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Digitized by the Internet Arciiive 
in 2009 






Volume I 


of the 



of the 






and the 




and the 



Volume I 

Held at 


April 21-May 4, 1968 

Edited by 

EMERSON D. BRAGG, Secretary E.U.B. Church General 

J. WESLEY HOLE, Secretary The Methodist Church Gen- 
eral Conference 

CHARLES D. WHITE, Secretary The Uniting Conference of 
The United Methodist Church and General Conference of 
The United Methodist Church 



This certifies that the following pages constitute the 
Official Journals of the Last Session of the General Con- 
ference of The Evangelical United Brethren Church, the 
Last Session of the General Conference of The Methodist 
Church, and the Uniting Conference of The United Meth- 
odist Church, and the General Conference of The United 
Methodist Church, held at Dallas, Texas, April 21-May 4, 
1968, including the Officers, Personnel, Commissions, Com- 
mittees, Representatives on Boards and Commissions that 
acted during the Conferences, or elected by them, proceed- 
ings of business, communications, and other matter ordered 
printed by The General Conference. 

The General Conference Secretary 
The United Methodist Church 




Title Page iii 

Certificate of Journal iv 

Table of Contents v 

Our Hosts, Commission on Entertainment, 1968 vii 

Our Local Dallas Hosts ix 

Offices and Meeting Places x 

Board of Bishops of EUB Church 1 

Council of Bishops The Methodist Church 1 

Conference of Methodist Bishops 3 

The Judicial Council 4 

Secretaries of the General Conferences 5 

Officers and Committees, 1968 Uniting Conference 

OF Methodist Church and EUB Church 6 

Secretarial Staff 7 

Ballots and Tellers 7 

Standing Administrative Committees 12 

Interjurisdictional Committee on Episcopacy ... 16 

Personnel of the Uniting Conference 22 

Alphabetical List of Delegates 108 

Alphabetical List of Reserve Delegates 130 

Standing Legislative Committees (membership) . . 152 

Plan of Organization 182 

Rules of Order 197 

Episcopal Address 

To the EUB Conference 208 

To THE Uniting Conference 216 

EUB General Conference 

Monday, April 22, 1968, Morning 259 

Afternoon 297 

Special Session 323 

Methodist General Conference 

Monday, April 22, 1968, Morning 325 

Uniting Conference 

First Day, Tuesday, April 23, Morning 353 

Second Day, Wednesday, April 24, Morning 396 

Third Day, Thursday, April 25, Morning 416 

Evening 444 

Fourth Day, Friday, April 26, Morning 461 

Evening 487 

Fifth Day, Saturday, April 27, Morning 506 

Afternoon 532 

Sixth Day, Monday, April 29, Morning 547 

Afternoon 566 

Evening 586 


Seventh Day, Tuesday, April 30, Morning 601 

Afternoon 616 

Evening 634 

Eighth Day, Wednesday, May 1, Morning 650 

Afternoon 666 

Ninth Day, Thursday, May 2, Morning 686 

Afternoon 714 

Evening 749 

Tenth Day, Friday, May 3, Morning 778 

Afternoon 803 

Evening 830 

General Conference, The United Methodist 
Saturday, May 4, 1968, Morning Session 874 

Appendix 893 

I. Communion Service, Order of Worship .... 895 

II. Vote of Constitutional Amendments .... 906 

III. Decisions of Judicial Council of 

The Methodist Church 911 

IV. Decisions of Interim Judicial Council .... 949 
V. Devotional Addresses and Sermons 979 

VI. Reports of Administrative Committees . . . 1054 
VII. Reports of Standing Legislative 

Committees 1223 

VIII. Reports to Evangelical United Brethren 

Church General Conference 1567 

IX. Reports to Uniting Conference 1714 

X. Index 1877 



Editor's Note : These addresses are as they were at the 1968 Conference 
(Italics denote ministers, other than bishops) 





Chairman: J. Otis Young, 1661 North Northwest Highway, Park 
Ridge, 111. 60068. 

Vice-Chairman: (Facilities) Norman L. Conard, 1200 Davis St., 
Evanston, 111. 60201. 

V ice-Chairman: (Program) A. G. Jefferson, Allied Arts Bldg., Lynch- 
burg, Va. 24505. 

V ice-Chairman: Paul V. Church, 601 West Riverview, Dayton, Ohio 

Secretanj: J. Wesley Hole, 5250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, 
Calif. 90029. 

Central Jurisdiction 

A. C. Epps (Georgia), 181 Ashby S.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30314. 
Thurman L. Dodson (Washington), 626 Third St., N.W., Washington, 
D. C. 20001. 

North Central Jurisdiction 

J. Otis Young (Ohio), 1661 North Northwest Highway, Park Ridge, 

111. 60068. 
Henry V. Loeppert (Rock River), 9523 Ridgeway Ave., Evanston, 111. 


Northeastern Jurisdiction 

William H. Alderson (New York), 131 Astoria Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 

Frank E. Baker (Philadelphia), 2000 Philadelphia National Bank 

Bldg., Philadelphia, Penn. 19107. 

South Central Jurisdiction 

Irving L. Smith (Oklahoma), 4€0 West Seventh Street, Stillwater, 

Okla. 74074. 
Carl C. Hall (Little Rock), 46 Edgehill St., Little Rock, Ark. 72207. 

Southeastern Jurisdiction 

Robert C. Holmes (Florida), P. 0. Box 2688, Lakeland, Fla. 33803, 
A. G. Jefferson (Virginia), Allied Arts Bldg., Lynchburg, Va. 24505. 

Western Jurisdiction 

Norman L. Conard (Oregon), 1200 Davis St., Evanston, 111. 60201. 
Marion Walker (Southern California-Arizona), 2751 Poll Street, 
Ventura, Calif. 93003. 


Secretary, General Conference: J. Wesley Hole (Southern California- 
Arizona), 5250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90029. 
Treasurer, General Administration Fund: Don A. Cooke (Florida), 
1200 Davis St., Evanston, 111. 60201. 


Evangelical United Brethren 

Paul V. Church (Illinois), 601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406. 
Cawley H. Stine (Eastern), 601 W. Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 

E. Craig Brandenburg (Indiana South), 601 W. Riverviev/ Ave., 

Dayton, Ohio 45406. 


Executive: Young, Conard, Jefferson, Hole, Church, Cooke, Hall, 

Program: Jefferson, Smith, Alderson, Young, Bishop H. R. Heininger, 

Bishop Paul Milhouse. 
Facilities: Conard, Hall, Loeppert, Holmes, Cooke, Young, Walker, 

Church, Stine, Brandenburg. 
Finance: Baker, Dodson, Hole, Cooke, Conard, Young, Church. 
Badges: Hall, Loeppert, Cooke, Young, Church. 
Fraternal Delegates: Holmes, Alderson, Jefferson, Bishop H. R. 

Distribution of Material: Alderson, Holmes, Walker, Brandenburg. 
Seating Arrangements : The Officers. 



Operational Executive Committee 

Honorary Chairman Bishop Kenneth W. Pope 

Honorary Chairman Bishop Noah W. Moore 

President Avery Mays 

Vice-President and Executive Director James H. Stev^^art 

Honorary Vice-Chairman J. G, Owens 

Secretary and Legal Counsel William E. Collins 

Treasurer and Chairman Finance Committee ... Eugene McElvaney 

Chairman Arrangements — Equipment Division Ira Galloway 

Chairman Entertainment Division Charles G. Cullum 

Chairman Housing and Registration Division J. Russell Smith 

Chairman Program Division Robert E. Goodrich, Jr. 


Auditorium John Brand 

First Aid Ralph M. Shannon 

Post Office Kenneth Dickson 

Ushers, Pages and Badges Gordon D. Casad 

Secretarial Personnel Laaden Smith 

Press Jack McGee 

Radio and Television John Rasmussen 

Communion Service Tom Shipp 

Music Lloyd Pfautsch 

Preaching and Pulpit Assignment Bob Middlebrooks 

Reception Joseph B. Rucker 

Women's Activities Mrs. Wm. H. Dickinson, Jr. 

Friendship Center Mrs. H. Frank Townsend 

Transportation and Sightseeing T. Herbert Minga 

Coffee Hour Scott McDonald 

Hotel Reservations Alsie H. Carleton 

Other Housing Walter Underwood 

Registration and Information Bill Stephenson 


Arrangements and Equipment Elvin Geiser 

Program Bob Moxley 

Entertainment Pierce Allman 

Housing and Registration Leighton Farrell 

Finance R. B. Brawner 


Arrangements and Equipment Zan W. Holmes, Jr. 

Program Mrs. Hovirard Grimes 

Entertainment William H. Dickinson, Jr. 

Housing and Registration I. B. Loud 

Finance R. B. Brawner 




Evangelical United Brethren Church Auditorium Theater 

The Methodist Church Crystal Ball Room, Baker Hotel 


The Uniting- Conference Auditorium Arena 

First Floor 

Chapel Exhibit Area 

Council of Secretaries Historical Display Exhibit Area 

Daily Christian Advocate Sales Exhibit Area 

Friendship Lounge Exhibit Area 

Publishing House Sales Exhibit Area 

Second Floor 

Bishops Room 1 

Bishops' Wives Room 2 

Ushers' Headquarters Room 3 

Recording Room 4 

First Aid Room 5 

Information South Concourse 

Registration South Concourse 

Ti-ansportation South Concourse 

Third Floor 

Press, Television and Radio Rooms 11-12 

Post Office Room 13 


Second Floor 

General Conference Session The E.U.B. Church . Auditorium Theater 

Uniting Conference Secretary Room 200 

Secretarial Pool Room 201 

Recording Typists Room 202 

Judicial Council Room 203 

Joint Commission Room 204 

Legislative Committee "Conferences" Room 205 

Council of Secretaries Room 206 

Called Meeting Room Room 207 

Overseas Delegates Services 

Transportation Room 208 

Itineraries Room 209 

Third Floor 

Treasurer's Office Room 300 

Commission on Entertainment and Program Room 301A 

Local Committee Room 301B 

Council on World Service and Finance Room 302 

Daily Christian Advocate and Publishing House Room 303 


No. 1 Christian Social Concerns Statler Hilton Hotel, 

Embassy Ball Room 

No. 2 Conferences Auditorium, Theater Bldg., Room 205 

No. 3 Education Baker Ho^el, Texas Room 


No. 4 Lay Activities and Temporal Economy Adolphus Hotel, 

Civic II 

No. 5 Membership and Evangelism Sheraton-Dallas Hotel, 

Austin Room 

No. 6 Ministry Adolphus Hotel, The French Room 

No. 7 Missions Adolphus Hotel, The Rose Room 

No. 8 Pensions Sheraton-Dallas Hotel, Travis Room 

No. 9 Publishing Interests Baker Hotel, Banquet Rooms 1-2-3 

No. 10 Hospitals and Homes Statler Hilton Hotel, Silver Room 

No. 11 Interdenominational Relations and 

Activities Adolphus Hotel, Civic III 

No. 12 Judicial Administration and 

Enabling Acts Baker Hotel, Windsor Room 

No. 13 Local Church Statler Hilton Hotel, Room 302 

No. 14 Ritual and Orders of Worship Statler Hilton Hotel, 

Mustang Room 







President: Bishop R. H. Mueller. 
Vice-Preside7it : Bishop H. R. Heininger. 
Secretary : Bishop J. Gordon Howard. 


Heininger, H. R., 122 West Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 55404. 
Herrick, Paul M., 601 West Riverview Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45406. 
Howard, J. Gordon, 900 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, Penn. 15221. 
Kaebnick, H. W., Third and Reily Sts., Harrisburg, Penn. 17102. 
Milhouse, Paul W., 6342 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 61413. 
Mueller, R. H., 1401 Castle Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227. 
Sparks, W. Maynard, 2227 23rd Ave., Sacramento, Calif. 95822. 


Epp, George E., 332 Eastgrove Rd., Riverside, 111. 60546. 


President: Bishop Donald H. Tippett. 
Vice-President: Bishop Eugene M. Frank 

Secretary: Bishop Roy H. Short, 1115 South Fourth St., Louisville, 
Ky. 40203. 


Allen, L. Scott, 906 Douglas Ave., So., Nashville, Tenn. 37204. 

Alton, Ralph T., 803-804 Tenney Bldg., Madison, Wis. 53703. 

Andreassen, Harry P., Caixa Postal, 68-c — Luanda, Angola, Poi't. W. 

Barbieri, Sante Uberto, Casilla 5296, Correo Central, Buenos Aires, 

Booth, Newell S., 3 Riverside Office Center, 2101 N. Front St., Harris- 
burg, Penn. 17110. 

Chen, W. Y., China. 

Copeland, Kenneth W., 2641 N. 49th St., Lincoln, Nebr. 68504. 

Corson, Fred Pierce, 1701 Arch St., Philadelphia, Penn. 19103. 

Dodge, Ralph E., Box 1319 Kitwe, Zambia, Africa. 

Ensley, F. Gerald, 395 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215. 

Finger, H. Ellis, Jr., Room 104, 4304 Harding Rd., Nashville, Tenn. 

Frank, Eugene M., 55 Plaza Square, St. Louis, Mo. 63103. 

Galloway, Paul V., 723 Center St., Little Rock, Ark. 72200. 

Garber, Paul N., The Methodist Bldg., 1307 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh, 
N. C. 27605. 

Garrison, Edwin R., 502 Capitol Bldg., Aberdeen, S. D. 57401. 

Golden, Charles F., 1908 Grand Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37203. 

Goodson, W. Kenneth, 1801 Sixth Ave., N., Birmingham, Ala. 35203. 

2 Journal of the 1968 Ge^ieral Conference 

Guansing, Benjamin I., P. O. Box 756, Manila, Philippines. 

Gum, Walter C, 4016 West Broad St., Richmond, Va. 23230. 

Hagen, Odd, Sibyllegatan 18, Stockholm 0, Sweden. 

Hardin, Paul, Jr., 1420 Lady St., Columbia, S. C. 29201. 

Henley, James W., P. O. Box 1747, Lakeland, Fla. 33802. 

Holloway, Fred G., 900 Washington St., East, Charleston, W. Va. 

Hunt, Earl G., Jr., 310 Cole Building, 207 Hawthorne Ln., Charlotte, 
N. C. 28204. 

Kearns, Francis E., 1226 North Market St., Canton, 0. 44714. 

Kennedy, Gerald, 5250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90029. 

Loder, Dwight E., 2111 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Michigan 48201. 

Lord, John Wesley, 100 Maryland Ave., N.E., Washington, D. C. 20002. 

Lundy, Robert F., Box 483, 2313 Coleman St., Singapore 6, Malaysia. 

Martin, Paul E., 5215 South Main St., Houston, Tex. 77002. 

Mathews, James K., 581 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 02116. 

Moore, Noah W., Jr., 1707 Binz St., Houston, Tex. 77004. 

Nagbe, Stephen Trowen, Sr., Box 1010, Monrovia, Liberia, W. Africa. 

Nail, T. Otto, 122 West Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 55400. 

Newell, Frederick B., 408 Seventh Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222. 

Palmer, Everett W., 800 Olympic National Bldg., 920 Second Ave., 
Seattle, Wash. 98104. 

Pendergrass, Edward J., The Methodist Bldg., 321 Mississippi St., 
Jackson Miss. 39201. 

Pope, W. Kenneth! 1910 Main St., Dallas, Tex. 75201. 

Pryor, Thomas M., 77 West Washington St., Chicago, HI. 60602. 

Raines, Richard C, Indiana Interchurch Center, 1100 West 42nd St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. 46208. 

Schafer, Franz, 69 Badenerstrasse, P. 0. Box 135, Zurich 4, Switzer- 

Shaw, A. J., Robinson Memorial Byculla, Bombay 8, India. 

Short, Roy H., 1115 South Fourth St., Louisville, Ky. 40203. 

Shungu, John Wesley, B. P. 560, Luluabourg, Congo. 

Singh, Mangal, 12 Boulevard Road, Delhi 6, India. 

Slater, Eugene, 1926 National Bank of Commerce Bldg., San Antonio, 
Tex. 78205. 

Smith, John Owen, 159 Forrest Ave., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 30303. 

Smith, W. Angle, 606 Cravens Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 73102. 

Stowe, W. McFerrin, 4125 Gage Center Dr., Topeka, Kan. 66604. 

Stuart, R. Marvin, 2200 South University Blvd., Denver, Colo. 80210. 

Subhan, John A., 3-6-29 1/2 Hyderguda, Hyderabad-1 (A.P.), India. 

Sundaram, Gabriel, Bishop's Lodge, Abid Rd., Hyderabad, A. P., India. 

Taylor, Prince A., Jr., One Palmer Square, Room 341, Princeton, N. J. 

Thomas, James S., 1019 Chestnut St., Des Moines, Iowa 50309. 

Tippett, Donald H., 330 Ellis St., San Francisco, Calif. 94102. 

Valencia, Jose L., P. O. Box 87, Baguio City, Philippines. 

Walton, Aubrey G., 1715 American National Bank Building, New 
Orleans, La. 70130. 

Ward, W. Ralph, The Church Center, 3049 East Genesee St., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 13224. 

Webb, Lance, 705-706 Myers Bldg., 5th and Washington Sts., Spring- 
field, 111. 62701. 

Werner, Hazen G., 6A Golden Crown Court, 70 Nathan Rd., Kowloon, 
Hong Kong. 

Wicke, Lloyd C, Room 1922, 475 Riverside Dr., New York, N. Y. 

Wunderlich, Friedrich, 34 Grillparzerstx'asse, Frankfurt A/M, Ger- 

Zottele, Pedro, Casilla 10222, Santiago, Chile. 

The United Methodist Church 3 

Zunguze, Escrivao A., Caixa Postal 158, Lourego Marques, Mozam- 
bique, Portuguese East Africa. 


Alejandro, Dionisio D., Box 756, Manila, Philippines. 
Amstutz, Hobart B., 74 Garden Rd., Karachi-.3, West Pakistan. 
Archer, Raymond L., 3229 Arapahoe Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15234. 
Baker, James C, 676 West Harrison Ave., Claremont, Calif. 91711. 
Balloch, Enrique C, Casilla 732, Colonia, Uruguay. 
Brashares, Charles W., 1233 Island Dr., Ann Arbor, Mich. 48105. 
Clair, Matthew W., Jr., 4010 Maffitt Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63113. 
Franklin, Marvin A., 758 Pinehurst Place, Jackson, Miss. 39201. 
Gattinoni, Juan E., Rivadavia 4044, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Hammaker, Wilbur E., 110 Maryland Ave., N.E., Washington, D. C. 

Harmon, Nolan B., 998 Springdale Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 30306. 
Harrell, Costen J., 1787 Vickers Cir., Decatur, Ga. 30030. 
King, Willis J., 4834 Prentiss Ave., New Orleans, La. 70126. 
Ledden, W. Earl, Wesley Theological Seminary, 4201 Massachusetts 

Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C. 20016. 
Love, Edgar A., 2416 Montebello Terrace, Baltimore, Md. 21214. 
Magee, J. Ralph, 1864 Sherman Ave., Evanston, 111. 60201. 
Martin, William C, 4223 University Blvd., Dallas, Tex. 75205. 
Mondol, Shot K., 170 West End Ave., Apt. 27-C, New York, N. Y. 

Moore, Arthur J., 1702 Candler Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 30303. 
Northcott, H. Clifford, The Georgian, 422 Davis St., Evanston, 111. 

Phillips, Glenn R., c/o Wesley Palms, 2404 Loring St., San Diego, 

Calif. 92109. 
Pickett, J. Waskom, Dearborn Towers, 22700 Garrison Ave., Dearborn, 

Michigan 48124. 
Reed, Marshall R., 260 Maple St., Ousted, Mich. 49265. 
Rockey, Clement D., 3470 Mill St., Eugene, Ore. 97405. 
Straughn, James H., 303 Northway, Baltimore, Md. 21218. 
Voigt, Edwin Edgar, 716 College St., Lebanon, 111. 62254. 
Wade, Raymond J., Sunny Shores Villas, 125-56th Ave., South, St. 

Petersburg Fla 33705 
Welch, Herbert,' 520 West 110th St., New York, N. Y. 10025. 

Bishop P. C. B. Balaram 
Bishop A. Raymond Grant 
Bishop Ivan Lee Holt 


Composed of the Bishops elected by the General, Jurisdictional and 
Central Conferences of The Methodist Church and Bishops of 
Affiliated Autonomous Methodist Chui'ches {Discipline, Par. 427). 
The Bishops of the Affiliated Autonomous Methodist Churches 


Bishop Joao Augusto Amaral, Largo da Polvora, 141, Apt. 11, Sao 

Paula, Brazil. 
Bishop Jose Petro Pinheiro, Caixa Postal, 1219, Porto Alegra, Brazil. 
Bishop Almir dos Santas-Rea Topis, 51 Belo Horizonte, M. G. Brazil. 
Bishop Oswaldo Dias do Silvo, Caixa Postal 1272, Campinas SP, Brazil. 
Bishop Wilbur K. Smith, Caixa Postal 2870, Coritiba, Parana, Brazil. 

4 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


Bishop Lim Si Sin, 319 Godwin Road, Rangoon, Burma. 


Chairman Wismar Pangabean, Sekolah Methodist, Djalan Hang Tuah 
9, Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia. 


The Reverend Masahisa Suzuki, c/o United Church of Christ, 2-4- 
chome Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 


Bishop Fritz H. Pyen, International P. 0. Box 1182, Seoul, Korea. 


Bishop Alejandro Ruiz, Maple 10, Santa Maria Insui-gentes, Mexico 4, 
D. F. 


Moderator Seiju Higa, c/o United Church of Christ in Okinawa, Post 
Office Box 46, Naha, Okinawa. 


{Italics denote ministers) 

President: Paul R. Ervin, Attorneys Building, 806 East Trade St., 
Charlotte, N. C. 28202. 

Vice-President: Murray H. Leiffer, 721 Foster St., Evanston, 111. 

Secretary: J. Russell Throckmarton, Cuchara Rural Station, La Veta, 
Colo. 81055. 

Terms Expiring 1968 

J. Russell Throckmorton (Central Kansas — SC), Cuchara Rural Sta- 
tion, La Veta, Colo. 81055. 

Paul R. Ervin (Western North Carolina — SE), Attorneys Building, 
806 East Trade St., Charlotte, N. C. 28202. 

Theodore M. Berry ( Lexington— C ) , 301 G. St., S.W., Washington, 
D. C. 20024. 

John D. Humphrey (North Mississippi — SE), Resigned. 

Terms Expiring 1972 

Lester A. Welliver (Central Pennsylvania— NE), 2902 Green St., 

Harrisburg, Pa. 17110. 
A. Wesley Pugh (North Indiana — NC), 401 West Bougainvillea, 

Lehigh Acres, Fla. 33936. 
Leon M. Hickman (Western Pennsylvania — NE), 829 Osage Rd., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 15216. 
Murray H. Leiffer (Southern California-Arizona — ^W), 721 Foster St., 

Evanston, 111. 60201. 
Samuel W. Witwer (Rock River— NC), Board of Trade Bide., 141 

W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 111. 60604. 


Terms Expiring 1968 
Ralph M. Houston (New York— NE), 112 Long Dr., Hempstead, N. Y. 

Ivan Lee Holt, Jr. (Missouri East — SC), 56 Kingsbury PI., St. Louis, 

Mo. 63112. 

The United Methodist Church 5 

Lester L. Cecil (Ohio — NC), 448 Red Haw Rd., Dayton, Ohio 45405. 

J. H. Chitwood (North Alabama — SE), 800 Greensboro Ave., Tusca- 
loosa, Ala. 35401. 

Jack M. Tuell (Pacific Northwests— W), 206 Commerce Bldg., Everett, 
Wash. 98201. 

Robert Blue (North Iowa — NC), 502 Broadway St., Eagle Grove, 
Iowa 50533. 

Donald E. Holbrook (Michigan— NC), Clare, Mich. 48617. 

Terms Expiring 1972 

Robert F. Curl (Southwest Texas— SC), 1209 Whitewing, McAllen, 

Texas 78501. 
Harold S. Swales (Central New York — NE), 104 North Main Street, 

Canandaigua, N. Y. 144-24. 
Charles B. Copher (Lexington— C), 3340 Lake Valley Rd., N.W., 

Atlanta, Ga. 30331. 
Walter G. Williams (Rocky Mountain — W), 2125 South Josephine, 

Denver, Colo. 80205. 
Vincent P. Clarke (New England— NE), 27 State Street, Boston, 

Mass. 02109. 
Richard C. Erwin (North Carolina— C), 13 East 3rd St., Winston- 
Salem, N. C. 27101. 
J. Carlisle Holler (South Carolina— SE), 308 Wade Hampton Bldg., 

Columbia, S. C. 29201. 

Terms Expiring 1972 
Donald O. Odell (Southern California- Arizona — W), 420 South Green- 
wood Ave., Pasadena, Calif. 91107. 
Fremont C. Fletcher (Minnesota — NC), 6809 Cornelia Dr., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 55424. 


Evangelical United Brethren Church 

Emerson D. Bragg (Ohio Miami), 1516 Salem Ave., Dayton, Ohio 
The Methodist Church 

J. Wesley Hole (Southern California-Arizona — W), 5250 Santa 
Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, Calif. 90029. 
The United Methodist Church 

Charles D. White (Western North Carolina — SE), 1540 West- 
brook Circle, Gastonia, N. C. 28052. 







(In order of their presiding) 

Bishop Donald H. Tippett 
Bishop Paul Hardin, Jr. 
Bishop Fred Pierce Corson 
Bishop J. Gordon Howard 
Bishop Charles F. Golden 
Bishop James W. Henley- 
Bishop Eugene M. Frank 
Bishop Odd Hagen 
Bishop Reuben H. Mueller 
Bishop John Wesley Lord 
Bishop F. Gerald Ensley 
Bishop Dwight E. Loder 
Bishop W. Ralph Ward 
Bishop Kenneth W. Copeland 
Bishop W. McFerrin Stowe 
Bishop Richard C. Raines 
Bishop Edward R. Garrison 
Bishop Gerald H. Kennedy 
Bishop W. Angle Smith 
Bishop James S. Thomas 
Bishop Everett W. Palmer 
Bishop T. Otto Nail 
Bishop James K. Mathews 


Evangelical United Brethren Church General Conference 

Bishop Harold R. Heininger 

Bishop J. Gordon Howard 

The Methodist Church General Conference 

Bishop Donald H. Tippett 

The United Methodist Church General Conference 

Bishop W. Kenneth Pope 


The United Methodist Church 7 


{Italics denote minister) 

General Secretary: Charles D. White (Western North Caro- 
lina— SE) 
First Assistant Secretary: J. Wesley Hole (Southern Cali- 
fornia-Arizona — W ) 
Deputy Secretary : Emerson D. Bragg (Ohio-Miami — EUB) 
Calendar Secretary: Hobart Hildyard (Kansas — SC) 
Document Secretary: Allen M. Mayes (Texas — SC) 
Journal Secretary: W. Carleton Wilson (North Carolina — 

Assistant Journal Secretary: Mrs. Jean Weaver (Ohio- 
Miami— EUB) 
Legislative Committee Secretary: George Williams (South- 
ern California-Arizona — W) 
Petitions Secretary: Newell P. Knudson (California-Nevada 

— W) 
Roll Call Secretary : Ed Zelley (Rock River— NC) 
Roll Call Secretary: Emerson D. Bragg (Ohio-Miami — 

Assistant Roll Call Secretary: Mrs. Kay Knudson (Cali- 
fornia-Nevada — W ) 
Assistant Roll Call Secretary: Mrs. Irma Kellog (Ohio- 
Miami— EUB) 
Chief Teller A: Marvin L. Boyd (NW Texas— SC) 
Chief Teller B : U. S. Estilow, Jr. (Eastern— EUB) 
Office Manager: Mrs. Evelyn Beatty (Western North 

Carolina— SE) 
Stenographic Pool: Mrs. Elizabeth Hiatt (Southern Cali- 
fornia-Arizona — W ) 
Miss Betty Van Dyke (Ohio-Miami— EUB) 



(Italics denote Minister) 

Assistant Secretary in Charge 
Marvin L. Boyd (Northwest Texas — SC) 

Section A 
Regular — Chairman — D. Frederick Wertz (C. Penn.) 
1- 2- 3 Earl N. Rowe (C. Penn.) 
4-5-6 Clayton Alt (New York-EUB) 
7_ 8- 9 Roy Blessing (West Virginia-EUB) 
10-11 Chester Alter (Rocky Mtn.) 
12-13-14 Nonvoting 

Reserve — Chairman — Robert E. Knupp (C. Penn.) 

1_ 2- 3 Joseph B. Bethea (North Carolina-Virginia) 
4_ 5_ 6 Paul E. Mxjers (C. Penn.) 

8 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

7-8-9 Dale RoUyson (West Virginia-EUB) 
10-11 Harvey Potthoff (Rocky Mtn.) 
12-13-14 Nonvoting 

Section B 

Regular — Chairman — Edward G. Carroll (Baltimore) 
1- 2- 3 Everett R. Jones (Baltimore) 
4- 5- 6 Albert F. Bramble (Kansas) 
7_ 8- 9 Wm. B. Lewis (S. Illinois) 
10-11-12 E. Clay Bumpers (N. Arkansas) 
13-14-15 Ernest Dixon (W. Texas) 
16-17-18 Glenn E. Donelson (Erie-EUB) 
19-20-21 Ted Hightower (Louisville) 
22-23 J. Meade Letts (Ne. Ohio) 

Reserve — Chairman — W. C. Beatty (Baltimore) 
1- 2- 3 O. A. Gehring (Dakota-EUB) 
4_ 5_ 6 Floyd H. Coffman (Kansas) 
7- 8- 9 I. Nels Barnett (N. Arkansas) 
10-11-12 Donald E. Redman (Sw. Texas) 
13-14-15 Robert G. Vessey (S. Dakota) 
16-17-18 Andrew Johnson (Erie-EUB) 
19-20-21 Mrs. Robert Taylor (No. New Jersey) 
22-23 Robert W. Carson (No. New Jersey) 

Section C 
Regular — Chairman — R. Edwin Kimbrough (N. Alabama) 
1- 2- 3 R. Laurence Dill (N. Alabama) 
4- 5- 6 Lemuel K. Lord (New England) 
7- 8- 9 John Ber gland (Ohio Miami-EUB) 
10-11-12 James Hoyt (Nebraska-EUB) 
13-14-15 Paul E. McCoy (Peninsula) 
16-17-18 Roy H. Stetler (Susquehanna-EUB) 
19-20-21 Robert Wix (Montana) 

22-23 Donald H. McAyiinch (New Hampshire) 
24-25 Boh Middlebrooks (N. Texas) 

Reserve — Chairman — William C. Brannon (N. Alabama) 
1- 2- 3 Jesse A. Culp (N. Alabama) 
4- 5- 6 Edward C. Drake (New England) 
7- 8- 9 Marvin A. Schilling (E. Wisconsin) 
10-11-12 Richard A. Heim (Nebraska-EUB) 
13-14-15 Gordon S. Kunkel (Susquehanna-EUB) 
16-17-18 Paul M. Hann (S. Iowa) 
19-20-21 Paul V. Shearer (S. Iowa) 

22-23 Forest W. Laraba (New Hampshire) 
24-25 Leo Baker (N. Texas) 

Section D 
Regular — Chairman — Merlyn W. North felt (Rock River) 
1- 2- 3 Dow Kirkpatrick (Rock River) 
4- 5- 6 Wayne H. McCleskey (Texas) 
7- 8- 9 Charles E. Kachel (Eastern-EUB) 
10-11-12 Harold Karls (Detroit) 
13-14-15 Raoul C. Calkins (Ohio) 
16-17-18 Thomas K. Farley (So. Cal.-Ariz.) 
19-20-21 Douglas F. Verdin (New York) 
22-23 Henry High (West Virginia) 
24-25 E. Russell Praetorius (Minn.-EUB) 

The United Methodist Church 

Reserve — Chairman — John R. Van Sickle (Rock River) 
1- 2- 3 Gregorio R. Bailen (Nw^. Philippines) 
4- 5- 6 William Ferguson (Florida-C) 
7_ 8- 9 Jesse R. DeWitt (Detroit) 
10-11-12 Sa^nuel Batt (Illinois-EUB) 
13-14-15 Roland P. Riddick (Vir^nia) 
16-17-18 James J. M. Misajon (So. Cal.-Ariz.) 
19-20-21 J. Howard Crawford (Nvi^. Texas) 

22-23 Mrs. James T. Harvey (West Virginia) 
24-25 Garland Hubin (Minn.-EUB) 

Section E 
Regular — Chairman — Fran Faber (Minn.) 
1- 2- 3 ^. C. Evvs (Georgia) 
4-5-6 Earl W. Riddle (Idaho) 
7- 8- 9 Jack M. Tuell (Pacific Northwest) 
10-11-12 Lyman Firestone (Missouri W.) 
13-14-15 Glen Beams (Ind. No.-EUB) 
16-17-18 Clarence J. Borger (Central Kansas) 
19-20-21 R. M. Crawford (Ind. So.-EUB) 

22-23 Paul A. Duffey (Alabama- West Florida) 

Reserve — Chairman — Chester A. Peyinington (Minn.) 
1- 2- 3 H. T ravers Smith (Maine) 
4-5-6 Charles R. Sweet (Minnesota) 
7-8—9 Melvin Finkheiner (Pacific Northwest) 
10-11-12 William C. Doenges (Oklahoma) 
13-14-15 V. A. Carlson (Ind. No.-EUB) 
16-17-18 Thomas B. Clay (Western New York) 
19-20-21 Homer W. Achor (Ind. So.-EUB) 

22-23 J. Herbert Orr (Alabama-West Florida) 

Section F 
Regular — Chairman — Sam Steele (New Mexico) 
1- 2- 3 Ralph H. Seiler (New Mexico) 
4- 5- 6 J. Castro Smith (Tennessee-EUB) 
7- 8- 9 R. B'i-uce Weaver (Central Texas) 
10-11-12 Nonvoting 

Reserve — Chairman — Robert J. Palmer (S.C.-C.) 
1-2-3 5. C. Goodwin (New Mexico) 
4-5-6 Travis Stovall (New Mexico) 
7-8-9 Morris D. Walker (Central Texas) 
10-11-12 Nonvoting 


{Italics denote Minister) 

Assistant Secretary in Charge 

U. S. Estilow (Eastern— EUB—NE) 

Section A 
Regular — Chairman — Richard A. Lank (Central Pennsylvania) 
1- 2- 3 LeRoy Meier (North Dakota) 
4- 5- 6 F. Alton Flatt (Memphis) 
7-8-9 Bill Angel (West Virginia— EUB) 
10-11 R. S. Doenges (Rocky Mountain) 
12-13-14 Nonvoting 

10 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Reserve — Chairman — John B. Hoxves (Central Pennsylvania) 
1- 2- 3 Thomas Cole (Texas— C.) 
4- 5- 6 L. A. Humphrey (Texas— C.) 
7- 8- 9 Roy Harper (West Virginia— EUB) 
10-11 Henry H. Baker (Rocky Mountain) 
12-13-14 Nonvoting 

Section B 
Regular — Chairman — J. Willard Leggett (Mississippi) 
1- 2- 3 G. Eliot Jones (Mississippi) 
4- 5- 6 Adlai Holler (South Carolina) 
7- 8- 9 William A. Meadows (Florida) 
10-11-12 Lawrence Havighnrst (North Iowa) 
13-14-15 George Biggs (Western Pennsylvania — EUB) 
16-17-18 Robert J. Mumford (Southern New Jersey) 
19-20-21 Gerald Fisher (Michigan— EUB) 

22-23 Robert H. Courtney (North East Ohio) 
Reserve — Chairman — Bert Jordan (Mississippi) 
1- 2- 3 Jorge Pantelis (Bolivia) 
4-5-6 John J. Rooks (Florida) 
7- 8- 9 Edward Susat (Indiana) 
10-11-12 Mrs. A. N. Caines (North Iowa) 
13-14-15 Gene Albertson (Oregon) 
16-17-18 Charles A. Sayre (Southern New Jersey) 
19-20-21 Ray Allen (Michigan— EUB) 

22-23 T. R. Buzzard (Pacific Northwest^-EUB) 

Section C 
Regular — Chairman — Walter R. Hazzard (Philadelphia) 

1- 2- 3 Ralph C. Hines (Rocky Mountain— EUB) 
4- 5- 6 LeRoy A. Bott (Kansas— EUB) 
7- 8- 9 John R. Harper (Philadelphia) 
10-11-12 R. E. Appel (Ohio East— EUB) 
13-14-15 William H. Ruff (North Georgia) 
16-17-18 Roy L. Turnage (North Carolina) 
19-20-21 Daniel D. Corl (Ohio Sandusky— EUB) 
22-23 J. Clay Madison (Western North Carolina) 
24-25 John B. Warman (Western Pennsylvania) 
Reserve — Chairman — J. Holland Heck (Philadelphia) 
1- 2- 3 Prem P. Singh (Madhya Pradesh) 
4- 5- 6 Paul R. Adrian (Kansas— EUB) 
7- 8- 9 Gene Boyer (Ohio East— EUB) 
10-11-12 Edgar A. Eldridge (Holston) 
13-14-15 Paid Horn (Susquehanna— EUB) 
16-17-18 Chester Heidlebaugh (Susquehanna— EUB) 
19-20-21 Nicholas W. Grant (North Carolina) 

22-23 Robert M. Smith (Western North Carolina) 
24-25 Paul C. Reynolds (Western Pennsylvania) 

Section D 
Regular — Chairman— Connie R. Hozendorf (Little Rock) 
1-2-3 Otto W. Teagne (Little Rock) 
4- 5- 6 Warren F. Me7itzer (Eastern — EUB) 
7- 8- 9 Thomas May (Eastern — EUB) 
10-11-12 Josue R. Guzman (Mindanao) 
13-14-15 Sherwood S. Roberts (Delhi) 
16-17-18 Don R. Locker (Southern California-Arizona) 
19-20-21 L.H.Gustafson (California— EUB) 
22-23 Harold Dutt (Ohio Se.— EUB) 
24-25 Roy Hehr (Northwest Canada— EUB) 

The United Methodist Church 11 

Reserve — Chairman — Dale Booth (Little Rock) 

1- 2- 3 Riissell R. Patton (Kentucky) 
4-5-6 James H. Whitcraft (Eastern— EUB) 
7_ 8- 9 William R. Obatigh (Florida— EUB) 
10-11-12 Henry B. Inis (Mindanao) 
13-14-15 Elliot D. Clive (Delhi) 

16-17-18 Ernest Akamine (Southern California- Arizona) 
19-20-21 Chris W. Schmidt (California— EUB) 
22-23 Lyle J. Michael (Ohio Se.— EUB) 
24-25 T. E. Jesske (Northwest Canada— EUB) 

Section E 
Regular — Chairman — Walter E. Upham (Maine) 

1- 2- 3 Johannes Schauble (Central Germany) 
4- 5- 6 Quinton D. Adams (Central Alabama) 
7- 8- 9 Gordon R. Bender (Wisconsin — EUB) 
10-11-12 Clifford Lau (Western Wisconsin) 
13-14-15 Edgar F. Singer (Wyoming) 
16-17-18 Frank Webber (California-Nevada) 
19-20-21 Ralph S. Steele (Northvv^est Indiana) 
22-23 Robert J. Fribley (Northern Indiana) 

Reserve — Chairman — Lester L. Boobar (Maine) 

1-2-3 Alfred Kalble (South Germany) 
4^ 5- 6 John H. Graham (Upper Mississippi) 
7- 8- 9 Lawrence Hinz (Wisconsin — EUB) 
10-11-12 Wesley Eager (Missouri East) 
13-14-15 Walter L. Hunt (Wyoming) 
16-17-18 Arthur V. Thurynan (California-Nevada) 
19-20-21 John Thomas (Northwest Indiana) 
22-23 Leo M. Hauptman (North Indiana) 

Section F 
Regular — Chairman — R. E. Fields (South Carolina — C.) 
1- 2- 3 L. T. Hicks (Oklahoma-Texas— EUB) 
4- 5- 6 Warren M. Jenkins (South Carolina — C.) 
7- 8- 9 Gaston Foote (Central Texas) 
10-11-12 Nonvoting 

Reserve — Chairman — C. J. Smith (South Carolina — C.) 
1- 2- 3 George E. Somers (Bengal) 
4-5-6 Negail R. Riley (Southwest) 
7- 8- 9 Law Sone (Central Texas) 
10-11-12 Nonvoting 

Daily Christian Advocate 

Ewing T. Wayland Editor 

William C. Henzlik Managing Editor 

Willmon L. White News Editor 

Ronald P. Patterson Assistant Editor 

Herbert E. Langendorff Assistant Editor 

James A. Miner Assistant Editor 

Ira M. Mohler Assistant Editor 

Charles E. Munson Assistant Editor 

Lovick Pierce Publisher 

Warren P. Clark Circulation Manager 

Institutional Electronics, Inc Official Reporters 


(Italics denote minister) 


Chairman: Committee of Chairmen: Dow Kirkpatrick (Rock River — 

Vice-Chairman: D. Frederick Wertz (Central Pennsylvania — NE) 
Secretary : 

Members: Christian Social Concerns: Dow Kirkpatrick (Rock River — 
Conferences: Kenneth W. Hulit (Ohio East— EUB— NC) 
Education: D. Frederick Wertz (Central Pennsylvania — 

Lay Activities and Temporal Economy : Lawton W. Shroyer 

(Eastern EUB— NE) 
Membership and Evangelism: Sumpter M. Riley, Jr. 

(North-East Ohio— NC) 
Ministry: Don W. Hotter (Kansas — SC) 
Missions: Edward L. Tullis (Kentucky — SE) 
Pensions: Roland P. Riddick (Virginia — SE) 
Publishing Interests: Carl J. Sanders (Virginia — SE) 
Hospitals and Homes: Joseph R. Graham (Ohio Sandusky 

— EUB— NC) 
Interdenominational Relations and Activities: J. Robert 

Nelson (North-East Ohio— NC) 
Judicial Administration, Enabling Acts and Legal Forms: 
Paul Hardin, III (North Carolina— SE) 
Local Church: Merlyn W. Northfelt (Rock River— NC) 
Ritual and Orders of Worship: John C. Soltman (Pacific 
Northwest — W ) 


Chairman: J. Otis Young (Ohio — NC), Chairman, Commission on 

Entertainment and Program 
V ice-Chairman: Willis M. Tate (North Texas— SC) 
Secretary: C. M. Winchester (Western North Carolina — SE) 
Members: R. S. Doenges (Rocky Mountain — W) 

John A. Dowd (At Large— Iowa— EUB— NC) 

Paul E. Horn (At Large — Susquehanna — EUB — NE) 

Dow Kirkpatrick (Rock River — NC) Chairman, Committee 
of Chairmen 

John Marviyi (Detroit — NC) 

Frank Robertson (South Georgia — SE) 

Ernst Ryser (Switzerland— OS) 

Douglas S. Verdin (New York — NE) 


Chairman : Emory S. Bucke (New England — NE) 
Vice-Chairman: Curtis A. Chambers (Susquehanna — EUB — NE) 
Secretary : John G. Corry (Tennessee-Kentucky — SE) 
Members: Paul Church (Illinois— EUB— NC) 

Bradshaw Mintener (Baltimore — NE) 

Alexander K. Smith (Philadelphia — NE) 


Chairman: Joel D. McDavid (Alabama-West Florida — SE) 
V ice-Chairman: Gene Albertson (Oregon — W) 


The United Methodist Church 13 

Secretary: J. Castro Smith (Tennessee — EUB — SE) 

Members: Georg-e C. Gate, Jr. (Tennessee — SE) 

Mrs. F. Morris Gochran (New England Southern — NE) 

A. H. Colpitts (Indiana North— EUB— NC) At Large 

W. Davis Gotton (Louisiana — SG) 

Alphonso W. Crump (Mississippi — G) At Large 

Harry J. Fisher (Western Pennsylvania — EUB — NE) 

Harry B. Gibson, Jr. (Rock River — NG) 

Mrs. John B. Hutchinson (Southern Galifornia-Arizona — 

John T. King (West Texas — G) At Large 
Wayne H. McCleskey (Texas— SG) 
Miss Kumudini Mozumdar (Bengal — OS) 
Mrs. Alvin Rau (South Dakota— NG) 
John Victor Samuel (Indus River — OS) 


Chairman: J. Everett Walker (Galifomia-Nevada — W) 
Vice-Chairman: 0. F. Landis (Illinois — NG — EUB) 
Secretary : 

Members: L. B. Felder (Texas— SG) 

W. Hug-h Massie (Western North Carolina — SE) 
Richard Moore (At Large — Florida — G) 
Dennis Nyherg (Minnesota — NG) 
David Peck (West Virginia — NE) 


Chairman: A. G. Jefferson 

V ice-Chairman : (Facilities) Marion R. Walker 
Vice-Chairman : (Program) Irving L. Smith 
Secretary : Gene E. Sease 


Class of 1972 ' 

Bonds, Alfred B. (North-East Ohio— NC) 

Bosshardt, Floyd E. (Minnesota — EUB — NG) At Large 

Bozeman, W.Scott (Florida— SE) 

Epps, Anderson C. (Georgia — G) At Large 

Hall, Carl (Little Rock— SG) 

Rome, Earl N. (Central Pennsylvania — NE) 

Tuell, Jack M. (Pacific Northwest — W) 
Class of 1976 : 

Beatty, William M. (Western Pennsylvania— NE) 

Cole, Thomas W. (Texas— C— At Large) 

Jefferson, A. G. (Virginia— SE) 

Miller, Richard W. (East Wisconsin — NG) 

Sease, Gene E. (Western Pennsylvania — EUB— NE) At 

Smith, Irving (Oklahoma — SG) 

Walker, Marion R. (Southern California- Arizona — W) 
Additional Members: 

Hole, J. Wesley (Southern California- Arizona — W) 

Young, J. Otis (Ohio— NC) 
Ex-Officio : 

Cooke, Don A., Treasurer (Florida — SE) 

White, Charles D., Secretary (Western North Carolina — 

Conard, Norman, Conventions Bureau (Oregon — W) 

14 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


Chairman: Richard W. Harrington (Western New York — NE) 
Secretary: James J. M. Misajon (Southern California-Arizona — W) 

Members: A. James Armstrong (Indiana — NC) 
Roy Black (North Mississippi — ^SE) 
Albert F. Bramble (Kansas— SC) 
C. R. Findlerj (Kansas— EUB—SC) At Large 
Major J. Jones (Tennessee-Kentucky — C) At Large 
O. E. Schafer (California— EUB—W) At Large 


Chairman: Tom Reavley (Southwest Texas — SC) 
Secretary : 

Members: Edgar A. Eldridge (Holston — SE) 

Robert J. Genins (Pacific Northwest — W) 
William T. Handy, Jr. (Louisiana — C) At Large 
Jonah B. Kawadza (Rhodesia — OS) 
J. Meade Letts (North-East Ohio — NC) 
Henry W. Zehner (Eastern— EUB—NE) 


Chairman: John D. Herr (Philadelphia — NE) 

Secretary: Robert Fletcher (Southern California-Arizona — W) 

Members: Alva H. Clark (Nebraska — SC) 

Charles E. Kachel (Eastern— EUB—NE) 

Rolland Osborne (Rocky Mountain— EUB — W) 

Robert J. Palmer (South Carolina — C) 

Dale E. Pitcher (Central Illinois— NC) 

Ernst Scholz (Northeast Germany — OS) 

L. Stacy Weaver (North Carolina— SE) 

Charles D. White (Western North Carolina— SE) Ex 

Herbert E. Zebarth (Wisconsin— EUB— NC) 


Chairman: Thurman Dodson (Baltimore — ^NE) 
Vice-Chairman : Fred Bollman (Eastern — EUB — NE) 
Secretary : Jack Tiiell (Pacific Northwest — W) 

Members: D. W. Brooks (North Georgia — SE) 

El-nest Colwell (Southern California-Arizona — W) 

Laurence Davis (Nebraska — SC) 

Kenneth Forbes (Indiana — NC) 

Nathan Goto (Rhodesia— OS) 

Lemuel Lord (New England — NE) 

Eric Mitchell (Bombay- OS) 

Richard V. Moore (Florida— SE) 

Tom Rupert (Central Kansas — SC) 

Leonard Slutz (Ohio— NC) 

C. Jasper Smith (South Carolina — SE) 

E. L. Tullis (Kentucky— SE) 

JohnF. Wichelt (Nebraska— EUB— SC) 


Chairman: W. Carroll Beatty (Baltimore — NE) 
Vice-Chairman: R. Wright Spears (South Carolina — SE) 
Secretary: Lawrence R. Taylor (Michigan — EUB — NC) 

The United Methodist Church 15 

Members: Marvin L. Boyd (Noi-th west Texas — SC) 

A. L. Brandijherrtj (Ohio East— EUB— NC) 

Judge Jerry G. Bray (Virginia — SE) 

Hamj S. Crede (Central Illinois— NC) 

Hamj Eckels (West Virginia— EUB— NE) At Large 

D. H. Eckstem (East Germany — EUB — OS) 

Robert B. Goodwin (Northern New Jersey — NE) 

Harrison Grigsby (Liberia — OS) 

N. Guy Hall (Missouri West— SC) 

Judge Darrell Hottle (Ohio— NC) 

Joseph E. Loivery (Central Alabama — SE) At Large 

John C. Soltman (Pacific Northwest — W) 

Donald Winne (California-Nevada — W) 


(Par. 526, Section 3 — "The persons elected by their respective 
delegations to serve on the several Jurisdictional Committees on 
Episcopacy shall meet jointly at the time of the General Conference, 
constituting an Intei-jurisdictional Committee on Episcopacy, not later 
than the fifth day of the Conference session and at the time and place 
set for their convening by the president of the Council of Bishops, and 
shall elect from their number a chairman, vice-chairman and secretaiy. 
The function of this Joint Committee shall be to discuss the possibility 
of transfers of bishops across jurisdictional lines at the forthcoming 
Jurisdictional Conferences, for residential and presidential responsi- 
bilities in the ensuing quadrennium. It shall elect an Executive Com- 
mittee consisting of the officers above named and two ministers and 
two laj-men from each jurisdictional committee, elected by that com- 
mittee, to conduct consultations with bishops and others interested in 
possible episcopal transfers. The Executive Committee shall be re- 
sponsible to the Interjurisdictional Committee.") 

(Editor's Note: Members of the Committee representing confer- 
ences in the Evangelical United Brethren Church were appointed by 
the Board of Bishops of that Church.) 


(Italics denote ministerial members) 

Aldrich, Charles S. Western New York 

Alt, Clayton New York— EUB 

Bascom, Lester Central New York 

Bell, Thomas New England Southern 

Blessing, Roy West Virginia — EUB 

Bosley, Harold A New York 

Carroll, Edward G Baltimore 

Cravens, Sherman A Illinois — EUB 

Crompton, J. Rolland Wyoming 

Donelson, Glenn E Erie — EUB 

Drake, Edwai'd C New England 

Draker, Norman Canada — EUB 

Egan, William F., Jr. Southern New Jersev 

Estilow, U. S., Jr Eastern— EUB 

Getchell, A. Stanley Maine 

Guffick, William R Southern New Jersey 

Hallman, E.E. Canada— EUB 

Harper, John R Philadelphia 

Harvey, Mrs. J. T West Virginia 

Heidelbaugh, Chester L Susquehanna — EUB 

Herr, John D. Philadelphia 

Hershberger, George Western Pennsylvania — EUB 

High, Hen)-y R West Virginia 

Horn, Paul E Susquehanna — EUB 


The United Methodist Church 17 

Johnson, Andrew Erie — EUB 

Jones, Everett R Baltimore 

Kelso, John F. Peninsula 

Kessler, C. Walter Troy 

Kirchner, Frederick K Troy 

Knupp, Robert E Central Pennsylvania 

Laraba, Forest W New Hampshire 

LeFevre, DeWitt C Northern New York 

Lewis, G. Wesley Wyoming 

Lord, Lemuel K New England 

McAninch, D. H New Hampshire 

McCoy, Paul E Peninsula 

Mentzer, Warren F Eastern — EUB 

Merrow, Arthur S Western New York 

Oot, Arthur Northern New York 

Parlin, Charles C Northern New Jersey 

Preusch, Robert New York 

Rein, John D New York — EUB 

Reynolds, Paul C Western Pennsylvania 

Rowe, Earl N Central Pennsylvania 

Schaff, Lester Central New York 

Sease, Gene E Western Pennsylvania — EUB 

Shaffer, Ray N West Virginia— EUB 

Smith, Eugene Northern New Jersey 

Smith, H. Travers Maine 

Warman, John B Western Pennsylvania 

White, E. McKinnon New England Southern 


Allen, Ray Michigan — EUB 

Barnes, Bryce Central Illinois 

Bjork, Virgil V North Indiana 

Calkins, Raoul C Ohio 

Carlson, V. A. Indiana North— EUB 

Cooke, Mrs. Monroe North-East Ohio 

Courtney, Robert H North-East Ohio 

Crippen, James Detroit 

Davis, George A Indiana North — EUB 

DeWeese, H. Owen North Indiana 

DeWitt, Jesse R Detroit 

Dowd, John A Iowa — EUB 

Easley, John Indiana South — EUB 

Faber, Fran Minnesota 

Faust, Carl Iowa— EUB 

Forbes, J. Kenneth Indiana 

Haldeman, Charles Ohio Sandusky — EUB 

Hann, Paul M South Iowa 

18 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Haugen, Cliff Dakota— EUB 

Havighurst, L. D North Iowa 

Heiple, Frank Illinois— EUB 

Hinz, Larry Wisconsin — EUB 

Hubin, Garland Minnesota — EUB 

Hulit, Kenneth W Ohio East— EUB 

Hundley, Mrs. R. Lee East Wisconsin 

Lau, Clifford West Wisconsin 

Lewis, William E Southern Illinois 

Loyd, W. Harold Central Illinois 

Liitz, Clayton F Ohio Southeast — EUB 

Maibach, Paul Ohio Easl^EUB 

Meier, LeRoy North Dakota 

Messmer, William K Ohio Miami — EUB 

Momberg, Paul B Ohio 

Morrison, William W North Dakota 

Netiinann, N. C Dakota — EUB 

Northfelt, Merlyn W Rock River 

O'Dell, A. Glen Indiana South— EUB 

Ortman, Ervin R South Dakota 

Pfeiffer, Mrs. Alvin B. Rock River 

Pounds, R. L Ohio Miami— EUB 

Praetorius, E. Russell Minnesota — EUB 

Prosch, Marion Ohio Southeast — EUB 

Schilling, Marvin A East Wisconsin 

Searle, John C, Sr Ohio Sandusky— EUB 

Sears, Mrs. Edward E. North Iowa 

Shashaguay, Bernard R Michigan 

Shearer, Paul V South Iowa 

Susat, Edward C Indiana 

Siveet, Charles Minnesota 

Taylor, L. R Michigan — EUB 

Tennent, John Michigan 

Thomas, John Northwest Indiana 

Thompson, Everett K Southern Illinois 

Vessey, Robert G South Dakota 

Wilson, Winslow West Wisconsin 

Wolf, John D Northwest Indiana 

Zebarth, Herbert E Wisconsin — EUB 


Adams, Q. D Central Alabama — C 

Bethea, Joseph D North Carolina-Virginia 

Bischoff, John W Kentucky— EUB 

Black, Roy North Mississippi 

Bray, Jerry G., Jr Virginia 

Cannon, William R North Georgia 

Crump, Alfonso W Mississippi — C 

Culp, Jesse A North Alabama 

The United Methodist Church 19 

Dixon, V. H Tennessee-Kentucky — C 

Duck, David A South Georgia 

Duffey, Paul Alabama-West Florida 

Eldridge, E. A Holston 

Ellis, Charles Tennessee — EUB 

Epps, A. C Georgia — C 

Evans, Evan C Louisville 

Ferguson, William M Florida — C 

Flatt, F. Alton Memphis 

Fowler, H. Thornton Tennessee 

Fulk, Floyd L Virginia— EUB 

Gibson, J. Nelson North Carolina 

Graham, J. H Upper Mississippi — C 

Grant, N. W North Carolina 

Hawk, William G Florida— EUB 

Holler, Adlai C South Carolina 

Jones, M. J Tennessee-Kentucky — C 

Leggett, J. W., Jr Mississippi 

Lowery, J. E Central Alabama — C 

Madison, J. Clay Western North Carolina 

Meadows, William A., Jr Floi'ida 

Moore, Richard V Florida — C 

Orr, J. Herbert Alabama-West Florida 

Palmer, R. J South Carolina — C 

Patton, Russell R Kentucky 

Pinkard, Calvin M North Alabama 

Presley, Isaac Upper Mississippi — C 

Ready, W. Judson South Carolina 

Ritchie, Carl G Virginia— EUB 

Rooks, John Florida 

Sanders, Carl J Virginia 

Satterfield, John C Mississippi 

Savage, William E Kentucky 

Slouthour, Ed Kentucky— EUB 

Smith, C. Jasper South Carolina — C 

Smith, Holiday Holston 

Smith, J. Castro Tennessee — EUB 

Smith, Robert M Western North Carolina 

Stark, Jay Florida— EUB 

Stone, Lloyd Tennessee 

Sutton, William A North Georgia 

Williams, George R North Mississippi 

Wilson, T. R Georgia— C 

Winchester, Clarence M North Carolina-Virginia 

Wood, George S Louisville 

Woodard, F. 0. Mississippi — C 

Wright, George A South Georgia 

Yancey, Charles L Memphis 

20 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


Adrian, Paul B Kansas— EUB 

Allman, S. H Little Rock 

Bayliss, John A North Arkansas 

Bennett, Gordon R Northwest Texas 

Borger, Clarence J Central Kansas 

Bott, LeRoy A Kansas — EUB 

Boyd, Marvin L Northwest Texas 

Bramble, Albert F Kansas 

Brown, Mrs. Norton Missouri West 

Bumpers, E. Clay North Arkansas 

Clark, Alva H Nebraska 

Cotton, W. D Louisiana 

Crandall, C. H Missouri— EUB 

Crutchfield, Finis A Oklahoma 

Dixon, Ernest T., Jr West Texas 

Egan, James A Oklahoma 

Felder, Luther B Texas — C 

Firestone, Lymon Missouri West 

Frey, John H Nebraska 

Goens, Ray W Texas 

Gonzalez, Josue Rio Grande 

Gray, Roderick E Oklahoma-Texas — EUB 

Hager, Wesley H Missouri East 

Hamburger, Irvin Oklahoma-Texas — EUB 

Handy, W. T., Jr. Louisiana — C 

Hawkins, J. Clinton Missouri East 

Heim, Richard A Nebraska — EUB 

Hoyt, James Nebraska — EUB 

Humphrey, L. A., Jr Texas — C 

Johnson, Henry Southwest — C 

King, John T West Texas 

McCleskey, Way7ie Texas 

McMillan, Orval Missouri— EUB 

Middlebrooks, Bob W. North Texas 

Moyer, C. I Kansas 

Netterville, G. Leon, Jr Louisiana — C 

Oliphint, Ben R Louisiana 

Phillips, Joe R., Jr Little Rock 

Riley, Negail R Southwest — C 

Rohlfs, Claus H Southwest Texas 

Rupert, Thomas W Central Kansas 

Seiler, Ralph H New Mexico 

Steele, Sam New Mexico 

The United Methodist Church 21 

Tate, Willis M North Texas 

Walker, James M Southwest Texas 

Walker, Morris D Central Texas 

Weaver, Bruce Central Texas 

Zepeda, Pete Rio Grande 


Albertson, C. Gene Oregon 

Ballantyne, V. A Pacific Northwest — EUB 

Cain, Richard W Southern California-Arizona 

Doenges, R. S Rocky Mountain 

Donahue, L. A Montana — EUB 

Eby, Mrs. John Pacific Northwest 

Harper, George Montana 

Hehr, Roy Northwest Canada — EUB 

Hole, J. Wesley Southern California- Arizona 

Jesske, T. E Northwest Canada— EUB 

Moeller, Romane Rocky Mountain — EUB 

Nichols, L. C. Rocky Mountain — EUB 

Potthoff, Harvey H Rocky Mountain 

Riddle, Earl W Idaho 

Schafer, O. E California— EUB 

Schmidt, Chris W California— EUB 

Schwiebert, Erwin H Idaho 

Strutz, Reuben R Montana— EUB 

Thurman, Arthur V California-Nevada 

Ttiell, Jack Pacific Northwest 

Watson, Mrs. Russell Oregon 

Webber, Frank California-Nevada 

Wix, Robert O Montana 

Wright, Alton Pacific Northwest — EUB 




The Annual Conference delegations are here listed alphabetically by 
conferences. The name of delegates, ministerial (in italics) and lay, 
appear in order of their election, with appointments or occupations 
and addresses. The names of the reserve delegates of each Annual 
Conference follow in similar fashion. 

The figure after the Annual Conference name in each heading is 
the total number of delegates to which it is entitled (see Discipline, 
Pars. 5, 7, 23, 501), and is followed by the abbreviation for its Juris- 
diction or for "overseas." Underneath the heading is shown the seating 
location in the conference hall assigned to that Annual Conference. The 
chairman of the delegation is indicated by an asterisk (*). 

Appointments of ministerial delegates are indicated by such designa- 
tions as district superintendent or by pastor. Note that the appoint- 
ments shown here are as of the time of election. Occupations of lay 
delegates are shown by common abbreviations, and in addition their 
Conference offices (such as lay leader, etc.) are given so far as 

Note: Italics denote ministerial delegates. Asterisk (*) denotes 
chaii-man of delegation. 

In the cases of Methodist Annual Conferences, delegates listed will 
serve for The Methodist General Conference, The Uniting Conference 
and The General Conference of The United Methodist Church. 

In the cases of Evangelical United Brethren Conferences, delegates 
listed will serve for the adjourned session of the Evangelical United 
Brethren General Conference and The Uniting Conference only. Those 
whose names are shown with an (/) will sei've as delegates to The 
General Conference of The United Methodist Church. 




Sec. D, Rows 19-20, Seats 9-12 
W)*Schafer, 0. E.; Dist. Supt.; 4209 Don Felipe Dr., Los Angeles, 

Calif. 90008. 
Schneider, E. C; Dist. Supt.; 1161 Volz Dr., Sacramento, Calif. 95822. 
Chinn, Harvey N.; Pastor; 2820 Third Ave., Sacramento, Calif. 95818. 
Gustafson, L. H.; Pastor; 3295 Meade Ave., San Diego, Calif. 92116. 
(/) Schmidt, Chris W.; State Administrator; 3909 Cresta Way, Sacra- 
mento, Calif. 95825. 
Bosshardt, O. A.; Physician; 210 El Morado Court, Ontario, Calif. 

Grumbein, Percy, Jr.; Senior Electronics Engineer; 845 St. John 

Place, Claremont, Calif. 91711. 
Brawn, J. Melvin; Engineer; 1149 Jamestown Dr., Sunnyvale, Calif. 


Dunn, Roy S.; 20172 Merritt Dr., Cupertino, Calif. 95014. 
Henricks, Q. E.; Pastor and Conf. Treas.; 4112 West Slauson Ave., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 90043. 
Cosby, J. W.; Businessman; 3212 Tobari Court, Sacramento, Calif. 



The United Methodist Church 23 

Igo, Dale; Mgr. Ozarka Water Co.; 5516 Ridgetown Cir., Dallas, Tex. 

Munvon, Glenn; Savings and Loan officer; 3235 Kenora Dr., Spring 

Valley, Calif. 92077. 


Sec. A, Row 9, Seats 1-6 
*Byo.r, H. L.; Pastor; 42 Central St., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 
Faist, F. H.; Pastor; 51 Roy St., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 
Hallman, E. E.; Dist. Supt. ; 398 Union Boulevard West, Kitchener, 

Ontario, Canada. 
Bauman, L. G. ; Retired banker; 37 Gatewood Rd., Kitchener, Ontario, 

Bruegeman, Harry; Insurance salesman; Hanover, Ontario, Canada. 
Draker, Norman; Foreman steelplant; 118 Duncombe Rd., Hamilton, 

Ontario, Canada. 

Dahms, J. V.; 340 Park St., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 
Getz, J. H.; Pastor and Editor "The Canadian Evangel"; 378 Murray 

St., Pembroke, Ontai'io, Canada. 
Strome, G. R.; Conf. Sec; Box 445, Hanover, Ontario, Canada. 
Fishbein, Harry; Automotive business; 12 Englewood PI., Kitchener, 

Ontario, Canada. 
Gerster, H. C; Lumber sales and contracting; 298 Algonquin Dr., 

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 
Pletsch, Walter; Farmer; Rt. 3, Clifford, Ontario, Canada. 


Sec. B, Rows 3-4, Seats 1-4 

Gehring, O. A.; Pastor; 913 Fourth St., N., Watertown, S. D. 57201. 

Kruckenherg, L. A.; Dist. Supt.; 702 South Kline, Aberdeen, S. D. 

{,f)*Neumann, N. C; Dist. Supt.; 920 South Eighth, Fargo, N. D. 

Strntz, Robert H.; Pastor; 1424 11th St., S., Fargo, N. D. 58102. 
Clark, Loren; Manager Canning Factory; 301 North Minnesota Ave., 

Ortonville, Minn. 56278. 
(y)Haugen, Cliff; Postal clerk; 317 21st Ave., N., Fargo, N. D. 58102. 
Stengel, Leonard; Loans and insurance; Box 402, Milbank, S. D. 57252. 
Johnson, Robert; North Optical Company; 2304 Seventh Ave., Minot, 

N. D. 58701. 


Erdmann, E. W.; Pastor; 2012 Hannaford, Bismarck, N. D. 58501. 
Gehring, Oscar; Oil technician; 323 11th St., Bismarck, N. D. 58501. 
Oilman, Don; Electrical shop; 1014 Park Dr.; Grand Forks, N. D. 


Sec. E, Row 1, Seats 5-6 
{J)*Eckstein, D. H.; Superintendent; Berlin 41, Handjerystr. 52/53, 

{J)Falk, T.; Superintendent; 13 Eberswalde, Str. der Fimgen, 

Pioniore, Ta DDR. 


Meinhardt, W.; Pastor; 1 Berlin 61, Dieffenbachstr. 39, DDR. 
Seifert, H.; Pastor; 608 Schmalkaden, Geachw-Schollstr. 24, DDR. 

24 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


Sec. D, Rows 5-6, 7-8, Seats 8-12, 1-12 

U)*Mentzer, Warren F.; Dist. Supt.; 3920 Woodvale Rd., Harris- 
burg, Pa. 17109. 
U)Zehner, Henry W.; Dist. Supt.; 1117 Allengrove St., Philadelphia, 

Pa. 19124. 
U)Kachel, Charles E.; Dist. Supt.; 1608 North 15th St., Reading, Pa. 

{J)Ranck, Ezra H.; Conf. Dir. of Christian Education and Program; 

900 South Arlington Ave., Harrisburg, Pa. 17109. 
U) Schneider, Carl M.; Pastor; P. 0. Box 6146, Linglestown, Pa. 

Ginnivan, Thomas W.; Pastor; 64 West Chocolate Ave., Hershey, Pa. 

Loesch, Warren A.; Ex. Sec. Conf. Bd. of Miss.; 900 South Arlington 

Ave., Harrisburg, Pa. 17109. 
Shearer, Daniel L.; Pastor; 210 West Main St., Hummelstown, Pa. 

Deibler, Walter E.; Pastor and Conf. Sec; 510 Walnut St., Columbia, 

Pa. 17512. 
Zechman, Harry W.; Pastor; 651 South Green St., Palmyra, Pa. 17078. 
Hostetter, Mark J.; Pastor; 400 North Spruce St., Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Peiffer, H. S.; Pastor; 35 Wilson Dr., Lancaster, Pa. 17603. 
May, Thomas; Pastor; 2403 Bellevue Rd., Harrisburg, Pa. 17104. 
Bashore, George W.; Pastor; 138 South Sixth St., Reading, Pa. 19602. 
Daugherty, Robert M.; Pastor; 803 South 12th St., Lebanon, Pa. 17042. 
Fegley, D. L.; Pastor; 286 West High St., Hummelstown, Pa. 17036. 
(vOEstilow, U. S.; Professor; Lincoln Mill Rd., Mullica Hill, N. J. 

(y) Whitcraft, James H.; Accountant; 900 South Arlington Ave., 

Harrisburg, Pa. 17109. 
(/)Shroyer, Lawton W. ; Manufacturer; 515 East Dewart St., 

Shamokin, Pa. 17872. 
(y)Hoffer, Paul F.; Merchant; 138 West Frederick St., Millersville, 

Pa. 17551. 
(/)Quickel, Harold W.; Purchasing Agent; 128 Atkins Ave., Lan- 
caster, Pa. 17603. 
Bollman, Fred G.; Manufacturer; 400 Pennsylvania Ave., Shillington, 

Pa. 19607. 
Tousant, Mrs. Emma S.; Retired attorney; 41 Shelton Rd., Quincy, 

Mass. 02169. 
Masters, Harry V.; Retired College President; 1605 Palm St., Reading, 

Pa. 19604. 
Troutman, William C; Auto Dealer; 740 Church St., Millersburg, Pa. 

Schuster, Albert F.; Supervisor Bethlehem Steel; Rt. 1, Hellertown, 

Pa. 18055. 
Grove, Mrs. D. Dwight; Housewife; 5025 North Marvine St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 19141. 
Spangler, A. C; Tax collector; Campbelltown, Pa. 17010. 
Bryson, William D.; Textile Mfger. ; 40 West Sunset Ave., Ephrata, 

Pa. 17522. 
Barth, Frederick H.; College President; 5016 Grant Ave., Philadelphia, 

Pa. 19114. 
Leininger, Paul M. ; College Professor; Albright College, Reading, Pa. 

Garber, Roy K.; Retired; 24 North Eighth St., Columbia, Pa. 17512. 

The United Methodist Church 25 


Ranch, J. Allan; 97 Montclair Ave., Montclair, N. J. 07042. 

Barth, George R.; Pastor and Conf. Statistician; 1514 Clearview Ave., 

Lancaster, Penn. 17601. 
Reiner, Rollin T.; Pastor; 2324 Spring St., West Lawn, Pa. 19609. 
Hostetter, Russell R.; Decorator; 2400 Mifflin St., Lebanon, Pa. 17042. 
Stetler, Edwin; Manager bookstore; Evangelical Press, 3rd and Reily, 

Harrisburg, Pa. 17102. 
Yoder, Elmer Z.; Retired; 1418 Garfield Ave., Wyomissing, Pa. 19610. 


Sec. B, Rows 17-18, Seats 1-4 
U)*Donelson, Glenn E.; Dist. Supt.; 222 Park St., Jamestown, N. Y. 

Harris, H. Ray; 504 Charles St., Jamestown, N. Y. 14701. 
Hunsherger, Ivan G.; Pastor; 911 N. Center St., Corry, Pa. 16407. 
Olexa, John F.; Pastor; 17 Petrolia St., Bradford, Pa. 16701. 
(/) Johnson, Andrew; Dentist; 25 Looker Mountain Trail, Bradford, 

Pa. 16701. 
Ledebur, Gilbert; Foreman Oil Co.; Derrick City, Pa. 16727. 
McGill, Mrs. Ruth; Housewife; 18 Guyton St., Jamestown, N. Y. 

Rote, S. Eugene; United National Gas; Duke Center, Pa. 16729. 


Burdick, Harold A.; Pastor; 688 South Kendall Ave., Bradford, Pa. 

Angevine, Jerry F.; Pastor; 151 Laurel St., Buffalo, N. Y. 14208. 
Donelson, F. Eugene; Pastor; 26 Second St., Youngsville, Pa. 16371. 
Hansen, Leo R.; Pastor; 42 Kennedy St., Bradford, Pa. 16701. 
Hoitser, Lloyd 0.; (Transferred). 
Ostrander, David L.; Pastor; 281 North Main St., Pleasantville, Pa. 

Childs, Carl; Drilling Contractor; Little Genesee, N. Y. 14754. 
Erickson, William; 21 Berva Dr., Bradford, Pa. 16701. 
Mallery, John; County Supt. of Schools; 229 Carver St., Warren, Pa. 

Miller, Mrs. Ivan; Rt. 3, Corry, Pa. 16407. 
Singer, Thomas; 60 Corwin Ln., Bradford, Pa. 16701. 
Thompson, Roy; Horticulture; Clarence Center, N. Y. 14032. 


Sec. D, Rows 9-10, Seats 11-12 
{J)*Hawk, William G.; Dist. Supt.; 810 Demington St., Lakeland, Fla. 

Obaiigh, William R.; Pastor and Conf. Sec; Rt. 1, Box 323, Tampa, 

Fla. 33612. 
(/) Stark, Jay, Jr.; Vice-President Creighton Awning; 5908 Otis 

Avenue, Tampa, Fla. 33604. 
Stein, Clarence; Retired; 5939 18th Ave., St. Petersburg, Fla. 33710. 


Gilchrist, Frank; 3203 River Grove Dr., Tampa, Fla. 33610. 
Greenlee, Mrs. B. M.; Secretary; 1024 East Crenshaw, Tampa, Fla. 

Sec. D, Rows 11-12, Seats 1-11 
Batt, Samuel; Pastor; 121 West Lincoln Ave., Barrington, Illinois 

26 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

{J)Bouldin, John R.; Pastor; 808 Warrington Rd., Deerfield, Illinois 

{J)*Cravens, Sherman A.; Asst. to Ex. Sec. Bd. of Pensions; 3571 

Otterbein Ave., Dayton, O. 45406. 
Ebinger, Warren R.; Pastor; 20 North Center St., Naperville, 111. 

Filer, Paid H.; Prof. Evangelical Theological Seminary; 308 East 

Chicago Ave., Naperville, 111. 60540. 
Hague, Virgil J.; Pastor; 604 East Pine St., Robinson, 111. 62454. 
U)Hess, Wayne C; Conf. Dir. of Program; 1211 North Park, Bloom- 

ington, 111. 61701. 
{J)Landis, 0. F.; Dist. Supt.; 14 Delwood Dr., Decatur, 111. 62521. 
Larson, E. J.; Pastor and Ex. Sec. Conf. Bd. of Missions; 416 Leland 

St., Ottawa, 111. 61350. 
Moore, Fugene J.; Dist Supt.; 635 Second Ave., Dixon, 111. 61201. 
Simpson, Keith B.; Pastor; Rt. 1, Box 94 A, Naperville, 111. 60540. 
Biggs, Doit; Farmer; Rt. 2, Westfield, 111. 62474. 
(v/)Durbin, Fred C; C.P.A.; 1325 North Monroe St., Decatur, lU. 

Fager, Flovd; Retired; 1908 Pierce Ave., Rockford, HI. 61103. 
(y)Getz, Walter P.; Finance Dept. C.N.W.; 3043 North Kenneth Ave., 

Chicago, Illinois 60641. 
(/)Heiple, Frank; Farmer-Bank Dir.; Rt. 2, Washington, 111. 61571. 
(/) Moore, L. R.; Accountant; 1209 Oak St., Danville, 111. 61833. 
Muller, Walter; Insurance Broker; 521 West Westwood Dr., Peoria, 

111. 61614. 
Olson, Lawrence; Neon Sign Agent; 204 West Graham St., Blooming- 
ton, Illinois 61701. 
Wolfensberger, Homer; Jobber-boating equipment; 925 South Maple 

Ave., Freeport, Illinois 61032. 
Yenerich, Wallace; Teacher; Ash ton, Illinois 61006. 
Zimmerman, Paul; Banker; 444 South Loomis St., Napei'ville, Illinois 



Tholin, Richard; Professor; 15 North Columbia Ave., Naperville, 111. 

Will, James F.; 49 Golden Larch Dr., Naperville, 111. 60540. 
Catlin, Dale; Pastor; 555 South Day St., Galesburg, 111. 61401. 
Jacobs, George F.; Pastor; 802 Hinman St., Aurora, 111. 60505. 
Gums, Mrs. Reuben; Secretary; 1847 North Lincoln Ave., Chicago, 

111. 60614. 
Boynton, Miss Mary Jane; Teacher; 514 Third Ave., Dixon, 111. 61021. 
Stauffer, Milton; Exec. Kroehler Mfg. Co.; 944 Elizabeth, Naperville, 

111. 60540. 
Simpson, Frank; Farmer; Rt. 2, Farmer City, 111. 61842. 


Sec. E, Rows 14-15, Seats 1-9 

U)*Carlson, V. A.; Dist. Supt.; 629 Marleton Rd., Logansport, Ind. 

Chaynbers, John; Pastor; Rt. 4, Kokomo, Ind. 46901. 

(J) Chambers, M. W.; Dir. Church Relations; Indiana Central College, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 46227. 

Coplitts, A. Hunter; Dist. Supt.; 711 West Wayne St., Fort Wayne, 
Ind. 46804. 

Geible, Merrell; Conf. Director Program Council and Christian Edu- 
cation; Box 372C, Rt. 4, Syracuse, Ind. 46567. 

Keller, A. L.; Pastor; 4420 Woodstock Dr., Fort Wayne, Ind. 46805. 

The United Methodist Church 27 

Parks, W. S.; Dist. Supt.; 315 South Tuxedo Dr., South Bend, Ind. 

Penrod, J. O.; Pastor; 6543 Jefferson Ave., Hammond, Ind. 46324. 
Shepherd, Garth; Pastor; 511 Middlebury, Elkhart, Ind. 46514. 
Ade, C. H.; Physician; 2211 Union St., Lafayette, Ind. 47904. 
Beams, Glen; Lawyer; 6821 Forest Glen Court, Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Bush, Wilkie; Electrical Engineering Factory Administrator; 3103 

Frailey Rd., Ekhart, Ind. 46518. 
(v/)Creighton, Russell; Poultry farmer; Rt. 2, Warsaw, Ind. 46580. 
(/) Davis, George; Supt. of Schools; Rt. 5, Box 456 A, Kokomo, Ind. 

Heyde, Forest R. ; Owner and operator chain service stations ; 31 

Barrett Rd., Rochester, Ind. 46975. 
Liechty, Clarence; Retired businessman; 2606 York Rd., South Bend, 

Ind. 44614. 
Stamm, Charles; Lawyer; 3119 River Forest Dr., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

VanDvke, OrviUe; Union Carbide; 933 177th PI., Hammond, Ind. 


Eppley, Paul; Conf. Treas. and Bus. Mgr.; Rt. 4, Oakwood Park, 

Syracuse, Ind. 46567. 
Huffman, E. C. ; President Lumber Co. ; 3631 Norland Ln., New Haven, 

Indiana 64774. 


Sec. E, Rows 20-21, Seats 1-10 
AchoT, Homer W.; Pastor; 1910 Mock Ave., Muncie, Ind. 47302. 
Cobb, Heedlie M.; Pastor; 219 College Ave., Richmond, Ind. 47374. 
Crawford, Gene P.; Pastor; 616 Van Dusen Ave., Evansville, Ind. 

U)Hancock, C. David; Dist. Supt.; 110 Berkeley Dr., Terre Haute, 

Ind. 47803. 
Hawkins, R. P.; Pastor; P. 0. Box 225, Highway 57 North, Washing- 
ton, Ind. 47501. 
Koenig, Robert W.; Ex. Dir., Church Federation of Greater Ind.; 

1907 Salem Sq., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227. 
U)Merryman, K. K.; Dist. Supt.; 4250 Otterbein Ave., Indianapolis, 

Ind. 46227. 
U)*0'Dell, A. Glen; Pastor; 1040 Washington Ave., Evansville, Ind. 

Stone, Philip; Pastor; 367 South 22nd St., Terre Haute, Ind. 47803. 
Youngblood, Russell; Pastor; 2420 Caroline Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

Crawford, R. M. ; Retired, Vice-Pres. American Train Dispatchers 

Assoc; 2102 E. Elm St., New Albany, Ind. 47150. 
(y)Easley, John; Pharmacist; Box 7, Clay City, Ind. 47841. 
France, Gordon; Material Handling Mgr., Delco-Remy Div., G.M.C.; 

1001 Fieldcrest Ln., Anderson, Ind. 46011. 
Gooch, Mrs. John; Hospital Controller; 803 Southeast First St., 

Evansville, Ind. 47710. 
(y) Hardy, Frank; Retired farmer; Rt. 1, Plainville, Ind. 47568. 
Marshall, Justin E.; Retired H. S. Vice Principal and Conf. Treas.; 

4120 Otterbein Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 46227. 
Mylin, Maynard W.; Podiatrist; 603 West Third St., Marion, Ind. 

Taylor, Mrs. Charles; Housewife; Marengo, Ind. 47140. 
(y)Wilcoxon, Francis M.; Chartered Life Underwriter; Rt. 1, Brazil, 

Ind. 47834. 

28 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Bingham, Clifford; Personnel Mgr.; 1368 Ridgeview Dr., Indianapolis, 
Indiana 46219. 

Lane, Ival; Pastor; Rt. 4, Box 520, Greenwood, Ind. 46142, 

lOWA-EUB (14) NC 

Sec. E, Rows 4-5, Seats 3-9 
{J)Deaver, L. E.; Dist. Supt.; 824 Hudson Rd., Cedar Falls, la. 50613. 
U)*Dowd, J. A.; Pastor; Box 235, Moville, la. 51039. 
MacCamion, R. R.; Pastor; 7 North Fifth Ave., Marshalltown. la. 

Pfaltzgraff, P. O.; Pastor; 2723 East Madison, Des Moines, la. 50317. 
Russell, R. L.; Pastor; 210 Sunset Rd., Waterloo, la. 50701. 
Varce, H. A.; Pastor; 418 Lee Dr., LeMars, la. 51031. 
Wilken, A. E.; Dist. Supt.; 3801 Cottage Grove Ave., Des Moines, Iowa 

Bergeman, Harold L. ; Photographer; 1414 Second Ave., N., Fort 

Dodge, la. 50501. 
Epley, Lloyd; Lawyer; 1006 19th Ave., Coralville. la. 52240. 
(y) Faust, Carl; Farmer; Hubbard, Iowa 50122. 
James, Stanton; Lay Missionary; Story City, la. 50248. 
Lease, Milo; Dairy Supply; 421 Fridley Dr., Summer, la. 50674. 
(y) Marty, Wayne; College Professor; Rt. 2, LeMars, la. 51031. 
Riggs, Donald A.; Power plant operator; 225 South Kellogg, Ames, 
Iowa 50010. 

Dellit, Harold W. Pastor; 130 East Walnut, Manly, Iowa 50456. 
Bogenrief, James; Farmer; Merrill, la. 51038. 


Sec. C, Rows 5-6, Seats 5-12 
Bott, LeRoy A.; Pastor; 2203 South Exposition, Wichita, Kas. 67213. 
Brant, Walter R.; Pastor; 2915 West Eighth St., Topeka, Kas. 66606. 
Deever, Paul S.; Pastor; 702 Columbia, LaCrosse, Kas. 67548. 
U)*Findley, C. R.; Dist. Supt.; 200 Southwest 12th St., Newton, 

Kansas 67114-. 
U)Ford, E. R.; Dist. Supt.; 1420 South 11th St., Salina, Kas. 67401. 
Kurth, Lawrence; Pastor; 1501 Massachusetts, Lawrence, Kas. 66044. 
Vogel, Henry W.; Pastor; 406 E. 13th St., Concordia, Kas. 66901. 
(J)Wright, M. M.; Dist. Supt.; 2917 Virginia, Topeka, Kas. 66605. 
(7) Adrian, Paul B.; Realtor; 2312 Edgehill Rd., Salina, Kas. 67401. 
(y)Dreier, Walter; Realtor; 2921 Lincoln, Topeka, Kas. 66611. 
Mann, Charles L. ; Engineer; 

Morse, Melverne C; Mortgage Banker; Rt. 2, Topeka, Kas. 66608. 
Schlender, Melvin C; Dentist; 904 Stratford Rd., Wichita, Kas. 67207. 
Stiller, Homer; Rural mail carrier; 710 Sherman, Marion, Kansas 

(v/) Webster, O. K.; Contractor; 316 South 11th St., Salina, Kas. 67401. 
Woolworth, Mrs. Ernest; Homemaker; 3601 North Broadway, Wichita, 

Kas. 67219. 

Weinert, Glenn C; Pastor; 1100 South Pershing, Liberal, Kas. 67901. 
Melrose, Lester; Retired rural carrier; 609 North 4th, lola, Kas. 



Sec. C, Row 4, Seats 5-6 
U)*Bischoff, John W.; Dist. Supt.; Red Bird Mission, Beverly, Ky. 

The United Methodist Church 29 

(y)Slothour, Edward; Medical Doctor; Red Bird Mission, Beverly, Ky. 


Airhart, Robert E.; (Transferred). 
Reed, Edwin; Rt. 1, Glasgow, Ky. 42141. 

Sec. B, Rows 19-20, Seats 5-12 
Fisher, Gerald; Pastor; 4467 Beecher Rd., Flint, Mich. 48504. 
Forkner, Stanley; Conf. Dir. Christian Education and Program; 5438 

South Pennsylvania Ave., Lansing, Mich. 48910. 
Horton, Robert; Pastor; 19750 McNichols, Detroit, Mich. 48219. 
Kellerman, Garfield, Jr.; Dist. Supt. ; 17200 Plainview Rd., Detroit, 

Mich. 48219. 
{J)Liesemer, Newell; Asst. Administ. ; Haven Hubbard Home, New 

Carlisle, Ind. 46552. 
Murbach, John; Pastor; 4323 Davison Rd., Flint, Mich. 48506. 
Peck, W. Prentice; Conf. Treas. and Bus. Mgr.; 5438 South Pennsyl- 
vania Ave., Lansing, Mich. 48910. 
U)*Taylor, Lawrence; Dist. Supt.; 770 Three Mile Rd., N.E., Grand 

Rapids, Mich. 49505. 
(/) Allen, Ray; President AUen-Hayosh Industries; 31739 Bretz Dr., 

Warren, Mich. 48093. 
Chamberlain, P. Edison; Teacher; Rt. 2, Petoskey, Mich. 49770. 
Haist, Willard; Dentist; Pigeon, Mich. 48755. 
Iwaniuk, John; Lawyer; 618 North 14th St., Niles, Mich. 49120. 
(v/)Kennaugh, John; City Manager; 514 Elmshaven, Lansing, Mich. 

Klump, Ralph; Farmer; Rt. 2, Blissfield, Mich. 49228. 
Peterson, Arden; Professor; 2236 Hamilton Rd., Okemos, Mich. 

Spafford, Mrs. Frieda; Homemaker; 525 Washington, Sebewaing, 

Mich. 48759. 

Bailey, Orin; Pastor; 1933 Buchanan Southwest, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Williams, Foster; Farmer; Rt. 2, St. Johns, Mich. 48879. 


Sec. D, Row 25, Seats 1-10 

U)*Praetorius, E. Russell; Dist. Supt.; 6310 Washburn Ave., S., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 55423. 

Utzman, A. B.; Pastor; 1636 Scheffer Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 55116. 

Bosshardt, Floyd E.; Conf. Exec. Sec, Missions and Christian Educa- 
tion; 2310 Taft St., N.E., Minneapolis, Minn. 55418. 

Gordy, Delmont K.; Pastor; 406 West Mill St., Paynesville, Minn. 

Dunn, Merle A.; Pastor; 410 13th Ave., S.E., Rochester, Minn. 55901. 

(v/)Hubin, Garland; Editor-Publisher; Buffalo Lake, Minn. 55314. 

Rufer, Gerald; Attorney; Rt. 4, Fergus Falls, Minn. 56537. 

Mellgren, Wesley; Accountant; 5836 Oakland Ave., S., Minneapolis, 
Minn. 55407. 

Scholer, Vern; Ins. Exec; 1065 19th Ave., N.E., Rochester, Minn. 

Decker, Kermit; Farmer; Grey Eagle, Minn. 56336. 


SwAth, Richard R.; Pastor; 864 Miller Ave., Hutchinson, Minn. 55350. 
Watkins, John; Medical Doctor; 690 4th St., S.W., Wells, Minn. 56097. 

30 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


Sec. C, Row 20, Seats 1-2 
iJ)*Crandall, C. H.; Dist. Supt.; Notch Rt., Reeds Spring, Mo. 65737. 
(V) McMillan, Orval; Merchant and bus driver; Roanoke, La. 70581. 
Morgan, John B.; Pastor; 5801 Wayne Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 64110. 
Desper, Cecil; Accounting; 1500 East Eighth St., Trenton, Mo. 64683. 


Sec. E, Rows 4-5, Seats 10-11 
Bartram, Harvey E.; Pastor; 11 Sixteenth St., N., Great Falls, Mont. 

{J)*Strutz, Reuben R.; 215 Burhngton, Billings, Mont. 59102. 
(/) Donahue, L. A.; Retired; 1038 North 30th, Billings, Mont. 59102. 
Packer, Bruce; Rancher; Inverness, Mont. 59540. 

Magsig, Lewis E.; Pastor; 905 "West Clark St., Livingston, Mont. 

Swift, Kent T.; 114 West Borden, Glendive, Mont. 59330. 
Ollerman, Lester; Postal employee; 516 Riverview, Glendive, Mont. 

Robuck, Wilbur; Rancher; Rapelje, Mont. 59067. 


Sec. C, Rows 11-12, Seats 1-5 
Heim, Richard A.; Pastor; 3245 Starr, Lincoln, Neb. 68503. 
Nunnally, Donald J.; Pastor; Box 293, Aurora, Neb. 68818. 
U)*Roker, D. R.; Dist. Supt.; 3708 Ave. 4, Kearney, Neb. 68847. 
Schroeder, Harvey J.; Pastor; 6102 Country Club Rd., Omaha, Neb. 

Wichelt, John F.; Dist. Supt.; Box 30267, Lincoln, Neb. 68503. 
Hoyt, James; Farmer; Culbertson, Neb. 69024. 
Mundhenke, Mrs. Milton; Housewife; Milford, Neb. 68405. 
(v/)Poppe, Odin; Post Office Clerk; 1023 West Ninth, Grand Island, 

Neb. 68801. 
Rasmussen, Karl; Jeweler; Box 710, Fremont, Neb. 68025. 
Schroeder, Clarence; Cattleman; Hoskins, Neb. 68740. 


Urbach, Richard; Pastor; Callaway, Neb. 68825 

Hays, Doyle; Pastor; 1816 West Ninth, Hastings, Neb. 68901. 

Cook, Mrs. Raymond; Housewife; 3206 South 44th, Omaha, Neb. 

Stauffer, Glenn; Dist. Sales Mgr.; 619 Delaware, York, Neb. 68467. 


Sec. A, Rows 5-6, Seats 1-2 

Eckel, Sherman B.; Pastor and Conf. Sec; 536 Eggert Rd., BufFalo, 

N. Y. 14215. 
U)*Rein, John D.; Dist. Supt.; 500 Plank Rd., Webster, N. Y. 14580. 
(y)Alt, Clayton; Kodak worker; 559 Holt Rd., Webster, N. Y. 14580. 
Straight, Leslie; Mink farmer; Shumla Rd., Fredonia, N. Y. 14063. 


Boyer, Gerald S.; 27 Elm St., Webster, N. Y. 14580. 

Snyder, Eldon D.; Pastor; 14 Elmwood Park West, Tonawanda, N. Y. 

Kraatz, Alvin L., Sr.; Bldg. contractor; 9309 Hunting Valley Rd., 

Clarence, N. Y. 14031. 

The United Methodist Church 31 


Sec. D, Rows 23, 24, 25, Seats 11-12 

U)Jesske, T. E.; Dist. Supt.; 164 Fifth St., S.E., Medicine Hat, 

Alberta, Canada. 
Snyder, F. W.; Pastor; 4335 Second St., N.W., Calgary, Alberta, 

Taetz, S. B.; Pastor and Dir. of Youth Work; 1186 Montego St., 

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. 
Brown, W.; Farmer; Box 296, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. 
Deimert, E. E.; Farmer; Vulcan, Alberta, Canada. 
(v/)Hehr, Roy; Farmer; Box 93, Carstairs, Alberta, Canada. 


Sherman, S. R.; 2442 Jackson PI., Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. 
Maetche, A. W.; 322 Connaught Dr., S.W., Medicine Hat, Alberta, 

Schindell, Wally; Customs officer; Vancouver, British Columbia, 

Meier, Walter; Farmer; Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Sec. C, Rows 9-10; Seats 4-12 

Appel, R. E.; Pastor; 4612 13th St., N.W., Canton, O. 44708. 

Brandyberry, A. L.; Pastor; 2521 Twelfth St., N.W., Canton, 0. 44708. 

U)Eherly, E. P.; Dist. Supt.; 452 Lake Ave., N.E., Room 209, 
Massillon, 0. 44646. 

Frees, Paul W.; Pastor; 822 Hoover Dr., Ashland, 0. 44805. 

U)*Hulit, Kenneth W.; Dist. Supt.; 452 Lake Ave., N.E., Room 209, 
Massillon, 0. 44646. 

Moody, Melvin A.; Conf. Program Director; 452 Lake Ave., N.E., 
Room 209, Massillon, 0. 44646. 

Pohly, Kenneth H.; Dir. Rel. Activities, Ctterbein College; 92 Bishop 
Dr., Westerville, 0. 43081. 

Schreckengost, George E.; Minister of Metropolitan Strategy; 4681 
Dormur Dr., Cleveland, 0. 44109. 

Zagray, Allan H.; Pastor; 1720 Schneider Rd., N.W., North Canton, 
O. 44720. 

Boyer, Gene; Insurance Salesman; 304 North Turner Rd., Youngs- 
town, 0. 44515. 

(v/)Clymer, Merritt; Insurance Executive; 508 North Glenwood Ave., 
North Canton, O. 44720. 

French, Mrs. Jane; Church employee; 11423 Huffman Rd., E., Cleve- 
land, O. 44130. 

Harrold, Mrs. Pauline; Secretary; Box 107, Beach City, O. 44608. 

Hayes, Melvin; Accountant; 662 Shook Rd., Akron, 0. 44319. 

Limbaugh, Luther; Engineering Aid; 521 Crider Ave., N.E., New 
Philadelphia, O. 44663. 

(y)Maibach, Paul; Business; Sterling, Ohio 44276. 

Wagner, William S.; Engineer; 6689 Kemary Ave., Rt. 1, Navarre, O. 

Zimmerman, Virgil; Farmer and rural mail carrier; Rt. 1, North 
Lawrence, 0. 44666. 


Chase, Irving F.; Pastor; 3680 Manchester Rd., Akron, 0. 44319. 
Reece, Rolland; Assoc. Dir. of Shadybrook House; 771 East 260th St., 

Euclid, 0. 44132. 
Vandersall, C. C; Pastor; 253 Saxton Rd., Mansfield, 0. 44907. 

