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rn TOPOJIUI'IIT, ilBmlJWY. mTA?tV» XtTVBAL HltftohV, l!l*tTV»T 

or TUB ll<lT^:> t]i'Lu>t:n»» isman TftJiLie. 

[ftMortliii PimieGr Settlers of eacli Tovn lo 1840, 



LVi^u tut: vnfr^VT tfiATUft or rut (^^ouhtt, it» ruruuiTsufli. 

• V 


Bntuod iccordlni! lo Act of Couketmi, fn Ibe yi-ir Iffn. hy 

In the Ofllcu of Ibe Llt>ruiui of Cuuiin-xB at Wvliin^'tDD. 


Tiir volume* hen* given N> tlie piihlic is i}\t- out- 
growilk ct A loi^f cli4»ri»1u*4l M'hnf; r>r th^* clti^n^ of 
l^a yallw County, oft«n publicly oxpreseed, that 
Urn iiiitm^>rii-^ or ih>f jiLcmitir «i>tU4-r)& should b<^ pr«< 
-served- That thi? ciroumslanc^H whkh aarroundf^d 
Uiose will* rrv^laiiiii^l lli** wiMrtT's;* iif ijiirti1th;ilt>i1 
nuriiri^, wIjo convt^rled itn uaproductive A'&elp into 
A-aitrtil Md^ aad ihe nulr rht^aM-i? of savage Wr 
to tli« tit itboda of Cbristiati civil i:tac ion, and tb^ seat 
of choiidands of bapp^- houiea, i^hould b<* truthfully 
purlmyriil »iid haiid»?d down for tJie oont^mplation 
of posterity. 

To do tltiis after a hL)>«f af half a reDt^iry from the 
timo Uionid^ and^ntplir fvhJ men retired from tht* 
flcvne, and the liii-ominjc raoe rommencts] the li^tTru- 
14AL& t^k tliey hav<- p^o wvl] performedf Is beset witli 
diffimiUim that oiie inexpt-ncncod can lurt apprcciittc. 



T\\% curly ploiiHi^s \\^m mimtly poj^td flwrny. 
Twenty years a#co maoy could have told the tale of 
tliiMrtritU, wliiwt^ lipAiirt^ now fori-vvr sailed, ami tm- 
clitioji aloiii^ Tian^K! down to nxs tUt* story or tbuir 
■•x [ w r it'll [^^'M. 

Human momopy is triiotlieroua. and forty revolv- 
ing yrars dim »ntl dothti wiLlniiiot^rlAlnLy lUe his- 
tOTy to]{1 by tlii? third ^n^ration. A A>w ot tht^ old 
pioneers r<nnitiii. 2Ld<1 to tbcni thr aatJior hits ap- 
plied for ih** faots, and to them he ha« Fin)>mltted 
the fitatenienld herein cootnined for connection ; and 
while he can not flatter himself that no errors have 
cropt in. but b of the opmioii it would be impo«i- 
\\\v to excliidi^ tlmm ; yel thtvt tht-work U subittiiiu 
tiully correct lie vopily believes, havinp spared no 
etTittt r.o iiiakf it ^u. The work w:i^ nnrlrrLakieii at 
cbe 8olicitution of theOld SetUers' Assodation, and 
ralhtn' a8 u labor of biv** rhan will tbi- idra 4>f pucii- 
nl&ry proHt. 

Articka upon Giiology by W. W. Calkins, und 
ti|Kin the Bouiiiy of tlio County by R. Williams, 
am InsHTtrtd. As iheet* genttetnen have matle thedft 
fiiibjerts a favorite Btady tor years, and are old rwri- 
denttf of till- coTinty, it wils deetDL-d appnrpriatf^ 
that Un^y fihuald ajijiear In Uu-ir favonfe nMes. 

'I'hc scL-ming rcpclicion of fact» in tho two gcolofc- 
[(^1 arlklvi^ — cbv i-iuit^iililh; and ecoiionjir-— arp* bo 


iTiiin? tfi?in wa» n-'qiiirt-d to ^how the vuluti of (bf^ 
maU^Hal found in the aevera] nrrata. 

Th<r pioocH^rhir'toiy of tlie towns has been arrangM 
rhronnloffloally rather than alphahMlraHy, Th*> 
incoujrruity ijf introducing tlie liiatory of cht? Utwu 
of Alk^n. on^ of Flie IsmT U>wn« M.-ttlodT iu ud- 
vancc or all thv t>Ld t«c'ttli-d lowiid, will bi? api>aixiit 
Ui »U ; and the inroiivitnii^noe of llnrllng a U>wii by 
thi^ inJirjc will be much Krs^ ihuu that of rt.>;iuiiDg 
hifttory bairkwanl?*. 

The eanw ccnire<* has bet*ri piir>iued in relation t^ 
Uie iDtwrtion of l\w iiumt's of Lliur Kuttlrrn of a town. 
Th4? aim hiw boun to ^nivr tJie Lamus iu ordvr, 
according to priority of Bt'ttlcmcnt. The modiTii 
*iy*tT»i!i of TieUlna jiam^gj'Hoa, wblcb pervadt^s otit 
only the periodical prei+a, l)ut n^^nrly lUl the lih mturo 
iif thi- day, lia^ btn'.n wlxrlly igiinrvrl. Whi^ii a iniirt- 
If^njfthy hio^-ftpby ha;^ hi^en ffivon, or a natrativo of 
pt^rstmal eX|M*iiHn<'e moiv rail than Mai'whvn^, it hn» 
b''oniothmw lighten the n.-oigoe «nd t-xpfrifnw-ii 
of the timefl. and thi* one givon Ia rlraigncd a** a 
rrnthra) representation of all. While that fulsome 
ftattE-ry xiitit fcs bought atifl Aold likr r^blmgf-s id the 
markei h»^ been avoided, words that wonld wound 
tliv f^eib^ibililk-s of the living, or tbom.' of the friends 
of tht^ d'^B/d. hav4- been as carefully ^hnnaf^l. The 
aftQpk- J»!«dlng fact* of a pur«on'ti life, witjj ofBeial 



poaitioD, is ail that has been attempted, while none 
are so humble as to est^ipe notice; and if ita read- 
ing dbaJ] beguile the lonely liouis of the departing 
pioneer, by recalling those scenes ovei" which he 
loves to linger, or shall excite the emulation of 
succeeding generations to practice the frugal virtues 
of those we commemorate, the author will feel that 
Lis labor has not been in vain. 


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Hwusd Dullden M 

Prmob Kxp]or(LUon» sod 9vi- 

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liidk^fi Dillon ST 

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Vr&D««b«KMa ^, All 

KIckkpow 5S 

L«9nd of guarrcl Rock.. TO 

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KmoMj tc f^ki-ch of B 

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Amtrmii y»t Cumimny 74 

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Col. Ff7 niMi a ilcelmeul 

from the di»hargcd Mvn ii2 
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It Kort Wllburn ... . fi 

BLilElff of IUjI Av* 'j;I 

UlftcklUukmk«Ti PrUoiirr ^.1 
Gcn'i ^jti ■lid i\tie lirxU' 

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JlMMfPc «t IndiuL Cfeek .. iti 

ttUUnml of J. vr. Utll . US 
Ha^Aimerpt of the )hwx 

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Killing '^^ Er^AtTniiTlKirci 

ftnd fIaiI«ton . lOfl 

BunforO .. 108 

SKaailoii ai the CloMof Ihc 

Wor mi 

SbihouH HO 

Indlwi CttarrwLer atiil Cuib 

ludjir , . IK 

rrnonal IfftrmtiTC* ItO 

Xftrmtlrtt by iha Author.. 131 

Mri.Wiilhridtf<]'i6Ut«m'ni ISP 

Mm, Hftrr « !4tAtvm«lil .... ISl 

Thoi. Pmrr"* ?4lmtFiniiDL . lUl 

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OnePMt B«d«tend .... ISfi 

lliTiAIng Pndric .... ISf 

IrfihLiiit lliff FriLirie . . IM 

Mirap ..„ m 

t'TcmLnr « rnldo tn ih« 

Nlfflvi H:i 

i>Mlrl0 Fir« 145 

Prnimlun from Fire 14Q 

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SkluLun . -,...... IBC 

IWd WUtmef 18V8 160 

Sttt^iiyof Fir»t tiaulvn. . lei 
UiverftUy of Cu^ititiiu, Pro- 

rtTi(.'iiiUtiaii. etc ltt& 

Frulrk' «rft«M ITl 

HurJ TiiH« 178 

Eokberrueixieiitof th«fllAi«. ISI 

Dopreoletod Currency ^.^ Ktt 

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ICr*eav«rina from llnrd Tinun {f03 
Frirtk mtir Wiilkui iJnt; at 

9Ufefl. £00 

Mo*lc4a Wir 20T 

S9W V.i>ntr\lni\*>ji iiri<l Two 

Mill T*J -JW 

nmi Conn rioiiu! iiml Jnll. aOl' 
J^n-xi'iit CciurL Houhp ^U 

DItaoU OutnU ABd Uthor 

n&t|r<HUjA . 

Amonnl IHld to (lie ft&t<^ . . 

Otbrf C'ciuniy Offlren .,,, 

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Circuit i;,iurt . . .-. 




BiooiuriiiCAi. duKTca ov Sbttlkab or &Acn Tows. 



Hrvoldl«Ed . . . 


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Trtky Qravo 406 

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Vrnninion 2»7 

Wallupp . . 4Aa 


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Kftunft . „. . ,, „. - .. , . 514 

lAtii at Schdol CommirtioD- 
arstddftupartdleaiteaU- OtUt 

Cburcliw 58$ 

AmtH^moDlB aod TucB.. ... J196 
Lodj;ci ft*0 

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SblpmoDlol Pfflduev Ml 

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Sft'f of t^U In UtUWB ... . M5 

Arntft] of Doauimajv . M5 

Qt«iip:r». . ,- Tilft 

O&Iivuid Vlllatfcd. ^T 

Ott&vaAo«d«mTQf Scti-noM. MB 
C\incliitlon W 


VIfW of «t4fvrd IUh'M 

Olil Fori oppi^tlui tnatJlb ttf 
iadUaCKOk ,, fi^E 

Vni* "f Dpflf Purk . 3SI 

dorv0ri.<f r>inuaBliilFBaiiUi 
ol StArroJ Iluuk 330 


L\ SALLxCf't.'MY I'liilirioM tlihiy-lnotowiirilitpif, 

call/ X CiMttntI mill [-Vitnniartding |M>?4iltiiii. It i» 
n«>flrl> ri'Mtml lo ihi» nmliivrn half of IIk* Stale, and 
at the ht^ad of iian^tion on the fUinoiA rivt-r. The 
Tninoi» A' Mii^hi^nn Onnal |i»»m*.h Ihroii^h it^ rviitiY. 
li*niiinatii)g near it-H wt^M<*rn bonrniaiy, connrt-trng 
at that point wiih the navi;^ation of tht* river, and 
Uimugli tJiat wiih nil tiie naviiciihle rirere of Ihl:* 
j-rtat vrestern valley, wbiie by thr i-hdrI it Una water 
tmnr^porlAtioii to th«> ^rc-a! olmiii of luk<>s, imd 
thrifti;;h tUi?ai to the Gsiatern aeaho:u'd- lu piJt^lion 
i« Uuf koy ic» th«> mmt nutxim} coancfrtlon Mw^i^n 
thu w*.'St<3rti Hv4>Ts and lie inland Treur; of the- contr 
tivnl. Its i^iirraci^ is^ niun* i'lrvAi<.*il itnd njllin^ thAii 
mo^ or the |»rdri« tvgion south of It, and In addi- 
tion iherv i« a ronwidenihli' deMreiit from all paiis of 
ihi* I'vitiritj lijwstrd^ i}u* 11lintib« riviT, vrhh-1i p:iK-ses 
ibrotL^h the centre and draiiiH iiearlv Its eniTiy 
'(iirfa™- Tilt- iliffi'n-ni-r of t-h Tation In'tweni the 
top 'if th«; Mairul Ut ^^allf and Mondnta tf^ 2li& h^x. 
ftad at Uie county Hm- north of Mi;ndr>tn. 371 feet. 
T(*nira tfl 143 Tret hii^liv^r than lot &*II<?> and tb*-re is 

lui tncri-u^ing though undulating ckvutiou. going 
a a 


History of Ltt SaUe Couniy. 

eoutb* ton (7oiiit s**vcn m\U^ north of t^ioofniDgton, 
whk-li point is367fef( above th(* Central R, R. ^lalion 
ni La Sall^?, i*ii<l U»Mt sCifi'.nt is 'Hgliiy ieet »l)ovu 
low walt^ln ihe rirer, consi^qjiently llie irlbuTarleB 
of (lit- Illiiioifi \\^\^ H rapid t]«>«(vnt tu Dun rin*r, 
and ihe lUiEioiTi iH ai L|]iltK rajiid v^ln^uii In this 
county, thus ni»kin^ an t^ffirit^iit niul }i^altliy di Hiti- 
agi^ for ni^irly all its ^urfari-. 

'V\\e flci*nery ia on a Riander scale than niostof tho 
pmirie irgioii ; tht^rc nrc men.- iDOgniBconL t^ircamis 
htglier and more pit^lun^ui^ btuir:%, moro timber^ 
and licttcr di&liibm^'d- The pmirii.^ is *lrytr iin^ 
inon^ rolling tUnn mo^t of tliatt^outb of it» richer 
and more productive than thnt uorlb of it ; it oc- 
ciipii)^ iin Snt^rmi'diHit- position, and bon^ts of lln^ 
poaaiBftsion of the Wst qualllir^fiuf both exiremeeof 
th^praiinf* region north and south. 

Tli« Illinois livtT 8«dtri» an agrlculfuml its well 10 
a lopograpbioal ajid geologipal axis. While tbeaoll 
sotitli of till.' river tKitKldiirlt, ilt-i«parjd ncli HsSati^- 
mon County, wnclw^nally &coni le^^ioii. thatiioitLi of 
the river hut* n lirowm-r boiI, is lu'Urr Un- wh^-ut and 
|^«'rhaj>!!( not tjoili* a^ ^aoO foj' com, and the Mirfac^ 
j^i^hfrnlly more rolling. These dislimtinnn art? not 
nidliial, and a careless obaerv-irr would not noUce 
tbrin, but thc-y exist and arc increased radically, 
going north of tlio county, owing to diffi-Tcnoo of 
geological fcrniation. 

Tho most prominent feature of the topopiajiliy of 
the county i^ th» Illiuois rivWi which int^raeots 
the coiinly in*nr ttie roiitre, running nearly due 
w^t ; but after leaving the county, it« course in 




wQlhwesc lo !l4s month. The Illinois is a dagglsli 
Atn:um, bnvjni; bat about twenty iM;:ht fix-t fall in a 
dii^tanv^ i<f iKAi'ly -'iHi itiilir^, bi'iiijr hn^ than th<5 
dbttADce allnwed in canal navij^ation. but in I^a Sallo 
CotitiTy Ihtir'? aro two rapids, out? at MurseiHo^^, snd 
on** Ti«ar Swrri-d R*>ok, i»ach rapahV of finnii^liiTi^ 
ao imtn*»iiw «'auir powvr. The n^er is d^t*j> t^noii;;li 
for g^MMl itij3t*d IxiitU i-xc':']*! al tin; nLj>td?<', TlR^rv wag 
conaicleRihW at^iiDbaat traHti- 1>etween Oliaw^i aij<l dc. 
Ijouisb'^foTi' tlitirnnal nas biiill, bui sinc»? iis t^oin- 
|tli^l;<i]i, Ei<]Miiitating III Xist ^ik]U\ llic btiut** snliloni 
aarfl-nd higher than Thai pUfcr, . 

Til'- vhIIi'v ol thr llluiob Irt fnmi nii*' to nwir *wo 
mib^ wiile- From wliett- It irili^m lln^ I'oanty to 
vitbin Itinw mile^of LaSalle^itiaabovf^high water. 
fii>mf '-r it liftH ptod soil, bt»l tfir*:*! of it Tvsl^ on \hfi 
SL tiiU:TV' suiid^toa-\ aiid near Utica on the calcif- 
troiift Hid*! rock, and the Koil la tliin, but after il 
^trikc-E the carboniferous formation, abovo LaSalh*. 
tht" 7K>il If' alluvium, and VF-ry rkli, but subj^^ot to 
Inundation. Tb« bluJT^ ar«> Fn^m iOO to Uo ft>«H higb. 

Tht* gri-neri' aloD^ this valley is anrpHti^iiiffly 
Wamtfnt- Tbo bnnid Hvit ]><; dolti-il with I^tandii 
4badv*d by nial*?atlc elm*. th<* growtti of ceDtunea, 
ll]4?nho1ei\all4^ in by lbi."*ntKl»Ioit'' bliifTson *.'illirr 
oid«. )>H<?H-riliitj^ iiiiislly h iiuiral fnmL freiiu^^iitly 
worn by the elements inix» fnntaT^tir rtlmpiAs, or vMi 
by di9i'p and romaatk ^n1lyoll^, tbr toirn HotlitHi 
with a < aqtrt of grasi* anil friiijifed with scattering 
timber, amoni; which njaDy lofty pinf-s an? con- 
^caouff. It un^hi w^M )iav<; nttrat^tinn^, ad it ever 
haa had. Tor bolb ^va^^' and civilizf-d man. 


Bislory tf La Suite Ccniniy. 

Starved Rock, a point of tlie bloff &eparat«d bj 
tbt< denuding for<;<:' of wal'-r, U i^lhift^-d ont' mtU* 
abov6 Utira, ow the sotiih sid^ of The river, wbicU 
waeh^j; it« bstet?. It i« I3r> ft-ec \\\^\u and conudii?^ na 
area oT abour half n^n ncre on th^ top, eUisded by 
ever^ivetiK \% Ih of espetnnJ intE^rtet IVoni thni 
Tiidiufi l^'gi/nd^ ronnectt^d witb it, iltuI us ilit^ i^it^of 
Fort Ht. TjOuIs of the Frwrw^h, 

Buffalo Kot7k» harilly a» liigh :»» St»mfl Tl^H'k. is 
on ll«<? north siili* ol thr rivi-r, four tnilfs bi-luw 
Ottawa> It is about two idUm long, forty to sixty 
rod* wid«-, if* ^outlirrn baee wnnhi-d by tbi* river, 
while & wide cut. throufib wliicb part of the river 
once flowed, separates H from tli€ bluU on tlif 
north : llironffh this L-iit the canal nnd the CiticaRo, 
Rock Ii^lund A Pacific Kailroad 3iud a tonvtnienl 
pa5«ige. ThU rock was oinv art inland in Tho 
niinotd, as there is no doobt that the lUlnoie was, 
eom^tiin*' in th^^r pu«l, niurh widiT th^n now. and 
extended from blolfto blulF, throuirh the I'XtJ^nt of 
the valley ; tJi** wat^^r mnrks along the sand-rock 
bluffts »i]d the washi'd snivel *m \\ii^ bigli hot- 
Um\^, all poiiu iiniiiisfakahly u> chat cutielii^iiiii. 

Then? wsls a timp wlien i1il> lakes stood at a mnch 
hl^Her Ii*vm1 than now, nnd (lojiblh*«K erTijU.i<'d UN'ir 
waliTH ibioiigh the valley of rljc IllIiintN lo tlo^Oulf 
of Mexico), When rile Ntngam broke thronpU the 
hfiffbl^ itl IjM^vistoN jiikI forrprd iltr KjiIU of Jfiag- 
ara. th>r level of the lukt^-fi was iJO^dually ^nnk until 
the warer-i ^jn;{ht tin? oa^aii by the rirer and Gulf 
of St. Uiwr*'m'e. S5ino.' then the lUinoin hai*only 
drai[ii'd \\\v eounirr ai'onnd thL* Kouth und of ifdcc 



Miclii^^n^ and i* n.-dntwl (o & nitre rivulet c^m* 
pnn-d with i(» fontiwr riiaKiilAi-<-nt dinionsion^ The 
vfllloy of III*' lUinoU was Ilii.'ii iiioi-e like a cotiUiiu- 
oos l«ke Ihati ti liror Tin: hixxiJ imddcq] viillry, 
lill«*dwicli occumnhitocl ivau^rt^ of th^f up^rlak^a, 
mnM havv fontiv'cl \\\'^ most m:ij*>*iio rivm- or tlio 
Weiji. Al B<-urd>^U'wii t!K< rWiiv l>(>(l<*in is twt'lvu 
miles wIdA. an<] whoever h&s rt<^wed (be cuHoeibIit- 
fornnr4! d*.'ta*'K*^l jwirrloiis uf ili" Wuff, nix ti»il«*i*i 
soucli o( Bwii'^towii. C4)uld hav** t.*oujf lo in> oilier 
Mnidufiion than thitt tlie wav^-^ ou thut iiA'(>lr4> \m\m 
vxiwiiift' "f wuliT, *1rivt » UiT ;ip»s hv (In* lii^irc- wmf- 
«^ii jiniiriJ' tviiidv rniifd iiliim* liuvt* funnud fliUNt? 
«^aHA and pyraniMs fmm ilie si4ifl MtiIT iimw stniid- 
in^ luc'iiit'Utos of thi* doiDgfr of n t»y-^otiL* n^i', TiiiT« 
Tftll"-j hn» fvidiTifly hi-rti tlir fjivurili" n*>nrT uf nil 
lb*- |»*-rinifs lliaL liavf tntroiri^iijiiiH llje rouini_T— this 
nu>unda It- ft l>y the tuourKl bniWi-T;* Wn.- numerous 
oloufl; iiU tl«' j^mmmi'iil j^jiH--* uf t!iH bluff:* and )iiirh 
buUoiii^ Tbv llUiioift iBdiaiis njtKli- tbis ilunrcvUtnU 
portit, aiMl tu'i'e vriis tbuir priiicj[ml tuvrn, and tb«r 
roi];:M foryi.-JirT*. with tb< i]iirlb(.^i-n (ribi's, rViriL-* pfw- 
w^^Hop. Tiic Kr^'iirh i-xploivrs niadi- it om^of ibr-ir 
principal military. luissmimry utid tmding posts. 
It* history, if it could all be- wrilt*»n, would bn of 

Tbe prindpal eoutbern Iribntaiy of tin- lUmois 'va 
UH'BipV'-'i-million lb»' Artiinoai uf (ln.'^ I*>'ni'li, It 
ciua \1x\' jiiinrh pan of tht* coiinry from 9oatbt*a»t to 
tiorlbwegt, ^ni)4yiiip into th<.» lllbioieuii tbo oppo«iC4» 
sitib- and on<- milt' at^ove La SaUv. It b a rapid 
iitr^nni. witb bigli bliilTs and nurrutt bottomi!;; tlie 

14 IRitory ^ La SaiU Coisnip. 

ecentry along: its bariM far aut-orai miU's ir^mx ite 
nioiitli is very ffmnd and impo^inff, Ttii' strata 
xvtiirh conipoT^t.* iu bluir^ aiv d*.*h io lo^ttilSi and iIk- 
g^ologiBt and \ov\tv of naiiire will bo i^ell paid for a 
tripuloiiff ii-< niypnl JmiiU^. Tin- fAm*»ns grotto of 
Dtnr Park ia oji tL(» n;;bt bank, a miic or rwo from 
iU mouth. It 14 ill thv St. Pvtvra «aml«ti)ii<5 whicli 
tlrni. stiou*» iis^*lf oTi i.hi' V<*niilI1lr»ti— Er. Is iiiTiit In UK- 
bluff, OD a \^\'A with t\w river at low water, wind* 
itig tM>nif*wliat likr- tlic Tetti-r S. nnd i!Vl4'ii>lin£ itooit^ 
Imndrt-fl ixkN <ir iiionv Tli** Ai\%*s juv pi'i'|n^iiiliru< 
lar. nnd al tin* i^vtrenut end a^rioul ninety feet hi^h. 
At IhTiX pcjiDt tlie sidi.-T* priji-cl or ^hclvr v>vfrr itbout 
**t-v[?rty f»H*t fin •rai:h wide. In w<^t w^-atJicr thhre ia 
a pr.ircy wati-rfaM. and at nil times a i:kar pool of 
watvr and n tuut,4prii)]|;. Tli** o|>r vjln^at lop i^** nl)o«T 
om» liundn-'d fe«(. and is fnii^^d with pince and otlior 
trocs, l( in a gmil «nrioi;ity and a vt^rv' popular 
place of rt'fl'.w't. Tho Vi^nnillion iw hord*'n-d with 
tiraber <m either side, and in th^ upper part of it« 
coiin^"ia^tomt>boitoini», of wi-y bvavy rimbiT. Bai- 
k*y>, Oni>r and Eai*le cn-fki<, and many smaller 
streams, are tributaries ctf th« Vvi*milllun. 

Co^ell rns'k. n.'imerl fruni i\w fltst tit^nlir on its 
banks. Ib ilte other Lv>nsidL'rable aoutiieni bnincii of 
tbe Illinois in the county. Il rieeH In T Ad, IL 4| 
anil runs wioctwaiiUy uit(.i %\\vt T1lriiniv> two and imif* 
half inilt's below OtlauiL 

The prludpal itortlieni tnbiitary of Mih lUtnnis, 
and Hi-xt to iliat river In sixe, i?* ike Pox, Tin walera 
an? rlear, and thef'xlieme?* uf \uf^h and low vrat«Y 
are k-^a liian niosl oliii^r r^tri'ains in thecouutv ; it W 



ono of iW Ifi^f, If tiol l)i«4 liiMt, uiin sttream Ui cliv 
Slate, aitd \\wre If* mtyr** iiuprori^j:] winter power on 
the Fox, fmin Wisron»iri tn itH, thnn mi iiiiy 
oUii-r 8tiv:im to the Sritli*, aiMl. wUIi llii* fxi^'plioii of 
Bock river, pmhahlr moro tlmnall ntlu'rs. [tenters 
UtKi county OJi its i^iifltcm aide, b^-tvr^H.'ii Iho l-mn* of 
^orthvillp ftiii] Mit^^^ton, antl ruus aouthfaMAjtMlly 
io IIk- Ulinoifl at OtlJiwa, Its Imnka for ii few milva 
from il.s moutli am? lK>rd''P*fl by lM4r.-tof timb<-i\ while 
higlitT up. lb*' |imirie in many plaLVfli^oravft to thu 
buik of tho str4>omp it nini^ throui^li a line rolling 
and ri»*U pmiri< . Rip luul Litllt* Indifln, Sonmnatik* 
MiK^k'nanil Bui^k creoksnre I lie principal bnniciit'S, 

Th« fiiltif? Vermin ion « ti nortliorn braatrU of tlie 
IlHnoif*- ris4>f4 in rh*- norHiwi^st part of thv i!o[inty, 
nins^uth totUv lUinoia oo (he east aido of ihwdiy 
of la 8«iLUv Troy Orov^, a lurgo tn^rt of 4»xc^U«Dt 
UmWr, is <>n the li«id of the alrwim. Th« Torun- 
hawk i» lhi!i prinrijijil ^ruriclh 

Tb«» Perrom»rt|]:^ti]. naid tobt-Tn<]iati forlirtln nx«^, 
rifteAlDUictown^tf \ValtFmn]»u.(i<l run?' ^oiithwent into 
tbe lUinoifl, hnlf a mile abow lh«- IJlib? Vrnniilion. 

Thcbhitr^^ of the norclieru tribiitaritrs of thf IlliftiiiA 
fcx€**pr wht:'n Ihcy iqiproiich lliat stream) am not 
IM high it^ tho aonthi-ru. Ihey rtm {>7i*r a dL^V■tl^ut 
Reoh>;ci*?al formation, and the ovprl>in#j drift it* not 
&6 d<TL"]>, ajid the bvd rock» mostly Tr^-nton and St 
Pel<T!*- iti not ae readily d^nudi'd ati rhiU of Ihc 
cool meni?jnn» cbmt prevail toiitb of the nw^r. 

Wo bavejrlanced ttt th« atn-suns, th? TJilleyi:* ihe 
blaffit, iln; 4>kvati<kn!« i;nd ^enofal oiitUnc of tbe 
t'oanty, but the givftt bulk of its terrilovy, the 


Hh(ory ^ La 8aUe County. 

pi7iiri<' tltat lir-s hetwoi'ii and lilla id t.liP pictiiro from 
^f.rraiii to »Tr«*;tiiK tviiiiLini^ \\^ \\^, notitrt'd^ [l lorni^ 
all the elevated portioiia of iht* county. 'Hie 
6tr4.-«iii» of L'cui^' iirv on tlie lovn.tdt ^njiujil. nnd the 
largt^ Alrcsiu^ wht^n rtiiiniDg orer tlii* 4oal meas- 
nr>_% aro »unk. 10^) foci or more, into the ri^iruhir 
elrara after leaviii;< the drift, and on the St. P^jters 
^ftiidetotio nearly ;ir- uiul^U i^unk )>y the c'n>}?ioii of 
tli>4 l^'a^^^, ami ntl ichowlng chat the aiiioanl of water 
thcil did ib'.ii ex'^a^atiiij* was nmL'h };jr«?aler than 
runs iio^\ Whfiher iIhiI 4>ei'tUTed wlivii lh« ucit«n 
^^'ntJ'fs tirst i^ceded fmin the surface, and foUourin^ 
sill Hie tlepivji^hms iwmij|wv1 out !ii»d foriTief.l channelft 
f<»rttl1 T.hf ri]l.iirr-Mln-jint!%; <ir whvtli^r fn^u lhei?xi«U 
tem*t* of 71 uKiUtrlhii:ii4-and heavy rainfall, th^8ftiiio 
oiijt^ct wiifi gradually ^ici^^niplislied. may uever 
he ktiuuTL. hill it. IIS probable it vtiik u combination 
of l>ulh. At all evi'iitH tlii' cjiur^i- w:iti niiiph* for thi> 
ffft^cL, and the Hiivajn-i an* all jilanml In det*|i lieda. 
with far nioiv than aiiiplo room [or the dischat^^ 
iif their waier;^ in any ^ntiuhi^'ury. 

The praitif extendn back from the bordi^ra of 
Th^'MT VMlkyv and ^riidually riac« to tliv ridges or 
higli'-'st ^nmiul between %\\^ atreams-iii w-^i-rn 
])cirl£ince called divides, because they separate tlie 
watw runrinu: to diffiTcnl slrennis- The timberr 
behi^ conJined to the borders of the streamy uc (*oti^ 
eeqnenily on the lowest ^rronod, and a p^rHon 
t^tandiiig on i»ne oi thi^e jHvid^ts, can look over tli« 
timbi*r to the pralm fornihi;r ib>- divide on Che 
op]Ki«i(e Mide, 

Thc*<* ridue* or dlvi(1e.« when *eon from a distance 




are t-aftily IoohihI. but wlK*n ft ln»^i»ciiou is 
uttfrmplL'd tliey flee like an ignis /atim^: though 
^oniu* an.' so nbnipt a« lo bu w**)! dufiiii'<l, \\\vy zvQ 
tuoeUj^ SI* ripftr \^yA as u» hi- baivl in lurat^-, 

Einigr»nUcotiiiD|4 fromu^iuiWieUri'f^ioii, orwliat 
In llH prinitttv*' Ktalv wuk Ttttrli, fnini hilly New 
En^laitd or file iiiouiitaiuH i>rPnniitivU':iiii» or Xi-w 
York* I'xHild buve liud mo concejition of the prt^ine 
n-gi'Hi. Tu all tlnw^r loirnlitii-^ i\\v land waji <ri»v* trd 
wiUi limber, except vlien* rlie hand ofmiiu had 
ixniovt'd it. Thi-y ivgiirdt'd Uiat coudilion a^ the 
lUitiLral and tion:ia] f^tarr or any t^unlry. Add to 
tkis the imeviTo, rocUy and bmkea eiiHiice ol' the 
Inud of ihcii- imtlvity. and tht* first view oF the 
prairie 8tat^ niUf^t have luade a di^'p iitipri^Aioo. 
in fncU llio pnurie is out; of Uie woDd«9 of the 
world. Th'* #|4fppt!ii^ or Ahxxi imd 11k' paiiipaj< 
of SoutJi Amemji are wond^Tful in ('Xf^^nr, hut 
for r]otin<*tH& of toil, beauty o( landscape, and all 
tliiil U va]fial«l4- ro eiv[]l>«>d itnrupants nt-Itlier 
iln*y, nor aor othei' locallry on die globp, make 
any apjn-uatriHftt to i4U0i_T*iwrul eoiu|u*ntl>tn wilh 
llie prairie n-^ion of the Nortii Aiiicriran cnn- 
tiovnl. 'f)ie deltas of the Nile, of thv MU^JssIpi^i, 
aod of othwr jrn^it nvei% ].HkH)VKH « soil as lirli and 
a^ level, but thr-y arr- of Ihiiit.i'il exb-iil, :iiid r^it* 41111 
In ilfl dnily cirroit does not shine oti a i^miiiry of 
the aanie i'Xt«*nt, 90 rich, ?h> grand nod bi>autiAil as 
the luaiiie bef(>n; the hand of iTian liad nmrred and 
a«fa<.\yl ii- 

Tliat rej;ion vriih us irt now tranj^fonned to a popii- 
loua and cultivated coiintiy, and the future will 

NM^yrp f^ Ln BnU^- Ca^niy, 

never wiirt^sd In its natii'^ wildness and beauty the 
raSn'i#r. wrncTj' that imtdrH i»vi*r pnu 
ei^nt^d lo ihi* view of iii:in, 

A Umbernd ivgion, toviTud b^' tlit? dtirk. primi»Tal 
foreHt. Is ^r^iifl nml >m}in-wc.]V«> : llMlurk and Hivrnlim 
flhadp!^, nnd deep and taiii^led reres^»^s. arr w**U CJil- 
CulaMi l» fii^t^lrr :i >TiiK*i>tiriotie< ilrra^l, itnrl to 
people ils unexplored depths with the witpheflami 
gobliHS of thv pa^t. or with the whiapering ghO!»(5 
of which (Knizin tiinjcr* .-^o tiiii;irnriilly. Hut no^nch 
fz:DhIJns haunted the prnirie- An imaginativeorguiii- 
KEtian iiiiiihi Imvc fanoii-d lli<? fain<*rt sporfinjr in 'h<t 
erebin;^ shadows, as approacliini^ nij^hl AwW iii thv 
landscape, or departing from llieir nnUnia-ht novels 
ftmun^ tlH.^ «urliiig hiIt^i n« they varnished ^eforu the 
glories ol a prairie snitrUe, Tlie early oci^npants 
of the pruirii* will rememher ncrieing oinrle* un th^ 
pmlrie from tlfteen to twffUly or more feei ft«rod9> 
dittrin^iiivliiible only by :i ranker and hL*avier gi'owth 
11/ grAJ*s, ImL v*/ry <it!4iiTU-lIy iriiirk-Hl. Whul ruui^i-d 
them wa^ not known, ihonf^li some ascribed tlu^m 
toli^Urnht^ ^frok**?;. Siniiliir pli>*naTn*>na exi»t in 
the natui-al infadnw mid gr:itm hiiid m Kngkitd, 
and AFC tht-^re calleil fairy-nn^or fairy-eircles vul- 
garly ^;ip]»OrtF*d lo \\A^. (jLused l>y ^1'^* fHirirs in thvir 
daiife^ If Sir Walter Scott had vkrilt^^n in the 
midst of the pndrin p^gUwi in^t^-iid of among the 
gletiB and wild^ of the Sottti^li lliu:blimd:s, ivlk*ro 
wllchiTflft and dennjnoloay have t-vt-r found Uieir 
favorite fa^nea&e^, hi$ genius wnuld nor. Iiuve bec^a 
flo d^<'t?ly tinfzed with (be eiipemiitimiT, and war- 



lookftfttid n'itchca woald not iinrc dnuccfl $o freety 
orer litfl po(c^. 

The quiet and sylvan benuty which trjotlifa Hio 
viwl, UM.-lUnitl*;t*!*oxpiiaf!L', impri\-s5i^ (iii<l fnsliionr<l 
til'* imagination to cooler, mori> d;r-aiftl and liappUTf 
tliou^Klit — the jiniDcI nnd tb'? |i«ic^fii1 c^-cupi^ the 
inirKl, and Inft no room iv^r iho^t' horrihV* j^^-ationa 
or III*.' \'%ncy which de^lroyMcl the Judgment and Urn- 
tallsEjed l}u- oc<NipnnCf< M iht> dark fon'sis of Cbntml 
Kuix>|»*»- »nd eren round :i f'xjlhoM in the di.'ns^and 
Uui^U-d wild w<hn1^ iif ni^gi>l New RnKhinil- A 
fiwlinjC of chaAti*ne-d pfi-^nnal dignity sxa the 
ovrn)iiant of snrli ;i h^iila^f, and rif ipyereno* For 
lUf |>»'rt*rr thill ru:«Uiui>'d il^ lorLril>ly inipH'^M-d tUv 
mind^ as. &tandiD>; upon tlie xnst, illiniitablr^ plain 
which aprr»d in M directions, wave ^uctc^dinj; 
w&v^, and unduhnion following undnlniion, far 
nway* tilt the oarth and 8ky met and shut in the 
|H>wtT nf vtftioii. II Aixnu'd ai* if a b*j«rnUi.E*t5 or<!an, 
eel in motion by a powerful ^torm and thon (luittod. 
tb« bo«otn of the wnt-T tTuaothly hmvintc, all in 
motion, for mill;: th*^ moat Rra^i^ful curves and 
ttwt*11«, tuid I.KH>n inHt.in11y uhillod^ hardi^nud tom^lki 
land — sucli was th^ prairie. 

Standing on a swell of the ]>nurie oil a cU.^r day 
In ivrly ^iimfni*r, l}i»* !ii\iiri»iil. g^t^s waving hi ChK 
wind, the sliadowa of tlj«» Miiinnier doud^ titHilly 
cha«ing L'^-li ulhiM- fin ln'yondthi? powrr of vtr*i(m, 
tile o4>Merrer coatd fanoy tJie oi'ean restored and the 
long swells ugain in motion : or, taking n :?lund in 
oiie of the ntinierotit* pointti erf tinjber which ei- 
tendtid either way from tho large streams, on open 


UiMoryif La Satte Cwtcn/y. 

gTO\*t^ cLiir Df and^Tbm&li nod coror^ witti u ^rudD 
fiward, and tho view raklntz in CIk- nIttTrntttloii of 
tiiub-^rrind prairie, ai sc^ne ws4 ^M-eseiiled tlial fur 
I'xu^tit, bfaiiij- am] gruiKUmrart can ik»v<.t oxj^i'ct to 
imitact*, nnd having oncn' been destroyed can nt^rer 
bt!» nwlon-d. 

Whence eamv tin? prairh* i Wliat ihH'uHar condi- 
tions riusi^H ctiis ivifioa loprnw <^n£s<i alunt', while 
a11 oth^'fH gtnvr timber f 

Tlift qtn^^Lton Sfcins jiartially answered by the 
rcl(nivi! location of thf^ Liniher and pmiiu-. The 
tinibrr ;;r3we« outhi.-riUnvi.-d bottoms where partially 
prutertrtl frotu tin- |>i-ain<i tin ^. i»r oti IlLt^ thin ^>il of 
thi' hhufs wiiile the rich and dvep piaiiie soil ami 
the nlUivjjiJ, whort" exposed to the tire** #;row grtvss 
and nij ritiihc)-. U'h*'ii Ou- i-c^^av r''<v^ii'd from IIh* 
rii-U uTid det-p 9(>il vrhitrli had bf^ni dcp^>3iUH) in jta 
uppnr^iir quk'l wntcns n» it wn^ |i4trtiuliy u finrmnp, 
Uie 9ed;;ee and coarse ^asaes tvoidd soon provr with 
n luxurian'^e proporiionL^d to t)i'" tonLpomiure« mois- 
Cuiv aTid riiOinei^ of thv> t<Oil. Treen do not hiadily 
grow in such a. aoil, and If they did, )t woitld ri^utre 
& )urg^( tiuiobi>rof yi-ari* io •*niib1v th*'Tii to withststnd 
even a moderate tire : but gi^ss grows In a single 
swKon. Mild, vrlieii dry, furnUhes finHlcieiit Tiiel to 
f*flVi!tiiall;k' Inirti iiji or di^stmy any young tinibi^r 
aprojt»i of <iin?oj-tu'oyi'ar»' gnnvtlj that ni^Khlt-xl^t. 
Tims wi*niij^1it expect noti^^es, bntnn annual ^^ituMh 
of gifiA^ on thi* rirh*'!*l ?K>il, und wlicrv pxjMwd U> 
thr' annual Hies ; vk lillea )>oi)r witI i^rowlnjj tnu little 
gra&s for fm-l to sustain an anr nal liiv, and lot:alitie« 
shcltrrcd or ]*roCcctcd in any way from tlif^ fir«s 




wutUd ffco^ up to Hmber — and ^wcU wuit; found to 
bn lli« fftin. Xnrrnw Atrliis of land betwoi^n jitmatiis 
or hraiiHiefi of strenin* wnre ^t'fiprsill/ tuiit>er land, 
Thr* soil ui] thi' 'uj>of ihc blulTKuitd ii'Mr tin' ^r.n^miH 
wn.K, aitd cs ifivHriat»ly tliin. and nnt,a» w*A\ adajittul to 
grAfis aA the praiTie— this ?<oil isueiirly all dnibiT, and 
lia^ IIk^ additional ndv^mragi^ of iin^tt-rtiijn in oii*^ 
d]i>!otJi>n by the^traim. The Amooth iind l*»ve! pup- 
ffice TTonld fiicUitaU' till- pro$z:n-9Sof tin- ariDUftI tiri^s, 
whik Ji roiigli. nrcky and un«*ven surracr would 
clitHrk them. I'h*? jji-enl t-stent of tla- ri-s'*»ii over 
whiirli tl]i*se<-ondition^oxi^t('d worild aid tlir i*prcftd 
of fbe firf^ when gtartvd. and &ome pait ofeo ext^rdM 
arvKi«>n wcmldbo likely U> take lire, while if divided 
Into small and isolated tm<*ts ISI(«» thi> pre^i'iil tkdd^ 
fln-s wniiM N' ■t.^idoni kni>wn. LiphtniDp aloni* 
would l>e a ijiilfi{!ieut e^iUFe for the annual lirinif cif 
90 lirp^ a (ract* and iliK ni nn early day» was 
doobttesfi tXttf ai^ent ihat i^fTr^^ted it. 

It w]i« the opinion ol" tkvy iiirly «<'llWrs Hiat at 
tliat time, ilii* pnilri** w^s eiieroat'birg uj>on the lini- 
Wr ; in fiirL IIm- bhilTiimlHT waw :illo1d, and a raa- 
jdfiry of Ihi- tir^i» injun^d Uy thf \nt% and theiv wan 
DO jotiiigifrowth: aji ox jrad or a hoop pok ^^oiild 
not b-r foond <*xi'*'pt in T^oin*- t*lirheivd nook of the 
bluff, or on lh« sheltered alluvial bottoms, hut na 
soon as tiw* barr»?n*. n^ th«*y were tvrrrnHi, were pro- 
l**tt<*d fi-om fln?, they i-apidly jjrew up with a thrifty 
inxip of Wi*ll-H-l timber, *howinK that ihi* liri' Imd 
btvn ili<t only inipi^Ument to that result. 

Tile ])rairie, rilthon^h pruli^cted from fiiv, did uoi 
rapidly grow ro timber, for tlie r*?a^t>n th*fre were 

no rootE! or ^ortii^ ti^ ttt^rt IVoiti, as tUeriT w&s in tlie 
barrens, bnl tho |>nncij>al rvasoii wne, tlint no tr«e 
will *?rcvr ivjvUly ui (Jn- imbroki^ji jirnlrio ftO(l, as 
mo«l of tlie e^jltl-^rK fuuttd by dear 0xpi^riein*<»— bul 
tb«r tiinbei' diJ 9fpi\-njl to tIm? pralrfo, tlrst a Trfw lioxel 
bui^bi'ft^ |U>'S»^ would hold the lejirea at tin? root*i, 
tbua ruuicliiug :iikI klliin)^ ibv* turf, r.turti a ft-w trsib 
iippWa, tht-n oak und hickory. 

There wn?* pro^Kibly a tune wh^^n^ from Mirr ri?x^iir- 
n?no^ of wf!t :«--iiMHift, a gi-ofm] i»c*it*i, clut)a1<\ or 
ot1it*ri;niiHe« the tiraber had irnrroachei npoa llie 
prairk, t-lst* tLriv would Imrc boL*n no thubrr— btit 
tbv wh<d<? history slnri^ tht? wuri-ie* rctiri-d, haul evi- 
dtfntly been a conleat lor supii^niacy between Uietwo. 

At thr drUc of tlic white atrttb^m* nt;* thr rimb<T 
b&d retired to tlu> t^onkA oF the tjtrt^ams. to tho thin- 
oeet Boil unci to tbt^ law bottoms^ and in mo»t oasoif 
wiiy still ixairin^. Ait proof of this^, U wiih notified 
tlai in mEiny instaiKv-s the extr.'me poinu, xh** oiit- 
poi^U or pickitt litifii of liviLl>er IkkI ivlin>tll ami left 
i*ooi;*i ami t^inmpH burnt to or undor the surface, yet 
in reitcb of the piuir. mementos of iiti fornii^r statue. 

MosI of iha bUiff tiiiiln'i- w»»; stutioujiry or d*fcay- 
log^ ^'^ry Mitle making a thrifty growlh. and a* the 
young sprouts wf*Te Sitniuidly ki1]<.^. it was irripoM- 
i^ihlr for liir titrdi»-r In luthl il» iiwri. Th>- wrib-r had 
a vivid rei!ollection of tbe titttt fire be witneflfied, 
whidh wa.^ a vt-ry -^I'vi-rr on».\ pnsTsing tliroiigh tbc 
tbabf-r. Hiindn-d.H of ti^rs vitre on tiri* to thrir i^x- 
treme tops, pn^aeuting in a dark night a most mag- 
Dilttviit bul U-rriru" virw» miKb bM4 enjoyable from 
tlie fact that ao much timbt^r was bftinf de^troy^. 




Those lrci5S bnrnl for jwvcrul days, uiid ft frt^qnant 
cmtfh Aurl Iliad loM that thenionarch^tof the Tore^t, 
til" provi'th or oontuncA. v**-T*y VKldini; to Xhw con- 
<jaeniig To-?*- u iiiOr'i <-oii<ilimivi." aut^wi r to IJn'iiuofi- 
linn, ^Ixy U ii tUa: timber doert not tfTo\i< on tlie 
prairit'di Oak>^ und liic-koriea are tin* mosi hardy 
nnd KfliMl injun'ii by lins cohst-^^ufjiitly w^tl- lliijotily 
vaHotiftdon i\\f bJuJTs aDdifUivsawepe rtji'^in^ b©- 
foro lli*^ ouiiiiiifiii <'ii»»my, ll muld not b».' "'Xprcled 
Lbftl Iho uioiv iMtdi^r vai-iflie^ trould t*\bl :it ilII. 

Oa tb«* t^cKa^rtnl 1ir>lioms wen* found all ih^ va* 
rii^rin-^ of lini^xT mminiHi lo lti«^ rtiiiiiir^.-, iTitil t«, 
whfTin ilie limlH'r had oUained the aj^wndi-nry, so 
ar^ U\ ptvvt^Dl tlii!gnm-thof gnissaiifrici*-nt foi^iislaiii 

Dlack and wtiUu wftlnat. liudv^n. L-lms, t*yramotu. 
«flU, niapl^.s <*(<*-» wi^r^ ff^urd in ubutidancp, but 
wt'n" II' <l ToiiDrl nil Uii>bltiffd. aa they would bf; killed 
hy a lire tbat wrnild Ir^vc the oaks and hickory tin- 

Potnu of tiittbor occupying a bond or angle of a 
stFi'nm, Wi'lJ uiK o:i ;hi' vj!!;^^ of tliw 1lniln*r point, 
nnd oil lU*> prairii-T^oil, oftt^n c-cusSstedof waimit nod 
otiier viiHetks of botTotn ilrnlji-r^ prcvin^ th.'it i^uoli 
ii soil vnuf well :id»pti.'d lo the <zrowib nf dliTerent 
vn.rNtlii*^ iifliinb' i — » liiilU «Im." provt-d by Ih*.' sue- 
cfiAHful <:iLltivnilon of artlHrlal Jjjhjvi'm and bi'IlTt. 

AHvr tb't tapfte of m*)T\' ttiiin Toity y^'ars. lUe old 
tirnlfer hik« nearly all bi-i-n rniuivf^K nnd thtt tire6 
chftcked and Anally trlTi^'tiiially NU)|ipiv1 by flin Inn- 
provriiifiits of tJir 9i.'tllrr» . that Mliinh wa.s then tim- 
ber lands, or barreji». ha^i grown a tLrifty crop of 


ffiaforf/ ^ Imi f^lie County. 

jDuiig rlmb^^r, not onty uf oiik imd liickonr*, but 
wJieiv Ifii' toll is ilnej} and ricfi. ^ §prinUlni;; of wal- 
nut, lindrTL aoil otln^r vaiit^rii'^ »if what was ti-nin'cl 
liottom linilM-r, hAi\\:i th'>n ronHm-cl Ui f*iirli lonitiSti™. 
TIh' mpidity with wliirli timber spontaneQiisIy stiatB 
wherever lUu gmiis rxirt, and it^ rapid ft»d thrifty 
fprowtli, allow that our soil is mheremly a timber 
laoil. urd that in thciiot very distant futun*. otirStnt*^ 
will h*? bettor sn^pii^d with t^^od timhiT than thn^f* 
States originally corcrt'd with a hmvy growth. 

Ititf n wtdl kaowii iiwX that Wwutii N(5w Yotfc, 
Ohio, and olh**r h^-nvilywoodt^d rt'^ions, wh»*n o»fv 
cleared siddoni prodiK-e a valitabli' n»»wgn)wih, and 
thtii ro(.'k]i*?i» wn#t<r nmd<^ by th1^ (x^cnpantft of iho4c» 
Stateit will bt' rf»paid by sncce^dlnff ceneratk*ns in 
high pn*""^B !»nd si si'un-iM' of Ih*' iirtirl"\ 

ThA low [>i W and abundam-t- of \An^ Inmlter and 
the facilities for tninsportrttitm Jmre rednced the 
price of liiuhiT-liiiid in Illiiioi-s sii th:U il will Tirinlly 
hring thi^ prtci='^ it did thirty yeara ago, and many 
arecnttini! off the st^coiid gn^wili nnd putting the 
land undtT rnUiviilion— nil tt^mliiig to :l rvrkiw*!* 
eximnstion of tlitj limber snppiy, Th^-re can b« no 
qnofftioa hut tliat the imniL-nsr dc^rmnd om-r all the 
prairii- n.>|zion for Innibt^r. and thi; tvadin«^$M with 
whirh Hint want ib supplied, nmat« within tlio life 
of anothi^r ^^iirmrion. i-.'chanst thi* supply, and tin* 
vTHniin^z^^ ot rhoughttnl and ^'t^urions men, to pimrd 
agatruii thi^ danjjiT, on^ht lo be ln><?dt»cl. The supply 
once exhausted can not be restored forgen^ations — 
the oil*- to two hufidivd yenr* n^p^lp^^i To produce 
a j^'rtfciod growth of FuU-T)i/« limlx^r is quite an 

JScoJUxmtc Q<oi'jgp, 


it*?m in tik- cotint of time, and a lon^ period U> wait 
for the yii'odnction of % crop— end it will h^ wise to 
lnir^l>:iii'l our n'Swirci*** and save while wo am, hav- 
ing at It-ast 9, thougtkt for tlio futim'. Tilt- timU'r 
growing \n lUiiiois will al) bv n-imr^^ and at a pnci} 
that will jhay for its ^nltnt-o. Th<> railrowdT* hwWu 
DUd to by built, whiiih haw to rcii'^w rhelr tl*^ .'Vfry 
Hf^ht or t4in years, ttiU conaum© all Ihe timber the 
Stati-<^'aD pro-lu»?e, and whi^n tin- lumber n'^i«u falln, 
aj4 full U must, thtT"* will In- a slill givat*?r amount 
nved^d for buUduig and fencing piirj>ose«. 


The jwloyy of a countij i» th^- fir*i cJrm<'ni of 
ltd form, <Tiwira''it*'r and i^^'^onives- Tin* fa<:e of the 
couDlry. the !5fcucry, the' dcptti of llie rivur byds, 
toriD of Iho I'ivrr bankft oi- blnlf^, tlit Bon, and its 
mineral r^eonroeg, art* all detemiim-d by its fi<>oJo;ry, 
and, ai*acoii»4i^ai*jir«', ii-snahuul und ».'\o:ic pnxiuc- 
tious, ila limber, plants, fruits and graiu^ an* to a 
gr^it extent govt^nied or intlut*ncM by it. iDoditied, 
how«vt»r, by M^ rliinulr. 

Central tind Northern IHinois. in common w!th 
in'.H uf thut MiHiis^ippi VnU<-y, rtwt« npon a hori- 
jciifital and O'-ady levtd bed i-ot^k, 

AU r^-dinirn(Jiry rorks an* foriiiHl lu hortzoutat 
ImMh. and onl^' a^^umt? itthf-r p<f>itina^ whv-n up- 
ht-ared or dis]dacod by pome ;jreat convalf*ir»n of 
imtnrf, a(«»liowu id volcanic; and moimtfiinouTs re- 
^onfl. This Western i*aUey appear?^ to have duf* 
fdvd but litUc dispIac**uiL'i>b and it« undttriyini; 


HixtifTif a/ Fm SetUn Cattnit/. 

niflp^nt flow, fniin ilii? Alleglianif^ in i\w Rucky 
Moiinlttiu!^^ ^irid ni'U>»sSFirily il Intel rlmmpaign ioeui- 
tijr—tlie ^raiirlF-M iTit-^iCn- for liuiiinn KlT<*rt i*vfr 
vouchsafed to man, 

Tli« bed nxk or n^ulur rock dt'posit iu L:* Sail*- 
County 15 covered with tlu> fJiifl dejiomt from a trU 
tliiUf <Ii']itli III till.* L'^gr*.^ of till.' bluir^ to a iiitLxImuDi 
di.q>lh of l.Vi ft*0t at thi^ dividi*^ or higl^iMi fromta of 
tlu* pniiricf* b«twe*»u tlw^ etreains. 

Prom tiiid point with a rollinj^ or undulating eur 
fece* tliedesc**Dt is jjradual to tho etveame foi-miitg 
thti wfltpr iA\\^>i\^ 'jr iKUiiml druJuage of the country. 
Thb <ii.'»ci.*iii \» owing to i1k» fliirorf.^nt d^ptlj^ of Ctio 
diifl deposit, and not to tht? uin*vi*n fturfai^ of th© 
rock !4Mutii l>(.*low — but il]i> ujudual riisv in long 
asct?iHa of the comitry going north, und fn'quuutly 
in clli'.M' directions, i^ due to the gradual swt^lls or 
RSt'cnl of f^ln'- uiuWrlying HM-ks- Pnwn lliw hiil« of 
tht> atre^tuA and bottom L-ind^ ikinMi-ata hrut mostly 
been denudtil oi u^it^hed nway. buLlKiving bould^rd 
»n(I ollK-triid4^*nci^ thftt il onct? covvred tht* enlirs 

Tiiv drift is ronipoft!?d of oluy, fland. gravel, itnd 
boulders or granitt? rocik, nnd in it U found at all 
dcplhSf pobblo7>, all worn smooth by attrition— ^bitB 
of coal, and in numerous in^tnnrra ut diffi^rt^nt 
depths, pieces of wood, mostly Mack^^'alnul. ct^dar^ 
or otiwr dumb!*.' limbi.'r— showing that ihii* '\£ a 
comvaraiively recent deposit. GeologL^t^agn^ Chat 
it wa»^ troiiprliT from the north by glaciers — rifttrs or 
ooeunii of Ici^ of which the glfi*?i<.'i> of the Alp«, or 

Sconomic Geohffr/. 


Ihi; Car more nuipiitic^'-nt ones of Grwnland, lire but 
nitfibtiin< i>j^'n!n*'fi^. Prom cau^>^f'\i^Tin>: nt. the 
time, wliettier from a g^nemUy colder <-]imat€, or 
fivm v<?i-uUar oiinviua of iho iilinoflijh<*iv not now 
vxifttir>>;, wiiirh «im«l th« va|>or from lh»^ warnuT 
lef^oneof lhe«irth totiit? norlli, vx'Uere it formod an 
ooma of ioH> $ttt*itml tlioni^iid^ of Twi in thicknt^&s. 
wlucib by lift wt'iifht cru^lti-d imd fonvfl if-* lowvi* 
|iorlir>nK f<»rtranl, grinding to ]>owder :itid leveling 
i)ii> si)rfaj;tf of [litf I'lirtli with ii po^^r-r U-ymid vajii- 
c^j>liiia. Ir spread uv^r nuii^i cjf tlie iiorUi purl of the 
cutiliri<^jil<. iiiitrklng rli^i hil^H :itid iiiiuLiitAiii!! of l\w 
Ea»t wlili #/j"/V or groaves in iIj^- Milid itjek. liH 
action ifl TVt^ll descnlK-d t>y tlit* sitln^*^ — ^'T}it> mills 
oflh*- O^hIj* ^rliid r<lMW, huf vt^ry finr, " Usdi-ii<wit 
h<*re fornit-d fn*iu whal wotild Imve heen a dead lerel 
ADd *i?t ftmTace. n ittllin^ and dty ono, nnd laid tlie 

uDdatiou of lltf Hi ]j**Hr. j<oi9 f hat t^xirit-i i»vt-r ^> larKv? 

attrface. VVilhout the foundfttioii of the drift., 
(Ii^ soil could o^'Tc-r have- oxii!t4.^d. 

Over 111*' M)ath imrl. and motv Uian half of th<j 
couuty. Hit' drift n-st^ upon tJio c-arboaiferouif or 
coal fortufttion, bein^ ihe northern tennititition of 
til'? tn^'iit coal rMd i»f tlit.> Siale. Ite northern liraic 
in a Utile north of the llliiiuiH nwr, hut njost of it 
noTtb of the valli^y of the UliiioU and «a»it of Ottnwai, 
with r<»w *?xi'*'|"T.iciu»^ 1i*^^ upt.m the Si. Peters sand- 
sKtiie, appri>aL'h^^ tliu oiiltMirp, and i« of liltle im- 
|iorcntiov. The ainouiit of coal emt)r5Li^Hr] ixi th« 
county iiahll0^l uii1iniir>-d in fimoinir, generally of 
excellent qnality. and its lahif, [irejw-nt and pros- 
pective, C4UI hardly he overestiiuatfd. 

HitfoTff of La ^lU Count ff. 

There ai-t* three veins in th« w^st part of tbd 
c^unt>\ mined prinoipully at La Sallo and vicinity, 
ftjsrn^pirliiga thicknt^a of uboitl iUlrri.'<.'n fLvt, Tln\v 
uiiderJte the Illinoi:) valley and tlii' blutTt^ on cUhvr 
aldf"; towanl rhi.- i-'artt rising mpSdIy over Die axis 
o! tlie St Peltry 4nitdston«?, Tbe two u)»jji-r on*^* 
crop oataod di>^!4pp».-;Lr, wtiik' thf* lon^rone ov'krlii-it 
th& St. P«^^is Xa\ Ortaw:! anil Mni'st'illi>s> mid np 
tilt? T»-nnini.>ii to S. %A. T. 8^ R. 2. H.-iv (]ii« irin 
tcrnuhutes il?^ wilmilS lading iti ihe bottom of the 
Venuniiriii, Anuthnr rein has \wt'%\ riiuad hy bor- 
ing, at thifi point, forty -sLV^rti f<>»>l Inelow Mm nrr*t, 
wLicli L-xlc'ru]5 to Sti^alor and b(?yoncl, over u large 
i*xtt*iit of ri'iHlory- It is reiKjrt-ed at from tln"w to 
fonv feet thick, and of I>cat <inality. It Has al>oiil 
on^.' hundred fci?t heloflr Lhi: vi^in now bdng worked 
at Str**ator, and has been there exitlored oaly by 
boring. Tilt? StaK*gi?ologi<'al report trhiima lliat this 
Is the \^ Sallo lower vi^in. whioh is crvidi^rdly u mi*- 
take, Tht* veiti worked al V»*i'miUionvil]v and 
Lowelh at?knowk^d(rc'd to bit Ihflt I'vin, is forty live 
fkH?l below Un- brown »and-rock. (ii eonspleiioiis t«(mcn 
on the Veiinilliouy, and tlie vein which crops oat 
in the river oti SeetloD '31, la thesaraedistanon twlow 
that rock with the Mume &trut:i intervening as at 
Lowell, whilt* ilie vein sJRiwft ilw-lf ia nr-iirly nil th*? 
ntvini.** betwtjun tlie iwo pUce^ ^mdually declining 
froiu ftt»veni] fet»t above tbt' riviT to its holtoiii on 
Setrlion *24 ; whik tb*- v<*in in rtintroverny J:* forty- 
Mrrr^n fi't't Wow that, with entirely diBerent atrata 
intervemng between lh»r l\\*^- Tvvo nhait? liav^^beeii 
sunk on B. DU T. 3:2, K. 1J> and tiiis vein if f or liie 

Secnoiaii^ O^oicffy^ 

fit"" t1m»^ iMnUff W*'»'ltf4. It I^^ov^'S a vuliiablft vi^in, 
U iH thiwaud :i Italf f^et or orer in ihickuL*^. nnd 
or i»xc^lk'nt qualitj'. For bhii:k>-fntlJtiitg, ^'n^Tntiing 
9i'^i», and all |iurpo*tt»s !*o far as uitnh It is superior 
tonjiy otliGi" foal fuund in llit< [*cumy. 

Hie noxl vein fviuLil iti H«<*pn<Iii])f t1i<f VvrmilHon 
iti cm S#*ctIon 10, e^llt^d tli*- Kirki>aini"k r>r Cork 
bvtl. Its extent is n(4 fully kaoviii. It Uw* aUn-f! 
iheriv^r, and is worked by drifting from the river 
bottom. A sliiift «unk by David Snawn on (he 
S, W, i «r S. tJ. fouml nin<- fcrl uf ci>al highly TciA 
beloir tlie Eitirrane. It is a fair roal, but not a8 ^ood 
a« the same vein bi<?hor up the rivj^r. which is cx- 
t«ngiivly worked at SlfL^iitor. Thi» vi^in Iioe^ an 
ari^ra^e thickiu^its of about lire f«et^ and cjctvuds 
OTi-r a Inrgi^ area. It id minted on a large ai-ale for 
shipm<>ni by the 9(*%"eral niilroads crntfTing at 
Srrtiacor: ii^;:ti-;;ali]i>; <»v<'r a ihouiieand lona jn^r 
day, and <-«ast»at]y incr^aein^. I'hie ooal field, and 
lbt> ont al r^ }^1k% iir^Mimong the tiioftt ext^nsivo 
andrahiabli' In thv StuCt-. 

TUe Iniiu^uee eupply of motive power, bc^th coal 
and Tiat4?r, wiiii ihi' comiiianc1in>c ^^-rtgraplilral 
])oai(iun of (he county, and f^cliitJes for cheap 
iniii.HpEjrifiiifm, iudtojittf that il tnuviT Hi sometime 
hecomt* a gri-:u iiinfiiirni^iiinii^ dinirirt, Il is true. 
ilMi^ruUriral Pf'siMirtreH aiv tiecrmd to uone, and if 
couatied of like ctiamrler; bui^ Il vvonid Ix; lh<; 
mot^t fHickle^ folly to firgh:^ct and f^pura those 
t^riiitiea Ujt a divi-rsifit'd industry whii^ii nature 
It84 laviaheiL ^ profu.'^'-ly upon tia. No purely 


Hf start/ qf La Sa!U (^mni^. 

igrioultuml r^fflon mn ?vor be plcli, A^Viiltiipe 
floariBti9B b^£t« iiriil ifs prollt>f ure cIouUIk^ wIkh 
along 4!ilt u muiiuriK? tilling (n<lu^trj\ In faoi. alf 
tTie puniitils or :iii ciJi^htcned I'lvniTJition Ilnuri»^li 
Iwst ill Mil? ricinity "f *.'iir;l) oIIht; jiU :ir»' iiiiimriltj' 
4ltf])en<1ent, and lan^^tit^li iAolatt-d ami n]f>ne: artd 
tlisit romniuNity \^ tile most w^'iiUhv. Miood nm! 
inMlii^Jil tliat rultiratt-s ill) rJir arr.;* and indn»- 
tripfl— that 8o Tar as climate, loontinn and Tcnonrcps 
will ]jcrniit, b of itsrlf « ininiahir*' world, itsrilbi-ns 
liTing indeix^ndt'iit. and by their own indn&try eup- 
plyltig rnortt of Hdr wanrs. 

If tMsgi^lJt'rntion dot^sDOt utilize tht^ ra.tTira1 w^- 
rfuitap.>B of uiir position, fiomo oIIilt will, and will 
Ino^h ftt Uif folly of tlii^. Our advaatagvn aw luo 
proniin**nt to always oacapf? tho n'.>tie(> of dUcerniiij; 
buftiiti*«p^ nu'ij, and tli^ field U tooampit? to ivinain 
long Dunpprop Halted. 

There lire few localities in ihe State where natiiro 
has bt>!«titwr.^(l with a rion* larSsli tiiiml ^^uch rii*h(»8 
of mineral wcalili a;* He bfin^ath the aoil uf Iji Salle 

Bf^hiy Hii* rhiriljfrn bnrdi*r nf (,hf rft;il fieM, ami ad- 
joining i\ rirb agriiTiiltuiil iv^ion i.o tb^ norlb 
entity d**atitutL' of that iirtic1<^, it hna superior 
adrantagi?^ of loration for Mipplying that markrt. 
In odditioD. tbe iron and other ort^s at Ihe north tviU 
be brouKht Ti<:ro for dmelting, 

tt tak<^ about three lon^ of coal to rvdne^ two 
tons ol ort\ bdn^ onctbirdchcopijr to bring t!ie ore 
to th& coal than to parry the <Toal to the oiv. T!ie 
coaltlvldftof Illinotelyingbetweeii theores of Ldike 

Eronoinie Oe.nUtiffj, 


Saj>>ri')r»iid llic ln>u >raimuiifi r^.-ffiiu] of AlU^foiirt, 
Diak4¥t il a prom!n«^Rl lorjility Tor thi* iron manufar:* 
Ian*, anil tli*- liirlit fr^nn 1t<-r rnrnar<.'?^ ntny ni x>iii<^ 
llm*? in thif fiiUin*, li» ^ihiim i-xti'iit, rival tht- light uf 
ilift |»raiirl« flr>f» nf Iit*r earlj w^lPlwnent, 

An anticlinal axis cotdpo?*'^^ of tljf^ St Petcra 
9aiid?(oiii? — a jKait of thf :?ilun:ui ji^^rii-H, whtili pnii>- 
eriy tx^lcagff far Wowr Ww carboniferous, crowed 
(Ik* crmnty ncnriy from s'liillnri-f^t to northi-si^l. It 
ia first seen on the VfrmUIion above Deyr PurU. It 
forniH llio binlfs of tln' Illinois river from Little 
Roi:k lo Otta'vjj, a»d abovp, an^ Ift ee»rn on tli** Fox 
i-Xti.*iic!iug into Kt^ndnll C'umty, nnd Ww siihk' strata 
an<li*rHi4 ila^ drift nvormorvr than orK- lliird of the 
L-otiatjr. Its nilll)iickne0ftlfiabontlt')Ori>et ; iii^Tne 
places nnich tliicker. It rises qnit** abruptly, farm- 
ing th<4 nx&«, dif']>tiiclng the ciirbnniroroTi^ :iiid 
taking Itit placK Tlila axis 1st tU^ northern tionnd- 
ttiy of th<? cojil ni»?;i?an^ ••ast i.-f Ottsnra. und the 
i:a*<tt-rn l«'iutd^iry orilh* La SitUi^ ba^ni, aboiil ibp't* 
iuIIps east of La S:ille, wiili the i^xceptinn of the 
ItnCtoTii Tt'iu. wliicli nvfriit-» rhv 8t. P«'tt'rs ^t 
Bnlfatfi Roi'k, Ottiiwa, i\i\\X abciv*?. 

The nplieacnl ol the St, Pet^n* ^indstoni* fnr- 
nWn*» tliti Wst maU^rial Tor ghifs iiiaQufnr:tnr«\ and 
will U> ibe dotirce of an '^xtrTLHivfi snd pri>IUabli? Jn- 
dnMn>'. Thr inAtL'ri:i] is of Ok' bo?<'t qimlity; thi' 
umoniit iiit'xhu liable, ••aar *>f a4'c*'5H. and (he ftn'l 
ohuftp and cloa^ at liimd— o combinution of udvan- 
Ifll^off ttiat CUD si^iirci^iy Iw mntrhod t4»cwhtrt\ Tho 
tifieori;la>« increo^^es, as w^Mtltli, taBte and luxury 

inciicaAt-, and thiH pui'sult may well initidi^ali^ a 
lar^H groTC^tli in the not <li»^rsD( THtum. 

Ti vni^ wry furhumtv? tvv this locidhy that nutum, 
n in-'ceasity or ]iafitiiiie, flIf*vale^^ and left for oar 
iiM-llic richfs of iho Siluiiiin strata, which would 
otht'nvis« haw remained far below our roach. lu 
ndditioti to tUt grciit value, for taanufafturiiig 
pnr|K>9(.'^ of ihe Si. Pcti^rs simdi^toiie^ com|)u3t'd of 
noariy pure quart/™ it gnve us the pieturoaiue vi^vris 
of UuUy Rook, Split Uock, CJ irk:f F«ilU, Starvi-d 
Rock uTid Ds^i^t Park, all in Ihia strata, and which 
ov.*: Thvir p*»runurslriiL"tin\» to tliis rormntiOD. 

Bt-in'juh llh" St. Pi'ti^r* Wi'H ihi.' uihifenms : barely 
brought within reach on the low bottoms Wtweeo 
Utica and Ijh SjiII*?. 

Thi* t'akif*'nm» lav* :i Hpt^cltd lun^rest as bfiii)^ iht* 
only outcrop of thi?* ritrata iii thB Stnt*^, and is here 
limiti-il to si.»vi'n or f/ig1it. mjutii'i.' niiW. Jinil <ri»it|aL»s« 
bf?dfi from which exir^lh-nt hydraulic linif- is made — 
an arlirlc of gn^t ecouoiuic value, and supplying a 
ciin-«lati11yinfivasiii^ ih-niand. Over UlO.tXKJ tarn^dn 
have been maiiufaeiurcd in a yi.<nr. Mow uud when 
wiL:} thUn^cis formed, hHuging within n*aoh miiieml 
w«Altii of an untc-ld nmoiint ; \Vns it ch:vat«d be- 
Toiv <jr after tht' dvposit of the coal mea^turon i Tho 
lt>w<'r rtAu of oonl i\>ftlft eonfoviuably on the St- 
Petprs. If that bed was horizontal L^Uewhepe, U8 
well 115 on the St. P<?N'r:t. and at \U<^ i*amo !e\'«l. It 
miirht: n-osotiably be Inferrml that the e/inl was de- 
posited nfter the upheaval. But ^mh ia not Whs 
Ijki. When ih^* eeliitf of rh** La Salle basin ap- 
proaeh the west sidi^ or the axis ihey rise at a very 

Economic G^io^U' 


ftlirupt aiij^1«. Wfts ccml uv«*t []t'|H>9iU'cl In Ht^l 
]>Oi^ition f It i^gi^iit-mllv Mii>p[>Hi^l timt tlit- ni^^innal 
of which the c*>al was foiinetl w*s probably d*?- 
posited in wut4.-r, und ooi]»;(|tictiily nl a vrati-r Icn-l. 
and Hiefnt^l (liatiroolotmopW b^-iin^ (isually thiek- 
#3»L in Ih-^ fr_utml part, corroboratce that ojiinion. 
Thert" arc oUicr indkatlone that give iK>m« t:lut* lo 
lh(> lime of the formnluin of tbe axis. At the cut- 
tinfcof tie Illinois bluli; on tht.t mtid rrmn Ouawa 
to V^raiiUiiiiivilh', Just art#?r cro.^^in^ Cov<>n onselt, 
the bcktloin portion of Tbi^ lirowa ^atid-ro<!k U lilted 
fo an ftn^li> of »boin Thlrly d^^^ns'i^ fhi- side to- 
vrard tbe nxb being eik?VHted, wiiile tin- lap portiuu 
of thv toiod-rocif ISoi^ in a bor]:ct>iitu1 po!«itiiin, ov^r- 
IjiiJ^f aud n^'*lllr^ on Uim tliMtirirfd porrion. Tbi» 
M*enis conoltiwiv-- ttiril ibt* iixis wiis fornu'*!, or at 
It-iL^t thin di}^urb»»i«< rHninvd, ilunng thr? di-[M>.Hit 
of this *iand-n>ck, which is in thi* npyn-r frf lies of 
i\\^^ ca rbo niter yu* In thi^ iocalit}" Ihr caibyiiif- 
erooa itrsr^ on the Trenlou Iinied[on(\ and tlie 
Trenroo overbipa> at an ascending angle, the 
doutb-:m nlop^ of tlKM^nUclinal iixen <*ompUQcd of 
the Sl Petera, which app^ar^ in the bank of the 
crcok under th<7 Tr\.*nton, but $oon rii^cs to tbe &ur< 
faeti o! th<? baiik^ and tli« Trenton dituLpp^■a^». 

Tf tbia theory be tnie, tlie La Salle <:oal woe 
<Ut|>o^C4v1 bL'fiire tbu rorinntiou of the axiir, «'htlo 
the Kirkpatrick or Cook bed was deposited after, ae 
tbiu Ywn. nlNjv^ iho brown sauJ-rock. 

The Trenton liiu4*»lone H hugely lised for biilbl' 
Ing purpl>^T^ and some p:irts of llie strutai mnke a 
go<Td, » hill* linit*. It \s qiiiLrried :it fTniMnr, Idouei]^ 

84 Biei&rii */ La Safh Covittt/. 

Covell cretk, and oilier pi>lnts, ami exteii»W"dy used 
for hridsee, u^i^^dncts, culrerls. collars, wells, ©tc. 
Th«» brown j^aiid-rfiok iw ii^i*^! quiUt <»xiejn*iv*»ly for 
cxOlar^rLiul v^\AW^ and thi^ doljd >»oilion anriwof^ a 
very pood pnri>ose. 

tafAclt-fltly ooliertivi* for building purpose. 

Th« county h riHi In i'-laj». A vt?ry t^oad fire clay 
In imniV-nsH qimiiciCii'H iindi'rlfc'fi ili>»rfMil : 1sorgn-at 
valnt' fff llu* iTiuiHjfju'tun* nf wur*^, tiK lire brick> 
lining for hIdvcs and tnninvt'^^ and ttn? vanoim us'i'^ 
to \% JjiHi flui^h a rlay is adaptt'd. nnd will doidillfsft 
ercnhiuny be of gn-at ccon^iniic iniporlanc(.\ The 
drilY <-liiy of tbr miIwoiI m-*»r rno^il of thr oonrily is 
an E'Xcdlent malTial for common brick. All of 
tliew clnya Imvc- no real limit, but can supply any 
domnrid for a decadr- of gr^olopir: liaic. 


AftifTft Itiiowli'df^c* of the lopo;;rajiIiy and fC^oX 
of a connUy, we may well protvM to inv*»sli^at? iti; 
history, to know tIk- lUit'^ it lias subT^i-rvi-d IhrnngU 
tlio long n^<^* of the pa&t. 

It la a very natuml giibjt^ct of iuqniry for ntiy 
people, to know wli'ipn^r^^ili'd r1h*rn in t}i«' bird Ilri*y 
oci.'iipy. nad wbn kvei^eibellrtiLposf^eHsorsof Uipfcoit — 
notonlywhotliey were*, but wimi they weri.-,ftnd under 
whiit cir<-nmxtnno>-K lh»'y |ki«si.^sh1 il. Tlu* ptviple 
of LliUrouutiy, ilin Eui-iifrean i-migraiUft and their 
dHsrondajits, hare been ac^UBtomcd to regard them- 
selves ufl the tlr«L with tlie t^xcvption of thu wild. 

Mmrml Ruffilrrs- 


savage rribt*s : aod f'Wlwo hundred years after irs die- 
eov^ry wml itt^trtL^m^nt hy rbu Eiir(>p(^flii«? tliis ihoory 
r^fnnlnt'il um^tii-Tieliim^V Bii( wjtih afri r tli*» whir*? 
sc^thmieota exi^ndf^d over ttitf Allt^^huiues, (he dis- 
COVf-ry of nKnitKl:^ or iiirth works of a v»ri*'lj' of 
forms, of whirh tl]<^ liiiians knfw nothing, arrpj^ti-d 
IhiratUniliiifi uf tli^'Cttnoii;^, and a^ ?4'.-lllmiu>^nl« ex- 
tended nv^T ihb Wt»rtl*m valli-y tht-wr? dbiovmrrh 
wirremulUpUL-d almost mdeliiiitely. The-^iiitnulior 
nif'in^J^ iirt' n(ostly man^^oloain!!^ or rcccplacirs Tor 
th*:f dead, and uanally cotitaiii on^ or moiv »k(?li*ir^9, 
vith pottery, ('oppcr utc-Tisili?, ticad^and otlicr trin- 
kets. Nuon*ro«fl moTindg for otluTtbanburiuil j>ur 
p<'F>i^ esiflt in tlur form »if nniinziU* aif^n, »-tc., &i>me 
npi^mroDtly tor rortilicatiocg, und many the object 
ol^hlrh cna not h** d»^teint1a**(J, 

Th**^.' ivlica af a byR^my age are spn-axi froai tbe 
Allegli»nk-ti fhr woa^orthn Miestsjulppi. and from tbe 
Gulf of Mt'Xico CO tbv north **!i<»h* of L:d<r Stj]>t>ilor, 
nnd nttmistakflbly indkaie the exisieoce, at some 
time lu the past, of a niimi.>rou« mid pnTtiaUy civll- 
i»pd peojjle. 

Tilts nirv. popularly trailed tiie mound builders, 
eoiupri»ed an imait^Tist^ po|ii>1alhiit. uni1 vrt-n- doubl- 
IffMniD agricnICnral people, a* tUny could iioi liav** 
^jbi^iaCi^d in sucli inuubtNa by any olh*T means. 
Tbe remains oflli'-lr ^^rdtriiM of ron^idTubb' »*\h-iit 
rtill exisi in MichiEan, Wisconsin and Ulinoia. The 
Lakt* SiiiKiiar i:opp*T inin»'» wrrr doiibtlcsi* workod 
by them, as Itu-y posaeaaed eopiwr utensils, siich aa 
kniv^ nwK a*^xile«, cto, ; and deep excavations 
4Xi#1«d lA the minea when first vi^Ued by tho wbit<»a. 


SiHcty^La Salk County, 

ra(^uirmg ad amount of labor tlutt the Imlluibi never 
performed. This poltcij wa* of line quality. mu<^h 
of W liiplily oniaim-nU'tl. aiul v#>ry durable, being 
fltiU ID SI perfect sUlU' of prejiendtion. Tlicir imple- 
iDent&tvDiii]nnt^t]K'orilyni(;mentot-HOf fhvirbQsmea^ 
ta^eg, and skill in tin* arte ; m^arly all wei^ deeigDed 
for iiee in tlio quiet purmiits of peucL\ triiila those 
left by iho IueUiih raci- aiH- moslly^ vreapous of n 
warlike pt*opli\ 

The e\nst<?nce of siieh a people i^ now anJvensfllly 
admitted by tiu* boat infornked, and Is aa certain as 
liny fiu'l IniTismiHed hy writMi bislory. Wriiien 
hiflory may fiiNify, but l1ii< imiNiidfi ijuulf b\ Ininian 
labor, file iilt^nruIsuTul tbi^iiiifuan lumes, are proofis 
tlinl nin nol be <ine!4tioni-d. Who Mn\v wf?n% fnim 
whi-nee ilifytaiin*, and vrlirTr i\\^\ HenI, are que&- 
tions that open a widt- fii4d for spwulatioii. Theb 
worksare her^r— works involving an nmoiiDl oT labor 
thatcf'uld only hav^bet^iidnne by uiiib d ibouaiinds. 
A ttionnd in VVV'sl Virginia nud one in Ohio, iin* eiicli 
9*?v*;ntyHvi>fi-etvi'rtiortl liei;jht,\vilhabafleor6evDJ'al 
hundrixi feri in ext'-ntn iliiman alu-leloim r<.-i>ost^ a! 
thv ba**r and evnire -if theSL' tiinnUI, bnl #o decayed 
that they cmnible to tlieir molhereartii wban t*K]iottrf 
to the atmot;pljei^>. A ft^w- skulls and pan* have 
been prej^eiTt-d, allowing a lon^. nariow h<'atl with a 
retreaiiiig forehead, entirely iinJIke tlie Indian hi-ad^ 
»ik1 iii'ire like thu aneienl Egypiiaii. 

Th^* iiioun(l?( ai^ ^nppotu-d tii lontaiii ihe leiimins 
of tbWr gr^at uiL-n— the size of the uiound pioluddy 
iudk'nfiji^^ Ihe extent of that ^n^nt 0*-^:* — whih' i\\^. 
Cfiiiirtum pecjph', t'ttreiviiig iiidy nHttinon Imimh tlieir 


3fttr(n'f- Buihlertp. 


iviuniD^ liftve long sinctf bwn dispeiH^^cl by tlie 

I^iin^d Willi ^(lier^i in lik(?^Urtn(Tat]»^ in Kiiru)i?. uliose 
A^* Is kriotsii, it \fk !tti|i]>r»wt l.lity jtll buv*? uii njp.^ uf 
at lea5l 2,iN^ yeans and chai: tlir- lasr i>lth«- latinleft 
thtj i:omnry «» •'arly us 20H y«ire R C> ThHr works 
rvinninin^ an* t\\*fSt only luMory, They rxbl at 
Ottawa, Lfl SaUi\ Peni> and other i>iiintfr alon^f 
tin: Jlliiioi? aud Fo:c. and :iluiiy:4 on n ci^niniimduig 
and ai^htly locarion, in fancy firing the apmta n( 
U»cd<^d A view of tlic eceiicry th'?y doubtU-ss lo\-i.-d 
80 wi.dJ wli.ri liviujc. Thi.-r^r.' mounds ufE-'ii contitiiKHi 
iDdisD ivmaina, a^ Cbc^ Indians ti$<-d ihvm for burial 
places; bnl eucli Tvmains wiir*' near tbf^ BiiHaco, and 
llie Indians kn>-w nolhin^ of tLu origin or history u( 
the mounds. 

A K^siii*'© «l <*i^ UiBt'jry of the pr«-hi&tonc raco*i of 
Ami-rkn^ eU<-^'hi*ro, may throw souirt liglii on ihi* 
ctrijzin anc! final hliitory of thi> mound bulld^'is. 
Ahlioiigh i\w history lyi thi? niicienc peopling oftlii? 
Anjrri^^nii <*on(ii]fnl bn,t Inn^n handt/d down only by 
tmdiltun and corrtilH^ralM by (In? wcirk** of the 
iin<rk>nt mhalnttintG, y?C it has n liktory ot dfi^p uiid 
aTi^>rbbij; Iitt>'r>'st, and tf writh-n ;i» fnll^' \\»< thai of 
the Kastf^rn conlini*nt has been, it would doiibth^^ 
starrle tiaby thr- magnitude? aikI povri-rof thtMiatlona 
width ros« and fell um-hronicled, iinhonort'd, and 

The A^yriari, I'or^ian, E;y|itirin and Macedonian 
ompihLS mi^^lit tind ihinr countirpait iilr^ng the Arva- 
xoft and Mi**t,-^sippj, at Ui*_* ftrt and iiloiig xXw' ele- 


HM^ry ^ I,a ScUk Ctntntff. 

ratted phUeftusof tliff ,^tidL% timl inCcntrikl Ameiica 
arwi Nff'Xico. Tin* niine of Anricur. riiirN af roafls, 
aqueducts, mounds, und other rdics of their handi- 
work, (d) of a Li^ii clviluatioii, or a wcultby, iugrm- 
ion? and powerfiil ptople. 

The ^MLipirc rulud Uy the Inrii;? of Peru, when 
€Oiiqii€rt;d t>j* the Spniiiards, had, in muny rcapccts, 
n Uighor civilixation nnd n more stable cini Roreiii- 
meiit than h:»fc snit'e lm<'r uclik'v<-d \>y Ihtnr oouquor- 
or^i. But rh<* i.u»fj|>li- rcnniu*rt>d by Pi/iirro wi-ro 
Inferior to their predecee^r^ as is shown by tlie 
etupt^ndous work*li*flusiinionumoiii orHnyirpow^r. 
Iiulusiry aiKl culture. A public road, built on a 
fiolid foundation of msisoDrf, paved with hewn 
Hloriv. hiid III rtTfUMit. Jiudgunrded l>y wiilli; on either 
side, wae built From QuSUj u* CliiU, alunjc thi? Sli*rnii», 
ovpr plKiii». niounltLinff, and rivers, with a liraiidi 
fmrii Otjxrirtiithf m'!L, and tlu-nn* iKjrtli In fhf er[ii!i- 
tor. It i>ii*sed ruer dee}j ravines filled vith the 
firmr^tmanunry, dugforlengurrr* thioUffli @«did rocb» 
sndL'Xlended a distance fir^'atertluutliL* length of the 
Pacilic ilailroud, und more ditticult of conatruclion. 
The j^<al tmvelor, lliimbold^ eayp of thia: "Our 
cycfi posted conlinu»lly on superb rf-mains of il piived 
road of tito Inra^ ; the roiidway, puvi.d ^^'ith tveli- 
cut dark porphyrilic stone, was tw*-nty feel wide, 
and iv«ted on deep fonndationa. This road nns 
nutrrellouGt. None of tht? Roman roada* I hure 
eeeii iii Itnly. South of France, or S^ipin, appeared 
to nie more Imposing than this uork of the au<!ient 
Pent via IIS," 

AtiUTilucl» for conducting water to their cities, 

Mound Budd^s. 3« 

aikI Tor IrngiicioQ— loO miU-i^ lou^t aii<1 o^^ Baid 
lo Iw 4<Mj— mad^^ of li*'wn ^tont* nWly fitted to- 
getlivr, hikJ laid in ci*iii*^nt. all of tbe mosl ]x<rfeot 
BAd iltimMi' oliAmt'tiT, iniuiy of which nn.' ii<»w hi 
use, were li^ft by tJuii p4*opl£», monUEnenis i*r th«ir 
gcniDS, i«kin Mnd indii^Cry. 

Thi' F4-nkviA[iT^ itiiiiuj hirl iircd 1>otli couoti and 
ffcM^leti fabrics of suivnor (jiialky, colton Lniig m- 
digi.-nouK to thrir ririiiJry,Mid w«f»l i(T>t:iiiii-i1 fmni 
llit'lUniJi, T1»<'ir skill iiuly<'iii>c with hanlly t-xri^Ued 
by Uie Tyrianfttln»mselvee, Gold. silFer* and copper 
ras*.^ and ^hUaair in tTnni»'n5«.M[imiititi».:», sliovrt-d 
lb*»ir skill in working; th*^s<^ metaK ami iJio people 
that preceded tbose ruled by the Inca^s or tlio^ at 
an r-ftrlirp*^^riod, nrt^suid tohuvf.'hiid luria- fiiriLiU'Cd 
lor sitK-Jliuj: iron on Iht* iihor<'r* of Lokv Titioaca, 
ikDdl1n-ir»7|]lpturoof thf.- b.ird^'tftstonL- could hurdly 
liATo be<fi^ urruiiiph^t^d without ir, and the name 
for iron in thtar ancU^nl Ixan^naj^f )& oonclitAive proof 
that i\\*>y hiid kuowli?d^ of thnc m^tah 

The Spanish buccauvt'rs and pirato-* who con- 
qtiifrinl xlw^v' jHHiph\ in thHr thirst for gold, and kouI 
for a f:ti)aiIcAl conct'piloii t»f n*li^[on, cruKln^d i.nit u 
civilixaiion Uioy ctnild nt'ver riv^il iior lepl.'ice, 

M<fxi<*o and Ot*ntra1 Aint-rirn ftinii^li I'fjiia.l proofs 
ofananciontciTUi/anon, 'ntt*niiiisor!nid«-iU riti(*H 
aiid «tructtirr^orgi>-Hl trxt^nl and niRf^shv grnndettr, 

Sdifcoverf d and dtT^ribi'd bv Ciirhrrw*»iil, Sr^^i-fii*, 
Sqnicns (ind others, and whiih art- doidnle*!! but a 
tithe of llit> like whicli lie buried beneath the trop- 
iciU forefil^ and vrild rhapunal of that inotHtand 
b<mt€d climate, |>oint, uiinnt*(aH;ibiy, to the exist- 



I{h(oTy<f Ln Sails Cduntj/. 

eDce of a |K'<>pI'' hi;;hly nkilliHl in aroliU.t.^urr. of 
gn-ftf tTj<lii!*lrv, Anfif*ni>i-rior tante; aiul while e^iuaJ* 
ing til'-" Peruvkins in tUe const riKtiuri of ratiasivc 
tnatt'^ury, xht^y weri* far tmi>erior in icstbctk skill ; 
and ilio i.*luhi.imU' oriLiLmciiTaliou ;!hovrd rhc pot^^os- 
Bion i>f pr^-nt w^^lili. wiiich n\nn** could enable 
any p«^opk" lu (it'vukT «o rDUcli timi.' lo iU*y ornn- 

The stonvs coinpo«inj? lliose ruin^ :ire nkely ln>u'n, 
highly orii»ETiv-iiU'd with i^hiboniic vnrviu)^, laid in 
mortuf of lime hikI s:mc1, Kiid frt<quj?nl)y fiiilghed 
with stut'C's of ur* fuiM i[im1h.y xrul worUnjuiisTiip 
&H irtn(li*ni :irl. i-nit ftirrilt^h. 

I^ir«i<safifl hien*giy|ihiocham(^(eiw frefim^nlly oc- 
riir, and this pt'f>phMiiul i\w PvriivijLn^ huth iMvmiA 
tohavi- li;ul:LW:[tlt^ii]anKiii^*^Aih1 b(i(ik?*of liii*tory, 
whirh tilt? ^pnninrd*^ very carefully destroyttj. (Uiive 
bookfl w^r^^ lutht-r hforoglyphinii thjin :dphab'.-tL€!tl>> 
Tlif little whi^^h n>miiina of these records icivea but 
a slight cla<-' to thfir history, but with the iradi- 
tionii of tho peopk- open a foint ray of li^ht through 
tht^ <hirk V ietn of i>ii<t. Tht.iy had t'Ofn?i<it^mb[o 
krowh^dctf of at^trrmomy, iinct dlvld^'d rho yt-ar inro 
eighteen months of tw»^nty diiys en(>1i; they then 
add*-d II V*' days at the end of th»^ year. !ind one moro 
fVLTy fourth or hiss»»vtili^ y*^r. (hn* ohnmirKiig rlie 
dm*.' fls a<^t;[irati»ly as th*» KuropciuiH. 

Th*» Ar.U*^r^ who wi-r*? in p(>ss»^H**ini! of rfif rcmntry 
at Un.t Cinic of th<' inv;i!>lon by tliv Spaniards iindEfr 
Cort^ W!*re highly riviMitv!, a^rornparcd with llw 
earage tribes by whom they wei-e sanimiid^. but 
Uicy were not tla* builders (jf ihoae splendid 5truc- 

Mound Sfiil^ATs. 


turtHi u■^^>«fl rulnfl IW so profosely scattered ovet 
fh*>ir connlry. 

l>n(l!tion n<liiti'vi lUsti at an i^^rly dute u savage 
|M*o]i!*» orcufOed th*? L-orihlry, rulft»il Clu'CliimTrks, 
who liv»-il iiv hunting :>itil ^l^hillJ^, :infi hjul no 
ki)nnii-4)g^ or tlie aHh, ami are siip^hi^^d to have 
bi^n iliH tiT>t iHTiii^inls of til'' ftnil, TK»'y wfn'flin- 
|ibcixl by ihe C%»niu;iris. a rii'ili/i-^l |«-ople. eyiSd to 
imve come froiu th^ Ka^t in ehips. Tht-y arp d©- 
^^^i^*:ll A8 tht- frrtt i.-v<iple- who (*i*laMU!n?il tin* arto 
of cmlisation awl built cJticp, They tunght iho 
Chi'Cliimickstoeook tlu-irriiod and t'K'dlliviU.i' the 
earth, i>ut tiK-ir libtory is ^hmnd-'d in th»^ uncer- 
tainty of n ragat' and dark tradition. Tln.-ser were 
eonqih-n^d by lln' ToUi-***^ aiiotlu'V rkili/j-d }u»n|i!i\ 
vhoaroMlid tohave<*oin<»hy suecessivo eniJi^lutionA, 
from th^ NorrlKMitt, loUi hy land and l^y *-*a. They 
]Ai(n4^d wSih the wild Chl-Ciilmh^ks of the mountains, 
and took 1h>>Colhiian ca|>iUiK Vibal1ia> Tt i»proba- 
bK> that the coii<]iivrrtn< and ihecnmjiien-d mingled 
togelhf-r and becHine u h(inii.ii^<*a^ii]A jtv-oplf. and 
tlte tiiiit'-d iDtifnigi?m-e ruA nkill in thearU-iof Iho 
Iwii produced that pt'rfertt-d civiliuilion vvhlcii has 
^iMoni^hi.^ tile world, c^wii nirJi th^r ruins of 
tht^tr ooce dplendid cities llxntal and Pnlenqiia 
vrilh through nil the fndirr, l^-T^tify t£> th*" hi^li at- 
lairitnenlH of the m<i' thar. rejuvd Ihwu, Thi- Tolii-irg 
ocou|u^^d and improved theeitieBof the Colhaaaa 
The dati* of lh«'ir emigrations, probably ih** com- 
mencement, afl a populous peoplL> Bpr4^.<ad ovet a 
contLn^uc nr^ act dUplacod in a day or ct-iitury. i« 
abOQt l,i>Oi> yar^ U'fon^ iho ChrUtlaii era. and tlwy 

43 Nisfory of La Salle Co7inijf. 

were overiun by the Aztecs about two centnriCB bo- 
fort." tlio Spiuusli coriqiU'sU or about A. U. 1330, eo 
timt till.' Tokr-i*:* riniftt liav*- hi-W tli-' coiintrr ovi-r 
S,U*.Nj years. It was duriDg thai time t^jut llio dlie* 
orCt ntml .4m»'rloa wi-ivbiilll, oiul llie Tol«-c« wt-re - 
dcubtless l\w builders. ^^fl 

Tlii'j- iLH.' satil lo liitvi' i^ouif fiom a country oftlled^^ 
Hua HtiuHhji^Oau, and tbaultt»y were ait old jjwjple, 
tliE^ won! Ilii» Una mt^ning old, llujuilnn Ix-ing tbe 
nrlgirijil iifniii', Thn dlmntioii fiYim whirli llify 
canity and Iheir conimgi by saicossivL* i^uiigmtioas, 
\>y bolh laiui and sea, wauLd B<ieiii to point signifi- 
cjitkHy to the land of \\vi mound builders^ and to 
Indicate that tlic mound buildi.i^ were theTolleoa^^ 
ot Mexico. ^1 

It U not jmprobabto that n bnincb of the Oolhuan 
cniigmtioji muy liavv *^?tfh.'d iw i\\\} valb/y of th« 
Mi£»i0»ippi, at the ^me linic that tho otbc-r branch 
oocupu^d Mexico, and were the progenitors of the 
inotiiiJ bulller^; or tho mound builders may liavc 
beemoJonies of the same race, after they had be- 
come? populous iL tlii'ir Mt'xUuii biinie, and w^ion 
llor iiiothi?r conDtry be^a to Aiine> their *?xlend«d 
Qolonlea rery nnturally soiiglit the milder clitnate^ 
xnd nion* highly irnpmvt^d ircMintry, at the cf-ntrat of 
.4m<frii:;in rivillAathiii- 

And a^ Rome left more niins of her temples and 
citirs UmFi Q.tul or Dric;iiri, m> Central America and 
Mfxico contain more tbfin the valley of the Ohio 
or niinr>i£. 

And aa a sonthern and Lot climate Id n^rer aa 
^(Torablo for the prodtiotioa of moa. as the temper- 

Mtmnd BuUd^9. 


aiewjiit*; and as In lh«^woHd't<l)iHiory,t1]fr people of 
aaoailR-rn cliraaleliavet^vi'ryifOUed, in a contest, to 
tliccliiMrencf the- North, no thoColUn&ns of Mexico 
fell an ^■;lf^y \\T\*.y to ihv. hiiriy iii'itincl buiMi-r* froin 
this gn-ai Wtsn^rti vnlloy, but bdn^ of tlit^ some nice, 
ihvy soon t>c«am<; ont> pc-oplo. 

A brif>r sketch of tlm opinions i*fEijrop«^nwritor8 
as Ilk rli'^ i>ngiti of tli(Mtikcit-nt Aniviivaii civilization, 
mar b^re daim a place. 

At <HK.» tim*.< :i fuvorit*" tli<»orj-, now MXpltHb^d, was 
thai lb*' lo-si n*n inWft of Israel came to America, 
aad wertj the progi^itoiv of all tbt.' peoples here 
Ton till , 

AnoUier waA Dm MiHuy. as the Malaya are known 
Id have jieopli^^ most of the if^lmiclf? of the Pac^lfle, 
anil tli'sr 1nngiL:ig*' fornix Ibt^ \\ii^\^ of iir.irly t\\\ rhr 
dia]t<ci?< of l*olj'nma ; t^vi-n the f^^indwicli islaiiderfi 
ep«ak a diulr^'t of thnt laugii:ig<\ Th^tt tbcy must 
bav-* reechcil the Amc-riain coniim^nt is<inite proba- 
ble, bnt there is no proT>r thai tttey cvor octtk-d her*, 
noruny tnic<*! of thi-ir lnn^u^g«^ »uni»n^ aJI ii\^. tribet^ 
of the continent. 

Tb^Tu \» more plau»ibilS:.y ir\ thv Pho^niciiin the- 
on'< for thft ancivnt Jiisiory of the Pba>mciana, 
K^'vptinnsaod tinM-k« Kpi-»k of u land beyond ihc^ 
pillars of Hereule^ias a wond^-'rfnl land and occu- 
pied by a wond^-rful people. Vessels were fiuid to 
have bven driven by stn^sM of wtiither till tliey 
reached the fdiore^^of this far'tiiF hind. Coniin'ted 
vrilh ihifi Ibciiry^ is ibi- t(Up|iiiM'd fabU^ of \hi* hi.Hl 
Atlantis ; a continent was Aaid to have occupied, at 
an early date, a Liirgc poition of the Atlnntia Ocean, 


Hfsiortj of La SettU Convly. 

ibat it embraced th^ Gulf of ^fc^xfiro, CaHbb^n 
Swi, l)w n'gion f>r thy WVst liidivs, iin<i <^xl*»iided fiir 
Uiwarrl 11e4* Oi):iHT tjf AfHf-:i, 4-iiil»r-;4f'tiifi: fheOijNML 
Verde HDd C^iinry Islunds : ttiiLt rliosi< islands iin( 
lliti Wi'Hi. Trirlw's wen* tin- hii^ht^t |K»r1irj]i of the roi 
tini-ntf w lull- nil tlu- Itiwi-r jiorlum ^ra?* Mi^nirrg** 
by st>m<^ (Oi'iit roiiviilsinii : tluiL Un- Athiniia w»b 
oot*i]])iE!d hy a mniK-nnisaiirl hj^lily i^ivili/^tl [tripjilr; 
a portion of tlnrse e.scapir>g Ti om the great c-ataclyai 
rt'ftchrd tliff coiiliii"-nt, and built Mic grc-ut citi< 
wlioee I'uins have civiited aiich flui-pris*; and wonder.' 
Tbcf fltory of the lii.<T Atlnntb will probubJy ncv«r 
be reriited. That iht- Pha-nicians, who wert' acom- 
mi^cial Eind itdventurour^ people, may hure reached 
the Wt'At^rn i-ontim-nt U qnlto prolmbl^, and y< 
th^re 3in.*iio eu«(oinpi« rirts, or Ifm^nnges, exbtin/;* 
lion', which eaii b«> li-u<:<!(l to Hint iieojilc, u-hU-Ji woald 
havo been the cafie iT tliey hud settled in any con* 
ttid«»rdilr tMiintn'r^f, Tln-si- f.licrnii'.saivittl bit^erl llpi>l 
tht? suiiposiiidii tlial i\%f Airteriian toutiiieiu i-«iili 
only be inlinbiii^d by Mtvii^i'». iititva^ a ctrilicilioi 
was iiiijxji'ti-d fnitn tlif Ka^r-'Hi roiilini'nt. TIhtc n« 
be nn valid n^aflon pivt^n why Uie \Vpatei-n<:ontjaeal 
may not \\i\y*: OTi^mnU:^ a dvllij-ution an rcjulUy 
tht? Kaatern, and aa it ia seoloi^irally older than t 
KusU-rn, it muy iiavo bad prvx*odt*no(r Id tho improvi 
ment of man. It hsid a i^ivili/ation, ami thi? WVi^t- 
«rn vuTK-y slinnvl in il* bi^neiits. It would hardly 
be reasonable to **uppoee that Mexico should in? oivu-- 
p\\H\ fur two or iiwuK' ihon^md y*^iir^ by £iq iDleUi-] 
g«it and actir© pt'ople. and they nevt*r visit or knov^ 
o( tht' imtiM'nMi litrriUirv iioribe:tTit of tiietii, wlii 

Jf&tinff BuitdcTfi, 


(lurre was* no iiiiTunBl Utrnrr 1o |irpr«m exploration 
or «*migititton ; iirul llir- wni k^ It^H, c^llini^ tbat aach 
a poople existtti, arc continaoui^ Trom Pnlcni^tm to 
Itike !^u^i»*rior, »m1 i^ tLnifonn in f^tructutv a^ to 
l«ire CO doubt tbi-y wctv built by Uit* sitme people. 
Tlie \^r^ tumuli !iaTo n tmiform ^hapo a-ud con* 
etructioD, the only tiitTirt^iuo b^inff that thoee in 
xht> tnotbor country aix- iin.'ix' <.lu*»(init<.» and por- 
feet. Tlie broad and lo-« elf?vatt^d of these works 
w^ix' (»ndHntly foundEitions for nmiv p^r^oi strur- 
lure^. Tht' [na!«4lv>- mini* <>r Ti'iur*! AtiKnca are all 
huilc on elevut^ plateaus or tlac lumiJi : Jind ttiere 
\\\v »iriii<^r«tnic(uivs w^rt- IniiU of siont-, and cmi- 
itn|iiL-at]y ivQiain; wliil*- furlln-r norfti, \i\ i\ hr-avy 
limbiTwl rpgion, tbey were probably nf timber, 
Itablf- to l>e de^IroyiHl by fin* i>r th** surer anni- 
liiUtiog inflaeuce of over twenty centuries of time. 
Ttmt \\w thr'ory. tliiil llir mound biiildtTs wrro tliv 
Tultocs of Mosico. ifl but a tlieory, is rriie, but so 
platiaiblt*, and ao well rorroboratid by all the cir- 
cumBtaiicte «atT0unding it. Mml ir will b<^ received 
sikd b«T]EoT«^l until one bettcur provod ebnli claim 

There ar<* eonvincina indirailon^ that thi^re vras a 
cloMt riOat&on^ldp and connecUon bi?tw*?^n Ww an- 
ient eivilfjcailons lliroutfh rhi> U-nftib of the Auifri- 
van oocLllni'ut. The mourjd fiuildei'<4 of the Mi$ai6- 
ffippi VaHey, tb« ToU»<-j4, or Ci>lhuanTi, i>f Mexico 
mml Ot>ntra1 Anif^ncu, »nd MicaiK^ieni. i^ivilued rart^s 
of Peni, ttriv ll^ll1b^lr!« Uir Mime, OJ" Ji. rlowly rt»- 
Intvd pcoph?. The author j<»t»^ved from Dr. L, N. 
l>£itiiiii^ic formrrty of Ottawa now of Santa Bar- 


History of La Salle County, 

bam, Oi!ifornla» u ^>lunoKi'ai-'l> ofa *p('citii«a of an- 
d&iit pottE^iy, diifi from a mound on the sonth bluff 
of the llliroi*. jUTrt *.'ust of Oft:tw:i in tins cormry, 
af a oiirloutt rorruaiion, ami ^1u»win^ niu<-h skill In lt» 
construction. Il is a kiiit.1 of quHdrupUi-iited Jug — 
fniirsmjilT jti^-1i\t- v»ksi']m, fill roiirii'rtf'il u'tlli t-»u:1i 
other at the ha^e, ami I'imui eivvU of uliirh. its from 
tlio corner nf a r<i:iu»rc, nsr-^ » tuh*^. uniting in one at 
the top, likrt the *i|»ont («f a jug, all forming ouf ves- 
sel. It 15 compo;^M.i of thv ^unie material a?" all the 
pottery found In th.-3t* mounds, and from it^aiipear* 
ance wns nol burned like modern |>utt< ry, U differs 
from tht? m"di;rn cirtkih' by bolujc t^li^titly elAdUOt 
and one inj;ri'dtent in iUconiposilion is flujipa^^ to 
be pulri?rizcd dam sbtHlf^, This potttr^" 6t?t'mf* to 
b«liidi.'a(nL<itibk\ a;; a.OUCi yciw-p* of time has left it 
apparently as perfect as when lirat nmde. 

NuriR^rouf^ i^p<?<.'init»ti»- of aiK-k^rn poM».>ry from 1h« 
mound?> of Pent and South Anierk*a are of the mms 
fonn »n<l inat4.' as tlif one abov^ d^'ttcnlH.'d. ftiich 
i^uld hardly hty ihv cafu*, ludeHs tli« art of making 
theEH wais d^-rived frt>ni fUe same source. 

This sp'cimen wjiw fourjd in a w-jiiilrhrat irionnd, 
and it H piMiuliar form might havi* some signiGuinca 
in coiun-ctiun wirh thv rdijrion or [?nT}(-r>lition8 of 
that p',-ople. Tht^y are 9uppo3*^d to have bten -jun 
vrorvhipcris, but tlicir disliiKlivo vh'W^ will j>roba- 
bJy ntver hv fully kn^vtn, yet much in that dirttj- 
lion will yH bf dcrelopt'd. a** wiy donbtk**- liavo iho 
rrflcft of llii*lr works scnlUTi^d over thonitand^ of 
mile» in extc^nt, from wLich to ^lean tli*.< mementog 
thai Urll wliuL and wh(» ikev wi^r*.*, Ttwj last fi'w 

Mij^md Buf/^ftt. 


jKOtt hAva dffvojofx^l iin]>orranC faoM In relation To 
this ancient p^^ople, and we i.niD luitlh' ostimaU' what 
Hes LD lhi!> ruiun\ Pn't.niiii*/M( iiiiinng rho*i*' who 
ls:ive dnvotMil y*-itn« to tin* hivesti^^liou t>r thetie 
relics of Ibt J<»s», is Freilcri^'k S, Ptrkiijs, r^f WW- 

flO") Monc> mllei-R, pestles, awls, pikt*s. etc ; fl,000 
"spt-Jir, hnn- :iml :irmvi-'lir:i(I?i; iiitd <if ri>p|jr>r. 
MXty-«I^]iL lApt'iir^ or iliik h<:'ac1js uiiie with s)ia.nk^ 
fiftwn with tiat flliankd : (i*ii kiiJvr^ tiftrcD chisels, 
five auf;4^rt<. Iwosjacifl^ t>ni?clriil, etc. ; aito.i:i^lhfrt),000 
«rtiolp9, of the pru historic iiju;r. His (-olloction of 
coppto* iniplomeitcs probably exotXHle any, if not all 
others. Th*^y were inoaLly tuniLHl iip hy tht' plow, 
and &>nw imbL-ddvd sfvi-nil fe'f in thr duy, 

ThrDU^h tJK' exii.*nt of thU givat Weeu^rn valK^y 
th4* soil will for aiget; cuutiziue to yield up rich Mict; 
of a gn-n: ami nitmi-rou^ poopK^, wlto$e<< day Ist scp- 
ainiteil from oars by more thaii iwunty L-ouiurieT^. 

Tlu-n- i^ nopiXMif tlml llu* iiLmind biiiltlrrs rulti* 
Tkte«l the prairit-a to any extent: their works 
are mfifitlyoD thr h1iLfT>lHinl4*iir;g ilii^larg*^' shruinis 
«ik1 iiiNir or oii Uif largt- and fi-rlilf botCorii», vrltioh 
they doubU^^A caUIvat'-iL MfiiKf waH rheh* piinm- 
jKil productioEit and lho».- bottoms WL^n.- the tialural 
habitai fif ilial i^en-al, and iis tht-y appnivntly had 
DO bea^tfi of burd'^ii. it wne easier \o nilHvatf by 
baud tbnn (bt loiigh .-wjd of lh»* pnilik\ if I lit* priii- 
Tie then i^xjfttod, aiid thew^ U no doubt it did. 

A fltnali iirvii of rich land, wi-ll fullivali.-d. will 
prodaci^ Indian corn i^uflioietit to fei'd u hir^o popit 
lation. Om-fourtb of a but^bel pt^v week was said to 


HiHifry {^ La SatU Ctmttijf. 

liavobc^ii Oil' ration nllowed t^lavcsi on 7^h€ SoatliLTn 
phiDtn[ion£. i*)>out tliiiVi'D hiisliflti por nnnuin ; 10() 
(icrt?a, at iiixy biisluls ptr Rt^r*.\ wouKl *U!*taln iiS4 
pc<»p]ttODo jvar— a vury much lar^^r number tlian 
tlio s-'ime amoTiiil win t:U«tain wli^n oohv-ltmI Enlo 
b«fif or pork. 

Tli«^ir gitrclen beds, so common rind eo wvll pru* 
s<*rv*'cl, wiTi- <in ilii' M*fnmfl or lil^li lir)tiniri, or on 
lintbei ]:nul arbari-eiia, niosIi_\\ and (roni tiii^ir Tona, 
w^ri* eridentljr' mUivatwl hy himd. Tliii:* }iiiviug 
iir> l«':i.<I.H of liiinlitn, tin*\ proliahly fHt'dlij^ iiont* for 
food, and if, ht-iwii wifur than their fliiCLvsfiors. ihoy 
converted nom- into wiiisky or niodtrn corii-jutce, 
lht\v could riisily .MiM^Jin n i>npnbluni tb« pr**ft* 
i?nt ctxiipantw of vull*-y iiai>* nol. and for a cen- 
t\iry to come, L-an not, equal. 

W<>ivador the ttiici»riitpooplt;sof tbe Ka:^torncoo- 
Hnent* of their conritlesa ninnbor. of Xb^h wjira, eon- 
qUL-ftts; and uvoluliont*, uf hkv &ua'c<;ditg raot\ 
witb awi^ nnd wonder. We look with littlo tosd 
tbnn reven-ncre on ruwled i'oin^ from Ath^ms of 
Rome, a pii^r*.? or .■^tom.- from tbe ruine of Ujibylon, 
Tadtuor, Balbec, orPalmynu while wo paai* almost 
iuiiiot:<"**d th^*e WMiks or t\ pi^ople, probably as 
numoroua, a?i ani?lent. and as liiteUj^r^iu \i^ woro 
thi^ hordes tbiit TullowL^d Sesofitri^, Siird:inHp:du9, or 

It Is lo Ih< ho^wd ibal soiii*' of thesi" mementos of 
a iium*TOU:i; and nnrii-nt jx-ople iiuiy be imrefnlly 
unti ^aiTnlly preKervfil, Hild fliul liie revt-n'ort; for 
Ibft nntiqiuiicfl of the Oiient may be equaled by a 
rorres]»onding re^^peut for those i*f the Occident. 

F^ncA Bvpi^m(ioii9 ant^ DUe^eerien, 4il 


Tlie Spaniaixia first rliMCfiV4-rvd tlie Mississippi, 
De Soto, i^Sjiaiiidh udviMiluirr, n'n» tlit? discoverer 
and tUi^ fir&ttociv>j9 itflturhnleat and rapid enrn?nt, 
and died upon thtr imirgin of iIhj Lowi-r Mi?«3i»^ppi 
ill ITA^. IIU di^ovori^'a wenf not uttlixed, and were 
n«fjiri>" forpjllcn. About a c*.'Tirury flapped btforo 
a Krv'nch vxplor^r rcaehttd a nortlu'in trlbiitnry of 
that B I ream. 

Jacqii-'K OrtUrr, ii Fivn(!h navigator, in V>'M. dls- 
covt?n>d X\x^ St. LniTi^nc^. and laok jiossesiiioii of the 
coanu*}' tor the Frendi kin^^. Clinmplain [;oon fol- 
IowcmI. and e:i:U'ii'K*d xhit Pniicli tilk\ wad uolotiixa- 

Till' M'tlli'mhnU wi-n- iNttli Migioiis nnd rnilUary ; 
lh« R*»ccjlleta aad JeonitAT n-ligitiiiH ordtrs of tlia 
Otth<^LC Church, rapri?s*rut<rd X\w ndigion^ clcm^at. 
and with a xtral A»d a^df -sarHtia^ nurthv iiny trauAt^, 
Ihfwe hardy and devoted miftaioiiaiies pf-nelrated an 
anbrok<*n wlMfrnr^ets tbou^tiind^ of milr.-:« in ^^xk^nt, 
«m lo<>9»^ ivom ali the romforts ol" rivlliKatJon, and 
bnivcd ^'ety fali^e* and dangi-r. and death itself, to 
carry tbt* nowa of tht} rrosj* u> ili** nuh- trilx'^ of th" 
?r*^*li.'rn wikU, Liki» tli^ir Proteslani brt'Chrea tlii*y 
wi&liM the eaUation of boqH buc pn*rv-ri-<*d that \t 
ithould corny rlux>Ti^h tli«' efforls of their own order 
— aad Ji'jUoiimi>m and nvalri»'s t'xisii^d from tljp first 
betweva i\w Jesiuta and Frand^ans^, bui Ihi^y lK»th 
lalxiivr! y^-a1r>ii«]y, iind weri* *:apriciously iiMed or 
OpIMAnd by fiiii dvil jnid iiiilif:iry Iii^jI of Llii> J'V>-ucti 


Iliaf&rif of La SaUe Gmniy, 

rhoylmd Isibon'd diliKL-ntlynod u^hhsome sac* 
for twvi'ral years among the CsiiiuliJiu tribes, when; 
th€» great iruqu"i»< war (l<'?*itj"nj'<'(l or !*<"*ri.*cl tlwlr 
oonvt n?; but i^lUl undlscon raged, they turned further 
west for aonls to sav*?. Tliey fuUuwwl \\w grv?ui 
?hK«^ »n<1 vttUihltslii-tl Im'ii prliirtiKtl iTiL-iKions, one ai 
S^iiiiil. ^[^u'U dii SnuEnl tht* outlet of I/tke SiipL*nor. 
uni) tlip other Ht Iji Poitiir. rjilhnl Point D»? Esprit, 
n*'ar thf went a-ikI of ihe wnne lalif. Thithr^r cama 
the lllinoid, PotUivnitomic;*, Fox*.'^. SJoux iind oUiwr 
w<!»tiTn tribe?s yearly, to trade with the French* 
A youns: Jtsuit, Jn<iqufs Marqiutle, wlio oumv to 
tht- iipp^T laki'e in ItitiK, iK^iml fi-oni fht? ILUnoift 
Indiana at theirvjaitsat I^Fointe^ of the great nrer< 
of till? Wf'iit, und aft(.'r rlio lrib(?* n.^s^i^Mn^ ncRr I-a 
P<rfnt* liad betmdiAjH?r&ctl by an attack of ihe Sioux, 
the Iroquoii; of the Weet, hervmoved hU migt^imi to 
Miii*klnfl\r« un<) from thi^rt^ In 1773, In company whb 
Louis Joliel, appointed by the >"VeaL*b Uoveruor tor^ 
tbm pitrpori^rj. started to exploit l.hv gn-nt rivi-r ol 
which they had \\k*\\v(\ ?ii) (inKh, On thf 17th ol 
June they reai'hed th*- Missibbippl whtre Pruirirdu 
Cliit'ii now is; they llohird down that rivi^r, Mi']ipiiig 
octa-iinnally to confer with ihe Indiana, tiii tliey 
rt'uchi-d th« inuulh of thi.- Aikauans, and tlj»-u reH 
turned hy th** way oC ih^- IlllnoU rivtr to Canr,da», 
Tlic party of Mimiueite and Jolict were the Hi 
discoverers of La Sidl*» County, and the first white 
m^n that ever parsed rhrough it. This wii& in 
SeptemK-r, 1.773, tntdltiOTi Miysou ihe imh of 

Theiin^i ttettlemeiu wiihin the county was made 

Freneh BTj^orat^&M artd VUcweries. CI 

by Ruhvrl OfiTalicr. kaown ns Loais Do La Salle. 
Ia SoJIo wa^ born at Rou^*!!. Fiance, in 1643, was 
vdiirukxl iur liJtx^iiU pileet but fil>iirKlon«dt]mt rail- 
iUfZ foJT XUv iTMfro ai\liii>u4 ii|iM]( a mililary ixtfJon r. 
>lanyortUe FreDch emi^^MOt^ &i rhut time were 
pHrsim* of iiUiin(*t[<m. Tin* AbU? I-Vneloii, H mis- 
fiioD^ry al QaiiU'j, ou Lako Ontario, wa^a brother of 
tlio rH(-bnitp<l bViKflon. Bishop of Cambray ; IkoHiQ 

^r^^'M VnTi'tY^ ; and 1^ SiiLle nas not bebiftci bi?i &H!40' 
rjiil<*s« ill t3i1i-iitA or prirstigr*, 1| m4»ii]» I Iwi fiitrnt? of 
tile l*eM ia1>'nt of Pranfe h;i<l \m**'U iilfr;trU*il f^» tint* 
wiiio lii-1^ of rntrrprisfr. the Animcau Arcjidio^ aa It 
WOK lbir» nilUil. 

In ICtiW. Tji Sallt* im»jf-(^tril Ihn <<\j>liir:iMi>ii of Uir? 
great rirer of the West and was iieranatied to unite 
vritb nn p^pF.'dition sent ont by the .fesintf. and 1a 
Sallr, wlio^r* r-'Hiiipft towftnl the Ji.'aultfi wxm not to 
have bt'cn coiNlial. by a rni*'' sL-pai-atcd fn>m them 
wlii^n on I^ik^f Rn<^ Thii JotitiitA wint<. rrd on tlio 
vreet end of Lak*? Kiie. in the eprirg wont north and 
explori^ th*" up[K*r lakfl*<- antlretnmIniitoMonlr«ul, 
inadQ the first map of the conntry, 

lASftUeivtfiit fK>uthf di«cov(.-r]n^tb'.> Ohio, and fol- 
lowi-d it to ihi' fftlli*. whi-n» ry>nlstin^ now l*. 

ConnI Frooieniic, iln^ able governor of Canada, 
aided IjU SriHt* In btiih^.ing u fon, ulirro Kiiig^^lon 
now ^fs^n^l^. at lli>? outlt-t nf liike Ontario, uliic-h 
Ivi ftidir minK'd l'\irt Fr"»fi.'n;K\ nnd miidi- h Irt'aty 
with the much drtaded Iroquois, prej>ai-atory to 
furJh"-r fxplorafions. 

1a &dLu ac this time donbtJese entoiiaincd tm am* 


Hhiortf tf /yi Sftl!^ fy/untff. 

bilfton of no ordinary ittandard. To control lin? wealtli 
of th<> Uir trade ; t" ofiteblii^h a cliiun of pv^U by tli« 
lakna ami ML'^'iiri»ip]>l to tijo Gulf, and anotliei by the 
vrtiy of rile Ohio; lo<irvumfe<rrih»Mlu'Englijiiicoionit-s 
ODtbv Atlantic, nnd hoM\ liiclj^ck tii«< S|3nrtiiirdi»oD 
till* »i>iil1u while n eeiirnil I'Veiich eiupirr tdntidrl nw* 
Sij rhi^gri^iU Valli^y <)f the West, I'i'-uig with tlie iiiotst 
noted of ancient or mnileni titnea, was il dn-«mi 
worthy the ;;«'niu?^ ut a Cifwiv or Ni*pol»>nD. and 
iiiii^t- }m\r. Wxvti Hie youthful mind of Ui t^lle witU 
& Frenssy for ambitious achi^^vement. In 1674 ha 
Salli-wenl Ui Fmi^ce. ?lron>rIy eiHlitr^ed and a^com- 
mondi-d to the Kiikg by Count KrontL'iiaL". lU- wm* 
"uvM remrtKl, ^ranti'd a pntrnC of noblUty, find 
gnint of Von Front.f*nac ami territory nronnd it— re- 
turning, ht* spent iwn > Lairs in rf^buildin^ aad 
«trenKTh"'nloff thi^ fort, nialtlnf; it a pro)ier hose for 
fatiin^operaUonB^ n fulcrntn for bolder or broador 

In I6T7 he again sniled for Pranee, antl in spin* of 
strong opposition, ueconiplished hisobjet^t, beint; em 
powt*n-d to ■'uiitiniic* hlndiMeovi-ni-Tf, ui build forte, 
and to oeeiipy. on thesRRie terms he did Fort Fron- 
trrwie. With thirty rulb.iw*»r« Ite returned loCnoada 
io 1778. One of hiri pLirly wits Henri ile Tonll, an 
iLallan officer who hod losi a hand in tlit- SieliSan 
iram. Tcmtl provi-*! nu -iblr, tnu*twarthj\ and most 
valuable aeaifitanr in \^\ Snll»*- Arnrt'cl ;it T*n>nl*'uac 
he soon orgniiizLd his L-xprdiliou : with a small ves- 
«^ liio oomininy ri.*ju.*h>.rd Nhijrani the lust of Ho* 
vember, but the vt^^ael was wncked. and moat of the 
»torc» to:it. A fort was built ul Xragara. tind the 


French E^ftfAfrndons and Di^c^tftitt, S^ 

at a prtuit abov« thn ^'ia^ani mpid^ euppoiwcl to be 
Cayntni Cr^^k. 

In Uj«T:iaiuiu4trof 167U J^ SaU«>and lii^pitnyjQ the 
Grlllin, a vee^l of forly tons, get soil on tbt* virji^in 
WHi-rrH of r^akt* Erh-, ilji." liret vi>i*a-l thai *"V(>r 
Hoaied oD iiy l*o*wni^ TJn<y foUowvd tlip chain of 
Iftki^ to G rem B:iy, uii^^rvw p:irty lh;il li:id jiri^-nU'il 
him had i^lli'^^fi'd :i lontl nr furs, wlih ivlnch ihtt 
(Trifliik was 1'xidif.i jun.i **'nt Iwck m apiHM^r hn 
enftliUir!4. They iTU0bAi«*d iiriMiiid r.hif MiittU «-nd of 
Laki> Mtrhr^^an t<» the Si. JnM»ph. ascended that 
riTi^rto SonLb Bend, ranii-d IhrnrauKR^dlotheKan- 
kiikee, tlo:it'-d doii-ii thfjl Arrmiii aiid tlir Dlinoh 
to what is now La Salle *?oimly, December, IfiTH, 
i-xpiortrd Uut 0Jt« of tho great town of Ehe UIidoI^ 
near the present town i>f I'tira* on tho first day of 
Jantiury, 168^); i^tabli^hcd fHeiidly relatioMf with lliu 
Datives ; pa^^«*d on to whon^ Peoria now ii*, and bnill 
a fort nill+.'d Fort Civrpceur, Irt?ft Knth<?r HrnD4-piii 
to oxpltrre tlie llI1noi!< co l<9< hiuiiMl and to ait<:onfl 
tl»e Mi?;sis^ippi. Left TontI m rcmmand of Fort 
Crrr(X'i*ur, ik>w Peona, and ii-turjied fu Furl Froii- 

(>fi his way tip the Illlnoipi he Hun'^yed Ihe rliff 
eallfd Slnrn^l Rm^k, uikd Mnit orders h:irk En Toiili 
to fortify it^ but I>fmg deserted by his men and 
hiiv'mu hoi lwi> ennrjiaiiinnv, he was onitSle 1o t'xe- 
i-iile tin? onier, nnd aa*4 compelled lu nccept the 
bospitnlity of ihe JUinois IndianR at tlicir gr^nX 
town <:aMed by Ih*^ Frenrh \a Vanta ; was there at 
lite attack by ihe lrotiuoi», when the iUinois were 

54 Himiijr^ t^ Jjt. f^lr- Clouniy. 

dvftsili?*! iind llii^ Iowa duvswliitj^d, Tonti ri-1ijrn<?cl 
to Oi't'i*!! Bay, :in<i lln*iv n>t*i. Hfiine»]»in i^iiinitng 
froTD llie TpiH^r Misf%i>«i))|>i. On ]m ^kxUe's iirrival 
3tl Ni;igiirfi, lie vr'Ar* i<n\M'u*[\ Itir (jrjdjri m^s Iii!sl, and 
aNi) licanl ijf Iht* Io^a o! a tranftporlp wilh miiiiilic*H 
Jrotii J'Yance, Still tindismaj'tti, Ik* withered lua 
rifSimrcT-A^ awfl on Di'<'*'niK-r 21, ICSI, Mnrti^ tram 
Port .Mmtiti, at Ihi? moutli of the t^t. JoAf.'pht and by 
th^T way »*r Ciiirjijici iiv*'r, lln' Dr^pluirji."^ »rid Itli- 
noia, he descoadtvl tli« Mi^dissippi to jte moiitli and 
took foruiiil p</»Ho^r4iui], for the King of Ki'anceij 
of lli(» conutiy wal^Tod by tbe M3»J^iselippt anti 
brtiiiches ol the oxtent of whicli tht»y ihi^n had 
&dei|iLAU> conception. 

La Salli' ri'-«olvi*il to mnk<» a ptrmant^nt »Hik'rni 
on thi» hi-ad waters of lUe IlUnoi^ ; to gaihor th<? 
dilli'rent rribfjs about Mm, mnkJnf^ it i]w centre of 
th»* fur trtiilft : and ch^^n. with aid from Fratir<*, tt 
build H furt at the mout)i of IIm- Mi1^:<jt^S1ppL placin] 
fht* iiiN^iriii]- rif rlir ron1iii<*nl iiuc1i<r hm roiiUol, 
ifsolvt* wart worthy the ^eniii^ uf Lit Salle. With 
his |iiirt> hi* r(?lurn<'tl wp lh« MiivKsippI, K.'ing de*; 
tallied at the Chinasaw blulf^ by flii:knt*Hj*, aud 
hid rrcovL-ry cootinat-d his jouiiK.'y- 

On hi^ rt-tiini from (hi» journey, m TVci-mb«r, 
IfiSi, Lo Salic and Touti oommi iifcd an intrench' 
meol and palitmde forJ. nann.'d Fort St- LduIa. ob' 
tlio eliff now vulW-d Starved Rock, and It was soon 
nflor occopiv'd by a PnnuU gaiTjiw>n, wiiii Tonti 
in coiniTiaDd. 

La Salle 4*Kt[mat<d Wii* Indiana in thti vlclaily of 
thia fort at about 4,tJLK> wanioni. or ^O^OOO M>nl8; 

J^rcnck iSrploraiionM and DUcot^ies. 6ff 

but iIji^ w£i^ ]iri)l^b1j' only aio*rtalii At<aM)nt< of ibe 
Vt-ar. aa tliia noLuadii^ peuple ^o and corae aa th« 
fish, gam>' \\\]i\ trdd fniild may scrre. 

La ^Ite dmk'iii'd t)ii» fort as rht imcleU8 of & 
jK-niiim^rl stllkmint, nnd U wjis c-ontinuoutily occu- 
y\\-\\ by tliv Frt^nidi lill afh-r chv yi^r \1W^ aitd 
ocrOFionnny tj)l ITV'K 

TJiu (iuUltirof nnollicr(on oroulwork i# |4ain1y 
6iw*Q on ibt^ bluff, about half a milfl s^jotb of Fort 
S*, 1.^11114, »nd iK-nr Un» ^^^dgt* of tb*f pmlru'. 

Tills H^Mleruent was the ttret mudt" io lU^ MlssU- 
Bippi ViilK-y. nrtJ I-ti Sulk< C-oiiniy ba* Uu' Iioruir nf 
Wing «u<Wunl ;i> tht* iiii>^l iriipurfjiiilHiid ruttuiiund^ 
Id^ {HiTiit iu the ^Tt'ixX Wi-^r, 

In the tncAT]r)r[if, (%>iiiit Frr>nl4^nar liitd bt.'rn n^' 
e^lk-Kl, iind 1-41 RjifTo n.i»rfs<'iU4»d lli*' Fu'iu-b king 
at QtiHiH^. I^a llarre vt^a.n an nit-riiy of I^ ^alla. llo 
took jK>Mc-9flioii of Forr Fiontt^rac. and sent »a 
officii. Clirv;*li<rr IV^ BauidrS <o lakv iJO*sti**ior of 
PoriSt. LonU; bnl TopIi and Baiifilft wisely agreed 
tliat wbilu^ ODC rr-}in.-M'Ut<.-d tb*r ink-roAts of La Sallai 
the oibor slioul I stv to tln: rt^lit^ of the Government 
at Qufubcfc, and thoy to^otht^t' jointly command'-d 
the colony. 

in tbi> following March. 10^. thoy wer^ nttnckod 
by 60CI Troquoi«, who U-^i'^f^i-O :h'_» fort for sereral 
days, bui weri» beaUn off wiih aeren- loss. 

ija SjilU" *3ikil for Fraiiof hiie in ihi? fall of IflaS, 
The brillianr acbi*iiip of Li Salle found favor iit tha 
Frt^ncli courL I^i Fon'st, Lii Sidle's lu>iik*naTit^ 
ej?c|pd from Froiilnisur by fiv R;<iiv, wiis si'iil bark 
to lake pos?*ca§ion. iti La Salle a name, of that post, 
and also of Fort St LouK 


IJisloT}/ <^ Iju SaBa Covniy. 

JLa i^:»Me aski'd for Uvo vo-Mivli* with which to rnuki^ 
Ilia fieltlometitat the mouth of the Mitidifl^ippi. iin<l 
fonr y^A'Xv *riv4.'ri hiTii — ono v»?6i*fl t.fLrri<»cl Uiiity-six 
guii^ Aiiolhev ^x. But rht* i^^jxtlilioiL wns an ill- 
etfltred od«. In an enl hour, Beait^u^ a naval cai>- 
rain. wus flppolm^d to tri^mnuui J the t^xpf^cUtUm. 

He quaireled mtb La Salle. Oiie r^asel wa^ taken 
by tlii.'Sptinunls*, nit*» wns wrockiil — th*>y pgt;^^l the 
mouth rtl' Un' >riyjiih?*i|)|ii aiifl taiKltnl toe* far wv*ml 
Beuu^eu, iiTtt^r Ifinctiiig Lji S:il)^ jiuiI a part of hla 
Bton'JS h'ft hirti to hi.^ fnfv^ luid Mii1t*i1 for Fniiiiv. 
Aft»*r h^rHi'lui;:; a fori. t*x|>1orinjt; fh** riHiiitiy, an<l 
having fre^iaent oontefiis with the Tniiians, I^ ^-hlle, 
with li siriull {larly, ^1arlocl fur Oatuida. tlin>u^h a 
wilderness of 3,iM(i mik» in extent. Aft<^r day** «f 
wenry miirchlDe. his pfirty n^uchwi Wn: vit'inityof 
Arkaii^jL'^ Poj^t, whei-e the untiling exj>lorer. tlie 
heroic lead<>r. themauormdoinitnblocoum^, Dcrv«j, 
and pliu ic, wu:* tsa^i^ly nuirdcrr d by his mon ; they 
tt|K)l i)ini llirou^h tlie hL>.^d, di-ag^d him amnn^ rhv 
bnehee, etnppoJ hhu of }iie vlothin^, lutd lofi him 
urhi]ri4Hl. a 7*n*y to hu/r^LrtU and wojves. Thus Ml 
Kobt'H Cavidier !>>_• J.iL SnITe. ftays Tonti— "One 
of thijgroAtest luen of his age/* and Tonti kn«w 
him well, M 

HiH |)hiriM w-*iv inaLgiii(lr'i*nl, iiLn mtihiUoit ita>9 
bounded, and h!« physical i)owt'I^, xeal, and energy 
eqnal to either. But W war* impTionjs !*if*m, un- 
yielding iiud tyniiniiiMK and to thea*^ traits of char- 
acter he owed most of hU mt^fortunc^s: and hr u>a« 
unfortunate in nearly :ill hi?* und-M'takiags—ht wmld 
inspire reaped and fear, bnt not oUt^ction, ex€cp] 

Indian History. 


lofty l>eaHiit' nf his clmi-at'd-r. 

B^ dwnaaili*) »Tery shcHIii'^ from ]iih mm\, but 
hiii]:<4-1f 1m1*» vTAy i« t^vi'xy liilior aud pvery daa- 
ger. Tlift Wi^l — lliH Cniitiiient — <iwf^ him -a dirbt 
of gratitude, Onr county ha» no ignobl© title, ai^d 
li may wrll Itoiiiir llit* htro wh^^^n iiainr U lu-ara. 
The liidinns and :^pan!&rd^ soon d^tix^yed the infant 
colony oil Lhc'K"^'* ond tliii8<,'niltfrln; wild and trn^c 
tale of tho exiiionra of the Mis^s&ippi. Wln-re 
1a Sallv liod plow'ed. others Imvc hovth the ecln], 
ajid lite drtiQinA or Lh Sella wt-re rf^'iili/>-d in the 
eetablifibment for Fmnce of el vai^t, but trnnsienc 


origln of tJic Indian tribos of North Amonrn 
i&tl^r mostly of conji-olan-. Thi'ir arrival h*>re 
\t> pmcrally suf^pt^ed tobii< comparatively of niod^ro 
dste, and lh» Indiana liavf trndtcionft ^orroborutin^ 
such iin opiniin). The Irot^nois naEloa is supposed 
to liave pi'ew^ded the Algonquiii:^ and tji^^'iipipd th*- 
country fix>m Tjakt! Huron south t-brougb Ohio, N^w 
York. IVDMsylvaoia. to North CnnjI'mji, Tin? Al- 
gonqninn ntnii* in iil a IcitiT [lH.t.e and ocTupirHl all 
Sew Etif^laud and Canada, ro llm country of the 
R^iiiiinnux on ihr north, and <inhnnvd 111** Otta- 
wa^ or Ai^iin(|uhiH iinj}irr» ('liipj"wa^, Mi-niiuontrej*. 
Poctawntomiofi. MiamiB, Sues, Foxea. Kickupoo^ 
niiiioi^ and tho Powhattaii irihcr Iq Vir^ima, iK-arly 
anUiug tlic oldi^r Iroquoia. 

Uist^p qf Ln SaUe 0>uniff. 

TJR* tnidltioD^ of both those great riimin«*& o( the 
red man sii> tlu-y oanic frimi Iht- west and north- 
w^iir^ and the Dakotas woi^ call*^d the mpn of the 
»aU wntvr, aud tlit" guiiorally ri*c^iv*:?J i>pinioii tliuL 
tliejr CAOie from Asia, may or may not be true. All 
(hf" laf^i?* nuinher of tribes of the Al^'oLtjiiin raoe 
w^ri* niaiiifi^Hllji' from a iionfith>n origin, >hiiwii hy il 
genemi i*seiublaTn*e of compWxkuL features and 

Thti iMTTiiianry of the roniitry hy Ihe In<]tnns Is 
dnppcKied to hav« been several ci?nturica afber iia 
abBadonnient by th« mouud builders, 



Ilia, i 

The? Illifii or lUinois confederation of Indiaoa. 
whom thv name of our StaU- iind rivor l« dtfrirod, 
which name mc^n^i real or superior men, oODfdfttiad 
of five tribed— Peoria^i, Moingweiuifi, Kaska^ifia, 
Tainnroatt, and Cahoklas. 

Miirqiietl'.* miyn hv fonrid IVorias and Moln^we 
in ihn-*' towns wf*t ol" tin; Miftslssippi n&iT Iht* Des 
Mohie^i, and Peorias and KHskiiskias on the Up[}**r 
Illinois^ TUv Tamiiro»H^ aert^cn the Missi^imppi and 
a trilH? r^alled thi^ MirhlgaiidH, who arma to havf 
been really Qanpaws. al>o bfh>n^4Hl to llie ronfini- 
ciacy, Th'^ llliiioif^ occupied most of what is now 
llie State of Ulinoia. were nnmerontf^ ani] brnve, 
pf.'rt bowiiK^n, hut not cunoumcn. 

They moved ofl" to tlu^" plains heyond th^ Mi 
fiippifoniHhort AummL^huut, and fora wintt-rhuDl 
of four cr fiw months, rhi^n gnthert-d in towns of 
arbor-like cabine covenxl with water-proof m 

Indian ffistfrry. 


wUh gt-iiMniUy four flrvft ton o1>uv a[id iwo fftmiHea 
1u a lire. AHchiis, ifcnibra, ajid othor DiiH.'JtloTmrlf^A, 
found Un-cliwr Illiruii^ !<»wii^ oh Xhr liottotii bi'luw 
VHc^ <:r)nl3iiiiitu; fiotn 'Mi to Am i^dbiiiTi ^iml 8,iKN) 
peoplcf. At an €arly day Uic Illinoid drove the Qua- 
pawiK a Dakota tribt- which tht^y ?fylr^(3 Arlum^^ut, 
from the Ohio to tht? tsoutLcni Mississippi. About 
1640 Ihty n^nriy vxionnin^tGd the \Viriiu-biigr>cjh 
They wt-r^ badly dofcaled by the Iroquois \i\ 1679, 
shortly aft^n- La SaUo I'^ftclud iliort, and \i\ \\w wiir 
loet »(»LUo 400 kitl^ ritid &J[>0 prif^ liters. But thoy 
rwovi'ivd partlaUy, and aided x\m* Frt^nch a^^insi the 
Iroquois ill i\w •■x|i*'dition?* ut \\v- \a\. liirre and 
l>*»iioiiviIk*- nn^y \verH riHirenwi by ihi- Fn-in^h inis* 
rionarleH, suid :u^ ^^id to have bet>ii iiriicli improved. 

In IT"*!, Cliic'»gij, Iht-ir grt^t ohii^f, vi»it»-d FrnJic* 
and »'&** hi>;bly esteemed* His son, of th** Mimif 
iiamft, retainixi the gi^-at iiifln<.-iiC4.- of Lis father till 
Us d^'fttb iu WA. Til 1700 thcr Kanlui^kia^ ri^mov^^d 
from tlte Vpper Illinois to the placL- that now brura 
tliinr name, TJtr Illinois wore continually at war 
with tho Foxes froTti 1715, mid euFTcn^d 8i*veiv!y, Tt 
ii: said \\\f^' T'lrnlrtln^i fon>\* in aid of (hn Frf-nch 
«OfnnmiKii>p Villi<?re aj^ainr^t the frontier setttoincnts 
of Vin?iiiS". :"tid f-nptim^d n wmsill lurt in )76«, 

They to-iik no purl iii Fontmc's war. bulwhon that 
diWflHla xvfls kilW ill otit» of tJK' towns ueairwh^re 
St- LoiiU ni»w is. ihc Foxi^h ivMinted tb^ war and. 
Wfye joined by t)i*" ncigltlvjring tribes win* nia/ie a 
vonunon ranw* ^^iinKt thi- fading lllinoi!?^ It w&a 
in ibUwar that a defeated party of the !llinmj*w#"m 
driven cm to tho sit^ of Fort Bt. Loui:^ and starved 


Hi9iorif of La Salt^ VomUjf. 

to enbmiftsion, thoa naming- the r.liff. The Tllinoift 
Iiftd f<>ry».ftr5 boi-ii )ioIdiiij|i: iht^Tllinoia river aa h line 
of di^foDEc BgTiinst thf? northern Indiana, and had a 
chain of poi^ls* or tortilicdl ioiir* Tor ddV^iding thtit Uno; 
<>neat ManiHlh^Pt oppoeilp thfl ra]iid&. ono at thv 
mouth of the K!lnl<Ak<?4^ utid vtw ahovi? Jolii^t ; th(f 
ramains of that at Maraeillea can still be si^f^n. Th;* 
extenniufltion of th«^ wiir party ut SUrv^^d Roik La 
»ii[ip09fd to havelx^n thela^t ftfand made by ihvt 
Illinois OD tlmt lin^ of defend. Tiiey ?«l^!idotied 
thiir foninT liimii'S to tlit'lr northern f<H*s and iv- 
tr^ated snuth. 

They joiiird the Afiiiniiain the warwitliHn*riiif,e4 
S(iili*», ami with thrir alHes suffi^red a defeat by 
the forces under Geneml Wzyne in AnguaU ITW. 
Ormeral WaytK-, on t!u^ pari of the rnir^-d State«K 
concluded a treaty with the Illinois, Aug. ^rd, 1706, 
giving them ad annuity of Jfi^Hi annually, and Con- 
grcfts hod jmvioiiely, by Act of Mareh 3rd. I7fH, 
9ecupt>d8oii ariree of iiind tothf> Ka^skasltlasi^ with the 
privilogoof wlectin^c I-2n(i more. 

General Hanieon, in 18^3, in^goiiftf'"! :» irf-aiy at 
Vincenne*. Sii wliffh tlii-ir di'cUn*? is reeilednnd an 
annnlty of $l,i)f^o i^iv»^n, and im w^rMetiu-nr In build 
a i'hnrch :uul nmhiirtiii a prii-sL The Peoiias ttpto 
nor. a party u\ Mil?i Ircaly, but jolni'd in that at Bl- 
wardsvlMi* in 1818. 3fpt 25rli, h> which the Illinois 
ceded all their land in tlw- Stare for $2.ono iu goods 
nnfl tw.'Ue years annuity of ?:3rfO per yi.^r. la 
lflft2 they reded their rf'servarlon and remnved 
hirthcr west, nrceivin^- a lorfft* tract and eash to Li^ot 
building!) and purchase agrirnllnral iiupWinvntA. 

Indian Histery, 


In ItiW ihey were ao redaced In numbL^ii^ that tliey 

TUe> wiTe Jot^ted within the \\m\XA of the present 
^Utti" of Ksugo)?, whur« tliey remained till 18^7, wU«n 
tht'y w^n-fl^nrezuoved :ind plarc^:(OtUh\viigtof the 
Qnn|):iws. ODar*?gjervjieionorT2.<HH)aorfs, Tln'yliad 
dwlndhn! In 187$ ti> fortv wiiilid. Thu <.'otiibin(.-d 
tribes ot Weasj Pinkesliaws, Peoria^aml K^Hkiiskia^ 
Illlm^^^l^1 ItU). 

ftiirhi>ilirhnef reward ortht-OTiCfhnivs- and pfjww- 
fal nntion of tlie Dlim. nnd siick tlie i^^id fate of the. 
rtd Qinn wh-n confronted with a civitizrd i>cople* 
Two hundiid rears njco tlity made the pivsent 
ooanty of JLci Salle their favoritti home. andpTolwbly 
thi? si-at o? tJM^ rcntitil power f»f rhitt confedemcy, 
a guat ui>d numeroiis people. Hem-wcre the acenes 
of iliuir joye and BOrmws, for t\\v snragis broodt 
throbs With a^ elroug eraoiion aetltat of his pale- 
t%ty^\ brr^hi^r ; [KTtt hif huuti'd ihts buffalo and dtwr, 
atid look h&A favorlu^ il»h from tho rapids of tha 
Btrt^tn. The Tejirhered ^ame spread OT*^r the prniriea 
and rov*-n'd th*- fttn-nm*, 2^iirqiii*LU- s^iv?*, " No- 
vlnre else in all my wandering have I Neeii such 
hvrd)4 of btilTulij »tid dt-<*r, MH^hlluflcHoF Iurk«y9, 
dtu:h!4, gi^ew. and ^?roiiw, lieaver and oth*-!' yiiiiie. as 
along the IllmoW It tiiu&l have bet^i tliL'^parudiae 
of th«f hunter, tht? Rdca of savajft- ]ir« ; a^^ood n^ason 
why the wnntni^ i-ower of the lllini so lon^^ vraged 
a fnifi and f>:l<-iithT« war for it> po^w -sitkuL 

For here were the jfravi-s ot hi& kindiv^d and the 
frei»A90f hUlODdestn.'Colk'ctioTJTf. JiiK< horctiinK'd 
from (fa& excitement ot the i hai^e to fea^t with hia 


Hilton/ of La StiJU Vonnty. 

tribe on the dniDiiee hi** loration furnished eo abnn- 
dantly. lloro In- lu-ld hia war <lAnc9 before hi' w<}nc 
oat to meet the foe, and lioro he returned wUb tie 
goaljjs (if lii>i virtirn^ iliiii^llii^nt hi* hAu tin- proinl 
btitcmel Iropliiea of his prowess. Here the Indian 
licijs stncl gtrU g:iirihc^f>i] tlntiigli timir yoiiltifiil 
/esir*, and lisIriKHl ii> rlii- UirDlin^ li-ge-ndr* of w:ir 
und the cliase as told by the braves of the tribe. 

TTi-n\ ns tluT M-tling: sun rasln its ray?* nlonj: tb-- 
plafid hiwom of tlir TIUiioLs ^-iiul Tbf- soft, ninahfrn 
hinvzo ripplfd il» am-face. the swarthy young wur- 
rior. benriicti (h*' ^baidt' of the inaj^'sUc Hm«. whis- 
pered soft wordfl in the ear of the dark-eyed maiden 
—for love, as well with tlie savage a« civiluH-d* ia 
the mrminrc of bfr — lin- oft-told Uile, over which 
none are 90 old but ihey du'li^ht to linger. 

Till! <l«ily excitement of th»? dia*-, n.iaming tn.'H' 
over the broad <jspaiifj*% cv.^r aliro to the beauties 
and wnudens which suitouikI hini--in tht^**5 It* a ftind 
of enjoyment k<H>nly r^-lUhed hy the sara^. In 
fevt^ civHiKed man is ever enamorwi of it, unfl the 
niottt Inu-lligi-iH luid n»fiinil I'nibnui- vv\*vy op|HkrtU' 
nity lo estrujM* from the reHtrainls and :irti1lcial <?oii- 
vi-ittii>iitrJitif'i^ of t'ii'ili2t*d I1IV, nncl di?<p<>rr itTiion^ 
the \tihl ^cenes of uiintUivated nalmv. The yoiing 
Nbvage, brought within tho inlluenco of ciriliiUitlon. 
plact^l in Mif h<tl]^ of learning, 4»veT yeama for 
th© freedom of hi* natire tiannts. 

The Satt*» Foxt-?*, Kiv^kapi^io* aud Pottuwatoruics 
were the principal Iribtts* that bin^diled by the 
decadence of tht.' Illinois, Whether tliey %vere 
actuated simply by a desire lor i^oaBe^slnR the 

Indian fihf'JTp. 


much-coveted borne of the Illinois, or somo ulHer 
liR^ioii Emi>H]i-<l th«m co coinbtiH^ aj*aln»E their nn- 
fortanitte Dvii^hbors. is uiiknowD. Sonih* ^ly tbe 
tlli»ol_4 bnd Ih^oihi.^ ^ ilniuk^'n ixibbh', aiul 4-xcliod 
tbe ecMiteiupt of the sarroanding trib^^s ; others suy 
ibi'ir arn>giuKi» iiitfl diitriin*sTi/ig roridurL uh»-ii »1 
th*' ht^giit of tbtfir jiiJVp'iT, kt'pl in rteiiiemlnan<^»* hy 
lliedesim for revt*nf^f». wblrEi wilb jin IniliiiD nevLT 
dir*', <"Hisi'd Hn* rombiimtifiTi nf itiosi* lu'i^liboi**! Tor 
Ui^ir dt'fltniriion ai* soon as tht- w<'jiln'iiing p'/w*?r of 
the Illinois nuidi- %W\x oppoiliinit7, 

r orr A w ato h i kj* . 

Al tho bt'glnitiii;: of the eerenlecnth century, the 
PoUawiitomiefl occuiiie<l ih^ eouthern peniniiubi of 
Michigan, EiDcl wen> hunters tind lit^icrs. iLitd calti- 
vftied a littlt' maW. The IrcqaoU drove th«m 
west, wh<?n tlii?y settled about Green Bay^ and 
grodually ^pt-eod ot^t Xnnbi'rn Illinois and Indi- 
UDA Htid Soitthwefflti'D Miclii^nn : it mission on the 
Si* JoM-ph VM*ing n ci.'ntnU pMint, J^kit nio«l of 
the Algoni|iilnTt, lhi*y lonk )mrt tvith Uuf Fn-iich 
against thi^ Enirlisli and the coloiiii's. n.nd were 
bo*i{iU> to the Araeni^n^ dunii^ tho Ri-voltitiun »rid 
sabM-t|ntiitiy : l>ut nfter Wn/np's defeat of tho 
North wc?*t<trD Iiulunis, joinrd in tbv trtaty of CSroeii- 
ville in ITDfi. 

Thcrp* were th^ Wabash and Huron bnnds, and a 
ecattert-tl |H>|>ulutiiiii oaUt^d the PoMnwiiroird*.*:* of 
tbe FrairieB. who w^re a mixture of many Alj^on- 
qidn tHb»^4. l-Vum 18ff.i lo ISOf, tlie rnrions bands 
«i>ld to thf^ (iovt-rnmenr. land i Inimtd by (hem, afi<l 


HUtcr^ <^ La 8aJh County. 

retvivrd iimti4*y luid iinnnilitw. Uiiiler tli«> inthirnr^ 
of T.'£ni!iitH», Uii-y joliiH tlit' Kiijrlish in IrtlS, n\\\\ 
m«!-5HVied lhe;^iTiaon at Ohka;^o, Ni*w tn^ati*-ft 
w«.TLi iiiaJi* in ISlo and Liti't, hj whicli most of llieir 

I lie;' woi\' Removed on to ros»T\Tition^ on llie Mis- 
flotiH. Tlu* St. Joi^cph, Wab&^li and Hurou baiida 
hsd ina^o wjmo proffre&s in civili&ition, and word 
Catbclio**; wliilc the PotfuwuloTnii'?! of tin" Prairi'.'fl 
werL' fetUI rovin;^ und paffan. In 1S74, the pralri^t 
band V rill In chanri* of rli-* Govtjriimi-nt nunilH.'n*d 
4fl*, rin a i-ee^rvation of IT.odu acres» in Jackson 
CiJiiiit}', KiuisH-4v iind'.T tht» cmKrul of tlie SociHy of 
Frlt?j)(1s, wliii hnd i-ntiiMIftUHd ^c^^IlooI^ and ii*]iorT»*d 
miti^ progress. 

i^liAhoim wjis tt pt'aa^t'hlcr iif i\\>^ PoUuwaioiniiT.-^, 
and Kith his ti-ihf v*aH frii'iidl^ ro our jifojiii* afUr 
tlw? defeat of tht" British and tndiEiua at the battle 
of tlK* Tlianie», in 1814. 

Th« Sac'8, or Sauks. nnd i^'oxcs— two allied Wbot, 
wervalw drSven by tlie rrotiiioiri from east of De- 
tivjitt }i]¥t to Sflpuaw and tbpn to thi^ vicinity of 
Gret-n Buy; at Jii-si fri^^ndly to th<? Fmich, th^y 
ultimrttt^ly bi^onnie boslfle, and with [bt-Ma»kofi(ens 
and KirkupcJOM attackoci D^^tn^it in 1713. Tlw 
Frpiu'li. Mid"d l\v the* M<-it<)iii(m4v^s »iid HhipjjtfwaH, 
finally, in !7-4i1, itron- rlieiu on 1o the Wisfoniaa 
riwr, TJiry took no pnrt in Poutiac'f* war, bnt b* 
fl-iended th<* whiter In 17*10 thfv took up tljetr 
abode wlw^nr Prairie du CUitai now is^ and on tlic 

Iritiinjt Hi star 1/. 


tc^ik ^iUt**^ wiih lilt' Brlii^t], ami Kii^^UaIj Inllui'iinR 
jirtrailt^iL afler iIh- oiid nf i\u.> wnr. Hy llu* In-iily 
of N(tvf-tiitif-r 3^ 18i>4, for^.(K)il, ;inf1 ViJ\ ixiwnuly (if 
OfH? thousand, tbcy ccnied to the United States on 
th^^ Mi»i»9ippi und \Vi»cou?iu river?, aud on tin? Illi* 
nois and its branch, the Fox, laif;e tracts of lainL 
A% ihia lime they w»?rc cltU'tly vrrst of the Mi.-^^id^| 
ftippi, 14<» lesgaeft above SL LnuU, und mimberod 
l,SiX«. lu the war of 181^. lhiv<- Inuidred vvarrlora 
Joined the Bntieb at Malderu and took part in the 
attack cm Sandusky, Ki»okuk, f>ne of (hMr chU'fa, 
with a pan of the tribe, rentaintd friendly^ then and 
aO«ni'iird. In 1$1& i\i\^y tnndu b ti'i^iLty of piiicfo, 
hilt fli»i' liarid <if Sn.ilks litri^ C(ii:lMitH'(l In lie I'jdied 
Ou^ BrilJhh band. They rrded hmd^ in 1^^24, und 
ftgnin in 1l4%>. BInrk lIuwk'H uppaKitloii to the 
latier rearfoii> whirli \\^ Haiii»-d was a fiaiid. inna-. 
gurut<.-d the war in 1831-J^— au \r*A\ ivnirinberwi 
by the old settlers hisre. Al it« close, Xhey mado a 
4r*aty witli iUtw Keynolds and Gen. Scott, nt F<wt 
Armzttruiig, reding land for un aiinniiy of f^^<>00 
for twenty j-eora. Blark Uawk and eome of Itis 
warriors wrtt* rarrkd hy tb*.- <iov-.'nim''nt to Waa^^- 
iDp^oti and CO the pnuiupal cities of the EusT^ to ini- 
pw** tliem with a propter icka of th^.* luiniberand 
power of che whttL-K The Saulvfl settled on the Des 
Moin<.>«. and afteru'nrdfi oD the OHage. Iti \^^ (h$ 
%itik.-« und Foxes hiid cMi^d lhi*ir hindti in Kniiwus 
and niimbering 47.H. wei-e im a ivservaliun i>f 4H,:jOi) 
am'?!, lH'hvi*<?[i ttit? north fnrk of tin* l"'anadian, and 
the red fork of the Arkansas, Tiie friendly SaoS" 


History of La SaUe Omnty- 

ftn^ Foxoi^ (iM r[>diK:<.'d to t^Sftlity- eight, occapyin^ 
a res^rration in Kansas and N*"braska, whikt 
EnotlLfi- Xn^Uil [>iir< liEiM-d land iii Tarnn, [own, und 
are STiiU to be iiraspemu^- 

winnebjloo mniANfi. 

Th<- Wirncbngo trilii? of Indiana )>e]ong to the 
Dakota l^mlly. Thv^y Atylt- tUemmrlvtfs Horliiin- 
gnn, arc styled by the Sioux Jloianku or Stnrfffon, 
and Ky (In.- AlgojLiiuin^ \Vi.*jjnil>*»^onk, DjrUDtng m^u 
fpom the fetid or ealt water. They apparently 
fonncd thp vnii of l\\c ctislward I>]ikoti:i emi^ation, 
and were the most t?astt'rii iHbi* of that rao^ Tht>y 
wvTit' oncf? rormidiible, ntid a terror to the Aleonquin 

In the early part of the Itth eenmry a general 
iilUaTitM? of cribt.^^ altiK^kod iIl^ Winnebugo« ; 500 
warriors p^-rinhed. Tht* IlUnals, wishing to relieve 
tlii^m. wt.>re ill-tr<.*%teLK utid iii relHliution. m-»rly 
Hxti*riniTi;iti-d l.lifiti. Tlit-y wrn^ friendly iiud fniT-li- 
ful t^j the Kivnrli. They adhenvl t*i Ti*cumfteh, and 
aided the Itriti^h in tlic R»-volution, nnd wtix^ n. 
party intheairack uri Prairi<- du C1ii(*n« in 18L4. 
In IfiSO ihey had fourteen villages on Rock n ret. 
and five <in WiTincbiii^o lake. In 182^ Iht-y <'*-d<'<l 
land from tht Wisconsin tf> Hock river, for ^0,000 
In ffoods nnd a Ihirty-y^'ar annuity of ^18,WKi. In 
Sfipterobi^r, iw:ta, Uiey reded all their land ^onth of 
^h<.■ Witti.'onsin and Fox rirera for a rewrTation of 
3d8,uui) acrf^A on lh(» Mi^i$i<tppi. and t^lo,iM)a for 
fvrenty-fioven yenrfi. Tlie r^.-eervalion was nnfit, and 
much ^ufl*-r[n^ and many dvatbi; uirui-rod. Thoy 

were pemovwl toCmw rivpr, and from IIjoiv lo Blno 
EitrHK Minti^Mita. They were Iwinlly settletl when 
ilii* Simix war hroki- out, in IfCitl, atnl Minni'^ita 
dprnandH iheir rt^mftval. They wc-n^ (lisarm-^tl Id 
ItfOst And rcmored to Crow vn^ek^ Dakota, on tW 
Uissotiri. Thiapla**e affoMed no moans tif subsist- 
tn<x\ and waT< surroundt-d by wild ntid ht^tilc la- 
dianf^ FaniiTh^ diflOBBe, nnd the hnetile tHboa rap- 
idly r^^ticLid thtfn to Ip#« than Iwo thirds th*.'ir num- 
ber when mfnwvcd. Th*> survivor* n^nchod the 
Omaha n}*4'rvnt*on and a}.»py»lixl for «hyltor In 
May. l^rtO. i\wy were r*^mr»vc^d to Winn*^bago, N(s 
bm^kn, and all iitif>ruv»:*mi'nU bi.^^nn n^in. 

Whoever carefully n^ail** Ihi^ hWory of th(**=© 
Indij^nts aft'f-r thi>y r^di-d their landH to ihe irnited 
States, i-an hut admit thai their tr^^tinrnf was nim- 
ply tiarbiirous. Komovcd from rich lundHant] ^ood 
liQntiiig'groiinde, where they Hv^d in pknty, to 
bleak, cold, harrrn, inho&pltublu wastes allotted 
them for rt'eervations. th»?ir liito wn** confinim! suT- 
rerinjr, di»'*jiei>. anrl death, and if they found a platfl 
wlierv lirin;? waa j>os«ibl<% thi* cu|'i<iity» avftric<\ or 
fours of 1h** whites at onee demanded their rerooval. 

In 1960 UAvy wcri? awiffn^-d to the can* of the 
Friends, In li^4 i\wy ntunh^-rM hi Nvbi-aslca 
1,4-15, with fanuTs rntiji^t's. and r^tuck, dre8p^ed Uk« 
whff«a, and hnil ihnt* lu^hooU, 

Abfiut l,(Vrt> l.'fi in Jniieaii, Arlanin, and Wf>od 
couiilit'is Wmiujsin, w-^w ^HTsuppurting. They 
hav^ be«n rt-moved to Xebraska, on a reH^rx'ation, 
but mo!-t of them left on arriving theie, 

Bf sides the eorly Catholic Mission, latej attempta 


History <^ L<t 8aUt Oounitf, 

liftvp l>t^ni inu'V for thvir ronv^-rwion hy i\\e Catho- 
lics ard Pn^shylt^i'LaDs but with very indlfTerenl 


Thti Kir-kapootribt^ of tho jjrrcat Aljeoiupiin family 
wt^re liret found by the Fronoh mtfiBiunanos, towards 
the rlu*e of th*? rit'V«'T»U-<inth ciMiiury, on Un* Wla- 
coni^in. They wtre friendly to tlie Fren^^h, aad 
nllio?^ <if ilij? MLinjiM^ yvl Uu'y kllWl Fi^rln^r fitihru*! 
de la Rebourdi. ont^orLa SaUe*^ oieo. They made 
n prisoner of Katlivr (f uigtiittf, aud lit-Jd Jiim in ivip- 
tivil_\ I'lrr iiKintliH, Itt tIk- lirsl pitrl of tln'i-i^lilt^eiith 
ci'nuiryj tlii'ir i>HiH'iiial hnjilion was nu Hock rWerT 
111inoi?«. Wlit-n llii^ English o»riii- in pi>s«i'SMOi) of 
ihi' rt^iiiilry, al^ir (,}]<■ i>»-:ii:r tjf ITfi^l. tlwy fuiind a 
vjlUige of Kickapoos^ af about 2O0. on the Wubash. 
Tliiff town wa?* f;ikrii by Ibf Unik^ T^tjt(*ra foro^t* In 
17rM, an<i <-fU- Wilkindou bunn^d anolhcr of iheir 
towns in LlliuoiB. In 1813, a Kiokapoo town on 
th'- lUinoL^ war* surprL^vl, hikI many killod. 
Trealice of peace wero concliuU^d at Fort HamBon 
In It^lti, ftnd ftt Rdwardt;vilk> iu iS10« by wlj]<rh a 
larp^ l>roportion of their land wae cedi-d to the 
United Stati.t«, Part of thvlr landfc tb^?yHalmed by 
detweni from tbmr ancestors, having been in posses- 
h'uni Tor v\xi\' yctint, aud ti jmrt by <;ouqui'^l rrt>m 
ihi- IIItiioIh uattnii. 

Tim Kirkap<M>j* wi*rr iin*; of (hi* prinripiil northern 
iribfs that coaibun-d at^untit the IllinoiH. and wag^d 
a rK'irnfl'^.-*:^ war for nmn^ thiui half a c-ntuiy. Fj"oni 
about IdOM loabout 17S0, with alijjht intemusiaioDd, 

fwlhrti f/ixtor^f: 

It waa contiimoufi. After a flhori siispenftion, it wa* 
n/iii'W'Hi wiEli tfn-jit vigor ii|m»u HiiMViitb ofPiHiliac. 
w1tk*li ficcurrtnl in 1 7^9, ami ivMulted In the ilefeair^l 
lUiDcHi^ r»fliriMg rnmi Muir lirir uf *l*^f<'nsy :il(ing r)ie 
llliiKiiA riv>=^r to the soath pan of :hv Stat**. 

This Kickapoo Lisiory lidpit (o lix ^ome otbtr 
points in tlic history of ibe Illinois. 

Tlio Kicka|)f>09 were on tbo Wisf^onsin in 16DC); 
on Ihi' itock rir^r in 1T2(); nml wfn- allies of 
the Minmis, whose location \^'ji8 in Indinna and 
Ohio. In nfift, th'-y va'ix» Icmntl ou tho Wabash, on 
the ea^ line of nUiiois. Ttiis section thej eiaimod 
the Hghi III 4->^ti' tn i1k<- treaty of 18td, having in- 
bunted ii and been in possession orereixtyyeara 

In the wur wbicb followed i)t^ di.Mtb of i'ontiiio. 
nud In uliicli nc^rurred lh>- tnvntH liiM in tbi- legend 
of Slarred Kock^ th^y druve the Xlltnois south, 
und liH>k piWNPTt.^iriri iif ihi-rriiniiry ithd (-iistof 
the Ellinoift HitT, and rliiHronnlry tbey iield by right 
or conqncFt from the Illinolft. as tbey claimf^d ^hcn 
th*?y r*^liHl il- 8i» l]irir oci'lipuiKry nf tbir* n-^lim 
mnat have commencixl about 1780. or soon after, 
and Ihuc rauM hi^ rht-^date of the tllinoia rL*tirin^ 
from this region. 

