. 


ahaUy f. a row, a range, a continuous line. «. 

abar, now, at present, h. 

abav'dhabar, coarse, rough, common, h, 

dbarhan (vide dbharan) m. ornaments, jewels, Ac. 

a'baSf powerless, without choice. «. [«. 

aba§y vain, idle; adv. in vain, uselessly, a, 

a-btuan, naked, without clothes. «. 

*abbdsi, name of a flower ; adj. red. a, 

<tb'bdxi, f. play or sport in water ; swimming, p. 

db-ckafhdndj a. to whet one's sword, &c pX, 

db-chashi, f. giving drink to a diild for the first 

time preparatory to weaning him. p, 
ahohhard, a female dancer in the court of Indra ; 

also apchhard and apsardf q.v. 8, 
^ahd, m. a servant, a devotee ; a slave, a. 
Midly m. a religious person, devotee, enthusiast. 

abddU, of or relating to a devotee, a. 
db-ddncL^ m. food and drink : also ab o ddna. p. 
dbddr, m. the person intrusted with the charge 

of water for drinking ; adj. polished, of a good 

water (as gems), well tempered (as steel), db- 

ddr-thdnd, the house or cellar where water for 

drinking is kept. p. 
db'ddrif t sharpness (of a sword, &c.) ; pc^h (of 

gems) ; office of dbddr. p. 
db'dast, m. washing the hands, p. 
abdhut, m. a kind of fakir or devotee. «• 
dbdida, in tears, weeping, ub-dida-h.^ to shed 
abdiyatj servitude, slavery, a. [tears. p.h, 

abe^ an inter), expressive of scorn, as Sirrah ! A. 
a-ber, f. delay ; late, unseasonable. «. 
abe^ahe'kamd, to thee and thou^ a ^T«otu 



a^ima^ m- A mirror, looking^gluB, a drinking- 

glut ; wine ; R diamond, p. 
ab-gir, a reoaptaela for water, a pool, pond, ditoh ; 

a arearer'a brueh. p. 
ib-gniar, a canal or obauiel for water, p. 
Mb-guiar, a ford, a farrj ; an eipresi. p. 
a-bkig, also a-b\dgf/a, m. miefartuns, ill-lnak. 

a-bhagd, also a-bhagiiii aod a-bkigi, unforta- 

nate, dMtitute. t. 
a-MaUli, f. diitegard, want of desire, indi{(^ 

«nce, unbelie£ a-bhaktimdu, unbelieving, i. 
a-bia,o, m. absence, non-eiiBtence, want ; tu in 

tbia proverb, raji ke ghar mei. In/a titoUgon kd 

i^kd,o I I< tliere a waol of pearu in the nya'a 
o-tUr, light, of little weight, t. [houw? *. 
a-biaram, without reapect. «. 
itiara», m. jewela, ornament*, decontion ) tUo 

aiAaro", with the initial Towel short *. 
ithdt, and dihdih, m. a preboe, ■ preamble, an 

a-bkag or abKaya, without ten, fearlsea. abkaga- 

dan or abkaga-paira, or i^iaga-vai, to. asaur- 

ance of aafetj or protection, an amneatj. t, 
adk-bar, in the middle. A. [oelebnted. t. 

a-bhrd or a-hkea, unit«d, Cutened together, known, 
aiii, a particle denotiag priority in time or plaoc^ 

prefixed to Sanikrit worda. i. 
di-Ai, even now, juit now. k. 
atkibad or abkibadan, m. act of kiaaing the bet or 

of wonhipping, an obeiaance ; alao an inault. a. 
aikikkula, eubdued, domineered over. i. 
atkickar, m. a oharm or apell, cauaing deaOii 
aikidkd*, m. a dictionaij, vocabnlaiy. «. 
abkilakk or a&kildkkd, m. or oiMUfi and oMi- 

loMhd, t wish, deeiie. t. 
abhiiiM, wishing, deeiring, longing tor. t. 
abkimdn, m, pnde, haughtinees, aelf-oonodt. 

aikimdna-jyiitra, m a foater " ' -■ •- 

{. pride, arrogance, 

proud, ooooBiled. r. 
abhimat, approved o^ chosen, 
t^lumatatd or aikimatli, t deaire, lore. 
abinnikk, present, before. 
abMiKKtkaU, (. jireeenoe, 
*6kinav, new, quite new. 
atiiprdg, m, aeDtiment, intention, opinion, pur- 

poae ; the main purport of a book, ke. i. 
iMir, ni. acow-hOTd. ■. 
atkUiri and abkitirim, f. a lawd wimun. a. 
ahkiikak, m. bathing, royal unction. *. 
i^Auiiita, inatalled, baptiied, mthroned. «. 
A^'u^^ Jorad, wiahadlbr. *. 


o-tlifi, t frarleasnesa. ». 

aihitidd, m. abuaive language. ■, 

t^kivddaii, m. low, prostration. «. 

a-bkog, unfit for use, unpossessed, a. 

a-bhc;;, also a-bbmya, unfit to eat, not eatable, a. 

a-iAoft, not having eaten, fasting. «. 

abkra, m. the sky, a cloud, t. 

abkrai, m. talc, mica, abkrati, made of talc. t. 

ibkilclian, m. jeweb, ornamenta. i. 

oiAiiaAaa, m. Dnuunents, jewellery, finery. (. 

oiAy^oJ, m. a guest, a visil«r ; arriTed. i. 

ablyai, m. practice, meditation, atudj. #. 

oiAyoii, studious, practising, repeating, a. 

oil, of or belonging to water, moist, p. 

ibi 'athrat, wine, »gmm gemtcd*. p.a, 

di i bdrdw, m. rain-water, p. 

dbi batta, m. ioe, glBU, p. 

a-biltk, m. want of discrimination : abibtki, in- 
discreet; abibetati, foll^. t. 

a-bickdr, m. want of consideration, injostice. ■. 

a-biekdri, m. a-bicidrin, L an ui\jiut or inconsi- 
derate man or woman, t. 

dbi ckaikm, m. water of the eye, tears, p. 

'■Nd, m. ao adorer, a worahipper of Gtod. a. 

dAi danddn, m. shupnesa of the teeth, p. 

a-bidfo, L ignorance, unskilfolnevs. >. 

abigokjir, water of peerla, pan limpid water, p. 

ibi gotkl, aoup, gravy, brotn. p. 

aiiAaiiD«, m. water of life t a fabulous foun- 
ts so called, p.a. 

dbi Awnw, forbidden water, i. e. w^ 
or hypocritical tcaca. p.a. P „ „ . 

ibi ^an-at, m. water of desire, wish, appetite, 

ibi kagil, m. the water of life, immortality, p.a. 

afiij, grain that does not germinate, i. 

oil jsri, m. a atream, rivulet, tears flowing. p.a. 

ibijo,e, f. the water of a rivulet, p. 

^i-iautar, m. nerter. p.a. [ledge. p.a. 

ibi Hifr, ireter of immortality; inspired know- 

abila, m. a blister. abita,i/araiu/, m. the Flench 

£11, a bubo. p. 
lamb, m. quickness, diligence. (. 
a-biiuii, m. wantonness, pcrtnesa. t. 
a-biud; m. safety. : 

a-bi*aii, aafe, entire, tee from loss, eternal (. 
orbiiut, wanton, pert, petulant, t. 
oM antra, m. quicksilver, p.a. [k. 

oiir, in. red powder used at tbe hali Saturnalia. 
'ibir, passing over, a passenger, ^abtr, amber- 
Bria,saflW>n. 'oiiri, of orreaembUngsafiron. aa. 
a-birodk, m. quietness, tranqoillity. a-birndki or 
o-MpMttMa, quiet, trauquiL j. 


( 3 ) 


a^huan^ without desire, indifferent. §, 

a-bi»^ek or ctbikj^k, m. sprinkling, t. abkUkek, ». 

db i tkor, m. brackish or salt water, p, 

uhitia^ pregnant (a woman), with joong (an 
animal), new-bom (a child), p. 

mhiHapiy siso ibutam^ Ac, f. pregnancy, p. 

O'^uwdt, m. want of confidence, distarastfulness. 

a-hiswuif abuwasim, abinodtwij diiBtmstfuL «• [«. 

mbi zoTf water of gold : white wine, p, 

ibi Kuiil, m. pure limpid water. p,a, 

abja, m. the lotus ; the moon : a conch. #. 

abjad^ m. the alphabet. abfad-Uflpdn^ m. one 
who is learning his alphabet a,p, ' 

ib'jo, f. a rimlet or streamlet, p, 

db-josky m. graTj, soup. p. 

ab'kd, iv, Jti, of the present time. k. 

ib'kdTy m. a water-carrier, a sprinkler \ a wine- 
merchant, or seller of spirituous liquors; a 
drinker of wine. p. 

ib'kirif t the business of a distiller, ftc p. 

mb-ktuk, a drawer of water. ib^kiuM^ act of 
drawing or carrying water, p. 

abketkl, without fruit, barren (tree). «. 

ib-l^moy m. a repository of water, a reservoir ; 
a cellar, p, 

mb-U^uty a water melon or cucumber. p» 

abi^a, pL m. yapours, exhalations, a, [p. 

ib-Mmr or ift-ttfirrf, m. food and drink ; fortune. 

«^-^{rra, m. a narrow-mouthed vessel for drink- 
ing out of^ a cup for drinking water, p. 

abi^ky foolish, silly, ignorant, bashfuL ablahi, f. 
foUy, silliness, a. 

ablaky piebald, black and white, party-coloured, a, 

mbluj (also «Mirol), sugar candy, p, 

abud, pL sons; peopfe; tribes, abna^i Juu, pi. 
companions, comrades, equals, abnd^e dakr or 
abndfi roxffdr, sons of the time, contempora- 
ries. 3.p, [the chillam is fizecL p. 

db-uai, m. the straight tube of a kukka^ on which 

abmiy {. the earth, world, s. 

dbmifi m. ebony. dbmuH^ made of ebony, p, 

db o ddnOy water and grain, food and drmk. p. 

€hbodkt m. ignorance, stupidity, a^j* ignorant, 
stupid; puzzled, perplexed. 8. 

orbodkaiuffa or ehbodk-gamya^ incomprehensible, 
unintelligible. ». 

dh'O kmedy f. atmosphere, air, climate, p.a, 

a-boi, silent. O'bold, disposed to silence, k, 

dh-pdtki^ f. sprinkling water on fields, &c. p. 

mbr^ m. a cloud, abri tiydh^ a black cloud, abri 
flofijF, a thick cloud, abri diur, a cloud with- 
out rain, p. 

ahra or ahrd^ m. the outside of a garment ; the 
outer fold of a double garment ; distinguished 
from (utctTy the lining, k. 

ahrak or abrtik, m. talc, mica. a. 

abrai^an or ctbranjin, a bracelet, p. 

abrdr, pi. just men ; dutiful (to parents), a. 

ab-rmodn^ m. a very fine kind of muslin, p. 

dbretkam or abrtskam^ m. sewing silk, abreakmi^ 
silken, made of sUk. p. 

db-reSy a pot for sprinkling water, tuoh as a gar* 
dener^s ; used also in baths, p. 

abrif douded, variegated, abri kd^g, a kind of 
thick and shining paper, p. [to frown, p. 

abrd, f. the eye-brow, abru par guih fnimi, a. 

dhrdy i. honour, character, renown, elegance ; the 
name of a poet, dbrd-mtdmdy a. to dishonour, 
disgrace. dbrU'bar-bdd-deHd, a. to lose one's 
own character, or destroy that of another. 
dbru-^leni, a. to bestow honour or reputation 
on any one, or to surrender or lose one's own. 
abru-reZf a calumniator, dbru-retiy t slander, 
calumny, dbrd'kamiy a. to treat with insp e ct . 
dbru'UiHif a. to take away one's character or 
reputation, p. 

ab'My from this time, ab'se dur, is an expres- 
sion of those who, after describing a past mis- 
fortune, pray to be preserved from a repetition 
of it ; q.d. Far be it from us ! k,p, 

db'tkdr, m. f. a watcr&ll, cascade, cataract, p. 

db'shindtf the lead-man, or person who takes 
the soundings in a ship, a pilot, p. 

db'shara or dbi-shora, m. water cooled artificially 
by means of a solution of saltpetre, p. 

eU>-9ony from this time, ab-iab, presently, ab' 
tab'k. to be in a dying state, to be all over with 
one. k, 

ah Idhf f. splendour ; also ah o tab. p. 

dbidbOf also djtdba or dftd»a, m. an ewer. p. 

ab'toyint till now, till this time, ab^tak or ab- 
talak or ah-talag or ab-tori or ah tofi^ till now, 
hitherto, yet, up to the present time, as yet, 
still, notwithstanding, k, 

abtoTy worthless, spoiled, wanton, dissolute; ai- 
tariy worthlessness. a. 

ab-Mif from this time, hence, k, 

abu, m. father; the word is frequently used as 
the first member of a man's name or epithet, 
thus, abu-l'batkar, the father of the human 
race, Adam. abu-aU nndy a celebrated sage 
and physician, commonly known in Christen- 
dom as Avicenna. abu'fawdrisy the ass, lit. the 
father of horsemen, a. 


a-biidd^nUat or a-budi o: 

; also a. r. 

a-bijh, stupid, nitbautunderitanding. «. a-bijAd, 
not umierntooi!, iuoomprehaiiBible. A. 

oimii, pL doun, gMea, chapter*, aectioni ; in the 
rerenue Ungusge of India the word niauu 
almost aaj kind of ceaaea, impoata, and cbwgM 
Unied b; the oSIcdals of BOTemment. a. 

ib-ydr, m. a i>aterer, a iprinkler. p. 

ab-j/ari, f. irrigation ) a kind of thm linen doth ; 
a species of dore. p. [TWsaa. a. 

abjfdl, pL house*, (and more usual) diiticha, 

ooAa (for a^cUii), good, eioellenl. k. 

a-eAai», uneaaj, uncomfortable, t. 

a-^al, immoTenble (either Erom strength or weak- 
uesa) ; an aced person ; m. a mouotajii. mil- 
aehtU, the blue mountain near Balasore. t. 

a-^aU, £, the earth, auppoied to be inunoreable 
aa the centre of the uniTerse. i. 

dEianuB, m. act of rinoing tlie moath. *. 

oeMara&ha, also ooiamio, m, a wonderful thing, 
astonishment. a4j. rare, wonderfiil. i. 

a-ckaad, a. to wash the mouth after eating ; to 
drink. A. [eipectedlj. A, 

aehamai or mAanckai, suddenly, unavarea, un- 

a-ehanchal, fixed, umnored, firm, inactiTS. i. 

a-tijHi4, gentle, not posiiooate. t. 

a-ciar, immoTeable, inanimate, i, 

aoAdr, also oeAsr, m. picUes. A. 

iehar or aeMr, m. manner of life, oommon prac- 
tice,ruleof condiict,religiousob9erTance. acAir- 
varjU, irregular, out of rule, out of eaate. ». 

ackw-aj (for ackitya), m. an instructor in matters 
of nligion ) a learned ^n*^. *. 

iiAara* or ee4ara>, m. manner of life, conduct, 
oostom, pnutjoe, inititate, religioua obserr- 

ogAsri, a strict obserrer of religious ceremoniea. «. 
aehari or aeharci, m. wonder, admiration, aito- 

nisbmeat. adj. astonishing. A. 
mehdrya, m. oa uutructor (especiallj in matten 

of religion), the founder of a religious sect. 

achdiyd, £, a spiritual preceptress, aehdiyaai, f. 

the wife of an achirja or religious iiutructor. t. 
a-ehattir, Itupid. inaotire. i. [lie. t. 

iciehadan, m. cloth garmeDts ; a COrering, dosk, 
aeheUd, good, eioellent, righteous, healthj. 

aehckU AoM, to recover. aeieAid-iamJ, to 

cure, acltchii-lagmd, to heeome, beseem, to be 

pleaaing. ocAcUe w aeiciid, brat of sU. «. 
ooAeAJtar or aitltar, m. a letter of the alphabet, t. 
^atoi^ar^ mcientiSoi lattovd. s. 

ooAoUof, m. whole ri 
aehchhi taroA, i 

a religious ct 

ill, right, properlj, A.o. . 

a-^et, out of mind or senses, senseless, thought- 

oeAA, m. a die _i the spots on dice. i. [less, i. 

aciitai, imperisbanie. aehhai britt^, an unde- 
oajable tree, aeklfai-lok, m. heaien, the im- 
perishable world. I, 

amifmtd, i. durabilitj, imperiahablenetf. >. 

ackkan, not strained, impure. A. 

aekkat, remaining, eiistiog. A. 

ackftat or akiftat, f. infsUible, indelible. ». 

aekkep, m. reproof, sBrciiBm, abuse, t. 

ackkir, m. the thrush, a complaint to which 
children are liable, . k. [the eye. *. 

acklfi, m. the eye. ackhi-tdrd, f. the pupil of 

ooUniMfi, f. orthography : playing on a stringed 
instrument so ai to express the words of a 

aekilina-packhtajid, m. to repent, regret. (.A. 

a^ikuli, intangible (victuals dnesed for taints, 
ic.), inrioUble. A. 

a-ckUelcait, rough, ucpolisbed. i. 

a-Ma, without note or conseguenoe, i. 

a-cknU, thoughtless, rash. t. 

a-ekinti, t duregard, absence of thought. *. 

a-ckild, nnwiihed for; not painted (paper, &c.). 

aekkari, f. wantonness, wickednese. A, [A. 

aekpal or ackpala, m., aehpati, t, restless, play- 
ful, brisk I obstinate, unruly, aekpali or acA- 
paiakal, (. restlessness, Ac. A. 

aekraj, m. wonder, admiration. (. 

aehtand or acktdnd-p/Kktiad (t. ackkla»d), to 
r^ret, to repent, h.i. 

it-nkii; unemng ; a good marksman. A. 

acAwdai, f. caadle (r. ocAAiuai). A. 

a-ckyul, firm, fixed, steady i imperishable, eter- 
nal i m. a name of Vishnu or Ood. i. 

ad (same as adk or adk), half. «. 

ad or ddi, m. beginning ) the first, original, j. 

add, f. blandishments, coquetry ; discharge, pay- 
ment, performance 1 TOioe. add-kona, to be 
performed, to be discharged (a debt, Ac.). 
adi-k, to liquidate, to pay. add-bandi, the fix- 
ing a period for the performanoe of a contract, 
or payment by instalments, add-faknt, one 
who understands by signs, a.p. 

a4d, m. the perch in a birdcage ; a police-station 
in the country j a fixed place for polki hearers 
and k{Uu. k. 

<fdd, pL foes, eneuiiei. a. 


( 5 ) 


idoj m. ginger in the undried state. «. 

adab^ m. act of presemng the boundaries of 
ereiy thing ; good-breeding, politeness, respect, 
urbuiitj, polite literature, adah-k^ to respect, 
to behave politely ; to correct, chastise. a.A. 

adib^ m. pL etiquette, ceremonies, politeness, 
forms of address, salutation, respects, a. 

*adad^ m. number. *adadi auwal^ a prime num- 
ber. *adadi fMh^ a whole number, a unit. 
*adadi zi^ or adadi mnf^lak^ a cardinal number. 
^adadi^ numeral, numerical, a, 

add^ dait^ m. payment of debt. a« 

dda^t^ t. performance ; payment. 

adakehd or adakeluL, m. a doth for carrying 
things in ; a coyering. 

*adalai^ i, justice, law, eauity, court of justice. 
^addlai'ptmdk, asylum or justice, a. 

*addlaiaim^ (dual) the two courts of justice, t. e,, 
the dril and the oriminaL a. 

mdamy Adam ; also, a man in the abstract, idam- 

tad or adam-tadoy descended of Adam ; s. man, 

mankind, oeiaiii-^ar, humane, benerolent. adam- 

^oH, fl humanity, benevolence. addm4^r or 

^fpir^ man-deTOuring, a cannibaL a.p. 

*adam^ m. non-existence, privation, discontinu- 
ance* *adami fodii^, the want of proof or con- 
firmation, a.' 

addma-Haky may Gh>d preserve (him, &c.). a. 

m4ambar^ m. charge sounded by musical instru- 
ments ; comaenoement ; pride ; arrogance ; 
angor, passion; happiness, pleasure. «. 

mdiny m. taking, receipt, acceptance, ddan-pra' 
dsn^ m. giving and taking. 8. 

*ad4tn^ t, Eden, Paradise ; name of a town in the 
south of Arabia, Aden, a, 

a^damd or a-dwand, quiet, free from strife. «. 

adamd, unpunished, m. impunity. «. 

a-dmilt pL low, mean, or contemptible people, a. 

Orddm^ avaricious, stingy. 8, 

id-^MnU^ adj. from first to last, from beginning to 
end ; m. the beginning and the end. ». 

mdar^ m. respect, regard, treating with deference, 
politeness, adar^manj reverence and honour. «. 

flCMTM, m. a kind of very fine muslin ; a kind of 
sweetmeat. A» [s, 

m-dankf inrisible, unseen ; m. unforeseen danger. 

miatnk, m. a mirror; a commentary, original 
manuscript ; a copy, a sign. 

a-dartham^ m. disappearance ; adj. invisible. «. 

«^ar •4*»r, m. a ditch and the mound of earth 
thrown up from it^ forming the boundary of a 
field, h. 

*adat, f. habit, custom, usage, ^ddai-k, a. to adopt 
a habit, to introduce a custom, to accustom, a, 

O'ddta, avaricious, stingy. 8, 

^ddatif habitual; customai^, usual, a. 

a^dattaf not given. In Hindu law, an illegal 
donation, consequently void and resumable. «. 

a-daitdy not giTcn in marriage (a female). «. 

ddauj at first, in the beginning. «. 

adamri^ t a kind of food eaten by Hindus, h, 

*<idau)at, t enmity, hatred, strife, a. 

O'daydf unfeeling, destitute of pity. «. 

cuibMf wouderful, admirable ; m. surprise, t. 

d44^ m. a stall, booth, shop, &c. dtlda-dar, a 
palki bearer or dak runner, h. 

addhif t, half of a ddrnji (a small coin) ; half a 
piece of cloth. A. 

ddesh, m. an order ; a salutation of Jogis. «. 

ttde-wade, m. procrastination, ade'toade-k^ to 
put off, to evade, to shuffle, a, 

ad-garhd^ half driven (as a stake), h, 

adhy in composition denotes half; as adk-mu^ 
half dead. «. [tide ut)» «. 

adha, down, downwards (the reverse of the par- 

adhoj half (in comp. adh^ adh, ad), «. 

a^dhairjd, m. instability, want of firmness. «. 

adham, mean, vile, wretched, contemptible. #. 

(Mdhamddhamf extremely mean or base. «. 

adhan, m. water set to boiL A. 

O'dhan, poor, destitute. «. 

adhdUf m. oils, unguents. A. 

ddhimy m. pregnancy, couception ; a pledge, a 
deposit, a surety. «. 

adhang, m. palsy affecting half the body, adkaagi^ 
palsied, paralytic. 8, 

a-dham, poor, indigent, t. 

adhar, low, rile, m. the lower lip. «. 

adhar, m. empty space, the space between heayen 
and earth ; adj. suspended, separate, at a dis- 
tance ; in the middle, h. 

ddhar, m. a patron, supporter, one on whom 
dependence is placed for assistance. «. 

ddhdr or adhdr^ food, victuals. A. [lips. 8, 

adharamrit, m. the moisture or nectar of the 

adhdri (in compos.), an eater; as, dudk-ddhdn^ 
one who lives on milk. A. 

a-dkarmy m. injustice, impiety; crime; adj. un- 
just, impious, adhamt'chdri, wicked. 8. 

adharmatdy f. unrighteousness. «. 

a-dharmif adharmik or adhdrmik^ ux\just, un- 
righteous, wicked. «. 

adharm^andj m. injustice, crime. A. 

adharta^ m. a half piece of doth. A. 



adid-iiri or idii-iiti, f. puD Bflecting ths half of 
the head, imun-aina. «. 

adiaufi, (. half a hide (of a Hack strone kind) . k. 

adli-iagra, halt olsuied (■■ rioe from Ue hiuka). 

aU-bana, half-mads, half-prepared, jl. [li. 

aM-ba{i,i, t dirition of produce in equal aharaa. : 

adiela, m. half a paita (a small coin), amountmg 
to IZi danu, or ^danrit. h. 

aditB, t. half a npi ,- alio a kind of maaiim 
used for oom ; also half a gold mohur. k. 

adieliya, a proprietor of a half-abare. h. 

adker, middle-aged: jutt put the prima of life 
(applied moat froqnentl; to woman), adkt^ 
patia, m. the middle period of Ufa, mature ase. 

aiU-gadri, half-ripe (Gruit, Ac.), d. [A. 

adhi, a particle donating Baperiorit; g upon, over, 
above (the rererae of ths particle opu). i. 

adlkit, more, greater, abuadaaC, eioeaaiTe, addi- 
tional, lagmented. adkai, a, half, a part (leea 
in lue than nUd or adJt), i. 

adiuta,!, £, inomaae, ahundance, aupremacj. *. 

odAikana, a. to augment, to increase. (. 

adtukar, m. poasesnon, a kjngdom; authority, 
rule, pririlege, inherilanoB. adhikaran, m. su- 
periorly, title, right, adiikin, m. a pro- 
prietor, aorereigii nuer. *. 

a&ikarma, m. superintendeneo, aupeniaioD, go- 
Temment. odMlcanKa-Icrit, m. a euperriaor. *. 

adiikrit, ID. a niperintenduit, »a inspector of 
receipts and diahuraements, an auditor of pub- 
lic aooonnta. «. 

iHiikyt, m. eiceaa, an oreiplns, abundanoe. i. 

aiiiiuiii, m. oaneer of the vja. m. 

adiimat, m. an intercalary month, which happens 
once in three years, when two lunationa oouur 
within one solar month, j. (riileHind. Gram,) 

iJAimnkh, preaent, before, i. 

adlu» or mUia, suboiiisiTe, obedient, obaeqnioiu, 
humble, docile, dependent, t. 

adkinati or idl^iuiii,l or oittni, f. submission, 
obedience, obaaquiouineas, aerrility, depend- 
ence^ slBTar^, petition. *. 

oiUtpa, m. king, master, or ruler, t. 

idi^^patjitt, m. sorereignty, goremineiit ; lord- 

B-diir, confused, perplexed, hasty, pTecipitalfl^ 

irresolute, impatisot, unsleady . «. 
tldk^■r^j, aupreme ruler, i. 
a-fUiiMj, m. perplexity, distrwitton, untteadiDesa i 

adj. perplexed, impatient, feeble, irresolute, t. 
adhirajfa, m. empire, supreme sway, i, 
JOHr^ L midnight, i. 


a-^xrata, f. impatience, haste, predpitatiOD, fio- 

kleness, unsteadinese, confusion. *. 
o-MinVf or o-dittTji, perplexed, distracted. *. 
(KUiMwar, m. an emperor, a king paramount, i. 
oiU^ar, m. a man who passes half hia time in 

one Tillue and half in another. A 
(uMiyari, I. a luilf-shiire. k. 
odk-kaeMia, m, adh-lcaekeht, t half ripe; akind 

of soil in Baharanpur. k. 
adh-kaehra, m. adh-kaehri, t. half cooked. A. 
adk-iaka, half spoken, half pronounced, k. 
adk-kapdll or adk-kapiri, f. a pain afTectiiig half 

the head j a nut of Areca. 4. 
adk-kar, m. half the tax, or duty of any kind, 

the other half being remitted, adk-kari, f. an 

iDBtalment of eight inaa in the rupee. : 
adk-mard 01 -maran 01 nii,d, tiairdcui. t. 
odAo-mukk, with the head downwards, i. 
adiclar, f. a &ne kind of cloth, h. 
adh pakkdy half ripe. t. 
adk-pi,o, half a quarter, k. 
adkpat, properly adkipati, m. prince, rnja. (. 
adkunik, reoent, mofiem, of the present time. 

adkmiktd, f. recentneas, the being modem, 

adkUri, half ready, unfinished, half dressed, k. 

adkaan, half of anything, h. 

adk-wdr, half (eenendly Sipplied to pieces of 

doth) ; a half web. k. 
idkj/a, dirision of produce between two parties 

in equal ihares, one furnishing the BC«d and the 

other the labour, k. 
adkt/ackfi or adkgaktlf, m. a master superintend- 

aot, Ac. ; a man of rank. : 
adkg^n, for nfAya.vaa, m. study, application, 

eapecnally of the sacred books. *. 
adkgiita or adkiyatii, a. to halre, to diride. h. 
adkgipak or adkt/ajiak, m. a teaober, one who 

instructs in the sacred books. *. 
adkgapaa, m. instructing, teaching the aaons) 
adkgiva, m. section, chapter, t. [books, t. 
adif fint, prior i in compos, other, Ac. 
adib, m. a leacberj adj. courteous, a. 
idik, relating to tfae b^miing ) (in oomp.) and 

all the real, et caitera. i. 
idikirait, m. a primary cause. *. 
'adil, equal i just, m. a distributor of justice. 

'idil, just, upright, Biocere. a. 
adim, goat's leather perfumed, a, 
'mfiia, destitute, depriTed, not to be found. 

'adiM<i'l-mifal, incomparuhlo. a. 
a-diM, m. an unlucky day. i. 


( 7 ) 


Sdi^pmnuik^ m. one o^ the namee of ViBlmn. «. 

a^diti^ m. misfoitime, fiite. t. 

mdit (for idiijfa)^ m. a deity in genermL 9. 

adiH, t the name of the mother of the godi. s. 

adtH-nemdam^ m. a deity, i,e. a son of adiiu «. 

mdUwOj m. priority, preoedenoe. «. 

SdUya^ m. tne tun ; idHyO'har or adUgct^wiir^ m. 
Sunday. «. 

ad'kkild or ad-hkoU^ half open (flower, &o.). A. 

'€kU, m. jnstice, equity. 'ociMr., a. to administer 
justice, a. 

miirbadl or adld^hadld or adR'badU^ exchange, 
alteration. adtbadU'k^ to exchange, to swop 
or barter; to confuse, displace; also adlA- 
badU'k and adl kd badl'k, L 

ad^mari^ m. ad-mari^ f. half dead. A» 

tf^NM, a descendant of Adam ; a human being 
(man or woman), indiyidual, people, a. 

Miugfal, t humanity, dyility ; admtjfat'k^ to be- 
have with humanity. idtmMotpakafndj to be- 
eome ornlized. idmiyai-^tkhlimd or ddmyat 
mtn Umd, to drilize. idmiyai'U^hrjdnd^ to be- 
come savage, forocious, and frantic, a. 

ad-^mu^y m. half dead. A 

tulmd or Aiii^ inferior, little, low, mean, a person 
of no consequence, a, 

«-^!o2, immoveable, unshaken. A 

adaif without spkaidour. 9. 

adrakj m. ginger in an undried state. 9, 

adroH, t a kmd of sweetmeat, h. 

«-<lrH, for a-driihyOf inyisible, unseen. «. 

thdrokf m. mildness, moderation, the absence of 

a-4rolu^ innocuous, mild. 9. [tyranny. «. 

*adm^ m. an enemy, a foe. a. 

t^-dwait, peerkss, matchless, unique. «. 

admdm or admitfan^ f. braces for tightening the 
tape of s bedstead. A 

a-dmantdt quiet, tranquil, free from strife, t . 

Ai«0r, pL lerolutions, yioissitudes. a. 

a-<liB««il or a-<fawiA«, harmless, not malicious. ». 

iwlipt^jfo, peerless, matchless, unequalled. ». 

oflip^ya, pL medicines, a. [a. 

oelytfii, pL religions, religious rites or ceremonies. 

mdfomi^ first and last, beginning and end; adj. 
from first to last, from beginning to end. 9, 

0-tfjfol^ without splendour, obscure. ». 

^ the sun ; the musk deer. p. 

*^f (used benedictively), as 'i^a-2-2a4»-*a»-il«, 
may Qod have had mercy upon him ! a, 

4^Si^ pL horiions, quarters of the heayen, the 
world or universe^ regions, a. 

tfH^ pL actions, conduct, a. 

*€ff(iriif pi. horrible demons or giants, a. 

i^aif f. misfortune, wretchedness, calamity. Sfat 
rcuida or ^ai zcida, inyoWed in misfortune, a. 

afdi, pL calamities, evils, misfortunes, dangers, a, 

ctfyofif overthrowing (used in oomp.). p, 

afga/nda^ overthrown, cast forth, afgandagiy f. 
act of overthrowine. p» 

qfyandamy to throw down, to cast. p. 

afgdr^ wounded, m. a sore, p, 

afghdn, lamentation ; inteij. alas ! p. 

afghdnif of or relating to the A/j^diu; the 
Afghdn language, a, 

qfi (properly q^i), m. a serpent, a, 

afim^ opium, qfiman^ f. afimchi^ m. or a^tnu^ 
m. an eater of opium ; (fig.) a sot. h, 

*dflyatf £ health, safety, ^atr o *4/^ya^ safe and 
soimd. a. 

qfkdr, pi. thoughts, meditations, opinions, coun- 
sels, a. 

q/lSkf pL the heavens, heavenly spheres, afldki, 
celestial, relating to the heavens or heavenly 
spheres, a. 

afldfjtin, Plato (so called by the Arabs, a, 

afrdthittn (r. afrdx)^ to raise aloft, to extol, p, 

afranji^ a Frank, or native of Europe, a cru- 
sader, a. 

q/V*tfZ, exalting (used in composition), p, 

SfridOf created, a created bemg. afrida-gdr^ m. 
the Creator, qfrfdan (r. 4/^Tfi), to create. 
dfrinf bravo! well done! (in comp.) creating, 
as jakdn'dfrin, creator of the world; m. the 
the Creator. 4/Ha-lr, a. to praise, to applaud. 

fHaaiM^a, creating ; the Creator, ^riniskf 
the creation, p, 

qflrolita, set on fire, kindled, illumined, a/hyftft- 
ian, to set on fire, to bum, to kindle. q/VtM;, 
inflaming, enlightening (used in oomp.) p, 

'off, m. gall (both the tree and the nut), a, 

t^^ah, very eloquent, speaking very correctly, a. 

afhdAO^ m. a tale, fiction, story, romance, afkd" 
na^Ot m. a romance-teller, afsdna-go^t^ i, the 
profession of a story-teller, p, 

€tf9ar, m. f. a crown, diadem, p. 

afghdn, dispersing, scattering (used in comp. as, 
gul-qflikdn, strewing roses ; tar^fskdn kdghfu, 
paper sprinkled with gold), afshdndam, to 
scatter, disperse, cfikdni, f. dispersion, sprink- 
ling ; scattered over ; as, afihdni kdgha*^ paper 
sprinkled over with gold dust, p* 

qfkkwrda, squeesed, filtered, p, 

t^sot, m. vexation, sorrow ; int. ah ! alas ! qf9a9'k, 
or qfko9'khdndf to feel sorrow or regret, p. 

o/hiw, m. incantation, aftin-t^ a. to enchant. 

Infill-gar or i^tiin-tax, m. an enobiuter, cue 

whouae* spelli, a sorcerer t qftin-ida or afiuii- 

gari, L eDcuantment, witchcraft, p. 

afna-da, dejected, dispirited, melaiicbol;, low- 

spirited, aftrrda-lsiitir or afturda-aU, de- 

pmud, afflicted, p. [depmnon of spirit*, p. 

afiurdagi, f. dejection, melanchoW, lowneaa or 

afiurdan, to wittier, to flie. p. 

q/tih, m. the Bun, aun^ine. i^fS>-paratt, a 

worshipper of the aun. aftab-parMfi, t. the 

wonhip of the bud. aftab-glr, ■ panaol. 

iftaba, m. an ewer, a water-pot. aftdbi, L 

a parmsol of ■ particular form ; a twrgM 

studded with gold. o/Imu, m. an ewer. p. 

'afli, HI. forgiTeuess. 'q/i-peiha, mercifill. a.p. 

q/icaA, pL m. mouths i f. rumour, fame. afwdU, 

famed, reported, noiied about, a. 
aflcdj, pi. armieB, crowdi. qfaiji-iBhira, a Tio- 
torioua army. o/WiiiwAd^a^ii, a hoatof deitia; 
met. a multituda of children, a. 
afyin, f. ojiiuin. The inapissated juice of the 
Papaver KtmnfftniBi. afyini, an opiuiD.eater. 
a. [in comp.). p. 

afta or i^a,* (r. of o/^oa), incmaing (used 
i^xayith, t. ad of increaaing or adding, p. 
q/iid, m. increaae, addition, abundance ; acfj. 

more, aftudagi, f. increase, addition, p, 
af'in, more, manifold, greater, much; a. ipcnaa- 

ing. a/suni, t increaae, enlu^ment. p, 
ig, f. fire i ig-aikata, a. to raise diaturbonce^ to 
enrage, to proToke. dg bag-i,, to be hotlj en- 
raged, ag-tajhdtid, a. to extinguish; to appease 
a tumult, to pacify a quarrel, to itill reaentmenL 
B^-£arana, n. to rain flre (applied to the extreme 
heat of the sun, or to a hot fire of cannon or 
muaketrj in battle), dg-barnd, n. to be en- 
raged ] to be veiy angry. dg-b\artd»d, a. to 
inUame. ag-bhahid and ag-phd»i»d, a. to speak 
idle words, to boost, dg-baf, a steamboat, eg- 
pa^nd, n. to be enraged ; as OMTt baton M ut-par 
ig parti iai, he is onraged at mj words, dg- 
dtnd, a. to apply the fire to bum a Hindii corpse. 
ag-mlgaai, a. to inflame, to excite aadition, to 
foment a quarrel clandestinely, ag-k., b to 
make anything exceedingly warm; to excite 
euTy or anger (used among women). og-lagdHd, 
to set fire to, to inflame ; to enrage, to rsiae dis- 
turbance, ag lagiki pan la daufnd, a. to play 
triokl, to deoeife g to pretend to appease a quarrel 
which one haa purposely exdted. dg-lagiid, n. 
to take flre, to be vnr^ed, to be Tory himgiy. 

^jr tena to and, n. to come to get Sre, is spobm 

of a friend who goes to Tisit another, and leaves 
him quickly, dg num lo(ad, n. to be afflicted 
with grief or melancholy, dg-koid, n. to be 
enraged ; or, as the rulgate bath it, "to flare 
up." t. 

ago, m. the front, the apace in front of a house. 
aga-l., to take the lead, or precede, t. 

orgadh or dgadh^ bottomless, unfathomable, agdd' 
hata, f. extreme, dcpt h, unfathomebility. i. 

igah or agai, informed af, acquaintod with, intel- 
ligent. igaU or dgUa, f. intelligence, warincaa. 
p. [the zunindar. A. 

agaira, m. the first aheof of the crop, presented to 

agat-bagal-rakhna, to put one side, agal-jini, 
to go out of the way. h. 

a-ga», for a-gamga, impaaaable, deep. a. 

dgan, jo. fiiturity. dgam-bdndiad, to determine 
the future, to fbretelL dgam-jani or a^iim- 
giigani, baring the skili of foreknowing, prog- 
nosticator. dgam-bidgd, f. the art or scienoe of 
foretelling, agam-baila, foreteller, predictor. 
dgaaum, m. coming, arriTing, proceeding, dgami, 
~- one who foretells the future. ' — 


I, coming; 

-gamga, deep, impassable, inaccesaible. i. 

dge-pichhd-l:, n. to heailate, to waver, boggle. A. 

agar, iC, though, although, when, p- 

agar 01 agura, m. wood of aloea. ». 

agar, m. a salt pit. agar, m. a houae. A.t. 

agar-bagar, m. trifling employment, or talk; pro- 
miscuoue. compoaed of odda and ends. A. 

agardii, although, though, p. 

agafi, before, forward, fiirther on ; f. Iha front, 
the (ore-part. agap-ntirna, to attack in 
&ont, to defeat a hostile army in pitched 
battle. dgdri-piehhari 'lagdni, to confine 
(particularly a hone), h. 

dgari, m. a manufacturer of salt, k, 

dgari, t. money, Ac., paid in adTance. : 

agin, m.f. a turban ; a terrace in front of an 
upper room ; the cry of a kite. 1. 

agaf, m. a butohor's slall. \. 

a-gati, dishonoured, disgraced ; f. disgraoe. (. 

agalaa, a. to collect or assemble, h. 

agd,i, odv- before, in &ont. aga^i-jdnd, to ad- 
Tance in order to meet a person coming on a 
visit I m. an advance of money, agauni, f. the 
going or sending forward to meet and receive 
a visitant with bonour. agaunt-k., to advance 
to meet the bridegroom at a wedding, or a visi- 
tant on tlie road. s. 


( 9 ) 


i^y beforo, beyond, more, ago, already, in future, 
formerly, forwards, onwards ; hence, or hence- 
forth, rather, sooner, iffe dkar^lend^ to get 
before, to outstrip, to surpass, to pass (as a 
horse in a race). iffe-anS, to come forward ; 
to return, to rerert. u^'ldna^ to bring for- 
ward, to adTanoe. «. 

aggrat (for agrthgrat)^ m. the first morsel. «. 

agggm or igggd^ t oommand, order, permission. 

i^J, a master, lord ; an igd. i, 

agkimiy a. to surfeit, to satiate ; n. to surfeit, to 
be satiated ; adj. satiated ; rich, affluent, k. 

agkijrdf m. name of a plant said to cure the bite 
of yenomous reptiles, k, 

mgki*^ m. beginnmg. i^os-ir., to begin, p. 

J^ftt/ (also a^U)f a sheep-oote. p, 

^ktm-ghiM, m. kmon grass, k, 

JjK&ifA^ mixed, macerated, polluted, p, 

agklobf superior, stronger; adr. most likely, for 
the most part. a^^M Aot, it is most likely, a. 

agk- nit k a k, adj. purifying, freeing from sin. 9, 

agkorpamihiortkfkorij used substanthrely, profess- 
ing aghorpamik^ an order of religious mendicants, 
who eat erery thing, howerer filthy, eren human 
car ca ss es ; hence, a gross or filthy feeder, s. 

tffiofA, £. an embrace ; the bosom, p. 

mgiigar, pL strangers, foreigners. riTals. a. 

oflywri, t strangeness, riralry. a. 

o^Mft, m. the name of a bird ; sort of lark. h. 

agin-bd^ or agni^bdutf f. the &rcy, in horses, s. 

am*, m. the name of a bird {Mauda Aggia^ 

agUy prior, preceding, former, the foremost, the 
fini, the chie( the best; ancestor, ancient; 
other, second, next. k. 

mgimamdy m. the adTanced guard ; adj. adrentur- 
ous, Tenturesome ; forward, early (as fruit). 9, 

agm or ogui^ m. fire ; the south-east, eigni'hm^ 
m. anow of txe, a rocket, agmi prattttr^ m. fire- 
stone, flint, agm-parikshdy f. the fiery ordeal, 
by a heated iron or boiling oil, or passing 
through fire, agmi-^atukdr, m. funeral cere- 
monies, as burning a dead body, or any cere- 
mony performed with consecrated fire. cunU- 
garbka or agni'mani^ m. the sun-stone, a fabu- 
loos gem, supposed to contain solar heat, s, 

tgml\ m. an insect of a scarlet colour. «. 

••goekatf imperceptible, unseen, invisible, s, 

mgoUd^ a. to watch (t. cyomd). h, 

mgor or agoriga^ m, one who watches OTer the 
crops, &C. agor-bafm^i^ a dirision of the crop 
reaping, k. 

agofi or agort^ in advance, beforehand, h, 

agorigdy m. watchman, or guard, (y. agar), h, 

agomd, a. to watch, to guiurd. h, 

agra, m. the city of Agra ; Akbarabad. h, 

agra, m. the fore part of a thing ; adj. prior, first. 
agra-gdnu^ preceding ; m. forerunner. agra'9ar, 
m. a guide ; adj. preceding. «. [A. 

dgrd, m. an ear of corn which has been blighted. 

dgrclky m. favour ; seizing, surpassing, surmount- 
ing ; power, ability. 9, 

agjram-bagramf m. odds and ends, trash, h, 

agrd9 or agrd»an^ m. victuals ofibred in oblations, 
sacrifices, Ac., to the gods. 9, 

etgra^tock^ m. providence, foresight, forethought. 
agr€h9oeJU, provident, endued with foresight. 9, 

dg-rUfi, t fire-cotton, ue, tinder, d, 

dguy forward, before, heretofore, h, 

agun, unskilful, ineff^ectual, void of good qualities; 
m. a defect, a fiiult. 9, 

chgnpta, unhidden, unconcealed. 9. 

a-gurh^ easy, manifest, evident, agufh'hhd^o^ open, 
honest, candid, s. 

agwdf also ag^d^ foremost ; m. a guide, a fore- 
runner, harbinger ; one who adjusts a marriage. 

dgtrd^ also dgu^d^ m. a pommel, h, \h* 

agtodhi or agwd^i, f. burning, confiagration (of a 
city, forent, &c.). k, 

agwdyi^ f. guidance, leadership, s. 

agvdni, m. a guide, harbinger (see agwa), h. 

aguioTy a portion of com set apart for village ser- 
vants, like the ** sharping com" in En^and. A. 

agwdrdy m. the front, the fore part ; the space in 
firont of a house, h, 

agwdsif the body of the ploughshare, k, 

a-gga^ an idiot ; adj. stupid, ignorant, s, 

dggd, aggd, or dgnga^ f. command, order, dggd^ 
patr, m. an edict, a written order, dggd-hhang^ 
m. disobedience, insubordination. dgyd-Jedr or 
dgyd-kdriy obedient, executing orders. «. 

a-ggdu or chgngdn, ignorant ; m. ignorance, thggd' 
natdy f. ignorance, stupidity, a-ggdm^ ignorant, 
unwise, a-ggdn-pan, state of ignorance, f. 

aggdnd, a. to bum vessels of metal for the purpose 
of cleaning them. h. [(by Hindus). *. 

aggdriy f. kindling the fire at the time of devotion 

chggdt or (k-gngdta^ unknown, inexperienced, igno- 
rant, simple, agngdta-jamhand or -jeoMMMia, f. 
a full-grown girl, arriv^ at maturity* «. 

oA, f. sigh ; inteij. alas ! ah-hhamd, a. to sigh. 
dhi jdn-kdh, a heartrending sigh, dhi jigartox, 
a heartburning sigh. dhi-Jtard, a cold or sorrow- 
ful sigh, dk-kkainekm, f heaving a sigh, p. 



aU, ^ul woa*! mal bnTol wdl donel d. 

oAoii, adj. oomp. mare beloTad, b friend, mott 
lovely, amuble. a, 

a^ad, unitj, one. an indiTiduaL aAadaf_-taraflii» 
or oAadu-t-miitatidtimaiii, in law, denotes one 
of the two partiee ooncemed in a luit. a. 

ahadi, a npeDieti of milita^ corpe (in India)- 0. 

al^it, pi. C tradition!, particularly tradition) or 
M^ingd of JfvAonuiifid; lit. news. a. 

o^Kifiyitf, f. unitj, concord, allianoa. a. 

aiahakd, inleij. uaed in praiae ; alio expreniTS of 
■urpriae, pain, or plnarue. t. 

iiat, m. quicklime, cement, plaiter. p. 

aiali, pi. inhabitaDta, common petmle. aUU 
mnira/i, the people at large, rich and poor, a, 

aiammi kar, important biuinsH. a, 

aiait, m. i^w and earth for building walli. k. 

Hunt, m. iron. ilia»-mbd, m. a loadetone. iU<m- 
gar, an inmimith or blaokamith. a/kan-gari, the 
trade of an LroDemith. p. 

oilsit or ahdi, int«ij. do not, no, naj. k. 

iia»g, m. design, purpoae; aound, melody t °i>e 
of the Persian tnnea or modnlatioiu in mosic. p. 

Uuhu or diaain, made of iron. Uaiun-paiiya, iron- 
handed or iron-Seted, atrong, powerful p. 

aAantoTj m. cgotiam, orroganos, pride- oAaititiri 
or oAaitJcrit, haughty, arrogant, an egotist, m. 

aJtdr, m- atarch, glue, paita. h. 

ikar or akari, a eniail pond, a ealtrpit, a drain, a 
trough for watering oattle. ■- 

aiUr (fulg. oUr), m. aliment, food, Tictuali. <. 

ikar^JiMar^ f- coming and going. A. 

aitdTM, a. to paste, to starch. A, 

Uta(, f. aound, noiae, cUok. h. 

Siban, m. a call, imitation, summoni. >. 

'oM, m. contract, treaty ; time, eeaeon t reign (of 
a Ung, prmoe, kti.)% an oath, a tow g a mandate, 
irillt Uietinie. 'oAii-diir, an officerwhoengagee 
10 colleot Ike ravenae of a district for a small 
!>•* centage. 'oMd-nima, m. a letter of agree' 
I artieln of peace or oapitulatioa ; a 

of &ith. (I. 
oicr, f. prey, game, hunting. oAeri or aktriyd, 

in. a aportiui^n, a hnnCer, a fowler- K 
a-Mui, careless, withont motiTe. *. 
aUr, m. Bputipularcasteinlndia, whose buHoeaa 

ii to attend on cowa ; a cowherd, oAinta or 

oAinu, or oiFri, f. a cowherd's wiJe. A. 
aUtta or aiatla (rulg. diU), gently, slowly ; 

ftrAJy, ton dm-] J- aiwfii-n»D, slow paced. 


UMoffi or Shatiagi, f. slowneea, delay ; 
gestleiMas, softnes*. p. 
a-lUt, an unfriend, enemy ; enmity, want of affec- 
tion t adj- hoatile, prejudicial, ahit-kiri, in- 
imical, acting unkindly, ahit-matti, iniinical, 

oJUfs or aiifa, a person appointed to watch the 
grain when ripe, and aee that the duea are paid. 
A. [aAAoa-Hina, writlen orders, a. 

oJutom, ordeiB, decreee or decisions (of a judge). 

aUcimi, one who ia ordered or qipointed by the 
ruling powers : such is theoA^omi timi*dar. a. 

akl, m- people, maater 1 (in iwmp-) attached to, 
possessed of, &c,, as ahl Mllah, people of Qod, 
derrisea, fakin. aUi iitikad, qaalifled jurisla. 
ahU yprad, people of wisdom. <Mi bail, family 

ii-e. wife and children), but generally means the 
imily of the Prophet. tMi AwMA, p 
rights, or of just claima. akli-dtl, c 
liberal, hrare, generous. Mi-tauk, addicted 
to pleasure, a voluptuary, ahli roA/ar, akilful, 
knowing the world. aJili tamim, ttme-e e rr c r s . 
oili lauti*, an inhabitaat of the earth. oAJi 
nAd, pious, deront. akii Mnnat, the followers 
of the traditional as well as the written law: the 
Sunni aect in oppoaitton to that of the Shfaa. 
ahli thar', a legislator, a lawyer, one who obeys 
and obaervea the law of the F^i^het. oAli rafa, 
possessor of parity i tfifi; avoluptuary. c'" 
lAiaaUf, men of intelligence. oAJi {fof, faith 
obedient to Qod. Mi lahta, one who doe* : 
obserre the precepts of jifuAanitittiif, aili {oHi, 
an obserrer 1^ the laws of Muhammad, aiii foirf, 
noble- ahii 'irfau, teamed. aMi 'a^i, wise. aiUt 
'ifffl, scientiSc. aA/t,/^f , nrtuous. aU> iar, a 
workman, a clerk, aiiu kitab, a learned man ; 
a person of any religion rerealed and aontsined 
in books (the Musdmans allow that the Jews 
and Christians are oA/i liUnb, wheteas the EindOs 
are considered aa idolaters). oAti iaram, liberal, 
generous. aJiU majlii, an assistant, a member 
of (genteel) soriet;, a courtier. aUi mofirif, a 
proprietor. oA/i'-ma'aiA, the holder of a rent- 
Iree tenure, ahli ma'rifal, possessed of the 
knowledge of GotL ahli manfab, a minister, a 
person in office, ahli narrat, colleagnee, cokd- 
jutors. oA^ "i/ak, infidela, enemiee. There is 
no limit to compounds of this sort: two mors 
I may here add— oAti aaij', a military man ; oMli 
^am, a drilian. a. 

aila or ihia, m. deluge, flood, oTerfloir. 

ahldd, m. joy, gladness, mirth, festivity. 



( 11 •) 

AI— Aor 

€Mifa^ lift wife; «or«,0aA/£|fi^t]i6 women's Apui- 
ment^ henoe *' seraglio.*' a. 

aA%a/, t worth, excellence ; possession, a. 

aJ^wuul, oomp. more or most commendable, or 
prsiaeworthy ; a name of Mukammad and 
othen. akwui d m akmmd ^ a term applied in law 
to two persons who hare combined to defiraud 
a third. «iA«mkS, of or belonging to Ahwtad ; 
name of a gold coin, a, 

o^Moir, a UMkhead, most foolish, a fooL ahma- 
^Ata, foolbhly, stupidlj ; fignratirelj, it is ap- 
plied to monej which an *aml is obliged to paj, 
to make good the deficiency of the rerenoe. oA- 
maimpam or akmak-pan^ m. folly, stnpiditj. oA- 
MoAi, t fioUj, stnpiditj, a. 

oAmot, red, gold, barbaroos. a, 

ih mi rmi , to groan, to sigh, to sob. pJL 

«Ao, intoj. O! holhi! wonderfnl! k, 

dkthrHra^ ady. daj and ni^t. s, 

akrm, m. a resflrroir for collecting rain-water to 
water the fields ; fuel made of cow-dung. «. 

oJ^r m r^ pL the noble, the free-bom. a. 

ciiri, t a email pond (t. ikar), h, 

a k ri m S n^ m. the spirit or principle of evil (among 
the fii« worshippers). j>. 

akatm, better, more beantSfnl, more excellent, more 
agreeable. akaam^aUakm^ may Gk)d be gracious. 
aktatiia^ braro, well done. a. 

aUAj; pi. the contents of the thorax, or ehest. a. 

a ktkim ^ pL servants, retinae; a kmd of armed 
police, ak^ im daftar^ the muster-roU of 
militia, Ac. oMuum-de^tairdi&r^ the militia 
aceoontaiit. ahMhimrja^Bgw^ an assignment of 
TCvenne for the su^wrt of irregular troops or 
local militia, a. 

Ar, m. a deer. SkuhainLt m. a &wn. aku'ckaahm^ 
bATingejes like those of a deer, aku'^ry a deer 
catcher, aku-girif the act of cat^yhing deer, p, 

mkmi and mkmU^ m. offSsring, oblations inth ^le to 
the deities ; a burnt ofi^^ng. «. 

flij g tf/ , squinting, one who sees objects doable, a. 

o^Hwl^ m. condition, circumstances, erents, occur- 
rences, state, account; a report of the particulars 
of an alGur, or of the condition of a thing or 
penon. okwU-baUanAf to state one's condition. 
tU^mH-pmrt or -pifrfafi, one who inquires after 
another^e health. ahwdl'purn, inquiry after 
health or circumstances. aiwil-piehkui, to 
inquire after health, &c. a, 

ihwmm, m. summons, respectful inritation. s, 

i kj fm t u m ^ sometimes, now and then, from time to 
time I in the event ; in case, should, a. 

Of, intetj. O ! the Tocatire partide. pJk, 

'o^, m. fiiult, defect, a vice, blemish, sin, disgrace, 
infamy. *aib-jo^ one who seeks for faults. 'a»5- 
#A«fi, one who carefully collects trifling errors. 
^mb'chiniy calling of errors, what is Tulgarly 
called criticism, ^aib'got a slanderer, a ciuum- 
niator. 'atb-^r, one who seizes upon another's 
faults, ^eub'laffand, to de&me. aibi, yicious, 
faulty, infamoas. a. 

*ffid, turning towards, happening, coming back, 
being restored (as money lent, So.), a, 

aiffun^ m. unskilfulness, stupidity, s, 

aikikf of this place ; worldly, mundane, s. 

ai'ki, alas that, pity that. p. [totaL s, 

aikyOf m. oneness, sameness ; an aggregate, a 

aima (for a,tmma, pL Imams, Saints), m. land 
given as a rewara or favour by the king, at a 
veiT low rent, a fief (when no rent is paid, it is 
called ld-lAarSj)i a grant of land, Ac., to the 
people who attend at the tomb of a saint. 
aimc^ar, one who holds aima land, a feofibe. 
aima maufa\ a village given as a charitable 
endowment to learned or religious persons, a, 

aiman^ more or most happy, fortunate, aimam 
or eifitni, f. security, protection, a, 

'oM, m. the eye, sight ; the very essence or best 
part of a thmg ; a fountain ; the sun ; money, 
gold, &c; adj. very, exact, intrinsic, real, just. 
*ainu'l-kafr, brimBtone. *ain wakt par, in the 
Tery nick of time, at the precise moment, a, 

i^in, m. regulation, law, rules (common law ; the 
laws delivered by Muhammad are called tkof'f 
those established by princes i,t»); custom, 
manner, p, 

djtuiy m. a mirror, looking glass; the kneepan. 
a,t»a,e iskandariy a celebrated mirror saia to 
have been made by Aristotle, and placed on the 
summit of a tower built by ^exander the Ghreat 
at his newly-built city of Alexandria, a^th- 
ddny m. the case of a mirror, d^ino'ddrf m. the 
mirror-holder, an officer at eastern courts ; met. 
a mendicant, djina'ddri, f. the office of holding 
the mirror, d^na-farot or d^lna'afroz or fflno' 
tiddd^e^ m. an instrument for polishing mirrors. 
dyimp-mahaUy m. an apartment of which the walls 
are covered with mirrors (in eastern palaces). 
dyitui-sdZy m. a mirror-maker, d^lna ««», the 
trade of mirror-making, p.a, [a, 

*Mnakf f. spectacles, glasses to assist the sight. 

ainoh (also i»ch and cdnchu), m. reserve, security, 
attraction, tunok'khainch, qaarrelling. ainehnd 
(or ificAflM), a. to draw, to attract, to pulL h. 


( 12 ) 



dytn'dan^ m. one skilled in the law ; bntitgeDerallj 

Zifies a man who practises on the simplicity 
^ eople by his knowledge of law, hence, a petti- 
fogger, a rogue, p. 

ain^^ n. to strat, to stalk about, h, 

aindra-jdlikf m. a juggler, a magidan ; adj. of or 
relating to magic, illusory, h. 

aim bmni kamd^ to do eye-senrioe. h, 

'otfityo, relating to the eye. a. 

aim^d, m. a snail, h, 

ainfh, f. a coil, twist, conTolution, tightening; 
strut, ainfhdnd^ a. to twist, &c. (in a transitive 
sense), ainihnd^ a. to tighten ; n. to writhe, 
to cramp, to twist ; to strut, to stalk, to walk 
affectedly, h, 

d,inti^dyinti, low, under, inferior, k, 

ednfnd, n. to twist, to writhe, to be racked with 
spasms ; to walk or more stiffly, h, 

ainfniy f. pride, peerishness. ainfu, proud, peerish ; 
stately. ain(upandf statelinees. d. 

aitdf liice tliis, after this manner (joined to other 
words), as mard-eusd, like a man ; cugd^taitd or 
aiid-watsd, so so, indifferent, indifferently, h, 

aue or aisen^ adv. thus ; m. this manner, owe 
men, in the mean time, k, 

*aishy m. pleasure, delight. ^aUh-gah or 'tnahall, 
place or house of enjoyment, ^aish-o-jaish or 
'aish o *ashratf joy and delight, pleasure, profli- 
gacy, a. 

aishfoarya, m. erandeur, pomp, state, supremacy, 
sway ; the dirine fsculties of omnipresence, 
omnipotence, inyisibility, &o. 9, 

ai'tPd,i or ai-wdh, interj. alas ! alas ! p. 

aiwdn, m. a hall, a gallery, a portico, applied 
generally to a royal palace, p. 

aiwdra, m. a cow-shed (in a jungle). A. 

aiswaiy\ m. glory, splendour, s, 

aijfdm, pi. days, times ; season, weather^ a, 

ttiydmt, durable, for a length of time. a. 

*aiydi\ cunning, sly, slirewd; m. a knave, atydrd^ 
I. a sly or cunning woman. *atytfri, f. cunning- 
ness, artfiilness ; an artful woman, ^aiydrm^ f. 
a cunning or artful woman. ^cUifdr-pand^ m. 
'aiydraffty f. slyness, knareir. a.h.p, 

^atydshy luxurious. *aitfdshly t luxuriousness. a. 

aiydZf name of a fayourite slave in the household 
of Mahmud of Ghazni. t, 

aiyub, m. the patriarch Job. a. 

aizan, even, also { again ; moreover, a. 

j;, m. a goat t (same as dj) to-day, now, 9. 

qjy to-day. dj'kal, to-day or to-morrow, soon, in 
^ few dj%ys. dj Ice din or dj ke roz, torday. dj 

ki rdif to-night, dj ktU-k. or dj kal-haidnd, to 
procrastinate, h, 

*djf ivory, ^oft^t *dj, an ivory throne. a,p, 

djdf m. a paternal grandfather, h. 

*ajah or *aj(tb'tarah, wonderful, rare, &c. 

ajm or c^aya^ unsuccessful, subdued, not yic- 
torious ; m. defeat. 9, 

^afd^ibf wonders, curiosities. *ajd,ib ghard^ib, 
wonders, curiosities, strange things, ^ajajbu-l- 
ma^ikat^ the wonders of the creation. 'a;^,»- 
bdtj wonders, Ac. a,p. 

c^dit f. death ; delay, a stated time, respite, period 
for the payment of a debt. tjtU-randa or ajal- 
yirifla, seized by fate, on the point of death, in 
a situation that leaves no hopes of life. a. 

ajallf comp. more glorious, a. 

ajam, a barbarian, a rustic : the term is strictly 
employed to one who does not speak pure Arabic, 
but it generally denotes a Persian, a, 

^n^'am^ m. barbarians, all people not Arabian; 
Persians : countries not Arabia ; Persia. 
*ajami, Persian, barbarian, a. 

Orjdn, ignorant, simple, innocent, h, 

djdndf n. to come suddenly, to befalL A. 

ajdnt, t ignorance, simplicity, innocence, i* 

arjavima, unborn, and un begotten. «. 

iijar^ ever young, not liable to decay. «• 

ajdf^ m. canvas, cloth made of hemp. A. 

Orjcu, inB&mous, disreputable. 9, 

ajdi, expelled from one's caste. 9. 

ajMif m. a man who has lost his caste. 9, 

(tfauU, f. perquisite of the lower castes from the 
threshing-floor, h, [labourers, h. 

afauri, f. advances, particularly to agricultural 

ajdddf pi. ancestors, forefathers. 

qfyar, m. a dragon, a kind of large snake, the 
boa-constrictor ; lit. the goat-eater. 9, 

ajyut, surprising, wonderful. 9, 

ajholy of steady pace (epithet of an elephant), h, 

ajha^ to-day, even, presently, yet, immediately, k. 

a;-^iffi, yet, hitherto, even yet, this very day. k. 

aji^ an mterjection to call, or bespeak attention. 
In Bengal, it is always addressed to an in- 
ferior, or in cases of great intimacy ; but in the 
western provinces often to a superior as a term 
of respect, k, 

*afibf wonderful, surprising, rare, astonishing, a. 

djihikd, f. livelihood, subsistence. «. 

*djil, one who is hastening, fleeting, a. 

ajiila, pl^ glorious, illustrious, a. 

ajin, m. the hide of an antelope, lion, tiger, Ac 
on which the religious students sit or sleep. «. 


( 13 ) 


«far, m. an area or oourt. «. [hireling, a, 

ajiTy m. a alare. ajlr^-fmuUUarik^ a oommon 

a-jima or afircm, m. indigestion, surfeit^ flatu- 
lenoe ; adj. undecayed, unimpaired, s. 

thfii or a-jit, ioyincible, unsubdued. s» 

ajifam^ m. a corruption of our word ** actjutant.** 

a-jit-hama^ m. leprosy (of a bad kind), s, 

s^lvUm^ t, subsistence, means of supporting life, s, 

o^Tw, lifiolees, deprived of life. s. 

ijho^ m. livelihood, profession, subsistence, s* 

*4tps^ impotent, dejected, hopeless. *djixana^ 
weaklT, hopetisssly. '4;m, t submissireness, 
humih^; supplication. *djui'k^ to implore 
humblj. a, 

afli^^ pi. wretches, ^rrants, mean people, a. 

^ajlai^ t haste, speed, vdocity. a. 

t^nab or ajnM^ foreign, strange, a foreigner. 
ajnat^aif {, strangeness, being a foreigner, a, 

ajiuuj goods and chattels, kinds, sorts, a, 

ofog^iy improper, unbecoming. 

a/oii, hitherto, as jet, to thb daj. h, 

a-jof^ without joining, matchless, rare. K 

€hjoi, without splendour, dulL *, 

ttfr^ Tn, retribution, hire, fiire. a, 

ijndh (properly aytidk), m. a weapon. 9, 

m-juki or a^gctt, L Tiolenoe, oppression, com- 
pulsion ; adj. unfit, s, 

ajftroj m. hire, wagea, fare, ajmra-^iir^ m. a 
labourer for lure (whether paid by the day, or 
for completing a given work), a. 

a-ju^kd^ untouched, untasted (victuals), h, 

*oJms, the winter solstice, a, 

qfwimam^ t the seed of a plant of the dill kind ; 
a kind of aniseed. ajwajf^aiU tkmratamt hen- 
bane, k. 

*ajz^ m. weakness, impotence, submission, wretch- 
edness, a. 

afzdf pL parts, portions, sections of the kurdm, 
of which there are thirty, a. 

mid, m. master ; owner ; v. dghd, p. 

'akab^ behind, after, in the rear, in pursuit ; m. 
the rear, the heeL *4ikab-k,f a. to follow, a. 

akdhtr^ pL grandees ; people of rank, akabir o 
ofdg^r, high and low, rich and poor. a. 

*aMd^ pi. articles of fiiith, religious tenets, a, 

akaijfA, m. one of the sacks or baskets of a pan- 
nier, k. 

a0-kdj\ m. loss, detriment; hurt, ii^ury; preju- 
dice; uselessness. 9, 

a^kdjiy useless, m. a retarder. s, 

O'kdl or dkdl, m. a Cunioe, a general scarcity; 
nnseasonableness, extremity, pinch; adj. un- 

seasonable, untimely, premature. et-kdl^Mgh^^ 
untimely rain akdlrfhal^ a fruit prodoced out 

akdl^m, pL climes, regions, a. [of season, s, 

O'kaljfdn, ominous, unpropitious ; £sconsolate. s, 

a-kdvuy unprofitable, fruitless. 9, 

dkcunpan, m. shaking, trembling. 9. 

<»-kampitf firm, unshaken. 9, 

dkampit, shsken, trembling. 9, [field. A. 

dkaHj grass and weeds coUected from a ploughed 

dkdnktkd, f. wish, desire, expectation ; purpose, 
intention. aiEraiUrtAt, desirous, full of hope, 
expecting; asking, inquiring. akdnk9hU^ de- 
sirous ; desired, expected. 9, 

a-kanfak, free from thorns. 9, 

a'kar, duty free, exempt from duty. 9. 

akaf, f. crookedness, strut, pride, conceit, airs, k, 

dkar^ f. mine, quarry, source ; multitude. 9, 

dkar^ f. the den of a lion or tiger, h. 

dkdr (oorr. akdr), m. appearance, aspect, shape, 
statue, likeness ; hint, sign, token. «. 

thkdran, m. absence of cause ; adv. causelessly. 9, 

a-kdrathf fruitless, yielding no return, vain. k. 

ttkardyd^ t ground not properly cleaned for re- 
ceiving the seed. «. 

akaf-bdyt, f. the cramp, akaf-bds^ an afi^ected 
person, a fop, a swaggerer. akaf-bdUf swag- 
gering, foppishness, hp. 

akdribf pL relatives, kindred, a. 

a-k<Mrkti9f soft, not bard. 9, 

orkarm or a-karma^ m. bad action, sin, vice. 
a-karrndf idle, unoccupied. a-Ararmaiiya, use- 
less, unprofitable, good for nothing, a-karmi, 
a wretch, sinner. 9. 

akapid, n. to writhe, to ache, to cramp, to be 
cramped, to become stiff or distorted, as one's 
limbs ; to strut affectedly, k, 

a-kamif inconsistent, indecent, unsuitable, not 
proper to be done. «. 

akaf'pakaf or akap-t<tkar or akfam'takram^ m. 
stateliness, affected airs, pride, haughtiness, h, 

dkarth, m. attraction, fascination; a magnet, a 
loadstone ; spasm. dkarth<ik, m. a magnet, a 
loadstone, anytliing which attracts ; adj. attrac- 
tive, magnetic (abo dkarshik), dkar9hany m. 
drawing, attraction. dkarsM, attractive, dkar- 
9hU or dkrishfa^ attracted, drawn. 9, 

dkdt or akdSf m. the sky, the firmament, the 
heavens ; space ; air ; the fifth element of the 
Hindus, more subtle than air, ether. dkd9 
hdniy f. revelation, a voice from heaven, dkds- 
hj:itti^ subsistence not derived from any certain 
funds, or depending on any particular person ; 

liring from hand to mouth. Hcei-hrU^ ons 
wbOM lubiutenoe ia fortuitoua . dUt-iOj/d, m. 
s lamp which the Hindui haog aloft on a bam- 
boo, ■ beacon, atdik, m. the Aj (tune ■■ 
iJcat), tha akj, Ae. Uriti, aeriu, oeloitiBl, 
atmoepherie. akaa-hanta, oeroleat), UOre. 
ikit-man4al, m. the atmoapbere, the celestial 

o-jtoamst, (lit. without a vbereTore), immedi- 
atelj, ■ccidantBllr, eltampore, unezpeclMUj, 
noBwaret, abraptlj. i. 

»kb-wi*t, i. a Toioe from heaTOn, rarelation. (. 

a-kath ar a-kathga, DOt to be apoken, unfit to be 
mentioned ; unutterable, obscene. *. 

akbar, lerj great } a min'a same. akbar-^ri,i 

■ or aichan-ri,i, prsiumptiTe eridenoe aufflcientlj 
atrODg to oonTict. alcbari, of or relating U> 
the Emperor Akbar { name of a iweetmeit t 

' alao of a gold coin worth a guinea and b half ik 


; the marriage knot, moniage ; B 
oampact, agteemeni ; a collar, a neohlaoe g a 
bulae, a atrine (of pearli, &o.). 'alfd-bmi^, the 
concluding of anj oontrart, more especially the 
^ng of the marriage knot. a. 

a^doM, rery holj, or most aacred, a. 

aJnU, alone, aingle, solitary, k, 

aih, ■ brotlier, Bn eiclBmBtioD of joy. a. 

aJitti, m. a riddle, a aieve ; a bag filled with grain, 
of which two are carried b; a bullock ; b pair 
of grain bags used as a pannier, i. 

athai, ererUating, not Liable to decay, atkai-bar 
or akhai-briih, the undecajable ^ee. a. 

a-khal or a-tiit, the whole, all, ereiy. *. 

a-ihand, unbroken, entire, the whale. *. 

a-k/ian^, unbroken, oontinaoua t uniefiited. t. 

akiar, plenty, abundanoe. d. 

aiiaf, undinciplined, barbarcraB, ugly. A. 

iikar, m. the den of a wild beaat. k. 

akkdfd, m. a palEcatr*, or place for wreatling, a 
scene ; any place of aaaembly ; court, circua. 
I*dr km aihifd, Indra's court. 4. 

ciMfr, more especial, more excellent, a. 

ikhal or akkat, m. (same as akihal), whole or 
aabroken rice, employed In oblations. «. 

aHam, brotherly, fratemaL a, 

•tt^vr (pi, of iAoiar), news, a newspaper, al^ir- 
iu«M, B writer of news, an appointed intel- 
ligencer, such as " our own correspond- 

aHfaik, one who has weak eyes, one who • 

better by night than by day. a. 

oj^ar, m. lire Bsbee ; a spark of fire. p. 

aiiir, last ; m. the end, Bccomplishment, Dompl»- 
tiOD. iti*r, thelaat; m. the tnd, iaaue; a' 
at laat,flnallT. M^r-td-amr or aUtn kir. _ 
the end, finuly, at last, oittrt thab, the end 
of the night, before dawn, i^iri m2, the end 
of the rerenue year, ai^nai, at last, in tha 
end. KtMnuA, at last, floBUy, lifter bU. iH' ' 
f. futurity, a future atat^ ; the world to o 

' I diHtgd, the present world. 

ultimBle. nyiri fiiiM ^arek, adjust- 
ment oi rerenue at the end of the yeau'. iUiri 
nttdt, final settlement of an acoount. aU>na, 
last or latest comers ; poateritj. ojitwjii farf, 
a decree of &te. atAfri' dam, the last breath, a. 

o^Ma, an HiclamBtion of snrprise. a. 

oiiUt, m. pi. of ^bmlk, dispoiition, the good 
properties of mankind; ethics, morals, a. 

aaldt, pl- the humoora of the bwly. oUl^a 
arba'a, the four temperament*, a. 

iHor or a^^, t. refuse, oSals ; a staUo ; 
grass of the stable, p. 

atiot, m. the walnut tne. k. [writing, iko. 

akkfa, rude, ill-ahaped. akkri-iiattj ill-formed 

aiirot or atkrot, m. B walnut. A. 

a^la, also atila, a gelding. aUfa mniyk, a 

a^tar, m. a atar, conalellatioe ; good foituiM^ 

horoacope. aUtar-ikiiiiur, an astrologv. ajt- 

iar-tkundri, the calculation of one's horoMOfN. 
otitiH or a^iiitd, m. tutor, preceptor, p. [p. 

dihu-paihm, m, a kind of mineiil, a loadstopa. a. 
oUya, m. a little brother, a. 
ak^d, {, name, appellation, f. 
oUyo/V, a brother or sister, by the oama n 

but different fathers, a. 
atiyir, pL the good, the excellent, a, 
a-kkgdl, unknown, obaeure. i. 
dkhydl, aaid, spoken ; denominated, namod 
a^, t, objection, cavil, hostility ; taking, m 

aihi-t, to seize, asaume, accept, a. 
^d^at, t. the end, suocesa ; adv. finally, at liat. 

'dkibal-andetk, reflecting on the end, i 

'ikibatv-l-amr, in fine, finally, a. 
'o^iia or 'akidal, m. faith, a nrndamemtal ariM* 

of religion ; fidelity, 'aiidat-mamd, ftitUal. a. 
'ekif, a«eiduoua, diligent, 'akifani Icttba, tlwae 

who attend at the temple of Mecca 
'a^i^ m. a oomelian. utiiv-^-iaAr, 1 



( W ) 

mkU, wise, fensibla ; m. a sage, 'o^i^mi, pi. the 
wise, the sages, ^dkilana^ pmcUaiUj, wisely. 
*itiRf wisdom, intelligence. a.p. 

* aAi ma^ t barren, a woman past cmld>bearing. a, 

m^nmektm, poor, needy, destitute. oibacAdM, m. 

O'HrU, t infiuny, dis§^ce. s. [porerty. s. 

akkdf m. a &ther ; f. an elder sister. d» 

akkily a glutton, an enormous eater, a. 

aklt m. food ; eating. cJcl^ihslmrh^ meat and 
drink, eating and dnnking. a. 

'o^ f. wisdom, opinion, sense, understanding. 
^oH-tk^nOy to be astonished, ^aki l^araeknd, 
to aet wisely, lit. to expend one's wisdom. *akl 
daufimit a. to consider, to think, mikli, reason- 
aUe, rational, jndieions. *akl-mandf wise, sen- 
sible, intelli^eut. *aklmandi^ t wisdom, sound 

dkUL, fleet, swift; peerish. A. [sense. a.p, 

*MkU^ t motion, agitation (of a carriage, &o.). k, 

aknuUf perfisct^ very complete, entire, full. a. 

akmaf^ pL enrirons, borders, confines, sides, a. 

rnkmiit^ now, at present, p, 

akoTf t a bribe; coaxing (a cow, &c). akori, 
one who reoeires a bribe, k, 

akr, a marriage power or dower, a. 

clri, dear, costly ; f. a kind of grass, retch, k, 

akfiy stiflf^ affected. akfaU^ an affected person, 
a swaggerer, a fop. k. 

akrahy most near, more near. a. 

*akraby m. a scorpion ; the sign Scorpio, a. 

akritm, rtry 'kind, merciful, a. 

(Mkram, pL favours, kindnesses, obligations, a. 

ikroMf m. ascending, superiority; surpassing, 
surmounting ; inrasion, a seizing. «. 

akraMf pL equals (in age, rank, &c.). €h 

akfmmd^ a. to distress, to impede, k, 

akribdy pL kindred, friends, allies, a. 

Uri^ £ shape, figure ; body ; species. «. 

a-kfUrim^ inartifieial, not made. 9, 

a Aref, m. a walnut, walnut tree. s. 

akrUf aflbeted, proud, conceited, k, 

akrwry. not cruel, mild, humane, gentle. 9. 

*ak9y m. reflection ; inrersion ; a shadow ; the 
contraiy, opposite ; spite, opposition, a. 

akfd or ojk^, extreme, extremely, a. 

mksm m, pL Tarious kinds, of every sort, a, 

Ahfor, most, many, much; adv. often, for the 
meet part, generally, aknar'oukai, oftentimes. 

dErfortyo, for the most part, chiefly, a. [a. 

akiifj, portions, instalments, a, 

aJr9kay m. a die ; the spots on dice. 9, 

ak9h4n; m. a letter of the alphabet. ah9kariy 
lettered, writing a good hand. 9. 

akakoMkiniy f. an army (see at^kkamim), #. 

a-kskay^ imperishable, akskayatd, i, imperisha- 
bleness. tikskaff-hrikak^ m. an imdecayable 
tree. ak9kmf'lokf m. the imperishable world, a. 

dkthep, m. reproof^ sarcasm, abuse. 9. [eye. «• 

akskiy m. the eye. ak»hi-tdra, f. the pupil m the 

*akub(Ut f. punishment, torment, chastisement, 
torture. ^akuboH doxal^ damnation in helL a. 

dkul, confounded, perplexed, confused, distressed, 
chiefly used in compound words. 9. 

ahtldndf n. to be agitated or astonished, to be 
confused, to be out of order, to tire, to weary, k. 

dkulaid, f. agitation, distress, weariness. 9, 

a-kuUndf of no fieunily, plebeian, of low extrac- 
tion ; ignoble, f. akuRni or chkulim, a woman 
of a low caste or &mily ; adj. bad, base (woman). 

orkuskcUy unlucky, inauspicious. 9. [A. 

Q^nMy pi. words, sayings, agreements, promises. 

ttkmam^ pi. tribes, nations, a, [a, 

aktottr^ f. embrace, akwdr-hhei^ i. meeting ^nd 
embracing, k. [ment. k, 

dly prop. «i^, f. a horse's mane. m. yellow orpi- 

dly f. chil^n, offspring, race, dynasty, a. 

a^la or a*/a, supreme, faigb, the Most Hiffh. a. 

aloy m. a small recess in a pillar or wall, for hold- 
ing a lamp ; adj. wet : running (as a sore), k, 

'(Udf m, glory, sublimity, exaltation, superiority ; 
adj. most mgh or glorious. «. 

'o^, on, upon, above, about ; this word is used 
only in Arabic phrases, as 'a^-/-affo»r, instantly ; 
* aUf't'tctlUnk, according to truth, verily ; ^alq^U 
thupifi in particular ; alg-d-daioim, perpetually ; 
*al^'9s<ikar or ^ald-f-^ttk, in the morning. 
*al^ kdta-l'k^dsy in like manner, in a similar 
way. a. 

*alaf, m. grass, hay. *al(rf'ziry a meadow. €t,p. 

(t-laff, separate, distinct, chloff €hlag or alag' 
iata^f separately, chlag-ky to separate. aHagnd^ 
n. to be separated or disjoined. 9. 

aiagvif f. a Ime for hanging clothes on. A. 

aldhida ^alaikida^ separate, apart, distinct, a. 

ilai, I m. a house, an abode, s. 

dldyUky f. pollution, contamination, filth, p, 

*cUaikif on him, — 'a/a»A»iN, on them, used in 
Arabic phrases, as *alaiki-9'9aldmy on him be 
peace, a. 

almtfd'balaiyd, f. sacrifice, victim, k, 

*alak, m. hiuiging, suspending, adhering. a» ^ 

^aldkay m. relation, connection ; pretension, 
right ; correspondence, communication. *aUka- 
band, a laoe-maker, a tape-maker. ^aUka-ddr^ 
the person who becomes responsible for the pay- 


( 16 ) 


xnent of Tillage nttes, &c. ^aXaka-mand^ depen- 
dent, responsible, a. 

^aldkagty connection, attachment, a.p, 

alakdvalif f. a row of side curls. «. 

a-lakh a-laksh, inTisible, unseen. 9, 

thk^shan, m. a bad sign or ill omen. O'lakMham, 
unfortunate, ill-fated, s, 

alam, sticks set up for the support of plants, h, 

tUam, m. pain, grief, affliction, a. 

(Uam, enough, abundance : able, adequate. #. 

a^lam^ most knowing or wise, a, 

*alam^ m. a spear: standard, banner, ensign; 
sign, mark ; (in gram.) a proper name. a. 

'«/am, m. the world, the universe, time, state, 
condition ; people, mankind in generaL *Hamu 
bald or *ulm or *alwi, the heayens, the people 
of the heavens. *dlanU tiJUf the euth. dlami 
ghaiby the world of absence, a future state ; the 
world of spirits, ^dlam-gir^ conquering the 
universe; the name or title of Auraug-zeb. 
*dlami furai, the visible or external world. 
*dlami ma'fis, the spiritual or invisible world. 
*dlam'<ifroZt world-illumining ; the sun. *dlam' 
drd, world-adorning, ^dlam^gard or ^dlam-na- 
wardf world traversing, a great traveller, 'o/omi, 
worldly, mundane, existing in this world, ^dlor 
miydn^ m. people of this world, men, mankind 
in ^neral. ^dlam-panak^ the asylum of the 
world, a king, &c. ^dlam-tdb, the sun. a.p. 

*aldma (same as *aldm(U), a mark, &c. a. 

eU'ttrndn, m. mercy ; calling for quarter, a, 

*aldm€Uj A mark, badge, sign, token, emblem, 
device, a coat of arms. *aldmati tUui-iAafJj a 
mark in place of a signature, a. 

dlamban^ m. dependence ; a support, protector. «. 

*alam'h<»rddr^ a standard-bearer, a.p, 

^alam'ddr^ a standard-bearer, a.p. 

alam-4idk, full of pain or sorrow. a.p. 

al-dn, now, the present time, af'dn kamd kdna^ 
now as formerly ; just as heretofore, as usuaL a. 

dlan, straw, &c., mixed in earth for building, h, 

aldn^ m. the post to which an elephant is tied, or 
the rope that ties him. 8. 

dldn, m. the brushwood used for creepers, h. 

alang^ f. side, way, comer, intrenchments. h, 

dlang^ intrenchment, trenches, p. 

alangnif f. (v. aloffni), a line, &c. k. 

*aldniya^ openly, publicly, a. 

alankdr, m. ornament or jewel ; rhetoric, s. 

alankj^Uay adorned, decorated, s. 

aldyO or aUdwd or cddwa^ m. a bonfire, flame, a 
blase ; it also denotes a fire-place, h. 

aldp (corruptly aUp)^ f. prelude to singing ; m. 
intcnrcourse, conversation, association. a/«p- 
cAart, f. the act of tuning the voice previous to 
singing, aldpud or dldpndy to tune the voice, 
to run over the different notes previous to sing- 
ing, to catoh the proper key, to sing, to tune. «. 

alaf'halof, f. trifling talk or employment, h. 

aUu, dl<u, m. laziness, drowsiness, sloth; adj. 
lazy, slothful, drowsy. aUua^ or alattd or 
alojiid-gi or alaath f* apathy, sloth, indolence. 
dtasya, m. laziness; adj. luj, dliugi, dUm^ 
drowsy, slothful, s. 

aUU, t a tool, an instrument, apparatus ; the 
running rigging of a ship ; a rope (in the lingo 
of Indian seamen). mmiibtMm vwile ; veretrwn 
amimaUwm. a. 

dldt^ n. pL tools, instruments, utensils, a. 

a-laukikt unpopular, not current, supernatural 9. 

*aldwa, besides, in addition, a. 

*€Uawi^ a descendant or follower of *AU. a. 

dlaya, m. an abode ; Him-alaya, the abode of 
snow. 8. 

al-^azamatU'HUdhi, great is God, an ejaculation 
expressive of surprise, fear, denial, &o. a, 

dlbdlf m. a circular basin round the root of a tree 
for the purpose of watering it. s. 

al-battOy certainly, indeed, verily, a. 

Meld or alhheld^ artless, simple, innocent ; m. 
a fop, a beau. Meli, a belle, a coquette, albeit 
pan or albel-pand, foppishness, frivolity, h. 

dlepy m. liniment, plaster. 9. 

alfdf m. a kind of dress worn by fakir9, like a 
shirt vrithout sleeves, and open at the sides, a. 

alfd^f m. pi. words, articulate sounds, terms, a. 

alji, f. see alfd (cloth, &c.) covered with marks, 
like the letter alif. a, 

alfx or alfimdt or alfinntj f. a pin (so called in 
Dakhani) : the word is apparently Portuguese. 

cUffd, separate, apart, distinct, £pee, loose, uncon- 
fined; m. a sandal, oigd^t^ f. separation. 
algdnd^ a. to separate, to put on one side. 9. 

algdni, f. a line for hanging clothes on. 

al-gkaib, that which is hidden or mysterious. 
al-ghaib *ind alldhi, Oi)d knows what is hidden, a. 

algtdr^ m. rapine, devastation, as during the in- 
road of a hostile army ; the forced march of an 
army through a district, p. 

al-gharaf, in short, in a word, finally, a. 

alghigds, m. complaint, complaining, demanding 
justice, interj. alas 1 help ! a. 

alghntay m. a pipe, or small flageolet, p. 

A/-i^<S/tj?f interj. Gh)d preserve us ! a. 


( 17 ) 


r al hakk^ trae, right ; in trntb, Terily. a. 
now, at present ; jiut now. a, 
U'Ulldhty God be praised ! a. 
n. to rejoice, to be cheerful, h, 
founff, untaught (animal), unskilfuL h, 

in uiort, in fine. a. 
% (used as an interjection) beware! hare 
i! a. 
a large black bee, a scorpion, an Indian 

0, a crow ; spirituous liquor, s. 
Ui, f. damsel, female fnend. h, 

ind measure, equivalent to four Hm, 
man's name; the name of Muhammad § 
i-law. a. 

gh, sublime, eminent, grand. 'dU-iabSr^ 
^h or noble lineage. ^dR-jah or dli'Mhdn, 
^ rank or dignity. *dH makdm, of high 
»n, of illustrious rank. *dti-^a^r(U, ^dU- 
^dR-jandh or *dli'k<tdrf &c., all denote high 
nk, station, &c. ^dli-l^n-dan^ of a hiffh 
J. *dli-Jilrat or •maniah or •Mmmat fhi^' 
ed, magnanimous, a. 
Dr alif-bd-td, f. the alphabet, p, 

1. falsehood, untruth, anj thing displeas- 
nr disagreeable. <idj. fidse, nnpleasing. 9, 
tainfuL *azdbi o/im, torment, a. 

ilim, wise, learned, knowing, ^dlimi ghtUhj 

lent, conyersant with what is liidden. *a/t- 

, wisely, like a sage, a.p, 

, m. the act of embracing. 9. 

r, m. a colour extracted from the dl tree, h, 

inteij. used in complaining of hunger, a, 

pL m. titles, honorary names, a. 

stuttering, pronouncing badly, a. 
ir, f. a coat, rest, garment, a, 
, in short, in one word, a, 

m. God ; the Supreme Being, alldhu 
r, Ch>d is great! an exclamation of sur- 
, resignation, Ac. alfdh^ alldh ! Oh won- 
1 ! excellent ! ^alldh-billah-talldh, I swear 

solenmly, alldh re. Oh God ! my GK>d 1 
omniscient, Gt>d. ^alldtnu'l-ghnyub. He 

is acquainted with things invisible ; the 
ghty. ^alldma^ wise, learned, ^alldma^e 
the most learned of the time. a. 
^allatHf m. trifling talk or business : toy- 
vanity, idle excuse, p. 

n. to bawl, to scream, to squeak, h, 

t a chest of drawers, a bookcase, h, 
m. a diamond, almds-iardsh, m. diamond- 

adj. out into angles (as glass), ahndtif 

out into facets (like a diamond), almdai-ramg^ 
of a diamond colour ; m. a bright clear white 
colour, p, 

al-minnatu lilldhi (Gt)d be praised !), an ejacula- 
tion expressive of surprise, fear, denial, &a a, 

dl o a(,faly f. &mily, race, offspring, a. 

dlokt m. sight, looking; light; flattery, s, 

a-lokan^ m. disappearance, invisibility. 9, 

alolt f. gambol ; adj. steady. cUol-halol^ f. gam- 
bols, wantonness, playsomeness (of young ani- 
mals), h, 

a'landf fresh, not salt, insipid. 9, 

alop, concealed, defrced, retired, run out, de- 
stroyed ; apparent. allop'h(hj,^ n. to vanish. 9, 

alopnd, a. to conceal, to hide one*B self; n. to lie 
hid, to be concealed. 9. 

alpf little, small, few, short, dlpatdy i. small- 
ness, minuteness, insignificance, alpdhdr, mo- 
derate, abstemious ; m. moderation, a^dhdri, 
moderate, alpdyu, short-lived; young, o^- 
Imddhif ignorant, silly, alp-bal, feeble, of little 
strength. alp-prabhdOf insignificant, of little 
weight, alp'pramdn, of little authority, a/p- 
pr(Mmd»ak, credulous, resting on little evidence ; 
of little weight. alp'9hakii, weak, feeble. (Up^ 
mdiry a litUe only; a short time, a few mo- 
ments. 9, [a, 

al-9aldm, ferewell, peace or safety be upon thee ! 

aUdndf n. to be drowsy, to dose, to slacken, s, 

aln^ f. linseed, of the common sort. A. 

aUina, pL tongues, languages, a, 

alfdff m. pL kindnesses, frtvours. a, 

altamghii or dltamghdf m. a Turkish word, signi- 
fying the red patent, the impression of the impe- 
nal seal afllxea to grants, iui,, being in red ink. i, 

aUanif f. the rone round the neck of an elephant, 
in which the driver puts his feet, h, 

dlUf VL an esculent root; a potato. Rai'dlu^ a 
yam. dilute Shtikctrkand, a sweet potato, p, 

dlid, dludOf soiled, stained, smeared or defined ; 
overwhelmed, loaded with, dludagiy f. conta- 
mination, stain, foulness, defilement, p, 

aJueha^ a kind of smsU plum, p, 

dluftOj astonished, frantic, insane, p, 

din gdehk^ m. the potato-tree. h. 

dlunj, a sort of wUd plum, a sloe. p. 

alwdhj pL tablets, planks, &o. a. 

dlical, m. a basin round the root of a tree, s, 

alwduy pi. colours, sorts, kinds, a, 

al'widfff adieu ! faro thee well ! a, 

dm, m. a mango; provisions, victuals (undressed); 
sickness, disease ; adj. raw, undressed, unripe, s. 

Am A— AM, A 

( 18 ) 


imadf f. arriral, income, dmad-amad or imad o 
r<s^, f. aooess and egreM. amad^thmd or amad 
Mhud, interoourse, tboronghfare. p, 

imada, readj, alert, amddaffi, f. alertness, p, 

amdjf m. a mark or butt to shoot arrows at. p. 

amdkm, pi. mansions, habitations, places, a, 

amalf m. intoxication, eumtliy intoxicating, k, 

amcU, m. hope^ expectation, a. 

0-iiuU, bright, pure, dean, clear. 9, 

0*mdlt pL actions, conduct, works, a. 

^etmalt m. action, operation, work, effect ; do- 
minion, territory. ^anuU-ddr, m. one who has 
command ; a collector, ^amal'dan^ a collector- 
ship. *amal-ndm€i, an order, a warrant. *amal 
men land^ to carry into effect. *amal-k,^ to act 
or operate. *amalaj pi. agents, officers, subordi- 
nates, the natire officers in civil courts. *amalan^ 
in &ct, indeed, truly. *amaUguxir^ a collection 
of revenue. 'amtUif artificial, praoticaL hikmoH 
'amoHf natural or practical pnilosophy ; f. pay- 
ment of rerenue in kind. ^amttUjfatf practice ; 
pL 'amaUydtf practices. *am€U-pa(fa or *amal- 
dasidk or ^amM-safUMd or amal noma, m. a deed 
granting authority to collect rents or revenue 
dues. a.p,h, 

amal-paffii £ the hem of cloth, stitching, h, 

a-mamtdf f. disinterestedness, indifference. «• 

amdn, f. grace, mercy, security, safety, protection ; 
as an interj. it denotes '* quarter ! spare me !" 
and is generally soimded dman. a. 

dmany m. winter rice-crop. A. 

amdnd, n. to be oontaineo, to go into. «. 

amanai^ f. deposit, chai^, anything given in 
trust; fiuth, religion, amanat'dar^ a trustee, 
or depositary ; s^j. fiuthful, honest. ammmU' 
ddri^ f. guardianship, agency, trust, charge; 
fiuthfulness. amdnai^akkna, a. to consign or 
deposit. amimat'dafl<tr^ a registry-office, ama* 
iM^^/ari, assignments of revenue. ttmantU-mal^l, 
an estate, amanat-'ndmaf a deed of trust or de- 
posit, amdnatit t goods, Ac., given in charge. 
amdni, f. securitv ; trust, charge, deposit ; adj. 
(applied to land; that which is in charge of a 
collector on the part of government (in opposi- 
tion to ijdra, that which is £u*med). a, 

a-^nangaly m. a disaster, a calamity; an evil omen, 
ill luck ; adj. inauspicious, unlucky. 9, 

ormanl^ incredulous, inattentive ; humble. #. 

imoMnd, yea^ verily ; lit. we believe, a. 

dmdnnoy m. raw grain ; provisions undressed, s, 

tHmamuihya or a-matniArAya, unmanly, amawiuk-' 
jfo/i^ unnutnlinfM, inhumanity, s. 

(JM^ar, undring, immortal, long-Uved. «. 
dmoTy calculation ; an account- book, p, 
*amdra, a turban, a tiara, a. 
a-mardwa^^ f. the celestial city of Indra. 9, 
*amdrit i. the litter in whieh people sit on an 

elephant: when it has no canopy it is then 

called a hauda. a, 
a-marydd or a-marjaddy indignity, dishonour. «. 
amoT'lok, m. heaven, the region of the gods. 9. 
amar-padf m. the state of an immortal. 9. 
dmartht m. anger; vrrath; envy, impatience of 

another's success; peevishness. 9. 
thuuuydddj f. disrespect, indignity. 9, 
dmd9, m. swelling, drnds-k., to swelL p, 
amdtya^ m. a minister, counsellor. 9. 
amavdt or amdwas or amdvatya or amdvcuAj f. the 

conjunction of sun and moon, the day of new 

moon. 9, [A. 

amdwaty m. the inspissated juice of the mango. 
dmayetf m. sickness, disease. 9, 
itmbf m. a mango, a mango tree. 9. 
ambOf m. a mango (see dm), p, 
ambdy £ a mother (same as ammd), 9, 
am&on, a kind of soft goat-skin leather ; a purBe, 

a clothes-bag, wallet, p, 
<xmbar, m. clothes, apparel; the sky or atmos- 
phere ; a perfume (ambergris), 9, 
ambdr^ m. magazines, heaps, a stock, p. 
dmboTf f. ambergris (same as *ambar). a. 
'ofn^or, m. ambergris, a rich perfume, a. 
ambdfd, m. ambdfi, f. the esculent plant hilnsciUy 

commonly called the Bozelle. h, 
*ambar'hdr, odoriferous, firagrant. a.p, 
ctmbarchd, m. an ornamental drawing. A. 
^ttmbarcha, an ornament for the neck, foil of 

*<tmbar; a smelling-bottle. a.p, 
ambdriy t a canopy ; a litter or howdah. p, 
^ambcuri or 'om^artift, of or resembling ambergris 

(as to smell or colour). a.p, 
^amhaiinoy a kind of perfume. 0.0. 
ambatf sour, acid, to be addulatea. #. 
dm'bdt, m. a swelling, which comes vnthout pain 

and goes off as easily, even without medicine. 9, 
ambcttdndy n. to grow sour, to be acidulated. #. 
amhdZy m. a partner, an associate, p, 
amhdzty partnership, association, p, 
amhihy m. a still, an alembic a. 
amhiydy f. a small unripe mango. #. 
ambohf a crowd, multitude, mob, conooarse. p* 
ambol (for ai»-6o/), silent, speechless, h, 
amboHy f. a species of sorrel, d. 
amehur^ m. parings of mango. #• 


( 19 ) 




*amd, wilftil, a legal tenn analogous to tba " ma- 
licioin " of Roman law : thus, k€Ul, " slaughter, 
bloodshed ;" ^atli 'amd, " wiU^ol murder." 'om- 
dam^ deliberately, purposely, a, 

imdam^ £ the sesson in which anj merchandise 
generallj arrives ; perquisites ; anrthing gained 
over and abore ; ways and means ; income, 
revenue; import, p. 

O'WtedhjfOf m. woes, excrement ; adj. impure. #. 

mmeiiia^ mixed, mingled, p, 

awteihijfa^ name of a tribe of rdj'jmU* k, 

mixture ; mixed, mixing, fraught with, as 
;, fraught with friendship. j>. 
L mingling, mixing ; mirthfnlness. p, 
t the water of life; nectar. «. 
ft, deep, profound, a. 
, m. an aoent, a superintendant of the finances, 
collector of the rerenues ; a ruler. *amUa^ one 
word that gorems. another (in gram.). *«m«^ 
ndma, a warrant or power from goremment, 
aothoiising a person to take possession of any- 
thing ; a power of attorney. a.p. 

^amim^ full, complete ; universaL a. 

amin^ a commissioner, a trustee, an umpire, an 
inrestigator, an arbitrator; a supervisor or 
ofllcer employed by government to examine 
and regulate the state of the revenues of a 
district, cami^-daftar^ an office for auditing 

MM, amen, so be it. a, [the amint. a, 

t the office of omta or commissioner; 
trust, guardianship, security, secure, a. 

m. a nobleman, a grandee ; an eastern title^ 
neariy answering to Lord, amir ul umard or 
amiri kaiir^ Lwd of Lords, a title given by 
ussUii 11 princes to their ministers, Ac. aimr^ 
wir or cmirmna^ like a noble. amr'Zdda or 
omur-tAU^ nobly bom; anuru-l^M^^ a com- 
mander by sea (hence admiral), amirul'mu' 
atimu^ eommander of the (true) believerS) a 
title asswnwd by the Caliphs, a, 

one who orders, a commander, rnkr. a. 
a, royal, imperial; abundant, rich, inhabited. 

OMtriy t a principality, an earldom, a. [a. 

JsMtil, m. flesh, mod, enjoyment, s, 

ormiiy unmeseured, undefined. «• 

OHM^, indelible, undefsced. s. 

am^ad^ lerj or most glorious, a, 

mmka-dhamtd or amkd'4^amkd^ m. trifles, trifling; 
a person of little estimation, k, 

amUkj pL possessions, properties, a, 

'mwm, m. an unde^ £itli^s brother. *amm-gada^ 
paternal uncle's son. a. 




common, public, plebeian ; the vulgar, the 
common people, khdff o *dmm^ high and low 
peculiar and popular, a. 

ammd or ammdn, a mother, s, 

ammdy but, moreover, nevertheless, however, a. 

(Mmmdra, domineering, imperious, a. 

ammai, one of the ten kinds of wounds compen- 
sated by a fine, a, 

dmmi, general, common ; relating to the common 
people, ignorant, vulgar, a, 

'ammii, m. a paternal uncle, a, 

ama, m. security, safety. ctnm-dmSm^ vl quarter, 
crying out for quarter, amn o mmmm^ in safety 
and security, a. 

amnd'tdmnd, m. opposition, oonfronting. h, 

rnnme^dmne^ opposite, face to face. k. 

ammyat, security, repose, a place of safety, a. 

dmod^ m. fragrance ; pleasure. «. 

(k^mogh, productive, fruitful, infidlible. #. 

dtnotbta, learnt, taught, trained, p, 

tMnolf invaluable, above price. 9, 

dmoz, taught ; used in comp., as datt'dwtoz^ taught 
by the band, tamed (bird), p, 

amr, m. an order, command ; an aflkir, trans- 
action ; (in gram.) the imperative mood. 
amr-ba-tfod, lit. ''your business is in your 
own hands,** which, uttered by a husband and 
agreed to by a wife, constitutes an irreversible 
divorce, a. [«. 

amrdf m. hog-plum, dmnif m. the mango-tree. 

amrad, beardless, handsome (a youth), a. 

amrd,i^ f. a tope, or grove of mangoes, s. [«. 

dm^iu, inspissated juice of the mango (see amof), 

amrd^, pL sicknesses, diseases, a. 

oHHtU, the water of life, nectar; an antidote; 
anything sweet ; water ; wine ; a guava. «. 

amrii'hdny m. a variety of the keld^ or plantain, s. 

ctmriii or imriti, f. a small vessel ; a kind of sweet- 
meat ; a kind of cloth ; adj. nectarious. k, 

amr o nahif m. commands and prohibitions, orders 
and counter-orders, commanding and counter* 
manding, hence, sovereignty, authority, a. 

amrud or amrut^ m. a pear ; also a guava. pa. 

amgdl, pL similes, equals, fisbles. a. 

*amud, m. a perpendicular. 'amikte-f-fiiiA, the 
spreading light of the dawn. ^amudaHf perpen- 
dicularly, a. 

amuk, such a one, a certain person, s. 

ehmukhya, inferior, ordinary, s. 

cMiml^ destitute of root or origin, s, 

*amum, common. 'omtiffMia, commonly, a. 

o-flMir^, formless, unembodied. s. 


( 20 ) 


fmurzy act of pardoning or forgiving. Smurz^gdr^ 
he who pardons : an epithet of God. auMtrzirA, 
f. pardon, grace, forgiveness of sins, p, 

dmvdtf m. constipation or torpor of the bowels, 
with flatulence and intumescence, the wind being 
supposed to be chieflj affected. 9, 

tnnwdjf pi. of mate;, billows, Ac. a. 

amwdlf pi. riches, wealth, personal property, a. 

an, a negative prefli of the same effect as our un 
or in, as an'dekhd^ unseen, s, 

an, m. iaundioe ; mildew, a. 

^ f. tune, hour, minute, a. 

AH, f. a graceful attitude, affectation, pride. j>. 

AM, f. dignity, honour ; modesty, bashfulneM. A. 

«», that ; he, she, or it. p, 

'an, firom, with, after, on, concerning, above, before. 
* an-karihi-t'xamdn^ in a little time, soon, a, 

and, delay, opportunity ; a seasonable hour. a. 

dnd or ana, m. the sixteenth part of a rupi. A. 

dnd, n. to come, to be, to become, h, 

*and, f. distress, labour, trouble, a. 

'ana5 or Hnab, a kind of grape, the egg-plant, a. 

an-abhild-fhy m. indifference, absence of desire. 
an^ahhUdtht, indifferent. «. 

an-dekdr, m . improper conduct, neglect of religious 
observance; adj. immoral, ill-behaved, an-dehdri, 
immoral, indecorous. 9, 

andehU, suddenly, uneipectedly. anocAt/t or ana- 
chiti, f. ignorance, thoughtlessness, d. 

an-dd for an-ddi, without beginning, eternal. 
andd-banjar, land that has been waste from 
time immemorial, andd-hhuim, land trans- 
ferred by mortgage. anddUtoa, m. eternity. 

an-ddar, m. affront, disrespect. 9, [9, 

cu^dgamya, unapproachable, inaccessible. 9, 

an-aghy blameless, free from guilb. 9, 

an-ahankdry m. absence of pride, humility, an* 
akankdfi, humble. 9, 

an-dhdr, m. abstinence, starvation, an^dhdri, adj. 
fasting, (me. who fasts. «. 

andj, m. com, grain. «. 

dnak, m. a kettle-drum, a kind of large drum 
beaten only at one end. 9, 

dnd-kdni, f. turning a deaf ear, overlooking, wink- 
uig At, purposely neglecting, dnd-kdnd-d^ to 
pretend ignorance, to ignore, h. 

andkrdntdf f. a sort of prickly nightshade. 9, 

anal, f. fire, a flame, a sort of plant. 9. 

andm, mortals, the world, demons, genii, a. 

andmat, deposit, trust, &c. a. 
aftamU, pi. fingers, tips of the fingers, a. 
^^^ff, m. &ce, visago, mooth ; f. order. 9, 

dndn, those, dndii-kiy those who. p, 

andnd9, m. (v. ananmU) the pine-apple. JPart, 

dnand or anand, m. pleasure; ease, content ; God, 
Supreme Spirit, dnand^may, blissful, dnan- 
daidf f. joy, delight, dnandt, delighted, re- 
joiced, dnandit, overjoyed, delighted, dnand- 
kand, source of joy ; an epithet of Krishna. «. 

dnan fa-dnan, constantly, every minute, a. 

andnigai, f. egotism, boasting, arrogance, a. 

anannds, m. a pine-apple, h. 

anannd9i, made like a pine-apple, k. 

an-an9a, m. one who has no share. «. 

an-ant, adj. boundless, endless, eternal, infinite ; 
m. a name of the serpent that supports the 
earth ; a name of the god Vishnu, anantatd^ 
f. eternity, anant-rdthi, f. infinite quantity. 
anant-rup, multiform, anant-vdt, m. rigidity 
or paralysis of the muscles of the face and 
neck, an-antffa, infinite,, endless ; m. infinity, 
eternity. 9, 

an-aparddh, m. innocence ; adj. innoeoit. #. 

an-apcUya, childless, without progeny. 9, 

an-apekh, disregarding, unheeding. 9. 

an'apek9hd, f. disregard, indifference. 9. 

andr, m. a pomegranate, andr-ddna, m. a species 
of millet, anart, of or resembling the pome- 
granate, p. 

a-ndri or a^ndfi, unskilful, clumsy, inexpert ; §. 
a novice, a bungler, andrpan, m. sillineea, 
clumsiness, inexpertnees, ignorance. A. 

an-cwth, unmeaning, fruitless, improper. #. 

ana9at, f. intimacy, use, cheerfulness, a, 

*andftr^ pi. the four elements, a. 

anat, elsewhere, somewhere else. «. 

a-no^A, without a husband, without a protector, 
without chief or soverei^ ; helpless, an orphan. 
andihi hanjar, m. unclaimed land. #. 

an-o^iff, healthy, vigorous. 9. 

an-avadhdn, careless, inattentive. an-aeadAanatf, 
f. carelessness, inadvertence, indifference. «. 

a-navasar, busy, having no leisure ; inopportune; 
m. want of leisure, unseasonableness. «. 

an-avasthds unstable, unsteady ; incontinent ; £ 
instability, uncertaiuty; incontinence. #. 

an-dyds, m. ease, facility ; adj. easy. #, 

dnb or dmh, m. a mango (v. dm), 9, 
dn-bdn, f. spirit, proper pride. A. 
an-bandyO, m. discoixl, misunderstanding. A. 
an-bedhd, unbored, unperforated. 9, 
anbhog, possession, property. 9. 
an^biydhd, unmarried, a bachelor. #. 
an-bol or am-bol, speechless, dumb, mute, k. 

AinS— AND 

( 21 ) 


«iie&, t heat, flame of a fire (not of a candle), h, 

am-ehahat^ not desired, unwished for. «. 

mmckiU or cjidlaZ, m. breast (of a woman or lac- 
tescent animal); the hem of a cloak or veil ; a 
border of a reil or shawl, s, 

mmdkar or amekrm^ m. the hem of a doak or Teil ; 
a border at the end of a reil, shawl, Ac. s, 

am-^Mila^ imlicked, rude ; unpared (as firuit). h, 

dm-^ki, Uiat which, whatsoerer. p, 

OJt-dUt, unaware, sudden ; ady. suddenly, h, 

amchld^ m. the hem of a cloak, Ae, s, 

dmeku^ m. the raspberry. Iro^ aadbi^ bramble, h. 

mm^imudm, eren as, just as. p. 

mm4 or luif , m. a testiele, the scrotum ; semen 
genitale. am^-koi or amtf-katk, a hernia or 
rapture. «. 

am4^ or im4d^ m. an egg, an4d-detu^ to lay an 
egg. emdi-sewmd, to incubate, to hatch eggs. 
an4e-9eknA, to bring forth young ; to keep one's 
own house, an^ meA Jn tardi^ applied to one 
who is raw and inexperienced. an4^;, oviparous, 
A bird. 8, 

mmdak, little, small, few. andaki^ t a small por- 
tion or number, p, 

amdakdrj m. antUikin, f. darkness, obscurity; adj. 

omddiAta^ cast away, thrown, p, [dark, d, 

*amdalibf t, a nightingale, a. 

amdsm^ m. body, stature, figure, p, 

trndoTy within, inside, inwardly, p, 

tmddr, a narratire, story, tale, fiction, p. 

mmdaraz^ m. last will; precepts, or admonitions, p, 

am-dartif m. a kind of firiea sweetmeats, k, 

amdaru»f within, inner apartments, interior. j>. 

— rforwag, internal, relatm^ to the inside, p, 

mmdarMm , internal, intrinsic, p. 

amddz or aitddxa, m. valuation, guess; weigh- 
ing, measurement ; time in music ; mtxle, 
manner; (in comp.) throwing, as bark-anddz, 
A thrower of lightning, a matchlockman. 
trnddz-pitf^ t an estimate of the value of a 
growing crop. p. 

tm-dekhM^ not yet seen, undiscovered. A. 

mmdelf oviparous ; pregnant (bird), k, 

amdesk^ thmking, contriving, andeska^ m. thought, 
meditation, suspicion, care, concern, andeska-k., 
to reflect, to hesitate, to fear, andeska-^itandf 
full of anxiety. ande*k€i'mandi^ anxiousness, 
concern, p, 

mmdesk-ndk or txndetk-mand, thoughtful, anxious, 
or andesk-mandit f. anxiety, p. 

mmd\ m. darkness; adj. blind, andk-tanuu, m. 
great darkness. «. 

amdka, adj. blind, dark. andkd'dkundf blind, 
blindly, andkd-dhund-rond, to weep exces- 
sively. andkd'dk«nd-itt(dndf to squander, 
spend extravagantly, andkd ku,d or andkd 
kupy m. a well filled up with rubbish, andkd 
j^rcA, prodigality. 9, 

attdkak, m. a blind man ; adj. blind. «• 

andkakdr or cmdkakdrd^ m. andkakdrif {, dark- 
ness, obscurity, cloudiness. 9. 

an-dkan^ m. wealth, both in grain and coin, 
properly antut^dkan. «. 

andkald, i. blindness, darkness. 9, 

andker, m. darkness, misfortune, injustice, tumult. 
andker-k., to tyrannize, oppress, k, 

andkerd^ dark; m. darlmess. andkeri'ho^kri^ f. 
dark room ; the belly ; the womb, k, 

andkeri, f. darkness, a blind for a horse. «. 

dndkif f. storm, hurricane, tempest; a darkening 
or lowering of the sky. aiuMt-A., to engage 
keenly in a bad action, k. 

audkijfdrdf blind, dark ; m. darkness. «. 

andkkdr, m. darlEness, blindness, s. 

cmdMd (see <indkd), blind, obscure, s, 

audkldpoHf m. blindness ; intellectual blindness ; 
acting as if one were blind, k, 

nn-dkoyd^ unwashed, unclean. 9, 

andh^fdrdf dark, blind ; m. darkness. 

andkdf m. an ege ; also used for dkkd^ a pannier, 
or rather one of the bags forming a pannier, k, 

and-ko9k, m. the scrotum ; ruptiue, hernia. 9. 

cmdokf m. grief^ anxiety, trouble, p, 

andof^a^ aoqubred, gained ; m. acquisition, p. 

ctndoxy in comp. gaining, acquiring, o. 

dndu^ m. the cham or rope with which the feet of 
elephants are tied up. 9. 

andid (in comp.), besmeared, encrusted, p, 

an-ek^ much, many. anek-dkdr, multiform. 
anek-rup, of various kinds, of variable mind. 
anek-kdly adv. a long time, anek-gotrd^ one 
who is a member of more than one gotrd or 
family, anek-vidk, various, of many kinds, in 
difierent ways. 9, 

anfd9, pi. breathings, spirits, a. 

dng or anga^ m. the body, a limb, dng ko lagnd^ 
to be firm or confirmed ; to have effect. «• 

dng^ a demand on cattle for pasture. A. 

angdy f. a nurse, a maid whose business it is to 
hold, watch, and amuse a child, k, 

angd, m. a coat or upper-garment, a long tunic 
worn alike by the Hindus and Musalmans : the 
former tie it on the left, the latter on the right 
breast. 9, 


AK6— iiNa 

( M ) 


amga4^fh ''^' ^ ™*° ^^^ carries money or jewels 

ooDoealed in his quilted clothes, k, 
&A-gah or dn-gah^ then, at that time, p, 
angan or cmgnd^ m. (also angnd) a yard, area, 

court, inclosed space adjoining to a house, s. 
angdr or cmgdrd^ m. embors, sparks; wrath, rage; 
a spark, a bit of fire, angdr or angdroA ptur 
lotndy to be highly enraged, particularly firom 
jealousy, tingdr kd Jdfd^ m. a salamander. A. 
tm'gark or oM^gafhd^ UBwrought, unformed ; un- 
educated, unlicked, unset (as a ring or jewel). 
angafhi hdt^ inconsistent or ill-arranged speech. 
• amgdriy i, a small fire-pan. «. [A. 

angarkhd^ m. a coat, gown, jacket, doublet, s. 
attgaurigOf m. a ploughman ; also, allowing the 
use of a plough inst^tad of paying wagea in 
money, h, 
amgeff f. appearance, person, h. 
angeifki or eutgifhi^ f. a chafing-dish, h, 
angez, exciting ; (used in comp.) as fttna-amgez^ 
strife exciting. €Mgexnd^ a. to suffer, to ex- 
perience, to bear, to excite. p.k, 
emgikdr, m. agreement, promise, aTOwal, reception, 
accepting, angikdr-k,^ to accept, agree to. «• 
angikritf agreed, promised. «. 
an-gind, uncounted, numberless, angind wtakiim^ 

the eighth month of a woman's pregnancy, h, 
im-gimai or cm^ganit, beyond calciuation. €Uh 

ginUf uncounted, countlms, numberless. #. 
angigdf f. m. bodice^ stays, k. 
angie^y f. appearance, person, k, 
OM^, f. a nnger, a finger's breadth. «. 
angUt or imgtu, EngUsh, the term is generally 
applied to an inratided soldier. cmgUtidn^ 
dng-mafiy f. yawning, stretching the body, h, 
amgndyty f. a yard, area, &c. (same as angan), s, 
cmgoehhdy m. a doth which Hindus £Bi^en round 
their waists when bathing ; a towel, a handker- 
chief, k, 
dmgwdy m. a midge, a gnat. K 
angola f. appearance, person (same as amgef), h, 
angrdyi or angrdyl, f. stretching, yawning, h, 
OMgfdnd, n. to yawn, to stretch the limlw. h, 
angret or ingrez (Tulg. ctngrt^^ &c.), England. 

angrezif English, the English language. 
angrikhdf m. a vest, coat, &c. (t. angarkkd), 9, 
anguli, f. a finger or toe ; a finger's breadth. 9, 
€mgHr, m. a grape ; granulations in a healing sore. 

angwr-hannd or 'hond, to become sound, p, 
anguriy f. a finger, a finger's breadth. 9, 
^Mg^mrf, of or htiloDging to the grape, p. 

angtukiy f. a finger, anguskti-hairat ddnton meA 
rakknd, to bito the finger, or place it between 
the teeth to express surprise, angutktdn or an- 
gntktdnc^ m. a ring (particulai'iy the one worn 
on the thumb) ; a thimble. angu9ktariy f. a ring, 
particularly one worn on the finger, not applied 
to that on the thumb. angu9kt'numd, one who 
is pointed at, famous (in a good or bad sense, 
but in India most frequently in a bad one), 
notorious. om^imA^^mmim,!, act of pointing out 
with the finger, p. 

angufkd, m. thumb, angufkd dikkdnd, to brare, 
defy, &o. angufkd ckumnd^ to flatter. 9. 

aniguikif f. a ring worn on the finger. 9, 

ongtodrdy the proprietor of a small portion of a 
village ; mutual aid in tillage, k, 

ankdi^ m. bathing, washing, k, 

ankdndy a. to bathe, to wash, k, 

oH'kity unfriendly, hostile ; hostility. 9, 

an'kandy impossible, not to be. k. 

cm-konkdr, hopeless, unpromising, improbable, k. 

ankwdnd, a. to wash, to bathe, to cause to be 
bathed or washed. 9. 

atUy dtUy m. f. or ant, f. the point of a spear, or of 
an arrow, the stem or prow of a boat, &o. 9, 

an-iokckkd, f. indifference, absence of desire. 9, 

and, f. wind, breath, air. «. 

eMuruddkay unobstructed, uurestrained. 9, 

a-mrvackamga or €Murv€u:kgay not fit to be spoken, 
indefinable. 9, 

am9 or aiM-jalUy m. a companion, a. 

an-itkiddka, unprohibited, imforbidden. 9, 

cm^kty undesired, evil, ominous. 9, 

an-49kfkdy f. unst^dfastness, unsteadiness. 9. 

{Miitiy f. injustice, impropriety ; rudeness, im- 
poUcy, unmannerliness. 9. 

a^nitgoy not permanent, fleeting, perishable, ami- 
gatdy f. frailness, transient existence, a-nitgo' 
daUa or a-nitya'daitetkay that which is tempo- 
rarily granted ; a son adopted for a certain term. 

a-nivdriiy unchecked, unopposed. 9, [9. 

anjahin (Arabic form of angabin)y honey. 9, 

anjaly m. two handfuls, &c. anjalty f. the cavity 
formed by putting the two hands together. 

anjdmt end, termination ; accident, vexation, p, 

anjdmdy (land) in which nothing will grow. A. 

an/aUy m. a kind of grass, much used (in the upper 
provinces) as food for cattle. A. 

an-jdny unwitting, unintentional, unknowing, igno- 
rant; m. a stranger, anjdn-k., to assume the 
stranger, to pretend ignorance of a person or 
thing. 9. 


( «3 ) 


amfan^ m. a oollyrium, an ointment 
to the eyelashes with a yiew to blacken 
rrore them. #. 

inborn ; m. an inferior kind of rice, k, 
nknown, a stranger ; ignorant. am-Jine^ 
dj, unwittingly, h. 

t a stye (or stithe) on the eyelids, h, 
', ignorance, negligence, k, 

£. a kind of newt or lisard. #. 
. infamy, eril notoriety. #. 
a fig, the fig-tree. f>. 

two handfols, as much as can be held 
. hands open ; the junction of the two 
9 form the shape of a boat ; Soottioe, a 

lame as €mfld) ; it also denotes a mode 
jttion by carrying the two hands joined 
re) to the forehead. #. 
ykA, m. a tear (see dtisu), k, 

t an assembly, company, banquet, p, 
t, m. a letter of the alphabet ; a figure ; 
ap on coins, plate, &c antk^kSr, m. an 
; a mark (on cloth, pointing out the 

the flank or part aboTC the hip ; 
), the bosom ; (for cuiff) a shaie^ por- 
Imk-ddTf a sharer. #. 

the phoenix, a &bulous bird, dk 

f. a spider, a. 

u an accountant, arithmetician. #. 
L to cause to yidue, to prise, to examine 
h), to approye of. «. 
1. yaluation, appraisement, k, 
r akar)^ haying come. #. 

near, soon, shortly, nearly, a, 
lat person, whosoeyer, Ac. p, 
keu, or anktu, m. the iron with which 
ts are driyen, a goad, dnkus mdrttdf to 
> obedience, to reduce to submission, s. 
r ankafa^ m. a bank, a prop or support, 
>r embankment in a riyer ; a lock, d, 
, £1 an adjustment of rents, h. 
the eye. dnkh-frnjam, f. a stye on the 
d»kk-dni^ to haye an inflammation of 
e, to be blear-eyed, dnkk-htichdnd, to 
ray priyately and unseen, dnkk-hadalmd^ 
draw one's fayour or afiection from any 
nkh hardbar na kar saknd (not to be 

look steadfastly in another's face), to 
med. dnkh hand kar lem^ to turn from 
', to treat one with neglect; to die. dnkh 
dekhnd^ to look till one's curiosity is fully 
L dnkh hhar Idndj to haye eyes fiiU of 

tears, to be ready to cry. dnhh-palhrdm (from 
patthar^ a stone), to become dim (the eyes) from 
long expectation, dnkh-phafakm^ to feel a pul- 
sation in the eye, considered as an omen of some 
desirable eyent, as the meeting of friends, dnkk- 
pkufni, to be blind, dnikhphu^ypifga^l, the eye 
IS lost, and the pain is gone (spoken of a conten- 
tion, which has ceased by the object of it being 
lost to both parties), dnkh-phofd^ m. a midge, 
that flies into the eyes at night, dnklhpkopii^ 
to make blind; to expect or watch in yain. dnkk- 
phmrm^ to shew ayersion after friendship, dnkk- 
pher linif to turn away the eyes (as from grief, 
displeasure^ &c.). dnik fkan4i kami, to haye 
consolation by meetine friends, to be glad, dnkk 
jkapaknd (to haye eymids joined, to moye them 
quickly), to fear, dnkk ekurdni (to steal eyes), 
not to attend to, to ayert eyes through shame, 
dislike, Ac, to ayoid the sight of an^ one. dnkk 
ekofkSni, to be angry ; to be intoxicated, dnkk 
ekai^nd, to haye eyes marked by debauch, dnkk^ 
ckamkdni, to make the eyes danee (to roll one's 
eyes) in anger, or as a blandishment, dnkk- 
chkipdfA (to hide one's eyes), to be ashamed of 
an improper act. dnkk eliAr ehir dekknd, and 
dnkk ekirke dekknd^ to look with great attention 
and deep meditation ; with anger. dnidk-^UUmi 
(to shut one's eyes), to forbid by siena. dnkk- 
dikkdm or -dikhldni (to shew one's eyes), to 
frighten, to restrain, to brow-beat. Stnkk dMike 
kuckk kamd, to do anything after consulting the 
inclination of another. cStkk-^ab4abdnif to fill 
the eyes with tears, dnkk-^kakni (obsolete, to 
haye eyes shut); to die ; to be ashamed, dnkk' 
rakknAy to lore, to entertun friendship ; to haye 
hope ; to discern. dnkk tnrf^ karm^ to be 
angry, dnkk te gimd (to fell from eyes), to 
beoome contemptiole. dnkk-tenkm^ to contem- 
plate the beauty of any one. dnkk kiti m ro* 
skan-k, (to obtain a look from anyone), to meet 
(yisit) a friend or person of rank, dnkk kin 
kidekkni (to look at one's eyes), to receiye 
education in any one's company. dnkk-kka- 
fakni, to haye pain in the eyes, dnkk-ffknraknd, 
to look at with anger, dnkk-lafdni, to wink as 
a hint, to communicate a secret by signs, dnkk- 
larnif to encounter the eyes of another, dnkk- 
Uiffdni, to contract friendship or affbction for 
any one, to fall in loye. dnkk-mdrm, to wink ; 
to stop any one by a sign ; to make amorous 
signs with the eyes. dnkk-mickawwtUf m. dnkk- 
miekcmU^ t blmdman's bu£ dnkk-mi idn i (to 



eiohkBgs lookn), to contraot friraddiin. JwU- 
miliii, b> look iteadfiutlj. dnH vUiichJSiia, to 
die, to perish, dnii nindie tk chit ta i^ti- 
ydr-t., to cfaooM or accept precipitaUilj or in- 
□omutentl;. ankk lut rakhmi (cot to hue aj'm, 
not to look), to hare no tope or expeotAtion ; 
to b« loautkllj blind. inkKoi par hiu(lMd (to 
■it on sfe*), to be beloTed, to lit or oiuae to tit 
oa ■ Teiy elevated pUoe } to become dignified, 
injtioii id gutiln kama (to hsTS tha rodiicu of 
the ejet), ia ^plied to m look of intoiic&tioii 
or wBDtoimeea. aiUekoi mni and, to intoiioftte 
(applied especiall; to wine). diiHtoii mnipiiraa, 
to be alwavg prmeat in one's ejeii, to be erer ia 
one'i mind, diiikoii mni eluvii eUuM, to be 
wilfullj blind, to preCflnd from pride not to 
kuoir one's old acquaintanoe. ankioii mti Utdi 
4il»d (lit. to tbrow dust in one's ejes), to oom- 
mend or pofi* wares of an inferior qualitf g to 
pilfer. mikoA flwis khufolna, to be seen with 
eafT and dislike, dnilai mai ghar tantd, to 
be beloTsd or esteemed ; to persist in one's oim 
erroneons opinions. dntAoii mei rat kafna or 
l^dad, to pass the nigbt awake, inkiti-iedid, 
m. (lit. ** a man with eyes ") ■ sp;, an iaapeotor, 
oneof theseoretpolioe. dnihti dakhnd, la ttadj 
one's temper or mclination ; to behaie respeot- 
fuU; towards another. oiiitAni niS pifi kami, 
to change the colour of the taoe from exccas of 

o be angry, to he peeTish. h. 
imkhdji, m, valuation (bj the Bje without 

menl) of a groiring erop. i, 
aikkiiid, iMAri, or ankhji, t the eye, a glanoe. *. 
diJth^ldn, f. the eyes, amorous elanoes. t. 
dn-ii, he or she who, that which, p. 
aiikii, marked, spotted, paged, cooDted. t. 
tHikim, n. to be valued, prized, examined ) a. to 

mark, page a book. *. 
Okri or ditfi, L (also aitiri) the barh of an 

arrow j a cirole, a hook, tenter, catch ; a &sbiiiB- 

hook. h. 
ankri or oiihut, f. a hook, a tenter. (. 
aitihuA or diUctiih, an etephaot's goad. t. 
aikiodr, f. sn embrace, the bosom. «. 
amamna, thoughtful, agitated, regretting, sad, 

troubled in mind, sickly, dissatisfied, t, 
oK-tHel or amnil, heterogeneous ; disoordont. t. 
aa-mot, inraluable, beyond price. (. 
ami, m, food, victuals, hoiled rice. *. 
, aniii, m. a kind of male nune. k, 
/ ^itir {Xu-ju^, V. to etmt, to ieaome. t. 

) Airs— AST 

anm, f. a nurse or female attendant on a child. A. 

ami-jai or an*-pdni, m. viotuala and drink, t. 

oiMifriW or anoiiiia, rare, worderfbl, uncommon, k. 

aaolatdr, m, a sort of brimstone so called, i. 

ait-pafkd, illiterate, uninformed, i. 

aii-papu, to happen, to oome suddenly. 

am-rai, m. want of flavour; disgust j coolneM, 
misunderstanding between &ieniu. *. 

an-ril, t. unmannerleas, iU-beliaviour. t, 

aiif or oiifi, m. a part, division, share, right, pos- 
session, aam^irifra, a dead of property, oiitis- 
kdrd, m. one who takes a share of au e«tate. *. 

BiU, f. the GbrouB part of anything, k. 

nuoft, pt. generations, fiimiliee. a. 

aa-snmjU, not understood, not knowing, kj, 

MHoajk-k., to pretend not to understand, ji.*. 

atvdii* or aMihdnsha, m. a share of a share. #. 

nafan, a tnbe of Mu^amHada* SAaiiit, supposed 
to have oome originally from Medina, a. 

anfi or aiiihi or aitik, a partner, sharer, co-heir, 
a proprietor. (. 

an-tiik or atuilckd, uninstructed, untaught, i. 

siin, m. a t«ar. aiuii bkar-land, to have the eyea 
filled with tears, s. 

a»-tuBd, unheard, disregarded, anmni-jt., a. to 
pretend not to hear what is spoken ; to dis- 

antiBOHta, m. a measure of land. h. [regard, k, 

ant, m. end, completion ; perdition, destruction ; 
mind, heart, boundary, limit; atlj. final, ultimate; 
adv. after all, at last (for antar) ; in, within, ani- 

Ji the ei 

it the la 

li the c 


I. to be 

ant gimd, a. to void white glutinous stools. 4. 

daf, f. a knot : envy. h. [room. k. 

ofifu, m. a ball, marble, anjd-ghar, m. a billiard- 

anld-ckil, unlucky, whose fortune is eihsustod (a 
lerm of abuse) . nafacAif-A., to trip up, to falL A. 

aniai-pati, included. antak-tharir, m. the in- 
ternal and spiritual part of man, conBcieiic*^ 
souL anlak-taran, m. the understanding, heart. 

onioA-pur, m. the inner apartuionta. ». [ii. 

anfdkoii, f. a cord with which cattle are tied, k. 

antar, within, between, amongst ; witliout, except; 
on one side, out of the wsy ; m. inlerral, inter- 
mission; period, term; bole, rent; a comer, 
side, quarter of the heavens ; distanco, space ; 
heart I a pause, a stop; difierence; opportune 
time; the midat ; tlie Tieiirt, the supreme soul ; 
adj. otiier, similar. an(ar-iAa,o, internal or in- 
herent nature, antar-bhiit, in the midst, an- 


( 25 ) 


ti, perradiDg the inward parU, acquainted 
yd heart (tha Deity), antar-jaty inborn, 
atUar^ughff internally bad, wicked. 
kodr^ a priyate door within a house. 
foU, t emotions of the heart, inward 
ons ; adj. forgotten. atUar-matuu, sad, 
ced^ atUoT'Vatmy a pregnant woman. «. 

the entnuls, bowels, yisoera. «. 
m. any rerse of a song, except the first. «. 
central; near; adv. without. atUaral, 
luded space. «. 

, m. a relative, a near firiend. #. 
tt (for anlardpat^a), pregnant, with 
with young (any anunal). «. [ague. «. 
tp, L an intermittent fever, a tertian 
» or antardhydfk, m. disappearance, cou- 
nt, amiardhydn kond, to disappear. 9. 
I or antarUrf(kt m. the sky ; the air, the 
lent, amtariehh'ho-j.y to vanish, aji/a- 
»r atUarikfh, m. the sky : adv. in the air ; 
sight, dntitriksh^ heavenly, celestiaL «. 

m. a promontory, kumdri atUarip, 
)omorin. s. 

i, acquainted with the heart, an epithet 
shna. «. 

f, m. a curtain, a sereen. t. 
t, a tick (the louse that attacks dogs). «. 
stone of fruit ; coagulation, h. 
, a. to twist, to writhe; n. to swaffger, 
it, to give one*s self airs, to wslk affect- 

, handful ; a bundle of grass, &e., a small 
; a skein of thread, a hank, h, 
m. dying moments, hour of death, s, 
. to be contained, to be filled up (a well 
[, &c.). h, 

. to fill (a well or tank), to come or go 
> reach, h. 

antrif f. entrail, intestine, bowel, gut. 
iu-jalndy to be very hungry, antfi kd bal 
, a. to eat a bellyful after starving, an* 

kul hnwa-lldh parhnd^ n. to be very 
r (the belly saying there is but one God). 
■m imen dg-Uignd^ to be very hungry. «. 
risceral, relating to the bowels. «. 
m. intermittent, an intermitting fever. 9, 

f. partnership ; intrigue, h. 

a. to make contain, to cram into, h, 
rr (in time, place, and rank), according 
mitation of. s. 

tt», m. on atom ; adj. atomic, minute, s. 
it, connected with, attached. «. 

anubhav or anMbhau, m. comprehension in the 
mind, judgment, conjecture, experience result, 
consequence. #. 

anubhUtf experienced, felt, guessed. 9, 

anuchar^ m. a companion, a follower, an attend- 
ant, anuckati, t. a female companion. 9, 

an-uchiif improper, unbecoming. 9. 

amtdm^ every day, daily. 9. 

anug or anuga, m. a follower, a servant; adj. 
following, succeeding. «. 

amiffdm^ following, devoted, imitating. «. 

anugatf m. a follower; a^: gone after, dependent 
on, attached to. «. 

amiffrah, m. favour, kindness, indu^enoe. «. 

amtkramf m. order, method, succession, series. «. 

at^-uietf not told ; m. a trope. «. 

anukul^ coinciding, favourable, conformable, act- 
ing in concert with, anukulaid^ L coincidence, 
concert, concord, ditulnilya, m. assistance, pa- 
tronage. 9, 

amtmdn or anumdn^ m. inference, logical conclu- 
sion, reasoning, dnumdnik^ inferable, subject 
to inference, probable, specious. 9. 

anwmaran^ m. dying with (a husband), or follow- 
ing in death, applied to a Hindu widow. 9. 

anumati, f. order or command, consent. «. 

anup, incomparable, best, rare. 9. 

atm^dn, anupdn^ a vehicle ; (in medicine) any- 
thing in which a medicine is mixed, to famlitate 
the taking of it, or which is swallowed after the 
medicine. «. 

an-upiuthit^ not ready, not present. «. 

anupdtakf m. a heinous offence. «. 

dmtpiirv, f. order, method, a rank, a row. «. 

anurdff, m. affection, love, anurdgt, making 
friendship, loving, caressing, anurdgnd^ n. to 
be in love with. 9. 

anurodh^ m. service, obligingness. 9. 

anurupf like, conformable ; m. conformity. #. 

anutandhdn^ m. inquiry, investigation. 9. 

amudr^ alike, according to; m. conformity to 
usage. anu9ari^ following, according with. #. 

anu9amdt n. to follow a person, to follow on 
some previous circumstance. 9. 

ctmuwdra, m. the nasal dot or character in De- 
vanagari. 9. 

anutdp, m. repentance, regret, remorse. 
tdpi, penitent. 9, 

anufhd, rare, wonderful, uncommon, h. 

anultar, unable to answer, without reph^. 

anuvddy m. repetition ; answer. «. 

anu9ddiy a defendant, opponent. «. 








■i« the i^aoe where men etaad when 
throwing the boka^ or wetcr-hocket. K 
anrnai or anvojfOy m. rmoe, lineage. #. 
amoetkan^ m. in^nirj, researdi, inTeetigatioiL t. 
amofk i, eearching, inqnifitiTe. 9. [s. 

atmi, ooDneeCed with, poee ce t e d o( fraught with. 
amWf m. the glutinous whitish matter or mneiis 

▼oided hj people MirifA with a tenesmus. #. 
dmw'ffimd, to roid white glutinous stools. 
amtSt pL torts, kinds, rarieties: a4i- Tanoas, 
diverse. OMoi* o ak^dm, all sorts and kinds, a. 
amwal, m. the after-birth, secundines. aiwair 

udl, the navel-string of a new-bom infant. A. 
'ammdn, m. the ornamental title page of a book ; 
that wheiebj anjthing is known ; that whieh is 
understood oj anything ; mode, manner, a. 
amttoTf splendid, shining, resplendenL a. 
amwdr, pL lights, rays of lignt, splendour, a, 
4ukwd, old, stale ; m. a lumdfnl of com. h. 
adwdsnd, a. to season (a new earthen ressd, hj 
letting water remain in it some time), to rinse. L 
amwai, m. a ring furnished with littls balls, worn 

on the great toe. h. 
amjfOt othin, different, anua^amamk, m. another 

birth, q^ormamu, fickle, versatile. «. 
oriMfd^ or a-njfoffdf m. injustice, outrage, e. 
amfo-gotra^ of another race or lineage, e. 
tui^tUhd, otherwise, in a different manner ; inao- 

oorately ; adj. contrary. #. 
tMiydyi, unjust, unequitable, lawless. «. 
amfonya^ reciprocal, mutuaL «. 
i^odi, name of a tribe oi jd^s, K 
dfOkdn or dvakd$tt straw and grain heaped up. k, 
dfOkkal or dvakkal, land reclaimed from waste, k, 
d/fUt ^' '^ mode of estimating crops, the produce 
of one bitwd is measured, thence the rest in- 
ferred, k. 
a,ori, f. a kind of basket (used in a sugar-mill), k, 
dp, pron. self^ yourself^ used instead of the per- 
sonal pronoun of the second person by an in- 
finrior when addressing bis superior, k, 
apa, a Sanskrit particle; prefixed to words, it 
denotes inferiority, privation, separation. It is 
much used in compound words from the San- 
skrit, as apdddt^ m. taking away, the ablative 
case in grammar; apdng^ m. the outer comer 
of the eye ; apabhdshd^ t the vulgar tongue ; 
also applied to the language of foreigners; 
apahkaiit\ f. ungrammatical language ; apackajf, 
m. loss, diminution ; apeukabd, m. vulgarisms, 
slang; apakriskf, worthless, little, vile; apct- 
karma, m. a bad actioA, misconduct; qpam' 

rUyu, £ sodden death, dying without any dis- 
ease ; €ipaKdd^ m. censure, blame ; aparddi^ cen- 
sorious ; apakartd^ m. a robber, a thief ; apa- 
karam, m. seizing forcibly, carrying off; apak' 
jKio, m. concealment. «. 

^pd, i. an elder sister ; self, k, 

apabdd^ m. complaint, accusation, e. 

t^pahddi^ m. a complainant, an accuser, e. 

apakoM, also apabatkjfOt absolute, independent, e. 

orpahUr or a-paviir, impure, undean. «. 

a^pabiirata^ i, undeanness, impurity. #. 

opodbdya, ra. loss, detriment, waste. «. 

^pad or dpadd^ f. misfortune^ calamity, dpad* 
grotto, involved in calamity. «. 

opdkoj, lazy, cripple ; a person who never Tisits 
any one. e. 

apakarom, m. act of plundering, purloining. #. 

apakarid, m. a robber, a plundmr. e. 

opakmao, m. denial, cono^dment. e. 

apojas, m. ignominy, dishonour, infSuny. #. 

option, infamous, unfortunate. «. f dressed, t. 

O'pak or orpdk or a-pokk, raw, unripe, un- 

opokalang, m. an indelible disgrace. #. 

^Miirer, m. a hindrance, detrimeat, injury. #. 

ajHikarm^ m. a mean or unworthy action, e. 

opokruj^ta, bad, inferior, deteriorated. #. 

orpak*lf, without wings, without assistance or 

orpaktd^ t immaturity. #. [protection. #. 

apolackekl^aii, a bad omen or bad sign. #. 

aptUachck^ud or apalockekkoni, of a bad omen, 
or of suspicious appearance, unlucky. «. 

apalajj or apalajfi, impudent, immodest, shame- 
less. #. 

apal<ijjd, t impudence, shamelessness. e. 

opamdHj m. contempt, disgrace, affront s. 

apamdni or apamdngo or apamdnU, disgraced, 
abased. «. 

apamrityu, t an unnatural or imtimely death, t. 

dpan, pron. recip. selfl k. 

apdng^ m. the outer comer of the eye, a soctarial 
mark on the forehead ; adj. maimeid, crippled. 
apdng-darshan, m. a side glance, a leer, a wink. #. 

dpanna, afflicted, gained or acquired; one who 
comes to another for shelter. «. 

opanpd or apampd, m. one's selfl Used only in 
the accusative, as apanpd hackdnd, to guard or 
protect one's self. A. 

a-panth, m. a wrong road, or bad road, a devious 
track ; heresy. *. [tical, a heretic. *. 

O'panihif one who has lost his way, devious, heiti- 

o-pdp, guiltless, without crime. «. 

dp-dp, m. selfishness, egotism, k. 


C 27 ) 


tipar^ another, a second ; opposite, again. «. 

a-^fdr, boundless, excessiye. «. 

ehparidin, modem, recent. «. 

aparddky m. crime, fault. «. [an offender. 9, 

aparSdkm or aparidii^ m. a criminal, a sinner, 

aparakna^ m. the third pahar ; afternoon. «• 

o-fMrijUf unerring, invincible. 9, 

a-^param'pSrj boundless, infinite. «. 

a'pariekehl^a^ f. want of trial or proo€ «. 

thparikshm, t want of trial or proof^ an insuffi- 
cient trial of anything. «. 

a-^^arimut^ unmeasured, unlimited. #. [9. 

thparip^i^ t donation from establislied custom. 

JfMW, pron. recip. themseWes, one another ; hence 
kinored, brotherhood, Hdlowship. dpat^metif 
mutual^, among oursdves, tbemsdres, Ac. 
mpat men rakmd^ is applied to signify liring in 
adultery, fornication, io. k, 

apatavjf^ m. the right side (or half) of the body ; 
adj. opposite, contrary. #. 

apoMhakun^ m. any unlucky omen or portent. «. 

apdskraya^ helpless, destitute, without shelter. «. 

apoMl^^^ hidden, secret. #. 

ipai and opatHy £ calamity, misfortune, dpat' 
kilf m. time of distress, t. 

a-pafak, one whose hands and fiset are become 
uselesa, paralytic. A. 

orpaik^ m. a wrong path, error. «. 

i^-patimratA, an unchaste woman, a courtesan. #. 

arpai^d or a-patiifdrd, faithless, treacherous. #. 

o-po^ti, awkward, uncouth. 9, 

m-pamm^ unmanly, cowardly. #. 

apacdd^ m. oomplsLit, reproach, accusation. #. 

opatdtRf m. a oomplainer, accuser. #. 

thpdwam, defiling, polluting. #. [tion. «. 

opavarg, nu liberation, deliToranoe, emancipa- 

opoyosA, m. infamy, disffrace, «. 

^pagatki^ infiunous, unfortunate. «. 

ofpe, same as dp^ self, optf #oii ajM, of one's own 
aooord, spontaneously. K 

apekkf innsible, unseen. 9, 

apekthd, f. expectation, hope. (tpek9hak, m. an 
expectant ; adj. expecting, waiting for. apek» 
jAt, expecting, hoping ; an expectant. apekthU, 
expected, waited for, hoped for. «. 

m-peifOf Qodfit to drink, foroidden liquor, t. 

m-jtialf ip^ialU^ fruitless, barren. 9. 

m-phaiUd^ f. barrenness, non-productiveness. 9, 

^pkamd, n. to swell out (the belly) ; to gorman- 
dixe, to eat to satiety ; to become rery rich. h. 

mpkfm^d, self eonceited, obstinate. «. 

d^M^y spontaneously, of one's accord, h. 

aphrdyiy f. gluttony, a surfeit, h, 

aphrdndf a. to feed one so that his belly swell ; 
met. to give one (money, Jbc.) to the utmost 
extent of his desire. Also used in a neuter 

dphu or opAim, f. opium. A. [sense. A. 

api^a9f m. dryness of the nose, want of smell. 9, 

dp'kdj or dp kdjif attending to one's own busi- 
ness, attending to one's own affairs. «. 

dpidv or aplaVf m. bathing, ablution. «. 

dplmtf bathed ; m. an initiated householder. «. 

apnd^ m. apni^ f. pron. of or belonging to self. 
apm gd^ondt to smg one's own praises, to ego- 
tize. A. [vert to one's own use. A. 

apndmd^ a. to make a thing one's own, to oon- 

ofNMiya^ t fiuniW relations, kindred. A 

a-prabhd, t darkness, dulness, want of splen- 
dour. 9. 

a-praehandy without dignity, not strong. «. 

a-pradhdn^ little, mean, powerless, subordinate. «. 

aprakdsh, m. that which is hidden or obscure. 9. 

a-prakaff unmanifested, not apparent, t. 

a-pramdnf a-pramdnik^ without proof, untrue. 
a-pramdnya, want of proof or of authority. «. 

a-prdptiy f. non-attainment, non*acquisition. #. 

a-^9r€uddf m. disapprobation, disfavour. «. 

a^cuanna^ disagreeable, dissatisfied. «. 

a'^a9iddhf unknown, hidden, not celebrated. «. 

a-pratak9^y secret (properly a-pratyak9h^ ^'^O* '• 

a-pratdp, m. want of power, or of fortune. 9, 

a-pratdpif blunt, powerless, unfortunate. 9, 

a-praihdf deviation from custom ; secrecy. 9, 

a^ati9l^fhdf f. want of respectability. 9, 

a-proHif without credit. 9. [trust. «. 

a-praiUl, f. want of confidence or of credit, mis- 

a'pr<Uif€ik9ha, invisible, not obvious to the eye. «. 

a-pratyay^ m. distrust, unbelief. 9, 

a-praiyayi^ doubtful, mistrustful, t. [«. 

a-pratnti, unskilful ; apravinaidf f. want of skilL 

a-prem^ m. or a-priti, f. enmity, hatred. 9, 

a priyy bated, disliked, unfriendly. 9. 

ap9ard^ f. a female dancer in the court of Indra. 

dp 99 or dp'9e-dp^ spontaneously. [9, 

dp9warthi, selfish, seeking the interest of sell 

apujak, ungodly, irreligious. 9, 

apnjya, that which is not worsliipped, or not a 
proper object of worship. «. 

aptutyoy m. uncharitableness; adj. wicked. 9, 

a-purb, new, unheard of^ uncommon, remarkable. 

a-puru9f^, impotent, effeminate. 9. [9. 

a-purva^ unprecedented, eminent, unheard of. 9, 

a-p«9hpit, without flowers (a tree or plant), that 
does not bear flowers, not in flower. 9, 


( as ) 


a-put, childless ; undutiftil (child). «. 

a-jmiTf withont offspring, childless. «. 

ar, if (oontrao. for <igar). p, 

ar^ f. a goad, a kind of ladle ; the artificial spur 

of a game cock, h. 
Off t contention, obiection, fault, obstinacy. 

af'k, to stop, to be obstinate (as a horse), h. 
Of, m. stop, hindrance ; boundary of a field, &e. 

oT'gir^ a strip of sward encompassins a field, h, 
ofy f. a screen, shelter ; a kind of lame used in 

sugar manufactories ; protection ; a protector ; 

an horisontal line drawn across the forehead ; 

prerention, stop, hindrance, h. [a. 

*«r, f. bashfulness, modesty; reproach, disffrace. 
Ara or ara^ m. a saw ; a shoemaker^s knife or 

awl ; the name of a district, Arrah in Shaha^ 

bad. h. 
ata or ara,9, in composition, denotes adorning $ 

nMJahd»-drdj world-adorning, p, 
Sfa^ oblique, crooked, across, transrerse; m. a 

prop, a shelter; a large saw, a shoemaker^s 

Kniie. A. 
^a/rab^ m. Arabia ; Arabian ; an Arab horse, a. 
aVa6, the wandering Arabs of the desert, a. 
aitSba or ^anha^ m. a wheeled carriage, ffun-car- 

riage, &c. ; a kind of cart ; magazine A>r mili- 
tary stores. p,t, 
^wrUuM^ the dnver of an 'orifta. U 
drabU^ an Arab of the desert, a. 
'oroM, m. ^airakiiya^ f. of or belonging to Arabia ; 

the Arabic language, &e. a. 
*ar<tbutint the land of the Arabs, also a prorince 

of Persia, so called, p, 
iradhan^ m. worship, adoration, supplication; 

accom^^hment, gratifying, s. 
arddhnoy a. to worship, to adore, to serre, to 

accomplish ; f. service, worship, adoration. #. 
drddhjfo, worshipful, Tenerable. «. 
aWaft m. purgatory ; a kind of neutral spaoe be- 
tween hearen and hell. a. 
^arctfa, a vigil, a wake (of a festival), a. 
ara^if f. a eoad at the end of a whip, h, 
*arA,iZy f. pL letters, petitions, representations, a. 
ar(»j\ drj\ respectable, reverentiaX honourable. #. 
o-r^'ol:, destitute of a king (a country). #. 
arajktui, n. to be ravelled or entangled (as thread 

or hair) •, to be bound (as in tetters) ; a. to 

quarrel without a cause, or unreasonably, h, 
*arakf m. juice, essence, spirit, sap (hence our 

word " arrack ") ; the root of anything ; sweat ; 

*arak-ipr, a skullcap ; part of a kukka, a» 
a^akfhUf unprotected, undefended. «. 

dram^ m. ease, rest, health, relief, repose, drdm-k, 
to rest, to repose, drdnupdnd, to recover. 
drdm'ialah^ idle, slothful, a lover of ease. p. 

drdntf m. a pleasure-garden, a grove. #. 

drambh, m. beginning, prologue, t. 

drdm-ffdhy also dram-gah^ f. a resting-place, a 
bedchamber, firdaua-drdmgdh, resting in para- 
dise, an epithet applied to Muhafnmad Shah of 
DelhL p, 

drdtni, a lover of ease, idle, slothful, p, 

dramidn or drdmida, quiet, at ease, tranquil, p. 

dnmud^dn, pL those at rest ; the dead. p. 

drdndy a. to make to stop ; to fasten one thing to 
another ; m. the name of a tune, h, 

aran4t m. or arantfiy f. the tree fit>m which 
castor oil Lb made ; a sort of fire-work. «. 

afoitfff f. a manufacturing town; a warehouse 
where goods are sold wholesale ; the place or 
d^6t where goods of any kind are manufac- 
tured, whether a town or not. ml ki afang^ an 
indigo factory. 

orfini, f. a large fan or parasol, h. 

dranyay m. a forest, a wilderness, aranya'tahhd^ 
f. a forest court, a court for a community of 
hermits, t. 

ajrap-jharap, need, necessity, h, 

afdf (also urdr), m. outhouses for cattle; also 
the steep bank of a pond or river. A. 

ardrdy m. marks of nails left after scratching, h. 

afdrdy m. high steep banks, of a river or tank, h, 

afdfiy f. the measure of a field, h. 

a-raSf without juice, tasteless, dull. «. 

deas, m. weakness, laziness, inactivity, s. 

drasiy weak, lazy, indolent, inactive, t. 

drdsiOy prepared, dressed, adorned, embellished, p, 

drdatagiy f. drefiising, preparation, ornament, p. 

drasyoy m. insipidity, want of flavour or spirit. 9, 

drat and drta^ ffrieved, afflicted, disturbed, con- 
founded, drily f. pain, distress. 9. 

drdyishy f. embellishment, ornament, equipage, 
preparation, dressing, p. 

ardzlf lands, detached portions of land. a. 

arSizU or ardsily pL lowest, meanest, most base. a. 

arhy one hundred millions, arb-kharb, innume- 

arba*, four, (also arhc^a), <u [rable. #. 

arbdby pL possessors, lords, masters, arbdbijdk^ 
possessed of dignity. iarbdbi-wthaHy eloquent 
persons, poets, arhdbi'nishdl,,^ dancers and mu- 
sicians. arbdbi-himm(U, men of high spirit. 
arbdbi-mdl, officers of the treasury, arbdbi 
shar'y law officers, arbdbi fi»a*i»t, spiritual per- 
sons, h. 


( 29 ) 


^arbadOf m. a conflict, diipute, bftttle, antipathy, a, 

afbSly a Tery distant or pretended relative, a, 

arbal, t age, duration of life. #. 

arhamd^ m. a cloth worn by Hindus, passing be- 
tween the thighs, and &stened behind, h. 

arhamgdy crooked, uneren. h, 

afhafj m. words without meaning ; adj. uneren, 
mgeed. afhaf'hakndy a. to spesk moonside- 
raSy, or without meaning; to rsTe, to talk 
absurdly, k, 

arbarimd^ n. to hurry, to be confused, perplexed. 

afbajramff^ m. foolish actions, h, [h, 

afbaram^ inconsiderate, foolish, rash, k, 

arha*in and arhajm^ for^. a. 

arbhak, m. a son, a child, a pnpiL #. 

arbud^ one hundred millions. «. 

arekd or areka^ f. adoration ; an imaffe. 9. 

arekak, adj. worshipping ; m. a worshipper. «. 

orekamd, a. to worsnip, to adore, to honour, to 
treat with ceremony ; f. worship, homage. «. 

arehi^ m. flame, light, splendour. #. 

archU^ worshipped, adored. «. 

irdy m. flour, meaL ard^ anger, race, p, 

ar4oU (from orderly), the persons who run before 
the pifiH, He. of a rich man. — (Eng.) 

afdaniit m. stop ; a bolt, a bar (of a door, Ac) j 
a yoke for oxen ; ac^. athwart, awry, d, 

ardoM, t repreitentation, ofiering to a deity, k, 

arddwdt m. coarsely-ground m^. h, 

ofdmod, mashed grain given to horses, d. 

arddka, the half of anything, a. 

ardka-hkdgy m. a half^ or half share. 

ardko'ckandra or arddha-^handrct^ m. a orescent, 
a half-moon, a semi-circle. «. 

ardhmmg^ m. half the body, palsy aflbcting one 
sidfl^ or half the body, upper or lower, Amm- 
plegia. t. 

ardidmgiy a person afflicted with the above dis- 
ease ; f . a wife. s. 

ardka-rdira or ardha rMri, f. midnight. «. 

mrdrak, m. ginger in the undried state, s, 

ardMr^ name of a Persian king ; Artaxerxes. p. 

mre^ a disrespectful mode of (filing or address ; 
HoUa ! ho ! 1 hear you ! f. <»n, «. 

df v a md or af^and, to screen or shelter, h, 

ofemek or afttmek, also araintk, t enmity, k, 

arfof, a heretic, a bigoteid S^a. a. 

arffif separate, apart, ou one side, s, 

or^of^ m. the name of a perfume, of a yellowish 
ooloor, compounded of several ingredients. A. 