32 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Moore, Don; Goodyear Tire and Rubber; 420 Noble Ave., Akron, 0. 

Howsare, Mrs. Leora; Teacher; 501 Miller Ave., Kent, O. 44240. 


Sec. C, Rows 7-8, Seats 1-7 
Bergland, John; 5424 Oakhaven Cir., Kettering, 0. 45440. 
Bragg, Emerson D.; Pastor; 1516 Salem Ave., Dayton, 0. 45406. 
Delp, Owen; Pastor and Conf. Dir. of Program Council; 716 Bradfield, 

Dr., Trotwood, O. 45426. 
(^)Eschbach, Carl B.; Pastor; 1610 Cory Dr., Dayton, O. 45406. 
Hahn, Harvey C; Pastor; 111 Xenia Ave., Dayton, O. 45410. 
(^)*Messmer, William K.; Dist. Supt.; 1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, 

O. 45406. 
Odon, Louis O.; Conf. Dir. of Development and Ex. Sec. of Bd. of 

Missions; 1810 Harvard Blvd., Dayton, 0. 45406. 
(y)Boda, Harold; Asst. Supt. of Schools; 3101 Kenmore Ave., Dayton, 

O. 45420. 
Davis, Jack, Jr.; Auto Dealer; 349 South Main St., Da>i;on, 0. 45402. 
Fellers, Hubert; Plumber; 3838 West Hillcrest Ave., Dayton, 0. 45406. 
Hammink, Harvey; Appraiser and Insurance; 2386 Willowgrove Ave., 

Dayton, 0. 45419. 
Jacoby, J.; Public Utilities; 6681 Harshmanville Rd., Dayton, 0. 

(y) Pounds, R. L.; College Professor; 1638 Rockford PI., Cincinnati, O. 

Upton, Sam; Postal employee; 282 Driftwood, Greenville, O. 45331. 


Miranda, Walter N.; Pastor; 126 Crest Hill, Vandalia, 0. 45377. 
Dover, Mrs. Hazel; Housewife; 1717 Catalpa Dr., Dayton, 0. 45406. 


Sec. C, Rows 20-21, Seats 3-12 
Corl, Daniel D.; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 672, Findlay, O. 45840. 
Graham, Joseph R.; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 672, Findlay, O. 45840. 
Adams, Harry L.; Pastor; 315 West Pearl St., Willard, 0. 44890. 
(y) Faulkner, R. W.; Pastor; 608 Gloria Ave., Lima, O. 45805. 
Feaver, Laurence E.; Pastor; 4033 Graceway Dr., Toledo, O. 43606. 
Jones, J. Paul, Jr.; Pastor; 623 East Boundary St., Perrysburg, O. 

McCracken, Howard; Pastor; 401 South Washington St., Van Wert, 

O. 45891. 
{J)Oshorn, John F.; Conf. Dir. of Christian Education and Program; 

P. O. Box 672, Findlay, 0. 45840. 
U)*Searle, John C, Sr.; Pastor; 1015 Brookview Ct., Findlay, O. 

Stover, Kenneth; Pastor; 431 Somerset St., Toledo, 0. 43609. 
(vO Cochran, Robert E.; Annual Conference employee; P. 0. Box 672, 

Findlay, 0. 45840. 
(vODutt, Fred; Dist. Rep. Ohio Fann Sei-vice; 2600 Kingsley Rd., 

Raleigh, N. C. 27609. 
Gilts, George; Accountant; 1110 W. Main Cross St., Findlay, O. 45840. 
(y)Haldeman, Charles; Accountant; Box 19, West Millgrove, O. 43467. 
Kaatz, Torrey A.; Mgr. Administrative Services; 2144 Mellwood Ct., 

Toledo, O. 43613. 
Leatherman, Wayne; Municipal Judge; 225 E. South Boundary St., 

Perrysburg, 0. 43551, 
McGough, Kent; Insurance; 450 S. Rosedale, Lima, O. 45805. 

The United Methodist Church 33 

Metzger, Merritt; Farmer; Rural Rt. 1, Alvada, O. 44802. 

Nietz, Ed; County Treasurer; R. R. 1, Box 388, Walbridge, O. 43465. 

Smith, Noel; Accountant; 502 Bendle St., Shelby, 0. 44875. 


Johnson, 0. E.; Pastor; 1523 E. Main Cross St., Findlay, 0. 45840. 
Luke, Wayne; Realtor and Insurance; 129 Branch Ave., Coldwater, 
Mich. 49036. 


Sec. D, Rows 21-22, Seats 6-12 
U)Dutt, Harold; Dist. Supt.; 6244 George Fox Dr., Rt. 1, Galloway, 

O. 43119. 
{J)*Lutz, Clayton F.; Retired; 2030 Chippewa Dr., Logan Elm 

Village, Circleville, O. 43113. 
Buckle]), Howard; Pastor; 53 S. Powell Ave., Columbus, 0. 43204. 
Wrightsel, Kenneth E.; Pastor and Conf. Sec; 4458 Etna Rd., 

Columbus, 0. 43213. 
Butterhaugh, Carl; Pastor and Conf. Exec. Sec. Bd. of Evangelism; 

347 Markison Ave., Columbus, 0. 43207. 
Smith, Rex C; Conf. Dir. of Christian Education and Program, Camp 

Otterbein, Rt. 3, Logan, 0. 43138. 
Lane, Irvin H.; 626 Chestershire Rd., Columbus, 0. 43204. 
Michael, Lyle J.; Professor emeritus; 67 South Grove St., Westerville, 

0. 43081. 
LaPlante, Walter; Ironworker, blacksmith; 1414 Greenwood Ave., 

Zanesville, O. 43701. 
DuVall, Ross; Foreman FMC Corp.; 829 Franklin St., Belpre, 0. 

Cubbage, Mrs. Mary; Bookkeeper-Sec; 1081 Fordham Dr., Columbus, 

0. 43224. 
(v/)DeLong, Dale; Insurance agent; 590 Ridgewood Dr., Circleville, 0. 

Herbert, David; General Contractor and building supplies; 207 Maple 

Ave., Oak Hill, 0. 45656. 
(v/)Prosch, Marion; County Deputy Clerk and Ohio Auditor; 2517 

Scioto Trail, Portsmouth, 0. 45662. 


Dunkle, Stanley; Pastor; 144 West Hunter St., Logan O. 43138. 
Miller, Millard J.; Conference Superintendent; 505 Cherrington Rd., 

Westerville, 0. 43081. 
McGrath, Kenneth; Manager Industrial Product; 829 Lanreco Blvd., 

Lancaster, O. 43130. 


Sec. F, Row 2, Seats 3-6 
U)*Gray, Roderick E.; Dist. Supt.; 1420 Southwest 68th, Oklahoma 

City, Okla. 73159. 
Williamson, James F.; Pastor and Conf. Sec; 205 S. Palm, Ponca City, 

Okla. 74601. 
(vO Hamburger, Irvin; Medical Doctor; 6313 N.W. Grand, Oklahoma 

City, Okla. 73159. 
Hicks, L. T.; Salesman; Rt. 1, Bixby, Okla. 74008. 


Kay, W. Eugene; Pastor and Exec. Sec. of Bd. of Missions; 2159 S. 

73rd East Ave., Tulsa, Okla. 74129. 
Plummer, Ray B.; 3132 E. Latimer, Tulsa, Okla. 74110. 

34 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


Sec. B, Row 23, Seats 1-12 
U)*Ballantyne, V. A.; 14317 S.E. Fairoaks Ln., Portland, Cre. 97222. 
Bletscher, Robert D.; Pastor; 6323 S.E. 92nd St., Portland, Ore. 97266. 
Buzzard, T. R.; Dist. Supt.; 1425 Windsor Dr., Gladstone, Ore. 97027. 
U)Millen, George K.; Dist. Supt.; 3223 S.E. Deswell, Portland, Ore. 

Morgan, Max M.; Pastor; 843 Monroe St., Eugene, Ore. 97402. 
Petticord, Paul P.; President, Western Evangelical Seminary; 4200 

S.E. Jennings Ave., Portland, Ore. 97222. 
Bohn, D. B.; Salesman; 5206 S.E. 34th, Portland, Ore. 97302. 
(vO Culver, Paul; Owner Glass Co.; 660 Sellaverly Ct., Apartment 406, 

Milwaukie, Ore. 97222. 
Friesen, Ernest; (Deceased). 

Mull, Wallace L.; Insurance; 870 W. 8th Ave., Eugene, Ore. 97402. 
Cbinger, E. M.; Salesman; 2513 N.E. Skidmore, Portland, Ore. 97211. 
(V) Wright, Alton R.; Trucking Executive; 10999 S.E. Stanley Ave., 

Portland, Cre. 97222. 

Day, Robert F.; 9510 S.E. Wichita Ave., Portland, Ore. 97222. 
Morris, Robert L.; Pastor; 921 S.W. Clay St., Portland, Ore. 97205. 
Vermillion, D. L.; 1725 27th St., Milwaukie, Ore. 97222. 
Anderson, Harvey E.; Camp Manager; Newman Lake Park, Newman 

Lake, Wash. 99025. 
Kruppke, Carroll; Farmer; Rt. 1, Reardan, Wash. 99029. 
Randie, R. E.; Retired Accountant; 7745 S.E. 20th Ave., Portland, 

Ore. 97202. 


Sec. C, Rows 3-4, Seats 10-12 
Hines, Ralph C; Pastor; 228 Williams PI., Sterling, Colo. 80751. 
linger, Allen L.; Pastor; 205 Harvard Dr., S.E., Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

iJ)*Nichols, Lloyd C; Dist. Supt.; 1314 Sunset Rd., Colorado Springs, 

Colorado 80909. 
Marks, Oscar; Farmer; Rt. 2, Fleming, Colo. 80728. 
(/)Moeller, Romane G.; C.P.A.; 7217 Ross Dr., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Osborne, Rolland; Secret Service, U.S.A.; 6028 Quail Ct., No. 46, 

Arvada, Colo. 80002. 

Spahr, Keith W.; Pastor; 2600 Tulane Dr., Ft. CoUins, Colo. 80521. 
Egli, Stanley; Hospital Admstr. ; Espanola Hospital, Espanola, N. 

Mex. 87532. 


Sec. D, Rows 15-16, Seats 12 
U)*Carew, B. A.; Superintendent; Taiania, via Mano, W. Africa. 
(/) Thomas, S. H.; Principal; Taiama via Mano, W. Africa. 


Sec. E, Row 1, Seats 7-8 
iJ)*Sticher, H.; Superintendent; Reutlingen, Germany. 
{j)Gaehr, J.; Superintendent; Stuttgart W., Senefelderstr. 109, 

Hermann, E.; Doctor; Frankfurt am Main, Gennany. 
Wisst, O.; Pastor; Reutlingen, Hagstr. 2, Germany. 

The United Methodist Church 35 


Sec. C, Rows 15-17, Seats 1-12 
U)*Hom, Paul E.; Dist. Supt.; 2836 Eastwood Dr., York, Pa. 17402. 
U)Kreidler, Clair C; Dist. Supt.; 708 HUltop Dr., New Cumberland, 

Pa. 17070. 
U)Woods, William F.; Dist. Supt.; Rt. 1, Lewisburg, Pa. 17837. 
(/) Stambach, Arthur W.; Conf. Dir. of Evangelism and Adult Work; 

212 Allendale Way, Camp Hill, Pa. 17011. 
{J)Kauffman, Gerald D.; Pastor; 420 W. South St., Carlisle, Pa. 

Bartges, Woodrow A.; Pastor; 411 Rittenhouse St., N.W., Washington, 

D. C. 20011. 
U)Stetler, Roy H., Jr.; Pastor; 2700 Cheverly Ave., Cheverly, Md. 

Mund, Fred W.; Pastor; 525 Scott St., Baltimore, Md. 21230. 
Stolte, Robert H.; Pastor and Conf. Sec; 204 E. Middle St., Hanover, 

Pa. 17331. 
Andrews. David H.; Pastor; 9221 Watson Rd., Silver Spring, Mary- 
land 20910. 
Haverstock, Calvin B., Jr.; Pastor; 114 N. Newberry St., York, Pa. 

Houseal, Harry A.; (Resigned). 
Geiman, Melvin, Jr.; Pastor; Apt. 310-1, Queensdale Dr., York, Pa. 

Heiser, Ben F.; Conf. Exec. Sec. of C. E. and Program Dir.; 500 Ninth 

St., New Cumberland, Pa. 17070. 
Close, Robert L.; Pastor; 40 Conway St., Carlisle, Pa. 17013. 
Heim, R. Kenneth; Pastor; 1700 Pine St., Berwick, Pa. 18603. 
Ldppert, William J.; Pastor; 1699 Altland Ave., York, Pa. 17404. 
Shearer, Wilson A.: 2 Ardmore Cir., New Cumberland, Pa. 17070. 
(v/)Heidlebaugh, Chester R.; Electric appliances; 4003 Wilshire Dr., 

York, Pa. 17402. 
(7) Winter, J. Britain; Lawj'er; 7022 Bellona Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

(/)Gilmore, Paul G.; Newspaper Editor; 800 First Ave., Williams- 
port, Pa. 17701. 
(v/)Ritter, Ralph; Contractor; 321 North 28th St., Camp Hill, Pa. 

(v/)Kunkel, Gordon S.; Office Mgr.; 2185 Eastern Blvd., York, Pa. 

(v/)Funkhouser, E. N.; Retired Industrialist; 1835 Fountain Head Rd., 

Hagerstown, Maryland 21740. 
Kissinger, Harry P.; Vice-Pres. of Bank; 1745 North Sherman St., 

New York, Pa. 17402. 
Cressman, Paul, Sr.; Retired school man; 955 S. 30th St., Camp Hill, 

Pa. 17011. 
Mund, A. W.; Industrialist; 702 E. Seminary Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Mowery, R. G.; Retired educator; 205 Guilford Ave., Chambersburg, 

Pa. 17201. 
Warner, E. D.; Businessman Dairy; 175 Linden Ave., Red Lion, Pa. 

Hummel, Russel P.; Administrative Assistant; 114 S. Second St., 

Wormleysburg, Pa. 17043. 
Trout, Clair; Educator; Rt. 2, Seven Valleys, Pa. 17360. 
Benfer, Mrs. Kenneth L.; Housewife; 258 E. Market St., York, Pa. 

Rein, W. J. R.; Businessman; 111 Lower Market St., Milton, Pa. 17847. 
Fuhrman, Eugene A.; Electrician; Rt. 2, Mifflintown, Pa. 17059. 

36 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Marlow, H. LeRoy; Professor; 1620 S. Allen St., State College, Pa. 

Blickenstaff, T. C. ; Bldg. Contractor; 121 Coffman Ave., Hagerstown, 
Md. 21740. 


Higgins, D. Rayborn; Pastor; 413 Bridge St., New Cumberland, Pa. 

Goldman, Leon; (Resigned). 

DeWire, Harry D.; Prof. United Theological Seminary; 1833 Auburn 
Ave., Dayton, 0. 45406. 

Jacobs, Harry, Jr.; Sheet Metal worker; 2116 Hillside Ave., Williams- 
port, Pa. 17701. 


Sec. C, Row 3, Seats 1-2 
{J)*Roser, D.; Supt. ; Heideggweg 5, Aarau, Switzerland. 
(y)Gautschi, E.; Publisher; Nageligasse 4, 3000 Bern, Switzerland. 

Geissbuhler, Th.; Pastor; Nageligassee 4, 3000 Bern, Switzerland. 
Gloor, F.; Thun, Switzerland. 


Sec. F, Row 5, Seats 1-4 
U)*Smith, J. Castro; Dist. Supt.; 4100 Shangri-La Dr., Knoxville, 

Tenn. 37914. 
Jeffers, E. B.; Pastor; 2305 Thomgrove Pike, Knoxville, Tenn. 37914. 
Ellis, Charles; Businessman; 201 Van Huss Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 

(y)Lusby, L. D.; Salesman; Rt. 6, Knoxville, Tenn. 37914. 


Starliyig, Sherman; Pastor; Rt. 6, Knoxville, Tenn. 37914. 
Gate, Lee A.; Pastor; 823 Glen Oaks Dr., Knoxville, Tenn. 37912. 
Edwards, Herman; Salesman; Rt. 15, Knoxville, Tenn. 37912. 
Jeffers, Willard; Insurance; Rt. 2, Chuckey, Tenn. 37641. 


Sec. D, Rows 3-4, Seats 5-9 
(J)*FuIk, Floyd L.; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 218, Broadway, Va. 22815. 
Fulk, Hoivard L.; Pastor; 719 New York Ave., Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Sawyer, John R.; Pastor; 406 College Cir. Dr., Staunton, Va. 24401. 
Weber, Charles B.; Pastor; 547 N. Queen St., Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Widmyer, George S.; Pastor; "M" Ave., Potomac Park, Cumberland, 

Md. 21502. 
Allen, Jack C; Insurance; 301 Illinois Ave., Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Frve, Elwood; Furniture mover; Rt. 2, Hedgesville, W. Va. 25427. 
Kyle, George A.; Realtor; 719 Churchville Ave., Staunton, Va. 24401. 
(v/) Ritchie, Carl G.; Factory Mgr.; Box 101, Rt. 5, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Tutwiler, E. C, Jr.; Business interests; Rt. 3, Box 341-A, Harrison- 
burg, Va. 22801. 

Hiser, Carl W.; Chaplain, W. T. Edwards TB Hospital; 2815 Aquilla 

St., Tampa, Fla. 33609. 

The United Methodist Church 37 

Slonaker, PaulJ.; Pastor; 308 N. Braddock St., Winchester, Va. 22601. 
Bridgers, Robert E.; Pastor; 166 W. Market St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

McBee, Melvin; B&O R.R. Conductor; Berkeley Springs, W. Va. 25411. 
Swadley, Raymond; Product Scheduler, Celanese Fibers Co.; Ridgeley, 

W. Va. 26753. 


Sec. E, Row 1, Seats 9-10 
{J)*Mohr, I.; Superintendent; Essen, Menzelstr. 20/22, Germany. 
{/)Harriefeld, F.; Superintendent; Essen, Germany. 


Steckel, K. ; Director; Reutlingen, Hagstr. 2, Germany. 
Westphal, W. ; Hannover, Germany. 


Sec. A, Rows 7-8, Seats 1-6 
Angel, Bill; Pastor; 1810 Rayon Dr., Parkersburg, W. Va. 26103. 
Brady, Bland; Pastor; 1310 N. 19th St., Clarksburg, W. Va. 26301. 
Eckels, Harry; Dist. Supt.; Rt. 5, Box 8, Buckhannon, W. Va. 26201. 
Edman, Clarence; Pastor; 1023 Fairfax St., Fairmont, W. Va. 26554. 
Higgins, Jack; Pastor; 1801 Washington Ave., Parkersburg, W. Va. 

U)*Shaffer, Ray N.; Pastor; 1018 36th St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Yoak, Harold; Leaseman, Consolidated Natural Gas Supply Corp.; 

118 Ridenour St., Clarksburg, W. Va. 26301. 
Rogers, Mrs. Floyd; Homemaker; 1706 23rd St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 

(y) Blessing, Roy; Life Ins. Underwriter, 2125 Lincoln Ave., Point 

Pleasant, W. Va. 25550. 
Michels, Charles; Pharmacist; West Union, W. Va. 26456. 
Nutter, P. H.; Rt. 2, Clarksburg. W. Va. 26201. 
Harper, Roy; Gowen, W. Va. 26206. 


Dille, Robert; Conf. Dir. of Christian Education; Rt. 5, Box 7, Buck- 
hannon, W. Va. 26201. 

Reed, James H.; Conf. Treas.; Rt. 5, Box 8, Buckhannon, W. Va. 

Bennett, T. N.; Pastor; 82 S. Kanawha St., Buchannon, W. Va. 26201. 

Rollvson. Dale; Lesage, W. Va. 25537. 

Tardy, Wilbur; Milwright E. I. Dupont Corp.; 313 17th St., Dunbar, 
W. Va. 25064. 

Rogers, Carl ; Rt. 2, Wallace, W. Va. 26448. 


Sec. B, Rows 13-14, Seats 2-12 
Biggs, George; Pastor; 109 Homestead Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 15902. 
Burgess, Harold R.; Dir. Conf. United AID Crusade; 216 Ottawa St., 

Johnstown, Pa. 15904. 
Ciampa, Donald N.; Pastor; 108 Church St., Herminie, Pa. 15637. 
i^) Dietrich, Clyde W.; Dist. Supt.; 65 Shady Dr., Indiana, Pa. 15701. 
(J) Fisher, Harry J.; Dist. Supt.; 324 Nadona Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Halstead, PaulJ.; Pastor; 103 Ave. B, Latrobe, Pa. 15650. 
Moffat, Arthur T.; Pastor; 1137 Buffalo St., Franklin, Pa. 16323. 

38 Journal of the 1968 Geyieral Conference 

RuKsell, John W.; Pastor and Conf. Sec; 1319 Pennsylvania Ave., 

Tyrone, Pa. 16686. 
Schultz, Elmer A. R.; Pastor; 1319 S. Pittsburgh St., Connellsville, 

Pa 15425. 
W)*'Scase, Gene E.; Dist. Supt.; 4042 Cape Cod Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

{^/)Woomer, James A.; Pastor; 130 Second Ave., Altoona, Pa. 16602. 
Bishop, Mrs. G. O.; Housewife; Rt. 3, Box 363, Johnstown, Pa. 15904. 
Bittner, Dwight M.; Accountant; 81 S. Grandview Ave., Pittsburgh, 

Pa. 15205. 
Blanset, Harry R.; Accountant; 2916 Bedford St., Johnstown, Pa. 

(y)Eschbach, George A.; Businessman; 1614 Columbia Ave., Tyrone, 

Pa. 16686. 
Fox, William M.; Businessman; 126 S. Pittsburgh St., Connellsville, 

Pa. 15425, 
Gray, Mrs. Carroll; Housewife; 405 Monroe Rd.. Sarver, Pa. 16055. 
(v/)Hershberger, George; Insurance; Starr Rt., Scottdale, Pa. 15683. 
Hummel, D. W.; Businessman; 601 Nichols St., Clearfield, Pa. 16830. 
(/)McCormick, Paul R.; Educator; 510 Horizon View Dr., Pittsburgh, 

Pa. 15235. 
Nicely, George W.; Businessman; 350 Brookside Way, Johnstown, 

Pa. 15904. 
(/) Walter, Paul D.; Educator; 844 Sunnehanna Dr., Johnstown, Pa. 


Bishop, Bruce H.; Pastor; 705 Dorev St., Clearfield, Pa. 16830. 
Boucher, A. Ford; Teacher; 409 Cedar St., Beaverdale, Pa. 15921. 


Sec. E, Rows 8-9, Seats 6-12 
Bender, Gordon R.; Pastor; 5555 W. Capitol Dr., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bosserrnan, Roy E.; Dist. Supt.; 617 E. Grant Ave,, Eau Claire, Wis. 

Cramer, Solomon G.; Pastor; 1108 Superior St., Chippewa Falls, Wis, 

Giese, Milton W.: Conf. Dir. Program and Christian Education; 364 

W. Scott St.. Fond du Lac, Wis. 54935. 
{J)Schulz, Willard W.; Dist. Supt.; 3 Gina Ct., Madison, Wis. 53704. 
Schtveppe, Harvey; Pastor; N85 W16859 Ann Ave., Menomonee Falls, 

Wis. 53051. 
{y)*Zebarth, Herbert E.; Dist. Supt.; 364 W. Scott St., Fond du Lac, 

Wis. 54935. 
Boettcher, Roy; Retired; 722 Third Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. 54701. 
(/)Hinz, Lawrence; Camp program coordinator; Rt. 2, Box 206A, 

Wautoma, Wis. 54982. 
(v/)Juedes, El'Nathan; Real Estate salesman; 2710 Gregory St., 

Madison, Wis. 53711. 
Lowater, Donald; Car parts; P. O. Box 263, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Lueptow, Ora; Semi-retired; P. O. Box 316, Markesan, Wis. 53946. 
Mitchell, Rolland; Pres. Mfg. Co.; 6139 S. 116th St., Hales Corners, 

Wis. 53130. 
Rilling, Mrs. Walter; Housewife; P. 0. Box 495, Merton, Wis. 53056. 


Fenner, Donald D.; Pastor; 212 lUh St., Racine, Wis, 53403, 
Mevis, Reid; Banker; Princeton, Wis. 54968. 

The United Methodist Church 39 


(See Methodist Discipline, Par. 502) 
Sec. C, Row 26 

5 Marian Baker, 601 West Riverview Ave., Dayton, 0. 45406. 

6 E. Craig Brandenburg, 601 West Riverview Ave., Davton, 0. 45406. 

7 Paul V. Church, 601 West Riverview Ave., Dayton, 0. 45406. 

8 Wesley 0. Clark, 601 West Riverview Ave., Dayton, O. 45406. 

9 Harlcy E. Hiller, 601 West Riverview Ave., Dayton, 0. 45406. 

10 Norman Khiynp, 601 West Riverview Ave., Dayton, 0. 45406. 

11 John F. Schaefer, 601 West Riverview Ave., Dayton, 0. 45406. 

12 Nelso7i E. Stayits, 601 West Riverview Ave., Dayton, 0. 45406. 

Sec. D, Row 26 

1 Cauley H. Stine, 601 West Riverview Ave., Dayton, O. 45406. 

2 Paul A. Washbwn, 601 West Riverview Ave., Dayton, 0. 45406. 

3 Joseph H. Yeakel, 601 West Riverview Ave., Dayton, O. 45406. 

4 Curtis A. Chambers, 140 S. Perry St., Dayton, O. 45402. 

5 H. H. HazenHeld, 140 S. Perry St., Dayton, O. 45402. 

6 John H. Ness, 140 S. Perry St., Dayton, 0. 45402. 

7 Donald A. Theuer, 140 S. Perry St., Davton, 0. 45402. 

8 Raymond M. Veh, 140 S. Perry St., Dayton, 0. 45402. 



Sec. F, Row 13, Seat 3 
Wong, Peter; 191 Prince Edward Rd., Kowloon, Hong Kong. 


Sec. F, Row 13, Seat 4 
Thomas, Luis; Apartado 727, Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic. 

EUB (2) OS 

Sec. A, Row 14, Seats 4-5 
Fonceca, Onofre; Bishop; P. 0. Box 718, Manila, Philippines. 
Sobrepena, Enrique C; Bishop; 6 La Trinidad St., Queen City, Philip- 


Sec. F, Row 13, Seat 6 
Vasquez, Alfonso; Casilla 3023, Quito, Ecuador. 



AGRA (2) OS 

Sec. C, Row 1, Seats 11-12 
Sagar, Sisa M.; (Resigned). 

Turner, Burty A.; Teacher; Clancy Hr. Secondary School, Mathura, 
U.P. India. 


Utarid, Munshi R.; Dist. Supt. ; 46 Civil Lines, Roorkee, U.P. India. 
Singh, Dharam J.; Business; 28-A, Jain Nagar, Meerut, U.P. India. 

40 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


Sec. E, Rows 22-23, Seats 1-5 
Diiffey, Paul A.; Pastor; Box 159, Dothan, Ala. 36302. 
Hildreth, Charles H.; Dist. Supt,; Box 765, Demopolis, Ala. 36732. 
McDavid, Joel D.; Pastor; Box 4607, Mobile, Ala. 36604. 
Nichols, John B.; Pastor; 301 Dexter Ave., Montgomery, Ala. 36104. 
Mathison, H. Paul; Pastor; Box 2237, Pensacola, Fla. 32502. 
*Orr, J. Herbert; Industrialist; Opelika, Ala. 36811. 
Arant, Mrs. F. S.; Housewife; Auburn, Ala. 36830. 
Wallace, George C.; Lawyer; Montgomery, Ala. 36104. 
Proctor, George H. ; Insurance; Box 610, Andalusia, Ala. 36420. 
McDavid, Harry E.; Supt. of Mails; 3414 St. Stephens Rd., Mobile, 

Ala. 36612. 

Hardin, Edivard L.; Dist. Supt.; Box 306, Marianna, Fla. 32446. 
Wilsmi, Robert L.; Dist. Supt.; 303 N. Orange; Dothan, Ala. 36301. 
Carlton, Arthur M.; Dist. Supt.; 128 Russell Dr., Selma, Ala. 36701. 
Butts, Thovias L., Jr.; Pastor; 2001 N. 11th; Panama City, Fla. 32401. 
Britt, Charles R.; Dist. Supt.; 3680 Bayou Blvd.; Pensacola, Fla. 

Miller, J. Carlisle; Exec. Sec. Conf. Council; Box 700, Andalusia, Ala. 

Albritton, Walter M.; Conf. Council; Box 700, Andalusia, Ala. 36420. 
West, Thomas A.; Banker; 1404 W. North St., Dothan. Ala. 36301. 
Copper, Arthur; Conf. Treas.; Box 700, Andalusia, Ala. 36420. 
Allen, Mrs. J. T.; Housewife; Lisman, Ala. 36912. 
Gilmore, Bryan C; Supt. of Mail; 3321 Bayview Way; Pensacola, Fla. 

Eich, Foster; Merchant; Fort Davis, Ala. 36031. 
Cooper, Kenneth; Law^^er; Box 1000; Bay Minette, Ala. 36507. 
Tisdale, James B.; Insurance; 3226 Norman Bridge Rd. ; Montgomery, 

Ala. 36501. 

Sec. F, Row 1, Seats 1-2 
d'Almeida, Caspar; Caixa Postal 9, Malange, Angola. 
Schaad, Loyd ; Caixa Postal 9, Malange, Angola. 


Cardoso, Zacarias; c/o Juel Nordby, Bd. of Missions, 4-75 Riverside 

Dr., New York, N.Y. 10027. 
Jackson, Warren ; c/o Juel Nordby, Bd. of Missions, 475 Riverside Dr., 

New York, N, Y. 10027. 


Sec. F, Rows 8-9, Seats 6 
Rios, Roberto E.; Dist. Supt.; Laprida 1443, Rosario (SF), Rep. 

Torres, Ovidio R. ; Exec; Pte. Roca 1126, 10°, Rosario, Rep. Argentina. 


Gattinoni, Carlos T.; Pastor; Rivadavia 4044, Buenos Aires, Rep. 

Gattinoni, Eduardo J.; Exec; Doblas 1753, Buenos Aires, Rep. Argen- 

Sec. B, Rows 1-2, Seats 1-8 
Carroll, Edivard G.; Dist. Supt.; 6104 Winnebago Rd., Washington, 
D. C. 20016. 

The United Methodist Church 41 

Drennan, Merrill W.; Pastor; 3311 Nebraska Ave., Washington, D. C. 

Porter, Edivard H.; Dist. Supt.; 309 St. Dunstan's Rd., Baltimore, 

Md. 21212. 
Jones, John B.; Pastor; 1212 Lime Kiln Rd.; Towson, Md. 21204. 
Michael, Marion S.; Pastor; 1304 Highland Dr.; Silver Spring, Md. 

Bishop, William E.; Dist. Supt.; 3208 Carlisle Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Firth, William E.; Dist. Supt.; 417 N. Chapelgate Ln., Baltimore, Md. 

Roderick, Raymond L.; Dist. Supt.; 8 Van Lear Dr.; Williamsport, 

Md. 21795. 
* Jones, Everett R. ; Mechanical Contractor; Damascus, Md. 20750. 
Harrell, Mrs. Leighton E.; Housewife; 4205 Tuckemian St., Hyatts- 

ville, Md. 20782. 
Beatty, W. C; Attorney; 7000 Forest Hill Dr.; Hyattsville, Md. 20782. 
Bristow, Carroll D.; Conf. Treas. ; 2808 Bauernwood Ave., Baltimore, 

Md. 21234. 
Dodson, Thurman L. ; Attorney; 4007 Massachusetts Ave., S.E., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 20019. 
Patterson, D. S.; Retired; 3710 Stewart Dr.; Chevy Chase, Md. 20015. 
Anderson, Hurst; President, American University; Washington, D. C. 

Ross, Mrs. Edwin A.; Housewife; 3738 Jenifer St., N.W., Washington, 

D. C. 20015. 


Keese, William A.; Pastor; 5405 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 21210. 
Stith, Forrest C; Pastor; 507 W. Lanvale St., Baltimore, Md. 21217. 
Yingling, Lewis C, Jr.; Pastor; 3408 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore, Md. 

Williams, Frank L.; Pastor; 1119 W. Lanvale St., Baltimore, Md. 

Bowen, Theodore R.; Dist. Supt.; 1710 Varnum St., N.W., Washington, 

D. C. 20011. 
Poynter, Robert B.; Pastor; 5816 Conway Rd., Bethesda, Md. 20034. 
Lewis, Edward B.; Pastor; 4€1 Seward Sq., S.E., Washington, D. C. 

VanBrunt, Frank N.; Pastor; 121 N. Potomac St., Hagerstown, Md. 

Ransom, Lewis F.; Dist. Supt. 531 Nottingham Rd., Baltimore, Md. 

Rig gin, Edwin C; Exec. Sec. Board of Missions; 4402 Bedford PI., 

Baltimore, Md. 21218. 
Doggett, Carroll A., Jr.; Pastor; Parkland and Grenoble Dr., Rock- 

ville, Md. 20853. 
Underwood, Harry K.; Attorney; 10302 Ridgemoor Dr.; Silver Spring, 

Md. 20901. 
Stansbury, William B., Jr.; Attorney; 405 Mercantile Trust Bldg.; 

Baltimore, Md. 21202. _, ^_^^ 

Schuh, HariT W.; Attorney; 309 Thornhill Rd., Baltimore, Md. 21212. 
Sowards, Mrs. Mary; Housewife; 705 N. Edison St., Arlington, Va. 

Skilling, Mrs. Thelma L.; Retired; 3610 Lochearn Dr., Baltimore, Md. 

Koons, Earl W.; Insurance; 218 Regester Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21212. 
Butler, Fred G.; Auto Agency; Inwood, W. Va. 2.5428. 
Kess, Theodore W.; Insurance; 225 11th Ave., N.W., Glen Burnie, Md. 


42 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Williams, Mrs. Beryl; Education; 4905 The Alameda, Baltimore, Md. 

Dunn, William L.; Government; Colesville, Md. 20904. 
Ewald, Edward L. ; Dist. Manager Potomac Edison; 734 Fayette St., 

Cumberland, Md. 21502. 


Sec. C, Row 3, Seats 3-4 
*Pieters, Andre J.; Dean and Prof, at Theol. Seminary; 5, rue du 

Champ de Mars, Bruxelles 5, Belgium. 
Griffin, Frederick G. Lay Leader; rue Linthout 96, Bruxelles 4, Bel- 

Descamps, Maurice E.; Pastor; 12, avenue des Heros; Bruxelles 16, 

Vandenhroeck, Paul; Pastor; 3, Ensemble Jean Christophe; Bruxelles 

8. Belgium. 
Griffin, Jacques; Business Executive; avenue du Diamant 163, Bruxel- 
les 4, Belgium. 
Fraisse-LHeureux, Mrs. Ruth; Secretary; rue Kindermans 18, Bruxel- 
les 5, Belgium. 


Sec. F, Row 3, Seats 5-6 

*Somers. George E.; Missionary; 406 Mingo St., Albion, Mich. 49224. 

Mozumdar, Miss Kumudini ; Educator; Ushagram Girls' H. S., 

Ushagram; Asansol, W. B., India. 


Jordan Daxnd L.: Pastor; 130 Dharamtala St.; Calcutta 13, India. 
Mrllick, P. K.; Teacher; Collins Institute, 140 Dharamtala St., Cal- 
cutta 13, India. 

Sec. B, Rows 3, Seats 11-12 
Panfelis, Jorge; Pastor; Casilla 356. La Paz, Bolivia. 
Mendoza, Jaime; Professor; Pedro Kramer 152, La Paz, Bolivia. 


Angles, Adolf o; Pastor; Casilla 432, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. 
Salazar, Noel, Architect; Casilla 2093, La Paz, Bolivia. 


Sec. F, Row 6, Seats 1-2 
"Mitchell, Eric A.; Dist. Supt.; Taylor Memorial Church, Clare Rd., 

BycuUa. Bombay 8, India. 
Thomas, Clement W.; Railway Officer; Garrett Theological Seminary, 

Lodger Hall, Room 216, 2121 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, 111. 60201. 


Padale, P. D.; Dist. Supt.; Methodist Church; Puntamba, Dist. 

i*. hemadnagar, India. 
Joshi, Purrusnotam R. ; Clerk, Gen'l Post Office; Methodist Centenary 

Church, Grant Rd., Bombay -7Vv'B., India. 


Sec. E, Rows 10-17, Seats 6-12 
*Thurman, Arthur V.; Pastor; 1953 Hopkins, Bsrkley, Calif. 94707. 
M-on, Robert W.; Pastor; 2391 St. Mark's Way, Sacramento, Calif. 

The United Methodist Church 43 

Cmmmey, D. Clifford; Conference Counselor San Francisco; P. O. 

Box 467, San Francisco, Calif. 94101. 
Adams, Kenneth W.; Pastor; 1701 Truxton Ave., Bakersfield, Calif. 

Moore, John V.; Campus Minister U. C. Davis; 433 Russell Blvd., 

Davis, Calif. 95616. 
WiUia7ns, A. Cecil; Pastor; 330 Ellis St., San Francisco, Calif. 94101. 
Wake, Lloyd K.; Pastor; 330 Ellis St., San Francisco, Calif. 94101. 
Webber, Frank; Conf. Treas. and Adminis. Sec; P. 0. Box 467; San 

Francisco, Calif. 94101. 
Winne, Donald; Deputy Attorney General, Nevada; 912 W. Telegraph, 
Carson City, Nev. 89701. 
Atkinson, George H.; Contractor; 10 W. Orange Ave., S., San 

Francisco, Calif. 94080. 
Harkness, George; Theologian; 10 Kerr Ave., Berkeley, Calif. 94707. 
Bui'ns, Robert E.; President, University of the Pacific; Stockton, Calif. 

Carrell, Mrs. John W.; Housemfe; 3480 W. Alluvial, Fresno, Calif. 

Walker, J. Everett; Reg. Supt. Ag. Ed. State of Calif.; 1073 E. 7th 

St., Chico, Calif. 95926. 


Farr, Joyce W.; Dist. Supt.; 1428 Parsons Dr., Santa Rosa, Calif. 

Hill, Robert D.; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 467, San Francisco, Calif. 

Boswell, Robert N.; Pastor; 19 High School Ct., Los Altos, Calif. 

Panzer, Robert A.; Pastor; 2100 J St., Sacramento, Calif. 95816. 
Shaner, Harry E.; Dist. Supt.; 1045 W. Harvard Ave., Fresno, Calif. 

Fado, Donald H.; Pastor; 1443 Howard Ave., Burlingame, Calif. 

Hart, J. Richard; Pastor; 2320 Dana St., Berkeley, Calif. 94704. 
Boswell, Hamilton T.; Pastor; 1975 Post St., San Francisco, Calif. 

Hay ward, C. Douglas; Instructor, St., Paul School of Theol.; Truman 

Rd. and VanBrunt Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 64127. 
Lord, Charles E.; Pastor; 2352 Broadway, Oakland, Calif. 94612. 
Jacobv, Wilbur A.; Business Mgr. Glide Fdn. ; P. 0. Box 275, Alamo, 

Calif. 94507. 
Baun, Mrs. Ted ; Housewife ; 7630 N. Charles. Fresno, Calif. 93705. 
Booth, Glenn C; Salesman; 409 Bowen Ave., Modesto, Calif. 95350. 
Machado, Abel P.; Public Accountant; Box 467, Los Banos, Calif. 

Cannon, H. Leroy; Deputy Attorney for San Fran.; 538 Munich St., 

San Francisco, Calif. 94il2. 
Pettit, Clare; Real Estate; Box 67 Parlier, Calif. 93648. 
Catterall, Mrs. James; Housewife; 5310 Callister, Sacramento, Calif. 

Howell, Mrs. James P.; Housewife; 1832 17th Ave., San Francisco, 

Calif. 94122. 
Walker, J. Allen; Ex. V.-Pres., Calif. -Nev. Meth. Fdn.; 700 Wallea 

Dr., Menlo Park, Calif. 94026. 
Leslie, Dana; P.G. and E. Engineer; 721 27th Ave., San Francisco, 

Calif. 94403. 

44 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


Sec. E, Rows 4-5, Seats 12 
*Lotvery, Joseph E.; Pastor; 1500 Sixth Ave., N., Birmingham, Ala. 

Adams, Quinton D.; Securities Salesman; 415 Keeling Rd., E. Gadsden, 

Ala. 35901. 

Booker, Charles J.; Pastor; 611 First St., N., Birmingham, Ala. 

Sykes, Livingstone B., Jr.; School Principal; P. O. Box 349, Lanett, 

Ala. 36863. 


Sec. F, Row 3, Seats 3-4 
Davis, Joseph M.; Admin. Asst. to Bishop; B, P. 560, Luluabourg, 

*Kimbulu, Paul; Conf. Treas. ; B. P. 560, Luluabourg, Congo. 


Onema, Joseph; Conf. Secy, of Christian Ed.; B. P. 226, Lodja, Congo. 
Osamba, Albert; School Principal; B. P. 226, Lodja. Congo. 


Sec. E, Row 1, Seats 11-12 
*Schauble, Johannes; Dist. Supt. ; X94, Aue/Sachs.; Germany DDR, 

Schneeberger Str. 85. 
Pfeiffer, Walter; Clerk; X9701 Werda uber Auerbach, Germany DDR. 


Troger, Berthold; Dist. Supt.; X95 Zwickau/Sachs., Germany DDR, 

Lessingstrabe 6. 
Bar, Johannes; Clerk; X6501 Braunichswalde, uber Gera, Hauptstr. 

62, Germany DDR. 


Sec. B, Rows 15-16, Seats 3-9 

*Loyd, W. Harold; Assist, to Bishop; 719 Myers Bldg., Springfield, 

111. 62701. 
Garrison, R. Benjamin; Dir. Urbana Wesley Found.; 1203 W. Green, 

Urbana, 111. 61803. 
Albrecht, Joseph H.; Pastor; 1105 S. Walnut, Springfield, 111. 62704. 
North, Jack B.; Pastor; 210 W. Church St., Champaign, 111. 61620. 
Crede, Harry S.; Dist. Supt.; Box 3188, Peoria, 111. 61614. 
Pitcher, Dale E.; Exec. Dir Conf. Council; Park and University, 

Bloomington, 111. 61701. 
Nestler, Frank H.; Pastor; 196 S. Harrison, Kankakee, 111. 60901. 
Barnes, Bryce; Farmer; Chatham, 111. 62629. 
Gantz, Richard H.; Farmer-Businessman; Deland, 111. 61839. 
Bertholf, Lloyd M.; Pres., 111. Wesleyan Univ.; Illinois Wesleyan 

Univ., Bloomington, III. 61701. 
Galbreath, Mrs. Charles; Housewife; 84 First S. Shores, Decatur, 

111. 62521. 
Gurtner, Miss Charlotte; Program Counselor Conf. Council; Park 

and University, Bloomington, 111. 61701. 
Tombaugh, Reid; Fann Management; 555 W. Grove St., Pontiac, 111. 

Reeves, Richard E.; V. P. Mrktg. Decatur Pump Co.; 425 Karen St., 

Decatur, 111. 62521. 

The United Methodist Church 45 


Trueblood, Roy W.; Dir. Wesley Found.; 2202 Fourth St., Charleston, 

Thornburg, Robert W.; Pastor; 116 N.E. Perry, Peoria, 111. 61603. 
Gregory, Kermit C; Pastor; 304 S. Race, Urbana, 111. 61801. 
Bennett, William W.; Pastor; 1820 5th Ave., Rock Island, 111. 61201. 
White, James K.; Dist. Supt.; 1303 N. Clinton Blvd., Bloomington, 

111. 61701. 
Michalson, Gordon E.; Pres., MacMurray Coll.; MacMurray College, 

Jacksonville, 111. 62650. 
Coulter, H. Russell; Exec. Sec'y- Preachers' Aid; 711 Millikin Bldg., 

Decatur, 111. 62522. 
Bear, Orval L.; Pastor; 1209 W. Adams, RR 1, Macomb, 111. 61455. 
Cox, J. Henry; Pastor; 706 E. Forrest HUl, Peoria, 111. 61603. 
Archer, Leslie C; Pastor; 209 S. Monroe, Streator, 111. 61364. 
Hanna, Mrs. Lloyd; Housewife; Farmersville, 111. 62533. 
Lindstrom, David E. ; Educator-Prof.; 202 W. Pennsylvania Ave., 

Urbana, 111. 61803. 
Gronlund, Hal; Dentist; 619 W. Clay St., Clinton, 111. 61727. 
Hansen, John T.; Engineer; 2722 12th Ave., Moline, 111. 61265. 
Armstrong, Robert D.; Farmer; RR No. 3, Monmouth, 111. 61462. 
Fox, Miss Anna L.; Landlord; 306 S. Chicago St., Rossville, 111. 60963. 
McNeir, Mrs. George; Secretary; 2320 Sangamon, Springfield, 111. 

Ghitalia, Jack P.; Bkkg. Sup., Banker; 307 S. Prairie St., Knoxville, 

111. 61448. 
Miller, C. Glenn; Ins. Salesman; Melvin, 111. 60951. 
Rigg, Maynard; Ret'd Const. Contractor; 608 Eureka St., Peoria, 111. 



Sec. E, Rows 16-17, Seats 1-5 
*Borger, Clarence J.; Pastor; 710 Loch Lomond, Hutchinson, Kan. 

Matthew, Glenn E.; Dist Supt; 903 Mellinger Dr., Salina, Kan. 67401. 
Johnson, Lyman S.; Pastor; Box 1268, Hutchinson, Kan. 67501. 
Curtis, Charles M.; Dist. Supt.; Box 640, Hays, Kan. 67601. 
McClure, Oren F.; Pastor; 2930 E. First St., Wichita, Kan. 67214. 
Livengood, Marion; Farmer; Greensburg, Kan. 67054. 
Watson, Mrs. D. E.; Housewife; 925 South 11th, Salina, Kan. 67401. 
Hickerson, Walter J.; Conf. Treas.; 151 N. Volutsia, Wichita, Kan. 

Rupert, Thomas W.; Auditor; 844 East Claflin, Salina, Kan. 67401. 
Hiebsch, Kenneth H.; Lawyer; 9300 Birch Ln., Wichita, Kan. 67212. 


Richards, George W.; Pastor; 4407 E. Douglas, Wichita, Kan. 67218. 
Wilke, Richard B.; Pastor; 1507 S. Santa Fe, Salina, Kan. 67401. 
Matthaei, Paul, Dist. Supt. ; 454 Waverly Dr., Wichita, Kan. 67218. 
Robinson, Forrest J.; Pastor; 1706 E. 12th, Winfield, Kan. 67156. 
Gordon, Robert M.; Dist. Supt.; Box 1116, Dodge City, Kan. 67801. 
Miles, E. Loyal; Pastor; Box 134, Dodge City, Kan. 67801. 
Johnson, Basil L.; Pastor; 122-4 No. 8th, Salina, Kan. 67401. 
Fogelman, C. M., Jr.; Pastor; 505 N. 6th, Garden City, Kan. 67846. 
DeForest, Mrs. Elbert; Housewife; 412 South Maize; Wichita, Kan. 

Georg, Mrs. H. L.; Housewife; 202 S. Broadway, St. John, Kan. 

Eastridge, Miss Nancy; Conf. Children's Worker, Juris. Off.; 151 No. 

Volutsia, Wichita, Kan. 67214. 

46 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Robison, Harold L.; Rural Mail Carrier; 408 East Ash, Oberlin, Kan. 

English, Mrs. Charles; Housewife; RED 1, Box 464, Mulvane, Kan. 

Glenn, Mrs. George W.; Housewife; 103 E. 14th, Hutchinson, Kan. 

Thorn, Ralph J.; Attorney; 400 W. 23rd, Hutchinson, Kan. 67501. 
Matthaei, Mrs. Paul; Kansas Area News Reporter; 454 Waverly Dr., 

Wichita, Kan. 67218. 

Sec. D, Rows 23-24, Seats 8-10 
*Schaff, Lester; Dist. Supt.; 85 Maxwell Ave., Geneva, N. Y. 14456. 
McCune, Robert J.; Pastor; 731 W. Church St., Elmira, N. Y. 14901. 
Odom, Warren G.; Pastor; 2200 Valley Dr., Syracuse, N. Y. 13027. 
Bascom, Lester R. ; Teacher; 137 Burns Terrace, Penn Yan, N. Y. 

Lundy, Mrs. Kenneth; Housewife; 48 Sodus St., Clyde, N. Y. 14433. 
Hayward, Mrs. Hollis; Housewife; 401 Thurston Ave., Ithaca, N. Y. 


Stephenson, Sheldon B.; Pastor; 402 N. Aurora St., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Wright, Donald G.; Dist. Supt.; 903 Comstock Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Homer, Robert L.; Pastor; Box 158, Fayetteville, N. Y. 13066. 
Budd, Henry G.; Dist. Supt.; 711 Fassett Rd.; Elmira, N. Y. 14905. 
Sears, Frederick R.; Funeral Director; 209 N. Main St., N. Syracuse, 

N. Y. 13212. 
Mann, Robert; Purchasing Agent; R. D. 3, Dundee, N. Y. 14837. 
Milligan, Thomas; Banker; 910 Dalrymple Ave., Elmira, N. Y. 14904. 
Darrow, Frederick M.; Banker; 204 Rebhahn Dr., Camillus, N. Y. 



Sec. A, Rows 3-4, Seats 1-4 
Rowe, Earl N.; Dist. Supt.; 434 W. Ridge Ave., State College, Pa. 

Wertz, D. Frederick; President, Lycoming College; 323 Grampian 

Blvd., Williamsport, Pa. 17701. 
Myers, Paul E.; Dist. Supt.; 2908 Union Ave., Altoona, Pa. 16602. 
Henry, Edgar A.; Pastor; 511 Park Ave., New Cumberland, Pa. 

*Knupp, Robert E.; Lawyer; 1 Frances Dr., Harrisburg, Pa. 17109. 
Belt, Mrs. Abram D.; Housewife; R. D. 2, New Oxford, Pa. 17350. 
Lank, Richard A.; Conf. Treas.; 438 Parkside Rd., Camp Hill, Pa. 

Bly, Ned S.; Electrician; 108 Canal St., Watsontown, Pa. 17777. 


Hoives, John B.; Teacher; 4400 Massachusetts Ave., Washington, 

D. C. 20016. 
Bickell, Charles A. L.; Dist Supt.; 132 Race St., Sunbury, Pa. 17801. 
Hopkins, Martin W.; Dist. Supt.; 2426 North Second St., Harrisburg, 

Pa. 17710. 
Henniger, F. LaMont; Ex. Sec. Inter-Board Council; 3132 Green St., 

Harrisburg, Pa. 17710. 
Law, James G.; President, McGee Carpet Mills; 434 Market St., 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 17815. 

The United Methodist Church 47 

Ake, Mrs. Frank W. ; Housev/ife; 346 Market St., Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Hopkins, Mrs. Thomas J.; Housewife; 457 Pine St., Williamsport, 

Pa. 17701. 
Rice, Paul E.; Farmer; R. D. 2, Jersey Shore, Pa. 17740. 


Sec. F, Rows 8-9, Seats 1-5 
*Weaver, R. Bruce; Dist. Supt. ; 1700 Alexander Dr., Waxahachie, 

Tex. 75165. 
Hoiveil, Mag'gart B.; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 7116, Waco, Tex. 76710. 
Greenwaldt, William M.; Dist. Supt.; P. O. Box 1665, Brownwood, 

Tex. 76801. 
Williams, L. Stanley; Conf. Dir. Evangelism-Missions; P. 0. Box 581, 

Cleburne, Tex. 76031. 
Foote, Gaston; Pastor; 800 W. Fifth St., Fort Worth, Tex. 76102. 
Walker, Morris D.; Conf. Lay Leader, Merchandizing; 5311 Timber- 

wilde, Fort Worth, Tex. 76112. 
Grogan, Roy J.; Attorney; M and F Bank Bldg., Weatherford, Tex. 

Jud, Eugene F.; Educator; 2704 Herring Ave., Waco, Tex. 76708. 
Bickham, Mrs. R. W.; Pres. Conf. WSCS, Homemaker; 4333 W. 

Vickery, Fort Worth, Tex. 76107. 
Sone, Law; President, Texas Wesleyan College; 2244 Winton Ter., 

West, Fort Worth, Tex. 76109. 


Bane, Wilford V.; Pastor; P. 0. Box 773, Temple, Tex. 76501. 
Garrett, T. Morgan; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 171, Cleburne, Tex. 76031. 
Sprinkle, Julian W.; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 965, Temple, Tex. 76501. 
Roberts, W. Sidney; Area Ex. Sec; 1910 Main St., Dallas, Tex. 75234. 
Loyd, H. Brown; Pastor; 3900 Meadowbrook, Fort Worth, Tex. 76103. 
Sessions, Cleo €.; Pastor; 1310 Collard St., Fort Worth, Tex. 76105. 
Davis, Dean F.; Aeronautical Engineer; 812 Collins St., Arlington, 

Tex. 76010. 
Hearn, Charles L. ; Mgr,, Federal Land Bank Asso. ; 1201 Glenhaven, 

Cleburne, Tex. 76031. 
Stokes, C. Ray; Administrator, Wesleyan Home; P. 0. Box 486, 

Georgetown, Tex. 78626. 
Copeland, Kennard B.; Administrator, Methodist Home; 1111 Herring 

Ave., Waco, Tex. 76708. 
Hooper, Mrs. Joel W.; Housewife; P. 0. Box 145, Lorena, Tex. 76655. 
Mobley, Max B.; Merchandizing Consultant; 5312 Winifred Dr., Fort 

Worth, Tex. 76133. 


Sec. F, Row 7, Seats 5-6 
Gnadt, Helmut; Pastor; Casilla 879, Temuco, Chile. 
Chacon, Arturo; University Hostel Dir.; Casilla 67, Santiago, Chile. 


Osorio, Juan; Pastor; Casilla 3, Concepcion, Chile. 

deAlvarez, Ruth Fetis; School Dir.; Casilla 3, Concepcion, Chile. 


Sec. A, Row 11, Seats 3-4 
Calvo, Samuel; Pastor; Apartado 858, San Jose, Costa Rica. 
Fajardo, Carlos; teacher; Apartado 858, San Jose, Costa Rica. 

48 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


Diaz, Roberto; Dist. Supt. ; Apartado 78, Alajuela, Costa Rica. 
Mejias, Cosme; merchant; Apartado 12, Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica. 


Sec. C, Row 3, Seats 5-6 



Sec. D, Rows 13-14, Seats 12 
Clive, Elliot D.; Pastor; Centenary Methodist Church, Lodi Rd., New 

Delhi 3, India. 
Roberts, Sherwood S.; Superintendent Police; 58 Bhargava Ln., 

Boulevard Rd., Delhi 6, India. 


Lance, Joseph R.: Pastor; H 3/19, Model Town, Delhi 9, India. 
Singh, Alfred; Teacher; Mission School, P. O. Budhlada, Dist. 
Bhatinda, Punjab, India. 


Sec. E, Row 3, Seats 3-4 
Nielsen, Robert H.; Dist. Supt.; Norre alle 86, Arhus, Denmark. 
*Bjerno, Henning; fuldmaegtig; Hedeparken 215, Ballerup, Denmark. 


Carlsen, Eigil M.; Dist. Supt.; Tvaergade 17, Silkeborg, Denmark. 
Saermark, Johannes ; sekretaer ; Laurvigsgade 27, Arhus N, Denmark. 


Sec. D, Rows 9-10, Seats 1-7 

*DeWitt, Jesse R.; Dist. Supt.; 800 Francis Palms Bldg., 2111 Wood- 
ward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48201. 

Marvin, John E.; Edit. Mich. Advoc. ; 1029 W. Maumee, Adrian, Mich. 

McKay, Orville H.; Pres. Gai*rett Seminary; 2121 Sheridan Rd., 
Evanston, 111. 60201. 

White, Woodie W.; Co-ordinator of Inner City Minist.; 800 Francis 
Palms Bldg., 2111 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48201. 

Rupert, Hoover; Pastor; 120 S. State, Ann Arbor, Mich. 48108. 

Large, Dwight S.; Pastor; 23 E. Adams, Detroit, Mich. 48226. 

Vosburg, Frederick C; Pastor; 22124 Garrison, Dearborn, Mich. 

Karls, Harold; Attorney; 20 Hammond Rd., Saginaw, Mich. 48602. 

Price, Mrs. Earl W.; Pres. Conf. W.S.C.S.; 6805 Countiy Ln., Dear- 
born Hgts., Mich. 48127. 

Brown, Prentiss M., Jr.; Lawyer; 52 Prospect, St. Ignace, Mich. 49781. 

Cansfield, Mrs. William H.; Housewife, Former Pres. W.S.C.S.; 404 
W. Dunlap, Northville, Mich. 48167. 

Ammerman, Carl; Township Supervisor; G-1315 Mt. Morris Rd., Mt. 
Morris, Mich. 48458. 

Crippen, James; Attorney; 911 Robin Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. 48103. 

Thompson, Lionel; Hardware Merchant; Marlette, Mich. 48453. 


Broyles, Merle D.; Dist. Supt.; 800 Francis Palms Bldg., 2111 Wood- 
ward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48201. 

The United Methodist Church 49 

Par risk, John W.; Pastor; 16801 Schoolcraft, Detroit, Mich. 48227. 

Smoot, Jewell M.; Pastor; 225 W. Court, Flint, Mich. 48503. 

Bristah, James W.; Exec. Sec. Bd. Christian Soc. Con.; 800 Francis 
Palms Bldg., 2111 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48201. 

Ward, Robert P.; Pastor; 1245 W. Maple; Adrian, Mich. 49221. 

Mulder, John W.; Dist. Supt.; 120 N. Michigan, Saginaw, Mich. 48602. 

Edwards, Joseph T.; Dist. Supt.; Box 1465; Ann Arbor, Mich. 48104. 

Dewire, Norman {Ned) E.; Ex. Sec. Missions and Ch. Ext.; 800 
Francis Palms Bldg.; 2111 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48201. 

White, Hugh C; Dist. Supt.; 3221 Lapeer, Flint, Mich. 48503. 

Jury, John S.; Pastor; 7 North Ave., Mt. Clemens, Mich. 48043. 

Ragland, James; Camp Manager, Lake Huron Meth. Camp; Jeddo, 
Mich. 48032. 

Rae, Mrs. Kirk C; Conf. Vice-Pres. W.S.C.S.; 2326 Raskob, Flint, 
Mich. 48504. 

Francis, John R.; County Supt. of Schools; 3745 N. M-47, Owosso, 
Mich. 48867. 

Houston, Mrs. Colin; Housewife; 211 McLean; Highland Park, Mich. 

Hileman, Ralph; Retired Exec. Y.M.C.A.; 16594 Westbrook, Detroit, 
Mich. 48219. 

McKelvey, Paul ; Public Relations, Ford Motors ; 2404 22nd St., Wyan- 
dotte, Mich. 48192. 

Gentry, Willard; Chemist, Dow Chem.; 713 Crescent Dr., Midland, 
Mich. 48640. 

Bright, J. Russell; Prof. Wayne State Univ.; 25780 Dundee, Hunting- 
ton Woods, Mich. 48070. 

Iverson, Mrs. A.; Miss. Pers. Secty. W.S.C.S.; 15051 Warwick Rd., 
Detroit, Mich. 48223. 

Carlyon, D. J.; President, Delta College; 411 Park St., Bay City, 
Mich. 48706. 


No delegates elected. 


Sec. C, Rows 9-10, Seats 1-3 
*Schilling, Marvin A.; Dist. Supt.; 7748 Honey Creek Pkwy., W. Allis, 

Wis. 53219. 
Livdgy-en, Alvin J.; Professor; 2734 Asbury Ave., Evanston, 111. 60201. 
Miller, Richard W.; Dist. Supt.; 40 Park Ln., Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Hundley, Mrs. R. Lee; Housewife; 8409 W. Nillview Dr., Mequon, Wis. 

Gile, Ray; Ser. Dir. Print. Co.; 1930 W. Charles St., Appleton, Wis. 

Martin, James I.; Supervisor, Ad. Prod.; 315 W. N. Ave., Apt. 507, 

Waukesha, Wis. 53186. 


Kelley, L. Clarence; Dist. Supt.; 3401 S. Clay St., Green Bay, Wis. 

Engelman, Kenneth; Pastor; 325 E. Franklin St., Appleton, Wis. 

Weaver, Harold R.; Pastor; 1529 Wauwatosa Ave., Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Bourland, Roger; Pastor; 501 Howe St., Green Bay, Wis. 54301. 
Boettcher, Mrs. E. H.; Housewife; 401 Fleming St., Wausau, Wis. 

Churchill, Kelly; Bus Mechanic; 120 Allard Ave., Green Bay, Wis. 


50 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Schilling, Mrs. Marvin A.; Housewife; 7748 Honey Creek Pkwy., W. 

Allis, Wis. 53219. 
Keller, Edward M.; Osteopathic Phys. and Surgeon; 305 Park Ave., 

Beaver Dam, Wis. 53916. 


Sec. D, Row 4, Seats 1-2 
*Ferauson, William; Dist. Supt.; P. O. Box 310, Gainesville, Fla. 

Moore, Richard V.; College President; Bethune-Cookman College, 2nd 

Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. 32014. 


Hall, Aaron D.; Pastor; 2110 N.W. 60th St., Miami, Fla. 33142. 
Burney, Harry L. ; Principal; 815 Burney St., Crescent City, Fla. 


Sec. B, Rows 7-8, Seats 4-12 

Rooks, John J.; Annual Conf. Program Supt.; Box 70, Lakeland, Fla. 

Foster, George A.; Pastor; Box 1086, Tallahassee, Fla. 32302. 
McDonell, C. Durward; Pastor; 320 N.E. 2nd Ave., Miami, Fla. 33132. 
Cleveland, Millard C; Pastor; 42 E. Jackson St., Orlando, Fla. 32806. 
Bozeman, W. Scott; Dist. Supt.; 2935 Washington Rd., West Palm 

Beach, Fla. 33405. 
Hedherg, A. A.; Pastor; Box 1138, St. Petersburg, Fla. 33731. 
Plackhurn, Robert M.; Pastor; 225 E. Duval; Jacksonville, Fla. 32202. 
Hagler, Albert D.; Pastor; 4444 5th Ave., N., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Huston, Ralph B.; Dist. Supt.; Box 2625, Lakeland, Fla. 33803. 
*Meadows, William A.; U. S. Dist. Attorney for So. Fla.; Box 516, 

Kendall, Fla. 33156. 
Grav, Mrs. Binice; Farmer, Conf. W.S.C.S. Pres.; Box 36, Hastings, 

Fla. 32045. 
Gentrv. Edd W.; Church Administrator; Box 1086, Tallahassee, Fla. 

Sargeant, John; Dairyman; Box 17, Lakeland, Fla. 33802. 
Babcock, Charles I., Jr. ; General Contractor ; 1020 Alfonso Ave., 

Coral Gables, Fla. 33146. 
Mann, Robert T.; Attorney; Box 417, Seffner, Fla. 33584. 
Weems, Mrs. H. V.; Housewife; 160 S. Lakeview Dr., Sebring, Fla. 

Gold, Glenn; Retired: 1525 S.W. 12th St., Miami, Fla. 33135. 
Thornal, Campbell; Chief Justice Fla. Supreme Court; Supreme Court 

Bldg., Tallahassee, Fla. 32.302. 


Sikes, John M.; Dist. Supt.; 2226 N.W. 2nd Ave., Gainesville, Fla. 

Head, T.ewis N.; Di?t. Supt.; Box 38. Sarasota, Fla. 33578. 
West, C. Eugene; Dist. Supt.: Box 7307. St. Petersburg. Fla. 33734. 
Cotton, Clare M.; Ex. Sec. Conf. Board of Missions; Box 70, Lakeland, 

Fla. 33802. 
Kalnf. Walter N.; Pastor; 3120 Hendricks Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Hamilton, J. Wallace; Pastor; 7127 2nd Ave., S., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Boggs, Robert C; Dist. Supt.; 2502 Morrison Ave., Tampa, Fla. 33609. 

The United Methodist Church 51 

Ware, H. Melton; Pastor; 2901 Granada Blvd., Coral Gables, Fla. 

Alley, Raymond A.; Dist. Supt.; Box 250, Melbourne, Fla. 32901. 

Parham, Harry C; Pastor; 985 N.W. 1st St., Miami, Fla. 33128. 

Roughton, William W.; Dist. Supt.; Box 3545, Tallahassee, Fla. 32303. 

Rutland, Walter B.; Pastor; 72 Lake Morton Dr., Lakeland, Fla. 

Smedley, Joe M.; Map Publisher; 900 E. New York Ave., Deland, Fla. 

Morris, John E.; Attorney; 400 First Federal Bldg., Ft. Lauderdale, 
Fla. 33301. 

Turbeville, M. L. ; Window Contractor; 2174 Arlington St., Sarasota, 
Fla. 33579. 

Thurman, Mrs. David R.; Housewife; 2712 Hilola St., Miami, Fla. 

Lyle, G. L.; Retired; 949 Maple Ln., Jacksonville, Fla. 32207. 

Watson, Mrs. Allen; Housewife; Box 96, Wildwood, Fla. 32785. 

Burkhart, George C; Church Adminis.; 136 57th Ave., S., St. Peters- 
burg, Fla. 33705. 

Storey, Robert R. ; Dist. Lay Leader; 7816 Bellemeade Blvd., Jack- 
sonville, Fla. 32211. 

Pacetti, Madison F, ; Attorney; 220 Miramar Way, West Palm Beach, 
Fla. 33405. 

Burr, R. Hudson; Merchant; 922 Pembrook PI., Lake Wales, Fla. 

Kelso, Earl F.; Retired; 2714 Valencia Dr.; Sarasota, Fla. 33579. 

Noble, Fred B.; Attorney; 3003 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. 


No delegates elected. 


Sec. E, Row 1, Seats 3-4 
Allen, L. Scott; Elected to Episcopacy. 
Wilson, T. R.; Carpenter; 5400 Cascade Rd., S.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30331. 


*Epps, Anderson C; Pastor; 181 Ashby St., S.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30314. 
Grier, Joe D.; Pastor; 562 Boulevard N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 30308. 
Jackson, James R.; Civil Service; 1229 Calhoun Ave., East Point, Ga. 

Johnson, Norman R. ; Bio. Lab. Tech.; 3105 Butler St., Savannah, Ga. 



Sec. F, Row 6, Seats 3-4 
*Rathod, Raijibhai M.; Dist. Supt.; Methodist Church, Raikhad, 

Ahmedabad-1, India. 
Parmar, Rameshchandra E.; Lawyer; Mayoor Nivas, Near Methodist 

Church, Godhra, Panch Mahals, India. 


Hirabhai, Mithalal; Village Educ. Serv. Mgr.; Mission Rd., Nadiad, 

Kaira District, India. 
Macwan, Daniel D.; Office Supt.; Fateh Gunj, Baroda-2, India. 


No delegates elected. 

52 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


Sec. C, Rows 11-12, Seats 6-12 
*Eldridge, Edgar A.; Ex. Sec. Conf. Bd. of Ed.; P. 0. 1178, Johnson 

City, Tenn. 37601. 
Stokes, Mack B.; Assoc. Dean Candler Theol. Sem.; Candler School 

of Theol., Emory Univ., Atlanta, Ga. 30322. 
McCartt, Spurgeon; Pastor; P. 0. Box 568, Maryville, Tenn. 37801. 
Steele, William S.; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 548, Wytheville, Va. 24382. 
Wilcox, Robert L.; Dist. Supt.; 1752 Old Niles Ferry Pk., Maryville, 

Tenn. 37801. 
Varnell, Sam N.; Pastor; P. 0. Box 1, Athens, Tenn. 37303. 
Chilcote, Thomas F.; Pastor; 212 Hotel Ave., KnoxviUe, Tenn. 37918. 
Smith, Holiday H.; Dept. Supt. Tenn. Eastman; 1105 Watauga St., 

Kingsport, Tenn. 37660. 
Prigmore, L. T.; Plant Manager Dixie Yarns; Lupton City, Tenn. 

Campbell, Raymond C; Retired Circuit Judge; Elizabethton, Tenn. 

Armentrout, Olin; Rural Mail Carrier; Max Meadows, Va. 24360. 
Hutchins, Charles A.; Director Social Service; P. 0. Box 188; Greene- 

ville, Tenn. 37743. 
Steffner, John E.; Pres. Chattan. Annature Works; 4-301 Evergreen 

Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn. 37411. 
Dunbar, Mrs. Moody; Homemaker; P. O. Box 68, Limestone, Tenn. 



Settle, Frank A.; Pastor; 4815 Brainerd Rd., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Seymour, Mervin; Dist. Supt.; 300 McCallie Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Brown, Paul E.; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. 116, Clinton, Tenn. 37716. 
James, Trigg, Sr.; Exec. Sec. S.E. Juris.; 159 Forrest Ave., N.E., 

Atlanta, Ga. 30303. 
Hankins, James E.; Pastor; P. O. Box 400; Pearisburg, Va. 24134. 
Sasser, Harper J.; Pastor; Social Circle, Chattanooga, Tenn. 37415. 
Watkins, Clyde F.; Pastor; P. O. Box 1377, Morristown, Tenn. 37814. 
Timberlake, Richard H.; Pastor; 627 Gilbert St., Alcoa, Tenn. 37701. 
Porter, Frank; Dist. Supt.; 294€ Walkup Dr., Knoxville, Tenn. 37918. 
Mohney, Ralph W.; Pastor; P. O. Box 208, Chattanooga, Tenn. 37401. 
Hauk, Horace B., Sr.; Dept. Supt. Tenn. Eastman; 205 N. Morgan St., 

Kingsport, Tenn. 37662. 
Yeatts, Ernest; Supervisor of Game Wardens; Meadowview, Va. 

Neely, Sam H., Jr.; Laundry Owner; Spruce St., Norton, Va. 24273. 
Sullins, W. D., Sr.; Optometrist; P. O. Box 551, Athens, Tenn. 37303. 
Lundy, John T., Assoc. Ex. Sec. Interbd. Council; P. 0. Box 1178, 

Johnson City, Tenn. 37601. 
Turner, Charles C, Jr.; College Pres.; Tennessee Wesleyan College, 

Athens, Tenn. 37303. 
Graybeal, H. C; Retired Educator; Gilbert & Sullivan Sts., Radford, 

Va. 24141. 
Russell, Mrs. Harrell M. ; Homemaker; P. 0. Box 1592, Morristown, 

Tenn. 37814. 
McConnell, Sam P.; Supt. of Schools; Hixson, Tenn. 37343. 
Oliphant, George W. ; Supt. Electrical Dept.; 106 Wendover Cir., 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. 37830. 

The United Methodist Church 53 


Sec. A, Row 1, Seats 3-4 
*Reiiben, GuntuPalli; Dist. Supt. ; Methodist Church, Zaheerabad, 

A. P., India. 
John, Narsappa; Teacher; Methodist Church, Zaheerabad, A. P., 


George, Anchula T.; Dist. Supt.; Methodist Church, Sironcha P. O., 

Chanda Dist., Maharashtra, India. 
Robert, Maddala D.; Dist. Supt.; Methodist Church, Tandur, A. P., 

Moses, Kollur V.; Head Master; Methodist Boys' H.S., King Kothi 

Rd., Hyderabad A. P., India. 
Sudershanam, Miss Rathna R. ; Principal; Stanley Girls' H.S., Chapel 

Rd., Hyderabad, A. P., India. 

IDAHO (2) W 

Sec. E, Row 5, Seats 1-2 
* Riddle, Earl W.; Pastor; P. 0. Box 327, Caldwell, Ida. 83605. 
Schwiebert, Erwin H.; College of Idaho; 1522 Dearborn St., Caldwell, 

Ida. 83605. 

Coats, Orville A.; Dist. Supt.; P. O. Box 1692, Boise, Ida. 83701. 
Deal, Homer S.; Insurance Co. Mgr. ; 304 Highland View Dr., Boise, 

Ida. 83702. 


Sec. B, Rows 9-10, Seats 8-12 

Armstrong, A. James; Pastor; 609 E. 29th St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Forbes, James K.; Pastor; 30 N. Audobon Rd., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Hodapp, Leroy C; Dist. Supt.; 910 Underwriters Bldg., Indianapolis, 

Ind. 46204. 
Hamilton, Richard E.; Dist. Supt.; 2427 E. 2nd St., Bloomington, 

Ind. 47401. 
Burton, William N.; Exec. Assist, to Bishop Raines; 1100 W. 42nd 

St., Indianapolis, Ind. 46208. 
*Susat, Edward; Dir. Coop. Eng. Univ., 111.; 2901 Wayside Dr., 

Evansville, Ind. 4'7711. 
Harris, Mrs. C. 0.; Pres. Ind. Conf. W.S.C.S.; 3118 26th St., 

Columbus, Ind. 47201. 
Jones, Sr., Ernest; Office Supplies; 2006 E. Franklin, Evansville, 

Ind. 47711. 
Lorch, Jr., Basil H. ; Attorney; 517 Elsby Bldg., New Albany, Ind. 

Kibler, Russell; Ins. Director; Farmersburg, Ind. 47850. 


Stroh, Byron F.; Pastor; 3808 N. Meridian, Indianapolis, Ind. 46208. 

Ballard, Charles W.; Dist. Supt.; 910 Underwriters Bldg., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 46204. 

Criswell, Harold W.; Dist. Supt.; 1005 N. East St., Greensburg, Ind. 

Schwein, Sr., William M.; Dist. Supt.; 3 Orchard Ln., New Albany, 
Ind. 47150. 

Rice, George E.; Pastor; 4838 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 46208. 

Cooper, Laivrence D.; Dist. Supt.; Box 514, Vincennes, Ind. 47591. 

Bryant, Thomas; Map PI., U. S. Census; 1431 Frederick St., Jefferson- 
ville, Ind. 47130. 

54 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Hirschman, Russell; V.P., Ind. Bell. Tel.; R. R. 19, Box 482, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 46240. 

Warren, Mrs. Leo; Parish Visitor, Central Meth.; 1112 MacArthur 
Cir., Evansville, Ind. 47715. 

Talbott, Jr., Norbert; Red Cross Exec; 3677 DeCamp Rd., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 46226. 

Dougherty, Glenn; Dept. Store Mgr.; R. R. 1, Aurora, Ind. 47001. 

Evans, Daniel F.; Res., L. S. Ayres Co.; 5735 Central, Indianapolis, 
Ind. 46220. 


Sec. F, Row 1, Seats 5-6 

*SamueI, Johyi V.; West Pakistan Christian Council Exec. Sec; 32-B 
Queens Rd., Lahore 4, West Pakistan. 

Taj, Mangal D.; Teacher, Christian Institute; Raewind, West Pakis- 


Bakhsh, Safdar Q.; Dist. Supt. and Pastor; 15 Warris Rd., Lahore 4, 

West Pakistan. 
James, Harry; Dist. Supt. and Pastor; Lai Girja, Multan Cantt., West 

Mall, Samuel D.; In-Service Training Director; Mumtazabad, Multan, 

West Pakistan. 
Smith, Edgar H.; Seminary Professor; Box 13, Gujranwala, West 

Bhatty, A. Q. ; Lawyer; Civil Lines, Khanewal, (Multan) West 

Samuel, Mrs. Shirine; Rel. Ed. Teacher and Housewife; 32-B Queens 

Rd., Lahore 4, West Pakistan. 
Gill, Khuda Dad; Clerk; Babu Sabu, Lahore, West Pakistan. 
Smith, Mrs. Edna A.; Nurse and Housewife; Box 13, Gujranwala, 

West Pakistan. 


Sec. B, Rows 5-6, Seats 1-4 

Bramble, Albert F.; Dist. Supt.; 412 E. Locust, Independence, Kan. 

Hayes, Clare J.; Pastor; Box 327, Emporia, Kan. 66801. 
Holier, Don W.; President, St. Paul School of Theol.; 5123 Truman 

Rd., Kansas City, Mo. 64127. 
Biddle, Roger E.; Dist. Supt.; 1628 Pembroke Ln., Topeka, Kan. 66604. 
*Moyer, C. I.; S. B. A. Reg. Dir., Conf. Lay Leader; 5318 Chadwick, 
Shawnee Mission, Kan. 66205. 
Coffman, Floyd H.; District Judge; Franklin Co. Court House, Ottawa, 

Kan. 66067. 
Dean, Mrs. Barton; Conference W.S.C.S. President; 1608 Thornton, 

Parsons, Kan, 67357. 
Scott, Charles S.; Attorney; Assoc. Conf. Lay Leader; 514^/^ Kansas 

Ave., Topeka, Kan. 66603. 


Bremer, Jack W.; Pastor; 707 Lake St., Topeka, Kan. 66607. 

Watts, Ewart G.; Pastor; 601 Harrison, Topeka, Kan. 66606. 

Hager, Alfred D.; Pastor; 5400 W. 75th, Prairie Village, Kan. 66208. 

Hildyard, Hobart R.; Pastor; 3221 Burlingame Rd., Topeka, Kan. 

Uhlig, James D.; Assoc. Exec. Sec. Interboard Council; Box 87, Bald- 
win, Kan. 66006. 

The United Methodist Church 55 

Burres, Mrs. Paul W.; Homemaker ; 217 E. 13th St., Baxter Springs, 

Kan. 66713. 
Thomas, C. Y. ; Chem. Co. Exec. Ret.; 5519 Mission Dr., Shawnee 

Mission, Kan. 66205. 
Becker, Richard L.; Attorney; Box 377, Coffeyville, Kan. 67337. 
Wisler, Christopher A.; Tax Consultant; 1105 Constitution St., 

Emporia, Kan. 66801. 
Gessner, Mrs. Benjamin A.; Homemaker; Box 116, Baldwin, Kan. 


Sec. D, Rows 3-4, Seats 10-12 
*Patton, Rtissell R.; Pastor; 214 West High St., Lexington, Ky. 40508. 
TuUis, Edivard L.; Pastor; 24€0 Forest Ave., Ashland, Ky. 41101. 
Sweazy, Albert W.; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 7172, Lexington, Ky. 40502. 
Savage, William E.; Sem. Bus. Manager; Rt. 2, Lexington, Ky. 40504. 
Curry, Mrs. Earl T.; Pres. Conf. W.S.C.S., Housewife; 304 E. Pleasant 

St., CjTithiana, Ky. 41031. 
Jones, Howard; Auto Dealer; 105 Rosedale, London, Ky. 40741. 


Anderson, Robert L.; Dist. Supt.; Edgemont Rd., Maysville, Ky. 

Dorsey, Harold W.; Dist. Supt.; 613 E. Main St., Danville, Ky. 40422. 
Moore, Homer L.; Dist. Supt.; 1229 N. Ft. Thomas Ave., Ft. Thomas, 

Ky. 41075. 
Durham, Donald W.; Pastor; 3414 Brookhaven, Lexington, Ky. 40502. 
Philpot, Ford; App. Evangelist; 171 Edgemoor Dr., Lexington, Ky. 

Hager, Cornelius R. ; Dir. of Ext. Programs Univ.; Lexington Pike, 

Nicholasville, Ky. 40356. 
Bean, Frank; Dir. of Extended Programs; University of Kentucky; 

302 Glendover Dr., Lexington, Ky. 40503. 
Holbrook, John W.; Dry Cleaning; Box 70, Morehead, Ky. 40351. 
Kemper, John Q.; Ins. Adjuster; 1626 Elliott Ave., Ashland, Ky. 

Litton, Ray; Automobile Dealer; 199 Elizaville Ave., Flemingsburg, 

Ky. 41041. 

No delegates elected. 


Sec. C, Row 2, Seats 9-10 
*Nance, Charles O.; Dist. Supt.; P. O. Box 251; Monrovia, Liberia, 

W. C. A. 
Grigsby, Harrison; Mem., Hon. House of Senate; Greenville, Sinoe 

County, Liberia, W. C. A. 


Roberts, Samuel T.; Comp. of Treas., R.L.; c/o Treasury Dept., 

Monrovia, Liberia, W. C. A. 
Togba, Joseph N.; M.D.; P. O. Box 116, Monrovia, Liberia, W. C. A. 


Sec. D, Rows 1-2, Seats 10-12 
*Teague, Otto W.; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 186, Arkadelphia, Ark. 

56 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Hozendorf, Connie Ray; Dist. Supt.; 484 Elaine Ave., S.W., Camden, 

Ark. 71701. 
Bearden, Robert E. L.; Pastor; 723 Center, Little Rock, Ark. 72201. 
Allman, S. H.; Retired; 201 Pecan, Hot Springs, Ark. 71901. 
Booth, Dale; Utility Co., Dist. Mgr.; 325 N.E. 1st St., England, Ark. 

Dixon, Mrs. Edgar F.; Housewife; 1 Sun Valley Rd., Little Rock, 

Ark. 72205. 


Phillips, Joe R.; Dist. Supt.; 1723 Broadway, Little Rock, Ark. 72206. 
Terry, Arthur; Dist. Supt.; 1 Longmeadow, Pine Bluff, Ark. 71601. 
Dunlap, James Edward; Dist. Supt.; P. O. Box 266, Monticello, Ark. 

Hillis, Raymond; Merchant; Malvern, Ark. 72104. 

Shelton, Roland M.; Realtor; 1509 Fair Park, Little Rock, Ark. 72204. 
Hall, Carl; Manufacturer and Merchant; 46 Edgehill, Little Rock, 

Ark. 72207. 


Sec. D, Row 2, Seats 8-9 
''Handy, William T., Jr.; Pastor; 149 N. 14th St., Baton Rouge, La. 

Netterville, George L. ; Vice-President Southern University; 1870 

Harding Blvd., Baton Rouge, La. 70807. 


N orris, William S. P.; Dist. Supt.; 2021 Louisiana Ave., New Orleans, 

La. 70115. 
Stringer, Monroe T.; Labor Official; 5124 Willow St., New Orleans, 

La. 70115. 


Sec. E, Rows 10-11, Seats 6-10 
Oliphint, Benjamin R.; Pastor; P. O. Box 175, Alexandria, La. 71301. 
Dykes, David L., Jr.; Pastor; 623 Oak Hills, Shreveport, La. 71106. 
Lueg, Carl F., Sr.; Dist. Supt.; 4827 Bancroft Dr., New Orleans, La. 

Pearce, George F., Jr.; Dist. Supt.; 839 Monrovia, Shi'eveport, La. 

Rickey, Henry A.; Dist. Supt.; 319 Glendale Dr., Ruston, La. 71270. 
*Cotton, W. Davis; Attorney; P. 0. Box 719, Rayville, La. 71269. 
Matheny, Thomas H.; Attorney; P. O. Box 221, Hammond, La. 70401. 
Lay, Robert P.; Insurance; 322 Levin Ln., Shreveport, La. 71105. 
Mouser, Vinson M.; Attorney; P. O. Box 248, Columbia, La. 71418. 
Snow, Dudley V.; Insurance; 1500 North Market St., Shreveport, La. 



Wilkes, Jack S.; Centenarv College President; P. 0. Box 4188, Shreve- 
port, la. 71104. 

Cooke, Richard L.; Dist. Supt.; Box 801, Lake Charles, La. 70601. 

Poole, Daniel W.; Pastor; 401 Ruth St., Sulphur, La. 70663. 

Cooke, Jack; Pastor; 5243 Whitehaven, Baton Rouge, La. 70808. 

Squyres, Rex; Pastor; Rt. 5, Box 124 B, Lake Charles, La. 70601. 

Haug, Edward R.; Dist. Supt.; 501 Hilton, Monroe, La. 70102. 

Mouser, Roy E.; Pastor; 1611 Hwy. 14, Lake Charles, La. 70601. 

O'Neal, Robert J.; Judge; Caddo Parish Courthouse, Shreveport, La. 

The United Methodist Church 57 

Dixon, John A.; Judge; Caddo Parish Courthouse, Shreveport, La. 

Laskey, Mrs. Glenn E.; Housewife; 710 North Vienna St., Ruston, La. 

Love, J. C; Vice-President T. L. James Co.; P. O. Box 370, Ruston, 

La. 71270. 
Mason, L. Keith; M.D.; 852 McCormick St., Shreveport, La. 71104. 
McGowan, Mrs. C. B.; Housewife; 2081 Ferndale Ave., Baton Rouge, 

La. 70808. 
Harris, Walter P., Sr. ; Vice-President Brown's Velvet Ice Cream Co., 

8223 Sycamore PL, New Orleans, La. 70118. 


Sec. B, Rows 19-20, Seats 1-4 

*Wood, George S.; Dist. Supt. ; 4503 Southern Parkway, Louisville, 

Ky. 40214. 
Hightower, Ted; Pastor; State Street Methodist Church, Bowling 

Green, Ky. 42101. 
Perkins, Riial T.; Dist. Supt.; 203 Cherokee Dr., Campbellsville, Ky. 

Averitt, James W.; Supt. Methodist Home; Versailles, Ky. 40383. 
Evans, Evan C; Real Estate Broker; Box 142, Bowling Green, Ky. 

Crabtree, Mrs. E. L. ; Housewife; 330 High St., Campbellsville, Ky. 

McQuary, Thomas; Civil Engineer; 436 Trailridge, Brandenburg, Ky. 

Hubbard, Albert T.; Dir. of Hospital Service; 3713 Hycliff Ave., Louis- 
ville, Ky. 40207. 

Weldon, E. Wade; Pastor; 2000 Douglas Blvd., Louisville, Ky. 40205. 
James, William E.; Pastor; Settle Memorial Methodist Church, Owens- 

boro, Ky. 42301. 
Shepherd, Paid; Dist. Supt.; 609 Hampton Rd., Bowling Green, Ky. 

Lantrip, James W.; Dist. Supt.; Box 618, Henderson, Ky. 42420. 
Wade, Robert H.; Dist. Supt.; 1115 South Fourth St., Louisville, Ky. 

Sanders, Felix J., Jr.; Attorney; 209 S. 5th St., Louisville, Ky. 40202. 
Hutcherson, Lyon B., Sr. ; Stock Dealer; Glasgow, Ky. 42141. 
Peters, Kenneth C. ; M.D.; 2410 Merriwood Dr., Jeffersontown, Ky. 

Picketts, William S.; State Dept. Health; 816 Sunrise Ln., Elizabeth- 
town, Ky. 42160. 
Arterburn, Mrs. Haskel E.; Conf. Pres. W.S.C.S.; Park City, Ky. 



Sec. B, Row 4, Seats 7-8 
*Singh, Ratbhan; Principal, Centennial High School; Centennial High 

School, Golaganj, Lucknow, U. P., India. 
Singh, Martin H.; Treas., Lucknow Christian College; Opposite 

Hussainganj Power House, 41, Cantonment Rd., Hussainganj, 

Lucknow-1, U. P., India. 


Titus, John E.; Dist. Supt.; Methodist Church, Chandwa Kothi, P. 0. 

Arrah, Bihar, India. 
Paul, Samuel A.; Pastor; Lizzie Johnson Mem. Church, 15/25 Civil 

Lines, Kanpur, India. 

58 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Titus, Daya Prakash; Dist. Supt. ; Central Methodist Church, 109, 
Cantonment Rd., Lucknow-1, U. P., India. 

Nathan, Jaynes; Assoc. Pastor; Lalbagh Methodist Church, Lucknow, 
U. P., India. 

Washington, Colvin; Accountant; Agricultural Institute, Allahabad, 
U. P., India. 

Massey, N. B.; Railway workshop; Methodist Church, Daliganj, Luck- 
now, U. P., India. 

Luke, E.; Air Force; Air Force, Chakeri, P. 0. Kanpur, U. P., India. 

Robbins, Miss A.; District Missionary; Methodist Mission, Rasra, Dist. 
Ballia, U. P., India. 


Sec. C, Row 2, Seats 11-12 
*Rae, John V. Hulasi; Robinson Memorial, 13, Sankli St., Byculla, 

Bombay-8 (BC), India. 
Singh, Prem P.; Teacher; Methodist Mission School, Baihar, Balaghat, 
M. P., India. 

Marble, Robert V.; AC Battery Ln., Delhi-6, India. 
Patras, Earnest; House No. 1442, Narbada Rd., Hawabagh Meth- 
odist Church, Jabalpur, M. P., India. 


Sec. E, Rows 3-4, Seats 1-2 
"Smith, H. Travers; Dist. Supt.; 226 Bradley St., Portland, Me. 04103. 
Boobar, Lester L.; Pastor; 31 Sheffield St., Portland, Me. 04102. 
Currie, Margaret; Lawyer; 10 Mechanic St., Saco, Me. 04072. 
Upham, Walter E.; Conference Lay Leader; 82 Floral St., Bath, Me. 


Beckford, Lewis H.; Pastor; 33 Union St., Bath, Me. 04530. 

Ellis, S. Blake; Pastor; 15 Beverly St., South Portland, Me. 04106. 

Getchell, A. Stanley; Assoc. Dist. Lay Leader, 267 Forest Ave., 

Bangor, Me. 04401. 
Clifford, Gordon K.; District Lay Leader; 8 Stewart Ave., Farmington, 

Me. 04938. 


Sec. D, Row 1, Seats 8-9 
Yap, Khn-Hao; District Superintendent; 2 Jalan Wesley, Kuala 

Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Tan, Chee-Khoon; Physician; Member of Parliament; 329 Jalan 

Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 


Ong, Chaik-Ghee; District Superintendent; 54 Namly Ave., Singapore 
10, Republic of Singapore. 

Roraisamij, Theodore R.; Principal, Teachers' College; Sec, Christian 
Education; 75 Trevose Crescent, Singapore 11, Republic of Singa- 

Thangaraj, Thambidorai; Pastor; 197 Jalan Abdul Samad, Singapore, 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Dutton, Denis C; Sec. Student Christian Movt. ; Univ. Chap.; 14 
Dalvey Estate, Singapore, 10, Republic of Singapore. 

Daniel, Diamond R. ; Principal, Anglo-Chinese School; 321 Teluk 
Gadong Rd., Klang Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. 

The United Methodist Church 59 

Nesaratnani, E. V.; Controller, Tele-communications Dept. ; 3175 
Guilemard Rd., Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Tan, Boon-Chiang; President, Industrial Arbitration Court; 15 Seton 
Close, Singapore 10, Republic of Singapore. 

Supramaniam, James M. J.; Physician; 14 Barrima Rd., Singapore 
11, Republic of Singapore. 


Sec. A, Row 1, Seats 1-2 
Fang, Chung-Nan; Pastor, Conf. Dir. Youth Work; 2 Labu Rd., 

Seremban, Negri Sembilan, Malaysia. 
*Lim, Peter S. T. ; Develop. Officer, Univ. of Singapore; 29 Boundary 

Rd., Singapore 19. 


Kao, Jih-Eng ; Dist. Supt. ; Pastor; Chin Hock Church, Kampong 

China, Sitiawan, Malaysia. 
Fang, Chao-Hsi; Pastor; Telok Ayer Methodist Church, 235 Telok 

Ayer St., Singapore. 
Un, Boon-Chong; Dist. Supt.; Pastor; 18 Madras Ln., Penang, 

Tan, Miss Phek-Geok; Pastor; Conf. Treas.; Chinese Methodist 

Church, Taiping, Malaysia. 
Siau, Boon-Chong; Govt. Chinese Affairs Officer; Chinese Affairs 

Office, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. 
Khoo, Siau-Hwa; Chaplain to Prisons; 85 Kings Rd., Singapore 10. 
Teh, Chye-Heng; Businessman; 2^/^ Mile Bukit Nanas Rd., Klang, 

Selangor, Malaysia. 
Ling, Chew-Siang; Principal, Methodist School; Methodist English 

School, Sitiawan, Perak, Malaysia. 


Sec. A, Rows 5-6, Seats 3-6 

*Flatt, F. Alton; Dist. Supt.; 555 Perkins Extd., Memphis, Tenn. 

Robbins, Carl M.; Ex. Sec. Conf. Council; Lambuth College, Jackson, 

Tenn. 38301. 
Ramer, Lloyd W.; Pastor; 300 N. 19th St., Murray, Ky. 42071. 
Fisher, James A.; Pastor; 4155 Minden Rd., Memphis, Tenn. 38117. 
Yancey, Charles L.; Manufacturers Rep.; 3226 James Rd., Memphis, 

Tenn. 38112. 
Bond, R. H.; Southern Bell Telephone Co.; Dyersburg, Tenn. 38024. 
England, James L. ; Circuit Judge ; Decaturville, Tenn. 38329. 
Adams, Lloyd S., Jr.; Attorney; 306 Forest Dr., Humboldt, Tenn. 


Lyles, Paul T.; Pastor; 155 Fairmont, Jackson, Tenn. 38303. 
Townsend, Harrell A.; Pastor; 316 Poplar, Paris, Tenn. 38242. 
Burnette, Voris H.; Dist. Supt.; Wade Hampton Rd., Dyersburg, 

Tenn. 38024. 
Williajns, Harry E.; Dist. Supt.; 316 Citizens Bank Bldg., Paducah, 

Ky. 42001. 
Wiliiams, Roy D., Sr.; Pastor; 2nd and Poplar, Memphis, Tenn. 38103. 
Henton, Jack H.; Pastor; 520 Division, Jackson, Tenn. 38303. 
Black, William B.; Attorney; Tiptonville, Tenn. 38257. 
Woodson, Joe T.; Retired; Bemis, Tenn. 38314. 
Stratton, Leslie M., Ill; Wholesale Hardware; 37 E. Carolina Ave., 

Memphis, Tenn. 38103. 

60 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

McDaniel, Preston W.; C. L. U. Insui-ance; 5449 Normandy Rd., 

Memphis, Tenn. 38117. 
Pevahouse, Joe; Druggist; Henderson, Tenn. 38340. 
Hood, Dixon; Public Accountant; 117 N. Lafayette, Brownsville, 

Tenn. 38012. 


Sec. B, Rows 17-18, Seats 5-8 

Tennant, John W.; Pastor; 114 E. Michigan Ave., Battle Creek, Mich, 

Jongeivard, Robert H.; Dist. Supt. ; 1837 Skyler Dr., Kalamazoo, 

Mich. 49001. 
Wright, James W.; Pastor; 212 South Park St., Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Page, Carlos C; Dist. Supt.; 305 Edge Hill Dr., S.E., Grand Rapids, 

Mich. 49506. 
*Shashaguay, Bernard; Mgr., Owner, Machine Shop; 52 W. 4th St., 

Holland, Mich. 49423. 
Holbrook, Donald E.; Judge; Box 29, Clare, Mich. 48617. 
Finch, Mrs. Russell; Pres. W.S.C.S.; 6039 Winterset Dr., Lansing, 

Mich. 48906. 
Wilcox, Katherine; Dr. of Psychology; 333 Sixth Ave., Traverse City, 

Mich. 49684. 