At thi> timv of the firyt ei^trloiut^nt by tin- wbU«s, 
the Kkkapocfi were living on thft San^n^iiion and 
Mnchinnw riv*.'i^, Tlky liad a vilbigo at Ktckapoi'> 
Civek, and at Klkiinrt Orovi», and ]*1 nmny oihi-s 
points between the Illinois and Wabash, They 
wvre biiti'r i'n*Tiiii'* uf ibf linin^l Statrs*, aitd vtf**rtJ 
hyn'tm-mt in the iHUtks willi FTiirmnr. ftL. CUir. arul 
W;)ynr, Mnd lliry 1<^d la ibt; tilnody I'hnrgH nt 


MUf&ry (f La Saii^ Otntnijf. 

Ti]i|XK^anfie. Their last attack of the Illinoid wm 
n<»ar KaAkasUia, iifliT tUt' Illinois iind rt-titvd to tb<.T 
aoutli pari ijf Uut Stat'\ T*je JJliiiois children were 
picklni; stmwbtrrioti wUen the Kicknpoo* attuek^^d 
then, killiul iiiiinlitrr^, urtd took thi^ oihei:^ cnptive. 

About nveoty flv<* miU's from Knskii^la is the 
toentj of a gn^svl hanW bi'twotMi tin- Khkapooa and, 
Pottawatoiui^ on one side, and ih*? KankiitkiasuDd 
»]1i4^ nu llw oTImt, in wliitjl: ihvn* was a lurriWo 
Hlan^litiT or tlH' Ka*ikaf4khis and hIIim. This 
ocTurreil nbuiH 17Sfi or 1T90. 

After hiding ikIih'ciI Tofiulimisstun, aTinuitit<H>vtfr>! 
jjaid tliem, and thfy wi^jil on to !i resenalion on 
ihf O^f^e. In 1S22, about 3.0rM1 had removf^d, and 
ab<knt 4011 n^mnined in Illinois^ Miwioiiarif!* of 
difft'i-rnt denominations laboivd witlioui ett'ect for 
th<.-ii' c'cnverwon. Somtr fcwr ai.>ttkd down to n^- 
coUiire, but Iho most rumbled off to hunt and 
plunder. A i>art of them I'luigradxl lu Mrjxico, 
from whence they made raids over the border. In 
IWS, 3(H) or JfXi of ilk'in n-tnrucd. and went On a 
reservation west of the Arkiuisa& river. Tho^ on 
the reeervaUou now numlKT 374. There are forty- 
six rhitdrtn (n thi> srhool ; thoy liavi^ live **tO(rk 
valued at $18,iX><>. and produce rained at $J2,J0t» 
ajiniiHll^-; tbiiy drf^ft like llm whU'i% and liav<» 
ct-a?^ed to be warrior&i 

LKCIlXD of »TA]n*Kn BOCK. 

The legt.'nd of Starved Rock has by somt* been 
prononnced a Hction. while othvra haie claimed that 
that fsvcnt wa^ the dostruclion of tUt laet rcrouant of 

Indian Uhimy^ 

ttie gi^nt tkatjan of lli^ Dlinoi^ ; both of Uic^e «tAU»- 
tD«>nt» are nin*»[iahl(f, li wsl» a war party of i\\e 
IlliuoiH Indmutif ibnt aUt*r u tlrfciit by th»* coinhinifd 
iiorttj^rn Irilit-tt, lu<vk rt-fiigi^ on tht- rliff, the Furt 
Si. I^iuirt nf lli« Fn*neb, now i-^lled Starved Rock. 
aDdftdirra proUncled siir^' were ?^un't.-d intosab- 
miasioD ; tlie n>ck waa rlos^ly siLnr>iiEid«*d on all 
sides, and effoi-ta to procure food or waUT wtrni 
pi*vcnu-d by tht* <li>ti'rmiinNi bo*ie#c»'rfl' Tradition 
eaye, Uial ^tanation did iU work ; tbat ii ft-w sur- 
virorB, in desperation, taKin^ advantage of a dark 
and aiopiny nigbt. loft Iheir fnt^tnL^s^ and en- 
counit-n^ ihiTfo**; but Wn^ r^w lit MtitiibtiraQd in a 
weakened condition, ihey wvKt no mutch for their 
W4>H Fed, ami immt?rous enemies, and w^re soon 
dii^liiili'hed ; but h ih snid iliat in thi3 darkness and 
poufusmn, a few individuals etvca^ed. 

8ui'li traditionni hmtory is vory Habit? to be 
inEngifd with tlrtSoii, w> ihiii all tbt? trtilb on tht£ 
enbject will probably nerer be known : but wf U^e 
fiubstanlial tniih \A \\va\ Vgi<nd. w^ Mati-d aboTi*^ 
tfa<>re can bono doubt. <3iirdon S. Ilnhbard, who 
rcridf!d tor yt-ors among the Indinns. eays there waa 
no traditional ^\wj\\ mi.'i^ rtrrtniu* and more fully 
bdt4^ved by tJic iDdians than thifi. 

The bom?.') of th^ victim:) luy flcatt^hL^d about Uio 
clifTin profusjou, afttirtheBt'ttlemeiil by the w1iiti*ts 
and are iilll foun^ minf;li*d pWiifidly with thf> eoiL 
It ifi true, tliere had be^^a wsirfare around that cliff 
before- Thv 1ro4)Uols atlmki-d Ttml) and wlto 
Indly b«^»ten. but they did not fall on the dtflT, nor 
did iIm^ Fnrnch l(?«ivi- thi^irdrad iiubunt'd. 


Hosiery ^ La SafU Chuniy. 

feiiftt-soinb**lineof rhe lUinois'river. Thatlitt(>or de- 
fens*_' wrt^inn 4*x<.'<"Ilt?in oin*, a* n^iuust ludiuui;. Thf» 
ludiurt alwiiy^ gniQ» to war. If lie goen aL ail, wUh an 
op<*» f3la<."e oT rt^lrwit Mr>i. Simwn Crof^iitr lold (be 
i\rUi'r thai j<hii ivniaiueil xvUli hr-r r;irr)ily, »t htr 
c^bin R,1 Shipping port, during most of the BIftck 
Hawk war, wiilicmt f'-ar, a** sli^^ knrw thi' Tiiditiu 
wfli enouf^ti to know Hat he would m-yer pul aucli 
a river as the* IIHiio;a between hSm nod his place of 
n;tr"*74J, and ht^r opinion seemed well founded, as th*? 
&iults did not cross that rivL-r during Iho war. The 
drtU' of Ul<^^^i<'^' ol" SLirvini Rook U not defintt«.*ly 
8iHtli-d : it wa^ doubtl^^ii tb-^ la^t stand made by the 
Ktirin^ LllinoU on tliat lirn? of di?f«n«i'. Tht* Koses 
and olfKT northt^ni tribes had bm^n making war oa 
the wt>ak«ntnff IllinoU for nearly a century, and 
after the death of Poiiriac, kill-^ hi a drnnk^n brawl 
at oiiv cf tUi> EllinoU vlllagt*^, for which tht^ IUItlo[« 
wore not In fault, the war, ren^^ed and iDtenJuHed 
by that event* p.'«iiltvtl En t\ui <.*xpulsion of th« 
nilnoSs from Hifir amient homt* on lUeir favorite 
river, Pontbc wan killird in ITTd. and tlio aif^^ of 
ftlarvi'd RiM k (irninvd iitinu'drately ^tft^r, probably 
not latHT thnn 1 iSO. The absurd r^taU'iuent, that the 
]ac<l remnant of Ihe Ulinoirt nation wtis sUin'trd and 
extiDi^uiahed at that time, is suBiei^^ntly refuted by 
the nvortt iif tri'ati"^*, mad*.* with tiit-m by the 
Qovnminent for forty years afterwuTd. their removal 
wi-wl in IKifi, and lli*.'ir existeno^ yol, though only 
a miBerablP i^mnant of that once gre-at naiion. like 
th»4 ntcrkfHng ll^htof n lamp with the oil exUaa9Ce<i 
that muBl soon be forever €xlinguish<*d. 


&arltf BsepUtnUi&fa. 



After the PrfiJtrh nbnmUxM^ rhuir pohtA hen*, 
whiirli u»!4 xlidiil irJO, \\u^y ^lill cirrii{)ia-il piif«E«i 
north at Markinaw ond On^n Haj. but ihi^ir |iHb> 
<^l>al *rtUemen1 was a( D*'froit, tommfiirrd in 170J, 
&Dd ther viflin^d thi^ locality oci^asionany fnr ih^ 
parpooc of Irading. But th^.- counlrj- was virtiiflHy 
left to Uk natives after lh« tri^nty of Paris, in 1763, 
by which tin* coaulry wa* cvded u> Englsind. The 
Bridsh Haj; w^i^ hoiet^^d over old Fori Chartn^e, in 
what is novr Monrod^ Touuty, Illinois, the riBat af rhn 
Mkhlgftml trlK* of IlltnoU rndians, La X'^X In 1779 
it was tak*-n from thi* En^lUh, by Col, flark, for 
ihi' Uohinl Sinf*'»i. and iM-riiriio » pari of Virginia. 
In 178^ Virginia ivdM all tln'PC(jilhw(».^r Temtt>r\ lo 
th« UiiUmI fitatr^ and in 17ft7 Congnvci udfipMvl th« 
ordinance for tb>- >nm'rnm^nt of timt U'snXwy, «m- 
eecmdng it to freedom. 

The firct ui\:ount of a ri&it to this county by an 
Amerkan oiti/pn may ht- found in Inilay*;* AmiTua. 
It ifti jooiTtKl by Patrick Kenai'dy, of an expedition, 
with ser^ml Kn-nch nmrirurs drhoh, froni Ka^ikaa- 
kia to tlio hi'ad of the Illinois river, in sesuxrlj of iv 
roppiT mine. 

Tboy left Ka^kaakia July 'JWd, ITTti, one hundred 
ftam afliT ManiunUci pnss'jd up th<.» entnfr river. 
Re givesa flaiterintj deecrlption of tht^ country \ i*«y« 
ilw» hind !« I'Xi'ei.'dingly rioh, the timber tall and 
heavy (liollom timb^T probably), antl thi* dMt-r niul 
liolTitlo pl«^nty. They passed the mouth of ttie San- 
^inon riiirr on the 4tli of Atigu:tL ami rrarhed 


Histarff ^ La iSaUt County. 

Pvoria. Lake on the 7Ch ; found tli« Frvneh ftlock- 
ade fnrt biimt^d, but som^f or Witt housed sCand^ 
ing : pH«»od llio AVninUt'ti] oii tht* f^lh — found tbe 
vrat^r too ettallow for liiH boat at tU4< ra^idei, and 
went br trtn'l fmtii lln^n-; pussi^d {\\v Fax on tbe 
intb tjf AiiguHt ; wr-nl wtiim- r<*rly-riv** tmlcs fntihvr, 
and returned without finding the cojjpi^r mine, TUej 
M\ in whh a jiartv af Prmrb, wlicj l-rouglil tlu-m in 
thLiii" riiiiu^n to whem th**y had left their boat. On 
the way down tliey mot,a Fri.*nchnitiii bj the name 
of Jeniiett^, who aidtd them in their search for the 
mine, but the prirty roturn^'d to Kiufiuiskia not bar* 
iag bt'un within aeveral hnmlrt^d mlh>s of tho copper 
mines 90 fanned in both ancient and mo^lorn timfia. 
Their meeting with Freucbmt n shows that the FreiKli 
Ktill huntt'^ and tradi-d here, an*] wi^Tk^ virtually yot 
In possefisiou of the I'ountry. ForC Dearborn, at 
Cltica^, was btiilt anrl]>l(>d in I8(i4. 

A lopo^raphiuiil survey of the Norlliweict van 
made by Mhj, Steplien !!. Long. Uniled States Topo- 
gmphlr^l EngiuGer. in 1 817. Fort Clark, ai PvorU* 
wastlieajust being occupied by Uiiittd Slater troops, 
and Fort 1>i?ai-born, at Chicago, liad b(«n n*buiU 
Ihrt year previons. having hp» n unorampied ainct; its 
depitnii:tiou und in^ia^irre of its ^rrisou in 1819: 
Maj. [^ng, in bis re]>ort, refers to the uatiotial im- 
portance of our caua). and of the comparative facility 
of openkg a canal almost made by uitturu, 


About tbe year 18111 tbe Amenc»u Par Compoiny 
Cvstublialicd ]>oftt:* for trading with th« lodiaiU! ; on« 



Barly Exploratio>in. 


at the moiitb of Uun.'im cretk, on tho sfMith i^idv of 
tbt* riTor; one thnn* miles below Peoria, on tlie wee* 
i«iiji.% ftn<l onr Uliiw: kIx t<> U^n in the Interior. 
IwTHiwn llie Illinois ami Wabaah ; ain3 thixre or four 
Ml Rock nv«r. 

Onnioii S. Huiihaifl. of Chl**ago, haw kindly fur 
nif^h'.Ht rh^ facU in n-btiou to the«e posU. Mr. 
Huhburtl <'iiiiK' fn>nj Vrrmoni In th*? employ of (lie 
4uiii|ii:iiiy^ in 1818. wh*-Ti only rti\ttH>ii vKir.-* of ;ig<;, 
AfhT luring lo*nM>tn» y\'i\r<, ln' wn** iimd'r^^i.ipt^rnsing 
ag>*u1 of 1hi> cntiqiariy, ifoiii^ fmm pcMt lo post, cl£»- 
tribolins impplicrt arul taking awny i\iif. furs bou^hr. 
«>rtlir liKliariEf. Tbtot? po^ts were vontinticd lill tlit- 
Intlitx of the whiter, and cbaDj^ of location of th« 
lt]di^tn5« dvelroycd \\w bu&inc8#. That oucarred 
from ]H20t/3 18:«. 

Mr. Hubbard Hiys) f.hrn- wore poBt« in wb&t ia now 
Lo Salii.' Coonly, ihat Wi-rx* filti.'d out IrMn Chicjigo 
by John EaptiTJin Beaubion, John Kinaif, and John 
Crofts, Mr Hubbaird found no white people but 
hi}4 ftgrnf« b<>tu>H.-ii ih<? niinoSw ami th*? Wabaeb. 
Tl>«M> potfis remained in thi^> heart, of the Ijidtau 
coonlry, Hiiirely nnprottn-ti^d. ivilli \HirU'vi r<;irciy, 
l*1io Indtaim iio dmibt rpgHitlt^ theui ii« ^reat iicqut* 

Thr itgorita of tb<^ Ami.-riciin Fur Company w^re 
Aptv«d actii!** Ih*- njDtinmii, and fortuix*:* wpr<? nip- 
idly ii)iid<r. Jolin Jaroh AtiCoi took all Ilie stork of 
ibe AiDcricAn Fur UompTinv, and it<9 lui^ proliis 
wrnl nifliuly to dwt-ll hi,-* i:oU>ftsaT fort Line. 


Hhiartf itf Lfi ^fle CtntfUy^ 


Mr. Kli Hudgi*')!!, of TVirm Rltlgt.\ Im^-s furriislieil 
t.lie TixrtH for the roUomni: narjiitlv^' nf a rrip rhNnij;h 
this ri'i^ion by hi.-* fa(lii*r, Jori Ilodgs^on, in 1821. two 
years before the liret wlut<? fiotUercaiuii in. Joti, 
Hodgson was not an i^firly sotlkr hcr>.% btit he s<rttl<*d' 
iD 1858 in TflXMrt'oU (rounry. with ti lar^n family. 
Four of bi^ soub and hl^ wiciow removed to Farm 
Rid£i;is in fhSs <^o«niy, in ItiftH. Tw->of tlioni, Anron 
and Eli HodsHon, lar;^e farmers and stock breedow, 
»rt» now r<.?iidHU^ hi'iv, i*iid tW iiurmtlvu is wortlr 
a plact* ill our pionet?r Ui«ory. 

Iti the autnmn of 18^1 a number of famiUi-^ of 
Clinton County. Ohio, proposed to enii^p^to to «, 
wTStoni h.wulioiij in stiffli k-iif iniinbers tn ^npporc 
school, thurcK el«., ami dpput4-d Jot»l H^tdj^un an4*i 
uiiiitlirT person In t-xjilini' fhr tld-u wild und unoc- 
cupied S'oithweflt, iind jielwt a loi^atiiiii Un Hie 
oolony. His collcngne having bom: taken **ick. MrJ 
Flod^woii i*^o!utfly *^t;irtfd a1i>n«*, ou hors-b:ii'k 
He equippi-d liitneelf with a i;ood horse. saddJv and 
bridlE>, a pac^kin^f wapi-!lo wdl filh'd with driedi 
beef, crackers, and hard^tat'k ; hia other et|iii]>m^t4' 
were the' tx^l niftp he could then gi:l of Ihc weateml 
lerritories, a po<-ket compass. Hint and steel und. 
punk-wood, wifti wldcb u> kindle a tin-, au matches^ 
were not then known. H»*4'arri*^d no weapon, often 
remarking thiit ini lionL*T-l facf.» wa*) tTie befit weapon 
ATnonj^dvilkt^d or r<-ivugi' men. 

AftJ^r ralHy crossing' the ^U\U* of liidi:ina, then a 
wihli-rut?tK, he raleri'd IllinuU ivlierr? D;iiivillr noitf 

Barltf ^^ilomiions. 


la, wh4»n> 111- fouml n Htnnll M*ltli*iH(>nt ntid some 
frit-nils. TTeri* In- mnd«^ Ji sliort stay, imd iht^n took 
a nnrrliwf-^U'oiirst-, ro !»trikr thv Iliinoii* river, his 
iita]i anil roiii|ia?«A liU only giikle. 

11*^ ]rtit tip, nauaJly, vfhi.-n* nigHt fnmjd him. 
Strikiijfi: a lir** with his ttint, ^t^^e], and puoi;. 
wnipiM'd in liia hiuiik*;t» and with tin? l-road fiirth 
for a be<l, he slopt -■ioundly- Hi> **tat«><i that hia 
lior^^ bLxaime ven" cowardly, bo thnt ht» would 
scan-elj c.To\% th*' ^m»#, wlii-'h u*ftit his* only suate- 
nanre; he wanld kwp cioeo by hia maeler, follow- 
ing him tvhiovvrr h(< wi-nt, and sltiM^ping ftf niglil hy 
bia akle, and would not ieav<* Iiini at any time. 
With no roiidfi bttt an ocoa^onai Indinn trail, 
througti liigli tfntss ftiid hii<)]i'«. <>vi*r Un* bnuid, 
Iinru]*-S4 |tr:iirl«'. or along tlio lUnhnr beliti, on^jwion- 
idly min-ling a parly of InfUanis, wich whom b« (*-oii- 
n-ni"! iiuly f>v M^iitt. it \s mil »tir|iri&ing that hcirwe 
or ridT should \^ lonely, sahpirionw. and ffarluln 
Th^ Itidinn? were frii*ndly, offt-ring to pilot hliu 
wbt.'n*v<T \ti' wi^lu'd to g«, loil wrre impnrtiinale for 
tol)0cco and whisky— in vain, however, lor Ik? carriud 

He rt^t^lufl thi* Illinois, he ftupjwised, jnst below 
the mouth of tliL- Kankaki.e. and followed down (in 
the south «idi\ (ill he T\*aclK'd the raonth of Fox 
riv*'r, and recosnizt^d it on hip ninp—tho first tinn* 
\\v bad bo«D lerliLiu of \x\^ loealily itiarr lie h-ft Dan- 

He «xp]ore<1 each of the itonibrrn bmiuln'i* or tlw 
UHnole for eereral mile* from rh<-lr moutha, ffoing 
op one »id»s and down the other. He thus worked 

78 Shtargf^ La SaJIt Countff. 

liiH wajr to DlHrtii's Omvr^ in Triwwdl Connly : 
lht*re, EA he expect^'d, hfi met a fcw »ettl<*i-flj old 
a^ighbcis of Ilia, from (Hiio, the first white mt^u In* 
had ft^en wik<- Kaviitj^- Danvtllc, 11^ thru rtHiiriimi 
by tlie way oi Bpiiriglidd and Vanda-liato Danville, 
where he irjfuli- n t-hiiin on Uovornmenr hind, which 
ho aftoi-wardr* purohaaed. H*? polurned to Ohio and 
reported thut he fonnd no euitiblo Lot'Atiori fortliv- 
proposiHl colony- S'^nu- mijiht think it nitherRin^ 
^lar th&I :t man of hU r^wolucion, and ^^und judg- 
nii^nt, Hlionid (lasa ihrou^iflj the beat part of the Slau> 
of Illinois— the bys( p^irtitin vf Ihe Weyt, and &« 
^ood ^ ivinnfry jih Lln^^Htin ^hiri^s mi, :irid llw.u iniikit 
such r*'port : but those who Haw It hh he saw ii. can 
liroperly ik|iprei^[at.e hiH decision, 7inil Ih*? Tact thai 
he miidc Mirh a decir^ioii, if< sij^mlH-aiit <if Mji? Im- 
wii'Aiinnihlf diffiTfiiiiH l>Htiven thvn and now. Sur- 
rounded by the AoHtndc, which rvt-n his horse felt 
£10 ketiily, h<^ wan not in a mood to take in the full 
value of a prairie fai'm, and thi^ prairie region wa« 
not then nndcrstood ; there wui* ^upposf^d to bc» an 
almost fatal diUdenry of tiniher. and the coal Helds 
were hid in the bowol?^ of the *;urth. Thi- pmlri« 
wnsenppi^w.'d to be so cold and bleak in winter as 
to be uninlmh{t^Mi% and ilint not mor«^ than a tentti 
of the conatry could ever be utilized- Tlie m.ilroad^ 
which now connect ii« witli eithiT ««e«n, and z\w 
tel(^gra}ih thai :innlhihLtt*_w dinlatice, and converse** 
with all tlie world, were neither of tlieni irivrut«'d, 
Th(^ rtIowF-1^ mall and post c^ach had not Uien 
crffSfied the prainc n*?k>n. and lite pnfTun; slriitner 
had never nrached the Upprr lUinoie. There was no 

Eorly &rptar<tti(m9. 


cmlimtton here. The deer, the wolf, and the la- 
dinn, hoM a dividtM Aiiiiiir*'. aud to Ui<^ iKilU»r>' 
traveler \i seemod rhat ;^on?rationfl must j>asw before 
this iftimcrtotc ^IHiidc conEd be nmdv vocul with the 
ooiiv<*r^* and bu^invs^ of a dvtUvt^d pof^ithv Kvtn 
of ihofio who came len years hiter. many were of 
iJiac oplDlon, anil for sievei-al vi^r* hit^retiUt nuvor 
vxpeci^ to \\v<' to »jee (lie larire praiHea occupied. 
Our txploreji^vimtnally rhangfd liU opinion, for in 
1828 he pnrcha^^d a tvkrin m Taz**Mie|] Couniy, and 
n*iiiovi*<1 ihi^ri* thnt- yiin^ laiKr, hiivitiif, in tht- aii- 
tomn nf IS28, rnkfn u trip thmiiMh iht? niunlry, 
eimilar to that in 18^1, when ^omo fvw Acttlemenls 
nnd nif>ri' t-siT-'rirnc*^ >orLrri(-() the asp^^rt of Lh<! then 
rhanginf^ wilderoes.*, and convinced him of the fi^a- 
sibility of MrCtluig tiic prairi's region. Ue I'cnmined 
00 bis pnn^liase, n«'ar Pi*l(tn, till hi^ ditflth, in the 
aotnmn of It^aO, leaving a widow and nine eliildren, 
Tlic ^Jdi-Pt Eion, Isaac, rtHrksi al I^ng Point, \jk\- 
ingstoti County, in l«;il. twelve milesfrom the near- 
66t tH-ighbor, and in 1848 movi>d to i^outh OltAwa. 
where he died In Jti5L In isr>% fbur moni of (hi> 
broth^^rv— Eli, Aaron, Abner, and Isaiah, settled 
in Farm Ridge, and siion afcvT, tlivir mother, Ou? 
widow of Jtwl Hodgson, removed tJiere. where she 
died ill 1875, Eli and Aaron outy min'ii'e, each 
with large faitiiliesi. 

60 HhUry ^ La Salle OoufUy^ 


The first pfi"iTi;iiient settlement iDad*? in (hi?couny, 
W1U4 uX OM'AVfw mill vtirinity. \\» gpogmphical luciul 
tinii.ll^ M>[n>;;raphira1 and gt^>U>giiM] rifur,un*H timrki^l 
that ^8 a ceDirul mid imj>iir1itiit jKjiiir, cvi^ii lo tli** 
mo»t sin>t-rficiiO yb*^ni.'r Dr. l)av■Kl^nu wnw tli 
firat wUiN' man, after the Kitnch, wlm flet.clivl in flu* 
county: hr- ramt- in llu- anmrnL-r ori&2:i: -Tfi^at* 
Walk»-r mmo in the fail of leS^, for llii^ purpose of 
t'Stablisliintr a mission iimong thf Potrjiwat<>iiii<? 
JtiJiiui^; Eiuj?*Poinlirok<L\ Tliomns K, Covcll, bi.'wia 
Balli^', CJtK)r;;:e atifl Jo,^^p]] Brown, CoKStty^rs. imU 
Edwar*l W*ji>c!, csiine \r\ 18W ; David AVnlk^-r, .lanu^t* 
WftlkiT, andSiiiioaCror^iar, cnmrin ]>^a*i; Uoorpi- E- 
Wfllker in 18:^7, ^VarlyrtU of iheso located on tin; 
bliiiT. in wli:it l»i now SdUti Ottawju Tlietie. and 
perhaps two or tlin-e olJiers, cnniitUuted tlk^ pt^novr 
force, ih^ iMftiat that occupied Lh 8all« 
Ccjunly in 1H27, wli»'ii llu' Winii*'hago war t>n>ke 
out and ^tniek t^-rKjr In all i\\^ fr<nili**r mt»ttl<*m**nl*. 
The rtrone of tfi.- ontbivnk wiis wmn- dii^tTitice away, 
but lilt- iiiti-rvt>rihi^ territory w;ik a derwrt wa»l«i, or 
o<;cupied by tndian^. on whom no leliance oouhl h« 
pliic^d- Imini^'diaTi^ly on hcAinng of tlu^ ontbrpok 
Che little colony conatracted a fort, and made tJi« 
be&t por*9ibl*.- pr^'piiralion for dettnsLv 

The fi^rt WHS a :(rii;tll pnli.sade, back from tb^- bluff 
in South Uttawa, far enough from the timber lo pre* 
vt-nt the eiiciTiy iittackin>f undef jt^ trovor, and com- 
manding a i^npply of wat*?r Tliv marks of the fort 

First SHiiancnt — Winndia^o War. 


can still hn srn^i on tlir fnrin of Co]'»itil Ilitt, e^oiith- 
wi*5t^rly from Ins re*idenct». 

Id Uie war of 13t^, thc^* Nortlivr^dUTn IiuUona 
mostly took part with ITio Bhtmh. bat joined ia Cbc 
trcatyof pvaoc, nndrt'niiiincct fricncJly tm'lp"^a(r*^ibi« 
tjp (o tho ttummcr of IS^T. Thac ttmiiii^e]' Mie Win- 
nebago trilio bot^umo tnHiulcnl, uud withotil uny 
appan^^Rt caus& (exc£']»i tliost' pi^tty frauds and 
nroDgtvcom^lnnlly perpt^rniU?d by nnj»rin<."ipleil Iron 
tU^nt UM*ti) iU'^'ined (IUjmi^lihI u> \ix\w. rln' wai ]inCb. 

Capt. AJ1«nLindsley. with two keel ItoiLte. whil^ 
tnulin^on ULrl.'pjM*r\fi-'«-«i7(«ippi, ilm'iivi'n'd i-viil^nt 
9l^n»i>r!ioHtil>< int<*nt in ilu'dHnnTiinorof iht^AVinniv 
Tki^ch^ armi^d his men. aiifl ]>ri*pnred foi' the worsC 
Wiiili' e)i-ni<«- rift ins x\\r nv»-r, nt. n piHnt n fvvr miles 
al>uvir Proirif' (In f!liii*n and tijipn^Ltf tlit? villA}:C^ of 
that tribe, he WB& fired upon, and Imbo^itdsnrroundi^ 
by Mif^ Inrliiin rani>r.<t in an attL^mpt. to boai^l. He? 
t^ffeoiivoly relamt'd the tire, b^at off their bonniurs. 
attd patiM'd on down ch«< Hixt; hu littd two men 
killed, and some oilier ^li^ht caeualtles, while the 
Indians rn^n^ hajidl^Mi v^Wwit loii^lily. 
, Socli an outbreak at that time, oi cours<), sent a 
thriU of terror Ihiough all the infuTit netlloments. 
Ther* weiy* th<?n, pi^rliaiK, *si»ttU'r* in iho 
minicj^ re^^on, and alcnj^ the Mi^tslsgippI, ami a few 
ifmiifrinj^ pioRi.'»^n* u]<rni£ Mn- nTlanis nvi^r, then the 
tfxUemi* iionbtTit lhTiitoriU«* fntnlii^r sfKh'mt^nfH. 

Thft rountry vntrt full of Indians, of different 
trib*^H, apparently friendly, hut tlir- pmvrrbial 
trenchery of whose i'haracter was wt-ll nndeixrood. 
The conft^drmitiou of ihotribt^s for the destruction 


HUt&ry of Ln SalUf Omnty. 

of tbe whites, under Tecumaeh and Pontiac wa» 
wiJI iv»rn'*nil)C!v-.l, nntl »inch un artof hfistilifv mSglit 
be lmagiiit*d us ijui tijc prvlucle lo a ^eii**ml w»r. 

The followriij^ i^lHlenif'tiU liy Gurdoi! S. TIubbHrd^ 
ifXtnirli<i1 fiuTti ]\u' ? vMliiiEirnr ftu- WifuicmTtiii 
Historical ('olWiioiu** rast> mucb Hght on lU^ rela 
tlon^ ot till* Pcill.iwfiroinir Tii'liHiis, iiH wi^n »s giving 
a lucid aixijitnt of t!ie Wlnot^bagci war in 1d27. 

Mr Uubbiird says: ''It is a Tniatakc" thai tb' 
yoiin^ wiiTLors of rlir Fottawatomic?^ -it^^iiciK^I At* 
tormptib^ to cnpttire fort l>cai"born id 133:^. No 
such il<-:iivri wan ^^vi^r ifintimplalod ; had tlu-iv* bi-i^n 
I should hav*f <H'li*iuly known it. Th*- Poitawato- 
miea wen' tht-n friendly. TU*?ir chief, Sbaubanee, was 
very imlu^rriotis, ridiii« layaml night, jrivJnj; infor 
madon to fronikT ^tllere and proteetiufi them, when 
in hU power, sending nine of Lis 3"ounf^ men to Gen. 
AUciiiflon. wlio remainr^d \n the army, aa aid» to oar 
troops. I wiiH in <feit. Aikini^ii'» campiugD from 
thif liriiit III) h-ft till* IlUiiotn rivt*r, 9H-rrviii^nixtydn.y.<s 
and pHrf<o!iiLlly roiiversani, with every movement. 

"Tile ^tah'incnt ref(»rre*l to miglil iipply to the 
WiDiiebjufo war nf lft27, but not Ui the rioubW of 
18S2, Thefi fiuch an cxprdition was c outturn plated 
by Bijc FootV bund, whose rillagr was at Ot-iicva 
lAkc, then known iks Big Foot^s lake. Biff Foot 
oLn'alnk'd #(.-crrtly thv wiir vrnnipuin to the Potta- 
walotnieT^ wbiK* here rec(>irii)ff their annnili-^ but it 
was oot ace'jrpicd b^' lb-.4r rbiefi^ and bnivit;. U was 
kept ao secret that not a wliite man knew about IL 

"TJie first ini»'!Hwi>rK'o wo hadht-reorThemaesacre 
on the VppeF Mi^si^aippi, in 18:^, wa^ brought by 


Firtt SeitUment — Winn^ago Wot, 


Crt^n. Cad^, vrhoat the tioior wft^ftttirci^u Buy for tho 
porpo9e of hokUnjf a Ircaty- 

*'Thu motueiit K\w G'_'tipral r^cMivd thc-nawa of the 
hostU^> lavMUH-^liiijT-t «f Mil' WiiincbaiiOt** lii> started 
in ft ]ii:ht biKli-bark cunot^, d^scend^ the WUt^nsin 
and i!iH^i<.*i|>pt tc» J('IT<'n*'>n Barm^'ks^ wh**n* !i<* pn^- 
iraU»^d oil tb*^ (rcmmiindlD;^ olfit'er tn take tbe reapon- 
«HiLllty of cliartf*nii^ i\ ^u■(lrtK•r nnd Mi.*n<tlrig troops 
up ilie ^fJTi^i^ippi. The e\|x-ditio[| Mi th** iiiorn- 
iDg ufdi'r Gfii. Ciiss Jirriv^d tli*^iv, hr nrr'tunimnying 
till* |nirLy »h Tfir lut ftu- iiiiitilti of tlir* lltiiuiiic rivfrr, 
whirh he aniTcaided, iiml ram*' hen* tn Chtcni^ii lit bis 
light canoe. I vros tal^iug t>r(^ldziat at Mr, JoLia 
KiiuWmwImmi wclK-*rcl ilu'Ciinaclian IhwyI song. Mn 
Kin7.i«< i-emark'^d that thi^ IwitJer's voir^ vravH 'like 
Foreytli's/ secretary to Oen, Ca?^ff, \Vc all raslled 
to the pia/y,';; tliv vanoe, prop<*lled by thirteen voy- 
tigeors, vm« coming mpidly down the riwr in full 
vi«w a hc^iitifiil t^iuhL 

Foreyth, tho hitter a nophi'w <jr Mr. Kinxltr, 

"Whilo eatinj:: iheir breakfast Ihe^* pave tia full 
psirttculnrc of what had transpinxL Gen. Ciws re- 
mahied )>rol>nt^y two ]if>iir», tind h^fc, coasting r^k« 
Michigan. Big Foot's blind had lingered hemsev- 
eml dayi« iifirr thi? orhi*r IiidiiaiiK lirid l<*rt<, Diinng 
tliifl time the fort, then evacuated, was fttriick by 
lightning. The barnirks on the vast side, the rtton*- 
houw ill thtf ^uth ^'iir^v an() p;irt of the ffuard-iioune 
at the south gate, hnrned down. It wae nt Ih^ time 
blowing and raining furiuusly. 

"I was sk<fpirig wi:h Ri^Licrt Kuuie, United Slates 


EiBitfry <ff La StUlc Of^urtty. 


PostiDn»t«r. in liia father's house. We pat on otir 
cloth«0. ntn to th»* riwr, and found our cantx* filkd 
wi(h wiiior; w€ troiild make no lieadu'sj with it. 
We th<<n i4W«m ttn' rivri- unrt uid*.'d in oxlin^ibhing 
th« tir(^ 

•• W<^ri.*t'i"ivi.v!no;ii(lfroni ihe Indians of Big Fwnfs 
baa<l. VV<* thought it :^rrangi^ !it tli*.^ \\i\\%u and th«'y 
di^cariptHl in tlie morning;. The news by Qen. Cass 
nmtlr* 11^ sii^pt-irf. Bitf Foot. Th;H ^nmy dny wtf swit 
Sb;iul>»iie^ and Billy (.'aldwell tu Big Fuol*3 village 
UK sjni.% In »»cvrtiim wLat llie Iridlaufj' iiitf-ntiotis 

*'OaldwelI sf^fiMed hinist^lf hi the wtnids, At*iidinff 
Shaubanet^ inio the oanip, H<> whs uiiini*dial«'1y 
**fizMl, liiit hy tii-s ]*nM(.*nrr of mind ntid slin-wdrw:** 
got liberated. Iln was e**n«rt*td bv lii^ Foots In- 
dians for half a day, Shaulianee vi^i"^ a sii^nal as 
tiiey p&84t'd near wIktc CaldwHI wa^ [*o that lie 
and Caldwi'll did not retmn to^L^ilior. OaldwoU^J 
nuching licro about two lioiirg Jator. Stiaubano^^H 
n^ported that he vra^i qui^fitiont^d a^ to th« ciiiantity 
ofi^iinsand amniunitiou thr- trad^^^rti hnd hor.-. li^hic;)! 
led him to think an attark was iv>nUtmiilatH]. Big 
Fnot admitted he Lad joined the \VmiU'b:ki*oe0 to 
drive- tW wldt'iiifroDi rli..-['fmntryt nrjfin^ ShnnbanM 
to act with him. wLo rejilli-d that h-* would go home, 
call a council or hi$ brarcs and eend an answer 
TJii^n- were htTe at Chicii^j only about Ihlrty whilM 
able to bfjiranns. 

'^ A rniinril wa« j-jilh-d, which rrHnir^^ in n^ riT>n1ii> 
tlon to wi^ml Iwii or tlin'e tn ill-* Widianh for aid. 
Three roluntet-Ts wen* called for this purpose, but 

OrffonUalion qf La SaUe County. 

mioDfi FF<i^iiii^I willing to go. T vci1i]nf4*vri.'i1 tu go 
jtlone, Mn*. nHm, who was Lpiv at lh«r niiiw^acwof 
1812, objectini?, on the ground that J was tlm only 
one who lad r*ufiK.i<-iil inllurnce to iviinmand the 
vftvairoiirs. in ca.^*.- of attack* bat it was finally da- 
vid(.<l thni 1 :4tiojld $1:0. 

*' I fitarlc-d ahoui four o* clock p. m.. and r^^achcd 
Daorilk' tliv next afti-rnouu, on4> ti iindn.'(t and tWf^Dt y 
mlW. Rnnntti*? wi>n* iniruediauOy <UA|>aicht*d 
thronuh tlie ^ettli^nientH; nnd llii> second day one 
hnndtv-l moiinlod vnlnniLH^rs r'*]iorlod, and wt» l4>rt 
fop Cltk-ago. reaclitn;^ Jh*^iv ihe Hevenrli d:iy after 
my It^iriit^ I In > fori. Tfii*si- toliiiiij?i-rs nniitiini'il, T 
lliink. aboiil twent^'-flvt* days, whfn werec*fiv*Hl tli*? 
news llml th«* trtiop:^ fn>m JHtt-riMJn Rsirmcks iiiul 
nsn-lird tliji ("iipiT ^fl^:^;s^ipln, TIm' WiaTiclwigo*??!, 
aurjiH!^ at their arrival, ^oi togcthi^r and con- 
rludnl a poucfr with the romnntnding officer/' 


At itie time OMttlements coinmenced in LiiSalle 
County, tht* l<Tritijiy was a imrLKf Pi'oHa Cijunty, 
Pr<?t'ious lo the organi73it1on of PeorUi County the 
ItHrif'iry w^is a imrl of SHiigrinuiii Cnunl'y, Tlni!^, 
Mifh nevr county, formed on the nniihrm fronlitr 
of ihtf wrtth-^ |Hjrtloii of the Slati*, iinbmo'd all \\ui 
terriror>' north of it to the State line, a^ th*^ pettlt?- 
moiit of lh<r St«t<; oomiiK-nctKi iH the south, iind pro- 
j;T^*aA-«d iiorth- 

'Hie fipAt t^I^rlion in what is now Let ^allo County 
was h<.*ld ftl th«' l^v^TieFC of John Gn.-cnt ui Au^ni 


nUiorff ^ La SalU OautUif, 

1880- It WBH for Fox Hlver Precinrt of P^irla 

In thv. wiiid-r of 183iu»i ihe If'giMaruri- or^ni: 
the connty of 1^ Salle, and an <*Jection was ht-Jd 
foUowiiij^ i^prin*:, M Ottawa, lorriiunty ofllcera. The 
bouuduritfi ijf the i^ounty incUidtd Kunges 1, 9, 8, 4, 5, 
and (3. frcMn tbo eouth lint- of Townt^hip !:.'U, now the 
**outh liru- of lln^ townof Grov^dnnd, to Die north Hue 
ol tlu» ^tntL*, being tliirtyiiix tiiil<.'t' wid*.-, iimi ovorone 
hundred mi ]4^& long— about tht> aize of some of the 
smull^i Stiit^H. 

At the tirsi election held ai Oliawii, Maix-li 7lh, 
1831, GeorgB K- \V»1ker wns rboseii Sherifl'; John 
(Jret-ii, Aln-;sliani Tniiiihii, and Jsinifs B, Cmripli*-!!. 
CttuRty OuiiLiui?i^uiiHi's : uid David Walki^, Co^uLy 

The rounty wa.* dividf-d into thi'ee }ireiHnct!i. 
Kangtfi I and :? tonatituted Venuillion Pivcincl; 
Rungis S iiiid 4 OlUiwn Pr^-cinot ; und ItaDgt-^ 6 and 
{I EaAtt^j-n I'r^cincL Ea^-h prt^ciuct ran north U> tl 
Stutc; Mac. 

A court wa£« held tht; following ^ummt^ on tbi 
goutU fiido of the river, &b ttmt was then tho town,. 
Judge Young prc'i*ided. Tlio gmiid jury held n c'^Sn 
sion, a petit jury wen' summoned, but no |>n*e<*n^ 
meats wero iuad9, nor trinls hnd> It is ^id tin 
court wai* held und(*r a Inrgo irt**>, on tht* l>otloine 
Bouth of the li^er. The grand Jury niei in a rr>om 
of David Wiilk-T':* h(ju*.s and thv |j*?tU jury, 
being iin|>:iruieled, i^erwniH routined t»;iny Iricaiity. 

JudgB Y<»ui]g otint^jlintJ^nl'^d ihe crjunty u]>on tta 
niorHl i^hanii'tMr, in huvin^ wu tTulirtin^^iitpt prt.*i^MtL^, 

Orffaniiolfon ^ La SaB^i Ct^imly. 


It 8eetn& that the first indiclmentd ever presented 
by th«i gmti^l jiiTv 111 Lai ^-.ilW^ C<tiinry, w<nv IVir t^'ll- 
ing whL'vky wiihotit :i Hceii^i and \t ihc ]>ast may 
hts rvgitrdi.'d US the truthful iiidi.'^: of llie futuiv, sJld 
biiinaii ruitnri' n*tnAiii!t ak Jin^, l]t<< ht^i indii-rinciitH 
which f>i-ec^df^ tiie final rnnHLjnimation nfull fart)ily 
thtogv^ may Ix- for tim snniir offLxose. 

After tlir fn;^ht frr^m (he WijinrliiigD <mtbroaik 
iuid anbaidtd, tiuigrantis caiuo in qiiitt^ freely. 

The tlM settlcmmito wcro made along tlio cd^e 
of the bt^ftt :iiiiWr. The im[^^n-0«ion wa& Utnt only 
ihe limber belta could ever be inhahit'>d; the 
pmirit^ woiv* thought to be ion flold in winter, and 
uninhabitable for want of timber. Tlius the main 
attrarliun wns the be*>t prores. and farms witli 
timber nnd |>rairiv ndjoininfc vren.- Iinft r<i.'l(^«cled. and 
none oitier as loii}> as siieli eould b^ found. After 
CUIiiws, ilii^fir»t ttii'trli'mentjiwerestt Bailey'K Orove, 
(now TonJcal in IS-'J^ to 18SS : at Dayton and Rrit- 
landby Oi\-en^s| 1820. and obhtrnf in 183rk81. 
Ai that tirai* i\ir imly white man between there and 
Galena vraH John l>k\on. the first and then the only 
nettler vrhei-e DIsciiu now i^. Therv wat* only one 
while man l>etween Iheiv and I't-oria, on the river, 
thai was Mr IlartAt^Ib an lndi;iii tni<ler, at II<'[ino' 
pin. John Haya settled at FerLi ; Lap^ley, at La 
SaUc; Myer4. Lctle, and Itif-bey, on the Mnffsontli 
of Peru— all in Iti-JO. Joiiu-^ Uallo^vay had settled 
opposite Mat^iUee in 1S25, Troy Grove received 
ila Una fielder in 1530, Irut only thr^to families till 
ISXf; Indian Cr^ek. io ISIJO^ and the firet on the 
VermilUon, waa in 183L Martin Keynolds came (o 


HiiUmif ^ Ija SalU Couniff. 

Deer Piiik In 1829. antJ Etsa Arnii*tnnig in I*^ai- 
Charles Dixiwn utid llii' flo^i^lHiom^ <!:iine in 1830. 
Tiller, Willi ;i fpw i»tli»*r*. w^'.ny tlir whiilr )JO]ml«- 
lion of 1^ Salli* Oonutjr in ia3l-39, when On* Black 
Unwls war broke rtver tW ilvfenaeless oulony. The 
^i*Lt]i*Rirrit.s in counly vct^v- locates! at Ortuw« 
and viciniry, nearly all soulh of the rirer, extend- 
ing to Oovt-ll <;rrx'U. and (o Browri'tf Point below. 
At I^aytim ami KullaDU» on both eiidt'^of ihe Fox, 
and on the Iltinoifl ut or near the Gnind iiapida, 
thrri' mi;:hl hav*' born fiTty jK-rftuns; fimr or tivo 
fumUiet^ on Indian crovk; four or five at La SaUln 
and PiTu ftnd the bluH'opposifv; a liltQ nnmber 
at Baili'vV Gro\'<>, and two op ihnx' i»ach on ih© 
trpper Vermillion, nnd in what ie now the town of 
Dv^r Parit — ii fivbli' und snilt(?i'ed people, on tli9 
fxrrcmt' hnrd<*rs nf clvill/jklinii, but illy pri'imnnl lo 
Meet the shoi'k of suvsige warf:il'e. 

Theciabrt'JLk in t\w sprins of 1831, wWn Black 
Hiiwk rn)f<t*i?d th*^ Mi?*^lM^ippi, ntiaT Rork TKlaTiil, 
aiul druie ihe ser.tlers Fmtn th^ir elaiim^ alarmed 
tht^ w]i*»lr frtJUlirr, Thr tirnidl*:*n thei^onnlry, mnd 
iujniiRration ceased. ThediffloiiUy was temporarily 
settled, but then.' was a rurcri^li anxit.ay among the 
people? ; and whttn, in the ^prlnj; of lSJi2, the Sanha, ^ 
under HIack Hawk, took the wur-pat^h lncarneat,^| 
nuiDy pn^tripitati ly h-ft, di^i^n-nsinij tho means of^ 
dtd'ense, and wi-aUeaiDg the alivady feeble colony, 

Tho wint'iT of 1830 31 vm» a vtsry *ovrre on<' ; tlie 
snow wa*t of unusual depth, and traveling across 
the connrry Hlmiiv^l itTipas?^ibh-, Th*' wiU'TOf t1i« 
IllSnoU river, at the time of th<? spring floods, wna 

Biacl Hrifcii War. 

from two t<i ilin^* fvi*t higher tlinn St lins Ix-i^n 


Bhick lf;ink, the <^!il.-r of whal iva?« <*ftlk>cl iTii? 
BniUb fiaDd of tbe Saukf?, wbo nmde war on the 
«i.*1lkitiHrii9i Ui 1831, Ami nguln in 1^8:1, nltliongh 
an ardent frit^iul of i\if Hiitisli, am! a liitt^-r MiiL«my 
of llie Uniti.'c! 8Talo*» wii^s rmm iiU art-r-iiDts an 
nmiiililr .«uii^*. Ht- wit^ miw an nld itiiLti ; liir lind 
been a warrior fiT*m his youth, ami it iji Miid he had 
ncTcr been dcf^-aU'd. IIt? had [*crvfd with tlic 
Briti^hr ^Ttt\ wat< a friend of Ttriiinf'tli, in iToniHinn 
with ncorlrailthcprommc'ntchiersnt that day. He 
vs mid io have l>(K-n a kind luirthaud mid fiiCh^r, 
honc^it, and trnthfal. offi^rtiomitL* and sympatheiic, 

ll wo* hbt custom III i^pi-ncl unta day oarh yi.*ftr by 
th<* jmv** of n ravoritodaiiffhler. who wasbfirit^d on 
cho banks of the Ntiirsi&Eippi ii^ar Oquawka. 

TIm> troabJ^^ wiib Blaok Hawk oi-l;rinaicd aii fur 
bftck UB ld04. A treaty w»i; triude by his tribe, 
soiling moBSt ct {}uAv lurid'* eunt of tin* Mi>**rs!!tlj>pi. 
TbU Ovaty, and s^'viral subseciuent otneft In 1815, 
l«l*laTid 1&30, Bhck Hjiwk wnid, wvn' fnuuU: llmt 
in 18114 Miriii.* uf Ilirir IrilM- wt'n' nrrt'Ht-»'d tiiifl hi'-d in 
St, l<<»Gi» for mnrden and t*ome of Hie ohii^fs went 
doivn to iij*j^i!*t' fli'nn im tlit- Iriii! ; Mtaf. fh^y ;50t 
ilnnik and did in^t know what th*?ydid, but when 
ihey came home Baid Iht^y had sold aome land, and 
irort! docked out wilh InJiiui Rn^ry, which vraa all 
they roccired for tlie ianth 


History qf La AiSc Counlff. 

Id 1831, Blurk lliinlc iind most of \\\^ Irilx' nri^iilrd 
wt'»1 oftliF- >ri>>j»^t]ii)L Bmiit^ H^lrltM^ hftd bought 
of th€ (Jovernmcnt, the land in tb^ vicinity of what 
had be**ii tb*Sr ijriuoipaJ town on Die ca*t aide, Just 
Wow Rock l^and. Jliack Hawk ordenxi them 
avmy, tind upoa their not going, dc^lroy^rd their im- 
ptovwm^iita* nnd thionti ikhI to \\\ti\w war. Gen-.-nil 
Qa!ni.'&, vritl) a fL>w coinpamoa of Uaitod States eol* 
dSore, wn^fi'^ut to tim scvuk' of trouble, iiDdAcronbiiD' 
drvd mountr'd rolunttTers from Illinois were called 
out. Black JI»wk ivtrt^al^d ftero^i? l)w Mi^^isttlppi^ 
and finally sut^d for p*>a<i^. which was conclxid^'tl by 
lib reding the disputed Iftnil. Yet, in ihe spring of 
18^2 hc' ugaiu t^rosi^i^d the Mt««ls»ippi, notwithstand- 
ing hlh a^n'(']iir>nt, iiiid Tiiadt- \ iiidir^llvi* ^:ii' nn Iht* 
fronli**!' r*<*trli'iii»'[ils. His bitter fi^lin^** lowaiii the 
United Stnt-t^T^.iind th^f wHttlin^ of liiatrib^, enoroKcli- 
mt^it iif till* wl[ll<"!*, mid (iroHjjerr nf exfliiclioTi, 
oaLSspeniied tin.- old man'o firelin^js ajidhemade wai, 
doabilv^sd in dtM»pt^ratIo4i. 

Oovemor Ueynoldft called out about 2,fi0(i volun* 
l4wr5. who wtTc cquippi^d. and ord<?i-od to the scene 
of the (KUhivtxk, iindtji- tin? ronimnnd of Oencnd 
Whitepidt', of the State mllilia. 

TIr'J" went l>y iho yrny of Ociniiwka on tho Hies- 
itwippi, to Rook riv«T, and n^ndezvoiwod ftt Dixon. 
The anny hi.Ti> found two battalions of mounted 
volunteer** fi^>m the (rouiUi* ;!< of M<'Ijt'nn. Tazewell, 
Peoria and Fulton, commanded by majoni Scillmati 
and Bailey. Tht-i^i^ foreej« Uj«k^ for ciome danj^rooB 
sE^nice iti which they mlfflit distm^Ish tliemsi^lrttg, 
Thi'y wi?rt' urdei-ed np the nv4>r lo f^ the enemy, 

Bhtck Wiml' War. 

and lesni UU locntjon »nd sln^nglti. SliUmnn'e 
commund I"fl oti tit*" IdrU of May, Wht^ii thoy C4im« 

ibi'y diw^iTiT^Kl ft ftfwltnliiitis oil liwrsrluick, aiKlllitf 
mt'iir without ord^^m urcomiuamW, alaiice|>iir-Hiii*<l, 
overtook and kUIetl thrfo Indians, but soon en- 
rotimrn.-<l Blai.k Hiiwk with niorrm sevni litiiidred 
warrioni and of conrae chanj^i'd f^ont, and biKl thf> 
epevd of ilieir chargera in tiic opposite dii^ction. 
Whi-n ilie>' rrai'hr'l inmp, the vrholr battiiJiou 
raiiffht l\xt jxinic and made ut once for JJixon whej^e 
the ai-niy wo^ cuf'iiniprd, Stillman lot^t oleven men, 
and n-as d*.H/iced foilunale in loBin^ ao iuw, 

Th<^ whoJ»- fore*? wan now anxiono to be diflcharsed. 
It fitK'ius rtM>tr litnv of ^>rvieohada1>oiiti\\plnidf and 
r^al lipJitini; provini: ^inythiuji but holiday aport, 
tlit-y refu*wl to «<.'rv».' Innger. Tlipy weiv marched 
rir>:r to StUlnian's balUf> ground, and iben by tbe 
way of l*aw Paw Grove, and Indian Orw^k to 
ottan»« n'h<-rp ihvy wt-n- diT^rhur^T.MJ by Governor 
Hi'-y niA^H on llie ftTlh and 28th of May. 

tS(illninn\sdi IWil and thr diecliarg*:' of Ihe forcps 
|ilai'ir<] ihn fnnjiiftr n^'UVntt^nts jt flu* mi-rry of the 
foe. Tlie Indmna scattered in fliiiall pai-tii«.H hi iht? 
OCArr-sC eH'UU-mL-nles and m.^arly lUI tbo Htl'a of th*i 
»4tlor» that wcrotak'.n dnnni* tht' war. wi?rc taken 
tfoon after, and a^l Wn* cttnuuttics roUo^od. as the 
resuil of that defeat t^ftet^n at Indian Cr<xk; 
l'nini>, th^ Dnnknrd prcairher. killed north of Mai-< 
■vH-j![.^j; Schermerhorrt and Hamilton, casl ol" Fox 
rJT^r; younc Baroi&ford on Indian creek: one on 
I Bun«iu erf^i'-k. and pni- at RiifTiilo Grove, vr^rv tli^ 


History of La SalU Conntp. 

victims. It »ei>m8 that La Salli^ County suffered 
farinoi* tian siU others. 

After ihe <Ji*rlmrg»r of th*- f^^iro*** n\ Otifiwa. Col. 
Fry iiiad«^ a. speech to the disLrlmi^^ed men, li^lllng 
them tt vnufu sfiiLmr> Ttu'Llu^iTi Ui gfi hom<» und Ikivm 
Ihi.^r f!rtfi*n[ifli-?it* fariiilfi'H tn r(*i1ain Oi-atlit itwl rjill- 
Ing for voliiTilefi's tost-rvo rill i»t}ier Torres could be 
ruised nnd plmri^d in tin* fit-Id, To tliift appiral il 
jtorl.ioii iooiii|itly n^pond*rd. 

Out of the discharged m<.-ii, a regimt^tit of rolan^ 
tela Wits miacd. Jacob Fry was t-k'ctcd Colonel ; 
Janies D> Heory. Lieut. -Colottel, and •lf>hn Thomas, 
Mnjor. Wliitoaidts lat^.- commanding? gcnrrah en- 
listed a4 11 privntc. Tlie s*;vL-nil roiTipariks ol this 
reffimeiit were so diBposed as 1o be^t guard the 

Oh tliL3 l£th of .rune, thi> now le^jeit bad bcrn m 
tered in, and were formed in three brij^ade^ 
whole foRN' aniountlng to 3,eoo mt^n. Th^re were 
fu«r» that the Wlnni^bagoesand Pottawatomli-s would 
Join tile Sanks, and a larpe force was called out, 
as well TO ovi-niw** thi'm, a* u> i-opti with tbv ■*neniy 
atreadj^ in the Held. T]ie ludiaiiti al thi^ time liad 
poBSfwsionnr nearly Uie wlialpronntry frnm Clikdgo 
til Gnb'na. and f^oui the niinulH r\vi*v bi Wismitxin ; 
Uiey liirked in nearly every grove, bnt lli« .m^Hh-rs 
hftd takeai rpfngc in pTan-s of safety, and no moiy 
c&analties otxnm^d. 

Tho army was commanded by Gt-neml Atkiiir*on 
of the re^nlar araiy. On Iht'Sflti of -hine, (hr forces 
wi^tv oi^ani/od on the Illinois nvt^r at Fort Wilbnra, 
near ti-ht^rc* Peru now is. They lirst raarciK:4 to 


th« 1 

ere 1 

Thft iT)i>r^nient of th<'9e iroopu^ ii<»(il» rt^lii^red th« 
afipreh^iifl'^ or till? si^ttl^Ts who soon i^hiniod to 
itifir fi4riii^ ; tlu* lii<liuTiH W4»ii^ pursiK^d ^^h^iidll}^. 
aiid Jifler r^]««ur(l &kiririi_^?it;fi were mterly defeated 
5t t)i»' 1i:ill1»>i>r B:if1 A\r. on lli*' Missi<-4j|>|ii, in \VU' 
fotiMit, AiigUhl, 1^32, BhirU Hawk wa> Ciikeii inns- 
onervnTh tint prophet, Ijv the frirndiy Wiim*-l>ng^«'^ 
pnilwiblv }>}' trrarhiTv, 

They were lakeo to St. Loiib, whei^ a treaty was 
madv, anch ua thi; Cfov>*nmi<}nt sa^* lit to dlctato; 
fr»/m tht-re tUey wt-iv lakfii to \Vaflhin;'ton City, 
wiiero ihoy h«d [iti iMiTv^ow witJi Pn-sideiit Jai'It30iT, 
uad Bla-*k Hawk Bdiid to t)i» PieeideDl : ■*! am u 
man. yoti ai^ anotfipi-, \V^ diul iloL L^xpcs-t to nan- 
4)Urr it^i- wliitf* p<^pE<? ; I i(>L>k up tlt<^ hiitchi^i to re- 
Ten^> lnluri-*s wkii^b oaiild ho longer be borne ; Lad 
] b>irn>.- tijeiii longer, my people would )i»vi* i4iit(], 
' Black Hawk U a ^naw, be lit toe old lo be a cb!ei. 
Ut; hi DO Sue' TJiU t-auffed tin.' lo nu«i' thr wur- 


He irnFC sent to Fortress Monroe where he beiuinie 
iDurh utiachinil to Colonel KuMiivi?^ the coinfiiander 
Oil imrting. Blick Hawk rm^. **The niemoiy of 
yoiir ffK'&d^hip a!tl tvriKiin until the (Jreat Spirit 
nys it U tiriK- for Bliick Hawk to ninghiii deatlt- 
8ong." Aft^ riaitli^ the principal dlies. in June, 
IS3a, lie was n.tunn.'d to hi* tribe, wc»t of Ihe groat 
rfv«r. He Uvi-J liil tlnj Srd of Oi.'tober, IWO, when 
ho died at the ap? of Sti year^ «nd was buried on 
the buiikfi of tke river wliero b^ liod sp^nt nioit of 
his Itfir. 

General Scott had been ordered from the Ea«t to 


HUtmy tf Iju SuUk Oatmiy. 

take (Command In thin war. Tn Hghteen dayA he 
tra-n>"pni1ed a regular foire frnin Fortrr-ns Monro*- lo 
CliirAgo ; on tliT-ir way ii|> XYiX" lakt-A llir^ wi-^n^ 
di^dfiilly afllitted with -.\mFitic clialera, then a new 
and strangle dispnse. It bn»k*.'owl umorijcihr :roop» 
wlien i\i DHroit. Of Iwo bundi^ landed fort,r 
mik'S from Uptroit only nine fiuirivod. The main 
body camu vii, iinrtur Gt'iieral Sn:ott, to Chicia^a. 
The disea&e again broke out wlien at Ma<-'kina«", 
and ronririmsl afk-r th*'ir nrrivui at ClncumiK and 
nithin thirty days, nmi^ty more w<*re carried lo 
their firav*^». Tlit- cholera delfiim^d Scott and his 
rroopA at Cldcngfi ahuui ft nuTitli, and hi^ n^i^K'tud 
th€ Mississippi at Rock Island, in AupU3t> 18^, but 
attw fill? d».>n*ivt» battle at Bad Axe, conseqn^nlly 
took no jiart in \\w fight. 

The defeat of Stillniaa. on Rock river, enabled 
Rlnrk ITawk, wh'j IukI inUinHo lnOd liis warri<ir» 
U)gi"lhf*r, to ifsiwr an e\|irt"t<'d attark fruni tin^ forces 
under Whiif^de, bein^ now relieved from hnmodi- 
at*' appn'iicn>inn. to s^t-ritl de^tai'liH] |»artif?*to attairk 
ihc fniiitifr w-ttli*nienifl, Aa soon as Shabona wa^ 
informed of the atlu&tlon. he 1ia:4ti.-iit-d to inform the 
settlen* nt tlh.* points i-xpowd, thnt they werft liablr 
to bo snrprisod at any time ; it was on tlic loth or 
Ifithof May that Shabona vlsih^d iho Indi:in Creek 
Mr, HiUletarl'^d with hii* family Inr OEla\\"a, b«t 
wa« poreuaded by Davis to stop with liirn. so tliat 
Hall, Davis, and Petigrew, nlih their fitmili*^ and 
fiome hired hitnds, w*Te All iitoppia^ wilh I>Ati», 
DavU wai» a K>^ntucklau, a large and powerful manj 

Bhick ffntck Wnr. 


and said to b»* o( decided coarage. H* M\ \\U place 
and wetil to Ottiimi for «iA>iy in (h^ s^^irlrig of 1831, 
-ind i« -<iiiil to Kav<^ bei*ii tmiiiit'd by somi* people as 
vniitln^ in <Tijur3^4* ; and sis the sHirli'n»-rUs iii>1 
jli^tnrUf] in 1S81, 1)i< ^jut] iT» wcmiUI iinK ihe Indian«i 
niUier lli:tn ^^\xi h^ v.wuxh^'i wltlt cowaidlce by thu 
Ottawa p4<o|i1ir. 

th^y w*^^ Tillncki'd hy »i'Vifiity or rf'V'^ly rndtan^ 
->n the aftf^rnoori nf fh<^ 20ih of ^fay, 1P33, FiOcen 
wi-n.^ killr.-rl, und two girls, Sylvin Hull, ftiiri'it 4*i'V<^D' 
te^n, and RaeSit^l Hall, agfd liftmen, w«re taken pris- 
|>m■^a; lUcothtra escapod to Ottawa. TIk' dctaH^ 
will boei bi? told by ihf>^i* wfio witiK-esod tln^mn The 
follomn^ Etntement, ma(Je by John W. Hull, ftnd 
aNo oil'.' nmd** by Sylria lloni, and K[H'h».*l Miini^on, 
the two pnaoiicra takon by the indiau^. mi' in&erled 
vs l\w mcMit rr>lmbb: 


NK1C4IU CoiTsrrr. N«hr«»kB, fltpt, ISOT. 
I, Johu ^^- Hnl^ bd»C rcqrtctKd by mj li«Icr^ ffvlvia nun; and 

* fallior't («mtl J >fid otii<>rt. ntvl on^^tivit^ of tny lun iiiltfri, in W^y^ 
1A9. noM otodlf cr>mp|y itiih tbc'ir m|iitAl. The Ut>«c i>f llitnx- 
Bvii yo«r« bn ntMlo ebj mi-ni('ry mMiH lUm, hul llirrii nt# win* 
UtingH, ttbUk t Kill rrlalc. ^ychlTVocinbcr most (JLtUnctl/, uu) 
iMliub«i:Ml hir^Alivbic- 

11 WM le I^Of, nwl. H» svHr an I n^ii ri^oollm. A\y\yiX llir Hth or 
ti4b daj of Mat, tbAi «iM Bbivlrooa, cLli^f »r the Po1o^llto^1lR^ 
feoilflnlnit' fnibiT bui] mbpcm Mini itin Atu^ iiml Fox liiiIiKiix wimTil 
pmb«I)^y mkk* t rshi no IbO M-lll^nd-iil whvrv ne IKnl. add ifidr- 
dfr UB. aJDil drairoj onr proptilyH bud ndviicd him \-i W>i%-c llmt p»il 
»! ilMf «)OiilTj' lot n pliWY' ftf »flfi>iy Rtif. fnttlnTi lonif-f^ w<>ri^ *is 
«owmro, kficS HiMii* (>f nur Q^i^ht-orH ^Nil oi>t lulHckPtly fr«lit ihii 
flM lodlftu, uuj ive were Adibcil \** coUeci At inUD^ togctbcr •* 


Jiislorff €if La Sath Cotmtp. 

potHil^lCiHiil tiaEid our fround md dorpod ourNlvn «fiila« 

6ct. atier bldtng •Al our Ihctvy ptopctiy. ftod laiii1tn| llm nv 
iiiAlador«nd tlio fumSly on ti> t\xf^ wKcim, wo MiirLoiJ forCKu«rt, 
uiouliiiK Ur Dnvift, iv1ju Imd biin oi Oilawn llit iIajt berar«. ud 
b«d l4>«ra«d IliiT rt conL[ibn}- lind gon<r i>at ^ti n nonharly ilircrtMa 
lo l«utii *jt tliv IiultAn i]iL>vomontv itnJ w(>uUl rf^porL on ll^cir tc- 
luEti ID mil? tif ilan^cr. M> fiuliL-r iviu [iti-vuilnl on tiy DavU lo 
abaQdoa bii rMrca\ aud >loj> nt Uii<k' Iloubo, where Hr. Poll^v 
and f*Eulij, Mr, lli>ifnftl nnd ;>i>u Ji>1in ]1. llciLtlcrton %ik4 Ivo 
liir«i1 mvD of DmtIb*, Ilub«rl Njrfb ciud Huury Oeors''* *^rs «U 

Oil Tlir- 30i1j Uv of May» (M/«ir nod d««r ftitcr W*ro« vork 

lie dwdUog li'>uso'. Mr-l>ftvUftnJ NofrUtttrtM worts Iti iTipehoj*, 
I1cui> (ictjrifc; aJid ^111 1 im DiJvif. Jr,, iTciv tU uuih ou * iiiiU-dAn, 
k hull* iuuUi nf Lho iLi^;i Ie b'jtag u vui-y WLxrm lUy. lu (bvalUr 
D'^i>ii Kimc one Irix'iiiiclil n Ijurhn df vinii-r frvm lh<; spHoJC t'^ tbo 
4bo|l Slid w jif) vfnr Into rlu* mVi{> ti rt^v: ■ Tvn miiililrrt sBd 
4|noni:]L our tbirv:. AMIiIh llmo John U. tfundcnori, Kdwiw) iiid 
Orcc(il>tJrr lUU, Tl'ivard &ail mju. cud Ivu of DftrU^ iHiOK wtrrola 
iLe ndd til \\%v ftutU tide cf tlj? tri>r*k iq/liM vIvw. uid nti \\A half 
ft inik from tlio biiL]»c» i>ijir1iu||; t»rii \ miit «hllv wc vvcro KMingla 
iLv vliup wi> bf^Ard -I Hf^crram [it thi- lioub^', 1 mM- *' Tbr-n; iitc l!»9 
Indtiiu* Duff ' " bud J limped out of liiciiunr, tt bolriaAO iLic^ oppocitc 
iiiih' fr >m tlic liijij«i^^ mid Ilio oibciik foll^hud ii> f>i>l ai tbey t<riiU), 
nnd, Hh v<» inrnc"! \\\i- roniHi i*f tb** *)\'\i: dl«'tnm"d Uh* i1«*t- 
y^«rd fall of ladi4i». J mt hw the Ind'iibt jetk 31r, Pftif^tf'« 
cbSliL fiHirv'i Tlvc yi'tr* oIlI, tAkUtu it Uv tUr^ Ut\ nnd dubkiiif tU 
livad Kj^iiinui A Hlfirn|i. I maw Mr r<-Elfrj>TA'^ mid liP*nl tin> gniu 
•vctnlngly la tbv buun, and ihca ibi- lumiJijnk tooD (<ii4ed1lM» 
Cficft Lif iboM iu the hntiK:, ami jciiaiediiiloly ihey flred >1juuI 
iTVd'y tlioli Gl ourimrly of tt^i\ but n4<illii^r nf uh ww bcvt Uml 1 
koov of 

TlielT neit mMlnj) unx uiptnirxi) iir 1lr■wd^T down ibtit gunti iitd 
drop A bullet out of ihclr tn'^ut^i ddiI f aIco tbgir |;ufti uid Ar«, 
TliM liinc t bc^rd a nh iriunic^cr uf |jm>'Cir to my ii;;hi. and ji lUllo 
Vi^binfl. On liirnin^ itii^r, uiiy. I uv my dt^ar fnilir^r mn ilit i^ntLUd. 
pW la tbe left bfi-nfll. nntl dying, nnd, vn looklDg «riiiiad. 1 saw 
lUs lut of Lb» vi>ii)|ia(ij HCic gone or vert gidng. Th« IaiUa»- 

Blaete Bawk War. 


»t* rui&iiic ia ft QV/^dMn^l dirccliun ('■>raid tUn limWi . Iju Eoukod 
b*c4t, Biipd uld, '*TrLkr nrr;" he tiniJ hit irun la liU ti4ud. 

1 MX Ibb Ubo diKovoroil quite « number of ilio IctiliiiDk on b«na* 
lia^, Ui Ib^edcvoT the «<k>i1b, nv tLuucb Itii;)' wcic KuudLun A* 
bonce (o prvwri tay «fonpi<. Tbi-n ii i1(Ltfii<i1 ml" luy miriH iliHl I 
VMld Iry lo Mtfo in.rioir L Uunk tbvrc wcra a^iiy to d^rbij' lo 

or iwvniy ti^ii* from «bvf<i \ «lood, Tli>i Ivdinti* u<Ta x\ Thi« ttiii* 
wkU& ft fov paccw of mt. n-lib Ihfitr ^ni to bnei<t, DDder fuU 
<li«rgc, 1 Jjmiicd ik>it^ Iho bunk of Ihu crrck. nbouL tvrcWc feci 
h%1i, v|)i-:hr^D«rl0niT>1]r klunnirJ mr. At ihlit motn^iit ibi> iblrd 
TfilcT w«A flroJ, Ibc Idli puiliijc over niy bead, kLllioj; Norrii ocd 
n«oFsri. «1jo vtrp ahanrt nf mn, nnfl wIki li4d nmuiKt the crtck i<i 
ib# ^pfioiiU tticre- Qdq fait io tbc ataUt. ib« otlboroo lb« oppovico 
bMiL, 1 iLtti p44fod nil iirirtly %a futatWiit ^owii ibo ilTMnk, on 
IIM iMe :»tr( Ibn ImlbiiKi, ib« hank LlOlng mi' 1rf<in tlirirvUw. 1 
pMMd dawn nt<rut two niilcr, wbca I craucii nad started for Ot' 
(■no. Jbioi^gli Iho pinli-jt. ami uKftiuk Mf. )|p[iLlrric>D, nb^ 
itAriM ilioad of IIIC. OxkI n^ vent tn^tber iHl w* B<^t witliLn Tour 
uUnuLi! <ttUirg« vboro vo fdl in witb Mr. Ituwnrd auit 0i>d, IbrM 
auw uf Mr. DirU. and ay liru bnithfirB. At! of wbutn woru la ibc 
ficAd t«fomid IOh oic^Lil OM of Mr U^rli' mm, who wra vilb us 
la rb« ilioii vbcn tbt lUtrin wab t:ivi:n, kud ^h » ImmcdiBldj Ufl 
■ lira be knnJ Ui« cry of ludlimi, ^^> nil went t>j<J[luwutD|^tber 
radgjivu tb« ibrm- 

Doflug ibe ulf^hl He lalicd 4 comiiJi»y. HUd wlUi Ibvm MMled In 
ttavmunikEi]; f<ir ihr dn-nJftil «rr-ai- of tUitj^or (Tn tbe niiy ne 
AH •0W« of Srk|lni«D^a dtfcnled troops, Uiey hnvlogcnmpej within 
fo-ii nifrf* <f nbonr Ibu luilmiirT |in»ri1 \.\\\* iiifbv. iificr ib*j b«d 
ki]b"l inj JifHr frt?»4<. TJioy TOimed ro gu bflPt xinDi tj*, iii»rl Tmlj* 
bury tboi|c«d» but ]>wm«I i>a loOtihAO. Wo vcntoD l4 Ibc Jilaoc 
vbcrr |]>c iiiawcns louk placL*. m^ oh! wliut h lUKbt (^KfiiwaVod 

Tbor« wtre •«>bmi wiib ib<iir li'->rlB cut out. »nd o(bttr> <itn wid 
Ucvinttxl In Ilij tLof'klcjc n mimnrr tn mrcillofiH or ht^huld wlllioui 
ftbOdilbriBg. We bnrini thorn all b grvtit liniic, U ono gnve. 
vkfaciUtctfftnN or lutyiliuihL ^^f iLc kind, lljtfre To tviauiu lUl Os' 
ItflH^lMiTTip -iTiMl CaM (o lift? tbti ijvqiing dead. 

Wo tbea reLupned tv UtrawBH «id or^avcd « couipaDf oai of 4 

SUtory tf Za Se^ Ctntni^. 

few dlf£vnt Bfid fiTltlmm'^ rtpfMlcd troopt. iafo iFliirh chmpvuy 
cnll^itil, Hiiil Hic nrxi liny w<xc otx tliv Hoc o{ iiiflnb. Itt pDnolt 
ihp tavn^'i'*. *nf.l If |in«^ib3»i, T" ti-i iifh"KP«*ion <if in/ two eldf^l- 
■lilcn, wbo vtrr miiiing, nnd nho. wt wcro i«ili4«(1, hul h^tn 
cumuj nwrtj tfj [be Itnllnu*. fri«ii ■jbuh ft>iiriJ rm ihH» Inul. >Vt 
V*Dl u fur Hi ROFk rir^r *rh«n nur proritlonfl fnilix!, »ril wn 
turacJ la OiUvn for, ud Utd b, pr7>TU^<>Di for « Hvosd Lripu I^ 
TuunU iliM dm. Alkinnoii li»il mailiT |fT(i|>ci»Uloii» toiUv Wiimilo^ 
tDdiBiK> EhrougU ilif^ ivgcfti, Mr Grdl^ot. lo iiurc}ifti« my aMfrt, u 
Wi Trcrtt r«Arful if wo npfirortdiod ihe iDjEftDn. ihcy wuM kill 
UiPru, l*» iirovtffit ibHr cii|iliin*. W** Ibpn ilnrrrd lh> wont! llm*^ 
nnd pTQfvcded lo ilock H*er, 'a/hcn wa fell in wlili a tmtiTpmf of- 
vi>liiTttriifK undrt<ivrJ. Podicn, nrhcnivo lairned ihrit ihc fii^cdljr 
Irhhitn* lind Kurmprlrd m nhlnlnlRE my «Mi)r«« itnd Ihsit llt'iy tat*' 
nEWbllcOak Sfringi. I woul wilb a compiny of rr^Ur«tif04 
Icfia, iDtl HbtaiuTUji a furTi>uiet>, wcnL tii ^TliHif Onk fl^iiluK** <lt)tte 
I fotiud Jny ifntcn. and tctorncd with ib?m to Q4l*D>- 

Tli« rt'iunlndtT t>f lUmnrmtivoof -t. W. Hall 
omitted, na Ic ia snb^tantlAlly einbmc(>d In that of^ 
the Mi»^si^8 lT:ill, wLich lotlowe. 

StatiMiUiii: mndi' by thi> former Mf>^ofL HalK now 
Mrs. Horn and Mrs. Mun»oo, in presence of, atid by 
nK^iicwt of, Hk'ir liiif^lKUKU, nf i\w mass^ti-n^ of th^ir 
fHtnily iind othtfra, on tlioioth of May, 1832, on In- 
tWsiD creek, in Lii Sulle Cctnrtty, and uf tlieir captlriiy 
uriti n^^-iiv from iUv Tndhiaa: 

In the tfteraaop nf th« QOlZi of MMy, US3. v& yrtn-c blannf*! 
iDdltu iti»ljUig iLUilclcnly iuTii tlic roon; wtiirn- w uoir i'U/Irje. 
Tl]« hou^o wniL .iEDiali'l Oil thi> ar>Tlb tmnk ol lad^su crvck. JUro 
lived our fjklbcr Wllimm iJatI, ni;cii VI; nui niuiLiti, nifctl -Ifi; luiil 
■Ix cliMiltV*!— .Iidifi W,, «a*"il 2;S; KdftHExl H., Atf^dSl; OtTmnbuiy, 
tgt?d tl>h SjM*, nu;c[l 17l Jtni^ji-U ajevlI IS: ii«d ElUubotb. a^?d 9. 
Tlie huukO bcioQ^cd i** WiltJotik Ihirit, ^btiw family c<i|i>MUd ot* 
nini- \a ftlL ; Mr. Pvilgfrir^ w\ft* nnit Etvt^ Hitldr«n, TIjp«« fftlitl* 

BlftcJi: //ciw«- War, 


Iv vera MtijInK I0je#lbrr Ibr iIl« b^ilrr pivu<cl1nti of vncb oi1x«r 
tntm ilhe trtdbiii*^ Joba U- ItDndt-rV'^a, Hanry Gtorg«, ftnd Ituliorl 

HKjirii-rwui. AlrxiTirlcr, ftfic! Wm. HvivU. Jr , FdwtM nnd (Sn>pn' 
bury IJi.1, QDil XtVtit Hrjnniii, were In the flclil, nlimil ItiO rrnT( 
*.'mh (?f ib« bo*»(r. Wm rUIl, ^'m. pmk -Mm W, null, and 
Xi>rrl> A&d Georf «t, «<re m « blue k-mitli nhnp. sitiy or oifililj 
lEi^ rn>A ih>e baiu<, down iUq crock, ncArtlie bodk, and ucbrtbc 
nnnh md of n mlUdftm, whieh wrvt lioin; Xmiii- Ptilirrrw, wbu 
wjji ID lilt b<ift4v, wi<^ % ohiH in bi« «mi«. «1u<n ibo iDdJAnit o^tnv 
U> l]i« <1o<>T, <n:riui^ t4 »hui Ibo dcior, biil fv^tcij ta do tt, He itm 
*bo(, mnd fflll In }t* bcicinfl. Mn. Petljrrww bHil hrr nmi* uniHTiif 
tlAch<l<fbeti vbe wi» abot, (be poirdrr fl^lot; in Ra<:hcr4 fikCD^ Wo 
«crcfr>ji4;iLfljUk\bi]t<vii1(l linj ii<^|rlt:Ci:t»|felUi. Mt'if wi-rcan Ibc 
bnl. whi-n lbi< rmlixnn i^HTi^hCrik. turM ii« thTil into Ibajn^d. iinil Uk^ 
ipftiB bflhe ftrmi. hurried tii awaju f«Bt on poialble, Mtd wbile go 
bv »« «w «h TnilUii Ink? Pi>li|TrwV r\\\\i\ hy ibr frnt ami d**b lU 
bcftd B^iBUl « flcmp ; osil Dtvii' hUl» boj vii« ibrtt bjr mi IhlItui. 
ivo o4b«t [ndi4C]r boldlng ibo boy b^ cifh linad- Wc puMcd oq b> 
ihv cntk. ntvinl H^rUiy »iepi^ when Ib^y flratrci^d Rti^^nt iDt<i ibe 
entk (Utd bnlf wy r^rDDB, wboo tboy Crvmo back ; tbon tbov g;v>t ui 
lAfitlKt *ti<l huEftvil til up Ibe cnck, orj itir iiortii uilc. I)e1nc ibe 
tt/mt mtif the botint* tiw un. ro irh«r^ rh' irillAni hnrl t«fi ih»!r 
honca, ftbont oito and a balf nllc^ from ibe liaq». Oerc «« fount] 
Ibr Imltana bail bithi*r*H linn*'*. Hnil Hunv brlrnixinic In Mici urigli' 
bora., tied up vLlh ibeir pi>iii(« We ««ro moua(«d«»ioh ^n ■ [*oTij, 
*tib «a le^Loa naddle. and piactd near tb« ccntn af tb« proi^ea^ 
•inn, eacb of our panle* bcla^f l«d, anil rcRcWIog occ(»ioaaTt|' a 
lakh of 111* «bip iVun wjma nna bnUind, Wc mppcmrd ihtri' ixvra 
aboai foTly warriori* ii*re bdcjE no »quAn^ In ikU party. 

W« uavekd i]|] Ul^ In Tl»o nlirbt, Wlien tbfl party hftliert ahmil 
T«4i koqrta ihp tndtan» dnnovd a Uiltr, boliini: their ixmio* liy (he 
brblla. Wc mted na acimc bTunk<U and were permltied to «1b 
toyabar ', thfin wn war« T«»fjimi^ an<t Trareled In The Uin« 
ariUf oatil anu or lno oVIock onl dny^ vbrn tlirv bnlU<L upirn 
acaf toiiiir buibei n^l fir rjum n grnve iK timber on uiir rl|<bt- 
8«fon w» •tn^pnl. Hiu'bfJ mtilA nignN ibfil khi> ;viut Tirkitl. mid 
tfecy look Iter «ir aad Xrt ber walk, nnd while waLkLnj; nbe wu 
fi^Kttd lo waib a 9irt»%m about itirrc fm dr«p, Itera we meed 
ahFalt*ohoun«bjloiba ponia* piohad n litifa e^*** i'^I "^''«' 

Bhiiirp ^ Im ^?If Omnlp, 

Jodiai3«Mt« liifttrUly, aail «v U'w\, l)nl (?riciM nm« ii« ww i^]i[iiKn<>d 

sti ui«nil. mirl tmtHH HWliih*. wlivn mimi? of Uir F^iJUni JcU iii 
Forti-imt* liriif-; wlfu ihf}' rpluritutl w«i w^frd hurriijd nn at a riii>i<i 
mtc for aaci? Iitc mllcit whiLi? Lhf lai-lino* (lint yttta fullowiriK hA<i 
IheU'i ilmwii urii! *ii mippirtPil Ihr- jijirty wbPO nbnt'iii biici h;od 
Kfiniu wLitV"* tind tliul if xvo wor« «vnrtnkirn Lhirj u'ciaM dontrur r 
After about hd Uguf i^jo'AUck'.'ocdtltt-Lrdiiccd. B^idrutJt^nuuauill 
tUI nenr BundowD, nbon th« wbolc purl;' halUil fur i])i< DkjcLitr ind 
liftTinK hwWx h t^.tti ibTT ixn^iiirvd u» to Lunt houa* tobncro nhi£ ei>m 
Ii3ip«1 wblab wju pi ^^'^<1 1" ■^iJr liiknilj, wbiUi nr dU. uut kuowiuj 
Wl>y w*» diJ sf>j cAcofiitu oTii^y thdm. Wo supfioicd It vrwioaUciw, 
tbut tJLiry bail tirca nutccHful iu Ilidi'tfDdvrLhkmtf 

Tlie/ Uii!" pr<^piiHid ii[i(i|>rr. rouchilngcif ilrlcfd mr-ni ilAc*d. tolTi 
bollcdiu A r^opjwr kflltJUt C'^v^ pouiid«il and made icio a bi&d 
>i)r;p. Thiry U'hic^ us lontf; In wciLKtcuLuult »itti M'uudcu ]ii(Jk«H w 
<ui>k t'^nie hui lild noi I'tllitU It, Afiff iup|.ir?i' Ehf j bokl n dince, 
md ttftcr i^hai wo ircro cundutTiUd lo audi nrHigwutn, aad Atqum, 
pitted Oil L»«rli tiidtt uf us, ^licro wi- [vuiniuod dunuglbouieb 
•1itn|dr|E irliMt w« uoLild, wbU'Ji vu vciy mr[e Tlic Indlia 
kept KlliTjpg aEl olgliL Iei tliit inaroln^ l^rvnkFiu^t tbc tttnv ft 
«i|i|jvr ; Uiiit urvt. Uiuy dsurird uff a plui'i: uE cruuud sbom 
niiiviy Ivii ifi oijvumfrrvaoe and |ila«Qd a pala i^out tvoutjr^ 
ISt^ (col higb 1q Ikfl onnlrv jirnl iirtcciiiir twctilyn^K^nnticl uporouad 
Uia |>iil(ii oil ilu' I'lp of ibL'HiH'Jir* werp pUtxci iln**ralif iif our muf* 
darcil Iriiindu : (nihoT'i, Aioibcr < ind Mm. Poikgruiv'i nvn* rMM>, 
oUcd b;^ UH, TlictD vcrc iW mutu (luci: buiirup)fii:od<iD itcp*ra 
)i|>cai'i, Tltci W|U<>VH. imdnnlirdlrvt'ibm of Ibi- WHtrlurt^ Afl w« «u 
poftcil from IttilrjftbbvHnjtt piiluLed odo vide of our foco* blmk «iul 
the olbor red, and *catcd \r\ m\ irui LilMikou auAr Itic pidc. JutL lc«r« 
Jug ro(]m«nnu£h tor ihi> ItifliiLfiH i'> p^'** bMrwnin ui »nd ibfi pol^i 
lb«U tb« WAmorK ooD^munucil todn&cu fiMuad ui, with tboitfipcA» 
la llidr b»3d>, Jind oc£jiJ>lona]]> jitkkln^c UiciiL ^n tho grvund; aod 
^DOW VavatpvcTtd nl vrt^ry tun mi iba»pi;kr* nouJd liv tbruil llifOLi((h 
V^ lUid our Lroublc^i bo b(ou>ibI to an cud. Sal no bmUb dcmooi- 
■tntlou wu in>ut» UjV4rd mk uml aflcr Ibry bud ityniincii^J llt«ir 
diBCa >bi>u1 liftif iin bour ur more. Iwit uid tL^uav4 led ub kw«j lo 
ODa<if ilio vi|^va]k]l And nnkbcd ibc polcii oiT our hcoft ft* well 
V tboy roDid, Tbtn ibu wbtilii nump iin^rh limit, and aitrifd 
norib, tthWa Ibi* wbcilvvartb ECvinvd to b« «Uv« wiih tadiaAf^ 

111 ' 



Biiicl' Hn^rk Wnr. 


TbiAbtttig iLt UilrfS dAjr of ouf f^uffVTfnt. ^\t^ vnzw *tfy UUcb 
«sbKUf»d. «fttl Hill w* mtMt 't1>«3' iKir dTJif* uit«f«rf, aod bvov 
«liBeu*vdl»gtrewr*« MpinMcdfroincacLi^bor doi1aglriiT«UDg. 
Ikoiiri^ undrr ctmrn of ivrii *ijiuiv» lo t^U t^r ua. Ixtnif pi-rniHind 
t«(i«j t-'iEVlbiTr i>b«ii not on 1h« marcb. unilirr Ibu JinrclJOfi of 

Wa attw trmvlHl Mo«!y ni«r roitgli 1t«r^n jirilri^ until arar 
tondovn, vhua vcumprd BSkin, bfrin^li'fl «i(1iouj foqr rqutivn 
iilib vboui wc vcrvfllwAjv lu ixinipaay, ^aj urcitfhc« Uiey alocplDg 
oa *k«b ■i'l0 of m daring ih« ulgbL 

Tbo w«mof« hcM miothcr dvncc^ but rot nrourni ii» ITcro *• 
hMlallibv ai4pte»i;f;«r vt dcniri'^, Hnilihc IndJaiia maJc lu good 
oMoatmoiltflofti Tor aa u iboy could, 

AboQl IhU tiotfl our Orr sift ttctt cbAUCvd, Tbf^ oii« fttnilibcd 
RaciH-l W0 rc<! aii) vrb^to calico ri^mnl Kraiiml ihi^ bmiom, 
Sylvia*! VM bio V. Thwy lTii*tl U> j.t llx io llmjw nwny oiti aUc^. 
«d3 put on mooCMla*, wlilcli v/v huelM ai>[ di>, Tbcy «^n tbfcw 
avaj Rftrhr»t'« mmb. and »bP v^nl and ^1 lE aj^i^n. nnd kapt lE. 
Wo ibcn irarclcd and camped nlout as uiuat Ull tbc flcririiib day» 
«bru tbc Indian* mmi? and tfH>k Hytvla on lo ilio hLlo ot n bill 
about forty Tori» aianT, whvrff thfry **enn-J t" imvn fn»rto boldlug a 
ojiuicit. One of Uic ludla^ii *hV\ ibai Sylvia nitui go vvUb an nM 
fniJita. who »i! afuinvnril« Icarm^d *sii thi* rWfif of ihfl Wlnn^ 
bagvW, and QdH cnllvii Whiio Crnw^ and naa blinil in onoaya ^ tad 
t^i Itac^l Oius: r«mAb irlUi ibc IndJaca iibc bad bfrcD «rldl« 
Sylvia laM idii* ^rnild tir>i ^o Ttnleit Rairhct w^nt loo, AVhttt* 
Crow then got op aud inailfi a Icrng und b>ud fi^och, and teemed 
tvrj mach in camc?t. AflLT 1ii- hml cuDdudrd. an ludlui, vrbo 
falkd bliDMlf iVLiirllag Thunder, worn and bKmgbl Kiichd to 
■brrc Pylvla vraa, ^xA ttio chlcfji >hook handt Ui^hor, and honea 
■tn: liruujtiL. a^il Mifliirbpv ctil in Alilp ibt^m wlili. iluI nc were 
TKilh mt^i^Dtrd, whf^n rtae<'f \hv tfuulc Indlani itcppcd Up to Itachti 
ami ifilb a lor^ bnifc cui ■ luck At batr i>ir of bi^r bead OTOt 
ibr Hfhi ffflt. and nnoUiL-r frt^m olT Din bitrk r>r bet- hpud. and tolil 
Wbk*Ciii* br would Tiave her bflpk In lhP*CH>rf'Hirdny*. Anoihar 
cat? tftiX a loch uf UnSr frviti Ibr fnm pnrt of Sjrlvtu'a head. TbcQ 
wc HEani^d, and rode at n rnpid n^ir until ihn noii mnr-ninsc near 
daylight. whcDWCbaltadaithcvnciu-niimrinl ufth^ WmntbibKi«4. \ 
bf<J tfla« iirviM/ft ou alim H^aHijM whh bliiuheUand furs, and wu 
Iflj <lovii Till aft«r dayligiu. Afh r ItrcakfbLt thfr wbotc cn<:amp- 


Biviortf {^ ha SatU Oouniff. 

tr»Tclcd nil ilay until nearly iimJ^^cia by mitcr, laJ canit>(«l on 
bank of Llie «trciiiu. ilic iimnu i^f wlikh nc nvrcr kDcw> ucJili 
CAS w« loll wlictliDf ivi* imvifl'^l 1111 orduii'n, 

Ob llio DioTuin^ of tfii: Dintb day nt baci btcakfovl verr Mkrlf, 
fitn^.p vtilrli WhJtp Crow wvnr. roiiiiil to ruHi ul^Biini at fur a* vm 
could Mt«, fto^ ftiyid iti llii.< (>p 'dinjE, hoMiii|t n lE^urd vilb puf'bl 
In It, akuiklDe k tucL iiccoaiopAlU" inlMnc Jl» ^T Lc^Iiuine 4 then v«al 
cfT and w*t gi>aD aiJ d«y Ht.- <?)tma ^trk At ti)K^% tiid ft^r tho flnt 
Iteotf epoko lu tiH In KniElip^h, nii^J jLxkcd tl fdlWr <fr m»ib«r wor« 
•live. Aod wliuUivr w had nEiy b^oilivrit 01 AmtA. W'k told bUa 
w«ibat]ght not, fnr vc- i^uppaud xUey ncru ftii titi«d, When 
b<rnrc] tbU ho tmikctJ rur/ «orry, Ahd ^huok ]ii< Ucn6, nud QiOt 
funucd UHihBt III! ivruKolng iciuKi.'Ut hunir to ihc mcvntitif. 

Sat inuruing- heing ibo TcnrJuky, Wiilic Urow wcm t 
tbe«Am?i pcrroruiADcv HA aa ihu ia^r;LiDG <^f tbc tii^riaujidnj. Th 
lvpoiy-iU <ir t1)(F >Vlni)f'l>agni nrni vhit 111 InLb \hc c^tnoeii, RDid 
orueKd over iho Hirtiii-tn. fwinimiikir ibcir burHOabj tbv «idtf of tb< 
cacouL On ibe otbcr lLoec oil »crc inoixaicd nu ibc p^inlu, Aod 
tnvokdnll day l^irou^h ncl Und. Moughv imd Itrntli. At tli^bt 
yrt 01014 Ui whimF Ibviri Wfrrc tn'o or rlir<-ri funiiliva onivuutMdn 
Ttiey exprvEBi'd Kfcul jLOi HiH-viuiiu^ ll^jru u« micami)«d lor ih* 
Blgbt— Wbii« Crow Dud Whirling Thunder with ui. We hkd 
pickled pi>rk. pvtainc4| culTvc. und bread fif ua und the two chkf«^ 
which wtf tcll'ibed bi-tlur tbrtit itiiyLblajc lAt^ l^id bud ii1dc« liiir c^ptlv' 
l£y. Wo Uydc^TDonthcbod prcfmred tor ua, met Whlit CfowGiBia 
U>d mldOTTu by our Imd mid cimmiciici'd tnaifkiniEi '^'^^ oi>aiIflUfd 
ilivn? tmoklns; hU idpfftuii>il of ihv i\m^ IMI morDin;*, rnrrvr ^oAagio 
«loei>» u vc btiltcTc. Neil matDlug bnd breokiotii tame m lUppcr; 
tbe Iiidinii faiLjiUi:* b(Ld« ii» ||<ajd b^r* kjid iZii? tbiuo vurupimy of 
l«r(<Dtyiilx lndlHti», ■« Ihp day bcfcirp, itiriixl vAh tL\ and «« 
tr«vcWd oicr lond Lhm fLViocd to be b^KLtf ibun Uinl ir&vcled UiC 
day bfrm'DH AboulliruA. n^. wccauiuio bobii^uM trHokvori ^I'aguii. 
tod hrre fc»r ihe first lime we bcgfin lo haTo wnnv hopea that iI^d 
Jiidinirfi ncuc icoiiJi^ Li> cou^cy tin Iiomn^ m* llivy itnid ihey vintld d^; 
tind «n wi' j^UFHi^il (in wn ti(<>EnJi to Kr-tf inorti /ttid mrTR- tl^nt Of idvlUu' 
tloo. About ihrcc o'clock we iloppcd UDd bad some dioner— 
bruUod vcuisi/U hijU luiilt^d dtickk' r^g^t huiL il Uiry bid Vi^l bvm 
boUifd wooon tbvyovnic il^i'lit vouM bnvtt inadii tb^ir Hppr-Hiwic*; 
Bat tbo lodiauD would aec-or bIvtc if tboy covld gel joau^ 
boiled to the ihell. 



SlwK Hmck War. 


Wa tfam LrKf<4tit ou Ull umt thi^ fort, M the DIqd BIguDdt, 
IVIkLic Ctuvr Ib^a louk H4Ch«1'> vr|iH» luuidk^^relilfr, or itiAf liaci 
ubcc l»e<^ aliic, nod r«l»cd Jl foi jb ling, a^ o pole, rodfi ou nlKiul 
half a Mllr. nnd liMlrrf , uml i)i« Irtilinn- Uixj\\\^\ a ring nmumt Uft. 
»Bd Wbitu Crow mnt <ia ami niifi the igvnt t\jT ttjv WiDuvhufEciM, 
Ur QcatT (frtllalt nUli n compftaj' of \olu£Llccr*. and toiurnrd L> 
«lwr# IT' WAri. Willie i:rnw thi*n (Iftllnmil n* OTcrtn thfi rfti-o of 
Uie ftfff ut. aad n^ wtfiii vilh him >□(! thv toldirr* to lli« fort To 
<jur (RJil Jii>~. HC ffiucd iwo of auv ubcIc*, £iinuU Dull, uiJ 
KtrttJia JlaJl, in iJm ci>m|i»Dy, Wr roinAlnvil b«rv on* ditj aail iwo 
ki^h'sL sad were lupplEc^uith ftcLmzo i>f dolhiiij. 1l mu now 
nhbui tlir drill <if Jnoc, Wc iiiitruM. Ju compuij wKh llic miuo 
iwcbt} idx ladiiULf, 4ml ■ conifumj ol ooLUiurt, with tU« Ind^aa 
t(£«nl. Mr, Griiiivv, for 'irAliotS (Jru^Ct wbero v« Tomainnd ovar 
algfat. Xcii mcfnlng. WtilieCMW nmOe n apcpcU. In wUlcb (le 
l«f*TTtd IQ tbo ladilenu »f our r«iiMitt ; Jio flUc j^ropopcd lo glira 
«acL of U4 A Sink tStjiia^. for a MrtUit* durltfi; iirfi, nbkb wu 
dfcUaAd, ictUng him vc did noi dHirv to wrong rho h|iuwil Hem 
«• p4rt«il with ibo Ia<1tjini« who l>]4i Anal «dliiu. JLiid with Ibo 
lta>p«^ xtv wvai OD ici Wtiiio O&k biiHniCd ; bdv w« iciaAiiic4l Uirvv 
« trmr d»y#, aai tnfo oar deir bruUict, J W H»ll. vbom w» 
«iijvjKit<d ftur\Icrtil, roc:! un- Wc rc^xiiHLiLvd livro iwu or UiraQ 
«rrrki^ ODiJ ihv uiL»rch«ul£ Btid irlbtM. whu -<.'r<mcd lo takt ■ ;;i€at 
rmcmt Id ut. fumub'^d (h'^mii^n^li fikrM^inci'EoTtiiiijr w^vk v» 
lOAie mp« pntfMklj>ry io Ttiuiiai- ttvceat^y iJurou^li liic uounUj, Vi<J 

vif rvgni uiH bciaj{ ftbtt^ ii> nviliia Uiu uarar* of iIioa; kEnd 
friradf, m a l««tlta<>ay of iLcir blcdncttiD our dl*tr««viMl con- 
^litooi- Ulx (Lv lil<f«1[)n [>f IlcAvti: roil upati them itlL. Pium 
thU |ilBn> wif v«tl whh Rniihcr .li>hn W ^ in*) I'lirlit Kilmiinl flail, 
(o OaJ«na ; bero we stayod lomc da^, at the huunc of iU> Bellt^ 
with wboiin RE bad m^aic ■ciiuitltiEAUcr, WIliLc liL^fc. vrc fccvivtsil 
Tatliin4 from Din irmr VTi* al>a> found kind fr^^mlh in Ahunclaim, 
and donntioDi in elctbing* aod other ihln^i, and aocded notblci^ lo 
toakv tjH ooinfortaMo ■» poaidbJo un^t^r mioIi ^ilrciimKtaDnBi. KVt 
UiowfrUDtU hnvr oitr thaakt. Wo «vnt \\y boM Tr^m IJrtUna 1o 
Sl Loi^fr, wbcre wo *toppc<i wlib G^r. Clarli, and rcoclrcd ercrjr 
att«AtIon iiid kla4iM»4 from lilm And bit fiTkiHy neiv wo n- 
£Hv*d tDAay pmoati, ^ad Ihroui^k Ibe iollucaoe of Oor. Clar^. 
fo«r bamlrctl &al icrcctr dalbrB vrcrc raised for our Wacfllp t4> b« 
laid out in land, an'1 Intntuail lu ihe r^arff of Rot . K. Ilam, of Cnia 


ilt^^rif of Im Saile County. 

Connty. Il1ln>>i«, whifh W!W don* m mir Twqnoat. Wo nliM> tiHi*!' 
Mmallci' Rtnouuts to pij' oui oxpcDsas Up iko r"i*cr. hcpincwin^. W 
Ciu tfjoty uK[irctit our Iltnnk« Xa tbnc kfud Trh-mlH Tor ihriir ]r«f]*> 
rouly. In crtmpiiny wiMi troHitr Jnhn W., iml uircl« Bdwvrd 
tlall, «1iD bnJ been wiVh U9 since nrt kdtlic DlQcMooudft,»olook 
AhonEiip Uin IlUnolfl rlcr^r, Ui Rt^atfltTnurn. hni] ont iIt^ mtlf^4 r*aii, 
Ur a»T unrln, Kob«rt Hcntl* w|ii*rv v« ivmnfn^d nbout Xv^o monitiv, 
vbcu brJihfi John W WcM took un to Hrown Couufy, uUcrf ne 

MiJiiHon, wTtiX iiDltliHl Hour ih^ acino gI h(^r ^mmslA' tnjctc (aC«, iD 
La 9alk' Cuuaiy, iiJiO in Muy, l^US. t*>lvia wjumurtted to W 
8l n trti, Bfid n-movM to C'iiih Cttutiiy. llllnnln, 

lliiK ataiemcni U ttUKic ni Ibc home of E^ytviii, in Nrbtr^k*,' 
wb<rv Bwlii'l aui] Lcr hutTiond m^ yU\i\n&, mid coaimlKeil ta 
wrttla; by Mt. Horn. ^yjvia'A hmltftad, ibo Bcwntb d»y 4il Btp- 
tfinil^cr, 1807. 

ie«, Id 

It will Iw ol>f*<'rv<^(i by Urn ivuder^ that Mrs, Ttom 
and Mrs, Manson, in tbeir oiirradi^e, ^ive a ttlinfde 
sliiUimi'n^ (if rill' fiii-ls ii]t)iii?<t (nilii'i-ly ^'il)tv>iil rom 
meiir, lu a reriuil of ttifir uwii riiiotloiia diiHr^ tb 
terriblft ordeal through which tliey pftaai?d> Perhaps 
tbej' WL'ixr wise in doing f»o, No laiigimiKi* i^ould 
convey suiy adfqiialt* idea of what their mental huI- 
fering mast have bcrD in witD*.'^tig the mort* thiia 
tm^lc dc»th of chcii family and (rieudB—and cf the 
foaiful unccitainty that for d»y« hang over their 
own do^iky, hWd m^ thoy Hvn^ helplessly tn the 
power of ihosL- whoao hands w^^re sliU red with the 
blood of iht'ir kindrt^d. They inl^ht w<*ll i^uppose 
thai tho synk|iaihi7.[n^ n^ader could better know what 
Ch«ir ^tifftiriDgs mntit huve bi?f>n than tht^y could 
d««i^rlbi* thi»m. 

It 19 but Justice to Miy, tliat tliey were vt?ry kiudly 


Biaek Hawk War, 


tnnitcd, aod iiiodt.* as comrortablo ue Micir savage 
captor? h»d ih* lUf^Aii^ ofdoliij^. bot lliotr ^ulTvrlii^ 
from tbe U'-rnbl^ scenes Cb^3' had witn^^sed. ttie 
>'igbt of cbv gtlll ^ntf^u Hni1i>3^ of tbi'ir bvlov^Kl parents, 
and tbeir f^irfiil rornbodlngs of the unknown future, 
<*i>iild h*^ Jiiil Tiliiflitly ciJinpt*iiwiT«>d by i^ny atich 

Tbe fon-going ^tjiti^mi^nt nf .Tobn W. Flnll »ud his 
ruptivit sJ^tcTM. givt^ f.lli* iiiHJiui;r of tbr di^tb of 
hill scv(*n of the nuaibt^r that were flbiin. It \f< 
probably all that is rcaUy knoirii* as John W. was 
rt-ciUy tbf^Ia-iX tliat ]rft th*;SJj(jnci br ujid iv son of 
Davis w^K- tho only ones that c&caped from where 
tbe men worn nt work. 

Noni* i-?irapi"d alive from the houi*<T hut the niptivc 
giriB. IMvie" Bonwhoo£uuped.Iel't at thi-tirdtahirtti, 
and doubtltrs^ knew nuthini: of what followed. 
Nfany 6it»l«*monl^ ly^^rdhi^ \\ havi? bi->n made, s<omc 
wiih app»r«nt probability. One is, that Davis was 
laj^t ^^m with a nakod ^tmbiirrel in hi^ Imnd, Sn a 
hand lo-hand conflict with tb^^ Endiaiis, and tl^^aling 
)wavy blows right iind left uinong th<? large uiimber 
!<(irroiin>liiLghhn: of thi^, tkioih' llii-npn--^.-iil1iii«liN«- 
Ufled ; bat be wua tiifit seen trith hU gun In hU band 
niimingtriwarJ rliM tbrihcn Htid the fnci Hint hifi gun 
Ixirri'l wan found divfisl<-d of ihc nIoiIc s*iid bnilljr 
1.N*nt, ItfsLves littlu doubt that it mut with iH>nio ae- 
vi-te ufiai^e in tlic sTro^^le. It may bi* tht? rndlanii 
di-atroy^'d it, not bt-iiig able to carry it away, it is 
Slid ho killed tliriN* Indians, which may or may not 
he trae; tliere were no fliffn& of any dead Indiana 
found, bm U0 tJicy were not ptir8ai!d, tlicy wonid of 


Historfi of La SaUe County. 

oonnw, ae ia their ciiBtonit take away all Utoirkill* 
aiid wouD<li3d, If Iboro wore any. TJ&vig w&s a pov* 
crtul man, and sometliinff of u pngilisu and doubl- 
leB8 would light dv-nponiMy \{ \u\ had achanve, but 
sgnlnst so large a uimiber of »*nemi^a his cban^^eii 
slnple-Uaiided w<^r^ siimll, und lIi*" probiiMIhy in, Iw 
did not act<>mpt. \U 

Tht>4^uv«frii[iit>rit and all parti^ifi showtul a crom- 
mendabk* syinpjuJiy and pimnpt f^ffort lo n?Q9ciie 
lilt* raptlvtiK The Gnvi^rnnu'nt |iatd about 9^001^^ 
jiuwtly in ponitfs. for thpir ransom, ^H 


B^or tome daye after tht) massacre at Indian creek 
the Hcttkri^ etny<^d v\(\'^k^ In t)tu fortM at Otcuwa uid 
Foil Wilbnrn aT Peru. Bnt ati no Indians were 
seea^ they cautioui?ly v<»nt(ir«d to tak« more liberty ; 
and aa^ tfii* ftoouta ^t^nt oiii rlU(:ovi>n-d no filgne of Ihe 
enemy, ihi?y grew more bold, i^itli tli« reaiik uar- 
rat*'d billow. Tin; settlers, who had liurn^dly lefl 
their home-* when the alarm was firjil givi-r, wer* 
aiixious to rei'ov*ir ^fOine ?«L'M"k »nd other property 
loft, pnividtifl It had r^non.gjri) tin? nolir** of th*? In* 
diann. ^H 

For this pUTpcfsc an expedition was organized a^™ 
Oltavra, accompanied by .i i^ompany nf ^olilWft, to 
vbit ilolderman's Grove and points along Fox 
river Tiie ^oldii-ns and olh^^r» who were on the 
aontb side of the river, went by the way of Bn>wn'« 
Ford, and up the eaat side of the Fox, wliile a Mr- 
Soherini-rhorn and his son-in-law. Haxleton, who 

were on the nortU side of the IlliDc^d, w«nt by the 
uray of D:iylon, imd. crossing the Fox at thut point. 
i^xpf*cteil irt mt^ft the t*xpf<(Uilnu on the ruad &a?it of 
Tt^yUiu, but m:td<^ tin- pckini nljuut h mik' bt-hind 
llietn. They follnwed on, ami In im^^siiig niurid ihi' 
field near where \Vm,Dimniirau now lii'es.dii^overed 
a IfiiHy of Itidj.-itm, and finiuHl and ik'd tuwitrd 
Ottawa, A soldier, who bad fallen bt-hind hU ooni- 
ndcs. met th<:iii ut thi; south aidi' of tlii^ tield. and 
ftlao Ded, puretued by about a doxcn Indians. The 
IndiAD^ did not lire on them, pi-obabiy from fear of 
^ATiuinj* the ftoldierrk, bur thmw' thi*ir !*j}4-jirft, ono 
pa&«iD^ Ju^c und<?r and another jii^t ovt-r bis horse's 
neckt barely mii^sln^ lUi.-- eoldicr, who oaunpod to 
Ottawa and gave the alarm. Schtfrmorhom and 
Uaj^eton were both killed and t^calped, and iht^lr 
Uotmii taken. From th.t plaou wlit?re th«» eoldier li?ft 
ihem, (lie trs4;k of the watfon drcl»*d to the right to- 
ward thi" timber (wh-^re David lirove now Uvea), the 
Irai'k:* i>f ill*.' Iiidiurjs' jhjmil^s being sunlh ol" the 
va^on track. The wagon vthh found agaiueit a troa 
on t\w Mge of ^he ravine, nearly north oi' Mr, 
Grovft's houfti*, Tht' In^- ir* itttll standing. Srhiir- 
meihoru's body was lyin^ by the fore-wheels of the 
wa^n, and llazleton'it twenty-fire or thirty rods 
below, on the north bank of the ravine : heuppoars 
to have Hed alt^r Scliormerhorn wat^ killed, and 
boen overtaken or ahot where found. A small scalp 
wa^ Eak«>n from the b^>a<l of Ilik/JcCon, but Srhermer- 
horn, beinjr nearly bald, was Ilayei to the neck. 

Thii same day. Capt Janiea MoFadtJen, who was 
comoiandtT of a ronipany of home guards orgaiujwd 


Hisiorjf r/ Ln- Solh Oounij/. 

inOttavra^ James Baresfor^I. and^cj&klel and DaaWI 
WArn*D, vritm on cli# soiiOi sido of the Indian ori*^ 
tlmhcr, pii-kinur strawliHrrb'H. Tlicy had l><'oti ihiis 
ifiigsigLHl Tor htnnfi tinit'. wheD the Wiirreas remarked 
thuL thi-y wfp- liif> near ^Ih- biixW^ fliiit i4kir1<.-*l tUv 
timber, a** liuliaiih might he i:Diii.-j?a)pd tht-n*, »!u! 
fiioiinUHl their hurwn* iinrl lodp off. 

Th^ others reinniund a ^hirrt rimr-, nrid Imd junt 
mounted tlieir Uorses when they wei^ fired on by 
about a dozen Indian^ doubtless; (lit- .-^amo that 
killed Sijhernn^rhorn and Ha/.lt^nn. Bai-esford was 
killed and Mcl-'addcn «hot throngit the uncle, th^ 
gfinii* ball pfl^fsin;: thronvh thebody of hb horse* but 
ti»e faithful animal carried him beyond the n^a^h 
of tiio Indian rifloA. and ihen Ml Thu Wnrreas 
earn** f** his a»»l»Can4?i^ and ono of th>»ni dl^niouDt^ 
and save the wounded man lue hcree, with the 
ugiv'cmiMii that If lh« Tnd!aiis pursued, and were 
likely to ovH<i lake the one on Toot. Wan-en should 
hav<? thi* }ki]^!«« ;iiid MrKiidc1i.-ij »fti.iukl yiehl his 
sealp to th^ foe. There have always b»*en men In 
lh« world who. if jilan'd in the position of MrFml- 
den. and tbt* tudians had imrAued, would harp hr.i- 
itat^d as to rullitling that agreement ]3ut tlift In- 
dian!* did Tior. ptir^ui'. iind tlu- thn^r e^t'^apod. Other 
verfiiona of Mit'adden a <-sra|n' an- j^iven. but all 
agrxMs in tho main I'a^ ts of the unfortunate affair. 

Adam Faint-, a Dinikard proiieh^r, who had 
hLborod occaflioniLilramongthe Indians, lef t Chiai||:o 
logo to Ottawa, and bi.^low, Ht.< was iidvi^xl lliat 
he run a desperate risk, as the country ^raain tliv 
poesessiou of hostile Indiana, who would likoly take 

Slaek Hoitk War. 


hl» Hcalp. Bill lie thought t^e Indians would re* 
specl him. on accM^unt of hi^ aL-qiiHititanc^* tnul 
labors nminig thfin. IT*^ wwv a ivty long ani] fall 
bk^ard, Uien a grKit (■iiriuHity, All that ia known of 
his journey i». tbat lii» ht-ud waa found, atuck upon 
a poli-. by iJu^ rr*ji*l?*idc, anil his body wAii found and 
boriL-d. by a Lompany of Indiana miiitin. on the 
prairie b«iwH*n Holderman'fl Uroveand Mar^eiltee. 
Tbe€« wore the only casuaitit's from the Indians, 
after tl:4> inni5»«crc at Indian CYcl^. 


Th<r clospof ihe Blitck Hawk war. in the summer 
of 163!^, fonnd tb*^ lipttlt^r?; in f^mburr!i«£4>d drcum- 
Ktnnn^- Tn \\\i* uorMi [.mri of tho uotiniy tho crops 
bad bt^en ib'siroyt-d by Ibw IndSanH, and all Ui« farms 
had n«'r<--'4*iinly hrj^n n^'glf^.'tt^d. whik* i\\^ ownen* 
wt-re til the army, or ftt^kiug kIiHUt in Iht^ fort. 
StiMs some raided tolerable (^rojiH, ami there was no 
snffrring. In i^^IfiJ, a^ it vans midi-mtoiKl riml tliv 
Indian troubles Wf^re Tally nettled, eniigmnta €am« 
in <)niCo lapidly. The demand for provjaiood of all 
kinda* and for t.'vt-rythinj; raiTH.-d by Cho oettl^ra, woa 
fully oqual to the sapply, and for flomc artiolu«i in 
I'jco'H^ rhi* d*'ti('i<»ncy b^^iiiK: t^uppUi^d by thi* boats 
in tb*» river tind'.*. Prii.'es W'ere liiijh, aa they always 
an- wh«n> tin* -Wmand ^xc<^t>ds iV^^ supply, and wvra 
everywhere b<-comin;f Inllntt'd, as tile apeculatire 
titDt.-s of IS36-t>-7 were approached, 

Tltv fant]»«vof Illinol* iiuvf* jit-vivri^^i^n niurw pro»- 
p«rmi]9 times Itutn the settlers en]oyed r^m the eloae 
of Ihw Rliirli Hawk war to 1837— t}jat is, lhoi4ewho 


HUtory <^ lyi Sixlfc Vounfy. 



fhrms under imprnvrTBt*nt, and prodi]< 
while those wlio were inakin^ iiuprovements bad to 
boy af 3iL(.*]i price as tlif? oldtT octrk^ra ^w ^i to ii^. 
Wh<^t WA8 about two dollars i>er bushel ; com aiicl 
oatts onodoUor to rme dollar and a hulf ; though tJic 
priccA TOriisd In diffcrt-nt ndgliborlioo^s, ns the pro- 
portion of old or now eom»>r6 prt^pond^nitcd- 

AJI iww *^oiii**r!* w<?n> con^uimrii, and not pi-o- 
duoers, for ilie firat year or two» unk-ss t!n>y bou^hl 
aa improved fti,nii. uthI that r*?duci?d tLeir dep^^nd- 
ence upon the ftinds tliey hronght with thiMtit to on^ 
yiMir'ri living exp<*ns(?K But u poor man ronld 
aitwayH find iTuj^ilnymrut* jiiid if ht arrived Ui*re 
willinut moiK-y ht? i^onltl g<*l provlshms for liit< faniily 
»n^ pay in labor, &>» Ifibor was the grent Deed or tlie 
country, Hecotild Imy atiyllLiii); lln* I't'iintry ron- 
tained with Inbor. Hnilding hoiihes, ftfahles, }>eiis, 
and yiii-d#. uiuking mild, firnciiig, mid breoking 
pralni% i.:alVd for t^taiH and willing liati<I&. A 
good workhT wan ii gtcnt acquisition, but a dro 
had no plftoi' among \\w Lardy pioneers. 

There are many aubjeetp eonnoeted with the occu- 
pancy and sctMetuont of a new country not ron- 
taini^ in the narrative of pngfiing ev'**nta. The next 
few pa^g will be occupied with miBoellaueood 
a»tlcli'« of peiiional nanatii^i?! biociaphy of the 
Indian eliief, Shabona, th** ft'iead of th« whil^-at ; u&d 
neag^K and cnfltoms oftiie fHoneers. 

ru- 1 

^^ *'"^|^J 

Most of tlio early settlors remember the large and 
ninnly foim ot Shabona. Unsold Indian chk-f. who 

BUick Ifrmit War. 

&ptuE Uift l»*t few ytar& of hia life in this vioinity, 
and often ri^ited Ottawa and other part^ of the 
county, llv wug a clik-f uf (Ik- Poltauolomio In- 
ilian^ who Jived in llio vkinily, aiid vaewell known 
to the early B«u]ers< UIs kiiKlnet^i^ uud n-iviidship 
for Mil? whlu-*, iin«l th*- liniily %iiirDSii^ ht? gai"* ^bem 
lo eecape ftinii Die ujiirdonma Tiiry of lilack Uuwk 
uinl \m Irilj*^, lins i'nd**art*d JiU rth.'iimry ro cIk' varly 
|>jiintt'riuhd lli*'iril'T4*rt»r»larir»- And ii in but fitting 
ibat ihe Libtory ihal pt-rjietoaitvi* the ni*»mory of tlie 
whiUrj« of that dity, KliLiuld inirry with it hoiiu- hrit-f 
retollef rion of tlieir [ittliun frieml. 

SliAbona Avjis physically a uoblo fiinxiuieu of bia 
race— orer six ttrv\ i\\ hdg)it, iiiiJ larg^ in propon 
tion ; pr«Gt. and eomntandiii^ iii hh* hraring, he at 
once inspired r^sp^ct, 

fi^ had been adidliugiiirtli'-d warrior, but «vid^nt]y 
wan diBpoe^d to thf mori* qwiet purfliiita of peace. 
Ht> wns boo^> IrCitlifaL and trustworthy, aud <W- 
Kitjjk-d moet of llio virtnt^t*. and few of Uiv vices of 
th*i red man, whea brought in contact with civiliiai' 
Hon. W.' waft of Ihf Ottawa tritx', nnd was born on 
th'> banks of th«f Ottawa i-Iv^t^ in CALada, about 

Th*'Onitwaft wen> th^ l^^adlng tribe of the gr^»at 
Algonquin funnily, which ombtaces the Winn«*- 
b3iKOe«, Cliip]H'Wii9>, Potlawatoinh'^i, lUc , who had n 
cfiviinion origin ajid >4|ninnr lan^'UHj^^e, 

Whi?n quit's a young nmUy Stiir1>ou;i cniigiilti-d 
with ft pcrtion of hi5 tHh*^ to Mkhif^n ; was a 
friend and coinpaniou of Ihf? great Tecnmseli. and 
was hus aid, and was lighting by hh iiido when that 


ili9(ary <^ La SaSh O&uniif* 


great warrior was lulkd at Iht' battle of tlio TiiainCTjp' 
in ISIS. Sliabona said, v^hen TecnTnaeh fcU he 
laoki^(J nhout and aaw the British all rutinln^, tli« 
Indimir* uil niimiu^, find Th<-ii he ran too. Kioni 
that timt^ he fcugook tbe alliance of tlie British, 
and h».'<'!Mii»> tht* frif-nd of liu* VmtM States- 

All of tlu' Algonquin tribes wtre Guder Preach 
iotluencef and took M*>^ wirh cL«m ml all Tht^ir 
war« with rTiviLT Briiaiii muX liei- rnloiiiea, and 

len the Freach i>us8t»Sftiuu&. by ih*; ttvaly of 17ft3^ 
fd into tht» hRtids of Qn->il Rnlnin, tht'y riiwslly 
Itook shleH Vflih i^r^'Hi Hritaiii againnt lb** irnit**d 
Stiito^ and th'^ir d^-foat at i]i*y battle of tli« 
Thann-s parliiillv^ ni b^nrtt, si'j*arafi.-d tbr North- 
wt*ftieni IndiaiLH from HntJAh inflneTice. ^H 

Shaboiia bt'cumu pt^uc^'-rhL-f of Ihv Pottawati?^^ 
iiijf^ Ironi which tribi:^ he i& ^ald to have ]>rociir^ 
Ilia wife. He opposi.'d Black Uawk'e prf^poeid 
war oil tbf^- wliitfN an^ pr^n'ented Ihe 
miefl from joiniti;; the Sanks; and whyii lie foand 
Tho war inevStnbk )u^ lost no tlico in warning ihti 
aettkrs of 1^ SalU* and ndjoinin^ countitae of th^ 
danger, and thus saved many vnluiibb' itv«^ The 
8ttttl«rdat Indian Cn^rk wen* wanit^d by Shabona 
in umple time in liiive rt?5i<"ii«d ft pi u re of safety, 
bul ]n7* ndvtiv huk urdn'r-ili-rl, aud iJii-y paid tl 
penalty with Iheir lives. 

Ut! vlfiM tiiidlj aidi.d lb«^ wlnlirs in that ronU*?rf, 
iind in ct)iL:*i<b?i'iilioii nf bi.H ftt?rvivrrt fh^- r}i*v('riiHn.'nt 
reserved a tract of land for his use at Slmbona's 
Grove^ in what \b now ]><> Kalb County, and gaTi> 
him a pension of 9^W, 

Bhi€k Bavik War, 


In 1*137, when Uie tasl of his tribo reinored on to 
% TOSi^rvntion v!^'&l of tho MUdissippt. SLaboim w^nt 
with llitui), bnt ivftt4 nrji siu!.'4li»^i1, iiikI n^ttirui'd with 
hi« fiiriii1y--<-liildti-D and KraTuictiiMren. tliiriy per- 
Biontt ill nil — on lo \\\* n'Hi*n'ut.iou. At tht» suliiMtR- 
tion of his tribe, he aj^iii wt^rit Wt^wt ; brit htH 
nr!tidi-ii('i- tb^^ri? wuj« hii iimpiiet one. His fsLvonte 
soa vra5 kill^kl iw a difTtrnUy vrilh some of th« 
^nks, wh(j hnd a re&enatiou in the vicinity. Tb« 
diMculty ift «iid Uj liuvt' pr'>wa out of tb<: nJd Sba- 
bontt rendered the whit^ in tbe BJnrlc Uawk war, 
whieli wa^ rttmcmIx?M^ by th« Sauks. in true- Indian 

With hie Family he returned to UlirLoitiJti 1655, 
and r^^ninin^d tili his deatii. in 1K51*. aged oiglity- 
four yt?ar**. 

During Shabona's absence Bome spectilatorfi r^p' 
reoeoted to tin* Govenimi-iit that \\** had afwn- 
don4>d lib resernilion. and it was sold. He /ell 
hurt »< tliii« inJLir^tit'e, and tisiid : 'Sbabuna hua 
nothing now/* Geor^f* E. Walker, a^i nld friend of 
\\\r^ and hiii^ conipanltm in the Dhuk Hawk war, 
ftajd lo liini : ''SbaUma, wtilb' I liav<' a bed and a 
cmflt yoa (^haJI ^haivUiem with nie;*' and Shabona 
always niadt; \VaIktr*B Iiousl^ his homo, when in 
Ottawa. T]w> rittneni^ of Ottawa miwd by rtuliscrip- 
tionan amonnt auBicient to purchase twenty a<^reA 
of land ni.iir Si'n^.ra. in Qruudy County, and t^rocled 
eoniforlable buildin^t^ on the same, wlion^ Slmbonn 
and hi« ramiiy iiT<td till )i\& d<Mth, in ]&'>9. Uta 
wife, who waa enornioutily fli\sliy» w.'ii;liins: nbout 
4^10 pounds, was drowned in Mazon creek, Nov. 


History <f La Salle CowUy. 

3Qt1], ISiH, aged oighty-Mx y^^ara. She was boi^^ 
wberv Chicago now is, about IHS. ^H 

The pf>rvi!sti'ru rn'vui«(Jijp iif tli*- "Id larlinn for 
the whites, tinder Injuatit'e from the Government, 
«iiow»«tnmgiy fh*; Mrnuit'ss oftlKt riiilittTH?lmriii'ler; 
whiler 1tii-ir hah*jt an* bitt<?r, vimlicfivi*, -aihX i-twA. 
their love »n<l gmt.itiidt^ an^ f^j^ualiy tiifltiiig^ 

Tlir rtior^v "f Sliuljonn i» ii srvrn* rominc^iitar^" on 
the beibarism of civilixed luan, who would swe^i) 
thi* iL^d mtiTi fioiii oxisti^nti]-. and who b«i_v tliiTe are 
no friendly Indians but deaj ones. That viniUcliTo 
cruelty which ctnractemcs tlic enrage nndcr real or 
fiiDci'.d provocation, etill uctimte;^ with UlcrcMCd 
intensity, ttiosf? pret^-ndi^l sliaivris of our boftdt^ 
Chmtian civiiizition who would aCrike with ro- 
iikorr'oli^^n <^^oi*t :i fullrii mi*C", and eNfinpui»-h at a 
blow the s:id and melanLOioly reiuuant of a once 
powerful pi'opli.s brought lo tho r^v^ of extlDC- 
tion by tlie diseases, vioea and wronga of a pTe- 
t(ffidi;d Clji'i?^li:iti |i(v>p]r. 

Willinm Hickling, one of the early Betllora of 
Ottawa, now of Chicago. Iiit* hhown the writei- b 
c*rfif cati- of f.hfirar.t*-!- ^ive'ii lo Shahona in Iftlfi, by 
Billy Caldwell, a lialf-brecd chief of the Tottawalo* 
mies- Sliabona had i?itrri«^d it nifiuy years carefully 
enclosed in a piece oE buckskin, which oxhibii^d 
unmistakable ?ilgn,-< of long use. About n year btTorc 
hie death he K^ve it f-o Li^ friend, Mr. IlickHtig, thai 
it mte:ht be presened- A verbatim copy is here 
ineorted. Billy Caldw^'ll was* ItboniUy educated by 
Uie Jesuits at Detroit, ifr. Ilicklin^ thinks the 
autograph attached lo the eertificate in hie pi 
slon, the only one of Caldwolt'ff in eiclscence- 


Thii b to corUfr* iti'i^ ('(I' bearer of ilU>— A«iuc Chatablco— 
nun A ftlitifiil rom^uilAn tn mi^^urSng iht>Ui« nar wRliiljft Unlud 

TUp bairfff joining ib« Iath rpli^bnimd Win-lof, TiHHiin«hH of 
Hi- ShaiTno* Iinili3rj« id lb* ;r«Jii l^trT, on Mi« WitliiiiJ] dr«r, ind 
Rcubfil whh ihr uticn^ l^urtior frx>m tbe comiuciLc«oieDl of the 
lkiMtlItilt« vrtib V. B. uniill our il«f«»t tut Uonvbiii lou-n, un lh« 

1 Also bar« liT^n ailiiow Id Uii tol rvpli] Uy &iM <x*umi;t:oiut nftr- 

aarortEi(iui^< f>r MurH wbo fnll Icio Lin kia<h, 

C«pUla L XI. 

The namB rhimb^-p is tlit* Pn^uch way of wriliitg 
Shftbrniii';; narnr— m-arly *'vrry writ"-!' ^jr^Iss it dif- 
ferently, but f acb rat-^anfi the same peison. 

Aniherstdburj;; ij9 Fort MnldtM!. at the mouth of 
ilie Detroit river- 
Captain L !)• means Taptain Indio-n Ucpnrlnioiit. 
cWdw^n held his c*.'Uimi»sion from tln> British 
fiov^^rnmenl, and it is aaict hv wae the eon of a 
British oHiccT. 

Th*^ foUo^rinfl scatenn-nt ip hy Wm. Hickltog. an 
old rei^d^aL <jf Octsiwu : 


I hflV^liMtd tIjH lKtj> Gki K Walkor, of OiuvAh III, «n<! Alto 
Ite old Ouawa diJL^f, ^hiiLobiv. »ay ibac 4i lh« Umc IU« iroi^bW 
C««i»»cBd, ia 133:, bcivfccc BlAL-k ItHnk't Wid of &tuk« nod 
Poirt nad ifae rnliuil StaiPi, ft niimbirr of tbi* ymuK Pi^iintvAiO'- 
bIo brvre* wtro dc«in>u> of ikkiutc *^^^ wur-p^th flDd Jolalng 
StAick ntvtk iulibi furvj vd tlic frontiirr tfi^tlltficitfiit^or llllitui*^ aad 
ibbi lli«j v«T« only prcceaud from Coring *•* 1*3:1 bv lurtivt Aicn1<tnH 
iDd |:rcA; b^ucavc ot Billy (Tnlilwcll, Gi>t)ln»cjit, And dhuboao. 


HUforyof La Sa!Je dmntff. 

Tljcao were tiippw»e4 lo bnvQ bctn t«lat<d bf blaoJ ifcod iii«rrUg« 
wltb ihir^uukH. Two <jf llivni, j<'Lmg mna. hr^rlhcri, vcrc ocnntcd 
<^r hnvinij \i"p\i viij;H}!r(! wiib i\\v bHnd of Stakl in Ibvir lu unit rout 
foUT upon Ibt fttllJciuonti of llit V<.% ood Rock Rltr wHoj* . Mkd 
fti ihc cln*p of ttiD ^"'Jl^ Mr. WdkiT, bpforr niPii<l>nflJ, «ho wm 
Lb<iii Hbofifl f'f Id SaII(? Cmmiy. ^v«ut ikjhij to BlutiU UkwIl'* CLtoft 
1q loiTft. Aud an-irated ibc cvro yi^uojc bnivtA on & cbarse c/ mor^ 
d*r, ftTuI bmtipM Them ic IHIfiwh for irlM rJot hsvlng anjr eoun- 
boaM buiMiTiir lU ibni xlatv in Ln H«]lv Coi^nly, th'^ iiourl wn» held 
[u tboopFQ ab. LiDilL-rtUf! shndy biancTiusnf nliirgc tree, nllluil lEmo 
♦JUiulinx on Ibfl noiiiU bunU «if t)ii? Illinois flvor nl Otlttn. Thn 
Court app^nied Ibchte Grn. J^Mrr Turn^iy to defvnd tbe Indiaiv^ 
For the wuni of <unirl(!nt mUli-iifM! Uiry ucji? nrqulliefl. Ami thin 
W4a \\\ii nrvi kihctiri of La SaIIv County aari^J fri>m lb« dJj«Af«iftU* 
duty c»f na F^cmUoi^ h U »aicl Uiat upon ihoir rufoiMr fr^m oib> 
lodf* iho TndtiiiLi <lur(ril quickly cm i 1ii« line fur tlieli homu^ And 
Li A fdw QaomonU uore loit Lo Uio Ai^bii^l IbfjAO wbo w«n«Btc&li>^ 
Uieif i^xkL 

Tlift ■rnftll bndy or Foitai* a fornix IndJun* <tbrt w*w r«U»4 lb 
IBSfi, lo ii[trriitr; jifitinM Hlnr:k llfkwk, tiit'Lij-Ud UobmMon and 9|iii' 
|]oD& Dfl tbltfs, uud lAtrv L^omuiuuili^iJ liy Otu. K, WnlKer wiLb Lht 
tiUo of Cnptdla. J dij Dot bcJlevc tUal Ihs foroe o^ar AO,l«tf aa nn 
IndeprndeDl cumiDamK T1i<ir rRi|i1<n']iicnt wna lo 04rry cxpfcwot 
nnf! :u^ m tcoiitii, hzuI ni illETerrni rlnic* ility verc und^r iIia ord 
<Lr Gi;]Ur4lA AihloKUi, Honty, SortU, Ckud prob*LJy <ithur 


AcMioniils of Tiidi&ii warfaire, Iradi* riitd Ut-ridifH do 
not (clvtk jin lEifiid^ view of liidinn chararrter, Tbfn 
Tlaiid fJrtm', who livvd ln^n* iiiii.ny y<rttr« in iltuly 
Snt^rcOTirm- with tht-»n MatJHi to tlit? writer many 
iitcidniiA of that o>:pppiene^. oluddatin^ tho erery- 
di*y lifr of a pt'fiiiV nyw ho more. He i*ay5 Ihf^y 
were fondof atUlelk sports, and of coute5t& withtl 

iTtdian ChaTwter and ^rtsietmx. 1 17 

n'hit<>H in jumping, ruiiuin^. Jtoppirjf* wrestling, 
fie. Til wrfftlliii;; (liey n^ver tnj3|>t»d. uikI com* 
pliiiiiKl «f nnfninii-w wlirn t\w wbitrs (lid b»o. In 
all such ra>nt^stfl they jiroved inferior lo the whUea 
m both ^rrr-ngth iiud agility. Tliii^ mi^ht indicate 
letue vitality. ai>d ot><?iiniw of (ln*ir rapid di^radfinct*. 
Tbey witp v<rry fond of a trial of skill in shooting 
at a nturk, and very proud of Wmg the vkion*. 
Thor won!d resort to a vari*''ty of devicea to flcconi- 
pILeh ihut object; when tlieir opponent W3i« taking 
ajm Ibey wcwild romni^^ncc the n%mt savage and on- 
«art]ily y^lls for lb>* purfiose of unsteudying hifi 
netTcs— iin obji^t fl»'-y fivf|u«nlly in'oonipH-shfd, 

There was no trick they would tieftitate to per|»e- 
tmte. If tliey rould cer lli-^ir competilor's rifle 
lli*'y would wnri'tly Htnl<i- th*' *jight with tlu^lr 
kiilvea, moving it loone »lde, &o as thvreby to vrEn 
ll]i' li^fTikrv 

TlL<*y m-n* not xtldlctiil u> i^tealuLg, but would 
iotneUmefl fall into t«mptatioTi in chat direcrion. 
Mr- Orov*- teiidi^j rnHl, and fr-'finrnlly ^M Hour to 
tbi* M|iiavi'c4. Tliii practice t^afi to Aidl by the handful, 
and after delivering the nuuibf^r agreed for. the 
iKjonwd would tnrariably grab onr biindful mon% 
for wUh'h ht would somctifne.H box their t^ars ; they 
woald b*' v*>r>- angr>' and euri^o him nmndly in tlio 
Indian jnrgon, wlicii hi^ hoiiM give th<'in anolher 
handful to appease tbcir vtn'ntb; thij would ut once 
oil) hhn good, good, and bi^omt? Iht* Im>.41 of frlenda. 
Tliey w^re fond of gleaning in the wheat fields;, und 
Ifltci Boo7 of old, thi.i nwui^r* wonld drop a little now 
and ihen for ihegWnei^, They frequently bought 


BiiUfry 4^ La SaHe County. 

a fpw bundlpn, but always o»tnv back dinutwfit^. 
9B_viui:, *M)ig*tmw lirtle wheat/' They w^refleldoin 
sulUtied vFith a tmdc, but vroulcLcomi; back wnnti&g 
something more. Thtrrc is no proof that this was 
mnnttv but doabtl^&a nsnlted from their b^nggeo- 
eniUy ovt^neat^h^d in t\w l>&r)rriinE» they tnmlo vi 
tho whitvSp 

Tih^y wi-ti? n«uii]ty ^l^t frii'tkd!*. fl«nl iivncr forgo 
akindtifSH, They wi-rt* on the best ol" tfrmswithth 
st>tU*^n* ; would som<.'MTrn« vomty into 1b*f iK-ttlei^s 
hoiL^oe in the night niid ]1t> dftwn by the ftre^ wh 
tbey would be found in rlie morniu^'. 

Ksqiiin- Alh-n, of Fivifloin, slJitf-'s, that iW'^ 
wlntei- h« was on Indian crMtfk, \u* wan engaged 
i^nttinir mid Iiewinj^ timber for building purpo 
Thr In^li^ifj!) would W. nmuud n<'iirly vvrry day, 
wutiJliing the proces** uith ajipareuily the dee]>*»t 
intrrtet. They would spt-culate on the direction the 
tree would fall, wtjile< bt*]iif|C cut, and wbrh il fell 
vrould seem to pujoy ic liutEcly; llicy would (hen 
ja:o Irt tht* rttiiiTip and (ipp^^ar to admire rh*; nice 
i^niooth onttjtii? ot thL> \rhito TiKin's axe, so different 
from their rude instruments; they would tonita.;^ 
until the Landu^ the motion made with the axe, and 
tlu* throwing of llw ehSps by iis action, whhh their 
inslniments never did. They seemed to appredate a 
fuc't, whit;)i iVrjTu li«bit we rail to uoLi<;e, Ihsil the Yan- 
kee a\t> \h one of {\w uioni 4'f[t4^ti-)il instrument!! «vor 
inveiited by man In llie hands of i^xperU it tia^ 
4!l«urtda I'ontinuml iind pn-pan^l it fori'iviIixi?d oc- 
cu{ian<^y, ami that witli a hjtt-ed iiud fiuility that nn 
other agency could rttect. The rapid and nice work 

personal Narratines. 

ot tlii0 tool could but nitmct the attention of xhoie 
simple eavag^r^' 

Mr. AlUm t^Mitv^ cliut XUtsy li;ft Uj<*ir IooIh lit tilglit 
wlifjn? ih^y stopjied work, tind altliougli tht; Iiidi&DS 
o"''r>- :ilnio*ii cont^lantly tliei'e, f heir tools were fiever 
rK<k-fi|(xl, If H kirn], cuticiliutJng »iid just, coun^L- 
l^iul lu »1l eoA^i^been puratuvcl In uiir^iiit'-nrotiix; with 
this peoplr, ijiuy wtT tint ?iiij>pi»a<^ th^ir uLtiinale dvs- 
liny would haw- h^-.u difTr-ti-iit? 

Yet these &i»ndly Prjttawatoroies, thoni^h hdd in 
clii'ck by SlLitl>unu and utWr cLi'.ifR. doublli_'S* did a 
kv of tb^m join the &ic8 in thoir war on tiie eettle- 
mentcs thoaeib thteiroswiid io lave kt^t^n coniiued 
to ft few buckRwhohadinE^ermarrit'd wltbtljo Sanks- 
Tlicir paEisioD for war and blood is alnioat uncontrol- 
able, and their rindirtivi* )u\W ot an L^m.-my k^udfi 
lta*m to a conri^ of ex t«rnii nation. 

Wh>?n Shabona accompanied the nrmy under 
Gt^iiohil AtkinJMn, and an attiurk wav ..'Xpvtt<jd noon 
to be made on the Saoks, Shabona asked permUslon 
to HpaiT»ari'rtainsqaaiv, a IVi«*nd of bis. TheGenersil 
told biin to spaiv all the wckinen and rhlldren^ but 
8luil>ona diNHMil4.t]. N'lying, *'ThL'y bn»ed lik« licw, 
l*^vt» ili^m. flifir ihildifn will kill our irbndrfii.*' 
Thai was Indian iihilosophy, and morality too. 


Th* writwre of history seldom give more than th<> 
riae and fall of nations, blop:niphle& of gr<^^nc men, 
kl&g« and pH&CM, and but little or uotbini! of thi> 
common ]>eop1e^-a matter of far moiv inkportonce^ 

HIsiory of La StiUe Counijf. 

ond rooro Inivrr.-^tJng. To know the int«l1ljc^i 
oplnk<D», tastt'f?, amusements, melhod and m^^ains or 
Upui^. roiitme(^ir*'v*-ry <lny lift', tlxi^ liup<'«Jii>d ftiirti. 
which swayed and controllpd n |wopk', wouU be fau" 
ninn- iiiti^rt^nlliij; l.ban t\w Wtt^ iif a (iniirf, w^cially 
fhr lemored from. andliaviD^iio frx-lings in common 

So, in recording the history ol the pioneer setile- 
mcntA. we can not giv^ ii prop*T idea of the toil&. 
privfiti'.m^, IioIh^^, ri'arA. anticipations, and mi^iv- 
inff^ aimply by recording tho founding ftnd growth 
of town?*, riti**f( and roimtiee, pro^rt^se of aiifriciiUdrt^ 
nnd commeix*'.", but wi* mu^l nccampany the t»mi> 
fi^nl nlon^ his w*^'iry way. whn*,-,^?* hit* parting with 
frl»^nds, dlfficnltiea of Iravel through unfreqiient<*d 
ways iiftL>r rtiiriiiiig thi- fivmiiir, l>*'yond ibv pmle of 
6oH«ty, hla exjMwoi'ea and his patient iudiislrj', tbo 
impn^ssmn tnud<- ii|.uiri lii^ iinnci'Liftiort by the 
H^<*iu'ry, si> niMv mid AlaHlin^H ihi- wild ajiitnaln m* 
mre. and the noti?» of strange birds which alone 
break tile midday *iil<^nce of bis lonely hoiii«. 

To endeavor to convey to tht^ Rnder n correct idea 
of ihf Mf^ii^ation prodtietMl in Uie mind of the n<jw 
i:omer as he first bccatne acqiminlcd with the fatrange 
land he Imd c^ohk. to oc^^upy, ^<.M't.*^ll ?^luirb narrulivcs 
of the ]ojrnf*y and first expenenee here, are indert«d, 
not bociiuKe they contain liny i^EariUTig facts of hair- 
breadth escapes from fire and Hood, or Indian 
barbarity, bnt lo give a correct id^\ of the wtller as 
Im tim^t orciipted tin- unhiin* and }>t*euiiar prairW 
region, as the (^iruumslunci-^s that produced these 
have ceased to exi^i, and tliey citn bt* known only bj 
Ihr FMrttAl i)f tiiOM* who npt-ak h'lini (fxj)f rh-it<^<^ 

Per4onal Jfdrralloes, 


MARlEiTIVt: JIV -niK AltTHOil. 

Hlf I. JM5 InrT'iTtiiriD) will lht»>riJihrr*, Hfrt^rmCUrk. J^rnft B 
VMj^Utfly, B£fl N. W. SltTvin, I \clt \Up wi^t^trn hnrilt^r of CottAtc- 
ilcal, to vx^lc^rv iho W«ft , tbU ii^rt <t ll\iao\> birins iiur dMila*^ 
dos Tooll ■ «tr>«rticr tmai Pda^hf^pnln !<■ Alhnny. nnd h ml), 
f^ad fnim Ali>uy lo SckcutcUdf , tbe oolf rAlmaJ bct«<ccii 
Omneclkul aaO Ibc VbaljdipLki. &ai LirLiig Uil- Ant ctdi >cco by u* 
•VtAgrrM cVllfWily. Wi> ant luok >•)!» in a tnuilL cnf t iHil* 
bntvrthftfi ■ »;*s« («ch , wcrr dfuwa b^T hOTW power nbnut lwi> 
ttflff li> IbO fiHil of on iDrlifjrd [i][i<ic, then U|> the pUiic Ity m 
lUlIosuy onuiM. nod rmm tb^fp <lrimn (ly a lL>t:oiiiMivo iv 
(kJicnecljuJi— lu *]], « dtsUncc cl ivetvc cnJlc Tbc rtjt niu n flat 
inm liftr Uh! L>n ilmh'-fA, udcI Ihnilmbcnon iIca. Hmr wnndtrfulty 
IkAi iw^Itv mtlcA dI priciiljiro r«t[r(«d bat nrowD anil 4prvvil <^er 
ft& ilib Solera trorld , tbc J'^urnej' trbkti Lbco camumed three 
ka. ran nnv hn LrroniplLibrd la l«a ihan tvo da) a. 

Frovi dchcDcci^y »mc by ponnl boat lo Duffufo^ aofl by aiounar 
BwiTiklo 111 HviroU ; at Drtfi^il wr nkHJli' n n-pRifany tjf r^itbl. 
Mivd a fiirni mgoa to take U4 \" ihe moulTi ^r Uiu 8f. Jotipb 
llTfir. by wbat ^U" lalLtil tlir trrnlorml mnd. Tbiiugb a »]tjH cou- 
vsvinea it carfi kn nr'Hrni oit(M>riiiiiliy tii ilii> rvinniTy. 
0etto4t aftd U* 9UfTf>uadlng« bid tbt upcd of an old oouoliy, 
tal na VI30I1 VDlaifd i brary Liul/L'rvi rvK'^'it. abutit L^untyUrp 
vllfla U viCPDt. w]i<*ii aliiinmti* limtier ami mw-'ning a with moai ^ ^ 
WavtlfuJ 9C«iicry. c.\t«cdc^ nearly acroiallic territory, Tt !■ accofrj 
vIOj tbr occtirn-ncc or twi>or ihrair aoull pralrl», all i>r U Laiar- 
Ki»l|ftt« b«;«vrn Itmbfrai^d prbtrlc, prepared uu r<>r ii««lii[c th* 
broad pralrte fu/vhf r itcat^ A moa< bciuiirul fciAiurv of Mkhi^an 
iVRMTy vanitio JiP'^iji iil tvrurrrrrcof HmatI lakp*tram ar^uaTlcr of 
a All* to Ivo Of ^nv tailca aoriM* . virb wnl»r a> pur^ ati crytTkl, 
wilh 4 bafd f a»j or gravelly bca<:h hor<]rn^<1 by t]i« cWi Uva% ^ad 
■rm-tuHcig lllDhrr of ibou ii|i|(!nLUd bnrrujii, Ibry niRdc n u^cna 
«hCT«ih« v«Mt nymphs litiU fairies mifbl nlgblly dam^t in^rib^r. 

The Itu day oi ibi; trip, « blcli cuuauincd a week, nc Tound uoi' 
»«h««ai i!>tli «&Ul«iQ^ uijippr ili lbcd«UMi lnnr*l uf the At JcMfipEi, 
vitb ■ tnck for a raad hiarety pi<M«b]e by dnyllgbt : vrhca rain «ol 
tn, au^ ibfl wolrra rccRiiM acixl huvtiin;;. Tbn older lucnben »t Ibe 
•OBkpacy tboufbt our a*iDaUi>A «oinvvhat ui*p!«nanfiL ^Va movnd 
Cittlhnuij 001 ibJ flAaUy 4^>coTcrcd a tiaall \cfi ctLbln occ1lpi^d by 


History qf La SaUe Coxmijf. 

klJrJ^ltmuii iml liU ^'ifc, Ibo dqIjt lioou for Imlrc or nft««A toilcA 
of tbi; &U JuBtjfli rUcr T^r)- IliiJ jic fi^nifv. or jiroTljdoa for 
fniU) or bnjiiL Thi^ hririr4 u^tq tii^d fiuilD^ Ki ii irr«, •Ighc of i» 
dmilc tvio (tUiirti <jf niflk ju»t fn-ia tLir «cw, for ouf iupitcr U5 aa 
Itr panrhcDD fioor wJih mir rflrpfi hug* for pUiowv nnd tii-pt 
*o(;iiiTly tiU Diori'lng, vZicn WO d'Acbar^oi our tmm. BJid our b««i 
qt]<f vIbij ki:pt the ferry, look ub vtcr lo lli<: litila Kltlcmcint %\ tbc 
muuiZi of 1J1C riTcr, ftJu^n* lie iirc-cufinJ iwnie prihVliUini Tit hJniKif 
^ Afrvr KttlLicg Iwo daya t>r a Ii1ll<^ Rt^hooDcr co If^ui wUh luDiber, 

fjbin tnis mote tbon full with ilit du£<<a lody pUKU^fn^ 
A.fl«F AbLvorLug ihrouyb tbc nt^ht^ wlTbnut red, a plcouuil Jl«f 
auu inadi? tku Itititri'iuturv iL<^br i:uiuri>rlnUi\ but caliou iHXJiunio- 
Aitlloun. ikfier an inflTuc'IniLl nUi'mpL In &H. a IkMa In Ibv ^'fthiQ, 
ctiMiftcd of II Bupply of hnfd or »?a "biotuil, • pol for bolfiaf 
fEj»u;ki:r(tI, jii»il n \\t\u for fEylij|[bnCLitJ, hitb OJiO cufTti: \v.\\. Il WM 
iKDrlr DigM L>cfor« all were »n'ud. ind ilip bolJuai uod nii*ll on- 
vcruimlitrii turr-J \\w brvt. buL bbin^tr Aii:illy forctrd tbe modeM 
mi;*! i1ih!"1 to n dcwpwrnt* rlTnrt U» njipirji*!.' ihnlr iiirfitlili^B, «ml ihej 
mlghL bo KG& with a b^nl b k-uli la one? bind, nud i b«^f boiled 
oiftrktrrl licld by the- ijtik ici ibf uibcr. Uko A|iif wlib u> C4r of 
com. mi kinjz » q>i&r<^|>nif ion nt the di^c^k to Inhc ebfrir brnAkf4Ul», 
at %\\fvQ oVlock ia thu aficniiiriiL 

AbuiiL 9Umci our Utile cfHfl ioirbtsicrl oO Cbkafio, M &o tCMOl 
<WuliJ lln'n j^Jiw r»vi*r lb* bar iiilo Cbirfi£n rlvi-r Tlii* pfutwnOHS 
reached llic pttt by means of a aniall boat, and ibr cat^ vtM tokcA 
owribi>l>Eir iJi a tint boui iirliifbii^r 

ClNc>iao Wiu th ^ a TC*yi<iclii^t«' r iUiiJO, nnd Purt DMTbom, a 
Vailed StotCJi p>1lh*dc r*rt, aloorlntar mhi-TC Mkbt|Cati*ad Wabuh 
awniicn hilpnj^rl l.nkr irrnH, iiml ana |rhnl»ntii'i1 by I'nhtHl fUaiot 
iroopf. Tbt ihftrjiic 4>r Chicago 1 Wor wua marthy and cot^nd with 
l«ll tb^uub gruMs Toi'L^ftcbllioivirfor iholcribc people dtov« htBtW 
pf!i«tii lb*- until ; on ihftw.plnnks wrrf^plflrcrton vhlrb thry wniki^ 
bcyotid ikc jrr'ivf, nnil Ibt^ wiit<r when r-btdincd vm cl«iir attJ piira 
Rsoimpikr d vlih tbm vtikh TuJia In tin? pninv cbnuiLcl lo-diy, 

Tbo flrndiclon in l<hlctijjo, tbcn. nos llic pretence of utronl 
bUfidrcd i*(itImttjLt»iuic] JndUnii recii^'btf llictr innuiiidVj^aad pr{>/ 1 
paring \a tiin vl' unio a rucrvfltJita wprt c-f Ibt Mlniralpiil, 

To i]> tlicfo pccjtie were n BtTtJ'^cl of dot-p Lnif reit. Tboy WOr< 
qutLr1«rcd on tbo v«iL bide near the (xtnllut^acc of ihe Zioiib 


Prfrmmnf Xarruii^es. 


Eoutk lir<»rli««. mil vhcituc:\i»Ur]L!iliuiE, eIo^Ueij nru-roof trrtnl^j 
lb#r« vtn V-TV lliHb un* b(if}0r4^iJ lirt|>li'-tTy tlniuk^ Lj ingaboQtlb 
kll potliloA*, uid Qc«rl\ nuJc i vblk t}b« iiborf, itUb t dlvcrcllot 
unroiumtti marine i-IiiIIkihI men, kept i-uilnrly tultcr Tiff itir tlmo, 
Uil U «■« Mi<l wooU Ut« tbttr turD tu KVt xioiiuiialf <ln)i;k. 
Kunc o4h?r d^j . 

Tlw pUfilcnl il«vpLnpin4-nt at the nuilTn Imllftn In jiroliftMv u 
|i«ffic( M CBi) 1>a fuudd vIrewLun, TIid wpll ilevrlopoJ, nlh^^tk, 
ud lillicfvfni o( tlk(<>(Jua];Mr(irc#, would bo iJl cxcttfcni iijd<1c1 hit 
•■«ficl*fit «culiMor. wUTd xhp hid^otifl ccninu-nnnnJH of torn* of lbs 
obl nwa wuro n-ptiliivi- In thu rxlrornn. Ono old lodiiiiL bnJ it Urge 
kcd i^'^crfLiI frfti»c« li'd h[i ryv rtitd ((ninTi-iiiitici; Ut^t Uniirrtwd 
one «lib ivrror m AnI bI^Iil. Etc had baott tcf<lbly mu'llaiod In 
coalctf vlih ckhcr man or bcn^r, hU onr^ wrrc noarly ffOQc, only 
4«ac^ins ftUndt rL^iiiHluiac. bis Boi<c wiL» ri^Juccd ti> » itit-ro viump 
BMtly |«Tvl wilb bii rn<i«, liro fiDfffn ui'rv gOD0» oetl bl* fi/*, 
Lb'>u1dini, ftnnfr soil bandt n^orty ci^rcrcd viib Kcum , Li« llfi; miut 
bavr br^Jt & lerrf^jlj pvi<r[fMl onv. Smnrr uf ilu' iiM fi|iin«ft u'trn* 
a^Arlf ft milcb for Ibc dLtfigutctl Iiiilian. vMIc loEnD of Ihoirlrlji 
war t^ jUo <AUu^iyt and a ftrv mii^til tic cuNt^d liAniltoiuc— -cot (inly 
rrfuW fvalarw, roulllnif SUrk rvim. tori^ fli>wl:>;:JrH bTiirk Imiin bill 
• vtftlurBl fmQC, Add Mil! vf moUoti IbaL ttouU bv liifHoiile Wflad 

Tb*w JfidUrtH wi>r*i about Ui y\^•l^ up Ibff bfjnirt of ibHr jmfijli; , 
Ul9 tforiioa of tb«Er ;oaib> their mack Lotcd bunibg ^rouaJa itiid 
till! (niTrii of their kfni3m1. &zm1 jl13 ibcy bnl^ ilcur, ^mi Lo l)o 
4bfta'l<:oe(] t<i lb# gnt-[iiii;E jinwiT of ndvunrmif rivillinliim, Tbiry 
VfTQ jItHia; tatbflrd<»tiii>', cbcfjoviror lie ikbllc i]iar]«(t.nd Lbc 
JfirrlUb^v vuprcinac; of ■ AUirirUjr ntcr. Tliry tt^ru Ihr, ntlring 
irtor* from ifav grMini BbiRi*. mhI «• llio btcvjniDjt odvh u'JUi a n«w 
piny luid ft a<w C4*l of <liftriutcr>- 

Thrf wcin going Vbcrn rt|TfCr*of iliclr mi r bml jirrrpilnd th^m, 
«bi>fta bl»!ory» uritioa by lUt* ^"fvr of Utv^ priftajti^d ibolr owa 
U'lbftppy lu(— ft convfoBl decline and UnJ cftihicLiuo; wbtic tlic 
i&cotnlD^ r*cc »*re (o r ftr «ti cmplrv la ibo Wctirm Tulky In bo 
piv>p1td by uftold uilltODfl. urid ouiiKOcFHti J to libi^ly. Xa r^lrj^'tn. 
f« iDTcIIigCDcc, ftiiiS lo ib« rciilixniiufl vl a citilic^^Jvn, M-cnlib. ftnd 
piiiarr ntrti m 1h« k» iM hii acrcriMD. Acton La iblr ucir (trftmo, 
vbiEe trc <oiLld bat bf-ftr« ft Hijcb for Llii^ i^Nif^m lltjit hxut^ Ltmiiiid 
tbc dcaUsy oC Lb«rviijuijf uoupr.iri- could u^jI feul to be tiAljiiaiuti^d 

Ffixtorf/ tjf /yr Ai//f ^ftnnit/. 


Kty lb« trrlfthtfT praiqirtiit nblib nlmte <f> itrnplUouiiTy on ilk« fiU) 
orciiv 1iio<iP»>nK THCif . in fari, aM rb« nJd »fiil«rt*v«m to bftvo b««r 
ImprtMcJ with tht aUlmotc htgb iIc»Llnj of Ibc Uni vf Ujdf 

Vk But to rHumo our Q&rratlrt, AftrrnD laHfcctunl vffon for hrv 
dh5» TooLulu a itOHl [(I blic >tflj;F tbm raiL from 1.'|j1i:ji]cv' lf> OlZaviit. 
»A left Chiftga an liiai. Hhani ana o'<-]<tfit i»- w fif a flflry wnrm 
«fl«rDf>OD, Thvre bud been bcnvy fitowora for lO^nl <U>>, 4ii4 
tbo low iirnlrlr; ftrojitil CUtcijoi waa mnrrliko n Tnkc iTiftik dry Nml 
F«r «4»v«n ni1lr« t>^for« rflHCliliifE lintry't Ptilnl th» vHTi-ru^^rran 
Ibrco t'* HficcD Inf taca tjccp, tlirou^b ^bii^h wa worked <mr vo>rj 
WAy- yVhtn williln iiboui tno inllot (J ilry hknil. onv nf uur cimi- 
pjtnUmH gtvuiiuU HoU lu'o of iija, one on cftoh iiklo, plitcvf) 0»r am 
uouud and UDdtr bU <-ppt4ttc ntni. aUI? he pUccd lib od k>ijt 
nbmitdr^rii, and thui wt horv him ilir^jijglv ^!ib thte I Biroiliifiloa 
111 niim'U. 1 |trti«itmH. ir tl tb&< limo wk Ihraw oiirHdvM on Ui* fii 
4Jr> kiiil wi? michtd, wa haJ br^i.'a ploctd htck (n oJd Couoectlci 

Tb» i>»l day wc wulkt^d ah'tUL fonj miluto Piniflfldil. It giiT« 
a* tiur OrM vk^ of a i\jlllDg, tniuolt prdiiv, Wc Un*i ptciurcit In 
ImaglPMlon ilto fflr fituoil pnk[iio,bm Id ciirrtmon «nh otbtf* fmiu 
tbc Bnat, wi hnd t)L> adrtiiintc conctptloa uf Lticba'adar ^^ 

Wt atmlTird oLir rym to inkc In Id ciltrnt, Mil Ilt(! ffTort btvam^H 
pttinffd, W<i ildiifiiiittid agiiiii nnd i-giin ujion lU b««Ulyi iind rJcb^ ' 
bCBH. Dcd nondcri'd wbytiicb n country bud rmuinod totj^tHf in iBC ^^ 
b«nd*of tbe nvngf?. li ^u.^ n i^-nndtrriil jouniry^^lCTt wm now. 
Stranpo louadbgtcptod imr cnnt, Th>j pi|di>£ nott of ihJ' pTfttHe 
tqulrrvl »B fao dro]f|md frum bl0«rtct pnaiiloa, cmd luuiftii Ebc pro 
iec*iloii cf bit bo1« Flour? hymir pmfa ; ihc ■brill npiciof thopiovor, 
tCAlicrcd In (rriunllcjfl numbcn^ JliFully iUrtiiifc am! ninniof ov^r 
1hi9 pnildv : ihv aiusldiit ruariuc of Ilie |ini]r]i* f: jck : tlin mnd 
ncrvAin of tb? «rookc?d.H1l curlvw. ■.< w ^ppnacbcij lU D4r»t ; lh« 
dUUat nboopof Ibc omnc ; tbt puriip HOUbdlnjc iinta of lb* bitlctn. 
tho lIlUo iLnd ^nu'iTul fL^rnm nf tliv driT, In ritfiipimk** f>f Ibn^v to 
flvr, lighlty iK'UDJin^ ovc^r tb« bhcIIi of Ibc |:nLlrtc Mb« nid« 
<«blfi» or ihoitUli:!^, niTb (bdf judcr cril», iIhLW ni;d yard^nU 
wrv riitw uid «traac« Sx Mtmvd « new rrution itut wa b*il , 

A virgitJ noil, cIcAn and liHi. iu^iliiiK tliu |>lu« ; Uouvdhw 
mfiuJowt wniitng fir IIia tr|l1tik, ihi* tumiurr pnridtic of tl 

Personal NnrraiiV€M. 


ud bfffiJl IIaI vert (u occupy tbcm ^ ■ Mnuinf rii^hniiM of mU 
Tk*M coMin liuvrvlB aliould van Jay Efut ibe in« keU of thit 
vorL^oll fhJB, %a Eicvpnil 1nii>rr«|Tr, cromllng in t\}\\cVi buccM- 
4fes Vi>OQ llt« iH-n*4-4» t;miM bui i'xi:ik lUr imncmntlnn lo Iho Avo- 

Idi ■ ratulaian pictura ol tb« liop«t And Ih4 <uir*riPf:A of pioaf ar 

A-vcfAl \k'^tw% !>iiin«nlan of Ltua taet ih« piwlam dny. lodit 
ttira wAtFf or iha CTiii'ftgo »vfminp*i, Imd fltlin^ly ^ro[i»n<d lb«m 
lor Ibe flbol'-Htc bTifitrinic iljirt da^'vEmyDl iu the lioi sun bud pru- 
dnotil T«t ftnrit of ihnnfrH wlilnli ur TnLTi**! In j^c<T. nni pnkti of 
oar VlUtcn-d feel- ^rr* kII futjiollim in Ujo new cxpt^rkectu luid 
«UuBu Hicbr* of Ibu 1 Jill J uu Ijsd (-iiUtfvd. 

fl otta bal Dtlunif.tliflt dijtignmg ro btc^tnc K« dealt, ve thould 
look fiTW'Ard, anJ *qtldp»fc ihi* fglur*^ Nticctv-, tbc dciliny i>f Uie 
lAbd of pmmbu^thv matL-tiM wcnlili. (Kipulitlun, HH^iil. chlL, 
rtII:^o«k aitd vdociUriiwI iualliuttoni whitb nbouTd bcre %t]uo. 4Dd 
tUai MOconJina jfoucfUKiuT. n^ \\my «lii>uM foU"" flicb otbot 
ihivkthe atmiiii of iltni* , init ljovvvvi:r nrdi<iu nurdr<-niii!tt>; mwj 
bATc bKDt ll could Imidly bcivu vxvcc<lcd Ibo rcjk1i7-nUcin, 
fe Till- t<uixtvdiujt (Jqy bfo<iKl>t ub lu Oiihwa, Wv t'ruT^i^il fruoi 
Eut to S.>ii1bOUH«a. hHFtlEy ltnn«)ag lTi(?r» WHft ii Nirib OilHWi. 
4rsok ai Uic nibicrct Hpriug wbicL BfUrii UpK of mt-f furty Tenn 
b»* l>rdiK «ii fHtauuf^ mhJ [numhI od Eo Vpriullliunvillc. vur uflgl- 
n1 |K>iot ol dnuaftiioa 


WtfOftmc l»X,«t^U»Cmintyij] NoTCtabpr, I8S1. Od ourjounia; 
tisTtlcd fi¥« day* wlibovil itcloif n bouvectf any k^ud, Ai la^l 
«f mkrJied Ihi- lionphaUli* rfihlti fif Clirl^inplipir \Amg^ nn nrtvHl 
Ot*k, wb»ra wo Htrnd tix w<*rkM, u'br^n 'n-c mnrijd ud to Ihc nortfa 
Ivdi Af the IllliioU rl^cr, «1>oui llvp uilW timt \ti oitnwit. 1 nt- 
■wmbcr ** mnvfd In m t'oi'Hl t'n^fk on ibrkimnit (*V<», Tbif-ujih n 
vild rcfliin. ftikJ I fibjill Duvor f<»r|r?t the bHpbt mooiiliKltl ni^bt 
«b««««nlTr4Btour cttbln Iiuu a ;%1ld. drcAiy luuklng pUcvi 
Iboagh 1 did x^'iX uy «n^tlil<ig of id^ fQcliii^a lui J tliould dlBoour- 
•B* B^r butband, 

Ou Uioum; ivfti tbaal i««lro fwl wldn mid lUtuev fcici luag. uoe 


IJSstory '^ La Strlit Cotinty^ 

W» «nJ wUvu thr Aind cnviv ftum Lha Buuib no bftd Lo opcD Uie 
door to T^i ib« «mokc out 

uurH Ili4^ udly lion-u un Cliu U.>1liMn bHwi'i^a Otuwn and JtfTlrt. and 
bm rwr> ot llJTt^if in Orfami. I>ivia Ir^hnvc^r Mv J itbniit ori« mife 
Dorrb op i». «.ni| Wm, Pnxr Ui^J odc ami a <|ii«rltr Qiil«« DortbmM 

Wo ^l tbruLL^h ihv AhiU^r icry ii«ll, oh llio wrnilioi wh r[iiltf» 
tniK^- Id Ui0 ontly hpr n^, wliUi> I wiu at Mr l>iD;t'«, itbo b>d 
ftcttli'^l ball n milo nbntr an. imd my btjjbAiiil wu *\' oc, lv<i IdJI- 
Mit f«L1tvl uil tiArk lUnnrr wjtli bim, Tlii'y ii>1i1 h[ni ibat tbif Obo 
Ifokviiinn iv{^ulil f'thiiu- «oon kil'L kill nil l1it> (iiltf farot. So nc tooJt 
Ibc aUfm, prtcVcd up our ib^nEa add went Vi> Pi4oy C'<itQiv, in 
IrdlnnA TdU voi in tht' tprini^ or tK32. nmt wn Ibn* ojicipi'rl Ui« 
dAttgvnn of tliv Indian wnr. 