^rgtfi^ dyed with argajd (as garments. He,), k, 

atiitd^ a. orn. to separate ; be separated* #. 

arffani, m. a rope stretched for drying dothes. k, 

(wyhanun {Ofyatn), m. an organ, g, 

arj2&a«ra», m. a plant whose flowers and firuit are 
of a beautiful red ; a red colour, p, 

arghawdmy of a red colour, p, 

afhy t a kind of fish. h. 

afhdfl, two and a half; when used with a noun 
of number, twice and a half the aggregate 
number. A. 

afhaiyd, m. a weight of two and a half sers ; 
also a measure of the same capacity, h. 

ckrhamy more or very mercifuL arham^r^ihi' 
mm, God, the most merciful of the merciful, a, 

arkani^ m. a follower of the doctrines of Buddh. 

arhar, f. a species of pulse, k, [«. 

arkaff m. an engine for raising water, k, 

drkat or arkcUy f. agency, commission, sale by 
commission, brokerage. A. 

dfkaUya^ m. a broker, one who sells on oommis- 

afkwal^ m. a day labourer, k, [sion. 

art, t a small saw, a hand-saw, an awL k, 

drif m. a protector, supporter; a small saw or 
knife ; f. a tune, a kind of musical mode, k, 

'art, naked, free from, void of. a. 

'tfrt/*, wise, sagacious, ingenious ; a holy man. a. 

*dnfdnaf wisely, acutely, piously. p,a. 

dfinda or drandoj m; a porter, carrier, p. 

arisIUy m. garlick, the nimb tree ; a crow ; good 
fortune ; misfortune, sign of death, s, 

arisfafdliSf the Grecian philosopher, Aristotle. ^. 

a-rt^t, £. ill-manners, incivility, ill-breeding. «. 

driyd, m. a plant of the eourd kind, k, 

dritfoty f. borrowing anything which is itself, not 
an equivalent, to be returned, a, 

driyatif that which is borrowed, not intrinsic. 
driyati mu^e^ false hair, borrowed locks, a, 

driZf m. the cheek ; an accident ; a muster-mas- 
ter, also the general of an army. a. 

arifa,m a petition, memorial, a 

^rifa^ m. anything necessary to be done, an acci- 
dent, an event ; an obstacle, sickness, a* 

arift, accidental, not inherent ; casuaL a. [_a,p, 

drif-ndma, particulars of receipts or revenues. 

arj\ worth, respect, honour, p, [or tall man. a, 

arjaly a horse with one white fore foot ; a large 

ofjant m. gathering together ; acquisition, s. 

ofjandf to gain, to gather, to acquire. «. 

arj-mand, beloved, dear, noble ; bappy, blessed, p, 

afjiH^ m. the name of a hero in the Makdbkdrai, 

arkf m. the sun ; swallowwort. a. [«. 

arkdn, pL pillars, arkdm daulat^ nobles, gran- 
dees ; lit. pillars of the state, a. 


( W ) 


arkdn, m. jaandioe ; mildew, a, 

af-kamdy n. to stop, to hinder, h, 

af-katb^ m. following a trade (a Hindu) different 
from that of one's ancestors. d,a, 

arkaff f. Tigilanoe, activity, ingenuity, k, 

arkdf, name of a city in the DcJckhan ; Aroot. h, 

arkdfiy m. a pilot ; adj. belonging to ArkSf, 
arkdfi rupiya, an Aroot rupee, k, 

ark'din^ m. a solar day. t. 

a/rk-man^alt m. the disc of the snn. «. 

arkopalt m. the sun-stone ; a crystal lens. «. 

ark'varghy m. a solar year. s. [of money, p, 

armaghanf m. rarity, curiosity, present; a piece 

arman or trman, Armenia, armamt also irmani 
or annaniifaf an Armenian, k, 

arman^ m. desire, hope, inclination, jp. 

aniMJtt, desirous, hopefuL p. 

amd or amd-bhaintdf m. a wild buffalo, k, 

amd or dmd or apM, n. to stop, to hesitate, to 
be restiye (a horse), k. 

arndy to afford shelter, to prop, to support, k. 

OTMS, f. a female wild buffalo, k, 

a-rog or a-rogt^ healthy, free from sickness. «• 

arogh, m. belch, eructation, p, 

drogya, m. health, freedom from sickness; ady. 
healthy (prop, a-rogya or cMrogita), s. 

drokan, m. rising ; ascent, staircase, ladder. #. 

dropf m. a transmutation, a change. «. 

dropUy deposited, entrusted ; transformed, changed 
into, feigned, s, 

afon-pafoAy a near neighbour. K 

afot^afOSy m. neighbourhood. A. 

of^an, m. an offering, arpan-ky to present an 
offering, to deliver, entrust, arpan^ndmoy m. 
a deed of gift, especially to a temple or idoL «. 

arraf f. a saw. arra-kcuiky a sawyer, arra nr 
par ckeUdndy to oppress any one. p, 

arrdndy n. to produce a continued sound, k, 

arrdfdy m. a loud and prolonged sound, k, 

*arfay m. a plain ; an area, a court ; a chess- 
board ; space of time (as do gkafi ke *arfe meny 
in the space of two gkafia) ; time, while, in- 
terval, w *ctrfe meAy in tlus interval, in the 
mean time. a. 

arsafky m. a monthly account (of revenue), k, 

arsa^idy m. guess, conjecture, valuation, appraise- 
ment ; a mediator, a broker, arsaffd-navuy the 
derk who keeps the monthly accounts, k. 

*<Mrsky m. a roof; a throne; the ninth heaven, 
where the throne of Gk)d is. *arsk se Is farak 
tak, from the highest of the heavens to the 
earth, a. 

artkady more or most upright, a. 

drHy f. a mirror on the thumb, k, 

arnle-naindy with weak eyes (as if just awake), k, 

arsldny a lion ; a man's surname, t. 

drtdy m. a ceremony attending marriage, k, 

arfdly pi. m. a measure of weight, a, 

aftaldy m. a patron, protector, a covert. A. 

aftdRsy forty-eight (for a(ktdRs), k, 

arthy m. interpretation, definition, meaning ; in- 
tention, design; riches; cause, sake, tapcug- 
driky for devotion's sake, for devotional pur- 
poses. «. 

arikdnitWy m. another meaning. «. 

artka-akdHray m. the science which teaches how 
to obtain things, as friends, money, &c «. 

arikdty videlicit, namely, that is to say. s. 

arikiy supplicating, desirous, having an object to 
acoomiMish, designing ; m. a petitioner. «. 

artki or €trtkgdy m. a broker, agent, or salesman ; 
one who conducts business on commission, k. 

arlkigdy m. a prot^^ client ; agent, k, 

arlU (for a^k'tU), thirty -eight. k» 

arUydy obstinate, perverse, mulish, k, 

aruckiy arUyty f. sickness at stomach; nausea; 
aversion, dislike, want of appetite, disgust. 

druky m. a drug of cooling properties. «. 

arufiy m. the sun ; a dark red colour. «. 

cumndyiy f. the dawn, colour of the dawn. «. 

arunodagy m. appearance of the dawn. ». 

drufky mounted on a horse, or anything else^ 
elevated, megk-drufky seated on a cloud. #. 

OTM, m. name of a medicinal plant. #. 

^arusy f.m. bride, a spouse in generaL a, 

'ariwt, nuptial ; f. a marriage feast, a. 

ontx or aruzzy also «rc, m. rice. a. 

'orwf, f. versification ; m. Mecca and Medina, 
with their adjacent territory, a. 

ehvgaktOy adj. mdistinct, unapparent, invisible. «. 

arwaiiy m. the first cuttings of com. k. 

df'Wdfy f. a prop ; obstacle ; shelter, k, 

arwiy f. a species of arumy the root of which is 
used in food. A 

drgay of a good family, respectable, venerable. #. 

afyeUy obstinate, perverse, mulish, k. 

arty m. price, value; quantity; esteem, yenera- 
tion ; honour, arz-i-bdzdry price current, mar- 
ket price, arz-i-irsaly an invoice, p. 

Off, f. the earth ; pi. ardziy lands, a, 

'orf, f. a petition, request; breadth; a military 
muster. *ar^-ddskty f. a written petition, 'orf- 
hegiy the person who presents all petitions, 
either written, or by word of mouth, ^ar^' 


( «1 ) 


<2ir, Iwoad. ^arof^ £ an aocideiit, anything 
thai hefals one, duieaM, sickness ; a muster of 
troops, a. 

ana^ blue, asore, aerulean : haTing cat*s eyes. 
arzak'ckashmi, bloe-eyed, catted, a, 

arigl, pL little, mean, the vulgar, a. 

of^fSmUuij a counter security, or a surety for a 
surety, mutual responsibility. k.a. 

argdt^ cheap, abundant, artdnij t cheapness, 
abundance of provisions, arxam'rakhnd or 
(p.) arsini ddJUan^ to present^ give gratui- 
tously, p, 

*arfan^ in breadth. *arafanj accidentally, a. 

arzJkamff, m. the house and gallery of Mdni, p, 

atr^ terrestrial, earthly, mundane, a. 

'ar^f t a petition, memorial, request, represen- 
tation, letter (from an inferior), a. 

arn»^ t tin, base or light money, p, 

drzu^ t wish, desire ; hope, want, distress. p» 

irxm-mamdy also arxu-huM, desirous, longing, jp. 

drzumamdi or irxii-kaa^ t eager, desire, p. 

aa or octf, £. hope, dependence^ confidence, trust, 
relianoe. of, added to words, si^^nifiee inclina- 
tion, and OM, possessed of that mclination, as 
from the root pt^ drink, piyoM^ thirst, and 
piyati^ thirsty. «. 

if» (in comp.), like, resembling ; soothing, p, 

'oftf, m. a dub, stick, staff, mace. a. 

a^at^ f. an unlucky moment. h.a. 

*afabf m. a tendon, a nerve, a ligament, a. 

^ofd-barddr, m. a mace bearer. a.p. 

a^tabhjfci, rude, unfit for society, unpolite. #. 

(uadf m. a lion, the sign, or constellation Leo. a. 

et^ad, more happy, most happy, a, 

a^MtuUk^ eviUminded ; thievish ; lasy. «. 
unrighteous, immoral, wicked. #. 



a'sidhutdf t wickedness. #. 

a»tttdijfckf weak, powerless ; impossible, incurable. 

i9qft the name of a man, considered to have been 
Solomon's wanr, dfaf-rd^e^ prudent as ofaf, 
ofaf-nd-^UMdoy the asaf of the state: a title 
generally applied to a wainr, a. 

ofdf^jw'^ pi. uttle, mean ^people), a. 

a-tahai/ or a-tahij^ insufferable, intolerable. #. 

o-MJkMft, impatient, not bearing with, unable to 
endure. «• 

a-MAomya or oBahffOy intolerable^ unbearable, s. 

m»ai^ m. meaning, intention, aim ; scope, theme, 
subject ; an asylum, abode, or retreat. #. 

a-MJiiam, unfit, untrue, improper; not respect- 
able, or of good funily. «. 

a-sakk, without credit or reputation. K 


a-sakhdt or atdkthat, in the absence ot #. 

a-*dkhiy m. a fiilse witness, one whose evidence, or 
testimony is inadmissible. «. asikhjfci^ m. a 
want of testimony ; adj. without credit. «• 

ofoKo, addicted, devoted to; intent upon; fas- 
cinated, enamoured, diligent, zealously active ; 
trusting to, confiding in ; eternal, s, 

ataktiy f. attachment to one object or pursuit, 
diligence, application. «. 

*a$(dy honey (of bees, or juice of dates), a. 

ofdlatf firmness, integrity, solidity of judgment ; 
genuineness, a. 

ofdlatan^ absolutely, in proper person, asdlatm^ 
hasir-h, to be present in person. 

atdm, name of a province, Assam, h. 

a-samdn^ different, unlike, unequal «. 

a-tamanfcUf m. doubt, suspense, suspicion; un- 
conformity, disparity, difterenoe «. 

dtanuintdt, adv. all round, altogether. «. 

a-samdpta^ unfinished, incomplete. «. 

(jt'tamarlh or a-simarth^ weak, powerless, unable^ 
incompetent. «. 

ct'samay, unseasonable, out of time ; m. a time 
of misfortune, distress, an improper time, s, 

a-sambaddh, not joined, unconnected, s, 

a-sambhaVj uncommon, inconsistent, unlikely. #. 

cudtni, pi. names ; a tenant, renter, client ; a 
person, or individual; f. office, place, appoint- 
ment, substitution of one person to do the duty 
of another ; ex. ham apnl tudml par fkdane ko 
rakh jdte hain^ I leave such a one in charge of 
my duty, a, 

offdmi, m. a defendant in a lawsuit ; a culprit, a. 

atdmi-wdr, including all the names applied to 
revenue settlements made with the proprietors. 
a, [ofammf the square root of a surd, a, 

af<Mmm, deaf; a surd number in arithmetic, joir-i 

a-tammdm^ m. disrespect, disgrace. «. 

a-tammai^ dissentient, averse, differing from, con- 
trary. a-tammaUy f. dissent, dislike. «. 

a-tampwrna^ incomplete, imperfect. «. 

dtany m. the inside or under part of the thigh. #. 

ofOMf easy, convenient, conmiodious. p, 

O'Mangat^ absurd, improper, bad. «. 

tffOfM, f. a carpet on which Hindus pray. «. 

atdiu or dtdn^ai, f. facility, easiness, p, 

a^sanfog or a-tanyog^ m. want of opportunity. «. 

a-tankhya^ countless, inuumerable. s, 

a-tanrndnf m. disrespect, s. 

a-sanshagOf undoubted, s. [s. 

a-santokl^ or <y^anto9^^ m. discontent, displeasure. 

a^anUmil^ia^ discontented, <}bpleased, dissaikisfied. «. 


( 88 ) 



a-tanyog^ m. want of opportunitj. «. 

a-Mrr, sapless, pithless ; unprofitable ; hollow ; 
foolish, weak of undentanding. t. 

(mar, m. a mark, sign, effect, impression, ofor- 
papTj susceptive of impression, effective, a, 

dgar, pL signs, marks, histories, traditions, a weight 
of one «tr, nearly two pounds avoirdupois, a, 

a-taran^ helpless, unprotected. «. 

atdfh, m. the name of a Hindu solar month. «. 

otdf Ai, f. the harvest of atdfh, «. 

<ud»y f. foundation ; a pedestal, a, 

offdt, household furniture, wealth, goods, a, 

*astUf pL the patrol, the nieht watch, a. 

oKOd-ul'bcUt or curtfjfa, household furniture, a. 

a-scU, unholy, ungodly, untrue. #. 

a-Mth, addicted to evd company, s, 

a-Mot^ an upstart, an unknown person. #• 

a-sati, a bad or unchaste woman, s, 

a'taiya false, a-satyo'hddi^ a teller of lies. #. 

a-satyit untrue, a bar. g, 

a'tauehoy m. social or legal undeanness, as from 
the death of a relation, &o. t. 

dsoMdha, m, legal arrest, t. 

0f<»o, m. a kind of intoxicating liquor, distilled 
from sugar or molasses, rum. «. 

a-tdvadhdn, careless, inadvertent. «. 

a-sdwant, fearful, unquiet, pitiful, h, 

dsdwanif expectant, dependent. «. 

eudwari or dsdtoari, f. a kind of cotton cloth. «. 

dsdgishj f. rest, ease, tranquillity, repose, quiet, 
indulgence, enjoyment, p, 

aabf m. a horse (more commonly (up). p. 

atbdb, m. pL causes ; goods and chattels, furniture, 
tools, apparatus, baggage, a. 

dtcharj (for dtheharjfo), m. amazement, astonish- 
ment, surprise ; adi. astonishing, wonderfuL 
dahcharjtfoid^ f. wonderfulness, astonishment. 9, 

dseb or an6, m. a misfortune (generally means 
such misfortunes as are the consequence of the 
shadow of a demon having fallen on one, and so 
forth), trouble, calamity, damage, p. 

o-AvA, without remainder, entire. «. 

a'sevd or a-gevan^ m. disobedience, inattentioa. «. 

arfalf inferior, the lowest, a. 

tufarf yellow, safiVon-coloured. et. 

afftr, pi. (of sttfar) ciphers, books, volumes; 
voyages or travels, adventures, a. 

iugandhf m. the name of a plant. #. 

asgam^ f. a line for hanging clothes on. h, 

afghi^y loM) least, smallest, a, 

dtky f. meat, victuals, viands, soup, broth, gruel, 
pottage, dshi-jam^ lytfley-water or water-grueL 

dsh-pakdndj a. to combine in any design ; to 
conspire or contrive anything against another. 
dah-^Mlj a porridge-stick, a pestle, p, 

dahdy f. hope, desire ; dependence, reliance, trust. 
dthd'prdpta, successful, possessing the desired 
object, dshd'bandhf m. confidence, trust, ex- 
pectation, dikd-bhang^ disappointment. fffAtf- 
¥9ant^ expectant, hopeful, dihd-h^n, desponding, 
despairing, t. 

ofAtfft, pi. grandees, lords, masters, companions, 
apostles, friends. In composition, it signifies, 
possessed of; as, afhdb€ilm^ learned men, Ac. 
ofhdbi kibdr and ofhdbi guxln, the select friends 
and companions of Muhammad, afhdbi kahf, 
the (seven) sleepers of the cave, famed in oriental 
romance, a. 

a-shakta^ powerless, a-thakliy f. impotence. #. 

dshakta, fond, attached, addicted } able, dthakti^ 
{, attachment, fondness ; power, might, t. 

thshakim or a^thMgnn or a'thuguHj m. portent, evil 
omen, tuktikuni or O'shuguni, portentous. #. 

cuhall, having a paralytic hand, a, 

dtkdm, drink (in comp.), drinking, p» 

ashan^ m. eating fooa ; also dshan, s, 

a-shanka, fearless, undaunted, secure. «. 

dskankdy f. fear, danger ; uncertainty. #. 

a-»hdtU, restless, anxious, unresigned. a^tkdtUi^ L 
anxiety, restlessness. 9. 

a^hdr^ pL near relations, a general term for all 
relations by marriage within the degree in which 
marriage is prohibited, a, 

*cu;har or *€uhara, m. a decade, ten. a. 

a-sharan^ without shelter, helpless. 8, 

atkatTf vicious, malignant, atrocious, a, 

a^thdstrOf unlawful, irregular. ct-9hd*trtga^ con- 
trary to law, inconsistent with science. #. 

athdwaiU, fearfiil, unquiet, pitifiiL «. 

dthagct^ m. meaning, intention, aim ; an ob- 
ject of desire ; tbeme, subject ; shelter ; the 
mind. 9. 

a-ghesh^ boundless, endless, alL «. 

oMhghflly pL employments, occupations, carea. a. 

cuhhddj pi. witnesses, eye-witnesses, a. 

athhadUf I testify, I declare, a. 

dsh-i-Jau, barley water, water grueL 

*dthik or 'dshikoy a lover, an inamorato, a, 

*d9hikdnay in the manner of a lover, a. 

*dthiMy f. being in love ; love-making, a. 

thskikthUf untaught, ignorant. «. 

*€uhir or WAir, m. ^dt/urat, f. the tenth, a, 

dthir-bdd or dshtr-vachan^ m. blessing, t. 

dtkis or dthis^f t blessing, benediction. «. 


( 88 ) 


o-^AmA^o, impolite, undisciplined, ungoremed; 
under the dominion of eril habits arising firom 
a neglected education ; rude, barbarous. «. 

OMki^dm or dahiyaiM, m. a bird's nest, p, 

askkj m. a tear, tears, athk-birt mourning, shed- 
dinff tears, cuhk-barif f. weeping, p, 

askkm, pi. appearanoes, figures, shapes, p, 

iskJkSr or atlMra or athkara, apparent, dear. jp. 

(uhjtdf, pL persons, people, a, 

agkki^A, pi. thieres, malefiMstors. a. 

gghmal f complete, surpassing, a. 

oBimtarij t the stone or gravel ; stranguary. s. 
an acquaintance, lorer, firiend. dskmd'pareutf 

friendly, p. 

Mknd^ f. friendship, acquaintance, dihttd^h-kj 
a. to unite, to associate, iaknm,* lagnd^ n. 
to become intimate, to be united in friend- 
ship, p. 

athmin^ m. bathing, ablution. «. 

Mhmhfima^ in a friendly manner, p, 

dtkob or «tA^, m. tumult, clamour ; inflammation 
oftheejes; terror; misfortune; storm, tempest ; 
an impostor; (in comp.) exciting, p, 

a^kobkd, 4. ugliness ; adj. shapeless, ugly. t. 

a-^kock, m. content, tranquillity, absence of care. 
a-^kamehj m. impurity ; mourning. «. 

tk'Mkoki at ease, unmolested; m. tranquillity. #. 

mskri or dskray, m. cheating, fraud, circumvention ; 
proximity ; a retreat, abode, a house ; a means 
of defence; having recourse to protection or 
refuge ; trust, reliuice, hope ; a patron, a pro- 
tector. «. [IaW} such as wines, Ac. a, 

aArmba^ drinks prohibited by the Muhammadan 

askr adtUkd, f. aversion, contempt, disgust, loath- 
ing, distrust, disbelief. «. 

askrt^^ more, noble ; m. a gentleman, a person of 
noble or genteel birth, a nobleman, aakrqf'ul 
maJAMdif the most excellent of created bemgs, 
mankind, agkraf-vl hildd^ the finest of r^ons. 
athrif, pL nobles, grandees, gentlemen, men of 
high extraction, a, 

oMkrafij f. a gold coin so called. The Oalcutta 
aairafi is about 1^. 11«. 8c{., and the sold of it 
is better than Snglish standard gold by five 
shillings in the ounce, or about oue-sixteenth. 
By the Regulations of May, 1798, it should 
weigh 190*894 grains, troy weight, generally 
called by Europeans "a sold more** (vide 
atdbr). Hie gold more of Bengal is worth 16 
rupees j that of Madras and Bombay 15 rupees. 
p, [atram), t. 

mAram, m. (same as a$ram^ abode, Ac., Ac (v. 

tuhrdr^ pi. wicked, wretched, criminal, seditious 
(people), a, 

*(uhrai (properly *iskrat)t f. society, pleasure, de- 
light, enjoyment, mirth, a, 

cufif or euhfaj eight, ask^ci^prahar^ incessant, the 
whole day and night. ». 

atlifa-ckcUwd'tfituhaty forty-eight, s. 

asfif<tdAdtUf m. the eight metals, said to be gold, 
silver, copper, brass, tin, bell- metal, lead, and 
iron, askf-dkailfj f. a mixed metal, a compound 
of eight metals, g. 

€taft(anu^ f. the eighth day of the moon. «. 

tufifdng^ m. eight parts of man ; a^j. of^ or with 
eiffht members, atk^dng prandm, prostration in 
suutation or adoration, so as to touch the ground 
with the eight principal parts of man, viz., with 
the hands, feet, thighs, breast, eyes, head, words, 
and mind. g. 

dnhtdwd or Mhtdwa^ m. an ewer, Ac. jp. 

dtkti^ f. peace, concord, reconciliation, agreement, 
convention, confederacy ; amour, intrigue, p, 

a-shubk^ unfavourable, unpleasant, inauspicious, 
evil ; m. misfortune, distress, g. 

a-gkuchi, impure, unclean ; f. impurity, g. 

O'gkuddkf impure, inaccurate, wrong, chgkmddkatd^ 
f. inaccuracy, impurity, t. 

a'gkuddkiyd^ one who speaks or reads wrong. «. 

dgkufUi, wretched, miserable, distressed, distracted, 
uneasy, disturbed, dgkmfla-hdlj distressed in con- 
dition. dgkufUj^^dfjk' or dgkttfta-dU^ afflicted in 
mind. «tAii/ta-flni«,with dishevelled hair, dghtfto' 
gar, or -dimdgkt or 'iab\ distracted in head or 
brain, p. 

dghvftagi, f. misery, distraction, uneasiness, p, 

'dgkmrd, m. the first ten days of the Muharram. a. 

*agkfD€L, m. obscure, concealed ; a dangerous affair; 
the beginning of darkness at night, a, 

tuhica'fMdk, m. the actual or emblematic sacrifice 
of a horse, an ancient ceremony among Hindiis. 
9. [horsemen ; a horseman. «. 

agknoa^fitiy m. a person of rank, attended by 

aghnodrurk, mounted on a horse ; m. a horseman. 

dgkwdg^ m. completion, cessation, comfort, t. [g, 

(uhydy pi. things, effects, substances, a. 

'dfi, disobedient, criminal, rebellious ; m. and t. a 
rebel, a sinner, a. 

O'gichd, unirrigated (same as tuHHcha). g. 

a-giddkoy not effected, invalid, false, unripe, g, 

dgikk, m. benediction, admonition, instruction. #. 
Oft/, well-bom, noble, eenuine ; t a maid- servant 
who is free, in opposition to laundi, a slave, a, 
offlm^ m. a liar, sinner, criminaL a. 



( W ) 


»i— •, 

dfim, TirtuouB, chaste, protected, safe, ahu *dfim 
(father of safety), i,e, harlej broth, a. 

a^nrndf unbounded, unlimited. «. 

Mima, amazed, astonished, sar'ashna, bewildered 
in the head, astounded, p, 

O'finchd, not watered, not irrigated, s, 

anr, m. a prisoner, a oaptiTe. atir i ab o ^U, 
attached to one's native soiL a. 

ojpr, m. ether ; adj. marked, chosen, a, 

arirbdd or dnrhdd, m. blessing salutation. «. 

iMnt% f. imprisonment, captiyitj. a. 

euia or onf, f. blessing ; return of compliment. #. 

a-nshfet^ rude, ill-behayed ; profligate. «. 

onjfo, f. a milL atUfa-tang^ a miU-stone. jp. 

anyanct^ m. a whetstone, p, 

*eukar, m. an armj, force, troop, a. 

^aaleariy m. a soldier ; adj. military, a, 

aakat or dskat, f. drowsiness, laziness. #. 

atkatdnd or aakatdnd^ n. lazy. jl. 

otito^i or dtkcUtf drowsy, lazy, remiss. A. 

atkatatut or Sskatdndj n. to be lazy. A. 

Of 2, £ lineage ; origin, root ; a principal sum, 
stock in trade, ofl-tusutf m. liquorice, a, 

oflan or afldf by no means, not at all. offofi- 
muf;laka% absolutely never, by no means, a, 

ofti, pure, of a noble fiunily, noble, essential, 
radical, original ; a registered village, a. 

(umdf pL names, attnd^e husnd or afma,0 *fismdf 
the ninety-nine names or epithets of Ood. a, 

ismatif m. the sky, the firmament, heaven, the 
celestial orb. atman par kadam rakhnd, to 
give one's self airs, to aspire, to be vain. 
dtman par khaincknd, to be proud, t« affect 
greatness, dsman se gUrna, to fiaU from the 
cloudii, is applied to signify an acquisition that 
has been made suddenly, and unexpectedly, 
without labour or care, and the value of whidi 
is inconsiderable, p. 

dtm^n-gin^ f. a canopy or awning, jp. 

ofmtfift, heavenly, celestial ; azure, cerulean, sky- 
coloured, atmam ^, &c., an arrow, &c., shot 
in the air. asmam-farmam^ provision against 
injuries arising from calamitous seasons, p. 

atmaTj pL stories, evening entertainments* a. 

a^amaran^ m. forgetfulnees, oblivion, «. 

Ojpitf, m. the middle, interstice, interval ; as apw' 
i-rah^ in the middle of the road, t.0. during the 
journey ; a fold or plait, a. 

Ofnddy pL grants, law-papers in generaL a, 

afndf^ pL sorts, kinds, varieties, a, 

asndn, m. bathing (see ashndn), 9. 
O'^iKffiA, hanh, xaikm^', m, unkindnest, «. 

O'tobhdf shapeless, ill-made, ugly. «. 

O'sochy not contrivable, that which cannot be 
effected by reflection or study ; not to be 
regretted, h, 

a'tochi, careless, indifferent, unconcerned, h, 

a'togiy at ease, unmolested, t. 

a-sok (for cuhoka)^ m. ease, cheerfulness, t, 

asotij this year, the year present, h, 

aapf a horse (same as cub), p, 

dtpadf m. place, footing, rank. «. 

awakj f. bridge of a musical instrument $ a little 
norse. p. 

a-tparthaiuya or O'sprith^a, impure. #. ^ 

tuparsiy pidpable, tangible, m. [on all sides, k, 

M^M, m. vicinity, circumference} adv. all around, 

a-tpathfa^ indistinct. «. 

*afr or '«|r, m. time, age. 'ofor or 'ofr, the time 
of prayer before sunset, a, 

dtrdf m. hope, dependence, defence^ relianoe, re- 
treat, shelter, abode, house; ambush, conceal- 
ment, shade, hidmg-place. t. 

atra, m. a comer ; haar ; blood ; a tear, aari, {, 
ten millions. «. 

a'traddha^ f. want of fiiith, unbelieC #• 

MToU, hopeful, trusting, confident. 

Suram, m. abode, residence. «. 

asrdr, pL secrets, confidential concerns, a. 

a*raya^ m. a refuge, asylum. «. 

dirii or asttrtUf one who relies on another. «• 

*af§ar, m. an oU-maker or -presser. a. 

ofn, eighty, h, [set (the sun). #. 

oH or astOf setting (as the sun, &c), agi-k^ to 

attdckiU^ the name of a mountain in the west, 
behind which the sun is supposed to set. «• 

attaghfirulldkf I entreat forgiveness of Ghxl! an 
expression signifying negation, a. 

cutambk or iatcunbkf m. the trunk of m tree. #. 

dttdn or dttana, m. a threshold ; a fa^% resi- 
dence, dstdn'boa^ one who pays a visit to a 
superior, astdn-bosi, f. paying a respectful visit. 

ot^or, m. lining, tutar-kdri^ putstering. p, [j». 

atiar, m. a mule, w^or, a harrow, p, 

attapyatt, dispersed, confused, scattered. «• 

dH€f easy, gently, softly, p. 

dHkd, f. prop, stay, effort, pains, care. #. 

a'ttkaify\ m. instability, unsteadiness. #. 

aHkal (for tthal)^ m. place, home, fixed reaJdencft, 
dry or firm ground, s. 

asthdn (for sthdn)^ m. place, abode, reridenoe. #. 

astki or ow^At, m. a bone. euiM'bkang, a fractore ; 
a plant of supposed efficacy in fractures {cistms 
tjuadrangularU), atthi-bk»i, fracturing & bone. 


( W ) 


trnt^oTf m. a skeleton, tuihi-^khf m, 
m and decay of the bones. asM^andhiy 
iDg of a broken bone. s. 
restless, unsteady, uncertain, s. 
n. to set (as the sun, &o.). s.h, 
i sleere. didn hi sdrnp, a domestio enemy 
ears the mask of firiendship. p, 
I. a weapon, agtra-vidyd or dvfro-vefi, 
litaiy science. a»tra-hh^ unarmed, s, 
* ttult), f. praise; an anthem, a hymn. #. 
bul, impure. a-t«cAt, f. impurity. #. 
ill, satiurated ; quiet, satisfied, contented. 
JcUtfir or tuudo'dU or tuuda-Jkal, con- 
, in easy circumstances ; dead and buried, 
>lur. Mudoffdn, the tranquil ones, i.e, the 

f. quiet, peace, content, p, 

, wrong, unpure, inaccurate, mistaken. 9, 

i: impurity, an error, a mistake. #. 
distraction, malice, slander. «. 
QTisible, incorporeaL h. 
mtuiya, m. anxiety, regret. 9, 
1. sorrow, pain, affliction. «. 
restless, uneasy, afflicted, unhappy. 9. 
tfMr, a demon ; the d9ur9 are demons of 
it order, and in constant hostility with 
Is. 9. 

longing to the tfnir«, demoniacaL 9, 
'«, £ deception of demons. «• 
detraction, malice, slander. 9. 
lack, or blackest ; powerfuL a, 
I. savour, relish. 9, 
^ m. master of horses. 9. 
L cavalry, a horseman ; mounted, riding 
thing, as a horse, a carriage, a ship, &c. 
. ridmg ; warfare with axes, p, [j». 

mounted on horseback. 9, 
. completion, cessation ; comfort. #• 
. Toices, sounds, reputations, a, 
m. the sacred fig-tree. 9» 
n upper room, or story, k, 
, m. &ther ; a custard apple. pJk, 
}ur, meal, any ground grain, h. 
jhf present, &vour. *afja-batithy liberal, 
to bestow freely, a. 
a. master, teacher, p, 
one who sings and dances gratis, h, 
trerention, bar, the river Attock. h, 
1. to be stopped, to be restrained, to be 
ed, to adhere, cease, rest, remain, h. 
! name of one of the seven patalas or 
regions ; literally, bottomless. «. 

O'^ali immoveable, fixed, of determined resolu- 
tion, k, 
€i*fdlf t a stack, a rick (of grass, com, Ac.), a 

heap (of baggage, &c.), q* d. inmioveable. k. 
afdld, m. a heap, furniture. A. 
aloRJc^ m. preceptor, a gunrdian or governor, 
atatil^ instruction, education. p,i. 

afatn, m. a heap, pile, or mass. h. 

dfdmdfi koitd, to be utterly destroyed, h, 

ti'tan^ Kamdev, the god of love. «. 

a^an, a balcony, an upper room, h, 

atatjc or itangy m. fear, pain ; pomp, show. #. 

(Uant^ yetj much, exceeding. #. 

Map, m. sunshine, sunbeams. 9, 

afdri, f. a thatched upper room. A. 

atarpdlf m. land that is left uncultivated. «. 

dia9h or diUkf f. fire, fiame ; anger, p, 

*aia9hy t thirst. *ajfifA, thirsty, a, 

di€uhak, f. the venereal disease, p, 

dUuhbdZy m. a player or maker of fireworks. 
dtiuhbdzi, exhibitor of fireworks, p, 

dtcuhddm^ m. a chafing-dish, any receptacle for 

dtashmis^^ fiery-tempered, p. [fire, p, 

dta9hpara9t^ m. a worshipper of fire. jp. 

dta9l^ar(uUy £. the wonhip of fire, p, 

afaf, coarse, strong doth. h. 

o-^oMtf, powerless, without authority. «. 

atbiP, pi. followers, dependants, a. 

a-f«A, without support, tottering, h, 

aferan, m. a skem or bundle of thread, a reel ; 
the lounge or circle in the manege. A. 

afemd, a. to make up thread into skeins, to reel ; 
to lounge a horse, k. 

*a(fy m. favour, a present, bounty; joining. 
harfP atf, a copulative conjunction, a. 

ath, m. the banning, commencement, an inde- 
clinable particle, denoting now, here goes, Ac. 9. 

d(hy eight { dfh dfh dntu rond, to shea fioods of 
tears, to weep exceedingly, d^h pahar, perpe- 
tually ; lit. during the whole eight watcnes of 
day and night, d^h^ahari, one who ia con- 
stantly on duty, an eight-watch man. dfk- 
khaaJba, a canopy supported by eight posts. A 

cUhdy a-tkdkf deep, out of one's depUi. #. 

aibdyiHy f. a place where people meet to converse. 9, 

afhdfis (also afhdwU^f twenty-eight. A 

O'thak, unwearied, mseusible of fatigue, h, 

O'thalf unstable ; land farmed or rented. 9, 

afhdnawwe or afhdmoe, ninety-eight, h, 

€^hdr(ihf eighteen, atkdrahwdnf also aihdrwdn, 
the eighteenth, h. [eight. A 

ctfhednaw or afhednawe (for a^AaaaiM), ninety- 

ATH-ATI { 1 

a(kir-itn (for ofio^, eight]r-«ig1it. A. 
a-flul, immoveable, not to be piuhed. (, 
afiiattar or atluhaUar, wrentj'eight. A. 
alAil, mutable, imateady. : 
afUeti, L pUyfulnees, wsntimiieH. t. 
■fA-jtajH, eiglit-eomend, ootanguUr. i. 
i^Amatii, alimani, the weet, in opporition to 

affmandj the eeatp f ■ 
afimdt, m. l&nd conitantlj plouofaed. *. 
af Aoii pair Or af Apuior, luj and night. i.p. 
afhvtar-iau, one hiindi>Bd and right, k. 
afhtalA, aiitj-eight, more commonlj armfk, k, 
athmara, m. the eighth daj ttter any Other, i. 
ofioaf, ofAtRJfi, uokneH. ofAioaft-jtilafvdfi, f. 

being bod ridden, h, 
alt or aS, a particle denoting exoeai, oaed in 

componndi, as ati-pmm^ m. a drunkard, or one 

who drink* to exoeai. oH-parairam, mrj 

UOITBrflll. (. 

atibata or at&aia, a great talker, a babbler, t. 
alibat, mj powerfiil, infindble. t. 
aiadr or atiiir Or alibel, very olt«D. *. 
atibkar, m. a verr great or eiceetlTe bordaa. >. 
alidah, m. great beat, riolent inflammation. (. 
atiifait, to. muniSranoB, liberality, t. 
atidotk, m. a great fault, a crime. (. 
aiidur, ui. a great diitance, afar off. «. 
atidurgal, C great difficulty or diitreaa, t. 
aiidiuhkar, very difficult. (. 
'afifal, kindneai, henerolenoe, aBbotion. a, 
'aiijagar, m. the black curlew i reetlcia, *. 
aUJinm, very old, deoayed. t. 
atijog, very worthy, Tciy proper, f. 
-'■■'■^ — -\ ^i,g|j_ 4_ 

aiiki, mucX ei 

o^iJa, m. • drunkard ; eiceuiie drinking i in< 
ebriety. t. [eommila a beinoue tin. *. 

aUpatak, m, ft heboQa lin. atipitaki, one who 

iiipaR, f. name of a kind of game. A. 

'i(ir, odoriferone ! beaeroient, ganarom, noble, a. 

afuaicAoya, m. a hoard, greiit aooumulation. t. 

atiiar, m. dyaent«ry, diarrhiea. alitanUa and 
afuori, dyaenteric, afflicted with dyaenteiy. «. 

■M(A or i^oti, f. fire, flume, p. 

otM-afgan, casting or throwing fire. *, 

itith-a/raai, m. a rocket, p. 

itith-afrot, kindling flrr, fueL p. 

itiiAat, f, the venereuJ diieaie. p. 

atitkaila, very powerful. atuiaUl, f, great 
power. titUhakta/.d, f. hcroio ralour, proweaa. 
ting out &ie, p, [t. 


ititi-atiffti, kindling, spreading or stirring fire | 
an incendiary, a seditious man. p. 

aliihay, eicesatyelj, tctj much. i. 
dtiih tar, flaming, flery, raining Ore; a flrelock, 
tindei^hoi. p. 

dfi>i-iai, m. a maker of fireworks, aliih-bda, 
f. a display of flreworka. p. 

Mtlt-diit, m. a hearth, a Breplaee, a cbafing dish. 

afiA-figa», fire-dispersing, p. {jp. 

iUth-JMin, scattering fin, a volcanoe. p. 

■fitJIj or ititMii, fiery, hot, irasoihie, choleric. 
dtiiti i,ina, t, burning lens, aluhiit ab, r«d 
wine ( hot tears, of uJta gala, a bomb-shelL p. 

HUluitin, f. the region of &c, a place where fire 
abounds i ■ large fire ; a funeral pile. p. 

atiik-tada, m. a fumaoe, grate, chimney g the 
temple of the fire-worshippers, p. 

atith-^iiia, m, a temple } park of artillery, p. 

aliii-tiKir, m. a flre-eater, a bird *o called, p. 

aluk-mitaj, fiery -tempeied. 
■jh-udi, fle 
iMk-pira, n . . „ 

person, an eiaiter of quarrels, quarrelaome. p. 

aluh-paratl, m. a worshipper of fire, a guebre, 
one of the mag], Hith-paragii, flre-wonhip- 
ping. p. [exciter of quarrels, p. 

ilUh-m, pouring out Are ! an ini«ndi»ry or 

atuA-(ai', of a fieroe or fiery diipoaition. p.a. 

itith-£a4a^ f. a fire (houses, Ac. on Sre). p. 

itUlt-tiai or ititti-iana, m. tinder, touchwoiod, a 
tinder box, with flint and steeL dfifi'iom or 
atiih-tanagi, the aot of striking fire. p. 

alit, m. an ascetic, or derotee among Hindua. >, 

alitha or atilhi, m. a stranger, a guest. •. 

itUkga or itUliega, hospitabte, Bttentire. i. 

ati^ktkita, aharp, hot, or acrid ; Tciy pungent. *. 

atiBa$, ta. a fast obserred on certain occaaions. *. 

ativith, m. *n antidote to poison, i. 

alivithd, f. ft tree whose bnrk is used in dyeing, t. 

aftal, f. guess, conjecture, Judgment, opinion) 
quantity, site, alkal-bix, a good guesser, an 
appraiser, aftal-pachchu, m. one who guoasea 
at a Tenture, or without the slighteat grounda g 
adr. by gueii, at random, k. 

altalad, a. to guesi, to judge, to think, k. 

alidna, a. to prerent, to binder, to stop, to re- 
strain, to detain, to challenge as a sentry, h. 

afkaK or aHd,o or afidieaHd, m. prevention. *. 

afkitl, wanton, playful, afkheti, f. nantonneea, 
an sfibcted sraceful pare or mode of walking, h. 

atkiya, pi. religious men, deTOtees. a. 

allot, m. satin, allaii, made of satin, a. 


( 87 ) 


iima or iima, m. self, soul, life, bodj. itmo' 
flMme, self-CTident. iima-pdlak^ self-cheriBhing, 
selfish, atma-ghat^ self- murder. «. 

mlma-handkm^ m. one's own kinsman, s, 

itma-hodkt m. spiritoal instmction. «. 

dlma-bmddhif f. self-knowledge, t. 

Mmo'ghmiy m. self-murder. aimaghatSk and 
atmaghiii^ one who commits suicide, t. 

iima-ggdHj m. self-knowledge, s. 

Uma-kaigi^ t self-destruction, suicide. «. 

dhna-hii, beneficial to one's self. «. 

Mmaj^ springing from one's self; m. a son. «. 

iima-ji^ t. a daughter. «. 

Umut-nimlit self-erident. #. 

itma'^alak, self-cherisher, selfish. «. 

«<ma-«aiM/«A, m. internal doubt. «. 

«^iiMi-«aiiKraf», m. self-restraint. «. 

lifiiMf-fAajU*, £ inherent power. #. 

Uma-fhldghSy f. self-praise. «. 

li^Ma-ewEyi, f. spiritual knowledge. «. 

J^nKi-oAtrayt, one who sells himself as a slave. 9. 

Simik, spiritual, belonging to self, own. #. 

dimUpaii, f. identity, sameness. «. 

dimiga or dtmiga^ own, selfish. #. 

i^jMi, n. to be contained, to be filled ; as kd^d af' 
gagAt the well is filled up ; also to fill up. A. 

O'fok^ unrestrained, uninterrupted, k, 

a-tol^ unweigbed, unbalanced, h. 

a-fol^ unpolished (stones or jewels), and hence 
when applied to persons it denotes rude, un- 
mannerly. "A rough diamond." k, 

a(pa^a»g^ poor, wicked, disorderly, h, 

afpa^dmgiy wickedness, absurdity, h. 

itfpafki or ofpaft, thoughtless, inconsiderate, 
irregular, unstudied, dfpaii hdi, nonsense, h. 

*aif or 'tjtr, m. perfume, fragrance, essoice, ottar 
(of roeee, &e.). 'alr-ddn, a perfume box. 'a|fr- 
mdG, f. the act of rubbing, perfume, a, 

atroy here, in this place, t. 

air^y pL sides, districts ; all around, a. 

Atrdk, pL the Tartars or Turcomans, a, 

*airdAiy m. a perfume box, or receptacle for per- 

*airigalf fragrance, odour, perfume, a, [fume. a.p, 

*a(jMt% or *€4*^ m. sneezing, a sneeie. a. 

'ai/thdn^ m., 'aithg, f. very thirsty, burning, a, 

aftilikdt an upper chamber, h, 

^aiidr^ m. a perramer or druggist, a. 

'a^drij relating to a druggist ; f. the business of 
perfumer or druggist, a. [incendiary, s, 

mUdyin or dtt^if m. a felon, thief^ murderer, 

affif t a hank or bundle of thread, h, 

dHy t m female teacher, a goyemees. K 

a-tuly unweigbed ; that cannot be weighed. 

diun or dtunjty f. a female teacher, h, 

dtur^ grieved, sick, perplexed. #. 

a-td^t not liable to be broken, inexhaustible. «. 

afwdf-khafwdff f. the state of a person who in 
great affliction remains bedridden. a(kwd(i' 
kha(wd(i lendf to be confined to bed by severe 
sickness, h. 

aiwdr, pi. manners, behaviour, devoirs, tkiuh-' 
afwdr, well bred. a. 

atgcmt^ very much, excessive, great. «. 

a«, conj. and (more com. aur). h, 

auhdshf m. a rake, a dissolute fellow. aubdMh-h.^ 
to become depraved or dissolute, cmbdthdna^ 
like a rake, dissolute. anhoMhi, m. rakishness, 
dissoluteness, attending at games and spectacles. 

aubatf impassable, steep, inaccessible, s. [p. 

OMbhagcUy f. civil reception or salutation. «. 

auhha^, steep, impassable, unfrequented. «. 

auchaf or auchak^ suddenly, unexpectedly, k, 

*a«dj m. returning ; a man of abilities, a. 

auddt^ m. gratis, what is given over and above, 
or without purchase ; to boot. «. 

auddrga^ m. munificence, liberality. #. 

auddsga^ m. solitude, loneliness. «. 

audes or audeaa or audesd^ m. a strange or foreign 
country. atu^eH, a stranger, a foreigner. «. 

audhangd, improper, out of place, d, 

avghaff steep, inaccessible, h. 

augif f. a whip like a waggoner's, h, 

avgul^ m. the thumb, a finger, t, 

€mgum^ vicious, of a bad disposition. «. 

aujy m. height, top ; dignity, preferment, promo- 
tion, auj ifalakj the zenith of the sl^. a. 

aukdl or aukdU, untimely, out of season ; a child 
bom before its time (properly ava-kdl, &c.). s, 

aukdtf pi. times, circumstances. aukdt-ba-»afi, f. 
pastime, amusement, employment, aukdt'btt' 
tar or ba-sari-k., to spend one's time. a. 

(Eukf^dh, f. (for aushadk)f medicine. «. 

auld (for a«^), better, preferable, awwalan^ in 
the first place, firstly, a. 

aulbf better, best, most proper, a. 

auldd, f. pL children, descendants, progeny, a, 

aulachl^anf of evil omen, unfortunate. #., 

aulci'tar^ better, best. a.p. 

auligdy pi. friends, companions ; the apostles, 
the saints, the holy, auligd-i-alldh, friends of 
Gk>d. a. 

*a«f», m. aid, assistance ; a defender, an aider, a. 

aundhd, upside down, overturned. (Mundhd-batht^ 
m. misfortune, adverse fortune. aundkH-pegh^ 


( 88 ) 


awif short-sighted, unfortunate, aundhd lefnd^ 
n. to lie on one's face, k, 

aundhdnd^ a. to turn upside down, to reyerse. h. 

aundhn&y n. to lower (as the sky), h, 

aune-paune, partiallj, more or less. A. 

aun^ f. silenoe, dumbness, h, 

amnlnd, n. (same as aufnd)y to boil, h, 

our, conj. and, also, but ; adj. more, other ; aur 
eky another, separate, distinct, else, awr nahitUOf 
and (if), not then, and in that oase then, aur 
My quite different, extraordinary. a«r koi, any 
one else, other, aur-k^a^ ady. certainly, what 
else. k. 

auradf pL daily lessons, exercises, a. 

aurdkt pi. leayes of a tree or book. a. 

(MurtMffy m. a throne; places where goods are 
manufactured for sale. auranff-shMj m. a 
kind of silk so called, auranff-teln^ m. a kind 
of cloth so called, p, 

^aurtUy f. a woman or a wife. a. 

^oMrtUdnOy like a woman, a.p, 

cm^fy pL praises, endowments, aufdf-i Jkamidaf 
noble properties, praiseworthy quaMoations. a. 

ausdn, m. courage ; presence of mind, h, 

ausctTf m. occasion, opportunity. «. 

Mwojf, middle, interyening; m. the middle, me- 
dium, interyal ; mediocrity, moderation, a, 

ausafij midmost, middling, moderate, a. 

(MUtfT, m. anxiety, solicitude, k, 

amtf^adhy f. medicine, physic, antidote. «. 

au^ydy pi. preceptors, guardians, executors, a. 

otwttf, n. to become musty, to rot, to putrify. A. 

aiwtfcA, without consideration, heedless, h, 

<iyUt or uty m. one who dies without leaying 
issue ; an unmarried man. A. 

amfany boiling, eyaporation by boiling ; m. a knife 
used for cutting tobacco. A. 

anUdr^ m. birth, descent, incarnation. «. 

aufnd^ n. to boil (as miU^), to eyaporate oyer fire ; 
to consume with rage or yexation. A. 

auwal, first, m. b^inning. 

amwaUyaty f. priyity, pre-eminence, excellent, a, 

*aMgy m. refuge, asylum, protection, a. 

owfo*, pi. breeding, behayiour, pohteness. a, 

auzdr^ pi. m. the rigging and implements of a 
ship or boat ; asylums ; loads, a. 

oodt, a Sanskrit prefix denoting negation, dis- 
respect, or dispersion ; from, down from, off. «. 

avadhdn^ cautious, attentiye ; m. caution, t, 

anadhiy m. limit, period ; as far as. «. 

avadhut or audhuty large, gieantic ; frightfuL f. 

a'Viidhya^ not fit to be slaughtered. «. 

aeaffdh or avagdhan^ m. bathing, ablution. «. 
avag<Uy understood, avagcdi^ f. knowledge. «. 
avoffU, detested, yile ; m. reproach. «. 
ava^H or autjfun, m. blemish, yice, defect, t. 
avagydy f. oontempt, despite, disregard. «. 
ava-lcdthy m. leisure, opportunity, intenraL «. 
awUakahan or aulakhan^ of inauspicious or eyil 

omen ; m. a bad omen. «. [down. «. 

avalamb, m. asylum ; adj. depending, hanging 
avaU or dvali (yulg. aul*)^ f. a row ; a line. #. 
av€Uokafif m. yiew, sight, inspection. #. 
(tvalokndf a. to see, to look down. «. 
aivarodh^ m. a place, a coyering, hindrance. «. 
avoidn^ m. the end ; conclusion ; completion. «. 
aviuaty ausaTf m. time, leisure, occasion. «. 
€M}(uhy subject to another, helpless, s, 
dvcuhyak or a-vcuhffa or antuhyak^ neoessarj, 

avcuhffdktd or dvcuhyaktd^ neoessify. #. 
avcUdr or autdr, m. birth, descent, incarnation. «. 
avcUcimd or a«iam0, n. to descend, especially as 

an incarnation of the deity. «. 
O'vichal, motionless, unmoyed, firm. «. 
O'Vichdrf m. want of judgment, injustice. «. 
a-vichdrij m. o-otcAartnl, f. unjust. «. 
O'vichdrity ill-judeed, not investigated. #. 
a-vi/a>it6, m. quickness, diligence. 9, 
a-vindshf exception from loss, safety. a-oifia«A», 

safe, entire, free frt>m loss, eyerlastin^. «. 
o-vtiMiy, m. pertness, want of submission, s. 
a-mnit^ misbehaying, acting impropwly. a-vimtd^ 

f. an unchaste woman. #. 
a-virodhf absence of contention, quietness, ovi- 

rodhi, m., avirodhini, f. quiet, tranquiL «. 
a-«i«A, anti-yenomous, not poisonous, s, 
dviskff possessed (by a demon), engrossed. «. 
a-viikwdSf m. distrust, unbelief, suspicion, o- 

vwAtoori, m. a-vishwdsin, a-vishwdsim^ £ dis- 

tnistfuL «. 
a-^fheky m. want of discrimination, amnekatd^ 

f. indiscreetness. avtoe/U, indiscreet, f . 
G'^dkuly calm, firm, composed. «. 
ariBjfdpH^ f. not difiVising, not peryading. «. 
a-^avakhUf not regulated, undisciplined. #. 
aioa, m. a brick kiln ; a forge, p, 
dwdy m. a potter^s kiln ; a furnace, h, 
duodgaman^ dwdgaf>a% m. coining and going. A. 
aioiAaii, m. ealUng, respectful inyitation. 9. 
awdjif t approach, adyance; a saddle-doth 

adorned with fringes, &c., a kind of pickaxe. #. 
0toa,t, i. coming and going, intercourse. A. 
dwdyi or dwdti, f. rumour, tidings, report. A. 
'awdfibf pL blemishes, defects ; faults, yices. a. 


( 89 ) 


auti^ilf pL BL oomniflDoeinento, Ac, a>, 

iwaJk, m. intuituioe or aMurance. h, 

awd^^f pL extremefl, ends, a, 

*awdkibf pL ends, oonsequenoes : posteritj. a* 

awmlj m. an inclosed space, h, 

^awamm^ pL the Tulgar, the popolaoe. *awdmm 
wa iiawmffy plebeians and nobles, the people at 
large. *-awdmmu-i^nM, the common people, a, 

awoMf m. coming, approach. arrivaL f. 

dwan'SwoM, f. tidings of arrivaL «. 

Swauekir or dwane'hdrif the future. «. 

MMT, f. deLaj ; injustice, tyranny. «.j>. 

dwar, in com. bearing, haying; as, xor'dwaTf 
powerful, haying force, p, 

mwaroy vagabond, wanderer. Swira'h^ n. to 
wander, to be distressed. iioara-Ar., a. to ha- 
rass, to expeL awdrctgi, t* yagranoj, profli- 

imairda^ that which is brought or carried, dwarda^'. 
nawiSf m. a writer of accounts, p. 

dwarddf t the allotted period of one's lifetime, s, 

awdr^a or dwdrifa or dwarcha or dweuja, m. a 
diary, a note book or account book. p. 

awasi, unripe com, chiefly barley. h» 

awdsil, pL middles, the period of a lunar month, 
between the tenth and twentieth days. 

i, avo/t, t approach, advance, the season in 
which merchandice is expected, h, 

i. sound, Yoioe, report, £sme, echo, a whis- 
per, sentence, dweut-mikdnd^ to raise the yoioe, 
to spread a report, dwdz par kdn rakhnd, to 
liear, to listen, dwdz parnd, to be reported. 
dwdz haifimd^ to be suppressed (the voice) from 
hoars^Mss or otherwise, dwdz bcu^hd^ hoarse, p. 

dwhkakt or dwbhakti or dwbkagai or dwbka^aiif 
£ a civil reception or salutation, welcome. A. 

dweij^ta^ suspended, pendulous, p, 

or oeer (for thber), delay, lateness, &c. t, 
or dwezdm (in oomp.), suspending, adhering, 
rs-lr., a. to hang, to suspend, p, 

dwezoy dmeza-iamd, m. an ear-ring, drops or pen- 
dants worn in the ears. p. 

amkdi^ pL tunes, circumstances. aif|rff^5a-Mrt, 
L pastime, amusement, employment. anUsdi- 
ha-Mtr or -ba-tarifk, to spend one's time, a, 

awwal^ first, best, principal; (for aml^ proper, 
fit ; m. beginning ; adv. at firet. a. 

MMMiAii, pL the first, former, ancient, awwalln 
o dtkirim, the ancients and the modems, a. 

mpwaHytMiy f. priority, pre-eminence, a. 

dydy an interrogative particle ; interj. ho ! p, 

dga (v. tfjfoOf * ▼erse of the kur^d^, a. 

djfdt f. female attendant on children, h. • 

aydl (for f/dl)i f. a horse's mane. p.h, 

a ydn, pi. eyes ; grandees, nobles. a*ydtU ka^ratf 
courtiers, a. [a. 

*a^dny clear, manifest, public, conspicuous, visible. 

dgfanda^ in future, futurity, henceforth, p, 

dycmda-ravanda, one who is passing, p, 

^aydr or 'tyar, m. a mark, proof, test. a. 

dif<Uy f. a si^ mark ; a sentence, a, 

dyaty long, large, wide ; m. the sunshine. «• 

^yoiy pl« Bign^t marks ; sentences, a. 

dyatta, docile, tractable ; dyattatd^ L docility. «. 

^^f f* ^^ hin-d^e mamd, is a phrase apparently 
conne^ed with dyu ; it signifies ** to die before 
one's allotted time," or " in spite of fate." «. 

dyudhy m. a weapon in generaL «. 

a-yukt or a-yukta, unfit, improper; m. violence. «. 

dyurbal or dywrhal or dyurdd or dyurdd^ f. age, 
life-time, duration of life. «. 

ayyulf a deer, hart, wild goat. a. 

az, from, by, than, with, out of. p. 

a^^a, pL members of the body. a*M,e iandtulf 
organs of generation. a'ftf,s ro^MO, the vital 
parts, a, 

*a£d, lamenting, 'azd-ddr^ one who is in mourn- 
ing. azd-MidnOf the house of mourning, a. 

'azdb, m. pain, misfortune, martyrdom, a, 

dzddy free, solitary ; a kind oi fakir, dzdi-kamd^ 
a. to manumit ; set at liberty, p, 

dzdda, free &c. (v. dzdd), p, 

dzddagdi^ pL of dzdda, those free especially from 
worldly cares, religious men. p, 

dzddagi or dzddi, f. independence, release, p, 

azaly f. eternity, without beginning, a, 

*a^ala^ m. a tendon, a musck. a. 

azatif eternal, without beginning, a. 

azaUyaty t existence from all eternity, a. 

a^sfam^ greatest, or very great, a. 

*agamat or ^azmaty f. greatness, magnificence, mag- 
nitude, aggrancbzement. a, 

oc-oit, thence, therefore. or-aiM, belonging to. 
aZ'dn-jd ki, for as much as. p, 

atdnf L the summons to prayers, a. 

dzdr^ m. sickness, trouble, injury, dzdr^dih^ one 
who gives trouble or injury, dxdr^ikiy f. the act 
of troubling, dzdriy a sick person, a patient, p. 

*azdzily name of a devil or fallen angeL a. 

az'bary by rote, by heart, by memory, p. 

az'bard^e or az-bahri, on account of. p. 

azdar, worthy, proper, suitable ; sometimes im- 
properly used for azhdar, a dragon, q.v. p. 

azdarif £. worthiness, fitness, p. 



( ^ ) 



aZfhdni pi. geniuses, intellects, capacities, a, 

aghar^ very clear, more apparent, eufkaru mim 
oik'thamHt clearer than the sun. a. 

az-har-dare^ of all sorts and kinds, p, 

azkdar, or azhdarhd or azhdahd^ m. a large serpent, 
a dragon, p. [to bell-metaL p. 

azhdhdt, m. bell-metaL azhdhdil^ of or relating 

*«sifii, intending, determining, a, 

*agtm, great, high in dignity, large, ^agimu-sk' 
shdn, of high station, rank, or dignity, a. 

*€UUHatf f. design, purpose, &c. a. 

*miir, making excuses ; m. an apologist, a. 

anyat^ f. oppression, distress, yexation. a. 

'a«lz, dear, excellent, heloved, precious, a. 

*atiziy f. greatness, sanctity, friendship, respect, a. 

azkiyd^ pL people of penetration, a. 

'os^ m. removal from office, a, 

*azli^ f. retirement, abdication, a, 

*agmj m, design, intention, purpose, resolution, a. 

izmdf trying, trial (used in comp.). p, 

axmdndy a. to try, to prove, to examine ; to touch 
gold, &0., on the touchstone. A. 

'osma^, 1. design, the decree of God. a. 

izmdyish or azmudagt, f. trial, proof, p, 

(ununOf pL times, seasons, a. 

ismuda, tried, proved, examined, dzmudthkir, 
experienced in business, p. 

*iBfo or *afe, m. a member, a joint, a. 

ocrolr, blue, blue^yed ; pure, limpid ; beryL a, 

eu-rUye^ by reason of, in consequence ofL p, 

OMuka^ or dzuka, or oM^a, or diuka, or azuJkOj or 
dxuka, or a««^a or dzika^ m. food, nourish- 
ment. J9. 

omn^ afflicted, sad, dispirited, sorrowful, rexed, 
displeased, weary, dtwrda-'l^i^ir or dsurdadU^ 
grieved in heart; Texed, offended, disgusted, p, 

izurdayif f. rexation, sorrow, grief, p. 


hOf prep, by, with, in; generaUy joined to tlie 
word it governs, and then the imperceptible A 
ia dropped, as ho'to^jhe^ in such a manner, p, 

hd, with, by, possessed of (in opposition to be^ 
without, deprived of); frequently used as first 
member in composition, as in bd-dbruy honour- 
ably, respectably, hd-ittifdky with unity, har- 
moniously. bd'<t§art effectively. bd'ilAldf, 
sincere, hd-adab, in aocordanoe with good 

manners, bd-dn-ki, notwithstanding that, bd^ 
imdn, faithful, religious. bd-tadAtTf prudent, 
witli deliberation, bd'tanuxy discreet, judicious. 
bd'l^bar^ intelligent, bd-haydy modest, bd- 
shu*ur, wise, intelligent. bo'luPidOf according 
to rule, bd-muruwat, humane, bd metza, taste- 
ful, delicious, bd wok/ or bd wujud, notwith- 
standing, bd waz\ respectfully, bd wafS^ 
sincere, faithful, p, 

ba'dsdni, with facility, easily, p. 

bd'<mar^ with effect, effective, impressire. p,a, 

ba'*aun^ tlirough the aid of. p.a, 

bdhy m. a chapter or any division of a book, a, 

bdbdy m. father, sir ; in Bengal it is arery common 
term for boy, girl, child, or any young person. 
bdbd-jdny dear &ther, or dear cnild. £ 

ba-bdd, lit. to the wind, cast away. k.p, 

babaTy m. a lion, a tiger, p, 

bahoTy m. one who crops the manee of horses. K, 

bdbaty m. a kind of sweetmeat, k, 

bdbarchi (for bdwcurhi), m. a cook, bdbare^' 
l^dnay a cook*s shop or kitchen, Tiilgarly 
called bokberehy-c<mner by the non-reading 
Europeans, p. 

babariy leonine or tigerish ; canine, savage, p. 

babatyl or babarchiy m. (for bdw<treki) a cook ; so 
biibaru-lskdnety a cook-house or kitchen, p. 

bdbat, f. account, article, item ; business, a. 

babetiyd or bawetiyd^ talking nonsense. A. 

babkniy f. a stye on the eyelids ; a liiard. A. 

babhru, large, great ; m. an iclmeumon. #• 

babrd'kherif f. quarrelling, dissension. A. 

babriy f. cropped hair, tresses. A. 

babrutd, m. a down, lout, bumpkin. A. 

bdku, m. a child ; a prince ; master, a title among 
Hindiis, equivalent to our Bir. or Squire. A. 

babuwdy m. a child, a boy (a term of fondness). A. 

biichd or bachekdy m. a child ; a young animal. 
b€Khcke wdU mmrgkiy the hen with her chickens ; 
the constellation of the Pleiades, p. 

bdekd or vdekd^ f. speech, affirmation, t. 

backagdn or backt^MgdM^ children, young ones, p, 

bctckwuy m. speech, talk, discourse, word ; promise, 
agreement, backan band kar lend or bamdh-k^ 
to bind by promise, baekan-band or -bandk^ 
kondy to promise, to be a^^reed upon. AacAaa- 
pdlnd, to abide by a promise, baekat^-iorndy a. 
to break one's word, backan-ekkorndy to break 
one's promise, backatt'dendj a. to promise, to 
agree, baokan-ddlnd, a. to question, to ask, 
to inquire, backan-lendy to reoeiTe a promise. 
backan-^ndmd, to conclude an agreement. Aa- 


i 41 ) 


lummif to obey, backan-nibhdndy to abide 
promise. bacha»-hdmd, to promise, to 

to give one's word. «. 
, a. to sare, to preserve, to protect, to 
i (for hajdmd) to sound a musical instru- 

A. [A 

or haekmv or hachdpay m. safety, escape. 

m. the young of any animal, an infant. 
\hachekagamy f. a child's toy. p, 
rffno, fit for children ; in a childish manner. 
ri, f. infancy, childhood, p. 
', selection ; the comer of the lip. f. 
a calf (or young of any animal). «. 
i or bachAefa, m. a colt, h, 
or bachkefi, f. a foal, filly. A. 
a female young animal, p. [o. 

t (diminutiTe of b<ich^), f. a female calf. 
, a. to choose, to select. A 
'a, m. distribution of an aggregate sum 
eral individuals, h. 
or bachhrUf m. a calf or colt. «. 
A (generally Jcach-hach)^ children. A. 
^ small ; m. a dancing boy. A. 
:, f. a girl adopted by an old harlot, p. 
n. to be saved or spared, to escape. 6acA- 
, to avoid, to take care against. A 

name of a vegetable poison. «. 
I, m. childhood, infancy. A. 
*. remainder ; surplus, residue ; end. A. 
irind. hdd-te hat-k.^ to go very quickly, 
rery swift, hddi tuttd, f. a stormy wind. 
lima or bdd^qftdr, swift as the wind (g^ne- 
pplied to a horse), bddi gamum, £. a hot 
ntial wind, bad-tanj^ idle, speculative, 
one who builds castles in the air. badi 
, f. a fair wind, a favourable wind, bddi 
r, St. Anthony's fire (the pox?) bad- 
, a musician or minstrel, hterally a seller 
id. bddi muthdlify f. a contrary wind. 
loAa, f. the morning breeze, a zephyr. 
nurddf f. a fair wind ; in revenue Ian- 
it denotes a remission on account of 
at produce, p, 

1, bad ; much used in the formation of 
unds ; as bad-atittir, of an unlucky star, 
anate. bad-a^ldky of bad habits, bcui- 

ill-shaped, ill-made ; of evil conduct. 
I or bad-ufulf low-bom. bad-afwdry ill- 
red, bad-a/fdly of evil deeds. bad^Ukdd, 
BtfoL bad-andeihy inimical, evil-minded. 
tfS of iU manners, observing no religious 
ts. bad-bdfin, internally evU. bad-bat^^ 

unlucky, unfortunate, bad-bar^ evil-minded or 
dispoeed. bad-bH, fcBtid; f. stink, bad-parhez, 
not controlling one's inclinations and passions ; 
intemperate. bad-ehaU^ of bad conduct. Aa<i- 
cheuhm^ malignant, envious, coveting other men's 
goods, particularly wives, bad-hdl, in bad oir- 
cumstanoes, ill-oouditioned. bttd-hawiUf sense- 
less, stupified. bad^l^dl or bad-tkfH^t of a 
bad disposition, btid-t^a^^ writing ilL btui* 
l^ulkf of evil nature, ill disposed. btMd-^^ of 
bad habits, bctd-ttwdk, wishing eviL bad-du*i^ 
f. curse, bad-dily suspicious, btid-dirndghf dis- 
satisfied, displeased with everythioff. bad'^aml^ 
ill-shaped, ungraceful bad-got^ low-bom, of 
bad breed, wicked, vicious, bad-zikn^ stupid, 
slow of apprehension, bad^dh^ wicked, sinful. 
badfikdb, ill-paoed (a horse), also difficult to 
mount, bcid-rag^ of a bad vein, ill-natured, 
malevolent, bad-ran^, bad colour, bad kind. 
bad-ram^ ill-paced (a horse), bad-zabdm^ indecent 
speaker, abuser ; f. indecent language, abuse. 
bad-tiibdmy f. abuse, bad-teb, ungraoefuL b<»d» 
»Saiy f. an unlucky moment, bad-taj, ungrace- 
ful, ill-looking, bad-tirishi, of a bad composition, 
ill-natured, bad-^aranjdm^ of a bad end. bad- 
tigaly malevolent, btul-suldk, unfavourably in- 
clined, maltreating, bad-rirat, ill-tempered, of 
bad disposition, bad-thakl^ ill -shaped, ill-look- 
ing, oftd-thugwrn^ of evil omen, inauspicious. 
bad-furaif uglj^ ill-conditioned, bad-fariky m. 
bad habit (in a religious sense), bad-finat, 
malevolent, miquitous. bad-tinati, f. malevo- 
leuoe, iniquity, bad-zann^ suspicious. bad'*akdf 
£uthless, treacherous, bad-fil^ m. evil deeds; 
of bad habits (particularly in a religious sense). 
badrfarjdm^ of evil end or issue, malignant. 
bad-kdr or bad-kirddr^ sinful ; a malemctor. 
bad-ffumdt^ suspicious. bad-go^ slanderous. 
bad-guhar^ of bad origin, bac^lagdm^ hard- 
mouthed (a horse), not obedient to the reins. 
bad-mast, dead drunk. b€ui-fnaza, of bad taste, 
unsavouiy. bcul-fHazagi, unsavoriness, tasteless- 
ness; coolness between firiends. bad-nUz^, of 
evil temper, bctd-miqioi^f^ suspicious, bad- 
ma'dthf of a bad profession, of an infamous 
trade. bad-mu^dmalOf of unfair dealing, 
roguish. ' ba<i-mihri, t. disobligingness, un- 
kindness. bad-ndm^ iufiunous, ealumuious. 
bad-ndnu, f. infituny. bad-nasal, of a bad 
race or breed; a bastard. bad-iMfib, unfor- 
tunate, bad-na^ar, ill-looking, bad-n^al, trip- 
ping (a horse), bad-numd or bad- nammd, un- 


( *> ) 


moeftil, {nalagant. had^rnkSd, iU*difpotad, of 
Md intention. batUwa^f ill-difpoMd or ill- 
behaved, bad-haxtn^ of bad digestion, had- 
kaitOif iU-formed, mii-shapen. httd-ywrn^ erii- 
omeued, unpropitious. N.B. — All tfaie preceding 
•^jeotiven may form abstract snbstantivee by the 
addition oft, as had^akhlAlfi^ depravity of morals. 
had'UtlMt malformation, &c. p, 

had^ f. a bubo, or swollinff of the gland. A. 

ha*d^ after, afterwards, subsequent, a. 

hAd or v&dy m. accusation t assertion, affirmation; 
a plea i rheumatism. bdd-k,t a. to argue. «. 

bid (for buwdd^ preoatiye form of bUddn, to be), 
may it be^ or may it continue or be perpetual. 

badd, predestined, uited. A. [j9. 

6A^ m. wine, spirits, bida'parati^ addicted to 
wine, bida-katk^ wine-drawer, bida-noth or 
bida'ff¥€dr, a wine-bibber, p. 

badd-badif with emulation or rivalship. i. 

badihi^ m, a song of congratulation. A. 

baddkatf f. an unexpectea accident, a. 

ba*dakUf after which, then, howevsr. a, 

6(Mbi,ft*, pi. wonders, rarities, a. 

6ai(att«Aiiii| name of a region near the source of 
the Oxus, famous for its rubies, &o. p. 

bmiaknd^ n. to move, be moved, h, 

A«<ia/, m. exchange, substitution ; retaliation ; 
prep, for^ on account of. badal'lemd, a. to 
exoliange, to take in exchange, bndali mdl, 
m. price, barter. badtti^mMskAara^ m. stipend 
given in money or kind to public or private 
servants. a» 

bddtUj m. a cloud, mass of douds. A. 

bddaUt silver cloth i cloudiness, h, 

hmdtUmdy a. to change, to alter. aJL 

bMam or bidim^ an almond ; spiceriea. p, 

AMimo, the aurelia or silkworm in its nymphean 
state ( a kind of silk. p. 

hdddml^ almond-coloured s almond-shaped; a kind 
of eunuch { a kiud of dish of which almonds 
ibrm a main ingredient, p. 

hmdmi^ m. the b<^. bodam pkai-Jaiu^ n. to be 
covered with an eruption of pustules, a. 

hmd^dm (for ba-^m), lit. by that : thereby, p. 

bmdmtti^ of or relating to the bo^y. «> 

bd d i m mbid^ m. alteroation, dispute^ Ac «. 

bm-dur (to the door, or at the door), out. ha- 
ilor-iNiMMfi, writing off objeotional items of an 
account ; auditing or taxing an overcharged 

hddmr, a doud (v. bddml). A [bOl. p. 

bdddr^ % large housei, granary raised on pilee. A 

bm^mtsifm^ iii» or to a degrea. j».«. 


ba'd€uy\ by insertion, per invoice. p,a, 

badaria or badrai^c^ m. a fellow-traveller, p, 

badoT'Tau^ t, a drain, a sewer, p. 

ba-dcutf in hand, or into hand. p. 

ba-dasturt according to custom ; as usnaL p, 

ba-dauUU^ by means of, through* j>.a. 

bttddvat, commencement, a. 

bad-odohd, m. a false division, h. 

bdd'bdlciy i, subtraction (in arithmetic). J9.a. 

bdd'bdi^ m. a sail ; a vessel in which a lamp is 
placed for protection from the wind, p, 

beiddal or b<idalt m. cloud. A 

baddha^ bound, tied ; checked, suppressed ; fixed, 
withheld, baddha-sikh^ youn^, a pupiL baddha* 
ihikhd, f. a pungent root, a kind of garlic bad' 
dha-kopt one who governs or suppresses vrrath. 
baddha-mul^ fast or firmly rooted. «. 

b€uldhdnjuU^ putting the hands joined to the fore- 
head, saluting respectfully. «. 

b€tddhi, t an ornament worn round the neck. ^ h, 

badk, m. killing, slaying. badh-dan4% ™* capital 
punishment. badh-kamyd^ i. desire to kilL 
bcM'kdnkshi^ wishing death, badk-tthdn^ m. 
or badh-HhaU^ t a place of slaughter or execu- 
tion. «. 

bddh^ m. prohibition ; a chord, a string. #. 

bddhy division of an estate ; a plain, a desert. A 

badkd^t^ f. a song, presents. . A 

btuikakf m. a slaughterer, a killer. «. 

bSdkakf one who interrupts, && «. 

bddAam, m. pain, act of obstructing, s. 

badka'ttkdn, m. place of execution, s, 

badMa-vanth^ m. the slaughter of a whole race. #. 

b€utkdwdf m. a song ; presents. A. 

bdd'hawd,i, f. fruitlessnees, useleseness } waste, p. 

bitdkik, a huntsman, sportsman ; killer. #. 

badAir, deaf, badkirid, f. deafness. «. 

bddkit^ impeded, pained, tormented. «. 

badkijfd^ t a bullock, or any castrated animaL A 

badknm, m. a kind of pot with a spout to it. «. 

badkmd^ a. to smite ; n. to be wounded. #. 

b i4 bm dt a. to cut, to shear. A 

badku, f. a daughter-in-law, son's wife ; a woiman, 
wife, lady (same as bairn). *. 

AodAyo, deserving death, condemned to death. 
badkwaii, f. fitness to be killed. badJ^a-Ummi^ 
t or badkjfo-^tkdmy m. aplace of publio execution. 

brndJ^fOy what ought to be stepped, e. [«. 

Aodi, £ badness, wiokedneoa. j». 

AmR*, rare, strange, wonderful, curious, c 

AnC, flatulent, troubled with wind. j». 

bidit beginner^ an author, c 


( « ) 



hidi (for «Afi)« an aoouaer, a plaintiff, an enemj. 

hSdt dkoTf an inTetorate thief. «. 
badkika^ m. an extempore, an imprompto. a, 
ha^Hf unpremeditated; apparent, a. 
bii-^iik^al, with toil or difficulty. p,a, 
ba-dilj with the heart, heartily, sinoerelj. ha dil 

ojim^ with heart and aouL p, 
hoiiRn (for 6a«tfli), to, for, or in thia. p, 
bddij^a^ m. a deaert, a wilderness, a, 
bidiya^ m. a bowl, cup. p, 
imd-katk, m. a fim i a ponkah ; bellows, p. 
bm d -l ^ i y a, m. the ruptura. p. 
badlS, m. esehange, lien, stead, a substitute, 

rpco m penae^ revenge, requitaL badli'lend, a. 

to alter, to revenge, badle^ in exchange, in 

return for. a. [h. 

bmdld or budla^ m, gold or silver thread, brocade. 
bad imui, a. to cause to alter ; to change, to put 

one thing for another. aM 
badUj i. cloudiness ; a small bit of dond. a. 
baiBy L exchange ; relief (of watches, &o.). a. 
badmt^Stk^ a rakish profligate person, p, 
bad'matOf bad flavoured, out of humour, jp. 
bad^wttx^y ill tempered, p, 
b ad m tt ^ itmaioy unfair in dealing. p.a. 
b ad au f' iwwafi, nniaimess in dealing. j».a. 
b ad mm h r Of m. an antidote for a snake's bite. a. 
badmdf a. to wager, to settle, to take (as witness), 

to obey, to agree, h, 
badmd^ m. (for badkiut) a kind of pot. h. 
bad-nma^ infiunous, ignominious, p, 
bad^ami^ infiuny, ignominy, p. 
bad-^uuibf unfortunate, ill'Uted. p. 
badai^ a contract by which the borrower gives a 

bond at high interest. A. 
bd d m m ma^ m. a weathercock, p, 
badpa, havinff feet like the wind, swift, p, 
badty m. the rail moon. a. 
badrot m. a bag of money ; a sort of weight, p, 
bidra'm or badramg or badramgif^ an orange, a 

kinaof citron, a species of Uurge cucumber, p, 
badri-ehkaddy i. badri-patraky m. a perfume. «. 
badrmfdt m. a ventilator suspendea to the roof 

of a house to increase the circulation of 

air. p. 
badthih or bad sb ak f m. a king, a sovereign (an 

Arab oonmption of the Persian paditkdh) . p. 
badskahinat aingly, in the manner of a king, p, 
bddtkdhat^ 1 a kingdom, government, p. 
badgkdhif t royaltv, sovereignty; a^. royal, be- 
longing to a kmg. badikdi* tanad^ a royal 

teoure^ or ^prant of land rent free, p. 

bddMhak'Mida^ a king's sou, a prince. badMk' 

uuU, a princess, p, 
badtar^ worse, inferior, very bad. p, 
badUf a tribe of Arabs so called ; infiunous. a, 
bdye or bdti, flatulency; rheumatism. ba^ipaehtUf 
to be mortified, to be depressed, to die away. 
bdji men bhafak/td, to prate foolishly, ba^i 
»ar»d (see bdfi tofna), #. 
hdf (in comp.), weaving or woven, kimiiri'hi^^ a 
weaver of lace, tari-haft a gold-lace weaver, p. 
bafd^ f. a kind of scales formed on the head, p, 
hdfty web, weaving, tissue, texture, p, 
bdfta, woven ; m. a kind of cloth ; (in oomp.) it 
denotes woven, wrought, as garii^la, wrought 
in gold, embroidered, p, 
boff, m. name of a biro, a crane, bag^chdl^ t. 
walkinff slowly (like a crane); (for bd^k) a 
tiger, hence ba^ chhandd lagnd^ n. to be 
Btupified or petrified with fear, as one feels at 
the sight of a tiger. «. 
hdg^ f. a rein, a bridle, bag-mtofna^ to turn the 
reins, bdg kdik se ehhufnd, the power of choice 
to be lost to any one. A. 
bdgdt m. a vestment ; honorary dress, h, 
hagadndf n. to return, to be spoiled, h, 
hdgaVy m. a hedge of thorns or twigs. K 
hagur^ m. pasture«ground ; it also denotes forced 

labour, for which no reward is given, h, 
bagdrnd^ a. to throw away ; to spread over. A. 
hag-chhu^t f* galloping. bag'eh4f'4aiurnd^ to set 
off'at fullgfdlop. A. [h, 

bagddndf a. to cause to return, to put to the rout. 
bdgdor, f. a long rein for leading horses, k. 
bdgh or bdghd, m. a tiger, bidgh-bakrif t tiger 

and goat, a kind of children's play. «. 
bdgh, m. a garden, orchard, grove, bdf^ tabs 
dikhdnd or -dikhldnd, to excite desire and expec- 
tation by deceitful promises, baghrbdj^'hond or 
hojdnd^ n. to be delighted, to rejoice greatly. 
bdgh'hdny m. a gardener, baghrhdm^ f. earden- 
ing. baghfiha, m. a little garden, orchard, bdghhd^ 
pL gardens, orchards, bdghickaj a little garden. 
oaghigd, m. a small garden, an orchard, a flower- 
garden, bdghrkdrtf f. garden cultivation, business 
of a gardener, p, 
ha-gkairy without, except, besides. p,a, 
baghal, f, the arm-pit ; embrace, baghaljdnd or 
ka-jdndj to go out of the way. ba^iol^nen lend^ 
to take in one's arms, to embrace, baghal-ba^ 
jdnd, to be highly pleased, to be in triumph ; to 
jeer, to jest. b^j^al-sMngnd, to be penitent, to 
regret, bttghal garm-k., a. to embrace a woman. 


( 44 ) 


haf^al men dabdna, a. to get posMMioxi of 
another's goods by fraud. hagliaUgand\ stink- 
ing armpits, baghal^girt an embracer in the 
Hmdustani mode, haghal-giti^ f. embraoinff. 
b<igtal-nten mdmd^ to conceal (under one s 

. arms). bctgkal'^neii mundi dMnd, to be 
ashamed, p, [armpits, p, 

baghal-boHd, m. a kind of robe tied under the 

bdghambar^ ra. a tiger's skin. 9, 

haghan or bighm, f. a tigress. «. 

baghar^ m. the spices which are mixed with food 
to give it relish ; seasoning, condiment. A. 

haghdmd^ a. to season. A. 

baghdif pi. sardens, groves, orchards, p, 

bagtdwdtf f, rebellion ; violence, plunder, a. 

bdghdgatif fit for garden cultivation; f. fruit raised 
in a garden ; tax levied on gardens, k, 

baghii tjranny, oppression ; rebellion ; infrtustion 
of the laws ; adj. rebellious, refractory, a. 

bdghti A mutineer, traitor, rebeL a. 

bighira^ m. an indolent tumour ; a wen. j». 

baghldnd, to make way, to get out of the way. p, 

baghndf m. the teeth and nails of a tiger. «. 

bdgh-wdld or bdghtodn^ m. a gardener, the owner 
of a garden. p.h, 

bagld or baguld^ m. the name of a bird. A. 

bag'pdtUif f. a row or line of cranes. A. 

bag-pdti, f. the side under the armpit. A. 

bagfd, m. trouble ; cheat, deceit, bagfd-k,, to 
evade the payment of one's debts. A. 

bctgfiyd^ m. a deceitful person, h. 

bagulq, m. a whirlwind, hurricane, h, 

bahdt m. price, value, bahd^e kLun^ bloodmoney. 
bahd^e ^dTat^ a tax raised in order to defray 
the expense of honorary dresses. bahd,e kdghai, 
an allowance for office paper, red tape, &c. p, 

bdhd^ a water course, a channel, h, 

ba-hadd or ba-hadde ki, to such a degree that, p, 

bakd'dend, a. to demolish, to destroy. «. 

bakddur^ brave, bold, valiant, courageous, in- 
vincible ; m. a hero, knight ; a title bestowed 
on miUtary officers, bahddur Jang, invincible 
in war. p. 

biAddwri, t. bravery, gallantry, p, 

bakd^im, pi. beasts, bahdjimit beastly, a, • 

ba-hakk or ha-hakki. on account of p,a, 

bahaknd, n. to be baulked, to be disappointed, to 
be deceived, to stray, to be intoxicated, k. 

bahalf f. a two-wheeled ear, carriage, h. 

ba-hdl, lui^PP7» flourishing, prosperous, p.a. 

Ajf'JkdJi, adj. of or relating to a former state ; f. 
rogtoratioa to m former state or condition, p. 


bahaUgd^ m. a huntsman, a retainer. K 

bahalnd, n. to be diverted, to be amused, h, 

baham or bdham^ together, one with another, one 
against another, btiham'dndf to be procured, 
acquired. baham-pahunohdnd, a. to get, to 
acquire, to procure, bttham-pakunohnd, to be 
procured, od-ham'digar, one with another, p, 

ba-hamd lUdhi^ by the grace of Ghod. a. 

bahdna^ m. pretence, contrivance, excuse, p, 

bahdnd^ a. to make flow, to set afloat. #. 

bahanehf f. an adopted sister, s, 

bakangif f. a bamboo stick with ropee hanging 
from each end, for slinking baggage to, which 
is carried on the shoulder. bi^ngt-beirdSr or 
bahangi-iodldj m. the man who carries the ba- 
hangi. «. 

bahd^o^ m. flowing, a flood. «. 

bahd-phimd or bahd-bahd phima^ n. to waader ; 
to be in a distressed condition ; to be intoxi^ 
cated. «. 

bahdr^ f. spring ; beauty, elegance, delight. 6aA#- 
riHdn^ m. a phK» adorned, blossoms, p. 

bdhar or bdhir, without, foreign, f. 

ba-har kaif^ by any means, anyhow. p,a, 

bdhard or bdhara^ the man who stands at the well 
to upset the water from the leathom bucket, h, 

bakdrdn^ the spring season, p, 

ba'haT'kdlt by every means, somehow. a.p» 

bahdri, vernal, relating to spring, p, 

bdharif a foreigner, a stranger i outward, m, 

ba-har pirat, in every aspect or case. pM, 

ba-har faur^ by every means, by any means, p. 

ba-haab or ba-kasbe ki^ according to. 

b(iheu(nd, a. to argue, to dispute ; to tsiu. a. 

bahbahdy flowing ; brave, bold ; pubUo. A. 

bahdhdf t pain, hindrance, prevention. «. 

bahetUy m. a vagabond, vaerant, a vraadenr. •» 

bahlt f. a book not stitched at the sidea, bat at 
the ends ; a register, book of acoounta, a led^. 
bahi-khdtd or boM-khaardf a day-book, iaii' 
paffodri, the village accountant's resister. hmkh 
mahd;an, a merchant's or banker'a Dock, h, 

bakild^ f. barren (generally applied to dittie). A 

balUn or bahan^ f. a sister, t. 

bahir or bMr^ f. the baggage aoeomp«iyiiy aa 
army ; also the lines near a camp. K 

bdhir^ out, without, bdhir-and^ n. to iaaof, to 
come out. ioAtr-detA, remote or Ibn^ 
country, bahir-mmkh^ n^leot of daty} in* 
pious. «. 

5aA»>, superior, excellent, open, publie. «• 

bakirdnd^ a. to divert, to amoio, K 


< 46 ) 


from withoai, strange, bahir-ki fohib 
\jabctr difo; "a strange gentleman is 
I, gire notice;" an exclamation used bj 
rwans or gatekeepers in Calcutta on the 
of a stranger, to give notice to the family 
In mj time the above sentence was 
tuoed (by the non>reading gentry), 
:er sawb aya, cover the Jew!'* #. 
MM, the baggage of an army, h, 
lands at a distance from the village, h, 
or haki^dfuL, n. to flow, to go with the 
; to be ruined, to be destroyed, h, 
L joy, beauty, grace, excellence, a. 

a. to baulk, misleaid, deceive, h, 
u a privy purse ; a falconer's glove. j». 

a. to divert, to amuse, h, 
a two- wheeled car (for riding in, not for 
e), a roach, a carriage. K, 
a or hahmane^d^ son of a Brahman ; a 
Brahman. #. 
^(if f. name of a plant. «. 

wife of a Brahman ; a Brahmaness. «. 
. to flow, to glide ; to float : to blow. «. 
. to plough, to till ; to shoot or discharge 
on ; to comb the hair, h, 
same as 6aAiM>,t), a sister's husband. «. 
m. a shopkeeper or monied man in a 
, who makes advances to cultivators, h, 
a sloping pathway for bullocks, h, 
. a sea, a gulf, a bay ; f. a fleet, a. 
i. property, fortune ; profit, hahra-mand 
'n-ioar or be^a-andot^ fortunate, prosper- 
hahrct-mandi^ f. prosperity, p, 
bahird, deaf. h. 

m. an upstart, a stranger, h, 
a falcon, female hawk. boM-bachd, the 
f the same species, h, 
laritime, naval ; a kind of fidcon. a. 
argument, discussion, altercation, contro> 

bahffk,y to dispute, a. 
k|i, f. controrersy, discussion, a. 
iinning (water), bahte pdm men hath 

to pay attention to one's friends, to 
bay while the sun shines. A. 
ach, many, large, great. «. 
daughter-in-law, son's wife ; a wife. «. 
9ya, m. bahu-bhdgyd^ f. fortunate, t. 
fhdj f. an armlet, an ornament. «. 

in many ways ; usually, often, s, 
«, wealthy, rich. «. 
k, full of fiiults, very bad. 9, 
thfa or bahu'darshiy experienced, s.] 

bithm-ffttn, ra. bahw^und, f. many times ; having 
many good qualities. «. 

ba-kukm or ^o-Atfihnt, under the command ofl a. 

bahulf much, many. bahuktiwOf m. abundance. 
bdhulydy m. or bahuhfotdf f. plenty, abuadanee. «. 

bahu'ffidn^ m. respect, reverence, bcthu'mulya^ 
costly, precious, bahu-murti, multiform, bcihu* 
patra, m. talc. bahit-pafUy very clever, bahu' 
pavdh, flowing in many streams, bahm-phalf 
fertile, (ruitfuL bahtt-putra, having many ohil- 

btihmr or bcAuri, again. A [dren, «. 

bahurdnd, ... to bring back, to cause to return. 

btEhm^rangi^ bahii-ramgi^ of many colours ; flckle, 
steady. «. 

bcihu-^rekhdf m. pL wrinkles, furrows. *, 

bahuriydf f. a daughter-in-law. «. 

bahumdf n. to return, to come back. A 

bahuroiij again, a second time. A 

bahu-ripf adj. multiform ; m. mimicry, bahu* 
rnpd^ m. a chamelion. bakurrupi or bahm-ru- 
piyd^ m. an actor, a mimic, a person assuming 
Tarious characters and disguises. bahm'Tupifci^ 
m . mimicry, bahu-thakh^ having many branches. 
bahu'thiUrUy having many enemies. 6aAiH#i2, 
f the mother of many children. «. 

bahuty much, many, more, most ; bahut ydr hond^ 
to become more intimate than formerly. «. 

bahutdt, bahutdyaty f. excess, abundance. «. 

bcthuierdy very much, exceedingly. 9, 

bahutra^ in many ways or places. 9, 

bahvt'sd, a great deal, very much. A 

bahutwa, m. plurality, multitude, abundance, s, 

bahu^idh, multiform, of many kinds. «. 

bahm-vif, having many or much seed. «. 

bdhu-yuddh, m. close fight, personal struggle. «. 

ftoT, f. buying and selling; commerce, selling. 
boT-k., to selL btW bi-l-wafdy a conditional 
sale, depending on the flnal decision of the 
seller ; also a pawn or pledge. baiP bi-l »afi' 
ddr^ a person having the use of an article con- 
ditionally sold to him in acquittance of a debt. 
bai^-ndma, a deed of sale, bai paffd^ a lease or 
sub-lease obtained by purchase. baC nUfdm, 
a sale by order of government. baV ialfih^ a 
temporary sale, bai-ddr, a purchaser, a pos- 
sessor by purchase, a. 

bdfi, f. mistress, lady; a dancing girl. bd^i-Jif 
the mother bawd ; " la bonne." A 

ia,t, £ flatulency; rheumatism, bd^i-pachm, to 
be mortified, to die away, bd^i men bhafokndy 
to prate foolishly. «. 

bdyC or bdy€f a seller, a merchant, a. 



hatixa, m. earnat monej. a, 

haii, tfiv oS^ »t B dietanoe. i. 

ftdtd, m. > phjreioUn, a iii«diciit m*!). <. 

ia,iii, far, dietant, abaent, remate. bi^id'atLit, 

fooliih, abaurd, &r from wiadom. a. 
haiiU,i, f, practice of phjaio. t, 
baidak, the pawn at etitwa. a. 
baidat, m. ue practise or tcjeaoe of phjiiiL *. 
fa-i/Mf, in abundance, copioualj. p.a. 
toH'aufi, f. a flag or atandard ; a bumsr. *. 
batl, m. a bull, an oi ; met. a blockhead (in 

which laat aenae the Sootoh aaj, " a itot "). *. 
taiti, tn, a ipeciea of bird. h. 
ba-'ilat, bf reason, or on oocount of. pjt. 
haimdlra, m. a brother bom of a different mother 

bj the aame &tbin'. *. 
bain, among, between, interraL a. 
bi-in, along with thii, although, p. 
baind, m. an oraamont worn on the forehead ( 

sweatmsBta dietributed at man 
b<Un-bai<i, betwixt and between, i 
baii^it act of throwing up water from a pond for 

the pnrpoee of irrigation, k. 

bairag or hairagya. m. penanos, derotion. 
bairagd, m. a imall erooked atiok. i. 
bairdgan, t a female bairiffi ; mme as btdrdgi. t. 
bairdgi, auatere, recluie ; m. the mligioua ascetic 

who abandons terr«atrial objects. *. 
bairal^, m. a baODer, enaign, colours, p. 
iairna, f. a female enem;. t. 
bairi, m. an enemj, an adreraarj. *. 
bail, m. the third of the four Hbdn castes, whose 

BspeoiBl duties are agriculture and trade, i. 
*■"•», cause, account, occaaioo, induocment ; 

author, produaer ; prep, bj means or bj rea- 

baitak, B apot in a jnngle to which oattle are sent 
out to graze ; a worn-out animal. A. 

iaitiihd or baii^dihd, m. ■ crutch, t. 

baitandar, m. fire, or its deitj. «. 

baita%4i, aedentary, idle. \. 

baiibmiii, relating to Tishno. m. a kind of men- 
dicant, a follower of Tishnu. i. 

iaiiknati or taiknan, a follower of Tishnn. 
baithnmottar, lands granted rent free to the 
wonhippen of Tishnu, eapeciallj those of the 
mendicant order, t. 

bi,iti, f. the rojal army, becanae composed of the 
troopM 111 the twent;-two fiiios or prorinces 


tben oonatituljng the Hognl empin; » com- 
mand of 22,000 men. biijm filmd, to attack 
with 000*1 wbole force. A. 

tatmi, £ a female of the Baia caate. s. 

bait, t. a couplet (in poetry) ; an edifice^ house. 


baifbdad or tailidfni or bai(hdliii Or haifUdaa, 
a. to cause to ait down. i. 

bailkdfi, m. position, allocation, situation, k. 

baifkiia, to sit, to be idle i to ride (on a horse) ; 
to Tisit a penoQ in grief for tlie purpose of 
condolence ; to ait in dMantd, q. v., to subside 

ba-iUi/ak or bi-ittifS^ with one oonsent. a. 
bait-iU-(fardai, m. the temple of Ueoca. a. 
bait-ul-liiaid, a neceasarr offlco, a priTj. a. 
bail-uUdh, m. the temple of Mecca, a. 
bail-ul-mil, m, lit, itu treasure house, a, 
baii-tU-mttkadiiag, the t«mj>le of Jerusalem, a. 
bait-ut^iharaf, the mansioo of eminence, a. 
ba-'ivjaf, in lieu, or instead ofL p.a. 
baiyd,i, L a weighman's perquisite, k. 
ban/dn, m. eiphimition, iuterpretation. baifiit, 

clear, erident, manifest, a. 
baif, m, a mark filed to public writings bj the 

magistrate or an; prinoipal officer, a. 
baifd, m. the sun ; whiteness, gad* b<ufi dik- 

kdad, a. to distinguish one's self m anj work. a. 
baifdna, m. the perquisite of the magisttata, Sux. 

for marking public papers, a. 
bo), m. a tai, dutj, toll, import, &a j tributt^ 

originally, that taken bj one king trom anotler. 

bdj-dar or baj-gir, a tai-gatherer, or coUector 

of tribute or reienue. bdj-gmtar, one who pajs 

ba-jd, in place, proper, true, accurate, p. 

beja or bdjd, m. a mnsioal instrument ; music 

bdjd-bfjtiiUar or -bi^atUir, a band of music, t, 
ba-jd,t, in place of, bj waj ot p. 
bajd-gdjd, m. the sound or clangour of varioua 

muaical iiiBtruments. t. 
bajahrd, m. a Tcssel for worm water, k. 
bthyd-loMi, a. to perform, to obey. jjjI. 
ba-jin, to the heart, soul, or life. p. 
bdja», m. pL muaical inatrumeuts. k. 
bajdxd, B. to sound, to pla; upon an iuBtrumoiit 

of music; to perform, to execute. *. 
bdjan-b^d, m. pL musical instruments, k. 


( ^ ) 


\qpdf f. quarrel, fight ; uproar, k. 
n. one who plays upon musical instru- 
f. a tax on musicians and female dan- 
^qjantrt-mahall^ m. the quarter inha- 
musicians ; a brotheL h. 
f , m. name of a fruit ; a large kind of 
which necklaces are made, h, 
\g^ m. tobacco, h, 
, n. to efierresce, to putrefy. K 
n. sound of musical instruments. #. 
le who reoeives or collects taxes, &o. p. 
k (also hajhdwand or hc^ha^ona^) to 
^ to ensnare (as game), to entrap, h, 
\ be ensnared, to be caught. A. 
in agricultural servant who takes com 
ympense for his labour, h, 
ui, n. to be importunate, to insist upon 
i; ; \o tempt, to urge (a person). aJk 
. kind, in some sort, p.a, 
to be sounded (a beU or gong), dot 
\ haye sounded. ».«. it is ten o'clock, h. 
to sound ; to be published ; a. to plaj, 
rm on an instrument, h, 
va^t) m. a thunderbolt ; a diamond ; 
d. oajr pare us par^ &c., may light- 
1 on him, &o. ; this is used in cursing 

J. 9. 

f^rif m. a boat for travelling in, a plea- 
i (of a larger kind, q.d. heavy or hard), 
ily called " budge-row." k. 
, (lightning-struck), any sudden cala- 
pecially if viewed as a judgment, t. 
tme as bajra^ only of a small kind, k, 
k kind of ornament for the arm, k, 
sides, except, p, 

a. to cause to sound, to cause to play on 
ument. h, 

&ttle, foolish talk, htdr-jhakf the same. 
h-k., to prattle, to chatter, to gabble. 
w, talkativeuess, garrulity. «. 
;, m. language, dialect, speech. «. 
!ar, appr^ension, dread, p, 
rying, a complaint, lamentation, a. 
«mity, duration, remaining, a. 
to the extent of. p.a, 
igreeable to one's wish, p, 
I portion of the crop, about two-fifths 
rent by the cultivators tothesamlndars. 

[of use. p. 
r use, serviceable. h€t-kar •ani^ to be 
a bulL hakar-td^ a festival held in 
Doration of Abraham's offering, a. 

hakaroj m. a forerunner, a harbinger ; traveller { 
intelligence forwarded by word ox mouth. A. 

ba-kasami^af being on oath. p,a, 

ba-koftrcUf plentifully, in abundance. p.a, 

ba^kaiU, according to the word ot p.a. 

bakdwalf m. a cupbearer, a steward; a head 
cook ; superintendant of the kitchen, p, 

bakdwaUy f. cooking materials, p, 

bakayd^ pL remains, old balances of rerenue, 
arrears, dues, bakdifd^e baki^ arrears on arrears. 
a. [bcJc'k,^ to prattle, to chatter, to gabble. «. 

bttk-bak or bak-bak, f. pnttle, foolish talk, bak' 

betkbakdnd, n. to prattle, to dmtter. h. 

bakel, twine made from the root of the bakelu, 
a grass of which rope is made. A. 

bakkt the worid, the universe, h. 

bakha or bakkdy m. a tortoise or turtle, jp. 

bd't^iohar, careful, intelligent, p, 

ba-l^air^ in welfare, well, good. p.a. 

bakhdn^ m. explanation, praise, account, s. 

bcJpkdnttd or bakhdn-k.y a. to praise, to commend ; 
to explain, to define, relate. «. 

bakhar, a kind of plough ; also, a house ; an in- 
closure ; a cattle shed, h, 

bakkoTf m. bakhdriy i, a storehouse, a granary, k, 

bdkhar or bdkkal, m. name of a drug used as a 
ferment ; |i house, an inclosure ; several houses 
contained within one inclosure ; an area. h» 

bakkefdy m. wrangling, dispute, uproar. A. 

bakhefiifd, quarrelsome, a wrangler, k, 

bakhernd, a. to scatter, k. 

bakhif f. the side under the armpit. A. 

bai^ilf a miser, a niggard, a, 

ba-k^Udfy on the contrary, in opposition, p.a, 

baikhiJiy f* stinginess, niggardliness, a. 

batiijfdndf a. to stitch, to quilt. a.k, 

btMkkra or &a^a, m. share, portion, lot. p. 

bakkrif f. a cottage, a house, a round granary of 
grass, reeds, and mud, raised on piles. A. 

be^ri or bakkraif,, partner, sharer, p, 

bakkriydy m. a householder, k, 

bdl^ky m. gift, donation; pay; pardon or for- 
giveness ; share, portion, tot. bakk^k-dend, to 
give, to bestow ; in oomp. it denotes giving, be- 
stowing, forgiring, as aamar-bdl^ky productive 
of fruit, p, 

baikskdyifky fl a &vour, forgiveness, p. 

bal^kandOf he who bmtows ; Gk>d. p. 

bdtk*kanda^y f. liberality, forgiveness, p, 

beUckskam-kird^ m. the giver, the fornver. p.k. 

bayifkif m. a paymaster ; a general, commander 
in chiefl bakktki, u l'm amd li k f a title or rank. 


BAE-BAK { 4 

eqairileDt to Dommknder in chied iaUiAi- 
Uam, m. the psf office) the genml's office. 
baHtkii/dni a'jan, the auprame commandm. p. 

hai^hi-garif f. office of geneivl, Ac. p. 

batinkith, f. a gift, gratuity. ioUtiui-iMiiu, » 
deed of gift. p. 

iaiiiilM, a. to give, to beatow, to grant i to ipaie, 
to pardon Or tbrgiia. p. 

toUit-iuiiKi, m. a deed of gift. p. 

batit, m. fortuiB, proeperitj, luck, felim^. baUl- 
atnar, fortunate, batil-bati, luck;, fortunate. 
batit-biti, f trying one'a fortune. batl^-Jaina, 
to low one'i lack, to become unfortunate. 
batil-bidar, one whoae ibrtnne ii wide avake, 
a proiperoua person. batU^argaiUa, unfor- 
tunate. iaU'-U"f1i>i one whote fortune ii 

n perfection, thorooghlj. p, 

ba-a^, lit. to or in, self, ba-^yd imi, to oome 

ba titir, ra. perfonie, odour, fnuikinoenH. a. 

ia-UfUjU, with plBMure ; jojfiiUy. p. 

biti, remnant, remainder, balance, arreira ; adj. 

pprmaiient, durable, eternaL baki-dar, owing a 

balanoe; a rereuue defaulter. tuti-raAiw, d. 

to tfUBain, to be left, to be aaTed. a. 
biiila or bi^iia, m. a bean, a pen, a potherb, a. 
bdkir, aboiuiding in weoltb aod knowledge, one 

who ia deeply learned, a. 
bdkira, an unblemished virgin, a. 
bd^r-thani, f. a kind of bread or oake. a. 
bat^a, f. a cU«p knife, a penknife, i. 
baiijial or bdkiydt, remainder, balanre, residue. 

bakigatu-t lai^, the renmant left by Uie aword. 
bak^hak, f. pratUe, fooliab talk. A. [a. 

bakiai, a grain merchant, a ahopkeeper. bai- 

ft^ai, a uopkeeper's wife. a. 
bdkii, at. a bean, a potherb (t, bdkilS). k, 
batnd, n. to prate, jabber. «. 
taiold, m. a ooiering for the head, aa a piece of 

blanket, Ac., uaed hj Jakirt. k. 
baird, a he-goat I (in Dakb.) a ram. i. 
lain, f, a ahe-goat ; m. or f. a goat. t. 
balcri, t. a cow adranced about fire montha in 

pregnancy i (alio > amaU buffalo). A. 
bai*d, aatnngant. baitdhal, aatringency. i. 
ba^hdad, a. to cause to give, to procure pardon, 
baJcti,i, m. the tongue of a buckle, k. {^p. 

iatii, m. a speaker in gSMral i a^tj- «loq'ient. : 


haktar, m. iran armour, a ooat of mail, a cuiraaa. 
baki<^-poA, a man clad in annonr. p. 

ftfuHdri, m. one who makes coats of maiJ. p, 

bakieadrt, m. ona who talka foolishly, i. [i. 

baktoihi, m. hakvikt, {. chatterer, an idle talker. 

bakmdt, f. talkatireneaa ; m. a prattler.' *. 

ia/, m. power, atreagtb ; a sorrifloe, an oSering. 
bal'b^, intcrj. brarol bal-jditd or bal^bal-jindf 
to be sacrificed, bol-dena or bal-kama, to 
aaoriBce. i. 

bal, m. a coil, twist, convolution ; side, direction, 
ioj-dor, crooked, twilled, (-oiled,conioluted. bal- 
iaa, a. to twist, bal-kidnd, to be twisted, k. 

bdl, m. hair; a child, bal biii aa ko,e (let not 
the hair be bent or disordered), a mode of in- 
culcating eitraordinarr care, bal-bdi, hair b; 
hair, every hair, bdl bdiulki kanfi mama, to 
ahoot at, not to miaa g to act with great care, 
not to mistake, t. 

bal, f. a girl not arrived at the age of maturity | 
m. a child under five yean old; adj. j-' -■' 
childish i ignorant, unin^tructod. 

il, fa 

^of « 

a cup or glai 

m. the thread on which augar ia cryituliied. 
bdl-dir, a cracked veBsel (of china, glaas, Ac) k, 

bdl, m. B wiug. bdl-dar, winged, p. 

bald, !. misfortune, calamity, accident, Tengeanoe^ 
evil, or miachief. bala-xada, one who is struck 
with misfortune. bald-koMk, one who aulRtrs 
under affliction, Ac. bald-gardan, that which 
averti evil. bald-i»afib, one of evil destiny, a. 

bala, f. a girl not arriTad at the age of maturity ; 
m. an earring ; a male chiM, a boy. bald ckdad, 

bald, above, up; m. top. b^d-haiani or -deai, 
0. to baulk, to circumvent, to dupe ; to put o^ 
to disappomt, to prevaricate. bdld-bMi, de- 
ceitfully, fraudulently ; aecretly. taU-dojl, 
superior, powerful, p. 

ba-lab, at the lip, or to the lip, applied to one in 
sreat distreas, when the aoul le " oome to the 
hp." balab-and, when on the point of death, ji. 

bdld-baad, m. part of the native dress, a kind of 
turban ; a coat of a particular kind. p. 

hdld-bhold, adj. innocent, artless, aa a child ; m. 
an artless child, g.k. 

balad, a bullock that carries a burden ; ■ drove 
of cattle, bullocks, homed beaata. k. 

balad, a city, town ; a comitry. a. 

baladdna, m. a tax on laden oien. k. 

bali-datt, luperior, high-banded, p. 

baliidtir, m. a nut uaed for marking elotbea. p. 

BAL— UAI, ( 41 

hali-imr, aveHing on eril ornm. 

haid^ (mna u baii), f. Rccident, miifbrhme. 

bala^ bo^ma, tiuh, rtatr, filth, matter. •>. 
k>Ia,«i Imi or taU,i tmi, to draw the huida 

OTv )be head of Bnotber in token of taking all 

their mufortunea upon ooe'i mI^ a practice 

peculiar to female*, k, 
bili-goMUi, an inspector of police, p. 
baii^aty t. eloquence, inataritj. a, 
balHuir, a Icnr-CBite aerrant or mesiienger. h. 
ia/Hd, m. a worker in hideiand lenllier. A. 
bd/M,i, (. a hone led for show; anj eitntaS; 

■dj. eitemal, auperSciaL p. [ji. 

ilif maa, pi. m. nigierGcial or boUow pleaanrea. 
balaigi I«^ to take or inroke another'* miitot^ 

tunea on one's wlf (t. bala^ {mu). k. 
biiak, m. a joung child g a bo; under twelve 

jeare of age. t. 
icU-ttans, m. an upper room or itorj. f. 
balakni, a. to open ; to speak iDdiatinotlj from 

exaeasire jo; or intoxication, i. 
iilalepOMt or bitahpand or baialtalKa, m. ohild- 

bood, boyhood [ infancj, ohildiihnrM. m. [#. 
haUlat, or balan or balma, m. a lover, a husband. 
balam, to. a loTer, or beiored person j a husband g 

a kbid of cloth, i. 
balaagi, a ipedea of citron, p. 
iaU-jHiiia, seated aloft, luperior. p. 
bali,o, anything cheaplj purchased, h, 
UU pait, tbate and below, >.b. the heavens 

above and the rarth beneath, p. 
bSi-pan, m. childhood, infancy, i. 
biii-poA, m. a coverlet^ quilt, p. 
bilatap, m. the rati of the riiing sun. ». 
balat-kir or balatkar, m. snv act of violence, as 

rape, Ac ; oppression, exaction, t. 
hH-bnciick», pi. children, bmla. i.p. 
bid-iatrd, n>, a person who dice in a battle^ Ao., 

without doing anything, t, 
iaibalati, n. to ferment ; to be inflamed with 

lust ; to make a noise from lust, k, 
bai-bt, IkbvoI well done! k. 
bal-bkog, taking possession by foroe of Bnother'9 
bat-bir, the brave, the heroic, t. [right. A. 

baUa, m. a city, a town. a. 
ial-Hdr, crooked, twisted, coiled g m. a ipecies of 

wbeaten cake. k,p. 
bal-danti, f. noauthorised, exaction, i.p. 
baldi,i, orbaUeB, or baUfi or baUii/d, m. a bol- 
lock-driver ) or one who loads bullocks, s. 
baUiidi, compensation for pasture-ground, k. 
bmtt, jmt, trm, so, well, right, p. 


halendi, m. a whirlwind ; a ridge-pole. k. 

balgititd, m. a sob ; sobbing, s. 

balgiam, m. phlegm ; a running at the noee &om 
cold, bal^ami, pMegmntio. a. 

bal-kin, weak. bal'UHal4, f. weakneas. «. 

ball, an oblation, a religious offering. 1. 

baS, strong, powerful ; f. a wrinkle, skin riiri- 
velled by seci the fold of the akin in olout per- 
sons upon the upper part of tlie belly, between 
the ensironn cartilage and the naveL (. 

bail, anything offered to an idoL t. 

ball, £ a femalo ohtld g ear-ring worn ill the ear, 
passing through the centre of it. 1. 

balid, stupid } I dunre, a simpleton, n. 

bali-dm, m. act of sacrificing or offering a aaoH' 
Qoe to a deity or idoL s. 

bali^, eloquent, mature; ooptous. a. 

bitigi, m. a youth just arrired at the age of ma- 
tiirity g adj. of agn ; fern. bali^ta,m»rn»gmhle. a. 

bali-kir, m, or bali-kiri, t. sacrifire. bali-kiri' 
jiia, same as bai-jdud, to be sacrificed, f. 

ba-tihit, with regard lo. p a. 

bali*, (.bilitk, m. a pillow, aoushion. p. 

bdlifh, m. pain in making water, f. 

baOtkl, f. a span g a pillow, p. 

baliyal, misfortune, calamity, a, 

balkani, a. to bring under One's own possession 

balkaU rent taken in advance, k. 

balUi, a famous city in Bactriona. iiiftii, belong- 
ing to, or made in SalfA. p. 

bniki, moreover, on the other hand, but, nay. p. 

batkit, the name of the queen of Sheba, according 
to the Husalmans. a. 

bulla, m. a pole or boat-hook. k. 

ballabh, dear, belored ; m. a master, snpnin- 
tendant ; a faiounte, a friend. (. 

balUi, m. a kind of village servant, for cutting 
wood and preserving the village boundaries, k. 

ballnm, m.aspear. ia//(ini-£anfar, a spearman t 
adj, having a very large and broad bead, k, 

balli, f. a prop, a pole, a long wooden stick to 

■steer I 


i, to steer, k. 

ballm^ m. an acorn, an oak, a chesnu 

baltia, n. to hum, lo be burnt, h. 

balid, a. to light, lo kindle {v. bima). i. 

bat-nigrah, m. weakening, reducing strength, a. 

bdl-pan, m. (v. bilapau) childhood, Ac. t. 

bdl par, w. adoption of belter habits, bat par 
mikdlnd, to turn over a new leaf; to flourish or 
prosper! t* betray one's evil dispoailion, to begin 
wicked pranks, to ahow the cloven hoof. p.k. 


( 60 ) 



bal-rakh, m. a person put in charge of property 
under difltraint for arrears of revenue. #. 

bal rami or bdl-rdnd, f. a rerj young widow, one 
who lost her husband when young. *. [»A 

hal-tor, or hal-tof or bal-tory m. a pimple, a sore. 

balA^ f. sand, gravel. baH^i or balmtod, sandy. 
bdlu-burd^ land covered with a deposit of sand 
after an inundation ; also, a remission of revenue 
on that account, s.p, 

baHUoy m. a bubble (of water). «. 

balurndy a. to scratch, to tear (with nails), h, 

b(U-9arddha%y adj. strengrthening, ennobling. «. 

balwd, m. a tumult, riot, alarm, h. 

balwdla or bcthoam or baUoani, strong. «. 

btUwatidj f. strengrth, power. «. 

balya^ strong, vigorous ; m. semen virile. «. 

bMya^ m. chUdhood, infkncy. «. 

bam^ {. a spring (of water); a £ftthom ; a measur- 
ing-rod of 3^ cubits, h, 

bdm, f. an eel ; m. the left (side); an enemy. «. 

bam, m, an upper story, a terrace ; the morning 
dawn. p. 

ba-ma*a or bcMna\ along with, p.a, 

ba-madady by aid of, by means of. p,a, 

bamaknd^ n. to swell, h, 

baman, m. vomit, btunam'k,, to vomit. «• 

ba-martaba^ in a degree, to some extent, p.a, 

bamb, m. a revenue defaulter, one who owes a 
balance to the state, h. [bdm). h, 

bdmb^ m. (also bdmb'andhu^d) an eel, snake (see 

bambd, m. a well ; the spout of a fountain, h. 

bdmbhMi or bdmbhayi or bdmbklj f. a snake's hole, k* 

bambuy m. a bamboo, a species of cane, d, 

bdmddd or bdmddddHy f. morning, dawn, p, 

bdmhniy f. a stye on the eyelids, h, 

ba^mUl, like, resembling, p.a, 

bamldy a hole from which water springs up. A. 

ba-mujarrad, instantly, immediately, p.ct. 

b€i-mujiby on account of, by reason o^ in conformity 
with. p.a. 

ba-muktazd,e, by the exaction of. bo'^mmktazd^e, 
Id-chdriy through sheer helplessness, p.a. 

ban, f. a forest, a wood, ban-jhrnrnd-mdrnd or 
majhdrnd, a. to beat the forests, ban-kan^d 
and ban-gon^hdy cow-dung found in the forests. 

ban, m. cotton ; a crop of cotton, h. [a. 

bdtiy f. temper, quality, manners; m.a rocket used 
in battle ; the boar or swell of the tide. k. 

ban, keeper or guardian (used in comp.); as dtw^ 
ban, a door-keeper, bdgb-bdn, a gardener, p, 

bandy m. a bridegroom ; (part of bannd) made, 
prepared, &c.; land ready for the seed. h. 

bdna (for band), m. dress, uniform, &c. «. 

bdnd, m. habit, profession ; a kind of weapon, h, 

bdndy a. to open or spread out. k, 

banaiyd^kan4dy m. cow-dung dried for {ueL K 

band'ldndy n. to make and bring, h, 

bcMuimiy in the name of. p. 

ban-dndf n. to succeed, to be fortunate. JL 

bandndy a. to do, to make, to fabricate, to prepare, 
to build, to compose, to perform, to adjust, to 
adorn, to pluck (a fowl), to mend, to invent, to 
rectify, to dress (victuals), to mock, to feign, h. 

bandyOy m. dressing, preparing, decking one's self; 
concord, understanding, reconciliation ; making 
up. bandyO'ky to adorn, bedeck : in the Indian 
English, the word is pronounced and written 
bunnoWy and means a "cram," or " tough yam," 
a purely made-up story, k. 

bandyondy to make, to prepare, h. 

bandtpata or bands'paithiy £. forest leaves. «. 

banaty m. lace; a ribband studded with spangles. A. 

bandt or bdndiy £ woollen doth, broad-oloth. h. 

bandit or bdndUy woollen, made of broad-doth. A. 

bandwan or bandyOri^ f. the act of getting ready, 
preparation. A. 

bandwafy f. make, bivention, affectation, h* 

bdnawwe or bdnatoey ninety-two. A. 

bandyd jdndy n. to be making, to be in hand. A. 

bdn ban-k,y to prate idly, to tattle foolishly. A. 

ban-bdSy m. one who dwells in the forest. A<m- 
bdsiy adj. dwelling in the forest ; L life of a 

ban-bild^Oy m. a wild cat. 9, rhermit. *. 

ban-chary m. literally, "wood-goer; any wild 
animal, such as a monkey, &c.; it also oenotes 
a forester or woodman. *. 

bdnehhdy f. wish, desire. «. 

bdnchhity desired, longed for. $, 

banchndy n. to be read or perused. A. 

bdnchndy a. to read, to peruse. A. 

bandy m. a fastening, a knot, a bandage ; binding, 
literally or figuratively, as a tie, a cord ; fisUers, 
imprisonment ; an agreement, pledge, or pro- 
mise; a contract; a r^ulatiou; a dyke, mound, 
dam, or embankment; a verse of a song consist- 
ing of two or three couplets ; bdt, rem, strings 
joint, knuckle, band-khdna, m. a prison. Aoiw- 
bdndhndy to restrain an inundation with dykes. 
band-men-dndy to become a captive. bamA'rakmdy 
to be engaged in a business. boMdrbai^hmd, to 
succeed m an affair. band-p€Ucafnd^ to object 
to the arguments of an opponent, hamd-^mei 
pafndy to become a captive, band'bamdrpmkarniy 
to seize (as rheumatism, &c) all one's joints. 


( W ) 


hand-k. or band-kar dend^ a. to make ffist, to 
shut or bar (a door). In composition it denot-es 
fiwteoin^, enchaining, or fixing, as na'l-band, a 
blacksmith, one who &8tens on horses* shoes. 
defh-hand (epithet of an ancient hero), the en- 
chainer of demons, p, 

handa^ a slave, serrant. ftoiMla-panpar, cherisher 
of servants (a respectful expression used in ad- 
dressing a superior, i.e. jour honour), bandage 
dargikf Uie slave of (your) tlireshold. banda- 
tAda^ son of (your) slave, i.e. thiue humble 
servant. b€mda-nawiZf cherisber of servants 
or dependants, p, 

hamdij a grain-magazine above ground. A. 

bamda^in or bandahd^ servants, slaves, p. 

bandoffi, f. slavery ; devotion ; service, compli- 
ment, bandog meri ^udd^i-k,, to affect autno- 
ritj while in servitude, p. 

bamdamwdr^ f. a wreath or garland, f . 

bamdar^ m. a city, an emporium ; a port, harbour, 
a trading town to which numbers of foreign 
merchants resort, a mart or market, p, 

bamdar or bandar or bdndrd, m. a monkey. «. 

bdm-ddr, a rocket-thrower, h.p. 

bandoT'ikaif m. a sore that does not heaL «. 

bdmdami or bandri, f. a female monkey. «. 

band-barddthty an account' of the share of an 
instalment to be paid by each villager, band- 
bafdytf f. account of each share of assessment 
in grain, band-behrif f. statement of the amount 
of each money instalment of a village, p.h, 

bamderiy f a ridge pole, the ridge of a house, h, 

bamdh or bdndhy m. a pledge, a deposit ; m. f. 
binding, bandage, a tie; a bank, a dyke, a 
mound for confining water; a viUage boundary; 
bondage, bandh meA pafnd or anj, to become 
a captive. «. 

boMdhdyl, f. bond, binding, fastening. », 

bandkakj m. a pledge, a pawn ; binding. 9, 

bandkakif f. an unchaste woman, a harlot. «. 

bamdkan, m. fastening, bandage ; obstacle, hin- 
derance. bandhan-rajju, f. any' rope used for 
tying. bandhan-ffranthiy m. the knot of a 
ligature. «. 

bandkun, m. pension, a fixed allowance. #. 

b€Ukdhdnd^ a. to bind, fasten, shut, &c. «. 

bandJuhu^ m. one whose business is to carry stone 
or timber, &c., over his shoulder ; a pensioner ; 
a gunner, an artilleryman, h. 

bandJka-taiUra, m. a complete army. #. 

bSndiaVy m. a n*lative, a kinsman, a friend. 9, 

bamdke;\ m. parsimony ; stability, steadiness, h. 

bandhi-mu(M, f. an undisclosed intention. h» 

band-hisdb, an abstract of an account. p.a. 

bandhiydy an embankment (v. bandhdn), ». 

bandhnd, n. to be tied, t-o be fastened ; to be con* 
tinuous, to be kept, enclosed, formed, or com- 
posed, bandhi mufhif an undisclosed intention, s. 

bdndhnd, a. to tie ; to shut ; to stop water, to 
embank ; to bind, to fasten ; to invent, to 
contrive, to pack, to aim, to build, to put, to 
settle. 9, 

bdndknuy m. a mode of dyeing, in which the doth 
is tied in difibrent places to prevent the parts 
tied from ri'ceiving the dye; slander, plot, plan; 
a kind of silk cloth ; a kind of parrot, k, 

bandhu, or bandhd or bandAana, m. a kinsman, a 
friend, bandhmtd, f. a multitude of relations 
and friends; relationship, friendship, band- 
hutuHif m. relationship, friendship. baMdhw- 
jdn, a relation, a friend. bandhu-daUa^ given 
by a kinsman ; m. the property given to a bride 
by her relatives, bandhn-hin^ friendless, re- 
lationlees ; a friend, kinsman, but especially a 
distant cognate, subsequent in right of inheri- 
tance to the GkntUe sugotra ; the bandku is of 
three kinds : the kinsman of the person himself^ 
of his father, and of his mother. «. 

bandhuydy m. friend, bandhuwdj a prisoner. «. 

bandhuTy m. purchase of grain, h, 

bandhtrdndy to cause to be bound ; to accuse. «. 

bandhwdSy land embanked all around so as to retain 
the water. A. 

bandhffa, barren, unfruitful ; detained, confined. 9, 

bandhydy f. a childless woman ; a barren cow. «. 

bdndiy f. a cudgel ; a kind of dress ; calamity, h, 

bdndiy f. a female slave, bdndi kd be^dy obedient, 
submissive. A. 

bandiy f. short robe, a short full jdma. h, 

bandiy f. the name of an ornament worn on the 
forehead ; a dross shorter than the Jama. «. 

bandt, f. a female slave or servant ; m. a prisoner, 
captive, bandl-f^dna, a prison, p. 

bamthjany m. a kind of ornament ; a bard. h. 

bandishy f. lit. tying, binding, or making up ; 
preparing a false story, making up a false 
account of a transaction, invention, con- 
trivance ; elegancy (of style). bandiah' 
bdndhndy a. to contrive ; to form a plot. 

bandiwdny a captive, a prisoner. 9. [j9. 

bdndnd (for bdndknu)y a. to tie, to stop, &c. #. 

band'navn9, a clerk, an accountant, p. 

band'O-basty m. lit. ** binding and fastening ;*' 
settlement, regulation, disposition, arrange- 


( 52 ) 


ment ; eoonomj, management, goremmoit. 
handO'hcLfH dhodmi^ permanent settlement. 
band'O-basH nU ^dd or •«ar-«art, temporary 
or summary settlement. band-o-basH mufk^ 
the sum total of the revenue of a kingdom 
or province, p, 

band'O'boHi, f. arranging, economy ; adj. of or 
relating to settlement, &c. band'O'bagii par^ 
wana or «aii<M2, patent, warrant, or deed of 
settlement, band-o-basti tcMr-rukta'dur a re- 
▼enue-officer attached to some courts in BenffaL 

bandohd, m. a whirlwind ; a devil, k. ip, 

bandol, m. the child of a slave. A. 

bcmdoft t a female slave, h. 

btindri or bandarijfa^ f. a female monkey. «. 

banduyd^ m. a prisoner, a captive. ' p. 

banda^dj m. a whirlwind. A. 

biindukj f. a musket, gun, or rifle, a. 

bandukckif m, a musketeer. a.t, 

baneld or banaild^ wild, of the forest, t. 

banefi or bantUti^ f. a torch lighted at both ends and 
whirled round so as to form a double circle of fire. 
h. [potion made from the leaves of hemp, p, 

bang, f. hemp (Canrndnt satwa); an intoxicating 

bang, £ calx of tin, given internally as an aphro- 
disiac ; name of Bangala (Bengal), f. 

bdnff^ i, sound, voice, cry ; the voice of the mii,a;- 
zin, calling Muhcmm<tdam9 to prayer ; the crow- 
ing of a cock, bdnff'mdmdy a. to cry out, to call. 
bdng-dendy a. to (^ Muhammadaiu to prayer. 
bdngi fubh, the call to morning prayer, bdngi 
namdxj the call to prayers in general, p. 

bdnga, m. a species of cotton, p, 

bangd, m. a joint of bamboo root ; a kind of soil; 
well-water slightly brackish, h, 

bangdld, the province of Bengal. bangdR, m. 
bangdRn, t an inhabitant of Bengal, f. 

bdngoTf m. high ground or uplands, h, 

ban-gann^hdy cow-dung found in forests. A. [p. 

bangi, m. one who intoxicates himself with bang. 

bdngi, f. a pattern, muster, h. 

bangldf m. kind of thatched house, commonly 
called by Europeans a "bungalow." K 

bcmgligdy name of a species of rice, h, 

bangfi, f. an ornament worn on the wrist (properly 
of glass), a bangle or bracelet. A, 

bdnh, f. the arm from the shoulder to the elbow ; 
guarantee, protector, or security (as when a 
person trusts himself in the power of an 
enemy, a tliird person being bis bank, who 
engages to return him to his house or fort in 
security), banh-bali^ strong in the arm. bdiih' 

pakarnd or 'gahnd^ a. to protect, bdnk-dend^ a. 
to assist. bdnh-f»(ndf to be destitute of friends 
or protectors. 9, 

banhdji, f. a female conjuror, an enchantress. A. 

bant, f. a bride ; a small forest ; a wood. «. 

banty pi. sons, bani-ddamy sons of Adam ; men. 
ban* iardytly children of Israel, Israelites. A. 

bdid, m. a builder, author, founder, a, 

bdtUy f. the price paid for a work. A. 

bdmboniy f. the price of weaving. A. 

banig'bhdOy m. traffic, trade. «. 

bantkdry a labourer who is paid in kind. A. 

banij or banaj or banij or banijya or bdnijga^ m. 
trade, traffic, merchandise ; commerce. #. 

banijy m. a merchant, trader. *, 

bamk or banik, m. a merchant, a trader, hamk' 
paih, m. traffic, commerce, bamk-putra^ m. the 
son of a merchant, a young merchant, bamk' 
putri, a young woman of the Baniya tribe. «. 

bdni'kdry an architect ; an author ; an instigator. 
bdni-kdri, f. architecture ; composition ; com- 
mencing a business; instigation, p. 

ba-nitbaty with regard to, concerning. p,a, 

banitd (for vanitd), f. a wife, a woman. «. 

baniyd (also bangd) or banigdn or banyan, m. a 
shopkeeper, a merchant(usually a corn-chandler), 
a Hindu money-cbflnger ; in Calcutta this term 
is applied to the Hindu partner or cash-keeper 
of a European firm. «. 

banigdgin. or banigd,iny f. wife of a trader. A. 

banjar or bdn^ar, f. waste land ; land which has 
not been cultivated for five years and upwards. 
banjar-jadidy land brought into cultivation after 
lying some time fallow, banjar-kadimy land left 
fallow for some years, banjar-kamly abatement 
of rent for fallow land, banjar-khdriji jam\ 
waste land excluded from the rental. A. 

ban;drdy m. a grain merchant. «. 

banjdriy f. a tent used by banjaras. A. 

banjiny lands close by a village. A. 

bank or bdnky m. a crook, curvature, bending ; a 
turning of a river ; ofience, wickedness. #. 

bdnky f. an ornament (half-circle) worn on the 
arms ; a kind of dagger having a curved blade ; 
an exercise with the dagger ; a settee. A. 

bdnkdy m. a fop, a beau, a coxcomb ; a bully ; a 
bent trumpet or bugle; adj. crooked, foppish. 
bdnkd'chuTy m. a fop, coxcomb, &c. baiidji^ t 
a bending, a curvature, the reach or bend of a 

ban-kanddy cow-dung used for fuel. A. [river. *. 

bankaTy spontaneous produce of jungle or forest 
land, such as gums, honey, &c. A. 



( 68 ) 


■BS8 used in making ropes, k, 
»r ban-kaf(i^ f. a fee paid for catting 
the right obtained by clearixig a jungle 
leing it under cultivation, h. 
land on which cotton grows. A. 
m. foppishness ; debauchery, h, 
^ m. a kind of fencing with (wooden) 
nd cutlass, h, 

le crop on the field spoiled. K 
, m. a man of the woods, a wild man ; 
iitang. s. 

A) be made, to be prepared, to be mended 
ted ; to chime, to agree, to fall in with, 
• answer, to serve, to be, to become, to 

counterfeit, to succeed ; m. a bride- 
hamd-handya^ ready, finished, complete, 
nrfect. band-fhannd, to be fully adorned, 
mt. band-ckund, dressed, decked out. 
ndt to remain waiting, h, 
irtion of grain given to a labourer as a 
ition for his services, h, 

n. to succeed, to answer, to suit, to 
ft conclusion. «. 

a bridegroom, bamif f. a bride. A. 
bamboo ; a measure of about ten feet, 
measure tanks, ditches, or excavations 
il (a cube of one bans is called a 

bdnt par chafhnd^ n. to be branded 
imy. «. 
riwAa), m. a descendant, offspring ; a 

he bridge of the nose. A. 
f. a fee exacted by the zaminddr from 
ator for permission to collect the juice 
"est date-trees. #.a. 
f. a genealogy. «. 
»r vaiUht) a flute, a fishing-hook. #. 
hdnauri^ or bdAaJi or bdiin^ f. a flute, 
; a purse ; adj. made of bamboo. «. 
lare, distribution ; a weight (t.0. the 
by which things are weighed), a. 
to share, distribute, to participate. A. 
share, distribution, s, 
to be braided or plaited, d. 
Infhnd, a. to share, to distribute, to 
rticipate, dispose of. s. 
or banfait, one who shares or dis- 
a divider, distributer. A. 
I. to cause to be shared. A. 
idy, a woman of rank, p, 
the name of a wat-er-bird. A. 
ir bdnusiy f. a kind of doth. A. 

ban-vd9, m. separated from one's family, living in 

a wood ; met. disinherited (a son). #. 
bamodyif f. price paid for making anything. A. 
banwaiydy m. maker, manufacturer. A. 
bdnwdn, the left hand or side. #. 
banwdnd, a. to cause to be made or formed. A. 
bdfO, f. wind. bdjO samd, n. to be discharged 
backwards (wind). bd,o bdndhnd^ to prevail 
over an adversary by flattery or invective with- 
out argument, bd^o-khdm, to live in pleasure 
and enjoyment ; to court one's inspirations ; to 
protract a miserable existence. #. 
bdyO'b<Ud9, t calamity, misfortune. A. 
bdjO-bhak or bd^o-jhdky a trifling talker. A. 
bd^o bhari'khdl, of no intrinsic value. A. 
bdfO^oldf m. thecholic; flatulency. «. 
bd^old or bdukUdy mad, crazy, foolish. «. 
bd^oli^ f. a large well, into which people descend 

to get water. bd,oli dend, a. to initiate. A. 
bdjomf f. seed-time, sowing. A. 
bdfOrd or bdward^ mad, crasy. #. 
bdfitd or bdfOfd^ m. a flag or banner ; a sail. #. 
bdp, m. fsther. bdp'k., a. to consider as a 
father. bdp^re or bip-merd (my father!), 
interj. an exclamation expressive of surprise, 
grief^ &o. A. 
bapd-himd^ to be raised, established, pitched. A. 
bapaiit, m. or bapauti or bapotij t patrimony, a 

father's share. », 
baphdrdf m. vapour, vapour-bath. #. 
bdpi^ f. a large oblong pond or pool ; a tank. #. 
b^rau or bSpfd^ helpless, poor, destitute. A. 
bdpHsmd, m. baptism ; (this word has been 
recently introduced into the Indian dialects 
by the Ohristian Missionaries). ^. 
Aor or var, excellent ; m. bridegroom, a son-in- 
law ; a boon, a blessinff, a choice, a good ; conj. 
but, moreover, even, bar-dd^i, giver of a choice 
or blessing. #. 
boTf f. bosom, bar-mdrnd and bar-hdmind, to 
boast ; fruit, produce, result ; prep, on or upon. 
boT'dnd^ to succeed, bar-ldnd^ to accomplish, to 
bring to a successful issue, p, [niyan tree. #. 
&ar* m. the large Bengal fig-tree, also called the ba- 
baf (contraction of bafd), great, large (used in 
oomp.), as baf-bold, a noisy talkative person. 
baf-bhaku,d^ a blockhead. bar^(d, big-belUed; 
a great eater ; greedy, avaricious. A. 
bdr, f. time, occasion, deUy ; vei^e, edge ; a girl 
not exceeding sixteen; m. day of the week; 
door; water; child; hair; prombition, obstacle. 
bdr lagdrnd^ to delay, to hentate. «. 



( W ) 



baff £, edge ; a fence, s hedge ; line (of soldiers); 
a margin, bdr-pakfandj to urge on, to instruct. 
bdf jhapna and bdf wrand, a. to fire a yoUej. 
bdf'bdndhndy a. to inclose a field with thorns. 
bdf-r<ikhnd, -chtrnd or 'chirwdnd^ a. to sharpen. 
bdr-dend or -diUodnd, a. to sharpen, to grind, 
exdte, to instigate, h. 
bdTj m. load ; time, once ; a court, a tribunal, 
sitting of a sovereign to give audience; repe- 
tition ; fruit ; leave, permission, admission ; 
pregnancy, bdr-ddr^ loaded, full of fruit; 
pregnant, bdr^dend^ to load ; to give charge ; 
to impose, to give trouble, to encumber; to 
give admissian, to give leave, ka^i bar karke^ 
after several times or turns, p, 
bardf m. cakes made of pulse-meal, and fried in 

butter or ghi ; adj. large, great (for bafd), #. 
bafdy large, great, old, senior, principal ; it is 
often used adverbially in the sense of " very, 
exceedingly." bafd bhdo, money borrowed at 
a very high interest, bafd-miydn, a form of 
address to an elderly person — venerable or 
honoured Sir. bafd-k., a. to enlarge, to exalt 
or promote ; to extinguish, to put out (a lamp, 
&c.; to use the direct phrase is esteemed un- 
lucky), bafd rasia pakarnd^ to enter on the 
long journey, to die. bafe pe\ wdld hondy to be 
patient. #. 
bdra, for the sake of^ in behalf of, as in the phrase 
dar bdra^e fiksn, in my behalf (in comp.); turn, 
time ; as du-bdra, twice, over again, p. 
bdfdy m. an inelosure ; alms, charity, h, 
baribar^ abreast, even, level, like, plain, uniform, 
■ smooth, up to, opposite, equal, exact, accurate, 
alike, straight, bardbar and, to overtake, bard- 
bar-k., to smooth, to compose, barabar-hond^ 
to terminate^ to allow, to smt. 6ara6art, equality ; 
competition, rivalry. ftaro&art-Ar., to vie with, to 
compete with. p. 
bafd-bhdfOf a kind of appraisement, h. 
barddar^ m. brother. b(Mrddar'kt*odmda4fif pro- 
fession of fraternal affection, barddardna^ like 
a brother, becoming a brother, barddari, f. 
relationship, brotherhood; adj. brotherly, fra- 
ternal, barddar-zadoy a nephew, barddar-zddi, 
a niece, p, 
baradhndy a. to cover or bull a cow. h. 
bardje, for the sake of^ on account ofl p, 
bar-qfrokiitat set on fire, inflamed, p, 
ba-ragl^aty with avidity, eagerly, p.a, 
bdragi or bdrgi (used in comp.) time, or turn, p, 
har^ land next to or surrounding a village. K 

bdrah, twelve, bdrah-dan^ f. a summerhouse 
(q.d. with twelve doors), bdrah bdf hond, n. to 
become a vagabond, to be ruined or harassed. 

bardhi, a small species of sugar-cane. A. \_h. 

bdrah'tingdf m. lit. "a twelve-tiner ;" a stag, 
with horns of twelve branches, h, 

bara,i or barai^ m. a seller of betel leaf. A. 

bafdyiy f. greatness ; boasting, bardyl-k., to boast, 
to magnify, bafd^-dend, to honour. «. 

barc^nd, a. to forbid, to prohibit, h. 

bdrak-alldh (God prosper you), a phrase expres- 
sive of admiration, a. 

barakatf f. a blessing, prosperity ; an inherent 
property which produces success, barakdt, pL 
t. blessings, auspiciousness. bd-barakdt^ fortu- 
nate, prosperous; fortunate in every under- 
taking, and communicating good fortime to 
everything one is concerned in. a. 

bar-^ctks, on the contrary, in spite of. J9.a. 

bar-dmady f. lit. up-coming; issue, expenditure ; 
informing, accusation, oar-dtnad hond, to as- 
cend, appear, come forth, p. 

bar-dmadaf m. a verandah, balcony, p, 

bar-dmadi, an accuser, informer, p, 

bdramba^ m. fruit of mangoes, revenue derived 
from mango groves, h. 

bdrambdr (for bdr-bdr), often, repeatedly, h. 

bdraUf m. forbidding, prohibiting. #. 

bdrdn, m. rain, the rainy season, p. 

bar-dndy n. to succeed, to keep aloof, p^, 

bafdndf a. to speak in a dream or in delirium, to 
talk incoherently in one's sleep, k, 

baranda^ bearinff, a bearer, p. 

bdrandoy that which rains or showers, p, 

bdrandagtf f. rain, raining, p, 

bar-anddzj destroying, upsetting, p, 

ba-rang^ in kind, in the mode or manner. />. 

bdrdniy a great coat, or cloak for keeping aS the 
rain: unirrigated hind, p, 

bafdo (for 5afAtf,o), m. increase, &c h, 

bafdpd or bafdpan^ m. grandeur, dignity. A. 

bardr, lit. tliat which brings to pass, ftarir-t- 
kdr^ successful accomplishment of an a£^. p, 

bardrdf f. a thong, rope of a swing, h. 

baras, m. an intoxicating drug made of opinm. A. 

barasy m. a year ; rain, raining. baroM-gdHih^ f. 
literally, the " year-knot ;** the ceremony of 
tying a knot on the anniversary birthday of a 
child; hence it comes to denote a birthday, 
anniversary. #. 

bar-d»hujtcty excited, distracted, p, 

bdrdsingdy m. a stag of twelve tine, h. 


( W ) 


haratud, a. to nin, to be wet #. 

iaramodmf anniTenary, umuaL #. 

barai^ a leathern girth ; the rope attached to the 
backet of a welL h. 

harmi^ £ the 14th day of the month Sha*bdn, 
which is appropriated to the commemoration of 
anoeetors; this is generally called shabi-bardit 
q.v. ».a. 

htiritj L the company and attendants at a mar- 
riage-feast ; the marriage procession. #. 

banUk, land situated in the midst of jangles, k, 

hari^kd^ m. a washerman. #.* 

hariUif m. an attendant at a marriage. #. 

baraiud^ a. to consider, to reflect, it. 

hariward^ f. or hardfDard€kt m. calculating, esti- 
mating, considering beforehand what may be 
naoessaiy for a £But, &o. h€wdioardrJr,^ a. to 
•tiike out (of a muster-roll) ; to calculate, to 
estimate, to carry to account, p, 

har^bdd^ thrown away, given to the wind, de- 
stroyed, laid waste, ruined. bar-bdtNk. or bar- 
bdd^d^ to oast away, to misapply, to lavish or 
squander, bar-bdd'h., to be squandered, p, 

bofhar^ t muttering ; the light-headed talk of a 
person in a delirium. «. 

hMfor^ burden-bearing (ox or ass), p, 

bmr^bdr^ repeatedly, often (also hirambdr), bar- 
bdri'i^ to procrastinate^ delay, p. 

bofbardnd^ a. to mutter, to chatter nonsense, to 
talk light-headedly, bofbafdt or bofbafdhat 
or barbard^if f. muttering in one's sleep, or in a 
fit of delirium. #. 

bar-barddr, m. a porter, a burden-bearer, p, 

bdr-btMrddri, t expenses of travelling, coolie hire, 
means of oonveyanoe. p. 

bafbafijfd^ m. a chatterer, a mutterer. A. 

barbas^ m. strength, vigour, prowess, bravery. #. 

barbaig a species of lute or harp. ^. 

bdr-bafd,i, i. division of the crops by sheaves or 
shocks, before the com is trodden out. k, 

barbkcuijfd or burbhasitfdf affected, an old person 
who affects the manners of youth, h, 

barekaiif m. a spearman, h. 

bmrekaiif m. (v. barchhdy &c.), a spear, p, 

bmreiid or bttrehMf a spear, a javelin, barchhd, 
barckhe or barchhi-barddr, a spearman, h. 

bardOf m. and f. a slave, btxrda-farosh^ a slave 
merchant or dealer, h, 

bardaikif t compensation for pasture ground, h, 

bardaii, a panegyrist, a bard. A. 

barddTf bearer (in comp.) ; as tomie-bar-ddry 
stick-bearer, &o. Ifukke-barddr or lff^fk€b' 

barddr^ the servant who takes care of tlie 
hookah, p, 

bar-ddrif act of bearing, means of carriage, p. 

bar-ddthtt f. endurance, patience; stores. 5ar- 
ddsht y^dna, a temporary storehouse, bar- 
ddshta, raised up, elevated, p, 

bardhdnd, a. to cause a cow to be bulled, h. 

btMrdif f. a drove of cattle loaded. «. 

bar-dottitat sewed ; fixed or nailed upon, p, 

bare or bdre^ at last ; however, once, one time. p. 

bafe miydn^ m. O venerable sir ; great sir. K 

barefhd^ a washerman. barefhaMf a washerwo- 
man. A. 

bat^y m. f. ice, snow, boff-partoard^ sherbet, 
£c., cooled in ice. barfly L a kind of sweet- 
meat ; acy. iced, or cooled by means of ice. p, 

barg^ m. an assembly of people of one class, a 
multitude of similar things. #. 

barg^ m. a leaf ; knapsack containing provisions 
or necessaries for a ioumey ; a kind of musical 
instrument ; a warlike apparatus, p. 

bdrgah or bdrgdh, f. a court, palace, place of 
audience. bdr-gdh-i-Mdff, private court, privy- 
council chamber, bdrgdk-i-'dmm^ public court, 
where everybody is admitted, p, 

b€tr-ga9hta^ changed, turned away, rebelled, p. 

bcur-gcuhtagi^ retrocession, apostacy. p, 

barghhaldnndf (for warghaldtind)^ a. to deceive, 
to wheedle, &c. h. 

bdrgir, m. a horseman (soldier) who does not find 
his own horse ; a beast of burthen, p, 

bar-guzidaj chosen, selected, p. 

bdrh^ t a flood ; promotion, increase, h, 

barhd, m. a channel for water from a well to a 
field, or from one field to another. #. 

bdr-hd, often, repeatedly, p. 

bafhd,i, t advancement, increase, &c. (v. barhd,o). 

barha^i or barhd^i^ m. a carpenter. #. [s, 

bar-hakk^ for a certainty, rightfuL p.a, 

bafhu-ldndf a. to bring forward. A. 

ior-Aom, confused, entangled, spoiled; angry, 
vexed, sullen, bar-ham darham^ entangled, 
confused, topsy-turvy. barham'XaM^ an exciter 
of quarrels,- an em broiler, bar-ham-zam^ em- 
broiling, putting a stop to, interfering, prevent- 
ing, bar-ham-zadan^ to embroil ; lit. to strike 
together, barhaim, confusion, suUenness. p. 

bafhauy f. a carpenter^s wife (see bafha^i). a» 

barhana or barahna^ naked, ba^ahnapd^ bare- 
footed, p. 

barhana, a. to increase ; to lengthen ; to make 
advance $ to raise, to promote } to extinguish ; 



fai nliiil un (■ ahop) i to mnoie the tabU-oloth 

■nil oalmhlM, &o. : 
hufht,o, m. ailtanoanieiit, promoEioit. i. 
hafliiKi, m. population i Hoitemmt, flattery. (. 
tnrlAmw, a round a*kn of nowduuft u>»d at a 

oliartn ■galnul tliti eWtrt of tha btU eja. k. 
tiirMd iir harA»U, m. a wild hoj[. (. 
lar*l. I>roll[j (Milieu barMari). A. 
tilrti, f. iiauriaua proHt or inlereat takm en 

liriln I Intenwt in kind paid upon Mod grain. A. 
tafUi/i, nitnr of a lUgar mdlttone eitraoted 

IW)ni thsOhunarquarriM) a apeeiM of palM i a 

frain meuuTPoronrflr r high-priced, oottW. A. 
iarhni, n. to insTMie, t« |[a on, to prooeea, to 

«iaj|||er«l«, to grow, to riae, to iwell, to ba pro- 

UllltMl. t. 

UflHii or iJrlMm, n. to inonaw, go on, ad- 
THiini, to be promoted, to lengthen. A. 

tnr^al, f. a broom i adranoe made for oultiiation, 
or manufictun', nr (<ontrw)t. i. 

lftr*o<iir, m. or harkotari, f. inleraat, profit, i. 

tar<Ui), m. or hafkU, f, incresM, overpliu, pro- 
mutioti, adTBnn<nirot. >. 

(ori. ai^uitlnl, fkn<, clear i ■ defendant relnied 
br tlie )ilaiiilifr frtim llio demand againat him. a. 

titrt, r. iinirlilinir t a di»b made of pulae i b wed- 
dini i^nieiil, or wnldiiiK itifU in teneml, oar- 
rtM in (inxnatiin : it alKt JiootM the marriage 
nvnnonj aud vredJiug lity i atlj. tUtrng, power- 
M. >. 

Artr', f, • diah made of pulae (*•# tori), «. 

ti*''<i f. a gwdiiii, a houae i s window, a. 

UH, tour, turn. Lfrt-^ilr, an atleaidanl who 
watt* ill lum with othen. Uri U f<n», an in- 
li<nniltml frrer. p. [Ood. «. 

jMrf, ni. i1h> CtmIot. Uri im'iU, the nioel h%h 

Ur*. • kitehen gankn i a bow* wiib Ute guim, 
on>hanl, fto., allatibed to it. *. 

lir--''^m, M. jmhtir hall of audifttra, f,m, 

Ltnl, M. rain (Kw nin;» •.« r*nd\. A. 

Urtk. Sno. atemW. tninul*. bril-4ia, inteOt- 
gm\. >i<rtt — \ »it«, ulendrr wmiaMd. ^ 

bfpt^Mf. M. )<rtT*t* hkU of aodMN*. fi. 

Iitn Mi i tWi )m «r diatrvea of mind. ]».■. 

MnjfcarfJ. OnM t.).ML f. 

Ktriit, t (uhiiltT i aiiniiietteM. f. 

W**, M> hifK h> > b *f, mblimfi. p. 

iit^wi, f, nan J ■ (Intwir vl rain. p. 

l<A'^r4, at. a wbMlvr [«t tmvriK knirea, Ae^ t. 