Lyman, Howard A.; Pastor; 215 N. Capital, Lansing, Mich. 48933. 
Avery, Keith T.; Area Admin. Asst. ; 8th Floor, Francis Palms Bldg., 

2111 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48201. 
Baker, Don M.; Pastor; Box 308; Albion, Mich. 49224. 
DesAutels, William W.; Pastor; 520 Wadsworth; Traverse City, Mich. 

Stjnwolt, Royal J.; Pastor; 1011 Second St., Muskegon, Mich. 49440. 
Strong, Donald T.; Bus. Exec; 4602 Canter, Kalamazoo, Mich. 49007. 
Allen, W. Fred; Vice Pres. Up John Co.; 4101 Bronson Blvd., Kala- 
mazoo, Mich. 49001. 
Sorensen, Earl R. ; Farm Mgr. ; Rt. 2, Fennville, Mich. 49408. 
Neller, Alvin A.; Attorney; 1022 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, Mich. 

Tobey, Arthur W. ; (Deceased). 

O'Mara, G. J.; Retired Elec. Engineer; 1020 S. Thompson St., Jack- 
son, Mich. 49203. 

No delegates elected. 


Sec. F, Row 5, Seats 5-6 
*Galang, Fidel P.; President; Philippine Wesleyan College, Cabana- 

tuan City, Philippines. 
Beltran, Rodolfo C; Lawyer; 659 Mabini Extension, Cabanatuan City, 

Nacpil, Emerito P.; Professor; Union Theological Seminary, Das- 
marinas, Cavite, Philippines. 
Llenado, Abigael ; Business woman ; Malinta, Valenzuela, Bulacan, 


Sec. D, Rows 11-12, Seats 12 

Guzman, Josue R.; Pastor; The First Methodist Church, Iligan City, 

Philippines 90501. 
*Inis, Henry B.; Physician; Iligan City, Philippines 90501. 

The United Methodist Church 61 


Giiiang, Conrado; Pastor; The Methodist Church; Marbel, Cotabato, 

Advincula, Marcelino C; Engineer; c/o Methodist Church; Davao 

City, Philippines. 


Sec. E, Rows 6-7, Seats 1-5 

Sweet, Charles R.; Dist. Supt. ; 3410 Greysolon PL, Duluth, Minn. 

Pennington, Chester A.; Pastor; Lyndale and Groveland, Minneapolis, 

Minn. 55403. 
Kmieger, Delton H.; Pastor; 807 1st St., Princeton, Minn. 55371. 
Purdham, Charles B.; Pastor; 4350 Fremont Ave., N., Minneapolis, 

Minn. 55412. 
Nyberg, Dennis F.; Pastor; 4901 Chovi^en Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

*Faber, Fran H.; Advertising; 2525 Park Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Gridley, Mrs. John W.; Housewife; 1960 E. River Ter., Minneapolis, 

Minn. 55414. 
Hill, Arthur E.; Insurance; 1465 Park Ln., Winona, Minn. 55987. 
Fletcher, Fremont C; Law; 6809 Cornelia Dr., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Richardson, Mrs. Clarence W.; Housewife; 331 S.W. 8th St., Wadena, 

Minn. 56482. 

Hanks, Stanley G.; Pastor; 204 1st Ave., N.W., Austin, Minn. 55912. 
Foote, Edward W.; Dist. Supt.; 1801 10th St., N.E., Rochester, Minn. 

Beck, Kenneth 0.; Pastor; 308 3rd Ave., S., St. Cloud, Minn. 56301. 
Christianson, Lyle T.; Pastor; 1498 Centennial Dr., St. Paul, Minn. 

Karsten, Clare W.; Pastor; 639 Jackson St., St. Paul, Minn. 55101. 
Metzger, Paul 0.; Dist. Supt; 639 Jackson St., St. Paul, Minn. 55101. 
Allin, Willard S.; Pastor; 5144 13th Ave., S.; Minneapolis, Minn. 

Needham, Gerald B.; M.D.; 806 14th Ave., S.W., Rochester, Minn. 

Spear, Mrs. Charles W.; Housewife; 461 E. Kings Rd., Fairmont, 

Minn. 56031. 
Espie, John C; Assoc. Prog. Dir. Conf.; 122 W. Franklin Ave., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 55401. 
Sayles, Wilbur; Musician; Rt. 2, Box 264, Austin, Minn. 55912. 
Kerns, Willis A. ; Exec. Ford Motor Co. ; 3822 E. 49th St., Minneapolis, 

Minn. 55417. 
Wolf, Kermit M.; Education; 109 W. Fremont, Northfield, Minn. 

Harkness, Leonard L.; Educ, Univ. of Minn.; 1879 Tatum, St. Paul, 

Minn. 55113. 


Sec. B, Row 4, Seats 11-12 
*Crump, Alphonso W.; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 602, Gulfport, Miss. 

Woodard, Fred 0.; School Supervisor; 1612 W. Pearl St., Jackson, 
Miss. 39203. 

McMillan, L. Roger; Dist. Supt.; 304 Independence St., Brookhaven, 
Miss. 39601. 

62 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Dunham, Mrs. Melerson G.; Professor; P. 0. Box 310, Alcorn College, 
Lorman, Miss. 39096. 

Sec. B, Rows 1-2, Seats 9-12 

*Leggett, J. Willard, Jr.; Financial Crusade Director; 5831 King's PL, 
Jackson, Miss. 39211. 

Jones, G. Eliot; Dist. Supt.; Box 1581, Hattiesburg, Miss. 39401. 

Granbernj, Seth W.; Dist. Supt.; Box 234, Gulf port, Miss. 39501. 

Moore, R. Imnan, Sr.; Dist Supt.; Box 527, Vicksburg, Miss. 39180. 

Satterfield, John C; Attorney; Sunset Dr.; Yazoo City, Miss. 39194. 

Moorhead, Edwin E.; Exec. Miss. River Commission; Box 691, Vicks- 
burg, Miss. 39180. 

Jordan, Bert; Layman's Exec; 321 Mississippi St., Jackson, Miss. 

Alford, J. W.; Merchant; 416 Mississippi St., McComb, Miss. 39648. 


Smith, Aubrey B.; Dist. Supt.; Box 1126, Meridian, Miss. 39301. 
Dement, Frank E., Jr.; Pastor; Box 1009, Hattiesburg, Miss. 39401. 
McLelland, William C; Pastor; Natchez St., Brookhaven, Miss. 

Pede7i, Homer C; Pastor; Box 28, Biloxi, Miss. 39533. 
Pittman, Warren E.; Dist. Supt.; Box 629, Brookhaven, Miss. 39601. 
Duke, Charles D.; Pastor; Box 526, Vicksburg, Miss. 39180. 
Haves, Ralph; News Writer, Methodist Inform.; Box 404, Laurel, 

Miss. 39444. 
Breland, A. Dan; Banker; Box 610, Crystal Springs, Miss. 39059. 
Johnson, Carroll ; Vegetable Oil Exec. ; Saucier, Miss. 39532. 
Wilkerson, Woodrow P.; Supt., Sash and Door Co.; 4-66 Forest Ave., 

Jackson, Miss. 39206. 
Wilson, Earl R.; Attorney; 3851 Eastover Dr., Jackson, Miss. 39211. 
Sissell, Spencer W.; State Dept. of Agriculture; 5446 Pine Ln. Dr., 

Jackson, Miss. 39211. 


Sec. E, Rows 12-13, Seats 8-12 
Hager, Wesley H.; Pastor; 6199 Waterman Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Bryan, Monk; Pastor; Missouri Methodist Church, Columbia, Mo. 

Brower, Floyd V.; Dist. Supt.; 1705 Big Bend Rd., Poplar Bluff, Mo. 

Poole, Gregory K.; Dist. Supt.; 55 Plaza Square, St. Louis, Mo. 63104. 
Johnson, J. J., Jr.; Pastor; 2931 LaSalle St., St. Louis, Mo. 63104. 
*Hawkins, J. Clinton; Exec. Steel Corp.; 7421 Warwick Dr., St. Louis, 

Mo. 63121. 
Brandhorst. Mrs. Edward; Housewife; 569 W. Glendale Rd. ; Webster 

Groves, Mo. 63119. 
Black, Leslie; Architect; 412 Lakeside, Manchester, Mo. 63011. 
Clardy, Sara; Housewife; 5033 Northland Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63113. 
Schupp, Oscar G.; Retired Teacher; 1403 Bald Hill Rd. Jefferson 

City, Mo. 65101. 

Montgomery, J. C; Dist. Supt.; 511 N. Carleton, Farmington, Mo. 

Lytle, D. Russell; Pastor; 1421 Dixon Dr.; Jefferson City, Mo. 65101. 
Lehwald, Herman A.; Dist. Supt.; 210 Monroe, Jefferson City, Mo. 


The United Methodist Church 63 

Ward, John W., Jr.; Pastor; 600 N. Bompart, Webster Groves, Mo. 

Wagner, Joseph H.; Pastor; 901 Allen, Sikeston, Mo. 63801. 
Hubbard, George W.; Area Program Director; 4€56 Page Ave., St. 

Louis, Mo. 63113. 
Sonnenday, Mrs. J. W.; Housewife; 7490 Teasdale; St. Louis, Mo. 

Nickerson, Donald; Railroad; LaPlata, Mo. 63549. 
Shipp, Mrs. Ronald; Lumber; Thayer, Mo. 6.5574. 
Luman, Fred; Farmer; Novinger, Mo. 63549. 
Ash, Otis; Postal Clerk; 409 E. Highway; Vandalia, Mo. 63382. 
Kane, Mrs. C. G.; Housewife; 7469 Stanford, St. Louis, Mo. 63130. 


Sec. E, Rows 10-11, Seats 1-5 

Firestone, Lyman; Dist. Supt. ; 2303 Cedarbrook, Springfield, Mo. 

Standard, Forrest L.; Pastor; 1321 Vivion Rd., Kansas City, Mo. 

McEowen, Charles A.; Dist. Supt.; 1512 Van Brunt Blvd., Kansas 

City, Mo. 64127. 
Gray, C. Jarrett; Pastor; 1834- Woodland, Kansas City, Mo. 64108. 
Winter, F. Hauser; Pastor; 102 N. Main, Marvville, Mo. 64468. 
*Brown, Mrs. Norton; Conf. W.S.C.S. Pres.; li313 E. 20th Terrace, 

Independence, Mo. 64052. 
Mehl, Mrs. Ernest; Former Conf. W.S.C.S. Pres.; 9813 Mohawk Ln., 

Leawood, Kan. 66216. 
Hall, N. Guy; Conf. Lay Leader, Manufacturer; 928 S. Glenstone, 

Springfield, Mo. 65802. 
Hart, Kenneth, Realtor; Osborn, Mo. 64437. 
Mehl, Ernest; Sports Editor, Kansas City Star, Retired; 9813 Mohawk 

Ln., Leawood, Kan. 66216. 


Marsh, Jeff; Dist. Supt.; 1403 S. English, Marshall, Mo. 65340. 

Johnston, Kenneth C.; Vice-Pres. Central Methodist College; 315 
Corprew, Fayette, Mo. 65248. 

Hillme, Herbert W.; Dist. Supt.; 700 State Fair Blvd., Sedalia, Mo. 

Jones, Z. Glen; Pastor; 2262 Latoka, Springfield, Mo. 65804. 

Brown, Robert D.; Pastor; 5055 Blue Ridge, Kansas City, Mo. 64133. 

Neth, G. Hubert; Pastor; 804 E. Main, Princeton, Mo. 64673. 

Arbaugh, Robert N.; Pastor; 1135 S. Delaware, Springfield, Mo. 

Walker, E. C; Executive Director, O. E. C. ; Michau Bldg., Maryville, 
Mo. 64468. 

Main, Art; Warehouse Man; 4216 N. Olive, Kansas City, Mo. 64116. 

Patterson, Joyce R.; Deaconess, Wesley Community Center; 200 Chero- 
kee, St. Joseph, Mo. 64504. 

DuBois, Hugh; Optometrist; 100 Ridge Crest, Marshall Mo. 65340. 

Seiberling, George; Farmer; R. F. D., Chillicothe, Mo. 64601. 

Gailey, Mrs. Joe; Housewife; 710 S. Hampton, Springfield, Mo. 65804. 

McCall, Kenneth; Architect; 2 E, 43 Terr., Kansas City, Mo. 64116. 


Sec. C, Row 21, Seats 1-2 
*Harper, George A; Helena, St. Paul's; Box 1080, Helena, Mont. 

Wix, Robert; Admin., Inter.-Mt. Deaconess Home; 1201 9th Ave., 

Helena, Mont. 59601. 

64 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


Robison, Roger D.; Dist. Supt.; Yellowstone; 222 Stillwater Ln., Bill- 
ings, Mont. 59101. 

Herbert, Hugh S.; Missoula: First; Box 1093, Missoula, Mont. 59801. 

Anderson, Roy L.; U. S. Weather Bureau; 137 Riverview C, Great 
Falls, Mont. 59401. 

Brown, Paul L.; Soil Scientist, USDA, Mont. State Univ.; 1220-C 
No. 8, Boseman, Mont. 59715. 


Sec. B, Row 4, Seats 5-6 

*Sherring, Samuel B.; Dist. Supt.; Methodist Church, Chandausi, 
District Moradabad, U. P., India. 

Singh, Robert C; Railway Guard; Moradabad, Joyce Lodge, Morada- 
bad, U. P., India. 


Massey Daniel B.; Dist. Supt.; Methodist Church, Moradabad, District 
Moradabad, U. P., India. 

Daval, Christo D.; Medical Doctor; Poly Clinic, Rampur., District 
Rampur, U. P., India. 

Sec. E, Rows 18-19, Seats 4-8 
Miirphij, C. Edivin; Pastor; 2641 N. 49th St., Lincoln, Nebr. 68504. 
Clark, Alva H.; Pastor; 5410 Corby St., Omaha, Nebr. 68104. 
Davis, Laurence R.; Pastor; 2641 N. 49th St., Lincoln, Nebr. 68504. 
Streeter, Emmett T.; Pastor; 2439 Evans St., Omaha, Nebr. 68111. 
Forsberg, Clarence J.; Pastor; 1144 M St., Lincoln, Nebr. 68508. 
*Flaniing, Wilbert K.; Farmer; Box 114, Elsie, Nebr. 69134. 
Frey, John H.; Conf. Bus. Mgr.; 2641 N. 49th St., Lincoln, Nebr. 

Brown, Mrs. Russell; Housewife; Trumbull, Nebr. 68980. 
Dunlap, G. Alan; Banker; Milford, Nebr. 68405. 
Cobb, Mrs. Ed; Housewife; Ogallala, Nebr. 69153. 


Bond, Nye 0.; Pastor; 4510 Mohawk; Lincoln, Nebr. 68510. 

Berg, Darrell E.; Pastor; 1345 S. 16th St., Lincoln, Nebr. 68502. 

Ireland, Mclvon L.; Pastor; Rm. 357, Farm Cr. Bldg., 19th and 
Douglas, Omaha, Nebr. 68102. 

Totvnsend, Robert L.; Pastor; 3120 Ninth Ave., Kearney, Nebr. 68847. 

Naylor, Robert F.; Pastor; 6906 Cass; Omaha, Nebr. 68132. 

Mikkelsen, John H.; Pastor; 1401 Lake St., Gothenburg, Nebr. 69138. 

Mead, Mrs. Charles; Housewife; 5122 Davenport, Omaha, Nebr. 68132. 

Dryden, Kenneth H.; Lawyer; 711 W. 23rd St., Kearney, Nebr. 68847. 

McAnally, Tom; Dir. Methodist Information; 2641 N. 49th St., Lin- 
coln, Nebr. 68504. 

Marquardt, Mrs. A. R.; Housewife; 1130 S. 47th St., Lincoln, Nebr. 

Ebers, Albert; Farmer; Sev.-ard, Nebr. 68434. 

McClung, Mrs. Sam; Housewife; Big Springs, Nebr. 69122. 

Sec. C, Rows 5-6, Seats 1-4 
Lord, Lemuel K.; Pastor; 647 Main St., Melrose, Mass. 02176. 
Ziegler, Wilbur C; Pastor; 18 Poulos Rd., Braintree, Mass. 02184. 
Muelder, Walter G.; Dean, Boston Univ. School of Theol.; 82 Oxford 
Rd., Newton Centre, Mass. 02159. 

The United Methodist Church 65 

Taylor, Blaine E.; Pastor; 61 Monadnock Rd., Worcester, Mass. 01609. 
*Drake, Edward C; Administrator-Director of Personnel; 65 Glen 

St., Maiden, Mass. 02148. 
Hai'tman, Mason N.; Conf. Lay Leader; 14 Stonehurst Rd. ; Needham, 

Mass. 02194. 
Hartl, Mrs. Emil M. ; Housewife, President Conf. W.S.C.S.; 27 

Wheeler St., Boston, Mass. 02116. 
Anderson, Mrs. Winthrop; Housewife, R.N.; Bray Rd., Shelburne 

Falls, Mass, 01370. 

Harding, Richard E.; Pastor; 71 Freemont St., Lexington, Mass. 

Uhlinger, James R.; Dist. Supt. ; 388 Porter St., Melrose, Mass. 

Greene, Jesse S.; Dist. Supt.; .53 Birchwood Dr., Holden, Mass. 01520. 
Ogle, William J.; Pastor; 249 Old Sudbury Rd., Sudbury, Mass. 01776. 
Johnson, Leslie H.; Exec. Sec. Conf. Bd. of Missions; Avery Heights 

Dr., Holden, Mass. 01520. 
Lawrence, Mrs. Melvin E.; Housewife, Past President Conf. W.S.C.S.; 

232 Jenness St., Lvnn, Mass. 01904. 
Fisher, John; Architect; 450 William St., Pittsfield, Mass. 01201. 
Young, H. Chester; Insurance Broker; 31 Wing Rd., Lynnfield Center, 

Mass. 01940. 
Wilder, Frederich H., -Jr.; Attorney; 23 Caldwell Rd., Waltham, Mass. 

Peterson, Lawrence S. ; Engineer; 54 Powers Rd., Holden, Mass. 



Sec. D. Rows 3-4; Seats 3-4 

White, E. McKinnon; Pastor; 40 Glen Ave., Cranston, R. I. 02905. 

Post, John E.; Dist. Supt.; Bolton Center Rd., R. F. D. 2, Box 649, 
Bolton, Conn, 06040. 

*Bell, Thomas; Retired, Bookkeeper, Conf. Treas.; 31 King St., Put- 
nam, Conn. 06260. 

Cochran, Mrs. F. Morris; Past Pres. Conf. W.S.C.S.; 93 Brown St., 
Providence, R. I. 02906. 


Giuns, C. Homer; Dist. Supt.; 90 Bourne St., Middleboro, Mass. 02346. 

Almond, Lawrence F.; Exec. Dir. Mass. Bible Society; 21 Hill Top 
Rd., Weston, Mass. 02193. 

Johnsoyi, Evan R.; Pastor; 258 W. Elm St., Brockton, Mass. 02401. 

Skinner, Mrs. Newton D.; Conf. Pres. W.S.C.S.; 48 N. Court, Nana- 
quaket, Tiverton, R. L 02878. 

Dahlquist, Mrs. G. Albin; Mem. Exec. Com. Worn. Div. Bd. of Mis- 
sions; 37 Scotland Rd., E. Hartford, Conn. 06108. 

Gourley, W. J. Godfrey; Chairman Buro Conf. Sess., Pharmaceuticals; 
72 Cooper Hill St., Manchester, Conn. 06044. 


Sec. C, Rows 22-23, Seats 1 

*McAninch, Donald H.; Dist. Supt.; 19 Norwich St., Concord, N. H. 

Laraba, Forest W.; Printing Official; 31 Woodman St., Manchester, 
N. H. 03103. 

Keeffee, William R.; Dist. Supt.; 13 Springfield St., Concord, N. H. 

66 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

MouUon, Leuns H.; Pastor; 962 Valley St., Manchester, N. H. 03103. 
Mundy, Alfred F.; Engineering Technician; 457 Sagamore Rd., Rye, 

N. H. 03870. 
Knight, Mildred A.; Housewife; 11 Gray Ave., Nashua, N. H. 03060. 


Sec. F, Rows 3-4, Seats 1-2 
*SeUer, Ralph H.; Dist. Supt.; 1412 Piedmont, Clovis, N. Mex. 88101. 
Goodwin, B. C, Jr.; Pastor; 3715 Silver, S.E., Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Steele, Sam; Rancher; Box 432, Fort Sumner, N. Mex. 88119. 
Stovall, Travis; School Supt.; 1512 Arizona, Alamogordo, N. Mex. 


Fenn. G. Lemuel; Pastor; 215 Pine, N.E., Albuquerque, N. Mex. 

Scrimshire, Joe B.; Dist. Supt: 4020 Santa Ana, El Paso, Tex. 79902. 
Nowlin, Earl M.; Director, Methodist Fdn.; 7716 El Conde, N.E., 

Albuquerque, N. Mex. 87110. 
Patten, William C; Insurance; 608 Los Arboles, N.W., Albuquerque, 

N. Mex. 87107. 
Imle, Mrs. E. F.; Housewife; 6500 S^mbrano, El Paso, Tex. 79999. 
Butler, Randle R.; Farmer; 1319 S. Plum, Pecos, Tex. 79772. 


Sec. D, Rows 19-20, Seats 1-8 
*BosIey, Harold A.; Pastor; 520 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. 10021. 
Verdi)i, Douglas F.; Pastor; 200 Hempstead Ave., Rockville Centre, 

N. Y. 11570. 
NicJioIs, Roy; Pastor; 240 Nagle Ave., New York, N. Y. 10037. 
Thornhurg. Richard A.: Pastor; 718 West Ave., Norwalk, Conn. 06850. 
Scranton, Walter L.; Pastor; 33 Woodside Circle, Bridgeport, Conn. 

James, William M.; Pastor; 1981 Madison Ave., New York, N. Y. 

Tarr, Burton F.; Dist. Supt.; 5 Post Ave., East Williston, N. Y. 

Kirkland, H. Burnham; Dist. Supt.; 791 Newfield Ave., Stamford, 

Conn. 06905. 
Transom, Mrs. G. E.; Pres. Conf. W.S.C.S.; 19 Village Dr., Saugerties, 

N. Y. 12477. 
Preusch, Robert W.; Accountant, Corp. Pres.; Pepper Ln., New 

Canaan, Conn. 06840. 
Staubach, William T., Jr.; Bank Vice Pres.; 120 Ancan Ave., Pelham, 

N. Y. 10803. 
Johnson, Ethel R.; Dir. Chr. Ed.; 1065 Hancock St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hauser, Louis C; Medical Manager; 1601 Powers Ave., East Meadow, 

N. Y. 11554. 
Kennedy, Mrs. Everett B.; Nurse; 32 Elm St., Malverne, N. Y. 11565. 
Darling, Howard H.; Conf. Treas.; 210 Boston Post Rd., Rye, N. Y. 

Veale, William H.; Pres. Safety Fdn.; 287 West Rock Ave., New 

Haven, Conn. 06515. 

Whyman, Henry C.; Ex. Sec. New York Citv Soc; Rm. 1738, 475 

Riverside Dr.. New York, N. Y. 10027. 
Abel, Paul F.; Ex. Secy. Conf. Bd. of Missions; 210 Boston Post Rd., 

Rve, N. Y. 10580. 

The United Methodist Church 67 

Warren, Charles L.; Ex. Secy. Washington, D. C. Council of Churches; 

(Temporary: 72 Holls Terr. N., Yonkers, N. Y. 10705). 
Barton, Charles A.; Pastor; 31 Smith Ave., Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 10549. 
Hunter, C. Pershing; Dist. Supt. ; 4 Rosalind Rd., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Wei~ner, George P.; Pastor; 18 Shelly Ave., Valhalla, N. Y. 10595. 
Hansen, Wilfred; Dist. Supt.; 20 Broadfield Rd., Hamden, Conn. 

Tedcastle, Arthur T.; Pastor; 51 LeGrand PL, Stratford, Conn. 06497. 
Armitstead, Austin H.; Pastor; 582 Delafield Ave., Staten Island, 

N. Y. 10310. 
Osborne, Wesley D.; Dist. Supt.; Rm. 1924, 475 Riverside Dr., New- 
York, N. Y. 10027. 
Skeete, F. Herbert; Pastor; 126-22 150th St., South Ozone Park, N. Y. 

Marsland, Irving A., Jr.; Pastor; 60 Elmwood PI. (P. 0. Box 2156), 

Newburgh, N. Y. 12550. 
Northrop, George M.; Attorney; 396 Grand St., Newburgh, N. Y. 

Hanson, Mrs. Harold B.; Housewife; 506 Midland Ave., Rye, N. Y. 

Millett, William F.; Research Chemist; 11 Mary Ln., Riverside, Conn. 

Russell, Paul R.; Attorney; 525 89th St., New York, N. Y. 
Brown, William E., Sr., Traffic Management Specialist; 742 St. 

Lawrence Ave., Bronx, N. Y. 104-72. 
Lander, Richard N., Commissioner of Jurors; Maryland Ave., Armonk, 

N. Y. 10504. 
Petersen, John K.; Retired N.C.C. Exec; Quakerbridge Rd., South, 

RED 1, Box 298H. Croton On Hudson, N. Y. 10520. 
Reid, William W.; Retired Editor; 1103 157th St., Whitestone, N. Y. 

Winton, Mrs. Franklin; Housewife; 76 Vernon St., Stratford, Conn. 

Atkinson, Sidney H. ; Business Consultant, Realty Appraiser; 1595 

Howard PI., Baldwin, N. Y. 11512. 
Woodlee, Joe A., Tax Accountant; Hapsburg PI., Hempstead, N. Y. 

Cobb, Ross A., Retired Personnel Director; Fishkill, N. Y. 12524. 


Sec. C, Rows 1-2, Seats 1-8 
Pinkard, Calvin M.; Dist. Supt.; 1801 Sixth Ave., N., Birmingham, 

Ala. 35203. 
Dill, R. Laurence, Jr.; Dist. Supt.; 8705 Camille Dr., Huntsville, Ala. 

Kimbrough, R. Edtvin; Pastor; 1430 Oxmoor Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 

Franklin, Benson N.; Pastor; 518 N. 19th St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Clem, Paul L.; Pastor; 308 White Cir., S.E., Huntsville, Ala. 35801. 
Tyson, Lorenzo D.; Dist. Supt.; 1801 6th Ave., N., Birmingham, Ala. 

Hunter, Duncan; Pastor; 1848 Tune Ave., Florence, Ala. 35630. 
Rutland, John E.; Dist. Supt.; 2826 Montclair Dr., Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

*Culp, Jesse A.; Editor and Publisher; 923 Brooklyn Ave., Albertville, 

Ala 35950 
Canps, Mrs." S. V., Jr.; President W.S.C.S.; 1204 Arthur St., E. 

Gadsden, Ala. 35903. 

68 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Brannon, William C. ; Insurance Co. Exec; 4800 Terrace R, Birming- 
ham, Ala. 35208. 

Purdy, Burt; Furniture Dealer; 1206 Sunset Blvd., Fort Payne, Ala. 

Dominick, Frank; Attorney; 927 Brown-Marx Bldg., Birmingham, 
Ala. 35203. 

Harris, William M., Jr.; Physician; 1921 Wellington Rd., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 35223. 

Barnes, H. Keener; Printer; Box 366, Lanett, Ala. 36863. 

Montgomery, Edward; Woodworks Manufacturer; 2001 First Ave., 
Tuscaloosa, Ala. 35401. 


Montgomery, Allen D.; Pastor; 350 Overbrook Rd., Birmingham, Ala. 

Johyison, Elmer C; Dist. Supt. ; 104 Gwindale Rd., Gadsden, Ala. 

Guthrie, W. Nelson, Sr.; Ex. Secv., Superannuate Homes and Endow.; 
1300 58th St., S., Birmingham,' Ala. 35222. 

Lovett, Wallace W.; Dist. Supt.; Box 403, Roanoke, Ala. 36274, 

Ciirl, William E.; Pastor; 3, The Highlands, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 35401. 

Perkins, John D.; Dist. Supt.; 12 Sycamore Ln., Albertville, Ala. 

Stevenson, Thomas F.; Pastor; P. 0. Box 516, Scottsboro, Ala. 35768. 

Sansbury, 0. B.; Dist. Supt.; 709 S. Norton Ave., Sylacauga, Ala. 

Bugg, Robert W.; Pastor; 7753 First Ave., S., Birmingham, Ala. 

Martin, Harold C; Pastor; 1105 S. 20th St., Birmingham, Ala. 35209. 

Yielding, Newman M,; State Legislator; 3340 Hermitage Rd., Birm- 
ingham, Ala. 35223. 

Malone, Frank D.; Company Safety Supervisor; Rt. 3, Box 102A, 
Gardendale, Ala. 35071. 

Sherrill, Fred; Physician; Hartselle, Ala. 35640. 

Gulp, D. P.; College President; Alabama College, Montevallo, Ala. 

Fowler, Conrad; Probate Judge; Columbiana, Ala. 35051. 

Williams, R. Clarence; County Solicitor; Court House, Anniston, Ala. 

Branscomb, Louise; Physician; 944 S. 18th St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Cottingham, Mrs. T. J.; Housewife; 1016 Gordon Dr., S.E., Decatur, 
Ala. 35601. 

Hundley, George R.; Interior Decorator; 402 Hughes Ave., Attalla, 
Ala. 35954. 

Nolen, Thirwell C; Physician; 1041 Forrest, Gadsden, Ala. 35901. 


Sec. B, Rows 9-10, Seats 1-3 
Bayliss, John A.; Pastor; 1112 Adelaide, Ft. Smith, Ark. 72901. 
Cooper, Joel A.; Pastor; 325 Highland, Fayetteville, Ark. 72701. 
Doclgen, Ethan W.; Dist. Supt.; 428 Highland, Forrest City, Ark. 

*Bumpers, E. Clav; Bus. Exec; Wabash, Ark. 72389. 
Barnett, I. Nels; Bus. Exec; 1063 E. Main, Batesville, Ark. 72501. 
Rainwater, Henry M.; Retail Merchant; Walnut Ridge, Ark. 72476. 


Curtis, Myers B.; Dist. Supt.; 1011 Skyline, Fayetteville, Ark. 72701. 
Eggensperger, Harold O.; Exec Sec. Interboard Council; 2305 Middle- 
ton, North Little Rock, Ark. 72116. 

The United Methodist Church 69 

Bridwell, Marshall A.; Dist. Supt. ; 1316 Nettleton Cir., Jonesboro, 

Ark. 72401. 
Gibson, Worth W.; Pastor; 1610 Prince; Conway, Ark. 72032. 
Wilford, Seivell B.; Dist. Supt.; 401 W. Highland, Paragould, Ark. 

Fulbright, Homer H.; Salesman; 712 N. Spring, Searcy, Ark, 72143. 
McClinton, Clark C; Contractor; 40 W. Prospect, Fayetteville, Ark. 

Shiveley, Charles S.; Contact Officer, VA; 3300 Cypress, North Little 

Rock, Ark. 72116. 
Ellis, Matt L. ; College Professor ; Hendrix Station, Conway, Ark. 

Beasley,' Charles A.; Lawyer; 613 Clifton, Fort Smith, Ark. 72901. 


Sec. C, Rows 18-19, Seats 5-12 
Grant, Nicholas W.; Dist. Supt.; Methodist Bldg., 1307 Glenwood Ave., 

Raleigh, N. C. 27605. 
Robbins, Cecil W.; College President; Louisburg College, Louisburg, 

N. C. 27549. 
Hoivard, WiUiain M. Jr.; Pastor; 1040 Monmouth Ave., Durham, N. 

C. 27701. 
Barclift, Chancie D.; Pastor; 203 Hillside Ave., Fayetteville, N. C. 

Ruark, Henry G.; Dist. Supt.; Box 662, Elizabeth City, N. C. 27909. 
Russell, Leon; Dist. Supt.; 617 Banks Ave., Goldsboro, N. C. 27530. 
Cushman, Robert E.; Dean, Duke Divinity School; 2022 Myrtle Dr., 

Durham, N. C. 27706. 
Morris, Clarence P.; Pastor; Methodist Bldg., 1307 Glenwood Ave., 

Raleigh, N. C. 27605. 
*Turnage, Roy L.; Conference Lay Leader; Box 116, Ayden, N. C. 

Gibson, J. Nelson; Farmer, Business; Gibson, N. C. 28343, 
Anderson, Walter F.; Law Enforcement; 1124 Gunnison PL; Raleigh, 

N. C, 27609. 
Weaver, L. Stacy; President; Methodist College, Box 592, Fayetteville, 

N, C. 28302. 
Jenkins, Leo W. ; President; East Carolina College, Greenville, N. C. 

Dunn, Mrs. Sam A,; Conf, President, W.S.C.S.; Enfield, N. C. 27823. 
King, Arnold K.; Prof, Univ, North Carolina; Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Hardin, Paul, III ; Prof., Duke Law School ; Durham, N. C. 27706. 


Eubank, Graham S.; Dist. Supt.; 1911 Raeford Rd., Fayetteville, 

N. C. 28305. 
Mercer, Charles H.; Pastor; 211 McRae St., Laurinburg, N. C. 28352. 
Goldston, C. Wade; College Chaplain; Box 818, Louisburg College, 

Louisburg, N. C. 27549. 
Early, Joyce V.; Pastor; 605 E. 10th St., Greenville, N. C. 27834. 
Collins, Thomas A; Pi-esident; North Carolina Wesleyan College, 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 27801. 
Ingram, Osmond K.; Prof. Duke Div. School; 2728 Sevier St., Durham, 

N. C. 27705. 
Davidson, Barney L.; Pastor; 704 East Walnut St., Goldsboro, N. C. 

Carruth, Paul; Pastor; Box 6096, Raleigh, N. C, 27608. 
Lawrence, Marquis W.; Pastor; 1218 Edgewood Dr., Burlington, N.C. 


70 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Hathaway, Offie L.; Dist. Supt.; 1002 West Knox St., Durham, N. C. 

Smith, W. Jasper; Bus. Mgr. ; North Carolina Wesleyan College, Box 

1375, Rocky Mount, N. C. 27801. 
Vereen, Mrs. L. C; Homemaker; 2513 Colton PI., Raleigh, N. C. 

Edwards, Alonzo C; Farmer, Bus.; Hookerton, N. C. 28538. 
Pierce, Wade H.; Business; 4413 Mockingbird Ln., Wilmington, N. C. 

Fergus, Eldridge ; Business, 2903 Wrightsville Ave., Wilmington, N. C. 

Mears, John M.; Lay Minister; First Methodist Church, Gary, N. C. 

Patrick, James T.; Business; 305 N. Gregson St., Durham, N. C. 

Rogers, James F.; Insurance; Box 756, Burlington, N. C. 27215. 
Goltrane, David S.; Official, State Government; 1611 Oberlin Rd., 

Raleigh, N. C. 27608. 
Chadwick, W. C; Attorney; New Bern, N. C. 28560. 


Sec. A, Row 2, Seats 1-2 

Bethea, Joseph B.; Dist. Supt.; 3301 Barton Ave., Richmond, Va. 

^Winchester, Clarence M.; Realtor; P. 0. Box 20108, Greensboro, 
N. C. 27402. 


Ferree, James W.; Dist. Supt.; 2021 Waters Dr., Raleigh, N. C. 

Broivn, William T.; Pastor; 528 Julian St., Greensboro, N. C. 27406. 

Erwin, Richard C; Attorney; Suite 1223, Wachovia Bldg., Winston- 
Salem, N. C. 27101. 

Contee, Earl N. ; Government Worker; 328 N. Patrick St., Alexandria, 
Va. 22314. 


No delegates elected. 


Sec. A, Row 1, Seats 5-6 
Morrison, William W.; Dist. Supt.; 350 Seventh Ave., S., Fargo, N. D. 

*Meier, LeRoy; Power Company; 114 Columbia Ct., Grand Forks, 
N. D. 58201. 

Knecht, David F.; Pastor; 1000 First St., Bismarck, N. D. 58501. 
Caine, Donald; Optometrist; c/o Joos Optical, Jamestown, N. D. 


Sec. C, Rows 13-14, Seats 5-12 
Cannon, William R.; Dean, School of Theo. ; Emory Univ., Atlanta, 

Ga. 30322. 
Long, Nat G.; Dist. Supt.; 435 Decatur Fd. Bldg., Decatur, Ga. 30030. 
Ruff, William H.; Dist. Supt.; 225 Hampton Ct., Athens, Ga. 30601. 
Myers, T. Cecil; Pastor; 1360 Fairview Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 30308. 
Thompson, Gordon G.; Professor; 1654 Noble Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 


The United Methodist Church 71 

Jones, L. Bevel; Pastor; Box 686, Decatur, Ga. 30030. 

Drinkard, Eugene T.; Pastor; 1221 Clifton Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Strickland, W. Earl; Pres., Wesleyan College; 4830 Forsyth Rd., 

Macon, Ga. 31204. 
*Sutton, William A.; Banker; 6021 Highway 85, Riverdale, Ga. 30274. 
Yeargan, Mrs. Victor B.; Homemaker; 120 Westmore Rd., Rome, Ga. 

Brooks, David W. ; Manager-Farmer, Coop.; Box 2210, Atlanta, Ga. 

Webb, L. Paul, Jr.; Attorney; 930 Fulton Fed. Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. 

Taylor, Mrs. Ethan L.; Homemaker; Meansville, Ga. 30256. 
Eady, Virgil Y. C; Ins.-Real Est.; Oxford, Ga. 30267. 
Moore, A. Raymond; (Resigned). 
Lance, Bert; Banker; Box 169, Calhoun, Ga. 30701. 


Shelnutt, Dumas B.; Dist. Supt.; Box 243, Rome, Ga. 30161. 
Moorhead, Frank E.; Dist. Supt.; 159 Forrest Ave., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Taylor, Robert L.; Dist. Supt; Box 1308, LaGrange, Ga. 30240. 
Prince, Frank H.; Pastor; Box 1009, Athens, Ga. 30601. 
Oliver, Y. A.; Dist. Supt; Box 188, Gainesville, Ga. 30501. 
Rice, Dan; Pastor; 2442 Kirkland Dr., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 30329. 
Boleyn, Charles; Pastor; 1229 Ponce de Leon Ave., N.E., Atlanta, 

Ga. 30307. 
Wilson. Charles E.; Min., Inner City; 159 Forrest Ave., N.E., Atlanta, 

Ga. 30303. 
Budd, W. Candler; Dist Supt.; 159 Forrest Ave., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 

Faqood',Delma L.; Dist. Supt; 521 E. College Ave., Griffin, Ga. 30223. 
Mackay, James A.; Attorney; 1032 Clifton Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 30307. 
Stvron, Mrs. Arthur H.; Homemaker; 262 P'Tree Hills Ave., N.E., 

Atlanta, Ga. 30305. 
Jackson, Willis O.; Elec. Pts., Distributor; 2332 Wineleas Rd., 

Decatur, Ga. 30033. 
Daniel, Harold T.; School Supt; Zebulon, Ga. 30295. 
Traylor, Henderson; Insurance; 709 Piney Woods Dr., LaGrange, Ga. 

Pittard, Joe H. ; Assist. Coach ; 853 NorthclifFe Dr., N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 

Sharpe, Leland "Guy"; TV Announcer; 1835 Almeta Ave., N.E., 

Atlanta, Ga. 30307. 
Cleeg. Mrs. Charles R.; College Alumni Relations; Young Harris, Ga. 

Burgess, J. Rov^^land, Jr.; College Pres.; Reinhardt College, Waleska, 

Ga. 30183. 
Bishop, Julius F.; Banker; 124 E. Hancock Ave., Athens, Ga. 30601. 


Sec. A, Row 2, Seats 3-4 
*Joshi, R. D.; 3 Wesley Rd., Jabbulpur, M. P., India. 
Patial, Mrs. M. D. ; North India Theological Seminary, Mission Com- 
pound, Bareilly, U. P., India. 


Patial, Mani Datt; Vice Principal; North India Theological Seminary, 
Mission Compound, Bareilly, U. P., India. 

72 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Smart, Rosmund A.; Secretary Annual Conference; 88 Civil Lines, 
Bareilly, U. P., India. 


Sec. E, Rows 22-23, Seats 6-10 
Bjork, Virgil V.; Dist. Supt. ; 5005 Indiana Ave., Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Barnes, Donald; Dist. Supt.; 4601 W. Sycamore Rd., Kokomo, Ind. 

Jones, Gerald H.; Pastor; 630 Lincoln Hwy., East New Haven, Ind. 

Bergwall, Evan H.; Dist. Supt.; 221 N. Union St., Warsaw, Ind. 

Fribley, Robert W.; Pastor; Box 967, Anderson, Ind. 46015. 
*DeWeese, Owen; Retired; 1101 S. Anderson, Elwood, Ind. 46036. 
Schubert, Milton V., Jr.; Industrialist; 707 W. Park Dr., Columbia 

City, Ind. 46725. 
Roudebush, Roy R. ; Retired; 1518 Nichol Ave., Anderson, Ind. 46011. 
Pope, Mrs. Rex; Housewife; 335 W. 5th St., Anderson, Ind. 4-6016. 
Hauptman, Leo M.; Educator; 2024 West Jackson, Muncie, Ind. 


Dicken, John R.; Pastor; 211 S. Beiger, Mishawaka, Ind. 46544. 
Sayre, John M.; Dist. Supt.; 157 N. McKinley, Muncie, Ind. 47303. 
Morris, Thurman B.; Hospital Chaplain; 2200 Randalia, Ft. Wayne, 

Ind. 46805. 
Saw, Lloyd G.; Dist. Supt; 604 Black Rd., New Castle, Ind. 47362. 
Duecker, Sheldon; Pastor; 402 N. Lincoln, Warsaw, Ind. 46580. 
Paulen, Wayne; Pastor; 2708 E. Jackson, Elkhart, Ind. 46514. 
LaSuer, Donald F.; Pastor; 910 Broadway, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 46802. 
Shown, Mrs. Wilbur D.; Housewife; 3334 St. Croix Dr., Ft. Wayne, 

Ind. 46805. 
Dougherty, Paul B.; Retired; R. R. 4, Marion, Ind. 46952. 
Woolpert, Mrs. D. G.; Housewife; 1023 W. Taylor, Kokomo, Ind. 

Allen, Mrs. V. B.; Housewife; 4919 Southwood, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 46807. 
Blaising, Melville 0.; Insurance; Box 541, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 46801. 
Burrous, Kermit 0.; Farmer; R. R. 3, Peru, Ind. 46970. 
Fenstermacher, George; Educator; Upland, Ind. 46989. 


Sec. B, Rows 11-12, Seats 7-12 

*Havighurst, Laivrence D.; Dist. Supt.; 607 3rd Ave., S., Mt. Vernon, 

la. 52314. 
Shoemaker, Wayne E.; Pastor; 1002 1st Ave., N., Fort Dodge, la. 

Metcalf, Kenneth E.; Pastor; 1321 Brady St., Davenport, la. 52803. 
Baskerville, M. Trevor; Pastor; 614 Lake St., Spirit Lake, la. 51360. 
Nichols, Frank A.; Pastor; 1702 12th St., Eldora, la. 50627. 
Palmer, J. Richard; Pres., Morningside College; 3823 Garretson Ave., 

Sioux City, la. 51106. 
Caines, Mrs. A. N.; Homemaker; 425 Sheridan Rd., Waterloo, la. 

Appelgate, William P.; Farmer; R. R. 3, Clarion, la. 50525. 
Parker, Clarence E.; Ann. Conf. Treas.; 755 E. 3rd St., Cresco, la. 

Sears, Mrs. Edward E.; Homemaker; 224 18th St., S.E., Cedar Rapids, 

la. 52403. 

The United Methodist Church 73 

McCracken, Edgar W.; Life Ins.; 408 Hampden Ct., Sioux City, la. 

Brown, Rainsford A., Sr. ; Bus. Exec; 3900 Jersey Ridge Rd., Daven- 
port, la. 52807. 


Walker, Harvey A.; Pastor; 800 Greeley, Nashua, la. 50658. 
Hancock, Eugene H.; Pastor; 214 E. Jefferson, Iowa City, la. 52240. 
Usher, Worthie K.; Pastor; 322 Main, Ida Grove, la. 51445. 
Carver, Donald L.; Pastor; 924 3rd Ave., DeWitt, la. 52742. 
Delahooke, James K.; Pastor; 1312 W. Main, Marshalltown, la. 50158. 
Miller, Fred E.; Adm. Asst. to Bishop; 1236 Bell Ave., Des Moines, la. 

Cunningham, S. Willard; Pastor; 625 Walnut, Webster City, la. 50595. 
Young, Harry E.; Businessman; 11 E. Line Rd., Oelwein, la. 50662. 
Bennet, Herbert R. ; Attorney; 810 Northwood Ave., Fort Dodge, la. 

Surfus, Leland C; Farmer and Banker; 410 Clark St., Fayette, la. 

Trieschmann, Theodore ; C. of C. Sec. ; 605 Burns St., Ida Grove, la. 

Elling, C. (Chubb) D.; Newspaper Editor; 715 W. 6th St., Garner, 

la. 50438. 
Mealiff, Lester C. ; Banker and Farm Mgr.; 411 N. Taft, Humboldt, 

la. 50548. 
Abben, Ben; Banker-Farm Mgr. RI. Est; 301 E. 10th, Spencer, la. 



Sec. C, Rows 3-4, Seats 7-9 
*Williams, George R.; Dist. Supt.; Box 522, Starkville, Miss. 39759. 
Humphrey, John D.; General Bd. of Ed.; Box 871, Nashville, Tenn. 

Houston, Jamie G.; Ex, Sec. Interboard Council; Drawer U, Grenada, 

Miss. 33901. 
Black, Roy; Merchant; Nettleton, Miss. 38858. 
Bailey, Joe N., Jr.; Planter; Coffeeville, Miss. 38922. 
Waltman, Al. N.; Civil Engineer; Aberdeen, Miss. 39730. 


Miller, Rush G.; Dist. Supt.; Box 929, Cleveland, Miss. 37832. 
Jones, William M.; Dist. Supt.; 352 Central Ave., New Albany, Miss. 

Appleby, Willia7ti F.; Pastor; Corinth, Miss. 38836. 
Clark, Duncan A.: Pastor; 424 S. 10th St., Oxford, Miss. 38655. 
Thomas, Virginia; Retired; Tracewav Manor, Tupelo, Miss. 38801. 
Reed, Jack R.; Merchant; Reed's Dept. Store, Tupelo, Miss. 38801. 
Murry, Charles M.; M.D.; Oxford, Miss. 38655. 
Young, John T.; Manufacturer; Maben, Miss. 38750. 


Sec. C, Rows 24-25, Seats 1-5 
Outler, Albert; Prof. Perkins School of Theology; 6019 Lakehurst, 

Dallas, Tex. 75230. 
Middlebrooks, Bob W.; Dist. Supt.; 1910 Main St., Room 502, Dallas, 

Tex. 75201. 
Carletoyi, Alsie H.; Prof. Perkins School of Theology; 6923 Royal 

Ln., Dallas, Tex. 75230. 
Goodrich, Robert E.; Pastor; 1928 Ross Ave., Dallas, Tex. 75201. 

74 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Underwood, Walter L.; Pastor; P. O. Box 2125; Wichita Falls, Tex. 

*Tate, Willis M.; President, S. M. U.; Southern Methodist University, 

Dallas, Tex. 75222. 
Baker, Leo L. ; Petroleum Engineer; 5928 Glendora, Dallas, Tex. 

Dillard, R. L., Jr.; Attorney; 6624 Lakewood, Dallas, Tex. 75214. 
Folsom, Jack V.; Specialty Sales; 9027 Diplomacy Row, Dallas, Tex. 

Beard, Mrs. John L.; Conf. Pres. W.S.C.S.; 404- E. 7th, Irving, Tex. 



Shipp, Thomas J.; Pastor; 5002 W. Lovers Ln., Dallas, Tex. 75209. 
Qiiillian, Joe D.; Dean, Perkins School of Theology; 4000 Shenandoah, 

Dallas, Tex. 75230. 
Harvey, Earl E.; Dist. Supt.; 4629 Twinpost, Dallas, Tex. 75234. 
Dickinson, Williatn, H.; Pastor; 3300 Mockingbird Ln., Dallas, Tex. 

Minga, T. Herbert; Pastor; 1450 Old Gate Ln., Dallas, Tex. 75211. 
Mood, George H.; Dist. Supt.; 1020 Western Hills Dr., W., Sherman, 

Tex. 75090. 
Smith, Russell; Bridge Builder; 5414 Yolando Ln., Dallas, Tex. 75229. 
Smith, C. Truett; Banker; Wylie, Tex. 75098. 
Piercy, Mrs. Harvey J.; Housewife; 2814 N.W. Highway, Dallas, Tex. 

Justice, Milton C; Insurance; 9926 Lakedale, Dallas, Tex. 75218. 
White, W. Earl; Auto Stores; 3200 Hamilton, Wichita Falls, Tex. 

Lee, Maurice E., Jr.; Lone Star Gas Co.; 10182 San Juan, Dallas, Tex. 



Sec. E, Row 2, Seats 3-4 
*SchoIz, Ernst; Dist. Supt.; Paulinenstrasse 30, 1 Berlin 45, Germany. 
Schneidereit, Harry; Watchmaker; Schonhauser Allee 134, X 1058 
Berlin, DDR, Germany. 


Krause, Guenter; Pastor; Gubener Strasse 23, X 1034 Berlin, DDR 

Manns, Herbert; Pastor; Anzengruberstrasse 24, 1 Berlin 44, 

Doering, Martin; Director; Neue Kantstrasse 6, 1 Berlin 19, Germany. 
Schalow, Willi; Teacher; Gorkistrasse 70, 1 Berlin 27, Germany. 


Sec. B, Rows 21-22, Seats 5-12 
^Courtney, Robert H.; Dist. Supt.; 505 Hanna Bldg., Cleveland, 0. 

Bracy, Carl C; (Resigned). 
Letts, J. Meade; Supt., Children's Home; 202 E. Baglev Rd., Berea, 0. 

Riley, Sumpter M., Jr.; Pastor; 1117 E. 105th St., Cleveland, O. 44108. 
Nelson, J. Robert; Prof., Boston Univ. Sch. Theo.; Boston Univ. Sch. 

of Theol., Boston, Mass. 02215. 
Wiant, Hotvard J.; Dist. Supt.; 17 Newton St., Norwalk, O. 44857. 
Mayer, Paid O.; Pastor; 151 E. 265th St., Cleveland, O. 44132. 
Croimvell, Thomas L.; Pastor; 243 N. Market, Wooster, 0. 44691. 

The United Methodist Church 75 

Cooke, Mrs. Monroe; Teacher; R. D. 2, Burton, 0. 44031. 

Achberger, Mrs. Clarence E.; Housewife; 900 E. Chestnut St., Ext., 
Mt. Vernon, 0. 43050. 

Bonds, Alfred B.; Pres., Baldwin-Wallace Col.; Berea, 0. 44017. 

Glasgow, Francis M.; Dev. Dept., Firestone Tire; 3755 Martha Rd., 
Kent, 0. 44240. 

Layton, Charles R.; Retired Prof.; 55 N. College St., New Concord, 
O. 43762. 

Lang, Francis; Lawyer-Banker; Box 103, Highland Colony, E. Liver- 
pool, 0. 43920. 

Chittum, John W.; College Prof.; 722 N. Bever St., Wooster, 0. 44691. 

Rouhlac, Joseph D.; Judge; 1104 Mercer Ave., Akron, 0. 44320. 

Ward, Paul M.; Pastor; 3000 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, 0. 44115. 
Hoy, Russell; Pastor; R. D. 3, Coshocton, 0. 43812. 
Mayer, Theodore C; Dist. Supt.; 251 E. Mill St., Akron, O. 44308. 
Eiving, Harold W.; Exec. Sec'y, Interboard Council; 251 E. Mill St., 

Akron, O. 44308. 
Frost, Charles E.; Supt. Meth. Comm. Center; 466 Oak St., Ext., 

Lowellville, 0. 44436. 
Myers, Calvin R.; Assoc. Sec'y, Interb'd Council; 251 E. Mill St., 

Akron, 0. 44308. 
Nees, Forrest G.; Pastor; Box 446, Medina, 0. 44256. 
Williams, Harold B.; Prof., Method. Theo. Sch.; 238 W. Lincoln. 

Delaware, 0. 43015. 
Drake, M. Richard; Pastor; 19414 Detroit Rd., Cleveland, 0. 44116. 
Gray, Ralph M.; Dist. Supt.; 125 Canton Rd., R. D. 4, Steubenville, O. 

Davis, Alan J.; Pastor; 4069 Eastwood Ln., Cleveland, 0. 44122. 
Damon, H. Walter; Architect; 107 W. LaClede, Youngstown, O. 44507. 
Weber, Donald G.; V. P., Mt. Union College; Alliance, O. 44«01. 
Eardley, James G.; Banker; 255 W. Ohio Ave., Sebring, O. 44672. 
Barnhouse, Mrs. Bolon; Housewife; Rt. 5, Caldwell, 0. 43724. 
Archer, John; Ret'd. Postal; 3853 Lincoln Ave., Shadyside, O. 43947. 
Mitchell, Mrs. B. V.; Housewife; City Rt. 4, Box 143, Clyde, O. 43410. 
O'Hara, Delmar; Lawyer; 125 3rd St., Wellsville, 0. 43968. 
Tom, Asa; Supt. of Schools; 2428 East Pike, Zanesville, 0. 43701. 
Spencer, Mrs. Paul; Housewife; 991 Parkside Dr., Alliance, 0. 44601. 
Hull, Mrs. Olyn F.; Housewife; 316 N. Wiley, Crestline, O. 44827. 
Collins, Christopher; Exec, printing co. ; 3715 Cypress Ave., Cleveland, 

0. 44108. 


Sec. B, Rows 21-22, Seats 1-4 
Smith, Eugene L.; Gen. Sec. World Council of Churches; 157 Alpine 

Dr.; Closter, N. J. 07624. 
Goodwin, Robert B.; Pastor; 22 Madison Ave., Madison, N. J. 07940. 
Toombs, Lawrence; (Resigned). 
Fuess, Forest M.; Dist. Supt.; 265 Kinderkamak Rd., Westwood, N. J. 

*Parlin, Charles C; Lawyer; 123 Hillside Ave., Englewood, N. J. 

Taylor, Mrs. Robert M.; Housewife, Pres. Conf. W.S.C.S.; 233 Shun- 

pike Rd., Chatham, N. J. 07928. 
Harrington, Mrs. Preston M.; Housewife; 19 De Pevster Ave., Tenafly, 

N. J. 07670. 
Carson, Robert W.; Manufacturer; 66 Second St., Little Falls, N. J. 


76 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


Lanning, Dean; Pastor; 119 Parish Dr.; Wayne, N. J. 07470. 
Rodda, William F. B.; Pastor; 12 Roosevelt Rd., Maplewood, N. J. 

Himt, Clark; Pastor; 512 Lawrence Ave., Westfield, N. J. 07090. 
Aidt, James M.; Educator; 50 Morris Rd.; Tenafly, N. J. 07670. 
Brasher, Julius L.; Dist. Supt. ; 132 Meadowbrook Rd., Englewood, 

N. J. 07631. 
Watt, George, Jr.; Dist. Supt.; 512 Bradford Ave., Westfield, N. J. 

Ostertag, Frank, Sr. ; Labor Union Leader; 277 Clark St., Hillside, 

N. J. 07205. 
Griffith, Mrs. John; Housewife; 60 Garrison Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Gleitsman, Joseph W. ; Conf. Lay Leader; 14 Hemlock Ter., Spring- 
field, N. J. 07081. 
Walton, Carl W.; Retired; 32 Overlook Ave., West Orange, N. J. 

Post, Charles, Sr. ; Retired; 373 Devan St., Kearny, N. J. 07032. 
Roher, Lawrence E.; Conf. Assoc. Lay Leader; 39 Delaware Ave., 

Bloomfield, N. J. 07003. 


Sec. B, Rows 3-4, Seats 9-10 
Oot, Arthur B., Jr.; Dist. Supt.; 418 Washington St., Watertown, 

N. Y. 13601. 
Van 07-num, Carlton G.; Dist. SuDt. ; 43 Proctor Blvd., Utica, N. Y. 

*Larmonth, W. Glenn; Lawyer; 284 Michigan Ave., Watertown, N. Y. 

LeFevre, DeWitt C; Paper Industry; Beaver Falls, N. Y. 13305. 


Brown, Merle O.; Pastor; 119 N. Prospect St., Herkimer, N. Y. 13350. 
Marks, Charles H.; Pastor; 106 Grandby Rd., Minetto, N. Y. 13115. 
Clark, W. Russell; Pastor; 400 Franklin St., Watertown, N. Y. 13601. 
Lee, Vernon; School Principal; 1610 Creig St., Rome, N. Y. 13440. 
Dealing, Howard; Moving Business; 19 Bolton Rd., New Hartford, 

N. Y. 13413. 
Merritt, Paul; College Professor; 4 Larnard St., Potsdam, N. Y. 13676. 


Sec. C, Row 1, Seats 9-10 
*Asis, Benjamm; Pastor; San Mateo; Isabela, Philippines. 
Calata, Froilan B.; Assistant Agent, Philippine Nat. Bank; Bayomong, 
Nueva Vizcay, Philippines. 


Vergara, Jaime E.; Pastor; Tuguegarao; Cagayan, Philippines. 
Bannez, Ruben C; Lawyer; Cauayan, Isabela, Philippines. 


Sec. E, Row 2, Seats 5-6 
*Zeu7ier, Walther; Dist. Supt.; 2357 Bad Bramstedt, Rugenbusch 13, 

Bruns, Johann M.; Bank Director; 29 Oldenburg Oldb, Weddigen- 

strasse 26, Germany. 

The United Methodist Church 77 


Lein, Woldemar; Pastor; 2000 Hamburg 26, Carl Petersen Strasse 59, 

Kuhl, Werner; Postman; 3150 Peine, Kleine Schutzenstrasse 2, 



See. E, Rows 18-19, Seats 9-12 
*■ Steele, RaljDh S.; Dist. Supt.; 58 Briarwood, Terre Haute, Ind. 47803. 
Wolf, John D.; Pastor; 7320 Northcote, Hammond, Ind. 46324. 
McMahan, Donald F.; Dist. Supt.; 19050 Orchard Hgts. Dr., South 

Bend, Ind. 46614. 
Jones, S. Jameson; Pastor; 701 Shadowlawn, Greencastle, Ind. 46135. 
Thomas, John, Attorney; 832 Meridian St., Brazil, Ind. 47834. 
Rayburn, Russell; Teacher in College; 215 S. Hobbs St., Plainfield, 

Ind. 46168. 
Wintle, Mrs. Fred; Pres. Conf. W.S.C.S.; 622 N. 27th St., Lafayette, 

Ind. 47904. 
Roberts, I. Joseph; Industry; 1148 Schilling Dr., Schererville, Ind. 



Howell, Forest W.; Pastor; 3012 Twyckenham Dr., S. Bend, Ind. 

Brashares, Wesley E.; Pastor; 1225 S. Michigan; LaPorte, Ind. 46350. 
Thistle, Richard C; Pastor; 333 N. Main St., S. Bend, Ind. 46601. 
Katayama, Roy; Pastor; 433 S. 3rd St., Chesterton, Ind. 46304. 
Collier, Otis L.; Pastor; 2800 Holly Hill Dr., Lafayette, Ind. 47904. 
Rogers, Mrs. C. J.; Homemaker; i211 N. Salisbury, W. Lafayette, 

Ind. 47906. 
Zell, Russell; County Agent; 306 N. 6th St., Kentland, Ind. 47951. 
Innis, Frank; Underwriter, Insurance; 250 W. Avery, Frankfort, 

Ind. 46041. 
Brown, Joseph; Attorney; 422 S. Main St., Crown Point, Ind. 46307. 
Gulp, James; Real Estate and Insurance; Lakeville, Ind. 46536. 


Sec. D, Row 3, Seats 1-2 
*Bailen, Gregorio R.; Pastor; The Methodist Church; Dagupan City, 

Caspar, Francisco S., Businessman; Munoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. 


Ferrer, Cornelia M.; Pastor; P. 0. Box 1767, Manila, Philippines. 
Gacutan, Ezekias G. ; Insurance Exec; 900 Isaac Peral, Manila, 


Sec. D, Rows 21-22, Seats 1-5 
Boyd, Marvin L.; Conf. Exec. Sec; 1415 Ave M., Lubbock, Tex. 79401. 
Crawford, J. Howard; Dist. Supt.; 3005 23rd St., Lubbock, Tex. 79410. 
Bruce, S. Duane; Dist. Supt.; P. O. Box 72, Seymour, Tex. 76380. 
Lutrick, Charles E.; Dist. Supt.; 1401 Polk, Amarillo, Tex. 79101. 
Guthrie, Timothy W.; Pastor; Box 6, Midland, Tex. 79701. 
*Bennett, Gordon; College President; McMurry College, Abilene, Tex. 

Willson, James M., Jr.; Building Supplies; Box 666, Floydada, Tex. 


78 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Nichols, Ray H.; Editor Newspaper; Box 1979, Vernon, Tex. 76384. 
Elms, Mrs. J. P.; Housewife, Pres. Conf. W.S.C.S.; 3416 57th St., 

Lubbock, Tex. 79413. 
Harriger, Harold O.; Lawyer; 4905 W. 16th, Lubbock, Tex. 79416. 


Butler, J. Weldon; Pastor; 3011 W. Kansas; Midland, Tex. 79701. 
Seago, H. DeWitt; Pastor; Box 297, Pampa, Tex. 79065. 
Appling, W. A.; Dist. Supt.; 1410 Amarillo, Plainview, Tex. 79072. 
Vanderpool, W. Harry; Pastor; 1401 Polk, Amarillo, Tex. 79101. 
Ragle, H. Doyle; Dist. Supt.; 1909 River Oaks Rd., Abilene, Tex. 

Kirk, R. Luther; Dist. Supt. ; 1238 N. Russell, Pampa, Tex. 79065. 
Deffebach, Lyle; Real Estate; 3113 Ave. T., Snyder, Tex. 79549. 
Salem, Joe T. ; Merchant, General Business; Box 218, Sudan, Tex. 

Mahon, Eldon; Lawyer; Box 2078, Abilene, Tex. 79604. 
Willson, J. M., Sr.; Building Supplies; Box 636, Floydada, Tex. 79235. 
Nowlin, Lee; Lawyer; Box 342, Plainview, Tex. 79072. 
Alexander, Charles K.; Insurance; 3406 55th, Lubbock, Tex. 79413. 


Sec. E, Rows 3, Seats 5-6 
*Moster, Rolf; Pastor; Vestrlidsalmenningen 8, Bergen, Norway. 
Teigland, Einar; teacher; Skansemyrveien 8, Bergen, Norway. 


Skarung, Reiclar; Pastor; Boks 141, Sandnes, Norway. 
Gausdal, Hans; Revisor; Blinken 8; Kristiansand S., Norway. 

OHIO (22) NC 

Sec. D, Rows 13-14, Seats 1-11 
*Calkins, Raonl C; Pastor; 3440 Shroyer Rd., Kettering, O. 45429. 
Cohiw, Emerson S.; Pastor; 1345 Grace Ave., Cincinnati, 0. 45208. 
Dickey, Edwin H.; Dist. Supt.; 420 Plum St., Cincinnati, 0. 45202. 
Vandergriff, Paul M.; Pastor; Monroe and S. Cove Blvd., Toledo, O. 

Garrison, Claude; Dist. Supt.; 79 E. State St., Columbus, O. 43215. 
Milne, W. Arthur; Pres.; Bethesda Hospital and Deac. Assoc, Oak St. 

and Reading Rd., Cincinnati, O. 45206. 
Moorehead, Lee C; Pastor; 28 W. William St., Delaware, 0. 43015. 
Cryer, Donald W.; Dist. Supt.; 622 Gardner Bldg., Toledo, O. 43604. 
Young, J. Otis; Assoc. Pub., Meth. Ch. ; 9510 Drake Ave., Evanston, 

HI. 60203. 
Wright, Samuel R.; Pastor; 705 S. Crescent Ave., Cincinnati, 0. 45229. 
Everson, Sydney C. G.; Pastor; 249 E. Center, Marion, O. 43302. 
Brown, Miss Marion; Instructor in Christian Education; St. Paul 

School of Theology Methodist, Truman Rd. at Van Brunt Blvd., 

Kansas City, Mo. 64127. 
Goodwin, Mrs. Everett; Homemaker; 2320 Shawnee Rd., Lima, 0. 

Momberg, Paul B.; Banker; 148 Wrenwood Ln., Terrace Park, 0. 

Meyer, Samuel L. ; Pres., Ohio Northern University; Ada, O. 45810. 
Ware, Mrs. Carl E.; Homemaker; 7836 Perry, Cincinnati, O. 45231. 
Slutz, Leonard D.; Attorney; 2981 Observatory Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

Leonard, Mrs. James M.; Homemaker, Conf. Pres., W.S.C.S.; 811 

Francis Ave., Columbus, O. 43209. 

The United Methodist Church 79 

Fox, Clenzo B.; Attorney; 244 S. Clarendon, Columbus, O. 43223. 
Hottle, Darrell; Judge; 335 W. Walnut St., Hillsboro, 0. 45133. 
Laylin, Edward H.; Attorney; 2541 Lane Rd., Columbus, O. 43214. 
Bowen, John; Attorney; 10 E. Town St., Columbus, 0. 43215. 


Chiles, Paul D.; Dist. Supt.; 409 Clinton St., Defiance, 0. 43512. 
Dickhaut, Sr., Walter R.; Dist. Supt.; 726 First National Bank Bldg., 

Springfield, O. 45502. 
Dickhaut, John W.; Pres., Meth. Theo. Sch.; Box 364, Delaware, 0. 

Dixon, W. Edge; Pastor; 600 N. High St., Worthington, O. 43085. 
Young, Damon P.; Pastor; 99 S. Highland, Columbus, O. 43223. 
Sageser, David B.; Pastor; 1895 Summit, Columbus, O. 43201. 
Seaij, John W.; Pastor; 3486 Epworth Ave., Cincinnati, 0. 45211. 
Smith, William E.; Pastor; 3434 Broadway, Columbus, O. 43214. 
Coad, Richard P.; Dist. Supt.; 937 Third National Bldg., Dayton, 0. 

Wolter, Louis R.; Pastor; 120 W. Sandusky St., Findlay, 0. 45840. 
Rodeheffer, Calvin; Dist. Supt.; 720 National Bank Bldg., Portsmouth, 

0. 45662. 
Whitmore, Austin R.; Pastor; 120 S. Broad St., Middletown, O. 45042. 
Mauck, Donald M.; Prof., Meth. Theo. Sch.; 341 Pittsfield Dr., 

Worthington, 0. 43085. 
Bijler, Robert A.; Dist. Supt.; 382 N. South St., Wilmington, O. 45177. 
Yocum, Donald R.; Pastor; 1273 Hillside Dr., Greenville, O. 45331. 
Dale, Francis L. ; Attorney and Newspaper Publ'r. ; 1421 Herschel 

Ave., Cincinnati, 0. 45208. 
Jones, Robert G.; Technician; 1165 W. First Ave., Columbus, 0. 

Carter, Clifford ; Ins. Exec. ; 561 Howell Dr., Neward, 0. 43055. 
Card, Orin P.; Research Analyst; 2014 Ewalt Ave., Dayton, O. 45420. 
Hunt, Kenneth W. ; Technician; Casstown, 0. 45312. 
Kear, Donald; Control Special.; 1706 Darst Ave., Dayton, O. 45403. 
Day, George H.; Engineer; 727 Vera Cruz Pike, Milford, O. 45150. 
Games, William; Retired; 610 Grandview Ave., Lebanon, 0. 45036. 
Warner, R. J.; Retired; 972 Meadow Ln., Xenia, 0. 45385. 
Clark, Mrs. E. J.; Dir. Chr. Educ; 411 E. 6th Ave., Lancaster, 0. 

Weston, Charles H.; Attorney; 711 Hayden Park Dr., Columbus, 0. 

Ingling, George; Funeral Dir.; South Charleston, O. 45368. 
Murray, Melvin; Radio Operator; 612 College Ave., Fostoria, 0. 44830. 
Fichter, Joseph W.; Educator; 28 E. Vine St., Oxford, O. 45056. 
Donnenwirth, 0. A.; Banker; 3880 Fairlington Dr., Columbus, 0. 


Sec. S, Rows 12-13, Seats 1-7 
*Crutchfield, Finis A.; Pastor; 1301 South Boston, Tulsa, Okla. 74119. 
Smith, Robert W.; Dist. Supt.; Box 512, Gushing, Okla. 74023. 
Smith, Irving L.; Pastor; 400 W. 7th, Stillwater, Okla. 74074. 
Peters, Lloyd A.; Dist. Supt.; Box 1066, McAlester, Okla. 74502. 
Lovern, J. Chess; Pastor; 1516 North Harvey, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Kelhj, Dorsey J.; Dist. Supt.; 416 N.W. 38th, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Coffin, Waijne W.; Pastor; Box 2067; Norman, Okla. 73069. 
Egan, James A.; Major; 219 N. 11th, Muskogee, Okla. 74401. 
Scott, Mrs. Wayne C; President Conf. W.S.C.S.; 3529 N.W. 42nd, 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 73112. 

80 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Doenges, William C; Oil, Conf. Pres. Lay Org.; Box 339, Bartlesville, 

Okla. 74003. 
Metzel, Mrs. George; Housewife; 1925 S. Florence, Tulsa, Okla. 74104. 
Price, Robert R.; Prof. Oklahoma State Univ.; 601 W. Hartwood; 

Stillwater, Okla. 74074. 
Oden, Tal; Attorney; Drawer J, Altus, Okla. 73521. 
Whitten, Dolphus, Jr.; Vice President, Oklahoma City Univ.; 2321 

N.W. 25th, Oklahoma City, Okla. 73107. 


Henry, William R.; Pastor; 9401 Village Dr., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Williams, T. Poe; Ex. Sec. Board of Ed.; 2801 N.W. Expressway, 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 73112. 
Mathes, W. C; Dist. Supt.; 3707 E. 47th PI., Tulsa, Okla. 74135. 
Featherson, R. Jack; Pastor; Box 1136, Bartlesville, Okla. 74004. 
Thurston, Elwyn O.; Pastor; Box 507, Lawton, Okla. 73502. 
Schooler, Don E.; Dist. Supt.; 3133 N.W. 19th, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Doak, D. Wesley; Dist. Supt.; Box 833, Altus, Okla. 73521. 
Sprouls, J. Clifton; Pastor; Box 826, Miami, Okla. 74352. 
Harris, Therman; Pastor; Box 507, Clinton, Okla. 73601. 
Miller, W. Jene; Pastor; 209 South First, Blackwell, Okla. 74631. 
McFall, Carl; Insurance; 520 Seventeenth St., Frederick, Okla. 73542. 
Moore, Manlev; Builder-Construction; 910 E. Lockheed Dr., Midwest 

City, Okla. 73110. 
Gilbert, Ron; Dentist; 302 B St., N.W., Miami, Okla. 74354, 
Taylor, James C; Professor Oklahoma City Univ.; 3316 N.W. 16th, 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 73107. 
Felts, Clay; Merchant; Box 414, Tahlequah, Okla. 74464. 
Strong, Louis; Elec. Coop; c/o Kay Electric Coop., Blackwell, Okla. 

Stone, John; Professor; 1114 W. Francis; Stillwater, Okla. 74014. 
Owens, Sam; Oil and Gas; 511 E. 12th St., Bartlesville, Okla. 74003. 
West, R. I.; Merchant; Box 273; Checotah, Olda. 74426. 
Hall, Miles A., Jr.; Accountant; 3205 N. Glen Oaks, Midwest City, 

Okla. 73110. 


Sec. B, Rows 15-16, Seats 10-12 
Alberfson, Gene; Dist. Supt.; 1940 N.E. 138th PL, Portland, Ore. 

Jenkins, James; Pastor; 2035 Charnelton Ave., Eugene, Ore. 97405, 
Walker, William; Pastor; 655 Elma, Salem, Ore. 97301. 
* Watson, Mrs. Russell 0.; Homemaker; 3325 N.E. 29th Ave., Portland, 

Ore. 97212. 
Walker, Clyde; Educ. Rep., Portland GE ; 2018 17th Ave., Forest 

Grove, Ore. 97116. 
Rose, Harold E.; Metallurgist, Esco Corp.; 5404 N. Montana, Portland, 

Ore. 97217. 


Burtner, Robert W.; Pastor; 5834 N.E. Alameda, Portland, Ore. 97213. 
Taylor, Daniel E.; Dist. Supt.; 4090 Rivercrest Dr., N. Salem, Ore, 

Cnnnbley, Thornton A.; Pastor; 3310 Hollywood Ave., Medford, Ore. 

Hall, Myron; Pastor; 860 Jefferson St., N.E., Salem, Ore. 97303. 
Higgins, Walter M.; Adm. Rogue Valley Manor; 2200 Oakwood Dr., 

Medford, Ore. 97501. 

The United Methodist Church 81 

Uppinghouse, Mrs. L. S.; Pres. Conf. W.S.C.S.; 9684 N.W. Cornell 

Rd., Portland, Ore. 97229. 
Newburn, Robert L.; Prop, and Mgr. Heating Oil Business; 2124 

Silverlea Ct., Eugene, Ore. 97402. 
Frost, Wilfred T.; Soil Conservationist (Snow Survey Supervisor) ; 

1133 N.E. 39th Ave., Portland, Ore. 97232. 


Sec. E, Rows 8-9, Seats 1-5 
Tiiell, Jack M.; Pastor; 401 E. 33rd St., Vancouver, Wash. 98663. 
Soltman, John C; Pastor; 2724 N. Madison, Tacoma, Wash. 98407. 
Harding, Joe A.; Dist. Supt. ; 808 Olympic National Bldg., Seattle, 

Wash. 98104. 
Ritchey, William H.; Pastor; Naches at "A" St., Yakima, Wash. 

Finkheiner, Melvin M.; Dist. Supt.; W. 3621 Rowan Ave., Spokane, 

Wash. 99208. 
*Eby, Mrs. John (Norma); Homemaker; 10805 S.E. 320th, Auburn, 

Wash. 98002. 
Clinton, Gordon; (Resigned). 

Truax, Lyle, Judge; 3717 E. Evergreen; Vancouver, Wash. 98661. 
Thorpe, Robert M.; Mfrs. Rep.; 3712 N. 37th, Tacoma, Wash. 98407. 
Genins, Robert J.; Methodist Home Administrator; E. 2908 25th Ave., 

Spokane, Wash. 99202. 


Ernst, J. Henry; Pastor; P. 0. Box 585, Wenatchee, Wash. 98801. 
Walker, Joe W.; Pastor; 1124 Stevens Dr., Richland, Wash. 99352. 
Tuttle, G. Richard; Dist. Supt.; 417 Security Bldg., Tacoma, Wash. 

Poor, George L.; Pastor; 3118 S. 140th St., Seattle, Wash. 98168. 
Brown, Frank E.; Dist. Supt.; 311 Commerce Bldg., Everett, Wash. 

Ellington, William D.; Pastor; P. 0. Box 86, Silverdale, Wash. 98383. 
Beeman, Paul J.; Pastor; 860 172nd Ave., N.E., Bellevue, Wash. 98004. 
Zellmer, Willard; Attorney; 314 Merriem, Davenport, Wash. 99122. 
Little, Mrs. Frank (Alvarita) ; Homemaker; 2325 S. Graham, Seattle, 

Wash. 98122. 
Wyckoff, Burl; Fanner; 1718 Brad St., Moses Lake, Wash. 98837. 
Pratt, Mrs. F. W. (Marjorie) ; Homemaker; Box 402, Tekoa, Wash. 

Smith, Mrs. R. K.; Homemaker; Elma, Wash. 98541. 
Grimes, Lawrence; Law Enforcement; 1126 Monroe, Wenatchee, 

Wash. 98801. 
Holte, Alfred 0.; Judge; 1031 "C" St., Edmonds, Wash. 98020. 


Sec. C, Rows 13-14, Seats 1-4 

McCoy, Paul E.; Dist. Supt.; 1213 Delaware Ave., Wilmington, Del. 

Shockley, John R.; Pastor; 623 N. Harrison St., Wilmington, Del. 

Cooke, R. Jervis; Pastor; 100 Tanglewood Ln., Newark, Del. 19711. 
Amoss, Howard M.; Dist. Supt.; 215 S. Hanson St., Easton, Md. 21601. 
*Kelso, John F.; Banker; 2719 E. Riding, Heritage Park, Wilmington, 

Del. 19808. 
Chandler, George P.; Real Estate; 814 Ridge Rd., Salisbury, Md. 

Hardcastle, James C; School Adm.; 121 N. Kirkwood St., Dover, Del. 


82 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Garrett, Mrs. William J.; Conf. W.S.C.S. Pres.; 63 Commerce St., 
Harrington, Del. 19952. 


Hemphill, William, Jr.; Pastor; 140 Hazel Rd., Dover, Del. 19901. 

Chandler, Harttvell F.; Dist. Supt.; 341 N. State St., Dover, Del. 

Miller, Alton S.; Dist. Supt.; 1404 Camden Ave., Ext'd., Salisbury, 
Md. 21801. 

Davis, Harold M.; Pastor; 14 Brooklets Ave., Easton, Md. 21601. 

Hammond, Clayton E.; Pastor; Dover, Del. 19901. 

Handcock, Maurice M.; Poultry Business; 215 Oak Dale Rd., Salis- 
bury, Md. 21801. 

Scarborough, Gilbert S., Jr.; Insurance; P. 0. Box 926, Wilmington, 
Del. 19899. 

McKav, Samuel Jr.; Retired; 1901 Woodbrook Dr., Westwood Manor; 
Wilmington, Del. 19803. 

Webb, James R.; Retired; 700 Elm St., Laurel, Del. 19956. 

Magnum, Mrs. Orin; Conf. W.S.C.S. Vice President; 2407 Matwood 
Rd., Graylyn Crest, Wilmington, Del. 19803. 

PERU (2) OS 

Sec. A, Row 11, Seats 1-2 
Fernandez, Ismael; Pastor; Apartado 45, Huancayo, Peru. 
Carrasco, Carlos; Educator; c/o Scarritt College, 1008 19th Ave., S., 
Nashville, Tenn. 37203. 


Ochoa, Marco A.; Pastor; Apartado 240, CaLlao, Peru. 

Diaz, Mrs. Carmela de; Educator; Apartado 240, Callao, Peru. 


Sec. C, Rows 7-8, Seats 8-12 

*Walle7j, F. LeAvis; Dist. Supt.; 9650 Pine Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. 19115. 

Flood, Harold D.; Pastor; 1900 Elder St., Reading, Pa. 19604. 

Herr, John D.; Corr. Sec. Preachers' Aid Society; 409 Osborne Ln., 
Wallingford, Pa. 19086. 

Hippel, George N.; Dist. Supt.; 1992 Park Plaza, Lancaster, Pa. 17603. 

Hazzard, Walter R.; Dist. Supt.; 940 Clover Hill Rd., Wynnewood, Pa. 

Harper, John R.; Businessman, Conf. Lay Leader; 7508 Brookfield 
Rd., Philadelphia, Pa. 19126. 

Barto, Mrs. Kenneth S.; Housewife, Conf. W.S.C.S. Pres.; 123 W. 46th 
St., Reading, Pa. 19606. 

Heck, J. Holland; Retired Teacher; Boot Rd., Grove, West Chester, 
Pa 19380 

Jasoii, William C, Jr.; Retired Postal Clerk; 614 N. 56th St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 19131. 

Baker, Frank E.; Businessman; 611 Rose Ln., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 19010. 


Cherrij, Clinton M.; Pastor; 1701 Benson PL, Bristol, Pa. 19007. 
Lnrwick, George C; Pastor; 568 Montgomery Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

B7ittimer, Thomas A.; Pastor; 3212 School Ln., Drexel Hill, Pa. 19026. 
Stettler, Wallace F.; Pastor; 243 N. Maple St., Kingston, Pa. 18704. 
Nichols, Henry H.; Pastor; 328 W. Earlham Ter. ; Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thomas, Francis C; Dist. Supt.; 872 N. Parkway Rd., Allentown, Pa. 


The United Methodist Church 83 

Fletcher, Dennis R.; Dir. Section of Church Extension, Div. Natl. 

Missions; 1701 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19103. 
Lightner, A. LeRoy; Businessman; 411 N. Church St., West Chester, 

Pa. 19380. 
Herr, Mrs. Philip C; Housewife; 504 S. Lansdowne Ave., Lansdowne, 

Pa. 19050. 
Ether, Horace F.; Businessman; 715 Hemlock Rd., Media, Pa. 19063. 
Woolley, Edward A.; Businessman; 2305 County Line Rd., Ardmore, 

Pa. 19003. 
Jones, Worrell M.; Businessman; 417 Birchland Ave., Mt. Joy, Pa. 

Johnson, Mrs. Ruleph A.; Housewife; 120 Lafayette Ave., Oreland, 

Pa. 19075. 
Lambert, Ralph G. ; Businessman; 61 Tookenay Dr., Cheltenham, Pa. 



Sec. E, Row 2, Seats 1-2 
^Zuniga, Clemente M.; Dist. Supt. ; Bagumbayan Methodist Church; 

Bagumbayan, Navotas, Rizal, Philippines. 
Angeles, Pedro S.; Deputy Assessor; St. Peter's Methodist Church; 

Bagumbayan, Navotas, Rizal, Philippines. 


Rodriguez, Moises M.; Dist. Supt.; The Methodist Church; Catmon, 
Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines. 

Juane, Lingkod A.; Fruit Dealer; 228 Mayon, Quezon City, Philip- 


Sec. C, Row 4, Seats 1-2 

*Szczepkowski, Joseph (Dr.) ; General Superintendent Polish Meth- 
odist Church; Mokotowska 12, Wai'saw, Poland. 

Rode, Ryszard; Certified Public Accountant, Financial Secretary 
Polish Methodist Church; Swierczewskiego 95/97, M 22, Warsaw, 


Benedyktoivicz, Witold (Dr.) ; Vice General Superintendent Polish 
Methodist Church; Mokotowska 12, Warsaw, Poland. 

Biesiada, Halina; Secretary Women's Society Polish Methodist 
Church; Swierczewskiego 13/5, Grudziadz, Poland. 


Sec. F, Row 2, Seats 1-2 
Rico, Tomas S.; Dist. Supt.; 461 Bouret St., Santurce, Puerto Rico 

Cabrera, Ishmael; Businessman; G. P. O. 1151, San Juan, Puerto 
Rico 00936. 

Boissen, Rafael B.; Dist. Supt.; 54 Robles St., Rio Piedras, P. R. 

Gonzalez, Fernando L.; Chem. Eng.; Wilson St., 35, Ponce, P. R. 00731. 


Sec. F, Row 1, Seats 3-4 
Kawadza, Jonah B.; Adm. Asst. to the Bishop; The Methodist Church, 

P. 0. Box 8293 Causeway, Salisbury, Rhodesia. 
Goto, Nathan F. ; Teacher; Mutambara Methodist Center, P. 0. 

Mutambara, Rhodesia. 

84 Journal of the 1968 General Confey-ence 


Mudzengerere, David L.; Pastor; Old Umtali Methodist Center, P. B. 

P7024, Umtali, Rhodesia. 
Marima, William F.; Boarding-Master; Old Umtali Methodist Center, 

P. B. P7024, Umtali, Rhodesia. 


Sec. F, Row 7, Seats 3-4 
Gonzalez, Josue; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 28098, San Antonio, Tex. 

*Zepeda, J. P.; Material Analyst; 1407 Clinton, Fort Worth, Tex. 


Barton, Roy D.; Exec. Sec. Board of Education; P. O. Box 28098, 

San Antonio, Tex. 78228. 
Avina, Miguel F.; Prof. Lydia Patterson Inst.; 437 DeLeon Dr., El 

Paso, Tex. 79912. 

Sec. D, Rows 1-2, Seats 1-7 
*Northfelt, Merlyn W.; Conf. Prog. Staff Coordinator; 77 W. Wash- 
ington St., Chicago, 111. 60602. 
Ki7-kpatrick, Doto; Pastor; 1630 Hinman Ave., Evanston, 111. 60201. 
Amnions, Edscl A.; Conf. Prog. Staff; 77 W. Washington St., Chicago, 

111. 60602. 
Gibson, Harry B., Jr.; Dist. Supt.; 77 W. Washington St., Chicago, 

111. 60602. 
White, William D.; Dist. Supt.; 101 Chestnut St., Rockford, 111. 61101. 
Jarvis, Charles S.; Pastor; First Methodist Church, 1903 E. Euclid 

St., Arlington Heights, 111. 60004. 
Larson, Roy W.; Pastor; 2525 Hartrey. Evanston, 111. 60201. 
Pfeiffer, Mrs. Alvin B.; Housewife; 523 Kingsway Dr., Aurora, 111. 

Van Sickle, John R. ; Newspaper Publisher; 1904 Grenshaw Ave., 

Rockford, Dl. 61103. 
Hetherlin, Mrs. Ralph; Housewife; 533 N. Kenilworth, Oak Park, 111. 

Strickland, Arvarh; College Professor; 6800 S. Stewart, Chicago, 111. 

Laskey, William J.; Ret.; 422 Davis St., Evanston, lU. 60201. 
Fisher, Roy; Newspaper Publisher; 230 Fairview Ave., Glencoe, 111. 

McCallum, Mrs. William H.; Housewife; 635 E. 84th St., Chicago, 111. 


Mettling, Carl G.; Dist. Supt.; 77 W. Washington St., Chicago, 111. 

Weishaar, Gilbert A.; Dist. Supt.; 611 Linden PI., De Kalb, 111. 60115. 
Rogers, Carleton C; Pastor; 216 E. Highland, Elgin, 111. 60120. 
Ploch, Clarence; Dist. Supt.; 77 W. Washington St., Chicago, 111. 

Peterson, Charles C; Pastor; 2212 Ridge Ave., Evanston, 111. 60201. 
Pembroke, Maceo D.; Pastor; 8441 S. St. Lawrence, Chicago. 111. 60619. 
Crocker, Robert B.; Pastor; 311 N. Fourth St., De Kalb, 111. 60115. 
Whittle, Paid O.; Pastor; 216 N. Main St., Box 47, Wheaton, 111. 

Reed, James M.; Pastor; 2439 N. Burling, Chicago, 111. 60614. 
Anderson, Thoburn W.; Pastor; 8225 Kenton, Skokie, 111. 60076. 
Johnson, Joseph T.; Mortician; 462 W. Division, Chicago, 111. 60614. 

The United Methodist Church 85 

Myers, Arthur L.; Ret.; 422 Davis St., Evanston, 111. 60201. 
Cummings, Mrs. C. Clifford; Housewife; 465 Park St., Elgin, HI. 

Basta, Mrs. James; Housewife; 1514 Deerpath Ln., La Grange Park, 

111. 60525. 
Hulse, Minard E.; Ret. Judge; 418 Berwick, Waukegan, 111. 60085. 
Litwiller, William; Agricultural Supply; Milledgeville, 111. 61051. 
Shamblin, Darrell; Mag. Editor; 2130 Birchwood Ave., Wilmette, 111. 

Loeppert, Henry V.; Dir. Retirement Home; 8523 Ridgeway, Evanston, 

111. 60203. 
Steele, Clay E.; Ret. Treas. Hart, Shaffner, Marx; 595 Duane St., 

Apt. IC, Glen Ellyn, 111. 60137. 
Lennartson, Walter S.; Publisher; 5624 W. 100th St., Oak Lawn, 111. 



Sec. A, Rows 10, 11, Seats 1-6, 5-6 

*Potthoff, Harveij H.; Professor, Iliff School of Theol.; 2201 S. 

University, Denver, Colorado 80210. 
Persons, William R.; Dist. Supt.; 3124 S. 3075 E., Salt Lake City, 

Utah 84109. 
Grooters, Donald J.; Dist. Supt.; 1232 24th Ave. Ct., Greeley, Colo. 

Baker, Heni-y H.; Pastor; 1005 Stover, Ft. Collins, Colo. 80521. 
Doenges, R. S.; Businessman; 6230 E. 17th Ave., Denver, Colo. 80220. 
Mclntyre, John; Judge; Box 146, Chevenne, Wyo. 82001. 
Alter, Chester M.; Retired; 300 S. York, Denver, Colo. 80209. 
Johnson, Mrs. Wesley; Housewife; Box 286, Julesburg, Colo. 80737. 


Byrd, William 0.; Dist. Supt.; 2200 S. University, Denver, Colo. 80210. 
McConnell, Taylor; Professor, Garrett; 2121 Sheridan, Evanston, 111. 

SaKsaman, Kenneth H.; Co-Ord. Council Exec. Sec; 2200 S. Uni- 
versity, Denver, Colo. 80210. 
Jackson, John H.; Pastor; 2830 Eudora, Denver, Colo. 80207. 
Dirks, Warren; Pastor; 108 E. 18th, Cheyenne, Wyo. 82001. 
Hagiya, Paid; Pastor; 3521 Elizabeth, Denver, Colo. 80205. 
Riley, Hugh E.; Retired Druggist; 936 27th, Ogden, Utah 84403. 
Wood, Donald R. ; Professor, Colorado State U. ; 618 S. Washington, 

Ft. Collins, Colo. 80521. 
Engleman, Mrs. Keith; Chemist; 2407 S. Tennyson, Denver, Colo. 

Lang, Gilbert C; Insurance Salesman; 8065 W. 46th Circle, Wheat 

Ridge, Colo. 80033. 
Renick, Mrs. Bruce; Housewife; 795 S. Alton Way, Denver, Colo. 

Fox, Donald T. ; Insurance Salesman; 1111 Bonforte Blvd., Apt. 707, 

Pueblo, Colo. 81001. 


Sec. A, Row 2, Seats 5-6 
*Yu, Teck Soi; Dist. Supt. and Asst. Field Treas.; P. O. Box 381, 

Sibu, Sarawak. 
Yao, Ping Hua; Government Officer; Resident's Office, Kuching, 

Wovff, Hnoi-Chiong; Pastor; Methodist Church, Miri, Sarawak. 
Cheng, Yang-Kao; Pastor; Methodist Church, Simanggang, Sarawak. 
Wong, Yu-Liong; Dist. Supt.; Methodist Church, Binatang, Sarawak. 

86 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Laii, Kuok-Ding; College Lecturer; Rejang Teachers' College, Bina- 
tang, Sarawak. 

Teng, Tung Hsin; Businessman, c/o Methodist Church, Binatang, 

Ling, Tung Chang; Businessman, c/o Methodist Church, Kapit, Sara- 

Chew, Peter G. P.; Chartered Accountant; Shalom Villa, Queensway, 
Sibu, Sarawak. 

Lee, Alfred K.; Information Officer (U.S.I.S.) ; P. 0. Box 860, 
Kuching, Sarawak. 


No delegates elected. 


Sec. F, Row 4, Seats 3-6 
* Jenkins, Warren M.; Ex. Sec. S. C. Conference; Claflin College, 

Orangeburg, S. C. 29115. 
Smith, C. J.; Dist. Supt.; 514 South Main St., Sumter, S. C. 29150. 
Palmer, Robert J.; Mortician; 304 South Main St., Sumter, S. C. 

Fields, R. E.; Atorney; 65 Spring St., Charleston, S. C. 29405. 


Curry, John W., St.; Pastor; 191 Boulevard N.E., Orangeburg, S. C. 

Hey ward, John W.; Dist. Supt.; 48 Parkwood Ave., Charleston, S. C. 

Mack, James; College Professor; Claflin College, Orangeburg, S. C. 

Nelson, W. L. J.; Civil Service; 33 Bogard St., Charleston, S. C. 29403. 


Sec. B, Rows 5-6, Seats 5-12 

*Holler, Adlai C; Dist. Supt.; 1320 A. Fernwood Rd., Spartanburg, 
S. C. 29302. 

Moody, Jr., C. LeGrande; Pastor; 1401 Washington St., Columbia, 
S. C. 29201. 

Cunningham, Francis T.; Dist. Supt.; 1420 Lady St., Columbia, S. C. 

Spears, R. Wright; Pres., Columbia College; 1320 Columbia College 
Dr., Columbia, S. C. 29203. 

Fridy, Williavi W.; Pastor; Box 728, Anderson, S. C. 29621. 

Glenn, Samuel R.; Dist. Supt.; 618 Washington St., Suite K, Green- 
ville, S. C. 29601. 

Hickman, Victor R.; Dist. Supt.; 1139 Evergreen Circle, Rock Hill, 
S. C. 29730. 

Taylor, Eben; Pastor; Box 4395, Charleston Heights, S. C. 29405, 

Ready, W. J.; Ret'd Pub. Util. Exec; 1420 Lady St., Columbia, S. C. 

Jerome, J. E.; Merchant: Box 403, Rock Hill, S. C. 29730. 

Kent, Harry R.; Gen. Contractor; Box 932, Charleston, S. C. 29402. 

Rice, Spencer M.; Exec. Sec'y, Bds. of Ed. and Chr. Soc. Con.; 1420 
Lady St., Columbia, S. C. 29201. 

Holler, J. C; Dir., Instr., St. Dept. of Educ; 807 Rutledge Bldg., 
Columbia, S. C. 29201. 

Marsh, Charles F. ; Pres., Wofford College ; Wofford College, Spartan- 
burg, S. C. 29301. 

The United Methodist Church 87 

Moore, Roy C; Merchant; 707 Market St., Cheraw, S. C. 29520. 
Brannon, W. L.; Business Exec; 1420 Lady St., Columbia, S. C. 29201. 


McWhirter, Edgar P.; Pastor; 245 S. Church St., Spartanburg, S. C. 

Chandler, William H.; Dist. Supt. ; Rt. 6, Cherokee Hill, Greenwood, 

S. C. 29646. 
Medlock, Melvin K.; Pastor; 2501 Heyward St., Columbia, S. C. 29108. 
Duffie, Sr., George S.; Pastor; Box 316, Newberry, S. C. 29008. 
Lynn, Hawley B.; Dist. Supt.; 1415 Willow Oak Park, Hartsville, 

S C 29550 
Herbert, Rem'bert B.; Pastor; Box 87, Florence, S. C. 29501. 
Broome, Allan R.; Supt., Epworth Child. Home; 2900 Millwood Ave., 

Columbia, S. C. 29205. 
James, Feltham S.; Dist. Supt.; Box 57, Lake City, S. C. 29560. 
Whitaker, Jr., George W.; Pastor; 3401 Trenholm Rd., Columbia, S. C. 