1V« rviiiriurLl i^xJiir mlilu In thn tprlnj nf ims, whkb «a fovnd 
U wo U'fl It, Atli'T |n]»itiji in wir rrcn»i Mr Kcm?« ctiirt«d fof tb» 
DasU >T»(1 E fta>(^it iilaao ahojl two ntouthii. Abutit a «vi:ck bfier 
b« left 1 vpn» (blLon Willi ibr jij^un. hikI liiirl ir pvrry n^hrr day Tb« 
dayn I bnil IbU cbilli4,Mr«. Purr Vp-ouiil oamc no 1 biJp ma, Mr 
fic/01 vi^ut l\t CoiJii(X:ltcul iLud Vofiiiiutt. Hi; Hinbrtl ith- lu j^ lo 
tome oT ibn nclffbhorX I>ili T ihiin}>,lLt T v«nM «iity nnd r^fc^ ccra 
vba»t vm tad, 

Tbo witiicr of IS3JM wna very coltl. no thn mill ni Onyton 
frnx^n up. anit wo|im)ndi-d fr>rn fnr ciiir bronflt W« (n<fTi'd nn lh« 
pUoo \n 1031 uml l^3,Aniif 1 bav'- lirtd hfrc eroribicc— 3ad I tnvv 
Kca till' wlU rtgtoa wlildj luukfti ■<> rnrbldiHuu »ii ibut CUririniu 
tvCt la iB^n, iruiflTitrniOrl Into one at tbo mci«l iUrivia|| «nd buii- 
Di'rt^-Iik' |)liiirrs in lb<- Wp»i. 

Tbrre !■ u pccullnr ivnil InttoBrrllmlilc liiflnrfir'n cicrtnd nvi'f Ibi* 
tnind by tbc» pliinn uniidiirti<*i| rniidor tn4 limpKtjifr ft lUo f-iLrly 
piDDifon. Wbcii ili<fy priifvucd b frk[ii!la^il|> fur you ll mofiiii 
MDioiIiIng- it rAxiit^ fniin Tb? tuiilom at iha iii*iin. S13IU 
TMbjoii bjij iii> plfU'Q ou ttiv fronLivTi 


Tliw niimuivc of Mn*. Walbridg*? i» souKmbae 
abrid^cl, bill rLoufEh i» j^ivin in 1ii<r o^^n langaagft 
to coBTcy a true picture of the tceiin^ that acd 

Personal Narratiu^. 


ated Ibe early |)ion4^r. A womnn Uint would stay 
tIon« for two months in that wild rcffi<ni, with the 
country fnll (»r Irjdiaiij^ nnc! wild anim:iLflf :iiid i^iik 
with Cli4^ q;;li(- to'>H B madt> of n<> r^ommoii ^hitT, nnd 
tlw epOL'tacle of Mrs, Pam leavirp: U«r own faraily, 
wvl <-^n.«i, and ir'>ing a mSIf ard « t]iirirter everj 
olher day to waif at tlie bfdside of Iht loni»ly ^Ick 
neighbor, i« an ^xnmple of ftelft^a^^nflc? and kind* 
iii-ft4 sti'fdoni fiiuTid* i^xet^{>t In ft ni*w omintry. 

np WIDOW ji>'NA riTzmr. 



Wc ATTivMl In Ui» rotint^ at Lk Sh^Ic du ihe lAth dijr of 
r, is3t. front Lic-Mfig Connrv, Ohio, fln<1 jivtllcd nn Ibe Mt 
It tft the P^x, ■boui iiiuu luilpft fmm Oiinn*. on ttio |>lsco 
«t)ttv lire lUmt/i eon- iWf^. Wa li-fr Oblii in Slnj prrvlou*— ttJT 
»Cflbcr*« fninily. irr oornitJifi^ ^\\h Arinm Danin'A, Kdwiinl 
8«»derv, BifpjHiiilii F]<?uiir'i;, iiid Jubirpli KlivbTt. nud (Licit fatal I^M. 

Tban v«i bui UUI« Ullc abuul Indlun* during the n-inipr. but 
Id tiaj- Itirre brc*o lu ba runmnt ibiil lli<: lii<liiiii« ivcr< chiming 
•DUO. About Llir mMdli? vii Aprilt S^jl^kjuu, ib« PutUitiil^iiiltr 
thWr, cftmr lo oar boiiic, «i]d Itilil qb (lit liidluo'i Koulii toon gkr« 
•1 trouble- Sixiii Aricr, wu hraril tb^y liaJ bufDcJ itullciibcuk's 
boai«- Mr. Flrminji ninu* i"> fmr ho«*t< Jiihc mx^^v ^nrro firttiaf 
bffVBkfiul. itad C'^ld (It v« muit ill put out l^r Oiiawb, uiUiout i 
■ioniC(u'ii4cIo^. Jti gtvHi liiiHic tfc |[crt tcndy nni] flnrrrtf, viiUonl 
par ttfpftkfjiffr. Wrfri^ lhi< Inlth' tiitnil nt[, W>* *iii>rfl ift OUHtfft 
tbo«( A wtck, itIico mj morb«r, mjMjK. Aad «»etftl other", weoi 
■p lu DvjlofL, boC'iune Ibvrv wujc i>u1f Lw(> bouMi* In OUm^. 
OTdiHl by Diiiid ITfllkrr mit! Jfwpb Ctmul. %nA ibt'rr^ urm a Hintll 
foit U D'kjicru buill l^v .Kim Otc<n nrouni) 1i!> bouAC, nhkh wan 
ftUpiF^iitil Irr i»nkr S| tiifr. 41 n'|[lil ni TfiiHl, AluJUl tlvf^ Juy« nfiT, 
Vbil* uv «rri* nit t<b"p. pIi^ui el«tt<[i oVtnob *t ni^bf. d Frracb- 

aH kUt«it. irp <iu thr rri^i'k Tii -a ^xttvl pitrili^., n* tfiil mndy— or 
MteffwittKi^jl iti^itJnjiErniclj -lo|;ui)unrolbQrlT«r,mjMlf nilliC«t*l»^ 

iiGrajuc, OB \i wa« called. We 


History <^f £« Sa^U Comity. 

wi^ro pLliiicd dnvn hy Mr Siadrlcn and Airon D«oI«1h. Tba boni 
wftn«« louJfiO llint U ili|i]i(i{] wiiitr Hpviml tiuuw \ ho^t^Tcr. ««aU 
kodcd vfc. Tbc [ictluDctT ur itiv Df)>t(ui fo^ka nulkccj J\>n D oA UiO 
tiwik of tlip lii'i'f 10 mtftw», wh«ri;i w* *ifty*il »oino fmr wcifci, 
when (nj^ ciultjcr mid nijwlf trcnl to Sjiccmiion. i>ii Itic Stafaava 
rh^cr *ll miliinotUi of Hl>rlnffl'?UV whrm we Jinytil llJl iUp w»r 
VAft OTtfr, Mv mulliirr, AiiD4 FJI«(*r. wax ii wiilnw. «□(! it WAAOOt 
deemed ufc for bcr lo rcmiUn, tor [iidvialnjiB wtrc »c«rc« ittd 
iiuppU?! very untrriiln. 1 «m MM?i*n it ih<? limu. Uui ibe 

rccoUcciiiin {>? fhuMC ■ot'iiOh iff u vivid ua if \\x^y ocCDireil but 



1 cimt lA iMinoi" in 1634, frrHrio^ nbovi tb« SClh Jar ol AifrlL 
Tlitfn Illlu'ila wna )l wIIt] cuiiniry. T Hrot tu Cltkugu lu ihv Inud 
iii1e«kii 1KX\ tthon LbJcngtmaa arcry amnll town, (ircfli nntD- 
b T» »f iLc HC'lHcrv cBiiie ill vn'ry dny I9 -.'iiLi^r llicii Ihq^^ Yuu 
C011M tpv llicin roniln;^ ujtb tlitlr prnlilr crlioDUcn, dnira liy 
aboal tbr?o jokD of iixjju, Ihfough Itio Hljjh ^rurdi. from knvcbigh 
lo Iho tup uf a liill mau> h«iid. witli n cit?ijj uf niuBLiuiioe>< foUctv- 
Ui^, •l>ijat tb« lUe of BTi [jrdiOftfj: <n'Krm nf bvci. Chieri^ iben 
TVMmblC'l nljout ju }^iod a HWiimp n* 1 4-vcr mfia. from ikiryi 
Prtai loCbklfEit. Irn tuHra, we wadrd ljituii;;lk walor nil tte wbj 
a1»fii ki>c4 dco|i. Tbo buUdioui Ed C'b.l<ut{io wuro a klad «( cablA 
Muck la tli« uiud, 

^Vp gor niir Inml ind rnmo home. Pjciiy wild ilmrit— cbutaig 
|>i'alrlG wolti-t, fctirEng dri>vi>« of ittvr, fb'ckH of anad LiLli cnuiDtk 
fLYic uiid iluck» Tbrtv wutc » |f<)ud niaiix I(idiuti4 Id tbo couDTry 
tbtttt, «ad u'fl Kvrc but lldttf bcilor, La ipjiciraaee. ouraeli^a^ 
TliOfC irerc do pmud fc^lUti In llic c<ii3Atrf ibeo. aUbiiLijib the girl* 
wre u pn-ttv an «\tT \ ibw. 1 »mFiI uo Tbv ri;i:bt bunk uf tbe 
Fiji nwt, dglil or TiU* mllfl* from Oitiwa, wbcrii 1 h^v^ lived 
ffrorfciacc, We h*;l ihr whole country to piinture, kiii| tj> cm lidj 
In, ftnil illbou;^] ve coiiM rnUi' ^uod c-mpt, ve rtndd get do moDCjr 
l« jflra f<ir buiUliiiit rttllrcHuts «Eid hardly entjujtli to J)*^ Ua 
Helb'>d1al t*rt!iicijvr for tir^tmit bhti, aUWucli wo btwatt nuuiAftCd 
to pny blm for mirrylng ui. T bnd tirorf^ l>L)nniivjiii ni>d John 
Iloxk f"r noiKblKM-* \ Ibe ro»l of tbo coiialry ovrtli Bod wc»t am 
au tinbrokrn wllderueiia. Tbc KiUun bod a s^ud uua^ flow 
DOiioQB : Utreo or fuur yoko of oxon to turn ifao priirLe : and gvle^ 


fytaiKUy ati/J FiT»t Improneffninlt. 


10 mill ct mftrkcl we «wal4 bild) 9ar oxen lo iho big vmgon. nDd 
bv pja« ivocr Ibrvo rlntp. <ir a ^rrrkn lu the <;a*o rtQuirvJ— Td UiCl 
«>low cntch, tui 3 nccr TaJlLiii: on--. unlp» Bit ox itn}7Sil The 
•ewe wtf c«^H^-l by OK toToffnkph^ Tburv hum nni to mii«h ^lylo, 
ftor BO nufij Irif MtaU. m now. ThcnuafuttriQaiu ImlltiUutla 
vlio noffvblpMl 9no boHrK, ncra hcpl la n ]>orpetun1 buIo 4>( 
exdl^mcni by a fasx of b«»lit« jlII vTi>r Iko W<«U» ceuuiiy, who 
IItmI moMl.T by imllii; horcn 

W« i»*M lo go lo (?hini)i<j lo Jo M^t nurkftlleg, ud Mil oar 
ivbr«i. Witb an oi tcfkui nnd niiKon, 1 would put on i v(>'>d 1^^ 
of whirai, •["! aittl f-ir Ch*c-agr> Hy Ihc lime 1 rciiFlirfl Inrilui 
<tFT<ki Iwi^'tr iUrii« mere tonoiHWriuUI Join, ftad aa nc |>Kici-od«d 
<Hb«ni vrnild Utl lo. till wUeu wea^ndinl CLlcajEua LuuJrcd Ur«m« 
VMiU bo Id Eh« tfftln. 

We look aLodjc Ihp oH tiD rolTr^ i>nv, nnJ i^nto im^unil cifTflo 
ilnl Dii In « r«iL Jinil m fcwcnoLlttu MraFiwIlL IVc u^mlj cmnp, 
lltfhl a Ar<t, <«oIe our fub, {^Urnt nn^uitil tlia flrc.tdl ft fun tiorlo** 
cntk ft feir li>kn, crmwl un^vr i>ur wik^ins, and. if tU« ui >sf|L(iiODB 
wiMld l«l a*, ffi *o "Icjp nml ilrcim i^f onr ttUi?! idA pliililrf*u at 

ITti wmiil ^rt fariy m tiri^ct^ru fier liuihd tir whcrti, 4 ml ilitvn 
e*nu • dosrii fi>r «iivi^ <nJ if vm got aiiiy cfiiu for whoai wo 
tlkoa](!it vc wrrc <]uinj- a tnnd oCll o busincH, Our tr^m^ roUQiJ 
pltiKj of rjTfUrni piuit^iTi? nn i)ii: prnfrk whcreTcr wn *io[)pt(L 
OoeitiDi: Ibc sIc-ukIi* *i>h itn ilnrri of cxciLoiiicitit, linU if irrio put 
fUlclt. vu JoTd<4 Lrtmii nnd pijT]ii-3 Uini oul. Cn>wltUK Fnok 
A WulKer'a "1*^* poii/^Iim Wflfr a fuTorllc iinA^mr^, And Iftpy fOOn 
IrftrnciJ 10 K^vt* the liubt- of a hU oi ivirf^n n we<J4i lionti. 


Pnctii^ gvnomtioi)!^ will jnqniro, not only how thia 
country appear.-d before the hnnd of civilized man 
had manyd ita virgin bwiuty. 1>nl how tin.- Hrst oom- 
A^^ manned to live, to pmli-it lht*nis<^1vea from th« 
€li?mei)ts, and to prooivre the tnenns of snbsint^iict* ; 
Ikiw Ihcy nii-t tht- varii*(l rt'(|nIn-rikr'nL<^ i>f rivilixjition 


Stsi&rprtf Ln ^SfiUe County/. 

to which i\i^y liud lipwi acciiHtfuned, and with whin 
r^sigmitioii fhi-y ilisin'iia^'d witb sucb sis coal d uot 
b(^ had. 

U correctly loMJl would bea tal^ of intt^tifie inter- 
est; but it would ruquirr a mastcr-lmnd to draws 
pirluri? that would show tho scene in all of its do- 
mils — ;ji-rcifmal uxptTitriiccaloiio cotild fully unfold 
tho tale. When a newcomer anived, he tit^t ec- 
|i>ctotl II location whri'L- b{.? i^finld innke hii* fufaro 
bomf^^ and the question nattirally aiises, of whom 
did hv j£(.'t |>v<rmfrASLlou to oiciipy it? Thv answer 
miffbt be Riven in the Irin^iiagt' usually iise<l wh^n 
dt^fitinig politionlf or civil rights — ev^r^- one was fre*? 
to do a* hi' pV'ast'rl, ico hi- did not interfere with bis 
neighlKM'. SVlieii iht^Qoveranicntbad extln^^nS^lus] 
thr Tiidinn titl»\ lh'» land wns «nl:»jeet to i^^elHemeal^ 
eitht-r bef(>ri', nr afti-r, Miirvi-y. Tbt? Krlll*'r Itivd 
DO paper rif!i.% tint simply the rifiht of possesalor^ 
whirb bi? ^\A by uioviug on to and occupying it; 
thU^ve hiru ihf right to bold it axiiin^t all other** 
til) (pt^me oue came with a better title* which better 
titii* could only be ROt by pun-bamuji iht* U^<\ of the 
Oovt*rn;iient, when eurrL-yod and broiiglit into mar- 
)c«t. Tho right of po?(M>?i4ion thiiA obtained oonsli- 
tQted what was called a claim. These wen.' re- 
garded aii valid Utiet? by the aiettlerfi, and were often 
»ld, Id fiome instances, for larf;u amoimte. Pro- 
«mplEon luwewcn.' pa^^d atdilTerpiit Con- 
gt^8M, giving \i> ehainaufr* who had ni:idc tvrtvlti 
specitied improvements, Ihe exrlaslve rl^hl to pur- tli*> pn^mi^i*);. lit fbr minimum price of %\.^ 
per aiTt^: pi-(»vidf(l, they woiild provu llii»ir pr»*- 

fVfl*nw, and FirH ImpTOtemenU. 


empcion, ond pay for the anmo. tfvrr>r« they were 
offered for sale by th« GovcruTiienL The conditions 
r^nin-d wi^to po*6<?e6ion, or ctillivntion, ajul ralslna- 
a crop, tht' aiijoiint of lJn» eTo\> not b^JDR epeK'ilied* 
A nil ronci>, of Tour len^rlis ^as oftim £i.H>n on t)w 
pra1rU\ th** j^round <'T*elojtiMl- **|ni«l«^ nv^r and sown 
with wtit'Ut, 

W]iT*fi iwo Mi'tllvr^, liy nii^tiikf. p^l :i pnM^iriptfoii 
on thp ^aiiii- <f ii:ini>r-h»*rMnit, t\w.y vrt-iv f^nlltlM (oa 
''Inun on etglily jn^res moiv^ to Iws^^lectxd by lliem- 
M-1in«; t1ti*y rt't^ivi*'! n t-t-rfiftr.'ite of Hurli rTuirni it. 
hAw^ calMI a tloal, and was frequently laid on im* 
prt)ri'mtnl:<, doing grtiil injustice. 

But tht^n- yrA1^ rilwnye ii.n undrrMftnditig umong 
ihe settlt'171 that each claitnsint fitiOLiM In- pnit*H:led 
in tii-4 cl:iim if hv bad no pix:<cmption, provided he 
wonld aUend tli^^salewht'n a<lv*-rlirt*-il, hy prorlnma- 
tlon of tli€ i'n-md<Tnc, und hid tbe mimmiim price, 
and po>- Tor it. Tho sirltlrm ii:<t]jvl!y uttcndid t\\v^ 
«iii» in a body- and altbouj-U any pt?r6on had n loijal 
Hjjlit to l^d on iiT\y ebum not pn'-einpti?d. and it liod 
to be sold lo tho lii^ftuv^ biddi^r, it was n<it toiiftid- 
iTvd a very safe tfung to bid on a si-itlr-r's claitn, and 
It wa» Gioldoin don*. When utl4<nipti.'d. tliw bidding 
^T-^ i'«!«U>r ii^n^lly cot roughly bandied, and found 
lii.^rKion ibf U'lipf |ii*r( of vjdiir Eii^ti-ni i*pi.»(."ti- 
latom often complained uf tlJti, claiming Itiac tlit^y 
a-rn* di'jirUrd of llie b'^iil f^i^'d In rompi'le In lln» 
op<^n ttkirk-!*^ for Iho punhaneof L]ji*sr lands; hut 
tb«; ^ttlcrarepliird tliiU tbry had Icrt the comforto 
and luxariest of Ihwr KaMvru homtis bniv<.'d lh<* 
dampers and priTations of a n<*w conatr>'. and here 



Ht'siory of fjd SaiU Cauniff. 

TDAclf th^r liomt*Fi, cuUivaiiJijc Aixl n^claimiBglheae 
TTiId land^s and preparing the way Tor udvaocing 
civilimfiiiu. and thai XXwy Jiad a ?miTfd riffbt to 
the iraprovfinentt*, and tht Hichr to yjurcjiaat Iho 
tcv or fho land, a.< tlir land and improvonient^ must 
go to^»*th<>i' — and they wore n;:hl. 

Tlw fault iay in tb*j Government ever iwlUug the 
land in any way except by preemption, and to 
actual settleiTL The Government got notbing by 
.offi*riug ic ur public %aV\ a^f th^- uvt^ragi* pHcj^ ob< 
tained. daring a lonp: term of y^irs. wbs only *L2T 
per iiGtv« Ejiily Iwo ireni^ ovi»r X\m ndniiniini |H'1c*^ 
wIiIitIi would liHVi* bi'rn j«nd try urriial setllerw„ not 
enough to pay thu aildiilonal i^nst— and ilie purrhase 
by»prrtilnrors enhnacer:! thi- priri\ and rrtiini^^ llir 
fli^tllr-rtiT^Mi oT tin- country, forring thr- st^nlfti- to live 
isolatifi, wilhutir. soriety, schools, and <!lmrrbpfi; 
and it made tlie honest t-mi^raiit pay from t3W) 
to $J,OCH) norft for t-afh lightv arrea rhon the (to?- 
crniru-Dt prU'c. and tiiis went to the man wito did 
Dothin? for thi^ conntry, but eat in his Ka«tom 
home and ]>ock€led the iiiDoiinl. 

The claim qiu-$tion hud a nioraliry of Itsown, and 
wbile at a dUtanee. and from a certain fitundpoinL 
it bid th^' .ipjieurance of nob law, ixi\i\ vra« »n 8tig- 
matiwd, lii*r*' wIhto it vo\\\<\ in* ]im]>eHy nnderstood 
and appreciated, it was sustained by the pur^t and 
\)i'%\ lit nitvi ; fioi only ^ty^ bnt nn iu'IidlI stttdt-r waj< 
neviT known to opjK>ae it. If ever an e*jnitalila 
and jurst right existed, it wih« thnt of thn claimnnt 
jiionrTT to thi- hmO hr* rHrupicd. 

Tile nomendature wa» peculiar, and expresdrc : 

daim^t ond PirH In^ro^^mienix. 


wlicn a mnn m^ili- a cliuiii, lit* wus i^aid to M|iiiit^ 
Anil n'as i^allt^ct a ^[luittrr and from tliaf, 4-»ni<- tlii^ 
phnuu^ S^fjnatter Soreroignty, Whon tiw claimant 
left bid clairD, th>? first Qccuj>arit could liavv it. II 
be left It temporariiy to viMt hi-* frk-ndft, or on bu-iU 
nees, and amtther cmbriured tlio opporhinily to 
poft6G9f» it* he was miid to Jniikp tlit* cluiiii. Knelt sot- 
tlemetit uaciaily had an association when* T^ich dl^^ 
potctgw^'P^Bi'llK-d; and th« Srui*^' pnactod inws mak 
In^'t'laima tntnitf»nibli\ noi<?ii;£iv<>ti for r1.iiin9< valid, 
for |krot«cttti^ cb« claimant from tlie etirronchmiMil 
of oih«'r«, and onsrinu jnmpprs. A clnini jumper 
nfWn found las u-iiy a Imrd read ta travi?). 

This nofn4*ndfltnri> wh4 often ^xj>re».sn'ely appllod 
to nlhi'T rnatrem, tf a yourtg itiaii jiaid laEtik^'d £it> 
bentjon lo a yoiiii^ lady, he wa?i siiid tii 1jav<< fiiadt- 
A rtaiin ^ if it was iiiulrrftrciod tliey wrm f^ngug^l^ 
h« was naid to have a jirt^-pmpiion, ami if'r 
cut bim ouK Lc was rf^aid to h;ive jumpf^d his ilainu 

When ttu* settler had si-Wced bi^ location, or nuid« 
hia claim, hb first attE-ntioa was diri.-cl<'d to pro- 
roring a slidti-r for hiniw-U'nnd family. If in the 
vi€tnity of otiiora already provided, Iw wac* readily 
wijl(!onii>d to sliiirw tli;"jr «oanty aocomrn'xlalione, 
twOf and frer|uent1y tbn^D faiuilif\4, togothur occupy 
ingfl c«t)in with on^? room, perhaps twelve by four- 
teeii, ntur: or \%^^. But If far i^Tiuovid fi'oni m^i^h- 
bors, he iiad to occupy his coveivd wai;on in wliich 
hi* ranu', sloi^-ping in, or iiad*^r i^ and <'Ookin^ !*iid 
eniliig ia tliK open air. or !ioin>< otht*r rudt- nmrrlv- 
nane, frvqurntly a t^nt mndtr of bliinki.'t«, WW ii 
»hf^lti;r iTOuid tft! [>rovidfd. Thih ^^h u.suaUy a lug 


IIi*larps^Ija Salle County^ 

csibiHf for tlie ralsiog of wliicli, help was needed. 
When help vai!« not iivjiilabli^ liis r-ahin mii^t be 
baiU of Mich In^ or polc^ an^ wilh the aid of hia 
faroily, could be bandlrd, in raiHi]i<£ alog c'&biD 
ronaideiftblc skill is ri'quircd. Wlial were- trnncd 
f omer banclfk — one. at each rx)]!!^^, or where banda 
were scarct, one for two (;orrn_i'&— should have some 
I'Xpcriehcr. Thit boCtoiu tote aiii^tbi-saUdhrdor cm 
lo a ftlopinj? cd^^c, or angle^ to pecoive the croee log. 
wbiuh mu&r. L)i.t tioCclivd fo lit Lbt^ i;;(ddk'^ -n faHuns 
rttjutrinc ibft lo;; to be removed to be rrfiltwd, was 
sure to bring i-ome pleii^iint raiUf^r}' on tJie <:u)prit. 
If v-vH doiu% a door or window pan be cul, ajul ihe 
parui of ilie lof^ will remain tiriu in their ])Uc«, but 
If not a perfect iit^ when a spnce is cut for the door, 
tUtiaccunJuh&ti'il welglil fri»m sibovi- will bring tliL« 
1og» to It fit at Ike L^oruei', and throve the endti at the 
i^ulltng wulc fuirii (ln'ir pliuMt. Wfn-n f la* walls 
W(*rH cffHiplt-tfiK or about leii ff-iit liij^h, tlm ^Lbles 
WL^re carried up bv lajiag on logs^ each sborteii^d in 
siuri'^tiwnion, to j;ive the propter ^hJ|>l■ Tor III'* rrMjf. Jind 
held by Alraight logs, or large poles, placed about 
(hr^efc^'Ctfrom, and paralM witli, the plate, rising 
npwfiTd to receive the Miin^leis re^tinc on and 
tioldiug the ehort lo^ at the gabk&. and tenni- 
nating vitli a rida^ pole at llio ci>Llre of tin- Imild- 
iofr and lop of the roof. On these wi^rt^ ]>laaed long, 
ghin^K'i^ or i-laT>board$, four fw^ long, laid doable. 
go tlio top cour^ hrokv jotDt^ ^itb the firsts on 
which WH« laid another tog, or pole, held by a pin 
at earh end; X\\H pole held the »h!nglifft In plaott 
without nailing, aad each succeeding course vrM 

daims. and First Improvemcni^. 195 

l»i<l ani] fatitf^upj in tin* same v-ay. The floor was 
mntlr or.tplit log?*, lii'wn on lIn-^pliiHulr, ftntl spot- 
itrd on lo thtf nW|t4-ra on t1it< round f^ide, so aa to 
make a to]erabli;lliH)r; thcflevrertr called puiiclipoiia. 
The cliirnn^y wjh hiiilt ou1-tid<^ llie buildinja; at 
«ne end, and n hole cat tbroai:U the lojira for o Jim- 
place. U Kas mndc of InulK-r, \mA with ^tone 
or e!ay, for four or livi- fWt, and then with a <?nb 
of sticks plcj^turecl inside with oluy niorUir Hk'* 
«pQCvs bi'lwj'ou tho lo;;ft wnr** flilwl with pieces of 
gplit timber railed chinkinj;^, and pla[;tL>rt?d iiis&de 
and out with rluy murtnr, making » Mann nnd 
qnlti^ comfortable houfl^: but kiiow and rain, when 
&ilJiDg witli ft liigli wind, would get inside throngh 
tilt? ''hijthonrd rtwif--aml where leisure uml mviiri* 
Jii<4t]|it-vh a roof or bocini}i^ nnd short rshingieT* was 

Acjn>-^]>rnt hi-ilHT<-ad W!l^ inade aa follows : bore a 
hole in a log four h-et Ifom tU^* conitrr of \\\^ room, 
and insert n lail z^ix feet lon;i: ; then bore a hole in 
the log OB Ihe other side of the room six feet from 
the same corner, and insert a pk-c6 of a mil four 
feet Ion;; : th^n insert the opposite ends of these 
niiJjs where Uiry m^U in a poi^, which complete* 
till? fhime; th^n lay fllatft orosRwise from the eido 
on (o the log opposite, or on to si ml pinned on 
the lo^ a1 Clio proper h<^ip;ht, and iho on^vposi bed- 
Btead is complete, on whicU the wenry pioneer slept 
U Hweetly i\% on Unv mo^^i <JOsrly one. 

Tlivve niugh bnildin^c^ wer^ qnlte comrortnhle, 
ttad AH Dtost of the old settlers will testiry, wit- 
ncHHed murh (if iral t-njoyiiienL Some of Oitr 


WKory ^ Tm Salle Caunly. 

gr^Atc«r tnori wi<ru bora and midiul Id &uch ft 

A sflidt^r providwl, lb".- m-xl UiSng was to |>n». 
pare to miSB wberpon to subsist. 

Till" |}num nfgiun nflrrvd ndli'anJngi>!« for uii iatq- 
panL Tar ^ul>e^ior to a tiiiiTic-i^^l rouiitrj : lit die 
latter an imini^nF^e aiiiomit of labor hai\ lo tii.^ done 
to rcmovr tbp Unibrrt and for yrar? JiRnr, Ihr Mutn|M 
prr\eiit<^l fivii cnUivulion ; whi!e on tlit* pniiri* 
the jsod only bad to Ih- ItirniHl, und tbi* crop pat id. 

At an (rarly day the ftoi wa-* turned by an ox 
loam of six to ten yoke, with n plow that cut a fur- 
row from two to thrc<? r^^t wjflo, TJiv plow 
beom, which wa^ TrornHj^M to twt*lv<< fet*t Ion;, wan 
fnimed into an axle^ on t*d<^b end of which waa a 
wbLvl sQwcd from an ofik Io£ ; this laid thi' plow 
nprifiht. It wflii a bi-avy, iiii wieldly- looking appar- 
atiiB, bat it did f^ood work; and the broad black 
farrow, as it roUi^d from ttu* plow, wa« a «if<lit 
worth seeing. 

Thv niiji' !Klju«tini?i]t ami Hiing of Tin* couU«r 
and broad sharn rtquln^d a praniiot^l liand^ uai a 
sliglit devialiou in the tip of the ahar^^ or ev«ii 
filing ih** multiT, woatf! tlimw tin- plow on n twiot^ 
and n'ljiiirf n ftinm^^ man In holi] h in plafM% brit if 
nicely donr, tht- plow would run a ioog diFiiani^ 
without rapport. 

Tiiia was llii' primitive plow, bat Yankee tnj^^nu- 
Ity soon foiHKl ilint a nmallcr plow and I<.'a4 l^^aiti 
did csheaper and better work. 

It was found that tlio bt'st time lo break the sod 
wa!s wln*n th'^ fim^ \vw^ rapidly growing, aa it 

Vlaims^ and Fir^f /mjjrotienunU, 137 

would ihen da'sj tiuirklyt iuh) rhv »o\\ soon bvr 
mellow and kind; bnt If hi-ok^ii too naily or ion 
lait* til (he »(^aflon, it would r»-'quire two or t1in?« 
years to bi.i-ouio aa mellow n» it would be In throe 
months whifii broken at th& ri^bt time. Very 
aJiolIo^ plonj^litng rcqiiiri^d le«s toaoi. and would 
OK^llow much ^ontT Mmi) d6e|> br«Akiiig. 

The first crop waa moatly corn, planted by cnttini; 
agA«ti witlj 1111 uxe into tht- kocI. dropf>inj; 
the com and rloeinc \x by anoth^ blow alon^ »\At* 
the first. Or it wnt^ dropped in ^v**ry third rurrow 
and till' furriiw tiimi d on ; if tlu' ct^m u'a^ so pinred 
Efl to flod tln?spac4f bi*tween llie furrows, U wonld 
find daylii^lu ; if not. tt xvaus donbtftil. Corn so 
pUnUid would, n« rultivation wai* bripn^slMi', pro- 
dot^^a |iarrlal crop. aoni^'T.Hiit-*^ a full one. Pralri<* 
»ud tmn>.«d in Jiim* wtmlil hi.« in i^uiiilitloii U» Mtw 
Willi w!H«t U\ 8*-ptt^nd>er, or ti} put hi with roi-ii or 
oalfi th*^ »iptini7 foDonnng. VinPF of aU kinds gri?w 
wHI on Ibv fi"»^Hli tiirnH r^d, iiirloii.'* fj<pfrcially, 
though lite woItca usually look thinr fitll sfmre of 
iht'ffv. Artor the lirel crop, th*^ aoU wiw kind, itnd 
prodiic-^d any rro|> duiti^l to th<- olimat't*. Bui when 
hie PTopfi wt-ro growing, th(r BcUler was not rclittvcd 
fh>ni t<wl. His chTck*^nrt nm^t havr* slir-lt'-i', olost^d 
at tii^ht to pro:e<;t thL^tu fronL th-^ owlt^ find tvoiree ; 
hl« pi^t\>4uii^jdiquiU pr^>l^^ tion : and althon^lt liiB 
cows and oxen roaiiiL-d on ilu^ wide prairie* In a pn^- 
fVi«io«i of tliv rirlK'i^l pu^Iiir^'. still a yard mti«t be 
uiade for hia cowit at nii(ht, and Tils oalvea by day. 
Tin* px>w^ wrti- (timed in with the i.'ulv??; fwr a !«liort 
thDc* at Rk^lil, urid tli^n thi- rnlvrs turnrd im thr- 



BM4>ry of La Sedle 0&untp> 

pmiiies to f^d during the night ; in the morning th« 
colve*^ wi;re tunit^d in and the iM>wd turned out for 
Ifaeir day' s pcisiurL* ; lUis was nwoeeury lo indatv^ tlit; 
vQvrts to (rornt* up at nrgtit, (or if cIh^ cuLvca -w^re 
weaiHKl the COW3 would f^il to oome» And the »io<k 
aUce^^dvKtm^prorL'ctioii from Th«f fierce win try blast, 
rlRiugli ^oml*tllll1'?i tlK'V g<ii but little. Add to chie> 
the fencing of the farrn^ th«* oat-building hmuin^ 
tlw! ux<*n iLiid cowtt on tlio limitl'.t*N prairii^s ti»roug!i 
the lieftvy dews of lal*- i^venin^ and early murntu^. 
going long disranriis in mtirk*'t. nrtd t« mill, mding h 

tirf8 whurb swept over tJie country yearly, ajid 
Willi bis fimiily rnooiLriterirg that iip<4t of a new 
country, tl»- fev^-r and aj^ne, and olhpT niahiriuu[5 
dist^siefi, and the toil and enduiance of a settler in 
a new ooimtr}" nmy be partmlly, but not fully 

A visiror from the Eastern ytiites haa often taunted 
the toiling piont^L*r» witLi c^iirh Riuarks i\ji thmtie : 
*' Why do you titock out your hay and ^-^n r* 
*' Why don't you hjiro bumr;, roniforUiblo housoe, 
Htabkh for your cattle, nnc! otluT conv^moncoe aj< 
wa h^vef He should hare been answered, '"You 
nn^'^njoying th*- fruils of iln^ labor of iiem^nuion^ 
of your ftiir»'*iior», while we have to i-real^' all vre 
hare. We have mado n4*ei>&san1y rude and c1i«ip 
Bhelt^re for <jiirsi4veH and atilnmlK, have f»-or4-d 
Mtr farmrt, du^ our wellm have lo make our raad#>. 
bHdge our Tttmarn;*;, l>iiilr1 our f«rhoij)-hoHi4i*t^ 
rliun'.hei*, rourl-hoiisefi and jails, and wht'H one im- 
provement IB complete, another want stares aa in 

Claims, and FitH Impro^emefiU, 


i\^ focf*" All this taxed tl)« t'Der^ies of the tiuw 
^Uler to tbe ^xt^nt of Ininittn i.>niluniri04\ nwtX man}' 
UiW X>y tU<^ ^aXt unablt- to m««*t the dtMiiands ii]>oii 

'f tw* only woiidvr U ilmt so idik^Ii hasL b^n acconi- 
^ill?tli<^d: ihai so many comloru. (.'onvenieEiceH anil 
luxuritw hiiiM cnnvTii'il rJii* i'tTortn of our |n'0|)li"; 
iliar w*» !»»i>* r*?a€hi?d a poiuL for wlucli ^ c^-iitury of 
p0on n>i^'}kt well havi' b'-fii allowed. Politi<Jil and 
fiKJinrbil lbi*iiri-*il^ have- t^iutiliiL^ly tnld lljt* taniit-r-% 
i>r niinoiA tliAt tlxtfy koow notbiitg of tiDnnce. except 
vrUut wi«.-r lii^a^ls b;ivc roKl tli<*tn ; lliwf llity hurt' 
made uolhinj^ hy larniiii^. and would be poor except 
for the udvauce in price of their inriu8. 

TbcK- Soloujt j^hould bi* hM X\\ui ir is the toil of' 
thoQi- fArnior^ that ha;^ lu^dt? thoir faiiiis incirea^ [& 
]tHco ; ib«ir toil lute clolhijil t\\tyn\ with valuable im 
pn»vomi.*nt»* plaiit^'d oivharda and fruit ^ardvn^. 
cuado roadenad bridj^i^s;^ oouri^rted awUddi'n4>ss Jiito 
a l;tnd of l)#iiui>% and made It tin- ha))py abod*' of 
luit'lliReDt tD«a. AJt tliiji had CO be don^ to mak*^ 
th^^*^ raring advanci- iu {jriiv^ unci Hiomt vrlio baT9 
(loiK* tbi-H, ^md rai»<^l and cditi-aied tht-ir fainiUi^ 
luiTt< doii<9 W4>]1 ; arid IT thu advam*** in tlm pmv of 
ihf.*ir f:tnTis hwi^ given tlu'iii a ocKiipi'leiii:*-, it is wimt 
thny aniiiu^jatiHl. and notliin^ but ibft most pHmi^. 
Tmng indnntf)' and frngfility would liuve a<:i:oni- 
pli^lird it. 

In adilition to tb« labor and miiUitude of <:ures that 
bei«c't th« new comcr, he had it all to accomplish un- 
der di^^a^lvaficuge-^. and to isncannter dangers that of 
thomeelrea wen; suHicieat to disK^umg^ XUCD not of 


HiMtorp ^ Ija Salfc Vounij/, 

ftlrrn rrt*olvt^ Tmvdinjr iiiiwork«<] roails, and iross- 
inff streams M-ithont bridire«. was often a pcriloQo 
adventure. Mnny wt-iv tlio hnirbivn^Uli I'^v'at^^.'* 
which moHt of th*^ vnrly settlers can recall, an<i 
whicli. in later ye«-r&. w'crc nevej rcCeirecl to wiihout 
u tliriH of ^motion. Up to the lime of hiaMin;: lln* 
fiP3t bri(is^e over the VerroillioD. the writer had a 
record of twontyfivo pj^rsons drowntvl in that tr'?»ch 
orouft fltrenm, within a <iislanee of h-n mih^ft <-ach 
way f^om that locality— all drowned in altemptin;; 
to fcM the stream. If wa* n commuu R'TTinrk. that 
when a man lef( liome In the momlnK, It n-ae rery 
uneerlain wh*-tht>r tiis wifrV uvxi ^^r^^lK would Ih* a 
Waek (tm\ uv at Hfime otJier oolor 

CrosHing the wide prMirie nt night, with not even 
Ihrwind or tttat> fi^r jrnixlfw, w«s n vt-ry iiiiw'ftniii 
adventure, and often the wayfarer irnvHeii till t-x- 
lifiusN.-d, itnd enramprd till thi' inorniuglight ^lonld 
Ifiiide him on hin way. In warm wt-ather. alllioUiKh 
an tinpleit-wnt exposure, ttii^ was not a danp<-roiia 
onf. ftndalthon^h tht^»enMitionof heingloHliftniorr 
irksome, ond the lonely silenee In the middle of a 
pmirii\ bnikeii only by the Uowl of Tin- if^-olviie^ U 
more nnptea^ant than one inex]K<rieacied would 
in^ii^int^, unci the Riinwing of u *toimich iniKK'ent nf 
Biip|Mi', add*i much to the disconifnrt. It all pjis^-s 
with the night, and ji brigliler view and happier 
fiH^thiifs d:ihn ^vith the bifakiii^ morn BntrroT*,H- 
ing the tnirklii-ss prairie wh**n eor<>ivd nilli n driviry 
«x]Kin!m of anow, with the fierce, iinbrokt-n winirr 
blasts sweeping ov»>rits plist'^nin^^ snrfaiv, peni'fi'at- 
ing Co t]ir Tcry marrow, wits j^ometimcaa feitrful and 

CiaimM^ end Pirsi im^frortrmenU- 141 

lUn^fou^ ex]it>HT>nc«. Nn cQJiilitioii could inspire 
£i inon' |ifi-f«'Ct idea of lonWy dr?^o]atimi, of t*nllre 
dttcomfr^n, of hidijli*s?tit\-vs itiid of dismal fon^bod- 
itig^^Utun to tind one's m^lf loatoD tin- ijDovr-cov«red 
pnun«-, witli no ol>Jt*ct in ?ight in unj direction but 
tbe cold. anduIaciiiK ^now wK-atbis and a durk 
and U'm]>r-i<i»ou» u-intcT uigtit fa^l rlo:^in|B: around 
hie cbjlied and L-xlmn^tctL fnuiLi*. His.Bug&cioue 
b*>r^\ bv tipitt^modic eflbrti^ und fojifiniious n^'igh- 
iu^, shows tbal, irltJi Li^ pia«r*T. h(* appn^-mtes tbt^ 
ogvr, nnd i^Jiaiv-rt bis fearful aiiticipntiom^. Wltb 
bat ]on^b)gih>- loiil on»»uH1iH'Ts«on ibi-<'4^fli'^d<? 
of bi^ a'artn rMbtu, durroiinde-l by bi>^ loved oji>*s 
which hi.' fvAWA be mwy uev«»r «ev> : und when tbe 
4tArk shadow of iiij^br hits rlosi-rl iimniid ;iih1 shut 
in liie I»ridj>cujf4>. and i'lraini- iiloni' riiii bring n^li^-f, 
a joyous ni*igb iitui pow^rfnl spring fn-jnt \\\^ nablr 
horse, i^lln biM *■;*-■ in ihr- ilin^rlioiiln* bjis r.:!!*^!!, be 
8rr3 o7fi tbL- bltMk expaiiiw a faini ligiit i« the dia- 
fanoc, lovrard which Ids bor^e ia bontidiDg witli uo- 
t^ebrali^J ftpeiyl, fcpially with hi« niitstfr cht^t^iwl 
und t-xbiJumlvd by the l*eacon bght, which thn hsnd 
of afft-etion ho^ pta^i-d nt llicwind<>v, fo Ivud tbt 
J'Kit ofir to \i\» home. Jseai'Iy every early settler 
can reioember rtiich iin vxpt-TiviKv, wfjiiu »omu ni^vcr 
iv&ch^'d the hoiii« cbey tioii^'bt, but^ chilb'd to a 
pfdnlc&^ slumbtfr, th«\v fonnd Ua^ 5iuep that kuowti 
DO wakings 


MsJ!orff of Tm SalU. Gfntniff. 


Mirag*. or looiuine. in |KouUar stat^tf of the at- 
mosph^ie. 19 or vtas vrty cuiUDion on the prairie. »». 
to iistial in any <:'oiin£ry vrith a tlat. or nearly Levi 
fltirfoce, AgrovccrimpiovCTTicnt ^rbich hordinArilv 
hid b/an iiit'-rvcniiig ridgo of highland, will o^-i^a- 
flionalty bo n|>piii>?ntly e)f>vatOij> ^ it i.*an be seen as 
folly nnJ pi rfectly us if tlji.* ob«onvr w^.t'^ standing 
on tho hlj:iif*ftt point of the int<>rvenintc ridf^>. The 
irriler wt\s trar<?liTii: in a pjirlially clondyday, from 
P*mi U) Palfiftllni' Grove, lu Ix*<i County, arifl wb<*n 
on tlie level pmirif^ twu tir Minee niil*»s soutii of lh<» 
ridgo whic.'ii ^'onstitut*.''* t\w dlvid** ^^^p^imting lUe 
watiTH of Bmvau (^r<^k from r.liose that flow t<i iln* 
Illinois. Iif Miulilenly belteld ihcrounliy lyin;j norrli 
of ill" divIiV. rlw* iiitii hi^^ht, wltli i-vitv f»Mhir<';i 
difttinclly marked. ?i« if st-en from a posiiion dirertlj 
OYiT iL Frrkins Knox, and Pale^^rinr cn>vi»», wiM 
Bureau creek* and the scatC<>nng limber that E^kirt^ 
its bank^ and th«< farm houses, ven< alJ distmetly 
reoo;;:nized. as they had many Mni*-^ hi.*t-n ^^^rtt from 
ditfivvikt points of tlkt rid^e, i^outhand eng( oftheBtii 
r«in, T^iM Tiew iBalin-^ont^ and could not he mi 
taken. Onidunlly, iti ten or flft*'»^n minutes, tl 
vli*ionr:id-'d fnnri sight, jmdwh<*n, half :in hourlnti 
the aame view wa? seen from th*» dividing ridg^, vi\ 
out n 4*houge in appearsm*''.', if wtis t^vid-^ut it mi 
have Wea I'levated s**vfml hnndivd fi'ci to han'm^l 
tb« Tiew. Mintgi? i« mon< I'ominon in a still, slightly 
1iji/.y nlroottph'Mv, ;iT)il no rioiilit haAbt^uihTi*n'il ;ind 
leil many a Traveler a»tniy. Jefferaon. in Iiia Xoh 

on Virjrinia, ^tpeak? of t1it< snmr appramacM: no frv- 
i)u*-*nt}y ocoarhii^ in tlic motmtainond districls of 

Croasing tin* uiicu1tival<^ pmirii^ In a e^IodJj night, 
or in a *tnowy or foiigy ^}\ ^*^8 ven- \\nh[^ to Uutq 
an uiic«'rtaiit c(.ifiit> orit. In a rUfor iittiht, tht- ftai^ 
were a verj reliable puidt?, an<l liketUt* Easiern mapl 
ua lln> |iluiiiB of Svriii, thi? la^ttU-rs t'um*.* 1o har** 
a c1i>s«< ai^]u;tinlanc»' wirb tlit* coiisti^lLition^. A 
st«idy wind WHsa v»Ty ri'lhiblt^xnicje ; Hie IfiiveLer 
wiiiitti gni luft li(>ftrliiK, llt^n iintir<* lion i!ih wiii<l 
simck hifi nosp, right or li'fi car, t'tc, and then keep 
ilial «imt- s^HKitioEi, reKaJxiW^;* of an/ olbcr guidtv 
ind he would generallv come out rif^hi. But if 
tht' wind -'liADged. of ooursi' he nent vritU it. 
Without th4^At> £;uidi,'S it wa^ a nu^u* accidi^iit if a 
pcnoD niieCBLided in u &lUI almospbi-iie. in a clondy 
niffJiK or fifiovry iif fojary dny, in cro^'^iiiir a pniirii* 
of any extent, llien- 16 al^^ayt^ a teiideiK-y to ^*> in 
a circl« ', Ibtt vrorM mov«« iu » eircl« ; pliuiele ajid 
sans, oomi'ta aiul men^oiM, jill rnnvi* in Hrcl*^, 
B1ii]4lfi>ld a person, pl»i-e lijni in a liirgi' lialK 1^ 
hint l>e a iiiivEci', iinrHiitium'd. :uid hi a nt:ijonry of 
ca^e?i he win go si^veral rjiiie^Rmuinl ilie UuU hfeforft 
li»' hit? the whK» Thf wri[»'i-. ^vHh an ox team, in a 
dark erviiiuj^ Mjirced fo ^o atioiit r1imivrourLlit< of ii 
niiV tri pilnke a point of tiinbiT, bui fatlini: to do so. 
kept travelin;; till lair in tin* <^vr.i)ing, when juti- 
dcotally the limi^ei' was found, and followed to the 
d«-^irv-<i |K>inl ; (he* m^xt morning devolopfd the fact 
that thr ox tet^va had traveled ihi-et:^ timed around 
itbont a t|U«r:er>stH^lion, followinji! very nearly rhr 


Historff 0/ Za Saiic CimjUff, 

sanitf track each t^me. A yDung man left Fanuj 
Rlilgi.* on foot, (t>v rtirft, about ten o'clock in th< 
©vi*mn>^ ; a. light snow *ii'Vi?ral liidu*:^ in fli'|»t-h, had 
jusi r^illen^ iind Iher*? was no tnu^k. He traveled 
till hi- ^iipjio^i-il III- Aa-w th<.' [IlinoiH rl'iibi^r, ttnd ii 
b«-atiiii7 about Iryhi^ In tm- rlmugli the darkiH^st*, hi 
trnm]R"cl n hroJiJ plartt' hi i\w snoiv ; he tniTf*li'd^ 
ra|>id]y utl night, mristuf thr time, its he thol^;hL 
insight nf th^ timb^^r. and when morninfr dawned 
round hiiii:4C'Jf at the plnce when? lie had tramped 
the snow inUiee^nlrc of af(nir-nijh.^pmjrW> 

v\ gentleman, Tre.^h from New England, who wa» 
vkwing the to^iiury on the V ermiiiioa, proposied 
to take a bet^ lin^ for Ottawa neroed the prftirie on 
foot. U.^ wuti advised to take the road, me bein^ 
owfliwp traveling and d*'u!diiHy wtfer ; thnt wlthoui 
any track he miKht;;et beni^hwd on the prairie, for 
uHlioiigh Uu' d:iy wa* eh-ar hi' wtnUd for part of the 
difii:inei^ tie oni of sight of timber, and he luljcrht 
mii^iike hi« rouis** wnd lie h>«t. He uid^gnHnflj' 
replied : '* Do yon think I am a fool, that I can nc*t 
cro»H a six-mile piTiint- in biuaj;! dayUght ? if itwero. 
ihvrM timi-.^ thnt T i^oidd do it \** and atnait not 
started on font, after as«>rtainin? the direction. 
Ahont tw*.*lvf (/clock that ni^ht he ;cot t<i the wMtli 
ment on the Vet-milUon, five miles furChor fitn 
Ottawa thriu when hv aturted, ueiirh* fniutaln-d and 
exhausted, AfttM-a ^ood niffht's i^fil. andsntiplj- 
in^ the inijiT ruaii, next morning he took tto 
travelt^d road for Ottawa, 

Prairie FlrtM. 


!*BArRre FIRES, 

Th«y^r1y 1>artiin;( of the Ut^vy annual growth 
«kf fiv\^A <iu tlie jimine, which Imd ocrnrrc-d from 
time immofnorbK rithf r from natural (*au,HejH or from 
hv\u^ i**-! hy ImmftD bands, was oontiQUL^i after the 
while Mttler^ cami; in, tiTid ya\A i\. ^ourcf! of much 
nniioyiinw, appMicn»iou, and ftvquently of iwvt-re 
ioee. Krom the* time tlitj irnuM would hum, which 
wfu 4i>0]i nlti^ llii- llrtit ffost. uHually about the 
lirst of October, till tho enn-oundin^r prairie was all 
^unjtov4>r, or if not aH 1>riin[. rill Lh^-gn^fn gms^it 
In ihft spilnff had ^(*wn sufficiently Co prevent th* 
rapid progress of th*? rtr*?, the «arly ^^ttlert; were 
fantiiiutilly nn t]i>> v^itt.i:h, »rii1 a^ Ihi^y iii^tuilly I'X- 
piv?i.«"rl th»' idf'ji, "sli'pi Willi <JU<M'yt' [jjwiii.** When 
iJitt ground was covpm] with v^iiow, ur ihiriug rainy 
wi^tliiT, till- nppn-)ti'n.-«[iiii wak tjtiii^tt-fK :uiil IkiIIi 
tjiffl could he **arely rhjfrcd. 

A statute Ittw forbid ttrtUu^ thi- prairie on lire, 
and one <toing so vras subject to a |mua1ty. and 
liable ill x\\\ actiou of trt.-$ptt^ for tho datiiu^ ao- 
cTDiii^. Hilt QonrictioD.H were fiuldum etfi^cted. ao 
th-.< proof was difficult, rhou;u:h the tirt? wa$ oftiMi 

Pii«8 set on Uie le^wai\l side of an improvt'mpnt, 
whil« vrry daiigv.troii4 to thv impr[>v<'nn.'nt>* lo thi^ 
li^wai*d, Wi^ji* not &o to th<^ windwardt as fli'^ pro- 
j^Fisiiig a^iitnst the v^iud 1^ l'IuiIv t^xtinguiMlu^d. 

IiDagiti4> lliv TMEngs of ih^- man who. alone in a 
Strang!* laud, baa made a com forUblp home for tiis 
bmily ; lia» raised and t^tojvsl bii^ i^irn, t^lii^t and 


Hittary <f La SaUe Cranky. 

oate. and fciddei for ^ttjck, and Ims^ hi** prenil800' 
>iiirround4.d by a sea of atandiDp f^ra^^a. dry as 
tinder, iJlretchlti;; a^vay fur miles in i?vvry dir^tioa, 
O^er whicl* tli*' wild prairie wind bowU a denial 
r^iuiem, and knowinf^ that n ifpnrk ov lunieli ap* 
plied ID all ibat dlsiaiK^e will s»>nd a st« of 6pe 
vfhftfaivt'v Uii' wind may waft il : iind cjiiHri^u?! of 
tb*? fuel timt- zhfTf HTi' iik-ei wlio would i.'nd>mctf ih(f 
fii^t opportunity to si-nd th<? lire from iMilMdc lUvW 
own firldr*, rvgurdl'.^ss h« to whom it might constinu-, 
on]7 60 it protected their own. 

Varioua mr^ai^s wert- resorted to for pmtLttioH : m 
common on^^ wad to plow wiTh ^ pminc (»low f«L-\rral» 
fdrrowo around a atrip, peverai rods wide, otitaide 
\\m.' iinprovoint'ii:*, and tlicn burn out the !?trip ; or 
wait till tht? prairie wna on ISiv and then rtt'i fire 
ont«i<lL\ n^sorving the strip for a late burn, that 
is, lill the following summm-, and in July burn both 
old gratis juid nfw. Tin? ^ra^s would start lEum^- 
dlalely, and th».' (MiUh* wonld fvod It rlos*- in piv-f<T- 
dnce to the older prass, so lh»t the fire would not 
pa** ovi^r l( ih<» follt.jwitig uiiliinin. Thli* pu>t***«si 
rejiealnO would soon, or in a few yean*, run oni (he 
pjhirif'gnLH-s find in tit^t it would hvcouiit nUH^kvd' 
Vfilh bliti' KrasH whh'h will m-^-r-r burn to »ny i?xt«^nt. 
Hut all Ihis took time and labor, and the rrowd of 
busint'.-^ on the liancU of A al-w crtlW, of winrh ■ 
novice has no ronc*?ption. would prevent him doin^ 
vriint would now ^(.^■m u sniull tmtttcr : und iilt such 
effort was oHtn fatib\ a i>mirie fin,' drivi>nby a hi^h 
wind would ofloii luiji nil snch barriers und ^eem 
to pot iMiman *'l!urt nUl^IijinrL", A prairi-^flhT wlk-a 

Prnirie J^lrti. 


fir»t MtnrtM goir* ^trnj^-hl forwnvil wllti a voloeUy 
pmportionod to Ih** (ore** of the winii, widenin^^ 
it« i( g(x^, but eh4» cvPitr*? kwiJing ntK>:id — ii *|.*n'ttd« 
Tildewavfl, but bnrnin^ latei*aUy, il biira** compar- 
nliv^ly slotr, and if lli^ wiml is tnodemle Knd 
T^l<-»<1y, Im not Oiffipiill f<i murmge, hiU. if llii- wiik) 

vet?i"ri n uomt or two, lirst one wav and then the 

* • 

othiT. it wilds tht Htdw lin- ^wyuiid cciritro!. Tlif 
Iii^nd tin- iii dry i;rasH and a liijjh wind is f^-arfui. 
aud pn-tty sun- to liave it?* own wity iinl*."*< tliir*- i» 
EKfinc? dt-fcnsible point ttaxn vrhtc^h to m«e1 it. A 
c^if^t with pu*?li a lire reqnirt-a an eng!n*vriii:r skill 
and tact wincli tuiu Ix' kuracd only by cxptritmrL-, 
and II iittij;1il)orhood of settli^nt called out by eurliwi 
oxiff*^Dcyal ooce put tiK^mflii'tFOf under thL» dirt^-tion 
of Iht' oldi*fel »nd ruofct i-xpork-ue^Mi of the iiumK^i, 
and ffs> 'o work w-ltlitho alacrity and ^ergj-of meu 
di^fendini? tli^ir tiome^ and propi^rty from dv^^rntc- 

Tin* u>4iia[ wny of minting nn sidtuiic*in|r firv is 
io )K<gin llti- di.^ft-n^r w1t'-rt> Mi4> luiid nT ilu' fin- will 
HtHlvt*, wbirb is known by tb»- Amoke and Ji^hi"^ 
brcnmht by llu- wnid li>ng in ndviuin^ of the- fiiv, 
A mad, (ratlli* |i»th or furmw in of ^^ai vaine at 
KQcfa a plnc« : if lhi.'iVT i» none r^acb, a etrip of t)ii» 
gra^^can be wt:t, if wattr can be proi-tni-ii, whicb 
ia eenirralty Karoe at thf time of the annuaf tires. 
On i\w oat:4id'^ or siil*/ nnxt rlio rondng lin\ f>f ttneli 
road or path* the f^ra^ ih bpC on fin-, and it burn^ 
slowly ngnini^tthv wind till it m^n^ts the coming f^on- 
thtfrmlion* wliii-h stopr^ of ^•onrTJ*.' fop ivant oT fuel, 
provided thore bag been BufKnT^t tim»' to bnm a 


Httt&ry <f La Saile Connty. 

etriji Uiat will not be W[j«d by the lieud lirv i« it 
oomee in. This isrsiUftd h:ultfiring; ^refttoirv In 
neceeearyto prevoni tbe tire getting? over the furrow, 
patli, or vrhutcvrr ia U9t*cl as fb badu of opiM^tioDs. 
If it (lelfl ovi-r and om^ iindtr way, there la no rem- 
vdy but to ["all bat'k lo a more defcimlbk poaition, if 
such an im*.' oxlt<((^. 

If tile in?ad of tlip firo ie fiuoceasfolly rht'cked. 
tboii ttii.* roi<co« nri;dlvi;U*d, li&lf ^coiiig to c)h^ Hght. 
and half to the kft^ and the back-finng vonlinui^ 
to meet the 6ld<' tirt?)i 4L4 ttitvy oomc^ up; Ch1« must 
bi' conilniu'd fill tht* flro is oh^fckc-d along the pntiro 
froDt of iUv preniif^e^ eiid^ingeni-d. and thi' ^ides 

Viirioils l[tl|»1t*l]n*ttrs were iw^-il In ptit dUf ;i siil<* 
orbiK'k lire, or i'vmii ih<* IiphcI i>f it lire iu ii iiiuilerale 
wind. A frriice b<inrd. nboat four to «ix feft lon^, out' iMul ^h:lvi•^l diiwn fin' a 1i;iEJ<1h', i« very 
effective, if struck Hat ujnm thf Danx>Tf ttrip of fire, 
A bundltf of huKH-brusli dura wry well, and m e^i>nAe 
or-nhnvd it* nfb-n ii?ed- The women often lent (heir 
aid. in cases of danger; their weapon was tiauaUy 
tile kifrhrn mop, ^vliiob, whoii thorouxhly wet, wa^ 
very efficient, t-spccinlly in ?xUngiiJ&hini£ a frncv on 
tire, Wh^.-n tln^ lin- overcame nil opposition, and 
seeiDod bound to Bweep over llie (^ttlem^nt, a f«kP 
of per*)iiiil ltJt« wuuld panilyitiv for ihtt moment, 
^very faculty, and as soon as that fact seemed immi< 
nent', uiiib^d effort L-esiseJ, uiid earli om^ Tmsb-nixl lo 
di-fi-ml bis (»wij an l^-ttt he eould. It is due to hli^ 
toncLil truth lossiy thiit the adukl ki?^se» u-flre much 
Ivs^ thtni ndghl huve heeii e\|jeir7ri1, tliungij fiv- 

Prairie Pitf^. 


^xtingiiiHlung a dan^miip* 8iv. and in ]in>trrLliig 
on^'s lioiuf* frnm the devouring element, wer** v<»ry 
Dfttfn KAv«-n?^ jmrl irv<-ii ilnngpniii^ anil tht^ Kutlior 
!ias known of moiv than one instance whpi* it i-e- 
5ulU'd f»Ui1ly. 

The prtMnisee about theivfiidenceeand yardfibt-iny 
tnimp^ hy th^ family nnd dom-^atk' animals, after 
ayt-aror (w^, bisiramf tolerably siifr fixjui tire* bul 
tlic fencL>e, com and stubhlo helda vrore fri^queiitly 
Wunil iiVf^r VVhi'ii rlir piairii; U1U4 ull f(.'rn'<-il and 
and^r cultivation, bo that prairie fiix'S w*»re amou^ 
the ihiiij^ o! the ptiet. ith- deiiixens of tile pmim 
Wl.<^• happily roh.^aTi*\i from llii> ciineiant ft-ar and 
apph'U*?ii?iioii \Tiiicli for yvaia had rt*ftt**d likj' a 
nighcmTirr 'jii thf*ir<|ui<l und hiip[]iii<>s?^ di«Uirl>irig 
liieir sleei» by ni^fht, and omuhiu^ auxiely by day, 
(^«pe<-ia)ly when c;inKl from fir>mi.>. ktmwiatr ihat. on 
t)ii*ir ri-liirii ihf^y might lonk ou a hhu'ki'in'd M'rn<- 
of di-solati*Mi, iii*4tead of thtr plea^tanthoine theylvft. 
Aiul wlii*ii r^ihirtiing aft<*r a day^K abHrrict*« Ibi* sight 
of a lire ill the direction of home, although it nil^ht 
pmv<* t<» he acTiMiil ttiiJcs beyond, woahl try The 
metUt* of tlio team, by putting them to a speed pi*o- 
^oriioix.d to Ihe tinxk'ly of Cliv ttrivcr And licrt' it 
may be well to throw a liub< cold water oi't*r tho 
ibritllna and fearful stoiiet;, ^ol np to adorn a tale. 
of hairbn-adlh i^#v'ap<?i* of tnivi'h.r> and tu-ith^rn J>om 
prairie (ires ; eiich stori^fl are not told by the old 
i4('ilh»i>*, wlto know wher-'of xhoy spi-ak. Tl i^ truf*, 
a family might encamp iu ihe middle of a dense 
Kfowtli ol dry gmsFi, and let a lire BAeep ovsr tlivir 


WtloTjf <^ La Saih Count^y, 

mmp, u> their i^ricui^ injury. But willi ordinary 
iiiteUi^ence and caution, a trav<^l*^r on ilio prairie 
iii'JlvI liav4' no Ur.\r at' a fatal tral!istN»phe, or eveii ol 
tiDV s^nouTi daiLK^r. If ilie \\k-mA of a fiiv Itn »i»f>ix>iu^h- 
iii)f, ii ]?^ li»^n!4lly mi ^asy ti»»ti«r ti.i gi?t to oDe sid^ 
of it, Ami M hrii il, lius j>]iF«M-<V p:iwi iit-t-r rlic meIp lin* 
on to the burnt praim. which cao wiflily be done* bjfi 
gi'tUiLg mi t(j Ji spot of dry, n>llin^ prairi*\ H-lnrn.' ihe 
grafts la !*<?ldoni inoi'e than riyht to twelve Jiu^he^i 
high. Off if tbr head tiro la toe vide, and itfi dpeed 
toogivtht to allow ^r^Uing armjiid if, tht^n i\% onoe 
set a fire to le-.^ward, and when ii 1ms burnt a ^horc 
dh*tiiiict\ put out tlio lii'c on tlii> wuictwurd sitlo of 
the place of spttin^, and paas on tn the burnt prairie 
and follow thu fire till fnrv*n3U|^li fruni thi.i dry'iz:msB 
to be onl of danfixer. Th^^if are places on low, molttt' 
prairie bottoms, or sloughr^ wht^r*^ Ihi^ ^u« %nd 
woodw wen? pinoh heavier rban on dryer land, and 
their buruini;^ wati lemllc and doa^erous : but these' 
phicv« o<.>iild Ih^ uvoiilrd, ii^ Hn »ppn.iurhbig l&nri 
could 1h' *4i-eii a long ditiiauee, living lime to pre|mr9i 
for \Xjh comliig^ 

The ^iarlj' settJf?n* will vvrr hav<' a vivid reccdlmj-l 
tion of the graird illamination^^ ni^'htly exhibited in 
dry wi-ather. IVonj wtrly fall to hit^.* spring, by num- 
ber leas prairie fir*?*. Thr whole horizon would bd 
lighted lip around its eniiie circuit, A heavy lin-, 
aix orttrven tin\<-^ awiiy, wt^uij niford sulliricnl light 
on a dark nij^bt to enable one to read line prints 
When a lin^lmd passed through Ihr* pmirii.\ h.av-ini^ 
the Ion;; linea of &ide Tints, like twoarniiei^ facing 
«acb ether, at night, the eight w;u> grand ; and if 



wwr's prumi«*i were !»eciiri"ly protected* he oonld 

enjay euch n tin? exhibition huffoly, fn'<' or^^ot*!; 

lull if his j>roj>».'r(y was expo6LKl. [iU enjoyment of 

IF st*».»ii» waa like a very nervous perflou'a itp)>n>cia- 

f*n of rlie ^mnd and mftji.'gtk' roll of rUurider— tile 

'SiiLdiniity of ihe scene lost In the apiin-huualoii of 

Of aniuAemeiitfi, distinctively, the early ftetders 

tiild [thidly br :<iild to ]HL»r ari^. A spirst- popu^ 

iiEion, vridt*ly ^r]m^a^r*^3, wilhotit nuiflTt or ln'id|^t\ 

t-oiild iKft b*- expected to meet in any conf^iderabJe 

ntmilK'tv for an evening's ontrrtmniiicnl. Travi-Uu^ 

loerta. trcupea. Iwtnrersi* or ^bowmen, would 

^e found i>oor r^nooe^s amon^ ttic sciittcrcd. poor 

biird ^vorkin>; pionet-n<. To ii suetaU rompaa- 

ionable lempemment this seclueion from society, 

|t>- pb^iHnn?^ and anni^-nki^Tirj*, was a di*]>riv'udoD 

irtiii ke*?nly telt But thei>? \ver<? many flnmx.'es of 

nmnM'mi.'ut nnd gmtifh*:ition, which wvri.^ ntad^* Ihv 

io«t of. and utilized economlcaHy, In ih<* first 

iliice. there was n ri-k-u?u.^ from rv-itrwhil — h senw' of 

H'lld rretHliiiii ptHnilinr lo tlin rriifitit«r — llinl whh ttx- 

hilarnling and enjoyable. Tn loHin^ ihe pleasiiri^ of 

icjr'ty wfT g^l rlear of ruaiiy irksonte jai s and aiitioy- 

i«« initr-pambli^ truin a den:<e population. Thr 

Indian in his native wilds; the Arab on his barb. 

^o>ui^ii|^ orrr tlK* sands of tli^ desert ; und i\w 

itoneer on the brosd, iinoctupied prairie, brr'&the a 


History qT La. BalU CotttUp^ 

fuller iiispirEti<in : tuir^ a bnglil^4-r vision ; drink in 
wHb ;t kfi^Jit-r jvllsh the beaiitieii of nature; fea&l 
on the creacioiiB of a mort' vWid imagiimUoii, unci 
have a concioTisnt-ss of a iiobIi> existence, closer in 
contact with tht- Author of all ttiat exists tlinn ono 
of ilio jostled crowd tlint l>rv<attit*$ thi; smoke und 
offoAsivE^ odore of the populous city or towiu Then 
Uu? fow pleafiuroe poesLifewd wvro highly vnjoyiMl. 
Too nft rv.Ti>eat<'dt nny enjoyiru'nt loses its x<**t. 
A ndi Co :l brother ^t^tth^r. u-fter weeks or mouths of 
abftcn<''>, wns liighly enjoy^'d, E)q>erience9 werv Ta- 
inted, fnutily history given. uew« Trom disDinI friends 
ant} <»lfirrM*ILh'r9n>rouiiJ4'd, cnty |>n)H]i»*rtsaiid ujur- 
kebi, ni'W fronn*rs, and future jirospecla of lheHeCt]«- 
mentwerf' ^illdif^euf^si'djtiid li»l'.nied to withiui inter- 
r«l nncnujilrd hy thni nj luirnim tlv- stVick fxchsinge 
fn New York or I-ontlori. The**H visits were rt^iLiiIy 
made at nn c^iHy duy, nnd an* recurred to novr, ba 
an t>ji:*ic^ in ;i d^^i^rt of sfolitud^. The aame oordral, 
friendly fe<?lin;; di^s not exist to-day. nnd probably 
n^fVcf will Ui^ain. 

Th^abnndnncT^ of i^ame made hnntio^ and tlflk' 
Utp- a very deli^htf 111 rerroation, aiid the Biicce0#c« in 
thoE*i' pAstmu':* thj'ii, if triithfnlly recounted now, 
would b*' iv;^arded aganold maiifi tmittinf^ story, 
to be bel»>vi><l or not, at j^b.-afture. 

Log-cabin raisings, el^ctioiif^, political tnf-etings, 
{U^f [lie Wi-^tt-ru f'iivf<»ni <^f stump Hjieakin^ ram«f 
Willi the pioneers'! wern all enjoyiiblt^ occnsions, ss 
llify brought t^tirHlur rbt- wid<'ly-!*raM<rnHl neigli* 
ham. But the camp uji^etinK wbs lonketl for- 
ward to as, par cj^ceHencr^ a s'jaol. enjoyublu time* 



and one of inuc*h intctvsi. Tbu^i.- in<l('fatl>^lile 
{>torK'«rs, llio iEink>niut Mi-lhodisr preaitierts t^lrcu- 
Ifltlni; on Ih^ frontiers, w<*rf? a valuable boon, 
itooijiny «i< w^ll tL» ri.'Hgiously, uia rlirir qimriuily 
and camp m4?v!ings biTiiighi the people togeiher as 
no other oix'&sioQ did. 

Omrt wi>-k at th» cniiiiiy 4»'»r wn« with AOnic a 
season or rvlaxatlon,— a <^u*ilom ]>rHva]l]n^ in some 
«ertiori!^ und lrftii:«ri-rnHl by tlir rmigrriiile^ from 
tlin^tt' lot?a1iri<*A In tUin. Thn nintom was not ^'ene* 
mll^' jul0[?trxl» aod gmdtinlly fad4?d out. 

A custom that ban largely prevailed both West 
and South, nnd Mill a(lh>*refi to in many loialUipft, !** 
to m«ike Siitnrday afternoon ii holiday* to me^-t in 
joine village at some public corner, grocery or 
lavem, and hare n joily time. Horse raring, 
iithlctic ?iport$, as wrestling, jumpinir, quoits etcr,, 
bejinided the time, and soruetimee after fi-eely pay- 
ing ibe dnnka, a free fi^ht or two, wliicb made 
Monday a pnbUr day, with trials for assault. 

ThlB practice has never prevsiiled lo any extent in 
Xa Salle County, Thi^ few th)it fuvonnl such a 
coarse have yielded <o a healthy puljlic f^enlimeat 
wliicii has evfrr l<»ainr^l to Icinpfniiin' ami public 
order, Diveflti'Ll of Uh objtTtionablf featnrvft tb** 
relaxation attd proper acnu&ement would be val- 

Wolf hnnte bare been made exciting eport. By 
prcvioua concerti^d agret-mi'at, the eet(lem(?nte on 
the circumference of a large prairie would move in 
line towmrd a Hag in the centre, di1vin>c the woIvcb 
and othvr cam© before them, olo«iiiic thi? line aofta 

to make a coriip]«l4< circle an the^ approached 
ccDtm-poK where tlie gatiK^ vrus eliot or kilWd hy 
<if>gs- Tin linrrn, cowbtrlK ariilall inntnimfnln that 
could be us^d to make a uciae, were earned by the 
company to arouse the game. U was ^xcitbg aport* 
bat ReiK^mllj' thi- dirtcipltri*' nii<l Ir-jidmjf were bad. 
an open apace was lefl for tlu* vrolvea lo escape, a&d 
the result v^wa more Doia*? iind sport* than game, 

Tl vf\]\ be ob^f^rvod that nil the amTie<!int<Tit6 
rccntfttions WL^rt* inEti^ctiline and rortneiialoDr, cxce 
vtaitinj^and campmei>tln^&. in which the wonii'n par 
ticipnted. And it w»s » ooiiimon ri.*aiark thiu Illi- 
noU farnlsjied an oa^y b^^rth fornionnnd oxen bnia 
hard ona for woni^^n and liorses : and it was true Id 
it« refi.Teiice to wojne^ii ; lher<j wnn^ moi^ homesick 
wonu-n tliun men, and ir any f:la?is nf the early set- 
tlers W3154 JesiTtfing iiJori" sympiLtliy thir.n aiioUier 
it wiLH tlm niatrofiH, thtf wWe;* of tlii^ ploniwr.s whoflii 
dom'istic eare;^ contintrd tltem at home nith the dntieH 
and respc^hj^iliililifi* of in;itfiijilj\ wIumv inirw'.iiind 
help ctiald not be procured, witli no amupementii 
and lilti'' aooin! iutcrcourae. 

Custom pennittT:!id them to carr>' their babies to 
Ghiirch ond other public placed, or Ihcy could not 
have lefr liomi^ at all. Suoh oonRnemt^nt, unrolu^ved 
by Beaeoiie of relaxation, wears upon the faeultiee 
and bring? promaturc old ag«. Amuf^emont and 
relnxation for both young aind old, are as essential 
to Ileal rli and hirtgevily as pi^tpi^rfood andclotbtug. 
and, when sepamted from iatempemuce and rowdy- 
ii;r»» mImiuM ))e eiir^nragcd hy thi' bi---4l. Ha^Mfs of 
society, WantLif th^m Hborlth^'d Iht* ItVDanl 
of the pioni-erfl. 





UeaJtb i9 thogix^-iii^ftt bk-MiiigviHicli^fcrod toman, 
and flickneft^ Uii> ^rt^U:5t evil, and this too wheo 
AUODg kind friends und all thu comforta of an old 
'■oTinfry, anti adviisc* p')i>iilatiaD< But lothe »■ ttJer 
iD u new coLDtry, witli Jew neighbore, and wlnjae 
bom^tiLnd «nrix>un<liiigi^ will bftivly KTveiusi tinif* 
''fbialUj- slekm^^ft oomee clad in a durkor ^arb, 
aainmor^ difilieunonlng aspect — undaoewcouuiry 
U €ver cur^nd vrith a doubli' amounc of ^rkrK<«s. 
TWearebut few localities m tiie tToitiKl Stal'pswiiitre 
TQJiliiriiJiiK dir«.':t,s<- -/ftvt tuit'lopi'd hy rlcjiria^ *>fV 
rW iijub»*j' or bivaking tlit? }iniiriB sod. Bilioun iVvsrs 
azulugnes were tlie most comnii^ri form, HDd !iowi*vt-r 
vs'^nipt any localici' may hf from rlirw dif^ttawt*?* 
«ftiT a ft-w years of caltiite. thi* pion^'cr altikost 
aivayn had to fact llit'm. A^dr fixmi tiiut^iiITerin)^ 
»ail diHc<fin fort, which an? tiotlighU ttiv^-lo^ to oao^jt 
^nmiu'.-:^ wuTit or Clin- to t*l<»ck and crwp^ wna 
^rv. At a place whc^re do help could be hired, and 
ttL«ro the fevi' and distant m*ighbon^ wbowirri-wLllijii^ 
<o &kl ft bn»tlii'r cjulurant H'lrn; nioHt likely in tht- 
^fDvcirciiuifitamesac tlienaiDetinio, th4>iuifortuti&Cf» 
iBTalld bad u< sn/vni It om aloni^, or somt^times vlib 
bljiwIiQle lUiuily as his unliappy L*oaip^«niunp; ^ atid 
briud a!«touC h'':irT. and t4t4tmly iicrvi^ who did iiui 
^Uiul uiuVr tJi^ iiltiictifJD. :iild I'e^olvr* to return lo 
^ h^mip he ti.-ff in Aiicli nibiidl IteaUii, whrii rHuni- 
in^ AErp^tk i^nahlnd UUn to do il ; but with retnm* 
tUjE bealtb and the opmiug of unctht.^' spring Ilia 
iicvtf booame radically i haiig^. Thtf world, baj^ 


History ^ La Sa^U County, 

and K^oom^' ef-un Ibmogh blli<Ht« ey<.'^ with a 
tlirt>bl)]ng hi'nd and achinp; back, novr a^uwt*^ ilit- 
brl(iht*tr ba«*s of Iln? land or promise. Tbe fKiffof' 
in^ of ihv pa&l aro forgotten, aiuI th^r plow U 
a^alii clR'CrHly Trkllow^cl, If wa^ well nndcrtitood 
tliFLt the fii'ht alliK'k of HjBfiie waa the worst ; and 
after the tiriit >i*?ii»oEiing, u.'fl U wus^ nultid. ihui^.- u-u^ 
nor so tiindi toft^sir : It vjhh found too, \]mi there w«.-n> 
but few deaths romjiaivl witli the amontit of fltrk* 
ness^ and it wjis ii ianiriii>n ri*tii;irk hy the sick, 
banixi^ik, iinrl r1lHr:oiira;j:i^rI Ittvnlid that tiiat Wfw fW 
womt featnre in the case, thiit deatli would be a 

8t-a£H>n» hav-e occnrn^d when whoW ni^ight>orhoOi1» 
wwe prostrated at once. ardniirsesand help w(?i>» out 
of the cLiR'Btioii ; uti«uchtim(.'^»onooriwoindiv'idnalfl 
moro fortunate than the orhera, would daily Ti«t 
ca«h hoti&i.% aUiniiUBtermcdii^'iiio, place wattrby the 
eidi' ofiiach ht^. carry a ^uiil of gniel, lear*^ n little 
for each paiient and then return to watch by tbuSr 
own rsnlTeriu^ rafniU<fft» Itie ime@u(.'h wer« extreme 
cases, but it is equally true that they did occur and 
Wtfre repeated. 

Such sickness was (^ouflnod to tht» Jut of t^ummer 
and fail. There was btil little sickness In winter 
except a fmv litigj'i-ing fall 1-117^1^14 iltat bnd be^como 
cbroiilc ; there were but few new casi^a after sereie 
fnwt?s »«id th»' spring and i^arly fintrnier wnrn (wr- 
fectly healthy. It wa^a oommon rmiuirk that wltf*n 
the bloom of the reain weed and other yellow flowvr» 
appeared itwfis time- to look Tor ihv ague. The firat 
epring SovftTB on tht- piairie were mostly pink aad 



vlillr. thru fi»)loived jiurple jiii(] blue, and about the 
nili]die fjf AugUfiC yeUovr predonimut<^d. niid lliat 
WU abunt tbf- season for aj(u<T to i^omm^iirG. 

While tbf immense atnoant n1 vogitntioti whkJi 
co^'ervd Ibcppairii'woernpidly Ki^owinff. it doubtless 
piiHlii*d tJii? air, and made tbat tt-ftson healthful, 
bat when that lunuT* of v«p.»r»ti(^n n.^ti^^td i^rowiii): it 
rov(*r«i-d Ihor pi\jcefls ; it imbibed oxy^ren, and exhal^nl 
nitro^ti, and the atmoifph^r^ btH^am*.* iiii|^mn.\ sltuI a 
CAU4M' or <U»6a«i^. Added ti> tltis wa^ ihf dt-cay of the 
prairie Bod : this vtas usutilly turned in Jiimv and 
e^c\\ st^Mlrr rnitiiii>*mvi1 Ink itn|ii'<)vriiii-iir' rn^ni' rhi4 
boti^. Wh^lk Hrnis^H ^iirh u breaking iii a warm 
4^i'«m!iij^ ill Ad^ii^t nr Sept*?ml)fr, and the effluvia 
from tht- <irr*ying jHjd wRs.rniind I" Ijf quiU* (fftcn- 
«ir«, and niiUHt bavi* ^nr mckitens and dufferiug la 
iho little cabin ajoog^de, 

Bigli wutn iQ spring, Hoodiug tbi? bottonis and 
fijliiijf the laj;oon!4and lowytlact^aaionKthe ^treama, 
and th-^D drying oil with Mic hot sun of July and 
August, wad a fraitfiil cauae of diBease, and In sncli 
lotf'alltit'a il u-a^ olb^n qI)i^.^ slclcly, wbili- tho high 
firairl^ was coiui>Grativt?ly ext»rapt. 

Ac thift day, pfK>pl*> can hardly Appreciate the 
u^log scen« tliroutfh whloli ihc plonet^rs hare 
paflS«d^ Uo4t of l.heni niad*^ tlieir improvt^meats 
with thi'ir own luiiid^s, and wIk^ii pn>»lnv:<Hl by 
^Upk-flAt* Ihost* liaiid^ re:«>ted rlielr boKv toil, and the 
work of the hrilf-ap^Tied fnrni was nt a sLitnd'T^dli. 
Th*^ family if not tlmmAHlvHA -iliAklTig vrith rltiUs, 
might mitk the cowa if they could get them from 
tbcir vrklc taoge on the prairie, and mi^ht Toed the 


History *jr La SalU Ccunip. 

pi^ and cbick^ns : but the cowa often played 
truant, and vr>*iv uft*0«»8 until anoDit.^ spring. Tlit> 
doctor, tlio mill and th^ stovi*, w<*n» diiaiint. 
TlM>y bitd kind Trif^nds lh»t wtinid gladly fiynipu- 
thb* Willi lU(?ir suffering, caie for their biislnci^, 
»nd baih(* thvir rt-vrn.-il bruwu. but llioy w#fn* 
fiir nwHV. Huii(lr<-d"< nf we:iry ralW 1ni>>ri'>>n»Ml 
between theHi arul llieir kindred, imd iil<»ne they lay 
listptiing to llu' luiwliiig **? the wolves nnd i'efl<»rl* 
in^ on the wastlnj? cx(t]\s and their hnjilefo* sihtn- 
tioij. But a kind neighbor with :i hiMltbfiil. f\wr^- 
fill rountenniire, would look in, oMend to ihc moAt 
[preflMn^ rutesf^itieii. tell thrm his tale of dei^j^T 
aiitFering and how he sminoiinted it all, ami wan 
now prosperous*, and tlif^y would won oxpt-rienct' 
th€ same, and for n time thoir painii were for- 
gotten. 0[ii.' wlio lias ncv^or been in tlmt ^itnntion 
oan not be^n To apim'^iiit^- the ohc<*ring inltuenec of 
ft iympiiTlii/inff In^mim connr^runre, nfltr daye of 
lonely deapoudency and h«an ttSck fnr^Tbodings f^r 
thv TnturL-. Tt i« then thjtt one ean realhce the ralue 
of litiman «yni|iathy itud rli*' kindin?<s <tf hU bmtli'^r 
man. lu some way that I'an hardly be expluiiu^d, 
the fikk florin rstllird fmiii lln-ir ilisifiM*. iiikL 
rucnpi.Trtted not .mly Their Ijodie^s but Iheirbuwine* 
an<l Ipsmed lo lanpli at the fclooiny fori*bodinj 
and in after year;* they would recount the de?*f)ri 
deti-niiination^ thoy th(Mi fomnd. and their n^tal 
would be a wonrce of niueh merrinif.^nt. One old 
lady, weak and petulant from a long si^ge of ague, 
looking out on the prniiic ujter a heavy rain. 
«xcl»iined, '* Tine is tho mottt God<ror«akon 



uD<lrr tfwi tun; it w fil only Uiv Imliann. pniiru; 
woIt«'9 and raltWnakr^, and iliry Jiav*^ about izoi 
posiK9sion : I t^'is^i it vna sunk I " end thi*!!. cbet-k- 
i&ghcnu-lf, 8aid, ''but tbai ain't niiich of a. whti, 
for ir wouldn't hni'e to go dowti ovit fifteen iricheo 
lo bv all under wntcr." 

Tttcfall or 1(^5 was (luite sickly, bat It^ vraa 
mncli moro fio. and probably ihiTi' was mort' siek- 
lU'VJS Aud fnuru d<;ach^ In Tiriip<»rrjon to population, 
ID 1!?^ than in any year eitic^ iln* siTtitortK'tir of iht- 
country. At Kockwt^ll, La Sulk', V^ro, and till the 
riror townn ni^arly all wi^w nick, iind many dlud, 
wid fenn* wf^r^? fXpivKsecl that It would always Ix* 
uiilivalcby along lln* Tllinf>U rivpr ; n pn^ioiion thai 
haa not tw^i-n veiiru'd. AiM'Xi^i^sivi* T<[iriiig tk»od 
that covt^ivi) The botToma lill tin* niuldlt-tif snmnit-r, 
utid thfii i\iuil off with extivun- hot wi^ntlier in 
August, f^ufTli^ieiirl^ af'4'.fiiirilH f'nr [.liat cyrt-plioiiiil 
Reason, ExasRrratfd and ft-arfttl stoiit^s wcrf tsriit 
orttT th^ cuuuti-y, that ^cuson. in ri^lation to the sick- 
ntfls, A ciKTi^pondttnt of an RaHtt-rn pajx*!- i^tjitt^d 
that ho saw in » ccmotcry at La Salic, :iOO j^nirea 
thni had ncv<.T b(M*n raint^d on, and thnt in a nuw 
connti^' wht^rn at'lilement was but just romim-n€<-d. 
That mi^ht hnvi; hvnn true, but thi^ ccmt'ti*ry 
bcloniri'd lo thv Caihollojs luid vraa ihi? only ouo 
this Bid^ or Chicago, and thou&andei of m^n wero 
th<m ttt work on thi* rtmak and tlit^' nearly all 
«ain« to La $aUt< for burial; and lh\rt wnr in the 
1at6 fall wht^n thert? had Ijeen no rain for nearly six 
months. \Vlion tht- land nroiind a r»?»fSd«ncf had 
become tbor^^tufzhly oollivaied. the inmates oeastKl 


HUt&rp of La SaUf C^uniff. 

to bave the a«D^, the tilled eoil r^-adily absoH^t^ ttie 
mUifiLlI* and no douM tlic <loI<.aL*riou!* k"^** "^ '*'•* 
utmoflplieru ; but whats^v^T Uit^ causi-, th? annual 
9»S<rlcji0ss so luiiio^'lD^ Tor mniiy yMtr» griidually 
disa|>]:)i'ar*'d as ilif* oi^iintiy lieram** irapr*.ived>n 
Nf»hin(jUTi di^tmst* Lh'^ iK':irl> «.vjiSf^'.U and tin.' coTint, 
is one of rlie mcMt heaUljfu] loralloim in tbtHoraD: 
otlitfF country. 

^Itliongb sKkiifss i.'s tlir ^n-Jilv^M. i?vil, y<?l tb«J 
were many dt^prhatioiia and annoyancF« tbftt put 
tbe ir-ndunnct? of the most. p;itk-nl i\nA iinct-tinplat; 
ing ti> a severe test, and yrt ilie evil was mnny tira< 
more imaginary tban nml, fiY)m the fact tliat 
luxury om.v enjoyed, in ioia^finaiirm bfcom*'^ a 
ntcessity : our real wanta ai^' few and eaeily aiip- 
pUed, vrhib- Inxnriouir liabit^ cugi'nder ta«t4Tft and 
wanid tJii> world can hurdly supply. 

The winter of }H:iH was very cold, and hnviiij^ 
been preceded by u very dry summer, an<i consi'- 
(juenily low Wftl«r, Clii> supply of water for mUlliig 
purposes s-jon ^wcanie t^xliau^rpd. and «s thi'rv waa 
no ('ftiTirn^^rclnl foiiimiiniHLtjnii wirh ibe oulaidtf 
world but by the river, and ibnt fniaen riearl 
Mjlid, Mie Hupply of llcur mid iiir'al Hiti>i\ beejuiiH 
exbauflti-d, and sume tiiibstinire had to Ik- founii. 
Denied wheat, bulled com. hominy, and what wi 
railed pound eiikf, madr of corn poniuled in a 
mortar, were all used, A common practiei; was to 
l^rind com in a eolTtv milJ, Hral poppiiuf or burnia^ 
the corn over the fire, bo ae to make it brittle and 
more easily gitjund. The meal thu^ produced waa 
qiiit4> palatable, and was mado into ]io«t or johrmy 

«ftke. or Qfied in some other ptimUive atj^le wUicb 
ij'C<.'?i?ilty \\t\*\ tAii^lit ; many h:^<i .Hubmilltrd to *iich 
priralions when first here, and wcr^ b"?tler }*R'psirfd 
10 »uniit>unr th<<di1lkuUy. Xonrly nil thtr pi.<oplL* 
ili^n henj had to obtain tJwir br<^d in that way 
tlirotigU iiiu«( of tltat wlnii?!-, and doubik-£j< liavoa 
lirely recollection of tQfnlnff tht; ctjfft^e mill morn* 
liig snd i-vvning. pr.»p;inUury to sa<l>ifymg iiu *?xcel- 
lent apiietlir* ; and :iUhciii^li i\w <>vi?r iiW and 
tafitidioiis ooinplaili«*i). the prrjr»ne iii^ed Home hard 
«'ord.\ ^i^^\ timiiy got. hriiiM-»trk« it L* jiro1ni1>h' itoiie 
got tlio gout from high living thai winter. 


It will not iKt devoid of iiit^Mvgt to briolly uotloo 
th<? localities from which th« first settlers of the 
<liir^r«^nt towtm enme ; the communitieii here formed 
will ever look with a lil!ul f<<'>1ing tou-ard th<t birth- 
ptucieof their r».ther«) and those locjitlona will e^er 
XtfiA » ooiiMtnnuhabli' pride in the prosperity <»f these 
olTMhontfi from the |iareiit ictock. 

Tli« si'M.VTn..»ril« at Ottawa eribrti[.'e<l a mixed 
clfl&fl ; the Urn!, were i'roiu iJn- ri<inlh p;ii"f uf ihU 
State. Ohio, Kentncky, Virginia, while later, New 
York and Ni*w Englan<l wi're larg^Oy repreMrnled. 
A large number from ClIuTon Onniity, N^w York, 
ftcltlcd in South Ottawa, and atnioAt every portion 
<if the roiintry had repreaentatives there. 

Uayton, and Uatland, and a portion of Manliiii^. 
*'er« skilled almost exclusively Trom Licking 


fftstory qf La Sailt Counlp. 

OountyT Olila Tliey wt»w u rrmpnr«l«, 
[>i^np1«>, pliyslailly ^itrong and vlgt>rons, and ralwl^ 
large faiDilif-s. nnd tlii^ mortality among th^rm 
bnen n*ntark;i)>]y t«!iiaH. Lrcktng County may vttAl 
be prond of her colony, vrho, wilh their descend* 
fLTit?s will doiibtlrs.-^ long chvn:>h thi; lUi^moi;)' of; 
thi* laiifl of their fatlHTfl, 

Servnu ha^ a Int^r rt*pr(?w*nlatioji Jroni near 
Plalt-<biii)c, N<-w York ; ivhile Vt^rmont, Mo^VLobu- 
8oU8. Conncotiout. and oHn-r tkuf<^rD iStatoa, are 
well rcprceWHtivl, and lator, a oonsidemblv From 
folony camo in. 

Earl, Hiid viiririity, n^cHvisd h4*rrir9;t«(>tth'r« mostly 
from Boston, while otbtTS Trotn the banks of th« SLi 
Tiawr<'na\ Yc^riiiont, and r»th(»r Eaarern locaUtleSre 
muted well wUh those from the Iiab. 

The flntt ttettlet^ of Northvlllo, und Adam», woi 
nwsEly fmt^i \.*m- Y^rk. while Vernjortt, Ohh 
Norway, Gnuuiiiy, Tit'IuiuI, ;ind <'vi?n Ru»si»« wi 

Th*' ]>ion<vris of Freedom Wf-n- largely from New- 
York, hut we-rit a inixtiirt* fnim dtfT«^ivnt loeaJitiet^ 
both South and Kast. 

Bnicf, and Eaul^*, on the Wrmilliori, vv<?relurgi;ly"] 
isettlefl from Fayette County. IVnn&ylvania, with 
few from Ohio, and Virginia. 

ViMtniilion. and IJcwr Park, were aptlled by 
&ons fmm New York. p4?nnftylvanta, and New ^ne- 
landt with a few from Ohio. Indiana, and VLn^m. 

Tlio first in Furni Ridgo, weix^ from FaycBI 
County, Poanflylrania, hnt most of the early set- 
llei* w<»rtf from L^ouneotiotit. 

Tlw commf^nrial tijwiw usually Imil ftmixf-cl po|ni- 
lon, from the cUies and toram**ix!ial |ioiiiF8, Ki 
XVesc, while each agricaitunil udghborhood wob 
mr>«tly from one locjUity. The rmigraiiN from Nor- 
way, wlio are locatM in the northea?ef part of Ilits 
county, in the iovru^ ot MilloraiKl Mi^Kion, mo:<;t]y« 
but ore qnitfl namrrotif- in Adnme. ^■o^tbnlh^ 
So^i>na, nml olJu.-r rowns, rmbrar-o ii Inw popriljiliou. 
lABd for s4»F€nii y*'ar3 n*iamf*d tii**ir lau^iau*- and 
iiTid formt'l !i roiinininily by thf^meelvpfi ; 
but oar common srhnol nystem, eotiipeUing ih« uiw 
4>f lliB* Rnjj^lrfh hinguii^'. is il h-v<<lt*r (if nijfU* aril 
rare, ami all nipidly htH^oine hoirin^eiiHiiNt*. 
Till' lirst vmi^ralion from Norway Ici the United 
\ifn vm* In It^ii. Chug IV^r^on, of FTr^iithaiii* 
in Norway, came over in 1822, and on liis rt- 
Inm gavruglowhig ptotun^of Amcricu.and tJndiiii: 
Ui*^ pKjph- of StavinjTfr. a ^uiM town of his nt-i^'h- 
borhotxl, dJA5iiti5ti*:ii with their tnlniat^r. npivoiotcd 
by eh« Govf^nmcnl, and d^'t^iron** of chan^in;; tbolr 
location, ho pifsnadcd th<?ni 1o L^raiffnite^ They 
puri;huM?<l a smali vvsiPLtl. M Cwo-mar'ti'd Il&*liins sloop, 
lor $tf800, and llfty-Ewo emi^rant^ s*?t sail in thdr 
UtrlM ortift for ihv VV<rsT(»rn eunlinvnt Tln^y sail9d 
throDgh che North Sea* and Eiij^lish Channel, to Ma- 
tiring whi?n> they got t^hort. of ptx>vi«ioni^ picked up 
« pip<*i»rwJin^ whtrh (hc!y i-nJoy<-d htigB-Iyt mid Ihi.-nT 
laid in u. stock of pr^iviftiouR Tbey l«?fl Norway 
July 4t)if renrh4.'cl Piindinl August Iflth, and Nmr 
York tht^ la,st day of October, tfl2/l, ftfty-thi-ee in 
namb^^r — an mcrmse of one. 

In Ni^w York th<^y sold the vessel for ^KK and 

HiM(wjf of La Saff/t (hunty. 

the company divide, tweDlj'-fipht ^oing with Cling 
P<*»reorK who 2ot 11 tvt?*^ pH«s«g*r Tor Unoh roOrleuDiiE 
Omnly, Ni'W Ynrk, whniv tUfv }nii«liiis4^i land, and 
formed a setllement. Hie first Norwegian t;'^(rJefn«*iit 
ill A iticrit^ji. Rtit Cling PrftrwiMi wasii ivhU«»» ii|«ril ; 
he a^ain rambled wtwt, and explortn! Illinais. and 
fixM unulnaLtioii m LitSiill<^ CiHint^y, Clin^ ^tnt<*d 
that when explorin;; the coDiitry afterward occupied 
by bis countrympn, becoming wcaiy. he lay down 
und<-r a tnn., ifhpl- ftnd dn-unii^l. and in hi?* dK*ain 
he g«w the wild prairio chnngcd to a cultivated re- 
gion, UM^mi;ifC with all kind* of Kmiu ami IVuits, 
most beautiful to behold ; that splendid houses !*iid 
bam^ fitood alt over the land, octnipied by a rich, 
prosperous and happy pt*opl*», Kt» awok** refreshed, 
and, n*'rv*»d anew by his dream, went b:iek to hU 
conntrymt'ii in Nvw York, and pt^ri^tmdKl tiirm to 
emiuiute lo Illinois. Clint's dreaiin may have b*»en 
drtranitni awaket hut it has W'lm fully n)ali:eixl. The 
early days of the Norwegian seltleiutrnt weredaya 
of poTrrty and toil, sind th*\v rt-prMtedly !*wfferwl 
ti*rribly by Auatic cholera; but they have aar- 
niountvd thdr iriahf. and are now, aa aix'n in Cling^a 
dr»^am. a wealthy, pi^oflperoas, and happy peoplp- 
Ciing Pearson aftr^^rword went to Texu^ and died 

Tho first Norw^ian colony from New York c&me 
ro La Salle County in IH.14, being a part of the fifty- 
three who came over from Norway in 18^5- Sinew 
that, othiirshave fo1h»W4.'d rn)rH Nortvay, ^nd ThcHmt 
flfly-iliree ••migrants hare wt^lcomed many of tiiw 
old neighbors to the land or their adopttcm. It 

J/irersitjfof Citxfomn^ Pro^'nctaffsms^eic. 165 

•eem^ that like thv; Pil^rini Fntht-n^ rt>ligioufl lib- 
ttttf was Ibe prospoctire boon that led timin to the 
W«fi|em continent. Many of thi-ni atill ndlicn to 
the Lutheran, the national cliurch of Norway, but 
niiuiir are Mt*ihodii«t», iind tLic Mormons bdVi* a 
church amons thom. 

Manv of tJic Irish Inborer^ employed on the canai 
whili> in pro^n-stf, R'muiin.d in Ui« routity. Num- 
bers of these, and other* who came from iho favorable 
rvprv«enration of their friends li^'iv, Irnv*.- «eltl*^cl on 
C^nii4 and bocomi- wealth v. The Germans eamelaier, 
jind thou^^h bnt few of lliem wt^re reckoned among 
thi- «-iirly iwtllens tlu-y nn- im^ (iniM' tiunteroui^. 

ISMS, ETt;. 

In looking? up the loL-alitiea from which the tirat 
0ettlcr« of onr county cami\ it \b iiitcri'stinu: to 
ootioe how many t^tv. rvpr^^^i-iited. Nmriv uU The 
Sintefi of ttie Union, iind frotn ^ome of thi; }4lat4.'fi 
nearly every rounty ; and amon^ the more rec<-nt 
etnlgranti?, nearly every mitlon of Eiiropi.-— **ach 
(nmlAh thvrir quota. Thu#£i^ri.'»tdiver»ity orimbitfc, 
msnnera, customs, methods of caltiirattion, utensils 
oseiK relij^ion* Bmus'^mi.niiss jimoiuI r*'iMlio:ii<s habiii* 
of thtiu^htand lani^nagi^ atchruiighMiii-ontitel, nm- 
tnistedand compared. It mij^hi well be expected 
that I'arh onir i^houM hr p»*r»i!*lrntly wtlwrhrtl to 
th&tio which he was traditionally acriifltomed.and 
prone to snvtrr at the (to him't nnuc^ual practice of 

1 W History ^ La 6aiie Oounttf- 

hla noiglibor. Undor »ucli circumnUnix^s faaman 
nntui'c? mii;lit be esp<.-4led to hi? cUntiieli^ excltieive, 
iirui ii<i^uli.s Hud ijiifri'.'iidiy ll'i'lliii^* W <^n>;i>nd^red ; 
buC^ucli wim Dot ttiec^o touny i^xtent. Thif »pam» 
])Oi>ulaMo^i, H'liiuvod from tlii^ romfort?: and conrenl- 
enc^s to wbic'li tliey had be*?ij ucciistonied, wi^re im- 
prvvHiFL] with u ft^-Iiiig of mutual di^p'sidviic'v ; und 
A Rvi^bbor WHS rruly ^i friend and neighbor, 
wbethur hif caim^ fronj tho Q i'<?tMi MouiirukiK of Vt-rr- 
moiit, tlii^ low rouuLiy of Vii^nin m- Carol]D&, or 
the dark and bloody gionnd of Retiiucky ; and the 
gi-wadirt^rmty of "twiiK iiiMi:ad of bein^ an <^Til. 
ticts ihns Jar, und will ia tUc future, be a most de- 
■cidod bc'ncfit. 

A more atioa-tdfiil result acliii-v^Kl by my noiffh- 
bor'e nietbod will not bf loat on me, Tnidilional 
eyitt^mii. tli<bu;;b fondly ■^hori&Ui*d, mus^t t^vvr ylold 
to » practical dt-motigtration of greater success from 
otb«*r a^y^lvDis. altli^iuf^b now to um ; and the 
tnethods of procediiro found most succ^^sbTdI will 
in lhe(?iid hv lulopted by s^ll. Having mo largi* a 
varit^iy of cu^iiunin t(> m-Iih^ from, tniibraclug llif 
usai^B of all Hie Slates of tbe tTniou and iiW tlin 
ualiiiii?^ 4>f Kiiropt-, tin* tv^HiiU, miisl I>i< tlji^ ado|ir]01t 
of tlic ei(^t?d»'ua"h nf fa*di, lUe i-ejei tiou of the htA 
soco^asfuL and the fortuatiou of tliv most perfect 
ttyrifr-[n known to man. 

lu tualtci'Et of fidd culture, of gardeDing, of rural 
economy, and rtiral taste, i^cial customs and uaiiufe 
moDts, thijs t«oqwdt> trutr* Thitb>;£eabln, E^iTtiat^fd 
in the centre ol a two acre lot« whei*^ tlie cliUdren, 
^jatUd, lio^e, horses, eheop, and poultry^ ndu^e 

J^iixrsii^qf Ou^tcms, Pr^jtinciali^nu^ eic. 1C7 

pTDtiiisciiouBly, And wli'^re the mud it ilie opening 
of spring kn nf a very iincertabi dvpth up U> thti 
door-flt^p» vrill Iw improrinl wht-ii robtritj^tf-d vrilh 
a AiiQg though rude caliio encloeed by a rudt* fence, 
wjierr itu* rhildn-n cau gambol en the clean lawn; 
wh^rc a row nnfulds lE^ pt^lalA In M)<> Junt'aun, a 
TtDe is trained ovirr the ftouth windovr. and where 
ft few wclJ-rrnini-d al\udi^ lr<*oi* l^n^ak the forw of the 
niJkter'^ ^ind and cool the h€«red mya of the noon- 
day t^ufimivr «uD. 

A choice Iruil, a oinstor of berriee or icniiw^ 
given a n^i^^hbor, U folWwodby Ihe inquiry. Where 
^^an I g^t a [nt* or vfin>* How do you miUivau* 
them I Can you apare Aome cnctiags or sproiiiA i 

Til*' d'-Tiiwn or n cnbin <^n thy i?dgB of (he jmiirit*, 
around whii^h th«- Htnrk n>;)Dii^d nc {ih-aMiuv, ivjthoul 
a fllinib, fruit tree, orbu^hofsuy kind, as he pnTftied 
»dw<*Hing n}it'ri-M>nHOi()nKi ?-ti'k itiii1n)i]hHd ili'rki-d 
ber UtUe yard with a plat of aimiial dowiTh, and 
grown rami* fuvorite rose, the root of which abo 
placed in th#i box of ^oodt< us they \r(\ their oW 
homv a thousand miJu-^ :iw»y, would exclaim: 
**TheH* «tuckiip Yniikt't^ft sprnd (hoir time virry 
focIiBhly : how mtich nionry will tjjcy get for all 
that i^' Bur th^' diLiij:ldi:r nl' thnt fattiily. with the 
iDtaitiou of fcmnlo Ta.4tT.\ will gii<^n look with 
ph-iiKiin> at chi^ iittio effort at ndomniciit. nnd will 
inqnir^: "Can 1 c^-l a *lij> of that rosi\ ard r^fjm*- 
■eeflfi of those QgCersnnd. balKiRLftr* And they are 
giren wUli (hi' geni-nn^ily of pioneer lift, iofeiisJU^.-d 
by coniitct with the whole iiouUvl hoKpltalfly and 
kindiu'>:ii4>f (h^ SuuUierti character; and thuB Cb« 

History (^ La SnUi Co%ni(y. 

eostoiDS and taetee bt'come liomof^^noons, and all 
Inipi-ovtf \t\ cftruata wUh <-fteh olh<*r- 

In tlit^niral districts of ^-v^vy country the lanfftiag** 
in Itiibl^ P> t>^ootii(* cornipMl l\v provincial ism*, 
and words itii<t phras^si common in one district nre 
net Icnovrn in »noitier. 

AHonri'4lnra(ii»n;i] r*yst4*m becomi*i* i»prf**cU*d, and 
Interronrfie between difTvrifiDt »^clions moiv free, 
tlitw will firas*-, Thf^i- [in>vim"ialisrn!* wfre T]iiUr 
common among our early seltleia, each cla^as or 
locality furnishing something toward the gf^ncral 
etook. While the Yankee ** an^s**?*^-" the Sucker 
"i\^£:koovd/' Got culled it II '*liomoly " fnct* : the 
othvr, an " ujily " one. In nnsi^'LT to Mic univorsal 
qtieetioii, on« eaid lie waa '* quite well ;"■ the othdr^ 
that hit hfid '^noMiiug cr> complain of/' or that he 
was quit** perU the last word pronounci^d with a 
}on^ e. 

Thvx^arly sr^tllor&t at tli* Wo!*t madt» rh^lr own 
common clothings and any purchased waa called 
boii^bt'^n, or ^'!4|i»r« i.^1othw;" it yoLiiiff innn n'iL« 
suppoHed tn he on speci^Ll butitLneHH when he luid on 
his »tore rloOiw, An extra mf-al got up for com- 
pany was railed "cliickea fixings," while an ordi- 
nary mcnl was *'comitioji doing?!." 

The Yankee tini^lied cult^i^atiii^ his com, wMle 
lh« W«lvru man '* laid it by/- 

Honi*ihold ^oodH, trarelin^ haggage, or other per- 
sonal effects, were called "truck." and "plunder-" 

"Toto the honw to wattr," and "hang him op 
to hay/* waa a common order to the boy who carod 
for^that aniinaU 

Dl^^^tif ijf Ouii&m^t Proeinaialigmt^ tic. l«» 

When t^inin^ ui tn\>lt\ the lao^t wUtiin^ to bo both 
hospitable and pulUt. wouM my, "Muko u long 
arm, »tniD^r/' rUal is, Wlp youreelf w> atiytbint! 
yon can reach. 

A common 9;»hira(iiiji wln-n rin^-ilng a frl^-nd in u 
cn»wd waSj " I wiali 1 liad sDuck you bt-fnre," ilia* 
Is. met joti. 

In utuwc*!' to ihir ii^ijul liujuiry iia fo b^^ahfa. a 
n*^Jghboi' answ<?rHl. " WV Lave notling Uy complain 
of.i^xcvjjt Miut brolliiT Willijiiii Ua^ j^ut n ruck in 
Ills ny'v, iun} is f«[ilTi;riii): WT-vtrclj/' This*, u> a 
Yankffc fri-ali fix-m New England, wlwrt- noytMn^ 
k*=K4 tU;in JiWiU ImlT a ion wtrigbt it< nirv4;rcti1le<l a 
rvH'.k, j^area ratlier lii()]c:niii^ irupn-a^ion of tbe sine 
of brotJier William'^ eye. 

,^11 old Kcntuckirui tolling of a vreddinfc in h\s 
neighborhood, of tjiit parties ro wbieh he had not a 
very cxiill-^d opinion, csprei*:f€d timt opinion in his 
very fijrcibU" vi.niin;iilar. tluic* : "lie itt an ornaiy 
cnae, and she is rather t'lncktwigtei/' 

A Soutlii^ni itmtror^ ^ai^ iniiuiud of, liow far it 
was oai lo th*? pwWtc road^ r*ht* rej>l]ed, "It is a 
rifle 6liot and a horn-blow,*' that is, the distan<^^e a 
rlflf' will c^.rry a ball nddi^il U> ili<^ difitand'n com* 
mou dmner-horn can be heard. 

TIm^ wrilifr wa« traveling ou hon^bai-k Hbonf llie 
laHt iif Fi'bninry unri i-nlK-d ua it wi^iltb^' Vii^chiinu 
to get untert^iouieni for tiie nl^hu Tjje dout>le \o^ 
bouiR.' WJL4 i»'ilaab<l near tlie middle of an i^mftoBun* 
of on*' to two acu*i^. Wiiitrr wa^ brt^nkin^. and tin* 
flOoloBarir ivaa occujiied by & large st4irk of I'attle^ 
horp**t<. hojCEs tibcep. poultry, ult,, and tlu'y bad 


Bl^i&ry t^ La Salie County. 

trATikptnl UiH s!urrur?iT to tlu> voiLSi^ti-iicy uf mortar to 
tti4* fleptli nf IVom ei^tit to fwelvEi iDfihea, Thn old 
gipntlcnKUi wn.-s vUnditi^ in tbr iltjor, nn(3 thv foIlovT' 

Said I. ''Can \ get to stay all nighl T' a roiomon 

Hr said, ■* E reckon." I piv])ar*'d to di&mouiiL, 
when li€ alioiitcd. '^Uold od, ^trangrr* th^ gal will 
open thft bnr^ ancl 3av<> your i3;*^ttinff in the mad/* 
1 liiid Komt.^ oui'ioaily to eeo how t)K> girt vra^ to got' 
throu>?b thi^ eon of mud b^tw^H^n the boiiao und 
tJie bttr« ; hut «!i0f proved *'»iuiil lo ihu Ginvi^imry ; 
she qnlfkly dofTed h*^r foot goar. and holding )»r 
dKfls well a{> came pToin]>ily through tlie mud 
with htjr baiv f^et, 1 rod<? to tin? door, pivi- tbw 
horAi> ro tlti* girl who raivd for hiat, uiul round 
inside, hn^pilable and comforlablp jii^t^ommmtft- 
tioii;^, iiiiUviihrtlpitiiilitig till' fiirhiddiug np]H*:inini>* 
outride ; ^li^-ping in the t<;tiriH niirni with the host. biA 
wife, and several grown-up daughters— « practioc 
born of iinresAity, and not isonnid'^n^ indf<lii-At'e a4 
til at time, 

A yoting man of very reputable appcTiriin(<c, und 
ridtnj; a line honv.% i*topped in Ihe early spriiif; 
vith ilie writer. o7or lufiht; the fi-oot yard con- 
Ultned Homc- Howor bi^d» Jimt pljint^d, and eomo 
youu^ t^hubbery just hnrMtin^ thi? btid^ B^^ror^ 
br^akfa^i I fouo«l rhr ^truuffcr'a hor^i" in the front 
yard, and remov<^d him, bul bad hardly returned 
TO th(.> JKMii^e when the har^* w»« agnln itmong t]i« 
flower beds, and T had jn^t romoved him the second 
thnti, when the owner csime in in u hnir ^otyiiig ^onw 

Prairtc Grasses, 


urn* wa^ Intf-rfenii^ with hiA hoi'An; ho had turned 
him in the yaM to crop the fresh gtmAS. (whi<ili wa« 
raorr forward in Uk^ »hcUnN-d yaril flmn H^^wh*'i\>,| 
aiici be would be much |>U'a3ed lo havii him loft 
alone. 1 LWplnJEed tJiat wv did not allow hor^c^ 
III iht* front ynrd. wh^^n Ut< aiv^h>^iKi*rl* md said he 
vme eniiroly iiiiiKiD&ciou6 of ccuiiuitting jid>' inipro- 
prieiy— ihnt wh«rp he livt-d, r-hc <ioor yard wiw tlw 
jil£i<*<? wberu lUey kept their horse^i. 


Th^wiM vntKnof rht^pniirlrc*, inilKprimitivoslaio, 
made exceliflnt |«uitai>- and hay. With tin* rangi^ 
tilt? pfirlr Settlers hud, thoir luttli' nould pat ou 
more (1e>h, and in i'^^?' time, than on any t>ther paa- 
tiirr. dther wild or tame. Having their choice from 
tho boiiiKlh<»t< rt<*a of verdure by which they wore 
:jiirronndfd, Ibey* of coarse, seleclod the beat and 
rarxst nutritioTlM varioticim. The sedge, wliicb gmw 
only afnnt; lhi> ^ilrni^hs, wn»c the Wv^i to slan in tho 
Tfprinfz. Jind was then eaten with avidily, but waa 
ontin^ly n^Lec't«*d the gi?u^^i>6 proper madtt 
iheir appeanin*'^. The bent or *" blue Joint/" whiisli 
jir-'W init^lly idling tbt> nidiw of the slaiighs^ or, sis 
til** setUen* eic]ir*^*4ed It, '* b<?tWD*'n (be dry and w<?t 
land/' wiw preft'TT^'d to III! oIIht varii.4ies. parlioo' 
larly »-h<?ii mixnJ witli tin? wild pi.*^ vine, iw* it- oft^ii 
was. These together raadt* hay irf Hii|)rnnr qiiaHtj, 
which atoek of all kinds pieferred to any other, 
without exception; and ite yiold was immense; 


I/iAior^ qf 7>i 8alte Counij/. 

but aa thU was t««>lecl4>d for hi\yj and the sicx-k fed 
confitantly on it^ it wns mpH\\y rrxU^rnnuut/ed, so 
llifLf. Til Ji r**w yr.iiT* \hii.J jjfirtioii <:if tlii? ground wli'?T^ 
it ^r>*w became almo?^t bare of VL-gvtation^ after which 
thcaplnnd ura^ or Ihat ^rowin^on the dry prairie, 
wa» »;1ected for hoth Jiay and |)aftture- rhat U, 
wjLhin Uic raiip-" of the stock ; but by going back 
on the uiiocc«i»ird prairir, &a wnr* rrt^m^ntly doDo, 
for nomi' rnika. a^ the &4<ttl<:^ment9 thichoned, ttiv 
btnt und pm vice were found in rich itbundniKe. 
And tJh^ ohl(*r niid more fxporionnecl oxon, tind 
oth^r members of ih** herd, learned to 9eek tbiaae 
rich pjisfufe*, so far out that dnyi* uvn- som*rtiriL4>« 
epi^nt in reoovprinff them. 

The apland crass, whicli for inmiy years foMir 
t!j»> grapK" fnnl for «U^*k, was u vi-ry ^ood article, 
biif hiinienselr inferior to the choice TJrgtn p0i(tui>>i^ 
which ^rreelt^d rhn 1i<.-r(1?« nf tlip lirsl comei'^ 

On Ttii thf prairii* patttiir*'?* neal i^aMlf weiv IV' 
iiiai'kaikly ihiifty. and frt^e from <lise;i>of, Hiid in 
Bomu n>i!i[R'<'t^ hoi>f»^ wi-r>* pii'iiiiarly so. It wna 
rin^uiar iB<U that a hoi^e ifjvrei) on chtr pntirie 
n^vcT had the hi_iivt7!, *ind horses from ijt\w.T lucali- 
tl>% l^odly atflict^d wtth lhat I'omphiint. on b^inK 
tnmied on the pniirie pui^ture. or bd w'Uh pniirie 
hay for n f»'W w<.*cky, were iiivarlnLiiy fully cah."d. 
It ivao attribnted to tiiemedii-ina) iiiiniitit-s of ibo 
tc<in weed, of which there wero niim[']x>uR rnrivtit.-*, 
and of which horsn^s weiv Tory fond, i^me a»ribed. 
it to the elimate; but thi8 idoa h rvfub^lL by 
fact that sTnrt4 hon;<?t; are fed on timotliy bay, the 
himv4^ arv' qaiUf rrommon. Hor»>e« feedinft on ih^ 

Hard Timm. 


prairie iw^rr f*lot>b.'ro(l ; but this difficulty i» now 
Icfiovrn to bp cnnstf^d by clover fieed. AsBOon as the 
wbito clover lieiul^ turn brown, thi* filobbmiij; com- 
n^-iiroit. i^t^'^i of tlio n-d '-Iov-t tiae* tbi' eamn f-fTiJct. 
Hone<6 ftd upon prairie tiny, and ©r^o on the paa- 
tqr&. w^re pe'"iiUarly iiiibjo<.'t to a diwfrwj;^, ofti/n Tnial 
In a »hoH tlTD<\ 47anod (olic. which i^ miirU Nft» itfi^ 
qnfinl eince tb« jnlrodnctioD of the tmne gni»Ket^ 
Farly mowinif aiul iIohi* folding rupidly cxLt^rmi- 
oat^ Ihf? wiTd {^S4 of tlie pralrk\ wbicli. like tho 
btilTnlo Hiid tlw Tmliim, }M.*»rniiH) di-nliiii-il tii h^A^ out 
befoti* llip sieady advance of 4-iviTi;r^tLOu. Thf set- 
(If-n* did cvtrytbiDg in their powtT to L-ffcct this, by 
late bur;i« »iid rlow ^ni^in^, Oiereby nmioving thft 
fni^EthatPustaini'd Th*;aniiualiin-fi, ?«j much dreaded. 
If a tract of prairie hud been eju-losed, HO ns to entirely 
^■xelndeall kiitib ofMnrk, and tbegra^»ciii for hay 
a^ lni«< ms the middli^ of August. I'acb yeur. it could 
have b<*tTn pn-tuTvrd iitd(.-linit<.rly, and would hav« 
bt^»n a curioeity to fuciir4> ^enei-ationB— as the pro- 
(oslon of Datirft flowers, so much admired by flll 
who ever saw tltoni, would htLv<j Ikh'U pre!*'»rvi^d with 


The financiaL cnt^li of 1&J7 came at a very inop- 
porhine moment, and mtivh to tin* di-^comfort of oar 
pOfpl'.-> One of tbo«e periodical BtiiHDnB of expan- 
sloB. followoil by rorrei<pandliig contmction, a 
period of finaneiaL heat, followed by & fiunndal ivg\X^ 
of t-qnul i^i'v^rity, wbloii ha9< b».'«-n the buuf> of our 


Sislory qf La Sali« {imnly. 


prosperity, und wliicti no finnmnji) skill or sttl 
rnaiisliip Uiat Ixten nblt? to foresee or prevunl. 
tb«ii in fullbliiHi. 

WIr'Ii t\\r (}(>v4*riiiimri|. rifThnHl tht? IhiiiIs in iIip 
n^tittv of the county for wile^ in 183^ the seCtler»i 
tookbut a amall proportiQU, imd i\ic balance wu( 
ukvo bv Apet^uJator><. and at onr:e beldEitfrom tire 
to tea dollars pex atn-, and in rH>mc ccntnil loonli 
III many thmrs* that. AHhonjcl prirei* wfiiv higli, 
aati(5iimied prices wviv elill Ujgb<-r : ev*>ry oDf^ ex- 
piotwl u rortuni\ or ttnppo»ed tht'iDeelvc^ al 
rich. Cornier lota, claims, pre *»mplions, and lloats- 
wc'H^ in «^7t*ryb<^dy V mouth. A Iod|^4»r at any of Iha^ 
rickety hotts^l^ at that day, woiiid tiavD u» M«*<»p I 
room conr^iniiiL; four or lir*^ Kvds. ard frnm tb<* 1 
giiuis:ind <.''>H[.nit^(s iiuid^'by i\u^ buigi-r?* bi.*foiN.' ginn 
to aleep, wight well fma^iiu^ lumsvlfon *ChaDgi.\ or bi 
Wml1 ^1n<4^l, in Kcu' Vork^ iinil Ink riirn(]7tiiiott>j nil 
nii1iiuri;iin--v Tbt- \vnf,«ir callet]^! a lojcculiin Toward 
evvning of a rainy day. wht>re some Imlf do^n fai- 
nK?r» vri-rT^:ie^iriid)lri1, w\ui bad i-^idiiilly "Tiga^i'-d 
in hi^h 5]ie(^ulation durini; th^ day. Oni^ of ili 
numbi T, uddrL<rs;«iugbini»7irtouii.\^id, a.-flK-slap 
hid hand n-ry i:omplac[?jitiy on liia thigb. " I bar 
madr ivu Tboiir^iKl dollars to-dny, and I wUl m 
xvfice thai lo luorravr:*' and I Wniedfroni fiirtli 
<TOiivitri^iLti>n Willi ]\\r^ fotiipanioa^, tliiLt lu' hrwl Uh.- 
llie le^st auocio^aful ono In tho eorapany. Tow 
and v]]la^(?s irere laid out at alDiost eri^r}' o 
nmd^ iiiid sonn* wliwa* iht-rt' liad ii<*vi-r U-vn a 
road, r 9i't out sonn* amall ajipte trei-s on my far 
till? only ones to t»* pmuiiriMl. :ai]d »jtiu-k ii stak*.' b 

ifard 7¥j»##, 


r««b ; a etma^r coming pufiU iiiqiun.'il th*.' nanie of 
the lown I tiJid hiid otiL 

Tliesrt loLs w*>n' put upon llie maikel. and sold at 
tnr^wfli, (kr vxcJiAiigeit r'rotbvrloUorUtu1». Many 
mTi>»oiit Eosit, utd sold at good prioet^ tho pur^ 
*^v'r in many in);Kine>>fi never iiKpiirinp %t\i\v hi» 

{ml<}uti»*, usi IllK InMHlIllg of :ln' tulible SOlHI ID- 

fucmed liim how badly Tf na*< ho1(]. An HUctiont*er 
inCfi. iH rryiiiy a lot in » Uiwn j«"iiirvil«"r<* 

"0 \\ <»l" Uie nUriuiA rivt^r> and nainl il waa a 

w»Wrlot; 9 bjrfit«oderrcpU<?d< "'youaiv righu lorl 

*ii8 ovi?r it in » riLtioe', and T could noi n-iicli it witli 

tfQ foot pole ; " bat tht- lot &old for a round price. 

Up to 1637 tlie country' bad aerer pixKluced enough 

forlkimi:ron:«timptloii, and priiviiWi-rvgovftrrK-d by 

BiBwkvl, wlioi'e I fui demand ^^xct^f^dtd the :4upply. 

^T-nbADcod by i1m? wild flpi^rtilation or tlic day: 

I t^4t h^u-Tfril of \^\1 <Txr4<*-di'd thir d^^itiand, nod 

uce wut wortb otdj' it« rHlut> ro eeiid to an Kuf^- 

urSuutlioru niiirkt-i. 

Af the* nanitf iieu^' iht^ <T:i»!(b <>f i'i^'l ciiiiie- aDd 



i«xm"jT[r.?r ^Xi\ I jriTi I lo n ii Irii ci«;t i.<t i r in.-! ;^ i^-as" 'i 

thr- I'jinnU vrb'Ldt hud ibi^n )h'i*ii in pn>^n<^ii aboui 
'oviMra, wns uftarly ftU!4pi*tHlL-d. only l^iiig oon- 
*'>'H?d in :i Hirkly cotiditioti. miic«rly by tssuiuj^ HCrip. 
^hicb soon dcpreci.ib'd lo cii^|jtiri»n to twenty r^Mila 
tbc dollar, mid in IH30 ni^rk v^ilk i-nlindy sua- 
•iitt»?d. Wht-ai wt'htdown frum iwodollii^ (<■ fifty 
^*^iL\ aiid no coali at Uiai ; p-rnkt from twrniy-fivt* 
>Uar9 (x^r bjinx*! lo onv dolb^ per hnudrt'd ; com. 
tuiGcDiN ivilh fttoH' pay atone UunJn-d piTwnl, 
»Mii. Hid*w, tallow. di.x'r r^kitis. nnd ftir^, wotv 


History i^' La iSaUe Oounly^ 

ch>< only articles that wonld brioj^caah. The utter 
breaking doivQ of all bnainesa mlalinns, the ditap- 
pCttnmcc of a circuliitiny: iiit'dium. aiid imp«:4?ibUity 
of s^^lling prodnrt- f^-r f■ofll^ iii-i'**!<^iiiitT'd an i-<:oiiomy 
which few i'lftewlic« have pmcticcd. and which those 
aceuHtoiiii'fl to ihi^^ lavish prm-licos aud oxpi^ndhim*^ 
of the- pi^&eut duy. will eca-rcely btUcve. 

Thm-n wa* no danfcor «f siiimng; <li*ir« wa* 
plenty of breiidatult. hfti^f, ]>'>rk» vf»ni*oii. prairie 
I'htt^kvn^, iind any vegptahlt^n th^^y chos(» U> ralfip. 
or fniit theii* was none, exc**pi wild plums, goo»p< 
bfrrifK»iu1 I'nih sipplps whtdi wiiulr.l now Iw von- 
hidei^d a |jiiin" sulittdtiilHi', Oitn't-riHS i:nu1d hv 
pnnTiiF'-d hy barter; but it t<iok a load of K^iu '** 
buy ;» liUlf.% anil t.h<^r witc Ohitd vi'ry sparingly. 
3ome boyc now ^pend more for cigars in a day, 
than our be:»t larmt^rs would then handk* in a 
month ; and letters from Haatorn friead& wonld ii« 
for day:^ in tho post othoL\ for th^^ ix^n^ou thai monoy 
cotild noTx h4f prooiiri-^l lo pay the po^Ui^^, thi^ 
twvnly-tire ceni6 on each letter. 

Of ('lolhififf btit Unit* wn?i piirchn«od< It was il 
rommon :ind trite sayiu;^. that we came to lUiroia 
towi^arout our old ulothe*. whh'h was don«> moftt 
efl'*?ctually. A cheap garmt^nt then worn was 
made *>r » coar^(? uiAliniLiI ctdled hard fi7ne«^ oom- 
po^'d of cotton and thi> rnan^v^t wool, niadi like h 
frock, gathered at the ntffrk, hangiu); lon*c lo tliu 
hip^, hfld by a bdl. at the waist, with Unwtr ^Ilipvos- 
It was warm and comforlablr-, and, made al home, 
cost iibout ^l.i>0. It wa*« worn at all timed — at 
church, to town, or to Oliicagu. 

Hard Times. 


HatUlag pixxlucc to Ciiic^igo boatnit; a ^sommoii 
pmcticv, to raise a \\tX\e nionoy lo pay postage and 
tAxea, The only t'Xi>onfln piud on a irq* to Chici^o 
was ilie fcrriajrc' ovit Mic Ulinfib rivi^n lutd iliat 
waa eared by iIide*- livin&r north of it. Th^ leftm 
liv^d on Ih'K prairif^ ^rass and a little ^rxm carried 
rrom 1]omi% and tlu- driv^-r nirrU^d liii< proriBionB, 
and sk-pt in or under hi»i wa^on. Tliey ^arn^td a 
r'afl^i**»-[>or., f»iirHTtjp<"fl Jii-air soiin* rn-rk, mnd^ a fire, 
and lived uidf?pendenU Ttu'y wauld manag** to 
vnrjuup iKi Ihi- pmirie Jic^tr Chinign, g(» m in tht; 
aioming and f»«t hi'fnrt' i-vi-nttij;, insfr paying any 
la vem bills in Chii-^go. Wheat thus bauU'^d sold 
AM low as thir1y-lir<> rents ptr bushi^L anfl it would 
xxMf. livir days fo a \rt\n\. Willi wlnriLf ^nvn and 
jJEtiin^: thnA r:h<-a]i« a niuii noidd not earn i,\iy 
wages. Of ccrnnw no ono oxpect(^d to tnuk>? rnooijy ; 
to lii^e wafl thp only que-^tion, and hopo for thw 
fniiire ttii: only ambition. 

Such improvf-nir^atis a# could be modf^ without 
nioiie>' find by labor only* wore proaecntcd by tht» 
«e(UerB iu the tlnu* tlifty i*ould c^ln^ oat from the toil 
that dire mcessUy intpo&ed ; and many a fann was 
fenced, yards and atat^l^^j; raft(3f», ;ind prahW* broken, 
during tlies*» year* of dejkresBion. relyifi)^ npon » 
«?haiJ^t? Ir» riiiiii', wh^n (lir- p]-i.Hhn'»* rjf tilt' r^irni^ eIium 
improved mbould pay for X\\^\t U\\\ and rlioap who 
tlm^ iniprorM found thrw ynijrs. In ih** t^d, as 
protiiablfr as any in their pioruTr liistory. 

It Itaa bcon raid Chat a p«op1a living thna dt*- 
prired of til** luxurio? of rirtliznlion are liable to 
do>|Ec>n<Miitc inio harbari&ni. If the church and tbe 


JUfftoff/ f^ Lft SaUs County- 

Bchool house »ro to bfT includtrd iii thMt- loxurfeti, 
U»c remark may be tru*?; Uit Ui« vducAtion and in* 
telli^i^nce vrlikh the j)ioin?t>r fieltlt-re broagbl with 
filiem, und wiiiuli ouiployivl thviv liiwl ami h(^ 
dTorU ht>TO to trauBmic Co their ohildren, has la ite 
rt*euU£ aufficiently lefutwi lh;il opinion. 

It Iiui4 long bi?**ii a mootcHl qU4-:<ti<^ii whether it U 
poBSible to posst^tislht* int^Uigeiici^ nM'uioiiK^ut, and 
polii^li of goiMl [*0(ri<»ty, illvi^sUnl o( the luxury Oial 
teller vat^jfj, aud llie tlavisli d**fereDc** to tlif^dnniands 
of fji.^iliioti. wliirfi iiiipov<-rif;1ii'» uiid ciirniptfc Th<*r>t 
witnM se^^rii to he no f»fc*^sary cfinut?<*.tiofi betnven 
th*' dissGiuijiatlon of kuowltdge. and improrL-nj^rDt 
of Ihe eftthetif^naUirraf nuiu, tuid th'-gi.)nnnn(.1ixing 
of thir ):)uitoi] atid dninkai^, the paints face of 
the ravage, tJie tmkey quilh in his hair, tht bauble 
btui^iug to hi^ '^ars or ncsi.', or thv^ equally absurd 
folly of dra.iri;ini; a trailiii;; :ikirt throtiich the fltlhy 
strcc't, hntupmnp iiiid dL-liiin? the feet and unkh^, 
uiid vrkk^^ly vni,?5tii)^^ moaner tii*^'ik4 for otbi^r and 
bett^T objects, 

Tlk'ttpt^iront haUiif-lMiition wlilch IvudAOtb^-iu-i^i^ 
m-iislble people, in violation of every prlDciph* of 
dee^ncy or common )H>ni^, to ]Mi]uli?r<oii Mniktlo'ite 
eustom, and neatmy hv^alrh unci utA^-fiilnesis simply 
to obey the foolish beht?sl8 of fushiun. ivf one of the 
darkt?<t blot^on human 4?hftni.ut4T. Tlio*ttwho wire 
a^-lors ill \\u*^* ?*nint*i» wht^n ?4t<*rn ut^4-?4sity fon^ed 
raHhion H.iid all Un follies iltCu the barkg^roiinfl, )mTe 
liTcimed a K'fw>n Qw wovld would do wkII to ht?«d-*- 
Wtey uvie noiif the It-ns happ,v or ifittlli^pn? : iii 
fiiu.1, all tho ktndlk-r fCT^iia;;* of human nature wmif 

iitirti T^mtK^ 


to the front — Wvite was morv sy]iipa.thy Tor tli« enr- 
fpriD^« more rx'giinl for Uu- r-L'lingTt of otln-r*, Then^ 
mtd niorv* ^t*imi[ie bh>nt-i'o[^ni*e »ii(l lK>c>{)Ualitv than 
ever exifLtttd in n corTirdtiiiil^ wInti- llir w<-»,U1iy 
Hxplri' Ui uritaocnttic cUNiiiirtiOD. and fa^liloii ilrawn 
Ui<* cru«-l line between thuAe vrho cao. und thoffvvrlio 
cun not, Mlowr hrr »t-n^t-I«^n9 bt-hi-stev. Many of tho,te 
whose eKfH-Hi«nr'4> t&lts them the nonimat between 
now and lUen. never tire ol" dcclmiiiiDg ngaJnst thr 
dfrgi-nemcy of thr- tiaios?, and of n^xiolinj^ the good 
dajii, past they fear, never to mtura. 

Wealth j^ a bl<-A?iintf , whro properly ym ^^ 1^^ 
TuTtur»' iji iiri an<l a r^^fined tante can not f^ on without 
tve&Uh ; it i» not the proper use of it tJiat is com- 
plained of, it is ite abus*.v Tlu^m hft» nyvor boen 
tutamf^t:ly of i«rn»Ml woallU properly iiaud ; i?xpvii' 
Blve folly and diftslpatioa consume nearly alh 
Thh- tt-ill dtiubli-Hje l)i> sr.1 till Ihn world im puHraTid 
wifi^r itian now. But if a i'^w eaii seo its foUy, and 
will oppovf the iiv*'rwhi!ihnhig tide thai, sweeps on 
ItH rt^HltesH rc>nrH»r. it iw^y ht* ji be^^Luriri^, ihat, like 
all other nrformw. v:ot*tenmr?d and di^spi^'d Hi lirwU 
wH!, In tilt? end, by hIow and ]iiira]f^teni effort, form 
u reflifttleiMt barrier to the evil they i^?iaayi?d to stop. 

Whra w« looh ii[>on thr rarly piomierft, i^eparated 
fWiOj die home of their vixitti, endurinjf the n»nal 
hardfihip« and privalions of ii new ronntry, the In- 
eviUkbb> 5i<*kn<^t¥i folbmut; in iL-4 tniin, <:r}inplinab*d 
by th*r lioanrial L>iiibarTaBtiint'ntd whi<h eomittlk-da 
relinqutT^liTii4toCorihi> fa^hionftble Itixurleft Co wbich 
they hafl lK>^n accnMoni^d, w*- <'an but adiuit*i the 
Atii/iii endunni^ ajtd the versatility of rhunicii^r 


ffixfory *>f lai S{ftUe f^tnly. 

whivb eiuiMt>'l timm to adapt Lhen»«lTftii to suoli 
alt**rrtf! circ^uraaianc««, and to build np a Slau* whirh 
fau no sii|>trn'jr, in r1iv fao'' of i>b»Uur)v!« lh»i would 
Hetmi biftiinn<runtabl*^, Thf ijut^ion arises, would 
this haw bet*ik aci'omptij«b«^4 if InxuriotiT^liubitshad 
wa-<t(^d 11h* avalln of th? afttti*?r 8 toil instead of con- 
V€rtin^ bia labor into Uislitii; improvement, as wan 
done 7 

Determined pcreevGrance wilJ flurmotint uttDost 
any obf^iaolct but witlnnit ttsonomy il will avnil bnt 
little in buildin-; up a country, "Many an eetxta 
is sp^nl in lh*> ge-ttin^."" Th*> fiunie purserdmnTO, 
tniustry nnd *n?c)nr>Miy whldi was practii^*d by the 
i^arly m^iiI^ta. nn<1 wblch built up th<* country with 
a rapidity unknown to oih<»p times, if pnirti<?*d 
mnb'r II101V fiLVorahln irm*)im-triinris would n-Hvilt in 
pioporlioiiably greater benetMti. lietler iiwilth, 
longer life, Hun' nnb'pi-nd'*nr<\ •m\v\a\ buppinf*!«^ 
af1ni>nrH to Uih individual and b* ibf Stat*-, i^iili 
atl rbr blrsjuing:' liwil riu-^lor uroiind lil>» would b« 
the ififtult, 

Tbese blt'saiogs are now nearly all «ucrilioed to 
\hx Molo^'h or npjiclLLi'^ pridijand fitTitiion. 

A commnnity obeying Uy^icnio biwa ; temperato 
in nil tlnnift*; prn4*riom>; pnln'ot indiii^tiy and ri^ld 
economy ; takiii;^ common eenee, comfort and b«^th 
for a |<uidi> hi drosj^ and 4'<iulpaffi>; caiiiraiiiijz Ike 
mind and all tlio 0kMn»>nts of ^^tboitr taiit«; would 
as a Gonimunity be a prodii^ such as the world 
nov«»r saw, bnl wjiicli, in tbv good tiuu' coming, may 
be lioped for. 

BmharrasSTr^enl <^ the Stale, 



A Stfttft f*Mili>m proves to be wi^wr thfln ita people. 
Aa a iilre?tm rn-vcr tIava higher than itfi source, m a 
Stut^* ill \i^ ^overeidi capacity ia lint the exponent 
of tht? will and opiDiom^ of Ihot^c who mnlcu Us 

Tlie wild spirit of j*pornliition wJu*.'li pervaded ihe 
citucDs of JJljn'ii« In 143.%. 1^30 imd 17^:^7, watf 
w|ualLy dePolopyd lii the tronntrelti of ih** Stal«-. 

In i&3i.) thtt Iiit4?nial Improvi-merit Act wiu4 iiaK«vd, 
Incorporaiirjj- Uie Central Kailroad and a network 
orniilrixHl»rov4-rii»g[ni*^i nf ilnf HtaU^; count if sttot 
Bkuring in iln- lmpn>vi'Di<'nf^ or not toiiig on lht< 
11ni*»f any railn+a*l. w'»*ivbril>fd iiiti> arciuit'sceno-Ih 
tlief^ht^K' by gt:»rit!* of mutn*y <lin-«Uy. Tin- [IH- 
noix >iik1 Mir1ii)^n Cinal wa?« at the ;^nit< time bi-lng 
coDfltnirted nnilei Stat*- autliority. To meet all 
this (.'Xpi-iiditiLR^ of ntiiold iiiillionfju tli<? Stnlc de- 
pended apou loans entirely, 

Citi>.'^ countit'^ and towns* followed in Ch^^ wnke 
of tiK? State, and loaned money lo build i-ourt 
hooae^, jailE, etc,, to an amount ttiat seemt^ iier- 
pi.Tro<.'lly ii!?1onndin^. If now nppmrs »« 
tliit vroHd wiu( nisaM<^ ai thai tiuk<\ bur. no om 
ilthen. Tlbeconstructionof tb^reaTuiUmd the 
Railroad, employing huiidred?^ of laborers wiihiu 
the county, caused the dLabur^emi'nt of a larj^f^ 
ftmountor ni'«H'y, Prir<'s Wi»n^ bl^h, and spei'ulu- 
tlon wild. 

After i^pemlin^ nbcinT twenty miUionA of doll»i^ 
Ihr I'olbiji^' f'iinir. Not fi HUi^h* wurk wa.t rriiin- 

ma iier- 
fi if aU ] 
lit knew 1 
Central y 


HiiUrry ^ La &ri& County. 

piloted \ not oDo yifiUU^i a dollir to the coir«-r9of 
the Stale. There was jio monej'' iii Xh^ treasury, 
«n<l VT}' littli' fJixi'.H Wf-n- i?o!l<'i'lf^l ; tluTe was no 
ciwrency; fann prndut.*e cnuld not be sold for 
money, nnd <*oi]8eqirentty Ww pvople r-ould not pny 
tjtvi^ cir ilfiblfs Jirid sr?iy hiw» w<*r»* juij4»i»(l. Tin* 
foiinia,LiL WAS (tried iiji at it^i snuiTe^ :ind all businesa 
rntirely »V u ^Uiiid-wtiM, The StiiJe paid no inti'rrjrt 
on li«i- imlfhN'dTn-?*s*, Auditors' wai-mni»( vrrn^ 
iesntKl for cum."nt c3qK'n»e^» but were worth only & 
fimall i>ei' <:t^Tita^'; of their fnrc. R^^padi&tion wah 
openly jidvocated and prai^ically iidopti_^. Th« 
StQto was ft bywordt nnd aW ri^ht-thinkltig men 
bltieUei at her dishonor Emigrants avoided lti?r 
bord(Tii lis tliey would a i>(?9tilenco, and imuy of 
[bQE^o who \\(Li\ tho mmn^: li.^ft thi> bliLt«. 

The combtnndon of canseH which redaoed tho 
MFt]«r< to the necws«ity of lirin^ upon ll»eir own 
TAsiourci^ itnd nt^^rly ^htit ihr^m fmiii th*' ont^idf* 
world, restrkted rhetn to the oriirmal settJementa 
nwror la lln* tirnb.-r, and to theoldsyftt^»m of funn- 
ing, building, and fi^nciiig. U wan suon ^Not that 
the su|ip1y of timber vra^ entirely inHdec|iiale to 
niiwt Uii^ d<*ni;imls iif th*- growing Ki-iUi'iuciit^ And 
that il would be 'ntiiclj- unpratrtirable to oecnjiy 
itU the pmirii.'. TIjc id^a of importing bitnber from 
the pineries at Michigan was not entertained for 
isovomi reasons. It could not be transported. thci> 
watt no mon>^y to buy it, and in tht^ abecnoe of a 
market there was little mnnuliEiotnred. 

Tho do^irable itnUn-rhnro vfn^ all tnki-ti up and 
held at high prices, wjcb a prospect chat ntill hif^hor 

Smbarraxxmtrai <^ t&e Siatc. 


wn» ar1o]>t'-(l U> *xtmnm\7J^ in lUr u!«' <>r litnbrr. ;ind 
Uir runf£i<*^ of ivnce. immleiL would fill a c^inostly 
fllinji or DO ^iD till dimetiMoii^, A cnriouE indivjd- 
iiAlcc^unti^ th** diff'Tfiit varietit-* t»( FeiKe s<^u in 
|i&H8irj^ ihroa^U tJii^ coimlry. They amcuntod to 
ncarij lifly, most of lUt*m Hihn^ b^ HBcioncy a^ 
tht' roii»[itn|>lioii of tinib<T diicrtfaaed, 

Th*' wani of tiTiibiT, Mir low pri**o of oil kiiidi< of 
produce, the bankruptcy' of the Stale drivinj:: all 
eTntgrntion an>und ji, ntUTly pr^^i^^iit^nl che ^xt^n- 
sion of ibe ^uleui^nlM, or any demand for r«ad 

The towui^up wh(>oI land^ w*jto umiuuiliibl^t or 
icirriflf^Htl :it :l '^ntJill jieicHiitn^*! of rlie ^iiiiount 
afti'rvrairds n'wlix<*d <iii tliofv r*'UnnMl- conjw'cin'MiMy 
rli*^ n-fUdents had !o support fli4r ?**^]iool!*fit>m llirir 
piirmtp purw, **rdo without th*?in. On every hand 
tl|n prri^prct •vd.t^ dt«(:ounif£ii]^> Tb^ bigb aDltcipek- 
tioos indQly:ed in when apccuUition was at fever heat 
a^^rraviilediitidincr4>a?^^d lh*^dntipondc)Jcy. Amonx 
lh<? cansee that inteneiiicd this »tatt> of thinga, was 
th** want of a cqrri»ncy. Aft«r tlio failur'.t of Etui 
two St^^G bfloki^ m 1^42, there tvas tio reliable circa- 
luUiiji- jut^ltim. \VhU<? ihi» f<>w iirtirlvK of vxport 
ttiat would bring ca^h, sach as fan, p4»ltr1i*ft, tal- 
low, and (]i<* pork and w-heiat hauled by vrapon 1o 
Clikai^, or ^hlppi'd U> Si. Ijoiii:*, wi:-n* ^ild al a 
prict' that would »ppn:ir ridiruloita now, payiiient 
wafi tni'ariably Rkadi* in a. di^prmaU^d ciirn^ncy. 
The Ea^lent ponrhaser coming lo Ohicaf^ with par 
I'aad^ lo )urc:<t in Western prudoce, found n monej- 


HiKiorp i^ Ta Sali^ Comtip, 

cUiingi.'i'rhen.* n-ftdy toglvc^ liito two tofir« percent, 
prefliiiiim forbls Easi*»rn nirreiiry, while ibe depn*- 
Giiiled >tii[T wnti \vvht a^ ciiirenL among the poor 
Biiirk^Tt*: ; in twX^ \\\v\ iirvi'r ^iw uiiy ritln-r One 
Smitb, ft St^oti', hjid a liank afKstit^ iioininaUy 
in MilwaukeL\ tailed the Wisconsin V\\^ and Marine 
TiiMuaiuii CE>ni}i*tiiy. Tin had ;^n ol!u^e in i?hli.a^ 
where he gave his bilLs Tor EJaaEem funds, pQj'inK ft 
pnMnium of ono to two pt-r t'ent,, ami for a Ijuk.* 
thm wai^ Iho only luonL^y in i.^LrcukLtiou. 11 tlie 
holder wnntcd to remit Kii#U (nnd all thu (Jurrenoy 
tv<HMvt^d had to tco East llirough tbe merchant, 
niou*?y loanere, or ^omt.* oin' <tl*e>, Mn* moiK-y hud to 
go to Chicago, nod Smith would ^\\^ Eastern funds 
for II at two 10 thr^e per i-ent, dificoimt ob bis own 
paper, ihui^ making fnun ouo Ui twn p*?r cent, oit 
Si^mrly all the money that passed Ohioofto. There 
vere Huie^ whrii r.hi< r<xrlmn^' on K;istf^ni im*^ pir 
funds was ru- lii^^h as Tne to ten per rent. It iw Iml 
jiLslice to the St^otrhman ^mith* to say. that whUw 
\\G did ;i wliiilt^Hahr shavin>: hiiMtiet*.'*, he n^l^^em*^! 
nil hb LMnea and closed up Ilie hank honorably, and 
went back to Scotland with a liirgi? forhinc, mnde 
in hiv^ little ^liavtn^ oHiro iu lliicogo ; while tlit- 
otht*!''' Wild Cat" iniil " 14^^ Dog,"tt* ilvrutf coWimI. 
AroDi MWoun, Indiana and Mlehii^an, after oirealal- 
iiiKfor montbe nt u hisavy diecoant, Tailed eatirelj — 
nnd many of ihe old S4>ttlvr!^ ha^e bnndtt^ of U 
stored awaj' in some comer of an uld chest, but 
badly I'nded, us its makers did not even furnish 
d^^ecm paper and Ink hi its mnnufnctnrv-. 
The experiencf of the Illinois deitlemeDts^ ttovw 

EmharrnM^ment rtf (he Siai^. 


1638-30 to ie45-l& 18 bnt a repetition of th^ bi^tory 
ofcterycommanily thut uvrrlnul'TS and iivis beyond 
itn income. Wild and i^ecklo^ ^pi-ciiiutlon never 
creat«tf w^raUb. but wiuilce U, atui & period of w&ate* 
fill t-xlirtviKcamv miit^t bt* fi>Uow<d by tliopmcticf^ 
of rigid <.H'ouoiny. piitit^Bt ioduslry und seird*^niaU 
or dt*-*cfti»t ro grovrling poviTly. Full recovery, 
like pb y§i..»al rwuprf'ratioD aft.>ra df^bauirh, ncfC4}i«g[- 
Utl«-s ih*^ iiiovii.-iblyi penancu wlitc'h alon« caa ri^tore 

Altliuugb tbe settlor bad ftrom cbe flr»i ndn'Qi 
}wrt% fnmi fM*iTi'»?iity, jjnuMu'tfl rli4f tiio^l piiti"Ul iLiid 
jw-niiHt^ut labor* aTiil lived plainly ;indi:^niiionii('Ji1ly 
80 all Betlti^rs in a new counLry nuiM., yi't tb6? vorld 
waA on u wild ^ni^dtt of sp<!^rnlation :irid liiiancial 
oxtntv&gaui^, and all bad Ut milTrr in (ommun. 
Still tlie aettleiv and t\w c^onntry individnally 
ivefttliirn.<l the fttonii, and tb-Tf were fevr cases of 
bankniplcy among x\w piutK-tr (arm^ns. wbilo moat 
others yielded to the tlnaiicial lomado. 

The priMliMiion of peiniant-nl or la-tTinv' iniprove' 
mont^ or uc<]uibitiDn of currency or credits, wliicli 
cao be excliangvd for or convivtod into sncb Im- 
provements or oilier valanble podseeeiotis lield und 
n^iaitasl for fuluri? ust^, 1$ miiacqiiUltion of wfultb^ 
But tbeaeijubhlon of nsel^^ luxuri<-!i. or of wealth 
Ui W* ronvyrt*^! into siiib hixunes, is not \vt>altli 
ri4:«l<ilrvd_ A wliol^ roninuiiiily iiiuy w<irk indu$- 
LTiDUfily. the fioaiid of the Uumi ami hpindli; may be 
vocal tbix>ngb tbe land, and an inHiieiiSB amount 
of nominal wi'^lth li'- prmltirt-d ; bur if tbuHt- pro- 
durtioDsareall UKele^s or injurious luxuries that do 


Hitloru </ Lit Saiid County/. 

not add to llm Miin of huinun hFtppiti*^^ or are 
exjM'Dded for audi when th<?7 have btn'ii fjirni^l 
uiid u:^i.<dt the coniiiiuuity is no nclu'i- tljan bt^fore, 
but a jxirliori of Tirnf* and I:»h«^i" whicli migbt have 
produced gomLthiiur pirinTineutly uscfal has b«eo 

It Qlwayg takes tlu' greater portion of tlio eamingt^ 
of any people to support iheni, orgivo them a living, 
and only as Ibose eiimin^rs an* in <»x<?i'ss of that 
>^xp(Tn«ijor »up^Hjrt, ni-e [luU pi.'opleaf^iHiriiigwoaHh. 
and all of thoAo «>arnln^A ^xp^^nd^'d for artlcli^ not 
n*"ce>*sary for t-omfort ar»^ llTeraUy wasted, 

Thit* pniirijilii iijijilird Ut t\u* cimimnluncus of our 
early t*i»tller& from ifiin kj1S44, will pri>vv cont'ln- 
sivrdy iliat limy wph* iwilly ucrumuladiig vreaUtu 
fjijifer than a1 any MiccM'diiig tiim-. Thi.^y weiv 
placed in div'uinstanccs wlmr? as th*^y had ivally im 
iiinome to be conv»^rtt>d into money (ind i^xp^ndud for 
luxarit^a whicli their pride and ranity wonid indm^L- 
ih^-'in to indulge in^ they wore forced to foiviro that 
indnlgenoD, and ad Ihey ivere really nonv ttie lew 
Itappy, they e^ufferod no 1ob«4 in coDB^qucDce, fiat 
tlieir lluic and entTgies were appltt^ in making per- 
manent iinprovomt^nts, brtyakin^ the pmiHe, f^^ciog, 
huildla^ bridfie>- and roads, i-earini^ orehai'ds. frait 
tve^s and ahrubs, and by all thl»j ni^ikii^;^ the farms 
more valuable ; and asthes*> could notbeexpendecl, 
il wa* all watih iiequitwl iind stoned i:p for fntore 
uiie; here is i1ietnn^!*t*(*rt»I of thfnnpanill»?l('d growth 
of our Stato. If tb^- labor of tlnr nt^ttJeni had all 
Ijpen dirf-rti^d to hunlnigdt'ej, andlni;i]iingmiisVnii, 
and alt the pelta sold for silks and laces and <itb<-j 

/ttfncl^ and MicAff/a/i VatttU. 


fintfry, and ihnt worn out, the Srate would har^ bei-ii 
no ricln»r today ih«n when the Indian foUowed that 
^tniv bu&iiicBSH and Gxpi-ndod hi** j-aniin^h for 
whisky, U^fs, and oCIkt hfluld*:*, Tht^ Jiiird- 
TTorkiiifj, ei^otiomicnl German will pay for iin oiKhty- 
acr** fann In b r<'W y-'ara, wln-n oih*»r mK'Ji will only 
pay expanses: ulthougli \\i** Gc'rniun prodiioes no 
ninn< tlmn cIk' oilier, y«l hv ^livk if, while t1ii> other 
hpi'tids k. Af* with liidividuiilH, j»ii wiih nHfltiTi*— If 
ihe mt-'Diue ort^iliien^xceedrli^t^xjiffUde^aHLOuuted, 
thii-n nonlih i» hi.-ing urtMimiihiUfd : Imt irth^■ outgo 
iH niiin- ihun thtt liu-on^r?. th^^ti mi aiuntutC cif Itm* 
r^im ilii.>K)tice, funiatry or &ciplii:>try can pmvrnt 
pritrrrty hv-ing thu rv^siilL 


Tho Lake ^yetem of the sou^eOi^ttom slopft of (!iv 
Norttt Ameriain roniiu^iit is ^ commanding; a feu 
torv in th« lopcfi:raphy ol' th^^ coQiitry, and i;o inti^ 
niat4>ly connected w'iib the river syatems, and arrlfi- 
Hal or canal navi^»f.ion. \\tM\ it ;i4^«^ti to be well 
undijrifiood, to properly conipi-ehend and appreciate 
rhe latter 

TbiE4 ii»naeii»e chain of lakeA or inland m*ji4, 
with banins a lhon»and Ted iii dppth, lihed with 
wntvr, linn* and fiparklinK as crystal, rr«t8 like a 
ririlei of diamoDds on thi- brow of the continent. 

All ihe world clsevrhiT** m diAon to the siia, but 
wH spj vp, as if natar*^, proud rjf her handiwork^ 
liad phiocdit on x\v: lii^hrr<C ilcvulcon for th»; admi- 


History of La Salfe Connif/^ 

ratioH of tiifi wi»r1dr ami rhsit tUv\v ^wvvt and p^^Uu- 
cid miten*» pprcolalinK thrtjugh all tb*^ biddeD crev* 
icr-s of g(X>lc>gii: srcn-c^, migiil W' ever ivady to 
slake the ihirst of a coutint-nt, I^ki* &ti|ii=?ri(ir iw 
eaO fe«t ttboru thi' Bca level, lake Michfgau is 576 
fttt iibovc the sea. and iil>otit ino fcct above the 
cAnal basin at La Salle. Tbas thf- lak^^ hang na t1 
wi'Wr In n artting abovo us, and wltb the excep- 
tion of thv alight (*levotion encloRiiiK Ijaki* Mlrhi 
gan, our Stato lies lovrer ihun that lake, witb Ut* 
water sh*'^ Inclining away fl-om it. The goolL;gici(l 
rock strata ascend und crop ont ^olng north, and 
conbtf'qm'Dtly iIk- Lake wati^ra n^i^t upon Jh** ftdg» of 
all the strata, pt^netrat^ the porotu poMton, iind 
become th*f sonrc*? of our Hriesjan fonntalna. 

Prniii rlifir roiiumiiKliiig position, tin.* lak^i; 6end 
Uieir v,'at<?rs by LiillV-rent rontes to ihe st-a. Onre 
tliey fniiiifl their priTirip^il nutl^tt. by the valley of 
the llUnoif^ and a i^trpani of ^tfcantlc dEirn'iiAiTinH 
then pajtaod tlirnuf^li what is now onr louuly; 
bnt at a time long pat^t, (how long we can only judge 
by npp<.amiirftfi). thr lak^j^ wore dcpresfted. and the 
low and marHhy plains an>ati(J th" sonfh end of 
l^akc Mirhtgan wire k^fl bare, and the watera 
w>iight th*' Mia by k-aping thi- tails of Niagara, 
threading tho payees among t^ieieJands and rapids 
of the St, Lawivnoe, and weregrwiod by the boreal 
bla^tf^ and k'ebtrgB fn)ni Greenland and Lnbmdor, 
Enste^t^ of ihe doft and ^pit^e-laden breesceii of the 

The ith'u i>r It (*jinai or wiiipr communication tftm 
the taken u> thf AliNniHtiipjii by tlir> w:iy uf the fUi- 

TUbioUand MichSgajt CanaL 


a«>i» rlcvr, pn*^enlp^1 'n^t lo tlie firftt 'Explorers of 
ihi* rminlrj' ; in farl. Liu' ffinin?rt?xi!Hi!inci' of ffudi a 
i-'onnectioQ waa evident- 
Col. Loiijc* alWr timkiii^ a topo^nipLical sarvcy 
of the connlry in ISI7, says*. *'Th« projtx^l of ooo- 
T^lnicting HHcU a canal when? nalnr** lia» neatly 
fortne<l It, iDu«t ni>c^'tidarlly foroo Et» constidoratioD 
npon the CTOvemment/' and oacfa e«eni3 to have 

Id 1814, PriMid(*nt Mndiaon called Wxsi attention 
<jf CcKigive^ to (he iiii|>oi-t:inei.^ t>f this iiafionul 
work, Uh^ <- nUnais und Mirlilguii Ciiiiiil/* It wa« 
rvcom mended by Gov. Bond, the first goTernor^ 
in liU fir^i i]|»^^-il:i.< to(li>.'Jirsl Illinois Leirittluture. in 
l^l». In IK-Jl, ihi* U'gisiiiiuri? H)i|iroprj:i1<.*d 4H>,0iXj 
Tor BuTFvjiiii^ llifi mute. Us cohI. wafi esUnialed at 
-r-*ii>,rt00ro*7f>>.i)»rt>; it linally vx^l $8jXX\miO. In 
l-^vO. a law H'a»* )«U4M-tl ini:nr[foi-anri^ tlit* Canal iJrnn- 
p.ij:y« t'lit DO »tock was riiki.'n. In lS^t3> Congi>?3fi 
dotiat<*(] Wiif.fHM) acre-H of iatid, or t"v«rrjr altvnuito 
Ae^tioD witbin Hve uiilea of the ranal. lo aid in it» 

tn Itf^ a law waa eim<:nHl providing for con- 
structiutf tlic canal uudi^r Stntc ttufhorit>-. comiuis- 
^ii<n<*-rH apiToiiili'd. and a now j^uiTi'y and new ir^ti- 
mat 4*5 madv. 

HvU work v/a» not ctonim^nci^d till 1^:16; f^ound 
^asi Hrht 1>roken, wittign^ctjenaioriyTal CM^^go on 
the fouiih of July of lliat year. Work iminedi- 
iitt-Iy ixinimiTUH-f) in f-arnt^Kt, and «H*v<^ra1 tlinuMiturl 
laliorei^ »vre employed ; loans were obt:iiiiL*d from 
tovA^Xi tapjlal ifil.v hud Stak* t}i.U]d4 ksiw.-d ilirn-for. 


Uisti^yt/La SaUe Oomiiy, 

The work was Him^eM*il\in^~ pioseciiied Tar two or 
thivt'yoar^, vrtw-n thv^ mane/ Ifwrnt'd be(-^>mitig i-k- 
Iian^lf^d, utitl tlir tinancial cTiitEih -if l^\M ujirnt^iiUi^, 
dried »ip nil amircca from wbit:h money might lie 
exi>crted to coine. Tli-- Stale vk-n^Tinabielo bwrow. 
and cooseque-ntly unable to pfiy bcr contraciors. 
Several l^^ik*^ uf eonp were ma4(\ ftnd the work 
temporarily eitstained, but the scrip mpitlly dep^' 
ciftlv(l» some fw low iis tifttjoii or rwviily cent*; on tlie 
dollar, and would hiive heen worthier bnt tliftt U 
wftB received in puyr»eu< Tot t^aiial lurid ijold by llie 
State; the work was llnally t-nuiely ^u?i]ifnd«(l. 
Tliewrijj wh'» rtptleemetl nod the coBtraL-tors patd. 
bull it was *;iff?r:il ywir^i afler, ttiid iiiHtiy faileJ, or 
sold their scrip or claims for a IrSfle, whU«' i\\\v^^ 
who bought, or laeld. did well The suspension of 
work on tlie amnl inlini^illed the hard limes and 
^'eneml poverty ami embairassmeju of the sHller>, 
it stopped f^mignition, and many left tfacconDtry. 

In 1645-6, the State made au arraii^menl with 
the persona ot whom money had been borrowed for 
oanal purposes (who had receivt-d no inti-rest on Uic 
loans for uonie ye^rs, us tbL> State wjte utterly nnable 
to i^ay it,) by which tUo boiKlholdera wert^ to tJike 
pofisefiBion of the cHDiil and eanul lands, to advance 
the money, about *l,fiO<i,txi(», and finish the eAual : 
sell the canal lands noi below lUi* appraised value, 
and r<.>ceivir X\\** loHi^ ofilii- rai»i.t : iirul wh<<n thi*y bad 
received Iheir full pay, the canal was to bwoniH tin* 
pro|»'rty of Ibi* S|iiIj\ Tuder ihin artanLfmoni 
wiirk wAA ivstniifd, and ihtt canal wah minplfivd 

liUn^ie and Michigitn VanaL 


The caoai lands i>aid a lar^* proportion of Ua-cost 
uf construction, niid vriih tin? tolJs liquid&t^-d llic 
last of ihe d^bt in 1871f, and ttio canal wne tui-ned 
D7er lo the 8tntt^ It notir pu3'B tJie Stato about 
(lUMMJUnet, yoarly. Thf*onfl:ino! fl«-ti^n wag toA^ed 
the cftiial fr*»n the Uikta. by <:uitin^ tlirougli th^ 
HUiToiiHiilnp ridff*'. «"hirli?ieoui*Jy liolds iJie waU*i's 
of the li4k>', lilt* i>mbfirniti!;meiit of the Stutp, nnd 
difliciiUy of obtaining un-iiiiw, conipi.'ll*»t.l Mr* :ulupt;on 
of what waAr-^l!edfh«'aliaUow-i^iit pliin, wliichi^vt^ 
six or night f"*W, ill *I*'pfli, at nwU t'xat\ti^um fort*-!! 
or lw*<1vK nlib'^. Th<'CHliinii»t rivtr w»H<l;«iiuiied fur 
Af>!«d«r, and irompOMr pumping works wem act in 
murlitn at Bri<l^»-porl, on Wuy VWxcii^o nvrr, tvhicb 
|fig»-lhitr »ii|rp]ifi) vrMvv for tin; c:iiiai. 

In ISW, ChtL-ngo, under an arrangement vritli the 
Statc, for lln* pnri>o«' of dniiiitng iind clt-anaing the 
Chicago rivfT whii?li had become a cc^d-pool of liltli, 
rx€avat4^d that kr<-i of the caniU to the depth 
r«?<)airi'd forfhc lake to flow (broii^Ji it, 6o tJiat it i-j 
now ix>DfiCruc:vd on iht^ ori^'inal d<.rp'Cul plan, and 
the lake flows chix>ii^h tlie cnDiil and Illinoie to the 
MU^i#»ippl and ihv Gulf. It hasi n.'v.rjicd tin- cur- 
rent of Cbica;fo rirer, and instead of Us tlowinff Into 
the Uk**, the lake dowt^up tlirou^b tlierivfr IntoTbt.' 
oanal. The amount cxpend^-d by ilje city wnii about 
f:^fX>atK^O, wbicb was refnnd*'d by the'State, after 
the gn^l div bi Cbl^-jign, ullhongli notdu^f by thtt 
tennriof the ngreeni^ar, Tbe damming of the Calu- 
mK- for a firi-der, fbmdMl a largr Irart of >wnmp land 
in liidiHEja, and wan ii serious ^aoiind of complaint, 
Aftpr the ^'ompli.-tion of tlic deep cut, tlic Calumet 


HUtcftf f/ La Salle County, 

dam wa:* n-movffd, lo Ihu gn^nt HBlif^fiM'tion of itie 
people of Indiana. 