U ^ A*t a <«*tuM i^f Kircinf |««t^ *• b<^ paiji 

'" — F*^ ^ 

barjatla, right, proper, opportune, eiaot. p. 
baijit, an opprmiTs cuitom, forcing llie natirM 

to buy gDoda aboTe the market prioB. J>. 
bar-jog, marriageable (a girl), t- 
iari, f. ligbt.Ding. iort'OiKf di, B malchlookinai) ; 

alao B watchman, a.p. 
bar-ltarar, firm, fixed, eetabliabed. p.a. 
bir-katK, lit. "burden-bearing," applied to ole- 

phanta, carta, porten, kc. p. 
bart/td, t. (lee bart/id) , rainy aeaaon, &0. a. 
bir-lina, m. a warebouae. p. 
iark/ldtan, m. yearly pay. i. 
barttdtt, f. recalling or romoTing from oOee, 

going away i a breaking np of a court of jo*- 
iwM*, a Uttle, few, aomewhat. ji. [tke. p. 

bar-U'I'ft on the contrary, p.a, 
bar-tifird or barlArrdir, happy, enjoying bng 

life, ptoapantr (male ohildren are ao nailed, qjL 

enjoying the fruit* of lite), p. 
bartigm, a well without maaonry. A. 
barm i , m. b kind of gimlet or borer, k, 
bar-mal^fl, one who it appointed to the diarge 

of a diatriot. p.a. 
barmali, public, mnapimioiu. ft. 
barmani, a. to bore with a gimlet, 
ioniii or 6i*ruit, m. aolour ; a claae or caste i one 

of tlie four tribea among Hindus. bara»-t., to 

hire a piieet for the perfunnance of a aacriBc* 

or of any religioua oeiemony. i, 
bnrni, n. to bum, to be burnt. A 
barmi, m. a jouUi ; adj. young. Um^ ma fir, 

the young and the aged. p. 
birmd, n. to teare off; a. to prohibit. «. 
UrW, a. to light, to kindle. A. 
bmnau (for T«nMa), m. deMription, Pecital, ex- 
planation; praiee. iontaia-i., to extol, to 

praiae ; to dncribe, to eiplaio- t. 
taraiwa or tarn—*, a. to dreeribe, peaiae. 
Aarwi, an adrvK* made for niHiralioD. (. 
t i -ai w , (r. tarwiar). ercn, breast to biiaat. 
laraatAj, m. a aprciea of ao^ar-caax. A 
tarefiii or iomfi*, m. a waehenna. A 
b-MT-pi, on foot, nwl«l, Mlabliabed; btrmik^ 

T^_ ,^.^.._. .- prteh, tr -f- - 


( B7 ) 


harrdkif f. brilliancr, splendour, a. 
harrani^ a. to talk in one*8 sleep, h. 
hcuT-UUt/r^ m. the Indian grouse, h, 
h<srad^ m. the rainy season (see hars^d), 9, 
har»iiUf&^ a servant engaged in cultivation who 

contracts forlone year's service. A. 
iomim, m. the pleurisy ; an inflammation of the 

diaphragm, p, 
bar»dnd^ a. to shower ; to cause to rain. «. 
hanatf rain in general ; f. the rainy season. «. 
hanitif f. the name of a disorder in horses ; the 

fkrcj ; adj. relating to rain, haraati fa^l^ the 

rain crop, or what is sown during the raina. h, 
bani^Uy raining, rainy season. A. 
btnrtaufij f. an annual tax or rent. «. 
harMf^' or barkf^d', m. f. the rainy season, s. 
bankdndj a. to cause to rain, to shower, s. 
harskdskan, m. yearly pay or subsistence. #. 
barsl^'kil^ m. the rainy season, the rains, s. 
ftorvAtmm, annual, anniversary. #. 
hiMTti, m, annual ceremony in commemoration of 

deceased relations, s. 
hanodHfi, a servant engaged by the year. The 

worais also written hanoUya and barsdliyd, h, 
haridf that which has been used. A. 
bartamin^ present ; commenced or set in. #. 
barton^ m. a dish, plat«, &o., utensils. A. 
bartdndt a. to distribute ; m. old clothes. A. 
bartar^ higher ; excellent, superior, p, 
bar-tarqf, aside, apart ; dismissed (as a plaint) ; 

also aa a subst., discharge ; dismissal from 

office, bar-iaraf'h,^ a. to dismiss, to discharge, 

to turn off. biar-iarftf-hond^ n. to be dismissed, 

discharged, or turned off. p,a, 
boT'larfi^ t dismission, discharge. p,a. 
bariarif £ eminence, superiority, p, 
Atffft, f. (for bafkH), increase, advancement. 
bSrUf f. sand (vide bdlu) ; m. a child, s, 
bdru (for bdruf^, f. gunpowder, saltpetre, p, 
bor-mflddf &llen off, dwindled away, p, 
bt9riima»d^ fortunate, happy, fertile (soil), p, 
bofwukkd, m. a kind of sugar cane. A. 
baritt^ {, whiskers, moustaches, p. 
b i r mi or bdrud^ f. saltpetre ; gunpowder, p, 
bar-wait, in time, seasonably, opportunely. p,a, 
barwaf^ m. a tumour in the belly. A. 
barwe^ a kind of cadence in language. A. 
bdr^dbf admitted at court or into company ; 

bdiyM, f. admittance at court or into com- 

pany ; having the entr^. p, 
baHydTf or bariydr, or barydrd or barijfdrd, strong, 

violent ; m. a niedicinal herb so caUed. s. 

barz, m. a sown field, agriculture, p, 

bartaMi m. interval, bar, partition ; interval be- 
tween death and resurrection, purgatory, a. 

barzdn, m. a mansion : a street, especially a large 
and spacious one, a quarter of a town. p. 

bcUy m. opportunity, advantage, power, authority. 
b<u-dnd, to be obtained, to come into one's 
power, bcu-k., a. to overpower, to bring to 
submission, s, 

bos, enough ; plenty ; very, a great many, beu-k,, 
a. to stop, to seize, to put an end to. axbca 
ki, inasmuch as, whereas, p, 

bdt or bd»d, m. abode, residence, lodging. «. 

bdt, f. smell, bdt-banyd^ a perfumer. #. 

boM^ much, very, basd-buxurff, very great, very 
noble, bcud aukdi, generally, mostly, p, 

ba-tabahy by reason of, on account of. p.a, 

hdtaRk, i. the great vein in Uie arm. g, 

beuan, m. a dress, a habit, appareL a, 

ba-sdn^ like, resembling, p, 

bdsauy m. a basin, goblet} pot, plate, dish, Ac. A. 

bcudtid, a. to people, to colonise, to settle (a 
country), to build (a city, &c.). a, 

bcuoTy m. seeing, understanding, knowledge, a. 

ba-sar, at, or to, an end. bazaar dnd, to come to 
an end ; to succeed, to get away from, ba-gar 
jdnd, to be finished, to pass away, bo'sar-k., 
to bring to an end, to execute ; to pass (one's 
days), ba-sar lejdnd^ to finish, to execute, to 
acquit one*s self of; to outstrip, baaar-hondf 
to be finished, to vie with or rivaL ba'sar-le' 
jdndy a. to outstrip ; to finish, to pass, ba-tctr- 
o-cAo^m, with head and eye, %.e, most carefully, 
heartily, p. 

b(tfdratf f. sight, seeing, perceiving, a. 

basdwari, f. ground-rent, rent paid by villagers 
who do not occupy any of the village landsk A. 

bcu'bds, m. a house, a dwelling. A. 

bage, abundantly, much, many, p, 

bcuendf an edible root found in ponds, &c. A^ 

bagendhd, fetid, stinking. A. 

baterdf m. a time before evening, when birds re- 
turn to their nest ; a night's lodging ; a bird's 
roost, baaerd'k.f to roost. A. 

bcugii or basgat, f. residence, homestead. A. 

bdskt stay, stop (in comp.), it denotes being, stay- 
ing, as shah'bduhy staying for a night, p, 

bdsha or bdshd, m. a kind of fUcon, a hawk, p, 

bdshad, it may be perhaps, p, 

bashanday an inhabitant, a dweller, p. 

bcuhar, m. mankind, mortals, a, 

b<uhara (also buthara)^ m. the countenance, a. 


hmhari, lianuD, reloting to mui. a. 

ba'tharlt-ki, on the agreement that, bo thst, on 
condition that. p.a. 

btuhathal, f. cheemilneu, rdscritj. a. 

ba-iiiddat, Tiolently, forcibly, p.a, 

biuhir, a meBscnger of eUd tidings, a. 

iiu*rryn(, f. haroanily, numan nsture, a. 

baikihiih, in good spiritji, obeerful. a. 

Ami, stale, fuaty. hid-lc., to lomit. i, 

ban or Fiiii, an iohabitant ; (used in comp,), ns 
ban-ban or vana-vdai, inhabitant of the woodi. 

ha-^l^, in tba dagme or mode. p.a. [t. 

bafira, aiaht, the senie of Boeing, bofiral, f. 
perception, (nrcuiDBpectioo, pruileiica. a. 

ta-il, the head man of a Tillage, h. 

baril^ aimple, uncompotinded, elmnentar;. a. 

batma, m. a colljnum, or tincture for djdng. p. 

baaad, m. etaining (particularlj mm'i beardo) ; 
«Iaiiung the ]egt (by the women) bo oa to have 
the appearance of having light drawers on, 
whereas thcj are in foct noked. p. 

bamd, a. to dwell, to abide, to be peopled, to be 
built (a city, town, &a.). i. 

bamd, m. dolh, a wrapper, paokeloth. ; 

biind or eoidii^ f. deaire, inclination. : 

(onM or vdttati, a. to awnt, to ^rfiuoe. t, 

bat a bai, m. home, oountrj, reeidenee. i, 

hitri or batmi, t. (j. bdntri), a But«, pipe, to. i. 

bail or baitu (for taitu), t thing, matter, aub- 
atanee ; chatlda, thinga, baggage, batat, inha- 
bited, cultivated (land), t, 

batt or batla, bound, ahut, &ozen. p. 

baita OF batld, in. oloth in whieh anything ia 
folded up, a paroe], a bundle (Bee biuta). f. 

baita^, f, binding, oontraction, conatipation, p. 

battar (for vtutrd) , doth, garmenla. (. 

batR, i. an abode, a Tillage, population. », 

bait-o-band, an agreement, settlement, p. 

basti. Bile or foundation of a houae. t. 

bamdha, t, the world, the earth, t, 

basils, m. a kind of aie, an adie. *, 

bfiiiHi, f. an instrument for cutting bricka, p, 

frd'fw-if, in the waj or manner, p.a, 

baiurdii, f. a bamboo garden, h. 

bat, m. a line drawn to diitinguiih separate names 
in a catalogiie, or articlee in an account, p, 

bat, m, the worm which is ao deatruetiTe to ship- 
ping I contnuttion of bat, a word (used m 
comp,), as bat-bdiari, external, foreign, bat- 
bajrhd,o, m. prolixit;, tslkstireiieaa, ahieaner;, 


mgle. bai-bana, 

Ida. m. talk, oo 
laf, wind, used in i 
vcnlilati " 


orator, a aophiat. hat- 
Wfttion. Contraerion of 
p., as bat-aoahd'Ie., a. to 

bal, m. tripe ; 

1 wrinkle or fold of the 
) contraoted lor baf, a 
road, as baf-par, a higbwajmaa. k. 

ba(, m. or bafd,i, f. a partition, diTLiion : in 
reTcnuB language, divieion of the crop between 
the cultivator and Hiniindir, 6a(a,i-dar, a cul- 
tivator who afaarea hit crop with the MmindDT. 

baf, m. name of a tree < a single caifL i. [A. 

bat, ni. a gooae, a duck. a. 

bit, t speech, language, word; account, aubjeot, 
queBtion, cause. bdl-bdnMiii, a. to Bophiati- 
ciil«, to prevarioatfi. ftui-iarAano, a. to prolong 
a contest, bdt-bigafnd, a. to mar a plot, to 
spoil, bat-baitiaa, a. to make up a atorj, to 
make oicuies. bat-paai, a. to acoompliah ooc'i 
wishes, to eSect one's purpose. bSt-pkenii 
a. to equivocate, bai-pkenlcita, a. to jcor, to 
mock, to apeak at (but not to}, bat-talni, a. to 
put 00; to Qicuse one's ae\^. bat-ikaloHa, a. to 
oonvcree, to start a subject, bal-dut, L oon- 
versation, chit-cbat. bat-bhara*i, a. to peraiet 
in ""Ung eiouaea, to put off, to evade, bat- 
ddlna, a. to throw away one's worda, to aak in 
vain, bat-rakind, a. to aasist, to agree, to 
comply, bat-ralaid, n. to make good one'a 
words, to be fuIBllcd or aooomphah^ (declara- 
tions), to succeed, to ovsToome,to get the better 
in arguments, to be accepted, to preserve per- 
fect, bdl id balakkaf-t,, to multiply words, 
talk much on little, bal-tdlai, a. to interrupt 
bdt id jd*, in short, bdt tdt to lend, a. to 
accept, agree (o. hdi Jeurti-aultiH-i., to be ap- 
proved of (an affair or propoBol}. bat to jjiwi, 
a. to hare patience, bdi-i., a. to oonvene, to 
talk, to apeak, bdl ki bdi, unmeaning orders, 
command* not expected to be obeyed, bat H 
bdl mtd, in an instant, hdl-gar^ad, a. to apeak 
to the purpose, to (speak (o that one's words) 
bare eneet or make impression, bat ^Aof-t., 
to determine, settle. buC-iagdna, to calumniate. 
bdl mdrad, to turn off, to evade, to divert (a 
discourse. Ac.), bat man mni baMnd, n. to ie> 
collect, remember, bdl Mni kacki-t., to ptr- 
form a buainess in a word, i. e., in • short time, 
to lose no time in doing anything, hat mei 
tjirdnd, a. to floor (the opponent) in argument. 
bdlenmadna, a. 10 abuse, to apeak harahly. bi- 
tei-iannd, %. to receive abuse or hanb reproof, *. 


( 59 ) 


&Jly m. pain in the joints, rheumaiiam. «. 

bdi^ £ a road, highway, haf-saru, a traTeller, a 
wajiarer ; m. a weight, or measure of weight, 
whether of stone or metal baf-ekhap, the 
stamp on weights and measures to guarantee 
thair being genuine, baf-chhapif fee for stamp- 
ing weights, &c. #. 

haim^ m. a bamboo lath ; a thin slip of bamboo, 
a stone on which powders are levigated. A. 

h€Ud,i^ t hire paid K>r twisting ropes. A. 

iaiakj or baflaik or bafak, xa. or t (dimin. of 
ha0, a duck or dudding; a Tessel formed in 
imitation of a duck. a. 

haUtkkar^ loquacious, talkative, h, 

haimlal, folly, vanity, falsehood, a. 

hmUmi, a. to point, to shew, to explain, to teach ; 
to appear ; m. an upper turban ; a small brace- 
let of metaL A. 

har4amg^ Ht. in straitness. ha^tang-dM or -hona^ 
to be in great distress, p, 

hatauijfd, m. proprietor of a bctf, a shareholder. A. 

b€KUir or battoTf worse, very bed. p, 

haiar, land in a state fit for the plough. A. 

bm4art^y aside, apart, ba-fiarik, by way ol ba- 
tarty in the mode or manner. p,a. 

haUUy f. wind, air. btUdsa or batdshd, m., or 
batdi'pkmUf a kind of sweetmeats, sugarcakes (of 
a apongr texture, q. d. filled with air) ; a bub- 
ble filled with water. A. 

As^M, m. a traveller ; a highwavman. s, 

A0-|0tir, by way of, in manner o£ |i.a. 

hataufij f. a flatulent swelling. A. 

haimoi^imbu, m. the shaddock. A. 

hi^e^gki^ somewhere or other. A. 

baitmtk, m. the proprietor of a share. A. 

hmfety m. a passage, pathway. A. 

hafka^ £ the art of making gold thread. A. 

hafkmiy n. to enter: (in Dakh.) to be twisted, 
plaited, or woven together, as ropes. A. 

Aoli, £ a word, speech. #. 

ha^ alow, dilatory ; tedious, a, 

hmfiy £ a habitation, dwelling-house, home. a. 

btUl, £ a candle, a wick ; a tent or bougie, t. 

bitUf false, vain ; absurd, ignorant, a, 

^Mi^ £ Tanity, folly, absurdity, a, 

biftm^ m. the inward part, the heart, baiitu^ 
intemaL a. 

baf^jfi^ £ a narrow passage, an alley. A. 

baiigduiy a. to speak, to converse. A. 

ba t ' t ak i f loquacious, conversable. A. 

bat'kahd^Oj m. or bai-kahi, £ loquacity, con- 
versableness, discourse, dialogues. A. 

bafkhard, m. a weight to weigh with. A. 

ba(,lj m. rendering vain, abortive, of no effect, a. 

bcUlSnd, a. to shew, to explain, to point out, to 
teach, to inform. A. 

baflohi or bailo,i, £ a brass vessel in which 
Hindus dress their food. A. [beiy. A. 

ba^-mdr, a highwayman. baf'mdf% highway rob- 

bafn, m. the belly, womb, inaide. bafnan ba*d 
bafmnj generation after generation, a. 

bctfnd, a. to twist, to form by convolution (as 
ropes ;) to divide, share ; to gain, make profit ; 
n. to be divided, to be twisted ; m. an mstru- 
ment with which ropes are twisted. A. 

bafohi, m. a traveller, wayfarer. #. 

bafor, m. a gathering, a crowd, a resort. A. 

baioran, or baforan or batolan^ gathering or 
collecting the grain in the time of harvest. A. 

bafomdf a. to gather up, to collect. A. 

baifpdr or batpdr^ nL highwayman, villain. b<i{» 
pari or baf'pdri^ £ highway robbing. A. 

batrdndy a. to converse, talk. «. 

baited (for vaUal), kind, loving, s, 

bcUfa, an extra sum or allowance paid the nuli- 
taiy when on field duty. Also the agio allow- 
ance, or rate of expenditure, between rupees of 
different species. A. 

baiidf m. deficiency ; exchange or discount ; de- 
fect, blemish, injury, ofi*ence ; a ball (of wood 
or stone) ; a box in which gems are kept. 
ba(te-bdz, a juggler, a trickster. baffe-bd^Uf £ 
juggling, trickery, subterfuge, ba^id ^Atfr and 
baffd dhdl-y leve^ even. A. 

battdlf very foolish or vain ; false, a. 

battdsaffd, m. a kind of armour. A. 

bcUitf £ a candle; a wick; a match; a tent or 
bougie ; a stick (of sealing wax). #. 

baffij £ a candle ; a still for diatiUing spirits. A. 

batiUij £ any aggregate, consisting of thirty -two 
parts, hence, a set of teeth, battm, dikhdnd^ 
a. to shew the teeth, to laugh ; to scoff or make 
faces at any one. A. 

batuyd or ba^wd, m. a purse, a small bag, a brass 
vessel in which Hindus dress their food. A. 

bafun^ m. interior part ; heart, mind. a. 

batum^ a tattler, an idle talker. A. 

bdiftfii or bdtuniyd, conversable, entertaining, talk- 
ative, chatty ; m. a talkative person. A. 

ba^umdy to be collected together. A. 

bafwdnd, a. to cause to twist, &c. A. 

batwdr (also batwdl)^ a tax gatherer. A. 

bafwdrdy m. a share, the partition or division of 
lands, division of a crop in shares. A. 




baueUar or inncUdr, f. driving nin. t. 
haat, m. urine. boiiU-dd», ■ chamber pot. a, 
hautamd (t, Aosroiu), n, tO be niad. A. 
ftami^tjwiij. n. to twiue ; to run iiragaUrlj or in 

a crooked direction, k. 
baMn4*i, n- to entirioe (oreepen or «□«•). A. 
bauri, m. mad, ineane. iavriJa, m. mad, in- 

■ane. iavraaJ, n. to be mod, to madden. 

baurA^a or htairi-pa*, m. madneaa, itate of 

inianity. iotrrU, mad, iniane. baiai, L mad. 

bami (t. babi), father. biaiyAi, dear father. A. 

bi-nDofa, faithful, tnuty. p.a. 

bmBd,i, t. a Idbe or chap on the foot. (. 

batBofk or ba-wajia-lcif in auch a waj tjiat. p.o. 

ioHBo^, at the time, in the time. p.a. 

b*oai, the left hatid or tide. (. 

ioNNiw^w, m. a whirlwind, a deril. h. 

bitoar, m. belief, trutli, credit { adj. ondible. 

iiwar-i,, to credit. Uwort., to ba crsdible. p. 
bABatvbi, m. a cook, bawar^i-aiim, m. a kitchen, 

oookhouae. boieanbigan, f. the culinarj art. 

ba-<ua*^,al, by mean* td. s.o. 
bi-woff, j«t, notwithitandrng. p.a, 
bomattr, pi. the pilea or hemorrhoid!, a. 
ba-winfa, by naaon, beeauna oC p.a. 

(d-inijAif, notwithatanding. ia-va-^'iiifi itJci, 
notwithetaading that. p. 

ti^a, a person appointed to meaiura grain, i. 

bigab, apart, aeparate, atiwiee, distinct, yik bit 
bajiab hai, thi> is another tiling. A. 

baji^Bit, m. a desert, a wildemeaa. bayaban- 
gard or -natDord, one wbo traTersea tlie dnert, 
a wanderer. hagSiim kudt, the wildemeai of 
Jnuulem, bagHbdni, of or belonging to the 
wilderness or desert, p. 

(■yod, it ii St, or nMeasary. bdyad-Aajiad, as it 
should be. p. 

hagatd or baiyjli, flatulent, f. 

hitgm, m. explanation, relation. baifiK-lr., a. to 
eiplsin, to unfold, to relats. bayiti'toir, ex- 
plicitly ; adj. clear, evident. 

laic, and pathiwaj, whitdi are played upon 
by the left hand), baya* paiv 
acknowledge the cunning of 

artml par- 

) > BAZ— BAZ 

bit, adT. again, once more. iai-<iM,n. to dedine, 
to leave off; tu refuse, to reject, to dniat. bit- 
raihua, a. to hold back, to praTcnt, to forbid. 
bii-ra)Hia, n. to decline, to reject, to leave off ; 
to refuMi (in comp.) it dsiotea a player; as, 
ibafrat^-bat, a chess-player ; ^a^^o-iiis, a 
ju^l«r. p. 

bix, f. a female falcon, a hawk, biz-dor, m. a 
falconer, bai-dari, t. the charge of hawks, p. 

ba'f, or ia'ia or ba'f, iiome, certain raws. a. 

baza, m. a sin, a crime, bata-iar, a orimitud. p. 

ba-fahir, in appearance, eitomally. p.a. 

bataitda, pUymg, a player ; a kind ol pigeon, p. 

batdr or bixir, m. a market ; aooording to Qlad- 
win it dcDOtea a constant and establiibed market, 
ineontradiitinctionto Adf, an ooaiiional one. p. 

iitargi» or bitargan, m. a merchant, bi t ar y im, 
t. merchandise, traffic, commerce, p. 

batiri, belongiag to a market) market peoplB, 
common people. baidri bit, low or >ulj|ar 
language; patjjis i Billingsgate, p. 

ba^aa, a kind of apice, maoe, nutmeg, p. 

bat-ffotAt or bit-gatUa, returned, retreated. ^. 

baa-iiir, a faJcoDer ; a chmnologist or histonan i 
(uir bij-gir) a collector of revenue, p. 

idi-jfMt, prepoaterons, upside down. p. 

ba'fi, aome, certain, aundry. ba'fi bab, variooa 
items, aundries. ba'fi Uarek, miscellaneous 
expenses. ba'ti jam', aggregate of revenue 
derived from other sources than the Cuatoms 
and Eioiae, ba'fi lanSM, land exempted trtm 
the payment of revenue, a. 

baa, f play, sport ; a game, a stake at play. 
biti-khatia, to lose, to be cast ; to be cluBlod. 
bin-pana, to be victorious, proiperana. baii- 
lagdae, to wager. bdti-lejini, to win, to 
excel, p.k. 

baxicha, t. fun, sport ; a toy, plaything, p. 

iaxt-gaii, f. a place for exhibiting feats of aetivi^ ( 
a theatre, beii-gar, m. a tumbler, one who 
exhibits feats of activity, bmtfanni or baa- 
garni, t. a tumbling woman, an actieas. Un- 
jlDTi, the art of juEgling, tumbling, Iw. p. 

bai-^aait, minute mvestigation. p. 

laila or batta, ta. a jeat, a bon mot, tailleiy, 
plnwautry. a, 

iatm, assembly, nompsny, st a feast, p. 

bai-ior, by main force, on compulsion, p, 

hii::-pann, last, bindermoat. p. 

haz-purt or bax-tismat, m. reiterated inquiry; 
minute investigation, p. 

barr, m. seed, baxr-gar, a sower. a.p. 

Mm, m. ths arm t the fold of a door j the «ide of 
■ betUtotd ; a Mend, a compuiion. &rni dtna, 
a. to uiut, to help, to lupport. p. 

bixM-iaad, m. a bracelet or an armlet, p. 

ti*-yi/t, iMUDiptioii of anjlhing, tha aot of re- 
nuDing alienated Unda or propert;. p. 

ioB, m. fine linen, iomri, ■ cloth niercbant, 
mercer, htutiti (alao batxita and bittitUtan), 
the cloth tUU-ket. baaati, t, trade of menxr, 
haberdaaheij, the buaiaeat of a draper, a.p. 

te, a priTatire particle or prepoailion, denoting in 
tlie Perajan langiuge "witkout," " roid of." 
When prefixed to noona, it forma oompound 
■4jecti«ea, oOTMapondiag with our worda of the 
■ame kind, beginning with ia, an, ita, ir, Ac., or 
•odi aa end with leii. All ttran oompoond 
adjeotirea may again become abitract noona bj 
tbe addition of i, aa be-adab, unmannnrly, rude. 
ht-adab-i, unmannerlineea. radeneca. It i* im- 
poaaible to giie a complete liat of theae, aa the 
anplojing of them ha« no limit hut the taste or 
caprice of the writer. The following lilt will be 
foand naefol in the meantime: — Aa-aA, without 
water (luatn^ temper, dignity, ia). be-abri, 
diahonourable. be-UHfak^ diicordanti withont 
union. t«-afiw, without effecL b»-iyrd, lit. 
withont or ia ipite of fate, untimely (dnth). 
ht-ikUiif, incautioui, improvident, imprndent. 
ie-itifwar, withont choice, in spite of one'a self. 
ba-adah, rude, preaumptuoua, impudent, be- 
adaia, nideneu, preaumptuoiuneaa. bt-arem 
{*ulg. Urim), reaueaa, aick. bt-athSb, banng 
no eSeola. Aa-fliiitr, not truatworthj. ia- 
ilidil, imeTen. ba-ila^id, increduloua. be- 
Ui^St, ragardleaa. ht-tUfat, unsocial, aierae to 
•tlaetunent or frindabip. be-imliiiat, undiatin- 
guiahii^ ill-bred, mde, unmannerly. bt-i»iiha, 
■nUtna, boandleaa, infinite, be-aadaia, immode- 
rale- la-tapff^ imjoat. bt-a%lid, cbildleia. be- 
iawa, withont eontcienoe, without religion, bt- 
iiit, without reason, bi-bak, complete, without 
aireare, paid up iu foU. ba-bdti, t completion. 
ia-Ui, Icarlass. ba-hdl o par, without power. 
it laJ, withont blemish, b-ftoijal, incomparable, 
JBaatimable. be-iar, fruitlesf, bamn. bt-barg 
a hmr, fruitleM, barren, poor, be-bat, without 
poarar, withont authority or command; helpleia. 
ie-tofor, withont sight (generally applied lo the 
mmd), aeoaekaa, undisceming. oe-baka, frail, 
pmahable, not etemaL be-bat, without power, 
w^k ; wretelisd, poor, be-baud o boH, unar- 
laafad, witbont order, unsettled (aa a country). 

) BE-BE 

be-baagad, groundleai, unfounded, be-baii, be- 
yond price, inTalusble. bg-bahdr, out of season. 
bt-baira, portionless, unfortunate, ba-pdydn, 
boundless, be-parda, unieiled, immodest, be- 
parvid, fearless, without reflection, careless. b«- 
pancd,i, f. thouebtlessness, carelosaness, indepen- 
dence, tranquillity, indifference, bt-par a bal, 
weak, ntti^rlr helpless, ba-parhex, incontinent. 
be-parbta, f. incontinence, bc-phdb, ghapeless. 
^'pir, having no spiritual guide, ricions, os-pir, 
cruel, pitiless, unleeling, be-tdb, faint, restless. 
ie-/fljir, of no effect. 6ir-(o,jmiB«(/| rash, be-lal, 
out of time (in music); ill.timed. be-tSn, out of 
tune, btiahdtbi, inconsiderate. be-ta,allak, 
without oonnectiouB, independent. be-takpr, 
innocent, blameless, not guilty, acquitted, bf 
takaliuf, without aeremonj. be-tamaimi, con- 
tent, be-tamit, silly, indiscreet. be-taiBapak, 
inattentire, unkind, bt-totka, unprovided, desti- 
tute (a trareller). be-tatcakhC , hopeless, with- 
ont expectation. be-ta3t, bottomless. be-ih<mr- 
fhikdae, grounillesi, btfobii, onitable. be- 
(oiaar, fruitless, of no result, be-tadbir, incau- 
tious, imwitting, incomlderale. be-ji, ill-placed, 
ill-timed, inaccurate, bejdda, Tariegated eeraL 
be-jdti, lifeless, faint; valiant, brave. bt-ja»-t,, 
to deprive of life, to slay. be-jur,ai, cowardly. 
be-jurm, innocent^ fauUlesa. Ae^^'irm, without 
blemish, spotless (a jewel), bt^igar, cowardly. 
be-JantdR, f. nglinesa, imperfection, be-jawibf 
onahle to answer, be-ehira^ f. necessity, 
helplessness, be-dtdra, without choice, without 
remedy, helpleas, poor. ie-cAai and be-eidli, 
unprincipled j f. misdemeanour, ill-behaviour. 
ie-cAirdjd, lampless, desolated, childless, be- 
ehathiH, eyeless. be-ehi», unparalleled, incom- 
parable, be-chaiii, resUess, uneasy. be-lfdfUy 
fruitless, without result. be-hil, ill-circum- 
stanced, be-lajdb or be-hijubdiut, unveiled, 
openly, immodest. b«-hadd, boundless, be- 
IfurtiuU, disgraced. be-hnnaati, f. disgrace. 
be-kui, insensible, senseless, is-iUtoA, count* 
less, imnitKlerate, inooosiHtent. be-idkvuUf un- 
skilful ht-havitt, beside one's self, out of one's 
senses, ie-Aoyd, shameless, immodest, impudent. 
be-IAdr, without thomi ; without anxiety, with- 
out fear or sohcitade. ir-fttaa a eua, without 
house or hall, destitute, be-iiii/a, m, (lit, with- 
out a testicle) a eunuch, be.^abar, incautious, 
impudent; unwitting, unintentional, be-titabri, 
f. imprudence, heedlessness, br-^arek, without 
(money for) expenditure. be-Hfrad^ wv*.W)A. 

BK~BE ( 6 

undartUDding.itapid. ia-jior o Umcm^, with- 
out > mMler, withoot mo owner. le-tAatar tnA 
tt-Ualra, bee from danger, tatt. be-tkwit, 
(leepleu. ie-UtcoU, t ileeplemDCH. ht- 
UnroUiA, without iucliiutiini or ipirit; without 
jjunuit, objart, or hobbj-hone. it-^rd, beude 
one** aeir, ennpturMl. ie-U|Hfi, f. ostae;, rap- 
ture. bt-tAV'' UV'^i without incUnstion to 
ctttor ilnp, reitlet*. Ae-UiceiA, (riendleH. ie- 
datiU, dumiued, Mt uide, Dot admitted {n 
claim), bt-dad, nnjiut, not doing juatioe, law. 
In*, ht-ddd-gar, m. an oppressor, be-didi, f. 
injuitice, lawkungw. bfdiuAl, carelcM, inat- 
trntire, negligent, bt-diihli, t aarelMeneai, in- 
attention (particularlj not taking care of cattle). 
be-ddgi, ipotleu. bt-dama. uedleM (fruit), he- 
datil, ejerted. k-(itiU^iiirad, a. to eiclade. 
ht-diu^, pitileas, unfeeling, be-dirang, witbout 
dal», be-dartgh, undeniable, inoonteitable, 
raadilr acknowledBod ) nii>p>rmg, ungrudging, 
liberal, not refuiing. ht-datl o pd (li"i"K 
neither handi nor fuet), belpleaa, without 
power or authorilj. bi-dmtir, ill-bred, un- 
uiuaL ia-da'aa, free from claims ; (in law) 
one who relinqtuihe* hii claim or •uit. be- 
da'vd palra, ■ deed acknowledging the aban- 
donment of a claim or luit. bi-dU, heartleM, 
diapiritcd, tneUnchol;, dejected, aad. bt-iiUi, 
f. dttjection, heartlenneea. bt-dani, breathleaa. 
be-damifi, ill 'tempered, impatient, irritable^ 
eaiily proFoked. be-damd^i, {, bad tamper, 
irritability. bt-daici, incurable. be-daulat, 
destitute, unfortunale. be-dhafot or bi-dJiafia, 
without fear or hetitation. bt-dot, innocent, 
faultleae (little uaed). bt-dahtbat, fearleaa. bf 
dayi, unfeeling, be-digaiuit, irreligioui, unjint. 
£0-0111, witbout rebgion. b»-4a^, ihapelew ; 
uneducated, ill-bred, bt-dhab, ill.ihiped. be- 
iiaiig, unedncated, ill •mannered, ill-bred, be- 
fan^ having no nliih or desire for. be-roA, 
unprincipled, ditsolute. b»-rab(, oontrarr to 
rule. oe-rafyn, morailess- be-ratdf wltnout 
leave be-ri, aliameleas, inhuman. b«-rot, un- 
fortunate, be-roii, destitute of daily bread, 
unfortuuBte. btTot-lok, without let or hin- 
deranoe, bf-rigd, wiUiout guile, bt-raii rii/d, 
without guild or deceit, bt-riti, beardlM* (a 
youth), bi^retia, without fibre. bt-taban, 
dumb, spevohlets (applied to the brute oicb- 
tion). br~zar, witiioul money or the means of 
gutting it, belpleu. be-tar Harid (taking or 
goiting), without purchaae. ia-ioa o ^imaitd. 

) BB~BB 

witboot wife or duldran. be-tamil, UDclunM. 
able, imperiahable. be-sor, weak, impotent, iit- 
labnt, without bile, patient, forlManng ; inde- 
Iktigatde ; ihameleaa. te-tei ttnai, iigfj and 
awkward, inel^ant in drees and person. te-a», 
nnsaddled. be-HJ^Ia, plain, undiaguieed, art- 
less. be•^^itilagi, aitleMims. te-jos, unac- 
oootred, without apparatua, tools, Ac. be-tit 
HiHB, without apparatus. he~tabab, without 
reason, be-talri, id^udence, bare&cednea*. be- 
laj, sbspelees, ill-made. ta-JnUiM, taoitani. 
ie-iwU, srnseleaa, beside one's self; eni^turedj 
entranced ; in a faint, he-mr, uneqnaUed, rnei- 
leas. he-nri, stupid, be-tar pd, williont bead 
or foot, utterly helplasL ie-aor o MiMia, without 
appai^us, helplee*. be-taSka, ineipert, without 
method, be-til, sbunelees. bt nUiU, without 
OTidence. be-Jikaraf, without honour or dignity. 
be-tharm, shameless, iropudant, immodest, be- 
tlm'ir, ignorant, i blockhead, bftlta^ad, hanh, 
unkind, unmerciful. be-jkaJck o ilmbi or be- 
thalck raib, certain, doubtless, indutntaUe. 
bt-tkumir, eonutleas, numberless, tnnoh. be- 
tabr, impatient, restiees. ic-foUA, ill-adnaed, 
headstrong. Ae-fatj, wanton, irregular, imte- 
strained. ie-foi(-rai(, without order or oon- 
nertion. be-tikat, beyond the power of ondn- 
rance. be-l^kaii, non-en duninoe, weakoeaa. te- 
fal^, destitute of good fortune, unlucky, be. 
iaraly, ill-mannerec^ unciriL be-falab, uncalled 
for, unsought. be-f_am', free from greedinsss, 
disintereateiL &e-Caiir, ill-mannered, be-'ibral, 
unwarned by eismple, nnawsd. be-'inat, with- 
out honour or dignity, disgraced, be-'ai^l, stujMd, 
senseless. 6c-'atff, mijuat,lBwle«s. be-'aii,£uiit' 
le«,wkthout blemish. Ae-jiiavof, bonndleaa. be- 
ghil jihaik, without trouUe or anxiety, be- 
S^araf, independent, diiinCannted, indifferent. 
be-i^am, without anxiety, be-j^aitr, without 
consideration, be-ghatrai, wanton, impudent, 
infamous, rude. be-st<t'>'<^ i- disgrnoe, Ac 
be-/a,ida, profitlees, uaeleM, yain. be-fiJtr, con- 
tented, thonghlhwa, tranquil. b»-fakmld, stupid, 
slow in comprehending, bm-faiz, unprofitable, 
possessing but not beotowing (as a learned man 
who does not commnnicate his knowladgt^ or a 
rich man from whose wealth no person nocsTes 
advantage). be-kSri, without restraint, oat of 
one's power, secure against surprise or attack. 
be-ka'ida, imamnged, irr^ular, without order 
or rule, be-kadr, of no importanoe. worthkas. 
be-iarar, restleM, unaattled, rariable, ii 

BB-BB ( 

ie-tariii, L Teatleune**, fluatiutioiijTanalilBaew, 
initabili^. i«-^>(f«r, bultlew, uinooent, without 
ttH, complete!?, entirely, he-kalt/i, imtmned (a 
potilc). ia-^oa^ feiUilees, perSdioiu. be-iij/ai, 
incODOaTable, contnr^ to the oommoa order of 
tbinjfi, inoompreheiuibU, immenw. be-kaid, 
anrMtniaed ; iiregulBr. be-iq; or bt-kar, lue- 
leM, anemplojad. ht-kim, frnatrsled, diMp- 

nt«d. tc-jtaras, immenie, infinite, bouiidlaes. 
M, Mendleae. be-kan, destitution, be- 
i^<m, niuhrouded. bt-tal, reatlcM, oat of 
OkIw. ic-Jtofi, nneaiineai. be-kam o kitt, 
wilhont deereue or diminatioii, all rizbt, acca- 
tatat ie^ai, ontime^, uneeuouable. m-^ 


ii,doubtkna. k.j«wi, initocent, 
<-gkii, inacceuible (a rirer), without 
■tepe or a qiaj to it. ha-l^, impudent, ihuDe- 
Ian. be-Uiii, inattentive, undietiuguiihing, ill- 
bfad, nnmamierlT. bt-lMlf, unkind, ungracioua. 
ht-lagim, unbridled, Uceatioui. be-lagd,o, un- 
eoniucted, inaoceeaible, caodid, caUcarical, with- 
out rcaerre. Ae-«u>i, diagmced, duhonourablo, 
diiboDomed. be-manand, incomparable, un- 
paralleled, be-miya, without meaui of ■nlnie' 
toDce, poor, indigent, be-mu^, incomparable, 
nnequalled. ie-mafoniia, without calculation, 
" "' i, without reepect, 

„ pioniona. ee-«nwia«, "' "'"'"" ' 


iniipid. ba-ma'm, foolieh, idle, rain, unmeaning, 
mbaurd. te-auiilar, without authoritj; without 
naouroc^ miaerable, poor, be-inan, epiritleee. 
Hn —'aanf, independent, unwilling to incur obli- 
gation, be-mijib, without cauie, without reason. 
jgiwaajf, out of place, unapt, uneeaeonablc^ in- 
opportune, inconrenienL be-miir, unfriendlj, 
ttnViiid. £«-■«■, withoutcbaracter or reputation. 
ie-MH D unto, without name or character, be- 
MOfib, unfortunate, ie-nopr, incomparabLe. be- 
ttamak, inaipid ; ealtleas ; ugl;, ordinary. be- 
ao^jr o aiwf, without name or character, be- 
■aw«, indigent i m. a kindofdoriDuiwhoaharee 
hi! mhrowa and beard. bt-*ama,i, begging, 
mentficanoT. be-nihd^ai-, endlfsa, without bound 
or limit, be-miyaz, without want, an epithet of 
God, tbe Almightj. be-icdrif:, without heira. 
it-wirii-aal, propertjr that BKheata to the 
goTSTDment in default of heirs, it-wati, with- 
out protector, be-vajh, without cause or reaaoD. 
It-neaffln, without homo or natire ooantrj, an 
•liie- b«-mtfi, bithkas, ungrateful. be-wiifi,i, 
{, inildelilj, taithlesaneaa, be toa^t, oat of season. 

) BB— BEH 

untimely, ill-timed, be-ieakr or bcKo^ir, with- 
out fame or ohanoler, disbmiourable. be-tBukiff, 

ignorant, inexpert, stupid. be-kamil, without 
compeer, unequalled, unriTaUed. be-Matmat, 
unambitious, humble, miserly, lile, slothful, 
Uej, indolent, be-htinar, unskilled, be-kangam, 
untimely. be-koMh, atupiQed, senseless, be^hechj 
without reason, piiipose, or motive, p. 

be, a Tocatiio particle, used conlemptuouilj, as 
";ou rascal," "jou sirrah." h. 

bdi, f.nameof agrass tromwliichatwioe is made; 
it is also used m thatching, i. 

bechd-bdcAi, f. buying and aelliug, traffic, a. 

be-chdra (pL be-cAaragdii), helpless, wretched. 
bechdragi, helplealness. (. 

beehtd, a. to sell, to dispose of. h. 

be-dtoba, m. (lit. polelesa) a kind of tent pitched 
without a pole. p. 

bed, a willow ; ratan. bed-baf, one who works on 
ratans, s basket-maker, brd-b^ft, wesTing wilh 
ntana (as the bottoms of chairs and tlie paneb 
of doors or windows), led-mtukk, musk-wiUow, 
celebrated for its fragrance, p- 

bedatt at bednd, f. pain, sickness, ache : 

beddr, awake, btdar-bai^, fortunate, bedir- 
dil, alert, watchful, quick of apprehension. 
beddr-dili, t, alertness, quickness of appre- 
benaion. be-dari, C waVefuliieaa, stat« of 
being awake, p, 

bedh, m. bore, crack, hole. a. 

be-dkafai or be-diarta, fearless, donbtleas. p,\. 

bed/U or bedhij/d, m. a borer, one who perforates 
pearls, gems, &c 

bedhtti, a. to pierce, to perforate, t. 

beg, a Mu^al title corresponding with our word* 
lord, master, kc. t. 

beg, m. haate, rapidity ( adv. quickly, soon. (. 

b^am, f, a lady, a queen ; women of rank are 
called bogama (pi. begaaidl). i. 

begana, strange, not domestic, foreign, QuknowQ} 
m. a stranger, a foreigner, p. 

begdnagi, f. strangeness, sbynese. p. 

begar, m. a penon forced to work against his will 
with or without pay. begar-paiaritd, to press 

iegdri, f. the act ot pressing or forcing to work. 
begdn-Una, a. to take forcibly or press, with or 
without paying for. bcgari-pakrela, m. a pressed 
man; one compelled to work. p. 

brgma, I. a young ledy of rank, f, 

bejfni, t Ibe wife of a beg. I. 

beiar, unaven, abrupt, wasl« land. k. 



kAiniu, m. * comber, ■ carder (of cotton), i. 
hehld, m. B bag of monej curried bj great men to 

be dUtnbuled in chBritj nhen trareltinfc, te. 

btkld-barddr, the OTirier of the iekld (t, btldj. A. 
le-imh, lenselpBB, inssne, •tupified. p. 
be-hoihi, t. BenielesBneas, inBsnitj. p 
bekra or ieirn, m. gma kept for pattursge, J. 
ioiri, r. ■ (ubtcription, inatilment. bekrhbarir, 

collection on Bhnrea of the rerenae in kind. 

iein'tatuJi, an alloinmce for repairing roada, 

ix. i«*ri-rf«r, the bolder of ■ ieiri, k. 
bekada or be-liAia, fooliab, stupid, till;, abaurd, 

idle, Tun, fruitless, be-kida-go, ■ babbler, p. 
be-huda^, f. sbsurditj, friToUty. p. 
behmk (for be-koik), senseless, stupifled. p. 
bejka, m. a butt, or mark for arohera. t. 
be-joi, untilled, a (arm that is giTen op. p.\. 
betcu, a kind of grass used for fodder g adj. help- 

leaa, deatitute. be-taai, f. destitution, forlorn- 

nn. ».p. 
beU, C root ; origin, fonndatioD. b«H-ka», an 

extirpator, a judge (as eitirpalitig thieres)} also, 

» thief (as destrojing the subjects), p. 
bel, a spade, hoe, mattock ; a creeper, a tendril, a 

persoQ of rank tor distribution amoii)t tbe poor. 

hild-barder, one of the retinue of a great man, 

who scattera money amoog tlie populace, beta- 

UtircA, expenditure in alma-giTing. p. 
belaJt, t, a amall mattock ] poiut of an arrow, p, 
belan, m. ur belml, t. a rolliug-pin ; a branch ; & 

small rolling-pin. h. 
be-laa, dispirited, heartless. p.h, 
belcka, or belckak or belcka, m. a amall spade, a 

hoe, a small mattock, p. [in digging, p. 

bfldar, m. a pioneer; a clasa of Hiudoa employed 
hetici, m. a cattle-breeder, a graiier. k, 
belHa, m. a rolling-pin { a. to spread out. ». 
banal, f. a stepmother. btmat-bha,i, a brother 

bom of a different mother by the same Sither. 
iflt, inn or bain, f. a Bute, pipe, fife. (. 
be-*ap, unmeaaureditiiisurTeyed. bt-iupkdpa((i, 

a lease guaranteeing that the BTeraga rates of land 

remain ae before. p.k. 
bticknd, a. to sell. Mck-4alni, to sell off. i. 
ben^i, crooked ; met. absurd. A. 
bendknd or bendkna, a. to plail, to braid. », 
ban!, f. the hair tuisted behind. *. 
bnif, m. a handle of an axe, hoe, &e. A. 
U,okar, m. profession, calling, negoclation, trana- 
mction, diu^f -lending, cuatom. befihari or 



btflkravjo, a trader, a money-lender. ie,op«-i, 
a merchant. *. 

heoTi, m. difference, distinction, acoomit, expla- 
nation, history, detail of circumitanoea, an 
account of particulars or detailed acooont. A. 

btore-aoT, explicitly, diatinctly. A. 

hef, m. an inclosure. her baidi-k., to incloas. A. 

i«ra, m. a raft, a Boat, beri bdndbnd, a. to collect 
a crowd. befd pdr-k. or lagani, to reliere 
from distress, to remote difficidties, to help 
one through a businees (lit, to terrf oter a 
rait), bera kiii ki par kond, to be propitiona, 
to succeed. >. 

btrar, a rillage registrar or acoouutant. dJL 

btfber, often, frequently, repeatedlj. (. 

lerkd, m. paling, railing, mclosure j adj. bent, 
crooked. A. 

be^kna, a. to inclose with a fence, to ponnd (oatUe^ 
£o,)i to drive away cattle (as in a foray). A. 

ieri, £ a bet«l leaf made up with spioea, A«, «. 

iep, f. iron fastenings to the legs of criminala cr 
of quadnipeda. k. [also a goTemment tax. A. 

bens, m. anm total, the entire revenue of a &nn ; 

berin, oat, outaide. berin-jal, country, in oppo- 
sition to town, berinjdti, rustic, p. 

betan, m. the flour or meal of pulse, used aa a 
substitute for soap. A. 

£efani, made or mixed iritli beian. k, 

beMor, f. the small ring worn in tbe noae. A. 

betk, more i good, proper, wdl, eiedlent, degant, 
detighlliil. betk-kardr, truatworthjr. AatA-nnU 
or iMA-tnnot, of great value, cOstly,pTecioa*. p. 

betkaorbeMha, m. a forest, a junglei a deeert. y. 

bah-ax-betk, a great deaL p. 

batki, f. exoees, surplus, increase, increaaed aaiea*- 
ment. beiki Jam', increase of revenue on that 
of last year, betki lamia, increase in the lands 
under cultivation, p. 

betk kam, more or less ; not much. p. 

beiktar, better, generally, for the moat part. p. 

beintui(l, f. a caka made of pease-meaL A. 

It of til 

, inharmoniouB. A. 

be-nlit, of no foundation ; insignificant. 

belted or betyi, f. a oourtesan, a pnntitnte. ' *. 

JefB, m. a son, a child, a boy. befa kar-hni, to 
adopt a sou. ft. [occupy dead bodiea. (. 

iria£ or baitdl, name of a demon anppoaad to 

be-tati, impersonal. be-in» mdl, na eachett ; pro- 
perty devolving on the state, p. 

btik, sandy, unproductive soil A. 

betkan, m. the envelupa in which cloth ] 
is folded up, pack-cloth. 


I daughter, > d«DML A. 

Imm, f. ft widow, bemi-pd, or baea-j>an 

Ni^ IMe or gituation of widowhood. pA. 

leooimt, eiplauAtion. k, 

iiplraaed, uigry, out of humour, p. 

'. anger, bad humour, dijpleuore. p. 

i, n. to be songed, to niih on with 

to catch fire ; to run with great npidit; 
w), to bubble (u boiling wato'), to roar, 
mUe. k. 

m. lolirituda, alarm, bkahhar hkaihar 
, s. to be alarmed, to be frightened, t. 
, t. audden, boriting ftnrth of flama g 
le expulsion of water from a fountain or 
<mdl arising auddenlj. h. 
a*, n. to limmer, to bubble ; to emit 

to boIL k. 
•^ n. to be aoUcitoui to be alarmetL k. 
L a brothvr'B wife» A. 
Hi, a to swell -, to doubt i. 
i, m, bloie, eiplosion ; adj. red. t. 
i, a. to kindle, to light ; to provoke, to 
Tate, to enrage ; to spur a horse, i. 

or bkabati or bhaihiit, f. oahei of oaw- 
*. [to be smsied or astonished, i, 

alarmed, aghast, ■tarting. bhachat roAad, 
w, D. to be aatonijhed or amaicd. k. 

(for hhaJttlian), m. food, eatine. *. 

at (for bhatwfiai), a gormandiier. *. 

.) or biaki/ii, m. an eater. «. 

i, a. to eat, to take food. : 

u, a. to strike with awe. A. 

a flap : s ctbbIi. A. 

', grain cut when oil; half ripe. A. 

m. a cTsik, the noi» made OJ anjthins 

I as, bhad or bhuidk t» gk- pafi, it fell 

m. a sound or noise. A. 
•d, m. sound made b.T the loll of a froit, 
Iking of a person, &o. bhad-bbadikaf, 1 
made bj the fkU of fruiU. h. 
uUiM, a. to make a sound h; striking two 
together; to strike repeatedlj ; to shake 

■tupid, senseless, dull. A. 

or hladetala, ill-shaped, ugly. A. 

happj, prosperous, luckj ; td. prosperity, 
MS ) a frogrsnt grass, j. 

m. nsme of s bird ; a lark. (. 
beautiful, pleasing ; mpeclabte, wort^; 
; m.orf. adrantage, nature, piniua, reason; 

Md^Aoaii, a. to be clean or ptirified by sharing 

one's head and beard aftor mourning, t. 
bbadri, m. an astrologer ; a palmister. I. 
bhadnMT, land prepared for sugar-cane. A. 

bliig-ba(i,t, apportionmeat of the shares of a 

crop. AA^-rfor, a sharer, f. 
bkaga-bhig, m. running awaj, Bight. A. 
hhagal or bkagal, m. alTectation, deception, bkagid- 

mi^na, a to plaj a trick, to pretend povertj. 

bhigati, false, mock, imitation, bhaffoliyd, t. 

imposture, hjpocrisy. A. 

jAdijawda, fortunate, prosperous. bhagatcant, 
dirine, glorious, illustrious) the DeitT. t. 

bhagtl, f. defeat ; m. a deserter, bhigtl, a runa- 
way ; desertion, Bigbt. biuffffi, m. a deserter, 
a runaway. A. 

hbagi, m. a partner, sharer, participator, a co-heuTi 
also a share or portion. bi4gi-ilir, a tbanr, ■ 
partner) adj. prosperous. «. 

bbdgimejfOf m. a sister^s son. '. 

bh^fin'i, or iA<^ai or AAo^ai, fern, of AA^jri, 
partner, eo-heimg ; a sister. *. 

bhag-jani, n. to run away. A. 

bhagh-gaiMa, m. blie jewels, trinkets. A. 

bk^Uyi, m. trick, cheat, imposture ; impostor. A. 

iAdiiiMis, fortunate, of good fortune. «. 

bkagmim, t. good fortune, i. 

ibag*a, torn, broken ; defeated, t. 

bhagna (also bhagiiia), m. a brother, t. 

bhdgni, n. to See, to run away. A. 

bhagoji or biagord, m. a runaway, a coward. A. 

^kagiigi, m. a dancing boy. A. 

Hagi, • deserter, a runaway. A. 

bi^nan, adorable, divine; m. the Deitj. t. ' 

AA^mir, held upon a Joint tenure (land). A. 

bhUgga, m. fortune, destiny. ». 

bkagga-hin, poor, wretched, unlortunate. «. 

bhdggawn or bhaggawaittf fortunate, rich. t. 

JAdArdM, n. to ehirer, to tremble, to totter. A. 

bhdjlj m. brother, also a friend or comrade. AAd,i. 
iii<«, also iAtf,i-aii*i and hbd,i-biffa, the sham or 
portion of a brother. *. 

bia.i-band, m. brotherhood, hrothen, friends, re- 
lations I also bba,i.iandi, *. 

bha,ibanl, m. fraternal community. A. 

AAoieAdit, alarmed, aghast, starting, t. 

hii,i-eim-i, m. or tAa.i-cAiiri, t brotherhood. <. 


( 66 ) 



bJkaiJkm, t astcr-in-lair, joonger brother^t wife. «. 

bkaius, t a female boiiklo. ^AotsM, m. a male 
buffUo. biaimsd'ddd or bMaimtijfS-ddd^ m. a 
kind of ringworm, bkaiutomdd, a tax or eeta 
for the prifilege of grazing bolEkloes. sJL 

hkaipatm or bkaUdM^, the sharee of a hrotiier- 
hood, eipeciallj in the lands of a village. A. 

hkairav or hhairava^ formidable, horrible; m. 
hatred, abhorrence, a name of Shica, <. 

hhaiid^ m. a stunted crop. h. 

bkatwigd (y. hiaibaOf pajing, ic h. 

biai^if m. brother, comrade, bkaiifibmmf^ bro- 
therhood, firatemitj. bkai^a-ekdrm^ abo biaigfrn" 
ekdrif a oommonitj of brethren, or of pec^ile 
from one stock. bhaUfipd or bkaiyipai^ m. 
brotherhood, friendship (alfo bkoj^pd^ bkaj^ 
mpat. §, 

bhaJ€tMf m. adoration, worshipping, a hjmn ; en- 
jojing camallj. bhajan-J:^ a. to sing ; to saj 
prayers ; to worship. #. 

bhujan^ m. a plate, a dish, &c. ; (^ arithmetic) 

bkajdnd, a. to cause to flee. A. [division, s, 

bhdjar or bhdjaf, f. flight, running ofil A. 

bhdjif i, portion or share of food ; greens, k, 

bhaji-jdnd, n. to flee, to run sway. #. 

bhajndf a. to worship, to count one's beads. «. 

bhajnd or bhdjndj n. to flee, to run away, k, 

bhajmif m. a singer ; an adorer. #. 

bhdjya^ diTisible, to be portioned ; m. a portion, 
a share, an inheritance (in arithmetic) ; the 
dividend. #. 

bhdkl^, t speech, dialect, language. «. 

bhakhnd, a. to eat, to devour. #. 

bhdkhmd^ a. to speak, to call, a, 

bhakofnd, a. to devour, to stuff*, to eat. k, 

bhakuhak, gluttonous, voracious; a feeder, an 
eater, bhakthan^ m. eating. ftAal»Aamtya, 
eatable, fit to be eaten. bhaJctlu^ m. an eater. 
bhak«kitf eaten, devoured, bhakshya^ eatable, 
fit to be eaten. «. 

bhakn^ f. a dungeon, a dark room in which 
revenue defaulters are confined ; a kiln. A. 

bhakif m. an adorer, one who has devoted himself 
to a religious life, a votary, zealot ; a Hindu 
performer, a dancer, a player; adj. attached, 
devoted, pious ; desirous, bhakta-rdj^ lord of 
the devout, God. bhakta-ld^ devotedness, at- 
tachment to. bhdkta or bhaktik^ m. a follower, 
a dependant, a retainer, bhaktdji^ f. faith, de- 
votedness. bhakii, f. persuasion, religion, faith, 
attachment, desire. ohakUman^ m. or bhakii' 

tmat, VL or Uaktiaia^ H or hkaktkoami^ m. 
fisithfhij devoted, pioua. «. 

bkakm^ foolish, sta^Md. h, 

bkakM^duij n. to be stupified. A. 

bkal, good, weU. bkal-ghofijfmy weU mounted; 
m. a cavalier, a. fmost. Aw 

Mai, m. side, direction, air ke hhal^ bflad-fim- 

hkdl^ L the forehead ; fortune, a. 

iJUZ (v. iU/«A, &c), m. a bear. a. 

bkiLt t the point of an arrow. A. 

ikaldj good, eiodlent, benevolent, kind, healthy, 
virtuous, righteous, sound ; stnmge, wonderfiil, 
admirable, comical, drolL ikald mdml, m. a 
person of respectalnlity, a gentleman ; (iron.) a 
silly fellow. hkaUhckamgdy in good order, per- 
fect, in health. bhaU ««■*«, to take woli^ to 
receive kindly. «. 

bhdldj m. a spear (about seven cubits loog). a. 

bkaUji, i, goodness, wel£ue. A. 

bkdlait, m. a pikeman, a speannau. a, 

bhdldmkf m. a sort of fish, a potherb. «. 

hkalkdy m. a gold patch fixed on the nose-riog ; 
a kind of bamboo ; dawn of day. A. 

bkallak, or bkallmk or bkaliuk^ m. a bear, a, 

bkal-mamait or bkal-wuMmn^ L good nature, bene- 
volence. bkal-wUimuaj courteous, politei hn- 
mane. hkal-pam^ m. goodness, exoeltenoe. Aw 

bhdlndj a. to see, to perceive, to look. A. 

bksluk or bkdlm, m. a bear. «. 

bkdlu'koUL, m. a hyena, or, as some say, a hyhrid 
animal between a wolf and a jackaL d, 

bhambherd or bkamberi^ t a butterfly. A. 

bhatHbhUfd, an ascetic or faktr^ who is pressed by 
hunger to rob. A. 

bkawU^Mi or bkanMkornS^ a. to bite (and mumble 
as a dog), to worry. A. 

bhdndy a. to please, to suit, to fit. K 

bhanak or bhinak^ f. a low sound ; a rumour, re- 
port ; hum of insects, a, 

bhand^ m. a mimic, jester, actor ; confusion, 
spoiling. bhcm4-kond^ n. to be destroyed. A» 

bhdn4i m. a mimic, an actor ; a small earthen pot ; 
stock, capitaL a. 

bhandd, m. a large earthen pot. bhan^d' p hu^ni, 
n. to be disclosed (a secret), a, 

bhdndd^ m. a large earthen pot ; estate, equipage. 
bkdiidd'j)hMfndf u. to lose one's character, a. 

bhdndaiti, f. mimickry, buffoonery ; a female mi- 
mic, an actress. «. 
bhan4dr^ or bhan4itr bhdn^rd^ m. also bhdu4dr- 
thana, a store, a place where household goods 
are kept, a storehouse. «. 


( 67 ) 


biamddrif m. a feast of joffis, sangfdns^ Ac. A. 

hkam4ari or (Atf n^ort, m. a house steward, one in 
charge of the storehouse, a treasurer, a pur- 

hkandamtDOj m. satire, ribaldry. », [veyor. s, 

hkandetan^ t an actress, hhanderiya or bhandeld, 
m. an actor, hhdndinf 1 an actress, or female 

* mimia #. 

hkmm4nd^ a. to abuse, to calunuuate. «. 

hhamdMor or bhand'$dl, f. the proTision which is 
preriooshr reserved for years, s. 

hkamg^ m. breaking, destruction, defeat^ sporting ; 
adj. broken, torn, defeated, s, 

hkanff or bhang, f. hemp, of which an intoxicating 
potion is xnade. ftAaii^a, t hemp, name of a 
species of bird ; also name of a species of in- 
sect. bka»ga»f t a female drinker of bhane. 
bhanffeld^ m. coarse hempen cloth ; a sack 
made from the fibres of the bhang plant. 
hkamgeri or bhangera^ m. one who sells bnong. 
hh<Mgera$iy f. a woman who sells bhang, bhangi, 
m. a drinJter of bhang; f. fraction, division; 
fraud, trick, bhdngra or bhdngi, m. one who is 
addicted to the use of bhang, s, 

bhSnfa, XXL a nephew, a sistePs son. «. 

hhanjak^ adj. who or what breaks, severs. «. 

Ukanjan^ destroying, breaking, demolishing, sepa- 
rating, afflicting ; m. breaking, &c. «. 

bhamfama, a. to change (money). «. 

hhamjat^ adj. breaking, destroying, t, 

hhamji, 1 interruption, hinderance; tale-bearing. 
biamji'tiiorf m. an interrupter, a tale-bearer. 
hhami-JA^na^ a. to give a malicious piece of 
inteuigence. bhat^'i-dend or 'tnamd, a. to in- 
tenru^ to put a stop to, to break in upon. h. 

ihamfi, t a nieoe^ a sister's daughter, s. 

bhamjum, a. to put into circular motion, to twist, 
to torn on a lathe, to wave, to brandish, s. 

bhamkrm^ m, a fop, a parasite, h, 

bhdmmdg a. to turn (on a lathe), to twist, wave, 

bFaodiah ; to break, destroy, h, 
kk a^ U nd^ n. to float, h. [sort. A. 

hhami or bhatUi^ t manner, mode, method, kind, 
hhadfdf a ploughman's wages in kind, h, 
hhimt''hkdiU, various, of many sorts, h. 
bhamlwdif m. the name of a grain, the fruit of 

the io,f , or water-lily. h. 
bhmm or bhanUf m. the sun. s. 
ihimtuma^ adj. f. beautiful, handsome. «. 
Morfvar, m. a whirlpool, eddy; a large black 

bee, a creeper. #. 
bkHwar or Maiwrt, t revolution, circulation. 
bkmktiri jphind^ to oirdes to be samfioed, «. 

bhampar-kali, f. a kind of halter (for horses). «. 

bhantord, m. a large bee ; a climbing plant, s. 

bhdyOf m. price, value, rate ; friendship, h, 

bhdfOil or bhdwaUy f. rent paid in kind to a 
zaminddr, distribution of crop between the 
zamtnddr and cultivator. bhd,oti'khU, land 
recently brought into cultivation. bhdyoH-pd, 
land long cultivated, h, 

bhdyond or bhdwnd, n. to please, h, 

bhdfOtdy amiable, dear, beloved, h, 

bhapdrd or bhapkdrd, m. bhdph, f. steam, vapour. 

bhaphdrdj m. steam, vapour. «. [», 

bhi^hnd, a. to conceive, comprehend. A. 

bhar, full ; as much as, as iar as ; all, every, size, 
bulk, whole, up to. bhar'tnakdwr or makdur- 
bhar, to the best of one's power, umr'bhar, 
all life-time. It is sometimes used in composi- 
tion, without expressing any meaning, unless it 
is **a," as ter-bhar, a ser; bdut'Ohar, (the 
height or length of) a bamboo ; ko»-bhar, a kos, 
whereas bhar-koa would mean a full kos, Ac s, 

bhdr, out, without, externaL d, 

bhaff m. a large boat, a lighter. A. 

bhdf, m. the price of fornication, bhdr-khdnd, 
a. to live on the wages of prostitution (applied 
not to the woman but to her dependants). A. 

bhdfy m. a load, weight, fagot, gravity, a weight 
of gold equal to 2,000 paUu, #. 

bhdr, m. a furnace, kiln, s, 

bhard, full, overflowing, s, 

bhdrd, m. a load, burthen. $. 

bhdfd^ m. hire, settled fare, rent ; recompense. A. 

bharadwdj or bhdradwdj, m. a skylark, s, 

bhara^i, f. a kind of cess or tax. A. 

bharaitt or bhafoit, or bharaUi or bhafoUi, m. 
a tenant, a lessee. A. 

bhajrakf f. splendour, blaze, flash, show ; perturba- 
tion, agitation, alarm, starting (in animals). A. 

bharaknd, a. to start, to shrink, to be scared, to 
be alarmed, to be blown up into a flame. A. 

bharam, m. credit, character, bharam-gantcdnd, 
n. to lose character. «. 

bharan, to, up to (same as iah), bharan^ m. 
cherishing, rearing, paying in fuU. A. 

bharand, a. to fill, to cover (a mare). $. 

bhafang, simple, silly, artless, having the quality 
of telling secrets without reserve. A. 

bhafarigd, m. a conjuror. A. 

bharai'Varsh, m. India (so called from Bharata, 
son of Dushyanta, its first monarch), s. 

bharcutnd, m. a load of wood. A. 

bharamUf t a release in fulL A 


BHA— BHA ( ( 

tiariuat, t. act of filling; >D}thing in irliich 

IhcT fill an; subatBiice. (. 
iiarb\iH4, m. name of a pnclilj poppj. i. 
UarbAanind, a. to (oell and be g1i»9; (particn- 

larlv the ftae, at in Cejur). i. 
Mar-iltariiii, lo flutter, h. 
b^rbhari, {. a ■wrlling, t >o». bAarllmri, a 

light, land; lail. A. 
bharbbnfif/a, Rmple, candid, trithont guile. A. 
bkaj-bhiitiji, m, a mau oho parche« grain ; name 

of a caste of Hindui oho psrch nain, i. 
bhir-hhin/a», f, a womim whoporchea grain. «. 
r bhar-daii4, galloping al fui! speed. 
' ' ' "o go at mil 9pi!ed. d. 

bhnr-ddn^ pheakna, 
bhar-iliaa, a. to paj 

Uorw, a gTBM which grawa in the jimglee, oied 

for thatching and making tattiea. i. 

bhari, f. theweightof oneiicoarupi, OT onetolii. *. 

JWri, haiTj j of importaace (met.) ; big, 
weight J, fat, large } t duahle j paticn^ eteadj, 
grave! atrong, thick, troubleaome ) m. a porter, 
carrier of hnrthena. bhan-bharlam, graTC, se- 
date, bbaripattkar chimkar ckhopta, to with- 
draw {tam a difficult of impncticable under- 
taking. », 

bfuxriyi, land watered bj irrigation, k. 

bhat^m, m. flying, boiling. >■ 

bhar-jatia, n. to be Slled} to be lined) to be 
brolieD- winded (a hone), k. 

hharla, m. alaked lime. k. 

bkarlcana^ a. to aloke (lime), bhirkini, a. to cait, 
throw, dart. b. 

ibaflcini, a. to frighten, to scare ; to blow up 
into flame, A. 

bbafktl, wild, untamed, ahf , coy. k, 

bbaftlU, splendid, glittering, h. 

bkarmdiii, a. to eiint« by throwing out tempta- 
tion', to deoeiTe ; to perplex, to alarm, k, 

bkarmild, ambiguous, doubtful, ■cnipuloiis. k. 

bkaraa, a. to flU, load, satiary, perform, disohBrge 
(a debt) 1 to undergo, to luffer, to daub ; n. to 
abound, to be flUed, to heal (a wound). A. 

bkami, f, weft, woof. 

I z 

bktiroli, m. hope, dependence, faith, conSdeuce. 

bharota-k., to hope, to rely. ». 
bkarofa, m. a load of graai or hay. A. 
^^t^-y^i, I a receipt in full. A. 

bbar^dnS, a. to be paid, to recci 
amount; met. is eipreesed when a 
diuppointed i aa, main m bSar ) 
paid; or still more idiomatic, " I on 

paid with 

bkar-pc fi, pot-bell ted. A. [brimful. A, 

bkar-pir or iAar-piiraa, overflowing, chokefid, 
bbarra, m. a panic, fatj mni bharrd par*, the 

bkart or bharal, m. a mixed metal composed of 
copper and lend. A. 

bharid or bhurti, m. vegeLable* boiled or fried, 
and broken or preaaed in the hand. t. 

biarti^ m. a chcHsher, supporter, a husband. *. 

bkarti, f. completion i filling ; loading, cargo ; 
rulgarlj used for promotion, tbarfi-t^ to re- 
ormt. t. [called AAore. A. 

bkariij/a, m. s braiieT, a worker in the metal 

bkarima, m. threat, menace; f. reproach, abuae. 

ikdr-Kiak (also bkdTa-raiik), m. a porter. (. [m. 

Mancaaa, a. to oauae to fill or load. <. 

bkeryi, f. lit. a wife or married woman. *. 

bkas^ m. oahea, cinders- t- 

bkaiakrid, n. to fall, to drop down. A. 

bkatina, a. to Unnch, to aet afloat. (. 

bk/uateajt, a tax on boata carrying grain. A. 

bkat-bkati, weak, aoft, flabby (aa meat). A. 

bkai/fg, f. a dialect, &c. (same as bkdt^. t. 

bkditar, reaplendent, shining ; m. the aun. 4 

bkatma or bkaima, L aabea. bkanut'titaii, an of 
amearing the body with ashea. bkatmak, > 
diaeaae of the eye*, bkatmanl, m. ■> 
bkatmi'karan, to. calcining, bkand-kfil, t» 
duced to ashes, calcined. #. 

bhitud, n. to be known, to appear, i. 

bhat-tiiia, m. a steak, chop, Or oollop. A. 

iAdncr, m. a husband's elder brother. #. 

iha(, t. misfortune, cnrse ; an Oven, a fiimace, t, 
kiln. bhaf-pap\a, n. to be curaed, to be unfor- 
tunate, to be lost (lit. to fall into the kUn). A. 

bhdt, m. boiled rice, food. i. [r^t. A. 

that, advances to ploughmen without any ints 

bkaf, m. a warrior, hero, soldier ; a barbwian oi 
outcast of a particular tribe, i. 

biif, m. a bard, a minatrel j a genealogiit or 
family bard; name of a tribe. A. 

bkdld, m. an eitra allowance to troop* on aenioe, 
commonly called botta. k. 

AAofa,;, f. praise &om a poet (bkil). A. 

bhafatiu, n. to wander about ; to go aatimy, ti 
miss the right path. A. 

bkafait, the wife of a bud, a fimals mmatrd. I 


( 69 ) 


n. a carrent or stream, the ebb tide. h. 
'. down the riTer, with the current, h, 

or hhdihiyal^ with the current, i,e. 
ihe riyer, and not with the flood tide. A. 
Mi, n. to go down the river. A. 
'«, m. or (hha^hiyariy f.), a sutler, an 
per ; one who prepares food for travellers. 
f«r»f» or hhaiiifdrif f. a female sutler. 
fSr-thdna, an inn, a carayanserai. bhdf- 
M, m. the business of a bha(hiydrd, k, 
m. nephew, brother's son. s, 
r. niece, brother's daughter, s, 
t, m. a sutler, an innkeeper. A. 
a or hhafiydri, f. a female sutler, h. 
Mia (see bhafhiydrpan), h, 
Mtray, wandering, h, 
, a. to baulk, to mislead, to deoeive, to 
JO cause to wander, to lead astray, h. 
. a learned man, a philosopher, i. 
Q. extra allowance for troops on march, h. 
ploughman's wages in kind, h, 
hy, m. (for bhaffacharya), the most 
I of the learned ; tt title given to the 
jiya Brahmans : it is also applied to one 
aches any branch of Sanskrit literature, t. 
m. a furnace, kiln, oven. A. 
>r bhafhi or bha((if f. a small fireplace, a 
f furnace ; a liquor-shop, distillery, bkaf' 
', one who keeps a spirit*shop. A. 
m. a kind of bread made from the flour 
arher and other sorts of pulse. A. 
fisar, dread, terror, t. 
', (inelegant) aghast. «. 
adj. f. earthly, terrestrial, t. 
bhoHf f. the eyebrow. bhaun-(efhi'kamif 
rowbeat, to look angrily, raising the eye- 
to frown, to scowl, bhau^en ianni^ to 
le eyebrows, t. [fasten elephants. A. 
m. a Urge and strong post to which they 
ll, also bhun-chdly m. an earthquake, s, 
(, n. to bark (met.); to talk foolishly. A. 
r. bhanwar), m. a whirlpool, t. 
m. a large bee, or rather beetle, enam- 
of the lotus ; a cavern, vault, cellar, s, 
L a female bee, feathered hair ; name of 
t in horses, t. 
iao, a. to whirl, to turn, i, 
or bhunsndy n. to bark. A. 
-•kali, f. a kind of halter. A. 
relating to evil spiiits. t. 
a house surrounded by a dead wall. A. 
nimated, inspired ; thoughtfuL #. 

bhavitawfOf what is to be, or become, i. 
bhaviiaoycUdt f. futurity, destiny, i. 
bhavjfa^ prosperous, fit, happy, s. 
bhavya^ what must, will, or ought to be. t. 
bhdWf m. stat« or condition of being; meaning, 

purpose ; sentiment ; will, idea ; choice, liking ; 

blandishment; gesticulation, bhduhbeftdndt to 

gesticulate, t. 
bhdwH or bhdfOH, regarding, concerning. A. 
bhauHiiyd^ m. a dancer, a storyteller. «. 
bhdtoak, m. the external expression of amatory 

sentiments ; a friend, a lover. «. 
bh<iwan, m. a house, site, a t«mple. t. 
bhdwi or 5A«tpa,«, future, what is about to be. «. 
bhdfoik^ natural, innate, sentimentaL t. 
bbdwn or AAtf,oii, regarding, concerning. A. 
bhaya-kdrakf terrifying, frightening, bhatfomdn^ 

frightened, alarmed, bkai/enak or bhaydwand^ 

terrific, frightful, bkojfankar, terrible, terrific. 

bhaydria, frightened, afraid, bhaya^ithdn^ m. 

seat or part exposed to peril or hurt, bhaydtur^ 

terrified, astounded, distracted with fear, bhajf- 

bhita, frightened, terrified, i, 
bhedt m. seoresy, mystery ; difference, kind, sort ; 

disunion, disagreement, bhed-lend, a. to spy, to 

pry into, to work one's self into confidence, to 

sound, i, [mischief-maker, s, 

bhedak, a breaker, one who breaks or divides, a 
bhetUik^d, m. a scout, a spy. t. 
bhedi or bhediyd, intelligent ; m. a scout. «. 
bhed'kar^ separating, causing disunion, t, 
bhedUf m. one who possesses another's secret, a 

confidant, t, [ofsecresy. «. 

bhedya, whatever ought to be kept secret, worthy 
bhejdf m. the brain. A. [A. 

bhejnd, a. to send, to transmit, to utter, ejaculate. 
bhekf m. a toad, a frog, s, 
bhekf^t m. (for bhesh) disguise, assumed appearance, 

di^Bss, &c., semblance, bhekh'dhari^ adj. putting 

on a disguise, assuming an appearance, t, 
bhelif f. a lump of coarse sugar (or y»r)t generally 

consisting of five or six sirs. A. 
bhel'sel, m. alloy of metal (in coinage, &c.). A. 
bhen, the earth, the ground ; the bleating of sheep. 

bhen-bhen-k.f to bleat as sheep. A. 
bhenffu, squint-eyed. A. [f. a meeting. A. 

bhenf^ f. interview; visit; present, bhenf-muldkdtf 
bhenfnOf n. to meet with ; to visit. A. 
bheTy f. a kind of pipe, a kettle-drum, s, 
bheft m. a ram ; f. a sheep, ewe. s, 
bherif m. a piper. 5Aatri, a species of falcon, t. 
(Aeri, f. a sheep, an ewe. «. 


BHE— BHI ( 70 

Ihrp^a, m. a wnlf. hherisi-dhoMan, m. ■ nmllj- 
tiiili! miwitpd ki^hrr like *b««p in m pen, the 
•nt of frilliiwinff the ersmple of another. *. 

hhr^'i, *■ to (hut, to eloM. h. 

bk*; m. (for bhtth) sppetrance, Mniined tikeneM, 
iHiUnlBrfsit diWH, HmbUnoe. r. 

bhnht m. (Hina u bktt) ippeannoe, Ac (. 

bhff, t. meeting, interriew j ■ praamt (to ■ 
■uperior). bi^f-bakri, > prew n t made to a 
nrwlj'kppcinted gorernor bj the viUaoen. 
blmf-patra, a deed of gift on the abon 

birlaa, to mnrt, act of tnmting. A. 

MafHrl, n. to meet, lo join) to iniTe) to mtke 

■ prnent ((o a luperior). i. 
hirfU, m. blt*li, f. a italk, item. i. 
bM, oonj. aiao, too, eren, and. h, 
biirieh/lMt, m. a beggar, t. 
UifhHi, t,. to iqoeeie, to oompn**, to crueh. A. 
bhiffdwS, a. to wi't, moutcn. h. 
biiffHd or bbiAgiul, n. to be wet. rU-bkigna, to 

Eauii the night in mirth, k. 
Jo*d, a, to Tet, lo it«ep. A. 
bUji, iret, moiit. bhijini, a. lo eanaa to be wrt, 
to wot, to moiiten i to oaliM to fend. hMjni, 


n. to be in^. biiimana, a. to OaiiH to be unt. 
bhikf), f. b<ftglng, Dharitj, alma. : [A. 

h<^nr'ii bowl, a waUet for oollecting ahni 
bKim, (jarful, terrible i m. horror, terror. (. 
hhiitA, n. lietAr'* hnaband ; brothor-in-law. A, 
Mimihut, n. to bun ai a lly < to iwarm. A. 
blutibMiiihit(, f. bun, hum (of beet), h, 
biiml'liiiidml or biiml-kamiiia, n. to bull. A. 
ftAiiM/>~U''*n> m. l)ie room appropriated to the 

■|i|Hir«IUa uf the tiukbi. A. 
AAMyitd, n. (*. Miy*a) to bo w«t. A. 
AAmii or hkiamn, ■(•|iarate, diSkrent, other, apart, 

(ill arithm.) s fraotion. bhinn-ilu**, vanous, 

AAiHHiiii.j, 111. to hare a ainj^ng in the ears, to be 

giildj I to Miund (m ahot, and bnu pota, Ac). 

A. [came mother, m. 

hUumidtr. m. h hair-brother, a brother not bj the 
bAiH, f. • wall (T. hUl), a ntmpart. (. 
AA;r (*l*o hkir\ m. a waap or W A. 
AAir, f. mullitiiite, rrowil, mob i a proe of nork, 

trouble tliin<'iillr. A. 
SliVj.i, f. Ilii> pliuingofliro armiro in battle. A. 
hUr-ntd, a. to join. In plurv rUwo to. to cluae in 

haille (annw*); to oum to fighL A. 

bhir-bamga, m. the rabble of camp foDowera, the 
" impedimeiila " of an arm; on mardi- d. 

bbif-bUr, t a crowd, mnltitnde. A, 

bhima, n. to be open or ajar (a door). A. 

bhifitd, n. to dose (as two armiea), to come to- 
gelher, to be joined, to ahootder, to joio. A. 

bbit, the edible root of the lotoa. A. 

ikualna, m. to be dauled (the irigbt). A. 

bUiha* or biiikma, horrible, fearfid ; m. horror, t. 

bkiihfal, f. a foohah or atupid woman. A. 

but, I. a waU (or breadth of a wall), mound, em- 
bankment, the Tntige of an oid house. ocAAe 
H pril, joi bdli ti but, the friendehip of the 
mean ie uhe a wall of aond (u. mutable), r. 

ihil or biila, terrified, afraid, alarmed, r. 

bSif or bUli, m. the mound of a tank or artifloal 
pond ; the veetige of an old houae. A. 

biilar, within, iuside. bbiloH, inward, inaide, 
internal, bhitariydj m. an inmate, t!ie peoide 
who lire in a houae, not atrangert, domettic ; 
men who preaide at a temple ; tfaoae among the 
gueitfl at a wedding-fnst who eat in eompaoj 
with the retatirea of the bride ; thoae who par- 
take of the feaat withont are called AdAorigra. 
bhUauri, ground-rent paid for the aite of a houae 
bj a Btnmger. a. 

bMH, f. fear, alarm, apprehension, f. 

bhitli, t. a wall of earth or maaoory. ». 

bhoff, m. enjoyment ; the food offered to an idol ; 
pleaaorc, aatiifsction ; poaeeasioo ; eating, Tic- 
tuali. bhog-baiutkat, a bond granting the use 
of a pledged article, biog-dar, one in the pot- 
aeision or enjoyment of any property. Ukog- 
labh, uaujruct m lieu of intereit. bhog-k, tu 

enjoy, I 


bhog, rti. abuse, 

bkoga, m. fraud, tnck, deceit, illusion, deception, 

imposition, treachery, roguery, cheat. A. 
bkogaiikikar, m. the possessor of the usufruct of 

mortgaged or pled^td property. (. 
lihog-ba»d\ak, a mortgage (r. bkog). A. 
bioghijfd, a small basket in which the sower cairisi 

hi* seed. A. 
bhogi, jOTial, joEly ; the penon who ^jora or poa. 

seaaee anything; one who pureum plraauni. »« 

biiMji iariH daridri, by nature fond of pleasure, 

but condemned by late to poTCrty. t. 
biogna, n. to enjoy, to suffer, to lire stoically, to 

take pain and pleasure aa thej come. s. 
ikfH/ya, that whii-t may be enjoyed, a. 
AAo.i or bii.!, m. a chair porter, a px1ki hnm 

(pronounced " boy " by Kiuopeui ladies). A. 



( 71 ) 


hafan^ m. eating, food, yictaals. bhafat^-k., 
bhofod'^arch, table, expenses, g, [t. 
a or hhojyct^ to be eaten, edible ; m. food, 
m. a wizard, a sorcerer, a magician, h. 
, a. to bark (see hkaunknd). t, 

hJkoU, t innocent, artless. hhoU-bateiif 
rat prattle, k. 

Jkompu, m. a wind instnunent. h. 
ill-shaped, useless, bad, nglj. A. 
, a. to deoeiTe, to impose upon. d. 
sillj, quiet, mild, artless, simple, i^ 
ro, m. a vault, a cayem, a cellar, «. 
'. the eyebrow, t. 
in. a sUb, a thrust, h, 
(ikoiUrt, f. stabbing and thrusting, h, 

m. a wisard who preys upon children (or 
ir women), till he kills them, h, 
, a. to thrust, to drive (as a nail), h. 
, Tery fat, corpulent, h. 
or bhoiUkrd, blunt, obtuse, i^ 
n. a kind oi fakir, a magician, i. 
dawn of day. bk(>r-h<md, n. to be finished, 
terminated, h, 

timple, artless, undesigning. h, 
»lunt, obtuse, h. 

labour, bhoiihdry a labourer, h. 
r bharamj m. error, mistake, doubt, suspi- 
apprehension, perplexity; blunder, slip. $. 
*, m. a cheat, a rogue, t. 
I,, m. whirling ; walking, roaming, t. 
, m. a large black bee ; vertigo, bhrdmar, 
lepsy. bUrdmari, epileptic, bhramatj adj. 
ng> gou^ round, roving, erring, bhrami, 
)r, blunder, mistake, bhrami or bkarmif 
lensive, doubtful, scrupulous, whirling, 
round. 9. 

m. Calling, declining. «. 

whirled, revolved ; blundering, s. 

one who is gone astray, a wanderer, t. 
)r bkrdnti, f. error, ignorance ; revolving, 
ring. 9. 
MM, adj. erring, wandering, t. 

fallen, lost, depraved, debased, polluted, 
nable, vicious, dissolute, bhrcuf^-h., a. to 
9, to seduce, bhratht-hond, n. to be pol- 
; to calcine, bhrcuhfa-rdjya, deposed, de- 
. of a kingdom, t. 
r bhrdtri. m. brother. 8, 
or bhrdtriffo, fraternal, brotherly. $, 
, f. the eyebrow, a frown. *. 
m. a large bee, said to be enamoured of 
tus, the humble bee. bhf^ngiy t, a kind 

of wasp, a large black bee, a humble bee. bhf^iih 
giphalf m. the hog plum. «. 

bhjritf m. a servant, a hired labourer. bkriH, f. 
wages, hire, maintenance, bhjrityay m. an atten- 
dant, servant, a slave, bkj^it^dy f. hire, wages, t. 

bhrubhanff, m. a frown, s, 

bhruHy m. pregnancy ; a fostus, a child, bhrun- 
hatyd, f. murder of the foetus, causing abortion. 

bhu^ f. the earth, the world ; land, soiL t, [«. 

bhu^d, t father's sister ; a worm, caterpillar, i^ 

bhubhalf m. hot ashes, s, 

bhuchf barbarous, ignorant, h. 

bhiiida, a light or sandy soil, h, 

bhu-ddttf m. a grant of land or of revenue, bhu- 
dttna-p€iira, a deed of grant of land, &c. s, 

bhugtUy m. ashes, embers of a fire. h. 

bhrn^aUtOf a. to enjoy, to sufibr; to receive the 
reward of virtue or punishment of a crime, s, 

bhuggd^ simple, foolish. A. 

bhu-gol, m. the terrestrial globe, the earth. «. 

bhufftdndf a. to distribute, to requite. 9, 

bhUjij m. a chair-p6rter (see bho,i). h. 

bhuyin, f. the earth, ground ; a kind of caterpillar 
covered with hair and destructive to plants, 
fiowers and trees. bhUfin-champd, a kind of 
fireworks, like a fiower-pot. bJiSiyH'4ol, m. an 
earthquake. bhUjin-hdriy landiet at a low rent 
to military retainers, h, 

bhujy m. the arm above the elbow. 9, 

bhujdy f. the arm above the elbow. «. 

bhujang or bhujangam^ m. a serpent. 9. 

bhu-jantu, m. an earth-worm. t. 

bhujely m. a species of bird. 9. 

bhuji^d (same as bhdjt), f. greens, h, 

bhujndy m. parched or scorched grain. 9. 

bhu'kampy m. an earthquake, t. 

bhukhy f. hunger, appetite, bhukhon mamdy to 
starve, bhukhd^ hungry, starving. 9. 

bhukhan, m. ornaments, jeweb. 9. [h, 

bhul^ f. forgetfulness, an error, mistake, blunder. 

bhuld-bisrd or bhuld-bha(kd, missing the road, 
generally a person who calls on another in 
consequence of some accident, &c., not inten- 
tionally, h, 

bhuldnd^ a. to cause to forget ; to inveigle, to 
mislead, to deceive, to fascinate, to coax. A. 

bhuldnd (for bhuldnd), to mislead, &c. h, 

bhuUundy n. to be singed, scorched, h. 

bhuldwdj m. deception, fraud, a cheat, deceit. 
bhuldwd dendj a. to deceive, to play a trick, h. 

bhulndy n. to forget, to err, to blunder ; to miss, 
to stray, to be forgotten, h. 


hki-lot, m. the rartli, region of mankind, t. 

tiiiai, or Mimi or bhAini, f. land, soil ; the earth ; 

Clace, »ite i ground, hhstai-d^, a Undliolder, ri 
mdnmn or chief. 6/iHiai-daid, being burut or 

reduced lo earth (a corpee). i. 
hiimilr. m. ■ Uiidliolder ; a ohief (. 
Mimi-iarap, ja. an earthquake, i. 
iMmiya, a landlord, proprietor of the soiL A. 
ftAHiRi^uicdt, f. a gonepl plundering. (. 
Ikamij/imili, on inaurgent ohief. 4. 
bAii-bha.i, a mau iuTesled by a proprielor with 

land, irhifh he inuet not dUpOM of. A. 
bmnifari or bhiA4ari, t a iniBll polch of OulliT 

tiou allotted rent-free Id ullage oerianM. A. 
blliitdigtt, m. one who cultiTates with a borroired 

plough or hand mitrument. h. 
bAasdli, f. a kind of norm, the palmer-worm. i. 
bliun4-pi'ira, unlackf, ill-omene<t. h. 
bkiniAra, m. a aubterraneoua dwelliog. h, 
Uii.ii, f. the earth (nee MH,iii). A. 
bianii/i, m. the lieodmau of a Tillaj^e. A. 
bkaijd, m. parched grain. A. [A, 

bkuHHo, □. to bs fned, dried, parelied ; broiled. 
bhanna, a. to perch, to grill, to broil, to twut. 


bhHnnnnii, a. to frj, pnrrh, 4e. *. 

bAinti, m. chalT, bran. bAuiti-Jint, all kind* of 

grain in hu>k. A. 
AAip, or bAi-pdt or bAi-pati, m. a king, a bots- 

reign, a landlord. >, 
bAar, f. a hole througli which water runa out. A. 
bAir, f. cbaritT, olmo. bhir-bdnfnd, a. to gire 

ainii 1 a spring, fountain, k, 
bAif or bhiri, t. satidj gronnd, eoil in which 

much Band ig miied. A. 
bAira, fair, auburn, or brownish (a> hair). A. 
bAirat or bAoral, m. Ulo, mica, A. 
biArdnd, a. to wheedle. A. 
bhurbAnra, dry and in a state of powder, k, 
bAurbAurdady a. to throw or sprinkle augor or salt 

upon meat. A. 
bhiri-ldbh. Tcrj profltabie, m. great gain. (. 
bkiu, OT bhus or bhitd, m. bran, busk, ebafi*. bAut 

par bardl (lit. an oesignment on chaff), ij, an 

aMigiiment &om which nothing caji be ob- 
tained. ». 
bAuiaunda, or bAwiaiila, m. or bAtuaun, f. a hole, 

a cavity ; the place in a dwelling' house for 

keeping straw, Ju;. ■■ 
Miiiafraii. a tui ou boats carrying grain, k. 
bAatrrd, or bhuteld or AAuieArd, m. a plauu where 

ooru or cholT in kept. i. 


em belHahmmt, jewel, t. 

bhttrrii or bAurrd, m. an inferior kmd of wheat. A. 

bha-nBdoii, m. a landlord, a landholder. <. 

bin, been, become ; existing ; paat ; m. a d»> 
mon, agoblini a malignant apirit. i. 

ihul, land irretentire of water, k. 

bkildii, much, many j eicess, abundance, i. 

bhulaia or iAoidAff, derillsh, peevuih, fierce, r. 

biH-Utl, m, the earth, the terrestrial globe. *. 

bAildlfnii, m. body, lital principle, t. 

bAutanr^k, m. possession by a deiiL Mii'artatfa, 
possessed by > deriL t. 

bbit-i/an, m. a close of ajirites or goblina. t. 

bAuliydtu, n. to be like a deiiL (. 

bAvitu, m. a email deiil, an imp, a demon. *. 

bAmtiu or bAitiu, f. wife of an imp ; a female de- 
mon, an ogreaa. t, 

bAii-itaacAar, m. ' 

bkutld, or bAuffa i 

large bunch, car ot corn npenea. /i. 

bAHPa, m. hearen, ether, sky, atmosphere. «. 

bbmiiang, m. a anake, a serpent, t, [kind, t, 

bkif/aa or biigi, m. a chief, holding by military 
aenrice ; hcadmeo of a Tillnge, A. 

bhdyoi^Aya, again and agfiin, repeatedly. #. 

a, a Tocatire particle useil in speaking to women | 
contraction of ii-fti, a lady, mistress, k. 

bi-'ainiki, in person, exactly, clearly, a. 

bibdd (toT vivdd), m. quarrel, contest, k, 

bibddi (for civdiB), a disputant, plaintiff, t. 

biioA (for vivdA), m. roetrimonT, marriago. (. 

bibaran, m. interpretation, eiplajiation. «. 

bibam (for eivaraa), faded in colour, t. 

bibei, m. biiriatd, (. discrimination, senin. *. 

bibAair, m. substance, nealth. t, 

bibi, f. a Udy (Tiilgarly a wife). A. 

bick or bicA, in, into, among, in the midst, be- 
tween, during; m. middle, centre; difference; 
quarrel, hosUlity. bicA-pajTid, n. to differ, to 
raise a quarrel between, biek ki aagli, t. tbc 
middle finger. bicAoi bicA, the very middle, k, 

birA-a-bKA, the middle, in clie middle, d. 

bicAai, disappointment ; fright, alarm, k. 

bieAakaa, n. to be disappointed, baulked ; to 
sprain ; to run sway, to retreeit ; to withdraw a 
consent which has been giten. k. 

bichalni, n. to break one's promise, to alip, to 
infringe, to turn, to bend. $. 

AicAannu, a. to tease one with questions. A. 

birhdr (for vici«r), ai. contrirance, considention, 
judgment, opinion, thought, vilL 


( W ) 



hick4m or hMkdri, without resource, p. 

hirharak^ an inspector, iuTestif^tor, judge. «. 

birkiirat, part, reflecting, thinking. «. 

6t<*Adn<, judged, considered, matured, s. 

birkama^ to detaiL bickar biekar kar bolnd^ to 
■peak in full detail k, 

inrkdruti, a. to consider, to reflect, to iuTestigate, 
to comprehend, to think, to apprehend. «. 

bwkknmd or bickkafndy to he separated, t, 

hirkanfo^ fit for consideration, t. 

iack'bieki,o^ m. mediation, interposition, arbitra- 
tion. kiek-bickdyO'k,^ to mediate, to interpose k. 

bickckkM, or birhMH^^ or biekkd or bickku, m. a 
scorpion ; the sign Scorpio. », 

hirkki'tieMj a. to spread ; to knock down. k. 

bickka/mdf n. to be separated; to slip, to slide; 
to »lip out of place, to sprain ; to turn aVvay. k, 

hirkkmma, a. to spread ; m. a bed, carpet, k, 

bickkard, m. bickkardU f. parting asimder. a. 

bickkardndy a. to cause to be separated ; to part 
or dLivide (actively). *. 

hickkamnd or bick'-ond, m. bed, carpeting, i^ 

birkkmd^ n. to be spread. A, 

bickkok or bickhohd, m. separation, absence, k, 

biekkoTHd^ a. to separate, k, 

birkkrdkaft i^> separation, turning awaj. «. 

birkkuydy m. a sort of dagger; a small stiletto, 
with a eurred or servient inc blade, h. 

hirkkmrdkaf, f. separation, sefMirating. i. 

bickkmrdnd, a. to cause to be separated, g. 

hirkkmfd,o, m. parting or separating, g. 

biekkmrndf or bickkuntj, or bic1*kamd or bick' 
karmd^ n. to be separated, or set apart, to slide, 
to slip, to turn away the face. g. 

birkkmrdnd, a. to cause to spread. A. 

bitkiir (for viekilra), Tarious ; wonderful, g. 

bickkdmdf a. to baulk, to disap]K)int, to break 
one's promise, k. 

hitkwajt^ or bichtodni or bickaulitfd^ m. one who 
interpoaes, a mediator, an umpire, an arbi- 
trator ; an agent or ambassiador. g. 

&n/, f. a little pit into which children in plaj en- 
dearour to throw balls or marbles, h. 

hMd, f. bei^inning, commencement, a. 

hiddf f. dismission ; taking U^re, farewell, adieu. 
Insld'k., to bid fareweU, to dismiss, g. 

iidd^ m. a mound, a cluster of mounds, k. 

Uddkud^ a. to turn the plough over a field, after 
the seed is come up ; to harrow, h. 

btdar, a sort of harrow worked by oxen. k. 

biddra* (for viddran), m. act of tearing, break- 
ing, aerenog, rending, or dividing, g. 

biffdrndy a. to tear, to rend. *. 

biddrnd, a. to drive a way, to turn nw.iy. g, 

blfafy f. oppr»^j<ion ; schism, blasphoniy. t. 

bid\ili^ a tyrant, oppressor, a. 

bides (for abroad, a foreign country, t. 

buiegif of another country ; m. a travvUer, a 
foreigner, g, 

bidh (for vidhi), f. a sacred precept, rule, com- 
mon practice, precept, discretion. *. 

btdhd, si*ttlement, arrangi*ment. h. 

bidhdr*, m. common practiiN), precept, g. 

bidkdid (for vidhdiu), m. he who has predestined, 
i.e. the deity, providence. #. 

bidkavd or bidhtrdj f. a widow, g. 

bidhdwat, f. perforation, k, 

bidhndy n. to be pierced. «. 

bidkwangf m. death, annihilation, g, 

bidit^ known, famwl, renowned. *. 

bidorndy bidornd, a. to screw ; to mock, to laugh 
at, to ridicule, k. 

bidun^ without, deprived of. a. 

hidydy f. science, knowledge, intelle<rt. t. 

buitfdrthiy m. a Pi-ekor after knowledge. *. 

bidtfdtodn (for ridifdwdn), scientific, learned, g, 

biff ah th rent per blghii^ fixed on lands. A. 

bi-qana or hi-ijfintl^ strange, unknown, p, 

bi-gdnagiy si rangeness, &c. p. 

bigandhy f. ptiiik, fo'tor. t. 

higdr^ m. injvnT, violation, difference, blffur-k.., 
" a. to quarrel, to forfeit friendship, b/gdr par 
dndy n. to be ready to quarrel, biffarnd, n. to 
be spoiled, dnmngwl, or marred, to fail, to mii- 
carry ; to quarrel, to disagree, to bo enragiHl. 
bigdrnd^ a. to spoil, to mar, to damage; to cause 
misunderstanding between friends. bit/dfUj m. 
a s|)oiler, violator. A. 

hif/fiMud, n. to be blown, to expand, &c. *. 

bignli^ {. badness, niiRdemeanor. «. 

bi^'/h(7 or hiifhd^ m. a measure of land consisting 
in IJengnl of 20 katthds or 120 feet nquare, or 
ir>00 s(]uaro yards, which b nearly ^ of an 
English acre ; in the Upper Provinivs it is 
nearly | of an acre, hlf/htf-ddm, settlement of 
revenue at so much per i////i</ ; a certain nile 
levied per hh/htl. Iw/kd-dajlitrl, a retord of the 
measurement of lands in a district. «. 

highan^ m. lun<ierance, stop, prevention, g, 

big nth (for vigra ha), m. quarrel, strife. *. 

'^'//r'> ^' damnge, war, misunderstnnding. A. 

hih, good, belter, bih or hihiy a quince, p, 

bihf/Mrt, n. to 8i>cnd or pass (the time), n. 

bihaud, laud cut up by a torrent. A. 



biAane, fbH; in tlip moming; soon. A, 

biidr, m. divn>iaii. (iport. amuiBmcnt. hihara- 

tthal, pUce of amusempnt. t. 
bihar^ imeTen. abrupt, rugged, ffftate Und, IhhJ 

full of ravines. A. 
hiiamd, a. to rfjoiM, to lake plenaure. i. 
bihhal, Bgilated, alBrmed, overcome »ith fe«r or 

bih-tsit, m. or bii'hidi, f. health, rigour i good- 

n™, irelfare. ;.. 
biii. ft qnince. hiM~dana, m. quince-sekt ; (from 

the adj. bUi^ i^ooS), ^oodncsH, i«'elfara. ^- 
Uhil (for hi-hil, "let &1one"), pardon, A. 
bihin or A'jtia, best, mo«t eiwUent. ;>. 
biAithl, {. Paradisa. biHj-iti. of or belonging to 

ParsdiBe; m. ■ waler-carcier. p. 
biiri, f. a anbBRription to raise a oertain aum, an 

«a«e«sment, quota, share. A. 
biilar, good, pxrellent, well, better, p. 
bihiarr, f. superior iracellencB, welfare, p. 
biUariii, best, superior, p. 
bijai (for pijaga), m. Iriumph. it. 
bijd,l or biji,l, f. a portion of need t^om which 

the poor are allawed to take from the fleld. A. 
KJat, m. a ticket, o list, an imrnini. i. 
bijela, seedj, abounding in seed. », 
i^ar, aoil in which the oerealia are grown. A. 
Kjar, m. a bull, a stallion. A. 
t^'or, aeedj, abounding in aecd. r. 
bijayi (for v^jayt), vanquisher, eonqneror. *. 
biihakni, n. to be alarmed, to be startled. A. 
bijh*fah^ a scarecrow. A. 
bijhidnd, a. to frighten, to scare, to alarm, h. 
KjhnB. a. to tear up the earth with Ihe hoofs (ft 

bull) ; to push, to ahoTe, to shoulder. A. 
inji, f. a weasel, a mongoose. A. 
Jijiyff or iijayd, m. hemp, bhang. : 
bij-lrhad. advance of seed and food to agricul- 

bijfi. f. li|;htning ; thunderbolt. A. 

bij'ad or bijfd, m. a punkah, a kind of Ian. ■. 

^'JiS (''"' "itos)- I"' separation, absence (espe- 
eially loters) ; adj. parted, separate, i. 

biiatji, wretched, one who is separated. >. 

bijri f. (v. bijB), lightning. «. 

t^iodr, perquieites of the lower classes, consist- 
ing of a portion of seed'Oom from the field. A. 

biid, crooked ; injured, damaged, (t. bdl.). A. 

biinl, restteas, uneasj, troubled, t. 

bital, m: the afternoon, i. [be sold. A. 

bikdnd (same as biktcdnd), to sell, or to cause to 

bilcd,o, m. sale. Mi-a,ii, saleable, for sale. A. 

, ) BIK— BIL 

biirai, shining, blooming ; eipaosion, diaplaj : 
ptenaed, happy, drliahted. (. 

biicwnt, eipanded, blown (as a flower). *. 

bikaiai, n. to blow or eipatid ai a dower, to be 
delighted, to smile, t. 

bOcli {(or ria#), m. poison, venom. bik\-dbaT, a 
snake (lit. poison-holder), bikbhd. lonomous. *. 

bUehorai, n. to be scattered, diapened, or dis- 
hevelled ; to become angrj, lo be amazed. A. 

itAA-A'Aopra, m. a kind of hiard, about a jard 
long, and said to be venomous. ». 

bithmdH, the name of a medicine or poison. ». 

bitki, m. a partner (at play, Ik.), A. 

blind, n. to be sold, to sell (in an intranrilive 
sense, like the French " se vendra "). bdc-jaai, 
met. to be dependent on, to be obliged. «. 

hUrram, m. great power or strength, prowess, 
heroism, act of overpowering. ». 

hihrar or bikrai, territic. ugl;, hideous, i. 

bikri, f. a sale, a demand. ». 

bikvtdtia, to cause to be sold. t. 

bit or bild, ra. a hole or borrow. ». 

bUa, without ; hild taraddttd, without hesitation. 
bitd laKo^kaf, hastily, Bpeedily. bild-aag^a, un- 
hesitatingly, without delay, n, 

hUnrhnii, to eitraot, to select, as passages from 
books ; to pick, to cull. A. 

bilady pi. cities, countries, territories, a. 

biiag, separate ; m. separation, difference. iUag 
mdnad, n. to bo displeased, angry, otieniled. i. 

bilagjid, n. to separate, to be separated, to «nrdle, 
to turn (as milk). A. 

bilab-baad, m. settlement, r^ulatioD, k. 

bilab-baiidl, an account of the settlement of a 
district, specifying the name of each nuiiail, 
the farmer of it, and the amount at which it is 
let. A. [ket for holding betel leaf. A. 

bitabri, f. a ladle for taking out oil; asmallbas- 

ii/a,i, f. a xbc-oat i ■ grater for scrapuig pom- 
pions, ie. bild,i-kaiid, m. name of a mediciQe. 
I. [n. to be displensed. t. 

iilakhnd, a, to see, to look at, perceive, behold ; 

bilahid, n. to sob, to cry vioJently, aa a ohild ; la 
long for, to desire eagerly. A. 

bi-eoit, the reverse, m ke bi-Faii, the contisiy 
to that. a. 

bttdid or biUdld, foolish, simple, silly, k, 

bilaldndj n. to lament. A. 

bUam or bilaa^, m. delay, long stay, bilambb 
(for vilambb), m. delay, long stay. bitambkti, 
biUimb*d or bilamne, to delay, tarrj ; Ut Slop. 


( 76 ) 


a. to cauee to ranish, to dissipate ; to dis- 
pose of; n. to retire, to be lost. A. 
hUangna, a. to climb, to ascend. K 
biidyO, m. a t6m-cat. t. 
bUdp, m. lamentation, complaint, t. 
hi/Spnd, n. to lament, to bewaiL i, 
hilar or biliary m. a male cat. s. 
hUaSy m. pleasure, satisfaction, delight, t, 
hUdiAy Toluptuous, addicted to pleasure. «. 
biiiunA, n. to be pleased, to be delighted. «. 
bUafmd, n. to become bflid. A. 
biUnngiy t, a species of grass. A, 
biidmyaf (t. Hii^o), a he-cat. s, 
hilhildnd, n. to be restless, to be tormented, to 

complain ; to weep, to whine, h, 
H-l'Jarfy granted that, on the suppoaition or 

condition that. a. 
li-l-JCl^ in fact, actually ; now, for the present 

moment ; in short ; in the mean time. a. 
hilgana, a. to separate, to part. «. 
hilgm^o^ m, separation, parting. «. 
hilhari^ m. a kind of basket (long and narrow), 

generally used for holding pans or betel leaf. h. 
hi-l'ijmdl, in the whole, in the lump. h. 
bilisk or bUisht, f. a span, the extent from the tip 

of the thumb to that of the little finger when 

stretched, p. 
H-l-iiii/dky lit. by agreement, by chance, a. 
H-l-jumlOy in short, to conclude, finally, a. 
H'l'kafd^ on purpose, designedly, a. 
hirl't^air^ in a good manner, well, happily, a, 
H-l'kull (or bi'l'kulliya), totally, altogether, a. 
hi-l-kuwai^ by the strength, or power of. a. 
bUld, m. a male cat. billtj f. a she-cat. t, 
li'llih (or bi-lldhi), by God. a. 
liUmmA, n. to weep, whine, h. 
hillamr^ m. a kind of stone, or} stal ; out glass, a. 
Ulhrnn, made of crystal or glass; the forms 

miari, billaurinf and biUofin are also in use. a. 
mS'lofan, m. Talerian ; so named from its efiect 

on cats. h. 
Wmdndy a. to allure, to tantalise, h, 
hilm, f. a stye or stithe in the eyelids, h, 
bilcknd, a. to see^ look at. t. 
hilomi or hUovoand^ a^ to chum, h, 
bUrd, m. a he-cat ; a kind of cloth. $. 
bi'l-wafd, in truth, in reality, a, 
M-^yoMn, assuredly, certainly, a. 
Urn, m. fear, terror, dread, danger, p, 
iimd or btmdn^ m. insurance; also the rate of 

insoranoe, or the per-centage paid for that pur- 

poae. A. 

bimal (for tfimal), free of filth, clean. 9. 

bimdrj sick, indisposed. bimdr-J^dna^ m. an hos- 
pital, bimdr-ddr^ an attendant on a sick per- 
son, a nurse, blmdr-ddriy attendance on the 
sick, bhndriy f. sickness, illness, p. 

bimbukj red, fiery, flame-coloured, t. 

bimukh, having the face averted, t. 

6t», f. a kind of stringed instrument, s. 

6f A, " see thou ;" in comp. seeing, as ^dlam-btn^ 
world-seeing^ an epitliet applied to tlie sun. p. 

bin or bimdy without, imless. bin jdne^ without 
knowing, unwittingly, bin mdre or bin tet/h 
shahid hondj to be slain without a wound 
(applied to lovers), bin mdre tcmba-k., to fear 
without cause, s, 

bindy f. foundation, basis, a. 

bindy clear-sighted, discerning, p. 

bind-bary on account of, owing to. p. 

bind'bar-lny tlierefore, with tliis intent, p. 

bind-goch, the cavity at the lower part of the ear. 

binahary m. a gatherer of cotton, h. [p. 

bindSy m. death, annihilation. ». 

bincLsndy n. to perish, to become spoiled. «. 

binauliy f. hail (of a smaller kind). A. 

binaundy a. to adore, to venerate, to laud, a, 

binauriydy m. an herb used as fodder. A. 

bindtcat or bindwaf, f. act of weaving. A. 

binay (for rinaya), m. humihty, humble entreaty, 
tK>urtesy, good-nature, t. 

bindy {. a spot, dot, mark. s. 

bindd, m. a fagot, a bundle of wood, sticks. 9. 

bindd, m. a roll of paper ; a kind of rope made 
of grass, or the fibres of the arhar plant. A. 

bindhndy to sting, to bite ; to be pierced. 9. 

bindhndy a. to bore. 9, 

bindiy f. a spot, dot, mark. 9. 

bindiy f. the hair pkited behind. #. 

binly f. the nose, blm-buriday one whose nose is 
cut off (a mode of punishment), p. 

biniahy f seeing, discernment, p. 

binjany m. sauce, condiments ; vegetables dressed 
with butter, «&c., and added to flesh or fif^h. t. 

binndy a. to knit ; to weave ; n. to be picked. A. 

bint or binaiy a daughter, biutu-l-^ inaby wine, 
daughter of the grape, a. 

binii, f. an apology, submission, solicitation. 9. 

binwdyiy f. price paid for weaving. A. 

bipaly m. a measure of time, a second. 9. 

bi-pariiy contrary, opposite ; f. mischief, ruin. 9. 

bipamdy a. to attack, to assault. A, 

bipaty or bipaiii or biptdy f. calamity, misfortune, 
danger, mischief. «. 


BIP-BIB ( ! 

t/i/darud, c. bi !>• ^ . rT' . rt, ntrttt'OT, mat, tni- 

W-f, a., 'niui M him*), > tfrntLAr. A. 

iira '.T 4'", r:. b brvl IraT mwle up vilh ■ [me- 
[i«/*t.'/t' 'it ti* Bne* nu', i(iiccs, and ctianun. 
&•'• vf^M, >. la usdnukr k tmuirMHL '■■» 
4*'*i. •- 1"' pirmw ■ i>nniuiuD fcr Ibc pnfcrm- 

kt; m. ■ th'jr.^ ticvl lo tiw hUt o(«i>btd,B 

n'irl\r,'A. k. 
//iriti, Di. fame, KpotBtirm, ]i«nc;;jTic i. 

Mi^ai, f, ikkji*** frijtn K|i*ralKRi. *. 

lfr«/H, n. tu Fx: cijii*iiii*ub<u or iplmilicl, lo 

>-. j'lj Mv'i Mif, In liTK in hnllb, euf^ Ac j. 
til-am, uncMy, uii'(uiRt, Hjiuted' «. 
iiVvMiw, D. Ui •tnp, lo Tmnain. «. 
jirifl. n>. ft brolhiir, ■ iMmnde. k. 
Uritii, a, t'l ni'.»;k, tii jrvTor jibr, In taunt, t. 
Inrnnii, tlmiiKn, fifrriin) ; belunifing to aontbrr, 

'if or rcUtinir to anijituT. A. 

I, tdm 


U^ar, t. bulJiipko lailcn with grain. JL 
lAmtmi. ti. loitBV. t« n-main. i. 

ti*kri it 


),ir-hahili, I, a amall iiiMct with a 
rri(ht iwl iijuur ; the »carltl or lady 
iril; oIIhI tlie " Kain iiiHxt," aa it 
tiueanDce wliLti tltc flnt raio* haia 

Un'A'rii, m. a kitiil uT flour made &i)ni the &uit 

of till: txc trwj. A. 
(Arehkik, in. (fur ori»r*it), a acorpion j the sign 

(>r Uiir uxliacaoealUd. >. 
Idnt-tiret, oterconu) bj, hdiI yielding to roiifor- 

MrAd, m. ariianilimi.jiartini;, abHnra. t.i. 

birhi {for niVnitf), m. Kufluriiig tlie pani>t of lore, 
H^Bnile from iine'ii toTc. i. [uf toTU. a. 

birkig^, anion niii, Mrn^iial; tulfcring tho pmsi 

Un, t, a iHtti-l-lraf mailc up with ipicca, Ac. ; (liu 
cloiir wliicli BitliFmt to thi> li[H from chtnrin); 
briol; a eompoKition, which being rubbcO on 
tlip iMtli, •taiiin llii-ir intt^gtioei of a rvddisli 
eiiloar ; ■ umall jNvrecl of betifl'nut (« . Uj-a). h. 

hirUjari, a grain imrrclianl, a camp follower (with 
Krain, lie.), a aiittl<ir. j). 

Urajl, made uf bra», braMn. p. 

Urim-ftiti or tirmf-fiii, m. a ipcciea of liec 1. 

itrifji, t Inoe, turner of tiBW. A. 

iirj, m. poxr, MKn^th. mei. a. 

dirtn. D. a poiui, a BcaU wdl, Ae bani of a 

(bantam, u. 
tirkat, a- a tii>d of ■hfIct who hare ralio- 

quuhad the worU; ^j. 

Ur^ Ltlle,t^, • 
, i-VH, t (.. 

{ me, fine, ihm. 

I hirmi,m, taming, tamed, allund. 

! birwa, C a waip : a imall gfain. i. 

I Urodi (tar liradi), to. qnaml, eumily. a. 

Urodii, quancUome. <■ 

Iirv; (fur tiroff), m. lepantion, abaniee. & 

tirojaa, m. aickseat bom the abaenoa of * be- 
loTed objert ; adj. L aeparatrd. i. 

l^nffi. m. a tirparatcd or dittnaaed lorer. a. 

iirra-barar, m. cuUt^icm in kind, i. 

tirt, a right, cuitom, pririlege. L 

lirld, f. heroiam, Talonr, proweai. a. 

iuia, m. tirli, I. porpoae, power, ability. K 

hir/ijio, M tenant who bolat hi) Jaiida on m tttd 
unalterabla annual aaaesament. k. 

hiruddka, nppcMed to \ contrary, jl 

hirin (for ifraa), without, ouUide, eitarnaL f. 

bi-hip, ugly. itrap-jL, to be diagiaoed. $. 

binraU, l. an orchaid. birvHu-t., a. to make an 
orchard } to incloae with a hedge, i. 

biiya (for virya), m. ralour, Ao. t. 

biryam, fried, Toa«led, broiled, grilled, p, 

birydiii, f. a diah made of fleah and riee, p. 

bit or but (for viti), m. wealth, lubatauoe, abili^, | 

hit, m. renom, poiaon of reptilea. a. 

iiitf, m. a acore ; a dog with twnty naila, *. 

bitad, white, pure, clean, a. 

friuA, f. purchase, buying, k. 

bUakait or budkii^, t. alink, fettdneas. k. 

hiMtthiiuIi, fetid, stinking. A. 

iinuinJ, ■. to buy, to purcliase. k. 

bitakri, f. a boil on the band, ■ purchaaer. 1. 

buahri or tuakrH,d, a buyer ; a purduuer. k 

bitait, m. eril, fiiult -, deaire, luat. a. [k 

bitin, £, an o&niiTB amell (as of fish, onioni, ix.). 

buina (for iiidiaa), a. to purchaae ; (for bitriiu) 

to cauH bo forget, to mialead. k. 
buindk, t. eril odour, a atink. k. 
bitiir, m. or bitral, t furgctfulneea, oUiTion. *, 



( 77 ) 


buar, loan of seed upon the itipnlation of ample 
repayment after harrest. h, [to gather. A. 

hisarj gleanings left in the field for the lovrer orders 

bisamd, n., bUamdf a. to forget, to be forgotten. «. 

bi*dt, f. means, capital stock, estate, a. 

budfj f. bedding, carpeting, bisdfi shairanj, a 
chess-board, bisdf-bdziy a play-board in general; 
means, capital, stock, &c. a, 

hUdfi (for Mmt/I), one who sells every kind of 
thing, a pedlar, a haberdasher, a. 

hiwifamdk or bUa,endk, f. a stink, h. 

his-bis, the call made to a cat. h, 

bvtbisdndy n. to yield a sound, as in the fermen> 
tation of putrefying regetable, or of vinouB 
liquors, h, 

buekj^ (for frith^th)y m. a particular circumstance; 
adj. peculiar, special, particular; abundant; adv. 
particularly, specially, s, 

biteldy Tenomous, poisonous. «. 

bUh (for vuhd)^ m. Tenom, poison. #. 

bixhd, venomous (as reptiles). 9. 

bUhai or bishayi, sensual, worldly. «. 

bishum, unequalled (in a bad sense), difficult, bad, 
excessive, difficult of cure. s. 

biskaya^ m. any object of sense; anything per- 
ceptible by the senses, as colour, smell, flavour, 
and contrast ; an affair, matter. ». 

biskefA, venomous. «. [(v. bitekh), t. 

buheifi or bishekl^y a particular circumstance, &c. 

bUkethald, f. abundance. «. 

bUkkd or buhiyar^ venomous (as reptiles). «. 

bithnly m. a rake, a lecher; adj. deUcate, nice, 
showy in dress, t, 

bithrdmy m. rest, ease, pause. bUhrdm-l.y to pass 
the night (used by wandering fakirs), s, 

biskrdniy rested, reposed. bUhrdntiy f. rest. s. 

bitkfkdy £. ordure, dung of any animal, t. 

frtfAJfi, f. rain, the rainy season, s. 

bUiy f. twenty ; a score, a measure of grain ; also 
a land measure equal to 20 nalis. «. 

binyary venomous, poisonous, i. 

bUmaiy m. amazement, surprise. », 

bitmdr, m. the name of a bush. h. 

biamily sacrificed(any aniiral). bumil-k.^ to sacrifice 
an animal, a. 

bund/ldky in the name of Gk>d ; this phrase is used 
by good Musalmans in the beginniug of all 
actions, written works, &c. ; hence bismiUdh-k.y 
to b^n, to commence. bigmiUdk-hiiydy said of 
a chud who has just commenced learning to 
read. a.h, [delicate, nice, showy in dress, h. 

bisui^ m. a rake, a debauchee, a lecher; adj. 

bifrdm (for vhhrdm)y m. pause, a stop, a point 
in writing; rest, bisrdm-fefu^ to rest. s. 

bisrandy a. to forget, to mislead, a. 

bisrdnt (for mshrdnt)^ rested, reposed, bisrdntiy 
f. rest, repose, cessation from toil. t. 

bitt or bUty twenty, a score, p. 

buttaTy m. bedding, carpeting ; a bed, &c. p, 

bistdry m. abundance, prolixity, difi'usion. «. 

bistdriy ample, diffuse, prolix, t. 

bisidmdy a. to spread out, to extend. 8. 

bistUyi or bisfttji/dy f. a lizard, h. 

bisumdy n. bisurndy a. to sob, to cry slowly, h, 

bitwa or biiwdy m. the twentieth part, particularly 
of a bighd of ground, biawa-bardty assessment 
by the biswa, bUwa-ddVy the holder of a share 
or shares in a coparcenary village, h. 

binodnsay m. or bUwdnaiy f. a fraction of a bUwd. h. 

bittvds (for viahwds), m. confidence, faith, sincerity, 
dependence, a. 

biatoiy f. alienation of land, on the payment of fines 
in advance, h, [abundance, superfluity, p, 

bigydry many, much, very, abundant, bvtydr'iy 

bif, f. dung of any animal; a fictitious salt 
containing sulphur; a kind of agistment, an 
allowance per head of cattle, paid to the cow- 
herd. A. 

bitdndy a. to pass (time), to spend, a. 

bifdnd, a. to scatter, to sprinkle, h, 

bitarariy m. charity, alms, a donation, a, 

bitamdy a. to bestow, to grant, a. I 

bitaurd or bif aura, m. a heap of the cakes of dried ! 
cow-dung. A. 

bifauriy f. a tax on shop-keepers, &c. A. 

bifhy the dung of birds. A. 

bUhdy f. pain ; affliction, a. 

btfhdy m. an annular cushion put on the head for 
carrying a pot of water. A. 

bifhdndy a. to cause to sit down, to set, settle. A. 

bithdrty f. cleansing the warp. A. 

bithamd or bithumdy n. to be scattered, to be 
sprinkled. A. 

bithdmdy a. to cause to scatter, sprinkle. A. 

bithldnd^ to cause to be seated, to make one sit 

bi(hndy n. (for bcuthnd) to sit. A. [down. A. 

bithrdndy a. to scatter, to sprinkle. A. 

bit'Uy parsed, gone, elapsed, a. 

bitiydy f. a daughter, a little daughter, a. 

bU-khety land cultivated by forced labour. A. 

bitiid or b'ltndy n. to pass, elapse (as time); to 
occur, come to pass, a, 

bitndy a. to spill, to scatter. A. 

biifond, a. to scatter, sprinkle ; m. a son. A. 




bilri-baiun. ■ kind of wttlement. t. 
hilta. m. a span, a hand's brradtb. k. 
ti-t-fatriA, diBtincllj, eiplicidj. o. 
i'V^, > Rtelon, a muak melon, a. 
6illii/a, m. a dwarf, i.e. a span high. A. 

iivoA, m. marriage. /. 

bigd, m, >etd [tee bij or bija). t. 

biyd iiga, oome, come ; a mode of calling pigeona, 

bij/dba; m. a desert, n wildernei*. p. 

biifdid, m. or bii/ihli, f. married. 

hipihan, m. mairyinf;, marTOgB. ». 

iiyatiia, n. to tie drlivered of jouog (animal); a. 

to marry (i.e. to gire or take in marriage), f. 
iijrari or *i,Bri, f. KUpper, *. 
biuog, m. separation (ifenerally of Iotb™). «. 
bigo^, Di. a later iiin'iiring the psin of absence. (. 
bife'al, [, itock (in trade), capilai ; agonfiy, com- 

bi-fdli'lii. of itself, independenllr. □. 
bitla, m. a garm^t for daily use. a, 
hi-f-ia-rirat (also ii-f-fanfm), neciwsarily. a. 
bi-f-zdt or bi-i-xdii, naturallj, originally, n. 
bo, r. smell, odour (same as bH, q,v.}. p. 


, culllva' 

inia, m. goods and clmttels, property. 
iocA, m. an alligator. A. 
bocha, m. a kind of sedan, a rbnir-pnlki. 
bochkanii, email i m. a dancing-boy. ' 



ir notched o 

the edge. h. 

fragrant, iceiited; m. a kind of leather, p. 
boddha, ingenious, intelligent, lenaible. *. 
ioiU, nt. uuderslanding ; a security. iJt. 
bodhalc, m. a teacher, a preceptor. ». 
bodhan, m. bodkani, f. knowledge^ leaoliing. *. 
bogh, a nnpper, apoucb. (aj/t-iiinif, m.tbe cloth 

in which anything is wrapped up. p. 
bof^tai, m. trumpery, triSes, scrnpa, rags, Ac., the 

stores oFa wallet ; ugly and bt (woman), p. 
boghra, m. a dlah made of boiled niout, Sour, &c. 

boyhrd nikilnS., Xo bo well beaten . somewhat 

akin to our phrase " baring his gruel." p. 
bohni, f. the money mviTed for the first sale in 

the morning by shopkeeper! and hucksters ; no 
allowed, nothing but ready money being 


« of b. 

called. *. 


bcii-biekh, assessment to be realiied on enltiTatio: 


I bo,igu, m. a small basket, k. 

I bojh or bojhd, m. a load, weight, ballast of a boat 
or ship, bojk-pakariii, to affect a new delicacy 
or eonaequcnce, to gire ouu'a self airs (it ia gene- 
rally spoken in raillery), bajh tir par keiaa, 
Bpplieil to a task, the performauoe of which ii 
become indispenmble. k. 

bojhii, f. lading (a curni). A. 

bojiutt or bojhel, loaded, l»deu,he«TT. i. 

bojkaa, a. to load; to scald or parch riee. k, 

bot, m. a he goat, a raiD, a tup. t. 

holia or bokd, m. a pail for raising water, h. 

bokia or bikta, ro. potherb, u. 

bokra, m. a he-goat, boiri, f. a ihe-goat. «. 

bol, m. speech, Islk, conversation, bnii, m. a 
rerbal agreement between two partie*. bold- 
cid/i. f. oonreraation. bol-bala, m. a kind of 
benediction. bolliU hand, to proaper. bol- 
chdl, f. conTersBtioii. boli, f. speech, dialer), 
Inn^unge ; conTer^ation, talk. boTi k., to jeer, 
to Jest. bcCi-fholi, f. jeering, speaking at but 

ti) riproaeh, to blame, bolni. n. to speak) to 
sound, to emit auund ; to tell, to t*.j- bol- 

ulhnd. lo speak out, to exclaim. bol-chmlnM, to 
eonvcrse, apeak together, bolt te botmi, to speak 
repmtcdly. boUa, m. the faculty of apeeeh ; 

bond, a, to sow, to plant. ». [soul, tile. k. 

bon^d, m . a capsule, or pod of cotton, An. d, 

bondi, t. Ihc germ of a plant after the flower ia 
shed. h. 

bomgd, a ntack of straw, aheap ofcbsiS'. h. 

iofli, f. the season of sowing. (. 

bar, deep; m. aluds of gold or siher. h. 

bora, m. redeemable mortgage; a sack. k. 

bora or bofd, m. a canvas bag, a sack. i. 

boriyd, m. a kind of mat made of reed*. 

tube; pipe ; 

bin (in comp.), kissing, saluting, bw o tiair, 
kisting and toying ; dalliance, ioni, ni. ■ k 
boia-bd:i, (, kissing and toying. bost-d»im 
Una, t'l kiss. Ami, kissing, used in comp. 
kadamhim, kissing the feel, i.t. obeisance, f 

borida, stale, rotten, hosidagi^ f. rollonnes*. 

a plea 


work by the PerBian poet Sa'di. 
bof, the finger, fiiiger'sbreadth. A. 
bofi, f. a morsel (or lump) of meat. A. 
boyar, land tbat is nercr allowed to lie bUow. 
bos, m. ercam-eoloured (a borse). p. 
boat, m. a kind of beer (t. ftaii). ft. 


( 79 ) 


bozna or hosnina, m. a monkej, an ape. p, 

broAm or BreUkma^ m. Gt>d ; the all-penrading, 
the dlTine cause and essence of the world, from 
which all things are supposed to proceed, and 
to which they return ; spirit, souL «. 

broAtmd, m. (see mdhdta) the Deitj in the character 
of Creator, or matter personified, t. 

hrahmo'ckart^ a religious student. «. 

hrahma-kafyoy m. the murder of a Brahman, s, 

brakma-lok, m. the world of Brahma, s. 

brahmam or brahman, m. a Hindu priest, a Brah* 
man, or one of the sacerdotal caste, a. 

brtUkmdiufj m. the top of the head ; the mundane 
egg (of the Hindus); the glooe, the world. «. 

brakmane^a or brdhmaneid, m. son of a Brahman, 
a joung Brahman. «. 

brakmawi or brakmani^ wife of a Brahman, a 
female of the Brahman caste ; adj. of or relat* 
ing to a Brahman, t. 

brmbmanj^a, m. the Brahman sect, Brahmanism ; 
the state or quality of a Brahman. «. 

brakmdwarttOf m. the country to the north-west 
of Delhi, lying between the rivers Saraswati and 
Drishadwati. #. 

brdkm^(Bj m. the worship or reneration of Brah- 
mans ; astonishment, s. 

braj, m. the name of a district containing the 
seTcral Tillages of liathura, Gokul, BrindaTan, 
&c. 9. 

brat, or barat or barif m. a fast, a row, a meri- 
torious act, rite, or penance ; use ; part, flaming, 
blazing, bratif m. one who fasts ; adj. engaged 
iu the performance of a yow or penance. «. 

brickekh (for vjnks/^a), m. a tree in genersL i, 

briddk or briddka, old, aged. t. 

iriddhi, f. T^getation, increase, i. 

brihaspati-bar, m. Thursday ; Dies Jovit. #. 

brikj m. a wolf (properly vrika). t. 

brikf^ or briksb, m. a tree. «. 

br*"^ (for vj^inda), m. a heap, a multitude, a 

qiuuatity, an aggregation. «. 
brishdbh (for vfighabka), a bull, t, 
brita or 6ri7«, m. a grant (generally of land) to a 

rdigious person. A. 
britdmt or brittdnt, m. acootiut, narration, story ; 
intelligence or news ; circumstance, mode, bri- 
tdmt-paitar, the record of a decision given by a 
pa/ichm^ei. s. 

brUhd or brathd (for vritha), abortire. Tain. t. 

btitti (corruptly bart), f. a stipend, a pension, in- 
come, estate, mesns of liTelihood. t. 

bruj or bnrj, m. a cable, a large track rope. h. 


bUy f. smell, odour, bu-kask, one who mh^lAi^ the 
sceut or odour of any substance, p. 

huy m. a father ; adj. possessed of; generally used 
in composition with anotlier word, as bu-l-ajab, 
father of wonder, marreUous. a. 

buyd or bubuy f. sister ; also an aunt by the fiither*s 
side ; (in the west of India) a lady (for bibl); a 
faTourite concubine, or one of superior rank, h, 

buchd^ m. buchiy f. ear-cropt, without ears, h, 

buchnd, n. to sit iu a confined posture, h, 

budy f. existence, being ; a dwelling, bud o bath, 
residence, dwelling, p. 

bu^df f. distance, remoteness, a, [called, p, 

bU'ddr, fragrant, scented ; m. a kind of leather so 

bud-bdshy f. existence ; residence, al)ode. p, 

budbuddnd. a. to mutter, to grumble. A. 

buddha, m. a wise or learned man, a sage. «. 

buddhdy aged, old ; an old man. buddhd ihabi§th 
an old sinner (a term of ridicule or reproach). 
bttddhd-khank, an old fellow, tp, 

buddhdpd or buddhapan^ m. old age, senility. 9, 

buddhiy f. sense, knowledge, understanding, bud- 
dhi'hln, senseless. buddhi-bhrU^ wise, intelli- 
gent. buddhimdUf m. or buddhimat, m. or bud- 
dhimatty f. wise, sensible, learned, famed, known. 
buddh'ucdny or buddhiwatl or buddhiwanidy wise, 
knowing, intelligent, s, 

budhy m. name of a Hindu deity corresponding to 
the Odin or Woden of the Saxons. #. 

budhd, m. an old man ; adj. aged. h. 

budh'bdr or budh-wdr, m. W^nesday. t. 

budhity known, understood. 9. 

budhiyd or budi^ f. an old woman. 9. 

budh-jan, m. a wise man. 9. 

budih, an invocation, supposed to possess great 
power over the invisible world, a. 

bugdrd, or bughdr or bughdray m. a breach iu a 
wall ; a gash, a deep wound, p. 

bughdd, m. a cleaver ; a knife, p, 

bughdi, m. a kind of camel (of high cost), p, 

bughrdy m. macaroni (also called 9eu)a,in). p, 

buijhZy m. malice, spite, revenge, hatred, h. 

bugmdry m. a musketoon or blunderbuss, h. 

buhdrany f. sweepings, buhdriy f. a broom, a 
besom, buhdrndy a. to sweep, to gather, bu- 
hdmiy f. a broom, a besom, buhdru, m. a 
sweeper. A. 

buhaniy f. handsel, first sale, earnest-money. A. 

buhrdAy m. the crisis of any disease, a. 

buhriy f. fried or parched barley. A. 

buhtdiiy m. calumny, aspersion, £slse accusation. 
buhtdn bdndhndy to calumniate, a. 


III! Jll 



d for, ti 


■lima, «. to summon, to snid for. k. 

*M, a. to L-all, invite, bill. i. 

ml, Ligli, t'lrvalnl, eiikllvd, rubtinw, tall. i»- 

ml-l'ii/ii, ot liiffh rank. bHlaad-katnla, am- 

liiiUB, «B|iirui|;, buljud-mizjr, of rialu-d 

■«>, ar]iiring. hmland-kmjint. ac-.ttitiotu, of 

:lv inti-ntiuu. buljindi, L Ivi^lil, rlcration, 

- «:: Sir. i. 

-1 ■ . . -■.^iL tf 


( 81 ) 


when Hwy make a practice of enoooraging their 
dependants to hope, but do nothing for them at 
last. The term also means any person or thing 
which is fair without and foul within, or that 
promises well but turns out bad ; a well-looking 
but stupid fellow. A. 
hurd, bad, worse, burd-mdnnd, a. to take amiss. 

burd la^nd, n. to be unpleasant, k, 
hurdy m. a coarse kind of sugar, k, 
hurdda^ m. filings, saw-dust, p, 
bmrdfy f. mischief^ badness, eriL hurd^i par 
"Mfhnd, or kamar-bdiuihnd, to resoWe on mis- 
imrdndy a. to cause to sink. A. [chief, h, 

bnrdniy f. a kind of food, consisting of the fruit 

of the egg-plant fried in sour milk, p, 
hmr-hold^ scurrilous, abusive, h, 
hurchody m. a scoundrel, rascaL h, 
bmrd, m. lit. carrying off^ a term used at chess 
when only the king (of the adversary) remains 
on the board, in which case he loses the game ; 
this species of victory is not so creditable as 
checkmate, p. 
burda, (in comp.), denotes bearing or possessing, 
as ndm-hurda^ named, or having a name, the 
gentleman aforesaid, a. 
hmrdbdr^ forbearing, mild, patient, p. 
bmrdbdrif patience, forbearance, p. 
bmrdmand, productive, fruitful, p, 
bmrkdj m. an old man; adj. old, aged, burhd' 

drhdy aged, of mature years. A. 
burham, m. demonstration, proof, a. 
burhdpd, ot bufhdpd or bufha-pan, m. old age. A. 
burh'bhaty one who affects in old age the man- 
ners of youth. A. 
hmrki or burhiyd, f. an old woman. A. 
burhwdy old, advanced in years. «. 
bmriy t a point of a spear ; a spike, burt-ckufi, 

{. the screech-owL A. 
buriday cut, clipped ; a field cut by stealth by a 
cultivator, p. 
b^ripdy m. a kind of mat made of reeds, p, 
bmrUfd'bafy a mat-maker, p. 
bmrj, m. a bastion, a tower ; a sign of the zodiac, 

a constellation, a. 
hmrjariy L a term of abuse applied to a woman, 

such as brimstone, strumpet, &o. A, 
bmrfiy t a small tower or turret, a. 
bmrka*, m. a dress, or kind of veil covering the 
whole body from head to foot, with eye-holes to 
it. bmrka -po»hy one who wears a burka\ a. 
hmrld^ m. a wasp. A. [A. 

bmr-mamdy n. to be drovnied, to die by drowning. 

bufndy n. to dive ; to drovni, to dip. A. 

bttrrdn, sharp, cutting, cleaving, p. 

burri or buffi^ f. sowing, by dropping seed from 

the hand into the furrow. A. 
burruAy f. cutting, cleaving ; sharpness, p. 
buru, a tube, pipe ; a kalatn for writing, p. 
burucUU, f. coldness, chilliness, a. 
buruj\ pL bastions, towers, celestial signs, more 
. particularly those of the zodiac, a. 
buniny without, outside, extemaL p, 
bussad or busadd, coral and its root, p, 
bustdn or biUtdHy m. pleasant garden. bmtdnj\ 

m. a gardener, p, 
bustdni, relating to a flower garden, p, 
but, m. an idol (hence, figuratively, a beloved 
woman ; a darling), but-parcut, an idolater. 
but-pareutly idolatry, but-tardsh, a maker of 
idols. btU'kada or but-tiidna, an idol temple, a 
pagoda, p, 
buty m. a hazard table ; a blow with the fist. A. 
bu(dy m. a flower, particularly worked on cloth, 
or painted on paper, &c. i a bush, a shrub. 
bu(e-ddr, a flowered (cloth), bufd-kaddy applied 
to describe the small stature and exquisite pro- 
portion of a beloved person. A. 
butay m. a crucible ; a bush, a shrub, p. 
butdy m. strength, power, abiUty. A. 
butdnd or butdyondy a. to extinguish. A. 
butdt (for buj/utdt)y m. account of household ex- 
pense. butdtiy relating to household expense, a, 
bufiy f. drugs; flowers or sprigs (on muslin), 

sprigs of a plant. A. 
butimdr, a heron, p, 
buildny abortive ; m. falseness, vanity, a. 
buttdy m. overreacliiiig, fraud, trick, take in. 

buttd-dendy to overreach. A. 
buzy m. a he-goat, buz-dil, a coward, p. 
buzd (vulgarly bozd)y m. beer, bnze-ttdnay a 
beer-shop, a " booziug-ken ;" the latter term is 
probably a corruption of buze-ttdtkif introduced 
into Europe by the gipsies, p. 
buzdgoTy m. a brewer, a maker of or dealer in 

the stufl* called 6n20. p, 
buzdgariy f. brewing {pi buzd). p, 
buzyjuildy m. a kid, a young goat, p, 
buzlna or buzna^ m. a monkey, an ape. p. 
buzurgy a grandee, a great man; a saint; an 
elder, an ancestor ; adj. great, venerable, bu- 
zurgdiiy pi. grandees ; saints, sages, buzurgdnay 
like a grandee, &c., nobly, buzurgty f. gran- 
deur, exaltation, greatness ; reverence, respect- 
abiUty. buzurg-manishy noble-minded, buzurg 




til, «ged, Btrioken in jenra, buxurgtrar, an- 
cestor, saint, BBge. bazuriiaiari, f. gnadear, 
rcierenre, higbncs, nobilitj. buiurg-iada, of 
a noble nice. p. 
bmurjiaiii; Iho fimous minisler of Nansliirniii, 
king of Persia, nbo lived in the lixlh cenlurj 


, n. » hiiiUcr, fowler. *. 

bfitllii, m. a fonltr, hunter, t, 

bgddhi or byadhi, m. ■ieknesB, ailment, pain, an 
gai)li: a fowler, huQtir; ill, eica, ». 

igadkil, aick, griered, peined. >, 

&)ai, m. marriaife. hyah-rar^and, to celebrate I 
marriage, byii-i., to marrj. bt/ah-liai, a. ti 
take in marriage, to bring home a nife, t4 

hySha, m, hgehte, f. muxieil. bgSM-jana, r. l< 
ried (a man), byihl-janl, to be mar 

ricd (a . 



byuhan, m. marrying, marriage. 

bgahan-jog, fit for marrii 

^ah-jog, marriageable. 

bjiihad, □. lo be deliTertd oF joung (animal) ; a. 

to marrj (>,«. to giie or take in marriage), t. 
{•vol, m. expense, expenditure, t. 
bj/djt m. interest I dela}>. ijloy-UoT, one who 

takei int^reat, a usurer, h. 
bgdj, m. pretence, preleit. ». 
^Bjii, m. tbe principal, or capital sum put out 

to inlereat. h. 
£jrdiu/, restless, agitated (in mind), perplcied. i. 
JjflB, m. birth, act of paiturilron. char-bvin- 

gd,t, a eoH that has calvid four limes. fi-bydA 

ji:tiak, baring produced two cal'es at a birlli. t. 
byina, to be delivered of joong (applied onlj to 

bgapir, buBiiiees, aflair. t. 

bi/Bpan, a man of business in general, a dealer, 

bgdpiia, a. to provide, oecapj, to effect, to ope- 
rate, to work, to act, to aSbct or influence. (. 

bydrlA, vDin, of no effect. (. 

bfdi, the name of a muni or sage, vho ia said to 
bave compiled the Vedai, ic. t. 

JyofH (fortyo/tf), pasacd, elapaed. i. 

^igam, m Iqboor, exercising, practising. (. 

byaghdr, m. cipense, eipcndilure. t. 

bgohar or hgahar, m. profession, negooiation, 
trnDSBCtion, a loan, monej -lending, custom. #. 

hyohard or hgohariga, a trader, a mono;- lender, i. 

ij/onffB, m. the instrument with which leather is 
scraped and elstned. byoagd phird aoAnl, hia 



hide luu not been curried yet (said of a spoilt 
child, Ac.), f. 

hgoil, m. shape, the act of cutting out clothes, k. 

igoilai, a. to cut or slia|io clothea. h. 

bj/opdr, m. trade, tnlllo, business, i. 

^opdri (same as baipdri), a merchant. ». 

iyord, also bgaard, m. difference, distinction ; 
account, eipUnalion, historj, detail of cireuni- 
atiinces, an account of parlicuUrs, or detailed 
account (in book 'keeping), bj/ora-mar, etpli- 
oitl;, in full detaiL k. 


cha, a termination annexed to Persian nouna 

(chieflj names of lifeless things) to form dimi- 
nntires, as ki-cha, a amatl street, form km. p. 

eka, r. tea. cha-diit, m. a tea-pot. p. 

ekabd,!, f. mastication, chewing. /. 

ehabi-otd, childish, puerile. A. 

ckabdnd. a. to chew, to gnav, to masticate. 
ciaka-ckahd-ke hat jtami, a. to speak with studj 
□r preparation ; also without reserre, or haugh- 
tily and scomfullr. t. 

ekabeaa, m. or ekitbfnl, t. parobed grain, to exer- 
cise the teeth with, when more aubstantisl food 
ia not at band. >. 

cidbkaf pdfMd, a. to crauncfa, to crush, k, 

cidbi, f. a kej. The word i* inelegant, and diieflj 
used in Bengal ; it is apparently of Portugueae 
origin, k. 

chabUnd, a. to chew slowly. $. 

chdbad, a. to chew, to masticate, ekak ekai hilH 
karni, a. to mince One's words, to speak little 
and haughtily. (. 

ckabn\-ka44h f- cartilage, gristle, k. 

ehabuk, m. active, alert ; a horsewhip, ekabnk- 
bail, t, whipping, lash, ckdbiik-datt, oimble, 
active, alert, quick, beautiful. ckiAgt-pkiif- 
idrHB, a to crack a whip, ckdhui-taigir, m. a 
horse-breaker, a jockey ; a good rider ; a hon«- 
broker. chabut-iavBii, t, jockeysliip, &o. eiU- 
buk-mdnd, a. to whip, to laah. p. 

cia/iuki, f. activity, despatch, celerity, p. 

cAohiitra or fhabilara, m. a terrace Or moniid to 
sit and conFerseoD ; a eustom-hoiise, a tribunal 
or court of justice, a police station, a guard- I 
house; a market place ; a boundary mark. i. ' 

riabicdnd, a, to cause lo chew, ic t. \ 

dacha, or chachd or chackcha, m. a father'a bra- , 
tber, paternal uncle (Lat. patruus). k. I i 


( 83 ) 


eka^aJkiym, m. a whistler, k, 

ckdchar, m. the pole round which thej plaj at 
the festival of the hoU; a fair or assemblage of 
people collected after the koR. A. 

ckackckal, m. large breasts. A. [A. 

ehatkeki or cAocAf, f. father's brother^s wife, aunt. 

ekacherd^ descended from or related through a 
paternal uncle, as chacherd bhd,i, m. a cousin, 
son of a paternal uncle ; chacheri ioAtN^ daugh- 
ter of a paternal uncle. A. 

ckdehi, t father^s sister, or iather^s brother's wife, 
aunt. A. 

ckackomd or chachornd, a. to suck (a drj sub- 
stance from which nothing can be obtained). A. 

ckddar, f. a sheet, table doth, mantle, reU ; a 
cascade, chddar bichhdnd, a. to laj the cloth. 
ekaddar, f. a sheet, a table cloth, a cloth of 
more than one breadth, ehctddar'anddzi, a 
marriage ceremony among the Sikhs; when a 
man marries a widow a sheet is thrown o?er the 
parties, ehaddar bickhdndy a. to lay the cloth. 
P'h, [appetite. A. 

<rA^«, m. eagerness, pleasure, taste. chd,e ckaxj 

ehagalnd, a. to eat without appetite. A. 

ehageTy t a flower pot (also changer ^ <!•▼•)• ^* 

diaghor, m. a wall-eyed horse, p, 

choky a platform, a pier head. A. 

rA«A, f. desire, wish, lore, liking, nfiection, choice, 
want, appetite, chak-chit or cAtfA o choz^ love, 
affection, dalliance. A. 

ditf A, m. a pit, a well, ehdhi sana^ f. the dim- 
ple of the chin, ehdh-kan, m. a well-digger, p. 

ehdhdy m. love, affection, will. A. 

chdkd'chdhiy f. the love of one's country. A, 

chdhak, affectionate, friendly. A. 

ekakakndy n. to whistle (birds). A. 

chakaiudy n. to be fatigued, to grow tired. A. 

chah4Ml-pahaly f. jollity, merriment, cheer. A. 

eAoAtfr, four, chahdrpdyoy a quadruped. cAa- 
Mdr-chamd, fourfold. chahdr-baUsK, m. throne 
(Indian) with four cushions. ehahdr-sUy square, 
market-place. chahdr-ahamboy Wednesday. 
The contracted form cAar, q.T. is more usual in 
compound words, chahdr-dahy fourteen. cAa- 
kdr-dahum, the fourteenth. chahdT'tak or 'tag^ 
m. a gallop, chahdrumy the fourth, p, 

ehdkaiy f. desire, will, love. A. 

ehah'bachoy m. a vat, a cistern, p. 

ckakehdhdy deeply coloured. A. 

ekakchahdy m. the song of a bird, especially the 
melody of the nightingale, chahchahe mdmdy 
ft. to sing (birds), p. 

chahchithdndy a. to sing (as a nightingale), to 
whistle, to warble (as birds), p.h, 

chahchahdf or chahchahdhafy i. the singing or 
talking (of birds), p.h. 

chahchahiyd, m. a whistler. A. 

chaht or chdhiy f. warbling, a snipe. A. 

chdhiy of or relating to a well, chdhiy f. or chdhi- 
zaminy land irrigated from wells, p. 

chdhitdy agreeable, desirable ; a sweetheart. A. 

ehdhitiy f. a mistress, a sweetheart. A. 

chahiyCy becoming, necessary, expedient. A. 

chdhiye (impers. t.), it is proper, it behoves. A. 

chahkdy m. a kind of fireworks ; the smarting of 
a wound by the application of medicme. 
chahkd lagdndy a. to bum the skin slightly by 
fomenting. A. 

chahkait or chahkai^hy brawny, stout. A. 

chahkdry f. singing or chirping of birds. A. 

chahkdmd, to wliistle or sing as birds. A. 

chahldy m. mud, ooze, slime. A. 

chahliy the wheel on which the rope reTolves at 
the top of a well. A. 

chdhndy a. to love, to like, to desire, to wish for, 
to demand, to choose, to need, to require, to 
pray, to approve, to ask, to attempt, to try, to 
look, see, watch, observe, chdh-rahnaum^ to 
keep on the alert, to continue watching. A. 

chdhoy either, choose, or, whether. K 

chahordy a fine sort of rice. A. 

chahorndy a. to transplant. A. 

chahuii or chahuHy four ; chahuH-or or chahuA'OTy 
on all sides, chahun-chakr or -disy circumja- 
cent, all around. cAaAun-cAoJt or chahun-^Ush^ 
circumjacent, all around. #. 

chaildy m. a billet of wood for burning. A. 

chainy m. ease, relief, repose, tranquillity ; a calm 
at sea ; denying a bet in gaming. A. 

chainay an inferior kind of millet. A. 

chained, m. a black ant. A. 

chaitangay m. soul, spirit ; reason, understanding, 
perception, the possession of the proper use of 
the faculties ; adj. in possession of the senses, 
awake, sensitive, cautious, attentive, aware, per- 
ceiving. *. 

chaky m. landed property, an estate, a farm ; also 
a portion of land divided off. chak-bandiy f. 
defining or marking the boundaries of an 
estate, chak-bardry collecting the rent of a 
chak. chcLk-ndinOy a register of a choky also a 
grant for holding the same. chak-(ukfdy a plot 
or parcel of a landed estate. ». 

chdk, m. a narrow opening intentionally left in 


a SiBUTV; * poUrr't 
nd i riii;;a ofemrth for 
3ne, mill, chaht., , 
o Bplit. chvi-yirebdi 

dollin ; s rent, ■ 
•lu*l i B whftil of I 
furiuing a w^ll } a i 
to ri'iid, to slit., lo f 
vitli collar torn, aOI 

chat, nctivo, nlert ; well, in good heallh ; tr 
horse rrady to coter; in "pirits. 
baml, hpsltby and rigorous, L 

chaidchAir, I. the nouiid of tlio stroke of a dagger, 
dialling of swords, p. 

eiatdrhauiidh, C being daszlf^ ; radii 

ckalcti,', f. the nanie of ■ pUything. a whirligig; 
a diLck, the female of chtilnrd, q.v. *. 

ciakda, dropping, distilling, p. 

ehatar, m. a. serrant, an attendant, chihiriii, 
pi. sennnts, &c. chiiiardn-s/imia, binds oi- 
em]il«d from revenue dues, and approprinled to 
tlie mainteuiDCe of public officers nnd atrrrants. 
chiiiaii, (. serrice, attendance; a grant in a 
liliHge for personal aprricws, iwrriea land. 
chatarUia, m. a good serrant, a person Gt far 
(in want of) s«r»ico ; one habituated to servi™. 

chitar-iaalrar, m. evasion, subterfuge, p. [p, 

ehakairiir, m, the name of a dieense in horses, h. 

ehiitchnid, shining, reoplcndent. h. 

ehakehaklt f.nkindoC dagger worn on the waist i 
also a small knife, one or two of which an often 
worn in the same ahrath with a dagger, similar 
to the appendages to a Highland- man's dirk ; 
adj. resplendent, h. 

ehatelha, with large eyes, goggled-ejed. : 

eAaih (for chat'hu), m. the eye. ». 

cia^ju-Mo^i, f. ntrangling, t>. [men of. i. 

rAatiiiiia, a. to cause to taste, to give a spevi- 

eAaiie, bi.'gone, swbt, siaunl. p. 

ehiifhittaa («. riakniak), f. flint and steel, p. 

riii^Antf, ft. to enjoy, to relish, lo taste. (. 

ehaH, f. (v. ehatti), a miU-stone. L 

cAaUda, drop]>ed, distilled, p. 

eiatidoj/i, t. a drop, distill&lion. p. 

ehakit, timid, fearfiij, astonished. ». 

ehakka, m. coagulated milk; a carriage whcd, a 
circle, s cireular lump of earth, round sod of 
turf; adj. thick (as dalii, &c.). i. 

chikkar or ehakra, in. a wheel i a circle, or any- 
thing revolving in a circle i a whirlwiDd or 
whirlpool i a weapon uaed principally by the 
Sikhs, an iron ring which lliey throw with great 
dexterity ; a circular course, the lounge (in 
iicgc) ; (met.) a misfortune, scrape, perplox- 

1 ) CllA— CHA 

ehnko* chnkkar men, on the foar sidee, on all 
sidpi, cAnktar marnd, to «be.'l or whirl 

cAakra-van, circular, ring-shaped, ckakra-rat, 
in rotation, revolving like a wheel, ctjirii- 
vnrti, to. an emperor, ■ sovereign of tliB world. 

dkaktoi, m. a perch for birds, most- A. [«- 

chakki, t a millstone, grinder; a liandmili ; the 
timber of a gunlock ; the knec]»n ; a thunder- 
bolt. I. 

ciakki, m. a claspknife, a penknife, p. 

cknklii, m. a brothel; a kind of cloth, i. 

chakia, adj. wide, brosd, round ; m. a division of 
a country containing several pai'gaiisFi; a round 
plate on which bread is rolled, citakle-dar, 
the governor of a province or counlj. i^klf- 
dan, f. tlie govemiuent of a province or county. 
cltaktd-ih''rcA, eipenses of a e/takla. chaibi- 
nniCTi, the accountant of the revenues and 
charges of a chakie. chakla,i, f, hreulth, 
wioih. chakldi^, a. to eitend in breadtl^ ti 
widen, h, 

ckakma or cAoitHu, m. a gome at cards ; a boot, 
a stocking, h. 

chakmak or clmkniak, or ehakadt or ehah»ak, L 
the steel for striking fire with ; a Sint ; the lode 
of a gun. chakmiki, f. a firelock, I. 

thakna-chir, ra. scraps, small pieces, atome, filings. 
ehakad-char-h., Co be dashed to piucee. cAaihtii- 
ckitr-k., to shatter lo pieces, h. [a citron, h. 

ckakotra or eitakalari, m. a fruit of the lime kind, 

ehakra, m, a kind of dish miide of pulse, k. 

chakranarli, m. a prince, a ruler; in liengsl, the 
word is corrupted into " ehaekerbntlj/," or, still 
worse, " rhakirhotlg." t. 

chakre{hd, having large eyes. A. 

lAiitri, C. a round plate on which bread is rolled ; 
a whirligig or plaything. (. 

chakrily astonished, amaied, timid, fearfuL *. 

chakid, m. a scraping of the skin, a scrape, s suar; 
a slice, Ac. chaUd lend, to scar. ft. 

cAakfi, f. the hide of a rhinoceros. A. 

ehdki or ch/iki, m. a clasp-knife, a pen-knife, p. 

ehal, f. going, dispersion ; variatiuu, departure 
from truth, failure in Uie performance of ■ 
promise, or accomplishment of a prediction. 
ckni-dend, a. to march as an army } to be- 

ckdl, I. habit, custom ; gait, paoe- ehdl pakafnd 
n. to prevail, c/idl-chaiad, n. to behave. cAWf- 
<fhdl, f. manners, behaviour, breeding, politeness. 
ckdl-miiad, u. to smell a rat. t. 