Brabham, Jr., Angus M.; Editor, Meth. Advocate; Box 867, Columbia, 

S. C. 29202. 
Jackson, Rhett; Merchant; 4848 Landrum Dr., Columbia, S. C. 29204. 
Taylor, Arthur M.; Ret'd Sch. Admin.; 3124 Duncan St., Columbia, 

S. C. 29204. 
Parker, Marshall J.; Farmer and Dairyman; Seneca, S. C. 29678. 
Hurd, E. Don; Pres., Lander; 304 W, Durst, Greenwood, S. C. 29646. 
Workman, William D.; Ed., St. Newspaper; 915 Beltline Blvd., 

Columbia, S. C. 29205. 
Foster, Donald A.; Admin. Affairs, Dir.; Box 12084, Columbia, S. C. 

Watson, Michael; Physician; Banberg, S. C. 29003. 
Matthews, Jr., Ray H.; Realtor; 1425 Alpine Dr., West Columbia, 

S. C. 29169. 
McLeod, David; Mayor; Florence, S. C. 29501. 
Rogers, Jr., Joe 0.; Attorney; 23 W. Boyce St., Manning, S. C. 29646. 


Sec. B, Rows 15-16, Seats 1-2 
*Vessey, Robert G.; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 1263, Huron, S. Dak. 57350. 
Sander, Harvey H.; Pastor; Box 579, Pierre, S. Dak. 57501. 
Ortman, Ervin; Chiropractor; Canistota, S. Dak. 57012. 
Rau, Mrs. Alvin (Helen); Conf. Pres. W.S.C.S., Housewife; 711 44th 
St., Rapid City, S. Dak. 57701. 


Grinager, Lloyd K.; Dist. Supt.; 1603 S. 7th, Rapid City, S. Dak. 

Pittenger, Richard D.; Pastor; 303-17th Ave., S., Brookings, S. Dak. 

Nielsen, Robert P.; Pastor; First Methodist Church; Huron, S. Dak. 

Lushbough, Bruce C. ; M.D. ; 104 Jefferson Ave., S., Brookings, S. Dak. 

Kuhler, Warren G. ; Hospital Administrator; Wakonda, S. D. 57073. 
Krueger, Arthur; Methodist Foundation; 306 E. 15th, Yankton, S. 

Dak. 57078. 


Sec. Rows 6-7, Seats 6-11 
Duck, David A.; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 661, Cordele, Ga. 31015. 
Robertson, Frank L.; Pastor; P. 0. Box 197, Macon, Ga. 31202. 

88 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Wilson, J. Frederick; Pastor; 2045 Vineville Ave., Macon, Ga. 31204. 
Hancock, C. Wilbourne; Dist. Supt. ; 1904 Wynnton Rd., Columbus, 

Ga. 31906. 
Zoni, George L.; Pastor; P. 0. Box 62, Waycross, Ga. 31501. 
Freeman, G. Ross; Asst. to Dean, Candler School of Theol.; Emory 

Univ., Atlanta, Ga. 30322. 
*Wrig-ht, George A.; Retail Druggist; P. O. Box 267, Tifton, Ga. 

Parks, W. S. (Bill); Merchant and Ins.; P. 0. Box 98, Rhine, Ga. 

Thornton, B. I. ; Lumber and Bldg. Supplies ; P. 0. Box 429, Cordele, 

Ga. 31015. 
Williams, Mrs. J. E.; Conf. Pres. W.S.C.S., Housewife; 1132 Lamont 

St., Macon, Ga. 31204. 
Henderson, Zach S.; Pres., Georgia Southern Col:; P. 0. Box 2045, 

Statesboro, Ga. 30458. 
Murray, Chester; Real Estate; P. O. Box 2192, Columbus, Ga. 31904. 


Alsohrook, W. Aubrey; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 876, Waycross, Ga. 

Cleveland, Weyman R.; Pastor; P. 0. Box 867, Columbus, Ga. 31902. 
Brown, Bernard L.; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 369; Dublin, Ga. 31021. 
Waite, Alvis A., Jr.; Exec. Sec. Bd. of Ed.; P. 0. Box 408, St. Simons 

Island, Ga. 31522. 
Key, W. R.; Pastor; P. 0. Box 223, Perry, Ga. 31069. 
Beverly, F. J., Jr.; Gen. Bd. of Missions, Dept. Field Serv.; 507 

Spurgeon St., Waycross, Ga. 31501. 
Hutcherson, Guy K.; Pastor; P. O. Box 5116, Columbus, Ga. 31906. 
Peterson, Will; Shirt Manufacturing; Soperton, Ga. 30457. 
Mayo, George W. ; Life Underwriter; P. O. Box 592, Savannah, Ga. 

Bostwick, W. E.; Banker; P. 0. Box 57, Arlington, Ga. 31713. 
Norwood, June W.; Office Supplies; 124 W. Central Ave., Valdosta, 

Ga. 31601. 
Griffin, Ben H.; Merchant and Farmer Continental; P. 0. Box 174, 

Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036. 
Hinely, E. A.; Forester Can Co.; P. 0. Box 111, Hazlehurst, Ga. 

McKim, Rollen E.; Dry Cleaning, Ret.; 401 East Bay St., Savannah, 

Ga. 31401. 


Sec. E, Row 2, Seats 9-12 
*Fritz, Walter; Dist. Supt.; 7 Stuttgart-N; Birkenwaldstr. 204, 

Riedinger, Johannes; Dist. Supt.; 88 Ansbach; Juedtstr. 15, Germany. 
Kalble, Alfred; Administrative official; 7144 Asperg; Osterholzstr. 33, 

Fischei% Heinz P.; President of the Court; 79 Ulm/D.; Haidweg 9, 



Nollenberger, Paul; Pastor; 7 Stuttgart-S ; Sophienstr. 21 D, Germany. 
Sackmann, Dieter A.; Pastor; 7012 Fellbach; Schulstr. 35; Germany. 
Fischer, Fritz; Notary; 7111 Bretzfeld, Germany. 
Reinhardt, Helmut; Businessman; 7250 Leonberg; Ligusterweg 3, 

The United Methodist Church 89 


Sec. F, Row 7, Seats 1-2 
*Samiiel Kariaappa; Prof. Theol. College; Leonard Theol. College, 

Jabalpur, India. 
Raju, D. Sundara; Doctor; Methodist Hospital, Bidar, M.S. India. 


Mitra, G. S.; H. S. Princ; N.F. H.S.; Bidar, M.S. India. 

Samuel, Dathu; School Prin.; Methodist Church, Belgaum, M. S. 



Sec. C, Rows 18-19, Seats 1-4 

Hami, Paul M.; Pastor; 1001 Pleasant St., Des Moines, Iowa 50309. 

Parrott, Glenn R.; Pastor; 8th and Grand, West Des Moines, Iowa 

Garrett, C. Dendy; Pastor; 401 Broadway, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 52641. 
Moore, Lester L.; Pastor; 9th and Nodaway, Corning, Iowa 50841. 
*Shearer, Paul V.; Lawyer; 110 E. Monroe, Washington, Iowa 52353. 
Coons, Mrs. Lester V.; W.S.C.S. Conf. Pres.; 34 E. Ridge Dr., Council 

Bluffs, Iowa 51501. 
Don Carlos, Waldo E.; Lawyer; 113 W. Iowa St., Greenfield, Iowa 

Kreager, Max W.; Industrialist; 418 N. 6th Ave., E., Newton, Iowa 



Dodder, Robert T.; Pastor; 319 N. Main, Wapello, Iowa 52653. 
Wilcox, Wilbur F.; Pastor; 2622 Lincoln Way, Ames, Iowa 50010. 
Maberry, Alvin T.; Dist. Supt.; 120 Zenith Dr., Council Bluffs, Iowa 

Overhulser, William F.; Pastor; 6th and Kellogg, Ames, Iowa 50010. 
Moore Leroy W.; Pastor; 3600-75th St., Des Moines, Iowa 50322. 
Wilsoii, Carl E.; Dist. Sunt.; 2215 Evelyn St., Perry, Iowa 50220. 
Long, Maurice K.; Industrialist; 402 No. 2nd, Box 608, Fairfield, 

Iowa 52556. 
Tefft, Charles G.; Electrical Engineer; 542 Trail Ridge, Council 

Bluffs, Iowa 51501. 
Matthews, William H.; Soil Conservation Technician; Wapello, Iowa 

Drake, Orris L. ; Supt. of Retirement Home; Walnut, Iowa 51577. 
Williams, Paul G.; Farmer; Route 1 B, Villisca, Iowa 50864. 
Mannasmith, C. H.; D.V.M. (Veterinarian); 706 Coolbaugh, Red 

Oak, Iowa 51566. 


Sec. B, Row 3, Seats 7-8 
*Jamella, Gideon; Pastor; C. P. 41, Inhambane, Mozambique, Africa. 
Sengo, Samuel S.; Secretary for Cambine School; C. P. 7, Morrum- 
bene, Inhambane, Mozambique, Africa. 


Helgesson, Alf; Dist. Supt.; 34, Fourth Ave., Florida, Transvaal, 

South Africa. 
Navess, Bento T.; Literature Sec; C. P. 21, Lourenzo Marques, 

Mozambique, Africa. 


Sec. D, Rows 17-18, Seats 1-12 
*Cain, Richard W.; Dist. Supt.; 5250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, 
Calif. 90029. 

90 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Edwards, K. Morgan; Prof., Sch. of Theo. ; School of Theology, Clare- 

mont, Calif. 91711. 
Trotter, F. Thomas; Dean, Sch. of Theo.; School of Theology, Clare- 

mont, Calif. 91711. 
White, L. L.; Pastor; 3320 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90018. 
Wheatley, Jr., Melvin E.; Pastor; 10497 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, 

Calif. 90024. 
Reeves, Edwin E.; Pastor; 1875 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. 

Ragsdale, Ray W.; Pastor; Box 6106; Tucson, Ariz. 85716. 
Hildebrand, Will M.; Assoc. Gen. Sec, Coord. Council; 5250 Santa 

Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90029. 
Farley, Thomas K.; Assoc. Gen. Sec, Coord. Council; 5250 Santa 

Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90029. 
Locher, Donald R.; Dist. Supt. ; 223 W. Augusta, Phoenix, Ariz. 

Phillips, Randall C; Pastor; 711 S. Plymouth Blvd., Los Angeles, 

Calif. 90005. 
T albert, Melvin G.; Assoc. Gen. Sec, Coord. Council; 5250 Santa 

Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90029. 
Hole, J. Wesley; Conf. Treas.; 5250 Santa Monica, Blvd., Los Angeles, 

Calif. 90029. 
Colwell, Ernest C; Pres., Sch. Theo.; School of Theology, Claremont, 

Calif. 91711. 
Hutchinson, Mrs. John B.; Conf. Pres., W.S.C.S.; 1432 W. 102nd St., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 90047. 
Orton, Hubert E.; Conf. Lay Leader; 6303 Yucca St., Hollywood, 

Calif. 90028. 
Akamine, Ernest K.; University Professor; 2255 Hulali PI., Honolulu, 

Hawaii 96814. 
Orr, Verne, Sr. ; Retired; 422 N. Cambridge Ave., Claremont, Calif. 

Wright, A. A.; Exec. Sec'y Conf. Corp.; 5250 Santa Monica Blvd., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 90029. 
Walker, Marion R.; Agriculturalist; 2751 Poll St., Ventura, Calif. 

Misajon, James J. M.; Univ. of Hawaii; 210 Pia PI., Honolulu, 

Hawaii 96821. 
Wahrenbrock, Lester G.; Educator; 5121 Harmony Ln., La Mesa, 

Calif. 92041. 
Fletcher, Robert L.; Bldg. Contractor; 7620 N. 7th St., Phoenix, Ariz. 

Brown, Mrs. Byrle; Housewife; 1307 N. 31st St., Phoenix, Ariz. 



Clay, Russell E.; Pastor; 14000 Church PI., Seal Beach, Calif. 90740. 
Walker, Daniel D.; Pastor; 500 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, Calif. 

McPheeters, Chilto7i C; Pastor; 400 W. Duarte Rd., Arcadia, Calif. 

Sasaki, James K.; Pastor; 3500 S. Normandie Ave., Los Angeles, 

Calif. 90007. 
Zimmer, John A.; Pastor; 114 N. Pomona Ave., Fullerton, Calif. 

Butterworth, Frank E.; Dist. Supt.; 1000 S. Beretania St., Honolulu, 

Hawaii 96814. 
Miller, Kenneth P.; Pastor; 4545 Brockton Ave., Riverside, Calif. 

Rogers, Cornish R.; Pastor; 112 W. 52nd St., Los Angeles, Calif. 


The United Methodist Church 91 

Trotter, J. Irwin; Dist. Supt. ; 5250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, 

Calif. 90029. 
Mann, George M.; Dist. Supt.; 5935 E. 4th St., Tucson, Ariz. 85711. 
Robinson, Russell R.; Dist. Supt.; 6251 Veemac Ave., La Mesa, Calif. 

Willia^ns, Frank S.; Dist. Supt.; 1979 Skyview Dr., Altadena, Calif. 

Gray, Frank M.; Goodwill Ind.; 342 San Fernando Rd., Los Angeles, 

Calif. 90031. 
Kesler, N. Robert; Pastor; 4690 Palm Ave., La Mesa, Calif. 92041. 
Shuler, Robert P.; Pastor; 676 N. Gibbs Ave., Pomona, Calif. 91767. 
Cooper, Lawrence; Retired; 445 E. Altadena Dr., Altadena, Calif. 

Cuaresma, Mrs. Consuelo; Housewife; c/o Kekaha Meth. Church, 

Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii 96752. 
Sutton, William; Postal Employee; 376 W. Harriet St., Altadena, 

Calif. 91001. 
Saito, Kazuo; Landscape Gardener; 120 N. Bonnie Brae, Los Angeles, 

Calif. 90026. 
Stone, Mrs, J. P.; Housewife; 4661 59th St., San Diego, Calif. 92115. 
Green, Lester E.; Exec, Utilities Co.; 8013 W. Blvd., Inglewood, 

Calif. 90305. 
Buhler, Donald F.; Builder, Homes; 10333 Santa Monica Blvd., Los 

Angeles, Calif. 90025. 
Amtower, Norman E.; Comptroller; School of Theology, Claremont, 

Calif. 91711. 
LaPoint, Francis R. ; Exec, Camp Comm. ; 5250 Santa Monica Blvd., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 90029. 
Hogeboom, Floyde E.; Dentist; 163 S. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, 

Calif. 90004. 
Hyde, Mrs. Jean; Housewife; 901 Teague Dr., Santa Paula, Calif. 

Griggs, Sr., Ulysses S.; Exec Housing Authority; 1525 W. 36th PI., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 90018. 
Parks, Chester; High School Counselor; 4458 E. Bermuda, Tucson, 

Ariz. 85716. 
Williams, George F.; Asst. Conf. Treas.; 5250 Santa Monica Blvd., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 90029. 
Cutshall, Robert; Insurance; 9636 El Venado Dr., Whittier, Calif. 



Sec E, Row 3, Seats 11-12 

*Enright, Kenneth D.; District Missionary; B. P. 13, Lubumbashl, 
Republique Democratique du Congo. 

Ndala, Gedeon; Conference Treasurer; BP. 522, Lubumbashi, Re- 
publique Democratique du Congo. 


Kanjundu, Frederic; Station pastor; Institute Springer, Mulungwishi, 
via Lubumbashi, Republique Democratique du Congo. 

Mulangu, Sebastien; Methodist School inspector; B.P. 391, Kolwezi, 
Republique du Congo. 


Sec. B, Rows 7, 8, Seats 1-3 
Lewis, William B.; Pastor; 1514 Pine, Murphysboro, 111. 62996. 
Evers, Joseph C; Pastor; 1523 N. 42nd St., E. St. Louis, 111. 62204. 
Hoffman, Edward L.; Pastor; 216 W. Main, Carbondale, 111. 62901. 

92 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

^Thompson, Everett K.; Concrete Products Mfctr.; 609 West Frank- 
lin, Sesser, 111. 62884. 

Mount, Mrs. J. H.; Housewife; Pres. Conf. W.S.C.S.; 991 Clinton, 
Carlyle, III. 62231. 

Teagle, Ernest H.; M.D.; 700 South Jackson, Belleville, 111. 62223. 


Winn, Maurice L.; Exec. Sec. of Fiscal Affairs; 1912 Broadway; Mt. 

Vei-non, 111. 62864. 
Loloe, Donald L.; Dist. Supt.; 1105 N. Burtschi, Vandalia, 111. 62471. 
Lijjpman, Roland A.; Pastor; 415 E. Broadway, Centralia, 111. 62801. 
Fimkhonser, Clyde; Vice President, McKendree College; 501 N. 

Stanton, Lebanon, 111. 62254. 
Jack, Collins L.; P. 0. Dept.; R.F.D. 2, Murphysboro, 111. 62966. 
Davis, Doris; Housewife; Box 158, Robinson, 111. 62454. 
Davenport, Geneva; Housewife; 118 W. Homer St., Harrisburg, 111. 

Wells, Joy; Housewife; Box 149, Lawrenceville, 111. 62438. 


Sec. B, Rows 17-18, Seats 9-12 
*Sayre, Charles A.; Pastor; 24 S. Hinchman Ave., Haddonfield, N. J. 

Propert, George R.; Dist. Supt.; 2 Denise Dr., Hamilton Square, 

Trenton, N. J. 08690. 
Guffick, William R.; Pastor; 728 Wesley Ave., Ocean City, N. J. 08226. 
Acheson, Robert E.; Dist. Supt.; Sharp and Glenside Aves., Millville, 

N. J. 08332. 
Mumford, Robert J.; Retired; 100 Main St., Mantua, N. J. 08051. 
Egan, William F.; Paint Mfctr.; P. O. Box 7, Pitman, N. J. 08071. 
Backenson, Henrv L. ; Insurance; 41 Lake St., Bridgeton, N. J. 08302. 
Nelson, Mrs. Dorothy; Pres. Conf. W.S.C.S.; 1210 Holly PI., Spring 

Lake Heights, N. J. 07762. 


Davis, Hooker D.; Exec. Sec. Urban Work; Box 300, Cherry Hill, 

N. J. 08034. 
Friedrich, Paul A.; Dist. Supt.; 725 Old Corlies Rd., Neptune, N. J. 

Stanger, Frank B.; Pres. Asbury Theol. Seminary; 417 Hughes Ave., 

Wilmore, Ky. 40390. 
Atkinson, Lawrence G.; Dist. Supt.; East Lake Dr., Audubon, N.J. 

Howe, Robert B.; Pastor; 108 N. Main St., Glassboro, N.J. 08028. 
Van Sant, Walter; Plumbing; 333 Poplar Ave., Linwood, N. J. 08221. 
Davis, Elwood; Poverty Program; 628 Adriatic Ave., Atlantic City, 

N. J. 08401. 
Fowler, Leroy; Clerk; 301 Race St., MillviUe. N. J. 08332. 
Mathews, Elmer; Banking; 51 Garwood Ave., Williamstown, N. J. 

McKelvey, Leon; Retired; 603 Eighth St., Lakewood, N. J. 08701. 


Sec. F, Row 6, Seats 5-6 
*Riley, Negail R.; Clergy; Room 1491. 475 Riverside Dr., New York, 

N. Y. 10027. 
Johnson, Henry W.; Groceryman; 527 N. Detroit, Tulsa, Okla. 74106. 

The United Methodist Church 93 


Tillmon, C. G.; Dist. Supt.; P. 0. Box 355, Hensley, Ark. 72065. 
Washington, Mrs. C. G.; Housewife; 1216 N. 8th St., Fort Smith, 
Ark. 72901. 


Sec. E, Row 2, Seats 7-8 
*Sommer, Carl E.; Dean of Seminary; 6 Frankfurt a.M. 50; Ginn- 

heimer Landstr. 180, Germany. 
Schiele, Rudolf; Businessman; 7541 Grunbach ueber Neuenbuerg 

(Wuertt) ; Haus unter den Eichen, Germany. 


Beisiegel, Karl; Professor; 6 Frankfurt a.M. 50; Ginnheimer Landstr. 

174, Germany. 
Wallmeroth, Erich; Civil Servant; 5241 Oberdreisbach; ueber Betz- 

dorf (Sieg), Germany. 


Sec. B, Rows 11-12, Seats 1-6 

Deschner, John W., Jr.; Prof. Perkins School of Theology; Southern 

Methodist Univ., Dallas, Tex. 75222. 
Rohlfs, Claus H.; Dist. Supt.; P. O. Box 28098, San Antonio, Tex. 

Richardson, Ted I.; Exec. Sec Conf. Council; Box 28098, San Antonio, 

Tex. 78228. 
Redmond, Donald E.; Dist. Supt.; 3206 Reid Dr., Corpus Christi, Tex. 

Hierholzer, Elmer J.; Pastor; P. 0. Box 568, San Angelo, Tex. 76901. 
Richer, George M.; Pastor; P. 0. Box 25, Edinburg, Tex. 78539. 
Reavley, Tom; District Judge; 1312 Meridan, Austin, Tex. 78703. 
*Walker, James M.; Supt. Communications and Electronics, Ran- 
dolph AFB; 973 Seguin, Seguin, Tex. 78155. 
McMillan, Mrs. Norris; Komemaker; Mason, Tex. 76856. 
Lembke, Glenn L.; Medical Educator (Ph.D.); 134 Bryker Dr., San 

Antonio, Tex. 78209. 
Barr, Mrs. C. A.; Homemaker; 2502 Aztec, Austin, Tex. 78703. 
Brown, Claude W.; President, Brown and Thorph Oil Co.; McCamey, 

Tex. 79752. 


Curl, R. F.; Pastor; P. O. Box 983, Ozona, Tex. 76943. 
Morgan, James W.; Pastor; 2409 Guadelupe, Austin, Tex. 78705. 
Moore, J. Barcus; Pastor; 722 Robinhood, San Antonio, Tex. 78209. 
Mosby, Robert S.; Assoc. Pastor; 203 Evandale, San Antonio, Tex. 

Donaho, John; Dist. Supt.; 4012 Crescent, Austin, Tex. 78222. 
Ader, Joe K.; Pastor; 572 W. San Antonio, New Braunfels, Tex. 

Fore, Sam L.; Dist. Supt.; Wesley Manor, 1209 Whitewing, McAllen, 

Tex. 78569. 
Lain, T. LeRoy; General Ins.; P. O. Box 6316, Corpus Christi, Tex. 

Farris, Buford; Social Worker; 1907 Candlelight, San Antonio, Tex. 

Mims, Elton T.; Rancher; Box 217, Water Valley, Tex. 76958. 
Mills, Henry; Rancher; 1306 Griner, Del Rio, Tex. 78840. 
McCreless, Sollie E.; Insurance-Investments; P. 0. Box 2341, San 

Antonio, Tex. 78218. 

94 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Caldwell, Mrs. Thomas A.; Homemakei-; 7626 Northumberland, Aus- 
tin, Tex. 78703. 
Erck, Frederick; Rancher; P. 0. Box 156, Alice, Tex. 78332. 


Sec. E, Row 3, Seats 7-10 
*Kallstad, Thorvald E.; Rector; Danska Vagen, 20, Gothenburg S., 

Ahlbeck, Sugurd A.; Pastor; Skanstorget 8, Gothenburg C., Sweden. 
Amark, Cui't; Surgeon; Sagostigen 5, Bromma, Sweden. 
Holm, Carl- Axel; Teacher; Liljeholmens folhogskola, Rimforsa, 



Lindell, Sixten E.; Dist. Supt. ; Aschebergsgatan 38, Gothenburg C, 

Nyliindh, Arnold; Pastor; Sibyllegatan 18, Stockholm O, Sweden. 
Wedar, Mrs. Carin; Journalist; Folkungagatan 142, Stockholm So., 

Berg, David; Merchant; Husebygatan 1 b., Norrkoping, Sweden. 


Sec. C, Row 4, Seats 3-4 

Bickel, Hans; Pastor; rue Calvin 12, CH-1200 Geneva, Switzerland. 

*Ryser, Ernst; Publisher; Konkordiastrasse 20, CH-8032 Zurich, 


Schaad, Hermann; Pastor; Eichenstrasse 1; CH-4054 Basel, Switzer- 
Gsell, Theo; Supervisor of taxes; Hallwilstrasse 2, CH-5600 Lenz- 
burg, Switzerland. 


Sec. E, Row 1, Seats 1-2 
* Jones, Major J.; Dist. Supt.; 3709 Rogers Road, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Dixon, Vernon H.; Realtor; 1821 Jefferson St., Nashville, Tenn. 37208. 


Williams, Dogan W.; Pastor; 2332 Herman St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Randolph, Allen H.; Pastor; 1816 Jefferson St., Louisville, Ky. 40203. 
Drake, Mrs. M. M.; Retired School Teacher; 1032 Second Ave., S., 

Nashville, Tenn. 37210. 
Fields, Mrs. Anita L. ; Registrar and Placement Director, Kentucky 

State CoUege; 123 E. Fifth St., Maysville, Ky. 41056. 

Sec. B, Rows 9-10, Seats 4-7 

*Fowler, H. Thornton; Dist. Supt.; 437 Third Nat. Bank Bldg., Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 37219. 

Moore, Farris F.; Pastor; 2007 Acklen Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37212. 

Walkup, Elbert E.; Dist. Supt.; Box 847, Clarksville, Tenn. 37041. 

Strother, W. Bruce; Pastor; 523 Church St., Nashville, Tenn. 37219. 

Stone, Lloyd; Conf. Lay Leader, U. S. Gov't.; 903 Woodmont Dr., 
Murfreesboro, Tenn. 37131. 

Gate, Jr., George C; Lawyer; 4010 Estes Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37215. 

The United Methodist Church 95 

Waller, Mrs. Raymond W.; Conf. W.S.C.S. Pres.; 4025 Franklin Rd., 

Nashville, Tenn. 37204. 
Morgan, R. Kenneth (Deceased). 


Mingledorff, C. Glenn; Pastor; Murfreesboro, Tenn. 37130. 
Calhoun, Frank A.; Dist. Supt.; Murfreesboro, Tenn. 37130. 
HioH, C. H.; Pastor; ShelbyviLle, Tenn. 37160. 
Hundley, Joe A.; CPA; Columbia, Tenn. 38401. 
Ford, Floyd M.; College Professor; Clarksville, Tenn. 37041. 
Hawkins, James W.; S. Bell Tel. and Tel: ; 921 Belvedere Dr., Gallatin, 
Tenn. 37066. 

TEXAS (4) C 

Sec. A, Rows 3-4, Seats 5-6 
*Felder, Luther B.; Dist. Supt.; 3015 Southmore Blvd., Houston, Tex. 

Mayes, Allen M.; Secretary Board of Pensions; 1200 Davis St., 

Evanston, 111. 60201. 
Cole, Thomas W.; President Wiley College; Wiley College, Marshall, 

Tex. 75670. 
Humphrey, Lucious A.; C.P.A.; 5515 Ave. K, Galveston, Tex. 77550. 


Randolph, Willie B.; Dist. Supt.; P. O. Box 1276, Marshall Tex. 

Hayes, Robert E.; Dist. Supt.; 1914 Blodgett St., Houston, Tex. 

Crawford, Mrs. Mary G.; Instructor Wiley College; 808 Atkins Blvd., 

Marshall, Tex. 75670. 
Ferryman, Mrs. Lena; Housewife; 2403 Carver St., La Marque, Tex. 



Sec. D, Rows 5-6, Seats 1-8 
McCleskey, Wayne H.; Pastor; 300 W. Erwin, Tyler, Tex. 75701. 
Hardt, John W.; Pastor; Box 3247, Beaumont, Tex. 77704. 
Shamhlin, J. Kenneth; Pastor; 3471 Westheimer, Houston, Tex. 

Allen, E. Leo; Dist. Supt.; 601 C & I Bldg., Houston, Tex. 77002. 
Rankin, Harry V.; Dist. Supt.; Box 2382, Longview, Tex. 75601. 
Fagan, Harold; Dist. Supt.; Drawer 1101, Nacogdoches, Tex. 75961. 
Landrum, D. L.; Dist. Supt.; 20 Sunset Rd., Palestine, Tex. 75801. 
Crawford, Nace; Supt. Lakeview Methodist Assembly; Rt. 5, Box 

233-A, Palestine, Tex. 75801. 
*Goens, Ray W.; M.D.; 2210 Maroneal; Houston, Tex. 77025. 
Bramlett, Sam; Humble Oil Co.; 3228 Indiana, Baytown, Tex. 77520. 
Pounds, W. A.; Banker; Box 2009, Tyler, Tex. 75701. 
Decker, Mrs. E. Moore; Housewife; Box 1307, Jacksonville, Tex. 

Acker, T. E.; Banker; Texas Bank and Trust, Jacksonville, Tex. 

Strickland, Don; Businessman; P. O. Box 1268, Liberty, Tex. 77575. 
Austin, Jeff; Businessman; Box 277, Frankston, Tex. 75763. 
Moore, A. D.; Attorney; Box 1027, 1109 Petroleum Bldg., Beaumont. 

Tex. 77704. 

Blackwell, Derwood L.; Pastor; Box 707, Longview, Tex. 75601. 
Love, Elza L.; Dist. Supt.; 2625 Pine St., Texarkana, Tex. 75501. 

96 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Allen, Charles L.; Pastor; 1320 Main St., Houston, Tex. 77002. 
Davis, Carlos W.; Dist. Supt.; 2911 Old Bullard Rd., Tyler, Tex. 

Half away, William L.; Dist. Supt.; 601 C & I Bldg., Houston, Tex. 

Shook, Wallace T.; Assoc. Sec, Tex. Conference; 601 C & I Bldg., 

Houston, Tex. 77702. 
Fleming. Dnrwood; President; Southwestern University, Georgetown, 

Tex. 78626. 
Hardin, H. Grady; Professor, Perkins School of Theology; Southern 

Methodist University, Dallas, Tex. 75222. 
White, Jester; Dist. Supt.; Drawer N, Galveston, Tex. 77550. 
Wieting, Wilson H.; Pastor; Box 297, Grapeland, Tex. 75844. 
Murray, Richard T.; Professor, Perkins School of Theology; Southern 

Methodist University, Dallas. Tex. 75222. 
Robinson. Frank J.; TJtility Company Supt.; Box 591, Huntsville, 

Tex. 77340. 
Faubion, Mrs. E. Maurice; Housewife; 3031 Robinhood, Houston, Tex. 

Greer, W. E.; Attorney; American National Bldg., Galveston, Tex. 

Edsre, Claude; Pres., Lily Ice Cream Co., Inc.; Box 233, Bryan, Tex. 

Thorpe. Ed; Businessman; 1130 Thomas Rd., Beaumont, Tex. 77706. 
Smith, R. E. (Bob) ; Financier; 2316 Gulf Bldg., Houston, Tex. 77002. 
Clark. Mrs. Lamar S.; Housewife; 4106 Tarton Ln., Houston, Tex. 

Windham, L. B.; M.D.; Rt. 5, Box 110, Tyler, Tex. 75701. 
Thompson, Pat; Businessman; Box 1591, Bay City, Tex. 77414. 
Cox. Navarro; Businessman; 629 Logansport St., Nacogdoches, Tex. 

Rhone, Raymond; Banker; Box 2009, Tyler, Tex. 75701. 

Troy (6) NE) 

Sec. D, Rows 9-10, Seats 8-10 

*Kessler, C. Walter; Pastor; 4 Parkwood Dr., Burnt Hills, N. Y. 

Schwartz, Charles D.; Dist. Supt.; 4 Arden Craig Dr., Albany, N. Y. 

Hydon, Paul V.; Pastor: 25 Buell St., Burlington, Vt. 05401. 
Waterfield, Donald A.; Conf. Lay Leader, Chem. Eng. ; 14 Robin Ln., 

Eagle Mills, Troy, N. Y. 12180. 
Kirchner, Frederick K. ; Coordinator, Res. Chem. ; 9 Rural PI., Delmar, 

N. Y. 12054. 
Robb, Don S.; Gen. Elec. Exec; 1555 Regent St., Schenectady, N. Y. 



Lavery, Milton M.; Dist. Supt.; 59 Sheridan St., Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Thomas, Robert B.; Pastor; 428 Kenwood Ave., Delmar, N. Y. 12054. 
T arrowe, Lawrence; Pastor; 36 Division St., Amsterdam, N. Y. 12010. 
Hoch, Clarence L.; Dist. Supt.; 259 Shelburne St., Burlington, Vt. 

Haley, Elmer N.; Pastor; R.F.D., Rt. 146, Elnora. N. Y. 12065. 
Ogden. Mrs. Tarrance; Housewife and Conf. Pres. W.S.C.S.; 316 

Northern Blvd., Apt. lA, Albany, N. Y. 12204. 
Cooper, Earle N.; Lawyer; Nassau, N. Y. 12123. 
Vanderbilt, Chester W.; Dist. Mgr., Newsp. Circ; 30 Birchwood Ave., 

Rensselaer, N. Y. 12144. 

The United Methodist Church 97 

Coffman, John A.; Chemist; R. D. 3, Ballston Spa, N. Y. 12020. 
Wusterbarth, Harold J.; Accntnt.; 395 Daniels Ave., Schenectady, 
N. Y. 12309. 


Sec. E, Rows 6-7, Seats 12 
*Graham, John H.; Gen. Bd. of Missions; 475 Riverside Dr., New 

York, N. Y. 10027. 
Presley, Isaac P.; Business; 111 College St., Kosciusko, Miss. 39090. 


Rucker, I. L.; Pastor; 211 Gibbs St., N., Greenwood, Miss. 38930. 
Griffin, Carlean T.; Teacher; Rust College, Holly Springs, Miss. 38635. 


Sec. B, Row 3, Seats 5-6 
Beltrami, Jose R.; Pastor; Osimani 52, Salto, Uruguay. 
Zoppolo, Cesar C; Agriculture Engineer; Cooper 2028, Montevideo, 

Mariano, Roberto; Pastor; Ituzaingo 191, Mercedes, Uruguay. 
Pena, Juan N.; Mgr., Refrig. Co.; Limburgo 1425, Montevideo, 


Sec. D, Rows 15-16, Seats 1-11 
*Savders, Carl J.; Dist. Supt.; 403 Royster Bldg., Norfolk, Va. 23510. 
Riddick, Roland P.; Ex. Sec. Conf. Counc; 4016 W. Broad St., Rich- 
mond, Va. 23230. 
Hughes. Harold H., Sr.; Dist. Supt.; 501 Echols Ave., Alexandria, 

Va. 22311. 
Lightner, George S.; Dist. Supt.; 4016 W. Broad St., Richmond, Va. 

Fink. Harold H.; Dist. Sunt.; 160 Hawthorne Dr.. Danville, Va. 24541. 
Eiitsler, R. Kern; Ex. Dir. Va. Meth. Homes; 3801 Hermitage Rd., 

Richmond, Va. 23227. 
r.andis, Theodore E.: Pastor; 3909 Brook Rd.. Richmond, Va. 23227. 
Douglass, Carl H.. Jr.; Pastor; 322 Duncan St., Ashland, Va. 23005. 
Potts, Edgar A.; Pastor; 3268 Allendale St.. S.W., Roanoke, Va. 24014. 
Kelhj, Owen T.; Pastor; 1308 Manteo St., Norfolk, Va. 23507. 
Bailey, A. Purnell; Pastor; 4200 W. Gary St., Rd., Richmond, Va. 

Bray, Jerry G.; Judge, Conf. Lay Leader; 707 Liberty St., Chesapeake, 

Va. 23506. 
Walker, W. Roland; Mfctr., Assoc. Conf. Lay Leader; Kenbridge, Va. 

Jefferson, A. G. ; Optician; Allied Arts Bldg., Lynchburg, Va. 24505. 
Earley, Charles M. ; Insurance Ex.; 306 Royster Bldg., Norfolk, Va. 

Rixse, John H., Jr.; Agency for International Development, U. S. Dept. 

of State: 717 Grand View Dr., Alexandria, Va. 22305. 
Vaughan, William C; Auton Dealer; 2306 Bedford Ave., Lynchburg, 

Va. 24506. 
White, Albert L., Jr.; Retired; P. O. Box 125, Williamsburg, Va. 23185. 
Robey, William T., Jr.; Retired; P. O. Box 396, Buena Vista, Va. 24416. 
Pope, Joseph W., Jr.; Insurance: Boykins, Va. 23827. 
Manniner, Charles C; Retired; Palmyra, Va. 22963. 
Owen, Mrs. Richard H., Ill; Housewife, Conf. Pres. W.S.C.S.; 204 

Banbury Rd., Richmond, Va. 23221. 

98 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


Watkins, Royall B.; Dist. Supt. ; 10 Dogwood Trail, Portsmouth, Va. 

Newman, M. D.; Dist. Supt.; 19 Brandon Rd., Newport News, Va. 

Kidd, Charles O.; Dist. Supt.; 501 Echols Ave., Alexandria, Va. 22311. 
Backhus, Harry W ., Ill; Pastor; 3410 South 8th St., Arlington, Va. 

Eaton, Hari-y B.; Dist. Supt.; 115 West Peyton St., Winchester, Va. 

Johnston, Joseph S.; Pastor; 115 So. Washington St.. Alexandria, Va. 

Parker, Robert P.; Pres. R. M. A.; Randolph-Macon Academy; Front 

Royal, Va. 22630. 
Freemon, W. C; Pastor; 154 Holbrook Ave., Danville, Va. 24541. 
Turner, James W.; Pastor; 903 Forest Ave., Richmond, Va. 23229. 
Smith, Hampden H., Jr.; Pastor; 2909 Cameron Mills Rd., Alexandria, 

Va. 22302. 
Minnick, Carlton. P; Pastor; Box BB, Williamsburg, Va. 23185. 
Blankenhaker, Wilmer A.; Pastor; 6935 Columbia Pk., Annandale, 

Va. 22003. 
Smith, J. Roy; Pastor; 1423 No. Glebe Rd., Arlington, Va. 22207. 
Davidson, John H.; Dist. Supt.; 1647 Westover Ave., Petersburg, Va. 

Bryant, R. Orman; Pastor; 313 22nd St., Virginia Beach, Va. 23451. 
Kellam, Harold B.; Business; 3113 Pacific Ave., Virginia Beach, Va. 

Tamkin, Raymon; Dairy Inspector; Box 206, Strasburg, Va. 22657. 
Snead, James G.; Radiologist; 603 Medical Arts Bldg., Roanoke, Va. 

Graybill, Lewis; Business; 2612 Chestnut Ave., Buena Vista, Va. 

Phelps, William R. ; Retired ; 824 College St., Bedford, Va. 24523. 
Harrell, Lyman C; Attorney; 525 Ingleside Ave., Emporia, Va. 23847. 
Figgs, Clyde P.; Insurance; Parksley, Va. 23421. 
Moss, Melvin C; Business; Kinsale, Va. 22488. 
Russell, Jack B.; Attorney; 9700 University Blvd., Richmond, Va. 

White, Luther W., Ill; Pres., Randolph Macon College; Ashland, Va. 

Lord, Kenneth; Business; 15 Oak Ln., Richmond, Va. 23226. 
Jackson, Mrs. T. A.; Homemaker; 3400 N. Westmoreland St., Falls 

Church, Va. 22043. 
Decker, Clyde A., Jr.; Architect; 50 Channing Ave., Poi-tsmouth, Va. 

Simpson, John C; Optometrist; 158 Confederate Ave., Danville, Va. 

Nordstrom, Clyde V.; Business; Exmore, Va. 23350. 


No delegates elected. 


Sec. B, Rows 13-14, Seats 1 
*Dixon, Ernest T., Jr.; Pres. Philander-Smith College; 1123 Izard 

St., Little Rock, Ark. 72203. 
King, John T.; Pres. Huston-Tillotson College; 2400 Givens Ave., 

Austin, Tex. 78722. 

The United Methodist Church 99 


Woods, Prenza L.; Pastor; 1201 Hackberry St., Austin, Tex. 78702. 
On-ens, J. Garfield; Pastor; P. 0. Box 1443, Dallas, Tex. 75221. 
Ransom, E. C; Insurance Agent; 3514 Pickard St., Dallas, Tex. 75215. 
Coe, Mrs. Elizabeth; Housewife; 318 Lincolnshire Dr., San Antonio, 
Tex. 78220. 


Sec. D, Rows 23-24, Seats 1-7 
*High, Henry R.; Ex. Sec. Pension Funds, Inc.; 900 Washington St., 

E., Charleston, W. Va. 25301. 
Evans, Garrett H.; Pastor; 1124 Fifth Ave., Huntington, W. Va. 

Bridges, Ramseij ; Pastor; 5320 Frontier Dr., Charleston, W. Va. 25312, 
Jarvis, James C; Dist. Supt. ; 1716 Market St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Bennett, Alfred E.; Dist. Supt.; 1407 Bedford Rd., Charleston, W. Va. 

Bums, Lacy H.; Pastor; (Deceased). 
Potter, Truman W.; Pastor; 1221 Quarrier St., Charleston, W. Va. 

Harvey, Mrs. James T.; Housewife; Box 123, Bluefield, W. Va. 24701. 
Bvus, William A., Jr.; Ins. Broker; 404 Davidson Bldg., 910 Quarrier 

St., Charleston, W. Va. 25301. 
Shaffer, H. P.; Retired Ins. Broker; 509 Grand Ave., Morgantown, 

W. Va. 26503. 
Allen, Mrs. A. N.; Housewife; 432 Williams Ave., Williamstown, W. 

Va. 26187. 
Peck, David; Chemical Engineer; 5277 Walnut Valley Dr., Charleston, 

W. Va. 25312. 
Engle, Damon; Chemical Engineer; 405 Sheridan Cir., Charleston, 

W. Va. 25314. 
Blethen, Harry S. ; Retired, Automobile Dealer; 1748 11th Ave., 

Huntington, W. Va. 25701. 


Wallace, AldredP.; Pastor; Box 26, Huntington, W. Va. 25706. 
Collins, Claude R.; Area Admin. Ass't.; 900 Washington St., E., 

Charleston, W. Va. 25301. 
Risinger, Melvin S.; Dist. Supt.; 938 Pine Hill Dr., Fairmont, W. Va. 

Smith, F. Rossing; Pastor; 4301 Virginia Ave., S.E., Charleston, W. 

Va. 25304. 
Evans, Ross M.; Pastor; 1000 Juliana St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 26101. 
Godivin, Charles; Pastor; 23 Latham St., Buckhannon, W. Va. 26201. 
Martin, Stanley H.; Pres. W. Va. Wesleyan Col.; Buckhannon, W. Va. 

Fast, Jennings, H.; Pastor; 505 High St., Morgantown, W. Va. 26505. 
Mick, Billee S.; Dist. Supt.; 318 E. 7th St., Weston, W. Va. 26452. 
Artsberger, A. T.; Retired Oil Exec; 31 Ridgewood Ave., Wheeling, 

W. Va. 26003. 
Phipps, James E.; Dentist; First Huntington National Bank Bldg., 

Huntington, W. Va. 25701. 
Culpepper, Mrs. Olive; Housewife; 26 Monongalia St., Charleston, 

W. Va. 25302. 
Lowe, Jonathan; High School Prin., Milton, W. Va. 25541. 
Montoya, Mrs. D. D.; Housewife; 3632 Plum St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Kelly, Warren G.; University Professor; Box 123, Arthurdale, W. Va. 


100 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Lacaria, John S.; Accountant; 721 Mayflower Dr., Charleston, W. Va. 

Sebert, Lowell E.; Owner, Farm Machinery Co.; Box 81, Fairlea, W. 

Va. 24902. 
Cog-ar, Mrs. Jeanette; High School Librarian; 213 Hoover St., Webster 

Springs, W. Va. 26288. 


Sec. E, Rows 10-11, Seats 11-12 
* Wilson, Winslo7v M.; Pastor; Hughitt and 16th St., Superior, Wis. 

Ada7ns, Robert H., Jr.; Pastor; 520 W. Mineral St., Platteville, Wis. 

Lau, Clifford; Farmer; Jim Falls, Wis. 54748. 
Irish, Mrs. Deane; Housewife; 514 E. Tyler St., Eau Claire, Wis. 


Kalas, Ellsworth J.; Pastor; 203 Wisconsin Ave., Madison, Wis. 53703. 
Truitt, Richard O.; Pastor; 127 S. Second St., River Falls, Wis. 54022. 
Kahl, Norman F.; County Agent, 718 Roesler Ave., Ladysmith, Wis. 

Robbins, Francis L.; Soil Conservationist; 240 Walnut St., Spooner, 

Wis. 54801. 


Sec. E, Rows 18-19, Seats 1-3 
*Aldrich, Charles S.; Dist. Supt.; 314 Harding Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. 

Modisher, Donald E. ; Pastor ; 266 Central Ave., Fredonia, N. Y. 14063. 
Harrington, Richard W.; Pastor; 1122 Culver Rd., Rochester, N. Y. 

Clay, Thomas B.; Conf. Dir. of Stewardship; 131 So. Meadow Dr., 

Orchard Park, N. Y. 14127. 
Merrow, Arthur S.; Engineer in Fuel; 110 Oliver PL, Hamburg, N. Y. 

Cooke, George W.; Lawyer; 25 E. Main St., Rochester, N. Y. 14614, 


Yinger, Clement B.; Dist. Supt.; 153 Highland Parkway, Rochester, 

N. Y. 14620. 
Root, Robert C; Dist. Supt.; 253 East Ave., Batavia, N. Y. 14020. 
Winters, Earl L.; Dist. Supt.; 2 Brantwood Rd., Snyder, N. Y. 14226. 
Shipman, Joseph C, Sr.; Pastor; 704 Post Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

Torrance, Philip C; Pastor; 711 Niagara Falls Blvd., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Price, Orville B. ; Retired ; 19 Birmingham Dr., Rochester, N. Y. 14618. 
Mabuce, Mrs. John O. (Mary); Housewife; 3372 Sandy Beach Rd., 

Grand Island, N. Y. 14072. 
Davis, Mrs. Leland G. (Mary) ; Housewife; 20 Elmhurst Rd., Buffalo, 

N. Y. 14226. 
Kelley, Mrs. John E. (Florence) ; Housewife; 86 Glenthorne Rd., 

Rochester, N. Y. 14615. 
Minsker, John; Civil Engineer; 104 Maple Rd., East Aurora, N. Y. 



Sec. C, Rows 22-23, Seats 2-12 
White, Charles D.; Dist. Supt.; 1540 Westbrook Cir., Gastonia, N. C. 

The United Methodist Church 101 

Madison, J. Clay; Pastor; 302 W. Market St., Greensboro, N. C. 27401. 
Tuttle, Robert G.; Pastor; Box 6094, Charlotte, N. C. 28207. 
Nicholson, R. Herman; Pastor; 27 Church St., Asheville, N. C. 28801. 
Heckhard, Cecil L.; Pastor; 311 Third Ave., N.E., Hickory, N. C. 

Shore, Philip L., Jr.; Dist. Supt.; 1409 Lyndhurst Dr., High Point, 

N. C. 27260. 
Lindsey, Julian A.; Dist. Supt.; Box 5197, Ardmore Sta., Winston- 
Salem, N. C. 27103. 
Weldon, Wilson 0.; Editor, Upper Room; 1908 Grand Ave., Nashville, 

Tenn. 37212. 
Shannon, Charles E.; Dist. Supt.; 1236 Maxwell St., Salisbury, N. C. 

Creech, Harlan L., Jr.; Dist. Supt.; 1100 Queen's Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

McLarty, Emmett K., Jr.; Pres. Brevard College; Brevard College; 

Brevard, N. C. 28712. 
*Smith, Robert M.; Retired Mfg.; 410 S. Main St., Mount Airy, N. C. 

Goodson, Gordon L. ; Business Exec; Box 631, Lincolnton, N. C. 28092. 
Little, Thomas M.; Business Exec; Box 340, Wadesboro, N. C. 28170. 
Stockton, Ralph M.; Personnel Dir.; Box 608, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Massie, Hugh; Clothing Merchant; Box 410, Wajmesville, N. C. 28786. 
Lambeth, M. Thomas; Supt. Children's Home; Box 993, Winston- 
Salem, N. C. 27102. 
Bell, Harry; Textile Ex. (CCL) ; 1203 Greenway Dr., High Point, 

N. C. 27262. 
Phillips, Charles W.; Ret. School Offi.; 210 S. Tremont, Greensboro, 

N. C. 27403. 
Barnhardt, Mrs. Leslie E.; Conf. Pres. W.S.C.S.; 5830 Creola Rd., 

Charlotte, N. C. 28211. 
Scott, J. Frank; Ret. Supt. Stonewall Jackson School; 494 Todd N.E., 

Concord, N. C. 28025. 
Jones, Edwin L., Sr. ; Contractor; 3601 Sharon Ln., Charlotte, N. C. 



Herbert, Chesley C, Jr.; Pastor; Box 218, Gastonia, N. C. 28052. 
Huggin, James G., Jr.; Pastor; Box 5261, High Point, N. C. 27260. 
Lackey, A. Glenn; Dist. Supt.; Drawer 761, Marion, N. C. 28752. 
Stokes, James C; Editor, N. C. Advocate; Box 508, Greensboro, N. C. 

Hefner, Cecil G.; Dist. Supt.; 319 Summit Ave., Statesville, N. C. 

Kale, W. Arthur; Professor Duke Divinity School; Box 4353, Duke 

Station, Durham, N. C. 27706. 
Beaman, Charles G., Jr.; Dist. Supt.; Box 126, Thomasville, N. C. 

Christy, John H., Jr.; Pastor; Box 236, Jefferson, N. C. 28640. 
Nesbitt, M. Wilson, Jr.; Professor Duke Div. Sch. ; Box 4814, Duke 

Sta., Durham, N. C. 27706. 
Williams, Harley M. ; Pastor ; Box 426, Thomasville, N. C. 27360. 
Carper, John H.; Ex. Dir. Church Extension; Box 749, Statesville, 

N. C. 28677. 
Winkler, J. Garland; Dist. Supt.; 1130 Westridge Rd., Greensboro, 

N. C. 27410. 
Nease, Edgar H., Jr.; Pastor; 512 N. Main St., High Point, N. C. 

Gibbs, Rollin P.; Ex. Sec. Stewardship; 619 Glendale Dr., Statesville, 

N. C. 28677. 

102 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Fitzgerald, Ernest A.; Pastor; Box 608, Winston-Salem, N. C. 27102. 
Dudley, E. M.; Investments; 211 Ridgecrest Dr., Lenoir, N. C. 28645. 
Sales, Phillip N.; Chemist; 80 School Rd., Asheville, N. C. 28806. 
Wellman, H. H.; Dental Supplies; Box 802, Concord, N. C. 28025. 
Finch, George D. ; Furniture Mfg.; 225 Colonial Dr., Thomasville, 

N. C. 27360. 
Boone, Walter W.; Industrial Eng.; 1105 Anthony St., N. E., Valdese, 

N. C. 28690. 
Holt, D. W.; Ret. Farm Eqpt.; 710 E. Kivett St., Asheboro, N. C. 

Aldred, Torrence W.; Broker; Box 1294, Charlotte, N. C. 28201. 
Cowan, J. C, Jr.; Textile Exec; 2011 Lafayette Ave., Greensboro, 

N. C. 27408. 
Hartsell, Woodrow W.; School Supt.; Box 152, Concord, N. C. 28025. 
Russell, Fred D.; Banker, Conf. Treas.; Box 1273, Charlotte, N. C. 

Moore, W. Bryan; Bus. Exec; Wadesboro, N. C. 28170. 
Evans, Paul P'., Sr.; Ret. School Supt.; Rt. 8, Box 234, Lexington, N. C. 

Caldwell, Robert P.; Textile Exec; Box 2208, Gastonia, N. C. 28052. 
Deal, Marcus J. C; Salesman; 6 Devonshire Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 

Thigpen, Richard E., Sr.; Banker; 735 Colville Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 



Sec. C, Rows 24-25, Seats 6-12 

Warman, John B.; Pastor; 4887 Doverdell Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15236. 

Porter, Harold T.; Dist. Supt.; 1808 Graham Blvd.. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Grove, William B.; Pastor; Center at Aiken Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Rutter, Kenneth P.; Pastor; 12 Northmont St., Greensburg, Pa. 15601. 

Carraway, James L.; Dist. Supt.; 1072 Sunset Dr., Clarion, Pa. 16214. 

Crawford, Arthur M.; Pastor; 516 Chestnut St., Meadville, Pa. 16335. 

Howe, Robert C; Pastor; 1074 Old Gate Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15235. 

^Reynolds, Paul C.; Conf. Lay Leader; 705 Beechwood Blvd., EUwood 
City, Pa. 16117. 

Cain, Mrs. James S.; Conf. W.S.C.S. Pres.; 191 Pinecrest Dr., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 15237. 

Blackstone, Jr., Franklin; Attorney; R. D. 1, Zelienople, Pa. 16063. 

Anthony, Miss Lois; Newspaper Writer; 502 Main St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Spahr, David R.; Optometrist; 1037 Summit St., Tarentum, Pa. 15084. 

Chaffee, Paul V.; Dist. Lay Leader; R. D. 4, Union City, Pa. 16438. 

Beatty, William M.; Postal Employee; 1427 Fifth Ave., Natrona 
Heights, Pa. 15065. 


Hunt, Frederick W.; Dist. Supt.; 5 S. Park Ave., Kane, Pa. 16735. 
Jolley, Delbert E.; Pastor; 102 N. Jefferson St., New Castle, Pa. 16101. 
Middaugh, Bruce L.; Dist. Supt.; 168 Vernon Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Easter, Paul M.; Pastor; 1218 Heberton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15206. 
Wynne, David J.; Exec. V. P., Goodwill Ind. ; 2578 Greenboro Ln., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 15220. 
Horner, William H.; Pastor; 2606 Center Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15219. 
Hickman, Hoyt L.; Pastor; 544 W. 31st St., Erie, Pa. 16508. 
Minnigh, Sr., Wendell E.; Dist. Supt.; 227 Walnut St., Sewickley, Pa. 


The United Methodist Church 103 

Baldwin, Clarence W.; Dist. Supt.; 20 Northmont St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Lambertson, J. Paul; Dist. Supt.; 217 N. Wade Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Bennet, Benjamin; Sec'y-Treas., W. Pen. Power Co.; R. D. 7, Box 309, 

Greensburg, Pa. 15601. 
Shives, Jack; Dist. Sec'y-Lay Leader; 214 N. Jefferson St., Connells- 

ville, Pa. 15425. 
Gwyer, Herbert L. ; Dist. Lay Leader; 435 Dickson Ave., Pittsburgh, 

Pa. 15202. 
Vaughan, Richard; Member Conf. Council; 2051 Brookfield Dr., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 15216. 
Johnson, John G.; Dist. Lay Leader; 314 E. Butler St., Mercer, Pa. 

Chadwick, Mrs. James; Conf. V. P., W.S.C.S.; 5 Woodbine Dr., Green- 
ville, Pa. 16125. 
Templeton, Alan H.; Sec'y-Treas., Dist. Lay Activities; 7 Hertzel St., 

Warren, Pa. 16365. 
Blackball, James A.; Conf. Rec. Sec'y-Lay Activities; 1120 Cambridge 

St., Natrona Heights, Pa. 15065. 
Matthews, C. Kenneth; Dist. Lay Leader; 1083 7th Ave., Waynesburg, 

Pa. 15370. 
White, Mrs. Martha; Del. to Ann. Conf.; 121 N. Main St., Punxsutaw- 

ney. Pa. 15767. 


Sec. E, Rows 14-15, Seats 10-12 

Singer, Edgar F.; Pastor; 3701 Pheasant Ln., Endwell, N. Y. 13763. 

Lukens, Robert J.; Pastor; 784 Market St., Kingston, Pa. 18704. 

Crompton, J. Rolland; Dist. Supt.; 7 Beethoven St., Binghamton, N. Y. 

*Hunt, Walter L.; Retail Merchant; 6 Church St., Unadilla, N. Y. 

Lewis, G. W.; Retired; R. D. 1, Pittston, Pa. 18643. 
Gordon, Harry M.; Realtor; 300 Gordon Dr., Clarks Green, Pa. 18411. 


Kooker, Franklin E.; Pastor; 666 Great Pond Rd., N. Andover, Maine 

Crayton, Alfred L.; Dist. Supt.; 19 Ravine Parkway N., Oneonta, 

N. Y. 13820. 
Pitcher. Philip N.; Pastor; 93 Putnam St., Tunkhannock, Pa. 18657. 
Newing, Ralph L.; Retired; 21 Hedge PL, Kingston, Pa. 18704. 
Evans, Rexford; Accountant; 108 Crestmont Rd., Binghamton, N, Y. 

Morris, Mrs. Arthur D.; Housewife; 501 S. Main St., Taylor, Pa. 


No delegates elected. 


(See Discipline, Par. 502) 
Sec. C, Row 26 

1 Grover C. Bagby, Division of Human Relations and Economic Af- 

fairs, Board of Christian Social Concerns. 

2 Richard H. Bauer, Interboard Committee on Christian Vocations. 

3 Henry M. Bullock, Editorial Division, Board of Education. 

4 J. Edward Carothers, Division of National Missions, Board of 


104 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Sec. D, Row 26 
9 Gerald L. Clapsaddle, Joint Section of Education and Cultivation, 
Board of Missions. 

10 Don A. Cooke, Council on World Service and Finance. 

11 Albea Godbold, Association of Methodist Historical Societies. 

12 Howard Greeyiwalt, Commission on Promotion and Cultivation. 

Sec. C, Row 27 

1 J. Hai'vy Haines, Methodist Committee on Overseas Relief. 

2 Hotvard Ham, Division of the Local Church, Board of Education. 

3 La ton E. Holmgren, American Bible Society. 

4 Claire C. Hoyt, Board of Pensions. 

5 John Humphrey , Interboard Committee on Missionary Education. 

6 Robert W. Huston, Commission on Ecumenical Affairs. 

7 Tracey K. Jones, Jr., Division of World Missions, Board of 


8 Alfred A. Knox, Commission on Camp Activities. 

9 Kermit L. Long, Board of Evang-elism. 

10 John R. McLa7(ghlin, Commission on Chaplains. 

11 Harry C. Spencer, Television, Radio and Film Commission. 

12 Lee F. T utile. World Methodist Council. 

Sec. D, Row 27 

1 A. Dudley Ward, Board of Christian Social Concerns. 

2 Arthur West, Commission on Public Relations and Methodist 


3 Dale White, Division of Alcohol Problems and General Welfare, 

Board of Christian Social Concerns. 

4 Myron F. Wicke, Division of Higher Education, Board of Educa- 


5 Mrs. Porter Brown, Board of Missions. 

6 Dorothy McConnell, Woman's Division, Board of Missions. 

7 Robert G. Mayfield, Board of Lay Activities. 

8 Roger Burgess, Board of Hospitals and Homes. 

9 Lovick Pierce, Methodist Publishing House. 

10 Herman Will, Jr., Division of Peace and World Order, Board of 
Christian Social Concerns. 


Sec. D, Row 27, Seat 11 
Seamans, Harry W. ; Coordinator of Organization, Liaison, Office of 
Public Services, Dept. of State. 

Sec. A, Row 14 

1 Ake, Dr. Frank W., Sec, Northeastern Jurisdiction. 

2 Jorns, Dr. E. L., Sec, South Central Jurisdiction. 

3 Powers, Dr. Merrill, Sec, North Central Jurisdiction. 

Sec. F, Row 14, Seats 1-6 


(See Discipline Par. 503) 


Sec. A, Row 14, Seat 6 
Gebhart, Robert F.; 69 Badenerstrasse (P. 0. Box 135), Zurich, 

The United Methodist Church 105 


Sec. A, Row 13, Seat 1 
No delegates elected. 


Sec. A, Row 12, Seat 1 
No delegates elected. 


Sec. A, Row 12, Seat 2 
No delegates elected. 


Sec. A, Row 13, Seat 6 
Woo, C. H.; Airline Mgr, ; c/o Pan American Airline, 501 Prince's 
Bldg., Hong Kong. 


Mcintosh, Kenneth B.; 2940 Fondren Dr., Dallas, Tex. 75205. 


Sec. A, Row 13, Seat 2 
Hecker, Adam; Dist. Supt.; Felsoerdosor 5, Budapest, Hungary. 


Sec. A, Row 13, Seat 4 


Sec. A, Row 12, Seat 3 
Daniels, Eric, 25 Pemberton Dr., Bradford 7, Yorkshire, England. 


Sec. A, Row 13, Seat 3 
Johyison, Hugh G.; Pastor; c/o Board of Missions, 475 Riverside Dr., 
New York, N. Y. 10027. 


Sec. A, Row 12, Seat 6 
Morales, Secundino; c/o Candler School of Theology, Emory Univer- 
sity, Atlanta, Ga. 30322. 


Butler, Charles 0.; Pastor; Apartado 6424, Ciudad de Panama, 


Sec. A, Row 12, Seat 5 
Davies, Miss Mair; Sarmiento 65, Trelew (Chubut), Argentina. 


Sec. A, Row 12, Seat 4 
Bunsu, Joshua; Pastor; Methodist Church, Kapit, Sarawak, Malaysia. 


Sec. A, Row 13, Seat 5 
Cole, Theodore F.; 1418 Leonard PI., Evanston, Illinois 60201. 

106 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


(See Discipline Par. 602.3, 605) 


Sec. F, Row 10, Seats 1-2 
Daronc da Silva Jodo Parahyha; Caixa Postal, 2009, Sao Paulo (SP), 

Peterson, Mrs. Mariana; Caixa Postal, 523, Juz de Fora (MG), Brazil. 


Daibert, Omar; Caixa Postal, 2009, Sao Paulo (SP), Brazil. 

Canfild, Richard dos Santos; Caixa Postal, 2.330 Curitiba (PR), 

Rodrigues, Prof. Gerson; Caixa Postal, 1.272 Campinas (SP), Brazil. 
Trindade, Sr. Norival; Caixa Postal, 2871 Curitiba (PR), Brazil. 


Sec. F, Row 10, Seats 3-4 
Lim, Bishop Si Sin; Bishop; 321 Godwin Rd., Rangoon, Burma. 
Tun Myat, U.; c/o The Methodist Church, Syriam, Burma. 


Avg, Henry; Christ Methodist Church, 3, Thukha St., Kamayut, 

Hla Sein, U.; Methodist Church, Pegu, Burma. 
Kyin Yone, Daw; 153 Baggia St., Sanchaung, Rangoon, Burma. 
Cho, U.; c/o Rev. C. F. Chu, 319 Godwin Rd., Rangoon, Burma. 


Sec. F, Row 10, Seats 5-6 


Sec. F, Row 13, Seats 1-2 
Hermanns, Sitorus; No. 8, Djalan Hang-Tuah, Medan, Sumatra, 

Hutapea, Karl; No. 1 Djalan Demak, Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia. 


Sec. F, Row 11, Seats 1-4 

H, Kiyoshi; Vice Moderator of the Kyodan Christian Center; Chris- 
tian Center, 2 Ginza, 4 Chome, Chuo Ku, Tokyo, Japan. 

Bell, Otis; Methodist Missionary; Christian Center, 2 Ginza, 4 Chome, 
Chuo Ku, Tokyo, Japan. 

Abe, Mr. Shiro; Christian Center, 2 Ginza, 4 Chome, Chuo Ku, Tokyo, 

Kawase. Miss Iseko; c/o Board of Missions, 475 Riverside Dr., New 
York, N. Y. 10027. 


Sec. F, Row 12, Seats 3-6 
Pyen, Fritz H.; Bishop of Korean Methodist Church; I. P.O. Box 1182, 

Seoul Korea. 
La, Sahaeng; Gen. Sec. Bd. of Ed.; I.P.O. Box 1182, Seoul, Korea. 
Chang, Se Whan; Businessman & Bldg. Contr.; Choong Chung Ro 

2-Ka, 99-2, Sudaimoon Ku, Seoul, Korea. 
Kim, Mrs. Chun Soochin; Prin. Pai Wha Girls H.S.; Pil Woon Dong 

12, Seoul, Korea. 

The United Methodist Church 107 


Lee, Bongku; Prin., Kwang Sung H.S.; 91-20 Shin Soo Dong, Mapo 
Ku, Seoul, Korea. 


Sec. F, Row 11, Seats 5-6 
Gomez, Jods V.; Apartado 886, Puebla, Pue., Mexico, 
de Del Toro, Mrs. Alfa R.; C. Civil 714 Norte, Monterrey, N. L., 

Flores, Mannuel V.; Antigua Tazquefia 96, Mexico 21, D. F., Mexico. 
Coronado, Dr. Hector; Rio de la Plata 225, Colonia del Valle, N. L., 


Sec. F, Row 12, Seats 1-2 


Italics denote ministerial delegates. Number indicates the Standing 
Legislative Committee to which each delegate has been assigned by 
his Annual Conference delegation. 

Where no number appears, a reserve delegate served on a Com- 
mittee in place of the delegate. 

Achberger, Mrs. Clarence E. (7) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Acheson, Robert E. (11) Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Achor Horner W. (5) Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Acher, T. E. (3) Texas (SC) 

Adams, Harry L. (10) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Ada»is, Kenneth W. (5) California-Nevada (W) 

Adams Lloyd S. (9) Memphis (SE) 

Adams, Quinton D. (4) Central Alabama (C) 

Adams, Robert H., Jr. (11) West Wisconsin (NC) 

Ade, C. H. (10) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Adrian, Paul B. (10) Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Ahlbeck, S2iyurd A Sweden (OS) 

Akamine, Ernest K. (5) Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Albertson, Gene (6) Oregon (W) 

Albrecht, Joseph H. (1) Central Illinois (NC) 

Aldrich, Charles S. (3) Western New York (NE) 

Alford, J. W Mississippi (SE) 

Allen, Mrs A. N. (11) West Virginia (NE) 

Allen, E. Leo (5) Texas (SC) 

Allen, Jack C. (2) Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Allen, L. Scott (Episcopacy) Georgia (C) 

Allen, Rav (9) Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Allman, S. H. (4) Little Rock (SC) 

Alt, Clayton (4) New York-EUB (NE) 

Alter, Chester M. (11) Rocky Mountain (W) 

Amark, Curt (1) Sweden (OS) 

Ammerman, Carl (4) Detroit (NC) 

Amnions, Edsel D. (2) Rock River (NC) 

Amoss, Howard M. (5) Peninsula (NE) 

Anderson, Hurst (11) Baltimore (NE) 

Anderson, Walter F. (5) North Carolina (SE) 

Anderson, Mrs. Winthrop (11) New England (NE) 

Andrexvs David H. (7) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Angel, Bill (5) West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Angeles, Pedro S. (7) Philippines (OS) 

Anthony, Miss Lois (14) Western Pennsvlvania (NE) 

Avpel, R.E. (G) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Appelgate. William P. (4) North Iowa (NC) 

Arant, Mrs. F. S. (2) Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Armentrout, Olin (10) Holston (SE) 

Armstrong, A. James (11) Indiana (NC) 

Asis, Benjamin (7) Northern Philippines (OS) 

Atkinson, George H. (2) California-Nevada (W) 

Austin, Jeff (13) Texas (SC) 

Averitt, James W. (6) Louisville (SE) 

Babcock, Charles I., Jr. (9) Florida (SE) 

Brackenson, Henry L. (7) Southern New Jersey (NE) 


The United Methodist Church 109 

Bailen, Gregorio R. (12) Northwest Philippines (OS) 

Bailey, A. Purnell (3) Virginia (SE) 

Bailey, Joe N., Jr. (2) North Mississippi (SE) 

Baker, Frank E. (10) Philadelphia (NE) 

Baker, Henry H. (13) Rocky Mountain (W) 

Baker, Leo L. (4) North Texas (SC) 

Ballantyne, V. A. {Q) Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

BarcHft, Chancie D. (2) North Carolina (SE) 

Barnes, Bryce Central Illinois (NC) 

Barnes, Donald (5) North Indiana (NC) 

Barnes, H. Keener (14) North Alabama (SE) 

Barnett, I. Nels (7) North Arkansas (SC) 

Earnhardt, Mrs. Leslie E. (11) Westeni North Carolina (SE) 

Barr, Mrs. C. A. (5) Southwest Texas (SC) 

Bartges, Woodroio A. (7) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Barth, Frederick H. (3) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Barto, Mrs. Kenneth S. (7) Philadelphia (NE) 

Bartram, Harvey E. (5) Montana-EUB (W) 

Basconi, Lester R. (4) Central New York (NE) 

Bashore, George W. (1) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Baskerville, M. Trevor (6) North Iowa (NC) 

Batt, Samuel (1) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Baunian, L. G. (7) Canada-EUB (NE) 

Bayliss, John ^. (2) North Arkansas (SC) 

Beams, Glen (12) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Beard. Mrs. John L. (7) North Texas (SC) 

Bearden, Robert E. L. (11) Little Rock (SC) 

Beatty, W. C Baltimore (NE) 

Beatty, William M. (4) Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Bell, Harry (deceased) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Bell, Thomas (4) New England Southern (NE) 

Belt, Mrs. Abram D. (13) Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Beltrami, Jose R. (1) Uruguay (OS) 

Beltran, Rodolfo C. (12) Middle Philippines (OS) 

Bender, Gordon R. (14) Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Benfer, Mrs. Kenneth L. (10) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Bennett, Alfred E. (9) West Virginia (NE) 

Bennett, Gordon (3) Northwest Texas (SC) 

Bergeman, Harold L. (10) lowa-EUB (NC) 

Bergland, John (13) Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Bergwall, Evan H. (13) North Indiana (NC) 

Bertholf, Lloyd M. (4) Central Illinois (NC) 

Bethea, Joseph B. (2) North Carolina-Virginia (C) 

Bickel, Hans (6) Switzerland (OS) 

Bickham, Mrs. R. W. (11) Central Texas (SC) 

Biddle, Roger E Kansas (SC) 

Biggs, Doit (6) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Biggs, George (8) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Bingham, CliflFord (13) Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Bischoff, John TF. (7) Kentucky-EUB (SE) 

Bishop, Mrs. G. O. (7) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Bishop, William E. (5) Baltimore (NE) 

Bittner, Dwight M. (4) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Bjerno, Henning (9) Denmark (OS) 

Bjork, Virgil V. (6) North Indiana (NC) 

Black, Leslie (6) Missouri East (SC) 

Black, Roy (4) North Mississippi (SE) 

Blackburn, Robert M. (4) Florida (SE) 

Blackstone, Franklin. Jr. (12) Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Blanset, Harry R. (12) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

110 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Blessing, Roy (7) West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Blethen, Harry S. (10) West Virginia (NE) 

Blctscher, Robert D Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Blickenstaff, T. C. (4) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Bly, Ned S. (7) Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Boda, Harold (3) Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Boettcher, Roy (2) Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Bohn, D. B Pacific Northwest-EUB ( W) 

Bollman, Fred G. (7) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Bond, R. H Memphis (SE) 

Bonds, Alfred B. (2) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Boobar, Lester L. (6) Maine (NE) 

Booth, Dale (3) Little Rock (SC) 

Borger, Clarence J. (6) Central Kansas (SC) 

Bosley, Harold A. (1) New York (NE) 

Bosserman, Roy E. (12) Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Bosshardt, Floyd E. (3) Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Bosshardt, 0. A. (3) California-EUB (W) 

Bott, Leroy A. (13) Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Bouldin, John R. (2) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Bowen, John (8) Ohio (NC) 

Boyd, Marvin L. (6) Northwest Texas (SC) 

Boyer, Gene (9) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Bozeman, W. Scott (3) Florida (SE) 

Bracy, Carl C. (Resigned) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Brady, Bland (2) West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Bragg, Emerson D. (6) Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Bramble, Albert F. (13) Kansas (SC) 

Bramlett, Sam (4) Texas (SC) 

Brandhorst, Mrs. Edward (11) Missouri East (SC) 

Brandyberry, A. L. (10) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Brannon, W. L. (12) South Carolina (SE) 

Brannon, William C. (8) North Alabama (SE) 

Brant, Walter R. (3) Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Bra^vn, J. Melvin (5) California-EUB ( W) 

Bray, Jerry G. (2) Virginia (SE) 

Bridges, Ramsey (6) West Virginia (NE) 

Bristow, Carroll D. (13) Baltimore (NE) 

Brooks, David W. (6) North Georgia (SE) 

Broiver, Floyd T. (5) Missouri East (SC) 

Brown, Mrs Byrle (14) Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Brown, Claude W. (8) Southwest Texas (SC) 

Brown, Miss Marion (3) Ohio (NC) 

Brown, Mrs. Norton (7) Missouri West (SC) 

Brown, Prentiss M., Jr. (12) Detroit (NC) 

Brown, Rainsford A., Sr. (10) North Iowa (NC) 

Brown, Mrs. Russell (7) Nebraska (SC) 

Brown, W Northwest Canada-EUB (W) 

Brox, H. L. (5) Canada-EUB (NE) 

Bruce, S. Duane (7) Northwest Texas (SC) 

Bruegeman, Harry (8) Canada-EUB (NE) 

Bruns, Johann M. (6) Northwest Germany (OS) 

Bryan, Monk (14) Missouri East (SC) 

Bryson, William D. (9) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Buckley, Howard (14) Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Bumpers, E. Clay (4) North Arkansas (SC) 

Burgess, Harold R. (10) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Burns, Lacy H. (Deceased) West Virginia (NE) 

Burns, Robert E California-Nevada ( W) 

Burton, William N. (7) Indiana (NC) 

The United Methodist Church 111 

Bush, Wilkie (1) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Butterhaugh, Carl (9) Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Buzzard, T. R. (2) Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Byus, William A., Jr. (4) West Virginia (NE) 

Cabrera, Ishmael Puerto Rico Provisional (NE) 

Cain, Mrs. James S. (7) Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Cain, Richard W. (6) Southern Calif.-Arizona (W) 

Caines, Mrs. A. N. (7) North Iowa (NC) 

Calata, Froilan B. (4) Northern Philippines (OS) 

Calkins, Raoul C. (1) Ohio (NC) 

Calvo, Samuel Costa Rica (OS) 

Campbell, Raymond C. (12) Holston (SE) 

Cannon, William R. (6) North Georgia (SE) 

Cansfield, Mrs. William H. (11) Detroit (NC) 

Capps, Mrs. S. V., Jr (7) North Alabama (SE) 

Carew, B. A. (14) Sierra Leone-EUB (OS) 

Carleton, Alsie H. (5) North Texas (SC) 

Carlson, V. A. (8) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Carrasco, Carlos (3) Peru (OS) 

Carrayway, James L. (8) Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Carrell, Mrs. John W. (11) California-Nevada (W) 

Carroll, Edward G. (2) Baltimore (NE) 

Carson, Robert W. (4) Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Cate, George C, Jr. (11) Tennessee (SE) 

Chacon, Arturo (1) Chile (OS) 

Chaffee, Paul V. (3) Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Chamberlain, P. Edison (5) Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Chambers, John (6) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Chambers, M. W. (13) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Chandler, George P. (8) Peninsula (NE) 

Chilcote, Thomas F. (13) Holston (SE) 

Chinn, Harvey N. {8) California-EUB (W) 

Chittum, John W. (9) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Ciampa, Donald N. (11) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Clardy, Mrs. Sara (1) Missouri East (SC) 

Clark, Alva H. (6) Nebraska (SC) 

Clark, Loren (4) Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Clay, Thomas B. (4) Western New York (NE) 

Clem, Paul L. (3) North Alabama (SE) 

Cleveland, Millard C. (8) Florida (SE) 

Clinton, (Gordon (Resigned) Pacific Northwest (W) 

Clive, Elliot D. (6) Delhi (OS) 

Close, Robert L. (13) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Clymer, Merritt (8) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Cobb, Mrs. Ed (11) Nebraska (SC) 

Cobb, Heedlie M. (3) Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Cochran, Mrs. F. Morris (7) New England Southern (NE) 

Cochran, Robert E. (11) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Coffin Waijne W. (9) Oklahoma (SC) 

Coffman, Floyd H. (2) Kansas (SC) 

Colaw, Emerson S. (6) Ohio (NC) 

Cole, Thomas W. (3) Texas (C) 

Colpitis, A. Hunter (2) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Colwell, Ernest C. (3) Southern Calif.-Arizona (W) 

Cooke, George W. (1) Western New York (NE) 

Cooke, Mrs. Monroe (1) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Cooke, R. Jervis (7) Peninsula (NE) 

Coons, Mrs. Lester V. (13) South Iowa (NC) 

Cooper, Joel A. (6) North Arkansas (SC) 

112 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Corl, Daniel D. (7) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Cotton, W. Davis (2) Louisiana (SC) 

Courtney, Robert H. (2) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Crabtree, Mrs. E. L. (7) Louisville (SE) 

Cramer, Solomon G. (1) Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Crandall, C. H. (2) Missouri-EUB (SC) 

Cravens, Sherman A. (8) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Craivford, Arthur M. (2) Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Crawford, Gene P. (13) Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Crawford, J. Howard (8) Northwest Texas (SC) 

Crawford, Nace (14) Texas (SC) 

Crawford, R. M. (4) Indian South-EUB (NC) 

Crede, Harry S. (2) Central Illinois (NC) 

Creech, Harlan L., Jr. (13) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Creighton, Russell (10) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Cressman, Paul, Sr. (4) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Crippen, James (8) Detroit (NC) 

Crompto7i, J. Rolland (3) Wyoming (NE) 

Cromwell, Thomas L. (13) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Crummey, D. Clifford (10) California-Nevada (W) 

Crump, Alphonso T^. (1) Mississippi (C) 

Crutchfield, Finis A. (6) Oklahoma (SC) 

Cryer, Donald W. (7) Ohio (NC) 

Cubbage, Mrs. Mary (2) Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Culp, Jesse A. (4) North Alabama (SE) 

Culver, Paul Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Cunningham, Francis T. (2) South Carolina (SE) 

Currie, Margaret Maine (NE) 

Citrtis, Charles M. (3) Central Kansas (SC) 

Curry, Mrs. Earl T. (11) Kentucky (SE) 

Cushman, Robert E. (6) North Carolina (SE) 

d' Almeida, Caspar Angola (OS) 

Darling, Howard H. (8) New York (NE) 

Daugherty, Robert M. (7) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Davis, George (4) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Davis, Jack, Jr. (10) Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Davis, Joseph M. (5) Central Congo (OS) 

Davis, Laurence R. (13) Nebraska (SC) 

Dean, Mrs. Barton (7) Kansas (SC) 

Deaver, L.E. (9) lowa-EUB (NC) 

Decker, Mrs. E. Moore Texas (SC) 

Decker, Kermit (13) Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Deever, Paul S. (14) Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Deibler, Walter E. (8) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Deimert, E. E. (12) Northwest Canada-EUB (W) 

DeLong, Dale (8) Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Delp, Given (14) Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Deschner, John W., Jr. (6) Southwest Texas (SC) 

DeWeese, Owen (2) North Indiana (NC) 

DeWitt, Jesse R. (2) Detroit (NC) 

Dickey, Edwin H. (6) Ohio (NC) 

Dietrich, Clyde W. (7) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Dill, R. Laurence, Jr. (2) North Alabama (SE) 

Dillard, R. L., Jr. (1) North Texas (SC) 

Dixon, Mrs. Edgar F. (7) Little Rock (SC) 

Dixon, Ernest T., Jr. (3) West Texas (C) 

Dixon, Vernon H. (4) Tennessee-Kentucky (C) 

Dodgen, Ethan W. (1) North Arkansas (SC) 

Dodson, Thurman L, (8) Baltimore (NE) 

The United Methodist Church 113 

Doenges, R. S. (4) Rocky Mountain (W) 

Doenges, William C. (10) Oklahoma (SC) 

Dominick, Frank (1) North Alabama (SE) 

Donahue, L. A Montana-EUB (W) 

Don Carlos, Waldo E. (4) South Iowa (NC) 

Donelson, Glenn E. (2) Erie-EUB (NE) 

Douglas, Carl H., Jr. (6) Virginia (SE) 

Dowd, J. A. (2) lowa-EUB (NC) 

Drake, Edward C. (7) New England (NE) 

Draker, Norman (4) Canada-EUB (NE) 

Dreier, Walter (11) Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Drennan, Merrill W. (6) Baltimore (NE) 

Drmkard, Eugene T. (14) North Georgia (SE) 

Duck, David A. (5) South Georgia (SE) 

Duifey, Paul A. (13) Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Dunbar, Mrs. Moody (9) Holston (SE) 

Dunlap, G. Alan (4) Nebraska (SC) 

Dunn, Merle A. (1) Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Dunn, Mrs. Sam A. (7) North Carolina (SE) 

Durbin, Fred C. (4) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Dutt, Fred Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Dutt, Harold (1) Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

DuVall, Ross Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Dykes, David L., Jr. (1) Louisiana (SC) 

Eady, Virgil Y. C. (8) North Georgia (SE) 

Earley, Charles M. (9) Virginia (SE) 

Easley, John (4) Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Eberly, E. P. (11) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Ebinger, Warren R. (1) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Eby, Mrs. John (7) Pacific Northwest (W) 

Eckel, Sherman B. (14) New York-EUB (NE) 

Eckels, Harry (6) West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Eckstein, D. H. (2) East Germany-EUB (OS) 

Edhwn, Clarence (8) West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Edwards, K. Morgan (6) Southern Calif.-Arizona (W) 

Egan, James A. (11) Oklahoma (SC) 

Egan, William F. (2) Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Eldridge, Edgar A. (3) Holston (SE) 

Eller, Paul H. (3) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Ellis, Charles (5) Tennessee-EUB (SE) 

Elms, Mrs. J. P. (13) Northwest Texas (SC) 

England, James L. (8) Memphis (SE) 

Engle, Damon (1) West Virginia (NE) 

Enright, Kenneth D. {!) Southern Congo (OS) 

Eplev, Lloyd (4) lowa-EUB (NC) 

Eschbaeh, Carl B. (7) Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Eschbach, George A. (11) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Estilow, U. S. (3) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Eutsler, R. Kern (6) Virginia (SE) 

Evans, Evan C. (4) Louisville (SE) 

Evans, Garrett H. (3) West Virginia (NE) 

Evers, Joseph C. (5) Southern Illinois (NC) 

Everson, Sydney C. G. (14) Ohio (NC) 

Faber, Fran H. (2) Minnesota (NC) 

Fagan, Harold (7) Texas (SC) 

Eager, Floyd (12) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Faist, F.H. (3) Canada-EUB (NE) 

Fajardo, Carlos Costa Rica (OS) 

114 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Folk, T. (4) East Germany-EUB (OS 

Fang, Chung-Nan (11) Malaysia Chinese (OS 

Farley, Thomas K. {!) Southern Calif.-Arizona (W 

Faulkner, R. W. (14) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (XC 

Faust, Carl (13) lowa-EUB (NC 

Feaver, Laurence E. (3) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC 

Fegley, D. L. (5) Eastern-EUB (XE 

Felder, Luther B. (5) Texas (C 

Fellers, Hubert (11) Ohio Miami-EUB (XC 

Ferguson, William (6) Florida (C 

Fernandez, IsmaH (11) Peru (OS 

Fields, R. E. (12) South Carolina (C 

Finch, Mrs. Russell (5) Michigan (XC 

Findley, C. R. (1) Kansas-EUB (SC 

Fiyik, Harold H. (b) Virginia (SE 

Finkbeiner. Melrin M. (11) Pacific Xorthwest (W 

Firestone, Lyman (13) Missouri West (SC 

Firth, Williatn E. (9) Baltimore (XE 

Fischer, Heinz P. (12) South Germany (OS 

Fisher, Gerald (5) Michigan-EUB (XC 

Fisher, Harry J. Western Pennsylvania-EUB (XE 

Fisher, James A. (13) Memphis (SE 

Fisher. Rov (10) Rock River (XC 

Flaming, Wilbert K Xebraska (SC 

Flaft. F. Alton (1) Memphis (SE 

Fletcher, Fremont C. (12) Minnesota (XC 

Fletcher, Robert L. (7) Southern Calif.-Arizona (W 

Flood, Harold D. (2) Philadelphia (XE 

Folsom. Jack V Xorth Texas ( SC 

Foote, Gaston (1) Central Texas (SC 

Forbes, Jaynes K. (6) Indiana (XC 

Ford, E. R. (8) Kansas-EUB (SC 

Forkner, Stanley (3) Michigan-EUB (XC 

Forsberg, Clarence J. (2) Xebraska (SC 

Foster. George A. (14) Florida (SE 

Fowler. H. Thornton (9) Tennessee (SE 

Fox, Clenzo B. (4) Ohio (XC 

Fox, William M Western Pennsylvania-EUB (XE 

France, Gordon (14) Indiana South-EUB (XC 

Franklin, Denson X. (9) Xorth Alabama (SE 

Freeman. G. Ross (13) South Georgia (SE 

Frees, Paul W. (7) Ohio East-EUB (XC 

French, Mrs. Jane (3) Ohio East-EUB (XC 

Frev. John H. (8 ) Xebraska (SC 

Fribley. Robert W. (1) Xorth Indiana (XC 

Fridy, William W. (6) South Carolina (SE 

Friesen. Ernest (Deceased) Pacific X'orthwest-EUB (W 

Frit-, Walter (5) South Germany (OS 

Frye, Elwood (1) Virginia-EUB ( SE 

Fuess, Forest 3/. (8) Northern Xew Jersey (XE 

Fuhrman, Eugene A. (4) Susquehanna-EUB (XE 

Fulk, Floyd L. (7) Virginia-EUB (SE 

Fulk. Hou-ard L. (5) Virginia-EUB (SE 

Funkhouser, E. X. (11) Susquehanna-EUB (XE 

Gachr. J. (13) South Germanv-EUB (OS 

Galang. Fidel P. (3) Middle Philippines ( OS 

Galbreath, Mrs. Charles (13) Central Illinois (XC 

Gantz, Richard H Central Illinois (XC 

Garber, Roy K. (10) Eastern-EUB (XE 

The United Methodist Church 115 

Garrett, C. Dendy (3) South Iowa (NC) 

Garrett, Mrs. William J. (3) Peninsula (NE) 

Garrison, Claude (9) Ohio (NC) 

Garrison, R. Benjamin Central Illinois (NC) 

Gasper, Francisco S. (4) Northwest Philippines (OS) 

Gautschi, E. (9) Switzerland-EUB (OS) 

Gehring, O. A. (13) Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Geihle, Merrell (3) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Geiman, Melvin, Jr. (5) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Genins, Robert (4) Pacific Northwest (W) 

Gentry, Edd W. (2) Florida (SE) 

Getz, Walter P. (10) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Gibson, Harry B., Jr. (6) Rock River (NC) 

Gibson, J. Nelson (2) North Carolina (SE) 

Giese, Milton W. (3) Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Gile, Ray (4) East Wisconsin (NC) 

Gilmore, Paul G. (9) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Gilts, George (13) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Glasgow, Francis M. (4) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Glenn, Samuel R. (10) South Carolina (SE) 

Gnadt, Helmut (7) Chile (OS) 

Goens, Ray W. (2) Texas (SC) 

Gold, Glenn (10) Florida (SE) 

Gonzales, Josue (2) Rio Grande (SC) 

Gooch, Mrs. John (3) Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Goodrich, Robert E. (9) North Texas (SC) 

Goodson, Gordon L. (5) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Goodwin, B. C, Jr. (2) New Mexico (SC) 

Goodwin, Mrs. Everett (7) Ohio (NC) 

Goodwin, Robert B. (6) Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Gordon, Harry M. (4) Wyoming (NE) 

Gordy, Delmont K. (2) Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Goto, Nathan F. (3) Rhodesia (OS) 

Graham, John H. (6) Upper Mississippi (C) 

Graham, Joseph R. (10) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Granberry, Seth W. (9) Mississippi (SE) 

Grant, Nicholas W. (7) North Carolina (SE) 

Gray, Mrs. Bruce (7) Florida (SE) 

Gray, C. Jarrett (5) Missouri West (SC) 

Gray, Mrs. Carroll (1) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Gray, Roderick E Oklahoma-Texas-EUB (SC) 

Greenwaldt, William M. (3) Central Texas (SC) 

Gridley, Mrs. John W. (13) Minnesota (NC) 

Griffin, Frederick G. (4) Belgium (OS) 

Grigsby, Harrison Liberia (OS) 

Grogan, Roy J. (4) Central Texas (SC) 

Grooters, Donald J. (5) Rocky Mountain (W) 

Grove, Mrs. D. Dwight (7) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Grove, William B. (11) Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Grumbein, Percy, Jr. (10) California-EUB (W) 

Guffick, William R. {&) Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Guinivan, Thomas W. (6) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Gurtner, Miss Charlotte (9) Central Illinois (NC) 

Gustafson, L. H. (7) California-EUB ( W) 

Guthrie, Timothy TF. (5) Northwest Texas (SC) 

Guzman, Josue R. (6) Mindanao (OS) 

Hager, Wesley H. (7) Missouri East (SC) 

Hagler, Albert D. (6) Florida (SE) 

Hague, Virgil J. (10) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

116 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Hahn, Harvey C Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Haist, Willard (10) Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Haldeman, Charles (1) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Hall, N. Guy (4) Missouri West (SC) 

Halhnan, E.E. (6) Canada-EUB (NE) 

Halstead, Paul J Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Hamburger, Irvin (5) Oklahoma-Texas-EUB (SC) 

Hamilton, Richard E. (3) Indiana (NC) 

Hammink, Harvey (12) Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Hancock, C. David (2) Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Hancock, C. Wilbourne (6) South Georgia (SE) 

Handy, William T., Jr. (6) Louisiana (C) 

Hann, Paul M. (6) South Iowa (NC) 

Hardcastle, James C. (10) Peninsula (NE) 

Hardin, Paul III (12) North Carolina (SE) 

Harding, Joe A. (13) Pacific Northwest (W) 

Hardt, John IF. (1) Texas (SC) 

Hardy, Frank (5) Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Harkness, Georgia (6) California-Nevada (W) 

Harper, George A. (11) Montana (W) 

Harper, John R. (4) Philadelphia (NE) 

Harper, Roy (4) West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Harrell, Mrs. Leighton E. (7) Baltimore (NE) 

Harriefeld, F. (3) West Germany-EUB (OS) 

Harriger, Harold 0. (1) Northwest Texas (SC) 

Harrington, Mrs. Preston (13) Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Harrington, Richard W. (7) Western New York (NE) 

Harris, Mrs. CO. (13) Indiana (NC) 

Harris, H. Ray (6) Erie-EUB (NE) 

Harris, William M., Jr. (10) North Alabama (SE) 

Harrold, Mrs. Pauline (5) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Hart, Kenneth (11) Missouri West (SC) 

Hartl, Mrs. Emil M. (4) New England (NE) 

Hartman, Mason N. (3) New England (NE) 

Harvey, Mrs. James T. (7) West Virginia (NE) 

Haugen, Cliff (8) Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Hauptman, Leo M. (11) North Indiana (NC) 

Hauser, Louis C. (4) New York (NE) 

Haverstock, Calvin B., Jr. (1) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Havighiirst, Lawrence D. (5) North Iowa (NC) 

Hawk, William G. (10) Florida-EUB (SE) 

Hawkins, J. Clinton (4) Missouri East (SC) 

Hawkins, R. P. (8) Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Hayes, Clare J. (3) Kansas (SC) 

Hayes, Melvin (4) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Hayward, Mrs. Hollis (11) Central New York (NE) 

Hazzard, Walter R. (1) Philadelphia (NE) 

Heck, J. Holland (3) Philadelphia (NE) 

Heckard, Cecil L. (2) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Hedberg, A. A. (5) Florida (SE) 

Hehr, Roy (4) Northwest Canada-EUB (W) 

Heidlebaugh, Chester R. (2) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Heim, R. Kenneth Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Heim, Richard A. {!) Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Heiple, Frank Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Heiser, Ben F. (3) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Henderson, Zach S. (11) South Georgia (SE) 

Henry, Edgar A Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Herbert, David (13) Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Herr, John D. (8) Philadelphia (NE) 

The United Methodist Church 117 

Hershberger, George (13) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Hess, Wayne C. (3) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Hetherlin, Mrs. Raich (11) Rock River (NC) 

Heyde, Forest R. (13) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Hickerson, Walter J. (8) Central Kansas (SC) 

Hickman, Victor 72, (14) South Carolina (SE) 

Hicks, L. T Oklahoma-Texas-EUB (SC) 

Hiebsch, Kenneth H Central Kansas (SC) 

Hierholzer, Elmer J. (9) Southwest Texas (SC) 

Higgins, Jack (11) West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

High, Henry R. (S) West Virginia (NE) 

Hightower, Ted (1) Louisville (SE) 

Hildebrand, Will M. (7) Southern Calif.-Arizona (W) 

Hildreth, Charles //. (5) Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Hill, Arthur E, (4) Minnesota (NC) 

Hines, Ralph C. (10) Rocky Mountain-EUB (W) 

Hinz, Lawrence (7) Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Hippel, George N. (5) Philadelphia (NE) 

Hodapp, Leroy C. (1) Indiana (NC) 

Hoffer, Paul F. (4) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Hoffman, Edward L. (7) Southern Illinois (NC) 

Holbrook. Donald E. (2) Michigan (NC) 

Hole, J. Wesley Southern Calif.-Arizona (W) 

Holler, Adlai C. (8) South Carolina (SE) 

Holler, J. C. (2) South Carolina (SE) 

Holm, Carl-Axel (2) Sweden (OS) 

Holier, Don W. (6) Kansas (SC) 

Horn, Paul E. (6) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Horton, Robert (6) Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Hostetter, Mark J. (13) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Hottle, Darrell (13) Ohio (NC) 

Houseal, Harry A. (Resigned) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Houston, Jamie G. (6) North Mississippi (SE) 

Howard, William M., Jr. (14) North Carolina (SE) 

Howe, Robert C. (10) Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Howell, Maggart B. (7) Central Texas (SC) 

Hoyt, James (11) Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Hozendorf, Connie Ray (9) Little Rock (SC) 

Hubbard, Albert T. (3) Louisville (SE) 

Hubin, Garland (9) Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Hughes, Harold H., Sr. (7) Virginia (SE) 

Hulit, Kenneth W. (2) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Hummel, D. W. (5) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Hummel, Russel P. (8) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Humphrey , John D. (3) North Mississippi (SE) 

Humphrey, Lucious A. (4) Texas (C) 

Hundley, Mrs. R. Lee (2) East Wisconsin (NC) 

Hunsberger, Ivan G. (5) Erie-EUB (NE) 

Hunt, Walter L. (9) Wyoming (NE) 

Hunter, Duncan (13) North Alabama (SE) 