Abi^Tit thu yonv 1^37, the aetttemonts in North^n 
niinoh bQCume Lnfostodwith a buml of dc«pera<ioiB 
fimiliarlj' knovn aif fhr. " BniK^iU of tUfl Prairies," 
Tlieir fiivorite pursuit utis horst^ stealing. TUe srst- 

rbe timber, whW** the bi'oad ]»ra1Ht? was unocaiplifd, 
guve tht^iti uti opportunity to Imvel with tbt>ir ill* 
gotten sin'ds iinni()U'*ti''i to Misf^ouri, Ki'inuoky, 
anil Town, wliiih xht^y illd very ^ncR>«iHfiilly. st-ld«ni 
J>rijigirHiigbl- lln'ir Mi(*ce:*-< in Uii? horsi^ llm- »uon 
etnboMt-nfd rhem to try nfhcr bratiobrj*, ahil bTirr^la- 
r>\ lohbi-rv and iiuii'd*?r were not unfrpiim^nt. If a 
acttU'r had ntuii^y in In;* house, it would id some 
way become known to ihi* i;ang. and they would 
l^^nently get it, Jn one instan<^»- a ?it*trli-r liad fl^Tun 
hundred dtillat^ in a tmnk uudiThia bed. Mil* mbber 
entered the Iiouee and took out the irnnk, while ibe 
niAD and Jii» vriTr wcro awako and ronvcTsine ; tlio 
robber aftt'tward told thi^ oonvtrretation U9 proof tliat 
he heard it. It was done durin;? a vic>lt>nt tbaoder 
sTorni, and wh^-n tliL' tluncJcr rall»vi heavily they 
would draw the irunk, and wli<^n it ceas#*d, hold oa 
till nntjihi^r ihinKj<'r crn^lit tind tluft tliey got thoir 
pr^ry witliont beir^ noticed. They bei^anif a lerror 
to thf **«tlh"rn, I'^p^'rmlly lo tin* fettinlH poftHin, It 
lA a part of ihe teli^'ioa of a new ri>uiitr,\ nv.vvv lo 


Banditry etc. 


iT<fude4he]t«frtoa boDij;:hl«d Imvelor, andiittht^ time 
tuLmed it was impoeeibtt- to diFcriiDiDfitt? bt?twt'i'n tUe 
worthy Ktmiv«rand lliobtindil of iIk* pnvirk\ A»d 
tb«i etmn^r mkea in. i&aiead of prorio^ an an^^l, 
ha^ ofit'U broken tli^ slumber of \\U host by uppvar- 
iog at bia bedside witb a ]M9tol, demanding Ms 
vRLitxbk»«. Tbe cirii authority seemed entirely in- 
eAcirUt ; in inAiiy inr^firtrfS flu'v wi-n* ^urip'-rh'd of 
eomplicity vritli tl^gun;;. U arresUnl, they would 
brt^k jail, or by rwnie leLOinirAl fiuibblr vsciipw tliv 
ine!«hffH of l\w l:jw- T1i*\n In-r-jitiif v«ry W^ld in Mime 
localities, stealing mttie, or ^uiyitiing they couid lay 
iheir hands ou. Il seemt-d to pisrvadeall brancln^ of 
babinesa. The f^nd jury of La Salle (Jounty 
fotind wjYcral bills nuainst a bntcher in Ultavra for 
Gtealin^ cnltJe, and it wa^ concl(i,*iv<rly vr<^*'''d Ihar 
t)iu dUzen^ of Ottawa had< although iincomK'ioii&Jyt 
lived for monthjii on Ptoi»*n b^>^^t Th»s jury worv vltv 
caati<iu«, in pr^<6^niiDg tlit^ HUls^ to hare a waJnint 
l9?a«*d Inform by Any po*T;ihintj% ih(^ butchor could 
aaepert tlu'ira^'tion : bfit Ik' km-w it as^ioon as tliey 
did, :ind left for piirts unknown. 

Tin? niurdi-r of Mr. Darvii]>ort, at nnd-duy. on 
fbf Fmirlli of -Inly, iilarmed the whole country. 
0])H 4if ihr gnti^, by fin- nrinie of Bin^h, ii Hhri^wd 
man. but an an-ouipUshtMl m^oiindrel, wa» arn^.^tMl 
for Wing ronr^rripd in> murder, an*! was identi- 
rt<*<l as tlif nuiii *rh«, a wliort riiiir iifforiL'. in x\\r- 
^w of a 3lerbodist pr*>acher» stayed over niglit 
with Ji^rvmiah Strnwii. u vroalthy fanner of Piitcam 
County ; attended iitayir^ with Hn^ihA-rSrrawn, and 
ft niglit or two after, vri-nl through his housv, taking 


HigUry €f La Sailc Oouiitif> 

aJ] biff vaiiialilf^ wliiWan a<TCtJtiiplice held a {iti^tol 
to Slrawo's htfad, to keep him quiet. Uircb was 
brought to Ottawa as a wilDC5;f. but not used. Ele 
ahrewdly pre tender i tobe willmj;Coexpoitc?the|:ang, 
and hi^Ti thul wa^ put oil" t'oi' sl*% enil monthi^ to get 
hib testimony. Hi^ subsequently broke jail, H6[i> elii.T 
jniler B barse, rode lilm ulwut a hundred in11o«. and 
leftliim ruined. Fte wrote bm*k t*>th<>*)n'rlff, flpolo- 
giziog for his rudeness iu not takin;^ formftl leave, 
lifti-r no tinic'li kindness !«howii iiliit whih- nn iiintate 
of hisfjimily: «iid he only boriv>wed llie hORte, 
hiiL iK-littvrd III? hud rniiKnl him, mv} tiop^^cl be* 
wniikl be excused for hiilli olfHiinesT as hiA hit»iiir£<tt 
was very urgent. 

That ^^rs thi' Itwt t-Twr bfnixl of Dtixli. Bxasp^r- 
nt«*d hfyond lueasuif, AJii^Lrrbi^ undff th^ Ioim» uf 
property, and Hving in continuitl feaj; th« people 
camo to tiie conclusion that ^dt-preswvalion was 
the Jirat lavr in nalure ; ihbit ihey had a right In pro- 
tection from tho law, but ir tlmt could not bo bad, 
tlieii it mii^t conn- in ?<o«ie other wu.y. 
/^^^Vifiilnnt societies were fonncd, for arre^tin^ criini* 
naU arid brin^lug them to puuiflhiuent. nad duep 
muiterinj;:^ were heard, indieaiinp: a feeling? that wna 
dvsnned toreronii the sTJitt^uf society. Onuof th05» 
HOcWtieii wail formed in ihe norih pan ot che StAte. 
and :i m!«n by tlie UHnie of CViiipbeU wae chosea 
captajri, Ci;[n))Viel) wus it Oiiradhin. » man of givut 
energj' and deeiaion of rliaraeter. Tfie^ng w*-n} 
Alarmed, and reT^otved 1o dispose i*t hini. One Sun* 
day arh-nuKn*, lu'n. tii»'(] hy uhi- namr of DriM'ollr 
called at ('amphHrsi i'ront ;^ate« and inifuin'^l of 


BawiiU, tic. 


<'ani|»l>t4rs4lftiis:1ik'rf(>r licr rutlinr; CaiupbiOl aime 
r«i tlitf f^»ii% IV114?!]. viithotit sHV'in^' a word, X\\^y ebot 
tiim r)irough tlct luMrU ftiid nttrkly ixkIu oir T}ji? 
n«-xt day thi? pi-ojilr itsst'iuhlf-d en Tftrt^jrr hmk tlir<*i- 
of tht.' DriscollK Irtei! iliem by a jury of Uieir owm 
fnuttd twu of iJii^m guilty, gnve th<.aii rm hour to Niy 
llR'ir praytTs. und elint th«;in. a^ they did (.^rnpbell. 
Thrv rhrn rv«>lnsJ lo scrvt trcry ihi^f ihcy ranglit 
in ihe sami? ^*ay. lln- i-ffi-cl wiis mojjf. siihitary. It 
€tmck tPrrortoUicguiig, iind monyoftliemsoapht a 
mon* fc'^niiit olime; ^howi[lf; Www iircunpr, nnd ;«un* 
fiiiiii^htimul will erer anitie th*? law to bt^ i'e6fte^*h'<d, 
and hold ^^«pi»mdo«* In ft-ar PrompT rcnvlction 
and imnifthni*'ni of every ofiV^ns^o Sb thv rt-nivd: 
I>eliiy is Utile better than entire omi^ii 

Nontivrn IlllitoU hax had no orc-asion Tor inobOaw 
sdno^. and it i^ to \vk^ hojird U. in*vir will a^ln. 
Thi*?*r Muriirii>iry tnraMii>'.-«. joined iviih th*? ia^'om- 
ing ttniigruuin sprKLdiii^ iivi<r thit jiMitrii-n Mad tllliiitf 
ii|i the 4!ouncry, (irevi^nlin^^ the fa<:iJitfeft for •*wji|m?. 
tTVidrttii- frt^'bootrni' oi'i apntioti ii more dangt-riMih^ 
<me. All in* iibuii waa liftrd 1'mni the tnind^ nf Ihe 
[>eople, and their nightly divams tt^aaed to he dig- 
ttirbed by Uk- cxji-rted visit of llit? mbhcr, Tlwr 
vtgitant 5CH'i€tie« w»?r(> contmiiwi a long time, and 
did mtitih in cffcctinff a €lmngx* and pnv^-nclni; n 
retuni of :be evil. TJio frontier ftettlementa ha^^e 
ctrer bi.*\rn file favorite hniint \A the outlaw, uad it 
has ever be^n one of the mo»t serious eviU the 
plfint^T had i*» tnrouint^r ; for this pioneer n.'gioii 
I olTt^ivd miQfinat faf^llUie^ for tht-U enormiiV^, aa thu 
I wbn1« rountry could bf^ craverHed either by night ur 


Histmy if La Saih C&unt^. 

day vritlioitt regard to tx^a^B. wnd it was alnioei as 
difficult r*j rnlJcjw \h^ Imil rif a rliifi. »?» tln' fliglil 
of a bini- A hoi^i' rhifl' woulj ti-avM acttisA \hf 
pr.iinc all night nt ii speed that, would piftce him fai 
away in tJir moruiii*:, ih<?n lie in !*ome thkki^t, niih?s 
from tbe &€ttkment». all day. and nothing but the 
stars or vf\\u\ could tell ym\ yfXwm to tirid \\\m. 

Anin:pi<edaiDn prctailod atone time, Uiatnlnrs^ 
proportioii of ttie 6Pttk»P6, who wiT*> etnincrerfi to 
0fiCh othtfr, w<tTi* t^onni'ch-d with tin? >{uiitf, xulcI th<7 
ntt^r impossibility of tmckin^ the tlmvt=<s increaead 
that ftih^pit^km. Tbu baikdlcs trit^d to cr<.'at<f such ft 

Wben Biroh was ill Ottfiwa, under eurv^ilhiDoe. 
hi' sliLknl thiit thciv* wi-n* iibour 4i>0 in Tji ^^|]v 
County 111 h'»giLt< wilh th4< baiidils, but jvfused to 
givmmy nFtmr, tijongb li" wiid \\v might luviuv timv 
di> M>, 

Thifl 8Ufl]iicion and want of confidence at that 
time vnie a s^erioiiTi trouble, and well calculated lo 
dinor^nizc und di:«biiDd aocirty. But it M>oa bv< 
cami^ apparent that Birch'^ fftory v^aa c>oncoct^ tn 
hi£ own interest, and £ubt^^<|U0Dt derelopmenta 
njca^umbly mmovt?d tho auH|jicions, and in thv 
end proved ibeni F^ubatantially false. 

Amoug a papulation derived from all itecUooa 
of ihi; world, irtuspHon thai there nil^bt N* giome 
Judar;f3»; umon;^ the number viix^ not unnatural or 
unr»>ii9;i»niibb.'. Wlirri we ronsldei' ihif n.^slmioiltg 
]]iflueni?es of society ujion iiidividintl conduct, and 
thi* i^rutli^M'd nni) i^crilttlri] ^t^oalIon nf llu.* Rrst fii4- 
tli^Di, it Ift Mirprifliii^ that m> IVw showed the cloven 

S€mdti4j €i<f. 


It wn« said time whun a <fompany or ?m)jn'AnT« 
ending til" plains to Ori'Cfon or Californin, were 
lUrly on the ftUkinUv »nd i^emoved frotn ttie roetmin- 
iDg inllu^TT^v nf ifociviy^ iruUvi<1uitl0 tIiiu hithi>rto 
had bcinu* a r^pnladoo for hooesly, fjiir denlin^ and 
^•titU'nninly tlvportiiR'nt, ofti'ii |irtir'"*i lli»i vi.'rj- 
fWFerfte, and those who stlU hor*- themselves lioiicira- 
hlyaiif! fiiirly roiihl b»? Imsii^d <-vi-r siff-T, T\v? vx- 
Ijeri'-nr*? w;iw a h-i, liijc <*nUMl. and wff.ed thi? human 
character most ihoronghly : ood the same pxperi- 
eno<-«hiivi- Ixanspinrd mi th»:fronli«\ In a cfinmni- 
nity wich a dvn&e |K>{iiilation. whei^e each individnat 
Ifi iiubji.>vt lo tho Ka»> nnJ p.^njark of numi.'roii?^ 
pooph\ the chamcttr is artiHcml -ia madi^ to or<li?r, 
and adapts to the market; bmplary hinion u point 
of pmiriiT tlvi.< niih-c from inrighbowandtwc^nty mU<^»s 
f^m town. Kind when he thtoivft <itf hie broAddoth 
and fancy iierkti^, hf nltso dn^ps ihv artificial man, 
and 3pjx*flr* Ln his tnin ohanicl»*r. If he is made of 
gold he will shine ihe brighter, but iT of biu^^r metal, 
whiuh tht^ c^riricisni n{' liU Mhiws has hi^rctoforc^ 
causf^I him In k***<p hiirnisluih it. will ln-re oorntie 
and rust, and d'^filr and i'-ormjit hinL and all liU 
intert^oTirse with his family rind nelghbonk Moot 
of thi- pioneers can rL-mrmbtT tL*.* roitgli, uncouth 
and overbearing niaan«r nt mun: indlvidnals who 
gave rent to their trae character, wlirn Uuy folt 
relievt'4 from Uk* social inlliien^v of itiy old iTommti' 
nity they had l«fl- Sneh individuals were uetially 
cowsrdis and, liite all oowardp, wcr'.>rruol whi.^n con- 
qneroru, and ab.ji^<^tly :<iibmisaive when beaten. It 
was amuBini:^ and instructive to see tht> gradual 


HiiUory q^ La Safic (hunti/. 

Tninsffkrmationfl mvh chai^rtoi<» undn^i^nt as 9(m4' 
ety with iu ivgtraimiij^ inllrence formed around 
XhvU} nnd rori'i.'d IIjoiii to |.iitL cm l)ii* iiiiillcuil rovt.T- 
ing that uiurh improved, hut eonld n^ver ronc<?al, 
the reul oUH, Ir. wtnild hnvp heeti very singiilttr if 
stiic'ti jfi'rvnn!^, lutlionl priri<']]i)i-, nitd tfHJik, niEinillv 
and mHnt»l)jh', had mii fitllHii in v.-h\\ thf*desj>eni(l<N^ 
that pr<-y<-d ujkih thy iniMic in lJi<- infiinry of Ihc 
fiij filing ^iioii-ry, and that such was tht* f*ase, t<> **nini* 
vxt» 111, WHS known t<* be triK\ liuE wh»-ii incomitiL: 
pi^^pulntion drove out tine j^an^. ii reform^ their 
eytnpatiiizds : and oa a whok\ no ix»miii unity Kasl 
or UVyt. t^ituv tliispopulftti'^iiha^orcujiu*'! ni«." whole 
^unty, hflfl boeii freer IVom ennie and v^irer in 
morait; thnn Iax S^ill'? ToudI y. 

Th^ t^fftthTB H'i-n- not adventurers on the frontW 
eeeking for something to turn up. but catw to lind 
honit^if fr»r ih«*ms"hv)f niid rnuilli^, w found ^uch 
Ins^thtUlon.Haii they would wj*h to leave in the po«- 
«p«»ion uf Ihnir i."liihJreM. Vnlurnli-rl iiiid inri'lligenU 
they inijircKAE^l u|inn rheh- i-hlldrenthelrown «j>pri-- 
elation of edut'afioa and torrwrt prhnnplefi ; aud 
their experienee wiiU ndvurw dement?* hnd the 
effect to cnnMini ihem in their former ronvlrlloni*. 
A closf? atady of the antecedents clijuacter and 
history of the early ^t•tUerfl Iia.3 convinced the 
wiitei- that thert> never was a new settlement formed 
of better material, a more morula inU'Hijp.-Dt« c'ncr- 
getio, and enlt^rpHslng peopk'- 

Irith ReMlbm. 



Till' 1ftrg<- hiiitib^r of labcirers on iht^ eanaU all 
rmtiHii^nl p^n^mi^ ^■''■'^^'^^ without famniets mare 
tiiinifri')n»atonf^ time than tliocilizi-m^of tlivcountr, 
wK3to?*<«iM? a WHIIO-' of iineiu^iiit*tw; ;^inl Ah^n, in 
the stimiTicr of l*f«*5* IJio rivalry bt*iwccn ilio two 
I'ln^HfA, the Corkoiiian^ and the Kardnwnri, <:iilnkr 
nflted ID optrfi war. it iix'ato-d v<^ry BcrionB alarm. 
It ei'<iiti# U\n Corkoniau?!, Iin^iiij; th<tiii)«L'lv4-ft tlu* 
ioe-t DUinoi-oas onthHliiii.', r*&o]red to drivt' Iht* Far- 
LoiAH)^ I'rrun ih"AWiiik : 4-omT[ii>ncing»t tlK'Upprrpan 
of Tliollibo, Dear Oliicago, ch4> roenibia^ of i\\0 qIsh 
foil in as lli**y pn^i^reswd w-^-Hiward. and wfx* to the 
poor f^*nlowii who fi.'!! in ih*.nr way; tlivy look 
llie fniry bnat hy force at Ottawa, rrosartl the Fox, 
ami wi<nt on to liii SaUe, proniiein^ ta dnai^ out Ot- 
tawa wlii^ii tlify imin«' baok. .^l tiif* 1iiwa-r <-iuI nf 
lh*» linet they found th(*ir opponents in iTonrtidi^mble 
tiujikbcr?, who b eld ihem in chiTk, wIkd tbry ft-U 
back to Camp Rook, wher« thin' i^nirlly nTalt.r»'ati^l 
contracb>rI>iir£an'shandri. and thenxtJtnmed npthe 
line, Sheriff Alson Woodruff Juul calkd out thu 
force of the connt^'. sendin;; in M directions for the 
scattered i?cllii.r» to c*omo in ^itb their iirni^, U.<? 
niTistervd about eighty nit^n, antl plat^i-d them tii 
cbarj;^ of Md.j- I>. V. Hitt. und M. E. HoUigtor. as 
military ncmmanderii. Thoy rivt tin* riotL-it bt-low 
BntTklo Kock, but fell back to near Olta^^'a ; th^ 
SIu-riiT n-ad (h>' riot act. ttiid ordf»rr?d them to dis- 
p^ra*, and on their refusal fired a volWy into thi-ni 
wttli ^Hid Htm, w]wn Uu.-y qtiiirkly flvd, pHrl towurd 

Jjalfalo Hock^ pursued by the footmen, and part 
towiinl tlir NortL liUifl". pursued by the citUtrtia on 
borse back, Soiiio ^waiu Ih'? nv<-r, und were firud 
on when ia tlio water. TUe reports as to the effect 
ol tht' fire wortr vtrry rontmdutory, aoiiic (^litimiti^ 
fourteen or fifteen killed, and a lan;;e number 
woundi'd. soiin* di^nyiiig liK- killing of iini" ; but 
the geuerii) impression was that sev^-jul wero kUU^, 
iind iiititiy wounded ; iiboul sLvty weie arreted, 
hi^lcl uwliile, and ndndru^d to bail on tlirir own n*- 
cogiiixTince^ as thf* county h»d neither the meaod nor 
ar,i-i]ninjoj1;irion?« tu htilf! |}h<ni, Tliv n.'lir]Ui>Ti mw 
eflertaaily (jnt^lled, and wns nur. ri'jirtjlt^l. T\iv. 
FFirdownii, smarting under their wroii^n. felt dis- 
jKJScd tt* LtKr? rrvi'Ti^e on llit-ir conqiiere<l foe*, but 
were infcmii-d tbat they jiinrit ^ubmtl to the tnw^ 
and did so. 


Notwllhstandiiifi the panic created by the evenu 
above related, ami the :ippivhitni?iionB of the tlmidf 
no fnrth'^r Irouble of a serious character occamd 
during tbe building of the cuaal. The record of 
crinir rommilt^d m the truuiily U nut n Inrgvf one. 
whe-n ivi- lak*- iiittj torwi deration th*? amozint of 
publlr workr^i conslrucled iind the hirge number of 
tran^^icul pitpulation i-mployi^d. 

A few of the moflt noted offens*?? are related. 

Twore»id».'Titeof Earl vTlk% Philips find Moriicqnar- 
reled about a claim on Uovernnient land, attiiattiuic 

Criminal Sea/rS. 


a very common rnugt* of contc^ntion, Morse wtt« ghrjt 
by I'liiIi|»B ; lioone witno^aed ih** Iranwiction ; bolli 
lud I)n\MU.-iifr<l nod w(?re i|uiHTciin;;iil lliif UriKs&nd- 
tbe parEicalare of the alTair will )>robab1y never be 
known ; n^^Utit-r W(>re ri'^ai d>.*i:] 'X6 bad men. Philips 
tvaseoovJi^CiKl of tnuiitG,laiiglii<.-r, Ouu>'xi?:ip«d patiigh- 
meiit by a rf iMsil of Uie lawflxinathe peimlty Torlh© 
offenjM?, Hi* Is sulil) living in tin.' tnwii ul Earl und 

Whilr Ijuiiliiig timb*?!- atrroy Grave, Qnigby and 
Edgecamb quanvled, ^iiiij^bv alnirk Kdget^oTub m (*r 
^^thc iit^d with u bir^o club witit fuud cflt^t. lie 
^^■Was tiied and convicted of miinler, but the vtrrdiot 
^^hrae Hctoaiclff on tlK* grontid tU&t cbc provocation 
^^^was grt^t, I^Jgi^comb bavinic wUt-d Qui^by by tin? 
I beard, bo having a very long and heavy one. 
I Qaigby ie still lining m thc^ weet part uf th(* oounty. 
I The honae of a if r Swift Uving near Troy Grore, 

I was ont«>^.4J in the aigbt by two mt^n, and while 
I one held th^> pbcol at the beads of Sivlft and bis 
I vr\tv, th^ other coU^-t^d tht^ vahiablei!, including a 
I considt^Rtble *iuni i^^ inonHy. 

I At the trial, at Ottawa, of a lu&n for robbing a 

I peddlffr. in th** ^nt\*^ iLni^lib^irhodrl, whirb whk 
P j>r©tty fully pivneil, hj^ r.lie man wan found in tht? 
po^dt^'Sflion of the pt»ddlcr's good?*, two men f^om 
Lee County, l)t?wt>y and Hlisfs appeared and Hwore, 
thiLl fti the time the peddler wa** robbed, the accUAed 
wad playing card;) vrjth tliom at a plocr forty milcd 
distant. Mr. Swift and big wife bein^ preac^nt^ 
tdontifiod thc»c witnosac^ as th^r men that robbed 
ib«^ir boTiae. Dewoy and BU;^^ w^ro an^estod, oon- 



Hi^iortf ttf Lti ^illtf Ctmnty. 

vioted and st^nl to thif pi-uUviitr-iry. Su1itii.HiUi*ntIf ^ 
wb**n tliH ni>!oriuns Bijvli was at Ottawa under 
nrn.'Til, htr slated iliat 1h- ntid another l^tding nii'mWr 
of r.ltf yarig li> Uii' iiiirm- of Fox, nibbed Swift; llial 
Dewey had a stiff hip, ami Bliss a crooked knev ; 
Ibut wbrii tbi-y ooniiiiitk-d tbo robbery they afT^rcli^d 
tb«9e intu'mides to avaid detection, and Ihes© w'ere 
tbc p^^^cijJiaritii.*^ by wlJch the SwlfW recognised 
I>9wey and Blisa when tliey testified a^inirt tUem 
at tliuir triaL The- prosocutiiijCE; »ttoriK*y i-onfi.TnMl 
\«dlh the {governor, and whiLo thi^y considered 
Df^vey and Bliae innocent of tbe eiime for which 
tbey w*?n? i^onvirt*'<l, tlii-y w*tro proved to be ntdra- 
bers of tb(i gang, and tbi^y decid^^d to let them ta 
the piinishmeiit on gi^ueral prinriplt's. 

An Kng] is) lit I Jill Ijy ibi* riiinn- of Lilcy, w^m mur- 
dered and his body found pear the llaavilte road^ 
just ill tht* nlgf* of Livin^T^tmi Comity, Tbr rlollimg 
vra^ alt r^niovedf ;iiid lUv fjii.e nnililal^d u> jirvvrtil 
identification. The day before Liley'» djsapp 
ance, hft bad br^en In Otlawauml piir(b;iM^ a * ytho 
and snath, andleft an foot for his borne in LtYint*ston 
County. About a wetrk after, a ninn by thf? name 
of Ueorj^i? Uatea was arretted for paramg rount^rieit 
money, and lodged in jail in Ottawa, lie wna tdeoi n 
tiffed n» having been i^een traveling mih Lttey justH 
at o^'ening on tlie day of hlsdlaappeamnce, and 
carrying JJley*8 scythe; tbe wounds upon Liloy 
wei-e two cats ncrosa (hf* face and a triangular cut 
acro8^ tbt^topof t1ii> bead cutting through the skull.' 

A scythe was found near the l>ody» bent so aa to 
lit th(f tnangulurirut in tbe head. 

La Salts * 2>f*^;i Unilroad. 


GaU'H* c1oih€d werii bloody, a» proved by hiB 
wafiborwnmaii, and he paid out boiii^ PrueigEn 
llialvn^ 9Q<rli A!^ L11<*y hnd rpc^lvei^ at the bank Id 
Ottawa; andGateswadt^eiiwparingft coatof mp3''fl. 
At the Jtini- t^rni of tlie coiiit In Otta^xa, IS^IS, Gat^K 
wfisf?onvi€t»'El. and hitn^ in Ani^^t. ToUowIng — th« 
only t^xt-riitioii ifiati^'v-r tafjk jiliurKin ifii-ritiiiUy^ 

In December, IftTh*!, abmii four bundled men were 
••mpKiyftl on tin- linv of t}»- Cetitml Tl^iilroiid, ^(>llth 
of tJi*' rivf*r, at La KaUi*. A tiu-iiiadeMTjiiidiag 
fzisU'd between tUe contractor, Albert Story^ and 
tkr^ mm, Tln'ir wag^-^ had ^«-pn rc-<liiced from 
$Li!5 to onr dollar per (iay. AfUr considerable 
alteriration. Story went to the stable to g«t bishorw, 
toeacajti*. vrlieTi thrv nii^Ui-d tipon him with pick^ 
Md 6tone& and instantly killed him. IVelve wure 
iQdi(*t4>d n« Ufkdcrs ; four of thv^ni took a chan^f of 
r*iTme to Kendall county, and were coni^icted of 
marder. A a^w tvEal wait granted, wblch ivi^iilTvd 
in a second comktiou. Governor Malte^n cnjnn. 
mut«d ihvlr piiaUlEiTii^tit lu IniprlsunnK'nt for Uft*^ 
aad finaih ^^ninit^ a full ]i»rcIon. The Ija Salle 
people wrn^ (1i^.-*tttl!sl)iHl with tlw ^'XM'ntlvr rlt- iiK-noy, 
ind when MaU**on was on a viwt tn Ija Salle li** wa^ 
btunt in effigy. 


On the mh of February, 1841, the LoRialature 
rIiarfor<*d tIk* I-a SalU- A I>ixoii Railn.wd Company, 
Ifiving them the grading and work doii« on the old 


BhloTj/ of La Salte County. 

Tlllnoi» C<*[ktrAl niiul ofi rheir line, and nbandoord 
when the financial rrash cnine* Dnting tli** year 
opijrfllloriti [.xminn'iKcd, «t"l a bunk of fs^suc, pre- 
tending to be autlioi'iz+?d by tlie charter, was ealab- 
Lishod. Thi^ for tho itmv. infused now life into Ihc 
bnaineBE of that 1oc':Uity, but the ni>w ^tat-? of thinpi 
wae linrdly iTmutiucfttt^d, wli»*n iIk- wbobt ctmw^rn, 
Inclnding the back, exploded. The ptime actor in 
tills t^nlprprist* vvns A. H, Bnngi^, u rniin L*f »^iiiooth 
and fair t-xteiior, but who proved lu hv a uierv ad- 
venturer, witliuut <^luinu^U'r, capitnl. ur credit. Xot 
iiliiiTiilnnl iliilliir^ in mtttwy or i>-liiihlt^ |)3ipt^r )md 
l3t-Mii Uht-d in the wljotr> tranhailinn iif iTHfaiili^ihi^ 
and riitiniTigfibaiik, hd(1 ]>H.rtial]y coniitructing forty 
milr* of ntilrOJLil. All rJie niont^y n!«^d was tiie 
worthless isaues oF the bank. The laborers, and iIit- 
TarmtTs who supplied them with provisions wer** 
Denver luiid. The former trit^d to (;et datisfactioD by 
wricking their vengeance on tho person of Banga, 
Hewaefdniggod tluoujjh thi.' muddy :4irt;cts,bQt was 
linally reacned by the citiKene, pluwd in a skilf, and 
sent down tht* riv(>r. 

The hopes of the commanity thtis hii^hi^ op^n^ 
im old »OTi% and ]4(H.-mt-d won^^ tiknn thut Hvnt experi^ 
ence. An over-aaxiety for a rvsumprlon of busi- 
ness, nm! desire lo welcome an Liuclay of money, 
matit- Bangs' ojipoft unity, arul if hi^ liud had one or 
two thousand dollars ingi'H^d money, he might hari^ 
ctmiplctcil iiufj run liif* fcnty miles of milrtiad. 

B^fOT^erp fr&m Hard Ttmes^ 



From ftboal 1^1 to I84'i, thore was a poivepUble 
ifuprovt.-mi^tiT In clit* Hii^iiLrlnt ruQilicion <»f iht^ I'oafi- 
try, slight, it U tme, but enongh to be che harbinger 
of hop<ii. Tbi^ j»-"pli* hud L'omm^H'***! worUing ihAr 
vay o»t of thm dnpivsslon hy alnio^r im}>t!n;eptibl«j 
progr^^s, ancl b^' llip iiif>st piitwiit and perwvering 
toil. To t'ltrn, »iii1 not l^i sipr-iifl, tra?« 1Fif*ir motto, 
&om n**ivrMity, if nni ftnm *!iokt', ?^uch a soil, a 
deposit of tititold wealth, worked hj willing and 
dftcnnini^d liand:*. could but achkvt^ Etucct^nd- The 
weight qI" d».'bt tbat pivsfted npon the St:it4^ and poo- 
p4'^ !!c«in>.-d tCK> hwivy to be lilted by the toil of a 
^Titnry : bnl no li«rfli*n r*oidd diflconrape, and no 
tu£k 3ippf.iirf:d Ik^voekJ their opacity, bkcu under rho 

Smarting tinder the ^tifctna of virtual repudiation 
mil rh4- r^ppHihrnnn of prii^tsirig i&Uiy hiws, To put 
Ih^ir4?redlt:>rsat deflanc.*: charged wirh public rob- 
bery and privati.'di^honMSiy, they pnr^ued llie only 

course Diatould siinnrunit their m^tniimihifed mis- 


fortnof, and iv^lnrc l\\r good npiuinn nf the world. 
h U trnt>, Hfi>ur. nnd r^nim^nr I he Ixulingpnlitidjuin 
advo<*ated repudiation, claimiu;:; thai the ilebl never 
could tit? paid, Init that sentiment; vrus ciuickly 
croflbvdbyan emphatic expi^t^ion of public opin* 
Ion in tho t'onti^iry dlroction. 

The pt'ople bor*- tlu' taunts htiipL-d upon them 
with the more equanimity, a^ they were ronsoioua 
of not Mtu; really In lanlt. The* tL^rribK' r(.^vuUion 
that et^eptoldercommunitii^e into bankruptcy struck 


Bisftrry t^ Ln Sf^lle Cvunty. 

tbem wh^^n titriig^lin^witU the toils, prlvafioD^. and 
Sn(-vU»t>1»- j50vvr(_v <>t n rn-w ^^lili'iiiirii. By ibn *iili.* 
of oHtT comiiiunitifT^ ami Stutejs, llLi.*y were tike 
iiifuntit by ihv wMi-oT gifiiilA, Yh Miirv wmv enjujil 
to the emerp;ency, and pmved to the wtffld their 
houe»ljr, thrir indoraitAblc encrgj- and drli-rmination, 
and the wonderful r<.^ourcea Df their adopted Slate, 
Sobcr<.'d, iind made wiser by tlic «'Trrf ordeal tliey 
had |>a^aeri through, they were tho better prepared 
to Smprovt.^ aud utilizo liU tiiu udi'untogoa oOorod by 
retuniinp prosperity. 

On Xhi9 Sliit of February. 1843, the L«gi«1atuT^ 
passadan&ct to provMi' for tho (Completion of the nii- 
nois and Michigan Cana)^ and ^mytnent or tlie caoal 
debt. TheartwrtssiwisL^and judScioii'*"iJe, !n«*niuch 

aaithoitertlly phi 1 tlu-rjinaland caiiJillandfi id l3ie 

hands of the t>oQdholdei'a, lo be held as seriinty for 
tJm pftyitiMDt of'rr ih'h^ mill at th** ham*- time 
gnanlttil the htlfrt-st of Llie 8iale. The bondholdera 
were to finifih the rnnaK nnd out of the income and 
fiale of the landh, to pay themselves. The proposi- 
tion waa ncceptod by thr.* huiidholdi^t^ ojid under 
thdr direction, work which had been suspended for 
several years, vrae resumed, and this groat ^tah' itnd 
national work complcu-d in li^lS. This amingemenc 
reii<>ved the Stale of six and a half mltUons of In- 
debtEKinciB»i, and was i\w tln^t step upward on the 
road if> -tolvency. 

TLere waa on*.' it^m of 1iiiMn<<!^, that, dnHiig lhi» 
year^ of siaf^nuti^m. infused a litlle life into certain 
portions of therouiity; ibht \^iiMllieHiii^ of travel W- 
mt^h St. 1>iuis and ('hicago whieh passrxl tiirotigh 

Reeot^rj/ from Hard Timet. Sr*7 

Iho ronaty, A ntcatmvr txiim 3r \a}m\^ arrivwl at 
I'erti daily- conneciinsr with Friok k Walker" s iiii^- 
^tftmgws. that mn Ko Oliicitgo, iind duiing the ^^um- 
Dierafiaaon Hie niDti* became auimportani thorough- 
fjvrp. from four to tight four-horse coaches [caving 
?t-ru *iaiJj". Till' btiilling of Uir Chiraso, St. Louia 
& Alton Hailr^Mid, mukiujf a dii\*el, milroiid i^omma- 
ndcadon bftwevii ChUaffoanci Si. Louis, t^ffectuallj' 
closed this tloroa^hrart>. and Friuk &' Wulkt*r's 
MagM nought ochvr Iii'IcIh of iMitt-rprtMi*. 

In the Mexican war the county responded with 
hi-r pnjpnrtiitri of truop» vailed lor. Clmitipliu R, 
I'liUtfr niitirtl a part of u rorii[iauy of vohiun-ers, 
uid, wlien or^iiijtedj T. Lyie I>ickey wiift com- 
iibAlomrd €Apt;i!ii. iind K ft. Ttolhrook, Li^u- 
Umant. Potter presented Captam Dii key with his 
iwotd, which tic ucccpled with n promise not to dia* 
boDor it. W. H, L. Wallace servi'din ihiacompany 
U orderly ficrgcimt, und dij^tiLgiiishcd timseif nt 
Bu^oa Visia, XuyXxx^ the roundiuion of hi^ future 
ttiilitan" repuiation. The La ^Salle County company 
did ^iKJ'l F*enp*icc during tlie wur 

A strenaouB effort was made by Peru, and vicinity, 
(aeflTiwI adirittioii of the county. It rommenced at 
aa early day, and contlnuvd for s**voral year*, P»>ru 
bid fhim the tlr^t nspired tobent-ourty sent, which 
Ottuwii, iiikI tin? t'jiT^r. part of ihr cuiiiity, hnd a« 
peruislejilly nppoued. Ottawa cun^enlMd to a cur- 
tailiQ«iitor r.)ii? ti*rritory of tltf connty on tlir t^ist 
and north, bat held with a ISnu gn]> to th^? ipve^Cem 
jewd, Peru and Lii ^alle. Thcmattercreatedmucli 
bad reeliugT and nearly iill elections were more or 


HUt&ry €f La Salle Ct>un(y. 

\<sm xift^Ak}^ by It Th€ <rompKHlon of tlie canal and 
niUrouds, facilitating rommnnieation with Ihecounty 
9i?Af, for l]]<* Itniit t^uk'li.^l l\\^ Kgitatiori, 

Dming thesis yeai^i the Stato paid no inWres* od 
h<T int^riuil improt^«fin«>nt bonds: thw iHindbnMHJfl 
w*'re iiT]]iiitifril hikI rlftmnnsl fhr stime rpeognition 
of their Glainis- The c<;iTn]fy wa?i alno in debt for ilti 
dourt hoiit«n »ik1 littd pan] no int«n?j*t on her bondA 
for 3'earfl- 

The pn>viflion ni&de for tho i.*aniiL hid(*bl4^d»c?«af 
and iJie imi'Cial revival of biisine^a, created a dcairai 
of all Uiiiiliing men for soniL- provisioQ b^'ing madi 
to n;(1*^ern Thi' SUito nnd county from the taini 

In Lt48, tbe {.Constitutional Convention, will: w^ 
dcMign of making ii pet-niancnt, und previ^ating 
repeal. Inserted un article in the constitntioii 
viiihig for levying a tax of two mill'* on the dollar, 
whicli was trri'voeably pledgt^l to the pajiuent oC. 
the interefi^t and principul of the otit?;tanding ^lal 
bonds. The p<**ip!i' mrllli'd tliSs b) a decided ma- 
jority. AUliotj^ii Die antoinit raif^edby thin Tax wan 
entirely Jiiudt-qiiiilr Uy nnv-1 tln' anicnmt due, ytt it 
^hovhfd a difti^ohUion to do ;^hal f^ould be dono. uid 
wa^ hailed with j;reat satinfnctioQ by the cm^dilora 
of the Stale. It was known that the avails of the 
tax would be ron8tantly and rapidly incrcitsiug, and 
would, in time, liquidate the debt. It tfave $;reat 
cocfidcnw, U. lifted Ih*- dark ah«dow of dii>1ionor 
JVom the reputation of the State and peoplis Thlfl 
impcrtnnt constiluliorml previi*it>n wa?* the turning 
point In I hi> history and pro^reea of the State. Tl 

Hecozerif /ttffK Hard Timex. 


un<»unt rt<alijw<L wag ^\m{\ r^iulicioDt to pay tbe 
iatercet, rmd to or^aie a sinking fand For payment 
oC Ihv boiidv lit maltirily. Tln.^ provision wu** coii- 
litiiied tn Toiice UH a new conBtkmion wjis marit'. auid 
lilt » liufciv nmuinil ft<TCUTuti1[itf^l in tbM tivasury ov^-r 
ntid alH>vh Mi:iL in-rHlrd tn jmy tlie Tiiiud.-*, TIk' 8(»ltf 
is now pme-liv'ally out of debt. Tli*.' coiiuty hood 
foltowfd Ihe ex&[ti|44> fret by th« ^4tntp, ami the first 
Board of Sup<^rvi><«)ni, at the drnt sf^oti in 1S51« bad 
the Mlirifaction of providing lor eImt pkynicDt of the 
loat oulelanding court honso bond. 

The lin^t court hoiis^Mirid Jiii) wae built in IKll. 
Tbe amount )>aid, a^ allowed b^' the enmmbaioii*^rts 
w&bi (H(]@.SO for tlie court house, and tl29&.S4 for 
Uiojail. Tbe pn»».'nl court iiou^t* wjis built in i84l. 
and acci^pti'd na complete iu ISI'J, 'Hie contract 
vras taken by Willium V. Fln^ for ^5,axt^ but be 
fiiU«d lo build It for thai, an^l il ?:uil vviiji i?omnii'nrod 
by che oounty, but wbs Lompromised, and tbe court 
hiin«p find tbe ^pi^bigy for il jail lu tht> Imist^itit-nt, 
cofti ^[i,noo, aud rnuncy bonds were I^au^^d f<kr tbe 

Tbr Stftti' imd rounty iiolily n-dii^iin-d thcni!«*!ves 
by paying their debtAaaetfrm a?* they had t hi' rui^us; 
ibi^xe mw ncTcrr any < oiieid<-nihli- number of her 
peoplti in favor of r<-pu<jiation; but they failed to 
pay, simply booauae they could not Their honcat 
int^ntiotift WL'ri' ?*havrn by ,"sr<-uring; tho cjmni d'.'bt, 
and tho enactineut of tbv^ proviwon for the two-mill 

In the vinter of 18M 3, thi> L*^ii;i^lature<^hartvr«d 
a company U> build Ui<^ JJliiioiif LVjunil Ituilroad, 


HIHory <f La 8aUe C&ufUy. 

giving; them the donation of land^ fn^uted by the 
UnltJ^ Slates to aid id Us conslroction. The com- 
pmiVj by iJii? tiTm* of ttu- (vintnirl, in corisEdemtli^n 
of ihe prlvil^g^a gt«nled and the donation of land, 
are to puy tlm StiUi< 8L-TL*n per ct^nt. nt itHfgni^ 
tfArhings of \\w rond in*rp*»tuaUy, TIjat now 
amounts to about ?43^>,0iXi iitiniially. Wwrk wa^ 
ix>mTnvucefl in 18fi9, and moot ot the ponton in La 
Salle County wa* in operation in the tall of 1853. 
Thi.* Chicago, Burlington & Quincy mid the Chicago 
& Kock laland roads were built about tlie same 
time. Thcso roads^ villi tho canal, hnvo ivvoln- 
tioAtx<^ the hugin&B3 of thi* connty, and, with th<^ 
telegrapb, brought ns into oommnmcatma vrith all 
the world. The eectu^ioii and dmt^irit romoval from 
tlie bomee of our yontli. so irkaoiDe lo the pioneer, 
is now pmrtt<fully iibolifihed. Wi* can communi- 
cate with ctistiMit friends in a few minutes, and 
trariHpurl imrai^h^fe tiit^e in a day or two of time. 

Thtf (^h«ap tniiLEjiortufiiMi cif luinbf^r haH i-ii:d»l>-d 
the st^ttler to biiihi iiTid fent'f Jiway from the timber^ 
and indrpHid'^nt at tlie grovm nnil litnbi^r f>t^lti» {«o 
eagerly sonii^ht for in tie early .-^c^ttlementii* Tli« 
prairie towns on tht^ ouipkirta of the county haro 
rapidly tH-ltled, and ".-xperi^-nL-c has proved tVpl 
ther<j is no valid objtrction to the settleiU'^nt of the 
tar»;e9t pralrios when lunibLT can be obtainixi for 
building and fencing, and f^oal for f ud ; and, with 
orchards ruid ^x>v^«^ u K-T^JdeiKc thero id about as 
pleasant as alon^r the timber, and moiv healtUfn] 
than ill the timber The soil \^ found to be as good, 
and, with groves of Umbnrr which aiv ^a^Uj raiddd, 

Reis^t^y frcrm Hard Times. 


Ui« diffrn-ncc Id trIuv, a» eotnparcii wii)i farms 
leor th*^ timlwn U merely iiomiaai, Timhor lund 
raptdty <]vclin>^4l In pritv. Tb»? b^K-niilKs which 
bttd made tlie lamber beielofore used, were aban- 
don^, with on<' or two (*x<^*»priona only. \\i ibe 
TOuaty. That versadUty of i\\^ Ani*?ri<rim character, 
which NO i>-udii_v mlitpt:* it^*lf to alli-r^tl circum* 
0taiic4^. was rurjspicuoiiM here. Diit the »itDe ttitit 
of chiinwrU-r will at some fiitiiiv ilny Iw pal lo 
the t«eL Wht4i tht< Iiimlier Hiip|)ly fails, aa fail it 
will, ibcy will be compelled to providt^ a dubotitutc 
for I he ileHrifrncy. 

AnoChttr imporlnnt cbau^i^ ocruri^^d ubonl the 
Aftniv cimc, commencing a IitcK> be-fore,— a change 
more imi^ortant and niort^ lastirij^ in ite oflect.— 
tXuxx K tht? irittx>duiMion of im]>rovi?d agricultural 
implemeotfl and maohmeB. It haa more than 
doublM thi^ mpftctly of th*f jwoj^r* Tor iIk- proline- 
tion ot farm crops, and lift^nj the bnrdeu of tOavifih 
U>il fwn\ Ihe sliiiiih.Vnt of ih*^ lalNkring inilltorL!*, it 
win makE^ thi' farnn^r'n orcii]»ation one of tlit* fine 
art«, und fugineerin^ r^kill a-ud »< lentiKc knowk'ijgi'F 
tlin qualifirjLtion n^ciiniy^d in n farm hand, rather 
Clian th»? nide muMnlar stivnirth te<iuirvd by the 
old sysl^rru. 

The irapleniT?iits used when the flettlemcnts wore 
t^eitiK mftdt-, forty ycur* ago, would be rcgiirdod oa 
ndicoloiis carkaturej now> The plow then nwd 
wiu«utirf4y incfhciont For yeari; ufkT th^» eettlo- 
ment^ corom^inced in Jjx Salle County, there had 
n4«ver been a plow made or ni^ed in the Suite that 
would <rlear it*»>lf, or do good work. The old ball- 

HUUrff ^f La SaUe OmmCy, 

tongue, a wooden mold-board, vith a flat strip of 
Iron for a Bblirt^ wa?i about us good Et« any. Somu 
broupht with Ihi^m tht> Ni>w Kniflnnd i-aat-iron plow 
— a good 000 tlK*r»_N but mk-K^pie Ikto, Any i»low 
then in Qse would load with the iine aQCttioas &oil 
to tlii? dMpth of SIX or t4;;ht iTich^*, uli^^n Si would 
only drap upon th<» emface, barely mulvin^ ai mai'k. 
A paddW was c»rrit>d in rlj« Imiid^ nnd the o. 
ivniov<*d ev*'ry few nidti. But tli** work wa*< pof>rlj' 
done at be*iti a good harrow or dmg would 
hHl^r-work Iha.ii miy pliiw iTitrn Sii u!«t^. 

Tht^ Hi*ftt plow lliat wnf* made to scour was the 
diamoDdi oa it was czilK'd. from tho ^hape of the 
mold*boai^3 or sharr. U wai^ a iiingle piec^ of iroa 
made diBhin^;, highly poli-ibi'd and bi-ougbt nearly 
fiqunrc to the front, and Mie pressun- vrould makt^ it 
clear iteelf. The faiint^r wjjo tirst saw thia done felt 
much UB Mor^c did wJicn he lirst eent a nioi^dago by 
telo^raph. SnfiPOftjtiv** imi>r'>veineQtB have bo^L 
niadf. till the polished ca^tsteel plow of to-day to % 
beantiful. a^i wi-ll as a pt»rfect working instrument. 

Th^ barvi'8ler. the mower, thelhr^sh^r, th» loader, 
the plti^h4«r and bjiidi*r, and iinru^mns other iinpl 
nii»ut^, liiive all come into n»e within t\\\* latft thirt 
yrainv, Om- dcjui piitirtc moU o(T»*rM fftc-ililieN for the 
use that t^aii not bi^ found elsewhere. 

Those who in tli^ir youth uj^ed tlieltaSl, the eJckle, 
the cmdle, and the soythe. and whohad their wivM 
or diiu^titera drop ihc ty»rn while they covered it 
with the hoe. will eoon hare piaesed away, »i 
prnctti!0<t ^kiU wlnufi orre ut^eil rhoso implomenU' 
will be among the lot^l arte. 

The tid^ ot pn»riperity that followi-d the provl 


Rteotcry from Hard Tltaes. 

Ing of th#' principal rallniEulA, ra|iHlly seilletl iiptbe 
iioocca|>»f^ jiniirifs m ih-^ r(Hint>\ nii<l hirgii-ly added 

county anaumed tli^ ApT>t?firan4'e of an old s^ttl^d 
n^gion. Comforuldt* lious*.-:* iind barrs fljining iip 
vith& lupidily probably imei|ualod by any other 
Jocnlity. Orchards (ind ciiltivut^'d k'i'O^^^ tran»' 
fbnu'Hl the onc^ nak^^d pmii it' to an abode of com- 
rofft and beauty. 

Th<> fi'iitfal habits of th<' early 3(>trlt»rft ^ve plaoe 
to Tmbili; ul Luxury, a&d verified tlie adige, tbftt 
mankind usnaUy Uvo up to their Incomi^. 

In JSfl", anotler finunrial crisis occurred, but the 
^brnxl ctrcumstanroif of tlio j>eopLe L'nabk'd them 
to inei^t it vriUi comparalive imimnhy. It checked 
Uifir nipid n«-,cumul^lion "f w^-allh. Ijut f}i<?i^ wa* 
no fiufff-nng except, with llie oDmnaercial claswes, 

In the war of Uio rebellion, tlir rounty furuinh»*d 
ri-arly aix tbousaud men for clif army, and paid oat 
nvdr |6iK),o[)0 for militiiry pur()os<'c». Ti^e military 
history of the louniy durin;; tlie war would till a 
Tolumaaad jnetiC'O to the i^oldiere and t^ichtt county 
callft for eucb a hUtory. It will doubtless be writ- 
IML Such a work, not full and 1.^^:hau«tlve of th^j 
fubjoct, would be unjiit«t to some, and of little value* 

The revuUioo of 1857, with ibe \o^^ of onr r.'iirren<*y 
and luwprk'vs i*oui;*.'quenl uptm thf breaking out 
of Cbt^ war, w»ii soon follnwi'd by inflation and ex* 
ouaaii'ely hi^b ])ru-eH. Tlio^e who held tlteir gmln 
ft^mlfifll ;ind lft09lo MMV\ ;inil \M\ ma^le furtunefl 
out of it, TliJa inflation— wiih the certainty tha-t an 
elTcct ev«r follows tlic cauao that produces it— wa« 


HistoT}/ cf La Sailc CoutUy, 


fallowed by LI10 oiintmctioD untl Oiihinvi of 1^73^ 
fWni whirli loiij; <lf prrr-S.-*mi] wr nnr appnn.^ntly jaa( 

The county soon imid the 4600,000 of war cli-bt, 
and, at the anniul me<?tiiig cf the Board of Boper- 
Ti&ora in So|.ifonilK*r, ly^ll^ was r^pyrUid hy tlio 
Trcasni'or ae entirely Ttoo irom d<>bt» without un 
outstniidEnfe ordoi\ »nd wiiii Sa8.0(H^i in tho trvasurv. 

Several lines of railroad havi* b^en bail t wit hio 
th^laiiiieD yean^, all ceiitc^nn^ in Streutor: the road 
fmin StU'Ator lo Winona^ now t*xt<'iidL>d to Lacon ; 
lln> Pudu»Tah, running somUeaat from Sireator : tho 
Ciiifu^^Fi-kiii iV A.iutliwi^?*t"'ni; mid ih*.» Kox Hiver 
road, now 1»-juied and ojierat^d by tho Chli-iigo, 
Bnrlington A Quincy Coriijiany- Tlif lnti*?r rra- 
vrrwrs iwnrly thr extent uf \\\%y county, mid is doing 
a lar^ ami |>riifliablc< bnMnt!»^, pHnt^ijially in rim 
jdiipnient of coal. 

, The following table of elevations on Ihe Fox 
Kiver K4iitroad has been furaiahed by Mr. Wit^ion, 
who w«^ rliief otigiii>.?cr duriog its construction : 

TakiD]; ton- Wdlcf on ilie Illinois Hv-^r lU UD, 
D^h»t iioUu hriw^fa Oluwa ftiidCavoLI cicok U 

Onud HiLljfd ttalioo, 

dir«iviDr At ftlijifi ■idc'irnck, > • > < • 
VoimUllon hitrt .-.,.-. 

OtUwn ttoliou. ,,..... 
Mlnolii and MloftlgHkP Canjiil, (nrffifrf Af imUr, 

IadUii<TCM;k, thurfnci; of wa(er» . - * • 

Fox rWcr ai SUcriiUo. sarface of viWtr. 

Coitniy Commfsstonersr. 



f# Z^JCI, if>At;> lAt Jtnf B^urd vf Supsrtiivrt vtrt tiecttit, 

ISII. Jobr Orvn, Jami^ii tl. i'Hmpliell, Alirini TniMiIid. 

fhe>, ISIS, Hnriici Rcjucld^ Titv Ja«. B, CuaipbflL 

1443. DbaIcI Kclkrgg, ftJmcin Cntliif. MaiUh ntynoldh. 

l^U, UtLLC Ihmuilck, Qoa IlKWChUl, Kcbcn F. Wood- 

miL BcD^tnln TtLunmn, vie*- H ?. W^mflwonli, 

lUV. PtirM K«4^t-r» Tliiim^H Uuralmn, Wni, Hftrbour. 

1611 l»u Dinirakk. Tta][)ti WooiUulI. Wm, Bjiibout. 

Much, lUV. tUnrj (-rdi^n. v|(^r< Wm RuFliimf, r^ Hi^u^a, 

io^, iSas. njnuft P, Wooclwi>r(h, *icc ICnlph WcK>Jruir, 

THll rimflc Hu^Uy, vU-c Niiut! Dimm^rl;. 

' liWS. IlArT^T Lcwuu'd, vice llimm P. Woixlworlli. 

• 1*13- S<tnuel Mankcy. vlct AIhJu Wogdrtltt. 

** lew*. Kobcrt Kowo, vlci> R H*iiIoy, 

'' a IMl Chu. C. Elliott, \\ci^ ^iiiiaFl Mnckf^y. 

' WIl HttaryG. Coltoti, Couniy Judge - (Tbu. H. QIEmjtb 

CoQBlf dHded imo Tcwaohipi by Cbaoii^lin It Pijlti^, Uvi 

lUport niAct FfbninrT 1l!<th, I8S0. 

Ftni D^rd of 8upefiUi>rK lud Mi>- STlb, 1900. io ipcclfll 







HifU^ fif La Salk Omntp. ^^^ 


JmiB>f DAtf fWwryp 




Wm- Kicboy, 

D«v|d WaUCCT. 

a«>, £. WtU«r. 






Aitibuoy PlF/er 




■* (JtittvSdu 

Jo«c|>h I'lood^ 

w. sudd«Q tOct) 


JftiDc* H Snwicll, 

f f 




Alxm Woodniff 


t.riri?n/o Lplund 1Jh1_ 

rSBj- " 



Coiiftd Dvbmii^. 









Jabvv ^ticli. 





■ 4 





■ ■ 








■ « 

Wm. R HtClfl) (Aog.) " 




UAurlca HQri>by (An^) " 















Hutrj UurlbQn, 














B, W Rftjmond. 

•1 • 





Baton 0«odf a 



J. B- Ford. 


■ 4 





Rlettttd Tboro. 




■ • 






Prtnctt Wifno? . 



S&mucl R. Lcffl*. 





• 1 


Sh L, Wat«nn*a, 




PUIIq Undlfrj. 

■ ' 




■ 1 

Pr»ncU Wftrncr- 



Oea d. flUsbblDH. 







K. L. WftUfVAft. 




8. W. lUyLiiuniJ. 

t H 




■ 1 

Wm. R, UHligin. 

County Court. 



OFF ICEHS— CosTis ubd. 

Sutuot and TWaturrr. 

C^iMfify CVfTit. 



Wm, E. Beck. 

S. W. RaymuQa. 

Wju. R. MilliffHik. 







A. E Muorc. 



» " 


H. A. 3lGCaJcl>. 


Thos. Boveo. 






WrtlteT Good. 


John Shepherd. 

Hi Ion Mend. 





DiiJiid Blake. 






S. W. Raymond. 


A. C, Mclnlyre. 



H. A, McCaleb, 




■ 4 









RufuM C. StvveoK. 











Profmtt •ttdgt. il'ior-lir. 

J.>s. Cloud (July). DiiTiO Wnlker. 

J, V.A. Ht>f»((>cr) 

Aniljonv Pit/pr, 

^, W. .^Tmsiron,!;. 


John PahiuT. 
Ujilph Woodrurt. 
Thomas Larkin. Henry Hurlliuri. .1. Filch, {* j "^Wo) 


H 91& 



History qf La SatU Vbtmtji- 



cofNnv cot'nT-<TDKtiKi.w, 


^^^P mt/nft Jw^fft. nr<a*'t*i 

^^^^- 151T. LloQiyG CorLoii. Stui'I W. itajmuad. 




?l.ilQ Undk/. 



tOt^tkff Ctft tmd t*p^ Itttfr^dtr.^ ■ 

^B tfAT. .To^ C. Cbkmrl^n, J^'^d F. Nftih. (a* q|ff«^. 


^^1 ii/mtfVl e^v'.tor/0n,ifrf-||. 


^^M Mi'iV^it Ak^ . tUM 


^H IKJ. K 

, Lt\auK\. (Aug.) jL U. Hiforc, (er<^c^k, 


^1 leoA. 

'* n^riiinti SiWcn (r« ojBruO, 


^H tuft. chuM 

. TiOllmniL Chht n IIfji>lc(f3(|^fH 


^M 1»T<IL 

" Cbju. VT. nflohard> 


^^^^ IKTS. LLhi 

Iwi Miller 



c^.-«j«^. 'X^;;:;-* «^^, fl 

^^^H IRI! 

Olclinrd Vcmng i1r»i M Mnjil«, L. 0. 8lind». ^| 

^^^V tS3». 

ThaniM Ford- 


^V ]s»j. 

Jwrpb CIouvIp ^I 

^1 Hmj< IKtIL 

Stdncy Orcpie, JunrsUTiiiL 


^1 aei»- " 

Sluph. T. LcKW). '* 


^H Uiy, l»8i1. 

Thorn nt Ponl 


■ ^9i-t 

>■ *> 


^M Mtij. lesn. 

Jclin rc&rvon. " 


^H ^pi. 

Jcwvii.Tluim^- A. Hiantmifdoa. 


^1 Apr, less. 

Jvbn PcamoQ. l<Flb 1^. ^rvrtilL 


^H rtnin,. 

'' A- iluciLngduu.- 


^B Mt7. IMW. 

TliD.i]ii« rord N. U. Hurplo. 


^M K«T.. iMa 

'A ki 


^H Apr,, IMt 

firib R- Panrdl. 


^^B Koth 

Lnronxu L«laad^| 

^1 Ai»r» IHt. 

JaikS, IIoU- 


^1 Xor,. 

Joud n. CtttdQ, 8em n. y«nv«ti. 


^B M*r., 1^43. 

J. H, KoUaion, BcnJ. P- Pridlcy. 



Juhu U, Calcii. " 

•* ^^^^^1 

^B ,irar., 1S44 

*t It 


Oirmdt Court 





C%rcmU Cwrt. 

Nor., 1844. 


. CatoD. 

Ben]. P. Fridley. 

LoreDzn Leland. 

Mar, I84S. 




Nov., *' 




K&r, 1648. 




Nov., " 


B. C. Cook. 


Utr., 1817. 




Nov., " 




Mtr., 1S4B. 




Nov., ** 




Mar., 1849. 

T. Lyle 



Pliilo Lindley. 

Nov., ■■ 




Apr., 18G0. 




Oct., " 




Apr.. ISGI. 




>'oT,, ■■ 




Feb., 1852. 




JuDCt " 

lAanc G, 




Kov., '•■ 

Edw. S. 


W. n.L.WallHce 


Feb., 1853. 




Mmy, " 



■ » 

KoT., ■■ 




lA^y, \%rA. 



■ 1 

Nov., " 


■ i 


M>3'. ie55. 




Nov.. " 

M. E, Hollisler. 



Way, 1S50. 




Nov., " 




Feb., IS57. 


W. Bushnell 

Joba F, Nwh. 

June, *■ 



■ i 

Nov. " 

■ i 


■ ■ 

Feb.. 1S5S. 


0,C.Gniy, (-Vui-ift^t/f*). " 

Nov., ■* 


\V, BuBLneli- 




Nov., ** 



Feb.. 18«. 

1 1 


June, " 




Sistory of La Salle Coun^. 


Nov., I860. 
Feb., 1861. 
Jane, " 
Nov., *' 
Feb., 1863, 
June, ■■ 
Not., " 
Feb., 1803. 
June, ■* 
Noy., " 
Feb., 1S64. 
June, " 
Not, " 
Feb.. 1965, 
Nov.. •• 
Feb.. lS6fl. 
Not.. ■* 
Not., " 
Feb., 186S, 
Nov., •' 
Feb., IftflS, 
Feb-, 1870. 
Nov., '■ 
Feb., 1871, 
Feb.. 1873, 
Nov., ■' 
Feb., 1878. 
Nov.. " 
Feb., 1874, 
Nov,, " 
P*?b., 1875. 
Nov., " 
Feb., 1876 
Nov., ■' 


CiratU Jtiflge. 



H. £. Holl^sler. 


W. Busbuell. 
D, P. Jonea. 

John F. Nub. 

A. B. Moore. 


Cbas.Blanchard. Herman Silver. 

a. Lei and. 

Charle» H. Hook. 

Henry Mayo. 

Boa we 11 Holmes. 


■ ^rutt^9 <m<i HeprcsenMirea^ S91 ^H 

..™s..™hs. • ■ 


uT fb ^am0M eT M-* JTrt^vri «/ flf ATdftf Onuilt /pm* ^^| 

/id B^at <W«r/i or /r\)ni f Atf di»irki ^u tf U«A toii V*nM^ tM« ^^| 

tiw«MM, «<ftr« /^'JJ, (Ac tfuft 0/ Hriif GmaO^tf in,tvrf^ratUi^. ^H 

IRRS J»»tf« W, ft1*|»benti>a. ^^| 

J»as, J&nuM H. ScTT^c. ^H 

|H3». 1»^>-I. WIlNau. »udi.1hD. ^H 


1M4-5. Mtvhitl Ityu. ^H 

1847-4tt-il WtlliftU^ at^ilick, ^H 

]»3A-U^e7-ft». B. C. Cuofi. ^H 

18ai-«3 <a- m. WoAhl&iEloa BDntrntll. ^H 

199». ieTl-3. Jb»uii W. 8u«ren. ^H 


Erner B«li] vin ^^1 


Pftwactl Plvmb. ^H 


£^t 4/ Btpr**enSalip^ r^ iht frt-^U Lt^itUUtr< from Ta RilU Cl>h, ^H 

/rwj i^JJ io 1677, t/i'i/i insitin^, ^^H 


Jobs HMiiTin, t8E3. C TL Potter. ^^| 


Hunry Umlvlro. C. L SiArbucK. ^^M 


JoMpb W. ChurchdL iSfib, David SirAVEi. ^H 


Abmm I{. Doilfr, l^n>doiich S, lUy. ^^M 


Jnmvm H. Wttfiilwprlb. lSfi7- KLmvr BhlklwtD. ^^| 

KliAbk BibbpQi, JbuiH N. Readlag, ^^| 

V. n. W. CuKfamui, I8»f. A. Cmiiir>beU- ^H 


W. H W. a^flhrrk^n R, 8, Hiclu. ^H 

AmbroM U'CoDDor 18G1. Andrew J. Cropmy. ^^W 

QtQr W, AnmirvDif, Jolm W. Nr«|ioit, J 


A. UC<>nncir. IBOS. ~Jb#otIorflC', Utbioc. ^^1 

Jos. 0. Glover. H, B. Pattj. ^H 

Wllliuit Bfti'tii^ur. jLihn 0. rx^iiL ^^| 


Goo. W. f^iraoQ, lN4a. Fnuihliii Corvin- ^^M 

H. n Laibcr. M° UUlfF. ^H 


John Ulic. Jaioa \V. Anvvtll. ^^| 


History of La Salle CowiUy. 


1867. Franklin Corwirj. 1S73. 

William Strawu, 

Elnaer Baldwin. 
1869, WilHam Strawn. 1875. 

Frank Sin Corvin. 

Samuel Wiley. 
1871. Geo, W, Annatrong. l«77, 

Ben J. Edgccomb, 

Jos. Clark, 

H. M- Gallagher. 

Lewta Soulu, 
Josepli Han. 
Geo, W. Arm strong, 
Charles L- Hoffman. 
Geo. W. Armstrong. 
Elijah H. Spic^r. 
L. B. Crooker 
S, M, Heslet, 
Geo- W. ArokBlrong. 


or EAcn To«r» is tnt coct^tT- 


Ottawa anil South Ottawa •I't* w> tnnni'i^iod in 
their t-arly »*_*ulcmL-nti thikt it in imposfliblo to int>.-l- 
ligi'Dtly 51'piinitf tiirir hl&torj ; id Tact, rhr Nmn 
and biii^iiit-Dfl wisre first ('■^tabli^hed on tb** soiitU 
bank of the rircr, and romained ihorc MM IP37 8- 
Tb« stcictitt which ran from Cfiieo^o to Peoria, 
throiiffb <H*awa, croPa<^dth^nrpphyihe reiry wiiich 
rau rruii) th<^ point nbovii thi.' Fox to tlio south vkir, 
and vrry few of Ihosc wlu* )iiL;*MHl tiiioaKh or vieked 
Ottawa bcfopt? the eaminer of 1S3(K over eot fo*ji on 
rh« pr<>«viit »it*» of Oltawiv, tvlow iln' Fox. Tli^ 
commandlnf: ^tfo;3:raphical position of Ottawa : tL« 
lenrpii^'^ing Waiity of it« loi-aiion, Sa on-j of ih*' nn>st 
plclun-^qinr and rotnnntfc valloys of the \Vl*^, 
bounded on the noith and wjuiU by tlw lofty wooded 
lilnfTv whrrli ^'xtvitd in gcnMi- sloping nmliihUl'aiH 
nn t^itbt^r sclde of the bnKi<l ojien vriUey, both t^ast 
iiJid went', till thv^y tfiingli^ with tlie horixou ; wfail« 
th'* rh-ar and Kpi^rkliDg watf^i-r* nf ll«' Fox, from the 
cookr northt*m ivgion of WistonMn, breaking 
abruptly Oirotifjch tlie north hlnfl, join Uie broad 
and placid illinois in the c&ntip of wlmt \ft u^^vj \\\p 


Hiaiory qT Ld SuUe C^mntp. 




dt.y, tD|foili4*r foriiiifi|^ a pkiuro wlilch, rk^n^^i 
oUhi-r hhifl, aiftkt<d an im|iression on die heliuUli 
not t^asily efl^LCMl — I'eiid^^ifd it natural that the eiiii- 
gmnt should hr nir.i'Arli'ii tfi t}i]» lorality Hmt, niifl 
that n^any. a.-* waw ilie rjiA*-. fihmild stt>]» here t^^m- 
porarily, i^ho t^veiitiiall/ »etltcd in othi-r parts 
Ihr rontity ami oHht |«irti»of rh^ West. 

Oltat^'a was <^arly, and almoat frnin its tirst ince) 
tion, disigiuitcd na a county 8i.-al, and its growl 
ond iioponanoe were eomewhnt dependent on tbe 
fflze of the county of which it was to be tlio centre- 
Thw tornlory t?rnbnw*'si m tlu^ tirsx organization 
tbe county, which was equal tn extent to 8onie 
tho Eam^irn StatL>^ bad to bv divided flud u*t off 
Into C4kunli('i(* a9 the i>o|>ulution ^'xiended and thelc— 
w»nt0 retjuir^d. To watch thU process, and we tti^| 
itu-^iHJtifliriiMi.-tlydoiRv luid toprt'Ht-rvi'intaflalarge 
and inltui^ntml county, of whi(*h Ottawa w-tis to W, 
in fiUft bii«ini^^« and weaUli, thv lii rrj)iv»i*nljilivi% 
was fiM' yeant l1u- ^>*Trhn])(»e<eil duty and labcir O^H 
Llie pniici|tal ciliKfiTis of the p1ac«. Many were tlip^ 
<»uru«i4H held and pilgnniagr-s niad^ ro corifrT with 
oUier localttEi*^ within the connty limits to arratige 
for tlie common inttrer^t, and to cut off jii^ enough 
to K^Ui.' a large- county, but uot i?n<>UKh lu 1>t< again 
divlilt-d. TtK'?ie eiforta were socceaefoL and tbe 
tXitxh Jiaa been the largest, most populoua, and 
weollby county iu the Statv, except Cook, and thai 
gains precedence only by having the city of Chicngc 
wiihin it, Ottawa hne n^vor liad a mushrooiD 
growth, like ^me towna ; lis progrees has b«ea, 
alow but sti^dy. and the business hu not 

Sketch qf StflltTM — 0/tatca. 


ovt>rd*jn**. Belurvthi" IfiilMiiigof tli*? ninrcmdrc, ah 
a ^min iiiarkiu it jirr^baihly was not KiirpHRsefl in tlie 
Statf. It n,-« high tu^ fmir jniUiitji bii^lit^Its 
of grain In a vear. while it now handlt^ft scarcely 
moTi.' rliaiL oU''-rourtU of that. Tln^ hnildiiij: of the 
railroads which comment'od about 18.W. Uas divid*'d 
Uip fmiLn busin<^^ umon^ ti\t miitiy Mttlu prniriij 
£trkti<>riii which have t;f>niii;; up iilong tlu'liiufiof 
rood^ But whilt> ihe h:iiid]in^ of k^niii} aa a huai- 
itiA has radically t1i?cri*a^ted, tbf^ growth of Xhi^ «\iy 
:is not l*e» stay«-d- Its fiiiun? ••viJriilly Jcm'S not 
<]e|H-i]d orilhi' iuHidii'i'(»rhushi']nofi'<iraaiid lal-sthnt 
irih poM tbrovgb i^ or on thr rL^tall ti^dc, although 
tilth will \tf ini)>cirtaTir ifcnin. Ilr* fAcitiiirn for 
rtfa|»flhi]>Dient hy rana], both for export of fn^iii, 
and import uf lumbi.<r, salu and other kenry ailii<l<;9, 
vUl jE^re a decided advaiita;rit ov^t rnllroiid tniQA- 
portatioti* ha fuhim ]ie» in a higher t^|>)u:'ri*- mail' 
nfaemring, tbt^ whol«^g!d*> tmd«, and th^ fini>r and 
iT^'hi^r priced retail bugine^^ Thot^e nun^eronti 
(ouns thttt hai'v tTipjihnl Llie tratle of Otlaw» ttilJ 
he hut cuHtometv for the ba»tii>-.s4 lltul. Ottawa wil] 
liiially ptirMin. 

Dr, Dof-idson. mid to havr; bceii froni Virgintu, 
va» doubl]^:;8 the tiret Anivnuaii citizen, and tho 
lirst wUit(^ piaa, nftrr llie Proiich octjupiintt^, that 
JA^ttltrd tn tho county; he built a cahin, and occu- 
pk*d it in the early tnininKT of lb*J'S, oa Ihv «o(itb 
b«iik of Un' lllinoia Hvi^. nearly opposite the west 
ead ol BnlTalo K<>ck, and trailed wUh th'' Indiana, 
He lin.-d alone, and nas found di-ad in hiH uihin in 
l£j& No kind hand Hm^KitliF'd hln pillow, ur iiioLst- 


Hlttm-ff if Za SSidlA Coutdy. 

ened bl^ }iftrc:liPii ilpa ; 1m died sJoDt>, leaving no 
kindrrd to monni liia d<?partiin-. Sudt is tlit* !^hi»rr 
but Ra<l fitory of t!u^ firat pioueer where so nQinT-n~»iia 
&ncl liui^y a poputarion now lire. Dr. DavJdMtii w.-i» 
n wrll oducnU'd phyeician ; be left a Jargc amonnt 
of tnantipcript whit'li vi^ng not prv^rrri^. 

Jctieo Wnlk^.^p, a Motboiiet pr*nK'lieT and misuon* 
ary, <^ara** to Otiawa in tbn fall of ISHtj. Hd was 
bum 111 UrH'kiD^bum CouiWy. Vinzinia: his e^ncu- 
tton WA4 vt«ry Hndt'^1, luivSn^f, It is <il(l, nlu-ndv^l 
8cliool but Ixv^^nty d:iys in all. In co m puny wit U 
PrifKidltig KltVr, nfU'iwftrd Bi-*b<jp, M('K<*iidriN.\ \%i* 
enii^nited to Soulbern Illinois, in ISOC. As an itio- 
«nint prwM.Iier, b"* bdion-d <m Un* fmntiiT, going 
norf.b as tbe population exti^iidcnl in tbal din^iioii, 
till be reuclK-d L'caria, in IS^'l, and OUn^ra X\vt> fol- 
lowinjc year. In th<; aprin;; of 1836 be edtnblidhed 
& mla^ion nmoijff Uk.- I^ctliLwalomio Indinn^, nt 
wliat is now caUed Miaston Point, in ilie town of 
>£i#«ioD, tbo nam^> of botb beiDg tkrivijd ftx>m Utis 
€lKnQistanoi>. I1«j bibored ftiitbfully her&, preacb- 
ing lo lb« TmiIkiiiic, inid koH<ping » si'bool for some 
twenty-five or tbiily Indian chiblren {\mi with vtry 
IniljITcrt'iit i*THT»-s?*. hij far ns rbriHii:ini/irig anil riril- 
izing th^ hidiiins w;i>i Lt>nrenied)i till the spring of 
1B33, when \i^ wa?i a]>pntiLlrd to tboCbtca^atalioD. 
find rbrindoiK'd IbemisaiaD. Tbc Pottavmtomica of 
tln' prairiflaneT^rembrQcrdCbnslinnity, nor b«Mnmi? 
In liny coTLsiderablc de;;re« riviUzed : tb^-yreninine^l 
|m^n:i tf> t\ui Inst, n'^ilHtin;; f»ITt'('f ntiJIy botb OitUoUo 
ftnd Pr<L»l*:'*taiiS Tni*.*ionrvri*»tt- Mr WulkiTn.'Tiiuiii^ 
two years in Cbicstgo, wlien lie mtired to u small 

StrfcA qf ScUiers — OUatx^a. 


f^inii. twi'lve niiW vrcst of Olnrngd, whvi-w lit- <1htJ. 
OrtobtT 7tt\\ 1835, Up was biiiied Dear riainfitld- 
\2^><K appointed a commiltoo of llmv body, who ri- 
iDovi-d his tviniuiiti to lh*> cimietery at Plainrtt.'ld, anrl 
eivcled a ttojie to his memorj", TJia Cunfeivjiui* 
mtendixl thr^ removal liia body, and <^3C|ir«^i(^ chelr 
liigh sippnv'inUon of tlj« valimMe sn'rviojs ol thHr 
lon;:-d>'iiarii-d lnt)ih»T- 

The iijm^mnt Mi-(lio(list prendiers of that day, 
who dnviiiiil ti]i-ir liveji tn thfir iiii-'^sieuIt iiii* deitt-rv- 
io^ of iiiori* than cotnmoti famt-. Traveling from 
9t?ttlrtntiic to tft-uJenirnt witJiout road^ or bridfr*^^ 
foidin;* awol loo sri^ajHS where no friondly hand could 
reudcr ft^^ietHnf>^ in cacw* of m^^d, for th'i iilKht^a i*n- 
tertninment i^bnnng thi> ntn-nidy overfiUect valnn of 
tlie.Hctller, IkvJn^ upon the coarsest faiv, oftonwKh' 
out food, L-old and w«t« p:dd only tlii* bTnali stipend 
ttii>iDi|iov4?rUhi*d settler <rould 8parv*» aft**r im^^atng 
tl>eim|x^rious(li?inand«orhif«uwn family — these self* 
dt-nyini^HfTorcs mark 3 hen» of noordumryHia racier. 
Thirruinii.-sof Je^HrWalkiT. Pef<?rCarrvrright, l^t-cgs, 
St. Cta'ir, and their co-laboren^ uiil be rein^'inbered 
and rev^i'i^d by after agea- 

Thotna>f IL Covc^ll came from Allon, in 1^24, He 
ectH«d en CovoH crtx^k, jziving his narac lo that 
fltn^ftm. H(* traded vitli tW Tndiniis, and built % 
\\\\\\ m^ar wh^nj lh».» cn-i^k i.'m<r>;».-s fn?m th'i blulF 
on to the IlllnoU bottom. He moved to Salt Creek, 
Cook OMitity, alxMU lft:t'*, nnd di*^ ih^^rt*. The 
camp- ground of th^ -llh Cavalry wuj* CoveU's corn- 

fffsior^ of La SaXh C^untp. 

Gvorge Brown came in 13d4; wits hen* three or 
fcrtir yf-iifti, and itmv^d (*> GaU-na. 

JoHi.'|>h Brown cams in Ld24: wun hem four or five 
yi-ar*, aiiti timii riir>VHc1 lo Wiw:on**in. HIh Sim. 
Ford, said to hnvi.- Wtii ini^i.'d by 111'* Iiidianjs cninc 
to Ottawa in 1858 : he lived by buating and trap- 
pirjr. und vix-nl Wi'st. 

\^'ilbu^ F. Walker, from Virginia, 1825, eon of 
l>v. David Walk^'r, broiiiCht nplii<*fir»t kiwlbrwit 
on tlio Illinois rivi^r: n>sid>)d in Ottitwn, tiJl 1S57; 
then n*nioved lo Union County, Illinois He mar- 
nri} KVrm Brricir-iirl, <>r SL Tjiiiiii, 

Etimuiid Weed, from Vir^nia. 18J5, married 
Ki^^ijdi W'nlkrr, d;i«ghl»;r of David Walker; m- 
mo^ed lo Uoldci-man's (Jiove in 1828. lUea to Otl- 
ifonna iiil^d, and died there in 18^7, Uift widow 
is still living. 

Dr. Darid WnJker and wlf<j, PLcbc Pmloy, oAsae 
from Rookinphain County, Virginia, in 18^6^ a piao- 
Ucing pbyslcia,n ; was the flrat County Cl^rk of la 
SfiH^ County. I>r. Walker And liis nimit^ronB 
rainUy was a lai^e elfnu>Dt in llm ai4ll*-iii»*nt Jind 
1iU3^Lnt-H5 of Ott;iwn during its niily histoiy. He 
died in 183S. Of his rluldi^n. K^ali itia-rrind Kd- 
Riund Wr^^i^ and wriu lo California. Uulduli mar- 
md Vitall Vermit, nnd lived at Vermit's Point for 
iHiiny yi'orft. Eli/abt'th marriixl I^aiii*.! Newton, a 
lifiixlw^iro niL-rcliiint, »nd i^lethodi&t ]>rea4:her. Ade> 
line married VVm. Hlckling. Jane N. tnanii'd Joa^ 

(-t?o, K Walker, 6M>n of lir. I>arid Walker, from 
KaiiK* xdiuN.%raniL' toOitiiwu in 1SS7, and married Mar- 

Siekhi^ ScUters — OUatca. 


f;aivt Tliciniu« fn>in Si. Clnir CotinFy : s\w dind ia 
]848v He tra<1»"'l with fhr Iiulian^, and uii^amp- 
tainof ocotits ia tiic 131ack Hawk war; naathe fii-i^t 
Shrriffof 1^ Salle County, and Tor ni&ny years an 
ootivi'and «ucces£Ful miToliUQt in Oltawn. He dic^ 
in 1ST4. J<>avinir Xwo living 4<tiil^U>.ti ; Mnry Ann, 
marri^ tMw, O^k'nmn, lln»y iin? now in Mar^'Iand ; 
a^o, An^stos Evans, llvi^ in Cliirci^o; Mnr^arvl. 
niftt of Cliarlii* fiii<-*:igt», dWiX in Cluuigi.k ; ^imueJ, 
& lawYi^r, di-^1 in OU:iwa in ISG^. 

havid WadkiT, ylnlll^l■^l mm oT f)r. T>iiv]d 
Walker, came with Iua falher in 3820, married 
Liity Tozer, of Pennsylvania, an<J Uitrs in OUawii. 
llicy liavt* onL- son, Ut-or^p k, wlio ia njanied and 
liiff*:! i» rfl- l^tii±f< Mr. Wiilk-.T Iiat* Mayor of 
the cily of Ottawa, a itiunib(?r and Presid*rnf of thf 
Beard of K;]tiL'ation. nnd Aidt^-rmna, n.w\ has tilkd 
Btimy oiber pogJUon^ rif trtiet. 

Jami^ Walk*T, from Vir^lTiin, in 1^26, u Maiivg 
i>f Dr David Walker, sytrl^r*! on tli*> north sld** of 
the lllitini--* Nfiir ill'.* inniiih **t llti? Fox, wt^nt ro 
Plainfit^ld, and dii^ iTiere. 

Horuef* S|jrak'nf-, fnmi ^fil^H;l^hl[!fct■^,t>. finilranir' 
to BniiL^y^ii Urovo and then to Ottawa in IHSTi ; ki^pt 
tbe tirfil ecluxil in South Ottawa; uiarHird MIsd 
Pcmbir^kc. and afterwards Miss Disney. Went to 
Indian Creek, tlien to Galt*Da, and tin^Jly became? a 
Mormon Eldor. 

Georp^* Sprain**, brofhnr in Horace, from (ho*inm« 
]i!ftiv, rtr^t niin<' m Iliiil*>y'« Grov*\.ilitn to Otta.wa 
Jiiul Indiaa Crwk ; married Mary Warren, and went 
to Oalt'na. 


tfi*f/iTy f^ ha Stiffr Cttfaiiy. 

Colonvl Say<»ns caiiut frxim Alron In 1896: was 
liera ihre*) at FouryKirK and remuvi^d lo Galmm. 

Jo»t"pli Oluud came from K<"ntiit:ky In l\x« MX of 
18S3; marwd Jaiw? N., datii^litpr of Dr. David 
WalUtr; in 1834 waaayipointt^d County Clerk; hvld 
chr ol^i^'-s of County nnd Cin*uit Clorlc, JuAliceof 
tbe Peaces PoBtiuaetert and Probate Jndjev. \lc. dtt<d 
(a IKL1. An ^xcoIkDt and vcty popular olerk and 

William Hk'klia^ r^nicf tVom Ruglaml lo Otr»iva 
in IS34: mnrried Aili'lin».'. duiightvr of Dr David 
\V;ilki*r; (or ^ilMiiit iivt*iity ytrars Mana imrtJUT uf 
Gtrorge K. Waik«r» undertlio linn name of Wail kt*r 
Ifirkling, a popular honft'*, which prolably s^jH more' 
gtfodd to the old aettlera than any *^thcr firm. Mnk, 
Htok1iiigdi(*d in ]8'18; Mi-. Hi^^klinf; now lives 
Cimfl^o with Ilia second wMvt. 

Jurut't^ B. Cani)4it II ^amu from Wt<otTiiiDo8Bee 
theisontb part of Il]in<^s in the fnli of 1$^; wn« 
State Agent for salt? i.>f canal landa, and iww* of tbd 
tir«( County C(jinii^i&T^'on(-i'!4; wi*ut to Galena in 

C<tl. DRntel P. nUt, from Chiinipnl^n Coonly, 
Ohifi, in 1330 ; c^nieaaone nf tlm corpe* uf i-itgintfera 
locttting Ike ntinoifiiLod Mkbigan Canal : lived with 
bisblx^tbei-in-Iaw. Mai-tin U<?ynold&iOf Dc^r Park, 
U(>ft(»Tod tkiou^hlliciJiuekllawkwar: asnrveyor 
and enRineer \ be was for dc-vt?mL years County Sor* 
veyor of La Sallo County; «■« Ueat-CoL cf tho 
£h^rd IlUnoie Re;;c^t Volunte^r^ tn tht? war of tbd 
mljMllioii. 11".' iniiriiiid PIiopIm* Smith, of Man^laiu 
and liaa lived mostly in Oiraiva ; baa four children 

Sktich ^ Sctiicis — OWajM. 


Andn-w Jarlc^uti n^ide!*in Athi^iis- Olilo: H. Houfih- 
toil liv'-ft in Ottawa; KU^u^irat home; ll**cU>rCiis»m 

Hi'ury L. Brii»h* from Vpr^eDDes. Vermont, came 
totiuiivvii ill 1WS». aie^arvi^yot in rmj.*k>y oftho U. S- 
O'lt^t'inrQenl. SeUled in Ottiiwn in 1^33. reraored 
CD GflltfEiA in 1942, reciirnM to Oruwn 1u 1S40 ; %xSX\ 
1K'n^ Married CttnOini? E. Gridl^y ; bis uhildreD 
an*: C1iEiHi>4 If., a )inu^cLi!)iig iitloriKiy in Oinswa; 
William tf., dit'^l Ed tbe nrtny : Cnll^eriitH< G., Curo- 
litii*R,Rdu'nrdl\, athume; AddtiE.,diedtwcr>iiUy, 
a^«-d I'). 

Pyam Jacobs, rmm KiiU liivon MftdAachii»i'lt«, tn 
Iti:?!. niiKliiiiit niid p<irlhor with U, L, Brush, vront 
t<»Ga]rEtn \u It^^'J. 

John V. A. lioL'ft, from Kiuderhook, N< Y., in 
is:ii;, a lawy^nr hy prores*ir>n, iirat-tieed al Wwi Imr 
for BL'i-^nil yt'^rv, but li;i« ik'v<»t<^rd lii« titue mo(>tly 
to ituA[icial :ifTalr3 and real estate ; tie was ^\\A^ of 
Frobaii^ fn"ii OrJub».-r. IW*7, i-i An^isi, IS-IS. n« 
in arri*?d Fanny ItA-ynoUK of MrJI^nry I'-omify. Hta 
cliildrvii ai\': Ella A., widuv^- of M. B, Peak, of 
Gr«-n Bay, and Kdwatd, now bunltlng in Lake City, 

Dr. Aatx>n Bane, fi'om Kinderhook, New York, 
«iini(*witb J. V. A- Ho<]« 3m*i:w, apnicnciiiff pbyfll- 
cian and ii youn^ mrui of iiiiich ^i\>mitM/; lie wns 
4rown^ by tbo swamping of the ferry boal crossing 
tJii' HJimilH Hvi^r ill 1S40. imirli t^giiTttt'd. 

SeUi B, FarwifU, fioni New York (o Ohio, and 
from Ohio ln'fe, In 18.15. A imnnlipr of tlir It-gnl 
pKifrasion. waa prosecuting attoni«y ; nent to Call- 


HisUrry of La SaUti C&isfUtf. 

fomm, unci vae lliere elected Jodfio ; he died on 
vay Horn Kan^io-s %<* CAllfornla. 

Ad»m Y. Sniirh. from >>«r York, 1S35, ivas liere 
tliree op four yeiips, waft law partnorof S. B. Par- 
ytA\ ; wvnLSciLilh, ninl died there. He ttctpd for tbe 
SUttHllankaA loanai.'enL Tht»IrianH wt^ir^nt^rally 
& bad iDvt-^luirnf. fniui Lhr d<'pixvialjr>n of viiliufi 

\\. T- S. LoTinin. from PeonBylvania^ id 1986. 
Lowyor. prencher, plow invt.<Titoratid ninmifiu:ttirer, 
ftiid pawn l>rt>ker ; died in Chicago aboQt ISTo. A 
man of talent, bnt of p'^enliar CiMnporamciit ; tvlici^H 
poor, III! i-xcelloni pi^ncher. bat with mooey in hia^^ 


porket better soiled for a lawyer or pawn bnik«r. 

LoHd^ Delano, £i natiue of Vermont and wif* 
Sanili Rinliiway, from TMira, Xcw Y.irit, in 1833^' 
kepi i\ hotel. »ih1 ipi well reniernhnred ra the 1k«1 
%hf. old "Fox lliv(?r TTfmw\*' at that lEmw th« i'mrk 
hol^-1 of Ottawa ; hr w^s very fond of hiiDtin^ and 
kept bis lanit-r wtl! mipplh-d wiUi gami^H fir di 
In 1HI9. Ills widow miiirkd Oranzo LoaTc^ne. H 
chi!drt'i: are: ChnrK^, now in Florida; Jam6», 
California; Eilwrtixl. sfimtwhtTo Ww«t 

Luci^D Bonaparte Delano* brother of Lorln 
from T'Tl^a, New York, issc, n siono mason by 
tnide, and au rittke Demoeradr polilioian; witty^^j 
and quick at n^parli^e, bU hiii-lM-«r|i]e ttlrmt-s aia^H 
bon mots will ht-- lonjr n-rn'mbmrti. TT^ died in^^ 
1870: ills widow, Mary Ivea, lives in Ottawa* Ue 
kft four (.'liildnsn : Laden b Sii Ottawa ; ConKlb 
home ; Benton is in Idarseiilee ; Elizabeth marri< 

Dn Allen U. Howland^ and wife, ICatbarineRe 

Sketch qf Seif?ers — Of(atff'a. 


from Samtoj^, N(>w York, 183^ a i^roniiiiint pliy< 
ddan In Ottawa for nearly & tbird of a cenrur}' ; be 
died in 18««5, JiU nSfv *lti'*i in ISrSa, Uiivinjf two diil- 
drpn : Henry, who inarriM Miss Clark, and lives 
n«ir Otinnu. Jiiid Eliist^h'tli, who miirriMd T)r. Mor* 
rim>n. and li^es iii Mi<^ln^n. 

AWi) Winnlniff, fjmm Ormiiduicn Cotinty, N«vr 
York, Ifjilf, was County Coiiiniiwiuner. and for aev- 
rml yoars, Sh^^riff of lh<^ isoiuity; <li'*(l in 18j6. 
I'irsr wifL\ Tbjuria Goodf.<ll : fHM^ond. Mi^e litirgett. 
Children: Maria; Nathan; Bathbnn ; Elixabeth, in 
Ohio; >!l/.nJ*\ In SiiHngrt*ld, 

Ralph \Vr>odniff, brother of AUon, from Onon- 
daga CoQDtj. M«w York, in 3834. iv&s County 
Comnalssloner om* U-nn. an active l^t-nnh^rntir jxhll- 
tlcifln- TIiA Kif'e, DiOiji Gnrh-y, ifs now in CI»ii:igo. 
Be died in lSr>0; had two tlai;ghtere<, married, and 
liTiog in Ohicfigo. 

Charles Hayward, fVom Lehanon, Connectii:nt. to 
Cleveland, in 1S18; from Ohio here, lti3f> or ISS6; 
wfifi School Oommieeioner of the county. Died July 
20, 184a nie widow marrh.^d Hi^ury J, Rvld. Mr. 
Hayward left cwo children ; George, married Nettie 
Sirlekland : E^rella J,, at home. 

Ui'ury J. Kfid, fnmi P*'nn*ylviniiH, \f^^, ritr* 
penler by trade:, marriei) Charlntt HaywardV widow. 
Is Hvincon ihp bluff, nnrtli of Ottawa, 

Nathaniel Perley, from Ma^Aacbudetts, 1830* with 
Hflsitvll, bnilt a mill on Indian creek, and lived in 
Ottawa sereral years; baa now pjoe Weet. 

Willlain Haskell^ from Boston. Mn&snchuaottfl, 
HfiW, a merchant ; died recently in Streator. 


EUtory ^ La SaSe Counfy, 

Daniel Newiou^ from Ohio, \&8&. Murrii'd Elixa- 
beth, daughter of Dr. Dand W»lker, a hardware 
morcbAQt, and a Methodist prvachi^n He moved to 

Oronzo Loarcne^ from Vermont, Inst from Cimado. 
in lyfctiJ, Was deputy undt-r Slu^riff Woodruff, and 
mo^ii^tmlv for tlie laf^t dgtui^Tii pi-urft, ^i&ce April, 
l&dS. He married the widow of Lorlng Delano. One 

Downey Bticbanau, from Daupbin Coant^\ P«nB- 
sylvHinii, to St. Tx>ui>s If^^; r^Hnn? toSoaOiOttHwa, 
Oi-lriber, 1834 ; a tailor, by tiwlt? ; keju ajioartlin^- 
hufi^' und shop; lemoved to North Ottawa, 18311. 
Mt. Biieh^nan was fond of bniiting, uid kept a \mtk of 
greyhounds. Many of tbecarlj* settlers bav* sliarf^ 
the mi*, <>xhiiaratiiig a^iort of couraing over the 
wild* unocGQpicd prainc, with Buobanan on hiB 
Khite horse, following his pack, ted by his pel 
hound, Sp(>i*d. A gCM.>d miM:btLQlc, and a wortby 
man. he was us dili^i^nt in bn^uess as in chafing 
ibv wolf ord«*r, Hvdii^d in I SCO. Hia widow «ur' 
vives hini^ and one aon, Kalph, a we!l-ktiuwu oltiz«o 
ol' Ottawa. 

I^aac H, Fredenburg, born in Ulster Coauty. N^w 
York, came ftoni OwegOj Ti^^ga County, New York, 
to Ottawa, June Utli, 1S34. Married in JKC. to 
PriedJhi Piatt, of PlallijburK. New York. A taUor, 
by imdir; Im followed that buaineas in Ottawa till 
thu l.tst thrive 3V3re, during whleh thno be hus kt>pt a 
liofH 111 Htlca. His fion Augtistus lires in Syracase, 
Now York- H*»nry was kUh^d wh**n ihirty-lwo 
yrjiiit of itgjr, by thv blovriug down of the sidewalk, 

Sketch of SeiitfTt—Ottaita. 


ea^ of Fox river bridge, in Ottawn. Eliiabtrth ta 
\\\ti widow of N^apoleoQ Beaubiao. Piatt died wh^ 
Ivr^Dty-ooi? y^LT% of age. Mat^' married Ctiarli^ 
Bioiis, und Uvu ia tttitf^t, Ctmrlt^sis lu KnnKas, iind 
BU]| al IiooBe, 

0«>rge W, Pon*yth, from BurlingtoB County, 
New Jtfrarjr, in 181)4, vran Hie tirwl lawyer rhat set- 
tled in Ottawa; went tioutb. Lorenzo Leland wua 
the eecondt SmiUi & Forwell ni;xt, and Edwin S. 
Lelaikd nuxu 

Edwin a, lieUnd cam^ from M aaaachuB^ttB, in the 
qJI or 1835! He was born In tiu* iJUlv of Maine, and 
when quite young, hiti f^th^r, Judge Sherniitn Jje- 
IbikIt remo^iMl to Ruxbttry, Mui^suubusijCt^ Edwin 
S. n-ad law in UiH f^tber'^ oHiet?, and wan admlttt-d 
to tlw bur in 1854. A yyrnv XhAA^r Im locati-d in Ottu- 
ira« and in 1339 removed to Oregon, Ogle Connty. 
Ill 1840 he waa morrird to Margarpt B. Mllws of 
Boflton. ilo returnyd to (Jltawa to 1843, and in 
lS5it he was choeen Judge of the Ninth Judicial 
Cinsotti C'ouipoMod of mx counlies, to fill the unax- 
pjred t«rm of Jnd^e Diekt^y, who had leAi^nt^d. In 
18GC \w wju ap]>uinl4Ml by th«- Governor to till tb9 
nnexptri^ (unn of Jud^ HoIHster, and in i8tS7 was 
df>ut4id by \\u* |)ri)p]v to tlie sHmt5 bench, for th(» full 
term of ax yeai«; in 1S7H he wan re-eltHrlt-d frfr 
tbrr SixUi Judtclfil Circuit, Cjompoaod of the counties 
of Borcaa and La Balle, which portion hv »ti11 
bolda^ Jxidffo Lcland hxid been Proiddent of the 
Board of Education of Ottawa, and identiftod with 
the educationul intttr^elB* of i\x^ [ilucc, und has be^a 
Mayor of the dty. He waa one of the priacipcj 


Hlshnj of La SaUe Oouniyu 

Actors, if not \\v? prim^ movrr^ In tfao formation of 
tho Itepiibltcan party. A maaa ueeting waa beld 
wX Otiiiwn on the* l»t of Angnst, 1854, a lurgc imd 
very diatin^Uh^^d one, wbich or^anixi^d a iii>w po- 
litical party, and fthiifttanod il Republican, Judjco 
Inland preeidt^ at that meeting, and dr«w op the 
platform of principlaa th^n adopted, afi well aa the 
original c^all for llie met^tUig. Tlif prindjiIeK euiiii- 
Ciatf^d in that platform wer« sood afOrmed liirougL- 
out tluf Nnrlliirn St-iUra. 

Jndge Lpland has three children, Geor]g« M. 
inarri<^ Francr^s 0. Oroflo, is a lawyer ; Shermjui EL, 
married LouIeh: Footp : and Geot^na J., married 
B. F. Gilbert, all in Ottawa. 

Ko9WeU GoodeU, from Connecticut, in \^% set- 
tled near ButFnlo Itock, and dt«^d There in 18OT, 
Hla daughter, Emma, married AJson Woodruff, 
Eaton was Deputy Sht*rifT, nndur Woodruff, and 
Sheriff from 1851 to 1853. He miirried a dan^hur 
of Oov. Matl^on, removf?d to Joliet, ilir='ii (o ^priD)(- 
fit^ld, and is now io Chicngo, Edward, Andrew, 
AdaJine, Henry, and Maria, all di^ gtu^te. AlllMa 
tnanied Coh Irn-in. 

1>T, Harmon Hnrlburt and wif^ from Ver;;:«nn«a, 
Vt*nnont, hi 1834; wob a phyt^ician of larip; practice, 
in Ottawa, for tiev«<nii years ; tie died Juno 8th, lt>4d. 
His widow is living at Montpitlieri Vermont. 

Hvnry Htirlburt. brother of Dr, Harmon, ciim« 
tn^m Vemionl at the same tiriit-; niarried Olive 
Tichener; waa Sheriff of this county /Vom lS4tftc 
18fi0 ; iff now living in JoUi-t. 

Pliilip U. BeanLTtt, from Fall Riv^, XfftwfiictiQ- 

Sketch <^ i^cWcTM — CT/^wa. 


8eTt«, here, in 1&4S; pftrtti«r with Jacobs A Bmsh ; 
-vreDt to Ogle CoQBtj, 184Q. and died in 1873. 

liOrenso I^iland, from GTafion, Mai<^, to Peoria, 
November 1^34, and to Ottawa, July, 1635 ; a law- 
y*>rl)j|>rofe«doii. IT** s^^rvM a^ Cl4irk of Lai Salle 
Cireait Court fhsn 1&42 io 1^*1*. und hb Cl'Tk of Hm 
Nortftx-m Division of the Dllnob BttjMneme Coart 
frx)iii 1B48 to 18A7, an xble and popular oiRcnr Mr, 
Leiand'n pnM>Bt wife in Flora Preocott, the widow 
ThoraptfOD whm he mamcd her. The chUdren 
ar* Cyni5 A., who mamed Wt'lli^ Thomson, and 
IfOrcnzo, Jr.. who con&titaTo a law firm in EldomdOi 
EaDsa& Mama U at home. 

MiltOD H. Swift, from Now Pri>ston, Conn{>t^Uciit, 
came lo Ottawa in IS^. By prof^Bsion a lawyer, bat 
luu d^ot4!d hU life mostly to financial purvnita; 
bas for fli^vf-ral years het^n Presiilent of the First Na* 
tiofial B^iik of Ottawa ; has b*?eu Mayor of lh« rit/ 
of Otfawa. He married Snean W, Milee ; has had 
tJirw' cliildn'n ; two accomplished daupliter^ Sanvh 
and Helen^ died at the opening of life ; one eon, 
Edward, sarrir-.^ 

Dr. Peter Schermorhom. from Schodae Landing, 
on the HndacQ. New York, aTid wil<\ Sarah Ryder, 
from Sing Sini;, New York, came to niiiiois in IS33, 
located at Chanahan, Will Conntj, tn IS34, and 
brought hin family in 1**^7. Wae a pracf I'liig p^'y- 
fiician and leading man in that thHvljij^ setllemetit ; 
he P^^moTpd to Ottawa in 1841, where he pmclicied 
his profession flnot^ftftHfiilly till his death in 1B43, 
ni9 widow sQrrir*«! biin, living with their danght^r 
Annn, the wile of Uharlca Hook. Tbcy liavc ono 
eon, Edward. 


Stitmry qfLa SoBe Oounii/. 

Chiintopber Champlin, a natire of Connecticut^ 
movL^d ki Ashtabula Couoty, Ohio, ib W30; como 
to Ottawa in 1885; mov^ his wife, B«t«ey L^ 
and Ibmlly. in 1636, He waa a deacon of iho 
Baptist Churoli, a radio^ abolitionist, and moet 
worthy man. Ho dltnl in 1862; his widow d1«d 
in 1975. Tlieir cluldron wen? : Joha 0., wliu 
nnamed Misat KenoKly^ prartlirwl law In Otfawii, 
wtLS ODiinty Judgei, mid was killed by th» care whi?in 
croMning the track in 187^; Eliiabtrtlit iiiarrir<l 
Isaiah Strawn. and Vires io Ottawa; Caroline, mar- 
ried Howard Chei»tt*r, second, Chester Morton, third, 
S. \V. Ori^wold ; ISamh, murricd 'riiomas Jia^anctt; 
Cordelia, married Joel W. ArniHtronff, of Deer 
Pfirk ; Mary C, ni»Trii.^d Cyrus B. Lowis, of Mar- 
B^Ulee; Bt^rtha A,, rDarriedWllHam Glover; Fanny, 
marrii-d Alvin F^ird, of Chicugo. 

Otiti 0. WakeJield, from Jefferson County, New| 
York, Sttptt-mhrtr, Iftlfl ; firnl ah MiirMfilI>!!% ihitn cm 
S. E, J 3. 20, town of Va}\ River, now Hnng in 
Ottawn. First wifr^, ManaCumiuings^ soocmdt Juu», 
Cone. One daughter, Adda. 

Henry Grei>n and wiO\ from Cheshire County, 
New Hampshire, I8m\ liret to South Ottawa, then 
to East Ottawa in the sprinfi of IB34. The first 
Bi'Ctler in East Ottawa, atid buitt th^ tlmt hou9i» on 
tile east mde of Fox river. He patetitt^d a mowluf? 
machine, the first in tliis liH^nlity, Hi> vtsiA County 
CommisiiioDer in 183d-40 ; died in Jiint>, IdQO, His 
children ar« : Charles Ilenry, wlio niarrif*d Jantt 
Loyd, and settled on IS. 3 in Farm Ridge; Wiliiam, 
now in Kansas ; Mary P. ; Martha E. and hxT 
mother ari; in Kansas. 

BAdch q/^SMi€rs—(H^wa. 

IVfiJainm Thomi>9on and wife. Margaret Lindlcy, 
from M:k£^^chuat4t^> aiiui? iu IS34 ; a merchant, hikL 
purlner of W, tL W. Uuehman ; lie dit-d in Mussi- 
chu!<ii^CU In IS'IC. Hlf« widow nnd two trhUdren vr^BC 
toCaltromia; alie married there^ and r« turned ftiwl 
diod In IlUnob. 

WUIifltTL H. W, Ctishrmin, from Middl^^barough^ 
MaaRachuseiiti, 1634 ; [Ufixtrml, niiUer, hajiker capl- 
lAli8t, nnd inanur:icturer. Wielding u large capitul, 
hif ItAA filltiil n, proiniiK^ifi [dact^ in tlir hiiT^irtc^act of 
Ottawa and Ihe county at liirge. lie waa twica 
eWurd a meiubrr of tho Lf'-^'iahiturc. IIl' mi^d the 
Fifty-third Kcgiment, Illmois Volauteura. and vmB- 
eommisBionM ltd Colonol. His fir&t wlfu was 
Athalia A, Leonard ; eht> died in 18:i5. tn 1K^7 he 
murri^Kl flarriot Gridiey, of Ottawft, duugliler of 
lUr. Ralph GridUy; slie died in IMl. In 1^4^ he 
married Anna C. Rodney, duught<.-r of Ciu^ar A. 
Rodney, of Delaware. His children are : Wra. H., 
w)io innrri^l MIm Ouu^Ieim^ ith*'.y iiri* iidw living in 
Colorado; ; (Krorge i^ in California ; and several 
yonnRPT children ar Ijomr. 

R«r. Rsdph \V, Oridley, from Middlehorongh* 
Maesachnscttis ia 1H;M ; di<d PVhniary 'Jd. 1^40; 
hia vrife died Jannary 10th, 1S4I. Uis children 
were : Harriet, maniod W. H- W. Canhmnn ; Samuel 
B», of Otuiwa- 

Samuel B. Gridley, son of the Rev. Ralph Grid- 
1^, vfti* a luiTrhaiit for mai:y yi.'ur«, u partner of 
W, H. W. Cut?Innaii. and for XIm last few yeant of 
lim lifo Hiipi*rinl<^ilr-fLt of thf* OltJiwit Gnn Worlu); 
lie died in 187C. He married Misa Stone, datighter 


Hiaiory {f La Salle County. 

of Dr. Stone, from Vennont, und teft one eon, 
Balf'h. now in Oiioa^o- 

JklsdiBou E. Hullister, from Cayn^a County. N*«r 
Ycrk, eaiueto lUmuU In 1834, and ?it'ttlv(l {M-rnia* 
fK-uMy in Oriwiva. with 1 1 Is wife. Delia A. Tichenerf 
ill ]S:1C. Bin vcmlh wan HjtiMi nn a furm. Ht- Itftiln 
tflstet totr miiit^iry lifi?, ntid held n. Colonprs coiiimia< 
8iiiii hi Llir Nf w Ytirk Militiu. Bnr hl» liT*^ hnn bf«D 
moBlIy dcTot^d to the proreosion o£ luw. He was 
Po^tmiisti.T at Ottawa undvrv Van Huren'd adminis- 
tration, re^ignint^ aiter tlu- ^^lection of Harrison. H« 
waa Jni^tico of the Peaco for Iwo torme, and Preei< 
d^ncial Kl»ctur iu 1848, votin^^ for 1mw\» Ctes, bat 
l^ft ttirt Democratic party In 18i*. and baa Blocd 
acti^d mth llie Ri?pablican partj'. In I&W hdwaa 
elK-ted Jndg4=f iif tlie NEnlh Judicial Circuh for a 
term of Bixy*?iirs, whs renrlect^d in 1661, and re- 
Mif^iied In l^QC [II arrf jit \hn oftii^t- of CodhiiI at 
Buenos Ayros. Was recalled ia 180fi, and retumpd 
to this prartice of law in Ottawa, with Ui?Mia. 
Qlovcr ond Cook, in 1871 accepted tlie appoint- 
mvnt of Aaftociati? Justice of tht> Territory of Idaho. 
Afiliort timo beforo the term ^^xpiitM], lio received 
the appointment of Chief Juetice of th© Territory, 
which position h«* etill holds. Judg^ IlolUet^r has 
only one living child, Edward, who la unmarried, 
and livers with his ptir^^nt^, 

Judge Hnl1ii(t«>r ha^ furniMlit^d tM>mi> nnntnlsoaiic<« 
of the 4*&r]y times in Ottriwn, from whtdi one or two 
extiacts are infterted* $>hifwlug the Ktate of soclHy 
and public feeling at thnt time. "The Democracy 
of the early time^ and particularly dunag the con* 

SJrfcA if SeOiers—Ottatoa. 


strucUon of thec^nal. were of a peculiar tj^i^, and 
duHfig w^asoim of pnliikal atrffft wi^rc apt to t>»»i'(>m© 
somi'wbal. Cwry mid Iterce. It ImppptifN.! tlmt wliilo 
1 htiid the oiflc« of Jurtlic<i of Uin Pc^Ac«, a con- 
vention of the party was beld in the court honae, 
and tile etru^kbec-aino intensely bictor between tbe 
fH«nda of the scri^mL candidate's, forat that timea 
C1iarl<>iii na^niirdi a bold, unoompromt^in^, but 
hoaeet partlsati, waa the champion on one side, and 
Simon P. Shopt^^ahat hcjtdod, pai^i^lonattt tnnn^ look 
)«id4*» Hgiuiifel him. AHiTf'xhHiisiitig th^irnr^uTm'nl^ 
they atme lo blowa. F waA an t^ritt^Kf. Hymjtalhizer 
with Haywiird. while others of the poorer, if not 
the baser EK>rt, wettr ec^nally zealona for Shoi)e, and 
the partisans of each* oa many aa could, wero 
mountod on a table and vooiferonaly cheering on 
their champions. Whon it came to blows, however, 
I thouf?ht it timf^ to inaj-nify my office, and a^ord- 
Ingly ord*.»ri'd thct l)*>n(girN^nts to ki.*ep thi* p*^ace. 
Mo sootier had 1 done Ihis^ than 1 was dealt a blov 
uRttieback of thi« iif^rk by Aomtt rjno bt^liind ine, 
wln-n I fmind niywi'lf.on tln^ ]hior> wtnw feet from the 
tab]**, a <;omi iif rt-d and mt-rk fitllf^Ia], and fonvirm^ 
that a DwDiKrmtic fTonvention wa« not a proper field 
in which to excrciae official authority, 

"When 1 was holding Iho olileo of Footmaster, 
it was i^snsidered aa rank tri'a.son to the party, to 
harbor or eount'.^nance in any way, an nbolUionisE, 
As was well known in thos« 3aya, my house was 
nndvrmruod to be ft minister'a tavern. 1 iilwjiya 
opened niy doors to men of the cloth. It happened 


Hirioryof La SttTTr. Omvhj. 

that the Rav. Mr. CrosB, a noted abotldon It-cUtn^r, 
put ii|i lit my lioii^i* one flight wliicb fuel Iwcame 
knovra thronj^h the U>wn, a cnrnt? ik>1 Uy be toUtiatvd 
in ft Uf^mocmtic officio]. A meetin}^ ivas called at 
the oUl Mantrion House, and 1 ivas invited tontt^rud; 
ft aurioeof qacfitionfl had b«?E pnjjwircd whicli I was 
T«<]uired to ftaswer, but tlie cbainnan. Ward B- 
Bunictt, landing thry v^ry serioualy intO'^fc^'d witli 
the rif?ht6 of hospitaUly, very adroitly oiatLa&red to 
f^iv4^ ctivfn tUt* g">by, and i\\e nn»-.^tiTig &f)Juiinti>d 
The next morning I met Dod^, who had represented 
\i% in tlie Legislndnre) and who Ijml (aka^i un at^livi- 
part in the proceeding's, when I qmetly told Wm 
that Ijad th^y att^^mpted, aa thry ha'l propoaffd» to 
eject Mr, Cross rrom my houae by force* they would 
have had to siHtle a lilth- pntliminary matter witli 
me before they readied my gueet. Ho npologu^'d, 
and the matter dropited." 

Of hie perfionnl hnbite, Jadge HollWw Bftys: 
*'I have not nsed tobacco in any form, or Indulged 
In strong drink for more than forty years*, niid was 
ni;Vt*r addicted to the latter. In 1830, myst^H and 
wife beaime mcniherti of the Congregational Cbtiroh 
ant] fttitl retain our connection with it. I beliera 
there are but three of the orl.^mnl members reioain- 
ing, viz.. Deacon H. W. Gridley, myseU and wife.'* 

Thomas Basnt^rt., from England, oamt^ here in ItW ; 
kept a dniff store ; his tir«t wife was Matilda Bu- 
cbanan ; bis iftH'ond was Samh Cbamplin. Ho now 
lives in Florida; ba« ono diuighh^r, Rliudivtl], now 
liping In Ihfiehlcfan. Mary^ lister of Ttiomat^ mar* 
rled JameH Tj*irL*i-iy, 

Sketch ^fSktUers — OUawa, 


Benjamin Thun^on, from Boston to PottoriUe' 
PmnajJ^AlUa, and from there h^*m. in 1831 ; »^ttk^d 
n«arBafbtoRodc- He dknl about 1JS3^. Hiawidow, 
Sunli RoblD»on, Biarried Murtln Kvyiiold*. Ttivy 
had four children, Mary married a Mr. Howard; 
Suraiu m:&rnt<i1 Bmdfunl Ei^U; WiUbtm iinirnvil 
lrfi« Voting, now of CtmtnpaigD, Illinois \ Priscilla 
marrivil I). Snedikcr, o(Tank«in> 

Eri L. Watenoan. from Oneida County, New 
York* eam^ I4> Ottawa in 1S3(E. He married Jan^ 
Boi^tt; wasShf^^ritf of La, Salic County from If^ 
to 1860, and iVom 1S60 to 1S02, and ljail*?d States 
Auesftor la iS6S. He has ten i;liildren- Emily mar- 
rii*d Lathrop Prrklnp, of Otrawa ; fli^orgi^ Is In th« 
employ of the Clu^-ago. P<^kln *t Southwystern itail- 
road ; Fpftd. i» In Slr^yttor; HiiJ>wx^a, J;iiii««, Mary, 
Adda, and Tda (twin Hidfeis]^ T^flitf and KanDy, are 
at homt>. 

Isaac Burgettand wife, Fjydla Fellows, fnim Wftw 
York, «ttlcd near Btiffdlo Bock, in ISM -. resided 
heiv a fcK*' yt-arft; had iliri*e ^nnn; Maridt-villR went 
to Missomri; Bodolphas and OrriJle went to Wis- 

Tlirvcststops.MisseaBnrgett, aicocaof Ismic. came 
about the eazne time. Rebecca married Lon>nzo 
Lijland ; B^ts^y was Algon Wcodniff^s eecond 
wife; Jane married E, L. Waterman, 

Jovl Stniwn, from Perry Couniy to Sandusky, 
Ohio, and lo lUmnis on ati exploring lour in 18:^ 
i0nd s.ittli-<l on 8, 18, T. 3:*, B. :», in lftH4. His fir^t 
wafi Saiah Tanniliilh Her cliildrwi were; 
I, who marriod Jam? Nice, and for liie second 


HUtory <^ La SaiUOota^, 

wife.£llz&beih<yhamp]m: be Uveain Ottawa; JemU 
ma id in Ohio ; 9h« never cani^ to lUlDoi^ ; JanieQ 
marriod Uopy EoJs, and is in MUsourl ; Samh Add 
maiTJed William E, Armstrong ; they are both de^ 
cuae^d^ Jodl Strawn'8 »<)Cond wlfevrm LydlaObal- 
fant ; sheliais tvo eons; Koberi m&rri^^d Elirabeib 
Ann Kbo&dr^ti, In OtUiwa; Atm^^r niiirrii-<l Klixa 
Har3y, daughter of Xathaii Hardy, frtim Verinonl, 
In IH'K). Aimer livi*» on thij old Iioitn.'!»i'_'«d — a liu]^ 
farmer, and breeder nf improved stork. 

Nuthan Ecl», ftx>m Franklin County, Masncha- 
aclts, came to B^^ardetown in 1832. Mr. l^lwdird 
egon nttcr- The widow, llopy i'cloreon, and family, 
came to La Salle County bi 183-1, and mode a claim.' 
OD the Illinois Bottom, below Buffalo Rock, and 
bought thdr land at the ftole In It^;^. Of thirircluU 
dreD, Nathan died eingle, in l&i& ; Hopy married 
Jam^.'i Strain, imd is living In Ottitwa ; Bnidrord V. 
married Sumsid Thui-a(ou, and died iu 1B47: Varantia 
married Klir^lwib Dreiser, and dM iu CalifimiiiL, 
In 1874; Hubbard marri*?d irarrielUbler; bis second 
wife wa,** Lucy Benaett; they are living In C()1onido; 
Adoniram J. murnrdi^^nny Bridges; Jooathaii died 
single; Lydia married J. G, Stone* for manyyeatsi 
a rcsidoDt of OttauTi, now in Cbicngo; Frankllo 
married Jane Buckley, and was killed at the battle 
of Piirrrysvillo, Kentucky. 

John A. Shulrr and w\U-, ElEia Sido6, €aine firooi 
Daiipbiii Ctiunly, Penusylvania, In 1S36 ; tailor by 
trade, ctii-iltHl on a large buslne«8 In Ottawa for 
about thirty y»'sir§ ; now retired. His children a^*; 
John N., who married \fury Bt*jier^ Vi\vm In Ottawa \ 

Sketch qf wafers— Oftatta. 


BpnryA-, married Auiia MiU:li(*ll, in Otiawu ; Mary 
£»inArri»l John A. Snf^lting^ of Nebraska ; Rf>biwca 
J.r mamed John N. Br-arly, in Chicago; Joswphlno 
manied Jolin V. Snack, of Ctiica^ 

Abner 8. Fisher, born ia Vermont, cam« from 
Roohceter, Now York, to Ottawa in 1840, with bia 
vifti Lonna bmith. Mr. Fisher haa bei^Q a promi- 
nent citixen and politician, and hft8 l>een a magid- 
tiat^for many conaecDtivQ ycara. ilo hiu^livo child- 
ren ; Q«argo S., who niurrif^d Martha Mann, wae a 
basU«r In Ottawa, and Consul to Japan, now In 
WafihJTigtonCtty; Janet, tbe wife of 6. L. Thomson, 
orOllavra ; Buaan, married Perry H. Sniitli ; Cliarles, 
married 9. Porter, of Michigan ; Helen is the wifiiof 
I>r- Hijlsir^ of OUam*. 

Chrtst«*r B. Hall came from Canada in ISSSt, at^ttled 
tn Ottawa in 1634. He married JtMiiima ilctia ; hU 
second wife was Mary Foster ; he was a carpenter by 
trade ; he iivod in Ottawa twenty-two yciirs ; is nonr 
ilHng ia the lown of Adams. 

Joeepb 0- Glov^jr, from Oawoffo, New York, in 
1835; held the office of Justice ot thePeace an<l wna 
admitC4>d to thtt Uu-jiil84u, and wjch B. C. Cook, 
nnder the Una name of Glover & Cook, conntltut«d 
one of Ui4* Wdiiig law firrns uf the county for 
twenty-five yeara ; in 1?C9 he wa* apjHtinted fl. S, 
Attorney for tli«> Northern District of lilinoia and 
removed lo Chicago, where he now reaides. He 
mATTied Janelte Hart, and haa three cthildrm : JuJiUt 
wife of George C Campb*>ll ; Henry ^. »nd Otis K. 
at home, 

iJiurtoD C- Coolc, from Monroe Countyj Xvw York, 


fftsforj/ f^ La SaJU County. 

arrived m Ottawa, Joly 21, IS3d ; wsb absent ona 
year completing bla edaciatlou, and caxQ« 1xu;k Id 
1897 ; WBA sdjiiittpd to tbi3 bar in ld40. Tlien? wna 
a daitH of four admitu^d at Uiat tSmt* : B. C. Ctjok, 
Joseph 0< Glover, Joseph True who diad sooa 
after, and Joha M. Oftrotliers, afterward a partner 
of T- L. Dick'?y and for many jeaia Clerk, of tha 
OrOQit Court of Kendall County ; h« died alioat 
1890. Hr Cook was elect«4 Stat«^ Attomoy for 
the Qtb JndicLal Circuit in IMi^; the circuit om. 
braced the conntiefi of La 6aUe, Grundy, Kendall* 
Kane, De Kalb, Ogte, Bnrean, Putnam, Stark, 

Peoria, iird Mitrshull ; after two yen n*' eerrice tie 
ivaa again eU^ted for four yvar*; In 185^, he 
was t*l<^ctGd to Uie Slat4^ Senate and re-eleot^ in 
1856 L he was a mrmbtTof Ihr pt-aoa conference in 
1861, and was elected t-n Congreaa in 1604^6-03 
and 1S70, and reeig&cd in 1671, since which time he 
has been Solicitor for the Chicago ^ North Westt^ra 
Railway Company, and has resided in Chioago. 
Mr. Cook married Elizabeth Hart, dangfaterof Hon. 
Oiii« Bart, of Oswego, N. ¥.; \\^ has one daughter, 
Nellie, wlio married C. II. Lawj^oce. 

Jerry and Frank Chnrcb, hrothon, caou? froDH 
New York about 1831 01* '32: they miide a claim 
nfar Ottawa, and aft^r a brief :i1jpi^iii-e finding it 
floated, thev left in disgusU Jerry was an ecoentric 
gi*nius, and ptibli^lied an antobio^nifitiy. 

Jert-niiuh Struwn camt' from IVrry County, Ohio, 
in \%'&K brought out hts family in 1880, and ovttled 
in Pulnimi County, In ISCt* ri^'morcd to Ottawa^ 
wheria he etill resides. He served &e Qaart^maMer 

Sl'et4^h t^ Seia^a—OUauia. 


in the Bbick Hawk war. Ou JuiiiiHr;' 7ili, 1^45, 
blfi houE»i> watji robbed by the noU^d BInsh and others, 
& pai't of Ihf^ gnn^ r«11i>d the ''BntidiU of tb« 
PmirieH.*' ni?< wifi?, Hannah Bc^mihvrj died 18 — , 
nis DLildr«ii are : Eli (see bdovr) ; David (fK^ South 
Ottawa) ; laaiah. at home ; KliEa, iDarried Tliom&d 
Loj-d, ahc died lt>oU ; Matilda, iuarri«:d Walter 
Cowen, Ijoth are dead ; Phobe, married S. W, 
Cttettvor, now di*C4>ai<*^; Mary, diijd single; HiMiry 
C-, married Mary K, Powell, and livee in Ottawa; 
Ziipa, married Moses Osman, and Is living in Ottawa ; 
Siuno, iiiiUTii^ Thdinu^ 1>i.iii^ luii) R^sidvs iu Chi- 

Eli 3tntwri^>^in of Jrn mtith^ tvLny^ frn tn Ohio with 
Ilia father's family \u 18^{0; he marrird Eleanor 
Broadu». of Puluuiu (now MarabuU} Coutity, n na- 
tive of Virginia, ild located, July. 1838, oa a farm 
on S, ft, three milefi northwest of Ottawa. His wife 
died January, 1361. In March^ 1864, Mr. Struwa 
tnauiied Mre. Mary H. Dean, of La Sall*^, whose 
ntahk^n aanif ^»a Hiirt^hom. In 18tt9 hi* flold his 
farm uid rt^tnovud lo Hiirkley, in Irot^uoia County, 
whpre be uow r^ftidi^Fi, Mr. Stmwn is noUd for his 
inicgrity and active bufliucfls habits. Ue held the 
office of Town Supervisor for five conetrcutivu yrura. 
Mr. Strawn hae seven children, Hia eMeet ooa, 
Chnetopter C, completed hts eduoation at ih^ 
Nonbwofltt-ra University and Albany Law School, 
was ftdmilted to th^ bar» served as a voliinLwr in 
the war. and, aflv-r iwvi.inil trials. In flacxeeafnUy 
jinwiu-ing his profession at Pondac, DlinoU. II*» 
tnamed Ci^uicF- BouvAmr, of Claciigo. Prunklin 


History of La SalU Coutdy. 

re5i<le@ in MaoefacUusotte ; iriartha munied <>corgQ 
D. Cook, and i3 now the wife of W. A. Barrv, of 
Chicago; Nauey marriod Somui'l II. Tliompsiont of 
LacOD ; Uenry L. married Clara Ball, and live« M 
Backley ; Douglasis U at hom«. 

John Loy<1 and wife catm^ (Void Ob!o to Pulnatn 
OoEint/ in ISSl, and to Otlawit iu 1S26; Uu«y botli 
dii-il sevemt years Hinct-. Tbeir ctiililrvn are: 
Thoma^ inairii^d Tjiiiumi Slmwn, hihI tlv**^ in EC&ti* 
BOM ; Mary Ann, married a ^tr. Uorham, and died ia 
Colorado ; 3arah» 10 thu widow of David Stravrn ; 
Jane, ia the wife of UharWs H. Ureen, of FBtm 
Ridg^r; Abmtu, lives n*?{ir Morrift; Marlon, w ia 
Michi^n ; Washington, married MisB Eiclielberfc^ri 
and hvL'i* at Wenona, 

T. Lyttf Dickey was bo m In Kentucky Octob«r^ 
lltb, ISJl, K^u'luated iit Miiimi Univ«n*lty £n 1831^ 

taught [^cliual three years, 03ime to lIlinoiB in the 
&U1 of 18H4 (first to Mn<:<iirib County), rt^nd law with 
Cyrua Walker, was Ucmsed to pmcUce in 1835, 
Iccutv^d nt Ritaliville iii lt^6. and in the fall of \^S^ 
came to OtUiwa, ajid, till IH^ foiiowod a clrcnLt 
practice, going to each oounty in tbe ctrcult. 
ISliS ha rotised a ooiripany of infantry, which waa 
port of Colonel Hardin' a regiment in the Meacicaa 
war* Alter u^x months' 8tiErvic«, he rviilgnfMl o 
account of sickueisfl. He was elected Ciri;uit Judge 
in l%i%, Iht? circuit Lwln^ <romposed of twelve oou 
tieti, which oSice \iv n^sigiied in 135^. In 18A4 
opt'ued a law office in Chicago, Judge Dick 
KtateA that in the speculation previoua to 1837, ac 
in tlm rcvul^on then, he became bauknipt for ser* 

Sfr^/<"A <^ S€tV&9 — 0//aw<?. 


eml tboaeaiul dollan^ fttt<i runkAtnod eo Tor twi^nty- 
oad yvars ; that h^ oT>eiie<! the law olBw in Chioa^o 
to enable liim to p»y uir his old <l^bt^ in which 
htf icuci>^t*<l, Joying both prin^Ip^ and i»u-rve»t, 
i>omi4 i«r it lit iwi-lvfl- jwr **fMi., twv tlu- iwi'tily-tiTi)? 
years. In 1B41 he inlierit<-<l imt^-third of an f?*raLi' 
or negro alarwi woitlj ?li»,4)tRJ. whuli h« irfusfd to 
iftft or 9ellj butgnrethe slaves Ihdr fn^rdom, ne 
opened an ofBoo in Oltavra in couui-ction wich Gt-n- 
€ml Wallace snd hia sonCyma E. Dickey, wlierohe 
l*nirtiir Td till Itfttl, ;vhf'H hi* mt^'d and comtnUDded 
Eh** Foiirtli Regiment of Cavalry, Waa on" yvmr 
Ctiiff of Cavalry on Gi^nota) Granted sljiff. He was 
in lln? army two y^^ara : from ISOl to lt!6;i In ll'tj?, 
with G<*ii>-nil Hurlbut and tliv Gi>vi»ruorf he wa« si 
eommisaioaer to urg*^ nponCongreeaUiehullding f>f 
till? TllitKii» and Mif'1tLg^in fillip Citnnl. \\\ 18it^ wan 
the D>^mocTOti^ candidate foi (jViht^rt^Hnitian ar> Jai^, 
and nui a^ea-inaC John A. Log&n, the Intter Winj; 
dcctttl. From ISfiS to 1870 h^; was t'tiled State* 
Aasifltact Adjutant General ; practicod inw for 
lhre« yi-iirfi ; then moved to Cbicago* and was Cor- 
poration C^nniiid till olectod Jndgo of thu Sapri^mo 
Court in I>«?<.%mb*?r, 1876, 

Jadg^ Dkkey has been tuico niflri L*^, His first 
w!/f wns Jiiluv Kvaiis; his second Mrs. B, C HJptI, 
iif Maiylaad, Kt? baM four rbUdren Jivinj^. all bv 
Ills first wife: Mariha, widow uf G^-n. W. H. ll 
Wallac**, in living in Ottiiwa ; John J. marrkd 
Carrie Iloney, of Wisi^onsin; hi* \^ ti?l»:gra|di mip- 
<-Hnt<^iirU-nt nt Omaha; Charb_-» IL married Anna 
of tbo ^indwi<,b lalanda, daughter 



Ifistitrf/ of La StiUe Countp^ 

of cin early mlBsionary; be !s a merchant at 
MiLiii TslfLDd, Huiko. Snudwitrli IslnDds; Y. B^Ue 
luiinSiHl C. H, Wa)la4^e, broiliPi- of Oen^-nU Wttl- 
lacv : he 16 nUo il merdiAnt in ihe island of HDiko. 
Jiid^H Dick**^''?* okWt win, Cyni» E,. wh8 killiil at 
tliL* battle of Cross Roods. lied T\m\ at the tim^ 
of Banks* dpfr-at. Ilt^ wa> AKriiaUint Ailjiitant 
Generah with the rank of Captain, 

G(?orgt^ IL Korri*, fixmi Omn^ Crmntj. New 
York, arrived in Ottawa Mar Si*lb, 183C; ftr»t in 
South Onnwrt, thMi to Ollnwa i\\ iht^ fall of the 
Batoey^ar. Hie wife was Lydia M. Hoxie ; \\\% 
children are : Fanny E,, wlf& of Dwl|;ht R. Cutiieirort 
of Chicago: G^>orge F,, ui Montana; Hart A. and 
Pr.*d<'rIrU E, Spring Oftid-u, Fhirida; Iw*lwlla M^ 
with \wT |HirenlF!4 in Ohicn^o and Florida. Hf «»n- 
fpif^i'rl first. \ii snrvt-yiiig, and owna-il ihii ferry a 
f«hort tlnift. Was Couniy Surveyor for aht>ut itm 
yt?ur»; Justice of the Peace; admitted to the bar 
in IS.'Jd ; eMablifthed tlie Bank of Ottawa, in com- 
pany with George S» Fisher, and sold to I^aher ; 
vlulo BUiTi'VOf, laid out 10,000 lota va La Salli* 
County; di^ult in nial e^tati'; hct})*^ to bttitd the 
elai-eh factor}', and loet heavily by It ; was attorney 
foi- rlie Rock Island Railroad, ^eittnjo: The right of 
way : starved on© term us repr^'wntalive iu the Leg- 
l«hu»re iif Colorado ; and is now raising onugMi at 
S|kriiig G:*nl*^n, Flondti. 

Gh«r!i-s Campbell, ftom New York, about the 
year 1835. ilis children are: G. C. Campbell, of Ofr* 
tawa; Geor^ (.'., tor eome time a member of tlw 
law firm of Giovcr> Cook & CanipbcU* married 

Jnlift^ dan^^bter of J. 0. Glovi^r and h now a prom- 
Invnt lAtryiT in Clilcago; Elliabf-tti, i« thu wiTe of 
Dr H. B. Fellows, of ClHtyigo. 

T>iiv]i) SHitg^T, fnim Mn»-*in>njwttii to Ohio, to 
near Tiockpoi-t THlnolei, in 183(K ani loOtt^iwa In ] 
l&itk lie was contrnrtor for building the canal 
a'^jurducl ftrn>sH tin* Pux Hvrr at Oltav^n, under the 
firm of D. Sanger & Sons, lie died in 1351 ; his 
widow dkd in IRM. His olnldren w<?tv : I»renzo 
P, ; Dr. W. A. ; J. Y. ; Lnoicn P., wLo \ma ixaided 
Bt Ottawa and Joliet. is now in Utah ; and two 
dnu^lK<'r»: IjouSwi ; HArni?>t marrltrd I>r. Henriks, ^^| 
of Indiana, both deceased. ^^ 

i\t*\*r Park, moved with hU failifr from DiMrPark 
to Ogle County, in 183$. attended pHrhooI at t\w. 
lt<Kdt Rivid" Hi-minary, [<I.ijdii-f1 and jirHirtiri'd Ihw in 
Otiawaf served throngh th** Mexiran war, wa?* Prot*i»- 
^K eating Attorney from ieb'2 Co 1^'>0. In IS'M, he 
^V nisttd the llCh re;;;iment of infantr/ for thi-rw 
months, nod also for thive years. He was madw 
Britrsidler General, and mortally w<niiidi.*<l at the 
h>?nd of hb conimund at tltc* hattlv of i^htloli. 
And died two days after, on the 8th of April, 18(W, 
with th« lank of Major Ot-n^H-al. Hi« widow, is 
Martha, oldest daughter of Judge T. L, Dickey, and 
Uvftson thi> north bluff at Ottawa. 

Lyman D. Cavnrly, fn)ni New York, Xlv*^ In 
Ottawa twrnly y»^rs, and returned to Connecticm. 
nisfton Wiiliam married Jt]]];i]ina, a daaght«r nf 
Jndgt- A. W. Cavarly. Ih' dit-d "^v^i-nil yrara since, 
Mrs. Oavarly died in 1871. U-aying one dau^hCttr. 


HhUn-t/ 1^ Lfi Jirt//ff Ctmnty, 

Riiiny, now Uriiig witL ilu? wUluw of Jud^ 

Alfrvd \V- Cavarfy, a niitlvi* vit Rast Lyinr, Con- 
nt-cticut. uutit- lo IlliooU in lS^i£, tirst fi«ttl«d in 
Edwardanlle, and aaba^^iaentl^at C&iToUton, Orecti 
CoiiDiy ; wn» u muiiibcT of 1>ot[i branobce of tlie 
Lufjpelatim several ^^rme. and County Jadge one 
tfrrm, also otla of ihe Conimisaloijt^r^ Co n>vi«a ttL<» 
6tatute>» in 1845 ; in ISJ^d Lv mov^ to Otca^a. and 
prHi?[U'«d la.^r for cieveral yuaiK Hv dk-d in 1^C« 
ngi.-d 89. Only orii^ In-^yi^r in pnictke whea liecamo 
to (ht* BtalM fturvivt-a liiin. 

Jiidgo Ciivarly tiad two sons, Alfred and H*nry» 
beeidc! his daughter, \ti-a. Win. Cavarly. Alfrvd 
diod young. 

Hi» widow, Samb Ann Wliitcniift, of AnoapoliSt 
Moryhmd, ie Btill living In uttawa. 

Su?phvn Buiilindl, and wife, Vlnoy TaMlo. from 
Sayl;rook. Connt^trlicuU lu Mudison County, Ni*w 
York, and from rhere to Kendall Couniy^ Dllnoir^ 
in Is^JT. Tlivy mia^lvncbSldniu. H^ di<Kl in 18(E9, 
aged 7^1, His wiiV died in 1854, agvd 78. 

Wastiingion Huslinell. aod of tliB foivgoin^, cam^ 
1o lllIiLotH with bSK faibrr In 181^, grmltiar^l at the 
State and Nationnl I^w Scbooi in Pnuglik'ViiM'-^ 
NVw York, and was cidmiiK-d to tho bar in New 
Voi-k in 1603, and came to Uttawa the same y«ar 
Practiced Iaw two yi^virs, and waaa mrmber of th« 
firm of Bnahnull & Gray two yt^at^, and liaa aiiic^ 
had a lar>;ij law (rructico In addiitoa to his offl(nal 

He was (^kci^d to tlu^ State SenaM Sn 18^, and 


^tteh fif MO»rrr — r^iatta. 


le-eleeted \u lfM4 ; wkit «*ltrfi^l Atiomnj Gi^ntral of 
the Stm<» ill I81SS Tor frjur yeiirs ; wan Ciljf Atlornr}" 
three y*--ajT^ and Frftftt-futinK Atlorriry fi>ur y^^ara, 
Mr. Bushnoll maiiit-d Phebe M. Oiftrles, aiid liAa 
fivechildn-n. Vincv, at home; TheronD. Brewarer, 
ntthcinlhUry whool in ULicugo; Juliotta, SiiMii» 
and Sylvia, at home. 

VVm, Tnit'. from SrtlUbiirj'. Mfi^v., and wife, 
R«b«KM:& Manner, from Cap** Eliaabeth, Maine, came 
tn Ottawa in 1835; whku iru-uhiiiit, and for iiLany 
year? uni? of llie pilUirsof iln? M^lhodi^t Ohufrh. H« 
dit^l \\yn\ filli- If*.-)!!. Ui!* Trii.- di«1 Mai-ch llth, 
1864. 'Hieir cLildren w€!r«! : Joi^ph. who di^-d in 
184U ; An^'Jinr, dirdyuuiig; Wm. M , wlionnirrityl 
Uary Matteaon* waa banker and induianc^ officer, 
now dead, Weo. A!., married BIJKa SiiovL-nson, and 
tnored to the town of Walibam, in !t;fl8 : has been 
School Troaenrer siiict» 186f. and Supi^^rvisor five 
yoarB, and U a eticce&aful farmer. 

G. L. Thompson, c^uiiiiM to Pm}ria In IS37, and to 
Ottawa in J84'.V He married Janet FUlmr ; kept a 
drug nioiv roi'MK-venil y*^ars, Ht» ha« s*;vfu rhihliyu; 
Edward: Abner P.; Lovina, married Chaa, Vane; 
\jyxim\ Mary^ Klbi^ ami MaT(y, ari? a( lif»ni^. 

Win. Osman. fr^ni Dan^thui County, Pennayl- 
▼ajiia; hi^ wife woa Mnry Kine, of Karnabnrg, 
Pt^nnpjlvania ; has ihive childr»-ii, Eaton Goodell, 
Mary E-, Wm. il., all at bomi*. lie lias beent'on- 
necCed with Uie Ottawa Free Tmd>*r aince l^i), and 
lis principal (*ditor and munagi'T ; ix now thti oldf^t 
«dilOT in the county* 

John S, Mitch**!^ bora In Pctui Van, Nt-w York, 


HinioT^ qf La Sath CnviUy, 

cam4f til Ttiiliniia in KS14, niiil ut La Salli- Cfjunij' in 
1832; lip mnrrietl Iiij^er Nelson, in 1836, Keeps ft 
ll?ery ^TaMi^ Hr ljji« fiv^ chlldmn. AtnaDdft, 
Wamja N., Lonisa, Arthur J., and Uniiy B, 

John Hi9e, from Pi^nnsylvanlA, to Oltawft, in 1660. 
He married Lucy S. Cotton : be was connected with 
thiPRx'Tmduru.-* editor and puMiahcr, andfollowt^ 
fainiing for several years and is now Jlvvig tn 
Cliicago. Hi^ iva» Snpurvii^or and mon^b^r of the 
Lej^slatTire from both La S&lle aiid Cook Counties. 

John Dean Caton. from Monroe, Oranf^ County, 
New York, came Uj Gln<"n^> in ]S^^, Jiml to Im Salle 
Cfninty ui 1^:2. Hih wift* was Lanm Adelaide 
Kliprrell, of Uticfu, New York. They have thre« 
chiklrrn : Carri<'i now Mn<. Normaii WilliarnN of 
Chicago; Arthur; and Laum. 

Judge CatOD wajt uf-iirly the first lawyer in 
Chicago, He wa« Jndgi^of theCircnit Court for Uie 
ciruak embnu^injic ^ Sallo Connty* ant) »ab#i-- 
qnenUy one of the Supreme Judges and VhM 
Jastlcoof th4> Stace. H« has been lariic^ty conniivted 
with the telegniph inti^nAKt^ aud luu» aocunialattKl a 
largv form a I*. 

Wro. E. Bell, from Virginia to Ohio, and from 
Oliio to OMawfi in ISflfi. wnrktnl for Tjov^^II KunlmU 
at ^far6f nii-A. Married I^llmira Ilpadly ; has thn-t? 
rliildren : Arnnna,i^ now ihn wtfrof 'Tamt?^ Iloff^ark ; 
Wrti- 8,, ai t^\itxt\ i Frank E., at home. Mr IWl 
La the autlior of a :»tandard work on Carpq^^ntry. 

Wm. E. Armstrong, son of Kl^a Armati-oDg, came 
from Uhio M'ith hia inotln-r in IWll. lie marri>-d 
Somh Ann Su-awn, daughter of Joel SimwD. fie 

S/rtirh of SrW'^r^ ^ .^fdk OUaifii. 


from the lienil or navi^lmii oa I)il^ lllinob rtvrr lo 
Si- Louis. HftAiidhifi wi^dle<i several year* since. 

The town of Soalh OimwAi^itibmccs that part of 
T. 33, R. y. ^Uicli lies sontU of tlie TlUiioU nwT, 
b«tDg obout liitlf the township, Ex( f^^pt » DAtro^T 
•trip of bottom-land along tb« nilnoia riven It la 
on Uiw Muff. iithI till' vill:*gi^ wliicli (^on^titiiti^s orw 
wan) of thi) city of OcfAwa. lookft dnwn ujum 
tliiil part or tlif* (Tity which \Wv, in tht- vdLpy. 

The view in a vnr/ fine ami oomniaiidhig oiut. It 
was settUd before North Ottawa, and the fort built 
for protection in the BInck Ibiwk war, wus just 
east of whLTo tlic rottd going 3oatb cuts tlic 
binff. The timber land which skirta the bluff of 
thtf nilnoiA rivur and along CoMl cr©».»k. wliitjL 
niiifl nortli westerly thronph tte town^ covers a 
Iflrgi; |>roj>ortion of \i% !»i:irf;uiK 

A i^^-ciiliar f«itiire, ia the t*xUFt^ice of a fountain 
«f wat<*r wliii.b \\\^ a fi^w f^ei fw^lcw \\\*^ ?"iirfn*Mi 
between lb© Olinois river and CovHI c!>J**k :*iv Is 
a bed of coarse ^ravtfl several fr*-i in tbickncss, 
whicb contains a fountain of pure water. It ^np- 
plies North Ottawa by plpeA runninfc under tiie 
rlvijr, and tho foantjtin U ii]<.rx[innstible. The town 
Is Aivorebly located, and wUl be aa valnablo as any 
portion of th*> ronniy, 

Enoi> Pembroke, frura Xtw York* came to Alton 


Uiftfoffi fit Ija SfilU CoarUff^ 

il I$l^ iad from ihi-re to Onavji. May l«t, \s^ 
^ud aetHafl on S. l\ T. ^a, R, 8 : 1k^ d\ld in L^9, 
ti^K wiiiuw 8itn'lviu||i hTm. She ki*pi a hotid at ih« 
foot of tbe bluff : wne a Metbo<JUt. and Stepb>^n R. 
IV^ T*H}s, 11 Iriidin^ M.-slrr in Mi»^ diuri.!i. Sliftln'O 
in 1302. 

Their chiMi-en wi^rt? : Djvvid, iniirm*d Mary 
HfViJoliK livKl ill Fall Hher from IS44 to 1370. 
DOW UvfB in Macoupin County, has 11 cbUdreD : 
Urania, marrhd Wtn. Keaaler, livftd in Sontli 
Oltfiwn ; Kioliard, died one jenr ago; Knos. mar- 
lied Miss Chtiw : Calvtn^ married Mary OorbEl, 
lived M TlfikJlwa ; JereiTiiah. married Rachel 
S|>raflni*^- s^'i'ond wife Ro^ D<*nftiiioro; Marj" Ann, 
innrned llciraee Spnigne, nnd dj**d «oon arter 

Josiali R. Shaw, frtHti Whiti-Hlown, N, Y-, vmiw 
lii-'iv in 1$9T. He iu:irrii?d RnMiiiun Test ; he was a 
htep-^im or EiiOH Pemlinjkf ; he dS«l In l87fi. Hl« 
children are one son Jind two daughtere. 

Rr^iben ReL-d, from Monr«« County, N. Y., In 
lS:?a : 8topp*fd in Kentucky two years, theni'emored 
to CiiKinnati, Ohio, wht-rt.' his wifr^ dii'd. leaving ^x 
childn'n» Ue married a Miss Uibbard. find t?oon 
afler with the Hib^>ard fanitly, f^fcren peri^on:* [n nil, 
moved to rilinoifi in 1S3T, «tiiyi?d in Chicago iwo 
monihs, thon moved to Ottawa, and wintered In ll>« 
cubii] with CaJ. Siiyers in Soutli OUnwa. Leased 
tli*» widow Pembroke's Tarm In If^, and niad« a 
cliilni on S. IT, T- SS. R. 4. where Wni. Moore now 
livew, A Mr Hililwml, brotlifrof Mrt. R**!^!, eanitf 
from St. Lonia. who s^^enied to be tho evil g^nins ftf 
Ibe fArnily, He oitiaed tbe M-panillon of Mr Bc«d 

Ski^ekt^Stm^s — Sonih W/iwa. 



and lil« wlfty, and broki* tip th*^ family. HU eau 
DatiuB wsL« biHiml fint to JiiuiH-it Uftllituay ; tiistsnii 
Ait)a*L to Mrisi*d Booth, nod his ilaughli^r Kriieliiii^. 
Ilien ft nii-rv rbiM, Ui T-Hi^iH Raylfy, R^-iitHsi R«-tn1 
nlonilimi^l his Hniiii antt iL was fjik^n by a Mr. 
Tnvni. O-irins R^'ed, who si.-rri.-d ad ftppretitkv^hip 
witli .I*-H, Galloway, when he arriv<^d al man'^ testate 
tnadt^ a farm on S. HU T. ^, R. 5, on which hf> has 
ri'sid^ Tor many yi«re. a wealthy and respected 
citiz^u now Ufinpi>mi-ily rwlrMng la KiinMi». 

Henry Hibbard made a claim on S. 6, T. 33. R, -I, 
and Fold to Di^n^'r, and ho to MrKcrnaug In 1S31, 
and !h»-'y sold to Ebersol In 1834. 

EleAzar Hibbani. who married a danpliter of 
UvuWn llv^d. Iliad*' a Haim oit S, Z% T, Z^. R. 4, 
where B. 11. Kr'viiohlH now Itvefi. He nlM> sepiimitfd 
fmm bU wifi% And thi- Hibkird fmnily mnvi^d to 
Sand Praiiip, n<ar H^-nni^pin- All the Ilibhard 
OK-n Bepanit'^ from their wivrs. nnd all th« Uibliard 
women from Iheir hiiebandsk it is claimed from the 
influcii^.i- of iht' brother from St. Loui«; in the 
words of IlaHas Hei^, " they were always in com- 
motion and croubks cni!tin^ up mire and dirl. and 
nevt>T fonnd rest bat in tht* prave/' All the Hib- 
bards bni oii>* dl^rd 40on afii*r lluvy htft i\nf county. 

CbarW Brown and wife, Abignil Hogaboom. cam» 
fttiHi Uldli^r Coutily, Ni-w York, uih\ arrived her» 
Novfnit>^r 9(tlli, 183tJ: bought a claim of^ Mr^ 
Kernaik, on 3. 92, T. »», R ^, whrm h^ i«perit the 
remainder of his life, a good cid^en and honest nuin ; 
h^ died in May, 1874; hii^ wife died in NoTeDil>*>r, 
1871 Theit i^hildtvu wi-n-: William, who married 


History <f La SalU Vouni^. 

Betsey Ellowortht died in ISOO, Sfred forty-nintr, 
loavinin: six cliildren : Louisa, married_OaMn Eclla, 
nowrdeceofiecl; Clarjndn. tnarrii.^fiMr.MiU»,l«uowft 
widow, inCalifoiDia: Rus^el, married Su^n Hopple, 
jind 1W«9 on S. 33, T. 33, R. 3 ; Ann, married P. CL 
WadB ; JanE*. tnarri*^d Fmiik Libbey, iiud is now a 
widoWj whli thriH^ i^anghU^r^ and two aona; Edward, 
IivH«on L}ie old honiif«tend; Cord«'1i;i» marritiM] L/tiiAo 
Catlwfli, and livea in Vi^rmillion County, 

John floguboom mormd Miss Hopkins, ond rune 
from Uiater Cotinty, New York, here, in the fall of 
1830;8ettl.>don8,S3,T.H:^, R,S, AHctrhit* wir<-di--d 
b« married widow Brooks ; h»d fourl-'eu chiJdr^D. 
Of thoe« \MTif^, Adelia mai-rli^d Xathan T. Carr, Iivm 
in Bn.iokfield, and ba3 8*?vi^ii * hildr«?n ; Emily mar* 
ritnl Morgiui Nfnriirii, in T*nvii; Mary iriiirriiHl Frank 
Otwan, and Uve«) in Towa ; George* mid Lorin^ live 
OH tliH old farm ; Ed^ir Tnarrlril MU?* Wmb-, and 
lives inOttawa; Cbarlot&e marritrd a Mr. Robins, and 
livea ia N^^brasha^ Franot^s niarri<9d lltnry Gilbrii, 
and livea in Iroqnoia County. 

Richard Hoguboom, brother of the above, from the 
sain^ place, in 1830, mariied Pbebe Karnsvrorth, and 
eettled on S. 39; removed to Gret'ti Bay, in Itci", und 
naw llve« fn Ni^braska. Has four cbildren: E1ua> 
married D. C. Mills, and Uvea in Fann Rid|^ ; Cot- 
ij**lia, inarrif'd Jr>:4>-|>b D, r>?wi* ; TTurri'^i, mnrrii^ a 
Mr. Robinson, boik in Nebraska; William, lives 
with his part'ntA. 

Abel Hogaboom. brother of John and Richaid^ 
came from tb*? sami* place, and »<^ttltd on S, 6* T. 
^'i. K. 3, He married Charlotte Joaett, and after lifir 

^W<:^ of SdtJ/r9 — Sf>uth OtUwa. ?5e 

dfialh< he married cbe widow Horn. dAaghtor <A 
Jacob Gnibcr; is now living In Nrbraska, and has 
aeren children, one fiOOf Fmnk, livmg m\ \\w old 
homestead. Mary, mArrivd to Robert Crano. in 
Sooth Ottawa; Hannah, Eliza. Suenn, nnd Ltif^Uit mi 
Uie old homvi ; Abtx-y ami Litcy with tht?ir par^Dts. 

Richard Hogxboom and wife, Hunnah, piin*iittt of 
ih« fiiri'^iliig bro(htrrH> oain»? fnmx ri6J**r County, 
X^-wYork, iu 1830. He dn-d in 1845, ugt;d i^; hi» 
widow died in 1857, ag«d 84. 

John McKrrniin, from Kentucky, settled on Covell 
Creek, in the fall of Ift^S ; lived there one year, and 
then wt-at to Brown's Point, and made a claim on 
8. Z% T, S:{, R.3; \j\\)>M ar.ld the nl aim toCharle^ 
Btowd, and bou^fht ii daim of Dienvy, on S. 5, T. '3!S^ 
K. 4, In 18a3, sir. McKeraan was drowned in the 
TlHrjoiH riv«»r. lu 1834 i\\^ widow «o1d lli« olrtim to 
Jdwj^i Ebersol, and with the family, removed to 
8. 22. T. 31, R 4, aL Lhn ht-ad of Otl#-r rivf*lc, wh«m 
she died, in 1372. Two soHfij Uugh and Pal rick, ditjd 

J&mes Kd^ecorob oaroe from New Providence^ 
West Indk-iat In IKJfi, and euttlrd on Cov^-'H creek, 
woet of Ottawa, and died aoon after. 

DaTid Strawn, son of J».*rirminh Slmwn, cnmcwith 
\k\% father's family from P<?rry County, Ohio, in 
1630 : boQffhi land on S, S5. In South OtiAwa, lU rlio 
■r1« in 1839. Ut> married Sanih Loyd, of Ohio, and 
oconpied his land soon Hi- wid« a 1» rgi^ lariDuri 
and frxtf-nvirv mi^rT nnd di'£L]i>r in »iork, and one of 
theowat^rft and boildt-n^ of th'- Padui'^ih Rjiilrr^nd. 
He diird in 1673. leaTiue w^v^n children. Thediltuiik 

ffistorp^La Sftffe Vaunty. 

OjfirrSt^ J, \V, EtH*Jwftl, and !iv^ at Slmwu, lir^iig- 
»t4m County; Su^f^n married a Mr. Porter, »nd is 
now dr('r:t!*nl ; Rrrtlni iimrrlt'd ThfiniiLH Jfnr^nn; 
tlio" ll^"^ i'l'^^i'^^S'^' VVuUornntrri^-d Florence Parr, 
and liv«8 at Stravrn ; Clara married Malilon B. Lin- 
ton; KUfu HriHiuiL,, ilikI <J<.»ra \M^\\^, fti\'iit homfr. 

John Kockwood, and wifo. Sjilly Green, a siet^rt of 
Honry Greon, of Oltnwa, caiti«> from Cht^hlri' Cmmty, 
New^mpBhire, in fall of 1834, and settled on St^-- 
tlon SQ, wlittrtf he madi! liU Itoim* UH liin dvjitTi, sdfoiit 
18Wl They had seven childnm : Lormg Oiia, live? 
■with hi» mothtr, now 8fl y^^ara of aj^- on iJie old 
farm ; John, married Sarah Jane bewLA^ and mlirlng 
in Gibson ; WiUiiLm. mamed M»nn Dootittlev and 
livr^H on fltti^tionlO, Farm Ridge, a largi" farmrr; 
ElishSL, married Dt-borah Oox, and lives in Indiaua; 
Levi, died young; Mary, marriod J, H, Dann. 

Judgo J/imes Glover, Ihdicr of J. O. ftlov.-r, c«mo 
from OsweRo, N. Y,, in 3833. and Betrled in Souili^ 
Ottawa : hi< had btdd thir poMlloa of Coirniy Jodn^^H 
tn New York for a conaidf*rable tim^ He died 
about 1640. 

Jamen Day, mother and alflt<»r, came from the city 
of New York in 1832; Ih*- sUt'T diml, thv ni'>ther 
ndwmwl Ui N^'wYork, and Jarnrti hnrame iiihsne, and 
h fL Mr. Day laid ont the original town of South 
Ottawa. Tlirir TamSly hif^tory im a smd on« ; they were 
^nlui-atf-d, refined and intclligenl people; UidsDay 
died of colomH salivation, the ri^enlt of themuHer- 
oiii* medical practice of that day. 

Henry Gorbi-M. from Clermont County, Ohio, in 
1*^37, with hie wife, Sally R^ildinion, p^ttl^ on S. SI, 

StetcA <^ Sealers— ScfUiA OUatM. 201 

T, 33. U- 8. His M^cond wife was tUf* widow* Ilnnaiii) ; 
hr tiHtl fifU'r^ti rliildn'ii: Mnr,v, marm-d Calvin 
Peiuhioke; Jolin, is in Texas i Debhy Ann, mar- 
rit^d Dftrid OInrk; Fmncb Aslvury ; Mnry Ann, 
marrit-d John Qnimby : Uforge, is dead ; Margaret, 
mnrri^-d Jamos VV'iltuin; Pi.-k^r, l»in Pontifto; Sarmb, 
married » Mr. Pisk ; Joeepb* is in Pontiac ; AiifcO' 
line. niarrkHl Edward Smith ; llvnry and i?«muel ar« 
at Rookft Cn^*k. 

William Tbompson. from N«w York City in ISas ; 
settled onS. 35, T. 33, R. 3 ; was li*»rt> tft«vt<n ureiglil 
yviiTii ; Wild to Willi.-im Ru:h:tnlHiju and wi-Jit ti» SL 

Solon Knapp, from Now York in \BX> ; diud of 

Jal>.« P'iwh, from PUttsbnrg, N, Y., in 1835 : he 
iras a merchant, and County Treatiurer iii:rvi*ml yean*; 
he di(^ in New York. 

Bbenozer Tracy, rrom Novr York in 1^1 or '^9; 
wont hack to New York, 

Thomas Tmcy, brotlior or tbo abovts from satnt^ 
place, bad a wifo and several children : died in 
Michi^n ; hifi family tmv-jr all Wti tlii?ci>iiniy. 

Silaa Tracy, hnilh^rof Tbouiaa, cam*? here in 1831 
Or'39; he eeltled on CovHI <-n-*'k, wliirtt h** dk-d 
many jeantiiLiniv; hU widow married «lH«Vfe A. (Hark 
and wvRt to MadiH>n, Wia. 

Dr. Rolwrl«s trom Ilarriebanj, Pennsylvania, in 
1832; dlt^d of cholera. 

I>r Con»mnt Abbot, from New York, in 183fl ; a 
physirian: went to Oincriniiatt. 

Henry Matron, from Qwepo. New York* in i9'H ; 
went to Texas ; died in O^nfml Ami'Hca. 


BiBiary tf La &aS4t Ctntsd^. 

Silns Matson, snd wife. Lydia StauCon, frum 
Owi^o, Ni^wYork, in 1^3^; wltU-d in Sciulli Ot- 
lawa. Hah four children : Charles Qi^ry, dow in 
Livingston Ooantj ; D/ivid, Jerome nud Mary» at 

Cnlrin KilltK from Oneida County, New York, 
^lune to La Salle Coani^ in 16di. vent Weat fora 
year or two, lli»3ii reiuniod lo Nt-w York, and in 
1^96 removed with his widowed mother to South 
■OtiEtwa, ^nd AftLT*-d on StH7t1on 9^. Hv marri^ 
Lfiuisa Brown, who died nbout I$50. He aftifr- 
ynxvA rnarrii-d S. A. Tnrker, Hit* firj^t wife'A 
rhiidi'un are: Frederick, who mamed Emt^tliie 
MaiTif:s livtrain Si>iith Oihiwa; ObarWR, mamed 
KUza Jdainea in Vennillion Coanty ; Nathaniel Is oo 
the oid farm, aud Luclon in Kansas; Sn»m O. married 
<3)eorf^ H. Mmn«8. on die old faitn ; Marotto ia io 
Farm Ridgt* ; laabolla, married Samuol Potindslona, 
of Farm Ridge, Tlio second wife lias two eoliai 
l3oiiglQfl9 A. is In Odotl ; Horaoo la wiTh ht« mottMr, 
ijL-ar the old place. 

Rnfl^c^U Kiuilmll eamtfat an early day trotw New 
York, He manied Men:y Ho^abooiii, and seillvd on 
f^i-(^riiin 28. M>ld to CuUiti F^IIk, kept a holvl ill 
South Ottawa, afi^?rward moved to Shebo^'gan. 

Shtrldon Bartholomew canie from Nc;w York wfth 
Brown and Uogabooin, married Charlotte Ho^bonm, 
and settled on i>uctioD W>; ho sold to Thomas 
Hodgson ; died in Gf-le County ; hia widow cai&d 
beick To La Salle OouuTy, nnd dii*d a few years after. 

Mr. Beere came from Xew York at ^nie time with 
Bartholomew ; he njarri^ Prudviu^ Hogaboom^ and 

SAOtA ^ SUaera—SotUA OUaioa. 



died sooQ aft4tr ; bis mdow marrie<l Peter Miiikli.-r, 
who mored to Kartt> Coauty ; ihvy are now livin}; at 
lU^cbtfUe. Oj?le County. 

Gi'OW B. Mai'y» from Conm^tlnut, first to P(*oria, 
and to Otmwa, 1833 ; li^ married Mary Jeiiningg, 
wlK>dLed In I8S4. H« died about 1664. Thi^y l^ft 
fiv^ childr<^ii: Cliarli^s Elwi, Mnry. Aiinii und Clam. 
BartMt DennlfiOii. ami wife, Jane Lindley, ram^ 
nboDt 18^4. He itold goods, nnd iiwm^ ft naw mill 
CD Indian cr^^k ; wt*m to Oalifoniia, and died there. 
£k«stti5 Allen, from Plattsbufg, >'cw York, c»me 
in 1£94 ; eold goodfi with Crook : went to Galena. 

Kobcrt Fowler, und wife, Polly Piatt, from Platts- 
bat^, Sew York, kept a boarding; hou^e ; died Iiem 
Burnett MiUen from Clinioi^ County, New York, 
1^ out to WltconsiiL 

Danf^t Famsworib, from Clinton County, N, T., 
in 1S32 ; hn diM in 1S70, IIU widow wiik fntnlly 
bomed by ber clothe taking fire. Clitldren ; A]b*?rt, 
(litil in CHlifiiniitt : WitliHritH married Mi^s Dix. lie 
die<l in South Oriawa ; Rol^rl was killed, his widow 
iM in TfTXfta; RUxulx-llj, niairii-d S. Crook ; Ele<^r» ; 
Phfb".\ married Ricliard IlogalMiom. and waa Cutally 
biinx-d by a like aeoid^-'ia a« tJuit which befel hor 

^^K Samocl Tyler, the finit wngon mak(^<r in Ottawa, 

^^r cani« in 18SS; moved to U'{[^^-c>nsin. 

W Plau Thorn and wif^, Betsey Piatt, from Clinton 

I County, Nt-w York, a glove imiker by trade ; went 

I lo Poudao, ivtiini4-d« and died here. HU widow 

I Aud t.dii1drf>n wrtil to California. 

I Sylvftuiui Gnnik, fi-om CUntoii County, Ef«w York, 


Hfitorp if La Salle Cv^mifh 

in 1H23, a merchant mul f&rmor : h<* was % Jitetk«> of 
the l*«ice for aev^ttkl years, and die<] Jaly 0^ *^^ 
Hh mnrHHl EtiHib^'ih Fiifuswrn-Ui, whosurvU>«liiin. 
Lnc^- lunmed Alln^rt' Pool, novr in Inwa; Kiiiini* 
ntiit OliJifW*'* :in» Jil I^^miih, 

John raiifth, from GlwjrDWf Kentucky, and 
hrr>Hii^n cAmt? in 1883t one died, the other went lo 
Rock River. 

Mi>£L«-« Booth, hrothf^r in-lav to (.'hmtopher Looff, 
come hero in 1837 or 1828, iind Uvi'd with Lonir, on 
Ctivc'll cn>'k. Hi»wifi? di<*d, and he marric-d Mtsft 
Alvord. He w^nc lo Kuadall County, VmX e K'g, 
and died soon after. 

Chrisloidier .Pxvitfr carina h<fr** ubout 1834, fmrn 
Yorkshire, England, Hehiul fcjurrhildivu; Gt'or^s 
dii.-i] in Cincinnuti: Chnrles, married Mifis Cunltffl 
livt'd for SHVt-ml jearA Iti Suuth Ottawn, and died in 
East OtEAwiL ; two M:«k-rs live in Cincinnati. 

Mre- Pavier waa the widow Nancy Arnold*, and 
had a eon and u datightcr by hi^r tiret husband, Utr 
»on GtJorKC Arnold mai-rieti Sarah KuE^a^-lL ilo raa 
tlio ferry at Ottawa for several yenrs, and is well 
r<'m<'mlxirwl by lh»> pc^ople from tlw* south side. Ho 
i» now in lowfi, n^itr Dubnqu<j. Jan^ Arnold mar- 
rl«Hl &am(iel W. Rogpr* : alter bis death, sh« marrfi^d 
a Mr. Kell*»y. and went West 

^iiMifl W, RoffiTH. froiti ViTHKiiiI, cuime to OtUlffH ^^J 
in \93t\ or 1^34. Hp ke|)t n gro-^ery. aad ownfd Ihe^H 
fcriy for wrveral yrars. Hi- died In 3ontb Ouawa. 

James Ball, from Owego. New Vork< in 183fi ; hit 
married CVplui Halt, and lives on Section SS. Haa 
one daught^. 

fit^icA (/ Scititrs — S?irrt OUawa, 


Jr!i?*f" A. Clark, fn'in Fori Cnvingti^u. N^w York, 
in 1*t3!2 : k*?pt lavem at th*? fool of th** Htiff, nuide 
thu Clark dftim, then wont lo Mft(liM>n, Wiec'on^iru 
and died Ifaete. 

JuptTt^ M. Ulfirk, W)n of Jeesi> A,, took thp fann 
occupied by his fath^ in )H:f5. Ho marmd Martlia 
Ditnn; ho had k«pt t<^hooI In Kf>ntticky; liowaaa 
Preftbytorifln mluisler, and di^ on hia farm. Fof*- 
maty IJtiU, IS«7, li^itving diUdri^n, Onv dangbli^r 
married WMllpn- (food* now of Marat«lI]oa : om» mnr- 
rlad H#?my Ilowland ; Julius Clark Uil Inwyi^r, now 
in Kansas. 