( 86 ) 


^dld or dkdiikf laborious, actiTO, hard-working, 
alert, fleet, nimble, ingenious, clever. chtUdlf 
datt^ expert of band, chaldk-dattly expert ness. 

chdUL, m. motion, departure. «. [j9. 

ekalachal or chaldehati, f. the budtle of setting 
out on a journey, &c., setting about any- 
thing ; adj. tremulous, unsteady ; moTeabie 
and stationary. #. [boldness, p, 

chdUJn, f. activity, alertness, nimbleness, celerity ; 

ehalam^ m. habit, custom, process, course, conduct, 
behariour ; ceremony ; currency ; adj. current. 
ehalam^kcUndj n. to behave. #. 

ekalSmj f. clearance, remittance; an invoice, an 
announcement of despatch, a pass or passport. 
dkalut^dr, one who has charge of an invoice or 
despatch. #. 

dkal dmd f a. to impel, to set a going, to drive; to 
fire a musket, to shoot at, to do, to hasten, to 
forward, to send, to accustom, to act, to advance, 
to throw, to thrust, to use, to walk. #. 

ekalautd^ passing, moveable ; vendible. #. 

ckaULfi, m. habit^ custom, t. 

ehalatf current, saleable, vendible. «. 

chald^Uj going; frail, inconstant, fickle; on the 
point of death. <• 

ekalmw or chaldwdf m. motion, custom, s. 

ekaliwai^imdam^ invoice or statement of revenue 

ekai-iiekalf m. error, mistake. #. [sent. h.p. 

ekalekaldWy m. preparation for journey. #. 

duU-ckUi, fickle, inconstant ; m. fickleness. «. 

ekal-ekUUUdf f. fickleness, inconstancy. «. 

ekal-d<Uy m. the holv fig-tree. s. 

ckalgk^tOj m. a kincl of nut, like tlie pistachio, p, 

ekdli^ roguish, wicked, mischievous, h. 

ekdlis, forty. ehdlU-tutun, a pavilion, palace, &c., 
baring fort^ {i.e. a great many) pillars. #. 

e k dtiti y m. a dimness of sight which is supposed 
to come on at forty years of ago, and often to 
be removed on approaching the forty-eightli or 
fiftieth year ; the fortieth year of any era, or of 
the oentuiy ; an aggregate of forty, a period of 
forty days ; a quarantine. #. 

ckdlishf t exertion ; manner, conduct, p. 

cAd/isi, f. quarantine; a period of forty days' 
abstinence kept after the death of a relation, s. 

chdUs^dfif the fortieth ; hence a festival or cere- 
nionv held on the fortieth day after cliild-birth, 
death of a relation, &c. s. 
cAaliij current, usual ; shaking ; departed ; m. 

moveable or personal property. «. 
ckalUr^ m. (v. charilr) conduct, nature, &c. a. 
ckaUiriy gay, sportive, cliangeable, afiected. #. 

chaindf n. to go, to proceed, to walk ; to go off, to 
pass (as coin), to blow, to flow, to behave, to 
sail, to work, to answer, to succeed, to last, to 
serve, to stand, chal-nikalndf n. to turn out 
vicious, to exceed bounds. c/uUe-ydud or chaU' 
chcUnd, n. to go along. ». 

ehdlndy a. to sift ; n. to be mischierous. #. 

chulni or cluilnly f. a sieve ; adj. current. a» 

chalo, intcrj. away, begone ; come away, a, 

chaltl'chiZy f. a saleable commodity. A. 

chalUf m. water taken up in the palm of the hand 
for rinsing the mouth. #. 

chalukf m. the hand hollowed, as for holding a 
Utile water ; a small pot. #. 

cham, m. an easy air (m walking), p. 

c/uim^ m. hide, skin, leather. c/Mm ke ddm chtt' 
Idne, a. to stretch to the utmost, a temporary 
authority (lit. to give currency to corns of 
leather). chdmchorif adulterous connection. 
9, [fnach-hota^ name of a bird, the spoonbilL p, 

chamach or cAamchd, m. a spoon, a ladle. cAo- 

cAamd,if copper-coloured, k. 

chamaky i. glitter, splendour, glare. ^amak- 
(amak, t bplendour, refulgence. cAamaki$dy n. 
to ghiter, to shine, to llasl^ to glare, to startle ; 
to prosper; to be angry. cAanuUcid, bright^ 
brilliaut. h, 

chaman^ m. a bed in a garden, a parterre. cAo- 
man-band^ m. a gardener, chaman-bumdiy art of 
gardening, chaman-bandk-k.^ a. to lay out a 
garden, chamatii-dahry terrestrial abode, cha- 
man-zdr, a meadow, ckamanl, of or belonging 
to a flower-bed. chamanutd»y m. a flower-boa. p, 

chamdn, walking haughtily or gracefully, p, 

chamar or chdmar^ m. the tail ot the Bosgruuiiiens, 
used to whisk ofl* flies, &c. s. 

chamdr, m. a worker in leather, a shoemaker, a 
tanner, a currier, ckumar-kdr, a man of low 
caste, who works in hides and leather. cAa- 
mdrni or chamarl^ f. the wife of a chatndr. a, 

chamatkary m. amazement, splendour, a, 

chamatkuri, astonishing, surprising ; acute. a» 

chamatkrity surprised, astonished. #. 

ckamd^un or rAam<i,«(, f. slippers or shoes, h. 

chambdy m. a tribe of beggars who cut or scarify 
their skm. k, 

chambal or chantbld^ a beggar's cup. h. 

chambar, a cover for the ckUum of a hukka. eham- 
barl-gardany stocks, pillory, necklace, handker- 
chief, dog's collar, p, 

chambuy m. a narrow-necked vessel for holding 
water, commonly called a goglet. k. 



( 86 ) 



chamchay m. a spoon. chamcha-hh(try a Bpoonfiil. 
chamcha-har-degiy one who intermeddles in erery 
one's affairs : Scottice, *' one who puts his spoon 
in cTerybody's kail." p.h, 

chamchamaha\y f. brightness, chamehamdnd^ n. 
to tingle, to sleep, to sparkle, to glitter, h, 

chamgadar^ m. or chamgndfi, f. or cliamgidar, m, 
a large bat, the flying fox. k. 

chamJcana^ a. to cause to glitter; to provoke, make 
to start ; to wave, to brundish, to brighten ; to 
display. chamJcdw^ m. or chamkdhaff f. glitter, 
splendour, much light, flourish. chamkif f. 
glitter ; a spangle, h, 

chammal, m. or chamliy m. or chamli, f. a mendi- 
cant's cup, a begging-dish. h. 

ehamofd, m. chamofi, f. a razor-strap, s. 

chdmpf f. the lock of a gun ; the stocks, the rack. 
chdmp'chqrhdndy a. to cock a gun. h. 

champdf m. or champaky the name of a tree bear- 
ing a fragrant yellow flower ; also its blossom. 
ehampd'kdliy f. a necklace, each piece of which 
resembles the unblown flowers of the champd. 
champd-keldy m. a small kind of plantain or 
banana. ehampak'barm or cAafnpa,!, of the 
colour of the champd flower, i.e, gold coloured. 

champaty running otf, absconded. A. [t, 

champat-hond or hojdnd, n. to vanish, to disappear, 
to scamper off*, to run away. h. 

chdmpnd, a. to join ; to stuff, to cram. A. 

champu, m. (v. chappu) a paddle, an oar. h. 

chamfdy m. leather, skin, ohamfd-udhefjid, -chhur- 
and, -khainchndy or nikdlmd, a. to flay, s, 

chamri^ f. the yak or hos-grunntensy of whose tail- 
hairs the chauri is usually made. s. 

chamiij f. an army ; a squadron ; a division, h. 

chamukanj m. a tick or louse infesting cattle h. 

cJiandy or chanak or chandkd, m. gram, a kind of 
pulse, chick pea, vetches ; on this pulse horses 
are chiefly fed in India, s, [the husk), h. 

chanakndy n. to burst and fall out (as a seed irom 

chanchaly unsteady ; fickle ; reckless, wanton ; 
perishable ; m. a lecher, a libertine, chanchal- 
hjridayy capricious, false-hearted. 8. 

chanchaldy t. lightning ; adj. unsteady, s. 

ehanchaldha^y f, unsteadiness, wantonness, chan- 
chaldytf f. chanchaUpandy m. gaiety, wantonness. 

chanchaldftdy n. to be playful, or restless. 9. [s. 

ehanchalatdy f. perishablcness ; fickleness. «. 

chanchandha^y f. a throb, a shooting pain, chan" 
chandndy n. to throb or shoot (as a boil, &c.); to 
make the noise that butter does in a frying-pan. 

chdnchariy a kind of inferior grain. A. [A. 

chanchUy f. the beak of a bird. #. 

chandy some, few (interrogatively), how much ? 
how often ? when ? chand dar chandy several, 
various, chand roga, of few days, transitory. 
har-chand or har-chand-kiy although, neverthe- 
less, notwithstanding, however, with all that, so 
much the more. p. 

chandy fierce, passionate, hot, acrid, s. 

chdnd (also chand a) y m. the moon ; the crown of 
the head ; a white spot in the forehead of cattle 
and many other things which are moon-like ; 
name of an ornament ; a month ; a target (to 
shoot at), chdnd'chhipdndy a. to change as the 
moon, chand-mukhy 'mukhi or 'bttdaniy moon- 
faced, i.e. beautiful as the moon, ehdnd-rdty 
night of the new moon ; end of the month. 
chdndrtdrdy a robe made of flowering muslin, 
&c. chdnd-mdrndy a. to fire at a mariL ehdnd 
ne khet kiydy the moon has risen, s, 

chdndy f. a prop, support. A. 

chanddy m. assessment, subscription. ehanda 
unhandy to subscribe or contribute. A. 

chdnda or chdnddy m. a common station of the 
revenue survey ; a subscription to raise a certain 
sum ; an assessment, quota, share. A. 

chandaly or chan^dl or chdnddly m. an inferior 
ca8t« of HindCis; (met.) a miser, a mercilesa 
wret<!h, an outcast. chdn^dU or chanddlim, £ a 
woman of the same tribe, s. 

chandan, m. sandal wood or tree, a, 

chanddny many, numbers, more, as many as, how 
many soever, so much, so greatly, p. 

ehanddnoy sundry, or miscellaneous ; a variety of 
petty taxes formerly levied by the Mogul govern- 
ment, such aa those on musicians, showmen, Ac 
p. [how much soever, jp. 

chanddnkiy as many, as much, whatever, so greatly; 

chandar or chandroy m. the moon, chandra-rekhd 
or chandra-lekhdy f. a digit of the moon. cAcm- 
dra-gol or charuirchmandaly m. the orb or sphere 
of the moon. chandrcHnaniy m. the moon-gem. «. 

chandatdy' f. warmth, pungency, fierceness. #. 

chandavdy m. the shaft ox a ploughshare. A. 

chanddwaly m. the rear guard. A. 

chandcy a few, some ; sometime, p, 

chandeliy f. a fine species of cotton fabric k. 

chdndi or chandiydy f. silv^, plate ; the crown of 

chandiny so much, so many, p, [the head, g, 

ehandina, a variety of petty taxes (v. t^nddna). p, 

chandldy bald (v. chandrd)i m. baldnesa. A. 

chandnd or chdndnd, m. light, ehdndnm-^pakf^y m. 
the light fortnight of the moon. «. 


( 87 ) 


ekdmdm^ f. the moonbeams ; name of a flower ; a 
white cloth spread OTer a carpet ; anything white 
and shining, ehdndm chavk, m. a wide and 
public street or market, that of Delhi being 
celebrated in its waj. chdndnl-rdty f. a moon- 
light night, ckdndiu kd mdrd-jdnd, n. to be 
affected with a disease supposed to proceed 
from a stroke of the moon (a horse). 

ekaudol^ m. (for ehanddwaf) the rear-guard; a 
sort of sedan ; the name of a bird, a species 
of the lark ; a plaything consisting of four little 
earthen pots joined together, h, 

ekandrdy bald; wise, intelligent, h, 

ekdMdra or chandray lunar ; m. the moon-gem ; a 
lunar month ; the light fortnight, chattdra- 
grakany m. a lunar eclipse. chandra-hdVy m. a 
sort of necklace composed of circular pieces of 
gold, silTer, &c. chandra-jot, f. moonshine ; a 
blue light, chandra-kaldj f. a digit or one- 
sixteenth part of the moon*s orb or diameter ; 
a lunar crescent. chandra-kdtUa or chandra' 
kdiUdf m. a species of gem, supposed to be 
formed of the congelation of the rays of the 
moon, g, [beautiful as the moon. #. 

ekatuLra-mukhiy moonfaced, i.e. having a face 

dkandr<»md or chandrdnd^ n. to be withered or 
dried up (a tree); to cease to grow. h. 

ekandra-renw, m. a plagiarist, poetical thief. «. 

ekamdrikdy f. moonlight, moonbeams. «. 

ekamdrodatfy m an awning, a cloth or sheet spread 
over the open courts of Hindu houses, &c. s. 

ekan4w€Uy passionate, violent, warm, s, 

ekan^f t a claw ; the hand expanded ; a kind of 
guitar, a harp ; fame, report; a pai)er kite which 
they fly at night, p. 

ckam^d, healthy, cured, sound, ehangd-bandndy 
a. to correct, to punish, to put to right, bkald- 
ekamgd^ in health and rigour ; perfect-, good. h. 

ekamgetTy m. a tray, a trough. A. 

ckat^eTf f. a flower-pot, a tray. A. 

ekaigerdy m. a large basket ; a trough. A, 

ehangeriy f. a small basket. 4. 

changi^ m. one who plays on the ^Mmg. p, 

ehdngld^ m. a colour in horses. A. 

ekanguly m. a claw, a talon, p. 

chaniy a small species of chand or gram, h, 

ekdnff f. a prop, support. K 

ekdnfiy cesses levied or " squeezed " from artisans 
and others, h. 

ekdmfnd, a. to press, to squeeze. A. 

ehddwaly m. rice (t. chdwal). A. 

eAomoar, m. a flapper to drive away flies. «. 

cAa,o, m. eagerness* pleasure, taste; a measure 
equal to four fingers ; a kind of bamboo. ehd^O' 
chochld or ekdo,-ehoZy fondness, endearment, ten- 
derness, love. A. [p. 

chapy left, the left hand, chap o rdH, left, right. 

chapaknd, n. to collapse. A. 

ehiipal, trembling, tremulous, wavering, unsteady; 
swii't, expeditious ; wanton, restless, volatile ; 
adv. swiftly, chdpal, m. unsteadiness. chapcUd^ 
f. the goddess of fortune ; lightning ; a whore. 
chapcUatd, f. fickleness, inconstancy, ehapa' 
Idtmak, of a fickle or inconstant nature. 9. 

chapdndy a. to abash, to place one thing on 
another, to pile. A. 

chapajr-chapar, f. the noise that a person's mouth 
makes when eating. A. 

chaparndy n. to flee ; to desist, to deny. A, 

chapdtdy m. or chapdtiy f. a thin cake of unleavened 
bread. A. 

chapafndy n. to be flattened, also to stick. A. 

chapefy m. the palm of the hand with the fingers 
extended ; f. risk ; a slap, a blow. g. 

chapefdy illegitimate ; m. a slap ; a bastard, or as 
we say in the vernacular, '* a bye blow." A« 

chapkaUshy f. crowding ; want of room, t, 

ehapkauy f. a kind of vest, a sort of coat, ekap' 
kan-ddry m. a vest like a chapkan. A, 

chapkdndy a. to make adhere, to stick on; to com- 
press; tkreaten. A. 

ehdplusy m. a flatterer, a wheedler. p. 

chdpltuiy m. flattery, wheedling, p, 

ehapndy n. to be abashed, to blush, to stoop, to be 
crushed or squeezed. A. 

chdpndy to join ; to cram, &c. A. 

chapniy f. a lid, a cover, top (small); the knee-pan). 
chapnl hhar pdni men (or leke) dub mamdy (ht. 
to drown one's self in a saucerful of water) to 
be greatly abashed, chajmi'chdfniy (to lick the 
pot-lid) to be contented with a little. A, 

chapofiy f an old worn out turban. A, 

chappdy m. a hand-breadth, a span. K 

chappaly f. a slipper, chappal mdmd^ to beat 
with a slipper. A. 

chappauy m. a lid or cover of a pot (large). A. 

ehappiy f. kneading the limbs. A. [to row. A. 

chappuy m. a paddle, an oar. chappu-mdmd, a. 

chaprdy m. a kmd of lac ; clear land. A, 

chapfdndy a. to falsify, to brazen. A. [A. 

ehaprdSy f. a buckle, a breast-plate, clasp, badge. 

chaprdHy m. a messenger, or other servant, so 
called from his wearing a charpds. A. 

chaprdyUy brazenfaced ; m. slippers. A. 



ehapfty cakea mxdeof coir-iiung, whicli, when diy, 
■re ueed u TueL A. 

ekapri, a puddle, bIh) > kind of Binoll pulae. A. 

cAdjin, f. BiuvU calcea of cow-dung. \. 

chapfa, flattened. comprsHed, ■nalloir } lerel or 
even (u ground, &c,). i, 

ekapfimi, ■. to flatten ; to glue, to fasten, to obum 
to (ulliere. k. 

char, m. fomfre, pasture i fijod; adj. going, re- 
moveable ; u>^ in comp. tajal-ekar, that irlue^ 
mores in tlie water, aquatic, ji.i. 

ehar, m. a ford, ihoal ; an island in the current 
ofa rirer, a Mnd-baiik ) sound made b; («ariiig 
cloth, &c.; a wagtail, h, 

ciaf, m. aound made by breaking a branch, h. 

ehar. Soar, char abri, m. a kind of denUe who 
ahsTea hia eyebrows and whiskers. ckHr-nkh 
Ot chfir'aitthfn (t. char-cham)- eAdr-unffal, m. 
palm (four inchei). chdi-iiiyll,t, hand's breadth. 
cidr-d,iHa, m. iron armour, fhar-batiih, m. a 
throne, couch, or sofa, char-bang, sensible, 
quick, intelligent, alert. char-Hti, m. fourscore. 
chdr-para, divided into, foui^piee«d. ehdr-fHt, 
broken (into four pieces). ehdr-taJt, ambling, 
pane of a horse, ckar-tat ckaind, to amble. 
chiir-jdma, m. a kind of saddle (without a tree). 
chdr-ehanhm, f. meeting, interview, the eyes of 
two people meeting, ehdr-thdna, chequered i 
m. a kind of cloth, char-diwdri OT'-diwali, i, a 
court-jsrd, incloaure, area, chir-tdni, a mor)e 

of B 

tmg, 1 


baifhnd, n. to squat, to sit oriental laahion, with 
the legs crossed in front, char-tdl, a horse of 
four Tcara old. char-ti, a cross road , two roads 
crosamg eai;h other, ehir-tha^a, lough, hardj. 
chdr-farb, sensible, intelligent, gene™llj applied 
to slates. char-khi*la, quadrangular, i-har- 
taagtXt m. a walnut i an earthen hall witli which 
children plaj. rher-»agaren-i., an iiitvrtiuw to 
lake place (i. char-ehathm). charon laraf and 
dUrOB DT, Che four sides or qiuirters, i.e. all 
around, on all sides, f. 

cAar, prpper soup, commonly called by Euro])esiis 
"rtmuisalavos" which is a corruption uf its 
name in the 'ramnl language, i. 

ehar (t. cAiira), remedy, help, Ac. cAor-iM-RJar, 
nolens rolens. ji. 

Aar, f. tufl ; a hurt, a wound, a knock; a lerer. 
ehAr^a'^%3, to be Dccessary. A. 

ehari, pasturing, grazing. cAera-^oA, f. a pasture, 
a meadow. cAarJ,i, f. the price jiaid forpastur- 
B^c, or rent thereof. charaf»dix or eAardjfaiMia, 

grsiing ; m. a graiier. Aar&, m. an animal 
1 1 lilt grates, f. 

ehara or ehiri, la. forage, fodder, food for Cattle; 
truss, shesf, grass ; a young plant ; a bait for 
fish, chdra daind, a. to bait. A. 

eAiro or cAora, m. remedy, cure, help, aid ; ei- 
pedient. chard-idi or -gar, one who remedies. 
chdra idtl or -^ari, remedying, curing, Sx, p. 

ckarachar, moveable, locomotire; shaking, un- 
steady ; sky, atmosphere, heaven. (. 

eharam, last, ultimate ; west, western. Aar- 
amachai, m. the western mountain, beluDd 
which the sun is supposed to set. i. 

charan, m, the foot ; the feet of ■ verse ; shoes g 
feeding, grazing, eharan^alit, prostrate, GUlen 
at the feet, charan-pataii, m. prostration. cAd- 
raa-ieed, f. service, devotion. «. 

cAffroii, m, a dancer, a kind of bard. t. 

chardtid, a. to grase, to pasture. (. 

eharami or charanda, m. a beast, quadruped. 
charand o parandy m. beasts and birds, p. 

ciaraaiii, f. a quarter of a rupi (cArfr one) . A. 

eharar or cAornr, m. an imitative sound. A. 

einriw or cArtiro,o, m. pasture-ground. ». 

charb, fat, thick, gross, viscous, oily ; also chanA, 
an overmatch, eharh-dail, active, ingenioust 
(met.) a thief, charb-xabda, agnvablc, con- 
versable, entertaining, ekart-iifii, dainties, 

charbdna, a. to brace a drum. A. 

ehai'baj-bolntt or -k., a. to chatter, to prattle. A. 

chafhajigd, m. chatterer. A. 

charbi, f. fat, suet, grease. cAorAi-iJsr, &t, not 
lean. eKarln-ki jhiUi, f. caul of fat, covering 
the bowels. A. 

charchd, m. f. talking over past events, recapitu- 
lating former occurrences ; inquiry, investiga- 
tion ; argument, report, discourse, consideration, 
careful perusal, attention to businees, discussing, 
mentioning, prevalence; praclisiiig or cultivating 
(science,^.); adoration; perfuming by smearing 
the body with sandal-wood, Ac a. 

cAarciaii, m. a reasoner, a mentioner. t. 

cAnrchai, m. an arguer. i. 

cAarcAor or chareAar, m. prating, ehottoring, an 
imilative sound. eA<»rAdra, talkative, cbalter- 
ing. churchardnd or chajrhardnd, n. to crack, 
to crackle (as wood in the Are), to iputter, to 
chew with a crackling noise, to chide. A. 

eharchad, a. to consider, to reflect, U> apprehend, 
to conceive, i. [wheel, &£.; idle prattle. A. 

ctor-cAiiii, an imitative sound, as of a 


( 89 ) 


ekdr'^Utk, fourteen, ehar-dahum^ the fourteenth, 
the full moon. p. [to four Tillages, p. 

ckdr^ikdit an estate formed of the land belonging 

cAdr-ffumd^ fourfold, quadruple. p,9, [A. 

ckark, Ut. rite ; increase or augmentation of rent. 

ekafkd^if £ (from charhdnd) ascent, acclivity, 
attack, assault, rank, dignity, price paid for 
ascending, riding, embarking, &c. h, 

cMarkait, m. (▼. chafhaiya) one who ascends, &c.; 
also the same as charhaUd, h. 

eharkaiid^ m. a trooper who does not ride his own 
horse, a rider, h, 

eharhdmdf a. to make ascend, Ac; to offer up 
(oblations); to string a bow, or to brace a 
drum ; to raise, lift, advance, apply^ put, 
spread, bend, dye (with colour), pull, to draw 
on, cock, fix (a bayonet), run. k. 

charhan-ddr, m. a passenger, a supercargo, h, 

ekafhautod, m. a shoe rising up over the heel of 
the wearer, h. 

charhdw^ m. ascent, rise, acclivity, attack, rank, 
dignity ; flood-tide ; olferings made to idols ; 
raifting in price or rent. h. 

ehafhbcmnd^ a. to find an opportunity, h, 

eknfki, {. preparations for battle. A. 

ekarkke, avowedly, designedly, excellently, h, 

eharknd^ d . to ascend, to mount, to advance, to 
attack, to embark, to board, to rise, to climb, 
•oar, spread, swell, ride ; to eiupse, or pass over 
(as time); to be strung (a bow); to be braced (a 
drum); to be offered up (a sacrifice), charhnd 
MUarnd^ n. to hire, and dismiss ; congreuua. h, 

dUif Am, f. preparations for battle, h. 

ckafMdf increase of price, making of additional 
profit, settlement of revenue at a progressively 
inoreasing price, chafhld pattd, a lease for a 
term of years, the rent progressively increasing. 
eharhtd hond^ to be excelling, rising, &c. h, 

ekafkfi, f. advantage, gain, rise. A. 

ekarhwdndy to cause to be raised. A. 

eAcuii or charitr, m. instituted or peculiar ob- 
servance or conduct; story, adventures; nature, 
temper, behaviour, disposition, conduct, carriage, 
quality, humour, use, custom, talent. #. 

ekarkdy m. white- spotted (as from a leprosy); a 
small wound, a scratch, p, 

ehdr-lpab, an article of dress so called $ a kind of 
vest ; also a kind of mirror, p. 

charka^dy m. the person who cuts forage for cattle, 
elephmt-keeper^s mate. 8. 

eharkk, ni> ft wheel (particularly a potter's); the 
sky, the heavens; the celestial globe, the sphere. 

fortune, chance, circular motion ; a oross-how, 
a bow in a very tense state ; a hyena, charl^ 
charhnd^ n. to dress or adorn one's self; to turn, 
as in a lathe, eharf^-pujdy a penitential cere- 
mony observed by the lower orders of Hindus 
on the day when the sun enters Aries, for the 
expiation of their own sins, or of those of other 
people who can afford to pay well for it. Ther 
are suspended, by an iron hook passed tlirough 
the skin of the back, to one end of a lever, which 
is raided on the top of a high pole, and whirled 
round by means of a rope fixed to the other end. 
This peoanoe b, of course, of great virtue, but 
rather disagreeable to the flesh ; hence rich 
people prefer having it djne by deputy. ckarlA' 
aruidZy an expert archer, charthi dawwdTj m. 
the sky, the heavens, the firmament, chtiri^' 
zany m. spinner, eharth-zaniy L a spinning- 
wheel, spinning, charl^-mdmdy n. to circulate 
(as the blood), p, 

charkha or charkhdy m. a spinning-wheeL p» 

charkhl or charfcJ^t f. a spinning-wheel ; a pulley ; 
the instrument with wh*ch the seed is separated 
from cotton ; a globe ; a kind of fireworks, 
catherine-wheels ; a dumb waiter ; the pulley 
by which water is raised from a well ; a round 
piece of wood fixed over the top of a tent pole, 
upon which the fly of the tent rests, chark!^ 
fdnu8y a kind of magic lantern, a revolving 
lantern, made of some transparent substance 
with pictures all round. />. 

charm or charmaUf m. leather, a skin, a hide ; a 
shield, eharm-tarang, m. a wrinkle, a fold of 
the skin, charm-kdr or charmdr, m. a shoe- 
maker, a currier, or worker in leather, charm' 
matfy made of leather, t.p. 

charmi or charminaj made of leather, charmina- 
doZy m. a shoemaker, charmina-fafashf m. one 
who sells shoes, p, [put on half- trousers. A. 

charnd, m. half-trousers, charnd charhdnd^ a. to 

chamdy n. to graze, to feed (as ewes, &c.). 8. 

chdr-nd'chdr or chdr-o-nd'chdr, certainly, inevit- 
ably, by force, right or wrong, nolens volens. p. 

chami, f. a feeding- trough. A. 

chut 'pdyi, f. a bedstead, a bed ; a litter for carrying 
the sick, chdr-pdyt par parnd, n. to get sick, p, 

charpardy acrid, hot, smart (in conversation). A. 

ch(irpardha(, f. smarting, pungency. A. 

charpardnd or charpardndy to smart, to palpitate, 
to flutter, to throb. A. 

charpariydy active, ingenious. A. [s. 

chdr-patk, m. a meeting of four roads, quadrivium. 



( 90 ) 



ehdr-paifa, in. a quadruped, p. 

charphary m. activity, cleTemees, quickness, h. 

ckarphard, active, clever, quick. A. 

charranUy n. to burst ; to ache, to smart, h. 

eharsdf m. a hide, a skin. h. 

chdr-td (for chdr'tdr)^ a lute with four strings, p. 

chdrUf beautiful, pleasing, elegant. «. 

charu,d, m, a large pot. h. 

ehdruniy or chdrumi or cJtdrumin, the fourth, p. 

chdrvdky the head of a tribe of atheists ; a sophist, 
a sceptic, an atheist, s. 

charvatiy m. chewing, masticating, s. 

chdrvij f. a beautiful woman ; understanding, in- 
tellect ; moonlight ; light, splendour. 9. 

chdrtDd, m. a pony, quadruped, chdrwd-ddr^ m. a 
groom, one who lets horses, p. 

charwdhdy m. a grazier, a shepherd. «. 

charwdhiy f. wages of a shepherd paid in grain. «. 

charwdyiy f. price paid for pasturage, s. 

charwaiyay m. a grazier, a shepherd, a herdsman 
in generaL d. [rider. A. 

chafwait/dy m. one who ascends, mounts, &c., a 

chdr-yaky one out of four, a fourth, p. 

chdSf f. ploughing, chus-k., a. to plough, h. 

chdsd, m. a ploughman, a husbandman. A. 

chasak, f. pain, aching, a stitch. A. 

ch€uaknd, n. to throb, to ache. h. 

chash, (in comp.) tasting, having the flavour of. 
as namak-chaahy having the flavour of salt. p. 

chashak, m. a vessel for drinking spirits, a wine- 
glass, &€.; spirituous liquor. 9. 

chathtday having tasted, encountered, p. 

chcuthmy m. f. the eye ; hope, expectation, dhu- 
chashtnt fawn-eyed, soft-eyed (an epithet ex- 
pressive of beauty), chashmi had ddr^ avaunt 
malicious glances, chashm ha rdh hona, n. to 
wait for, to expect, chashmi-himdry m. an eye 
that looks half-closed (from modesty, an epithet 
apphed to beauty), chashm poshiy f. turning 
away the eves, affecting not to see or bear a 
petitioner, &c., connivance, chashmi tar, m. a 
moist eye, i.e. a weeper, ckajthm -tarty f. moist 
eyes, full eyes, weeping. chashm-hhdnoy the 
socket of the eye. chashmi ihun-dludy fiery eyes, 
eyes filled with blood, murderous looks, chwihrn- 
ddshty f. hope, confidence, chashm- zaf^my m. 
viewing with an evil eye ; a misfortune. chashrA- 
numdyiy f. reproof, chashm o chirdgh, dearly be- 
loved, p. 

chashmoy m. spectacles ; a fountain, chashmayt 
haiiodriy the fountain of life or immortality. 
chashmoye huTy the fountain of light, the sun. p. 

chdshniy f. flavour, relish, a mixture of tweet and 

sour ; a specimen ; syrup, p. 
chdshniglry a. taster ; a servant whose duty it is 

to watch over the kitchen of princes, and to 

taste every dish brought to table aa a aecurity 

against poison. 
chdtht or chasht-gah, f. the middle hour between 

sunrise and the meridian ; also what ia eaten at 

that time, breakfast, a collation. chd4kt'namiZy 

morning prayer, p. 
chdsiy m. a ploughman ; f. tillage, p, 
chaskdy m. love, desire, a relish, habit, h. 
chctandy n. to burst or split (as tight clothes). A. 
chdsndy a. to plough, to till. A. [is boiled. A. 
chdsniy a pan in which the juice of tne sugar-cane 
chassiy f. a species of itch peculiar to the palms of 

the hand and soles of the feet, said to be ooca- 

sioned by insects. A. 
chastdy m. tripe, the straight gut, the rectum, p. 
cha(y quickly, instantly ; f. an excoriation, a sore, 

scab, chancre; the noise of breaking, snap, chat 

bhasam, eating up the whole, licking the platter 

clean. cha(-ke titfjidy n. to snap short, to break. 

chat-k.y a. to eat, to dissipate, to devour. chat-h.y 

to be dissipated or consumed. A. 
chdty f. longing, wish, relish, taste; habit, custom; 

" bonne bouche." chd^ lendy a. to lick up. A. 
chdfdy the vessel that receives the juice of the 

sugar cane as it drops from the mill. A. 
chaidjy f. a mat. chatdyi hichhdndy a. to mat, to 

spread a mat. A. 
cha^aky m. a sparrow ; f. a hen-sparrow ; a crash, 

an explosion, a crack, a smack ; intelligence, 

gaudiness ; gUtter, splendour, prime of life ; 

adj. intelligent quick, chafak se, deceiving. 

cha{ak ae jdndy to pay with the fore top-saU. 

cha(ak-wdyiy f. quickness. A. 
chafdkd, or chafdkhd or chafdthdy m. a crash, an 

explosion, a smack (as in kissing). A. 
cha(aknd^ or chafakhnd or cha(athndy n. to crackle 

(as charcoal or wood on fire); to crack, as a 

whip ; to split. A. 
chafdn or cha((dny f. rocky ground. A. 
cha(andy a. to make lick, or lap up ; m. the cere- 
mony of feeding a child for the nrst time. A. 
chdtaVy m. a large net, a seine. A. 
chatiydy m. a pupil, a scholar, s, [to wish. A. 
chatkdy m, scarcity, cha^kd-lagdndy a. to thirst, 
chn^kandy m. a slap, a box, a blow. A. 
chai(kdndy a. to crack (as a whip); to snap the 

fingers (in rejoicing), to split ; to fire olT a 

musket ; to irritate. A. 


( 91 ) 


ckafksmm, a. to urge cattle by the dacking noiae 
made bj drawing the tongue from the palate, k, 

ekafkili, splendid, glittering, h. 

ekajlnd or chdfnd^ m. Toracious (man) ; a. to lick, 
to lap. k. 

ekaivi, f. a kind of acid sauce (or mamudade). h, 

ekafor or ckaford^ m. an epicure, h. 

cka4-paff hastily* in a hurry, instantly. A. 

ekaf-pa^i, active, hasty; stout; meat dressed 
with little sauce or gravy, h. 

ekat-pafdhaff f. agitation, palpitation, h. 

ekaf-paldnd, n. to be agitated, to flutter, to pal- 
pitate, to wince, h, 

ekaf-pafi, i. haste, agility, restlessness, h. 

eha^-paifi^d, active, quick, alert ; hot with spioe ; 
restless, fidgety, h. 

ekatr or ehatray m. an umbrella, p, 

ehalrd or chaturd^ wise, intelligent, cunning, s. 

chatri, f. a canopy, veil ; a tent, paviUon. p, 

cAaf'tdri or cha^-sdl^ f. a school, academy. ». 

ekaftdj m. a schoolboy. cha(fd'ba((df m. the 
name of a plaything, a kind of rattle or clap- 
per. A [Anglo-Indian or Eurasian, d. 

ekaffekdr, m. a Portuguese or half-caste ; an 

cAai(kdf VOL a tit-bit, dainties. A. 

ekalur or ckdtury cunning, sly, shrewd, wise, 
knowing, expert ; clever, able. cAaturd^i, f. 
cunningiiess, &c. (v. chaturtd), chatur-<ura^ 
four-cornered, quadrangular. chatur-bhadrd^ 
m. the four objects of human pursuit (v. cha' 
tur-varga). chatur-bhuj\ having four arms ; an 
epithet of Vishnu, chaiur-bhvji^ having four 
arms; an epithet of JDevi. chaturdaahi^ the 
fourteenth day of the moon's age. chaturdik, 
the four sides, all around. chdtHrit f. or chd- 
turya^ m. cleverness, chatwr-mukhy having four 
fiuTM ; an epithet of Brahma, chaturtd^ f. 
cunning, slyness, wisdom, knowledge, dexterity 
ekalurthf the fourth, ehaturthi^ f. the fourth 
lunar day. chatur-varga^ m. the four objects 
of human pursuit, viz. dharma, arthay kdma 
and mokhsa (virtue, wealth, lust, and final 
beatitude), q.v. chaturvarna^ m. the four 
classes or castes of HindiiB. chcUur-vedty a 
Brahman who has read (or professes to have 
read) the four Yedas. chatwr-yug^ m. the 
aggregate of the four t/uga or ages of the 
world. #. 

chatmth-pathy m. a place where four roads meet, a, 

ekdtwdl, m. a bellow made in the ground to re- 
ceive a burnt ofiering ; any hole in the ground. 

ekafwdmd, a. to cause to lick up. k, [«. 

chaf-ara, m. the name of a tree (r. ehaf-fira). A 

ehau, same as chdr, four, but used only in comp. 
as chau-baghidj m. a kind of jacket, not open 
under the arms, ehau-bandi, f. giving a horse 
new shoes (v. khol-bandi) ; the £eistenings of 
baggage, chau-bhir, on all sides, all round. 
ehau-pdra^ made of four pieces. ehau-ptUf all 
aroimd, on all sides. cAau-pdSj ail round, 
around. chau-pahcUy four sides or four-sided, 
a square bottle, chathpahiu or chau-pahrd^ 
during four pahars, i.e. half the natural day or 
twelve hours, ehau-pahra-dend^ to break m a 
horse, by giving a twelve hours' spell of it. 
chau-tah or chau-tahd^ of four folds, chau- 
dhlr^ 'dhir^ -rat, -kudhan^ 'kudan^ or -khut^ on 
all four sides, all around, chau-jugt^ belonging 
to the four jugs or ages of the world ; the term 
is used to denote *'of vast antiquity." chcm- 
goskiy f. an animal whose ears are sht. (particu- 
larly a horse: these are generally taught to 
am ble) . chau- mahcUl^ of four stories (a house) . 
chau-mukhiy four-faced. cAaiMiM^a, tying the 
elbows behind, h. 

chau, m. a back tooth ; ploughshare. A 

chaUjdlis or chawdViSy forty-four. *. 

chau^anni, f. a (silver) four ana piece, a quarter 
rupi. A. 

chaubachchay m. (corr. of chah-bachcha, q.v.) a 
vat, a cistern, a reservoir attached to a tank or 
well. p. 

chan-bdchha, a kind of tax or levy of revenue 
on four specified things (v. Wibon). h, 

chaubar, stout, robust, bold. A. 

chau-bdr or chau-hdrd, m. a summer-house ; an 
assembly, court; town-hall; a shed, a police- 
station. A 

chaube^ (corr. of chaiur-vedi, q.v.), m. a Brahman 
acquainted with the four Vedtu. s. 

chaubisy twenty-four, chaubisa or ehauHsd, a 
tract of land containing twenty-four villages. 

chaudd or chaudah, fourteen. A. [#. 

chaud<Uidn or chaudahwdn, the fourteenth. A. 

chauddniy f. or chauddniyd, m. an ornament 
(formed of four pearls) worn in the ears. A. 

chau-dant, crossing their teeth in fight (ele- 
phants) ; sturdy, robust, stout, s, 

chaudatUiy f. boldness, s. 

chaudas, f. the fourteenth day of the moon, s, 

chaudhar, robust, active, vigorous, corpulent. A. 

chaudhardyiy f. the business, office, or dignity of 
a chaudhariy q.v. A. 

chaudhardyaty a chaudhan*t fees of office. A 



( « ) 



ekaudh4ri, m. the bMid-Tnao of a trade ; a rfllaf^ 
chief or heiid man ; in Bengal, a tribe of land- 
holdert tiiperior to a tn* alluk-ddr, q.v. h. 
ehau^ol, m. a kind of teilan with two noln. h. 
ekaugdn, m. a giinic resembling what m Scotland 
thej call " iihmtT/* and in tome part« of Eng- 
land, "shinney, or "hockey," or "bandy," but 
plaTod on horieback ; al«o the crooked stick or 
club uiied in playing the game, chaugdn-gdh, 
•hint J -ground, ehaugdn-haz^ a shinty player. 
ehauffdn-hdzif the playing of shinty. Tl^s game 
has been improperly described as "cricket" 
*' golf," Ac., to whicn it bears no resemblance 
ivhat4!Ter. It is simply the good old game of 
" shinty," playrd by mounted horsemen, each 
armofl with a long sti(;k like a shepherd's crook. 
The players are divided into two parties, the 
obj(H;t of each being either to carry off the ball 
from the adviTse party, or to force it OTer a 
04'rtain boundary-line. p. 
ohaugdn^ m. a nlain, a desert. A. 
rhauffdna, fourfold, quadru])le. «. 
chftuffdni, f. a stmignt {hukka pipe or) tube for 

smoking through. A. 
ohauqafdf m. a rabbit, a hare. A. 
ehau-(fhard, m. a small box with four partitions 
for holding l>etcl lenf, nut, chunam, and spices, 
which are chewed together, or for perfumes, 
At. { aUo a wooden frame for holauig four 
chatties or pot-s. s. 
chavyirdf on all four sides, all around; m. en- 

rirons, vicinity, h.p. 
ehnu-ffojthftf a kmd of oblong tray, h.p, 
ehftii-ffOJthii/d, m. a horse with slit ears. A. 
ehau-ffuntif fourfold, four timet. ». 
cha«h/tf(dy m. a market where four roads meet. «. 
ohaukt m. a scjuare, ati open place in a city where 
the market is held, and where also the chief of 
the police-office is stationed. choMk-bharnd or 
•pAmdf a. to form a square piece of coloured 
meal, in which at marriages the bride and bride- 
groom are seated on chairs, Ac. chaukpaiid^ 
a seat on which the people sit and eat in the 
ceremony above mentioned. chauk-nUcds^ a tax 
on all gf)ods sold in the chank. chauk-mdrd, 
smuggHng ; evading the market tax. A. 
chaukd^ m. the space in which Iftndus dress their 
victuals ; a square slate of marble, &c. ; the four 
front t4Vth. A. 
chiuknnnd^ cautious, alert, sly, wary. A, 
chnnk^f^ gocnl, well, lino, t»xci^llent. A. 
ehaukarit a measure of grain. A. 

ekamkafi, t a bomid, a spring; a ring of pearls 
worn by men in the ears, ekamkari bkamd^ 
a. to leap, to bound, ekaukari bhuitM, n. to 
forget one*s bound, i.e. to be fascinated, to hare 
one's senses benumbed. chauJtari mar haUhmd^ 
n. to squat. A. 

chaukas^ cautious, watchful, alert, diligent, active, 
clever, intelligent ; full weight. A. 

ehaukatdyi^ {, attention, circumspection, watch- 
fulness, caution. A. 

cAanA-art, f. diligence; four people employed to- 
gether, or eating out of the same dish or plate ; 
m. an aasayer, an examiner. A. 

ckaukaiy t (v. chamkhaf)^ frame of a door, &c #. 

chaukhdf a station where four boundaries meet. A. 

chaukhaff m.f. frame of a door ; the upper and 
lower piece of the framo of a door. «. 

ehamkiy f. a chair, a stool ; guard, or watch ; the 
post where a guard is stationed; a custom- 
nouse ; a police-station ; an ornament worn on 
the breast, chaufn-d-dr, m. a watchman, chauki' 
ddrif the business of a watchman ; the pay or 
hire of a watchman, chauki-d., to watch, to 
mount guard, ehaidn mdrnd^ a. to smuggle. A. 

ohaukla, an assemblage of the smaller divisions 
of a province, the jurisdiction of a famj-ddr, 
q.v. A. 

cAattA-or or chcM-koMj four-cornered, square. #. 

chaulard, m. cJutulari^ f. a necklace of four 
strings, p. 

chau-tnds, lands tilled during the chan'mdtS, a. 

chau-md^d, m. or ehau-mdaa, m. the space of four 
months, applied particularly to the rainy sea- 
son (from June to September), s. 

chau-ma»ya or chau-mcuyd^ a ploughman hired 
for a term or s«ison of four months. «. 

chaumpf f. wish, desire, fondness, alacrity, avidity; 
a gold ornament worn on the front teeth. A. 

ehau'tnukh^ m. a lamp-stand. cAa«-t»KA-A«, adj. 
having four burners (a lamp) ; m. a lamp-stand 
with lour partitions, s, 

chaundhitfdfid, n. to be confused, to be frightened 
out of one's senses, to be dazzled. A. 

chaundol (v. chaudol), a sedan, s, 

chaungd^ m. chtmngi^ f. wheedling. ehangd-ICf a. 
to wheedle one out of money. chaungi-hdZt m. 
a wheedler. chaungt-hdzi^ f. sharping, &c. 
chavnk^ f. the act of starting. A. 

chaunkdnd, a. to waken, to rouse up. A. 

chaunkel, an untamed animal, a boggier, a horse 
that starts. A. 

ehaunknd^ n. to start, to boggle, to start up from 


( W ) 


dkaumJMi^hnd, n. to start up, to wince. 

tiptd or -dnd^ n. to bounce up. A. 
an instrument for driving awaj flies, a 
)per; a police station, where the kotwal 
Ij magistrate resides. «. 
', m. the name of a game (the same as 
r) ; a garland of flowers, g. 
'tf, a terrace or mound to sit and eon- 
>n ; a custom- house ; a police oiEce. k, 
m. four-footed, a quadruped, g. 
tidy m. a kind of sedan (v. chau-pdla), h, 
, f. a sort of metre, a Terse, s, 

m. four-footed, a quadruped. 8, 
:, m. a litter, sedan, s, 

m. a cowherd, or shepherd, p, 
or chaupdr (also chaupdr and chaupdl)^ 
t name of a game played with long dice, 
le cloth on which it is played ; a kind of 
er-house or pavilion (generally built jointly 
end people, as a resting-place common to 
ill) ; a quadruped, an animal, a beast. ». 

ruined, destroyed, levelled, plain, chau- 
, to level, to destroy, h, 
•i or chaupattiy f. a small tract, an essay, 
phlet, a pocket-book, s, 
X, m. an animal, a beast, quadruped, p. 
m. a terrace or mound to sit and oon- 
3n. h. 

wide, broad. chaMfd'chakld^ extensive, h. 
d or chaurdha^ m. a cross-road; the 
on of four roads, h.p, 
, f. breadth ; boasting, ehaufd^i-mirnd 
imo, a. to boast, to give one's self airs. k. 
a, a. to increase in breadth, to expand, to 
. *. 

imwe or chaurdnwey ninety-four. «. 
7, m. a practice of the sword exercise; 
kg the four legs of an animal off* at one 

chaurang kdfndy a. to cut off the four 
}f an animal at one blow. choMrang- 
i, a. to lose the use of the limbs by iU- 

to hamstring a quadruped. ». 
<,t, f. equality of surCetce, evenness, h, 
Ind, a. to level, h. 

, eighty -four ; a subdivision of a par- 
amounting to eighty-four villages. 8, 
ia (v. chau'rihu)y a cross-road, h.p, 
\d«ipa(f abandoned, vicious, damaged, h. 
n. flour, powder, h. 

m. a kind of game played with ob- 
dice; also the cloth, &c. on which it is 
1. 8, 

ehau8iMffhd, a. raised mound indicating where the 
boundaries of four villages meet. A. 

chautara or chautard^ m. a terrace or mound to 
sit and converse on, a tribunal h. 

chauldrd, m. a four-stringed musical instrument, 
a guitar, h. 

chauthy f. the fourth lunar day ; the fourth part ; 
a species of tribute, consisting of one-fourth. 8, 

chauthdyty f. the fourth part, a quarter. 8. 

chawthsy in the fourth place, fourthly. «. 

chauthi^ f. the fourth day ; a ceremony performed 
on the fourth day after marriage, s. 

chauthiydy m. one who receives the chauth. <• 

chauwdy m. a quadruped, a handbreath. A, 

chauwd^ f. a tempest-, commotion. 8, 

chdw, m. eagerness, pleasure, taste; a measure 
equal to four fingers ; a kind of bamboo. A. 

chawd.t, m. reporter, backbiter. #. 

ehdwaly m. rice cleared of the husk, h, 

chawdid, m. a cliair, sedan (cor. of chaupdla). h, 

chdwriy t a caravansary, a building for the ac- 
commodation of wayukrers, oonmionly called a 
"choultry." h, 

chayy m. an assemblage, a multitude ; a heap, a 
mound of earth. 8, 

chdyoy m. eagerness, pleasure, taste. K 

cheld, m. a slave brought up in the house, a pupil, 
a disciple, a servant. cA«/i, a female slave. 8. 

chen-chen karnd, n. to chatter, to chirp, to mur- 
mur, to grumble, to squeak h. 

chench'pemchy m. brats, young ones. h. 

chenp, m, the acrid resin of fruits and trees, h, 

chepnd, a. to stick together, h. 

chcrd or chefdy m. a slave, cherdyly f. slaverr, 
servitude, chert or chefiy f. a slave-gurl, a girl- 
servant. 8, 

cheshfdy t application, motion, exercise, search, 
appearance ; bodily act or function. 8. 

chetj m. memory, remembrance, thought. <• 

chetdj m. an adviser, a monitor. #. 

chetaky f. a miracle ; a deception, h. 

chHan^ m. reason, caution ; soul, self; intelli- 
gence, wisdom ; adj. living, feeling. 8, 

ehetmd, a. to remember, to think of^ to advise, to 
be aware, to recover the senses, to be roused. «. 

chewaiiy fl a kind of silk (cloth). A. 

chka, six. chha-ddmy a very small denomination 
of money, hence anything of little value, chha- 
jTtf/, trick, cheat, juggle. «. 
chJuib^ f. beauty, brilliancy ; shape, chhab-iai^t, 
handsome, chhab'takhtiy f. handsomeness, chka- 
bi-chhiUf deficient in splendour, small, slender. «. 



( W ) 



chhabild, handflome, comelr ; m. a fop. s. 

chhabrd^ zn. a kind of basket, h. 

chhdchh, f. butter-milk ; a winnowing basket, h. 

ehhadan, m. t)ie act of covering ; a covering. «. 

chhadma or chhctdman, m. diiiguise, masquerade ; 
trick, deceit, fraud. chhadma-tdpcUt m. a reli- 
gious hypocrite, a false brother, s. 

chhdgal, f. a leathern bottle with a spout to it, a 
goat-skin ; m. a goat. «. 

chhdgiy or chhdgikd or chhoffri^ f. a she-goat, a, 

ehhagufUt f. a child's coraL h, 

chhayif f. a thatched roof on a boat ; a stuffed 
pad to prevent bullocks being hurt when 
loaded, s, 

ehfiai or chf^a^if f. mortality, frailty, destruction. 
chffai-roff (vul.) ch^,i rog^ consumption. «. 

ckkaxl or chhaii^f m. fop, beau, chhail-pan or 
chhaUd-pan^ m. spruceness, foppishness, h. 

ckhail-chikniydf m. a coxcomb, fop. h. 

chhajf bushy, a thicket, h, 

ehhdj\ m. a basket or fan (for winnowing com), h, 

chhajjdf m. gallery ; the branches of a tree. h. 

chhdjndy n. to thatch ; to befit, to become. 8, 

chhdk, m. ready prepared food carried out by 
labourers and hu8bandmen when they proceed 
to their daily work, a luncheon, h. 

ckhakdyit f. satiety, satisfaction. A. 

chhakdnd (or chhikdnd)^ a. to pamper, to doy, to 
satiate ; to chastise, h. 

chkakkdy m. the sixth (at cards, &c.) ; a cage with 
a net attached to it. chhakkd-pakkd-rond or 
chkakkd'panjd-rondt to weep violently, chhak- 
kd-panjd'k.t a. to deceive, to play tricks. «. 

chhakkafy f. a slap, blow, cuff. h. 

ehkakndy n. to be content, satiated ; to be ha- 
rassed ; to be astonished, ehhak-j., to be satis- 
fied or satiated, h, 

chhdkndf a. to clear the water of a well, &o. g, 

chhakrd, m. a cart or car. h. 

chhakfatidf a. to slap, cuff. A. 

chhaly m. fraud, trick, deception, knarery, arti- 
fice, evasion, excuse, subterfuge, pretence ; (in 
law) a misdemeanor ; a legal quibble or deceit. 
chkal'hal, chhal-chhidr or chhal'chhidranij m. 
plot, stratagem, chhal-chhidriy deceitful, fraud- 
ulent. 8. 

ekhdlf f peel, skin, rind, bark, chhdl-utdmdf to 
peel, to decorticate, h. 

chhdldj m. a blister, a pustule, pimple. A. 

chhalaky f. running over, oversow. *. 

chhaJctkndj n. to be spilt, to overflow, g. 

chhalang or chhaldng, L skipping, jumping ; a 

spring, skip, leap, ckhaldngen mdrnd^ a. to 
spring, to jump. A. 

chhalangndf n. to skip, to bound. A. 

chhaldwd, m. ignUfaiuuSy ehhaldtcd-d.y to mislead, 
to lead one a wild-goose chase, chhaldtca-ko- 
jdndj to elude one'/i search or pursuit. A. 

chJialchhaldhatf f. murmuring. A. 

ckhalchhaldnd^ a. to murmur. A. 

chhal-chhidr ti, m. plot, stratagem, chhalrchhidriy 
deceitful, fr.iuduleut. 8. 

chhaR or chhaiiydj deceitful, artful, treacherous, 
false, perfidious ; m. a cheat, a deceiver. «. 

chhdliffd^ f. a kind of betel nut. A. 

chhalkdndy a. to spill. 8. 

chhalld^ m. a ring of gold or silver worn for orna- 
ment on the finger and toes. A. 

cAAa//t, f. skin, bark, rind, &c. 8, 

chhalnd, a. to deceive, to cheat, to evade, to make 
excuses ; m. tricking, deceiving. A. 

chhalnif battered; f. a sieve, chhaltd-k,, a. to 
batter. A. 

ehhalof% f. a whitlow, blister, felon. A. 

ehhamd, f. pardon, quarter, absolution. 8, 

chhatnand, m. an orphan, a fatherless son. «. 

chhamchhanuind, n. to glitter ; to sound. A. 

chhamndf a. to pardon, to forgive. 8. 

cAAan, m. a sound made by the falling of a drop 
of water upon a warm plate. A. 

chhdn^ f. a roof, a frame for thatching. A. 

cAAaa, a moment or instant. 8, 

cAAtf a, f. shade, shadow ; reflection, image. cAAoii- 
6aiiA, f. auspices. 8. 

chhdnd, a. to thatch, to shade, to roof, to spread. 
chhd-jdnd, n. to spread, to lie, to overshadow. 
chhd'lend^ a. to cloud, to overspread. 9. 

chhandk, m. the sound of a drop of water falling 
on a hot plate, liissing ; the sound of the break- 
ing of earthenware. A. 

chhdn-bichhdn or chhd»-bindn^ m. secret investi- 
gation. A. 

chhanchhandnd, m. to simmer ; to sound ; to 
smart, to pain. 8. 

ehhdyind, f. a tether, a trammel, a net. A. 

chhandd or chhandd^ in. share, part. A. 

chhand'band, m. trick, cheating, deceiving. «. 

chhandi, deceitful, deceptive. 8, 

chhandnd^ n. to be tied. A. , 

chJtdndndy a. to tether, to fasten, to tie ; to remit ; \ 
to emit ; to leave, to release, to abandon, to 
lose. A. 

chhand'pdtan, m. a hypocrite, a false ascetic. 8, 

chhanhd^it f. shadiness. #. 


'a, umbrageous, h. 

periflbablo, temporary, momentary, in- 
it, uncertain. ». 
aff f . causing to strain, h. 
a, a. to concentrate, to cause to strain. A. 
n. to be strained ; m. a sieve, a cloth 
h which anything is sided ; the cells 
[ by bees in their hives, chhdnnd^ n. to 
to siflb ; to search, to investigate, chhan- 
L to cull, to select, chhdn'tnarna^ a. to 
to rummsge, to explore. A. 
r. refuse, parings, &c. ; selection, fashion 
hes. chhdn(-k., &. to vomit, to disgorge. 
'lend, a. to select, to choose. chhun(' 
10, m. retrenchment, h. 
, f. cleaning or separating (grain, &c.). h. 
, f. a cutting, a slip, a chip. h. 
', m. detachment on forage ; beating rice 
r it from the husk. A. 
, n. to grow thin ; to diminish ; to be 
«d or separated. A. 

, a. to separate the husk from grain by 

ing it in a mortar ; to pare, to clip, to 

to lop, to trim, to dress, to select ; to 


indy to cause to clean rice ; to cause to 

prune, lop, clip. A. [auspices, s. 

>r chkdnwd, f. shadow, chhdnh'bdnh^ f. 

«a, a. to cause to sift or strain. A. 

n. squash, plash, the sound of an object 

in water, chhap-chhap, the sound occa- 

by water when struck with the hand. A. 

'. stamp, print, copy, a seal ; impression 

itamp or seal ; the government stamp on 

papers, kc. \ an official stamp in general. 

i, m. edition, print, seaL &c. chhdpd- 

f. the art of printing, chhape-wdld, a 

r. chhdpe-f^na, a printing-office, chhcf 

r. edition ; the price of printing, the act 

nting. A. 

«, m. a splash, a squash ; the sound pro- 
by striking water. A. 
ff, a. to cause to print ; to conceal. A. 
khdf or chhapar-khaf, m. a bedstead 
I tester and curtains, h^. 
ndf a. to dash or throw water. A. 
, n. to be printed or stamped; to be con- 
, hidden, or absent. A. 
, a. to print, to stamp. A. 
r, m. thatched roof, chhappar-hand, m. 
oher. ckhappar-baiuU, f. thatching or the 
of thatching. A. 

( 95 CHH— CHH 

ehhapwdnd, a. to have printed, to cause to be 
printed. A. 

chhaTy f. spikenard ; staff, flagstaff, flag. A. 

chhdr, f. ashes ; a large clod of earth. A. 

chhar, f. the pole of a spear ; spikenard ; straw, 
stubble, pedule, stalk ; a bank of a river ; allu- 
vium, land gained from a river. cAAaf -cAt^/At, 
f. permit, pass. A. 

chhardy apart, alone, solitary. «. 

chhard or cKhardi, f. vomiting, sickness, s. 

chhafif f. a switch, cane, rod. chhaft-ddr^ a 
mace-bearer, usher of the rod. h.p, 

chharinddy alone, free, not burdened. A. 

chharndf a. to beat rice, so as to separate the husk 
from it. A. 

chharrd, m. a small shot. A. 

chhaif f. a roof, a cloth stretched across the roof 
of a room : a platform. chhcU-bandndf •pdfnd, 
or lagdnd, a. to ceil, to cover, s. 

chhdt, t roof ; adj. thin, emaciated, s. 

chhafdj f. splendour, glory ; assemblage, number ; 
a straight or continuous line. «. 

chhdid, m. a large umbrella, s, 

chha(dbhd, f. lightning, g. 

chhatak or chhafdnk, f. the sixteenth part of a 
ser, about two ounces avoirdupois. «. 

chhafdWf act of clearing rice from the husk. A. 

chha^hd, waspish, peevish ; the sixth. A. 

chhdtl, f. breast ; dug. chhdti-hhar^ breast-high. 
chhdti bhar-dnd, n. to weep, chhdti hhar jdnd, 
n. to be chest-foundered. cJihdli par patthar 
rakhnd, a. to have patience, chhdti par mung 
dalnd (lit. to grind pulse on the breast), to do 
anything in presence of another person by 
which he is vexed, chhdti phafni, one*s heart 
to be broken with grief or sorrow ; to sympa- 
thise, chhdti-pitndy a. to regret, to repent, to 
lament. cAA^^t tJtoknd, a. to encourage; to 
assure, chhdti (han4i hond, to be pleased, 
overjoyed, chhdti jalnd, to have the heart- 
bum; to lament. cAAo/i Xr^xjpa^^Aar, nuisance, 
pest, chhdti kd jam (ht. the destroyer of the 
neart), appUed to a person or thing the pre- 
sence of which is impleasant, a pest, a nuisance 
chhdti kholke fnilnd, to meet frankly, chhdti 
ffadrdni, the swelling of the breast in young 
women, chhdti lagdnd, a. to lament, to grieve. 
chhdti (»e) lagdnd, a. to fondle, chhdli mkdlke 
chalnd, n. to stalk, to strut. A. 
cAA^^t, m.f. a small umbrella, a parasol. 8, 
chhafndy n. to be cut to a point and obliquely 
(a kaiam) ; to be cut aslant ; to be reduced, d. 


( 96 ) 



chhnfnd, m. a kind of siere; n. to decaj, to 
separate, to be pruned, to be picked out. h, 

ckkaindry buncbj, flat. h. 

chhntpatdna^ n. to tosf, to tumble about, to 
flouDder. h, 

ehhatr, m. an umbrella, chhatr-bhanfff m. wi- 
dowhood ; subversion of dominion, loss of em- 
pire, deposition, &c. chhatr-pati or 'dhari^ one 
entitled to carry an umbrella, t.^. a raja, prince, 
&c. ; a house set apart for the charitable enter- 
tainment of strangers or guests; a shed, an 
open building ; a choultry or reating-plaoe for 
travellers, &c. h. 

chhalra, a scholar, disciple, a pupil. 9. 

chhatri, f. a tester, or covering of a bed, % small 
umbrella, s. 

rhhattd or chhattar^ m. a honeycomb, h. 

chhaf^htf the sixth ; f. a religious ceremony per- 
formed on the sixth day after cliildbirth. «. 

ehhattur or chhattur^ an article placed upon a 
heap of grain, such as a cake of cow-dung, &c., 
to protect it from the evil eye. h. 

chhaukan^ m. a scrambler, h. 

chhaukndf a. to scramble, h. 

chhaundy m. young of any animaL h, 

chhaunif f. barracks, cantonments. A. 

chhaunk, f. seasoning, relish, h, 

chhaunkan^ m. spices, seasoning for food, h, 

chhctunkndf a. to season. A. 

chhaur, m. shaving, the oflice of barber, t, 

chhavi^ f. beauty, splendour, h. 

chhdtwdr^ m. a house, a dwelling ; a bower, an 

chhatcaiyd^ m. a thstcher. h. [arbour. 8, 

chhdiondf a. (v. chhditd)^ to thatch, &c. h. 

chhdumif f. cantonments, barracks or huts for 
soldiers ; that<rhing, the act of thatching. #. 

chhaya, m. victim ; sliade, shadow ; a boy. s. 

chhdyd, f. shade, reflected image ; darkness, ob- 
scurity ; m. apparition, spectre, shade ; (met.) 
somewhat resembling ; a mode in mu^ic. chhd' 
yd'pathy m. ether, the firmament, chhdyd-pdd, 
fixing the time by observing the shadow of an 
object, chhayd-miiray m. a parasol. #. 

chhedf m. a hole, a mouth, an opening ; the de- 
nominator of a fra(;tion, the divisor, s, 

chhedd, m. a little insect destructive to com ; the 
disease occasioned by it. *. 

chhedak, m. that which penetrates, anything to 
bore a hole with. j?. 

chhedan, m. piercing, boring, a hole, &c. s, 

chhedndy a. to pierce, to bore. *. 

chhek, domesticated, tame (as a bird or beast), k. 

chhekndy a. to stop, detain, prevent, restrain, h, 

chhekokiij f. indirect speech, insinuation, s. 

chff&m, f. welfare, chftem-kushal^ f. welfan;, 
happiness. #. 

chhehmandy m. a fatherless son. a, 

chhend, m. curd ; a small kind of cymbaL k. 

chhenchnd^ a. to mince, to hack, to pound, h, 

chheni, f. (v. chheumi) a chisel, punch, piercer, h. 

chhenk, f. sequestration of goods, ehhenk'letui^ 
a. to confiscate. A. 

chhenkdw^ m. sequestration of goods. A. 

ehhenktutf a. to detain, to prevent, to stop, to bar, 
to restrain, arrest. A. 

chhenkumiyd, m. a confiscator. A. 

chher^ f. the act of irritating, vexing, Ac ckher^ 
chhdr or , chhejr-khdni, f. stricture, animadver- 
sion ; the act of vexing, &c. A. 

chherdj m. touch, provocation, excitement. A. 

chherndf a. to vex, to fret, to trouble, to abuse, to 
aegress, to stir up. to int'errupt. A. 

chhefv, m. a mark, a piece of wood cut off. rkiew- 
mdmdT, a. to line out, to mark. A. 

chhewdy m. spaces, comma, &c. A. 

chhewm^ f. a chisel, punch, piercer, p. 

chheumr^ m. cuticle, skin. A. 

cAAt, inter), tush ! tut ! fie ! A. 

chhichhla^ty f. shallowness. A. 

chhichhord or chhiehhord^ trifling, puerile. A, 

chhichra or chhichhrd, m. the prepuce, sink, 
slough (of a wound), skin, thin skiu or pellicle. 

chhichrailf lean, skinny. A. [A. 

chhtddy thin, not close (suid of a person or ani- 
mal whose legs are much separated), also applied 
to trees, crops of com, &c., which are scattered 
or straggling. A. 

chhiddndt a. to cause to pierce, to perforate, t. 

chhidnd, n. to be pierced, bored. #. 

chMdra, m. a hole, a vacuity, a perforation ; &ult, 
defect, flaw. *. 

chhidrity perforated, pierced, having holes or open- 
ings. 8. 

chhjndy n. to decrease, to pine away, dekhd- 
dekhi klje jog chhije kayd bdrhe rog^ they who 
merely imitate others in austerity, waste away, 
and their diseases increase. A. 

chhtkdi m. a sling for carrying baskets, kc 
(v. chhinkd). *. 

chhikdyi, f. a deed of release. A. 

chhikdnd (v. chhakdnd)^ to pamper, &o. A. 

chhikkan, m. snet'zing. A. 

chhihini, f. a wand, a stick. A. 

elikUauri^ f. a whitlow, blister, felon. A. 


( »7 ) 


ekkilka or ehkUka, m. crust, husk, rind, skin. 

ehJkUkd utarnd^ a. to blanch, to peel, h, 
ehkilna, n. to be excoriated, to be worn or rubbed 

away. A. 
ekkilndf a. to peel, to skin, to excoriate, to pare, 

to erase, to scrape, ckhilnd chhdlnd or c^thtl- 

ckAal-k.f a. to pare, to peel, &c. h. 
ekhiiort^ f. whitlow, blister, felon. A. 
ekhUwindj a, to cause to be skinned, h, 
ckhimd, t pardon, quarter, forgiveness, absolu- 
tion. e&Aima-Ar., to pardon, to excuse. 9. 
ekAimd-jo^f venial, pardonable, s, 
^Jkimi, t a pod, legume, husk. h. 
ekhim, m. a moment or instant, chhin hhar men^ 

in a moment, chtiin-hidhana, m. fading, frail, 

passing awaj quickly. #. 
riUifft, wasted, decayed ; slight, slender, t. 
dkhinaJcna, a. to winnow, to sift ; n. to go away 

offended ; to blow the nose. A. 
ehhinaldy m. a fornicator, a whoremonger, h. 
ekkinaldy m. fornication, chhindld-k., a. to whore. 
ekhindw or chhinH^o, m. seizure, h, [h. 

ehkiHchnd, a. to throw out water. 9. 
ckhin-ekf a little while, in a moment. «. 
ehhinguU, f. the httle finger. A. 
cAA/iU:, f. sneezing, sneeze, chhink'ldnetcdld, a 

sternutatory (medicine). A. 
ekhinkdndf a. to cause to stop, to cause to seize, 

to cancel, to strike out. A. 
dkkimkndy n. to sneeze. #. 
ekJUnkwdiuLt to cause to be stopped. A. 
dkkinnd, a. to pull, to tear, to pluck, to rob, to 

snatch, ekkind-chhind-k.t a. to scramble. cAAtn- 

lend^ a. to snatch up, to take possession of. A. 
tMunO'hhinnay cut up, destroyed, scattered. «. 
cMhintf f. chintz, spotted cotton cloth. A. 
cAAm/a, m. shot, spot, splash. chAinfd mimdy a. 
rAAm/na, a. to sprinkle, irrigate. A. [to sprinkle. A. 
ekhinwdnd^ a. to cause to snatch. A. 
rAAff», f. a spot on the skin ; a fishing-rod. A. 
ekhipd^ dose, hidden, concealed, chhipd-rdhnd^ 

n. to abscond, ehhipd-chhipt^ secretly. A. 
ehhipdndf a. to conceal, to hide. A. 
ekhipdfo or ckhipd^o, m. concealment. A. 
chhipkaU or ehhipki, f. a lizard. A. 
dkhipnd, to be hidden, to be absent, to lurk. 

chhip-jdnd^ to retire, to withdraw. A., 
ckhifolcnd, a. to sprinkle, chhijrak-kar-beehndj 

to sprinkle water on faded vegetables, &c., to 

make them appear fresh ; to pufi" off goods. A. 
chhirakwdnd or chhirkdnd, a. to cause to sprinkle. 

ehiifkdw or ehhirkd^Of m. sprinkling. A. 

chhirndy n. to* be vexed, touched, excited, plagued, 
to fret, to take offence. A. 

chhitakndy n. to be scattered or spread. chhi(aknd 
chdndni kdy the diffusion of moonlight. A. 

chitar, m. a brogue, a shoe. A. 

chhitarnd, n. to be scattered or spread. A. 

chhitkdndj a. to disi<ipate, to disperse, to squirt, 
to scatter, to desert. A. 

chhitkaniy f. a bolt. A. 

cAAijfH, f. a small spot, speck, chhilki-ddlnd, a. to 
splash, chhiiki-dendy a. to flecker, to spot, to 
mark with strokes or touches. cAhitkUk.^ or 
•la^dnd, a. to spot, to speck, &o. A. 

chhltndy a. to scatter, to sprinkle. A. 

chhitm^ f. a basket without a cover, a tray. A. 

chhitrdnd, a. to scatter, to spread. A. 

chhitriy f. a kind of small basket without lid or 
handle, an old worn-out basket. A. 

chhittd. the rind or husk of a hard seed. A. 

chhiydxafh or chaydsath^ sixty -six. », 

chhochhoj f. a nurse ; bosom. A. 

chhoh^ ni. affection, anger. *. 

chhohiy affectionate ; angry. 9, 

chhohrd or chhokra, m. a boy ; child. A. 

chhola or chholdy m. gram ; also one who cuts the 
standing sugar cane. A. 

chholnd, a. to peel, skin ; to pare, scrape. A. 

chhonchhfy f. a bodkin, a case for needles ; a small 
cup for children. A. 

chhonchld'k., a. to fondle. A. 

cAAoiUr, f. seasoning, relish, chhonkany m. spices 
with which food is seasoned. A. 

chhop, m. a coat of paint, &c. chhop-chhup'k., a. 
to shuffle up ; to plaister or repair a wall. A. 

chhopndy a. to fill up, to shut, paint, dye. A. 

chhoty m. border ; edge ; end ; a towboat. A. 

chhor. or chhord, or chhordw or ckhordtody m. re- 
lease, deliverance, setting free, omission, leaving, 
sparing. 8, [dren. A. 

chhor dy a boy. chhord'cMori, boy and girl, chil- 

chhofan, m. abandoning, leaving. A. 

chhordjOndj a. to set free, to dismiss, chhoraufiy 
f. ransom, chhof-chitthiy f. a deed of release, a 
pass, a permit ; a deed of divorce or abandon- 
ment of a betrothed girl, chhor nd^ a. to let go, 
to emit fire, forgive, forsake, desert, loose, omit, 
pardon, release, shoot, lire (a gun), s))are, aban- 
don, abstain, breathe ; resign, dbchurge, lay 
aside. A. 

cAAo^, f. defilement ; contamination, touch. A. 

chhofdy Uttle, small, less, younger, &c. chhord' 
bard, varied, groat and small, liigh and low. 



( 98 ) 


cMofdJ, f. stnallness, littlenens. h', 
chhu,aiM (v. chhuldna)y to cause to touch. A. 
ehhuchhdf empty, hollow ; m. conjuration, h, 
chhuchhif contemptible, mean ; f. a tube. h. 
chhuchhk'tlrttdf a. to drive away contemptuously ; 

to set on or encourage a dog. h, 
chhuchhldy m. foolish, silly, empty. A. 
chhuchkundar, or chhuchhundar or chhuehhundart, 

f. mole, musk-rat. chhuchhundar-chhornd^ a. to 

backbite, to calumniate, to excite resentment, to 

exorcise. 8.h. 
chhuchhwdndt a. to conjure, to exorcise, h, 
chhuchJcdrndt a. to drire away contemptuously ; 

to set on or encourage a dop:. h. 
chhudray mean, low, little, trifling. *. 
chhuhdndy a. to whitewash, h. 
iihhuhdrdy m. date, date fruit. A. 
chhulakndy a. to make water slowly. A. 
chhulind, a. to cause to touch. A. [finical. A. 
chhullu or chhuIohUi or chhuluhld^ boyish, puerile, 
ehhund, a. to toucli, to meddle with, to feel. A. 
chhun/;lit/d, f. the little finger. A. 
ehhupdnd, a. to conceal, to hide. A. 
chhupndy n. to be concealed, to bo hidden, to bo 

absent, to disappear, to lurk. A. 
chhurdf m. a large knife, an amputating knife ; a 

raxor. ehhurd-chhuri^ f. suickasnee, fighting 

with knives ; at daggers drawn, t. 
chhurd.if f. dismissal, discharge. A. 
chhufdnd, a. to set free, to extricate, to get rid of, 

to discharge, to remove, to dismbs, to cause to 

be freed ; to separate, to except. A. 
chhurautiy f. ransom, liberation. A. 
chkufdwdy m, a liberator, deliverer. A. 
cAAun, f. a knife, a scalpel, chhurl tale dam lend, 

a. to be patient in difficulties, chhuri-kafdri, f. 

snickasnee, a fight with knives, quarrel. *. 
chhuficdna^ a. to cause to be set free. A. 
rAAtf^, but, except, save; (cont. of cAo^a, little, 

small ; used in comp. as) chhuf-bhaiyd, m. 

middling class of people. chhuf-pand, m. 

childhood. A. 
cAhutf f. defilement; contamination, touch, chhtll- 

laqnd or -pjrnd, to be infectious (a disease); to 

infect a person by touch. A. 
ehhufy f. remission, leaving; radiance or splendour 

of jewels ; reflection of a mirror, &c. A. 
chhutahrdf defiled by touching, foul, corrupt, pol- 
luted (applied to ve'ssels, dishes, &c.). A. 
chhufdyt, f. rescue, escape. A. 
chhu(dn or chhufdm, f. leisure time. A, 
chhufdpdf m. littleness, smallness. A. 

ehhutauti or chkulaulty f. (v. ekhuO remission of 
rent or revenue on the part of govemment. A. 

chhu(kd, little, younger, least. *. 

chhufkdndf a. to release, to set at liberty. A. 

cAAff^A-ir, or chhuflcard or ckhutkdrd, m. exemp- 
tion, liberty, liberation, disengagement. A. 

chhvtk'fteldy dissolute. 8. 

chhufkhelly dissoluteness. A. 

chhui(nd or chhu(nd, n. to be adrift, discharged, got 
rid of, to be let go ; to be let off or go off (a 
gun, &c.); to be left off or abandoned ; to slip 
(from), to escape, to be liberated, to be loose, 
dishevelled (the hair); to cease, to get loose, to 
leave, to remain, to slip away, to be dismissed. 

chhu(-pan or chhuf-pandy m. childhood. «. [A. 

chhu}fty f. discharge, leave of absence, tiroe^ Idsnre, 
dismission, permission, freedom. A. 

chhuwdWi m. resemblance, likeness. [how? p, 

cAi, pron. inter, what ? chi-gunay in what maimer, 

chibdyOUiy chibdwaldy childish, puerile, s. 

chibil or chibilldy unpohte, boyish. cMbiUd-pan^ 

chibuky f. the chin. A. [boyishness. A. 

chichiydndy n. to squeak, to shriek, to bleat. A. 

chichrhl-khainchndy n. to scrawl, to score. A. 

chichri, f. a tick or louse (of dogs and sheep). A. 

chichundar^ m. a musk-rat. A. 

chigunay how ? of what kind ? p. 

chigunagiy f. circumstance, manner, p. 

chihal or chihily forty, chihal-lah, f. coat of maO. 
chihal-mandr or -sufun (the fortv towers or pil- 
lars), a name given to the ruined city of Perse- 
polis : the term chihal-sutun is now applied to 
any pavilion or palace supported hjfort^, t.e. a 
great number of pillars, chihal-kadami^ i, walk, 
ramble, p. 

chihdndy a. to embellish, to decorate. A. 

chihdnl or chthdyiy f. a place for the burning of the 
dead. A. 

cMhikndy a. warbling of the nightingale, &c., the 
sound of fireworks. A. 

chihldy m. mud, ooze, slime ; a splinter of wood. 
chihld-nikalnd, n. to fatigue, to be tried. cAtA- 
Id'k.y to split to pieces. A. 

chihlahdf splashy, muddy, slimv. A. 

chihlum, the fortieth, generally applied to the 
fortieth day after the decease of a parent, Ac, 
which concludes the period of mourning among 
Musalmiins. p* 

chihna, m. mark, spot, sign (v. cAinA). 9, 

chihra, m. £&ce, visage, countenance, air, descrip- 
tion-roll, chihra likhnd, a. to write a descrip- 
tion-roll (soldier's) . chihra-likhdndy a. to enlist ; 


( 99 ) 


to take senrioe and hones. chikra-pa^(i, a de- 
achptiTe rolL p. 

ehik or ekik^ f. a kind of screen used to keep oat 
the'clare ; large blinds in front of a liouse. i, 

ekU:, I mud, slime (▼. chikar). h. 

ekUcalmdj a. to masticate, to chew (slowly), h. 

ckUcam, m. a particular mode of working flowers 
on muslin or other doth, ckikan-doz or sfar, 
m. one who performs chikan work, chikai^ 
kmri, the makmg of cMkan. p. 

eiiiar or ekUear, mud, shme, land that has been 
reoentlj irrigated. L ["cui bono?" p. 

MkAra^ useless, worthless ; lit. of what use P 

ekUrdri, t an insect like a musquito. h. 

ekikdri, useless, worthless, contemptible, p. 

cMiaf^ f. a mixture of oil and dust ; adj. greasj 
or dustj (as cloth); a sort of clayey soiL h, 

eiUdwaf, black clayey soiL h, 

ekikh or eha, f. a scream, screech, &c. cMlA 
aitfnur, a. to scream, to screech, to cry. p, [«. 

dkikJkmd or eki^d, a. to taste ; to roar, to scream. 

ekikkmr, m. or chikhuri, f. a squirrel. A. 

dUkiUa^ f. attendance of a physician ; application 
of remedies, healing, curing, t. 

dkUckan^ clean, polished ; beautiful (persons); 
blandi, soft, mild ; unctuous, gressy ; inconti- 
nent, lewd, wanton. chikhnd-ha*an or -ghard 
bannoj n. to be incontinent, incorrigible, deaf to 
admonition, chiknd-chdnddt beautifuL ckikm 
jord^ f. a slippery wife, chikta tupdriy f. a kind 
of betel-nut, prepared by boiling, chikni furat^ 

ErosperoQS, affluent, flourishing, chikni mit^i, 
clay, potters' earth. «. 
dkikkaff filthy, corered with grease and dirt. A. 
ekikkij f. a rotten betel nut ; adj. flat-nosed. #. 
ekikk^id (t. ckikkan)^ clean, s. 
ekiknd^ m. oil, grease ; adj. clean. #. 
ekikndkaf, f. cleanness, smoothness, polish ; greasi- 

ness ; beauty, s. [ness, polish. 9. 

ekikndji, fl&tof meat; wantonness; gloss, smooth- 
cAthMM, a. to dean, to polish, to smooth. #. 
eHkndf, oiliness, fatness. A. 
chikmhfd^ m. a beau, a spark. A. 
ekikord, restless, inconstant. A. 
ekikomd, a. to peck as a bird. A. 
dkikfd, m. a kind of taaar cloth. A. 
Gkikfhd, filthy, greasy ; m. an oil-merchant. A. 
ekikfi or cAiA^i, a sticky or clayey soil. A. 
eAf'Awr, m. hair; lock of hair, s, 
eUknrd, rash, criminal, iriconsidemtcly guilty, 

injuring others without consideration. 
ekil (contracted for cAtAtZ), forty, p. 


chtl, f. a kite. chiUjhapatid mdrnd^ to snatch. #. 

chilahldy splashy, muddy, slimy. A. 

chilaknd^ n. to glitter, to shine. A. 

chilam, m. f. the part of a hukka which contains 
the tobacco and the charcoal ball. A. 

chilamchif f. a wash-hand basin ; part of a hukka 
fixed under the chilam. A. 

chilchildnd, u. to shriek, to screech. A. 

chilhdr or chilhar^ f. a large louse. A. 

chilikf f. twitch, stitch. A. 

chilla or chilldy m. the forty days of Lent, during 
which the religious fraternities in the east shut 
themselves up in their cells, or remain at home ; 
also the holy place where fakirs abide ; quaran- 
tine ; the period of forty days after child -bed, 
during which a woman remains unclean. chiUd- 
khainchtidy to keep quarantine, p, 

chilld, m. the string of a bow ; gold threads put 
in the border of a turban. cAt/^-^AatacAiM, to 
bend a bow ; to prepare for battle. chiUd-chaf' 
handy a. to bend a bow. A. 

chillundy n. to scream, to shriek. A. 

cAtV^, f. a kind of dish made of eggs ; m. a block- 
head, one who plays mischierous pranks. A. 

ckilmaHy f. {v. chilwan) a screen, &c. A. 

chilpdsay m. a lixard. A. 

chiitoy m. the lining of iron armour, p. 

chilwany f. a screen for keeping out the glare, a 
Venetian blind, lattice. A. 

chilwduy m. a shutter. A. 

chimarnd or chimafndy n. to adhere. A. 

chimaf-rcihndy n. to cleave to. A. 

chimbitky m. the chin. A. 

chimrdy tough, ductile, flexible. 

chimrd/tafy f. toughness, flexibility. A. 

chimrdyiy f. power, rigour, flexibility. A. 

chimfdndy n. to toaghen, to grow tough. A. 

chimriy infrangible (a quill for instance), hard. A. 

chitmdy glutinous (as oil by lung keeping). A. 

chimfd (also chumfd)y m. tongs, forceps. A. 

chimidndy a. to make adhere, or cling to. A. 

chimthdy elastic, tough. A. 

chimft-kd(ndy a. to pinch. A. 

chlHy f. fold, plait, wrinkle, chin^abru-h. or cAif» 
ba jabin-hondy n. to frown, chin par chin hondy 
n. to become wrinkled from fat. chin-ddlndy a. 
to crease, chin-lendy n. to crumple, chin-mdnndy 
a. to acquiesce or submit to blame or loss ; root 
of chidan, used in comp. denoting to collect, 
gather ; as gul-chiriy one who culls flowers. 
tukhan-chiny one who gathers tales, an eaves- 
dropper, p. 


( 100 ) 

cm— CHI 

chinagnd, n. to throb, to shoot (as a boil, &c.); to 
cry, to screech, h. 

chindntiy a. to seize, Bnat<»h, pluck, h. 

vhinn}\ m. a poplur-tree, a plane-tree. p. 

chinckinuna^ n. to scream, to squall, h. 

chindi^ f. a small piece, a fragment ; rags, a scrap 
of cloth, a tatter, chindt-chindi-k., to break or 
reduce into small pieces, d. 

chingd^ m. chingni^ f. a chicken, h, 

chinyari^ f. a spark (of fire), h, 

chimjfi^f m. a shrimp or prawn. *. 

chinghur or chinqhardy f. scream, clamour, chin- 
ghdr'indrnd or chinghdren-mdmd^ n. to scream. A. 

chinghdpidf n. to scream, to screech (applied 
properly to tlie elephant), h. 

chingiy f. a spark of fire ; a wicked dwarf, chingi' 
jharndy -chht'tfndy or -nikalnd, to sparkle, h. 

chingrdj m. or chingri, f. a prawn, shrimp. *. 

chinh or chinhy m. a scar, a mark, a token by which 
anything is known; symbol, feature ; signature; 
chinh-chnrhdndy to stigmatize. *. 

chinkd or chinhdry m. or chinhdrl^ f. an acquain- 
tance; acquaintanceship, s, 

rhinhity marked, known. *. 

chinhndy a. to know, to recognise. *. 

chinhtrdndy to cause to be recognised, h. 

chinty f. sugar of a coarse kind (perhaps from ehifif 
China), in opposition to mifriy sugar-candy (from 
mifry Egypt) . A. [f. the face of a watch, p. 

chinty belonging to or produced in China, Chinese ; 

chinkdy m. a network of strings to hang anything 
in (as a burthen at either end of a pole), the 
cords of a bahangiy an ox muzzle, s, 

chin-kapnTy m. camphor. *. 

chin-jnshihay m. minium or red-lead. h. 

chint or chintdy f. reflection, consideration, thought, 
care, doubt, anxiety, peril, risk, chintd-par, 
thoughtful, anxious, chintd-maniy f. ra. a fabu- 
lous gem, supposed to yield to its possessor 
whatever he may think of. chint d'waty think- 
ing, thoughtfuL chint d-veshmatiy m. council- 
house or room. *. 

chint dkuly adj. disturbed in thought. *. 

chintany m. study, reflection. chintndy a. to 
study, to think. chintdndy a. to cause to 
study. *. 

ch'tnihndy n. to be bruised by being trod upon, h, 

chttttly f. a small ant. h. 

chintity thoughtful, anxious, reflective. *. 

chintigdy f. reflection, consideration, thinking. *. 
pakndy n. to stick, to adhere ; to spread or sink 
(na ink on damp paper); to be compressed; to 

collapse, chipak'jdndy n. to be sold on aooount 

of its sweetness ; to fall in love at first sight, h. 
chipafy f. rheum of the eyes. A. 
chipatrtdy n. to stick, to adhere. A. 
chip'chipd, clammy, viscid, glutinous. chipchipU' 

haty f. viscosity, glutinousness, stickinew. A. 
chipchipdndy n. to adhere, to cohere. A. 
chipiy m. cotton printer or stamper ; a flapper, or 

whisk to drive away flies. A. 
chipndy n. to be concealed. A. [sucker. A. 

chippaky shallow ; m. f. name of a bird, the goat- 
chippakh or chippal^y m. a sparrowhawk. p, 
chippiy f. a patch on paper. A. 
chiprdy m. gum (of the eyes). A. 
chiprdhdy bleared (as the eyes). A. 
chipriy f. cakes of cow dung. A. 
chiptdy clammy, viscous, glutinous. A. 
chiptdndy to flatten; to glue, to &sten; a. to turf, 

to apply patches, to stick. A. 
chity adj. long (time), a long time. 9, 
cAfV, f. vexation, irritation; aversion, antipathy. 

chirnikdlndy a. to banter. A. 
cAir, ra. rent, slit, strip; attire; the act of tearing, 

rending, &c. chir-nikdlndy n. to break through 

troops. *. 
cMrdy why ? how ? chirdkiy because that, p, 
chiray powerful ; rude, uncivil, p. 
chlrdy m. incision, cut, wound, slit ; maidenhead; 

turban, chird-utdrndy to deflower, ckiri-hand 

or chird-iodliy a virgin. *. 
chirdghy m. a lamp, light, chirdgh-barhdndy or 

'(handd'k.y a. to put out, to extinguish (a lamp). 

chirdgh-ddny m. a stand for a lamp, ehird^ 

men haffi parndy an expression to denote that 

evening sets in, that it grows dark, and that it is 

time to light the lamp. p. 
chirdghdny pi. lamps, a display of lamps, a general 

illumination, p. 
chirdgh'pdy rearing as (a horse), p, 
chirakndy n. to have a scanty stool. A. 
chirdndy a. to cause to tear, to split. A. 
chirdndy a. to vex, mock, offend, jeer. A. 
chirdndy f. the smell of burning, hair, &c A. 
chiranji or chiranjtVy long-lived, a kind of bene- 
diction, " May you live a long time !" ». 
chirnn-fiviny m. a crow ; adj. long-lived. #. 
chirantan^ old, ancient, long-lasting. «. 
chira-sihdgty long-enduring, long-laating. t. 
chiratnay ancient, long-lasting. #. 
chirauri^ f. beseeching, begging, requesting. A. 
chirdgUy long-lived ; m. a deity, a divinity. «. 
chirchirdhaf or chtrchifohaf^ f. peerialmeBS. A. 

I I 

cm— cm 

( 101 ) 

cm— cm 

, n. to crackle (as wood in the fire), to 

x>chew witli a crackling noise, to chide. 

[prorocation (v. chir), A. 

lorrence, abomination, dislike, yexation, 

to be Tcxed, fret, take offence, h. 
d, a hen sparrow, s. 
3 ends or hem of a garment. 
m. a birdcatcher, a fowler, h, 
s bird ; a ben-sparrow ; a kind of sew- 
riyd-kkdna, m. aviary, h. 
mg-lived. «. 

n. to be of a great age. g. 
ilth. chirk-dlmd, filthy, p. 
a. a long period ; always, eternally. 
tf, long ago. ». 
chirk), filth, &c, p, 
lilatory, tedious, slow. #. 
pt, filth, ordure, p. 
thy, dirty, sloTcnly ; m. dung. p. 
dilatory, tedious, slow. «. 
. a bit^ piece, a rag. s. 

a tatterdemalion, ragged. #. 
to be torn, to split, chimd, a. to rend, 
split to cleave, to harrow, h. 
to be vexed, provoked, to fret, h, 
erjf hot (as pepper), acrid, h. 
1. to cause to tear or to be torn, h, 
\i'asl), what is it? chistdnor chut-uHy 
at is that?") m. an enigma, a riddle, p. 
', m. f. intellect, mind, life, soul, heart, 
chit-chd,e^ pleasing to the mind, what 
t desires, chit-chor, heart-stealing or 
chit-^end, to pay attention. cJUt- 
) make up one's mind, chit-ld/td, to be 
, to apply to. chU-lagciny amusing, 


£, glance, sense ; adj. supine, lying flat 
ick. chii-k., overcome in battle, h, 
scrap, chi^-ukharnd^ n. to splinter. A. 
leral pile, a heap of dried wood on which 
ies are burned. «. 
td, ra. a leopard or panther. «. 
ish, thought; wisdom, 8, 

a. to see, to look at, to behold. A. 
certain animal of the forest, some think 
ed deer (i>crhaps a leopard or panther, 

other spotted animal); adj. spotted, 


to caution, io warn, to apprise. «. 

f. a small bird, the maind. 8. 
pine (applied to animated beings). A. 
oAUdwady to caution, Slc, #. 

chUdyOm, f. a token ; admonition, warning. 8, 

chitar^ nL hips, buttocks, chitar iekmd^ to sit 
down, to get rrat. A. 

chitarnd or chitdrMj a. to paint. 8. 

chitaund or chUaunaun, a. to sec, to look at. A. 

chitdwni, f. a token ; admonition, warning. «. 

chiterdf m. a person who paints flowers. «. 

chUhariydy tattered, ragged, clothed in rags. A. 

chUhdrndf a. to tear to pieces ; to abuse, revile, 
treat with iudisnnitv. A. 

chifhatf f. reluctance, repugnance. A. 

chifM, t a note, letter, billet. A. 

chithndf to rend, to tear. A. 

chithrdy ra. a rag, tatter. A. 

chit'kahra or chitld, piebald, spotted. 8, 

chil'kdr, m. a ciy, a scream. #. 

chitkdrd^ m. a speck, a scar. dUikdrJt-lagdnd^ a. 
to brand. A. 

chUndy n. to be painted ; to look, appear. A. 

ckitndf a. to paint ; to wish, to think. A. 

chitroy m. a picture ; painting, delineation, writing, 
&c.; a circular ornament, a sectarial mark on the 
forehead ; the mirage or fallacious appearance of 
water on a sandy plain when heated by the sun. 
chiiT'sdld or -gdri, a gallery of pictures. 8. 

chitra-gar or ckitra-kdr, m. a portrait-painter. «. 

chitra-kdriy f. portrait-painting. 8. 

chitraly m. variegated or spotted (the colour). «. 

chitra-pdddy f. the maind, a small bird so called. «. 

chitra^hdidj L a gallery of pictures. «. 

chitra-vichiira, of various colours. 8. 

chitr-bichitr, of various colours. *. 

chiiidy white, fair; m. a silver coin, chitld ukhdfmd^ 
n. to splinter. A. 

chitidy m. application of a blister; adj. lying down, 
reclining. chUtd-bhog, m. coosciousneas of pain 
or pleasure, attention of the mind to its own 
sensations. «. 

chitted or chital^ m. the spotted deer. A. 

chitta-vibhramy m. madness, derangement. «. 

chittawdn^ kind-hearted, amiable. #. 

chi(thi, f. a note, a letter ; an order or demand. 
chittht-talab or lalab-chitfhi, f. a summons. 
chifthi-pdti or -paitavy i. epistolary correspon- 
dence. A. 

cAi7/t, f. a scar, a spot, freckle, &c.; a kind of ser- 
pent ; a kauri worn snoooth with rubbing. cAi^^i- 
ddr, speckl^ chUti-ldnd, a. to scar, hp^ 

chit wan, f. a sight, a look. A. 

chiyuntd, m. large black ant. A. 

cAt,irn^i, f. a small black ant. A. 

chifiird, m. rice parched and eaten dry, «. 



( 102 ) 



ehit^ f. tiling, commodifj. clut hanty f. chattels, 
bftf^gage. chizey somethinfi;, a little, p, 

chOydn^ f. dropping, dripping, h. 

chOfdndf a. to caujie to drip, to distil. A. 

chOfdr or chOjdr, ni. a mountain robber, an outlaw 
mountaineer, a brigand, h. 

ehobf f. wood ; a post ; a drumstick, a stick, a 
club, chob'kdri or Jcdr-choht^ f. beating with a 
stick ; a kind of embroidery, p, 

chobdf m. a stake, post. p. 

ehobak^ f. a drumstick, any small stick, p, 

chob-ddTf m. a servant wliose business is to an- 
nounce the arrival of company, a mace-bearer. 

chob-dattty f a stafT, stick, p, [/>. 

chobhdy m. a nail ; a kind of victuals giren upon 
great occasions ; prey ; puncture, h. 

ehohi or chohttiy wooden ; made of wood. p. 

chochldf m. playfulness, blandishments, endearing 
arts and expressions, coquetry. h» 

chodndy a. to copulate. A. [cation, h. 

chodwdAsdy whorish, libidinous, addicted to fomi- 

chohdf m. a small well. h. 

chohaf-nichldy m. the lower jaw. h, 

chohldj m. a large peg or pin. h. 

chOfilf land lying low and always moist. 

choj\ m. beauty. choj\ subtle, fine. h. 

chokhdf pure, genuine, good, fine, sharp, keen ; 
clever ; pleasmg, beautiful, h. 

chokhdj, t. purity, sharpness. A. 

chompf f. wish, desire, fondness, alacritj, avidity ; 
a gold ornament worn on the front teeth. A. 

rAoncA, f. beak, bill ; a point, s. 

choiirMdf m. playfulness (v. chochld), A. 

chonddy m. the head ; hair braided on the top of 
the head ; a kind of welL A. 

chondhif f. dimness, dulness of sight. A. 

chondhldy dim, purblind, dim*sighted. A. 

chongdy m. a funnel ; a sort of bread. A. 

ehongldy m. a joint of bamboos, used to send letters 
in. A. 

chonhhdlnd, n. to be purblind, to see dimlj. A. 

chonknd, a. to prick, to goad. A. 

chonthnd, a. to scratch, to claw. A. 

cAofi^t, f. the hair braided behind ; a tuft of hair 
left at the top of the head when all the rest is 
shaved off; queue, top, apex, summit, pinnacle, 
an ornament woni on the head by women, chonfi 
asmdn par ghiandy n. to be very vain or aspiring. 
rAofift-A*af, a slave. chon(i-kaftcdnd, to be a 
slave, to be obedient. cAoii^t kiti ki hdth 
ifi(*ii tfifo, a. to liave a power over one, to 
subdue. A. 

ehanfid, m. the ribbon with which hair is tied or 
braided at the end. A. 

chop, f. desire, wi«h, hope. A. 

chf^nd, a. to throw water from a dawn, q.T. A. 

cAor, m. a thief, robber ; adj. slj, hidden, fiilse, 
treacherous, chor-bdlu, f. a quicksand. eAor- 
pahrd or -pahra, the scouts of an armj. cAor- 
jahdXy a pirate ship, a privateer, chor-ckakdr^ 
m. a thief, chor-l^nay m. bye-room, concealed 
drawer, chor-dartcdza, m. trapdoor. cAor-<£Aor, 
m. plaintiff* and defendant ; all the parties of a 
law-suit ; a thief and what he has stolen. cAor- 
rdh or -ratta, a secret path, chor-xamln^ a quag- 
mire, bog. cAor-«irAt, f. back'Stairs. chor-khifH^ 
f. a back-door, a bye-door. chor*gati, f. a bye- 
road, back-lane, chor^lagndy n. to be injuivd, 
to damage. cAor lagnd sham* koj n. to waste a 
candle by a thief being attached to it. cAor- 
mahally m. the apartments of the concubines of 
great men. chor-mandurd, m, a game played 
by children. cAor-maAicAnl, f. hide and seek. 
chor-nifnak, contraband salt (chiefly used in 
Cut tack). «. 

chordndf a. to steal, to pilfer. «. 

charif f. a theft, robbery, stealth. cAori-cAori, by 
stealth, clandestinely. «. 

choshga, suckable, anything (especially fruit) ca- 
pable of being sucked, as a mango, &e, #. 

cAo^, f. a hurt, a blow, damage ; fall ; spite^ effort, 
attempt, assiduity, desire, wish, aim ; tip of the 
toe, folding a blauket, &c., as a coTering for the i 
hesid and shoulders. cko( par chof, one mis- 
fortune follows another, misfortunes come not 
single, chot-bdndhndy a. to defend ; to bind up 
the edge of a sword, &c.; to restrain by magic. 
chof-khdnd, to receive a blow, to be hurt ; to 
suffer loss. A. [interest ; treacle. A. 

chofdy m. discount or premium independent of 

cAo/{, f. a lock of hair left on the top of the head, 
the plait or tie of hair behind, a queue; top, 
summit ; a petticoat. cAo^t kd hond, to excel, 
be pre-eminent, or unrivalled. A. 

cho(iifdndf a. to seize by the hair, also to wound, 

chot(dy m. a thief. A. [to hurt. A. 

cAw, such as, like ; when ? how ? p, 

chmla, also chdld and chulifdy m. a fire-place, d. 

chUfdn or chutdn, f. a cistern. cAii,aa khd^l, f. a 
deep ditch with water sprinflring at the bottom. 

chiibdn (v. chupdn), a shepherdl p, [$, 

chubh, m. pricking, puncture. A. 

cAu^A^Ntf , a. to stick into, to thrust into, to pieroe, 
to goad, to stab, to prick. A. 


( 103 ) 


ckmikii^ a dip, a dire, a plunge in water, h, 

chubhmiy n. to prick, to be stuck or thrust into, 
to pierce, to be pierced, stabbed. «. 

ekSbkndf n. to be stuck, or thrust into ; to pierce, 
to be goaded or stabbed, to penetrate. A. 

ckmbkondj a. to stick into, to stab, sting, h, 

ekMchdnd^ n. to drop, to be drenched with water, 
to be dripping wet with sweat, water, &c. h, 

ekmcM, f. (t. chunchi) the breast, pap, &c. h. 

ehuehkarif f. blandislinient. h, 

ckuchkdrM, a. to fondle, to chirp to, to cheer hj 
making the noise occasioned by drawing in the 
breath with lips protruded. A. 

cAncAifAaiitf, to sing, to whistle, p. 

chmgan^ f. a plait or fold in a garment. A. 

ekugana^ a. to cause to peck. A. 

ckmgk(d or chugtal-^or, m. a tell-tale, a tale- 
bearer, backbiter, informer. chughal-Hori^ f. 
the act of backbiting, p. 

dkmgliti^ f. talebearing. chughU-khdnd^ a. to back- 
bite, to tell tales, to inform, p. 

dkf^4, n. to peck, to pick up food with the beak. 
aAvj7 lenij a. to select, to choose. A. 

ekukdy m. a rat, a mouse. chuhe-dd», m. a mouse- 
trap, ehuhe-mdr or chuh-mdrt m. a sparrow- 
hawk, cormorant, a mouser. A. 

ckuAalf f. merriment; cheer, jollity, mirth, festiTity. 
ehukal-puhcUy merriment, festivity, good cheer. 
chmkdi-k.f a. to carol, &c. A. 

ekmJkar^ m. the act of hunting by deceiving game 
with a stalking horse. A. 

ekukchukd, deeply coloured. A. 

ekmkckukdnd^ n. to glow as a colour, to dye a deep 
colour. A. 

dbiAi, f. a mouse, a she mouse or rat ; (in Dakh.) 
ehutn, the same. A. 

ekmkiyd^ m. a little mouse. A. 

ekmhid, m. a large wooden peg, a tent-pin. A. 

ekmklif comic, mirthfuL A. 

dlwAiitf, a. to suck. s. 

ehuky f. an error, blunder, mistake. A. 

^ukf adj. sour, acid ; m. a medicine made of boiled 
lemon-juice and pomegranates, f. 

ekiikd, m. a kind of earthen pot. A. 

ehuikd^i^ f. (same as chukat) a task, agreement, 
adjustment, decision, chukd^t dend, to escape 
one*s notice, to give one tlie slip. A. 

ekukdnd, a. to finish, complete, to settle, A. 

ekukai or d^ukautd, m. a contract, a task, an 
agreement, an adjustment, a settlement in 
fulL A. 

ehmJekar^ m. outlet of a fountain. L 

chukkar, m. a small tank or pit. A. 

chukkdr^ m. the roaring of a lion. 

chukki, f. deceit, fraud, chukki-dend^ a. to deceive, 

to play tricks. A. 
chukndy n. to have finished or completed, to be 

fixed ; to be agreed upon, adjusted. A. 
chukndj n. to blunder, to muitake, depart from, 

err, miss, faO. A. 
chukr^ m. sorrel ; sourness ; acid seasoning. «. 
ehuktij f. settlement, decree or sentence. A. 
chulf f. itch, scratcliing. A. 
cA«/, f. a teaon, the part of joiners' work which 

fits into another (as a dove-tail); a pirot upon 

wliich a door turns as on a hinge ; an axletree 

arm. chulen-ukharnd or -dhill hond^ u. to be 

tired, worn out with labour. A. 
chuldnd, a. to distil, to cause to drip. A. 
chuldw, m. a kind of dish consisting of plain boiled 

rice. p. 
chulhuldy restless, fidgetting; airy, gay. chuihuid' 

parif m. gaiety, ohulbu/dhaf^ gaiety, airiness. 

chulbuldnu, n. to be restless, to fidget (httle 

used), chulbulitfdy restless, fidgetting ; airy, 

gay. *• 

ehulchuly m. wantonness, inconstancy. «. 

chuichuidnd, n. to itch, to titillate, s. 

chulUy f. the suppoil placed below a stack of straw, 
&c.; a fire-place, a chimney, staddles. A. 

chuUuy m. a handful, the palm of the hand con- 
tracted so as to hold water, chullu bhar pdiil 
men dub marndy to perish from drowning in a 
handful of water, to bo greatly abashed (v. 
chapni bhar pdni men dub marnd), chullu 
chullu sddhnd, a. to get a habit of drinking by 
gradual increase, chullu men ullu hondy to be 
mtoxicated with a mouthful, t. 

chumd or chuindy m. a kiss ; (also chummd) chumd- 
chd{ty f. dalliance, kissing and toying, s, 

chumdgh or chumdky a mace, a club ; a baton with 
an iron knob at the end. p. 

chumak'patthary m. a magnet (v. chumbak)^ «. 

chumany m. act of kissing, s, 

chumdndy a. to cause to ki^s. «. 

chumbaky m. a kisser, a lecher ; a rogue, a cheat ; 
a loadstone, a magnet ; a quotation, an extract 
(from a book, &c.) ; a general scholar, one who 
knows parts in a variety of books ; the upper 
part or middle of a balance, s. 

chumkdry m. (abo chumkdn) f. a sound with the 
lips by which dogs and horses are called, A. 

chumkdrndy a. to coax, to speak kindly to. A. 

chuUf m. flour, pulse coarsely ground ; lime, s. 


aiv-aiv ( 1 

efiril, ni(:h ■*, 1ik<> : inlnrnft, bow? when? trmj. 

lin^iiM-, iiiBatnrii-h ». ctKti-ii, wtwmi, ■inoe. 

rkiii-rhiri, wmigling, •llenatioD (lit. whra or 

hitw, urii] whcri'furF) , p. 
rkina iir rliiita, m ]im«. riii(iia-/>iiiiii, f. ft dane- 

■XR l[>rl- i^ini-lagiHi, a. tn ilrfinie. i. 
eUaii, n. In Irak, to drop, to ooze, to be diililledi 

ill i\Tii\t fmm llin tmr iilmi ripe (fnul)- <- 
rA*iiiin or rUnali, like that, jiut ■■ if. p. 
aitMifaa, a. 1o nauw f) [rick, lo chooaei to am; 

or drew otie'i H-If, &n. chtnii-Uni, a. to plait 

(rkitli); to kill by building a pcraon into awaU. 

h. [lliat, acconlinglj. p. 

ehunanchi nr fhttnii-ki, so tlial, in such manner 
thMain-rhanH, in lliia and that manner ; (met.) 

ria«ion, (ubterfuge. p. 
eka»ir\ ut rhunii-ii, m. a lime-bamer. t. 
ehunal, f. pUitinR (clotha), plaita. h. 
ckanaufl, i. a bm for liulding tho lime naed to 

cliL'ir aloiij; witli beici ; a >niall tpoon Qaed to 

takn out tlie lime; enrouraging troopa in the 

time nf battlu, for w]iich puiriose there ii an 

ofliaT In Indian armiwi aclertmg from an armj 

\\»: nitcit mi^ for s tlvniHTaU- entcrpriu. h. 
rhuKimif, f. a^ of plaiting. *. 
chuAfiii/ial, f. iiinfiint; ofbinla. h. 
etiiiiihi, f. brcart, biibby, dug, nipple. «. 
chuiulAa or rliundha, rlmmlhla or chindMa, dim- 

•iglitoil, blinkard j bad and crabbed (as a hand- 

writinn). A. 
rhuadhlima, n, to be purblind, to >ee dimlj. h. 
rkunffHl, a baiidful of anything di^, u chulli 

ili'notm a bandfid of liquid. A. 
f/mni/i or rAAn.?), f. toll, tax, dulj. A. 
cAi^Hi, r. ]iuliH< aptit or ground totj coaraelj ; a 

■park, or uniall niby, or otbcrgom. A. 
rhnni hr rAigiu, without likencH, incomparable, 

nil I'jiitlint of llio Deitj. p. 
rAiinia, likn this, tucli aa tliia. p. 
i-kKiUi, wbi'n Umt, ^<hcrca^ lince. p. 
•'AHx/i-Miffi or 'mnr>, potti're' earth. A. 
rAKHnii, a. lo gather, lo pirk, to clioose ; to pick 

up food (aa binla) ; to place in order, to ar- 

miigO; loplaili ni. (FflMTu'rt. danoa sa chsnnd, 

a. tu rloM a ilotir with bncka. A. 
rtiiifH, f. aniodnor dfiwrlolfai. A. 
rAdiifif, m. or rAiriiri, f. a Urge ant. A. 
eAiiilfaM «r fAiiiifAHM, a. to gal her, to pbioli. A. 
ckiAim, the head man of a diatriet. A. 
rAHHHiiHfJ, a. to caiiae to pick, cIioob*. *. 
cAkji, ailiiit 1 (tmtis, for nothing; interj. ailcmce ! 

(tlie word roA ur mAo being uodcntood). ctap- 

% ) CHC-CHD 

rAip, quite ttill; tiUatlj, atealthilj. eimp- 
I'ig'i or tk*pH-lagnl, n. to be itmck dumb. A. 

ekipar, m. gmw. A. 

eitparna, a. to lamiih, to anrant, to corer, to 

ckviii-chtip, ail-ntt ; fartirelr. A. 

eAi^dj*, m. a cowberd, or abepherd, p. 

ehmpimi, f. ibe ol£ce of ihcpherd. p. 

ciup-ehdp, aiJent, perfectly still, fnrtitely. il. 

eitp-ehupaaa, a. to keep lilence, to moie qtuetlj 
and aecretlj. A. 

eiip-eluipate, silent I j, aecretlj. A. 

ckupka, quiet, silent, mute, clmpke, quietly, ai- 
leiillT, with little noise, dutpke-kakiti, to 
apeak in a whisper, or in a tcij low TOioe. A. 

rhupra, plausible, Ibough false. A. 

chvpri or chipri, f. oiled, greasy ; smootb, plau- 
sible. clapri-bit, flattery, soft words. cAapn 
rofi, cakes rich with clanfied butter. cAnjip 

i, the : 


lings, a 

.mall t 
small E 

Aonii, n. to be broke 

enamoured of, to be in lore ; to l>e tired, uatht 

nuii ckir hona, n. to be belpleasty intoii(«led. t. 
ehir (also chira and ekiji), a crest, a top-knot, a 

ring, an amulet, a bracelet. *. 
cAara, m. filings i saw-dust ; grain rednced to 

(.■oarse particles, to bo chucked into tbe mouth. «. 
fhuraghia, n. to prate, to prattle. A. 
cAsrnffid (t. cAuniffTia), a. to gabble. A. 
ckarail, f. tbe ghost of a woman who died wbib 

pregnant ; a hag, fury ; a dirty woman. A. 
ehirait, m, powder, duat. ekima-ktmtat, m a 

lock of hair, a cull. cAama-AAaii^, m. pebbis, 

rAHraid, a. tO Steal, to filch, t. 
ciurehsrd, crisp, acrid. A. 
cAvn-Aifri, f. dregs, aediment. A. 
cAmh, f, bangles or rings made of ghua. I. 
ckAridar, drawen, or eleeTrs, made too long. 
chiri, t. a apecics of bread rich with git. A. 
cAHrtna, m. a kind of sweetmeat. A. 
eAtirmsru, an imilatiTe i 




"). F 

nell p: 

i, f. dregs, refu«. A. 
cAart. f. nap, drowsinesg, nodding. A. 
cAiir«,fl, m. a dish prepai'ed from parched rice, 
rA«rH7aa, n. to gnbblo, to prattle ; to chirp. 
cAvTNit, tbe chirping of little birds, d. 


( 105 ) 


ektuakkar^ m. one who sncks, a tippler, s. 

eAusaknd, n. to throb, to ache. A. 

ekusattd, to give or cause to suck. h. 

^mski, f. a mouthful of drink. #. 

ehusni or chusHi, f. a child's coraL #. 

ehvssi, f. the juice of fruits, h, 

chtuty active, fleet, ingenious; narrow, straight, 
tight, chntt ehmlakf active, alert, fleet, p, 

chustd, tight, fitting well (as clothes), p, 

ckvtti, f. activity, alertness, fleetness. p, 

ekm(^ m. a crack, a noise, a peculiar mode of fold- 
ing a blanket or sheet, h. 

ekmfilud or ehu^dna^ a. to wound. A. 

ekmiar, m. the backside, buttock, hip. ohutar 
bafdndf n. to be overjoyed. chiUaf-sakorndf a. 
to loiter, to hang back, chutaf Me kdn gdn^hnd^ 
to speak in parables, h. 

ekmfildj wounded, bruised, h, 

ekmfiyd^ m. a spy to thieves, the head of a gang 
of thieves, h. 

drntUfd, m. a blockhead, ehuliifd'shahid, m. a 
cully, a dupe. s. 

ekiti^dndf a. to wound, h, 

eknfki, f. a pinch, snapping of the fingers ; the 
hammer of a gun ; a mode of printing cloth, or 
gulbadan ; name of an ornament worn on the 
toes. chutH-bhamd^ or -lend^ a. to nip, to 
pinch; to throw out provoking insinuations. 
ekmfkiyo£ men urdnd, to put one ofi* with a joke. 
k. [mour ; (see fofkd) conundrum. A. 

ekmtkmldf m. pleasantry, facetiousness, wit, hu- 

ckufi^ t a lock of hair, a queue, &c. (v. chafi). «. 

ekmtud, to drop, to leak, to ooze, to exude. «. 

chmmdmdf a. to cause to drip, to distil, to filter, to 
draw oflT. h. 

ekuza, m. a chicken, a young bird. chMza-hdx, 
an old woman who keeps a young gallant. p» 

ckmzd^ a kite, (also v. chnza), p, 

ck^wnfd (v. chifMnld), large black ant. A. 

c4^»|f< (v. cAi,iiii/i), £. a small ant. A. 

chifmt^ dropped ; fallen ofi^ strayed, f . 


dah^ m. strength, power, authority; a kind of 

pocket; the leather with which oil-pots are 

made, dab-gar^ m. a currier, h, 
ddb, m. custom, manner, institution ; situation, 

condition ; vehement, or forcible propulsion. 

ddifi fuAbat, m. good manners, civilization, a. 
4dbf m. a sword-belt ; an unripe cocoa-nut. h. 

dabd, m. ambush, ddbdmdmd, to lie in wait, h, 
dabd^e-ddlnd^ a. to be concealed, to hide. A. 
ddbakt m. freah water drawn from a well. A. 
dabakndf n. to couch, to be awed, to lie in am- 
bush, to skulk, to lurk, to set (a dog), to twin- 
kle, dabak and, -Jdndy or rahndy n. to sneak, 
to skulk, dabak-buitknd, u. to crouch. A. 

dabahidf n. to glitter. A. 

dab- and, n. to advance. A. 

dabdndy a. to press down ; to snub, to cliide, to 
keep under, to check, curb, restrain, awe, de- 
press, suppress, dabd'lend, a. to encroach up- 
on, dabd-mdrnd, a. to overcome, to get the 
better of; to cnish to death, A. 

dabang or dahangdy ill-bred, brutish, foolish, 
barbarous ; m. a dolt, lout, clown. A. 

ddbar, m. a vessel for wasliing hands in. A. 

dabasy m. provisions, sea-stock, stores. A. 

dabdiCy m. strength, power, authority ; pressure, 
crush, resignation, submissiveness. dabuw 
minndy a. to stand in awe. A. 

dabba or dabbd, ni. a leathern vessel. A. 

dabbdgh, ni. a currier, a tanner, a. 

4abbuy m. an iron spoon. A. 

dabdabay m. dignity, state, pomp. a. 

dabdabdndy m. to be filled with water or tears 
(an eye), dnsu dabdabdnd, to be on the point 
of shedding tears. A. 

dabely m. subject, person imder dominion. A. 

ddbiy f. a measure of about ten handfuls. A. 

dablng or dabingd (v. dabang)y ill-bred. A. 

dabiPy m. a writer, a secretary, a notary. j». 

dabifttdny m. a school, dabittdni masdhih, ^School 
of religious sects." — (Binning), a. 

dahUtdniy m. a student or scholar ; adj. of or be- 
longing to a school, p. 

dabkdy m. fresh water drawn from a well. A, 

dabkdndy a. t-o snub, to check, to chi'le, to 
threaten, to awe, to daunt ; to conceal ; to 

dabkaTy f. a trap, a snare. A. [hide. A, 

dabkely m, skulking, a skulker. A. 

dabkly f. ambush, crouching, dabki mdmdy to 
lie in ambush (a tiger, &c.). A. 

dabndy n. to be snubbed, to crouch, to shrink, to 
be pressed down, mowed down, to give way, to 
be awed ; to be concealed, dab-jdndy n. to re- 
tire, to withdraw, to be mortified, dab-chalnd 
or -nikalndy n. to be awed, to be overpowered. 
dab-marndy n. to be crushed to death, dabe 
puyony with silent steps, softly, gently. A. 

ddbndy a. to press down, to suppress, to snub, to 
squeeze, ddb-rakhndy a. to conceal, to steal 


( 106 ) 



and conceal ; to press, particulariy with tbe 
thighs, to retain bj pressure, to grip (as money). 
ddb-Und, a. to outgrow, h, 

dabochnd, a. to conceal, to hide (generaUj for- 
tirelj), to strangle, h, 

4ahona (same as ^u^in^), to sink, &c. A. 

dahrdf a marsh, a puddle ; a small field. Jk, 

4abra or tfabrd, m. marshy land, a puddle, a 
small pond, dabra-dahra^ m. a puddk. K 

dahurf t. zephyr, the west wind. a. 

dahWf m. a club, a mace, a.p, 

dahuid, m. the cabin of a ship, stem, a, 

dachchfti, dexterous, able, qualified. «. 

dachch^in^ f. (for dakif^itui), m. the south. «. 

dachchffind, f. ^for daJcnhind)^ reward to a Brah- 
man for performing religious ceremonies ; fee. ». 

dachchffindyan, m. the sun's progress from north 
to south, winter solstice, s, 

dachl^f learned, scientific, able, tt, 

dady a rapacious animal, beast of prey, p, 

dddt f. a gift, giving ; law, equity, justice ; re- 
venge ; (in comp.) it denotes given, bestowed, 
as th»do-dddf given by Gt>d. ddd beddd-Jc.^ a. 
to demand justice, ddd-f^wdht m. a plaintiff, a 
petitioner of justice. ddd-Hiwdhi, f. demanding 
jUMtice, instituting a suit, ddd-dihish, f. libe- 
rality ) a present, ddd-deni, a. to praise one*s 
actions properly, dud'tasy a redresser of griev- 
ances, ddd-ratiy redress of grievances, justice. 
ddd ko pahuncknd, n, to arrive at justice; to 
obtain justice, ddd-gary m. admmistrator of 
justice. ddd-gustat% diffusion or administra- 
tion of justice, ddd'lenty a. to take vengeance. 
ddd'tnilniy n. to obtain redress, ddd a bedddy 
crying out for justice, ddd o sitady lit. giving 
and taking, traffic, p. 

daddy f. a mnid'Scrvant, a nurse, p.t, 

ddday given, or having given ; (used in comp.) as 
tdb'ddday infianu^. p, 

daddy m. a paternal grandfather; elder brother. A. 

ddd'dr or ddd'owaty m. the distributor of justice, 
an epithet of tbe Deity, p. 

dadhiy m. sour, tliiok milk. «. 

dddiy f. patenial grandmother, h. 

dddiy a plaintiff, a complainant, dddi'/afyddi^ a 
complainant, one suing for justice, p. 

dadiifdly m. descent, pedigree, ancestors, paternal 
grandfather's family. A. 

dadldndy a. to chide, to snub, h, 

dddniy f. advnnci's ; money advanced for the pro- 
vision of goods or merchandise. />. 

ifad dam, a fierce rapacious animal (as a lion, 

tiger, Ac.) ; a wild beast in general ; alao a 
harmless animal), as a goat, sheep, fto. p. 

dadardy m. a bump ; (from the bite of an inaect). 

dddrd, m. a kind of song. h. [A. 

dadriy unripe com, chieflv barley, k. 

dddur or ddduncd, m. a trog. 9. 

ddytjd (v. ddyajd)y m. a dowry. #. 

ddyCn-bd^en, on the right and left. h. 

dafQT dafoT daffy m. a small tambourine, p, 

dafy m. repulsion, averting, preventing, daf- 
'ddty m. an officer so called, whose rank corres- 
ponds with that of our seijeant. a. 

daf ay time, a moment, one time, daf a ha dtfoy 
from time to time, repeatedly, a, 

dafd^iHy pi things buned or hidden, more parti- 
cularly hidden or buried treasures, a. 

dafar kaliydy tasteless victuals, a dish in which 
much broth, vegetables, &c., are mixed, to make 
it go the further ; slops, wishwash. a. 

dafatatiy often, all at once. a. 

dafinoy m. buried or hidden treasure, hoard, a. 

dafiyay a means of averting evil, Ac. a. 

daflay m. a smaller tambourine, p, 

dafity m. burial, hiding, concealmg. dafm-k,y^ 
to bury, to hide, to conceaL a, 

dafndndy a. to bury, to inter. a.A. 

daftaty m. a book, journal, record. daftar-Wna^ 
m. an office, a counting-house. daftar'Miarek^ 
office cliargcs. daftar-ddr or daftar-namUy a 
registrar, a recorder, daftcur-ddriy Ac., office of 
registrar, daflar'band or dqftari, m. a man 
employed in preparing articles of stationery, 
and in ruling and binding office books, p, 

dafR or dajtiny f. the boards of a book, p, 

ddgy m. spot, scar, &c. (v. ddg!t)» h. 

daffy f. a pace, one step (measure). A. 

dagadhndy a. to bum; to tease, to vex ; to chide, 
to threaten, to upbraid, to pevUe, to pester. *. 

d€tgary a kettle-drum, h, 

dagaTy f. a road, a path, a highway. A. 

dagarndy n. to disbelieve a true testimony. A» 

dagarndy n. to travel, to walk, to rolL A. 

dagdagdy shining, bright. A. 

dagdagdhai (cont. dag-dagdf), f. splendour, 
sparkling, twinkling (as of a star). A. 

dagdagdnd or dagdagdndy n. to glow, to gleam, to 
twinkle, to shake ; to bum brightly, to bum 
clear (charcoal). dag4agakar pdnl pindy to 
drink greedily, or a large quantity at a draught 
A. [ra. a raven, or perhaps the carrion crow. t. 

d<igdhay burnt, scorched, consumed, dagdkthkiky 

4ogg»i m. a lean horse, a rosinante. A. 


( 107 ) 


dsj^ m. spot, stain, mark, scar, a freckle, a mark 
made by burning with a bot iron brand, stigma, 
cautery ; (adjectivelj) wounded, cauterized, 
liaTing many scars, ddgh bar bald^e ddgh, one 
misfortune following auotlier. ddgh-ckafhand 
or lagdndf a. to Tiufy, to defame, ddf^i-ddr^ 
spotted, marked, ddgt-dena, a. to mark by 
burning with a hot iron, cauterize ; to blemish. 
dugJi'idndy a. to Tilify. ddgh lagnd^ n. to be 
damaged. ddgh-hond^ to be cauterized or 
scarred, p, 

daghdf f. deceit, imposture, treachery, daghd' 
bdZf a cheat, impostor, traitor, daghid-hdn^ im- 
position, p. 

dagkd^iy f« price paid for marking, p. 

daghal^ m. rice, corruption, treachery, depravity : 
luxuriant and entangled herbage; a Tillain, a 
pickpocket ; adj. false, deceitful ; base (as coin). 
dagialfafalf treachery, deceit, depra?i^. a. 

dagkdnd, a. to cause to fire a gun ; to cause any- 
thing to be marked, p, 

dagtfUiffha or daghdaghd, m. alarm, tumult, a. 

ddghi or dag]^ld, spotted, stained; deceitful. 
ddgti'k^ a. to stain, to blemish, p. 

daghlif treacherous, deceitful; f. treachery, Til- 
Lany, fraud, p. 

daghnd or ddghnd^ a. to cauterize, to mark by 
burning with a hot iron ; to fire (a gun, &c.) . pJ^. 

dagldy m. a kind of quilted Test worn as armour 
or under armour, h. [shiTering, tottering, h. 

dagmag^ adj. unsteady, tottering ; f. the act of 

d(pgm(Mgdnd^ m. or ^o^mo^ana, n. to tremble, to 
ahiTer, to totter, to stagger, h, 

^iagrdud or dagfdnd^ a. to propel, to rolL %, 

daJky ten. dah-chand, tenfold, ten times, dah- 
eikandagi, f. tenfold. (It is a word with which 
they return a salutation), dah dar dungd, sal- 
tar-dor d]^irat^ a benediction oi fykln^ mean- 
ing, charity will be returned scTcnfold in the 
next world (it is probably a corrupt Persian 
phraae, dcih dar duMfd sitdn dar d^iraty " give 
in this world and recciTC in the next") — so 
says Hunter, and so copy his copyists ; but in 
the latter case it must be written dih^ not dah. 
It is much more Ukely that the proTcrbial ex- 
pression in question is from the Persian " dah 
dar dungd, fad dar dkhhirat" ** ten in this 
world (is, or yields) a hundred in the next." 
dahgak, tenth part. p. 

dak, m. Tery deep water; whirlpool, a pool or 
eddy in a river; abytts. kanwal-dah^ a place 
abounding with the lotus or water-hly. 8, 

dah, m.f. burning, ardour; combustion, confla- 
gration ; morbid heat ; cautery. ddh-Jicar, m. 
inflammatory fcTcr. duh-dend, to light the 
funeral pile, ddh-rakhna, to grudge, dah-sar, 
m. a place where dead bodies are burnt, ddh- 
haran, m. the root of a fragrant grass (Andro- 
pogon muricatum), woven into screens and kept 
wet for excluding the heat, ddh-karma or 
'karana, or -krlyd, the act or ceremony of 
burning a dead body. *. 

ddhy f. malice, spite, rancour, envy, jealousy. «. 

dahd,i, f. the figure ten; the tenth part; the 
decimal place of figures in arithmetic, p, 

dahaindi, f. a vessel m which milk is kept. <. 

dahak, f. ardour, conflagration, h. 

dahdk, m. the place of tens in arithmetic, p. 

ddhak, burning, inflammatory ; caustic. *. 

dahaky m.f. a cavern, abyss, a pitfall, h. 

dahakndy n. to burn, to be burnt, to be ruined, 
lost, destroyed ; to regret, h. 

dahal, a quicksand, a quagmire, h, 

dahalnd^ n. to shake, tremble, to fear, h, ^ 

dahan or dahdn^ f. sultriness, conflagration; m. 
burning, oombustion ; fire, Agni. *. 

dahan, m. the mouth, an orifice, p, 

ddhan, m. burning, cauterizing. «. 

dahdna, m. tl^ bit of a bridle ; the mouth of a 
water-bag ; anything which covers the mouth. 

dahdnd, a. to bum, to set on fire. s. [p. 

dtJihand, one who is able and willing to give or 
pay ; " a good man on change." p, 

dahar, a road ; lands flooded with water. A. 

dahar-dahaf'jalnd, n. to bum furiously, dahaf^ 
dahar-rahndy n. to flutter, to palpitate, h. 

daliurnd, n. to roar (as a tiger). A. 

dahashy stupificd with amazement, striking with 
astonishment or consternation, a, 

dah-btishi, m. a commander of ten men ; a person 
having a place of trust : a valet. p.L 

dahdahd, flourishing, fresh, pleasing, h. 

dahdahdndy n. to flourish, to blosso.n. A. 

dahendi, f. a vessel in which sour mUk is kept. «. 

daM (vulgarly dhai), m. thick sour milk, coagu- 
lated milk. daUi'Wdld, m. a seller of sour 
milk. «. 

ddh'fj shrewd, ingenious, penetrating. *. 

ddhi, malicious, spiteful, envious, g. 

ddhind, right, the opposite of left. 8. 

dakkdiid, a. to bum, to kindle ; to ruin, destroy, 
lose ; to cause to regret ; to heat (iron, &o.). A. 

dahkdnd, a. to deceive, to disappoint, to baulk, to 
tantalize ; to spoil, to throw away uselessly, h. 


( loe ) 


dahliz, f. a portico, a threshold. ddhUz-hkundr 
Idndy " treading the threflhold." p, 

dah-marddj a kind of cart capable of carrying ten 
men. p. 

dahnd or ddhnd, n. to bum, to be burnt, to 
scorch, f. 

dahnd (v. dahind), right, the opposite of left. tt. 

4dhnd^ n. to be malicious, to bum with spite ; to 
be fuzed (as metal) ; to heat (as metal). «. 

dah-ntmiy five per cent. (lit. half of ten), p, 

d<ihmiyaf fit to be burnt, combustible, s. 

dahr^ m. time, an age, habit, mode, solicitude; 
the world ; atheism ; fortune, adversity, a, 

dahrd^ m. a pond, a pool. h. 

d€ihri^ temporal, relating to time or fortune, a. 

dahriyd^ m. an atheist, a. 

dah-santf belonging to ten years ; a book of ac- 
counts, registers, &c., for the space of ten years. 

dahterdf m. a weight of ten sers, t, [/'•a* 

dahshatt f. fear, dread, dahthat-anget^ horrible, 
hideous, dahshat-zada^ panic-struck, dahshat' 
ndkt alarming, dreadful, a, 

dahufiif tenth, the tontli (day), p, 

dah-yakf an allo\rance of ten per cent, of re- 
venue (for the farmer), p. 

dttyif part. fem. given ; gift ; m.f. the Deity, des- 
tiny, doyi, lagndy to be unfortunate, da^u 
mdrdy struck by the Deity, accursed. *. 

ddjiy f. a milk-nurse ; a midwife, da l pild^ti f. a 
wet-nurse, ddji jandyi, f. a midwife. dd,i ho 
tompnd, a. to put out to nurse. dd,t'khUdJy a 
dry nurse, dd^i-garij f. midwifery. p.h. 

ddfi, m. a giver, generally used in composition, 
as, dukh^ddfit gi^i'^g or occasioning pain. s. 

dd*it m. a well-wisher, one who prays for the 
welfare of another ; a plaintiff* ; one who insti- 
gates another to anything, instigator, author, 
cause, a. 

daibiy by chance, accidentally. «. 

ddyimt always, perpetual, permanent, ddfimu-l- 
habt^ perpetually imprisoned. dd,imu'l-l^amr^ 
a sot, drunkard, ddyimu-l-maraif, always sick, a, 

dd'iman, per{)otuaIly, everlastingly, a. 

ddfimi or ddyiml^att f. perpetuity, eternity, ddfi- 
mi, adj. perpetual, everlasting, a. 

daiftj m. uobt. dain-ddr, m, a debtor, daini 
mtCajjnly a debt payable on demand, daini mu- 
waijaly a debt of which payment is deferred, a. 

daittt diiu'unl, daily ; m. poverty, wretchedness, «. 

dnifidf m. a brnncli, a bough. A. 

dainffa^ m. poverty, covt'tuu9Des5», *. 

r/««>, m, a temple ; a convent, a monastery. p,a. 

dOfir^ encircling, da^ir o sd^ir, going the cir- 
cuit (judges, &c.) ; absolute, inyested with 
authority, a. 

dd,ira, m. a circle, a ring, circumference, orbit ; 
a tambourine; a monastery, ddyira'ddr, the 
head of a monastery, the lord abbot, prior, Ac. 

daily a, m. a demon (v. daiyat). $, [<i. 

Am'f, divine, celestial; m. destiny, fete, daiv- 
chitUdf f. fatalism, reliance on fate, drntf-ckin- 
taky m. a fatalist, daiva-gya, prophetic, ac- 
quainted with fate ; m. an astrologer, daiva- 
gydy a female fortune-teller, daiv-lekhak, an 
astrologer, daiv-vdni, f. a voice from heareu. 
daiv-yug, m. an age of the gods. «. 

daiva, divine, relating to a divinity. «. 

daivdgat (v. dewagai), accident. «. 

daivdt, by chance, fetally ; at length. ». 

daivagyay an astrologer, an almanac maker. 9. 

daixn or daivya, m. fete ; adv. accidentaUjr, fate, 
fortune. «. 

daiya, f. a mother ; the stand that children run 
to in playing hide and seek. h. 

dffiyoy m. petition, plaint, desire, wish; cauae, 
source, a. 

daiyaty m. a demon, an evil spirit, a Titan, or 
giant, in HindQ myfhology. s, 

daiyUSy m. a contented cuckold. 0. 

ddjy m. darkness, a dark night, a. 

^jj^^ ni. a liar, an impostor ; anti-christ, a. 

dajla or dajlat, m. a lake ; the river Tigris, a. 

dakt a kind of cloth ; a darwesh*8 dress, p. 

ddk, m. a donor, one who makM presents, espe- 
cially to Brahmans. s. 

ddk, f. a post for the conveyance of letters, also 
relay of horses or of palki-bearers. ddk-ehamiiy 
a stage where a relay of horses is posted, dab- 
ghar, a post-office, ddk^wdldy a postman. A 

ddk^ m. husband of a ddkini, q.v. '. 

4tiky perpetual vomiting, ddk-lagni, to be seized 
with constant vomiting. A 

ddkdy m. an attack by a gang of armed robbers. 
ddkd^aptdy -dend or 'ddlnd, a. to rob. A 

dakdyiky pi. subtleties; difficulties; flour meal; 
minutes, moments ; minutiffi. a. 

dakait or ddkaity m. a robber, a pirate. A 

dakaiti or ddkaiti, f. robbery (Tiug. dacoUy). A 

dakdr, i, a belch, dakdr-lend, to belch. A 

ddkard, m. name of a good kind of soiL A 

dakdi-ndy n. to belch ; to bellow, to low. ^olrar- 
baithnd or -jdndy n. to embezzle. A 

daldttjcdnd, m. to shako, bum, &c. A [to. 

c/aMi a throng or company ; good for, adapted 


( 109 ) 


dailka»f m. the sooth, the Deocan. #. 
dakkam, southern, s. 
da^l^ intimate, familiar ; admitted, a. 
dSl^iL, entering, penetrating, arriring ; taking 
pcMsession ; entry in a book (adjectirelj) ; en- 
tered, produced, ddi^ iiflrij'k.^ a. to transfer 
property (by taking out the name of the former 
proprietor from tlie deed or register, and in- 
serting that of the new), ddkhil-k,^ a. to cause 
to enter or arrive, to place or fix in ; to pro- 
duce, to include, to insert, ddtt^l hond, n. to 
enter, to arrive, to penetrate, to belong, to ap- 
pertain, to be inserted. ddishU-dq/tar, entered 
upon the record. ddl^tU'ddr, an occupant. 
ddikil-ndmaf a warrant or deed of possession ; 
a conreyance. ddkJ^-tbdrij^ erasure of an en- 
try, ddl^ila or ddk^ild^ m. a receipt for money ; 
a list or entry ; a muster-roll ; a concern or 
business ; a connexion, ddt^i^t contained, be- 
longing to, inherent, included in. ddtkH-ndmOf 
m. a warrant of possession, a. 
daHl, m. entrance: access; possibility or prac- 
ticability ; produce, income, receipt ; intrusion, 
interference, disturbance, molestation, daj^l- 
pmndy a. to hare access, dathl-k., a. to meddle, 
to interrupt, to take possession, a. 

da^^ddr^ a partner, an accomplice, a.p, 

dakhni, southern ; of or belonging to the Deccan 
or southern India; (generally things or per- 
sons from the south), dttkhm pudina, horse 
mint. #. [de»d. p, 

da^ma^ a coffin, a tomb, a reoeptacls for the 

ddki, gluttonous, Toracious. A. 

dakilf, difficult ; minute ; m. flour, meal. o. 

dakika, m. a minute, a moment of time ; any- 
thing small, a subtle question, a trifling busi- 
ness, a. [causes children to pine and die. 8, 

4dlrimj f. a female imp, a witch, whose evil eye 

ddkiffA, m. a robber ; a postman. A. 

dakk, thin, tapi-dakk, f. a hectic fever, a, 

daJM^iud or dakfynd, southern ; southerly, t. 

dakk o lakk, m. an uncultivated plain, a. 

ddiendy a. to vomit, h. 

dakrdnd, n. to cry bitterly, h, 

dak-M, capable, able, well -qualified. ». 

dakMhin, nght (not left) ; south, southern, dak- 
skim^mrvdf f. the south-east quarter. «. 

dakshimd, f. a present to Brahmans at a sacrifice, 
a fee ; donation to Brahmans. s. 

dakMkind^an, southing, &c. (v. dakhind^an). s, 

dakskinei^ southward, southerly. 8. 

dakthinya or dak8kiiuya, deserving a reward. «. 

ddkshya^ m. devemess, dexterity, ability. #. 
ddku, m. a robber, pirate, h. 
daly m. a large army ; the leaf of a tree ; a heap, 
a quantity. d<il'irdl^ commander of an arm} ; 
thickness, dal-ddry fleshy, thick. 
dal or ddl^ f. pulse, vetches, a kind of split pea, 

much used for food. 8. 
duly f. a branch, a bough ; a basket for raising 
water, ek ddl, of one piece, witliout joining, h, 
(hidy m. a large lump, a clod, a large basket, k, 
ddldf m. a litter, a large branch, h. 
da/dyily pL proofs, arguments, a, 
dalak, f. glitter, splendour. A. 
dalaky m. a sling, a ba^iket, a ddttj carried on 
men's shoulders by means of a stick and ropes. 
dalakndf n. to glitter, to shine, h. [h, 

deUak-pdf, m. a folded petal or leaf. «. 
daldlaty f. direction, indication, sign, token, argu- 
ment, demonstration ; brokerage, a, 
dalan^ m. the act of dividing into two parts; 

breaking, cleaving. «. 
ddldn^ m. a hall, dar-ddldn, m. an outer halL p, 
daldndy a. to grind coarsely, to cause to be 
ground. «. [l*rge tent. #. 

dal'bddaly m. a mass of clouds ; a large army ; a 
ddl-chinl (for ddr-cMiu), f. cinnamon. A. 
daldcUy f. a quagmire, a slough, a bog. daldcUd^ 
quaggy, boggy, daldaldhaly f. tremor, dalda- 
Idndy n. to sliake, to undulate, daldati^ swampy, 
quaggy. A. 
daidd-peshfflr, abed-screen, p. 
dal^anjandy a kind of rice. A. 
dal-hdrd, m. one who sells grain. #. 
dtU-Jmran or dal-hdriy £. a woman who deals in 

grain, s, 
daily f. a clod of clay or mould. «. 
4^iy f. a lump (of sugar, meat, &c.). A. 
4dliy f. a tray, or rather a couple of trays fastened 
by slings, for carrying presents ; hence a pre- 
sent of fruit, &c. ; a basket of fruit, &c. ; a 
branch, a bough. A. 
dalidr or ddlidry m. poverty, want. #. 
dalidriy poor, indigent, wretched. «. 
dalidratd, f. poverty, destitution. 8, 
dalidriy m. poor, destitute. *. 
dalihafiy f. any sort of pulse. 8. 
dalily f. argument, proof ; a director, a. 
daUliy argumeutntive ; a good arguer. a. 
ddlim or ddlimy m. a pomegranate (v. ddrim). «. 
daliydy half-ground or coarse ly-i>ounded grain ; 
split pulse, ground more finely than dMy q.v. «. 
4aliydy m. a basket^ a lump of meat. &c. A. 


( 112 ) 



4^nddy m. a staff ; the beam of a pair of Bcalee. «. 

4anddj a collector of market dues. A. 

4dnddy m. landmarks ; road. g. 

danddn^ m. a tooth, danddn-rjiirf biting (horse). 
danddn tnifri^ f a kind of sweetmeat, p. 

danddna, m. the tooth of a saw, &c. p, 

dandandndy n. to enjoy one's self, to be contented 
and independent, to lire at one's ease. /*. 

danddruy m. a blister, a pimple. A. 

4andaut or danddwat (r. dandwai)^ salutation. «. 

dantp, m. or dandle f. a handle ; the beam of a 
pair of scales ; m. any one who bears a staff, a 
weighmao ; a mendicant wlio carries a staff in 
his hand, pag-dandi^ f. a footpath, h. 

ddndiy f. a balance ; m. a rower, a waterman, s. 

datufiry f. a line, stripe, score, lineament. A. 

dandiyd or 4<^ndii/dy m. a kind of garment for 
women ; a collector of market duties. h.d. 

dandndy a. to inflict a penalty ; to investigate. #. 

4dHdndy a. to retaliate, to fine, to punish, s, 

dandniifay punishable, deserving punishment. *. 

4andwdrdf a south wind. h. 

dandwat or dawftcaf, f. a Hindu mode of saluta- 
tion, something like our military salute. «. 

danffy astonished ; careless, foolish, p. 

ddnffy a hill or precipice ; the summit of a moun- 
tain ; also the same as ddnakj q.v. h.p. 

4dnffy f. a stick, a club; the greatest height or 
summit of a mountain, h, 

dangdy m. wrangHng, confusion, mutiny, sedition, 
rebellion. dange-bdZy mutinous, turbulent, h, 

dangaly m. a crowd, an assembly, p.t, 

dangaly m. a kind of chair, h, 

ddngar, thin, lean ; m. a lean beast, a starreling, 
superannuated homed cattle, h. 

dangaydy turbulent, mutinous, quarrelsome. A. 

daniy mean, paltry, base. a. 

ddnly charitable, liberal, bountiful «. 

ddnly f. place, pot ; used in comp. as tel-ddmy f. 
an oil-pot (abstract form from dan, knowing) in 
comp., as ghaib-ddniy knowledge of the mys- 
terious, p, 

ddnUhy f. knowledge, ddnish-mand or ddnish-ivar, 
wise, learned ; ddnish-mandi or -wart, learning, 
wisdom, science, p, 

ddtUsty knowledge, opinion. ddnista, having 
known, knowingly, ddnistagty f. knowledge, 
science, learning, p. 

ddnlgay worthy of having anything given, worthy 
or fit to be given, s. 

daniyaty f. vice, meanness, defect, a, 

dank (v. ddnak), name of a coin, &4i, a» 

4anJcy m. the sting of a reptile or insect, paitiea- 
larly a scorpion, dank-mdrndy to sting. A. 

4dnky m. foil (under precious stones); the sting of 
a scorpion. «. [sound of the kettle-drum. A. 

dankn, m. a double drum, a kettle-drum; the 

danki/dy armed with a sting. A. 

dankigdndy a. to sting (as a reptile). A. 

ddMy m. the sting of a reptile ; a large mosqaito. 

danshy m. a gadfly ; a tooth ; the sting of a snake. 

danshatiy m. the act of biting or stinging. #. [». 

dansheVy noxious, mischievous, a, 

danshiy f. a small gadfly, s. 

datity m. a tooth; an elephant's tusk, datd-put 
or dnnt-shuly the toothache, dant-ahdny m. a 
dentifrice, dant-mdnsy m. the gums, dant-mal, 
m. the tartar of the teeth, s. 

ddnty m. a tooth, dant unglt kd^ndy a. to bite the 
finger, is a term expressive of being surprised, 
amazed, or perplexed, ddnt-hajndy chattering of 
the teeth, squabbling, sparring, wrangling, dint- 
patthar po ^A<7«ii4f(Dakh., explained by hamu-k.), 
to aim at, to desire, ddntparcharhdndyiodeinet 
from the virtues or praise of another. dmd-plUnd, 
a. to gnash tlie teeth, to grin, ddnt tale ungli- 
dabdnd or -kdfndy to stand in amaze, to be 
amazed, to wonder, ddnt-rakknd or -hond kin 
par, to desire anything exceedingly; to hate. 
ddnt-MaUaldnd (Dakh.) to ache (the teeth), ddwt 
kd dardy tooth-ache, ddnt kdfi roti khdnd, to 
be united in intimate friendship, ddnt-katkatmndj 
a. to gnash the teeth, ddni-kachkachdndy to grin, 
to shew the teeth. ddnt-kha^ie-k.y to dishearten, 
to displease. ddrU-kholney to disclose the ieeih, 
to grin, ddnt'ldud or -nikdlndy to teeth, to 
grow (as teeth), ddni-lagni^ m. triaraus or 
locked-jaw. ddni-nikdlndy to laugh, to grin ; to 
express or confess inability ana helpleasness. 
ddnton zamin pakarni (lit. to bite the |;ro«ind), 
to be reduced to extremities, to suffer great pain. 
ddnton-marnd, a. to gnash the teeth (with anger). 

dantaily tusked (as a wild boar, &c.). «. [«. 

dantdiraliy a harrow or rake. A. 

ddiitdapafy f. gallop, swiftness. A. 

danteldy m. an elephant with large tusks, or a boar 
or any animal with prominent tusks. #. • 

ddnfhy the refuse of harvest floors. A. 

ddnfJi<ily m. pedicle, petiole, footstalk. A. 

4dn(hiy f. a straw, stubble, pedicle, stalk. A. 

danihiydy a field on which rice has been cut. A. 

danily toothed, tusked; m. an elephant, dauti- 
rtjy m. a strong purgative nut, the fruit of the 
croton. #. 


( n« ) 


the tooth of a saw or other instrument, 

' a wheel ; a rake ; a harrow ; a kind of 

ddtUi-pafndf n. to be notched or in- 

(oB the edge of a sword), ddnti-dend, a. 
ist upon. ddrUilagnd^ to hare a locked 
a. to snub, to threaten, h, [j&w. 8. 
having large tusks, tusked, s. 
. a stake, a wager ; a throw, or cast of the 
)roperlv, dd.o or daw), p. 
1. ambuscade, ambush, snare ; power, op- 
litj ; time, turn, vicissitude ; twisting of 
lother in wrestling, danto-haithna^ n. to 
ambush, ddnw-pakarndf a. to wrestle. 
rhaldnd, a. to take advantage of. ddnw 
, n. to have the advantage, h. 
'-, m. wandering without house or home, 
, destitute, ddnwddoli, f. state of desti- 
, wandering without a home, h, 

f. a rope which fastens bullocks together 
threshing (▼. dauri). h. 
m. a tiger's cub or whelp, h. 
. a course, a gallop, h. 

or dapafndy n. to gallop, to rush ; to 
t, to shout ; a. to rebuke, to reprimand. 
haf, f. shining, splenJour. A. \_h, 

nd or dap-dap-karndy a. or n. to shine, h, 
. a kind of small drum A. 
If n. to crj' bitterly, to roar. h. 

a. to put to the gallop. A. 
1 daridan, (in comp.) tearing, rending, 
'dum-dary man-destroying, p. 
a door, a gate, dar-ba-clar, from door to 

dar o diicdr-dekhni, expresses solitude 
ixious expectation ; prep, in, at, on, into, 
a, n. to come in, to arrive, to penetrate. 
'i ejdn hond^ n. to be desirous of the death 
iher, to persecute to the uttermost, dar- 
«i, n. to follow, to prosecute, to persecute. 
rdiy in case, provided that, supiiose that, 
price, rate, a number or quantity fixed as 
iard. A. 

\ dwelling, a mansion, seat, country habi- 
; according to Gladwin, a single-roofed 

surrounded with walls, with a door or 
is termed a bait or room : a manzU or 
!nt, on the contrary, is a place composed 
;rent rooms, such as a man may reside in 
is family : a ddr, or mansion, on the other 
s a phtce consisting of various rooms or 
nts, with an open court. ddru-l-cMidn^ 

house of safety, a country with which 
is peace, ddru-l-bakd, the house of 

eternity, i.€. the next world, daru'l'hawdr^ 
m. the dwelling of perdition, helL ddru^l- 
l^ildfat or ddru-S'salfanat, ddrU'l-imdrat or 
ddrU'l'fmkunuU, f. the royal residence, the seat 
of empire ; (met.) capital ; metropolis, daru-lr 
harby (lit. the mansiou of war) a country wliere 
the Musalman religion does not prevail, ddru- 
S'ialdm^ house of salvation, heaven, ddru^k- 
thaf^y a court of law or religion, ddr^th-shafd 
or ddru-l-marZy m. an hospital, ddru-f-zarby f, 
the mint. ddrul-*addl<ity a court of justice. 
ddru-l'Hlm, a school or college. ddru-l-iwcUy 
house of retribution, ddru-l-fandy the frail 
house, (met.) the world. ddru-Ukardry house 
of rest, the grave, ddru-l-mukdjdty house of 
retaliation, ddr o dcutUy house and family, a. 

ddr, m. a gallows, a gibbet, an impahng stake. 
ddr par khainchndy a. to impale, dur-kash^ the 
hangman ; (in comp.) it means possessing, a 
possessor, a lord, a master; as, hiffa-ddr, a 
partaker, db-ddr^ adj. watery, resplendent ; m. 
a person intrusted with the charge of water for 
drinking, ^amal-ddry a tax-gatherer, ddr-gtr^ 
m. seizing (particularly thief-taking); tumult, 
conflict, ddr-maddry m. agreement, stipulation, 
adjustment of a dispute, p. 

dnry m. f. fear, dread, dar-pokndy a coward. A. 

ddr, f. a branch, a bough ; a rank, row. ddr kt 
ddr, a succession of rauks ; a band, troop. A. 

darOy m. a valley or glen between hills, p, 

dardy m. the highway ; f. a cave. p. 

dariffahdly shining, splendid, p. 

dardyiy f. contradiction, harza dardyt, f. chatter* 
ing, idle talk. p. 

ddrdyi, f. red silk cloth ; sovereignty, p. 

ddraitty the two worlds, the present and future, a, 

darakdty pi. steps for descending, descents, a. 

darakt^Adn, sliining, brilliant, p. 

darak^handaf bright, shining ; a shiner, p. 

darailtikd/ii or daraj^handagly f. brilliancy, p, 

daralsht, m. a tree. p. 

darakkdf m. terror, fright. A. 

daraknd or darakndy n. to split, to rend, to be 

dardluy timid, fearing. ». [torn, to crack. A. 

doT'dmad, entrance (in law); the return of a pro- 
cess, ddr-dmad bdr-amady entrance and egress, 
receipt and disbursement, p. 

dardndy a. to frighten, to terrify. *. 

darand or daranda (v. darind), tearing, &o. p, 

dardndy f. a sickle. A. 

darapy adj. afraid, friglitened. A. 

4arapndy n. to be afraid. A. 


DAB— DAB ( 1 

^afrnDdiu, frighlfill, tcrrifjing. trauindoiu. h^, 

4ariaad, &. to trighten, to tenifj. i. 

darai, long, tall, eitended. daTat-diut, long- 
handed (tongi-mama), (met.) opprcaaive. dardx- 
gotk, long-eared, an *89 or i hftre. dardz-datti, 
1. oppreasioii, tjmuij. dardzi, f. eiU<Dsioii, 
Imgth. dafiii,e 'xrar, length oC life. j>. 

darb, m. proeperitv, wealtii ; metal, i. 

■^or-in'iiar, from door to door, a wandering men- 
dicant, « vagrant, p. [A. 

darbakra, an intoiicating spirit, drawn Inun rice. 

ifor^iaii, m. ■ doorkeoprr, porter, p. 

dor-band, a bir, bolt (af a door), p. 

dar-banili, f. a statement of the different ratei of 
a village; also asaeisiiig the prices of produce, p. 

dartdni, t, the otEce of doorkeeper, p. 

darbdr, ra. house, dwelling, court, hall of audienoe. 
darbir bittdnd, to fii or secure the court ; to 
give a bribe, p. 

darbiri, o( or belonging to the conrt ; s courtier i 
the elegant and polished languoige of the court, 
in contradistinction to biizdri, q v. p. 

dor-bast (for dar o batt), all, enliie. p. 

dar-batta, bound, tied, &stened. p. 

dar-chini, t. cinnamon, t.p. 

dard, m. pain, aSlioIion ; pitj, sympathy, dard- 
ilid, overwhelmed in grief, dard-dmex, piteous, 
feelingly, dard-dnd, to be affectad with pitj, 4c. 
dani-aHjrei, pitiable, exciting compassion, dard- 
rai, grieved, alHiuted. dardi zih, m. the pangs 
of labour, throe, dardi-tar, ni. or dard-tari, f. 
the bead-ache ) trouble, veiation. dard-iiant, 
■jmpathelicaL dardi lAitam, m. colic, dardi 
Jarzandi^ m. paternal affection, dard-khdnd^ 
to feel pity ; to suffer the pangs of child- 
birth, iird-mand or dard'nalt, afflicledi com- 
passionate, sympathizing, dard-ntandi, f. afflic- 

dardi, interj. alas! woe's me ! p. 

dar-diman, a skirt, ornament of a robe. p. 

dardardj half pounded, coarsely ground. A, 

ddrdkga, m, hardness, firmness, stability, r. 

dordri, m. cutaneous eruption, herpes, dardri- 
rogi, afBicted with herpes, i. 

darejli, m, a sigh, sorrow, repugirsnoe, disinclina- 
tion ; interj. alas ! daregh-k., B. to withhold. 
darej^ IJiYirdan, to grieve, to be afflicted, p. 

iartgha, interj, alas 1 p. 

dafej-d, ra. hard, impetuous rain- h, 

dar-gai or dar-j/dA, f. a place, court j threshold, 
door ; a mosque, p. 

dar-giri/f-tamd, a. to catch, to captivate, p. 


dar-guiar, pMaing over, eicnsmg. dar-gntar-k., 

to excuse, overlook, to pass by. p. 
dar-gviarnd, d. to decline, to leave off, to r^vin 

&c. h. 

,s by, t 

w-tooth, a grinder, rfari mar*a, 

■ grind the teeth in wrath, anguish. 

dij-h, f. a jaw-tooth oi 

-mdmd, to grind oi 

despair, Ac. h, 
ddfhd, m. a large tooth, a tusk. h. 
dar-hdiale-ki or dar Ifdlf-H, in case that ; on the 

supposition that, p.a. 
dar-ham, angry ; higgledy-piggledy, confounded. 

dar-ham bar-ham, confusM. p. 
darltam, m. money ; a silver coin. a. 
dar-iami, f. confusion, disorder, p. 
dar-haicdla, a sublease or tenure, p.a. 
4dflii or dif-kika, f, the beard ; taudriL diiK- 

baKdnd at mind'^i, >, to shave. >. 
dafhigal or ^f^ij/al, having a long beard. A. 
darli-miindi or darhmuudd, having the beard 

•cropped, shaved, deprived of beard, beard- 


a valley (v. dara). 
■e betel is sold. A. 

dari, (. a cave, a grotto 

dori, t a female i ' 

dariba, m. a eUll 

daricha, m. a window, p. 

darida, torn, darida-dahati, plain-spoken, Mfing 

whatever conies uppermost, p. 
daridr or ddridr, poor, wretched; m. pOTertj, 

wretchedness, ; 
daridraid, f. poverty, went, wretchedness. >■ 
daridri or ddiTdri, wretched, poor, destitute, needy i 

unfortunate, indigent, t, 
darind or darinda, tearing, rapacious, p. 
dar in mid, at tliis time ; in this case. p.a. 
darj, ra. comprising, holding ; a closet, ■ [dace 

for writing, or anything written on, a volume. 

darj-k., s. to write, to copy, to enter, to 

fold. a. 
doTJa (jiroperly daraja), in. step, stur, gradation, 

decree, rank, station ; act (of a play); a degree 

of a circle, darja ba darja, step by step, gradu- 

darjdl, pi. steps, degrees, Ac. a. 
darji (for darzi), a tailor. p.k. 
darky m, understanding, knowledge, oomprehend- 
ing, (in law) a contingenoy, a possible event, a. 
darkd, m. crack, crevice, cranny. A 
darkdna, a, to cause to craok, split. A 
dar-kdr, neceosary, wanting, p. 