Huston, Ralph B. (11) Florida (SE) 

Hutchins, Charles A. (4) Holston (SE) 

Hutchinson, Mrs. John B. (11) . . . Southern California-Arizona (W) 
Hydon, Paul V. (7) Troy (NE) 

Inis, Henry B. (13) Mindanao (OS) 

Irish. Mrs. Deane (1) West Wisconsin (NC) 

Iwaniuk, John (12) Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Jacoby, J. (9) Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Jamella, Gideon (7) Southeast Africa (OS) 

118 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

James, Stanton (7) lowa-EUB (NC) 

James, Willia7n M. (2) New York (NE) 

Jarvis, Charles S. (14) Rock River (NC) 

Jarvis, James C. (14) West Vir^nia (NE) 

Jason, William C, Jr. (9) Philadelphia (NE) 

Jeffers, E. B. (2) Tennessee-EUB (SE) 

Jefferson, A. G. (4) Virginia (SE) 

Jenkins, James (2) Oregon (W) 

Jenkins, Leo W. (11) North Carolina (SE) 

Jenkins, Warren M. (3) South Carolina (C) 

Jerome, J. E. (1) South Carolina (SE) 

Jesske, T. E. (3) Northwest Canada-EUB (W) 

John, Narsappa (3) Hyderabad (OS) 

Johnson, Andrew Erie-EUB (NE) 

Johnson, Ethel R. (3) New York (NE) 

Johnson, Henry W. (1) Southwest (C) 

Johnson, J. J., Jr. (8) Missouri East (SC) 

Johnson, Lyman S. (7) Central Kansas (SC) 

Johnson, Robert Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Johnson, Mrs. Wesley (7) Rocky Mountain (W) 

Jones, Edwin L., Sr. (2) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Jones, Ernest, Sr. (8) Indiana (NC) 

Jones, Everett R. (1) Baltimore (NE) 

Jones, G. Eliot (1) Mississippi (SE) 

Jones, Gerald H. (7) North Indiana (NC) 

Jones, Howard (5) Kentucky (SE) 

Jones, J. Paul, Jr. (14) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Jones, John B. (1) Baltimore (NE) 

Jones, L. Bevel (9) North Georgia (SE) 

Jones, Major J. (2) Tennessee-Kentucky (C) 

Jones, S. Jameson (6) Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Jongeward, Robert H. (6) Michigan (NC) 

Jordan, Bert (5) Mississippi (SE) 

Joshi, R.D. (7) North India (OS) 

Jud, Eugene F. (5) Central Texas (SC) 

Juedes, El'Nathau Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Kaatz, Torrey A. (9) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Kachel, Charles E. (12) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Kalbe, Alfred (4) South Germany (OS) 

Kallstad, Thorvald E. (11) Sweden (OS) 

Karls, Harold (1) Detroit (NC) 

Kauffman, Gerald D. (1) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Kaivadza, Jonah B. (2) Rhodesia (OS) 

Keller, A. L. (7) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Kellermann, Garfield, Jr. (13) Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Kelly, Dorsey J. (8) Oklahoma (SC) 

Kelly, Given T. (13) Virginia (SE) 

Kelso, John F. (11) Peninsula (NE) 

Kennaugh. John (7) Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Kennedy, Mrs. Everett B. (10) New York (NE) 

Kent, Harry R. (8) South Carolina (SE) 

Kessler, C. Walter (6) Troy (NE) 

Kibler, Russell (5) Indiana (NC) 

Kimbrough, R. Edwin (11) North Alabama (SE) 

Kimbulu, Paul (4) Central Congo (OS) 

King, Arnold K. (10) North Carolina (SE) 

King, John T. (2) West Texas (C) 

Kirchner, Frederick K. (1) Troy (NE) 

Kirkland, H. Burnham (9) New York (NE) 

The United Methodist Church 119 

Kirkpatrick, Dow (1) Rock River (NC) 

Kissinger, Harry P. (8) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Klump, Ralph (4) Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Knupp, Robert E. (4) Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Koenig, Robert W. (11) Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Kreager, Max W South Iowa (NC) 

Kruckenherg, L. A. {!) Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Kreidler, Clair C. (11) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Krueger, Delton H. (7) Minnesota (NC) 

Kunkel, Gordon S. (13) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Kurth, Laivrence (14) Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Kyle, George A Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Lambeth, M. Thomas (1) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Lance, Bert (10) North Georgia (SE) 

Landis, 0. F. (11) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Landis, Theodore E. (12) Virginia (SE) 

Landrum, D. L. (10) Texas (SC) 

Lane, Irvin H. (U) Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Lang, Francis (12) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Lank, Richard A. (10) Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

LaPlante, Walter (7) Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Laraba, Forest W. (4) New Hampshire (NE) 

Large, Dwight S. (9) Detroit (NC) 

Larmonth, W. Glenn (4) Northern New York (NE) 

Larson, E.J.{1) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Larson, Roy W. (8) Rock River (NC) 

Laskey, William J. (4) Rock River (NC) 

Lau, Cliffoi-d (4) West Wisconsin (NC) 

Lay, Robert P. (9) Louisiana (SC) 

Laylin, Edward H Ohio (NC) 

Layton, Charles R. (14) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Lease, Milo (8) lowa-EUB (NC) 

Leatherman, Wayne (12) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Ledebur, Gilbert (4) Erie-EUB (NE) 

LeFevre, DeWitt C. (8) Northern New York (NE) 

Leggett, J. Willard, Jr. (6) Mississippi (SE) 

Leininger, Paul M. (3) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Lembke, Glenn L. (4) Southwest Texas (SC) 

Leonard, Mrs. James M. (11) Ohio (NC) 

Letts, J. Meade (10) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Lewis, G. W Wyoming (NE) 

Lewis, William B. (6) Southern Illinois (NC) 

Liechty, Clarence (9) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Liesemer, Neioell (11) Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Lightner, George S. (7) Virginia (SE) 

Lim, Peter S. T. (12) Malaysia Chinese (OS) 

Limbaugh, Luther (10) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Lindgren, Alvin J. (13) East Wisconsin (NC) 

Lindsey, Julian A. (8) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Lippert, William J. (10) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Little, Thomas M. (10) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Livengood, Marion Central Kansas (SC) 

Locher, Donald R. (13) Southern Calif.-Arizona (W) 

Loesch, Warren A. (7) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Long, Nat G North Georgia (SE) 

Lorch, Basil H., Jr. (12) Indiana (NC) 

Lord, Lemuel K. (1) New England (NE) 

Lovern, J. Chess (5) Oklahoma (SC) 

Lowater, Donald (8) Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

120 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Lowery, Joseph E. (2) Central Alabama (C) 

Lo7jd, W. Harold (6) Central Illinois (NC) 

Liieg, Carl F., Sr. (6) Louisiana (SC) 

Lueptow, Ora (4) Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Lukens, Robert J Wyoming (NE) 

Lundy, Mrs. Kenneth Central New York (NE) 

Lusby, L. D. (9) Tennessee-EUB (SE) 

Lutrick, Charles E. (2) Northwest Texas (SC) 

Liitz, Clayton F. (5) Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

MacCano7t, R. R. (12) lowa-EUB (NC) 

Madison, J. Clay (1) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Maibach, Paul (12) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Mann, Charles L Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Mann, Robert T. (1) Florida (SE) 

Manning, Charles C. (10) Virginia (SE) 

Marks, Oscar (7) Rocky Mountain-EUB (W) 

Marlow, H. LeRoy (3) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Marsh, Charles F. (13) South Carolina (SE) 

Marshall, Justin E. (12) Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Martin, James I. (5) East Wisconsin (NC) 

Marty, Wayne (3) lowa-EUB (NC) 

Marvin, John E. (3) Detroit (NC) 

Massie, Hugh (9) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Masters, Harry V. (3) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Mathenv, Thomas H. (11) Louisiana (SC) 

Mathison, H. Paid (9) Alabama- West Florida (SE) 

Mattheiv, Gleyin E. (13) Central Kansas (SC) 

May, Thomas (10) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Mayer, Paul O. (7) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Mayes, Allen M. (8) Texas (C) 

McAninch, Donald H. (13) New Hampshire (NE) 

McCallum, Mrs. William H. (12) Rock River (NC) 

McCartt, Spurgeon (5) Holston (SE) 

McCleskey, Wayne H. (6) Texas (SC) 

McClure, Oren F. (9) Central Kansas (SC) 

McCormick, Paul R. (3) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

McCoy, Paul E. (6) Peninsula (NE) 

McCracken, Edgar W. (8) North Iowa (NC) 

McCracken, Howard (5) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

McCune, Robert <7. (6) Central New York (NE) 

McDavid, Harry E. (7) Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

McDavid, Joel D. (3) Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

McDonell, C. Durward (7) Florida (SE) 

McEoiven, Charles A. (2) Missouri West (SC) 

McGill, Mrs. Ruth (7) Erie-EUB (NE) 

McGough, Kent Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Mclntyre, John (1) Rocky Mountain ( W) 

McKay, Orville H. (6) Detroit (NC) 

McLarty, Emmett K., Jr. (14) Western North Carolina (SE) 

McMahan, Donald F. (3) Northwest Indiana (NC) 

McMillan, Mrs. Norris (13) Southwest Texas (SC) 

McMillan, Orval (4) Missouri-EUB (SC) 

McQuary, Thomas (10) Louisville (SE) 

Meadows, William A Florida (SE) 

Mehl, Ernest (1) Missouri West (SC) 

Mehl, Mrs. Ernest (3) Missouri West (SC) 

Meier, LeRoy (4) North Dakota (NC) 

Mellgren, Wesley (10) Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Mendoza, Jaime Bolivia (OS) 

The United Methodist Church 121 

Mentzer, Warren F. (11) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Merrow, Arthur S. (11) Western New York (NE) 

Merryman, K. K. (9) Indiana South-EUB (NO 

Messmer, William K. (1) Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Metcalf, Kenneth E. (1) North Iowa (NC) 

Metzel, Mrs. George (1) Oklahoma (SC) 

Metzger, Merritt (4) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Mever, Samuel L. (3) Ohio (NC) 

Michael, Lyle J. (3) Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Michael, Marion S. (3) Baltimore (NE) 

Michels, Charles (1) West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Middlebrooks, Bob W. (2) North Texas (SC) 

Millen, George K Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Miller, Richard W. (1) East Wisconsin (NC) 

Milne, W. Arthur (10) Ohio (NC) 

Misaion. James J. M. (2) Southern Calif.-Arizona (W) 

Mitchell, Eric A. (1) Bombay (OS) 

Mitchell, Roland (9) Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Modisher, Donald E. (6) Western New York (NE) 

Moeller, Romane G, (4) Rocky Mountain-EUB (W) 

Moffat, Arthiir T. (5) Western Pennsvlvania-EUB (NE) 

Mohr, /. (7) West Germany-EUB (OS) 

Momberg, Paul B. (10) Ohio (NC) 

Montgomery, Edward (9) North Alabama (SE) 

Moody, C. LeGrande, Jr. (7) South Carolina (SE) 

Moody, Melvin A. (3) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Moon, Robert W. (1) California-Nevada (W) 

Moore, A. D. (12) Texas (SC) 

Moore, A. Raymond (Resigned) North Georgia (SE) 

Moore, Eugene J. (14) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Moore, Farris F. (2) Tennessee (SE) 

Moore, John V. (13) California-Nevada (W) 

Moore, L. R. (8) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Moore, Lester L. (7) South Iowa (NC) 

Moore, R. Inman, Sr. (8) Mississippi (SE) 

Moore, Richard V. (3) Florida (C) 

Moore, Roy C. (9) South Carolina (SE) 

Moorehead, Lee C. (1) Ohio (NC) 

Moorhead, Edwin E. (4) Mississinni (SE) 

Morgan, Max M. Pacific Northwest-EUB ( W) 

Morgan, R. Kenneth (Deceased) Tennessee (SE) 

Morris, Clarence P. (8) North Carolina (SE) 

Morrison, William W. (5) North Dakota (NC) 

Morse, Melveme C Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Master, Rolf (6) Norway (OS) 

Mount, Mrs. J. H. (13) Southern Illinois (NC) 

Mouser, Vinson M. (8) Louisiana (SC) 

Mowery, R. G. (4) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Moyer, C. I. (4) Kansas (SC) 

Mozumdar. Miss Kumudini (3) Bengal (OS) 

Muelder, Walter G. (6) New England (NE) 

Mull, Wallace L. (10) Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Muller, Walter (9) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Mumford, Robert J. (4) Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Mund, A. W. (3) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Mund, Fred W. (13) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Mundhenke, Mrs. Milton (3) Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Murbach, John (2) Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Murphy, C. Edwin (3) Nebraska (SC) 

Murray, Chester South Georgia (SE) 

122 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Myers, Paul E. (5) Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Myers, T. Cecil (5) North Georgia (SE) 

Mylin, Maynard W. (10) Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Nance, Charles Liberia (OS) 

Ndala, Gedeon Southern Congo (OS) 

Nelson, Mrs. Dorothy (3) Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Nelson, J. Robert (11) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Nestler, Frank H. (8) Central Illinois (NC) 

Netterville, George L. (2) Louisiana (C) 

Neumann, N. C. (6) Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Nicely, George W. (9) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Nichols, Frank A. (11) North Iowa (NC) 

Nichols, John B. (6) Alabama- West Florida (SE) 

Nichols, Lloyd C. (2) Rocky Mountain-EUB (W) 

Nichols, Ray H. (9) Northwest Texas (SC) 

Nichols, Roy (7) New York (NE) 

Nicholson, R. Herman (6) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Nielsen, Robert H. (5) Denmark (OS) 

Nietz, Ed (1) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

North, Jack B. (3) Central Illinois (NC) 

North felt, Merlyn W. (13) Rock River (NC) 

Nunnally, Donald J. (2) Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Nutter, P. H West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Nyberg, Dennis F. (1) Minnesota (NC) 

Obaugh, William R. (2) Florida-EUB (SE) 

Obinger, E. M Pacific Northwest-EUB ( W) 

O'Dell, A. Glen (6) Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Oden, Tal (4) Oklahoma (SC) 

Odo7n, Warren G. (2) Central New York (NE) 

Odon, Louis O. (8) Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Olexa, John F. (1) Erie-EUB (NE) 

Oliphint, Benjamin R. {3) Louisiana (SC) 

Olson, Lawrence (4) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Oot, Arthur B., Jr. (6) Northern New York (NE) 

Orr, J. Herbert (4) Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Orr, Verne, Sr. (9) Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Ortman, Ervin (7) South Dakota (NC) 

Orton, Hubert E. (4) Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Osborn, John F. (8) Ohio-Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Osborne, Rolland (11) Rocky Mountain-EUB (W) 

Outler, Albert (6) North Texas (SC) 

Owen, Mrs. Richard H., Ill (14) Virginia (SE) 

Packer, Bruce (13) Montana-EUB (W) 

Page, Carlos C. (13) Michigan (NC) 

Palmer, J. Richard North Iowa (NC) 

Palmer, Robert J. (7) South Carolina (C) 

Pantelis, Jorge Bolivia (OS) 

Parker, Clarence E. (9) North Iowa (NC) 

Parks, W.S. (5) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Parks, W. S. (4) South Georgia (SE) 

Parlin, Charles C. (2) Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Parrott, Glenn R. (5) South Iowa (NC) 

Parmar, Rameshchandra E. (4) Gujarat (OS) 

Patial, Mrs. M. D. (10) North India (OS) 

Patterson, D. S. (2) Baltimore (NE) 

Patton, Russell R. (2) Kentucky (SE) 

Pearce, George F., Jr. (13) Louisiana (SC) 

The United Methodist Church 123 

Peck, David (2) West Virginia (NE) 

Peck, W. Prentice (8) Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Peiffer, H. S. (I) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Pennington, Chester A. (3) Minnesota (NC) 

Penrod, J. 0. (1) . : Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Perkins, Rnal T. (11) Louisville (SE) 

Persons, William R. (6) Rocky Mountain (W) 

Peters, Lloyd A. (13) Oklahoma (SC) 

Peterson, Arden (1) Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Petticord, Paid F. (3) Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Pfaltzgraff, P. O. (11) lowa-EUB (NC) 

Pfeiffer, Mrs. Alvin B. (7) Rock River (NC) 

Pfeiffer, Walter (7) Central Germany (OS) 

Phillips, Charles W. (8) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Phillips, Randall C. (10) Southern Calif.-Arizona (W) 

Pieters, Andre J. (2) Belgium (OS) 

Pinkard, Calvin Af. (1) North Alabama (SE) 

Pitcher, Dale E. {12) Central Illinois (NC) 

Pohly, Kenneth H. (14) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Poole, Gregory K. (2) Missouri East (SC) 

Pope, Joseph W., Jr. (1) Virginia (SE) 

Pope, Mrs. Rex North Indiana (NC) 

Porter, Ediuard H. (14) Baltimore (NE) 

Poppe, Odin (4) Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Porter, Harold T. (6) Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Post, John £". (6) New England Southern (NE) 

Potter, Truman W. (5) West Virginia (NE) 

Potthoff, Harvey H. (Z) Rocky Mountain (W) 

Potts, Edgar A. (11) Virginia (SE) 

Pounds, R. L. (2) Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Pounds, W, A. Texas (SC) 

Praetorius, E. Russell (6) Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Presley, Isaac P. (4) Upper Mississippi (C) 

Preusch, Robert W. (2) New York (NE) 

Price, Mrs. Earl W. (7) Detroit (NC) 

Price, Robert R. (14) Oklahoma (SC) 

Prigmore, L. T. (1) Holston (SE) 

Proctor, George H. Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Property George R. (13) Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Prosch, Marion (4) Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Purdham, Charles B. (11) Minnesota (NC) 

Purdy, Burt (5) North Alabama (SE) 

Quickel, Harold W. (8) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Rae, John V. Hulasi (7) Madhya Pradesh (OS) 

Ragsdale, Ray W. (5) Southern Calif.-Arizona (W) 

Rainwater, Henry M. (10) North Arkansas (SC) 

Raju, D. Sundara (10) South India (OS) 

Ramer, Lloyd W. (6) Memphis (SE) 

Ranck, Ezra H. (3) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Rankin, Harry V. (8) Texas (SC) 

Rasmussen, Karl (8) Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Rathod, Raijibhai M. (6) Gujarat (OS) 

Rau, Mrs. Alvin South Dakota (NC) 

Rayburn, Russell (11) Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Ready, W. J. (4) South Carolina (SE) 

Reavley, Tom (1) Southwest Texas (SC) 

Redmond, Donald E. (7) Southwest Texas (SC) 

Reeves, Edwin E. (2) Southern Calif.-Arizona (W) 

124 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Reeves, Richard E. (14) Central Illinois (NC) 

Rein, John D. (2) New York-EUB (NE) 

Rein, W. J. R. (10) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Reuben, GuntuPalli (7) Hyderabad (OS) 

Reynolds, Paul C. (9) Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Rice, Spencer M. (11) South Carolina (SE) 

Richardson, Mrs. Clarence W. (5) Minnesota (NC) 

Richardson, Ted /. (3) Southwest Texas (SC) 

Richer, George M. (14) Southwest Texas (SC) 

Rickey, Henry A. (5) Louisiana (SC) 

Rico, Tomas S Puerto Rico Provisional (NE) 

Riddick, Roland P. (8) Virginia (SE) 

Riddle, Earl W. (3) Idaho (W) 

Riedinger, Johannes (6) South Germany (OS) 

Riggs, Donald A lowa-EUB (NC) 

Riley, Negail R. (2) Southwest (C) 

Riley, Sumpter M., Jr. (5) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Rilling, Mrs. Walter (10) Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Rios, Roberto E. (2) Argentina (OS) 

Ritchey, William H. (2) Pacific Northwest (W) 

Ritchie, Carl G. (4) Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Ritter, Ralph (8) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Rixse, John H., Jr. (4) Virginia (SE) 

Robb, Don S. (8) Troy (NE) 

Robbins, Carl M. (3) Memphis (SE) 

Robbins, Cecil W. (1) North Carolina (SE) 

Roberts, I. Joseph Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Roberts, Sherwood S. (4) Delhi (OS) 

Robertson, Frank L. (3) South Georgia (SE) 

Robey, William T., Jr. (3) Virginia (SE) 

Rode, Ryszard (4) Poland (OS) 

Roderick, Raymo7id L. (12) Baltimore (NE) 

Rogers, Mrs. Floyd (10) West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Rohlfs, Clans H. (11) Southwest Texas (SC) 

Roker, D. R. (5) Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Rooks, John J. (9) Florida (SE) 

Rose, Harold E. (4) Oregon (W) 

Roser, D. (5) Switzerland-EUB (OS) 

Ross, Mrs. Edwin A. (10) Baltimore (NE) 

Rote, S. Eugene (13) Erie-EUB (NE) 

Roudebush, Roy R. (3) North Indiana (NC) 

Roulhac, Joseph D. (8) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Rowe, Earl N. (6) Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Ruark, Henry G. (13) North Carolina (SE) 

Rufer, Gerald (8) Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Ruff, William H. (7) North Georgia (SE) 

Rupert, Hoover (5) Detroit (NC) 

Rupert, Thomas W. (4) Central Kansas (SC) 

Russell, John W. (2) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Russell, Leon (9) North Carolina (SE) 

Russell, R. L. (14) lowa-EUB (NC) 

Rutland, John E. (7) North Alabama (SE) 

Rutter, Kenneth P. (13) Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Ryser, Ernst (9) Switzerland (OS) 

Sagar, Sisa M. (Resigned) Agra (OS) 

Samuel, John V. (6) Indus River (OS) 

Samuel, Kariappa (6) South India (OS) 

Sander, Harvey H. (6) South Dakota (NC) 

Sanders, Carl J. (9) Virginia (SE) 

The United Methodist Church 125 

Sargeant, John (5) Florida (SE) 

Satterfield. John C. (2) Mississippi (SE) 

Savage, William E. (4) Kentucky (SE) 

Smvyer, John R. (13) Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Sayre, Charles A. (9) Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Schaad, Loyd Angola (OS) 

Schafer, O. E. (2) California-EUB (W) 

Schaff, Lester (3) Central New York (NE) 

Schauble, Johannes (5) Central Germany (OS) 

Schiele, Rudolf (4) Southwest Germany (OS) 

Schilling, Marvin A. (6) East Wisconsin (NC) 

Schlender, Melvin C. (7) Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Schmidt, Chris W. (4) California-EUB (W) 

Schneider, Carl M. (5) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Schneider, E. C. (6) California-EUB (W) 

Schneidereit, Harry (4) Northeast Germany (OS) 

Scholer, Vern (4) Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Scholz, Ernst (5) Northeast Germany (OS) 

Schreckengost, George E. (13) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Schroeder, Clarence (13) Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Schroeder, Harvey J. (1) Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Schubert, Milton V., Jr. (4) North Indiana (NC) 

Schultz, Elmer A. R. (13) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Schulz, Willard W. (6) Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Schupp, Oscar G. (13) Missouri East (SC) 

Schuster, Albert F. (4) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Schwartz, Charles D. (13) Troy (NE) 

Schweppe, Harvey (13) Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Schwiebert. Erwin H. (1) Idaho (W) 

Scott, Charles S. (1) Kansas (SC) 

Scott, J. Frank (3) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Scott, Mrs. Wavne C. (7) Oklahoma (SC) 

Scranton, Walter L. (11) New York (NE) 

Searle, John C, Sr. (2) Ohio Sanduskv-EUB (NC) 

Sears, Mrs. Edward E. (13) North Iowa (NC) 

Sease, Gene E. (6) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Seiler, Ralph H. (6) New Mexico (SC) 

Sengo, Samuel S Southeast Africa (OS) 

Shaffer, H. P. (13) West Virginia (NE) 

Shaffer, Ray N West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Shamblin, J. Kenneth (2) Texas (SC) 

Shannon, Charles E. (10) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Shashaguay, Bernard (4) Michigan (NC) 

Shearer, Daniel L. (2) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Shearer, Paul V. (2) South Iowa (NC) 

Shearer, Wilson A. (3) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Shepherd, Garth (14) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Sherring, Samuel B. (5) Moradabad (OS) 

Shockley, John R. (2) Peninsula (NE) 

Shoemaker, Wayne E. (2) North Iowa (NC) 

Shore, Philip L., Jr. (S) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Shroyer, Lawton W. (4) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Simpson, Keith B Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Singer, Edgar F. (11) Wyoming (NE) 

Singh, Martin H. (12) Lucknow (OS) 

Singh, Prem P. (3) Madhya Pradesh (OS) 

Singh, Ratbhan (3) Lucknow (OS) 

Singh, Robert C. (4) Moradabad (OS) 

Slothour, Edward (11) Kentucky-EUB (SE) 

Slutz, Leonard D. (2) Ohio (NC) 

126 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Smith, C. J. (6) South Carolina (C 

Synith, Eugene L. (1) Northern New Jersey (NE 

Smith, H. Travers (11) Maine (NE 

Smith, Holiday H. (2) Holston (SE 

Smith, Irving L. (3) Oklahoma (SC 

Smith, J. Castro (11) Tennessee-EUB (SE 

Smith, Noel Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC 

Smith, Rex C. (6) Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC 

Smith, Robert M. (4) Western North Carolina (SE 

Smith, Robert W. (2) Oklahoma (SC 

Snow, Dudley V. (4) Louisiana (SC 

Smjder, F.W. (2) Northwest Canada-EUB (W 

Soltman, John C. (14) Pacific Northwest (W 

Somers, George E. (7) Bengal (OS 

Soynmer, Carl E. (2) Southwest Germany (OS 

Sone, Law Central Texas (SC 

Spaiford, Mrs. Frieda (7) Michigan-EUB (NC 

Spahr, David R. (5) Western Pennsylvania (NE 

Spangler, A. C. (7) Eastern-EUB (NE 

Spears, R. Wright (3) South Carolina (SE 

Stambach, Arthur W. (5) Susquehanna-EUB (NE 

Standard, Fondest L. (6) Missouri West (SC 

Stamm, Charles Indiana North-EUB (NC 

Stark, Jay, Jr. (4) Florida-EUB (SE 

Staubach, William T., Jr. (5) New York (NE 

Steele, Ralph S. (5) Northwest Indiana (NC 

Steele, Sam (4) New Mexico (SC 

Steele, William S Holston (SE 

Steffner, John E. (8) Holston (SE 

Stein, Clarence (9) Florida-EUB (SE 

Stengel, Leonard (9) Dakota-EUB (NC 

Stetler, Roy H., Jr. (6) Susquehanna-EUB (NE 

Sticher, H. (6) South Germany-EUB (OS 

Stiller, Homer (5) Kansas-EUB (SC 

Stockton, Ralph M Western North Carolina (SE 

Stokes, Mack B. (6) Holston (SE 

Stolte, Robert H. (14) Susquehanna-EUB (NE 

Stone, Lloyd (4) Tennessee (SE 

Stone, Philip (14) Indiana South-EUB (NC 

Stovall, Travis New Mexico (SC 

Stover, Kenneth (6) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC 

Straight, Leslie (11) New York-EUB (NE 

Streeter, Emmett T. (1) Nebraska (SC 

Strickland, Arvarh (8) Rock River (NC 

Strickland, Don (9) Texas (SC 

Strickland, W. Earl (12) North Georgia (SE 

Strother, W. Bruce (13) Tennessee (SE 

Strutz, Reuben R Montana-EUB (W 

Strutz, Robert H. (2) Dakota-EUB (NC 

Susat, Edward (4) Indiana (NC 

Sutton, William A. (4) North Georgia (SE 

Sweazy, Albert W. (6) Kentucky (SE 

Stveet, Charles R. (6) Minnesota (NC 

Szczepkoivski, Joseph (11) Poland (OS 

Taetz, S. B. (5) Northwest Canada-EUB (W 

Taj, Mangal D. (4) Indus River (OS 

T albert, Melvin G. (4) Southern Calif. -Arizona (W 

Tan, Chee-Khoon (1) Malaya (OS 

Tarr, Burton F. (3) New York (NE 

The United Methodist Church 127 

Tate, Willis M. (3) North Texas (SC) 

Taylor, Blaine E. (9) New England (NE) 

Taylor, Mrs. Charles (7) Indiana South-EUB (NG) 

Taylor, Eben (5) South Carolina (SE) 

Taylor, Mrs. Ethan L. (13) North Georgia (SE) 

Taylor, Laivrence (14) Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Taylor, Mrs. Robert M. (7) Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Teagle, Ernest H. (1) Southern Illinois (NC) 

Teague, Otto W. (5) Little Rock (SC) 

Teigland, Einar (3) Norway (OS) 

Tennant, John W. (7) Michigan (NC) 

Thomas, Clement W. (4) Bombay (OS) 

Thomas, John (7) Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Thomas, S. H Sierra Leone-EUB (OS) 

Thompson, Everett K. (4) Southern Illinois (NC) 

Thompson, Gordon G. (3) North Georgia (SE) 

Thompson, Lionel (10) Detroit (NC) 

Thornal, Campbell (12) Florida (SE) 

Thornburg, Richard A. (6) New York (NE) 

Thornton, B. I. (8) South Georgia (SE) 

Thorpe, Robert M. (5) Pacific Northwest (W) 

Thurman, Arthur V. (3) California-Nevada (W) 

Tombaugh, Reid (10) Central Illinois (NC) 

Toombs, Laivrence (Resigned) Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Torres, Ovidio R. (4) Argentina (OS) 

Tousant, Mrs. Emma S. (8) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Transom, Mrs. G. E. (13) New York (NE) 

Trotter, F. Thomas (11) Southern Calif.-Arizona (W) 

Trout, Clair (2) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Troutman, William C. (4) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Truax, Lyle (1) Pacific Northwest (W) 

Tuell, Jack M. (6) Pacific Northwest (W) 

Tullis, Edward L. (7) Kentucky (SE) 

Turnage, Roy L. (4) North Carolina (SE) 

Turner, Burty A. (4) Agra (OS) 

Tuttle, Robert G. (5) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Tutwiler, E. C, Jr. (3) Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Tyso7i, Lorenzo D. (6) North Alabama (SE) 

Underwood, Walter L. (13) North Texas (SC) 

Unger, Allen L. (13) Rocky Mountain-EUB (W) 

Upham, Walter E. (2) Maine (NE) 

Upton, Sam (4) Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Utzman, A. B. (5) Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Vandegriff, Paul M. (11) Ohio (NC) 

VanDyke, Orville (11) Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Van Ornum, Carlton G. (3) Northern New York (NE) 

Van Sickle, John R. (9) Rock River (NC) 

Varce, H. A. (6) lowa-EUB (NC) 

Varnell, Sam N. (14) Holston (SE) 

Vaughan, William C. (13) Virginia (SE) 

Veale, William H. (12) New York (NE) 

Verdiii, Douglas F. (14) New York (NE) 

Vessey, Robert G. (1) South Dakota (NC) 

Vogel, Henry W. (6) Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Vosburg, Frederick C. (14) Detroit (NC) 

Wagner, William S. (1) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Wahrenbrock, Lester G. (13) Southern California-Arizona (W) 

128 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Wake, Lloyd K. (14) California-Nevada (W) 

Walker, Clyde Oregon (W) 

Walker, J. Everett (8) California-Nevada (W) 

Walker, James M. (2) Southwest Texas (SC) 

Walker, Marion R. (12) Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Walker, Morris D. (9) Central Texas (SC) 

Walker, W. Roland (10) Virginia (SE) 

Walker, William (3) Oregon ( W) 

Walkup, Elbert E. (6) Tennessee (SE) 

Wallace. George C. (12) Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Waller, Mrs. Raymond W. (7) Tennessee (SE) 

Walley, F. Lewis (6) Philadelphia (NE) 

Walter, Paul D. (3) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Waltman, Al N. (5) North Mississippi (SE) 

Ware, Mrs. Carl E. (2) Ohio (NC) 

Warman, John B. (1) Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Warner, E. D. (13) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Waterfield, Donald A. (4) Troy (NE) 

Watson, Mrs. D. E. (5) Central Kansas (SC) 

Watson, Mrs. Russell 0. (7) Oregon (W) 

Weaver, L. Stacy (3) North Carolina (SE) 

Weaver, R. Bruce (6) Central Texas (SC) 

Webb, L. Paul, Jr. (1) North Georgia (SE) 

Webber, Frank (4) California-Nevada (W) 

Weber, Charles B. (6) Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Webster, O. K. (9) Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Weems, Mrs. H. V. (13) Florida (SE) 

Weldon, Wilson O. (11) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Wertz, D. Frederick (3) Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Wheatley, Melvin E., Jr. (3) Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Whitcraft, James H. (4) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

White, Albert L., Jr. (5) Virginia (SE) 

White, Charles D Western North Carolina (SE) 

White, E. McKinnon (1) Nevi' England Southern (NE) 

White, L. L. (1) . Southern California-Arizona (W) 

White, William D. (5) Rock River (NC) 

White, Woodie W. (13) Detroit (NC) 

Whitten, Dolphus, Jr. (12) Oklahoma (SC) 

Wiant, Howard J. (6) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Wichelt, John F. (6) Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Widmyer, George S. (8) Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Wilcox, Katherine (1) Michigan (NC) 

Wilcox, Robert L. (11) Holston (SE) 

Wilcoxon, Francis M. (2) Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Wilken, A. E. (5) lowa-EUB (NC) 

Williams, A. Cecil (9) California-Nevada (W) 

Williams, George R. (7) North Mississippi (SE) 

Williams, Mrs. J. E. (7) South Georgia (SE) 

Willia77is, L. Stanley (2) Central Texas (SC) 

Williaynson, James F. (13) Oklahoma-Texas-EUB (SC) 

Willson, James M., Jr. (4) Northwest Texas (SC) 

Wilson, J. Frederick (9) South Georgia (SE) 

Wilson, T. R. (4) Georgia (C) 

Wilson, Winslow M. (6) West Wisconsin (NC) 

Winchester, Clarence M. (9) North Carolina-Virginia (C) 

Winne, Donald (7) California-Nevada (W) 

Winter, F. Hanser (14) Missouri West (SC) 

Winter, J. Britain (14) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Wintle, Mrs. Fred (9) Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Wix, Robert (4) Montana (W) 

The United Methodist Church 129 

Wolf, John D. (1) Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Wolfensberger, Homer (13) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Wood, George S. (2) Louisville (SE) 

Woodard, Fred 0. (4) Mississippi (C) 

Woods, William F. (2) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Woolworth, Mrs. Ernest (3) Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Wooviei; James A. (1) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Wright, A. A. (8) Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Wright, Alton R Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Wright, George A. (2) South Georgia (SE) 

Wright, James W. (3) Michigan (NC) 

Wright, M. M. (2) Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Wright, Samuel R. (5) Ohio (NC) 

Wrightsel, Kenneth E. (12) Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Yancey, Charles L. (2) Memphis (SE) 

Yap, Kim-Hao (7) Malaya (OS) 

Yeargan, Mrs. Victor B. (7) North Georgia (SE) 

Yenerich, Wallace (9) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Yoak, Harold West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Young, J. Otis (9) Ohio (NC) 

Younghlood, Russell (1) Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Yu, Teck Soi (13) Sarawak (OS) 

Zagray, Allan H. (6) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Zebarth, Herbert E. (11) Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Zechman, Harry W. (5) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Zehner, Henry W. (2) Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Zepeda, J. P. (7) Rio Grande (SC) 

Zeuner, Wallher (2) Northwest Germany (OS) 

Ziegler, Wilbur C. (2) New England (NE) 

Zimmerman, Paul (7) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Zimmerman, Virgil (4) Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Zoppolo. Cesar (2) Uruguay (OS) 

Zorn, George L. (1) South Georgia (SE) 

Zuniga, Clemente M. (5) Philippines (OS) 


Italics denote Ministerial Delegates. Number indicates the Standing 
Legislative Committee on which a reserve delegate served in place of 
a regular delegate. 

Abben, Ben North Iowa (NC) 

Abel, Paul F New York (NE) 

Ader, Joe K Southwest Texas (SC) 

Advincula, Marcelino C Mindanao (OS) 

Airhart, Robert E. (Transferred) Kentucky-EUB (SE) 

Ake, Mrs. Frank W Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Albritton, Walter M Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Aldred, Torrence W Western North Carolina (SE) 

Alexander, Charles K Northwest Texas (SC) 

Allen, Charles L Texas (SC) 

Allen, Mrs. J. T. (1) Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Allen, Mrs. V. B North Indiana (NC) 

Allen, W. Fred Michigan (NC) 

Alley, Raymond A Florida (SE) 

Allin, Willard S Minnesota (NC) 

Almond, Lawrence F New England Southern (NE) 

Alsobrook, W. Aubrey South Georgia (SE) 

Amtower, Norman E Southera California-Arizona (W) 

Anderson, Harvey E. (12) Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Anderson, Robert L Kentucky (SE) 

Anderson, Roy L Montana ( W) 

Anderson, Thoburn W Rock River (NC) 

Angevine, Jerry F Erie-EUB (NE) 

Angles, Adolf o Bolivia (OS) 

Appleby, William F North Mississippi (SE) 

Appling, W. A Northwest Texas (SC) 

Arbaugh, Robert N Missouri West (SC) 

Archer, John North-East Ohio (NC) 

Archer, Leslie C Central Illinois (NC) 

Armitstead, Austin H New York (NE) 

Armstrong, Robert D Central Illinois (NC) 

Arterburn, Mrs. Haskel E Louisville (SE) 

Artsberger, A. T West Virginia (NE) 

Ash, Otis Missouri East (SC) 

Atkinson, Lawrence G Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Atkinson, Sidney H New York (NE) 

Ault, James M Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Avery, Keith T. Michigan (NC) 

Avina, Miguel F Rio Grande (SC) 

BackMis, Harry W., Ill Virginia (SE) 

Bailey, Orin Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Baker, Don M. Michigan (NC) 

Bakhsh, Safdar Q. Indus River (OS) 

Baldwin, Clarence W Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Ballard, Charles W Indiana (NC) 

Bane, Wilford V Central Texas (SC) 

Bannez, Ruben C Northern Philippines (OS) 

Bar, Johannes Central Germany (OS) 

Barnhouse, Mrs. Bolon North-East Ohio (NC) 

Barth, George R Eastern-EUB (NE) 


The United Methodist Church 131 

Barton, Charles A New York (NE) 

Barton, Roy D Rio Grande (SC) 

Basta, Mrs. James Rock River (NC) 

Baun, Mrs. Ted California-Nevada (W) 

Beanian, Charles G., Jr Western North Carolina (SE) 

Bean, Frank Kentucky (SE) 

Bear, Orval L Central Illinois (NC) 

Beasley, Charles A North Arkansas (SC) 

Beck, Kenneth O Minnesota (NC) 

Becker, Richard L Kansas (SC) 

Beckford, Leivis H Maine (NE) 

Beeman, Paul J . Pacific Northwest (W) 

Beisiegel, Karl Southwest Germany (OS) 

Benedyktoivicz, Witold Poland (OS) 

Bennet, Benjamin Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Bennet, Herbert R North Iowa (NC) 

Bennett, T.N West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Bennet, William W Central Illinois (NC) 

Berg, Barrel E Nebraska (SC) 

Berg, David Sweden (OS) 

Beverly, F. J., Jr South Georgia (SE) 

Bhatty, A. Q Indus River (OS) 

Bickell, Charles A. L Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Biesiada, Halina Poland (OS) 

Bishop, Bruce H. (12) .Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Bishop, Julius F North Georgia (SE) 

Black, William B. (4) Memphis (SE) 

Blackball, James A Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Blackwell, Derwood L Texas (SC) 

Blaising, Melville O North Indiana (NC) 

Blankenbaker, Wilmer A Virginia (SE) 

Boettcher, Mrs. E. H East Wisconsin (NC) 

Bogenrief, James (1) lowa-EUB (NC) 

Boggs, Robert C Florida (SE) 

Boissen, Rafael B Puerto Rico Provisional (NE) 

Boleyn, Charles North Georgia (SE) 

Bond, Nye O Nebraska (SC) 

Booker, Charles J Central Alabama (C) 

Boone, Walter W Western North Carolina (SE) 

Booth, Glenn C California-Nevada (W) 

Bostwick, W. E South Georgia (SE) 

Bosivell, Hamilton T California-Nevada (W) 

Boswell, Robert N California-Nevada ( W) 

Boucher, A. Ford (4) Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Bourland, Roger East Wisconsin (NC) 

Bowen, Theodore R Baltimore (NE) 

Boyer, Gerald S New York-EUB (NE) 

Boynton, Miss Mary Jane (5) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Brabham, Angus M., Jr South Carolina (SE) 

Branscomb, Louise North Alabama (SE) 

Brashares, Wesley E Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Brasher, Julius L Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Breland, A, Dan Mississippi (SE) 

Bremer, Jack W. (11) Kansas (SC) 

Bridgers, Robert E Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Bridwell, Marshall A North Arkansas (SC) 

Bristah, James W Detroit (NC) 

Britt, Charles R Alabama- West Florida (SE) 

Bright, J. Russell Detroit (NC) 

Broome, Allan R South Carolina (SE) 

132 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Brown, Bernard L South Georgia (SE) 

Brown, Frank E Pacific Northwest (W) 

Brown, Joseph Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Brotvn, Merle O Northern New York (NE) 

Brown, Paul E Holston (SE) 

Brown, Paul L Montana (W) 

Brow7i, Robert D Missouri West (SC) 

Brown, William E., Sr New York (NE) 

Brown, William, T North Carolina-Virginia (C) 

Broyles, Merle D Detroit (NC) 

Bryant, R. Or man Virginia (SE) 

Bryant, Thomas Indiana (NC) 

Budd, Henry G Central New York ( NE) 

Budd, W. Candler North Georgia (SE) 

Bugg, Robert W North Alabama (SE) 

Buhler, Donald F Southern California- Arizona (W) 

Burdick, Harold A Erie-EUB (NE) 

Burgess, J. Rowland, Jr North Georgia (SE) 

Burkhart, George C Florida (SE) 

Burnette, Voris H Memphis (SE) 

Burney, Harry L Florida (C) 

Burr, R. Hudson Florida (SE) 

Burres, Mrs. Paul W Kansas (SC) 

Burrous, Kermit North Indiana (NC) 

Burtner, Robert W Oregon ( W) 

Butler, Fred G Baltimore (NE) 

Butler, J. Weldon Northwest Texas (SC) 

Butler, Randle R New Mexico (SC) 

Butterworth, Frank E Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Buttimer, Thomas A Philadelphia (NE) 

Butts, Thomas L., Jr Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Byler, Robert A Ohio (NC) 

Byrd, William Rocky Mountain (W) 

Caine, Donald North Dakota (NC) 

Caldwell, Robert P Western North Carolina (SE) 

Caldwell, Mrs. Thomas A Southwest Texas (SC) 

Calhoun, Frank A Tennessee ( SE) 

Cannon, H. Leroy California-Nevada (W) 

Cardose, Zacarias Angola (OS) 

Carlsen, Eigil M Denmark (OS) 

Carlton, Arthur M Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Carlyon, D. J Detroit (NC) 

Carper, John H Western North Carolina (SE) 

Carruth, Paul North Carolina (SE) 

Carter, Clifford Ohio (NC) 

Carver, Donald L North Iowa (NC) 

Cate, Lee A Tennessee-EUB (SE) 

Catlin, Dale Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Catterall, Mrs. James California-Nevada (W) 

Chadwick, Mrs. James Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Chadwick, W. C North Carolina (SE) 

Chandler, Hartivell F Peninsula (NE) 

Chandler, William H South Carolina (SE) 

Chase, Irving F Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Cheng, Yang-Kao Sarawak (OS) 

Cherry, Clinton M Philadelphia (NE) 

Chew, Peter G. P Sarawak (OS) 

Childs, Carl (8) Erie-EUB (NE) 

Chiles, Paul D Ohio (NC) 

The United Methodist Church 133 

Christianson, Lyle T Minnesota (NC) 

Christy, John H., Jr Western North Carolina (SE) 

Churchill, Kelly East Wisconsin (NC) 

Clark, Duncan A North Mississippi (SE) 

Clark, Mrs. E. J Ohio (NC) 

Clark, Mrs. Lamar S Texas (SC) 

Clark, W. Russell Northern New York (NE) 

Clay, Russell E Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Clegg, Mrs. Charles R North Georgia (SE) 

Cleveland, Weyman R South Georgia (SE) 

Clifford, Gordon K Maine (NE) 

Coad, Richard P Ohio (NC) 

Coats, Orville A Idaho ( W) 

Cobb, Ross A New York (NE) 

Coe, Mrs. Elizabeth West Texas (C) 

Coffman, John A Troy (NE) 

Cogar, Mrs. Jeanette West Virginia (NE) 

Collier, Otis L. Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Collins, Christopher North-East Ohio (NC) 

Collins, Claude R West Virginia (NE) 

Collins, Thomas A North Carolina (SE) 

Coltrane, David S North Carolina (SE) 

Contee, Earl N. North Carolina-Virginia (C) 

Cook, Mrs. Raymond Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Cooke, Jack Louisiana (SC) 

Cooke, Richard L Louisiana (SC) 

Cooper, Earle N Troy (NE) 

Cooper, Kenneth Alabama- West Florida (SE) 

Cooper, Lawrence (8) Southern California- Arizona (W) 

Cooper, Lawrence D Indiana (NC) 

Copeland, Kennard B Central Texas (SC) 

Copper, Arthur Alabama- West Florida (SE) 

Coronado, Hector Methodist Church of Mexico (OS) 

Cosby, J. W Califomia-EUB (W) 

Cottingham, Mrs. T. J North Alabama (SE) 

Cotton, Clare M Florida (SE) 

Coulter, H. Russell Central Illinois (NC) 

Cowan, J. C, Jr Western North Carolina (SE) 

Cox, J. Henry Central Illinois (NC) 

Cox, Navarro Texas (SC) 

Crawford, Mrs. Mary G Texas (C) 

Crayton, Alfred L. (6) Wyoming (NE) 

Criswell, Harold W Indiana (NC) 

Crocker, Robert B Rock River (NC) 

Crumbley, Thorton A Oregon ( W) 

Cuaresma, Mrs. Consuelo Southern California- Arizona (W) 

Gulp, D. P North Alabama (SE) 

Gulp, James (4) Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Culpepper, Mrs. Olive West Virginia (NE) 

Cummings, Mrs. C. Clifford Rock River (NC) 

Cunningham, S. Willa7-d North Iowa (NC) 

Curl, R. F Southwest Texas (SC) 

Curl, William E. North Alabama (SE) 

Curry, John W., Sr South Carolina (C) 

Curtis, Myers B North Arkansas (SC) 

Cutshall, Robert Southern California- Arizona (W) 

Dahlquist, Mrs. G. Albin New England Southern (NE) 

Dahins, J.V Canada-EUB (NE) 

Dale, Francis L Ohio (NC) 

134 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Damon, H. Walter North-East Ohio (NC 

Daniel, Diamond R Malaya (OS 

Daniel, Harold T North Georgia (SE 

Darrow, Frederick M. Central New York (NE 

Daval, Christo D. Moradabad (OS 

Davenport, Geneva Southern Illinois (NC 

Davidson, Barney L North Carolina (SE 

Davidson, John H Virginia (SE 

Davis, Alan J. North-East Ohio (NC 

Davis, Carlos W Texas (SC 

Davis, Dean F. (10) Central Texas (SC 

Davis, Doris Southern Illinois ( NC 

Davis, Elwood Southern New Jersey (NE 

Davis, Harold M Peninsula (NE 

Davis, Hooker D Southern New Jersey (NE 

Davis, Mrs. Leland G Western New York (NE 

Day, George H Ohio (NC 

Day, Robert F Pacific Northwest-EUB (W 

Deal, Homer S Idaho (W 

Deal, Marcus J. C Western North Carolina (SE 

Dealing, Howard Northern New York (NE 

deAlvarez, Ruth Fetis Chile (OS 

Decker, Clyde A., Jr Virginia (SE 

DefFebach, Lyle Northwest Texas (SC 

DeForest, Mrs. Elbert (11) Central Kansas (SC 

Delahooke, James K North Iowa (NC 

Delia, Harold W lowa-EUB (NC 

Dement, Frank E., Jr Mississippi (SE 

DesAutels, William W Michigan (NC 

Descamps, Maurice E Belgium (OS 

Desper, Cecil Missouri-EUB (SC 

DeWire, Harry D Susquehanna-EUB (NE 

DeWire, Norman Detroit (NC 

Diaz, Mrs. Carmela de Peru (OS 

Diaz, Roberto Costa Rica (OS 

Dicken, John R. North Indiana (NC 

Dickhaut, John W Ohio (NC 

Dickhaut, Walter R., Sr Ohio (NC 

Dickinson, William H North Texas (SC 

Dille, Robert West Virginia-EUB (NE 

Dirks, Warren Rocky Mountain (W 

Dixon, John A Louisiana (SC 

Dixon, W. Edge Ohio (NC 

Doak, D. Wesley Oklahoma (SC 

Dodder, Robert T. (1) South Iowa (NC 

Doering, Martin Northeast Germany (OS 

Doggett, Carroll A., Jr Baltimore (NE 

Donaho, John Southwest Texas (SC 

Donelson, F. Eugene Erie-EUB (NE 

Donnenwirth, 0. A. (12) Ohio (NC 

Dorsey, Harold W Kentucky (SE 

Dougherty, Glenn Indiana (NC 

Dougherty, Paul B North Indiana (NC 

Dover, Mrs. Hazel (10) Ohio Miami-EUB (NC 

Drake, Mrs. M. M Tennessee-Kentucky (C 

Drake, M. Richard North-East Ohio (NC 

Drake, Orris L South Iowa (NC 

Dryden, Kenneth H Nebraska (SC 

Dubois, Hugh Missouri West (SC 

Dudley, E. M. (6) Western North Carolina (SE 

The United Methodist Church 135 

Duecker, Sheldon North Indiana (NC) 

Diiffie, George S., Sr South Carolina (SE) 

Duke, Charles D. Mississippi (SE) 

Dunham, Mrs. Melerson G Mississippi (C) 

Dunkle, Stanley Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Dunlap, James Edward Little Rock (SC) 

Dunn, Roy S Calif ornia-EUB (W) 

Dunn, William L Baltimore (NE) 

Durham, Donald W Kentucky (SE) 

Eardley, James G North-East Ohio (NC) 

Early, Joyce V North Carolina (SE) 

Easter, Paul M Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Eastridge, Miss Nancy Central Kansas (SC) 

Eaton, Harry B Virginia (SE) 

Ebers, Albert Nebraska (SC) 

Edge, Claude Texas (SC) 

Edwards, Alonzo C North Carolina (SE) 

Edwards, Herman Tennessee-EUB (SE) 

Edwards, Joseph T. Detroit (NC) 

Eggensperger, Harold O. North Arkansas (SC) 

Egli, Stanley Rocky Mountain-EUB ( W) 

Eich, Foster Alabama- West Florida (SE) 

Filing, CD. North Iowa (NC) 

Ellington, William D Pacific Northwest (W) 

Ellis, S. Blake Maine (NE) 

Ellis, Matt L North Arkansas (SC) 

Engleman, Mrs. Keith Rocky Mountain ( W) 

English, Mrs. Charles Central Kansas (SC) 

Eppley, Paul Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Epps, Anderson C. (1) Georgia (C) 

Erdmann, E.W Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Erck, Frederick Southwest Texas (SC) 

Erickson, William Erie-EUB (NE) 

Ernst, J. Henry Pacific Northwest (W) 

Erwin, Richard C North Carolina- Virginia (C) 

Espie, John C. Minnesota (NC) 

Ether, Horace F Philadelphia (NE) 

Eubank, Graham S North Carolina (SE) 

Evans, Daniel F Indiana (NC) 

Evans, Paul F., Sr Western North Carolina (SE) 

Evans, Rexford Wyoming (NE) 

Evans, Ross M West Virginia (NE) 

Ewald, Edward L Baltimore (NE) 

Swing, Harold W North-East Ohio (NC) 

Fade, Donald H California-Nevada ( W) 

Farr, Joyce W California-Nevada (W) 

Farris, Buford Southwest Texas (SC) 

Fast, Jennings H. West Virginia (NE) 

Faubion, Mrs. E. Maurice (11) Texas (SC) 

Featherson, R. Jack Oklahoma (SC) 

Felts, Clay Oklahoma (SC) 

Fenn, G. Lemuel New Mexico (SC) 

Fenner, Donald D Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Fenstermacher, George North Indiana (NC) 

Fergus, Eldridge North Carolina (SE) 

Ferree, James W North Carolina-Virginia (C) 

Ferrer, Cornelia M Northwest Philippines (OS) 

Fichter, Joseph W Ohio (NC) 

136 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Fields, Mrs. Anita L Tennessee-Kentucky (C) 

Figgs, Clyde P Virginia (SE) 

Finch, George D Western North Carolina (SE) 

Fischer, Fritz South Germany (OS) 

Fishbein, Harry Canada-EUB (NE) 

Fisher, John New England (NE) 

Fitzgerald, Ernest A Western North Carolina (SE) 

Fleming, Durwood Texas (SC) 

Fletcher, Dennis R Philadelphia (NE) 

Flores, Manuel V Methodist Church of Mexico (OS) 

Fogelman, C. M., Jr Central Kansas (SC) 

Foote, Edward W Minnesota (NC) 

Ford, Floyd M Tennessee (SE) 

Fore, Sam L Southwest Texas (SC) 

Foster, Donald A South Carolina (SE) 

Fox, Donald T Rocky Mountain ( W) 

Fowler, Conrad North Alabama (SE) 

Fowler, Leroy Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Fox, Miss Anna L Central Illinois (NC) 

Francis, John R Detroit (NC) 

Freeman, W. C Virginia (SE) 

Friedrich, Paul A. Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Frost, Charles E North-East Ohio (NC) 

Frost, Wilfred T Oregon ( W) 

Fulbright, Homer H North Arkansas (SC) 

Funkhouser, Clyde Southern Hlinois (NC) 

Gacutan, Ezekias G Northwest Philippines (OS) 

Gailey, Mrs. Joe Missouri West (SC) 

Games, William Ohio (NC) 

Card, Orin P Ohio (NC) 

Garrett, T. Morgan Central Texas (SC) 

Gattinoni, Carlos T Argentina (OS) 

Gattinoni, Eduardo J Argentina (OS) 

Gausdal, Hans Norway (OS) 

Gehring, Oscar Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Geissbuhler, Th Switzerland-EUB (OS) 

Gentry, Willard Detroit (NC) 

Georg, Mrs. H. L. (2) Central Kansas (SC) 

George, Anchula T Hyderabad (OS) 

Gerster, H. C Canada-EUB (NE) 

Gessner, Mrs. Benjamin A Kansas (SC) 

Getchell, Stanley A. (1) Maine (NE) 

Getz, J. H Canada-EUB (NE) 

Ghitalia, Jack P Central Illinois (NC) 

Gihhs, Rollin P Western North Carolina (SE) 

Gibson, Worth W North Arkansas (SC) 

Gilbert, Ron Oklahoma (SC) 

Gilchrist, Frayik Florida-EUB (SE) 

Gill, Khuda Dad Indus River (OS) 

Gilmore, Bryan C Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Ginns, C. Homer New England Southern (NE) 

Gleitsman, Joseph W Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Glenn, Mrs. George W Central Kansas (SC) 

Gloor, F Switzerland-EUB (OS) 

Godwin, Charles West Virginia (NE) 

Goldman, Leon (Resigned) Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Goldston, C. Wade North Carolina (SE) 

Gonzalez, Fernando L Puerto Rico Provisional (NE) 

Gordon, Robert M Central Kansas (SC) 

The United Methodist Church 137 

Gourley. W. J. Godfrey New England Southern (NE) 

Gray Frank M. Southern California- Arizona (W) 

Gray. Ralph M North-East Ohio (NC) 

Gravbeal. H. C ,Holston (SE) 

Graybill. Lewis ^ ,;. • .^}W^^^ (SE 

Green Lester E Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Greene, Je/^se S New England (NE) 

Greenlee. Mrs. B. M Flonda-EUB (SE) 

Greer, W. E Texas (SC) 

Gregory, Kermit C Central Illinois (NC) 

Grier, Joe D „ ■ -^^0^?^^ (C) 

Griffin, Ben H South Georgia (SE) 

Griffin, Carlean T Upper Mississippi (C) 

Griffin, Jacques Belgium (OS) 

Griffith, Mrs. John Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Griggs, Ulysses S., Sr Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Grimes, Lawrence Pacific Northwest (W) 

Grinager, Lloyd K South Dakota (NC) 

Gronlund, Hal (7) Central Illinois (NC) 

Gsell, Theo Switzerland (OS) 

Guiang, Conrado Mindanao (OS) 

Gums. Mrs. Reuben Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Guthrie, W. Nelson, Sr North Alabama (SE) 

Gwyer, Herbert L Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Hager, Alfred D. Kansas (SC) 

Hager, Cornelius R Kentucky (SE) 

Hagiya, Paul Rocky Mountain ( W) 

Haqood. Delma- L North Georgia (SE) 

Haley, Elmer N Troy (NE) 

Hall, Aaron D Florida (C) 

Hall, Carl Little Rock (SC) 

Hall, Miles A., Jr Oklahoma (SC) 

Hall, Myron Oregon (W) 

Hamilton. J. Wallace Florida (SE) 

Hammond. Clayton E Peninsula (NE) 

Hancock. Euqene H North Iowa (NC) 

Handcock, Maurice M Peninsula (NE) 

Hankins. James E Holston (SE) 

Hanks, Stanley G Minnesota (NC) 

Hanna, Mr-^. Lloyd (5) Central Illinois (NC) 

Hansen, John T Central Illinois (NC) 

Hansen, T.en R Erie-EUB (NE) 

Hansen, Wilfred New York (NE) 

Hanson, Mrs, Harold B New York (NE) 

Hardin, Edward L Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Hardin, H. Grady Texas (SC) 

Harding, Richard E New England (NE) 

Harkness, Leonard L Minnesota (NC) 

Harrell, Lvman C Virginia (SE) 

Harris, Therman Oklahoma (SC) 

Harris. WaUer P., Sr Louisiana (SC) 

Hart, J. Rirhnrd California-Nevada (W) 

Hartsell, Woodrow W Western North Carolina (SE) 

Harvey, Earl E North Texas (SC) 

Hathaway, OiJ^e L North Carolina (SE) 

Hattaway, Willin.m L Texas (SC) 

Haua, Edward R Louisiana (SC) 

Hauk, Horace B., Sr Holston (SE) 

Hawkins, James W Tennessee (SE) 

138 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Hayes, Ralph (3) Mississippi (SE) 

Hayes, Robert E Texas (C) 

Hays, Doyle Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Hayward, C. Douglas California-Nevada (W) 

Head, Lewis N. Florida (SE) 

Hearn, Charles L. Central Texas (SC) 

Hefner, Cecil G. Western North Carolina (SE) 

Helgesson, Alf Southeast Africa (OS) 

Hemphill, William, Jr Peninsula (NE) 

Henninger, F. LaMont Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Henricks, Q. E California-EUB (W) 

Henry, Williatn R Oklahoma (SC) 

Henton, Jack H. Memphis (SE) 

Herbert, Chesley C, Jr. (12) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Herbert, Hugh S. Montana (W) 

Herbert, Rembert B South Carolina (SE) 

Hermann, E South Germany-EUB (OS) 

Herr, Mrs. Philip C Philadelphia (NE) 

Heyward, John W South Carolina (C) 

Hickman, Hoyt L. Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Higgins, D. Rayborn Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Higgins, Walter M Oregon (W) 

Hildyard, Hobart R Kansas (SC) 

Hill, Robert D California-Nevada (W) 

Hillme, Herbert W Missouri West (SC) 

Hileman, Ralph Detroit (NC) 

Hillis, Raymond Little Rock (SC) 

Hinely, E. A South Georgia (SE) 

Hirabhai, Mithalal Gujarat (OS) 

Hirschman, Russell Indiana (NC) 

Hiser, Carl W Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Hoch, Clarence L Troy (NE) 

Hogeboom, Floyde E Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Holbrook, John W Kentucky (SE) 

Holt, D. W Western North Carolina (SE) 

Holte, Alfred O Pacific Northwest (W) 

Homer, Robert L Central New York (NE) 

Hood, Dixon Memphis (SE) 

Hooper, Mrs. Joel W Central Texas (SC) 

Hopkins, Martin W Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Hopkins, Mrs. Thomas J Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Horner, William H Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Hostetter, Russell R Eastem-EUB (NE) 

Houston, Mrs. Colin Detroit (NC) 

Howe, Robert B Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Howell, Forest W Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Howell, Mrs. James P California-Nevada (W) 

Howes, John B. (2) Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Howsare, Mrs. Leora Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Hoy, Russell North-East Ohio (NC) 

Hubbard, George W Missouri East (SC) 

Huffman, E. C Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Hitggin, James G., Jr Western North Carolina (SE) 

Hull, Mrs. Olyn F North-East Ohio (NC) 

Hulse, Minard E Rock River (NC) 

Hundley, George R North Alabama (SE) 

Hundley, Joe A. (1) Tennessee (SE) 

Hunt, C. H Tennessee (SE) 

Hunt, Clark Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Hunt, Frederick W Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

The United Methodist Church 139 

Hunt, Kenneth W Ohio (NC) 

Hunter, C. Pershing New York (NE) 

Kurd, E. Don South Carolina (SE) 

Hutcherson, Guy K. South Georgia (SE) 

Hutcherson, Lyon B., Sr. Louisville (SE) 

Hyde, Mrs. Jean Southern California- Arizona (W) 

Igo, Dale California-EUB (W) 

Imle, Mrs. E. F New Mexico (SC) 

Ingling, George Ohio (NC) 

Ingram, Osmond K North Carolina (SE) 

Innis, Frank Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Ireland, Melvon L Nebraska (SC) 

Iverson, Mrs. A Detroit (NC) 

Jack, Collins L. Southern Illinois (NC) 

Jackson, James R Georgia (C) 

Jackson, John H Rocky Mountain (W) 

Jackson, Rhett South Carolina (SE) 

Jackson, Mrs. T. A. Virginia (SE) 

Jackson, Warren Angola (OS) 

Jackson, Willis North Georgia (SE) 

Jacobs, George E Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Jacobs, Harry, Jr. Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Jacoby, Wilbur A. (12) California-Nevada (WJ 

James, Feltham S South Carolina (SE) 

James, Harry Indus River (OS) 

James, Trigg, Sr Holston (SE) 

James, William E Louisville (SE) 

Jeffers, Willard Tennessee-EUB (SE) 

Johnson, Basil L Central Kansas (SC) 

Johnson, Carroll Mississippi (SE) 

Johnson, Elmer C North Alabama (SE) 

Johnson, Evan R New England Southern (NE) 

Johnson, John G Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Johnson, Joseph T. Rock River (NC) 

Johnson, Leslie H. New England (NE) 

Johnson, Norman R Georgia (C) 

Johnson, O. E Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Johnson, Mrs. Ruleph A Philadelphia (NE) 

Johnston, Joseph S. Virginia (SE) 

Johnston, Kenneth C Missouri West (SC) 

Jolley, Delbert E Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Jones, William M North Mississippi (SE) 

Jones, Worrell M Philadelphia (NE) 

Jones, Z. Glen Missouri West (SC) 

Jones, Robert G Ohio (NC) 

Jordan, David L Bengal (OS) 

Joshi, Purrusnotam R Bombay (OS) 

Juane, Lingkod A Philippines (OS) 

Jury, John S Detroit (NC) 

Justice, Milton C North Texas (SC) 

Kahl, Norman F West Wisconsin (NC) 

Kalaf, Walter N Florida (SE) 

Kalas, Ellsworth J West Wisconsin (NC) 

Kale, W. Arthur Western North Carolina (SE) 

Kane, Mrs. C. G Missouri East (SC) 

Kanjundu, Frederic Southern Congo (OS) 

Kao, Jih-Eng Malaysia Chinese (OS) 

140 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Karsten, Clare W Minnesota (NC 

Katayama, Roy Northwest Indiana (NC 

Kay, W. Eugene (11) Oklahoma-Texas-EUB (SC 

Kear, Donald Ohio (NC 

Keeffe, William R New Hampshire (NE 

Keese, William A Baltimore (NE 

Kellam, Harold B Virginia (SE 

Keller, Edward M East Wisconsin (NC 

Kelley, Mrs. John E Western New York (NE 

Kelley, L. Clarence East Wisconsin (NC 

Kelly, Warren G West Virginia ( NE 

Kelso, Earl F Florida (SE 

Kemper, John Q Kentucky (SE 

Kerns, Willis A Minnesota (NC 

Kesler, N. Robert Southern California- Arizona (W 

Kess, Theodore W Baltimore (NE 

Key, W. R South Georgia (SE 

Kidd, Charles O Virginia (SE 

Kirk, R. Luther Northwest Texas (SC 

Knecht, David F North Dakota (NC 

Knight, Mildred A New Hampshire (NE 

Kooker, Franklin E Wyoming (NE 

Koons, Earl W Baltimore (NE 

Kraatz, Alvin L., Sr New York-EUB (NE 

Krause, Guenter Northeast Germany (OS 

Krueger, Arthur South Dakota (NC 

Krupe, Carroll Pacific Northwest-EUB (W 

Kuhl, Werner Northwest Germany (OS 

Kuhler, Warren G. (11) South Dakota (NC 

Lacaria, John S West Virginia (NE 

Lackey, A. Glenn Western North Carolina (SE 

Lain, T. LeRoy Southwest Texas (SC 

Lambert, Ralph G Philadelphia (NE 

Lamhertson, J. Paul Western Pennsylvania (NE 

Lance, Joseph R Delhi (OS 

Lander, Richard N New York (NE 

Lane, Ival Indiana South-EUB (NC 

Lang, Gilbert C Rocky Mountain (W 

Lanning, Dean (3) Northern New Jersey (NE 

Lantrip, James W Louisville (SE 

LaPoint, Francis R Southern California- Arizona (W 

Larrowe, Lawrence Troy (NE 

Laskey, Mrs. Glenn E Louisiana (SC 

LaSuer, Donald F North Indiana (NC 

Lau, Kuok-Ding Sarawak (OS 

Lavery, Milton M Troy (NE 

Law, James G Central Pennsylvania (NE 

Lawrence, Marquis W. North Carolina (SE 

Lawrence, Mrs. Melvin E New England (NE 

Lee, Alfred K Sarawak (OS 

Lee, Maurice E., Jr North Texas (SC 

Lee, Vernon Northern New Yoi-k (NE 

Lehwald, Herman A Missouri East (SC 

Lein, Woldemar Northwest Germany (OS 

Lennartson, Walter S Rock River (NC 

Leslie, Dana California-Nevada (W 

Lewis, Edward B Baltimore (NE 

Lightner, A. LeRoy Philadelphia (NE 

Lindell, Sixten E. (8) Sweden (OS 

The United Methodist Church 141 

Lindstrom, David E Central Illinois (NC) 

Ling, Tung Chang Sarawak (OS) 

Lippman, Roland A Southern Illinois (NC) 

Little, Mrs. Frank Pacific Northwest ( W) 

Litton, Ray Kentucky (SE) 

Litwiller, William Rock River (NC) 

Llenado, Abigael Middle Philippines (OS) 

Loeppert, Henry V Rock River (NC) 

Long, Maurice K South Iowa (NC) 

Lord, Charles E California-Nevada ( W) 

Lord, Kenneth Virginia (SE) 

Love, Elza L Texas (SC) 

Love, J. C Louisiana (SC) 

Lovett, Wallace W North Alabama (SE) 

Lowe, Donald L Southern Illinois (NC) 

Lowe, Jonathan West Virginia (NE) 

Loyd, H. Brown Central Texas (SC) 

Luke, Wayne (8) Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Luman, Fred Missouri East (SC) 

Lundy, John T Holston (SE) 

Lurwick, George C Philadelphia (NE) 

Lushbough, Bruce C South Dakota (NC) 

Lyle, G. L Florida (SE) 

Lyles, Paul T Memphis (SE) 

Lyman, Howard A Michigan (NC) 

Lynn, Hawley B South Carolina (SE) 

Lytle, D. Russell Missouri East (SC) 

McAnally, Tom Nebraska (SC) 

McBee, Melvin Virginia-EUB (SE) 

McCall, Kenneth Missouri West (SC) 

McClinton, Clark C North Arkansas (SC) 

McClung, Mrs. Sam Nebraska ( SC) 

McConnell, Sam P Holston (SE) 

McConnell, Taylor Rocky Mountain ( W) 

McCreless, Sollie E Southwest Texas (SC) 

McDaniel, Preston W Memphis (SE) 

McFall, Carl Oklahoma (SC) 

McGowan, Mrs. C. B Louisiana (SC) 

McGrath, Kenneth Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Mcintosh, Kenneth B Hong Kong Provisional (OS) 

McKay, Samuel, Jr Peninsula (NE) 

McKelvey, Leon Southern New Jersey (NE) 

McKelvey, Paul Detroit (NC) 

McKim, Rollen E South Georgia (SE) 

McLelland, William C Mississippi (SE) 

McLeod, David South Carolina (SE) 

McMillan, L. Roger Mississippi (C) 

McNier, Mrs. George Central Illinois (NC) 

McPheeters, Chilton C Southern California-Arizona (W) 

McWhirter, Edgar P South Carolina (SE) 

Maberry, Alvin T South Iowa (NC) 

Mabuce, Mrs. John O Western New York (NE) 

Machado, Abel P California-Nevada (W) 

Mack, James South Carolina (C) 

Mackay, James A North Georgia (SE) 

Macwan, Daniel D Gujarat (OS) 

Maetche, A. W Northwest Canada-EUB (W) 

Magnum, Mrs. Orin Peninsula (NE) 

Magsig, Lewis E. (7) Montana-EUB ( W) 

142 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Mahon, Eldon Northwest Texas (SC) 

Main, Art Missouri West (SC) 

Mall, Samuel D Indus River (OS) 

Mallery, John Erie-EUB (NE) 

Malone, Frank D North Alabama (SE) 

Maim, George M Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Mann, Robert Central New York (NE) 

Mannasmith, C. H South Iowa (NC) 

Mariano, Roberto Uruguay (OS) 

Marble, Robert V Madhya Pradesh (OS) 

Marima, William F Rhodesia (OS) 

Marks, Charles H Northern New York (NE) 

Marquardt, Mrs. A. R Nebraska (SC) 

Marsh, Jeff Missouri West (SC) 

Marsland, Irving A., Jr New York (NE) 

Martin, Harold C North Alabama (SE) 

Martin, Stanley H West Virginia (NE) 

Mason, L. Keith Louisiana (SC) 

Massey, Daniel B Moradabad (OS) 

Mathes, W. C Oklahoma (SC) 

Mathews, Elmer Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Matthaei, Paul Central Kansas (SC) 

Matthaei, Mrs. Paul Central Kansas (SC) 

Matthews, C. Kenneth Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Matthews, Ray H., Jr South Carolina (SE) 

Matthews, William H South Iowa (NC) 

Manck, Donald M Ohio (NC) 

Mayer, Theodore C North-East Ohio (NC) 

Mayo, George W. (10) South Georgia (SE) 

Mead, Mrs. Charles (5) Nebraska (SC) 

Mealiff, Lester C North Iowa (NC) 

Mears, John M North Carolina (SE) 

Medlock, Melvin K South Carolina (SE) 

Meier, Walter Northwest Canada-EUB (W) 

Meinhardt, W East Germany-EUB (OS) 

Mejias, Cosme Costa Rica (OS) 

Melrose, Lester (12) Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Mercer, Charles H North Carolina (SE) 

Merritt, Paul Northern New York (NE) 

Mettlirig, Carl G Rock River (NC) 

Metzger, Paul O Minnesota (NC) 

Mevis, Reid Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Michalson, Gordon E Central Illinois (NC) 

Mick, Billee S West Virginia (NE) 

Middaugh, Bruce L Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Mikkelsen, John H Nebraska (SC) 

Miles, E. Loyal Central Kansas (SC) 

Miller, Alton S Peninsula (NE) 

Miller, C. Glenn Central Illinois (NC) 

Miller, Fred E North Iowa (NC) 

Miller, Mrs. Ivan Erie-EUB (NE) 

Miller, J. Carlisle Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Miller, Kenneth P Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Miller, Millard J Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Miller, Rush G North Mississippi (SE) 

Miller, W. Jene Oklahoma (SC) 

Millett, William F New York (NE) 

Milligan, Thomas Central New York (NE) 

Mills, Henry Southwest Texas (SC) 

Mims, Elton T Southwest Texas (SC) 

The United Methodist Church 143 

Minga, T. Herbert North Texas (SC 

Mingledorff, C. Glenn Tennessee (SE 

Minnick, Carlton P Virginia (SE 

Minnigh, Wendell E., Sr Western Pennsylvania (NE 

Minsker, John Western New York (NE 

Miranda, Walter N. (5) Ohio Miami-EUB (NC 

Mitchell, Mrs. B. V North-East Ohio (NC 

Mitra, G. S South India (OS 

Mobley, Max B Central Texas (SC 

Mohney, Ralph W Holston ( SE 

Montgomery, Allen D North Alabama (SE 

Montgomery, J. C Missouri East (SC 

Montoya, Mrs. D. D West Virginia (NE 

Mood, George H North Texas (SC 

Moore, Don Ohio East-EUB (NC 

Moore, Homer L Kentucky (SE 

Moore, J. Barcus Southwest Texas (SC 

Moore, Leroy W South Iowa (NC 

Moore, Manley Oklahoma ( SC 

Moore, W. Bryan Western North Carolina (SE 

Moorhead, Frank E North Georgia (SE 

Morgan, Ja^nes W Southwest Texas (SC 

Morgan, John B Missouri-EUB (SC 

Morris, Mrs. Arthur D Wyoming (NE 

Morris, John E Florida (SE 

Morris, Robert L. Pacific Northwest-EUB ( W 

Morris, Thurman B North Indiana (NC 

Mosby, Robert S Southwest Texas (SC 

Moses, Kollur V Hyderabad (OS 

Moss, Melvin C Virginia (SE 

Moulton, Leivis H New Hampshire (NE 

Mouser, Roy E. Louisiana (SC 

Mudzengerere, David L Rhodesia (OS 

Mulango, Sebastien Southern Congo (OS 

Mulder, John W Detroit (NC 

Mullick, P. K Bengal (OS 

Mundy, Alfred F New Hampshire (NE 

Munyon, Glenn California-EUB ( W 

Murray, Melvin Ohio (NC 

Murray, Richard T Texas ( SC 

Murry, Charles M North Mississippi (SE 

Myers, Arthur L Rock River (NC 

Myers, Calvin R North-East Ohio (NC 

Nacpil, Emerito P Middle Philippines (OS 

Navess, Bento T Southeast Africa (OS 

Naylor, Robert F Nebraska (SC 

Nease, Edgar H., Jr Western North Carolina (SE 

Needham, Gerald B Minnesota (NC 

Neely, Sam H., Jr Holston (SE 

Nees, Forrest G North-East Ohio (NC 

Neller, Alvin A Michigan (NC 

Nelson, W. L. J South Carolina (C 

Nesbitt, M. Wilson, Jr Western North Carolina (SE 

Neth, G. Hubert Missouri West (SC 

Newburn, Robert L Oregon (W 

Newing, Ralph L. (2) Wyoming (NE 

Newman, M. D Virginia (SE 

Nichols, Henry H Philadelphia (NE 

Nickerson, Donald Missouri East (SC 

144 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Nielson, Robert P South Dakota (NC) 

Noble, Fred B Florida (SE) 

Nolen, Thirwell C North Alabama (SE) 

Nollenberger, Paul South Germany (OS) 

Nordstrom, Clyde V Virginia (SE) 

N orris, William, S. P Louisiana (C) 

Northrop, George M New York (NE) 

Norwood, June W South Georgia (SE) 

Noivlin, Earl M New Mexico (SC) 

Nowlin, Lee Northwest Texas (SC) 

Nylundh, Arnold Sweden (OS) 

Ochoa, Marco A Peru (OS) 

Ogden, Mrs. Tarrance Troy (NE) 

Ogle, William J New England (NE) 

O'Hara, Delmar North-East Ohio (NC) 

Oliphant, George W Holston (SE) 

Oliver, Y. A North Georgia (SE) 

Ollerman, Lester (4) Montana-EUB ( W) 

Oilman, Don (5) Dakota-EUB (NC) 

O'Mara, G. J Michigan (NC) 

O'Neal, Robert J Louisiana (SC) 

Onema, Joseph Central Conga (OS) 

Ong, Chai-Ghee Malaya (OS) 

Osamba, Albert Central Congo (OS) 

Osborne, Wesley D New York (NE) 

Osorio, Juan Chile (OS) 

Ostertag, Frank, Sr Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Ostrander, David L. Erie-EUB (NE) 

Overhulser, William F South Iowa (NC) 

Owens, J. Garfield West Texas (C) 

Owens, Sam Oklahoma (SC) 

Pacetti, Madison F Florida (SE) 

Padale, P. D Bombay (OS) 

Panzer, Robert A California-Nevada (W) 

Parham, Harry C Florida (SE) 

Parker, Marshall J South Carolina (SE) 

Parker, Robert P Virginia (SE) 

Parks, Chester Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Parrish, John W Detroit (NC) 

Patial, Manx Datt North India (OS) 

Patras, Earnest Madhya Pradesh (OS) 

Patrick, James T North Carolina (SE) 

Patten, William C. (3) New Mexico (SC) 

Patterson, Joyce R Missouri West (SC) 

Paulen, Wayne North Indiana (NC) 

Pede7i, Homer C. Mississippi (SE) 

Pembroke, Maceo D Rock River (NC) 

Pena, Juan N. Uruguay (OS) 

Perkins, John D North Alabama (SE) 

Peters, Kenneth C Louisville (SE) 

Perryman, Mrs. Lena Texas (C) 

Petersen, John K. New York (NE) 

Peterson, Charles C Rock River (NC) 

Peterson, Lawrence S New England (NE) 

Peterson, Will South Georgia (SE) 

Pettit, Clare California-Nevada ( W) 

Pevahouse, Joe Memphis (SE) 

Phelps, William R Virginia (SE) 

The United Methodist Church 145 

Phillips, Joe R Little Rock (SC) 

Philpot, Ford Kentucky (SE) 

Phipps, James E West Virginia (NE) 

Picketts, William S Louisville (SE) 

Pierce, Wade H North Carolina (SE) 

Piercy, Mrs. Harvey J North Texas (SC) 

Pitcher, Philip N Wyoming (NE) 

Pittard, Joe H North Georgia (SE) 

Pittevger, Richard D South Dakota (NC) 

Pittman, Warren E Mississippi (SE) 

Pletsch, Walter Canada-EUB (NE) 

Ploch, Clarence Rock River (NC) 

Plummer, Ray B Oklahoma-Texas-EUB (SC) 

Poole, Daniel W Louisiana (SC) 

Poor, George L Pacific Northwest ( W) 

Porter, Frank Holston (SE) 

Post, Charles, Sr Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Poynter, Robert B Baltimore (NE) 

Pratt, Mrs. F. W Pacific Northwest (W) 

Price, Orville B Western New York (NE) 

Prince, Frank H North Georgia (SE) 

Quillian, Joe D North Texas (SC) 

Rae, Mrs. Kirk C Detroit (NC) 

Ragland, James Detroit (NC) 

Ragle, H. Doyle Northwest Texas (SC) 

Ranck, J. Allan Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Randle, R. E. (8) Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Randolph, Allen H Tennessee-Kentucky (C) 

Ra7idolph, Willie B Texas (C) 

Ransom, E. C West Texas (C) 

Ransom, Lewis F Baltimore (NE) 

Reece, Rolland Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Reed, Edwin Kentucky-EUB (SE) 

Reed, Jack R North Mississippi (SE) 

Reed, James H. (12) West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Reed, James M Rock River (NC) 

Reid, William W New York (NE) 

Reiner, Rollin T Eastern-EUB (NE ) 

Reinhardt, Helmut South Germany (OS) 

Renick, Mrs. Bruce Rocky Mountain (W) 

Rhone, Raymond Texas (SC) 

Rice, Dan North Georgia (SE ) 

Rice, George E. Indiana (NC) 

Rice, Paul E Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Richards, George W Central Kansas (SC) 

Rigg, Maynard Central Illinois (NC) 

Riggin, Edwin C Baltimore (NE) 

Riley, Hugh E Rocky Mountain (W) 

Risinger, Melvin S West Virginia (NE) 

Robbins, Francis L West Wisconsin (NC) 

Roberts, Samuel T Liberia (OS) 

Roberts, W. Sidney Central Texas (SC) 

Robinson, Forrest J Central Kansas (SC) 

Robinson, Frank J. (8) Texas (SC) 

Robirison, Russell R Southern California- Arizona (W) 

Robison, Harold L Central Kansas (SC) 

Robison, Roger D Montana ( W) 

Robuck, Wilbur Montana-EUB (W) 

146 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Rodda, William F. B Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Rodcheffer, Calvin Ohio (NC) 

Rodriguez, Moises M Philippines (OS) 

Rogers, Mrs. C. J Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Rogers, Carl West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Rogers, Carleton C Rock River (NC) 

Rogers, Cornish R Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Rogers, James F North Carolina (SE) 

Rogers, Joe O., Jr. South Carolina (SE) 

Roher, Lawrence E Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Rollyson, Dale West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Root, Robert C Western New York (NE) 

Roughton, William W Florida (SE) 

Rucker, I. L. Upper Mississippi (C) 

Russell, Fred D. Western North Carolina (SE) 

Russell, Mrs. Harrell M Holston (SE) 

Russell, Jack B Virginia (SE) 

Russell, Paul R. New York (NE) 

Rutland, Walter B Florida (SE) 

Sackmann, Dieter A. South Germany (OS) 

Saermark. Johannes Denmark (OS) 

Sageser, David B Ohio (NC) 

Saito, Kazuo Southern Californai-Arizona (W) 

Salazar, Noel Bolivia (OS) 

Salem, Joe T Northwest Texas (SC) 

Sales, Phillip N. (7) Western North Carolina (SE) 

Samuel, Dathu South India (OS) 

Samuel, Mrs. Shirine Indus River (OS) 

Sanders, Felix J., Jr Louisville (SE) 

Sa')isb7(ry, O. B. North Alabama (SE) 

Sapp, Lloyd G. North Indiana (NC) 

Sasaki, James K Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Sasser, Harper J Holston (SE) 

Sausaman, Kenneth H Rockv Mountain ( W) 

Sayles, Wilbur Minnesota (NC) 

Sayre, John M. North Indiana (NC) 

Scarborough, Gilbert S., Jr Peninsula (NE) 

Sehaad, Hermann Switzerland (OS) 

Schilling, Mrs. Marvin A East Wisconsin (NC) 

Schindell, Wally (7) Northwest Canada-EUB (W) 

Schooler. Don E Oklahoma (SC) 

Schuh, Harry W Baltimore (NE) 

Schivein, William M., Sr Indiana (NC) 

Scrimshire, Joe B New Mexico (SC) 

Seago, H. DeWitt Northwest Texas (SO 

Sears, Fredrick R. (5) Central New York (NE) 

Seny, John W Ohio (NC) 

Sebert. Lowell E West Virginia (NE) 

Seiberling, George Missouri West (SC) 

Seifert, H East Germany-EUB (OS) 

Sessions, Cleo C Central Texas (SC) 

Settle, Frank A. (7) Holston (SE) 

Seymour, Mervin Holston (SE) 

Shambling, Darrell Rock River (NC) 

Shaner, Harry E California-Nevada ( W) 

Sharpe, Leland North Georgia (SE) 

Shelnutt, Dumas B. (2) North Georgia (SE) 

Shelton, Roland M Little Rock (SC) 

Shepherd, Paul Louisville (SE) 

The United Methodist Church 147 

Sherman, S. R Northwest Canada-EUB (W) 

Sherrill, Fred North Alabama (SE) 

Shipman, Joseph C, Sr Western New York (NE) 

Shipp, Mrs, Ronald Missouri East (SC) 

Shipp, Thomas J North Texas (SC) 

Shives, Jack Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Shivley, Charles S North Arkansas (SC) 

Shook, Wallace T Texas (SC) 

Sho^\^l, Mrs. Wilbur D. (9) North Indiana (NC) 

Shuler, Robert P. Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Siau, Boon-Chong Malaysia Chinese (OS) 

Sikes, John M Florida (SE) 

Simpson, Frank Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Simpson, John C Virginia (SE) 

Singer, Thomas Erie-EUB (NE) 

Singh, Alfred Delhi (OS) 

Singh, Dharam J Agra (OS) 

Sissell, Spencer W Mississippi (SE) 

Skarioig, Reidar Norw^ay (OS) 

Skeete, F. Herbert New York (NE) 

Skilling, Mrs. Thelma L Baltimore (NE) 

Skinner, Mrs. Newton D New England Southern (NE) 

Slonaker, Paul J Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Smart, Rosmund A North India (OS) 

Smedley, Joe M. (4) Florida (SE) 

Synith, Aubrey B. Mississippi (SE) 

Smith, C. Truett (10) North Texas (SC) 

Smith, Edgar H Indus River (OS) 

Smith, Mrs. Edna A Indus River (OS) 

Smith, F. Rossing West Virginia (NE) 

Smith, Hampden H., Jr Virginia (SE) 

Smith, J. Roy Virginia (SE) 

Smith, R. E Texas (SC) 

Smith, Mrs. R. K Pacific Northwest (W) 

Smith, Richard R Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Smith, Russell North Texas (SC) 

Smith, W. Jasper North Carolina (SE) 

Smith, William E Ohio (NC) 

Smoot, Jewell M Detroit (NC) 

Snead, James G Virginia (SE) 

Snyder, Eldon D New York-EUB (NE) 

Sonnenday, Mrs. J. W Missouri East (SC) 

Sorensen, Earl R Michigan (NC) 

Sowards, Mrs. Mary Baltimore (NE) 

Spahr, Keith W Rocky Mountain-EUB ( W) 

Spear, Mrs. Charles W Minnesota (NC) 

Spencer, Mrs. Paul North-East Ohio (NC) 

Sprinkle, Julian W Central Texas (SC) 

Sprouls, J. Clifton Oklahoma (SC) 

Squyres, Rex Louisiana (SC) 

Stanger, Frank B Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Stansbury, William B., Jr Baltimore (NE) 

Starling, Sherman Tennessee-EUB (SE) 

Stauffer, Glenn Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Stauffer, Milton Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Steckel, K West Germany-EUB (OS) 

Steele, Clay E Rock River (NC) 

Stephenson, Sheldon B Central New York (NE) 

Stetler, Edwin Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Stettler, Wallace F Philadelphia (NE) 

148 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Stevenson, Thomas F North Alabama (SE) 

Stith, Forrest C Baltimore (NE) 

Stokes, James C Western North Carolina (SE) 

Stokes, C. Ray Central Texas (SC) 

Stone, Mrs. J. P Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Stone, John Oklahoma (SC) 

Storey, Robert R Florida (SE) 

Stratton, Leslie M., Ill Memphis (SE) 

Stringer, Monroe T Louisiana (C) 

Stroh, Byron F Indiana (NC) 

Stro7He, G. R Canada-EUB (NE) 

Strong, Donald T Michigan (NC) 

Strong, Louis Oklahoma ( SC ) 

Styron, Mrs. Arthur H. (11) North Georgia (SE) 

SuUins, W. D., Sr Holston (SE) 

Surfus, Leland C North Iowa (NC) 

Sutton, William Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Sykes, Livingstone B., Jr Central Alabama (C) 

Swadley, Raymond (9) Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Sivift, Kent T Montana-EUB (W) 

Synwolt, Royal J Michigan (NC) 

Talbott, Norbert, Jr Indiana (NC) 

Tamkin, Raymon Virginia (SE) 

Tardy, Wilbur (13) West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Taylor, Arthur M South Carolina (SE) 

Taylor, Daniel E Oregon (W) 

Taylor, James C Oklahoma (SC) 

Taylor, Robert L North Georgia (SE) 

Tedcastle, Arthur T New York (NE) 

Tefft, Charles G South Iowa (NC) 

Templeton, Alan H Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Teng, Tung Hsin Sarawak (OS) 

Terry, Arthur Little Rock (SC) 

Thigpen, Richard E., Sr Western North Carolina (SE) 

Thistle, Richard C Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Tholin, Richard (13) Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Thomas, C. Y Kansas (SC) 

Thomas, Francis C Philadelphia (NE) 

Thomas, Robert B Troy (NE) 

Thomas, Virginia North Mississippi (SE) 

Thompson, Roy Erie-EUB (NE) 

Thompson, Pat Texas (SC) 

Thorn, Ralph J Central Kansas (SC) 

Thomburg, Robert W. (11) Central Illinois (NC) 

Thorp, Ed Texas (SC) 

Thurman, Mrs. David R Florida (SE) 

Thurston, Elwyn O Oklahoma (SC) 

Tillmon, C. G Southwest (C) 

Timberlake, Richard H Holston (SE) 

Tisdale, James B Alabama- West Florida (SE) 

Titus, John E. Lucknow (OS) 

Tobey, Arthur W. (Deceased) Michigan (NC) 

Togba, Joseph N Liberia (OS) 

Tom, Asa North-East Ohio (NC) 

Torrance, Philip C. Western New York (NE) 

Townsend, Harrell A Memphis (SE) 

Townsend, Robert L. Nebraska (SC) 

Traylor, Henderson North Georgia (SE) 

Trieschmann, Theodore North Iowa (NC) 

The United Methodist Church 149 

Troger, Berthold Central Germany (OS) 

Trotter, J. Irwin Southern California- Arizona (W) 

Ti-ueblood, Roy W Central Illinois (NC) 

Truitt, Richard O West Wisconsin (NC) 

Turbeville, M. L Florida (SE) 

Turner, Charles C, Jr Holston (SE) 

Turner, James W Virginia (SE) 

Tuttle, G. Richard Pacific Northwest (W) 

Uhlig, James D Kansas (SC) 

Uhlinger, James R. New England (NE) 

Underwood, Harry K. (4) Baltimore (NE) 

Uppinghouse, Mrs. L. S. (5) Oregon (W) 

Urbach, Richard Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Usher, Worthie K. North Iowa (NC) 

Utarid, Munshi R. (6) Agra (OS) 

VanBrunt, Frank N. Baltimore (NE) 

Vanderbilt, Chester W Troy (NE) 

Vanderpool, W. Harry Northwest Texas (SC) 

Vandersall, C. C Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

VanSant, Walter Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Vaughan, Richard Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Vereen, Mrs. L. C North Carolina (SE) 

Vergara, Jaime E Northern Philippines (OS) 

Vermillion, D. L. (5) Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Wade, Robert H Louisville (SE) 

Wagner, Joseph H Missouri East (SC) 

Waite, Alvis A., Jr South Georgia (SE) 

Walker, Daniel D Southern California- Arizona (W) 

Walker, E. C Missouri West (SC) 

Walker, Harvey A. (3) North Iowa (NC) 

Walker, J. Allen California-Nevada (W) 

Walker, Joe W Pacific Northwest ( W) 

Wallace, Aldred P. (12) West Virginia (NE) 

Wallmeroth, Erich Southwest Germany (OS) 

Walton, Carl W. Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Ward, John W., Jr Missouri East (SC) 

Ward, Paul M. (3) North-East Ohio (NC) 

Ward, Robert P Detroit (NC) 

Ware, H. Melton Florida (SE) 

Warner, R. J Ohio (NC) 

Warren, Charles L New York (NE) 

Warren, Mrs. Leo Indiana (NC) 

Washington, Mrs. CO Southwest (C) 

Washington, Colvin Lucknow (OS) 

Watkins, Clyde F. Holston (SE) 

Watkins, John Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Watkins, Royall B Virginia (SE) 

Watson, Mrs. Allen Florida (SE) 

Watson, Michael South Carolina (SE) 

Watt, George, Jr Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Watts, Ewart G Kansas (SC) 

Weaver, Harold R East Wisconsin (NC) 

Webb, James R Peninsula (NE) 

Weber, Ronald G North-East Ohio (NC) 

Wedar, Mrs, Carin Sweden (OS) 

Weinert, Glenn C. Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Weishaar, Gilbert A Rock River (NC) 

150 Journal of the 1968 General Coyiference 

Weldon, E. Wade Louisville (SE) 

Wellman, H. H Western North Carolina (SE) 

Wells, Joy Southern Illinois (NC) 

Werner, George P '. .New York (NE) 

West, C. Eugene Florida (SE) 

West, R. I Oklahoma (SC) 

West, Thomas A Alabama- West Florida (SE) 

Weston, Charles H Ohio (NC) 

Westphal, W West Germany-EUB (OS) 

Whitaker, George W.,Jr South Carolina (SE) 

White, Hugh C Detroit (NC) 

White, James K Central Illinois (NC) 

White, Jester Texas (SC) 

White, Luther W., Ill Virginia (SE) 

White, Mrs. Martha Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

White, W. Earl North Texas (SC) 

Whitmore, Austin R Ohio (NC) 

Whittle, Paul O Rock River (NC) 

Whyman, Henry C New York (NE) 

Wieting, Wilson H Texas (SC) 

Williams, Foster Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Windham, L. B. Texas (SC) 

Wilcox, Wilbur F South Iowa (NC) 

Wilder, Frederich H., Jr New England (NE) 

Wilford, Sewell B North Arkansas (SC) 

Wilke, Richard B. Central Kansas (SC) 

Wilkerson, Woodrow P Mississippi (SE) 

Wilkes, Jack S Louisiana (SC) 

Will, James E Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Williams, Mrs. Beryl Baltimore (NE) 

Williams, Dogan W Tennessee-Kentucky (C) 

Williams, Frank L Baltimore (NE) 

Williams, Frank S Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Williams, George F Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Williams, Harley M Western North Carolina (SE) 

Williams, Harold B North-East Ohio (NC) 

Williavfis, Harry E Memphis (SE) 

Williams, Paul G South Iowa (NC) 

Williams, R. Clarence North Alabama (SE) 

Williams, Roy D., Sr Memphis (SE) 

Williams, T. Poe Oklahoma (SC) 

Willson, J. M., Sr Northwest Texas (SC) 

Wilson, Carl E South Iowa (NC) 

Wilson, Charles E North Georgia (SE) 

Wilson, Earl R. Mississippi (SE) 

Wilson, Robert L Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Winkler, J. Garland Western North Carolina (SE) 

Winn, Maurice L Southern Illinois (NC) 

Winters, Earl L Western New York (NE) 

Winton, Mrs. Franklin New York (NE) 

Wisler, Christopher A Kansas (SC) 

Wisst, O South Germany-EUB (OS) 

Wolf, Kermit M Minnesota (NC) 

Wolter, Louis R Ohio (NC) 

Wong, Huoi-Chiong Sarawak (OS) 

Wong, Yu-Liong Sarawak (OS) 

Wood, Donald R Rocky Mountain (W) 

Woodlee, Joe A New York (NE) 

Woods, Prenza L West Texas (C) 

Woodson, Joe T Memphis (SE) 

The United Methodist Church 151 

Woolley, Edward A Philadelphia (NE) 

Woolpert, Mrs. D. G North Indiana (NC) 

Workman, William D South Carolina (SE) 

Wright, Donald G Central New York (NE) 

Wusterbarth, Harold J Troy (NE) 

WyckoflP, Burl Pacific Northwest (W) 

Wyyine, David J Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Yeatts, Ernest Holston (SE) 

Yielding, Newman M i'. . North Alabama (SE) 

Yinger, Clement B. .,,..... .Western New York (NE) 

Yingling, Leicis C, Jr Baltimore (NE) 

Yocum, Donald R Ohio (NC) 

Yoder, Elmer Z Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Young, Damon P Ohio (NC) 

Young, H. Chester New England (NEJ 

Young, Harry E North Iowa (NC) 

Young, John T North Mississippi (SE) 

Zell, Russell Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Zellmer, Willard (12) Pacific Northwest (W) 

Zimmer. John A Southern California- Arizona (W) 


No. 1 

To this committee shall be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., 
relating to social service, labor relations. Sabbath observance, divorce, 
amusement, tvorld peace, temperance, prohibition of the liquor traffic, 
all matters relating to the Board of Christian Social Concerns, and 
aspects of the social and spiritual welfare of the Church not specifically 
referred by the General Conference to another committee. 