John Bftscom. from Comtrctlcut in 1631; hia 
mother and Bister cam«* in }S'M. Ho hi^pt a holW 
at the root of tbo blviff, BLtt^roTti and his mother 
died of vhol'Tn, rli^ tamo miiht, in June. 1*^35. Tho 
fliaier manii^ a Mr. Foster, of Earl, and di<?d in 

Ahratiain 3. Borgt^, from Sprlngftt^ld. IlUnots, in 
1833. Hft was » merchant here for eijfht or :«n 
yoirs; lie wlih hh wifo ^IfM Sn Hali^hiii-i^, 

Benjamin J. Moure. frnTii Olinroit Connty, New 
York, in1d32 ; :x hiTitl utc^nt and s|R'rnlator ; went to 
WisL'f>n?dii in \8S& ; be had thro- aiJiiii and ono 

Dr. Smith, from Cliaton County, New York, ia 
ISBSS^wiUl Jostfi- A. Olark; heoju^nod j.>n'_-of Ibf tiret 
Btorea ID South Ottawa. Ho had imorjijhl, Lncy; 
«h« wont to pn<ik Rivf r, an^l di<*d thvn?. 

Bev. Mr Hazard, from Clinton Connry. X-'wYork, 
In 1834 ; wag a mlairtt'T and mUslonary ; di'.-d wlii.>n 
returainj; lo Planaburg. 


liUioT}/ i/ Iai •SSi/Zp Co-uniy. 


Dnyluiii'tnhnirrvthAl partof T. :U, R. 4, whiclilicw 
wv9t cf tliv Fox river about ionruj^n wciioda, ajid a 
Btripont'Uiid ub;ilf v^rttona wiiit-, froni l^liv r»«teid? 
4jH\!M. K,3, hehij; about twenty ■lluvttaectioiift or tlie 
whoU-. It foniir-rly iDcliuU^d llir vrholti of T, ;M. U. a, 
but thi* (own of Wallaci* was taken fmm Ue w<^tt.'m 
Bid«, rrduc-iiig h to lr>4 pn_<«v*ril t^^te. Indian cro^k 
panib--^ iicix)8s the nortluM^I (:orii»»r of tht town, an^l 
Cn>LrU<'(1 r>.<g€r^k niid Burk<rr<*^k&rro«sthi>non1i- 
em pall, fiiniieliing ccmaderxble tkiobi-r to \\\%\ sec- 
lion. Tln^i' <iv('k». wiili tli^* nij>i*.l (I'Wiput of tint 
Ftix river, fiive poud dmifiagK tr> tlif whali; XwKtx^ 

THyl'in lind Tin* fir^r llniinii^ mill in tlir roufily, 
and th*' first woolen mill rurrby water, in ihf SiAie. 
At one tiintr, nbont 1S^4 uud l^iS, It was io adranec 
ofOttafva; it Lad adouiin^niilL dom^ & twavy hiigi- 
]u*«) a sniA mill, wa^'on liliop, tnnnijry, and ^hftir 
shop, and stores doinj? a \^r^ badineeg. 

Ttii' dam nrross lln.' Fo*; riv^T if* maintuinvtl by tin* 
SlAt«>, It was built to turn vvalrtr Inro tho fr^UT for 
tb^esinul. iind rh»*Mi*3^n>. Gn.>ijn, who vtpt&i tb^^owa* 
»*rs of tiie l;ind, have wbat waler tliey waui, trirhoni 
nny ^-xpi-iiM' Uw dnm or nyww 

Tlie Fox rivtrr hranoli of 1bi^ OhicsfcOf Brirlingtvin 
k <)innry Uailrond pnA*pj» thrmigh llsyton. The 
1ioiiijiJ>: mill and \ruidt-ii mil] urt^ butb in u^^ and a 
paper mill has recently gone into op<^tioii; an< 
tlivr« is w«t*T power Tor nian,v mott-- 

Tbr tr:)wns of Dayton iind Ktitland vr^-rc- M>ttlf>d 
dinnltaneon^ly, and their <*arly &«tilement so eon 

Skeick <f SeUlcra—I}aifUm. 


nt*cled thni it \b <1ifficiilt to Hilly separate cbeir 
liidtikry, Thry nr^* arparatt^tl *>y Frrx rivrr iiixl bfr* 
iwcvii tiiL-m live iJie rapids of that f^tnvam* fumi^- 
ing nn c-xcelleiit wnu-r powutr and from wbcro rh« 
fitfdrr for t|jr IlUrtoi^ And Mirtii^an Canal i^ rnk<-». 

The Krsi sutler heie trne William Cktrk. «ai<l lo be 
3 Somh C^mlinlan, but la&i from Fort Clark, nnv 
IVuna. In tJmsjiHiig ^r lS2ft, TIi- hull! \\\% i-idiittnn 
ilieN-E iS-ii't; tt-4d liisiliiini. iiiSepietiibei, iSSU, 
u\ Jolin Gp-i-n. viid wi-iit fo D» Pii^i* Cutinly. 

John Grw'ti, who ptiifhasf^d (Hark** tJaiin ami 
iiii|in'Vfnicnt, In company wilii William Ort^wn, 
J(/SvpL Urove and William LaujlK-rt. left JiewaA. 
niiio, on tin- l?7il( day of Anjrwst. 1«^. on a lour of 
t-xplonlioii of llie JlcJiihvre^t, TU»-y trnv«-led on 
tiorfH-1>Uf^k t>y th« way of Kort VVaynu, Kulamajfoo, 
MicUii-sn, and along the south »horE- of I^kif Mtch- 
(ffatt, to Clih-ago. 'rhi>y found hut fow &Httl«r», and 
rrequ<fntJy had lo sk'^'p on ltit§ groand iditi tlu> «ky 
foru (mv«nng. 

Ill Sepii'niher, tln'j rr«nli*Hl Walki*!** (now Hoi- 
di-rman's) iirov**. and thf Fnx river, wlieiv NFUUij^rviu 
noir ia, following It down To ttit-rahinof Clark. 11«t 
sliuwrd ihtm tin? tapids of thf Fox. and tnUl Oieni 
it wa^ihc h>-at iniil pdvili-fp* In Anu-rica. As fiucli 
« priril«ge wna what Mr. (Jreen was st-eklng, h« 
puroha4<*<I CUirk'# claim ard'Jwt'<niiincd to ]oc&u< 
htpe, Thtfy fonud a cor|i3 of ei]>cliietrfl sarvi-ying 
tki^ canal f^r-dor, find pa>^-d on toOttawa, where thoj 
fonnd "-ne ciibLn near when.' :he Ottawa Hou^i* now 
16, !hrcn]'ted hy Jam«.>^ \ValU<>r, and one cabin on th« 
MjuLJi belonging to l>r, Dsvid W»lk4?r. They went 



HUlory </ La Salic OoufUy. 

on to Bailey's Point, wh^re they found Lewis Bailt-y 
unci William &e«ley. They «xplorvd tlit^ coantiy 
M tskt fK-mtli 00 V&Tidalia, then the capital of tli^ 
State, when 111' punrhiieed ei^tity ncro-^ for his mill 
sitf^ at Dayioa, and retartied to Ohio, arrirlDK od 
th« l^lb of October, and linm^dlattily prepared to 
■mil^ral"? to IlHnois. 


Od tbe $d of ffovember, 1899, tbo followinjt uainwl ptsrsgiis left 
tfewftric, Llcbiu^ Cnuntj, Ohio, far vftn U nftvi I* SnLla County^ 
UUtioCt . Jvtio Qrvcn. DaTld Grovo, Ifijarx BrttmbBftk, ujd Rciuoa 
Dcbott, Willi ibcir rnmjUcjL, jtaJ lIi« MIoMu^ aam«it >umi(iDQa; 
SamijiFii Grovfr, jrvtiTpb ijivit^, JhccIi KiIi>. Aii*iaiid(«r MrlC««, lad 
flfefT^j ShaTGT. Tbdjf oulflt wnA one f {lur yok« ox tMm, Ureft 
tw(^ Tit iriti? wAfoith, mil] tme mititge. Found \ht roailt pUMUo 
IQI wv pH Inti) Indli^nA, wbere vo Uy Iiy tlir«« daj* fnr bvl 
vr«ftihct, Tboatfootafliifcftliigh^but we worobouaj fortk^Won, 
viO prcjHci] fnrwbril. roJiaJ aboui forlj teuiu wciUlarr-boDoJ 
ft! B^xbyX o^ ^^* WhftDWaier, vb«f« vt wen lold II vooM bs 
tDipcxuiblc to pructfoJ unluBB vo lravel*0 on ibu lop of WMftoc* iikd 
teams nln-iLdy ivnmpai]. From tliorv we i^ut our v«y Uiroo^ 
iMwry timber for nULy miloi, Ktengiag Abaai Toe mitc* pard^. 
Ob* of tbv parLy, wiih i chiU !□ liU mrmts wa> throvrn Trav iba 
earHa^. linviklnfT tbrcti vf bU rlba. nuil Hie rUTi»j£« wheel |>u>rd 
ovor Iho ehUd wlUiovt Lujuiing It, Tlii> iravinOed maa piinu«d tbv 
louraHjT) Dttvtr cmutiUjuiiitj > >lj r^Jiljr Old Uii>«e bijOj plo»«rra 
adflpL i£ibiniVlT» 1o clr<7umtliui(!L*i« itad Eiero'ipullj fa«« Ike la^ 
tvlbibio. The NtroaTDJi vcic m> high ffc bad Vi h«d lbcm« oTt M 

We trsTvTed tivv dnjra by Itie e'lmptiv. wbea «re arrfTcd iC 
pArikh'a Qrotfe, Iro(tuL>i9 Oouniy, lEIlaou, Prom lltOTewcf<4loirr<j 
AJi liiillui \m\] (i> Huli!i»ril'4 tmc]|n| p<f4i. on Uii> Iraq«o(s Htrv, 
Hvrv itfi buu^hL nil tbo ccim «rv ocTuId ffM— about algbt bniMU— 
and a pcrtkguc. ot cnnixv Looitina )( villi abool tblrry hsiidreil 
v«l2^c nf <iHr gfhHU. wn put Jiu<i>b fvlic, Jdsvpb Gr(vr«^ unit 
Snratiol Grave, od fur a «rew. triib dir* i:iii>n« to work down the 
Iroqnoli tg thi; Kaiikiikcc. and ihiougL tbaC lo Ihc BUool*, wbcn 

^^Mrh fif St'ttSef» ^ Xkit/fon. 


vom, feed vcareffn nad rriiubi vfrj bitd, or. nrtb^r. oi>rM k1 hU^ 
On the Irlp, Jdk|iL Ornvc Irctmuv nu chllloiL lliat h« luEiLncIrd & 
dinaw Trom irbldi bo aevsr tally rvooverHl- 

Oiiria4iii> omtiod a pntirie v^hicb hftd no bottoeD'^at Icmt, wo 
d)d not flad BD}. Tho aeoood iloy, fouud o vtrooiD Um docp Ut 
cn'B ; frllrd cms ttwn Oilbor itidt lUt Uipy fiirnttd % X^mjtottrj 
brt(1f«, uTtr nLlcb vre ooaroyed oor jioodn uod pCD]ilo, whk'L va« 
butly kicc<^uiiJklinl wben Uic occuoiuUled wnifsr* iiw«[>i uur 
bridge ovty. Thr tmmi «<!f* msdo lo «vhn, noc hojun tmnily 
McaplBfi drowninir. One of tho wodoo bccEktno no'Ton*, and 
cooU not b? indun<l to i^bIW tbc btldgo. Jobji OreoQ took Iior od 
k)« book, Rc<t fahdc bU Why over on bti baudi And kncu. Tha 
OJiool popllioo \a vli<At Uto lady rod« E» m^t fccordcd- 

A htt^t folu ctcuio oUh &u«1 ivu ciiiiauipiHl Lii a small grniiv;, and 
w tw i oI>ligi?d lo rui ;ip vmifl of oar boi«» l^k lULbe & tro. Tliat 
»lghl «( »tka1l never fi>Tcr^ ; mo»t ijf » »nC up aU iiljchL Mt^llii^r 
Ud dcrwn bi ibi^ WHipHi, tjiil irlvl ui a)e«i>. hdiI wwt fr^iTeii fast 
•0 Afa» «<iilil Dot mr itt lbf> moraiD|t(. It took uo orrr ibroia dayv to 
reoci* the moolb of llic EoukAkcc, a diatnncc of thkrly inilcji^ whUs 
tbo iiftfLigtio boil lo |!i> >A'Vf Jity itiilvt. by ^nlcr. Th« crvw bwl Hl>oijt 
gWcn ap io dwpoir of iEL«uliDfc iiti, vh^v Uivy fortuakuly buord & 
wdl-baowft *oke coklbs; ton fororito hurw, by wluch tboyiroro 
dlTPC'ced lo inir cAmpL- We ferrkd mail of oar gooda OTor Ui* 
Ulili<»iOoB Uio p«rc>^U0t «li«(i ft frltiDdLy IndUa HbOWid no o ford 
wLcTL- wc took L>uf lenniB oT«r v jtbuul diOl^uIty, Our com being 
ftXlkoLUiot. o^r tMini h«d DMblnjr ro «At hm bmwu.'H or dry pnirli 
p«40i,and vory Utilo E>f ibnl, m the prafrlo bod nearly oil b«<a 
bmni«d uT«r, Ju iho oficfuvvb uf lb* fltb of Din:om(>or. we cninc 
fa) ilgfai of ■ ffavt! of timber, ood John Grvco, beb«Ttnf tt to bo 
Hovtcy'« {now Holdormon's) Grovo, •urtod od boncb«ck toiuiccr- 
loln. HihcaprcUtSoQ* were reollKcd* and bo fcmnd Mom», Haw- 
}ty ftftd BHrHfrrnl hnichnring a bt^.t- Ue bAmcmied HnrPi^ffJiYl't 
bane, o Urgv Kny oii«, tv o lifbi wji^>d o| UArcafciniy had tokiiig 
• qooritT of Uio boef. nod tWiat Ui? itajcoq vilth cuca, sUriod for 
SHli« crO*k tfnbar, whcvr ha iuppo«ed t'u* piny woiitd iiap 

T^ oompuiy boii or^Urrvd 4 tmlt imd propATod 10 «ntn>np» hnl 
WlUiltMicipenniUin of K^lDCHUp[wHe!ii lc^ bt-J u Ibelr prvtbluno 
««C0 oibAUitAd, vbOQ Mt. Grpen itrove up, (o ib<< f;rcbt ^oy (it tEio 
vbok porty, bvtb laon nud kfoiut. From the Umc tbo oars gavo 


HUt^ii (^ La Sailc Gmnly. 

oulosd the pTovitioM uron runiiKiK xbcirU OHO fittiL^ tBM (vliia«d lo 
cut, wDtvadlng ihut m ihvy vcn; bound u> vtarrc the ijro'^tkiua 
ATini}]<l F» rvaamd tar ilie irnintD nnil r^ijklron 

Hit nnviHay, brinit ilDflib of DccomUi, lettti* mIhjiiI foarVcl^eh 
r w- Kt rr^cbtftl uur dnt1imllua^itTi|>l tbv rli:v< youojr naea la 
tbar^i* r>f tbc perufEu^. wbuoL w cxp^fli^'d wduIeI nach brra bcf<nv 
lift. AAd vbcii uiglu came oti no w«it all cm! dovit «iLh fruful 
fiirrboilif]^. m nv ibi>wjebi lli«7 uiirvt baw u)«t nUb 9imt« wrtuuft 
■cc»4l«al Bi]louraiJKlvtywi«MH>un>iHrv«d, On 1b« umc ^ty liitjr 
had mode ibc pcra^c f Alt al tbc ^ftiid rapid* of <be tlha«li^ Mnr 
Miiriii'ilti^. AQiJ GCOiAiiitf tbo pndric wLUciut any hhi>"fkilEv of Uip 
oimnirf. Iw>rt\nii' bi^nlcMctl. tjut aiWlUK 1*'» l^ftl"* fio»n our rabli^ 
jolurd u» about cUlil tj'do<:li. cldJ irc )u4 a. tr<Al liiut offClCMdfia. 
Itm loi4 bitTlng b'-iin rounil, Th# AAJf-utrrL tiffing ^raih«v J'lAn'^il 
» in ■ hi-4rty iitvul. lUitl \iU i4j>(>( tit« d«t«i fkiltiij hloa HfiarwhrJ 

Our (iGKl object vu Tft secure iKnn« prvrlnona, v wc ttw) a lornc 
family Kiiil go >tl tpprMr,**, Vfo liou^bi itfanir rourlios«Dl MarBiy. 
OD ibc Dctp^niim. tbL-Q went tuulh t» TnAcdl coualyi boagirt 
Iblriy bLialiifU ivhcnt ai ToUf thlllLnjft. clgbiy Itimhifla cura at nro 
fttii]Tinic«t >Lml [link kt (aa bona aullwb(tr« WaiittLagittn nov It; vpflnt 
•evcral 'l\y* ta puiiinjc tlivinill iij ordcTi barinir :>ii1rcM ■bi< lrf>Qlilvr 
Riin iiLiTii^i, and futnUb il« mnilTi* iiower^ Fru* Uiop« nvtv warn 
biif<>iw« bud pmducvdntvoip; wo frvt^iMmUy ll¥Cdoa tt^t, (mcaIuv* 
and pound cabo. ftocHltodb bvinjt madeof <oro poutidcd in aniiriar. 

Wc nentio «ork lapfvilniE In the tprinjr. and by Jufy 4i\t ve 
bad ?40 aciva locccd. and EicAHy atl brck«n. Korl bad built a wv 
ciilli ilaiA and raCf, aucI hwl u ntu of bouldii mill »tvoca In ivic 
ct/rttpr at tliv ana mill fading vli(«L» the (Inl jjmind on Tm 
riTCP, Tbf *iooc« «cK tnndo froin boulders of ban) hcadi^ f^^uad 
beie. by €bri>-iO|ibi-^ ruyac, tifoLb«i (tt tbc Dunkard jiroiclicr vtbo 
waakiHtsI by InJHnaon ih(i pratrlo itrt.wn>n Holdfimnau'dflmmtAd 
lEandlic*. la 168^ 

Qf die cora]>any of twenty-four that cjime oui in 
tbefallof 1S^I\ two rx'tui-ntttl rr>Ohio; of thr^ twenty- 
iwu who remaiiKid^ only sei^«ii died in forty-fnie 

John Groi^n, and wifi>, Gavlmra Groi-e, cann? from 
lurking County. Ohio, in the fall of Ui». B.^ 

SM<:A o/ StMf^rs — Dayton. 


bronglil lliu tron« Sqt u saw ami griiit mil) hy txiiii 
ovialaud, and mUlwriglirs lo i»Qt tht^m np. Mr. 
Gr^f^ii livt-il Mil ihvt (Ouim tKiiiglit of Ci^rk, Iti Ktu- 
IjiDd, antil 18S2, wheo In* ivmovi^ to Paytcm, H** 
Imilt :t lUiw mill jiTifl put in h niii iif Hlurir* In LMi, 
aimI a tlouriDi^ mill in 1>*32. lie was (Jounly Com- 
misButo^T, an<l <iccii]>iM a \tuiiu\tn*ui lAtw^n In th** 
baftlneAS and early hi>itory of the coaoty ; ho died 
December 17tli, 1874, m^ 84; his widow is* wfill 
living. B& years or age, Ht* hod ninr* rliildrt^ii: 
KJiiiL marrif^'d WtllinmLL Duiinnvan, uTid livi>« in 
Satland; Nimcy. married Albert Tlanrnivati, and 
tkv* in Riuland ; J(-»«<\ iimrrl^ l>qi1)^'1U Tntmltu ^ 
b« fldTvwl tliFf^' terms as Jn^tic'it of the P^ar't^ and 
was tlirw y*?ars T'««ti Sufw^rvi^^jr ; in 1^*4^ li<? ltd ii 
GiHiii>any of forty liiue men in ih^ r.luMi Kf Donido, 
Califurnis. Dnvid* niarrk'd M»ry 8eadd(>n ; serv4>il 
aetTown Sii|»eEi'isor ^veial Irrmn; In ii>Tiip»iiy 
his brotljtf -k-^w he ha» nm the larj^e wooli-n fac- 
tory at Dayton— the HrfttoDrrun by water in tlw 
State. It wna huiU in 1^\*\ and onTai^ed in l^U. 
Joeepli, di<xl in 1*^16 ; Cathnrino. marrii-d U^^or^ci' M. 
Uunnavan, of Dayton; leaao, bom in lUinoig, mar- 
ried R^'N^i-oa J. Trumbo. and lives an the olij ftirm : 
Ruc'h^U imiriiixl Oeorg*^ Uihson ; K^becca, niarhed 
01i?^r ^V. Trumbo. 

Jttcol* Kite, frutn [iickiiig County, Ohid, with 
GrM^ra iu)m|jany, in ih» full **f 1829. He never 
mjirricfl- A sort *>f Nimrwl, lir livMrl by Intiiting. 
and w*rnt We^t. 

William Sladdm, and wif.-, Elbabeth Hixidlcy, 
fruin Lickioi; Comity, Ohio, in May, 1880. aetUnl 


Iliftorp *f La 8nU€ Cffitnfi/. 

on S> 33, T. »4, R. 4 ; Bold Co Joimthau Datilels, and 
moved to Dnytoii in l$31 ; built ii tlonrEng mUl ; 
vnti twW tiWirtl SUerilT of La Salle C*i\Uity^ aiid 
twic^ to tlie StJMe Sen».1« Fli* wa» n pnnniiirrjl »iiil 
uHi^rtil rilixnn, ami di«d in 1848. Children ; Jnna- 
tlian. marrk-d Elimbr^tli Long, Id Rutknd ; M^iry, 
mariif d David Oniieu ; William ; Elizabeth, married 
Hoim^u B. ti^rgt' ; Hiclmrd^ marrii^ Sallk* Scvanl. 

Jamee McFadden, from Ohio, Id the fall of 1891. 
Kopt sttor.' In Daytnti, wlurnt th^- wrt>ok>n m\\\ f\ovf 
is; it ivaesw^jpi off by hiph w&ter in the followiR)* 
B(irli(g. Hn wiw captain uf % c->nipaTij of Homo 
C*uar<3a, raised in the county duHng the Black 
Uhi^ k wixT [ wtvA aIioi through the ankl^ by IndiaDS 
on Eodlati rreek in li^3J; h« weut ut Oalf-ria. 

0»-»>i>;vM. Drnincivan, fmru Tiii^kiag County, Oliio, 
Ui 1630, with David J«etu, who at^ttlnl nn Bn^tlnn 3 
in tewu of Ecitrri. Mn Dunnnvan rL^iuaiued at Cedar 
Point, as il was th^-n ot-lkd, till If^lSj, wb«i ho 
i)ottlvd on h, 7, T. IM, K. 4, on Buck ct^k timber. 
He marritfd Catharim* (tn-in. dau^htvr of John 
OrfTpn. Tti^T*- arc t>_'u children : l^ilaa L,, is In Mon- 
tana ; Louisa Jane, married J>. ^ Gryifti, and r^&ide^ 
Ht Ci-niml City, Colonulo ] Emma, married Andrew 
Brown, and lives In Ottawa ; Luden Q., Ii at Coa- 
tnil Cily, Cohimdt): Fnink W., Mary E., Charles, 
Bt'De, Oora, ai>d Edward, aru nL home. 

Thonia« Parr, from Licking' County, OhJo, In 
1B34; he man led Sai-ali Ann ritA*r. and aeltled on 
& 1, T. 94, R. a. They have six children : Je«ftv N., 
marned Anna Cain, and ]iv4*j» in Kansas; Amanda 
E., married ^'oah Binnk, and Urea in Daytun; 

8k^h <f SeiUers — ItuOahd. 


tia&; Prancis N., tuarriRil .hilLi Unrry, of Serena; 
Martha A-, mnrried Lyman Cole, of Iowa; WiUiuni 
H., married Mary Kn^-r, and liv<;3 in Daykin. 

^atElflIl Proctor bougtt the store and goods of 
Daviff Lft^ltn, In the dpriu^ of 1836: \i^ liad a vt>ry 
iatereatltig Camily, and was hJme^Lf a ^niak, abl9 
and po|}ular man, and did a proiipt'rons bu^n^'ss for 
aboat oae y^ir, and wasnot':>d for big LoDoniblvitnd 
npriglil bnsIni>HA hal^t«t. On hia way to St. I^iuls 
to parclmtu* grKwlK, h*' wiih rl««Li^i^t«^t1 in pa««iiig iniiin- 
U^fiAi Kioiit-y, Hh av*>ide4i arn-jit, Vait never rft* 
fnnii^l* Hr wb« found to be a member of Cbe 
noltrri^vilB bwnl that xXn'w inf-r^M tht? country from 
the ilUnois lo Wisconsin, cailid t^w Uandita of tbe 
Prairi«9, who wtTw Jiorau t}iieve», count«rXt*!t<?rs, 
robb**re, boi^glarB, and iinird</r<?r«, Dks, and plak-e 
Tor counterfeiting, w^^nt found in hu atore. and 
yc&rB after, when th<^ buildtn^^ w:u^ toru dowo, a 
copp<>rp]aiv ^ngravtog w-a^ tonnd behind the plas^ 
luring. If hiflfoiTOer or stlbaeqii<?nt bii<U>ry ^Imiild 
b« writtfii, \i \% priibidilt' Um name of Natlian Proi^ 
tor would not appear. 


The to^vn of Rutland embracee the €a«t part ol 
TowofitlipK 331 and Z\, of Rango 4, and is bounded 
on ihojouthby the Ulinoia riv^r, wtsi and north 
by th<# Fox, and t^st by i\w eiut Hue of Kan^ 4- 
Ilfl location la aii «*uvuible uue. Iiuvin^ Lbn Grand 

S7I mtfori/ of fAi Sana County. 

Rapids of tl]« IMinob on Mie Aonlh. .MAr9eUlc« in ito 
fiomtif^ast corner, Ottawa at its BoatUwte^tt^ Ih^ 
Jlllnola nnd MichigAD Omial. niid Roi^k Idnnd k 
PaeiAc R R. pass tlirou^-ti its eoatUern border, 
vrlilk* Its wvsu^rn and Qorrhorn Uha bi wasJwd hy 
the Fox, Willi ita rapids and heavy water powir- 
a coiubiitatifjri <>r imtumi iirricmn^t^ ihai imuii 
tnstira a futfire of which wa can form no cod- 
cejition. Ti is ufl^-lpaft lo ApK*:utate as (o the lime. 
ThiFs regie n of toimtrr i^ ouLy jnst in its» iDrnncy, 
and lh« womb of time ie preKnant with fliariliiijf 
CToxite to be d(Wcloi.v.'d in t)n*disUi:it riuiinv Whi-ii 
the Lowells and BirmiTit-lKime of the East shall tw 
duplicated along the hunk^ of tho Hiiuois and the 
Fox, the towns of Rutland, >fanUiis, Fall Rirer, 
DayUm mid Otiawu, wUI roni^iUuii? on»* grand nn^ 
Cropolitan city of Inisy industry and commeipoe. 

It U triLi'^ thi^ Hnit)^itiri<- ]iiiliripHlii»nH rif tin* i»iirly 
aetrtrtm havf not h*?en r»-aHited in rhindlrHT^tJoJi; hnt 
th« devdopmcnt of :^uch n.-tfource:» rt^uin;^ tim^- and 
(•^piuL ThealmostoDliTnitedainoiintof power now 
niDuiii^ to wantr*, th*- clicap and lucxtiatieliblo 
amonnt of fn^] clo^e at hand. the exb&ustleaa supply 
of rich on ft, vvhirh the world daewh* n* can not riiiij, 
ready to bf» Hwited ov«r the bosom of th*^ lakes, and 
through oiir ship canal, without tntnshipmeni, with 
thi? iiiiiiiuUiiuft iif ori-rt Sii NfUwnin, :i1i in nfgiun^ 
destitute (»f fuel, and whirli irmst bfek the Icjrality 
where thni H>'mcni »'xi!*t»-"iire fatifc* thnt no MOpliistry 
ran belittle, or ari^nmenl ^ain^ay, bat tluit stand in 
bold relief, a^ inexcnible &« fate. Add to this the 
capacity of Uie n<:;ht-st agricultural region in lb« 

I _J 

^ut^ <f SdUer/t — RiUUij^ 


world, for the prodiK^tiiiti uf clie-^p nnd ».hiim1aTit 
fr^>d, iiTif] th« pktiiiv iint*d^ tl'» fnrthrr ituibelliitli* 

Biittli« farmers of RuUand havi> tiocansirto ra- 
pine at tbi^ir Lot aa tillers of the soil, Th*nr ^oil has 
no 5up^jhor amoti^ thvir slater towns, TIkt town ts 
well anppUdd with limber, and they have a raarki*t 
<^om ai hand; and the old donlxon*; who havu ep^^rit 
fifty years in improving and embeUighiLig tht^ir 
boniHs, wnnid doubtlt>4fl bt^t^ltab; ioex4Thuiiici> th'iir 
IWiit oruharrlK,wuTing iit'TiU of gnin, and sli?*»k lierda 
and llin^kft, for the Biitttk'? uf iht* ftirtta*.*- atid iht^ 
clack of thr mill. 

Hntland waa ono oF th^ t^arli^Bt nettled towns in 
th** county. 

T]Lt? flrf^l settler in Ktitland was Wm. A, Ulark, 
from Soath CTarolina ; h<» (M.»lH'.»d on the N, E- i S. 23;, R- I, inihespiin^of 18^r*; tiold lo John Grt^cn, 
and mored to n^ar NaperviUo- 

I>a7ld Qrore, and wife. Anna How^tr, from Lurk- 
ing County, Ohio, in 1hS29 ; on^ of Green*H party; 
aided John Qreen for a y^Br or more, and then mottled 
on 8. 33, T -34, R, 4 ; n^w livinj?. H^'-'d 73. Childrt^n 
of first wifrt ; Samuel, who marrietl Mary Pnrr. IWes 
atUtica. and ianow Sit pi?rriaor of that town; (^>t^^ 
at fbome; John died. Mra- Orovii. di«l in 11^45 
8c«0Qd wife, Uttiy W. liobiii»on. Uer chiidreti were; 
Katharine, at home ; Anna, married a Mr Uoag. now 
dvad ; ElixnfhtTfi, marri^id Davrl Connurd, and lives 
in Miller; Isahella, married Dani<^k Wickwifv», and 
liT^s In RuUaud ; Elka, uiurrkMl W> H. Chapman, 
and lire>d at Fr^eilorn, 


Eistarjf t^ La Salle Oouniy, 

BoidoD I><rN>]t, and wife, Emtna Groiv^ from Lkk- 
\vkj^ County. Ohio, in 1S29 ; «m? of Gi^^n'a ]«irty : 
wUl^^oiiS, 11, T. 34, R, 4; iiil8Sa«*ia U> Ijoring 
Delano, anJ muved U» the X- E. J oT S. 16, wln-r^ ho 
iitiw livi's. Mr>. Di*luili. iIihI in 184^, CtiiMrvii: 
ElniH. airkiiif-il a Mr, }lu[i|>. and Jin^ iu Inn^Lioirt 
Connly ; Barbara, marru^ David Connftrd, and di«d 
iu 1851; l^Kivin;!, \v' liritijc in Ohio ; QA^rfzc, umnii^fl 
Mise SuUvfi. and Uvl-a in Onyton: Jesse, dlt^d iu the 
anny; Cyras, manied Blixabelh DunaavaiL 

Ii?.Tiry UniTnbut^k, and wifi-, t^lizalvtli I'iUer. frntn 
1 Jrkin^ Couuiy, Oliio, in l^'i^ ; S':?ltl«f| on tL<* N\ K i 
& 13. Cbildren: Um^ bora ia 189r»— fint lurtlt 
In town, niarriod Prank Brnnor, now a widow; and 

Ssmu<I Qmvi.-^ fnjm Licking Conniy, Ohio, was 
ODG or Grofirs pciriy. IIb n-lurmd U\ Ohio, and 
<::iin** Imrk ru tji ftilli' Counly in IttW. 

J<iAi«}ik Grove, frr^m Lii'king County, Ohio, in 
1^;^ ; onr of Qrr-rn i^ Compnny. lie martial Kliua 
Jackwin. and setM^d on& ^2. HedJi^ln liltVt, lib 
widow di'-d ill IST^. TLrir cUildn^n wtrw: 8«mai\< 
tUa, who married a Mr. Wakt^li*-ld ; John, is in 
Iroquula County ; JfiH^^inial^ clii-d in the army ; 
Jcsa^tisat home; Lewie, inami*d MvUnfIa Vxxu^u 
DOW of MJU^r; £lma> marriMl (Joor^^e Fitscr* of 
Iroquois Cotiniy; t>avld, Isac Dayion : Mary, and, 
CJani, art* at hom*-, 

WlDlain Ia Duntiavan, from Ii''king County, 
Ohio, iti 183<\ iimde n i^alm tioniUw*^i nf P#Tn ; 
sold In Isli, mid wlllfij on St-c(inn '^ in l8;iK 
He waft uiairir'ii in ilie Fait of tliat yn-nr in Bliza^ 

akticJt qf SdlUr* — RuUand. 


d^iugliinr of Joliu <tTt*Ti, by David STiavt-n K^m-, 
being i1h» IJrsI vrediliiig in U>wii, Hsis six rhiMi-en : 
AUk-ii : EiiJiiia. iiuirrlnl a Mr Uitt* ; John; Llua- 
bt'ib, inarriiMl Cyrus Di-boLl ; Jiri^N married Ma^io 
Surk ; .iamt^d. at liom^. 

K^wurtl K<ry^ Irom In^inna, lu IS'Ji ; eetrled on 
K. E.iS. U, T. 33. R.'l; he Oral stopped with Chris- 
topher L^&ji:. <»" CovfllJ rriwk, whlh? bnilding his 
vuhiD ; movt^d on ta bis cluiro id D^ct-mber ; \\*i ilii^ 
of ctiolem al Ihit IaiiiI i^alv Ln 1^^. Hi-< widow innr- 
riiKl Alonco \Valbtidg>?. (S** Mrs. WnUiridgrt'i* 
uarntlire, » H»f Jf f^ On*-"? < hiMrfu : EUiui H.. mar 
rird Dorothx Hanson : Sarah, married WUliiiiii 
Johnson < Rniily. di<^ r*in^l»". 

Chrtatophej' l^my,. ami wifr. 7kfih8 Brtoth, from 
Uckitif^ County Ohio, in 1^:^. first looiilM oti th« 
Drakt? farzn in company with Moees Booth, his 
hnrthc-rU) Uvr, on C<.iv<-lK'K"ck* nntl in tho fall of 
l«dl settled on theN. W. i a t^ T. 38, R. 4, Ho 
aWlnMaJrh, 1840. agi'dfii ; hi« wif,* dlM in 1332; 
his second wif^, Mary Alvonl, died in S<*pL. 1844, 
AfftHi 42. HrthMl rtv«^ rhildn'M : CallmHnf, riiarHwl 
BluiTt Trunibo. now living in Rutland; Klizabnth. 
manit'd Jona-llmu Staddi-n ; Iji*w L-s uia-mr^l \i'\%% 
baHxjun o( Miller: Jane, manied a Mr. Murphy. 
0( Oua^a ; and Wini;ini. 

MaUULafi Trumho^ uod wire, Kvbooca U-rovv, 4:11010 
ftwa Uukiag Ooanty, Ohio, in the fall of ISSH, 
and settled on S. E,'i S. '2^ T. M, R 4- He* dit^ 
Ocu>4>i^r 1. 1875 : hU wife di^ May 1, 1873. He 
had vflght rhlldri^Q : John, dn^d in 1^1 ; L/Lvinla, 
murrit-d Wi-ail Matlock : Isubvlla, marriMl Jtrsfte 


Ifigtor}/ of Ln SaH^ (^mnip^ 

Qro^tit of Day ton ; Eliiis. niarned Cdtlinrin? TjoDg* 
the UrM TrhiM bom in th« wmnty ; Elixa, marrinl 
WilliAiti Oibdon. and livi-s on tlit^ old farm : Biirbtira, 
marned .Jo^ph Jarks/;!!. of MiUin^on ; Elixabeib, 
miuii^^d Jftcob Strawn, of Uticn; Adiuu married 
Levels R^^binflfni, 

DuvkL Shitvfir, :ind w'lt^, N1IRC3' Grovo, r.mme from 
Licking Countj, Ohio, in the faU of IfiJiO ; aettledj 
on S. S, T. 3:*, K. 4 ; wtt« Overgwr of tb*» Poor andj 
Jiist1c«^ of the Peace several ternia : he died Jan, fl^' 
1B4A. Hh' hml niiip cldUlri'ii : Cyrtu*^ rii».rri>'d Bf-ltfiij' 
Hadietu anl jh-IIW un rht- S, B, J 8. 4- Ha^ ftwir 
childiL^D : nftrvL'3% marrii-d Saiab Jotmson, now in 
Mi!iHi>nn; David R., niami^d Mar^c^rut Kleibnr, lire 
on yt-ction 3; Jost'ph. marrkd Janet Neff, live 
ID Rotland ; HarriBon, di<'d tn l>i^, Ihe first natural 
d«atb Inthv town ; Rubi?0(^ii,maTri«Hl John Sn^dliog, 
of Freedom; Batbai-a, married Joseph Millar, of, 
Otls.wa; Nancy, triJirriitd WiUiani ^ Alh-ri, In Qal«a*' 
biir>^ : Catharine.marned John K. Spenof>r. 

WilUarn Purr, and wift?, Sjtlly 1VutnlM\ f^om Lick- 
ing County, Ohio, came id the fall of 1830 ; he titled 
on thtt 3. E. } 3. d, T. as. R. 4. H«- bad fiv<^> 
children: Henry R-, niarned Elfla Armrficnip, liTeJn 
Scn.-na i Samai.-I, marrii-d Jow.'phin'.- Arnistning. in 
Ratlaiid ^ Isabella, married Uraon Potter; John, 
marriod Lw^y Millikon ; Ma^, murrk^d Sttmua?! 
Grove, ot Ution. 

Samuvl MiUik^m, and wifi.% Rob^rcoa WiUifltmSt; 
fVom Lie kini; County, Ojiio. came to Sonth Ottawa 
in 1^30, arid Ui the spring oi 1^33 «etlMt on th« 
& K i S. ft, T. 3», R. 4 ; siold to M. E. HoUist^ in 

SkdcA cf SvtUfTf^ Riif/f»f>d. 


1S8Q, aod muvHl to N- R. i S. ID, whore h« n'«kJv<l 
till his doacli in JS04. 11^ has sev^n cliildren: 
Mtty, niarriinl L^^vi Zi'liilf ; M:trifurt>r, miirrit-d Jofaa 
BiUmaii. of K.afisti9 ; Comfort, marned Jama's St«- 
Vfji)4iiri, r>f GiTtml R^pid^; Aiiunirlu. iTmrrlfil K<1i«'aii\l 
Wightman, in Iowa ; .Jernftha, niarritd John Kelly, 
in Missouri ^ Bamiid* mjtrrit'd S^rah I^erk ; Lucy» 
BiarrM John I'ajr, of Rutland, 

G(}0<tmuii ILjir:gti^ a%m*2 tr*}m Norway, To Now 
York in 1928 ; one that oanio over in the famous 
sloop; h<^ marHM tn Ni^wYorli nml 9i-lt1'4l in 
Rutland in 1^34. He died in lB£i(>, leariDg Ave 

G. W, Ilnwe, from N^^w York in 1834 ; B*»itl«l on 
N. R i S. 33, T- 34, IL 4 ; weni lo Rock Rhu, WilJ 
County, In 1840, mid dli-d tht-n-, 

Widiiw* ft^Trbary Grove, mother of Jot^epln ciimt* in 
163.3. SItif dini At r.liH a^ of IS. Ht-r mi^k Klian, 
aunc^vritlilii-r And died flingle in I&45; htti diaii;;}itrrr 
Elizahttili, was Ibe tir&t wife of N, Mndij^on L"U3. 

Widow Aniia Piliioi", itabti-ror JolinGtxvTi,c»mo 

with a Jan^e family from Liekinc County* Ohio, in the 

foil of IS30, iind e.7tMod on X- E. * B. UK T :il. R. 4, 

A womnn of ninoh buainesa cfi)>adty and deoi^l^m 

of <?t«ira(rn>n During thv Bt&u>k Unwk wor, fyw 

tn?n exce<>ded Iter in eftorts for the protection of 

ihHiiifimt s<.'tM<»mpnt^ Shi? wa^it It'itdingnii-rntwTof 

Die MKhodiatH Episi^opjil Ctnireh. Shedifd in IS.'i4. 

Ber i;hl1dri-n urt^re: AVil1I:tiii. who niarHe<] Sarah 

Kit«. and s^tllesjon the old homestead; Anthony, 

marritifd Margan*t Wa*cy, h'* dird on the way lo 

California in 1^^ ; ifam<^$. mnrricd Kliiabcth Kito* 

BfHarjf <^ La SalU Couniif. 

UvQ ill KaDSfts; Jesse, died in CttltfoniU; Bei\]B- 
m\Ut dlei In the army ; Jscotji, married Sanili Kite, 
liv« in Kan»aa; Samh Ann, married TlirjmiLfi Pkit, 
of Dayton ; Hach^U mamed Thomas Bayley, live 
liiKaTi!«5; Elizabf^tli, married n^^nry Bnimback, uf 
Hmlnnd ; Mar^ret, i^ dead ; Catharine. marrSed U. 
Hainan ; Aivnh, Is dead. 

Edwatd Sanders, ftom Liokins County, Ohio, in 
16m, settled on X. E. i. S. 1 1, T. 34, R. 4. He eerved 
flvi^yEHiisiatlid UmCi>d^Uvn^s«Lriny ; while st&tfoa^ 
a.t Fort Dearborn, he went aa a scout to the DliJiois 
aijdFoxriv<^i"siTil8lti,atul wJmr. b».'«tt.wor!ln'iM>niUf5' 
then, tndiietnl hiui to make it hih home. Ha was a 
cajpenlf.T bylmde; his vrifew?i5 Margaret Waiofiley. 

Jacob Aridci^oiu tiwai Norway, to New York, 
ldS5; here. lS3i; settled on & W. i S. 13. T. 34. 
R. 4 ; wont to California and died there, one of the 
tirst colony. 

Andrew Dall, from Norway, to New York, IS 
in rh*? sloop ; here, 1834 : settled on S, W, i S. I, 
31, R. '1 ; died at Salt Lake. 

Vital Vermlt, from Caniida, IS8+, settled oa K. E. 
i S15, T, M, R 4. Hi^ murrl^Hl Hald:ih Walker, 
daiii;hter of l)r David Walker, of Oliawa, Kept 
lioli-l fnr several y^art*, at Verniil'B or Verinlt's 
Point; went to Indiana. They had fonr ehildrvn. 

Ja». M. Pliilips*, and wife» Ann Oilleaple, ftrom 
Pennsylranio. 1834. «tthd on S, E, i S. 10, T, 33. 
R. 4 ; moved to Indian Creelv 1^35. 

Jolm C- Pliilipj^. from Pennayli'anla, 1SS4, getU 
on S. \y. JS, 10, T. 83, R. 4 : movt-d to N -wjirlc 1 

John Weltdell, from Germany^ on K. E. ^ S, I 
T. »4, R. 4. 

Sk^Mt <tf SiiUtrrs » RuUahd. 

Ber. John St. Clair* uiid wiTf*. frt>in Kentucky, on 
S. E. is. 10, T, Z\. R. 4. 

Wtn. Andvr^ijt^ fkvjiu Ohio, 18aJ, on 3. B. i 3, S. 
T. 34. R, 4- 

John TTarnii^tiiii, fn*m New York, 1SH4. on S, W. 
i S. 84. T S4. R. 4 : sold to J. P. Kejea, and moved 
to W(*«wn part of th« StJit^, 

Sotomon Cbannrl, and wife, Beteey Wamsiey* 
frwa Ohio in IKI3. wUl^-d on &', W. J 3. 13, X 38. 
R. 4; sold to A. D. Buttertield. and retuniv^l to 
Obio. ramo T>n(rk to IHiTioi^ in l!^Jo, and died 187^ ; 
Lit> wif? died before Uim. Ue has had B^veDchiltlreiL 
Jowpb, now In Iowa; Mary, married a Mr. Bell In 
Adam^: MaMaa : Alva, is dead ; Sarah, John, and 
JackMni, an< ttiugl?. 

A. D. BtiHerfield, from Jefferson County, New 
York, Tit' Fjftii^d Cuba, Nt^w Orlean^s. and i^rhrr 
pliic«9 Sooth, and came to Marseillea in April, 1B35. 
K-'pt a Iiot«l on<? y^r, then n*Dt«d his hotel, and in 
1886 bou«»U oat Solomon ChnnncL on S. 36, T, B-l. 
B. 4, wbew he atill resided; baa held tii« 
oBke of Town Superrison Hae had throtj wlvee; 
his flwt Vp-as a 'ii\%% E^tfor, ^^-fcond Lacy Otis, ihird 
Sally A. Rood. Heb had nine children : David, 
married Jolla Young, lives on the old iarm ; P. A., 
mairried Sarah T>rack.hy, is in Mnrs-^illes ; Julia 0., 
mari-iHil Wni, A- Sfi-if*, of Odt^U : OrvUi, al home ; 
Ijeavilt M.. married Ella Purr, of Rutland ; 6eo> P,, 
marrit-tl "bi^ry Allrn. and lives in Galeaburg ; Ghaa. 
W- Susan and Walter, at home. 

EphnUm 3havi>n born in Virginia, came from In- 
diftna hei^ in 183i>. His wilt- was Mary E. Morphin, 


HUUrr!f of La Safle (\>unip. 

from Ohio. Their rliildrvn are : St!niai]lh&, mani*'i 
Geo. Bi^nnett, of "Waltlia-iu ; Mary T^nina, nmrnMtL 
Mr, Rci», her aecoiid husbsmd Mr, Tnrple, ihey liv< 
inChioatfd; Marfcii^t, nmrnctillfary \fninltTiUf, ol 
Kansas ; Belle, mnrriod ticmj Bcnat^ttt of Oeev 
Paric; Dors, nmnietl Wm. Mnneon. Jr., of Adams; 
CK»o» W., mfirriod widow Wade ; I>okSiui, Kmiua,, 
and Peter, are at home. 

Tltoiuii^iTiirr.l*^, rmm nidianm rn 1830, MCtlvd 
S- 11. T. 33, R, 4 : sold toGarv^frGundereon InlJ 

'Hinotliy Corhil., fWjm Peims^lvnuiH, in 16$1. 
settled Hdjoining J. D. Hutterfifld. 

AValter 0. Rood, from Snrafoga Conutj* Nn 
York, in Jaly. 18S8, to Man^ilWft; moved on to th 
Long farm. Wt-ut with (irLvn's company in 1&40 
to California, lived in Oregon, Waahin^on. Idaho, 
and Mrmtana, and rottinivd to IaS«11c County in' 
1^0. Marned Amelia Robin^ctn, and settled on 
8l 16, T. a<^. R. .% In 1573. Hat4 ono child, OUvo. 

Jobn Gibson, from Ohio, e^nw here in 1840. El 
wad a Llfiiti-nant In tU*t war of 1812, fr*.Mii Pennifyt- 
vania; he died in ISOd; his wiredii3rE in 1800. Left 
nix children: ManliA,nurrird C. MrKlnl^y ; Mart^i 
married Jas. N. Prenary, of Rutland ; Capt. Wm*] 
L.. njarri-'d ElUa Trnnibo, of Rutland ; Geo, W>J 
married Cynthia Robinson, of Rutland ; .lohn K.,j 
married Mary J, Andt^^OD. of Rutland ; Capt.j 
Tli*»odon> C>. Riarrit4 SnmhS. Sample, of Ottawa- 
Jonathan Danii^Is, and wife, Mar>' Chann>'>I. from 
Llckin;; Caunty, Ohio, In the fallof 1831, bought 
elftim of Wra- Stadd^n, on S. Sa, T 34, R 4. 
lliey had two chUdivn : Eli7«betli, mmrri«d JoH>'pb 
Klflbi^r: Jiidhh, Hiam*>d Wm. Stadden, 

« CV.>-tiF-hE^«wfl-. 

SWcA f^3eai€rs-^V€rmfIliori. 


JoMTpli KleilxT, and wife. EltzaVth DjiiiMn, fnun 
Licking County, Oliio, in Ihc fall of 1831. stultd on 
S. 38, T. 84, R 4. He had <^if:\n chMmi : Mr-Uwa, 
[QAiried licnrj' Pnnk; Jonatlmn, m^irricd KliJcatM-tli 
Funh ; Mary, iDnrried Geo. Haye, aad afl*^rward 
Hynry (-'hit)"; Mnr^rot, marrl»^ David Shavf^r: 
Aaron, married Ro^Atiim McK^man, l!TeInAH«>n; 
WiUfaim, mftrnwl MaryPicrm*; St>*phvi] aud Etta, 
arv on tin? old farm. 

Aaron Danirla, and wifu, Mnria SnnfL.'ni, froTii 
licking County. Obio. in the fall of 1331, j^t-ttlt-d on 

5. 03; now in K^insa^ 

Alb«n Dannavaii, from Licking County, Ohio, 
came with Ijetta to Uedar Point in 1K*(»; n^maim^ 
ttl«re OIK y^^ar, :hen oami*to Ku(lnQdandAt*ctltfd on 

6. 13; in \^l maiTi^jd Xincy, danghcer of John 
Green, and etiU Hve^ on the old farm. Ha* K'lsshl 
djUdrvn: Semuiyl, uiarHi^ ,\fifts Muneon: David; 
laBMO. Is out West; Jo^epli ; Geor|je, Tnanlt^d ^fi«» 
Tlfi5ft»rH; Kalhiirint*, rniirrind rmnk Bnirdon ; Jane, 
marritid Aaron Howe : and Anna. 


Tlie town of Vermillion <-mbrao*»* that part of 
T. 32, R, 2, lying southwest of the VenniUion rlrer, 
U wa» aiming Ih** t^arH-'Ht rtKtileinent.-^ In ihK county, 
tt contains a 6m trai^t of timber, called Bailey'i 
OmrK, througli tin* ri^ntre of which niu^ Riulny'a 
cMek. while to the northi^ast it n-sr-i on the WmuU 
lioD river. 'Hii^ t^ire was doiihtk^a the attraction 


Bifitcry f^ La Sath Vounij/. 

that indQc<-d till* fionkim^iit, Tor lions fts i^l^wberei 
the flret Beitlemome were all along tUe edge of llie 

Lt-niB Biiiiey, the first settler in tlie town of Ver- 
mlllioiif r.trut frorti Oliin; lintt lo Tn(Unit]i> ntu\ Uien 
to TMinois in 16^5, He first caxac to Ottawa, but 
located on i>ectiL»n 1^. at tl[« Iiead of Bailey*fl Wrove, 
wlkicli wa« atiWvd BnWvy^^ Point. H&» &on AttguAm» 
i8olium>7d to Lave been tbo fifBt malp white child 
bora 111 Xlw founty, while n dflughrea- ofChrietophcr 
Lous was the tirsl. George Galloway^ eon of iamtsa 
Gallou-ay, of Fall Htc*"n hat-rlalmed th« Lonor of 
bein^ horn before Bail*»y. Th*> fsct set^rut; to be 
tbui Butlt^y'ft 8ori wm u fuw (Inyt* ihir oldest, but he 
was bom st Peoria. whert> his p&,mnta had gonrt Id 
a tnnop, in miti<'ipatiotJ of iliv vvrrit, and soon after 
rfiurnt^d. having been absent from home e]gbii-<<ii 

The location selected by Bailey wah a romandc 
one, and ho said it wne a fnvorite rcwrt of the In- 
dians, who erer ovimi.d u k»»en appromtion of the 
beatiTirtih Mr. Balky'tt nt^ij^hbor^ at firut wetv 
only Indians. H^ always expre«5E^d a high opinion 
of hi« eworthy friends, and persistently claimed tliat 
they were more bonesl, friendly and trastworthy 
than thiji w1iif,<^j«, Hh wajt dotihtlf^s^ !4nmrwh:it mis- 
antbiopic. He with his family Iv^. the county in 
I^H *od A.U'f\ in Orf^t^m. He had two sons: Aa- 
l{Ut«tu5 and 'ilmotliy. 

Wilbaiii Sei'IiT. a native of Senena County. New 
York, rnme to Madi&on County, iilinois, in 1818, 
and bron^^bt bis family In IS20, l£e came to Bailo>"'B 

f^'^Uh of S^UUra — Vermiliiort. 269 

Gmre. La SaIIc Oouiily, \n the fall of ISSd. and 
brought bu fatniiy in the sprint- of 183*) ; he seltled 
on i>»'Olii>n UK jiiat vast of Bailey a ; he stibse- 
quently laid oat the toivn cf Lowell, on the Vertnil* 
lion, and in company wUli 0!mrh<» blliott bniil the 
filoiie mill now standini^ ; he held theoftice of Jnstioe 
of thfl P*'8<N' W'veml yiiiri*; wa* Cmnty Comnits- 
sionen uud prominent iimon? Ihe early settlers ; he 
dU-d Mar^-h, l^'tl. H(a ihlldivn w^-n-: John, vho 
dieil Mngic : Willinm, marri'^d B'llpT^'ie*'. they are 
In K^n^afi; Randolph, marrit^l HlaHsHa KIlHWorilt, 
aj<> in Nebraska ; Samuel, marn^'d Ilaltie Tylee, 
lire In Iiowrll ; Anna, married a Mr. Knlj^bt, live In 
Chiea^ ; Mary, morried Kbenezer Burgee^ now dd- 
octtAed ; Erellne marrJod Bainuin Newion; SataL, 
Dtanied John &e«ley, now dead. 

Mr. B&oa cam« ttom San^mau Connty In 18^ ; 
settled on Section 18, and ^Id hia elaim to Mr. 
Paie, who came Tix^m the &ame county In 18S0, and 
be ttold 1o Jai'oh Moiin \n 1^31. Eons and Pate 
were frontier nwn. and went We«t- 

-lacol) Moon oain«^ from D^ytun, Ohio, in 1631, 
and settled on the Enos claim, and in ld33 sold to 
.loel Atvord ; Lr movinl on to a claim on the Ver- 
million, jual over the line. In what is now Livingston 
County, callod Moon'a Point, where be died inttJ63, 
The family are wealthy farmers and large stock 

John Slater, from Ohio, settled in San^anion 
County in 1828, vtiuiy* m Ball^'y"-* Gnive in isi^* ; be 
bonphl a clnim nf Trary, ;i ciThn»ient rlaimani. on 
& 24, T, ^, R, 1 ; in 1 938 aold his claim to Nalluintnl 



HUtory <if La Sailc Counif/, 

Eddy, and mad^ a claim on S. 19, T. di. R. S. 
whtn^ t>elivt>dandrai»'.'dn 1;iri?r family. II'^ditnlo^H 
chcJem in 1848 ; bis first wife died in iS3-^ ; bie eefl» 
OTid wiro, Mary Wamot^k, 1b now living with Alfred. 
H^ Ml sevea children ; Henry, married Lydia Gfll- 
lowAy, hi-dftfdof cholei^in 1S48 ; Harri«-!. married 
Jiwub B^iT, lUeylivt* ut Lowotl; Sally, is «iiig1^; 
Olive, majTied Ciiarlefi Clark, and Uvt^iii Miss-'iiri ; 
J^mslia, taamed J, W, Wi-lls, she is ii«jw a widow, 
livlni^ln Streator; B. F., inarrit>d Louiaa 0911 am 
now lirin^ at Farm Ridge, bare six children; Alfreds 
married Mary Jane Kirkpatrickf and Uvea at Metrop^_ 
oVvs. LIK 4 

Jf^hii Bftil«*y, and wife, SfUly Bt^njamin. ramr fW>m 
Windsor, Vi^nnoi^t, in 1^31. to Pucaam County, nnd 
in J832boo^lit the claim orWnrren*a«dtateon S, 17, 
T. 89. R. 9, whf.*ri.> h^ livi'd till hi« d^th in i:34ajM 
A good citizen, be always cheerfully bore his poriio^^ 
of tlippnldic l:)iLi'di'ni>rHni-w x^'H h*rti<'nt, TIik ividow 
dlt^d in ]8fj4. He left seven cldldn^n : Sarali Aiir^H 
Biarriefl Ni'Non Alviinl, u BnpliSl prt-arlwr ; Mary^^ 
married William Lnn^blin, now a widow ; RIkhIo. 
marrii'd t^inuel BiiUoek; AnnK married Bailey 
Barrasa; Maria, married Seth P^aiou ; Kniily. mar- 
rii;d Frank Wood, they live in iid*in ; Wiliiam, 
married Janet Potter, adopted daughter of JoJm 
Rldi^r, and Uvea on llie old fkrm— i« now Tow 

Xj«»]ii» K^nt, aTid w\^t^, Htildnh Harmaa, from 
Conway. Mass., in IHHH ; seni^-d on S. 18, T. S9, R 2: 
Mrn. Kfiit dit'd in Aiign^l. 1^4<f : \w divd in Sepimt. 
bvr. 1840, leaving tvro danghtATH: HiildaTi, married 

S/tftcA (^SetHert-^yermtmon. 


Edwaixl R. Williams, they lire in De«r Park; 
.Carolina* MabEiln, msirn>.>d WdU Aldi^muin. 

Dariifl Wmnu. »n*l wife, ^^anit? from Mhin^f lu 1809, 
to MndiBon (\>iintj-, Nt.^u' York ; Ha ar^ixtw by wngoD, 
wUh lib family, l\^ wbol^ <1i9rntii';e from New York 
to Illinois in 16*) ; M?ttJt.d on S. 17. T. 32, R. 3 ;. 
died tliere Id 1822, a^ed 64 ; hia claim was sold to 
John Beiley. He l<il Hght children ; Polly, nuirm-d 
Asa Holdridgc ; Nathan, ti«tl1ed in S^ena ; Daniel* 
died m$en?Qa; K^c^kiol, died at An Sable i Samueli 
died on Indian cn-^Tk; Euiiic*'. mami^ Alfrv-d K»?l- 
logg ; ii^u^y niani^ O(*or^ 8pi^igii« ; OUvq, mar- 
ried Alra 0. Smith, and dli'd In Serona. 

WUliarii Pvli|!;rew, from K«^rilui'ky, a sinple man, 
boanli>il with Iji^wIn Baib^y ; cisailt- n. cliiiin ; sold 
lo EnocL. and vrent to Holdennftn*!4 Grove; mar* 
ried a widow with two children, and fJirn n^mov^l 
to Indian creek, where he and tiia family were all 
killed in the Indian mss^crr< 

IK-tt, John lA'onurd, Irom near Boston, Masa., in 
1S21« come with th<^ Northampton colony in com- 
pany with Mr Jones; thay locattMl at Bailey'a 
Grove. Jonea died soon nlior, nnd J>:onftrd vvt-niu- 
aUy murnt^d Jon(*»' widow, and settled on S. 18, T. 
'&, K. S, He was deacon and nn a€tSvi> mv»mt)ur 
of tljvCnt:gn.*g»tiMnHl cliiirc-h; a radical abolliionlEtrj 
h/^ had the iie|mta1ion uf kr^eplng jl Ktution on tti9 
Tmlrrgrotnid Riiilroid ; \w removiHi to Galt'shiug, 
where Le died in 18^(1; hb wife, and Iwti thildrt-n, 
Levi and Sarah, died thcro al^o. 

Len Jones, from .Ma^Aaclnit^etts, In 1331, one of 
the KorUiampton colony, died the fame year; hi» 


History ^ La Sal(6 (httntp. 

yndow tnanied Dea. Leonard, left four cbltdrett: 
DaTiiel and Raymond; Mary, niarrii.*dDauiclLitU' 

Jacob Ellioti, aud vnt*\ MWiitaWo Cook. 
New" Hump&liire, in 183^, reeidod at Low^U. 
di^d In 1841, Icarlng Toxiv i^hLIdivn. Hi^ «*in Otiarl 
tijun'i^d Lucy Bach ; wcojid wife, Harriyi Himtiiig- 
ton. H<> WA* a partner or WIlTEam Si^^Imv In th« 
town or Tjtiwrll and vrati='i-|iowfr ailjoinln^, Tlnfv 
bmltr tile fitone mill, and iinIii:i]jAted buLldmg n|> ^^ 
man u fact iiring town that would not disgrace l^| 
namo^ike in MadrtaoliUEH'tt;*^ It waj» notaeucoeM 
proportions^ to the enterprise of its fouDdorsi, and 
tlii> 4iar1y dtmtb of it« proprioTonf put a etop to its 
furlhdr progreas. CliaH^ Elliott was for w^v^ml 
yeare a Juetlcv of llu' Pv:iiv and County Commis- 
ilumT: W died aboal IddO or 'G6, and left onv tt>a 
by bis Urst wife^ Jjt<:oh, whri marrM n d:iQfl;)iter 
of SHt;^i*-}ULt Ciininiin^ ajid livfa in lovra; Suntli, 
the danghter of his eecond vrlfo, manied Triali 
Pahitor, and Hrett at Streator. ^M 

Jacob Elliott^H otliur children wo^e: Cook, vb^l 
married Janu Wlewall, and died »oon after; Mary, 
married bimt ry blanfcrd, now doad ; Sarah, mar- 
rirti a Mr. Weber, both are dead. 

Emery Siaiiford. from Waterloo, N. Y., came 
l$37. a atone mason by trade ; be builE tlie ai 
mill al Lowell for$Mi.>y& Klllott^ ani^nduriugnKii 
vment fo th« skill and fldelity of ita builders. He 
married Wary- Ktliott, and iiinvfd uu to a farm on 
8, 2T, T- H2, R. 2, whi-it? be Atill resides, HaA ln^n 
Town Supervisor nnd hold ollit^r po^ilioue of troat 


H0 ImH lltT«!K children : Sarah, marrivd Jii)«tin Hnll, 
of Ohat«worth; RiiM^ell^ innm-^ Mnry Hutchinaon; 
Frank, tb In LiviDffAti>n Co. Mr, Stniifnnl h^ts a 
diiuglityrr, SatULU, by a former vrife, who married 
Henrj Looinid, nnw in Kansa-4. 

Leonnrd Bullock, from Kchob*>th, M&#s,. in 1837 ; 
he first en^^a^red in teaching an^l then t^xt'Ni^iwIy Id 
binning in company wjih his brother, Joseph, near 
Tonica, He married Julia Karnes, and diM in fall 
of I8M» ]»-Aving !hr»v clnldn.irj : Henry, married 
Fanny I^u^lilin. and lives near Tonioa; Eliia and 
Uirsi rrsidi^ with th»^ir mnthi-r oti the old farni, 

Henry Tj^ FtiUon, millwright, and Kiiir-1 iite CaHllt% 
hift wife, from Waterloo, New York, [^ame to Lowell 
in 1837, and raored to Chicago in 1842, where hft 

Enow Uv^*fl- Thry had two cliii<lrt'D: Juliette, mar- 
ned Thomao C. Whitmarsh, live id Chicago; and 
Fmtiicliti, miLrncd Amdia Schock, now prucUcinf? 
ftfi physician in Qeneat^o, Illinois. 
Jo*i>pb Haiuar, ot Maf^^ia^^hintt^ltB, came to Illinois 
tat 1835, in company with Dr. J. S. Bullock ; left 
UftMftchuvclta In Ortt^hur, and c^anie by lite way of 
Ali)«ny. Erie canal and sf**amer to Cleveland, and 
hy I'jiiial lit P<irtHmoTitb, Ohi'j. ami by *itejinier to 
St. I^mib ; t<jok |m-t^agf Air tlm Tllirmls n\'er ; wan 
deCaim^d by ice near Alton, Nov. 30tb left the boat 
and Mr. Uamar and &lwM Knapp, aNo from Ma.'^Hti- 
«hu5<:U<k Btarted on foot tbron^i a deep snow and 
OTtrran uninhabit^ prairie for Ms destination in 
Iji^lEe County. They reachftd Sprinsfi^.ild I>ec, 4, 
TnjniontiOn tin* 7th, and Bailey « Gn>vi'r>n th*' lltli- 
Dr Bullock arriv-^ by boat Jan. 3, \%S6, In Jann- 


ffhforrf qf La Salic O&unljf* 

arj. Mr. Batnar w^Mit to Dixon on foot to «H<jr Und. 
and was gone ten days. In tlie spring he srna joia>ed 
by hiti family and found iiiiunvrti at iho hospitable 
hoaee of hvivh Bailey, He settled on S. 33, where 
h<.' built a lo^ cabin th« followlog BTinimor, thif lint 
in tJia: locality that veatuivd lo stlUi* uvay fhkm 
tinil>«fr on thif opi'ii pmiriij, Mr, and Mm. Hmtiiir, 
in cummoii with their neighbors from N**4w England, 
broiiglit with th>.*m a hif^h regard for thf chtrnrh 
an^l Achool-houBe, which they leoraed among thnr 
native liilla, Mr. Tlnmardtr^d Aug., 1616. OjE^fiL 
Mrs. tlamar died May. 1S76, aged 78, learing seren 
children: Blixnboth, now the widow of Sammel 
Wanohope, of Farm Ridpe; Mary Ann. widow of 
U«org^ Kingsbury, living m^rTonlm; Miu^ura 0.* 
wife of £4'athait L. Eaton, Uring three miles fast of 
TonSctt; Jo«i.'pli E,, living in Sftnia Biirb«ni, CaL ; 
Qvo. K, is in D(.Klg» County. Nebmska; Thereatat, 
dii-d in 1f^4d ; Eugene lives Sn Tmiirii. 

1]en|aniin Waahbum, and wife, from Plymouth 
County* Afa^i.Hachiiscrtft, in 1835; settled on 8. 15. 
Had four eons : Benjamin* Urea in Lowell ; Salmon 
&« is in Colorado; Onatavus and Stillman are 

Henrj' Aii^ll, from Rhode Island ; left tliot^ ta 
th« fall of i>iZ5. Wldln ou ih« way wo^ frozeti in 
on the Kile Canal, and wintered in Vilca^ Xew 
Tork; arrived here in the i^pringor 183d, und settled 
at V«timiUioQviUe, where bla wife died. He married 
Mi?R Wii?()ibunK and B**tl1ed vn S. SA ; he di*-d about 
JSL'ii) : his wi.lnw nifd in IR74. Hin diiUlrt<n by bU 
firat wife ar« ; Abbey, who married John Pry» her 

aMek qf Scalers — VemiUim. M5 

second Imnbanil ia Jolm M, Trout, uovr fti Kftnsaa; 
Henry, is in Nebraska ; Mary Jan© ; Lydia, married 
GmuvUio CUark. Hi* cliiUlneii by hU second wife 
aj« ; WasliburD fti>d Albert, twin brotLen; — AtbtTl ie 
dead, Washburn marmd Miaa Stillwell ; Evof^Ht ta 
Dtarriod, ftud line* on tb« oM place ; Ami, married 
Qforge Enderton; Hanttabr married George Siuirp. 

Mr. WStkiii.M>n, from Khodi^> Island, ciuda with 
Hvury Ad)^1L his hrotlitr- in-law^ lii 1888, and set- 
tled ut VvrmillioDville; aooq aftvr went to Iowa. 

l/t'.v\ WcKxiward, and wife, from Maa^tachunetbi, 
came in 1537, and wrttled on S. 33, T, 82, R, 8. 
whci-e he died in 184$. Bis widovr married John 
Clark : eho became iDSonc. and di--'d in the Aaylnni 
at JaoksonriJle, Mr AVoodward l',-fl four children: 
Lwis, married lUl^rt^ 0< Dart, eecond wif^ M&rKa- 
r^*t I>ari, is XMng in the town of Allen, lia* :welvfl 
Uviug clJldri'D, and i(»a iaigt farmer; Ona. is living 
io Denver; Mary, married a Mr. Rlohardsoo. and 
tltfiy iin- living ill Iow;i ; Elijut}>f*tb, manied u Mr. 
Conivay. of Missouri- 

Lloyd C> Knai^pt cami^ twm MaKS^K^iuarUo in 
company vitb :be family of Joseph Elamar, and 
Joseph Bullock, in ihe ^i^riiig of 1836 ; h^- &^ttlrd ou ti. 
'4'St 'i\ ;^, R. :^ whcrt.^ he dow livos. Ho marrU-d ^cmh 
Kirl£|)«irick, 'fb-i'ir cLUdren are: Alvan, who died 
HCK>D after lib reiurti from th« army. In thif war ol 
tlitt n^buUlon ; Austin, Hv^s in Kan«u« ; Sarah, wife 
of Xatlj^iEi Hall, Uves ai Eas: Lynn; Doni, uife uf 
Albert nail, livi'ii ut Cbateirnrth; George ib at 
Anna, UL ; and twoyoniigei-<^hi)drF?n, at homu. 

Jo«l Alrord, Edward Atvord, NeUoii Alvord, 

(sens of 3ov\)t Jncob Dajt, William Gro<jm. and 
Ma^^soD GoflliB. left AUiany CouEity. New Ynrk, in 
woffonts tho 15th day of Miiy, 1S35. for tlic Wt-st 
In Chicago, tbey met Judge Isaac Dimmick, ihen 
ri^tnrniuK 'torn a toEtr nl t^xploration, wh(* 'lir^'ctcd 
tbexD lo lliis locality. ITiey arrived h^re July ISttu 
A ]oumi>y hy land for tiaDdredii of raWt^tt at tbat 
duy throTi^h a country, mo^tof it nu^ttle^L withoat 
rond4 ur firlOgi^s, ctui luinlly N' iipiin-^itati^l naw- 
Tliey wei^ compelled to adopt catmp life ; »loppm^ 
mt ni^ht. nn iht- hank nr t^nnt^ HlrvitiiL vrhtr*? wijthI 
and water ronld b^ procured, and s]e«pit)^ in ibt^ir 
wttK^ms, or on the jcfoimd, and in flotne inj«t»nc«4 
wei* compelled to bnild bridges to croaa the 8tr«ain& 
Madison G^alin died In tli« fall of l^d9. 

Joel Alvord, and wife, in 1883, bought a (ilaim of 
Jacob Moon, on 3. 18, whi-ro lie spiint tlie K><miiind**r 
of tiiB l^fe li GubfitantiAl fnmier, and ^ood citizen. 
He died. Marcb, 1^56. aged 76, le!ivingflyeeb)ldr«n: 
Betwjr, iH»rri»"d Ui^iUit^u ^f ofTnt ; Edwiinl. mtirried 
Ellzabetli Ctev*»land ; Alison; XeUon, a Bapiktt 
clergyiiiim, marned Siirab DmU^y, and lives in 
Kan^ait ; JoeK roairit^d Lydia Hall, died of a wound. 

Jacob Barr ninrrit-d Llarrivt, duntrbtrr of John 
SiateFf &nd \a now Imnjc at Lowell ; baa lir« 
children : Henry, married Harriot Alydo ; S5ybil, 
marnVd Euifentf Miller ; Iraoifene^ married Samnd 
Ofid'riiitL or Touioii ; Ellen, marrii'd Benton Cninh 
no. now in Caltfomta ; Aithar, iB in Califamia. 

The antbor in trid^-hii^d Cn Mr. Hurr for tb>t histo 
of tbe L'olony, of wLicli be was one. 

Exm Hawlfv, aiid wife-, Rlt^xla M. Rm:k., ainii? 


fflrfcA y SctOers — Vermiliion. 


(nim IV'nnin^ton Connt7« Vprmont, ro Snngiinnin 
Couiitjr. and lo Bailpy\i Grove, in Jan«. ISSTj ; a- 1- 
iJwa 0U&, ao, wUort tU' is rilfll liriaa:. Hh lirliii^ 
childtvn* ore; Anson, at bome ; Myron, who nmr-' 
nc-d EmHin«' lUllt inVrnnUlion; Hiram, itiari-li-cl 
Uary Goodwin, Hrex nthar the* old plac^. 

Xallinn Hawlpy. broth**r or Eznu came from Ver- 
mont, Jnly. ls:to, and dird thv ii<^xr Ootol*er ; his 
widow, Chloe Ann \Vhi(*'side. lives near Pef»ria, 

AiiHIInBuck, «»V«?raf Mrri. Ej^m Hawley, i<mni« 
inlfta*!: Hhemarrierl Johu Blocker; U imw ;) widow, 
livhigiu Rockford. 

Jaco)> Hijrseas. came from Buriinjriori (Viuntj, 

Kew Jcrfii\v- !n Ucci-mlXT. 1837 ; sclUod on Section 

81, Hitf wife wftfl Olive Clark ; they »nj both di'od. 

Ebeni^zer, married Mary Seelej, Jie died in 1841 : 

lorothy, married Jonathan Hnlchinson, of lowii ; 

tacolx nuirri4>d B**r«i.'y ilnll, and liv<?& In Tonicu : 

|j>Varpen, roarritHi £mmn Swift ; Stoker, miirriivl 

"EtTimn Hiller; Sidney, married Mi-is AHen^ on the old 

Fiinn ; Mary, inurrk-d ]r«nii4 FTiitrliitiHidi, 

Israel HuichinHon. fmni Nptc Jerei^y, cHine in 
1837, and t^'ttlrd or\ 8, ;)9. whi-re h(i Mil! rrsi^le?^; 
he mariiiM Mary BnrgesBf and has had Hftces 

Joniithan Untcbinaon. from N'/w Jersey, camo in 
ISiT; raiirried Dorothy Hureesi^i moved to Iowa. 

Bailey Barr&aa, from Sarntoga, X* T., in iSST; a 

^carptnlor fttid Jolni-rhy irade, an ^dnstrious and 

frood mechanic ; he married Annls, daughter ot John 

Bailey- H» died in lfi<4. a^ed Dl, leaving four 

chlldmi ! John, dlM in tht-iinny; Orvill, niarHeil 


History ^ La iialU County- 

Anna Fleming ; Onstow, mnrri^d Msrg&r^t A. Mosier* 
of Toni(*a : Jnlia, at home. 

J^tT^inh St>ybo1d, from Sonth^ni Ulitiofe, anntit^e 
of the Stat^, iramt- In 18S:t. He buUl a flouring 
mill Oil tlir^ Vt^rmillion, w)iiHi w:is f-ciiii|i]i-Ut1 in IJCIA ; 
ht* soli3 the mill ti> ih»- Mf*j*nrs. Todd, and movfd mi 
ft farm in tbe towo of Eften. Whll^ d<>t<)(rr>Dd!ng th« 
Mississippi In a flat hoai, he died at Na-tchex^ bus* 
pechMl of poiaon. He loft thn^ child rc-n : Tbad- 
deus, married Lizzie Denton, liree in VTaahinffton, 
I). U. : Jorome, i« in Cfaieago ; Mary, is thi- wife of 
'WiUt? Stewart, of Putnam Coanty. Mre. Seybold, 
NniK\v Scftnlan, from Virginia, now Uv**s niih Mrs. 

Ciu'i*U^rDryi?r,fromS?n*»caConnty, N.T., 1iiD«c.> 
18Hft, Ihk family came in Jane. Igafl- A sad fRtallly 
ni ii-nHnrl |ji?( fannly ; liis wrond son. Calvin. dii*d in 
1S40i hU oldet^t i^oa. William, di^l In 1841. ium\ lib 
wife, Sarah ITobro. died in 1842. OF scv^rn children 
by bia first mf**» one only aiirnvtw. Kemli. wife 
of ^^anford Harwood, li^'ing in Iowa. Mr. Dry^-r'a 
64M!ond wife is Mary Liltle ; they hare one dangUtc-r. 
Bt' bionght In thi- firi^t thn^^hirK niaehlno— a fonr* 
horse power that delivered the (^i-ain on the Frrouhd 
from the cylinder to be tU-ftiK'd by ihi* hand mill 
— an imperfect implement, but far better than 
tmrrqiing out X\\v gniiii on th« ground wilh horves 
or rattV. 

Mr. Dryrr lian held lh« offioo of JustW of tli0 
P«ice for several year*, 

Gi^orge Brown, from New nam]>!tliire, ranw in 
1830; was part owner, with William Seeloy, of Ihp 

53W<tA €f Seiti^M — Vfrmfflion. 


lirvt flawmlU huih at LowlL; ln^ dii^d at SocU'/'a 
■boat 1836, 

\fo5^s Little, eon or £>x>nfr/i>r. cHnii^ from N^w 
HumpfthSit? (ii ISST : ^tllcd oil S^c-tlonSS; ivnn>v<»d, 
and died in lowji. N'l.ivember, 1^6. 

wem to th^? 6outli ]jart of the Stal^?, 

D^Hcoi) Button rfttni' fnmi Oliiw \o MlrtuKan. aiid 
from Michigan lo S, 31, T. 32, R. 2, in 1S36: in 
ISfl lie mov€d to Wiacousin. He Imd u large fnniily ; 
Rosttuna, married Peter Sohoonorer: another daiti*h' 
t*r mfiiricd a Mr. Curtis ; Ann, wvnt (o WiatonMii ; 
Aladolphia, died at home. His £on9 were: HoUia; 
Ard, niftrri'jd tht' widow Faro ; CJiarli-s, isxl Bstpiial 
pr>faolierof note; Asa ; andsom^yoan^t>rclklKlii*n. 
TliHj' nil ttl'dI to Whuoiisin. 

MrCurtifi, aoo-iii-law of Hiitlon, came from Mirhi- 

gnii witli him. wH«ruii«rJuu1^ in lirigurion with bis 

brotbtfr*in>]aw S(?hoono\'er till he left for Wi?*rnnsiii 

with \i\» wifr s fathi^r, wlien Schoooovct had to (ind 

fADotber oppont'ni- 

Peter Si;hooiiovi>r came from Ohio and Irom Mich- 
igan h<.'n( hi IS^Dt B<.-rUin^ on S^fctions s-i and S:f: 
led Ro^una Button. :uid wan a laif^ufarmornnd 
rk mi4i'r, H<^ hjid a pa^^lon for lili^lion which 
"OA apjmrentlr uncomioHabte, and he aveaiM in a 
knit^ of Fjiirrenng when denied the plejisore and e3C- 
riti;niifnl of a lawsuit. Ah<iui 1&57 lie iiuivt^d acroee 
[ihe plaiaA to Oregon, and wh*"n luat lieard Troin wag 
pn'UchinginCaliff^rnia. ITehadh(itlttlli.''di]ratKjii. 
hot. mnrli pmrtiral shrewdness, and had learnfil bv 
ex|>erk-iicvf iiianj' quibbles and quirk» of the iaw. 


Hfsiory t^ La Salh Vovntf/, 

S'Qthing afforded him mor^ oxc^ui^t^ pleasure i\isiu 
to g^t lhc> ftclvnriiugf of iin ij|i]>otii^ni At law or to 
oln*iimvent and uutwit the simple ni^n fie eniplo^v^'d 
lovork \i\% ti\Tiu. Thv^ Uilt^ of hh* i<hiir\i tniiiHiirlioii6 
would 111! a volami*. Uis jiracdc^ waft, Uj innki- ti 
wniton contrncl with tlie mvn lie huvd. «o worded 
tliac the oontnirt waa sare lo be brokt^n, whem Uiu 
}aTK>n!r got do pay. ^ 

A few are inserted na a coriosity in their waj, ^ 
[R< Kold a pair of steers foi' ^5 wortli 935< find 
took a noi« aa follows : "One day aft^r date, ^ 
pmnii*ft to make for Peter Schoonovor 32,iXHi odil^ 
ichhigles at ^^,('0 pi'r Af., .Si'lmoiLin't-r to furnitJi 
liinbirr/* Tht^ eaUle were placed at double tfavir 
value, and so wais the work — bnt as the ^ttngl^ 
coiihl nut h(.' madr in oiii? day, fh^ giv<»r of the iiot« 
wan railed on for tlie money at the advanm^l pHcv^l 

IT'- arrested a. Cierrnan for bfirniiig &om>' wht-ai 
etjirkrs afl hf^ claimed, by careJeaeneea ; lh'< (rightt-ned 
(jknnun who had not been near tlio atack, settled 
and gave a note for $IUOj thie byadviee, hert^fuded 
1o pay; an arbitration followrd, uad $cboonover 
Toeoi'erGd $28, Ans^oos to pay U and be clear of 
the irouhlt^, he Trad(*d a rillf worih ?2r> and a }ieifer 
worth tir»— all the property he had, with S<;hooii- 
over and gol nn old rlflt-wnrtlt flti i^-iits* and a cn^U 
on bia note for $13. Now, Miyfl ^hoonover yiu 
ran not rrad Eiiglisih, and will not miiipn?hvnd 
fudnrsem'^nt, you bad better give me a new not^ 
the #15 bnlame nnd mUv np tJif old note. H<> dii 
so, hut found he had rwoived the JlOO notelhat 
kiUv-d by tiiM arbitration— ^ohoouoTer rt^talning ihi 

atcfcA ^ iktUerB — VermiUlon, 


twenty^i^lit nnd tlw- Grif^en dollar cotea and th** 
nde and heifer. 

Uo hiru^l two Q'.'mknns to split 6,ixh> filUb for tJtO, 
or t& per M.. and lo lake in pay a mare for tht> '^k 
Tli» railj^ wr^ to b^ good ^ze, not )«r«8 tliaa four, 
inchtis squareal ihelittleend. OneevenSng, Scliooii' 
uvi-r snyn, " B<\. s*. Ivt rii« Immhi jruu H*? shrewd* 
iiGfis — it will eaaiil*? you to ^e* rlt^h ; Ul u» alt**r lli« 
t«nn» of onr rtmtriirr, you givw ni<» ?fl<> for Uie mar© 
and I will k>^'^ yoit 110 |)er M. for making Uir- miU, 
it will b« all tho saiDr^' ; if yon buy the mare for 
t3f', yon can never sell hrv f^r iDon^ biit pivr- fCD 
and tflw Trill w-ll for that/' Ihey did so. Wh. n the 
RiilB wer^made. tUey would notm^attUM^ fouririclics 
•qoai^ at the email end, as no lor of rails ever did. 
and Eh«y got nothing for thr- t^pUitinj;, and paid WO' 
oa *h for thi* mart- worth |30. wliirh he had indup-*d 
tU**iii to laki? In advance', and Xhi-y hati imd*)d uwijy. 

Ak h «]tp«'iin»'n of his fort^n^ir nhility, » sample Is 
givt'ii. Hififathi*r-in-Iaw, T)<?a- Bmcon, sufd him W 
taking .iiid botchcriiig r*omp nf hi:* hogn, and P?rov- 
ered, Ac the trial, Schoonover said: "This old 
man Im? followed mr.^ from Ohio to MichignTip und 
front Mifhis&n to Illinois; he haapuraoed njf> as 
^nl pursued David. And although I har» had 
&^Q'^t opportunities 1 ner^r cat off the tail of his 
COAL Huvv u lookai for thla old miui to vudeavor to 
destroy the repnration of the legal protector of the 
only iin»ip'>tl*'il daiiglift-r flu- old man has got ; 
this Tt^iitTHble i)l(i man with ont- fool in the gruve, 
&nd G<ul kriowK th<^ nflifr had onght to be.** 

Bf^jumin Liindy. spttled in the town of V^rmiU 


BMoTff of La Snih Oi^unty, 

UoQ ui I^3&. Hie ]-eptit£illon is so world w^ide chat' 
siiiiorig thi' old T*i.'nK*rst lit' clfs<>rvi« moiy? t^an n paiss- 
iitg uonci*. His aitcesEoifi were fimm Kiiglaiid and; 
WhVh, Hnd brilli Iijk gian'iir.x bHiiii)(i.>() rorbi< SociMfy 
or Friends. Up wa^ bojn at Hardwich. Sossev 
Coiujtv. NrwJriaey, J.irtmry 4. 17Sa HLg c^ucti* 
tional iidvjintagi>s were a few nontlis only at a 
common school Hi- Jcnrnt^i tl»c tnidr of o wddlcr 
at U'li{>eltn^« Virginifi, and n^ tliat pJace wae Iben a 
^ivaT sJaveiuart- he became ^Jlrontfly impressed mth 
ih4' enonidty of -ilavi^ry, H** hiu* formed ih*? ao- 
quuliituntre uf VVilliaii] Lewi^ nnd ^Ult^rs. mie oti 
wJiom h^ ;LfU!r»'hnl^ m:irnr'(1« ami sr^r. u]i hi--4 bii^r 
nens of &&d<Uer« nt i^t. Cla^nnlLe, on th«^ OIjio, Al- 
thongb d(ti('A>^Hfnl in bnHliitt?^\ hi? tsooii Irft it for the 
more coni;en]al employment of working for the free- ^j 
dom of tht^ »Jave. Lmauriiij;. forminjr anU-aliLTer]r^| 


aaaocintioDti, nnd MiCing an abolition paper, wav 
the c^oiumencement of a work to which he devot^fd 
lusliftit, Wlit*n h4> «Qt>>red ihv liWd \ui promised 
ny*er to leavi* it (ill hf <?eaflt«d to brenihe or tli« 
object wattatToniplii^iied ; lit'kvpl his word and dii* 
in the harni^H. Like HowHid, the philanthropist, 
mude U a lifr-work, n-gjirdl<^i*"* "f ibe «itTi fir rs, jirf 
vMiioimand personal dan^-ers that irt-set his ]iath. 
His wa« Buch a character as thf.- world seldom p 
dnr»'f*. It irort.H.-fl tht? ploddinjp, fielfish traek of 
common humanity iikc a tnniinons nteUs^r pa^^^tn^ 
athwart Uie sombre darknees of the midniffht aky; 
U^Dpauee wLUl- tht^t.Tilvsuni) wtx»n$«ol«oot«ty 
oxpoai^ ; and thost* who are ever pron« to crnTal 
though th-Sttly and whhout inqniry, In ihti mia th^lr 


ilh. J 


SAdch of SettUfT^ — VermfltSt>n. 


faUMA made, evmi though th^y may be etain^ with 
the blood of EulTi-rinfir jimoi:<*nri-, tiavo Ui«ii dor 
moot and vlt-i-pin^ conwlenoes aroused, 

whole Mf& WHH »ti *.ti[t>v\u^ on Ihe nftjir of liunmii 
rixlitt* ; TitH i-fTurLH ara^iM'd und >*nliHMl Tajijiiin, 
Goodwill Garrison, and r>1hi'r», who becamo his oo- 
work*'!^, and who carried on th«» work after Lnndy 
had gon^.^ u> his n.-4t. 

Hi^ started an antielavery paper at Mount Plea^nt, 
OliiCK i& l^t* Cftlk'd Iht* *' Genius of Univ^-r^L 
Emancipation.'^ This paper he published some 
tinws a4 a w^vkly, but gvn^-rally as a monthly, 
with slight iaterrupEion. till his de;ith, a period of 
dgUc«eri yi)ar«, Afl^^r I»«uing «*i|zht monchly imiu- 
bets he remoYpd hU paper to TeuneHsee wliei-e he 
coDttnn«'d rill hiHrrnroval to Baltimore: in IS^. Th« 
olrciilation of hi^ imper was qiiile WLliafact.ory. ra- 
ptTf'uilly 00 in m<Mt of the t^JarrhoMin^ ^talt^. Hi» 
treatme&t of the aubject, thon^h linn and decided, 
vras mild and conciliatory, yet it soon arouacd th« 
dtmou of slavery, and often exposed him to per- 
vonal dariKitr. On one oooa«lon in Ten«»'*itf<.v, iwo 
roffijiTifi enierwl hie office, shiu and locked the door^ 
aod demanded the reoantailon of an artleU* pnb< 
llfihed in the ''Gfiiiiis/' bn( he coolly faced and 
hfhl tliHin :il bay ttll hi-lp arrivt^il. 

Tliecinriilationof his paper Imd be<?ome Bo^eiieral 
Q\v.r the whole country, rM^ h« thought hi* publi- 
cation in oD« of the Atlantic cities would increase 
its •--Bidency; lio«elecced Baltimore aabdng central. 
and within the shadow of the dark pall of human 

ffhinry t^ 7>r ^Jlr Ooitnt^. 


s^lnv*>ry, nrirl lnojitt>d Ilit^rt^IiilK?^. In 1S^ he mad 
a lour ihrrni^li N't'w KnglantU l^rtiinn^ and roniihig 
Iti;^ rnvnrlUt unit Mil vt>ry MJcifllc-n, anil incri^nitiK '^h* 
(Tin; II la I ion of hi^ ]iap*T. On tins trip he tir?»t made 
Oil- ai<iniiinlan<''* of Arthur Tai>]>fln. in New Vorit ; 
of William <iood<'ll< in Pr(>vkioTi<.v, ond of WiLljam 
Lloyd Oarman, in Boston. Prwioiie to tim UtiiT-, 
neither of those ^nnom^n hild bvtMi licUre in 
th**anti'Slarery cau^e. 

Til Novtmbi_'r. IS98, hv n^in irsivH^^d OT(*r N 
Biigland and Nl^w Yofk, and dellTered forty-th 
ItrctiLivv whi1<- mi l)ii*Inj>, Th> riill^twing winter 
was Hti.-«iaiilrfd and nearly killed in the btjveib 
BTiltimorp by Austin W*n»]fiilk, n wlHvr-innhT, for 
ccinmifntinRonhiscondaL't. Tln^judgi-. bL-forewhom 
Wo(»lfolk war* Ini'd, told the Jury that Lnndy ^t 
no moiv tlinn h^ do^erved. and wli4>h thv jury re 
d**nnl ft v^rdirJt of ffuilty. the ,iiid;ite fined him o 
dollar, and gAw the uJT»>|]t^Ivv luxkl^ Ui (he grand 
jury, Infoimmg Them thai li was libelous, bui the 
jwry thought ilth-*^urSs^^ and fimnd no bill. Tin? 
Ndinie winler Liitirly w^nt tn Haiyti in the inCeresi of 
Bonie infiiiTimittfd slaves who were t«ettled therv in a 
sluiH cif freeilom. While m Jlnyti his exrellenr. Ami 
aniinblr wifr and <;o-workHr died, h-aviiii; him with 
a family of live children. Tliongh keenly wn^iiive 
to hi? hisi^. h\e efforr-i in Im life work vrere &ooci i-e* 
Bcwed wUh Jiis ui^u.'il vigor. 

In ihe ttprim; of 18^9, hewent a^in lo Haytl on 
fftmilarmissioii. Timl ifprliig Win, Lloyd Giirriso 
jViint-d him ai B^liimoh- Ui »-diiLnff the "tt^-nltiT*/* 
Gnrriiion whs tnotv w-ven- in his langtn^ge iIihd 

; III 






St:ffich ^ H^iilern — Vcrmiilfon. 


htkndy, nnd wn« fioon imiiriftom^d f^^r libt*!, and 
coropeiktl to jcare HaUimore. ^oouafter, a »imiiar 
rx|Htri<.*nct» awaltt'd Luihly, hikI h«f was ootDpdUdd 

[n th« yvar* It^an hikI Ittil, ho Tnii.>W(l most of 
t^vtilme. taking some of Ills typeaod bUaubscHption 
In^t vrilU liim. Sli-tppinj^i'iii^li niniilli nt ?uim' viUn^vi 
priming ofBfre he would get ttie loan of press nnd 
t}-pes, issue his montlil^' rdition. tmiil to his sul«- 
vribr^rK, »n<l go on WcnHofc a'i<l forming ftrH-inHi^s; 
bot WaiihiDgion whb nominaUy Uie place of pub- 

Landy visil*'d Texas and Mexico throe differeitt 
ttme9. to procure frranls of bind on wliich he could 
locate em&ncipated &laves^ and raise cotton and 
fiigmr by free labor. Ho found ein^ouniK^menl io 
Texii8, but the liUibnstering on thtit contested tield 
alwnt Uiat time drfeatt^d thi* objoot. He obTfttii>xl a 
^ranl of 188,00(1 aere« in the Mexican State of 
TkuianlijifiH, on mudtiioit hn hhiMild jiifnidori- S.Vi 
fomitit*?; t.liis s»chemr n'n'ivi>tl murh fitror ftt honti*, 
bnl the din'anjifetnvnt was alno defeated by the T<*xns 

In tbcw enterprises, Lnn<ly aeeined tn trii&t in 
FroTidenoe^ but moi^ in hi» own industry uiid In- 
doinitnb1<* pluek. On \t\^ arriral at Metamoma, on 
bis journey to Jfexico, hie futidi^ >?ive out ; he at 
OQCxf rented n room, went to work at his trade of 
nddler. eamiDi; sometime!; five dollftre p?r {Jny, nTid 
wh^m hid pnnn' weu r(.'pli-niKl]i?d, hf agnin went on 
bin way; he lind fn^nently donn tliM in-fon- 

H\m paper waA pn>n]inent in all pubHo queationa 


Hhiory of x^ Sotte C(nintj/- 

wb(>rH tilEiTory was involved. With thv co-op^mtioD 
of John Q, Adams, 1m fought rhe etiC«rpHBie oC ch« 
T«XHii invud^rs, »i^ hff hii^l fn^fom iii 1S28 and *94, 
Ing a lejuUn^ part In oppt^Jiiltiun to ilki* Htt>^ua(»t to 
njuc-e sl:iv»>r>' iiHo niinoU. It h sin^nlAr, in Iho 
lij/lil iif fii»* fiuljTM-fpn-iil. Iiii*t*»nr "f (h»* aHU■^lav*•^y 
contf^t, thtit Wip moretn^nt infiii^nnitrd bj Lundj' 
fthoiiM have mad*' suchhi-adwaj" m the slave States. 
Hifi |>apt;r for AiiKust, 18SP, alftl*--^ thai ho had more 
BQbecribera in Korth CaroUruL tlmn in siny other 
Stat^. At aji deotion in BiLltimore. m 18JE), Raj* 
mood, the antialavery candidate?, received one- 
wvontb of the vote» cast ; this and oth^r l»dlcati<>n9 
Bhow that ili^ife was a healthy aatislaverr »end'- 
ULvrkt :iL Che South, hut th^ ariutocratUr n lavish <»1dvr» 
then, a« ffliMie, when aroused. crHsh«*d it out aud 
nih'fifvtl it;* TOint*. A vf^y unrortimiili' ofmirrinioH 
look place on thi? 3d of Aognat. 1831, in the iiksur- 
r^c^on of about ttfty slave? in Sontbampton Co., 
Va-. und^r a fnrmtio*il prmclK^ by tho namr.: of Nat 
Turner, They piocured orme and comnienc*-d an 
ind&^cHruiimt^^ niiLAsa<n^^ of all tlu^y met, wlthonc dia- 
tmciton of Bex or age, to tbe number in all of elxty- 
tJint^V when (hi'y wi-n- di.<(pvr»Ml, Ac tliv Mamo timi^ 
a plot for nn insurreclion of th« slaves of a^veral 
f()iiii[]i*^ »r KiH-tli OaniHria w;ui dWovi-n*d, and 
rumoift of plots elerw here wvre rif^. 

The natural t^ffect of all thin waa to prejudici* tbe 
public mind against all antvftluvery efforts, and to 
«iQbict«r the conu^ett butwi^en the pro> and anri^is^ 

Thuro is no probability that thu anti t!-laT<.'ry 
movement had any indu'^nco in the Xat Tunii-r in- 

stack &f SetUer^ — VcrmUlion. 


surrtfctioD ; Tamer was a fanatk, und probably in- 
Mtic; ha daliiu'cl to Imvo boei; coinina.iided from 
beareD to do what Iil^ did, 

Tn Augti8^ ts:^, Lundy commf^nc'^ In PhUad^^l- 
phia Ib^ publiciilioD of n weekly paper d^votod to- 
emanc1]>atioii, calte^l the National Inqnlnar, and \jx 
1838 rtfliiiqiii9b«?d its pullicjitioti. iind was succet'ded 
by John G. WblUier. TU»* *'Of<iiliiH," a-^a monthly, 
was publisJipd diiriD^ tluH time at Philadelphia, 
whrre it had bwn irmovfil from Wa.-^hhiKton. 

A large ball, co»tin;^ 4.30,000. built by abolition LitR 
and others, wa^ opnicd on tlw Hlh of Mny, 183S, 
■nd flererftl abolition meetings and diacusaiona held 
tbcrein. On the ovcning of the ITth, a mob usMUlt- 
ed and burned the ball, with Httle opposition from 
\\xe poUeo; th« firemvn protocUid tbti adjoining 
buthling, but did nothing to savi^ the Imll. Tidti 
u'ufi dene In &mid Qiiak*jr Philadelphia, and sliowi« 
lb« billt?rcorili'i(t tfii'li b»*ing w»gt-d on the sJav«>ry 
■jnestinD. Luody'e bffokfi. papei-a. <ilot]iin^ and oibHr 
pi-n«A»iLJLl 1-ffrcttf wcr»- all burrnnl in lln^ building. 
Ue had for sometime contemplated moving his 
,pttpi-r to the then oponing N^rOiwfj«t. Ik- left 
^Philadelphia in July, and nrnved in lUinoia in Sop- 
timber. Disappointed in an alti*itipt to $tart his^ 
\jmt at Hvunepiu, lie ace«pt4?d a proposition from 
Fidie eiiueiis of Lowell. La Salle Ca, and moved tb<*rw 
to tho w&uiiir of 183S-&, built, a lion*' and priming 
offic»*. and puTch^iiied a Trat^t ftf Iiuid four miles di^ 
fant* Hi^r^ hi;* pap<T was publt^brd t»thcr insu- 
larly, for the want of fnnd^ having at lirat no Jiel|^ 
bnt hid two soils, oni? of whom ntff*ndi-d 1o the farm^ 


BItt&rp <f La SaUe OcrurUj/, 

In Avinist be wits uttiick<*d witU bilious fever, tJien 
p]N>V!i1enr In that locjilSty. mid diod on chv ^2d of 
Aiigusi, 18H9, in tht^ Mvc year of tiis ag«» His re* 
mnins were burkd la the Friend's buryiog gioiutd 
-4)11 Cliiir cn'i'k, in Piiliiarn Coiinry, IH, 

Till- fore;piing ^ves huL a faint itli-a of ih«- siOT* 
Bacrrfic^. indomitnble p^rspvi^rADoo, and vhole- 
fioul^d pliila«tlm>|ry of Rr-njainin Lundy, f(»rwli:it- 
ever may be the views of any one on the alavtry 
-qarttiition. It vun not bt- denkd that bv deevrveft the 
Dam*.' of ft phitantliropi&t in the broadest aeiifit\ Ho 
was not a L-inatio ; hU vk^ws iv>*i\« broad and catlio- 
Lic« M 16 shovrn by lb9 tolerution of hie effort*^ nt the 
South, when? his papor was tts well rcwli"i>d as at 
t\w NortLi. Hi« elTorlB at colonizatioD wer^ brood 
«iid comprHi«D4ivt=*, showing a «ool head as ^r<-U h^ 
Ji warm hvart ; always coiicilminry, but never yield*- 
fng »u Iota of tJm rS^litK of our i-nmiMiiu hnnimiily, 
his was juflt the organization to lay hnmd and dtvp 
the foLincJivtioiirt of iinivti^iil rmamtpation* With 
an open and plr-asing count(^nance, genial, and wia- 
niii^ manners, ho mzide Friends of all hia ftBaocrlatc$, 
while hifl convietion* of tniTh and ri^ht w«r^ a« tina 
aa ihe er«.mte hlUs; neiUier povert3% dlckii««9» aWo- 
ilon, toil and privation, mob vioU*n<M^, or the bMl of 
thr' beFivtly WoulColkf (Hiuld switvl* him fmni his 

nij4 w<^jion4 wero argam^-ntf reason, justice, and 
iif;hr« clothed in tht^ ^ib of plain (juaker mmpliclty 
and Bincmty; and when the contest became inlenoety 
♦mbhfT^rnl, anrl insane |>as^ioii put reason and right 
ai deltance, it was, perliaps. well that he shoold 


SMeh <r SeiiUra - VermiUi^. 


qnktiy co lo bifi ly^t bcncarh thi- pcacirful sylvan 
b^aniicE of the pmirie. where coining genomtions 
w\\\ chant the ptahte of ihi* Qiiakfj' pbUanthropis^ 
wliCHt^ qni"t vok»* Hpok*> ifrnir r." Tyranny't* 
hofltft, and inaiiigiirat«d the work ihac finally bi^oke 
til"' frU"*re or th^ «lav<^, 

Mn T.umlv Ifft fiv.* tTlilMn^n. two Hrii*< and thrf»ft 
danghtf^r?: ^usnti. u\iltt\**A Wni. Wiysf-nittii, of Put- 
nam (*onnty, now In Kansas ; Elijca., ra&rried Isaiah 
Gritlith, live in Iowa, Mr, Lundy'a sotia ar<' both 
dead. Obaries,dk»d in Oct.JsS8; his widow, Mrs. E. 
11. LoJidj. is living; at GmnvilJe, PutnaDQ County. 
Benjamin, mamed. practiced m^dicin^ in Maumoliii, 
and dl<^ thero, leaving on^ son, VVlUiam L.. the 
only maU) descendant, who ii; cl^rk in a drug 8Con\ 
in Hfiiry; hb wSdciw Tiiitrrit-d C C. Gapjiin, and 
livra in Lncoa. Bather, ih(4 twin mUsT of Beajanuii, 
di«<l Miigli-. 

Z«bina Eaiatman waa^ asaistiiig Mn Lundy in the 
pnhlicatk>n of hlH pa|r*fn at th'^ time of Lundy^a 
death, find immodiJit*-ly alVr conimi^nLX'd the pubJi- 
cation of thff "" Western Citizent" an anti-slavery 
paper, ar Chicago, which wa« contiunud for »evi>ral 
years, and wil£ really a continuation of LuDdy'a 
work Id ihe Northwest. 

David Perkhitt caiue fh>tn We«^ York in 1A3T, 
H»" marrifMl Miiw Bjifnirw ; n-wid'Hl at. Liiwi-ll su-VBrnLl 
y*!ani, and reniuved to Chicago, where he is nov 

I>r. Jethro Halcb. and wife, Kutli Cogswell, carad 
from New Preston, Ct., in l&:M : was a pbysioian of 
good practice. Had two daughters: Mury Ann 


Sistory of Lo Satte County. 

juid Elmib^th, Mrs. H«tch ^UA about lt^5; tb« 
Doctor di«d about 18D0. 


The Icwn of Manllns embnces that portion of T 
Sr^, R.fl, lying north of the nilnois nr<>r. It fonin^ly 
ii[iibruo<.>(l Uiv sMutli lialf of T.d4, R,£(, whkli now coit- 
BliCiilesapartof fhK>iown of Miller. It h«AConBider- 
abl** iHjI.tom IjiehI nloii^ th(^ Tllinotit, niiieli of It vnlti* 
*ble, considerable b!uff and broken land, aad about 
■onc-tliiid of Ihi' k^wn is covered with bluff timber. 
Prnhably half th-* town is pr«irie of excellent qu«l- 
icy. Thi- lUiuois & Michigim Caiml nnd 0„ R. 1. & 
P, R. H. paad through th<^ bottom between the bluff 
*Dd tbe river, bringing a ehoioo of transportation 
rnrilitl'^s to the doors of all its p'^nple. The town 
of MarBeiUee is about equally divided between tbe 
towns of Rutland and Manilas, and Is dt^^itln^'d 10 
be an important ptncf*. The Grrand Riipidn of tbe 
Tllbinlg fnrniab a water power equal to any d**- 
mand that will be nind<> upon \t, and thtf earliest 
an well aa all sobseqaent nettlefs bave nmrked it ba 
dt-etjnc^ for a biilHant future. 

In eome respects it bus been unfortunate, thuo far, 
euffi^rina: sov^^roly from flh^ in ftt^voral in^laueofl: but 
it bas Burniounted tbeee and 16 noK doin^;; a eucires^' 
ful BiiknufaotuHnj^businn^, ognrngatin^ ui.«r]y balf 
a million of dollare annually, which ie nearly all 
labor. This la but a trifle of what Che futun* wtU 
dpTelop hi*re. How soon it will rHtUiK.* that pro^ 

SM^h qf Severs — Mmdiux. 


pi'riiy wluL'U lU reiour\ies indicate^ will rliip<_'rt(l upijo 
natioEAl ihiid lot^al coniliUrjjis which ciiit« alone will 

Wm, liichey was born in Pennsy Vania, emlffratM 
to nomn Oonnty, Obio. wli'^'cc he heard the cannon* 
adicig BX the time of Perry's victory oa Lake Erie, 
lioet his* first wife and marrivd T'oUy Wileon, a 
Kentucky woman, near Uidianapoli&, in lij'iB, 
Mov^ to Wisconsio, and enga^d la Wd niiniog. 
la OfTtoiHT. 1829, ram." to \al SsiHt- County, and made 
a claim on 3. 17, 'i\ 33. R. 4. whert* William Moore 
nuw Hvi^, Hi* miH a(<t^nm|Miiii*d liy liis nou WtUiam 
W,, the only child of his first, wifn that came Wt**!, 
ThL'fion stayetl nn Ihe daim while the father w^^cic 
to the Blutf Mounds for ch#» fainUy. Tliry «anie 
by the? way of Dixon, in n '^prairie schooner," with 
a span of horsess and an ox and cow yoked to- 
gether ; arnn^d on the vlaJni in January, 183u. Th« 
only nviffhbor was Jomefl Galloway. In Pobrtiury, 
lbdO» Mrs. Galloway <]t»M. Mi. Kiehey and Bon cut 
down a black walnni trt-o iht^ Indhin^ had ulrctlt^d* 
and i4]iHt out ^anw pnnchMoii hoards »ud made a 
•'oflin, In which Mrn. Galloway waabiirl^. In th« 
spring of 1830 Mr. Richi-y sold hi» claim to Abra- 
hum TruQibo. They then made a olaim near Oal lo- 
way*e, but notd to OiiHoway soon after and made a 
clnim CD the S. E, i S. la T. 33, R t. and in th« 
winter of ISJl built a cabin \i\ the ravine near Che 
Dr. Ward plnce^ Iht^tirst cabin bnilt ir Mar^'itlea. 
and wh^jiv Jami-^^RirhMy wa* born, ih*? lii»t birtlJ in 
what Ib now Xaxs^iUea. William W, aowed a 
email pat^h of whvat whvrft th^ aod had buen killed 


SiHorp j/ia SaJfe Ctou«/j/, 

hv Tiulian i^nlllvaiion ; hw g<»l «<iiTnr nln^l, hm, what 
WRs more vnluiible, uumittn^ly got a pre*einpUoD, 
QTid aH ht* and hici fmh<;r wt-r>- on tht^ ^mt' quorter 
section, tiii?y were t?ach outitled to a tioat un eighty 
aciv-si^lflL- where, Tb*TyHoJ() UKirrloat^to Jr>hnC^rv^;ii, 
for wliicli lit* ^ntwrwd t\\*>\z quarter ^wtioQ : tUey 
ibi)& aecur^ ilieir qnart<'r Ht^etion wUhotit moi]<*y 
»]ul withc^ut prioci. Aft«r tho mustGacre ac Indian 
Cri^k, la 18a2, William W. w^-nt to Sciinea u> aolify 
Abel Spmgiie, ivlio liatl a cloiia there, and ibeJi 
iiLovi'fl Wm'. fmiiily tn Ofl;m», Tliit faltii^r wiw a 
t«am9t«!r for llit; anuy. and thi^ sou enlisted as & 
BOldier They were di^rhar^d on the bank? of the 
Wisconsin river* Jn lht'< full tboy lidpcd Kplimim 
^prfL^tlf^ CliarlcEi Hrown, and Htohard Hoguhooia 
build a dflm and di^ a rac^^fora sawmill &i liar 
p.-in*>a. William Rbhoy dit^d abont Ih I'i ; his wife 
di^d in 1839. WiUiiiui W -n.irritfd Widow Oreen, 
and Uvea In the lown of Brookfteld- 

Ahtifr 8li-h)>inK "»inr' fnnw Nr-w Vurk in tSA4; 
seltled on S. 4. T. ^JR, R. A. tii^rge W. Brumhack 
says liir wim Um bwst axi? mail lir «rrr kni^w, the 
b^flt worker and most honest man ; he wenl to 

Abdolonymna Stebbina, broths of Abner, and 
wUi;, Jiilln W*-bber, cami> from N'lvi* York in lHS/», 
and settled on S. 8, T, 33. R, 5, Ilad t*?ii children. 
Brumback myi^ \\^ wa« not ito good a work^ but a 
bett^ talker ths.n Abner: thnt he was a stauaeli^H 
AVhig. in favor of internal imjmivt^menis, of d^vi^-^H 
oping mnnufrtj-lnrpss art?* and Mrimrw^ and delight^ 
in t&lkmg on tbe^e riiibjpct& by the hour \ tliai thrm 

SXr^vA tf Settlers — 3fanliu*. 


bfiTO bean Ugger fools in the Caiti>d Stares Senate 
than Abdolonymos : tliat ih^ ^'ot>d seed sown by 
him ift fltiU bi?iiririg fruit ; but that his Democratic 
HHi^Iibiini tit^lrl hin] uriil Ititi polif l^:il lit-rt*4i«^ in miir 
rantvmpt. His chililrrri wi-n' : H<»tirv, rnurritfil Marjr 
Ann Pope, his second wife waa Mis* Bignal, is 
aoir in town ; Lonana, niairit-d Jiicoli R*--<it, of Pon* 
tine; Lorinda. tiuirtitd Volnej Wood, both are d€- 
c^>iis^d ; M&ry. died ainct<> ; LoniBn., married Gale 
Wat^nnam of Si^Deca ; Krinrry, murri^^ L^ium Lani- 
roy, of iowa; Edf^ar, is in Misaouri; Austin, mar- 
ri<-d Mi#« VVlI<.-y, novr in Florida. TIkt** an- two 
younger aohb. 

Txiv<-ll Kirtilinli, from Wati^rtffwri, J«iir«*rMuiL C<k, 
Xew York, i.-anie !ii IS»3, Bnnnliai^lc aays th^-iv has 
never U^wn a man of gnralor abilities in Man^eillea, 
except Datiiicl W^bj^ti-r, and b% Maycd only on© 
night Kimbull waa aD active business man, ^n^r- 
jtftic, v<"ntunt8ome and unscrnpuloufi ; he built a 
savr-milli and in 1840 wns a member and a^nt of a 
oompAnythaterecUxl thobo^C flouring mill, ^irobably 
tbcTfi in ch« SUUu ; it had vi^ht ran of elonc, w&s 
forty Tet^t hiffh above the fotindacion, and every way 

When Kimball oommenced hte improvement he 
frMind Kjiliniini Spnufu*- in pi >sH<-.*<sinTi nf a|i]irtof 
tht? ^'aier privilei^e^ owning ami running a Haw*inill. 
Kimball «o made \\\» dam ni< to flood out the privi- 
lege of B|*ragut<. and at Sirrai^ut* had no t\t\t* but a 
olaitD on Uovvrnmcnt land, h^ found Lim5i.lf dis- 
poeeeaaed of his little prop^^rty with no redreas bat 
Klmbnir^ geiK'Toftity, and aa that did not aerve, ho 


Wft^Tfj of La Scdlo County. 


left in<tf?;«pair. nii'l *i3 \\r. AiA ^, hn ral^rd liie haiids 
and pm.v«d that watf^r might irusU an-ay, and Are 
burn all m MaI«eiUeB^ as Jon^ as the memory of 
Kimbaill should laet^ This is i«latf>d by the old 
Bettl^ra of Maraeillcd, and if» callod '^^profru^^'^ 
curse/' KimbalFB &iw-miU and the flonrinp mill 
www bnm*rti oti ilii» lUghr of tbo I5lh of May, 1M$ ; 
h« rKfbiiiU tlif? snw-mill, but nev^r recover^ from lh@ 
ItiAS an, by Homt- quil^bli*, thf Iiirturanco Company 
evaded ]Uiymt*Dt^ and the Hourinf^ mill WB& Derer 
M>uilr. Thf mt^mbi^rw of tl)«> Mantflllen romimtiy 
t.hiLt built the iniU^ere: Guidon S. Ilubbaid. of 
(?hicafi:o; Robert F. Wiwdvrortli, Jameo A. Wood- 
worth, Lovt'll Kimball, Auguslue Butl^rrfi'Md, Win, 
Whipple, and .lam^^a Brown. Kimball died in 
184S or 9 ; after Kimbaire death, his widow married 
OrvilU Con^ of Morris ; ithi^ iled In 1875, 

L. S, P, Moore, from Vermont, came in It^s : a 
wagon maker by trade. He marrkd Jemima Rit«^, 
rind \* Atill living In MHn<;pil1>*?« 

Vivaldi Morey, ninie lioiu New York to I]liiiol», lu 
18.?7» with his wifv Emily Brown, and wttled on 8. 
32, T. Zi. R. r>; wi^nt to Kendall County for fivi'^ 
jv^vs \ novr living in Marseilles. [lia children are : 
Sarah, who married Melvin Freacott, of Marseille^ ; 
Wm. A., married H. C. Belknap, hi« flceond wife wa* 
A. P. Skinner— he ia a lawyer^ Jostled of the Peaci* 
mid Town and CityCl^rk ; Fmncoft, marrii^ B« G. 
Peiflter; Emily A., married F. \V. Simpson, and 
Netti<i, married R. W. Kilboiiru, all of Mur«eille«. 

HaitHcn Morey, i^ame from ^ew York iii 1$S^ and 
wttlvd on S. 8, T, 33, R a ; left \n about two yrara. 

Sk^f^t f/ StUlers — Maniius. 



Nelson Mor«<y« bmllnTur lf]i:< above, cami- nbimt 
j\\r samit liiue iuid went to Texas. 

John ilarriDgton. from Eit^^land to New York in 
1S36; bflchelor; i^ain dealer in MarsdUleBp 

Thoe* Harrington, brorhor oV JiboTij. wasdronticd 
at t)ie time of the Hood in lt^8. The ice ^ot>red 
oD chti inland below M»n»t*iUc^e, And tUtodtid ni-iirly th4> 
whold town. 

JoM>pli BrunibsKk. from Licking Co., Oliio, ar- 
rived bere Aug. 3, IP33, buUt a cabin on 9. «. T. 83. 
K, 5, nnd livnl iii il niiit»tifn jt^rs, HSs iie-iglibora 
very ajfjirofiriately called him tlie Patriarch Jo?i-pL, 
AA h^' had nineteen childivn and ei^ht steivchiidren. 
Hifl first wife wa« Mary Parr, who died, k^viti^ four 
children; Ocorg^- W., live** in Manliufj, is County 
5aIT<^yo^ of La S^ille County ; Elizabeih and Mary, 
ai« di>ad ; Somn^h Hv^fi at OdeU. His second wife 
wae Margar«>t Oatmuu ; ^hv di^ in 1S4S ; had oii« 
child. Margaret, now dead. His third wlft< was 
CuiJirort Tiniiijf, whd iliril In 18.18 ; had eight child* 
rpn: Newton W., Jervis J., bnlh in Bates County, 
Mo.; AdaPerkinis Grnndy Comity; Joseph Jeifer* 
eon. Livingstou County ; John Uowey. Merrill U,, 
and Oby Darid* all in Odell ; Kite E. died. H» 
fourth wife wtus Marguret Ilart ; badi^ix children : 
Ella, Tiola, Kirza. ImR. Ezra H., and OllrerCM 
who ar«^ nU at [lonit*. 

Christopher Maf^ey, and wlfo, Sarali Bennett, 
from NewEnglarjd to THinois in IS^e^. Hr dW In 
1ST7; bia widow ifiliring. He lt*fi three children: 
Ann, married Jax. Mn^Hnian, ht>r M^cond hiiAband 
was Mi\ Jacobs : SuKin. manit'd George Turner, of 
Indiana; Charles, islnUruudy Connty. 


Hitionj <f La Satle ttourtiy. 


Jonathan Masst^y. bmitier of ChrisU)phf r. rsurn^ at 
th€ wini> time Uifl wife? was XaDcy Dow. Qc di«d 
in 18(^8, and hia widow diM in 1870. He Mi five 
chlldn^n: Adolims niam<*d Mr.non*:iiton, of Mi<!lii> 
pan : StiUman E., marriod Mise McEwen, and lives 
In MorrU; Myra, Tuarriod Mr Fectiii, of UorHs; 
Horace and Lim^. are tnnj^le. 

lerael Mafift*ry, brother of i\w for*»j;rolnff, eam« at 
Mif !*«m» timr, with his wif^, PIn-W Q»nln*-r. Mma 
five childnm ; Warivn. married (Jaroiine Uarbour, 
andJire*inN'^b^u»lla; Mary A., married Mr- Yoang 
of Thf City of Wa^liinffton : Gordon, ie in Chicago; 
Sylvaiints J^^detid; Frank, i5 t« N<^bra«kn, 

Dr. Robert P. Woodworth, fVom New York, 18»7, 
one of thi" finn rbai buili r*ii> Ma»antc« Mill, 
w^nt to Ottawa* was pogtmufit^r and in«rcbanc ; 
movMu>P«ra; was killed by an accidental gan- 
ehot wnnnd while hunting. 

Ja«. H. WixMlwurth, brulhtT of tb«» abure, from 
N^w York, 18:17, alao one 'of the Mara^lna mill 
firm; nftrrthp burning of the mill iiif»vi*du>Chirago; 
wa^ a member of Congress ons t^nn, and died at 

David Olmstead, and wife, Mary Lindi^rman, 
from Tiopi County, New York, 18Sa: msltled on S, 
10; T. 33, R, fi; died 184«. They had eleven 
rhlldp'n : Dra. Hiram, E'^-rih-d on a fann in Frae- 
dom, now in Ottawa, married the widow of Rev, 
Clias. Harding, had fonr rhildn.'n : AUitn* marri^ 
M*Tcy Baxter, llv** in Maraeilles; Tjt^wia, marriM 
Lydia At-kbfv at Mnn^v-illfH : Rilvriird A^ In Gnindy 
County ; Bally Ann^ married Lewia lindt^Taan in 

Sti^h t>f SeUlfTJi — 3fan/twt, 


Boone Coant}': Aii»on, mArried PlieEw M. Juuft^on ; 
W*«ley, tft a M**T.hticli9C RpWopal prfarin^r in Min* 
neaota : Ann. Mar}' and WiUiam. with their Tnother, 
moved to Minn^QOta ; Curtis, is In McLran County. 

Ephniini tipragac c^me tirst to Ottawa, and to 
Mur^lleA in tb^ ^prin^c of Jb:JS; huiltarLam and 
eavr-mill, completed in tlie fall of 1^33. A dam btiilt 
b«1ow Uim ruininff his toUl poi^er, he moved to 
Grondy Counrj'. 

AfM-1 Spntgiie niadt^ a claim ntHiT where Senega 
BOW iik on the Cmtty pliu*^.', *jld the claim ro two 
ymii^ tiif'11 by Ihvf rtaiiie of Sti:K.'khi^, ftnil thi^y 
0old to one Caiter, who afterwarda abandoned 
it In 1S41t whf^ii wnik was resnm^d on th« canal, 
Jeremiah Crotty occupied it, 

DolphuB Clark, and wife, Saliy LoHn^, from 
Ontario County, N, Y,, in the fall of 1636 settled on 
8. 6, T. 88, R. 5 ; tirert a termor ; present rt^idontre 
1a Maraeillea. CbUdi^n : Carlos, married Clari&fia 
Djko, live ii: Nebmskn ; Adalliie, Tnarrie<l Samuel 
Parr, now a widow in Maieeill>>8: Mercy, married 
Sylvi-*ier Ri'ijln-w, livi? \u Nebmska ; Aally Ann, 
married D^ A^ Nicholson in M&rHeillee; Caroline, 
mnrnt'd H. W, Afurry, ilit^l froiii rlie biit- of a 
ntlllt^nnhe ; John, married Mnry Jane Kerne, liTeft 
in Iroquois County ; Mary, njarri^d Eb<*nei«r Bat- 
boar in Mnrspilks; KicLard, married Mury Parr in 
N«^bra^ka; Clara M., maniid F. E. T^iud in Morrics 
Omndy County. 

Wni, R. Lorinff, from New York* came here in 
IS3S,iDarried JuneMlocitt, nnd«ttr1^dOD6. 32, T. $4^ 
K. d; now in B<?»ujd County, Iowa. 

81. Q 

History qf ha. Saff'^ Count;/. 


Jiwroh Rf-ftpn fn)tii N*r^ York, <aini<? hi-w in I8S8 ; 
died thirty years aiooe, leaTinir five children, two 
now liritif: Jaflob, Jr., marrit.'d Louanu tilrbb'ihft, 
and settled on 8. S, T. 83, K. A. nov' in Ijvingaton 
Connly ; Jemima, mami^d L. & P. Moor«, and 
reside in MHre^illeB. 

Xnthaiiiel Neeoe, and wife, Mies Lewia, oamo 
here in 1836 ; now in Iowa. 

J&in^ l>y1ce, ftnd wife, Mnry SabiKt, fk-om <VinnH> 
ticnL riiiD« Itere in 1837. settling on 8. A, T. 33, R. 
^ ; wttfc killed l:y th*? fall of a tree, Pebruafy, 1844, 
leaving a widow and six children, all now dead bnt 
one, Bnnioe, who marri'.-d Ptrry BiLk**r, and Ures in 

S^lh Olia, father in-law tc A. D. BTittorfii^ld, from 
Wfttortown, N, Y., ri'sided bero u ehort time- Q<*o, 
W. Brumhiw^k. now County Survjjy^^r of La Sall^ 
County, eiiye that Qtie' f&mily were well educated 
an<l intelligent ; that Mr. Otis camt^ to his fktli«r'«, 
and iinding thf^ir «itork of book knowledge was C'On- 
talned in one Bible, one MeMiodiMt hymn book. *>IK' 
Pikf^'» imrlimi'lic, an old work on chemistry and 
Cobb*9 speiier, very generously, and nnaolicit^d, 
loaned them n portion of bia !ibrarj\ of which they 
mad^ good u^e. The next Beaton the Deif^hbors pat 
up a small log soliool hooflc, and Otta' daQi;hter 
Mary^ now Mfjl Mancell Taleott, of Chioagi^, kept 
school for thoim. Brimiback thinks that without 
Oli« books, and MaryV Ti'aoliiri^, 8oin« othorper»oQ 
than Geo. W Bnimback woald be County Surrwyor 
of Ia 8all4^ County to-day. Otl^ soon aft«r moved 
to Chicago. Hnd died ihene eevenil years slnoa 

Sketch <f SiUt€TS — Manftm. 


Jobii Loringf nod wife, Louisa Micca, from Bloom- 
field, Ontnrio Oonnty, New Vorli, oiime here in 
U35, un^ 09tU«d on 3. 31. T. itl, R. 5, whenr ho 
still r^eid^a. They have tlv^ children : Eliza Jane, 
manii^^d MUton P^ist^r, of Rutland ; Hulhert, nitir- 
rit'd Miiry Boaworth— his wi/e is deceats>^d. and he 
liVH4 with bin Tnthftr; Gt>iir^>^ and AlKiiiiit i%t¥ nl 

David Lnriii^, broth^rr of John, troui the name 
place to Ohio ; came here id 1936. Married BUta- 
Wh Nichols, and nelU^d on B. 5. T. 33, R, 5; 
r^mOTed to Kebraaka. 

Richard Ive«, from Tompkins County, Xew York, 
c^Ttia hen* ill 1835 ; T^-jiiil-td \wTt* ai.i^ut 4>[ght ymm^ 
then w«nt to Will Connty, iind thence to Orundy 

Horace 3a1»in -cjime from Oonn*?ctieiit in IfiSfi, und 
dird in 18:17. Win wMuw iinil viJii an.* living in 

David Mtr^cham died soon after fata ^Itlenicnl, 
leaving iktvc or lour children ; one va in California, 
and one in Unindy County. 

Itmhtm Simmons, nnd wif^^ $u«an Kinney, oamc 
from New York in \$U, and settl^-d on S. 4, T. Sy, 
R. 9l Uoved to Iowa in 1805. Ei« chiidrou are: 
Joabufi, Lois> Melinda, Eliza^ Emily, and Prank. 

Oilt^H W- Jark.iuD, uttmt^ fniiu New York in ]82i>. 
He married Hannali Jenninga, and nettled on S, 2u, 
T. 33, R 5, In lX>-i h.- rrmt)v<-«l tc» 0^^av^^ and for 
se7eTal years w-ie the senior meinb«r of thrr firm uf 
Ja4.-k9on & Loc.kwood, hardware merchants^ Ue is 
now retired, Mr Jackson was the tlrst Bup^rrisor 


Hidary ^ La SatU Ccmnfy. 

of the lowD of Mnnliu«, liiu bei!ii Agfmi of tti^ 
coiiniy for ih»'rarc of the pof)r and poor fann for 
si*V4>nil ye:ira. (Lml Aldermuu of Hit? rity. Hi» 
i^liililri^n niv: Kr*Niv A., in Kan^s ; EllKabeth, 19 
Mra. MoTgan. of St. Louis; FTarriet, married Clifta. 
Calliti, of Ottawa. 

8iimm-i I3til]ook, Iroiii Boston, came here in 18:^4^ 
He maiTJod Khoda B»iLt?y. daii^htiT of John Biiilty, 
of Wrmilllon. n** l^ft hU familv in IK^n and w^ni 
to Califomm. und did not n.^iirii, Mr». Bullock 
iliftl In IS7a Of their chUdmn. EHsha married 
Brintliii lliill, in Ktit,l:iiid ; SctiiitnO and WiIIIhio »n- 
ill lutimna; Martha married ljeorj$« Jacobs, ia 



B^er Pnrk, <^all>*d viftt^r llii^ romsDlic grottc 
tliHi, i]aiiii<^ wlilch lia'^ wilhiii It^ hordi-i% ie* i> 
posed of thnt piirt. oFT, dM. R. 3. lying wjulh of 
Illinois river, and that portion of T. 82, R 2, lying 
nortb of the- WTinilJSoD. It occupies the p<^nt 
between the two riyera, and is nearly In thedlinpe 
of a irianglcn A €0ii:'idcndil4j portion of itotonitotj 
U covered by the bottom and blofi timber along tli^ 
f^lri>inns, and much minc-ral wi^alth will b^ extracted 
frum T heme blnfl'ii ; conA. tire clay, and stone, for lime 
and r<ir imUdlug pnrpo!4e9, tr'xUt In Urge qtiuntitiea, 
Tb*? iiigh ridy*- of iirainet-xn-nditig t)ir4High Furni 
R'nlg*', exlt^iids rlii'oiigh lb 11^ town, bnl is* bnuider, 
^'iving tlie whole town a high rolling far*?, with dz* 



9if » 


r / 

1 .* 1 .. ,.'- A<i' 

1 1 |H' " 

^ ^ 


Skeleh (^ Selffers — Deer Park. 


Calient drainage; and a more beautiful eM^Hon uf 
laud can hardlj* be fooiid iu tin* ^iati.\ 

Martin Rt^jnolds, nud wife, Elizabeth Hirt, came 
from Champal^cn County, Ohio; n?movpd lo Ja<?k- 
sonviUe IlL, in 1827, and in 1839 locat-^fi on S. 20, 
T. 33.11. !a, in present town of Dp^r Park; the first 
etrtler in th^ town. For tbe purpose of eecurin^ 
educational advantages for his t'liildren, in 1838 h» 
rpmovpd to Og1« County and nsftStited in estiil>nDh- 
ing and snstainiug the Mt. Morris ,^<.Tai:lemy. Hd 
retoTDcd to liifl farm in Deer Park in 1844, when- lio 
resided until hla death. Hid wift^ t^ied in 164^, leav* 
Ing six cbildront (Mr Rt-ynolda subsequently war* 
ried the widow Thurflton): Joeeph, niarrkd, and 
livrd ni-«r th<> old homi.'vHC.'atl, whiere he died in 
1670; James C, marri^ Caroline Clayton, and re- 
side* on 3. 28, T. 33, R, 2, a large fnrmer «nd stock 
dealer, lias been Snpervjgcir of the town several 
£i«rm^ llin fintt An^lo-Saxon born In Deer Park; 
Robert, occupies the old liomestead ; HargareL, 
married B. T, Pbi'lps, and Uvea in Ottawa ; Carr*'- 
Unt-, married Joeeph Onm ; Eluaheth. married Ll 
P, ^uger, formerly of Ottawa and Jollet. now in 

Joflcph R*\vnoldfl, brother of the foregoing, from 
Ciiampaif-:n County. Oliio. came lo Deer Park In 
the spring of ISJi), where his thn-^^ t^onj*. Smith, 
Newton, and Milton, had locnted Tlii* previous fall, 
on what ii* m>w the Clayton farm; tbfv nold Hie 
claim CO Vroman. and located at Troy Wrove, tli« 
tlr&t settlvm in that Wality. 

John Wallace came from Crbana, Ohio, with hia 


Hiftonf of La SaiU C&tintif. 

fRuuly, and made* a farm on the point of prairie juM 
aIkjvi: lilt? Juiictiou of tiin VerniillJcn and IIUdois 
(ind beiwe*>n the two rivers, in the eumm^r of 1834. 
In 1S3S h« rttinovad to Og]r Coiiiily, iji oompany 
with MHi-tin Reyiitildn, to dbiaiin n Ix'Uer opportu- 
filty fur i^liirur.iiig tUt*ir irlnldrvit. Ht* ivinninM 
there tintil his death in 18fi4, leflTing (tiirt««n chW* 
dri^n : Rliwi, mai-Hwi Caleb Hitt. i>rnUirr to Iwr step- 
iDOtlier, Wallace's second wife* and Mrs. Haftin 
Reynolds; Mary Hrrry, died single; Joisiab, waaa 
merchant ottd di^d in Ubicago untnamed ; William 
H< L<, wat^ killed at tlie botUo or Shiloli (see 
Ottawa) ; Sarah Aniif is tlie wife of Dr. R. Sluoklo- 
ford. of Ohio : Thoma«, died at La Salle on his 
way home from AVIgconaia: Mai^aret^ died single; 
Hnrtlu R. M,. wat» Mnjor and pronioUKl to Lient. 
Colonel and Oolnnei of 4Ui Cavalry, and breveted 
Brigwlit^r-Gnri^^ral — wa« uKsi^sjHir of inti^TDal n*venae 
for rirat BisUict, IlHnoia^ ajid in November, ISflO^ 
iras t^ln't^-d County Jud|E«^ in Chicago— his vrih ta 
Emma, daughter of George W. GtJaon — ho h&a a 
large Taniily ; Barbara, married William T. Coop«r, 
<rf Polo, Ogl4? County ; John Fl*^t<jher, diod of yel- 
low fever, m Texas, in 1S67 i Elisha Berry, was tlie 
first of thi« family born in La Salle County, went 
South In 186ft. Eind hsk& not been heard fh>in ^fnci^ 
1869; Matihf^w H. W., f^nliet^^d in llie 4th t^valry 
and waH dr(»wned at Cairn; Caleb HItt, marrit^d V« 
Bdle;, jonngn»t rlatight^r of Judge T. h. Dtckey, 
and la Hving in the Sandwich Islands. 

Mrs. Elaa birawa Armstrong, from Licking County. 
Olii^ ]<-aving hrr hti5i>and in Ohio, settled oaS«c- 

tioM 35 »nd 3Q. T. 33, It 2, in cown of l^e?^ 
P»rk, h) 1831, witb a taniUy of s*^V4-n oIiiMivn, A 
womiin of giml f^iipr^ iind bu9iitf--fw nipiictty. Bhe 
died in 1871. a*:ed *^3 yt-ars. Her children w<*rH: 
iToliQ 8.. liriuj; iu town vi Micf^ion ; Qeot^go W, in 
Brookfield; William JL died in Ottawa ; Joel W., 
(j*ei'b.^!owi; J**n^niifth divd in Califormn; IVnylivcfl 
in }htDni5» ijnmdy County, ijiwypr and member ot 
tbu ittglslaturv ; and ow^ ^on, who liTv« in CalirorniiL 

Jo^l W. Armstrong caioe from Olito witb his moth- 
er' J* fitmlly in 1S3I, minted Cordelb Chainpliu, uud 
seUiedon Sections &5 und liQ. T 33, H, 2; w&g a targe 
finni*r ami ?*HK"k di-aler; In- w:is »^(fr wilh 
the arroyin the lUack Uawk war when a meie lad ; 
lit" held llivoffiof) of Ooinity Rr^ionWi wm* st^vi-ral 
t«rniT( Jtisiice of the Peac*^ and Town Suiwn-Uor ; a 
good buaineett nian and prominent titiBcn, lie died 
in 1871. Icraring fli^e childr*jii, Ainlford, hie oldt-at 
son, diwi before bin fhthr-r, joet afU^ gmdnntinx at 
the Chittfifio Univoreity with thi* first horjon*— much 
re^tted; was a yoanff man of preat pronilse, 
Stdll^ married E, C In^wfft, and llv*^ on the old 
homestead ; Jnlia married Ibhilo Smead, and Hvos ni 
Normnl ; Cora, WalUT and. Hurt ar*.^ iit horat*. 

Jndge Imac Dimmick. and wife, Garlfisa Norton, 
from Waynft 0>imty, Ph.. raiiir WkhI in tfn' «|ftriiif^ 
iif IftB ; ho retorned nnd brought out his family in 
tho fall, and located at Vermillionvllle. Hv laid out 
and was the owner of tho town of VermillionTillf, 
which promirv^^'d wdl for a timi*, bu: likr.- many otlier 
towns of that day, n?fnB*?d to grow faatErr than the 
sorronftdiuf; country, and wast forced, with them^ 


History <f La Safle County. 

eventually lo y\^\^ the palm to the railroad centres. 
Mr. Dlmmii-k held tb^ office of Judge In P«*nDflj')- 
vaiiia, and wa» County Cnmiiilv«ainnT for sifveral 
Urnm ber^. He removed lo Ottuwa, wher«« li@ dted^ 
n'-tyi\ 91. HiH r.hlldi^'ii wt*Ti-: Tjiwrf»nri- W., who 
cuTDc with hifl father in 1833, married CjTitliia Jeitks, 
wa» Deputy 8iirvt?yoi", itrid firttlrt<3 on T. 3!i, B. 2, 
where he died in iefi2 ; Ealhei\ married Dea, 
Wocfd. alie dii.-d II ie^6; Ur< iU N.. a pbyv^kian, 
muniGd and proi^tic^d at Freedom, then at Ottawa, 
vtK-i'e ho kept a drug titore, and Is now Uvins at 
&iiitii BarlKira, California ; Phllo C, married ^rah 
Yost, and for hla second wlfe,Mis3 Stvwart — o<*ciipi«d 
(he old f»r»n, then joined Lib brclher in the drug 
%u>vv! ill OuAwa, DOW at Santa Bitrhunt, California \ 
Ann, witli her mother, liFes in Ottawa; Olive, is 
now the widow of Jamea Van Doren* and ISrea in 

l>r. James T. BiiDockf from Rehobotli, HaasL 
Utf it^ft there fur Ullnois in 1835. by the way of 
Providence* Kew York, j^llbatiy, Clcrohiiid, Porte- 
inoiuh, Ohio, and thd Ohio, MiseJssippi and lIiuiot9 
rivers, and reached La Salle Connty oa January 
2d, ]8ltC. Hf autll«fd at V^rmilliouFille, and at ocio» 
commence practice as a physician, which he fo)- 
Vs^y\\ HuciM'safnlly for forty years. His lli^rar}' 
education waa complt?ted at Brown Utiivi-rsity, 
Ithotle r^ihind* uiui ho took his medical coar^ at 
Boston. Utf ditMl October, 1B76, highly r>.*5pected aa 
a man and physician. He married Nan^!/ Barrx>ffa 
of Masitachudetta, who durrtres bim. Uis childit-n 
are: Sarah, who married Uev. Mr. Dickhiaoij^ and 

-arit/j 0/ SeUiers — Deer Park. 337 

livMin Uftssuchufi^tu; Ellai m&med HobuQftllowfty, 
wlio died In 1609, aim iii now ili«? wif^ of Mr. Hajt^ 
and ia Uring ni Oheyeooe, Wyoming Territory ; 
Frank W. mAnic^tl A^u'!^ B^iird, ie a physician, and 
SQCC^-dd to hiB fiitlior'B prootico; Lena Uvea with 
her inotlier. 

John U<j]ling«*r, from (Jhampaign County, Ohio, in 
IbSa; settled on S^ition ^, T. au. it. *2\ died Jan. 
4tli, 1936, HU widow niurrii.>d Thonias J. Pott«r in 
IS38. and died Si^plember 8d, lfiH>. The Holllngi^r 
children ai\': Juhu D,, whu married, luid liv^s at 
Grannlle, Putnam County ; IhTsrtin H., married, 
and live» in Png»i County, Iowa ; Marin H. \b di^nd; 
Harry C.t tnairit^, a phygKian at Sail* Lake City ; 
Wra. a., married, living In De Witt County. Towa; 
Elizabvth^ drcf.'fiis^d ; Crirolin^e S-, wife of JiintPA 
Hdhnan, of Dtwr Park ; Mary A. Barbary. marric-d^ 
and moved to Iowa, botti h<.'raelf and husband were 
kllltd by U);htning. 

Jaeon WisTmUt from Suaqnf^hanna County, Pa., 
apiiag cf l^^t by way of Ohio, Mis^isaippi and 
UUnom riT«*r9, and byChio»go bocuo. In 1&36. in 
oompony wkh Enoa Tbatcher^ oatne throngb from 
Pennsylvania by wh^ou, witb bis wifi^ Sully 
Stanley, and family, and eeltled on S. 1'^ T. 33, R. 3: 
Hff died in 18T(\ ii^^i^l 9% h qtiiet, houfwt^ wurlliy 
man, "Bin wife d'a^ 13rj2. Hin diildt^n w^re : Ja-^m 
P. and Williatn ; Emily, wife of MFittli^ivr R. Coon ; 
Jane, wifi^of Cook Elliott and aftt^rwardsof Harvey 

Jason P, Wiawall, son of abf»ve, and wife, Jnlis 
Dimuiicbt came from Suequtihuima Coiuily, Fan, by 



Sittery ^ La SatU Ontnty. 

way of Chicago, fall of IKiS. nia^lfr a fnno onS. !(*, 
snd in 1835 ^dcl»tm ro E. nnd R, B. Willinmsand 
lomtetl on JWs, V2 anil 13, T. 32, R. % wli^n* L«( la 
nuw living; hns been Justice of tU«Pt*ac« for ^evenU 
jrwini, anil Tnwii SitjHTvisur, Tlitf rhiUln-ji »ro : 
Adaline, who niavried Jarob (lidwe-ll, and \\\^^ in 
Califrirnia; Hannah, tnarnrd Alfird Sj-mond**. and 
Uvea in California ; Caraline. married M. McMUIaD, 
now in iowa; Harrk'i, marrit^d Ah-xandcrCadwell, 
now in CnHforuta \ Jalta, miirried O, Puioe^ Hveein 
Ia Salle Conntj ; Ji^rueha, m&med James Qarri- 
«Oti. AtGrumi Hid^^, 111. ; Ed^m, a; homv, 

WUliam Wiawall, brother of Ja&on P., and wlf*', 
Louitui Caiw. from mmt* ]jlace. cunie by th« rii^ers 
iti X\w fall ot lft3+; *vltl«l on 3. 19, T, 32. R, S, 
HiR wife di^ !u 1836. With hia :wo sunEi, Britne 
and Ferritt, find dnighTi'rSamli» movt^tl lo Colonido. 

Jedndiah lieckwitli, and wife, from Wajne Coun- 
ty. Pa., in 183-^ came; to Tirnnt^in, Pntnam County, 
and to Uf>er Park in l&H ; made a farm on S- VX* 
T. :^, R. 2.', dl1^d, 18bS; l^saring two cbildrea : 
Horace, marri^ Miss Colling, and mored to lovra; 
Emily, Is a &i?am3tre^ and litrec at Wt^nouat this 

Bradiah Cammings. and wlfi^ Sophia S«tg«aiit, 
from Wntw, MuKVirljaBifHi!*, in 183J» wttl^ on S. 11, 
T. 32. R, 2. Hift wife died in April, 1835. H^- mar- 
rifHt B<l5*'y TTftt^rb, from Connrrtirut, in 1888. Bold 
his fann to Nathan Appleb^e, and mored to Bro4>k- 
lyn, lovra. Hib cTiildr<^n arc : Sor^cant. who mar- 
ried Mary Hays : Htnry, married Mary P**ck ; 
William, marri-<d Sumn Cni;K,-n : and Cboilee — baire 

SkeMk f^ SaOerg ^ Di*r Park. 32<* 

all four Bellied in lovra , Sophia, marritd Samui^l J, 
Hayos* And livci( in Fnrm Ridp.^; KraiHreg, niarhi-d 
Moreland Francis, and live^ in Io*-a; Alnjim and 
Mttria, rliiUlrt-n of t1i« avcoad wK^. w«nt witb th«ir 
parents to Iowa. 

Ciimp Hatrh, iinil wiri-. Mtft* Amblen trom Pfew 
Pivtilom C«-, in thv spring of 1831, seltlt-d on S, 9, 
T- S». R 2, Hr <ll.^l in th« fall of 1P35. His widow 
married Jab«£ Whiting. 

Jab«2 Whiling, from Englnn^, oam« to Vi^nnil- 
lionvUlo in 1^6; mjiiricdtlicwidotvof CatnpHalfli, 
and in 1&61> or '70 movt-d to Iowa, H*'ld the offic; 
of Jufitici; of the P^^aoe w\v t^rni. Had two sons; 
Adolphn^ find John —all in Iowa. 

Matthew R. Coon, and wife. Emjh* Wiftwall, from 
P*»nnsyivanb, in Ow fall y! IS^, wlrli WiUiain 
Wii^wall. ("aiTiw by the rivers, and si*t!i4-d tin ft, I'i^ 
T. 33, R. 2; jaovi-il to Iowa about \S4\ nnd from 
thfTw Ui Califoinia, where he dinl, l^^vin^ four 
child re rL 

EniM Thatcher, and wife, A. Case, caw? fruiq 
Pennsylvania in wagons witli Ju!5on Wiawall, in 
1833. and settled on S, Vi, T 32. R. 2; servi-d nti 
Conslabli; for ^»vc^ml yi-'nn* ; a i.*arh<*r and h-ndcr of 
sacred music. His wife died in 1838 \ his son Henry, 
anddanffhtmr Eli/abi"lh, who m^irrli^f) QodU-^y Uh- 
coin, are boili UI On^on. Uv. Thalchpr married a 
flet'ond wiTe, who wUh thrrir chUdrvn, Oiv.i>^« and 
Olla, r»*ide in Llvingsron Coniuy. Mr. Thatelier 
\» now with bi^ children \n Ort<;£Oii, 

Rphmim Dimmlrk. hrollirr of Isnuc Uiinmick. 

and wife, J«ruaha Dunham, fmm Wayn^ Ccianiy, 



IliKfrajf <if La Salle O^mtu- 

Pa., in thi- bill of IKCi, on-l saili^d on S. «3, T. 88, 
K. 3; hts n-ife di^d in 1848^ be isstUl lirinj; with 
hiaaoniii'Iaw, J. P, WJawall, at tht» lip*- age of 90. 
Tlift cliildr^n were on^ koii iind ibi^i- <1iiug1tt<tf«: 
Kifl^ikllii. who marmd Harriei Hubl^ard, aad b**!- 
tlfd S. 2a, T, 83. R,3— wns ii juiTnT liy Ua^%\ 
and ft ftD^-ceftsfnl farmer — he died in l&iM. Wriitg 
right cliiUIn-ii; Julbi. inarHecl J, P. WiewaJl ; 
Sopbui, manied Lewis Rngg. and resides in Pontiac ; 
Mim-rva. njarried Jami:^ M. l^onard— died in 187fi. 

Hiirrcy Hauh idcaf and dumb), cumc from Kcw 
Preftton, Cono,. a lirotUcr of Dr Juttiro Hatch an<[ 
of Mr^ BradUliCuEDTuing^ settled on S. 10; mar- 
rtKl> sfid K'uiovt'd to Gulo9bur^, where he \% now 

Rev. Th<*mas Powell, a BaptiHt clergyman, and 
liUwlfi^, RISx.ibM£h Day, ramt* from SnniUiga^ S,Y,» 
in Jane- 183ft, juid locsiled on 8. 14^ T. 32, R. 2, hut 
n?*iidi?d and jnvached al Vcrmillionvin*? ; waa fkoMor 
of <htf cIjiiii. Ii at tliut plau:e nine yeflr^ : 1j? ^"a^ the 
]^icnei*i' Ba|rtiBt of this region, and fomii^d a laif^ 
nuiul>er of ohnirhcs in La Sallr and adjoimng 
«ouu(ie9 , lie was a Tairhlul and c^rncet worker, and 
the denomiimtlon owes him a clc^bt of Kmlltudc for 
the work he lias accomplifcJied ; be ia living in Ot- 
caw:j in good h<raUh at n lip^ old age. Hla chlULn>n 
are; Euphemia. widow of \U. Fooie. Ut^in^ with her 
d&itKliti^r in Urtawa: Harhara Ann, marrit'il Mr. 
Jaeoby, she is now deceased : William T,, iauow in 
Chicago ; Mary E.. married R 0. Strawn, and Itvi^s 
in Otiawa : Sarah P., is dcotaistMi ; Benjamin it,, is 
in DuhnquLV Eowa ; John D,, id in Chicaji^ ; Truman 

&tdch<^ SdUerB — Deer Park, 


&. IB in College in Mteftouri \ Isaac W., is in Pella 

Livin^ton Jenks. and wife, canie ftr>in Bradford 
Connly, Pa.. In 1@38 : 6Cttk-d \\\ VcrmillionvLlIo ; 
served ae Justico of Ibe Peace for s^veiul years ; h« 
diHl ftt Tonl«a In 1970 ; tdit widow dU^d In is72. His 
cbUdren are: OUver, a physician in Marei^o, 111,, 
CbAtici'lUm » liiwyt^r in Clikagu: Cliarlnt^ U tn C»U- 
fomta; Morgan ?iiidJi:ihih are in Chicago: Cynllita, 
is th« widow of L. W. Dimmii'k ; yancy, is mar- 
ritd; SaraL, raarri<rd Mt> Sh«d ; Abb*'y, is in Cali- 
fornia; Olive, married l>r< JcDaiD^, and rhcy ar« 
al«o Id California. 

Ch&rleB Jenks. brother of Livmfffelon, abadieliir; 
lived witb lii>^ bi'othvr EIo dlv^d in Chicago in 1877. 

Im U Pifck, eamp flfom Saratov N. Y,, and 
Kttl«d in Vi.trmillioriviUi.f. In IS^^i, hij married Was 
Ait«n, and subaeqaently a second wife ; lie la de- 
c><as^l : hiH fuitiily sin^ In Tow^i, His rliiTdivn wert^ : 
\fary, who niaj'md Henry Oninmings; Ira, \^ xwav- 
ried : Jiin^, Wnylami, and Julia. :irp at home. 

David Olark, and hi» wife, Debby Ann Oorh<?(, 
came from Clermont County, Ohioi m 1S36, and 
aeUt«d at VermilUon. whei-e he worked at hia trado 
for aovt'jul y\AX% thtn ri'rnovi>d to Utica, and ie now 
Unnjt in Waltham; a f^ood blacksmith, and an 
honet^t mnn, 

Andrew Kirkpatnck, and his wife, Ann Lefevr©^ 
cmnu? from Champaign County, Ohio^ in the fall of 
1887. and M»fM<»d on S. S, T. 32. R. 2 ; Ss a pott^T by 
trade ; and for several years carried on the mana- 
factorc of alont* ware \ ht dtcd in tlir spring of IS^ 


ffittorff t^ La Salle Gouniy* 

and Ivft live v^oaa. uud two daoglUi^ni : John, tnairriitl 
B<'ht*c<?a Brant, 2rl wift-, Marj' May^ wuvt in Texat* \ 
>'Athanicl. iff in Southern lUinorn ; &imh Ann. mar- 
ried Llo/d C. Knapp, and died Jan. 6, ltW>7; Core- 
yevW. nnd WalLoco, mrinnfa«tnrc etono ware, at 
Anna. Union Connty ; Andrew, mam^ Anna 
Woodward, luid AXty^ in 1853; Murniy, marriud 
Diamba Baldwin, and lives la Liowell ; Mary Jaae, 
niitrri^-d Airn.>d Slatvr, »»d Uvu« at Mvrn>[)4>lto, DK 

Jam^ M. Leonard, came from Middteborougli, 
V\y month CiHiiit.y, Mhj4!(,, In Uif npring of 1ftit4, and 
»eUlLMl at TermillionvUle. Ee mamedt socond wife, 
Minerva Dimmick. In company with &'Eb &itoii, 
he erected a dam and naw-mlJI oq the Vermillion, 
in April, IS^Jf), and complok^d a Dourlng mill m 
llS^C; the company ki^pt a atore, and fora^^reral 
yvnrv did a hi^a^'y l>Utiim^d in tliQ dourijig mill, but 
were nnfortunate in Josinp: Ibeir dam several times. 
Mr Luouurd d&i'd Ln ISd^ l^avin;^ one eon and two 
daughters by Lis first wife, and one son and on« 
daughf^rr hy \xW Inst wjfit, who diiTd in 1874. Man- 
ning Leonard, son of above, married Mias SumDer, 
and died at Tonlca, in 187D; EILia Ann, tuarriod 
Cbarloa Todd, who dit^d of cholera at La SaUe in 
165:? ; l-^nny. died in 1&.>3. 

Selh ]£aton, cami^ fixim Middleborotigli, Plynnpath 
County, Mufitruchugelte, in September, 1^34, and 
lieiiled at Ver million V ill d ; wag partn<.ir with Jamee 
M. Leonard, in a store, saw, and doaring mill, aad 
is now refiirling In the t4>wn of Vrmiillion ; hil 
wifr\ Mi»9 AU«:<n, ditnl. Hnd he af^erwiird marrted 
Mana Bailey. Ilia aoo,^ wa.-t killM in tbv 

SXr^ich of Setilfrs —Dter Park. 


battle at Fort Donalciflon. The childmn of his lust 
wirt-mrtf! Clan?nc<*, Aimh^Bi'll^, and Aimii—all at 

John IW^fOii, aiiil fiW tvifi-, riiiiK- fn>iti Fnghind to 
Kew York, and to Illinois in 183C, and fteillerl on ft, 
5t T. 32, B. d. IIi^ vras % ntdicxil abolitionint, and 
lectured opon aDti-flUtrery, teraj^eranre, arid oilier 
rt-forms; nL^moved loOrL^n, andcspcusc'dthecanse 
of the red ro^iD, ^nd is now on a miBsioa to tht^ In- 
dian reservftiions, lalioHnj^ to got jusUc^ done to the 
poor Indian; an honesty tra^, but ovorzaalonn friend 
of liumanity, and wflt donbtl^^gliTid wronj^ enottph 
lo be rightedj w> occupy tXn^ r»i«alndf?r of hlft life, 
Htf bad one son^ WelborD} who in residing with his 
niniliHr, InOri'^iiii, 

WilliaiD Wlifatland, anti hia wife, oamt> fi-om 
England, to TJri^anft, Ohio, anxl frmn ihrrp hen^ ia 
l8aA. and settled on 8. 8. T. 32, R. 2 ; he wa^ a local 
Heihodlst preacher ; he IfllM a humble plan? fta a 
preacher antoog the few eorly settTcrs, which withont 
him, would hare (K-^'n vacant ; both he and hi^ wife 
bave long mnc{> i^onc the way of all the earth. He 
bad OD<f 8011, X»aaG, of Farm Rldgo. 

Edward R. WillmmB, eame from New Milford, 
Connecticat, in the stammer of l^'^. Ht- was <*dii' 
csted a9 a citdet, at Wetit Puiiit, aud sened as a 
lii-uu>naiit ill the Uiifted StatPH army, for five y<*an*, 
when he leHigoed, and c^me to IIUnoiA. He settled 
cm 3. 84. T. S3. R % wht-rv h« attill rrsifli^s, He 
mnrri*^ Hiildah Kent, and has four children. 

Robrri B. Williams. bn)(hcr :o Etlward R,, from 
Uie dame place, and came aC the &amc time, and 


Bitt^ry ff La S^fie County. 

Allen; afta< her death, h«* rtnmied Saralk HiTi-ins- 
ton. who livwl hui II s»liort t.imi*; his third wife wjia 
the widow Bi^vli, twm CuDneciictit, who also die«] 
III lfi72, HwKai*iwrt fhildr<?n: Jeliit*!, whu iiiarrinl 
Lno/ White, nnd lives in Deer Park; and Uenri- 
tjiiiiy who iiiarii^d a Mr. HoUmaii, and livtM wtlh her 

WUliam UUiyton, and hie vrife Klimbeth Pnnt- 
&«y, eanii* from iiodir Well^hur;;, Yir^iiLa^ und 
settled on S. 28, T. S3. K. 2, la 1834. He bonj^t 
the claim of E^dell, who bought of Vromnn. Tro< 
man bought his cluini of Hv^viioldi^ and sold to 
Bi^d^lU who got badly f>ou*n on thr pniiriit, and 
died at Martin Kej'DoldH*. His adminlHCrator, Jo* 
Hinh Bt'^'bold. sold t\\n claim to Willinm Clayton. 
Mr. Clayton has held the office of Jn^c« of th« 
P*'ac(f» and Town Snpcrviaor, bnl hjw liltlt- taste for 
office, priftiTiiig tbe quiet of his farming 0[>eration8, 
in which he ha^ boon very snccusvfuU accumalatiQg 
a handBomi> property. Hib wiff? died ia 187fi- Uis 
ehildnn art^: Jaiuo&, who tnamiid Sarah Claytoa, 
and settled on S. Sl^reinoFed to Colorado, and was 
murdered when out prnft]>ecting; Caroline RLarni>d 
Janieft C. ReynohU : S^inih, niiirried I>avid Dick, 
who lives on S. 22 ; Wtlliam uisLmt^l Mik!4 Omrunder, 
and lires on 6. 32; John, married Julia Suydnm, 
and lives adjoining William^hoUi arr flacceasfn) 
and prosperous fannexa; Gi^orge. went to Colorado, 
and while takinj; a drove of cattle and horst^a from 
Sew Mexico to Colorado wae mardorcd. probably by 
hidMexican a^Btanta— hie body was found uubunt'd 

J^etch <f SetU^9— Pttf Park. 


witli th« fabil btt11ot-bo}4i in Win h^ad; MfinDUi^, 
ft*?rf<-cl in i\iit volunteer b^mce io rhe war of thtf Ra- 
beUioii,and<Iieds*.K>Diift<'rhi»rv(urn rrom the army; 
E1l>-n, \n nnmarrled, and lives with her faTlu^r. 

Ali.^\andf*r Etiton, from \ndd thorough. Ma^a, 
ill ApriV lftS6; marHi^l Donas Uu]v. fnirn Ply- 
mouth, N- n.. And is«Ulcd f>ri R. S. T. 59. R. 2 ; a 
famer. His children are : Charles fj., married 
Abby h. White, on the old farm : Julius A,, married 
Bo^ja WliiU\ and Vivt^A in Deer Park; Nt'IlU- R, 
married llomcr P&lmer i[i Deer Park: WiLltam 
And Laf'ia T,, arc' at home. 

Joim Wood cani>? from Wnyn^ ('onnty. Pa.. No 
vcmb^r J833, and nettled at Term llllonvi lie ; mar 
rif-d B»iibpr Ditnmirk, dnugliti^r of Jadfi** Isaac 
DimTirick. He was the ilrst Posmmftlcr ni Wmui 
Ijcinvillt? ; for i(^v«^ral yynrn wiiit Df^acon of the Bap 
list chnrrh. and in now Jnstirt* of tlic Pimj'h, His 
wife dird in l^f^^-mber* 18j6, art^rwhi<:h he marritd 
the widow Kmma J. Lockwood, His fir^t wife Jcft 
twochildren: Kewton, who marritfl Miw Esmond, 
of LiviDgcton County^ nr<* living ncurOdolh in tlinl 
coanty ; Samh. married h Mr, Mitchell, and i« now 
Hvinf; In Indiana, 

George Bronwo. from Coo nee tic at, first came to 
niilioif< in ]8:)4, to wbifpt* Btrf^lnr niiw f«. Vli^ited 
Mi<?higan. Ohio and California, :iiid in IR^S niai-ricd 
Priai'llla A. Orrman, from New York, and mrttlird 
in Deer Park. 

R<^ert Broim. and \iife. Anna White, fn»in Eng- 
land, cnme in l*^ft^, and a*?ltk'd ut VtrmilHonTill^ in 
]83t#T ^nd botli died the same year, leaving three 


HiSif^y ff La ikUfe County. 

cbildi-en: Marr B,, married William Gray, aitd 
httTf reisided in Deer Park ; Emma, marnt^d a Mr. 
Daviit^Iior second husband wn* Mr. Hslnt^''^ ; Ri>*>- 
err, Hwd of cLol*?ni, 

William Uraj cani«> from Rhodi? Iftlnnd, In 1S37- 
a CMriR'TitiT liy rmdi*: murri^ Miirv Bnnvn, nod 
si'LtM&ndfitili lives on S. :S, T 33, R. ^. Tlieylmi** 
twr; rlhildrrn : Ahlitir^ wfao nmrrit^ B<^lr Bilim; 
bin pres^Tiit vrife is Candiic« ^'uIlGr— he iires io 
Sln-aecr ; Fanny^ marnt^d J&nioi« CluLee, now tx her 

Job O, Lincoln i^amefrom MiddlL-horowv:!*. MtaSv, 
with WSlIlum i}my\ in J$37; ii c«rp**iit*»r br trad«. 
Mfirriid Elkatioih Tliatoh^r, and si^tclt-d on S. 3* T. 
32. B. 2 : ri?mo7ed lo Or^ffon. 

Joliu ClMrk. nntl wife, Sumh Cook* from Grafton, 
y. H., caine in 1839, and aettl^d on S, 10, T, »2. R. 
S, Kfm riHrk iJii'd in lf*4xl: In? tliod in S.?|H^mbGr, 
IftTS. Ii^aving #ivt* i^hildi^'ii: Charlie, niamiNl OUvq 
Slater, and livi-s in Missoari ; Moody, died nlnj^lH ; 
-Tohn> marriwi Rachel Merritt, and Uvt« in Bnrp»u 
Conntj ; Lyditi, marrird William BlUworth, and 
livoe on the old farm : Samh, married John Elliott, 
ami Hvi'ft in Vonninion. 

Ebenezer Little, and wife, Pheb^ Palmer, from 
'ifw Hampaliire, In 1S38. and »<mU"d on S. 9, T. 4W, 
R. '2. H^died in Si'pl<?mb<?r, 1839 : liis widow died 
In Ft-bruary, 1664. Tht^y U'Si iti*vvn cbUdrea : 
Oorgr, is mnrrtcd. and bvej« in SoiKtkerQ nilnolB: 
Charles, a graduate of Hamilton Cidl^e. c&n>e 
West, ill 184i>, and <iM soon nflvr ; Mose«, marHi-<1 
Miss Cook, dxind in lovni ; Fernal lEr«^^ in South* 

SAetc/i <^ i^iicr^ — Deer Park. 


era nUnoh} ; Uary, b tb^ wjfe of C, I>ryi.T, and 
llU"* af Iiowr.>ii ; Ikircas !>., maniod Alexander 
Eaton ; SArah, marrii^d Hr'ury Thatobor, and lire^ in 
Op.<goii ; ElhiLboth B., is the wife of John More- 
head, of Verm ilUon villi? ; AMe.* married E, Loav«n- 
wiirlh, aitd dt»^l in H^inthcrti TUimieh. 

Lnther Woodward, and wife, Samh Knnpp, from 
Taiiuron. MaM.,, rami- in ISflfl, and wt.Htrd on ^. 10, * 
T. d^. 1{, ^ ; he built a dam and aaw-mill on the 
TenoilHon ; Ix^came involved in nn unfortunate tuw- 
enit witJi the tirm of ScdeyJb KUiott in relation to 
the water piiviletfe, whicb crippled and injured llio 
QMfalnws of both firms- Woodward went to Cal- 
ifornia Jn iSflO, and rf^tiirni^d in ISJ^3, and di<»d In 
\^Sn ; \\H wife di^d in iS43. ili* heJd Mie office of 
Jnetice of ehe Peatia for aev«^ri1 tenns. He left «1ght 
children: Sanih. m:irrinl Johj] WiUdii, of Dpbt 
Park, XA DOW d^^ad ; Lncinda, married AIodeo 
Beardsleyt of Sterlinji: ; Anna, married Andrew 
Kirkpntriok. her eocond iinahdnd was Asa Hold- 
ndj*e, of Tonica ; Martin s., diod youn^ ; Oliver 
Croniwoll, wjut killird in thi* battl^^ of HarttiWHet 
Emma, married Frank McCall ; Jane, married and 
wvijt t*^ CaUfoniui ; Hel'jn J., marriitd J. Bnrg^f^e. 

Slieldon Oadwel), rrom Middletown, Ct., and wlf^ 
A|i)ii:iyhn Vdlki'hlnirgii, fnim GnviiCounfy. N.Y., 
i!«ttlt^ at Vermillionville, in 1830; he w&& a tinner 
by trade ; he moved on to S, 39, T. 33. R. 2. in 
16d&* and foHowod fanning until his doabli, in lSd8i 
aged 80, HJ8 widow died in IBTft. aged dl, leavinif 
slxUrli^rhitdrcn : Cimhmaii, married Maria Gri»<m> 
fidid, and removed to Kaus:ig ; Charlotte), married 


Btat&ry €f La SaUc i^uniy. 

Dr. TIiomaB W. Hennesey, of LaSallf'^ nowliring in 
Dimmick : Aloxandrr, mnTn«d Hirriet Wiswall, 
they are \m^ in California ; Sheldon, is a BaptisI 
oU'rjfvmaitT married Majtba Adanm, and livt-s lo 
Deer Park ; Jacob, marri^^d Adeline WiewftU, they 
are Ib California ; Lyman, mardf^d Cordelia Browo^ 
now in IroquoM Count/: G«^«-giMtiJUTii^J ^fiiry Elua- 
beth Kin^, and oGGup]e§ Lhe aid home&lead^ 

Mkhiu.'! O'Connor mid wift-, Banih Iaxh^ fmm 
Ireland to New York, from there to La Salic, and 
on to B. 36, T. 3:3, H, 2. in ISia Powr sons. John. 
ThomaSf Michael and Martin, were born in Ireland; 
Elijcahoth, murriocl ; Kliau. Mny and Kdward. at 
home. Mr. O'Connor ib deceased. He ^v<* each 
child eiKhty acn^s uf land ; to Willianr, who is ia- 
sane, 160 ; to the widow and two yoan^st children, 
16(1. He died about \H^. 

Ohadlah Brown, from Vermont in 1837 or '8. 
Sr-ttlHrl nn S. 26, T. tiS, R. 3. MnT*?d W^t ahtnit 

IVtnr TronI, and wife, Li^ah Bmdy, from Ohio in 
16*0. Waa here about h^c yt-ars ; went to Wisoon- 
ein, and died tliere. 
Jacob Roan, from Ohio in the fall of 18iO. Mar- 
^^ rled Phftbt? M. Trout, and is now living in Toniua, 
^H Hiram Troiil, from Ohio in 1639. Now living at 

^H VermimonviUe. 

^H Wlllliim TnriK^r, ttum KvDtuolcy &a 1839. S^ttaM 

^H on Section Sfl. He nmrried Nancy Argnbrlgbl. 
^^ Tliey br^lh di»-d of nii!k si-kness* near ihf <\n\v* time, 
I leaving niDL- cliildi-en: Flr^tchtT, Arlhm, K!i/-abe<h, 

I Jane, Meliti^, James John, Marrha, and Ucfor^. 