( 115 ) 


dmr-tiwiti^ £ application, request, entreatj, pro- 
posal, desire, wish, demand, petition, appeal, 
petition of appeaL p. [of the question, p, 

dmir-kimiry on one side, apart, out of the way, out 

doT'ldnd^ a. to comprise, pjk, 

darwd, m. a kind of mat. k. 

ddr-tmadirf settlement of a quarrd. p. 

doT'makd, m. or dar-malu^ f. monthly wages, 
salary. dar-mdhd-ddr, one who reoeires 
monthly wages, p. 

darman or darman^ m. drug ; remedy ; core. p. 

dmr mrnndOy helpless, destitute, p. 

dar-mmndaffl, f. misery, distress, penury, p. 

dmrmiyimy m. interral, middle; po^tpos. during, 
in the course ot, before, in riew. dar-wuydm- 
deud, a. to employ as a mediator, p. 

dmrmiydM^ midmost ; m. a mediator, p, 

49md^ to fear, to be frightened, k, 

dmrohatl^ all, entire ; the whole of an estate, as 
opposed to a ki»mai, or share of it. p. 

dmrogh, m. a lie, falMbood ; false. ddrogh-ha(fi, 
perjury, false-swearing, darogh-go^ m. a liar. 
darogh'ffOyi, f. the telling of hes. p. 

ddrogkay m. the head man of an office, the prefect 
of a town or Tillage ; a superintendant of the 
police, Ac.; an ov^^eer. p, 

dstrogtagl, f. superintendence ; the rank or office 
ofddrogh^ q-v> P' 

doro^ij fsise, lying ; a liar, p, 

dmr o maddr, reconciliation, settlement, p, 

dmro$h, m. an awl ; a lancet. 9. 

darp^ m. pride, arrogance, boasting. «. 

dar-pai^ following, in pursuit of^ intent upon, p, 

darpaMj m. a mirror, a looking-glass. «. 

dar-pesk, lit. in front, dar-pesh-hond^ to await 
(one), to come to pass. p. 

dcirra (r. dara), m. a Talley ; a glen, p, 

da/rrdj, a hedgehog ; a malignant whisperer, a. 

darrdnd^ n. to go straight and quickly, to go on 
boldly ; adj. straight forward, h. 

dam^ m. reading, learning to read ; a lecture, 
leMon. dart dend^ a. to teach to read, dturt 
lend, a. to read a lesson, a. 

dan, m. seeing ; the day of new moon. «. 

dartak, one who shews or displays. 9. 

dartan, m. sight, seeing, looking ; aspect, inter- 
riew, appearance, darsan-pratibhu, m. a surety 
for appearance, darsan-dhdri, beautifuL dor* 
saai, L a biU of exchange payable at sight; offer- 
ing, present ; adj. handsome, sightly, darsam 
jawdHy a beautiful youth, darsani-kumdi, t a 
bill of exchange, or money order, payable at 

sight, donatio, beautiful, handsome ; risible, 

to be seen, dartatu^a-^mdwi, vain, conceited, 

thinking one*s self handsome. 9, 
darsham, m. sight, intenriew. «. 
d^H^hanif at sight (r. darsatu), «. 
dartity risible, shewn, seen. «. 
dar-firat, in case that ; suppose that, p, 
ddru, f. spirituous liquors ; gunpowder, ddru- 

mo, (lit.) powder and lead, ammunition, k. 
ddru, f. medicine, ddru-darman^ appUcation of 

medicine, ddru-lagni, to take effect, p, 
darud, f. salutation, blessing, p. 
darddgar or darnd-kdr, dl a carpenter, p, 
darddgari or darud^kdrij C carpentry, the trade 

or art of a carpenter, p. 
ddrmj or ddrumay, made of wood, wooden. 9. 
darun, in, within ; m. the interior, p. 
ddrvn, austere, unfeeling, horrible. #. 
darunay m. the heart, the interior, p, 
daruni, internal ; intrinsic, p, 
ddrufdy m. or ddruf% t wine, alcohoL h, 
darVf m. wealth, substance, metaL «. 
darvi, f. a ladle or spoon, s. 
dartcaiydf fearful ; (met.) a coward, k. 
darvcdny m. a doorkeeper, p, 
darwdza, m. door, darwdza-ihoknd, a. to knock at a 

door, dancdza nuCmur-k., a. to close a door. p. 
darttdziy m. a warden, a keeper of the city, p, 
danceshy m. a dervise ; beggar, p. 
danoeshdnoy Uke a darwesh, q.r. p. 
dariceshi, f. life or state of a dancesh. p, 
dantezd, m. beggary, mendicancy, p, 
dargd, m. the sea ; any large river ; the waters. 

dargd'bardr and dargd-bardmad, lands re- 
claimed from a river, dargd-burd and dargd- 

shikoutf lands cut away by the encroachments 

of a rirer. dargdkd-kc^, foam of the sea ; 

" meer-schaum." dargd^e maghrib, the western 

ocean, p. 
dargdcha, m. a lake, a ditch, a pooL p, 
dargdfl, f. conceiring, understanding, dargdft'k., 

to understand, to perceire. p. 
dargdj, of or belonging to the sea or rirer, marine. 

dargdfi ddmi, a mer-raan. dargd^i totd (lit. the 

sea parrot), the flamingo, p. 
darguzd, beggary, begging, p. 
darz, m. sewing ; a rag, a slip of cloth, a long 

strip of cloth, a narrow shred ; a rent, split, or 

fissure in a garment, Sm. p.a. 
darxan, f. a needle, dar-zam, a doorknocker, p. 
darzi, m. a tailor, darzin or darzim^ a tailor's 

wife, p. 


( 116 ) 



das, ten. dason'disd, the ten regions or qnarterB. 

d^uon-dwdr, the ten passages for the actions of 

the faculties, viz. the ears, e} es, nostrils, mouth, 

penis, anus, and the crown of the head, s, 
das, m. the string hy which scales are suspended 

(or held in the hand); the threads of the warp 

at the end of a piece of clot)), s. 
dds, m. a male slaye, a serrant ; a Sudra, or man 

of the fonrth caste, ddsata, f. or ddsaiwa, m. 

slayerj. das-ddst, the female slave of a slave ; 

male and female slayes. s. 
disa, f. condition, circumstances, s. 
ddsa or ddxa, m. a piece of wood sticking out from 

a wall to support the thatch (or chhappar, q.v.); 

a reaping-hook. h. 
dasamlf f. the tenth daj of a lunar month, s, 
dasdntt, m. the tenth part. s. 
dasaundhd or dasauwihi, m. a bard, h, 
dashdy f. state, condition, circumstance ; period 

or time of life, age. dashdphal, m. result of 

circumstances or of condition of life, dashd' 

vishesh, m. peculiar circumstances or condi- 

tion. s. 
dtuh^xmly f. the tenth day of a lunar fortnight ; 

the tenth and last stage of human life ; the last 

ten years of a century ; adj. very old. s, 
dashdnsh, m. the tenth part. s. 
dashatrd, ten per cent. ; a tenth, s. 
dash-yrdm, m. a district of ten Tillages, s, 
dash-gun, ten times, tenfold, s, 
dash'lakshan, m. an aggregate of ten marks, s, 
dash-mdl, m. a collection of ten garlands, s, 
dasht, m. a desert, forest ; a plain, p. 
ddsht, f. bringing up, breeding, taking care of, 

patronage, service, p. 
dashti, wUd, savage ; uncouth. />. 
dcuii, f. thread ; the unwoven threads at the end 

of a piece of cloth, s, [of a slave-girl. h. 

ddn, f. a maid-servant, ddst-putra, m. the son 
dasild, in good circumstances, s. 
daslshatt, m. (for dast-tkaft) a signature, das' 

khatii l^dff, the royal signature, p.a. 
dasktaftt, of or relating to a signature, p.a. 
dasnd, a. to bite or sting (as a serpent), s. 
dasokhd, m. moulting (of birds), dasokhd jkdrnd, 

to moult, h. 
dasotara or dasotard, ten per cent. h. 
das-sdla, decennial ; a decennial settlement. A. 
dost, m. hand, cubit ; stool, purge, evacuation. 
dast-afshdn, one who dances, or moves the hands 
in dancing, &c. doAt-dmoz^ tame, familiarized, 
tractable; skilful, dexterous, dast-anddz^ he 

who commences a business; an oppressor, dost' 
dinar, purgative, effective (as medicine), dast' 
dfcez, f. signature, a note of hand, bond, title- 
deed, &c. dasi ba dost, from hand to hand, 
quick, expeditious; ready-money purchase, dast' 
burd, m. superiority, advantage, victory, dast- 
harddr hond, n. to leave business, to desert, to 
decline, dast-barddri, f. cessation, relinquish- 
ment, dast bar sar hond, n. to be unable to 
execute one's intention, to be distressed, weak, 
poor, or iKTetched. dast^banta, with close hands 
(a token of respect). daH ba sar hond, a. to 
salute in the eastern manner by putting the 
hand to the head, dast ba kabza, sword in 
hand, ready for battle, dast-bukcha, m. cloth 
in which a small bundle is wrapped up. dast- 
band, a string of pearls or precious stones used 
as ornaments by women, dast-bos hond^ dast- 
bosi-k., to kiss hands, to salute, dast-bai^ hond^ 
n. to become a disciple, dast pandh, m. tongs. 
dast'chdldk, nimble-fingered, a thief. dast-M' 
Idkl, f. a civil war, duel ; stealth, dast-^att, 
m. signature ; a manuscript, chirography. deut' 
dardz, m. an oppressor, dast-dardzi, f. oppres- 
sion, dast-ras, able, affording protection or aid. 
dast-ras hond, n. to be able, to afford, dast-reui^ 
f. ability, assistance. d<tst-shifd, successful in 
curing diseases (a physician), dast'ialab, a 
beggar, dast-farosh, m. a pedlar, dast-fc^rosht, 
f. peddling. d<ist-kudrat, power, ability, strength. 
dast-kdr, m. a handicraftsman ; dexterity, dast* 
kash, a led horse ; a guide (of the blind); a cap- 
tive, a beggar, dcutt-ginfla, one who is taken by 
the hand ; a prot^^ dast-gir, a patron, pro- 
tector, a saint, dast-giri, f. aid, help, assistance^ 
support, protection, dast-laf, the first money 
received in the morning by dealers, dast-mdl^ 
m. a handkerchief. dast-nigar or 'mgardn, 
needy, one in want, dast-o baghal, caressing, 
embracing, dast o girabdn hond, to be engaged 
in combat ; " to be at it tooth and nail.** diast- 
ydb, attainable, procurable, p. 

dasta, m. a handle ; a pestle ; a piece of paper; 
a bundle consisting of twenty-four arrows; a 
handful ; a skein of tlu*ead ; a division of an 
army, a brigade, dasta-ddr, m. commander of 
a dasta. p. 

dasfak, f. clapping of the hands, rapping at a door; 
a pass, passport, summons ; commission, p. 

dastakdna, a fee for serving a writ or summons, 
or for a passport, &c. p. 

dctstaki, f. a pocket-book, a tweeser case. p. 


( 117 ) 


or doMtdn, f. a story, fable, talc or romance; 
(pi. of dost) the hands, p. 

doMidmij m. a glore, a gauntlet, p. 

daatar or cUuidr^ m. a turban, dastar-band^ m. 
a senrant whose business it is to make up the 
turban. d<uidr-1shvcdn^ a tablecloth, p. 

dastar-l^dm, m. (properly dasldr-th*^dti) a table- 
cloth ; strictly speaking, it is a round piece of 
doth or leather, &c., spread on the ground, on 
which the food is laid out, and around which 
the guests squat and fall to. There is no iable 
in the case. p. 

dati-gah or dattgahy f. power, strength, p, 

daati, f. a torch or link that is carried in the 
hands ; a kind of present or handsel giTcn to 
native officials ; adj. of or relating to the hand. 
dasG maAar, the sign manuaL p, 

dati'kdriy f. handiwork, manufacture, p, 

dattur^ m. custom, fashion, mode, manner; a 
minister, senator ; model, r^ulation. a.p, 

doMlmri, f. perquisites paid to servants by one 
who sells to their master, a gratuity varying in 
amount in different places from one to three per 
cent.; leave, licence, oong^. p, 

datturu-l-*amal, m. a rule, regulation, model; a 
body of instructions and tables for the use 
of revenue officers under the native govern- 
ments. a,p, 

dattydfy an assistant, coadjutor, minister, p. 

ddtgoy m. slavery, servitude. », 

da^Uf m. an enemy, a thief, an oppressor, a vio- 
lator, &c. dcugu-vriiUj t theft, oishonest mode 
of subsistence, s, 

m. liberahty, bountifulness ; the tooth. «. 
£. threatening, snubbing, checking, k, 

diULi liberal, generous ; m. a giver. 9, 

dOafk, L a toothbrush, or rather a piece of wood 
for cleansing the teeth. «. 

dsiar (v. ddia), Uberal, generous, &o. 9. 

daiara or dalard, m. a large rake used for 
gathering high grass together into a cocklet ; 
kiUodyif q.v., is a small implement of the same 
kind. h. 

daiatyc^ to be given, what may be given. 9. 

dafnd^ n. to stop, to stand still. A. 

4di(nd, a. to snub, to check, to threaten, to brow- 
beat (also ddnfndf q.v.). h. 

ddtr or ddfra, m. a sickle, large knife, h. 

duHii^ gi^en, presented ; m. the name of a king ; 
a title or surname of a man of the Yais or third 
caste. 9. 

da4(d or 4^Ud, m. a plug, spigot, a cork. h.d. 

dattak-pufra, m. a son given away by his natural 
to adoptive parents ; one of the twelve heirs 
acknowledged by the old Hindu law. s. 

d<itta'praddniky m. resumption of a gift. «. 

dattdtman, m. a youth or orphan who gives him- 
self to adoptive parents. 9. 

datwan, m. a tooth-brush (made of a twig). «. 

d€LU, ruiming ; nek-dau^ running welL p» 

ddyiiy m. an appellation of a &ther or of an elder 
brother, h. 

dd^udf the name of the prophet David, a. 

dauhaty a grove, orchard, nursery, a, 

dauhitr^ m. daughter's son. 9. 

dauhUfi, f. daughter's daughter. 9. 

davl, state ; statement of revenue items, a, 

daulf m. manner, method, mode ; shape, fashion, 
form; estimate of assets for the purpose of 
assessments. daul-patta^ the rent-roll of a 

dauld, a limit, boundary, h. [farm, h, 

daulatj f. happiness, felicity, riches, wealth ; for- 
tune, prosperity, state, empire or kingdom; 
cause, occasion, effect, means, daulat-itdnaj 
m. (house of fortune) a palace, a house (your 
house), daulat-f^dna^e^l^fff a royal residence, 
the king's palace, daulatsard, f. house, palace 
(your house, being a respectful mode of address). 
daulat-mand, wealthy, rich, fortunate, a. 

daund or dond, m. a leaf folded up in the shape 
of a cup for holding betel, flowers, or boiled rice, 
&c.; a basket or bucket made of large leaves, h. 

daunffra or daungrd^ a heavy shower, h, 

daunjd or daunjd^ m. a scaffold, h, 

daur^ the slings attached to a basket, h, 

daur^ m. revolution (of time or of any body), 
circular motion ; the windlass or capstan of a 
ship; a species of argument, reasoning in a 
cin>Io ; age, vicissitude, circuit, daur-daur^ m. 
prosperity, a, 

daur, f. run, incursion, attack, assault, endeavour, 
race, struggle, effort, career, miUtary expedition. 
dauf-dhup, labour and fatigue. daur'dhup-k.y 
to use great labour and exertion for the accom- 
plishment of any object ; to bustle, to toiL A. 

daura, m. going round, circulation, a, 

daurd or daurd, m. a large basket (without lid); 
a highwayman (who robs on horseback). 9. 

daurd'batiri, f. running, race, hurry. A. 

daurahd or daurdhd, m. a guide, messenger, h. 

daurdkf m. a racer, a runner, h. 

daurdHy m. time, age ; fortune, vicissitude ; a revo- 
lution, period, a circle, cycle, daurdni 9ar^ m. a 
swimming in the head. a. 



( 118 ) 



daufina^ a. to caiue to Txm^ to driTe, to impel, to 
actuate, to expedite, h. 

daurdpd^ a Tillage runner or meMcnger. A. 

daurdtrntfa^ m. wickedneM, deprarity. «. 

daurhhdffya^ m. ill lack, misfortune. 9. 

damrgandhi, f. fcetor, bad smell. #. 

4aurhi, f. a threshold ; adj. one and a hal( or 
half as much as (anj quantity), h, 

daurif f. a basket (without lid), h, 

daufi^ f. a drawn game at chavpar. K 

davvjanya^ m. wickedness, deprarity. s. 

daurndy n. to run, to gaUop, coarse, drire; to 
asftttult, rush, invade ; to toLL daurnd dhupna, 
to run Tiolently ; to use great exertion, to toiL 
h. [gration of a forest. 9. 

davdgni^ or ddvdgni or ddvdnal^ m. the oonfla- 

ddw, m. a bill, or kind of hatchet with a hooked 
point ; ricissitude, turn, opportunity ; stake 
wager, a stroke at a game; a throw of the 
dice, &c. ddw-bdndhnd or 'hadnd^ a. to bet, 
wager, p.h. 

dawdj m. a large wooden spoon, h. 

dawd, f. medicine, a remedy, dated piziTy sus- 
ceptible of cure. a. 

da* wg or da* wif f. a law- suit; claim, pretension, 
plaint. dcCun-ddr or dcCwa-ddr^ a plain tiflf, a 
claimant, da^we-ddri, a selfish motire, preju- 
dice. da*tn ghalaf, a plea of error, a. 

ddwdf m. a male nurse ; the husband of a cfa,x, 
q.v. h. [trouble, p. 

daw-d'dau or daw-d-daUyi, f. labour, fatigue, toil, 

dawdniy m. perpetuity, persererine ; always, eter- 
nally. * alq-d-dawdm^ continually, assiduously, 
incessantly, ddwdm band boit^ perpetual set- 
tlement, a. 

datcdn^ running, walking fast, p, 

ddwar^ m. a sovereign, a judge, God. p, 

dawdry f. fire that breaks out in woods, s, 

ddwarij f. sovereignty, royalty, p. 

da*wat, f. invit-ation ; a feast ; pressing people to 
become Musalmans ; pretensions, exorcism, in- 
vocation of the powers of darkness, a. 

dawdty f. an inkstand, ink. a. 

da^wdty (pi.) prayers, convocations, invitations, a. 

da'watij one who is invited, a gue«t. a. 

ddwndy to thresh, to tn>ad ; ra. the act of tread- 
ing out the grain (v. dd.en). h. 

ddy or ddya^ m. paternal property, inheritance. 
ddya-bhdg or ddya-rnhhag^ m. division of pro- 
perty amongst different heirs. #, 

ddya^ a female attendant, a nurse, p, 

duyd^ f. a gifl; affection, tenderness, sympathy, 

kindness, &Toar. dayd-nL or daym-^kUt affec- 
tionate, dayd-kar, dayd-krit, dayd-yukty dayd- 
yuiy kind, compassionate, benevolent, daya- 
mdn^ charitable. 9. 

ddyd^ m. demand, claim, plaint, "k, 

ddydy m. a male nurse, the husband of a <2i,i, q.T. 

ddyddy m. son ; kinsman ; an heir. 9. []p<A. 

ddyddiy f. a daughter, an heiress. 9. 

ddyajdy m. a dowry, portion, nuptial present, t. 

ddyak, m. a giver (v. ddj). 9. 

daydl or daydlu, generous, liberal, gracious, kind, 
tender, compassionate. 9. 

dayan, m. a car or litter carried on men's shoul- 
ders ; a palki, a dooly ; flying, flight, t. 

4dyan (also dd^en or ddyin), f. a witch. 9. 

dayd-wdn or dayd-yut (also dayd-wat, daydrioaw()^ 
kind, generous, humane, tender. 9. 

ddyitf condemned, sentenced ; awarded. 9, 

dayiid^ f. the beloved one, a wife, dayitddkh^ 
subject to a wife, hen-pecked. 9. 

de^drdf m. a white ant-hill. h. 

debd, m. brocade, cloth of gold. p. 

debdjaj m. preface, introduction, p, 

dehak (v. deba)^ brocade, &c. p. 

degchay m. or degchl^ f. a pot, a small caldron, p, 

degambar (v. digambar)^ naked, &c. 9. 

deg-ddfiy m. a fireplace, a trivet, p, 

deght f. a pot, a caldron, generally written dey. p. 

deghchay (dim in. of degh)^ a smaU kettle, &c. p. 

deh, f. the body, deh-durdnay to conceal or cover 
one*s niJcedness. deh'9ambhdlndy to keep up 
one's spirits, to be firm, to recover one's self. 
deh-tydgy m. voluntair death, death in generaL 
dek-chyuty detached m>m the body (as excrs- 
ments or the spirit), deh-kthayy m. disease, 
sickness, deh-wat or deh-tcdity corporeal, em- 
bodied, deh'ydtrdy f. death. 9, 

deht or dehiiiy corporeal, embodied, living. 9. 

dehliy f. the threshold of a door, the lower part 
of the wooden frame of a door, or a raised ter- 
race in front of it. h. 

dehrdy m. a temple where idols are worshipped by 
jaitu; a Hind ii temple. 9. [once. k. 

dehufy f. a volley, several muskets discharged at 

dekuriy f. threshold, &c. (v. deorhi). h. 

dejd or dejUy m. a dowry, a portion, k, 

dekhdy seen ; m. a sight, dekkd-dekhiy £. emula- 
tiun, competition. 9. 

dekhdyi, f. appearance, shewing. *. 

dekhdnd or dekhldndy a. to shew, exhibit. 9. 

dekhndy a. to see, to look, to observe, to experi- 
ence, dekhnd-bkdlnd^ to see, to look at. t. 


( 119 ) 


dehhnaUfa^ m. a spectator, looker-on. t. 

4^1 or dela^ m. a lump of earth, h, 

de-mdmdf a. to dash on tlie ground, h. 

den^ m. (rerb. noun) to give, giving, den-lei^ m. 
traffic, debts and credit, t. 

dend (also dind)j a. to give, to grant, to yield ; to 
allow, to permit ; to emit, let, resign ; to cause, 
to produce, to laj (eggs) ; m. ffiving. dend- 
pindf profit and loss ; set tline of one's affairs. 
dend'Iend (t. den-len)^ traffic, £o. 9, 

den-len, m. pecuniary transactions upon interest, 
debts and credits, gambling. #. 

4«ofhd^ half as much again, h, 

deorhdnd, a. to take once and a half more ; to 
receiye back the sum lent with fifty per cent, 
interest, h, 

de,ofhi^ f. a threshold, a door, antechamber. 
deofiki'ddr, a doorkeeper, k. 

der, f. delay, tardiness, slowness, der-pd, du- 
rable, der-pd^lj f. durability, der-gdhy always, p, 

def, f. (t. ddrh)f a tooth, deren-mdrndf to gnash 
or grind the teeth from grief, rage, &c. h, 

derdt or dera or dej-dy m. a dwelling, a tent ; adj. 
squint^yed. h. 

^!pfA, one and a half, defh-pdw^ three-eighths. 
4efh^amDdy a weight, three-eighths of a wr. 
derh mf In nuujid judt bandnt, (lit. to make a 
separate temple of a brick and a half) to with- 
dnw, from pride, from the society of others. 
4^^ hakdyan miyan bdgh men (lit. the gentle- 
man is in his garden, consisting of a tree and a 
balf) ; (the Imkayan, Melia sempervirensy is a 
tree of no use or estimation) ; applied to a per- 
aon who aasiunes consequence without cause, h. 

deri^ f. lateness, delay, slowness, den-lagnd^ to 
be late, slow, &c. p. 

derin or derina, old, ancient ; wise, cunning, p, 

deSf m. country, territory, region. det-Ufdg^ 
abandoning one's country (t. deth), t. 

desdwar, m. a foreign country. «. 

detdwari^ m. a betel leaf ; a dove. s. 

de9-hkdyly m. a fellow-countryman. A. 

dcMk^ m. country, region, territory, desh-dchdr^ 
m. the custom of the country, desh-bhdihd, f. 
the language of the country, the Tcmacular 
dialect, deth-tyag^ m. abandoning one's ooun- 
try, emigration, deth-dharmy m. the law or 
usage of the country, desh-nikdld, m. banish- 
ment, exile, desh-vyavahdr or desh-beohdr, m. 
local usage. 

deslkddkipaU^ m. ruler of a country, king. 9. 

de tkdtUar^ m. a foreign country. «. 

deshd(an, m. wandering through the country. *, 
deshif belonging to a country, local (t. den.). 9. 
deshya or desi^ of the same country, belonging to 

a country, indigenous, local ; f. appearance. «. 
deva-dattoy given by a deity : this is frequently a 

man's name among Hindus, and it is curious 

to observe how names of the same or similar 

import are found in yarious languages, such as 

Alldh-baih»hy Khudd-dddf Theodore, Diodati, 

Gottsched, &c. *. 
deva-gj:ihay a house or temple dedicated to a 

deity ; a celestial or planetary sphere. 9. 
derak, divine, godlike, daivak^ an astrologer, an 

almanac maker. 9. 
devaktyuy divine, belonging to a divinity. #. 
deva-ndgarlj f. the character used by the HindCiB 

in their sacred writings. *. 
deva-9thdn, temple, place of idols. «. 
deva-etca, m. the property applicable to reUgious 

purposes, endowments. 9. 
devatwa, m. divinity, divine nature. #. 
dev-gandunty (lit. devil's wheat), rye. p, 
dev-kdndary m. water-cresses. A. 
dev'lok^ m. heaven, paradise. *. 
dev-ninddy f. contempt of the gods, atheism. 9. 
dev-nindak, a re viler of the gods, an unbeliever. «. 
dev-nirmity created (by God), natural. *. 
devotihilny f. a place of idols, a temple. 9, 
dev-pathy m. the celestial path, heaven. «. 
dev-pujdy f. the worship of the gods, idolatry. *. 
dev-pnjaky a worshipper of the Deity, *, 
dev-rupiy godlike, of divine form. *. 
dev-sabhdy f. an assembly of the gods. «. 
dev-ttrthy m. the tips of the fingers, sacred to 

the gods. 9. 
devvdniy f. the language of the gods, Sanskrit. #. 
dev-voTy m. a divine boon or blessing. «. 
dev-vrat^ m. vow to the deity. *. 
deWy m. a god ; a husband's brother. «. 
deWy m. a demon, a sprite, a devil, p, 
detrdy m. a god, a deity ; a giver. 9, 
detcdgaty f. sudden misfortune, accident. #. 
dewaly m. a temple, a pagoda. «. 
deicdiay m. bankruptcy. A. 
dewa/d or dewaluy also deyOldy &c., mounds, high 

g^und. h, 
detcd-ldj or dewd-hyiy f. barter, traffic. #. 
dewdUii or deiodlagay m. a temple of idols ; the 

residence of the gods, heaven. *. 
dewdliydy a bankrupt ; q.d. ; one who has been 

fleeced or cleaned out in gambling. 9, 
detcaVy m. husband's younger brother. 9, 



( Mt) ) 



dfimhri. m a temp1« wbere idoU are worshipped. A. 

dewranif (. hu9band*i jounger brotlier'A wife. 9, 

dew'9tan, f. tlie habitation of demons, p. 

dewfdf f, a Uindu gwl, a deitj, dirinitj; a re- 
spectfol ad<Ire»s u#ed towards Brahmans, such 
as •* your holiness," " your godship/' #. 

dfya, fit or proper to be giren. *. 

4^ah, in. shape, form, manners, breeding, beha- 
Tiour,mode, method, knack, knowledge, fiuhion, 
style, way, address, dexterity, art, position, h. 

dhohdf an upper story of a house ; a roof. h. 

dhahd^ m. a net ; the eares of a house, extending 
three or four cubits beyond the wall, so that 
people may sit under them. A. 

dhahha^ m. a stain on cloth. \. 

dhu-hha^ty m. foster-brother. *. 

dhaWa^ well-made, graceful. A. 

dhfthi^a, m. a copper coin equal to a paitd, h. 

dhaehaknd^ n. to give way, to sink (as a bog, 
slough, &c.). h. 

dhiida^ water falling from aboTe, a waterfall, s, 

dhadJtaknd^ n. to blaze, h, 

dhd,ey f. a nurse that gives milk, a wet nurse. «. 

dhd^e-mdrndf n. to cry, to groan, dhd^e mar rond^ 
n. to cry, to groan, to weep bitterly, h, 

dhdycn dhd,eii, f. the report of a cannon heard 
at a distance ; a sound made by burning any- 
thing, h. 

dhdgd, m. a thread, dhdgdddlnd^ a. to quilt, h, 

dheifftjaf^ m. a paramour, dhaggar-hdz^ f. an 
adulteress, ir/ifi- or bakhtJu-kd dhiaggar, inde- 
pendent of judge or general, a fig for the parson 
and squire (an expression of pride and inde- 
pendence). A. 

dhagolnd^ n. to roll, to wallow, h. 

dhagfd (r. dhaggaf), ro. a paramour, h, 

dhdh^ f. cry, noise, dhdh mdmd^ n. to cry. h, 

4hdhdy m. the high bank of a river, h. 

4hnh4>-pafnd or dhahnd^ n. to fall, to be demo- 
linbcd, to tumble down (a house), to be razed, h, 

dhdjif f. a wet-nurse. ». 

dhdyi^ two and a- half, h, 

dhd.t dend, a. to force an invitation, by fixing 
ono*s self in a house till dinner comes on table. 

dhairj (▼. dhiraj), steadiness. #. 

dhftirj'khalitf steady, calm, composed. *. 

iffuugdf m. a measure of two and a-half gert, 
dfutiifd (ekdr^ desolated, h. 

dhaj\ f. Hhap(>, form ; attitude, posture, figure, 
appearance, person, dhaj-pala^nd, to change 
one's attitude in fencing. 9, 
dhq/d, f. a slip of cloth, a standard, a flag. «. 

dJkaj'bhamg, m. impoCency. 9. 

dkajild^ well-looking, personable, s. 

dhafir or dhajft^ f. a slip of cloth or paper, a 
shred. dhajf'igJm mrdoA, a. to disgrace, to ex- 
pose one to infamy, dhajjiydii-k^ a. to tear to 
pieces, h, 

dJM^ t pomp, glory ; fame ; fear. h. 

dkakdhak^ m. palpitation, perturbation, appre- 

dhakdhakdud, n. to palpitate, h, [henaion. h. 

dJkakel or dhakel, m. a push, shore, thrust. 
4kakel'dend^ to push, to precipitate, dkakeind 
or dkakelmd, a. to shore, to push, to thrust, 
to jostle, dhakeld or 4^akelu, m. one who 
poshes, &c. k. 

diakkd, m. a shore, jolt, push, dkakkd-deud, a. 
to shore, to push, h, 

dkakkdy m.f. a large or a double drum. 9, 
dhakkam-dhakkd, m. shoring and jostling. A. 

dhaknd^ a. to corer, to conceal ; m. a lid, a corer. 

dhakni^ f. a lid, corer (of a pot), h. [A. 

dhah-rah-jana or dhak-hojdnd, to be confounded 
at a sudden disaster, h. 

dkdlj m. declivity, slope; f. ahieli, target, h, 

dhdla or dhdldy a stream, a current ; a kind of 
cess, about one dnd in the rupi. h. 

dhald^ii or dhalait, m. a person in the equipage 
of great men armed with sword and baokler ; 
a constable, a targeteer ; a peon who waits on 
the person of a European in authority ; he 
wears a silrer badge, but bis target has been 
laid aside. dhalaUi, of or relating to a 4^kalaU; 
f. situation of dhalait. A. 

dhal<tkf f. rolling, tilting, h, 

dhalakndf n. to roll, to be tilted, to be spilt ; to 
become loose (a girdle), h. [pour, k 

dhaldndj a. to cause to cast (metal), to cauae to 

dhdl-bhol, complete transfer by sale. h. 

dhdli, m. a warrior armed with a shield, a shield- 
bearer ; f. a bough or branch, k, 

dhalkdt m. blear-eyed ; spilling, h, 

dhalkdnd, a. to tilt, to orortum, to spill, to pour, 
to rolL h, [i. 

4halfnaidnd, n. to more from side to side, to totter. 

dhaind, n. to be cast (a metal) ; to be poured 
out, to spill; to roU; to be inclined, din 
dhdindf to decline (the day towards erening). 
dhalti phirtl ckhdnWy (lit. rolling and turning 
shade) is applied to the changeable state of 
worldly concerns; (met.) to a person of a 
capricious or unsteady temper. K 

dhdlndy a. to cast (metal in fusion) ; to pour out, 
to tilt, to spLQ ; (met.) to do mischief, to mar. k. 


( m ) 


dJksJu^ slant, sloping; spoiling, doinff miscbief, 
casting, &c. ^«/ii hhar-k,^ a. to snift goods, 
&G., occasionallj over shallows, &c. A. 

dkalwin^ sloping, declivitous ; cast (metal), h, 

dkdw^ m. a dwelling, a place, a house. «. 

dkimd, m. a large cane basket, h. 

dkatmi^kaukri, t noise, tumult, bustle, h. 

iiJkamuulham, the sound of stamping, h, 

dkamakf t noise of footsteps OTerhead, thump- 
ing ; an echo ; threat ; m. a blacksmith. A. 

dJkam^km^ m. a kind of cannon carried on an 
elephant. A. 

dhamaknd^ n. to throb, to shoot (as the pain of a 
headache) ;" to palpitate ; to thump ; to flash, 
to glimmer, h, 

dJkamas, a kind of mallet, dhammas-k., to lay 
down turf, and pound the same with a mallet. A. 

dkamdhamdndj a. to make a noise with the feet, 
by running about oyer head. h. 

dkenrndkusar, corpulent, h, 

dkamki^ m. great heat; threatening, chiding, 
thamp, noise produced by the fall of a heavy 
body. A. 

dhamkihat^ f. threatening, chiding, h, 

dJkamkdMM, to threaten, to chide, to snub. h. 

dkamkif t threatening, snubbing, h, 

diamkildf m. a bright colour. A. 

4Mamismdj n. to roU. A. 

dkamma^ n. to be grieved, to be amszed. A. 

dkammi or dhdmni^ a vein, an artery, any tabular 
vessel of the body. A. 

dkamokdy m. a kind of tambourine. A. 

dAoM, m. fortune, prosperity, an expression of 
praise, thanks, riches, wealth, opulence; adj. 
lortuittte ; interj. well done ! how fortunate ! 
dkau-patiy m. the god of riches, Kuvera. dhan' 
pair, m. an inventory of propertv. dhan-priyay 
fond of wealth, dhantj^hhna^ f. covetoiisness. 
dhaw-diyt, liberal, munificent ; m. a benefactor. 
dham-darpf m. pride of wealth. dhan-^Landy m. 
fine, amercement, dhan-sampatti, f. accumula- 
tion of wealth. dhan-garhit^ purse-proud. 
dkan^lobhy m. desire of wealth, greediness. 
dkan^mdnndy to thank, dhan-mad^ proud of 
wealth, inflated, dhan-vyay^ m. expenditure, 
extravagance, dhan-hin^ poor, dhan-vdn, af- 
fluent, wealthy. », 

dkdu, m. rice before it is separated from the husk. 
didm-kati, the season for cutting rice. *. 

4kan^ VL hedge, inclosure. A. 

dJkdmOf n. to run, to make haste, to toil and 
labour, to drudge ; to worship. #. 

^ni, n. to be demolished, rased, destroyed 
(v. dhahna). A. 

4hdndy a. to break, to knock down or raze a 
building, &c. A. 

dhanddhikdrif m. an heir, dhanddhikdrini^ an 

dkanddhga, wealthy, affluent. «. [heiress. «. 

dhanddhyaksh, m. a man of wealth, 9. 

dhanakf f. embroidery, lace, &c. A. [proud. #. 

dhandMdhy blinded by wealth or riches, purse- 

dhandrjan, m. acquisition of wealth. «. 

dhandrthi, seeking for wealth, covetous. *. 

dhandshd^ f. the desire of wealth. #. 

dhanattar^ opulent, powerfuL «. 

ifkdnchdf m. a frame, a plan. A. 

dhandd or dhandhdy m. business, employment, 
work, avocation, occupation, h.d, 

dkdndhalf f. wrangling, subterfuge, trick, juggle, 
chicanery. *. 

dhandhdldf f. a procuress, a bawd. A. 

dhdndhal-paiid^ m. trickery, roguery, chicanery. 

dkandhdr^ m. solitary, lonely. A. [A. 

dhandhdrif f. solitude, loneliness. A. 

dkandhkdy m. a kind of drum, a tambourine. A. 

dhandkkiy m. a small drum. A. 

dhandh/df m. deception, trick. A. 

dhandhfdndf a. to trick. A. 

dhdndhti^ m. a wrangler ; adj. quarrelsome. A. 

dhdndhndy a. to gormandize. A. 

dhandhord, m. publication by beat of drum. 
dfuindord-pifdna, to proclaim by beat of drum. 

dhandhoriyd^ m. a proclaimer, a public crier. A. [A. 

dhaneshwar, m. the god of riches, Kuvera. s, 

dhdnff, m. behaviour, manners, breeding, grace- 
fulness, mode, method. A. 

dhdng^ f. a precipice, cliflf. A. 

dhangar^ m. a cowherd, shepherd. A. 

dhanhdy m. a cultivator of rice; a^j. (of a 
country) in which rice is cultivated. *. 

dhan-hari^ m. a thief, a pilferer ; f. a sort of per- 
fume, commonly called chor. s. 

dhanly rich, wealthy, fortunate ; an epithet of the 
Deity ; m. owner, proprietor, dhanya-bhdg, 
happy destinies. «. 

dhdni, f. a kind of rice in the husk ; a light green 
colour ; a good soil, fit Tor grain, t, 

dhanik, pious ; m. a creditor, s. 

dhan-kattf f. the season for cutting rice. #.A. 

dhan'ka(if f. a kind of cloth. A. 

dhdnkttdy a. to cover, to shut. A. 

dhan-mctd, intoxicated with wealth. «. 

dhanmdtu^ thankful; interj. well-done! «. 

dhannd-sefh, successful; true-speaking. A. 



( 1» ) 


dhan^nofSt m. beftmi that tuitain thatch, il. 

4hiin]mdy a. to for«*r, to conceal. A. 

d/tait'prii/d, f. name of a rcgHablc. #. 

^hdfua, m. caliimnr, defamation, h, 

dhdiiMt f. a coa(;h (of a hori«c). h. 

dha^itna^ n. to bo pierced or penetrated, to be 
•tiirrk into, thnm into; to sink, to enter. «. 

dhdiiitndt a. U) coiigli a (horse), h. 

4hdAstMf a. to blame, to accuse. A. 

dhanUf m. a bow, the sign Sagittarius, dhanrnk, 
f. a bow. dhanuk-dhdriy ni. an archer, dhtt* 
nuk'hfl^e^ {. tetanus, dhanuk-dhar^ m. armed 
witli a bow, an epithet of Krishna, dhanuk' 
dhardf m. a ceremony in honour of Shiva, 
dhdmikt m. a bowman ; a watchman armed 
witli a bow : name of a caste of hill people 
using bows and arrows, employed as archers, 
fowlers, house guards, and seTcral menial occu- 
])ations, both of the house and field, whererer 
thej reside; the females are especially in re- 
quest as midwives. dhamtki, f. the bow with 
which cotton is cleaned ; adj. arched. «. 

dhanur-dhar or dhanut'dhdri^ m. an archer, one 
armed with a how : a name of Arjuna, 9, 

dhanur'lafd, f. the moon«plant. «. 

dhanur-mdldt f. a plant, irom the fibres of which 
bowstrings are made. «. 

dhdnujfhkf m. an archer, a bowman. «. 

dhamodt m. an arid country, a desert. «. 

dhdfiwaiydf m, a thresher or seller of rice, h, 

dhanwdn or dhanwant, wealthy. #. 

dhanwlf in. nn archer ; a name of Arjuna* «. 

dhnn^df fortunate; inteij. well done, s, 

dhiinifa^ m. com, especially rice ; coriander ; a 
nieasun; caual to four sosamum seeds, dhdnya' 
rdji m. barley, dhdnya-wat^ abounding in com. 

dhdfOnikdt f. a prickly night«shado. #. [«. 

dhapf m. noise, voice, sound, crack. 

dhdpt f. a measure of length ; as far as a man 
can run without taking breath. «. 

dhapdf^ m. running, a race. h. 

dkftp-dhapdnd^ a. to thump, a drum. A. 

dhapitfd^ a fourth ])art of a koa ; supposed to be 
so named from dhav^ running, being such a 
diHtnuco as a man may run in a single race 
without stopping to take breath. A. 

tihapnd, n. to be covered, concealed, hidden ; m. 
ni. a cover, covering. A. [blow ; deception. A. 

dhappd^ ni. a stain on cloth ; a slap, box, thump, 

dhar^ side, direction ; a rope or line. A, 

r/Atrr, m. the body, carcase, trunk; adj. firm, 
strong, dkafjiv ko lafdnd^ to consider, reflect. A. 

dkdr, m. debt ; slight sprinkling of rain. t. 

dkdr, f. a line, lineiment ; stream, current ; edge 
of a sword, &c. ; sliarpnesa. dkdr par mama 
or dhdr-mdrndy to contemn, to despise. A. 

dhdr^ a hollow tree inserted in the mouth of 
weUs to prevent their fiadling in. A. 

<2Atfr, f. dhdrd, a crowd, a moltitade; fidlingof 
water from above ; a robbery. A. 

dhdr, m. a declivity, shield, tareet. A. 

dhardy f. (ht. holding), the earth. 9, 

dhafd, m. a party ; a weight, dhard-hdndhna^ a. 
to make up a standard to weigh by, with bricks, 
or anything else, as by bavins one weight (of a 
pound suppose), it is doubled, quadrupled, and 
so on, till the weight requisite is obtained. A. 

dhdrd, f. stream, a current, dhdrdtdry m. a heavy 
shower, a large drop of rain. 9. 

dhafakf t palpitation ; fear. A. 

dhafdkdf m. a crash, report of a gun. A. 

dhafakhdy m. the sound of hammering, &0. ; 
frightening, alarming ; a scarecrow ; a crowd. A. 

dhafokndf n. to palpitate ; to blaze. A. 

dhafalldf m. the sound of hammering, &c.; 
alarming ; bravado ; a scarecrow ; a crowd. A. 

dhdrauy m. act of upholding, bearing, t. 

dhardndf a. to owe. 9. 

dhafdng^ naked, bare. A. 

dhdfos or 4^drasy f. and m. firmness of mind, 
confidence, animation, encouragement, comfort, 
4hdra9 handhdnd^ a. to encourage, to comfort, 
to keep in spirits. 4^r*'^ dendj a. to ani- 
mate. A. 

dharaukif ascertainment by guess. A. 

dhardwand, f. a woman married a second time. A. 

dhardwaff land ascertained and apportioned by 
estimate, not measured. A. 

dhdr-hdchh^ an even or general distribution of 
charges, rates, &c. «. 

dhar-dhamnkTMy n. to proceed with tumul- 
tuous rapidity; to move with violence; to 
ru»h. A. 

dhaf'dhardnd, n. to flutter, to palpitate. A. 

dhaf-dhaf-jaludy n. to bum furiously. <tt«f- 
dhaf-rahndy n. to flutter, to palpitate. A. 

dhdr-dhnrdt the boundary formed by a stream. A. 

dhafif f. a line, particularly the black lines made 
ou the lips with mistfl; a weight of five «er«, 
the quantity weighed at once. A, 

dhdrif f. a hne, lineament; a small buttress. 
dhdri'ddr, lined, striped, (in comp.) bearing. 9. 

dhdriif upheld, sustained. 9, 

dJiariiri, £. the land, the earth. 9, 


( 123 ) 


i^ana (t. dhuriyana)^ to throw dost, &c. «. 
dkarkiy m. fear, doubt ; palpitation ; thunder, h, 
dhaftand, a. to frighten, to alarm, h. 
^J^ar-hawwOy m. a raven, t, 
4^arkhd QT 4^arldf m. a scarecrow. A. 
dkaram, or dharm or dharma^ m. justice, virtue, 
nghteousnesa, or those attributes personified ; 
business, profession ; usage, practice, manner, 
mode, observance of sects, castes, &c. ; duty, 
especiaUy that enjoined by iheVedas, dhamui- 
hkdgim^ f. a virtuous and amiable wife, dkar* 
wut-pa^roy m. glomerous, fig-tree (Ficut glome' 
rata), dharma-putra, a name of Tudhish- 
fhira, dkarma-patm^ t, a man's first wife, and 
of the same caste, dharma-pradhdn^ eminent 
in pietj. dharma-Uoa, m. morality, piety ; in- 
herent nature or property, dharma-chdri^ vir- 
tuous, moraL dharma-charini^ i, a virtuous 
wife, dharma-chinidf f. or dharma-chintan, m. 
virtuous reflection. dharma-droht^ wicked, 
immoraL dharma-dwajiy m. a hypocrite, a 
religious impostor, one who makes a livelihood 
br assumed devotion, dharma^djt m. a name 
Of Yama or Pluto, of Yudhiskihira, also of 
Atjuna; a king in general; a kingdom where 
justice is administered, dharma-rdj-h.^ to go- 
vern justly, dharamy or dharm-tdid or dhartnct* 
Bkdldj a place where alms are distributed. 
dkarma-r^dhi^ illegal, immoraL dharma-sabha^ 
f. a tribunal, a court of justice, dkarma-tan' 
Hid, f. a code of laws, as that of Jfanw, &c. 
dktujno'thdsira^ a code of laws, any work on 
the subject. dharma-9hil, devout, virtuous. 
dAarma-kdrya, m. an indispensable act of reli- 
gion, dharma-kriydf f. righteous and legal 
conduct, religious act. dharma-kshetra^ m. a 
plain near Delhi, the scene of the great battle 
between the Kurus and Pandus. dkarma-ffra- 
ikm, m. observance of the law or religious in- 
stitutes, dharma-ffya^ knowing one's duty, 
conversant with virtue, dharma-gydn^ know- 
ledge of duty or virtue, dharma-mul^ m. the 
foundation of law (the Yedas). dharma-may, 
moral, righteous, dharma-nihandh^ m. piety, 
practice of virtue, dharma-nlbandhi, pious, 
noly, practising virtue, dharma-nishpaiii^ L 
duty, religious observance, discharge of duty. 
dkarma-iodn or dharma-wat (fern dharma-wati), 
virtuous, pious, just, dharma-vivdh, m. legal 
marriage of five sorts, viz. Brahma, Daiva, 
drJka, gdmdharbaj prajdpatya. dharma-vive" 
ekoBf m. judicial investigation, s. 

dharmd'dharma-parikshdf f. ordeal by drawing 
lots or slips of white and black paper, t, 

dharmddhikdri or dharmddhyakth^ m. a judge, a 
magistrate. 9, 

dharmdnusdry m. conformity to law or virtue. 9. 

dharmdJtany m. the seat of justice, the bench. 9. 

dharmdtf virtuous, just, holy, pious. «. 

dharmdtmdj (v. dharmdt) virtuous, &c. 9. 

dharmdvatdr, m. an incarnation of Dharma, the 
god of justice, used as a term of respect to high 
personages, t. 

dkarmi or dhdmdk, virtuous, pious, just. 9. 

dharmis^iha^ very virtuous. 9 

dharmopadesh, m. moral or religious instruction. 
dharmopadeshak, m. a guru, or spirituous pre- 
ceptor. *. 

dhamd or dhamet, a. to place, to put down ; to 
give in charge ; to hold, to seize, to catch, to 
lay hold of. dhamd-dend or •baifkna, a mode 
of extorting payment of a debt or compliance 
with any demand. See Asiat. Bes. voL iv. art. 
22 ; also Wilson's Glossary. 9. 

dhdmd, a. to uphold, to bear, support, keep, 
place, sustain ; to pour (water) ; to owe ; f . 
continuance in rectitude, keeping in the right 
way ; fortitude, firmness ; memory. 9. 

dkamlf f. the earth ; pressing into service, com- 
pelling to work. 9. 

dharni, m. a dun (v. dhamd). h. 

dhdrnt, f. any tubular vessel of the body. *. 

dharohar, f. a trust, a charge, anything given in 
cliarge, a deposit. A. 

dharta or dhartd, discount and commission, h. 

dhartty f the land, earth, dharti kd phul, m. a 
mushroom, a fungus, or toadstool. 9, 

dhari.df m. the name of a bird, a kind of maina 
or jay. A. 

dharut, a trust, deposit, substitute, d, 

dhafivdfi, the paiudri who wcif;hs grain, so named 
from dhafi, a measure of five #«•*, which is 
generally considered his perquisite at the bar- 

dhartodndy a. to cause to be placed. «. [vest. A. 

dh{i*y a kind of soil, sloping ground, h, 

ditasakndy n. to give way, to sink (as a quagmire 
or slough), h. 

dJuuamy dJhasan or dhasdn, f. a quagmire; the 
state of being thrust into ; m. a slough, bog, 
quagmire, a swamp, h. 

dhasdndj a. to cause to be thrust into. h. 

dhasdw, (v. dhasan) m. a slough, k, 

dhasndy n. to be pierced, stuck into, to be pene- 
trated, to be thiiist into, to sink, to enter. A. 


( 124 ) 


dhatf f. a word used to encourage elephants. A. 

dhdt, ra. met^l ; a mineral ; a principle or hu- 
mour of the body; an organ of sense; an 
elementary substance or property ; f. semen 
virile, g. 

4^(('t m. a handkerchief tied oyer the head and 
over the ears, h, 

dhdfht^ f. rack, torment, torture ; a noose or gin 
fastened on a horse's nose. h. 

4ha^hijfu, or dhafiyd or dhat(i, f. a cord used in- 
8t<^ad of a bridle, h. 

dhd(t, f. adyancing towards an enemy, e, 

dhattngar or dhalingar^ ignoble, spurious, h, 

dhalkdmd^ a. to reprove, h. 

dhdtrlf f. a nurse (v. dhd.e) ; a mother, *. 

4hatthdf m. a plug, a cork, h, 

dhdtu (v. dhdt), m. metal, f. dhdlu-bhjrU^ pro- 
moting the animal secretions, dhdiu-vadi^ m. 
an assay er, a mineralogist. «. 

dhutu'kdJthUhf m. red sulphate of iron. 9. 

dhdiu-rndkehikf m. a sulpburet of iron. «. 

dhdtup^ m. the alimentary juice or chyle. «. 

dhaturitfdf a cheat, an impostor. 9, 

dhdiu'shejehaty m. green vitrioL *. 

dhdtu-vairiy m. sulphur. «. 

dhdtU'Vallabhf m. borax. «. 

4haUf deep water, an eddy ; a deep pool. h. 

dhauly f. a thump, a rap, a slap ; a kind of sugar- 
cane., dhaul-jarndf or 'Uigdnd or mdrndy a. to 
thump, dhaul'l^ndi n. to suffer loss. A. 

dhauldy whit«. dhauldji, f. whiteness. 9, 

dhauldnd^ a. to thump, to box, to slap, h, 

dhaul-dhappdj m. thumping and slapping, h. 

dhaulii/dnd, a^ to thump, to box, to slap, h, 

dhaun^ m. a weight of twenty sir9. h, 

dhauHchdy four and a half. A. 

dhaunjy f. contemplation, consideration. A. 

dhaunh^ f. breathing, panting ; the asthma, h, 

dtiaitnkna^ a. to blow with a bellows, h. 

dhauntj m. assault, attack, threatening, h, 

dhauMd, m. a large kettledrum, h. 

dhauns-dkafalld, m. blustering, bullying, tumult, 
the impetuous assault of a crowd or body of 
men. A. [comitatu9. A. 

dhaunsiydy the leader of a hue and cry, or po99e 

dhauntdl^ rich, wealthy ; strong, stout ; bold ; 
vicious, mischievous. *. 

dhauntdll^ f. riches ; strength, courage ; Ticious- 
ness, mischicvousness. s, 

dhauri, a bull's hide cut into two pieces (said to 
be a corruption of adhauriy q.v.). A. 

dhauriik, knavish, dishonest. 9. 

dhantf washed, cleaned, purified. 9, 

dhavaly white; handsome, beautifuL dhttval- 

pakshf the fortnight of the moon*8 increase. 

dhaval'fnfnttikd, \. chalk. dhavaU-ktit^ dha- 

vaU'bhut or dhavalitf made white. 9. 
dhdwd^ m. a caste of palki-bearers. A. 
dhdwdy m. running ; overrunning an enemy's 

country, attack, assaulting ; a stock, a store ; 

crowding together; name of a tree, dkawd^ 

mdmd, n. to go expeditiously from a distant 

place. 9, 
dhdwaky running, swift ; what cleanses. 9, 
dhdwamdn^ running, going fast. 9. 
dhdwan^ m. act of running, motion; cleansing, 

purifying. 9, [demolished. A. 

dhawdndf a. to cause to be cast down, raxed, or 
dhdwaty running, going fast, dhdwit^ gCMie, run 

away ; run to, advanced ; purified, cleansed. «. 
dhdwndy n. to range, to roam, to rove : to run, to 

run at, to attack ; to trudge ; to worship. 9. 
4hehd, m. a rising ground ; mounds. A. 
dheld (for adheld)^ m. half &paisd. A. 
4held, m. a lump of earth, a clod ; a pellet made 

of clay for shooting at birds. A. 
dhen, f. a milch cow (for dhenu), A. 
dhendaSf m. a kind of gourd. A. 
dhetidhd, m. pregnancy, a large belly. A. 
dhenyd-mushiij f. fisticuffs, k.s. 
dhenkdf m. ^/i«nH, f. a machine for pounding. A. 
dhenklif f. a mode of joining brcadtlis of cloth or 

of cutting out cloth ; a machine for drawing 

water, being a lever supported on a long post, 

having a bucket suspended to one end and a 

weif^ht of earth or stone to the other. A. 
4henr\ f. the capsule of the poppy (or of the 

cotton tree), a poppy head ; an ornament worn 

in the ear. A. [calved not long since. «. 

dhenu or dhenu^ f. a cow, a milch cow, one which 
4hepdy a large lump or clod of earth ; arable land ; 

adj. bulky, corpulent, d. [enough. A. 

dher, m. a heap ; a parcel ; adj. much, abundant, 
dherd or JA^'i, adj. squinting, squint-eyed. A. 
4herhl, f. an ornament worn in the ear. A. 
dheti OT ^Aeri, f. (v. ^Aer) a heap. A. 
dhi^ f. a daughter ; sense, intelligence. «. 
dAf, a high bank of a river. A. 
dhibkd, m. protuberance. A. [ram, &c,). d, 

dhichchdf m. a blow of the head (from a fiighting 
4hihdj m. a rising ground ; mounds. A. 
dhik, interj. expressing contempt and aversion, 

reproach or menace ; fie ! shame ! 9, [s. 

dhikkdr, m. curse, anathema, reproach; disrespect. 


( 125 ) 


Ni, f. a curse ; adj. danmed. #. 

imd, a. to reproach, to cnree. «. 

1 remisaness; lazineBs, delay; caution, dhil 

I, to giTe way, to yield, h. 

loose ; remiss ; lazy, dilatory, h, 
:, f. remissness, looseness, h, 
**, lazy, indolent, h, 

m. slowness, gentleness, h. 
, lazy ; gentle, mild, abated, soothed, h. 
,i, f. slowness, gentleness, h, 
a, wise, intelligent. #. 

r, m. a fisherman. 8, 

t (fern. dMmatl)^ sensible, wise. «. 
\ay m. a kind of tamarind, h, 
\hm^ f. a tambourine, a small drum, h, 
•dhime^ gently, softly, h. 
m. slowness, gentleness, mildness, h, 
\-dhdngt^ f. teasing. A. 
iMtf, m. clamour, oppression. A. 
tar, a kind of harrow, consisting of a bundle 
.horns tied together, and drawn by bullocks, 
[wife ; a harpoon for catching fish. «. 
ir, a fisherman, dhinwarif f. a fisherman's 
gentle, patient, firm ; m. patience, slowness, 
learance ; resolution, firmness. «. 

gentle, patient, deliberate, sedate. «. 
, m. steadiness, firmness, patience. 
, m. a potentate, a monarch. #. 
\df a. to threaten. A. 
a or dhirattcdy f. patience, firmness. «. 

f. the pupil of the eye. t, 
^ f. a daughter, h. 

3r dhithdt forward, impudent, familiar, pre« 
iptuous, confident, tame, pert ; seen. «. 
,t. f. forwardness, impudence, audacity, pre- 
[ption, pertness. «. 
«, intelligent, wise. #. 
'^ (▼. d^nwar)f a fisherman. «. 

f. a daughter. #. 
or 4^o,dj m. fruit and flowers presented by 
riors on festiyal days. h. 
m. washing, dhobiy m. a washerman, dhohin^ 

washerwoman, h. [cleansed. 

i'kar^ having thoroughly washed and 
eft- or dAo,endhl-dakdr. f. a sour belch, h. 
also dhuh), elerated grounds in the midst 
srines. A. 

f. pulse wliich has been soaked previous to 
ing ; a mash. h. 

yr dhokf f. salutation, bowing down to idols, 
iaance. h. 
f, robust, athletic. A. 

dhokhd, m. deceit, deception ; disappointment ; 
doubt, hesitation; a scarecrow; anything imagi- 
nary, not real, a vapour resembling water at a 
distance (Fr. mirage), dhokhd-dend^ a. to de- 
ceive, dhokhd'khdnd, to be deceived. A. 

dhokndj a. to drink, to tope. A. 

dhol, m. a kettle-drum. A. 

dholakf f. a small drum. A. 

dholan^ m. a friend, a sweet-heart. A. 

dhoU (also dhun), a drummer. A. 

dhotiyd, m. a drummer. A. 

dholkit f. a small drum. A. [A. 

dhoJkitfd^ m. a person that plays on the dholak. 

dholndf m. an amulet in the shape of a drum. A. 

dhond^ a. to wash, to cleanse. 

dhondf a. to take up, take away, to carry. A. 

dhond, m. a capsule or seed-vessel. A. 

dhondhd, m. a small mound of earth ; (met.) a 
potbelly, a large belly. A. 

dhondij f. a kind of grass which grows in rice- 
fields, and sometimes cliokes the plant. A. 

dhonipdld, a passage for smoke, a chimney. «. 

dhopf f. a kind of sword ; race, running. A. 

dhoff m. a sort of water-snake, s. 

dhord, m. the name of a medicine ; adj. white. A. 

dhori, f. eagerness, ardour. A. 

dhosdf m. a coarse kind of sliawl. A. 

dho/dj false, treacherous, perfidious, t. 

dhotd. m. a child. A. 

dhotly f. a cloth worn round the waist, passing 
between the legs and fastened behind. «. 

dhoiod, washed, cleansed. 9. 

dhritif f. steadiness, firmness; a stanza of four 
lines, of eighteen syllables each. dhrUi'tndn or 
dh^iti-matj firm, steady. 

dhriij m. the pole, the polar star. «. 

dhrub, m. the pole ; adj. true, right. «. 

dhruv, fixed ; right ; m. the north pole, dhmv- 
tdrd, m. the iK>lar star. «. 

dhutdf m. a bank, a mound. A. 

dhUfdn or dhuipdn, m. smoke (v. dhuntcd), t. 

dhubldt m. a petticoat or any loose garment for 
covering the legs. A. 

dhuhf or dhuhd or dhuhd (also dhu,d), m. a scare- 
crow, a mound of earth. A. 

dhukdf m. tapping or shoving, by way of calling 
the attention of one spoken to. dhUkd dend, a. 
to peep ; to tap. A. 

dhukar-pukaff f. palpitation, agitation. A. 

dhukdhukif f. consideration, reflection ; perturba- 
tion, anxiety, apprehension. A. 

4kukki'laffdndf a. to take aim. A. 



( 126 ) 



4^kti, f. a machine for raising water, h. 

4Auknd or dhuknd^ n. to shut, to close ; to steal 
on, to draw ni^h, to approach; to enter, to 
penetrate ; to iSne aim. h. 

dhuldyi, f. washing ; price of washing, h. 

4hvldyi, f. act of carrrmg ; price paid for carrying, 
or for transporting, h. 

dhulak, m. poison. #. 

dhuldndf a. to cause to wash. A. 

dhuldndf a. to cause to be carried, h. 

dhulendt, f. the second day of the hoU, on which 
it is the practice to scatter a kind of fine red 
powder, s. [m. a drummer, h, 

dMli, f. a bundle of one hundred betel leaves; 

dhuli-dhoyd^ a washer of refuse or dust, s, 

dhuli-guehchhak^ m. the red yegetable powder 
thrown about at the Holt festival. 9. 

4hulndf n. to be poured out, to roll. h. 

dhulwdndy a. to cause to be washed, h, 

^hmlwdnd, a. to cause to be carried, h. 

dhum, m. smoke, yapour. dhumprabhd, f. a divi- 
sion of hell, the hell of smoke, dhum-hetu, m. 
a comet, a fidling star. 9, 

dhumf f. tumult, bustle ; fame, report, pomp. 
dhim-dhdm, pomp and noise, &c. h, 

dhumd, m. the name of a colour (like that of 
smoke) compounded of black and rod. 9, 

dhumld, blind, dim-sighted. 9, 

dhvmidyif £ gloominess, h. 

dhumid or dhumrd, m. tumult, bustle, uproar, con- 
fusion; adj. smoke-coloured, purple-coloured. «. 

dhun, f. inclmation, application, diligence, ardour, 
ambition ; pains in the bones. 9, 

dhunak, m. resin. «. 

dhunaknd, a. to card or comb (cotton). 9, [h. 

dhundf an attempt, design ; a thought, an idea. 

dhundh, m. dim-sigbtedness ; haziness, h, 

4hundhy m. f. or ^AiSn^A^rn, m. seeking, a search. 

dhundhaVf f. fogginess, dulness. 9, [«. 

4hundhdf or dhundh-dhdndh^ m. strict search, in- 
quiry, quest, investigation. 9. 

dhundhard, foggy, dull, gloomy, h, 

dhundh-knTf m. darkness, mistiness, h, 

dhundkld^ ^oggjf misty, dulL h. 

dhundhldfij (umness, cloudiness, h. 

4htndhnd or ^AftncL^na, a. to seek, search for. 
4hundhnd-4handhnd or dhundhnd 4^^^^i to 
search for. h.9, 

dhundhrdnd, n. to be dull, misty. 9. 

dhuii'dhun-kdl or dhun-dhun-kdr^ m. heavy rain, 
obscuring the whole heaven; gloomy weather, 
gloominess, desolateness ; name of a game. «• 

dh«H4h*Ddnd^ a. to cause, to seek. A. 

dhundiy the pod of gram. h. 

dhunehdf m. a carder of cotton, a comber, t. 

dhnngdr^ m. the seasoning with which anything is 

dhungdmd, a. to season with spices. A. [fried, k, 

dhunkd (v. dhiinrd), m. a chimney, &c. k, 

dhuniy f. persevering ; smoke ; fumigation by way 
of exorcising one possessed, or as a mediciJ 
application ; a fire lighted by a Hindu ascetic, 
over which he sits, imbibing the smoke, by way 
of penance. It is often practised by them, in 
the manner of dharnd, to extort compuance with 
their demands ; hence dhutu dend^ a. to dun, to 
importune ; to smoke, dhuni-lagdni, dhum 
lend, a. to insist obstinately or persevere in 
a demand; to inhale smoke or undeigo fumi- 
gation as a penance. 9, 

dhunihdfO or dhunthdw, m. pain in the bones, k, 

dhuniyd, a carder or comber (of cotton), t. 

dhunnd, a. to comb, to card ; to beat. «tr dhrnrnu^ 
to beat one's head with vexation, &c 9, 

dhinrd, the chimney of a sugar-cane milL k, 

4hiinr-dhdnr, m. search. «. 

^hunfhndy a. (v. ^AfiiicfAna) to search, t. 

dhunwd, m. smoke, vapour. 9. 

dhunwd, m. smoke, dhunwddhdr^ much smoke; 
smoky ; beautiful, adorned. 9, 

dkunwar, of a blue or dark ffrcr colour, h. [«. 

dhfinwdrdj m. a chimney; a hole to let out smoke. 

dhiinwdrdnd^ a. to smoke. 9. 

dhunun, f. the bow with which cotton is carded, t. 

dhupf f. sunshine, sunlight, h, 

dhupi f. a perfume burnt by Hindus at the time 
of worshipping, dhup-ddm, f. a pot for keeping 

dhupdnff, m. turpentine. 9. [dAmp, 9, 

dhupeliydfiy f. the prickly heat, h, 

dhup'Jcdldy m. the hot weather. 9. 

dhupnd, a. to smear with pitch, to perfumei. t. 

dhur, m. beginning; limit, end; extremity, dhit 
99 dhur takf from beginning to end. k, 

dhurd-dend, a. to deceive, to wheedle, k, 

dhurdhdni, m. a stout fellow ; t a firelock, k, 

dhuri or dhiiri, f. an axle, a pole, a strand of a 
rope ; f. an axletree. A.#. 

dhuriydnd, a. to throw dust ; to winnow, sift, to 
separate the good from the bad grain. 9, 

dhurkaf, an advance of rent paid by villagers to 
the zamindar. h, 

dhur-padf m. burden of a song. «. 

dhur-sdnjh^f. or dhur-9anjhd, m. dusk, twilight, t. 

dhurty cunning, artful, crafty, knavish, miachiev- 
ous ; m. a knave, a cheat, a gameeter. «. 


( 127 ) 


dAmrtaidf £ Imayery, trickery, theft. *. 

dkmd-dkiui, f. cramming and stuffing, h. 

dinsar, grey ; m. gr^(the colour). «. 

4hu»arf m. a caste of Hindus, h. 

dkusnd, a. to ram, to stuff ; to butt. h. 

dkuMd, m. flannel, a kind of coarse stuff made of 
■bawl wool. A. [deceiTO. *. 

dhmttiy m. trick, deception, dhutid dend, a. to 

dJkuvkd, f. tbe first stanza of a song, t, 

dkuwdndhdr, a mass of smoke ; adj. smoky. «. 

dkwajdy f. a flag, dhwajiy a standard-bearer, s. 

dkwan or dhwaniy m. sound, the sound of a drum. 
dkwa»-modi, m. the humble-bee. dhwani-nald^ 
f. the vindt or lute ; a pipe, a flfe, a trumpet. «. 

dkwanM or dhwantan^ m. loss, destruction. «. 

dhwansif f. a mote ; adj. destructive. 9, 

dkjfin^ m. consideration, reflection, thought, ad- 
Tertency, meditation, especially mental contem- 
plation of the diyinity. dhydn-yog^ the practice 
of religious abstraction. 9, 

dkydnd^ to think on, adore, know. 9. 

dhjfdnij considerate, contemplatiye, religious. 9. 

dMfdni^a^ adj. to be meditated on. 9, 

dk^dnnd, to think, to adore, know. 9, 

<2i, yeeter; as di-rox^ yesterday; dl-9hah^ yester- 

dibd^ m. (for divd) day, daylight. «. [night, p, 

dibdcha (t. debdja)f m prefab 9, 

dibdkar (for divdkar)^ m. the sun. 9, 

4May or dibhd or dibbi^ f. a cartouche-box, a small 
box of any kind. A. 

4ibUfdf f. a small box (for medicines, &c.). A. 

did, m. and f. sight, seeing, show, spectacle, did- 
bdxij f. looking about one, taking air; recon- 
noitring, did wd did, m. interview, p, 

^da, m. the eye ; a sight, a thing seen ; a wanton 
or impudent eye; (met.) impudence; dhoyddida, 
an eye void of shame, wanton, impudent, dida 
rezi, f. fiitiguing to the eyes (as minute objects, 
&c.). dida kholndj a. to consider maturely, didd- 
wan or -bdn, the sight (of a gun, &c.). dida 
ddnUta, knowingly, wittingly, purposely, dida 
o dil M, with heart and soul, dide vile pile-k., 
(Dakh.) to be enraged ; it is sometimes used in 
comp., denoting seen or experienced ; jahdn- 
dida, one who has seen the world, p, 

didami, fit to be looked at. p. 

diddTy m. sight, look; interview, seeing (a person); 
an overseer or inspector, diddr Is^arch, charges 
for the support ot an overseer, p. 

diddru, well-looking, presentable, p, 

did-bdn, a guard, vidette. p. 

did-hdni^ t watching, guarding, p. 

didbdzi, f. looking about, recreation ; ogling, p, 

didhitj f. a sunbeam, a ray of light. 9. 

dig, m. quarter, side, way, wards (as uttar dig, 
northwards); the natives reckon ten digt or dik9 
(v. dik-pal)', point (of the compass). *. 

digdndy a. to cause to sliake, move. h. 

dig-antar, m. the aerial space, the atmosphere. 9, 

digar or digar, other, another ; again, once more; 
pi. digardn, others, p, 

digar-jdnd, n. to 20 away. h» 

digdigdnd, n. to chatter (as teeth). 9. 

diggi or dighi, f. a large tank or reservoir, in form 
of an oblong quadrangle ; corrupted by £uro- 
peans into diggy, 9. 

dignd, n. to shrink, to go back, to relapse, to sHda 
from the right path ; to shake, to vibrate,, 
to tremble, to quaver, to move, to slip> ta 
stumble, h. 

dig-9ul, ni. an unlucky day for travelling ift a par- 
ticular direction. «. 

dig-vibhag, m. a point of the compass. 9^ 

dig-vijag^ m. subjugation of an extensive coantry^ 
either in arms or controversy, dig-vijat^kramy 
m. invasion, going forth to conquer the world.. 
dig-vijagi, a conqueror of the world, a subjugator 
of vast territories. *. 

dig-vgdpii spreading through space. 9. 

digwdn or digwdr, m. a watchman, guard. 9, 

dih or dih, m. a village, dih-jsjmdd, the headman 
in a village : (in comp.) it signifies giving, occa- 
sioning ; as drdm-dih, giving ease or comfort. 
tafdV'dih, troublesome, p. 

dih or diha, m. a haunt, a place, a dwelling, vil- 
lage ; also the site of a deserted village, p. 

dihd, m. a small bank or mound, h, 

dihdn, m. the mouth, an orifice, p, 

dihand, one who is able and willing to give or pay ; 
** a good man on change." p. 

dihanda, a giver ; adj. generous, liberal, p. 

dihdt or dihdt, m. (Arab. pi. of dih) villages ; the 
country, as opposed to towns or cities, p, 

dihdti, of or relating to a village or villages, di- 
hdti-Jam\ the amount of revenue receivable at 
the dih, from the several villages composing such 
division, after deducting the charges of collection 
in each, p, 
dih-ddr, a person appointed to attach the harvest 
of villagers, that the revenue may be secured. 
dih-ddr tharch, expenses of a dih-ddr, p. 
dth-ddriy office of a village keeper ; adj. of or re- 
lating to a village keeper, dthddri saldmi^ a tax 
of one rupi annually, collected from every dih or 


( 128 ) 



Tillage of a district, to defray the expenses of a 
cUh'ddr, p. 

dihez, m, a dowry, a portion, everything a wife 
carries with her to her husband, p, 

(ilAt, belonging to the village, a peasant, p, 

dihish^ charity, bounty, liberality, p. 

dihkdn^ m. a villager, headman of a village, dik- 
^dnif m. a husbandman ; f. agriculture, the pro- 
fession of a husbandman, dihkafihfa or dtkki- 
niyat, rusticity, boorishness, husbandly, agri- 
cidture. a.p, 

dihU^ m. the metropolis of Hindiistan (v. dilU), 
generally called by Musalmans Shah-jdhdn-abad^ 
and by Europeans Delhi, p. 

dihli or dikari (for de^ofht)^ f. a threshold. «. 

dihrd or dihurd^ m. an idol-temple. 9, [h, 

dihuri, f. threshold, door. (f«A«n-c20r, doorkeeper. 

dijla, m. a lake ; the river Tigris, a, 

dikf m. quarter, region, point (of the compass). «. 

dikdk^ minute, intelligent ; m. a shred ; a chip. 
dakkaky a com grinder, a. 

dikhd,if f. exhibition, showing, dikhd^i dend, to 
appear, to present itself, h, 

dikhdnd^ a. to show, to display. K 

dikhdo or dikhdw, m. exhibition, show, h, 

dikhdjUy comely, lit to be shown, h. 

dikhldfif f. show, appearance, dikhld^i dend, to 
appear, to be apparent. A. [direct. A. 

dUckldnd, a. to show, to exhibit, to denote, to 

dikhldwd^ m. show, pageantry. A. 

dikhnd, m. to appear, to be seen. «. 

dikhnd, n. to look, to appear, seem. «. 

dikkioaiyd, m. a spectator. A. 

dikk, m. teasing, trouble, Ac.; adj. vexed, angry, 
fretful, peevish (v. dikkat). dikk-k., a. to per- 
plex, to plague, dikk-ddr, troublesome, teasmg. 
dikk'ddti, f. trouble, vexation, a. 

dikkat, f. abstrusity, difTiculty, trouble, uneasiness, 
dih'genoe, close application; industry, accuracy; 
a subtile or minute thing, a. 

4*kktf an attack, an onslaught, butting with the 
horns (an animal), d. 

tRkshitj^i, m. spiritual father, initiator. #. 

dik'thiil, m. an evil planetary conjunction. *. 

dilf a small eminence ; the site of an old village, h, 

dilf m. heart, mind, soul, diid, O heart ! dil-drd^ 
beloved ; an epithet of a sweetheart, dil-drdm^ 
m. (lit. heart-easing) a sweetheart, dil'dzdr, m. 
(lit. heart-tormenting) a sweetheart, dil-dzurdct, 
afflicted in heart or mind, dil-dsdy m. comfort, 
soothing, encouragement, consolation, dil-qfydr, 
broken-hearted, dil'dgdh^ wise, wary, wide-awake. 

dU'dwar or dihdwardn^ bold, resolute, valiant 
dil-dtceXf transporting, dil-bdlsi^a, deluded in 
heart or mind. dil-ba(ornd, to dishearten, to 
deject, dil ha dil, mutual love, interchange of 
hearts. Je7-5ar, m. a sweetheajrt. dil4>ari, f. 
comfort, pacification, dil bafhdnd, a. to hearten, 
to encourage, dil-haatagly f. friendship, love, 
anguish, attachment. dU-bcuta, afflicted ; at- 
tached, enamoured, dil-band. attractive, heart- 
stealing; (met.) a son. dil bahldndf a. to amuse, 
to divert, dil bahalnd, n. to be amused, diverted. 
dil-pdnd, to find out what is pleasing to any one. 
dil-pizlr, grateful to the soul, amiable. cUl par 
kvn ke ehalnd, n. to bo obedient. dU-paaand^ 
ageeeable to the heart, desirable. dU phemd, to 
disincline. dU dichhe parna, to forget one's 
sorrow, dil'taflagt, burning of the heart, love, 
or any strong emotion of the mind« dil'tafta^ 
heart-burnt, distracted by love, &c. dH-tang^ 
distressed, mournful, sad. diUiangij distress, 
grief^ sadness, dil tornd, to disappoint, to 
mortify, dil'jalnd, to be moved or affected. 
dil-jam\ collected in mind, at ease, dil-jo or 
•jMf one who is desirous to please. dil-ju,lj a 
desire of pleasing, dil churdnd, a. to steal the 
heart of any one ; to abstain from anything, to 
be deterred and desist from an enterprise, dil' 
chasj/, beloved, pleasant, dil-chal or 'chald, 
brave, resolute, generous ; persevering, dil' 
chalnd, to desire, dil-chalz, f. bravery, reso* 
lution. dil'choTf inattentive ; timid. dil- 
l^ardsh, heart-scratching, vexatious. dil' 
ttctsta, broken-hearted, sorely grieved. dil- 
Mvydh, m. desire, affection ; beloved. dil- 
l^\uh, glad, contented. dU-ddda, one who 
has given away his heart, dil-ddrj m. a 
lover, a mistress, a sweetheart, dil-doz, heart- 
piercing, dil-dihif cheerfulness, alacrity, dil 
dekhndy to study one*s temper, dil dendy n. to 
lose one*s heart, to be in love, dil-rubd^ m. (lit. 
heart-ravishing) a sweetheart, dil rakhnd, to 
possess one's heart, to gratify. dU-resh, afflicted ; 
m. a sweetheart. dU-tada, struck in the heart. 
dil'SdZf heart-pleasing, delightful, dil-tard, cold- 
hearted, indifferent, averse. dil-sUdn^ heart-al- 
luring, beautifuL dil-soldita, afflicted, dil-toz, 
afiecting, moving, dil 90X % Ishdna-tardsh, an 
enemy under the semblance of a friend, dil' 
shad, rejoiced at heart, cheerful, gay. dil-shuda, 
one whose heart is gone, enamoured. dU-xhi' 
kasia, broken-hearted, sorely afflicted, dil-faroz^ 
(heart-enlightening) delightful, recreating, plea- 


( 129 ) 


sani, refreabing. dil-fareb, heart-allurmg, beau- 
tiful, enchanting, lo?clj. dil-figdr^ melancholy, 
mournful, pen8ive ; an epithet of a sweetheart. 
dil kd phaphold phonid, a. to rip up old sores, 
to renew a half-forgotten grief. dU-kcuh^ (lit. 
heart-attracting) chosen, approved of, beloved ; 
pleasant. dU-kuthd, heart-expanding, exhilarat- 
ing. dH-ffuddZfhenrt'ineiting. dil-gurda^coxxT' 
age. dH-garmi^ f. friendship, warm-heartedness. 
dU'lagdndf to apply the mino, to act with earnest- 
ness, dil-gir, melancholy, sad, low-spirited, af- 
flicted, grieved. dU-lagnd^ n. to apply to, to be 
attentive. dU-mdnnd^ to follow the inclination 
of the heart (v. man-mdnid), dil-murghy m. a 
kind of arrow, dil men ddlnd, a. to put in one's 
mind (spoken of God), to inspire, dil men khub 
jdnd, n. to obtain a place in one's heart ; to pos- 
acM one's heart, dil men ghar-k., to contract 
intimate friendship, dil-nishin^ impressed on 
the heart or mind, dil-natodz, soothirig the 
mind, conciliating ; beloved ; an epithet of a 
aweetheart. dil-nawdzij f. blandishment, dil- 
mkddy any object on which the heart is fixed, a 
beloved one. dil o jdn^ heart and soul ; tooth 
and nail, dil o jdn #0, heartily, with heart and 
aouL <^ o damagky m. ambition, pride, stateli- 
ness. dil ha^-jand^ n. to be averse, dili dily a 
secret^ kept secret, p, 

dily m. f. stature, body, size, bulk. h. 

dUdlaiy f. (v. daldlat) direction, a. 

dildmdy a. to cause to give, to occasion, to admin- 
ister, to consigpi, to assign, to cause to yield, to 
cause to give up. h. 

dUoMi, m. comfort, consolation, p. 

diUtwar, brave, intrepid, p. 

dildtearij f. intrepidity, bravery, p, 

dil-bdxl, f. palpitation of the heart, p, 

dileTy intrepid, bold, brare ; insolent. 9. 

dUerdua, bravely, heroically, p. 

diUriy f. braTcry, impudence, daring, p, 

dilfln or dVfinj a dolphin, g. 

dtb, appertaining or belonging to the heart; 
hearty, sincere, p. 

dilli, f. the city of Delhi, the metropolis of Hin- 
dQstan, called also Shdhjahdn-ahud, h, 

dilwaigd, m. one who causes to give, h, 

dUtodlif m. an inhabitant of DilH or Dihli, dilU 
kedilwdU mttnh chiknd pef Mdti, the inhabitants 
of DthU appear to be opulent, when in fact they 
are starving (a proverb used to express the vanity 
and indigence prevalent in that city), h, 

dilwdnif a. to cause to pay or gife. h. 

^im, m. a dramatic entertainment, dramatic exhi- 
bition of battle or tumult. #. 

dimdghy m. the brain ; pride, haughtiness ; the 
organ of smell ; dimdgji tdza-k,^ a. to be pleased. 

dhnakf f. the white ant. h, [«. 

dimcuhk or damishkf Damascus in S^rria. a. 

4imb^ m. an egg ; a chrysalis ; the bladder ; the 
spleen ; the uterus ; any young animaL «. 

4imbhj m. pride, vanity; any young animal; a 
fool, an idiot, a blockhead, s. 

dimmas-karnd, to lay down turf, to place the sods 
and pound them with a rammer, d. 

dimgdt^ Damietta ; dimgd^ f. a kind of fine cloth 
made at Damiett>a, dimity, a, 

din, m. day. din la-din, day by day. din hharne, 
expresses time spent in pain and trouble, din 
parnd, n. to be unfortunate, din phirnd^ n. to 
begin to prosper (after adversity). din-Jgotis, 
m. simshino, daylight, din-charhdnd, a. to com- 
mence any business late in the day ; to eat the 
bread of idleness, or earn one's wages without 
labour, din charhndy the day being far advanced ; 
the period of a woman's menstruation being pro- 
tracted, din-dhaule or din diwdle, in daylight. 
din-diydy daylight, din dhalnd, n. to grow late, 
to decline (the sun), din kdtnd, to pass time 
with difficulty, din ko din, rat ko rdt,na jdnnd, 
n. (lit. not to perceive that day is day, and that 
night is night) to be totally absorbed in thought 
or business, din khulnd, n. to begin to prosper 
after adversity, din ganwdnd, a. to spend time 
carelessly, din mundnd, n. to grow late, to close 

din, m. faith, religion, a, [the day. 9. 

din, poor, needy, distressed ; humble, din dagdl, 
mercifid to the poor. din-bandhH, the friend of 
the poor, and dina-ndth, master of the poor, are 
epithets of the Deity. 

dindnt, m. evening, dose of day. 9. 

dinar, m. the name of a coin, a ducat, dinar i 
'cri^ gold coin ; according to Gladwin, the 
dinar is a silver coin, estimated at ten ddms, or 
sixpence sterling of our money, reckouing the 
(i<^m at one-fortieth of a rupi. p. 

d'tnata or dinatd,}, f. poverty, indigence. 9. 

dindti, time of a plough's working in the course of 
a single day ; oaily work of labourers. «. 

dinaundhd, m. dysopia, or day-blindness. 9. 

din-cke(an, distressed, dejected, din-mukh, down- 
cast, of melancholy aspect. 9. 

din-ddr, virtuous, religious, a. 

dindir, m. cuttle-fish bone, considered to be con- 
gealed foam of the sea. «. 

DIN— Dm 

( 180 ) 



4*fiffi XD« boasting, gasoonading. frng-mama^ a. 
to make a boast, t. 

^ngar^ m. a fat man ; a servant, a slave, a rogue, 
a cheat, a low or depraved man. 9, 

^ngi^ f. a boat, a ferry-boat, dingi-wdldf a boat- 
man, a ferryman, h. 

cUnif aged (generally applied to animals), t. 

dinkoTy m.l^it. the day -maker) the sim. t. 

din-man, m. the length of day. «. . 

dip, m. a lamp; an island; the world, as supposed 
to consist of several islands. 9, 

dipakf m. a light, a candle, a lamp. 9. 

dipan, adj. inmuning, light or heat-exciting, tonic, 
stimulant. 9, 

dip-hjrikfha, m. the stand or stem of a lamp; 
candlestick, dtp-dhwaj, m. lamp-black. dRp- 
khori, the wick of a lamp, dtp-kiff, m. lamp- 
black, soot, dip-kupi, f. the wick of a lamp. 
dip-mdld or dip-mdWca, f. a row of lamps, an 
illumination, dip-thikhd, f. the flame of a lamp. 

d^ta, luminous, radiant. 9, [«. 

dtpti, f. light, lustre. 9. 

dtra (properly dwra), m. a scourge, a. 

dird, a belL p, 

diraMt, m. a tree. p. [(v. dirham), p. 

diram, money, specie; a small coin so named 

dirang, m. delay, hesitation ; late, h, 

dirangi, t lateness, tardiness, p, 

dirauy m. reaping, cutting com at harvest. 
dirau-k., a. to reap, p, [quality, a. 

dirdyat, knowledge, sense, science ; manner, mode, 

dirgh or dtrgha, lone, dirghdgu, m. long life. 
dirghdyus, long-lived; m. the silk-cotton tree. 
dlrgha-hans, of ancient family. dtrgha-pdd^ 
long-footed, a heron. dirgha-ptUra, long-leaved; 
m. garUc. dirgha-patrd^ f. a sort of Eugenia. 
dirghapama, long-leafed, longifolium. dtrgho' 
paksha, m. the fork-tailed shrike, dtrgha-pallav^ 
having long shoots, dirgha'tanu, long-bodied, 
tall, dirgha-jangal, m. a kind of fish, dirgha- 
janghd, long-thigheid ; m. a crane ; a camel. 
dtrgha-jikwd or dlrgha-jibhd, long-tongued ; m. 
a snake. dirgha-jlVy m. long life, dirgha-jivi, 
long-lived, dtrgha-df^ish^i or dirgha'darshi, far- 
seeing, provident ; a wise man, a prophet, dir- 
gha-rdtra, m. a long night, a long period. 
dirgha-rogt, being long ill. dtrgha'tutra or 
dirgha-sutri, dilatory, slow, tedious, dirghar 
9utraid, f. dilatoriness, tediousness. dirgha- 
9war, m. a long vowel, a long note, dirgha- 
shdkh, the Sal tree (Shorea robusia), dlrgha" 
Jlealf m. a long time, dirgha-kanfak or dirgha- 

kandhoTt m. a sort of crane. e^gha'he9h, long- 
haired. (ftr^Ao-fni^/, having a long root, dtrgha- 
muld, f. a creeper, dirgha-nidrd, f. (long sleep) 
death, dirgha-nishwds, m. a long or deep sign. 
dirgha-vama, m. a long voweL 9, 

dirh (for dfir^, <l-^-)i firm, immoveable, t. 

dirham, m. (v. darham) money, a. 

difhdnd, a. to prove (the strength of a thing), to 
strengthen. 9, 

difhaid, f. firmness, strength. «. 

dU (for dish), t side, quarter, point, t. 

disd (for dishd), (v. dis) ditd-k., a. to traveL 
disd'idndt or -phirnd^ to go into the fields (for 
a pnvy). #. 

dUd'tHl, m. (v. dishd-9hiit) an unlucky day. t. 

disdwar, m. a foreign country, a climate. #. 

disdwari, f. a kind of betel leaf; a kind of dove, 
foreign (goods). 9. 

dish or dishd, f. region, quarter, point, t. 

dishf, f. (for drishf. q.v.) sight, view. *. 

dis^ihandhak, the pledge of real property, fucb as 
land, houses, &c. s. [to see. 9. 

disnd or disnd, n. to be seen, to appear ; to look ; 

diih, or diihi or di^fu, f. siglit, view. 9, 

di^h, f. sight, a look, a glance, vision. 4*t^^^^t 
enchanting the sight, preventing one's seeing by 
conjuration ; a juggler. A. [of blind, s. 

difhigdrd, seeing, possessed of vision, the opposite 

4i\hnd, a. to see, &c. (v. ditnd), s, 

di(nd, a. to see ; to take aim, to look at. 9, 

ditya, m. a Titan, a demon (v. diii). 9, 

divd, m. a dav. divd-kar, m. the sun. #. 

divdndh, blin ^ by day ; m. an owL 9, 

divd-nish, m. day and night, s. 

divd-rdtrd, m. or divd-rdtri, f. day and night, s, 

divga, divine, celestial ; beautiful, charming ; an 
ordeal ; an oath, divya-panchdm^it, m. a mix- 
ture of five ingredients, ghi, curds, milk, butter 
and sugar, divya'dharmi, virtuous, agreeable. 
divya-ratna, m. the famous gem chintdmani. 
divya-ras, m. quicksilver, divya-vasira^ clothed 
in celestial raiment. 9, 

divyopapdduk, of heavenly birth, divine. #. 

diwak, a weevil, a moth, the white ant. p. 

diwdl or ditodl (t. dtwdr), a wall, dp, 

diwdld, m. bankruptcy, insolvency, k. 

diwati, f. a leather strap, a belt, h, 

diwdn, m. a tribunal ; a steward ; the collector- 
general of a province on the part of his majesty 
(next in rank to the nazim), whose business it is 
to superintend the lands and collections, and the 
remittances of them to court, t-o grant sanads 


( 131 ) 


under his seal (with the approbation of the 
n^Mii), to zamtnddrsy jagtrddrs^ Ac. The 
steward of any man of rank, as the title is 
sow adopted bj the principal servants of the 
zamUddr^ and those of English gentlemen are 
also called ditodn. diicdni cClq^ m. a prime 
minister, wazlr. diwdm kt^t m. priyj-council 
chamber, diwdn-l^dna, a tribunal, an office ; a 
court, hall, hall of audience, diwdni *dm, public 
hall of audience, p. 

diwdna, mad, insane, inspired, p. 

diwdna^y f. insanity, madness, p. 

^wdna-pan, madness, insanity. p.h, 

diwdnij the office of the king's dhodn, and super- 
int«ndenoe of the administration of civil juetice. 

ditodrf a wall ; the bridge of the nose. p. [ j>. 

diwdr-giri, f. tapestry or hangings on a wall. p. 

dijfd, m. lamp ; (past part, of dend) a gift, dt^d- 
9ala-t^ f. a match for kindling a lamp. A. 

diyduaiy f. conscience, honeety, justice, piety, 
virtue, diydnat-ddr, honest, just, conscientious. 
diydtuU-ddriy honesty, a. 

dUfdr, m. pi. a country, region, a, 

dUffafOy an island in the bed of a river. K 

diyai, f. the law of retaliation, when a fine is paid 
for murder, wounding, or maiming, a, 

dixkam, melancholy, grieved ; black, dork, p, 

do, two. do-dtasha, double-distilled, shardbi 
do-dtasha, double-distilled liquor, i.e. very 
strong, do- or du-hdra^ twice, do-bardbar, 
double, equal to two. do-bhushiyd^ m. an inter- 
preter. do-pdrOf halved, do-pdya^ two-legged, 
a biped, i.e, a man. do- or du-pa^d, m. (two- 
breadthed) a kind of veil in which there are two 
breadths, do-paffd tdnke tondy to draw the sheet 
over one's head (either from security and care- 
lessness, or after death. do-pa((d Mldnd or 
pkirdnd, n. to hold out a flag of truce, to ofier 
to surrender (a fort), do-partd, double, of two 
folds, do-pa/kdf m. having two eyelids; a kind 
of pigeon ; a kind of stone for a n'ng. do-pahar, 
f. mid-day, noon, do-pahri, of noon, meridian. 
dopahriyd or du-pahriyd, of noon, meridian ; 
m. a kind of flower (Fentapetes phceniced) . do- 
piydza^ m . a kind of stew (v. p. 392) . do-paikar, 
the sign Gemini, do-tdrd or du-tdrdy m. (double- 
threaded) ; a kind of shawl ; a guitar with two 
strings, do-tahl, f. (two-plied) double; cloths 
that are lined, do-fuky two- pieced; clear, plain, 
clean, do-iuk handy n. to be adjusted, to be 
completed, do-jiydy pregnant, do-ji se hand, 
n. to be pregnant. do-Jifod (v. do-jiyd). do' 

chaty f. interview, do- or du-chittdy wavering, 
doubtful, in suspense, absent (in mind), do- or 
duchitdyiy f. suspense, absence of mind, do- or 
du-challdy m, a roof sloping two ways, do- or 
du-chandy twice, double, do- or du-chobay two- 
poled (tent), do thammdy m. a kind of hukka- 
snake with two bends, such as that of the yuf- 
guriy or hubble-bubble. do-ddmty f. flowered 
muslin, the flowers worked with a needle, do- 
or du-dila, wavering, doubtful, in suspense, ab- 
sent in mind, do- or du-dhdrdy adj. two-edged 
(sword), do- or du-rdhd, m. a road dividing 
into two, leading different ways, do- or du- 
rul^dy that which is the same on both sides, not 
having a wrong side, do- or du-raggdy capricious, 
whimsical ; m. a mongrel, a person of double 
breed, having good qualities on one side, and bad 
on the other, so as not to be depended on. do- 
rangy piebald, of two colours ; hypocrite, do- 
or du-rangdy capricious ; double-dealer, da- 
rangly f. the property of having two colours, 
capriciousness, duplicity, hypocrisy, double- 
dealing, deceit ; of two colours, capricious, 
double-faced. do- or du-roga, double, two- 
£Eu;ed. do-zdnu baifhndy to sit in the Persian 
fashion, namely, kneeUng down and sitting back 
on the heels (v. chdr-zdnu bai(hnd and sari pa 
bai(hnd). do-sirhdy t^te-^-t^te. dosHtd, m. a 
kind of cloth, the threads of which are double. 
do- or du-serd, a weight of two sirs, dezarbi or 
do-natty double barrelled (a gun), da-farfi, 
mutual, on both sides, do-kdly m. both worlds. 
do-kcudy two-personed, fit for two persons, do- 
kaldy m. iron on the feet of criminals ; a double 

Sadlock. do-kohdy m. a camel, not the drome- 
ary of this country, but the two-bunched 
animal, do-gandi chUtiy a fomenter of quarrels ; 
a go-between, one who flatters both parties in a 
dispute (allusion to a game among children, who 
rub a tamarind seed on one side till a mark is 
made, then throw it like a die : the caster wins 
if the mark turn up ; the seed thus prepared is 
called chitliy and if it be fraudidentlv marked on 
both sides, so as always to win, it is called do- 
gandi). do-gharigdy m. the space of two hours. 
do- lardy m. a double- stringed necklace, do- or 
du-lohy and do- or du-lohiy f. a scimitar made of 
two plates of steel joined together, p.s. 
deadly f. a leather strap, a belt. dOydipdy web- 
footed ; a fabulous race with legs like thongs, 
who are said to deceive and devour unwary 
travellers, p. 

do-atpa, quick,npw!itit)iisi lit.haTingtiroharera, 

i.e. hiTiDff one borne to relieie uiothqr, or hsriiig 

a relay of hones, p. 
4oh, ra. a dip, a diTe, a pltmge^ a dip (in Aje or 

coiaanng). ^oh-deni, a. to dip in dje. h. 
406a, m. a naerroir ; hinting, h. 
iUi-iira or dc-bard, a second time, again, p. 
<h-biti (for du-hidihiga), an interpreter. A. 
doi«, m. tbe knowing txo Vodu, #. 
dthbhitliigi (Tulg. dobath), a man akiUed in two 

tongue*, an interpreter. (. 
dathagin [with two handi), two-flatcd, ambi- 

deiteroua, strong, t, [or ten p«r oent. h. 

do-bitici, an allowance of two iinmu out of twentj, 
doeha, the aecond reaenoir to which water it 

niaxd for the purpoee of irrigation. A. [p. 
io-fofR, land that produrea two erop* in a year. 
dogma or dogani, double, twofold ; m. two genu- 

flexiona in prayer, h.p, 
dogdfi, double ; a muaket canning two balls, h. 
dogh. m. batter-milk. p. 
dohad, m. wish, deaire, the longing of a pr^nant 

woman, doiad-lnktlian, fcetns, embryo, do- 

iaddmntd or dohad-Koti, a pregnant woman 

longins for anything. >, 
dohd,i, 1. crying out for jnitice, eiclunstion ; an 

OBtb, pUint (g.d. twice, alas). A. 
ioha», m. milking \ a milk-pail. f. 
dokatt, m. a young bullock, a ateer. 1. 
dohar, m. a double iheet [ a sheath ; (he old bed 

of a rirer ; land yielding two cropa in a year. A. 
do-hattaf, m, a blow with both hands. A. 
dchni, f. a reasel for holding milk. t. 
doira, doable, twofold ; m. a diatich, t. 
dohrdad, a. to double, to repeat. A. 
dairdiB, m. ai^ of doubling, repetition. A. 
dohiif m. a gruid^in, son-in-Liw. #. 
dais, f. a grand-daaghter. t. [A. 

ifo.i, f a wooden iipoaTi, Udle ; an oar, a padiUe. 
dojka, married to a second wife- t. 
dojira OT dofiri, a kind of rice (t. rfAaii). K 
dek, m. a two-year old foal. A. 
dokfi, m, a imme, a fault, blame, vice. (. 
dokjfalt, m. an objector. «, 
dokfii, an offender, a {riTninal. t, 
doklfd, a. to accuse, to calumDiate, to blame, «. 
doitt, f.Hwing, a stitch, p. 
doihta, slitched, flied (the eye or sight), p. 


old, a 


I. the jD»at of a ship. A. 

> well-btickets and 


dolt i°* * I^them bucket for drawing water; ■ 
rich black soil. A. 

4oli, m. a swing ; a kind of aedan ; a bier on 
which a corpse is carried g C a wife &om an 
inferior family, married by a perton of rank who 
giree a present to her parents, she ranks below 
wJTM of equal family, but above concubines. 
4oli deiiS, a. to give a daughter to a superior 
by way of tribute ; manner, coition. /. 

delar or dolafi, double, of two rows, ke. 

do-liaa, a wdl having 

dola^amiitt being swung ; perplexed. *. 

ioleha. m. or dolcki, f. a small bucket. A. 

^ 40I, m. roving, perambnlatin^. A. 

4aR, f. a kind of sedan, an inferior sort of palan- 
quin commonly called "a dooly." ». 

dalika, t. a swing, t. [to hesitate. *. 

dolmdl-karnd, a. to wave, to swine, to undulate, 

dolna, to more, to shake, or be shiiken ; to roam, 
ramble, rove ; to awing, t. 

do-mal, m. a mixture of clay and »and. A. 

doifini, f. a female musician. A. 

doA, a fiwitionBl division of an estate. A. 

do-na^ or do-mili, two-barrelled (a gun). (. 

doiidi, f. publication bj beat of drum. A. 

4ongi, m. a Bpoon ; a canoe, a small boat ; a 

4o*gar, a mountain, a hill. A. [trough. A. 

doitgi, {. a spoon, a small boat. A. 

ifoiH, t a boat or ship, a canoe, a ooBstini veaael. 
The word is commonly apphed to all vessels 
manned and commanded by natives, as joAoi 
is to all commanded by Europeans, A. 

doHO or (fonoit, the two, both, donoi waltt nUa*, 
expreesea the evening twilight. A. 

doiir, m. name of a species of snake. A. 

^Diir or donra, f. a kind of anake. A. 

dc-plyaia, a kind of rich stew made with biitt«r, 
onions, snd sundry other good tilings, i. 

dor, land pluiighed twice! when ploughed thrice 
it is called le,ir! when four timca, chaxar. A. 

dor, f. string, cord, thread, rope; m. a Sllet of 
thread or cord tied round the arm or wrist. A. 

i^fl, m. thread, line ; edge of a sword, Ac. ; a 
ladlet a capsule (of poppy, &c.). attkh H dora, 
a blood-ahot eye. ifoTe-dilni, a. to atitch a 


'rS or .^. . . 

■t^meaaured ; a string, cord, thread. ^ri-Aor, 

nt. a pedlar who goes about selling laoea, thread, 

Ik. ^oti-Kild, m. a ropemaker, Mrdwainer. A. 


( 133 ) 


lofitfa or ioriySf m. striped muslin ; laoe ; a dog- 
keeper, h. [on both ends, p, 

do-ru, m. two-Paced, a kind of small drum plajed 

do-rw^ f. a kind of bow. p, 

dos, m. crime, iault, blame, dos-hona^ n. to be 
sick from neglect of regimen. 8, 

<2oMiAf, lands yielding two crops a year, h, 

do-sari, the ploughing of land twice; also land 
twice ploughed ; when ploughed three times it 
is called te-sari; when four times, chau-tarL h. 

doth, the shoulder ; adv. last night, p. 

doBlk, m, sin, crime, fault, blame, blemish, defect, 
tin, offence ; disorder of the humours or func- 
tions of the body, doih-kalpan, m. reprehend- 
ing, condemning, dosh-grahi^ censorious, mali- 
cious. doMh'hondy to be sick after childbirth 
from neglect of regimen. «. 

doshdla, a kind of plaid made of two shawls sewn 
together ; a single breadth of a shawl is nerer 
worn by Indians, h, 

dotkan, m. objection, blame, s. 

dogJ&t or dothik or dashin, iaulty, defective ; bad, 
wicked, criminal. ». 

dosHna, of, or relating to last night, p. 

daakmdly m. a towel used by butchers, &c, p, 

do9knd, a. to accuse, to blame, s. 

tHoA-^oirn or donh-watf faulty, defective, bad. t. 

dan, m. thick, sour milk ; faulty, criminal. 9, 

dand, a. to accuse, to blame, s. 

dost, m. a friend, a sweetheart, dost-ddry m. 
^Tulgt dosdSr) a friend, a sweetheart, dott-ddri, 
I. (vulg. dosddri) friendship, love. p. 

doHdna, friendly, like a friend, p, 

dasG, f. friendship, love, affection, p, 

dotd, or dotdh or dotdw, double, doubled, bent, 
bending the body ; a kind of cloth, p. 

do,u (v. donon), both, the two. A. 

doB, (in comp.) sewing, piercing ; as zar-doz, an 
embroiderer ; dil-dozy heart-piercing, p, 

dox(tj a kind of prickly plant ; gum lac, a kind of 
wax for fixing handles on knives, &o. p. 

dotatAj m. hell ; (met.^ the belly, p, 

dosati^ m. hellish ; tne people of hell, i.e. the 
damned ; (met.) a glutton, p. 

drdvif, m. the name of the country which termi- 
natee the peninsula of India, 8, 

dravya, m. wealth, substance; an object in general ; 
elementary things, as earth, water, fire, air, ether, 
time, space, souland intellect ; a drug, a medica- 
ment. dravya-8anchayay m. accumulation of 
wealth. dravya-wat or dravya-wdn, rich, 
wealth. #. 

dravydrjany m. gain, acquisition of wealth. 8, 

driffy m. the eye, the vision. *. 

djHki m. the eye. dj^ik-kamy m. a snake (lit. 
whose eyes are bis ears ; the snake having 
no external ear). 8. 

df^irhy firm, strong, immoveable ; bulky, massive. 
d^irh-bhakHy faithful, devoted, drirh-sauhridy 
firm in friendship, constant, drirh-kdriy perse- 
vering, determined, dj^irh-mushfiy close-fisted, 
miserly, dj^irh-nishchayy certain, confirmed, un- 
doubted. 8. 

djnrhd'bhakiiy f. a faithful mistress or wife. 8, 

drirhdndy a. to strengthen, to prove. 8. 

d^irhdnffy firm-bodied, hard ; m. a diamond. 8, 

drirhatdy f. strength, firmness. *. 

drirhdyudhy m. a hero, one firm in battle. 8. 

drirh-lomdy having coarse or stiff hair. *. 

djrirh'phaly m. the cocoa-nut. *. 

dritftd or drishiy f. the eye. *. 

dffish^ (v. dri8hft)y f. sight, vision; eye. dris^i' 
ku(y m. an enigma, a riddle. 8. 

drhhfay seen, visible. drUh^a-wdn or drUhfa- 
waty seeing, having seen. *. 

driahtdnfy m. an example, illustration ; a parable, 
a simile. 8. 

drish^iy f. sight, vision ; eye. djrish^i-pdt or 
drishti-nipdiy m. a lool^ a glance. ». 

drishyay visible, to be seen, beautiful. «. 

drohy m. spite, malice, hatred: injury, wrong, 
mischief; rebellion. <froA-cAi»fa», m. injurious 
design, malice prepense. 8. 

drohi or drohiydy spiteful, malicious, inimical; 
mischievous, rebellious. 8. 

droHy m. a measure of capacity. 8. 

drum or drumay m. a tree ; a tree of Swarga or 
paradise, drum-nakhy m. a thoni. 8. 

drumeshwary m. the palm tree. 8. 

druty quick, swift ; flown, escaped, run away. 
drut-pady m. a quick pace ; adv. quickly. 8. 

du'dy f. b:*nediction, salutation, congratulation, 
prayer, wish, imprecation. du'd^e jshf^ir, a 
prayer for one's welfare. dWdyC daulaty pray- 
ing for one's prosperity, benediction. du^d-k,y 
•mdngniy a. to wish for, to pray for. du^d-yo, 
one who is uttering a benediction, a well-wisher. 
du'd-yo^iy f. the act of blessing, a. 

du,dy m. the two at cards, dice, dice, &c. p.8, 

du^djyay benediction, prayer, &c. a. 

du,dti, f. (properly do^dl) a leather strap, a belt. 
du,dli hand, a 8ipdhi (having a leather belt) . p. or cf«,afna», second ; inferior, p, 

duby m. a dip, a dive, immersion, k. 


( 184 ) 



4ubaekar^ m. an uland left in the chinnel of a 
rirer ; low ground liable to be flooded, h, 

4^hdjit an unconditional bribe, h, 

ifubdnd or 4^bdndj a. to sink, to inunerte. h. 

dubar, weak, lean, difficult, s. 

dubdra or dubdrd^ a second time, orer again, p. 

dubd^Mifd, m. (lit. the ** biUnffual"^ an inter- 
preter ; also an agent in general, like the con- 
tinental " commi£isaire.** s, 

4ubdWf out of man*8 depth, deep (enough to 
drown in) ; m. drowning, h. 

dubby m. state, constitution, condition, custom, 
manner, property, quality; a bear, dubbi 
ofghoTf the lesser bear, dubhi akbar, the 
greater bear ; (met.) a fooL a, 

duodhd, t doubt, suspense ; a dilemma. #. 

dubhuky m. or dibhate, t a famine, a soardtj. #. 

dubitfd, f. a kind of green, grass-green. «. 

4ubkiy f. a dip, a dive. A. 

dubld, thin, lean, poor, barren, weak, dubld-pd, 
m. leanness, emaciation, s. 

dubldyi, f. thinness, leanness. 9, 

dubldpd or dubldpand^ m. thinness, leanness. 9. 

4ubnd QT dubnd^ n. to dive ; to be drowned ; to 
be immersed ; to set, to sink ; to be absorbed 
in business or study ; to be destroyed, ruined. 
dil-dubnd, a. to faint, h. 

4»ho-deiidy a. to exiiaust, to ruin, to demolish ; 
drown, to immerse, h. 

4^bond, a. to sink (v. dubdnd). 

dubfi-ghasfHy unknown, insignificant, helpless, 
to hidinff through weakness, h, 

4*tb8iy land liable to be flooded, h. 

dubufy f. the backside ; end, conclusion, a, 

4ubtodnd, a. to cause to be sunk. A, 

du-challay m. a roof sloping two ways, h, 

du'chandy twice, double, p. 

du'choTy a meeting, an interview, p. 

duchit or duchittdy of two minds, wavering, 
doubtful, one whose mind is bent on two dif- 
ferent courses, absent in mind. t. 

duchiiidyi, f. suspense, absence of mind, un- 
steadiness. 9, 

du-chobay two poled (tent), p, 

dudy m. smoke, vapour, dudi dil or dudi dcuny a 
sigh, dud-dluday smoky, dud-dludy smoked, 
perfumed, p, 

didhy m. milk ; the juice (or milk) of certain 
bushes, dudh-ddhdrly living on milk, dudh- 
barhndy n. to be weaned, dudh-bhdtly f. same as 
dudhd-bhdtiy q.v. dudh-bhd^iy m. foster-bro- 
ther, dudh pildndy to suckle, dudh-pitdyiy f. a 

wet-nurse. didA^kamdi^ t a Teeael far holding 
milk. 9, 

dudhdy a kind of rice (t. dhdn). k, 

dudhdy m. lamp-black, p. 

dudhaily giving milk ; f. a milch cow. 9, 

dudhaly or dudhdr or dudhdry milch. 9, 

du'dhdrdy two edged (sword), h, 

dudhi or dudhiydy milky ; starch, h, 

dti-^ilOy wavering, doubtfuL p, 

dugaUy or dugand or dugand, twofold. 9, 

dugdhay m. milk. dugdha-phe»y m. the froth or 
skim of milk, syllabub, cream, dugdha-pheni^ 
f. a small medicinal shrub, dugdha-td, f. milki- 
ness, the nature of milk, dugdha-tdliga^ m. 
milk and mangoes, a dish called mango fooL 9. 

dugdhi or dugdhin, milky, having milk. 9. 

dugdugdnd, m. to sound, to twinkle, h. 

dughla-bdziy f. horse exercise with the jaTclin, 
and which the Arabs call " la^bu-l-jardL p, 

dugla or dugldy a sling-basket of large size, 
round and deep, for irrigation. K 

du gundy double, two-fold. 9. 

duhdyiy f. (v. dohdyi) crying out for justice ; ex- 
clamation, oath, plaint, duhdyi tihdyuk^ to 
make reiterated complaints, h. 

duhdndy a. to cause to milk. 9, 

duhdTy m. a milker. 9. 

duhamd, m. to be folded or doubled ap. A. 

duheldy difficult, arduous, h. 

duhild or duhUjri, f. a daughter, duhiid-pcdi, m. 
a son-in-law, a daughter's husband. «. ^ 
• duhiydy m. a kind of fireplace. A. 

duhndy n. to be milked; to milk (Gilc). 9. 

duhmgaty f. oil, ointment, fatness, a. 

duhrdy double, twofold, h. 

duhrdndy a. to fold, to double, to repeat. A. 

duhgoy to be milked, milkable. 9. 

duyiy f. duality, separation or dispersion, iu oppo- 
sition to unity. 9. 

duja or dujdy second, other. 9. 

daj'bary m. a man who marries a second wife, a 
bigamist, s. 

4uky m. a blow with the fist. A. 

dukan or dukdriy f. a shop, a workshop, dukin- 
ddfy a shopkeeper, diikdn-ddriy f. the keepiug 
of a shop. p. 

dukdnty f. shopkeeping ; m. a shopkeeper, p, 

duJchy m. ache, pain ; labour, fatigue ; annoy- 
ance, distress, duth-bhdgin or dulch-bhagl, suf- 
fering, having pain as his portion, dukh-bharnd^ 
a. to labour, to toil, dukh-bahuly distressful, 
abounding with pain, dukh-pdnd^ n. to be 


( 135 


afHicted. dulhh-J'rvi^ living in pain. dukh- 
chinna^ afQicted, didtre^sed. dukh-dajy dukh- 
diwi or dukh-ddyak, troublesome, yexatiouB. 
dtrnkh-dagdhay consumed with pain, distressed. 
dnkh^agar^ m. ocean of troubles, the world; 
deep distress, dukh-kar, causing pain, dmkh' 
labkyOf to be obtained with trouble, dmkh kd 
mdrdf .afflicted, dukha-harld or dukk-hartd^ 
dispeller of grief, dukh-haran^ anodyne, d^kh- 
A<BJt, remoTing pain, s, 

dmkkdndy a. to inflict pain. #. 

dm^im, abounding in smoke, a. 

dmJkkdri^ or dukhi, or dukhin, or dukhii, or duk- 
h^i or dmkhiyard^ afflicted, pained, sick, indi- 

dmkkma, d. to ache, to pain, to smart. «. [gent. s. 

dmJtkfdf m. misfortunes, cidamities. s. 

dmtt^ or duUttar, f. a daughter, a girl, a yirgin. 
dmHi/tar-aky a little girl or daughter, p, 

dvl^ily entrance, access ; income, rerenue. a. 

dmkfdj m. the fourth part of a paisd. k, 

dmifi, t a snaffle, h, 

duldby m. a wheel for drawing water with. v. 

duldji, f. a kind of yeil or covering, made of two 
breadths and used by females, k. 

dmldnd or 4^ldmd^ a. to agitate, to move, to to88| 
to shake, to swing. «. 

dmldry m. love, affection, h, 

dmlafdf double-stringed, twofold, of two rows; 
m. a double-stringed necklace (also dulfi, t), h, 

du'lata^ f. a kick or fling with the two hind legs 
of a quadruped. du-UUtl mdmd, to wince, to 
kick with the two hind 1^. k. 

dmidml^ m. a hedgehog ; the name of the horse of 
*2Uif the prophet's son-in-law ; (met.) fat. a. 

dmlfiM or dtUfin, a dolphin, g, 

dtUkd or dulhdy m. a bridegroom, h, 

dmikaUfd^ or dulkam or dulhin, f. a bride, h, 

4"^ ^ A small turtle, a female turtle, g, 

dulieL, f. a trot ; the movement of a dog. duUct" 
jdma or 'chalnd^ n. to trot (as a dog), h. 

4^ndj n. to walk with a peculiar twisting of the 
body ; (a gait much affected by women). A. 

dm^loh or du-lokif a scimitar made of two plates 
of steel joined together, h, 

dwm^ L tail, end, extremity, dum^dr, tailed, 
having a taiL dum-dabdnd, a. to run away, to 
put the tail between the legs, dum dabd-jdnd 
or dum ^cUam-k.y n. to run away, dum-kd-idrdj 
a oomet. dum-ldbo'k.y to wag the tail (as a dog 
or cat when pleased), dum men ghutnd^ to take 
protection, p. 

duw^bOf m. a sheep with a thick taiL p. 

dumhaly m. a boil, an imposthunie. p. 

dumbul or dumbdla^ m. a tail ; the stem of a 
vessel ; the rudder ; after, behind, dumbdlct- 
ddTf tailed, sitdra^e dumbdla-ddr, a comet, p. 

dumchij f. a crupper, p, 

dummity tears, from old age or sickness, sap drip- 
ping from the vine in spring, a. 

dummaly m. a boil, a swelling, a fislon, an im- 
posthume, an abscess, a. 

dummaRy f. a small boil or swelling, a, 

duu, base, mean, ignoble, poor, vile. du»'himmaif 
mean-spirited, of a base disposition. a,p. 

dundy double, twofold. A. 

dundf a kind of kettle-drum. t. 

4^nddy m. a bullock with only one horn. A. 

dundubhi or dundubhi^ m. a kettle-drum. «. 

dungfa or dungrd, a heavy shower. A. 

dungriy f. a coarse kind of doth. A. 

duiikdy m. a crumb, a scrap. A. 

dungdy f. the world, (either as being near and 
present, or worthless ; (met.) people, dungd 
po uidne pafnd, to be proud or hauf hty (Dakh.). 
dunyd-ddty worldly, worldly-minded, dungd- 
dart, t, economy, dungd-falab, one who is 
eager in seeking the good things of this world. 
dunigd tea mdfi'hdy the world and whatever 
therein is. a. 

dunyawi or dunydtcij worldly, of the world, a, 

du-paff or du'pa((d, m. a kind of red. A. 

dury as the first member of a compound (like the 
Greek htf) denotes bad, evil, iU, unfortunate, 
difficult ; as dur-bdchya or dur-betchant m. scur- 
rihty, abuse, dur-bal^ weak, nerveless, faint. 
dur-balatdy f. faintness, weakness. dur-Jan, m. 
a bad man, an enemy, dur-din, day of adver- 
sity, dur-ndm, m. infamy, dur, (in Dakh.) an 
ornament worn in the ear. s. 

dur (contr. of c/^r), avaunt ! away ! begone, p^, 

duTf f. distance ; adj. far, distant, remote, dur- 
andeshf provident, foreseeing, penetrating, saga- 
cious, wise, prudent, dur-bdd, God forbid. 
dir-bhdgnd, n. to abstain from, to abominate, to 
shun, dur'biny m. a spy -glass, a telescope; 
having the quality of shewing a distant object ; 
fiir-seeing; (met.) prudent, provident, inge- 
nious. *akU dur-bitiy far-seeing, reason, soUd 
judgment, dur-pdr, GK>d forbid (a female 
phrase). dur-dardZy f. far-distant, dur-djrish 
or dur^arshi, long-sighted, far-seeing ; m. a 
learned man, a teacher ; a vidture. dur-drish^i 
or dur-darnhaUy long-sightedness, foresight. 
dura-stka, remote, far off. dur-k.^ to remove, 


DUE-Dxm ( ; 

to rgect. dir-gami, going far. dir-twn (f. 

dij^vatini), rniding in a disCntit countrj ; out- 

landiih. dir-k., to be remoTed or dispelled. 

dir ho. begone, stbuiiI, be off. i.p. 
dur-achar or dvr-acharl, vioked, immoral, irre- 

ligioua, proSigate, one of infamoiu conduct, i. 
dir-d-dir, rery far, to a great diitance. p. 
da-rwga, capripioiis, whimsical <». do), p. 
dti-rahd, a road braiirhing into two. p. 
dur-dlabh, dilSciilt of attainment, (. 
d*r-ildp, m. aeuiTiloua lini;uage, abuse, t, 
dnrand, a, to conrea!, to hide. A. 
dvr-andeih, far-ieoing, of deep roflcctioa. p. 
dir-andeAi, f. prudcuee, forethought, p. 
du-mtigd, of two colours, capricious, flclile. p. 
dvr-ant, ending ill, having e bad end. i, 

• - ' 3f difficul- 

, f the silk c< 

1 double row or atenue (of tfeea, *c.), 

one oo each side of the uaj. p. 
dirati, f. remoteneai, diataoce. i. 
dur-afma, tile, bad ; m. * rascal. *. 
dur-bal, weak; thin i poor. «. 
d»T-balati, i. inflrmily, porert j. », 
dur-hkaga, f a wife disliked bj her husband ; an 
. ill-tempered woman. >. 
duT-bhdgya, unfortunate, unluckj. *. 
dvr-bkakaha, bard to eat. i. 
dur-bMfi, m. bad disposition, ill-temperj bad 

behBTiouT, ill manners. *. 
dnr-bhichlf or dur-bhilct/ia, m. scarcitj, famine. *. 
dur-baildki, silly, ignorant. (. 
durd, {. sediment, dregs, lees. p. 
dur-daiv, m. bad luck, misfortune. *. 
dvr-dam, ditBeult to be subdued. >, 
dur-darth, difficult to be seen or met witb. t. 
dur-dat/id, t. calamity, misfortune, i. 
dur-din, a. a cloudy dsj, riinj weather, i. 
dur-drifbta, ill-seen, ill-eianiined i lookedatwith 

an evil eye^ m, bad luck, misfortune. «. 
dvrya, impenetrable, impossnble, inacceasible, an- 

attainable ; m. a strong fort, a difficult pass or 

defile. rfKr^a-i-armn, m. difficult enterprise. (. 
durgd, t. the goddess Durga. i. 
dargidUlcari or durgSdhyaktha, m. tUe governor 

of a fort. I. 
duTgam, difficult of access, onaltaiaable ; deep, 


" t. deDth. nrolundilT. i. 


6 ) DUR— DU 

dar-gaf, poor, indigent, afflicted, t. 

dur-gaU, C hell ; poverty, abjectness. t. 

durgiaf, difficult of accomplishment, arduous, t, 

dvr-hr:idag, bad-heaHed, evil-minded. ». 

duTi, f. the two on dice, the deuco} distance, 
separation, dari-b/iill, remote, far oS. dUri- 
k^il, removed, dispelled. p.t. 

durithfha, very bad, most wicked g m. great 
crime, extreme wickedness, t, 

dur-it, sinful, wickpd ; m. sin. ». 

ifurii/a.tena or duri/ana, a. to lead about (a* a 
horse), to lead in hand. A. [gems, a, 

dtirj, m. a little casket in which t1iej deposit 

dur-jan, bad, wicked, malicious \ m. a bad man, 
an enemy, t. [lignity, villanv. i. 

dfir-jatiatd,i, f, or dur-janaiiea, TO, enmity, ma- 

dvr-jat, ioauspiciouslj bora ; improper i m. mis- 
fortune, coiamitv ; disparity, impropriety, t. 

diir-jdti, vile, wicked, low, ou' : 

dyr-Jaj/, diflleult to be overcome, invincible, i. 

tire to indigo, when the plant is young, k. 
dar-labh, difficult to be procured, scarce, rare j 

excellent, eminent; dear, beloveii. j. 
dur-tabhd, f. a sort of prickly nightshade, t, 
dur-tati/ian, m. an unlucky mark. 

of evU 01 

a piark or sign 

dar-mnna, sad, distressed, sorrowful, i. 
dur-ntafi, silly, ignorant, simple, a blockhead ; 

also dar-mati, f. folty, foolishueis. t. 
dur-medhd, dull, stupid, ignorant. >, 
dur-muih, foul-mouthed, scurrilous ; ugly, hide- 

dtir-milga, dear, of an exorbitant price. ». 
daniKi, m. a pounder, an instrument for pound* 

ing pavements with, a rammer, h. 
dumd, n. to be hidden, concealed or absent ; to 

lurk, disappear, k. 
dvr-nam, ni. infamy, bad name, obloquy, slander. 
piles or heemorrhoidea. t. [t. 

s, of evil repute. 

diir^ti, t. ill-behaved, ill-go- 

Temed, impolitic ( misconduct, impolicy. ». 
diar-KiKar, difficult to be stopped, irresistible, f. 
dxTT, m. a pearl, durr-afihaa (scattering pearls), 

eloquent, dvrr-rei, eloquent, dmrri j/alim, a 

priceless pearl, a. 
dnrraj, a. the black partridgo. a. 
durrdni, m. the name of a tribe of AJsidiu, 

Inliabifing the country about Kandhar. p. 
ifii-rvt-jiii or du-ru^i, tliat which is the same on 

both sides, not having a wrong side. p,h. 


( 137 ) 


durmM, roQgb» hard, stiff^ rigid ; steni, morose, 
opprawiye, fierce, p, 

dmrtuik&^ f. severitj, nerceness. p. 

dmnuif right, fit; proper, just, true, well, safe, 
■ound, entire, straight, accurate, durust-rakh' 
nd, a. to admit, to allow, durust-k., a. to ar- 
range, to adjust, to rectify, p. 

dmmsi-ffOy one who speaks the truth, p, 

dmruttiy f. reformation, amendment; truth, rec- 
titude, soundness, p. 

dmr^mUar, unanswerahle. s, 

dm-rt^etj double, two-faced, p, 

dmr-wtehan or dur-vdchya^ m. abuse, t, 

dur-vfUty vile, wicked, leading a low or infamous 
life ; a cheat, rogue, juggler, s, 

d^-sddkjfa, difRcult, arduous. 8, 

dm-wakf intolerable, difficult to be borne. «. 

<lii-«am, improper, unseasonable, s. 

du-Mammfi m. time of affliction, distress, t, 

dm^ar, m. the second, s, 

du'teraj a weight of two sent, p, 

duskakf iU, low, contemptible. «. 

dm-thdid, m. a pair of shawls. A. 

dmshat^ blame, fiiult, defect, offence. «. 

du-shdMan^ ungovernable, intractable, s, 

dmsk-^hard, acting ill, behaving wickedlj. «. 

dtuh-^harit, misbehaving, doing or designing ill ; 
m. evil purpose or action, misconduct, s, 

ddski or dishikd, f. the secretion of the eye. t. 

cfo-j^l, ill-behaved, reprobate. 9. 

dmMkit, calumniated, falsely accused (of adulteij); 
corrupted, violated ; censured. 9. 

ddf k it dj f. a girl who has been violated, t. 

dMth-kar^ difficult to be done. 9. 

dmtj^karmf (v. dn9h'ki^it), sin. 9. 

drnthkarmij (v. du9h'kjHti)t & criminal, t. 

dmtkkjrit^ m. sin, crime, evil-doing. 9. 

dmsk-k]ri(i, m. a criminal, an evil-doer. 9, 

dm^kml or du9h-kuGn, of a low family. 9. 

duMhrnam^ m. an enemy. dM9hmani jdm^ a deadly 
foe. du9kman-kdmf a calamity (q.d. the wish of 
an enemy) ; adj. wretched, ruined, p, 

dtukmatUy f. hatred, detestation, enmity, p, 

duMhudm, m. abuse, scurrility, p. 

dtukpanhf not to be touched, unpleasant to the 
touch. 9, 

dtuk-prttk^iHy of a bad nature or disposition. 

dmA^prdp (also du9h^ardpffa), difficult of attain- 
ment, remote, unttainable. 9. 

dtukf, bad, wicked, d^raved, low, vile ; enemy. 
dmshf'bhd^o^ innately bad. dtuhi-hhdfitd^ f. in- 
nate depravity. du9hia-td, f. wickedness, bad- 

ness. d«9h(-chdri (f. dwhf'chdrim), wicked. 
du9hl'chetd, malevolent; stupid. duthf-nMH, 
wicked, depraved. 9, 

dusfifdj f. a depraved woman, a harlot. 9. 

dttsfifatdf f. wickedness, depravity. 9, 

du9hwdr, difficult, arduous, p. 

dushwdri^ f. difficulty, p. 

diUhyOj reprehensible, vile, bad. 9. 

du-sparshy difficult to be touched. 9, 

durrd or dusrdy the second, other; an equal, a 
match. du9re, secondly. 9. 

du9sary m. double stakes at dice, &c., playing 
double or quits, h. 

du9-tyajj difficult to be relinquished or parted 

duty f. light, beauty ; spite, ipalice. 9. [with. 9. 

duty interj. away, begone, avaunt. dut-dabdk^ 
reproof, reprimand. *. 

duty m. an ambassador, messenger, an angel who 
passes between God and mortals. 9. 

dutdndy a. to press down ; to snub, to chide, h. 

duti or dutikdy f. a female messenger, a confidant, 
a go-between, (for dtfiiti) refulgence. *. 

duiiydy second, the second. 9. 

dutkdr or dutlcdriy f. a reproof, reprimand. 9. 

dutkdmdy a. to reprove. *. 

dutid-dendy a. to drive away scornfully ; to de- 
ceive, to baulk, to cheat, h. 

duwdb or duwdba, m. the country (we call the 
Du,ab) between the Ganges and Jamuna : the 
term may be applied to any flat region lying 
between two rivers, p. 

duwdzdahy twelve, duwdzdah-jatisak, or -mt/| 
the twelve signs of the zodiac, p, 

duwdzdahumy the twelfth, p. 

ddyam or duyamtUy the second, p. 

duzdy ra. a thief, robber, duzdty f. theft, robbery ; 
stealth, duzdidoy stolen, pilfered, p, 

dwaiy two (same as do). 9, 

dwaidhy m. doubt, division into two parts ; ac|j. 
twofold, of two sorts. 9, 

dwaidhtkarany m. separating. 9. 

dwaity m. doubt, separation; duplication, dual- 
ity, or assertion of two principles. *. 

dwand or dwandwoy m. a pair, a couple (espe- 
cially male and female). 9. 

dwdpar, m. the third yuga or age of the Hindus, 
corresponding to the brazen age of the Romans, 
and comprising 864,000 years ; doubt. 9. 

dwdVy m. or f. a door, a gate, gateway, passage ; 
a means, an expedient, the medium or way by 
which a thing is effected, dwdr^dly m. a door- 
keeper, dwdr-pdliy the office of a doorkeeper. 9, 


( 188 ) 



dwdrdy m, a door ; (prep.) by means of. t, 

dwdri or dwarin, m. a porter, a warder, s. 

dwesffy m. enmity, aversion. *. 

dwes^if hostile, adverse ; m. an enemy. «. 

dweshya, hateful, detestable, dweshyodd^ t aver- 
sion, detestableness. s, 

dwif (prefixed in comp.), two. «. 

dwidhdf of two kinds, in two ways, t, 

dwi-dhdiu, having two natures, s, 

dwi-gun, twice, twofold, doubled, dtoi-ffunhbhut 
or dm-gufu-kxity doubled, increased. 9, 

dwi-mukh, having two mouths. «. 

dmp, m. an island, a large portion of the earth, 
a clime, a re^on. 9. 

dwi-pad, two-footed ; m. a biped, including gods, 
demons, men and birds, s, 

dun-path, m. a place where two roads meet. t. 

dwtpi, m. an islander ; a tiger. «. 

dmr-ukt, said twice, repeated, dwir-ukti, f. re- 

dun-rupf of two forms. #. [petition, t, 

dm-thaphf m. a cloven-footed animal. 9. 

dwittydf f. (a second self) a wife legally wedded 
according to the Yedic rites. 9. 

dwi-vidhf of two kinds, in two ways. 9, 

dwgarthf of two meanings, a double entendre. 9. 

dt/ordniy f. a husband^s younger brother's wife. 9, 

dyut, m. gaming, playing with dice, &c. dyuU 
ddhikdri, the keeper of a gaming-house, dgut* 
9abhd, f. a gaming-house or assembly, dyut-kdr, 
m. a gaming-house keeper, a gambler. 9, 


«, interj. O ! a respectful particle of address. 9, 

edy f. (v. er)f striking with the heel. 

ek, one ; finequently used like the article a or an, 
with us, as ek mard, a man, &c. ; it is also used 
in forming compound adjectives in imitation of 
the Persian, as ek-dil or ek-chit^ of one mind, 
determined, resolute, ek-zabdn^ of one speech, 
or of the same mind or sentiments. ek'9e din 
na rahne, is applied to a change of condition, 
most commonly fix>m good to evil, but some- 
times the reverse, ek ki da9 9undni, to reply 
ten (words) for one (spoken of one who replies 
in manv words, especially in giving abuse), ek 
mufhy (Dakh.) agreeing, unanimous, ek is fre- 
quently united with the following word in wri- 
ting, as ekdin or ekroz, one day. ekdam, in one 
instant, ek-dd or ekddh^ one half, some few. 
ek'bdr, onoe upon a time, ek-bdrgi, ekd^k^ or 

ekd-ekif all at once, suddenly, ek-dcut or eh- 

kal-am or ek-lathl, altogether, entirely, utterly. 

ek na ek, cither, one or other, ek digar, one 

another. 9, 
ekaddy once, once upon a time. 9. 
ekddhipati, m. sole and absolute monarch. «. 
ekd-ekif all at once. 9, 

ekdgra, intent, fixed on one object, undisturbed. 9. 
ekdgratdy f. close attention. 9. 
ekaJurdf single, solitary, alone. 9, 
ekd,i, f. unanimity, unity ; solitude, loneliness. 9. 
ekdyiky singly, one by one. ekak, alone, solitary. 

ekdkdr, alike, uniform, ekdki, solitiu^, alone. 

ekdk9l^t one-eyed, blind of one eye ; m. a crow. 

ekalf alone, solitary. 9. 
ekdntf aside, apart, alone, uninhabited. 9. 
ekafhd, together, collected; m. a small boat, 

rowed by one oar. ek(kd'k., a. to gather, to 

collect. 9, 
ekatr or ekatra, together, in one place, ekatrd^ 

m. a sum total ; interest of one per cent, per 

month ; adv. together, in one place, t. 
ekaflhd (v. ekafha), together. 9. 
ek-bdchhif distribution of any tax or cess levied 

upon all lands at an equal rate, h, 
ek-bhaktj worshipping one deity, ek-bhakti^ of 

one faith, believing in one deity. 9. 
ek'chitty intent on, absorbed in one thing ; of one 

mind, agreeing. 9. 
ek-dukh'9ukk, sharing joy and sorrow. «. 
ek-fardl or ek'fofU^ laud producing only one 

crop annually, p, 
ek gdchhlf f. a canoe hollowed out of one single 

trunk of a tree. 9, 
ek-grdnun, of the same town or village. 9, 
ek-guru, a pupil of the same preceptor. 9. 
ek-kdlf m. one or the same time. ek'kdUn^ co- 
eval, simultaneous, contemporary. 9. 
ek-lautdy only-begotten (son). 9. 
ekotrd, a sum totaL h, 
ek'pak9ha, m. an associate, a firm ally. 9, 
ek-patni, f. a wife devoted to her husband. •• 
ek-rdihij f. a heap, a crowd. 9. 
ek-rup, like, similar. 9. 
eked, or ekedn or ekedr, similar, identicaL A. 
ek-eharan, one only refuge, applied to a deity. 9. 
ek-sharirf of one body or blood. 9, 
ektdf f. unity, union, equality. 9, 
ek'iak, m. a fixed look, stare. «. 
ek-tdlf m. harmony, unison. ». 
ek-tdn, attentive, intent on one object, t. 
ekthd or ekfhd (v. ekaihd)^ together. «. 


( 189 ) 


of one oaate, of one colonr. #. 
£ beating time by clapping the hands, 

an instmment which beats time, a castanet. 9, 
eie^y m. an ambassador, agent, attorney, enyoj. 

eleJji-pandf m. or elchi-garif f. office or dignity 

of ambassador, agency, elchi-gari-k .^ a. to act 

the ambassador, &o. ; to act for another, t. 
euUm (for dmin)^ secure, safe, void of care, p, 
0f, f. sparring, a sort of spur, &c., for urging on 

a horse, er'mdmdf to spur. h. 
ermpker, m. erdpheri, f. exchange, interchange; 

dancing attendance. A. 
eri, inteij. O ! a Tocative particle for females, h. 
€fiy 1 the heeL eri-dekho, look at home, a 

phrase used to obviate the effect of an evil eye. 
eri-pkeri^ i. exchange, barter, &c. h. [h. 

efkdj a large he-goat trained for fighting ; a kind 

of fireworks, h. 
eidj so much, this much ; now. «. 
eiad-arthy therefore, on that account. «. 
eid^otdj on this account, for this reason, t. 
etduHtti-^Mtraf thus much, only this. «. 
etiJky this much or many, h, 
eimdy so much. h. 
eUoar (v. iiwdr), m. Sunday. «. 
eiwdrij m. a man confined for debt, who avails 

himself of the Christian sabbath for appearing 

abroad. «. 
evoy even so, verily, indeed. «. 
eooMf thus, so, even so. «. 
ewaf^ m. a flock of goats, h. 


forhUkdy inteij. excellent ! bravo I a, 

fad'zahry the bezoar stone, p. 

fagtfury m. the emperor of China, p. 

faUidsky obscene, talking indecently, a, 

fahkathiy £ obscenity, ribaldry, a. 

yakim, learned, intelligent, a. 

Jahikky obscene, impudent, shamefuL tf. 

fihukay £ a harlot ; anything abominable. <u 

fahm^ m. understanding, intellect, comprehension. 
fakm-dafy acute, intelligent; (in comp.) per- 
ceiving, discerning, &c. (ez-fakm, of a quick 
capacity, tuf^n-fakmy imderstauding a speech 
or discourse, a.p, 

Jakmdtfisky f. causing to understand, instmction, 
explanation, p. 

fahmtdy £ understanding, p, 

fahtmda^ understood, p. 

ftthmidfigty t comprehension, p, 

fakwa, m. style, contents, signification, sense, 
meaning, fakwdye kaldmy signification, sense, 
scope, meaning, spirit (of composition), a, 

fdyiday m. profit, gain, advantage, utility, fdyvior 
mandy profitable, gratified, edified, a. 

fdjky superior, paramount, a, 

fSUy making, doing, acting ; an agent ; the parti- 
ciple active ; the nominative. Jdiii kakUn^ the 
true agent, Gk>d. fdiU mutk^Ty nuister of 
one's actions ; a free agent, a, 

fttiUy m. or ftCiUyoy f. effective, efficient, a. 

f£iCxytUy f. agency; the quality or nature of 
agent, or noun of agency, a. 

faiUufy f. (Ghr. ^xoc-t^c) a philosopher; intelli- 
gent, knowing ; (met.) in Hind, canning, art- 
ful, g, 

faifdly m. decision, decree, separation, fadfal-k.^ 
a. to settle, to decide, to adjust, a. 

faifalay m. a decree, settlement, a. 

fcUfol-ndmay a decree; an instrument denoting 
that a cause has been finally settled. a.p. 

faiydfy Uberal, generous, profuse, copious, mimi- 
ficent, benevolent, a. 

faiyd^iy f. liberality, benevolence, a. 

faiZy m. plenty, abundance ; grace, favour, bounty, 
^otfi Vmia, m. general abundance ; adj. liberal, 
profuse. fcUf-bal^k or faiz-rasdny one who 
bestows favours ; liberal, munificent, a. 

fdyisy overtaking, reaching, obtaining, a, 

fayizdy verily then, in that case. a. 

fajaty £ morning, dawn of day, early, hafi 
fajaTy very early, " multo mane." a. 

fdkay m. poverty, necessity, want ; (in Pers. and 
in Hindi) a fast, fasting (from want, not as a 
religious duty), /dka-kask, one who fasts, a 
£uter; famished, fdka'kkaineknd or fdkon- 
mamdy to starve, fdka-nuuty one who b starv- 
ing, but conceals his distress, a. 

Saka^,y (properly fa-katl or fa-koQ^ merely, sim- 
ply, only, solely, no more, a, 

JSikiry excellent, precious, honourable; m. a 
boaster, an egotist, a. 

fdihira or fdf^irfUy excellent. M^PaHfaHjiray a 
splendid robe of honour, a. 

faJ^Vy m. glory, nobility, ornament, grace ; boast- 
ing, egotism, pride, ostentation, fal^ru-t-iuj'' 
jdfy the chief of the merchants ; a title given to 
an eminent merchant or banker, a. 

fakhriy f. a kind of grape so called, a, 

fald^tfOy m. boasting, vain glory, a, 

fitMai £ a dove ; name of a colour, fa&nhujr' 

VAK— FAH ( 14 

jaaa, n. to be canfoanded, to taint, tnh din 
gage jo Hatil Udi> /iMia uraie the, the days of 
Uiatit ijtan'i pnwperil; (or aplendourj are gone. 

fitiU<i,i, f- dore'oolour. f, ^. 

fala^ a man oonTensnC with religion and law; 
a theologian, a lawyer, a. 

/akiha (al«o/iLWA3<), fruit a. 

yojir, m. a Ix^gar, aderriie; a man who leads 
what ij called a holj liie ; there ia a greet tb- 
rietj of them. The; are in ganeral a trorthtsu 
•et of Tillaine, who, to obtain monpj from the 
oreduloiu mtiTee, pat on the appearance of ex- 
treme wuictitj, under the cloak of which th<^ 
oommit the grsateet eiceasei ; adj. poor, iodi- 
jent. a. 

Jai^, f. deroteeiam, porertj, huiiiilit<f. a. 

/akira orfaiimi, f a poor woman. a.k. 

fakiraM, land beetowed on fakir: a.p. 

/(jcirina, in the manner of i fakir, a.p. 

fakr, m. poTcrtj ; a life of pOTBrty with reiigns- 
tlon and oontent. a. 

fttl, {. an omen, augnry, presage, a. 

faldh, f. prosperity, happiness, isfety, refuge, d. 

faiat, m. the heavens, the sky, the firmament ; 
fate, fortune, falak to HoSor na ioai kin te 
Oit- a thing being unknown to one's star*), im- 

Eilies great inattention and ignorance, falak*- 
•afiak, the primum mobile, empyrean heaven. 
ftiak-iada, oppressed by fste or fortune, pla- 
net-struck. falak-iaW, extremely swift, a. 

fal&katj f. an eTit, a disgrace ; a misfortune, ad- 
Torait]^. /a/«*3it-/sfci*, the frowns of fortune i 
the erila of destiny, a. 

jBfu-, m, fajira, S. a fornicator, an adulterer, a 
sinner ; adj. sinful, unchaste, a. 

fdk, f. the notch of an arrow, arrow, a. 

faWtati, unfortunate, a. 

falmam orfalal^n (also/oJaj^oH), f. a ding for 
throwing stones, p. 

falati, heavenly, relating to fate or fortune, a. 

falUa, m. (per met. for falila) match, torch, 
wick ; a wick composed of paper inscribed with 
myBtio words, by inhaling the smoke of which 
demons are eipelled from those possessed ; a 
cord of twisted thread sewn between the two 
folds of the hem of a garment to strengthen it. 
falUa-ddr, a matchlock ; anything that has a 
match or wick ; cloth liemmed wilb a cord or 

falii, spare, surplus, remainder, h. {J'aCita. a. 

Jalmda, smooth, clear ^ a kind of sweetmeat, p. 

fdn, joined to nouns of colour, implies a tan- 
daaq^toiuch oolauTi as sajroA^iim, blackish, p. 


fand, I. iDOrtalilj, flmilty, death, a. 
faad, fnad, deceit, trifles, vein words, p. 
fandi, fraudulent, deceitful, fi. 
fdtii, frail, transitory, inconstant, perishable. 
jaitnifdm, this trauiitory world, a. 

faan (also /an), m. science i skill, sagacity, stra- 
tagem, art. fanfareb, m, art and cunning. 
fan-farebi, artful, cunning, a. 

frnit, f. a shade (to keep the wind from a can- 
dle), a lantern. ySsSn kbiyil or fin<uA WgSi, 
at duiT^t fanit, a Untem which revolTee by 
the smoke of the candle within, and has on the 
side of it figures of various animals ; a magie 
lantern, a. [lustre, beauty, grace, p. 

far, m. state, pomp, dignity, splendour, glory, 

ford, back, belund, again, above, on, over, to- 
wards, p. [happiness, competency, a. 

fardgbai, t. leisure, repose; abundnnce, ease, 

/arah, joyful, pleased, satisfied, cheerfuL a. 

faraham, m. collection i eootraction; adj, ool- 
lected, gathered, p. 

farakdn, gladly, cheerfully, a. 

fara,ij, pL the knowledge of dividing inheri- 
tances agreeably to law. a. 

faraj, f. cheerfulness, pleasure, joy. a. ' 

/arati. ample, large, cheap, wide. p.a. 

faralijt', f- abundance, /ie.\ a girth, p. 

fnra^-ri, cheerful, merry. 

fardthvr, fit, corresponding, quadrating. p.h. 

fardntart, the keeper of a citadel, p. 

farumia, pi. orders, commnnd*. mandates, p. 

fardmosh or farditimh, forgotten, fardmosh-kdr 
or -^ar, unmindful, forgetfuL fardmoiii, f. for- 
getfiilness. p. 

faranij, Europe, the country of the Franks, p. 

farangl, m. (from Fr/ronc) a Frank, a European 
in general ; adj. Europeen. p. 

farangitldn, m. Europe, p. 

far&i, m. ascent, arclivityi adj. high, aloft, ex- 
alted; (in comp.)einlting, derating. farSs-lc., 
to open (a dooi^. p. 

fariii, I. highness, exaltation, p. 

farbih, ht, stout, corpulent, p. 

/nriiAi, t. fatness, strength, p. 

fard, f. a shret (of paper), a statement, list, roll, 
verse, piecei an individual: one; ainglei odd. a. 

fardd, to-morrow j (met.) the day of resurrection. 
fardd,e kii/«'"at, (■ the day of judgment, p. 

fardt, f.aroU,Catalogne. fardi-kdtht,^ ' 
' "' pcBsanl'a cultivation. far\" 



\rdi-l!a^kat, a manifesto or memorial. 


( 141 ) 


fmrdikfiHt pL cataloguee, statements, details, a. 
Jmr^aamU, a petition or application, a. 
fmnb^ f. deceit, trick, deception, fraud, fareh- 
mmtz otfarth'kdr^ fraudulent, deceitful, fareh- 
j^^rdoy deceired, imposed upon ; (in comp.) 
cheating, deceiying, alluring ; as, mardum-fareb^ 
betraying men. fareh-kkdndy to be imposed upon. 
f&reb^.<t to impose upon another, p. 
fmrwbi <x fanibamda^ a deceiver; deceitfuL p. 
fmnibamda^ f. fraad, deceitfuluess. p. 
fmrtUlt m. a cheat, an impostor, p, 
fmrtfioy deceived; enamoured, p, 
fmrfurani^ to snort (as a horse), h, 
fltr^ul^ i a wrapper, a great coat, cloak, p. 
Jiarksdf name ox a celebrated Persian statuary, 
who, to please his mistress Shirin, dug through 
an immense mountain, p. 
Jigrkangy f. wisdom, understanding ; a dictionary, 

a Tocabnlary, a glossary, p, 
foHfoly f. delight, pleasure, cheerfulness, joy, 
amusement. farKat-dmry pleasant, happy. 
farkaiu'l'liki, pleasant to look at ; the name 
of a kite, the Fondicherry eagle (Falco ponti- 
ceriamu). a. [for his virtues, p. 

yitriduwy name of an ancient king of Persia, famed 
JShrif^ firee, at leisure, ceasing from labour, ab- 
solved, discharged ; contented, farigh.^-1-hdl or 
Jarigkfi-l'h^lt independent, contented, fdrigh- 
kanij to have done with anything, to be at 
leisure. fdrtgh-kka((dnay m. a fee given for 
writing a fdrigh-l^afju fdrigh-ldiafj.h f- a 
written deed of release, or full acquittance, a. 
fmrik^ m. a troop, squadron, corps, fankcdn, du. 
both parties, fariki awtocUy the first party. 
fariki ioni^ the defendant party in a law suit. a. 
JSriSj m. a horseman, a rider, a cavalier, a. 
fmrifa^ a divine positive command, a. 
farjdm^ m. end, conclusion, issue ; happiness, 

proeperity; utility, p. 
farky m. difference, distance, distinction, dis- 
persion ; the head, the top of anything, sum- 
mit ; adj. distant, distinct ; inter), away ! aside! 
JSr-JM^ \{oT Jarigh-Wkatfiy q.v.). a.h. [a. 

farkk^ndOy happy, fortunate. farl^unda-fM , 

fortunate ; of liappy destiny, p, 
farma (also farmdye)^ (in comp.) commanding, 

periSmning. p, 
farmSyUk^ f. an order (particularly for goods, &c.), 
oommiaiion, anything commissioned, pleasure, 
* will, commands, p. 

famUtjMki^ particularly ordered or bespoken (any- 
thing); ezoellsnt. p. 

farmdny m. a mandate, command, order ; a royal 

S stent; according to Gladwin it denotes a grant, 
ecree, patent, or command of the emperor ; a 
royal commission or mandate. In Bengal the 
term is used for a patent to trade duty icee. By 
way of eminence it means the charter which the 
Company obtained from the emperor Farrvi^ 
aiifar, granting them a liberty of trading, and 
other privileges, farmdn barddr, subject to 
orders, obedient, farmdn-harddn^ f. obedience, 
subjection, farmdn-dih^ one who issues orders ; 
a kmg, a ruler, /armdn-dihi^ f. authority, sove- 
reign power, farmdn-ratcdy a king, a sovereign. 
farfndn-rawd,i, f. kingly power, sovereignty. A. 

farmdndt a. to order, to command ; when put in 
the mouth of kings and superiors, it may signify 
to say, to do, to accomplish, p, 

faroj down, below, under, faro-tam, humble, 
depressed, faro-iani, f. humility, submissive- 
ness. p. 

farody m. descending, alighting, stopping; adv. 
down, beneath, farod-gdhy f. a halting-place. />. 

fcuroghj m. illumination, light, splendour, p, 

faro-guzdihtan^ to pretermit, to neglect, p. 

faroJMt f> sale. faroJM-k,^ a. to selL kkarid- 
farokhtf buying and selling, traffic, p, 

farokhta, sold ; kindled, illumbiated. p. 

farokhtan (r./aroth), to sell; (r./aroz) to inflame, 
to kindle, to illumine, p, 

faramdnda, dejected, tired, depressed, fatigued, 
weak, helpless, p. 

faro-mdndagi (also faro-mdni), f. helplessness, 
weakness, dejection, p. 

faro-mdndan, to lag, to be exhausted, p, 

faro-rndgOf worthless, low, ignoble. />. 

farosh, (in comp.) selling, as halwa-fdrosh, a seller 
of sweetmeats, &c. p. 

faroihand<jL^ selling, one who seUs. p, 

faroshiy f. {y.fafosh) selling, p. 

faroz^ (in comp.) kindling, inflaming, p, 

farozdn^ luminous, resplendent, p. 

fftrr (y. far), m. state, pomp, &c. p, 

farrdnd, n. to snort or sneeze (a horse), k, 

farrdih, m. a servant whose business it is to spread 
the carpets, &c., a sweeper, farrdsh-ldidna, m. 
the room where carpets, &c., are kept, a, 

far rashly f. the spreading of carpets, Jtc., the busi- 
ness of dkfarrdth. a. 

farrui^, happy, fortunate, farrukh-ngar, name 
of one of the emperors of Delhi, A.D. 1713, Ac. 
p. [ancient Parthia, Persia in general, p. 

fdrs, one of the southern provinces of Persia, 

PAB-FAB ( ] 

farta^ Of fanang, m. parasang (or meanm of 
■bout 18,000 feet;, a. 

forth, m, apreading, carpeting, bedding; a ouahion, 
mat, carpet, Ac. fanh-/^ritli, the carp«t>. fir- 
otA-tMiu, the room nbere carpeti, ha., are kept. 

fartla, f. a kind of large Ifultlia. a. [a. 

JSrii, or JSraij/a or /iriigal, f. the Peraian lui- 
guage) adj. Pereian. p. 

Jartidn, worn out, oblitorated. p. 

/arfj auperfluitj, abundance ; a hill top. a. 

fartul, old and decrepid. p. 

farii, (or tiryaki farik), the beat aort of treacle 
or tlieriaca. a. 

faryid, t. complaint, exclamation, hunentation, 
or; for help, faryad-rat, one vho attenda to ft 
complHint, B defender, faiyid-riui, i. redreaa 
of grierances. p. [luea fbr jnatice. p. 

faryidi, m. a compluiiiant, a plaintiff, 

/drf , m. a diiine command, a daty, the 

of vliioh ia considered aa ■ mortal ain ; an oou- 
galion. Airf-t., a. to consider aa a poaitiTS in- 
dispensable du^, to grant, to Admit, to aap- 
poaa for argument's Bake, farj-k., to b* in- 
cumbent or eaaential. a. 

faridJuigi, f, wisdom, science, eicellenoe. ji, 

fnrri, bjpolbeticallj nsnumod. a. 

Jarirtfat, hTpothssis, assumption, a. 

farjil, m. the hammer of a flint-lock. K 

fatad, m. deprsTilj. iniquity, wickednea*, vio- 
lence, war, horror, mutiny, leditian, rebdlion. 
a. [incendiarj ; a reboL a.p. 

Jiaidi, qnamlaome, vicious, mutinous ; m. an 

Jiifahat, f. eloquence, elegtuice of stjle. a. 

Jiuatia, tale, Botion, nMratire. p. 

fafd, I. opening a vein, bleeding, phlebotomj. 
fofd tholnd, a. to bleed, a. 

fasA, apparent, manifest, known, a. 

fiiiinra, » species of ivy j m. brjonj. o. 

fitid, m. fdiida, t vicious, penerae, depraved, 
corrupt, a. [writings), a. 

yatih, eloquent, sweet or pure (in language or 

JafiAi, t. eloquence, purity of style, a. 

Jatit, m. a fornicator, an adultOTer or aduttoreaa ; 
» sinner, a worthlesa tellcnr. fSnka, aa un- 
cbislB woman, one unworthy of credit aa a 

fafil, f. breastworks, ramparts, a. 
fafila, m. separation ; intermediate space, a. 
faiit, m. Tiolatiou (as of an agreement), dissolv- 
ing (a marriage) -, dislocation, a. 
fafl, f. a section, sjticle, chapter; time, aeason, 
isrip, harmt, a. 

t ) FAS— FAir 

fafli, name of an tera instituted some three hnn- 
dred years ago by the emperor Akbar. It then 
agreed with the llijra ; but as the Fssli years 
are solar, it (alls behind the latter era at the 
niti of three years per century, a. 

fatli Han/', Ihe sntumaal harvest, o. 

fafU rabi, (lit.) the season of spnng : it also de- 
notes the first or early harvest of the year. a. 

/ofli til, the revenue year : of thia there are 
different epochs in vsnoos parts of Jndift. a.p. 

fa^fod, m, a surgeon, phlebotomist- a. 

fatfadi, f. Burgery, phlebotomy, a. 

faturda, congealed, faturda-dil, cold-hearted. 
/aturda-bagdn, one whose words are destitute of 
meaning, fatardagi, £. congelation, p. 

fatif, f. an aperture, opening ; victory, triumph, 
conquest, fat^-peek, a mode of tying the tur- 
ban, fath-mand, victorious, fatlynima, m. 
deapatches announcing victory ; a bulletin. 
/o^RuUii, a victorious standard (opened only 
in battle), fath-na^h, victorious, of victorious 
fortune, /ath-gab, victorious, a. 

fatlia, m. the vowel point tt^iar, or abort a (so 
called by the Arabs) ; the beard, a. 

J3tik, one who opens, a conquoror. a. 

JSIi^a, t. commencemeni, exordiam; the firtt 
chapter of the tiir.aii, which being repeated 
when praying for the aoula of Ihe dead, the 
word comee to mean prayers offered up in 
the name of saints, &c., an^ vulgarly, oblations 
made to saints, Sk. ^air H Jatiha, a prayer 
offered op for the welfare of any one. a. 

falUa, m. a match, a wick, fatila-tox, ta. a on- 
dieatick. a. 

falima, f. the daughter of the prophet Mvhan- 
taad, and the wife of the caliph 'Alt. a. 

fifim^at, t. the Fa/imiie dynasty, which reigned 
in Egypt from A.!). 908 to 1171. a. 

fafr (aL,o Jlfr), m. a breaking (a &»t) ; commenc- 
ipg, broaching ; the festival held on breaking 
Lfflit, which is called 'idu4-Mr. a. 

fati^ f. a kind of jacket without aleevee. a. 

fatariga, dispersed, ruined, undone, a. 

faiiwal, f. hberality, generosity, a. 

fatma, m. a judicisl decree, judgment, aeDtenco 
deUvered by a Itia, a. 

favj, {, sn army, a multitude. Jauj-der, an ofli- 
cer of the police so called, a magistiBte. X'"'J' 
dari, the office of favj-dar. faaj-dari 'adalat, 
chief criminal court, a.p, 

faulf, m. superiority, excellence, altitude, lofli- 
nest i prep, over, above, fatkati, superior ; 


( 143 ) 


dotted abore, as some letters are, such as te^ 
kc. famkhfaty f. preference, preeminence, bu- 
perioritj, excellence, a. 