Chairman — Dow Kirkpatrick (Rock River — NC) 
Vice-Chairman — Walter R. Hazzard (Philadelphia — NE) 
Secretary — Everett R. Jones (Baltimore — NE) 

{Italics denote ministerial delegates) 

Albrecht, Joseph H Central Illinois (NC) 

Allen, Mrs. J. T Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Amark, Curt Sweden (OS) 

Bashore, George W Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Batt, Samuel Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Beltrami, Jose R Uruguay (OS) 

Bogenrief, James lowa-EUB (NC) 

Bosley, Harold A New York ( NE ) 

Bush, Wilkie Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Calkins, Raoul C Ohio (NC) 

Chacon, Arturo Chile (OS) 

Clardy, Mrs. Sara Missouri East (SC) 

Cooke, George W Western New York (NE) 

Cooke, Mrs. Monroe North-East Ohio (NC) 

Cramer, Solomon G Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Crump, Alphonso W Mississippi (C) 

Dillard, R. L., Jr North Texas (SC) 

Dodder, Robert T South Iowa (NC) 

Dodgen, Ethan W North Arkansas (SC) 

Dominick, Frank North Alabama (SE) 

Dunn, Merle A Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Diitt, Harold Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Dykes, David L., Jr Louisiana (SC) 

Ebinger, Warren R Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Engle, Damon West Virginia (NE) 

Epps, Anderson C Georgia (C) 

Farley, Thomas K Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Findley, C. R Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Flatt, F. Alton Memphis (SE) 

Footc, Gaston Central Texas (SC) 


The United Methodist Church 153 

Fribleij, Robert W North Indiana (NC) 

Frye, Elwood Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Getchell, A. Stanley Maine (NE) 

Gray, Mrs. Carroll Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Haldeman, Charles Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Hardt, John W Texas (SC) 

Harriger, Harold 0. Northwest Texas (SC) 

Haverstock, Calvin B., Jr Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Hazzard, Walter R Philadelphia (NE) 

Hightower, Ted Louisville (SE) 

Hodapp, Leroy C Indiana (NC) 

Hundley, Joe A Tennessee (SE) 

Irish, Mrs. Deane West Wisconsin (NC) 

Jerome, J. E South Carolina (SE) 

Johnson, Henry W Southwest (SE) 

Jones, Everett R Baltimoi'e (NE) 

Jones, G. Eliot Mississippi (SE) 

Jones, John B Baltimore (NE) 

Karls, Harold Detroit (NC) 

Keller, Delbert M Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Kirchner, Frederick K Troy (NE) 

Kirkpatrick, Dow Rock River (NC) 

Lambeth, M. Thomas Western North Carolina (SE) 

Lord, Lemuel K New England (NE) 

Madison, J. Clay Western North Carolina (SE) 

Mann, Robert T Florida (SE) 

Mclntjre, John Rocky Mountain (W) 

Mehl, Ernest Missouri West (SC) 

Messmer, William K Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Metcalf, Kenneth E North Iowa (NC) 

Metzel, Mrs. George Oklahoma (SC) 

Michels, Charles West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Mitchell, Eric A Bombay (OS) 

Moon, Robert W. California-Nevada (W) 

Moorehead, Lee C Ohio (NC) 

Nietz, Ed Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Nyberg, Dennis F Minnesota (NC) 

Olexa, John F Erie-EUB (NE) 

Peiffer, H. S Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Penrod, J. O Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Peterson, Arden Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Pinkard, Calvin M. North Alabama (SE) 

Pope, Joseph W., Jr Virginia (SE) 

Prigmore, L. T Holston (SE) 

Reavley, Tom Southwest Texas (SC) 

Robbins, Cecil W North Carolina (SE) 

Schroeder, Harvey J Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Schulz, Willard W Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Schwiebert, Erwin H Idaho (W) 

154 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Scott, Charles S Kansas (SC) 

Smith, Eugene L Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Streeter, Emmett T Nebraska (SC) 

Tan, Chee-Khoon Malaya (OS) 

Teagle, Ernest H Southern Illinois (NC) 

Truax, Lyle Pacific Northwest ( W) 

Vessey, Robert G South Dakota (NC) 

Wagner, William S Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Warvian, John B Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Webb, L. Paul, Jr North Georgia (SE) 

White, E. McKinnon New England Southern (NE) 

White, L. L Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Wilcox, Katherine Michigan (NC) 

Wolf, John D Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Woo7ner, James A Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Youngblood, Russell Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Zorti, George L South Geo) gia (SE) 

No. 2 

To this committee shall be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., 
relating to the General, Jurisdictional, Annual, Provisional, Annual, 
and District Conferences, and to Missions. All memorials, petitions, 
resolutions, etc., relating to Central Conferences shall be referred to 
the Commission on the structure of Methodism Overseas. 

(See Discipline Para. 2012.1) 

Chairman— Kenneth W. Hulit (Ohio East-EUB— NC) 
V ice-Chairynan — John T. King (West Texas — C) 
Secretary — Leonard D. Slutz (Ohio — NC) 

{Italics denote ministerial delegates) 

Allen, Jack C Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Amnions, Edsel A Rock River (NC) 

Arant, Mrs. F. S. Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Atkinson, George H California-Nevada (W) 

Bailey, Joe N., Jr North Mississippi (SE) 

Barclift, Chancie D North Carolina (SE) 

Bayliss, John A North Arkansas (SC) 

Bethea, Joseph B North Carolina-Virginia (C) 

Boettcher, Roy Wisconsin-EUB (NC ) 

Bonds, Alfred B North-East Ohio (NC) 

Bouldin, John R Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Brady, Bland West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Bray, Jerry G Virginia (SE) 

Buzzard, T. R Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Carroll, Edward G Baltimore (NE) 

Coffman, Floyd H Kansas (SC) 

The United Methodist Church 155 

Colpitis, A. Hunter Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Cotton, W. Davis Louisiana (SC) 

Courtney, Robert H North-East Ohio (NC) 

Crandall, C. H Missouri-EUB (SC) 

Crawford, Arthur M Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Crede, Harry S Central Illinois (NC) 

Cubbage, Mrs. Mary Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Cunningham, Francis T South Carolina (SE) 

DeWeese, Owen North Indiana (NC) 

DeWitt, Jesse R Detroit (NC) 

Dill, R. Laurence, Jr. North Alabama (SE) 

Donelson, Glenn E Erie-EUB (NE) 

Doivd, J. A lowa-EUB (NC) 

Eckstein, D. H East Germany-EUB (OS) 

Egan, William F Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Faber, Fran H Minnesota (NC) 

Flood, Harold D Philadelphia (NE) 

Forsberg, Clarence J Nebraska (SC) 

Gentry, Edd W Florida (SE) 

Georg, Mrs. H. L Central Kansas (SC) 

Gibson, J. Nelson North Carolina (SE) 

Goens, Ray W Texas (SC) 

Gonzalez, Josue Rio Grande (SC) 

Goodwin, B. C, Jr New Mexico (SC) 

Gordy, Debnont K Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Hancock, C. David Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Heckard, Cecil L Western North Carolina (SE) 

Heidlebaugh, Chester R Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Holbrook, Donald E Michigan (NC) 

Holler, J. C South Carolina (SE) 

Holm, Carl-Axel Sweden (OS) 

Howes, John B Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Hulit, Kenneth W Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Hundley, Mrs. R. Lee East Wisconsin (NC) 

James, William M New York (NE) 

Jeffers, E. B Tennessee-EUB (SE) 

Jenkins, James Oregon ( W) 

Jones, Edwin L., Sr Western North Carolina (SE) 

Jones, Major J Tennessee-Kentucky (C) 

Kawadza, Joruth B Rhodesia (OS) 

King, John T West Texas (C) 

Lowery, Joseph E Central Alabama (C^ 

Lutrick, Charles E Northwest Texas (SC) 

McEowen, Charles A Missouri West (SC) 

Middlebrooks, Bob W North Texas (SC) 

Misajon, James J. M Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Moore, Farris F Tennessee (SE) 

Murbach, John Michigan-EUB (NC) 

156 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Netterville, George L Louisiana (C) 

Newing, Ralph L Wyoming (NE) 

Nichols, Lloyd C Rocky Mountain-EUB (W) 

Nunnally, Donald J Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Obaugh, William R Florida-EUB (SE) 

Odom, Warren G Central New York (NE) 

Parlin, Charles C Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Patterson, D. S Baltimore (NE) 

Patton, Russell R Kentucky (SE) 

Peck, David West Virginia (NE) 

Pieters, Andre J Belgium (OS) 

Poole, Gregory K Missouri East (SC) 

Pounds, R. L Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Preusch, Robert W New York (NE) 

Reeves, Edwin E Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Rein, John D New York-EUB (NE) 

Riley, Negail R. Southwest (C) 

Rios, Roberto E. (2) Argentina (OS) 

Ritchey, William H Pacific Northwest (W) 

Russell, John W Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Satterfield, John C Mississippi (SE) 

Schafer, O. E California-EUB ( W) 

Searle, John C, Sr Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Shamblin, J. Kenneth Texas (SC) 

Shearer, Daniel L Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Shearer, Paul V South Iowa (NC) 

Shelnut, Dunms B North Georgia (SE) 

Shockley, John R Peninsula (NE) 

Shoeinaker, Wayne E North Iowa (NC) 

Slutz, Leonard D Ohio (NC) 

Smith, Holiday H Holston (SE) 

Smith, Robert W Oklahoma (SC) 

Snyder, F. W Northwest Canada-EUB (W) 

Sommer, Carl E. Southwest Germany (OS) 

Strutz, Robert H Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Trout, Clair Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Upham, Walter E Maine (NE) 

Walker, James M. Southwest Texas (SC) 

Ware, Mrs. Carl E Ohio (NC) 

Wilcoxon, Francis M Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Williams, L. Stanley Central Texas (SC) 

Wood, George S Louisville (SE) 

Woods, William F Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Wright, George A South Georgia (SE) 

Wright, M.M Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Yancey, Charles L Memphis (SE) 

Zehner, Henry W Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Zeuner, Walther Northwest Germany (OS) 

Ziegler, Wilbur C New England (NE) 

Zoppolo, Cesar Uruguay (OS) 

The United Methodist Church 157 

No. 3 

To this committee shall be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., 
relating to the Board of Education and to the interests and activities 
which by the law of the Church are trutde the concern of this Board. 

Chairman — D. Frederick Wertz (Central Pa. — NE) 
Vice-Chairman — Wayne C. Hess (Illinois-EUB — NO 
Secretary — Harvey H. Potthoff (Rocky Mountain — W) 

(Italics denote ministerial delegates) 

Acker, T. E .,.,..... Texas (SC) 

Aldrich, Charles S. ■> :'.'.'.'. Western New York (NE) 

Bailey, A. Purnell Virginia (SE) 

Barth, Frederick H Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Bennett, Gordon Northwest Texas (SC) 

Boda, Harold Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Booth, Dale Little Rock (SC) 

Bosshardt, Floyd E Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Bosshardt, O. A Califomia-EUB (W) 

Bozeman, W. Scott Florida (SE) 

Prant, Walter R Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Brown, Miss Marion Ohio (NC) 

Carrasco. Carlos Peru (OS) 

Chaffee. Paul V Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Clem, Paul L North Alabama (SE) 

Cobb, Heedlie M Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Cole, Thomas W Texas (C) 

Colwell, Ernest C. . Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Crompton, J. Rolland Wyoming (NE) 

Curtis, Charles M Central Kansas (SC) 

Dixon, Ernest T., Jr West Texas (C) 

Eldridge, Edgar A Holston (SE) 

Filer, Paul H Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Estilow, U. S Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Evans, Garrett H West Virginia (NE) 

Faist, F.H Canada-EUB (NE) 

Fajardo, Carlos Costa Rica (OS) 

Feaver, Laurence E Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Forkner, Stanley Michigan-EUB (NC) 

French, Mrs. Jane Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Galang, Fidel P Middle Philippines (OS) 

Garrett, C. Dendy South Iowa (NC) 

Garrett, Mrs. William J Peninsula (NE) 

Geible, Merrell Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Giese, Milton W Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Gooch, Mrs. John Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Goto, Nathan F :■. : Rhodesia (OS) 

Greenwaldt, William M. . Central Texas (SC) 

Hamilton, Richard E Indiana (NC) 

Hartman, Mason N. New England (NE) 

158 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Harriefeld, F West Germany-EUB (OS) 

Hayes, Clare J Kansas (SC) 

Hayes, Ralph Mississippi (SE) 

Heck, J. Holland Philadelphia (NE) 

Heiser, Ben F Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Hess, Wayne C Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Hubbard, Albert T Louisville (SE) 

Humphrey, John D North Mississippi (SE) 

Jenkins, Warren M South Carolina (C) 

Jesske, T.E Northwest Canada-EUB (W) 

John, Narsappa Hyderabad (OS) 

Johnson, Ethel R New York (NE) 

Lanning, Dean Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Leininger, Paul M Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Marlow, H. LeRoy Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Marty, Wayne lowa-EUB (NC) 

Marvin, John E Detroit (NC) 

Master, Harry V Eastern-EUB (NE) 

McCormick, Paul R Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

McDavid, Joel D Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

McMahan, Donald F Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Mehl, Mrs. Ernest Missouri West (SC) 

Mendoza, Jaime Bolivia (OS) 

Meyer, Samuel L Ohio (NC) 

Michael, Lyle J Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Michael, Marion S Baltimore (NE) 

Moody, Melvin A Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Moore, Richard V Florida (C) 

Mozumdar, Miss Kumudini Bengal (OS) 

Mund, A. W Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Mundhenke, Mrs. Milton Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Murphy, C. Edwin Nebraska (SC) 

Nelson, Mrs. Dorothy Southern New Jersey (NE) 

North, Jack B Central Illinois (NC) 

Oliphint, Benjamin R Louisiana (SC) 

Patten, William C New Mexico (SC) 

Pennington, Chester A Minnesota (NC) 

Petticord, Paul P Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Potthoff, Harvey H Rocky Mountain (W) 

Ranck, Ezra H Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Richardson, Ted I Southwest Texas (SC) 

Riddle, Earl W Idaho ( W) 

Robbins, Carl M Memphis (SE) 

Robertson, Frank L. South Georgia (SE) 

Robey, William T., Jr Virginia (SE) 

Roudebush, Roy R North Indiana (NC) 

Schaff, Lester Central New York (NE) 

Scott, J. Frank Western North Carolina (SE) 

Shearer, Wilson A Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Shore, Philip L.,Jr Western North Carolina (SE) 

Singh, Prem P Madhya Pradesh (OS) 

Singh, Ratbhan Lucknow (OS) 

The United Methodist Church 159 

Smith, Irving L Oklahoma (SC) 

Spears, R. Wright South Carolina (SE) 

Strickland, Arvarh Rock River (NC) 

Tate, Willis M North Texas (SC) 

Teigland, Einar Norway (OS) 

Thompson, Gordon G North Georgia (SE) 

Thurman, Arthur V California-Nevada (W) 

Tutwiler, E. C, Jr Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Van Ornum, Carlton G Northern New York (NE) 

Walker, Harvey A North Iowa (NC) 

Walker, William. Oregon (W) 

Ward, Paul M. Northeast Ohio (NC) 

Walter, Paul D. Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Weaver, L. Stacy North Carolina (SE) 

Wertz, D. Frederick Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Wheatley, Melvin E., Jr. Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Woolworth, Mrs. Ernest Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Wright, James W. Michigan (NC) 

No. 4 

To this cotnmittee shall be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., 
relating distinctly to lay activities and the Board of Lay Activities ; 
and relating to trustees, properties, church finance (general and local), 
and such activities of the Church at large in and through its institu- 
tions and boards as are not made the specific responsibility of any 
other committee. 

Chairman — Lawton W. Shroyer (Eastern-EUB — NE) 
Vice-Chairman — Lloyd M. Bertholf (Central Illinois — NC) 
Secretary — Roy J. Grogan (Central Texas — SC) 

(Italics denote ministerial delegates) 

Adams, Quinton D Central Alabama (C) 

Allman, S. H Little Rock (SC) 

Alt, Clayton New York-EUB (NE) 

Ammerman, Carl Detroit (NC) 

Appelgate, William P North Iowa (NC) 

Baker, Leo L North Texas (SC) 

Bascom, Lester R Central New York (NE) 

Beatty, William M Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Bell, Thomas New England Southern (NE) 

Bertholf, Lloyd M Central Illinois (NC) 

Bittner, Dwight M Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Black, Roy North Mississippi (SE) 

Black, William B Memphis (SE) 

Blackburn, Robert M Florida (SE) 

Blickenstaff, T. C Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Boucher, A. Ford Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Bramlett, Sam Texas (SC) 

160 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Bumpers, E. Clay North Arkansas (SC) 

Byus, William A., Jr West Virginia (NE) 

Calata, Froilan B Northern Philippines (OS) 

Carson, Robert W Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Clark, Loren Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Clay, Thomas B Western New York (NE) 

Crawford, R. M Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Cressman, Paul, Sr Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Culp, James Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Culp, Jesse A North Alabama (SE) 

Davis, George Indiana North-EUB (NC). 

Dixon, Vernon H Tennepsee-Kentucky (C) 

Doenges, R. S Rockv Mountain (W) 

Don Carlos, Waldo E. 1'.' .'.'•,<.' South Iowa (NC) 

Draker, Norman Canada-EUB (NE) 

Dunlap, G. Alan Nebraska (SC) 

Durbin, Fred C Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Easley, John Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Epley, Lloyd lowa-EUB (NC) 

Evaiis, Evan C Louisville (SE) 

Fox, Clenzo B Ohio (NC) 

Fuhrman, Eugene A Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Caspar, Francisco S Northwest Philippines (OS) 

Genins, Robert J Pacific Northwest (W) 

Gile, Ray East Wisconsin (NC) 

Glasgow, Francis M North-East Ohio (NC) 

Gordon, Harry M Wyoming (NE) 

Griffin, Frederick G Belgium (OS) 

Grogan, Roy J Central Texas (SC) 

Hall, N. Guy Missouri West (SC) 

Harper, John R Philadelphia (NE) 

Harper, Roy West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Hartl, Mrs. Emil M New England (NE) 

Hauser, Louis C. New York (NE) 

Hawkins, J. Clinton Missouri East (SC) 

Hayes, Melvin Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Hehr, Rov Northwest Canada-EUB (W) 

Hill. Arthur E Minnesota (NC) 

Hoffer, Paul F Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Humnhrey. Luc'ous A Texas (C) 

Hutchins, Charles A Holston (SE) 

Jefferson, A. G Virginia (SE) 

Kalble, Alfred South Germany (OS) 

Kimbulu. Paul Central Congo (OS) 

Klump, Ralph Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Knupp, Robert E "!'.!;•.''; Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Laraba, Forest W New Hampshire (NE) 

Larmonth. W. Glenn Northern New York (NE) 

Laskey, William J Rock River (NC) 

Lau, Clifford West Wisconsin (NC) 

Ledebur, Gilbert Erie-EUB (NE) 

The United Methodist Church 161 

Lembke, Glenn L Southwest Texas (SC) 

Lueptow, Ora Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

McMillan, Orval Missouri-EUB (SC) 

Meier, LeRoy North Dakota (NC) 

Metzger, Merritt Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Meinhardt, W East Germany-EUB (OS) 

Michel, Miss Mabel Southeast Africa (OS) 

Moeller, Romane G Rocky Mountain-EUB ( W) 

Moorhead, Edwin E Mississippi (SE) 

Mowery, R. G Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Moyer, C.I Kansas ( SC ) 

Mugler, Walter Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Mumford, Robert J Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Oden, Tal Oklahoma (SC) 

Ollerman, Lester Montana-EUB (W) 

Olson, Lawrence Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Orr, J. Herbert Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Orton, Hubert E Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Parks, W. S South Georgia (SE) 

Parmar, Rameshchandra E Gujarat (OS) 

Poppe, Odin Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Praetorius, Herman Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Presley, Isaac P. Upper Mississippi (C) 

Prosch, Marion Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Ready, W. J South Carolina (SE) 

Ritchie, Carl G Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Rixse, John H., Jr. Virginia (SE) 

Roberts, Sherwood S Delhi (OS) 

Rode, Ryszard Poland (OS) 

Rose, Harold E Oregon (W) 

Rupert, Thomas W Central Kansas (SC) 

Savage, William E Kentucky (SE) 

Schiele, Rudolf Southwest Germany (OS) 

Schmidt, Chris W California-EUB (W) 

Schneidereit, Harry North East Germany (OS) 

Scholer, Vern Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Schubert, Milton V., Jr North Indiana (NC) 

Schuster, Albert F Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Shashaguay, Bernard Michigan (NC) 

Shroyer, Lawton W Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Singh, Robert C Moradabad (OS) 

Smedley, Joe M Florida (SE) 

Smith, Robert M Western North Carolina (SE) 

Snow, Dudley V Louisiana (SC) 

Stark, Jay, Jr. . Florida-EUB (SE) 

Steele, Sam New Mexico (SC) 

Stone, Lloyd Tennessee ( SE ) 

Susat, Edward Indiana (NC) 

Sutton, William A North Georgia (SE) 

Taj, Mangal D Indus River (OS) 

Talbert, Melviyi G Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Thomas, Clement W Bombay (OS) 

Thompson, Everett K Southern Illinois (NC) 

Torres, Ovidio R. Argentina (OS) 

Troutman, William C Eastern-EUB (NE) 

162 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Turnag-e, Roy L North Carolina (SE) 

Turner, Burty A Agra (OS) 

Underwood, Harry K Baltimore (NE) 

Upton, Sam Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Waterfield, Donald A Troy (NE) 

Webber, Frank California-Nevada (W) 

Whitcraft, James H Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Willson, James M., Jr Northwest Texas (SC) 

Wilson, T. R Georgia (C) 

Wix, Robert Montana (W) 

Woodard, Fred Mississippi (C) 

Zimmerman, Virgil Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

No. 5 

To this committee shall be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., 
relating to church mem,bership, including conditions, duties, and 
transfer thereof; and all matters pertaining to evangelism and to the 
devotional life and literature of the Church, made by the law of the 
Church the concern of the Board of Evangelism. 

Chairman — Sumpter M. Riley, Jr. (North-East Ohio — NC) 
Vice-C hail-man — Walter F. Anderson (North Carolina — SE) 
Secretary — Truman W. Potter (West Virginia — NE) 

{Italics denote ministerial delegates) 

Achor, Homer W Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Adams, Kenneth W California-Nevada (W) 

Akamine, Ernest K Southern California- Arizona (W) 

Allen, E. Leo Texas (SC) 

Amoss, Howard M Peninsula (NE) 

Anderson, Walter F North Carolina (SE) 

Angel, Bill West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Baryies, Donald North Indiana (NC) 

Barr, Mrs. C. A Southwest Texas (SC) 

Bartram, Harvey E Montana-EUB (W) 

Bishop, William E Baltimore (NE) 

Boynton, Miss Mary Jane Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Brawn, J. Melvin Calif ornia-EUB (W) 

Brewer, Floyd V Missouri East (SC) 

Brox, H. L Canada-EUB (NE) 

Carleton, Alsie H North Texas (SC) 

Chamberlain, P. Edison Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Davis, Joseph M Central Congo (OS) 

Duck, David A South Georgia (SE) 

Ellis, Charles Tennessee-EUB (SE) 

Evers, Joseph C Southern Illinois (NC) 

The United Methodist Church 163 

Finch, Mrs. Russell Michigan (NC) 

Fegley, D. L Eastern-EaB (NE) 

Felder, Luther B Texas (C) 

Fink, Harold H Virginia (SE) 

Fisher, Gerald Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Fritz, Walter South Germany (OS) 

Fulk, Howard L Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Geiman, Melvin, Jr Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Goodson, Gordon L Western North Carolina (SE) 

Gray, C. Jarrett Missouri West (SC) 

Grooters, Donald J Rocky Mountain (W) 

Guthrie, Timothy W Northwest Texas (SC) 

Hamburger, Irvin Oklahoma-Texas-EUB (SC) 

Hanna, Mrs. Lloyd Central Illinois (NC) 

Hardy, Frank Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Harrold, Mrs. Pauline Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Havighurst, Laivrence D North Iowa (NC) 

Hedberg, A. A Florida (SE) 

Heim, Richard A. Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Hildreth, Charles H Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Hippel, George N Philadelphia (NE) 

Hummel, D. W Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Hunsberger, Ivan G Erie-EUB (NE) 

Jones, Howard Kentucky (SE) 

Jordan, Bert Mississippi (SE) 

Jud, Eugene F Central Texas (SC) 

Kibler, Russell Indiana (NC) 

Lovern, J. Chess Oklahoma (SC) 

Lutz, Clayton F Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Martin, James I East Wisconsin (NC) 

McCartt, Spurgeon Holston (SE) 

McCracken, Howard Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Mead, Mrs. Charles Nebraska (SC) 

Miranda, Walter N Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Moffat, Arthur T Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Morrison, William W North Dakota (NC) 

Myers, Paul E Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Myers, T. Cecil North Georgia (SE) 

Nielsen, Robert H Denmark (OS) 

Oilman, Don Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Parks, W.S Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Parrott, Glenn R South Iowa (NC) 

Potter, Truman W West Virginia (NE) 

Purdy, Burt North Alabama (SE) 

Ragsdale, Ray W Southern California- Arizona (W) 

Richardson, Mrs. Clarence W Minnesota (NC) 

Rickey, Henry A Louisiana (SC) 

Riley, Sumpter M., Jr North-East Ohio (NC) 

Roker, D. R Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Roser, D Switzerland-EUB (OS) 

Rupert, Hoover Detroit (NC) 

164 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Sargeant, John Florida (SE) 

Schauble, Johannes Central Germany (OS) 

Schneider, Carl M Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Scholz, Ernst Northeast Germany (OS) 

Sears, Frederick R Central New York (NE) 

Sherring, Samuel B Moradabad (OS) 

Spahr, David R. Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Spreiker, Mrs. Melvin Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Stamhach, Arthur W Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Staubach, William T., Jr New York (NE) 

Stelle, Ralph S Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Stiller, Homer Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Taetz, S. B Northwest Canada-EUB (W) 

Taylor, Eben South Carolina (SE) 

Teague, Otto W Little Rock (SC) 

Thorpe, Robert M Pacific Northwest (W) 

Tuttle, Robert G Western North Carolina (SE) 

Uppinghouse, Mrs. L. S Oregon (W) 

Utzman, A. B Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Vermillion, D. L Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Waltman, Al N. North Mississippi (SE) 

Watson, Mrs. D. E Central Kansas (SC) 

White, Albert L., Jr Virginia (SE) 

White, William. D Rock River (NC) 

Wilken, A. E lowa-EUB (NC) 

Wright, Samuel R Ohio (NC) 

Zechman, Harry W Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Znniga, Clemente M Philippines (OS) 

No. 6 

To this committee shall be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., 
relating to the ministry of the Church in all its forms, grades, and 

Chairman — Do7i W. Holier (Kansas — SC) 

V ice-Chairman— Gene E. Sease (W. Pa.-EUB— NE) 

Secretary — John H. Graham (Upper Mississippi — C) 

(Italics denote ministerial delegates) 

Albertson, Gene Oregon (W) 

Appel, R.E Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Averitt, James W Louisville (SE) 

Ballantyne, V. A Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Baskerville, M. Trevor North Iowa (NC) 

Bickel, Hans Switzerland (OS) 

Biggs, Doit Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Bjork, Virgil V North Indiana (NC) 

Black, Leslie Missouri East (SC) 

Boobar, Lester L Maine (NE) 

The United Methodist Church 165 

Borger, Clarence J Central Kansas (SC) 

Boyd, Marvin L Northwest Texas (SC) 

Bragg, Emerson D. Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Bridges, Ramsey West Virginia (NE ) 

Brooks, David W North Georgia (SE) 

Bruns, Johann M Northwest Germany (OS) 

Cain, Richard W Southern California- Arizona (W) 

Calvo, Sanuiel Costa Rica (OS) 

Cannon, William R North Georgia (SE) 

Chambers, John Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Clark, Alva H Nebraska (SC) 

Clive, Elliot D Delhi (OS) 

Colaw, Emerson S Ohio (NC) 

Cooper, Joel A. North Arkansas (SC) 

Crayton, Alfred L. Wyoming (NE ) 

Crutchfield, Finis A Oklahoma (SC) 

Cushman, Robert E. -...-. North Carolina (SE) 

Deschner, John W., Jr Southwest Texas (SC) 

Dickey, Edtvin H Ohio (NC) 

Douglass, Carl H., Jr Virginia (SE) 

Drennan, Merrill W Baltimore (NE) 

Dudley, E. M Western North Carolina (SE) 

Eckels, Harry West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Edwards, K. Morgan Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Eutsler, R. Kern Virginia (SE) 

Ferguson, William Florida (C) 

Forbes, James K Indiana (NC) 

Fridy, William W South Carolina (SE ) 

Gibson, Harry B., Jr Rock River (NC) 

Goodwin, Robert B Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Graham, John H. Upper Mississippi (C) 

Guffick, William R. Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Guinivan, Thomas W Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Guzman, Josue R Mindanao (OS) 

Hagler, Albert D Florida (SE) 

Hallman, E. E Canada-EUB (NE) 

Hancock, C. Wilbourne South Georgia (SE ) 

Handy, William T., Jr Louisiana (C) 

Hann, Paul M South Iowa (NC) 

Harkness, Georgia California-Nevada (W) 

Harris, H. Ray Erie-EUB (NE) 

Holier, Don W Kansas (SC) 

Horn, Paul E Susquehanna-EUB (NE ) 

Horton, Robert Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Houston, Jamie G North Mississippi (SE) 

Jones, S. Jameson Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Jongeward, Robert H Michigan (NC) 

Kessler, C. Walter Troy (NE) 

Leggett, J. Willard, Jr Mississippi (SE) 

Lewis, Willia^n B Southern Illinois (NC) 

Loijd, W. Harold Central Illinois (NC) 

Lueg, Carl F., Sr Louisiana (SC) 

166 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

McCleskey, Wayne H Texas (SC) 

idcCoy, faid E. Peninsula (NE) 

McCime, Robert J Central New \ork (ME) 

McKay, Orville H Detroit (NC) 

Modisiier, Donald E Western New \ork (NE) 

Master, Rolf Norway (OS) 

Mucider, Walter G New England (i\E) 

Neumann, N. C Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Nichols, John B Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Nicholson, R. Herman Western iNorth Carolina (SE) 

O'Dell, A. Glen Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Got, Arthur B., Jr Northern New York (NE) 

Outier, Albert North Texas (SC) 

Persons, William R Rocky Mountain ( W) 

Porter, Harold T Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Post, John E New England Southern (NE) 

Praetorius, E. Russell Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Ramer, Lloyd W Memphis (SE) 

Rathod, Raijibhai M Gujarat (OS) 

Riedinger, Johannes South Germany (OS) 

Rowe, Earl N Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Samuel, John V Indus River (OS) 

Samuel, Kariappa South India (OS) 

Sander, Harvey H South Dakota (NC) 

Schilling, Marvin A East Wisconsin (NC) 

Schneider, E.C California-EUB (W) 

Schulz, Willard W Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Sease, Gene E Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Seller, Ralph H New Mexico (SC) 

Smith, C. J. South Carolina (C) 

Stnith, Rex C Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Standard, Forrest L Missouri West (SC) 

Stetler, Roy H., Jr Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Sticher, H South Germany-EUB (OS) 

Stokes, Mack B Holston (SE) 

Stover, Kenneth Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Sweazy, Albert W Kentucky (SE) 

Sweet, Charles R Minnesota (NC) 

Thornburg, Richard A New York (NE) 

Tuell, Jack M Pacific Northwest (W) 

Tyson, Lorenzo D North Alabama (SE) 

Utarid, Munshi R Agra (OS) 

Varce, H. A. lowa-EUB (NC) 

Vogel, Henry W Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Walkup, Elbert E Tennessee (SE) 

Walley, F. Lexvis Philadelphia (NE) 

Weaver, R. Bruce Central Texas (SC) 

Weber, Charles B Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Wiant, Howard J North-East Ohio (NC) 

Wichelt, John F Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Wilson, Winslow M West Wisconsin (NC) 

Zagray, Allan H Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

The United Methodist Church 167 

No. 7 

To this committee shall be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., 
relating to the Board of Missions and to the iyiterests and activities 
made by the law of the Church the concern of this board. 

Chairman — Edward L. Tullis (Kentucky — SE) 
Vice-Chairman — Roy Nichols (New York — NE) 
Secretary — Harold H. Hughes, Sr. (Virginia — SE) 

(Italics denote ministerial delegates) 

Achberger, Mrs. Clarence E North-East Ohio (NC) 

And7-ews, David H Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Angeles, Pedro S Philippines (OS) 

Asis, Benjatnin Northern Philippines (OS) 

Backenson, Henry L Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Barnett, I. Nels North Arkansas (SC) 

Bartges, Woodrow A. Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Barto, Mrs. Kenneth S Philadelphia-EUB (NE) 

Bauman, L. G Canada-EUB (NE) 

Beard, Mrs. John L North Texas (SC) 

Bischoff, John W Kentucky-EUB (SE) 

Bishop, Mrs. G. Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Blessing, Roy West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Blv, Ned S Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Bollman, Fred G Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Brown, Mrs. Norton Missouri West (SC) 

Brown, Mrs. Russell Nebraska (SC) 

Bruce, S. Duane Northwest Texas (SC) 

Burton, William N Indiana (NC) 

Cain, Mrs. James S Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Caines, Mrs. A. N North Iowa (NC) 

Capps, Mrs. S. V., Jr North Alabama (SE) 

Cochran, Mrs. F. Morris New England Southern (NE) 

Cooke, R. Jervis Peninsula (NE) 

Corl, Daniel D Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Crabtree, Mrs. E. L Louisville (SE) 

Cryer, Donald W Ohio (NC) 

Daugherty, Robert M Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Dean, Mrs. Barton Kansas (SC) 

Dietrich, Clyde W. Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Dixon, Mrs. Edgar F Little Rock (SC) 

Dooley, Kenneth D Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Drake, Edward C New England (NE) 

Dunn, Mrs. Sam A. North Carolina (SE) 

Eby, Mrs. John Pacific Northwest (W) 

Enright, Kenneth D Southern Congo (OS) 

Eschbach, Carl B Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Fagan, Harold Texas ( SC ) 

Fletcher, Robert L Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Frees, Paul W Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Fulk, Floyd L Virginia-EUB (SE) 

168 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Gnadt, Helmut Chile (OS) 

Goodwin, Mrs. Everett Ohio (NC) 

Grunt, Nicholas W North Carolina (SE) 

Gray, Mrs. Bruce Florida (SE) 

Gronlund, Hal E Central Illinois (NC) 

Grove, Mrs. D. Dwight Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Gustafso7i, L. H Califomia-EUB (W) 

Hager, Wesley H Missouri East (SC) 

Harrell, Mrs. Leighton E Baltimore (NE) 

Harrington, Richard W Western New York (NE) 

Harvey, Mrs. James T West Virginia (NE) 

Heim, Richard A Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Hildehrand, Will M Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Hinz, Lawrence Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Hoffvian, Edward L Southern Illinois (NC) 

Hoivell, Maggart B. Central Texas (SC) 

Hughes, Harold H., Sr Virginia (SE) 

Hydon, Paul V Troy (NE ) 

Jamella, Gideon Southeast Africa (OS) 

James, Stanton lowa-EUB (NC) 

Johnson, Lyman S Central Kansas (SC) 

Johnson, Mrs, Wesley Rocky Mountain (W) 

Joyies, Gerald H North Indiana (NC) 

Joshi, R.D North India (OS) 

Kauffman, Gerald D Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Keller, A. L Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Kennaugh, John Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Kruckenherg , L. A Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Krueger, Delton H Minnesota (NC) 

LaPlante, Walter Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Larson, E. J Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Lightner, George S Virginia (SE) 

Loesch, Warren A Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Magsig, Lewis E Montana-EUB ( W) 

Marks, Oscar Rocky Mountain-EUB (W) 

Mayer, Paul O North-East Ohio (NC) 

McDavid, Harry E Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

McDonnell, C. Durward Florida (SE) 

McGill, Mrs. Ruth Erie-EUB (NE) 

Miller, Richard W East Wisconsin (NC) 

Mohr, I West Germany-EUB (OS) 

Moody, C. LeGrande, Jr South Carolina (SE) 

Moore, Lester L South Iowa (NC) 

Nichols, Roy New York (NE) 

Ortman, Ervin South Dakota (NC) 

Palmer, Robert J South Carolina (C) 

Pantelis, Jorge Bolivia (OS) 

Pfeiffer, Mrs. Alvin B Rock River (NC) 

Pfeiffer, Walter Central Germany (OS) 

Price, Mrs. Earl W Detroit (NC) 

Rae, John V. Hulasi Madhya Pradesh (OS) 

Redmond, Donald E. Southwest Texas (SC) 

The United Methodist Church 169 

Reuben, GuntiiPalli Hyderabad (OS) 

Rico, Tomas S Puerto Rico Provisional (NC) 

Ruff, William H. North Georgia (SE) 

Rutland, John E North Alabama (SE ) 

Sales, Phillip N Western North Carolina (SE) 

Schlender, Melvin C Kansas-EUB (SO 

Sehindell, Wally Northwest Canada-EUB (W) 

Scott, Mrs. Wayne C Oklahoma (SC) 

Settle, Frank A Holston (SE) 

Somers, George E. Bengal (OS) 

Spafford, Mrs. A. L Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Spangler, A. C Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Taylor, Mrs. Charles Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Taylor, Mrs. Robert M. Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Tennant, John W. Michigan (NO 

Thomas. John Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Tullis, Edward L Kentucky (SE) 

Waller, Mrs. Raymond W. Tennessee (SE) 

Watson, Mrs. Russell Oregon (W) 

Williayns, George R North Mississipni (SE ) 

Williams, Mrs. J. E South Georgia (SE) 

Winne, Donald California-Nevada (W) 

Yap, Kim-Hao Malaya (OS) 

Yeargan, Mrs. Victor B North Georgia (SE) 

Zepeda, J. P Rio Grande (SO 

Zimmerman, Paul Illinois-EUB (NC) 

No. 8 

To this committee shall he referred all petitions, resohttions, etc., 
relating to the support of retired and stipernumerary ministers, and 
of widows and dependent children of deceased ministers, not including 
bishops, and all matters relating to pensions of lay employees of 
Church organizations, boards, agencies, or institutions. 

Chairman — Roland P. Riddick (Virginia — SE) 
Vice-Chairman^— Sherman Cravens (Illinois-FTJB — NC) 
Secretary — Vinson M. Mouser (Louisiana — SC) 

(Italics denote ministerial delegates) 
Anderson, Jay Oklahoma-Texas-EUB (SC) 

Biggs, George Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Bowen, John Ohio (NC) 

Brannon. William C North Alabama (SE) 

Brown, Claude W Southwest Texas (SO 

Bruegeman, Harry Canada-EUB (NE) 

Carlson, V. A Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Carraway, James L. Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Chandler, George P Peninsula (NE) 

170 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Childs, Carl Erie-EUB (NE) 

Chinyi, Harvey N California-EUB (W) 

Cleveland, Millard C Florida (SE) 

Clymer, Merritt Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Cooper, Lawrence Southern California- Arizona (W) 

Cravens, Sherman A Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Crawford, J. Howard Northwest Texas (SC) 

Crippen, James Detroit (NC) 

Darling, Howard H New York (NE) 

Deibler, Walter E Eastern-EUB (NE) 

DeLong, Dale Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Dodson, Thurman L Baltimore (NE) 

Eady, Virgil Y. C North Georgia (SE) 

Edman, Clarence West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

England, James L Memphis (SE) 

Ford, E. R Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Frey, John H Nebraska (SC) 

Fuess, Forest M Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Haugen, Cliff Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Hawkins, R. P Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Herr, John D Philadelphia (NE) 

Hickerson, Walter J Central Kansas (SC) 

High, Henry R West Virginia (NE) 

Holler, Adlai C South Carolina (SE) 

Hummel, Russel P Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Johnson, J. J., Jr Missouri East (SC) 

Jones, Ernest, Sr Indiana (NC) 

Kelly, Dorsey J Oklahoma (SC) 

Kent, Harry R South Carolina (SE) 

Kissinger, Harry P Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Larson, Roy W Rock River (NC) 

Lease, Milo lowa-EUB (NC) 

LeFevre, DeWitt C Northern New York (NE) 

Lindell, Sixten E Sweden (OS) 

Lindsey, Julian A Western North Carolina (SE) 

Lowater. Donald Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Luke, Wayne Ohio-Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Mayes, Allen M Texas (C) 

McCracken, Edgar W North Iowa (NC) 

Moore, L. R Illincis-EUB (NC) 

Moore, R. Inman, Sr Mississippi (SE) 

Morris, Clarence P North Carolina (SE ) 

Mouser, Vinson M Louisiana (SC) 

Nestler, Frank H Central Illinois (NC) 

Odon, Louis O Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Osborn, John F Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Peck, W. Prentice Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Phillips, Charles W Western North Carolina (SE) 

The United Methodist Church 171 

Quickel, Harold W Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Handle, R. E Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Rankin, Harry V Texas ( SC) 

Rasmussen, Karl Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Riddick, Roland P Virginia (SE) 

Ritter, Ralph Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Robb, Don S Troy (NE) 

Robinson, Frank J Texas (SC) 

Roulhac, Joseph D North-East Ohio (NC) 

Rufer, Gerald Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Steffner, John E Holston (SE) 

Thornton, B. I South Georgia (SE) 

Tousant, Mrs. Emma S Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Walker, J. Everett California-Nevada ( W) 

Widmyer, George S Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Wright, A. A Southern California-Arizona ( W) 

No. 9 

To this committee shall be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., 
relating to the Board of Publication and to the interests and activities 
made by tfie law of the Church the concern of this board. 

Chairman — Carl J. Sanders (Virginia — SE) 

Vice-Chairjnan — Torrey A. Kaatz (Ohio Sandusky-EUB — NC) 

Secretary — Charles A. Sayre (Southern New Jersey — NE) 

(Italics denote ministerial delegates) 

Adams, Lloyd S Memphis (SE) 

Allen, Ray Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Anderson, Harvey E Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Babcock, Charles I., Jr Florida (SE) 

Earnhardt, Donald E Indiana-North-EUB (NC) 

Bennett, Alfred E West Virginia (NE) 

Bjemo, Henning Denmark (OS) 

Boyer, Gene Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Bryson, William D Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Butterbaugh, Carl Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Chittum, John W North-East Ohio (NC) 

Coffin, Wayne W Oklahoma (SC) 

Deaver, L. E. lowa-EUB (NC) 

Dunbar, Mrs. Moody Holston (SE) 

Earley, Charles M Virginia (SE) 

Firth, Williajn E Baltimore (NE) 

Fowler, H. Thornton Tennessee (SE) 

Franklin, Benson N North Alabama (SE) 

172 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Garrison, Claude Ohio (NC) 

Gautschi, E Switzerland-EUB (OS) 

Gilmore, Paul G Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Goodrich, Robert E North Texas (SC) 

Cranberry, Seth W Mississippi (SE) 

Gurtner, Miss Charlotte Central Illinois (NC) 

Hierholzer, Elmer J Southwest Texas (SC) 

Hozendorf, Connie Ray Little Rock (SC) 

Hubin, Garland Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Hunt, Walter L Wyoming (NE ) 

Jacoby, J Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Jason, William C, Jr Philadelphia (NE) 

Jones, L. Bevel North Georgia (SE) 

Kaatz, Toi-rey A Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Kirkland, H. Burnham New York (NE ) 

Large, Dwight S . .'....■.''. ;^ Detroit (NC) 

Lay, Robert P Louisiana (SC) 

Liechty. Clarence Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Lusby, L. D Tennessee-EUB (SE) 

Massie, Hugh Western North Carolina (SE) 

Mafhison, H. Paul Alabama- West Florida (SE) 

McClure, Oren F Central Kansas (SC) 

Merryman, K. K Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Mitchell, Roland Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Montgomery. Edward North Alabama (SE) 

Moore, Roy C South Carolina (SE) 

Muller, Walter Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Nicely, George W Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Nichols, Ray H Northwest Texas (SC) 

Orr, Verne, Sr Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Parker, Clarence E. North Iowa (NC) 

Reynolds, Paul C Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Rooks, John J Florida (SE) 

Russell, Leon North Carolina (SE) 

Ryser, Ernst Switzerland (OS) 

Sanders. Carl J Virginia (SE) 

Sayre, Charles A Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Shown, Mrs. Wilbur D. . North Indiana (NC) 

Stein, Clarence Florida-EUB (SE) 

Stengel, Leonard Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Strickland, Don Texas (SC) 

Swadley, Raymond Virginia-EUB (SC) 

Taylor, Blaine E New England (NE) 

Van Sickle, John R Rock River (NC) 

Walker, Morris D Central Texas (SC) 

Wpbster, O. K Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Williams, A. Cecil California-Nevada (W) 

The United Methodist Church 173 

Wilson, J. Frederick South Georgia (SE) 

Winchester, Clarence M North Carolina-Virginia (C) 

Wintle, Mrs. Fred Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Yenerich, Wallace Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Young, J. Otis Ohio (NC) 

No. 10 

To this committee shall be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., 
relating to the Board of Hospitals and Homes, to the interests and 
activities which by the law of the Church are made the concern of this 
board, and to all the eleemosynary work and responsibility of any other 
legislative covimittee. 

Chairman — Joseph R. Graham (Ohio Sandusky-EUB — NC) 

Vice-Chairman — Glenn Gold (Florida — SE) 

Secretary — D. Clifford Crummey (California-Nevada — W) 

{Italics denote ministerial delegates) 

Adams, Harry L Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Ade, C. H Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Adrian, Paul B Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Armentrout, Olin Holston (SE) 

Baker, Frank E Philadelphia (NE) 

Beardmore, Lawrence Ohio-Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Benfer, Mrs. Kenneth L Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Bergeman, Harold L lowa-EUB (NC) 

Blethen, Harry S West Virginia (NE) 

Brandyberry, A. L Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Brown, Rainsford A., Sr North Iowa (NC) 

Burgess, Harold R Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Creighton, Russell Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Crummey, D. Clifford California-Nevada (W) 

Davis, Dean F. Central Texas (SC) 

Doenges, William C Oklahoma (SC) 

Dover, Mrs. Hazel Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Fisher, Roy Rock River (NC) 

Garber, Roy K Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Getz, Walter P Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Glenn, Samuel R South Carolina (SE) 

Gold, Glenn Florida (SE) 

Graham, Joseph R Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Grumbein, Percy, Jr California-EUB ( W) 

Hague, Virgil J Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Haist, Willard Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Hardcastle, James C Peninsula (NE) 

Harris, William M., Jr North Alabama (SE) 

Hawk, William G Florida-EUB (SE) 

174 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Mines, Ralph C Rocky Mountain-EUB ( W) 

Howe, Robert C Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Kennedy, Mrs. Everett B New York (NE) 

King, Arnold K North Carolina (SE) 

Lance, Bert North Georgia (SE) 

Landrmn, D. L Texas (SC) 

Lank, Richard A Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Letts, J. Meade North-East Ohio (NC) 

Limbaugh, Luther Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Lippert, William J Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Little, Thomas M Western North Carolina (SE) 

Manning, Charles C Virginia (SE) 

May, Thomas Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Mayo, George W South Georgia (SE) 

McQuary, Thomas Louisville (SE) 

Mellgren, Wesley Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Milne, W. Arthur Ohio (NC) 

Momberg, Paul B Ohio (NC) 

Mull, Wallace L. Pacific Northwest-EUB ( W) 

Mylin, Maynard W Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Patial, Mrs. M. D North India (OS) 

Phillips, Randall C Southern California- Arizona (W) 

Rainwater, Henry M North Arkansas (SC) 

Raju, D. Sunadra South India (OS) 

Rein, W. J. R Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Rilling, Mrs. Walter Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Rogers, Mrs. Floyd West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Ross, Mrs. Edwin A Baltimore (NE) 

Shannon, Charles E Western North Carolina (SE) 

Smith, C. Truett North Texas (SC) 

Thompson, Lionel Detroit (NC) 

Tombaugh, Reid Central Illinois (NC) 

Walker, W. Roland Virginia (SE) 

No. 11 



To this committee shall he referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., 
relating to interdenominational activities, relations, interests, and 
responsibilities of The Methodist Church, including the Atnerican 
Bible Society, the National Council of Churches of Christ in the United 
States of America, and the World Council of Churches. 

Chairman — J. Robert A-elso^i (North-East Ohio — NC) 
Vice-Chairman — Wilson O. Weldon (Western North Carolina — SE) 
Secreatry — Rolland Osborne (Rocky Mountain-EUB — W) 

Tlie United Methodist Church 175 

(Italics denote ministerial delegates) 

Achesoii, Robert E Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Adams, Robert H., Jr West Wisconsin (NC) 

Allen, Mrs. A. N West Virginia (NE) 

Alter, Chester M Rocky Mountain (W) 

Anderson, Hurst Baltimore (NE) 

Anderson, Mrs. Winthrop New England (NE) 

Armstrong, A. James Indiana (NC) 

Earnhardt, Mrs. Leslie E Western North Carolina (SE) 

Bearden, Robert E. L Little Rock (SC) 

Bickham, Mrs. R. W Central Texas (SC) 

Brandhorst, Mrs. Edward Missouri East (SC) 

Bremer, Jack W Kansas (SC) 

Cansfield, Mrs. William H Detroit (NC) 

Carrell, Mrs. John W California-Nevada (W) 

Cate, George C, Jr Tennessee (SE) 

Ciampa, Donald N Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Cobb, Mrs. Ed Nebraska (SC) 

Cochran, Robert E Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Curry, Mrs. Earl T Kentucky (SE) 

DeForest, Mrs. Elbert Central Kansas (SC) 

Dreier, Walter Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Eberhj, E.P Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Egan, James A Oklahoma (SC) 

Eschbach, George A Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Fang, Chung -Nan Malaysia Chinese (OS) 

Faubion, Mrs. E. Maurice Texas (SC) 

Fellers, Hubert Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Fernandez, Ismael Peru (OS) 

Finkbeiner, Melvin M Pacific Northwest (W) 

Funkhouser, E. N Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Grove, William B Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Harper, George A Montana (W) 

Hart, Kenneth Missouri West (SC) 

Hauptman, Leo M North Indiana (NC) 

Hayward, Mrs. Hollis Central New York (NE) 

Henderson, Zach S South Georgia (SE) 

Hetherlin, Mrs. Ralph Rock River (NC) 

Hiebsch, Kenneth H Central Kansas (SC) 

Higgins, Jack West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Hoyt, James Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

Huston, Ralph B Florida (SE) 

Hutchinson, Mrs. John B Southern Calif. -Arizona (W) 

Jenkins, Leo W North Carolina (SE) 

Kallstad, Thorvald E Sweden (OS) 

Kay, W. Eugene Oklahoma-Texas-EUB (SC) 

Kelso, John F Peninsula (NE) 

Kimbrough, R. Edwin North Alabama (SE) 

Koenig, Robert W Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Kreidler, Clair C Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Kuhler, Wan-en G South Dakota (NC) 

176 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Landis, O. F Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Lane, Irvin H Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Leonard, Mrs. James M Ohio (NC) 

Liesemer, Newell Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Matheny, Thomas H Louisiana (SC) 

Mentzer, Warren F Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Merrow, Arthur S Western New York (NE) 

NeIso7i, J. Robert .,..., ,<f ■. .North-East Ohio (NC) 

Nichols, Frank A North Iowa (NC) 

Osborne, Rolland Rocky Mountain-EUB (W) 

Perkins, Raul T Louisville (SE) 

Pfaltzgraff, P. O lowa-EUB (NC) 

Potts, Edgar A Virginia (SE) 

Purdham, Charles B Minnesota (NC) 

Rayburn, Russell Northwest Indiana (NC) 

Rice, Spencer M South Carolina (SE) 

Rohlfs, Claus H Southwest Texas (SC) 

Scranton, Walter L New York (NE) 

Singer, Edgar F Wyoming (NE) 

Slothour, Edward Kentucky-EUB (SE) 

Smith, H. Travers Maine (NE) 

Smith, J. Castro Tennessee-EUB (SE) 

Straight, Leslie New York-EUB (NE) 

Styron, Mrs. Arthur H North Georgia (SE) 

Szczepkowski, Joseph Poland (OS) 

Thornburg, Robert W Central Illinois (NC) 

Trotter, F. Thomas Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Vandegriff, Paul M Ohio (NC) 

VanDyke, Orville Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Weldon, Wilson O Western North Carolina (SE) 

Wilcox, Robert L Holston (SE) 

Zebarth, Herbert E Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

No. 12 



To this committee shall be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., 
relating to the formal disciplhiing , trial, and appeal of members and 
ministers of The Methodist Church, and relating to the Judicial Coun- 
cil and the Judicial procedure within the Church. This committee shall 
also be charged with the responsibility of preparing and presenting, 
for adoption by the Conference, such enabling acts and legal forms as 
■may be needed in the continuing process of unifying the interests and 
agencies of the Church. 

The United Methodist Church 177 

Chair^nan — Paul Hardin, III (North Carolina — SE) 
Vice-Chairman — Gregorio R. Bailen (Northwest Philippines — OS) 
Secretary — R. R. MacCanon (lowa-EUB — NC) 

(Italics denote ministerial delegates) 
Anderson, Harvey E Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Bailen, Gregorio R Northwest Philippines (OS) 

Beams, Glen Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Beltran, Rodolfo C Middle Philippines (OS) 

Bishop, Bruce H. Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Blackstone, Franklin, Jr Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Blanset, Harry R Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Bosserman, Roy E. Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Brannon, W. L. South Carolina (SE) 

Brown, Prentiss M., Jr Detroit (NC) 

Burns, Robert E California-Nevada (W) 

Campbell, Raymond C Holston (SE) 

Deimert, E. E Northwest Canada-EUB (W) 

Donnenwirth, 0. A Ohio (NC) 

Eager, Floyd Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Fields, R. E South Carolina (C) 

Fischer, Heinz P South Germany (OS) 

Fletcher, Fremont C Minnesota (NC) 

Hammink, Harvey Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Hardin, Paul, III North Carolina (SE) 

Herbert, Chesley C, Jr Western North Carolina (SE) 

Iwaniuk, John Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Jacoby, Wilbur A California-Nevada ( W) 

Kachel, Charles E Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Landis, Theodore E Virginia (SE) 

Lang, Francis North-East Ohio (NC) 

Leatherman, Wayne Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Lim, Peter S. T Malaysia Chinese (OS) 

Lorch, Basil H., Jr Indiana (NC) 

MacCanon, R. R lowa-EUB (NC) 

Maibach, Paul Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Marshall, Justin E Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

McCallum, Mrs. William H Rock River (NC) 

Melrose, Lester Kansas EUB (SC) 

Moore, A. D Texas (SC) 

Pitcher, Dale E Central Illinois (NC) 

Reed, James H West Virginia-EUB (NE) 

Roberts, Oliver Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Roderick, Raymond L Baltimore (NE) 

Singh, Martin H Lucknow (OS) 

Strickland, Earl W North Georgia (SE) 

178 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Thornal, Campbell Florida (SE) 

Veale, William H New York (NE) 

Walker, Marion R Southern California-Arizona (W) 

WaUace, Aldred P West Virginia (NE) 

Wallace, George C. Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Whitten, Dolphus, Jr Oklahoma (SC) 

Wrightsel, Kenneth E Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Zellmer, Willard Pacific Northwest (W) 

No. 13 

To this committee shall be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., 
relating to the organization and duties of the various bodies 7vithin 
the local church, including the Quarterly Conference, Official Board, 
covtmissions, and committees. Proposed legislation emanating frovi 
other General Conference Committees concernivg local church or- 
ganization shall be referred to this coinmittee on local church organi- 
zation for consideration, action, and reporting to General Conference. 

Chairman — Merlyn W. Northfelt (Rock River — NC) 
Vice-Chairman — G. Ross Freeman (S. Georgia — SE) 
Secretary — John Berghnd (Ohio Miami-EUB — NC) 

(Italics denote ministerial delegates) 
Austin, Jeff Texas (SC) 

Baker, Henry H Rocky Mountain (W) 

Belt, Mrs. Abram D Central Pennsylvania (NE) 

Bergland, John Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Bergwall, Evan H North Indiana (NC) 

Bingham, Clifford Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Bott, LeRoy A Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Bramble, Albert F Kansas (SC) 

Bristow, Carroll D Baltimore (NE) 

Cabrera, Ishmael Puerto Rico Provisional (NE) 

Chambers, M. W Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Chilcote, Thomas F Holston (SE) 

Close, Robert L Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Cromwell, Thomas L North-East Ohio (NC) 

Coons, Mrs. Lester V South Iowa (NC) 

Crawford, Gene P Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Creech, Harlan L., Jr Western North Carolina (SE) 

Davis, Laurence R Nebraska (SC) 

Decker, Kermit Minnesota-EUB (NC) 

Deever, Paul S Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Duffey, Paul A Alabama-West Florida (SE) 

Elms, Mrs. J. P Northwest Texas (SC) 

Faust, Carl lowa-EUB (NC) 

Firestone, Lyman Missouri West (SC) 

The United Methodist Church 179 

Fisher, James A Memphis (SE) 

Freeman, G. Ross South Georgia (SE) 

Gaehr, J South Gei-many-EUB (OS) 

Galbreath, Mrs. Charles Central Illinois (NC) 

Gehring, O. A Dakota-EUB (NC) 

Gilts, George Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Gridley, Mrs. John W Minnesota (NC) 

Harding, Joe A Pacific Northwest (W) 

Harrington, Mrs. Preston Northern New Jersey (NE) 

Harris, Mrs. CO Indiana (NC) 

Herbert, David Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Hershberger, George Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Heyde, Forest R Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Hostetter, Mark J Eastern-EUB (NE) 

Hottle, Darrell Ohio (NC) 

Hunter, Duncan North Alabama (SE) 

Inis, Henry B Mindanao (OS) 

Kellerman, Garfield, Jr Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Kelly, Owen T Virginia (SE) 

Kunkel, Gordon S Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Lindgren, Alvin J East Wisconsin (NC) 

Locher, Donald R Southern California- Arizona (W) 

Marsh, Charles F South Carolina (SE) 

Matthexv, Glenn E Central Kansas (SC) 

McAninch, Donald H New Hampshire (NE) 

McMillan, Mrs. Norris Southwest Texas (SC) 

Moore, John V California-Nevada ( W) 

Mount, Mrs. J. H Southern Illinois (NC) 

Mu-iid, Fred W Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Northfelt, Merlyn W Rock River (NC) 

Packer, Bruce Montana-EUB (W) 

Page, Carlos C. Michigan (NC) 

Pearce, George F., Jr Louisiana (SC) 

Peters, Lloyd A Oklahoma (SC) 

Price, Sanford Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NE) 

Propert, George R Southern New Jersey (NE) 

Rote, Gene Erie-EUB (NE) 

Ruark, Henry G North Carolina (SE) 

Rutter, Kenneth P Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Saivyer, John R Virginia-EUB (SE) 

Schreckengost, George E Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Schroeder, Clarence Nebraska-EUB (SC) 

^ Schultz, Elmer A. R Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

! Schupp, Oscar G. Missouri East (SC) 

i' Schwartz, Charles D Troy (NE) 

fil Schwept)e, Harvey Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

\\ Sears, Mrs. Edward E North Iowa (NC) 

'^ Shaffer, H. P West Virginia (NE) 

Strother, W. Bruce Tennessee (SE) 



180 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Tardy, Wilbur West Vir^nia-EUB (NE) 

Taylor, Mrs. Ethan L North Georgia (SE) 

Taylor, Laivrence Michigan-EUB (NC) 

Tholin, Richard Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Transom, Mrs. G. E New York (NE) 

Uecker, Lloyd G Pacific Northwest-EUB (W) 

Underwood, Walter L North Texas (SO) 

linger, Allen L Rocky Mountain-EUB ( W) 

Vaughan, William C Virginia (SE) 

Verden, Douglas F New York (NE) 

Wahrenbrock, Lester G Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Warner, E. D Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Weems, Mrs. H. V Florida (SE) 

White, Woodie W Detroit (NC) 

Williamson, James F Oklahoma-Texas-EUB (SC) 

Wolfensberger, Homer Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Yu, Teck Soi Sarawak (OS) 

No. 14 

To this committee shall be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., 
relating to 7-itual and orders of worship. 

Chairman — John C. Soltman (Pacific Northwest — W) 
Vice-Chairman — Emmett K. McLarty, Jr. (Western N. C. — SE) 
Secretary — Charles S. Jarvis (Rock River — NC) 

{Italics denote ministerial delegates) 
Anthony, Miss Lois Western Pennsylvania (NE) 

Barnes, H. Keener North Alabama (SE) 

Bender, Gordon R Wisconsin-EUB (NC) 

Brown, Mrs. Byrle Southern California-Arizona (W) 

Bryan, Monk Missouri East (SC) 

Buckley, Howard Ohio Southeast-EUB (NC) 

Burkel, Oscar A Western Pennsylvania-EUB (NE) 

Carew, B. A Sierra Leone-EUB (OS) 

Craivford, Nace Texas (SC) 

Delp, Owen Ohio Miami-EUB (NC) 

Drinkard, Eugene T. North Georgia (SE) 

Eckel, Sherman B New York-EUB (NE) 

Everson, Sydney C. G Ohio (NC) 

Faulkner, R. W Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Foster, George A Florida (SE) 

France, Gordon Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

The United Methodist Church 181 

Hickman, Victor R South Carolina (SE) 

Higgins, D. Rayborn Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Howard, William M., Jr North Carolina (SE) 

Jarvis, Charles S Rock River (NC) 

Jarvis, James C West Virginia (NE) 

Jones, J. Paul, Jr Ohio Sandusky-EUB (NC) 

Kurth, Laivre7ice R Kansas-EUB (SC) 

Layton, Charles R North-East Ohio (NC) 

McLarty, Emmett K., Jr Western North Carolina (SE) 

Moore, Eugene J Illinois-EUB (NC) 

Owen, Mrs. Richard H., Ill Virginia (SE) 

Pohhj, Kenneth H Ohio East-EUB (NC) 

Porter, Edward H. Baltimore (NE) 

Price, Robert R Oklahoma (SC) 

Reeves, Richard E Central Illinois (NC) 

Richer, George M Southwest Texas (SC) 

RtisseU, R. L lowa-EUB (NC) 

Shepherd, Garth Indiana North-EUB (NC) 

Soltman, John C Pacific Northwest (W) 

Stolte, Robert H Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

Stone, Philip Indiana South-EUB (NC) 

Tarr, Burton F New York (NE) 

Varnell, Sam N Holston (SE) 

Vosburg, Frederick C Detroit (NC) 

Wake, Lloyd K California-Nevada ( W) 

Winter, F. Hauser Missouri West (SC) 

Winter, J. Britain Susquehanna-EUB (NE) 

"The plan of organization and rules of order of the 
General Conference shall be the plan of organization 
and rules of order as published in the journal of the 
preceding General Conference until they have been 
altered or modified by the action of the General Con- 
ference." (Discipline, ^ 508.) 



The General Conference shall assemble on the day fixed 
and at the place designated in accordance with the action 
taken by the preceding General Conference or the Com- 
mission on Entertainment and Program. The Holy Com- 
munion shall be celebrated by the Conference the Council 
of Bishops being in charge. The opening business session 
of the Conference shall be on the day and at the hour fixed 
by the Commission on Entertainment and Program and 
shall be called to order by the bishop designated as provided 
in ^ 8 § 11 of the Discipline. 

The following order of business shall be observed : 
A. Roll Call. The roll shall be called by the Secretary of 
the preceding General Conference in the following manner : 

(1) There shall be called the names of the bishops who 
have died since the adjournment of the preceding General 
Conference and likewise the names of delegates-elect who 
have died. 

(2) The record of attendance shall be made in writing to 
the Secretary of the General Conference by 

(a) The Secretary of the Council of Bishops for the 

(b) The Secretary of the Judicial Council for that body, 

(c) The chairman of each delegation for its membership. 
The chairman* shall be provided with a blank form on which 
to report in writing the attendance of its members, noting 
absentees and substitutions, which reports shall be tabulated 
by the Secretaiy and published in the Daily Christian Ad- 
vocate. Any reserve seated in the place of a regular delegate 
shall have been duly elected as a reserve delegate by his 

* The following action was taken by the 19G4 General Conference (DCA page 432 
Calendar 198.) 

"It is recommended that the chairman of the Annual Conference delegation be 
elected from the lay members of the delegation and from the ministerial members of 
the delegation for alternating General Conferences." 


The United Methodist Church 183 

Annual Conference, and shall meet the requirements set 
forth in the Discipline, ^^ 23-25. Delegates, including re- 
serves, when the latter are substituted for a delegate or 
delegates, shall be seated in the order of their election, ex- 
cept when a reserve is seated temporarily, in which case he 
shall occupy the seat of the delegate for whom he is sub- 
stituted. All delegates arriving after the opening roll call 
shall be reported by the chairman of the delegation to the 
Committee on Credentials, in order to be properly enrolled. 
(3) A majority of the whole number of delegates to the 
General Conference shall constitute a quorum for the 
transaction of business. {Discipline, ^ 506.) 

B. Election of Secretary. The Council of Bishops shall 
present a nomination from the ministry or lay membership 
of The United Methodist Church for Secretary. Other nomi- 
nations shall be permitted from the floor. The election, if 
there be two or more nominees, shall be by ballot. (See div. 
IV below.) Should the Secretary not be a delegate, he shall 
have the privilege of the floor, but without vote. 

C. Committee Nominations and Elections. The Council 
of Bishops shall present nominations or appoint members 
for the standing administrative committees, and such other 
nominations as are hereinafter committed to it, for election 
by the General Conference. 

D. Miscellaneous Business. 

E. Adjournment. 


The Quadrennial Address of the Council of Bishops shall 
be delivered early in the Conference, at such hour as deter- 
mined by the Commission on Entertainment and Program in 
consultation with the Council of Bishops. 


The presiding officers for the several sessions of the Con- 
ference, the opening session excepted (see div. I above), 
shall be chosen from among the effective bishops in the 
following manner: The Council of Bishops shall at the 
opening session nominate for election by the Conference a 
Committee on Presiding Officers composed of one minister 
and one layman from each Jurisdiction, and one minister 
and one layman from among the delegates representing 
the Annual Conferences outside the United States and four 
members at large. The Committee on Presiding Officers shall 
establish a continuing pool of five names of bishops from 
which group the presiding officer shall be selected by the 
committee. Each bishop shall be given reasonable notice of 

184 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

his selection for this pool, but subsequently he shall be avail- 
able for assignment as presiding officer at any session. The 
committee shall be free to continue a bishop for more than 
one session, if in its judgment the parliamentary situation 
requires this continuity of chairmanship. 


(1) The Secretary of the General Conference elected as 
hereinbefore provided shall serve until the next General 
Conference is organized and a successor elected. He shall 
keep the record of proceedings of all sessions of the Gen- 
eral Conference. He shall compile and edit a Handbook for 
The General Conference and edit the official Journal of the 
General Conference. The Book Editor, the Secretary of the 
General Conference and the Publisher of The United Meth- 
odist Church shall be charged with editing the Discipline. 
The Editors in the exercise of their judgment shall have 
the authority to make such changes in phraseology as may 
be necessary to harmonize legislation without changing its 

(2) The Conference shall elect, upon the nomination of 
the Secretary, such assistant secretaries from the ministry 
or lay membership of The United Methodist Church as it 
may deem wise. 

(3) The work of the Secretary shall be supervised by 
the Commission on Entertainment and Program of the 
General Conference. A budget for the work of the Secretary 
shall be presented by the Commission on Entertainment and 
Program to the Council on World Service and Finance. Such 
budget shall be paid out of the General Administration Fund. 

(4) If in the interim of the quadrennial sessions of the 
General Conference the office of Secretary shall for any 
reason be vacated, the Council of Bishops shall elect a suc- 
cessor to serve until the next session. 


There shall be a Commission on Entertainment and Pro- 
gram of the General Conference composed of one minister 
and one layman from each Jurisdiction and four members 
at large who shall be nominated by the Council of Bishops 
and elected by the General Conference for a term of eight 
years; provided that at the 1968 General Conference one- 
half of the members shall be elected for a term of four years 
so that thereafter the General Conference shall elect one- 
half of the members each quadrennium for a term of eight 
years. The Secretary of the General Conference, the Treas- 
urer of the Council on World Service and Finance and the 

The United Methodist Church 185 

Director of the Convention Bureau shall also be members 
ex-oflficio but without vote. If vacancies occur, for any reason, 
the Council of Bishops shall elect successors to serve for 
the unexpired term until the next session of the General 
Conference. The Commission shall elect two additional mem- 
bers at large for each quadrennium. 

The Council of Bishops shall designate one of its members 
to convene and organize the Commission before the adjourn- 
ment of the General Conference. 

This Commission shall determine the place and time 
(within such limits as may be set up by the General Con- 
ference) of the next General Conference and shall make all 
necessary arrangements in connection therewith, including 
arrangements for the publication of a book of quadrennial 
reports of the general boards and other general agencies of 
the Church, the same to be published by the United Meth- 
odist Publishing House. 

The Commission shall plan the schedule for the opening 
day of the Conference. 

The Commission shall recommend to the General Con- 
ference the per diem allowance to be paid to the elected 

The Commission shall issue invitations to fraternal dele- 
gates after consultation with the Council of Bishops, and 
shall arrange for their local entertainment for the specific 
period of time required for their presentation to the Gen- 
eral Conference. 

The Commission is authorized, if it deems it advisable, 
to select the site of the General Conference two quadrennia 
in advance. 


The General Conference shall have the standing com- 
mittees hereinafter indicated, with such functions, respon- 
sibilities, and limitations respectively as are hereinafter 
prescribed, and such special committees as it may order. 

A. Standing Administrative Committees 

(1) Committee on Agenda. There shall be a Committee 
on Agenda. 

(a) It shall be composed of eleven members, at least 
four of whom shall be laymen, to be constituted as follows : 
One from each Jurisdiction, one from overseas, three mem- 
bers at large, the chairman of the Committee of Chairmen 
when elected, and the chairman or substitute for the Pro- 
gram Chairman of the Program Committee of the Commis- 
sion on Entertainment and Program. It shall be appointed 
by the Council of Bishops at its winter meeting next pre- 

186 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

ceding the meeting of the General Conference from the 
elected delegates to the General Conference. 

(b) The Committee shall be convened by the Secretary 
of the General Conference at least the day before the open- 
ing of the General Conference and shall consult with the 
Council of Bishops, the Commission on Entertainment and 
Program and the Secretary of the General Conference con- 
cerning pending business. 

(c) Following the presentation and adoption of the re- 
port of the Commission on Entertainment and Program at 
the opening session of the General Conference, the Com- 
mittee on Agenda shall immediately become responsible 
for helping guide the order of business of the Conference. 

(d) To this committee shall be referred all requests for 
special orders of the day, except those requested in the 
report of the Commission on Entertainment and Program 
on the first day of the Conference. 

(e) Proposals, questions, communications, resolutions, 
and other matters not included in the regular business of 
the General Conference shall be referred to the Committee 
on Agenda without motion or debate. This committee shall 
determine whether or not the matter presented shall be 
considered by the General Conference. Appeal from the 
decision of this committee may be presented to the Confer- 
ence upon the written signature of twenty members of the 
Conference, and the item shall be presented to the Con- 
ference if the appeal is supported by a one-third vote. 

(f) The Committee on Agenda shall report to each ses- 
sion of the General Conference its recommendations con- 
cerning business agenda and time allocations for the various 
reports and business items, except that at all times the 
Committee of Chairmen shall determine the order in which 
legislative committee reports shall be presented. 

(2) Committee of Chairmen. The chairmen of the sev- 
eral standing legislative committees, the chairman of the 
Committee on Plan of Organization and Rules of Order, 
the chairman of the Commission on Entertainment and 
Program and the Chairman of the Committee on Agenda 
shall be constituted a Committee of Chairmen, whose func- 
tion it shall be to arrange for the presentation of committee 
reports to the Conference in such order as to expedite the 

(3) Correlation and Editorial Revision. There shall be 
a committee of four known as the Committee on Correla- 
tion and Editorial Revision. This committee shall be com- 
posed of three persons not members of the General Confer- 
ence, appointed by the Council of Bishops. They shall be 
entitled to travel expense and per diem allowance, the same 

The United Methodist Church 187 

as the delegates. Two alternates shall be appointed by the 
Council of Bishops. The function of this committee shall be : 

(a) To review all proposed legislation reported in the 
Daily Christian Advocate and that presented in special 
reports to the General Conference and all legislation en- 
acted by the General Conference. The Committee shall re- 
port promptly to the standing committees concerned, or to 
the General Conference as the situation may warrant, any 
and all contradictions, duplications, and inconsistencies dis- 
covered therein. 

(b) To report to the chairmen of the several standing 
legislative committees all changes it has made in the lan- 
guage of the reports adopted by the General Conference. 

(4) Courtesies and Privileges. There shall be a commit- 
tee of sixteen, composed of one minister and one layman 
from each Jurisdiction, one minister and one layman from 
among the delegates representing Annual Conferences out- 
side the United States, and four members at large known 
as the Committee on Courtesies and Privileges, having the 
following duties and responsibilities : 

(a) To consider, as presented to it by members of the 
Conference, what said members regard as questions or 
matters of privilege, to decide whether they are such or 
not, and if they are regarded as being such, to recommend 
to the Conference that they be heard. (Note: Only ques- 
tions or matters of privilege which are so urgent that they 
cannot wait for consideration by this committee may be 
presented immediately to the Conference, as provided in 
Rule 9.) 

(b) To prepare, with due regard for brevity, and present 
to the Conference for its action such complimentary resolu- 
tions as occasion may demand. 

(c) To arrange for extending courtesies of the Confer- 
ence to any to whom they may be due, fraternal delegates 
and official visitors excepted. 

(d) To arrange for a memorial service, at some time 
agreeable to the Conference, for deceased delegates-elect, 
and for bishops and general officers of the Church who have 
died since the adjournment of the last preceding General 

(e) To limit its report, including the statement of the 
chairman and the hearing of such persons as may be pre- 
sented, to a maximum of twenty minutes in any one business 
session. No person or persons shall be presented after the 
sixth day unless approved by a two-thirds vote of the Con- 

(f ) To prepare and publish in the Daily Christian Ad- 
vocate, contemporaneously with the list of the nominees 

188 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

for election to the Judicial Council, biographical sketches 
not to exceed 100 words in length for each nominee. 

(5) Credentials. There shall be a Committee on Cre- 
dentials of seven members. To this committee the chiarmen 
of the respective Annual Conference delegations shall re- 
port on a form provided for that purpose the names of 
absent delegates and of available reserve delegates to be 
substituted for said absentees. This committee shall in turn 
report all such cases of absence to the Conference with 
recommendations as to the seating of reserves if such are 
available. No reserve delegates shall be seated except by- 
action of the Conference and after a report has been made 
upon the case by this committee ; provided that the reserve 
delegates reported by the chairmen of the respective An- 
nual Conference delegations as substituted for absentees at 
the opening session shall be seated tentatively without the 
action of this committee; and provided further that such 
substitutions shall be reported to this committee for review 
and report to the General Conference for its action. All 
changes in the personnel of the seated delegates of the An- 
nual Conference delegations shall be reported to this com- 
mittee on blanks provided by the Secretary of the Confer- 
ence. Per diem allowances shall be paid on the basis of the 
report of this committee. 

(6) Fraternal Delegates. There shall be a Committee on 
Fraternal Delegates of nine members, seven of whom shall 
be appointed by the Council of Bishops from the regularly 
elected delegates to the ensuing General Conference at the 
winter meeting of the Council of Bishops immediately pre- 
ceding the General Conference and the Chairman of the 
sub-Committee on Fraternal Delegates of the Commission 
on Entertainment and Program. The Council of Bishops 
shall designate a temporary chairman of the committee, 
who shall call the committee to meet at the seat of the 
General Conference at least one full day prior to the open- 
ing of the Conference. To this committee shall be referred 
all communications, credentials, and information in the 
hands of the Secretary or the Council of Bishops relating to 
fraternal delegates and official visitors. 

The function of the committee shall be to extend the 
courtesies of the Conference to the fraternal delegates and 
official visitors and present them to the General Conference. 
The terms "fraternal delegates" and "official visitors" shall 
be interpreted to include only persons who have been duly 
elected by the Christian communions of which they are 
respectively members, to represent the same before the 
General Conference, who present the appropriate cre- 
dentials of such elections, and who have been invited 

The United Methodist Church 189 

through the Commission on Entertainment and Program, 
after consultation with the Council of Bishops. 

In so far as possible the committee shall plan the presen- 
tation of such fraternal delegates and official visitors during 
the first two days of the General Conference. 

(7) Journal. There shall be a committee of seven which 
shall daily examine the record of the Secretary, comparing 
it with the stenographic record, and report its findings 
to the Conference, recommending appropriate action. Any 
error subsequently discovered in a section of the Journal 
which has been approved shall be reported to the Conference 
for correction. 

(8) Plan of Organization and Rules of Order. There shall 
be a Committee on Plan of Organization and Rules of Order 
of eleven members. The Secretary of the Conference shall 
be an ex-officio member and one of the eleven. To this com- 
mittee shall be referred any proposed amendments to the 
Plan of Organization and Rules of Order. (See Rule 40.) To 
it may be referred any other matters relating to parlia- 
mentary order or procedure in the business of the General 

This committee shall serve as an Interim Committee be- 
tw^een sessions of the General Conference and shall restudy 
the Plan of Organization and Rules of Order and, after 
making such needed changes and adaptations therein as 
in its judgment are necessary, shall present them to the 
General Conference for consideration and final action, same 
to be published in the Journal of the General Conference. 

The Plan of Organization and Rules of Order of the Gen- 
eral Conference shall be the Plan of Organization and Rules 
of Order as published in the Journal of the preceding Gen- 
eral Conference until they have been altered or modified by 
the action of The General Conference. (See Discipline, 

(9) Presiding Officers. See div. Ill above. 

(10) Reference. There shall be a Committee on Reference 
composed of one ministerial and one lay representative 
from each Jurisdiction, at least two of whom shall be 
lawyers, one minister and one layman from Annual Confer- 
ences outside the United States, and four members at large, 
to be appointed by the Council of Bishops from the regularly 
elected delegates to the ensuing General Conference at the 
winter meeting of the said Council of Bishops preceding 
the session of the General Conference. This committee shall 
be convened by the Secretary of the General Conference 
prior to and at the seat of the General Conference. After 
ascertaining that the petitions, resolutions, and similar 
communications dealing with the regular business of the 

190 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Conference meet the requirements herein specified, this 
committee shall refer the same to the appropriate standing 
administrative or legislative committees. This committee 
shall be responsible for such assignment of all petitions 
which may be in the hands of the Secretary prior to the 
opening session, including the Episcopal Address, the book 
of printed Quadrennial Reports, and all other communica- 
tions which shall come into his hands after the convening of 
the General Conference. (Par. 510 of the Discipline provides 
that petitions shall be in the hands of the Secretary not later 
than thirty days before the opening of the Conference ses- 
sion; provided, however, the Secretary shall accept up to 
the opening day petitions from overseas and from Confer- 
ences meeting within thirty days before the General Con- 
ference. ) 

The Committee on Reference may withdraw a paper 
after having assigned it to a committee, either upon a re- 
quest or upon its own motion. It may also withhold from 
reference or publication any document it shall deem im- 
proper, promptly advising the author, or authors, thereof 
of its action in order that an appeal may be made to the 
Conference if desired. The committee shall publish as 
prom.ptly as possible in the Daily Christian Advocate lists 
of the communications it has referred to the several stand- 
ing committees, identifying each by number, title, origin, 
and destination. No petition shall be assigned by the Com- 
mittee on Reference to any General Conference committee 
unless it comes from some organization, minister, or mem- 
ber of The United Methodist Church, and also contains 
information essential to the verification of the alleged facts 
concerning its origin. 

All petitions shall be presented in triplicate. Each should 
deal with only one general subject, and so far as possible, 
only one chapter in the Discipline. Not more than one 
petition should be presented on a single sheet of paper. 

(11) Tellers. There shall be a committee of sixty, to act 
as tellers for the purpose of reporting on count votes and 
ballots ordered by the General Conference. The tellers shall 
be divided into two groups of thirty each. Each group shall 
have reserve tellers. The Secretary of the General Confer- 
ence shall appoint tellers and reserve tellers whose names 
shall be printed in the Daily Christian Advocate. 

B. Standing Legislative Committees 

The General Conference shall have the following stand- 
ing legislative committees, which shall consider all pro- 
posals looking toward new legislation or changes in the 
present legislation of the church and report recommenda- 

The United Methodist Church 191 

tions relating thereto to the Conference ; provided, however, 
that reports and proposals from the regular councils and 
special commissions of the General Conference may be made 
directly to the Conference. The term ''legislative" as de- 
scriptive of the functions of these committees is not to be 
interpreted with absolute strictness, in as much as they may 
consider matters calculated to eventuate in the form of 
advices, resolutions, appeals, etc., as well as in legislation. 
Too extensive use of Special Study Committees authorized 
by the General Conference tends to limit the work and im- 
portance of our legislative committees. Under ordinary 
circumstances Special Study Committees should report 
briefly to the General Conference, after which their reports 
should be referred automatically to the appropriate legis- 
lative committees for study at the beginning of the General 
Conference sessions. After the Study Committee makes its 
report, the General Conference by a tw^o-thirds vote may 
authorize immediately consideration of this report. 

(1) Christian Social Concerns. To this committee shall 
be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., relating to social 
service, labor relations. Sabbath observance, divorce, amuse- 
ments, world peace, temperance, prohibition of the liquor 
traffic, all matters relating to the Board of Christian Social 

(2) Conferences. To this committee shall be referred all 
petitions, resolutions, etc., relating to the General, Juris- 
dictional, Annual, Provisional Annual and District Confer- 
ences, and to Missions. All petitions, resolutions, etc., relat- 
ing to Central Conferences shall be referred to the Com- 
mission on the Structure of Methodism Overseas. (See 
Discipline, \ 1812 (1).) 

(3) Education. To this committee shall be referred all 
petitions, resolutions, etc., relating to the Board of Educa- 
tion and to the interests and activities which by the law of 
the Church are made the concern of this board. 

(4) Lay Activities and Temporal Economy. To this com- 
mittee shall be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., re- 
lating distinctly to lay activities and the Board of Lay 
Activities; and relating to trustees, properties, church 
finance (general and local), and such activities of the 
Church at large in and through its institutions and boards 
as are not made the specific responsibility of any other 

(5) Membership and Evangelism. To this committee shall 
be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., relating to church 
membership, including conditions, duties, and transfer 
thereof; and all matters pertaining to evangelism and to the 
devotional life and literature of the Church, made by the 

192 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

law of the Church and the concern of the Board of 

(6) Ministry. To this committee shall be referred all 
petitions, resolutions, etc., relating to the ministry of the 
Church in all its forms, grades, and orders. 

(7) Missions. To this committee shall be referred all peti- 
tions, resolutions, etc., relating to the Board of Missions and 
to the interests and activities made by the law of the Church 
the concern of this board. 

(8) Pensions. To this committee shall be referred all 
petitions, resolutions, etc., relating to the support of retired 
and supernumerary ministers, and of widows a^d dependent 
children of deceased ministers, not including bishops, and all 
matters relating to pensions of lay employees of Church 
organizations, boards, agencies, or institutions. 

(9) Publishing Interests. To this committee shall be 
referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., relating to all the 
Publications of The United Methodist Church and to the 
interests and activities made by the law of the Church the 
concern of the board. 

(10) Hospitals and Homes. To this committee shall be 
referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., relating to the Board 
of Hospitals and Homes, to the interests and activities which 
by the law of the Church are made the concern of this board, 
and to all the eleemosynary work and responsibility of the 
Church not comprehended in the responsibility of any other 
legislative committee. 

(11) Interdenominational Relations and Activities. To 
this committee shall be referred all petitions, resolutions, 
etc., relating to interdenominationnl activities, relations, 
interests, and responsibilities of The United Methodist 
Church, including the American Bible Society, the National 
Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of 
America, the World Council of Churches and Committee on 
Religion in American Life. 

(12) Judicial Administration Enabling Acts and Legal 
Forms.^ To this committee shall be referred all petitions, 
resolutions, etc., relating to the formal d'scinlining. trial, 
and appeal of members and ministers of The United Meth- 
odist Church, and relating to the Judicial Council and the 
judicial procedure within the Church. This committee shall 
also be charged with the resnonsibility of preuaring and 
presenting- for adoption bv the Conference, such enabling 
acts and legal forms as may be needed in the continuing 
process of unifving the interests and agencies of the Church. 

(13) Local Church. To this committee shall be referred 
all petitions, resolutions, etc., relatin<r to the organization 
and duties of the various bodies within the local church, 

The United Methodist Church 193 

including the Quarterly Conference, Official Board, com- 
missions, and committees. Proposed legislation emanating 
from other General Conference committees concerning local 
church organization shall be referred to this committee on 
Local Church Organization for consideration, action and 
reporting to General Conference. 

(14) Ritual and Orders of Worship. To this committee 
shall be referred all petitions, resolutions, etc., relating to 
ritual and orders of worship. 

C. Membership of Committees 

Each delegate shall serve as a member of one of the stand- 
ing legislative committees numbered 1 to 14. Within the 
Annual Conference delegation each member shall choose 
from the legislative committees 1 to 14 the committee on 
which he shall serve, the choice being made in order of 
election. The layman* first elected shall be entitled to the 
first choice, the minister first elected to the second choice, 
and thus the right of choice shall continue to alternate be- 
tween lay and ministerial delegates in the order of their 
election; provided, that two members of a delegation may 
not serve on any one of the above-designated standing legis- 
lative committees 1 to 14 unless the said delegation is repre- 
sented on each of them. All delegations composed of fourteen 
or more members shall assign all members in excess of 
fourteen according to this same principle of distribution. 
(For example, a Conference with sixteen delegates shall 
have two members on each of any two of these fourteen 
committees, and one on each of the remaining twelve. Each 
delegate may, in the order of his turn to choose, select any 
one of these fourteen committees, provided that the fore- 
going division of delegates among the committees is main- 

If a matter is under consideration in any standing legis- 
lative committee which in the judgment of any Annual 
Conference delegation vitally affects the interests of its 
constituency, and if the said Annual Conference is not 
represented in the membership of said committee, then the 
said delegation may choose one of its number to represent 
its Annual Conference in the committee when the matter 
judged to be vital to the interests of this constituency is 
under consideration. Such a person shall be entitled to sit 
with the committee while this particular matter is being 
considered. He shall be entitled to the floor, subject to such 

♦The following action was taken by the 1940 General Conference (Journal, page 

"Your committee recommentls that the first choice of committees should alternate 
from quadrennium to quadrennium between the ministerial and lay delegates." In 1964 
the minister first elected will have first choice of the standing legislative committees. 

194 Journal of the 1068 General Conference 

limitations as are imposed on the regular members of said 
committee, but he shall not be entitled to vote. 

D. Meetings of Committees 

(1) For Organization. All standing legislative ctnd ad- 
ministrative committees shall meet for organization at such 
time as the Commission on Entertainment and Program 
shall determine. A Bishop appointed by the Council of 
Bishops and an assistant secretary appointed by the Secre- 
tary of the General Conference shall serve, respectively, as 
chairman and secretary to eiv'^ct an organization in each 
of the several standing committees. 

(a) The Secretary of the General Conference shall con- 
vene the Committee of the Chairmen. 

(b) The election of chairman, vice-chairman, and secre- 
tary of each standing committee, both administrative and 
legislative, shall be by ballot. 

(c) The assistant secretary appointed for the organiza- 
tion of each standing legislative committee shall report in 
writing to the Secretary of the Conference at the earliest 
possible date the officers elected. In the case of all other 
committees the secretary elected shall make such report 
immediately to the Secretary of the Conference. 

(d) The Secretary of the General Conference shall be 
responsible for arranging for a coaching meeting for all 
chairmen and secretaries of legislative committees, as soon 
as possible after their elections. This coaching shall include 
instruction in their duties, all procedures in the handling 
of petitions and other information to expedite the work of 
chairmen and secretaries. The Commission on Entertain 
ment and Program is requested to arrange for a time and 
place for such a meeting. 

(2) Regular Meetings. The standing legislative commit- 
tees 1 to 14 inclusive shall meet for business on the first two 
full days at 9:10 a.m. and thereafter shall meet each week- 
day at 2 :30 p.m. unless otherwise ordered by the Conference, 
until their work is completed, and at such other times as the 
committees may themselves determine. 

(3) Quorum for Committee Meetings. A majority of the 
members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of 
business in all committees. 

E. Function and Authority of Committees 

(1) The standing administrative committees, without 
specific instruction or direction from the Conference, shall 
assume responsibility for considering and reporting to the 
Conference upon all matters which would logically fall with- 

The United Methodist Church 195 

in their respective purviews, if it seems wise to do so, as 
these are indicated hereinbefore. 

(2) The standing legislative committees may not 
originate business, but shall consider and report only upon 
that which is referred to them directly by the Conference or 
through the Committee on Reference, the Agenda Com- 
mittee, or the Committee of Chairmen. (See Rule 31.) 

VII. Proposal Involving Expenditure of 
Unbudgeted Funds 

When any proposal is submitted to the General Confer- 
ence to establish an interim or continuing board, commis- 
sion, or committee, before final action is taken by the General 
Conference establishing such board, commission, or com- 
mittee, said proposal shall be referred to the Council on 
World Service and Finance, or its executive committee, with 
the request that it bring to the General Conference an 
estimated budget of the expense of operation of the proposed 
board, commission, or committee for the next quadrennium 
and a statement of how the adoption of such proposal will 
affect the budget or budgets for the existing boards, com- 
missions, or committees as already presented by the Council 
on World Service and Finance. 

When any proposal is submitted to the General Confer- 
ence which involves the expenditure of funds not included in 
an established budget, such proposal shall be referred for 
advice and recommendation to the Council on World Service 
and Finance before final action is taken by the General 

VIII. Delegates' Expense Accounts* 

(1) The report of the Committee on Credentials shall be 
the basis for settlement with principal and reserve delegates 
for their per diem allowance. 

(2) The total traveling expense shall be payable to the 
principal delegate if he be present and seated. If during the 
session of the Conference a reserve delegate is seated in his 
place, he shall adjust the travel expense with such reserve 
on the basis of the time served by each. 

(3) Travel expense for the delegates to the Conference 
shall be on the basis of railroad fare by the most direct route 
(clergy fare for m.inisters), lower berth or roomette (Pull- 
man) and meals en route, or by air coach. Overseas delegates 
shall be allowed travel expenses on the basis of round-trip 
tourist air fare, directly to and from the seat of the Con- 

* For the Uniting Conference, expenses for delegates will be paid by their separate 
General Conferences. 

196 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

ference. Additional expenses may be allowed such delegates 
for arrival and departure not to exceed five days in either 
case. Unavoidable exceptions to this limitation of five days 
before and five days after General Conference, due to trans- 
portation schedules, must be approved by the Council on 
World Service and Finance. The per diem expense allow- 
ance for all such days before and after General Conference 
shall be at the same rate as granted delegates during General 
Conference. When two or more delegates come in one auto- 
mobile, the owner shall be allowed 7 cents per mile for his 
car plus the cost of room and meals en route. Guest pas- 
sengers who are members of the General Conference shall 
submit only the cost of room and meals en route. In all cases 
delegates shall report only the actual cost of travel. 

IX. Material to Be Included in the Discipline 

(1) No non-legislative material shall be ordered printed 
in the Discipline without first referring it to the Committee 
on Correlation and Editorial Revision for consideration and 
report to the General Conference for further consideration 
and final action. 


Rule 1. Hours of Meetings 

The following- shall be the daily order for the General 
Conference, Sundays excepted : 

(1) 8:30 A.M. to 9:10 a.m. — Devotional service under 
direction of the Council of Bishops. 

(2) 9:10 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. — Conference business with 
recess for ten minutes at 10 :30, except that this 
period during the first two full business days of the 
Conference shall be devoted to meetings of legisla- 
tive committees. 

(3) 2:30 P.M. to 5:00 p.m. — Committee meetings. 

(4) 7:30 p.m. — Evening programs as planned by the 
Commission on Entertainment and Program or com- 
mittee meetings. 

Rule 2. Order of Business 

After devotional service the daily sessions of the Con- 
ference shall be conducted as follows : 

(1) Report of Committee on Journal of the previous 
meeting or meetings. 

(2) Report of Committee on Courtesies and Privileges. 

(3) Reports of other standing administrative and special 

(4) Calendar. 

(5) Miscellaneous business. 


Rule 3. Authority of the Chairman 

The bishop presiding shall be the legal chairman of the 
General Conference. He shall decide points of order raised 
by the members, and shall rule on points of order not raised 
by the members, as he deems necessary to conform to these 
rules of order; subject, in both cases, to an appeal to the 
Conference by any member without debate ; except that the 
chairman and the appellant, in the order here named, shall 
each have five minutes for a statement in support of their 
respective positions, A tie vote in the case of appeal shall 
sustain the chair. When any member raises a point of order 
he shall cite, by number, the rule he adjudges to have been 


198 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Rule 4. Calling the Conference to Order 

When the chairman stands in his place and calls the Con- 
ference to order, no member shall speak, address the chair, 
or stand, while the chairman stands. 


Rule 5. Attendance and Seating Reserves 

No member, unless hindered by sickness or otherwise 
from being present, shall absent himself from the sessions 
of the Conference without permission of the Conference; 
and all absentees shall be reported by the chairmen of the 
several Annual Conference delegations to the Committee 
on Credentials on a form provided for this purpose. No 
reserve delegate shall have the privilege of membership 
until the substitution has been approved by the Conference, 
except at the first session of the Conference, as provided 
in the Plan of Organization, div. I, sec. A, subs. 2c. 

Rule 6. Directions for Securing the Floor 

When a delegate desires to speak to the Conference, he 
shall arise at his designated seat, respectfully address the 
presiding officer, using the term, "Mr. Chairman," and, 
after recognition, proceed to the speaker's platform, where, 
before speaking, he shall give the chairman, in writing, 
his name and that of the Annual Conference which he rep- 
resents ; which, in turn, the chairman shall then announce to 
the Conference. 