Skffch ^ &tf/-CT-* — Bruce. 


He went to Utica, 

ell, and run the Low-^ll fiuw-milL 
mud llifii down the river, 

Mr. Ai^brigfat, from Ohio. Settlf^d in the w(«| 
[Wit of D«4^-r Park About Itc^T or ^8. He died &ood, 
leavinj; sevi^raJ childr^m : Andrew, nuirri^ C^tU- 
arind Tronr, and dted In 1347 ; Jacob ; Nancy, toar- 
ried Willi HID Tnrn^^r; and Jmmwt. 

Mk'Vh Pntit, from MaH^ia^^hu^itfl aboui 1S:% 
Manufsctnred brick m^rar Lowrlt, and thro T^^.-tiW 
oil SvnirUoT] ^\ wht-m hed^Hil in iBTtl. On»i danghter, 
married Abncr Qmy. now in Livingston Coanty ; 
one aon, Dclbert, dlf^d Sn the army, 

Mr. Fay made a cLaim on ti^tion 10 in 1833, and 
ID 1834 sold to Camp Hatch. 

Mr. EILJA, from Canada, made a claim on Svctioik 
11 in 1333, and eold to Xorria. Xorria mode a 
amfill iinproveaient^ dold, and left* Ellis died aoon 
after, and liis widow boeamo in«niu, 

Kr. MeCoy came to Temjilliotivill^ in 1^34. and 
then »»>ttlMl tin S. 31, T. 3d, R. 9. He wld h\B claim 
and went tolivingston Connly, 




town of Brnce embrnces that part of T, 51, 
E^S, which U^ nortiieast of the Vermillion river, 
Mort» than oruvliUf of ch*- towo Irt timbtT land, bor- 
dering the "VVrniillion, and Otter, Wolf and PmirU 
crwkH. MticTi nl" [hf rim^HT w»h ut Hii]>ifrior4]uaJily, 
and the attraction which madu this locality one of 


Bisiory tjf La SaUe Cttunip, 

tbo '.^arly M>tttoTneiitA. The^pmiri« \9 kn-«l, mnd the 
wbol« to\rn is underlaid by a rich deposit of coal. 

Get>rge B&sore, » native of Virginia^ made a farm 
tn thts fnni!ft« ttf AljilKiiriii. uriolliiM' in ihf* h*^ry 
tliDbBr of Indiana, and from tlien* inoTed to ihw* 
pmrif, Mid BrttW on S. S*, T. SI. H, 3. tn 1831, 
Ur, Baaorc had a physical oj^gankation and powt-ra 
of t'Tidnmnc'^ that admirably fitti'd him for frontitir 
liftT, and a gealue and bneLnetv capacity that did 
bim fcood B^mc^ when Imng laolatM frosi society 
CD ,th^ fVontier. H^ wag a >fncc^«gfal farroej ; hto 
fotnily manufactniM all ibdr dothing from cotton 
and wool, when at the Souths and of flax and wool 
at the rfortt^ all of their awn raiiiing; he made bis 
mgar and moIa»»{*« from file niapt«?B on hla fbrm, 
and wttb bon«-y from his apiary. HiipplStHi M Iim 
wuDtii in that direction ; he tanix:^ the htdc^ of b&a 
own raiftini^ and tVom Ihe leatht^r thus product 
mitdf hitf barneee, boots and shoes; he owned a 
bJaokdmith ehop and toolfi, did hU own blaoksmiith- 
In^, and rnnoh for bi» neigbbore. H9 wue mor« 
independent of the rest of tlie world than oirUi24>d 
man off^n {». Thl» capacity for all klnd]« of bnai' 
D^ss wnJ4, from nf^c^eKttyf to nonxB ^xt^nu acquired 
by all Lh» pioneers. Mr. Baaorn marrit^, for his 
second wifr% tin? widow of John Wood ; hs di«d in 

Onllowny Bniiord, eon of the foregoing, manit-d 
Sotter's eiAt*-r, lunl died of chol^jra, joat afl^ir retnni- 
ing from th'< laud aulct in 1835. H^ widow married 
Wlllinm Kainey, and after his dc^tbr ahe nuuried 
l«aae Palnt-^rt 

SteUk f^ Sellers — Bruce, 


WiUiam Mor^n. from Psij'eti* Couoly, P*;un$jl- 
ra&bi, oatne in )h33, ami mii^l-^A claim on tho north 
part of S. 4, T Zl. R Z. In ttii^ spriFig of 1834, h« 
•old bis claim to Qaylord Haiyt^ anl moved to th« 
9oti4fi pRrt of lh»» >mm*^ ftuwMon. Tn th*' wiiiti-rof 
18S5-«V wliiiii reiuniinj5 fmiii (lii-t^n's Mill, at Day- 
ton, b« vrwi Ix^nightf'd on tbe prutrirv and the ti^^xt 
dnjr wa.-* Toiind fnizt-n. hy bin neiglibora* within two 
or three miles i>r liia home, 

JoIld Xor^n. son of above, settl^^d in 1883. on S, 
11; wenr Hn^i Id 181^, and ruturnod in 184^, ud 
Jitmlly removiid lo Iowa« wher** he died 

Mary Morgan, daughter of Witlium, marrW Wll- 
lUm M^ormick. A Bister of above, m!irri4<d John 
UcCorraick, and Ann, msrrivd Runh Mai^koy. 
Kliu, married Thomas Siurgeaa. 

Natluin Nfof^an, brnth*fr "f William, from the 
»ame places a bachelor, came m 1S3A ; ho died in 

Tbomfi^ SturgMs, from i"\iyotte County, Pa., in 
18*1 ; wi*nt to Wisconsm. 

John nnd bavid SotkT, fVom Indiana, in J834; 
John di^d ^(oon. and I>and returned to Indiana, 

William U^urn^y, from KcjiltickyT 1ir«t vamn U> 
Ohio, from there here in 1833, :iud settled on S, 3fl ; 
ouirnt-d SoU*»r'B Hi>lrr, widow nf C. Bsisor»f, Hf 
di*'d many yeara sinet?. 

Nf>rt'*n Mafiki-y, fnvin Fa y*'i;H? County, Pa^, in 1833, 

fietUed on S. 13. In 1$30, in company with hia 

brother, Samui:! Mu^^key* and John Morgan, laid out 

the town of Van Buren on hie farm, which, Itkv 

jnuy others laid out about thai time^ esiste on 


History <^ La S^tih Cmni^i. 

pajM^r iiuly, tlit? bUicks, lot* aH<I alrft«ta an* &11 obUUrr* 
ftli?d by thr farmL'r'fl plow. 

In company with tJamaet Alackey, he bailt a saw' 
mill on OUi^r orovk. Qo b oiw of tlii^ f*;w nwidlnj; 
wher^ he first made his claims on Govemm^t Iiuid^ 
Hu umvHrcl Eli:£ab4>tU UcCormick; ha* iixchiMnfii : 
Libbeufl, tnurrled Elizitbeth Law, its living near thoold 
t^rm ; Charley mamM Samti Morgniu llr«-d at 
Fkirbury ; Nortun, Jn, murricd Jane BiiniliATc; 
M&iy, married Thomaa Slmjlkiaa; Jane, married 
SAmncl Darnhart ; Winfii^d, married &irali Iavt. 

Kuah Mackoy, brother of >ortou. came from 
P^^iintiylvariia ac the same time; he marritnl Ana 
MorKun, and has Hv(?d on th*3 farm ovmed by Wm. 
Morgaj), hi» father! ntaw. Hi* tiaa ftrv chUdrvti: 
Burton; William: Howard; Rush, Jr. ; Nonal, 
marr^Kl CIJriKtiiLii Mcir^u-, 

Bi^iijamLti Murkey, brotht^r of Rtish, fVom Fayecc» 
Coiitiry, Pn,, riUDH in ]8ft3, aud :v-lllril on 8w*. 9. 
He married Mary Shephei'd, and still liv<*» wlicfiv Im 
firtt oeltlfd Kf? Jiasfiglifr children: J'K^rph, mar- 
ried Harriet Trout ; George, married Mary &fon«^ ; 
JameA. Rt^btx^ca, Jane* MarieKc, Willtam. and Ella. 

William DonneLl bom in Ireland, cam^ to >»>w 
Y(»rk in 1835. aiid to I^ Salle Counry In 1837, and 
6(<Uled on Section 4; marriwl Miw T- Mavkcy. 
Thoir children are : A^D^fS. Porrer, Margant, Aiioc^ 
Mary, and Ross — all at hume. 

Widow Agiirft Markt-y, mother of Norioii, Sam- 
i]t*1, n>-rijsmin and HukIi, ramt- from Pi^nnHylvanla 
with herHfJhH ill 1R^% and llvt^l with tLtfitt nt\\\\ Imt 
death. Doo, 15. ISQC. 

.S*-*/rA if SeUIerB — liruce. 


Narton Oanit from RoektDgtmni County, Vu., 
in !»hU ; AIM in it^* summer of l83ifc. 

K*<ubea ]liirk»^u, from Indiana, mni^ In 1f%3^, aii<1 
«ettlvcl on StHTCion 9 ; ^uld tu Bainuf*] D. Wani'hop*^, 
and mmoTPfl (o OU:»ua «nd tlwn W<f«t ; avrrifld oii» 
tfnii IIS Jusiiri? "f Lhf Pt^rrt, 

Sam'l DAVancHop«-E, from Irelnnd, bought E«quirt* 
nack'.rtt'r!^ f&rm, Jn 1837; itold hui farm, and loaned 
on S«cGicia2: soonmflcn lit- runrrkd EliJUiU-di i[[t- 
mar» of V«rmiUioa ; died about 18f30, learing «ight 
cbildrcD : SamJi, murmd Winh^y Stji:wn. of Farm 
Hidg«; Samnel, marri'?d Mary Wilson; William 
Johit, marriiHl Jane WUson ; Thomas ; Joi4^pli, 
niftrrliXl OHvo McCormlrk ; .Arabv'lln. mani**(J Mr, 
Sexton; June, married; Andr*>w. mar* 
ri'-il MaHtia Ward. 

Williiun Rr(3dick, and wife. Rliza Collins, rw>m 
Fay«;tE*t Ooiinty, I^, wime In I8H5» ami !it*ttlt^1 <»» 
Section U. lie was Hrctf^ SherUf of Hie county in 
18^ and iirrrtHl ai* Sheriff v\g\\X yrar:s ainrr whirli. 
he has resided in Ottawa. A leading politician — 
be baa been a mt^mher of both hon^i^ of the State 
lefttelatcirL', a surceeftfu) mr<rcliant and faimer. Ue 
ia vrnaltby^ but baa no children to inli<.-rit his estate. 

Gaylonl IlaydSt and wifp, cami? from liarkljam- 
aceod^ Jitchfieid County, Ct,, to fft>nnepln In l>3a, 
and naovi'd nn u» R, 4, T. 3K R. 8. in ibf *i.iringof 
18^1. He dii.^l in 1837 ; liis widow ilied seveiTil years 
aftvr. He Iftft firw childnjn : TTiiniiihrwy, married 
Mi(w ElUworth aixl rpmov*?d toCalifornia,noH^dt<ad; 
Mar}\ maiiii-d Sargeaut CQmnli^g^ tliey lire in 
Iowa; i^nmd J., married Sophia Commin^'^ live 




His(&ry of La BaiU Oorinlfj 

In F«rm Ri4!gt>; Philip C-, nmrrlisl M1*» Johnson, 
of Ohio, they live in Morris; he Is noH Con^rea*- 
irian eIrcL from th« Snvt-iitli ItUnotn DlMrH ; E. 
Timothy. lire« in Marseilles; Jampa 11. > of Cornell. 
Livingfltou Uonnty. 

vVllhum Broneou camcf from New Pivfiton, C't.. in 
18:^7 ; h« settled on Section Sft, where he etUl Uvi?&. 
Ho marrl^^l Blisui Fulwildor. hAS bt^ou Ju]cti<^oorthc 
Pe&c«. and liashnd five children: William, married 
Ml9» WnlworUi, au^l lives la f^fnniuir; Mnn.'. died; 
CU^orf^, Ia t^ai^hiiig in Strealar; Frank and Ida, are 
at hom*'. 

John Fnlwilder came from UichlandConnty- Ohio, 
in 1833. aiul in:nlr a (arm t*n B--i^Lioii 95, Hi- dit^l id 
]8<J7, Ifttring three cliUdf^n : Jackson, mairied Jane 
BLnedit^t. of Living9tr>n County; EUiOt married 
WlMinm Broiieon; John, dt^o^nsod, 

Geo. Lp Densmore. and wife, Maria Bronson, came Woodhuryt Ot., \i\ 1540, lived in Otl&nra une 
year, and then went on to Seetion 25 : he sensed one 
trim a» Ji]«fi<iHif tht? Piiicv, nnd di*Hl in 1872. Uia 
vitlow oceu{>iea the old Ikrni, with Manus, beronlj 

Twiiar Palnfvr onnie from rolnmlm?*, Oh!o. In lft37: 
h'MnarriL'd Nancy Springer; his second wife waa 
Wrij,ltaiiiey'3 widow, ttewasta JtiMiireaf th*'Pe»oe 
Iff 8»n"crul yoartf, and dii^l riliout 187(', U-aving edx 
childivn : Andrew, married MJBatjuigley ; SamJiA., 
married Adolbort O^Wrno; Uriah, mat-ried Snmb 
Elliott : Jane, married ^ViLlis Baldwin ; Itsaat% mar* 

8^€UU i^ sailers — Sden. 




Th« town of Edou embraces Township 32, of 
Range i. It joins tbo Illinois timbLT on tlic nortb, 
ar;d Hullcy'ft Oi^vft on the east- It istlraiiw-d by 
Bailey's and Cediir creekfi. which ran lo the lUmois 
and V'^nnlllkia rlrttrn. Th^ souihw^HC part of the 
town IS bi^h land, formiug ih*^ divid^s^paratiDiz the 
watt*ni that rnn north Id Utu lUinoU and tlioM* that 
nm to Sandy rn^ek, and southwest to the hbid^ 
^ttn-nirL Tt U a Tmi* rarnuti^ n-^^ion, antl Us b'^aiily 
and fertility suggested the nuine it so veil b^ara. 

It wa^} ^ttled at an early day atone the nortli and 
eaat aides, adjoining th^ timber, tbeti cohaidr*rrd 
indiap«iianbk>- Tlu^ Illinois Crtntml Kailtfad paaded 
Ihroaffb It, near Ob ea^lt>m boundary, in 181^3, and 
Xh& pntrio portion of the town wag aoon conr^ed 
into farni9v Tonica station, on thf> Csntial Railroad, 
Bpmng up imnit^diately aft«-r cb>f road wa« built, and 
haa bad a steady aud healthful growth, and do^a 
a lai^e bu«in»^i. 

Xathaaiel Richey, and his wife, Siina^una Klrh- 
patHok, Gamf< from MuHkingum Ctmnty, Ohio, in 
189t); ranie through the wildemeHs, by tvaf^oit* airl 
nettled on gi^co, 3 and -1, T. ^2, R, 1, Mr. Ri<hi*y 
sympathised with the dltive, and had the reputation 
of kindly cntortaliuog the eahle sons of A frim wh<^n 
truTctin^ toward the Xortb star, and fn*edom. He 
was a Joscioe of the Peace for several y^r» ; bv 
mlsedalartfe fumily, and Iiim rl4>»(Ti.-ndunti4 are nu* 
ineroiit. H!« children are: Sophia, who married 
James Robinsun, now dvc^'atfc^d, Wvlii^ vlvrfun rhil- 


IIMnr^ t>f La Snfk Oounlp. 


clrm ; Mary, niarri«<l Jo!«^^1i RoliiiiiMtn, h&M vix 
children, on the old place: David, married Margartt 
B. EviiTi?, they IJv^ in Iho town of Eden— he is ft 
fnmicr, and promim-nt polirioiiin* has tJiref^r cbil- 
dren ; Sarah, married John HopkiDS, livee hi 
Iowa, and Im* s->v<^n (?hildr»^n : >far^rvt, manldd 
G«of^ B. Holmes, Iive9 in KH.nBa9. has fire ehil* 
dren; Jnm^^^. marrli^xl AnitftHnniilion, U a fimni^rlD 
Ifaetown of Rd*^n. and haalhrt»<**-htldren : SiiHanna. 
marrii.'d J, Y. Ev?inn, liv^s in Tnwa, aiirl h»w rJinw 
children ; John married Naocj Uall. Ute« in Iowa, 
andba&fi^ven chilcln.'n; Esthtrr Ann, dii^youn^; 
Eli^aheth, morriwi A. P. Landcra, Vivcb in Mis- 
sonri. has fire children ; Nathaniel, marm^ Bertha 
E. Wilson, and liv*^:^ in Toni^ia, has one child. 

Dr David KiriK^y, brother ol the abovo, cnme 
from rhe same place, at the same lime : was here 
thrworfoiirycfirg, (h«n r^moviv! loPmnam Counly, 
and resided for several years in Uriugston Conjity. 
Hi? (IIkI Augui^f, IRTT. 

David Ijelts, and wife, widow DTinoavan* fn>m 
Licking County, Ohio, in 1830; made a fann on S. 
4. T. 33, R. 1 ; krpt a stOT« at Dayton, and at Ot- 
tawa. He was School Commissioner of the county ; 
removed to LL>ui^ County, Iowa, and diod there, 
in 185'-*- 

rr. M. Lette, eon of David, mairl^^d MUw Groiro; 
his f^oond wife wsie Mre. HoldiMinan; reBided on 
the old farm, at Ce^lur Ptkinl, till 1S54, whi:^uheM>Id 
to Franklin Cnrwin, fVom Ohio, and moved to Iowa, 
and in living ut I^rtsville ; a \&t)jv rlraler In t:a1clH. 

tf amea K.. ami Noah Q., also aonft of David, moved 
to Iowa, the first in I8&5, the last in l^^L 



fNalh&niel Manvilie camt^ ftoiu PennsyWania iii 
1835; he iiiid out tlii- town nt Mtimilk^ wliicb, like 
many of ila ooU-mponirieB, fatk'd to be a lovm. He 
di^ in Elic Bouth port of the Stales l<>avLngtwo 
dati;;hterd; Clariaaa. marn^d H. L- Ow^u ; SuF?a». 
marri^ C D. Lot'kwood^ and Uvea on llie old pUi€«. 
John My^rv vame Itom T^funt^ss^re, iu 1640. H«- 
niam-'d a daoplitt-r of John Hays, of Peru, ami 
tM;ltli-d on Cedar Ca^k tiiiibi*r; ht> bought tht^ mil] 
thaJ Simon Croeiar bailt, od Cedar creek* and ran 
it aoiDc yi^rai an ec<<*ntric character, such aa w 
often seen on the frontier Kind and generous at 
bome^ ho vra^ wild and loqua^^ioua w^la-a he vi?dte(l 
the town, culUnj; himself tbe stallion panther. Hl* 
1>eauDQ refilire wb^n eurround-.-rd by civilization, mi&d 
thft TaDke«« had overrun the country, and be left 
for Missouri, and fVeedom, but c&me bark, sind di^d 
h"TV, In l&Jti. or 1847. 

John HendrtL'ks. fn>iii Virginia, to Indbiiuu and 
canu^ herv In tS^l. His mother vk^as a dau^ht«Tof a 
rvspfcUblv Virginia i"l:inlrr, who i?lop*?d with and 
manied her father^s coachman, one of his AfHcan 
chattels. Under tbf Inwrf of Illinob then, Iw could 
neither vote nor ttstily apiinst a white man ; yet he 
was nn bonc«t luan and a ^ood citizen. He bought 
the Peru ferry of Hay*t in 1840, and run it si^veral 
years : ho removed to West Ml&soarl or Eaitaaa, and 
died there. 

William Ki'Hy, f^-om Eu^laud. came lo Ohio, and 
from lUeiv liern ia 1S35 ; b»'di<»d lU Inwa. 

Thiiumri WakWiam. from Ohio, t^ame hero in 1835; 
6on-iu-law of Krlly ; died in Iowa. 


History of La S(Ul€ Chuniff. 

B(f»olv«(l IL Potter wfto born in New Bedford, 
Maas., and eeiilod in Gnscn Conotj, New York, in 
182S ; remoivd to OnondaKit "'"d thvn to lHo;:a 
Coiinty, ^45^ York, and Jrom tii^rc to Illinois in 
16:^1; settled on S. 19, T. 33, R. 1 ; de<:e&aed in 
1842, Aged 6oyi'ar«, lonving two *«uw, ChJinipUii K. 
and Adam. Ad:tm came u> Illinois unth bis fatUtrr, 
nnd rf^tiimed to Xewr York ubout one yenr »ft(<r. 

Cljamiilln K- Poti»-r, aotiof Rhw^IvM H,» wSili hU 
wife. Miiry Jnni'TtirlinnU, ijum-froTri N*m« York with 
hi0 father in 1634. and reside on the hain<» fnnti. 
He was a survevor ; htrld tlit^ cfficr of Justice of the 
Peocc eoveniJ years, and was a member of the Lefsie- 
latnre one t^rm ; , ho dit*d SepL ^, 1800, aged oQ, 
leaving two daughters : Cntliurine, who married D. 
Dtirhy of Wvnona— died 1873 ; Hi^li^n, who married 
Fred Ambrose, and lives witli tier mother on ihe old 
farm : a son, Adnm. dlfd abonc 1854. 

Just^'pb T. Eulloi;k came From Rehobotli, Mas«., 
in 1337, and »ttl»d dii ^ SFl, T. n:^ K. 1 ; lit- niarri«>d 
Catharine Odlo»?iy. and with his bn>ther. I^onard, 
eiiga^t^d Iarg-*ly in farmifig and «tork-ni!dng ; mce 
ids brother a death he haa continued the aaoie on a 
larger 91 ali*> He has two i^hildren : Itananm, mar- 
ried Ada Ellsworth* and iivea nean Tonica ; Soaan, 
marrif^d Henry Foflft, now in Colorado, 

Asa Hotdridfie, from New York in Jane, 18^3, 
and settled on S. ^3, T. sa, R. 1. n^ar Baile/9 
Point : he mamed Polly Warren ; waa a HnoceMfol 
farmer, and died in 1B69, K^civing five children: 
Lflfayette. married Hafmah Si^nmons. and llrea In 
LiviiigHHtn CotJiily ; W. H. H.^ iEiaTni.-d M'&r^' ^wift. 


Stf^^ of Sealers ^ Edf^ 


Uv« ia Ed«u; Votnej, marriwi Lizzie Simmons, n^ul 
Uv«aiii Aneono.; Clarlii<la, marrU^d D. Wlllvy : Ar- 
ifjirifl^ nmrmft Capt. L. Hom^^, And lived nt^iir 

XtiltinnM B<tdy, from VirgiTiiJt^ in 1833, bouglrta 
claim of -Infill S}iiii<r. wi-sHif BiuVy's Poiiir ; bp ki»pi 
Aniore. EiUly, Holdridgi.-! nrid Bnile/ bnUt a >avr- 
mill oo Bailf^y^fl creek near ita mouth ; Eddy muvt-d 

Willmm Oroom, and wire, Mida Eurhan?, rr>)m 
Alhoiny Coufily, N» Y,, mm'.- with Alvord's comjumy 
In 1SJ3 ; wa^ n farmer, and Metbodiat pre3th**r ; 
h**di*fd in 1&V2. His children were: Delia, ninrH-^d 
ftMr.W**Ils; Betfi*?y. married John Harkins; AJida^ 
married AuHtlri B. CarJftTjn, of VHrmilHoo ; Pi'Ijt, 
marrk-d Mis^ M»Tiin, tiow in Nebraska ; Ahrnm^ 
married L, T. Naramoor; Jofli^pli, marrii-d Kniiii-e 
n&rrington. in California \ William, mituied Mii*s 
Thoiii:i5, in Toniiia. 

IraS, Mo!*likr from Sr^ratugu County, N,Y.. came 
in 1834, and settled on S, 19, T. ^:. r1 1 ; a ftinncr, 
Mt-lhnfliftt pTvnclifT, aiul lawyer, ilf died in 1874, 
iKivin^ nine irhiUU^n: Ed^r W-, ai Sundu-ic-h ; 
Q^ry Cm niski-rU^d Eli/Jthifili Baker, and Uve(» at 
GUman : George, nmiried Dtlana Schf rmerhorn, and 
livi<-i at Gjiriifiii ; Clinrlns W , inH.rrii.'d Celia Wilson, 
of Sandwich; Maria A., niarnedThoinan Fo,-*tt'r; NL 
CliarhaiiT, (Tmtn«-d Bngli MHlrr L Sh-Tiihm L, ; Nfai*- 
gurol, marrii-d Onsl-jw liarraes, i>f Tonica ; Clani J.j 
married A, Q. Umy, 

Amos A. Ni.'Wton, and wif^. L, P, Banin-Il, from 
LexingtoQ, Grt^n County, N, Y,, in itioapring of 

HUUny of Ln SalU Counip^ 

153*, and settled on Section Sri, where he Hred aotll 
hU (loiitTi In 1S44, Agt'd 09 ; hU widow sini vurrtvi^^gfl 
at llie ap* of 90 years. He had nine rhtldi'^ : A. 
iIuiImhi, dif.ll Ml 13-12^ aj^heI 23 ; IVirnEim, \% in^ 
Gutbm County, Iowa; Wallace, ia alBo irt lowa;'^ 
E«thor L,, married Moody Little— b**r second Inis- 
band ib Andrew J, Weat, of Toaica ; Charlotte, 
married Henry KiiigsK-y. from Conncottout— ahe is 
dw^aeod ; Harriet L., niarriL^tJ Hi^nry Kioi^sley — his 
SfH^ond wife; Eunice, luamed Joel B. Miller; Abl*,^ 
married Angus Mi.'Millan. 

G^o, M.N«^wton,sonof Amos A.,andft'omthc'Snmi 
plnre» cjiiiie lo ftiik'y'** Poini lu \^^5. tie mmed bia 
w!f»r, Fanny r^(iiiii?i.»nd fatiiily iul83^; and»<.'tlk'd 
onSecIioD^p'i. Mr. Newton haKl>eenPosiiiias£fr,Jn»^| 



tice of Urn Peaiw and Snp<*rvSatjr. Hi& wifr dit'd in 
1808, lie is now living with hie second wife, thn 
widow Siinili MiifRd, ^1 

Jo*]-l B. Millen came from CJreene Countj% ^. Y.,^" 
in is:f7. He married Eunict.* Nuwton ; hi^ dtod Ub 
lPfi2: his widow died in 1976. Hue three children : 
Romce. lives at Minonk ; a daiufhter married a Mr.^ 
Swifr ; iinotli(?r married Gi.H»rg».' B<'anUli?y, ^M 

Angus HcMLllfin, from Penney lraDia> came In 
IfiSS. Hi- niurried AbS Kpwr.oii, and livwl hire fiv« 
or six years, and then removed to Grundy Couniy.^ 
niswifi? dit-d. find h*- went tn lowft. 

Janies Little, and wife, Polly Cook, cam^ froi 
New lIaiTi]>!4|]in?, in t839, and bont;ht the fann 
Nntlmniel Eddy on 8. 24. Bodied in 1842, and left 
four rhildron : Daniel, married ^Ilii\ Jmu , and 
removed to Geutm^; Lucy, marritU l^.■4^ U^^;^ 


Sk^tf!h c/ Seines — Bden, 


Brookfif^M ; Moo(]y, mArmcl E^Uter Newton. Ih'ed 
at Tonka, ancl <lied in IS48; Jolm, mnrrliKl Fniiik 
Bas^fonl, now- in Suutbera Xllinoii;. 

Harvey McFersoD, from Brown Coanty, Ohio, 
rami' U) Piiriiimi County, in 1840, and to Kdi^n on S. 
22, In IB-'O, Hift iinw^-nt wife Ih Murr.lm King — Iiiits 
NX children. 

Willii^ Mo^t, and wlfr, Oliv^ Bitnmnn, Sxom 
Grren« County, New York, ld I8-J5, and settled 
on the ive^l gide of Baiky'B Grove, and is now 
living inTonica. His fLrat vrif« died and kft two 
children ; Walter S-. married Slizal>etb Defenba(i>fb ; 
Snrah E,, marri<?d Juiu^^^ B, Fliillii, both ar** living 
In Unn^ton Connty. Mr, Mofflt'ti w^cond wlf© 
is Loaiea K:inft'ood, tIil^ widow Jf-nkius, when sli« 
married him; tOie ha^ ook duughUfi', Mary fi,, ut 

Rt'v. Hitabi^n FT. Mfiffat, lirollnr nf WilHft, ramt- 
from the same plac« in 1834 — a Methodist preacher. 
His wif« wa^ Catherine C, Vale. He died in 1863, 
agf d f3C. UJfi childrt'K arL- 1 Ki-uIk-ik niariiod Misa 
DcfenbaiiRh— he died in the army ; Samh, marrit-d 
the RcT, Mr. Youiif^, a Mitthodlnt pr«aaber. 

Santord Harwood. from SnrHtnKa Ooimty, N<*w 
York, Cftniv In 1B37 ; married Ke^ah Dryer, and 
moved to Iowa. 

H<<iriBii HiirwiMid- hn>lln»r of ftinfonL fVoiw th« 
wttu^ place : married MttliHsa Ide, and isi'ined on S. 
1, llifd in 1857, in T>fi?r Park> Hiw widow married 
a Mr Lathiop. and mov^ to Iowa, lie hud three 
chiidivn; SanUi. murried, find is llvlnf; in Iowa; 
Charles was killed by the aucid-^nliil diachftrgc of a 
^n ; the younger daug)itcr is with hec moiVkOSi; 

354 History of La Salic Gountff. 


tTtica erabrac^ft lliat part of T. 33, R, 2, which 
lii^s north uf the IlliDoi^ river, bciug about half a 
township; the river* which is the soathem botiti- 
don', rtiiminu: nlKnit <ta<i west, m.-ar the ocnirv line 
of the town. There \& a wide atrip of bottom l&nd 
h(^4vL>MMi the btuff and Che river, moet of tt very 
7Aina.blt> for n^rii'ulltire^ but moiy so for the rich 
miiieni] wealth It cciiiainH. Tt^ bedi of hydniulJc 
lime which berv li^ n^ir the Kurf^ce, and are euQr 
itrivnsUilt*, »rf lIip nuly niiH» titnnt] \u tht- ^lAtr^ snd 
the sonroH of a large and valuable buKiness. 

This bottom litTid wha iIip favoiitu rt-awrtofthe 
IlliiiiiiTi ]nrltan!«« who occupied it in great nttmlivrn. 
&iid both savage and civilized meii have ever re* 
^nrdod it as a point of nttnii^tion, for Its heatttifiil 
fwenery. its rich soil, and mineral wealth. Old ru<:a 
wa* a town on the river first occapied by SitnoD 
Crosiar. and whon thi> hi]«in^«a was all done by 
river boaiB, was a commercial point of some ImpOT- 
ranc^, t)io boatji iirrtviriji and diiparlStig with ron- 
*!i Viable r**giilarity. Tt was reffardt*d aa iha In-ad 
of navigation, except at vitry high wut*»r when th« 
boats ascended to Ottawa, liat the bnildiofC of that 
canal and the Rock Inland Railroad* both along ibe 
foot of the blutr. on tlie opposite aide of the valley, 
ft mile distant, and thi* rtver boat« all di»ctmr^ug at 
the baain at La Salle, dried np it9 sources of baed- 
ness,and it now stands like GcddsTnitVs dcMrt^ 
villa^, Inslead of Oie pantinif of rh»* river boat, 
it& shrill note of arrival and departure, and the 


Sketch tif SetS^s — Utica. 


busy IiQiD of tbe che(<rful lieuuscne of the embtyo 
town on sbor«t 

Tbe hollow *<PUDcJbj| liUitrni cnanl> it» ccAt i 

Sinik are lu botam In aZupcli^u fulit \\\. 

Aitd tbcruik wcodf o>rt<ip Utv cmmblinK wftll.'' 

Bill New Utiea, a mUu rujrtb. has taken its |.»Inre. 
WUh tli«? milrOiLd nml r^imil for tninsparliition ; n% 
l&r^ m&nafactare of hydi-autic lime, and hcwot and 
dmin tik, and export of St. Peter's sand for the 
EnaiHir^rCure of f;l&sa, witb the large shipment of 
gr&w from UiJca towiiflhip, Waltham, uitd otb«r 
tovrns on botli eide« of the river, the yoiii^j^ town 
may well anticipftt^ a Buro^^gftil fulnre. Bat while 
it exuUs in li^ own pr(L)i<p(.'rity it ^liouJd i\»in^mbcr 
the chaof^es and mutations wluch attend towns and 
citU't^ \\» weJI an men. and lieavtf ii >§1gh fur th«.' d£«- 
appointed antbipiiliuus which un<ft# clont^^red around 
)b< nliltfr rival. 

Bhould the con t4>ni plated ship canal become a 
rfnlllj— a not improliaMe ocnnrrenn^ — and tht^ busi- 
Beas rtrtum to the river. Old Utica might arise fvom 
Its ft«h«e, and drop a t«ar for the blasted hopoa of 
the New. 

Th<! town of Uttca, with its wooded bluffs running 
nearly tJirongh ita centr9,with the PercomsoK.i;in, 
croMlnff its w«-«tern portion, with Clark^s Run and 
other poiatd of timber pii-rcrmg tha prairiej was so 
well eupplU*fl with tlitLlM-r that it i;ommenced iwt- 
tUng at an «^rly day, 

Simnn CnT^i»r wmj^ hrirn nnar Pill-Mbiirgh, P»t-; 
hJ9 wiff?, Sarab Owen, was from Clermont County, 

ni*torp qf La SalU ContUjf. 


Otjto. Ha left PennHylvania In 18lC, aiii3 weDl to 
Oliir\&nd W.1S married in 1^17 ; retnoved to TllTtioia 
and M-ttlM xt Cap ail Oi-av^ in 1619, antl n-movMl 
to Oiilboon County, \vhere ht^ remained iinljl 1S24, 
tl^CD to Peoria, And lo Utlawa In 1826, when; lie put 
op a log cabin on the ravine near where S- W, 
Ctw?^ver now Utpb ; ro-Mdfd there om- year aiid th<*ii 
remov^ to tho south tfid^ near tho jBasr> rock«, wh^re 
hi' rfmnliK'd about two y^ars ; removud toSbipplnpf- 
port in Tb«? fuH of 18^9: built a mill on Cedar 
criHjk, and removod there In IS31, He wad Posc- 
mnsTer, and curriwi the nmil U> unfl fnim Peoria 
oiir<- a iiiEinUi, Solil tlm mil] to Mr. Mvfi^t ; hnilL 
a sawmill and carding mfl-chine on the Peroomsog- 
gin ; 8ljirt'>(I tlio wiw-mill in tin- npring of 1833 and 
tht* carding machinein the fall after. Keroored toOld 
Utica, on tht- north bank of the Illinois in 18^)4, l<t?pt 
a ^torc and wn^^ho^af? for storage and rommiedon 
busineee, and for a tini<T was Captain of a «ttanil>oac 
on the river. Hf< died in November, 1S46 ; his widow 
di*^ in IS71. 

Both Mr. and Mn*. Crus^mr wi'r* hf>ld, hardy and 
resolute, and well cah'Ulated foi- froiilit>r life. Mm 
Cro^iar fcild Ihit wnlpi^r nmiiy imTit]>-iiL-i of hvr pio- 
neer life ; she said she was not ol^d of the Indlaufl 
«vcn whi^n alon*-, iinleas ihey vrnre Jrmik, but tht'j 
were like white men when intoxicated, unreasonable 
and dangt^roiifl. On one oc4^a8ion, dtirinir her bit»- 
band's absence, they oamo and want.Ni whisky ; ehe 
lmdcov«rei1 up thi^ whisky ban^l and told thom 6li« 
hnd no whieky ; they told her ftfc^ hnd. and went lo 
iin*.'uvvr tlt^cask; she then seized a Ualchet and told 

atrfcA of SefUers — CT/wT. 


them timy shoald not hare it if she had : lliey lold 
tn^r sh*- was a hxavf Tiqiinw^ hut tAiMfd thdr totna- 
bawket and i»h*? waii corapeHerJ to yieM to numbers ; 
thr^r gr>t ttir whi»ky and hud & big dniuk^ but did 
not uioleftt her- 

Mr Crodiar ivaa an active pnrticipant En tho BInok 
Hawk war. and was one of (be party that buried 
tbv victims of Ih** Indian Crfjvk maasaer*.-. 

In liU ntimeroutt removals b** followed the liverd, 
trail » fit rrlng )ii!< fnmlly and t^ffi^it-i hi a k>>tf1 bi^atr 
and (V*>qwendy iwrvi^d a« n pilot nil the ritfer. The 
InUrh Hiring of the Crofiiar cabin wa*i alwayn out, 
and manj an early omignnt gmt^fully rcm^'mbtirs 
their kindiii*9sariil Itiiftpitalily, 

They liad a large family oroliildren. but they hiiT« 
all left except one. Am/.! Orojiiar, th<? only child 
TcmalAliuc bc^ marrird Mis8 Brown, and is nn i^jc- 
tvneive fhnncrnnd promiiu-nt citizen of L'tica. 

Anizi Crt«iar, brciher to Simon, camo from Pltt»- 
bnrjfb.aud a^ttlod on ^i>c. 34:, m^r Shippingport, 
In 16dO; came to UriciL in 183::^ iind t^ettled at the 
foot of the Wufl on lli^ ?^<»uT.h *hh* i\i tlie river, H« 
wa# killed by a runaway f^im in 1848. 

Jnme8 Clark, and wife, Cli!irh»tXe Sni^ent, eame 
fro*ti En^liinrl, Ui Oliiu, and fnun theif hiri- in IS3S, 
ami »<^tUed on B. 17. De was a crcntnietor on tile 
Iirmoi-<« and Mirhigan Canal, and waH th<^ ^ntr to 
develop and nuinufiK: tore hydmtiho lime for the 
market from the Sihirian strata of ihat noiRhbor- 
hood, eonferriuff n ^eat benefit upon the iorali^ 
tnd the whole Northwest, and enrichtn); himself. 
Jlr. Clark hail be^n Town Supervisor and menib«r 

of the Le^etatare, and is novr Qijneral AjRf^nt of tb« 
Conaolidutvtd Cum^nt or Uydmulic Limo mnnufoc- 
tura of the Weat> 

HU clilldtv'ii are: John, who murted Jnlla* 
dauj^hterof Truman Hardy ; la living In Utloa and 
16 partrifr with his falhcT^ doing a l»r^ liu)«i' 
nefls: Chai'luti^, who married James B. Paf'khaiu, 
and ]\vv9 in Utica. 

^r. Hudson, from Yirginiaf liTed at Old Ftica, 
about Two y<:ars, and went htuik Co Virginia in 1^38. 

Hiram Hij^by, f^om Xew Hartford, Ct., and wife, 
Fmnoofi M. Tamer, from Middlod(.i£ County, UU, in 
1836. Mr. Hifiby was the first Superriaot of the 
town of Utica. H<.t diud in 18(H. Mns. Ht^y died 
in 1^54. Their children were: Artnur, di.-Ci-a4^; 
WiUiiim^ d*?^^*^^^!; Frariow;, the widow of Charles 
Powers ; Thotnaa FredeHek, senvd in clit- £i3d R^- 
im^tit Tllinnis Yohinteen^, and died soon after kLB 
rHuin; Hfleii M., imuHi^i C- M. Ruvl ; H, W,, ifta 
ilrug^iBt in Dtica ; Julia, is deceaw^. 

Witlmni f^iiiiitions iranift froiii Krntucky to Ohio, 
and to Ottfiwa in I S\H ; booghc land in Ulica at thi* 
saltr in I'fiSSt, and made a farm dh which h« resided 
till hi5 death, k^aving one eon and one daughter 

EJwarxl Holiiiml farar tri>m Ck*rmont Coaniy, 
Ohio, in 1S40 ; h\i^ wife was Eva Heea- Be diod in 
1946, iKivln^j eleven chlldrflii, Hlg widow married 
Eltfiiry Gorbet, who hiui flft9<?n childnm. 

Zi^nas Dlekintton, with h\» wlft?, Mnh^rl Clarfc, 
came from Gninby, Maes., in l^^O, and setllt^ on 
Sertlon 10. \frv< Dli-klnnoii died in August, 1840, 
Mr, Dickinson died in November, 1857, 

Sktieh ^ SfJil^int-^Vlim. 


Saniu^l Dickinsou, son of Zenaa, t^aan' Iruui Nt'W 
York U^ UMcii in 1835. Hr wn« n pHrtner with Jag. 
Clark in a l&r^ oontxact on the Illmols k MLrbigan 
CoiuUt nt Utica, and ztubscqutmtl^'i for eeveral years 
aucc€49ivelj« captain of th« eteaitihoald X>ii\\, La 
Sallo. and Uc-llu, runuing from the head ot oariga- 
don of Uie Dltnoie to St. Louia. Hd wont to Culi- 
(omia in 1850, and (livd lh4*ro in J851. Ue n^ver 

Zenaa Clark Dlrkinflan, al^o mihl of Zi^nui^ rumv' 
from Ua&S}i€huT>ell»» with liis Tatht^r tu 183*] ; §oUled 
oil ft»^:tkm 10, wJierft \w. Mtlll rtrHidrj*. HW wiKi wa;* 
Ilarnet Donaldson : thej liuru six clu)dn*a— all at 

Six suteni of Clark and Siimu>:d came with thi^ 
part'Dts: Caroline, nifirriod Mn JohndOD, ftlic ij» 
deccMod ; Cemanthn, marmd Robort Sht^phcrd, 
now a widow in CLica^^o; vlin«'lia, marrii-d Mr. 
Wood, *h*f \% now d**(va«*.'d ; StiJ^sm. married and 
lives In Chic:*go ; OHvf, maiHt^d Mr. Muag«r, In 
Moutuna ; Miu-gart-c. itmrrk-d Mr, Fw^^hild, now in 

Ira Hart ftlioni, and wife, Juanna Burnliani, cn.nii* 
from LtMvon, Ot., to Madifton County, N. Y., and 
from thrri; Itcr^ in 1^3() j moved Ids family in 1637, 
and settkd on Section 3. He died in b^eptembef, 
Ib^iJ ; hid widow diod in 1870- Joshua P., inarriM 
Jane Simon, now in Iowa; Eraemus D., married 
MurH"ltAMft*«n'v; AlJ'n^d r.miirriod TerT«naCuivur» 
now in La Salle ; PUny, married Sarah Simonton, 
tM.'Coiid wife, Auiiilia Dt.'an— liru» in WalUiain; 
Calvert, married Aana Niles \ Mary^ married Frank 


IThfofff t^ Zrt iSh/fc C&unty. 

Dnaii — tier s**oad hiisbniid, Eli Stmwti, now of 
Bnvkk^ ; Lucy, mrirrit.d >f(>s*'ly Nil^e, of Buck- 
ley; Lydia, innirii'd Rtilit^^rt V. Iii]iiD;\rj% of Liv- 
irgston County ; UlmrW U,, dkd m the army, at 
Pitlflbiirg Laiiilin^. 

BeBJumiD Irio^H, nn<l wift-, Burbiira Add titmeon, 
camo to ILIinoid in 1^3. and settled on Uie bluff 
Qorrli of UliCA villagi«. >fiv. Hoss dl<>d in l&l^, 
ug^d 7A : Mr. H^^g dW in Atij;UBt» 1^0, aged 77. 
Jt^remlaJi, lunrriM] T^ura Scvlnn. and llveti on xh\y 
nil) fiinn; Ri-Tijiirnin. dii.'d in 1^40; ^usiia, married 
Mr. MuUonl, !ilm \h nuw dnn-afti'd ; Abrain, tnarrlMl 
Mary E, Wntlrod, and live^at Uticn; Bva, manjcd 
Kdv^n) llolland, and liaJ v^Uvedw^hildren-^fleoond 
huflband. Henry Gorbet; Klixabcth. nuuTied Mr, 
Wallaci', and liveft at Bureau Junrlion: Jvminia, 
married Cbeeter Uall, then of Ottawa— ehe ia now 


PfTni «inbmc<»» th<* weat half of Tnwnsliip 33, 
Kzin^e 1. and lio^ un botli Bides of tht; Ulinoia rifer, 
wbil«? W\f. <*asl half of Uie town^ihip constituted ita 
aaier tovm of La Salle. The oily of Pom is on tJw 
north »idi; of llii> riv'^r at the foot and on the bluff. 
Ita comm<.>i\?Jal advant:igv8 an^ »caroed>' Inferior to 
tbofte of ite rival— La Salle. Tlie Oidcago A Bock 
Island Railrrmd pn&ii^e^ through it froiu eaat to weat, 
and t3i6 river trade pas§e^ its levee and wmr^otiaes 
as it goes to nnd frr>rn th^ Ihikiu %ii Iol Sallw Tkti 

Si^ieb <^ Settt^s —Ptn. 


long iind bittLT r.'ontc5t to «<.viirc the termination of 
til*? Caiia! vf^^ d«"<::<iKl in favor of I^ Salle, not be- 
cftQEe it offered enixTior iid^-juiui^efi. but becau&e it 
WM tocnU'd on iiuial land belorgini: to ihc; Stttte. 
Tlie two cities aw practically on*?, and will eventu- 
oily be included in one municipal guv^^rum^Lt, 
TliQ location i$ eonimandln;; and important, not 
only in reference to the Couniy. but to tbe State 
and y»tion. The ricli unJ ht^nvy di^poitU of ^*onl, 
and f:ti iliLlt-s for tran^iortJiUon, will niak*- It iine tA 
the 1nrge4C mB^ntifacttinni^ eilieM in Die VWsL Its 
{iriij<iv^-( llin»i fur In l.ltfti diiviition IH an KinittAC of 
tbe bij^b poAiEion that awaits it in th« future. 

John Huyi>, and wift\ ivimt* from UVnin-sHiie in 
18;)(); built a cabin on tlje lllinoitt bottom. Jnt^t 
above the present locution of the* Chinigo, Urjck 
Jftlftud A Pucttie Hnilroiifi dej)ol ; kept tht' Ferry 
acroBO Ihc Illinois riwr till 18-10 ; dttld to Hi^ndriL-lfs ; 
went to Uenntpin, and dit^d there. Uayn wa^ from 
the class a( the South that was crushed and kept in 
igiiomiic*' by (li«? inftTitiiiion of ftlavi.-ry- Hi? waii a 
rough and fearl^^^ frontleraman- Hi^ children 
m4!w: oni* daughtt*r, marrii-d Mr Darin, and witb 
her liusbaiid, WH); killed at ludijiu Creelc, in 18:^2; 
Harrison, is in BuR-i^u County; Jmues, and tttu LitLer 

Lynian T>. Brewster rnme from XapliviHe, Tenn. 
In IHilQ, he tnivHrtl on in»fN-b?irk From Nft.%livil]e. 
through Ottan'a and Chirugi], tti Salisbnry, Ct. ; ho 
returned and settled at I'ern in 1634. and died at 
ncnntt|»n in the fall of 1835. 

Willitini Paul, fiom Scotland, settlc!d ju&l below 


History <^ Im Solid Otmnijf. 

vklier^ Peni now is, in 18S4^ sold liw rlalni to 
Kitin*-y X Spjnilrliiip, atid w^nt U> Tleziniipin, wlierp 
hi* inarrkrd llie ilanghtr^r of Dr. PuUifrr ; < ame tKtck 
to !Vni it) 18*3, ana k<*pt ii slore till ISffS'or'flSI^ 
tlicii niov€<l U> Vlnt;lutidt New Jt^raf^y, wliciv hoQOttfl 

ULyi<.-<o» Spaitldini! c»n]i< from Tcnncffs«e ia 1S34 ; 
«ng&;:cd in Bi?IUni; ijooda with Kino^y; died in 1B36 ; 
was Ju«li<*.e oY tht* Pence, nnd i;*-''pl a gi'ocGry st- 
Ijiilt twu ^onit and Two dnii;f]klt^r)i — ont? nmrrUtd 
Cofllin^, of Vm-n. Widott^ died in 1860. 

n<.»iiry S. KlTiniM'. from PtfrntiyLrania, catne 
1S34. and lioiiglit a claim of William Paul, and Id 
company with Ulysses Spaaldin^, enf^ed In mi 
4<liniu1tKiM^ until 1^^-*^A Juid ;»lth»r ^p.nildiiii^'*; ilemi 
Id par»ii»^«>liip wiili DaiiM -T. TowiiAi^iKl until 18! 
li« Uii*n tonik a 1i«iTy contraut oii tlie cutmt baslji, 
jirifl a Tpw irKtiillin nftrr i[iiif*I.Ty l<-n, Tntviiig liis work- 
men unpaid and liif^aHaiiHinitiHltliHl, \W nSwryvurA 
fignrt-d rouapicuoattly in the military' alFairs of Tcxba, 
and was an t*ffl<n^r under Waiknr in llift lillilm^u-ring 
vxpL'didon iii Central America, A niaD of some 
al)tliry and of gn-at tinrrgy and uctivjty, 1ml waa „ 
laoking in 6omc tnorp valuahl*' <ii)aliti^a. j^i 

TlivTon 1). Browali^r, cnmcfrom iSaUsbary, 01,, i^^ 
1835 ; lie first en;;a$]c^aB clerk in tho store of Kiiuti^v 
A gpaiilding. Tn \S^i& hit laid out tlii^ Mi&awu 
Addition to P*?ra. (?nibracin(f all tb*^ buslne^^ portion 
of the plac*'. In 1^3 In.* «*ngiig^ in nierchattdiaii 
and celling town lot^^ In 1S4S, huiU ri wai^lioii 
nnd vtiignj^-rX in the gniin and shlpjiln};; bn^inos^ 
isomjiatiy witfi R. S. Btn^ltv; tn iS.'i^ in hankii 


aiid in IH5S id tnnnnrncliinng plows ftriil othvrAf^ri- 
atUiiml {in}ilriin-m»;*{n clii^ )A9t hu i» alill Wguly 

In all th^^^pnrsuita, Mr, Brpwst*fr has been wio- 
o-^jful, Jiiid u'hilt* liff han acrunuitiitril w<;ftltli, has 
^waya bt-en an vntoxprieicg. piiUlit^Apiiit^d citix^n, 
and P^^m owra mnoh of j(ft j»rosj>mty to hi:t t^^lforte. 
WJit^n IVni wa^ mndi,* & <^'it3' in I95I4 ht^ was ita lii%it 

Mr, Br«wBt«r has hwn twice married ; his flist 
wifi* w&:i Adi-l1nF> Mann, who dSi-d in Jimujiry, 1849, 
leaving two childi-en r Sylvia Ah, and Frank, both 
living at horn**. Mr Krewsler's 4t>cond wife was 
Marilia Joih-«, wlia han fntir tdiildmn : Jt.»«««, Mar* 
piret> Di^t^fawin L,, and Theron D,, Jr — a)) »f 

Calvin and Pttlrtlah Rr4?wrst<T» two young int-n from 
nalUmorc, came to Peru in 18a^ , Oalvin difd Ihc 
»anM7 i«o«ison ; Pdotiah went South in 13^7, sind 
died tn Texa^. 

Iflaao Abram», and yr\U\ \i\U^n Rittcnlioiis'.^ Bvan?^, 
ICTAnd niccv ot IMvid H,Hitti.'nh<.<im%lhc aslroinmicr, 
cjuno f rom ni«ii" Philadelphia in JS^Sp [n company 
with hia bro<ln-r Nnrh'l 1., wo?* i;ngii^;d in idling 
^fiods fcr five y**are, sind for The next tive years fol- 
low*'d thy *Bmi^ busiin^-^ alou^, and >inci.> tia« been 
agent for the said of real e&iate. One of the sub- 
■^tatUl^l btij<iii*>!iLs men of P*?ru, ttnd dosely Identified 
with all itflbialtiry and nmwth. Hi* rliildren are: 
WLlliiiitj [T., l^iid C<imini:<^i<:im'r of thi' Texaa & 
I*m:itU: llailrfjuid — i-esidns at MarslKill. Texas— lit* 
maiTit^d Anna Uarruf, daughter of Hon. William 


JfijOuri/ qf La SaSe C&unfy. 


A. Harris- of A"!i'glnia, M^ C.^ and Minister lo tW 
Arf^.'iuin(> Rt^piiblir ; LouiSn. lU homi* ; Edwin 
EviiiL-s a I'lirk, ill Chiraj^o^ 

Xalhaiiiel J. Abmius. brallii^r of Isaac, ^ud wife, 
Kliyji A. KvHiiTS <"tiii<- fnmi Ulc sheih' |ilHi:tT nl llt>« 
same liniti; wris five j ^ii* witli hirt brolJier. ru*-)- 
ch&ndiMTig; !»ini^- whicli. h*^ ]ui^ followi.^d ftirming 
on See. 7, T. ;t3. H, 1. IIw rlnMi>'n ar^ : Miiry R, 
married LaTe^a G. Rinnie ; Uiiarles 11., Georj^a W.^ 
uiid Eugeiiu, are nl hotiw. 

Geor^ \\\ Holly came from Saliabtirv, Ct., in 
1887; hie wiT*? wits Misa UJmrcJi, dnogUter oC Jndgc 
Chiirtili, of t^iiit!|.flaoe; lie wUA i^ilorof tbc Ninavra 
r;a?:i*lle, v'W^^liaiJJMl by Fonl & Holly, tlu^ lirftt news 
paper in Peru ; a genial nmn and gtjod wriler. In 
1E^9 iRf mimkVKl to KLn^Tiiu KaUK. Mr Holly vit^ 
educated at Wefetl'oiiit. bul left Uiere on acooanl of 
parUul di^afni^jia, 

Cliurehill Cuffirij^. and wiTl*, Afwaftlli Ur>>wsfer. 
from ^nli^^ltiir^, Cf., rjiiiLi? hi 18>td ; a rbontii^lily 
educated and irble lawyur, but lacked euerg}- of 
cliaracUT. and wm^ not Bnirre^^fid In biu'timvis: lie 
dit^d in Chicago in \&T2, leaving one son, John, now 
living with bis niolbiH" in Ohlcaffo ; one daugbtcr, 
Catliarinr, married Air. L'olliday, now in Philadel- 

William Oliiniiii^LTO, from Xt'W York, in 183^; a 
lawyer of good abilitj' ; nmrried Liiziibtlb Brown; 
and remov^ to Helijna, Montana, about t^.^n years 

Dea, A, D- Brown, fi'om NewYork, in IS38; fietllw] 
on a farm hack of town ; manied Cora^lU I>><>nan1, 


Sttffo^ i^ ^meT» — Pent. 


who dieil ill October, IK77. Uis ciilldrtMi an- : VMz- 
ftb^lh, ninrrk'd Willium Ohumaecro, oowof Ilulona, 
Montana ; Ih'jxry W.^maniitl i!;mily Cfilil**. ftnil lives 
in Chicago ; William, tnsuried Locy Rattan^ on tlie 
"Id farm : Tlurv-'V, mnrried Lyilia ToiiipkEn*; 
diaries, died from diaea^ contracted white In the 

»1oliii P. TiMi'ii. from MaFbl<?hF>iid, EftK^^r County, 
Mas8,, canit* in tie foil of 18S7 ; a lunu'^r, and set- 
tl*-d on ^. S, T- ^1^^ R. 1. His first wif^ wn* Mary 
Knjcei-H, tvbnfltKl, nridli'fr llin-i- riiildmi : WiUiHrti 
P.. Uf^'s in PpiTi ; Mary, married -lanie?* Hatolieler ; 
EtinWi married 0«o. Van Dycke. His si^coud wife 
wait Kancy S, (ior<ioij— ha* om^ rliild. Flora, 

Mr, Lt'onard. from Rorhester, N. Y.. oani<^ in 1839. 
Hia children wcr^: !l;irvcy. a bat-lniior, was a Jus- 
ti<^eof tbe Ppace for ftevoral y*'ri.r8TW(*nt to La Sail*!, 
and diwl tliorc ; OomcHa, niarrir^d Ah I>. Brown, 
of Peru ; f;ri-«ty, married Mr. Kol>itis, of Pern ; 
liCary Ann, di^d iiin^!(\ in C^iraf-o: Julia Ann^ 
mnrri^'d LtI(Viij^ KumrtlJ, of IVm ; Caronn<*» mar- 
ried Clmrlts Noble. 

Hmr>' S. Bt^.'l.>e, and wifp. Lydi^t Wilcox, tram 
Great Warrington. Massachusetts, in JS3*. III? kt-pl 
M. liv^^ry, WH?- a t'onimission nii.»ivliaii( witit T, D. 
Br«>ivHler, ran a fonntlry under the firm of Filz- 
Mmmons & Beebe l he removed to Cliicngn about 
1961. His childr»-a art* : (*rorg«-, dwvafli-d four 
years unod: Lncy, married a .Mr, Wol>L^nint!bicftgo; 
Nelly, nurricfl ; Jruiik\ und Mary, at iiomo; 
Jamea. is roamed, in Chicago, 

Klijoh Mcrritt^ from J'utnnui County, New York, 

History i^ Ln StJh f^xhnty. 


in 1834. liv^d li«?n^ fotir or Wvv y^tit% ; waa klUed by 
th*^ fall of a U-eo ntyir Tiskllwa, shbnnt IMfi, 

Dainel M*?rnn, Inrnbi'r of the ttb<iv*\ fixini Put' 
nitiit CutJiiLy^ Nrw Yink, iii IH34 ; setil*'d on S. 7, 
T. as, R. 1- tifl died in 1«70, Harriot Hopkins, 
liie widow, a»d oui* daugliU-r. Martha, live on the 
old placj*. 

St€p[icti Morritt, from i*atnnm County. New York. 
aetcl<,'d near Pt^-ru, En 1^>M* aftLTward rt^mov^ lo 
Henry County, and now U res in Bloomint^ton^ III- 

Dr. t^amuc^ Cf, Smith. Irom Ucrli&hirc County. 
Magsa^^hueonK, in ti^K*; his firat wife waa >fary 
BclftTid — «wond, Mary Ann Pcmoroy; \\9A oDtt 
child, Sybil E,, at honji^ ; hnr^ followed tbe bnsiiieBa 
of H druRgiflt ; Id now PoBtnisister at P<>riL 

John IIolTrriitn, from Tioga Co,, Pa,, In lASS : mar- 
ried Mary Ann Mann : kq>D a liotel. and did a ware- 
liouNL- u,jid roiuiiiis^ioit busiiiei?^ hi toni|.iaTiy with C. 
C. Charh^^fl. and aft^-iwaiil wilh John L. Toates ; haa 
btten SnjH^rviwor, and Chairnnan of i\\f- Board: ifl 
now rannin^^ in Mfnd<»t;i. Tlas riglit clnldren ; Asa, 
marmd FramvH Raymond, of Ottawa ; Pbebe 
Adt'lin*', niarricd 0. Bcardalcy, flh« Id now doftd : 
Maria L.. marri^td L. L- Btoddard, of Bsglcwood ; 
John B^.mOTriLul Mary Tito mas, and Uvof< in H^n- 
dota; Julietto. 0, inarned Charlae Wolf, of St 
Louib; Maria H., Clmrlefl C, and Andruw ,!., at 

J. P. Judaon, from New York, in IS3(>; was Uod 
agimt ; h>n »oon. 

S, Lisle Smith, from Phlladelpliia, a Uienurd law* 
y«r ; here a fihort lime, ami went to Chicago. 

sketch ^ SeiiUr* ^F^ru. 


John Sniilh. broii^T of S. Ut<le, liopt a drag 
ijtotvs wt^l back Ui FbilRdc'Iphm, 

Fletcher V^Vbstor, mix *A tlio i>.nowii<Ml Daniel 
WtrbTfU^r, fVotn Man^hlidd, MoiiBachu&otts^ in 1837 ; 
practiok»d ijiw hfi-ro (hr«?i? y*?a.r»; wn* A?i*l*mn(S»*c* 
rtjtary of Stau» at Wa^hingioD, for a short tirn*? ; 
was appointed to ao olBce in the Bci«toD Ciii^tcim 
HouA-, hy Pii'sldi.»iil Hiirrison ; was klHt^d III Vir- 
ginia, fu the war of i\\^ Reht*Uion, 

Dmniel ToM-nseOLK fmm N'y»w York. 1837; wa;* a 
|)a.rtitfrof Hi'nry ?. Kinm-y, in htOling ^iK)dA; left 
in 1840 ; now at Niagara faliis. 

IMiUipIIalL from N^w Yurk, in Um, here 1iv« 
yeans clerk to Kinm-y & Townfi^nd : went t^ Aorora, 
and was Supc-rinttnrttuc of Chicago, Burlington & 
Qoincy Railroad; t^jnc^dend, 

Jamea MiiUord, from Chicago, here in \^Z% with 
Kinney ; vrna partner witti Dunif^l Townst-nd in com- 
midsioti bnsIiK>^ ; vntiit Sotith in i\\f M(*xic un woj* ; 
did a commiEfiion Lmsiness in New Orleans. 

Jamit^t My(.^r*;t from P<.niif<ylviinia, hn>fht?r(if Mm. 
William Richardson, h^^iv several j'ears ; went lo 
CorpiLH Chrlsti. Texns : died on u iwa voy^igi-, ami 
wa«i bnrh^d In ih<^ Adanilc i>r'4*an, 

William and Chairles Uresser, from Bmdfnrd 
County^ PeDn»;ylvHiiiiL, in ]8.t7 ; lailora ty trade; 
wiHit Uf CiiUriruiiL in \M^. 

Harvey Wuod, from Caniula. in 18117; diwl ahimi 
1872, FTi? had fourihlldn-n : Willbm ilied here; 
John went to Tennessee, is now in Illinois ; Marnra- 
rely inariitrd Frnuk Casort, of La Salle; Onice, 
manied l>. \\. Muitock, 


liislory t^ La SafXtf Qmniff. 

a. B. Bullock, from Cleveland, Ohio, ciirponti 
by tnid*', vnmt' ln'rt- In 1337, Hir ttlid h\^ wffi* bol 
di*^ oF rholt'ni in I8:)2- 

Ji**M' Pugalpy riime from Rit'stern Now York i^| 
llie fall of IftlW ; iiiarri'il Miwti Wnoil, «.«<! wroii^^ 
wife Mian Wood, ^listfrs of llarvej" Wood ; sUl^^ 
living in Ptrii on n fann. ^M 

Ersa MoKin/ie came From New York id 1S37; 
curpi-'iit^r by trade ; mwriLMi Miss Kerr, now livi; 
in Pera. Two daufibtora at home*. 

J. P, Tbonipdon onmc fioni PrnnsylraTilft id fi 
of 1833; went South tirtcen y^yai's bince, and dtedij 
Pen neylru Ilia two years a^o. 

C H. CJi&rlt'^ £iud wilk Julkt Mann, cnrno ft-oin 
Tio^ County, Pa.» in 1SS7; witt a merchant Id pari- 
iiership with John Hofl^nan: died in 1840. Hjb 
ilniighlL-r, Siit*;iri, iimm<^vl Wiil Gilnmii, ofMi-ndota; 
Phebe, Diarried Hod. Washin^on BuabneU. of Ol- 
lawH.; oNi^ hoM^ C. C. Clinrk's. married, und Hv^a id 

LnriiiK Riiinnll rjiiin* from Utica, N. Y.. in I8S9 ; 
wralnrlj iimk^rr and jf wt-lrr; niarriird .lulia A, Tj^onai 
Biftter of llarTey Leonard, Esq,, of La Salle : mov* 
to CbicaffO. and dit?d tbr-n;; widow livvs n^rar Cb 
C3tgo. One daughter, Kmily, now >^1dow of Oba£J 

Conw^fiu?^ OnhiM nnm* from P*»rin*ylvania in 
fall of 18Ht* ; 11 merchant, and J uatke of the Pi 
now lina^ an Corptie Cliristi, Tt'xa.ti. 

Corrn^lln^ Ci'lt'Ocy came from Penns^lvanlrt, 
H, S. Kinney, in 1^35: died in Peru, about tS60; 
vridow ISvoalnPeru. l^ad one son, John, and &▼• 

.St-£teA qfSetUars—Pcn^ 


daugfitPT« : Miirv^, niarrietl Mr, Miller : Maggie, 
mairiid Wm, O^Xi-il ; Thrnrssi, m.ur'u^l ; Nvllle. 

l^lrkk M. KilUhifF caoie fiiim Harpers Peny, 
Va., ID 1838; niam<?d Cliri^^liumi Maitit< claa^)iu-rof 
A^a Mann : vra^ Mayor of IViiL Mapiatrale, and 
(Viinty CominUsioner i died in IVra, Junvlicli, 

DfLTid Dnna camo from Vermont in 183*! ; black- 
mitth by Imde ; wiu! a furiin.^r in Hun*au Couniy, 
now in Chicago. 

Timotliy Cokoby cami>fromPennvy1vnnlBln 18:JT: 
now on a farm. 

Daniel McGinn came &oin Ir«lnnd iu 1840; 
tuUor; wt^Lt Ic Cal(fonit!i in 184S*. 

/tniH T^twit<. and \\Ui\ IliinnAlL Brot^n, cAmefrora 
I>r>den, Toiiipkiusronnlj, N. Y., In IftSB : kepi a 
IinU"! ill Pi-ni for wvi^ral yrjtrs ; >pi.»rt Uii* lfi>t yi-ar 
of bis life with hiw Ht)n-Sii-law, S. W. Rrtymi>ml, in 
Ottawa.whercht'died in 1807. Had Ihive children: 
LoritK mairipd B, W, Il4i_VTimiid. now in Ottawa; 
Zimri, Jr., in California ; William, dit?d of cholera 
In i^a 

SatDUd \\\ RarinoDd cnme from Woodstock, 
Vt,, In ld37 ; livrj in IVru Wn years, and li^upt thi' 
t>ny i>art of th<? timo. In IS-I? he wafl ok'cled 
County B««orde<r. and removed to Ottawa ; he has 
hvld tJM> cfllc«a of K^ronivr. Otnuity C)«rk» and 
County Treagorer for many years ; an excellent and 
popniar ofib< er. H<* niurrit'd r^irilla I>?wii«, ilaiifcliter 
of Ximri f^ewiA, of Ppiu. Hf has len children: 
Pniiunrft, niiirrioij A-<i Troffiimti ; Siiwjiti, irmrnt-d 
John- A, Oort^in, of Iniva ; Miiry H,, Chiirlrj*. En»?- 


HiaU^y ef La SalU Oauntj/. 

lltiCn FloroUfL, Hamuel, Jr., Corriii. and AValt^^r, at 

Hiram P. Woodworth oami^ from Tonnont In 
1837; was en^tnepr on tbe JIliBoi^OnCml Kailrf)ad, 
tliL'n a morohant, Dlotl of Hjol-vra, m Honaepin, In 
18.V2. Hia widow \\x-**b in Chicago. 

SlUe Woodworlhv bmtherof HiraitL wasaiiSUftaDt 

(>eorgi5 B. Martin, kvpt wareliOQiw ; went to the 
All Siibii?, 

Willmm H. Darip, cletk for Kinnej : went to the 
An SaW--. 

Dr Sedey camt from New York in 18:t7; aphyai* 
eian berc till 1848; went to tbe Au SaNe. DM 

Geor^t^ Low cara<? Trom New York in 1838 ; aboo 
and barneys niak^.xr. thuu mcrc^Lant ; vrani to Town : 
kopt botel : iht>n Co New York ; died tliero, and waa 
buried in Peru, 

&L Mott cam« from y@w York In l^^; kept tbe 
hotel at che Sulphur Springs, b^twiwn Peru and Olta- 
wu; (liitd rhvrtv 

P. Le Beau oamt* from St. T»iiK Mwd here fir* 
or SIX y*""!"**- tlnTi v/rnl ^ontli. 

A, Hjail, and \vife, Hsttn- of J(«b0 Pug^ll-J, 
c&me from Kew York in 1837 : men^^bant with MofiU 
and Poaimn?*t*-r ; left in I84i\ and \» living VkisX. 

WsLtd B, Burnett came from New York ; rea:ded 
iicrts from 1837 to 1841 ; waa rii|^'ruecr on the canal 
wben building ; now livinp; in K<?w Y'^ork. 

O. V. Motley wime Irom Hennepin in 1837; h« 
built ihi? Moiley Hotel on the bottom, near the old 


f<krlch -/ SdU^TJt ^ Peru.. 


i«rty ; ili<> liot^l wsi^ canlt^l aw:iy by ah u*q flood, 
aii'i ilolley 1«"ft, 

lii-wiH WiiM". trom N*'w ]x>n<tr>iiCimnly, Ct., Hud 
irife^ Alice '1\ Rildwm. from Canterbury, CL. tn 
1834. flitHrd on thi? blulT soutli af Pi.'ni, vrht»r<*thi>y 
still re^bdt*. Tiii-v liavt- llire^ rLihli^n : Ella S.. 
married Wm. H. Bnran» or Peru; Sniuli H.. and 

tieon?*? \V. Gileon, of Conrw-'clionC, f;:rodQatvd at 
tho Xorv/fcli Univi^ri^iry in 1837, €ani^ to Porn in 
spring of li*:iS : waa an (^ji^inKT nn the ori^nal 
Contml l^iilrtKtd, built, nnder Slate autboricyf nnder 
T. B. Ransom, re^d<^nt f*n^ln<^i-; hn !ti.irrii.*d Mi^s 
E C Greenfield, of Middleiown, Gt., a sit*l**rof Mrs, 
Random ; hi? reim.ived to Ix»t?1 Grov^, but returned 
to P«Mi, and was* f^lecicd Mayor in IS^. He re- 
moved to ChiiM^o. and became a mfmbt-r of rlii^ 
rwil eslati' linn of A, .1. Giillfiwity i^ Co. ; lie died 
Sepl. 29, ISr»fi, leaving fi^ur Lhildrt-ii: Owrgc T., 
Uvee in Chicago— he inarritHl the danghier af Pmf, 
D. J. Plm^ktif-y, nf Otrle County ; llie widow and 
Fnuicefl are living with Erniuii, r.Ltfwlfeof Judge 
M, R. M, WnllHC'.>. in Chira^^o l Ella, ia the wife of 
Wm. .1. Rw??^*lJ. of New York Ciry. 

WiUiaui Ri< hard-on, and wift\ Mary Myers* cam« 
from Catarauifua Comity, N, Y., In }Sdl : kept 
hottd in Pirn s*^v*>ral yeara; toti^ht a farm of 
Thomson, Ir. th^ Bmwii ?u.'tt,K-iuent> South Ottawa, 
and drtiU hirgely in cattle, H«^ diod July 13, 1854, 
of olioli'ni, in Ottawn, ii^^d M^. Bis widow i^ not? 
the wife of Dr. Coles, of Ottawa. His children 
wwni : Wtn, Oapron, married A. Palmer, his second 

wife wan Anna, Hottaack — be died M&y &, 18(18 
Hi'iiry, manii'd Sarah BeiiHdtft, died aqoq after ; 
Sosan, diedemgle. 

WillSam Rouse came tVom Ktrw Orh-anSj in isn 
crocer ; died in 1874. 

JoIiD Aaron cnnie troni Kew Orleans ; grooer 
dt«d in m7r>. 



LiiS?ill*»^mbric^ the E. i of T. 3:^, It I, except 
n «Tna11 point l»t>iwo4>n th^t IlHnnU and V^nnlllloa 
rlv^ra which helonps to D«er Park. It is crosBed 
from tinrtli Ici south by tli** nnn'ii**C<*[iinil Rftilnwdi 
and fnim •<:4nI tn w<\sr by iht? Cliicsi^o, Kcnrk Ir^lniKl 
& Pnrifii: Ra)1r(>Hx3, Hiiil tlu* lllliiuii^ and Mirhigan 
Ciiiial temiiiiate<4 in an ailifivial ba^n wiUtlb 

lu this ba;<ii] tbc rircr et^amboat? from &t. Loi 
tni^t-r. llipcanai b(>at!« fmm Clucatro, and the locality 
seems cicsLiti(;d and littcd both by tiatnre and art to 
be one of the most iniportnnt Lrommirrdol pointa in 
the West. The progr^-as and dert-Hopm^nt of th^H 
town and its business Ims not ".-tjanled th** Qntirtpa^^ 
tions of its «irly c'^tth^rs, but its growth ha& Ijeen 
coiutniit and hmltliful. jH 

A mnnnfactiiriiLB inilustrycan n^^vortloiiriah imtu^" 
a^'iciiltnre is developed, the pypulatbm JNroomo"*. 
den«>^T '"^nd rupilul ha^ ticvuTnubiii?d i«nllli'i»?nc for l4^H 
prose^^ntion. Th*^ ccml prodmrdon. and th<? xinr ana^l 

glass manufacture, have au^umed largv propt^rltuu 



and vr\\h Uj»* prodnivamt ^flipping [Dt^-rvst, aggre* 
giiti^ an iLiiiiitiai ut htiftint^tta th^t lutM be qtHte 
^miifvitiic to th» citiz^tis of La Salle^ and of irbkb 
older pUcetf ntigtit be proad. The fatare of tlh- 
.looaJity can liAre boL od« naalt, that of a ^reat 

^muel Lapsh^y. trom P'*B»»yh'anlB lo St. Ixvnifl, 
and from St. Lonta to Ia Salle, ifl Ir^*; made a 
farm on tb^- prc«ent bIm of Lt SulK wbt*n- tli4< old 
OntboHc cburfrh stood, exteodinx ^ far norrb aa 
E^fUi emwtf and as ftr ¥ML ei« JoIi<'t xtnwi. Hi- 
biiUt a aaw^mlil ob ibe lAtilv WrmUIloa ; his 
elaim prov«fd co bv on citnal land, MoDging to tli« 
SUilv, aiul b« luKt liiT* iuipruvi'iiK.'nU} ; b^ died In 

Buru>Q Ayres, aod wife, Orilla r^ngwurtfay, from 
Okio, CBkUw lo 1a Sallr in I8:f0, ntid r^-U)i.>loi] £^. H; 
a lilHrkHJiiitJi ;iiiil funjir-r Him Hho|i w»h :it tbt* fimt 
of thebliifl; ii*rar Ibe Litile V«niiil)ion ; h^^ died in 
1870, Ul* \uit\ 5ix t'bildrt'fi : JatneB» U marrir^. atid 
lives in ir^iquoirt ("oiinty ; Mjmn 1>. is al»o In 
Iroqaots ; Eluabetb. is luarried. and lives in 
lovra; Fmnklin, id in Knn^a^; Warrfrn, \s &iiigli\ 
and livea in Princeton; CharJottcr is mam«i. and 
in Kansas. 

Mrs. dwanson, a widovr, vritb n family— and a 
aist^T of Jabn Mycrti, from Obto, B^ttJi^d ne^r tbi^i 
mouth of the Liftb* Vt^rmiUIon. in 1^31. Shtt niovHi 
near thi? Hardy fanu, and in 1>*40 removed to I'eca- 
toTiit^ii, tbrn rjiiiii-r ba^k to Lsi Sally, ttnd finiilly 
muvi^I tij C'Siiforniii. wbei\? ^hv died, ^he bad Iwo 
mmai, Jiibii and Rilwnnl, iirid two d:iugfatvr9. 


Jfistorrj of La Salte Oountff, 


Aaron Qnnn, (n>tii Morir.iguf% MaAsiclm^tta, waA 
fui't <ft ii voUthy foniietl in I8;J0. in Nortljaniplon, 
Maasachu^-lta. A^^-nts :;ont oiit to liml u looutiou, 
iiXK-d upon liA ^aJIe, . Tbt^ colony came out in ISI^l. 
Gudu, and sctcu gthi'r yotiiig men bought two pe- 
roguos, or cario(*^ at Mottvilk*, Micliljcaii, and 
floiLtr^d down Uie St. JoBcpli to South Bend, tlien 
hanlGd their caiio^g acro&s tlii> porta^B to Uie Kan- 
k&k<T« (th(3 fuimo ront^ lak<?ii by La &ill^ l/iO years 
b*-forp)f they th«^a Hoailed down ch«> Kaiikakt>«* and 
IllSnoU to Fli;im^i>in, In nin*; days. The iicaii'in vim 
wet, and the colony, disssuisfl^^d with the location, 
*»*.'Htt*?Ted ov<.»r the *\mMlr^. iiioittly g*»in^ lo Bun^aa 
Countpy. Mr, Gunn wt'iit (» wbtru lj;imollh< now ia, 
bought a H^im of Mr^ Hall, who was kiltt-d hy In- 
diuii»^ atn Indian Cn-^-k, th<? foll<>wing j'lirnnit.T. 

The next summt-r he left on account of the. war, 
and uniainf-d two years at AJa^olia, In Ift;J5, sold 
bi^ daim and ln^u^^lit 40(> acr»>3 north of and now 
adjoining the town of Lii ^ilk^ In coinmon with 
nio&t of thr 8otth-r?L in M^HC, be duppoded h\a fortune 
made, being told ttiat hie 4Liu acrce w«re worUi 
$IO,(KiO, (tnd that h4> tu^d work do more, bat 
not realiidng that gam he wont one year on the 
Ottawa m1fl«fon as a Mc-thodli;t v'xhorior, and in 1837 
was mamed to >'aney WinterSt of Mt. Palatine, 
and w<.>Dt to fHi-ming, finding bin 40i^ !i<'ri*« worth 
what lis producthm of Tarm isropci would iudicttlv. 
He ia still living on a part of (he ?4n,0<Xi faLrm, at 
a ri|wold ago, pmimbly aa ooinforlaMi?n»b^.' would 
bavH bt^n had he reaii/ed bift anti<^i|>at4^d fortiitu^ 
Ilia cxpeiience and di^ppoiutmcnl in tbat reapvct. 

."iktirJitkfAiaerx—Lti ^lUr. 


might hti writt«i m* a jjiirt of tUi* lii^tory of niHiiy of 
cbe emigranlH wlin i!uiii4« Ir \^M-1. His djildreu 
ara : Lydia C. who died Ht ihe uj^a of 13 : Netti(> 

W„ Pastor na|)fl?4L rhtirrh, N-jniiiil, lU. ; Liny G., 
tuarrk-d UcTnmD B. Chapm:in« of L:i^u,IIe ; Eliza- 
beth ^-t niarn<*d Frank \i. Ayri'iii, of Kihisa.^ \ Anron 
E-, a fanner, ff La^allr^; IJella E,, at home. 

Dixwcll fjUtliri^p^ frtun ^'<^rwirli, Ct.. came ia 
1886 : was employed by a company in Norwich to 
flclcL't and purotmso Land, He urrun^ed to enter 
land iLt lioc^hwt^ll, adjoining LaSall«, ruturned iind 
bronfzht out bis family in i836, 

A» th<> a(f**nt of CliarW and John RockwcdI> of 
Norwic'h, he luidouc rh^town of Rockwell, and in 
1838 was rt»riforrrd l»y a colony from NorwicU a"d 
viclnlLy, i-nllml iln^ Rorkwidl CiJ<*iiy. Tlu? lnwn of 
Rockwell wjis »t this tim*! at (he height of lU pros- 
pt»rily. Hvid rht- iirrivalof lln? nnltmy v/ft3«:4UppoHi.-d hi 
insure its ultimate ^uccesA ; but IhewiinimiraTid fall 
oTlfidB wt'fi'fteartonj^of ]iiir?x^Tiiplird Mrkni's:* lh]i>ugh- 
out the \\^%i ; mataniiUA diseiiftef xistt-d U> ;i]i extent 
anknown birfcirc of anco. It wa» particularly »ever<^ 
alone th^wid*' and low hotti^m luiid^ of Llk- Illinois. 
The Kockwcil coloni&ta woiv all sirk, many died, 
th« ourrtvors ftmtli^rvd tliroii^h thi> country, and 
th*? town never recovered. 

La 8alie Lxing eekcled tLS the lermiiiation of thu 
canal madt; tliat Iho cfiitro of biiKiiK.^s-s, ami Roi^kwell 
will doubllesa be » plfaeant suburbof lU siiti-o^Aful 
neighbor. Koiwlthstandlntf Wut failiirs of tlj'.» town, 
Mr. Lalliruprutatned theconfldeneeorthe Rockwell 


mMcry <^' La SalU CowUy. 

Company: h redidln^ in 1a Salle; he haa 
eucc^e^ful amateur fnrmtn' and beo culturiflU nod Is 
liilC^iIy rv*Tvcu»d. His firal wif^waa from Norwich, 
Ct. big Bf^coud i^'ilti wag Mist; f<Wr«r. lii?> had 
dnitghii^n ivho dL>^3 ngtd 17, 

DnDiel Buird eanie fmm Westborougli. ^ass.. 
itj i.lir ^prlu^4ff lS3f^; kept n luKin1!iig-hou>te 
Itockwt'll : liift wife, Charlotle B. FJfId, and hi 
f^iiftvr, Adiilini.>: 0. Fi'-U, crsme ont iii tlio fall 
18Sfl, Mi^sF!<*lll via** manii'd tn KlmwBaldn-i 




of PaiTii Ridge, in li^SS, Mr. Baird and faroily i 
wt;rti all proslmtLHl by the »tokne«s of 2833, And liitffl 
biiAinePA brokrn ni*. hi tht- r^jirin^ nf lft39 Iie^ 
movi*d onloaf;iriii near Pal-^rtune Ui-ore, in 
County, when- ho resided liU hia d^lh, In 1 
H« liad three children: Marianne marriod H 
C- t. Itapnmii ; Si'Mi, nuirnrd Amanda Thompson^' 
Becond wife, ^fartl^a Hoes? : Carrie, married Newton 
PtiTiiplirey. They till, with the widow, Uve on or 
noar* old lioitivttl^'ud. 

flsckxiliaUMerrltt. and wife, Samli Smith, camd 
from Pinn-iitj County, N. Y., Sr thv fall of 183$. 
Hti uiude u fanii oil 3, 3, T. »:t. H. 1 ; hiti wife dM 
in IH47 ; his S4!t*(jiid wir«» vviiA Lydia Robinson, who 
Ia Mill living, :igi*il ^. Mr. >f*'rril I diwl in Ft-hniary, 
1877. aged 84, lie left four children : Poller, 
rird Jnliii Vh\ tlify livrr iti La Sallis Conlwlbk 
Iiiarrit?i3 Philo Uiidl^y, eilie live.H in Ottawa, and Is 
now II widow ; Martba, inarrif^d Frank ilunU she U 
now deii^eastd : Nathan, dut\ in Arkaniias. 

r^orman MeFarrand came from Whitcliall, X 
to Baltimore, in I^tK) : ho marriod Mary Ann 

A^<d *>/ Sati^^ — Jja SaBc, 


n!St, of Eltic<»tlV MillH. Md., and ;*e1lled in U SiiIW 
Sept, ia, 1837 liiff wift" in d«cea«<^. leaving t^rnu 

Udrmi : John Kunv^t, Isuhc liiib*.-rU Wm. ll<.-iii">\ 

uy Adh. Cy^-np 8rj)»liia, Gorman Niu^h. .hrliti 

John !!• M<'P'arninil, l^roltier of Nunnnii. nunc 
m Tlogtt Oounly, W. Y.» in 1**:*7 : he martit^d 
JuliaA.OIark; lii-wa^f^ngagcxl on Movi.>ml raitrocds 
before lie rani»-* to La J^aUi*: h»' wn.* ft rfininuUir OQ 
l^M Mlirctifi ^' Mi<:hi;f:ui CanuJ, htkI on tli«' Illinois 
Cmtrftl KftihoAil : was P< 191 mjkJ^ ;it Ui SiUl^r for 
s(*V4^ral yeiir*, lit* is now living In rhWjjo. 

Nahuni Ooulil wuh hcirii in Warwick, Ff^mklm 
County, Mjim*.^ in 1798; trrlpjiW l>y a*n a*-i'i*ifni 
iind nnabli- lu lalx^r, \w MU*\\<\i'i\ lin Ji(r;id>.*my tit 
New Salem, and taii^liE mrhiH^l alti^rnatt^ly, tUl hv.- 
«Dl«n^] Aniticrflt Coikg^.^ ;ind gmdiiarrfKl in 1838, 
Hf 9lu<lit-d theology vriUi Or John Woodhndge. of 
lladloy. Ho married R*.>IJocca B. L*?r>narfL Waa 
ordained a niim^UT of tin? Prt^sbytenan ClinixlL, 
and api^ointed a mi&^^ionary in tho State of T&^yr 

May :»tb. 1^:^. wUhhUwirr, cliri'^'f (?kiilctrt-ii and 
libt Slather, Sumim (whu aft^i'ward marrit>d Thomas 
Hait^lh of-Henn^'plii). nUirtt'd IVir IlllnoU in a li^lil 
wagon ; tbev gt^nerilly found accommodariojifl for 
rlli^ tiiglit »( Ih4^ linnsrs almijc Hit- rottti', l>ut w«»re 
HniiicMiTu^ roMijit-llt-d (<> ^!t*o|t in \\u'\t- wH^'tn. He 
airivedalhiK wir4*'s hrolJier k, Dt^a. .luhu Ij«^on:trd,ac 
Bailny*!* Omv«;,-on Jniu- IStlr tic vrA> fiml HrtllM 
at Union (Irove, nnd prearhed ort-aaionally at Hen- 
nepin and VL^miillinnvUlL"- 


IlUiarp <f Ija Ai//e Gtunty. 

Heor^nited oraeHisUfd in organizing h P 
t<?rian Chnrvh at Hennepin, IW. 29t1j. IftU ; «n« at 
Union Gi'ovt?, l>ec. 3i"d, 1S34 ; at \>nnilHonviUe 
or L:>u'<_-il, Auguat^ 1K)4 ; ottc nt Plainfield i oae a 
Rockwell. January, 1827. TJiat year be built 

In 183B his wife, K^birca Hlako Leonard, died, 
l^avinj^ foitr dnujElitors. Ttw sicknees of 183S swe 
iiwiiy miir*t Mmn liiiU of tliiroliiitrh. ]l<r pn^***!! 
at Troy Gror-^> and arj^nlz^d a chuich ih*^n\ 
1S38, )}i*ingt in i^mnmon witli t-lii> mnjonty of tlM po 
tilatlon, takon slok. h^tarnetl his lior*? on ib^ ]>ralr[«^ 
toc»iv fur hiin^t^ir. nnd u^as lakeu to hvs sist^ir, Mns. 
Harti^i.'ll aif. HfTiiitjjtlii. u'hvnt hin i'i(ildr*»n w*'re. Mr, 
Hartfl^ll was aUo siik. antl Ijiw only child died. 
TbiM§. llnrt»t»n die*l nt WHukvgnniibdiiMwwIveyeara 
ainc^, and his uife, Seniim (Jttnid, dit-d at Hcnni^pia, 
thirty yenra Bince. ar in 1H46. Mr. Harteoirfi only 
survivinK I'lnld and son Hven al Aurorii. 

Mr. Oould returned to HwkwclJ laty in tlie Call, 
and in tJie spring of 18:i!> rmrrii^ Bamh Dowey, 
daughter of KoswoU Dewey, He left for \m liealtli 
and liv*fd ux Prlnc4>!oii ono yeor, tlu-n ftVitlod at Troy 
Grovo ; prt^ncliod and tanpht the difllriotdchoo! and 
k«>p1 a station on tUt? Under>n'ouiid Railroad, and 
claimed lliiU ihe paflsengi*rA w-'nt safely throu|flt< 
Wkil^ at Itomer \i^ viiis a sort of sa itini>nmt on 
laiHAloiniry i-in-n1t tr» Indlnn Crrt-k, «^)ii*n* \u*. organ 
li»*d A L-hiinOt in 1S43; (iiif in Pair Paw in 1644 
|>ri?ftctiod in Harding and !^i'n-na x MifTi^n-t) man 
ltalTl^hi|>.4 and t*nroiinteri*d many daiiK^^^a and nar 
TOW i^t^pcd in rordini; atn^nii und other twa 
country experit^nces. 


Skftci ^ Sfitia-s — La *«*-. 


Tn 1fMA)ir>retnovi*iI in Oonldtown, in llw lowni of 
Friv<l<«n, wht-n* lie r^ftided fonr yeans lh<^* to 
NnrtliviUi*. nod to ^momtitk in ISoB. 

In Nov<Miibfr, IWA hi^ wire. Sarah D<fw<*y, di^jd, 
aod in ]fi58 lie muniL-d Lois Juiit^ widow of Hev. 
Fraorii* L»*nmird, nf GaliTsbunf. llh {nmWy Uved 
with or near liim till 1^71, when ono datiglit^^r went 
to K*.bniekai oik' divd, omt w*.'nf to low:*, und one lo 

fn (k'Uithi*r 1$7I, h« nrmoriNl to NobmsIcA, and 
r«t-tt)ixtaL Kearney Jimction. He secnr«dth<^ organ- 
mtion of a cbuif h at Kearnejr. aided efilriently In 
orguni/infT tb^ pr^wbyihT}- of KMirDt<y uud ^ynod 
of K«biiiaks, and pn-sidt^l at the flnt milling of 

Ilr dtixl at hiH homr' in 197S. agrf 74, and bis 
graTtr overlooks the city whkh had but one lioiint- 
wbeo bi' vf^ni ihr^Tv. But f^'w men havo h«d more 
vaHiil T^xpenencT*?*— fle^n iiior»* of new country life, 
or lnbi?n<d more xi-alously id tiieir chotwu tield, or 
oci-oinpliabed more for whiih his chnroh &houJd be 

Brtmi*y Martin, from T»*1aiid, tn IWIS. 

William KlJey, from li^land, in iS:f8. 

BartioU Thompson, Id ]»±E9. 

Dr Thomas \\\ Heimesi^y. fVom Ireland, 1S37, 
w^tH a jiraL-cidTig phyAlcl:in in La Salli' Tur lw*»tity 
years, tlien inov^ on to a fami, in the town of 
Dtmmkki wlit* n^ hi? ruvvr lives ; lit^ nmrrif*d CharlotU* 
Cadwelb dan^hi^^i- of Sheldon Uadwell, of Deer 

I>atii«1 Burdlck. and v^-lU*. Sally Adanif^, from 

380 HiHiory of Z/i SiatU OiurUjf^ 

STondoh. CtM In 1^37. srttli>43 nti»ninti. H^onltsled 

in X]i*' arn^v, and illi-d f» IdN, Hc^on aftt-r b&s ivt^im. 

■ToliR Hifq^ita, from Pvtradi, to Cliics^o, In ib^ 

yvitT Tf* now >» llw ^fnin-ry tuti)<'« wliii'li In* iia^ 
foHoivMl niiioe h** tuinie to 1m SnTle. Harris ihr 
widow O'OoTiiH'r, daiighb^r or WiUijun Bunts'— lia^ 
a ?^-c:lmd wift-- 

Mr, Vau^hAn, imd wife, Irom Connectirut, IfiSS, 
one of th^ Rorkwill cnluny. Both soon ilh-d. 

tliL?a Lindloy. from Uonii'^cticut lo St l»uiJt. 
from llK'h^ horn In IHto ; uijirnt^d -Jnn*^ Kiiitrht, from 
Pittelmrff, Penn^iylvania, who is living in La SaHo, 
Mr, Lmdl>3y dii^dt li^uviiig n&iu< cliildiX'n, 

PItilo Lindl^'y, from S*»yniour. Coniu»ciVni, oniric- 
in 1P36: nmrn^d Cordvltai Mi-mii ; wiis iwv«*ii yeiirs 
Civrk of th*^ Circuit Court of I^ Salle Coiiniy, aod 
County Clerk one b.>rrn : wnit f jimti*Tmiitfli^r of the 
Fifty-tliird Ki*giiii»'nf TtlliinlH Vcdnniivrw, urtd «»jt 
klllfHl iii^ar AhotmiL^ Miri^isMpiin lAtS : his wldtin^^ 
rraidt'» in OMawn. wUb tlinri- cliiidT>M) — Plii1ui.^^| 
0<?oig*\ and Jj^nrtt M. 

Mymn l>. !*(iwn^ front Conm-ctimt, Id IKtT ; h^ 
mnmixl Elixalx-tli AUcn ; ht- Md k<>*'<1#)H R^n kmdl 
and went lo Clucac:© in IKJ8. or IS'diK whvre he b 
now living. 

William Baldwin mmo ic 18:17; aierctuint in 
KockwBll ; went to Chicago in 1888 or V, 

Jflmvi^ 0"N(?al» ^rom TMftiid, in [MW; tttlH>rT*r 

Wiliiam Bame, and wiiV. i5anih Harris, from Ire 
tond to Pirr^iif^^ Pii., In tdl9, camo to la Salle in 
16S7; Willi tbi* oontraolor for building tlit* canal 

iEftw^A ^ -SW^/fT* — /-br-v* Hidac. 


ftqoeducl over the Little Vermillion, and the lowor 
1ookiton1h<*f'Aii«l: iiuoo^ tiitM^liuiiic, luid j^hyakally 
and mentally ft itu|>4?nor mniL Uedled in the !3i»- 
Uxfi Hoe<iiita1, in Uhicn^zo, in H7y, iigcd HH y«ar9^ 
His ehildren wei^: Blto, «'lio marrio*! David L. 
Git>(ig; -fohnC. died in (he State of Maryland; 
^arah. marri<*d Mr, O'Ocmncr of f-n Sall*% and. after 
hii» di.^UJ]« married John Hip^L^ins, <Lif Lit Sail i? — eh^ 
Is now diH^enMKl : Jost^ph. di^ al :^l. fjoaU; two 
gnitideUndren only !lvlnjj:> 

Ihuii'-I f '"<^Tori* t.-jime from TivLand hi t«*7 ; waj* 
JuHtitH' fif th»» P<*ji.i.?(? fur >ii'vrr*il yi-Jirw ; di^il iu 
1673, nis wiff was MNs fJan itj , His cliildriTii 
wen.' : Aiini*^. Daniel, Terrauce, L'ix>aiae, and Lukt?. 

John Cody. Troin Ireland, caint^ to Ia Salle in 
Jnne. IS3T: li<* marrir<1 Mb<n Tunit-y ; he is still 
living; liit^ irife dif'd in lH7i). Haa three childn-n: 
James^ marnefl Marj' Whalim, is now a grf»ci?r ia 
La 1M\v\ Hridt-il. married Jame^s Dunuan. Hn? 
I>r**j^ni Alayor of La Salle ; Hllen. itf iinmnrriM. 

James and William Cio^iar. brorlnTs of Simon 
Cro«iar. fron» Pitlsbnre, Pa.. t>«ttled on Sw^tion 3*!, 
m-ar Sht|ipiDc|>ort, in \^\ ; they both left in 183^1. 


Farm BitJge embran's all of Towii^^hip ^, RanRe 
^ except Si.-€lionft :tl and ^, which lie on the south 
we»t side of ihe Vermillion, and arc uttaciicd to and 
TonB part of Uht town of Vertnillion. It I9 all 
prairie except the extreme $oQthw«<tem portioitt 


HUtoTi/ <^ La SaUc County. 

wbich bonlers t!iH VermUlloo. The mosi sfcrilctug 

tetidiDfi! northtr^Al anr] wmUipaAt* lAmlli*! with die 
gcn<.T») coarse of the river, from wbicli the iowa 

Th« ridjEc is from two and a half to four milo^ 
fr*>m th<' >Vr«jUlian, aiil formft thi- divkli* which 
sepai'ak'i^ (hu wtUers whk*li How into that river from 
those that run to Cov^l] ^n^k and the DUoole. 
The gubHtrutum of the rid^fe, to a coneiderrtble 
d^pth, and ( omin^ within >!>: Co t^tght f<^t of the 
Barhce, m the western purl of the town, is oom- 
po«wl of pure wiu-^hi.fl sani;l, from whtdi iwmc 
several lai^e, iif^vcr-fuiUjiy Hprtiigii of wattfr. The 
defli^ent froRi the surimut or divide lo tbe VennilLiun 
livt^r iff quit** abrupt, wbilv ?o ihr iiurtlie^i^t it i« 
more grodii^il. A ^imilaj' ridge, Lhnuf^h imt a& hif;h, 
niiifs iifrivrly i.^ost iiDd wt-dt Across the north p«rt of 
(he town, while the crinlrat t>art le morf level, but, 
at^nwhoic. Im^ a niof^t vxv<*ik-ut itiid wriltlimiDMl 

The liri^t if^ulenieut hore, 06 elsewhere, wae con- 
fined to the vicinity of thft timber, &nd couseqiientiy 
to the fioiithwep^teni p&tt of tlie lowu. 

WilUniii McCormIck, Sanimrl Miirkey. und Reee 
Morgan, came from Fayette County. Pa., and wet** 
tin* th"?<l sclMi-rs in The town o^ Fiirrii Uidgt*. 

William HeOonnick titled on S. 18, In 1839, and 
in }B'M brikke tlie llrnt prHiri" liroke in fh>^ lown : id 
18-S5t nohl hi^rliaim, irrojm uud jmjirori^iiientH, Mnd 
located on S. 3. town of Bruce, lie married Mary 
Morgan, and ha^ had elev^u children : Sanders, in 


Ifoqaois Conntx : Unmpton. tr Strawn: &rac«, in 
Ghampai^ : Willistni. in Struwn ; Ann Eli/A, mar- 
ried Mr. BMino, now in Iowa ; M«ry, int^hampni^ 
Oonnty ; Kw?i*, Worlli, nud Momm, in Vi>\\\ K.U}. 

Saniu*^! \(a<?key iteul>xion S. ^^. in Wi'S ; Bold to 
Cluirli^ M(.-Con]iick, ftntl remor**^ lo S. 1, town of 
Bnicit, In conipnny wUli lii?^ brorhor, Xorioa 
Uflck^j, built u sawmill oei Ott^r Cn?ek. In IS3d, 
in compiiny wUh R4>«w Morgiiii, bnilt a !<aw-inHl on 
tbe VermilHon, in tlie c**ntre of a hyary tinif>elvd 
rvgioii. whiirli iliil » lurg«^)>(]fsiii<-fi» rorM»vi»ni! yifir^; 
be (li**d in IfiM ; he y/eav^ th« firwt Rujit-rviftor of tlw* 
town of Bniee. Flis widow, SiLrnli Mor^in. is living 
in Stn^lor. Hi* Ifft fOiiNlri/n : M'ulvifiu, nntrrit-d 
Mat Morrison ; Stephf^n, man-ie<l Rinma Holly ; 
Min-.^n'ii, married Willinm CuttwcH; Goor^* and 
Jnbei^ are mn^Ie : Agn«^4« man-it-^I Meiluivl Bron»on. 

R4:i'B Morgan, son of Wiltmni Morj^m, of Bnioe, 
aeCt!^ on S. :t:i IK» marrivd Ri'bvrrtt, duiijifliu^rof 
D»vid Ueftder; in IH:Jb sold lo Marvin W, Wmock, 
and inov-exl on to S* 8, T. 'Jl, R. 3; nfCvr running 
the saw-mill on tint V<>i'miLUon for ^evvrol yi'ar*. lie 
Mn*«*d on« term as County Treasurer, then removed 
to Dayion, nnd U now living nt i^imwn, Fonl Co,, 
lUinoin. 11*? liasseieral children. 

Ktin-^r Baldvt'in, IV*»b*:? Clark, Jnnii?rsB.»lcy, 
and Noble W, M*-rwhi. raine fntm NVw MUfo^xl, 
Gonui!rtieut, in tliB Hpniig of \^^. Bon^bi tlie 
fi)aini. impTO/emt*Tir-<i and (-mj*?! of Willinni Mc* 
Cormick. and the ciaini nf .\lfivtl MrCormirk—pur- 
chftMd tlir land at pubHc salf, n: Qaleua, in June, 
&nd settled on Seen. 1H and ID, T. 32, R. a 


History </ La SoUs CowUjf. 

Noble \V, Mervrin ^^oTdliisTAndtDSoIOmonBrowii 
atifl Kjrjc^rh A. Hunt, in tlii> spring of 18?f6, ud 
mov6d to Obio. 

M. Plan, and seitled on bU puichaHe in ilii? tipmg 
of 183€, His vrifp died in Julv. 183?. Tlii^t «uiiil- 
yt-ar li** niorri«*cl Pnidi^nn' Itarrajw, fmm Saratoga 
County. New York. In Irdc* lit* sold Iiii4 lann b[> 
Kfv. Daiurl l^ilduriti, from Coiin«i^riciiti am) tv- 
raoved to tlm town of Verniillion, wln^re be now 
lives ID aciKvr nii'mb^n n-nd LVfiion of the Baptist 
Ghnrrli. His* son, (J^-oi^tN and clauffht<*r, Harriet, 
wifi? of Aii^Mn»( Hall, lire near liim, Sidney P., 
tW soil of his lirT^t viife. dit-d At rlio iigi> of IQ. 

Be«bt* (vlnrU --"enh^d i^ii hie fftrm oe i»oou aa pur* 
dialed. In 1^57 ho mnrried Sasan Bishop, of Con- 
nw^tlrnt. and rtiirivnK^d bi:« farm till 18<Slt, wbou ho 
sold, and timv(^ to Joli^^I. to livt? with his daughter 
Eft^nHi-rtii, :ui only vrhild, tbi< wif»* of Ihit Rov. CliSls. 
A. (iiJbrit ; he di«>d Feb., ISTo, and Ilia vridow dted 
twL» y»-3ir^ afft-r. 

Rimer Baldwin t>rougbl hiA Ikmlly, consiftting of 
liiiE wir<*» Adeline IVn>iMn> ^nifl iiil infant datigbttfr, 
Mary, niiw l\\\* wifi- dP Kbirddci Willtutncs bi Flu- 
fiprin^ of Itctfl : his wir*^ died in January, Ift37, He 
itiflrrird Ad^-lin*- O, Fitld. of VVon^^^tor Oonnty, 
Ma^AathEi^cU!^, in Muy. 1K^« and ^Ull iv-Hidt-^on tW 
land purL-h&spd of ilic United ^calvs in 1835. a Jor- 
moT nnd nnrfti-ryrnQn. lb* brid tin: office of Justloe 
of th? Peace foun<?en oons-'initiTt" years; Snpcm- 
mr of the town livu yrars j Pcntniaster Ifcvnty 
years : ahool Troaanrer oi X\\*^ town tVom ite Hrfit 

Sketch ^f xSf/rffTJ — Fann. RM^e. flft'S 

ai^tUenitint, till 1***74: Twice » Re])r>'s<*Til»liv*» in tlu- 
I^i^lalure, uml i>Mr»' iti (hn Stair SiniATf ; and a 
metiilH-r and Prv*iflfi(l of thf Uftaivl of Siale <7l)ari- 
tW fire y<»ars- His son. Nobl<.* Orliitido. married 
Mag^i^ Jnck^n. Ami livf ^ adjoiTiiii^; \\\*^ old Tann. 
Suean Omlla ii^ at hnmi;. 

Hun'-.'y Ikii!fou. and wirir, l-^inny Northrop, camr 
from N^-wMilford, Cnnni^otinit, in IS;W; he wlth'd 
en 1*. tW, whore h».» died id 18'U ; Ida widow of:cii]>iod 
Ih*^ aim*? pn^miw* nil h»*r dnath. m 1H71. Thrir 
otily i^iUd, AdeliDe. was thv first wife of Hlnivr 

Solotnoti Bmwii, from Nt'W Milfordr CnniiGctlcut. 
in 1836 - Ue eeltl^d o& S. 18 : 1i«> sold to Morii^f; G. 
H3ilto<rk, in 184:^. jmd mored ro s, \^^ T, :t5, R. % 
wh**re lie dM, in 1640 ; IiIbi widow. Armida Wall**r, 
diwl 18-16, His diuiirht^T. irin«', iiniiHfd Mjirviti W 
Dlmock, iKiw H wjihiw^ Hrriij^ with licr brother, 
n^'nry. His son. Hfnr>% in n ndnist<^r of the Prot- 
i^?anr Rpi^'ifpal CJinrrh, and Hvw In tlieStoteof 
Nvw York. 

Kiijeth A. Unnc, tit>m N^wMilford* Ct., wifeand 
Art* childn'u, came ftT»in C^nnt^t^i'^nl in 1880 and 
**ctlk'd on S. 1ft, on llio prt-ndsLv^ honghl of NoW*? 
\V> M^rwin; remalni^d ont^ y^^^nr, and returned lo 
Ccnm<*ikut. I!*? t>oM \i\% \x\xn\ to Dr. Johnson 

Mai'vin W. Diniock, fix^m VV^asliington, Ct., cftni«» 
In 1838 Hv Ivni^ht (In* farm of K^Ni-jt Mur^ati, iind 
married Jan^^, /laii^hli^r of 8oh»non Ttrowu. In 
18A0 lu? <i«ld to Himm .Tarksun. frL^ni PentisylvRnia, 
aad rvmiivrnl eo Oitslivii In 1^11, whili* -i!iiivrin^ a 


History ^ La SaiU County. 


fHefi<l Hit* tmimalrt in rlie park of Judfi;e Caton, he 
livae killed by a ricione oik. 

Tlio f<»rof;o1njj: el;£tJt famiUw doiBiIiatecL whac woo 
called tile Tanker settlemf*nt. Five of theeecameta 
oomiiuny irom Comnhctlcui by tin* wiiy of N<*w 
York and Philadelphia, by milroud from Philadel- 
phia to Colnnibiit on tlx* ^ui4^uiOihiiiis« ih^n hy 
iranal an<l slack w:U4«r on titf roinantli' Junhila to 
HolidavysbtiFf;, by tlw Pottage Railroad mer llie 
rrft^i ijf rhf iiHTUiJtains to Jnlm^toivn, them're by 
L-anal to PilCfiburg and by 3t<-amer to St. Loois, 
and froiu tlicn- by a sfr-rn-whetfl Illinois river boat 
to Utica, 1j^ Salle Comity— being five vdeks on the 

Dett. Henry W, Gridley, and wife, Lwy Diokin* 
sou* came from DiKTfield, Mu&s., ih Jane. 1835, and 
iiotUed on & I. where- be residi-d nntil Itj-m^ when he 
floM to Thornati Dannaway and removed lo Ottavra, 
where he itow re^ide^ lli« rhlldr^n are : Caroline 
B.. murrii'd Hi*niy L. Brn^ : CUas. H., ia deceased : 
Laur;t VV., iiinrnt.-d ]>r. IV Kopkin^ ; Lucy S., at 

Win- Moore, and wife. Mi53 Wnathope, rame from 
IrrhiiLil ill lAifi, aj\i\ Hi^llhsi ofi J*, !fi, wb*Tt" h»^ nuHinl ji 
Iftfge family. Heboid his fann to Mr UoftM^jiuans 
about IFC^. and niuvrd to Pall Tliv*-r Thr pmrricrcf 
Iii*r.His(fnl hiiltiT^uy an^l ri^id t^totiomy has pi-odiici*d 
in the history of Mr Moore what it aln-ays ba«done, 
the po^sea^ion of nbuudunt wealth- 
John McCorniick, brother of WiUhiin, came from 
Fayette? Co., Pa,. t*ettkd on Sew. 3a and IM, in 1835, 
He marmd Mi^^ Morgan, dat^bterof Wm. Mot- 

Ske^h 0f S^tti^rs — Farm R(d^ 


He mUit) a ihriiily of auvt*ii cliIldl^D. Tn 1H7?> 
M his fa-rm, :in<l l« iimv fn MisfionrL Hb 
cliUdntfi uir: Cliftrlocti: : Ralph; CluiHtii^ mftn1«d 
Li:E2i*^ II»Vs : Nelson: ^ii-lierv, dec^afi^ ; 01178^ 
msirnivl Ju^u'iili Wiitirho|n- ; T>ou\ 

Charlie MtCormick, and wifi-, from FayKli^ Co., 
Ptt., parents oF Williutn. John anrl Alfrvd, came 
from Payt4t»? Co., Pa.* in l»;W ; bought liK: farm of 
SaiDQel Mackt^jr oa Section 33, where they died a 

Alfred McCorinick, »on of Charh^s came from 
PcnnsyWania in 1880 : ina<lo a olnim on S<.^ction 10 ; 
aold and locoiH on Sec. XU nnd hvc^d tht^re until 
1890, then sold to Mr Hampaofi, and rcmovt^d to 

JnmA« G. Pnik-n, and wif**, dau^ht^^r of Ohnrl«>« 
Hcrormick. cam^ fj^m Payeire Conoty, Pa., in 
tli<* fall of JS3fi, and eetllf^d on S*#ction '^i. In L830 
he iviDOTod lo WliK^ontdn. 

JotiD Troot> &om Brown Cotinly. Otiio, cam^ in til© 
fallof J8:iS,nn<lM.'tih'do[i S.6 fn IM^ w^iit toOhio 
iiD a vi^it^ and diitil thei-*'. He Mt ttlx children: 
Jolin M., riMrrifd Abby An^fll i-'ry, now livirie in 
Kan^s : Winh.iii C.. iniin-lc-il \hiiy Mim-ln-tu!, liv« 
in VeruulUon; Snsan, married John Morehead, now 
a widow ; Sjtnib M., marrird ninimCf»l»% und livr!<in 
Kan^tt ; Harrn^l, married SalalhJel 3neLi, in l>t«r 

Di^a, tloliii T, RoM» from Ck^rmont Connty, Ohio, 
«aiiic in 1S36, and sotrkd on Sec, 6* and dic-d in 
W'H, atEt^d aboni SO, tt-avin;; Uirov^ children ; Arohi- 
bald Tweed, went to Missoari and di-jd ther« ; H^ary, 


Hixiaty of La SatU County. 

iilWi wi>!ir to MlH^ouri ; til** clAiiRhtrftr mtrriWl John 
BlArk. ^nd wr-nt lo Inwa. 

Qt'on^i; Olfflm, uikI wifi*, Knthftriiir Winljwl, camv 
from 44erin»ny lo B^llimore, in Ih^. aarl sipttted oa 
3, 3n, T, ^a, B. a. in IMO. Hi»- wife divd iti 1808, 
l«-avinf( twii rhlldn^ii : Pred^rkk^ wliu occaijwttt ihv 
hoTot^Hrend, iliicI isa iiiir<?essfiil farmer; Atina, Isuow 
living 111 '[Vx:i.-«, Mr Gli-fm tijamtMl a n-chimI trift^. 
by whom be had axx children, all livinj^ in the town 
n1 H^lli'^ 

Isaac Whotttlnnd, and wir>_\ cami) rmm England 
to Ohio, and from Ohio h<<re; mode a claini on 
Section M, m I8M, where lie lirixl till his death. 
Hit; vrit'ty di<.'d uhoui 1$4^ mid lie lu^in married. 
About xh\* y^^ar I»<1« Ut* wn,s dmwuvd wJillo crowing 
the lllinoia rlier at Ottawa. He left iiix oMldr^n : 
Eli:£!Lbetli, rmrried WillmmWedg^^bury^ now living 
In Ir(H][UoiA County ; Mary Ann« who iiiartiiid and 
went to Uving^ton County; one son died »ln|^e: 
Wtllinni, inniTiHd Ml«9 Ofvsi»y, tiv«« in Fumi Hidgv: 
QtHirge luid RllfM- 

Atnos C]»rk, bmtliv?r to Rcm^-Iw, catne from Coii- 
nftrlifiil, in !^S7 ; jmri'lin?**'il a farm dm ftn-linii?* ft* 
and ^2Q^ and in 1S31> sold to Myron It. Bi'tiiii'tl, and 
relnm^d to Connecticut, 

Myron it. Bennett (-iiin».- from ConoccUcnt in 19^: 
in If^y hi- luarrit-d Maiy s^tiiart ; he was un •miir 
getic and liuecossfnl fanner: bt^dicdin]85G, Leaving 
a widow and two I'ldldrixn ; hU widow tVuyi in 1858. 
His son^ Ja8p«>r, marned Ma^ie Acklt^y, of Nuw 
Milford, CL» and lUvs in Evan^uou, 111. ; Ella, at 
present^ reftide^ with them, 

£?M^}k €^ Setiiers — FftTiH Hidff/e, 


Ur. Joliiisati HttT.cli, uiL<l wife, cami? from Ni^w 
Preston, Cl, III 1S3T, an*! bonght M(<^ form o£ Kir>>Mi 
A. H«nt. An old ex|>en*»n<^ physician, IiIa ser- 
virwn wci^ hi d^»fiiaii<l (InriiijT tlK'>Tfi:kIy £«:»K>iiSor 
1638 utifl *?9. and tlie relea.ft<* from lalior which he 
iHjnghi hy iTfimin^^ W-'st wn» 1i»rd]y found ; "lie re* 

John W. Calkins, and wifw, Mim Pa^e. came from 
SalLHl>iir>% l!l., in IA^^ unci wttk-d on, 10. Mm, 
OaikinAdied in Jg38. Hr aiarrirtl Slks B.<*idsl»>y, 
of Conai'Cliciit, who dwd siM>n afit*i'^ 11*^ ilien ni&r- 
ri^ Cynihm Bmtiop, of Con n*^olic-nc. Mn Cnlkins 
removed to l^ecr I'ark in lif42« and 8iilim-(|iii*i]rly lo 
Ottawa, whon.1 ht- died, leaving four <'hii*ii>>n: 
Jnmofk who inaiTl«<di wan t-nfc^vHl ia th^ lumber 
crad« in Ortnwn, eubti-><iut>ntly in Chim/jo. nnd lA 
now nijini]ru<-^urin;c hunl>i.r at Mtini^t<-v\ Mkdi, : 
Helen, married Kdj^r Baldwin, from Connecticut^ 
und JSvttsiU'ai" V»*miillio»vill*.'; Mnry, miirriwd llf*nry 
M. Baldwin, from Conneeticm, and s<*itk*d in V^i^w 
Parte — Mr. Baldwin died. aTid Mary is now tht* wlft> 
of H»»nry Fagi-. in Odifomia ; William W,, nmrrftHl 
LouW Hoftsack^ nud lives In Chk'Ugo. 

Charlt-M H. ftivfn, wni of Fli-nry Orwn, of Otlawu, 
I'ame W lUinoif< wllh bin fnlher. ;ntd si^Ulnd on St-o- 
rion 3 ; hv married Jane Iftjyd. and has tJiri-e 
dati^hltfTK 3lr, Qnim rrdtiviib'^a Iur|{>? farm and 
h&a ft line herd of ahort-honi Nifirk. 


Wtitorn qf /i« Salle OoJinlr/. 



erobmet-a that fAirl of Towutihlp 93, 

Rhn^i-4, l^'liiji Miiitli ^r lln* TlliriniH nriT, If 'le- 
rivrev iLs nanti- tnwi*- ^i-aud rujiiilH or iW lUinoi^, 
wliich Ik nlongitTi northr^ni t>i>iiDdar>\ rntiM869 
it forme*! a part of the town of (riani Rapid-s which 
WHS also named tVom the same natuial fL-niurv. It 
etnbr:ic<:'-3 cotL-^iderabli' fertile? bottom lands oIod^ tlie 
river. Tilt" south bhiif of the riv<rr. oxtcndinc: alooe 
lt(* t^tipe iiortlRin houadary, in a tunrkod object in 
its loiiography ; covered with limber, with poiuta 
^jctL^iidiii^ baok into i\\v praiHv, and haviiij; tlie 
Covi'll Civi^k riniK^r on thtf ^oiithvri^t; all U» poo- 
pie have eii&y arcet^?; to that Imporlaiit article. The 
prttirif in nilllng, and as r<*rtllH a^ l.liai of It« tilftMr 

The ttn^i i«Mfl1<-r in tliir llnillM iif Hm pn*3HNil hnrn 
waH Jairi>-s (iallovray : he tarne from Penn-sylFaiii* 
to Ohio, iH^ar Sandii,%ky, and rwiaaiiH-^l tiitre th 
yearA ; he visited the lUinoiit liier in the fall of 1894^- 
and it! i5ui4 to have aptrntsomo mouths in huntinff, 
trapping, and e^cplorint; (he country ; moved hia 
ffttnily [o Cbk-jiKo in 1&J5^ and wintered thero; Id 
IH^^ he bought n claim on ^- 31, T. :<, R. 4, whtob 
wad Urtit m»de by a man by the name of RawsoB. 
who i^>]d ro Ephraim Spiague. and Spmgutf ^Id to 
Oalloway, where he made a home and spent liw 
ilayi*, nU tlrM wUe dit-d m I&W; h^M- <rhildren an-: 
George, elaimt^i Ui be the dml whilr mah? ehilJ 
Ixira ill Ihei-iiunty* ni>w lEvinji; ni-ar the old fanu ; 
John, died in MiKsonri ; ?^n*ian, manied Joel BIIja, 


SkeicA qf i^WfUn — F^ll fl/ocr, 


\lvr» in Chlragn ; Jaiiir. niurri<>d ^f r. Hsitlowiiy ; 
Mar>'. marnwl Mn Clybiime, and livt^a in Chlciogo. 
Mr liiilloway'r* jwn^rnl wift- was ^fnlild:* Stijiro; 
ht-r I'hildrpo nrp; ArcliibuM. itiarni^il Mary Dickm- 
man, and lives n*^T Ihi^ old farm : Mzir^liall. who is 
aci»nductoron lii*> rhiraK<». U^^'k I.^I^ticI A Piicific 
Railrond; Suiiiad. livi.-;^ la Micbigan ; Sai-ab. mar- 
ri<*d Mr. Peanwu, and i& HvUig on Ihe old fiinn; 
Jamea, U living in the Ticiotty, Mr CfjiUoway diod 
in IHrtS. Jig*^ 7X 3^*fti^, Hid widow diixi in I8*;j- 

AbmU»m Trambo was bom in Pundluron Connty, 
Va., and i««kl<'d in Lii.'kiiig County, Obto, t^i^liteeo 
years; left tbere for IlUnoU in Xovi*inbi?r, i^^, 
with the Or^en^ Colony, That company croiised 
WhttQ rlv^, in TndiuriH, in tb« morning, and tfr. 
Tniinbonrrli'Hl on Its iiunkn Ihi^i'voidiigof lli^^mi.- 
day ; ii bad become swoll<?n during lb& day so that 
W wiu dHiiiii)*d f<n*r wiit^ks bj^ron" \w cxkuhl cro^. 
Hr W'-nl to 5^n^titon Coiiritj', uIiitr Ik- wMitt-n*4l, 
ami P'afhed lASalt** Connty in the Mjmng of I83<>; 
lie fittit bought a claim of Williiim RiHit-y on 8. 17, 
ftiid afterwards pnrobad^ on Sttcn, 14 and 22. Flt^ 
'YrftSlbc first Sttjwnrlsorof the town. He died Oct. 
7th, IS6&. aged 78 years, and his wife. Esther Dyer, 
died in April. 1865, His i'hi!dr>n wcrt^; Janr, who 
died in IS^^ Ambrose, married Ca3biti<Tonth.*[nan, is 
a wiMLlihy furmi^r on cli« old rnrni ; Margaret married 
John S. Armstrong, is livinir in >ria^]on ; Rolwoca. 
manii^d Samuel Parr, and livk^ in Kutland: Jack- 
son. di«d of cholcru In 184S. 

John Brown, from MiTfp;ouri. came In 18^^: setUi^d 
at the fonl of th<- lllini)i?4 rivi-r, iwtj tnilrn above 


:i«r HM^y of La Sailf Couniff, 

Ottfli^a, whieb henrft bis n&ni«. He trsadrnvtii-d in 
fii*?lit of lji> lioiiMi while oro^b^ ibc llUuoi^ ia ttj' 
turnLiiK frr>m the land ^k* in \^X\ Thi- fuinily Ifft 
in 1841. 

John Pow^rft. from Brldgewar>'r, Mil»3c., R«mi* 
Soiilhi«i-n Jllinois. ^m.^ rri»m ilu^n* herein ]834. an 
^Itl^l or Si-riioii !*«. Hv wru ihi* lir«lJu^tico 
th*? 1 Vant-H itui*** IrjwTi. II#* di«l iiilfiaS ; hUuridoir. 
Nnnry Ford, Tntin TiitclifMd, Ut.« ^till 8iirviti*s. 
Mi %\\ r\\\\([t^\i: CliarlftH R. Piiwrrs livetl iiwir th 
nhl hain4->iea(L has removed ^Wi4 ; Aaron l'\> ift in 
Grundy Couniv ; .lohn 11. ; Uaiy, marmd; Lucy, 
iiiritrii-d Andr*'W <!rtvnlP3A; Lnra. marnt-d Riiiiiti»*I 
Ilaminond. TUl' faniriy have all loft the county. 

Header (fuJIuway. t>rot]K'j ol tJiimiM^ mnrri*^ 
Racliel SttptT^ ; dh'd hmg ago, li^rinjc o&i? don, 
John K., of Miirnslkv. 

Samuel K. LewiB is of (juiirkor |iaiN>ntage ; hitf 
par<^Eit»), Ji<hu Lewis, and KflL^he] MUli^, from Pv^hd.. 
i^tlivi In Putniim County, iti 16:t3. Saiinii^l R>j wi 
bis wife, Ann HaHey, removed to Section 'Jl in 
River, ill IM3. M"? Iiild l\w olTic^ of i'ouniy Tiviie 
nrer two !*uut:i-ti>ivL' f»?riiitt; ba* binsii Sa|wrvi:ior 
iJie town sev't^niT tf^ims, »nd l^ now cbniriniLn of llie 
CiMiiiU' Rci;inl, His children aiv: Willilitn, wbi* 
inanieti Bllen Ki^tbHllH-r^er, HvHft !ri (iraiid Rapidai 
E<lwiird C rMlmnU^il I'ur and :idniitt«:J U> tlie 
— hv niairiHil NHHc Amislrunff, and t<«jk rhartf'' 
the lflifi<> farm and stock hn^ineas l^fl by hi?* wift*'* 
fatbvr. J, W, Ajmslrong : Obark^A. ha# just grud< 
nal4^d from Oberlin C'oJIe^, and is v.^rt in tbt< law 
offiwof I^avrrem^, CwnpbcU * Lowrence^orCbicapo 

^€ich ^ Setttefr — faff Rir^. 


8. Morrb Is iii Chioo^ Inivereily, Mn*- Lewis, 
mother of Samuel K., died id 1H74 : tier eon btuied 
li«r lH«i<K> hi-r tm«lwnd in th<- Qiiak<-r bunring- 
ground at CK»ar Creek, Patnam County, 

WilUum Gentl^mnn, from Vermont, fettled in the 
town ou Section IS, in 1834, and b4 ^ilt on thu old 
fann ; has bnrled two wivnB, and h^ifl four children : 
Eliza; William, lia»i n-i-i-riMv gnultuMffcl at Conn^II 
Univ»»r*]ty ; James; and one vouiiger daughter 

Patrick llurn^n. Trom ln»liiiid to R<>ston, and 
came liert' in IfiSil; dit^I 1H72 : »^iiIow. aind u1i)t*Ht 
dan^htrr. Live in South Ottawa. 

A. M. Kb**r^n1, fH»n or J<>w<pli Ehrr^iol. ram** with 

hir< fatJirr"?* fivmil,v in IH^H. TV w&s luarrird Uy >fi!!<s 

C- C. Whiciiesey, by the Rcr, Owen Lovejoy, iht? 

rcnowni-<J nholrlioni.Hi, in 18^L hnvin;* madr^ajour- 

ley to Princeton fo have tlio ceremony performed by 

int diEKtingiii^^bt-rt man. Mr. Eb<<r»ol ha^ tx^on on 

itxv^ ctti£>.-n ; he Iioh Ijet^n Suverintendent of a 
iday Scliool iwi'nty thrr^; yi^ares ; Jiititio** of iho 
Peace: Eldt^r in the Presbyterian Church: Town 
Jlerk Iwelve y(»an^ and Si?<T^niry of llie Old Sel- 
\vn A !4»v)c buioir Tlr* hast wix children : Callstim- 
and E1iz:il>t^*th, HIV \i\ tiome; Leli^, married Lewis 
Hih1^>ii, wr-nt W»-»L; .laniert. iiiarnt-d Miftn Tiynn, 
and liven in Ford (.'oiinty; E. (?orinn>?, wif»? of Mr. 
Coleman, llvt^-t n-ar homt- ; Alicf, marriKl Clmrlrs 
'. Pemtl. 


ffistorf/ fif La SaUe C&UJUp. 

TLp town of Fi>»edom embraceB tbe surrejrod 
Towniililp a") N,, of R, 3 Kiu*r, and Is merely pnUrii-, 
Endlan creek pase^ee. In a ^oaUie^iit diret^lloiL, iLcroaa 
l\w iiortl]<«(tt trnrnt^r cT t\w town. Oti [he bnnkfi of 
lKi* iin*t;k art? Jiboiit two and init'-tialf ?t"i-tiuii» i>r 
timbeXf n^liirli waa originally of exwUent iiuaUtf, 
Hnfl \v:i^ till* ilM HLt^l ii>iL tli:it< iiiiltir^-il Fh" r^v.-ttl'^flii-n'. 
The ^t'ttlt-inent roniiui'iK'i'd ill I.^IU*. uhil wa* limkt»n 
up b^ tlic Indi^kns, in tin? Dim k Ilawk war nf t333. 
AftiT r.ln* wiir, thi^ !tuniviii^ :*rltlrrs r-'riini'il, and 
olhora oanie io, and, as a part of Indmo Prerinotv 
and LutiTk a^s tbc town of Fivc4om, it ba^ been tt 
proinhiont and prr>r4pi«n>ik?« declion of the «:ouiity. 
TUe aad clorj' of thi- inaaaacrt? of three fatniliva of 
Its Trfonoofft, ^766 a melanohoLy inton^i to lt» liU- 
lory, and to the locality where it occurred. Each 
eueo^wlinggi'u^rAtton. wirlibnhrd breatb, witl listen 
to thp renilal, till the banks of Imllan creek will 
tieeomt* Mi^tori<f gr^^und Ihruuffh all tlie rutiim. 

William Miiimon h^M ri*rently erect*til a Hnt* niJirt>l«< 
moniiineiit H,t tiie gravis wheiv the fiftt^en vjetimsi 
w^ri? t)iinpd. Tl itt in view iif ihi? piiblir roud, iMid^ 
in« from Freedom to Earh on the nortbeai^t side of 
Uie rreek. and aj* thv vrhitt^ column meets the T7ew, 
th« travi*l<?r viUl instinctivi^ly heave a sigh of »ym< 
pathy for the tragic fate of the first pioneers, Tbft 
lovcripfion^ an' an follows: 

Ukhy J. R Fr^i.i., 



Ww- Pbtjoilbw, 
Wife, feod lum 

Ktlltd Mik/ i9ih, LHSt 

Kiucav Gnonaa. 

Si'tUh of SeOlera — Fraedom, 


Wiiliaiii Hull I>oni in Gvoi^cla, wn:* mftjrJrtl |i> 
Ukry J RWUfjurA, \t\ Ki-nUioky ; moved to Illinois; 
from tb«re tc near SpiIuf^li^UU tlLiiioiii, in 189A; 
rrtndo ft farai ui Mackinaw, am:! ilu'U went lo iht* 
leail mnif!;^ n<^r Giilenu ; Eol]owf!d niimag tliref* 
yi-^FA, thtriL iiluvihI lo Bun-avi Civi-k, and lo iivar 
IjLinoilIf, Bul^?a^ Coimty. \\\ tht* «priiig or 1S33, 
sold lilsclnim to Aaron Onnn. mid iui>vi.*d to Indiuii 
GiT«lt, whi-rw W, with hi-"* wifr, and **ti^ child, wrrt? 
kiUtvl by Iiidi:ins, May 2ii. I83'i Ilispldt^st daugh- 
tor, TviiipL-mncL-. marrk'd Prier Carlwright, uepliL'V 
of Dr. Cartwriglil- For tin- otJu^rtK =*ei' narrative of 
the maflfiacrf*. 

Mr. Davii^ from Kciiturk}- ; settlotL ou ludiaa 
creek. S. W. i S. % in t83tt^the lii-et in that region. 
Utfi wif4? wfu^ dflughliTof John llnye, tlic tir^^t 3t^>ttLor 
at Peru th<*y, wilh ftvo children, we^re killed at th"t 
masuicro. Thvir thnn? iildvsi iiott)^ vwcapt-d. 

William Perigr*5W. from Kemucky, wiTe and two 
chlldn*!!, W4-rr Htjipplii^ wirTi Hiubf al thi-t(m».'or 
the ma^'uirre, and all wer4? killed. Mr. Peti^rt-w 
cami'^ loBaiktj^'sGrovrat an '.-ttrlyday. juul wu^Uk'Ii 
^iii^Oe : h«? Jji said U> !ia\e iiifli-rlt<d a widuw. wll.1i 
two childri'D, und theatr constituted lii^s f^imily when 
he wt-nl lo lloldmnan's Grwc^and from Iktire to 
Indian Creek, in I8'»19. where he proposed (o t*l*tl1^, 

Jolin U. IlcLdLTdou, and wit't\ Klaabctk Powell* 
cfiDie fW>nQ Tenneaa^o in iKU), he loc^ated on ^i^^tion 
II, He was ia the lif?ld on iln- souUi '-idt- of Indian 
ciTok, planting fit^^n, wln*u tli« ma^fsucn' tO'>k plmn^ 
by the Sauk Indiani^, May!20, 1$:^ : he, wltbothere^ 
fi«cap«d CO Otrawa. He waaan active. eni'^rpHstlng 

SD6 Hiiti^rif <^ La ^Uc tJounty. 

vi^te^. and a leiulto^aTHklitiomsi. Re dlt^l Jiuir 17. 
1W». mncli j\'^i^(t«.'d. His widow aiili aurvives, 
living witti her^-hUdren. Htjr cliildn'n niv: Hary, 
ninrmd A, V* Dovtrean, of fV-4^om i i*w>n;**, in 
Iowa: Frafi«o^, miuTi^d Kiohurd :jcolt% In Califur- 
nut: MarUu. marriL-<l Jamect CLiirh, of Sycaaiore; 
Saratu married (TiM>r^e Miirtin ; Enu^tue T., m&rri^ 
Miefl Norton; AniK^'ita^ marrkd ClmrJu^ Uanin. of 

WilliatB Miingcn c&me from Indiana to Putnam 
Ootioty> AiLd frnm ch<-r^ her^ In 1833 ; \\^ ^un-U»a<!d 
the fanii, own^^l by WiUiiini Hall at ih*» limt- Ji« waa 
kill<^d by the Indiana, on S(H:tiuti 1. IK> niam»d 
Kat'litft Hall, wlici wn* uilo-u away j>rit(oii>T by tin* 
Sank iKd'iiiuH, M^y 2o, 1^.^ In 1837 h^ laid oat 
the town of MniiAon, which has hardly n?viluEi;d th^ 
f'XjK'*-!!!!!*'!!!* i»f ii.^ r<iiin<1i*f. Hi* wife dW| May I, 
1H7(». Mr. MiiUHon ^tiU iHxupit^^ rlifiiinu wli^n? he 
haH s|>eRt the mo«t of his life, Ht- Iih^ fonr 
djiiighrrr^aud Hir»^!«oiiH: Iri-iiii, nmrrii^ I)r Geo, 
Vance; >fimQda, miuiir*d ^mnel Dunimvan, of 
Adama; Kid«')iii, married Gwrfie &h:iver. of Rnu 
land; Fheh*^. roarrl»Hi John Ra^, of Ottawa; Wil- 
liam, marmd JX^lia Shaver; Lewis and Ellfoll* at 

David B, Maitiu, with \m wift- and one aon. 
camL^i from Ohio in I8'i3. and pnrrbarH^ the elaSni 
ownt'd by DavK wh-T*- ihi' miU7<<arre looH plaet*. 
Mnt. Martin i^tiimed to Oliio, and diud tliere. Ur. 
MAFtin mftri'ii.'<l the widow of Wni. S^*al>ry; morod 
to Wii<c!MD-iin. Joini'd ih<' FoiirliTitev, Uien to Sanga- 
niou CouDly. wherv he died. 

Jttrfdl c/SeJtterf^ Prf^t^^A. 


John W, TiTmnn, siiiil wlf^, J^mdm Nftwcomb, 
diRK* turn Cliarlocu*, Vt., in 18^3; lio ^^i lied on 
ftecHoD 34. H© has onv t'LiM : John^ mifcrrifrt 
Rmiim F'in!» H.*4"fmit wif**, Miws Williams. 

Jonatlian Root, and family, caim* from Ohio to 
1h^ rrrek in th-? spring of \S'M. U^'- niifn-d a family 
of eight trhildren, IIi*» vrif*' and two dauj^littrfl died 
long sinc^' ; one !^n. Itnsina. wua killed in itiT? luT-f.* 
wftr; the others are widely ^caUet^; one* only, 
Oscar, rcmiiinf^ Iktc. Mn Koot dJ^ in 1840. 

Wmtam Harbour craiiK' from Kvan^vtlU, Ind., in 
1854; lie manied Mis** Hinkloy; vras an actire 
(li^inoenLtk |KdS(k<ian; Ik>IJ Th<" ofRoc of County 
CommUidoni'r, and xvas ii nit^rntivr of Ul<^ l^^iHlatnre. 

EllittTi Z, A\Um, and u-ifi*, Lyjjji Manth, niTiiefroin 
TInmontli, Hncland Coimiy, Vr., In 1834 ; lie settl4*d 
uu Swtion 13. He h**ld the offlct- of Jn^tirv* of th-' 
Pfarv for tliirl.y.ltvf yi'jirs, wh<?ii lip n'i*i^r>i*d Ih 1H75- 
He liaHffix children ■ Ellr.a Ann» married Edward C. 
Hall, n)w dtvil in I6fi7: O^^rge, married Nf^irltia 
Larhint in Iowa; Kfthi, ni hmiK*; Minfrra, manied 
Rirhard Martin, of l''i>*filom ; 
N-?w't<>n Daris, in Harding. 

Samuel )imjz* and wifV, iramt* 
not knovru. Mrs, King died at 
soonafter— the fii.-it imiiiml d<<Jilli in to^Ji. 

Hvnjamin S<?abnnj^, and wife, came from Penneyl- 
vania, in is:^, und !4-»ttk-<l on Si'clion 3; moved to 
WiftCMiisin. !ind died there. 

Thomaa S<fahrinj^, and wjft% came from Penneyl- 
vania. in 1S34. and iiettlfd on Section 3; mored to 
California in 1^2. 

Liioetia, manied 

in 1S80; naiivitr 
-lolin Hond<^rH)n"fl 


History <^ La. Salle CXmtU^, 

Willmni S^jT>nii^« and wife, c^nie from Ponnsyl 
viuiiu, in l>3i, u\n\ ftctttled on S«otloR3; diixl Kn 
OitnwiL ill 1850. lli)^ widow married Diivid Marlin. 

Vnlrey Bt^j^kwith, i*nd wif»-\ Mary A, Piper, cami 
frijrn Hi-rkim'T County, N. Y,» in 1835; mm'vd 
Otinwa. He died la iSti}^ leaving (lii-i^ olilldreii 
Kdwiii B.. niiirrif^il fjizzif ITarfelU 1iv<> hi 6ener-ji; 
Danit't, iiiairrW J(r«»!jjhiiu^ R. Pord, livc- nt Otlawu; 
Maiy P. mariied John lloof^, at Mao'eville, CaJ. 

Iliniri Mutiaon. came in March. 1833, and dR*d Id 
July. 183d, at thrt Iioujh^ of his broth<^r, Willmm 
Miinson— the second nultiral dcatli id llio lowtt 

Alanaon Munson came in the full of 1CE3^, 
and eiettled on Heorton 11. Iti 1b4f^ rctmoPi-O to 
Buroaa County, whrm h^ ai^d hie yrite dtM eoon 

MiltoD H. Kupt-^rt^ came In IB36. and apttJed oaj 
Section 1 ; he wat^ cIj«^ lir^t Ju«ll<v of ch<.> PiAoe in' 
Indian Pr^elaiT, Hi^ wlft-dled ; he marrli^ a Mlia 
Tvrry, and moved to McOonotigh rotmty, 

John Hulihant, and wift*, Imm Homtr, Cortland 
County, N. Y., eu-itW on Sec. 14, In 1835. Aw 
irtdiif^JjhkiiH, worthy mim : an i-xi-ellenl li>}u^hf>r 
nacrori mufii-. Hi- liToil -u^vKral yr-a-r^* wilh 
adopted daughtf^r who married tlie IIoo. M, ILj 
CiiBlle, of Siiiidwir]!, bul retumird to liin farm a Tow 
years before hit dt^atlj in 1675- 

John IL Hosford, and wife, Margurut Myers, 
caiiie&omOm]itfrCaunt>-,Vennf)n% toUhio. in 1831, 
A^nd from Uhio here in 1&37. His family camo in 
the spring oJ' LS^itf, unci 9i.atJi-d on B. ^; r^-moTird'^ 
to Ottawa in 1875. Has «xchildroii: Pear R., mar- 

J=3l€frA of SetUcTi — Frtf^ni, 

rii^l RotHffI Rowf, on tlu^ nM farm ; Marj', innrrW 
Hii^b MciJlure : Anihelhi. iimrrit'ii W. <i. Brown; 
Snraii P , mnrruxl Fnuik Condon; JoN^phmv C, 
Qiarried Qt^r^ IaulIi; OiaHfcv Mi»iTl»^rl Buruh £9. 
Brand on. 

Re%\ W<*!*k-j Batclidlrr, a Mrtboiiist cloiig/rniiii 
from Hrimfield, Hani]>to:i (Viunty* Mass,, wa^ for 
Bcvcrul yc«r5 u resident 'jf Hum^-r, Oorlland Co-, 
N. T., and member or the Oneida Confei-eooa 
WiUi liis wif*?. Martha IlflU, and mi\*i cbildrun, lio 
tftjni^ by wo^fon IVoio >^ew York lo Illinois in 1830, 
and Battled on Sec, 11. Tliey encamped witb «a<:li 
Blit^lur a» conkl Iji- msd^.' whilo f.»uUdtnf^ a bou^o. 
Mr. Batcheller iit «^n<UiwiHi with a |>owerfuK health- 
fal phy^kal or|ic:inization and commanding v<d<Ti.', 
wIiIqIi ha^ i<iiAliI(*d liini hi prfornt an amtniiil of 
labor in his chot^en fl>')d wlncb H-w cunld «^iidnr^ 
Hi- citftuimactHl pn^jii'hiriij in Ftidiiui Pri'i-iurl x\\ IflSrt, 
and labored in WaHhin^^um Prvrnit-i Iwo yi^ars: in 
Otlawtt jnl830; FFi-ikory Cr-'i'k in 18*0 ; Prinr.'l.on 
in 184:?; N<*waik in 1S4:i; ami w;is HiMe Axi^nt for 
the coiint>- for two years. Ue is now on the anper- 
aanuate<l Jial, yt!f liTiUtbful and vljEcorou^ at the n^tt 
of 77. Manly T Jfclrbollen hiB aocond son, diod 
in April, :8fiy ; Angi^'liin?, di-rd Xov. 4, 18fi1, and 
Mtb. Batuli^lJer died Feb* 17, \%m. Tin? children 
now living arc: Nuali S.. who mardcd Lm^y llic^^h 
cock, now at borne; Charley i» in ItHootah; Maitha. 
married WIMinm E[»k1c*.41 ; Elijali, marrjf'il Ethuib'-th 
Lawrj, now di^d ; Wary, nnirH*'d Jt>Jm Stockton, 
io Kansas ; Waisoii. married Eli^b*^tb Baldwi^i, ncnr 
IkoiiUit \ JoM.'pli H , itmrrii*d I/hiikh Wrigfil, in Call* 


Hislortf of La SaUe County . 

Tormn, Mr. Bufr1ic-1l>-i- h iinvr living with hiJ *wy- 

Bomus HaU. Mrs, UAtchoWvf b ^ttior, arrived 
here a few dityr? befon^ hU dtiimliter'd family, and 
died poon after 

John Nfilior. fmin Camberiiind County, Pi^nattyl- 
vaiiia, to Dayton, in 1837. VTarried Rosanna IJrad- 
kImiw ; m»di> a Ikrtu in town of Freirdom, whvm ho 
fittiil rvf^di'g; }iiL« hr.H.<n tovr[r $Li|)Hni-l»or. awl a£Tv«d 
0Q4> Urm in tli»? Le^islnturi^. R^bt^ea, mnrnt^d 
Martin T>itnn»i ; Alir»\ in»rn*Nl Ini Wt-aver; Ji*s»f, 
Hi^iiiy. and l)tiUy» af. horn**. 

RieulK^i] MilW, brother of Jo}in« lirnm wiiik* plai^, 
to l>ajlnn, in lfi!H ; marm^il a daiightf-r of T>aTid 
I^ttfl ; ti4< J.H nove a Monnnn Kider in Bait Lak«. 

Cbnr^'S Miller, also brother to the iibo%x', camo to 
OtTawfl, in JSIVI; wa.-< Ma^strate in Ottawa sereral 
y4"arfl ; now livcrt in (Jhica^o, 

Unal MillLr, from FL«n^yIvauia« 18^; mnrHird 
Baofa<;l St. Olair; 8ectl(Hl in Fr<^om ; baa three 

Benjamin Beem, and vnfe, $arah Hoffknan, from 
Licking County, Obio: oame to La Salle Ooanty 
in 1S37. and getUed on S, 12, ou Ua- ri^hrbunkot 
Iiidlftii cixN k, Mr Bt'^ni dl**d, l^tl, aged 87. Mwl 
Beem died, July, 1877. n^d 83- Thvir surviving 
cblldri'n iii>.-: Mary, wbo m:irried I>-vi Turker. and 
live ID Fivrvloni; EU/abetli. married -Icdin Hoxte. of 
Serena ; l*ljebe, married Jricob Tntikrr, nf '^hrridan ; 
^Tinh, nifir-rii-d Flijiih KiiikIi'^ of AdaiiiH; Kaclielf 
niiiMifd f*h;irli'^ Bniwn, and ar^ on tIk* old fana; 
Diihiid. and Jat^-kson, aru in Ciilirornia. 


&i^A q/* StUlrrx — Frrrdom. 


St«p1i4^ SampAon, from Wyoming?, PennsylraiUii, 
died of cbolera. in l^^**. or lJi3f<, 

JunH-H M, Purki-r, ami Powell, n-latlve of H*?ii« 
derson's wife, camp from Tenrj*^w?ee, in 1*38, bnl 
BUiin n/i-iAmi-d, 

Dr. JoHlali Half, and wlff^, Hll/^b^th Arnold: 
WnrkMtiitli hy tnidr?: otiiit- fn>m Xi'W York, 184'">; 
rrt>id<'il lieiv t«n y**arn; Im clitttiii Otlawii, 1^74; Ijis 
widow ia now living tn Ottawa^ 

Hugh M, Gn^iKK, from Ntw York , settli^d on S< 
8 i died. 1838. 

Exm Wn:'gg, sou of Kiigrli ; s^tudi^d l»w» and went 
to Ottawa. 

Philip Waff>% from Newark, Ohio; father-inlaw 
to Anihony PiUor. l>if?d in Okbwu, v(?r>' og^. 
Ann, manittd Joel Fitch. TheothiTdau^hlor inar' 
ried si Mr. R^ndalk 

Isaac FarwelL brother of S. B. Farwell, from Nt^w 
York In Ohk). Miirl herv 1^3fl : mov^d lo WiTrn*?biigu 

Jam^s Skelton < tailor, by tmde : went to Foni 

Eno» CfnggA. marri^ Lovina Hall: killed hy 
light nirt^. 

Gei>t:g« Scofield, from New York, In 1834 ; cjinie 
Uirotigb with an ox tr?ani : Etayod one year, and 
went back with i\w same tE>ani; !*lay<'<i in K*'w 
Yorkay^ur. then n*tarn<*d to the creek, as it %ni8 
then term'^ ; found tht^ tiLnd all f?]ninied* and wi^nt 

Solomon HoId>rn. from Platr^btirg, N. Y., came tn 
Buffalo; a1>rickn]aker by trade : wa^ som^-time in 


HUiirrp tif Ija Salle OauiUy. 

tiio HmjJoy of tlip noU>d bnildor ami contj-acturj and 
tiuEilly fni^'t^r, Ratlihiiii. He c&m*' to llliuoiH and 
tietlti?):) iti Mun^<>TllllWl> in IBHO ; Mr vrlfi-^ w».h Siinan 
Allvfi. wiati^r to Rsqiili^ KitiaiJ Allt-ii. of Frewdoiu ; 
he rt^movt-d to Ottawa in 1 t3iJ&, and ilicd thore. leavUig 
four fbiiigliU^m : 8?irali, mnrHrrcl John BatrhHIer; 
(Jorm^lia. raarri^d Willmm Wiley ; Maiy Kli/nbetb, 
marrkd Sl>.*i>h(;n Jt'uniugEs of Ottavra ; Salons*, 
married H<*nry King. 

JnneiJaxtvr oamc from NcwYork iu 1885 ; movwl 

Minier Baxtt^r cam^? from New York in 1835- 
diod in 1^40. 

Samuel L. Cody, from Vernon, N, Y>, settled oa 
Section 13 iu l83r\Riid uiarrii^E] MS£«Biixt«r, avoond 
ivifft widow KHoyoij, sis1>*r of his ilrst. Chiltlivn : 
HMiTJet, riiiirmii (K'orgi; Fri»4biii Bimm.'lt ; Ijouish, 
nmrrM Wulti-r t>»lti>ii ; Piinl O. ; Joy, dirtl lit tbe 
ainiy ; Fivdeiiek, at hoim^, 

WmiTAy Wilson, fn>n» Oliio, i-Ainf> tn 1838 ; n eCon^ 
iiiAhon. He wfih 8chiiol Treasurer here ; wt^nt to 
Iowa, and then? elected Judg«. 

HiranL Harding, and wife, from Wyoming, Pft., 
camv in 18^8. and eettk^d on Sec, 14, He and his 
wlic ore both dead. Hi* r-liiJdrvn oro : Miwy, wbo 
marrifKL Mr. RIck ia now dead ; Charla^ died Ain;;:Ie ; 
ButlL nianiKl H. Wonje^tor ; Park. di<.-d : Jolin, 
live* at Paw Paw ; ChHetine, married Mr. Qob1«, 
and waa kill-^d by tlie fat! of th# Dixoa bridge. 

William VViliiuTns, from Wnk-s, came to Kgw 
York, then to Licking; County, OhiOt and here in 
\M<K Fte iTJH.rrivd Itautiel Daviit, Htr w«« a ship 

cflrpcnrcr by tmdc: wlUed on Bwtaon 8. Mra, 
Williams di^d in Ib7*'. VMm, marrkd John Ly- 
tn4?r ; John, at home ; Evan, in UaioUL : sepeml 
chiJdi>*ii Hi boiTic. 

Cliarii^rt \Vilt>y. and wife, Semphena Greenl^af, 
cume from Maine, and tfi.*Uli^<I on Section 10. Il^i 
died in lS7ii; bis widow and ibrt^r Hilldrei* are 
living: SiiiTiiiel, mjirnf>d Mnry Tbouipson, at Karl ; 
Henry, niunkd Rosii Tiio[iij.isou ; MartUik marri-^ct 
D&vid Davis, itS Kivi.=^oin. 

Pftlnck F**r)^uscu. vhth'^ tVani Ireland, and ]4f^Ulwl 
on Bin^tMiiiti. H« dini iu IHT^ HU rhUdren sre : 
Chjirli-H A,, who mmrWiX VAvm Wiley, *ind hi» aeo 
Lind wife, wns Kate Cutiden ; Msu'y^ muriied Jamcm 

Hot. OharlfH ITanHn^, froin Lura^ Connly. Pa., 
camp in lH*h lit was a Dafitist clergjman. and 
orgartiii'^d ttbc cbuixli ut Ilardin^, and preai^b^, 
alteruati^ly. there und at Paw Paw, He died in 
l&ilJ. tLi!« widovr uiiirhed LLiiurn Olm^tuad. lie toft 
one otiild. Alititi-;!, whcr married A^hbel Faller, 


Tile town of Troy Grove •'mbraoes Tovnsbl|>3fi, 
Range 1, and derives it«i nunn.- trvm th<> IlnF* craot of 
linitMTr chUihI liy thai name^ wblch )]^^ ni<}e<tly within 
ila liinil?*- The ^rove wiw luuneil by Warrt-n RdoI^ 
one of Oh' rtrnt fniai Tr(»y, N. Y-, Ihi* jilai^ 
fn>m whence ho camo,. The little Vrmiillion passes 
across the totrn fVoni north to doutb, near itB t^at^i^^rn 


BUtofy f^ La HalU Countfi. 

Bld^i ud lliroiig!^ thi^ ctTntre of the grove, 
fumiBliee a tolemblo mill pavrer. The groT« «m- 
btftces about tbrco ^ecUons of laiid in thid tovn ; 
tfa^ remainder of the town is pi«iri« of 

Thf> Trf^nton Mm^'iitoTK' orops out alon^ thi> b&nkH 
of i\w LilcW W^rmillion, on Sectioui^ 3d and 35, 
fumlHliing a \«ry gotwl liiitMfug 4toiiv, whith U ex- 
tenatvely i|iiaiTiPd and of j<tvaD value to the sur- 
rounding cimntry. Till?! Tr<*ntjjii Iim»^»toinf. al t)ii« 
jMiiiil^ in n'lnnrkiLfily rich in f(.iHhiIs, umkiiig it n 
jMiint fif much iotei^eftt ti^ t\w gt-ologist and tJio 
rurioiiH udmirer of nature. 

nirani Thonilon (^aitit- from Vir^nia r-oOhio, and 
to Troy Grove in J831 : watt ibe firHt settler in Ihii 
town ; h« dctthKl on S. 14* T, 3S. K. 1. Ho dl^d in 
leffi. HiB wifi* was Robina Smith. 

Wari^rn Koot, from Otis, Mftt^s.. and mf<7, Uosauca 
Qoddard, of Omnby, Ct, <iaine from Troy, N. T., 
to Troy Urove in rh'^ flpriii>; of 1883. Mr. Root 
i-nnii^ \i\ tilt? rail of i^-'t^ nnd made a location, and' 
retiinii^d for his family. Ho located on Section U. 
Sdlden, the eldeet son. preceded the fainily a few 
dayH^ to prepan* for iiuAv ivctjptioii, and di^ just 
before Iheij' arH^al. Mr, Root died abont 1848^ 
Mrs, Root clifd in 1875, ug*^ 0.*^ yL-ors. 

Nathan Wixom. hrotlx-r U> .InMin D., from Taxe- 
wt^ll County, cum^ here in 18:13, and aettletl on Sec* 
lion .V. : wrnt lo Cnlifornin in IMS, 

Reuben Wixoni, from Rrit- Cduiiiy, X, Y,, aiid 
wif<.% Okrisaa Arwiiten from Nt-w Haven, (^,, canie 
lo Sanpamon Cotinty, HI., in 18W, to Ta 

SkdcA ^ SdUen^ Troy ar<w. 


County in 1$^, an<l to Troy Grm-e In la'^d, and aet- 
Ucd on Sei\ 10. He was the TatUer or tlio Wixom 
brothers who irame witti him, rxro]>t Ch<* iwooldeBt, 
Ja»tiD and ^'atban. who preceded hioi. tie died 
in l^^l. tii^t'hildnii were: Jtistin D. and NikUmu, 
above nam^ ; Chaancy, who came with hie father, 
married Utu Hawks, t^ettlcd on Section lO; Abmni, 
manied Hitt ScotI ; Ilitnry W., auitried MissTicb- 
nor, cecond wif#* Misn Bckeri ; L'rbin, naarried, iind 
all th^ ruiidly »i.»Ul<^i In ttii* Ticioity of Troy Orov*^. 

Justin lP**wey eaniH from Ohio in xbv fall of 1833, 
Hfid i»tt)H<d oD Section 13. ffe died In \M^, Tijfiid 71) 

TLoiim^ WrHeh, luid wif<', fhwa Pvntistylvanla t^i 
OhSo, and from llii*rt* heiv in 1834: Ht'ttltnl on Secliou 
2B. Iledled in 18113. H*- hud a large fantlLy widely 
MwlUfrrHl. hill iiolnl forahilily }im1 pn>riii]ii?iirH In 
thifir ivft|)t»<:tii'i* loealii.ieti: Thom»H. Jr.. cam** with 
his father, be marrif d Bethiah McI^ughliD, iicd 19 
now inlowu; John. Iian l>t-i'ii Chief tluHtLri^ofOhiii ; 
Belinda — then the widow Kairchild— came wilJi the 
family, n^cnt to Rock Uirrrn thi?n to Iowa, now in 
Oregon; on« daimhter, married Wm. Wint^rton. 

Jesee R Wixoni. brother of Keiibcn. oume from 
the same r>in<^« in 1835^ and ?wttUd on Section tH. 
A looaL Mcthodiflt pnKichi^r; Boon t^moFed to Min- 
nesota, and died there. 

Gt'orgv S. l{£in«berg>.*r, and wifts earner ivom Iowa 
in 1835, and ft«tUt»d on Swtion 25, His son, David 
S., niOrriedR^ljeecaiivan*-, aiidiwttied on SerrifHi^tfl; 
Cathflrln^, itiarriei) Jolm S. Simpson. 

WUilam WiDt»*rion, fn^m Virginia lo Ohio, and 


Hiitory </ La SaUe Vounly. 

Lcrc in 1^134 : umrrkda dnncfht^pof Thomas Wflcli ; 
be died l^i6 ; \w wifr died b^-fort; liini, leavinf^ tlin* 
children. w)io ]iav<> nil l&a tliia county. 

Wdch, KBiiabcrfn^r. Siinps^Ht, Wintrrton, iind 
Kels^^y, all oamo from Sundy, now in Pafimm Co., 
10 Troy Grove, tiaring stopped lliero tem|K>mrnjr. 

Zophar Holcorob, riiid wifo, r*aoy Ocnldflnl, fVom 
Milium. M-itb OillF?t;F. in 1833. knd five cbildr^n ; 
HaHaii, marrlfd Mirnnda Bniok ; Wnrn-n, died; 
Klom, nijtrried As^iliel Dfildwin. Iier second bus- 
]iand w»8 It Mi\ Pnttfriu ^^bt- ih xxenn in lovru ; SojibSa, 
marri'-'d Mr. A:i:lel, they live in Kau«ift: Ilaniet, 
is dwviijwd, 

RiventiA Uoddftrr]. and vrife, Mtftt Buttles, flt»m 
New York, in 1837 ; a blacksmith by trade ; tctoired 
to Mkbigaii. Tho widow Ar^:nitli Ht Ibimy, (who 
came in IKtT and diod in 1^48), Mre HoDt, tiULettt 
and Hol'.^omb, w<.ri' all abtL-rs. 

John Taylor, and wir^, R< bt^oon Hapkinaon^ IVom 
England. *iim^ In lt^37; settled on S. ^ ; died 
iSeO; lil(i wlfiMlli'il I8T0. Tito of lUt- child ivn aif in 
Iowa. One in Ford County, niinois. 

Cbarles Steven*, a brother i>r Mr*. I-*-vi KeWj, 
from Berlin, CLmuetticut, in IfiST ; hl8 wife wa» Ann 
]Iopk)ri4C»n, the widr^w Melville, when she married 
bim ; tbt<y mov»!d tu Ort^oii iti 1S^3; an- now mX 

RcmwHI Drwey* fnmi Great Barrin^ton, Berk- 
nbire County, MaaRacbusettA ; ^ettb^d hert-lnlS^; 
died in (all of the Kime year. Had rhiklren; 
&:Lmb, married the Rev. Nvhum Gould; William 
R., niarned Paulina Fratt. now in MendotA. 

Sketch r/ &^iierji — Troff Qr^nx. 


Rklintd \f:iluD>\ fmm IrfUmt], in I&3A; married 
Miep fiJircliK^r; writlnl on S. ^^. 

flnrtlv Setcb^^ from Ritglnn<I^ hi 1»37 ; lir mar- 
ried Amanda Goddfird. and settlt.'d on ^, 2. 

•Tobn Frigiiaon came in 18<18; luid two soas; 
Jamets Riarne<l Mh^t^ Bravrn, liretf) in M^-ndota; 
John, u a bachelor, Ua^ been SiipprriBor of Troy 

Thomas Orr, from iscotlund. 

Jhi\\t\ MolAUgliUn, and wili.% Mary WiiisJ<»w, wimo 
from New York to Troy Gi-ove in 1HS4. Mjs, Mc- 
I^Oj^hlin d&od In 18^7, iiud Mr. MLrLaTi^bUri died En 
186&, Thi^lr cbildivn wn^ : Pai'id, w'ho married 
FknnyDavi^: Edward, marrif^d Ph<'b<- Muf<U*nnan, 
live JDMinnvttota ; William. niuirit'dMiBs EdwardB, 
utid llvt*a at bomBi Augustti^, murrlfc^ Aniarid?! 
Sb^V4>iisoD, lire in Dimmick ; Mary iane, married 
0. J. OibliH, IhiVIi an? fli^ul ; Itcfbiuli, murrird T]iO!4. 
Welcli, now liviiijz:!n Iowa; Sarah, married Samuel 
Wilson, fif RtHk Vn\U; CAtnrhis^ riarrird Mrli^w 
Wixom, daa^hter of Justin D. WixLjm, lire In 

William Dunlafi, rn>m New York, came to Troy 
Grove in 183^ and rL-mainod heretwoor tlircoycarsp 
Ho tiad t\kTi^t3 son;t and two daughters : NatlUMiol, 
UiBKo, and M, L. Thi* la^^t was a prominent borti- 
i'ulturiftt, and wo^ for many years dielinguiiahed 
ae tbe agrkultural cornfspondt'nt of the Chicago 
Tnbone over the i>igiiature of " Ktinil,'' 

JaaoD Giirley ^-umv froni Kft«i Hartford, Ct., to 
Ottawa in 18^4, and to Troy Grove in 183ft, Hia 
rblldn^i w<?rc: Jumjii, Jr., wbt> auny U> Calnritfl 


HUiory tif Im ^ilte Ctmniy. 


111 IS^to, iiDfl to IVoy Grovv Id 1830, n&d bonght a 
riaiu) 4»f Wi^liU; Julltift, waH killetl at Ottawn hy 
a fa^ll from tht- bluff; J(w1, dii^'in Id4d ; Jolui 
A,. i)f CJnrinuali, wiih n nott-il ITnhvntalUi pi>^w1i»T, 
and wiilor^wui* ap|rointi^d Governor of Moulanu, 
hilt died bi-fon* A^^iiming tli« ofllc-is ; Drliii, mar- 
Tii>d Halph Woodruff, of Ottawa ; Barafa, mam^I 
Josc'ph Jlall. 

Wm. A. Hickok. from Gmnd Isle Co.. Vt., to Union 
Ororc. I'ulnam Uo,, in 1**^ ; Sum \^ ICiM. to fiai- 
le/s Poiol with R**v. N. Uotiid and laaa<3 Frcden- 
buiTEh, tb«ii to Granville atid Troy Orore in Xov., 
1836 : wiiB D**ia'on ol iUl* PreBbyterian Chuivh ; 
opened l\\*f firi^t «Corij kvpt ut Uatntxr ; a wortlir 
man. He dle<l May J^. isr^i: hU widow iv^idi*s 
«A-it]i her dhti^lit^^rjit llom^r, much r^dpected. a^^^ 
74. Kad tUrt^t^ sona : Loren^to B„ wbo 1» 3u|M?fvL«or 
or Troy Groiv ; HirHm. married Mairtha Bdwardg, 
»nd hulils \ht' oflli-r fif JuHtit*!? of i\\v Pwu*- al Troy 
Grove; Jaoiett 14., boni and ralMtil al TH*y (^roxn 
became iiotorioaFi on tht> western fruiuif r aad turned 
Ibe ^briqtJf t of '^Witd BUI'' ; a man of nuiwrior 
ptijHical form, over sia fe(>ttall. lithf and artire, 
he traa more than » match for tliv rough?s hr lui^t on 
thi^ debatAbii? i^round between civUiijed and esavag« 
lit>, and is add to hsiv.^ often killed hU man : at on* 
tinK ill- is t4iiid to havi- killed four in nixly ^(.H-oDd^ — 
they were on bis traok &oi>kinK ^>9 lif<Q* He eerred 
with Jim T^n*- in rhi- Kauttaf^ troiibloa H? waa 
4*locttid Constable while a minor in Kaofiaa; wa< 
for two yea™ l', S. Marshal] at Abilene, and was 
ri'gnrdifd n« a very i-fficlvrit and rt^Elahlr^ offloi^r. Ha 

^fteh ^ «L'tf^<T^ — 'lYo^ Grooe. 


was ktUed at Deadwood. I>akata, Aug. 3. 187C, 
While jtlajin^ cardtf Jjis ae^aiinnr 4iArnf i^ilently bt-- 
hiod Uitn und ahoc bim through the head. H\» 
mnrd'^rt-r w(M' Iriuti hy n n»ol> jury ard n^-quittod, 
bnt HTibfle<iu©nUy ai-reei^ UDder forms of law, con- 
vi(-t*;d und bung. 

Wiliiain G, Sh**d, and wife, hucy R.Noyi-*, fum 
MaMsvehufiftCK cHmf in l^8.'>; di<^ in ISiM or*^^; 
hifl widow Isno^K' lUlng. HJHi-httdn'n atv: Hurriet, 
who murried Jumes Hn^itines — fiheisdeoid : CUnlon« 
marritH] Rriily R>t>^d, in Nft*tulolA. 

Jodhcm Bn^wji, Iniin nif»l<T Coiiiily, Pai,, Ifi Kri»» 
Coatil^. N. Y., cftmi* here in IBSTt. and Bi^tUed on 
SkolEoh I'l. at rh*^ hi'ftd <»t trlit' grcvi?. lie ditni in 
1^42. Hi> wuldw kfpt a 1av<-ni» whii:h all ili«- o]d 
Mttl^ra will remember She in now living ai Rocky 
Kft]1o ; b»d a lat^ family, none of whom aiv n>- 
iDUDtRj; llnnnah. maiii*^ Sylveftf^r Warren; 
Ljdta« marricil Martin South ; *rhonia,p. is in Hntvan 
County: Saiah, is in ('alifonua- 

Levi Kolsey, and wife, Kmma Stcvene, came from 
Hartford, Ct., In IS8S, lirnt atopp^f] on Sandy creok, 
in the sprinp. and then went to Paw Paw Qrore, 
whfvr^hehuUl ihv Uret houne in that loojint>\ He 
settled in Troy Orove in the spring of I8fl4; hU 
family nioi<? in Hi-ptember of the vaaie year For ihe 
llrxt cbrei> iv foar ynar-A he t^old rh>rkii urn.) iiolions, 
aiid traded with thf- Indians ; harl a storn itn ^andx' 
creek ; hervln-nilrhat'-d a furm and Tf^aned money; 
wan a Jnstice of the IVai-^ and Not*ry for twi-nly 
jreftjs : one of the oldest in the Connty, and t'om* 
tiiMon«r to diridrr tbu county und^ the Township 


HisiGnj y Im SaOe C&unly. 

OlgaauiL(ioii Act. Til lS&6b«tnoTed to H^ndota* 
find soon nttfsr tinf£;ig>*d in baxiklDg; uoyK retind. 
He hiw two daugbler?; Lydia A., married JamoaO. 
Cmni. a M^liodist preaurtior; Myra, nuuried Qeo, 
M. Prke, now m nrtired bujik^ and Uvt*& In Men- 

Clmrlea R. Kosf^r cnma* from >ra-'4HHrtiui^ct8, in 
iSilf}, iiiarriM Natiry Wixoni. and settlt^ on Section 
M~ l-^initly of sifvrii r1iLiighti-r». 