Jintr^ m. celerity, haste, fi-l-faur^ instantly, a. 

famran^ quickly, instantly, directly, a. 

famt, i death, faut-h.y n. to die, to be interred, a, 

Javii^ adj. dead; property of one who dies in- 
testate and without legal heirs (which escheats 
to the BOTereign). fault firari, adj. killed and 
musing ; property of persons dying intestate 
or absconding, faud-nama^ a list of the killed ; 
wnnnal bills of mortality, a. 

foMZ^ Tictory, advantage, fruition, a. 

/dwi.idf pL gains, advantages, profits, benefits, a, 

Jawneara^ m. a fountain, a jet, drain, a spring, a. 

Jmfo^mn^ pverflowing, redundancy, a. 

faxa^ ^ comp.) increasing, augmenting, as j'iii- 
fazi^ increasing one's life or spirit. /). 

Jofd^ an open space, an extensive open field, 
arena, area, pur-faza^ spacious, a. 

JStxahr {y,fad'Zahr)y besoar. p, 

faftLflly pL virtues, excellences, learning, merits. 

j€Lflh^ ignominious, iniamous. a, [a, 

JofiJjiat, £ disgrace, ignominy, infamy, fat^' 
]^ai-k.f to disgrace, defame, a, 

fa^haU^ disgraceful, infamous, a. 

fipl^ excellent, learned, virtuous ; abundant. 
fm^iUar^ more excellent, a. 

feifiiait^ t excellence, perfection; virtue, know- 
ledge, learning, a. 

ySsf £, m. excellence, virtue ; increase, gain ; gift, 
reward, favour, a, 

fazftA (for ajtud)^ increase, &c. p. 

faxul^ exuberant, excessive, redundant; a busy- 
body, a mischief-maker. faziU-ldiarchy extrava- 
gant, profuse, fazul-go^ a prolix speaker, one 
who talks much ; a boaster, an egotist, a. 

ybtfiUS, f. exuberance, redundance, mischief-mak- 
ing ; m. an intermeddler, one who acts as agent 
without any authority. fa?uti bal\ the sale of 
another^B property without consent, a, 

faanm (t. afiiun)^ increasing, &c. p, 

fi^ in, into, among, of, to, with, for, by, concern- 
ing; each (or for each), per; as ft man^ per 
maund, &c ft-l-badlha^ readily, quickly, ex- 
tempore, fi-l'jumla, upon the whole, fi-l-hdl, 
oow, immediately, on the spot or instant, di- 
rect^. fi-Uhakikaty really, truly, in eflVxjt, in 
£m^ ft'lfaur^ now, in short, immediutely, di- 
rectly. fi'l^^naKolf allegorical ly. fi-n-nari tea- 
9^akari^ in hell flames. fi-l-wdkC, in reality, in 
&ct. «. 

JVdly pL works, actions, doings, a. 

Jiddf f. sacrifice, consecration, redemption, de- 
voting one's self to save another, ransom, ex- 
change, cartel, a, 

Jidd^ij courageous, valiant ; a volunteer in any 
desperate undertaking, a. 

fdwi, devoted, a devoted servant, subject or vaa- 

fdtciyaty dovot^dness, allegiance, a. [saL a. 

fydr, lame, crippled, wounded; afflicted, con- 
fused, distracted. dU-figdr^ heart-afflicting, p, 

fighdn, m. lamentation, clamour, complaint; in- 

fi'hdj in her, it, or that. a. [^ij* <^1as ! p. 

ft-hiy in him, it, or that, a, 

fi-him^ in or among them. a. 

fihrist, f. an inventory, list, index, table of con- 
tents, schedule, &c. p, 

fkhy f. knowledge of religion and law, theology, 
jurisprudence, a, 

Jikr, f. and m. thought, reflection, consideration, 
counsel, advice ; solicitude, a, 

fikra^ ni. a line, a sentence, flgra-handi^ f. 
arrangement, eloquence, a. 

fikraty thought ; the subject of thought or care. a. 

Jikri QT fikr-mandj thoughtful, sorrowful, pen- 
sive, anxious, a.p, 

fil, m. an elephant, fll-bdn, m. an elephant- 
driver (or -feeder), fil-tliana, a place for 
elephants, an elephant stable, fll-danddn^ m. 
ivory, fllnnurgt, m. a turkey. fiUwUhAn^ one 
who rides on an elephant. In chess fil ori- 
ginally denoted the rook ; at present it is ap- 
plied to the piece which we absurdly call the 
bishop, ap, 

JVlf m. action, work, operation ; a verb. Ji'li 
^aba»y lost labour, an absurd undertaking, fill 
Idziml, a verb neuter, fi'li muta^addl^ a verb 
active or causal, hi-l-fil, in fiict, in reaUty, 
actually, presently, a. 

fVla, a sin^e deed or action, a. 

fi'lan, in fact, in deed, filan wa kaulan, in deed 
and word. a. 

fUtj belonging to an elephant. fil-f^dAa^ m. ele- 
phant stables, f'tl-pd^ having a swelling in 
one's leg, having elephantiasis, fil-pd^i, f. 
elephantiasis, fil-pdya^ m. a pillar, a prop; 
the upright post over the mouth of a welL p. 

Jils, a small coin, an obolus. a, 

fl-mdy in that whieli, as to what, flmd-hdd^ as 
to the future, henceforth, ft-md-hcdn^ as to 
what there is between (us, &c.). a. 

finjan^ m. a porcelain dish ; a cofTee-cup, such as 
the Arabs, Persians and Turks use. p. 


flf^Sh, ccwation fTom labour, repoae. a. 

ftrdi, m. dieUnce, nparation, diitinotion, sb- 

lenoe, Jlrik-zada, BbwnC, ftcp&nted, ona 

doomed to absence, a. 
firaki, Mparsted, abienC. a, 
Jlrdr, flight, running airaj. a. 
Jlrdri, a person who Iiu absconded, a. 
Jirataf, f. pfajaiognomj g penetration, wgaeil^, 

nnderatanding, aoutenew. a, 
fir'aun, Plianoh, a title eommon to the king* of 

Egrpt about the time of Iloees, aa that of 

Ptolemy was in the time of the Boinana ; (met.) 

any crnel tyrant, a. 
Jtr'auni, t haugbtineiiB, tfrann^f. a. 
firamdn, Dlucli, copious, opulent, p. 
firaviHi, f. abundance, opulence, p. 
firdaua, m. a garden, paradiie. a. 
Srdauti, n. name of a celebrated poet of Tua, in 

Persia, about A.D. 1000. p. 
firiiila, to. an angel, an apostle^ prophet, mia- 

sionary. p. 
fruhtayan, angels, Ac. p. 
firta, m. a t«ligious or philoaopliic eect ; a tribe. 



ground ri 

eh resembling hasty pudding made of 
« and milk, p. 

firvz, Tictorious, hsppy, fortunate, firot-afor, 
finu-baW, also firoz-tnand, viotorioui, con- 
quering, prosperous, /iroz-mandi, f. Tiotory, 
proaperity. p. 

firoza, m. a tunjuolBe stone, used as a taliaman 
for bringing the wearer good luck. p. 

/irazi, {. Tietory, good fortune, p. 

Juhdti, (in comp.) strewing, acattering, shedding ; 
aa aiaih-fiah^a, scattering fire, p. 

fithanda, strewed, seattered. p. 

JUhdtu, {. (in oonip.) strewing, Ac, p. 

fitkir, compressing, piercing, p. 

JUk, m. adultery, obscenity, impudence, biquity, 
sin, blsehoad. a, 

flthurda or JUurda, squeeied, oonipresaed, con- 
gealed, p. 

JUaa, m. calamity ; aedition ; perfidy ; ain ; temp- 
tation, aeduction. fittta-angez, a fomentor oC 
disturbances, &c. filna-asgeil, f. causing dis- 
turbances, Ac. Jitna-je, quarrelsome, seditions. 
gtili Jllna, a species of mimosa or acaoia, bear- 
ing flowers and having a powerful scent, a. 

fil.iwt, understanding, iagacilj. a. 

JUm, a kind of dish at nee and milk. d. 

Mr. m. ir.Mr), breaking (a fast), a. 
j^/^ m.Jilral, f wisdom, sagacity j nature^ crea- 


tion, Ibrm ; deceit, trick ; alms giren on the 
'ida-l-Jilr. Jlfral-Iariiia, %. (Tulg.) to practise 
triclia or stralagems. a, 

fitrit, m. cords fastened to a saddle behind, 
meant for hanging game to; saddle straps, p. 

fiirali, sagacious, cunning, a. 

filiri, a rebel, a mutineer. a.h. 

fitil, m. the hammer of a flint lock. d. 

fibta, a ch)tb which they wrap round the middle 
when going to bathe, fota is sometime* used 
improperly foTfola. p. 

fola, m. a bag ; the testicle i tax, rerenue, ft 
purse, fotft-ddr (Tulg. poia-dar), a banker ; a 
peiaoD who inspects the difTerent coins, and 
determines their rate of exchange, fofa-don, 
t bankership, banking, the ofOu of/oia-ddr. 
Jble-bakdduTi Ice, the testicles, p. 

Jiijir, wickedness, lust, adultery, a. 

JV/ara, pL the poor-, religious mendicaats, dar- 

Jiikr, m. (T./otr),poTerty. a. [weshos. a. 

filad, f. (same as pilad), steeL p. 

Jilddi, made of steel ; f. a pikestaff', p. 

y^Un, m. such a one or thing, a. 

fuldaa, m. such a one, Ac. a, 

fulnt, m. pL small coins, a paiti : money in a 
general sense, a. 

J\indul!, f. a filbert-nut J a ball or bullet -, a 6n|er 
tip, fundvk-band, staining the tips of the fin- 
gers so aa to resemble the filbert-nut. a. 

far, name of a raja of ^anuj, slain bj Alexander 

tlie Graat, Porus. p. 
fmrida or fitrada, pi. alone, single, solitary, one 
furdt, the riser Euphmtei. a. [bj one. a. 

farhdH, joyful, glad, happy, a. 
furkdn, m. the fvr,ia (as distinguishing or aepa- 

rating truth from fslsehood). a. 
fkrkal, f. distance, separation, distinction, be- 

rearement, absence, a. 
J^rial, I. leisure, freedom, ease, conrenieDce, 

opportunity, relief, rest. a. 
/■ni', pi. Deads, tops ) branches ; cbiefa of 

tribes or famiHea. a. 
fiiriiak, pi. carpets, a. [space, a. 

fathat, liberty, satisfaction ; (lit.) width, room, 
futdn, incantation; fraud, deceit, p. 
faiuni, an enchanter, a decciTer. p. 
fata, a cloth which they wrap round the middle 

when going to bathe, p. 
Jhtdda, LiUcn, prostrate, p. 


{ 146 ) 


>lilJAi!^», f. ft fall, act of falling, p. 

Jktmdam (for vjtddan)^ to fall, &c. p. 

Jkiukf f. pi. Tictories ; (met.) abundance, easy 
circumstances, income received gratuitously. A. 

JktmMdi^ (barbarous pi.) victories, a, 

Jkiiir (commonly Jitur)^ m. weakness, inGrmity ; 
quarrelling, mutiny, rebellion, a, 

Jk^ald^ pL losmed and good men. a, 

Jkfaia or fu^la m. remains, remainder, redun- 
dancy ; leavings, refuse, a. 


gihka^ m. a new leaf springing from the centre of 
m. plantain tree. $. 

gabhaati^ f. a ray of light, a sun or moonbeam. «. 

gmbkuij pregnant, with young. 9. 

gabhir^ deep, dense, profound, grave. «. 

gmbknd, a. to snub, to chide, h. 

gahhrUy m. (v. gabru) a clown, &c. h, 

gabTy m. a fire worshipper, a follower of Zoro- 
aster, an infidel, one who does not believe in the 
Muhammadan faith, p. 

gahriiy a down, a young man, an unformed youth, 
a johnie raw ; a bridegroom. A. 

giMciit m. mortar, cement, old mortar knocked off 
walls, Ac. ; the floor. A. 

gaeikf thick, close, dense (as trees). A. 

gack-glnd^ short and fat (person]^, h. 

gSchh^ m. a tree, gachh-mirchy Cayenne pepper 
(Cajmcum). [burden, h, 

gacAAi, a pad put over the back of a beast of 

gack'kdriy building with gach or cement, h.p. 

gttch-pach^ crowded, stufl'ed together, close, thick. 

ya4^ a boundary -mark, a landmark. A. [A. 

gddy f. sediment (of dirty water). A. 

gadd^ f. a club, a mace, gadd-dhar (mace-bear- 
iug), a name of Tufinu, s, 

gadd, m. a beggar, a meudicant ; adj. poor, indi- 
gent, p. [city, want. p. 

gaddylt f. gaddga^ m. poverty, beggary, mendi- 

gad<ir or gddar (also gaddaf)^ half-ripe fruit or 
com ; m. (Beiig.) a heap, stock, rick. A. 

gddar, f. a sheep, an ewe. A. 

gudarigd, m. a bhepherd. 9. 

ga4ba4, higgledy-piggledy. A. 

gadbitddy corpulent, lat. A. 

gaddij f. a cushion, pad, pack-saddle, bedding, or 
anything stufied ; a seat ; a sovereign's throne. 
gaddt-iushin^ one who sits on the gadii, a 
prince, principal or presldunt. A. 

gaddt, f. a bundle of paper containing ten quires. 

gadely m. a child. A. [A. 

gddeldt m. a tliick bedding. A. [«. 

gadgdy m. a fod for fencing with ; a mace, club. 

gadgad, rejoicing, joyful. «. 

gad-gol, m. thick and muddy water. A. 

ga4K in* & fortress, a castle, a citadeL 9. 

gadhdy m. an ass, a donkey, gadhe par chaj^ 
hdndy (lit. to mount one upon a jackass) applies 
to a mode of punishment common in the East. 
The culprit has his face blackeued, he is then 
seated on a donkev with his face towards its 
tail, liaving old shoe^, rags, &c., fastened round 
his neck, and thus lie is parade<l through the 
city. gadhd'pHruf'fy m. Boerhavia diffusa, gadhe 
Jed haly a donkey's plough. Formerly it was 
not uncommon in the East to yoke donkeys in 
a plougli, and drive them over the ruins of a 
captured town or fort, as a mode of insulting a 
vanquished enemy. 9. 

gadhi (v. gadhd)^ a slic ass. 9. [«. 

gadhlf f. a small fortress, &c. (v. ^arA and garhi). 

gdUlf f. (v. gaddi) a cubliion, a throne, &c. A. 

gadiehatt a kind of grtu^s resembling dub^ but 
about thrice as large ; it b mucli used as fod- 
der. A. [*. 

gcuikdy m. a foil for fencing with ; a mace, club. 

gadUy turbid, muddy, dull, dirty. A. 

gaiUdtif f. turbidness, muddiness, dulness. A. 

gddna^ a. to rain down. A. 

gatlra^ {y, gadar)^ lialf ripe fruit. A. 

gddrUf ra. a cliarin against venom. A. 

gd^e, f. a <50w. //a,e ron, a calculus or hard sub- 
stance found in the gall-bladder of oxen, and 
which is used in meilieine. 9. 

gagatiy m. sky, firinanieut, gagan-Jd bachche' 
wdli-murglii, the group of btars called the 
Pleiades, jr. 

gagar or gd^/ar, f. a waterpot, a guglet. 9. 

gagri or gdgriy f. (v. ^a^^r), a waterpot. *. 

gah or gdh^ f. time ; place. ghUidr-gi'ih^ a place 
proper for hunting. ^ilddat-gdh^ a place of 
worship ; mosque, church. 11J-//JA, suddenly. 
gdlt-be-gdh or gdh o be-gdh^ occasionally, fre- 
quently, at all seobOiis, in season aud out of 
season, gdh-gdh, repeatedly, again aud ug.aii. 

gdhy m. an alligator, a shark, jr. 

gahakf f. the eniot ion of intoxication. A. 

gdkakf m. a chapman, purciia>er. gun-gdhaJr^ an 
appreciator of another's merits, jda-kd gdkak, 
the pursuer of one's life. *. 

gah<ik'nd, n. to be agitated by intoxi<'ution. A. 


QAH— GAJ ( 1 

gakid, t. (t. fimid) s biuicli of f^rnptn, ko, k. 

gaian, m. an oclipte ; vooA.iartti. w. 

ffoian, m. a kind of harcov (nitb teeth) for 

eradicating grnss from ploughed land. h. 
gake or gake, at once, sometioie. p. 
gahgahttni, n. K*> qiilTer, to ahske or undulata. h, 
gah-gahe, some time or other, at timce. p. 
gala, f. fire (an sgeregatf of five). A. 
giki gahi, odT. Kith much inquirj or research, h. 
gaUna, a beaTj plank or flat piece of wood on 
wbich a man stands vhile it ii dragged by men 
OTer a ploughed field to level the ground. A. 
gaJUci, f. purchawi m. a purchaaer. i. 
gaitndgaham, thick crowded, denae (u the popu- 
lation of a citT, trees of ■ forest, Ac), h. 
gaina, m. jeirela, omaments ; anythiog in pledge, 

■ pawned article, a mortgage, k. 
gahni, a. to lay hold of, to handle, to aeize, to 

catch; to blush, t. 
gakna, a. to caulk, to thnih, to ti«ad out com ) 

(o inquire, to aearch, to ioTeatigate. \. 
gakm, f. oakum; act of caulking) pledged. 

giliai dharad, a. to pawn, to pledge. A. 
gakrd, deep, gahrd-rang, deep colour, t. 
gakrd,i, f. or gakrapa or gairdpan. Or gakrifi, 

HI. depth, profundity, a pit or caTitj. ». 
gairi, low ewampy ground fit for rice. 4. 
gahaira, m. a swing, a cradle, p. 
gd,i (also joi_(,d),f, aoow. «. 
gd,tda, a vuman who bai lost her Tirginity. p. 
gaAdn, m. the world, time, fortune, p. 
gaihn, f. demurmge. A. 
gad, f. a road, a path. A. 

gaind, m. a bush ; a small species of bullock. 1. 
gainda [t^o gendd), m. a rhinoceros. >. 
^atni, f. a kind of small chariot drawn \>y gaind 
bullocks (in Quzerat). ' 

will yield I 

i, f. a 


gairi, m. a sheaf 

ser and a quarter of grain, gii 

rants in harvest. A. [a red colour. ». 

gairii, m. a kind of red earth or ochra, soil of 

gaj, m. an elephant; a yard (for .?a;). *. 

gaj, f. acum, froth ; a thunderbolt, gdj-vidrtt, 
thunderstruck ; afflicted, unfortunate. A. 

gaji, m. part of a cart j a kind of sweetmeat. A. 

gijd, a term signifying the first or early rice- 
sowing in the districts at the foot of the hiUs. 
gdjd-bmdy m. the sound or clangour of rariou* 
musical instruments. A. 

gdj'aii, m. souuding, roaring, i. 

gajdnd, ii, to work, t« ferment. A. 

gajar, f. s carrot. 

gdjar-bhalt, m. a dish of boiled carrot*. A. 
gaj'danl, m. (elephant tooth), irory. *. 
gaj-gdh, m. a string cornpoaed of several fasseb 

made of the hair of a spcciea of ox, and siis- 

pendoil as an ornament from an elephant's 

neck, or fastened to a horse's ears, extending on 

both aides to the saddle, i, 
gaj-gamaai or gaJ-ffauHi, walking (stately) like an 

elephant -, an epithet made use of to express a 

graceful gait in a female, i. 
gajha, m. winning, gaining. A. 
gajhiu, thick, dense (as trees). A. 
gaj-maai or gaj-moti, m. an elephant gem, or an 

elephant pearl ; it is a popular idea among the 

Hindiis that the finest gems and pearls are lo be 

found in the heads of elephants and serpents. ». 
gajna, n. to thunder i to roar as a lion or other 

wild beast ; to bo pleased, happy, cheerful, 

delighted, t. 
gaj-ndl, ni, a large gun or cannon. », 
gajiu, f. hole, earth. A. 
gaj-pdl, m. an elephant- keeper. *. 
gaj-pdial, m. (v. hajjaf) lampblack, with which 

the eyelids ore painted, t. [i. 

gaj-palt, the title of a rdjd, master of elephants. 
gajrd, m. the leaf of the carrot ; a kind of jewels, 

ornament for the wrist, bracelet; the waving 

lines on miuAru' (a kind of silk cloth). A. 
gajrdhar, m. a wreath or necklace of flowers ; a 

gold ornament of the same form. A. 
gaj-TBj, m. a large elephant, i. 
gal, m. the neck, the throat, gal-haiii/ai ddlna, 

a. to throw one's arms round another's neck. 

gal-dnia, to throttle, lo choke, to hang ■ cri- 

gal, TO. a noose, a snare, a fish-hook. d. 

gdl^ m, a check \ a species of tobacco- a.h. 

gala or gaila, m. a flock, a herd, galla-hdn, 
pastor, shepherd, p. 

gala, m. the throat, neck; voice; a funnel, a 
syphon or tube ; adj. rotten, dissolred, melted, 
wasted, gala-ufkind, (lit. to hft up the throat) 
to apply acrid substances; such as pepper, &c 
lo tlie mala of a child, when it becomes hoarse 
or loses its voice from the relaxation of that 
part, said baadhand, to ensnare one's self, 
eepcrially in the bonds of love. gald-haHha, 
hoarse, gald-baijhnd or -paraa, to be hoars«. 
gald-pAdiitna, a. tO hang, to choke, gold- 


( 147 ) 


dabaniy r. to strangle, gald-dena^ to waste. 
^ald'kdfndy to cut the throat. tjM* ghontna^ 
a. to throttle, to choke, gule-pafnd^ to seek 
the friendship of one who is averse from it. 
giile pari hajd^e tidh, we should make a virtue 
of necessity, gale led hdr hond, to seek and 
persist in a quarrel or dispute, to tease, to im- 
portune ; to seek with ardour the friendship or 
affection of any one; to persecute with kind- 
ness or attention, gale-lagnd^ to embrace. 
^al^maM4hnif to importune, s, 

yaland or gald'dendj a. to melt, to dissolve ; to 
soften; to waste or squander away, galdne- 
fodldy m. a menstruum ; a solvent. «. 

galandd or galandd^ stentorophonic, abusive, 
Bcnrrilous, having a tremendously loud voice, h. 

gaUt^o^ m. solution. gafd,Uj soluble, scej)tical, 
wedceninf ; a dissolvcr. galdioat, t solution, 
act of melting or dissolving, s. 

gal-^ky or gal-bahi or gal-bdhi^ f. embrace, em- 
bracing, caressing by throwing the arms over 
the neck. «. [by hanging, h. 

gal-dtnd^ a. to throttle, to choke, to put to death 

galgaly m. a citron ; name of a bird. A. 

galgand^ m. inflammation or enlargement of the 
glands of the neck. K 

galkaigi^ m. forecastle-man, boatswain, h, 

gaVkar or gaiJkaf, m. the goitre, swelling in the 

gaikir^ soluble, corruptible, h, [neck. *. 

galken4dy abusive, scurrilous, h. 

g^M-t f. the forecastle (of a boat, &c.), prow. %, 

gdR (also gaUi)^ f. a lane, a narrow pass be- 
tween mountains, gait ha gali or gali-galif 
from lane to lane, galt-kucha^ m. a narrow 
lane. A. 

gmli or gdUy f. abuse. gdU-galuj^ f. reciprocal 
abuM; quarrelling, gdli-d.^ a. to abuse, to 
revile. «. [nuptial songs. 9. 

gmiigin^ pL abusive words ; a species of indecent 

gaiigimdf a. to abuse; to cram (a horse, &c.); to 
force food or medicine down the throat. A. 

galigira^ m. or galigdrd, m. or galigdri, f. a lane, 
street, passage, abode, h. 

gal-jimd^ n. (v. gaind), to melt, s, 

gai-^andfd, m. a handkerchief used as a sling for 
the aroo, also called galgandd. h. 

gaika^ f. a boil, swelling, tumour. A. 

gai'tiam, m. a slave, a fiimacc. p. 
gai'tkor, m. a horse*s halter, a bridle, d.p. 
galmdf n. to melt, to be dissolved, to be wasted 

awaj. 9. 
galmif £ wasting, consumption, h. 

galphard^ m. the jaws ; the angle of the mouth, h. 

gal-phatdki, f. scolding, bragging, boasting, gal 
phafdki'k., a. to scold ; to utter fiedsehoods, to 

galphtdd^ chubby. A. [brag. A. 

gal'phuf^ f. vaunt, vaunting. A. 

gahari, f. an ornament worn round the neck by 
married women, d. [the neck), k.p. 

gal-takiga^ m. a kind of pillow or bolster (for 

galtanif f. part of the headstall of a bridle. A. 

gaitanSf dying, without issue. A. 

galgdf m. a bullock that lies down in the midst of 

gdnif m. a pace, step. p. [its work. A. 

gdiUy m. ((or gram f usually j^iriw) a village. 9. 

gamaky f. the sound of a kettle-drum ; a beat or 

* march ; a shake or clash in music. A. 

gaman or gamana, m. act of going. 9, 

gamdndf a. to pass one's time. A. 

gamandgaman, m. going and coming, passing 
and repassing, intercourse. 9, 

gamatj m. a road, path, ek-gamat, together, on 
one road, in ont? body. *. [gi*"^©. 9. 

gamhhlr or gamhhird, deep ; serious, thoughtful, 

gdmint, (in comp.) going, moving. 9, 

gamkiidf spicy, fragrant, odoriferous. A. 

gdmukf going, moving. *. 

gamya^ attainable, accessible. 9. 

gamgatdy f. accessibility, perceptibility. 9. 

gan^ ni. a troop, a multitude. 9. 

ga/iy m. a song, singing. 9. 

gdaa, (as an niHx in Pers.) time or fold, as panj- 
gdna, fivefold, p, 

gandy a. to sing, to celebrate. 9, 

ganaky m. an arithmetician, astrologer. 9. 

ganatty m. ganand^ f. counting, reckoning. 9. 

gananlya^ numerable, countable. 9, 

gandy f. stink, filth, odour, smell. 9. 

gandy m. a cheek ; a boil, a pimple ; a spot. h. 

ganda or ganddy fetid, stinking, filthy, foul, nasty. 
ganda-lahdry f. rain whicli falls in the cold wea- 
ther, ganda-dahatiy stinking breath, p. 

gandd or ganddy m. four cowries, a ring, a circle ; 
a kind of horee-collar. s.h. 

gatidagty f. filth, stink, p. 

gandaildy name of a destructive grub. A. 

gandak (v. gandhmk)y f. brimstone, sulphur, gun- 
powder, gandak kd *atry sulphuric acid. p.s, 

gandaky m. a rhinoceros, h. 

gandaly a kind of grass used for thatching : ita 
root yields the hha9 or &^f-^(M, of which 
ta({U are made. A. 

ganddsd or gandJjtiy m. a sort of axe, a pole-nxe ; 
f. an instrument for cutting sugur-cane, a sickle. A. 


GAN-OAN ( 1 

gandtri or gaaderi, [. a joint or portian of tbe 

■ugar-caue, a aegment. A. 
gandh, t. aniL-ll, perfume, odour, >cent. i. 
gattdhai, i. brimaloiie, sulphur, gandhak ki tel, 

oil of Titriol, ritriolic acid, gandhak ka 'off, 

aulpburic aciU. i. 
gandharh, or gandiari at gaadharv, m. an aerial 

minatn.-!. a kind of oeleatial musician, t. 
gandh-biniza, frunkincecae. h. [gr^*' *' 

gandhtl, HI. name of a ipeciee of iweol-imoUing 
gaadht^ m. a pemon who sella rosa-water, eeiiencai, 

and iK.'enti ; a porfumer ; a green bug, t. 
gendhik, m. a perfumer: » kind of worm haTing 

a strong fetid amelL ». , 

gandiUd, having a arnell (j[oad or bad) j atiiiking, 

fetid i odorous, aiMnted. ». 
ffondA-kdihfi or gandh-iar, ra. a fragrant wood, 

aandal. gandh-rai, m. myrrli, fraiikincenae. : 
gattdh-vah, m. wind, zeplijr ', adj. fragment. «. 
gan0, thegoitro or bronchoccla. A. 
gaad-mdld, f. iuflaniniation of tbe glanda of tlie 
gan-iiravya, m. public properly. «. [neck. h. 
gimdripin, a Hindu dancing girl. k. 
gaadtim, m. wheat. gaHdum i kirmdiii, vermi- 
celli. gaiKlnm-gHii, whfat-colour, i.e. brown, 

awarthj. p. 
gavti or gnntik. the name of a Ilindii divinitj ; 

the Janus of tbo Hindiis; the god ofwiadcira, (. 
170119, m. a riTer iugeniTai, Bstream [ IheGangia. 

gang-barar or gaag-iardmad, alluiial land reco- 

TCrJd from a river, especiallj from the Ganges. 

do-gang, in two irtresma (a rwer). gang-thi- 

koit, Gncrouclunfnt of the Quigea (or anj rirer) 

by diluvioD. r.p, 
gaagi, f. the river (Ganges) in partieularj ariver 

in generaL *. 
ganga-dirar, m. the place where tbe Qangea en- 

ten tbe plains ; Ilaridnnr. 1. 
gaaga-ktketr, to. the land extending for about 

two cot on either aide of the Gaugea. (. 
gangd-i'cl, m. the water of the Ganges. «. 
gangii-jalra, f. pilgriuisge to the Qsnges. (. 
gangula, tanda aubjevt to inundation, i. 
ga»gd-]iar, m. the further hank of the Oangea. t. 
gaigi-Cir, tti. tbe bank of the Ganges. (. 
gangiolnd, a, to rinac ; to mil any liquid b; atir- 

ring it about. A. 
gangodak, RBtor of the Gauges, Or anf holj 
gnHi, a kind of course bag. *. [river. ». 

gdidka, f. H courtesan, a harlot. *. 
ganit, ni. calculatiun, arithmetic; adj. counted, 

ra'koned. gaiiit-kar, m. an lutrologer. *. 


^siif', m. a granarj, heap, treasury ; a village or 
town where grain ii kept; market, mart; a 
case, gatji ifihi, the Divine treasui'j, i.e. the 
word of God. ganj-baijtih, gpnerous, liberal, 
profuse, extravagant, gaaji-karin, the wealth 
of Ijii-ia, applied to vast nches in general p. 

ganj or gaitji, m. a soalJ head, bald. *. 

gaija, m. (v. gdnjha) (be hemp plant, ie.. «. 

ganj-dar, m. a tresaurcr. a poaseaeor of a troa- 
aure. p. 

ganjhj, m. the hemp plant ; the fnietiGcstion, 
when nearlj ripe, u liruiscd and amoked for 
intoiicfllion. Tlie leaves dried are ground in 
water and drunk for the same purpoae. In thia 
atate it ia called bkatig aod labii. gdojha todli, 
a seller of bhang. 1. 

ganjhail, addicted lo the uae of gditjha. h. 

ganji/a, xn, a pack of cards ; a game of carda: 
the pack consista of ninetj-sii cards divided 
into eight suits, p. 

ganjina, a magazine, a treasury, p. 

gaHjiyd, t. a wallet, a bag, 1, 

ganjni, a. t* atore, to board ; to stir, lo agitate ; 

ganjir, m. a trcasuro. gattjaar, m. a treasurer, y. 

giakar, an inferior kind of bread, /i. 

ganna, m. the augar'Cnne ; a. to count, to reckon 
up. goKvt td that. |>lantation of sngsr-caue. A. 

ganael (v. gnael), long grass. A. 

gdnoA, ni. a village, a town, a dintrict. «. 

gan-pali, m, lord of hostn. t. 

gaiai, f. the iron point of an arrow. *. 

gdnnd, a. to pierce, to spit (a fowl). A, 

gaH(h, I OT gdith, m. f. or geilha, ni. 01 gaifki, 
t. a knot, a knob, a Joint ; a bundlo. geiilh- 
ukharnd, disloeation. gdrith-paf,iii, a applied 
to the filing of cnmil; tonords anj one in llu> 
breast. gda(h-jord, joining, splicing. gdAfh- 
dar, knotted. jaafA ka p«rd, wealthy, rich. 
yoafA kd khond, to ai't to one'a own prejudice. 
gdafh ^-Ao/fld, Ihc uiitjii>g of a knot; prodi- 
gality, expense; removsl of jircjudiee. giilk- 
gafiild, knoltj (as a atiek), conipael (asa man). 
gin(hi-dar, an occupunt of lands bv lierltable 
tenure. gnifh-Jord, m. unitiug, aplieing. ganlk- 
jord bdndiaa, lo lie toyelher llie akirta of the 
niantlea of bride and bridegroom! ■ (rrcinony 
attending marriage performed bj Ihe purohil or 
officiatiug family prieat. gaiifh'ka(d or -kaljd, 
m, a robber, acutpurse. t.h. 

gdnlhnd, ». lo by bricks in mortar; to siring, to 


( 149 ) 


^mithmd, a. to tie, to join, to make adhere, to 
stitch ; to reduce to obedience or subjection. *. 

ginWy m. a Tillage, a town, a district. 9. 

ganwdna, a. to lose, to throw away, to spend in 
Tain, to waste, to squander, to pass, to trifle. A. 

ganwdr^ m. a countryman, a Tillager, a clown; 
adj. stupid, boorish, s. 

ganwa^Uy one who squanders, a prodigal, h, 

ganwiy of or relating to a Tillage, &c. «. 

ganwi-ganw^ rustic hamlets or Tillages. 9, 

ganyd, that which may be numbercKl. 9, 

gdo-ghap^ fraud, deceit, artifice. A. 

gd^o-ghapu^ deceitful, alluring, h. 

gdfOn, m. a Tillage, gd^on-ba^^ a subdiTision of a 
district into several villages. gdyOn-ttorcha^ m. 
expenses or charges incurred in the municipal 
administration of a village. gd,on{i^ of or be- 
longing to a village s.p. [to tattle, h. 

gap, f. prattle, tattling, gap-mdrnd, a. to prattle, 

gapaknd, a. to swallow, to gulp, h, 

gappi, m. a tattler, a prattler, h, 

gaptdf hard soil of a whitish appearance, h. 

gap'fhap^ f. prattle, tattling, chit-chat, small 
talk. h. 

gar or gdr, a doer or agent, as J^idmat-gdr, an 
attendant, from l^idmat, (in com p.) a maker or 
workman, as zar-gar, a worker in gold, a gold- 
smith, p. 

gar, excoriation or scratching of a horse, d, 

gar, m. sickness, disease ; poison, antidote. 9, 

gdr, m. hail, fi*ost. d, 

gdr, f. (v. gdR), abuse, insulting language. 9, 

gard (for gala), m. the throat, the neck. h. 

gard, m. name given to a large sheaf. A. 

gdrd, m. mud kneaded or prepared for making 
pottery ; name of a rdgint or musical mode, h, 

gdrd, m. a cart, a carriage. 9. 

gdrd, m. a dit^h, pit, cavern ; an ambuscade. 
gafe-haifkhnd, n. to be concealed, to lie in am- 
bush. 9. [without threshing, h. 

gard'batd,i, division of property in the sheaf 

garahtd, f. pride ; a proud woman. 9, 

garajnd, n. to thunder, to roar, to bellow. 9. 

gardml, dear, reverend, great, p. 

garan, f. a swamp, a morass, h, 

gardnd, a. to thrust in ; to cause to enter. 9, 

garatUk, m. name of a game, tip-cat. A. 

gafdfO, an instrument for cutting ^'ofcar. A. 

gardri, f. an instrument for 4wi8ting thread or 
string ; the block over which a well-rope tra- 
verses. A. 

gafarufd, m. a shepherd or goatherd. A. 

gardst or gardsi, an implement for cutting jawdr 
stalks, thorn-bushes, &c. A. 

gardwd, a light, poor soil. A. 

garb or garab, m. vanity, pride, conceit. *. 

gafbar, m. higgledy-piggledy, confused. A. 

garbard or gafbar dha^, m. bustle, confusion. A. 

garbardnd, n. to be confounded, to fear. A. 

garbari, t. confusion, fright, alami. d. 

garbatd, f. pride ; a proud woman. 9. 

garbh or garbha, m. pregnancy ; foetus. 9, 

garbh'dds, m. son of a slave-girl. 9. 

garbhim, f. pregnant with child, teeming. 9. 

garbh-rup or garbh-rupl, m. an infant. 9. 

garbh'9hrdv, m. abortion, miscarriage. 9. 

garbhwanti or garbhwati, f. pregnant with child, 

garb-wantl, a proud woman. *. [teeming. *. 

garchi (for agarchi), although, p, 

gard, f. dust ; the globe, fortune. gard-Jluda, 
loaded or defiled with dust ; (in comp.) tra- 
versing, encircling, or travelling over, as jahdn^ 
gard^ one who has travelled around or over the 
world, p. 

garda, a kind of powder, p, 

gardan, f. the neck, gardan-band, m. a collar, a 
necklace, gardan kd(nd, a. to behead, gardan 
kd dord {dord). gardan-kcuh, proud, haughty, 
vain, insolent, refractory, stubborn, gardan- 
kdski, iusolenee, rebellion, gardan-kashi k., a. 
to rebel, gardan-mdrnd, a. to behead, to kill, 
to put to death by decapitation, p. 

gardan, f. revolving, turning, winding ; (in gram.) 
inflection, declension, conjugation, p. 

gardand, m. the neck (v. gardan). p. 

garddnak, f. the pointers in the Great Bear, p, 

gardani, f. a blow on the neck ; a horse-cloth. 
gardani dend, a. to drive a man by the neck. p. 

garddnnd, a. to conjugate, to inflect, to turn. A. 

gard'bdd, f. a whirlwind, or deviL p, 

gardl, f. (in comp.) separation ; misfortune, afflic- 
tion, pddshdh-gardi, the dethroning of a king. 
ashrdf-gardi, a calamity on all the nobility. 
pathdn-gardi, the invasion of the Pa\hdn9 under 
Ahmad shah Durrani, p. 

gardida, converted, turned, estranged, p, 

gardish, f. turning round, revolution, vicissitude, 
reversion, circulation, gardiahi dsmdn, the re- 
volution of the spheres, p. 

gardun, m. a wheel ; an engine for pulling up 
trees by the roots ; the firmament, the heavens ; 
fortune, chance ; a chariot, a child's go-cart. p. 

gareran, the receptacle for the sugar-cane before 
it is eut up. A. 



( 150 

■ugar-cane, the 


gaferi, f. a joint or piece of tli 

portion betwopii two knots. / 
gaftrii/a, m. it Blirplierd. h. 
gargnj, m. a stuffoUl i a tower; a bastion. A. 
gargar, one of the iismi-s of God. p. 
gargarana or gargaraiia, n. to thunder, to roll, 

to roar (as a tiger), to nimble, to gurgk. 4. 
gargari, f. a water yessel, a gugltt. ». 
gargaad. a Liiid of grass which grows in low 

grounds during the rains, i, 
garh, m. a castlu, a hill, fort. A. 
gafh, f. a diffloultj. t. 
garlui, f. abusa, censure, reproach. ». 
gafha, m. a caiitj, a liole, a pit, abjBs. ». 
jdria, thick, close, dense ; slj, shrewd, knowing, 

wise ; strong or potent (as an infusion of toa- 

leaves, &o.) ; turbid, muddy. ». 
garhaj, f. a small pond or lank i price of mal- 

Icaling or marliingJEwellery ; act of burying, li. 
garhaiya, f. a amnll tank orpond ; m. a burier. S. 
garhati, m. censuring, falarae, reproach, i. 
garhund (v. ff-r*"-), to malleate, or cause to 

form bj hammering, to bury, ic. *. 
gaj-hal orgarAaj, [, form, shape, fashion, make. A. 
garhela, ni. a cavity, a pit, an abyss. 4. 
gafKi, f. a small fort, a castle, a TilUee fortifica- 
tion of mud, flanked with towers. *. 
gar-higd, f. a small pond or tank ; a pike, jareUn, 

garAna or garhna, a. to malleotfl, to form by ham- 
mering ; 'to make, to form; a, to be made, 
fashioned, h. 

garhna, a. to drive in, as a stake. >. 

gari, f. (in comp.) denotes action, business, Ac, 
OS lar-gari, the business of a goldsmith, p. 

gari, f. the kernel of a eocoa-nuC. h. 

gari, f. abstract form of gar, as ^idmat-gdri, t. 
attendance, serrice. f. 

gari, f. a cart, a carriage, garl-ieaii or gufi-baa, 
m. a carter, a coachman. «.' 

garimS, f. ii 


bis worn. A, 

garigSr, stout-bearted, stnbborn. A. 

garj, f. or garjan or gatjaf, bellowing, roaring [ 
thunder, rumbling of clouds; passion, wrath. 

garji, ra. distant thunder. ». [»A. 

gar-lacan, m. rock or fossil salt, especiaUy that 
found in the district of Sambhar. t. 

gam, hot, warm-, ardent, active, sealoua, fiery, 
lAolmic, rinilent ; thnmg (as a market), gam- 
^ii&^, of warm Section. gafmHlitild§, t. 

warmth of aStction. gartn-haxir or .(ozari, 
(lit.) a warm or crowded market; (met.) great 
demand, high Talue. garm-botna, to speak 
readily and to the purpose, garm-jothl, warmth 
of affection, garm-ran or -rah, going at a 
quick pac«. garm-iuMsati, speaking forcibly. 
garm-iiuldb, haateoing. garm-k., to warm. 
garm-aagara, looking keenly or eagerly, garm- 
Aona, to bO angry, p. 

garma, m. summer, the hot season, p. 

garmiba, m. a warm or hot bath. p. 

garmagarm^ hot and hot. p. 

garmana, n. to be angry ; to eoliTen. p. 

garmi, f. warmth, beat; the lenereal disoaae. 
ganai-k,, to atTect fondness, p. 

garmi-dar, fererish, diseased, p. 

garni, a. \a penetrate, to be sunk or buried (in 
the earth), to be driron into tlie earth. A, 

gamd, a. to strain ; to squeeze; to milk. i. 

garna, a. to bury, to driva in, to sink. ». 

garoHd, a. to pierce, to perfont«, to bore. h. 

garrd, bayish (colour in a horse or pigeon). A. 

gari, m. a hole, a cavity, t, 

gdr-lhop, f. burying, burial, t. 

garur, m. a large kind of heron, known to Anglo- 
Indiana as "the adjutant." >. 

garvad (v-garvia), a kind of waterpot. A. 

garv, m. pride, arrogance. *. 

garear or gamit, proud, tianghty, arrogant. *. 

garaa, m. a kind of waterpot. k. 

gancd, heavy; important; respectable, demure. 
bartodpati, m- respectabiKty. s. 

garviatitt, a. to cause to enter, to perforate, to 
stick into, lo cause to be driren into the earth. A. 

gatht, i. surrounding, goiag round, walking, pe- 
rambulation, strolling, p. 

gaihta, returned, become, farmed, p. 

gathti, watch, sentinel, patrol; f. a present mode 
to a revenue otHcer on making his tour through 
his district, p. 

goMhli-bia, a watchman, a sentinel, a patroL ff. 

gtuhtiga, m. a watchman, a patrol ; a collector of 
market dues. p. 

ganht-mahdll, a toll or transit duty levied on 
boats for passing through a xamindSri. p. 

gailaa, t. a foolish, dissolute woman. A. 

gattdngar, m. a clown; adj. ignorant. A. 

gat, f. going, margbi procedure 

leof 01 

>r tun 

; fune 

nUn ; custom, habit, gut, way; appearouco; 
pace, gait, salvation, i. 
gat, gone, reached, attained ; the put. >. 


( 161 ) 

GAU— a AW 

fif J or gaiOj the joking of bullocks together for 
the purpose of treading out grain ; it also de- 
notes a plot or piece of land, a division of a 
fUdf m. pasteboard, h, [village, h. 

gS^t^hafutiy fl the division of a village hy galas, h. 
ga^armal (also ffafarfnaf)^ m. a nickname for a 

monkey, h. 
^aidrthf according to the past ; inferring from 

the past, inferred, understood, s, 
gaUy gently, softly, by degrees. *. 
gitkdy f. a stanza, song, metre, rhythm. «. 
gafhdfO, m. junction, contrivance, gathd^o-ganih- 
nd, a. to contrive well, to manage one's cards. «. 
gafhdndj a. to attach, connect, join. «. 
gafhar, m. a large bundle, a bale. «. 
gi^haundf a deposit or trust bound up in a bag. s, 
gafk-bandhan, m. conjunction, binding together; 

a Hindu marriage ceremony. «. 
gafhi, i, a ball ; pack, a pad put on the back of a 

beast of burden, h. 
gafkildy knotty ; robust, h, 
gafhiyd, f. a bump ; pains in the joints ; a bag, 

sack ; bundle, pannier. 9. 
gafhiyd-bdtOf f. rheumatism, galhiyd'hdj, an- 

ihritis, gout in the joints, s, 
gafk-kald, m. a cut* purse, s, [ing, theft, s. 
gaih-ka^d^i or ga^h-ka^i^ f. purse-cutting, pilfer- 
gafhnd (also gufhnd)^ n. to be joined, to bo tied 

together, to unite, collude, h. 
ga^hrif f. a bundle, packet, parcel ; total, amount, 
a sum of money sealed up in a bag ; crew, pack. 
gaikfi hdndhnd^ a. to pack up, to gather (money, 
&c.). ga^Ari-k.f a. to add (figures). «. 
gafhujd, m. knots in cloth, also a marriage cere- 
mony {j, ga^h-bandan), h. 
gafhwdnd, a. to cause to join or to adhere, k, 
g€Ui, t (v. gaii)f state, condition, &c. «. 
gd&f f. a plaid, a mantle, s. 
gafigdf f. a small bundle, h. 
gdtt'kul^ unclaimed inheritance, lands, &c., of 

which the l^al owners are extinct. 9. 
gaf-pat, f. higgledy-piggledy. A. 
gdtra, m. the body, a limb, a member. «. 
gaffdj m. the part of a hukka pipe which fixes 
into the top of the metal part or bottle ; the 
ankle ; a row of gems, <&c. h, 
gatfhd, m. a bundle, pack ; root of onion, tur- 
meric, &c., a clcye of garlic. #. 
ga((hdy m. the twentieth part of hjatib (v. jarib, 

A land measure.) h, 
gau or gav^ L a cow ; any animal of the cow 
kind. 9. 

gavchandt m. field of wheat and ehand sown to- 

gauchhajf f. a sprout, a shoot. A. [gether. 9. 

gauchhl or gauchij f. a hole or pit. 

gauhf f. perseverance ; diligence, h, 

gaukduj a village made over to any person on a 
permanent assessment, h. 

gauhanit f. lands situated close round a village ; 
the village itself ; fields on which cattle graze, h, 

gauhar, m. a pearl, a gem, a jewel ; lustre of a 
eem, or sword ; essence, disposition, substance, 
form ; offspring ; intellect, wisdom, gauhar- 
afshdn^ 'bdTt or n? jtar, showering or scattering 
gems ; (met.) an eloquent discourse or compo- 
sition, gauhar-sanjf one who weighs or exa- 
mines gems ; a critic, p. 

gaukhf m. a threshold, a portico, h. 

gauUf f. opportunity, advantage, gaun-gir^ con- 
troller, uncontrolled, ruler, invested with autho- 
rity, gaun ghdtt f. power, opportunity, h, 

gaundf a. to count, to reckon, to number. 9. 

gaun-ghatf f. power, opportunity. A. 

gaunhdr^ m. the company who attend the bride 
when being brought home. 9, 

gauntigd, f. a small hamlet, h, 

gaur, a pagan, an infidel, a fire-worshipper ; the 
term is generally applied by Musalmans to those 
who believe not in Muhammad, p. 

gauff m. name of a division of the central part 
of Bengal ; an ancient city. #. 

gauraVy m. reputation, respectability. 9, 

gauravity venerable, respectable, s, 

gaurty f. rum or spirit distilled from guf. h, 

gauriyd, m. an inhabitant of Oauf. 9. 

gau'sdld or gau-shdld^ shed for cattle. 9. 

gau{ikd, the head manager of a village, h. 

gauZf m. an elk, a deer, a roe ; a walnut, p, 

gdiv, f. a cow ; (in Pers.) a bull, an ox. gam- 
palang, a cameleopard. gdw-dosh^ a milking- 
pail, a chum, gdw-dlda^ a kind of bread. gatO' 
zabfiHy name of a kind of bread ; bugloss. gdto^ 
zofi, f. violence, brute force, gdtci *ambar^ the 
sea cow, from which the Persians suppose am- 
bergris to come, gdw-meshj a buffalo. 9.p. 

gawdchfi, m. a skylight, a bull's eye ; a hole to 
admit light, a lattice window. 9. 

gdwd-ghlf m. cow's clarified butter. 9. 

gatcdh, m. a witness, evidence, p. 

gawdhif f. evidence, testimony, p. 

gawaigdy m. a singer, a minstrel. 9. 

gawdkht m. (for gavdksh) a bull's eye ; the light 
that is admitted by a window ; a skylight, an 
air-hole, loop-hole. 9. 


gaieaii, iinni«tl(.', plrafnit ; digpjtiii)f, iligpstible, 

digoiKiii } bt'Briiif;, i-ndiiriiig, rabmilling to. 

gaieira-k., to digcat ; to endure ur tubmit to ft 

Ducmity. p. 
gatcira, m. ■ midti! (t. gnhirafo). p. 
ga»'ai-i, t. ■ dnclliTifC-bousf, a lamilj, ft COw-hoQK. 
gavata, m. (i.jooi). wi elk. p. [h. 

gam-ciara,!, i. grazing (of cattle) ; a tax leTied 

on pBttunt lands. p.h. 
guial'i, a i»iniplplon, Wockhrad. *. 
i/iiB-diim or gam-dumliai, thick at Ono' end and 

thin at lliB olIiiTj accliritji f. utrumput. p. 
gda-^ana, a houBB oralallfor caltto. p. 
gattU, m. a cowhcrJ. h 
gaa-thumdn, on cnumpration or cenaua of cattle i 

a tux upon euttle. p. 
gim-liikiga, m. a kind of pillar or bolsler; a 

larcc boUter which Bupporta th« back when 

M'ated. p. [cicBTatioii. d. 

gaaivi, a den (of a wild b<a»t) ; a pit, a hole, an 
gaga, t. a tow. gaga (pa«t. part, of juiui), gone, 

been, gaga-guzarigd, uaeleae, past and gone. f. 
gugat, Di. a aiuger, a cclebrator. >, 
gilgan, a siugcr (male or female). : 
gat, m. an inatrument for meaiuring with ; a 

jard! a ramrod, ildil-gax, the standard mm- 

6UR) of diitauco eistablislied by Akbar: it i* 

Tpry nearly thirty. (Iiree inches Engliab. p. 
gala, biting, hurtuil ; harm, lo». p. 
gazak or gazak, t. a rvliah (laitBUwilh wine, 4c.) i 
gaiaii, slinging, biting, injuring, p. [a Uetil. p. 
gasaid, f. calamitj. ]o!>, injuiy. p. 
gaxai.da, atinging, biting, renomoua or noiioua 

(BniumlaorTeruin). p. 
'gaii, f. a coame kiiict of cloth (of cotton), y. 
gaiidan, to bite, to »ting, to injure, p. 
jatlna, in. a ttiiek (or clone) and rather coarse 

kinil of cotton cloth, p. 
giiir, m. a wsahermau, a fuller, n bleacher (eoni- 

nonlyyifjir, gapir). gazir-maMIl, a tax for- 

nerly leiiwl on waahcrmen in Bengal p. 
gaiaa, a kind of nettle, p. 

gasar OT gtrjar, m. a watbemiBD, a bleacher, y. 
ffebii, m. a young bird; (met.) an infant. *. 
gtaru, (iniple, ignorant, silly, h. 
grgli, f. a trollop, a slattern. H. 
grk, m. a lioiuv, mansion, dwelling, t. 
geii*, ni. wheat. grA,iiaB, m. the odour of 

wheat I adj. of the colour of wheat, t. 


gend, (, or gmdi, gendu or gendU, a ball to play 
with. ge»d-tan thelna, a. to'play at Mrikinga 

gtra-mali, loam of finei^hiy. A. [T>all. i, 

geriorgeri, f. name of a game, knocking a stick 
OTer a liue by throwing another stickat it. k. 

geru, m. ■ kind of red earth or ochre, t. 

geri,d, red, of the colour of ochre. 4. 

geti, m. ■ curl, sidelock, ringlet, p. 

^^httttrat, f. luadTarlency, stupidity, a. 

^abghab, m. a dewbp, a double clun. chahi 
gb_atigl[nb, a pit in the chin. p. 

flioAr, weak in mind, forgetful, ni^ligent. a. 

g/tabir, Icfl, lasting, remaining, a. 

jinbn, m. frsud, deceit -, loss (of money, &c.), 
ghaiai /ahith, ■ gross fraud, ayplisd especiaUy 
to the forced sale of a property far below its 
Talue. g]iaban, m. weakuL'sa in mind, mistake, 
forgetfulness ; adj. weak in mind, liable to de- 

ghibra, confused, onnfounded. A, [ceplion. a. 

ghahra\af, f. confusion, perpleiity, agitation, 
pertnrbation, alitrm, A. 

ghabrdaii, n. to bo confuscil, confounded, alarmed, 
perplexed, agitated, embarrassed, terrified, h. 

(JncA, or jiarAa, or jtiorArtjiucA, or aJacAuid, td. 
slapping, clapping ; the sound of wslking in 
Diiro i the sound of striking with a spear or 

ghachSghach, thick. A. [sword. A. 

ghfchi, f, or sbfchi, m. a hole made in tha 
ground by boys for playing at tip-cat. ^achi- 
para, m, name of a game, tip-cat. A. 

gtad-d-g^ad, thumping; h succession of blows, if 

g^adddr, frnudulent, sly ; a cheat, a. 

Shadir, fraudulent, perfidious, a. 

gbadir, m. a cheat i ailj. decoitfid. a. 

ghadr, m. perfidy, fraud, villany, ingratitude a. 

ShafiT, 111. pardon, forgivenesi. a. 

^iffir, forgiving (the Deify), a. 

ghafil, senseless, stupid, apathetic, negligent, in- 
dolent, imprudent, careless, Ihouglitless, not on 
one's guard. gh^Jil-gir, attacking unaware*, a. 

^fitan, imprudently, carelessly, a. 

aJrt/rfi, f. inattention, negligence, a. 

ghaf ir, all, many, numerous, a. 

I^Jir, one who panJons. a. 

ghifiol, f. carelessness, ghnflal-tnda, atruck viith 
carelessness, ^aabi ^ijlat or ^Jlal ka ^xib, 
sheer apathy or indill'ercnee. a. 

gin/j, thick, close (as cloth), substantial, a. 

ghufir, element, forgiving, merciful, a. 

ghdgnr, the rope t ied to I he foot of an elephant, d. 

gkSgan, m. a large kind of fowL jL 


{ 15» ) 


fkdffk^ old, aged, experienced; sly, shrewd, h. 
ghaghrd or ghdtjhrd^ m. or ghaghriy f. a petticoat. «. 
fkakarnd or ghahrdna^ n. to thunder, to roar, to 
ffi^^j f. cudgelling ; fraud, a decoy, h. [bawl. h. 
f^^ib, latent concealed, absent, invisible, niyste- 

riau.*. *d/ami ghaib, the other world, gjuiib- 

dan, skilled in discovering mysteries, a prophet, 

diviner, omniscient, a. 
fkdjibf absent, invisible, the third person (in 

gram.). gh/i,ib-bdz, m. a conjuror, a. 
gj^atbdna or fjj^yihdna, invisibly, in one's ab- 

Bcnce. a.p. 
^aibdniy f. a strumpet, an impudent woman, a.p, 
j^oUhU, f. being invisible, absence, gjubat^ slander, 

detraction, anything secretly whispered of an 

absent person, a. 
g^aibl^ absent, invisible, &c., divine, a, 
ghd^il, wounded. K 
g^air, other, different; foreign; (sub.) a stranger; 

adv. except, unless; in comp. it denotes negation 

or the absence of a thing, as gltair-hdzir, absent; 

gj^fcnr-hdziri, f. absence ; ghair-zd/ik, besides. 

j^^r-mu*aigan, unstable; gkair-abdd, devoid 

of cultivation; gl^air baiid o bast^ unsettled; 

gjkair-diula, exempt from imposts ; gjtair' 

jnm\ rent-free ; gtair-kabul, not agreeing to ; 

^air-lsk^rchf extra or miscellaneous expenses ; 

gkair-liilirdj, rent-free lands ; gkair-wdkCf a 

£ilse statement. gjiair-mashrut, uncondi- 

tionaL a. 
^tairai, f. mo<lesty, bashfulness, honour, courage ; 

jealousy, enmity, emulation, a nice sense of 

honour, gliairat-mand, emulous, jealous, a. 
g^ir-az, except, besides, other than. p. 
^airijfat, jealousy, strangeness, a. 
g^airu'hd, or gj^iru-hu or gjiairu-humy more, be- 

aides that, or those ; in addition to that, &c.; 

wag^iru'hu (generally pronounced wa-gtflira)^ 

et cetera, and so forth, a. 
ghdl, f. mischief, distraction, ruin, h, 
gjnalalHiy m. superiority, conquest, assault, strength ; 

prevalency, predominancy, a. 
ghdlak, m. a ruler, destroyer, desolater. h. 
ghalai, m. or ghalati, f. an error, a mistake ; adj. 

wronff, erroneous. ghalatU'l-^drnm, m. a popular 

mistake, a vulgar error, ghalaf/kdrf delusive. 

g^lai'kdrl, f. deception. gliolaf^-gOj a false re- 

later, ghalaigo^i, f. relating falsehoods, gha- 

lal-navU, an erroneous writer, a, 
gbtilagdn, boiling over, fermenting, a. 
gl^lcka^ a vagabond, a rustic, a. 
gidSf dear, precious ; f. a carpet, a.p. 

gkdlibt overcoming, excelling. gbdUb-hondj n. to 

overcome, a. 
glidUban. chiefly, principally, apparently, probably, 

most likely, upon the whole, a. 
glidUcha, m. a small carpet, p. 
ghalla, m. the produce of the earth. ; grain, com. 
gjtalln-ddn, m. a granary, gj^alla-farosh, a grain 
merchant, a monopolist of grain, g^la-farwhi, 
monopoly of grain, a. 

ghdlndf a. to desolate, to ruin ; to thrust in. k, 
ghalfGy m. a leathern sheath, a scabbard, a. 
ghalldn or gjutltdn, rolling, wallowing, gjuiltdn- 

pechdn, wallowmsr, rolling, floundering. f>- 
gkqUdnly f. act of rolling, weltering, wallowing, 
floundering, p. 

ghalu^d or gtaltod (also ghulwa), to boot, over and 
above ; m. a small quantity given over and above 
the purchase, k. 

ghalulay a small ball, a pellet, p. 

gham, m. grief. gjiam-diudaj grieved. gjyim' 
tttcdTy devouring sorrow, i.e. afllicted, sad ; 
condoling, pitying ; an intimate friend, gjiam' 
l^wdragi or g^mkhwdrif f. affliction ; real 
friendship ; commiseration, sympathy, g^m- 
tiuraky a heron, gham-dtda, one who has felt 
sorrow. gJutm-roHcUi, one to whom sorrow haa 
come, gham-zadoy grieved, gjuim-zadagi, f. 
grief, gham-kash^ one who endureth sorrow. 
gham-kamd^ to bemoan, to sorrow, gham-khdnd, 
to suffer grief; also to devour one's grief, i.e. to 
have patience, gham-ndk, and gJiam-gmy dis- 
consolate, sorrowful, a. 

ghamdgham, thick, crowded, derfse (as the popu- 
lation of a city, trees of a forest, Ac.), h, 

ghamdnd, to sun, to bask in the sun. 9. 

ghamandy m. pride, hauglitiness, arrogance, gha- 
mandy gathering of the clouds, h. 

ghamandiy haughty, a proud man. h. 

ghdmar, simple, artless ; a blockhead, h, 

ghamdsdn (v. gfuimsdn), battle, Ac. h, 

gkambirt affable, patient, enduring, h. 

gjiami or ghamin, sad, sorrowful, p. * 

gbdmiZj abstruse, difficult, obscure, a. 

gbnmmdZy m. an informer, a talebearer, a. 

g^ammdzJ, f. talebearing, a. 

ghamori, f. the prickly heat. #. [ment. h, 

ghamrauly f. crowd, confusion in a general engage- 

ghamtdn, m. battle, engagement. «. 

gbamza, m. a wink, an amorous glance, coquetry, 
ogling, p.a. 

ghan, m. an assemblage, a number, quantity ; 
gathering of the clouds ; clouds ; an anvil, a 


OHA— 0HA { II 

■lei^ge hnminm ; (in aritlimelic) cube of a 
niimber : (in geometry) B solid ; a^j. mate rial, 
solid, grois, compact, hsrd, Snn, impraetnible ; 
very, inucli. .. [» miU, or s mortar, Ac. A. 

ghanu, thick, cloie, confuied, mucb, many ; m. a 
sporting preserre. 4. 

jidMa, f. riches, weallh. a. 

Sliiinn, m. h sugar -cane press. *, 

^indJiH, pi. spoilt, pre;, plunder, a. 

g^iiaaia, sheep, caltle. n flock : this term corre- 
tponds to the old Gaelic word crencA, which 
denotes eitlier the act of carrying off cattle, or 
the cattle carried off. The Americans seem .to 
ute the word " plunder " in Ihe sanae of itock 
or^iroperty, o. 

ghm-garaj, the roar of the cload, tbunder, anj 
louil noise ; a4j- toud- sounding. (. 

ghanffhan, f. an imitatire sound, h. 

ghaaf/hanutid, n. to jingle, to nog, to tinkle, to 
aound like a wheel in rvTolution. h. 

ghanghor, m. i-loudinees, gathering of the clonds; 
roiir of the clouds, i.e. thunder i ailj cloudy, 
OTereoBt. >. [■''i^g ■> about, i. 

ghaHgioraS, a. loriniBj to mil any liquid, by stir- 

jiini, independent -, rich, wealthy, a. 

giUni, (. »n oil mil] (or press); a sngar-milL h, 

g^anim, m. an enemy, a plunderer, a. 

j^atumal, f, plunder ; abundunco, eood fortune, 

ghatijaitd, f. lightning, m. [aStueace. a. 

jioitm, cariyiug off (as plunder). <. 

ghaaiar, m. oamphorj niorcury. ». 

ghanli'i, t. flrmness, compnclness. t. 
ghanfa, m. a bell, clock, hour. ». 


, m. a string of bells tied on an elephant's 
ciiest by nay of oniumsnt. (. 

gAa^o, m. a wound, a sore. 4. 

gha,o-shap, living from hand to mouth, improvi- 
dent i m. a spcndtlirilt. h. [Ide. a. 

ghip, tlie sound made by a blow; braaging, boast- 

giar, m. house, dwelling, apartment, draiTer, oom- 
liartutcnt, grooTC. ghar-batJ, one who is at 
home or keeps to the house ; indolent, inactive. 
ghar ba-ghnr, to or in erery house, from house 
to liomo. ghar-haifhna or gkar baifh-jdnd (lit.) 
to rest at home, lo go home ; (idiomatically) to 
be ruincil. g/mr clialiind, a. to provide for one's 
liDUBchoId eipenses. gkar-d»iri, f. a kind of 
tai, poU-tai, btartb-moaef. ghar-4»i<»td. 

I ) QHA—aHA 

ruin one's self and family, ghar-dibni, to bo 
ruined, gi/ir id dhelind rahni, to be desolated 
or dcstrojed. ghar-karna, a. lo fli, to settle, to 
establish a family, ghar khokar tamasha dtkhtta, 
lo ruin one's srlf and spend the time in idle 
pleasures, ghar-ghilna, to ruin or utterly 
destroy, ghar-hoad ei presses aS*ection and 
Unaniiuity between husband and wifit. A. 

ghar, a kind of clay soil, ghar hojiad is applied 
to land worn away by running water. A. 

ghdr, m. a cavern, a pit; a deep gosh or wound. 

imate friend, giarr, m 
u. an earthen wator-pot ; 
or ^ari,ibdl, pl.rareo 
je things, a. 
nd, m. family, household. 

r prison, i.e. 

, a jar, a pitcher, i. 
r wonderful events. 

i^aranda, r _ 

gbtfap-hond, to sink, to be drowned, d. 
gl)aj-ap-tantd, to cause to sink, to immerse, d. 
gharaf, the dr^ moth-plant cut and given as fodder 

to rattle. A. 
giaral, t. make, fonn. gharaf, a cattle pen. A. 
ghafal, shaped or manufactured by being beaten 

or hammered, in contradistinction to being caat 

or run (metal articles). 4. 
gjnml, rapine, plunder, devastation, ghdral-t., 

to plunder, devastate, lay waste, ^iral-ghal, 

m. sudden loss or destruction ; suddenly or 

UDei]>ocledly lost, g^rat-gar, a plunderer, an 

oppressor, a. 
ghara.S, domestic, household, 
(laraj, f. design, view, wish, i 

teresledness, BelHshness, hatred, spite i adv. 
short, in a word, in fine, g^nrazuahnd, int 
ested. gharai-ilid or -a'aei, selfish, iiiteroted, 
designing, ^taraf-hawla, a slave to one's pas- 
sions, jjoraf-niam/, self-interested, desirous, 
wishingfor. jljaTai-mandi, f. desire, selfishness. 

giarofdita, selfishly, malevolently, a.p. Qti. 

^arn^i, selGsh, interested, designing. a.h, 

g^rb, m. the setting of the sun, the west. a. 

ghar-bandl, a slave bom in the house, k.p. 

ghar-bdr, m. fkmily, household concerns or honf»- 
hold goods, ghar-har laiHad, to consummate a 
marriage, ghar-bdr Aoaa, to undergo the c 

end, busi- 

□ of a 


ghar-bardu>, m, household furniture, Ac *. 
ghar-b-lri, f. housewifery ; m. a householder, 
^4ar-i4iirii, m. house-rent. A. 
aiarii, westarn, occidental, a. 


( 165 ) 


ylkar-dwSn, f. a house-tax ; also a kind of illegal 
cess from shopkeepers and householders. ». 

ghareld^ domestic; tame. s. 

g^arewj m. noise, tumult ; a mob ; a gurgling 
noise in the throat, growling, p, 

gkarghafind^ n. to growl, to thunder. A. 

ffkari or gharly f. a portion of time, the space of 
twenty-four minutes, but applied generally to 
the European hour of sixty minutes ; an instru- 
ment for measuring time, a clock, watoh, &c. 
ghdfi men told ghafi men mdshd, at one time an 
ounce, at another a grain (expressing a person 
of a changeable disposition): as a revenue term 
the word ghari denotes the subdivision of a 
Tillage : a fold, a plait ; folded up, gathered or 
tucked up. p.sA. 

ghari (dim. otghard), a small pot. s. 

ghari, i, a valley or ravine ; cattle sheds, h, 

S^nbj m. g]uirU>a, f. a foreigner, a stranger ; adj. 
poor ; mild, humble ; rare, wonderful, strange. 
g^tih-partoar^ cherish er of the poor, ghftnb' 
mir, f. oppression of the poor. gJianb-natodz, 
courteous to strangers, kind to the poor, hospit- 

d^fibina^ fit for the poor, humbly, a. [able. a. 

g^fibl^ f. humility, wretchedness, poverty, a. 

g^rik, m. a drowning person ; adj. immersed, 
drowned. g^arik-^f deep, out of man*B 
depth. gh/ariki rahmat, overwhelmed with 
mercy, drowned in the grace of God. a. 

^arimt a debtor so helpless as to be the subject 
of zakdl, or alms. a. [lions, p. 

^arin, a wood, forest, or thicket, firequented by 

gkarigdj £ a crucible ; a honey-comb, h, 

ghafUfil^ m. a plate of brass or bell-metal for 
sounding the garis, of each pahar or watch of 
the day and night ; a gong ; a crocodile ; (in 
Dakh.) a watch, a clock, ghafi-gdl kd shUha, 
an hour-glass, s. 

gharigdld or ghafigdlt, m. the person who attends 
the ghafi^ and strikes the hours, s, 

g^ariz, nature ; meekness, gentleness, a.p, 

gkariziy innate, natural, a. [mersed, sunk. a. 

g&arkf m. drowning, sinking ; adj. drowned, im- 

^ark-db, deep water, a whirlpool, a.p, 

g^arkif f. flooded lands, inundation, a. 

gkarm, m. heat, the hot season ; sunshine ; sweat, 
perspiration. *. [hammer). A. 

gkamd, a. to fiishion or shape (as metal with a 

ghajrnd, a. to fashion, form, shape ; to forge, to 
work (metals); to knock, to hammer, h, 

ghama^l, f. a raft made with pots, a float (of 

gkamly f. a wife. #. [pots). #. 

gharoldf m. a pot, a pitcher, a jug, a mug. «. 

gharonchdf m. gharonchi, f. a stand for waterpots, 
etc. *. [ing the government revenue. *.A. 

ghar-phdnty an arrangement entered into for pay- 

gharrdy m. a rattling noise in the throat, which 
dying people are afflicted with, pain, agony, 
pang, h, [m. pride, a. 

gharra, haughty, proud ; misled, deceived ; cross ; 

gharrdy white, bright, illustrious, noble, a. 

gjiarrdn, rapacious, fierce, p. 

gharrdtdy m. snoring, snorting, f. 

gharrdzly f. haughtiness, bravery, a, 

gharshan^ m. grinding, pounding. 9, 

ghiirury m. pride, haughtiness, brave, a. 

ghar-wdldy m. husband, householder, s. 

ghar-wdfiy f. a wife, mistress of a house. «. 

ghdsy f. grass, fodder, straw, meadow, pasture. 
ghds-pdty sweepings, rubbish. *. 

ghafab^ m. violence, injustice, force, oppression, 
ravishing, plunder, a. 

ghasdlay m. dirty water with which anytliing has 
been washed ; bathing, a. 

ghasany f. the act of rubbing. $. 

glioshy m. stupor, ghash-dndy to faint, a, 

ghathamshamy intrepid, headstrong, a. 

ghashty fainting, stupefied, a. [<*•!'• 

ghashigoy a saddle-cloth or cover; a porter's buraen. 

ghathgaty a swoon, a fainting-fit. a. 

ghastld, grassy, abounding in grass. 9, 

ghasitndy n. to be dragged, to be trailed along. 
ghasitndy a. to drag, to pull, to trail, s. 

ghasigdrd or ghasiydrdy m. a grass cutter, ghati" 
gdriuy f. the wife of a ghasigdrd. ghds-kafd or 
ghd9-kd(dy m. a man whose office is to cut and 
procure fresh grass daily for the horses of his 
employer, s.h, 

ghasndy n. to be rubbed, to be abraded, to fret, to 
wear ; a. to rub, to whet ; to beat ; adj. apt to * 
bo worn by rubbing. *. 

ghasrdy mischievous, hurtful. », 

ghaty f. mind, heart, thought, soul. h. 

ghdty f. aim, snare, ghdt-k.y to waylay, ghdt' 
takndy to watch an opportunity, h, 

ghdt, f. killing, slaughter ; a bruise, a blow ; pro- 
duct of a multiplication, s. 

ghaty fast, tight, strong, thick, hard, d, 

gha(y m. a water-pot ; body. *. 

ghdty m.f. a landing-place, a quay, wharf, ford, 
pass ; bathing- place on a river-side ; an entrance 
into a country over mountains, or through any 
difficult pass ; also a public ferry over any diffi- 
cult pass ; also a public ferry over any river, or 

(iliA-M! \ f 

n landing-place where custoiits avc u--iiall\ cul- 

leeted. (fkat-mdr^ m. a smuggler, ffhu^-miinid^ 

a. to smuggle, gha^-kaptdiiy a harbour-ina»tcr, 

master-attendant at a seaport, ffhdf-mdnjhi^ a 

ferrjman. • «. 
ghdif m. mode, manner, shape ; offence, deficiency; 

want, abatement ; adj. abated, less. h. 
gha^d^ f. cloudiness, clouds ; crowds. *. 
ghafdf m. acclivity, ascent ; detlciency. h, 
ffhalak, m. a mediator, go-between, au ambassador, 

attorney, messenger. #. 
ghdlak^ in. an enemy, a murderer, i. 
ghdtan^ m. killing, slaughter, murder. #, 
ghdfan, m. occurring, haupening. «. 
gknfdnd, a. to lessen, to aimmish. h, 
ghd\dniy f. a toll levied on crossing rivers, h, 
ghafdfopy m. a covering of a pdiki^ &c. A. 
ghdidiOy m. deficiency, reduction, falling (as a river, 

or price of anything), depreciation, h. 
ghnfdwnd, a. to reduce, to cause to subside. A. 
ghd\bdny f. a toll levied on crossing rivers. A. 
ghafhdy m. an offender, transgressor, h. 
gha(i, f. deficiency, loss, abatement. #. 
'g\dfiy murderous; insidious, wily. s.h. 
ghd(iy f. a strait, a puss (in a mountain, &c.). h. 
gha(if f. the ghafi or Indian clock, a plate of metal 

on wliieh the hours are struck. «. 
ghafikd, f. the ankle ; a portion of the day or night 

(v. muhdrt); a dandf or period of 24 minutes. «. 
ghafigd, m. a murderer. #. 
ghnfigd, low-priced, cheap, h, 
ghaf-mdrdy m. a smuggler ; smuggling, h. 
[qhfifnd, n. to abate, to decrease, to subside, h, 
ghaifniga, liable to abatement, or decrease. ». 
ghtit'P^^t li<i"d tohand,congression, shock, conflict, 

encountering, ron<7r«*tt*. A. [wut«r*s edge. #. 
gkatff a landing-place, a quay, st^*ps leading to the 
'ght*f(d or ghf^fa, a com on the foot ; a cork or 

stopper of a bottle, a plug, d.h, 
ghnffiy a smnli or inferior landing-place, s. 
ghntfiy f. dollcieney, diminution, decrease. A. 
ghfituic^ miscliievons, murderous, cruel, *. 
gfttitwfify or ghd(-ivdl^ ov ghdf-tidld or ghafwdr^ m. 

a wiiHrfinger, a ferryman, a person in charge of 

a Innf ling-place or of a mountain pass. A. 
ghfiuil, f. a bunch of grapes, dates, &o. A, 
gh'^^Sh''* ™« >»oise, uproar, clamour, p, 
gk'ff'gh'itU noisy ; m. a disturber, p. 
ghd^u-ghap, living from hand to mouth, improvi- 
dent: m. a spendthrift. A. 
gj^ftuiwhi, f. A hole in a path (tiuch as those made 
Jij iho feet of animals). A. 

(lilA- ClilE 

<}!i •! u /• ( !•• 


III r 

•'. L,M"'lj'< -, (1 iN' 

or plallitalii-. h. 

gii'iurf m. retiectioij, mediiativii). .(. 

f^aur-^parddhtt^ f. attendance on. a. 

ghtwif III. a title o{ Muhamtnadau saints, a. 

gh'ttufigat, saiutship, deroteeism. a. 

ghdWf m. a wound, a sore. A. 

gjiatcdmi^, pL intricate questions, a. 

gliaivtcdf, m. a diver (for pearls, &c.), a. 

gliaicwdfi^ f. diving for pearls, a, 

ghdgat, adv. very, extremely, chiefly ; f. the end, 
extremity, excess ; a standard, a flag ; ordure. 
*Umi gkdgatf mathematics, a. 

ghogur, jealous in point of honour or of love ; an 
epithet of the Deity, ghftgi^ri^ f- jealousy, a. 

ghazd^ m. making war (against infidels), a. 

gj^ab^ ro. violence, injustice, compulsion, passion, 
venffeaniv, anger ; adj. angry, a, 

gha^aban or gtazahdn^ angry, enraged, a. 

ghf^^abif f. violence, anger ; adj. angr)'. a. 

gt^ifab-dluda^ oppresjtive ; full of rrtge. a. 

gbazalf f. an ode, a short poem or amatory sonnet. 
gj^azal-fsh^dn^ a rc]3eater of odes. a. 

gii'Mdlf m. a young deer, a fawn, a gazelle ; the 
sun ; a delicate young person, a. 

gtt^zd'fafdy war, plunder, devastation, a, 

gidzij m. a conqueror, a hero, particularly so if 
he has fought against anu slain one or more infi> 
dels, g^zi mard, a hero ; (met.) a horse, a, 

ghdzigdna^ bravely, heroically, a. 

ghegd or gheghd, the bronchocele, the goitre. A. 

ghegard or glieghard^ m. the unripe pod of gram ; 
also the unripe bole of cotton. A. 

ghelauniy a gratuity allowed a purchaser in addi- 
tion to the article purchased, such as our baker's 
dozen, i.e. thirteen instead of twelve. A. 

gheuchnd (v. khainchnd), to pull. A. 

ghengdy a wen, a tumour. A. 

ghenfdj m. ghentX f. a pig ; the unripe pod of 
gram and other pulses. A. 

ghepndy a. to mix, to mingle, to unite into a paste, 
as flour and water. A. 

gh&ry round, surrounding, inclosing; loose (as a 
robe), full ; winding, meandering ; m. circum- 
ference; calumnj, reproach, complaint, gher- 
ddr, full, loose (a robe), circuiar, extensive. 
gher-ghdr'karndf to surround, to stop or 
hinder. A. 
gherdf round, surrounded ; m. a circle ; a siege 
or blockade, a fence ; vertigo, gherd ddlnd^ to 
surround, to lay a siege, ghere men pafnd^ to 
be surrounded. A. 


( 157 ) 


ghemAt ^ ^ surround, to encircle, hem in, 

blockade, gherna-gharnd^ gher-d^nd or gher- 

lena^ to surround, to besiege. A. 
ghend, f. a handle for turning a spinuuig-wheel, 

a winch. ». 
ghewar^ f. a kind of sweetmeat, h. 
ght, m. clarifieil butter, s. 
gkihat, f. (▼. g^iibat) slander, &c. a. 
gkibh^ f. a tertian ague, visiting every alternate day. 

jlii&^an, seldom, rarely j every seroud day. a. 
gklch'pichy thick, confused, muddy, ghick-pieh- 

hnkna or bolnd, to si>eak thick. A. 
g^ickpich boind, n. to speak thick, h, 
gkighl, f. faltering in speech, ghight bandh-jdnd, 

to falter, to be unable to speak. A. 
gkUfhigdndf n. to falter, to be unable to speak (from 

tear, joy, &c.); to coax, to wheedle, to fawn, to 

beseech. A. 
^Idf^ m. a case, a cover, a sheath, a. 
gtifdlOf m. an under waistcoat, a. 
ffkifdzatj f. thickness, coarseness, hoarseness, rough* 

ness of manners ; filth, a. 
g]^U o gUiUhy f. apprehension, objection, he g^l o 

gh^hf without hesitation, boldly, frankly, a, 
gk*Uy m. hatred, malice, fraud, trick, envy, a, 
^Izat, f. filthiness, grossness, rudeness, a. 
^Atm, f. disgust ; shame, bashfulness. ghiu dend^ 

a. to reproach, to abash, ghin khdnd, to be dis- 

gU9t«d, sick. t. 
gkMdndy n. to be disgusted ; adj. disgusting. «. 
ghinaundy disgusting, abominable, loathsome, t. 
gkingdndt n. to be hoarse. A. 
ghinghindy disgusting, loathsome, odious. «. 
ghin^dttd, n. to be disgusted, s. 
gkirdndy a. to cause to surround or inclose. A. 
ghirdndy f. stink (particularly that of urine), s. 
^rbdly f. a sieve ; a riddle, a. 
ghimd, n. to be surrounded, inclosed ; to be col- 
lected around ; to gather (as the clouds). A. 
ghimi, f. a piUley ; an instrument for twisting 

ropes, ghinu-khdndj to go round. #. 
j^riw^ m. noise, tumult; a mob ; a gurgling noise 

in the throat, growling, p. 
gliinwd»y one who laments or exclaims, p, 
g/iisdndf a. to cause to rub. s, 
ghitdiCy m. ghUdwafj f. attrition, rubbing. «. 
ghUigdndf a. to trail, to drag. s. 
ghUnd (v. ghcLsnd), n. to be rubbed. *. 
g?ii»niy by rubbing; tis ganr ghufni-lcamd or ghisHi- 

ehalndy to move along, rubbing on the ground, 

as a child on his buttocks before he is able to 

walk. «. 

gh»gdry providing for one's dependants, any piece 

of dress which distingubhes a class, as a soldier's 

uniform, &c. a. 
gh'gdfy diving, studying deeply, a. 
gh^gdny li:»tcnmg to complaints, redressing wrongs, 

assistance, redress, succours, gj^igdnu-l-itldat^ 

the succourer of the faith, a. 
gh'zdf f. aliment, diet, provision, food. a. 
gjiizdl or gt'zdlay m. a young deer, a fawn, a ga- 

zelle ; the sun ; a delicate young person, a, 
gii'zdgat, f. aliment, provision, a. 
ghoghiy f. a pocket ; a turtledove. A. 
ghok^ndy to speak, to reiterate, to speak aloud ; f. 

speaking aloud, crying, proclaiming, s, 
gholy m. btittermilk. s. [a dense crowd, h.p, 
gholy m. a crowd, a troop, a gang, gjiol kd g^l^ 
gholdy m. an intoxicating potion made of bhang, or 

opium, a solution ; name of a fish. 
ghole men ddlndy a. to involve in difiiiculty. A. 
ghol-ghumaWy m. evasion, subterfuge. A. 
g^ofidang, turbulent, vicious ; stout, round, p. 
gholmely m. mixture, mixing. A. 
gholndy m. to mix with a liquid, to dissolve. A. 
ghongdy m. a cockle or cockleshell. A. 
ghonsidy m. a (bird's) nest. A. 
ghoniy f. a gulp, or draught, pull. A. 
ghonfndy a. to polish by rubbing ; (met.) to in- 

vestigate ; m. a stone, iScc., with which anything 

is polished ; the knee. A. 
ghopdy m. a sort of hooded cloak or loose mantle 

for rainy or cold weather. A. 
ghory m. trepidation, horror, dread, ghor ghunfnd, 

to be inwardly displeased, to conceal one's dis- 
like or indignation ; the sound of a drum ; adj. 

frightful, awful; deep (colour of a horse), ghor- 

dkritiy ghor-darehauy ghor-rup or ghor-rupiy of 

frightfid aspect, terrific, hideous, ghar-nidrd, 

deep sleep. #. 
ghofUy m. a horse; a cock (of a gun); the knight 

at chess, ghofa-chafhdndy to cock a gun. ^Aor- 

charhdy a rider, gheriy a mare. s.h. 
ghoriy f. a kind of porcelain which breaks the 

moment poison is put into it. A. 
ghoshndy a. to re}>eat, to reiterate, to speak aloud ; 

f. speaking aloud, making a great noise, s. 
ghosiy m. a Musalmiin milkman or cowherd, said 

to be converted from the Hindu oAir caste. #. 
ghoty m. immersion, dive; consideration, ghot" 

mdmdy to disappear, ghoi tnen and, to faint, a. 
ghotdy m. a wooden rubber. A. 
ghotOf m. dipping, diving ; a dip, a dive, gj^oia- 

bdZy a diver. ghofa-ttoTy a diver, anything that 




dipt, nr li dipped ; s lort of llreirork ki nlled. 

ginla-tAari, f. dipping, being dipped, aloto- 

dtmi, h. tu (lip, lu plunge undur vater. jdofo- 

khdti, to bo dipped I to divB ; to be deeeiTcd ; 

to tniTuI in » tavtf road i to itra;, to w&nder, to 

low ono'i WSJ. a. 
giol'it, m. ■ hone. A. 
gltalam-j^dla, m. a gnmu in irhich Bwimmon dip 

Dim iiiuUivr unil«r tho water, a.p, 
ghot-gidl, pUMlod, coiifijundcd. i. 
jllt'ifiKf, ■■ Co pli'd ; to tbavE, to poliah. h. 
ghoinl, r a rubber h. 
ghoia, poliiliiil, iimooth (wordi), i. 
aioiii {alio ojoiAa). » jKid of cotton, _ p. 
gkr^n, in. ifiu noiii, tniuU ; imvlUng. ': 
ghraifnidnsn, f. tbo 1)0*0, tliu Mnao of ■nelUng. ». 
gSri^-Utrfian, in. frngranon, odour, i. 
girdl Of girala, imult, iuhoted. (. 
^f find, t. abliorronco, diaguit, blarney Demure, pitj, 

•liauiF, baillfuliiou. *. 
ghfil. 111. i/hi or clnriOod butter. *. 
ghii,ii, m. tliu i-«r[Hintsr bootlo. A. 
SiK&fr-, f. diu>t) Tnpouri cloiiiliiof dlut.impuHt;, 

fuiiliirw; (iiii'l.) vnalion, aOliction, perpleiitj. 

^uluir-alAaa <ir -alM, uoTcrOil willi du>t. a. 
I^Hhariif m. n bomb, a ilivU, or mortar for throw- 

iiig alii'lli. p. 
ghuhari it'll''; ■fllii-tion, diiturbance to mind. a. 
gll¥i*, a liunii^ ram UMd lo flglit. p. 
^mlHil, m. a liard lump furmud in tbo fle*h, a 

([Iniiilular ■woUing. a. 
fjltiffltit, m. lliu riiig-iHvkt'd iIotp, an owl. A. 
' 'i/Aii,iJ, an uwl, a bloekhond. k, 
,j, f. nainv of an Itorb nliioh growi during tbo 

rain* on higli grounila. k. 
^it, m. ■ fnig, a tuad ; a butt for aichon. p. 
f^af, m. noito, tumult. jjH(-]iiiipiira,m. clamour. 

gh^l-^'Kli', noin) and tumult, p. 
(!■/ (vulg. sh"l), "'■ an iiii»(tiiiaiT aucoiea of sjhan 

ilt>muna, uf dilliTont ihapoi ancl coloura, auppowd 

to ili>TOur lium and aiiiiiial*. a, 
jta/Jw, ni. a nialo «Ut* ; (in Arab,) a bof or 

j'oiilli i a young man at muturitj. a, 
fItiilJmi, I. tUfKry, MTVitudc. «. 
gkaUitii, a. lo melt, lo diawlvp. k. 
f/Aulinit, t. art uf molting or ditfolring. i. 
'^■/r/, f, a iiellrt-boir. ^iiM-tui, a. ■ p«llcl«r 

(with a bii*). jiaW-Wii, t iwlloling. p. 
g\HM,i or ghnlrlii, ui. ■ pvUi,<t. p. 
^nlrli-lii, lu. a prlli-tor. p. 
j/tmlaiiiia, m. iioiao, tumult i a kind of diih. p. 
,^v/jwj( mttfd; meiM in kindatu. jLi. 

( 168 ) 



B. to melt, to be ditsolred, to be mellowed, 
lo roc (aa fruit); to become lean, to waste. A. 

gholi, traiisgreuing, eice«, rebellion, a. 
ghalicdad, a. to eaute to mil with a liquiil, to dis- 
ghum, back, round, about. ». [solye. h. 

g/iHrnana, a. to rerolTe, to circulate, to whirl, lo 

roll, to brandish, to encircle ; lo beguile, to de- 
lude. ghumdHa phirdiia, a. to prevaricate, b, 
ffhuma,a or ghima,o, m. as rnucli land ai can be 

ploughed in a dnj by a pair of bullocks. A. 
ghiimglmmi, m. going roundj subterfuge, eraaion ; 

doubt, lieaitation. A. 
ghum-ghamdid or -ghimdid, loose. : 
gkHmghumi'id, a. to ravolTO ; to preraricato. A, 
ghum-ghumela or ■ghaoield, revolving. (. 
^Aumni or j7Ai(ninii, n. to resound, re-echo, rcver. 

berate \ to go round, to turn, to roll, to wheel. 

nV jrAiimrut, n. to be giddy. : 
ghHHifdnd, n. (v.^iAjiiBflii) lo roll, 4c. A. 
jfAunri, f. the vertigo, swimming of the bead. A. 
giun, m. name of an insect deslnictive to wood 

and meal, grain and Sour i a weevil. A. 
ghuii, m. rancour, malice, spite. A. 
ghund Or giiud, secret, spiteful, revengeful, r»n- 

eorous, cautious, designing. A. 
gliuvcha, m. a bud. jiAuiirAii-diiAaii, with a mouth 

like a rosebud, a mistress, p. 
jeJuik/ii, m. a fop, a ridiculous fellow, p. 
ghanill or ghaiidl, f a button. A. 
ghingar, m. a curl. gMngar-waU bdl Or jrAii"- 

gtirgiitf-hdl^ curled hair. A. 
gkangaund, m. a plaything, a child's rattlev A. 
ghinghar (v. ghingar), » carl, Sc. A. 
gkinghai, f. a veil ; concealmg the face with a 

veil, •tc. ghitghuf-kdfhna, to draw a veil over 

the face. ghinghat-kiHttd, a. to veil ; to draw 

bock his neck (a horse), gkinghaf-thaad, n. to 

bo broken or defeated (an armj). A. 
gltiaghi, f. cloths folded up and put on the head 

aa a defence against the rain. A. 
ghvnghri or ghivghri, m. morris bells, worn on 

the ankles by dancing'girls i a small bell in 

general. A. 
^Hiigt<'«dtd, n. lo mutter, to grumble, a. 
gkitgiu, f. a sort uf stirabout, or grain of anj kind 

(pulse or wheat, ^.) boiled whale. A. 
gkiagri, ra. nnme of an ornament worn round the 

ankles, with bells fastened to it ; a bell. A. 
gkamigd, spili'fiil, rancorous, malicious. A. 
(*■■>, a wnik, an amorous gUnce. p. 
Joanna, m. a sound through the nose, the bulling 

of fliea i nasal (the letter ■■■). a. 

GHU— anu 

( 159 ) 


yiMt, m. a rat, a clenched fist, h, 
ykmnidy m. (t. ghusd) a thump, &c. h, 
yhmntiy mahcioiis ; a receiver of bribes, h, 
ffkudi, rent-free lands assigned as endowments of 

religious establishments, h, 
$huiify m, a gulp, a draught, pnll. A. 
ghunii^ f. a medicine consisting of aloes, spices and 
boraS) given to new-bom infants to clear out the 
meconium (in Urdu ghuttt), h. 
ffhunftui, a. to gulp, to drink, to swallow. 
ghup^ dark, hidden, obscure, h. 
yil»r, m. ahorse. ^Ati/*-cAarA, horse-riding, ghuf- 
ekafhiif a horseman, a rider, a trooper, ghuf- 
ekafhif f. riding ; a female rider. ghuf-cUmf, a 
race-course, ghuf-sdr or -»iZ, m. a stable, ghur- 
munhd, horse-faced. «. [sandy soil, h, 

ghnr^ m. staring ; a dunghill ; name of a kind of 
ghurd (for g^urra), white, bright ; the sun. jp. 
ghurdf m. sweepings ; a dunghill, h. 
gh^rdb^ a crow, raven, rook, or jackdaw ; a kind 

of Arab ship vulgarly called a grab. a. 
^urctbd, pi. the poor, or the strangers, a. 
gkurcJcnd or ghuraknd^ a. to browbeat, to repri- 
mand, to frown at, to rebuke, to growl, to snarl. 
^uranda, roaring, fierce, rapacious, p. [A. 

ghurasndy n. to curl, to become curled. A. 
ghurat or ghurat, f, a pen for cattle. A. 
gkur-bardr, a species of dues or tax. h.p. 
gkur-bahaly f. a four-wheeled carriage for riding 

in, drawn by horses, s. 
g^uH^at, f. travelling, being far from one*s country 

and fHends, exile ; wretchedness, a. 
gh^ffdt ^^ upper apartment, a window, p, 
gkur/Uh, f. reproof, threatening, bullying (particu- 
larly that of a coward who affects bravery), p, 
ghurghuTy noise, uproar, tumult ; (a man) mutter- 
ing with rage. p. [frowning at. A. 
gkurki or ghurki, f. rebuff, browbeating, rebuke, 
ghumdj a. to stare at, to fix the eyes on ; to look 
ghurHdttd, n. to snore. A. [at angrily. A. 
ghuml, f. a vertigo, swimming of the head. », 
ghurra, m. the first day of the moon. a. 
j^urubf m. setting (of the sun, &c.); the west. 
ghurub hond, n. to be set (the sun or moon, 
&c.). a, 
g^rrdSf frowning, haughty, brave, a. 
ghururf m. or gjiurvriy f. pride, vain-gloiy. a.A. 
ghurzang, m. a bound, jump, p, 
ghuMy m. f. entering, penetrating ; creeping. A. 
ghusd, m. a thump, a blow of the fist, buffet ; a 

large kind of rat, bandicote. A. 
gkdMm-ghHsdf m. thumping and pulling. A. 

ghusdnd or ghuserna, a. to thrust in, to stuff in, to 
cram, to cause to penetrate, to force in. A. 

ghuJtimdf n. to be thrust in. A. [bagnio. A. 

gh^^i m. bathing, ablution, ghuxl-li^na, m. a bath, 

ghusndf n. to enter, to be thrust in. A. 

ghus-paith, f. access, entrance. A. 

ghuffa, m. strangulation, suffocation ; (met.) 
anxiety, grief ; (in Hind.) anger, passion. 
ghuffef in anger, angrv. gh^fe te bhut ho' 
jdndy to rage like a fiend, ghuffa-ndk or ghuffO" 
war, passionate, a. 

ghufdndy a. to shave clean, to polish. A. 

ghu(i, f. the ankle-joint. #. 

ghufndy n. to be rubbed, to be suffocated or stifled ; 
to spread (as smoke); m. the knee. A. 

ghufnd, a. to gulp, to drink, to guzzle. A. 

ghufnon-chalnd or ghufni-chalnd^ to crawl about 
on the knees as a child. A. 

ghawdy m. a coarse kind of cotton. A. 

gich-pichigdy m. the Pleiades. A. 

gldafy m. a jackaL gidar-bhabkiy f. bullying. A. 

giddh or gidh, m. a vulture. *. 

gidiy adj. stupid ; m. a blockhead, p, 

gily f. earth, clay, gili armani, f. Armenian bole. 
gil-anddzij f. an embankment of earth, with a 
ditch, for confining water on the lands, and to 
serve as a reservoir, gili hikmaty f. lute, cement. 
gil dar gil-k., (lit. to throw earth on earth) said 
in burying the dead, p, 

gily f. a road, a path. A. 

gila, m. complamt, reproach, blame, p. 

gila(, m. a protuberance, a hard swelUng, gland, 
a knot, a tumour. A. 

gilauriy f. betel-leaf prepared and folded up. A. 

giRy earthen, made of clay, p, 

giUnty a blanket ; a garment of goat's hair. p. 

giligaTy lazy, indolent. A. 

gilldwdy m. prepared clay, dirt, mud. p, 

giltiy f. a span, gulll dandd khelttdy t-o play at 
tip cat. A. 

giriy (in comp.) denotes abounding with, full of 
(generally in an unfavourable sense); as jiAam- 
giny sorrowful ; andoh-giny affected by grief, p, 

ginduriy a circular twist of straw or grass for sup- 
porting a vessel with a round bottom. A. 

ginjndy n. to crumple. A. 

ginndy a. to count, to reckon, to number. #. 

gintiy f. number, reckoning, account ; the firat day 
of the month ; a muster or specimen, t, 

ginwdndy a. to cause to count. «. 

g'lpdy m. a sheep or goat's ventricle stuffed with 
minced meat and rice, a pudding, p. 

GIP—GIE ( : 

gip',i, m. a wller of puddings, p. 

gir, m. & Nil), moutitsin i adj. Tennrable. i. 

ffir, (in romp.^ tnking, Bfiiing, holding; aa'alam- 
gir otjahan-gir, ■eiciiig tlie vorld. p. 

^a orgtra,t, (in comp.) one wlio holds or Ukeaj 
detmlion, csfitivilj. niirafrgira, one who tiltet 
an inhcritanco, the heir-at-lair to an eatal«. p. 

giramly dear, rfegnni, revered, great, p. 

giran, hear;, impurtnnC ; precious, dear. giriH- 
bar, hearilj burdened, prolific ; (met.) wralthj. 
giraa-pa,e, slow ill motion, heavj-paced, girajt- 
pvtht, Btroiig, sturdy i a porter, giran-jdn or 
■Hialir, opprKtaed in iDind, tremulous from old 
age. giraii-Btaga, precious, of noblo birth, of 
groat worth, p. 

girand, a. to fell, to OTOrtum, to absse, to throw 
down I to BpiU, to drop ; to strike, gira-dena, 
to tlirow, to beat, to cut down. A. 

girdai, f. scaroitj, diArth, desrneu of proTinions, 
&c.i grief, veintionor heavineei of spirit; weight 
importance ; m. a heaijr, dull pcraon. p. 

girat, m. a mouthful ; fodder for oatlle. h. 

girnB, n). a woger, bet, jdedge, 4e. p. 

gird, m. round, a circle, cnrirons, parts adjacent i 
poslpos. near, about, p. [take hut not thin. p. 

girda, a ahivid ; a round piLow ; a kind of round 

girda, m. a circle, a ring, a hoop ; a round carpet 
spread under a hakka; adj. round, circular, p. 

girdab, m. a whirl|>oo!, an abyss, a gulf. p. 

girdSgird, m. all round, on everj si<le. p. 

gir ddr, also g'lr o ilar, (lit. take and hold) the 
confused olnmour of coinbataiils j battle or con- 
test I absolute authorily or dominion, p. 

gitilda'd, m. a patrol, a natch, girddioar, adr. 
all around, round; m. a patrol, girddicari, f. 

e trolling, inspecting, going the rouuds ; col- 
ting, bringing together, amnaaing. girdbad, 
S. a whirlwind, a deTil. gird-ba-gird, m. all 
around, all about, gird-halith, m. a small 
round pillow, laid under the clieek ; a large 
cjlindncal pillow. 

girdgaa, m. a walnut ; a pellet p. 

girdigdr, m. God, the Creator, p. 

gird-naicdh, f. enTirons, lieinity. p. 

gird-pt-jh, m. all around, all about, p. 

jirdtrdr, a patrol, a watch, a guard ; a superin- 
tendunt or inspector of police or customs, p. 

jirdtuari, tho officis or diitj of K girdtcdr. p, 

gireban, m. a collar, cap ; potLet ; (Bg.) the 
neck, gii-elua-gir, an accuser, a pluntiS', com- 
plainant, girebin mtri oiaAh ifdina, to coufesa 
airi/ be sahameA oi one'a fault, p. 

gtreixjtt orgmtod 

Gm— GIT 

ateep pass, a low hill, an aecU- 
Tiry, niyiiio. p.i. [humhlj. A. 

girgirdnd, B. to beseech, to implore eamcstfj and 

girgif or girguf, m, a lizard i a cliemeleon. k. 

girhait or girhal, a householder, t. 

giri, m. a hill, mountain ; adj. venerable, t. 

giri-dkaraa, m. the uubolding of a mountain. 
giridMdriH-t., to upiiold or support a moun- 

girift, f. taking, capture, seizure; a handle, eatcb, 
clutah ; an objection, ontieism. girifta, seiied, 
caught, taken ; Qsed in comp. botli as first and 
la;t member, as ajat-giri/ta, seized by fate; at 
the point of death, girifla-iiatir or -dil, af- 
flicted at heart, giriflagi, f. capture, deten- 
tion, catching, giri/tagi e airfli, 1. hoar»enei<». 
giriflar, m. a captive, a prisoner; adj. involved 
or overwhelmed (in trouble, 4c.). giriftdri, f. 
bondage, captivity, imprisonment ; embarmss- 

girih, f. i 

knot ; knuckle, joint, articulntion ; a 
if a gat, three finger- breadtlis ; pnju- 
dice, misunderstanding, girthbar, a cut-puree. 
girih-parnd, disBen«ion arising between two 
people, girik-khuhd, n. denotes reBlomliou al 

giriAclia, a small knot or joint, p. 

girja, m. a church (Portug. tgreja). p. 

gimi, n. to faU, to drop, to siiili, to be spit. a. 

gir^pafod, n. to fall down. k. 

girle-partt, (lit. repeatedly failing) with much 
toil or with great difficulty. 

girw, m, a wager, bet, pledge, Ac. p. 

gincdid, a. (c. of girdnd) to cause to be felled or 
thrown down. *. 

ginm, anything pledged or pawned ; f, an insect 
mischicrouB to standing corn. p.h. 

ginciiia, attracleil, afla^ed to, admiKng, cap- 
tivated, a believer, p. 

girvridagi, f. admiring, following j adoring, ad- 
herence, attachment, p. 

ginvi-ddr, the holder of a pledge or mortgage, p. 

gimi-nama, m. a dt-ed of uiorlgnge. p. 

giiya, m. crying, Umenlation, plaint, girga o 
xdri, f. bewailing, weeping and lamentation. 
girga-t., a. to weep, to cry, to lament, p. 

girgda 01 girgdni, ww-ping ; one who weeps, p. 

git, m. a soug. gU-gdnd, to aing. ». 

gifam, m. a coarse kind of carpet. 

gili, {. the world, the universe, gill-ajivi crgili- 
farot, world-iliiimining, an epithet of the sun. 

cunijiienir of llie Horlil. giii-iiam rJ, one 

who has (nivencd tbt worl<i, sii upitbet of 

Alemndpr the Great, p. 
giyai, or giydA or gh/aha, t, gnat, freeli gra»«, 

■tr*w, griva herbajje. p. 
fi=df, TnnitT, idle i>r fooliah words and deeds i 

>^, foolish, rain, idle. p. 
go, {. m cow, or noininl of llic coir-kiiid. i. 
goiar, CO* dung dried and ueed as fuoL gohar- 

Hani, » to do penaiiRU (by eatiugeuw-dung). A. 
gohar-gane; fat, ilvek : m. a fuol. /. 
godtar, ID. iwrcuptioQ, inrormatlon ; known. «. 
gochari, Tisible, «een, perceived. ». 
goeini, a. to catch, to seize, i. 
^0^, f, the lap, bosom, god-paiarna, to beg. 

^■Ml-jt., to embrace. gad-l.,toado]}l. A. 
^yoJaisl, m. jcUow orpiment ; a cow's tooth, i. 
gadari, a circulaF twiet of gnui ur twine for 

aapporling the bottom of a round T>::isel. A. 
ffodfia, f. a Iwltiem fence worn bi urehers on the 

left ann lo protect it from the bovr-atring. h. 
Ifodkaf or godhar, tliB wreds, 4c., colletled from 

a ploughed Held bj a harrow. A. 
godJkaurd OF godiati, m. eniiirig, twilight, t. 
godkum or ffod^ain, m. vliaat. i. 
ffodi, f. lap, embrace, bosom (v. gorf). A. 
godna, to prick, to puncluro, to (sttoo, to bmnd. 

u a criminal ; en. marks of tattooing. A. 
go,; m. a ball ; (in comp.) speaking, as 'aUi-go,e, 

gOfti4- III- o luburb, vicinage, ftelda near a Til- 
lage hoinesteud. A. 
goh, m. a liiard -, a Osngelic alligator. «. 
gohdti, f- the treading out of grain, t. 
gokar, m. (t. j/iNAor}, a pvurl. p. 
gokar, m. a broad pathwaj for cattle, h. 
gohir, m. tumult, uproar. A. 
gelmri or goliarha, id. cakes of dried cow-dung ; 

goUri, f. rich and liiglilj-ciiiti rated land. h. 
go-luityi, f. the killing of a cow, among Eindiis 

a most heinous crime, t. 
goii,ait, or gohina or gohuna, m. name of a kind 

of snake ; tlie boa. «. 
go,i, {. speech, eloquence, p. 
gtfj^arik, happy, fortunate, auspicious. *. 
g€gari or gojan, m. barlej and cAaad sown lo- 
" ~ rtieut and barley sown togelher in the 


le field. A. 
ing Ihe F 

ies of thorny grass which springs 

aukliri, ni. ii:imc of un onismeut (belis tii'd 
round the ankles) ; a joint, i. 

go-ki (lit. sa; that), although, even if. p. 

gokiil, in. the country round Brindaian where 
Eriifina was bora and passed his boyhood ; a 
herd of csitlc ; a cowhouse or station, t. 

got, a party from another viUage sojourning with 
their cattle, for paiture. A. 

gol, in. a circle, a ball, anvlliing round, a jar; 
aiij. ronnd, circular, gol-phal, m. the testicle. 
gol-ai, roundish, gol-gol, round, t. 

gol, m. a blockhead, an idiot, p. 

gala OT gold, m. a cnnuon ball; a lar^ beam of 
wood ; a kind of pigeon ; the kernel ota cocoa- 
nut; f. a globe, a sphere j a largo water-Jar. 
gold daiidd, m. name of a game, tipcat, gola 
lilhhk; to tie up Iho hands and feet. i.y. 

gold, m. a granary, store-room ; a jackal, goli- 
Jdr, a whuh'sule grain merchant. A. 

gold,i, (. rouiiilness, sphericity, i. 

golak, m. a bastard child by illegitimate conneo- 
lioii with a widow, gotak, f. the kotiBdCt tresi- 
9ure-pot, a tiU, a drawer, t.p. 

gol naddz, m. n canooneer, gunner, p. 

gol-anddsi, f. gunnerF. ball practice, p. 

goldr, m. roundness) f. a globe, a sphere i rotun- 

golara, round, globular, t. [■l'^]'- '• 

golali, rouuilnvss, si>hcricity. t. 

goli, m. a bullet, a muiket-ball ) a pill) ajar., 
goCi indrna, lo slioot at with a bullet, t. 

gol-Biirc'i, f. black pepper. 

^-niii^A. m. a breach in a wall. A. 

go-makhi, (. a cloth bag coDtaining a rosary, t. 

gon, f, a sack, bag (of coarse clolli) fastened on 
the side of a beaKt of burden to carry gruiu in. 

goiiat, IB. a large serpent, a boa constriotor. [*. 

gond, f. gum. goad-ddni, a vessel in which gum 
is kept lo seal letters witli. goad-ka*h, an in- 
strument for spreading gum. t. 

gondni, t. a reed of which mat* are made. 4, 

goAri, m. a hind of merroir (for water). A. 

gonih, m. a wide stiti'h or sewing. A. 

gOHlhd, m. dried cowdung for luul. i. 

gonfigd, m, the chief manager of a Tillage. A. 

gopal oT gopdiak, m. a cowherd j a king. ». 

gapua, m. concealnienl. gopm-k., to hide. i. 

gophiiit or gophiga, in. gophni or gophai, t. a 
sling (for throwing with) ; a sling used by per- 
sons stationed on the platform fur watcluog 
the crops. A. 

gopi-eAaadan, m. a species of white clay. i. 

aop— Goa ( n 

gop-mahalt, putnre groanda. A.o. 

gop-rai, m. gum, mjrrli. h. 

JOT, {. tomb, grsTe; the wild Ml. gor par ger 
kami, to seek an emplofment, office, or plan 
which la already occupied, gori aiiriian, a 
burial-ground for itnuigers. gor-ian, a graie- 
digger. p. 

gori, wliite, fur, or (jdr-complnioned, a Koro- 
p«iui in general, i. 

gorait or gorait, a Tillage watchni«i. t.i. 

gonu, to. milk, buttermilk, curdled milk, i, 

ati, f. a Teaael for halding lailk, Ac (. 

*{, a walehman, a Tillage mBsBeugO-. A. 

gor^i or goriiga, Selda near a Tillage, h. 

goji, t. takinif awaj. iron-t.i to lake awSf, to 
■teal, to walk off with. A. 

gOT-iilda, m. a burjing-ground. p, 

gor-^ar, m. the onager or »ild aai. p. 

goTTui, t,. to dig, to scrape ; m. ■ hoe for digging 
up augaT'Cane, 4e. 

gori or gani,d, m. an oi ; f. a cow. goT6,i 
4hiikaii, m. twilight (the time ofbringing borne 
tlio Cowv). gortt^dri Derd, T evcuing. t. 

go-richnd, f. a bright yellow paint, t. 

ffoittwdri'berat twUight, time of bringing home 

tllO COWB. h. 

goia,iii, m, the Deit; ; a hoi; per«on, t. 

gotaiigi or gruaigan, m. the Deitj. t. 

goiala, m. a calf; (met.) a dolt, a bloclihead. p. 

gotfaitd, f. a eheep, a goat. p. 

gotk, m. the ear. goth-peeh or gotk-pieh, an or- 
nament worn in the turban, goth-ddr, a guar- 
dian, keeper, goih-tad, which itrikee tlie ear; 
bearjaj. goth-gufdr, heard, reported ; a hearer. 
goth-mdl, pulling (or rubbing or boxing) the 
e«re, rebuking, goih-mali, C. rebuke, puniih- 

goika, m. a comer, the horn or pointed eitremity 
of a bow; a closet, retirement, privacj : aide. 
gothe-ddr, angular, gotha-gntia or goiha-gir, 
retired : (aub.) a hermit), goaha-giri, f. with- 
drawal from worldlj afTairs ; retirement, aecla- 
aion. goilia-niihiH, retired (sitlingin acomer), 
a hermit, nolitarj, kaman te gothe tfi«ri pa- 
kafnd, to aeiia with facihtj (lit. to catch with 
the bow without shooting), p. 

go-thai, m. a nowhouae, a sb^d fur cattle. «. 

gotkcht, a listener, a spj, an emiaaar;, ■ aentiDel, 
I an informer, p. 

goth-pad, m. a kind of meaaure, ai muofa ai ■ 
J cow'a footilep will hold, p, 

jnvifpari, a. m tbawl irorn rooad tbe h««d. p. 

G08— QRA 

goM, m. meat, fleah. goikt-i-naljiiiit kc»a, ei- 

preeaea intimate friendahip. p. 
goshf, f. plot, cabal, conapiracj. <- 
gothlaba, gothtdad, m. pounded or minced meat, 

alao soup or graTy tlieroof. p. 
gat(k, m. a conpen, a fold Ibr cattle, i. 
goihfki, f. an asaemblj, a meeting) cooTeraation, 

diacouraei familv connections, i. 
gothlin, Qcah^ (an epithet ciiieflj applied to the 
tongue, as in this phrate) zahasi gash tin cut 
ieghi dhaHiH, the tongue, though of flesli, ia ;et 
a Bword of steeL p. 
goihaara, m. an ear-ring ; the abstract of an ac- 
count ; a Butiimarj, an index, p. 
goipaad, f. a aheop, a goat. p. 
goalan, to. a clutter of bloaaoma, a noaegay. A. 
go-tlhdn, m. a cowpen, a place for cattle, t, 
got, m. parentage, pedigree, stock of a family ; 

genus, species ; a caste collectiTcly, i. 
gol, t the hem of a garment, k, 
gof, a counter, pieces or man at cheas. t. 
gota, the mustard-aeed ; parentage, h. 
go(d, m. (gold or ailrer) luce. h. 
gofdra, the rich lands immediately adjacent to a 

TiUage. S. 
gotkda, m. place for aasembling cattle. *. 
gall, m, a kinamaii, rtlatiTC, connection ■, adj. of 

or belonging to the aame race, lineage, liX!. t. 
goli, f. the small poi, a pock. A. 
golraj, m. a relation, bom in the bmilj. t. 
goaand, a. to hide, to conceal. $, 
goaarl, a famiu, cowhouee, cowherd. A. 
goyd, adj. speaking or endowed with apecch i 
' " if one would say. p. 


gogdt OT gogdn, talkative, conreraing. p, 

gogaada, m. an orator, a speaker, p. 

gogandagi, f a dinlcct, apecoh. p. 

grak {{oT griha), m. a house, dwelling, f. 

grdk, m. taking, aeiiure ; an alligator. *. 

graiddia, auhject to planetary influence. (. 

graknk, one who tafcea Or accepts. «. 

grahdmag, m. an epilepsy, conTulaioria. «, 

grakan, m. aeiznre ; assent i an eclipae. i. 

grahaiu, (. diarrhosB, dysentery, i. 

grahild, taking, disposed to take. 1. 

grdhga, worthy of acceptance, t. 

graiiAm, adj. belonging to tbe hot season, t. 

gram, a Tillage. grdm-Bdii, m. a TitUger. grdm- 

gdjai or prdm-purohii, m. tbe Tillnee phest. 

graiMdhilari or grdmidhipali, the headman of a 

village. /. 


( 163 ) 


gramam^ m. a barber ; f. a harlot ; a female yil- 
lager, s, 

gramin^ m. a villager ; adj. rustic. #. 

gt^^yt^t m. rustic Speech, the Prakrit; adj. Til- 
lage-bom, rustic. «. 

grmmgaswa^ m. (village horse) an ass. s. 

graiUki, a knot, a joint, a tie. s, 

granih'kar, m. an author, bookmaker, writer, the 
founder of a system or sect. s. 

grity m. a mouthful ; fodder for cattle. A. 

groH^ inaccurately pronounced, slurred. *. 

gratkit, strung, tied together or in order. *. 

grek or grih, m. a house, dwelling. gj^ih-ptUl, m. 
a houseliolder. gjnh-hhumi^ f. the site of a 
house, gjrih-iafi, f. a terrace in front of a 
house, grih'kapotaky m. the domestic pigeon. 
gjrih'ndMhany m. a pigeon, gf^ih-vdfikd, f. a gar- 
den or grove near a house, s, 

gridhra or gf^idhru^ covetous, greedy. *. 

grikasth'dshram or girhast-dJthram, the profession 
or condition of a householder, s. 

g]rikasthl, f. husbandry, housewifery, household ; 
adj. of or relating to a householder. 9. 

grikga, a partisan, belonging to a party; to be 
taken or seized ; domestic ; a ritual book. s. 

grivdy f. the neck, the back part of the neck. s. 

gubhamd or gubhond, a. to thrust, stick into. h. 

gubkild, m. hard lumps in the intestines, produced 
by costiveness ; $cgbala, h. 

gmehchha or guchchhd, m. a bunch, a cluster (of 
fruit) ; ear of com ; a tassel, h, 

guehckhdf dapper, neat, compact. #. 

guehke-ddr^ t, a kind of turban, h. 

gu4y same a8^f*'(q.v.), treacle, &c. s. 

gmdd^ m. brain, kernel, pith, crumb. 9, 

gudiikJUky melted, dissolved, p. 

guddm, (vulg. godown) a warehouse. 

gudar^ fat, plump, h, 

gudaf, m. a quilt ; a bundle of old clothes ; any 
old tattered clothes ; a kind of silk stuff, gudaf- 
ikail (applied only to females), foolish, unman- 
nerly, rude, gudar-nnd^ to stitch together. 
gudaf kd Idl or giidafmen gandaurd-mkalnd, 
good proceeding from evil, h, 

gudafigd, clothed in patched garments or in rags ; 
one who lets quilts for hire, h 

guddZy melting, mild, gentle, affable ; (in comp.) 
mdting or melter ; (met.) ei terminating, as 
gmlm-guddZf the exterminator of oppression, p. 

gudddf m. a baby, doll ; a bough, a branch, h, 

gnddiy f. the nape of the neck, h, 

g^i4^ ^ * child's kite ; a pinion. A. 

gud-grahf m. constipation, flatulence, &c. «. 

gudguddf soft, plump, h. 

gudguduhaf or gudguddyi, f. titillation. A. 

gudguddndf a. to tickle, to titillate, s, 

gud-gudi, f. titillation, prurience, tickling, h, 

gidhnd (also gundhnd), a. to knead (flour). A, 

giidhn, f. (v. gudri) a quilt, a bundle. A. 

gudi^df desirous, wishing, h, 

giidndf a. to prick, to puncture, to tattoo, to 
brand as a criminal ; m. marks of tattooing, h, 

gudri or gudri, f. a pallet, a beggar's bedding, 
quilts, &c. ; the garment of a d£U*we8h ; a bun- 
dle ; a daily market, h. [bundle, h, 

gddri, f. a quilt (particularly that of a fakir) ; a 

guft, a word, saving, speech, discourse, p. 

gufla, spoken, told ; an order or command, p. 

gujtaniy fit to be told or spoken, p, 

gufldr, speech, mode of speaking, p. 

gufl-go or guft-gi, orguft o go, or gujt o shanid or 
gujft o shanddy f. conversation, discourse, chit- 
chat ; contention, debate, controversy, p. 

gngird, sulphur, brimstone, gugirdi ahmar, red 
sulphur ; the philosopher's stone, p, 

guhdj f. a cave, cavern, s. 

guhdl (v. gaU'Sdld), a cowhouse, h, 

guhdnjani, f. a stithe (in the eye), h. 

guhar, m. a gem ; essence ; race, family ; nature. 
bad-guhar, of a bad disposition, p, 

guhdr, f. m. aid ; bawling, tumult, alarm, h. 

guharigd, m. a dunghill, a place where excrement 
is thrown. *. 

guhatf covered, concealed, plaiting the hair. s. 

guhi or guhi, defiled with excrement, s.h, 

guhrdnd, n. to call out ; a. to assist, h. 

guhgdy concealable, requiring concealment. 9. 

gdyiydn, m. a partner (at any game). A. 

gujardt, the province of Guzerat. p, 

gujardiif of or belonging to Guzerat. p, 

gujhan, thickly, closely, densely. A. 

guji, f. a stick, a club. 9. 

gujigdy f. an earring, a kind of sweetmeat. A. 

gdjri (for guzn), £ the square or market-place of 
a city (v. chauk), A. 

gul, the fire-ball of a hukka ; a bullet. A. 

guly m. a rose, a flower ; the snuff of a candle ; 
the albugo ; a seton, an issue, a mark made by 
bamhig; balls of charcoal, used for burning 
the tobacco in a hukka ; the caput mortuum of 
tobacco led on the tile of a hukka after smok- 

• • • 

ing. gul-afshdn (v. gul-JUhdn). gul anas ki 
jau, m. salep. gul-anddm, slender, delicate. 
gul i aurang, m. name of a flower, gul-bdndhnd, 

GXJL-G0L ( 11 

to chu the end of the mntrh of a gun. y■^ 
harg, m. a rose-Iiif; (met.) a nuatn-es. gttl- 
barga, name of b city, Calburgah. yuli bata- 
mi/i, niine of Bcharming Utile romance in Ihc 
Hindugtani language bj Xihdl Chaiul Ldhtyri. 
guli j/HfdHi, the Tpne real disi'ase. fful-jhaffna, 
to drop tLe charred part (a match), guli 
ciamiHi, f. tho name of a flonrr. ^l-ciaihm, 
labouring under albugo, giil-eiiira, roij-fBced. 
aU cham vgaaa, to bo ndditted to pleasure, to 
Uve eipoiiMvel;. ^^riia, m. a gardener, gitl- 
Uiat, m. tpotted. ffuii-t;iaf_mi, the common 
hoDjIiook. gul-dir, ipotted. gul-4dn, m. a 
flower-pot. ffvt-daila, m. a noiegaj. gul-dend, 
to scar, to make an is»uc. gul-rslHi or gvl- 
nthfir, rosj. diet lied. gtil-ruMda, pi. the rosy- 
cheeked oni'B, Ihe fair oue«. guU-ra'nd, m. a 
beautiful di'licatencented rose, gul-rang, rose- 
coloured, red. giil-rH, rosy, ruddj j (used sub.) 
& miatresi, a sn'eetheHrt. gul-ret, a kind of 
ailken atufl*i nd. shedding flowen. gvl-zar, m. 
m garden (or bed) of rosee. gul-sKatar or 
gul-ihatari, t. eouterre of roiee. gtil-ijar Or 
-vzar, rosj-eheeked. gnl-fam, lite tlie ro«e, 
a mietrMa, gul-fiihan, scatlering roaee, agree- 
able, pleasant, gul-kand, to. conserve of roaes. 
gul-kd(iti, a. to snuff a CHiidle. gul-kari, f. 
flowering! painting fluwers. gul-katamd, to 
snuff ■ candle; to calumniate, gul-t., to ei- 
tinguieh (a candle or lunp); to Sash in the 
pan, and mis s fire (s gun). gul-khdHa, to be 
cauterized orto cauterize one's ^If. gul-khaii4d, 
m. a belL gul-gmhl, m. walking in the gurdon j 
a pleasant place for icalking and recreation, 
eapecialty if blooming with rosus and other 
Qowere. gulgaikti mutalli, the boner of 3fN- 
fa^ii, (be uame of an enchanting spot nearShiroi 
in Persia, the faTourite haunt of the poet flafla 
when he lived, and where Ills ashes still repose. 
gut'lahima, m. canlifJowet. gal-lagdnd, a. to 
brand, to mark, gul Una, to suulf a candle. 
gtili wuiarrar, m. syrup of roses, yni-oxtl, f. 
a stud, B lack, a nait. guli mf^oii, the pink. 
gvU nithat, (lit.) flower of joy, graps-wine. 
gal-koaa, to be eilinguished or go out (a cau- 
dk). p. 

gil, a channel cut for conyeying water to a field ; 
a road, a path. h. 

guUb, (in Per.) rose-water ; (in Hind.) the rose. 
ffBldb-pdfh, m. a bottle from which rose-water 
I epriukled. gu/db-j/diH, f. the sprinkling of 
■- ffaiab^iatii, rose-watur. gulai- 

1 ) QUL-GUM 

einaim, meek, soft, or geutle-ajed. guldb-ka 
pidl, the rose. p. 
gtildhi, rosy ; rose-colour, damask j f. a Tial, 

liottle, flagon ; a kind of aweelineat, a pear. pji. 
gu/abi jdra, lu. the seaBon of spring, p. 
guldj, f. roundness, glohularity. ». 
gulail, f a p«llst-bow. k, 
giUilbaTl, f. a rojal paTilion, a tent. A. 
gul-bada«, m. a kind of silk cloth ; adj. with a 

body or person beautiful as the rose. p. 
gui-bdng, f. warbling) fame, rumour; sound; 

the woi^crj ; the cry of AIM, Allah, when 

rushing to battle ; ghid tidings, p. 
gal-bun, m. a rose-tree, a rose-bush. p. 
gul-chald, m. a musketeer, a rifleman, i. 
gtildum, a nightingale. p.h. 
gvlel, C, a pellcl-bow. h. 
gal-gir, n. a pair of snuffers, p. 
galgvta, m. sweet cakes ; adj. soil- t. 
gulJpiMha(, f. act of softening ; soflneas. f. 
gulffuland, ■. to soften, to mollify, t. 
gvlgaB, f. a kind of dish i swollen rit 

with molasses, funned into bulls, d. 
gfl-gin, rose-coloured ; name of a liorse 
galgithnd, plump, handsome, chubby. 
guikatH, f. rice-gruel, or rice and 

together and seasoned with salt. n. 
guli, f, a pill, a bolus ; a disease, h. 
gulUlan, m. a rose-garden ; the name of a well' 

known hook written by Mutribu-d-din ihuith 

Sa'Ji of Shh-ai:. p. 
gul-jlfifi, f- conglomeration, gvl-jhari dil ti, 

grief, diapleasure, mental uneasiness. A. 
gul-i^aa, m. a stove, a fumace> p. 
guUd, m. a pellet shot firom a pdlet-bow. k. 
gulH, f. a species of red coral, d. 
gulCt, r. a whelatone, a polishing stone. A. 
gittVi, m, a kind of pigeon, h. 
gslm, m. a division of an army ; tlie spleen, a 

disease of the spleen, i. 
fful-ndri rang, m. eamatiou colour, p. 
ffvl-thaa, m. a rose-garden; a delightful spot, 

place of enjoyment ; adj. chxrful. p. 
gul-lardili, m. a pair of snuffers, p, 
guli, m. the gullet, tlie throat, the windpipe, p. 
guli-band, m, neckcloth, p. 
gvligi, m, a monkey's pouch, a. 
gtUi-gii; that which fastens on the throat, as 

acrid food, &c. ; met. an accuser, p. 
gul-idf, a garden of roses, jj. 
^■Mi, lost, wanting, missing ; distracted, ^un- 

tiuda or yum-ga4lUa, lo»l. gum-k., >. to lose; 

water boiled 

GUM— auN 

( 165 ) 


n. to be proud, ffum-ndm, ignoble, nameless, 
unknown to fame, consigned to oblivion, ffum- 
ho, get off! away ! make yourself scarce, p. 

SfMmi, m. a name of a plant used as a ionic, and 
cure for the ear-ache, ague, &c. (Phamctceum 
molluffo). p. 

gnmdn^ m. doubt, suspicion, opinion, fancy, sup- 
position, imagination, ffiimdn-ldnd or kama, 
to suppose, to imagine, to suspect, p. 

gumaniy a. to lose, to let a thing be lost. pJi. 

ffnmani^ jealous: doubtful; a suspicious charac- 
ter. p.d. [powers, p. 

gumdshia, an agent, a factor ; an envoy with full 

guPMshtagi^ f. office of gumashta ; commission, 
charge, agency, p. 

gumbad or gumbaz, m. i^ vault, an arch, cupola, 
dome, tower ; a vaulted building, p, 

gumbazi^ dome-shaped, vaulted, p, 

gumchi, t a species of wild liquorice. 

gum-hosh, without sensation ; stupifiecL p, 

gumkdj com without the husks. A. 

gummai^ m. a tower, bastion (perhaps from gum- 
bad, q.v.). h. [ranee, h. 

gumra or gnmrd, m. a bump, swelling, protube- 

gumrah or gumrah, erring, wandering, on the 
wrong road ; abandoned, depraved, s. 

gumrdhi or gumrdht, f. error, deviation, depra- 
rity ; heresy, apostasy, jk 

gumri, f. vertigo, giddiness, h. 

gmnud, musty, mouldy. A. 

gun (for g^na), m. skill, cleverness, sense, under- 
standing : quality, mode, method, manner ; vir- 
tue, merit ; a string; a rope, a favour, a kind- 
ness ; a quality, an attribute or property in 
general (but especially of excellence) ; a prin- 
ciple or property incident to humanity, one of 
which three are enumerated (v. raj '-gun), guh- 
bkrafifh, m. loss of all good qualities, gun- 
ckchdudnu, to pass over a person's good quali- 
ties, gun-idgar, (ocean of excellt»nce;, endowed 
with ail virtues, gun-siuti, f. panegjric, enco- 
mium, gun kd pai(d dend, to pay a benefit. 
gum-k.^ to benefit, gun-gdhak, a patron of 
merit, gun-mdnnd, to acknowledge a favour. 
gun-mag, gun-tcdn, possessed of merit, accom- 
plished, gun-hin, void of merit, s. 

gun, (in conip.) implies similitude of colour, as 
guUgun, rosy-colour, red. p. 

gundy fold, time ; as do gund^ twofold. *. 

guHa, m, colour, form, species, figure, mode, 
manner, kind. p. 

gundgun, of diffen-nt colours or kinds, p. 

gunah or gundh, m. a crime, a sin, a fault, an 
error, gunah-kdr or -gdr, a criminal, a sinner. 
gunah'kdri or -gdri, f. criminality, sinfulness ; 

a fine for crimes and misdemeanors ; revenue 

derived from judicial fines, h.p, 
gundh-gdr, m. a sinner, a criminal, p. 
gundh-gdrt, f. sinfulness, cHminality. p, 
gunda, coarse, thick, strong, p, 
gundagl, f. coarseness, thickness, p, 
gunddwat, f. plaiting, braiding, h, 
gundeld, producing gum (a tree). *. 
gundhan, m. dough ; plaiting, braid. A. 
gundhnd, n. to be kneaded, or to be plaited. A. 
gundhnd, a. to knead; to plait, to braid, to weave. A. 
gnndld, round, circular ; m. a ring, a circle. A. 
gundli, coiling (of a snake). A. 
gundnd, a. (v. gundhnd) to kiiead, Ac. A. 
gundni, f. a tree yielding a gummy fruit. A. 
gung, or gung or gungd, dumb, speechless. A. 
gun-gdhak. m. a discemer of merit, a patron of 
gungd,i, f. dumbness. A. [learning. *. 

gun-gdn, m. panegyric, praise. A. 
gungdn-karnd, a. to sing, to celebrate, to prattle 

(or crow) as infants. A. 
gunguna or gungund, warm ; m. tepidity. A. 
gungundnd, n. to be milk-warm; to snufile; to 

sing slowly; to mutter, to grumble. A. 
gum, skilful, virtuous, possessed of any quality or 

art ; a snake-catcher, one who charms tbe snakes ; 

a sorcerer. *. 
gunin, endowed with good qualities, skilfuL «. 
gunigan, meritorious, virtuous. *, 
gunj, f. echo, buzzing, sound, roar. *. 
gunjd,i or gunjd,ish, capacity, containing, holding, 

room ; profit, gain ; capability (of a village re- 
specting revenue), p. 
gunjd,isht, roomy, profitable, p. 
gunjdn, thick, close togetl«er, dense. A. 
gunjdni, f. thickness, closeness (of trees). A. 
gunjamd, n. to roar, to growl. A. 
gunjat, adj. buzzing, humming. 
gunjhd, grave, venerable. A. 
gunjhd, m. a kind of sweetmeat. A. 
gunjishk, a sparrow, or any small bird, p, 
gunjnd, n. to resound, to hum, to buzz, to roar, 

to growl. *. 
gnn-khdn, (mine of merit) very worthy. #. 
gunmdn (v guntcdn), skilful, Ac. *. 
gunrd, m. a beam (of a ship), the cross timbers 

(of a boat). A. 
guniknd or gfinthnd, a. to thread, to string ; to 

stitch ; to spit, or i»u( on a spit. *. 


GUN— GUB ( 1 

ffvnlhteanS or giithieand, a. to cause to string, t, 

fftin-iBa» or gHn-iva»t, talented, TirtuOUs, aoconi' 
plislied, EkUiul, meritorious, i. 

fftipal, m. (t. gopil) a co«herd ; a man'a name 
freqnentl]' UBed among Hindus. «. 

gipal, an iron mace, an iroo throne, p. 

gupia, {. a cate, a ranlt, a den. t. 

gitpl or goptay preserred, protected, hidden ; in- 
visible ; adr. privaUlj, secretlj. i. 

gapla-gaii, m. a spy, a secret cmiisarj. t. 

gtiptt, f. concealment, protection. (. 

gvpti, t a liiddcn svord, a sword stick. >. 

gtift m. molasses, treacle, gar-ambd, mangOM 
boiled with meal and sugar, t. 

guri,i, f. fairness, wliitencss; yelloimesB; pale 
TedneiB, ruddiness. A. 

gurajna, to snarl, to growl, i, 

gvramba, mangoes boiled with meal and lugar, 
resembling mango fool. >. 

gurana, a. to dig ; to cause to be dug. i. 

giirari (y.iira), a kind of rope. A. 

guras, a hog, a boar g a harrow, p. 

gurba, m. a cat. gvrba.e mittin, (met.) * wicked 
rogue (lit. poor puss). ». 

gtir-bha,i, m. a feltov'disciple. t. 

gurbuc, artful, ftwning, flattering, seductire. p. 

gurd, strong, Taliant, a hero. p. 

gurda, m. a kidney i (met.) courage, p. 

ffvrex, f. flight, aeviation, abhorrence, aversion, 
abstinence, fasting, regreasion, fugitive, p. 

gvrexin, running bwh]', shunning, p. [cub. p. 

gurg, m. a wolf, gurg-xida, a young wolf^ a wolfs 

gurgi, m. a serrant-bo;, a brat ; a vagabond j the 
knee joint, a. [ponder, meditate, reflect, h. 

gpfgi, the knee, gufge po nwaefi Jhutdnd, to 

gurgdii, f. a kind ofsboe or slipper, h. 

gurgi or gufgi, t. a nench ', a slnve-girL A. 

gargidar, to. old and tattered garments, h. 

guj^raad, n, to nimble (the bowels). 1, 

gurgiiri, f. ague, the cold fit of a fever. A. 

SPTg'r'- f' > small Ifukka, vulgarly called the 
hubble-bubble, generaily made of a cocoa-nut- 
shell, and having a straight inSeiible tube. A. 

girhaj, a son whose fttlier is not ascertained. », 

girk, abstruse, didicult, abstracted ; soeret, mys- 
terious, gmrh-arlh, of obscure or hidden mean- 
ing, girk-bakld. m, a pedagogue, a pedant. 
gnrk-mdrg, m. a subterranean passage, a defile, 
a bye-road or secret way. gurh-pdt, m. a snake. 
gurh-puru&li, m, a spy, a secret emissary, a dis- 
guised agent, a scout, gifkta, f. abstruseneas. 

gurit/d or gifii/a, m. one wliose business is to sell 
^r, q.v.i f, a doll, a child's puppet. A. 

garkkd,!, a kind of mortgsge. A. 

^BroJ, m . a band, troop, company, p. 

gurpuz, artful, fswning, fiattering, seductive, p. 

gurri, f. parched barley. A, 

gvriaim, hunger, gursanagi, f. hunger, p. 

gtim (or contr. gif), m. a spiritual parent or 
director, a religious teacher ; a father, or any 
venerable male relative, guru-pdi, diflicutt of 
digestion, gum^iar, more important or weiglily. 
gum-jan, an elder, a venerable person, gun- 
raiu.m, a topai. guru-kirya, m. a moment oua 
aflair; the office of spiritual teacher. gum- 
lakA, m. knowledge which can be acquired from 
a living instructor only, giirv-makk hand, to 
receive from a guru tlie initialoiy prayer, to 
become a scholar. ». 

gvTuV)i,iti, f. the vilfe of a guru. t. 

gvrei or gvrviyii, t. a pn^nsnt woman. (. 

gun, m. a mace, a club, a battle-aie. p. 

giin-bardar, a maeebearer. p. 

gitiaigdn (m. gosaiyin, lie.), tlie deity. ». 

gvtar, (in comp.) removing, diuipating, assuaging ; 
as jiatB-jwiir, the dissipalor of sorrow, i.e, a 
sincere friend, p. [i^B. opened, ic. p. 

guihdd or gmhdda (v. kvikdd and kvthdda}, open- 

guahf, m. cabal ; an sssembly. t. 

gu-til, (in comp.) breaking, destroying ; aa Jan- 
gvsil, soul- breaking or life-destroy iug. p. 

gvtigydi (r. goiaigdn, 4c.), the deity, t. 

gtiild^, arrogant, presumptuous, uncivil, cruel, 

ffMldHdna, impudently, rudely, p. [rude. p. 

gutlaUi-datt, dexterous, clever-handed, p. 

gtutd)^l, f. arrogance, presumption, rudeness, 
cruelty. gtaldl^i mti o/, pardon my nido- 

disponses justice, p. 
gtularda, spread (a bed); a foundation, p. 
gatiari, f. (sbst. of ,fuffar in comp.) spreading, &c, ) 

as 'addtal-guttari, the promoting of justice, p. 
gvlakad, n. to coo as a dove : to swallow. A. 
guli, m. a round ball of cotton, &c. A. 
gafkla, being set on edge (the teetb). A. 
gvlhli, f. a kerne!, stone, seed. i. 
guUnd, n. to be strung or threaded, est earls ; to 

be arrayed. «. 
gilhnd, a. to thread, to string ; to pttut, to braid, 

to stitch ; to spit, or put on a spit. i. 


( 167 ) 


gmthwaA^ that which has been strong, &c. 9. 
^mwMjf&y f. a gossip ; a woman's female friend ; 

adj. eloquent, conversable, p.h, 
^modr, a thing easy of digestion, ih^tsh-ffuwdr, 

sweet, agreeable, easy of digestion, p. 
gmm^dra or gwodrdn {y. gaicdra)^ pleasant, p. 
guxif or guzdf, f. boasting, a falsehood, a lie ; 

Tanitjr, idle or foolish words and deeds ; adj. 

foolish, rain, idle. p. 
gmsamy choosing, selecting, p, 
ffu^ar Qit guzdr^ f. a pass, a passage, a ferry, a ford, 

transit; passing, elapsing. guzar-jdnd^ n. to 

paas by, to elapse, guzar-k., to cross over, p, 
^^dr^ or gn^dra or guzdrd^ m. a ferry, a passage, 

passing; performing, executing, pajing; (in 

oomp.) forwarding, paying, executing, as mdl- 

gttgdr, a tenant, i,e, one who forwards or pays 

rent. p» 
gmtardMndy a. to present, to forward, p.h, 
^zoT'bdn, f. a ferryman, an officer who collects 

the customs at ferries ; a guardian at any pass ; 

a road-watch. p. 
ffm^ar-gah, f. ferry, ford, passage, p, 
gm^arat^ through the medium of, by the hands of 

(an indiTidual making payments), p. 
i^igirithf f. payment ; a petition, request ; repre- 

sentation, explanation, p. [of dreams, p. 

jpumriih, f. utterance, explanation ; interpretation 
gw^dma^ a. to cause to pass, to forward. p.h, 
^ranuLf n. to pass, to go, to pass by or over ; to 

omit, to abstain from, to decline ; to terminate ; 
gmratkidt m, past, elapsed, p, [to die. p.h. 

guMtdOf dioaen, selected, excellent; gazid<i^ injured, 

bitten, alarmed, p. 
^mzkUnu, worthy of being chosen, p. 
^■ata, (in comp.) choosing, preferring, electing. 

tialwat'gvnnf fond of retirement, a hermit, p, 
ffuzir^ aid, remedy; the superintendant of col* 

lectors of the revenue, a manager or head 

agent ; a commander ; the night watch, p. 
ffuxrdn, {, Ufe, passing; employment, livelihood. 

jpurdm-k,, to pass one's life, to enjoy one's 

aeUT. p. 
gwain or gwetindef adv. near, gwaindd, m. a 
suburb, vicinage, fields near a village; home- 
stead. A. 
gwdl or gwdld, m. a cowherd ; name of a Hindu 
caste whose occupation is the tending of cattle. 9. 
giodli»f f. a female cowherd, a woman of the gwdld 

caste, f. 
gwend^ m. suburb, vicinage, fields near a village, 

homestead. A. 

gydn^ m. knowledge, understanding, intelligence, 
intellect, knowing ; knowledge of a specific and 
religious kind which tends to exempt the soul 
from further transmigration, ggdn-daurdnd, to 
meditate deeply, s. 

ggdni, intelligent, knowing, sagacious, judicious, 
one possessing religious wisdom. #. 

gydnin^ m. an astrologer ; a sage. 

ggdnini, wise, intelligent (a woman). 9, 

ggdnwdn {y. ggdni)f intelligent. 9, 

ggdpakf m. an instructor. 9, [informer. 9. 

ggdpakf adj. making known, proclaiming ; m. an 

ggdpan, m. causing to know, instruction. 9. 

gydpU^ taught, made known ; revealed. 9. 

ggaptiy f. understanding, comprehension. 9, 

gydrah (com. igdrah)^ eleven, h. 

gydrahwdn^ m. gydrahunn^ f. the eleventh, h, 

gydt or gydta^ known, understood. 9. 

gydtdy m. one acquainted with anything. 9. 

gydtd-purtuth, a learned man. 9. 

gydteyay m. relationship, affinity. «. 

gydiif m. father ; a distant kinsman. 9, 

gydt'9iddhdnt, m. a man versed in science. «. 


hdf an interjection of weariness, sorrow ; pleasure, 
reproach, &c. «. 

habannakf m. a dwarf ; a weak, silly person, a. 

habashf an Abyssinian, Ethiopian, a. 

kabcuha or haba^hat^ Ethiopia, ]>eople of Ethiopia; 
also people of Southern Arabia, a. 

habbf 1. a pill ; a grain ; a berry, a. 

f^abbOf m. one berry, one grain, one seed ; a par- 
ticle, part ; a measure equal to two barleycorns; 
a pill. a. 

habbd'dabbdf the whooping-cough, h. 

habib, a lover, sweetheart, a friend, a mistress, a, 

hdbil or hdbilt Abel, the son of Adam, and brother 
brother of Cain. a. [compact, a, 

hably m. rope, cord, tendon ; a league, alliance, 

hablu'l-icaridf the jugular vein. a. 

hahrdy ill-shaped, clumsy. A. 

habsy m. retention, imprisonment ; prison ; a 
prisoner ; a bank, mound, dam ; a tank, pond, 
reservoir, habm-l-baul^ m. a retention of urine ; 
a strangury. hah9U-n-nafa9y suffocation. hab9i 
dam, m. retaining the breath ; an asthma, a. 

habskl, Abys^tinian or Ethiopian, a CafTro, a negro, 
a slave ; a negress, a slave, a. 

hab9hin or hab9hiHi. an Abvsainian woman. 





habi, decmuK- (of pricp, 4c.), rnllinij. a. 

haehiid OT horitoU, m a jtilt, shock, A. 

hiiil,i/. m. B niurl.,a butt, kiuiafmiraa, to strike 
the mirk, to hit the iiaQ on llie iiead. a. 

hoftaga, i>l. pre«-Q(», 4e. a. 

hadd, r.B boundary, limiti (in impeilimc^t. ^add- 
bUndliitdy a. io bouud, to teriiimate. hadd'htut 
or ^i(ji/-^ii^j, the Mitlrnieiit nnd demarculion 
of bomidsriee. ^add-bhtir-k., a. to do one's beat. 
httddi whar', the extremity of the la>T, legal 
punisbment, ^add-ft-ajinu or -ligad, or -li- 
yida, bi^ond bounds, eiCfBaivelv. Ifadd-k-, ». 
to push anything to extroniitv ; to go beyond 
bounds, ^add-yaarni, a. to punish, a. 

Iiddd, acrid, aour, fierj, Cnnstic. a. 

iadda, m. a was))) a bone; apavitl. Aa4de molhre 
niidlad, (Ul.) to break out in spariiis and cede- 
niatouB swellings ; (met.) to adopt an evil con- 
duct. ».A- 

hadddd, ni, a blacksmith ; BJsiler. a. 

haddi, f. a bone ; the linrd part m the centre of a 
carrot or Other similar mot, *. 

haddild, bouv, lull of bones. (. 

hadi, JO. a director, leader, ^lide. n. 

hddit, irigcnious, industrious, skilful, penetrattng, 
intelligent, excelling, a. 

hadi^a, an iiuJosed garden, a pUiitatioD. a. 

^adig, m. a iiistory, a tradition ; the traditional 
sayings of Muhammad, whioli now bear the 
force of laws, htulif-k., a. to forawear, to 

fni/il, new, just npjKBriiig. Addif-Aoiid, n. to 

appear, lo niierge, to happen, a. 
hdditit, m. a, iioTelty, an eicnt. an occurrenoei • 

misfortune, calninily. a. 
hadijfa, ni. a present (partioularl; to Buperiors)) 

lliB price of a kur,sn. a. 
kadigaba, sheepish, shame-faced, timid, h. 
hadijfdiaf, f. scrupulouiness, shjucss. A. 
kadij/dHi, n. to hesitate ; to be alarmed, or appro- 

lienaiTe, to shrink, h. 
hadm, m. ruin, hadim, a destroyer, a, 
kadgari, a ring on the thumb, h. 
ha,s or kd,e-hS.e, inleij. alas! alasl f. a sigh. ki,e 
■ - ■ aigh 
BTing a good meniorj j one who hi 

f«r.dn I7 heiirt. a. 
hdfi^a, m. a ri'ttntiyc memory, a. 
i-yi^i-ao/Iar, ki'eper ot the records, a. 
^/r/i, m. an afsembly, council, congregation. 

kajl, seren. luifl-ikSm, the seren climes, i.e. the 
whole habitable world. kaft-aHddm, the nnine 
of the great Tein that runs tluMUgh (he arm. 
kaft-i^waa, the »even feasts given by Ruitam on 
his way to MiizaHdnrdn (V. s/idhmi,iia). haft- 
rangi, of teven colours ; oaprieiou!, artful, cun- 
ning, hafl-katam, seren sortn of Pereinn hand- 
writing, hajl-kalami, one who wrilei the soien 
hand-wri(ing« uforeanid. kaJt-iiakutaT, the «>iua 
regions, the world, kaft-kasuri, m. a commander 
ol seren tliousanJ j f. the command of seven 
Ihouaaad. kaft-haikt, abuse, idle talk, Ac. p. 

k/tfla, m. a week. p. 

kajtid, aercnty. htfladvm, menlieth. p. 

hofla-dutt, slij^ht actjuaintsiice, on inconstant 
friend, p. 

hofl-dakan or -dakMinia, the seienleijnth. t. 

hiijle-id din, Saturday. ;. [by sevens, p. 

ia/l-gdaa, seren times or sevenfold ; adv. in or 

haflum or ka/tumiu, the icvcnLh. p. 

hagdt, t. inclination to go to *toaI, tenesmus, k. 

hdgdn batf_dl[i, a restless Gdgettiiig per-ion. k. 

hdkd, m. laughing, ha< ha! importunity, earnest 
request, supplication, iakd-hihl, f. laughing. 
kdhd-klki-le.t to laugh, kdkd jigi Jiffit an ex- 
pression of approbation, also of eaniesl re- 
quest, kdhd kliind, to flatter, to wheedle, to 

kdhd-ltdr, ra. conslemalion 1 lamcntalion, «. 

kai, inlerj, alaa! strangel wonderful! kai kai, 
alas! &c p. 

hai,at (t. kial), t. astronomy, the aspect of the 
heavens i face, visage, countenanee, aHpect. a. 

kaibat, f. fright, perturbation, awe. haibal dikh- 
tana, to appal, to terrifv. kaibal-tcida, aghast, 
appalled, kmbat-ndi, frightful, terrific, a. 

haidar, a lion, a man's nuuie. a, 

^if, m. iniquity, violenoe, oppression 1 inteij, ah 1 
alasl A<ii/*AiuAa(£ ,(-t, 'twere a pity that. 11. 

kaift, gnef, sorrow, regret, a. 

haigd, is, may be (an expression of consent); pro- 
bably, suppose so, doubtless, k. 

haikal, interj. alas ! beyoue ; subst. bewailing, 

kaik, m, a horse, k. [laineiiUtion. a. 

kaiial, L a Bgure, face, furm, stature or shape of 
body, appearance, person ; any great building, 
a palace, a temple ; an ornament worn rouud 
the neck (of man or of beast), a. 

id,il, terrible, horrible, aufid, a. 

hi,il. restraining, inlenening ; m. (used substan- 
tively) a Bhell~.-r, dcfciic,', proli-clioii. a. 

hd^ldl, pi, tbings terrible, ie. a. 


( 169 ) 


perplexed, astonished, confounded, dis- 
tubed, fiitigued. a. 

^mribUy f. Mtonishment, perturbation, confusion 
or distraction of mind. a. 

^airaf^ f. stupor, perturbation, astonishment. 
^darat-afka^ increasing one*8 amasement; 
Mtonishmg. I^irai-zadaf struck with astou' 
ishment. a, 

^mira^t astonished, bewildered, a. 

^ai^baifi t perplexity, hesitation, suspense, a per- 
plexed business, a dilemma, a. 

km§^<U^ t ubi(^uity, universality; capacity, ability, 
merit ; conditional proposition, a. 

kaiwmn, m. a brute or irrational animal, in contra- 
distinction to tfwtfn, a human being, a, 

htdwdnit, pL animals, living creatures, a. 

htmodni^ brutal, beastly, a. 

haiwimjfiMt^ brutality ; 4u contradistinction to 
inMomifai^ humanity, a. 

Mahfj alive ; a family, a tribe. Aotjr kaiyum or 
htdy Id-yamut, eternal, imperishable, a, 

Aoiytx, m. a place, a tract of ground, a. 

kaij^iUSmy material, rehiting to matter, a, 

katfo^ m. the cholera morbus, a flux and vomit, 

Aosft, a wicked brat, a, [the cholic. a, 

kqfab, m. interposing, secluding, excluding, fenc- 
ing round, a. 

hafimat^ f. cupping, scarifying, shaving, hajd- 
mai-k.f to shave, ** faire la barbe." a, 

i^far, m. a stone; hindorance, prohibition ; in law, 
annulment, hajaru-l-aswadf m. the black stone 
in the temple of Mecca, a, 

^at^ t necessity ; poverty ; hope, wish, need, 
want, hdjat'bardr or -rawdy producing or sup- 
plying what is needed. hdjeU rqf* kamdy a. to 
relieve one's necessities ; to go to the necessary. 
kt^ai-^nandf necessitous, indigent; hoping, de- 
pending, hdjai-mandiy f. indigence, destitution. 

I^jdiy pi. wants, necessities, a. 

hajdak^ eighteen, hajdahum^ the eighteenth, p. 
Jkdfi, m. a Biusalman who has made the pilgrimage 
to Mecca, kdji ul haramcdn^ a pilgrun to both 
the sacred places, i,e. Mecca and Medina, a, 
hdji-akmaJk, two mock pilgrims who perform a 
conspicuous part in the Muharram £wtivaL a. 
J^ibj m. a door-keeper ; a chamberlain, a privy- 
councillor ; a curtain ; the eyebrow, a, 
kafim, m. driving in ; repulsing ; attacking sud- 
denly; extirpation, a. 
hdjizy that which hindero or intervenes, a, 
hajj^ m. act of moving round, or going to a place ; 
pilgrimage to Mecca, a. 

hdjjdjy a tyrant, oppressor, a, 

hajjdm^ m. a cupper, scarifier ; barber, a, 

hajjdmiy f. the profession of a cupper; shaving, a. 

hajjdminly a barber's wife. a. 

haJMy thickness, bigness ; cupping, scarifying, a. 

hd^'o, f. satire, a lampoon, a pasquinade, hajo 
matiJi, f. apparent praise but real satire, irony, a. 

hafr, m. separation, disjunction, desertion, of 
country or friends, a, 

hakam^ m. an umpire, a mediator, an arbitrator, a, 

hakdmd, a. to drire oxen or other cattle in a 
circle, as when treading out grain, h. 

hakhakdndy n. to be confused, to be aghast. A. 

hakikat, f. account, narration, relation, explana- 
tion ; truth, sincerity. haktkat-Hdma^ a written 
statement of particulars, a. 

haklktf real, true, accurate, just, own. #. 

hakiki hhd.u a full brother, a. 

• • • 9 9 

hakim, a sage, philosopher ; a physician, a doctor, 
in the general sense of the t^m. a, 

hdkim^ m. a ruler, a governor, a commander, a 
master ; pi. hdkimdn, a. 

haklmdna, like a sage, wisely, a. [a. 

hdkimdn/t, judicially, magisterially, with authority. 

hakitniy f. the practice of medicine; adj. of or 
relating to men of wisdom, a. 

hdkimty of or belonging to a ruler; f. office of 
ruler, a magistracy, a. 

haktr, contemptible ; thin, lean ; vile. hakir- 
ptnndj a. to contemn, to despise, a. 

hakii-i, eont-emptibleness ; leanness, a, 

hakky m. erasure, scratching out. hakk-k.^ a. to 
erase, hakk-h.^ to be erased, a, 

hakk, just, right, true ; m. the Deity ; justice, 
re<rtitude ; lot, portion ; equity, hakk add-k.^ 
a. to render every one his due. hakk%'9'ta% m. 
the wages of labour, recompense for trouble. 
hakkuUdhy the rights of Gh>d, punishment in- 
flicted for religious ofiences. hakku-n'ndt^ the 
rights of man, punishment of crimes against 
society, hakku-n^nd^irin^ something left after 
a banquet for the servants or spectators, hakk 
ta^dld^ God is great, the Almightv. hakk jail o 
jaldU the Deity in all his splendour, t^kki 
hawdladdr^ the allowance of grain given to 
shahtuu (q-v.), generally at the rate of a seer 
(ser) and a-haif to every maund {man), hakk- 
ddr, proprietor, hakk hakk-k.^ n. to be veiy 
hungry. hakki'Zamhiddri, a samindar's pro- 
prietary right, hakk'shinds^ knowing and per- 
forming one's duty ; rendering to every one his 
due; grateful. AaJJr-«Ai}i««, gratitude, hakhi- 

HAS— HAL ( ] 

Iranunciari, •tm/auclum or -tioltdori, duM and 
teea to taauni or Tillage aerrintB, genenlly 
UDOuntiiig to 3 p«r cent, lia^k mei, with re- 
spect to. hatk-tia-hatk,ng}itoiiirong, ^akk- 
na-ikituit, ungntaful, undutiful. i^^^ Aohb, n. 

haika (inteijxtion), tn Qodl a. [lo die. a. 

kakii-iakH, coamaea ; ogbast. h. 