If by reason of the intended brevity of his remarks he 
speaks from one of the microphones in the aisles of the 
assembly hall, he shall first announce his name and the 
name of the Annual Conference which he represents; 
which, in turn, the chairman shall then announce to the 

Rule 7. Interrupting the Speaker 

No member who has the floor may be interrupted except 
for a breach of order, or a misrepresentation, or to direct 
the attention of the Conference to the fact that the time 
has arrived for a special order, or to raise a very urgent 
question of high privilege. 

Rule 8. Speaking More Than Once; Length of Speech 

No member shall speak a second time on the same ques- 
tion if any member who has not spoken desires the floor, 
no more than twice on the same subject under the same 
motion, no longer than ten minutes unless his time shall be 

The United Methodist Church 199 

extended by the Conference, except as provided in Rule 37. 
This ten-minute limit may be reduced by a majority vote 
of the Conference at any time, and for any period of dura- 

Rule 9. Question of High Privilege 

A member claiming the floor at any time for what he 
believes is a very urgent question of high privilege shall 
be allowed to indicate briefly the nature of the question, 
and if it be adjudged by the chair to be such, he may proceed 
at his pleasure or until the chairman judges that he has ex- 
hausted his privilege. (See Plan of Organization, div. VI, 
sec. A, subs. 4a.) 

Rule 10. Voting Area of Conference 

Only delegates within the area of the Conference when 
the vote is taken shall be entitled to vote. All delegates 
within the area at the time a question is put shall vote, 
except such as shall have been excused for special reasons 
by the Conference. 

Rule 11. Voting Procedure 

Voting shall be by a show of hands unless otherwise 
ordered by the Conference. An "aye" and "nay" vote, if 
taken, shall be by signed ballot. An "aye" or "nay" vote by 
secret ballot may be ordered on call of any member, sup- 
ported by one-third of the members present and voting. 
A count vote may be ordered on call of any member sup- 
ported by one-third of the members present and voting, in 
which case the delegates shall rise from their seats and 
stand until counted. 

No other business shall be in order when a vote is being 
taken or when the previous question has been called, until 
the process is completed, except such as relates to the vote 
itself, or that which can be appropriately fitted into the 
time while waiting for the report of the secretaries on a 
count vote, or an "aye" or "nay" vote. The count shall be 
made by the Committee of Tellers as appointed and as- 
signed by the Secretary of General Conference. 

Rule 12. Division of Question 

Before a vote is taken any delegate shall have the right 
to call for a division of any question, if it is subject to 
such division as he indicates. If no delegate objects, the 
division shall be made; but if there is objection, the chair 
shall put the question of division to vote, not waiting for 
a second. 

200 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Rule 13. Vote by Orders* 

The ministerial and lay delegates shall deliberate as one 
body; but upon a call, by motion of any delegate, seconded 
by another delegate of the same order and supported by 
one-third of the members of that order voting, the minis- 
terial and lay delegates shall vote separately. But when 
the Conference votes by orders, no measure shall be passed 
without the concurrence of a majority of both classes of 
delegates. In cases of such a vote the order calling for it 
shall vote first; provided, however, that the Conference 
may not vote by orders on a proposed amendment to the 
Constitution. {Discipline, ^ 10.) 


Rule 14. Motion for Adoption of Reports and 
Resolutions Unnecessary 

Whenever a report of a committee signed by the chair- 
man and secretary thereof, or a resolution signed by two 
or more members of the Conference, shall be presented 
to the Conference for its action, it shall be deemed in 
proper order for consideration by the Conference without 
the formality of a motion to adopt, and a second thereto. 

Rule 15. Required Forms for Reports, 
Resolutions, Motions, Amendments 

All resolutions and committee reports shall be presented 
in triplicate; and, when requested by the Secretary, mo- 
tions, including amendments, shall be presented in writing. 

Rule 16. Reading of Reports and Resolutions 

All resolutions, committee reports, and communications 
to the Conference shall be read by the Secretary except as 
otherwise provided in Rule 34. 

Rule 17. Alterations of Motions, etc. 

When a motion is made and seconded, or a resolution 
is introduced and seconded, or a committee report is read, 
or is published in the Daily Christian Advocate, it shall be 
deemed to be in possession of the Conference, and may not 
be altered except by action of the Conference. (See Rule 33.) 

* In accordance with the Enabling Legislation adopted by the 1966 General Confer- 
ences, during the sessions of the Uniting Conference, if upon call by motion of any 
delegate, seconded by another delegate from the same former denomination and sup- 
ported by one-third of the members of that denomination voting, the members of the 
two former denominations shall vote sepaiately and in case of such vote by denomina- 
tions, no amendment or alteration shall be effective unless adopted by a vote of the 
majority of delegates coming from the Evangelical United Brethren Church and a 
majority of delegates coming from The Methodist Church, in each case, at the time 
present and voting. 

The United Methodist Church 201 

Rule 18. Undebatable Motions 

The following motions shall be acted upon without de- 

(1) To adjourn, when unqualified, except to adjourn 
the Conference finally. 

(2) To suspend the rules. 

(3) To lay on the table, except as provided in Rule 37. 

(4) To take from the table. 

(5) To call for the previous question. 

(6) To reconsider a non-debatable motion. 

(7) To limit or extend the limits of debate. 

(8) To call for the orders of the day. 

Rule 19. Rights of the Main Question 

The main question may be opened to debate under the 
following motions: to adopt, to commit or refer, to sub- 
stitute, to postpone, and to reconsider. No new motion, reso- 
lution, or subject shall be entertained until the one under 
consideration shall have been disposed of except as provided 
in Rule 11. The foregoing does not apply to secondary mo- 
tions if otherwise allowable in the existing parliamentary 

Rule 20. Precedence of Secondary Motions 

If any one or more of the following motions shall be 
made when one or more other motions are pending, the 
order of their precedence in relation to one another shall 
be the same as the order of their listing below : 

(1) To fix the time to which the Conference shall ad- 
journ. (This motion is subject to amendment, or 
it may be laid on the table.) 

(2) To adjourn. 

(3) To take recess. 

(4) To order the previous question. 

(5) To lay on the table. 

(6) To limit or extend the limits of debate. 

(7) To postpone to a given time. 

(8) To commit or refer. 

(9) To amend or to substitute (one amendment being 
allowed to an amendment). 

(10) To postpone indefinitely. 

Rule 21. Tabling Related Motions 

No motion which adheres to another motion, or has an- 
other motion adhering to it, can be laid on the table by 
itself. Such motions, if laid on the table, carry with them 
the motions to which they respectively adhere, or which 
adhere to them. 

202 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Rule 22. Referring Reports, Etc. 

It shall be in order for the Conference to refer to a com- 
mittee a section or part of a report or resolution which is 
before the Conference for consideration, or any amendment 
offered thereto. 

Rule 23. Procedure for Consideration of Substitutes 

When a resolution or committee report is properly be- 
fore the Conference for consideration and action, even if 
amendments thereto are pending, a substitute therefor may 
be offered by any member moving that the same be substi- 
tuted for the report or resolution under consideration. The 
Conference shall then proceed first to perfect the original 
report or resolution, including consideration and action 
upon any amendments which may be offered to it. The same 
perfecting process shall then be followed with respect to 
the substitute. The question shall then be put first on the 
motion to substitute, followed by the motion to adopt the 
report or resolution ; provided, however, that the motion for 
the previous question shall not be in order on the adoption 
of the report or recommendation or on making the proposed 
substitution until opportunity has been given for at least 
two members to speak on each side of the question of sub- 
stitution or adoption. 

Rule 24. Previous Question 

When any member moves the previous question (that is, 
that the vote be now taken on the motion or motions pend- 
ing) , he shall indicate to what he intends it to apply, if any 
secondary motion or motions are also pending. If he does 
not so indicate, it shall be regarded as applying only to the 
immediately pending question. This motion shall be taken 
without debate, and shall require a two-thirds vote of those 
present and voting for its adoption; and if it is adopted, 
the vote shall be taken on the motion or motions to which 
it applies without further debate except as provided in Rule 
37. (See also Rules 18, 23, 25.) 

Rule 25. Unlawful Motion After Speech 

It shall not be in order for a member immediately after 
discussing a pending question, and before relinquishing 
the floor, to make a motion whose adoption would limit or 
stop debate. 

Rule 26. Exceptions to Majority Vote 

A majority of those voting, a quorum being present, 
shall decide all questions with the following exceptions : 

The U7iited Methodist Church 203 

(1) One-third of those present and voting shall suffice 
to sustain a call for a count vote in case the decision of 
the chair is doubted. (See Rule 11.) A tie vote sustains the 
chair (Rule 3). 

(2) A call for a vote by orders shall prevail if sustained 
by one-third of the members of the order from which the 
call came, present and voting. (See Rule 13.) 

(3) A two-thirds vote shall be required to sustain a 
motion to suspend (Rule 39) or amend (Rule 40) the rules; 
to sustain a motion for the previous question (Rule 24), 
to set aside a special order ; to consider a special order be- 
fore the time set therefor ; to sustain the request of the Com- 
mittee on Courtesies and Privileges for the presentation of 
any person after the sixth day of the General Conference. 

(4) A two-thirds vote shall be required to approve a 
proposal for a constitutional amendment. {Discipline ^ 10.) 

Rule 27. Reconsideration 

A motion to reconsider an action of the Conference shall 
be in order at any time if offered by a member who voted 
with the prevailing side. If the motion it is proposed to 
reconsider is non-debatable, the motion to reconsider may 
not be debated. 

Rule 28. Calendars, Regular and Non-Concurrence 

The Secretary shall keep a chronological record of orders 
of the day and of reports of committees (see Rule 32), 
which record shall be called the Calendar; and the matters 
of business placed on it shall be considered as recommended 
by the Committee of Chairmen, unless by a two-thirds vote 
of the Conference an item is taken up out of its order. 

When a committee presents a report on a given subject, 
as a part of its report, it must also list the numbers of all 
petitions relating to this subject on which the committee 
voted non-concurrence. 

Rule 29. Motion to Adjourn in Order Except — 

The motion to adjourn, when unqualified, shall be taken 
without debate, and shall always be in order, except: 

(1 ) When a delegate has the floor. 

(2) When a question is actually put, or a vote is being 
taken, and before it is finally decided. 

(3) When the previous question has been ordered and 
action thereunder is pending. 

(4) When a motion to adjourn has been lost, and no 
business or debate has intervened. 

204 Journal of the 1968 Geyieral Conference 

(5) When the motion to fix the time to which the Con- 
ference shall adjourn is pending. 
The foregoing does not apply to a motion for final ad- 
journment of the Conference. 


Rule 30. Rules of Order of Legislative Committees 

The rules of order of the General Conference shall be 
observed in meetings of standing legislative committees in 
so far as they apply. 

Rule 31. Duties and Prerogatives of Committees 

When a petition or resolution or any similar item is re- 
ferred to one of the several standing legislative committees, 
it shall be understood that the whole question with which 
the paper has to do is referred to that committee for such 
action as it may deem wise. Committees shall report to the 
Conference upon all matters referred to them by the Con- 
ference, directly or through the Committee on Reference. 
Committee reports on resolutions, petitions, etc., shall cite 
the same, identifying them by numbers they bear respec- 
tively in the published reports of the Committee on Refer- 
ence, or in some other suitable manner. 

When a committee ascertains that another committee is 
or, in its judgment, should be considering a subject which 
the former is considering, it shall report the matter to the 
Committee on Reference for such adjustment as the situa- 
tion may require. 

Rule 32. Legislative Committees Report to Secretary 

At the close of each day's meetings the chairmen and sec- 
retaries of the several standing legislative committees shall 
provide the Secretary of the Conference with copies in trip- 
licate of all reports adopted by their respective committees 
for presentation to the Conference. The Secretary shall 
enter said reports on the Calendar in the order in which they 
reach him, and shall furnish the editor of the Daily Christian 
Advocate with one copy of each of the said reports for pub- 
lication in the next day's issue. 

Reports from committees (and minority reports) recom- 
mending proposed changes in the Discipline shall give chap- 
ter, section, and paragraph to be affected. They shall quote 
the language of the part it is proposed to change, under- 
scoring it, and then state the language as it will appear if 
adopted, with the new part only in CAPITALS. The Daily 
Christian Advocate shall follow the same rule in printing 

The United Methodist Church 205 

such reports, substituting italics for underscoring and bold- 
face type for capitals. 

Rule 33. Published Reports in Possession of Conference 

A report of any committee signed by the chairman and 
secretary thereof and printed by the Daily Christian Ad- 
vocate shall be regarded as in the possession of the Confer- 
ence, and on the day following its first appearance in the 
Advocate, or any time thereafter, in order for consideration 
at the pleasure of the Conference, The same rule shall apply 
to a report of a minority of any committee signed by one- 
tenth of the members of the committee or by ten members 
thereof. (See Rule 17.) 

Rule 34. Preparation and Printing of Reports 

All committee reports shall be presented to the Secretary 
of the Conference in triplicate on paper provided therefor, 
and shall bear at the top the name of the committee, its 
total membership, the number present at the time the report 
was adopted, the number voting for and the number voting 
against the report respectively, and the number not voting. 
Reports of the standing legislative committees shall be 
printed in the Daily Christian Advocate at least one day 
before being presented for consideration by the Conference, 
and they shall not be read unless by its order. 

Reports of minorities of committees adopted by them 
with a view to their being offered as substitutes for com- 
mittee reports (see Rule 33) shall likewise conform to this 
rule so far as it is applicable, indicating clearly to what 
committee the respective minorities belong and for what 
reports by serial number, etc., they propose the respective 

Rule 35. Committee Chairman Not in Harmony 
With Report 

When the chairman of a committee is not in harmony 
with a report adopted by the committee, it shall be his duty 
to state the fact to the committee, which shall elect one of 
its members to represent it in the presentation and discus- 
sion of the report in the Conference ; but if, in such a case, 
the committee shall fail to select a representative, the chair- 
man shall designate a member to represent the committee, 
and said representatives shall have all the rights and privi- 
leges of the chairman in relation to such report. 

Rule 36. Presentation of Report of Minority 

A member selected by the signers of a report of a minority 
of a committee (see Rule 33) to present the same shall have 

206 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

the same rights and privileges in relation thereto which 
belong to the chairman in the presentation of the regular 
(majority) report of the committee, except that he may 
not present said minority report until the majority report 
has been presented, and shall then offer it as a substitute 
therefor, and except, further, that in closing the debate on 
the question of making the substitution the member present- 
ing the minority report shall speak first and the chairman 
last. (See Rule 23.) 

Rule 37. Speakers For and Against 

When the report of a committee is under consideration, 
it shall be the duty of the presiding officer to ascertain, 
when he recognizes a member of the Conference, on which 
side he proposes to speak ; and he shall not assign the floor 
to any member proposing to speak on the same side of the 
pending question as the speaker immediately preceding if 
any member desires to speak on the other side thereof. 

Except for undebatable motions, no report shall be 
adopted or question relating to the same decided without 
opportunity having been given for at least two speeches for 
and two against the said proposal, provided that right is 
claimed before the chairman or duly authorized member 
representing the committee's report or the minority report, 
if there be such, is presented to close the debate. 

When all have spoken who desire to do so, or when (and 
after) the previous question has been ordered, the chair- 
man or/and duly authorized member or members present- 
ing the committee's report (and the minority report if 
there be one) shall be entitled to speak before the vote 
is taken. 

This right of the chairman and/or other member or 
members to close the debate shall prevail in like manner to 
a limit of five minutes when a vote is about to be taken on 
a motion to amend, to substitute, to postpone, to refer, or 
to lay on the table or any other motion whose adoption would 
vitally affect the report under consideration ; provided, that 
this five-minute limit shall not apply to a motion to substi- 
tute a minority report (see Rule 33) for a regular (ma- 
jority) report of a committee. 

Rule 38. Effective Date 

All actions of the General Conference of The United 
Methodist Church shall become effective upon the final ad- 
journment of the session of the General Conference at which 
they are enacted, unless otherwise specified, except as pro- 
vided in ^ 575 of the Discipline. 

The United Methodist Church 207 


Rule 39. Suspension of Rules 

The operation of any of the provisions of the Plan of 
Organization or of these Rules of Order may be suspended 
at any time by a two-thirds vote of the Conference. (See 
Rule 26, subs. 3.) 

Rule 40. Amending Rules 

The Plan of Organization and these Rules of Order may 
be amended or changed by a two-thirds vote of the Con- 
ference; provided the proposed change or amendment has 
originated in the Committee on Plan of Organization and 
Rules of Order, or has been presented to the Conference 
in writing and referred to this committee, which commit- 
tee shall report thereon not later than the following day. 
(See Rule 26, subs. 3.) 

Rule 41. Robert's Rules of Order, 
Supplemental Authority 

In any parliamentary situation not clearly covered by 
the Plan of Organization or these Rules of Order, the Gen- 
eral Conference shall be governed in its action by the cur- 
rent edition of Robert's Rides of Order. 





The Board of Bishops 


The Evangelical United Brethren Church 

Dallas, Texas 
April 22, 1968 

Delivered by 
Bishop Reuben H. Mueller 

As the officially credentialled delegates to the 41st Gen- 
eral Conference of The Evangelical United Brethren 
Church, you have been summoned into an adjourned session 
here in Dallas, Texas, to complete the business of that 
General Conference, This is therefore not a new General 
Conference, but is a postponed session or continuation of 
the General Conference that sat in regular quadrennial ses- 
sion in Chicago, Illinois, November 8 to 17, 1966. The call- 
ing of this adjourned session was made contingent on the 
actions of the Annual Conferences of The Evangelical 
United Brethren Church and of The Methodist Church in 
taking their respective referendum votes on the question of 
organic union of our two denominations, as authorized by 
the General Conferences in Chicago on November 11, 1966. 
It was then determined that if the two denominations would 
produce the required constitutional majority votes in each 
case, then a uniting General Conference would be called to 
meet in Dallas, Texas, April 21 to May 4, 1968, to effect this 
union by the creation of The United Methodist Church, un- 
der the approved Constitution and Enabling Acts, and to 
begin its life and work under a properly adopted order and 


The United Methodist Church 209 


When the voting by the Annual Conferences of both de- 
nominations was completed, the bishops of both churches 
issued the proper Declarations concerning the results of 
this voting. The Board of Bishops of The Evangelical United 
Brethren Church issued the following declaration and made 
it available to all members and friends of our Church and of 
The Methodist Church : 

Episcopal Declaration concerning the union of The Evan- 
gelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church. 

WHEREAS, in the providence of God, The Methodist 
Church and The Evangelical United Brethren Church have 
been engaged for many years in official conversations re- 
garding possible union into one united Church and have 
intensified these conversations during the past ten years, 

WHEREAS, the General Conference of both denomina- 
tions elected Commissions on Church Union and instructed 
them to endeavor to negotiate an acceptable and feasible 
Plan and Basis of Union, and 

WHEREAS, such a Plan and Basis of Union was de- 
veloped, consisting of a Constitution, Enabling Legislation, 
historical records and statements of Christian belief and 
social understandings, together with a Discipline (Part IV) , 

WHEREAS, the Constitution, Enabling Legislation, the 
statements of Christian belief and social understandings 
were adopted by more than the required three-fourths ma- 
jority vote in the respective General Conferences meeting 
in Chicago, Illinois, November 8-17, 1966, and the Discipline 
(Part IV) was adopted in principle, subject to amendment 
and modification by the General Conference of the uniting 
Church, and 

WHEREAS, the affirmative votes of the two General 
Conferences were ratified by more than the necessary two- 
thirds majority vote of the aggregate number of members 
of the Annual Conferences in 1967, present and voting on 
the union question ; 

THEREFORE, in harmony with the agreements in the 
Plan and Basis of Union and consistent with the Constitu- 
tional Law in the Book of Discipline, the Board of Bishops 
of The Evangelical United Brethren Church now hereby de- 
clares before the world-wide Christian community and to 
the entire membership of The Evangelical United Brethren 
Church that union with The Methodist Church has now 
been authorized by the constitutional procedures of our 
denomination and will become a fact in the creation of The 

210 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

United Methodist Church in a Uniting General Conference 
in Dallas, Texas, April 21 to May 4, 1968. 

For this achievement, under God, we express our devout 
thanks to him, invoking at the same time the guidance of 
the Holy Spirit as we, together with The Methodist Church, 
prepare for this union, to the glory of Jesus Christ our 
Lord and the strengthening of His Church. Basic through- 
out these union negotiations has been a united yearning for 
spiritual renewal so that the Church may be baptized afresh 
with divine fires and endued with the necessary spiritual 
vision and resources in Christ, to meet the challenges and 
needs of the times in which we live and of the world of 
which we are a part. We earnestly urge men and women 
everywhere to lift up dedicated hands and hearts in prayer 
and service to the end that The United Methodist Church 
will truly be Christ's Church. 

The Board of Bishops 

The Evangelical United Brethren Church 

Reuben H. Mueller, President 

H. R. Heininger, Vice-President 

J. Gordon Howard, Secretary 

H. W. Kaebnick 

W. Maynard Sparks 

Paul M, Herrick 

Paul W. Milhouse 

George Edward Epp, Emeritus 


This is what brings us to Dallas at this time. While other 
matters may engage our attention during this session, the 
chief reason for being here is that by their votes our own 
Annual Conferences have ratified the General Conference 
voting on Church union, and the achievement of that actual 
union is now our major responsibility. When we have con- 
cluded the necessary business of the General Conference of 
The Evangelical United Brethren Church, we must then 
meet in a Uniting General Conference and make such deci- 
sions and take such actions as a United Methodist Church 
which will make effective the faith and order, and life and 
work of this new Church. 

One of the most important actions we will need to take 
is to consider the request for retirement from active service 
made by our colleague, Bishop H. R. Heininger, and to elect 
a new bishop to succeed him. This General Conference will 
most assuredly grant his request, and express deep apprecia- 
tion for the years of dedicated and distinguished service and 
leadership given by this devoted servant of Christ through 
the church; and to pray God's blessings upon Bishop and 
Mrs. Heininger in the years of retirement that shall be 

The United Methodist Church 211 

measured out to them by the grace of God. At the same time, 
we earnestly pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us in the 
choice of a successor. The other bishops who were elected at 
the Chicago General Conference in November, 1966, were 
elected for the regular quadrennial term of office, and with 
the understanding that they will become bishops of The 
United Methodist Church when the union takes place. 


This entire enterprise has been a venture of daring faith 
in discovering and obeying God's will for our churches, 
from its very inception ten years ago. Every step has been 
taken according to the provision of the Disciplines of our 
two denominations, which specify ways whereby the 
majority will of our connectional denominations shall come 
to mature expression. At the same time minority positions 
were permitted free expression, according to the same 
constitutional provisions. There has been some questioning, 
some opposition, some wavering in loyalty to the denomina- 
tion, but in spite of these the cause of church union ad- 
vanced steadily, step-by-step, in a spirit of questing for 
better ways of Christian discipleship and witnessing in the 
world-wide Christian fellowship. 

Realism and fairness requires that we frankly face the 
fact that there has been some organized opposition to this 
church union. You will recall that one of the last actions of 
the closing session of the General Conference in Chicago was 
to authorize the appointment of a Commission on Unity 
whose responsibility it would be to carefully investigate 
such opposition to union in an effort to find a thoroughly 
Christian way to resolve differences. The Commission on 
Unity will present its own report here today. It has done its 
task well in a spirit of reconciliation and with complete 
adherence to the time-tested principles of our Disciplinary 
Church regulations. 


In a connectional church like ours we cannot recognize 
and submit to the independent congregational right of seces- 
sion. No congregation, and no Annual Conference, has the 
right under our Constitution to secede as such units. In- 
dividuals have the right to personal decision and conviction, 
and the related right of seeking a fellowship of their own 
on such congregational principles. But as long as they hold 
membership in one of our congregations, they have no right 
to subvert our Discipline, cause dissension, and create divi- 
sion in the church. Their church membership vows are 
violated as soon as they take such steps. This is especially 
true of the ordained minister who instigates and promotes 

212 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

such dissension, for he is under solemn oath before God, 
because of his ordination vows. 

There are also those who have been wiUinff to change 
their minds about the issues involved, and who have decided 
to stay with the church as it enters into union. The rank 
and file of our EUB members are obedient to our Discipline 
and the acts of our General Conference and the vast 
majority of our people are looking forward to the new 
experiences and challenges through The United Methodist 


But we would r.o: r.ave you :h:!:k that these negative 
considerations arc :/: ;r . in connection with our 

Church union. We ir.e:.:ic:. :..v.:.: .est we be criticized for 
ignoring them, and to indicate that responsible administra- 
tion has taken them aU into consideration. 

By way of contrast to these negatives, most of the time 
between the Cliicago and Dallas Conferences has been de- 
voted to constructive, forward-looking plans and acti^ities, 
looking toward the consummation of Church union and 
conference unions. These have been busy months in which 
boards and agencies of the denominations have been hard at 
work, planning for the future. Cognate boards or agencies 
have been meeting together and conferring about their com- 
mon interests. Much credit goes to the persons who make up 
these church units, as well as to the [Methodist Ad Hoc 
Com::h::ee o:: EUB U:::::: ;•::". "'"-> r^l'? C:':r:-:-.:ssion on 
Church U:h:::. These h-::cr rv; .-;..;:-, -.--;rr::::g closely 
:cge:her. vs.;:!!/' :/.:: v-^ :/r;- v:; ;:niTTees. will 

r^r--^"" --'-tr :-■::- : :-v:: :,. /^.:..^:ions to the 
r : ; , ;:e:i '■/:. h':' :\-. Great credit for 

:•. . :. .- •L'i.'v ot. :/— - :: :;.e l\vu uea:v.-,:e . secretaries — Dr. 
L -:- :c^ C. Pari:- :; Jr. Paul A. W-^:::-::-n. 

Furthermore, in the Annual Conferences, there has been 
much constructive planning and acti\ity looking toward An- 
nual Conference unions following the General Conference. It 
has become apparent that there is eager expectancy in most 
instances, looking toward effecting proper unions of geo- 
graphically overlapping conferences, by the Spring of 1969. 
Already in more than 300 local situations, annual confer- 
ences have effected some type of church union, federation or 
yoked-parishes, as a prelude to the union of the parent 
denominations. Such a "ground swell" is strong approval 
for this entire enterprise. 


I: ■ , : _h: - . v : — r : ; r ..: -: :: v -itive reasons 
in favor oi iras churcn uraou. it couia lc >.:or.e. but it would 

The United Methodist Church 213 

consume entirely too much of our limited time today. The 
primary motive from the beginning has been spiritual. We 
believe that God has willed it, and has led by his Holy Spirit, 
to bring these two communions into one fellowship. We need 
to be obedient to the leadership of that Spirit, so that God 
can use us and our resources to reach out into the world to 
call men to repentance and faith, and to help to redeem and 
rebuild human society. Great size in a Church is no merit in 
and of itself and may become a stumbling-block to genuine 
Christian witness and service. But given the spiritual con- 
cept and purpose the resource of size can become a great 
asset in facing the problems of the world. I frankly confess 
that I came, through my world-wide Christian contacts, to 
see that there can be no spiritual virtue in a provincial 
littleness, that draws its clothes about itself, builds fences 
or walls to keep the world out, and dies spiritually through 
the process of trying selfishly to hoard and enjoy the 
Christian religion. The outstanding problems of today are 
great world-wide and world-shaking issues, and they require 
a church of size and resources and commensurate dedication 
and sacrifice to meet them and to solve them. That is why 
I shall thank God for the privilege of being a United Meth- 
odist from this week on. 

Just a few of these issues are the race question with its 
civil rights ramifications; the terrific crisis in our cities 
where lines between black power and white power are 
being drawn ; the developing struggle with the alcohol octo- 
pus and the cigarette trust; the problem of making homes 
Christian; and the all-consuming question of international 
responsibility with the problem of war. Sensing the magni- 
tude of some of these, I became persuaded that a small 
company of people are no match for the problems of our 
day. I know that the Christian movement began with a very 
small group, but I also know that it did not remain small 
and circumscribed. The end-purpose of Jesus Christ has 
always been, and still is, to gather multitudes — so great that 
no man could number them — under the banner of His 
Church. He has never placed a premium on littleness. This 
is at the bottom of my interest in Christian cooperation 
through the church of Christ. 


Last January 10, we attended the stirring and significant 
service in Kitchener, Ontario, where our Canada Conference 
became an integral part of the United Church of Canada. 
One of the senior officials of the United Church, commenting 
on this union, wrote in The Christian Century "The Plan of 

214 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Union lays down the conditions under which the Evangehcal 
United Brethren Church will enter the United Church of 
Canada. The EUB Church's 44 pastoral charges and 10,000 
members will be related to specified presbyteries, where 
they will form a substantial and influential group. No 
doctrinal changes are involved, and congregations are 
guaranteed the right to continue with their present organ- 
ization and materials. Dr. Emerson Hallman, the super- 
intendent of the EUB Church will continue as a super- 
intendent with special responsibilities for his present 
churches and ministers. All ordained EUB ministers are, 
of course, recognized by the United Church and will join 
its ministry. 

"This union, the first to hold the promise of consummation 
since 1925, is significant, although the numbers involved 
are not great. The resulting church should be one that car- 
ries forward the tradition of initimate fellowship, biblical 
theology, and evangelical concern which have characterized 
the people of the EUB Church. They will not be lost in the 
larger church but will find there wider opportunity for their 
special witness. Opposition, based on fear of the United 
Church's liberalism and on fear of loss of identity, poses 
problems that will require wise and fair treatment. It is the 
hope of both churches that most members and ministers will 
be able to share in the Union." In this spirit the union in 
Canada is moving forward under the blessing of God. 


Our General Conference has twice voted participation in 
the Consultation on Church Union. This movement, which 
has as its purpose, the creation of a church that will be 
catholic, reformed and evangelical, has grown from the 
original four to ten consulting and cooperating denomina- 
tions. It is our purpose that The United Methodist Church 
should play a significant role in COCU, helping to give it 
direction and making many important contributions to its 
development. No one can say how many years it may take to 
develop a plan for such a new church, but we are very 
certain that our church should be there, working on the 
inside and knowing what is happening in these consulta- 
tions. This will take time — much time, and much energy, 
but through it all we will learn important Christian lessons 
from one another. 


This phrase from a poem by James Russell Lowell, ap- 
plies to the church in our time. Because it is true, this is no 
day for backward-looking church members, who pine for 

The United Methodist Church 215 

"the good old days" and who resent change. Our real chal- 
lenge is how we will bring the spiritual resources of a living 
God to bear on the problems of living in this present world, 
and that a shrinking world is forcing on us. 

No one has a right to say that such advance and victory 
cannot happen today, just because it hasn't happened yet, 
or because of handicaps and defeats along the way. We 
should be people of a heavenly vision. 

In recent days we witnessed what can happen to a man 
who loves Christ, lives big and follows the vision. Who can 
ever forget his ringing words, spoken before the Lincoln 
Memorial in Washington, D. C. — "I have a dream"? Or those 
later words, spoken just a few days before he was wantonly 
killed : "I have been to the mountain. I am no longer afraid. 
Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord." 
And one of his favorite passages from Isaiah, comes home to 
us with a new appeal today : 
"A voice cries : 
In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord, 
Make straight in the desert a highway for our God, 
Every valley shall be lifted up, and every mountain and 

hill be made low : 
The uneven ground shall become level, and the rough 

places a plain. 
And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, 
And all flesh shall see it together, for the mouth of the 
Lord has spoken." — (Isaiah 40:3-5) 
What a dream ! And what obedient devotion ! We can say in 
all honesty, however, that our lives do not measure up this 
well in the sight of God. We are painfully aware of sins and 
defects which mar. But in our disappointment with our- 
selves and our day, in remorse, we can hear our Savior's 
words : "Behold, I make all things new." It is He who gives 
us hope and courage to begin again. It is He who puts His 
stamp on us as His new creation — persons in whose lives 
forgiveness plays a vital part in bringing us near to the will 
and heart of God. 

The Board of Bishops 

The Evangelical United Brethren Church 

Reuben H. Mueller, President 

H. R. Heininger, Vice-President 

J. Gordon Howard, Secretary 

H. W. Kaebnick 

W. Maynard Sparks 

Paul M. Herrick 

Paul W. Milhouse 

George Edward Epp, Emeritus 




of the 







The presentation of an Episcopal Address on the opening 
day of the General Conference of Methodist and Evangelical 
United Brethren Churches has been a custom of long stand- 
ing. It is a review of the life and thought of the Church and 
its responsibility in contemporaneous life. The Address is 
written by a bishop whom his colleagues choose by ballot. 
The contents are revieived by the entire Council of Bishops. 

This address has unusual significance in that it was 
delivered on the eve of the formal merger of The Methodist 
Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church. 

It could hardly be expected that so large a company of 
men could agree in every detail of an Address covering so 
ivide a range of subjects. Into the Address, hoivever, are 
ivritten the deep convictions of the Council of Bishops as a 
body. Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke of the New York Area de- 
livered the Address for the Council of Bishops of The 
United Methodist Church. To it the names of all the bishops 
are affixed. 


To the members of this Conference which shall unite The 
Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist 
Church bringing into being The United Methodist Church; 


The United Methodist Church 217 

to laymen, to ministers, to friends, to casual observers, grace 
and peace from God our Father. 

Now thank we all our God 

With heart and hand and voices, 

Who wonderous things hath done, 

In whom his world rejoices; 

Who, from our mothers' arms 

Hath blessed us on our way 

With countless gifts of love. 

And still is ours today. 

We Remember Them 

Among those countless gifts are the labors of colleagues 
who have walked this way before us. We remember them as 
captains among the host, differing in gifts, various in their 
use of abundant talents, joined in consecration and fidelity. 
That we meet today under favoring circumstances is a 
monument to their achievement. As their names are read let 
memory unfold our indebtedness to our comrades in the 
faith : 

Dana Dawson (May 2, 1964) 

Edward W. Kelly, Jr. (July 28, 1964) 

Charles W. Flint (Dec. 12, 1964) 

Ferdinand Sigg (Oct. 27, 1965) 

W. Vernon Middleton (Nov. 12, 1965) 

Alexander P. Shaw (March 7, 1966) 

Marquis LaFayette Harris (Oct. 7, 1966) 

Ivan Lee Holt (Jan. 12, 1967) 

A. Raymond Grant (Aug. 15, 1967) 

P. C. B. Balaram (Jan. 17, 1968) 
Let us "thank our God with heart and voice for the 
wondrous things he hath done" through these and that 
goodly number of others with whom we have labored in 
His Name. Let us rejoice that "he hath blessed us on our 
way and ... is ours today." 

The year 1812 marks the first General Conference during 
which the bishops of the swaddling Church provided an 
"Episcopal Address." According to the General Conference 
Minutes for that year. Bishop McKendree read the Address 
which was a "novel thing in Methodism." Having concluded. 
Bishop Asbury rose to his feet and, addressing Bishop 
McKendree, said, "I have something to say to you before the 
Conference." Bishop McKendree arose, and the two bishops 
stood face to face, Bishop Asbury went on to say : "This is a 
new thing. I never did business in this way ; and why is this 
new thing introduced?" Bishop McKendree replied: "You 
are our father ; we are your sons. You never had need of it. 
I am only a brother, and have need of it." Bishop Asbury 

218 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

said no more, but addressed the Conference, giving a brief 
historical account of the work in past years, its present 
state, and what may probably be expected in the future upon 
this continent.* 

This is the second occasion in Methodist history when the 
Church gathered as a Uniting Conference. It marks the third 
such event in the life of the predecessor members of the 
Evangelical United Brethren Church. 

In 1939 the Methodist bishops noted that this "uniting 
Conference . . . has no distinct precedent, and will have no 
distinct successor." Consequently, the address was "framed 
w^th the dominant purpose of exalting the mission of a Con- 
ference unique in Methodism." 

The re-uniting of the strands of the former Evangelical 
Association in 1922 was marked by a sense of fraternal joy 
that a new way had been found to re-unite old friends. The 
union of the United Brethren in Christ and the Evangelical 
Church in 1946 provided a mountain-top experience when 
"the sun shown more brightly and the balmy atmosphere of 
Christian fellowship was never warmer." 

Today's event should provide an opportunity to examine 
"the work in past years, its present state, and what may . . . 
be expected in the future." 

Though this address is the basic writing of one hand, it 
represents the corporate mind of the Council. We have ac- 
cepted the responsibilities laid upon us as a sacred trust. We 
pray our labors may be judged in the spirit of the Christian 
dedication in which we place them upon his altar. 

"In the providence of God our Churches have come to- 
gether at a moment of world crisis. In every land there is 
perplexity and fear. The priceless values of life are every- 
where threatened. Never in modern times was there such an 
imperative demand for the proclamation and application of 
the Gospel " 

These words bear the mark of that highly-regarded 
quality — relevance. Their first enunciation came as a portion 
of the "Message of the Council of Bishops" to the United 
Conference in 1939. Their resurrection in this hour should 
remind us of our close kinship with this preceding genera- 
tion as its report of the condition of their world so closely 
matches our situation. We may differ from them primarily 
in the intensity and rapidity of change, social and tech- 
nological, whose directions earlier generations had set. 

During this Conference we must continually remind our- 
selves that yesterday's unfinished business becomes the 
clamouring first item on today's agenda. The penalty as- 
sessed against those who ignore these items is the visiting 

* — General Conference Minutes, pages 1792-1896. 

The United Methodist Church 219 

upon their children's children of those grievances intensi- 
fied. "Remembrance is the secret of redemption." More than 
remembrance is required. That "more" will challenge us 
over these days. Tonight, let us begin by remembering. 

Our institutional history begins with the Christmas 
Conference of 1784. That occasion provided the birthdate of 
The Methodist Church as an organized entity, distinct and 
living. From that Conference flowed the Methodist epis- 
copacy grounded in classical ecclesiastical soil but without 
"sacramentarian implication." 

Within half a generation a group of like-oriented societies 
joined themselves into a unity taking the name — The United 
Brethren in Christ.* A third group, closely associated in 
spirit and conduct, formally organized in 1816 as The Evan- 
gelical Association. The latter two were geographically 
oriented to the agrarian trek westward out of Philadelphia. 
Linguistically and culturally these folk came from well- 
regarded German stock. 

The Methodist Conference of 1808 created a primary 
Constitution for the government of the new Church. Its 
structure was elemental and is definitive to this day. This 
Constitution became the mentor and guide for both The 
United Brethren in Christ and the Evangelical Association. 

Legislative, administrative, judicial, this is the organiza- 
tional trinity which characterizes the institutional structure 
of the Churches coming into this union. Legislative, the 
General Conference with its attendant Conferences. Ad- 
ministrative, the episcopacy with its executive responsibili- 
ties carefully defined. Judicial, the Judicial Council, an ec- 
clesiastical supreme court for the United Methodist Church. 

The expansion of the frontiers of the nation, the rapid 
growth in population, the attendant increase in membership, 
the mounting complexity of relationship and demand in our 
society, the widening sensitivities of Christian conscience, 
these have been some of the ingredient characteristics de- 
manding a manifold organization undreamed by our fathers. 

To match the changing and growing requirements, the 
General Conference has created boards and agencies to 
promote the programmatic aspects of the Church. Excep- 
tions to this position have been carefully defined and 
limited by the General Conference. From the beginning, 
however, the administrative, the executive functions of the 
Church have been lodged with the episcopacy, particularly at 
the local level. This fact should be clearly recognized in the 
new Church unless we would radically alter historic be- 

* —September 2Bth, 1800. 

220 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

We meet in union celebrating our fathers' achievement, 
humbled by their wisdom, encouraged by their faith, chal- 
lenged by the immediate circumstances which demand new 
ways wedded to inherited fidelities of the Christian faith 
and way. 

Ours has not been a placid history of unrelieved harmony 
as communions. Early schisms separated the brethren of 
color from our immediate fellowship. The wound of separa- 
tion, however rationalized, remains as a stigma signifying 
unto us our partially redeemed condition. 

The year 1828 marked the creation of The Methodist 
Protestant Church. It came into being as a protest move- 
ment born of the Church's failure to recognize the rising 
demands of the common man for a share in decision-making 
in the councils of the Church, as well as a protest against the 
arbitrary exercise of episcopal authority. 

The year 1844 brought to sharp focus the malady of 
sectionalism which was gnawing at the vitals of the nation. 
Methodism, the one major Protestant denomination which 
served the geographic spread of the land, was not immune 
to this nation-splitting virus. "Finding it necessary to 
unite in a distinct ecclesiastical connection" the Church 
divided North and South amid far more tears than cheers. 
Again, the partial measure of our sanctification was mani- 
fested in our inability to be reconciled in Christ. 

The year 1891 witnessed a dis-association in the Evan- 
gelical Association. The following year the United Evan- 
gelical Church came into being as an organized fragment of 
the division. Happily, within a generation the separated 
brethren repented of their deed and the schism was mended 

After long travail, soul-searching and recognition of 
mutual failure and ensuing loss, three branches of the 
Methodist st^lk rejoined as members of The Methodist 
Church (1939). 

By 1946, not only had an uneasy peace concluded the 
second World War, but the United Brethren in Christ, and 
the Evangelical Church accepted the bonds of union and took 
unto themselves the descriptive family name, The Evan- 
gelical United Brethren Church. 

Today we continue this centripetal movement. We herald 
it, not as a journey complete. We acknowledge it as a way- 
station. We look down the road with high anticipation 
contemplating the continuation of this journey toward The 

Though Methodists and their kindred have been institu- 
tionally divided, there has been a continuing hallmark of 
identity among us. The axiom, "The Methodists are one 

The United Methodist Church 221 

people," has been more than a pleasant phrase. It has been 
a descriptive term — lean and accurate. In faith, polity, 
thought, in our virtues and in our parochialisms, we have 
been the continuing incarnation of the Wesleyan mood. The 
Episcopal Address to the United Conference in 1939 noted, 
"Methodism has had a basal unity, central, elemental, and 
enduring." The manner of our present union and the ne- 
gotiations preceding it are blessed testimony to the "basal 

Today we are known as The United Methodist Church. 
The definitive word for some will be the term, "United." 
Many will rejoice in the continuance of the honored name, 
"Methodist." What gives credence and meaning to both is 
the simple word, "Church." 

The Church as Fellowship, a Community 

The tensions within our use of the word "Church" are 
many. Reduced to their simplicities the w^ord has two sig- 
nificant meanings. A fellowship created by and committed 
to an Eternal Person who unfolds the nature of the being of 
God and the nature and destiny of man. A second meaning 
naturally flows from the first. It signifies an institution 
whose reason for continued existence is creating and making 
available for use an efficient, capable instrument. This 
instrument is dedicated to and employed in the "proclama- 
tion, nurture and ser\dce" of the eternal truth about the 
God whom we have discovered in the Eternal Person. 
By faith we declare : 
In the beginning — God! (Genesis 1:1) 

In the beginning was the Word, the Word was God; all 
things were made through him. (John 1:1-2) 

The way of the beginning, the nature of it, the scientific 
dimensions of it we do not know precisely. Omy confidence 
abides in the being of God who was in the beginning, who is 
the Creator of "all things." 

The Word became flesh. (John 1:14) 

We believe the God of beginnings is the sustaining God, 
whose will to sustain imparts itself not only in nature's un- 
folding habits, but in and by and through life shared with 
his creation, and particularly in that portion of his creation 
which is man. We stake our life on the fact of Jesus Christ 
as God's ultimate word made good. Paul put it unforgettably, 
"The glory of Christ who is the exact likeness of God." (II 
Corinthians 4:4) He is the Fact which announces the great 
divide in history. 

The keystone of the Christian Way, is the belief that Jesus 
the Christ is the revelation of the character of God. In him, 
through his life, labor, cross and resurrection we know God 

222 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

as love unchanging and undying. Christ reveals, translates, 
the word of God's character and will into human life. In this 
act he becomes our Saviour. He saves us from cosmic 
orphanhood, from the meaningless travail of the godless life 
to an eternal partnership with the God of the ages. 

The Word became flesh and dwells among us ! (John 1 :14) 

He dwells among us as continuing Fact and definitive 
factor in human existence. Only in a life committed to him 
do we come to true knowledge of him. This commitment is 
our response to God's commitment to man in Christ Jesus. 
Commitment brings a new life. Its newness is evident in the 
way we view the facts of human existence ; the interpreta- 
tion we bring to the origin, the meaning, the vocation, the 
destiny of man ; the mood and style of life itself. 

His presence dwells among us in the accompanying Holy 
Spirit, sensitizing our hearts in seeking forgiveness for our 
waywardness, strengthening our wills in repentence and 
reconciliation, encouraging our Christ-like hopes. 

The dependable record of the Word's becoming flesh and 
dwelling among us, we believe is found in the Bible. Apart 
from the credibility of its record of the great adventures of 
God, acts which find their ultimate in the revelation of God 
as unrelenting, participating love in Christ, we possess no 
textbook for unravelling the mystery of existence. In truth 
the Bible is "the cradle of Christ, proclaiming the faith of 
its writers." 

The Word reveals to us the nature of man as a child of 
the Christ-like Creator. Our ability to think the Creator's 
thoughts after him, to share the break of his heart, to aid 
in the reclamation of life, to be conscious of our mortality, 
and the hope of immortality, these are among men's signal 
attributes. They mark him as a member of the Father's 

The Word also reminds us that man may be other than a 
resident in love in the Father's house. Man may be rebel, 
anarchist, murderer, demon. Man's sign is his freedom to 
be the architect, the realizer of his choices. His damnation 
unfolds when he chooses to dwell in that country which is far 
from his Father's house. His glory is discovered as he be- 
comes a member of the family in residence. His blessedness 
is realized as he continues in that fellowship which is 
obedient to the command to be perfect in love, even as he is 

The Church is that fellowship which not only holds these 
truths to be fact. The Church is the contemporary incarna- 
tion of the life and the mind which are in Jesus the Christ. 
The Church is the fellowship of the committed friends of 
Jesus striving to continue his reconciling and redemptive 

The United Methodist Church 223 

ministry. As another has written, "The Church is the trustee 
of the salvation that works by love." * It is a salvation 
meant for "all the world." To declare, "The world is my 
parish," is to remind ourselves that the Word is to all men. 
It is a mandate laid upon us that the Word is to be shared 
w^th every man. 

These are arrows in the quiver of our faith. To these we 
have committed our lives. 

The Church as Institution, an Instrument 

But more! The Church is the Word forever becoming 
flesh, reclaiming flesh, transforming flesh. For this task 
tools are reauired. These tools are the instruments we 
fashion to fulfill our task of proclaiming, nurturing, serv- 
ing the new life we have discovered in Christ. They are 
implements dedicated to the increase of the evidences of 
Christian love in the field of the world which is the society 
of man. 

These tools are created and employed toward one end, 
to creatively share the Good News about God and man, and 
conscientiously nurture the gro\\i:h of a society in which 
God's revealed will shall be regnant and decisive. Note the 
manner in which we have attempted to share the Good News 
through the institutional life of our Church. 

Our churches were born as movements with a mission, or 
as a mission in motion. The famed Christmas Conference 
commissioned its first three foreign missionaries. Two 
months later Freeborn Garretson and James Cromwell took 
ship as missionaries to Nova Scotia. Jeremiah Lambert, the 
third appointment, was assigned to Antigua. 

The Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church, founded in 1819, was the natural creation forged 
to express Methodism's understanding of the imperative 
that the Good News must be shared. 

The Board of Missions, the ultimate successor to the 
Missionary Society, is a refinement of that continuing con- 
cern. Its expanding ventures have girdled the globe enlisting 
an army in its services. The means presently employed and 
the services rendered would scarcely be recognized by those 
pioneers. The necessity of replying affirmatively to the 
Christian compulsion to share Good News would find them 
quite at home. The messengers come and go with the gen- 
erations. The form and manner of our transmission of the 
message is altered ; one era ends, another is born, but the 
message is one and forever. 

Five years after the Christmas Conference John Dickens 
founded the Book Concern to advice the "cause of Chris- 

* — Parold Roberts, 

224 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

tianity by disseminating religious knowledge and useful and 
literary and scientific information in the form of books, 
tracts and periodicals" (1789). It was also hoped the "Con- 
cern" would produce a profit w^hich was to be used solely for 
the support of retired ministers, their wives and orphans. 
A restrictive rule adopted in 1808 towards that end obtains 
to this very day. The successor to the Book Concern, The 
Methodist Publishing House, is an excellent institutional 
tool serving those purposes envisioned by the fathers, pur- 
poses which any prophetically Christian fellowship must 

Two years earlier, 1787, acknowledging that the "cause of 
Christianity" required not only vital piety, but a well- 
trained mind, Cokesbury College was founded at Abingdon, 
Maryland. In announcing the opening of the College, the 
constituency was informed that "The first object of the 
college shall be to answer the design of Christian education 
by forming the minds of the youth, through divine aid, to 
wisdom and holiness . . . and training them . . . that they 
may be rational, Scriptural Christians." The turbulent 
career of this institution came to an end as fire destroyed 
the maining building, assuring Mr. Asbury that both he 
and "Mr. Whitfield had not been called to build colleges." 
(1795). By 1820 the Methodists had changed their minds. 
In the next generation they founded more than 200 colleges 
resident in 34 of the 35 states. To this number should be 
added no less than sixty institutions founded by The Evan- 
gelical United Brethren Church. It was a trend, a holy 
adventure which set the pace for educational effort across 
the nation and around the world. 

During this Conference we shall celebrate the one hun- 
dredth anniversary of Methodist sponsored education 
among the Negro community, particularly in the South. The 
movement began with the founding of the Freedman's Aid 
Society, August 7th, 1866 in the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, 
and Paine Institute in Augusta, Georgia in 1882. It con- 
tinued as additional schools were founded and supported 
more recently by the Race Relations Sunday offering. Dur- 
ing the year 1966-67 that offering totalled more than one 
half million dollars, roughly the equivalent of a ten and one 
quarter million dollar endowTnent. 

Academically, progress has been determined and steady. 
By 1967 all but one of these institutions enjoyed Class A 
rating granted by the Southern Association. 

The year 1872 saw the Church establish a loan fund 
which has made more than eighteen million dollars available 
to more than eighty thousand Methodist students across the 
Church. This rotating fund is now lending approximately 

The United Methodist Church 225 

one million dollars a year. It has aided the generations in 
preparing stellar Christian leadership for service around 
the globe. 

By 1892 the University Senate was founded to protect the 
Church against unwise expansion of schools and colleges 
as well as to insure against educational malpractice. It is 
perhaps the oldest accrediting agency in the nation and 
enlists among its membership some of the most able edu- 
cators in the land. 

The end of World War II being foreshadowed, the Church 
set about the task of international reconciliation. Among 
other ventures it provided scholarship aid to promising 
graduate students from war-ravaged as well as developing 
nations. The continuing results of this imaginative effort 
are far beyond prudential expectation. 

These are vignettes of the Word becoming flesh and 
dwelling among us. This is the prophetic insight and the 
conscience of the fellowship forging tools for the ac- 
comDlishment of his will. 

The Vocation of the Church 

The Church in mission, the Christian spirit incarnate, has 
accepted many missions; in education, ecumenical affairs, 
emergency relief, evangelism, missions, publishing, social 
concerns, specialized ministries of many orders, media of 
mass communication, public relations. 

The Christian Church in mission, the Church in living 
action, attests the fact that religion is always personal but 
never private. We know no such thing as personal religion 
to the exclusion of social concern and redemption. The 
institutional manifestation of the life of the Church is the 
engine whereby the power, the dynamism of the Gospel is 
translated into the language of recreating reconciliation. 
Without the tools of the institution the spirit is impotent. 
Without the spirit the tools become laggard and vagrant. 

This must not be understood as a plea for "freezing" 
older institutional habits in the torrid climate of our time. 
The renewal we seek will come among us, not through a 
frenzied search for the re-establishment of ancient ways, or 
haphazard maintenance of the institutional habits of the 
immediate past. No man captures his youth by repeating its 
fancies and follies. Nor does a Church realize renewal by 
repeating the nostalgic rituals of "the old time religion." 

The vocation of the Church is the releasing of that re- 
newing power of his spirit which is altogether holy, as we, 
in faith, commit our lives to him who has committed himself 
to us. It is this spirit at work in us which will make it 
possible forthrightly to say to our generation what Jesus 

226 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

said to John, "the blind receive their sight, the lame walk, 
lepers are cleansed, the deal hear, the dead are raised, the 
poor have the good news preached to them. And, blessed is 
he who takes no offense at me." (Luke 7 : 12-23) 

Who would make bold to say, These things are being 
reported of us as clearly as he would hope. With Dag Ham- 
marskjold we would agree, "in our era the road to Holiness 
passes through the world of action." The United Methodists 
have not always walked that high road. 

Some best sellers assure us that God is dead : that anarchy 
is freedom, that license is liberty, that right and wrong have 
no ultimate meaning but are the vagaries of the social and 
cultural winds, that man is an aimless wanderer over a 
thorny, stony road to nowhere, that life itself is futile, a 
meaningless travail. 

This is not the first period in man's history that a tidal 
wave of despair has inundated the human shore. Thankfully, 
signs of hope are rising out of the storm. They tell us that 
right and wrong do have assured consequences ; that God is 
definitely alive in the vast movements of our time. 

This is the hour for the Christian fellowship to speak, to 
venture across the bridge of communication in the one 
vehicle that is decisive and conclusive, a Christ-centered life. 
As God crossed that bridge in the life of our Lord, as the 
Word became flesh, so that Word in us must inhabit and 
possess a living person. It will not be the so-called depth and 
profundity of our ideas that will save the world. It will be 
those simpler truths of the Gospel, lived persuasively and 

We believe the one energy more powerful than nuclear 
fission is the power of the Spirit of God at work through a 
living soul. Revolutions of all order are finally won, not by 
flare and force of arms. They are won by the favor of the 
Spirit incarnate. 

In our world it is not means we lack, but the mood ; not 
the mechanical devices but the morality; not the hard 
money, but the consecrated men. The master of our motiva- 
tion determines the matter of our harvest. The Christian 
fellowship must find its motivation in the Christ whom it is 
committed to serve as its Master — "that they may have 

The Good News literally means the blind can see, the lame 
can walk, lepers can be cleansed, the deaf can hear, the dead 
can be raised, the poor will have the Gospel preached, and 
we will not be ashamed to be counted in the community of 
his friends. 

Is this the dreaming of a dead prophet? Or, is it the 
implicit dimension of the Christian fellowship ? Is it fantasy, 

The United Methodist Church 227 

or is it after the mind of Christ? The Lord being our helper 
may we look about us with the mind of Christ and — 

Behold the City 

Behold the City, that giant striding across the earth's 

The city, to which men flee for security ; and in which they 
tremble before the darkness as the harbinger of danger and 

The city, marked by the vast, inescapable clutter of people 
everywhere ; but in whose caverns and towers men find their 
hiding place of anonymity and coveted lostness. 

The city, to which men march for freedom from enslave- 
ment, for beckoning opportunity; but where so many find 
captivity, torture and death. 

The city, to which men flee to avoid their brother, and the 
place where they discover the frigid chill of having no 

The city, where princes dwell in regal splendor, quite 
untroubled by their brother ; where paupers languish amidst 
rancid decay sorely troubled but unheard. 

The city, which is the market place where some find their 
stake of gold ; but where so many find their crushing abyss 
of relentless, numbing poverty. 

The city, which is the mecca for the healing and the 
saving arts; but also, the capitol of vice, violence and 

The city, the open door to culture's treasures and learn- 
ing's rewards ; but also the place where ignorance becomes a 
crippling demon and the darkness of enfeebled knowledge 
signifies "death at an early age." 

The city, the place where men carouse in rollicking round ; 
while others mount their carousel of frustration to madden- 
ing nowhere. 

The city, that conglomeration of people, places and things 
where our schizophrenias ran rampant and all too often we 
place the item upon tomorrow's agenda, and then refer the 
matter to a committee or a commission hoping that our 
generation may outlive the denouement in undisturbed 

The city, the place so many shun or curse. The city, the 
place over which He wept. The place where He died! The 
city, the testing plot for the Gospel. 

Those who bemoan the passing of the "frontier," meaning 
the subjugating of open lands and consequent removing of 
the lure of exploration, adventure and fortune should turn 
their faces toward the city. The city marked by almost in- 
describable complexity, by the unceasing mobility of man, 

228 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

by the restless ferment of ideas, by the perpetual striving 
for goods, by unfettered war between the classes, the ages, 
the races, the ceaseless search for a better way of life. All 
these characteristics help from the heavy, tugging, clawing, 
warring, bitter tides of life in the city. Here is a new 
frontier! And, what is the Church doing in all this world? 

Generally, the castles of Christendom are in the city. The 
"finest pulpits" in the land are in the city. The great "voices" 
are heard in the city. The large endowments are held by city 
parishes. The long panorama of remembrance of the 
splendor of the Church is in the city. 

But, the vast multitudes pass the churches by untouched, 
not seeing, not hearing, and seldom caring. Is it that man 
in much of the city is less than man, not equipped with those 
innate hungers and sensitivities, yearnings for human 
dignity and worth? 

Not so ! Too often man in the city is in perpetual anguish 
and anxiety, seeking food for his table, clothes for his frame, 
a home and not a hovel, employment that denotes the com- 
munity's need for his services as well as his need of the com- 
munity, a serving hand and not a handy sermon. The 
sermon he might understand and appropriate if only Christ's 
Word would becomes flesh and dwell in his midst. 

It has been observed that the wealthiest congregations 
cling longest to their citadels in the city. It strikes the note 
that without financial resources, often only the sheerest 
necessities, the witness to the Word cannot be kept alive. 
Witnesses are available in increasing number. The resources 
assuring their living are not in abundance. 

The superlative is seldom accurate and should be viewed 
with suspicion. However, we believe there never was a 
wider, more versatile frontier for sharing the Gospel's spirit 
and power redemptively than in the cities of the world. 
Many of the larger cities on the planet number far more 
citizens than most of the new nations welcomed into the 
United Nations. In these gargantuan complexes the field 
of mission is unparalleled in its breadth of possibility, its 
depth of need. Here it is that the ultimate future of the 
Gospel itself lies open before us. 

During the last quadrennium we were enlisting these 
twins — the city church and the one in the suburb — to share 
an experiment in Christian neighborliness. What we began 
is only prelude — an overture for the drama of Christ's con- 
quest of the city. These should be joined inseparably. Metro- 
politan Urban Service Training (MUST I), pioneering, 
ecumenical, creative, frustrating and yet rewarding is one 
attempt to learn some of the secrets of man's life in the 

The United Methodist Church 229 

city and the manner in which the Church can infiltrate, can 
serve, can claim the city for Christ. 

Many of our liberal ideas about the inevitable perfect- 
ability of man have come to shipwreck. New adventures in 
thought, the challenging of old dogmas concerning denom- 
inational prowess and governmental interaction and part- 
nership, a new frame of daring, and renewed commitment to 
the testimony of Jesus — these are inevitable demands of our 
time. If the Gospel is not adequate for salvation in the city, 
we have no Gospel for man. Many believe we have failed our 
Lord in the city. We pray forgiveness because where the 
crowded ways of life do cross we have too often crossed 
over on the other side, unheeding — and relieved ! We believe 
the city is redeemable. The city is the habitation of men, and 
they all were destined to be members of the Father's house- 

We dare not depart this place before we resolve that in 
prayer, personnel and sacrificial gift we shall join men of 
good will, whatever their name or sign, helping create 
conditions that will maintain the humane fellowship and 
strengthen the tools of our redemptive labor where in- 
digenous means can least be had. "The world for Christ in 
this generation," sang the youth of our land three-quarters 
of a century ago. What of the City for Christ in the next 
generation ! 

The City: a More Careful View! 

The catastrophic violence which has shaken the cities in 
many nations during the past summers, and especially dur- 
ing the last weeks should provide a warning blast that a 
plague is rampant in the land. There are those who declare 
the name of the disease to be primitive lawlessness ; others 
assure us it is the raw evidence of sin. A portion of our 
citizenry "legitimizes violence" and another sector resorts 
to legalized suffocating of the eruption. The remedy many 
prescribe is increasing and radical repression. Such a course 
continued may ultimately abrogate most of our hard-won 
victories for personal freedom which have been enshrined 
in the due process safeguards of our Constitution. Though 
the sovereign must protect himself, the employment of 
troops in the process, however reluctant, may be the symbol 
of creeping totalitarianism and must be used sparingly. 
Having been employed, the incident dare not be "closed." It 
should now be "opened" to learn the cause, discover the heal- 
ing remedy and apply it with vigor. 

These disruptions call attention to the natural bent of our 
people toward violence, not as the characteristic of any one 
segment of society but of the North American community. 

230 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Some claim it as an inheritance from the storied frontier 
days. Others tell us it is the psychological harvest of our 
television programming. Some say it is the games at which 
our children play, the toys they employ. Today's medium, we 
affirm, determines tomorrow's behavior. We should not 
forget that almost two generations have been reared on the 
brew of international violence, from World War I even unto 
Vietnam, with all the publicity and behavior-pattern fallout 
attendant thereto. It is a heady wine — corrosive, degenerat- 
ing, deadly. 

Some find the clue to our situation in the weakening of 
family life and discipline, the loss of the family's restraining 
tendencies, its failure in training in the recognition of and 
obedience to authority, and the loss of a sense of security 
whose author is a great and abiding affection. 

Our celebrated affluence, prodigally distributed between 
parent and child is no substitute for those warm relation- 
ships which the words, "my son," "my daughter," "my 
father," "my mother" should signify within the Christian 
family. It has become almost axiomatic that violence is a 
way of life in broken homes and the proportion of such 
homes continues to rise. 

We are told by others that the roots of the difficulty are 
grounded in our confrontation with laws which are the 
prudish inheritances of our moralistic Puritan forebears, 
but finding no broad support in the body politic of the new 
morality. Some tell us we are reaping the harvest of slow 
moral corrosion across the entire social and ethical spec- 
trum. The gamut may begin among the membership of those 
guardians of our well-being, the agents of law enforcement, 
and travel through the social order in public and neighbor- 
hood crimes against both person and property and discover 
its nadir in shadowy, demonic Mafia organizations. The 
proportionate increase of property violation and violence 
against persons is of epidemic order and the direction of 
increase has not been halted. Though these words are pri- 
marily descriptive of the American scene, parallels may be 
found the world around. 

What of the Church and its immediate role in the social 
and ethical life of our communities? We believe the state- 
ments of our social creed are clear and correct. In the tug 
between lawless violence and obedience to law there is but 
one choice. In the perpetual tension between property rights 
and human rights we have no option. "Of how much more 
value is a man than a sheep!" (Matthew 12:12). 

True it is that lawlessness cannot be tolerated. However, 
to repress these explosions by whatever means without 
major attention to the conditions causing frustration and 

The United Methodist Church 231 

hopelessness escalates the spirit of hate and compounds the 
final destruction. It should be a truism that the causes of 
civil war must be found and given conscientious considera- 
tion and correction by those vi^ho claim membership in the 
Christian fellowship. These conditions dare not be ration- 
alized into limbo, or dismissed with a clever, or any angry 

What triggers these holocausts? Why do minorities risk 
limb, liberty, and life in their fiery protest? To answer as 
some have done that it is the Mardi Gras spirit of carnival 
and holiday which prompts them is to deal insignificantly, 
shabbily, yea sinfully with crisis. If this is our final judg- 
ment then the blind have not been willing to see and the 
deaf have refused to hear. 

"What doth the Lord require of the Church — the fellow- 
ship?" Though asked of a simpler society it was addressed 
to men, and we are men! "What does the Lord require of 
you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly 
with your God?" (Micah 6:8). 

Having the miracle of Christ-like sight and hearing per- 
formed, may we suggest that members of the fellowship 
walk humbly through the depressed sections of any great 
city of the world. Visit the schoolhouse, the local market, 
the apartment house, the neighborhood where our brothers 
dwell. Then, decide whether we, members of the fellowship, 
have done justice, whether we have shown loving kindness, 
whether the expectations which our proclamation of the 
Good News has lifted could possibly be realized in these 
neighborhoods. Ask yourself, "Is this the realization of 
Christ's dream?" "Is this the City of God?" An honest an- 
swer would reveal whether his spirit, his mind possesses us ; 
whether we have been his obedient servants. 

A failure of the imagination, of humane sympathies, of 
the will, of Christian conviction, these are our major ills. In 
the Christian family there should be no paralyzing illness 
among us in the exercise of these qualities. 

Our journals are spattered with pictures of the moon's 
surface, prizes rewarding man's technical achievements. The 
pictures are taken to aid in making straight and safe the 
way of a man who is to walk on the moon's surface. How 
much simpler and more meaningful to take a picture of some 
of the streets each of us could name on which it is not safe 
for man, woman or child to walk. Searching that picture let 
the fellowship provide the relentless conscience which forces 
a nation to give more heed to its slum dweller than to the 
dwelling place of the "man on the moon." 

A journal in the secular city admonishes its readership, 

232 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

"reconstruction of attitudes and re-definition of priorities 
are essential precedents to reuniting . . . riven cities." * 

This should be the copyrighted life-endorsed message of 
the Christian fellowship. It is among us that the spirit for 
reconstructing attitudes, the recognition of the high worth 
of persons and their exalted place in any Christian society 
should be regnant. This is OUR business. If it is not, we are 
out of business. 

Like that sophisticate we ask, "Who is my neighbor?" and 
do not wait for the reply. We have heard it too often. The 
violence in cities, their miseried degradation, their blind 
eruptions of wrath should tell us, "You have not heard it, 
you have not seen it." Or, having seen and heard, your con- 
science did not cry for remedy and healing. It was just an 
old story until Watts, Harlem, Atlanta, Newark, Jackson- 
ville, Detroit, Wichita, Milwaukee and Washington, D. C. — 
you name the reminders of our heedlessness. They are be- 
coming legion. We shudder at the phrase "hot summer," and 
fail to accept and apply the just remedies which will quench 
those fires. 

The poet has assured us we "hear Thy voice, Son of 
Man !" "We catch the vision of Thy tears." Would that his 
assurances were more completely verified by fact. 

If there is one extraordinary word in the Christian vocab- 
ulary, it is the word reconciliation, the reconstruction of at- 
titudes. We know the word. It is our word. Let us speak the 
word in language that is universal, the language of the 
Spirit becoming incarnate in a person, in a community of 
persons. Here there are no alternatives. Here we become 
one in Christ, his agents of reconciliation, reconstructing 
attitudes, helping re-define priorities and translating them 
into new neighborhoods. 

Years ago when a matter of dubious worth was suggested, 
the mayor of one of the largest North American cities was 
heard to shout, "I cannot. The Methodists and the Baptists 
won't stand for it!" In our time let it be said, "This is what 
the United Methodists stand for — justice administered to 
every man, freedom's door opened for every man, so that 
every man may walk in the dignity due a son of God. To this 
we pledge our very lives so help us the Eternal. 

We must redeem that pledge in action as a church and 
nation of such magnitude as will match the crisis of the 
times. The tragic events of these latter days are not idle 
winds of little consequence. These are gales of throbbing 
force. The Church dare not be a bark securely moored and 
sheltered from this storm. May she be what she was meant 
to be, a captain and crew risking life and ship that a new 

* —The Nevt York Times. Aug. 2, 1967. 

The United Methodist Church 233 

land will be found and possessed where men will dwell as 
brothers free. 

Town and country have been words which conjured pic- 
tures of a nostalgic way of life. In the main the present 
reality which these words signify differs widely from yes- 
terday's remembrance. This fact of sweeping, radical differ- 
ence demands a new view, a new determination in the rela- 
tion ship of The United Methodist Church to the life and 
labor of this vast segment of His Church. 

The City and Youth 

From the beginning most of the world's dreams have been 
husbanded by those whose lives have neither been garnished 
nor tarnished by the accumulating years. So far as we can 
reconstruct the days of its birth, Christianity was primarily 
a youth movement. An oldster having seen the Messiah was 
willing to die in peace. The younger men were willing to 
die in the struggle — and did ! 

It is to our cities that the younger generation gravitates. 
Here they cluster and hive. What have they discovered 
which creates those fantastic displays of rebellion modelled 
in so many designs, from social hippie to public arsonist, to 
political anarchist, to dead end kid? Why do they forth- 
rightly condemn their elders and the structures they have 
painstakingly and sacrificially created ? 

Is their rebellion but the normal segment of every life's 
cycle, the tangle and tussle of the generations in their ebb 
and flow? Or, is there fundamental and meaningful ground 
in this fact of protest which oscillates between laughing 
ridicule and vitriolic bitterness? Do the variances between 
the creeds we verbally embrace and the conduct we publicly 
portray provide a reasonable launching pad for their flight 
into cynical rebellion? Can we understand youth's outrage 
seeing our armed forces freely spraying defenseless villages 
with napalm, and in contrast sending their friends to jail 
for what they consider the casual and harmless use of 
marijuana? Do we forthrightly listen as they shout their 
condemnation of the acquisitive madness of the tens of 
thousands as millions of our fellows have been able to ac- 
quire only the miseries of the poor: hunger, disease, illit- 
eracy, hatred, and early death? 

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, a treasured trinity. 
What is its relationship to that other Trinity — Father, Son, 
and Holy Spirit? Does the apparent lack of vital relationship 
provide "a sea of broken promises" through which youth is 
trying to swim toward some surer land of hope ? It appears 
to be fact that many of our youth "protest any action by 
any authority they believe as insincere^ self-serving, and in- 

234 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

humane." It should not only be their right but their duty to 
protest ! 

Why this yen to "take a trip," to expand the borders of 
consciousness because the common life has become boringly 
common? Why this willingness through psychedelic escape 
to jeopardize the long journey into life's future travelling 
with a maimed body and an irretrievably bruised spirit? 
These are not rhetorical questions to be tucked away in for- 
getfulness. The Church which is His body must make an- 
swer to this pleading. 

If, as a younger person, I belong to the group which is a 
minority member of society, will I find the answer in these 
trinities to be the consoling myths of the middle-class white 
men? Are the overt violences of the minority we note with 
horror the violences in which the majority has indulged 

If I belong to any army of the disinherited, the migrant 
worker, the forsaken of Appalachia, the American Indian, 
the bondaged East Indian, the forgotten Arab refugee, how 
will I read the Good News about the Fatherhood of God, 
the brotherhood of man, and reality of the good community 
of a great affection through the flesh and blood of white 

The secular society is a phrase justly celebrated. It an- 
nounces a new era in man's adventure story. It is descriptive 
of the enhanced opportunities available to man ; longer life, 
a more adventuresome life, a more comfortable life, a "hap- 
pier" life. It is a life from which man can banish his most 
persistent foes: hunger, disease, ignorance, darkness, and 
postpone the coming of his arch enemy, death. 

In a society which creedalizes the brotherhood of man 
why are so many of the brethren denied the secular goods of 
life w^hen they are available? In contrast, however, why do 
so many possessing these goods find no abiding satisfaction 
in their realization? What prompted the President of these 
United States to note in his recent State of the Union Ad- 
dress that though this nation was rich and successful it 
was sorely troubled and uneasy? Can it be that in the midst 
of technological victory we have lost the answer to the old 
question, "Who is man?" 

Our rebel youth are suggesting the Church has lost the 
answer in the new world. Youth wonders whether we ever 
knew the answer as they view the parish church. There are 
those among them who declare the neighborhood church to 
be an irredeemable and ingrown institution having lost the 
sense of the wider mission which called it into being. They 
see these churches as a group of "struggling, enervated, 
demoralized congregations, led by struggling, enervated. 

The United Methodist Church 235 

demoralized ministers." This criticism we believe an un- 
warranted and fallacious reading of the nature of the wider 

Their concern for the welfare of the Church we share. 
She is becoming aware of the chasm which has separated 
her from large segments of mankind and uncertain how to 
bridge the gulf. To set the Church over against the world, 
or to identify the Church totally with the world denies her 
very being. To be in the world as a redeeming, reconciling 
servant rejoicing with one's fellow man in God's gift of 
life, this is her mission ! 

Let the Church ask again, "Who is man?" May every dis- 
cipline be asked to bring its full measure of knowledge and 
light to the task of answering the questions : "What is the 
nature of the universe in which man dwells? What is his 
relationship to the universe? Do our studies provide any 
clue as to man's vocation and destiny?" 

We believe such seeking will re-open the door to the bibli- 
cal truth that man is a unity, body and soul, living in a given 
place, within a stated network of relationships which are the 
gift of God. We believe God did not make an alien world, nor 
are we aliens in the bosom of His creation. He sent His son 
that the world through him would be reconciled. God is in 
Christ reconciling the world to Himself, entrusting to us 
the message of reconciliation and the work of reconstruc- 
tion. Within this network of relationships we are called to 
provide our lives as ready instruments for the transforming 
of all of life after the mind of Christ. 

Let the body be husbanded in its possibilities for health, 
knowledge, and status so that the soul may move among 
men with dignity. May the soul accept the full measure of 
responsibility so that the body will not violate its nature as 
the temple of God. Body and soul will then move freely with 
the freedom discovered in the love of Christ. 

Is the Church willing to ask again," Who is man?" And, 
listening to the answer, learn. And, learning live adven- 
turesomely, dangerously, unselfishly in keeping with the 
garnered knowledge? If the Church is willing to spend itself, 
as the devoted servant spends his life in his Master's service, 
we believe the young will not pass her by unheeding, will 
not find her irrelevant. They will find that identity for which 
they are seeking in genuine Christian obedience. They will 
find the Church to be "where the action is" ; wherever man 
is, and in whatever condition man is found, establishing the 
reality of the community which is characterized by love. A 
dream you say? Another young man did not hold it to be a 
dream. His name is Jesus of Nazareth. 

236 Journal of the 1908 General Conference 

The Book — Our Contemporary 

We should never forget, we are the people of the Book, 
the Bible. That book has shaped us and our society, whether 
we admit it or not. Apart from a knowledge of the Bible, we 
cannot know ourselves. We claim no magic inherent in its 
possession. We do claim it as a definitive guide showing forth 
the ways of God. We believe the Bible is the primary story 
of one nation's adventure in God's covenanted companion- 
ship. We believe it is the record of his Word accepting the 
frame of flesh and dwelling as man with man. We believe it 
is the record of a man showing forth God's will for every 

Though we have laid claim to being the people of the Book 
and the Way, both demand a greater degree of careful at- 
tention than we have granted them. May we as a United 
Methodist Church resolve to encourage our people to ex- 
amine the Book again, study it with prayerful attentiveness, 
and particularly those portions which tell us how he walked 
the Way. 

Can we make the parables our contemporaries so that an 
urban dweller may find a seminal word in the agrarian tale ? 
Can a secularist discover a saving word of light in a tale 
told of an ancient market place? Can we identify that "other 
neighbor" with the neighbor we ought to be? 

What if on some Sunday the minister would preach the 
Sermon on the Mount again? Suppose task forces within the 
listening fellowship would provide the experimental ex- 
egesis on the Sermon, including those passages which have 
been relegated to the store-house of their primitiveness or 
"otherworldliness" ? It could surprise us how contemporary 
their validity. We believe Jesus' declarations concerning the 
nature of happiness, the end of man's striving to be excit- 
ingly valid. Fidelity, happiness, integrity, liberty, loyalty, 
security, responsibility, concerning these He taught them 
with authority. Let us rouse our people out of the crippling 
cadence of having read the last best seller, to reading and 
renewing their spirits in the substance of that first Book, 
a continuous best seller. 

The Bishops earnestly commend such churchwide study 
to this Conference and to The United Methodist Church. 
The renewal we seek, and for which we pray, can be found 
in a renewed acquaintance with the Book. History verifies 
the claim. The future challenges us to test the axiom. 

The Wider Christian Fellowship 

Mention of the Bible reminds us of the total Christian 
fellowship for whom it is the Book. It reveals the tap root 
of our unique oneness. It arises out of the life of the He- 

The United Methodist Church 237 

brew community as we share that legacy through the Old 
Testament. From the Apostolic Church we have inherited 
the fidelities of the New Covenant. Those simple phrases, 
"even unto this day," "to this very day" (Matthew 28:8) 
remind us that the Scriptures are the record written long 
after the event by many who shared its immediate life. The 
Bible is the record of God's revelation in Christ which all 
Christians are called to share. 

Variances have arisen among us over the decades, some 
for good and sufficient causes, others were frivolous, pride- 
laden abberations. Many of these have been resolved and 
forgotten as we have travelled the road toward a more ade- 
quate and a happier fellowship. Some of the differences 
presently separating us appear to those whom we would 
enlist and cannot as testimonials of our insincerity, or our 

We trust this Conference will reaffirm its desire for a 
more perfect union among the members of Christ's scattered 
family. Dwellers in a divided house provide no forceful or 
persuading voice of conviction to those without the house- 
hold. A divided body is a crippled body, one whose worthful- 
ness is depreciated in direct proportion to its fractured 
wounding. The sea of human need is so wide that no single 
craft among many is sufficient for the voyage whose pur- 
pose is to witness to the power of Christlike love for all 

The United Methodists have been pioneers in many con- 
ciliar arrangements, city, county, state, national, regional, 
and the World Council. It could be said we have been pro- 
fessional "joiners." Upon occasion our very strength has 
made our relationship suspect and our behavior misunder- 
stood. In truth, this type of ecumenical cooperation provides 
us with our natural element of operation. We find ourselves 
at home in an atmosphere which affirms, "Is thy heart right, 
as my heart is with thine? Dost thou love and serve God? 
If it be, I give thee the right hand of fellowship" (II Kings 
10:15. See Wesley's Sermon "Catholic Spirit," number 39 in 
the 53 Sermons) . 

The opening statement addressed to the Second Vatican 
Council is both prophetic and restrained. "At this moment 
of history Providence is leading us toward a new order of 
human relations which, by the work of men and for the 
most part beyond their expectations, are developing towards 
the fulfillment of higher and unforeseen designs." This is 
an observation in which we join heartily. 

Too often we have permitted psychological difficulties, 
historical inheritances of both fact and fiction, to become 
hallowed with the caste of principle. "Old positions hardened 

238 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

by bitter memories, mixed up with the questions of prestige 
and subtle polemics, arouse reactions which tend to be rep- 
resented as assertions of principle on which it would seem 
impossible to yield." 

The United Methodist Church with its experimental and 
pragmatic approach to the husbanding and ordering of the 
Christian life should be in a position to distinguish between 
the psychological difficulty and the valid principle and move 
forward positively. 

We believe The United Methodist Church has much to 
receive from its many brethren in Christ from whom it has 
been separated. Likewise, we believe The United Methodist 
Church has contributions of principle to make to this "great 
new fact" in our time, to the unity of the Christian fellow- 
ship. We recall Samuel Wesley's comment to his son, John, 
"Remember that logic is not everything." Our contributions 
may not be primarily in the region of the strictly logical, 
but in the wider domain of man's total life. We have never 
exalted the "train of ideas," nor depreciated it. The "painted 
fire of formalism" has never taken us prisoner, though we 
acknowledge its worthfulness. 

Fundamental to our experience of the Christian life is 
the simple fact that "God can be experienced." We hold that 
"theology should always stand in direct relationship to the 
spiritual life." The Gospel is the Good News that God, 
through faith in Christ, will save a man from death to life. 
This salvation is a personal experience which comes through 
the work of the Holy Spirit. It is the presence of "the Divine 
in the consciousness of the believer." It sets the heart to re- 
joicing, "0 for a thousand tongues to sing my great Re- 
deemer's praise. . . ." From the beginning we have aimed at 
fostering "a warm sense of personal indebtedness to a per- 
sonal Redeemer." This awareness of identity with the Eter- 
nal, and joy in that relationship is no incidental contribution 
to the ecumenical household of faith. 

Methodism, through its founder, provided the concept of 
the small church within the Church, as a "community of 
ministers." This mutuality is symbolized in Charles Wesley's 
hymn, "All praise to our Redeeming Lord, Who joins us by 
His grace, and bids us, each restored. Together seek His 
face." * The radical and enduring nature of that insight is 
the announcement that the "religious vocation" is open to 
ordinary folk making them a community of ministers, every- 
day saints. 

Wesley's sermon on the Catholic spirit is a clear enuncia- 
tion of this position suggesting that one mark of the little 
church within the Church is the awareness of Christ as 

* — Hymn No. 301, The Methodist Hymnal. 

The United Methodist Church 239 

"breaking down the partition walls which either the craft 
of the devil or the folly of man has built up."* This notion 
of the small church within the Church, and the nature of 
church membership should be of significance in ecumenical 
considerations, including structural relationships. 

Methodism declares that perfection in Christian love, the 
completion of the new creature in Christ, is an essential 
portion of the Good News. The Christian's self-knowledge 
and the vision of God in Christ, in their very tension, should 
excite the believer toward the realization of the perfect love 
he sees in Christ. It should also awaken within him the vast- 
ness of God's everlasting grace, the power of that love as 
manifested in God's power in raising Jesus from the dead, 
and establishing Him as head of the Church. 

The Evangelical Revival, and particularly the Wesley an 
movement, introduced a new person to the life of aristocratic 
England, the Fellow Man. How to relate to this Fellow Man 
has troubled Methodism from the beginning. This anguished 
conscience has helped bring the extension of redemption to 
the entire gamut of humanity through social reforms of 
every kind. At last it issued in the Social Creed of the 
Church. God's evaluation of man is stamped upon every man 
through the Cross. As no man is exempt from redeeming 
grace, so no portion of the good life should be cloistered from 
another. Every life and all of life should be sanctified, made 
perfect in love. We commend the remembrance of this con- 
tribution to ecumenical consideration. 

Finally, the religious life must have the rightofway over 
all instruments of organization. Highly organized as The 
United Methodist Church appears to many, in the long view 
organization has been the hand-maiden of conviction and 
consecration. Man was not made to serve the matrix of finite 
organizations. Organizations are the instruments forged by 
man to meet the demands of God's love upon us. 

We pray this Conference will ardently reaffirm its desire 
for the creation of a more perfect union among the members 
of Christ's scattered family. We must pledge our support of 
the work of those commissioners we have delegated to share 
our hopes, to speak our minds, to move forward by God's 
grace toward a more inclusive union. 

The precise structural and institutional dimensions we 
do not see. Time, patience, persistence in good will are re- 
quired. The necessity for a closer and more significant rela- 
tionship between the churches w'e cannot and should not 

As we wrestle with those inevitable human problems in- 
herent in our historic diversities, let us increasingly work 


240 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

together in the fields of human need. As we labor doing his 
will with a common will, miracles of rich discovery assuredly 
shall be our reward. 

There is an ancillary and yet related matter which this 
Conference should discuss; namely our relationships with 
British Methodism. We realize the sensitive nature of cur- 
rent negotiations between our English brethren and the 
Church of England. Under no circumstances would we wish 
to disturb these. 

However, during the interim of their fulfillment would it 
not be an act of Christian fellowship, too long delayed, to 
welcome our ministerial colleagues by direct transfer into 
our conferences, rather than accepting them as persons 
"coming from another denomination"? Though an ocean 
may separate us we are members of one household united 
by the Wesleyan spirit. 

If this suggestion finds hospitality among us, and we set 
about fashioning the required legislation, we should explore 
this frontier of possibility more widely. Can we provide a 
plan whereby missionaries sent out from either Church may 
have voice and vote in an annual conference in lands where 
both are at work? 

And then, to bring this matter toward immediate center, 
are we in the mood to provide for the reciprocal exchange of 
a limited number of voting delegates between the British 
Methodist Conference and The United Methodist Church? 

Should this be our posture let us arrange a concordat with 
autonomous Methodist Churches for the mutual election and 
seating of delegates in each other's highest legislative con- 

We express our strong desire to effect reunion with our 
brethren of The African Methodist Episcopal, The African 
Methodist Episcopal Zion and The Christian Methodist 
Episcopal Churches who share our common heritages. 

We submit these possibilities for your careful and prayer- 
ful consideration. We recommend their acceptance whole- 

United Methodism and the World Parish 

To the question, "Who is man?" the Christian answers, 
"Man is of inestimable worth on his own account." The 
variances of culture, creed, color are incidental to the funda- 
mental evaluation of man. It is in the Christian missionary 
adventure that the mystery of godliness comes to its focus 
most sharply. The boundaries of culture, class, race, and 
language are all conquered by this consuming "foolishness," 
to share a Good Treasure for the simple reason that we have 
found it to be surpassingly good (Matthew 13 :45, 46). 

The United Methodist Church 241 

We have this Treasure in earthen vessels. The nature of 
the vessel has, quite naturally, dictated the manner in which 
vv'e have clothed the Treasure and shared it. We have so in- 
termingled Treasure and vessel that we have often held them 
to be inseparable. Belatedly we are learning that the Treas- 
ure must be freed from the immediate vessel of its transport 
and permitted its own vessel of containment in the new cir- 
cumstance. The wrench to our human pride caused by this 
discovery is considerable and for some insurmountable. The 
manner and speed with which we appropriate the lesson 
may determine the power of our continuing witness. 

The Treasure insistently demands answers to perplexing 
questions : How far down the road of time are we vdlling to 
peer and plan? Are we prepared to forego much of our de- 
nominational sovereignty and increasingly labor together 
with other members of the family of Christ? Are we pre- 
pared to re-examine traditional patterns and requirements 
and alter our definitions of missionary service? 

Like faithful watchmen we have manned the ramparts of 
the world seeking out the enemies of man — hunger, disease, 
ignorance, distress, and sin's enslavement. We have wrapped 
this Treasure in institutions of learning, of healing, of serv- 
ice to the starving, the stricken, the maimed. We have visited 
our brethren in His name! How much daring, courage and 
adventure are we willing to invest in tomorrow and the 
new world aborning? 

The current flexing of younger churches' muscles in re- 
questing a more definitive voice in their own affairs should 
be accounted victory and not grounds for recrimination or 
divorce. The increasing intervention of governments in areas 
formerly served by the Churches must not compromise or 
halt our witness — rather cause us to re-examine it. The 
temptation to feel the pinch of slight because our cultural 
habit does not persuade another to adopt it dare not inhibit 
our witness. Succumbing to the temptation to weary in well- 
doing, to lessen our effort and find excuse in disillusionment 
caused by some shifting of winds in the political and social 
revolutions which whirl about our heads is not in keeping 
with our calling. Such relaxing and rationalizing is un- 
worthy of the members of a fellowship whose sign is a Cross 
and whose victory is assured by Easter morning. 

The Church will continue as the Church only so long as 
we remain faithful to his command to go into all of life and 
witness to the wonder of his love! As another put it, "We 
proclaim our faith, render our service, and leave the rest to 
God." * To which we would add, to remain Christian we 
rmist proclaim our faith, we must render our service ! Apart 

♦ — Episcopal Address 1964. 

242 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

from the witness we are not on his Way. We have lost the 

The dictum that change is the only constant in our world 
belongs to the arsenal of wisdom of contemporary philoso- 
phy. True enough, change is an ingredient in the contem- 
porary scene. Many are the strictures against the Church 
that it has failed to recognize change for what it is, an evi- 
dence of opportunity growth, and renewal. 

Fearing that those portions of the institutional life of the 
Church entrusted to the missionary enterprise would not be 
amenable to change, the General Conference of 1948 created 
a new instrument of assurance, The Commission on the 
Structure of Methodism Overseas. Its primary task was to 
keep the Church alert to change in its world parish responsi- 
bilities.* The task description was clear, "Recognizing the 
difference in conditions that exist in various fields of the 
world, and the changes taking place in those fields, this com- 
mission shall continue to study the structure and super- 
vision of The Methodist Church in its work outside the 
United States and its territories and its relationships to 
other bodies and shall prepare such recommendations as it 
considers necessary for presentation to the General Confer- 

Succeeding General Conferences have renewed this 
charge. In turn the commission, under perceptive leadership, 
has been obedient to the assigned task. The fundamental 
question is simple. "How can the United Methodist churches 
living under various climes, political, social, and geographic, 
help each other grow in stature and depth fulfilling the 
mandate to be Christ's body in the place where they are?" 

The answer is far from simple. No single answer is the 
measure of universal truth. What is considered a necessity 
for salvation in the Methodist Church in Latin America and 
parts of Asia is considered a violation of the bonds of our 
Methodist fellowship in Western Europe and sections of 
Africa. Pair the regions of the world and their constrasting 
necessities for the continuing life of the Church are self- 
evident. The United Methodist Church restates the position 
it has held over the years; each member of its far flung 
family must choose that manifest relationship through 
which it will most adequately be the body of Christ in that 
place. It must be a free choice for all parties concerned. 

The Lordship of Christ demands diversity in unity. Di- 
versity in polity and creed may go so far afield as to destroy 
those elemental and fundamental relationships which have 
helped create and continue life in The United Methodist 
Church. Unity may be of such a nature as to stifle the crea- 

*— Paragraph 1812, Discipline 1964. COSMOS. 

The United Methodist Church 243 

tive urgency resident in the regional differences. How wide 
the diversity and how restricted the unity and still remain 
one United Methodist Church is the dichotomy we must 

The very nature of the Church permits no make-shift 
compromise or accommodation. The pace of world change 
grants no postponement of continued earnest study, careful 
consideration, and decision. 

In striving through the aid of the Holy Spirit to overleap 
these hazards, the commission requests continued life within 
the framework of its original mandate. It will recommend 
an authorization to call a World Methodist Structure Con- 
ference looking toward the future of United Methodism in a 
world that is the prisoner of change. Yours will be the task 
of judging the way of our future relationships, the nature 
of the Church considered. 

In considering these demands both of intradenominational 
and interdenominational relationships we should remember 
the two aspects of the life of the Church that are difference 
making. There is that aspect we term instrumental activity. 
It includes those ecclesiastical furnishings by which the 
spirit of God is appropriated and lived forth by men. We 
must never forget that the worth, the value of the instru- 
ment is to be judged by the ''sacredness of the results in 
the lives of the men who use the instrument," The fruits 
are often of such splendor that we grant a sanctity to that 
which of right belongs to the miracle of grace in a man's 
life. Instruments are required, but their particular nature 
is usually not definitive and should not be idolized. 

Listen to the words of an earlier Episcopal Address — 
"We may remind ourselves that Methodism has always 
judged creeds by their effects in the minds of the believers, 
liturgies by the quickening of the worshipful spirit, and 
orders and offices of ministry by their practical efficiency 
in accomplishing the works of the Kingdom of God in the 
lives of the believers" (1940). Having been reminded may 
we heed the admonition. 

Witnesses: On the Christian Way 

We are told that "as the number of disciples kept grow- 
ing" the problem of a division of labor presented itself to 
the apostolic Church. Said these early disciples, "it is not 
right for us to neglect preaching of God's word" so that 
other demands in the life of the fellowship could be met. In 
consequence the brothers chose a number "and put them 
in charge of the matter" (Acts 6:1 ff). 

The decision implemented a prudential concern for those 
charged with worship and the educational life of the group. 

244 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

It recognized the essential worth of "prayer and the work 
of preaching" in nurturing the interior life of the fellowship 
(Acts 6:4). 

In this early community the great majority of the mem- 
bers were laymen enlisted from the manifold tasks of the 
common life. In providing the definitive witness to this 
newly found life it divided the functional responsibilities 
which the nature of the new community required. Laity and 
clergy, but one church ! The conclusion of the record is ar- 
resting. "And so the word of God continued to spread" 
(Acts 6:7). 

Methodism took root in the lay soil of the common man's 
life. For almost two hundred years the political and social 
life of England has been influenced mightily by the work 
and witness of the lay preacher in the Wesleyan tradition. 

Colonial Methodism was primarily a lay movement, hus- 
banded and encouraged by a small intrepid contingent of 
ordained ministers. From the first our organization included 
large lay responsibility in the nurturing of its classes and 
scattered societies. Though supervised by travelling minis- 
ters it was the lay class leader who in word and work was 
the witness to the new life on the old spot. To this day lay 
participation is an "across the board" matter in the de- 
cision-making councils of the Church. 

Within the institutional life of the Church the functional 
division of labor remains. The minister is not the handyman 
for saints in the making. He is no amanuensis for the lay life 
of the spirit, the layman's stand-in for announcing and im- 
plementing the ethical concerns in the community. Nor is he 
the echoing voice of the dominant class. 

The freedom of the minister to speak as the Spirit pro- 
vided utterance has been one of our most cherished inherit- 
ances. Its exercise dare not be abused by the slothful or 
irresponsible recklessness of the speaker for God. Nor should 
it be restricted by the self-appointed vigilantes of the status 
quo in their particular economic, social, or cultural enclave. 

The minister should be, what he was in the beginning, one 
among many who will give his time, energy, and meditative 
concern to seeking the will of God for that hour in that 
place, and then sharing what he has discovered in love, with 
sharp, simple clarity. In the main the fellowship has found 
the division of labor an instrument for good. 

This division does not suggest any inherent inequality in 
the temper or the quality of the Christian witness. Quite the 
contrary ! The United Methodist fellowship is a "community 
of ministers" each of whom is a witness to the Christian life 
in the place of his labor. The layman is the Church at work 

The United Methodist Church 245 

where he works. He is one of the preachers of the congrega- 
tion in dispersion. 

Skilled and dedicated labor as Christian witnesses re- 
quires not only the quiet burnishing of the spirit as a mem- 
ber of the fellowship at worship. It requires a continuous 
renewing of the tension between what Jesus was, what he 
would have us be, and what exists in the complex circle of 
our several relationships. 

In these activities every layman is a center — a nucleus of 
potential power, spiritual, intellectual, social, political. This 
gift of power brings with it an inseparable partnership re- 
sponsibility. To provide an informed Christian conscience 
in exercising our responsibility as members of the fellow- 
ship is the business of the total Church. 

To this end the Church, through its teaching, preaching, 
and serving function must not only inform the mind; it 
must inspire the will. As power and responsibility are in- 
separable in the Christian life, so are the informed mind 
and the courageous will. An eloquent sermon concerning the 
Brotherhood of Man, biblically sound and statistically rele- 
vant, is of slender consequence unless the message from "the 
front" becomes the laymen's order of the day in the trenches 
of daily life. Unless brotherhood includes the total roster of 
our relationships, we deny the nature of the fellowship and 
make of the word "brotherhood" a mockery. These wider 
relationships are the pulpits from which both the layman 
and the minister speak. 

We are constantly informed that poverty is one of the arch 
enemies of the good life, of genuine brotherhood. In the 
usual sense poverty means insufficient nourishment to 
maintain a healthful, complete life. However, poverty has 
many faces. Poverty may mean being deprived of enough 
caloric intake to maintain the physical structure as an alert, 
productive engine. Remembering that men live not by bread 
alone, poverty may be insufficient educational opportunity to 
fulfill society's demands, or a quarantine from those rela- 
tionships which nurture human dignity. It may mean in- 
adequate housing facilities for the body so that those family 
relationships which help keep persons humane are starved 
and warped. Poverty may mean high school dropouts, de- 
serted and destitute mothers, jobless fathers, inhumanity 
to man. Poverty does have many faces ! 