Rufupi Sliwl. hiottjer of Witliani O., lamt- fmrn 
Mo^K&cliijHGttA in IS30; married Martha W«1clt. 
IJAJi nxxa aoti, Za<Tc]i«u^ at FremouL Nt:bniskiu and 
onia daiigiitf^r. 



Thu town itl Ophir i^ identical willi Townsliip 35, 
Ritngi' 2, HJid^ »t pmini- n.'giijii. with i\iv excepiion 
of about oii^ rsi>€lioii of timber on Sectionn iSantl 19, 
bi^iig a part of Tmy Grov^r, vrliich waj^^ oi iginail v 
aA fine a tract of timber land aji Ch«na wa^ in tlii^ 
county. It lifj» mostly in tlir town of Txoy (irtivt*, 
and &t an early day wa« durrotnid^l hy pioairirr 

Tlic tirtil oni' h^n^ wa.< >lo«epb Re>Tioldji, and witli 
Eli^ Uaruy and Himm Thornton, were tbe only 
fiami]i<^« at thi:^ point at cho brvakiu)^ out of tfao 
Black Hawk war. Th^y alt left, and Riunolds did 
not rvtuni. Aftv^r tln' war, ttectii>r^ came in quite 
mpidlyand were* about equally diridttd b«»lwoi-n th<^ 
tjtwn.i (if Ophir tun] Tmy Grovi.% iti« grovo of h€aTy 
timber being the centre of tlie sertlcuu-nt^. 



Joseph Rvynftl'ltf, hrothiT of MarlJn Rj^vnold^. of 
i>per ftirk, iraiiH* fri»m 1'tiump»i^i rinirii v, Ohio, to 
Mor^in Coiintv. ML, tlien U> 'ni/vwell CouiUy. and 
ti^.xt U> Drtir Park, and to Tn)> Orovr in»t Aprlit^ 
o( 189ti; vrafl lli** first sH'ltler lerr-, H*- **MlrtJ on 
S. 1ft, T 35, U, 2 ; Mi at Ui-- l>n-akiii>r m\\ of Uh* 
Indian war in the spring nf 18;t2, and In the follovr- 
ing fall ^old hi^ < laim lo Asiilicl Baldwin ; went to 
tin* Biw WoiMifl. and from fhcn' Uf Hickory Cnwk, 
now ?Je«r Lonox, Will Uaanty. wliero he died, and 
whrn> liis ihriV w»ins Jfmitli- Newion* and Milton, 
t\<rx rnfllde. 

Kllafi Carey, and wife. Mar^rur CViliuu* from 
Ohio, onto th»' Waha-->li, in J821*, r.r 1830, and to 
Troy tirovf, in X^ZX. Settled on S. J4, T. Sfi, R. 1. 
Hv left durfrig tin- Kt;ifk Hnvrk war. but rstarned 
at lt-4 close, nnd rnude a f^imi in Ophir H** died In 
Me.ndola, in ISfW, Hi» i^hiklren are: Nancy, now 
«l»ul ; Sally, niam>-d Wllliaiii TltnmpHon, now in 
U*wa: Minerva, tnrirned W. Pollin»t. in MendoUi ; 
AHiah, and John, i^i^nt rn On^gini; Cnlvin, toOali- 
fornia : Washington, is now here : Absalom, in 

JnEitiQ D, Wixom, Ivnwi tine County, N<tw York, 
to Ohio, and. with \\\& U\i\\^t's family, from Ohio to 
Sansnmon Oonnly, Illim^i.H, in ISS7; Troni there to 
Taw'welJ Oonnty in ISi^, and to Troy tirovein 183a, 
and nrttled on ^. Iti. He married Wealthy Ann 
Johniiton- He di<?d In I8110. agod S^. 

Aeafael BiUflwin, from Co1ebn>ok, Oonneetu'Qt, bi 
ib^ fall ->r IS:^ ; lH>u^lit ihe i-Jaim of t^^vn^Idis On 
a. 10. Married Flora Holeomb, and la 1h34 moved 


Hislmy if La Salle Oounty. 

To hidtan ciwk : rchiniMl far n fOiort thms Hnd h-^nT 
to f ows^ 

■Toliti .To1irisU>n« uml wftf«, I)**lil3i Mc<^rry, from 
Ohifi, ill l)i^ f»}l Iff 18S2: h<- iIiinI In 1&«», HI9 
rhildrvn were: .lames; C/Qthia, m»mt<i] .l^in 
Ilatl. of Mm^lmll CcKinly ; AnrtOia, innrried Jam 
X. Rt<ider:^ Wealthy Aim, nmrrl*-il JukIiti D. 
Wixom; (ieorgc^ marri^ Man" Ann Beavtr, sec- 

(;}idoon Uillott^ nnd wlf€« Utith Uoddard, from 
trrftnby^ rooiii-^^iicut, cnnir in St'ptj.^intwr 1833, 
H»* fluvd in 1W^6. Hia rluldit^ii won-; I^n>cli0ts 
died eJikgle : Almon. died— hiB widow maxH^ I^vl 
C4irti>r ; Luofi, marmd Pliny IK^wey ; Knth. ro 
ried Simon Coolvy ; Dennis Th, iiiarri<>d Man 
$inith, in Iowa : Daniel S., manied Susan Wor^ley 
In Iowa: Snmui-I N.. marritHl S. UVisman; Simeon 
B.. nmmed Eliza HsLker. 

Tj^-onttnlTiiwiiiT, IVom Ni-w JiTwy to Ohio, mud 
from chtre fo OpUSr in 1833; hf ninrrif^d itili^. 
daiight4>r of Justin TU^w^fy ; »ett3f»d on S. 18. T. 3S, 
R. "i. TTac* foarti?<-n c1iilt1n-n : Kcm, in Wushington 
Territory ; Jan*-, iimrrled .Tos«<|>h RillingH, ut M«?o- 
dota; Nathaniel, married C. Ortoffby. in Miss*oari; 
l^rtrnz<», I^dead; Matilda, mArrit^ Ritkin Smith. » 
in Iowa; Uiramisin Washington Territory; LrtitiA, 
marric'd Mr. McKim: ■fn^tin D.« miinitxl Mifts tior- 
doD, second wif(» Mist; Bugg, live in Vitkflhnr^: 
Daniel, married Flora Hoffman* live in Mtindota ; 
John W.s Ve in K^msa*?: JaDii?^, marrkd, \Wm in 
M^ndota; Kittfririnv. is* in lowft : \f»ry, marhod 
Mr Tobias, in El Paso : Horace E., J» In Tt>xM. 


SMeA ^ ikUter4 - Ophir, 


Stephen U. H^JCffa* And vir*>', EKntbeth Heath: ft 
M«tliodia! preacher of not<? on the fTontUT, Ho 
oaiui^ in 18^4 ; laid off a lowu wh'*iv Triumph now 
ia and named it La Fayetti-. U failed to make a 
towiL litfcg^ movod to Plaintictd. iind to Chieo^. 
He pabti£hf>d "The Karly HidtMy of the Weat and 
Northwf'^t,'' a 9ort of autobiography of h]m!<^4f 
and broUkHT preaehers of ih<^ M^chodini persuasion. 

■loi^ph Wonsley, l>orn tn Englaud. came from 
Ohio here In 18^4. Tiitu-H>-il Margaivt WflTJEi^l). and 
fiPUled on S. 30, He died 18T0. aged S7. His cliil- 
dn^nam: Johit« who marritMl MutiUla MortOiim?*!' ; 
Krvderiok W,, frinrrii-il C:tri4iin' D^wev ; Wjlliaiti 
Y'l iiiarni'd J^jviua Cooper, Uv«<ft nu ^. 30. T. S5, 
B. 1— hae% l>ivn JaMtii*« of the Priu^i', and Town 
Siiperrisor; \mu n\i\xxh-i\ riiiultn Wchsf er ; Mar- 
ICinrt, married Willkni H. McDoiintd: Jost-ph F.. 
married Ediher I'ramtuU ; Hrnry, rnuiTi<-d Mi^ 

Edward Y» Waldo, Irom Sulhi-Jd, Conni^ctiout 
ID IKM; settled on S. 1^. T. 3.\ K. 9. Hid father 
wojs UhnpLain to Con^p^'S^ when ov<-r ninety yoare of 
a^; died at thi-iijci' of lOK H^' had thn^e wh'o^. 
Hannah Merritr, Phebe Rk'e, and Mary JohnBon. 
Had two ehtMren : Anna, mairl^i a Mr. Torry, of 
[ndiana; Charles, mai-Hed Miss Geer of Biireao 

Aimer D. WeaiKUte, from New York. 1S3(S. Hi& 
wife was f^roline Watt^nnan. His rhUdren were ; 
David, who marrierl Mim^ WaTcrmun* of Opliir; 
Thoinasc is ^^in^le ; Jo9<i-ph, fnanied Mesa Fleming \ 
U«Drgtv iH tn Mi,4^>ufi ; Bmily, in QpLir. 


Hhtory '/ La SaXU Qouniy, 

Jo^ph H. W««t^tJi\ sod wife, ISniil^ Bnidwin, 
from New York, in I83e, Hr di^l in 1848. His 
vidowdkvl 1BT4, Tliey hiiclUirei.*cliiIdn;ii : Jo;<^^lj, 
Jamea, and \tary. Tln-y hAv<*all kfr. the county. 

(furJon 8*.'nrlH, from Connectjout. id 1894!, He 
mnrried a ^ati-r of l^xv-dl Latlirop. of La SaJU*. 
His daiiishT4>r. Aciti. inntTied HIiaha MerriU. 

Rotu^rt CiLiT, ttiul wirv, from Coiiu>Njcicut, In 1^37. 
*a4t1>'d on S. diJ. >rrt^ Carr died in 1S75. 2ir< Carr 
is Hrill living, III tti<> full iLg^ of SO years. Hb? iwii, 
Dnnlol, inarrkd Bridgi*i Gftr^la^r, and llr*-^ on 3. 
29_ Hv, witli Mns, S<"mnr'>ii, ai* his only children. 

WilliHTii H McDimalEl, rnmi Erie Cimnty, N. Y , 
Lumt* with Joffbua Hrowu in 183A, and ^tU«sl on 
S. 7, T. 95, It S. when? he i^ttll remdea. He marrivd 
Marganrt Worttlry. 

RImon Cooley, from Ne-w York> i-nine in ISflH; 
manied Riith Gilli^t. Ht- waflacKrpenb.^ by trade ; 
Wf.-nl to Iowa- 

Hiram Bamtturt. and wife, Lucy Swart»* came 
hci^r Id 1H87, and Itifl in ISttiif—remoTi^ to the 


Tlie town of MhwloD i3inbrac«R that portion of 
T, 35, R. ft, lyinfi east of the Fox river, and thai 
portion of T. 36, R K which liv-: ninilh of the Fox^, 
about ihlrty-two Si^itlont*, Tb** Pox forme its north- 
ern and weatem boundary, and Mission creek mna 
westwardly across the town m-jir it** rumln.*, Tliei 

&eieh 0/ SeUUrs — XOtHotL 


wftsfiOTuelK'ftvy UiubiTon both ilio<^r<^AXi<t tti4^Pox, 
The ^e of the coantrj u rolling, and the soil dry 

The Aret whlt^ ocf^tipiuit of what U now the tovi'n 
t>T Mission, was Jes^e Walker, who estahli^^ht^ a 
iniru»ori in IK^ti, hy stjipQintmHiil urid tiiid^r the 
tiapervmion of ch** Mt^rhuli^t Rjiist^ujial Chun-h^ at 
\\w limd nf Mission creek^ on SecUoo lA, for the 
coDrerskm or the Por.Uw;itoniir liidini)!4, an<l a 
school for the edncation of Indian children. The 
Indiuie ill con9id<rrabk' numbrr^ w«;r<.'' oi^upying an 
ialaad in the Fox, near thf month of Soinonauk 
crock whoru thcj htid cultivated corn and vcj^etables 
and made the vicinity thoir hoad-quurtcr:?. After 
the white .lettlers camt.- in, the Indiana re)inqiu»hed 
tho uultivutiOJi of till' tfrounJ* preferring to bny of 
Uie whites, paying with akineor with money rtjoolved 
as annultids from the Govf*rDinent. The}' wi>re con- 
stltuLionaHy Uzy, and Uke some with whfier oom* 
plexioup^ Llioughr. honest toil lowered th»>ir dignity, 
and to irarry out Ihv n^ttemhlaiKv i«Un fiirthe-T 
for fear ihtiir wonn^n wnnld overstep theiv nphere, 
tlu^ 9qu:^w?« wtrre mnd>:^ to perform uJl the Labor for 

The miofiion was bam^n oF reeuUs. and was aban- 
doned early in Iti^^, and the buildiDge wurc burnt 
by the Sanks the following summer. 

Walker *old forty acres of Lmprorcmcntfl to 
Wadhington Bnltton^i, a hakf-tjre>;d French and 
Indian, who also bad a reservation of a Section when 
the Indian^ flold to the GoTc^riimcnt, whi^h bueume 
Secdon 16 when sarveyed. 


NMcrt/ 1/ />! ^hS€ CoHHiff. 

Mr. 8rbermi*rhorn, an<1 liU »on<[a<Iav, Han^lion, 
w(!n? thi- tirst settlers afh*r tlu? Miii&ioD. and made 
daim,^ on 9. 1*>. wKi^rc John AmiAtroiig now livrt^ in 
1831. Th*?ir tjajrif: bialory is givt-ii tOii^where. 

Pf'kT Millr.T, a nalive ol' Kmei? <_V.*nuEy. OLio, und 
wif<-. Harrit't noMerman, Iron Maine, eamo CoOl- 
tawA In l^u : w^nt to r^kin dnring lli« Black 
Han*k wfti-, utid ro Hoktmnnn's Grove in tlie spring 
or 1^3 : inad& a €]aim »nd si^til^ wbera Slieddan 
now ig in tile fa]] of tho mm*^ y*^r. tlie fu^t setttor 
In th** iftwn of Misaton, <*xc'v|.>tlng Uvy^f oonuMtvd 
with .1ei«8^ Walkt^t^d tnis^ion among the liidisos, 
and Si'hi'rni^'HuH-ii and KHSfli^lim. H** now livti* in Uu? 
towti of ^iK'ridaiij th«- tciwn Imvlng comt; in lilm. 
Hf!*baAOReM>n. DvMftn, wboinairit-fl Har^t BMirdt^ 
\i'y\ lui'l liiis 'M(^htr}iiMrrn. 

Jr^iit Arin^Li-(>ii;k^. tticii auiinor, ramt* from LU^hing 
Ooiinty, OKio. in company wiih hia uncle, John 
StriLwn. tn tin- f»ll nf \S^. and birvd out by the 
nionDh n^-dv lUnnepin. ^tO[>piug for some lime willi 
Jame? WitlliKy^ ill (he Brown 8i*ttl*!nK*nti Soutb 
OCr^twii. Hi* retnrned t<> Obto in 18'J1: thf immt 
year his motlnr. Mrs. E\m Armati'^'np. mored to 
IliiuoiA with hi^r family. He a^^iin rame to llhuois 
in IS83. He married Mai^^aret Tmmbo, daucbter of 
Abmhiini Trninho, mid soirU'd on S^iv 10, town of 
Mi^ioii. in June, ]8a4. where be still live«— a sue- 
('e«efu1 fann>>r and «rock doalor. Hp wa« an ardent 
9iiijipiirEt-r nt IIk- Omn;j>' fn<»venn'nl, and i* now 
Treasiirerof Ihe8cat4> IJmn^p. He ha^f six children : 
Ahrarn, initrrii-il CliMrloMf Graiit« and livm* at 3r- 
mna; BIsa. married H«*ury Parr : JoM*pb. married 


St'eieh tit Setiltrs — Jfisxion. 


Marj^ HavcnJiiU* in Miaaion : Joaephine, mamed 
Sunut^l furr; l^^njomio, ft Jawyor, 1» in Kaiksas; 
FaiiDj, nt home, 

i^omuel O^ Barbour, from Indiana, came m IBM ; 
stifttled on S, 17, wh«>n^ ht- eililL n*vid»^. llr imurWd 
Betsey NelT, and has ei^ht cliililrmi : ^a.ianmi, 
who finarri«^d JobD Ah**\. of MIssIoq : Kt(?anor. \e 
single ; EVwiK-a^'r, inurrii'd Miirj' Chirk, liv*.- in Mur- 
selUwt ; MoB>e», inarrit^ Aii^Ata Fr^and. of Mis- 
aton : Elivhsler, nmrri«>d F^iiiiim HUki^: Samuel D.« 
Jr., niKiTii^t F'lniu:!. f^iirniiiK : Kunnii, inurrifd Mitr- 
gHTt^t M&aon : Henry, at lionif . 

Beach P^-llow^, from PennM Ivimiii. Bpttled on 
Serii(jn ft. (own "f Miiwion, Maj I, IS^iTt. On *h* 
ftunm sH^ven yejira. In 16fi^ he woa t^l«cted County 
Tivasiirer. Uae lived in Ottuna aincf^. lie married 
Martha kelson, and hrn^ m\ rliildien : Josi^ph, ia 
in Mieeoan : .func, in Livin^lon County : Williain, 
Maud, and iK-hn, at homr. 

Kt)oni^7^r Nolt; from New York, and wife, Margw- 
rixt I>ou>:)asjk from P-'iin^ylvania to InclmimT from 
ther« lo Holdenuan s (irove in l&iTi, and to Mission 
in 1837. He wa«f a Justice of the Pt4»t:e for eeventl 
unni. Hedie^l In May. 1807. 

He hfld nineteen children, twelve ot whom are lir- 
in^. R«4j«e^, iiiarnecl Snrtiiii*) E3iHx>ur, live In \Ui^ 
uon ; Daniel, man-i'^l Maria Thonia*, rlt^iea^xl : 
(Mive. Tnarried .Tnw|ih KasU th^ty live in Iniliniui : 
Alniim, marrii'd WiUiiiin HogwiOI. Livi* in Tnwn ; Is- 
a.bel. married Josqih Ma^im. live in Mifl**t<m : Henry 
B,. marrird Miiry Frv'land, live in Ottawa; Wm. 
D., mariiod Anna N. Peterson, live in Uttttwa ; Ua- 


History nf La Saiie Coutiiff. 

cliH, ninrru'd Nrwrll Blodi^t livp In Towa; Samb< 
Mle* marrti^ Wellington Mftsun. Ikif in Kcfid&ll 
Comity ; .Innott^, mam^d JohiaI) Shaver. Hr>>r in Rul- 
Iftnd ; Qi^mr'-. married Thirm Whitney. live in Ot- 
tawa; Marj-ai^t, nmrneel Sanfurd Whitney. 

Joseph ^ftjfton. from liidiaiui in 1S85: roaiTled Is- 
abel NolT; a biackamuh by trade ; ?t'^ttlt7<l on S. "X 
T. 35, II. 5 : still living on a good farot. Has nUw 
Gbildmn : <^oorg^i« iu Ktmdall County ^Daniel is in 
Serena: W, W,, married Ijovina P'.*isu?n livi^ in 
MHIm' ; Ell^n, married MUCDD Keed, at ?^hendan ; 
Samh Ann. marrUd Jame? Knick-trbooker ; AUba*, 
mnrmd Abel Misn^r ; ly^wis, marri<>d Eilen Hamcin : 
PumoiiH und Jofieph. al Lome. 

Rob*tri TriniM«-, frxiia Tii».tWi^I] County, iu 1881, 
sold his claim to Roberl Rnwe. and went to Mis- 

Hitlifrt Riivre^ » iiativt? fif S«?i»t,larul, wiUi hla wlff 
Hary McMatli, came from Indiajm here in 1830 ; baa 
h^ldthrnfTit:!' of CoiiiitTConi»ii!inicMii-r. and l^aptlK- 
tjca) surveyor and nmthi^inatidan ; AtiU reaide« on the 
birm he fir?4t occupied. Hia wife die^d in 1 54. He 
haaei^ht children : Jamea, marritKl*andiiT«dlnMi0- 
acn : 8amin:l, manied Ccfl'--etc Hobinson, livo© on the 
botii09t<!&d ; Alfred, i& in Colorado ; Mary Ann, mar- 
ried Cyrue I>elameter; IsabeL married John NuHli ; 
Jatie M,, tnarriwi P«r.»?r Cunninffham ; Amolla, mar- 
ried Levi Spradlin^; Emetine, married Delos Rob- 

.K'st^ Pearson, half brother u> Wm, Borboiir'i 
wife, tVom Indiana : removed, and dieii near Bloom- 
ington. 111. 

.«tf/rA of Sefll&rs - Minion. 


Thomas Dart, from Virginia lo Indiiina, €ftiii« 
h4Mvlnld84; ^etUod on 3. 15* ro^kl^d here a few 
year*!, romoved to MisaonrL rttid diwl Ibom, On© 
daughUT, Snmh, murrLc^d Knooh ^pmdlin^ ; another. 
Lina, livens at Shabomt^ Orore, widow ^F JftiiioH 

Koocb Sfiradlinp, and wif*^ ^arah Dart, oame Oom 
Indi»n;u in 1840. lie has tiv^ cliildn>ii : Haohel, 
iriftrrii^t ALvs PU£*tr ; Janitvs iiiarrind, llveft n^^ar the 
old i^rm : Bli/»beth, at lioine : Fraof e«. niarried M r. 
Su«llijif^, ill MiK<<if>n ; J(Mi^|ilii(i»^, niEirrlt-iI Tjkv L 

George Ai Sonlhworth. nrid wife. Mis* Bovtcti. 
rame from New Y(ifk, in X^'M ; iM^tlk'd uii S. II ; 
died about t^n ye^r^t nincr?. Hi* had iwoohUdren: 
Mary, married Mr, Soiithworth i Murciiis u Inwym 
in Aurora. 

AntJiOQy Uamati came in 1835. aod moved to De 
Kolb Comity. 

Conway Khodee catne in 183A, married MieiH Ha- 
mad* and moved to lown in 183^, 

Mr. PopUn came In It^s^. married Mi«e Haman^ 
and mov^KL to De Kalb County. 

Jam4>« Rood, and wife, Miiw Babco.*k, n nniiv** of 
MustiachuH^LtB, firat to Connecticut^ th(>u lo New 
York, and I'limi* io Iinnuii>; In 188A. Dim) nlwut 
1850; his widnw died several yi^ars alter. 

Laancebit Rrwd, son of t\w forv^ning. wua a mer- 
chant in Georgia: lanii* to TLIinoi» in ]8S(J; went to 
Iowa about 1850, 

Le?i H. Rood, son of Janit;i< Ror>d< from Utcfa- 
Ibeld Uouoty. Ct, went to Oeon^na; taught school 


History tif La- fkdie Om^Uff. 

tli«m *nd i-anK" ro TIIInot« In 1S38 ; was a JuBtSoe of 
t))** Ppari' -4t^ t^k] leiiiiM. He clied ill l^t7Q. Ills firat 
uife wad K A. Philig>v»; sliv had foar childmn :^ 
Mary TT , m:imMl Hr Pi*■^'H^ nf Miiux>ka: Janii-H 
P, atiit Jowfiiii B.| til Will nonotv ; Hufufl H.. in 
Siindwirh. His serond wife wft?* Mar^" K Wjrmiiii. 
of MHraflnlitis<4t<s whn }iu*l r^x (Jiii<WR ; Levi W., 
tt&rrii^d JoA^phim- SpradUn^. and lir«.-a ivitli hia 
mother; Grace W.; UcDJ&miu B<; Julia B.; Biko. 
and OharWs. arr dinrcased. 

H^'tiry Virbwk. from Kevr York, znnrricd Jiuh^ 
Soutliworth. Jlc died in ^^^l, Hod ihrve obildn^n : 
James, in Miseoiiii: Ecidy, in Colorado: Eva, mar- 
ried Frank Bowen : Matiet. Urea in MUliugtou wiili 

Ever Wall«r caiin> from Norway in lS3fi, and 
bought tfaiiin of Jeane Pearson. 

.I^»«>^ Pt^ison criin^ from Indiana in 1&%> ; iwld lo 
Waller, and went to Bloomingum. 

J. Q KfWTwood cuinc in IKW; a!<»d nboiii IB47. 
HIh widow n]arni!*d NaLLuiiicI IlilOKird^ from Xev 
J«iMy ; di»-il Mimt' two yifftr^ idmv-. 

My^rsFoMtii i,"!]!!'' from Pennsylrania Id 1894; 
^c^u^tn:d in I^-^T lu w, 

CharJee Volton rame frdm ^cw llampabin^ aod 
Mtticd on Section I-^> ; movcJ Wc«l* 

Qf^OTfc^ Haven bill came from Keleon County, tLy.. 
to Tasecrell County in I83C»: In IKK rai«4Ul a crop 
n^'arHohh-rrnun'^fri'iiv**, whirh waad^HUroyttd hy the 
Indians; wa« County Cotnmissjoner iu 163^ i di«d 
fthoiit J842. 

MarahaU Uv-i^i^nhilL son of George. CHine with hw 



Sketck of Sefifsrjf — xroriAvftte, 


tAthiXT, nnd s<^ttM on 5. 1% T. 84, R. ^ in 18«4; 
maniod Jaoa roUins. 

FMdln^ JUviiQliilL son of G«c^^, cami- wUh bis 
father, and ^itkd on Section 13. in 1534; was uiiir' 
tied in K^^ntuoky. 

Aiexftnder Row^^, and uif<\ Ann Kika Philips, 
ram© from Connectk'iit in 18-X"^. uiid spttlt^d on ^ec- 
Uon 9fl. wtn'iv he !4til) ISv*'*, ugi.*d T2 y*^nr*. HU wif4- 
dU*d in IfCST, His cbildivn are: Rcibi^^ martial 
Fwir R. Hosford, aiul livn* in Prm-dom : Ann. itmr' 
htvl HMmiluin K:i.ui^lin ; ^iA\n H,. niajiieO Mary 
AtistJn : JanfT M.. at home* : IsaheL mnrripd Fre«- 
Kim Ilawlin ; Edwarrl. married -Tt>nnie An^t-vint* ; 
llenrietia, niuxi^d MoniM \mw, \Wea in Sheiidin; 
Bbeoexer M., waa JiccidonDiUly ^liot while hnntinif. 
19 ymrsoid. 

tileward Listen* and wife, came from N«w York 
in 1837. He died abont 18da Uv bod tbri^ ebU<h 
n^n : LfoimO, marri'^d Lots Townrw^nd ; I-ur y, n^ar- 
ried Henry >'owion ; Marin* innrrkd John Warix-n, 


Xonhvill^ embraw*9*th(? moat of Townablp 36, 
R. 5, Thp Fox river form»* its Ht^ntheni boundury, 
tuid running ?(OtiVbwr?(twuT(]ly niLs ofT from that 
towwhiji abtnit aa much territory afl St taken from 
thi? town ^antli of it, 

Tii»> t4»wn li"-^ l>i*lwi^n \\i** main linn »nil t»r«nr1i of 
the Chira^P. Burlington & Ouiticy Rulltoud, and 
haft ftev^fHl r^Thx>&d ^ttations »nd m&rket tovrn^ nv^v 


Hisiirry qf Tm SaOr GmrUy, 

Its bord«r«t but none wUliln iu Mniits, conseqoMitly 
iU luai-kt^t plart-K, sniTtal i n^UtiiUoiifi And ehurvhev 
atv mostly in Uie adJoiDiDK towns, givuii; tb<'tu tlie 
bt'ni.'lll of l))p ni-iilrli 'rinil iK)[iiil:irtt)n ('n-]iE<*il in jmrt 
li^v Ihi* iiiihiii<^aH fiom Noi'ttiTillv. Th«^to^vn4>i?ciipieirf 
tli^ nortlipa?it ronicr ^f the county. 

U i:* wati-reii, ih adilitton U> th»? Pox rivi^t, by 
SirDiojiauk a^eek, vrliich ruDc southi-rjy a liltlv irest 
of the cetiti^ iljronffli tlj« eacire Jeni^h of tb« town ; 
the timber ulons il» bjinks i-irlii^vcd tin* monotony 
of thf oitiLTWisi' nnlmik;.'!! pmiriL- and prompicti tbo 
siettiemeiit which oonimQDCi>d in 1834, moei of the 
early e*'ttk'rg romiu^ in tlii> n^xi cbrvt> or four yf>at«. 

IxitKoiTi^t f>uboU, and -irmittroikg, wi*n> frontier 
men who canie in at ao early da.y and »eiUed &^r 
t\w Vox, whf^rL* tlioy nuidi^ (-bitni« und KOld to Mixuuv. 
Carr. Heath and J^wis, 

John T- Cam fmtn OnnrulagitCounly. NowVorii, 
auiii- ill ilit^ fall uf 18341, Hikd »«Ukd o» Section ^ 
Hf USE tlirt>w ti fn>ni » wagun in vrosain^ Fox river, 
and broki- liin nrrk. 

<Tharle^» Oair. arm of John T., aettl^' don Si?<\ M ; 
is now in Somonauk. 

Bann-y S, (^arr. brother lo Charles, marrird Snsaii 
AVilliams; lived iu ^oinoimuk* 

R. D. Carr. brother to Oixarlde. romovod t<v Coll' 

L1itdar:*y Carr. brother lo tbt* above, was a »oldltr 
in the M**xicati war— Oapt. Co. H., loth RvgUneBt 
Illinois^ Yoluntovrs for cbNv mcncbK; also oT thf* 
stame foj- three years. He was killed on the ^dter 
line iiHir New Madrid. 


SkeMt <f Setifers —North^UU. 


Teaao Potter, from Onondaf^a Connty, New York* 
cutiK^ in l&4f4— «aid to liuvt- h^n tlip firet settler ia 
tovm. He settled on 3ei\ \. Had two ^>ns : NeUon, 
Jled; JoLiti, left tL« county. 

Darius Potter cam^ h^re in I6:<?', ^ud loft the 
c-ODDl^^ ill a U}Vi y^r^. On** ^luugliter, Fanny, iimr- 
ri«d U. II. W«?Ht : amirhi'r marrietl Hiijfit Adunis. 

LyiD»n Pottvr settled III! ^rtiun 3tt ^ LydU Ann^ 
marrit^ Piank BlU-<. 

Eli M. Kiiin^-, froni Onondaga County, N. Y.. 
otui]« in October. IS;^, And N.-lcli-d at tW- mouth of 
Sononaak cn^ek ; remortHl to Lelaud in li^50 ; hits 
b««a ft mercliaot in Ldand 6\u*^» that t\\\\^. His tirpt 
irifewa« Maria itofith ; hl& aetond. l^ura I'lsk, He 
had two eon:*. H\ CV and P. F,— -botb in Iowa. 

Lewifl Snpofi tuime from (jemiaiiy in 18:i5, and 
ai)tll<^ on Suction 7. 

H«nry Hull, from Stamford, Duu)a>?t Co., N. Y., 
camo in 18:^, and r»imiined here tvo and a half 

Josepli 8tockh:iiii 4*am<^ here in 1336 ; ootf of the 
lir»t JuDtici.iTf of tlni' P^'iirh- ia MiBsioD Precinct; re- 
moved to Iowa, 

Davfil Crawfoni IVotn Trelnnd in 1823: catmeliere 
in 183B with William Sly ; n^iruivtti to fowa in 

AtHJah flamaiLt and vrifr. Bought claim of Du- 
bois in 183(>. and Hold toilernaid ; removed to New- 
ark. and di(.tl thoit\ Had two eons: John, removed 
10 Kendall <*ounlj in lH4ri : Clark. 

William Sly. born in Irclahd, cam^ fa-om Huron 
Cuunly, Ohio, to De Kalb C^uniy, in l^SW) ; h«r« In 


HMoTi/ {/ 1/a SaSe (huniy. 


flW" fal) of 1 834 ; *rt1>J m 8. 28, T. 36. R- ft. He 
h^ld tlie oflltv or JnfttW of the Puai-^ twrnty-firt? 
yiianf ; died iu Scptcnibur, 1876. Uis childron are : 
Josepli : Kiwlenck. in Somonauk : Ja<'k{K>ii« in 
Whitesido Connty ; Aiin<r. married \V, Oriswold, 
livv ill Kniie CcKinly; Bltxo^ itiarriixl Chri^tinn Ki- 
d'-Tdinir : JiXinnn. marriod John Jong's : Ali<o, mar- 
tuh\ Mr, <iifty 1 .lime, inftrri-.^tl ftvorjp- Slupuinn. 

Samat^) Lywit*, and wife, J>4«Ua Ward, (who diod 
iu ISfi'M, cami? rrr>ni Tompkins Coniily, New York, 
In the fall of issTi. Tn iMi wi'iu back for ow y<?«r. 
Settled on S. 3. His children are: Edward W, ; 
Cliftrles F.« in S(iriiun»iik. 

P<rl»T Xwwt'^n, rrutti Broonitj Oiinity, X, V . o:»ip».' 
in lS3fV and di**d in Newark. 

\. Newton, Bon of Pt»t<»r. i«nie witli U\s falUer 
aHLl sitillcil iiti Htn:, 4 ; i^nmvtfil Ui MEAsiim fn rlie fall 
of lrt^O. 

Levi Wright. Jrom J^^^w York, coim; in 1$99 ; wa#* 
Supervisor one (erm, 

Conrad Smitli. from Germjiny, firi^T to Ortawa^ 
hw^ 18Xf. : ei'tUed on S> 4. 

Frederick Smith, from CTt.-rnLua3' ; sciclcd on S. 
fi, in IKif". 

Horace Williame, »d(1 wife, from Ujiondfi^ Co.. 
N. Y.^cam** liervlfia©; si^ltlwl 'in Sei'*, t?(*uiid 51, T. 
30. R. 5; had two children: Douglass, marriod 
Elizabeth Cfonid : settltxi on S. 10, T. 36. R. d. 
^h'k'n mnrri^»d ChaH'.»^ Mi^rwin, HrM^at SomoDaitk. 

Dr, Healii cam*^ here lt<34 ; re8ided here aevenU 
yt^rs, thf.^n Tiiovt'd lo Wi«c!oit9Tn. Oti« datigliU«r 
niarrffd PrediirKk Wi*ath»irHpoi*ii. Maria inarri^ 
Eli M. Kinne, now of Leland. 


sketch iff StUi^ff—jfoftfiBiti^. 


Omiip> Pfjitor, rroTB N«w York, 1H85, 

Frt-di^rkk Mvcra, from Germany. 18»8. 

Moft^ti U. AVeel, nnd ^itV\ Fiiiiny Pobtt."]; irom 
Bcrkjethin-i'Oiitity, Mn^a.; iMinit^h^^n- ItCTT ; livciliKimu 
tme in N-^w York and Mu-tiif?i]r St'ltled on S. 19, 
T ac R- 6; iiiinwiiirht by fnnk; J«»tSo' *>f the 
P<*ac(> twelv** yeare- Children: C^barW^ t^ditoi- So- 
monaiuk Gnz^ti«* : Cl»r» F., m sir nod A. 1>. Cli^trl&s, 
Uvt? Ill SariiMiauk ; Cnra M. and Alum .I.^ar. homv. 

.Tumi^^Wliitmui'e, « itli hi»i wire, BsK'ii-'l Hyat, sw* 
mill wifi- Pi>lly Fiisfrr, from Caiyii^n i'nniify^ N. Y., 
March. I&W. t^irleij hf^ra; miw IheM in Saudovxl, 
TTif* rliildr^n are, AllxTt, (?aTliArinr. William and 

Hiirvi-y Whitniore, on S-.^s.-'anci e. 163S: died 

Murray VVhiiiDore. carae in lfi38, 

David WliitmoiX", Trom Cuyuga County. H. Y., to 
Ohio isat^ and Jim* IK!!*. HU wifV wu^ Mary Ann 
Mitchell Uae rwochiUUvn, Harrifl andJoltii. 

Joa«ph Whiiinorx^ (-Jitmt in J8:Jt>:died 1861, 

Tracy WijiiiDorv, from Cayuga Coutily, N, Y.; 
tuni.f ill 18S«, Wife, ^ariib Vandt^hoof. H<- died 

Allwrl Whitnmrv. Troii} Cay u^ County. X. V"., 
I$3ft; difn] at S^yi^n* nf »gr in IM4. 

Jonallian Cooley, rain** in ISH5. Had onv daiigli- 
l*-r, wlio niarriiMl Ephmin* QratU 

.Tohn Potter, canje in l83.^j; died I8;i<l, 

James It^therL-^ fame in 16^, 

Wiiliam U. Whitmore, (Vom Monroe County. N- Y., 
1835: fir«t wir<s Piit-bi^ Foster ; **trcondt 


HUtary t/ La Salh CWfUff. 

Henry G. Murror, rrom Cayvjni County, N. T., 
Beiijaioiu Bani^K Itvm X. Y.; living witii Janiesi 

Hiirrlnon W. Swi-f-tliiriil Ami wiff, Harrti*! Bndu- 
ard, from Tomjikirts County. N. Y . ISSS : bought a 
rliiini f)f Ij^t?*i.imr niiil *t'ttlM cm Siv.-*. r*4 »n<l 37 ; han 
held tie offline;* of Town Sain^rriBor and .1tu«rii-t^ of 
tlic Pi'flcc for ai^'oml tcmi8. His cliildren are: 
CharleA. injimed Helen LaMar. Urea near; Martha, 
raarricct Emil CttU>.-r, lives in Indianit ; Reuben, 
died in the nrmy ; Flonry, married Mis^ Ciidorwood, 
Hve6 at Nowiirk: Horatio. Amuttdu and Hattie. at 

Jain^ Whltniore. with bis vHf^, Ann HH^Imm. 
from Caytiifu Countj, N. Y,, to Ohio iu L83tr. and 
from Olitn la IllinoU In 1S32; ban iwo children, 
Emilyand Martha. 

Bi^njiMiiiii Whitnion.', ain<l wif<\ 8n?(iirt Bmerson. 
from tl>t* sanH* plaii* n«d at rhe **mi' tiim* with 
JamEw Whitmfj]-i.f, his hn>ther Itsus oiii.> rhilil, Sn^wn 

Nar.haiiii^l Sf^anian, and wifn Mary Jjfin^. fmm 
the city of New York, i-anie to illinom in mSfl, at>d 
settltd on S. ;)!. In IS^I In* wfMit South, aa agent 
of the Sanllary Uommission, and died itt^ar N«»vr 
Madrid. <U his c')iildn.-n : I'^anny. married Edward 
Lewi^. of Kaii*fi?* : Anna Mary, married 0. H. 
Hflllf of Chicaj^o ; llt^nry, wa£ killed at Lookout 
MounralTt; M. Ad*'luide, marrii-d Ciiarh^ Gilfonlv 
of Somonauk ; -luiia, Charles, und Lut^ien. ai home< 

Jacob S^iimfUi, imd wlf«, Jao>.> Kidney, from 
Dnehe^ Comity, New York, Sf^tiled her* In 1837. 


stem qf Selt/^rs -^ NoTtlviiU. 


and died in 1844. Or hl.4 rhUdmi : llvnmtiu, mur 
Ti^A Edn-ard Keenan, of Lelaod ; Marilia Ann, mar 
riinl John K4^i<nnn ; Byron, luid Hmmn, are de- 
ivased ; Ddilati, inardi-d (Tcoruit B^^ltvUi, of NorCli- 
ville; Walter iiinrrie^l Maria WhUi? — second wife 
if« Kiln SEouglHotibiiry 

Hi'-lianl Seaniatj, ;ind wire, Bt-tsi-j- Bt-:irU. fYuTit 
T)iii*lu*5s County. Nvw Yink, in 1337. He died Ui 
1S46, If^rinx Mr^ i'liildrcn : J»nirN tliwi in li^T: 
&inih, marrlrd James J.nk^on. of North* iIIh ; 
Eil4*3i. mamt^d Thomaif tiljuii'lu^rd, of Kjinsua; 
Caiolini?. maniiNi Walia<^ Uathron ; and Edgar, 
njarrivd Mnrriia Iknut^U of XortbTlHo. 

TlioniaB Gnin^1«-n, from ifni^land to LUtrr Ua. 
S«w York, \xk 1831, and Mtttk-d on ». 30, T. m^ R. ^, 
in lb>$7. Hi^ marrii'd Pli/Ji P(>uvll, and Ijii^ tno 
eons. TUomas, and All.>ert, :md thi^'L- daii^hT4T^ 
AnnA, XWv^ and Mnrttia : all nt lionit-, t>Kcept Mar< 
tbii. wlio marrit^d Kdward A rmsrronjcf, of XoilhviH^ 

W, L- F- Jouf?* x*:is liorn iii KiiUaiid Couiily, Vt, 
nitd roivvNl in Crawford Connty, Pii» ; with hm w]fi\ 
Briny Minor, ramr Tu MiUonl, now Millingrori, Ken 
dall County, in 1SJ7 ; is now living on S. lil, T, 'M. 
B. 5, a blaikT^mifli, and f<umi*r; lir was the firsi 
^npervisor fifjni thu town of Northvillf, He baa 
live t'liildrcn : Benton, at home : Mian*-n", in Kan»a$ ; 
Elnuk, married Im Ann^tronj^, and Jive in Somo* 
naiik : Charles ie a medical student inChica^; 
AlfndW^, is in Sandwich. 

Hn^h Allen cameCo>'orthvUleinl8S7; mov^d to 
I>ftylon 1845. 

Lh'vI Wrighi, and wif.*, Esther Whilinonf, cam© 


Hhit*ry of />? 8aUe Cou^Uy. 

from New York in 1899, Ha& t>eeo dupervlior one 

IlAnr^ySTipleH. ^m Germany, with Cornell Brnilli; 
ilW soon flftcn Ivfiving two sons^ ITiigh and Li^i^is. 
Ii«-wl-<»^-iil*-d on 8. 8, 

Thomaa Leiuar. and wifi\ Mary Hawt% toOCtswn 
1836, fiti'i to Noi-ihvillr! 1840. Uas ibiw cliildrt^u: 
Oll« K., th"l.-n A., att<l LiillLrr J^ 

H«nry Curtis, and wifi^, Mary B. McNVlt, from 
CoiiiiprTi<'iit» in 183(;. 

JobH Wlfilniore. and wUV, came from Otiio Id 1*5*4, 
and &9ttli>d on S^otjon 16; nniovod to Waiik«-.i-Bii, 
aud tlU'd In 1W51- ChiUlmn: T-on^nKo, Itillvd by 
lighlnin^: Alon^co. mitrrit-d MIsm Sklnuer. dl<^ in 
KaDBas: John and A'1di»4>n« w«>Ttt ro California, and 
Luoifii, III ^'hi'Hdnn : tlif i1i]-(<<- ai-t> iiovr in Ij»-land. 

Samiicl OnifTi-Hin*^ IVuin Ueriniiiiy in 1834- : railor 
by Inidt^ ; Hi^LtltHl oit Bm linn ft ; jiHir»-d to ^riirin T> \ 
dUl in 18T1 

John Htirnnun c-a,mii from RiLn-«ia in IS^, ajid 
frrulKl oil SfT^lii>n i ; now dectviSHl. 

Henry Shi-Tiimu oamt^ from Ru!«ia in 1835, and 
twtllt^d on Stwtion 9 ; .^tilJ \\\\n^. 

Jei^miah Hougb oamc rr(>m OAwcgo, N, Y<, in 
18^. DM in l^-l.*^. Hud lire soik9. 

William Towoll c-am^ from 6o«lon in 1838, and 
bought th'» claim of David Crawford, Hu marHini 
Kliwibeth Warner; »;i.>c'iind wit".-, Miit?^ MoN^lt, 

^lUimW WiiiTiiT, fr<jrii Bi«um to Nt-w Orb-iiu«t by 
boat to Pi'oiin* iini.1 by i»nd tn 8ornunaiik : pur- 
r1iii?«i*d A «:laiiii of Hugh AlMi : |mii in (Tntpt^ wi.-nt 
bank to Dosion. acid brought om \m Fallii^r ami 
faroily in Aii^isl, IiJ3S. 

Sk^^ qf S/fO/ers — Sari. 


Oi-orirf Wam-^r. unci wifi*. M«ry SalnlMirv, rflm*^ 
Trom Motion in August, 183$, und bouglit u <.-laim 
of Pa3t4-r. He di<'tl in l3'l^. aginl 60; his widow 
died ID 1^71, n^i3 S8. He li&d ^ix fions and oniii 
djinglitHf : SiunuoJ, uiAi-riM Marv Ann Pok^IIt 
biul two B«>iis. Alfred und Ireorgie, new in Ford 
Cnuntj- : Jolin : Alfri**!. rniiiTl<''l Almij-u Rl^^tiard- 
son. 'if MalnK moved to Micluf^aru arid Kas eighl 
ohildn-n, «ll in Michigan : Tliomu^ liii^d MngW, and 
died in Callfonna; Rli/abwh» niarrieil Wm. P«wcU: 
Francis, married .fuiia V. Back, nnd lias lom cliild- 
ivn— ht* wa** Sii'-rirt' of Ln Salk- County for two 
t^rms. from IK^9 to ISni, and from 18»iS t<>186rT-^h« 
fa* now SiJpffriDleiid>'nr of Piukenon's deti-ttires, 
and ltvet« in Chiiatco. 

Duniifl JJcNett, and isift\ Mar>' Boomen came 
from Niv- Yorii in J83S. 14-:' di<^d in ISTfS. Ht' had 
fin^en < hildntn : Ctiarjcs, manual Lvliu iiukvr* in 
I6«*s; Sophronia, marri^^d William Pow*>n : Mary. 
dW : Mil liu*'l, m»rrird KloronLV Jiicki^oD. of 
Wbite^de County; Martha, raanifd Gwor^e Ed- 
wardvt, of \f»iijdotii; Lnrinsi, niarriM Asber Gib- 
son, of MiHsonri^ Eliza, nian-l^^d Alb<ir[ Powell; 
William, iiiarrini fjovinji Huvi-iilull : Polly, Rl«inoi\ 
John, Hfory, f?lara, ^h*Tiiiaii, ;4nd AMx-y* ar»? 


riki* town of Fjirl i^iidtnuT-?« tlii^ Congri-?«4ii.iiml 
Township 36 North, of ICani^tt ft. It Is thn npuij^ 
town on tliT- jK»fth lin** of th*- connty, Indian creek 


Si4t&ry </ La /Sa^U County. 


VQtera the town noar the mifldle on tlie north, rass 
sonthweatto Section 10, and tlwii s^uUk'U^u hai-lng 
a Ane growth of dmbcr sklotifc tnoet erf its coune. 
It waB settled ^inite sparsely alorij^ it^ banks coxn- 

ion 8i Quimy HaUroad wus bnik tbtx>iig]] 1 li«> luvn, 
nf!<Hr wliirli rlic iiillux of pn|.iul3iLioti w;tA mp!d, 

CliarlHiii H. Sutphf II was lh<* pioneer settler In tbe 
lowD of Knrl, in numpHny vrhli John K. Onw. 
TijHy rami- froin Riinioii, niiulc c lainiH nnd loniit-d 
attliv hrtid of the grove in April, IftJ4. They fonnd 
two fjjtmilk^Ei just arrivt'd from Indiana, J, H<**!S 
and a Mr. Johnson, who located on the M>uth M<le» 
of tlw? ^rovc and made aome improvennrnt that sum- 
oritur- T iK-y ptuld thdrclnim to McCla^kv Jf Fliihp^ 
and left in 1$8S. 

Mr SutpEicn brought tiis fniiiSly in Thi' monfh of 
0*?tober,ajid built, adonblc lo^ hon:»""" on iherdf^^of ihi* 
village. The l»nd i^ame in market in 1839, when Mr 
Sntphf'ii purrliflinvl oin' thousand acr^a when* &ri- 
viUenow fitand&t -^>id has ot-f.-»ipied it iiti a «tO('kf]irQi 
for about lw*»nty yejins. 

He was one of the firai Ju*itioe« for Indian 
Precinct, and lifld th*? oIHci' coriUruioiiJ-ily fortiftn<B 
yenrs^, being t hi* uldrTit Jiir«ilrw \n \h^. cotinly H'bi-ii 
bt* resignwl. 

He had a family ot t^x soni^ fin<\ tbrrr daughttr^ ; 
Charl«HT. Bnfphi^n wa^ tht- lintt whiu- male bom in 
the township, he and George ar<r in California ; 
Albcrl, i« in Aurora; Ford, in Misaouri ; IHIbert 
and Weller, in Iowa; tiarali, mnrricd & Took, 
now d^TOcaeed : Uarric T.* wart tlje tirf^l white chUd 

Skefffit <^ SrMrrs — Earl 


Ixirn in (he Iowq — luarritjil WUlittm H- Gmliam, of 
SL L(»nl8: Mary, niarH^d O, C. Uray. of Ottawa, 
nnd her set'oitd hui^mnd was Dr. Oatifield, of Ollnwa 

— Sh** IB now (VO'|l?Hl|. 

Uix Biilplittii, Rli/iibHli H. Bow, died in 1870 ; 
ifr Siil]>h**n removed to -loliol in 1871, and marrif:^! 
Uir* M'kIow of H. 1>. Ili^>|;in1;rrthatn. 

<)obij B. l>ow returned to Itoston in th<? fall of 
1834, and Jib two brotiK-rs invtipied his clniRi. He 
jfl now Jiving in New York. 

D. A. Halliird caiiic trom Bt'ttton, in thti fall of 
ISS4 ; Iii6 wife was a ^at«' of Mrs. SiUpb^n : Jk? 
Miim*^ to Boston Sii 194S- Two $odo jvinaln— ono 
dit-d at Eari two jrvan^^inoo ; tJieothvTlsat Aurora. 

AlbtfTt Dow eame fix>m Boston id IS36. He mar- 
ried MiHf* Fmiirv!< Joliii^oii, or BoT^roti, and witli'd 
on ttie claim Wti by John R. Dow; his wife died 
MOoo, juid he m»iTied Martfa;! Mi1e?a, find had ouo 
strit »iiil twii dfEitgfilf'r^ ; lit' t^ now living in Cincago. 
He rewideii Ui OM;iivh ^evenil yi-iirs* 

Warren Dow, from Hostoo, rame in 18H4. He 
iDarn«d MIh.^ Aliri- R, Chnrti|iiii*y, of Btiston ; has 
one son and three daughters : he now lives in Wis- 
€ODdn. Ho rmdtd in Ottawa ^vernl yi?ar^ and in 

Amos Foster, from ^a^saohnflett^ came in 1834 ; 
inarri*Td in Ottawa ; removiid to Wisconsin. 

Corrin l>oane, from Boston, came in 188-1 ; mar- 
ried Harriet Johnson- iiis i^ecotid wif^^- wa* Hannah 
SUJeon. tifiter to S. T. Stilson. He died in May, 
l^Sd. He had two «oa^ : Hnxea, niarrii*d and Uvea 
in Earl ; Samuel J., die<! in the army. 

UisUory ^ /iQ tSfet/ifl Ckntfiip. 

JohnT. Cook, brother-in-law to 3iitpl»>ii, cam^ In 
\t^4: wtnii toGAli:fiui. llimi to Clitcsgn in llie lam- 
h*»r:ra(li'; hin wife iUhI inCliirago of rbolera. 

Julm Thornton, and wif**, Hannah B^^nediin^ fVcun 

St. Lwwreiirr Counij-, N. Y., in IKl*' ; U^ ilk^d in 

166ft. He iukd thref^ dmiKhtt^rs : Luraoia. niarneil 

SamiK'IO.OurCi-r: Rcl>y. mnrritn^l Wni. Iniil ; Snnli. 

itiairii^d O. J. Wilson. 

Samii«l O, Carter, from St.Lawi«n(*pi-oiioty»N,V„ 
ill Its^S ; titoppc*.! m-ar CliiraiTO Hih'<* iiioritha in Do- 
rtfmJ>*>r; settled on S, 17, Wife. Luranin ThorntoD ; 
b&6 tliT«> eoiie: Ado]pliar» mani**d wKlow DoAlie : 
Ht^man H. mnmi^ti Malvina Fhili|iH: -fo**! at honn-. 

AIon/.r> Garten from St. Lcuvi-eiice Cuuuiy, N. Y., 
In 18:ifi : row :% SlvlhiMM^t pn-airlivr In Ohio. 

Lt*vl ChTtft, fnim same phtet? in I83fl; niarrlt**! 
widnvr JpwelT : tiitw in Sartdiivjil. Marion Coiiiily, 

Penlinand Carter, from lUe sanip |»hM-<? in 1836 : In? 
diod Ift.'W. in? widow, DrUimh Bn^w, di*-<l IdW. 

Hriijiimiii OarN*t\ frorti HJiiitr |ilare in ISSd; wttiit 
lo lliven (Jounry 186(' : now ther«. 

Sylvf'HcT (Jnrlrr ranif in 18^6 ; he d)od of cliolem 
in lW«i rtrst wifr, Mifl8 Chriety ; t«cond, Mary 
Un^ctiL\ vrldow ; third, lAXvy Pfn^s Of lib ohildron, 
Jam<*h t'arti-r is in Livintrgt^in County; Jo^^ph in 
t'^MKULim ill Norniiit ; Lu^k-n in Livini^r^lon Couuty. 

Urieil Ciin»'r, mam<*d Eh/j* Rog^rson ; now In Ar 
kanfi&a:li»P!^V4'n or eight ^^liildi^n , Inft hh^rem i^AO. 

Jo*»I Csirter. fiirlKT of Un- tot*f^n\Uf£ ^'vvw 
cavi<f from thi- bank of rh& Si. I^wtviLru riv 
St. Lflwrvnce County, N. Y., in I83«: dt^nl In 


n Ar- 

«>n*, ^1 
«r In 1 

S*rfM ^ Seiiieri — Earl 


John Curncr CAinti from Vfrrmont to Cinniinati* 
and licre in 1838; wilo. KHwi WjiIIho* ; Im cIjII'I^^il 

Frunk Rnnict'^t. Trom Vt-rmont :o Cincitinail ami 
from lli^n- her^ in l^^H; UU wir»*died l^'>d ; \w Imt^ 
fipvpnil rlijidmn. 

Ali?xaiider Brown, rroiti Ohi>sliuv, M:ip#.. July 
188S : fl tMrlwIor; divd 1867> 

Andrew Br*jwn mnif in lS38> 

Alli^ii Brown, ami niTe. Miss TWst. in 1888: haiAOii? 
fum Aiir1 tlim* dntii;ltU*r!4, 

The alfovc ihrtT Ikrotlit'i?* t-^ni^ From IWksliim 
Cottnty. Mfl*w. 

0. J. Wilfton, fi-'mj St, Ij^twreiiLie County, N- Y,. 
ISSfl: It-A thtre Nov, I'^th, when 17 yeai'S of agt% 
ftnd car»t by steamer lo Unmilion Biiy* tli<;n on Tooc 
torifaTt'bicnL'oin i>omprtny with Uri (?art<>r ; slopix-d 
Willi Skidui'L &ud Iati f.'iirf<r n r-_»*- dQytf» Oilh wtiii 
to IndlftnA and @p«>nt the wint«r. and in December, 
1S:jtv, n^cht^ Bi|f Indian i.<re«k in LaSalU- CoiiDly; 
bought a claizn on S, ^i, which oiimv in markt-i in 

Mr. WiUonV liiatory It* n striking i>xsimp1»* of iU*i 
result of iiidniitry And t^c-unoin)' . From ila- |K>or 
hoy Inidi^ingon (tit%x ihro\ig\i tlie wi^ary diAlnnr** to 
r^Hth lln' VVrt*I. }%!• hits btt'onu* l.hi* |>tw*i'!»w>r of 
wea1tlt« beinff abr^^land ownt^r, fannt^raiid batikt^r. 
lit; marriM &)nib Tlmnitun : Iw cbildt^n an^, 
TIioiDaA. wUo niarrit'd Mar> Wi^fid, livv^niMr; Wll- 
liiim. who married N^'tti*^ Doanf*. l!v^ In Earlviilf, 
a l^ankt^r; l^wiu, in I'jitiromm ; Abiam, marrii-d 
Knirn-.^3 Pope, lives in Korlvillft ; Bichanl, Caroline, 
Jolm T,, Olkartoltv Ann, und OHOuin John, are at 


History of Za Saiie Co'U^Uy. 

Majoi' IX NValJace. Trom Oi^tijco County* Vt,, in 
IS:n ; tho onJy pbysicmn lieK for t^n years : leJe two 
^on». Clmrloft murnvd T.hcwUlow Snott at Rorl. own>^ 
tliG Wallaci* Houfi© ; Gworge njartied Mi&s White, 

JuiiK'^ Wood, Ironi Ni-wYorkSu 1S40: he di^ 
1653 ; seult^ on S. tJ : lotir obildi^n : Pt*cer: Daiid; 
Loviua iitnrri^d JHm(^>^ WuU»o<?>; £lt3ih». 

David i^mirtj, JVotii South Adurus MaK»,, 18441; 
died lSd4. 

Dfimt^l Smith, Konorfoivgouig, cMm*^ id 193d; mar* 
rit^l Harriet Burl. 

Miles Ronse, cam«> from N«w Yoik. in 18^* ; died 
in lt*<*0 ; vfidow i*till Uviiifr Itrn* : Etirii. mnrrii-d Mr- 
Lynn ; Bliza, m&rrW ; Mailli.% inarrlnl .Allt^n Mr- 

George Rog'_'rwjE cam^ from Brockvillc, Cnnudii, 
in lti38 ; Oeor^<^ ta in Ford Tounly ; KlixA, miirrJed 
L rial Ctirttr, in ArkaJitfiia. Mr. H. died in ItJ4t\ 

Edward Cook caun- in l«3o; dk'd in Calirornia, 9>.i 
yeara ago ; left a widovr and aou, aU tia?e Wt. 

SndseL Blisg, cftn>i> fri»m Nonb Adama to Ohid 
and from there here, in IRiT. 

Jiuiiet^ M, P)ii]i|}», cume from Pennsylvania, in 
ISSft ; he had a difQcultyr^gnitUnit a dI^]>uu-<) olnim 
with hie neigiibor. Moss, and unfortniiiitely ktl1e<l 
bim ; he wii^ UmX lor rrnirderMnd a>nvi<'tj^d of man- 
ttlaiigtkter, but was dlsrharged, from a deftnu In lh« 
Iftw. It ifi due lo Mr. Philips tu «laL»f^ thai his 
neiuhlKirn all agree ibat. hr ba^ lei1 a hlameleAs life 
riince i lias a large family of children who are mach 
respected. He aent f!v« don:* to the war. 

Mr. Mosa, who was killed by Philips, w&sfrom 

SMeh (/ SW//*TJT — Screrw . 


Yermont : he wae inrnking a (iain pivpArtttorjr lo 
moving hiM Tanilly. when he niei his fkta. 

Abraiii Pnsf*'T, ahd wU^vMiMic Wliit<\ nunt' fnitii 
Rnidfiinl Cniitil}, Pt'iiimyhntiia, in 1t^() ; f^eitlt^ 
on« mile nortJi of Ivarlrille. on the cr«ek ; he died 
maDyyean* aincv heaving s'-vi-n childn^n : Rct!«?y, 
mArHt^l Conrad t>niith,of Northvillt- ; Miilitf, married 
Fn^dcrick Smilh, ot Norlliville ; Elieha, is dccMiSt'd : 
Alfred, went to CoUfornia : WiJlirtm. dit?d here, hifl 
widow tBsUll living; VVillatd, w._ni We^t ; Abmm 
HettJed on tlievr^T*k, now in Cotomdo. 

Amii Fottier, (fi-ands**!! of Abnim, came from 
Bmdfori Co., P-rimKylvftnin, in 1S37; li".- iiiarried 
Mary J. App; ha-* threi* childnT. Uf ha^i resided 
in Ottawa for many y*»ars, 

Sftmiie] T- StiNon* horn In Connert.irni, ramffroin 
ChHluuqnii C'mtity. N. Y., i83d : has been a tinner, 
tnr-rrhfinrf icmin d^^Jilt^n ii'^'l Itaiikir: ^m-^'ftt^fiil, :ifii1 
now ivlired- HIh Iifhi wifi* whs KlVn Wouil, who 
di*'d in t^'2 : \ii» f^efond wife wa^ Sarali Lukitisi. 
n«i» had fiv#- rliildn^n ; two pre living. 


The lown of Serena embraces Township 3C, 
Raiigt* 4, and about iliree additiorhnl sections of 
T. :i<^ R. r\ which lii* on Hit* wt^at aide ot Fox riven 
Indian oreek rnns nearly across the townstup and i^ 
lnti*r:*^rted by iU principui branrii, ihe Lirili.- Indian, 
on Section JO. There was much good timber aloni? 
tlio«e iMtTMtrift. and eoi)«Ki|ue»tl>' «vltU'Rient» eom- 


HfvUfT^ ^' La SatU Onm/j/. 

iDHiced »t ti?i cnrly date. Tit^ pU^Hfnl supply of 
tinibor, ^vitli nillin^, rich pmirit\ niAtli? iiad^ra- 
blf^ loeation. Th(.-n! vrcre a«ronil savr-mnU on tlio 
civi»k at an i>arly <Jfty, and two or thre<* ttonriuff 
lllili1^ hkve be^it kidded einc^. 

Soitlrmt*nt« f-onii]i4'iii-<^ In )S3I, and iu^*ttl-,'ni onm^ 
In rapidly alY^r th^ close of tli«* Indian troubled, in 
]8:iH. RohiTl Rnii-»r»nl wils th^* lir«l. In 1831. and 
ill*! WarrHis, Alva O. SmlHi. Daul^'l Blaki" «iid oUiira 
in 1^33. 

Till* Fiiv Hivi-r Hiiilniiul ninn rlmtiigh lln^ t-HHf 
pari rjf tlie lown, with a dH|H>t ne»,T\y i*^n(iiiJ, wlurli 
brings u tnnrki-t lo ttiff doom of ttur |fe<Tp1e irlio »et- 
tl«M iu an inland Utwn. 

Rrthen Itan-'sford. u naiiv*- o! DeriT. Ireland, rame 
to America, atid wiMi Idet wlf«.\ Mary Defit-rt^ and 
family, (am*.>lirflt toPi*oria, nnd, with Jesfte Walkt-r. 
to Uttuwr in 18:^5 ; u&sistt^d Walkfr in e«t»blialui)^ 
III?* miftsion ut Mif^sion Point, and in \&i} ^Hrttlod ni 
Holdf-rman'j* drove, H(> rt*mcvM to Indian Cr»:^k 
in IH^JI : Ik- built n mwinUl on tbi> cn>i-k, and 
ro«ldtnl ill that lociiUty till bi» death in 1851. Mre. 
Bareflford died in iSlS. He left rlipee oUildren : 
John, muni*^!. and is ilovt living at Fri'iuoAt. Ki*- 
braska: Map>' Aun. married William CaUen, of 
Ottawii — Mr Catli-ii bus bi'^n SlidilfH :tud for many 
jt^irw **diu»j' fd ih** Ouawa Hfpnblu-aij ; Txti'ina, 
ntarrifd Mr. WyRnfF; Jameit^ w)ts killed by Tmlbin^ 
wlillr ttcmititig in }B^^. 

Daniel Warren. Jr.. ranie fmm MadiMon Cnimty. 
N. Y,, in Iftio. and sr-ttk-d on Indian cr&^k in 1632. 
Hia wifp wan Lucy Sk^cl*, fronj Putnam Conntr- 

sketch (/ SeUi€rs—8erma, 


lit* filed ill ApH], ISffT- Hla widow marrltnl P*!f,*T 
Dirk, Olid \\\vs on S^rlion 17. II^- li^rt *\k cliildivn : 
KIbsihvCli, ronrricfl Anlhony flitnr. in Mbviniin ; 
ATdilla, manied Henry Koar. dei^^^sed i I^itlier, 
m«m<xl CiiDtanTit- Cristk-r, iir ^^t^'-;ltc^; UtiroD. is ia 
?jebrmska: Kudeo, married Oliarlott^^ Wrurlit, of 
Sin^na; lxMU^S„niflrn*'d KII/a M<!Ulinv,orSi*reiift. 

NuibHD WarriL*!] t&znt^* rpjiii Madifion County, 
N. T., In 1S3U, and t«>'it1<^d onSln1inll^; U not^* Ik- 
iBf? on S*?i-tton \ Hi-^ Urtrt vnt^ wa^ Lydia Baxler : 
9wond wif*', Maria I^.-^rtr, \U> has tvv**ii childn^i ; 
William J« in S^'i-^na; Fanny, iiiajried Mr. Wariner, 
of Paw Paw; LuL'iGTi, is in Amijuy. Seirond wift^'a 
idiitdrx-i) liiv: Mjiry, miiiTJt-d G>.»org4? Bmlol, n«ar 
Amboy, now dei<i?iwed ; Knuim : Florftrice, 

GArfklH Warn-n marHf'tl Siirtam 8^ir^i-nr andbHitled 
on Section 17. IW antl Danifl Wnrivit \\\\x\l u miw- 
mill on Section d. and movd ro Morris, and dit-d 
therein 1847. 

Samnel Warren, fi-nni Madison County, N. Y-, 
oaini;onlhu t'fxrck witli liir^ brotlicra; died aingtl^. 

Th<* four Waru^n brotln-n* w^^iv chSldR^ii of Daniel 
VVama. and came with their father from Madieon 
Uoiincy, N. Y,, in l83iL by %\iigon toUailey's Point, 
DOW Vermillion. Tlie futhd^r di^nl n^^r Ottawa in 
188!?. Hifi widow marritid %h** fatbvr of Hom^re and 
George Spmgue ; she dit^d in I8:j€> 

JoIlu Hiip|>, fVom Ucking Cotinty, Ohio, came 
.UlTDUgh by wajicnii, and ^'tll^^il »ri .Sci^rioti "2% ; wi-nt 
1o California Sti 1*0*1. His ohilii^n are: Stnlpwick, 
living III St-rfiia: WIImui, wa^drown^ in Coluni- 
hiAriwr; Ilavibh, i>^iiV»in Stiii*iiR; Jan*-, TiianiiHl 



Hisiorp Qf La SafU County. 

.TaniHri Mooi^; C^-mantfifl. msrri^fd lia Barley, of 
(TFumiy (bounty: SI'^plK^ii. in Iowk; Ci<.vrg"», &t 
N^rtlivilliF : KiK>y, in Svrvitn; Loului. m^uri^d 
Josi^pli MrKitiK 

KiiirK' Ni-n-f'mnb chtih' fmni FI;ilt4l>QiVt N> Y., in 
1633; TDEirHM] J^ruaha L>m>i). Hv d\vA in 1840l 

Hiram Rrown. nii<l wifi\ OlivrNUe*. aiiin' from 
Bhaftsbni-y, \t.. in 1H^3; now in Kane County. 

AIvuC, Smilb, from NoHh Hav^ii, Ct,» in 1833; 
iirrivod in Ousiwa in \^M. II*- marriu<l Oliv^ War- 
ren ftnd seltli^d on Seciion 18, T> i£5. H. 4, in l>ec., 
1$^. In company witli Jniiiv* Dny, bou^lit tbe 
aaw-mill of EK'.*l<iel Warren. Mr Smitb die<l in 
187(1, leiirin<? ei^ht cliildTL'n : Janit?«, mani^ Maf- 
j:ui>'T Burkivr: Lt^vi C. : Loin L., married Wniiaoi 
M, Cnrywi. ot Otiawa ; Mary, marrtt?<i I<aa<- Pool, 
of St?rt?nfl; ^aroh R., nuirrSi^d WlDlani T, Jou^«, of 
Serena : Alra O. : Olive, married Geo. W, Curyim, 
ur Dnytoii ; Sidney, at liuinv ; Kuuioe 0. 

JoliD Roxii*, from Winiijmsrown, Bf^rkshlro Co., 
Mas*i.. c-ani4^ in l^M. nml bellied ■ifi Set?. 2\ witerelii* 
still resides, lie raarriMd Elir,r«bi>th Bf^etn, Bis 
rliiMrcn ar^: nt-nrii'tta, FrvmoiiK TJm-oln, and 
Fannv. Ihiiij w;ifi killed at tbe batUe of Jn.sAion 

Pnnift Blake, horn in Maiin-. removed to Obla 
andh-omllierebeieinlBS^; Uvedaebort time under 
tile lu>a)ittabk> roof of Robrrt Hartford, and ^tllcd 
on St.<ctioii ^ ; rimioved to UHawa in 1K0S ; &erv«d 
aA SlieriiF from is*l to 1S73- Hie cliildrea are: 
Joirhna M., in Livingston County ; Jam«dA,t oolht* 
old rarni : George, a lavyen in Ottawa ; Mary 

SMtA tit Settlers — Serena. 


J., marrfwl Hnvilnh Hupp, in Si'n'nii ; Hnhw* M., is 
tL»? wif** of Ij ij[i Nilrs, of Livin^tdii County, and 
Siiaie A., is at liomir. 

Ezra Don) J ny w&* Jwrn ol Ra^^t Hninpton, L. 1., 
1S76— witb his wifi'. Khottn Smilh. and family, came 
from PiftiUtburg. ^'cw Vork. *nlHar>, wirUftwajjon, 
by thv Lcke ahore, to Illinois b*?ins eix weoka on 
tb'^ refill: M>tUi'd on S, as. T1j«." Oimilny family, 
dt*Ac^n<)anl4or Kxra, wltb their wives and hiiebandsv 
h'-ld u reunion in S^pU'mb*'^ isr? ; rln^n* wt-ro hin 
pn»***n(, including clilMren, ^raud ciiildren, and 
gr?»i izraod childreti. t!is c:l]i?dr*'ti >n>>: Ri?b<^cc.a, 
wim TnnrrihHl R<i^i.'r* nn.'»*iiV*!*, (jf Duylim; Na- 
ihatiM, Miarrii^ Pbliiiida Finc^b. In frrand Ridgt*: 
John, in Intra : tielindH. rniirned Mnilin IjewK now 
d>-ad : SMly, died HHigU* : Ijcm-nKo, in Si^rt^na : Exni 
A,, niami-d Ann EUwi Poub in Seiviia ; fiilbftrfs 
maiTOd Mary E, Pool : Betser, toamed Jacob 
Pt?ti-r?5on,in ^^T^i\ti\ Anna, niarrl^'d MaUhio^ PcmjL in 
8t*i-ena. Mr. Dominy is lixinj- wirh the last n.itn4Hl. 
at the rip^ agi: or 01. Mrs. Dominy dic\l in 1873, 

Amos St. Ciair. from Kentucky to Jacksonville. 
lulS3(J, and tn'r»*l«X»; h<- SiUJ*^! on S. :^a ; hisdii-d 
1S39. Of^ed 49— liiB widow. K1iz;il>eth WalkiTiB. died 
in ISOS- 

WatsoD 8t. Clair, non of Amo», r?anii> at the fiame 
ti>n4* and wttl^ on Section SS, is now on ^^ction ;t6. 
I!i» wiTt* wa^ T^ura J. BwkwUb. HU children ar*» : 
Mftrtim R., and liaiim K., iKHlntr lufini' 

WiHtant St. Clnir, alno H'>n of Aiikk<, L-anii? at lb«- 
nani^ tini^f and is living on the old faim on S^c 39. 


JIMors/ <^ La ^aU^e County. 

HI» ^^Iff wfc* Silvan MUKt, Hie children ar« : 
Eus^^ne and Lucr^^fia. at home. 

St. CUi!r sUtej-s, d^iuglU4-r>t t»f Anjois »"t?iv : Maty 
A nn^wlto married H- P, Harvpy,of Fiwrlrini: RacIm.^I, 
iiiaiTi'_'(l Urinl Mill<?r of Freedom : Ellia Jaue* mar- 
Ht-d Samiit'l H, Flini^ of CitliroruiN : ^nili R, 
iniirried L. ClUruid. of Serena. 

.T11I111 Si, Chiir, abu rH^ri »r Aiiia», rjiiuif from the 
«iame ]>lace and fletrled on Set-^tion 32 in 1834. 

B^. Jolin 6t. Oain broMK-i of .Amott. camv* fium 
Kentucky in 1634 : a M^thoiisC pivacUer and Frr- 
»idiiift EUlvr; \\v warf prumint*iiL in hf» dt-nomUui- 
tion. an able, enterpri^iTij; luid ns>'fiil man. lli'diod 
in Ev&nston in \^\. f^ettled in Kuthnd. 

AViHiiim B^^nrdsli.'^, from \Vi)Jiam6towD, Maa;^.. 
cnme in 18S7. and iietiltKl on S(k.\ !27 ; Jiilia, ili«-<l 
in thi'fnil of 18:^8; Lytnan, ineani* ; llarrieU married' 
Dyson MiJltT. 

Henry Beardsley, lialfbrotUer of Willtani, fmm 
WUlliirn*ti>wii, Mii»ft., i-Jim'» in \\u* fiiU of 1837, His 
4-liiUlivii »[-(•: fjiivina Blak«-, now Ui Adam» : one 
i^on, Willinm. iiiMendotJi; Cliesc^*]', niarri4*<l ^H^t 

Xatlianiel Perley, and wife, Kli/a Sn^ivnts tnmi 
Ma.*^sa<:)iuscttA to OtULvrn, and from there to the 
rreek in 183S), Mi-?*, PiTley nitrl Ijr-r dtfAtli by her 
clothos taking lire. Mr. Perley hoa ^nt? West. 

William >]n:fkelh ».ndwifL\ Miirtbm Uatcbe)ler,tirst 
came CO Ottawa in IKi7, and tii rhe cr^ek in 1830,' 
PtTlcy & Hai>kell built dirywi'e mill and distillery' 
Snl)i»tf. Hv dird row nUy in Str^it^r. 

John R. Mohbu, tame from New York, in I8H5 

J^ctch of Settles " Ba'jle, 


Bettlf!^ on 9. S6. Dnmris, di«d: AlfM, marrifrd, 
and livi-:« in Arn.-nii. 

Phinaaa P^riAy.camr* tWm Ma^-sai'hii'ft^tii, in 1H:13 ; 
married Wm. B'^ifcTdsly's widow; one daughter, 
Almlra. llrdi^HJ iibout IftTj?, 

Joeepli T. Hoy, bachdm- : rnn a mill on tbe cre**k. 
IMo(!in 1R71, 

Aaron (jlrinnt^U. bachelor, t^ame from Kew Yopit, 
10 18S7* in Fh^ poor iu»uiMN familinrlv imIIwI "Old 

Mxrtin Lnwlft. <nm^' fi-om Plfttt^fbur^, S, Y^ in 
1834 ; miiUtd on S. $8, ami died In ISSl. 

EAOLE. ' ,^ 

Eskgle <-ml>rH>vj« ilml pitHioii ol' T.' 31, It' ^. lli»t 
lif.H it^Hill) of the Vfj-mtHIoii nvft, and th<- t-anl onv-' 
third of T. 31. R, 'i. Tliiit portion lying along the 
Vrmiillion wiis M-r.tlt^l nt an i-urly ilay, 

John Coleman, came from Kichiand Co.. Ohio, in 
the fall of IWn ; lit ftiHtltrd on i?. :JS, livtxl thnn- till 
1S47, and vri>nt to ^fissonti for two years, and tli<>n 
returned to tlic old farii) ; Ik* is now living iu Sh'ea- 
tor- Hi» wiTl^awow^ : l«t, AnnaCramt^^r: :fd, R^jx- 
ena C^JW'ffill ; Sd. Hneter K<*llpy : 4tlK Liititia Grif- 
fith- All d'-a<l. Of lilts chiKtntn : Jnlia Ann, nmr- 
ried Mr. Plo^^r. of Ottawa ; Heet^^r Ann, married 
JosUih RolKTts of >iir<-aior ; Janirri, WHllaiu. LiHa, 
ar» tingle. 

Ho4iry CnuD^T. nmi*^ I'lxmi Ttirhljiiid Co.. Ohio, in 

if<fi} ; hndlKl in iai2. His daughUr^ mained John 


ni9tor^ ilfLa SaiU Omniff. 

Coleinan. Jamna HcKeman, Geo. McK««s ^nd 

ihthn Ilfililrrnijiii, &m1 wih\ TTiuiiikIi Vol 
cotne tWui Itirbland Co.. Ohio* Jii thti apritij; 
1831 : tUt- tlrat settlor in llm Lohq ; ht^ settled an 3^ 
S7. He died liboiit 1&12. He liad five i-liUdrvafl 

Jucob. n]arrif:dUarlieliiftnnct« cf^trvator: Allt>i], in 
now tiriuf! ht Stieator; i^amh, iiiarri<?<i Eli?hu>' 
jLTBOor; Martha, married B^wney O'JfeiU ; 
married riror;;!* Tillstbary. 

Jobii Wood came froiu Rkbland Co., OhfOt 
Jan^, 1883 : s«^tlM onS.^; be died in 1840. Ht# 
widow mnrrlod Gf^^i^t* Sntror^. Hl6 scm Peler< on 

l>iiri'l B^rmekman, CHine frtim Licking Co., Obi 
Ut 1831 : UU wife was R--^c)iH CninK^r. lie 
Uiree >;ons : Chnrlwf ;«mt Datiiel afe on the oht Ta 
Rifiijatntit, vreiit Ltt Tdwn. 

David Header, and wife, Barah Whit^kefr, from 
Hatnilloii County, Ohin, lu Tji/ji^wpII County, 18*^, 
and settled on 3. 10. T. :)1, R 3. in the Bpringot 
1835 ; a good iurmcn nnd useful citizen. He lu^ 
theofttorof County Coinmi:4?.ioi]i-r; ht? dii'd April, 
1653, leaving tivo chJidr^n : Jamce Newton, maiTicd 
In l^ux^well County, ^'ttled nour bis father in 1880, 
moped to Troy Grove in I83t, is now livm^ in Llr- 
iriffi*l'>ii Gouniy ; Miti-h*^!!, married Malviim timn^^ 
id in Kansas; JosepL. m&rried Idles Johnson, \^M 
Ijlvingsioii County ; Relhvca, murrled R*'<** M*>r^:ni ; 
Jacob, inamed EU/iibetb Jane Lurd^ and Wvt 
adjoining tlie old hotnevilvtad. 

Javol^ Ui>IT. und wbft=*, fnini Pei^ntiylvanln to Tui 

SikdcA ff SdUers — E'lgU. 443 

well County, In fnll of 1835, and Boon fdvn HAttl^ci 
on S. 17. Mr_ Gnir HwA in ia4f]. His childrL'ri, 
Alir, f^itiiiiO, Jan*?t, iintl WilliATn. n11 movpil to 

Tliomas, JoIjq. t'lsa, and Jaincn Dovrucy, four 
brnthv^nt fn>m PaiTi*^f«vinr, Oliio, in 1834 : !*e»ttl<?d on 
Sees, 1& and 10 ; Thoma^'^ sirved aa JoMict* of the 
Pi'ttO'j; lt<r dk-d about IBi'kO. John and £lm re- 
m<w^ to Mii|:nolta, Putnam County; Jamed left, 
slt^r a short n^ftidonc*? here. 

(Jwi^t* Till^bury. Xvotw Porint^ylvanin in 1«30; 
ntorriM Elim Holdornian ; tanj^bt eohoo] a tew 
monlhfiv and left Uie county and liis (nmity, soon 

I>atii4>l McCain, from Michi^n, mamed Sarnh 
Sliay ; dt<-d 1940 ; llio wid^tw tiiarn»*i] VVilllazii 
P*ryco; after hi** dt^th ^h*- wi*nt to Ml<^iiigan. 
Su*})]ieii Shay died in Mii'higim. 

Cb»r!o!i CIITiml, rntru rivl;tiid fo MiHiiK^ii, hi 
l«*4. and ?*<-Ulwi on S 13. T. 3K R. 9. in 18:n ; now 
Uring in (Htiiwa. \\\%^ rhildien. 

Samuel Galloway, and wife, Catharine McOlure, 
of tkotrh d<.-?ir*Tit, from n»rfir I/oudonderry, in \\iv 
north of In loud ; ^nni^rated to Ameiica, and ecr 
U<jd in U<3Eiri^EoD, Grcun Counly, New York, about 
ie<*tt -hiB wife died in IHUi ; hia second wift* waa 
Lydia Moors wtio di».-d 1833, H"- r».'mov<.'d to 
La Salic* Ct'unly, Illmoia. Junt<, 18!^, with all hi^ 
fhildr^t] : he tirat lot^!it>>d near where Touira now is, 
and in l§4^» inowd t^n U^^. 6, T, :il, R, :*— known 
aa the Gatlowav fami. and the location of the Gal- 
loway poTtToHliv. Efii ^wH July ^4, IftiiJ. Ui» 


lliitory <if La SaUe Oou*U//, 

rli!lclrfln hy his first wtr.- w**rn : Cattharlni*, wlio mnr- 
ried JopM^|kli T. niilltirk. &Eid llvt^A iienr Toiiioa 
Samii«i1 C-, <1ii-d t^iiixVi AiigiiHt 24, 1R40 ; Fmnei 
iimrnei! Kli«ibfth .1. A. (rallciway. ami st^tiled 
S- I, T. 31. It. 2— Iw dW July 24. ISOa . Mar 
marrirHl John BriWy, itud livwl on 8. 1, T. 31, 
5, Shi> died Der, 25. 1^*70. The dhildn^n of t 
tftcond wife arL-: Elijuli M., who nmrnLHl Klizalw 
llalcpott, dftitghter of Colojiel Tboma^ HaLcott, f 
(iivcn County. Nervr York. Elijah wus Postouui 
iind Jllsti^'e ol rh<» Pi*iic*^ for 011-vvriU yiMWw ; hv no 
liree near Monr<wCity, Miefioori; Lydbi M,, mar 
ri*?d Ili^nry Hflk>r; ht^r ifvcond htii^batid whb W 
Holly, who died in CaliforniaL Sh<> Ia n»iw Hvi 
with lier tliird buijhand. Jefr*?r8ou Smith, in Mich. 

Jactit) Dh>!, fmrn Ni?w Voi-k, ahoTii 1W7 ; ^>itlt^l 
on S. 3: he »o1d to tlonVnan, H^ TtiarrWd i\i*> wjdo 
HrLy.s, aiiid wxm n-tiiriird Ifi Nevr York, 

Stephen Kara and wifr^ Sally Dakin, fmm Sch 
him»r Ooiinly, N. Y.. muw in IHIiT iir 8; a wio 
and raimer ; he ^ttled on S. fi, nnd dkd al>iiiil 11^1, 
Ilu4 widow miirrird Ard Button. 

Irtaac Thorp, and wif«*. Lydia Dakln, cam^ 
New Yorkc with Faro ; ih« l^^o married aiat^rs ; 
tied iQ 1388 on $. 7, nvar tho Verminioii ti 
They both, with thr**e ohihlren, di»id of milk ai 
ti*3^\ one €M]d survived, nudwa^ ti-.*nt to 1%^ 
»1 ih^ East. 

CAmpt>eL{ t^etlied on & 31 In 1S3$ ; b*f bo 
Hyjr^ and left. 

Hiram DEvln»^, and w)r<-, Beiaey Torrey, '!anK*froiu 
Qr«t«ti County. Pa^, in 1S^9: willed inthucownof 



SSkfich (/ Setiiera^SroaifiM. 


nuui ; he ilW in 1871; h'lswltt* dmX tii 1S4* Kmms. 
UT*fi* in Clkniti|.Miten CohiiIif' : Lnt^M^r, U in Iiina ; 
rhaHf>iii% ift Afrs. R B, Darling, nf Stivnlnr ; Marj-, 
is in?uinfr : Alvin, (VIU and EInui, ntv fliL' i>'iniiiniiu: 
rlinilrrik f4n:ortil wifr.t i tiililrrtu 4'1i'itii-nn aiul 

Cbi^^tfT N&mnoon fn>m Go*lit*ii, Vt,, iinvl wife, 
Louba Uitikmson. froin Go«ih^^n, ('L, i^aiiit^ rn>]ii Nou- 
York to Micliigan tn 1s:fS apd to J^Saik* County in 
18,W. 5lo|>j>inp at BaiW's Omrc, \vlu*iv Mn*. Naro- 
mi>OT '\tei\ ; Air. Nsr^nioor dunl in IJHT. Tli<*y luid 
on¥ ffon un^ f^ur diiTiKlilt<rfif lhro*j of tlio ilnufchti^m 
died. Louisa T, mnrrM AUmni Orxx^m ; Kllftlia 
ituim-.-d Sar.ih B. Ilold^mnui anct ^^.^ulod on S, 10, 
T. 3K R. :t. wbi*r^ hv i^tSII rpH!d»>«. 

JHrub Mi.ion, UTid wiTe. Leuli Ket*-M*. ainiv Tn\m 
OUltK f\nn in Baili-y'=* Point, »nd in lKi« wiilid at 
MoonV Point, on the edg^ of Livingston County, 
where lie apent Un* i-F'niaindrr of Mm Iffc. t^f Ills 
childnm, Albert miirried Hlizah^th Boyle of Ox How 
Pmim^: Jnni- tmuTiu'd Hutonion Bh>rk : Thomn^ 
marrit'd Mary Barrackmaii : Rith married Mips 
Bnk^r ; tiUon mnrned Jume^ Barracluunn. both 
are dead. 


BrookiWId embrac<*s T. ^^2, B, 5. and rliat part of 
T. 83, B, fi. wliicli Iff?* soutb of thr Ulinuijt river. 
Tbe lir»t townebip \b nearly all prairie, while the 

fraction Iti all tiitiber or bottom land. Th^ flret d^t- 
tlMu*-uf rcininit^nri'd in 1633 and wns contiDed bo tli« 
tikiilii at t\w timber adjoining ch* prahio, or to the 
liutloin ithing llje Illinois^ while th*^ s^ttlemi^ntti have 
gratluMlly t>xt>*tiTVi1 hoiiili uvi'.r t}i«' prarri)* n?f;ioD 
(hiring till" forty yi*ai"8 that liare ini'^rvetipd^ 

II isall now otTupirtl by n thrifty iind prosper* 
onftpeopi*'. although an old piorn^r will r^coRniJi/' 
ill till' aontlicni j.<art tLu* [injirk- gnLfuaml wild flow- 
erpot tlie<*»rly day, n?mtndor« of llu- oldvn timr^ 
and Clint thu dnlm^d occnjKincy is comparatiToly 

Geo, W. Annrttroiig, lliedr^f aottk*rin Brookfii^d, 
c-xiiue from Uckitijf Connly, Ohioi, with bja inotbe; 
MrB. Elsa StmwtL Armstrong, in iS31 ; hu made 
cjalm on S. 98. T. 38, K. 3; but .lotin HoKaboo 
juinped it and liually boucht it for |38. Armstrong 
mad^ a claim on S. 1 . T. 32, R, C, ami mov^ on it 
in ttie Ml of 1833 : was e&cainped tJier*? when the 
Stan* loll, Nov, 13Ui, of thai yi-ar ; madu a farm 
and hiis resided there airi(?e, exf'ept when a ^un- 
tractor on {ht* Tllinoir< & Michigui Canal. Mr. Arm- 
slniri^ hnn lit^n prominent uf< a pnllrTrian ; liait twi-ri 
Town Snpp_*r\isor, tind Chairman or the Jlnaid 
j^cvcral yeai'd, and has pervCTl Hv<^ U-mia and otill h 
a member of the Legialature. He niamedAnna. 
Ur^^D, of Jac]it^onvUk% Ill,« »nd ba^ niiie chitdrfD: 
John G., married Nellie Mi'Cann, liv^-^ In OltAwa: 
William, i* iu Colorado ; Jnllns C, married HatuV 
<loodrlL!h, and ia a CunKn'tfalii*nal minister in Cook 
Countj' ; Eliza M.^ married Williari Crotly, now of 
KaDHia; Jo«eph, athoait^; l^ar^hall, i« in Chicago 


Sfe/M ^ 8emer9 — BToof^fi^d. 


Univereity; Snsan. murrM Halwri Xjiaghtin, and 
\\\*v^ oa rJip hii4> or <Tniinly i'oiinly ; Jiiiin*s R,, at 
Cbaiii|iaigii at 9m?1i(x>I ; Clmrhn G,, at liuiDt-. 

Jvliii I>miri rtinie rirnin l*irkiiig<'oiiti!y, Ohii>, in 
16S13. ni-r tlinl iir. Alimlintii Tnirubo'^ in X^'^'^k 

Dr. Prwi*'nck OmlianK fiom Wi^slrhest^T County, 
N, Y.. finrt t<i Otiawii, [iinl (livii tv^tl.Irtl <ni S«5Uoii 
8, Id 183(1 ; a |iriLi^Lt<niiu jihyttiirtan far many yean?. 
Ho mud hia vriTe nre both d«nd< 

Lt.^vi Jeiiiiin^. an<l wife, from Fairfield Contity* 
Ot. to Oneida OminiVi K. Y., and from there to 
rUiDOis. vrltli a largo fannly, in 1831: 1io made a 
farm on tlir ininoia boitom, on S»>i\ Iti. Jast east 
of Jam^s OaUouay. His wifv died, llo apeut tlie 
la»t few y^^irs uT hi»* llfi- witli lil« won-ln-lnw, 0. W, 
JacksoD, ill Ottawa. 

L^vS J«niiing«, Jr., a niitiw of Conii^tirui, wWn 
17 ye^TA d\Ct, weni to Beaver Couoly, Pa,, and wbile 
tliivn? Iii9 hither muvf^d to Tllirioiit, Hi* riiurrinl 
Emily AllK and iuovchI to ilUiioiH in 16A.\ and 
first m>t\Xm\ ni>ar h\h fiUlit-r, tiien on S. ^ T. 3^2, R. A. 
He dii^d En ]8i^2, agml BO. His widow aurvirest 
aged 09. Uis ohkldreii at**; Mattlif^vr, maniKi CUira 
F«rgnaoii. Hrr:* iu nrooklHd : Mary, married Bich- 
ard Uoj^ of iJie same plarc ; Henry, the tirsl chlW 
bom Id Brooklioid, livwi in All'ii ; Fji.Mlorick, nmr 
Tied Liit'y Jii^ho]), )ive& in AJl^ r ; Lncy Anm is 
in Marseillee: CaUmrinf> Ix>iii??», inarrii*d lU'Ulwa 
ScRJilhMt, of .A] Ten; Julia. marrl<-d John 3. Ford, of 
Brookti^Jd ; Emily Jane. niarn*-d t.»vo S. I)^a<<]j, a 
Congregational mloii^U'r, in Ohio. 

David Jennings, brother (►f Leri, Jr.» di«i Hin^e. 


liUtory ^ La SaUe Qonnt^. 

3l^I>)ie<Ei Jeniiia^ hrni1i«>r of Lei't. Jr., married 

Ebenw.^ JeiinirjgA, joiingest son aud lialf bmther 
of tlic foregoing, died in ('alir'.rmiB. 

I>auAlitf*tv of Jjtri Jt^nriin^tt. by hm first vrife; 
Kanuah. iimrricd <j. VV. .lackson, of Ucuwn: Msry. 
marrit^d Georjxe Macy, of Ottnwa ; anotln^r daughter 
uftrriod a ]h(r. GoodeU ; and one inamed Hldrid^ 
O. CUilc. 

Duuphtergof Levi Jeimiiifri, by liU^ocond wife: 
Julia, married DhuJil*] VViird ; Apbi-ItEt, marri^-d 
Gershom Burr : another t^auglittT m:irri*-d a Mr. 

Rldrldg^ rifiry Cl»rk i"»m<* witii the Jenntngs, 
family Uimx N. Y. : dttnl Ui^rv snoji alh^r. 

Witlmiii fl. Goddnrd x^nw from Bi^tun ill IdM ;*< 
ilirtf^u-^Ii^fl "vilh fitnniii;^ aftiT fmir yt^ir;*' f-rml^ vrmit 
U^ LouiAvillj". Ky., and pmi^uetl his prorewirm of a 
d^ntitft. liifi vrife wa:< a Mster of the aomovrltat notM 
writt^r. -?:4int-** IU»s-s Brown. 

Uichaid Edgi'comb. from New ProrideDcrv-, W«iC| 
lndk», €»m<.' in is:t"'; mov<.-d t'>Ofiiiwa, 

KoT. Ui-rtr;?? Mari^U wa^ born in ^iorfolk Coiinly.' 
MftE^oachii^^tt^ : whi.'zi tivi-i-c-Arsold reiHov^d to &ut-i 
Ion, Won^estor Gonnly ; wb^^n iwi^nty yi«n* ofngi^, 
r0mor'?d to StaiG of New York : lii'od there nutil 
tlilrtyci^lit yofti>- of ag^- -IIk^ Inat ten yc^nrvintU^ 
eity. Camo to Blinois with hmvircin 18:^, boo^lit 
a part of Section 4, and siibaequenUy ^etEl^ on Sec- 
tion \^^ wlii?rv ht? now livi»#,ttt tho ajr*' of 81, Hd 
oflfciutf^d ^x» n Pr4>?<hyti^rian rli^rj3;yman for a third of 
a cpntnrr. and nlthongh liis field of iabor whb % 

Sk^ieA of SMUrt'-BrtMkfietd, 


UiimbV one m flu* fiparst-Iy ^tled outakirta of tin* 
rounly, li^ lod u j>urv> lire, and hid int)uetic« urill be 
felt lorif: aft^r hv sliall h&v4^ ina^^isl uwny. H*^ bis 
a family of ihree childr*^n ; \h& oldest, Georp^ G.. is 
3 Gnr^^niiiK'Dt eUrk at Wo^hlngioii; John Jam«4, 
and Mnrr E. A., are ai boro^. 

Giwrgi* S, Maxon came fmra New York iti IS37, 
sieultHi i>ti Stsv '2, T. 8^ K, 5 : A «iitMUntlal 
4T aiid worthy man. Sjl>el. his wife. dM^ in 
, Hj£*-<1 rt3 yettrw, jiii'l h»* divd in IS4T. 3i^fr«l 7?(, 

le history of hiH family ih jH'rtjliar ami n:id. Hh 

<B» Gv^orgf- S.. Jr.. died at th>' o^ or ^ ; hU wif*.' 
dif-d b>.-r<>iv liim, and Lwo of ht& €hildrt*ii iirif d*-- 
oesAed and two an- Hvitig; Paul, annth'*r hod, dit*d 
ftt the lu^e of 2fK be was injured while mising a 
bulidiiiiTt «cid died a year or two aftirr from tht* 
effect of tbe injory ; Lewi^, aiLothcr eoa, while 
oboppln^ in xhv tiiutKrrut his foot vrith an nxo and 
dfpd in a fow honr^ from Io«ft ot Mood. Hip dauj^h- 
(«■, .liilia, miirri^d » M^-thodf&f pnii* lior. was* di- 
vorc*^d. came home and died. vVnoiht^r daughter. 
Roxy. niJirried an Eui^lifihmfin, wlio KtJirted lor 
England and was n<*v4>r hxiril ti-am aftt^r. David, 
tbe only remaiuinf; child. liToa adjoining the old 

Ahb L-*wbi, fniin TTt>y, N, Y.. cam*- in 1837, Te- 
nuiincd four or five years, ami went to Wii^ronMiK 
Hifl N>n, Cyiun B,. nmm»^l Mary C. daughter of 
Otiristopber Ohampliii, and Uvt^a at Marseilles, 

Iftar*4- Gago, from Xi'w [Tampffhin^ cam^ in 1S37, 
and mttled on Section 8. He married Luoy Little, 
danffhU*r ot Jam'.^ LUtK\ of Edon. Mr. Gage tti a 


Hisiorp i^ La Salle Counij/. 

wealthy farniPF- He ha^ four ctiUdrHU : Looisa, 
marritid S. T. Osgood, nni] livi-« nX MAr»>ril1«w ; 
Hamet R, Iiitt A,, and BrDjamin Tnuik, are at 

Genitioni Biin% fr<»m Fall Kivrn Ma^:ii., mid wifi^ 
MAr>' If- ^orri^ rromtinatol. H. 1., came in 1 
Marni*<l OptiirliA lUmnings—hitfi *x.*<md wife— an 
settled on ^i>ction^, aft^^rvrarda called Bnn^eGroTe. 
Ho t^MHOvud to OlUivfiu in 1844, A&d 4jDgA^«d in Duff- 
fhandu'iii^ until bis dt^atli. His children ar« : Sel- 
Ikk, married Miafi Newton. And lives In Ohio ; Qer- 
fthom. llv<*M in Ottawa. uninnrrltHl ; Mary, lit Id 
Hhod^ Inland ; Ophelia, marriKl Dr.FarU;y ; Cliarlea, 
married, and liv^s in Mtchi^c^n. 

Ri.^'w Ridg"Twny, trow Li<-king County, Ky.» li 
1834, »nd 8eul(^ on B. 4, T. S3. R. A. 

Su-pl>en G. Hick* sr.»ltU*d" cm S. 30, T. 83, R /i, 
o|>|>ntdl«f MarsetlVs, 

A Mr. St«v«nfi boa^ht tJi^ place of David Jen- 
uitigTs Holil to Lnvl in 1834, luid vras i«upju»!HHl to 
Imvc been killed itiChicagoin J835, for biaiuoQ«^y. 

P«ttT C'oii»ol?* and John Wilcox setllvd on S. 30, 
T. 33, H, fi, in 1834, 

Ouy Dudley sottlGd on ISoctioa 85, in 1883, 

Capt. Tyh^e t*<'ttl«jd h(-ht in IJS^ ; is now living is 
Vermillicn. On*^ dau^ter married WiiUam Seoley, 
and anotliur iiiurriLHl f^imui*) S<T(vh>y. 

Olir^r H. Si^li^r mottled in the toivn about iS^>~ 
tniif «<ir»>rfil childreiL 

SllaR Austin viim** In 1836. 




5t«fcA c/SeiUm^t— Grand Rapids, 461 


Cfrtuid Rapida and Fall River, clll 186.% wi^^ one 
tovm, Dam4><l Grand li.'ipids, front the Gmnd Rap- 
id9oftli« Illinois, wUiirJi wu^hvd iu &orlJR-ru bor- 
der. It novr ^'tnlimcm Ihi^ Townsbip 3^ N., R. 4. 
Tb««^' ix a ipriivt' or (.hnljrr along iti<- i<nti'k <»ri 8i*c^. 6 
and 7, t'slled KE)efBors itriivi< ; i|ii> rifniaindt^r of Iht* 
Unvti U pminc. Covt^ll crx'rk n»e» nejir tlie soiitli- 
eaffl i:orner, and, running nortltwf^t, pawien out on 
3. & The high land or divides on the eaut and went 
sidcifl of the «>vrn arv <tTUt<.' c'lcvnti.'d, nnd bavt? cou- 
BideTftble dwwent lo the crtr-k and itn bmnchefl, in 
Ihir centre of tb« town, gmni; cood drainai^, a di- 
vt^rvilied stirfiurc. nuii a murL- than oidinurily piclar- 
eaque new lo a prainc* landscape. 

Thv ciirly ai^'tclc^mont:? wore noarJy nil on the only 
f^ve in tho town, on Soca. 6 and 7. 

Henry Ulbbnrd cam^ fronr Cinoinnnti, Ubio, ia 
18dT, and inajlf; a ulaim on 8. fi. in U^0. on vrtmt bft.M 
b^en called the Ebersol farm, iohn McKi^ruan 
bought ihv daim of Dinuvy, in 1831, who mu«t 
have purchased of Hlhhard. McKernan ti*u!«d 
tbvn* in l^tl» and r^old to Ebt>rHol in 1834. 

JoKitpb RlH^inMiT. vrilh Rli/.:tbrth Shnr-y, his wlft^^ 
and family. ra,nie from E[arnMbiir^% Pa., and in 
AugiiAUlK14, piiTch<iM^dof MrTS.McKernan, luxr rlatm 
on 8. 5, and ni^h- tbat hSh honitr, Mil hit dtt*d in 1^3. 
ilis wife dk'd in 1^70. Ul* waa a blarkf^mith by 
trade, ihoittfh a fiirm^r inof*l of lii« lif-^ , h-* broii^cht 
hiean^i and otber tools to JUinois, Improvement 
WW made on lii» farm id 18^^ ; unhard itrt in 18^. 


BUiary <jf ha SaiU Omni^. 

Helerr wTen rfiildiwi: A. M., (seeKiill Riv^jr); I>aii- 
M, ^w--" Oltuwii) ; Albert, in Ortiii<i Rain<1> ; Callia* 
rin**, marri*-!! Mirliael Hncld ; Lonifiu. maniwi Geo. 
n. Rti^g, now of Onavra; nT?t*fn, ntitrricd Edward] 
Kei-d. of Urjtiid R:i]>ide : Hami)<-L waf« ilirnwo from 
\\ Jiora*'. iind UiUed. n-h<>n Sit j-mrft old. 

KIwiwTtr Hiblmrd, cuTiit' from Cliunimali. marri(*d 
a eit^tor of Uariii^ Rt^od, ntid s^'tlkd on S. 6. He 
iHipamiod Tjoitt hiT< wiTi-, and i^illuT abiindom'd or 
fioid lii.4 oUim and wi^ot to Putnam Coancy. 

B^ninniin B. Roynolde. and wife. Klma Soofield, 
tr<\w\ MilHiTi Coiinry, P*.»im-. In lR3r> ; ^cftU^d ou S, (I. 
Hi^ TatfK-r, .Tt1df^• David R^^ynoli^, <^am4^ with him 
and nseli^ted in op-^niTii; liinfarriK and \\wn r^Ctimed 
tc PeoDicylvmij". H» ^\X\\ oc'rupii.-s Imn old fumi on 
S«c4. .^ and 0, part being ihe claim of Hibbard. His 
rhildr^^i aiv. Mary A., Diivid. Pssivil^^nJi. Kleanom,., 
John P,. Sarali E.. Jaint-sC* Ri-iijainiti R . Jr. and 

LnkoRiif^. with hr^ wifi*. ^aloiii^Paccb, and fam- 
ily, I'rom T^nca>t<-r, Wonv«N*r Cunnty, Mnss.. wi- 
lled on S. 23, in I>r3fi. He wBnontjof tin- WorcMcr 
colony, [4rartir<l by 0'_*o- W. J^*, Jolin D. Thurston, 
i'yam Jacobs, and othi*i-ii. Mr Rti^, at fhtr fim«r of 
Kaili^nii^nt, was four miles from timber and three 
niik^ from n^i^hborts and after a re^idenro of ten 
y<»ars n^il1ii*r timlvM' nor nt^i^bbors had approach^ 
any n«irpr, exc^fit n grov« of loeoitt nb-jnt lit« pla^^o^^ 
known nwr tbp uoiiniy aa Rng;i;'B Grove. 

^ick of ^t^loAlon rrom i^<K*i(>fy and d^Mpairinj^of 
thf^'lfk^ment of that region, Mr. Riigg nic-v.^l \\\ 
Ottawa in lK4i>, wli^ri* W dietl. His >.-hi1dren an>: 

Stdch </ SeUlers— Grand Jiapid^. 453 

I^wi8, who rame u-ich \m fathei^s family in l$d9 : 
msirrii.ii Sopliift Pirnmicik ; Jtv^l a f^w j^ure in Ot- 

kwa, iind is now in Porjtift<\ Up'or^'H,, livM wirJj 
\m r^itlur. till lit* inovi^d to Ortnwa. in |K4ii. H«? In- 
vt*ntjiHl aiirl rtminifttrr.urt'il Rii/^;{*k KarvmU*r, for sev- 
eral yean a |)opiilai- and Mji^c»?Mrnl inarhiuc^, Hr^ii* 
now nmntifiu: luring fiiriiilur*- lu OMuwil. CharW 
went to lowa- 

Johii ^Vnd^Tson, n naJivi'- of livlaad* r:imc from 
Clinion County, N. Y., heitr in 18;j7; SL-ltlcd. with 
a t^unily, on S. 6. In 1840 h*- my^KrionHly di^ap- 
in3d, and wae never heartt from afterward. 

The prairk* r4?]s;ion of Gn^nd R&pidts ftftcr 1850, 
rapidly seiiied. and iUb n*j;fion ao lon^ occupi<;il by 
Mr. Rufff^« ADtl liim nJi>nt-, wim. ihjoii after liu lefi i^ 
C^^Tiiinj^wUh an ai-tivo and well to clfi popniation. 
It is relui^d that tho siM.tlftmeni or that town -om' 
»t tUtf north ^nd artd pn>f^nfssLtd ?^onrli, Th«^ 
town was soan inadi^' a fiohooi dit*tHcL and a school- 
liouiw built uiilienorthw4*«icuniei\ Soonarter* that 
dkilrict v/nsa llinlLntl to four si-c-fioiif*. naiiinl "So. 1* 
and tjii* remainder niadf dititrirl \u. '2^ and a ^^ood 
boUMt Ijnilt; tUnt difttnrt \vi%n. thr^n liiinttHl l.o four 
fWM^Uoitti in tilt* nortln^^ajit corner, and llif balancHf of 
^the town made distrir.t No. 3, which at oncj* vofflril a 
to build a sctiool'boii^', Tlil!? process wa;» con- 
tinaed till the last four sections in the eontbi^&t 

trner of tl]<^ town, havinjc hf*lped build nil tho 
ficbool-ho«a<?e in tlie other eij^ht districta* liad 
to build iheir ovrn wUhont out^nidt* help. The 
hODa«a vfen> oil very line* onee. They were built by 
a tax on rh» ri-dil tft^imxv in thv. dUtrici, und by a voMf 


ffixiifrff fif La SaUf County. 

of the people wliotivcd in all ibosf^ instnDi*ea rooetljr 
Sn tlie Umr si*<'Uoil's wlilch (n r.h^f mu\ vi>\x\\}\¥^ii\ Uie 
dULricl. nnd as l^h*' ivriciiiuler of lTii> tt^rril'Ory taxed 
WR» m-urly nil <iu'[ti?d by Mp<fi'iiljitc>rs, wilU iiu qdi* 
reflldiiiff on it, tht^rrjtt^s wem very )£<^jit^rous In vut* 
ing a tax, or hk siime callM it. ''sailing the 5fH>cn 

One of those spcctUalora who owned three sec- 
tions in thr^lttdtdt&trki, complaim-d of bi-injE h.^^ny 
11eec«*d. He fifud. "^ 1 have |>aid a liheml tax to build 
nine tlHrcwnt school Jiousw, b<.^n*Tr on*>?* ihan are 
uaiially txfen Jnold^^rsectionaof tliecountry.aiidnow 
thnie m^n ^otrled on the one i=«ction I do nut own, 
vote ti trtx of ton or twdvo hundred dolhin*, thn>^- 
rourthfi of which I hav^ to pay. Thes* Weetem 
men '^,T^ Jird**nt itapport^-ra of i*ducaiion." *V\i\% 
last dtar^^ment of the buildlnij of »hool-housee nuj 
have beennn exuj^geraUon in this inf^1«n<}e, but simi- 
hir i?«hi's ilid m-cJiir, ami fim'-ibly nhoft' thi- nnlu^** 
of tht- conl^^fiLl wa^v-d beiw^reit tlie ^eUli^ra aiid ttuvf-r' 
citll<-d land npcculatora. And wht-n? the «ettlera 
nuidc tht^ Iaw^ and pxi^ut^ TJiem, tht-y frtHjiif^nUj 
had the advantage. 


Adama embra(M»T. 8Q, K. 5. Itlitrsontho north 
line of tho county* and is drained by Little Indian 
oriMjk, which runs southwardly n«ar tho cvotn* 
of the town, and famished a fair supply of timbor 
for the ^iirly t^t^'tM^.^re. Thi> Chicago, BurlSngCOD A 

Qoiacy lUulroiul pamed iiorthi-ttdtwiirdl}' across tl>4^ 
north side of the loivD, and Lelund Station is a 
thriving viJliigQ, Tho hrct fi?ttlement vra& in 183S, 
bQl the tii^Ulom^nt-'t were f»^w, anil irntlt-rod, till the 
advent of thv milroAd. atler whioh th^ town rapidly 
fIMM uj>. 

Mordec^i DUnt-j, and son-in-law, Spraj^ue, aet* 
lied on S. OT, in 1636, on tbi> e»i«t M& ot UtUe 
Indian creek, and were tli** llrKt in tin* town ; they 
claimed all tb«i country^ and iwld claim:^ (o u11 Chat 
c&nui ; they Ittft In u. yi-ar or two, pmhably to t«* 
peat tliP !4aiiie A|H^ciilation elsewhere. 

Nalban Towofit-nd, from SiiUivun County, Kow 
York, in ^H^(^ : cainie through liy wagon, Ktupjied at 
^Ctawa for the winter, and settled on S. ^, in the 
ig of 1837. He died in 18^7. lltdchildronure: 
Iharies. now livin^c npsir Stn'^ntor: John, and Alva, 
arc in Knn:5atf : Mar}' Ann. mnrriLHl Jotin ?^](JioIa» 
the di<Hlld-tl; 01ivt\ niArri^.H) Charlton Hull, Bhc 
led 1859 — I'Klder BatcheUer married Iheni. and at- 
rDd<fd both (he funerals): Mur^rel, murri^_^d Ed- 
'win Bfiardfiley ; Deborah, marrii-d Reoben Bionsim : 
Ph^'bi^ married Jiniie« Stoutenbury; George, and 
Jame^ an* at Kankaki^e ; Pr*riy, was niuith^r^d at 
Pik(-'»i PeJih 

Aaron BKirtltilt-y, with hiH fitmily, ciLme TnirD 

I5«ai^hij0ett« to Iji Siille Connly, in IS3\ and first 

eil in the town of Srtvna, find niovt^ into Ad&mji 

l^di}, buying a claim of IHftney, on S. 33— flome 

Bay it waa in l^JS. 

Henry G. Bt-ardsWy cam« in 1338; marriijd La* 
Tiuia BIal» ; iiTua on ti. 33 ; has Bsven childKn. 

Bittori/ of La Satle CouiUp, 

Willtam Sai>;i-anl aim^ hxnu Indiana in 1838; 
settled oa S, 27 : di*>d In Indiunn. Had iUn>^ sons ; 

Reabi-u Brojisau came from Grwn CoiuhVt "Sew 
Yurk, in 1A,1F : \Ww\ n t^w m\m\)\^ at l[o]ili*rmait'ft 
Onivn; fwlHt-il in AdaiinH iit tht- fall ; TimrritHl 
Dehorah Towti^i'^iid : bougfit iWe riaim of Tbav«^ 
K*.-TLl<?fli>T> on ft. ^; liHrt ^rvnd as JtisfW of tli g , 
Peace Toiir yt^ais, TUey have five children: Rii^^H 
liana, uinn-ii'd Tiicix>n J. ilairrsford. and lives iii^^ 
Aml)oy . Albert^ livna near AtDbay : Jay, is at 
school ; Alice, and Arthur, at home. 

Jodbott Rirhardfton, tvoxa fndUna in !S37 ; settled' 
on S. 35 ; »>ld to Wilcox, and went hai<k Co Indiana. 

Riveriu^ WLlrox I'ftiue Ln 1837| boutfbl claim of 
Jo»hua RlchurdfioD : db<r1 ^ftni^ ago. 

Allen Wilcux, san of Riveiins Wilcox, came thi 
i^ame y^ar ; now at Ainboy. 

Xiichauiel S. Pi^roe, and wife, Mary E, Simmons,' 
ft'ori Middlefxii-Qugli. MssF4li:liU9>^ll4. in 1S3@ ; «K' 
i!ed on 3^ 2S, Kit tS40; ]i<^raisri] u largi* faniUy^ and 
becami' wealtliy ; ht^ dW in 187ft. ap*'d *4, His 
cliiidrrtii aiv : Uclmrah 8., \fjiry R, HifbMrl Rinlii\v, 
Samuel N,, Nnthanielt Laey 9., IIunniLti V., 9n»ii, 
Levi, Ebonrxcr. 

Andrew Anderson, OleT. Oleeon. Halvar Nelson, 
and 5om<? otf^TS, cmjgralod IVom Norway in the 
f^prlfiK of l^Hi\ and c^mv to Laballe County in i\w 
snmoier of tbe eatne year, and &ettl>^ in tb© town 
of Adams in (Ik- ^nn^ of 1WS7^ on ^\MtK 31 and 39^ 
Mr Andi^awn ir< quite wealthy. Ole T. Olee^ndied 
long idtice; his widow lived natil January, 1577, 



Sketch o/ Sdiiert ~ Ad^mM. 


when ^e died— orer 0<» yoarn of h^r- I'bclr eon, 
N«-l8 Olvwn, UvM OD iho old T4aoe- Uftlvar lieUon 
•titled on Section l.\ in 1837. und dW soon aft^r. 
John Kallufn located tlK'n-abont the same t1in«, 
and died ^loon afler. H!s sons. Jaeiib and Mark, 
lived on ih» old place uulil ivc-i-iiily ; Llu^' rvmuvt^ 

Thov© TillolaoD, Trom Norway, wltlrd on Sec. 22 
in 11^37, ttftd sold to Rvubeii Rroiirton In 1839. 

Pmd Tv«^i>4»n, fmtn Nurway. csimf \n \^^1, iirid 
trHat«-il on S*-rtion 14. whtre his ti^o ?u>n^ llioiuah 
and Nein, lived antil n^cently. 

Halvnr K. Halvan-iMi and ffi-unly, ratiif' rrom Nor- 
way !n 1638, lired in Hviiland hr*4t, and removrd Ui 
AdafDA in 1&40. 

Hana O. Hamwn and family, ^^anu" from Norway 
io 1839 and ficUU^d on SLClitjn \h in i84f' ; tdc falber 
and mothf*r an" both d^d. The oldest son, Ol** H., 
Uvea on th© old pbet* ; ainother eon. Alexander, 
liTfH n«»r» on Si-<!Uon :i<' ; thi.' iildvur dnu^hUT. Ber- 
tha. niarri«'d Thomas Mosey, and !ivea in Freedom ; 
bovina, married P. 11. Fet^r^»ri ; lleli^n, in marHed 
and Utk4 in Town. 

Id 1K^. a number of Norwegians came from 
Sliiriii^iT, Ilhi4 jklai-tT rnmi wliltth Flit^ firnf roioiiisti^ 
cauiA Io Amifrioa), and settled mofllly in Mimion. 
Om> family, Uial of O^maii TlicMiiaaon, r^^ttled in 
Adams in W-\9 : lie dlt^d in lS7a a^ed 9^. 

Anml DL'WL-y. and wife I'Mlancy Alrord, from 
Lenox, Mas^., fit-tUt-d near Troy (!rov(*. and i\*ruored 
to Uie town of Adatna in 1840, wUere be atitt re^idea. 
Hv lia^ c&glit cliildrv-in: Mary E., married Samnel 

4r>ft Hintory t/ La. Stdle CoufUij. 

T^Hwvy : MHton R, manled R«l>eneii J. Brown: 
Maria L, . and Franr** C, , aiv ai home ; CliauiUTny B. , 
married \f is.-< Ttlnrlgitt in Vprmilion Ocmnty ; Win. 
A., at Jiome : Ht-nrietla, niarriml Cliai W S. Bmwii 
in VermillioD County ; CImiWO.. in Ottuwu. 


The r»wn ni Miller embnict^ Town»tiip <^A. Kauiir** 
r* ; it ia ncikrly nil pmiri4\ and '\^ twttlcd mostly by 
cmigrnnlt* from Norway. Thi>»ettl4;ra<fnt«('oiiimi'QO(!d 
in 18;fl. It taa*i no mUroa<1, bni the rown id popnloos 
nn<l wealthy. 

Cling Pi<^n*rtrj, ft nanwMtf Norway^ caniv to clif 
Unit*^ Staled in \S-l^\ in 1834 he r^urn^d to bU 
native pimv und gavi* a glowing iic^^uni of th^ 
Wfi^t^rn world, andtbrungh his r^prar^otationfiaiKl 
«»lforts, the HrHt Norw^ian a^loiiy i*mignii44d aod 
settled in Ori"-anR County, Nt'w York, in IWS5, In 
1834, PiitrsfKi again let] s partioii af bipi cnunlryriK-ii 
from New York to 1a Siitlr Coiiiiiy, who settled 
iti whiit is NOW ttif (4iivn?« of MUlei ami Mik^skjh, 
Cling wH*itiPi lo have be«rn a reelJess. roring fi|iirit, uid 
might afider favomblt^cinmmBtanoc^ft liaveaicbieved 
fanii^ an an T^xplorer. H»* led tht- wny in the f«r-ttlr- 
ment of bm countrymL^n on Ami-rican soil, auid 
thaQsancIs of tlie nativ(tf< of Norway and th^^ir de- 
floondanl6 now oceupyinj; buppy and luxurlon^ 
homoB in this Wi-j^Umi vall<y, owo their preheat 
atfttOii in pan, at I'-ftt^t, to the lead and r^lTorte of 
Cling PieraoB. 

ekdch f/- Seiners -Mm^r. 


!t iM->i*Tfi?4 lit- iroiltd Tiof t^i whilv r.h*'iv wt.*r«' othvr 
landn to 4f_\pL(fie; he rt*iiiDvtN.l ui T^xh^k^ itDil divd 

Oliver CannK'fton. one of rhe firAl comjiany fn'in 
Norway to Ntrw York, in 162^. Cann' U) Illinoifi 
in Ifift*— <li'fJ in l«.i^l. n** l^ft Iwo tton« and on« 
daughter. Ont- non di**d in thi* array in ItW^ll. 

MiUlTiompson caniL- Trom Norwfty lo New York 
ill 392^'^ ; came here in 181M— died about It^AU, 

Yerk Uorciiand cdim- from Norway to New York 
In less, and to Utinoit» in 1«^1 ; died at Ottawa in 

OliTer KnntofiOD taint* fmra Norway to Now York 
in 16^5. and to lUinoIr^ in 1@34 ; dii^l id 1^48, kgtvin^ 
four chiMri>ii. 

Christian Oieson. from Norway, in I82A. and came 
to IUlm^il» In ]ft^ ; dlid In l^K, l^^aving xXirm cliil* 

Tor*un Ok-witi, from Norway, in I8W, and came 
to ItliiiolH in les-J: w**!!! U) WJ^njusfn. 

Ova RoHtal^ and wiftr, Mbs J^ioohs, from Norway 
in 1K^, ilikI ranif- to Illinois in 11435 ; now in Iowa. 

Daniel Hofital. brfrfber t,(» Ova, and wifr-, irami- 
ftt the wmt^ tim<r : dit^ in 180D. 

JohB KoHtal, brother of abor«, cameal th« 4ani<^ 
tiltW fix>ni Norway imd Now York \ hrr« now ; mar- 
lied MiBd Hii'raon, and ^ottkd on SecMon Z ; bus fivo 

The ftrs*! colony of Norwe^'lans, who mrae m 
1S34, »(*CtlQd mostly in what ie now the northweet 
pdut of &n]li>r, and thv notithwttst i^urt of Mt^oo, 
and waa for a lon^ timi^ known as the Norwegian 


HMory ^ La SaUe C^un^y. 

Oecffse JolmflOQ, oiie or Ih© firef from Norvraj-, 
c«ni«lMn> III is:^; died In It^; had foar oliildruii. 

Tortal H. Rrirkeon, from Korway to Oftan in 
1B87, to Rntlaii<3 in IMO, then lo Californifi and 
Aii«rr«]in, uiid bnok to MUIvr in l$t>ft ; mamed 
H(*l«^n Plei^on ; has elghc chlldreB. 

Ntis JSVIpod. from Norway lo Now York iii t890, 
And i<:uii4* Lc> lllluol^ In 1fi*St^ : has iieren chlhln^D. 

AiifltiD Haker 4:ame in 1^9 ; diM in Uinn<>sotm, 

CuiiiiU.^ WintiiiriJfliti rw-in" firiiii N^orwiij- Ui IllinDitt 
in lf©fl : living ben* miw. 

Nels Prf^wliiL cAiue fiom Norway to Illintua in 
18»I»; now- henr. 

Ole Ole«on, one of the tiltytwo that eml>ark«d in 
the lilllc ^loop, in 18S.'>, came to Illinois in IS84. 

All who oaRie t^m Norv^-ny in 1825, were pooseo- 
^civ in tho fumous etloop, 

Canute Olr^on came from Norvray to HliDob in 
isse; died in 1846. 

Lar» l^mBOii ivmt^ from Norway to lUlnoiB in 

[7eU Nelson, ihe oldctn from Norway Jo iSSff, In 
lfa» hIooiv cnm^^ to Illinois in 1835, pnrohfte^ a farm* 
and moved his family in I846l 

Aiidreu' Ander«on, from Norwny to New York [q 
IK*0, iiikI i-ame to lHiin>iH hi ISHR, witli his wife, 
OleDfl. Nelson ; he died of cholera in ld4d. HU 
widow d]t<d in 187A. The ohiidrm wrnv two soda 
and two daughters. 

Ener Anderson came with his fathrr ; h« married 
Margaret ifnnnteon, and settled en S. 10, T. 34, R. 5 : 
hoA hod oleven childrou; eight arc still Uviog. 

SM^ </ SeMffi — Otfffr rVMt. 461 

t^hUdren now living in Oitawa ; Susan, married J<^ii 
HiU ; Elizsibeth, marriecl H^nrj I>oggmt- 

LaisNelaoh came from Sotwuj lollUnoiflin 183^; 
died in 1847. 

Henry StUlny vrntw IVimi Norway hi 18S8 : »*<-bI w 
Salt Uke, 

Larft B. Otttivn rjime fr^ni Npw York in 1837- 

Mic^tiael Obon cami* fri^na Norway to Tllinoi^ io 
18:J«; died in 1877. 

David W. Conard eettti^d on Section 3(>. His tirdt 
wir« wae M)j^ Ocboil ; trccond wii*\ Mia? Upi»v<?, 


Oiler Creek township, embm^yiij^ T. :(l, K. 4, ori^- 
loally A part of thiT town of Brnivv wasdi^tuch^d 
and made a town in 1^7i, and named from ch^ cre».»k 
or Llmt namt^ wluob mn« from *:»^i 1u w(?Ht iti.-rcs6 
the toi^n near Itti ceiitiv, and with ita priiirlpal 
branch, Wotr creek. furnif^tieFt a small area of good 

Th*' frtw eariy fu-ttlttiiifiit!* iii the r.iiwn wi*rK„ Uk« 
al) other** at that day. conrtnetl to thie belt cif timber, 
tbe rcrmairidi^r of th<' town being aM pnitrit — whi<-b 
rtetth-d ntuch h't^;* raiiiclly^ biu i^ now fall of ]>etipli*. 

Solomon Hrrirk, horn in Kt^ntiicky. and came 
from near Dayton. Ohio, in Ifl'lO. to Bailey's Point, 
and to ^, 2] in 1800, Ht< manit'd rlane Moon, 
daui^htor of Jacob Moon, and roiBi^d a lamiiy whwpc 
helli^tr^irltkd. Hi tiiisj inlKfUi. Einchildrenwere: 


IH4forp ^ La SatU Ctofi/y. 

Henry, who is nmrri^ : Kvanr* B,, nmrricd Santli 
Bitiwt*tl, ami ocf^iipltrH iUfi nld Tann ; llAee B., mar 
THfd Mihiy Coaper. he vaa killed at \he baHli^ of 
Ilurtttvjlk; IMiilandi^rB., inarrifd Ellen Sji^ncer, he 
is now innanr* ; Calvin B., married Samb Bart, «od 
ntovi'd to Iowa ; I^Uou, Riarried Uhiistiiin W»goD«r; 
Mftrj", inarriod JiTry Hopple; Orilla Jaiu.-, inarrkd 
Win. H. tiochanour; Lilly married UftnielBarmck- 
mfl&, «bo 18 dead : Aiida, married J. C. Campbell. 

Hir&m Brock, twin brother of SolomoD, caao 
from Ohio in i835. Went to Iowa, 

Hjam>-:« Mi'Keniaii, son of Jolin MoKi-raaa. of South 
Ottawa, with \ih mothti^r, floltl^lonS,^2, atthehrad 
of che cT>^k timber in 1834, where tie fitill residea ; 
W» inLJther died there in 187^. Mr ^fcK<.-mnn haj* 
held tbtf aflle4f of Ju»t]c4j of tti4^ Peace for aevetvl 
yt-am. und was CaptHin of Voliinfe*'rH in the lal*' 
war Hi.' innrried Misis Cnimi.^r. uTid liast^ij^ht child- 
mn: KoHJiRnu tiinrnt-d Aaron Klt^iher in Allfoi; Oeorn^ 
iiinrn>'d ^fiKs Llitte. nnw in low» ; Sainne) marrird, 
and ii*^id>i*< ne-iir liis Tntlirr ; Oatidare married Henry 
Ack«riiian in Iowa \ Solanda married M. Lockwood, 
and ]iv<^ near the old p1ai-e ; Ann Kli/a married 
Matthiu.t< Gavannitgli. Two younger childreQ at 

Hugh and Patrick McKt-man, bn^theroof 'laniee* 
died dinith-. 

BenJaaiiQCrai^, fromOtilo, atTtthnlon SJ6, in189T* 
Sold to Plck«n8. 

Martin Dakt-s, from Kentui-ky. Sn 18515, setUod 
near Mc^Kernan, aad s^iWT two or three yt-ara moi 
to Iowa. 

SlMcA qT aettUrs — WitUiaTn, 


H^tiry PickeiiH, from MiddlBbury, MfliM., camefo 
VKter Crw'k in 183fl witli UU vifc, M<^rcy Pi«n». 
Mr Pickens dit'd in 184-4. liw widow is fltill living 
with litr tton Jaine«, ngfd 81) years. 

.Tari)«'.t Hi<:kt?nrf :ind wi(t<, Eli/ji Oljade, from Maa- 
tutohuik^tti!, in 183tt. came in a wagoa thu wliolu dis- 
tanoe with hi^ ramilv and ligi-d jjcrnndmcther, Mr&. 
j\biu llAibawny, wh'.> dkd a ff^w yenrs aft^r* aged 
98. He Bolllt?^ OM rb«^ cn>.tk, and in ^i^& moved to 
Ottawa, whpro he uiw iv^idi^s. His son H4inry r^^ 
ftido« in SoQtlt Ottawa, amd is the Supt^rvlsor of 
chat tuwD. 

Robert Wad*s fnmi I^noanbire, Er^land. in 188(\ 
oiinni to 'I'aitnton. Ma^vi., and Tio^re^ In 184U ; he mftr- 
riwd a Miw* Wjlaoo from Etiffland. Hi* ha» two 
dftQghtfttw : Rebau^-a, luarrlMt Ht^nry Siminonii ; 
Rlbabeth, tnnrrl^^d and lives on the old pla^iif!. 

■lameH B|>i^nci*r» Inini 1«anf'Hshicv, Erigltirid, c^ame 
with Mr Wnde in ia')i\ ajid iva^^h^l Illinois in 1640. 
Hft luarriral Mary Bnl»bnry. bu English lady from 
Micbigan. lie ha^ lurid rfir nffict- of Juaticeof tho 
Peone for nuiiiy years. His eon Jumrs wa^ killed in 
theanny. ElUn married Philander Brock; is aow 
tinog with hii-r tatb*>r. One youngur daughtor. 


Township 34. Ran^e 2, :*nd the town oT W^dUham 
ar** in tt^rrltory and boundaries identical. Wiih 
tho exception of a small grave on thr Pi<n-(iiimo^n 
111 th4(Hitilliwi^t pnrt i)f thr town. It la all prairia 


I£it(4^^ of La Satle Ctmnlif. 

Hiomfie Barnham 6ett!«d In th»? »?xtrt*?w sonthw^r 
corner In \S*M^ ^omcottivm€»niL> id tUni JocaLly in 
1636, bar. tho HreC od Waltbam RddJ^^ was Jonosand 
other»s in 1>^3S. and it p<>opl^ slowly till aft-^r l^^K 
whMi 1i lllU^dl »p mpiflly In ooiurioji vriih all t1i«- 
pnilrid townti, The principal |Kin of ch** town i« 
liigb, rolling iinti (i*-7«Lniblo Innd, and it^ mostly cor- 
unnl wilb llri*t cbwA hiipr<ivemi4nt!4. Tlip lown Jin» no 
railroad, bill It Iihh a good and convitnU'nr niArk**! 
at Trii'M Ttni) liii t?:ille. »i»^]dirig il?* products m 
markni by i-bpa|) canal ummiKirbifinn. TJn-re ih a 
Frcncli setFlemL^nt of considt>iBble nnmbers id tln^ 
nnHlii*atit part, of tht- town, and animtbiT uf 9ooh'h 
in tliT? northwest. Several of the early 8«Ctl**r9 <» 
VVtLlthanj Hidgv; wen; from WaUham, Jklaga^f ben 
tU» name. 

Tliomafl Bnrnliani. and wife, Clim>^na (TIarIc, 
Granhy, Muat^^., ciiqk^' from lAsWn, Ut., and ^ettl^d 
CD tb<» Illinois bottom. oppoeUe Rockwell, in Jnly, 
IHSiL Th.' family w-.-n-aLI slok. I>arid I^Ctsmov^ 
tbem to C*»dar Pointy wfa^n^ fbey made a daim. In 
SifptemlM^r, ISZ4^ lif* a^ld to Lewis Waldoand moved 
on to S. 3(», T,34. R- 2, now ilu^ lown of Waltbam, 
He tilled tbe offices of Jtistice of the Peace and 
Connty Conimiiwiout^r for 4f«v«rul yvvtre. Hv tlUfd in 
May, l£4iV He and liis wife and aged father werv 
buried on Lhh* rann* Init liavt? Wen reDKiv<tl to Oak- 
wodd Ct-inrtfi-y, \ai Sallr*, and a nbtrr lian plai-W a 
atone to their memory. Mr- Barnliam wastbefirai 
t»eltlcr ; <rnrtrd llic ljrj*l dw«<llinjf, broki.' the finH 
prairie, and raided the firtit<:rop in th«? town of Wal- 
tbam. JIo kfl two«on8 : John, thv first mnlecbtld. 



SAfMA qf Sfia^x- WaUham. 


bom In Vnlthftm, marrit^d Sarati Ijitbropt unci Hvas 
III Hu^rkley, III. TLtmiiui wiis killed at l\i^ batlit* uf 

Hannah Rumhann Mster of Thomas, now thf'olil- 
cet flettli-'r ill tJi'.- tovrri, livi^^ with Alfrrd L Ilftrts- 
hom. aj^i*d 70, Sh** ^amt* wilU h^r bnither. in lf*33, 

Stcpten A. Jones, frotp Waltlmm. Masrt.< in 1837: 
MtU«d on 9. 8, T, »4, K. ^ ; m »till Itrintc wlu-i-e iii^ 
first settled. Ue marrii'd CaChiinn^ BrewdCer, of 
Pnwlct, Vt-. in 18>Vi \ him two ^on^ ivnd om'-dAOgli- 
ter, Willie, Fanny and CJiiuJf^, all at hom>s 

Z«cclieii£ Farrell cam*? witli Jones from Walttiani, 
Mae»Mhn8ott»: HtftiM on !^. 4. hi J8:$8. Uu went 
Emit to btf marritxl in \W\ and was iu'eidi>atfillv 

G<.*orge Ny*^, from Plaioiield, Cottn«ctlcuu one of 
the Rockwi^ll colony; 44'itbvl on S. 4, in IS^n ; di<?d 
1d6A. His widow now lives iu Homer. One fton In 
lowm ajii) inn- diiii>^)M'*in (liw wifr of William 1)ana« 
is in Walfbani. 

John Hill, and wifp, fn>ni PlainHfld. Connecticul,, 
in 18*J. now at Troy OrovitH 

Joseph Knllertoo, from Waltham, MaMsarlinf*eiUH, 
in the spring of 18;$^. Hcttlcd im S. 5, T. :j4. R. % ; 
s ba^^helor : he die<l at Troy Urov«f in 1839. 

Biurillai Bishop camo from Connectiout : liis wife 
wan Klizaljeth AUrn* lYum Li^iion, ConiitK'ticut ; 
settled on S, ^ in 1836 ; died soon after, 

Iwka4- H. lyTimb i^ami/ in ItfS^^. and settled on ^. M- 

Joseph Me&erve, and wife, B*>tat^y Wood, from 
l(lain4> to Ntiw York, and from Xew York her« in 
1^44). Hih ehildrt'n an^ : Htmry, who married 


Ili&toTi^ {f ha Sails Connly* 

Amelia Hnrkne^s, lives »1 Hiirklpy. 111. ; Williis in 
Nt^bra,^kn ; Maiiniitg, iniLrrircl Elizabeth Col], now 
of Nebraska ; Marit-rta, marriM Mr- Hartfibom. 


The town of Dimtniok ^nibmt'vfl Township 34, 
Rangi.- 1. TIk* LitU'-YtfrmiHioii }^a«HiM from iwrtb Uy 
9out^ ihroDgh it, east of the centre, and the Tonin- 
hAwk, iU prtiiripiil bnin<-b, t^oniiw tW>m the northeast 
ami joiiiH It nil B«^rLUjn ^4. Tlien; in i^jiiMiJ«'nLb]f 
light bliitr ttiiiheraloug thes^Atreamii, butlitUebot' 
tom of heavy timln;!' growl Ji like that uf Trxiy Grove. 
Til** «arJy i^itlemtsntH weri^ corretfjiof i<I ingty slow, 
AlotigtheTonialkAwkthetit. IVteta aandatonu oom#is 
to tJi»? ^^uifat'T "f t\\^ cFi^k t>ottom, and tht? Tn^ntoa 
limcietont^ aUovrrt slightly in the west^-m jiarL TJie 
lUlaoia Ci^iUm) Ratlrutul runs north m«r the contro 
of thetovm. and tike all railroad tovms, Oiairnkk 
hsa b*?ooim.» popalouK aud wealthy, 

Tli« tir&t settU'r Id the town waa Daoiol Dlminivk, 
who came from Manatield, Ct., in ltf3^, to WaablDg- 
tou, Rirhland County. Ohio, and from Ohio toPeoriii 
in 1 82H, to near Princeton, in Bureau County, in th« 
spring of 1^S&, and in l^'W to near LamoUid, and 
w«^ut to Hennepin during the Indian war, Ln 1838 
he sRttled on Ser. 2rt, jii tht* |in*»<*nt lawn o! T>iB]- 
niiek. Mr. Ifiniinuk liad rnucb newenuDlry experi- 
«?niv- Hi- r^uTti'd l.hi- clialii In lay nfT the town of 
ZanesviUe, inOliio. Inn wlrid-rall.aiid hi? lUi-il many 
year!) in hi? liiiat home, almost Ai'clud'xl from neigU- 

SMck vf Setups — Dimmidk, 


and fiooiely. Ho held iW offire of Justice of 
the Peiwe. He died nt the liome of bis son, KUjfth, 
In 1301, Hr. DLmmli-k hnd 6ix 9on» and two 
daughters. Elijah ie the only one remaining Lere; 
li*< married Mary E. Philip*!^ t^ecoiid wifv, Carolina 
Foot, and bail B^^veD chitdren. He aays that in the 
^rinf? of 1^3, while in flenaepin, \\\% father «»ni 
liim to IMxoii Ui iiiqniie of Mr, Joliti l>ixon if W 
waa !tafc4 to come baok, and Mr. Dixon asMured hini 
thiu it WW4, and tliev th>*i] went on thvir dAiiii in the 
town of Dimmlrk. 

Jar^ifl Swift came from Cayuga County. N. Y., in 
1838 : married Jiirimha Kt^ltngg. 

Eluali, niarrW Lydia'Pibhallft, now In Oalifomia. 

Richard H., married Melissa A. TibbiiUs. came 
in 1836, wue a promincDt rapitalidl, and lowed 
money till ^%M\ then w«nt to Obicaf^o. engaged 
hearily in banking, and fuitcd In S<?pt4'mbcr, 18<)7; \is 
now in Uolomdo, In ivdticoi rircnm^taneot*- 

H*>nry Swift married Mary Sinipeou, and died lU 

Lyman Swift Is in Chicuffo, 

Albert i» iti Mirlitgnn, 

Mary matrl^l Mr. Anderson, ia In KansaH. 

Garr^ Fitzgerald wag an early settler in Ui» west 
part of the tnwn, 

Unit*] Kingiuan came in 1830, and settled on 8w^ 
don 1 . Tie lost thrc^* soda in tho rirmy in tht- war 
of thr relK-llion, 


History 0/ /.a SagU Oauntp* 


Townsbip 2tf, Ranjce 9, couetkuird tlie low» of 
Grovdand. It is th*? BotithomTnost town in the 
G<»UQty, and rbe iiuit sottlvd, WitLi th<; town of 
OBttge, it 1ii?6 between tb^^ conntied of Maraball aod 
UviDgvcoD, und w1k-ti \]\<y&t} couDtkv vr^^ny oriL^aiit/i^ 
from territory lak^^u i>art!y firjiu La Salle, botli af 
tlieni rpriiif«d to tak^ tb« t4*rnCory include in (hose 
towns. 80 La Sall^ tvom necessity had 10 keep ll. 
With tli^ [jiv^etii pupiiliition and wi.>«tth they von- 
tttiJtiUf JIC3 iMM^riilujitit |mr(LOii vi l1i<^ v^intixy. Th« 
west Hide of the town Ik tbe must ^lerated. Prune 
creek riiw& near New Kiitland and runs to and 
along tb»^ north Mni'. Ixing Point rm^k riw.Vi ni'ar 
Minniik. and crowe^ tb*f town from aoathweot Ut 
northea:«t. while the Miuthea^tp pcrtion is drained by 
Biamuiid i^rcck. AH thnjsi^ run nortb^»1nardly 
to the VerniiUion, and make effectnol drutn&ge, Jji 
1866 the town wibs an unbrohc^n pruirir*. without en 
inhabitant. The liret house in the town wa« niov«d 
on to Che present Bit« of New Rutland, find nuKle a 
BectioD'honse on the lUinoie Central Railroad, It 
wa« inftcl*" ft Uquor ^aloun, and de-stroyi^ by a tnob 
in 181^. Tbe mllrood was built through the town 
before it was eeltled, and duidule^* wa» thf'aKt_-nry 
Ibat di'vdopeil iu n-:«oiir<^^. Abn«rdhlnn buiUtJie 
fiiNt houfttf and Osc-ar JneobM>o ocRupieil it in Man^h, 
ISflTi, tietng t-he first r«>j!;ideiit in th^ T^jwn. tie left 
in 1832, Tlii^ !*i*ri>rid n-Hidfiit wiij* RUas Frink, and 
wife» Emily Whitman, from Onondaga County. N. 
Y.; h^ &cttk-d on B. i^. Hisoniy iU'xM. W. E, mar- 

-SCIirfM 0/ SetUcra — Vr<wiand, 


ried Orrflla Kvnyon, and has sevftn rhlldren. Hi» 
wzB a good soldier, and is I'olioe Mai^^trate in lln^ 
vUia^ o( Dana. The third wft» I^t^ww W, Mnrtiii. 
Crotu Indisjia ; he niodo an improvcnKTut on Bee, 10 ; 
•old to Alva VVinaik^ and wi^nt to ^obriiska, Uco, 
W.Oraj' located and Lk«s on 3w II in 18r>5, t^nd rairied 
a larg(» fiimily. The tifth (K*ttlcr wns VVilltiim Mur- 
titi; hi* |>rd'em|tl4Hl iho norlUwii^t 4[iiiLil«>r Si*«^tioiJ 
d5tf[. An Kfigliehman by t>irlli, he enlLsted in the 33d 
K<-gfmi-nt. ami dh'd nnhU wny homi*rroiii thtFarmy; 
a bachelor. li« left no relRiive^ h\n a aUter^ Mrs, 
Anna Sivift ^r Rlooniin^toti. Nt^lsoa Coopeff iVam 
Nf:ir_\ land, a iJirpi'iiUM' hy tmdi^, wttled oh S. 17, 
Hf euliHled in Uit- KmTi Rt'ginivnt Hi9 wtfi? wa^ 
^mh \f. Jacobfton, dimghlar of Johu Jaeobnon. 
Hr 13 Mil? prL-!fM.'nt Siipi^rviwor %^t ihr towTi. John 
J&rulLSOR, frnm (ft*nnany to Ohio, waK a ni;i^iHti:AL^ 
there; was Snpt'irisor here for several yeaj-K. and 
movod to Nebraska in 18(^9. 

An emif^ration aAftoriariorj wan formed In January, 
16fil(. of about two huiidrfKl memW-ra, rcaiding in 
tho vicmity of Rutland, WTinoiit. Each mi?mbt'r 
jiaid ten dollars, and wae to have a lot in an embryo 
cdty to bu located «om(^?wln-rr' in the far \Vw*(., Dr. 
Allen and \V. B. BnrnB wen* the locating commit- 
tee. The present eite of New Rutland wiu; ^]ecC«d| 
bt'ingihe northwt'i^r 'hj acres on S. 18, and itomliweat 
40 on S. 7. The railroad ^uv^ Ihe members a preter- 
<>]ie4^ hi the fwlt-rf loll of their landrt fit 5<* p*Toenl. 
dhoouni. VV. B. Burns c-mne on the ground in 
Aiigiixl, I^rifi; built a hoin^c imdoccupif^HJLit in Iflfld; 
h« wa?i th4* lEiajiter TiplHt of the ent^frprl^e and in- 


BisU^S/ '>f La 8alU CtHmfy. 

eor^d ite 9acoc«6 ; bod liK4lth tnduo^ tiim to r*v 
mov© to OnlirorniH. vf\v^x\* \w du*d In l87f>. Willard 
Proctor and Riifna Wesion were tlie firel to select 
].ind^ tmder the itminf^nivnt with iX\^ ratlroad. 
JoUd Wadleigb came u» cbe towu in the fall of 18NK 
settled in the village in 18fiC; wiuf Oupl. Co. I, IO41J1 
lU^glmenL and had tht* tare of the i^iment for 
awbiTe: now Postmasti^r til New Rutbind. D&nkd 
Wadli^iffli ranif ahimt tlie tuinie rime as bia brother 

Banid Arnold uAme in thr spring of 18r>6, Had 
been .fnattce of tlie F'^oce and Supervisor, and held 
other to^rn offices- 

S. Ij, Jtunga nmir in IsT^O ; he wai^ A«feDt for Mark 
Ban^, a yoiiopt r brother, in buildlnp Eive dweUinge, 
nnd purt^hfiitiiiu about $1(NVhw> worth of railroad 
lands, and br«»kinp &M acre* of prairie. The «peo- 
ul&tion failed of eu'versir id \\\^ r^vnlsifoti of 1M7. 

John T. Qovecam^ tn 1806 ; was called the village 
blackttmitli ; wn?^ ufterwiuxlti a niercbauc Hb »or, 
K. Govi^. wart a ^tiKct^rtful timelier ; a Ueatanant in 
the Tbb-tj' third Kt^^iinent, nnd brev«t<«d a H^jor, 

CbarlpM Tjarnh, Atifln-w MofTaU. and KculiMn Tfty- 
lor panit^ in the spring of ISJiO. 

Jolin Git>ve and iKin, J. M. Grove, c»ini? and Met- 
tled on thf we**l half of 8ei4ton IT), in the apriag of 
16$€. John Grove wae the oldest man iu the town. 
J, U. taiifchl r!chcK»l from hie eiRhteeath year: 
studied law. and was admitted (o the bar in Ohio, 
lie held the ollivos of ABae:saor and Jodtici^of ihi? 
Peace and Supervisor. 

John H. Martin, born in Wayne Goiin^« IlliDoiit, 

SMdi of SdtUrs ~ Qroodand. 


waci raided In Marnhftll Cotnity, havinjr liv«^ thif^m 
>«iioe ISSf ; rt'raoved od to Sv^tioa 55 in March. 

Alexander (Jtf^e. from Weat Virf^inia. settled on 
Sec. 3^. Uie dnughton Kk*rcacv, wiis Qk' tirscctiild 
born iD Xhib tovrn, 

Harehall Smilt^y.on See, 36; Thomas Kwd^rand 
Joeoph il- Browa ><t.*tTJi>4l n^mr ttx.H H<nHlt liiir* of ih^ 
town; A. Miillen andR. BaMlnpereeCtled on S, 6 — 
all m tli^ spring of l^^ts, 

Thw firet religions met^tlnf^^ we*^ li*-ld in the 
hotel stable ; and anf>i-wfir(.lH in y\w Itoivrl. Enquinf 
Barney O'Ni^l on rhi- Wnnillioii, twi*nty mtlen 
away, WHA cbe nearest Jundc** of i\w P^ntct' : 
thvK wa« no law, yet aJI was ^vrdvrly. At the 
PreKidrntial t^ection in 18r»fi, the politii^al excite- 
uient r«^ached the infant ztettlcmcnl, and aU went 
tw«ily iiiilf« to tho boiisr of Alif <.iofr. n»*ar the 
Vprroilion, to vote — all but one voting tor Ki'cmoni, 
tifxiveJand ww mudu a lowu in th^ fall of 1K0(>. 
Pim election was held in April, 1^57; \V, H. Bnrna, 
Sflpervisor; John Wadleiph,Clerk : andJ<M.Urove, 

Orovctand ha^ two t^ilta^eti ami railroad etaiiona 
within ttBlimitg: ^ewKutlandonlhellUnoij^CentnLl 
RAiln)!id, and DftiitL'>ri tin- Chicafco, P*^kiri & Sotub- 
wefitom—boUi of which roads pass Ihrougtiiin?" town. 
New Rntlnnd haj4 tivi?ohun-h*?s ajond'^il «('1ioo1, t^^n 
sCof^a, a f^i-alii wlevator, mill, and rtO<> jK>[mlatiot, 
I)ajia> in the w>utlieastern jmrt of dit? t^wn, hiiK two 
grmiD ffWvaJ^jra, oiw rbnnrb, %\x sUfnv, a mill, and 
2f>0 [io[>ulation. Like all Hecclent in a prairie town. 



HUUfTy of' La S(dU Ctnudp. 

tbe people know t)i» Importunco of tlmhnr-pluitfni^ 
and belt» and groves of timWr aiv scatu-iW ovt^r lu 
Borface ou iwarly ewry f^nn. 


The town of Uichland embmceat the w«0t £wo- 
thirds of T. "M. of R, 2. It coDftUlut^d a i>ari of 
Ragl« Ti]wiisliii» till IS(57. It la an elevated prairie 
diatrlot, vrilli no considenible fiiream, and no Cimlicr 
land wUhin m limits. When Uie county waa divid- 
ed into EownshipBt under the Township Orgumia- 
tion Act the Oommiaaiouett* decided to make tii« 
navi^ble rivers, or anc^h ao were eo deelar*?d by law, 
tovmehip UnL*8, and coimt'i|HL*]^tly all towns <'Ut by 
tho T1liii<H&, Fox, and ViTinillion nvers, wero dmd^ 
ed 63- the stream. 

The lowtt of Ba#jU> embraced T. 31, R. fi, and hair 
of the town east of i^ und south of th^ river. Thia 
policy was fldopt*.*d Tor thv rHiim>n ihut Hkto worv 
no brhlgv^if, and ihe Hin^anib were impas^ble at high 
water. Where tbe stream?* have been bndj^, X\\v 
t«ndenc?y has Ix'en lo *o alivr tb*- i.<wn litK<« iw lt> 
liiLvv Ihn bimndarlett correAI>oru! with the i^arrevAl 
township. This is ^ gre^t ronrenience in elecitJng 
avohool olTiwrs, luid duin;^ Hit; busin«» tvlating tv 
achoolo-'and that ^i^ ih doubtleaa the most coa- 
rrnii^nt. If Bruce had claimed 1h«? ]>tut of her town- 
ship aonth of the rivtti-, and Eajirle or Richland taken 
the balfinoe. or tho whole of T. »), R. S, \% would 
have been a better urran^^ment. Brnce wonld have 

i^eU^A <^ Setups— JikkUznd. 


been forf^ftd to bnild a bridge over tJie Verminion^ 
which ongbt to Imve been dont* long »incx\ Rich- 
Jand, being a prairie town, remained tmocrupiod 
till the building of the c&iulI imd nutrond mudc itfi 
0«ttk-tni;[itpmctk&blo. In l*>ii< WilliJirn Lind^Trt^^t- 
tied on &■ 8. Pecer Eechbaok, in iSiM. aottled on 
Uie BLtno section. Conrad Ksi^hback. in tlio sanai 
year, selUftd nn S. 10, alt from G*>niiaiiy, and com- 
neaci'd vrbfii Ia now Ihi4 pniF<p<.*rou>» CT4.<rnian stjttl^. 
m«nt in xXw northeast part of the tovn. 

E. A. Cbaee, from X^vr England in 163$, s^ttli^d 
Itrst in D^-v.^r Park, iiiid stilihts^iKnitly in Hu'liliuid, 
on S. 7. H<^ Ia now In I<^hirida. 

R*»ulH^n Hall, from Ohio in IBfll, or 1862, Bettl*?d 
onfl. r 

Aaa Dnnham, abont 184^, 5f*ttl*Kl on 8. 8, and J. 
L. Dunham, in 1854, on S. 7 — both from Ohio. 

R*L"brrt E. JIcOr<?vf, and don^ rmniObioin 1854, 
settled on & & 

Ctiltin^:. and Dana B. Clark, from Maine, In 1854, 
settied on S, 1(*. 

JElwood Orist, alwit 18&i>, mXiltsA on S. 39 ; ho 
died m 185A. 

IomI Jonee. from Muintj : W, Koikr, from Ohio ; 
&aoc Vale, from Pennsylvjinla ; William Copeland, 
Andrvw Fo**, mid Alfrpd fjiitliixjp, from Mftinti. 
TllB fore^iiL}; were Mma** who first ori>;u]tUd and 
improTed hirms urid jmrticipatf^ In tlie ^xpenent^es 
iDcldent to the opr^ningofarirw country, Riihland 
ie now a wt^il a«*ti]ed and populous town, the Q<*r- 
I nuui clonicat Jiirgcly prodominating. 



Sistorp qf La SalU Oountif, 


T}w town of 08ag4^ includes the Oongrefisiona] 
Towneliip'^oKortk. of nangt^^Euat, ibc south line 
of Groveland or Township ^ toeing at tlr&t the iH)ulb 
line of Jjft l^aUc Coanty. ulmig alL ila sontfaem 

O^ai^e i&apminere^oQoxcJaaively. Snrroandod 
by prnirio and di^Eant from ib<> coamy #wt, it vrat 
QnoccQpi^ until after the older portioDA of the 
county had b^jcomft comp»rfitlv«ly an old rouwtry, 
and yttt th<* oarlj' settlers hav« a Hvely recollection 
of tbe loneliness and priv-attons of sl new rej^on. 
T\w flmt (^ntry of GovtTiimt.'nt. Isiik) wiw :n November, 
1821). Thv N, W, i S.-C. 17 waj< HiU^n-d by John 
0. D^nt ; at the same time he 4>nt4n^ Ibr R. K Dent^ 
iiuw iif OrtlifoniijL, tin? N. W. J cirhami* Section. 

In iar.O, Daniel ftrizne» entered the N. W. i of 
Sec« 0, and John and Amos Scott t^ntercd ttit' N. 
i of Sec. i. The pioneer practice of making claims 
on Government laud Imd about become; obt<olG<L% 
and a legal title was oonmdon^d the only valuable 

The ISrel settlers vrcrc— Daniel Qriniea who fleCtled 
in 1850 ; R, E. Dent, Aprils IS51 ; John 0. Dent, 
18Ji ; Juni^ M. CoUeu, May, ld£&d; Jamea Hoii<.*r, 

ThE* town wan named fr*ym th^ Osage h>»dge planL 
Willldm H, NfaiLti gn-w ninety* ttciv^ of planlSf and 
Deot ^ Wroerf^rew forty acrve of plants the year 
L}ie tQwn W!L8 org^iiiizvtj. 

The town was organiieil in 1857— John 0. TUfau 

SMch ^ Settlers — a/M. 


Sttperrl^or ; Jani*^s"B. Work, T Clark. G, M. Oood- 
al*\ A. Lwloro and John York, ComraiMioricra; 
John Elliot mid John N, York, Jualkesof th<^ Peac*; 
R, E, t>enl^O>lJector; Fleaaant York, -Vs&easor. 

TIk town is well fenced with 0«ngc hodge, and 
nuinerQUd thrifty KTovea of timber esiet It t3 
doubttG«6 tra<? that a pmiriir region wiU, iii thi> fa- 
tore, bo better supplied with timber ihan on@ vrltb a 
beavy prlmitire ffrowtli> and a town enlirvly di?s(i> 
inte wUI t^f*\ til*- n«c»agity and mnki> mnr4» provision 
for the ftitun« supply than one partially or fiilly 

Such m?«inB to hv iho cast* tii Ta Salle Connly. 
John O. IVnt has tak**ii the It-a^l in this direction, 
luiring for ly SMTP'S of timb»»r]>laiil.ed on Jiispmrnisw^, 
and grnvr-H of mapV, lilnik walnut, aab, etc., are 
oonapicQoiiH objecta on most of the farms in (he 
tovn. lu this n?e<p!x:t it \a r^dd to btr in advance of 
any otJier town in the county, and the blcal^ and 
nakod faoti of the nnlivc prairi^.- 1» thus trnn^fonued 
into a beAatifal varie^ted landscape, now a thini; 
of beauty nnd comfort. 



Th» town of Allen is compo^d of the Congr«i- 
Hional Township 31 North, of U. ft East, and is the 
Kfjuthea&t^m town in tlic county, ft is rntiivly 
pmirits having no natural (^^owth of timber within 
ItA limitA or near its border. The soil id good, and 
the siirfiic« moetly rolling, l-'rora its location at a 


History t/ Ija Sall-e Coimiif. 

dii^timee &oru timWi- anct at th^i fxtr^rme Limit ot 
Oh* i-iiuuty, it remnin^^il iiDo<rcii)>itHl until twt^nly 
years sft^^r the orgnDimtXon of tliv ooiinly, and 
twifnty-fivt?y»flijs after s^-ltli^iM^nU cii)nini«nr«l wHIi- 
in iht^ 4:oniity lirtilttt. 

The firet i^ernianeot resident in the town waA 
Robert Milter, from New Eiiglnnd — ii Quaker Be 
AettJed on Section 12, in the fail of J8A0; aft^r ft 
few years rusidcnoo lie rernovd to lown. 

The next waa Miclia^I Kepner from PenyCounty, 
Pa,, in Ihc 3pnni5 of l&^I ; ho made a cLoim oa S. 
Ifi, wlnjrclnj ri?mfihnvl livtroraix ycaJft,nD<I rtADOrod 
to MinueBota. 

James Mclntyre made a claim on S, 16, in IB-tl, 
but resided in P^rrn cna y^'ar, thvn oceupied lii« 
clwm two years, and in \^% mored on & l-l^ wh«fr« 
h** now reiiideft. 

Two hn>ther», John and Inf^lehan Wonulej* caiu« 
fxoni Pennsylvania in IM'i, and settled on S«os. SI 
and ^, wlien- John T«til1 ri>^idM^. Inglelian was tli« 
first Supervisi>r of thi^ town. In 18U2 or 03» h^ re- 
moved to Southern Illinuis. 

Adam Fry, fniin Ohio, nani*^ t*i I>n Pagu Comity 
in 183^'), and in the fall of 1352 settled on Seclion 0, 
wh<;r<.^ lie died in Sept., 1S74; his widow still oooupies 
the eatne place. 

Kliiuf C. Laae, from Ohio to PutDAn Coanty in 
184&, th^n to Hickory Point in ISfiS, and to t^(\ 6 in 
1855, where be still re€ide8, at the age of about 90 
yean, with hie son, VV. H. LaiK\ 

William Flint bought land on Se<:tion 9 in 18f>l, 
an<l oe(-upi'>d it In 1S>')S ; h« ^pent ten years In im- 

at^M '/ Seitltajt — Ailtn. 


proving nnd developing ttio town, and tlieoi rerooiwd 
to Tonjfa. 

M- C. L4UIP, 9on of Kliai* C, from Bmwn Cftftnty, 
Obto, r>nrert^1 land on Section d In 1851, and occu- 
pied it in ItviO, 

Joha Oofhmnt from Adarn^ Oonniy, Ohio, entered 
lanci on Section 3 in l&M, and haa occupiwl it einoe 

John HifCgioBf a native of Pnnoo Ed ward's Island, 
aod Ax»m PutnAm Connty Lcre; mudi' an improve- 
ment on Soction ts in 1S0&, and haa occupied it wilb 
Ml} famSJy since 18Ati> 

John U Siimmf>r^ from Adimg County, Ohio, 
boughc land on Section lu in 1^34, moved on and 
Improvi-d it ill 1855 ; ratumed lo Ohio in O^o-mbOTt 
ISM, and aiiins l>ack fn iilt* fiv^l lov<? in -Ian,, 137B, - 

Ihivid tirifllEli came fVom VVashinRton County^Pa., 
in lS,"i7, and *.'tLU»d un Sei<tion95 — then fhr*^ tofoiir 
Riiirai from neig)d)i»R«; liv dlivl Aug, 14, 1877. 

Mrs, ^fjinih Hamilton, from Ohio to Putnam 
County in ISW. and lif-rp in \%m. 

Allen Stevens froni Oanatla to Du Page County, 
and th^ruci; hen.^ in 1857; ib now living on the aonlli* 
eo&t iinarter of S^Hon 6. 

Since 1*^57 the town of Allon haft rapidJy filled up 
with an <?DtrrprL-?lijg population, bo tluit there ia no 
yucaut lund in the town, and th^; iinprovementa oC 
mo^ of hei' citiw^ns are not behind those of her 
a&at«r townt^. The dwrUinij:«, burni<, and other Im- 
provement^ of N^tb^iniel and James Mclutyr<^, U. 
C. Litne, TbomaaStiUIvan, IU>nry Smith, and some 
others are scarcely exceUed in the older States, 


History of La SatU C&Hnty^ 

Tho <^xL(>nc^tnrL of iIk- Cliicngo, PvkiD & South- 
vefiiem Railroad wa^ built i)iroup:)i tbo town of 
A1K*D in 1S7^, ^ving a direct communication vritli 
Cliioago. The station was located near the c«Dtj^ of 
Sifi'tiun 16, whtcb, foHuuHl^ly for iljtf (own, had not 
been Hold |irev[ou» 1o* localiou of th^ road. Th« 
town of IbinKom was laid out by th« Scliool TniBteea, 
and lol« nold Uy the aint*uiit of jri,00() at Ihir firal mle^ 
If jadicioufily managed, the town will realize a verj 
efficii^nt fund for the support of licr schools through 
all the fnt.ure. 

Thus Ihifl town, in the centre of n prairie regioo, 
far Iroin timbfT, distant from market, and loni; 
neglected, is deBtined to be a eaocc&sfal rival of the 
old(>r ecttlud portioim of tho county. 


T. Stt, R, 1. constitutes the town of MradotlU 
li4>» in tlitf ^rxti'ertie iiorEhweMl c^m^^r of th« eoaoly ; 
has no natural ;^j-owth of timber, and waa entlMj 
ignor*'d by tli»T *»Hr!y )«'^ttli*nt> The i^^itlements 
arouTirl tin' lirad u{ Troy fln>vi^ limlj«*r had 
extt-nded just orer the tin» into T. 30, £d I&IO, 
O'Brian camp in 18*), Taylor, in 1841 ; Ward, In 
1842; Mi-aLh. in lS4r>. Charles FoaUT twitted 
OD 8. \V. i S, 34, in 1^^^- Beta and Willuun 
Bowcn, from Nt*vr York in 1840- 

Hut the building of the Illinois Central and Chi- 
cago, Burlington k (juincy Kaitroads Inuugamted 
thegereaaof the city of Xfendota— and soon filkd 




tlie town with a bnsy po]mlEitioii, Ii wiio known sa 
early s^ tlit? ftpnn^ of IS.^^ wiiere the junction of the 
two roadfl would be, and 1). D. Oilea crecUrd n store, 
aod others followed in qiiicX siiccesflion. T, B, 
Blflckatone, resident en^^inter on thf^ raiiroadf laid oH' 
tbc original town of Mcndoto, The placid was fa- 
Ij called the Juni^tion, hnt as i\\^ railroad 
etatiocs located on new tonitorj that wero u»mel680 
were given Indian njim<_'&, thU iiamdwaftclianp[od to 
Mendotu^ which ia the Indian name forJanctioQ — 
meaning mi^i'Uii^f or<:oining together. O'^- Adamfl 
suggested the namo^ p^^rhapat fh>m hie b^ing the 
owner of the Mendofa Furnace, near Oalena. The 
Cvntml njiid was completed to tiiit^ pUicein thesum- 
mer of 1^3, and tliir Chicngo, Bnrllngton & Qiilnc/ 
in NoTeiober following. Th*) lutl^r roa<) watii built 
ill !4M'lii>iift ; firair, Ibi* Military TnirMuid Gulrtsbiirg^ 
Galeftbarg to Meadota, and then the Aurora Exten- 
sion, eoDoectlnfC with the Xorttiw'csC'<?rn at Turner 

The Increase of popnlation and bnilding np of the 
town was very mpid, £»o that in li^>^K less than two 
years from the complntion of the railroad. Town 
Trurteoa werf- ohoiH'n ami o municipal government 
Of^ganized* The village limits were the lines of S, 33. 
There have been ftererat Jidditious dnce. Maroh 4, 
1807, a city government wati organi/.tMi, and city 
DflLcers chosen on the 9th of April following. Th^ 
gmwtbof T^fi^ndotaliaHbeeri noti^t-kiit »tii1 m}iEd, and 
it 15 de»i itied to be a ciiy of no meiin projjoriion?*, 
Th« wnti'rpnse and mtf^Uig^'m**^ of ihf projde U 
shown by their ndniirable schools and institutions of 


SUttyry f^ La SaUa County, 

I«ii-niiig> cUaTcbee, numofkctnreB mnd trade shown 


Tht' town i>r FToprt In Tow«»hi|>!Jl, Routgt* L It is 
ibe Boathwest^m town in the IhhI}' of iW rounty— 
10 all pmiric, and was entirely neglected by tho ^rly 
flettli^rft. It8 northern portloa forms part of the 
divide which separates the waters which flow north- 
erly to Che Tcrm&llioa and Illinois and thotsc that 
flow woat and eouthweat to tbi^ IlUnoid, 

Tho h'.'ftd of Bjiiley'e cryek drains the northcasi 
t!m portion of Us ^iirfaoo, whi'^h niiis to ttio Vi 
tailUon, but tliu largv^r portion U dniined by the 
north biuncli of Sandy <"rp«k and Us alUaente, 
called XJttle Sandy, which ruiu* wt>8t and sonlliweflt 
Hnd«^TnptieH into ihtit TlliuaJs Dear Henry. 

3amii«l D, McOaleb, from R(x<lchndg<« Countyi 
Virf^ma, and Lis wife, CAlhtiriiii^ Wood, froui Mj 
m\\ County, Kt^ntncky, nctUttd tm Ox Bow Praine, 
Putnam County, in August, lfl32, »h»Tv ^inii»1 I>, 
di«d in September, l^\%). Wis widow nuived tu S. ^ 
S< 9, town of nope, with htr family of five boys and 
one ^iri, in April, 1850. Jihe is now living in 
LoaUinl. ll<?r cbildrrn arc*: Aiboit 0.» in Lo&taat : 
QJlbert B., Lostant; Herbert C-, Wenona ; Ethel- 
red A., MiBSoun ; and Hubi.*rt A., in Oltami ; tbe 
9i9t>^r ia now dead. 

Hubert A. MoCaleb b^ld tbe following poeitjona 
In tb« army: Sergeant Company I, £l«v«^iith 111. 


Skd{A tfSeiilers—M'crfden. 


InfaiiU'^', Si'cond Li^-ut'-nAiU and Flr^r liti^ntenanf 
aaiii« coropatijr. Lieutetant Colonel Sixth V, ti. 0. 
Aitillery, CoIotk^^I samu ix-gimL'tit. Sbr^riir liaSoUe 
Coan^ from ll**}6 lo IfitiS, and County Clerk from 
1S73 to 1*?T7. 