. , . w, true, parftct, diiine, a. 

^kk-bhenf, preunti made to lutttTe offieen. oJi. 

iakkh/ai, f. right, Bbare^ claim, property, a. 

haiid, atuttenog, Btcmmering, A. 

katlaia, m. a itammerer. h. 

hakldnd, n. to (bucmer, to atntter, to TaltOT. I, 

hal, m. a plough. Aal-jotd, a plougbnum. *. 

hdl, m. a plough ; (ulj. quick, i.h. 

idl, m. state, condition ; busLiieea, afikir; pTesent 
time, preaent teme (in grani.)! in rerenue lan- 
Roage, theBctnalilateof the coUeotioEiii ecetuj 
(pL ahiod£). hdl'dtdiG, laJid under present culti- 
Tation (haring fonnerlybeen waste). I^l-didr, 
present rerenue. ^l-biki, corrent balance. AaZ- 
ehalani, preeent currency. Adl-dna, n. to be in- 
■pired, to be thrown into ecstasies, ^t-m-ki, 
whereas, though, yet, howerer, ereo, although, 
notwithstanding. hdl-Iidt-chattid, n. to go, or 
walk quickly, ^dl-idl, this present year. o. 

halo, m. a bilo or circle round the moon. p. 

hdla, f. wine, yinous or spirituous liquor. A. 

$dU, SB instahnent of revenue; ad». now. a. 

katah, the city of Aleppo in Syria, a. 

fytlabi, at or belonging to Aleppo, made in Aleppo 



ltdid-4'>ld, m. staking ; an earthquake, t. 

baldytti, the first ploughing of tlie season, geae- 
rally preceded by Ihe taking of omens and other 
saperstilious cer«imonies. t, 

haldhal, m. a sort of strong poison. t.p. 

hdldkal-dhar, m. a aniall Tenomoua snake. *,y. 

hdldhaR, i. wine, spirituous liquor, t. 

haUk, m. perdition, ruin, daughter, death ; adj. 
lost, fatigued, killed, dead. haldlc-kar»i, to 
destroys to OTerwhelm ; to driTe (o destruction, 
to distress, to fatigue, to kill, kalik-kotid, to be 
killed, to be fatigued, to be tired, a. 

kalakat, C death, destruction ; homicide. : 

katiki, f, destruotion, (uiualioii. a. 

Aaldkd, deadly ; m. a deatroyer. aJt, 

Ifaidl, leg>\ legitimate, lawfu, right. ^Idt-Hor, 
m. a person of the loweit caste, generally a 
sweeper, or employed in the meanest and dirtiest 
occupationi, ao oaUed beoatue erenUiing U law- 
ful food to him. i^aldl-tion, L the hniinrmn or 

state of a sweeper, kc.; a female sweeper, Ac 
haldi-k., a. to slay according to tlie forms 
prescribed by the Mtthatrntadan religion; to 

a fever, k. 
to shudder 
nstanoe, posture 


^iiat, {. hd/al, pi. condition, ci 

of one's affairs ; case. a. 
haldurd, agitation, Ac A. 
^Idtaal, 1. sweetness ; delicioosnees. a, 
halbal or hatbalakai, C hurry, confusion, h. 
ialbaldnd, n. to hurry, to be confbsed. k. 
halbaiuli or hal-bardr, assessment according to 

the number of ploughs, i.p. 
kal-ckal, i. fright,, tumult. A. 
hal-ddr, the possessor of a plough. M.p. 
hdl-dar, a Tillage officer next to the pafwari^ J^dl^ 

ddri, a tai formerly levied on marriages, a.p. 
bam, {, lurnierici a marriage ceremony, anointing 

the partiea with turmeric, i, 
haldiyd, m. a kind of poison ; the jaundice ; a 

class of merchants ; adj. yellow. : 
half, an oath, a tow. fyty'-aina, an affidavit, a 
declaration tipon oath, kalfi duru^ perjury, 
false-swearing, a, 
halkal or AaUald, m. a mortal poison, pj. 
halhaidHd, n. to shake (from the effect of an 
ague, Ac.), to tremble ; a. to shake, to cause 
to tremble. A. 
iatkald!, m. trembling through ferer or fear. A 
kalhaii, C sickness, disease ; an ague. A. 
^l-Aatil, the actual produce or revenue of a tract 

of land. hiU-hdpitlj actually producing, a. 
kalAil, m. a mortal poison. p.t, 
AbS, f. a holm, a rudder ; m, on agricultural 
labourer, a man employed for the dutiea of 
ploughing. (. 
hiU, modern, new ; present, now, soon ; current 

(coin); goTemment asseesment. a. 
hdlif, one wbo makes oath or affidavit, a. 
kdiik, in a dying state ; destructive, deadly, a. 
hilim or hdlm, m. awas, cresBCS. A.o, 
haSnt, mild, affable, unassuming, tractable ; a kind 

or food dressed in the AfuAamm. a. 
haligdt m. a herd (of oien), droTe, flock. A. 
ialigdg or haligdk, (rages of ploughmen. (. 

kal-jati, m. a tiller, a ploughman, t. 

fyilk, m. the wind-pipe, the throat, halk par 

ehhuri ocAAnd, to be menaced, a. 
Kaikd, light (m weight or character), debased, 

mean ; silly, easy, soft, cheap. kiMapa», m. 

I, to SESunge; 10 >biiM-, 

g, k rirrlc ! B loop, a butlon-hole i 

> knot'kiT (of a iloor); a 

ir boundaiy-Une. ^nlia-ta-i/oth, 

•e of (crritudr. Malii-ia-r/oM, 
. AaUa-iaa, one irho kiiDct). 
Initj. >. [». 

FOnfiued, tired, wotned. n. 
lighten. A. 
V; to billow, I o ware. «. 

iBcnini!. untying, half-t., B. 
. o diMolTf, ([i^('u>i>, to dilnlu. 
B •olvi'd, oTPTCOtui.' (as lUfli.ul- 
[«n «tlu..k, „n .,,,roar. A./,. 
T An//,i (for Anm^i). an assault, 
I. loquacitj, foulitili talking, A. 
ihake, to be agilatud. A. 
I ware, billow. ». 
Hi collect. Id i^tbiir. A. 

»\Uy ; hurr}', pert urbul ion. A. 
B or billow. A. 
amu«c, to dandle, A. 
B drill plou^li. A. 

' 1, m. a kind of pwcrtnirat mndp of 
d lU^ar. hnlwi-mkan, iii. iiami' o( 
. fofiTtf-niarAt;, tliv pomtlcC lltli. 
a, a. lo beat acTiTul}?. n. 
1. a ploughman. *. 
tillage, aericultiire. *. 
■ POufeclionLT ; a mukiT or Tendor of 

B kid, a lamb. n. 

'. a confectioner' 9 «ifp ; thp nppelUtion 
or tribe in Ibe luwcr Du,ib. a. 
MgM, pL •wcctmnlB. a. 
", »l»o, nen, Ukewiai', in tlic aanio maonpr, 
■ |iulh I pn oomp.j logethiT with, the lame At, 
iintoUiM AoM-ibAjrtfH, of tlie same nost, intj- 
mata, bird* of B feather. A<im-irgiaiA, embmeinp, 
1o«fcad m BBoh other'a anns. iant'iii/i-iiii, f. 
nabtBOB. AsH-'iPrJ;, concordant, harmonioua. 
laaiaiu, an equal, ■ riTnl. iam-dAaiiji, har- 
BamOB*, MDCordant. ham-baim, at the sanio 
■odrt;, Bfaociating togethiT. ham-hutxr, slerp- 
hg fa^tetber, Ijing on the Mmc bed. ^m-pii, 
k WDipBDioQ, an Bttvudant, ham-pnlla or 
y l / i, B pBrtiian, prtr, partnpr, kam-piydla, 
pot MMipanion. AiwijMrAa, uf the ume trade. 


tam-liiri:ii, of njual wi^icht, fairl.r matched. 
A<iiii./.i7iiH, ■ fellow iludeiit. kam-Jiifii, an inti- 
mate omipnniun. iiim-iinn, ei>ngcner of llie 
Hme apreie*. A(rm-(.(«£, litliiiK tO|;ethcr, a 
friend. /t-tm-JJI, at Ihe rame eBfto Or tribe. 
iam-jairjr,a tawn«ntan, a iiei);hbonr. kaM-Juli, 

Siial, i<ecr, nwraU Ann-cAiuAM, equnl. £fM- 
niAni, f. euiulil}', riralri'. A'ln-pAiijrliii-i-., 
lo conleud. Aiiiii-H jnh, a fellow lod|,>(T. a eoni- 
panioii, a apouiie. AiCH-itirifAri, a Iviltellow, ■ 
>|wii«e. Aoia-iiMfiiH, Ikmhi; in llie wnir itoij. 
Aum-cJiiiMrria, a ■fli.Kil-ldl.iie., b 
jiartner in adrervilv, *vni]iBthi'lieHl. Ama- 
dit/ar, togollier luim-HI. liirin|{, ot llie nalili' 
inelinatiun, a friend. A<im-rf<iiit, a fricnil, ■ 
eouiuaiiiiin- AuH-nif, ai'ijiuuiiled with oits 
BiiothiT'B nvreta. kam-rir, at one piir|K>Mi 
an aofompliee or eiuifeilerate. iamsiJ, of the 
aaoic age, a playfelluw ; a Jin, whieh ia aaid to 
be prudurt-U at 'llie momni'l of the birth iifrTerj 
child, and to aecomiiany him through liFo. Anut- 
Jiinii, jiltini; logelhi-r, a nnii|mnioii, ktim-mlf, 
A wife's fiHlcr'a hii>band (t. Mfti). kam-nuj/it, 
« neii-bbuur, iieijfbbouring. iam-Miibti^, a elau- 
fi'lhiw. A'lia-mrj, equality, erennw. Aaib- 
*afm, H fi'llow-lniTrllrr. Aina-faN^, of tlie Mnio 
veight, fsirl;^ nutelieiL Aon-iia*, of eiiiial Bp\ 
a plnyrellKW. Anw-jAnAV, ofllieumenpgvaniTin', 
alike, remtnbliiift- Anm-fAitAr or Aum rAari, a 
tuwiigiiian. Anm-tAini, a aitler. Aim-tfAii^ a 
TnesHuiate. Aam-'inaa, a enmpaninn, aMoriale, 
]ie.T, niual. AiUH-'oArf, cueral, contnniWtBfy. 
AiiiN-i'ii/if, of equal Btalunv kumtailtim, a 
cuuipnniun, attenilnnt, fiHilman. Anm-AnNiB, of 
Ihe Huic tribe, Aam-A-Mii, a eiip eoiii[>nnion. 
inn-ivfii, of tlio aamo fainilj. kam-linar, 
embraeing. lutm-jap, a gouip. Anm.miirArti. 
of the aanie relu(io[i. inm-mnflakat, eorifede- 
rated. iam-mifltii, a lehiKilfellow. Aoiia-aiiM, 
a Qamnnke. kam-niila, Ringing to|{el)ier. Hing- 
ing in concord, ham-natl, of llie aanic breeil. 

a companion. 

Hnmnt oi 

of eipiul weifilil. Ann- 

AdiH, pron, first jiera. pliir, we. >. 

fdfli, the aceond unn of Nniih, from whom (l 

cording to the Muaalmann) the Indi 

accndeil. a. 
hama, all, the whole, orerj one. iama-di», 

knowing cyeirthing, nprrieneed, wine. p. 
kamagi, t. totojit; g the whole, all. p. 

Ma. ' 


HAH— HAH ( 172 

fnflw^, pi. praisewoiih]' qa*litie> ; Uudsble 
deeds or conanct. a. 

Somi.i/, f. a Bwonl-belt hung from the shouldera ; 
a necklace of flowers; a small k>ir.,i» i* mu- 
peuded to the neck aa ■□ amulet. hamd,il-k., 
to sling across the shoulders (a gun or eword). a. 

Aamdl, alike, equal, reaambliiig] a pear, a oom- 
panioDi a friend, a conBilant. p. 

Mamdia, bearing, becoming progriant. a. 

^amdmd, stone parsiej, Jamaica pepper, o. 

iam-oa, eren this, or that. p. 

tflfnaB, name of Abmtuun's brotlier ( nams of 
Pharaoh's aatlr. a. 

Itamditd, m. the opinion, imagination ; adj. like, 
rMembling ; immediatel;. suddenly ; ditto, the 
same thing nrpealeil, M before, again, p. 

tom-M-dom or ham-in-gdh, that instant, at that 
very moment, p. 

iamiri, pron. (gen. pi. of noiii) ours, our. A. 

iamd-MkKmd, we two, we both, h.p, 

hamatam or Aamdtami, eqnalitj, rivali;. d. 

banfcAu, eren as, like, such aa. p. 



n that m 


hatnd, {. praiM (of God), a. 

AiHH-datl, in hand. iam-daii-Ir., to procore, to 
got, to obtain. ham-diul-A., to bo found. p.h. 

Aomni (dat, and aco. case), us, to ut, &. 

/lamrfi, m. Tnnitj, egotism, arrogauce, pride, t. 

hameaha, alwayB, ever, continually, purpetuallj. p. 

Aamei&agi, t. perpetuity, elemity. p. 

fyUmi, Di. a protector, a guardian, a. 

idmi-bhanta, a. lo oonseut, to confirm, a. 

idmid, m. one who praise* (God), a. 

hamid or hamida, praised ; laudable, glorious. 
a^ld^i ^amida^ praiaewortbj dispoHition, «»- 
tiifi-Aantida, laudable qualifications, a. 

kaTiudin, nowi always; in this manner, p, 

^nmil, m. a son of a whore, a bastard, a. 

ir, bearer ; f. pregnant 


.). is. 

hi-arsiug, orannoied to the I 
the bearer of the earth; the personage among 
the Qreeks aud Komans who bvld a similar 
otRce was Atlas ; among the Hindus it is 
Shetkadg, a great serpent, a. 

fyhniln, i. pregnant, fruitful (a tree), a. 

AofRtn or hamin, we ourBehea, eren we i (in Per- 
aisa) this rerj, aren this, CTen so. p.k. 

himiga, a protectress ; a proteotive body. a. 

kamival, f. ardour, impetuosity, teaL a. 
iam-kiim, a oomjuuiion, colleague, p. 

avelling, p. 

^m^ m. a burden, a load, hand-i., a. to load, 
to impute, to accuse, to ascribe ; the fruit (of 
tlie womb), pr^nanry ; fruit (of any kind), a. 

kamla, m, an attack, onset, storming, a. 

iamm, m. grief, care, solicitude; turning a thing 
aniiously in the mind. a. 

tatniDfi/, m. kammHa, t, a porter, a carrier of 
burdens, a palki-bearer. a, 

kammdm, m. a warm-bath, a bagnio, a, 

kammani, a bath or bagnio-keeper, a. 

kampAnd, or kdn^knd or hampHi, n. to be 0Q( of 
breath, to pant. *. 

Aamr or ifamra, red, of a red colour; m. bitu- 
men, naphtha, a. [with. p. 

hamrak, m. a fellow'traTeUer i prep, with, along 

hamrdki, f. oompanionship in travelling. 

kamta, equal, alike ; m. matcl 

hatitle,!, I. Ukeneis, equality, p. 

kdmun or kdmin, m. a deeert, a plain, a lerel 
ground. kdmiit-Hawani, a traveller or wan- 
derer of the desert, p. 

inrnvdr, plain, equal, level ; proper, suitable, lit ; 
gentle, easy, douQe. p. 

kamicdni, always, continually, p. 

hammari, (. (abut, of AamtDar, in camp.) p. 

kami/dTH, {. a purse, p. 

kamsa or kamzat, the symbol kaoaa, k, 

kaa, C. loss, deficiency, injury, slaughter, t. 

hin, yes, tcrily, tnilyj inleij. make haste! know '. 
hareacarel letitnotbel far from it- pX 

kana, m. the understanding, wisdom, p. 

kanaa, m. killing, injuring ; multiplication. *. 

kaiufd, m. a cauldron. kait4' pkoptd, (lit. to 
break the pot), to disclose a secret. >. 

kaudd, m. a cooking-pot, of clay or metal k. 

kaaifdad, a. to bauish, to expel, to drive out of a 
city, to disgrace (by public puniahmant), A. 

hnnilaia, m. the science of geomeliy. a. 

kandi or handitd, f. an earthen pot or boiler. ». 

hdiuli, f. a pot, a small cauldron, i, 

kdndndj n. to wander, to ramble. A. 

kandotd, m. («. hinioU), a swing. ». 

kangam, m. season, time, period, p. 

kaiuiama, m. an assembly, a crowd ; tumult, up- 
roar, riot 1 assault. kangdma-kantd or ma- 
rkiind, to roiao a disturbanoe. katigdniagir., 
tumultuous, p. 

hangaaa, extra, tomporsry; a deputy, a person 
employed to act temporarily for another, p. 

hanffuji, thick, dense : of a firm texture, p. 
hdi-ki or Am-JUii, yes, yea, indeed, verily. A. 


( 178 ) 


agreeable ; easily obtained, a, 

f. loM, deficiency, injury, slaughter. «. 

ktmfart d^ & straight road, a true method ; a 
mason's rule, a plumb-line, a level, &c, nd- 
hanjar^ astray, wicked, unfortunate, rude, im- 
polite, p, [gullet, the windpipe, a. 

i^tmfar, or ham'ara or hanjard, m. the tluroat, the 

kimJkf f. cry, bawling, calling to (loud) ; driving. 
kddk-pukar, f. uproar, outcry, hdnk-mdmd, to 
bawl after, to call to. h, 

hdmkd'hdnkj m. driying. A. 

hankdlnd or hankdnd, a. to drive. 

kamkdr or hankdrd, m. cry, outcry, alarm. #. 

kauJkdri, proud, egotistical, s, 

kattkdrndf a. to drive awav, to expel ; to bawl to, 
to call ; to hoist (sails, oc.). A. 

AtfiiH, f. a vessel on which they make <tioa,fi» or 
Termicelli ; a sieve, h. 

kdmknd f a. to drive ; to bawl to. h, 

kanmdj a. to kill, to smite, to give a blow. «. 

ianozj yet, hitherto, stilL hanoz dilii dur hoi 
(** it u a far cry to Loch Awe") is used to ex- 
press that the conclusion of an affair is far 
distant. p.h, 

kdmfi, t a pot, a small cauldron. #. 

kamt or kdmSf m. a swan, a goose, a duck ; the 
neck ; the collar-bone ; in old English and 
modem Scotch, " the halse or hauss." ». 

kamtd, m. or hansd^i, f. laughter, derision, s, 

kamsaJtj m. the flamingo (a kind of bird). #. 

kanMdtuf^ a. to cause to laugh, to tickle, s. 

hami'gamam or hans-gdmitu^ walking gracefully 
as a swan (a woman), s. 

hadn or hd^t f. sport, fun, laughter, joking, 
mirth, ridicule, s. 

hamtMfd^ m. a sickle, a reaping-hook, h, 

iangR, t .the collar-bone ; a collar (of gold or 
silver, Ac.) worn round the neck as an orna- 
ment, h, 

cheerful, merry, laughing, jolly. #. 
XL to laugh, to smile. «. 

Aaiisor, £soetious, merry, a wag. «. 

kaitaf'pa»f m. ^cetiousoess. s, 

kamtdy m. a murderer, a slayer, s. 

k amm m d m or hamimdn, m. a monkey, s. 

kamdmdm, of or relating to hanumdn. 9. 

hap, m. act of suddenly snatching with the 
mouth and swallowing, h. [cane. A. 

idpar, f. a seed-bed (or rather nursery) for sugar- 

hapk-haphdnd^ n. to pant, to be out of breath. A. 

hap^kapf quick, hap-jhap-khdnd, to eat quickly 
and voraciously. A. 

Aor, every, any. Aor in, constantly ; whenever. 
har tf A, each, every one. har bdb, every chap- 
ter, all sciences, every circumstance, hur-bdhi, 
master of knowledge of every kind, har-bdr, 
every time. har'jd,i, a vagabond, a stroller. 
har hdl, howsoever, har dU ^azlZj beloved by 
every one, popular, har elam, everv moment. 
har dam WydR, whimsical, capricious, har 
degi chamcha, a sponger, one who hangs on 
others for a maintenance, har tamdn, every 
time, har sdL, every year, annually, har gah^ 
whenever; wherever, har wakt, at all times, 
frequently, continually, har yak^ every one. p, 

har, m, a rogue, a wag ; (for Ao/), a plough ; a 
divisor, division. Aar-ftAo^, m. anarchy, confu- 
sion, uproar, har-bhum kd rdj (also har-bong 
kd rdi\ a country or place in which injustice 
prevails (v. Roebuck's Orieat. Frov. part IL 
p. 187). *. 

har, m. a bono, haf-phuian^ pains in the bones. «. 

Atff, f. name of a nut ; an ornament resembling 
that fruit ; m. bilboes, the stocks. A. 

Aar, m. a necklace, a wreath, a cbaplet ; a flock 
(of cattle) ; pasturage ; the cultivated space im- 
mediately round a village ; a village commou ; 
(in arith.) a divisor, the denominator of a frac- 
tion ; f. loss, forfeiture, discomfiture ; being 
overcome, hdr-mdnnd or 'tndn-lend, to give up 
a dispute, to acknowledge all lost. hdr-jU, 
gambling, hazard. hdr-jU-k,, to gamble. p^» 

hdr, (in comp. means), the performer of any act, 
corresponding to the English terminations er or 
ing ; thus bahdr dgi na dekhan-hdr dgd ; andr 
dgd na chdkhan-hdr dgd, the spring is arrived, 
but no one is come to behold it; the pome- 
granates are ready, but there is no one to taste 
them. A. 

hard, green, fresh, verdant. A. 

hard, (in comp.) the performer of any act, or 
dealer in any article. It is often represented in 
English by the word man, as lakaf^hdrd, a 
woodman, a woodcutter, a dealer in wood. A. 

hafdhafi, f. the twang of a bow. A. 

har,d,i, f. greenness, freshness, verdure, s. 

har-d,ina or -dgina, necessarily, undoubtedly, at 
all events, p. 

hardj, m. a public sale, an auction, a, 

haraja or harajai, a troop of camels, a, 

hdrak, m. a plunderer, a thief^ a cheat, a rogue, 
a gambler, s, 

har^at (pi. t^rakdt), motion, action, conduct, 
procedure ; prevention, hinderanoe ; a short 


TOweL Ikaraiat-k. 

, lit. to more; generalljit 
mvana lo commii an improper action, a. 

harai/i, m. blowing, bloomiug ; joj, delight, hap- 
pincM, pleaanre. i. 

haraihnd, a. to blow (u ■ flower) j to be de- 
lighted. (. [A. 

haratna, n. toatop; (for^oroiiia) tobescorched. 

hiral, m. (v. kiriyal) a kind of pigeon, *. 

^orom. Blared, forbidden i m. the ucred inclo- 
■ure of the temple of Hecc» ; f. ■ concubine, a 
wife, a daughter, the women'* apartiiiaDti. a. 

haram, luiliwful, forbidden, nwred, wrong. ^- 
rim-rajtAita, a. to prohibit, to deem a thing 
BBCred OT forbidden. Itaratif^or, m. one who 
liTes on the wagea of iniquity. Imim-iada, 
unlawfullj begotten, » baatard ; generallj uied 
as a term of abuse, inch aa rogne, aeoimdrel, 
&c. Maram-iodi, t ■ wirked woman, a itrum- 
pet. hardm sddagi, f. rsHCality, roguerj. ka- 
ram-iidagi-k., a. to abuse, to ilt-treat. hardm- 
fflsjiii, spinal marrow, karant-kar, m. a forni- 
cator, ^aram-kari, f. forbidden acts (but par- 
ticularly adultery and fornication), karim ki 
miel, good for nolliing. Ifarim-kkand, a. to re- 
ceive the wages of iniquity, a, 

^aramai*, (dual) Mecca and Medina, a. 

Aoromi, ni- a robber, an asoBSsin, a rogue, a. 

ioraa, m. a deer (properly an antelope). : 

karam, m. abstraction, subtraction ; plneder, 
sack; seiiing, oanyingoff; the hand. Aomp. 
Aukk, taking awaj or dissipating grief, anguish, 
or trouble, t. 

karaad, a. to win, to overcome, to beat (at cards), 
to weary, to tire. k. 

kar-in-ki, who or whstsoerer. p. 

^rirat, (. heat, a burning ferer ) warmtb, leaL 
kardrali dtiit, t, religious ferrour, &uatic)*in. 
kardrrUt giarixl, f. natural h»t- d. 

karat, the tail of a plough ; the beam. i. 

karaj, a Persian wheel for drawing water, k. 

karMi, belonging to a plough, h. 

karauri, f. tbe occupation of ploughing, karami 
par ja,o, go and pat your hand to the plough, k, 

karaiua, tbe beginning of the plonghing season. 

karauji, f. a cane, staff, k. 

kardiml, m. the adranced guard of an army. t. 

kar-di/iiia, necessarily, ondoabtedly. p. 

karb, r. war. karb-gdk, t. field of battle, a. 

iaria, m. arms, warlike apparatus, a. 

karbardui, n. to be confused, to harry. 1. 

kafbari, f. hurry, alann, uproar, riot. A. 
JiiyAiiyflHi easily agitated, irrilabla. k. 

174 ) 



kar-bho»ff or Aar-ikUm, m. the name 
ot a Tcry foolieh r^e, or king noodle, i. 

J^rbi, relating to war, bellicoae ; (in law) an in- 
fidel, as being considered by the " true believers " 
a fair subject of hostility, a. 

karchand, howsoerer, as often as, although, p. 

karekandU, notwithstandmg that, althongfi- P' 

karcki iddd bad, let what will happen, p. 

kardi, m. mildew, smut (in oom). k. 

kardd, m. alfection, kindness, t. 

kar-dena, a. to squander, to gamble away. ». 

kar-ilo, each of the two, both. p. 

kareri, m, aregetable ; verdure, verdant. *. 

^arf, m. a letter of the alphabet ; a particle. 

karfm karfan, letter by letter. 

kar-gttk or kar-gik, whenever, wherever, p^ 

kar-gkatH, all the cultivated land of a village. A. 

k<ir-gi!a or kar-giU, m. name of a bir^ tlie 
gigantic crane, commonly called tbe adjutant 
bird by Europeans in Bengal, t. 

karffit, vier, at any time, on any account, p. 

kar-ffwii or kar-ffini, skilful, olever. pj. 

karhd, stray (an oi) j unbroken and vicious cat- 
tle ; plough-bullocks, k. 

kai-hajl, adorned, dressed ; m. a naroissas. p. 

kar-hametk, perpetuity, for ever and ever. p.k. 

kafkafdkai, t. a crack, sound. A. 

karkardad, n. to shudder, to shiver, k. 

AdfA^, f. the twang of a bow. A. 

kar-kdfili, land bearing ctom. i.a. 

kari or Auri, m. a name of Fu^na. i. 

kari'ckaKdan, m. a yellow sandal-wood. t. 

karidaar, a kind of oblong mound, k. 

karidtedr, m. a celebrated place of pilgrimage in 
the north of India, where tbe Ganges issues 
from the mountains (vnlg. Hnrdwar). ». 

hari/, clever, canning ; pleasant, boetious ; m. a 
rival, an enemy ) an assodata, a partner or op- 
ponent at play, a friend, a. 

^lori/'i, olevomess ; rivalry, enmity, a, 

karild, green ; a coward, a runaway, i. 

karim, old, decrepit i m. mind, intellect, o- 

Aorin, m. a sacred place, a sanctuary, a, 

kartH, m. a deer (properly an antelope), *. 

karini, f. a doe, a hind. t. 

karir, m. silk, silken cloth, a. 

^arira, m. a kind of pap, caudle, n, 

kariri, f. a very thin kind of paper, a. 

hari*, the tail of a plough i the beam of a plough. 

karif, oovetooB, greedy, gluttonous, a. \t. 

harua, m. a kind of thick pottage, made of 
bruiaed wh««t bailed to a oonsutency ; to which 


( 176 ) 


thflT add mfiftft, butter, oiimainon, and aromatic 

hem. ^. 
^irifa, a alight wound or scratch, a. 
karitkif ploMed, happy, harithf-putkl, well-con- 

ditiiHied, well-fed, and happy. 8. 
hSriif green, fresh ; of a green colour, s. 
hatnta or karUd^ the first commencement of 

plongfaing in the rainy season, k. 
kariiMy f. orpiment, yeUow arsenic, s, 
katnoi, VL a kind of parroquet. k. 
As rty^ m. a ploughman ; a worshipper, h, 
kari^dUy Terdant, green, grassy; a small green 

bnd oommonly cdled the ** flycatcher." s, 
Aar^fiBy t Terdure, greenness. 
AariySmdy n. to wax green ; a. to stop. «. 
karSfmmWy a kind of division of the crop, h, 
kmr^mTj dose of the sowing season, h, 
har^fmoal, t Terdure, freshness, s, 
karff m. tumult, sedition, confusion, loss, injury, 

harms interruption, harj-man^ tumult, agita- 
kmrfii, m. gamblmg, hazard, s, [tion, sedition, a. 
kmrim, vl crying, whining. K 
karkimd^ a! to stop, forbid, prerent. h.a. 
koT'kmra, m. a running footman; a spy; mes- 

MDgsr; a&ctotum. p. 
harkfai or harkhii, pleased, delighted, s, 
iarkkmiy n. to blow (as a flower) ; to be de- 
harkkf&y snappish, peeyish. h. [lighted. $. 

har^kmdimy whoeoeyer, whicheyer. p, 
iar-trnfoj eyerywhere; whereyer. p, 
Jkdf4eudy to examine the correctness of a pair of 

ioales, or of weights and measures, k, 
iarmmthfdy stout, robust, active, k, 

f. robustness; thick-headedness. k, 
m. a stag, a buck, a male antelope ; a 

pommel (of a saddle) ; a. to seize on, to take 
inrably ; to steal, to spoil, to plunder. g.k. 


n. to be oyeroome, to lose (in play). 
kanumfa, m. hamaufi, f. a (awn. s, 
AoTM, f. a doe, a hind. «. 
iarp k mrwD fi or karpharauri, f. name of a sour 

fruity the " Indian gooseberry." s, 
kof-phmfcm, m. pains in the bones, g, 
Mar^pms f- the worship of the plough, a ceremony 

held on the day when ploughing closes, s. 


hot, ardent ; difficult. 


iarra, a sound, a voice, a shout, k, 

Ijiorrwfy ingenious, clever ; pleasant, feu^tious, 

taikatiye, chatty, a. 
fomif, an auction, a sale, a, 
^arrmi^ one who prepares ashes of alkali ; a lime- 
r, a maker of plaster or cement, a. 

Aoff, m. ploughing, sowing ; a ploughshare, a. 

har'sajjdf m. a sharer in a plough; reciprocal 
aid in ploughing a field. A. 

harthf m. joy, mirth, pleasure, s, 

harsftU^ pleased, delighted, happy. «. 

harskndj n. to blow, to be delighted, s, 

harsotf the first furrow ploughed; the first 
ploughing of the season, h. 

hartdf m. a thief, a depredator, a spoiler, s. 

hartdlf f. orpiment, yellow arsenic, s. 

haruy m. a loser (in play), a. 

harUn^ Aaron, the brother of Moses. 

hdruf^ m. wicked, refractory, roguish, a. 

hdrut, the name of an angeL a. 

harwdhd^ m. a ploughman, a bondsman, h, 

harwal, advances made to ploughmen, k, 

hafwar^ m. a place where bones are laid, a- 

harza, absurd, nonsensical ; frivolous ; m. trifles, 
bagatelles, karza-kdr or harxo'ffM'df a foolish 
gossipping person, one who busies himself in 
trifles, harza-go^ one who talks nonsense, an 
idle talker, harza-gardi or ^0,1, f. gossip, non- 
sensical chat, p, 

harzagi^ f. nonsense, absurdity, p, 

haa or hdSj f. laughing, laughter. has-koTt caus- 
ing laughter, ridiculous ; a swan. s. 

hcuM or hasab-nasabf m. pedigree, nobility ; 
computation ; measure, proportion ; value ; 
way, mode or manner ; religion, a. 

hasadf f. envy, malice, emulation, ambition, a. 

hcuad'pesha^ envious, ambitious, a. 

haad^l, f. (prop, hansd^l) ridiculing, laughing. 9. 

haaan^ good, beautiful, elegant, a. 

haadnd^ a. to make (one) laugh, a. 

hafdntUf t firmness, stability, durability, steadi- 
ness ; chastity, continence, a. 

kaaat, adj. laughing, smiling, a, 

haab, agreeably, conformably, according to, in 
conformity with ; m. computing, reflecting up- 
on, considering ; quantity, measure, proportion ; 
value; suffiicency; number. haabu-l'imkdnf 
as far as possible, haabu'l'hukmy agreeably to 
orders, jiaabu'lnfna^mnl^ agreeably to custom. 
haabi hdl or hcubi wdkTa, agreeably to circum- 
stances, as exigency may require, haabi dU- 
ihwdh^ agreeably to one's desire, a, 

hdahdy besides, except. hdakd-Wldh^ interj. Gk>d 
forbid, by no means, hdahd-ka and hdahd-la- 
kOf for be it frx)m thee. hdahd-ka-Udh^ God 
preserve thee from it. a. 

haaham, m. pomp, equipage, suite, a, 

haakar, m. a meeting, eongregation, concourse; 


the general rr* nrrection of the dead. 

Aatiar, day of rraurreotioii. a, 
^TMiara or ^harat, a reptile, an inaect ; tlie 

bulling noise af a crowd ) pi. ha^arat, rap- 

tilea, iniecta, animalculH. Mathardiu-l-arf, 

reptiles, a. 
^athiya, m. a margin, hum, border; a marginal 

D0l« ; people of inferior rank, attendant*, re- 
tinue, troop* j facing* of a military uniform, a. 
haihiga-gaieih, a witnea* to the eienulion of a 

deed (the writing hia name on the ^uUya). a. 
Sathmat. f. dignity ; equipage, retinue, a. 
Ifiuho (y. hoMhii), m. atufflng a pillow, a. 
liatKr, m. a meeting, oongregatioD, OOnooorM ; 

the general resmrection of the dead. a. 
iathri, Tiolent and impotuons (a stallion), a. 
hatfukatk, ■ forager, a grass-cutter, a. 
kaththdi'h-hatfuhdsh^ merry, hilarious, p. 
kaihi, eiiht | hatkt-bi^ the eight garden*, i. t. 

the eight heaven*, p. 
luukted-tila, a person eighty yean old. p. 
iaihl-goiha, adj. of eight aides or angles, p. 
hatU-mamfar, the eight hearen* ; the lodiac along 

with the planetary orbits, p. 
k<uhl-pahli, m. an octagon ; adj. of eight ndea 
Mathtum, the eighth, p. [or angles, p. 

hoMiimi or /uuhlumin, the eiglith (day or 

night), p. 
Aotia, m. stuffliig a pillow, cushion, bed, Ac. ; 

also whaleier Oier ape stuffed with ; people of 

the n 


Aofl or Uri, eport, fun ; laughing, t. 
UfU, enrious ; m. an enemy, a. 
U/iZ, m. produce } acquiring ; proSt ; con 
tai, duty, custom, reTenue. hofili bixar, 
" ir duties of a market, hifil-xa 

land under cultii* 

paymg rerenue. 

hafili-^arb, the product of multiplication. 
tiitH-k., a. to acquire, to get ; to gain \ to pro- 
duce ■, to collect ; to learn, hafili-halam, in 
abort, briefly. Aofif-Aoiu, lo be got or attained. 

Ifit'l^ oul(iTat«d or cropped land. a. \a. 

Atuin, beautiful, elegant, o, 

^afir, m. a mat for sitting on. a. 

katifia, m. a rcapiiiE-liook. a sickle. K 

katli, m. the collar-bone, clavicle, ft. 

iand, to laugh, to amile. t. 

JufT, ni. a siege, blockade ; reckoning, counting. 
Bomber, a. 

S ) HA9— HAT 

iatrat, f. regret, grief, desire, hatrat-inda, 
struck with regret, woe-begone, afHidfld. a. 

hatiatt, very good or verr beautiful, a. 

Ifaaai, possessed of the Src senses, a. 

ka»t, f. being, eiistence: n.ia, exists, p. 

hull, m. the liaiid; a cubit. «. 

haiH or h/iiti, m. an elephant. (. 

hatli, m. existence, entity ! the world, p. 

Aatli-danl, m elephant's tooth, iTory. i. 

haili-mad, m, the juice that eiudce from on ele- 
phant's temple when in rut. «. 

iaitiiu, {. a female elephant. 

hdtHnapur (also hjuliaapur) ancient Delhi. «. 

haitipal, an elephant-keeper or driver, i. 

halt o hid, the present state of rerenues, &c., 
compared with that of former year*, luut a 
tiUli, land which has been naseased on a compa- 
rative valuation, p. 

^atHd, envious, spiteful, malignant, a, 

Utya, langhable; m. laughter, i. 

Iml, interj. b^one ; flel m. multiplication, h. 

tof, f, insisting upon, obatinacy, perrerseness. 
hal-t., to inaiat upon. t. 

hat (for hath. q.v.), m. the hand, hat niijau, to 
be without choice, or helpk'ss. hal-talna, to 
eipre** regret, to grieve, hat mei lapat nwii 
dhar cAd/iu, to squander, to lavish, hat min 
lea, means, capital, stock. (. 

hit, m- f, a market, a aliop ; a (ait, or moveable 
market, : 

If^a, premises, an inclmnre ; a conrt-yard (in 
Anglo-Indian phraseology) a compound, a. 

Aafe-Sata, stout and actita. i. 

halakiid, n. to be reputted, to be driven back, to 
move, to stop, h. 

hatan, m. act of slaying, i. 

hafana, a. to repel, In drive backwards. A, 

haid,o, retreating, falling back. d. 

hath, m. (cuntr. of halh, q,r.) band, Sx. hatha- 
biiihai, f. a set-to at flslicuB'B. halh-bali. f. 
strength of hand, force; dishonesty, halh-phat, 
TO. a kind of Brework. halh-phrr, m. sleight of 
of hand, especially a trick played by fraudulent 
dealers, who by aleight of hand aubslilule bad 
money for good when they reoeice it, and insist 
upon returning it to the payer, haih-pher-leni, 
to borrow, hath-jhold, m. a hand-barrow, 
haiah-cKopi.i, m, snack, share- hnlh-chhul, b 
beater, hnth-kaa, t. name of a cut with a 
sword which is intended to take olT or disable 
the adTeraary'a hand, hath-kafi, f. a handcuff, 
fetter, manacle, haih-lema, m. a ceremony in 


( 177 ) 


marriage among the Hindus (the hands of the 
bride and bridegroom are joined pahn to pahn 
with some flour put between them, and tied 
with a red thread), hath-ndl^ f. a small cannon 
carried on elephants, &c. «. 

ha^kf m. violence, oppression, rapine ; f. teasing ; 
allegation ; obstinacy, perrerseness. haih-dhar' 
«rt, perrerseness, obstinacy, hafh-k. or ha(h ki 
Uk par A., to resist or disobey obstinately, to 
be perverse or peerish. #. 

kdfkt m. f. a market, a shop ; a fair. «. 

hath^ m. the hand; a cubit; possession, power. 
kdtk-dnd^ to come into one's possession or power, 
to be obtained, hath-ufhandy to leaye off, to 
refrain from, to desist ; to salute by raising the 
hand to the head ; both these meanings are 
alluded to in the following example : hath nfhd 
jamr amr jafd te tu ; yxhi goya Moidm hai tera^ 
restrain thy hands from yiolenoe and injostioe; 
this is thy salutation ; to beat ; to give alms. 
hath oi lendy a. to receive with both hands open 
and stretched out together, hdth-hdndhnd, a. 
to join hands in a supplicating posture, hdlh- 
haf handy to endeavour to get anything ; to gain 
possession of the property of others. I^th- 
hctnd-hond, to be much engaged in business, to 
have no leisure ; to be poor or indigent, hdth- 
hkamdy to have the hands wearied or fatigued. 
hmik-bai^hnay to acquire perfection in any art by 
practice, hdihpdnw phuljane^ to be distressed 
or confounded, harek gul se wuh furat dekhi 
makbul; ki mere hdth pdnwon tab gaye phul, 
troia the sight of that couatenance, more bean- 
tiful than any rose, all my senses were oon- 
fomided (lit. my hands and feet were swelled). 
hdih pdnw phaildndy to extend one's business or 
schemes, hdth pdiiw or -pair mdrndy to strive, 
to endeavour, to strain, toil, to struggle ; to be 
agitated; to sprawl, hdth-paithar tale dalmd, 
to be helpless, hdth par dhard rahnd ek chit 
Iw, to be in readiness (spoken of things), hath- 
pafnoy to come into one's possession, hdth 
paeamd, to ask, to beg. hdth pakre lejdnd^ to 
hand a person, hdth-phuly m. name of a plant 
(Pothoe). hdth pherndy to stroke, to caress, to 
coax, hdth phenkndy to fence, hdth-jornd, to 
■npplicate, to entreat earnestly, hdth^hdfnd^ 
to give, to bestow, hdth jhufd hondy to have 
the hMids defiled ; to lose the power of the 
handa. hdth-chdfnd, to relish any food exceed- 
ingly, to lick one's lips, hdth-chdldkiy f. ex- 
hdth-dhondy to be disappointed, to be 

hopeless. hdth-4endy to concern one's self in or 
about ; to make a bargain by taking hold of the 
hands of the other party under a doth (a prac- 
tice chiefly used in settling the price of horses 
and jewels), hdlh-ddlndy to interfere in ; to en- 
croach, hdlh-rokndy to prevent, hdth-gamefndf 
to refrain from giving, Ac. hdth fdf kamd, to 
leam, practice, or exercise any art ; to slay ; to 
discharge from office, hdth kdnon par rakhnd^ 
to be astonished; to deny vehemently, hdth' 
kamdy to subdue, to have possession, hdth 
kamar par rakhnd, to be very feeble, hdth- 
khainchndy to refrain, to desist, to abstain, hdth- 
lagdndy to reprove, to pmush, to torment ; to be 
employed in any business, hdth-lagndy to be 
got, obtained, acquired, hdth-mdmd, to pro- 
mise ; to acquire, to plunder ; to wound with a 
sword, hdth-mildndy t-o claim equaUty ; to pre- 
pare to wrestle, hdth-mdlndy to regret, to re- 
pent, to lament, hdth meH rakhndy to possess, 
to hold in subjection, hdthoh-hdthy out of hand, 
over hand, quick, expeditious, hdthon-hdth- 
lejdndy to carry away quickly* hdthi-hdth kar* 
iM, to act in concord, to pull together. «. 

hdthdy m. the hand, possession, power. 

hdthd'bdnhiy f. mutual beating, fisticuffs, s. 

hathaly a handle of brass, &c. h, 

hdthd-phachiy f. name of a game. s. 

hdthd'pd or hdthd'pdyty f. mutual beating, fisti- 
cuffs. hdthd'pd-k.y to box or beat mutually. «. 

hathariy f. a handle, a winch. «. 

hafharndy n. to hurr^, to be impatient, h. 

haifhdty by chance ; immediately. «. 

hathaurdy m. a sledge-hammer, e. 

hathauriy f. a small hanuner. h, 

hathaufly f. dexterity, art, skill, s. 

hdth-chifthiy a letter or note written by the 
sender's own hand, h, 

hatheldy m. a thief, robber, e. [of it. s. 

hatheliy f . the pahn of the hand, or an impression 

haihiy f. a brush for rubbing down horses with, or 
rather a hair glove ; a rubber, h. 

haihiy peevish, obstinate, perverse. «. 

hdlhiy m. an elephant, hdthi-^idnay an elephant 
stable. hdthi-hangdMy remission (of rent, &c.) 
for losses arising from depredations by wild 
elephants, hdthl-ddnty m. ivory, hdihi-wda, an 
elephant-driver ; the thirteenth mansion of the 
moon, hdthi-pdnw, elephantiasis, hdthi-tuiuf 
ka pdniy a water-spout at sea. «. 

hdthi'chaky a kind of grass, artichoke, s. 

hafhila, teasimg, perverse, peevish. ». 


( 179 ) 


kmooR, £, enyiroiiB, oatsldrts, suburbB. hawali,e 
shaiir^ environs of a city. a. 

hamdn^ contempt, misery, distress, a. 

kawan or hdw€m, m. a mortar, hawan'koh^ m. 
one who pounds in a mortar, p. 

ka»ai% m. having a white skin; a washerman, 
fuller ; a friend, a companion, a, 

hawiu^ m. desire, lust, conoupisoenoe ; ambition, 
curiosity; inordinate desire. hawas-bdZf in- 
dulging inclination, hawas^akdnd, to form an 
inordinate desire, hawat-ddr or -AratA, de- 
sirous, a. [ders. a. 

Jkomatht^ pL followers, attendants ; margins, bor- 

haman^ desirous, wilful, curious. />.«. 

hamdfilf m. pi. stomachs, Ac. ; an animal of 
whose skin they make garments ; a pelican, a, 

kawag-ndk, desirous, wilfid, curious, ambitious. j>.a. 

J^awoMf pL the senses. hawdss-bdlA^i out of 
one's senses, hawdssi l^amsaj the five senses, a. 

kdw-bhaw, m. charm, attraction, welcome, hospi- 
tality, s. 

iaweH, house, dwelling, habitation ; lands in the 
vicinity of towns, the revenues of which were 
devoted to the support of the military garri- 

Amrif containing, collecting; collector, a. [son. a. 

i^awwd. Eve, the mother of mankind, a, 

kay^ m. a horse ; the yak. 9. 

^^d^ f. modesty, shame, hayo'ddr^ modest, 
possessed of modestv. 9. 

henfojSh^ vehemence, disturbance, a. 

id^an, m. year ; a sort of rice. 9, 

iayd9d, a girth, a surcingle, p, 

luufd9hnd, f. the gum olibenum tree. 9, 

i^dif f. life, haydti tdza, new life, regeneration 
(used to express recovery from severe illness), 
the pleasure derived from meeting with a friend. 

fuM^dd, existence, life. a. [a. 

ktnfildy m, matter, first principle ; appearance ; 
the first sketch of a picture, a. 

hatmr^ a thousand, hazdr-chcuhma^ m. a cancer 
(diaease). 1utxdr'dd9tdf^ a kind of nightingale, 
so called from the immense variety of its notes. 
Kazdr-gd^lda or -m^^t, a common strumpet, p, 

hazar, m. nonsense, frivolous talk, a, 

haxar^ m. caution, prudence ; fear, a, 

ha^ar^ m. residence, resting, remaining in a place, 
presence ; rest or repose (in opposition to 9afar^ 
journeying, moving about), a. 

hatdra or hazdrd^ a double flower; the balsam 
flower ; a divided stream or jet-d'eau (like that 
of a watering-pan), p, 

hoMirdm or hazdrhdy thousands ; a nightingale, p. 

hazari^ m. the commander of a thousand; acQ. 
relating to a thousand (used in comp.) as yak' 
hazdrij one who receives 1000 rupis per month ; 
a commander of one thousand, p, 

hazdn-b(Mdrif people at large, military and civiL p, 

hazdriydn, pi. regiments of a thousand men each, 
employed in the Northern Circars. p. 

hazdr-pd^ a millipede or scolopendra. p. 

hazft m. taking awav, ejecting, cutting off a let- 
ter or syllable of a word, apocope, haxf'k.^ 
a. to omit, contract, reject, a. 

hcuhdah (for hcuM-dah) y ^^htoen, hcuMahhazdr 
^dlanif the eighteen thousand living species, 
believed by the Muhammadaiu to be the whole 
number of existing varieties of animals, p. 

hazhdhdU (v. (uhdhdit)^ bell metal. 9. p. 

hdzim, loose ; soft, gentle ; digestive, a. 

hdzima, digestive, the digestive powers, a* 

hcunnuU, £ flight, rout, defeat, hazimat Jchdnd^ 
to be defeated, a. 

hazm^ sad, afflicted, grieved, dolefuL a. 

hazhUf f. grief, sadness, affliction, a, 

fuizir^ present, ready, willing, content, hd^r- 
bd9hy (be ready) a constant attendant. A^fir 
bdshi^ f. constant attendance. hdzir-jawdb, 
pert, answering wittily, hdi^r-jaiwdbi^ t re- 
partee ; readiness of reply, hdzir^akmdf n. to 
attend, to wait on. /iizir-f«iiwii» m. bail, secu- 
rity for the appearance of another, a bonds- 
man, hdzir-zdmini, £ the act of giving bail for 
another; a bail-bond, hd^ir o nd^r^ present 
and seeing (an epithet of Gk>d). hdfir'hond^ 
n. to be at hand, to be ready, to consent, k, 

hdzirdn^ pL people present, or those who are or 
were present, a. 

hdzirdt or hdzirdfif f. commanding or imprison- 
ing demons, &c. ; raising the devil ; m. a con- 
juror, a necromancer, a. 

hdzirif f. breakfast, dessert; levee, presence, 
audience, muster-roll ; an offering made to a 
saint, hdziri'khdnd, a. to breakfast, a. 

hazly m. a jest, a joke; (in law), a sham contract, 
in which the parties give a mutual pledge that 
it shall be of no effect, a, 

JuizUgOy an idle talker, a. 

hazliydt, pL jests ; nonsensical talk. a. 

hazm, flying, rout or flight (of an army), a. 

Aoffii, m. digestion. Aofm-iwar, digestive. 
Aofm-it., (met.) to embezzle, a, 

hazm, vigilance, steadiness, caution, a, 

has^r, m. prohibition, seclusion, forbidding, harsh- 
ness, rudeness, a. 

HAZ— niF ( ] 

iofral, f. prewDce ; dignity ; mftjcal^, higbn«M, 
Ac. (a title uldreraed (o iha gnuit. aunh u our 
wordi Biccllimcj, BmineiHW, UoUdum, Ac.) 
Itafral gUU rub^uiti, m, his uujest;>, the (hwloir 
of Qod, the king, liairat 'ini, Jnm Chrivt. a. 

hugan, m. nviim, Tun useWi words, o. 

AoiS, m. pleaaure, delight i fluTOur, taats ; good 
fortune, feliritj. a. 

kaial m. a. droll, a Jester, a. 

^ofgi Do/idai, seiiBuJ ploksurea. a. 

i», ■ TocatiTe particle, same a* oi. *. 

iscA, any, ao^ thing } nothing; worthlesi. p. 

'" ■ "'" t, simple, y. 

ings of no aooounl. p. 
n dalliance, lasciriou) endearmnit ) 
diarespoct, contaropt. *. 

Md-mamd, a. to ebOTu, to launch, to duh 
through water, i. 

hemdcAiU, m. name of B mounUiu. i. 

hem-tani, m. the thora-apple. (. 

herita, a. to look after ; to veareh for, to hunt, to 
chase, to pursue, lo catch, atop. i. 

iet or Aefa, m. meaning, object, intention, thsme, 
cause, reason, account, i. 

iefhd (also Aefa), indolent, pusiUaniiDOUS, cow- 
ardlj. helhd-pan, m. cowardice, h. 

httBanl or AmnM, f. (alio heaiaiU) name of the 
fifth or cold season, i. 

ketAdaJi, eigbtj^n. llethdaA hatdr 'alnm, the 
18,000 created beings (t. jkuAiJaA). p. 

i«Hi«, t. firewood, heium-fanuh, a wood-mer- 
chant. i«ium-jtruA, a woodtnan or cutter, p. 

U, an emphatic affix of frequent occurrencs ; Terj, 
even, indeed, onl; ; m. heart, uiind. t. [a. 

iiaf, the outward fonn of the haaiena ; sstrononij. 

Iiiba, m. a gill. Mha-dar, the recelrer of a gift. 
hiba-ndina, ■ deed of giJt. a. 

hiiAakHi, a. to draw back from, to decline, to 
shrink, to waver, h. 

UMcaita, a. to jolt. h. 

hiciiard (heeh-tdra), useleea. bad. p. 

iiehJei, f. the hiccough g sobbing, k. 

iicAJtichana, n. to doubt, to hesitate, to be inans- 

kiehticii, f. hesitation. A. [penee, to ftilter. A. 

\ichiichi hdtuiAnd, to gnash the teeth. A. 

4«AA(>Js /fBu, to sob bitterly. A. 

hidagal, f. direction towards salvation, a. 

^iddal, t. the edge of a sword ; psssioD, Tsho' 
mence, impetuosity, poignaniy, Tirulenoe. a. 

Ififdgat, (. memory ; custody, guardianship, pro- 
tection. ^/Sgal-t. a. to preserve, lo defend i to 
AjHtslAom memory I to keep in memory, a. 

) ) HIF-HIL 

ii^, m. memory ; oustody, goardianship, pn>> 
taction, a. [therank,&e., of persons addroMed. a. 

^ifj!i mardlib, obserring etiquette, attention to 

A^Ai, an interjection of surprise, of laoghttr. h. 

hijd, battle, combat, conHict. a. 

iijdi, m. modesty, hashfulnees, shame i a Teil, 
curtain i niglit. ^si-nfAai, n. to be lost (the 
•ease of sbune) ; to be remoied (a screen). 
fijdb-diatAmi, sheep's-eyed. ^jdb-k., a. Ut 
corer, hide, couoeal ; to shame. Aijdlfihdiu, 
n. to blush, a. 

^aM, modest, vdled ; t. secrecy, a. 

Ujdt, m. liL prohibiting or separating; Mecca, 
and the odjaoent conntcj, Arabia PetnEO. a. 

kijra, as. (t. kijrai), separation, a. 

iijr« or Al/r<>i m. a hermaphrodite, a etmuch. A. 

Aijria, m. (t. Aajr), separation, o. 

iijral, f. separation, departure from one's country 
and friends; flight; the Sight of Muhammad 
&om Mecca to Medina (whence the Ma^m- 
m utan era commences), which happened on the 
Itjth of July, A.D. ti;Sii. a. 

/dpi, of or belonging to the AijroC, q.t. a. 

IM, sickness at the stomach, qualm, disgust, k. 

tiiam„ knowledge, science, wisdom, tc. a, 

Mfiral, f. contempt, scorn, affront, disgrace, 
vilenesB, baseness, a. 

^igal, f. (pL hikdgal), a history, romance, 
stoiy, tale, narration, ^asat-lc., to rvlate. a. 

hikki, f. hiccough. A. 

lalcmat, f. wisdom, knowledge ; ikdl, cleremesa ; 
philosophy, mystery ; principle, a. 

lakmali, cleier, philosophic a. 

iAl, or hild or hiia, mud, slime, ooie : a quag- 
mire; moist ground trodden soft by cattle; 
adj. domestic^ed, tame, hila^mild, amicable, 
attached. A. 

ilia, m. stratagem, deceit, pretence, trick. iUa- 
bit, artful, a cheat. Ifila-bazi, knavery, artful- 
neas. Ipld-iai or Ipia-gar, a knave. " an artful 
dodger." lula-taa, Mla-gan, knavery, a. 

Maynd, n. to be hung on, to be entangled, to 
adhere, to stick to ; to be oonstant. A. 

hilahna, a. lo writhe or suffer contortions (from 
affliction or pain, chiefly ^iplied to children). A. 

hiiak-raknd, to ohiig to. h. 

hildl, m, the new moon, the first and last two or 
three days of the moon, a, 

Ulil-daar, a kind of bow. a. 

kilali, f. a kind of arrow -, a segment of a circle ; 
m. name of a Persian poet ; adj. of or relating 


( 181 ) 


kUam^ m. motion, agitation, h. 

JUldndf a. to move, to agitate ; to familiarize, to 
tame ; to cause to swim, h, 

hUgdnd^ a. to hang, to suspend. A. 

hiUcor, f. agitation ; a wave, billow, s, 

hilkora or hUkora^ m. a wave, billow. 9, 

iilkomdy a. to gather, to collect; to billow, to 
wave, hilkomd^ n. to agitate, to shake, to dis- 
turb, to perplex ; to fluctuate, to waver, s. 

hilm, m. coolness, temperateness ; mildness, affa- 
bility, graTity. be-hilm^ merciless, severe, a, 

kU^mU jdnd, n. to be mixed ; n. to be intimate ; 
to be jumbled together, h. 

hU-milna^ to meet together, h. 

kilnd, n. to shake, to be moved ; to be fami- 
liarized, to be tamed, h. 

iilordj m. hilari^ f. a wave, a billow. 'hUofi' 
mdmdf a. to heave, to rise (as the sea), h, 

kilomd, n. to biUow, to wave. s. 

him or Aim, m. frost, snow, cold, him-kar or Amu- 
wai, irigorific, cold, chill, frosty, s, 

hhna, m. wood, firewood, p. 

kimdkatf f. folly, stupidity, a, 

kimdUnf or himdlatfay m. (lit. the abode of snow) 
the name of the snowy range of mountains which 
bounds India to the north-east, a, 

himdrif asinine, stupid ; f. stupidity, a, 

kifndtfatf f. protection, defence, guardianship, 
patronage, countenance. fumdyat-k.^ a. to 
defend, to patronise, a. 

kimdtfcUi, deliverer, protector, a. 

kimmatf f. spirit, inclination, resolution, braveiy, 
Ubenility, courage, design ; auspices, favour, a, 

himmatiy bold, daring, courageous, a. 

Al», deficient, little, abated ; left, quitted ; wasted, 
worn ; void of, free from. #. 

Atii, an emphatical particle ; verily, &o. A. 

Aifi, m. time, interval or period of time. Ijim 
l^tfdtf life-time. a. 

Umauidi m. supplication, humility, s, 

kind, m. India, an Indian. a,p. 

AtiK^oiM, f. an Indian female. A.p. 

hindan, m. wandering, roaming ; copulation, s, 

kiudasa, numeration by the lettors 01 the alphabet, 
arithmetic, a. 

kindi, Indian, relating to India; the dialect of the 
northern HindOs so called, p, 

kindtTf m. cuttle-fish bone ; a tonic, s. 

kindnif f. an Indian female, h.p, 

kindol or hindol, m. a swing ; name of a rd^ 
or musical mode, sung in the morning of 
spring, s. 

hindold, m. a swing, a cradle ; a Bong describing 

the swing, and sung during that exerdse. 9, 
hindsdn (for hindiutdn), India, p. 
hindHy m. a negro ; a black Arabian, Indian or 

Ethiopian; a HindCi; an infidel; (met.) a 

mole or lock (of a mistress). a,p, 
kindustdn or hinduttdn, m. India (particularly 

Applied to the Upper Provinces), p. 
hindiutdnij of or relating to India ; the language 

of that country ; a native of India, p, 
hinduwdn or kinduwdna, m. a water-melon, a kind 

of piunpkui. p, 
hinduwi, of or relating to the blacks, TnHiMi^ 

Hindu; an old Indian dialect. p,h. 
hindwdn, m. a water-melon, a pumpkin, p, 
king, m. atafatida. hing-hoffna^ to void by stool 

involuntarily ; (met.) to pine. «. 
kingldj, m. name of a place of pilgrimage, s, 
kin-hdn bhamd, to concede. A. 
kinMndndy a. to neigh as a horse. A. 
kinkindf or kimndhaf, neighinff. A. 
hin^'dtij outcast, vile, d^raded. s» 
kinkdmd, a. to low, as cattle. A. 
hinndylj of the colour of hinnd, a, 
kijisdj f. injury, mischief^ slaughter, s, 
kiniak or Mnsdlu^ mischievous, ferocious, hurtful; 

m. a beast of prey ; an enemy. 9. 
hinsnd, n. to neigh, to scream or make a noise, as 

a horse when kicking. A. 
kiwfr or hinsray hurtful, murderous, savage. «. 
hiH'traky m. a beast of prey. #. 
k'lntd, f. abatement, alleviation. 9, 
kin-varn, of a low cast«, degraded. 9, 
kljOy the sound made when caUing cattle. A. 
At,{>, m. heart, mind, souL 9. [pure. 9. 

Air, m. essence; pith, energy, vigour; essential, 
kirdy m. a diamond ; adamant. 9, 
kirdyl (for Aa^,i), f. ploughing; the portion of 

land included within one circuit of a plough. A. 
A*^4/) P^ troops of cameU ; thickets, brakes, a. 
kirakj m. a diamond ; adamant. 9, 
kirdmany m. a kind of parroquet. A. 
Airan, m. a deer (properly an antelope). 9, 
kirauy m. (for kiranya) gold. 9. 
kirdndy a. to lose ; to mislay. A. 
ktrdndy the manuring of a field by penning cattle 
lurdfy raw, fresh, rare. A. [or sheep on it. p, 
kirdsy m. fear, terror, dread, p, 
kirdsdny frightened, frightening, p. 
kirdaaty f. care, watching, guarding. kird9at-k,, 

a. to t«ke care of, to govern, a, 
kirdwtU, m. the advanced guard of any army, t 



Krttioat or KrateaU, m-akindofcbeqnendblaiiM 

iirdwali, a ttring of diamondi. i. 

Mnt or hirda, m. (i. Ajrid) a heart. (. 

hirditoal, m. name of a defect (in horna). It it 
a feather or curling lock of hair on the breaat, 
which ia reckoned unlucky tor the rider), f. 

^tr/b, m. Ifiifat, f. trade, art, profeaaion j skill, 
ingmuit;, clereniBu, cunning. aliU ^iifa, men 
of skill, arttata. a. 

UtjH, f. ehiCl, contriTance. A. 

^trmJa, m. repulse, disappointment, a. 

Umanti, in. a fawn. r. 

J»r», f. greedineM, aridity j ambition, a. 

^fdii or ^ri, aTaiiciouB, ambitious, a. 

fare, m. an amalet, ■ cLarmi a fortiflcation, an 
Mrlum, a place of refuge, custod;^, safe keeping 
of goods or Talnablea. a. 

^iiai, m. computation, caloulation, arithmetio, 
acoonnt*. (luib pdlc-i,, to clear accounta. 
^i£-ifaii, m. an arithmetician. Auai-nutAw, 
a. to keep accounts o^ to register, ^ii^ haf-t,, 
a. to settle accounts, hiiii iitdb, m. accounts. 
kitdb'i., a. to calculate, ftidi £cna, a. to take 
accounts, hiidb-natni, m. an aoconntont. a, 

^dbi, proper, accountable, accurate, just g f. cal- 
culation; in. an acoountant. a. 

I^ar, m. an enclosure, a fence ; » fortifled plooe, 
a castle; besieging, a. 

^it^ri, thoM who are besieged, a. 

Atfof, pi. shares, lots, portions, a. 

hiikt, m. a hiM, Ac; inteij. pish! arainit! h. 

iitta, m. imitation, copying ; contention, riTalry, 
emulation. A. 

iitta-hitii, t. mutual emulation, h. 

(aril, a castle, fortification, ^ifot fofi*, an im- 
pregnable fortreas ; the title of a book. a. 

fsu, m. sense, feeling, imagination ; sympathy. 
$uii iofiiii, interna] sense, ^iui idKri, external 
sense, fdsn fiimUanJt, common sense, a. 

iifta, m. share, lot, portion, dirision. ^ta i 
kikimi, the shore of produce to vbioh the king 
or raler is entitled. Iiit§a-ddr, a sharer. Atifo- 
dari, t. sharing, being entitled to a share ; co- 
partnership. Aiffi-raiad, an equal share, a 
proportional part, ^tfta-kathi, dutribntion of 
shuea. Aiffn i haS, a ploughman'! shan or 

iinaU, a shareholder. o-A. [wages in kind. a. 

At/, m. lore, fiiendship, affection, benerolence, 
beneflt ; adj. snitable, proper, fit j Msndly, 
, btmemlant. t. 


hitaiiii, Meking another's welfare, i. 

AifAs, m. a person appointed to take care of the 
standing crops, i. 

hil-tar, or kit-Jtar or hil-lari, m. a friend i adj. 
kind, benerolcnt i benefactor, t, 

hitopadeih, m. friendly or salutary odTice. *. 

kili, m. a friend, a benefBCtor. s. 

hittodn, friendly, beneficent, r. 

iivdfi or Aioaio, m. energy, manhood, courage. *. 

Uga, m. heart, breast, mind, soul, life. ». 

AiysB, grief or regret at one's absence, d, 

)iM/a,o or kiydv, m. oonrnge, spirit, valour. #. 

Aiyoa, m. beart, mind, eouL i. 

^yaial, lit. accumulation j (in law) joint acqui- 
sition of an article (baring no owner) by two or 
more persons, a, 

higo, the sound made when calling cattle. A. 

Aic, pusillanimous, impotent, eSknicate. p. 

hudnat, the bringing up of children in the Muaol- 
man faith. [of the whole rolume, a. 

hiii, a portion of the kar,dii, being a sixtieth part 

Utbar, m. a lion ; adj. strong, hard, hizbar-yanff, 
the lion in tight, a man's name or title, p. 

Ao-Bui, to hare eone to and returned. A. 

ic-ekthia, a. to be finished, to be expired, to hare 
elapsed. A. 

ho-jma, D. to hare happened, to become. A. 

AoAe, through, by, proceeding from. A. 

Ma, m. name of a kind of boat ; the chick pee 
baring been parched in the pod. (. 

Ao-^n<i, n. to be completed. A. 

Aofi or Aom-a, f. the great festiral held at the 
approach of the remol equinox j the song which 
is sung during the featiroL (■ 

Ami, m. a kind of fire-worship ; oblation. (. 

Aoni, the ofibvr of au oblation, i. 

iomnd or Aom-A., a. to offer up the Aom sacrifice, s. 

Aoii, they or we may be. A. 

Aoni, n. to be, to exist, to become, to belong, to 
bare, to serre^ to answer, to come, to do, to 
stand. I. [ticable, possible, t. 

lumehdri or fiotitviali, being, about to be ; pnc- 

AonAdT, possible ; what is to happen. A. 

AodAho, n. to plant, to puff. A. 

Aoiif or AoiifA, the lip. ho^t-ehdbtut, to ohew the 
lip; to be afraid; to b» mortified or peni- 

Aoati, three and a half. A. [tent. t.d. 

hor, f. a wager, an agreement, a barg^. Aor 
bdmlkud, a. bi bargain, &c. hcr-b^nd, a. to 
WBger, to bet, &o. hofUigdiu, a. to wager ; to 
maike an agreement ; n. to be positiTe, obstinate, 
or perreiae. AopA^«>l, a. to lose a wager, &o. A. 


( 188 ) 


Atf-rviiiM, n. to be, become, h. 

ion (t. ioli)y name of a festival, &c. s, 

Ao-fo^tM, n. to be possible. h» 

hcA, nL understanding, judgment, sense ; mind, 

■ouL hosh pakafndy to recollect, hosh men 

dmi, to come into one's senses, p, 
Aotii, sensible, intelligent, p. 
MoMrdrtuij a. to disappoint, to baulk, k, 
ko^k^wumd, intelligent, wary. p. 
AoMmofkC, f. uiMerstanding, prudence, p, 
ioMkifor, attentive, clever, sensible, jp. 
Aodlyiri, f. sobriety, carefulness, p, 
kai, m. f. hotdy m. wealth, means, ability; adj. 

being, becoming, h, [(v. horn), s, 

hotiy the priest who officiates at the hom sacrifioe 
hoiaby m. predestination, fate, s, 
kot&'jH&t coming and ^oing. h, 
ioid-rahe^d, an expression used in reply to terms 

of abuse, implying that " what you said of me 

is applicable to yourself ;*' '* tu quoque." h, 
haiaVy m. or hotavyatd^ f. predestination, destiny ; 

that which is preordained to happen. 9, 
haU^ during, while, in the presence of; hate hote, 

graduaUy. makSm te hote, near the house, or 

just out of it. h. [friend ! hallo there ! d, 
hoik, interj. ho! hallo! 6A^,t hoth, liark ye, 
krady m. a pond, a tank, a lake. s. 
hranoa, short, low in stature ; m. a dwarf. », 
hgid or hjridd, m. heart, mind, soul, life ; the seat 

of thought and feeling, knowledge, s, 
hu, pron. (lit. He, He is) God. hu kd^dlam, a 

desert plain (q.d. "where no being but Gh>d 

exists'*), a, 
hu^ been, become ; ago, elapsed, h, 
i^Mtb, m. a bubble, kubdb u^hnd, n. to bubble. 

kubabif of or resembling a bubble ; full of 

bubbles, a, 
hm-ha-hm, quite, perfectly, exactly, a. 
AsM, f. love, affection ; firiendship. a, 
ikubbu-l-wafan, love of one's country, a. 
kububdt, pL vegetables, potherbs ; articles fonneriy 

furnished gratis to men in authority, consisting 

of sheep, milk, eggs, blankets, hides, &a a. 
hiichndj a. to miss, to err, to mistake, h, 
hmda, m. pointing out the right way. a. 
hmdOf truth, wisdom ; adj. true, just ; old. p. 
hpddd'tuddi kamd, a. to threaten mutually, i. 
hmdhmdf m. name of a bird {hoopoe), a. 
Imdidy pL limits, confines, boundaries. hmdAdi 

ahar^hfo, penal laws, hududi arba*^ boundaries 

of the four sides of an estate, a. 
i^ttdm§f m. novelty, invention, a. 

hmgld, m. a kind of reed commonly called "ele- 
phant grass." h, 
AkAJ, m. report, rumour, popular fiune ; a storm ; 

pageantry, ostentation, h, 
hujjah, pi. porters, doorkeepers, chamberlains, a. 
hujjdj, pi. pilgrims to Mecca, a. 
huHatj an argument, proof, reason; altercation, 

disputation, controversy, a. 
kujlfatij a sound reasoner ; a disputatious person, 

a sophist ; a* wrangler, a caviller, a. 
hujra, m. a cell, closet, chamber. hujra,e tikdn, 

a private closet, a, 
hujum, m. a crowd, an assault, attack, impetuosity. 

hujum-k., to rush upon. a. 
huk, f. pain; stitch, ache, shooting pain, twitch, h. 
hukamd, pL philosophers, sages ; physicians ; wise 

men in general, a. [repeatedly mto tears, h, 
huk-kmk'kar rond or huk-kuk-kar rond, to burst 
hukka, m. the pipe, &o., in which tobacco is 

smoked ; a grenade or bomb ; a box for holding 

jewels or dnigs. hukka^barddTf the servant who 

prepares the hvkka, hukke bdz^ a juggler; a 

grenadier, a, 
hukkdm, pL rulers, commanders, magiBtrates. a, 
hukkdmtf a term applied to grants of land made 

by the officers of government, a, 
hukm, m. order, command, decree, permission. 

hukm-ufhdnd or ^nikdlnd, a. to draw at cards. 

hukm-anddz, obedient to directions ; an archer, 

one who hits the mark (with an arrow, bullet, 

&c.), hukm^ndmaf m, a written order, a. 
hukmi, obedient to directions (generally applied 

to medicine), a, 
hukna, m. a syringe, a squirt, a clyster-pipe, a, 
hukukf pL rights, duties, a, 
liukumai, f. dominion, sovereignty, |Ovemment, 

jurisdiction, authority, hui^maii adl, a just 

award, a decbion by just arbitrament, a, 
hul, f. a thrust, an attack, h^l^ to goad, thrust, 

drive, urge. h. • 

hvlakna, to rush on, to attack, to diarge. h, 
hular, m. tumult, uproar, alarm, disturbance, h, 
hulde, m. alacrity, joy, gladness ; f. snuff. sJ^, 
hulaend, n. to be rejoiced, pleased, delighted, s, 
hulkdmdj a. to set on (as a dog on a bull), to 

instigi^ to halloo on. h, 
hulkum, m. (v. hoik) the windpipe, a. 
hulla, m. a robe, a garment, a, 
huUaf, m. alarm, tumult, uproar, commotion, 

bustle, disturbance, h. 
hulndf a. to goad, to thrust, to push, h, 
hulsdnd, a.^ to cheer, to rejoice, s. 



^il, m.dewa]t) itopplng or •ojonmiiig; enter- 
ing or penetrating ; transmigrsuon. a. 

i«M^ ni. an eagle, a phanli, a turd of panuiuei 
B &buloiu bird of happj omen pecnlur to tha 
Eut. It U luppoaed th*t erery head it orer- 
■ludowB will wear a crown (t. 'aika). f, 

Humaka, pi, foole, stupid fellows, a. 

hanuikitd, n. to ssaault, to stretch forward. JL 

Awiu^iin, fortunate, august. >acred, rojol, imperiaL 
ivmayin-Jal, of auspicivui omen, kimayiiit- 
gai, the royal residence, p. 

Aurni, fcxilialmciB, atupiJitj, inadTOrtenCT. a. 

ii$mma, m. the sudden influx of the tide at new 
and full moou in the rirer Uooglj, called by 
Europeani " the tore " {wh;, I know not). A. 

i«, f. ilia, m. a coin, called also a pagoda, Tolued 
at from 3^ to S] rupees, h, 

Awl, I am. h, [niTstical monosjllable. >. 

Aiiii, too, also, jm, well, aiBotlj ; m. a magical or 

isHMr, m. skill, ingenuitj, Tirtue ; an art or handi- 
craft. Ikaiiar-baiui, -dar, -maud, or hoot, f 
clever, skilfuL )ui'»ar-mimdi, Ac., skilfulneei, 
deileritj, accomplishments, p. 

iwHori, clever, skilful, p. 

kamar-maadiita, skiJtullj, clerer^. p. 

hMit4a-bhdrd, m. contract for transportation of 
goods, including the payment of duties, h, 

iM»dar or Aiin^sr, m. a wolf. A. 

n tillage. 

AvH^fA, mutual assi 

Awi^r, f. a bill of e 

kan4'-itartaiii, a bill payable 

AiM^i niVddi, a bill payable after a stipulated m- 

AoNJtno/, m.aneiciiangc-merchant. (. [terraL t. 

hui4'g^'*i iQ' eichange, or price paid for a bill of 

itUK/uici, a bill of exchange. p,h, [eichange. <. 

Ariii-AuB, m. uproar, tumult, i. [bellowing, s. 

iumidr, m. uttering a menacing sound, roaring, 

AvK-Aarno, to make the soond Aiiil, in anger, from 
fear, or as on ineantation, &c. (. 

imnad, pL the Hindus, a. 

\iipdijip, secretly, silently. A. 

Aiir, f wrangling ; odj. ignorant, foolish. A. 

^r, f. a virgin of paradise i a celestial bride pro- 
mised by Mu. ommad Ia all good Musalmani in 
the next world; a black -eyed uymph. a. 

Aafa-Aiiri, t, striving, wmngiing. A. 

tvf-davgd, turbulent. A. 

Aur-dangi, f. turbulence. A. 

AnfAiin, f. the twang of a bow. A. 
£»?; £ M rirgin olpmAi». a. 

4 ) HUB— EUZ 

AarAo, m. pining (particularly applied to children 
separated from parents) ; the bar of a door. A. 

Aaria, running away in teiror. A. 

^umial, f. dignity, character; chastity, honour; 
reveranoe. humtai-lofnd, a. Ia disgrace, ^ur- 
mat dend, a. to bestow honour, to exalt ; to 
lose one's character, to incur disgrace, ^f- 
mat-t,f a. to treat honourably and respectfully. 
J^urmat-lend, a. to violate, to ravish ; to dis- 

huntd, a. to beatdown{aBpaTiDt«). i, [grace, a. 

^Mrr, free, well-bom, genteelly bom. a. 

iurra, m. dispersion (of ao army, an assembly, 
^.), general jail delivery, h. 

fiira/', pi. latlers, &c. Aara^ hijd or ^i^fi la- 
iajji, the letters of the alphabet, an alphabet, a. 

AapiA, m. a kind of drum in form like a sand- 
glass (generally played on by bearers). *. 

iuruini, f. a dancuig-girl, a courtesan. A. 

Awoin, good, beautiful; a man's name, the second 
of the two sons of 'JJi, who both sufi*ered mar- 

of bird of melody, ^usiu'ai taial, a kind of 

ABsam, f. a sharp sword, a. [stew. a.p. 

AaiA, m. (for AimA, q.v.) understanding, kc. A. 

AntAiitA or AnsAiisAa. m. the remains of life, last 
breathings of a dying man. a. 

Atuh-ddr, nave a care, look out, p. 

htuhl-miitht (also AwAJ miuht), L wreatlmg and 
boxing, p. [sober, p, 

htuijfdr, intelligent, prudent, cautioua, abstiuent, 

iuiAgari, f. prudence, alertness, p. 

Awtn, m. beauty, elegance, goodness, itatat 'aid, 
good faith, tnistKOrthinesB. Auni iiifiyirr, free- 
will, ^a/nt yifdi, elegance of address, ^vtni 
^ulk, a good diBposiCioo. Aarai ra,e, prudent 
counsel, sound judgment. Ausai iadbir, eicel- 
leot management, sound policy, fynmi j^nait, m. 
a good opinion, a favourable judgment, a. 

^us^a, very good or very beautiful, a. 

fiUKif, envy, malice, spite, a. 

lentil, m. acquisition ; profit, advantage, produce, 
getting or attaining, a. 

I^dm, anything brittle or d^, minute, a. 

huwatdff, dear, manifest, evidi^t, open. p. 

imidyal, divinity, the divine essence, a. 

farn, m. griefi sadness, affliction, a. 

^afw*, m. presence, appearance, attendance; 
court, government; the town or station at 
which the chief authority is resident (the other 
towns and plaoee sul^eot to the tame authori^ 



ftre tpnned giaiial) .- DsM bIro in tho aenae of 
"your honour," "your highness." hnfiri pur- 
wir, "hii illmtrioua majeBtv." Aufir-lnlah, 
bein^c etiied lo the pregenre, aunnnoning st- 
t*ndaiice. ^nziir iiarij, ftprivafo »eorctai7. a 

kmfUri, m. sn Bttendsnt ; f. pregence : adj. of or 
brlonging to the court, rojnJ. a. 

iuffir, pi. tliose present, epcctHtora, ludiiora, 
araistantB. a. [he or become, b, 

imai, haTJiig been ; llirougb, bj. hvai-hai, will 

fidal (also fad<i),f. repetition, reriting; viaiting 

iiitat, f. help, aid, sDccour, favour, aaBistance. a. 

Oti, f. making a sign with the finger for any one 
to approach (ifnii denotes a similar aign to aig- 
nify depart urr) ; m. dmiaL iiii-jt., to den;, a. 

'Had, pi. aerrantg, eUrra. 'ibidu-l-lA, eenanls 
of Ood. 

'UAial, {. dJTine ironhip, adoration, a. 

'ibadat-ffik, a place of worship, a. 

'iiidati, a worshipper, no adorer, a. 

iiiiat, f. permittiiiE, giving liberty, a. 

'ibint, 1. style (in writing), speech, a word, 
dialect, idiom; a trope, or figure', a phrase. 
'Aaraii raxgiit, the flo werr itjle of writing pecu- 
liar to the later Persian and Indian chroniclers, a. 

ibd£, m. the production of something new. a. 

ibdal, m. change, exchange, substituting ons thing 
for anolher. a. 

aHm, in. the thumb ; suspicion, ambiguity j 
coTcred, concealed, unknown, a. 

ibti, m. confirmation, establishment, preeerra- 
tion, rendering permanent, a. 

ihii^ m. conTCjing, sending, causing to arrire. a. 

iblit, the devil, Satan, a. 

sfra, m. a son, a child, a. [lenu. a. 

ibtm-l-^ib, one of whom little is known, a pai^ 

i^Kti-l-^arai, a selfidh person, a. 

itm-t-tabil, a son of the road, a trsTcller. a. 

sftumi-ooW, a time-aerrer. a, 

Jirakim, the patriarch Abraham, a. 

'iftrani or 'ibraniya, Ilebraic, the Hebrew Ian- 

ihrir, lictoiy, au[)erioritj, a. [puge- ". 

's&mt, f. an example, warning ; (met.) fear. a. 

ihrat-baHfih or 'ibrat-namd, exemplary. a.p.\ 

'Uri, Hebrew, Hebraic, a. 

ibrik, m. an ewer, a water-pot. a. 

(&{(■[, B. abolition, destroying, refuting, a. 


ihtidi, f. beginning, exordium, a. 

ibHda,an, in the tc^nnin^, in (ha fint i^ee. a. 

ibtikaj, m. gladness, alacntj, cheerfulness, a. 

ibtita, m. suSering, misfortune, a. 

ibHiam, m. cheerfulness, a tmile. a. 

ihtUal, m. Tileneis, meanness, servitude; care- 
lessness in pnserring anvtliing. a. 

icitatad, to grin, to shew the teeth, as a dog. ft. 

ielu-hia, f. will, wish, desire. *. 

ichchAa-bhcifan, food agreeable and abundant to 
the utmost of one's desire. (. 

iciirhhai, wishing, desirous, t. 

icitciian, m. seeing, sight, (. 

ichckai-f wishing, desirous, t. 

icUia-tand, m. a species of angar-cana. i. 

ieMu-mati, t. the name of ■ river. 

icHAu-rat, m. the jutce of the augar-oane. (. 

iehhu-tar, m, molasses, raw sugar, i. 

'id, f. solemnity, festival, holy day ; Easter. 'idU 
atha or 'iif J kvrbdn, a festlrsl held in commemo- 
retion of Abraham's nfibrinc up his son Isaac (or 
Ishmael according to the Ma^ammadaaM) . a, 

idiar, t. misfortune, ill-luck, adversity, ruin. a. 

'iddat, the time of probation which a divorced 
woman must wait before she can be re-mar- 
ried, a. [just claims, a. 

idilPa, m. the act of demanding one's right or 

idn/ian, m. duplication of a letter bytashdid; 
coalescence of letters (in Arabic construction), a. 

idAnr or idiar, here, hither. tiUar-iiiUar, about, 
around, up and down, here and there. A. 

'idi, a present, which it is usual to make on the 
day of 'id, an Eaater gift. a. 

idrdj, m. insrrting one thing in another, a. 

idrdt, m. understanding, comprahenaton. a, 

idiar, m. involuntary discharge of urine ; hard 




iJrit, the Arabian name for the prophet Enoch, a, 

Idriak, thus, anch, like this. (. 

idtrar, act of revolving, a. 

ifa, m. performing a promise, paying, satis^ing. 

ifi-k., to make good. a. [swoon, £o. a. 

ifaka, m. ifakat, convalcscenee, reooverj from a 
'iSfat, f purity, chastity, continence, virtue, ab- 

atiuence, modesty, a. 
iflSi, ro. bankruptcy, penury, poverty, want ; 

sometimes wrilteii ijtaa. a. 
ifiad, m. withdrawing from sodety. a. 
ifrdt., ni. Bipess, superfluity, a, 
'ifrit, m. anything trightfuJ or horrible; a giant, 

demon, spectre, ogre. a. 






i/Ud, m. diTolging, publuhiiig. a. 

tffar, YD. breaking a fiat, ifiar-k., a. to break 
oiie'i fut is the evening afler futing all daj, u 
the Mnulmani do in the month of jSfimfif'B' a, 

iffari, that which ia proper for faat-breaklng. a. 

ifiilidr, m. glorj, honour, elegance, o, 

ijliri, f. calumnj, ilander, false impatation. a. 

^il, benaSting, making to excel, o. 

tj^ak, m. difficult, abatruae ; an obataole. a. 

^Mm, m. inflaming with dnire. a. 

vgJimSf, ro. diaaimulalion, anpercilioasneaat ogling, 
ooqnetrj. a. 

i^mafi, one who ii lapennlioaa, proud, Aa. a. 

i^rdi, anhmeraoD : in rhetorto it aignifiea ei- 
Mwiie pimiae or oenanre. a, 

i^wa, m. seduction, tonptatun. i^pua-k^ k. to 
eednoe, to leadrutnj. a, 

ih or ika, oiihoT iAo, thii, he, ihe, it. A. 

Uaiot, m. thia preaent world. (. 

iiM (ioT gahdtl), here, in thia place. A. 

ttdinU, f. oonlranpt, enmity, aSront. a. 

iiifa, t BUrronnding, besieging, a. 

iAifai, m. act of making or prodndng anything 
new I a noreltr, a rare inTentioD. a. 

M (for giil), tbia Ten ; here. A. 

>^d^, in. eiet of proring or eetabliahing the truth 
of a doctrine, reatoring to right*, a. 

U-iSl, m. this life, the life preaent. A. 

iUdt, m. deatrojing, mining, a. 

iA-Ioit, the present world. A. 

iimdl, m. iimaB, f. negligenoe, indolence, inat- 
tention, delaj, cardeeanesa. a. 

i^dk, m. act of bm^ng, or letting on Sie. a. 

i^im, m. act of forbidding or interdicting j de- 
termination or resolution. H^ram-bdndimd, to 
make one's tows bs a pilgrim, a. 

ittd, numbering, reckoning, a. 

Vudn, m. benerolencc, benerolent actiona, beneS- 

' oence, benefits, fiTour, oourtesj, kindneea. 
iiidH-k; to oblige, i^dtt-maiid, obliged, grate- 
fiU. i^dnmandi, gratitude, a. 

il^ldn, reabaining, ciraiunscribing. a. 

Midi, being directed in the right way. a. 

Ihtitdr, in ita litarsl sense signiSea the lajing np 
of anything ; and in the language of toe law, 
the poichaainB of grain, or otheF neoeeaariea of 
lif^ and keeping them ap, with « new of en- 
hancing the price, a. 

Mimdl, m. act of hearing or sapporting ; doubt, 
nncertaintj ; probability. i^imJ^A., to be pro- 
bable, iiiimdl-i,, to doubt, to impute, a, 
r^^imd&ig, proliabl^ yerj likely, a. 

tUitiMn, probable, coi^ectural. a. 

tirtmam, f. diligence, care ; inspection, luperin- 

tendence; a BubdiTiaion of a proTince. a. 
ikUmdt»-i6r, m. a saperinlendantof the revenue*, 

Ac. of an iAMnum or district. a.p. 
iUimami, m. a curator or manager, a. 
iklirdk, m. strong deaire, burning, a, 
i^irdm, m. act of honouring, paying attention, 

treating with respect, a. 
tUtroi, m. abstinence, r^imen ; abstaining from 

of police, oensorship } superint«iidence of weights 

and meaaorea in a city or market, a. 
ikliidbi, m. the supannt«ndant or clerk of the 

market, a, [retinue, magnifieence. a. 

iktMdiM, m. lUTing many followera, Ac ; pomp, 
iktij/aj, m. neceaaity, want, occaaion, needj plur. 

■JU^^'M, requiaite tfainga, wanta. a. 
Miydf^ caution, foreaight. il^iydt te or i^tofi- 

tan, carefully, caatioualT. a. 
jAya, m. act of giTing life, aaTing, preserring. 

iki/d-l-maiDat, reriTing of the dead, applied to 

the prooeas of bringing waate land into culti- 

ilffdr, a. act of making to appear, or of calling, 

ifdi, m. (in law) the Grst propoaal made in a ooa- 
traot, kc. by one of the contracting parties, a. 

ijdb, m. rendering neceaaary. a. 

ijabat, f. ooneent, approbation, a. 

ijdd, ra. inTentJon. ijad-k., a. to inrent. a. 

'ij^lat, haste, speed ) antioipstion. a. 

^ara, (aleoffar), m. a tarm; a pririlege, or in- 
come of Tariable amount sold or lei for a fixed 
sum. yoro-dor, m. a farmer of land or of 
revenue, one that has purcfaased the labour of 
another ; the bolder of a monopoly, ^ara-ddri, 
&rmiiig or contracting for rent or rerenue. ijdr- 
ddri-palld, ijar-pa{fa and ijir-nama, a lease, any 
document under which a Isaae or brm is held. a. 

ijoi, abridging, epitomizing (a book, Ac.), a. 

Ijdi, m. diaappointment j a miracle ; wonder, 
surprise. ijdii monA^i, miraculous cure, 
equalling the wonderful cures of the Messiah, a. 

ijdiftl, f. commands, orders, permission, Ifaie, 
dlipensation, sanction. i^itai-^uM, a peti- 
tioner, one who aaki leoTe or permission, ijd- 
tat-ndma, m. any written order or permiuion. a. 

ijidl, m. the beatowing of greetneas. a. 

ijUu, f. act of aitting, eapocially of a court of 
juilioa. ijldti kiiml, a nill oonrt 

i/M£, m. act of usembUng, m owembly , aenatt^ 
council, court of justice, a crowd, a. collection, 
■mount, the whole, ijmd'-i UMwutt, m. general 
asaemblj of llie people, unaninioiu con>nit. 
ijma'i fohabal, the unanimoiM authoritj of the 
companions of the prophet on a point of law. a, 

^mal, m. in ibttnct, abridgment, compendioiu 
account, ajnoptis, lummarji olao applied lo 
joint Dccupancj or poueaaion. 

ijnali, abridged, compendious ; in law it denotes 
wbat ie held in common (ag an estate) undi- 
Tided, unpartitioned. iJmBB ma^ali, an iindi- 
Tided estate, a. 

ijrd, m. performance, execution, yra-k^ to per- 
form, to put in practice, a. 

^tiiad, ra. care, effort, diligcnoeg carrjing on 
war against infidels, a. 

ijtima', ni. act of assembling or gathering toge- 
ther; conjunction (in as Ironom;). a. 

ifliuab, m. absliDcnce, continence, a. 

tt, one (diieflj used in compound expreesions as) 
Uc-kmta, aingle. (. 

ifila, the caoeelling of a sale, on condition of 
furnishing an equiTalent for the original |nioe 
of the article ; breaking a contract, a. 

i ^m a i , f. resting, abode, residence, a. 

itafia, together, in one place, united, t. 

Mil, m. prosperitj, good fortune, feUcity, accept- 
■noe of a bond or bill. a. 

MH-da'vi, confeesion of judgment, a, 

i^bil-mamd, proiperoui, ol good fortune, ttbil- 
mumC, r prosperilj, good fortune. a,p. 

a^-eikat rd^-i., to ride eTcrjwhcre. $. 

ii-ciit, of^ one mind, without wavering. *. 
i^awi, m. intrepiditj, firmness, spirit; endea- 
vour, diligence, attention, a. 

iM, £ sugar cane (same as iirk). According to 
the anUior of the Araithi Makfil, the word is 
pronounced ilch in Ibe province of Dihli, and 
Mk in Uut of Oude, Lakbnau, &C. $, 
ilA»i(i, together, in one place, k. 

'■*■■-, n. act of giving intelligence, a. 

, concealment, 'iVniJ i^i fi, the art of ren- 
nvisible, like Jack the giant- 
killer,''or .£neas at Carthage, a. 

iUUf, m. affection, friendship, love. I'iiiaf-jt or 
-roUiu, to eatcem, &c. i^at-manil, affeotion- 
•te, biendlj, a friend, iiilarmandi, friendli- 

m/d, con 
owing 01 


I. oxpulsioi 

iming out of posieaiion, 
diaburaement ; pL iUra- 
JSt (corrupted aiiaijii), eipenaea, disbnne- 

ments g sUowanoe for eipoiaai. i&'dfiti an- 
rang, elpensei incurred in the manofactare, 

storing, and transporting of salt and other 

iM'i/a, m. act of hiding, oovaring. a. 

itAi't^/, m. difi*erenoe of opinion, opposition, dis- 
cord, disBgreHnent, miaundentanding between 
friends, coolness ; pL iHHU/at, a. 

i^ildl, m. inlermption, obstacle, a. 

ithlilaf, m. friendship, intercourse^ conrersatian ) 
act of mixing ; mixture, oonfuaion. a. 

i^tirS, m. invention, diacovering, fitncjing, a. 

ii^lifir, m. abridgment, reducing, a. 

i^ftfsf, m. pecoliaritj, appropriation, a. 

ittlitdm, m. completion, fulfilment, finishing, a. 

il^ligdr, m. authoritj, power, will, ohoice, op- 
tion, eleolion. iHliifir mei komd, to be in the 
power of; O ' ■ ' ' - -■- - 
prove of, t 
m. a power of atlomej. a. 

i^lit/ari, f. approbation, choice, authority, power ) 
adj. in one's power; sutiject to deetion, at one's 
disposal. iUftyurl fH^ in law, an optional 
compromise, i^ligdri-iai^ the killing of an 
animal for food bj cutting ha throat, as is 
done by Jews and Moslems, a, 

i^Kon or iUicut, brothers, companions, a. 

liiKdM samea, contemporaries, a. 

ikia, single, incomparable, BUpereicellttit g m. an 
eai^ring of a single pearl ; an ornament worn 
on the wrist, olien hollow, containing porfame; 
a champion, who aerres alone, withou* *" 
attached to any corps, s. 

itla,i, f. lonelineas; an article of dreae. h. 

iilawiia or Utatta, single, aoUtarj, alone. *. 

iiliai, m. oUmate, counli^ i according to Moalem 
geographers, there are seven aidfim "clinutea 
or countries " which occupy a fourth part of the 
world, called the mb'i maikiif " inhabited 
fourth part." The other three ijuarlers of the 
globe are aupposed to be utterly uninhabitable. 

ikmal, m. perfection, aocomplisbing. a. 

Hjucka, heed-omament. k,p. [tion. a. 

itrdk, f. horror, aversion, abhorrence, detealk- 

iirdm, m. honouring, oomplimenling, treating 

thoat being 


iirdr, m. promise, agreement, assurance, a1 

tion; confession, confirmation ; in the fanguage 
of the law it means the notification or avoiral 
of the rightof anotberuponone'sself. ikrdr-k., 
a. to promise. droTHuiu, m, written agree- 
ment, mdenture, bonil, oontiaat,^ dtnA.tA^Mum^ 



or acknowledgment in general, i^riri 'amm, a 
public ackiiDiirledgDienC, declaration, or oonfea- 
■ion i a will or tettaineot. i^dr-diiu^iatra, a 
conditional deed of gifl. a. [fewet. a. 

ikrdri, ono who awents, ackuowledsee or oon- 

i^rari-agami, m. a priaoner who pleaoa guilt;, a. 

iJctar, single, in a body, all at onoe. p. 

itMir {v. sat-tdr), similar j of the aame »Ort. i. 

itthan, m. eight, seeiog ; the eye. t. 

iiaAu, f. tMguT cane, iJahu-rat, m. tliB juice of 
tlie augur-cane. itiAu-iar, m. molusea, raw 
■ugar. Uriku-tan^, m. a apaciea of sugar-oaDe 
(taccAamm mmja). $. 

ikthtmaii, t name of a river in Bengal, the 
Isumat^. t. 

iitir, alchemy, chemiatiy ; the philoaopher'a stone 
(or rather a call of quicksilVer used in tnuis- 
mnting taetalt U) gold), an elixir, dust, fliinga. a, 

i^o*, cutting, divimng, an asBigninent of land. a. 

ii-lat, staring with a filed look. «■ 

iftibat, m. braTOwing (Ere from another) i «0- 
quiring, procuring, asking ; quotation, a. 

Ucf/ian or ikfhaura (t. iialhd), together, i. 

iklidd, imitating, ii/iila-jt., to imitate, a. 

tkliiUr, m. power, authority I dignity, a. 

iktifa, t Bu£cien(», conLentmcnt. iitifa-k., to 
content one's seu ; to stop short, a. 

iiti$db, m. gain, acquiaitioo. a. 

ikiudm, m. division, partition, a. 

iktirdr, m, abhreviation, raatriction; detennining 
or filing the bounds of anything, a. 

ikUfe, cUim, requisition, demand, a. {a. 

il^ up to, antil. itf-al-a», up to the present time. 

ilaefia, m. a kind of silk and thread cloth, d. 

iUeki, {. oardamume. itacki-banliid, to diitiibute 
cardamums, ■ wedding cBrenumy. k. 

(UirjU-saa^ a kind of wild fruit, k. 

ilairhi-boii4^ or -ifora. Capsule of cardsmunu. jl. 

Uachi-daHe, a kind of sweetmeat. A. 

ila,ec/ii, f. large cardamums. i. 

Hilt, Ood, the Supreme Beiug. a. 

UaAi, diiine, the Ditine Being ; need as an interj. 
O Ood! Name of an era inatituted b; Akbsr. 
iidhigaz, the atandard yard meaaura of forty- 
one Sngera, instituted by Akbar. a. 

■JoAi^o/, f. divinity, the godhead, a. 

'iljij, m, a remedy, cure, medicine, a. 

il<ghiia, n. to be entangled, to be invidved in a 
quarrel or difficulties ; to quarrel, to debate. A. 

'iUfa-band, a lace-maker, a tape-maker, ila^a- 
bamii, the business of lu«-making, lace- work, a, 

iibif pi iaSnaitiet, prel«no«*, Ao. a. 

riam, m. proclaiming, indici 


rarrant, notifica' 

Cldn, m. publiahing, divulging, a, 

Udad, m. race, &mily, kindred, k. 

Uij/achd, m. (v. iUchd), a kind of cloth woven of 

iligacKi, f.largecardamums.i. [ailkaud thread.*. 

il^dr or ifg^, m. rapine, devustation, ai during 
the inroad of a hostile army ; the forced march 
of on army tlirough a distnot. p.l. 

it^ad, impiety, heresy, idolatiyi athciam, unbe- 
lief (as to the hlmalman faith), a. 

iikah, importunity, urgent solicitation, a. 

ili^k, m. addition, juDction, coupling, a. 

itkdiB, inspiration, revelation, a, 

ilian, m. note, sound, tune. a. 

ilid, m. throwing down, flinging. Ukd,B Ifajar, 
throwing aetone, on offence prohibiled by the 
Huhammadon law, whereby the person throw- 
ing a atone at any article was compelled to pur- 
chase it. a, 

ilia, m. a wart ; co^j. beaidea, except, otherwise, 
unless, if not ) somctimea a superfluous nega- 
tive na ia added to this particle. a.h. 

'UUU, t cause, pretence i filth, dirlj diaeose, 
weakness, haifi 'illat, the intercliongesblo let- 
ters, alif, (oa», end ye ; all material Bubstanoee 
are said to have four causes ; 'Utati fin, formal 
cause, I.e. that form in which its essence con- 
sists. 'iUati gtu,\, formal cause, or purpose for 
whiflh it was made, 'illati fSili, efficient (as 
themoker, ifthe workofamui). 'iHatimdddi, 
material cause, or the matter o[ wliich the thing 

'Um, m. science, knoirledge. 'i2nt ami, the 
knontedge of the names, i.e. of the attribulea 
of Ood. 'iVflu USu, theology. ^Umu-l-yalci:^ 
certain knowledge, demonstration. 'Uni tafaie- 
UHif, the mystic or contemplative science ; the 
doctrines of the rijls. 'Umi tathriA, anatomy. 
'itvti tamdriih, history, chronology. 'Umi ^- 
ool, philoiophj, physics, 'thai rakmn, or 
•l^iar, or -kUab, arithmetic, 'ihni rigifi, the 
mathematical sciences, 'itmi nhar, magic. 'Umi 
tltCr, poetry, versiBcation, scansion, 'ilmi fuii'i, 
Batumi philosophy, 'ilmi 'anif, poetry, versifi- 
cation, 'i/ni^A, jurisprudence, 'ilmi ialam, 
Bchotastic theology, 'iimi-baifdn, or -baldghat, 
or -ma'aH, the explanatory scieuoe, i.e. rhetoric, 
oratory, eloquonce. 'ilmi kimigd, alchemy. 
'Umi miiiiki, muaia 'iVniJ nujim, aatronomj, 
aatrology, 'ilmi iandata, geometry. 't^M o 
Jafl, knowledge and virtue, a. 

ILH— IHL ( ] 

'ilm-din, teamed, wioa. a.p. 

't/nu, Kimtifia, doclriiutl. a. 

'Um-HiedH, H itudent, studion*. a.p. 

Utiiai, bein); obscure, ambi^tj, perptexitj, 

" double entendre." a. 
iili/H, i. friendship, kindnata, obligntion, mar- 

tea;, reepeat ; (in rhetoric) sn spoitrophs. a. 
itlUub, m. burning, heat, a, 
illijd, f. a request ; fljing to in oaMi of necei- 

■itj i a petition, refuge, piotectioa. ittija-bur- 

dan, to seek refuge, a. 
iltima, ta. [. bneecbmg, petitiqping, anpplicatuig, 

prajer, requeal. a, 
iltiici, hanging bark, proonatiiutiiig, defening. a, 
illiyam, Bllajing,M>otl]iiig, coring, a. 
iUtxim, m. being neceaaarj, expedient, being aaii- 

duous, taking on one's Mlf. a. 
ifyd, Elioa or Eli } Jaruulem. a. 
iijum, m. bLame, reproach ; conviction, a. 
iau or ima, m, sign, nod, wink (indicating depar- 
ture) ; emblem, s^ptom. a, 
'iwitd, a prop, a pillar, aupport. 'itiiadii-d-Anila, 

tlie aupport of the atate ; a man's name. a. 
fmil, applj'ing, making uae of. a, 
i m am , m. a priest, a liader in religioua matters, 

patriarcb, pirlftte, chief, a. 

imamat, f. the office of an imam, a. 
imMmbard, m. or imdm/iafi, f. a kind of temple. A, 
imdmi or imetmiga, of or relating U> an imdm, an 

rpitbet aaaumed b; tlie fbllowen of 'Ali. a. 

immm-famin (or -fdmiiu), m. the protecting Imam, 

one's guardian saint, imdm-f anna Jed nipifo, a 

piece of coin dedicated to Imam Zdnm. a. 

iaa«», m. faith, tielief, conacience, reliEJon. imoa- 

dir, foithful. true, imja-rfari, f, fi^litj, truth. 

iwti»-lma, to beliere. inua-A., to be on oath. a. 

imtim, iaithful, of the (Muaalmui) fkith. a. 

imirut, {. dominion, nuthorilj ; a diatrict under 

the goTemment of an amir. a. 
'immi\it_ a public edifice, a building; a habitation; 
a Ibrtiflcation. 'imdral, pL a. 

f. gladncM, joj-, delight, cheerAilneaa, 

, £. aet of Bnaieting, aiding 
»ur, help; extending, a. 

. posait 

.ily ! 


OppoaitioD to tpujib, uaxmitj], 
IbMw, polentiiJ, poeaible. a. 
imUf m. orlhographj! vriting correctlj; com- 
* '' ;, filling up. imtd-dd*, odo who otitM 



1 lieldn 

i), to-daj, introi-fardd, to-daj 
r lu-iiiuiivn, i.e. aoon. inintt-/ardd-i,, a. to 
lit off, to procrsatinate. p. 
it, m. paraimonf 1 abstinence; want. a. 
il (for iii-ia?), tills jear. p. 

Imtiab (for ii-i/iab), to-night, p, 

[miiddd, m. protraction, prolongation, proroga- 
tion, eiteoaion ; adj. protracted, a. 

imtiAdn, m. examination, proo^ trial, experi- 
ment ; temptation, a. 

inftyoi, m. discrimination, aepantioo, distinc- 
tion ; pre-eminence ; good breeding. wati- 
j/dx-t., a. to diaoriminatfi i to treat with dis- 
tinction, a. [worthy of distinction, o. 

imtiydxl, having the quality of diMjriminating, 

■a (Pen.), this, these. ■■ (Dakh.), (hewing or 
exhibit ing the teeth, pj. 

'ioab, the grape. Mntu-l-'inai, daughter of the 
grape, wine. a. 

'indd, m, ubetinacy, perreraeDess. a. 

inaJCf lo! behold! there for joul p, 

in'dm, m. or ia'ainai, a present, a gift, ia'dm-i- 
itram, an honourable gift. ia'dn-kd-paud, 
priie money, iu'dmi altam^d, « grant under 
the royal aeoL la'anu kditiugo, an assignment 
of rent-free land to a Tillage accountant, o. 

'iaayai, f. faiour, gift, preaent. 'iiwjFoi, pi. a. 

'iitd or 'iada, near, before, about, in, according 
to, Ilc 'inda-l-ba'f, according lo aome. 'tHda- 
l-laikii, in truth, certainly, 'inda-l-ldh, with 
or before God. 'iiuta-l-wmfil, on the arriTol, 
when it happona, in such an erent. 'i■<{a-^ 
wakl, in time, in the critical juncture, a. 

indard, m. a well built of aolid d 


a roU 

masonry, k. 
Lnd fold on which a hvx- 
the bead. 

den is carried oi 

iadimdi, m. recoTcring, getting welL 
iadirdj, m. becoming extinct (a family), a, 
'iadUfo, m. one's peculiar opinion, 'imdigit, pi. 

opinions, tenets ; abaurdities, fablea. a, 
indra, m. the king of the Devataa. i, 
indra-jal, m. deception, cheating, juggling; trick 

or Bttatageni in war. indraj^, m. a conjuror, 

juggler; adj. deceptiTe, unraaL «. 
indrinit t the wife of ludia. a. 

tra-proMlAa, the name of ancient Dilili. a. 
iadraiaii, m. the throne of Indra. t, 

drdj/an, f. colocynth, wild gourd. 

dri or iadriya, L the sensei (internal and 11.- 

(ernal), orgatia of action tad, ^enn^iiia. a. 


ill46,^, Dl. K bod oiuhion for OMTTing li burden 
on. indi^ f. B head or orown omunent ; &]m> 
s ciuhion. A. 

twlar or iadir, m, a nt, moiwe. i.h. 

iaduair, m. the daf of the moon, Monday. *. 

inji'ai, m. shame, confiuiOTi, modntj. a. 

injifal, m. decuton, termination (of a cause) ; 
divisioii, •eparatioD, *ettUn|;. imfifil-k., to Kt- 
tle, to decide (eomiptly infifoR). a. 

iiigU/dajt, £ii^and. inglitletu, English. 

mA, obLujue plural form of the pron. gih. 

ialiidam, perdition, act of abolishing, ex: 
tion, demolition, a. 

in^irdf', defleotion, inTsnion, change, a. 

wAtffT, m. eoiTOanding, enoircUng. a, 

jn'btit, m. beinj; turned upaide down. a. 

Mfl^ m. the Hew Teetament, QiMpd- ff. 

iajimid, m. itate of congealing or oong^ation. a. 

iiiar, denial, refiual, diuTowal. a. 

iniiUb, m. reTolution, viciasitude. a. 

iniitdf, m. being eclipsed (the aun). a, 

intuan, m. dirision, dividing, a. 

iajruor (corruptly tnHtdn), m. ■ being routed, 
humility, want of courage, despondency, a. 

inkiydd, m. fidelity, aubmisaion, obedience, a. 

int, men, mankind, the human race. a. 
infaf, m. deciiion (of a cause) ; equity, a, 
vttif-i_alab, one who secka (or justice, a. 

waul, of or belonging to humanity, peculiar to 

Uuaiuyat, f. humanity ; afhbility. a. 

imthd, writmg, compoailion, elegance of style, the 
bcllea lettres. iiuhd-vardia, L writing, letter- 
writing, a. [wilieth ; Deo wjCeubi. a. 

M-«Aa aUihu UMi if Qod the most High 

iofiran, m. completion, end. a. 

iaf, f. a brick, mf-yorf, brickwork. *. 
Mifsii, recovering one'i aelf after stumbling, a. 
Mjiii', being impressed or stamped, printed, a. 
■M/iiii, f. end, tenuinatioD, summit ; adj. ttnished, 

completed, prohibited, a. 
intillai, m. transporting, traTelKng ; transferring, 

circulation (of currency) ; decease, a. 
iHtiadb, m. selection, picking; making extract i 

from books ; election, choice, a. 
iaii^dm, m. rerenge, Mtaliation. M^am-l, to 

retaliate, a. 
inlMar, m. confusion, want of regularity ; dia- 
pertjoa, exp]armtion. a. 

10 ) INT— laH 

iiUifSm, m. disposition, regularity, order, ar- 
rangBment; the diapenaalion of Proridenee. a. 

intisdr, m. inlitdri, {. looking out (for any per- 
son), Mpectation. iniifar-i,, a. to eipect. a. 

'iawan, m. the ornamented title-page of a book ; 
that wheraby anything is known ; that which is 
understood by anything; mode, manner, a. 

froi, m. a Towel, the Towel points, a. 

irdd, f. citing, adducing, bringing (a charge). 
irad-i,, to impute blame, a, 

irida or iridat, m. desire, inclination, wish, pur- 
pose, deaign, plan, intention, a. 

troffl, m. name of a fabulous garden, paradise, a. 

brim, Persia, iron «a tmrdn. Penis and Tartary, 
or Paraia and Transoiiana. a. 

tnJNt, of or relating to Penia ; a Peraian i a man 
of the Shfa sect, p. 

frdf, fiying from, areraion. Crdi-ir., to turn 
away from anything with abhorrvnce. a. 

irkdm, m. act m writing, a. 

irf[Ad,e'iniii, m. loosening the reina ; nnrulinesa. a. 

irf (t. tffi), an ailetree. rf. 

irial, m. mission ; act of sending, especially a 
writing, letter, 4e. a, 

irihad, m. command, order. It ia frequently 
used by an inferior as a respectful interroga- 
tion, in the sense of "What ia your will or 

irtCdt or irlCdsi, m, tremor, trembling, a. 

iriibal, m. friendship, connection, a. 

irtiddd, m. apostsay ; refusing, a. 

irUfi', m. eleiation, grandeur, prosperity, a. 

irtihil, m. death ; marching or travelling, a. 

vUkd*, m. teoeiving an article as a pledge a. 

iriikab, m. perpetration or commission (of a 

crime) J oommenoement of an enterprise, a. 
irtUdm, m. plan, painting, writing; a mark. a. 
irtuJidf bribery, corruption, a. 
M, an inflection of yiA and uaA, q.v. K 
«, God, a lord, master, supreme. (. 
'Uii, Jefus, our Lord. a. 
uai, m. a winged white ant. A. 
ifalat, firmness, integrity, genuineness, o. 
'iiaai (also '"0,1), Christian, a. [knowledge, a, 
iffidt, m.f.confirmation, afSrmation, proof, certain 
^oAiia, m. lapahan, till recently the capital of 
it/dnij, m. spinach, p. [Persia, y. 

itjanj^ m. a sponge ; a yeast dumpling, ff. 
Uhd, (. the b«im or pole of a plough, 1. 
'iihi, I. the first watch of (be night i the pnyen 

said when going tc 

evening prajwa* 

I, bringing proof. 

idd, m. taking 

u,hak, m. (n man'i nHiDe) Imi 

ithara or uioro^, f. a nga, command, ngrul, hint. 
um-i-aAara^ a dcmoDstrntiTs pnjnoan. a. 

'iiik, m. loTe. 'iihk-iii, a man of gallantry, a, 

u&kily m. difficultj, arnbiguitj, punfuluefla. a. 

ithtati, one nho excilea doubt* or difficulties, a. 

'wAi-ioii, f. mnoroiu, toyiiig, loTe-making. a. 

'uhii, relating to lore, a lorer. a. 

'iihk Aai, an eiclamatioQ of pniaa ) eicellent ] 
well done '. linTo 1 a. 

iiAmdm, m. diSbeing odour, perfume, a. 

inhrdkf m. participating, partnership, a* 

iakrakt ro. splendour, belluty, Inatre. a. 

irirdki, eastern, oriental, a, 

iikraki-aaniut, morning prajer. a. 

'uhrai, f. lociety, pleauint and f«inilii"' conrena- 
tion ; pleasure, deligbt, eniojment. 'itirat- 
faii, one who increases mirth or enjiwmetit. 
'ithrai-gdh, f. 'ithrat-kAdia, m. a houM of plsa- 
■ure or entertain ment. a.p. 

u^fo, desired, vialied, approred. *. 

iihtata, f. desirableness, rererenoe. (. 

iMittl at iiUCatii, m. burning, inflaming, light- 
ing a fire or candle ; fomenting, inatigatins a 
quarreL iihUdlak dead, to foment (quarrels), 
lo encourage to bad actions, to abet. a. 

ijkiiddd, m. confirming, strengthening, o. 

ithtii/idl, m. occupation, employment, atody. a. 

ithtihd, i. hunger, appetite, a. 

iiilihar, m. publication, rumour, renown. iMi- 
Aar-iwuw, a proclamation or public notice, a. 

iihlikdk, m. deriTalian of one name &om another. 

tMUimil, m. comprehension, containing, a. [a. 

iAiiri, m. buying, selling, commerce, a. 

Mtirik, m. parttiershiji, association, a. 

iMiydk, m. wish, desire, strong inclination, a. 

'itkva, m. concealed or dangerous affair { the be- 
ginning of darkness at night, a. 

^ithwa-gar, a coquette, 'uhvia-gari, coquetry, a. 

iihwar, m. ruier, lord ; Gh>d. itAtearddhiHotd, 
nibjection to God. ulmiar-arddiHa, f, wonhip 
of Qod. (. [godhead. : 

itkwaratd or U\¥>ar-hhd,o, f. divine nature ; the 

iM-kadar^ thia much, to this extent. h.a. 

i4kaiidar, Aleiander. iilcandar i nnu, Alexander 
of Qreece, or Alexander the Qreat. a. 

itkandari, of or relating Co Alexander, a. 

itiaHdariya, Alexandria in Egypt, a. 

ukamlA (for Mtandh, q.i.) a section OT portion of 
a poem, a division of a book. t. 

tfU^ t. amendment, onn^ oomntioii. a.' 

. ) ISL-KT 

uUth, m. the religion of Hubatnmad, orthodoxy 

(according to Muhaiqinadans). a. [nople. i. 

iildni-M (lor utdatbol), the city of (Xmrtanti- 

iildmi or iiUmiyn, failhfid, orthodox, a fbUo«et 

of the Uubammadan religion, a. 

wmi iili/hdm, an iuterrogatiTe pronoun, imi 
iiAara, a demonntrstive pronoun, itid laniir, 
an indefinite pronoun, itmi <ilf^<ia, present 
participle, itmi ^adad, a numeral adjectire. 
uni fa'il, a noun of agency, the nominati*e 
cose, itmi mafil, the past or passi*e paitt- 
ciple. umi fi/bf, a noun of quau^, an adjec- 
tire. a. \m».e\ son of Abraham, a. 

itma,\l or itmSil. the name of a prophet; lah- 

'ifmat (properly '(MmaQ, f. defenoe, proteotkin 
(espenally &Dm sin) , hence chastity, honour, a. 

itmi a'fam, the Almighty name, One of the ninety- 
nine attributes of flie Dirinitj, tbe utterance of 
which is an irreeiatible spell over demons, a. 

inai Jaldli, the glorious name of Qod. a. 

itm-mdr, entry in atatementa aooording to tbe 
order of persons' names, a.p. 

iipoAaii, the old capital of Penia. p. 

iipaiid, m. a aeed of the henna plant, p, 

it-par, upon this, berenpon. h, 

itpdt, m. iteel of a tough kind. A. 

itrdf or irraf, m. prodigality, abnae of wealth ; 
ruin, itraf-t., a. to squander, &e. a. 

itrd,U, TaraeL ioni i»ra,il, the Israehtes. a. 

itt/tbal or ifiabU, m. a stable, a. 

ittabrak, m. green oolooTi ailk, cloth, or satin, 
whose colour seems to change agreeablT to the 
light it is seen in (particularl} green silk), a. 

iildda or ittida, standing, set up, erected; heooe, 
a pole, enugn-stafi^ &f ., partionlariy a prop for 
supporting the door of a tent, not the tent- 
pole. iatida-Ie., to raise op. p. 

ittddoffi or ittddagi, t, Annnees \ erection, p. 

if (oMor, the ancient name of Persepolii. p. 

ittdmbol, also ittaidiol and uUw&ot, the city of 
Constantinople, p. 

ii-(arak or it-t_ara^-t», in thii manner, thus. A.i>. 

itliat, m. a place or stand of a bkir. t. 

itthirali, t rest, tranqtiillity, steadineaa. t. 

iitTdb, m. asking in a present, a. 

itH'diial, f. aaking assistanoe. a, 

itttdra, m. borrowing ) uaing a word metaphori- 
cally ; a metaphor, ittfira-k., a. to b«eech, to 
beg eemeslly. a. 

iftibdi^ m. dipping, baptiam. •. 





ittiiittgkh one who baptiie*. a. 

UtHdid, m. alwalute donunioD, despotism, a. 

itiibri, m. cleansing ; wMhing one's hsadi. a. 

ittid'a, f. [«queat, invitation, petition, a. 

itlfdid, f. abilitj, merit, rewliuosi. a, 

ulidaaal, desiring to burrov : in ita common 
acceptation it signifiea cODtnctin); debt in ba- 
hajf either of one'a self or of anolluir. a. 

itiididl, m. uking proofs, u^umvnta. a. 

Ulidrdi, m. compreaendiDg, undentanding i reach- 
ing, overtaking, obtaining, a. 

itUfd, m. satis^ing completelj ; pajing or receiv- 
ing the whole of what is due. a. 

iitifi, m. asking forgiieneu ) deprecating, a. 

ill^Sda, m. aeelung tor gain ; profit, a. 

uUfhdm, m. inquiring, inquisitiveiiesa. a. 

ulirkdnv or iitifAamij/a, mterrogative. a. 

uttfrdgli, m. vomiting, belching, a, 

uty*^, m. Biking an explanation i searching for 
information, inquiry, inli.'m>gatioa. Uti/tdr-k., 
a. to inquire, tu uiterrognte. a. 

Ut^iari, i. the atatenkeiil of a prosecutor, a. 

ittifld, m. oousulting (a lawjer). a. 

utiflA^f^i ni. asking for help. a. 

Mi^fSr, m. begging niercv, craving grace, a, 

(rtiflliw, indope^dent (in point of fortune), con- 
tented i ra. coQtenl, independence, a. 

itlighrab, m. great admiration, wonder, a. 

iiUfhrdk, being drovined, initnerged in thought, 
drowned in sleep, engrossed, wholly employed, 

itli^dla, undergoing a ahange. a. 

iHiAbab, m. contracting Triendship; an action, the 
performBDce of which is meritorious, a. 

utihkak, m. demanding justice; merit; abilitj ; 
ill law it denotes a claim of right, a. 

itti^am, m. eoofirmatioii, finnneM, ttnuigth. a. 

itlihtar, m. despising, vililyiiig, scJhiing. a. 

iili^Uf, causing to sweor, exacting an oath, a. 

iitilUdlc, m. ruining, destrujiiig.eoasuniiug; wish- 
ing death or ruiu to »ny one. a. 

utihtda, m. apjiruTiug, praising, taking Or oon- 
■idtring as a lavour. a. 

ittiktd, m. dension, a joke, jost, scorn, a. 

uli/tfdr, m. calhug, citing to appear, a. 

ittijdbal, {, accepting, consenting, a. 

itti'jdl, m. hastrning, accelerating, a. 

itlijitiu, f. asking leuve, begging 

UHtala, m. requiring one to t 

«(, r.r 

stilude, inl«gnl]> i resideuoe; drm- 

uliUal, m. foturitf ; the oeremonj of receiving a 
visitor Id the open air b; adrancing to meet 
him ; encouuterimg, meeting, a. 

itliiibdr, m. pride, presumption, a. 

uiiiAara, m. judging &om omens ; auguiy. 

irtitifa/, m. deapuing, holding in contempt, a. 
iitialaf, desiring to liberate i liberty, a. 
ittitiraj, m. eipnlsion ; drawing; forth, a. 
uHkldi, m, intrepidity, resolution, perseverancu, 

vigour; absolute power, perpetuity, a. 
ittiltlali, C confirming in possession, a. 
uUintial, completion, perfection, a. 
M^i^f, m. reasoning from induction, a. 
iMtikrih, t. aversion, reluctance, a. 
ittilfTar, confirmuig, ratifying, a. 
iiUkfd, curiosity, strict investigation, a. 
uiikikaf, wiahiiig anything to be laid open. a. 
itCila, m. predominance, conquest, a. 
ill.ilai, (. a phrase, idiuui, aoceptslion. a. 
itfiiid^t, pi, idioms, forms of speech, a. 
iffila^, technical, coiiveutiouaL a, 
itlUtam, m. neceaiity, rendering necessary, a. 
uUmi, m. heariug, listeniug ; tidings, report, 

rumour, tiiat which is biflird. o. 
ittitnil, m. custom, titimal-k., to use. a, 
iitindlat, {. encouragement ; comfort, a. 
itlfmali, fit for practical use, used. a. 
alimhit, m. deilucliiig, inference, a. 
iiUmddd, f. begging at 

Ulimrai'-dar, the holder of a perpetual lease, a. 

utimrdri, perpetuiii, {lermauent. ulimr-iri jam', 
fixed or perpetual assessment of run), iilimrdri 
jol_, a filed or permanent tenure, iilimrari fiiJ/- 
guidri, permanent or perpetual revenue, it/im- 
rdri piffn, a perpetual lease of a farm, iilim- 
rdri paffdilai; the holder of a lease of lands at a 
permanent rent. a. 

itlimlff, m. enjoying, reaping fruits, a. 

iilimxij, asking an upiiiiou ; searching out one's 
purpose or intentions, a. 

itttnad, leanijig or resting upon. a. 

iiiindi, m. familiarity, intimacy, sympathy, a. 

ittirdhat, tl eaiia, nvt ; sleep; repose, a. 

ittinldd, m. demanding restitution of anythiiij>, 
whothor given or deposited in trust, a. 

Utirdadi ruldm, rvversid of a public sale. 

itUijS, m. rGtuniing (to QodJ; having recourae 
to God during affliction, a. 


ittujd, t. dnire to plMM, willingncM. a. 
ulifad, m. dMiring liappineas ; fortunate. < 
ufifit, ID. dealroving, entdicaling. a. 
iitithhad, ra. taking eridencu ; summoning 

neawB ; bringing lestimonj or proof, a. 
ittUka, tn. the dropsy ; iitiaka^i-zikki, tlie 

taiCA 1 utiaki,i-{ithti, tympany, a. 
iitifkdl, m. bearinfsii, trouble, importunity. 
ittipia', m. forced labour, preaaing iulo aerrk 
tMlifni, m. exception, distinction, a. 
ittifmab, m. approring ; conaultation. a. 
iMtif^ai, f. pt>vi?rj dependence- a. 
ulitar, m. act of concealing, a. 
utHcd, pBrellel, equal, a. 
Mifhar, m. imploring aaaiatance. a. 
iriri (for ffri), f. a womsiii m. ainootbing 

ulri-tamd, a. to amooth with an iron. 

wala, one wbo irona Unen. A. 
it-tcail, now, at present. A. 
ii-icajfe, on tliia account. 
'(Tjiun, m. ein, rebeltion, oppoaltioo. a. 
ft. (. (same aa HI) a bricL t. 
ifa'at, {. subjection, obaequiouii 

iForahipping, obedience, submiaa 
'itab, m. reproacb, anger, diapleaai 
Hat, so much, thia mucli. h, 
€tdk or 'iffli, the 
itar, affected, giving one'i 

gay i other, low, yile. 
itar, aSbctatiOD ; adj. at 
itar-lok, people ot low caaie. «. 
iiid", fallawing, obeying, obedience, o. 
Utk, to much, thia much. i. 
Ufa, Bilinction, putting out (a Bre). a. 
UMr, purifying, purification, a. 
ilklaiii, a. to wiUk aSectedly or coqueltiably, to 

eipresa tcnderneas or kindneaa by gestures, h. 
iU, a word uauaUj written at the end of a letter, 

book, Ac., signifying that it is flnished g as the 

Latin Hm, &c. : 
Ctibar, m. belief, faith, confidence ; respect, esteem, 

veneration, reliance. Ftitdr-ralAndm ftiiar-i., 

to give credit to, to believe, a. 
rtiban, trnsty, confidential, a. 
itiddl, nu eTennoa, equilibrium; temperateiMM j 

rectitude, temperature, moderation, a. 
i^-dan4i, the ball and crooked stick in the g*m« 

of chuigan. d. 
itihdi or ilihdt, m. a story ; history, i. 
flikiid, m. confidence, laith, trust, belief, a. 
CIMdi, one who has faith, &q., or in whom faith 

of a slave, a, 

lelfaira; playful, wanto 

.ing affectedly. A. 

) ) ITI— ITT 

Cliiaf, m. restraining, curbing one's paaaion &om 
religious motives, as in Lent. a. 

itilaf, m. familiarity, Mendahip, society, connec- 
tion, company, curreapondencti. a. 

Cltma-I, m. fuiib, conGdeuce 1 hope. a. 

€timadi, one in whom confidence is placed, a 
tnietworthy person, a. 

riinn, taking pnina, aniiety, care. a. 

eiWify m. conR-SBion, avowal, a. 

fliraf, t refusing assent, objecting, diacuasion; 
criticiam, displraaure. a. 

ftirazi, t displeasure, anger ', ill.onewbaobject8.a. 

i'Htdia, prt-sening one'a self from Bin. a. 

itizil, secession, dissent j abdicating or withdraw- 
ing from office, a. [a letter of apology, a, 

Clifar, m. an eicuse, apology. flitHr-nama, m. 

ttitari, one irho apoUigiiea. a. 

rtizdz, eicplling, ovii-coming. a, 

iljhera. m. (lie alnie of being rniangled. h. 

iilak, m. aetting at liberty i divorving ; freedom, 
disengngcdness. a. 

illak-navU, ro. the officer who keeps the register 
of summonses and of the fees thereupon, a.p. 

ilmd, atrong desire, longing for. a. 

Umaai, perfection, completion, a. 

ilfniaan, m. tranquillity, content, security, a, 

ilminini kiifir, peace of mind, a, [much. A. 
as much as thia, tbis niuch, to 

.e-«.«i, i 


give onc'a self airs, lo act nith iifli'c- 
tation ; to act in en unusual manner, h. 

ilrdaa, atfccted, playful, wanton, A. 

'ilrti/al, fragrance, odour, perfume, a. 

'itrigit, pi. perfumes, acenta. a. 

ilia, this much or many. h. 

iitiba, following, obt^ying, obedience, a- 

itiifdk, m. equality ; friendship, union, concor^l, 
similarity of disposition ; chance, fortune, acci- 
dent, lot, success, incident, opportunity ; probi- 
biiily. Ufijak-t. to unite, Utifdk-h, to hB[.|icn, 
to be Bgrecd. Utifai-ie, accidentally, joiully, 
Conjuuclly. a. 

itiiJSian, accidentally, by chanci,-. ■;. 

itlifd'iii, pL accidents j occnTTcniel, erenta. a. 

iflifdki, accidental, coucurriiiK- «. 

itiifaki imana, m. uncipecled good fortune; 
agreeable accidents, a. 

illihad, m. union, concord, intimate friendship, a. 

iltiidm, m. suapicion, censure, a. 

iltitd, m, avoiding, shunning, abstinence, a. 

Utikdf, restraining one's aenaea ; praying and lut- 
ing, as in the month of R '~ 


(fjftir, £ muiifnting, itirorming, deoUring, inTesti' 
gntingi knowlr^dgei informntioii. ifjil^'t.^ to 
acquaint, inform. iHilS-umta, ■ irritCen decla- 
ration or iioticB in writing ; a ■amiDOna or cita- 
tion, illfl^-mand, infonaed, acquainted, a. 

iftifijf, m. description, eicellmee, praise, o. 

iUilMl, m. conjunction, adhesion, union, a. 

itwor, ID. Sundaj. i, 

iigidi, et caters, and >o forth. «. 

'iwar, m. reward, retribution, retort), anything 
Hubitituted for another, pichange, readT monej, 
hard caah, recompen>e ; adv, iiutead, ior. a. 

'^adal, f. visiting fof the sick), o. 

'igal, m. family, children, domestics. 

ijialai, t. daminion, government, a. 

igil-dar, a man who has a large familj. 

'iyaian-ii-l-laA, interj. maj &ad BTert. a. 

iggal, a deer, hart, yi\\A goat. a. 

if or Ud, when, lo, behold, a. 

iza, [. pain, trouble, 

fu-di'A oi 

who g 

regular bore. 

tfo/U, m, addition, junction, altribnte. a. 

ifa/ai, C, addition, an adjunct, an epithet j it ia in 
grammar applied to the abort Towel katra, be- 
tween two Persian nouns in the formation of 
the genilire case, or on the addition of an 
■djecti*e. Ao/ufi ifq/ii(, the genilive cose. a. 

u'dx, m. obedience ; conBdenoe, belief, a. 

izar, f. drawers, trousers, p. 

'iiar, the face, the cheeks, a. [tied. p. 

ixar-band, m. the slrine with which drawers are 

Ctdt, m. respect, attention, a. 

iidiiam, m, a crowd, a concourse, a. 

iadigad, m. increase, addition, a. 

ifkdr, m. demonstration ; rerealing, publication, 
eFineing. a. 

iiid, Ood. iiidi, divine, anything bestowed for 
the love of God. p. 

tijtdr, remembering, praising (Ood). a, 

'iim, greatness, magnificence ; pomp, pride, a. 

V% ' . 

; dion 

u,iZ, the name of the angel of death, a. 
agitalion, perturbation, resltessnwa, 
anguish, trouble, chagrin, a. 
iiHrahi, f. haste, impatience, a. [tion. a. 

iftirar, m. ifitriri, f. violence, conetraint, agifa- 
'inp, m. a mmnber of the bodj, a joint, a. 
'iti, m. glory, dignity, grandeur; adj. rare, eicel- 

'Uiot, t grandeur power, honour, respect, 
^}ojy. a. 

JS, the old inflected form of the reL pron. 
' 'ch. k. 

Ji, f. a place, ja-htt-ji of bama-ja, everTwhere. 
ja-auiia, m. a locnm tenens, a deputy, p. 

}<A, when, at the time when, jab-iah, now and 
then, jot-tat, or 'lalat, or -(ofi, till when, as 
long as. Jab-Jabj wheneter. jab «e, since, jab' 
ti, at the time when, when, jab-ia tab, at the 
time when, at the proper moment, jah-habhiy 
or jab-habhiy whenever, jab-lag, till, when. 
jab-na-tah, now and then, perpetuallj. jah-kl, 
at the very time when. *. 

jabadda, ri^d, stifi; awkward. A. 

jabaddiga, lU-eliaped. A. 

jabadna, n, lo bo filled, to he folded, i. 

jabal, m. a mountain, a hill a. 

jabari, f. oppression, injury, a. 

jahbar, orampotentj m. a conqueror, n. 

jabha or jahhi, m, the forebeod ; the jaw. aJt. 

JabAa-ad,i, beseeohing, b^ging earnestly (lit. rub^ 
bing one's forehead on tlie ground), a.p. 

jdbhiya, uglv, anoouth. 4. 

jabhrd, m, the jaw. A. 

jabiit, f. the forehead, jalna-ia.r or -fana,e, rub- 
bing the forehead on the ground, p. 

jabr, m, oppression, violence, atreoglh, force, 
power 1 the reduction of fractions to int^raU. 
jabr ie, by violence, violently. jalni nutidn, 
making good a deficiency (as if two hoiscs are 
to be given to two persons, one to each ; if they 
are not equally good, saddle and bridle arc 
given with the worst), al-jabr tEa-C-mukebala, 
algebra, a. [arehangel Gabriel, a. 

jabrd'il, or jabra,ll, or jabril or jabritt, m. the 

jabran, oppressively, by violence, a. 

jabrnt, omnipotence, dominion, heaven, the unity 
of God. 'lilami jabritftbe highest or empyreal 
heaven, a. 

jib-idl aadjdA-iati {torjaicab-taicdl, 4c.), conver- 
sation, reply, rejoinder, a. 

jdchat, m. a solicitor ; a beggar ; a person who 
goes about singing for charity. >, 

jachatoaf, f. test, Inal, examination, proof. A. 

jachna, n. to be examined tried, proved. 4. 

jdchnd, a. to want, to need, to require, to implore 
to solicit 1 {. asking, begging, t. 

jad, u, vhik^ whiUt, when, «o mod, at the time 
when, jad-lai, -laiat, or ■lag, till, until jot, 
whilst, u long &«, while, jak na tad, coii- 

StBlltlj. .. 

ja'd, f. ft ringlet, a lock of hair. o. 
Jada, m. a pathway, manner, pnetice. a. 
ja-did, I. a place, alation, terilce, employment, 

conBignment. p. 
jfdaj, m. a pathwaj, road (same ttjdda, q.T.), p. 
jadal, m.figliting, battle, encounter, altercation, a. 
jadapi [foTjadgapi or gadyapi), though, although, 

Dotwithelanding. i. 
jadauml, pi. lines ; columns in a book. a. 
jadbd-tadod^ m. unmcaiiiiig expresaioii ^ bu so. «. 
^'aM, m. a gTvndratlier ; an ancestor, a, 
jaddi, ancestral, belonging to ancestor!, a. 
jWAaa (v.j'afio"), a tpecies of rioe. A. 
jadid, new, modem, fnuh. a. 
jadu, m. enchsntment, oonjurjng, juggling, p. 
judi-eialdnd, a. to practice incantations, p. 
Jddi-gar, m. an enclianter, conjuror, p. 
Jddi-gari, {. nie^ic, necromonc;. p. 

jadwal, f. linve drawn in a book, as ruling, or to 
separata the margin; a hiuletj a table, *n 
Bstrouomical tuble. jadwai-pafli or jadtoal- 
knth, a rule, ronsisting of a card of psal«board 
and tlireads on nhich the paper is jireaaMi, and 
thus becomes ruled, a. 

jadwaG, lined, ruled, a. 

ja4'/<', m. ooldnces, apathy ; stupidity. 


carpet foi , . „ 

jd,e-ddd, t. an aaaigument on land for the main- 
tcDince of any establiobtneat. p. 

ja,e gik, place, situation, p. 

jd.fgir, lit. holding a place, iXTmanent ; pension. 
jd,e-gir-ddr, a possessor ofjdgir land. ja,e-ffin, 
employed bj holding a pension or consign- 
ment, p. 

j'>i/u, f. appreeaion, riolence, injury, injastice. jafa- 
kar or -petka, or ^'li, or -nhiaTy an oppressor. 
jaftt-ian, Sfc., the act or habit of opprosaing. p. 

jafar, a man's name ; a riier (large or small), a. 

js'fan, f. a kind of cupola; a sort of ecreeiii ; the purest kind of gold. a. 

Jajf, a troop or body of men. a. 


jofr, m, the world, the nnirene. Jag-bandhm, ra. 
friend of the world, Jng-jagal, m.lbe uniTerae; 
a feasi, entertainment, jag idkar, support of 
the uiiirerae, God, : 

jag, m. a religious sacriBce, vigils. *. 

jaffB-baadi, f. drowsiness, sleepiui'se. t. 

jagad-idhar, m. air, wind; support of tlie UDiTerse. 
jagad-amba, f. mother of the world, jagad-Uh, 
m, lord of tbe universe, Vishnu or Sldra. jagad- 
viaaih, m. destruction of the world, the eipin- 
tion of a Ealpa. t. 

jaguK or jdgah, I. plaoe, room, Taroncy, stead. 
jagak-ehhojTta, a. to leaie a blank, h. 

jagajot (forjag'lji/oli), {. splendour. ». 

jagdad, a. to awaken, to arouse from sleep, i. 

jagm-niilh, m. lord of the uDiTcrse. i. 

jngnr, m. armour, coat of maiL i, 

jigaran, m, figil, silling up at night (in a religious 
ceremony or prayer); Terpen, i. 

jUgaHi arjagat, f, waking, rigilanee, t. 

jagat, ui. the world ; a buttress. Jiyal-daihi, a 
tyrant, jagat-karti, m, the creator of the world. 
jagat-kahagy m. destruction of the world, jagat- 
prda. In. air, wind, jagatt, f. the earth, the 
worid i mankind ; a sort of metre ; adj. more- 
able, trannitory, jagali-lai, m, the world, tlie 
earth, sublunary things, jagat-ujdgar, en- 

I the 



jagrthiear (alto jagaethniar or jaggttar), 

of the UDi>-er«e, a name, Vithnu and Shiai. t. 
jaghangii, last; hindmost, low ; rile, base. i. 
jaghanga, m, a man of the fourth caste. », 
jaghar, m, wakefulness, cougliing at night, vigils, 

jigir, f, Isnd giTen by goiemment a* a reward for 

scrricea, or as a feo ; a pension (in land), p. 
jdgir-dar, m. the holder of a foe Qrjdgir. p. 
ji/ziga, proper for or suitable to a sacrifice. (. 
jagiga-det, t the country of (he Hindus. (. 
jagjagi, m. brass tin^l, very thin plates of brass 

used in decoration, h. 
jagjagahaf, f, splendour, much ]>?1it. ;;i'tl:T. A. 
jo^ma^fl, -glittering, brilliant, h 
jngmagdial, t. gUtter, splend'-u., much light. A. 
Jagmagdna, n, to glitter, h. 
jagnd ar jdgnii, n, to be awake, to awake, i, 
jagm/a, m. a sscrifloe or religiou 

whidi oblations are presented. (. 
jag-pati, m. a liingi q,d, lord of the woi 
jdgri, f. coanw sugar, molasses, ri^uae o 

sugar of the palmyra tree. h. 
jagli, not sleeping, awake. *. 

( 196 ) JAH— JAL 

o watche*. (. j"^"*! > Urge hot fire, beU ; tho dunned, a. 

jaiiii, in whaterer place, whereTer. A. 
Jail, m. ignonuiM, Irreligian, atupiditj. a. 
jakid (Cor i/aAitt) , a Jew. a-p, 
jahil, eitrvmelj ignorant, a. 
' It, m. [. triumpli, promolion, adTancement, pre- 
fermenl, victory, WtO ! liiuial all biul. ja'i- 
Jai-kar, m. rejoicings, cheer*, triumph, eiiilla- 
tiou. Jai-jai-idr-t., to liuMa, to about, jai- 
mdi, t. garland of tIcIoit. i. 
ji,i, f. a daughter ; part. i. bom. >■ 
Jaih, f. the breut, the heart ; a pocket, p. 
Jai-ber, as manj timce, a* olien aa. (. 
jaibil^tt, aprirypurae. p. 
jdi-ifAiraM, m. shout of Tictorj. i. 
jd,il, land twtD« ploughod. A. 

'■aiSl, t necklace or garland of Tictory. >. 
■maiigal, in. the royal elephant, i. 
jai», 01. a Juiia, a folloocr of tlie helerodoi acet 
10 called from worshipping a number of Jim, or 
diTina teacliera, as incarualions of the Deilj. t. 
jaitii, of or relating to the sect of ilaina (q.v.). i. 
Jai-paira, m. record of Tictory. i. 
jaitd, as, auch ai, like ; jaita-diahige, aa oecaaion 
raay require, sa it ought, sui[ii:iDntl)'. Jaiia- 
laUd, as well a*. Jaiia ki laiia, preuisely the 
•ame. jaiia-lci, as though, aa whun. i. 
jrnah, an army, troopi ; enjoyment, pleasure, o. 
jai-thabda, m. a ehout or song of rictory. i. 
jaitrd or jailra-ralh, m. a hero, a coiiquuror. >. 
jailri, orjni-iran or Jni-maat, victorious, i. 
Jaitear, the head inhabitants of a Tillage. A. 
jaiyid, excellent, elegant, arable, a. 
ji,it, lawful, permitle<l, right, proper, warrantable, 

authorized { m. a joist, a hcam. a. 
jd,iia, m. examination, confronting, a. 
jyai, m. a player on cymbals or ou the tabor, ft. 
Jai, m. when treasure, &c., is buried, an ai 
(aometiioei a man) ia killed and buried w 
aa a guard. This animal is called Jat, ai 
eeives orders to allow no one else to take up the 
treasure, An.; (met.) a miser, called also jot ki 
ffUinashta. t. 
jaJtar, a pledge, jakaf-band, tight. 
Jakafitd, a. to tightei ' - ■ ' ■ 

to bind, to faaten, to tie, to pmion. a. 
Jakjak, nonsensical talk, twaddle, p. 
Ja/, m. water; frigidity (phyaienl or moral)i also 

grandeur, aplundour, magnificence. 
JaKalal, f. brutality, barbarisin, igi 

Jahd», m. the wor' ' 

ja/idn-ifirin, the 

ban, a sovereign, j^aa-bia, worid-seeing, the 
Almighty i a travcUer. Jahan-panah, asylum of 
tlia worid, (addressed lo kings) your majesty, 
aire, jdtan-tab, warming the world (the sun). 
jiAan-iot, world- iullamiiig. Jahan-gtr, world- 
grasping; name of B Great Mogul, the con- 
temporary of James the First. jaha»-dar, 
rnlor of the world, world-potsessor, a king. 
JahaH-dan, f. aovereign power. jahd»-dida, 
one who has seen the world, experienced. 
Jakd<t-gard, m. a traveller. JakatMmtita, 
world -eibibiting (a lofty tower, ic.). p. 

jaka, where, wheresoerer, in tlio place which. 
jahin-taMi, wherever, where, there, here and 
there. jahoH-iahaA phirndt n. (o stmggle, to 
wmnder. jahai-jahin, wliorcTcr. Jahan ia 
taidri, everywhcro, in the sume place as before. 
jahii toAiii, wherever. JaliuA Ink, aa far as, 
JtAAi H, whence. A. 

Jiuidit-ffir, (lit.) the scizcr of the world ; (met.) a 
SDVoroign ; also the name of one of the Great 
Moguls, the son and successor of Akbar. p. 

jakdni, worldly, a buuiaii being, p. 

jaiiniydn, pi. mortals, worldly people, p. 

jaAaiuiam, ni. hell ; geheitna, according to the 
Mosohuiins Jahnnnam, is divided into seven 

Krtions, appropriated severally to wicked Moa- 
ns, Christiiins, Jews, Sabteang,Clebra,idolalai-B, 

and hypooriles. a. 
jahannami, hellish ; infernal, a. 
Jaiax, ra. a ship ; the tree of a camel's saddle ; a 

portion in llie disposal of the wife. a. 
jaidii, m. a sailor; f. a kind of scituitar ; adj. 

naval, nautical a. 
Jaiat-par, aboard, on board ship. a. 
Jakdc-iAikaiu, f. shipwreck, a, 
John, m. a portion, whatever a wife carries willi 

her to her husltond'a house, paraphernalia, a. 
jdiil, ignorant, tiarbnrous, brutal a. 
jaMl or JdMliyifat, t. ignorance; paganism ; Mu- 

hammadans use the term affgaini JdAilij/yai{dBy» 

of ignorance) to denote the times previous to the 

manifestation of Iildm, or what Ihey consider the 

true faith, a. 
Jaiim(airojaAim), hell, or rather that subdivision 

of it which is allotted to idolaton. a. 

' tight, as a knot ; 

thetic. Jal-paehchlii, t. water-fowl 

of water, wet. Jat-fhat, ground half a 

with water, manhy ground. Jat-krir't sporting 


or playing in the water, jal-ehar, any ei 

{ IW ) 

jal, forged, counterfeited ■_ 

window, a lattice, bd ejelet or loophole ; msgio, 
conjuring, supematuri deception. Jal-ddr, t«- 
tidJated. _;fli-»i7fl^ f, a coat of maiL jat-lak^, 
t. Talorian. t. 

ja'l or jaTt, baie, forRed or oounterfait {» coin, 
&c.). Ja'l-tac, a forger, a cheat, jifl-tazi, 
forgery, ja'l-lcaj^z, a forged document, a. 

Ja/d^ m. a lake, tank or reservoir, t. 

Jala, ro. cobweb ; a net, a pellicle; a Jar. t. 

jalabald or Jala-bkayiiy heat«d, acorched, burnt 
up I fretful pauionate, hot-teinpered. A. 

jaljdat, f. Bctirity, agilitj, strength, a. 

jaladat-aiir or -thiSr, brave, v^OTOuB. a. 

jaladhar, m. a pond, a lake, a reaerroir. t. 

jalaf, m. a miser; mean, base, deipicaWe i pL 
ajl^f, mean wretche*. a. 

jalai, m. a small piece of water, a lake Or pond ( 

jalaj, m. a Eeh ; a lotua ; B shell, f. 

jaldkar, m, appearance of water, t. 

jalikhv, m. an otter or water-cat. *. 

jalil, nu jalalat, {. dignity, state, ougetty, gran- 
deur, aplendour, power, a. 

jalaS, glorious, illuatrioaB ; it also denotes an 
ara repkoned from (he time of Jalii-ud-^it, 
Malik Shah, son of Alp Arsl^ of the Saljuk 
dynasty of Fereia, commencing at the Tenul 
equinox A.D. 1079. a. 

Jalalit/a, a Sne Bpecie* of wheat- a. 

jalitolca ox jatatiki, I. a leech, f. 

Jaidma, a. to bum, to kindle, to inflame, to light ; 

Co make one jealons, t. 
jaldKchal, m. a natural water-coDTM. t. 
Jalatuiar or jalaidhar, m. the dropsy, ascites ; 

lit. that which has water ; hcni» it is applied to 

Sat alluvial land, ss (he Jalandar dtt,ib. >. 
Joldrdrd, wet, charged with moisture, i. 
jaldmar, m. a delucc, a great flood ; the rainy 

season ; (he sea of bvah water, g. 
Jaldia orjaidtiay, m. a pool, a tank. (. 

jalauka or jalasiat, {. a leech. (. 

Jai-baii, f. swimming, striking with the arau and 

legs in the water, t. 
jal-bal, burnt up, consumed with Are. *. 
jat-bandkak, id. a dam, ■ dike. (. 
jal biidbud, m. a bubble of water. (. 
jal-bMjini, a. to brand, to bum to osbM. *. 


in water, k. 

jald. eipeditious, quick, brisk, fcst, hasty, fierce. 
jald-boz, i-ipoditious. Beet, haslj. jald-baii, f. 
haste, jaldraw, swifl of motion, jald-iadawt, 
fleet, jald-mizt'ij, passionate, p. 

jal-dhara, m. a Btream or current of water, i. 

jaldi, !. quietneas, rasliness. p. 

JaUb, m. attenilantB, equipage, suite, a. 

Jalehi, f. a kind of sweetmeats, h. 

jale par mm lagdnd, (o triumph OTer, to insult 
(lit. to throw salt on one who is burned). A. 

Jalae, m. attendants, equipage, suite, a. 

jdli. Illusory, deceptive! f- network i the integu- 
ment in which a fcetus is enveloped ; a coil, 
caul; lattice, grate-, an oi-muiile. (. 

jdlik, m. u spider ; a fisherman, i. 

jatiti, m. a cheat, a rogue, a oonjuror or juggler ; 
one who employs nets for a livelihood, t. 

Jalil, great, glorious, illuslrious. JaRlu-l-kadr, 
august, illustrious, a, 

jaUttut, Galen, the celebrated physician, a. 

Jalit or jdCu, m. a companion, a. 

Jaliga, m. a llsherman. (. 

Jdlii/d, m. a cheat, a rogue, a conjupor, ». 

Ja'Hjial, forging, counterfeiting, a. 

Jaljala, indignant, outrageous. A. 

jal-ja/dbal, S. inJigaation, rage, passion, h. 

jal-jaUna, n. to be indignant. A. 

jal-Jait/u, m. an aquatic animaL t. 

Jal-JamUikd, f. a iL-ech. (. 

Jal-idi, m. the diver or water-erow. t. 

jat-Urif, m. a shark ; a large alligator. *. 

jal-lirird, £ sporting in the water, bathing, t. 

Jal-tutkar, m. a waterfowl ; a diver. *. 

jal-kipi, i. a whirlpool ; a pond, a spring, a well, f . 

Jal-turma, m, the Oangetic porpoise, t. 

Jail, great, glorious, eminent, jalla (3rd pers. 
Bing.), is emiuent. JaUa Jaldlv-htt, eminent is 
His glory -, Jalla jAaan-Ao, eminent i* His 
majeety— plirases applied only to God. a, 

Jalla, m. a lake, a mass of water, a tank. i. 

Jallid, m. an eiecutioner ; (and hence, as an adj.) 
cruel, hard-hearted (q.d. one who excoriates ; 
from Jild, the skin), a. 

Jall££, f. the office of executioner; cruelty, a. 

jallaid, f. a wave, a biQow. (. 

Jdlin, m. a low man, one of a degraded tribe ; adj. 
cruel, liarsh ; rash, ineotisid crate. (. 

Jalmai, watery ; m, flood, inundation. ». 

Jal-makthitra, (. a vrater insect, i. 

Jalmandal, m. a kind of tarantula or large spider, 
the bite of which is said to be lataL (. 





Jal-mania, m. ■ uratermsD, a mermud, the mter- 
kelpie, a amall xpecieB of roonliej. (. 

Jal-7ndrg, m. a drain or iiaue from a pon^- i. 

jalnd oTJdlna, D. to bum, to be kindled, set on 
Are ; mel. to bo unniged^ Jsle -par aoa lagan^ 
{U> throw salt on a biim), to triumph OTur, to 
insult. t.d. 

jal-iurgam or Jttlonkchhwit, m. a drain, t. 

jafpt m. diiaeDaiODj wmni^lLng ; prate. 8, 

Jalpot, m. a chatterer, talking much. ». 

Jal-pakiia, to be in a paKlon, a n^e. ». 

jalpan, m. drinking (of water), eating, Inking ligbt 
food between m^e, a luncheon. /. 

Jal-ranj or jal-rank, m. s kind of crane, fe«diag 
on amiUl a>h and haunting snamps. $. 

jotia, m. poiture, situation, etatc. a. 

jat'th<il, m. ground half covered with water, t. 

jal-%(hna, m. to break oat (h fire). *. 

jM-vrithchiki m. a prawn or shrimp, t. 

jal-vgadh, m. a kind of B»b, a >ort of pike. (. 

jalmt, m. aplendonr, Imtroi the bridal bed. a. 

jalajo-gar, splendid, conspicuous, a. 

jalKa-gari, f. cooipiouitj, splendour, a. 

jalicaiya, m. a burner, i. 

jalaand, a (causal of j'sUm) to Cause to be burnt 

jalmat, i. splendour, lustre, a. 

Jam (for vnnui), adj. twin, fellow, one of a pair j 
m. the Fluto of the Uindiis. t. 

jam, name of an ancient king of Persia, Earned 
for his pomp and magnificence, p. 

jam' or jama', f. a congregation, oonjunciion, 
collection, crowd, assembl;, amount, sum total, 
whole rereoue generallj, amount assessed, plu- 
ral number. jam'dini or -dmadam, to Bsaenible. 
jam'-handi, {. accounts of the rerenues, nettle- 
Uent of the rorenuei. jam'-jharii, a periodical 
account, jam'-^rch, debit and credit, cash 
BOCiount. jam'-t., to nollect. jam'-hoita or 
-Mhudait, to be co1lect<<d or assembled, jam' 
o-iiorcA, m. account of receipt and diaburae- 

make up or balance an account, jam' wdfil- 
£ti^, an account stating payments periodical!; 
dun, with the amoantreceiTed and the arrwrs. a, 

jam, m. a goblet, cup, glass, anj »Bs»ei for drink- 
ing out of, a bowl; a mirror, jami-jam or 
jami-jamihid, the mirror of Jamthid, in which 
he saw whatever he wished, jdmi jaAd^^-»llmd, 
a pharos, jdmi hih-rez, abumper. p.. 

jama or jama, m. a garment, robe, rest, a flowered 
afMft or ahawl, a kind of t^inti. p. 

jamffal, f. a crowd, a partj, an aswmblj, > troop 
meeting, societj, senate, congn^gation. a. 

jama ddai, t. a portmanteau, p. 

jima-ddr, the keeper of a wardrobe, jdmaddr- 
Udna, the house where wardrobes are kept, p. 

jdma-djri, I. office of keeping the wanlrobea ; 
the guards or keepers (colioctiielj). p. 

jamdhir, pi. nations, kingdoms ; states, publics, n. 

jamaKnd, to gape, to lawn. i. 

jam'aiynt or Jant'iyat, f. collection i wealth; 
jam' uitiat-i-yidtir, peace of mind. a. 

jamak, twin, fellow, one of a pair. (. 

jama-l^dHa, m. a wardrobe, the robe room. p. 

jamahna, n. to sucoeed, to go on well, to &t. 
ditanjamti, bujers and sellers are coUecleil in 
the shop. iard,i jaiaii, the tij;ht was joined. 
majlitJamU, the assemhlj is fulL mHkaddama 
jamti, the cause is begun to be debated, i, 

jamai, a camel ; a kind of flsb. a. 

jamdl, m. beautj, elegance, a. 

jamaa, m. sour milk, rennet, h. 

jamana, a. to collect i to sum up; to coagulate, 
to Ireeie or make ice ; to congeal, h. 

jamdfi or jamd,ord, m. an assembly, a crowd, a 
collection ; place of assembling. A. 

jam'dl, pi. additions, collections, a. 

jamald or jamdtfi, m. a daughter's husband, a 
son-in-law ; a husband, a lord or master. *. 

jama-todr, St to make clothes of. p. 

jnmimaf, I. coagulation, agglutination, t, 

jima-ttb, becoming one's clothes, p. 

jitmb, a side, a part, a tract of countrr. a. 

jambAlri orjamUr, m. the time or citron. (. 

jambiga or jambigd, a kind of side weapon, a 
la^ dagger worn at the side. a.p. 

jambuk, m. a jackal; a Low man. f, 

jamd, m. congelation, connection, a, 

jdmdditi, f. a kind of cloth in which the flowers 
are wore in, and not. worked, p. 

jam'-dilr, m. a natiTe officer of tluanof socallud; 
the head of anj body, as guides, &c. a.p. 

jam'-diri, the business or rank of ajant' dor. o. 

jamdhar or jamdAar, m. a dagger (lit. death- 
bearer) i a large dagger reeembllng a kaiar, but 
baring a kind of basket hdt protecting the 

jam-dit, m. death's messenger, t. [band. t. 

jamghaf, m. orowd, multitude. $. 

jamiji, f. a salary i a match of a gon. p. 

jamkand, n. to gape, to yawn. .. 

Jam, the whole, all; uuiversaL ja«£a*, alto- 
gether, uniTmaall;. a. 

JAM-JAB ( 1 

computing, oomprdiending, ooQectiug. 
P til iamalat, most learned, a. 
£. B virtuoua ironuD ) a «i«t«r. (. 
name of a celebrntod PeniaD poet. p. 
it, !. a concouree, an aaaeiiiblf. a. 
jatnil, m. Jamila, f. beautiful, elegant, a. 
jamita, t (for yafjuiti) . night. *. 
Jaai-jam, bIwsjb, coastaotlv, perpetaaUj. k. 
janiAu,i, S. gaping, Tawning. jamid,i-l«nd, a. to 
gape, to jvwn. >. [aBsembTe.toorowdtagether. A 
Jamiand, a. to adjust, to go on well, to aettla ; to 
lamai, n. lo germinate, to grow } to bo ooagu- 
lat«d or Eroien ; to ba couectad, to adhere, to 
■tick ; to pace iu the manigs. A 
jamnaufd or jamnauf^a, m. a 

tioD given to one who becomea aecurit; for 
•■ * n the amount 

ional mortgage. A 
jamog-ddr, a pernon who lenda a landed pro- 
prietor a aum of moaej, and recorera that 
monej &om the coltiiatora. A 
janu/ud (t. j'an), name of a celebrated feraiao 

king, the founder of FerKpoIi*. a. 
jaautaa, {. (for yoflunw) name of a irell-knova 

joa, m. a penon, indiTidual, mankind : in oomp. 
it deaote* pluralitj, a* itri-jan, vomeo, «. 

jin, f. m. life, aou^ spirit, mind ; a aweethoui. 
jda-afariii, animator, creator of life (an epithet 
of Qod). jdm-bdc, rilkinE life, Tenturesome, 
daring. ja»-hia, i. the riaking of life in battle, 
or irorking at uiyChiiig ai if ufe depended on 
liiccesa. jan-baxi-k., a. to risk life in^ a buai- 
neaa. jaa-ftaH»A, f. aaimator, beatower of life, 
forgirer of a capital crime. Jd^^-batillii, f. aui- 
DiBtiuD, Tiiifiiation, pardon of a capiUJ crime. 
Jd» bar /lakt (or ba-iaik) latHm-i,, to expire^ 
to giie up the ghost. ji*-bar hond, n. to aur- 
Tire, to outliie. jda ba lai homa, n. to be at 
the point of death. ja»-par ind or paptd, b. 
to be eipoied to inmiinent danger, jnn-for 
khelni, a. to run the hazard. Jda-par maubat 
dni, n. to be in immineut danger of life, j'i*- 
papid, n. to be refrealied. Jiit-tardth, ireuen- 
ing. jam tatllm-k., a. to reeign one** life. jSit- 
e/Hmfdnd, n. to escape, to get rid of. JdM-ddr, 
life pOMeaaing ) an onimsX (gencTallj implies 
strength), powerful, active, jdit-iiipdr, reaign- 
ing ooe'a life into the heiuu of another (an 


I, Ac.), jim-ao*, heart- 

» ) JAM-JAir 

inflaming, beloved, jam m utini, a. to kilL 
Jd»-Jahin, roady to sacriBce one's life for ano- 
ther, zetdouB, ferrent. Jda-Jiihaiii, f. ieal,de- 
votedoeM, extreme diligenix. jin-JUhiai-k., a. 
Co strain every nerre. jdn-kdh, life-reducing, pa- 
thetic, affecting, tan kia par de»d, a. to love 
eicesaively ; to die, to fall a sacrifice, jait- 
kattdmt, gatping in the a^niee of death. jd»- 
kandaiH, anguish of souL jdH-gnddz, life-con- 
suming, debilitating. Jdji-mdrnd or -kkdnd, to 
overcome, to exhaust, to deject., to oppress, to 
vei, to perjjlei, to plague. jd» mimjdn dmd, n. 
to be satisned, to be comfortod. jda-iufdr, de- 
voted, sacrificing one's life. p. 
jda, m. a conjuror, an aatrologer ; adj. vise. I, 
jand, a person, individual ; bom, a son. t. 
jditd, n. to go, to be, to pass, to reaoh. (. 
joKoh, f. side, brink, margin ; majesty, highness, 
eicalloucy \ vestibule, thresliold. Jandbi'dli, 
your majesty, your or his excellency, a. 
Jand-jdl, man by man, one by one (person). A 
JanarHj m. birth i metempsychosis of the Hindila j 
life, existence. Janatit^bhim or jan^na-bhAmit 
abo jattatn-bhnm, f. birth-place, janma- or 
Jiaant-jialri, f. horoscope, nativity. jaHma- 
palri ki bidhi mtUd, to meet one's fete, to re- 
ceive one's destined avard. jammt-jald, humed 
or spoiled from its birth, originally bad. ji»- 
mad or janma-daid, a father, jamm-din, m. 
blrthdaj. jaaam-nyi, valetudinarian, jaawo- 
lUan, birthplace, native Und. jaiuin-lagtm, 
t, the momeut of birth, horoacopo. s. 

jaiuin, m. birth, prodnctioa ; femily , i 

deliier, to bring ti: 

to remind, to tell, to varn. t. 
jatian, f. a mother, the actual mother of a child, 

in contnxdistinctiou to a stepmother, i. 
jandttit, m. secret communication, i. 
jdiuU, adj. knowing, understanding. A 
jaitata, f. mankind, a number of men. (. 
jditaui, to go, move, Ac. j it ii also used in dio 

sense ofjaiM; that ia, suppoae, Ac- A 
jaadm, m. a bier, a heone, a funeraL a. 
yandia-raioJa, (met.) a horae. a. 
jdn-bijK-ke, knowingly, purpoealy. *. 
jdneh, ui. trial, test, assay, proof. A 
jdaclutd, a. to examine, to try, to assaj. A 
jdne-anjeite, wittingly or unwittingly. A 
ja»e-dem, a. to Uberate, to let go; toociwa, to 

paia over (as ■ &ult). A 


to infom 


[nd, let alone, don't. 

jaiig, m. battle, war, combat, fipht. fa»g-axntiida, 
■ Tetemn ; warlike, brate. janij-atear, ■ ohiua- 
pion, ■ hero, janff-aamrdaa, to fight, to atuid 
the brunt of bitlle. ja«g-}0, oontentioiiB, lili- 
gioua. jang ojadal, m. battle, conflict, brawl, 
•qiubble. altercation, jangi inf^in, ■ gold- 
amith'a quarrel ; tlie term ia applied to ■ collu- 
■ire diaputo between two partie* in Older to 
defraud a third, p. 

jangdh, f. the field of battle {q,d, jang-gii). p. 

Jamgal, adj. desert i m. a forest, a jungle. «. 

jaagal-bvri, f. aut of clearing woodland*, t. 

jangal-phima Or -Jaiid, n. (lit. to walk in, or go 
t«, the wood) ; to ease one's >alf. a. 
*qam, moTeable, in motion ; a mendicant. (. 

jdngAiga, m. a kind of breecbea. i. 
fimgi, m. a combatant, ■ warrior ; adj. of or re- 
lating to war, militarf, quarrelsome, p. 

Jangla at jangla, wild, untamed ; a ooppice, a 
thicket ; woodjr country, forest. ■. 

jaHgH, wild, saTage ; a barbarian, boor, clown, i. 
iamguli or janguliir, m. a anake-catcher, a dealer 
in antidotes, a man who pretenda chiefly bf 
charma to cure the bite of anaket, &e. i. 

jaii-hd,i or jatiAdr, man bj man, everj one. *. 

jdiJiar, adj. going, paasingawBj. h, 

jaai, t. a maid aenant j daughter-in-law j a 
Toman in general ; a mother. *. 
li, m. an astrologer, a loier, a friend ; adj. of 
3r relating to the life or soul. p. 

Jdnib, f. part, side, jaaiba, m. aupport, seoond- 
ingi countenancing, asaiatance, partiality. jaM- 
bam, ia. mutual, OD both aidee. janibain it, re- 
ciprocally, allemately. jsnii-iUr, a guppurter, a 
aecond. jan^-dan, supporting, aeconding. a. 

jamita, m. a pnn, " double entendro." &. 

jamti, m. a other. jaiUtri, f. a mother. >. 

joHjdl, m. troable, diflicultj, plague, miifortnne, 
a swivel, a large musket. A. 

Janjdii, m. one who molests ; a gun mounted on 
a camel or elephant, i. 

jan-janaar, m, man and beaat. t.p. 

Janiar, m. mon^ (or other pledge) left for a 
thing purchased, while it ia carried away to be 
fioally approved, h. 

janma or Jaitmax, m. (i.jBuom), birth. ». 
inano, a. to beget ^ to make vt^atate. t. 
HHdiulAa, bom blind, i, 

janmantar, m. regeueration, another birth, ano- 
ther atal ' 


jtn^miiitaritia, acquired in a former birth, *. 
_;aaiiiia, an animal, a living; iKing. i. 
jinw, m. a demon or dcvtl. a. 
'a»»i, n. to produce young, to be delJTered of a 

child ; to be bom. s. 
ifind, a. to know i to imdersfand, to compre- 
hend { to suppose, to truit, to belieTo. h. 
Jannal, t. par«<U»e, bearen. Jannatn-i-bilad, the 
paradise of regions, an epithet applied (very 
qoeetioTUiblT) to Bengal, janxal fadaii, f. the 
garden of fiden. jaanati nuima, the paradise of 
rest, jannati nim or na'tja, the garden of 
pleasure. jannat-makiK or -maib or -dramguh, 
one whose abode or portion is paradise, a. 
aniiati, relating to paradise, heaveuly. a. 
ana, that is to Bay { rulefiiwf, namely, h, 
jaa-paichdn, m. an acquointanoe, a friend. 

iud of y. 

ijanarali, f. news, tidings, report, a. 

jaiUd, m. an instrument for drawing wire, a stone 
mill far grinding com, a bandmill of two atones 
one over the other; a bellows. jdHld-kal, f. 
a wooden trough. *. 

jatUdndf n. to he squeezed, pressed. A. 

jantdr, m. an amulet, a oliami. (. 

Jastr, m. an instrujnent, an engine ; a musical 
instrument; anamulet; juggling. ^*aa'r-niaa(r, 
ni. juggling, conjuring. ,. 

jaatrana, m. pain, anguish, affliction. *. 

jantrij m. an inslmntent for drawing wire i a 
conjuror, a juggler, a wizard ; f. an almanack. *. 

jantu, m. an animal, a beast, t. 

j'smt, m. the knee, janti-phalal, m. the knee- 
pan or patoUa. jdm-taitdhi, f. the knee-joint. >. 

janib, m. the south, janibl, southenj. a. 

januk, to wit, though, althuugh. h, 

jnniia, m. madnees, a demoniac, a. 

janHiii, mad, insane; passionate, a. 

Jan-vdd, m, news, rumour, pooplo's report, a. 

JiHtenr, m. an animal, any living creature, p. 

Janga, m. or jaiyd, f. tlie fnond of a father o 


japak OTjdpi, 

Japan, m. spending or passing away time. t. 

jarn-tapi, m. an adorer. «. 

Jdplin, t. flattery (more commonly chipluM) . 

japnd, a. to oount one's hoods, to repeat the na 

of God internally. ». 
jar, f. a root ; m, a fover. *. 
Jdr, m. neighbour ; a gallant ; a paramour ; Ti 

lenoe,Tiolenoe. jdritmldM, a near neighbour. 

JAB-JAB ( i 

jar, m, the (^ms (of the teeth). A. 

jar, f. k root. Origin, foiiiidatton ; in. Ka iiialii- 
mats bodv, a blockhead, jar ta bhed, the na- 
ture, qualit;, or eesence (ot a tlung;) »dj.cold, 
cliillj, titolid. s. 

jara, f. decrepitude, old »gs. ». 

ynfs OT jiri, ra. cold, frost, winter; (topidit;, 
dulneaa, iluggiabiiesa ; f. oovaoh. (. 

jora,!, {. price of setting jeweli j tba act of Mt> 

ting jewela. t. 
jara,itn, f. pi. lina, Crimea, offence*. jari,im 

^lafia, light or petty oflencea. jard,imi *(Mjri>i 

heinous offences, n. 
jaraj, m. f. an adulterine, the child of a mairied 

woman bj her paramour. «. 
jaramaiui (pro]i.jarimana), m. a fine, a penaltj. a. 
jdran, m. firewood, fuel *. 
jaran, f. the i 

ana, a. to cause to etud, to cause to set jewela. 
•ait, m. paroivim of a fever, i. [t. 

jar-al, old, anoieiil ; infirm, decayed. *. 

jaratd, f. coldnesa, chillineaa ; apathy, atolidity; 
immoTeablfiicaB, stiffaees, rigidity, torpor, t. 

jarati, I. an old woman, >■ 

jnraltHT, inflrra from old age. *. 

«,«, set or studded with jewels. ». 

, .otD, m. the act of setting jewels. *. 

jaraual or jardvrar, f. warm clotboa, (. 

jaj-aiBaf, f. the act of setting jewels, t. 

jitriyH, m. the womb, the uterus. ». 

jaragmj, TiTiparoua, bom from the womb. I. 

jorh, a wound ; (in law) an offence, a. 

pari, running, flowing, proceeding, correut, OUS- 
tODiaiy, in force (a law), jari-k., a. to begin, 
to set on foot, jiri ho*a, n. to paaa enrrent, to 
be in force, to proceed ; (as business) to flow, 
jiri rvpaiga, a current rupi, current coin in 

'sri C a row of teeth, h. [general, a. 

jarib, t a measuring chain or rope : a land mea- 
sure of 60 ^ai square, or 3,600 square ^oi i a 
com measure (of 884 nmddJ, or about 768 Iba.) ; 
a wooden dart with an iron point. jarib-ami» 
or jarib-lrati, m. a land-aurreyor. jarib-cka- 
Idnd, to throw the jarii, jarib-tatii, f. men- 
suration (of land), the office of a lind-sor- 

janda, a register, an acoount book ; adj. aloue^ 
aepante, solitary, unattended (when traTelling], 
unenoiunbered. a. 

10, a fault 1 also a 

1. brushwood, bramblea. h. 

jarila OTjafila, i 

jdriua, f. a maid.senani. a, 

jaftga, m. a jeweller, one who eels jewels. (. 

jarjatiia, rugged, full of holes, old, decayed. 

jar-triya, dilatory, working slowly. >. 

jarkul, the whole extent, Ae. h. 

jartta, old, decayed ; n. to hum, to he on fire. 

japtd, a. to atrike, to shako off i to join, to make 

adhere } to stud, to set jewels, to fix. k. 
jdmd, a. to kindle, to inflame, to light. *. 
jar-per, {. root and branch. A. 
jnr-ptf »«-vJchania, a. to extirpate, i. 
jarr, m. d'lwing, dragging; the base, foundation, 

foot of a mountain. 
jarra, m. a jar, an earthen vessel, an ewer. p. 
jarrdh, m. a surgeon, an anatomist, a. 
Jairihi, f. sargerj ; adj. chirurgical. a. 
jarrHr, warlike, Taliaul; numerous, it. 
jarfhtt, hard, solid; cruel; old; m. decrepitude. 
jiri, huming, inflaming, t. fs- 

jdrub, m. a broom, or the sweeper who uaoe it. 
jirib-lath, m. sweeper, jdrub-taibi, £ the act 
or office of sweeping, p. 
jarul, m. a freckle, a mark. «. 
jantik, m. skinninesa, flesh flaccid with old age. >. 
jaraind, a. to cause to bo set Or studded with 
jarwa!, f. tlie trunk of a tree. h. [jewels. *. 

jdrya, ooldneaa, apathy, indifference, i. 

m. name, character, celebrity, reputation, 
me, aplendmir, praise, luck. ». 
jatad, the bnJv ; pi. "itdd. a. 

idMot, £. corpuleucy, ImliiinF". a. 
jat-apajat, m. good or bad, fiuuii or infamy. *. 
' -at, f. boldness, presumption, daring, a. 
i-kdm, deeirouB of glory, ambitious. *. 
i-kar, conferring glory. ». 
jaiai-adnotjiuatm, famed, renowned. (. 
jathn, m. a feast, a feetiTal (chi^y applied to roy- 
jatkni, voluptuous, luxurious, p. [alty). p. 

jaai, famous, illustrious, renowned, i. 

I, corpulent, large-bodied, a. 
jatpat OTjatpali, reputable, renowned, i. 

m. a leap, jump ; leaping, spring, jiut-k. 
mama, a. to jump, &c. p. 
jatt or jatid, m. pewlcr, prince's metid; (part.) 

baring leaped, p.k, 
jaiii, made of tin or pewter, h. 
jatit, m. a spy, emissary. jdtUn, f. apjiug, es- 
pionage, jittiti-k., a. to play the spy. a. 


Jannnt tirjatwi, fiiinon*, iUoitrioni. (. 

jal, {. moDiier, Guhioo, kind. i. 

jal, bom, produced', a child, oflaprin^. jH, t 
kind, sort, caste, sect, tribe, cUm, birth, pro- 
duction, lineagp, nice. *. [*. 

jafat, m. > mendicaut ; calculation of a uatiTity. 

jafdt, adj. wearing clotted hair. t. 

jalan, m. striving, eiertion, persereniice, energy, 
carefulness, remedj, care. t. 

Jalina, a. to caution, to remind, to wam, to ad- 
monish, to inform of, to proclaim, i. 

jalard Drjatdrd, m. liiieige, a drnaatj. A. 

jUa-rahnd, to be toit, to be missmg, to disappear, 
to go away eotirelv, to Tanish. h. 

jdl-hhd,i, a brother t; caste, i. 

ji(h, m. the axis of an oil or sugar mill which 
preises tho grain or ifae canea. 

j(Uha (for yathi), as, so, like, according to ; m. a 
a company, biuid, party, class, jalha-biwdlnia, 
a. to form a party, jathi-jog oi JaUa-Jogfo, in 
a proper manner, i. 

Jafkard, hard, firm ; bound, tied. i. 

ja(Jutra»al, m. the pangs of hunger, t. 

jatharth, ir fact, eisctly, truly. ». 

ja&, faithful to the marriage bed (a man) ; a sage 
with subdued pagiioni. i. 

j'liftf, clotlrd, mattvd ; set or studded with jewels ; 
f. set work of jewels. (. 

jafiui, a. to pilfer, steal, snalch. t, 

jaini, careful, perserering, energetic, i. 

jdl-pdttt or jat-pdnli, f. pedigree, t. 

Jdtn or jdtrii, or Jdtru or jatrH, m. a pilgrim, a 

Jalv or joint, m. lac, cochineal, t, [traydler. ». 

jaiul, m. a freckle, a mark. t. 

jatm-pulrak, m. a man or piece, at chess. >. 

jatya, well-born, of good fnmilj. t. 

jau, m. barley ; the measure of a barley-oom, 
equal to six muatard-Meds ; tlie mark between 
the joints of the fingers. JaH-Ja% Midb-lnd, a. 
to take a strict account, jmt-farosh i gaadam- 
■Etna, one who sella only barley, while he eiJu- 
bita wheat ; a cheat, a hypocrite, i.p. 

jaubaii, m, (v.joban), youth. (. 

jaudal, {. ingenuity, intelligence, benignity, a. 

jauf, m. the interior caritv (of anything ; hence 
a drum called amjaitivjaf), a. 

Jauhar, m. a gem, jewel, pearl; bright, glittei^ 
in;;; skill, knowledge; matter, (ubstanee, ea- 
scnee (distinguished front accident) ; lirtae, 
worth, merit, blackish marks in the steel of 
well-rempered Bcimitars. jaitkaT-dir, a aoi 
tarniariod witbjaaiar. a. 

jaa-lag (forjoi-tis), . . 

jaitla», moring. springing, wandering, jauliiu 
yoA, f. a place for (military) eierciae, a play- 
ground. Jauldn-gari, {. galloping fast, flsfiDeas. 

jattn, (reL pro.) he who, that which, h. [p. 

jmiiil, iand in constant cultiration. h. 

Jamdr, f. a feast ; land ready for seed. i. 

ja*iUena, a. to rail, to scold. A. 

jaKird, payment of Tillage aenants in kind. k. 

joMird-bhaiird, m. retirement, privacy. 4. 

jour, m. TJolenre, oppression. Jaur-pttAa, an op- 
pressor, a tyrant, a. 

jautak, a palace \ a lofty edifice, a. 

jautha*, m. a cuirass, annour, coat of nail. p. 

jautim, m. youth, manhood. ja%van-darj>, m. 
pride of joath, raahnesa, conceit, jaatiau-datd, 
t. the period of youth, yaaoait-waa, m-joariHS- 
vati, t. youthfui' i. 

jattwia, made of barley (bread, &c). p. 

jnaz, m. anut; nutmeg, a. 

Jaenjjivaii, for Hfe, aa long as life, i, 

Java* for yaeosa), m. a Qreek, or Muaahnanj 
the country Ionia or OK«ce. i. 

jdvaiti bhailtd, the language of the JoDnu. i. 

jdvo, m. a clore of garlic ; a stitch, k. 

jatedb, m. an answer, anything answering to ano- 
ther, jatnibi hd fatodb, m. a proper answer; 
an answer full of sound sense, jauili-bdla, a 
kind of benediction (i.e. may jour adrice pro- 
Tail), jamili-ddr oT javai-dii, a respondent or 
surety ; adj. responsible, accountable, amenable. 
jaiodb-daia, a. to be accountable for, tu be ame- 
nable or responsible, to reply ; to discharge, to 
dismiss one &om bis Office (in Bengal tho 
English language has been enriched with an 
ad£tionslTerb&om this source; henc^whena 
lady rejects a genlleuian'a matrimonial oier- 
tures, the inconsolable swain is said to have 
baenj'iKDiiinf). jatedb-Maiadi, (comiptedly jai- 
lal), m. altercation, conversation. jaieaS-ta- 
wdlij m. reply, rtfjoiader. raddi jaicab otfyoto- 
Sbu-l-jaicdb, m. reply, rejoinder, a. 

jaadbi, m. a respondent ; a kind of bill of ex- 
ohange. Jaiedin-iaHidll, m. a mediator, an am- 
bsssador, an agent, an attorney, a, 

JoKahir, m. a jewel, esaence, gem : it ie, strictly 
speaking, the plural a( jathar, but in the Hin- 
dustiui itieusMasaaingultr: heuce the extra 

JAW— JAZ { i 

pL tona jmBaJHrat, jewek, gemt, Ac. JMeHuri, 
a jeweller, dealer in jexels. jawMr-iiaita, the 
jewel office, a gtorahoiue for jewels. jaKiKir- 
nigar, oniuneated with jewels, a. 

Jaicalan, walking round ; motion, agitation, a. 

^'airiin, jrouiig, youthful; in. a foulh, lad, man, 
adult, jaicda-bafiit, of blooming prospects. 
jaaa»-pan or -pand, m. youth, jamdiii fili^ 
m. a fine jouth.— H.B. The l«rm jokbh, agraea 
more nearly with the Latin "juTenia" than 
with our word "youth." p. 

jaiodnd-marff, {. death in the bloom of youth. 
Jincdad marff mtmdj n. to di^ prematurely, p. 

jawanan, youths, young men, heroes, p. 

jandnaaa, braToly, gallantly, heroically, p. 

Jawini, t. youth, adoleaceiioe i season of youth : 
the term is nearly equiialeot to what we call 
" cooling of age." p,t. 

jaiBdit-maTd, bnTe, generous, manly ; m. a fine 
young fellow, a brare fellow, a hero. p. 

jaiettii-mardi, f. generoiit j, manlinees, lieroiam. p. 

jandr, m, neighbourhood, propinquity, a. 

jaiBai, as much as, as many as, until, t. 

jandz, a wooden mortar i a eugar-niill. p. 

Jamdi, m. penniuion, lawfulnesi, propriuty. a. 

jawdzijfat^ legality, allowability, a. 

jamid OTjimd, eternal, ererlaiting. jdiidan, or 
jdimdin oTJaiadina, eternal, ererlaitiag. 

Jdmddia oi Jdavldal, eternity, the at ' 

Joy, m. f. {y-Jai), triumph. ». 

Jiyd, part. m. bom ; m. a son ; f. a wife, one 
wadded acooi;i]ing to the perfect ritual, t. 

jaga~mal, f. necklace or garland of Ticiorj. i, 

Jij/d-paH, m. du. hujtbsnd and wife. i. 

jagi oTJagiHi, victorious, triumphant. ». 

Jatd, f. retaliation, requital, reward, a. 

jatd,il, m. a large musket, a wall-pieoe, swiTel. 
jiad,il-anddt or JatdMchi [rulg. jozaiZ-cAi), oua 

jaz4,ir, m. pL islands, a, [whoflieaawall-piscG. a. 

jaidk-allah, may Ood reward thee ! a. 

Jajb, m. allurement, attraction, absorption, draw- 
ing (a* a plaster), jafb-hond, n. to be absorbed. 
jaj^k., to attract or absorb, a. 

J^^a, m. pMsioD, fu^ ; liolent desire, a, 
. JdfA, aDafiiwi drawing (as a plaster), a. 

j^ihmotji^itd, ■Hnutingi t^iarm, grace a. 

jdfib tajjof, blnttiiig^p^r, a. 

Jaxira, m. an ialand, • peninsula, a, 

jatm, deciding, dstenmning, reiolTing) amputa- 
tion i Ihs orthographical c)iaracter_;asfii, which 
ia placed aier a letler to shew that it is inert or 
haa no Towel following it. a. 


8 ) JAZ-JHA 

jatr, m. the ebb-tide, tha reflux of the N*. joar 

viadd, the ebb and flow of the sea. a. 
Jam,!!, a part or portion, a. 
jOB/a, m. {y.jiij/a) a tributa a. 
Je, pron. who, which, what. A. 
Jeb, f. a pocket. Jebi, of the pocket jti-iatra, 

m. a pick-pocket, p^. 
jejia (T.jijia), an ornament, p. 
jel, m. a itringorline of captives chained togetberi 

a string of buckets passed over the Persian wheel j 

a jail or prison ; also jX-^Jaa, the same. ft. 
jeS, a kind of pitchfork or rake for collecting and 

adjusting the ears of i«m. k. 
jethf or je^fh, eldest, chief, Ac. {same as Je(A). «. 
j«t, f. heap, accumulation. A. [although, t. 
jeii, as much as, so much, jtld ki, though, 
Jtfk or jefhtt, adj. beat, eldest (brother where 

there are •eiaral) ; m. bnsband'a elder 

brother. (. 
jef/idHi, f. thewifeof n husband's elder brother, i. 
jefhatit, m. the son of a husband's elder brother, t. 
Jeihri, elder i husband's elder brother, ». 
jefh-ra'iyal, m. the head villager who oonducta 

the ordinary business thereof, (v. jwfia.) i-o. 
jefhumid, the share or riglit of the eldest son, k. 
jetit, as many, ss much. «. 
jevnidr, [. a treat, feast, entertainment. ■. 
j'evri orjnpTT, f. a string, a measure of land j a 

worm. A. 
jtyd, conquerable, fit to be oonqoered. t. 
jhdbd, m. a leathern pot for measuring oil, ghi, 
jhabkand, a. to astonish, k. \_Sia, h. 

jhabiyd, m. the name of an ornament, k. 
jkabrd, or jAabM,d or jkahbi,d, bng-haired ; 

carved, bending as tlie liou^h of a tree, k, 
jkdj, m. foatn, froth (of the ociiui), scum. k. 
jhagd, m. cloth \ an upper garment, k. 
jkngarnd, a. to wrangle, to squabble, k. 
Jhagrd, m. wrangling, quarrelling. *. 
jkagrdltH, {, or jnagrdli, m. quarrelsome, conlen- 
jkagrdnd, a. to set a-wrangling. k. [tious. k. 
Jkagrd-pakapid, a. to engage in another's quarrel, A. 
Jhagfa-rag^d, m. squabbling and wrangling, kt 
jkd,iii, f. shadow ; a freckle or black mark on the 

&ce (not a mole), k. 
jkajk, m. a long beard. A. 
jkajkd, a violent wind with rain, k, 
jkdjkd, m. an intoxicating mixture, made with 

bkang or hemp. k. 
jkajhiUca or jluijkark-a, m. early dawn before it 

is easy to distinguish objects. «. 
jkajkidnu, a. to browbeatftospeaksnappislilj. k. 

ji«f)Ari, A window, B lattice, h. 

jhajjhar, m. a goglot, a long-necked bottle. A. 

Jhak, f. psiiion, amotion, jhak-manti, a. to act 
fruitlesBlj, or abgurcUj, to talk nonaeiue. jkai 
margi, f. the acting fruitlculf or abaurdlj, talk- 
ing DonaoDW, prattling, h, 

jhaka-jhalc, iliinmg, glittering, k. 

jkikari at jkakari. f. a kinii of mtlkpaU. h. 

Jkakiad, n. to rave, to chatter, to weep, h, 

jhaJn, paaiionalc, wntthful. J. 

jhalc-Jhori, t. acrambling nod wrangling, h. 

jkakkar, m. a aquall, a storm, a tempeat. i. 

jkakki, m. one who talks to himself, h. 

Jiatnd, a. to rare, to chatter, to roBact, i, 

Jkaiol, f. the act ofahaking in the vater. k, 

jKakor, f. loai, miafortune. u ie-arami n hahui 
jhakor pSyiyi^ni^neathat reduced biinmuch. h, 

jhakerd, m. raining, a squall, a gust. h. 

Jhaiorad, &. to drive, aa wind and rain in a aquall, 

jiairi, f. a milkpail (or Teasel). A. 

jhal, f. paaiioo, Jealousy ; heat from fire. jI. 

jhal, m. aharpneas, beat, fteryneai (ae of pepper)! 
acrimony i a larje basket ; joining or soldering 
ofmetala. k. [f. splendour, i. 

jhalaky t. brightness, glitter, refulgence, i. 

jhatatna, n. to shine, to glare, h. 

Jhaldnd, a. to repair, to solder. A. 

jhalar, m. a thicket, a copse, underwood, h. 

Jhalar, {. a fringe, jhaltir-ddr, having a fringe, 

mounted with a fringe, h. 
jhalidya, aoipicioua, Jealous. A. 
jkaljAai, m, oTJhalJhaldhaf, glare, ghtter. k. 
jkaljkaldna, n. to glitter ; to be in a passion ; to 

throb, to aohe, to smart. 4. 
jhalkd OT jhaUcity m. a blister. A. 
jhalkana, a. to cause to ihine, to burnish. A. 
jkaikar, m. brightness, light, splendour. A. 
jkalna, a. to fan, to moTe to and fro (as a &n); 

D. to be Boldered or lepaired. A. 
jkdlna, a. to season (pickle*); to poliah, to clean 

(plate); to solder. A. 
jhaira, m. a spring (of water). A. 
jkaivaiia, a. causal oi jhalni, q.T. 
jhim, a large inatrument in the shape of a hoe 

uaed for eicBTsting earth in weU-sinking. A. 
jhama-jkam, raining heavilj, and during the whole 
Jhamai; f. glitter, splendour. A. [^J- ^ 

Jhamdtj, m. a lieavj shower ; haste. A. 
J.^mai-ma, n. to glitter ; to dance. A. 

i ) JHA-JHA 

jkttmakrd, m. aplendour, beantj. A. 
jhamar-jkamar, drop b; drop (small nun). A. 
jham-jham, beaif continued rain. A. 
jkamjhamana, n. to shine, to gblter, to sparkle. A. 
Jhaiakd, m. aplendour, refulgence; the clash or 

clatter of metallic substances. A. 
jkaratdud, a. to cause to sliine, to make glitter, to 

cause to dance. A. 
jhataki, f. glare, lustre, brilliancy, k. 
jhdntpad, a. to covet, to shut. A. 
jhan, m. the sound of platters, or any *e«B«l of 

metal, striking against one anotlier, clash of 

arms, aa awords, &o. A. 
jkattak, i. ringing, tinkling, clinking. *. 
jkanatna, a. to tickle, to clink, to ring, t, 
jka»4d, m. orjhandi, a banner, a flag, a streamer, 

a tiatrstaff. A. 
jkaadild, with thick, handsome foliage (a trao); 

with a fine head of hair (a child). A. 
jkanga, m. an upper garment or vest. A. 
JkdtijA, {. anger, pet, rage ; stillness, drearinesa ; 

impatience (in a horse expecting his com). A. 
jkaajha, f. wind, wind and rain, a gale i raining 

in large drops ; a sharp clanging sound, jang- 
ling. I. [oabbage-wonn, A. 
jkanjhd, m. the name of an insect, caterpillar, 
jKan-jhany m. an indistinct noise like the jangling 

of metal ornaments, a ringing, a rattling, i. 
jhaTijhana, peeiisb, fretful. A. 
jhanjhandhal, f. pceiishness } clinking. A. 
jkanjhnaady n. to tinkle, to clink. (. 
jhanjAdnil, m. wind with rain, a high wind in the 

rainv season, a typhoon or tempeat frequent in 

the south-west moiuoon. f. 
j'Aan;Aaf or jidnjhat, wrangling, squabbling, 
jhanjhaliy perplexing, k. [quarrelling. (. 

jhaitjhdiDot, m. wind willi rain, t, 
jianjkigdy pasaionate, furious. A. 
jhanjhkdrf f. clinking, tinkling, ringing, t. 
jhdnk, f. a peep j m. a herd of deer, flock of birda, 
jkanhd-jhoiM, f, peeping, A. {kc. A. 

jkankoT, £ (i.jhaitk) ringing, t. 
jhdakar, m. buslies, brambles, underwood, k. 
jhankarad, a. to ring, to make sound. A. 
_;Aiii>AA, m. a kind ot deer. A. 
JhaHkhafd Or jhtakkdrd, m. an elk. A. 
jh^Htknd OT jAaHkkaatui, n. U) be liorror-struck, to 

haie the hair stand on end, to shudder, to rsTe, 

to chatter, to lament. A. 
jkdaknd, a. to peep, to spy. A. 
jkaita or jhdiia, m. an assesimcDt formed b; 

general estimate without regular data. A. 

JHi.— JHA 




jiaiia, m. lore, liut, drain ; eagerness. A. 

jkditni, a. to eeduce, t« wheedle { to be inclined, 
to be intent or set on, to eoiet. *. 

JAditi, m. B flutterer, » ■educer. A. 

jhaiwd or jhaAteai, m. pumioe-itoiie ; briclcs burnt 
to cinders. (. 

j%atmaA, m. a kind of rice. h. 

jkaiteaaa, n. to tan (in the bud); b. to woeh the 
feet by rubbing j 4a liieBii, <j.T. A. 

jhaiwll, f. a wink, coquetiy ; hot wind. jhuitiB- 
tdz, a coquette. jhaiisri-Und, a. to ogle. A. 

jkaAnrra, black, iluskf. A. 

jkap, quick, jhap-tt, qnickly. jhap-ikitti, n. 
to bo OTenwt (a paper kite in fljiug). A. 

jhipa, m. t, narrow- mouthed baikst. A. 

Jkapti-jhapl^ f. haste, hurry. A. 

jhapaic, t. act of fanning, winking, Ac. A. 

jhapakni, n. tO fan, to move to and fro (a fan); 
. to epring (as a tiger); to snatch, lo wink. A. 

Jhapdnd^ n. to tnke a nap. A. 

jkapdngi, deceitful, fraudulent. A. 

jhapal, f. a enalcb, a spring (aa of a tiger), jha- 
paf-Und, a. to snatch, to seize. A. 

jhapatad, n. to inatch, to spring, to attack lud- 
denlj, to pounce upon, to nj at. A. 

Jhapaffd, m. assault; tlie spring of a tiger. Jia- 
patAa-mdmi, a. lo snatch. A. 

JAapH, m. OTjhapki, f. a snatch, spring ; a puff 
or gust of wind ; drowsiness, wink, twinkle. A. 

j\apkand, a. to wink, to twinkle. A. 

jhapldnd, a. to wash, to rinse. A. 

jhapna {ioi jhdipnd), to coTer, Ac A. 

jkar or jhir, f. hesTj rain, the heat from a fire ; 
DL akindof lock. _;Ain^io™tf, toburn furioodj, 
to bo all in flames, h. 

Jhdrt ™- bushes, brambles, bush, shrab, under- 
wood ; a kind of fireworks ; a lustre or chan- 
delier, tlie suiiie aa jiaa-»Aa44a, q.T.j a purge; 
continued rain. jAdr bdndAnd, to rain without 
ceasing. jhar-paSaf, digression. jhdf-phi%lc, 
f. juggling, conjuring, hocus pocus (particularly 
to cure the bite of a snake or a diieaae). jhdr' 
Jhafak, f. sweepiug. Jhdf^hankhdr^ m. brambles, 
a purge. jAdr-jhUr, f. sweepings ; perquisites ; 
a tbiokel- Jhdr-kd-namat, potass, impure car- 
bonate of potass, jhdj^thaitd, full of brambles, 
Ac., busby ; the forest of Biiijtdth. k. 

Jhdfd^ m a stool, piu^e. jAdrd-Jhap(a-jdudj n. 
to go lo t)ic ncccHsry. jkdfa-jhaptd-Uad, a. to 
search. dikdin-Jhdrd, m. sweeping of a (drug- 
gist's) shop, compound medicine, jidri-paintd 
or jiafa-JlHttlcd- p lmiii, a. to walk amODg the 

bushes, which moans to go to the neoosssly. 

jhard-dtad, n. to submit to search. A. 
jhard-Jhar, histil;, in a hurry. «. 
Jhafik or jharakd, m. speed, haste, hurry. jAur**- 

Jhafdt, in great haste. A. 
jhardtha, m. a skylight. A. 
jhafohtd, a. to browbeat, to speak snap^nahly, to 

threaten, to jerk. A. 
jhdfa*, f. sweepings ; a coarse cloth for wiping 

furniture, a dishclout. A. 
jhd^an, f. the act of falling off (as fruit). A. 
Jhdrdad, a. to get swept g to cause lo be oxordsed. k, 
jkaj-ant, entirely. A. [oontmition. A. 

jharap, f. heat, fierynesa (as of pepper), acrimony, 
jharaphntS or Jkarapna, u, to spar, to fight (as 

cocks, Ac.), to contend. A. 
jhardti, m. the close of the Friiit season. A. 
jkaftardnd, n. to bum, to be all in flames. A. 
Jhdr-dend or jhdr-ddlnd, a. to sweep Out or away, 

to brush, to clear away. A. 
j'Aari, f. continued rsin, wet weather ; perquiattM j 

procession in honour of a saint, Ac. A. 
jhiri, m. a pitcher with a long neck and a spout 

loit, ancwcT; (for jAap] forest, Ac. A. 
jhiri, t, forest, wood, underwood, brushwood, 

bush, brake, shrub, A. 
Jharjfuirdaa, a. to flap, to shake, to jerk. A. 
jhafid-jAarin, f. mutual wrangling. A. 
Jharti, f. rebuff, snappishness, frowning. A. 
jh/mia or jkarnd, n. to fall off (as frmt from the 

tree); lo emit, to drop, to fall, to pour, to shake, 

to strain, to be sonnoed (tbe naiAal), to be djt- 

eharged (a volley). A. 
Jhdpid, a. to sweep, lo brush, to shift, to cletm j 

to strain, knock off, dash, flap ; to strike flre (a* 

with a flint), lo beat (bushee, Ac-). Jhdr-paeA- 

hor-kar deihad, to test, try, eiamine. jhdjTti 

phinkna, toeiorcise, to repeat spells. Jidrdtita, 

a. (o brush, to clear away. jAor 4dlnd, to sweep 

jharokha, in. a lattice, a window. A. 

jhajTitd, m. the end of the season (of fruit, Ac.); 

adj. going out of season. A. 
Jharpaj/iarpi, f. fighting, sparring. A. 
jharpind, a. lo fight, to contend. A. 
Jhiri, ni. f. a broam, a Bweepcrbycasle and ooca- 

pation ; a comet, jheri-ktuk or -barddr, m. a 

sweeper ; the caste of haldl ^tar, q.v. A. 
jiaradnd, to causa to be swept. A, 
jha(, quick, quickness. jha(-ie, quickly, t. 
jhdf, m. an arbour, a bower, a place orergrown 

with crcepen, a thicket. *. 


jkafaky t. ■ hritch, tow, jerk, ahake. A. 
jia4ahid, t, to toiae, m shake, pull, jerk i a, to 

kliike, to brooms Inin. A. 
Jiafit, m, flKp, cUp, B fhowet of reii). A. 
jhafiti, quicklj, initantlj. i. 
jlafki, tbM wbich u beheaded or turn to pIMCt ; 

torn bj a sudden jerk ; (in Dakh.) a shake, a 

■udden jerk or knock. jhalka-komd,tt,\o atotl, 

to pilfer ; to make haite. k. 
jAafAvno, a. to shake, h. [to dispute. «. 

jkafna, n. to become thin, to riimininb ) to argue, 
jkamui, greatlj' burnt or scorched. A. 
jkamf, {. Huabbling ; sounding all the atringa of 

a muiinal instrument at once. A. 
jMui, a. to bruah off ; to iratl awaj i to fan ; to 

awing gentlj. jkel-lena, to graap. d, 
jkuhaind, n. to start, to feel the seaaation of the 

limba being uleep, or as if pina and needlei were 

striking into them. A. 
jliiJAidnd, a. to nuae to start. A. 
jJUAm, or Jhiihiia or Jhinkna, to grieve, to be 

veled, to lament, to think of anything with 

sorrow, to recommend anTthiiig senoualj. $. 
jkU or jm, I a shaUuw lake or moraae. A. 
JkUam^ t. armour, a coat of mail j the riior of a 

helmet, jkildm ka top, an iron helmet, k, 
^hUangd, m. a kind of soldier. A. 
Jkiigd, m. the netted bottom of a bed or couch 

when worn out and separated j adj, a oouoh or 

bed ii aaid to be^'At^jrawhen the bottom ii worn 

out or broken. A. 
jkilli, t. a thin skin, a pellicle ; a cricket. A. 
jkiUnil, m. a kind of game i a abutter, a Venetian 
JUivuld, thin, sparkling. A, [blind. A. 

JUlnildnd, n. to undulate, aa the flame of a candle 

or as water, to twinkle, to •cintillate. A. 
jkin orJhtaH, fine, aubtile, thin. A. 
jAini/d, t sluimp, a prawn. A. 
Jiun^aff m. a steeraman. A. 
jhii^r or jiuitgitr, m. the name of an insect, a 

cricket, a oo^roiuji. d.}t. 
jhiit-kad4a, raw-boned, t. 
jkiiijkint, {. the tingling senaation lett when a limb 

if asleep. A, 
jAJN/Aonia or j'Aia/opw, a. to gnaw, to pull asunder 

with the tdeth, aa a dog, &b., does fleah. d. 
jMnkua, aanie BsjAiAiia, q.T., to griere. *. 
jhirak, threat, augurj, jerk. A. 
jkij-akna, (also^'AirAana) a. to browbeat, tospeak 

SDappiehlj^, to threaten, to jerk. A. 
jkiri, L a cricket ; witliared wheat, blight. A. 
^/iifykir, numing in a alender atream. *. 

( »06 ) 

jkirjkirand, n. t 



rill, to flow inaainaU 

Jkijjhifdnd, n. to be enraged, to raiL A. 
Jkirjhi!-d(, chidii^g, scolding. A. 
■jiirka jhirla, f. mutual wrangling, k, 
jhirki, f. rebuff, snappishnesa } jerk. A. 
jkcjh or jkoiha, m. a neet ; the stomach. A. 
jkok, f ajolt, puah, shore, ■ puff, a gust of wind ; 

a bunco, a cluster of gmpeii, Slg. A. 
jkoka, m. a blow, collision ; a gust, a breew. jhoke- 

£d/iia, a current of wind. A. 
jkokita, a. to east, to throw, d. 
jkol, m. puckering or wrinkling (as ill-made clothes); 

a litter, brood, farrow, hatch, a birth. A. 
jkota 01 jkota, m. a stroke of the sun ) the pals; ; 

a knapsack, a waDet ; a bleak cold wind which 

affects the wheat crop. A. 
JiaU, t a wallet, a aacL A. 
jhompa, m. a bunch of fruit ; a cloth with e; elela 

which coTcra the whole bodj \ a spike. A. 
jAontpra, m. ^'Aomprs f. a small hoTel, a but, chieS; 

made up of bamboo ; a roof, i- 
JhonJt, f a shore or push in swinging; the impulse 

of a squall or sudden blast of wind, jkoak'daia, 

a. to set fire to (particularlj straw, ke.); to throw 

dust, ke.; to throw nwa; (the Uvea of men uso- 

leeal;). jka»k-kha*it n. to rolL A. 
jkoikiyi, the man who.keepa up the fire when 

sugar ia boiling, k. 
jkoiiind, a. to cast, te posh, to throw, to ton, to 

cast fuel (into an OTcn). A. 
jAoaro, m. a bunch, a cluster (of fruit). A. 
jkonfa, m. alsojAoKfi, f. the hairoD the back part 

of the bead; the motion of a awing, jhonfi- 

dtna, a. to shake one's head with Tiolence. A. 
jkoKii, f. (T.j'Aoafo) the luur,'jH:. 
jlmkaiu, a. to cause to stoop, to tilt, to bend 

downwards ; to nod, or make nod- A. 
jhukafl arjkukaie, m. bent downwards. A. 
jkniaaaf, L ths act of stooping, nodding. A. 
jliuknd, D. to nod, to bow, to stoop, to be bent 

downwards as the bough of a tree, to be tilted i 

to be angrr, to be perpieied. A, 
jhuhii, !. affliction, sufl'ering. A. 
jkil, i. bodj-clothee of cattle, homings ; a b^, a 

wallet, a kuapaack ; a swing. A. 
jkila, m. a swing, therope on which peopleswingi 

(in Dakh.) a cradle. A. 
Jhutimi, a- to swing, to shore a swing in whirh 

others are, (o rock (a cradle) ) to daugle, to 

bang ; to m^e another donee afl«r one. A. 
JkutaM dtma, a. to aeai, to ainge. A. 

■li otimlatiid, d. to be 
a dath or iheet nuKle ii 
; gnm when there ii i 

{ aw ) 


jkulkaiui, iL. to Bcorch, to singe (u the ■mall 

feathera of ■ plucked Toirl). k. 
jhmlla, m. a ahirt, or Teat tbnt cOTen the body 

from the sboulder downwsrdt. h. 
JkaHi, a fold or wrintde, plaits in cloth, d. 
jkulnat, m. b multitude, crowd, Ite. h. 
jkulad or jhilnd, n, to Bwiug (for ezeroiae) ; (O 

awing, to d&ngle, to hang, to oiailliita. h. 
jiaUind, a. to caoae to singe. ' 

Jkum, m. ahundance of Ibliage i w« 

lating. jkim-jkiini, m. gathering of the clouds. 
Jhimd-JiHm, repeated attack. A. 

Jkimat, f. anassemblj, aball; a battle, k. 

jhimjkal, anger, fury, stormiQg. k. 

jhiauia, n. to waie, to move the head up and 
down, to slumber, to nioTe loose, to gather, k. 

jkuH, {. a slight resemblance, k. 

jkiad, m. a ripe oo<»a nut j a kind of muslin, k. 

jktmd or jkiid, ni, crowd, swarm, flock ; a clomp 
of trees, jhund ke jhund, Aeufe aravit. k. 

jknndl or jkinifi, {. a bush, a thicket, a jungk, a 
clump of grass, the amount due from each 
sharer in a bkaiya-ckdri estate, k. 

jkindi, a lot or parcel of land in a ooparcenaij 

jkingi, m. bramble, brushwood, k. , 

Jhiajk, m. a bird's nest, k, 

Jhiitjkal, {, petulance, peeTiihness, rage k. 

Jkmijilahaf, t. peeiishneas, rage, furj. i. 

^Asa/UdM, n. to be peetish or fretful, to be peta- 
huit or irritable ; to rage, to storm, k. 

jhmJkHni, m. a child's rattle, h. 

jknajkundod, n. to tinkle, to clink, to tingle, to 
ring, to rattle, i. 

jkmjktai, t. little bells worn on the feet. JL 

JMimHi (■t.JkiBiiia), to wsf e, &o. k, 

jiBaf, m. a shrub, a bush. t. 

JiMfimi-jkdiithan, t lesTings. A. 

jkipd, m. a pile of mangoes or other fruit, h. 

jhttf oTJhir, m. a bush, a bramble. Jkif'jkdf, a 

jkUrd, withered, k. (thicket. A, 

jkuH, f. a wrinkle (of the bod;), k. 

Jhuriifdnd, n. to weed \ to wipe clean, and plas- 
ter a house, Ac. jl. 

jharmaf, m. a crowd, aasemblj ; a battle, con- 
flict ; a shawl twisted round the bxvL k. 

} shake fruit 

to witlier, to fade, to pin 

jiind, a. to pound, to grind ; t 
from the tree ; □. to pine. A. 

Jkufiip, brushwood, bushes, underwood, d. 

jkai, false, untrue ; m. a lie. jkii-iadi, misi«- 
preseutation. Jki(-iaek lagmd, to misrepre- 
sent, to caluianiate. jjiif-maf, untrue, blselj. i. 

jkifa, m. {i.jki{ki)^ Mar; adj. false, untrue. *. 

jhaldM or jhifalmd, a. to assert falselj, to pre- 
tend ; to proTB to be fidse, to proye one in the 
wrong ; to pollute Tictuals bj touching them, 
&c. muiJi jkmfalna, a. to eat something. 

' nnikd-tnttrA jk»-taiiti, a. to gire a man the he 
before bis ftice. k,d. 

jk»(k, fidte. jkmfk-mHk, Use, fiUsely. i. 

jkilka, m. liar, fidse ; learings of food, oflal, re- 
fuse ; (among Hindiis) that which has touched 
food, and is thereby defiled, jkifka-ekdl^d, a. 
to eat leaTingB, to bs very wretched. Jkiifki na 
pickkud, a. to refuse eren common civility. *. 

jkufkdtui {^. jha^dlita), to faLiify. k-d. 

jkilhlMd, orjkHfkland or>A«f/<iaa, to fUsifr. A. 

ji, m. life, soul, spirit, jl-ufkaad, a. to withdmw 
one's friendship or desire, ji i-jattOy to haTa 
the mmd suddenly filed (on anything, j'i 
burd-lc., a. to TOmit, to hare a nausea ; to be 
displeased, ji-baj-kina, n. to be moderately 
desirous, ji-bikhanti, n. to faint, ji-bkar-jiaa, 
n. to be It ease and contented. jl-bkar-iHa, n. 
to be touched with compassion or seiied with 
grief, ji-bakldna, a. to amuse cue's selfj to 
dissipate reflection, ji-pdiii, m. to understand 
one's temper ; n. to be highly pleased, to escape 
from misfortune, ji pini-t^ a. to harass, to 
tease, to plague, to perplex, ji par jUri ke 
ckaind, a. to obe; one. jipar kkeiad, to run 
the huard <see Ji* par ikeUd), fi-parijni, 
-pighalndf or -pighal-jnd, n. to be compas- 
sionate, to feel aSection. ji-paifd-jdnd, n. to 
be sorry, ji-pkaf-jdttd, n. to be broken-hearted. 
ji-phirjdHd, n. to be contented ; to be satiated 
or disgusted, ji-jahznd, a. to befriend { to 
phigue, to perplei. fijalnd, to be Tflied or 
troubled in mind, ji-ckdknd, a. to desire. ^- 
cKkipind or -cAariso, a. to do a work carehasly 
or lasily, to neglect, ji-ck^dnd, a. to aot 
bravely, ji-ekaind, to desire, ji-ddit-ir,, a. to 
grant hfe, to pardon a capital crime, ji-dkar- 
ai*d, D. to hare a palpitation of the heart. 
ji-ifiii JBita, a, to faint, ji raikad, n. to be 
easily pleased ; to please, ji » ular-jdnd, n. 
to auik in the opiukm of anotber i to be broken- 

jt-rtD ( M 

hearted. Ji-tt mimd, to kill ji-iami and 
•AoBd, a. to deiire, to wiih for, ji thoUte 
tuchh-H:., a. to do with pleaaura, cheerfullj'. 
ji H amm mffBjrBf, s, to preface a di»cour«e with 
eicuws. Ji Ice baiial ji dend, a, to take up the 
caase of another, ji-ghaf-jana, n. to detest. 
ji-lagati, a, to eicit« desire or Iotb; to fix or 
appl; the nund. ji-Iagnd, a. to contract afi^- 
tion for an; person or thing, to hanker after. 
Jl-lend, a. to penetrate one'i thoughta ; to ex- 
cite one's desire ; to kilL ji-mdrad, a. to mor- 
til; one'a desire ; to displease. Ji-malldna, to 
bo sick at the itomnch, to feel aauKS. ji- 
mildad, a. to contract friendship. Ji men and, 
n. to come into the mind, to occur to the recol- 
lection, ji men jal-jdad, n. to be tormented 
Ititb enTj or jeaiouey. ji men ji-ana, n. to be 
comforted, ji men ghar-k., n. to be pleasant, 
agreeable or acceptable, ji-aikalnd, n. to die ; 
to desire or love eieeesivelj, to fear eicecd- 
inglj. j1 Mmd, n. to be discouraged, de- 
preaeed ; to be deterred b; cowardice, to loae 
heart, ji-fiaf-jand, n. to detest, i. 

ji, je«i sir, master, yon sir. A. 

j3>h, L the tongue, ftbh barkdnd, n. to be loqua- 
eioui and abusive ; to pursue pleasures beyond 
one's reach, jibh^akapid, a. to silence, to in- 
terrupt one's discouse ; to criticise minutely. 
Jibk-JAHtdnd, to pretend to wealth falsely, jibh- 
ehetna, a. to long aft«r or coTet unattainable 
enjoyment, jibk-ckaland, n. to boait beyond 
one's ability, jibh ddbie bet iahnd, a. to speak 
with reserve. Jibh-td(nd, a. to forbid by signs ; 
(from the Persian) to grant the request of a 
petitioner; to be struck with terror or asto- 
nishment, jibh-nitdlnd, lo put out the tongue 
(met.) to be extremely fatigued, thirsty, i. 

jibkdrd OTJibUrd, loquacious, abusive. ». 

jib/a, f. on instrument for cleaning the tongut 
a bit of a bridle, fiblii-nwhki, a .cole fish. 

JUh, of or mlaling to the ton, - ' 

jibika, f. pension, livelihood. 

jitillat, [, essence, quality, disposition, tempera- 

jitiUi, natural, innate, essential, in generiL 
jidal, m. altercation, contest. Jang o jiddl, m. 

lighting and quarrelling, a. 

jidd, m, trial, endeavour, effort, study, jidd o 

jahd-h., a. to endeavour, to strive, jidd o iadd, 

m. eipostulation, endeavour, exertion, a, 

Jidhar OTJWiar, where, wherever, whither, there. 

y/aaar^aSO^ !rbitber, tbither, whitbenoerer. 

Ai, a sole i 

i ) JIP— JTX 

oveiywIieTB. jidliar niwdn urfiar pnni ^iaWa 
hai, whore is a declivity, tbither flows the water, 
applied in the sense of " evil unites with evil," 

Jifa, m. a dead and putrefying carcass ; a corpse ; 
adj. unclean, a, 

jigar, m. the life, ritals, heart, mind, jigai- 
band, the bowels or entrails ; met. a son. jigar- 
loi, tormenting, jigar-jigar, dtgar-digar, mine 
is mine, and yours is yours, or every one knows 
where his own shoe pinches. Jigar-afyir or 
-chat or -Jigar, heart-broken, jijfar-io^a, heart- 
burnt (as in lovo or fever). Jigar-IAardth, 
heart-rending. Jigar-^r or jigar-ittear, a 
mischievous eiiclianter, supposed to bo able to 
steal the liver of any person by incantations. 
jigar-doi, heart -piercing, jigar-aokhti', burnt 
in the heart (from love or sorrow), jigar-kddi, 
Buiiety or uneasiness and trouble of mind. 
jigar-gatka, (lit.) lobe of the liver ; met. a child 
or beloved object, p. 

Jigari, belonging to the liver or heart j liver- 
coloured, 'akik i jigari, camclion. jigari dd^, 
m. indelible slain or mark) natural spot; in- 
consolable grief, p. [the turban, p. 

jigh"! an ornament of gold and jewels worn in 

jigijig'j f- »n eiclamation expreasive of surprise 
and pleasure, h. 

Jigiihd, f, emulation, wish to overcome. (. 

Jig-jigi, f. BU exclamation eipre^sive of surprise 
and pleasure. JigJig'-k-, a, to fawn or wheedle. 

Jig-jigiyi, fawning, wheedling, h. \Ji. 

Jigniiia,\ f. a wisli to be informed, an inquiry, t. 

jigndtj/a, fit to he known or inquired into. <. 

jUiatl, m. war (especially that which is waged by 
Musalmans asainst infidels or idolaters), a, 

ji-hama, to be discoursged, depressed. /. 

Jihat, f. account, cause, reason j side, surface, 
form, manner, mode. a. 

Jihd, m. struggle, endeavour, eiorlion, effort, 
diligence, care, application, assiduity, a. 

Jiird, {. the tongue. jiipd-*irdd, m, licking, lap- 
ping. jUivd-mal, m. the fur of the tongue. >. 

Jiji, a foster-mother I a wet-nurse. *. 

Jijiya, f. a sister ; a dug, a breast, h. 

Jika (totjicitd), f. pension, hvelihood. t, 

jild, f. splendour, lustre, bright nisa ; enamel j 
scouring, pohshing ; emigration. Jild-kdr, a 
polisher, scourer, jild vatan-t., a. to al)andon 
ooe's country, to ciilo one's self. Jilii tvataiH, 
banishment, expulsion, jild tcaian hand, to be- 





jilJia, a. to gite life to, to recorw anything 

almost dead ; to foster, to patronise, jila-d 

to retiiB or bring lo life (the desd), *. 
jUoM, f. a rrin (of a horse's bridles) ; retinue, 

coort, djiiipage, Jilnu-ddr, Mtendant. Jilati- 

Haaa, an area, Tsstibulp, ponh, antechamber, a. 
Jild, f, the ekiii, Iciilher ; the binding of a book ; 

a Totume. book, jild-t., to bind ■ nook, jild- 

gar, m. a bookbinder, a. 
jilKa, m. splendour, lustre ; the bridal bed. o. 
jitttd, m. the mpeling of the bride and brido- 

groom (in presence of Che relations), a. 
jilwat, {. spleiidour, lustre, a. 
jim, tike, as, in sueh manner as. A. 
jimana, a. to feed, to entertain. «. 

mar, capital, deserving death (as a erime) ; 

mortifying one's desires. ». 

tni, a. lo e:it, to feed one's self. t. 
jm, (infl. pi. of rel. pron.) whom, what; (a neg. 

part.) no, not ; (a prohib. part.) don't, h. 
.».. m.l,.ilm) .1 old mm. .. 
' Jini, n. to life ; m. liTing, life. «. 
jiaan, pL gardens, paradise, a. 
jimagal, f, anj erime committed upon the pcraoo 

or propertv, such as morder, maiming, &c. a. 
jiMffurdnd, a. to cornigate, to wnrtkle. k, 
jinn, m. a genius, spirit, demon, o. 
jinnat, pi. genii, demons, a, 
Jinniorjinnig, a jinn, a demon or (pint. a. 
Jinniya, a femalejinih, q.T, a. 
Jim, f. genus, kind, species, sort, lamily, race; 

goods, merehandise, moreablea, grain, oomniO' 

ditiea, produce. Jinii bathar, mankind. ^flW 

hmanum. Jimi iamit, Snt-rate crope. Jinti- 

adni, BD inferior article, ^'iiut a't^ or 'Hi, mj 

article of the best quality, a. 
jinti, in kind, in goods (paid, &a,), a. 
Jingijal, hoDu^cneousne^s, sameness, or aimi- 

laritj of kind. a. 
jinttcdr, a distinct statement rclatiTB to orope. 
jianuar-jam'bnnit}, a detaileil statement of the 

rents levied upon each kind of crop. p. 
jimirdri, separately, distinctly, p. 
Jima, old; digested! nitbered, decayed-, m. an 

old man. j7riH, i. old age, decay ; digestion. 
jinala, f. old age, infirmity, decay, jirna- 

rostra, m. old, worn or tattered raiment, t. 
Jirm, m. the body of anything inanimate ; a 

globe i a flaw or crack, jiraii kanutr, the body 

of the moon: pi ajrdm. a. 
jiryan, m. flowing, running ; flux (of blood, 
urines Ac.). Jiiyini U or jirjijsi asofi, JUor 

alba$, jirySni ikitm, dysentery, jtrgdni mmu, 
goaorriea timptex, gleet, a. 

jii, infl. pron. (of jo), thai, what, who, whom. 
jit-lit, that which, whatever, eome or other. 
jit-jit, whichever, each of which, jit-jagah, 
where, wberercr. jit-farah, in what manner, 
according to, as. jiff/iraf, whererer. jit-dam, 
when, while, whilst, jit-tadr, to what degree, 
as, as much as, whaterer, whatsoerer. jit-kd, 
whoBd, of whom, jit-ta ihd,e utke dardn mfi 
dtju, (Dakh.) eipluned by namak-haram-k., 
to evince ingratitude, jit-ina-ka, of whom- 
ever. yif-iKn-ito or jii-ihi, whom, to whom. t. 

jitm, m. body of any animated being, jitmi 
jamadi, mineral body, jitnri Jaaiari, constitu- 
tional parte, jitmi fautMni, animal body. jitnU 
nabdti, vegetable body. a. 

jitmnni, belonging to a body, ooiporroL a. 

jitminigat tyr jitmiyat, t, materiality, a. 

jiflaraf, in which direction, whithersoerer. A.o. 

jit-tiraA, in which way, in whatever manner. 

Jit-watt, at the lime when. h. [i.a. 

jit, f. winning, victory, success, jil-palra, a 
ferourahle decree, t. [as many aa. h. 

jila, whatever much, as much as, or (in the pL) 

jitab, m. life, eiistence, i. 

Jiland, a. to cause to win or conqnar. A. 

Jild-palr, m. a favourable decision. 1. 

JitdtTna, self-subdued, void of paasion. *. 

Jile-ji, when alive, in one's liFe^time. t, 

Jilet, aa much aa, aa many aa. k. 

jithdni, f. the wife of a Jf\h, q.v., (.». the wife of 
a husband's elder brother, t. 

jU-lcrodh, one who has subdued anger. *. 

Jitnd, m. j'lai, f, how much soever, mo much or 
many, jitnt meii, in aa mnch (time) u. A. 

Jitnd, a. to win, to conquer, to overoome, for 
jilnd, as mnch as, or, as many aa. i, 

Jittd, whatever much, as much aa, or (in the pi.) 
as many aa. Jittd-ln, for all that. A. 

Jim or jittpaii/d, oTJitica»t, m. s oonqDcTOr. ». 

jilwnri, victorious, triumphant, t. 

jilgd, conquerable, vincible. *. 

itN, a sweetheart, a lover; intern, bravo! (. 

JiBudhdr, m. (the receptacle of life) the earth. *. 

JiBfi-lrothi, a house or hospital for vermin, Ac., 
such as may bo seen at Sural. *. 

Jivanopnya, means of subsistence. ». 

Jivdnlak, m. a fowler, a bird-catcher. >. 

jHaithdn, m. a Joint, an articulation. *, 

jimUmd, m. the vital principle Or apirit. (. 

Jiv-dhan, m. hve stock ; waalth in flock*. >. 

jiv-joa ( I 

jM, lij'mgttUnt K liTing being. (. 

Jinii, f. peniion, liTelihood. i. 

jivmandir (tumpU of life), the body. *. 

jie-mar, oapiUl (uune Mjimar, q.v.)- 

jivfd, m. life, loul I awoolbHrt; belored; umiul 

wigM M wuhermen, &o. A. 
jn-ti, f- tlie mother of liring cliildren. ». 
jimaHpl. ofjul), w&Ui or parapeU (of wb11>). a. 
jlKOit, m. life, exiatenoe, liTelibood ; ntori & 

■on. j'HMii-iirf, > itipeud allowed to the fkinilj 

of ui old deoeued terruit. i. 
jiwd»d, A. (t. jinidiu) to oaiue to lire, to nrilj, 

to fwd, to fuater. t, 
jimuii, liriag, alive. (. 
jittanlik, m. a fowler, a bird.oatclier. m. 
Jiteat, Uvine, alire ; (pirited, bold ; viotorioiu, 
JitDOt-patt, t. B wi& whono hiuband i> aliTe. 
jiwat-loii, t a woman wboae obildieD are Iit- 
jhnaf, Uiidy, ipiriled, bold. #. [ing. (. 

jim-gar, roaolute, bold. (. 
jlmt, n. Ufp, eiiitence. jiicii tdi, m. duration 

of life. <. 
jiKiilHk, m. (lord of life) s name of Tama i a 

buiband, a lord i a drug to retiv« tlie dead. : 
fma, n. to liio, to bo alive, t. 
jiioriii m. life, loul ; Bwo«th«rt, beloved ; annual 

wages to WBxhormen and oLlicn. : 
jifaHi, a. to virify, to focter. t. 
Jiyari, m. lift^ loul ; (met.) beloved, t. 
jiyaMfh, bniTU, ooungooua. *. 
jUf'i, 111. a tribute, capitation tax leTied by the 

lIuttilmAu on tlieir subjects of another faith, a. 
Jo, (roai.) it, that, aa, wben } (reL pron.) who, 

whioh, what, jo-jo, whoever. jo-Mt, what, 

whatever, or -soever, jrhtueki, whataver or 

whatsoever, ^o ko,i, whoever, jo ki, though, 

although, wbiohevor. h. 
jo, B river, a brook, a rivulet ; in eomp. aeeUng, 

tMjan/i-Jo, one who seeks battle or strife, p. 
jo,ir, f. the name of a grain, Indian ooro ; flood- 
tide i also jovir. j'o,iir-ii(«, the flood-tide and 

ebb-tide. i. 
jobam, m. youth, puberty ; (met. breast, bubby. 

t'oiaa-viati or •muin, adj. f. at the age of pu- 

Derty, fit to be married. : 
joiUUti, m. a warrior, a hero, a hnve fellow. (. 
jwlU/KiB, m. Iieiuism, bravi'ry. t. 
j0,r, i. R rivulpl, a brook (mor^ evm.ji/-). p. 
jog, m. junt'Iiou, union, meeting ; fitting ; a fbr^ 

tuiwie moment, opportunity ; praianre. *. 
jaj, Iho name of the person upon whom ■ dnft 

or bill of «ioliauge it dnsn. h. 


joga (for goggt^, fit, proper, able, capable, ade- 
quate, advisable, apposite. *. 

jogabhyat, m. life and practice of a devotee, 
penance, austerity, t. 

jdian, m. the poaition in which the devotee aits 
to perform thejDjr or religious meditation. (. 

jogaar or jogeih, m. a devotae, an adorer. *. 

jogi, m. a Eindii ascetic ; a magician, t. 

jogin, f. ■ female (of jogi, q.v.) da»ol«e. «. 

jogira, t. (r.j'a^ni), a clui of female deities, kc t. 

jogiga, m. name of a colour ; C, the name of a 
musical naode i a hind of pigeon. A. 

jog-migi, t. a deeeptivs power which jogit are 
aupposed to possess, t, 

jognl, f. a clasa of female deities attendant on the 

EoddosB DtU, a female fiend or aprite } in aatro- 
>^, spirits governing periods of good and ill 

jog-nidra, t lit;ht slrep, wakefulness. *. 

jog-tma, L practising religious abstraction, >. 

jogia (tor gogyatd), t soitableneas. i. 

jogga, accomplished, fit, oapsble. i, 

joggald, f. fitness, ability. (. 

johar, name given to an act of desperation pmu- 
liar to the Hindils. Wlien in a aiego the men 
find themselves unable to reaiat their assailants, 
as a last reaource the; destroy all their wivea 
and children within the pbioe ; then, sword in 
hand, they desperately meet the foe, and Gght 
to the last. Joharlc., a. to kill one's self, to 
commit suicide, p. 

johir OT johar, ■ l^^rge pond or lake. A. 

joluta, a. to expect, to look out for. *. 

jq)rM (for 5o;ai), m. a measure of four koi; 
joining, union ; the Supreme Being, t. 

jotA, f. weight, weighing, i. 

joHia,i, L a weighman's perquisite, h. 

joktum, (. a riak, peril, enterprise, jokhiai 
■fltfH, n. to run the hoiard, to venture, k. 

jokiimi, m. one who risks, h. 

jotkma, a. to weigh, k. 

jokkoi, f. a riik j danger, harm, l^, 

jola-Hrnd, a. to deceive, k. 

joUoi, f. Strength of mind (or body), quickneaa 
of ^prehension ; fleetneH. p. 

joU, m. a companion, a plavfdiow. ft. 

jolida, aoattered, confiised. p. 

joi, as, when. joi-tiHi, as before, " in statn qn 
in some way. joi-ton-iarke, in any way, by 
as it could be done- Joi Id foa, 
'in statu quo." k. 
a »a, the moment whan. k. 

JOK— JTJ { i 

jo»i, t. s leech. jo»i lagand, a.toBpp]j]eeebei. *. 

JonJear f>r jon-ion-katj in anj vny, or meanft, k. 

jor, m. jtmctiou, connoiion ; Joints, joining, a 
patfh, B Beam, AOcietj. Jor-dend, a. to cast up, 
to add the sum. Jor-tor, m. contriraiioe, me- 
ohaniBm, joining, jor-jir, m. MTinga, oollect- 
ing bj aniall quantitiee, aoraping together, h. 

jOTi, m. joining, connexion ; a pair, a couple; a 
pair of ehoes ; a auit (of clolhra). A. 

jori,', f- the act or profesgioD of joining, l. 

JOT'"^, TO- Bolder ; rennet, joraii- Jaro, a joiner, i. 

jort, {. a pair, a couple ; a emvll pond. *. 

ji^Tia, a. to join, to mend, to patch j to add toge- 
ther ; to reckon, to add up ; to get, or rather to 
BBTe, a fortune, Ac,, to fabricate, to cement, to 
unite, to tie, to inrent, to contriTe. A. 

jorU, f, calculation, reckoning, i. 

joru, {. a wife, a woman, h. 

jotk, m. heat ; ebullition ; puaion ; luat. joth- 
tiaroti, m. anger, passion, cage. JoMhi Hiin, ni, 
ebullition of the blood (tlie name of a disease). 

jotkan, boiling, foaming (aa wares), p. (ji. 

jatkith, f. brat, ebiilhtion ; ferrour. p. 

joti, m. an astrologer, an astronomer, t. 

jot, f. brilliBncjiluBtre; thesunbeami; tbe&ame 
of a candle or lamp ; vision, Jol-mdn, Inmi- 

jott f, cullitatioD, culti*Bled land; tenure of a 
culLiialor, also rmt paid by the cultiyator. 
jol-ddr, a husbandman, one who has a tenure, k. 

jol, m. a fellow, peer, one of ■ pair } a mstch ; 
equal, eren, not odd. jol-bdmihnd, a, to pair. A. 

joli, m. a pioughiaan. a busbandman, a culti- 
vator of bind, tilling hia own ground. *. 

Jotam, m. ploughing ; a ploughman. *. 

Joli, [. the string which suspends the seals of a 
balance ; the string which gooa round the neck 
of ■ bulkick to fasten the joke. h. 

jotik or jotitk, m. aBtrology, astrODomj. Jatit- 
bidya, the astronomical science, t. 

jotikhi or jotiki, m. an astrologer, an astronomer. 

joiU^, m. astrology, astronomj. t. [i. 

jolitia, relating to astrology ; an astrologer, an 
astronomer. (, [of the Deitj. i. 

joli-noarip, luminous, self-resplendent, an epi(|iet 

jotiga (t. jo/a), Bplougluiian. i. 

joltnan, splendid, bright, i. 

joina, a. to yoke ; to plongli, to till t. 

jei/d, OT joyiH or jogmda, an inquirer; a seeker. 
Jogaitda gabanda, iit. the seeker (is a) finder, 
i.e. search and you shall find. y. 

ji, (, a riTer, a brook, p. 

I ) JTJ-JUa 

^'■i, (f.ji), lord! master! sir! k, 

ji', f, hunger, appetite, jifu-l-bakar or ji'u-l- 
hM, Toracious, gluttonoua. a. 

Ji*d, m. a joke of a carriage Or plough : a die, 
dice I a game, gambling. ji,a khtl^d, a. to 
play dice, to gamble. ». 

ju'dri OTJii,ari, m. a gambler. A. 

jaii (for j/Mva), young; a youth. <. 

jubali (lor yuvaii), f. a young woman, a damseL (. 

jiMa, m. a kind of lung Test, resembling a shirt ; 
a coat uf mail. a. 

jid, m. a present, liberality, munificence, a. 

judd (in Fers, Jidd), separate, away, absent, dif- 
ferent, judd judd, Tsrtous, one by one, sere- 
mlly. Jibjii jiufii ioAiw, a. to particulariie. p. 

jvdd,i, f. sepBration, absence, p. 

juddk, TO. battle, war, contest, t, 

jttdXmd/i, adj. fighting, warring, tf. 

Ja'e, f, a hi ulet, a brook, p. 

ju,e-baz, (T.j'ii,^, a dice-plajer, agambler. 

jift-Hdna, a gambling-house, i.p. 

jiff, a body of men ; an old man, a. 

j^/t, m. evenness, parity, a pair, a couple, a 
inalcb, jujt girifla*, to miiTTj. p. 

jvfta, bent, wrinkled; running together, p. 

jufti khdad, a. to copulate, to pair. p.k. 

jug (Corguya), m. a period. One of the four great 
Hindd periods or agea, the Sat or Erit, ^Ereta, 
Dwapar, and Kali ; a term used in the game of 
ehausar (the opposite of a blot, two or mor» 
men standing on the same square) ; a pair. 
juff piorKd or pkulnd, a. to cause a ditTerenoe 
between two frienda, to fall out. j'S-j'Si '^i- 

jiffot orjagdL, two, a pair, brrwe. *. [stantlj. t. 

jugdlnd, a. to chew the cud. k. 

jugam, two, a pair, braoe. *. 

gdnd. a. to be csireful of, to keep with cars ; to 
lend labour, i.e. to assist another in his work, 
in eipeotation of similar assistance hereafter, k, 
gdni, m. the end of an age, destruction of the 
world. jvgdHl-bandku, m. a real friend, t. 
fditajug, ages of ages, from age to age ; during 

jigttt, f. address, dexterity, oontrivancc^ wit, a 
pun, art. Jugal-botnd, a. to pun. jugal-bdt, a 
punster, jmgal-hdzi, f. quibble, witticism, t.p. 

jagafi or jigati, artful, clever, cunning ; econo- 
mical, bcetious, punning. i.h. 

ju^rdfiga, m, geography (j-m-jtm+.h) , g. 

jugaint, a jewel worn about the neck. A. 

jig-pai, at one time, at once ; together, t. 

jigapta, I. jngitptam, m. cenaurc^ abuse, t. 


jugujml, oeniured, abused. (. 

Jvhali, pi. if^oruit people, a. 

jikar (t, johar), desperation, &e. p. 

jtAoT, L Hindu Bslutation, obciunce. h. 

jihaf, m. pits filled with wsler at tbe botl<an of 
mountains ; a large pond or lake. h. 

jahMl, pi. ipioraiit (people), aimpletons. o. 

ji,t, an insect destructiTe to certain crops, h, 

Jw^i m. an engagement, a battle, t. 

jhHJhatnd, xi.{T.jhiijhatna),U>»ttiTt. i. 

JuJAa-K-bdJad, n. to sound or strike up (as warlike 
instruments in battle), i. 

jujkad, B. to fight i to be killed in battle. Jujh- 
mama, to die Bghting. j. 

j'*l or Jul, m. deceit, cheating, a Iricl. jit-bat, 
a knaie, ■ cheat, ^'ui-iozi, f. knaTerj. h.p. 

julah, 01 JulaK or jutaka, ni. a weaTer i met. a 
fool, a blockhesd. jatak-ddrhi, I. a shrat round 
beard, such mjaldhi nsuallf wear. k. 

juloMd, pi. companions, a. 

jtlt, f. a housing for an elephant, &o. a. 

juUdb, m. a purge ; q.d. drawing (from j'alaba, 
be drew), and in this sense it is generallT used 
in India. Freytag, on the authority of Ooliua, 
giies it, in his Arabic Leiicon, as unconnected 
with jalaba, and describes it as a mixture of 
water and svrup (perfumed with rose-water), as 
if derived from the Pers. gul, a rose, and ib, 
water, jull^-ii tel, castor-oil a. 

jKtni, U> meet, to be united. *. 

julii, m, aoeesston (to a throne) ; the rragn or 
era of a monarch, a, 

jiditi, of or durine the reign (of a king, &C.). 
julin totili, m. a light cartridge, a. 

jrm'a, m. Friday (on whicli day Musalmans 
assemble to pray at the great mosque), a, 

Junia-rit, FViday eie, i.e. Thursday. aX 

junAan, trembling, stirring, moTiiig ; in oomp. 
causing to more or stir, shaking, p. 

jambith, f. agitation, motion, gesture, p. 

jame-rdt, t. Tbaraday. a.i. 

j^m'gi, t. the weekly allostance to schoolboys, 
paid on a Friday ; also presents given On a 
Friday by schoolboys to their preceptor, a. 

jvnhir, unirersal. all ; m. hi^ heaps of sand ; 
republic, populace, community, a. 

junta, m. the whole sum, aggregate, total ; a sen- 
tence. Jt-l-j«mta, upon the whole, miii-jumta 
or az dttjvmta, from or out of the whole, a. 

jwmlaffi, f. the totalily, the whole, p. 

Jind, m. a rope of eross \ a ring of twisted grus 
Jail aader « tODnd-bottonwd jar. A. 


jBMjS. a stirrup-leather, saddle-dotb. p. 

jvg, f- emotion, impulse ; a volume oont^ning 
sereral books 1 m.f.a potbcrb. h. 

jtrngit, outcast, deserted, injured, t. 

jun-id,i OT juniiiiyd, f. tbe moonlight, h. 

jmhdr, m. a kind of grain (comprising many 
species, of which Indiau com is one), h. 

jir, coldi m. coldness, the cold. A, 

Jut's, m. a drop, one draught, a. 

Jufd, m. oold ; the hair done up in a knot bo- 
hind } the hinder part of B turban, h. 

jard dead, a. to procure, h. 

jafd,!, f. tbe price of joining, mending, Ac. i. 

jtu-ina, n. to be comforted, pacified] a. to pro- 

jur.nt, f. courage, breTcry, temerity, a. 

jufdl, anoeiatiou, joining. A. 

jvfha, m. twins, a pair. h. 

jiri, {. an ague ; a small bundle of sugar-cane. k. 

jurm, m. a crime, fault, pin. a. 

Junadaa, m. ■ Hue, a penalty, a. 

Jumi or jHpia, n. to be procured, or obtained, 

to come to hand ; to unite, to be Joined. >. 
jwra arjitrri, m. a hawk, a (alcon. p.a. 
jarrah, m. a sock, stocking, a. 
jari,d arjatiHca, t. a woman, a female, h. 
jut, m. broth, pease-soup, pease-porridge ; the 

water in which pulse has been bailed, i. 
jutam or jtadmi, f. large-bodied, corpulency, 

bulkineas. a. 
jnMcak, m, the water of boiled pulse, t. 
juikfa, ta. the remnants of a meal. i. 
jtuhfa, served, obliged, worshipped, i. 
jvifa, m. the t>ody, the figure of the human body. 
jtui, m. soeking, searcliing. p. [a. 

jvAta, sought lor, searcbcd. p. 
jtula, m. power, strength (fromj'uuii). a. 
jiul jM or Jialoji. f. searching, seeking, p. 
jut, joined ; (in comp.) with, possessed of; aa 

dAarm-Jut, viriuous. t. 
jutd, m. a shoe, a slipper ; collectively, it means 

the " pair of shoes" or slippers, A. 
jiitd,i, arable ; f. tillage. «. 
ju/dna or jvf and, to conglulinatc; n. to be joined, 

lo yoku i to be tilled. ». 
jul-an-thora {y-jal-ibora), degraded, il. 
Jilk, m. a fiock, herd ; a company. (. 
jallHoar, joint, possessed in common, k. , 


B (lipper. jmSar, beaten vith 
m, Bbjei7t. jitl-paiiar, f. a scuffle. 
jsli-Btdr, act of beating with 

jm, t a shoe, 

■lippera; me 

■Uppers. A. 
JiHyii, land b««ring two cropa in one jear. i. 

' 'igita, B. to bint one witb * shoe or dipper 

,'deemed an act o[ ([rest degradation). A. 
jtit-^tori or jit-ijiora, one who haa been beaten 

with elippen ] adj. infamous, d^i«ded. A. 
jnfna, n. to close with, tu engage in close flght, 
to unite, to close, to stay, to wait. t. 

jatindna, a. to cause to be joined or joked. (. 

jned (for yura), joung, a young man, or one of 
the ririle age. i, 

jma^ai, id. a king's son, the hrir apparent, 
appointed to the empire, t. 

juva-Tijt/a, m. Che digoitj of heir apparent and 
associate in the throne, t. 

jmcati, f. a young woman, one from aiiteca to 
thirty j a damiieL i. 

JuKd or Jiind, in. a yoke of a carriage. >■ 

Juieal, a bag, sack i deceit, fraud, p. 

Jitwdri (t. j'u,£jrj), a gambler, h. 

jus, m. a part, portion ; foot of a Terso ; a sec- 
tion of the kur,ait. A diTisioD of a book con- 
sisting of eight leaves ; ingredient. j'ni-iaiuC, 
f. binding of a book, juz-rat, penitent, saga- 
cious ; &ugal, econoini^. jit:-raii, f. frugality, 
economy, Ac. jut o kuU, totally, entirely, great 
and imaU. jti-dia, m. a cLotli in which books 
are wrapped up, a portfolio, jaz-gir, m. an in- 
strument used for keeping a book opcu when 
reading or writing ; a portfolio, ^'vit la-i/ala- 
jazt4, an indiiiaible atom, anjtliing loo small 

jKi, beside*, eioept. p. [to be diTided. o. 

jufdm, m. leprosy, more especially the black or 
eating leprosy, the worst form of the disease 
(v. kofJi), J^dm-l^na, m. a lazaretto, a. 

JMiij/dl OTJiii,igdt, pL trifles, minutiie. a. 

Jiatei, a little, in part, a few ; pL juxmij/dt, part*, 
portions, particulan, a, 

jioal, m. oijteald, f. flame, blaxe, light, i. 

Jviid-nmih or Jicald-muiii, f. a lolcano, a place 
where inflammable gases break forth from the 
■oil; eepeciaily one near Bnlkh, to which pil- 
grimages are itumIo from Hindiistan. «, 

jtealam, burning, blazing; Agni or flre. ». 

Jamlil, burnt, consumed by fire. i. 

jwar, m. a feTer. jvar-niuhak, febrifuge. *. 

jwaragiH, m. fcicrish heat, paroiysm ofLrcr. i. 

jtoari, febrihi, feverish, i. 

jga, t* mother; the earth ; a bowstring. (. 

mogenilure ; m. the second Hindu mouth (May, 

June), jgethfhata, f. seniority, pre-emineDOC. 
jyahfha-tat, m. a father's elder brother, jyttlt- 

fAa-vama, m. a Brahman, i. 
Jyo, lite, soul (same " j"'")- Js/o par iad, to 

come into (atreme difficulty, jfo cMj takiii, 

to show aversion, to abhor, jgo ttitifluui, (o 

pass away from life. d. 
jgo» (T.jymi), such as, even as. 1. [star. *. 

^yo'i, f. light, splendour, jyoli-rath, m. tEe pole- 
jgotUh, m. astronomy, astrology. jj/oHik-mdH, 

luminous, radiant, jgoiithi, i. a star, a planet ; 

m. an astronomer, an astrologer. jyotiMk, ro. 

an aatrok>ger. jt/oliikk, m. a heavenly bodv, a 

planet, a star. ». 
jyoUud, f, moonlight, jyottnd-priya, m. the 
rhakor or Glreek partridge. jyoUnd-criJciha, m. 

the tripod o 

', f. a 

e of a 

ka, or Jht or ltd, preflied to Sanskrit words denotes 
bad, vile, little, or contemptible; u ka-pulr, 
bad son; tupalh,()it. a bad road), aberratio 
heresy ; kd-pvmi^, a vile man, a coward, i, 

W, postpOB.siguof tliegenitivecasei of,bi)longii 
to ; an adjective termination, as tdfh-kd, gjior 
a wooden horse, from tdlh, wood. h. 

fa, the cawbg of a rook or orow. ka-ki-k., the 
can like a crow. a. 

IfS, aplaio,adesert; ierelground. ^,ita«{,tho 
vast desert, a. 

ku-d*, B title among the Tartars, equivalent to 
Emperor or supreme ruler, p. 

kab, whenP kab-lai, -lalak, -lag or -ta,ln, till 
when? how long? i(-ai-w,BincewbBt time? kat- 
irai,when? it<iA-i'<f,-ii or ii, of what lime? i. 

kab or jto^i, m, a poet, (. 

ka'b, m. the heel, the ankle ; a cube. a. 

^a'i, m. a cavern, a pit, a furrow, a cup ; a hidden 
mtanin^ of a speech, a. 

kab, f. a large dish used for kneading dough and 
olhcr purposes ; m. a measure of length, vi ' 

( n* ) 


D Anbim; the earth, ground, sail, t.iti^ po4liii, 

a [hi cloak, p.a. 

ta'ba, in-aMiiurebiiildiDg.IhetempleofMKra. a, 

iabiibj m. * roa»tp me&t cut into ilicci lad Ihm 

routed or bied on akevcn. taiib-t,,t,to\tura, 

to nMJt. tabab-Jloni, to bum ; to be ennged ; 

(met.) to be dnprrately in lore, iabiiba, m. 

cubrb* {Piprr nbeba). taiiii-eiiai, L eubebs 

(Piper caieba) ; jungle rlorea, taiM, fit tu 

be roMlcd ; Toaslio^i m. one who nasli; a 

Tcndor of I'aiait. p.a. [with. p. 

taiada, m. a bow, not Trrr strong, for praclUing 

kahadfi, f. a kind of ^nie'amonK boT9. jt. 

kaiikai, L TilLaDT, delonnltT, diahonntj, bawnns,, pLfaniilT(wifesndchUdren,ic.); tribM.o. 
kdiila, m. ■ deed, nriting; aboud,KrilleDagre«> 

ment, contract, ■ bill of *ale. a. 
kabandli, m.>headle»atn]|ik(!tUlrrtamiDgalill1e 

life, >o as to haie thi' power of moTiag). *. 
Icabir, m. a door, a pte. *, 
kibnr, a mixed «oil ol clav and und, luitable to 

■ny iTop picrpt riee. jt. 
kihir, L ■ erati', a tOTib. t>4ir-ti», a crave- 

digser. t'iSiir-<7ii( or tj&arufira, f. a burrinj;- 

praund, a ivrret.Tr, a.p. 
i^atal, a kind of delicate diiib. d. 
ta'biit, f. ■ cube, a die or pL\i-bone ; anv kind of 

Kjnare building, hence the temple of Mmra. ii. 
Jca'hafaim, do. the two sacrctl t^mplt's, Mecca and 

JeniMlem: any came wirh two dice. a. 
kakb, tn. the sound of ■ falling tword. a. 
kabhi, or kahhi at tajtiia, t^er, come time or 

oll^r. kahki tablii, «0m<1iniM, now and t hen. at 

timet, kakki kr, of xime lime, fome time ago. 

kabU ma katk'; fome Iii:u> or other, it. 
kali, m. (for kari) a po>t. i. 
iabiii, m. tbr liTrr, the heart, a. [fnl. a. 

kabih, Till', detealable. deformed, bod, nglj, ehamc- 
kabU, m. • fpooiw, kind, faroil.T. a. 
kihil, able, capable, tkilAil, sulEineiit. a. 
'^•ib'il. Coin, tberldi-sl bcimofETclproperIf ki{m. 

q.T.>. kubil tr.( hib'il, I'.iin and Abef. a. 
ktbilt i^aboidbU^ m.alamilr,atnbe; a wife. a. 
kibiln, f, a sUlfol woman, a midwife. 
hhli or kJUri^at, t. skill, «utfU'ienCT,capabiUtT. o. 
i-diin. a mamace portion or settlement whi.-h « 

liucbuiid must j-ay hi» wife if lie dironv* li.r ou 

intniRuiiT.! erouiid^. p. 
tMr or kabir, Uri,-e, imnienfi^, grmt, fuil irniiRn, . 

tmior ; name of a tamooa fakir nd aaint, who 
floorisbed iboat the cIok of the flftsenth cen- 
tury, kahlr-pamtki, m. the foUowen of Xotw-. 
kabir ki mlli, trannposilion. a. 

habit, also kibith, f. the earth with whicli rartb- 
enware i* Tamubed. *. 

kabiia, m. inten«lary. tali kahita, loip-jcar- a. 

kabUar, or kabUkar, or kabltkmr or kihiamr 
(for i-aculmr,), a Bnt tate poet, lit. prince of 

kidiii, m. or kabili, t. a aort of vtrtia nied by 
the Hindu*, poetry, a poem (applied to oompo- 
■itions in the Hindi or BtaJ diaWta). tabilm^, 
f. poetry, &e. t. 

^abi:, Kiiing, taking ; m. an Htringent ; a re- 
ceifer, p0s»e»or; occapant, kabifti-I-armmk, 
the aeiier of ronU, the angel of death, a. 

kabk, m. name of a bird of llie partridge kind. 
kabli rfcri, m. * beautiful rpeciea of partridgu. 
kabt-rrtllar, moiing gracefully, p. 

kabi, m. ihe anterior part, the &ont ; adj. fint, 
anterior; adv. beforr. kabl ax aa-iH, before that, 
aii(en9ira»,titi/ii:ia, before now. heretofore, a. 

l-abrii, pvj, dirty while, Tariegaled. a. 

f(ti«, m.Mrikingor asking flte; learning, tencbtng; 
a firebrand, a match, anylhing for kindling fin) 
with : adj. quiek, expedj'" ~ 

kibi, m, pow 

pouetsion, wdl. kjbH-pama, to get tho oppOi>- 
tuoily. ^abm-paratl, lyranuioaL tabi-paniiG, 

power, kibm-fki, deapolic, tyrannieaL (. 

itAid. m. aiure, blue; a kind of willow; • lort 
of blue sbeeptkin ; a heron, tatidi, blua, 
azure, eenilean. kabidi-ramr, azure-colound. 

kahnk or kJbik, I. a pigeon-house, p. [p. 

tiibil, m. consent, favourabte reception, coneet- 
eion, approbaiian, arseut ; adj. apprcied, con- 
«e;iti-d. kibilfmrjl, at a pleasant figure, hand- 
fiinie, wcU-faToured. fahil-k,, a. to aaaeni, 
alLm'. eonfew, couseul, to own, |o promifc 
^j'-ic'-Aoaii. tobcacivptable; to be agreeU on. a. 

kalwli, f. a kind uf food, nee and pulae boiU 

kabiliytt. f. a written ai;Teemenl. a. 
k.ikriHJ, a to a^nvi', to ronieut, to Basont, ta m.thenijitiiiaiv. o. [accept, lochoose.a-i 
kaliiUr, m. a pigeon, tabitar-baz or taiitar 

(J", a pigivn-laLcifr 1 one who r 

aiHJ bet* irpiHi tiieir tlighl, Ac. kabuta^bari*. 

m. » viiHug pigeon ; an unripe puppy-hnd 

WRi^Mid iipin peMe-mealaadfriediu buit«ror 

immand, authority, oppOTtUni^, 
kaba-pana, to get tho oppor- 


816 ) 


oil. JeabutoT'jIhaf^ name of a plant (JugHcia 

muuta), kahitar'l^^dna, m. a pigeon-house, p, 

kahff f. contraction ; costiveness ; a receipt ; tak. 

kahzu-l-wtiful, {, a receipt, a. 
fto&f a, m. a grasp ; a handle. 
kabziyatf f. seizure, costireness. a, 
kaeh, m. rawness, simplicity ; water in which rice 
has been washed. JrocA-am-oiM, gross import, 
the payment made by a zaminddr of his rent to 
government. h,p. 
kdch, m. glass, alkaline ashes, any salt. 9, 
kdeka^ unripe, raw ; simple, uninstracted. h. 
kachahri (tuI. cutcheny), f. a hall of justice, 
town-house, court, a public office for the re* 
ceipt of the rerenue, &c. h, 
kachak, f. pain (of a wound) ; limp, h, 
kachaknd, n. to strain, to sprain, to twist; to 

limp ; to pain, to ache. h. 
kachdr (▼. kachhar) moist land, &c. k, 
kachari or kaehariya, m. name of a fruit (CW- 
cuntia madraspaianut), A. [pulse, h, 

kaehanri, f. a dish made of wheaten flour and 
kaek'bach^ m. pi. breed, offspring, family, brats, 

children, h. 
kaekchdj unripe, crude; raw, unbaked; silly, 
unknowing, green, inexperienced, false; clay- 
built, slight. kach€hpany m. rawness, crudity. 
kachchdyt, f. rawness ; indigestion, surfeit, kadk' 
chd'khdnd, to become angry. K 
achchhapf m. a tortoise, a turtle. 9, 
tchchhif m. a horse (with a hollow back) from 
the province of Kachh, on the banks of the 
Sind or Indus river, h. [tumid itch. h. 

jhchij raw, &c. kachchi-khuruj^ the raw or 
'hchu (also kachu) m. name of a plant (Arum 
tlocasia). h. 

hh (also kachhu)^ m. a tortoise. #. 
A, m. a cloth worn round the hips, passing 
tween the le^ and tucked in behind; the 
per part of the thigh. 9, 
an^ f. a female gardener, t, 
dr, moist and low land by a river, h, 
2riy f. (v. kachahfi), a hall of justice. A. 
?nw, a. to wash, to rinse. *. 
ufif f. a cloth worn between the legs to 
;al the privities. 9. 
m. a gardener who seUs potherbs. 9. 
xmpaff m. a libertine ; adj. lewd, h, 

n. to be washed or rinsed, kackhnd^ m. 

\ of breeches, which cover very little of 

gh. 9. [the kdchh, h, 

a. to skim, to gather ; to bind or tie up 

kaekkm^ t a doth, a kind of breeches. 9. 

kaehhu (v. imcAA), any, some, &o. h. 

kaehhMyd, m. a tortoise, a turtle. kachhi^a'4^&ar, 
uneven-bottomed (a river). 9. 

kaehhwdhd, m. a tribe of rdj-puU, h. 

kachktoard, ground cultivated by gardeners or 

kdeki, f. milk pottage, p, [kdehhi9^ a. v. k. 

kctchitfdha^^ f. abhorrence, h, [shrink, h. 

ka^ydmd, n. to be frightened, to draw back, to 

kaekkaeh^ m. debate, alteroation. kaekkaehd^^ 
f. the sict of debating, &c. h. 

kachkdnd, a. to strain, to sprain, to twist, h, 

kachkardj m. tortoise-shell. 9, 

kachkeidf m. a kind of plantain which is eaten 
boiled, as a vegetable. 9. 

kachkol^ f. a cup or bowl; a wallet; a nuscel- 
lany, a common-place book. p. 

kach-loM or kach-lohiyd^ t untempered iron. 9, 

kaek-lohut m. bloody ichor discharged along with 
purulent matter. A. 

kachloHf a salt, said to promote digestion, h, 

kack-fiutch, gibberish, babble, nonsense, k, 

kack^pachy f. crowd ; infants, brats. A. 

kaeh pachiydy m. the Pleiades. A. 

kaek^aHf m. rawness ; simplicity. A. 

kackrd, m. the raw Harbuza or musk-melon. A. 

keiehunutr or kachumar, m. a kind of pickle. 
kachumar kar ddlnd, to cut to pieces. A. 

kackwdndj to be grieved or vexeo, to be tired or 
disgusted with {a person), d. 

kackwdnxi, a minute division of surface. A. 

kachwdfy vexation, abhorrence, dislike, d, 

kad, when ? at what time ? 9. 

kad or kada, m. a house, a retreat, a den, &c. 
dt€uh-kada, a fire-temple, mai-kadoy a tavern. 

kouidt when ? at what time ? 9. Qp. 

kddA, m. slime, mud, mire, alluvial deposit. «. 

kad'dehdr^ wicked, profligate. «. 

k€uidchiif at some time or other ; peradventure. 9. 

kadaghan^ care, injunction, prohibition, p. 

kodak, m. a goblet, glass, bowL a. 

kad-dkdr^ ill-shaped, ugly. *. 

kadam, m. a pace, a step, a footstep ; the sole of 
the foot. k(tdam-bdZy fleet, kadam ba-kadam^ 
step by step, gently, kadam-boty one who 
kisses the feet 01 a superior ; one who pays re- 
spect. k(idam-bo9iy f. kissing the feet, obeis- 
ance, kadamchnmndy a. to kiss the feet; to 
leave the company of another, to bid adieu. 
kadam-chhune^ to touch or embrace one's feet. 
kadatn'ranfa-fdrmdnd or 'kamd^ to take the 
trouble of visiting (another), to condescend to 


EAS— KAF ( % 

TiBit or Witt npon (ipoken of a luperior bxrardB 
an mferior). loifiifli-fii^iJ, to take protecliot!; 
to walk wait (a horse), kadam-laa, to acknow- 
ledge the auperiorit; of another (either in good 
or eril qualitiei : most frtquenllj in the latler). 

taddmal, I. priority, excellence, preoedeDoe. a. [a. 

tadan, m. a kiUcr, deitrojer } killing. «. 

kaddpi, BtBometime; peradventure. i. 

tadar, being turbid or muddj (water) ; (met.) 
being diatresKd or penileied in mind, a, 

Jtadar, timid, timoroiu, irresolute, i, 

lcddard,i or kddari, (, timidity, timorousiMH. «. 

iadaTya, aTariciouB, miserlj. i. 

kadmt, m. alitae, mud, mire. t. 

kad-bi»n, r. the mistreaa of a family, p. 

kadd, t. examination, segrcb, inquiij, trouble, 
labour, eodeBiour. tadd o kdmtk, f. ifarch, 
inquiry, examination, applicalion. a. 

kadd, m. stature, ^add-ivar kadd-dar, or kadd- 
katk, tuU, of commanding stature, kadd- 
tiaai-t., a. to bow down. a. 

kaddiua, may he (the Almighty) sanctify, a. 

kaddn, m. a pumpkin. kaSdi-keuk, m. a kind of 
instrument for cutting and cleaning pumpkins, 

kadeaar, m. b gardener, p. [&<.'. p. 

kadhi or kadhi, ever, some lime or other ; the 
forms kadhii and ^adhai also occur, t. 

Ijiidim, ancient, old. kadimxi-l-aiiiam, anciont of 
daysi timeeof old; adv. li-om time immemorial, 

kadimd, m. an iron crow } a pumpkin, k. [a. 

^adiai, old, aged, former, kadimi ra'igal, an 
occupant of land by hereditary descent, a, 

iadir, potent, Bkilful ; Omnipotent, a. 

kad-^udd, m, the btber of a family, a married 
man. kad-^udd,i, f. establishing a family ; 
marriage. kad-^udd,i-k., to marry, p. 

kadlai, m. kada. !. the plantain tree. i. 

kadr, f. worth, value, price ; quantity ; destiny, 
fate, kadr-ba^h, source of dignity. Iladr- 
dan, a just appreciator, knowing tlie worth of 
(a person), kadr-daai, f. appreciator of an- 
other's merit] patronage, kadr-thiaar, know- 
ing the worth of (a person), a. 

kadi, m. a pumpkin or pumpion. p. 

kadi daaa, m. the name of a disease, in which 
the body is covered with pustules like the seeds 
of the kadi plant ; intestinal worms, p. 

kadirat, f. impurity ; (met.) perturbation, do- 
prfssion of spirits, affliction, resentment, a. 

kajr, (. foam, froth, spittle, scum. p. 

i^, m. the mountain fiif, suppOEed to surround 
eAe irorld, and bound tho extreme horizon, a. 

i ) EAF— KAP 

kafa, m. the whole; a tribe, a mnltituds. kifoii 
anam, all mankind, a. 

Jq/U, f the back of the head, nape of tho neck i 
adv. secretly, behind one's back. a. 

kafa,at, r^aemblance ; similarity of condition in 
persons about to bo married, a. 

kafif, m. pittance, dailj bread ; adj. equal, ade- 
quate, a. [palm of the hund). p. 

kafak, froth, scum, spittle; stained part (of the 

kafal, the buttocks, the haunches, the crupper, a 
kind of cloth used instead of a saddle, p. 

kafHai, f pledge, pawn, security, responsibility. 
kafalal-nama, a bail-bond. a. 

kafaH, m, a shroud (coffln). kafan pharkt-bolni 
eiprcsses the impossibility of remaining silent 
OD the sight of something wonderful kiiftt»- 
dafan, burial, funeraL a, 

kafan-chor (lit. a shroud- stealer), a caitiff, ruf- 
fian, villain, miscreant, p.h. 

kqfira, m. kafuraf, f. ponitanne, penance, atone- 
ment, expiation for sin. a. 

kafat or kafof, m. a cage, a lattice, net-work. a. 

kafcha, m. a spoon ; the hood of a snake, p. 

kaff, f, the hand, the palm, kafflpu, the sole of 
the foot, kaffi dail, the palm of the hand; 
met. a level and desert plain, a, 

kaffa, smuggling (eapociallj of opium), a. 

kdffii, m. tlie whole ; a tribe, a multitude, a. 

kaf-gir, m. a skimmer, a spoon, a ladle (generally 
perforated like a colander), p. 

kdfi, sufficient, sufficing, enongh. a. 

kafil or kdfil, m. a security, ninsomer, surety, 
hostage, bail (mesning the person), a. 

tdfila, m. a body of travellers, a caravan. kd/Ua. 
bisht or idfiia-idldr, m. the leader or chief of a 

kaj!r, m. an infidel, one who denies the eiist«iice 
of a Qodi (met.) a mistress, sweetheart, kaflr- 
dM. Uke an infidel, kdjiri, of or relating to an 
infidel ; a negro ; an A&ican CatTre or CoA'erj ; 
f. infidelity; unbelief, kafiri mirck, a kind of 
pepper, kafiri iciCd, a term applied to negroai 
in general, a. 

Ja/yo, m. rhyme, cadence, metre, kdfya ta^ 
hona, to be very poor or distressed, a. 

kafk, froth, scum, spittle ; stained part (of tlis 
palm of the hand), p. [for the grave. aX 

kafudna, a. to shroud, to dress, or lay out a oorpae 

kafai, t. a dress worn by^/iijirs. a. 

ka/sh, f. a shoe, a slipper (high-liecled and fhod 
with iron), kafih-daz or kafth-gar, a shoo- 

i-a/?, a rapture, a «plit. p. 
kaflSit, m. a robe of honour, t. 
kqfUr, m. an infillri. taJSr, camphor, tafir 
koitd, to run away, (o disappear, to Kamperoff, 

kifiri, CHUiphorated, pure, vhite. thani'i t^firi, 

■ candle made of camphonted vai. a. 

Icig or ttaga, m. a crow. t. 

idgad, m. (comip. for tujiai) papor. p. 

kagar or kaggar, m. tlie edge, border, coroer, 
architrare. A. 

tdgii:, m. pappTj IcItBr; clmrter, tdj^j-boAi, 
office aUoiitance for slationtry. tugi'iii, t. a 
kind of lime ; a paper ciBei m. a ilalionor or 
Tender of paper ; a paper manufacturer ; a 
writer ; adj. delicate, soft, thin. J-u^iozix, made 
of paper, p. 

IrdA, t. gnn, straw, idh-gil, straw and rand 
mixed to plaater walls with. p. 

taii, m. order, lesre, sajing, confession, affirma- 
tion, advipe. kahd-kahl or taia-tuni, diHua- 
■ion, altercation, conversation, i. 

kaiaj, m. the strawberry. 4. 

kaial or kahalat, sloth, languor, indolence, in- 

taidi, • oollyriuni. a. {aaiivity. n. 

kaAaima, to be parched, to wither, h, 

iaiait, m, a sajiiig, a bje-word. *. 

jtoAo, where F w)iither? ioAJri lat, how &r7 
bow long? to what degree? iaidite, whence? 
kahdii kd taidi, la what degree? citremely, 
immemelj. A. 

kahdnd, a. to cause to speak: it also sigiiiflat, in 
a neuter srnse, " to be calle<l or named." A. 

toMdni, f. a tale, storj. fable, t. 

iahamdf n. (for kardhjtd) to groan, k. 

k(Mwat, f. a prorerb, a ujing, an adage, i. 

bMa, m. a cough ; f. an old woman (subject to 
coughing) 1 B proatitute (sccuetomed to uolifjr 
her profession bj coughing, Go!.), a, 

i^aibagi, f. whoredom, fornication, a. 

tike, wh;, what, kdhe ko, wberefore^ h. 

kakf, a caTe, a large carem, a grotto, af^abi 
kahf, tlie eompaniona of the care, otiierwiw 
known as the soven sln'prrs of Kplmus. a. 

kah-gil, prepared mud or phistiT for building ; 
grass and mud mixed together to plaoter wajls 

kakAdl or ka^dl, m. an oculist, a, [with. p. 

koAhdr, tbtj powerful, a conqueror, a Hubduer, 
an arenger ; adj. imperious, aienging. a. 

kaAi, f. a foraging party ; also forage, supplies, k, 

kd*i, f. greenness, name of a dtsli ; ailj. of or 
relating to straw or gntM. p. 

kdkida, diminished, wasted, p. 

iSkil, slaw. kdiU-miidJ, indolent, kaiila, ail- 
ing, sick, indisposed. kdkUdgi (t. kdkili), indo- 
lence, &c. iakildna, slowW, lazily. kdUB, t 
or kdiUpaad, m. indolence, languor, sloth, sick- 
neas, tardiness, a.p, 

kdkili, m. prophet, prieat ; an aatrologer. a, 

koAni, somewhere, anjwhere, wbereaoerer, whi- 
thersoever, aur koAii, anywhere else, jakdi- 
kaiiii, in whatever place or quarter, kiMii-ka 
kakii, here and thero. kakii Ha iroA li, some- 
where or other, kakiii kd, queer, strange. 
itoAin no^ia. nowhere. jlorA'aAiii, everywhere. A. 

idhir, oppressive ; subduing, triumphing, a. 

kdhim, I. a conqueress, Ticcrii. al kdiira, grand 
Cairo, q.d. Augusta or Victoria, a. 

iahvih, L diminution, emaciation, aniietf. p. 

takJ^aia or takiahd, laughing loudly and inde- 
cently. taikoAd-miiritd, to laugh heartily, a. 

kakfara, or talikara or takkarg, retiring, re- 
treating back, retrograde motion, a. 

kaklditd, a. to cause to say, to call ; n. to be 
called or named i to parch, to wither; to be- 
come weak, to be lazy, kakld-hkejttd, a. to *end 
ameesage, to cause to be announced verfaallj. t.a. 

kakud, a. to tell, to speak, to say, to bid, to order, 
to call \ to affirm, to ecquaict, to adviae ) to 
composo, to repeat, to read or quote ; m. say- 
ing, advice, order, kak dtni, to tell, to bid, to 
)rder. kaindurat, f. a provcrh, a saying ; style, i. 


1. severity, chastisement, rage, ii 
lee, judgment. AaAri kiydmtU_ 
1 panegyric and satire to deno 

kahrdad, to groan (as a sick peraon). i. 
kak-nbd or kdh-r%bd, m. amber, kak-mbdj, t, 
the quality of amber; adj. of or relating to 

fahf., m. fsmino, dearth, kakt %ada, afflicted or 
visited with famine. kaJfl-tat or -joti, a season 
of drarth or famine, a. 

kahi, any one, some one or somefhiiig. k. 

kakin (v, toAiii), anywhere, somewhere, kc. A. 

AoArm, m. coSee. kaktort-dat, a coSba-pOL a. 

kakiedad, a. lo cause Co speak. 

Aai, when? how many P several, sundry, kat tk, 
some few ; oonj. or, either, p.k, 

kai, f. vomiting, a frequent »omiling. kaijtilldi, 
the cholera morbus, kai Idne-icd/d, (in medi- 
cine) an emetic, a. [several, sundry, hi. 

ka,i, some, a few ; several, sundry. ka,i tk, some, 

kaid, m. deceit, Aand, ireachery j adapting, ud' 

KM—KAl { S 

joatingi vomiting, cuting forttit mengtmoni 
(k voman) i vntr ; the croakini; of & raren. a, 

^aid, r » fetter, imprUomni'Tit ; kd obligslion, 
compact ; an obstacle, kaid-it-laa, m. a pritoii. 
iaid-lt., to imprUoD. kaid-h. or -rakiia, to be 
impriaoned. iaiifi, m. a prienner, » captive, a. 

ka,id, m. a leader, a general ; Ihe alar in tlie tail 
□f tbe lesner Bear. a. 

iSida, m. buia, groundworlc -, nilo, cnstom, in- 
titution ; the itjIm ot grammar, a. 

tiif, ho<r, in ntiat manner i (met.) tntoiieation ; 
an intoxicating drug. Icaift, intmicated, a 
drnnkard, a »ot. taifigat, f. story, sfatement, 
oot'ount, relation, state, circumatanccs, qualitj. 

iaik, a Sea. kaUc thalwarmeihond. 

ta,U, I 

a*)-, p. 

3 be fidgety 

ia,tl, acquiescing, agreeing, giving up a point ; 
adj. aubdaed, confuted. ka,Ulc., to eonfuUi, to 
oouTiuce, to conrict. kd,il koiid, n. to acquleace, 
t« Bcknoiile<lge, to yield, a. 

kailiia, m. alceping at mid-day. a. 

ia,ira, erect, perpendicular ; firm, flied, durable ; 

quickiilTCT (i. «. fixed by fire), kd-im-niiiii, of 

a Be' tied temper. kd,im-inakdm, a yieeroy, lieu- 
tenant, vicegerent. ki,ima, erect, perpendi- 
cular', m. a perpendicular line; a right angle. 
ki,nm, Gmmraa, durability, a, 

toia, f, a bamboo twig. k. 

kaii (for kahii, q.T.) somewhere, anywhere, d. 

ia^», Cain, the first-born of Eve: the Aroba 
hate changud the word into kibil, probably be- 
cauie it rhymes viUi hih'd, Abel ; or the change 
may bate resulted from the ignorance of a copy- 
ist ; for if tlie diacritieal points, as often hap- 
pens, be omitted, the two furma kS,ia and k^U 
become nearly the same, a, 

ii,iiitti, pi. aU things existing ; t. tlis world, uni- 
vvne, beings, creatures, a. 

kaiiichi, f. icisaora ; an oblique or St. Andrew's 
cross ; the cross beams of the roof of a cottage. 
kaincki-f., to prune trees, or cut the hair, 
iaiaeAi bdndkna, to bind or fasten an unskilful 
rider on his horse. «. 

kai^iU or kaiiicAtit, f. the slough of a snake. *. 

iairifai, m. asnecies of poison. (. 

kairi, f. a small unripe mango, kairi ankh, a 

kaud, pron. what like 7 



iaitar, m. Ctasar, an emperor; the general name 
for tlie Greek or Turkiah emperor, t, 

kaiie (t. kniid), how? what like? taita, or 
kaiiau or A-auami (Braj for knitd), how, in 
whatmanner? whatlike? what sort of ? k. 

kail, m. name of a tree, kait-ha, m. (v. kai(), 
an intoxicating drink made &om tho &iiit of 
the kait ; name of a tree. taitAi, i. or kaiihi- 
lugari, a character used chiefly by Kayaths 
about Patna. *. 

^atfui'^'i, m. elemsl emancipation ; release of 
the soul from further transmigration. ». 

kaij/im, true ; standing, erect ; m. nature, a. 

kaiyim. permanent, stable, lasting; eternal, an 
epithet of the Deily. a. 

kniyumisat, permsnency, stalnlity. a, 

kdiiia-kiintd, a. to tie up a horse's head by pass- 
ing the bridle to hia tail, to prevent his biting, 
4o., while being rubbed down. a.p. 

kd,iti, f. a bridle used whilst cleaning a horse, a 
bit, o. 

kaj, crooked, wry ; (met.) perterse, cross, kaj, 
d^and, -dghtiula, -agand or -agandii, a cuirasa 

Juilted with silk, kaj-bdz, one who plaji false, 
raudulent. kdj-ial)i, one who re*<>oiis ab- 
surdly. iiy-SoAjt, f. absurd reasoning. kaJ- 
chaihm, squint-eyed, kaj-yiulk, ill- tempered. 
kajddr marn, evasion, subterfuge, pulling off. 
knj-ravj, one who walks obliquely ; unprin- 
cipled, kaj-ram, walking obliquely: unprin- 
cipled condnct, depravity. kij-lab', cross - 
tampered, htj-fahm, stupid, misuiidentanding, 
perverting a meaning, taj-hilak, a beau (lit, 
wearing tlie cap awry), kaj-miiaj, croas, ill- 
tempered ; stupid, kaj-tm^ar, envious, nialig- 
nant looks, knj-nlkdil, of a iTookc<l disposi- 
tion, perverse. k/ii-Ba;ar, scowling ("lumine 
torvo ) ; met. envious, malignant, p. 

taj or kajd, m. business, occupation, a work, ta 
action, affair. ». 

kitjdchit, perhaps, sometime or other, i. 

k^ak, f. the iron instrument used in driving 
elephants, p. 

kdjal, m. lamp-black (with which tho eyelids ar 
painted), kdjat ki kolkri, a place from goin. 
mto which, or an affair the being eiignged i 
which, bringa disgrace or suspicion on one' 
character, t. 

Idjan, m. (v. karan) account, cause, i, 

kajjal at kajld, m. lamp-black, aoot, colljriur 
prepared from soot, i. 

kajarica, ta. (v. kajrd), lomp-block, it;, s. 


{ 8W ) 
kind of camel' 


tajawa, m. a cunel's saddlD; 

litUr in which females travel, 
kaji; hj reason tie lake of. h. 
tnji, t, crooked HUBS, crossnraa. p. 
tijl, biisj, emplojed. 4. 
iajl'iuti, (. a pot for keeping tnj/al. t. 
tajra, m. lampblack used for p:ii:itiiig tlie eyea. *. 
tajriira, black (ejei) nithout paiating. (. 
iaji, m, the caahew nut. a. 
tat, m. a crow, tdi-pachh or kak-pftki/i, m. 

feather of a crow ; treaaea. ». 
Hi, ID. biacuit ; bran; the pupil of the eje; 

adj. aioall, minute, p. [I&I1. a. 

kdi, dry, lean, thin, feeble; dispraportionatvlj 
tuH, m. (in Pers.) elder brother; a alaxo (in 
' ' ' I palernal uncle. p,h. 

ia-td, the I 

eof a 

idirn, m, a leprosy with black a 

t<ed spots, 
apcricB of 

idkdli,d or i:dkalii,a, the cocks 

large porrot well known in Ind 
kdth, I. the armpit. kakh-ald,l, or kathaKR 

kakhavri, f. a painful suppurating tumour 



kdiji, m. an upper storf, a gnllery, balconj, 
tower, battlements, a palace, a lilla. p. 

kakhi,iri, f. a bundle of aheavcs of corn giien as 
penjuiailea to reapers aud vitlefse aerraiit*. A. 

hakhri, f. the armpit ; soreness of the armpit, i, 

Ida, f. maternal aunt. p.h. 

tdkint, fire gandaa, or twentj cowries. A. 

idk-madffu, m. a water-hen, a gallioule. i. 

tdk-mard, m. the colorjnth or bitter apple. «. 

taknii, m. katnl, f. a ring, a brooch, i. 

Icakol, m. a poiaonous substance of a black 
colour, possibly the berry of the cocculus ir- 
dicua ; a dirition of helf. kiikoll, I. a sweet 
and cooling drug used for ollajing feier, re- 
moring phlegm, &£. : it ia said to be a root 
brought from Nepal or Monmg. t. 

katontd, a. to scrape (the earth as fowls do), to 
boUow, to eicarate. h. 

kak-pilm, m. a kind of ebon;, i. 

kdkra, ID. a kind of leather, h. 

kdkra, m. the name of a colour, approaching to 
purple, kakrrzi, purple-col oun:' I. p. 

katri, f. (t. katiri). the armpit, i. 

kakri, f. a kind of cucumber, i. 

kakrondd, m, name of a plant and fruit, a. 

kakih, m. the armpit, the side or flank. *. 

kakt^ f. the end of the lower garment, which, 
after the cloth ia inrricd round tbe body, is 

brought up behind and tucked into the waist- 
band ; a woman's girdle, i. 

kakvl, f. Bcurl, lock, ringlet; a tuft of hair left 
on the top of tlie head. p. 

idkula, ro. cardamoms, a, 

tdkam, m. a fine kind of ermine, a. 

tal, f. ease, trsnquillity, peace, relief, quiet, reat; 
a trap, a, machine, a lock ; the trigger of a gun ; 
for (kali), a bud, an unblown Sower blossom. 
kal ka ddmi, an antomston, a piipput ; (met.) a 
verj weak person, an upstart, kat kd ghofd, a 
rery well-lruined and obedient horse. toi- 
makal. troiLble, uucasiness i adj. scald-headed, 
biiia. p. 

kal or kdl, m. to-morrow, jeatordaj. kaUkl bat, 
news of yesterda}*, something that happened 
very lately. *. 

kSl or kdla, m. time ; a name of Tana or Jam, 
the regent of the dead ; death, angel of death ; 
season, age ; dearth, famine, oilamity ; (met.) a 
snake. kdl-iUaad, -kdliid, or -ga-iKdnd, a. to 
waste one's lime, to spend time, kdl-bai hima, 
to be in the hands of death ; to be seiied by 
&te. kdt-parnd, the coming on of a famine. 
kH-dharm, ui. death, dsing. kdl-prabhai, m. 
sultry season, autumn, kdl-kihep or kila-ktkep, 
m. the apending of time^ the enduring of auf- 

kdl, m. a word, a saying; loquaciouaneas ; boast- 
ing, egotism. kal-mdr»d, to be very loquacious ; 
to rebuke, lo reproach, kdl nmkat, m. alterca- 
tion, wrangling, kdla- tldAn ta'dtd, " God the 
Af ott High hath said," a phrase generally pre- 
liied to quotations from the ^r,iin. a. 

kali, f. the siiteenth part of the moon, a dipt j 
a minute, the sixtieth part of a degree i paK, 
portion, art, trick, craft, kald-hdzl, f. tuniini- 
over head and heels, tumbling, joggling, kal'i 
na hadnd, a, lo disobey, to decline, not to sui- 
ceod. kald na tagnd, not to have an advantage, 

kdld, black, dark; name of a analie; m. time. 
kild bil, m. the lower part of the belly, the 
pul>es. kdld bdl apna sumnjhnd, to dospiao 
one eicceflingly. kdla dor, an unknown per- 
son, iii/t-tacoa, of the colour of a snake. kdU- 
Ai(', Di. tbc pubcs. itiJe-j-M, a great distance, i. 

kdld, m. silk clotha, any kind of household furni- 
ture. kdld,e bail ba-riiAi-Huicind, let bad 
thingsbe returned to t heir proprietor, p. 

kaldba, m. a clew, a hank, skein, a reel, a wheel 
(for winding thread on), p. 

KAL-EAL ( : 

taUhaflmt or taUbatlit, m. gold tbiwd. i. 

^itlati'i, carditl, heart;, tincere. a. 

lalaf, m. m padlock ; attention ; a pimple or 
•pot on the fact. a. 

ktUaiji, a crow, rook, raTco. tali^ka, m. a 
little rook, a magpie, talag^-ptika, m. a jack- 
daw, p, r>gaUooliuiu. (. 

tili-ffum, m. a black kind of bIoo wood or 

katat, m. quarrel, ithle. Icalah-kar or -kiri, 

JuarrelaoDui (b man), kilaJi-kdriHi or kalah- 
iti, a quairelioine woman, a Kold or tenna- 
kalahak, m. a uiuaicsl inatmmcnt. : [gant. t. 
kalnhiri, quarrrlaome, liolcnt. (. 
iaiahi, f. a lo)^ a termagant, t. 
tala'i, T. tin. iala'i,i hitkta, calx of tin, puttj. 
^aWi ^huini, n. (he remoTal of one't diaguiae, 
to that hi* real qualities appear, failai-gar, a 
tinner of poti. iala'i-gari, f. the """ " ' 

[..^.t. ,.k. 

a general ; the 

^ula^, m. diaquietude, c 



kalam, in. ■ wurd, epeeoh, diaconrae, talk, kati- 
mu-l-tak, the word of OoU, which among the 
Huulmuii meoB* of oouna the iiir,aa. a. 

J^alam, m. (b; Hindila f.) ■ leed ; a pen ; a mode 
of writing charictera, handwriting ; f. a icction 
or paragraph rf a chspU'r in a book ; ciUtinga 
of treea, &c, for planting} a kind of flreworka. 
(lalam-band-k., a. to takr write, kalam- 
haudi, I, lignatura, aigniog an agreement. 
^alam-tariwh, m. a penknife. kalain-Jdri iona, 
lerying of Ibrcm. kalam da*, m. an inkatand. 
talam-ram, m. empirr, aorercignly, juriidictioo. 
ialam-kir, an engnircr. ialamk-ari, S. work- 
nianabiii ; a apociei of flowered calico or ohintz. 
^alam-k^ to cut. ^alam-lraihi, £. writing. 
ialam-layini, to plant alipa or cuttinge. ek- 
ialam or gai ^alam,_ utlixl}, entireljf, altoge- 
ther, ialami, written, committed to writing ; 
tapering (like a ^alam). kalami-k., to write (a 
lellar) i oijitalliied (laKpetre, Ac), a. 

iatamiii (t. iu-ialaniiin), a chameleon, g. 

kalBH, large, great, big, eldur. p. 

kalandar, m. a kind of monk who deaerta the 
world, wife, frii'nda, Ac., and trarela about with 
•linri'ii bead and bvon! ; the tty of a tont. 
i»f.,mlari, m. a kind of ailk cloth -, the D; of a 
tvnt. iala.,dan, f, a Liiid of lent (harhig a Oj 
lo il), life or profouiun of a talaiidar. a. 

a ) EAL-KAL 

iaUai, t gre«tne», aeuiority. p. 

kalami, m. catumnj, amiaation, reflection, aua- 
picion, acandal, apot, obloquy, kalanki, aUined, 
blemiahed, diigraeed; liable to reproach, ka- 
lankit, calumniated, defamed, i. 

kalaiflar, the dder, the greater, fi. 

kMnltr, m. interril, proceaa of time. *. 

kaldiwal, m. a minstrel, a kindof linger or miui- 
cinn. 1. [starch called mow/t, q.t. i, 

kalap, m. a kind of d;e Ibr the hair; a kind of 

kaUpatli, i. the act of caulking a abip or boat. h. 

kalapiu, n. to be gricrod or reied. i. 

kalar, a kind of fullera' earth. A. 

kalir, m. ■ distiller ; a aelkr of apiritiunu 
liquor*; a tarein-keeper ; a toddj-drawer; a 
man who eitracti the joice of the palmyra and 
date trees, kaldri, m. a tarem-keeper. to- 
Uria or kaUrni, L female of a ta/iir. k. 

kalai, also kalatk, m. a dome, cupola, spire, or 
the ornament on the top of a dome, a pinnacle, 

katiia, a well where trsvcllen drink (especially 
pilgrims to Uecca). p. 

kataaa, m. a bJl of thread i the stirrups on the 
neck of an elephant i the dephant's neck. p. 

kaUmant, m. a minstrel, a musician. A. 

kalaya, a kind of long bean, Tcry nutritious, need 
as food for boracs. A. 

kath, m. a dog, a hound, a. 

Ifatb, m, the heart, mind, soul, understanding j 
kernel, marrow j adj. inierted ; adultiTated. 
l/rdb-k., a. to turn Over, toiniort, to turn. a. 

katha, m. a plough, ialba-rani, f. nloughing. a. 

'kdlb«d, m. the human body; the heart; a 
modol, flgUTC, form. p. 

kat-chakra, m. a cycle, a period. ». 

tat^'a, m. thelireri (met.) courage, spirit, mag- 
nanimity, kale/a ulafad, to be fatigued with 
excewire lomitnig. kal^a phafmd, to be dis- 
turbed with grief or jealousy, kakja (Aan^Aa-t, 
to obtain one'a wish, to get ease, kalfja 
(Aaa^Adioiia, toboquitesteaae. kaitja Jalnd- 
kiti-ka, lo suffer sorrow, to mouni. kalfya 
kimptid, to be nfruid. to suS'cr rold. kalejt 
par limp phinia, to sulTer jealousy or enTy. 
kaleje n logi-rakkna or -limd, to caress, em- 
brace, loTB ciceedingly. kaleja mai ddl-rakktti, 
to lore or esteem eiceediogly. A. 

kala ',for kUika), m. sickness, pain, trouble ; 
(Hind.) quarrel, contention. >, 

kdle,i or kittled, ni. a light morning racnl i cold 
meat, stale rictuuls, liinclieon. ». 

kil-yaiidh, ni. a kind of cobra di capelb. t. 

.- •' 


( 221 ) 


kcUghh f* an ornament on the turban, t, 

kalh (v. AraQ, to-morrow, yesterday. *. 

kaliy i. a bud, an unblown flower, blossom; 
Quicklime; the JcaUyug or JccU-juff, q.y., the 
fourth aee of the Hindus. «. 

Icali, m. toe name of the fourth period of the 
Hindus (t. kdUjug) ; f. a bud ; quicklime, t, 

kaU, £. black ; the Hecate of the Hindiis ; the 
Nile ; ink. kali xtn or kali mifji, f. black lead. 
kdU miriehy f. black pepper, s. 

kdliy m. the name of a serpent with a hundred and 
ten hoods, which was vanquished and killed by 
KjHsfina! adj. black (complexion), s, 

kdlibf m. mould, form ; bust, body. a. 

kdU-bhumif f. black soil, yegetable mould. 9, 

kdWnj cast in a mould, moulded, a. 

kaUeha^ m. a small carpet, p. 

koRdy t a key. p, [maditya*s court, s, 

kalidaSy one of the nine poets or gems of Yikra- 

kali- jug (for kali-yuga), m. the name of one of 
the four Hindu periods or ages (▼. guga); the 
fourth, or present period, which is worst of all, 
like the iron age of the classical writers. The 
celebrated French astronomer, Mr. BaiUy, sup- 
poses the kalirjug to hare commenced 3102 
years before Christ, the number of its years is 
432,000 : at the expiration of which the world 
is to be destroyed. 9. 

kdlik, m. blackness, lampblack, the soot which 
collects under pots, &c., a fistult or flaw in gold ; 
ink, blacking ; a line of hair extending to the 
navel ; a small bird commonly called Sgdm, the 
curlew, kdlukf dark. 9.d, 

kdlikdj f. the goddess JTa^, q.y. adj. periodical. 
kdlikd vriddM, periodical interest. 9, 

koGly little, small, moderate, a few, rare. kaUl o 
kcupLr, small and great, a, 

kaUfHy one who speaks to another, a fEtmiliar. mufd 
kaHmu-l'ldhy Moses the speaker with GKkL a. 

kalima (vulg. kalma)^ m. kalimai, f. a word, 
speech, saying ; part of speech ; the Muham- 
madan confession of faith, kalime ki vngli, f. 
the fore-finger. kaUma-pafhndt to repeat the 
MuhamtiMdan confession of faith. kalima,e 
hakk, the speaking of the truth (in evidence, 
&c.). a. 

kdUn, timely, seasonable. 9, 

kdRn, f. a carpet, tapestry, p, 

kalitay m. (Gr. ixxXuri*) a Christian church, g, 

kdligd, m. (v. kdlt) a serpent. 9. 

kaUpa, m. the name of a dish of broiled fleah, Ac; 
aiso a kind of soap ashet. a. 

kaligdn, m. (Dakh. kUiydm) a small and simple 
kind of hukka or tobacco-pipe for smoking 
through water; the Persians pronounce it 
kaligun. p. 

kalfgdnd, n. to blossom, to bloom. 9. 

kaljahwdny tawny, sallow complexioned. h, 

kal'jibhdj malignant, ill-omened. 9. 

kalk, m. sediment, dregs ; dirt, filth, ear-wax ; 
sin, fraud ; adj. sinful, wicked. 9. 

kdlkilf a confused sound, a tumult, h. 

kdlku(f m. the poison of a snake. 9, 

kallay m. the head ; the jaws or cheeks. kaUa- 
pur-hddy an empty head (lit. full of wind), kal- 
la-zatiy a boaster, kalla-zani, f. boasting, p. 

kalldy m. a cabbage ; the head, kalld pd,eohd, 
m. name of a dish, the head and feet, kalld' 
Mwhk, lantern-jawed ; (met.) treacherous, cun- 
ning, malicious ; noise, tumult, kalld-kdr, noise, 
tumultuous, kald'ihalldy pomp and splendour, p. 

kaUdchy shrewd, malicious ; wretched, friendless ; 
cunning ; addicted to drinking, a drunkard, t, 

kalldndf n. to bum, to be inflamed (as the skin 
by rubbing pepper, &c., on it), h. 

kalld'parwdr, m. a kind of sweetmeat, h. 

kallaVf barren, sterile (land); salt (as food), h, 

kallol, m. joy, happiness, pleasure. 9, 

kdlmdf m. suspicion, calumny, h, 

kalmdky a Calmuc Tartar, p. 

kal'fnakal, f. trouble, uneasiness, h. 

kalmdkaniy a female Calmuc ; sometimes these are 
armed, and serve as a body-guard to princesses, p. 

kalmaldnd, n. to fidget, to writhe. A. 

kalmdn, the upper part of the beard or moustaches 
trimmed so as to resemble pencils. a,d, 

kaloly f. wantonness, (riskiness, play, gambol, t. 

kaloTy m. and f. a heifer, h, 

kalpoy m. a 9hdttra or sacred work, one of the six 
veddngaa; a day and night of Brahma, amount- 
ing to a period of 4,320,000,000 solar years of 
mortals ; propriety, fitness; alternative, doubt; 
resolution, purpose, kalpa-kshaya or kalpdrUa, 
m. the end of the world, kalpa-hrichht or kalpa- 
taru or ka!pa-vriksfiay m. one of the fabulous 
trees of Indra^s heaven, or 9wargay said to yield 
whatever may be desired. 9. 

kalpity made, arranged, artificial. 9, 

kalpndy m. a scheme, a contrivance ; a forgery, an 
imitation. 9. 

kdlpnik, feigned, forged, factitious; m. a hypo- 
crite, kdlpniktdy f. hypocrisy. 9, 

kdlr9arpy m. the black and most deadly variety of 
the cobra. 9, 



( 222 ) 




kaUMrd, blaok>beeded ; m. man. 9, 
kaUi, f. a water- pot made of baked clay, s, 
kaUird, depraved, tIcious ; m. an enemy, s, 
kallabditf m. a pimp, a wittol, a mean scoundrel; 

a contented or conniving cuckold, a. 
kaltabdnt, the state or conduct of a pimp. a.p. 
kalufd^ of black complexion ; tawny, s, 
kalioal, f. misfortune, calamity, s. 
kalwdff m. a distiller, a Teiidor of liquors. «. 
kalya^ m. the dawn or break of day ; adv. yester- 
day, to-morrow ; adj. healthy, reoovcred from 
sickness ; deaf and dumb. s. 
kalydUf m. welfare, prosperity ; adj. happy, for- 

tUTiate. kfUifdn-vachan, m. good wishes, t, 
kafydnif bappy, prosperous, auspicious. 9, 
kanty deficient, less, little ; (this word is much 
used as first member of a compound, generally 
denoting negation or inferiority), kam'ikbtildt, 
unsocial, kan^dxdr^ of little injury, kam-cuhib 
or kam-bifd^atf of few words or means, poor. 
kam-aflf low bred, vile, kam-ba&^j unfortu- 
nate (reproachfully), a rascal, villain, wretch. 
kam-baf^tif f. unfortunat^ness, adversity, mis- 
fortune, kam-bar, a division of the suit-s at 
cards (v. tdj), A:am-6a^, of little value, kam- 
beshj more or less, kam-pd^ of short duration. 
kam-pdya, in a mean condition, of low degree. 
kam-jur,at, cowardly, kam-chalf slow paced (a 
horse), kam-chor (for kdm-chor)y a skulker. 
kam-harakatf indolent, lazy. kam-haufUa^ 
unaspiring, unambitious, poor-spirited, kam- 
tharchf parsimonious, stingy. kam-th^rch 
bdld-nishlny applied to things of good quality 
purchased cheaply, kam-tliarchl^ parsimony. 
kam-l^archl men d(d gild, expresses an expense 
being unavoidably incurred by a person who is 
already in poverty (if too much water be mixed 
inadvertently with flour of which bread is to be 
made, the paste becomes so thin as to render it 
necessary to add more flour. The phrase sup- 
poses this accident to happen to a person who 
has not the means of procuring more), kam' 
ktiradf unwise, ignorant. kam-k!ior or kam- 
Jsh\Lr^ abstemious, eating little (partioulurly ap- 
})liod to u horse), kam-lshordk or kam-tii^rdky 
abstemious, eating little, kam-sdt^ low bred, of 
low caste, kamzihn^ forgetful ; without abilities. 
kam-ruh, slow, without bottom (a horse), kam- 
rang, of a ))ule or faint colour. kam'Vau^ slow 
paced (a horse), ktun-zadani-k.^ to affect extra- 
ordinary humility, kam-zor^ weak, powerless. 
Jram-zijfdd, more or less, kam-sdl^ young, of I 

tender years, kam-^ufroj one whose table is 
fcantily furnished, kam te kam, very little. 
kam-ahdn^ humble, mild, affable, unassuming. 
kam-aJiarr, well disposed, of good dispositions. 
kam-sharh, low wages. kam-sAaukf indiflerent. 
kam-^aff^ ignoble, vile, stupid, silly, witless. 
kam-^akl, stupid, ignorant, kam-^iydr^ below 
standard, a base coin, kam-fahm^ stupid, kam- 
Ara<iar, worthless. A:ain-A:a<f(»»», slow-paced, kam- 
kuunoaiy feeble, powerless. kam-kimnty low- 
priced, kam-kdr^ unexperienced in business. 
kam-kdsht, decrease in a ryot's cultivation com- 
pared with the preceding season, kam-k.^ a. to 
diminish ; to depreciate, kam-kam, a little. 
kam-guftdr or kam-gOj taciturn, of few words. 
kam'indgagij smallness of capital. kam-mdgOy 
ill-provided, kam-na^ar, dim-sighted, weak- 
siglited. kam o besh, less or more, kam-o 
beshtj less or moreness. kam o kdst^ loss, de- 
ficiency, kam-himmaty spiritless. kam-gdh, 
scarce, rare, unprocurable, kam-ydbi, f. rarity, p. 

kantj how much P how many ? a, 

kdm^ m. the palate ; desire, p. 

kdm^ m. desire, wish, intention ; (for karm) busi- 
ness, action, deed, work, employment ; packet, 
mail, post-bag. kdm dndf n. to come into use, 
to be wanted, to be of service ; to be smitten, 
to be slain in the field, kdm tamdm-k.^ a. to 
accomplish, to finish ; to kill, to make away 
vdth. kdm tamdm-h.^ to be finished, killed, 
made away with, kdm-chaldnd, a. to carry on 
business, kdm-rakhnd, to make use of. kdm- 
kdjy business, occupation, kdm-kdjij laborious, 
active, alert ; a manager or superintendent. 
kdm-kelf f. amorous dalliance, coition, kdm 
men Idndf to employ, to use. kdm-nikdlnd, a. 
to carry into effect, to accomplish one's desii*e. t. 

kamdf like, such as, that which, kamd Ji-l-awioal^ 
as (it was) originally, kama hakku-hu^ as it 
ought; in a proper manner, kamd-gambag^i, 

kam-d'besh, less or more. p. [as it suits, a. 

kamd'hi or kamd-higa^ as things are, as the affair 
stands ; f. nature or real state (of a thing), a. 

kamdfif f. earning, gain ; work, performauoe. ka- 
md,i'put or kamdyi kd befd, a grown up son. h, 

kamdyishf f. business in general. p.d. 

kamdl, m. perfection, excellence ; completion, con- 
clusion ; punctuality, a. 

kdmald, f. jaundice, obstruction of bile. s. 

kamdidfy pi. perfections, excellencies, a. 

kamal-hti^e, m. name of a disorder ; jaundice, t. 

kdman, libidinous ; beautiful, desirable, s. 


K A M'—^jLnJtt 

( 223 ) 


kanuM, f. a bow; a spring. ktMrndn'obrH, with 
arched ejebrows (epithet of a mistreM). kamin- 
ehafhndf to be strung or drawn tight (a bow); 
(Dakh.) to be Tictorious. kamun-ddrf an archer, 
one armed with a bow. kaman-ddn^ a bow ca^e. 
kamdn~9dz^ a bow maker, an archer, kaman^ 
kashy an archer; adj. dealing destruction, as 
abrH,e kaman-ktuh^ eyebrows (shooting the 
arrows of loTe). kamdni kaiyam, the Kaianian 
bow, t.e. a strong bow, such as the Persians 
used under the Kaianian dynasty* kamdH'^far, 
one who makes holes, p. [mstrument. p. 

kcHmdnay the plectrum, or bow, of any musical 

kamind, a. to lessen, to abate ; to earn ; to work, 
to perform, to perpetrate, to commit ; to dean 
(leather or a privy), k, 

kamdnckoy m. a Uttle bow ; a steel spring, p. 

kamandy f. a kind of scaling ladder, made of cord, 
and chiefly used by thieres ; a halter ; a noose, 
a snare, a lasso, p, 

kdmdndhy blind by lust, lustfiiL 9, 

kamdm, bowed, bent, curved ; a steel spring, hart 
ktxmdtUy the mainspring of a gun-lock, ekkofi 
kamdniy the feather spring, p, 

kamaniya, pleasing, desirable. «. 

kamar, f. the loins ; a girdle, a belt, zone ; an 
arch ; the flank (of an army), kamar bdndhnd^ 
to get ready, to resolve, kamar-heutoy ready 
prepared; an attendant. katnar-band, m. a 
girdle, a zone ; a long piece of cloth girt round 
the loins ; adj. alert, ready for battle, prepared, 
armed, kamar bandit £. arming, preparation for 
battle, &c. kamar-baifhndf to be helpless, kamar- 
paf(dy a kind of ring or zone endrclmg the waists 
of women (this kind of girdle is composed of 
many flat pieces of silver or gold, embossed and 
ornamented, linked together), kamar-pakarke 
ufhndy to be weak, kamar pctkafndy to urge a 
claim against one. kamar fufndy to be hopeless ; 
to be deserted by one's friends ; (Ut.) to become 
weak in the loins (an incurable disease, to which 
horses in many parts of India are liable), kamar 
tofnd, to take away one's hopes ; to draw over 
one's friends or adherents to the side of his 
enemies, kamar ddr^ a servant, a serving-man. 
kamar-damdl, a leathern belt, kamar rah-jdndy 
to have a pain m the loins (from long standing). 
kamar tidM karnty to lie down, kamar kas 
bdndhndy to be determined on an undertaking. 
kamar kath, a hero, a brave man. kamar- 
kusAdyly f. ungirding the loins, a species of 
orientEd eouction made by offidala placed as 

guards over any one in restraint, for permission 
to pull off bis clothes, and perform the necessary 
functions of life, kamar-kofd, a parapet, kamar- 
kofhdy a part of a beam passing through the wall 
and appearing outside, kamar-klkolnd, to quit 
service. kamar khol-baifhnUy to sit at ease. 
kamar murndy to strike sideways; to attack 
an army in flank, kamar maz-bnt-k.y to under- 
take a work of expense, kamar hildndy to en- 

kamary m. the moon. a. [deavour ; to copulate, p, 

kamardy m. a chamber, cabin of a ship, e, 

kamari (v. kamri), weak in the loins, p, 

kdmari or kamriy f. a blanket. 9, 

kamariy lunar, relating to the moon. a. 

kdmdrty lustful, lovesick, lascivious, s, 

kamdshy m. breeding, manners ; trifles, household 
furniture, a, [man. k. 

kamdsuty m. a journeyman, a servant, a work- 

kdmaty f. stature, shape, body, kadd o kdmaty f. 
stature and size, general appearance, a, 

kdmdtur, libidinous, distracted with lust, s, 

kamdyUy laborious, industrious, h, 

kdmayitriy libidinous, lustful, desirous, a. 

kumbhlry m. an alligator, g. 

kamchty f. a horse- whip, a bamboo twig, i, 

kdm-ddry a man of business, an agent. h,p, 

kdm-ddriy f. stewardship, agency, kp* 

kdmdewy the Hindi! Cupid, t, 

kdm-dhemty a cow that gives much milk. s. 

kamerdy m. a workman, an assistant, h. 

kamiy f. deficiency, loss, abatement, p. 

kdmiy £. a lump of gold, a nugget. A. 

katMy Ubidinous, lustful, fond ; busy. «. 

kdmUy m. kdmiloy f. perfect, complete ; learned, 
accomplished, entire, kdmil-^tuydry of perfect 
standard or assay (a coin), a, 

kdmiti or kdmiliycUy f. perfection, a. 

kamiHy f. an ambush, kamin-gdhy f. an ambuscade 
or place of ambush, a.p, 

kamiuy defective, mean ; m. a village serf, p, 

kdmiity an amorous man, an uxorious husband ; a 
woman ; a beautiful woman, s, 

kamittOy mean, base, abject, defective, p. 

kdminiy a lovely woman ; adj. libidinous, s. 

kamify m. a shirt ; hence, Fr. chemise^ It. camiciay 
Port. camUay Hind, and Beng. kamij. a. 

kamiydy an agricultural labourer, h. 

kamiyat ur kamtyaty f. quantity, a. 

kdm-kdj, work, business in generaL 9, 

kdm-kdry one who uccomplishes whatever he wishes ; 
powerful, an absolute monarch ; a hunting-bird 
which infallibly secures its prey, p. 



( ^ ) 


kam-Miiodh (rulg. "kinoob"), silk worked with 

gold and silver flowers ; brocade, p. 
kamlif f. a small blanket. kamU kifdy a palmer 

worm, or hairy caterpillar, s. 
Jcammal^ m. a blanket ; a kind of earring, d, 
kdmnd, f. desire, wish, inclination, s. 
kamnaitf m. an archer, a bowman, p. 
kofnnaUif f. archery, use of the bow. p, 
kdmodak^ m. oblation of water to deceased friends, 

Ac., exclusive of those for whom it is directed 
kamorif t a small earthem pot. A. [by law. s, 
kampf m. shivering, tremor. «. 
kampdhd, tremulous, trembling, fearfuL s. 
kampan, m. trembling, quivering. «. 
kamjjundf a. to cause to tremble, to agitate. 9. 
kampU (▼. kampdhd), tremulous, s. 
kampmdn^ a(^. trembling, s. 
kampnd or kdmpnd, n. to shiver, to tremble, to 

shake, to quake. 9. 
kdmrdn^ fortunate, suooessfuL p, 
kdm-rdni, f. fortune, prosperity, felicity, success, p, 
kamri or kamariy of or relatiuff to the waist or 

loins ; weak in the loins (a horse), kamcm- 

an-ffarkhdy m. a short jacket or waistcoat, a 
kcmUar, less, least, smaller, p. [spencer, p. 
kamtari»y least, very small, p. 
kamfhdf a bow (made of bamboo). A.. 
katntif f. deficiency, p, 
kdmukf oupidinous, desirous, lustfuL *, 
kdmukif a libidinous woman. 9. 
kamtodndy a. to cause to work, to earn. 9, 
kdmya, agreeable, desirable, amiable. kdfMfa-ddn^ 

an acoeptable or desirable gift. kdmya-karWy 

m. a supererogatory work. «. 
kdm-ydby prosperous, happy, successful, one who 

attains what he wishes, p. 
kdm-ydbiy f. prosperity, happiness, p. 
kauy apprecuting, valuing (a field); a weevil. 

kank,y a. to value, kary-kuty appraisement of 

a crop on the field, valuation, h, 
kat^ m. grain, com ; a grain, a minute particle, 

an eye of com, a spark or facet of a gem. s, 
kan (in comp.), digging, as l^dr-kanf a digger of 

thorns, p, 
kdny f. modesty, shame, respect, kdn-k, a. to 

shame ; to be ashamed, kdt^-chhojrndt a. to act 

luipudetitly. kdn na mdnnd or na-Ar., to treat 

with disrespect ; m. a husband, h, 
kdn^ f. a mine or quarry ; (for ki'dn) since that, 

for that, kdn-kan^ a mine-digger, p. 
kdn^ m. the ear ; one blind of tui e\e. kdn afuefud^ 

to pxdi the ears, to eliastise. kdn Lhamd or kdn 

hhar-dendy to excite dissension by talebearing. 
kdn hhar ko 9unnd (Dakh.), to hear attentively. 
kdn par jun na chalnd, to be very negligent. 
kdn par rakhndf a. to remember; n. to abstain. 
kdn par hdth dhamd^ to refuse, to deny, kdn- 
pakarnd^ to confess inferiority, kdn-phu^nd^ n. 
to bo deaf, kdn-phornd^ to make a noi»e. kdn^ 
phiinknd, a. to tell tales, to excite quarrels ; to 
tutor, kdn-jhukdndy a. to desire to liear. kdn- 
dhamd, a. to hear, to attend ; n. to be attentive. 
kdn dabdkar chaU jdndy to run away. Artfit- 
dabdnd or 'buohi^dnd, to turn back the ears, as 
a horse doee when preparing to bite, kdn de 
9unndf a. to hear attentively, kdn dend, give 
ear, to hear, to be attentive. kdn-»ald,t, f. name 
of an insect, kdn kd parda, the tympanum. 
kdn-kd(nd, to get the better of, to surpass, to 
overcome, to outvrit. kdn-khirolni (Dakh.), to 
scratch the ear. kdnkhare hondy to be alarmed. 
kdn kholnd or kdn khol dend, (lit. to open one's 
ears) to inform ; to make acquainted with, to | 
warn, to caution, kan-lagndy to set into one's 
confidence, kdn-fnalnd^ to admonish, to punish, 
to chastise, kdn-mefnd (for kun-ame(nd) , to pull 
the ears, &c. kdn-mail^ m. ear-wax. kdn-mctU' 
wdldf a person whose employment is to pick or 
clean the ears, kdn men ungli de-rahnd^ to stop 
one's ears, to turn a deaf ear to what is said. 
kdn men hdt mdrnd^ to pretend not to hear. 
kdn men pafnd, n. to be heard (a speech), kdn 
kdn men tel 4dlndj to pretend not to hear, kdn 
men tel tjldlke 90 rahnd, to be inattentive or n^- 
lif ent. kdn men ddlnd or kahnd, to whisper, to 
tell, kdn na hildndf to be silent, kdnon-kdn 
kahndf a. to whisper, kdn-hildnd^ n. to acquiesce 
in. kdn-hone, to understand, comprehend, to be 
warned, or take example. 9. 

kdn^ the sound or cry made by a crow or duck. 
kdn-kdn-k,y to make a noise like the crows or 
duck. A. 

kdndy blind of one ere, one-eyed; (fruit, nuts, 
&c.) whose kernel is rotten, or wliich has no 
kernel; fooUsh, stupid, kdnd-bdti-k., to consult, 
to advise, to whisper, kdndphitn^ f. whispering. 
kdnd (iri, f. the name of a grass, kdnd-kdni-k., 
to whisper, kdid kandi, a cowry with a hole in 

kanddilf pL candles, lamps, a, [it. 9, 

kanaky m. gold ; the thorn-apple. 9, 

kan^dn^ the country of Canaan, a. 

kdnan^ m. a forest, desert, wood. 9. 

kanandoy an instrument for digging, p, 

kan^dni^ relating to Canaan, a Oanaauite. a. 



( 226 ) 


kan^inkhS, f. a side-glanoe^ a sly wink (on tlie part 

of a female), s. 
kamdi, t the walls of a tent, with which a sort of 

oourt-yard is formed in camp, a screen, a. 
hamamj or kanamj (▼. kancf), a city of India. #• 
kcuumfiya or koMOMJiyd^ a native of the city or 

kingdom of Kanoj. 8. 
katuMMud, m. diffidence, bashfulnets. h, 
kamaunddy diffident, bashfid, standing in awe of^ 

or afraid to meet another, h, 
kamaura (r. kanamndd)^ kaiUMurd-k.^ a. to gain 
ascendancy oyer another, or make him stand in 
awe. k, 
kanttmfhd or kano^hd, m. any situation in an 

apartment close to an angle of the waU. «• 
kdnchj raw; m. a disorder in which the intestinnm 

rectum is prolapsed ; a prolapsus ani. k, 
kameknn or kdnehan, m. gold, kanchatt-kkadkiif 
inlaid with gold ; adj. (also kdnehan-may) golden, 
made of gold. g. 
kdueh^f f. desire, wish, inclination, t. 
keuiekm or kanehuki, a bodice or jacket. 9, 
kdnd^ m. a section, part, division ; sport. #. 
kand, m. sugar, sugar-candy, a. 
kam4d, m. a reed, a bush ;' dry cow-dung, picked 

up in the fields, &c., used for fueL h, 
kan^dl, m. a kind of hautboy, h, 
kandatdf m. a precipice ; a cave, h, 
kandar^ m. f. kandard^ m. an artificial or natural 

cave ; a chasm in a mountain, t, 
kanddri, m. a helmsman, a steersman. 9. 
kanddsd, m. a priapus, obelisk, the lingam. h. 
kanderd, m. a cleaner of cotton, h. 
kandky or kandhd or kdMhdy m. the shoulder. 
kandhd dend, to carry a dead body, kdndkd- 
hildnd^ to shrug up the shoulders. 9, 
kamdheU^ t a kind of pack-saddle, h. 
kandhiydnd, a. to shoulder, to place on the shoul- 
kofidhndf a. to assist, to protect. 9. [dor, 9. 
kandt, f. cakes of dried cow-dung, used as fueL 9. 
kdndif t a rafter ; yoke of a plo