John M. Bichc^y, from M nskiniifiini County'. Ohio, 
came to Putnam County in 16SZ He ontori'd S. 'JA 
in Hopo, in H^l*. on which ho n^Ldt*<l till hU death 
in 1873. Tb« vUtag^ of Loatant wns laid out on Ur. 
Rit^ey'is farm in i6AL Ho m&rriitd Clam C. CoK 
Hster, and U'tt throe living children : Mary C, Can- 
daoe M.. and Jolm C. 

TTonuv Ontv(.'», and Willijim H, GntvifH, came to 
Putnam CounLy in ]82!> and 163(J, and were early 
eettlere in Hope. 

John Miirrisoii, a native of Srotland, caue lo 
Hope in 1**5m ; haa been Snftervisor eight tormB, 

Th« Rev, A. OBgood, and family, wi-ref^arlyaet- 
tlers, and aided elhrientiy m building up the lovm. 

WUltnm i^ncaflt^^r aettlcHl iit an early day on tho 
Magnolia road, that riind through the town; ho 
eon'9d aa Town Su^x?rvi8or. 

Thomad PatU r^oii, from K(^ntu<^l<y, owiK*da farm, 
and built a house, called the Prospect House, at an 
varly day, about ths^ lin^t in the town* 


TowDiihip 30, Range 2, constitutes the town of 
Mt-ridfl-n. It is Imiiudi'd un tbf^ Tiorth by tbtr north 
line of the county, ^^^ ^^ ^ prairie region, etir- 


History */ Tm. Pnllt OmfUy. 

rcjim'V^ by jjralrlH on all fi\&m H3ci:ept a small grove 
<iii SecA. fl and d, calVd Foiir-Hile Grove, Afev fant- 
ilif^pitclKfd th*-ir LthIb aimund thr Hule oafttr* in the 
nndclla of the widt^ pi'airi^f, in the year 1836^ uid 
theae weft all the early settlers. 

Jnhn Hnight ^ttled on Webetet'sfamj near Pera# 
Jirst^ and came to Mcriden in 188^, 

David Peck, from Albany Ooanty. K.Y., settled 
on Boo. 6, \\\ 183*5 ; sold to Cunnin^liam. 

Lyman Alger, from tbt^ same place, in 1836 ; sold 
to >frTrjUyru. 

O. W, Bryant came from Maine to Peru, in 1S37, 
and to Mi^rLclt-n Lq 1&42. 

Benjamin Fiirinan caiiio from Tioga County, Pa. ; 
Bettlijd on 3. 6, in 1838. 

Of!crgi.t Wilkinson, ftom th« wn)« place, settled on 
llie same Section at the same time. 

Ri^njurnin RinlwiU t^fime from New York, in 1639. 

R K. WtrlcH ^\\U\\ oil 8. 18^ in IB4ft. 

David Tlolden ef^ttled on the aaiDe Sectli>n in 1S49. 

lv\ Bailey camrt in ]84f4. 

John Koso, from Scotland. Jameo Conningliam* 
Himni CritttliT, John Wcisnt^r, Thomas Bageranda 
few others com^titated the pioneer force that oom> 
mcnccd Che task of tranfiforming the wild proirio 
town into productive farms and the qniot plcosanc 
abode of a num^TOUft, wealthy and proeperouft 
poopio— fi task that with the aid of Boooeedtag 
emigrants has bo<-n moat duocasntfully accomplished. 

Sifick f^ Seta^s — IPaBftot. 



W&]1ai^@ embraiM^ tlje wo^t pari uf Townshlj) ^, 
B«ag9 8, being four anti ont^-half njilt-c* in width 
froir i-:ti*l k> wrsl.. KtiIiI ii few yeiirs eiiirw it vniB a 
part of Dayton, and being titisiily all jirum^ it 
remainf*d UDOcmipded excepting a few eettteffl on itfl 
Qonthern bordf-r until Uir impetus givtr liy th« 
completion of the canal aiul railroads secit the pop- 
ulation O7or till the prairi& Its proximity to 
Ottawa and Daylon made its s^ttlcim^ni a mild 
experience compart'd with tU© more eccladcd 

ThDtnaa Kobin^oa came in 1^36; Mr. Carnnatif^h 
and K. W.Curtis, in 1847 op48: A- F. Hoeford, St>tli 
S«^e, K. 0. BJack aad a few otbors. were thu <au-livdt 


m&tiyr^ <^ La 8aJ.U CottfUy. 


Jnlin Mnn^*/, fmm CliDton Coiinly, X. T., n-^UM 
ill OtUiwa ill I8ft7; Iiah ki^jit a hardware sUriv eilh^O' 
alon« or with h iiartoer, for nearly forty yeara^ 
pK>l>ably tilt* oldest hoiir*o in Town* A daughter, 
rho had jiiM rom]i1i?t<^ Iier education, wasdrovm^d 
the Hudson riTer. A younger daughk-r is the 
Tviio of Hk^hard t\ Jordan, cashier of the Ci^ Na- 
tloiinl Bunk of Ottawa. Cjirriu ia at honw. 

Pet(*r Rnsfi^el, from Irr^Iond, came to Ottawa in 
1838; a eubuiet-maker ; hifl has been thp leading 
lioa«<> ill that branch in Ottawa U\t many yi.iart- IIU 
fton la DOW a parlni>r In the Arm of P. Rn^ell & Son. 

William Palmer cama Ctotl New York Ln 16S6 ; a 
wagon nuik<T by tnid^; hv !ijj« foJIowi^ ili« buxl- 
neee Hinoe he crame till \^& ; he has left the county. 

John Palmer, brother to William^ e^iw at the 
Kamv time ; sHth^l on a fiinn ; afFi'rwanlH moved to 
Ottawa; was Ooiinty Assessor, and th'' first thai 
a^±«e»!ivd thv land nold hy th*^ Oovemment* bein^ live 
years aftel- the sale i he died in Ottawa^ John and 
Oforgo xVrmaui- frum Ayreflhire, Scotland, came to 
Ottawa in 1834. After a few yf?ara r^^idcuec in Ot- 
tawa, Qeoi*gii went to Chicajito, where he ecUl reeidea* 
John was a prominent warehouse owner and grain 
dealer till his doath, ^ovoral years sinoe; he nev^ 
married. James and Arclue. brcthera of the above, 
(^^ami; later, Jaraes died in Lm SalUt; Arehk Is Mill 
living in Ottawa. 

MartiTi Mnrniy. froTn Ireland. *'aTin.' ;i1ioiti 18^S or 
ft; he WhIh fiiTiiUiarly knnwQ a^ Janitor of the court- 

Addenda — OUawa, 


honse for many jeAre. His boh John is well known 
Id OUHwti. 

DSuk Dally cnmnfrum Cork Coiioly. Trt^aniV to 
La S«Ue County in 1^3'^ : mHrried Samh Ann Mc- 

Jacob C Vsui Doren» Trom Montj^fomery Oi>nnty» 
N. Y., came in Ift^S ; stjUlBcl on S. 28, T. 32, R, 3 ; 
about 1655 he removed to Ottftv/a, whrre he and his 
wife di-^d some yeaw aftor, HU oldest son, C. M., 
came before th^ fiunily ; h^ also rt^movr^d to Ottawa 
Aod U now in WaoKinitU>n IVrritorj. Jamea married 
OUvc Dimmiclt, mod died in Ottawa ubotit 1 H74. Tho 
only dftughl^T itt the wlfu of Joesc Ditkey in Oliawaj 
Lonalng and Lucas havi^ left thi- county. 

Albert H, Ebereol dhmc^fmniDEtuphin County, Pa., 
to Oivrd llapiils with liift/athir, .loft^ph Kber&ol ; 
maiTied Miaa iMiaPearre ; haa on*i son, Joseph P.; 
heiABOwthcoldcdt »:tllci'in tinuid Hapida. 

cataijogui; of thk rnAKNOOAMiA or flow- 



In a lioUuiEcft] ijuidt uf vli>w. ilit tiutwut of Ukv cottntj' nuy be 
contonloDilf dlvidivl into four haJiaaJ$ or diitricta. e&oli banaj ft 
Aon pccuJLu. lo pftrt, totl*«lf: I^tU^ praltU or tTf>«k«* dittrict, 
UuE ioll A deep Mjwk losin; 3, ih^tdLxof ^^vkkIciI upluul, bonlcr- 
jnfT tho river vill^ya. bnviog for tba motl pirt a cUr *oll; 3, Ih* 
&1lurial bnttoim nnd lalaDdi <rf the lUiiioi* ivai VcriDUlioo riv«in ; 
4, thai pnrt ^f rhi.' TllhitiiH Blver YUb/ chimoiertMd by Iha np- 
licaral of iha Silurian foriootion, «ad lyia^ priaoipimj b«twc<tt 
Uic ciUG»orOltaW4MkdLft3a1lc. A jEEftQOoat tLI« tuUJ vi^rfacc^ 
TAhging In thi* vjunlliy or lU >ol] frnm n itrep ftllii^um tn a humn 
aan4, vriLI jirciiarv ihn hoUnUt lo look for « rioli llora, and b« will 
Qgt b« JiMppaiiitvJ' 

OF <nio huaclTDt) Hnd ililrtjr'two orden fonnd baUvd Sp Ui« 
IfoKhorn Unllci! SlAtr^4, one hundiixl ftrnl c]a?«Q kr« rtfriVMol^d 
lb Illlnoiii by oa« iliciUHHud mJ Ufty-Livu diflvrvQl sp«cl«»; a^inhwr 
of OrmrDlnvD or tm« gmitrt, ODf? biindrtd and Itfiy-lWO : of foMft 
ircci (licrc «ro cvtt ftoropty spcclci^ tQclodtiig tbirteca tpvcioa of 
Vhk. ; llitri* brv urn- liunJtxi J «iid »i9Lly-nx «pvctc« ot Cuuipuftllx or 
C0nn>ruim1 C^iwr*, iiK'lliiJinglw^nCy-Hiree Wpeck^i of Anlrt, twongr 
of 6i>Ud4£0 ot i^ldon rod, %ad fi>arw«& of tbe HcZlnaihiu or rnU' 

Tho fullowLQ^ lilt ifinbricH but f«w ajwoioA that famT* oot b«VD 
pernquBlly idcnilficd Ijyilic writer <if ih!> ■; Iic1«, dar&ag a roMoDC* 
of Iwttnly yimni In ihi' niiinty. Mi^rli Uborha* Imoi hMtoved U» 
make It u comploto and aoi^araio aji poM^blc Coita^ndcnco Ib 
nrieunl (<» oiuiH^IuLtv ui liuuliiful p<.ii]iLB in uoiuuiiiilalurv b laTitciL 

The lime lit noE dblint wtiea m nay of the q>M.ipt liere rcuQ- 



^^I^I^^^^H^I^^^^^^l ^^^^H 

^^^^p Cai€doi^ of Floxterinff PJ^tnis. 4d7 1 

erKtcd will not bf fcmnd la ibttCMinij. The frin^Ht ^rmifBn,foT ^^M 

cxflvpio, it h^omLng cvciy year Ioh ccunmon ia o\ir pii«.iu?«A ^^H 

Tbo LttljD'iuiDJi ptaputd by W. W. Citklnpv of CbJtMft^, nail W. ^^V 

W- i^h&roii, d1 Mir»lllct, baircHlTor^diiiticli v&Jujibk A»ts!aDC« | 

In the |>rc|j«Tfttbii of Ihir^ Mux, 


KAxrKcrLAai.B ' 

— CfOvfooU. ^^1 

Cltmnda VIrElAivin, 

Vir(ln*« Bcrw«i. ^H 

« Tlonui. 


AjMinontt DVaioriMiL, 

WIdJ Plowor ^H 

^m Pauiij^rWaiiicii. 


^^H ttAllctroJdfii. 

^^ cyllnilrica. 

■ nep&ika uUuba. 


■ Aci^aiobL 

1 Tfaol^drum <JiiitciLin> 

Uodow ItQC 

1 RftiiuDOulue ^«ptllIl^ 


^^m. ■fl'k«L 

^^H PUMtjH. 

^^H KijuiitLlU. 

^^M AbortlTun. 

^V rticicul&rJf. 

*' PcnaBvlruiicQBs 
'« tnuIUdduo. 



C«tUis piluBlrlA, 

M>r«h Htrlgold, ^H 

Aqtillcfflfl Cull ltd tmU, 
OTmlcUun ii^emoiia. 

FbIi^ Ri](^ An«moa* ^^H 

C:o lum ^il D ^^H 

BlEii.k Iic)akcn>01. ^^H 

ilci] B«a ebony. ^^H 

jLxoicacka - 

- AooDadiB. ^^^1 

^^^BAttbiQA irilcl'^ 


^^^^^ Huitti'viikiAcJc^ - 

- HenlBpermftOL ^^H 

Me&lapcnBaru CuLadob>«, 

UklOEl-'CCd. ^^H 


— Bttfljprlds. ^^M 

Bprhcrry. ^^H 

f^otioih. V 

PodD[>liyIliiiu |i«UalU[U, 

WUd MH^Onikc M 

NruPEJtics.ic - 

- WtlcrLUU*. ^H 

Kjsi|Atttt od^ftlft. 

Watrr Lily. ^H 

Nuphar AdTVDA, 

Tcllott PoaU Lily ^^M 


-Pcppj vi>it», ^^H 

BaunliitHft CamidcDtbh. 

Bli>g(] -f ix^l. ^^^1 

CclMaiJia«^ ^^H 

^^^^488 mOary if La ScUU Oounty. 

^^1 FntAUACKJl — 


^^1 DioiaBtt cacQlUirit, 

iKitrhiuft'a Br«*eh4a. 

^^1 CoiTdtUa mima, 

Gulden CorydaliL 

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TriiMitir,Ittiraniiir], LAiirnntiivi. Of Ehp olber IIt6. vn hftveinttiU 
<3f>iuii;, ibo QiuiArpflrr or PoM TcfiUrj, llic CarbontFcrou^ luid 
llie Lowrr Silurirtn r»ritiHt,i(hj]ii. Ti Oiuft )i|i[iti)ii-4 ibht w»i libiiria 
llr« aouptjr no Tertiary or DcvoDiaa dopoiitf, Tbeic an dcTcloptd 
further wetl %sA muih, 
Wt: Will «onNMlifr mcb uf out th»« i^u illv^LfkuQi inrlAtlm. 

Tbil flmbr«c« ib« tcillm» loadii, gtnvoti, cUf a. lind other d«poci1tt 
fornhtiiE ilie tarfaci? of iba couDty, utd vniyiDg Id doptb froori & (tin 
feci Ui iwrbftps uui^ UuiKlrud fed Jii v«rL»m IbvalUivs uu thtt 
pridri*^ Thi* FcrmtLioD ai>tvhvre iklUia* h lbichd#b> of oitb bun- 
dled >ed fltiy feet, fti cMlmjtKd Eiy Frcciano. 

TliB 'JtvrdtUrt" form n |tiici]lUr f«Htarv of tliU ihyAUsm, aad 
have Eh'^B to it tbv namfr of ttia ^' iloifffftf^'* or *' Iinf( '^ i>|WDbt 
rcfcrrUj; lo ibc mnuLin of \Vi O^poilttoa, Tbcao bouldcTft mc 
fAmlliAT «i All Ami foEiml ihninglioiii thp cntlip county. Though 
more ogni«ritUA in toini ^DCnliiiA* Ihuu nthijirt. Col. IX F. Hill, of 
?«>uUi OtuiTK, bud an vIccAnt coItecUnn of lliria od vxbJbitiQd, 
ftboning tbn VArfal. qciMiiLftc^ and oraiinicnta] purpcHr** lo which 
ih«y may bo puL I biivo at diElci'^D^ tknu iccurcd from ib« 
CulonrlB '"/ruM" m^it thftu (w«iity THnetiua of tli« pnndljvo 
Fuck« COOUlninff mlaaralaof tntcft, feldiipu, gnrn«t*, ropfior, eic. 
E^nrfie dcpmnu oJ boutdcn occur in ibo llhuoi* Vutlcy, lying in 
wmr rilAE'i's ittrei'tly u|H>n did St. PvL^n 3andtiiouo. ami «o imuier 
Oil* uul cl'iKty packed m lo cxf^ludo cierytiiln^ i*l4«. A piod 
danmpit xnAr l>c foumi in VfttX Otltno, ii«ikr D- B. Ebonaol'^ kmI- 



BUtory ^ La Sath Counttf. 

dAQca, Thlr^li fihnvt ibttir d«po«lUoD to be nanltxuublo m the 
coarBV of ihi» vitloy uw\ tbt dir«iLioin iMaaiafid by 111* ijCPncJct 
UtBl brought ilicm Tivia Uicir oHgtuAl la (hdi present looMiJaa. 
luAko Supoftcr l4 ih« Dftunuc point froci «Ucri ifivu i^rBalt* rocici 
<oii1jd luM^ bp«ji dcitv^«d . uul tho fonaMioa thciv iklikli onECiijpot 
■( ih? nrfiuD, U here hurU^il nmny liuEdrcd feet Ijvlott aud beT>^uod 
our fucJl, loa uml loabergi moving Ibroiigh Ibc ttood o! wfttm 
<uiDiae fcDtii the Lbe Nuatbt (truu^hi (u ua oui boulJvr dcpoaiu, 
Tbetcrhictiln^* and ^rortrJn^i IcianJ un niiny uf ihpui hiv nifflokai 
crUleiico wjllii'Ut •inmluiujf lucftUllut wt)«r« iLe fonBttkiiiw la 
tflnci: ilurluc Uiti Drift vixich. ha on tlie wc»l Sbont of Itfkc Jflictu^ 
gita, fJiow tliv lunc vnikloDi, onty ta ft grvst«r ciuat. Th« art« 
occupkd hy bouldorv «hi^'* tli«i ttie tt^e*! Itkct odgo coicrcd ui 
Immtime i^oiiDU}-, and jrii~ai u« fiuuiv ii)«ii uf Uiv loopirrioil ^hv}^ 
IhflflV boald^ri v«r« dIvLribaltid, Uuriag the goologic«tl cbmig^H 
IhMfdlQircd. ibo lak^i were oontncteil. bal llic lllinoU mcrvr«B 
for t Umfi on itnmcnut iintua, nrrtng lu an nuiitii for tu; b*>4MB 
of irator Ibul ufurwiiix^B wvro dirnrlcd uJMwb(Tr.\ W« c«n ufcly 
kapomo tbat iljc IlliDo|:i rUxr oat]? aowtd fr^im blulT to bLall, ten- 
Dried in )ii criut.^ «i> Tat norcb kk i^^lioi, irriil>ii!ily boraminj si tbat 
pEt^nl iiJ]<li«LiEij;uhh[ib1u fn^ui tbc yaax Ubn atx^TUn Tbv font] n- 
ntBlnji found In the Urifi nne of pimrH nniLdDrital ftnJ dcrlvod rrom 
«eA#i- formdlicink. Sontv of tL**« iir« ftt f all^wa : a irffAoiffvfton, 
apt)d«t uDdclorjnLaed. fouad n«at Oaic«i'> q^riac in Boutb Otuwn. 
Tbb k nn liititrrtting cdtkI nnd bolongl lr> tlw (^bonirFroni For^ 
cuatJcQ. LIf Crv^fiiva, ADv4ra] TrilobhM t>aT« hvsb found by Mr. 
U. 0>w Drill, ku CJirk'd Run «t VcFnitiaonTdlc. 'Hie spedw b 
cu^mmon lo ibi? Trcnron {iroiip, whicij tn ncMly <lDn«d«rf and 
appRMCbCA Um furfjLd: Ahcti; tbi: Drift tic» imnwdiatsiy upun il ■! 
lliU polciL FciBiiUbed wtiDii U rrci|urnily fcund In dlgftn^ >t<ll*- 
Ie the moro rcifvnl dejMultB rQiUfLiuA of ibc AfoAldtfoji hitw b*«a 
found; a1m)«p«dci uf Und udiI ftcth wMcr »ZiclU idontical vUIl, 
tbose now livioicfu tbu (loimiy. The bankiuf onrrireii vUlaflbi 
cxbmplfri. OJ vfiluablcT mlnoraU — oopptr, l«d and Ipoft, occut lA 
tbc drift, tunivtimffl Jo rjuitr UrfV li»>M«.lnit all llint Caino bi«n 
Willi Iba bQuldvrH und by tlio Moie aiciiiifluH. 

• Tnit rxniiostiPKiwun Ffimn^Tms. 

Thia \% r«proMntod by tb« Cotl iD«ii«uni» and of rariabi* tlikk- 
naw, Tb« jcreat aKUof qphcaval crvMlns ibc Ullaojn Valley at 

Oeotogic^J FormQtiom^ stc. 


9ptJtBock. nnniDic tti«DO« in the direcELon <>! DwrPtrk. Biiilltnd, 
AAd LQird), li&> ft dlfcftlon near]y pEiimllc] vtih tht BlgVcrmll- 
Hon ritvr, tnil thi; CVjnl j-iiVfLMiifA uii «lihr;r hIiIr jiirA^ni UlHtUcUy 
niATluHl fenlnnit iitiMd by Uw ouni m<tti ar i ri( \h* ptiriml when 
dw!> occDfTcd- The ihkkliMB of tbo Oml in«sjjM west of tbo 
AxU «t Ia Silln ftpfiroilmjtiH i^t bLmdn-d fc«r, fmm ihfl rrnfir 
rcll&blo flgnnu I <na obtain. t& ihi* Ic^onliiy tlitj' rMt upon tbo 
SilarikD rack*H Their licd* of mjil uo ku&HU as Uic itpfwr, Okid- 
dU lUMJ lo««r, nod «oni»i cIhitti liut fh^n> ia a fourth b«il. But 
of ih* gnikt ftxl» tbeCoaJ mcunrcA thin miE, onlyciDC bed of coal 
■fipMrtoc 111 a Iftrge >rtA (jf eIir dlhltlct Bnr. tlitrc: «rfT two \flria 
ia Dc«f p4rlE bnrrk of \hu KUtjbiith |-kl3ivfr. t^nfy t>ni\ h<iwQv?r, of 
vofflckni lbi':kiicu to work, whicL iif docf nialnly b>- atrjpplos, 
Umufb tlM iDfltn inn niut nnrc norked by ilrJving h t<bAn Ihea tl^p 
AKWiv- Tbit wtw done b_v my fa1b«T t/>m^ fMr* ago. On u i«cwiC 
«xurilotflaD bj Col. Hill and mywlf on lli« O'Connor p^mc we 
CAt«rnlly irftCMl tha dopoilU fram Iho cdgn of Ibo limlmr iLowti Uio 
nviii«*U»dini: foLliu HhnolA bottom* whfli«iU^«u dfposiUtrsatupon 
the &. Pcitrm. »ud fouud very iottfrcvtinc ouictopa. Wo could 
tevo kknd^ n w«^a In i nJtort timi? vlih f<]iajl Ldpidodandrmu 
irhick vcrc (lion lying cxpoud ip tlio rapines Thcie CouT jtlanta 
«i;ro nuKl oumierjiu nt tha bend uf Lhe jatima nud ncnr Uw 

Froo&wn remirkA (S ]1Iil fUfitKf, IhiU willt ono osicvptiim, c;nly 
VBO bnl of ojbI it|>|iFHr*i t-mt of tbn h^iUcUiLHl ht^K whk'fa 1ir iUiy» 
I* tho "lower Lftballo bed/' 9ucb. huwcrrr. ii not llic cue, u 
rrc«sl deTelo|3incnU sbtfw. ^Toithor do I bcUovo tlmt ill the boda 
rrfrrml to »« piitilTilentt of l]i« Ln ^Mv lnw«r bvd. On p«)EV 907, 
48 lU*. H«irl«-) FROinjvn uyi : " KobsIIi arc rui» la tbia cODnty, 
tiijrlnltnl witit tbib cu»l, blj fitr v,n my ubsoi vhIjijiih cxiond,*' Ho 
rvfcr«tOtb« '*|o»crbcd" And r.h<* r^rt nf ih^-rw hf-itijr immonw 
qufratiti** of f««iU coftl plaou w well aiotliorfodai]*, fovnJciuit of 
the ftitiu nutfiil nhuvi^, woulil khii^iiI Lbti i^mrlui^iuD ili^t uolllHJr 
tbn bods of Ehe OlUitvB uDd Drer Turk dUlnoU, or Ibot* v«v( of Uio 
S&f TcrmilUon, orv In reality the third or "Iok^t La Ballc bed/' 
Poo- additkoAl t^vldenvp, 1 infty Huy UiiL 1 Iiavo myself inken out at 
diiTaront Itme-i a fall wLgon load of focnk from tho tnoalled 
" loirvr b<fd«," <miI of ibc Vcrmilllotit la tbo TlclnUr of IjOvoII and 
abovt. M far m Kirk par rirk't Miam. T]-ip>*p lAittT tttt- nniliHSbKiflly 
mpptr 6tdt^ aod the loroo la Into of tho«e at CUfk'i Hoc, wbicli ac 


Bi^tcry ^ La SaHe Odtmty. 

oor4lA£ to friomta «rv ** tovrot li«4i." Huoh coafQncb km btan 
C9.\itvd. by tb« dlirerilljr of IJca* vboui i^ur cu*! tinim. and th« iia- 
lallArftTtary nnf^]ii«Loti« of Ihtf iitattf B«p(»rL Wc can detmnlitr 
coriAJnly ihiA wLicri; lb* cool roiU dpom 6t, P»t«rv, a» ai OtUvi« 
it t« a luvtvr bt^tl hul iliv liiwi»t In ibo tiuio^ 

Tho immense mnl mjomg opprutlciiifl nov nviW on all ori^r the 
diHtr^ci will aRoTcl excellent (ii>porluDm» for vtatlj^iiig •ur ooal 
•Initan >«bic:li ihotild Lio ImpiovcJ, TheCuoel coh]> ou llic VcrmS- 
Lloo «l«o dvvt^rva ai(«ntf4D, OiiLy Uic Ca*t H»juurea UriHtp of tb* 
CnrbonUeiQUB System itt d«T«',oiicil \a Ui« oonotf- 

Thff ftubcarbouLfemu* dixw nol appear it all, Iwacv tlic ati^cnct 
uf criooldAl forau in tlm kbtuitJAiuw ref^rMeDlftd «Ibg«lktr«. Th« 
(3nnip U bowerer proUflc \n Qum«rom orjcmalc rL-m^Ian, batb aalnul 
■Jirl Tcgelablt? A lUi nf iJt<*te lippears cUcvltcrnL Tlw coal bfiAii 
aLalM, elaj4, «end«u>iie« uiJ lTmi;«lon«*, «t tlii« Group, iliorr food 
ixiLcrcrik9« aud I Icnnvr of n^> A4:i:i]tNi irlicRi better c>pportaiililc* fttt 
^donJHiJ for invvtUicHlion Thv Rlnria ijf t(i« Rig ind LiUlV VoT 
mltUon Are gogd lor^Hlks for obldniiiE foasil tlielU, while the COal 

?VoncL ih« dly <^ Stmeor to ib# mnuih cif iho Bijc Vtnaillloa, all 
oalbcllaoof tUo frcataxUp ihu^rv vill be foaud a ficolef rciifeaea- 
Ihtton of fniml] H])K^^rA iIiad rlaewlient, avrlng tti Ibn iiphMml, Id 
lli« bank'* «a4 iHsd cif ili« Vvr&iilUoi^ ooonr launj floe A^pCori* vt 
tMrtit-ttt^im, Thcic aMaiue vmlvD» f ftutatlEc fiMJUH. and KMatlluici 
I'oaEhln &ha:lU Mr Kuril, of LovdZl. oiULibit«cl nn* to m« iMfqn 
the war, ia wLiob w^ a ptrrfecl AVvfiVu*. Tbcy arv, of ooone, 
rcfviil>]e Ui thi; Cirbnalftroun vra- A g<ri>d tlory la told of a car 
luin rrirnri'iLd ^Milli^mhn^ CwhO wntolxi a l0Taro( aci<»licOkoil bli 
itU4lic4 of Jrr^ ff^iu*. HaTiiur r?4oWcd lo l&roilUaLe, he cjihvinod 
iL \\kTic ouc HftPt iiiucU IdTjor iind euh-nacu from Uie bluiT ni I^nrall. 
'I'liii whfl ftuvftiUy IriUjAfarroil to hkt Lom« Ic Toaicik uid ««iMiUd< 
C&lly Bet iii> la tlie frgutt yard. Tbo (uotletuaa Ijibelkd U C^«4«a 
or WUnU^f<u*il. Icuo/ h big one. thougti not of the vpeckfttae lUp- 
poied- t Irnvelcd oa fool t^x inLlet to >«e ihe vood^rfDl wAa^ 
iliil had my doubts. 

Tho diTlalon* proper iro '' L'pp*r" and " Lowor." 


latter outaropa la Li Salle County, Tbo Group* vr BqMi 
ctpoicd arc , tbo T^tntait. tbu CWcffVmu, and tb« &, Afir*. 

Oeol&gical Formations^ etc. 



Tta« lint cajiMlni namrrTmii fovUrf of jnvnt latcmi. nnd \% vcJl «i- 
poBrdlifulaaipaiUorihccoUDtf^ Tbc Hotnt^r beds bm Trtnivn 
•pd tcsB"M tiy Pr«cma& M local, bciiiR kri »kar Lbc d«mudftUon 
nf eTi« ilrtft nioTpmiAnl 1 ili> nikt, boii«rer, c>ODCurln Ihli ii«T. bUI 
rcgnrd Ibo^Dpofl^t u ciLcpiiTCr exiuading Muth* «iijit, «nd DOr(b' 
wmit ll^uicb i>uly ^IikMI/ eipuflvd uii Uht LLUlc Vvrmillluu ■! 
oibtrpolDliL Th# Tfvntnn liltn np])»n nmr ihc rallrofld tunD«l 
b«tow Uiicft* *aJ irlihiTj tlic cirj' LImlU of Ouftivk, wljcrr iv is 
VABnled fcr liiiUdluj; puqinHm TIlp McPberii'Mi nnd Ri^ddlck 
QlUJTiWt wo«T of (own, ure Trtnlou, Vi ihoKii by The ft^Mlli ; Ajid 
rcMtnf v|>i>a St. Pin«r« «l lbt« |>oIdI In more ibau umhUy Lcarjr 
m<M«ft, K »iiin»i In ATI h di<firmdon nr jfaji Ipfl tn ib# underling 
rock^ fl ftppQorv f>n ibo FoK river At dLO^rDat pcii&tfl, bvi t^cacrklt/ 
Iblii bcil<lod. «SliclifU« la clmrftCtcr. A&d Lbo firMllh lutnS Iv vbLulu 
p«r(M4 SiiiiMi of Ihf^ Tlllf)nl< giMitl rKitr7to|i« ^n- «wd oa CotoI 
«f«ok Krtlng PU SU P«icrv uDilBtoEiD^ Tbc» AnriUy di«opi>GHr 
b«M«l]i llw <!mI mcfLMiri^N tri Hit' Lj|iiCT« l\\.*f tblckntmi U frmn 
Ivtaij lo forty r«et. 8otnu very Ane foutti have bcon oblAtood 

On tli« Rla V«rin!lllLi» ihi^ Tn-ninn Hprn-HiY nr Deer Pirk Abrupt- 
ly upbrnwd BKuiiLBt Iho %\. Puttn, affordiaj- a fioc opportoaUy Ut 
•tody tbc \W9 utif^v*- TLickrjiw, uiuuty fvi;i. Above Dtrer Partt 
lh«T«»« »t[>rh*nnft kT luaTfinl ixitnEt r «t Bij^ \%vtiA. Cbrk'i Ford, 
Lovdli uid Eatoa'fl HUl. At th« IftUcr r>oEab* tbo dcTolopmca^ ii 
iiDan«11> lHrg«- Tb« iblrkncpm lit^rn \>' nnn lii]tidr«d nnd Mfventy 
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prriml |a iltTnloprd nt iTrifd, Hfiil known m tlxi' rtfm^mi r^Jii; ll U 
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mX OitnvA. HufTdl) Uor^k, S^plli Hock. Utwr Piirk, SiArmd Hook, «tc., 
e«r«r« ODK-iltird or tbr; «>unK| aqJ is of £f»i iLlokocst— Iroiu 
IfllfertHt OiUiva to COO cc tbc Vi^rmllUo;!, ni doit^nitiiitjd bj 


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t«Io|i«t1 In La full* Cminiy. wttti^m rnUrtftng upon ihr [wriillu 
fentnr^i of ^aj, which troulil b« <lo^ir«Mi- if tpu< pcnnitud, 1 
c«u DvU Wwuwr, kA*c t^c »ubK'*'i w^Uioiit rcfcrrisg 10 ii*c oi Iwo 
pojniiof paninilfer IrtirmLi ?4iTtf ihR ratimftd iimnnl la iluj llll- 
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oaicropiiof fourdUTtreni foriuntLoDk: ibc Con! Mvanirei^ Ticnioo 
Oroiip, St H»un, »T»d t!ir i:alLrirvtcu«. Ilem wlU «)«o b* DOilivd 
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Ttiiftlxippmtie LHUc Hock, ami all VD ihulloeof ui^h»i>l- Tbe 
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coarLilpiciQB occurrrd kt *onir fi>rD)i'r I'lrioi^ Jr«u1iiujz la llio jftxift- 
pfttltlofx (if ihc fcimiHiiiJiu tueiiiluiiud ubuT*. Portion* of ilw 
CArboiiif<rout« mqiI IV^mnii «iut nl Ilia u[l« wofo v^ntpi ^wij. 1'tac 
■iraitoa Uio wot aulTn-ud a iLtikmir pnH:ci>, vtA ■ lUxinKdlp loihc 
tOdihwoK, In ikHnepUcitt flfiy dv^rcn. At thir Mm« Unipa<<ar- 
rMpondiojr dii> ocL<utTod aut <if ibo &ii». The oeml nhnfu nt Llill« 
tUick bI^o abow & dispUcvmcnl uf the alnu ilitr*. Tu & p«vam 
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;cn>ijnrl ami the fi^lb prcjontcd, vheihcr or n»t. iborr OkC^oiMtd 
hern ■□ imtnfTiii« «slL iff ixwh, «liecii|a|| fruui LIUlo Rock Id Split 
Hocli, on the oppoMiQ tiAt^ sml f(nmiog a muravt far ficcUlttg 
!fliff*ra ioA^ctOfid^raodeur. I have no doubt of h mjMlf, UbM^ 
poatilfo proof U uiinihiK 

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Tbit* bar* bone rcfrrrorf lo in a gonvral nay. X Hit of Vl^MlM 
vdtl now he i:ivrn A# is ksowo lo Bom<> 1 hATt nud* a 9tn4T«l 
ihrM. for twenty yenri : »in] j>rlur li> lh« ir»*^ " Cblojo Plr« "^ ol 
lini, hufl i^oUocud rcprtfBDmEiTlwK of all ih« •p«clai Ierowd. I 
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The greatest curii liu h^iL i^ktu io verify anvdesi aad localliloM, 
iiritl lli(iU£h thft vptrdmrn^ wore d»trnyvJ, AV<>ry oti« U avOD dmt, 
after lh« lapBt of rii jvura, u fnuiiTlur lo nic rhi chough ihcy wen; 
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Orofofffeni Ftirmationtt^ etc. 


And iiudrDi of gira]o{|*y muil i«fpr To iht Suirc Reporia 9&d lUe 
rio»j< oLbrr aciciitiilv |<iib]u;ation* of tlio lime — a labor rijqQiilag 
VBitnuiucuil of iwLitiUGv ami riBfjanrli. butoav UuiHiliui^t laiii&l' 

cjkfUWN'll'ftROtrA ronvATTOK. 

Martitti^ i^irifcr.) jtltijv^amvissa. Shvm- AbuadiinT at La Salle 
id «lii«ttbfni, 

AiKytu tuMHrtt, JtulS, Ufti i vldd djtlrtbuUoa la llio CopI 

rAAfvf/< iHiirii'T^tfn'<f'rrn, -V. Ami )f. Id iIm appcr CorI Mf niLUiri 
>l U S4JIC 
rju'wrts mtfiltha. ihttL Very plentiful evurywlicro Id the Cm! 

^Atfiwftfi f^niil;i(fi.V. iZo/J. Pound %\ hu Salk la 9omc locntlOb- 

IVMtea ^id^ i'hU r^aad bI U Stflo. 

DiacitM *nfttfioiffi><ihi. MoVhtAiuiff. tioine lomlily i> preccUlDg. 

/NtfiiadM A^raii?0AJi<, Otff»^ Abandontflt LafiflUoln tZiCUppoi 
IlniiAl<ini». Alou Tvujjd rin tlif \'i'nn\\l\ini—4t/utiU F. RoffTiU, N. 
md F. 

iV«iv«'u« t^m0Jri^u#, MaVh, AbundtuL at Lftbntle. 

Pr^durtut jfittm'i.i^i^ , M^nin. \«tj TlnR nnd Urge, Loo. At 
La SnUv kqJ on tbu VrrmJMioD, 

Prvttnct\it infiaiui^ MkO'K. Ettitiucfj iljUDdJuit Ht Lt SmIIc aud 
j6lh«t I004llLiM IlTi«niMr>fc ^ u mir^r* f.uinf hm, ot ^pb tWrd. 

iVsd^tU £>n^pMUf, S'fi^. Ftom lli« La Sullt; limciluavi, 
foiuid by me ouibti VtirmlLliua. |It|ual« Ihti P. Wab'uJUfuU. 

Pro4tteti4* €9»ialu^ S^bjf. Abuodani «l La S^llv tu th? uppor 

i^viluMu /.If 5iU7fA4Up ir*rfA«ji, A vurj«tj ot iZio pc«o*diU5 


m^toTp <^ La Salfe County., 

Orthd L^StiUntit, JtfcCA. {Ii4tt>if>r^AifM,) Pouna tt Ia Stll«, 
Hatl wtfll uf iLc Bii; VerEuHlioii- 

OriAufr^i4»'i», MetScni,*i W. <i/«nj/hTon/ff<.^ FoundM LftBilU, 

OrihiM cat-horiari'i. SaatLne. AbuQiUni Id llu Ufipcr Co*! MuU' 
UtDft, »I La tJatUc UEiiJ cluQwlicrc- 

Sptriffi'' Kriii^r-k*nM$. Sh^m^ Snme lornhly n> Ia«1. 

AAyn^A'inffto (jH^ui4, tfrM^fotfi. roabioc llic VoftnllllDn nctr 

Jikj/nehondta Warthtni, IMt Pound Dt La Svlltt 

£^nj;uja Tf]vE^£a^«if, ."^'by. From ihc Bl^ VenulUlou Co«I Uew 

£ai»«tffAmAe1«a/d. Sattnomya ^trCmi/iirpni*, CVtf^ Poiui scat 

SLikpatrkk't and ol Li SiiUb. 

A^icul&p^itn C9JSaaui. Hatt if). Two uiiln licb^ KiricpftUick^ 
iub]lll^k BlmkL 

APtfvfl<fpfeCfn ae^ettit^ Otiik^ From fllul«B CD ib« Btg Vo^ 
ml U lull, 

Arieyl>pfetfiH int^tiatfttuM, M. in/f W. U|iper Cual Mei 
La Italic, v«ry Anc, 

JTr/fuiii renfrJomi, J?JiQ, Lower Clay vhtlc# at La Salk 

Jfttculfi pttrea, XcVh. Lower Cml vhaloa. Bif VvnnllUcai- 

Vanli'/tneri'h'i ^ttvurientit. 6hnm. Coal >lju1f*« at 1a Ballo- 

Atf^iiinfi SfcaiiorL M^Ch. Uf>aJ M«viire tbalca at ia 8aUa. 

J/yO^iM r«0brei'n>rfri4, Jf <irtci IK l^atric at la*1, 

ta«ui7iiU>t itfifi^hU'Hifii. }f \iiii W Lh ^alT« Upper Coal M««uiraft' 

Lima r^ifer, ^um. Lower Coal Bi(>«iut'c», 

OcmllleanirMalantf ihi LIulo VVrmiiilon kc LaStfla. 

Oe^Uglcal FofioaUons, rU, 


JiJtiofiprif «ii£0nffM, KWl-Afn. Jf, K La 8»1]« Cfttl Heuur«t- 

Su9mph9iv4 Mvbrvff9wrf4^ M. <md W. S1ib1«» of tbo lowoT Coftl 
Mc*Aiir««ofi ili« YenulllJon, 

/trunj'onaarld <7rLj^r^Um'u, At^C Lft d«t1« anil v'ltfmhoiT iD 
Coal klLHr«ji. 
i'kvnfirnr^iri^ Mumifrik. Aa elofiikat Bpcclce fnim Wild CuX 

JTuff AudAr'a drr^unfif^d, Jf^C. LimtBtguvit it Li i4dl« &s4 «a 
Ihe BU VwrnU^lou. Fcnmd by A. a Dddvlo. 

Vrt^ioara^ I'trmilU'iTimtU. f'a^lfu, JT 6, Ftani iLc Cokl iinU 
/tfotd f wrfniui^i, JV. criid TT* Loirqr Coot Mcuurcep Bljc Ter 

CtulMiM irvjrtifi^. iV, and TT. Proni the Coal sliilea M Lb SiJlo 
Pffof^iij d4*irut^^, y. <ind W. Lime lie Tin i^r La Snlla. 
FtirtfAm vctkdtM^MlU, ^V, n^J ir. Coal shtks. 
JfPMboriw tforVoAAi*, N. ahd W. tjppor Coal Mciuum* kX Lft 

A$mmUit4ia tatvittt, W. ^md Sc J. Lower Coal M«»urM V«T' 

tepkAdut 9arJQt>lit,, y. and W. L& K&Ut. 
Afiviiu rfri$u(rff/mfi. iV, and W. Ln^tAlt. 
Qpiftitfarliu <)Af#n^iu, .V. ttad W. La 5*l)e. 

TLf ftpcci«i from Lkls oouaiy liavo bcoD ftLudlod buL lEUlc Frotn 


Stslort/ f^f La Sitlbt fUtunty- 

Fn?ui LitlLi' VcnulllloD river, S'tt^iO^ri^ UwJJan4i^ Amy. luu 

StpHatia M'fHli$nai4, {3p. mv^ Id Iht MtneUlc* ui Dc«r 
Pnrk uutlalunca. 

SigiUaHa i^! ^ffata, {,\.s.) Kcmad it SatmUMa. 

Sli^marUt. Sc^^cml epod««> uodL ^ 

£fjifi(fiTf/«niirtf4 ru^Mrum. Brtrnff Txvia llu UtiU TCnaUliOD- 
Thtrv an •^tl) « Ifergv aumCtor of unMealllkv] uU vad«Bcni>«i3 
foriiu from Deor Park mid Slrctlcr. 

Vdrmlllion, Lit SaIIa^ <^rr,, \n Hit* lirnftUinOf^ 

The Ruif iWa da ooL appo*r lu tre Quiaoroiu la *pt<ki> A* C 
Hnlitwln foun:1 nntr W11<1 CTni Pcilnt ■ ij-irlffii whirti I rmgnluM] 
W f;A^dffi£ej J^tfopeTcZtf;», J'«ijr- lu po*)tWo nod occurrccKC lictv itUl 
puuLc» mo. Hit »tniii& tlicrr AQil ftt fSiill(r>'i4 K&lb nocd fanim 
•tudy^ Wb'ilv llii nujoniy of tliv fon^lB urr Cft^winiffronA, ih«r« 
ftTC forma wbicb appear to bctiui^ :o tbo Ciiswtttati Group, l^ S»\m 
riitn. All itlong ibt H1(^ V^irmitUon. kf rinrk't Kurd, nU'., wUl la 
found uuuvroui U*t^i'*^U« t^mM {irim^idMi) oocurring Mparai«ly 
■ud iu Uruc (lUMo*, vblcL Lu plftc^are dci>o*IloJtn n^lar iUkU. 
M) rik'u riurk^t Knnl, tiif^h up in Iha <lntlki>/kirHn>iM, Thtfu hiv 
calkd by tbu Jocul |E«tilo;EiB^ P^^'/^^ ^vC^onf. sbd other ^tiriouft ttit 
oipnvvlvc aiuicitk Nuuc hdve 1>i:eii focioJ mtnoU-allj ptifocu la 
lil^DlEFy. TLcy HTV r«r> twBiitlfttl rod ivry ibUOtUnl 

Oatyvun^ iitnm^n^uirJtti Rrfitifj {Tnttihit*.) f%app<i«ed Xn M^ml 
C, tfjurvi, Q^rt. LotTikUt^H ^'iLiTk'i Hud- AUo od the VotnulUloo 
mad fkt Oluwn TliSk KU£)fc*u ihv cImc i>ra:ili»il> 4( lh« CSucln- 
nALt Qrou[>— or luOMtrurtiou Id lh» g^cral iUiiudjktliiD. 


dipftCltiJiTU !f nf ic ryW£i, Cith. I)J|4 Dvtjd. 

O^rtdUt* r/vn(unif;ui>. C^a, /^r, Tlie Big Vermlllli))! 

Oeolofrieal .Pormationt^ tftv 


I liaro ldcalill«d trom Uio TmaiOD at Uomt t Ibf follavLog >j>KiM: 
Xiil«U^4 lifWafiit, Con. GvalottT'is unttpi^ /^iti. Vcryfinc Orm^ 
'^rttti Bacln^, SroJnr. Orlfioctmn /*/*i/orfnf. linU fCtuU>r-frm dnA«- 
Utvm, Jlt^. KndtfC4rot j/r^if^rftif^ iinU Sororftt vfliMo. 
VftUt^T^ itivnlUjvu4> BatL Tanv jym Ju (,'f Virfwr^X^nH^i.') /#4]f- 
fOAdifTUVd, /^iJf. /i'ft{'|»A«H»ffliiilfr'rAiifd, tV)4' A»m>Au%\f) /%ft- 
lamcruffri V«rf AdO, 

FrumilitfTnfiitofKif Lhi^ nii^VeriuSltbn acdCciTvl circk ««bATe: 

siTifl*>ttriatum. Hall. ytvH'irm ' '>. OrfjS'Ji'*rr« Tiinh^ Iliti. Thli 
Uour l»gcft(ip«d<» JUl OpAoi'^/'^f/a- UUiui specif «4rt CVmu^ 
£<T»i trtnt'jncnAit. .ViUrr. Fuu[i(J ujiw LmwoH by A. C. ItdlOwlQ. 

Abuudiul, O^Mu — JVAj^n^'^ruffd — flyvjf Ai?M4n<i. Lut tbrv« ificLM 
nui puoiUTrtj IdfrjiLi^c^U, TJk' /'.irui'iycvntv tci^roM^uccd bj vcvcnl 

Of C</nil« WH li8T« mo 4i>ei^ke fif ttal^vUtt aoi vi^nivd, Mod 
J^loi«C«tte fUUata, llaii, nt lLiiton»— brfuru referred \<^ *t i/pa^< 
cntiA CiJTiiI. wbk-li (jl3 Atll rc'iuKi^lzn', A fuw i^ijiid tvrclmuii of 
Ih* tfifitir-ftrrtti^ Afy^muft^^ rfivti't, Whrl^fh. *crt fijiHui iK^Ht Wild 
Cat PoinL by A- C llbldwlii, and ore ibc otily onui ibul 1 ImvoBCffS 

Tli1< complcic* tbo tUt of Ideal I tied »poclc> comiDg iimloroij 
DOtico. Tlicro vc omny utbon still uudlHovureJ* «rbUb fuinrt 
tescattb wUI iyfTi*al. 



Tbc FWao i>f ibli locality, fnm Ih* open ud ei;>oicil ctunctof 
of UiftcouniTy, did nnl ninbraiii* ihorni (iDiinals vcTiHi r1r>Il|^ tn th# 
aoolwiioA of tho OcDw forail— tii4< boAt. tho puiihot, v«i ooi 
kJiQvra ; or, If knann. only nt irauAiriil THti>ni, But Ibow 
arUptAil 10 tlw mantrj upppAr. fmni ili<i ti^At.lmnnjr at th# Frtta«A 
explorer! ftad oth«r mutom* to bjiT« cxl^ictd ift iaunetiM tmoibcn. 

|L UKH u country pnj}tll^ oranlnihl lEfr— but llnilttd tu >{i«ctia^ 

9«T«nijnf» y^ariHgo, Ui« bitfTalo, la immvoM U«rd«, t^ftroMd 
oror Ihc brood pUiDfl of IUIdoU, odi) f atlcoed od th« Hcli ptr^Irio 
paAiuru. TiLoIr tinnu wcm Af^jnicroil pn>rii4e|j otht Ibn iiralr1« 
wbsD Chs Hottluni«ut« drat ootnnwao^i. 

Tber« Wft4 loLd to hu a tradiUon tbat tbej voi« n«arlT cxtonnlD- 
ftr«i) hj n bir\1 TCintor vrlih in EmmonM) ft«|iili of uttaw. Ikn Et la 
nrcll known IhAl Xh9 buflnti> rr<UViLtN MuLh on Iho approMb of ivtp. 
icr. bed till! ^ituntloii uf ibc bun« viiuM rtoi tad^uvtR uiy vbol^ 
ihlc 4liugliier EroBi Htiy i^^hl^bp. Eftoti <ik4il*lon wm bj iXialt, tad 
lti«; werg a])paroai]y of (lifTonsnt af:o^ aa iadli^al*'] bj tbc dlflmut 
HUtgu of dccuy^ und n» grofht nuuiLcreilatDd In Ibc umc dsciiTlag 
■1000, Xtiti tho Dftturit] motUhiy from old og* or toddool udou^ 
»iich ImmcD«o birdv would accouot fnr «U iho buoc* then «xi«liD^ 
Th«> muH tmvc^ eiiHiod hon in ImmeaBV uumben, u thcf puttaro 
isoaltf ttiPe nnrtnlnfld mlllionfl. Tbc country now lobabiwid by tlio 
bLilTn1t> in f^iiLptrnlivc]^ burrRti. and y<l tboy hn fi>Lirid In burdt 
ihai '^n not [>ei nucuberpd or comptitsd. bui \iktj iljdr Indian «iiii- 
poDboi, oQ ihim tbcatTD ot vbat wo> daubUtii ihi ■oaue of ibdr 
bifbMl da'><ftiri>tiiRaU ilty ttn fui tmtiat out beforo tho cruel Uit 
rvtUtiM* bd^riiiicv of cLvtlitrd mnri, Ll1e« Tbe Indltti, Xh*y how 
ganc lowLird ibc ifctLlnfl tun, iind tbo place that tiow lta)va tboB 
nil] twfu kuoit ikeui no atuxti. 


J'^una <fLa SaUt Vanf^ — BeoHt. HIJ^ 

A&d tlie d^eer h&r* futlowed tho IuItaLo. Th«ilrM««ttlar>, uid 
vTpn iItcim: ntio cnmi; in tnrn(;-flvc Tvnr* tkcu, will iPiiKjr U» the 
lmm«tt<f iiuEtil>^ of il««r ttiat toinptDd the ikUl of lb« banicr, 
Tbvy r<riiM be itanvd ftom ilmoit erorythitliclorpoltit of limber. 
Thwy ronl^I lUII/ h*" mwn In ilrnvci of f uur <it five to |*enij'C\t, 
and eT«ti 83 (O 10 tMv« bovn M«Ii lopitbrr. TJi^^y work> Aomai trwt « 
fciiou* llDbaooc^^lbcJr vginlc] oa; tbO timlkiuf yuuni: Truk ttpv« to 
thu ^cai aUgUll oF llxc o«Dtr, vbottAt ImpHlli^nilj wnltlric fur the 
p^wlh vf tliofirvt aj^plv- AaJ itiCv wm ncurly ua iloarrucilvA ui 
wmanjbcirt id ihirr&pvacd corn. A farmer uouM frptiiionllj bun 
Ihrc* or four %civ% of un|ilckril mm ciiui^UL In ihu Jtrtl ilvL't^ inoiv, 
Uk4 wlicn ibo miuv tnaJicil. fottrrovU n«t|;i aftcrpVould Aad li 
■It turvritpil by \hv dufr Tbey wi.rv n ^leUy k'Mlurr lu \\i^ Itiurl- 
•<»l»e-^xc«*iTciyUnild— Uioir iltbc und tk^rk fofmitrer afort and 
Apprth«rA«lT« of d^Dftrr, wcrr O'liLinuiiUy id muilt>a: wlivu kcdtSK 
ihcj would buUly tftko a bLtv or inu. Uiiid iLruw up their huulii 
ftAd look iiupkloucly td dl dLn-ClioiM, «od if litarLlc^l by ^ny lu- 
mdcf, wcmbl Lo^jit their vbllc flagi luid leap over Iho ground wlib 
ft d««lOCM nUd [iviT ririiiiHrrhi^l 1>y Hfiy iiDirr uiiLin^l TbHr Elfib 
WB« cihokv ttlinfTt ind ilicir fkitm wi^iv vnluithle : zuuny of th« wlf 
KtUcn oouid diev ibcjLi akriy, «nd miikc ihom Into mllieDa, 
(SovNi, tnd fr*i^nffhlly InUi roiiu^ liiintliig frur'^dp (uiniii. Anil mor- 
raifm Tb^' wcrv ruily klLlvd. ad^I Iticlr Ueeh wu b commoa 
iftlck of dlcL BxpcrlciK^cd bualon <>fL«p Liiado it a prufttoble 
iMMlDUi killiOM Ui^m for Uiu murlcftL Tb«v jtraUiiAlly dlmlnUbsd 
bvfore the idTUicinjt KitbmcDiB, and bad newly nil \ti\ the 
CodEUry In IridOt The liutL ojni klllrd hi iIkt ciianty iitikwn to tlie 
uUhOT w» IcEIJed OD tl]« VifrmiJILun. iti lMtt(. ilaca whiab X\m^ 
nooc k«ie bccu m:i:o. The yutuitE fn^hk vii:io CfthHy ditujriilkAlod 
If ciB^kl wliAti i^Tiiri> yiHin^ Hnd rnrrUd In X\\<\ ftrmii Tor 1:ia]f 4 ni1t#. 
Ifcay woald Ibea folJuvr rcailily Knd rcmiin if prupurly ft-d And pro- 
tecicd. Thoy wvrr (juil^ lultMi'slitiu put, but io^q tecunc^ dcvErco 
tlw to jotmg UnH'k 4Eid ahmdhKry, md in ordinary fonrovikii rwrar 
In llw vtny uf & divr Tlic^o cliiTaruriiitfcti wi^nr uniilly ffttal to 
Ihe youiiie pcIBh nod by ilip time th^y were lialf Kruwn lh<:iit Qcub 
«iin ma^gnod lo ihc rook and tbeir nklna [« tho gtuvnr Tlte 
bnAoJa tkiid tb« dtfor and othtc VAinv tkrcr being pratQrfOd i» both 
publk nui] privitr cullectioQi, juid ivLll uot er>tlre1y tw IijhI tu ibi? 
world, but ibo deof conHncd will never rl^Til In boiuly and agillt/ 
hi* vIM Cunj;i.'nrr in bin nMlrc bAuniA, nuy \tx.\m- ibnii thu c«fced 


HixUivy uf Fm SktUti Catud^. 

Uou cqaaU hb mucnlor vhcii ftcc on tUe borden of Uw dtMrU be- 

Th« buotcr ud hb si^tiM b>vc jieldcd ;■> iliolt dcfetiuyi wliilo Iht 
funicr. Ami iIlc (IucIw ftnd h«irli«i1iftetff>»idri»in0AtlilaoaUm)df«<4l 
■t hljB liiiDfl, occupy tbtir b«riu^. TKo dock* «ac) h«rilB ib^i dtm 
rapU<«d tljQ buffalo oud dcor baFc, iu lum, (1«vd place to llio«c iA 
mor-c pi-rfflci f irfn, anil tb^y. lo^, inuM yf-^lil ti> h lineicr vifl mutv 
ptrfL'CV riicL<, wttfiD iIahI Wu«r one cUims ibc tijthi, Th4 Mrvlral 
of tiju ji[(f»L ill u Un u tmiii^ratlvo nlivji npfiUod Vo uiimBli, fti 
vrhra apphcil i>> nntmn^ nnil imllvlditala. 

Uf U-'uu of (rroyi tLiv jiuinbcr it«b Tcry Ijiatticd- 

PtLiMEa.^Tliv Cnuiulfl \yji\ «a* ao.i'AKJemally mcL It Llv«» 
□D ml^biift tad MrdB, Bom«tini«* on yuuDfi pijt* and poultry, but 
OiUcrwi** IB harmloit ; il Lb a sloped ftoininl, M*Lty bIioI oit cttuxbl tB 
tTHi^s. Tilt wUd cat, or hiy tynx, wkr mnn; itlmcy hm oaL mmusr- 
oai t «(T0 doBlRiclLTc in ibo b#n rormt, Ifoth of ih« lorv^og hmw 

Cavib Lti'L^K. — Tbr Iwgu gmy wolf wm only ocruloaallj ■i!«a 
Thoy Mu^bc more mcLubLuu and « belief liidiiig place ibim UiU 
recioa ■flbidff'L But Ibe prdrie iruU ben fouaJ ibfir uaiani] 
bftblui. ncd fridiicd by UiouiftadL Tbcy ar* ■ bold, Luiptiii^at. aod 

lnSfObLcvi>u« aD^tual, livtnjt ntx rivbbilv, l>ird»t Iftmhti ptga, poulirr, 
mtMD curii, w^wrjui'liiuj, btirtci, vctl Blmuat vrerj Uiliig tti«l 
comu lA tboir vray. I'bty durro^ \ti ttio Kround, LibuaJJj od bodi« 
bUb ridccorUivpraliitf, to tisEU' tbdr yuuujf. baruijc from «ii lu i«ti 
JU a litter. Tboy uoaM t<itao iroand tlic fattfiu of ilir rnrly Hi' 
ll^m at blgbl nud ]iirk up ibd trrurtibfc nii-5 btiufff ibn<wii nut duHo^ 
Uie day. Tbp^y «ure cuuiiiiis aud uul eiiiii* killcJ or »ujUU It 
trap! ; ai Ivaul, \\ r^uir«l Aipchcncc and bKiIL Io tnip Ibcm bqc- 
Ct:vfuUy, iluatinj; Umnt (in hor;?tiiu:k. ttitbdotfs mul cimyliousd* 
Id lend, wru( riLblUmtJrig ipon. WcU mounuid, prtonUd by Ui* 
tfOf>. HniJ tbdy by llii* tvolr, hoiJndinj^ at ftill ii|)0«d ovftr |l]« «frall« 
<)f Ibu prnlrif?, lvub very udt^Jiij lu tb« paiildpuil, or M ibfl 
obwrvur, and \t Hid waJf did l»ot ntndi Ibc fOTCit of n LhtckM or 
Umbfir, vaa protiy ixu« to yi«ld up hU ihlo. A alnglo bonpctann, 
well uat truiu tlinbcr. cvuld rKIc g^cr «Dd eroQiunlly tire vat uul 
km a wolf, If bit i(o«a did Qot ap« urn ; one or TWO (ood dop 
«imld BlhirivD the pn^rrti* ai>d mucb rclUvci ihv bona. Tbe trotvca 
wuutd fnriiuvutly mtLke a livd cm a bo;f. ur auL blllock, by cnvrling^ 
under Uiograa*. Kbtch, whcu klilod by fr^i, vaa BMrlf ib« eolor 


'^na ^ La Salla County — SeaH^. M7 

■^th« woir, •cdvxcavHtlDjr «»«Hto brinf bUhoilyahnniffVpn with 
Ibe MrfiiCti hitb ft perfect Ai. hta lead od ibc ffidt of tbt billoi;k la 
ft Rood poahloo r>r otjurvnUmi. aud ibcn v«U. fof lji> |>rL-y, The 
«Ti(«r pMMii wtUiLD ihrt^ fvpt nf ontf lu (bhi jtiwiii^in, vh^n pdr- 
MlHog B pail of «7t* AiDOQg llic gnu, rclQrrici lo nlioul Ibe Bamc 
dMaik[Ut^ ftnd fnr * m&ntjCp rir tvn kiok^il tij^mUly hi ihr '■yi^. wlilnii 
RtaroDJ Ibv gnie witbout wiaking, and tb^a sr^viDg h Imid icKtiu 
ftOil jumpitiir Liiwiud lLe>c>e«, ilri rU>|ir'il u vrrj hir^- wulf, wlji(!b 
iMpKl avarly Ttin fvtt At ib« i^M fuiunrl nim csiigbt in a hi>avy 
tnft. on bctng «pproA<bcd ni«dc iii>A|i<ral« <'lti>ndi lo ^ct frcr, tbcn, 
wtrb Uie batr (in bbi bitk crct^E. be Imrknl ricrci-ly llkf w itti^, lnjt 
p^tcniTin^ bin oiiwmv rml rri[LEi(irLi«il. iQAturUly foil iib if 4h(ii. hqJ 
Uy aa clo«d wblk bcloK drfiCK*d >onic di*liiBc« by Uic (Tap- A 
ttfcrv blow op ibt bnd. tlc^ilpnct! to kill him. niAde blm vrry 
Br#iy, Tb*y w»r« T*ry ni>Uy, C!w|»viBny m ojffbs b^r^irg, yHpin^ 
ftod bofrHaiCi fr^ocutty n conn^iuallnu of aII ihrrc — four or Atc 
would nidi:* lu miidi TinU<i ik» tw<'iit] m^bt h« Huppfiseil (idpabl* of 
dOiiDf, Tboir conoi^n* wonr oft^n rrpoLir«d during tb« nlgbl uid 
fcvtiixntly Iq tbc dajtlmv, aud wcrv t]i« lullaby Uui pui wir 
chLidrflU uiBlvttp — at IffftiL tbi:lr cdDtcru WDrauBUHlly in prdftvn 
iBb«& iliey wool li> *lMip. 

Twu ipiod doifs CDuM Dinntrr- r^ i^fA^hf wcitf. bui ontf alone irould 
rtldoni nUompr U, unlets inciin* otif tUo and (punk, Oon^P' 
•lly when th< nifhlty coaccJl <'nniincnord, lhs<>14 doif, vti)icb wt»ijJd 
Uirh Hcdvotl^' iL tilhpr ilinpt, woulil wk hi* ktnn<?t nr gri under 


The prftkic %o1*<n mc ndt y«t «iicniiiOAlad, Pbr n nuuiWt of 
y«nn ibi^ vore not tren rtr hvHnl, bivlnff rc[mii«d lo ilie Itrge ud- 
NUUd pratrlc*, but tUay wore probably ii« i&iiob utrprUcd Od tho 
«tr1y MUkfH tcr Ijiid ihuvv. ibeii »i)litMJwt nileJ kIUi an «at«n>rl't* 
i&g, dvnpfn |iEip»1nt^i)n, and nrtw dwUirbfil in lltHr fnvitKl'^ hminrA, 
ib«y LaTT lunorDd iivcrtbc StdIo, not very Qumcroui^ bn: rnou^b 
ti> pnitf ft d«i bivd niiLhHijcr, They uni oni- i^f lb'* rrtiriii^ rucn), 
■nd b*iiijE Ttilioal <tbfl rvdi>'.idiln^ triU of cbnroctffr, Tbvir CbM «KJi 
will bo bflifvd «iih Mtlftfftciiun, 

Tbc ifiM>uam. tbc unly AmtTlfiin imirhoplfll, am foand [n i|Dllc 
Itmltcil hitmhAFH, |l U «Hid Ihoy iv«r« txoX bi>ri* brffirH lb« tVlll^* 
Dwul nod f-rj lomv jears *flcr Thelt tcrapomrr advent wiui eoi 
M ibno a niocraft^ and hnLng tMlly rnaghi tlioy nllJ unn riLuppcar, 

Tb« FAfi^mjA it jiD inbAiiirnnt t>i Uie w'X}d^ tivloA in hollow tr«os 



WsiGTy qf La Salh County. 


In hr^T/ limber : Lb«y vlnit tlit Mtll«D]enLv in purtutt of fftao com 
ftnd cblokvui. Our ^pen t^uunvrjr i« not their fiv^oriCe homr. )4 
ihc> are fouorl Ic llmUcd nuiiib^rfi kn llic ildajly of Uic >u<oini 

Tho ground h"!^, or «oodf)iUfk,tbovglioccuioDally teen, m n 
fcik UF [ij 1m Uinllj »u iti'U lit Uiv fvuitH of Ibe uutitJlv^ 

ThA pkittjk vih it^Ulon^ »#iin nt, (in Mirly iSity. but bJiTi* npLillj liy 
<f«'ttpd ib iLp lul leir feor^. Tbough tomotiini^ii ^Mlmoti^ lo 
jouDK poultry. Uicy luv duuttllci*. on Uic wUote, % Lc&vlll, llrla^ 
AlRiom tfrni^rolj on hpntitu, prfiA«1io|tp«ra, rrrlcliMt, kiid oih«r EiUMU 
find Urruv Tbcir ifood iict» fftr ororbAJosce tbolr vtH niKA, y«( 
Ibc; crnild Doi b« recLimmcndetl for |iflt*^ 

'V\\n bii4gor voa iur«ly kmnrn lo bttt rgirfdcot borv- A l«w vcre 
caufbt fk' ftu rnrlj dn\. but ato ni>t kooira berf now, 

Tbi? t:m> r^bltlm art VMiy nuTHctoiiK tiatli nti lliubt-r utd 
Tiiey lncrtiiuo4 rifMly iifi^r Efao *4ii11irai«ni "f Ibe ponoly 

■limbliciy, ^Cflwtng lUc luTknni] i^rdNagtlictrH*. ImmpodQ nuni- 
lHr« u« kLIlfiil wLTbout HOttniirrK lA diminUb Ihcir sUiub«rV| U ikcy 
breed llk« mbUt*. 

Of tbe tru(?, or tr»^ tqnlrrcl wo bkre but odd viiii«ij, w the 
M)Ulrri.-l Ia Uiitiuctixcly ilIi iiihnbiUut cif tfac woOd«. Tbc foiBfUlT^ 
nd I* of b tvil t>r fox culur. und uuo uf iLo buirrvl of llw squirTVl 
fnmllf. Much [»rgrrihnD ili*< i>Uick or fray tqntrrrlof tb« Ulildl* 
SinW«. Tbcy have i*radLiull> iacroDtcd with ibo ootllciucau, theft 
bnvlDf tKvii bill ft^w fnnrul hi-Ti< m flr«t 

Tbe (dilpinuok. or ground iquirrt^ uu doI found h«r« for 
years aflcr the eoUlctncnU commuue^cd , thof nrt now qnUo C 
nil in. W^bin ihey f[tx\ •A.\t\^-ntt'i\, tiki-lr pf-ntllitr rblmiit wai it 
rocogQiiod by rmkgTDDia fr^nm ibc Etkncrn &t«1««.ui^ ib«yirar« 
^GoLcd m uld jii?gunSitUii[Vc». Tlia dti^iuunk W rcffudcd ■■ Lnlcc* 
medliilu li^iwe^u 'lie l.ri^ squirrel nnd lhi> H[i^nnl|>ho1f«, Lnjlfiif il 
bj^ vnnltir 4luru liki? lb? Ural ikkI buironrtnic Id the j^and r^k* 
latlcT, 0t} has Qut yet nctiulrcd lb« biud rtpuLptlua of bis 
eongcDtr, nf digging Lip Uk« iifwty pluiUd com, 

Tbe riyinic Miuirrnl dJifers fr^jin all Lb4 iiquirrol iAEnily lo iu 
npptndAf-c ton valtiag from one trc< io uiqUiu, Bl1bciii£b nolt 
|>ro|i»Tly HjLcg- Ic h]>o dill^T-Jtln bving nocturotj in iUh*biU,Aftd 
couMiquvnlly in not otieu aecn cttcii when qait< numcrovi* 

Of tho ii|i?rmtphatRA^ nr prairie iqnlrril. ivc hHTr, or db) faafii, 


^t£nti tf £a 8aU^ Coufdy — Beasts. i519 

lvoTulctie*^lbe»triprd hqiJ gny, Tlie tr«7 vrniely i» mufe 
tb«D tulco tti«fl«ff of ihff (irLfcfl ; ibdrbabliA Aroib«umr, TU 
gmf veiv xiCTvr «« aumeruut u tho sirlprd. md hare now nearly 
DTqtiltCT dluBpiJOBrcf], Tlu mi|«il varloly arc jcl quite fiumcroai^ 
boi whvn ih« roDDtjy wu miw ihoy K«ro much mora •a, utd ft 
Krcatfo«mTt« tb« fanner*! com «t ihe plin^tine HVft-oa, InNirtb' 
«m IIUeloIi anil WUrdiUnln il«?y mic fncincfjiwJj lulli d gfipbcfik 
Th^tpcmiipliolwiin li)>'«rDitEfl. or ile»p ibrouffli Xi^tt nitiiirwtUi 
oai food. Tljcy Kckci hioit tr&ok ur und lidEo Uint vHI doI bo 
flMNlvi, Uid flt Ibo batTrm of ibclr tioln cictTiio % ipnrfi Ehni wLlI 
iMiJd ftom A (bird lo hbi! n [K^t'k, wbicb ility GIL U'uvot Hud 
dry Kr«u- TUc bole b durcj frtiu Ibc iimiiJc. aud obotllcat lo \\it 
iDimDCU^bPt gutdoblQlH Uiclllllc rtllmroriinUlotboCfiiircor ibir 
oe*l. tolls Llmeclf ialod ba^l. »nd »lt*]r» it! J rpria^i bJjcouclouo of 
lb« ci>1d Kiio« vrrHtitA pUcU ibuTD blm, 

Tb« gopbar, Ubo Ibo molfl, livci boDOAib Ibo lurfMo. Is tboui 
Uw bUo of A larRD laV, of a dark color. wiUi Aoo lur like the mok, 
Tli^lr bHFTf'Vt, or mn-Tray», nrr Ten lo iwcItp Irirheii in-low tb« 
lorfocci not! cxlc-nd iEiddiiuli;ly. Wbilr t'Kcnratiiijribrir burronv, 
at iaLiTttlK t M ftv feel tbvy come i« Itic huifai'r und ib-^HMilt ibo 
•tnb taken from ibe f t^avniiott ; thr*fr pilM of ^nrTh runlain liftTf 
ft bu«lel or more. For 11 in •KQ^^. oaluif; luj provided tbcmw^ib a 
poach, or pockri.oo retb ^Idc nf iho tirck,nhlrh ilxy fll nnd 
1b«D come to tbo aurface. and hy a Gontr»ciloD of lb«- mua^Jfi^i 
«mpiyibe pockvtn vitb a force IbatcJeoU Ihetarthto adUinnco of 
dt lo Iw^Itd lncbs. Tho ^opbcr Hvm moilly on rood, and la 
Tory dciiirucliTe to jouog irera And t&D^A, iiiid opK^jiHy w tt> 
oeajce brdce^ It MclaiiEird lkt>^ art not fuuud ooiiIj of the ILUiidIii 
river, bni ibry ir^ vrry pirnty loLiih of 1i. To kill ib<ni, put t 
grabiof etrjLhtiitie \n a tniall ynXikXo aud Jro[i Lr ihc ntn-tvay- 

Ollcr wt^D fuuud aluiJi^ all chv prU^clpal rlmiDa, and fTCquciitly 
caQght, Tbey ire Tciy widflm ftcco rev. 'ilio Atnencan oiler 
w«lKha oboai Inenly five poutd*, nod StA fur i» va]a«bl«- It has « 
atcgular bablt of sliding dovn a vel clay bank Into \\\v «jtti*r, 
•pporcaily for iporl^ It will clLnh ibti bank, iJIdv dovcp, pnd 
repeid tbe procno for a fircat Itngih of tinto iriib at tnucL Appar- 
ent plNwirv ev tboboy courw-n wiih hie iled. A trap irt undvr tho 
waUr at Ibc proper t^olnl l» very apt U» «poll tbc tytoiy^ and U a 
^Dunou way i^f lakftiu tboni. 


HhloryofLa Salle C&un/t/. 

Btftw wtr« nuDtarouA at rh^ tiaw o! Ilio PrOBcb •xptoraUoMk 

wlfiUrbomcif in iti<' pondri i>d Ihc mMdlo nf ihi- Wffcvi pnlrin. 

tflnk arc quiir j>k-Dt7 civ^r all llieixiuntry- Tbcir furUtnon 
Tirunbk'lhAO any olh«r bHimftlnhavf-ollliAir «tu, uidotcfMV** 
ihcy ilnw ihv pflncipal rfTori* uf ihc tJ-ityipcr But lli*y ar« t«jt 
|itn1iflr. Hjjd hn? hkv)y la Iwld ilipir ou^n. They nrv Bbaoi tbe 
wonrl ^Qcicy that pnyti on Ihc ju>ujiry yprd. 

Tbc iiii8]] biiivru vrinpi-|. tbiivfli i)(;t aumvroUM, m j«rta p<««t 
|inil iLDKtng ilii' [iciijtirj Ttii* i^uH, Muudrblrmy Hiilr Tif>1 hii 
no ftur, Anil rcry tUUc cllscrtfbn, btil taorc pLuct tbaft <bb b« 
fn*iD<l dftcwlivtv fudutcil iu «u «iuiJI m abtu ; Ua rcUoo dlriiv 
ofl«n It^mU biin lo Li> rl^mh. 

Tbo N^srwov rm Mtoa followed Ibo «m}jtT«titis nnd in a f«wy«Arv 
IrevsijjL^ imiu('u««1y nmuvtuun. All aiiim&lB LQcirtuo \u pniporUoii 
V> hnmmiiity from molcitnUon hy ^xtcmitt nad ovy m^cch to th«b 
HAlurnl fond . ibt pr<ifi;Himi of Uir L-<rt>J inivr all C3ipi?M-d niad« 
Itilh ihv [mmditp uf Tulb. Thtdii niUnl with cum crltw> 8UBdlnf for 
Vine or four ypan, bernnic Lnlcitcd vith nacatwn limiuiM»blt^ 
Tbey no and Lvrno. tiitn^iicii'v «iv*rmmu Eikv ibvlociMs of IkKP*- 
antl tlwo li^H^'iii^ f(iT K^Ti^rfi] yt^ar* T\\i- bTa/<1c nil, aa cntnoiM 
MTttDly jtHM b^Oh diijkpi>«artd immcdiaifly »Uti tbo iDtroJoctlos 
of Ibc Norway »|>ccl«ft, nLlcU 1^ i laiiEcr and mucb tnor« povcrfid 
and a«gadcus ftnlmuL TUc cAimtry hi» gnlncd noibbig by tb« oi' 
chuifiP- S^mfl Hui;<:cadmM rticu inny Aiicnnlnnl« tbo Norway, bQl 
lUii nuiy rcntU, u UtKtru, un1y 4a « cIjaiiko of ctJIi^ Tbe BOi^ 
things of ihtT world werv not made for miin nloop Imiierlciiift 
tau aoyai 

"'ft«Dji1] Iblflf* forrayiU'/ 

Tbo common moutc wm a puIIvb oI ibo prj^ic, and no MOntv 
wan a bouM cumplvleil und cHi:u(iiiiiI ihiLO Lho uiW uHrrivd ibtdr 
rigbt lo • plaof iber«ln, uid ihry b«ld L^ aa no buildto^ Umo 
erected ^ould caolmlc ibeau Now Ibey arc no more anxKiylDs 
bere than vtKwbun* 

Tfae lonf-lnilcd, or Jumping mic^^. ar« found in Uio ttjabtt 9ec«- 
vlontUy, but Utvy atv not nuiorrou*^ 

Tlic ulinri-tnllpd, or rm^adow mW, are Toiy oumrrroii*, and iMve 
TDcr«finml v^ilti ifa« M!tik><mant«{ ibty ar* ofUn r««y dMtmoiire to 

Fauna of Lti ^Ue Vountff — BirtU, S31 

okAmtA* uid ihnibb«ry, Anjino^r «1irub ]«fi In ihvfnll, wlOi 
BTMi ur other muT<dilag uboiil the lovl. U Uctblr r? bo fEinJl^ ty 

tbe aftheil cioib from thoinc, aoil inrnpin^ li»Ty saowe «u11d 

BjtT.'-Tbvrtarv tuoKn>iipMcf UjU lingular litiE«an1iiml,ili« Vru 
ifivurvu*,«r friiii-rkiUic, %aA Lotc^tkoroDf, or iaicct cAlinj;, Wc 
]|AV« onf^ tvfl <}r iljiv'o cIcjjh'Ij hIIEpcI vHrlfitlts of tlic Inteci-AAling 
kind; tiicy fly Ic ihc flurh in |>iirBuil nf pr? y, ^hiclt Ihoy lahc Ilk4? 

orgftasol »igM from ill ^ilhttr n^KnumitE ji»&m»]M lltci owl and Wiv 
Cii Imvc Urge cyo, vJlh a pvii^it iLmt ullfntw lo llji' fUc i>f Wa 
•yp;»hI!iMho hni hji»pitii'rmL-lj lujiill i^ji-* ijid pvlileniiyol llltlr 
MO, w it iiT4jJd> nil obMruftjoEia wlini ctl Ihc nir^ tiitiHlly ivwil 
wtwD ill cyc» hkrn liG«n tliihli-Ltycil— Livlic^ ibc iidjiKf-^ '^ blind «« a 
b«t~ Cuvtcr illhcuvprfiil ibut tbo pxuviul- Jelkatu HOilbllliy of 
1ti« iMr^iO wing* nntwcra the puq>i:iBo of *\^\K-, tliu rcACtlon of Ibe 
«trupoD tb«»t FOU«il&vt' turfjic^r* «nHblv« tb^iii X'l jtiJi;^ of tbodb^ 
i^XtCto %t veil rui tin- of ill mrrnnndin^ ohjFL'it, and ihcrv i% no 
doubl tka iiklauli?*t rfty of llghl nOccU them n« r«ally u ll U(ji-« ihf 
itrtlnaiif ibelwBl TDrajed ryt. Dm* i^ul tliis itiibiiu huw wtriDniii' 
bdlMClc rUtn<>j?Aiiu hc Id rvuiJ riom ibe top of ibo bctd ? 


Tlic priklrlc region caal<! nut Ltifuit or ah TuIT a 1141 uf ili<i fv^th' 
•r«d trlb#a m h Eim^i>f('i[ cmtiifry tc ftf^i, ihf rn'iro riiinnmu viog 
lag WnJv wore jU flrst ufiuoflt rnlircly ivrialiiii;, and aij« of tbe 
<HIU8M uf ilihixjJituat UkLl hotueftickiji'^ hav tbt- nlDti-nt'i' irf Ib^ 
we1l-ivni«aib«rHd bird aimlr', wliif^b nmde Ibtt i^rcivvB mid i^rcbiirdi 
4if f he oiler SuUm TQcal wilb boiie:. TbU n on mgiri-^ nmrkn] ■»») 
from rbt tinibrr. but avnn nlop^ tUr r^ilgc of ibn limber. wtii^K Thv 
fim Mtlli>in«ot< wtfo nintlc, U fit^adixl grr>i-frtH, ur<ibihrJf, nad gv 
Jclll^ bad «iipvcUlLy tbt; fruiu ibcy buic, tu nmke ui ai:n:publ« 
hODid Inr llir hlrrli ol AoDg. Tbc ctiTtSTADt rtnrol Ibn|»n4in4> rcwlt, 
Ib4 4iitUtLi vbtjop of ibo crtEiOp ibo bUtorn'n itoliiafy notr<, lin'J ili« 
]rt!lpiD!; <jf the ittnirlc Wi'ilf, hab to a Lcim»kk i-uf it [n>ur cxchADtir 
for ibc cbcvrful ton^ of the nbinn tbe ibruib, ix%o cAt bird, 4uil th« 
ctiulc f*t the 4>rchariU, And the vircoA aa'1 WArbJcm of tbc En3T««, 

SiMJiM^ Biiufi Faueli Ti hi>Li>A,»TLe i*?bU nrvi DUl gennr- 
mJEj ioco b«r« for vetrm! ycAn xM^t aotn^mrntB comDaoDcad. Al 


HUi<^ t^ La SatU CmmU^. 

k'Dflth <i M)]|i*ry p4lr might ^ ■''^n la Uio Uinb«T, bat the arcltu<d 
«ad fiftrdcn, iholr far«ri[« booic, did not ciitl, but wh«& ih«7^ did, 
lUv rubiii qnEchly iioaiplrKl lliem In iilentlfiil Dumbvni. "^Iic r*>Ms 
is 40 oloA* K uonpinioD <'f rlvilir.vJ tafut. tuid *<> nvkrl/ c«ni>VoI'd 
vUl) Ihc rural popLilnlioa uul nil ibt rccoMccLJo&a of cbildhiDod 
ihat, during It* BTjiHcnr* tot Um ilriL ftw 5T«n <! plonprr life. U 

It i» n tiui'«i viiiicf^E', 4i]d c^nfid«a iu uiaa, buildinic lu aval !■ 
the fiLVorlfL* Bpplr or L'hcrry im. It l« ime> the rohln li fiMtd 
(jf churrtod oud aiDAll IruiL^ t>iil It it !inticr Ut piKni oe «xtnt Ith iir 
tfro for lbdruMlb«n U> di«>|>m» wiilt c1i4:ii [lU'VAiit ci»iDp«ajr. 

Thn ntt. bfrd, llk« ttir' robin. c«nir hi grjiliinllv tut the cuaniry 
improrcd. It la ■ icvrct dngor an well u inroitruto uold, • fftiDi- 
lifti iutiabiuuil or OUT llilclicta, ][rovn. aud hcd|£cniw», fittjuraUf 
iwarlr^ im yaun^ In iltr ^iir^nn or h«tg*, nnd hprarnM qnlift famU 
liuE ; if Iciodly traat^, vllJ com« i« Iho il«p« and ^rni lalo tbt 
liouK' Un tbi; crunilui dallf ilirtiwn for bs uiW' 

TIh iirntt ri T|ini«ti— ^throiibuir^-NAnily iiii'rchinif binl.M ■ ddli^htfol 
■iii^ri . i: iiiii: a Uitlt cafllt^ IbliD tbc robto, biii 41 ftrat oofy a 
ft-v iri tMiuiliiT 1lj>-y An- now niimtnitlt, It Ik a prMtjr (wl, Md 
ain^ii dDply Jn tOdtlniiminL la ib« KAslDrn i^lalc* il «r«a cald 
«licci ibc Lbru&h nppurcil id (be kptlac U mut Uni« topbol corn. 

Fauii-t Sixrri>T,ii>,K, — Thr l>lii<thlnl u tiaiulty ibc Aral ntrlVKlof 
our mlgrntory birdi nt Xhti cluvr of wiQt«r, and Ibt aotapil of bi* 
pbsaiuil uolQ U ballfd a« tlit baihinscr of ^iirtiic. Tb« ni>1eof tbe 
blufibird, ibijug?! am \vuH\r-ti\. bin io a Itiilf fdaiiitiv*. half Gb««rfiiJ 
tODt^ bfioiil oD iLt' iiTBt warm daya of FVbnurjr or Harck, Ej to 
DUMlcarA ptrcullitrK ifi^ErfiLl, 

Kauie.V Harii>,il— TtimH^d, uf chiciiiliiv», nr* a bnrdj Urd, 9a- 
duriut; Llio rijcorB of tbc HV?ri;at wSpicn, and, u a Coiiaei|QCbCf^ 
Bona of i.b«m ure mlgFULor/ Tiiir}' am mtidefil aflcr ib«lr fatbioo. 
<'lLlrping a qualm dltiy, whii;di, liaarO nii n rold wiikUr'a day ubob 
all tuunds uf auimal ILfv tuv bu»liO^. is pkunDt lo hc^a^. Tbcy 
itre nct1vL\ ttatlvM, und bL^mll^b* vt niAn'a pri*«nrce, and Dta «ft 
fiHWia, «v<h1v, axkd almoat anyilLing that ^omrr* to band. Wo Ikara 
acTcrat *pe£i«a. 

TltrrnATcn,— TUf niiibatchvt ar^ agnoDg the moal olnbi* aftd 
nclivti crcep^n. runnlAg up or dow^o ib« ircu whb equal facittir— 
Ibvy Uiu|£ iji ftvcry iAiu(»Wabl« tvalMinit Litad dowu aa i>rtca aa uj 
Olbtr w{iy: ibSa dlttiDguUbea ibtm item oibercT«Fpmh 

T/kHiLf TMmtMD\^ntM.^Thtt «rrv&> V9 s Dnmorotts rimllf. of 
wblclt tbc houw wrco may be lakcn u > tTPO^ It b an Imjiuilt^Qt 

p«nki]larlj 9plt<Tfnl toward «Trii11ow« rmd tDirilaB, loaitrimeii 
inking pG»»r»nlon of Ihnlr nc«n They t\ng rhmrlly. *nd wh^n 
di»Uirt)&l vbilc *ii^lD^, kohM VEK^faruiifll^- Tlivrir irr Iwn or 
lltfoe Bpotkfi only with at. tbey arr not nunicroui, but inr Tca^Enfc. 
Tmk Fauilt AvrA-itr'rki,]i>.«, oh Wiiiiiiirnv nrr n fAntLl^ M 
mdAII blriU ciiibra<:mg nn iinin^^iif^ft nuiiibi'r M Hpor-U«. Tfaoy 
imnilj iohfttril Ibc Lkiick nood», UGBtlin^ ailinni: Uic deiuo fuliapc, 
Hving on IntAPij^ iirrd f^hrrrkng thr ioHukIp viih llidr cb»rliil 
musicjtl noto^. bcSc)|{ itimI))' footl tiiiK^^nv Ic n Ijpav} tjmtitrrd 
rvfClOD ifaey ntTj toutt*i tn ImcnBtiiib Duiiilicm, bui wc taavr bm n few 
apstl«A, aF which ibn Aummor ydlov l)Lr<l U ooa. 
I Faiut-t Tam^uhui^ — or (be tHtittfi^^rB wc hate « a'acl* spfldea. 

thp tculM iiint»Bi*r, ■ brUUnTii flery fc«l, nrppi ibt winp aiirt rn11» 
whluh urn !>Uwk , « ^-^ry "bfvw^v bird* betsomin^ tjuHo i^ommoti, 

IFiMiT.y nrsFXPl-inxK. — Of urnllown wc ba»<r liie baiD hbUIo*. 
b^iTfLinji ifi tthtiih or oilitr 4iin ^1)llrllnJ{4 
Tbo cliff or u'Tf Bwnllnw, unkacnvn hvftj \\\\ wilbin ibc lut 
,, iw«Wc or (flneu jfelis. natuntlty i^uuitrefpii* In lar^u uunib«ri nod 
y bond ibolr btU-«bHErcH{ noHtA oa hlirb o^Drbtn^lm diffa. but 
tccf^citlj bato t«btifk iQ bailiinx Liculcr Ehc tUTiis t>f bnrrjs, nearly 
cDTcftng ibo nldni of ibt buUdliifc-. TLtj nrt flyi.-a]chcriiH nnd •ro 

I ma J Lc u» upihomnflquiioci In Iho loctxILiy wb«l«tlifly stop. 
B&uk sHalloA, «nml DinrLGn. Ukc thv rcresfdnf, nro itrvcftrloiiii. 
RAd caTloct in ihr bn<f?illiig )K*ituin in [nrf^ mimben. And mikff 
LoIm for llLflSr ficnU In toimo back in river blulT- 

ThP blue [ituHeu—iimiltfEi—iiifUftlly build lu boms prvpntml T^r 
lli«m by IboH wZio cajay IhvLr loolaL ckccrfut WHyt 

The •wmlloTTorc til Tni|tr*t(>ry, nnd Irare kk^h after tbc cliW* of 
tta# buUdtng *FMon. Thtir vuddcn iltpuriTire nnd reinrn, &ni1 their 
babrt i>f fiylDg cZ<M« lit tbo mirfhfo of the wnlot for 1it»C(!t>| h»« 
(IVBii rlM lo& Hciiun ibil tbuy wiulcr in a toriaid bIaIv At tbo bol- 
lon ol UkM nnd vrrrptn* 

Of ttip. wniwrDip^ wt' b[iT« tbc CnrobDU WulCwSog, (^odndiinl. 

iiberryblrj. Tbvy ui: uiil rveidt^iit* hvrv, biti vinlE lu occunluuATly. 

lligy a™ very Jfiiruoitr* lo ^iT»L'rri**<. n Unrk 'if lli^ni will i*lt«o 4 

cbvny-trvrof LtifraULn nfow nitautaa, ^hhoui iiiybg by your lixtvc. 

Tiw 6iiMVAi.KTft, tJH ViKtois, anf like Ibt^ parblur* In ihdr 



ffittorp ^ La Saffe Counly, 

h^hltiL Our ofwn pralrLtw icoipt bot few of them ta iiop wllb »■. 
Tlio Tirco «ppDn1i ii> Ibg oiir roUior iban lo (bv irjri/, bnvii>|^ n pl«in 
^le that buriiioui/.<« iqitb llif vcrdurv. sttd btioG BctdQUXvb. u 
iho^r Uamr i% HTiiLm|£ [tt« ilPtiiMrit follngr of Ihf Forcat. TbCf*!^*; 
uritrliLo ibclr Uyi uqiccd, ^'bUc the foliAj;i; iiaelf «c«ziit ttirrcd (^ 
miuii: SiD&Jiuu on a slJll numoirr dty In Ibi- wlkiaOr ot tbc fordl. 
Ihat bcul muil Do ca1)uu< lo cmmioD iu%( do» not. vbllc Itotfaiaf 
lo Ibo irlM eol«« of Uio Uiilfl f>ODj|«(iir, oclio thmifthu ba <4it &o*ei 
exptM^ to Muihi* In iT{>rd(^ 

Of tha AbrlkcK wc biLVi> ibij grvHl ot^rtWrti 4brlh«, or b^tchtr 
biM--^ Uil<} ADil i^aittutbODic biid. Tbi-y nro catulrorvvt. focdJc< 
on iiLH-oi* nitd tiU'li imitll bh'li ntiil t^nlniak* u Ibi^y cab oT^tcotik*, 
Th<]r bcivu a i-.urioiit habit of imjiAliiij; thoir |fr«y on rbonu, or 
*]mr() iwi|E!K riud l^uvluif \\ tUtfLfi— fur it^Hi ob)49ci La* ocivr bfwn 

TiiK Favii.v Pn[NiHt.Mi»« vnibfueD» tba •|»rruvtf. vid aJIwd 
blrd«, flncbatH bust^njti. llniAU. etc Tbey %tr wy canuvaa^ 
bfiili lu »|hKrtoH anil iDdfTlctuatii, In Tut, tbo Iwu ftmlllM friBjciHiil* 
uuJ «r1*ia('i>'t<^'^'i L'^' ^■I'bloi*. <;can^M about 4>uO'louilb uf «LI ovr 
■p«ai» of blrilK. Tbe Kparruwi, 11ncb««, tttt.. Iii-r moAl^ oa tviTd*, 
Ud coonoriucnily ate imi to fitflctlj migtAtonr bko the parol; 
iDMi'ttYoroiu birda. wbicb icu boiiUi wUb tiva Am culd lo ftfcorr 
tbftit food, 

Wob4vrhCv«ml vjirlijlk* of tbv sparfow. Tbii cbirpinj; aiurroVn 
or chlL>ptnie bli'J irJ Ken Eu^-Tand. i% rllbvr ncn hem. >tr vaitM fratp 
LW«Mt«Tii lypi-v wbJc-b It ii «tid tt^ do. and Hlb more furib«r wml 
Tb« toug •|iiifi'i:ppr, flcti) feparrov, tiad otbcr varicti«*H ur pleaiy. 
4ome of tlimii eIiht ildHijrs. TlLr> vauwhlrJ. th« larl;. bunting at 
wtito winjcvd bU^ikb^rd. ibo iadigo-blrd, i^trdixihl or rod b^fO, nol 
jiaLlvo hoi« but kept In coiiflucukcut tor lU Houif ; luwbM^ i^r cte' 
nlnk. h wffll kniiwn InhJiTiltnni of w^kiiUmhiI^ bikI Uiirk«U ^ my 
tti? iccD tolitary BcrukbtnK amon^ Lhc ttarci, oooasIonBlty amlllt^ ■ 
biuKlc JJutc or cry, are all volt knua jt bi^ri.-,and Eu«cir llivavnv fMully. 

Tbc yKvn.s IrrsKiDjE* or Ain»»ri(an ^tar1tnff«, vmbncfi* bobO' 
Ibh of ili« Kortb, or Hot bird of tbe Southi ycUoir boidcd blftck< 
Mr*]. grHclilu. i>r firi»« Tilui'kblid. t\M. rir Tuead^ir Urk— IhU bird 
it n prtFtly <injci*r. fiHnlHlly ar^jcaHouii. and adt aaigrfciorj, Th« 
above w«rc hero whcQ Lhe Acltlcmontji coiujuctacvd, Tbu ordiAid 
iirlnin, of an oiadijii i^a^or. Willi blnrk win|f4and uil, ftnd tb» BalU- 
niorc onok', ^oMon rjbln. Arfibird. ot- banEnc«t--or a 4«rT rod 


color, bluJlE vinjfl titd lall ; boib of ibom are flaa «^ag«T«, uid 
h«aclhflr iMBls {*Mcfa ><c n rtmmt fihck niih «n oiwauig at (br 
lop,| to itiD eail of n prntlitDl limrgti. Tbry '^nlj onmr nmong U^ 

PAMU.t CoKviD-K c!liibir«cci the croiBi. \ay>. ulc. Tin raven? 
waraabo^I k* DunicrvAiit «h thnf^ri^ua b^foro rh« lolfl^mom br the 

Tlie rftvrn h only fllitintrultbrti rrntn the truw by 1u much 
tsTjlpBr iiItq uil Its orMlclnir iicito. A b(i(n«iEt:k i^OEii^n lA^d «vm' 
ihtniE htrrv viuchii^v ; «icu Uifl crcifts ir^n? «/ buknw Lbry coiili) 
on I J f^riMilE 

Thd rrows bdrD IntnnMnl irith Ihr tirlMvmCiilL Tb«y b«Ta n 
ijpiLor tcruiatlon here tban their c«3icra conKrnviB. wLrtc Iber 
pall the jonng com i ho« »hoy arc not B<:cunh! of tbnt iw yet. 
Tfaey ]ir« tnoflllr ^o insoctt^ ncd iltj mucb nvini jru<iU Umn hRTOi 
Thty Inkc an epi oci^ailoniilly, ttiiT urn fur \r*t crhiiinnl Lu LbM 
rtspeot lliftQ lh&> mvfrnK, vbk-b wf<rH i>xp«na ^t hunting c^ga, 

TuK Blciulf — Bvcry uEic kccwi Ihc Jny. nitU ila blue ilrrAs 
«jd h%T>.h. dfHvirdani noir- Hi is a lively, pbccrful follow, iftd 
tbougb ha diimtllriir^ (tat^ the* fi«r|y ftppliT, iwhi> would nal>) tad 11 
M nld be hiAk bod buhlt of dtaiurbinf; the y<^uiij of oUic-r blnls. 
7«l»miybeiilioderta. had nil bavt iheir fnihngi; be couW noi 
inil] ho JipurcU from ibc f>i11 Hrul winter IkniJ^^npt^, rbuit he may voll 
ba Colenlmi aboiil tbi.' ciiUle yiird^ on h uIhIlt iii'imitiK, wbvra bo 
plchi up oep**^orfllly a «r»y k*rn«l of ct^m. 

Famtly T t itvMi> h— Fly -catcher— Eiufibir J— Bcc Miirihi,— A 
puj^nndouv iriiirrclaomr Nrd iin4 noiEcl lynnr nmnnj( hK rf<Ur.>W4. 
ELud, like all ijimrrelHOinV imlividnttlishHH fo« frionJ' -, UoIh arciuod 
of Uliajc Im. IjiiIh ilkc nil bnd rbunck'ri. ti irrry llkdy ki b« m- 
poaed uajiitily. He 3i i babRuaE Uy-caicber. imd probiLbly dertroyv 
II Ihonma^ cojiioaB inaccU lo odv bor. but ud IL« lbco]oj[3oAl 
ilai(m&, that a ffood lu-i pi^rfnrmnd hy n «Lnnnr I* yi^t n tic. >u F 
PDppOM the poat hiiijzbjril "Ul emL bi- HlUnrtd troLHt tor nay good 
uM, boffovcr ii-cfol 

PxwKft, Pkwit, PrroKU>: —A imull bkd. of bn>vvii co)ot -. lUMOg 
roaambk* ibe ^onl " pbebc" ijoLckly ami abarplj *polcBn, btuco tia 
cominan name, ph<>obB-bJrd It burlds Ka*\vi W4de^^ i-ave» uf Mit- 
)iuhdin£i **r hontp^porrh : ti ii|>]iMkrtffbcn vjiritif^ bnn fnlrly o|WDn1 

Fauii,v CAr*niui~uji>ji, i>OATi'i'''KKn»— The whSppi>arwlU U 
UiG molt nvlod of tb« fuially; rbe nigbt afinj of ihU blxd ia 


fHHory tf La SaUf. Count f/. 

kotnttt tnftll. nnd !■ Agreil addilinn io tbr «»Lg« of ib^ MTTviiwr 
tigbt And 4 ishrorfnl MUnil lIuHlinjc tliTvUjtIltbv iUinfn«A wli* 
oo]ylb«ftJLLl luomi dC llio uw] lb livnrd. 

?Ji4tn-r Hawk.— lliifl tiiMbelQn^ntn ibftHUn^UTnlt^uiho nhlp 
poorwilL, but tiol tn ttie fi«nii: jtoauii , nbi]« thai bird in aoclani>l| 
ibo nlgbt Iwwk illci hy ilmj-, or more geiiftnvNy lownrcl cTCft 
lijlttg Id ctiiiiiiiLiiU*, ruMjclntC ^or iriMf^tH, In tliu hragding mbmd 
fl itcrfornu curknid btoIuIiuoj, UIIIdx (broajrh the ajt iriUi • loud, 

cIumIv rntmblo ibe swallow ]a furiu nod bii1>lu, tnit ktc 
vlttfily ■llff«n!DL Thpy hjv doIhI for tha grruL ilcTf tnjimctit of 
vUTary gTauda, wbiab kecnU Urga it^jiatlti<» of a kind of muota. 
wiO) whiub i\i9y iflue vLt* stk-lu loj^tbvr vrhkb i^xKupuH lUctt 
ut*l* Th«)' buLlil in irtiimnr^ii 

Familv TnopuiLiiJ.u^ Ut-Miirsnnin»*— Tl^pc ftrould t« tci&r^ 
btinJml *pi.'ckti of tliii bpjiLitlful crotture, til Aniprlrfta. Moil 
0Uiii<rnn»l£ ih«LfQpic«. Tbo Ttibj-tbrotlcd baoinilagbird ta ibn 
niOEii uiimmoQ in ibLs UiiluJc, iJiiMiiiiiiial«d frum Ibo AUulk U 
llitr RiJf'hj HountHiDi^ Iih liny tavm: tuMiutlfLiI ntlorm tivaling 
ralabon » lU aDUvtlj and uclt^rily »f niocinii^MriDclinj; Iwlvicod 
\l« iiiuivDb ttblltJ il b\\ta tb« uucLar fruoi imturc'v toODUltl* cb 
lu povlltoa in any atncikoD wab tbc qniokaDu of ibougb 
*U<>fcfli4ir il ftccnirt a buiriK v1 n maro ptfrfccl orc4atut[oa 'Ji^n 
lirrtihlnilo rnrb. um If xtlliKl to Uie ffiblrd v}'1|ibii of ibo higbcr 
t\r, ftud iDi) dclicaitr for Ibo rotigb uTotm* UM b«At on qv hvrv, 

Fa^ii,i Am muiiti.ttj Ki?ii*r-iqiiH]L,— Tbt bvhed klntllvhcr 1i 
round prentlful i^lops our Mmma Thr-y ar« tdrotl lUhcn^ dlrlojE 
bcDcatii lh« w«L?T loAolirc tbeir i>rcy- The/ burroiv ia the baak* 
of MrMiui, wlii^rv Iti^y loar lb«lr jouuj;. 

F4UILV LTtfUMU^ Cuf^BoDL— TliG ycLldtt- bill Oil cuckoo i* lb 
only one WLtb lit, X% iftneldffin »t<cji cicviii wbvn od Uie vtagCroiB 
<tiivi i:uv0rt lJ>atiothrir bviiiK « ihy ■nd lulDury bird, jet frvqutsi 
iiigorchBrdi tadlLlckotf Ic Uio vIcUUy of Llv«ll3bc«, whnrti its 
note, KiuudJitiE EiUc " C^^w, ixiw." muy b*^ hcanl. tt buJlJa Its cn* 
niTHi hnd ranri^U own ymang, nrliLt^ niosl of tbt fiirkocH d«|io<k 
ihoif og^ in llic [i«iB of oihfrr bLrd«, vliIcU uiiwUllnjrIy btconir 
fuolv iMoibvrs La pUisv uf llie unnjiiuriil pnroQt, iiu] Uic jubd; 
«UCk00t M »ii'>n KM mblB. i-jccu (lie righlfiil Hcdgllng* from lh« duI^ 
taklagMlc pouHijulou, hotiactticAtyLaji;, "a* un^rfti«fu1«*BCuckoci.'* 

AUC to 

Fauna </ La SaOe CQunljf ^ Birds- tit7 

FiitlLT I'icibA, lVoiii>ri:i KKiit — Wr hivu IhP red liPad«d«iMMS^ 
|>c<Tkort vhbovt ^y c^lor noU ItJUil hanli H;rviiiih Bfe fvcU hnwu. 
Tlic jto^iArU'«iii^il ttuodpc-okDt. ^iighboldcr. flkhet, or yollcjw 
hninuifT, It nls^ocimincin- Th^rc uro wrftul orLtr virirtin fount] 
In the Hailmtf kcd Ibcy At< nil Li»fuL, litipgon the Iatvoo' bcoU««, 
whlcb ibry vAtnct rcom Lit¥E», bciai; provided wiiL vt} ii|r|ruH[;;i!i 
for Ihil putfHnc. The loTiffiu; of tUn wooijpcckrr in ibftTp and hard 
4ft lion>, wirh utJuicn'UA W^)n projcciinx bAckwud on Ibo »Ldc«<, 
ftud bn bih lUr imwiT nf i-iri'Eidii)|f IiIh \i>Dfu« M^er^l lAi^Lm* tn - 

lod bit bill. ibiB h? ibrtuti mio Ihc boJo mmd* by the Lirvk, or 
T, u ho U fic<4i'^^L^y ^If^i^- 1iti^f<''^- HCid tJte barb* lialii hlu 
MCQrfilf wblko Ibo MrdilrnvL-it oor iiuil mtnlliiwi \\n^ prvtiotu luor- 
mI- How cuiinoa and wOiDdcrTut Utbii ArruDgcmcoI. and bov «r«U 
Adapted tu iU irurpuan ; dvMKU Iv utitnptid un all Ibat tf\ttU. 

Tbf»r* U » TnHvTyrHllHl -tphyripk'Ui. ur tftpniKkcr, whntnlfihjpifl 
u nol mhtrp QT n^vcatUo, bul U truad ntJd covered wiih tino itamrp 
ftudbftrd |«|iilh: witb i^tih. nfLrr rvui-jvjri|; iTki imiri tiuik Hit-ti 
U> bill, ba fmcp* off lb« cHinbiuai. or n&w and mott ivuo<l und ;ua?r 
Wk<«B wbkL b« j>iibhljit«^ Tlicy mnkc u b-tj-kzootui low af Touod 
faolH i*aiiicll[TUtiiriii|]f]> iruiind tlit^ t-rnt^. nrpiMtUuK ^liv iinj^vw n«i' 
«tal itoaH. fo lu Id rtmovc all th« Inu^r t>ftrk. ind girdlv Tb* lm\ 
Tbty pmy uiuvUy Utvu wcrerccuH. duJug k'cuL ^ujuij. 

S^AWILT i>TBiorn«. Owi.H.^ThH flwla HNT nrifwriy nociiirriAl, itnd 
[^■IL iwralToroufl. Tbok nolemn nppoarnDco. coupbd wltb th*tr 
iKv aud lugdbntjuh uotv4, Lw? vauDCtl iiftdUioDol tupeivlilioa 
lata ihM* da4in»l nighi birdtt iik lllnnif^Eiftd Thn llula tfri^oeti 
ivrl, OM of tbo nnallGiL of tba family, \b ■icille common, lu tLbrill 
ierMai In ib« MlllaHn of the iil^bi. until faniillarifr^d, U reaUy 
MwtllDg. Tbalong'Mred out it af tuvdiitm hIim, lud it ibc only 
Tmrtcty Uiiiii btcuiU bert ej^cpt ibc abi^vc. Tho gtcdI Eny owl uid 
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rngloiu. I>ut Lravcl Auatb iJuh^ii; ih*> AinUr and ftr« fra- 
iBily anrfl ■! ibai >«HM>n. 

FamU'I Fl]jomii>«, Hawkb— TbnbawkahoM ibciamt reUUad 

tiw feflilicrtrd irlbc« Lbal ibo bvjkfi« ^f pfojdu l9 Uid wamiaAE*. 
round AUiulHEni. ibiarr an i.'fUO hprclo aud 20D jfeucia lu aJl 
paflftof Uii> WLirid, Qf ibih iHt)}* niimhc^r, wn h&vtbul (brrcor four. 

Tbo red-tailed buxjeanl. cr bi:a buqrb, la ^uilc cuitum^n and well 

Tbf Bbarp-»bimi«(l bftwb iv of ni«diam «!», vf Bnatcoutago, and 

SisfoT^ y La SalU CmmUjf. 

T«rjaet|tt. Win pkli tip«obl(^'kfo Ic iiNta«itcvcif ibr miMiwa dt 
Ot* patihrj ytrd. uid do >l vo adroiU/ ui cnrcHy lo bo oocLofd. 

The niMy rro^iirj ftlcoii) tputom bavk, U oec of i)rt«na]lMt« 
anrl pr*y4 ii|i*3u «iu*)l blnUiL Tbif, itKh ih^ c^KiTjer. or cklckMi, 
hi^k, iaoti3dt<* ftboui all tb*l ftr« now conunou in QiJi l^rvlUy, 

X mnlitJiu "'r-c<t, rfcli1I>Ji colo-'ed bovli. caUnl pniriv liawk. wnr 
T*r7 niimernu* h1 an wirtj dnj Th«T »w* ronftimiir cm Ibv wiog, 
IfeorrrlfiC bvnr the erouad, uud li*liii: on luke HPd toic«l* aMnly, 
Tbrj have noa ffatlrclj di>H|ip«ucd, 

Orprvt, Fi«n HAwm— Arv t^nli* voEnmnn aloD^ car phodpal 

Bti-i' Fai^lk ^Tiih emblem of ib« K«|iublk Ih m mimly ua 4*b, 
uid fea (dnlioiJ pv&flit of <ht o<prvT. ti vill filfor hour* w&£«h- 
loc llic Mprcf » an4 wbru thii biiO rLtc* fn>m Uic wmitr wllli I4 
prvy, IheM^leni i>ni:>- priiTiirmT|iiin lf,<Yiiiifi»|HU to dinii ^u bard' 
»&rD«d prU', which lilt; cnglo jioKci und carrlM td 1;^ trrie, nb«rc 

The tndlUoail cobilhr of ttc «urtc. Iikt ihnt ol ibo ted mui, 
fadn oul on dOM M<iiiftinUnc;c, >i>d ft inur« fitUfic cmbtrui miirbl 
Uke III plAC0 lu ibo {iii«lj^li of ih« gmt RfpLiblk\ 

BtftQkiod miikc* lud'Acrlnil04t« wtrfort on tlic bi«'k fwnlly, for 
Ibercuoii Ibsl thry ■•uniHiiriirp inkt A (kirkrl^b^l llicr dcMmjr 
ImmoQic riitmbcn ol idh.'Ik, mim. inolo*. mi^b^Tk, and n?piib»« uul 
with few CKWiplion* iim our bcu'^fiu:tar>, 

Pauii.y C\rH*K']'H».. Vii^rvKnn — TJir wrltknuim turk*j bin- 
r«rd la ibe only ■pi*i>icat<D of <bi« fftmitjr, ll 1« a fllihy. ffulbooov*'] 
hM, yol auttroty liniinki^ and useful iua ac«T«Dfrr. 

FjhUiLy Ci»i.uvMii.K Pi«Bci9f» — Tbn wild plfvtui m only vhi- 
llort hcrc« tboir bncding pltucB arv \n ihu dtnw roruM. TlM^ 
cuiu« &ud ifo u fuufl tcrvc^; like all wltd bird* uid nuunub. UiCf 
e<jiigrffg»U' where fo-jd rt dwhI plitnliftd hiuI iwtt '0 tbnir twiie. 

'Ilrn IgrEle dove, nr mnqralnf-doVft art onmtn^i. ami nnftll 
wiih (JK ihruKi^li Uw yiMT Tbirir iiLinuiUc iiol« in ■ in-.nift Lcjr. 
Ibou^h not mudcul^ ii D0I ui>ii1«UAnl, KOd vtnild tw wttOiMiy 
mlucd fn^iii the iiauuI »ound> of Ibc tvmmcr day. 

Thf unmi^Mit vnrlttivu of ibi* iMnv lAitnuf ditlmvt in 
descended from flomo of Ibc wHd ^furiplis** bj- ihoir d*»^i 
Lb« i;arvui Bliii.-k. ftirnudi Ibv MEVOg^Hl |jnx)f or ""- T>*if^ 
thvory of dwelopniDat 

?AUII-V MBT-HA«n)Ii^H TCIIKKT*.— Tb« wUd lUfK^ry 7^ 

Pntinet of Let SaBe Cottttii/ — Birilx. Mft 

hm by ih« Oral vUlorv. &nil iliri bold* iu uvu^ or It probalily la- 
rfVMliiC. owlAf lo itk* Twiur pmAMlon iurEitili«d by iha IncrvtM- of 

Faiiiia 'XtrmkEOtit>.%. Gaulvil— The ptfUUOod trroau, w prairie 
b«a. WBi mice vrry mmDrxu, rongragstlftf to flocbi in tbo Ull to 
Ihr aumbrrof turi r>t Ehrvr tb<?UHicd, an^l tthoa cbc flock to*r >3a 
Unr wlag ihp nolw nuciublnl tliMftni ihimiler. Thoy wrrr Bhot bhiI 
Uk«n Ui mp* In Any amount wiuiviL Th* uttttnpl 1o r>r^l40l 
ibneblnb by j^tna Um lu» rtnitud iik ibvlr rftpLi^ utlucUoa; 
bnniln^ i* pmCiEaiifvl tfll Itan cIiIitIm arv n»vlj ^ovn, cofiBrcjuently 
tb« blrdi kn umt, and ir%ih miood 4A|pi, iih«n * cotey It •tAtitd, 
Ibe 1>bI binl i« killed, llie •1»U|^t4'r U lilmlty mutdennia. 

Tl»0 ndfml 9raa**H Ar pnvtnrlg* <tf N#v tinjtiuid, >» nut coid- 
UIO& bcre, a Mnj om I* <i(.^»i|i>Qdl> Men, kdJ tbo itoenTbr dnun- 
mtngunuid f^r w]ik<b ilii» binl is DOleJ. u hvsril fnnu tliv Uikk 
ttmb«r bot vldmn 

Qraii.— I'ltrlr&JjtQ uf Vitftnm, bub WbHr^TltMV ptvIL) 4ud 
iiaAfat binit h«v« Unrfly f]t<TvA4«<l hId«« lli« wttlemeni vi lUo 
cAttBCiy. Tbe pmf Uc« of every b«/ ib^i <»o ciuty « gun for mm% 
i|>oii ib-ioUDi Ut« tiu>c ItiftiKCDif fLbould be dbcouoUuMiocd^ Tbr 
mnouvi of fbod o:bUifi«4l U % until ^alrAleni for « lire tnkcii, ud 
lA it D'>1 bftTtNirow to llvt on ibe Ufe btood of Inancmt b«inct ! U 
luui ■ IkwiI uf prayf ba l^-bul riiould fae br < 

rA»li.t L~UAH4EiKiii.K.pLOT£u.^AnaTnerr)ita r4mllj,c<iQlii^[|ing 
a«vly * bupdrcd specks The prurlr nid formerly Uil- favorLfr 
b«vntof kaambFror ip«'lp», hiJiiripyn/>iT|r^F aibtjf tpAulh^ cull 
M ib«y ffo ADd relarn from iba IrrnHliuie jn^undi further imnh. 

74HI1.T ScoLtnxiD.K — 9>ii-K. WogiiicDCK. ATC^— Au^rlnaa 
woodcock. • ftrohtc btfd forapvnAMn, plenty la nnne loualili**. 
Loaf-bUlcd cnHtw, M>oe numeroiu oo tb< prairlt, ulleJ pralrto 
aolpv. now fOD« lo a nvwrr taJ «lli1«r tP-glon TTte mndplper, 
fOdtfta, UUlcfm, kre BoiaACjfnod t«»a; 1b«>* Is^l <ic all iboft trlrdt 

PAitii,v Auttin.ft. HEUi)iM&— Tba blTioh«rott iacncniiioji. Tb» 
«blte bcros to ijoKi :;ui.irF^iQt %X rrrUin iin«oafe> and » (i/DHpkni* 
MilAJtCl^ itoadmc mitu&y Iq Uie mrtnoi. pcrfoc;i]y moilonUiW, 
b» wtjlii« (*> M« [.fv 

^ "^-^^--ItetKK, PrxrKft.— Onct nnmtr* 
riU of Wftifr An the praLrlv. 
bert isjDfvd by • Toljcar otOio , 


J/istor^ qf La Salle Ctruni^. 

body » l^i&' an n nllit tiir1c(*y» ivfallc Lbelrwry Iodj^ legtt neck ftnd 
bUI givv UivMi Ik mnjuriltL; aqcI ArjininitniJIcijf Ap|ie«Tiiacft- Th«lT 
Citrtme bdrbl ib taut lo fktc foDL. TJic> ffrtd lutnllf vm flrviun 
Mtd InuicL*, rrvC|Urnitn^ the tug Ik uid dry prmlrit^H bui huilil tDg Ih^ir 
ovKifi^ii the ftiJirifin of |v»odiior tlrabi&A- The yooag In l^J]D^»lul 

bird, colffteLlng In x'^^P* ^i> ^■'' prai'l<^« vlicro tlioy wcro fr»- 
i|[unll> *ma iSuminK cLitiltbus, 8uoiv frn vt Aitcaeu woutil form 
t rlrclc, lock ih^ir lipuln 1<>geibOT, circle tij|hl and Irfl, !«t ta uiil 
i-Af'h turn by n 'nf\rtmhin nf I]«>|>a untl vgniti lock ikdr Ucula uid 
ivjitnl. <i4'ciujr] Dally Blup]iiD|E to uu«i tkcii Icud ind ahTHI vcrvuna 
f>T qrbCK>j>. vhlfli ooiild b« heard ft loitg dlftiwioa. W|i«iher thiH 
inJulifcncc u* Kii|>roved by tbo more vlkkd and older cnuic*, or ftn 
Llifl vrlld mu\c9f}t iht jmia^ mnd-capi, is am kaown ; *jr nhvthvr 
lb«; Ivimcd from QDfenllkcrdd bJp«li, or lb* uafeiitb«ndt«aroecl 
uf Ul« umutB. hua nut hwa fully M7ti)«r|. Tboy n«rv Ottctt tnmmt- 
aat hfre» ami n ron^plcnicMJ* objnct on ihr pmlrlr imA tliHr thrill 
Wltoop oQo <if Uic fririLiicrt And <u>nft|>icu(>uji tajumJ* that gr«t3t«d the 
mrlv iiiuuwr- But ilwy bcMdih bIol* Iran noH , tbi.-Kr H:teiuu i* 
beard bigb In Air, ia iprlng ind fnll. u Utcy fComAd rvtnra lo and 
from IticEr breed! ug plccculti ihc far K»rib, aaajfrMnclTltiMiliofe. 

Kamim BALtiii», Kaii^ Coun^ fcTt.—TlicsivV u« a eniall gIm« of 
bard« tluL fr^quoQt twaitipi and iniknb«t, aod from tli« ataMiee 
hero of tbdr titvorlta bauntA, tbe> are but Mtdou mcq, 

Kahii.t AxATir>«, (iKHxh, OrcK*, IETC--*T1]« Canada^ «r «Ud 
gouaci, brant aiifl Huokv, odc« to «nine pkI«dI n!«r«d their broodtf 
Buti ftummcTcd hem. bui vttb ibe eiocpIkD of a few apMiCMuf 
rliicks^ Ibey ill |iai(4 hy for TbnLr trnnrnf^r biuinib la a n^wpr rtgicn. 
but tbvy tiro ploDtiful in tpriDg aad fall, u n iUpply cf foodtcmpu 
ibom ;o laiTj. 

i^illB. iifillran*, IcKina. awan«^ and otTior vrat«r fowl, ar# tt^ti. 
»ona« of them froqaenlly id lartce Hook** aloDG^ Ute Illinota fLitr 
and niber Urgv hitvhviih. lu occiulcinal tyNtrx. biu ilodu of iticjd 
BJHke Ibii LocaJily their bomis. 


Tbc r«s}t.l1i:« cuniitiirti to Ibtu latitude w niji plenty, nsl- 
wltlikiniuhrift ilir^ wiiicnn-iilitlun of ti%^ llltnoia loakv atortea. 
TonTLKB.— The aofi turtle U catnnioD about Ibf lartv *lf<u>JL 


J^auna t/ZaSatte Oountif^ Ri^ttH^s. fiSt 

Tbe ACtpptng turilo ftml «|»«rk1nil lurilt ilk? jilxnii ntl 1u tbm llm;- 
X fw imftll liXBTdt «r« ttfiJOt but T>?ry r>iri>. 

&(AKJi».^Wcns oQct: DUDicroufl bm aic fvi dbapi>cAricjr' Tbo 
jellow-l'&iiiltil rfli.rlt'Hiiflkr. ''CroutlLifl ilirrlMrui," iiiv <K:cji»loniLLlr 
nol witb, but \v,x*} ii> far lilminyiiKl lu 1o u^-'hh I» Iw h tvrn>r l<i 

Th« T>r«lrifirjUilMn)iki>.MitiujUHii£fr/'rrdUtop]i<mii ifrgictnlniu." 
oDcc *o Dumcrou*. anj only a««uionB]]>^ foaod 1'hc«* two are tl^e 
only rfaciioout irptik* ire bmrr. The cu|)|wr head U wld lo bi; 
found fuEbfttouLb, itoLli la not loiind tier* 

Of bBrmleM Btukc>i w« hATo ih? water tnakf^ tho blowing rlpvr 
or itirfng tddtTi ^r huU Ktjnki^ n very lirgir ^nd brAuUful rcpiUc. 
blHfk »D*k*t ilfipi^tl fDiltf, >ail ^T^f^ tnikcf. Tb«r« urti not onfy 
Lmiuilcs*, but UKituL Titer Uulk>7 loiiaoDSo caiabcrvof Avid mice 
«n(1 titli4>r vermin- One g oil nl^pil liitU pnakr II worib mnr« than 
D cl«cii Oftia (0 dfftroy nU nud taxw. nad yul no^rly «v«iry oo* 
kill* a itoftkc, ard in dolug mi ihe fiifiiiin kllU bb bv*t fiHt^DdL 
Tb« iatin*nM Idcivuo of (be fliflil tmc«, "Amrolik ripDrlA,' to 
dtMnictiTt M youtig tff VB, la mostl}- dim to ihis »aBdoM wvod 
tlm fDikra. Tlic Llirad nf a»oali<i Is not n»ttiral, but acquired Uid 
tndiiioDftl. Tb*ni ui r^oni vnoogb in tb» worbl for ibNifi hBriut«M 
rcpliUs &nd uj too, and bf rckalkvlj (l«tro.y|Djt tbem wr brcuk 
Itin burmrirty i>f ikittirr^'A liJilniAtr itnil dn IrrMrloTabl*^ injnry. Tlic 
diu>£«riFiUL pohoDoui rvptiUH ehi'^uld b<- dcMLr<ry«d, but Iba bAriii' 
Iru oDci bnvc a liKbt tn |iii>Ecciloii> and c-ur tint Iptcfttit dcvuida 
that ft u-nvl*An bapflmtlitOD aboiild n» longer mar iJio wlidom of 
oUun'H iawB. 

Batimcijia.— lli^ w«rird UiMd Ui^iiltr romiuc-n, Tbo Ireo fmg 
mvf be ii«4rd from JiU (>»rcb w^mnovnt tbd Iaor«iiiln|f niolnturt In 
the •ixDOBpb«r« calls fonh biiihankrul boq^c. g 

Tbfl bull frog ii tioi <^omninn, and hlEubfup Ufti^UnilnMfl txtm 
ihs fiUBuner tvenlug concdrta of ■.niiaiilcd lifo. 

Tbo giccii fr(>g 10 fcufid wbccT lUir moUluro %n\X otber vurround- 
iojCRiiill hli latlc, buL liMii ariundimi lb an Ln Tbo KniEern Sialci, 

Tba pt^cfrtng iu^^ \h fouml wht^ru untcr oixtH F'lr jii^y l«Djclb of 
liiuv. Mill U i» tlUKUlar l^mi aot^U ■ [itind foruktd ou iiy i^ixtaiid 
Win iIff«lop ihU nolty lltiJc tMHrnrbliii lt« familiflr Ooln In 
«arly tiiH:ijc tbowi ibni Lbo kx cbAmii of ntotor barr broken Mid 
ret«Ai«ii blin frum bis ctj/y bed at thv butlom of tlie mnmh. wbtrv 
Iq uucoaaciout atlrQco ha ban iJapt ibc wluler may. 


ficiiooL Cull tnnti Aft M stun (^^cxrv ttini-mitKncnnftimi or 

ChatU» Utyvia^l IBSl to 1839; David Uvu. IMS id I9tt 
Wnilam dlnddOD. 1l<9A to IR41; W, H. tT CilhMii.^i^ 1H41 Ui IMS 

M'tll* W*h. l*M 10 iSia . D, P- Jt-aw, iSfia lo H-VJ , Wdf- Wall, 

IFTS [ R, Wiili-TiK, iWa U. 1877. 

NumlKT (tinl?* m Cotmir iiDJorfil y«(r* L7,1M 

Nvmbrr fciniliz^iE] Cnunij uudcrSl J«iin t7,Cl6 

Toui fjuratwr pti>nat ucidertfl yoan S4.9>1 

NunibeT iiia]i.-B btiirevu ikud il yoin.,... ..*..« 11. Ml 

Number fern » I cfl bclwMn and ftl yrtiTt 11^177 

ToLul mjrubnr loiw^vfi 1} tad 511 yD*rB. ;i,lC£ 






Kuiuburvpf uinlt? uuitiWriiLixjIkiJ 

Nunibcr of ftEnfJc poptln pDroMcil., .-..,,,.,.,...•• 
T0L4] »uin>>i:i'of pupUi enrol tod 

SiJtubLT Buhuul dinirk'H. 

Sumbcr dWiikubaTlcff vrliool &moQlfa>or more.... 
Number dUirk IK Iinvjnf schuol lew lliAn moBlii* ... 

TolJtl nanibur T'libljc b<^ki>al« uiataldM] ..... 

Total nambct of moattavKUooU MiiiUtntid . 

Avartgc Tium*]?r mnnths tPhoolii tiiiinlTiciS . 

Grflod UiUJ ;iiiriih[.-r iU>» ALtf^niliauo.. -....- 

Kumber (imdod hcbooli _,_...,,,,..>,.. 

Numtwr monibs lauglit in Grmlod ScbuoU .... - 

XiiiTilv'i rrijEnulfii m>hoo]i^ 



NutiibL^r inuuiJitt laugbt Ln Unendtvd tioli«oU 1>9ftl.M 

Nuiulinr i'ub!Jc Ili^li SgIioaIs 

>JiiTiib(*r Muln Ti-fti'hers . ..^ .,^_.,p,^^,.., 

NdDihcr Fvninlfl Tpiu-hPrt. ..... ...-,.,„..,-,,-.._ 

TiiitA uuEubtti Tcniibots -. 

Nuinhkfi]- momii4 luuiftir bv Mak Tf*jinb<ir4 
Ni]mlii?r m<]Jitba tn i^b) bV FvnijOv TmiL'tiL^r> 

Tnwl numbrr cnouibi ttugbl .... . 

Nurnb'T Pri'fil* Stbm-la. ...,.,.._,.,., 

Namijor raaJ** jmpik in Privm** SohooU. ....... ..... 

NLlm^^f^ f^milr piifillt In f'rLriitf Srhnoli ......... . 

Tumi iiULMlivr pu^^l* la ViUaie tjcbucd* .,.., 


:;,oai 7fl 




Number ii*aclien In PrlTa(t< ^rliwila ST 

Hlgtint uiaptlilj- *dbZ7 pai<1 ui uny Male TcacW W^-l^ 

HiftbMl moniUly mIait pititl t'> amy Frnmln T'^ncUcr. ... 70. Dl) 

Lovrcil uionihly salitry pnlil I** Hoy Mihk Tvncbcr .,,,,. 'JO.UO 

LowMt mcnibl/ lalar; paid lo uny Fomalo Toacboi' lA.OO 

Kucibvri^E Bl»l'li<"uCaoiaiuuuinlfuf TvftdiiiLJE ^l 

NvmbcT vf oialcB Kjootvd - ».—......... SI 

Number of r«in*k> nfJ«ctod U 

Siiuib(;r l>inricii» l^iviug Llbrarkw ...-....-- 8J* 

Nt^mbt-r VoEb, LuueIli ilutiug ytnt for Dbirict UbroricB. 3tJ6 

Ti>irtl Qumtit]' VoU (u Dbuki Llbrwrlo 3,«1 

NuaibtT arrt'M 6rb4K»l Lundx ?^)l'l dnrlntE >'imr 48 

Number arira Bcbuol LnmU JcmcLLnliii; uqeiuM--- ----,. t'(A 

Numbrr Scliitnf Hiviwn huili iltirmg jaar -,.-,.- . , , H 

SiimlU'f ftUiim Si'ljrml lliiiiiW4 . ----,,„,„.,..„.*„. 1 

NutuburBrlik i^lioifl Huu-l-* %\ 

iVurabcr Krmiit ScUtflil UuuitrK -._,., ...,*.,.,.,,.... 100 

Tnilnl mtriiWr In C'liiiiEir .- . .. -,•,.*..,.««..*. 809 

Ei(bnm-:d vAmv of Srlinchl Prr>(»nj ,,,- ,|ff7lLfWI.Di1 

Amount tit Iln'cipl* tliirlnjj yfftr__^. „„,,,„, tSU.I^Mt 

A»it»a»l ijuicl Ti.'ailiflr* ,.,....,.. l35.lWi.fti 

Toml EKpcnaUureirnrtbeycnr ,. 91&.974.t3 


, OrnaDlud- 

Liitlitraii 18*T 

ym-wtcUttlta, IW8 

Mcth'^itiM EplACOpAl *.<..... 160O 

Bnpli-i l»47 

CMhoIic xmi 

Allen CtLftp«1. HE .,,,,.,,., ,, ISJI 

PruluiUot Germao *. tlftO 


PrfAbilerlciii. of OlIawa ..^, 1883 

Tnutf«rrfld to Urookadd iStt 


StrpfttoT [JAtbolio MlMlu« 

PcvMiyl^rinn. a* tbv Giillnwity Ohuficti IBM 

Tranafcrrcd loSlu-ntnr 1870 

Cambctlwiil Pt«ibtl«n&& 

ProU«Uiit ^iacop&l \Vt% 

U«tfaddUt Bpboopnl 

uiipiiflt--- , una 

Knilflfl Rrflhr»ll 1673 

V ^ Cofl of 













Hittiory </ Im SalU CtrutUy. 

BhiiI^kI ISIS 42 now 

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CplhoJk soo ft^oot 


MtUkOdiW Kplicopd I»^ ... 1I,A09 

OyiiBngni\aaid IMT .... 

Pmbrufriu — irtaa m 

CnlTtfMlUl I»T M Ift.m 



Tobica L'oDgrtfgiLlioiiKt. . , UIT 140 8J0» 

BjLTfUflt. oricanUod ni VcnnillioaTUk , IW 

Ri>niJ>^(»il m TouEcH . ^.. IftMl Tit ft.Sitt 

McUmclH EpLM^jml ISM TO ZJVn 

Oonimn KvuhxcUcaI ,„—,.„. IBID 100 

CcdiLrport M. K. ......* «»,•»•.....« IftfS .... ]»90O 

HichoryPolm M. K, 00 S.009 

FrctifiiKitt Epbcopnl. Si. Andrew'i... 1801 » l.aOfrl 

LuilicfHii MB -tt i,00r' 

Hciliodiii. buJIt hjlho Lvtlicrmos... . l8H l.BOO 

rrCibrUiAnn, at Gruiil Itidfe ]&H lOt t,WO 


JfviL'Hlml K|iihc^i|>i«] less CO 4,000 

U«rman MHbuiiUt ... M S-OOO 

RmpIIii[ ]Al2oui of oa*, 

Prt>Hli.vtrriuiH»tCI<JiJl(ltovu l^Mfl ... l.tOO 

flrnuil Itipld*— 

Crttliolk Chureb 300 ^,")00 

Qi,niiHn FnitCAlAdl Xfrlliodi*! &(! 8,000 

Y*li?M. K 80 a.!WO 

Unmberlnpa Pmh*l«riAli l»W 110" B.WO 

Oriivc lurid — 

CcfigtvjfatJanal itliiLlanUl 18M U 9,800 

4 Mcibcxlint BplicoiMl . iWt «> a^OOO 

New Rutlubd : AdvcBtlkM 186A 40 1^000 

fgbriHiui ]«« 70 9JM 

't^nlbolLc 187a WO sjgo 

»„.,.,„ I Bapritt 1SS8 40 

*"'"*"' I MtJtb^dlrt. 1800 40 .... 

[Ctaitoik isao 1« 

OlLtaotlc^gt. Pathek'* Gi^odr&L... tSSO ^,000 TS^OOO 

Pniffatuit EvtugcUcAl IHOS 300 i.Hc 

rr>riEWgiUlnnji! 1000 HO 

MmiKidLsi Epla-opid , 200 13,000 

C»n^rcg«eloniU UW) £12 $l,OM 

Hi*|iiUi 1860 tia 3.500 

Pr.tu*4iAjii Epiat^apul I-SFJ fl,000 

I mtcrfitaial „ IBSD 40 

MoihiMi*! Gpifli.'i>pal iM-j— •- •*-- »0 

Hclbodbt EpEmiipfU ».. ... 1^^ 300 t.OOO 

BttiilUt J...***--.. l*»4 286 ie,fKH| 

C»lboU<i — , WW 5to 

Pr«»t>U]rlAiL WSft IflU 4.*xj 

Coojr*!jp»ltrtnal 1WB <5 S.lUXI 

OtTHmnfiilholJfr iMti no 

Ocrnmn I.utUr-ma _.^_,.... i»*flrt as ft,iM)(i 

E/BiitftOk-hil AuudkUon I«a7 8:> Jt.uuo 

V^iitcdBretbrcu 1876 ftJ 3,i)UU 


Liii1ivmn,«tNor«ftj 19IUCi^K4D0 4,000 

^iinnon _. IM4 40 HOO 

MlBiioD I.LJlhrruii -.,„,^,*,,. lH40C'iia*^**0 ".000 

PftAr^mnl Metliodlel IMfl ( An ^ v^ 

CtiurchbullilttttS^roinciTedioSburiiSu IBTO f *' ''^"^ 

UaiToraolm 1877 IS 1^00 

MHhodlai Kpiapopkl At Jjburj ..,. 1,S00 


.iUs^iuD lf3 isan. (:4iboU[:, ?^t. roLmB* { |^^ g ^^ ^ ^^ 

(•PtmC^SrvgatloQal IBHa ) 

Tbt Ptymoaiii CbuKh 18Wk 211 Sfi,(JOa 

Tho 'woTiiiltM.., „.. IffjO I 

Riifjtlm . ISII Z69 mow) 

ProiMUiiL KfilAmqwl - - iBHfi no 14,00<l 

rrc>b>ii(iniL I«flli 100 iri,<JOO 

Uctlidliil CfiLKDpil TBdO ^JO tC.OOO 

Gt-rman EvAnffcHcjU AifcicUllon IW 00 3^400 

ttl Kfjuicifl. i:vrui(iu t:ai[u>[iL' m^ 750 

nftriiiitn I^uihertn t8!kA Slk f onilllti 

Hopovrcll (-hapol, tfelcod BrMfann... 1806 l» 1,800 

Cfttholif? ind Gri-mtti Cnlbfklfe iMfJ ^,l>«U la^OU 

Mrm^lil K|iUr.i>tml __ IMA 40 3.300 

ItojnoTcd n> Tcra ItJiy, mnJc Coogie- 

pit^gn*]. .<JVfotibCi, 13,1300), ._. IQAS 70 10,000 


Hisiorif f^ La SaUr Oau-ntf/. 

OftlhoTlc. l^t. l^lHck'i IWI 

Hctliodlu BnlacoiMl .... 1 e«;i 

B»pUiii 18« 

Srppnrl. D*y AdvrntUu .. 1104 

Pivui-li Piuiratuuu 1^* 

UnJuEi 1 tmrdt-- - „.^. ItCT 

ITnticd Ilrulbreu, >*.-..••*•. «.■«.. 

Suuiti Ollilw*— 

I'rMlijrvrLMQ ISW 

Troy cJnwcp— , 

Gmnjiii C'»lIiHEv 

Lulbcron « , 



C*l!iolle ISBS 

11ft|)[1flt._._. OtT^ 

Venn[ll[«ii — 

ConBrrfAiimiHl .. .. . .,_ .... |ftS7 


Pmbylorlnn,. >. IWfi 


1.000 $] 
as . . 











Tba fi>llovLaf; 4ialnnont cf the AiKwrnent of real moA pvivQOAl 
vMnlc of La MalJc 10110;^ tor ir^TQ. nnd at Utc Ukca fi^r nil puipoK* 
UM*#«d tor thnr yvjif, i« ibv hruvaJ *ut4m«ai mHp hj II. A- Uc- 
Oslvb, Oo<unl)r Olvrk, utd U ^^irrct, bai in odc peinicuUr (Uet a 
rsry tm'neom ImpiYHilon <»r rhn raliie nT th* prdjiarry of Uri 
county. Tlia liiw ivqulren tliv nBK««iOn t« uit>B oil pTop«rtj »l 
MbchsL vata«, but ih« teridcticj !lu ct«r t>7Fii 19 fMfly rtin llw 
prfcc diittn. Mil Torthn yfnr li#rd (iivji it in icAro^ly !»0p«rC4ttL4f 
Ih* waI vnly«. Th* ««»-pd price of had tw ISTT b, tot Im- 
ptu'od l«Dd. 4^U.2it \tt-F tiem^ tor iiitlnt|tTcived» tlMnTS^ ATtnm*. 
i^4 7!<^ while ibcHPtiiHl viLlu«iiilufici< l(i<l- Jlon«« ATvnjcv tH33, 
]nut(^f4«,fE9. L-milr $\ym, sbrcii |3O0. bog* 03,14. plnaoi ^,&&. 
jwlururvntiB ftU •10- A fUnca ar thit Ma will mHb» ti BEifiJinviL 
Vktti iJifl np^rcgaui of tb« iwMfricd rAluHticQ obould b« do«bM M 


Aateatment and Tawen, 



1 , 1 |f ]i.piimn mm 1 1 ii 










HiH^yof La SaUe Connlff* 




,1:\ :: T1TTT 

S' ' J I [ M 1 1 ; I 
! : i t ; ■ t I : 

^ V 


' o ^ JT B^a 

^J-'-i :3e}^ H^O -j^*-' , ;_■ Jj -r^sftf ti ^S Iri 




Recapituiatioft nf liixf-t. 





•0,1 CM« 

1 tAl^M 

OffbtfrU'hw --,..«.....»»« 









r^i r: 140,437. ?a I tD.vf7.» iimtwii 




lalfRtf Rand, Tttakt 

Kat]r»4TfcB0i ..*»».*^«*,-*' 

fill H 


Its A 


Qtitanl IViafl 








Hiitoru of La ^xUe OowUy. 

3C Anoxic. 


OllATft r-immAPtlciy, Ko- 10 IMi 

Shtbuau CbflpU'r, >«. B7 1816 

OcRid^oml LatiKc^ A. Fk * A- Jl» No. « 

IlumWJt l^^r. A. P, 8i A. U., Na S.M 


SLJohDi L«l»»No. IS » ISIS 

Pvrtt CAiipif^r. R A. W.- I5M 

St. Jobn'K CumiiiLQiltfrjr IMT 

ManolUo Loa^. No, 417 


Ttwlos tA>d^. No. S44 18<I 

Blm- Lf»ag©, tf^, iWT ,,,,. 1868 

Chiller n. A-M.No. ]fifi.._ !«Ta 

BbprMan Lod^rr. Nt/, I^R •>■■■. l97S 

Tnor Onovt— 

IjpflTASiT — 

L<j*Viiit LoJgc, No. a« 

La Sallk^ 

AcbcIji Lod^, No, «T IMfi 

Oecnent Lodge, No. 304 

ComeAt Chapter, R A. H,« No. fit 19«0 

LtluidLodg*. NoiW - l»67 

Sflnwji lyfMljfe, No, Ml — .• — — ^, IMI 


Meridliui Lodge. No. 180.. ,*.*..*.,. 18M 

Hutlaoa Lodgi?, No. 477 

RutldDd Cbuplor, K. A M., Na lU \Wi 

N-^w Hntlan-1 Cloiindl, No-M. IBTI 

McndoUi LcxIbf, No. 1?* 

IfcudoinCluiptcr, Nlp, TV ,..*,•», 

XVDdola Cknintll, N" .:» 

lUlbtDy ComniaDiilvr}', No- 39,.... 



















Oil»«ft Lodge. No. 41. 
Llhrnry, MO toIjl 

T. O. O. r- 





^^^^f Lod{j€a and Societies, 

^^B OlUva JtnQHmpiucDl. N^. 33. , ...,•*■*•■<••.. 

«0 ^_^| 

i>7a **^^^H 

1S5H 35 ^M 

laa* ^M 

I«?3 10 ^1 
]«01 ^1 

40 ^^M 

^H -vtmti r,<Nls«. Na ami . 

^^H rkxoikoo Lodgc^ Ko. 1. Duugbtert of Rebecca- . 


r S«BHi(>A3 — 

^P tiWloU Lod^ 

^1 vncA- 

^K Victor Lodg<, No, W9 ,„ 


SUr of lioi>« Eticiiinpinoitt, No. 110 

fth*hnin l^rtg^H T*o SM 

^H MtaJ^jUl^Hle,;. No, A«fl 

^r SL Elmo J^gir, K, or p. N0. 7 


Uht&ry of La SaJIe Oounip. 

Gerinikn Bcocvolcm Society IM 

Peru Turn T^rrlH _._ 7* 

6L FBlrltl llcDtvolEniSooltfy >--- S* 

Putwr M^iilicjwT A S. *» 

B^jl^r r-ilrtk TaitpTD * 119 

Bfithen' i'urochifcl School 9DP 

Ac«dem^ hy Ibr ft4mc ../ 800 

l^cbool by Iht SLtu^rt vf ChArliy tW 

Hlbomtiia BcDCToloul doclciv.. _,,»„.,....... IM 

K.O.P 41 

A O. r. W._ 95 


». SlniitiM IxHfgc, No, IfiV, l.O, O.T. IflV W 

RoMof Kdcn--- - I«17 40 

KalliFJ M^i'lJkwT A. 9, M 

Cenknniul WIuf, So, U, A. O. ftt W 88 

N- l^ti<«i.jr l,odKc, A,O.0f U, W 


rftlhtiMatlhuvT- A.S 80 

Kaibi^r MarihewT. A. R . 41 

t^laivcJ Rock LoUgc L O- nt G, T. IftTT « 

A-0 V. w wn «4 

HondolB Brnovokiit dcicJclj... 60 

MeodoUTuntcrf 00 

lBd«pendeni Onler G. T^, EFa 116. OA 

SiMTmiple, Nci. «, U. O, A. T- 81 

HfilKibbooCIyli ,_ IHH 300 

Mcnituin Oa*»iiio. .,,•...,,.•...,,...*...>..».. *0 
XfuJvta tibrBtr AwoclBtl^fii, I.HO ti^, vd- 

do*ed liy Wm. CInrD*. W^ 



Ttic Vltfieoii OlMi Co. DiAiiufBctur* KbjWKl dO rer-l 

l>frbai * TT $114,000 


[1>A- >pflltcr knnri«.11]r 400,000 

Tho ore itbrouiEhl froui WUcontin a-nd Hiiwoiiri- 
McD cmplofcd^ ^OU. Tlio cob! It oblMbtd from a 



AhifioTi the nnunUva. Thpy coMune 100 loiiftmr 
ilmf. Tlipy hnyv a icilUnjj-iiill] for ttiiiDuftcumag 


LtkSBlloZiucUo, mAaiifftcluN 8,000,000 ]h».«r«luir 



iwruscum 1335.000 

Tb«j of-uuma 50 uma cokI nor dajr- 

Rnh^ri L«nfftn A Co '« Xinc writbn m#l# ttih rf 

■iKtipr dttlj-. or 1,000.000 lU. aniiuaUr, wurtti tkbuui . 

auJ rQDiiuini- Z!t luun of i.'OaI |-ci iU/. 
Tbt inirmftfjiurt vf cijc*^ »rt"li. dvurt, b1jftj«« wid 

bcor.wkll ftmoaut 1o maar llioumiijd- 

Pitu £ Co. inAniifhii?litr<i thr4>bhiEi|t mtchlnw- ^-^ 

Adbnuv fMCrli'u'turvl implL-menin. .....,...,,,,,,.,,._ Ult.OOO 

Young ^ Co.. [ifttHrr - 80,000 


ffvat^rn CoUaiEu OfffAD Co. luruoot 600.000 

DoD«liuo A Muddca, vacant, foimdrjr. tU* — 95.000 

HMtlfig* & Co,, wa^uUH in J cirrtigu, .. 7, GOO 

n«ani*ry'« BfTWi*ry ., fiO.OOO 

H«adnu I.iQMadUJI Worki, CftpiLf Ity TTi.OOU bit. nf iwiil. 

GIjim wofki inaniifAi^iurr. In valua.,,,........ .._... JSO.UOO 

[>rraui4um. Tbct coijitjaia b.OJO loo* of cool. £!!^ 

loiMaoda ksb, K.^OOiooh of swid, S tona of ■r'l^nir^ 

mploT 150 boDdB, 1,000 t>bli. of tiffic, and %ir>,iM< 

fffot of turabi*r fjT boiM- 
riUnnii STAH'ti TnCUtfJ vnnMVtitP fnom lOO.lXiO to 

:j50,c«)0 [>ij ci( L^iittititt nnniun, and luro oui 1,000 

]1». hiBii |j lUily vthca runn^oi; 
Kiajc & lUmiUoa t}iiLni)r»lurc %^ttB CUllWalore aod 

corn sLcLlcrs to ttic nmoaol of_,.. 400,000 

t}<io. W- Uii^f, iiLftnofacturflr of furniluro 1H),000 

Ha]f#rbor«i. jil^TV'v *nd iUlltvttot* 4C,00O 

Tlw catnafiiiTiDrr fikf uLtiWy, tu^. iloon, and bllDdi, 

piimpii, «ilr . «m niuOQrit Uj 70,000 


The IlUaol* Zinc Co. lOAao^racturc 1,000,000 Ib& of 

•peller AnnutLlv, uid ci?riaumc 60 t->Tu of coal daliy tOO,000 
The firm of Bww»(*^r, KriM A Co. manuf«cliJr« pZowi, 

culitvAton. tir , t^iht itmouoi erf _ 800.000 

Th« hiLflin^u of ib« Prnj Konadr)'. llnmntr A 'Haov. 

■mounUl*!. -- 40.000 

ThQ maiiufjtctore uf becc ^Diouula to oier lOO barrvU 


Tbo ptoducllon of livdrktilic lim« ib 75.000 lfLd&. worilt . 1 10,000 
Stt»rmHpipc!<«iao,oUir«ei. wonii sejioo 

Drft^tilTIr son. 000 rr»(, wnnii S2.000 


Htstory t^ La Satitt Cotirtlff, 

LibAU.K CocaTT. duimto rKH AVKtllt- 

T^fUtlft . -- . . 

UOr*. hy Jn^ Hhrk A Sun 

" bj Gllbcn 


Pcra,D«f> W«r«hou>« 

" ToLlOff't WaivboUB« ,«.... 

« BkwIcSilI*'* Wnrc'bfriiid 

OlUvii, fifi>f]U|rM HhE|hriiiifit . 
OlUwH CcizQ ^Ukii:b Cu. canitime 

SctieiiLL -.,.,.,_ 

Hniie»m ,....,. 

Ward ,.„„ 

Toui^-K _ „ 

liosun !-,_,-# •...., 4.,...,- 

WiDifni \ Buppiwtd 1o In thcl 

p ro imrUon fiom LaS«1lo t 

N«w Kxjtlpbil. \ *up|>o«Ml to 1)0 ( 

BbendftD ,.,_..,.-. ...... 

ftertni-- . . 


Gntn\ Hld^M-., 

Strvaiur — ,. 



Mvriden ....,.,., 


Bnnrtw^rli (oiut-bblfy. , 

Suuiwuauk ■' ,..__ . 

GarfldJ, MunnUE', Dj\ylicm,,.,.._, 






















300 wio 


ToiaU .5.,„ t^iit o,ao^aa5 

iSnm Seed fftwf a la Coiaiity» tOt);000 bmlidi. 













Amountnf Con! raiifid aX. LaJ^Uk tii^I PWru. .^Oi)h<V>? Ino* BOnuiilij. 
- " Uit^kpciJ iftta Suosi-^r. a*l0,<W " 


Arrtrat */ Swt£« at OttatOL 



Ic» Cul— MoCiu^ick. ft3.0DUloa«, 

" tiui« Jb LtiomU U,OCH> ■' 

" OtberboQiw* ,.,, , St.OOri " 

*• Virki-buTf Co. - 15,0W " 

Ai ufiHiio aajfino - 

Total Hfi rvm Ahil LafiiilJ« i... W,OUO li»«. 


tCOiK LUO. IMtl, ItEC 

Quit a3,m W,4i5 4:nj63 uij;o 

Coontr of LaS«U«, &,»« n.aiD 


Bluck 4. 

Lot 7 


BLuvk lOk 



Blook n. 

S, iLoi9 


Block «, 

Loi a 


Block tS. 



Block IT. 

Lot 9, 


Block rJ. 

L»E U 


tilock 11, 

». * Lot 9> 



Lou 4< 5, 1) 


Biork 13. 

Lot 9, 


Loifi. Block II, ombroEftt Ibc X. ^ of the B.p1dvof ihc 3quu«« 
loi 6, Block 2, «Lnhru:ifi iha ft ^ of th4: W. »1di? cjf thi? ^a*rv. 
Tli» price lor Lut& wii» fl'J CMh hili] |16C<iunij ordfin- 


To *bow iht juiwmjit ot tijtt tf&dc iu iLe oldon Unw Ihc IbUow 
1^ anfvdl of r\vaj hoAii m Oiiaw« N liuerwd : 

DAtR. no AT. CJO^AUl. 

jaSSIt €clobpr 16. Th* Tfiv^lPr 

><l8n,Aphl4. Tbc CftniUnr 

19S8, .Ttnuiry 14, KTrliangn ,,........ 

" Julys. Eii;hufc 

" Julj la t:ic1iADE0 

^^^ IMS 








ilUtory of Ija Sai/e Counts/^ 


^H " Apd) 















AJrATflilv . . . 
RovolutloQ .. 

PraiTk Bird 

Undfl To!>i»7 
AvftJtiirlir. . 

TiiiHilion , . . . 

|{i>ir. ^^1 
HnJL ^H 

nut ^H 

Bfooln ^H 
Rtdor. ^J 

lUuvki. 1 
t>*Tin>. 1 

I^yCADt 1 

Kyd*r. J 


Uoar«- ^^H 

DorUr. 1 
D4^WltL 1 

^•nc*«i 1 

ll/dof J 


niiL 1 

KydflT. 1 

Prftirlfl »1rd 
1 It •* 

Alvvndo. . . 



TljnolEod ,.. 
Fnifia Bird. 
A3T»r»do . , 
Ai«Uiii^he . 
Oucua W»vo 
nau'l BiillmA 


TlmolioD --- 

RcTolLitloit . 

■^ ■■ 





PomoDB (Butluid) . 

^^H DUmond 1 
^H Grand Rap 

, 3fl 


Dut.,. SO 
. . 4*i 

Tniitu M 1 

OttUtOiud ViSaffe^. 



Tbete aro fvc dlitn laLnBiillc coaiitj, d-rc bccirpomicd tilUgc*, 
Mill lea Dtbcr rnnjpUicrntit^? invrnx ami railrrM^l ttikilf jus. 

Onmwa woA ptnUixl by tiEuUi nuthurUy mid roconlvil «l 
Feoria, t]i<^ a tlic coant/ at^l. D?<vinbcr (h, iSUO. la 1S30 U bccMu^ 
a Tlllngp, villi timlrtd tnimlt^ipiil pan<7, mcl rntdi- 1. rUy Iky facial 
a<i <»f ihi: Lt'pUMurv in ItU&y, Wdi. Jlicklbjc ncs cjiu llisC mnyor. 
In ISTA OlUwa pcKcd l.W it>tc!SH inJ iau»l cQaiiLl[j Mtaly lO.DOd 
pM>plc. TtiA popnlAltod of Otuwi tt iba bat D«nid«vfti «boui 

tjif^k bMftmn mh tnponuit plnri>, Tn if!i1lUAii to iu nmunil 
loctttioD *od Tf«ourcnf, bjlht dcvUlon of ibciriintc«cif ihdlllnoii 
ftBd Kldilgnn CoaoL, pUL^ng tEiv itiuiiaiiLirjii ttt Uiu i:Kniil, or in 
jUBClton wllh llii? lUlnoUfirtr. wilhlD il4 IhuiU, in LASA, In IRflT 
tLe town «ju UB oul;aiid Ificorpomred * chy in !Bo^. la 1@TG 
LaFfellA |iq1Im1 1.1M VDt««; tlii« wouia todkntQ from G,0€0 m 1,000 

Pc^u vol trtt flurrcycd and pfuurd by llir vctiool commlMioD' 
nr* In IftU, TUa KfiiHWii HiUlli^kfi niLt pljillcd anil t^^ot^IM by T< 
D' Bnwflter in 16^34^ t-mbmcinf meat of ihc liLilncM pari cf tbo 
town. PciQ vu lucoqtUfAtcd AiUy lo Mvivli, i9Al. T, [>, Ilff^vt^ 
t«r««« ib^ Antmayrir Vnrii |]oll*d la It^lVI^ W^, and Use populo^ 
lion tnut b? «b<>ui S,OC0- 

Mcttdotn WHM EiiHiU' :iii inninnirtfind itfvn \\i 1*.">I, wlih J. H. 
Adanuiu i^nrnMorilol llw Board wf Truitvcn El ia'jib mcidi) ft city 
in M»n:b. IfiCT. Boyd Lowe wm tbc fltit moyor VolD iu IHA, 
9TS. inJlcnthig av,-r IVOOO |>n|iuUiEoii. 

Karl^illc «tka ninile in iaij-tjriADl C<>muk«rciBl jHtlnl immi-dUUly 
ftff<* tL< <«mpli3tiifri M ibc railrond ia 16CU, a coiiioiniloD. nllb 
nmiklLid po«ur, U teOU, nnd n dly In tflTT. J. .1. Hijcd k ntajor 

Lctind wiu Gurrcycii a^d lb« lowu |>lkl r«conJvU in 1853. *nd 
callrd ^'liiU'flHd. »n(i Ibi' tUlJcu imuttd TTiTcrly, but LcUnJ 
«teninft]]y b^niitU! ibe only numc. H wu mcnipnrtud a vllUgc In 

IaM«u1 kv Uid aul iu ISOl. and iucLirputbti'd a tilU^ m tSAT^ 
K*w Rnllund wa< EurvcyocJ biid ilic pUl rcfonted in IMADl 
A^nc^ik voD firf Li liTDc c]kn<'il ('rt>llrH Trom Jcmniab Ctotty whi> 
uttl llictuttu tl was lucur[MMUd ou ■ vlllaue In 1^4^ 


History <^ La SaUe Oounly^ 

Gtrcalor vm tflld out to iHT, adJ tbCorporaW a TilUfe l« 1894. 
T( jiotta abuui IjCK^ toih*, khO ijiliu Imvv 4.O00 peojil*. 

StieridAQ WW Md out in UTl, J9«i »(Ut Ubd oompJcitkui of Fox 
RlvcF lUlln^O. 

iTUniiWM Iftlilont in lA.'i9.flii<1 ti«H \\»i^ Mfrrcral >4iUdOM,ta4 
WMm&doaiHltagolD 1307, 

TooICA wan ItlJ out tj> A- J^ VTi^l £u 14S3. &uJ tocoriH>rftl«<l • 
vMlftfce Hvvcml yvun since. 

QikTtclJ, MujDtcr, D^kQih. Danoot Wixlros, Sar^tu. Aftd Gnnd 
Rldfc, Arc All nUlnjftd Uiwiiu ^Giug L^ijuiiOcrAblti boilovaL. Md 


lo P«Vnipty. 1S44, W W CilkiTid mil On. Pncl aa4 Oibb« AMI 
ia Dr Paara oiUcc. o-diI coEiHiiltcil ki to the propriety of orieutUtas 
B gvukuglrut iiudrl>- Or L. IT EJiniirjlrt utrl J, W, rxILliu i^mm la 
tUcif iiid, and b/ i uaiU<(l ^iTun rvcuro<J tLrr foUouinif nMii«il p«r- 

W. W Cji»fcin(. Dr John Piul, l>r A. K Olhh<. Dr. I, N nim. 
mkb, Ja<. W. Calkini, C->1, D. P. BiU, D, S, Bb«r«oL Dr, C. Hard, 
Dr, K ^I. MfTArtliur, L. £, Olbbt, Dftrld Wnlkcr. W. Davtudl. Rrv. 
C. H. IT^ro*, W, H ruMZimtn, John a |Eic«, F- K BTO«r««, TtUMnai 
OncA, Col. Italph Plumb. M fii/kinlriok, I3«>j CamrbfH, QO'i. d. 
S«fbUEii«ftntl J. [), C^Lon. InMnnib, tSdO, Lbcy pcrfecieiJaaotgafil- 
xfltion byulocim|{ Dnvli WnlkAr, rroald«nl; L K, Glbb«. Vk«^l*r«<L< 
dtDl , Dr C. Hurd, i*<ji;*?ad VcflPreeHcnt . W- W, Ga^fcint, Boo- 
ruury. In |8fiT, Or, John P^iil vmr cIlh:!**! rrv»Ei:)eiJlL Cul. D. F. 
Uiit, Vlov Pr«*1ilant. Itt 1HU0, W. W, C'lUkiiia vu madi Hrcalderii. 

Lectures U&VQ bvrti ^hf u by J. D^ Cut'.iu un llii? Aiutnt fci> Dwi. 
and Oflffin of tbn PmlHcs ; ttit Krub Wuur stw^i of L% ftiib?. bj 
W. W. ColhidH ; PraT. JdUh W. Cook, of Knglund ; Pf^. W. Gun- 
ctQic, or Cnmbri^lKi^ ; Jud^c OlIutAan'aDd vAhan^ U ISm Ui* 
Society laElcrcc] a Hvcrc ]o» in the doaib of Or. Jobn Paoi, ■ mo«i 
^DOTfoik and vjih^nblc ivoclii^r for IbcActdoiay. £)- tv Ebcraol v^a 
olootod Pn;»ldeai In 1^3, imd Jitlli wicaplco ibal pmbloit. 

Ottawa Academf/ &f NoXutal Sciencfs^ TA9 

Tbo A<udomx tiv a Ur^ aixi ralaabk colleci.ica) of ipecimcna ia 
tbc aQTcn] dcpnTtmcnu of miCiirml »cltnc9, oiMtly iJonALttiim frnok 
lUfoamtwrBRDdolhiTn, Exchanfca«uu1i1onallODfl«i«*olidt«[l, Th« 
niiaHdi lA »p«]D t^ lb« puhlki ho<I moat vuluiiblii r^mlu will iprlsjc 

K Ijuto foi ciEuml flokncfl Iibb bi>«D foALcrvd hry tbU tnAtUatkin, lad 
Ibo nibjcct hiu rccclviKl more uicolioit in li» S&1U Cotiotf, ujd 
(bere kre more i>iii%W citbiucui iikiIihIiIj iliaa lu nnj urtirr ^pttkoa 


HisioTf/ ^ La SaUe Cbuniff. 


Th<* present status of ta SaUe County, ite popu- 
lation, wvaUli, munit fnctuniig in<lii»irry, produccion«T 
ijiiQcalional inslituiions, chnrcli or^gHnizntioD^, be- 
Df^Vi.»1ei]C niul}i»*r nF^^uirmlioiiKf jiivrtrtiLH a fiUtirr^ 
of wblrh mudk older oi>nimQDlli«s might vrell be 
pirmil, (^nly nliont fifty y^ir?* Imv*? p:tv>'Hl t^mtv it 
waa llrflt ocrupied by American citisetis — and twenty 
ycoraf of that wns consumed in the tir^t Itiird expo- 
enrp of pioneer lire, under the old rt-pimen, wh«rc 
the modL-m ruilroacL nud tcti-'graph wore unknown ; 
dT in battling with financial emhanaasinetilt^ whioli, 
for inteoHity, have no pamlkl in onrcountry'e his- 
tory. ThotrO who remviiibor thf^n— nnd now — and 
can from memory contrast the comfort, int«Ulgene«^ 
educfitional facilities, churches, proctH^tion of law, 
recreations, and social enjoymiTnis of lO'day, wUh 
the seclusion, hardship, aickuess, dangers Crom the 
filEm&l'H :iTid fnuilii^r liarulif^f mid Itn- (linroiiifortJS of 
poverty then, vau but. be &rii?i/ed At the siicceffii of 
thtjirowii rfl'i^Tl*, Taking lK>t1i town nud f'Oiintrj'« 
the cfaftnge haa been morfi radical and coniplt*<e 
than in an}' conuiry, not n pnuri<? rt^ginn. 

Within that time, the Indian, yielding to his d«9- 
tiny* lm:< toilowt^d the bufftilo, which left ye-ar» 
before. Till' derr have rollowvd (h*> Indian. Ktch 
the birds have rhan;;ed. The wild bittern, ibe ear* 
lew, plovf?r ond g:rotiBe, which niad^* tlie prairie 
pocal with r heir harsh notes, bare nearly all left; 
and the sinking bird^, which fraqoMii an older 
settled country, have t^en their place, and cheer 
[tK with the f»weet tioiig« we Iov(>d w> wt^ll in th«i 



d»ye or our yotitb, far awny amonji^ iHe hilt^ of the 
Seat, and South. Ther praJrle graas. and wild yet 
beautiful fiowcr^ luLVe h^en suocit'dL-d by cultivitttd 
forma, wuvtuj; liclds vt grain and gruKs; (rrchitrdo, 
yearly Inden with luadoua frnit, have eproBg up on 
«^vi*r>- Ihmi, riv-AliDg; or t^x€«lling thoitc tliu emigrant 
left in. tht' land of lii^ birth. Belte and grores of 
Umbar, brook nod temper tlioprairiowind* and^re 
variety and bt^auty U* th>* land-scaj^H*. Ilifrdt* and 
Hocks f%tt«ii where th^ Indian pursued LigRiime. and 
theflcrt^mor ttw eagh?, ih^^ whoop of rhv cranv, 
and croak of the raven, have ceased, and the crow- 
ing STid g}d>bi<? of Ihr jHiuHry yiinl liavo Uik«a tboir 
jjta<ceL The bloo^u of the y^Uow wild llowf^n* of 
August, are DO lortgtT divadM as the haibinger of 
Um annual rt-turn of prostrating and painful agm-, 
and other HickntJftH. The callow and biliouH du'ekn 
of the eorly aottlcrs arc now n^prcsL-nt^d by (rusher, 
blooming coiinu*nauci'?, and rosy hejilEh. Com- 
forLabk\ and even lusiu'ious dwdlingH, e^attered 
over all the prairie, replaoo the humble cnbiti that 
Bdscled in the edge of the grov^^d. Capacious barn^, 
fi]l<yd with tho ncL products of an (.^haufitlese boU, 
^t&nd for the loj^ stable, rail crib, and 8tack yard, 
thai held the hard-i>sirn9d wealth of th^ pioneer 
Ttiv travi-h^r mo^'ts at a corn«r of evi^ry ai-ctlon, a 
n^i and conuuodiouH Bchool-house, where all the 
youth i^au drink at the fonnrain of knowb-rlgi^ 
witliout money or [irice ; and ovrt the entirv t'ounty 
ho can scarcely g«t beyond the vmw of th« eburcli 
Hpln% whi^m forty ymtrs ;igo In* might hav« liKtt hiin> 
aelf on the irai'k1t*iu prairie, with no building or 



fffst*>rp tif La Salk Counijf. 

landmark to guide bim on tii8 way. W here tl>e toil of 
tfaftearly sutttvr^ boroly supplied food for tho tncom^ 
iiiK immifcrame, or ihe ox wa^on wended its slow 
and weaiy way over tlie lonely prairi**, to a mai'kM 
a hundn^ jii\U'9 away, wUh the snrptDa producu 
of tbe county, the \ong mlroad tnimt^ follow viMjch 
othvT in nipSd TfucOLTr^tfiou, fn-(glih^ -with th*^ annual 
[)rodiict of tht< labor of evenly thousand people t 
more than doubled by Uw improved fann imptf 
mmtlA, whSi'b our i^b'an tflfll ami IftVfJ surfafit* ha 
r^]^ into exiatence. Millions of bualielsof graiii| 
und tbouscinds of fattt^ncd swinf? and cattle, ycorl 
aeek theEanti^ni (»r Southern markfht^, where, forty 
yeflitt flinre, the Katit and the Soulh sent food to our 
people. The contrast is startling, and most grati- 
fying to tliodi' who hrire liYed to **ee it, and th<?y mn 
oniy wiah that those of the pioneers who tmro 
paeecd away, and lik« th© great leader of 
WAr& not permitted n^ s^e tbe full fruition of till 
hope*, lai^hi Jiave boon sparvd to rejoice in the 
resbll of their tolL 

If in less than Imlf a ct^nliiry, under all iIm* di*-" 
advantages that havt^ attended Ihe opening of 
n«:^w country, nil vtf the8<* ri^ulu hnvt^ bet^n pi 
diKT^rl, what may b« anrid|iat^d in the fnture^ 
Wb&t will La Salle Oonnt}' be, fifty or a hundred 
yv4in* h^nrr. Of in i\u'- more diAlant ftitTiret Uow 
many intelll|;ent, virtuous and patriotic people 
will HT4? for a high and noblo di.*4Uny within her 
borders i Thoiw who have made tlie county what it 
is, will soon hav« passed away; thoy loavearlo] 
inhehtatio*; to tho^' who will follow, and it renmij 
for poatehiy to solve the problem of the fatur^.