In this market place of want as in so many other rela- 
tionships the layman should find an unusual opportunity to 
become an ambassador for the King's Way of life. To accept 
the task of teaching among the educationally deprived; to 
serve as a townfather helping create a climate in the com- 
munity that welcomes adequate housing for every family 

246 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

without discrimination to race or color; to be a legislator 
exercising this gift of power responsibly, his Christian com- 
mitment the motivation for his vote; on the market place 
to provide racially nondiscriminatory employment which 
spells responsibility and dignity, these are among the 
preaching opportunities for the layman. 

The division of labor recorded in Acts set some persons 
apart "in order to handle the finances" (Acts 6 :2). This has 
become a traditional behavior pattern among us. To our 
chagrin and loss it has often been the primary function in 
which the cooperation of some of our most gifted laymen has 
been solicited. These persons perform significant tasks in 
their chosen vocations. Their abilities are wide and their 
concerns genuine. Why do we so often ask them for the 
totally insignificant venture as members of the fellowship? 

Ask them to usher on the third Sunday of the month and 
receive the morning offering on that date. But then, ask 
them to carry the Gospel beyond the stockade of the Church 
with courage and fidelity as purpose and direction have 
been provided which honor the mind of Christ. 

The narrative tells us that the men chosen for service 
were "known to be full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom" 
(Acts 6:3). Obviously they were chosen because of their 
faithful Christian witness. The record assures us that the 
nature of Christian stewardship was exampled at the outset, 
the investment of the entire roster of talents so that the 
fellowship and its work might increase. This continues to be 
the measure of the good steward. 

The Good News that must be shared enlists and requires 
the capabilities of the total person, time, talent, treasure. 
Any lesser obedience makes of the Good News quite ordinary 

For the advances made in our understanding of the nature 
of Christian stewardship and its implementation, we find 
cause for gratitude. We cannot but wonder what the fellow- 
ship could accomplish for Christ and His Church if our 
total potential were more nearly realized. More of the 
hungry would be fed ; more of the lame would walk ; more 
of the lonely befriended, more joy in the heart of the witness. 
Who could prophesy the inclusive nature of that "more" ? 

Seeking for additional reasons why the true potential of 
the Church has not been realized consider the second mem- 
ber in that division of labor — the minister and his vocation. 
The skill, the capabilities, the spirit of the captains among 
the host generally determine the victories of the host. If the 
captains are uncertain of their vocation, weary in its exer- 
cise, the trumpet they blow will never call to victory, only 
signal retreat and defeat. 

The United Methodist Church 247 

Let us admit it. Our ranks are not being replenished in 
sufficient numbers to adequately man the ramparts. There 
are defections among us by those who have discovered the 
parish ministry less than exciting and challenging. They 
have found demands made upon them which they judge to be 
small, narrow, menial, monotonous, and too often purpose- 
less. They discover themselves cast in the role of perpetual 
menders, picking up the pieces resulting from never ending 
collision and consequent broken relationships. They spend 
the major portion of their time trying to reconstitute the 
personal damage and creating a semblance of social whole- 

The young minister gave his life to his vocation believing 
the Gospel provided a mandate and power to create a new 
society. Sadly he discovers too many of his parishioners are 
quite satisfied with the old world, varnished and polished a 
bit, but not radically altered. The hope of creating a new 
world is submerged in keeping the old world alive. The 
bright dream languishes and dies. And the word is — ir- 
relevance ! 

So We Are Told! 

And yet, though our numbers are insufficient for the 
demands of the task; though our consecration is often 
truncated by our finitude; though demands are made upon 
us for those multitudinous peripheral services; though the 
prophets of doom assure us the parish ministry is a vestige 
remainder of a disappearing era, we ai'e confronted by the 
cogent and contemporary wisdom of Paul. He could be 
writing to the church in your town as he wrote to the church 
in Rome. "How are men to call upon him in whom they have 
not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom 
they have never heard ? And how are they to hear without a 
preacher? And how can men preach unless they are sent? 
... So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard 
comes by the preaching of Christ" (Romans 10:14, 15, 16). 

"How are they to hear without a preacher? What is heard 
comes by the preaching of Christ." Is this an oversimplifica- 
tion? Does it have relevance in this day of technological 
wizardry in the field of communication and motivation? Is 
Marshall McLuhan correct, "the medium is the message"? 
In this instance the medium being the preacher who is an 
incarnation of the message. 

The Christian Gospel being what we maintain it to be, 
the Good Word of the Eternal to man, what a responsibility 
to be the vehicle, the vessel whereby this Word is com- 
municated to our fellow man ! No other task is like it under 
the sun. No responsibility is of greater import. And, we 
believe, in no other service are the rewards of the same 

248 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

order. This is true, providing we are the genuine middle- 
men, the convinced ambassadors in an eternal enterprise 
which makes a fundamental difference in the neighborhood 
where we live and to all eternity. 

To state the case for the ministry in this fashion may 
cause some to wince at our naive stance. To others it will 
appear as professional arrogance compounded. Some will 
wonder where we have been during the days of this secular 
and technological revolution. Have we not heard, have we 
not seen, do we not know the facts about the world in which 
we live ! Humanism, communism, secularism, existentialism, 
nationalism. Each of these provides an alluring creed for 
living and each claims a vast membership in its clan. We 
would add that in our view each in its own way acknowl- 
edges and is obedient to false gods. Each behaves as if the 
work of its hand and mind was its god, the perfect definition 
of idolatry. 

Earlier the structural lineaments of our creed were sug- 
gested. We begin with an adventure, a leap of faith which 
unites the worlds. We assert, "This is God's universe, the 
God who reveals himself in Christ. The God who, revealing 
himself, summons us to share the Christ-like adventure and 
be faithful to the message which the faith has discovered 
and delivered. Our God urges us to travel into the far 
country of knowledge, sensation and intuition and bring the 
harvest of our journeying as implements to help fashion the 
Christian life, and the Good Society." 

To enlist his fellows in such an adventure the Christian 
minister is called. The adventure knows no bounds but the 
boundless love of God in Christ. It asks no privilege except 
the opportunity to serve a fellow man in his Name. It does 
ask of a man that he become the incarnation on the street 
where he lives, and in the town he calls his own. 

Witnesses : Our Institutions of Higher Learning 

The United Methodist Church is fortunate beyond com- 
mon acknowledgment in the colleges, universities and 
seminaries related to it. Their relationship to the Church 
should guarantee not only the high quality of instruction, 
but also the temper and inspiration of the Christian spirit. 
We cannot provide educational opportunity for our entire 
citizenry. We can provide a quality of instruction in the 
classrooms, and of life upon the campuses of these institu- 
tions which bears the mark of Christian concern, insight 
and determination. 

Academic excellence must be the bench-mark of our insti- 
tutions. Their faculties should be regarded, not as civil 
servants, but as seekers after truth and sharers of its 

The United Methodist Church 249 

treasures. Students in these institutions will not be con- 
sidered impersonal objects to be moved along an educational 
conveyor for a quadrennium. They will be looked upon as 
persons of absolute worth, learners, adventurers, preparing 
for life's journey along his Way. 

If we believe this to be true we shall provide no less 
verbal appreciation but more of that economic oxygen 
kno^vn as financial resources to assure the vital and lively 
continuance of these institutions. 

To the task of discovering means adequate for the con- 
tinuing adventure this Conference must give its perceptive 
attention, or sentence many an institution to radical compro- 
mise or ignominious death. 

Consider our seminaries ! 

These are among the primary bastions of the Church. 
Here the Book should be discovered with scholarship's lamp 
playing upon it in brightest illumination. Here a courtship, 
a love affair, should begin between the student and the Bible 
that will never end. Here the long traditions of the Church 
should be taught as living experiences of saints in process, 
a procession in which we are a living part, and not as 
archaeological remains to be dusted for a day and filed away 
for another's examination. Here the various paths to man's 
knowledge about man, his psyche, his society, his salvation 
should be explored and mastered. Here the rough, tough 
questions of contemporary existence and of life's meaning 
should be explored. Here the vitality of the Christian faith 
must bring its honest reply as it is tested in the boiling 
crucible of secular life. Here the student should discover a 
knowledge and appreciation of the tools through which he 
can serve his fellows in the contemporary scene to the end 
that the Name of Christ will be glorified. 

The seminary teacher, that chosen instrument of God, 
has been elected, not only to stimulate and nourish the mind 
of the student but to become the wonder-working incarna- 
tion of the love of God in Christ. Through his students the 
teacher becomes the preacher in a thousand pulpits, to 
worshippers whose number is like an army, and whose 
power is beyond computation. 

Brick and mortar do not determine the seminary's quality 
and life-sharing ministry. The teacher is the author of that 
life-demanding miracle. 

We salute our seminaries. We celebrate their faculties, 
and their husbanding boards of trustees. We welcome stu- 
dents to these halls of learning. We would remind them all 
of their unique and awe-inspiring responsibilities. In good 
measure these persons are the contemporary architects of 
the house of faith in which the on-coming generations will 

250 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

dwell. Yesterday's stately mansions, academic or admin- 
istrative, will not serve "the present age" adequately. To- 
morrow's seminaries are in process of building. God grant 
us the knowledge and the grace to be workmen who need 
not be ashamed. 

Seminaries, to be lively instruments of instruction, are 
dependent upon students. Whence come these? Primarily 
from our homes. The future of the Christian Church will 
depend upon the meaningfulness of the Christian Way for 
our homes. Years ago William Hocking defined religion as 
"the ultimate passion that governs a man's life." We believe 
a vital Christian faith is the "greatest motivation to the 
highest and noblest living." We also believe the Christian 
faith lived victoriously and consistently in a home "as the 
ultimate passion that governs a man's life" is the most 
persuasive single element in the choice of the ministry as a 
vocation. If we bemoan our failure in recruitment for the 
ministry, let us begin at the beginning and mend the flaws of 
Christian witness in our homes. 

"To Timothy, my true son in the faith ..." (I Timothy 
1:2, GNMM) denotes one of the singular signs of the 
validity and verification of a man's faith. A vital young man 
found a meaningful vocation through another's con\incing 
confirmation of his faith. Only as a minister can lay claim 
to "a son in the faith" can he quite understand the depth 
of joy resident in this confession. 

Other avenues beckon our youth into the Christian min- 
istry ; the fellowship of the Church in its various activities ; 
the concern of a layman, the sheer nature of the Gospel in 
tension with the need of the world. Whatever the route by 
which the Timothys come, the Church should aid in provid- 
ing the training required for the more adequate fulfilling of 
the task. 

The Church has a right and duty to demand the finest 
educational opportunities and the most conscientious use 
of these opportunities by the student preparing for the min- 
istry. The Church should wed that demand to such assistance 
as will not enslave a family's future in liquidating an in- 
debtedness assumed so that the minister might serve the 
Lord more adequately. 

We trust this Conference will take counsel with its mind 
and conscience in this matter. Let us again determine that 
only the finest educational opportunities should be provided 
for our ministry. Then let us accept that fair share of sup- 
port required, not as a grudging installment on future 
services, but as our share in that enterprise which answers 
Paul's question, "How shall they hear without a preacher? 
what is heard comes by the preaching of Christ." May we 

The United Methodist Church 251 

resolve, "They shall hear Christ preached." To this end we 
pledge our very selves. 

Witnessing: And the Cry of War 

The fear of material loss, shrinking from pain and death, 
these have been deterrents in restraining most men from 
embarking on dangerous adventures. Man is apparently 
equipped with an inner drive toward the preservation of the 
self and its extensions which prompts this reluctance. War, 
the instrument of nationalism, is one major exception as it 
forces its will across these closely-guarded borders. 

Love of nation causes men to risk huge material costs, 
physical pain, mental torture and even death. No religion 
commands the universal devotion and sacrifice which the 
nation's call can evoke. Too often "man's other religion" — 
nationalism — is man's only true religion. All others become 
servants to national sovereignty. 

The resort of the nation to war is dictated by a belief that 
force is the ultimate and final arbiter of international dis- 
agreement and fratricidal collision. Will men never learn 
from history that reliance on such force seldom, if ever, 
provides the desired end? This force carries within itself the 
venom of its own destruction. Literally, "force commits 
suicide." The most that can be said for the application of 
force through war is that it may grant another opportunity 
for solution of the disagreement. It does not provide the 
solution ! 

It may be true that in war we have never wounded an 
enemy in the same serious degree in which we have wounded 
ourselves. Is it possible to murder without becoming a 
murderer? Can individuals or nations lie without becoming 
liars? Need we note the U-2 incident, the Bay of Pigs event, 
the Dominican Republic accident, the Gulf of Tonkin hap- 
pening, the most recent Pueblo embarrassment? Can we 
embrace chicanery and savagery without becoming con- 
taminated ? 

Dare we hide behind the cliched confession, "Interna- 
tional relations is a heinous business but then everybody 
is in this business"? 

The troubled Christian conscience dissenting, often ir- 
ritatingly and dramatically, from present government policy 
is causing other citizens to demand its silence and com- 
pliance. The United Methodist Church should have a word 
for us in this struggle. 

Our Social Creed reminds us that government rests upon 
the support of conscientious citizens and due respect must 
be had for duly constituted authority. However, it does not 
permit us to forget that the health of government is de- 

252 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

pendent upon the citizen's freedom to express his con- 
scientious dissent. When the dissenter moves outside the law 
in obedience to the voice of conscience, and accepts the 
penalties of the law, the Church dare not desert her child. 
The Church must insist that the nation listen to this voice 
of conscience, giving it, not only an impatient ear, but sin- 
cere attention and consideration. The very health of the 
nation is dependent upon such behavior. 

Whatever the judgment of the past concerning war, who 
can defend it in our time? Yesterday's four horsemen have 
been augmented by apocalyptic terror and the threat of 
universal annihilation. 

The ultimate question remains. Can the Christian com- 
munity enlist men in so desperately desiring peace that they 
are willing to endure sacrifice of an order commensurate 
with the demands of war ? 

Mobilization and use of power to help create the condi- 
tions which will nurture peace among the nations, and the 
varied clans within the nations demand unimagined sacri- 
fices. That we have not met these demands is a matter of 
history. That these demands cannot be met has never been 
proved. That the Christian fellowship can meet these de- 
mands in our time we do believe ! 

Let the Christian community, and especially the United 
Methodist fellowship around the world, share its treasure 
meaningfully and sacrificially in the effort to destroy the 
roots of war. This is the hour to renew our endeavors, to 
bind up the wounds of the orphan and the hurt of the 
widow, to aid in the physical restoration of the destruction 
born of fiery violence, to help husband the good earth so that 
its increase may bless our fellows with health and hope. 
This is the hour to be reconciled through the grace of Christ. 
May the declaration of our willingness be wedded to our 

The hour may be midnight and tomorrow may be too late. 
This is the hour for the Church to speak and act that peace 
may visit the earth again. This is the hour for the Church 
to join in "the greatest prayer of man which asks not 
victory, but for peace !" 

Hunger and its immediate twin, illiteracy, are among the 
arch enemies of mankind that spawn the seeds of war. These 
demons can be vanquished. The strength of these foes is 
being increased though the tools for their defeat are in our 
possession. It is estimated that there are two hundred 
million more illiterates on the planet than there were five 
years ago. The percentage of children attending school is 
falling ominously in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. This 
condition is understandable when we remember that three 

The United Methodist Church 253 

quarters of all the heads of households are farmers. Most of 
these are not tooled to maintain the current subsistence level 
of existence and are losing the battle against the vagaries of 
climate and season and the fatally exploding populations. 
Bound to agriculture and its tenuous future in much of the 
world is the support of the institutions of learning. As we 
lose the battle to feed the body we also lose the battle to 
nourish the mind. 

In these United States we dare not develop a sense of 
national superiority or complacency. It has been estimated 
that almost twenty percent of the non-white population of 
our nation is functionally illiterate, suggesting fewer than 
five years of elementary schooling. For all practical purposes 
no less than seven percent cannot use the printed word and 
this is in a society which is increasingly dependent upon the 
tools which literacy must provide. 

Picturesquely we may say, "The stork is outstripping 
both the plow and the book." Food production is increasing 
at the rate of one percent and the world's population 
at the rate of two percent per year. Concerning literacy, 
simple arithmetic flashes signals of increasing and pro- 
portionate distress which must not be ignored. Counterwise, 
it dare not be said that the good earth lacks the capacity to 
produce, or that the world's farmers cannot be taught to 
enlist the services of the good earth in banishing hunger. 
We are only beginning to understand the almost limitless 
possibilities of the seas around us in supplementing our 
sources of food. If only a fraction, a small fraction of the 
sums we lay upon the altar of the god of war were invested 
in these enterprises, how great would be the victory for 
peace ! 

The failure lies in governments which lack both the will 
and the courage to aid the earth and the sea and its husband- 
men in winning this victory over hunger. Prime among 
these is the government of the United States, to which most 
of us are a party. We are told we are spending seven-tenths 
of one percent of our gross national product for food and 
development assistance around the world. This sum is far 
less than one-tenth the cost of the military operation in 
Vietnam alone. 

Let the Church condemn the institution of war for what 
it is — a transvaluation of every value dear to the heart of 
Christ. May we resolve to cast our lot with men everywhere 
in removing those inherited impediments ; illiteracy, hunger, 
disease, poverty, and other corroding disabilities which are 
among the major causes of war and for which there is an 
ample remedy. 

It is the layman whom the Church must enlist in this 

254 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

warfare. He possesses the instruments of knowledge in the 
varied fields of the human enterprise. The accumulated 
skills of technology are tools in his kit of life. He is 
acquainted with and can employ the springs of political and 
economic power without which every endeavor is a feeble, 
halting exercise. This is the hour in which his enlistment 
should be complete and the object of his warfare the estab- 
lishment of the conditions which make for peace among men. 
In this adventure, ecumenism will find a task equal to its 
great potential. If we would "work together" what finer 
task than feeding the hungry, restoring sight to the blind, 
aiding the educationally-maimed so that they may walk 
upright, and banishing the black night of futile war. No 
denominational family will win this war in splendid isola- 
tion. In embracing each other as comrades in His host the 
prophet's promises and Christ's hopes will be more truly 
realized as his Kingdom comes. 

Witnessing: The Instrument 

The presently irritating moralisms of our forefathers 
are being caricatured by the widely-heralded insights of the 
purveyors of "situation ethics" which claims for itself the 
descriptive title "new." Among these moralisms sobriety, 
chastity, honesty have been prime targets for the situational 
marksmen. Half a generation ago the episcopal address 
reminded the Conference that "since drinking had become 
increasingly prevalent and the saloon had exchanged its 
sawdust floor and brass rail for the dim, carpeted luxury of 
the cocktail lounge, and the burly bartender had given way 
to the girlish figure of a young woman waitress (or a 
comely hostess on a jet liner), the whole matter of drinking 
has moved into a new atmosphere of social respectability." * 

And so it has! The situation has changed. The circum- 
stances have been altered. The end result is the same, and 
intensified. The wasted man-power hours increase, as do the 
number of broken homes, and the slaughter on the highways 
borders on the catastrophic. 

The Pauline declaration, "You are God's temple . . ." (I 
Cor. 3 :16) is the immediate situation and the effects of the 
violations remain of an identical order over the years. 

The use of the pencilled cigarette has become fashion's 
darling. Apparently the battle between the sexes is one of 
vying for its consumption records. A careful reading of the 
situation would indicate that the risks of physical impair- 
ment and death are so great that no lover of life could 
prudently indulge in its use. What should be the situation 
ethic of the Christian who considers his body as the temple 

* • — Episcopal Address, 1952. 

The United Methodist Church 255 

of God and the dwelling place of His Spirit? The answer is 
all too obvious, and so little heeded ! 

The sex situation, given the new discoveries, has in no 
wise altered or repealed the standards of the New Covenant. 
"Barnyard morality," as another termed it, is no new dis- 
covery, merely the recovery of an ancient vice. To "keep 
yourself only," each for the other, is no time-ravaged moral- 
ism, but one of wisdom's prizes which should not be lightly 
lost, but permanently treasured, "a man's body being the 
temple of God." 

Conclusion : We Stand at a Boundary 

In these hours we stand at a boundary. We are about to 
cross over into a new land. We have spied it out and found 
it good. We bring possessions in abundance. Union having 
been achieved must now be husbanded in sincerity with 

As we cross the frontier many will carry a full measure 
of our evangelistic inheritance. Apart from our continuing 
zeal which unceasingly seeks self-commitment to our Lord 
as the altar from which every heart should depart into the 
world, The United Methodist Church will become an im- 
potent institution living on uneasily and uselessly, Christ's 
mission considered. Empowered by our commitment to Him 
that mission will not fail because He has never failed us. 

We will say with the man whose stamp we bear, "The best 
of all, God is with us." We will say it because w^e know it. 
The evidences about us will witness to the fact. The broken- 
hearted will be healed, release will be brought to each of us 
in our several captivities. Celebration will displace ennui. 
Lethargy will give w^ay to joy. Death will be overcome by 
new life. 

In crossing the boundary others will not permit us to 
forget the full burden of our social responsibilities. The 
United Methodist Church will continue to pray, "0 Lord, 
grant us a clear vision to perceive these things which in our 
social order are amiss, giving us true judgment, courage 
and perseverance to help right the injustices of our time, 
enduing each of us with wisdom and strength to minister 
to the poor, the suffering and the friendless, being Christ's 
friend to each of these." * In part, our willed deed should 
become the answer to our prayer as through his grace work- 
ing in us the lame will walk, the blind will see, the lonely 
will find a friend, and the sinner will find grace. 

Some will continue to criticize us because of our organ- 
izational activism; the machinery, the appeals for funds, 
the roster of reportings, the publicity, sometimes sought, 

• — Adapted, The Methodist Hymnal, 1956, page 516. 

256 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

often unsought. At our best we have employed the organiza- 
tion as messengers of Christ's will, even though with finite 
skill and wisdom. That we have often permitted the instru- 
ment to stray, none would deny. We do affirm that if the 
hungry are to be fed, if the illiterate are to be taught, if 
broken bodies are to be made whole, these miracles will 
come to pass only through the use of tools he has helped us 
forge. It is not that fewer tools are required. We need more 
artisans of the spirit who will use them skillfully. God help 
us discover the artisans ! 

Crossing into the new land there are those who will con- 
tinue to remind us of our world-scattered membership. We 
have tried to modify the dispersed nature of our fellowship 
by means of the Jurisdictional structure and our Central 
Conference organizations. These may be understood as an 
enlarged replica of John Wesley's notion of the "small 
church" within the Church. These devices have been useful 
in husbanding our reo-ional sensitivities and maintaining 
our organic unity. We trust they will continue to be used to 
the glory of his Name. 

Let us not forget that across international borders choices 
other than walking the closelv-knit organi^iational path must 
be honored, yea celebrated, if this is the direction which the 
Spirit is indicating for the Church in that place. 

As we move into the new relationship may we view our 
adventure as a journey in process. May we know the venture 
to be a step toward that more inclusive fellowship which 
is making common cause with all those with whom we name 
the Name. 

The disappearance of the Central Jurisdiction from the 
visible scene should not suggest that the fellowship has been 
completely sanctified. The dimensions of the unfinished task 
of reconciliation dare not be evaded or hidden. This task 
cannot be assigned to a committee or commission for sug- 
gestion and resolution. None will "work it out" for us — only 
the grace of God at work in the very marrow of our being, 
discovering in each of us a willing servant. 

As we depart these halls, let us march as one family, 
one community bound by a great affection because of our 
faith in Christ, permitting no walls of separation to remain 
between us. 

The new land lies before us. As we look across its bound- 
aries I would remind you of the spirit of another's admoni- 
tion of his people : 

"Fellow Christians we cannot escape history. We of this 
Conference and this Church will be remembered in spite of 
ourselves. No personal significance or insignificance can 
spare one or another of us. The fiery trials through which 

The United Methodist Church 


we pass will light us down in honor or dishonor to the latest 

So they will ! 

We cannot escape. We will be remembered in spite of 
ourselves. The option of how we are to be remembered — 
that is ours ! 

As you cast your vote for the future ask yourself : 

"How many times must He cling to a cross before you 
answer, 'Here am V "? 

The answer is blowing in the wind. 

And the wind blows wherever it wishes; you hear the 
sound it makes, but you do not know where it comes from 
(John 3:8, 17). You should know it is saying, "Be my 
witness wherever you are!" (Acts 1:8) 

Signed : 

DiONisio D. Alejandro 
L. Scott Allen 
Ralph T. Alton 


Harry P. Andreassen 
Raymond L. Archer 
James C. Baker 
Enrique C. Balloch 
Sante Uberto Barbieri 
Charles W. Brashares 
Newell S. Booth 
W. Y. Chen 
Matthew W. Clair, Jr. 
Kenneth W. Copeland 
Fred P. Corson 
Ralph E. Dodge 
George Edw. Epp 
F. Gerald Ensley 
H. Ellis Finger, Jr. 
Eugene M. Frank 
Marvin A. Franklin 
Paul V. Galloway 
Paul N. Garber 
Edwin R. Garrison 
Juan E. Gattinoni 
Charles F. Golden 
W. Kenneth Goodson 
Benjamin I. Guansing 
Walter C. Gum 
Odd Hagen 
Wilbur E. Hammaker 

Paul Hardin, Jr. 
Nolan B. Harmon 


Harold Heininger 
James W. Henley 
Paul M. Herrick 
Fred G. Holloway 
J. Gordon Howard 
Earl G. Hunt, Jr. 
Hermann W. Kaebnick 
Francis E. Kearns 
Gerald Kennedy 
Willis J. King 
W. Earl Ledden 
Dwight E. Loder 
John Wesley Lord 
Edgar A. Love 
Robert F. Lundy 
J. Ralph Magee 
Paul E. Martin 
William C. Martin 
James K. Mathews 
Paul W. Milhouse 
Shot K. Mondol 
Arthur J. Moore 
Noah W. Moore, Jr. 
RuEBEN H. Mueller 
S. Trowen Nagbe 
T. Otto Nall 
Frederick B. Newell 
H. Clifford Northcott 

• — See President Abraham Lincoln's State of the Union Address, Dec. 1, 1862. 

258 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Everett W. Palmer 
Edward J. Pendergrass 
Glenn R. Phillips 
J. Waskom Pickett 
W. Kenneth Pope 
Thomas M. Pryor 
Richard C. Raines 
Marshall R. Reed 
Clement D. Rockey 
Franz W. Schaefer 
A. J. Shaw 
Roy H. Short 
John Wesley Shungu 
Mangal Singh 
O. Eugene Slater 
John Owen Smith 
W. Angie Smith 
W. Maynard Sparks 
W. McFerrin Stowe 

James H. Straughn 
R. Marvin Stuart 
John A. Subhan 
Gabriel Sundaram 
Prince A. Taylor, Jr. 
James S. Thomas 
Donald H. Tippett 
Jose L. Valencia 
Edwin E. Voigt 
Raymond J. Wade 
Aubrey G. Walton 
W. Ralph Ward 
Lance Webb 
Herbert Welch 
Hazen G. Werner 
Lloyd C. Wicke 
Friedrich Wunderlich 
Pedro Zottele 
ESCRIVAO A. Zunguze 

Bishops of The United Methodist Church 








MONDAY, APRIL 22, 1968 


Bishop Harold R. Heininger, Chairman 

The 1968 Adjourned Session of the 41st General Con- 
ference of the Evangelical United Brethren Church (which 
was held in Chicago, Illinois, November 8-17, 1966) con- 
vened in the Little Theatre of the Memorial Auditorium, 
Dallas, Texas, on Monday, April 22, 1968, at 9:00 A.M. 
Bishop Harold R. Heininger, vice-president of the Board 
of Bishops presided. 

Opening the Session — Bishop H. R. Heininger 

Following a piano prelude by Rev. Aaron Schaefer of the 
Administrative Staff of United Theological Seminary, 
Bishop Heininger led in an invocation and called the ad- 
journed session of the 41st General Conference of the 
Evangelical United Brethren Church to order in the name 
of God : the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

Worship Service — Bishop Paul M. Herrick 

Bishop Herrick directed a meaningful worship experience 
which resulted from a skillful blending of scripture selec- 
tions, hymns and prayers of the church. Included were 
selected portions of the Psalms, Ephesians 1:15-23 and 
2:19-22; the Invocation and Lord's Prayer from the ritual 
of the service of Holy Communion (EUB) and a prayer 
based upon Harry Emerson Fosdick's great hymn, "God of 
Grace and God of Glory." The text of this prayer was : 


260 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


"Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations. 
Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst 
formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to ever- 
lasting thou art God." (Psalms 90:1, 2.) 

Thou art our God of Comfort in our sorrows. 

Thou art our God of Strength in our weakness. 

Thou art our God of Redemption in our confession. 

Thou art our God of Reconciliation in our frictions and warrings. 

Thou art our God of Direction in our wanderings. 

Thou art our God of Victory in our struggles. 

Thou art our God of Peace in our confusion. 

1. So we pray — 

"God of grace and God of glory. 
On Thy people pour Thy power; 
Crown Thine ancient church's story, 
Bring her bud to glorious flower. 
Grant us wisdom. Grant us courage 
For the facing of this hour." 

We come here to exalt Thee, to worship Thee, to find Thee anew with 
all Thy healing Grace. Liberate us from the depression, the ills — 

2. "Lo! the hosts of evil round vis 

Scorn Thy Christ, assail His ways! 
Fears and doubt too long have bound us. 
Free our hearts to work and praise. 
Grant us wisdom. Grant us courage 
For the living of these days." 

We are aware of the forces of evil running loose in our world today. 
We hang our heads in shame because of war, poverty, disease, and 
the needless destructive insanities which are destroying thy beloved 
family around the world. O God — 

3. "Cure Thy children's warring madness. 

Bend our pride to Thy control; 
Shame our wanton, selfish madness, 
Rich in things and poor in soul. 
Grant us wisdom. Grant us courage 
Lest we miss Thy kingdom's goal." 

Open our eyes to see Thee, Christ. 

Open our ears to hear Thy voice. 

Turn our footsteps to Thee and to Thy needy world. 

Help us to love the unlovely, despised, the hateful, the black, the 

filthy white, the rebellious yellow. 
May we weep over our Jerusalems. 

Replace our complacency with Thy concern of Calvary, 
Send us out with Thy spirit and message of redemption. Oh — 

4. "Set our feet on lofty places, 

Gird our lives that they may be 
Armored with all Christlike graces 
In the fight to set men free. 

Grant us wisdom. Grant us courage 

That we fail not man nor Thee!" 

The United Methodist Church 261 

Thou hast led us to this hour and place to join hands and hearts with 

our brethren of our sister denomination. 
For many of us this has been a traumatic experience. 
Much thought, prayer, seeking, planning has been experienced and 

much more will be demanded. 
Continue to lead us, God. Save us from the misapprehension of 

thinking our task is completed. 
We have come into this union to sharpen our tools, to improve our 

skills, and to expedite the building of thy kingdom on earth — 
Save us. Oh, 

5, "Save us from weak resignation 

To the evils we deplore; 
Let the search for Thy salvation 
Be our glory evermore. 
Grant us wisdom, Grant us courage 
Serving Thee whom we adore." 

— Amen 

The hymns were the familiar "Breathe on Me, Breath of 
God" and "Lead on, King Eternal." The worship service 
concluded with a benediction pronounced by Bishop Herrick. 
Bishop Heininger expressed appreciation in the name of 
the Conference to Bishop Herrick for his leadership in this 

Episcopal Address — Bishop R. H. Mueller 

Bishop R. H. Mueller, Senior Bishop of the Evangelical 
United Brethren Church, read the Episcopal Address which 
contained the Declaration of Union of The Methodist Church 
and The Evangelical United Brethren Church. (See Ap- 
pendix, page 208.) {DC A 38-40.) 

The Conference stood to applaud the presentation by 
Bishop Mueller. 

There was a motion properly presented and voted to 
adopt the presentation of Bishop R. H. Mueller. {DC A 40.) 

Roll Call — Emerson D. Bragg 

The Secretary called attention to the fact that the Pacific 
Northwest Conference and the Montana Conference delega- 
tions are incomplete, and that these conferences have elected 
official observers to this Conference. {DC A 40-41.) 

Clarification Regarding Seating of Delegates 

Bishop Heininger read the action voted by the 1966 Gen- 
eral Conference regarding representation at this Adjourned 
Session as found on pp. 455, 456 of the Proceedings of the 
1966 Conference: 

WHEREAS, there is a possibility of the Union of The Evangelical 
United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church being consum- 
mated during the quadrennium ; and 

262 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

WHEREAS, the Enabling Legislation adopted by this General Con- 
ference provides that if the Plan of Union is adopted by the requisite 
votes of the annual conferences this General Conference shall meet 
prior to the uniting conferences ; and 

WHEREAS, it is planned that in the event of the approval of the 
union by the annual conferences the uniting General Conference will 
be held at Dallas, Texas, in April of 1968; and 

WHEREAS, an adjourned session of this General Conference would 
be a continuance of this forty-first General Conference and at such 
session any and all business may be conducted while at a special 
session only such business may be conducted as is set forth in the call 
for such special session; and 

WHEREAS, paragraph 164 of the Discipline provides that in the 
event of a special session of the General Conference being called the 
delegates at the last regular session shall be the delegates thereof; and 

WHEREAS, it would appear that at an adjourned session the 
delegates elected to the forty-first session of the General Conference 
would continue as the delegates at an adjourned session according to 
the interpretation of Instruction Number 9 adopted by this General 
Conference on November 16, 1966 ; and 

WHEREAS, it would be proper in adjourning this meeting of the 
forty-first session of the General Conference not to adjourn sine die 
but to adjourn to meet at the call of the Board of Bishops, therefore 
be it 

RESOLVED, that the Board of Bishops be and hereby is instructed, 
authorized and empowered to call an adjourned session of the forty- 
first General Conference to meet at such time and place as in the 
judgment of the said Board of Bishops shall be in accordance with the 
Enabling Legislation adopted by this General Conference and that 
such notice thereof be given by the Board of Bishops as it shall deem 

RESOLVED FURTHER, that if and when an adjourned session is 
called the delegates to this forty-first General Conference shall be 
the delegates to such an adjourned session; and 

RESOLVED FURTHER, that in the event that church union shall 
not be approved by the requisite votes of the annual conferences, the 
adjournment of this General Conference shall be and in such case is 
declared to be adjournment sine die. 

Registration of Delegates — Eugene Moore 

Eugene Moore (Illinois), Conference Registrar, super- 
vised the Registration of delegates and checked the At- 
tendance Roll. 

Special Resolution Regarding Pacific Northwest and Montana 

Bishop Mueller submitted this Resolution regarding the 
seating of observers from the Pacific Northwest and 
Montana Conferences: 

"Mr. Chairman, we have conferred in the Board of Bishops about 
these matters, and I would like, on their behalf, to offer a motion that 
the persons who are elected as observers by the Pacific Northwest 
Conference and by the Montana Conference, that they be given 
status in this Conference as Advisory Members, this means without 
the power of vote, but this will entitle them to receive their expenses 

The United Methodist Church 263 

as other delegates receive their expenses from the General Conference 
Treasury, and that they be entitled to be seated with their conference 
delegation on the floor of the conference." 

This resolution was approved by vote of the Conference 
(Z)CA 41). 

Special Resolution — East Germany Delegate 

Bishop Mueller announced : 

"Mr. Chairman, in connection with the East Germany Conference, 
there was seated in the Chicago General Conference, Rev. W. Mein- 
hardt, and Dr. Herbert Eckstein, Dr. Eckstein the officially elected 
delegate. Dr. Meinhardt the first alternate. The alternate, because 
the other elected delegate was not able to get travel permits to leave 
the Eastern zone to come to the United States. This time, however, 
through the intervention of Bishop Wunderlich, and of Mr. Herman 
Wills, a Methodist layman with the State Department, it was possible 
to secure travel permits for all of the East Germany Delegates, both 
Methodist and EUB, and Brother Falk is here. He has come at the 
suggestion of the Board of Bishops, that he will be accorded an 
advisory relationship without the right to vote. Brother Meinhardt 
must remain seated because he was seated in Chicago, and the action 
of the Chicago General Conference set the rules for this adjourned 
Session, but this will entitle Brother Falk to the expenses of travel as 
the other Delegates of East Germany are entitled to." 

This resolution was approved by vote of the Conference. 
{DC A 41.) 

Voting Area of Conference Established 

Bishop Howard moved that the three center sections to 
row V of the Little Theatre be constituted the voting area 
and that the sections on each side of these center sections be 
excluded from the voting area. The motion by Bishop 
Howard was approved. {DCA 41.) 

Agenda Adopted 

The agenda for the day was presented as prepared by the 
Board of Bishops. Bishop Howard indicated that the report 
of the Board of Evangelism should be inserted following the 
report of the Board of Christian Education and prior to the 
Board of Publications. It was also announced that an addi- 
tional item should be added to the list of reports. This is 
the report of the Committee on Church Unity which is to 
be presented by Dr. Warren Mentzer. It was voted to adopt 
the agenda as presented and modified. (DCA 42.) 

Greetings — Sierra Leone 

Bishop Howard reported : 

"You may have seen in the paper lately that in the country of Sierra 
Leone there has been a military coup within a military coup. We all 
wondered how this would affect the stability of the country. Rev. 

264 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Clyde Galow, the Field Representative at Sierra Leone has sent a 
word of greeting to this General Conference, and has said that law 
and order prevail in Sierra Leone, and he sends his greetings to the 
General Conference. I move the reference of this to the secretary for 
proper communication. {DCA 42.) 

Greetings Sent 

The conference voted to instruct the Secretary to send 
greetings to the Sierra Leone Conference. (DCA 42.) 

Statement — Committees of the Conference 

Bishop Heininger: I am going to ask the President of our Board of 

Bishops to explain where we are in this session with regard to Com- 
mittee Appointment and Committee Service. 

Bishop Mueller: Mr. Chairman, first it might be a matter of interest 
to everybody. Bishop Milhouse has passed on word that there were 
9200 persons who received communion in the service last night, 9200. 
With regard to committees, since this is an Adjourned Session of the 
Chicago General Session, all the committees that were appointed at 
that time are the committees of this Conference; however, there are 
some other considerations. The voting on amendments to our Consti- 
tutional Law by the Annual Conferences, removed all committee lists 
from this one, and established the regulation that the General Con- 
ference and Annual Conferences can set up committees for particular 
and specified purposes. We will not operate under that very long 
because tomorrow the new church comes into being, but since we are 
meeting only this one day, it seems unwise to organize this Session 
into the various standing committees we had before, and have them 
meet to go through the motions. Our purpose is that if matters do 
arise on this floor that will require committee consideration we will at 
that time activate the former committee to refer the matter to it. We 
prefer that every matter be dealt with by the House on the floor here 
in this session, if at all possible. {DCA 42.) 

Committees — Policy Adopted 

The committee policy as outlined by Bishop Mueller was 
adopted. (DCA 42.) 

General Conference Arrangements Committee — Report 

Dr. Paul V. Church (Dayton, Ohio) reported: Mr. Chairman, I have 
asked the members of the Committee to stand with me on the platform. 
Dr. Craig Brandenburg has served us faithfully as Secretary, Dr. 
Cawley Stine as Treasurer, Dr. Stine will make a statement regard- 
ing our expense forms which is probably the most important thing 
in this brief report. I would report that we have worked faithfully 
with the Committee on Entertainment of The Methodist Church. We 
were made, the three of us were made full voting members of that 
Commitee and all plans for this Conference and for the Uniting Con- 
ference have been made in cooperation with them. We have found 
this a much easier General Conference to get ready for than Chicago. 
We have had the tremendous help of three persons, especially Dr. Otis 
Young who is chairman of the Committee on Entertainment, who is 
an old pro at the business; Dr. Norman Canard who is on the staff of 
the Council on World Service and Finance, the Convention Bureau and 
has carried m.ajor responsibility in tei'ms of all arrangements; and the 
third person, Dr. Wesley Hole, the Secretary of The Methodist 
Conference from whom you have received correspondence. We agreed 

The United Methodist Church 265 

early in the procedure that he was to handle correspondence to all 
delegates on both sides of the house so that much of the work that 
would normally go through our office came through his office. I believe 
that preparations that are adequate and good have been made for 
this session and for the Uniting Conference. We do owe a great debt 
of gratitude to the local committee and the tremendous work that 
this group has done. The Methodist Committee on Entertainment has 
said that they have never had a local committee as effective as the one 
that has worked here at Dallas and especially to its chairman, Mr. 
Jimmy Stewart who is one of the or the top executive in relation to 
the State Fair and the management of it and believe me he knows his 
way around. He has done an excellent job. I would call upon Dr. 
Stine for a statement on the Treasurer's forms. 

Dr. C. H. Stine (Dayton, Ohio) : Mr. Chairman, each chairman or 
the chairman of each conference delegation will receive a packet of 
forms. In this particular packet there will be a personal expense 
form for the number of delegates which you have in your particular 
group. In addition to that, he will have as the chairman of that par- 
ticular delegation a form which if he takes these personal forms 
checks them and double checks them and then gives us the total on 
the other form which is for him. Then we will have the auditors go 
over these forms and issue the checks accordingly. The personal ex- 
pense forms and then for the Conference delegation. Each delegate 
will pay his own hotel, his own expenses, and upon the form place 
the amounts that are due there — as far as the travel expenses and 
things such as that and, of course, the per diem amounts will be 
included there. As far as the rates and the allowances are concerned, 
on the personal expense form on the reverse side we have the 
action of the Council of Administration which tells the amount of 
mileage that is permitted and also the per diem amount that it allow- 
able. So the information is there for your benefit. Each delegation is 
limited to the exact number, of course, of those folks as required by 
the Discipline. In case alternates take place of a regular delegate, 
however, we do not pay the expenses for both persons all the way 
through. They are considered as one. We pay for one when alternates 
are used in that particular fashion. And then also we have not been 
dealing through a local bank in this particular Conference for various 
reasons but the principal hotels have been contacted and they have 
agreed to accept your expense checks in payment for your hotel 
accounts, etc. If there are any questions, anything further, our office 
is up here in Room 300 of this particular building and Miss Miller, the 
bookkeeper, or if I am there, shall be glad to help you and assist in 
every way possible. Now if there are any particular questions that are 
to be answered I shall endeavor to try to reply as best I know how. 
(DCA 42, 43.) 

Arrangements Committee Report Approved 

The report of the Committee on Arrangements for the 
General Conference was approved. (DCA 43.) 

Communications Staff — Report 

Dr. Curtis Chambers (Dayton, Ohio) : Bishop and Members and 
Guests of the General Conference. I have been asked to speak as 
Communications Chairman for the General Conference for The Evan- 
gelical United Brethren Church. In this capacity I have had the 
pleasure of working with Dr. Paul Church, who is director of the 
Communications for our denomination, and our assignment has been 
to help to plan for press, radio and television coverage of the General 

266 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Conference of the Uniting Conference in cooperation with the Meth- 
odist Communications Staff. 

In several meetings in Dallas and elsewhere these plans have been 
developed, and as in Chicago in 1966, the joint Communications Staff 
for all media coverage, print and electronic, was formed. Dr. Church 
and I have represented the Evangelical United Brethren Church on 
the Communications Executive Staff, which is headed by Dr. Harry 
C. Spencer, the General Secretary of the Television, Radio and Film 
Commission of The Methodist Church, who serves as the General 
Director. Also included is Dr. Arthur West, who is General Secretary 
of the Commission on Public Information or Public Relations and 
Methodist Information. He is serving as Director of Press Relations, 
and Mr. Nelson Price of the TRAFCO Staff is sei-ving as Director of 
Radio, Television Relations. 

Also associated with the program is a film crew from TRAFCO just 
making a brief documentary film, a motion picture film of historical 
highlights of this occasion, both from our separate sessions today and 
from the Uniting Conference which follows. Other provisions are being 
made for audio tapes, film strips and stills of the Conference. Evan- 
gelical United Brethren who have been serving on the woi'k staff 
include Dr. Raymond Veh and Mr. Lee Rank, who are covering the 
daily sessions, and the Reverend Floyd Mevis, who is serving as special 
staff photographer. 

In addition, the Rev. Ronald Patterson is serving as an editor on the 
staff of the Daily Christian Advocate. I should like to make special 
recognition of Dr. Veh, who for so many years has given so largely 
of his creativity and his energies to press coverage and communica- 
tions coverage of General Conferences. He has pioneered in his field 
in our church, and at this time, shortly before his retirement, I think 
that he deserves our deep gratitude for his great concern in this area 
and for the responsibilities that he has carried in communicating our 
work to the press, radio and television. There are many representatives 
of the press who are here. There is a large working staff; there is a 
press room which is available. 

Parenthetically, I might invite any directors of public information 
or directors of communications in Annual Conferences to visit the 
Press Room, to register and to receive resources which would be help- 
ful to you in your work. The Daily Christian Advocate, which will be 
provided for each delegate beginning Tuesday morning, will contain 
a verbatim report of all that is said in our Conference session today 
and in the days to come. The uniting service tomorrow will be televised 
in full over a local TV channel and a video tape of the service will be 
made available for later replay on television stations. For example, I 
believe that at least excerpts from this television tape will be played 
next Sunday morning on a Dayton station. This brings me to say 
finally that the eyes of the world are upon us. 

In these times of electronic news dissemination, faster than the 
winking of an eye, who are aware that statements we make, debates in 
which we enter, decisions at which we arrive will be seen and heard 
and known across the nation and the world almost instantaneously 
and therefore, I trust that we will rise to the occasion as responsible 
churchmen recognizing that in the pages of the daily newspaper, on 
radio newscast, or through a filmflip, on the night television news, 
by what we do and say and are here in Dallas in these days. We 
have an opportunity to witness to our faith and to communicate to 
the gospel in significant human terms. Thank you. (DC A 43.) 

The United Methodist Church 267 

Communications Staff Report Adopted 

The report of the Communication Staff as presented by 
Dr. Chambers was approved, {DC A 43.) 

Announcement of Retirements 

Bishop Heininger: I shall now ask the Secretary of the Board of 
Bishops to list the names of persons who are seeking retirement. 

Bishop J. Gordon Howard: Mr. Chairman, members of the General 
Conference, three general officers and one bishop are requesting 
retirement. The three general officers are: Dr. Cawley H. Stine, Gen- 
eral Church Treasurer and the executive of several other departments ; 
Dr. Raymond M. Veh, one of the editors — editor of Builders; Dr. Paul 
Price, member of the staff of the Board of Christian Education. I 
move that their request for retirement be granted, that each of them 
be granted all of the benefits and privileges properly due him, in 
accordance with the Discipline. {DCA 43.) 

Retirement Voted 

The motion to approve the motion to grant the retire- 
ment of Dr. Caivley Stine, Dr. Raymond Veh and Dr. Paul 
Price was voted. {DCA 43.) 

Retirement — Bishop Heininger 

Bishop J. Gordon Howard: This comes as a recommendation of the 
Board of Bishops, voted that: "Whereas our esteemed coUeagrue, 
Bishop Harold R. Heininger, voluntarily has announced he will request 
superannuation at the forthcoming Monday session of the General 
Conference, Dallas, Texas, April 22, 1968; therefore, be it resolved 
that the Board of Bishops recommends to the aforementioned General 
Conference that Bishop Heininger be accorded superannuation status, 
to be effective August 1, 1968, that he be granted all benefits and 
privileges properly due him in accordance with the Discipline, and 
that he be granted the title of Bishop Emeritus. I move the adoption 
of this resolution, {DCA 43.) 

Bishop Heininger Retirement Voted 

The motion to authorize the retirement of Bishop Harold 
R. Heininger was approved. {DCA 44.) 

Roll Completed 

Dr. Emerson D. Bragg and Rev. Eugene Moore presented 
the changes requested by the Annual Conferences in the 
Roll. These changes were approved by vote of the Confer- 
ence. {DCA 44.) 

Roll Certified — Emerson D. Bragg 

The Conference Secretary certified the Roll of the Con- 
ference to be : 

Bishops (ex-officio) 
R. H, Mueller 
H. R. Heininger 
J. G. Howard 

268 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

H. W. Kaebnick 
W. Maynard Sparks 
Paul M. Herrick 
Paul W. Milhouse 
George E. Epp, Advisory- 
Annual Conference Members 

The Chairman of each Annual Conference Delegation, on 
a prepared blank, certified that the following Delegates 
were in attendance upon this Adjourned Session of the 41st 
General Conference of the Evangelical United Brethren 
California Annual Conference 

Ministerial — Harvey N. Chinn, L. H. Gustafson, 0. E. 

Schafer, E. C. Schneider. 
Lay — 0. A. Bosshardt, Melvin J. Brawn, Percy Grumbein, 
Jr., Chris W. Schmidt. 
Canada Annual Conference 
Ministerial — H. L. Brox, F. M. Faist, E. E. Hallman. 
Lay — L, G. Bauman, Harry Bruegeman, Norman Draker. 
Dakota Annual Conference 

Ministerial — O. A. Gehring, L. A. Kruckenberg, N. C. 

Neumann, R. H. Strutz. 
Lay — Loren Clark, Cliff Haugen, Donald Oilman, Leonard 
Eastern Annual Conference 

Ministerial — George W. Bashore, Robert M. Daugherty , 
Walter E. Deibler, D. LeRoy Fegley, Thomas W. 
Guinivan, Mark J. Hostetter, C. E. Kachel, Warren A. 
Loesch, Thomas S. May, Warren F. Mentzer, Harold S. 
Peiffer, Ezra H. Ranck, Carl M. Schneider, Daniel L. 
Shearer, Harry W. Zechinan, Henry W. Zehner. 
Lay — Frederick H. Barth, Fred G. Bollman, William D. 
Bryson, Ulysses S. Estilow, Roy K. Garber, Mrs. D. 
Dwight Grove, Paul F. Hoffer, Paul M. Lenninger, 
H. V. Masters, Harold H. Quickel, Albert F. Schuster, 
Lawton W. Shroyer, A. C. Spangler, Emma S. Tousant, 
William C. Troutman, James H. Whitraft. 
East Germany Annual Coyiference 

Ministerial — D. H. Eckstein, W. Meinhardt. 
Lay — J. Gaehr, H. Sticher. 
Erie Annual Conference 

Ministerial — Glenn E. Donelson, H. Ray Harris, Ivan G. 

Hunsberger, John F. Olexa. 
Lay— Carl Childs, Gilbert Ledebur, Mrs. Ruth McGill, 
G. Eugene Rote. 

The United Methodist Church 269 

Florida Annual Conference 

Ministerial — William G. Hawk, William R. Obaugh 
Lay — Jay Stark, Jr., Clarence Stein. 
Illinois Annual Conference 

Ministerial — Samuel Batt, John R. Boiddin, Sherman A. 

Cravens, Warren R. Ehinger, Paul H. Eller, Virgil J. 

Hague, Wayne C. Hess, O. F. Landis, E. J. Larson, 

Eugene J. Moore, Richard Tholin. 
Lay — Doit Biggs, Mary Jane Boynton, Fred C. Durbin, 

Floyd Fager, Walter P. Getz, L. R. Moore, Walter 

Muller, Frank Simpson, Homer Wolf ensberger, Wallace 

Yenerich, Paul Zimmerman. 
Indiana North Annual Conference 

Ministerial — V. A. Carlson, John Chambers, M. W. 

Chanfibers, A. Hunter Colpitts, Merrell D. Geible, A. L. 

Keller, W. S. Parks, J. 0. Penrod, Garth Shepherd. 
Lay — C. H. Ade, David Barnhardt, Glen Beams, Wilkie 

Bush, Russell Creighton, George Davis, Forest R. 

Heyde, Clarence Lieghty, Orville Van Dyke. 
Indiana South Annual Conference 

Ministerial — Homer W. Achor, Heedlie M. Cobb, Gene P. 

Craivford, C. David Hancock, R. P. Hawkins, Robert 

Koenig, K. K. Merrijman, Glen O'Dell, Philip Stone, 

Russell Youngblood. 
Lay — R. M. Crawford, John Easley, Gordon France, Mrs. 

John Gooch, Frank Hardy, Justin E. Marshall, May- 

nard W. Mylin, George St. Angelo, Sr., Mrs. Charles 

Taylor, Francis M. Wilcoxon. 
loiva Annual Conference 

Ministerial — L. E. Deaver, J. A. Dowd, R. R. MacCanon, 

P. 0. Pfaltzgraff, R. L. Russell, H. A. Varce, A. E. 

Lay — Harold L. Bergeman, James Bogenrief, Lloyd 

Epley, Carl Faust, James Stanton, Milo Lease, Wayne 


Kansas Annual Conference 

Ministerial — LeRoy A. Bott, Walter R. Brant, Paul S. 

Deever, C. R. Findley, E. R. Ford, Laivrence Kurth, 

Henry H. Vogel, M. M. Wright. 
Lay — Paul B. Adrian, Walter Dreier, Lester Melrose, 

Walter Mugler, Melvin G. Schlender, Homer Stiller, 

0. K. Webster, Mrs. Ernest Woolworth. 
Kentucky Annunl Conference 
Ministerial — John W. Bischoff. 
Lay — Ed Slothour. 

270 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Michigan Annual Conference 

Ministerial — Gerald Fisher, Stanley Forkner, Robert 
Horton, Garfield Kellerman, Newell C. Liesemer, John 
Murhach, W. Prentice Peck, Latvrence R. Taylor. 
Lay — Ray Allen, Paul E. Chamberlain, Williard Haist, 
John Iwaniuk, John Kennaugh, Ralph Klump, Arden 
Peterson, Mrs. Frieda Spafford. 
Minnesota Annual Conference 

Ministerial — Floyd E. Bosshardt, Merle A. Dunn, Delmont 

Gordy, E. Russell Praetorius, A. B. Utzman. 
Lay — Kermit Decker, Garland Hubin, Wesley Mellgren, 
Gerald Rufer, Vern Scholer. 
Missouri Annual Conference 
Ministerial — C. H. Crandall. 
Lay— Orval McMillan. 
Montana Annual Conference 

Ministerial — Harvey E. Bartram, Leivis Magsig. 
Lay — Lester Ollerman, Bruce Packer. 
Nebraska Annual Conference 

Ministerial — Richard A. Heim, Donald J. Nunnally, D. R. 

Roker, Harvey J. Schroeder, John F. Wichelt. 
Lay — James Hoyt, Mrs. Milton Mundhenke, Odin Poppe, 
Karl Rusmussen, Clarence Schroeder. 
New York Annual Conference 

Ministerial — Sherman B. Eckel, John D. Rein. 
Lay — Clayton C. Alt, Leslie Straight. 
Northivest Canada Annual Conference 

Ministerial— r. E. Jesske, F. W. Snyder, S. B. Taetz. 
Lay— E. E. Deimert, Roy Hehr, W. Schindell. 
Ohio East Annual Conference 

Ministerial — R. E. Appel, A. L. Brandyberry, E. P. 
Eberly, Paul W. Frees, Kenneth W. Hidit, Melvin A. 
Moody, Kenneth H. Pohly, G. E. Schreckengost, Allan 
H. Zagray. 
Lay — Gene Boyer, Merritt Clymer, Mrs. June French, 
Mrs. Pauline Harrold, Melvin Hayes, Luther Limbaugh, 
Paul Maibach, William Wagner, Virgil Zimmerman. 
Ohio Miami Annual Conference 

Ministerial — John Bergland, Emerson D. Bragg, Owen 

Delp, Carl B. Eschbach, William K. Messmer, Walter 

Mir^anda, Louis 0. Odon. 

Lay — Harold Boda, Mrs. Hazel Dover, Hubert Fellers, 

Harvey Hammink, J. Jacoby, R. L. Pounds, Sam Upton. 

Ohio Sandusky Annuxil Conference 

Ministerial — Harry L. Adams, Daniel D. Corl, R. W. 
Faulkner, Laurence E. Feaver, Joseph Graham, J. Paul 

The United Methodist Church 271 

Jones, Jr., Hoivard McCracken, John F. Osborn, John 

C. Searle, Sr., Kenneth Stover. 

Lay — Robert E. Cochran, George Gilts, Frank Grandey, 
Charles Haldeman, Torrey A. Kaatz, Wayne Leather- 
man, Wayne Luke, Ed Nietz, Sanford Price, Oliver 
Ohio Southeast Annual Conference 

Ministerial — Howard W. Buckley, Carl Butterbaugh, 
Harold Dutt, Irvin H. Lane, Clayton F. Lutz, Rex C. 
Smith, Kenneth E. Wrightsel. 

Lay — Lawrence W. Beardmore, Mrs. Mary Cubbage, Dale 
DeLong, David Herbert, Walter LaPlant, Lyle J. 
Michael, Marion Prosch. 
Oklahoma-Texas Annual Conference 

Ministerial — Roderick E. Gray, James Williamson. 

Lay — Jay Anderson, Irvin Hamburger. 
Pacific Northwest Annual Conference 

Ministerial — T. R. Buzzard, D. L. Vermillion. 

Advisory — Delbert M. Keller, Lloyd G. Uecker, Kenneth 

D. Dooley. 

Lay — Harvey Anderson, R. E. Randle. 

Advisory — H. R. Praetorius, Mrs. Oscar Carlson, Mrs. 
Don Warner. 
Rocky Mountain Annual Conference 

Ministerial — Ralph Hines, Lloyd C. Nichols, Allen L. 

Lay — Oscar Marks, Romane Moeller, Rolland Osborne. 
Sierra Leone, West Africa Annual Conference 

Ministerial — B. A. Carew. 

Lay— S. H. Thomas. 
Susquehanna Annual Conference 

Ministerial — David H. Andrews, Woodroiv A. Bartges, 
Robert L. Close, Melvin Geiman, Jr., Calvin B. Haver- 
stock, Jr., R. Kenneth Heim, Ben F. Heiser, D. Rayborn 
Higgins, Paul E. Horn, Gerald A. Kauffman, Clair C. 
Kreidler, William J. Lippert, Frederick W. Mund, Wil- 
son A. Shearer, Arthur W. Stambach, Roy H. Stetler, 
Jr., Robert H. Stolte, William F. Woods. 

Lay— Mrs. Kenneth L. Benfer, T. C. Blickenstaff, Paul L. 
Cressman, Eugene A. Fuhrman, Elmer N. Funkhouser, 
Paul G. Gilmore (A.M.), Chester R. Heidlebaugh, Rus- 
sell P. Hummel, Harry P. Kissinger, Gordon S. Kunkel, 
H. Leroy Marlow, Raymond G. Mowrey, Allan W. 
Mund, W. J. R. Rein, Ralph M. Ritter, Harry W. Shenk, 
(P.M.), Clair R. Trout, Earl D. Warner, J. Britain 

272 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Switzerland Annual Conference 
Ministerial — D. Roser. 
Lay — E. Gautschi. 
Tennessee Annual Conference 

Ministerial — E. B. Jeffers, J. Castro Smith. 
Lay — Charles Ellis, L. D. Lusby. 
Virginia Annual Coyiference 

Ministerial — Floyd L. Fidk, Hoivard L. Fulk, John R. 

Saivyer, Charles B. Weber, George S. Widmijer. 
Lay — Jack Allen, Elwood Frye, Carl G. Ritchie, Raymond 
G. Swadley, E. C. Tutwiler, Jr. 
West Germany Annual Conference 

Ministerial — F. Harriefeld, I. Mohr. 
Switzerland Anmial Confererice 

Ministerial — D. Roser. 
Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference 

Ministerial — George Biggs, Bruce H. Bishop, Harold R. 

Burgess, Oscar A. Burkel, Doriald N. Ciampa, Clyde W. 

Dietrich, Arthur T. Moffat, John W. Russell, Elmer 

A. R. Schidtz, Gene E. Sease, Ja^nes A. Woomer. 

Lay— Mrs. G. 0. Bishop, Dwight M. Bittner, Harry R. 

Blanset, A. Ford Boucher, George A. Eschbach, Mrs. 

Carroll Gray, George Hershberger, D. W. Hummel, 

Paul R. McCormick, George W. Nicely, Paul D. Walter. 

West Virginia Annual Conference 

Ministerial — Bland Brady, Robert Dille, Harry Eckels, 

Clarence Edman, Jack Higgins, James H. Reed. 
Lay — Roy Blessing, Roy Harper, Charles F. Michels, Carl 
Rogers, Mrs. Floyd Rogers, Wilbur Tardy. 
Wisconsin Amiual Conference 

Ministerial — Gordon R. Bender, Roy E. Bosserman, Solo- 
mon Cramer, Milton W. Giese, Willard W. Schidtz, 
Harvey Schweppe, Herbert E. Zebarth. 
Lay — Roy Boettcher, Lawrence Hinz, Donald Lowater, 
Ora Lueptow, Rolland Mitchell, Mrs, Walter Rilling, 
Mrs. Melvin Sprecher. 

Affiliated Churches 

United Church of Christ in China 

Peter Wong 
Dominican Evangelical Church 

Nestor Lira 
United Church of Christ in the Philippines 

Onofre Fonceca 

Enrique Sobrepena 

The United Methodist Church 273 

United Evangelical Church in Ecuador 

Alfonzo Vasquez 
United Evangelical Church in Puerto Rico 

Ismael Diaz 

Executive Secretaries and Staff 

Under provisions of Paragraph 161 of the 1966 Discipline 
of the Evangelical United Brethren Church, the following 
Executive Secretaries and general board-appointed staff 
persons are advisory members of the General Conference 
and are in attendance. 

Geneiml Co7iference Elected Secretaries 

E. Craig Brandeyihurg Joseph H. Yeakel 

Paid V. Church Curtis Chambers 

Wesley 0. Clark Harold Hazenfield 

Harley E. Hiller Donald A. Theuer 

John F. Schaefer Raymond Veh 

Caiuley Stine Paid Washburn 

Staff Persons 

Council of Adyninistration — Department of Stewardship 

Nelson Stants 

William Jenkins 
Board of Christian Education 

Donald B. App Warren J. Hartman 

Esther E. Edivards Quentin Lansman 

William H. Garrett Paul Price 

Board of Evangelism 

Reuben Job 
Editors of Church School Literature 

David Bradley 

Arba 0. Herr 

Leo Kisrow 

Kenneth Krueger 

Ronald Patterson 
Managing Editor Church & Home 

Lee Ranck 
Historical Society 

John H. Ness 
Board of Missions 

Marion Baker 

Charles Bartsch 

Bernard Cook 

V. L. Farnham 

274 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Edwin Fisher 

Elaine Gasser 

Norman Klump 

Marvin Leist 

Mary McLanachan 

Lois Miller 

Cecil P. E. Pottieger 

Mary Lue Warner 

Parker C. Young 
Board of Publication 

Robert Barr 

Floijd Mevis 

C. L. Roberts 

Paul Rumbarger 

Robert Yoke 
Board of Pensions 

Sherman Cravens 

Gerald Fleming 

Tellers Appointed — Election of Bishop 

Bishop Heininger requested Mr. U. S. Estilow (Eastern) 
to be prepared to provide tellers to serve in counting- the 
ballots in the election of a Bishop. The following were ap- 
pointed: Oiven Delp (Ohio Miami), John Russell (Western 
Penn.), Gene Craivford (Indiana North), Paul CJressman 
(Susquehanna), George Davis (Indiana North), Paul S. 
Deever (Kansas), Eugene A. Fuhrman (Susquehanna), 
Elwood Frye (Virginia), Melvin Hayes (Ohio East), Lau- 
rence Hinz (Wisconsin), Melvin J. Brav^^n (California), A^. 
C. Neumann (Dakota), Donald J. Nimnalhj (Nebraska), 
Wilson A. Shearer (Susquehanna), Harold Quickel (East- 
ern), O. A. Gehring (Dakota), Harry Bruegeman (Can- 
ada), Melvin Geiman, Jr. (Susquehanna), Clifford Haugen 
(Dakota) , James Hoyt (Nebraska) , Irvin Lane (Ohio South- 
east), Ed Nietz (Ohio Sandusky), Wilbur Tardy (West Vir- 
ginia), Gene Rote (Erie), Albert F. Schuster (Eastern), 
Orville VanDyke (Indiana North) and James F. Williamson 

Ballot for Bishop 

Bishop Heininger stated: I believe that now we have taken care of 
arrangements that are more or less mechanical. Let us seriously ap- 
proach the task which is before us. It is probably not necessary for me 
to remind the voting members of the Conference that they are supposed 
to be seated in the sections indicated. If there happens to be any 
person who has the right to vote seated elsewhere, will you please 
make the adjustment? Nor is it necessary for me as chairman today 
to define the comprehensive nature of our responsibility, but I would 
like to call our attention to the provision in the Discipline, in Para- 

The United Methodist Church 275 

graph 385 : "The Bishops of the Evangelical United Brethren Church 
shall be elected by ballot by the General Conference, from the active 
itinerant elders who have been itinerant elders for at least ten years, 
for a term of four years. If they prove to be faithful shepherds, live 
according to the Word of God and the order of the Discipline of the 
Evangelical United Brethren Church, in true godliness, they shall be 
eligible for re-election." 

Nor is it necessary for me to at great length outline the duties of a 
man chosen for this high office among us. He is to oversee the spiritual 
and temporal concerns of the Evangelical United Brethren Church in 
general, take care that everything is done according to the word of 
God and the order of the Discipline of The Evangelical United 
Brethren Church, preside at the sessions of the annual and General 
Conferences, to ordain ministers, to assign with conference superin- 
tendents the respective fields of labor to ministers. There are provi- 
sions here for other changes and responsibility in conferences, for 
taking care of vacancies that may occur in the office of conference 
superintendent. The Bishop is advised to travel throughout all the 
annual conferences of his area, and such other parts of the Evan- 
gelical United Brethren Church as the General Conference or the 
Board of Bishops may direct. 

He is to observe the whole of our church Discipline in its official 
functions and according to the word of God watch faithfully over 
the flock of Christ, feeding them with wholesome doctrine and guiding 
them with strict discipline. He is to call together annually the confer- 
ence superintendents of his area for the purpose of consultation and 
planning for the promotion of the interests of The Evangelical United 
Brethren Church. I think all of us who are responsible members of this 
body are aware of these high duties. Let us prepare to vote for one 
elder to this important office by having a period of silent prayer. Let 
us pray. 

(Silent prayer.) 

Bishop Heininger : ". . . in the Savior's name. Amen." Will the voting 
members of the conference prepare a ballot of one name. Start col- 
lecting the ballots . . . when they have been collected the ballot is 
closed. The tellers will withdraw and make their report at their 
convenience. {DC A 44-45.) 

Petitions and References to the Uniting Conference 

Bishop Heininger : We will ask Dr. Paul V. Church to come forward 
and deal with petitions and references to the Uniting Conference. 

Paul V. Church: Mr. Chairman, we received numerous petitions from 
conferences, agencies and other groups to the Uniting Conference. All 
have been submitted to Dr. Wesley Hole and are being properly 
processed by him and will be presented to the Uniting Conference. 
There were three petitions which came from annual conferences, that 
were processed in a different way. All three were looked at by the 
General Council of Administration and they were passed on by 
reference to the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission has a 
recommendation on these three petitions. We could either handle 
this now, Mr. Chairman, or we could hold it until the Council reports 
this afternoon, which I believe would probably be the better procedure. 
(DCA 45.) 

Bishop Heininger: I wonder if we could have a motion to approve 
this transmission of petitions to the Uniting General Conference. The 
conference voted this reference. {DCA 45.) 

2T6 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 
Question Regarding Petitions Referred — Emerson D. Bragg 

Dr. Bragg: Mr. Bishop, do you want these petitions identified by 
name in the record? 

Bishop Heininger: We do. And Dr. Church will see that that is done. 
(DCA 45.) 

These petitions are given as numbered, and by name, 
source of origin, and reference to committee in the Daily 
Christian Advocate, pp. 77-90 ; 137-149. 

Recess Declared by Bishop Heininger 

Bishop Heininger: Are there miscellaneous items that we can care 
for at the moment? If not, may I suggest we stand for a brief period. 
We have a group of reports to receive. 

Business Session Resumed 

Bishop Heininger: Will the conference please be in order. Thank you. 

Presentation of Overseas Delegates — Dr. Edwin Fisher 

Bishop Heininger: I am going to ask Dr. Edwin Fisher to present the 
General Conference delegates from overseas by name, and ask these 
persons to stand as their names are called. 

Dr. Edwin Fisher: Mr. Chairman, it is indeed a joy to welcome 
representation from the overseas Conferences of our church and 
representation from affiliated churches overseas. We will call the 
names of the overseas delegates and ask the people please to stand 
at the places where they are as their names are introduced here: 
from Switzerland, Superintendent Roser; and Mr. Gautschi; Will you 
please remain standing? From East Germany, Superintendent Eck< 
stein, Superintendent Falk and the Rev. W. Meinhardt. From South 
Germany, Supt. Gaehr, the Rev. Sticker; from West Germany, Supt. 
Mohr, Supt. Harriefeld; from Sierra Leone, Supt. Carew, and Mr. 
S. H. Thomas; from our Special Missions Conference overseas in 
Puerto Rico, the Rev. Ishmael Diaz. Fraternal representatives from 
overseas churches: from Hong Kong, Church of Christ in China, Dr. 
Peter Wong, General Secretary. From the Dominican Evangelical 
Church, the Rev. Nestor Lira. Because of the interesting relationship 
in the Philippines between the United Church of Christ in the Philip- 
pines and the Philippines Methodist Church, by special action, the 
Board of Missions of our Church invited two representatives from 
the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. They are: Bishop 
O. G. Fonceca and Dr. E. C. Sohrepna; from the United Evangelical 
Church in Ecuador, the Rev. Alfonzo Vasquez. Mr. Chairman, we 
thank you very much. {DC A 45.) 

Bishop Heininger: We are very glad to have these friends from over- 
seas join us in support of the cause. 

Bishop Emeritus George E. Epp Presented 

Bishop Heininger: There is a gentleman seated here at the table of 
the Board of Bishops whom we would like to recognize particularly. 
I refer to our esteemed colleague, George Edward Epp. Bishop Epp 
will you please stand? 

The conference stood to greet Bishop Epp. 

The United Methodist Church 277 

Wives of Bishops Introduced 

Bishop Heininger: There are some ladies seated somewhere in the 
balcony, I believe ; the wives of the Bishops. I am a bit partial to these 
ladies, to one in particular. I would like to have these ladies please 
stand wherever they happen to be: the wives of the Bishops and 
widows of Bishops who are here. 

The conference stood to honor these women with applause. 

Dr. O. T. Deever Presented 

Dr. A. G. O'Dell (Indiana South) : Mr. Chairman, I would suggest, 
in fact I move, that special recognition be given to Dr. O. T. Deever. 
I understand that this is his 17th General Conference in attendance. 

Bishop Heininger: Where is Brother Deever? We are very grateful 
to you, Doctor, for your contribution to the on-going life of our church 
across the years. 

The conference stood to salute this fine veteran servant of 
the Church. 

Reports by General Church Agencies 

Bishop Heininger : We will now turn to a series of important reports. 
Will you notice on the third page of your folder the eleven o'clock 
period for reports from boards, institutions and agencies? We have 
agreed that because of the nature of our conference, instead of 
prolonged presentations, each executive will have two minutes to 
present the report as printed. May we ask that these executives be 
ready and at a microphone in the order mentioned in print, that they 
identify themselves in their first sentence. We will call upon Bishop 
Howard to report for the Board of Bishops. {DCA 46.) 

Report of Board of Bishops — Bishop J. G. Howard 

Bishop Howard: We did not get the report of the Board of Bishops 
into the Blue Book so you have in your hands, or should have, three 
mimeographed sheets. One the regular report, page one, the report 
where we tell about the interpretations which we have made. We made 
an interpretation as to the eligible delegates for adjourned session; 
page 2, we made an interpretation of paragraph 275 and 279, and an 
interpretation of paragraph 125 that is on page one and two of the 
regular report. You hold in your hands a supplemental report; this 
was business that we transacted after we reached Dallas here last 
week. It has to do with the relations of the Montana Conference to the 
denomination. The Montana Conference challenged a number of 
rulings of Bishop Sparks and appealed the decision of the chair and 
the appeals were referred to the Board of Bishops. The Board of 
Bishops in each case sustained Bishop Sparks and you will find that 
repoi-t in the supplemental report. (Appendix, page 1570.) 

Yesterday the Board of Bishops was asked to interpret two other 
paragraphs in the Discipline and I did not have a chance to get these 
mimeographed since this just happened late yesterday afternoon, so 
I will read them. With reference to the meaning of the paragraph 376, 
Items 1, 2, 3, 4 under the heading Retirement Allowance for General 
Church Officers. It is the interpretation of the Board of Bishops that 
this disciplinary statement means, that in determining retirement 
allowances for general church officers, all the years of service in any 
general board or agency whether in the EUB Church or The United 
Methodist Church shall count toward the service record of a general 

278 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

church officex" or staff member. I think that is clear that, as we make the 
transition from the EUB Church to The United Methodist Church, 
years of service shall accumulate in both denominations. 

This is the second item. Voted with reference to the meaning of 
paragraph 377 under the heading "Retirement Allowance for General 
Church Officers." It is the interpretation of the Board of Bishops that 
this rule was designed to protect the general church officer who had 
met the qualifications for retirement allowance in terms of his tenure 
but was then involuntarily separated from active service in his office 
before retirement or for disability. This paragraph 377, therefore, 
qualifies the person concerned to make an appeal to the Council on 
World Service and Finance of The United Methodist Church which 
agency in consultation with the general secretary of the Board of 
Pensions shall be responsible to make a decision of each case according 
to its merits. Mr. Chairman, I move the adoption of the report of the 
Board of Bishops. 

Bishop Heininger: Is there a second? 

Is it clear to the members of the conference that the Board of 
Bishops have the power to determine by a majority vote all disputed 
questions of the law of the Evangelical United Brethren Church, 
especially as to the interpretation of the church Discipline, and that 
such an interpretation is binding upon the entire Evangelical United 
Brethren Church until the next General Conference, at which time 
they shall be thoroughly studied and presented to the General Con- 
ference in form to be incorporated into the Law of the Church? A 
report of our secretary indicates what these interpretations have been. 
We require your endorsement. Your vote to approve indicates that 
endorsement. Are there any questions? Are you ready to vote? 

All in favor please say Aye. (Vote: Aye) 


You have approved the report of the Board of Bishops. {DCA 46.) 

Presentation of Mrs. Jean Weaver — Dr. Paul Church 

Bishop Heininger : The Council of Administration. 

Dr. Paul V. Church: Mr. Chairman, before making a statement I 
would like to have the privilege — across the years there is one on the 
platform this morning who has served the church in a quiet way, no 
one but those of us who have worked closely with her realize the 
tremendous contribution which Mrs. Jean Weaver as personal secre- 
tary to the Executive of the Council of Administration has made to 
the life of our denomination. She began her service in 1923 and if I 
calculate it right, this is 45 years devoted service which is the better 
part of a lifetime, I believe. I am not a person, I think, who is given 
to superlatives and I know that often I am criticized for lack of giving 
praise where praise is much deserved. I cannot speak too highly of 
the services that have been rendered here and of the debt that the 
church owes to Mrs. Weaver. I would like to have her stand. {DCA 46.) 

(Mrs. Weaver stands and receives applause) 

Mrs. Jean Weaver (Secretary, Executive Council of Administra- 
tion) : It has been a high privilege for me to serve in this relationship 
and it has been a benediction to my life that every moment of it has 
been a pleasure and a joy and I am the one to be grateful for this 
opportunity and for serving under these wonderful people for whom it 
has been my pxivilege to serve and for the fellowship that I have 
had. In the words of the Psalmist I would say, "My cup runneth 
over." Thank you. {DCA 46.) 

The United Methodist Church 279 

Report of Council of Administration — Dr. Paul V. Church 

Dr. Church: Mr. Chairman, the report of the General Council of 
Administration is found on pages one to 17 of the Blue Book. (Ap- 
pendix, page 1597.) May I say that there are a few copies of the 
Blue Book available for some of you who may have forgotten them. 
If you will raise your hands, maybe one of the ushers will distribute 
them. The report of the Council simply deals with those items which 
were referred to it; the action of the Council on the items is first of 
all stated and then there follows the petition on which the action was 
taken. These are all mattei's of reports. There will be a further 
report by the council this afternoon, and certain ones that will need 
some endorsement by the Conference. Mr. Chairman, I submit the 
reports of the Council and will submit the other reports in response 
for interpretation. {DC A 46.) 

Bishop Heininger: Is there a motion to approve the report of the 
Council of Administration? Is it seconded? Are there any comments 
or questions? We have the understanding that certain items will be 
presented later. All in favor of approving the report will please say 
Aye. (Vote: Aye.) 


It is approved. {DCA 46.) 

Report of Department of Health and Welfare — Dr. Paul V. 

Dr. Church: Mr. Chairman, the Department of Health and Welfare 
report is not printed. I simply have a brief statement to make regard- 
ing the work that the department has done. Our primary job has 
been the review of Home constitutions and the recommendation to the 
General Council of Administration for approval of these revised 
constitutions. These constitutions for the most part needed revision 
at the point of making the amendment of the constitution possible 
by the Annual Conference in which the home is located rather than by 
the General Conference and the election of Boards of Trustees rather 
than the General Conference. All the constitutions have been brought 
into order so that they follow this recommendation. The other major 
work of the department has been to work with the Board of Hospitals 
and Homes in The Methodist Church, arranging for procedures to 
which the interest of our Homes and their financial support would be 
continued in The United Methodist Church. Mr. Chairman, I submit 
the report. 

Bishop Heininger: Is there a motion to approve this oral report of 
the Department of Health and Welfare? Is it seconded? Any questions 
to Dr. Church on it? If not, all in favor of approving the same, please 
say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) 


It is approved. {DCA 46, 47.) 

Report, Department of Communications — Dr. Paul V. 

Dr. Church: In the area of the Depai'tment of Communications, our 
primary responsibility has been working with TRAFCO and Meth- 
odist Information and in preparation for the coverage of the Con- 
ferences here in Dallas. Methodist Information and TRAFCO have 
already begun to serve our constituencies and we have profited from 
their services and we look forward to the fine services that we will 
receive from these agencies in the future, which in our church we 
were not able fully to offei-. We submit the report. {DCA 47.) 

280 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Bishop Heininger: Is there a motion to approve the oral report of 
the Department of Communications? Is it seconded? All in favor please 
say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) 


It is approved. {DCA 47.) 

Report of Program Council — Dr. Paul V. Church 

Dr. Church: Reporting for the Program Council; immediately fol- 
lowing the General Conference in Chicago, our Program Council 
decided that we would not do further program projection until the 
outcome of the vote on union would be known. We had done our 
planning and our programming through 1968 at that time. The deci- 
sion proved to be wise in view of the vote that came. However, the 
Program Council has proved to be invaluable during these closing 
days in the life of our church, since the staff has been able to 
communicate to make decisions of real importance relative to the 
union matters, and we feel that during this period between the Con- 
ference in Chicago and present time, a real contribution has been 
made by the Program Council. I submit the report, Mr. Chairman. 

Bishop Heininger: Is there a motion to approve the oral report of 
the Program Council? Seconded? AU in favor of approving the same, 
please say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) 


It is approved. (DCA 47.) 

Report of the Statistician — ^Dr. Paul V. Church 

Dr. Church: One of the reports that is not on the agenda for which 
I am responsible is that of the General Church Statistician. The 
complete statistics for the year, the calendar year 1966, appeared in 
the Yearbook and we will not refer to them. We had hoped that we 
would have a more complete report of 1967 statistics for this General 
Conference but our Conference reports have not come in to make this 
possible. However, I can report that as of this date 21 of our 32 
conferences have reported. The picture that is presented in terms of 
membership gain and loss is not one of which we can be proud. We 
must report that of these conferences with 11 still to report, we 
have a net loss of 5,209 members. Only two conferences registered any 
gain dui-ing the past year — Ohio Miami and Ohio Sandusky are the 
only two conferences who registered gains. I submit the report, Mr. 

Bishop Heininger: You heard the report of the statistician. Is there 
a motion to approve it? Is it seconded? It contains food for thought 
and planning and prayer. All in favor of the report, please say Aye. 
(Vote: Aye.) 


It is approved. (DCA 47.) 

Report of Church Trustees — Dr. Paul .V Church 

Dr. Church: Reporting for the Board of Trustees, we would report 
that our primary activity has centered around two houses which 
were purchased, adjoining the property on which our administrative 
offices are located in Dayton, Ohio. One of these houses was torn 
down, parking space being made of the lot. We had certain legal 
problems in relation to the other one. These legal problems have been 
cleared. The Council in its last meeting voted to supplement funds 
which would be available this year with Council funds, to clear the 
indebtedness on these houses and this indebtedness has now been 
cleared. We would report that the debt on the administrative offices 

The United Methodist Church 281 

building has been reduced to $525,000, We submit the report. The 
report is not in the book. {DC A 47.) 

Bishop Heininger: You have heard the report of the Board of 
Trustees. Is there a motion to approve the same? It is moved. Is it 
seconded? Any questions? All in favor of approving the report of 
the Board of Trustees, please say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) 


It is approved. {DCA 47.) 

Report of Department of Stewardship — Nelson Stants 

Bishop Heininger : Do I understand, Dr. Church, that there will be 
another report on Stewardship? We will now hear Nelson Stants 
report for the Department of Stewardship. 

Nelson Stants: The report for the Department of Christian Steward- 
ship is recorded on pages 18 and 19 of the Blue Book. (Appendix, 
page 1613.) I would refer merely to Item 2, point 1 on page 18, and I 
will read it. "To separate the Division of Stewardship and Finance 
from the Board of The Laity and create a separate Board of Steward- 
ship rather than adopt the proposed structure provided in Section 13, 
paragi-aph 1251 to 1329, Plan of Union, Part 4, revised." A disserta- 
tion is going from the Department of Christian Stewardship as a 
result of the unanimous vote by the general department to the 
Uniting Conference. And I might state briefly three reasons. It is our 
conviction that a separate Board of Stewardship would have greater 
freedom to operate and to present the claims of stewardship upon 
the entire membership of The United Methodist Church in a more 
adequate manner. It is also our belief that as a separate board a 
more adequate budget, with a larger staff, could be realized. It is also 
our understanding that a separate board might be represented in its 
membership by those with great experience, interest and background 
in this pai'ticular area. And this is not presently true. In the present 
legislation as proposed, or as approved and as further proposed in the 
Board of The Laity, this particular matter will be brought first of all 
to the Committee on Lay Activities and Temporal Economy. Thank 
you. I submit this. (DCA 47.) 

The conference voted to approve the report of the Department of 
Stewardship. (DCA 47.) 

Report of the Central Conference of Europe — J. Gaehr 

Bishop Heininger : I am going to invite Brother J. Gaehr, of South 
Germany, to come to the platform microphone here and make a brief 
presentation on behalf of our work in Europe. While Brother Gaehr 
is coming will Brother Carew assume a place where he can easily 
come to the platform and following him, John Schaefer. 

/. Gaehr: Mr. Chairman, members of this General Conference, the 
Central Conference in Europe at its last session in April, 1967, was 
an extraordinary session. At the same time and at the same place 
there was a session of the German Central Conference of The Meth- 
odist Church. Our Central Conference h^d to evaluate resolutions and 
possibilities the General Confei-ence of Chicago had made, especially to 
adopt Part 4 of the Discipline. Now before us is the first session of the 
Uniting Central Conference of the Church in Germany. It approved, 
I think, in principle, Part 4 of the Discipline as adopted. Furthermore, 
it will be the task of the German Central Conference to elect a bishop. 
Then it can lay the groundwork for the merger of the annual con- 
ferences. There will be four conferences in Germany; four or five, 
excuse me. The EUB's in Germany ai-e sorry that our Brethren of 
Switzerland with this General Conference are going automatically to 

282 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

the Central and Southern European Central Conference. But they 
shall continue to be brethren in Christ in one Church. 

The West Berlin District of the East Germany Conference is peti- 
tioning the Uniting Conference for the right to create a West Berlin 
Conference in Germany. The General Conference of the Evangelical 
United Brethren Chui'ch hereby endorses this appeal for the creation 
of such a West Berlin Conference. Thank you. (DC A 47, 48.) 

Bishop Heininger: Is there a motion to approve this report from the 
Central Conference of Europe presented by Brother Gaehr? It is 
moved. Is it seconded? Bishop Mueller, do you wish to add anything 
to the presentation? {DC A 48.) 

Bishop Mueller: No, I do not. I w^on't take the time. This has been a 
w^onderful work, with harmony in those parts in Europe and with 
groups. I want to raise the question as to whether the petition of the 
East Germany Conference of the West Berlin segment has been 
presented properly? Is that going through? Dr. Eckstein, can you tell 
us? Brother Eckstein, would you please go to the microphone? Brother 
Herbert Eckstein is superintendent of the East Germany Conference 
with residence in West Berlin. {DCA 48.) 

Dr. Eckstein: Mr. Chairman, members of the conference: in Berlin 
we are two parts of the two conferences of The Methodist Church and 
the EUB Church, and now we belong to the East Germany Conference 
and to The Methodist Church — belong to the Northeast Conference and 
the members of the two conferences in West Berlin voted to present a 
petition to become their own conference for West Berlin. And this 
petition went to the Commission too for study and we hope that we 
get the permission to be one conference in West Berlin. (DCA 48.) 

Bishop Mueller: Mr. Chairman, may I make a comment? I am only 
concerned that this petition have the endorsement of the Evangelical 
United Brethren General Conference so that when it goes before the 
Uniting Conference it has the weight of that endorsement which would 
recommend that you have the right to constitute a special conference 
for West Berlin. This is your request, is it not? {DCA 48.) 

Dr. Eckstein: Yes. 

Bishop Mueller: Instead of just a provisional conference but a 
regular conference for West Berlin. 

And, if this could be added to Brother Gaehr's report as just a 
statement at the end (the secretary can add it), it would help us in 
processing this through. 

Bishop Heininger: Would the conference permit the addition of this 
technical item to the report of Brother Gaehr? If so, please say agreed. 
{DCA 48.) 

Conference: Agreed. 

Bishop Heininger: Any opposed? It is incorporated. We now have 
a motion before us to approve the report of the Central Conference of 
Europe. All in favor, please say Aye. 

Conference: Aye. 

Bishop Heininger: Any opposed? It is approved. {DCA 48.) 

Dr. Bragg: Do I understand correctly that the record should show in 
regard to this last report that we endorse this petition and refer it to 
the Uniting Conference? 

Bishop Heininger: That is the sense of the action, yes, thank you. 

Report of the Sierra Leone Conference — Dr. B. A. Carew 

Bishop Heininger: We will now have Bishop Howard present Super- 
intendent Carew. 

Bishop Howard: Mr. Chairman, one of my pleasant duties is to 

The United Methodist Church 283 

preside at the Sierra Leone Conference, At this last session in February 
they voted to have one superintendent rather than two. One full time 
superintendent rather than two part time, and they elected as the 
fuU time superintendent of the Sierra Leone Conference Dr. B. A. 
Carew, and I am pleased to present him at this time. {DC A 48.) 

Dr. Carew: Mr. Chairman, members of this conference, it is my joy 
to report that we are making progress in Sierra Leone. Just as has 
been expressed by the Bishop, we elected one full time superintendent 
with the aim of making more progress. In the recent session we also 
voted that we shall go with the parent body to unite with The Meth- 
odist Church. While we prepare our minds to encourage the uniting 
with other religious bodies, or to effect union with them, we prepare 
our minds to join the Methodists in Liberia. We pray that you con- 
tinue to pray for us. Our country is not steady. We now have an army 
government and we are hoping to go back to civilian rule soon, but I 
don't know when because just a few days ago we had a coup. So there 
is real confusion. I ask that you continue to pray for our Conference. 
{DCA 48.) 

Bishop Heininger: Is there a motion to approve this report from 
Sierra Leone? 

(Motion made from delegate on floor) 

Bishop Heininger: Is it seconded? We are very grateful to have 
this friend here to interpret the work over there for us; to give 
leadership. All in favor of approving the report, please say Aye. 

The Conference voted approval (DCA-48) 

Report of the Board of Missions — Dr. John Schaef er 

Bishop Heininger : We will now recognize John Schaef er. 

Dr. John Schaef er: ChaiiTnan, members of the General Conference, 
and friends; a report of the Board of Missions is found on pages 52 
to 65 in the Blue Book. (Appendix, page 1646.) These reports should 
be read against the present world situation, which is a very critical 
one; our war in Vietnam, Civil War in Nigeria, revolutions in parts 
of the world. Furthermore, the National Division Report should be 
read against the backdrop of the crisis that now confronts our nation. 

In the Report of the Board of Missions, the first report is that of 
the General Secretary, which outlines the implementation of the 
reorganization of the Board, which was voted by the General Con- 
ference in Chicago. The next report on the Division of World Missions, 
seeks to give a review of what has been accomplished by the Evan- 
gelical United Brethren Church since we united at Johnstown, Pa., 
to this present hour. 

The report of Dr. Klump, which is the report of the National 
Division, goes in a different direction. He outlines in vivid fashion 
some of the challenges that confront us this day as we move to 
mission on six continents; and the report of Miss Marion Baker 
outlines the tremendous support which the women of the church have 
given to local church programs as well as to missions at home and 
overseas. I wish to express appreciation to the three Bishops who have 
acted as officers of the Board of Missions during these years: Bishop 
Heininger, our Chairman and Vice-President, Bishop Howard, and 
Bishop Sparks. 

I wish also to pay respect to Mrs. Grove, who served as president 
of the Women's Division and to Carl Eschbach a pastor who sei'ved 
without remuneration as chairman of the Resources Division. Mr. 

284 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Chairman, I would not feel right if I did not ask the members of the 
staff of the Board of Missions to stand. If you would just turn around, 
they are sitting in the back two rows of the theatre. If they would 
stand I would express appreciation to each of the people who have 
carried on for you the mission to six continents. Thank you very much. 

Bishop Heininger : As we move through these reports I know we all 
feel that the pressure of time puts the whole matter out of perspective. 
We are, however, grateful for these reports. Is there a motion to 
approve the report of the Board of Missions? 

Are there any questions? 

If not, all in favor please say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) 


The report is approved. {DC A 49.) 

Report of the Board of Christian Education — Dr. E. Craig 

Bishop Heininger: We now call upon Dr. E. C. Brandenburg to 
report for the Board of Christian Education. 

Dr. Brandenburg : Mr. Chairman, members of the Board of Bishops, 
and our Delegates and friends of the General Conference: Our report 
is on page 25 (Appendix, page 1620) ; it will seem to you like it may 
be a long report. There are two reasons for this: one, we had some 
historical documents we wished to incorporate. Number two, we had 
some items we wanted to carry to the Board on going to the new church 
which are unfinished projects that are to be carried on. You will find 
our report under four divisions, the General Administration, Staff 
Responsibilities and Functions, and then number three is a review of 
the work of the three Divisions, the Division of the Local Church, the 
Division of Higher Education, and the Division of Curriculum, Re- 
search and Development. You will find listed in this report begfinning 
on pages 46, 47, 48, the outlining and the names of the new material 
that will be used in The United Methodist Church that our Board 
has approved. We are bringing these to you for your information so 
that you will have this information as we move to use of our new 
materials on September 1, of this year. 

We are most happy to report to you that we have been able through 
our Committee to work jointly for four years with the Methodists, 
and two years very specifically, in outlining a new set of materials 
that are being brought not for your consideration, but for your 
information, to be used in the new church; and most of this is new 
material of which we are exceedingly proud, I would like for you, on 
page 50, to read the word which really reflects the idea and the 
thought that comes from your staff as we look to the future. 

Mr. Chairman, I would like then for the members of our staff to 
stand to be recognized by the Conference, and I would like for Dr. 
W. R. Montgomery, w^ho gave about 23 years to the work of the 
Board, to stand with the staff in his relationship. Will you stand 

This is our report, Mr. Chairman. (DC A 49.) 

Bishop Heininger: You have heard the report of the Board of 
Christian Education. Is there a motion to approve it? Is it seconded? 

We are very grateful to those who have carried forward this work 
so well. 

All in favor of approving this report, please say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) 

Any opposed? 

The report was approved. (DCA 49.) 

The United Methodist Church 285 

Report of the Board of Evangelism — Rev. Joseph Yeakel 

Rev. Yeakel: Mr. Bishop, it is probably significant and symbdlic 
that the report of the Board of Evangelism is to be squeezed in between 
Christian Education and Publications this morning. The scientific 
historian tells us that the real action is the places where two forces 
are putting the pi'essure on something else, and we believe that 
Evangelism is at the point of that pressure, it is somewhat like biting 
down on a peanut-butter sandwich. 

We do believe that according to our report, and according to our 
experiences with the Methodist Board of Evangelism, the need to 
challenge the church in the days ahead is in this particular area of 
the church. Consequently, we have been trying to gear ourselves to 
that effort, and our report on pages 23 and 24 reflects the activities 
of your staff in the interim between Chicago and today. 

Permit me, if you will, to recognize the Rev. Reuben Job who is 
sitting in the back of the theatre, who will be kind enough to stand, 
and also we have already recognized Dr. Deever, the First Secretary 
of the Board of Evangelism, who constantly gives us assistance along 
the way. Also, Dr. Ralph Holdeman, former Secretary, who is with 
us this morning, and I think to complete the lineup. Dr. John Knecht 
is also present, and that is about as well as we can do. 

May I take an opportunity also to express our thanks to Bishops 
Milhouse and Heininger for their guidance, and also to record in the 
record the faithful services of Miss Lois Pottle who is the Administra- 
tive Assistant of our Board and has served in this capacity from the 
beginning of the Board until this present time. We thank you for the 
opportunity to make this report. (DC A 49.) 

Bishop Heininger: Is there a motion to approve the report of the 
Board of Evangelism? Is it seconded? 

Before we vote on it I want to say some of us had the opportunity 
to attend the joint meeting of these agencies in Atlanta; we are im- 
pressed by the way in which our leadership has already become active 
members of the outgoing team for The United Methodist Church. 

All in favor of approving the report of the Board of Evangelism, 
please say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) 

Any opposed? 

The report was approved. (DC A 49.) 

Report of the Board of Publication — Donald A. Theuer 

Bishop Heininger: Mr. Theuer will present the report of the Board 
of Publication. 

Donald A. Theuer: Mr. Bishop, I have been called upon to feed but 
I have never been called upon to meet the press. I asked Joe Yeakel 
whether it is whole wheat, rye, or enriched white. Our report is found 
on pages 69 through 78, including the report of the publisher, report 
on church school publication, report for Church and Home, for Dr. 
Curtis Chnmbers. (Appendix, page 1661.) I would like to make a verbal 
addition to the report that we are submitting in bound copy of the 
official executive committee, and the board session minutes for meet- 
ings held since the 4l3t Session of Conference. 

This is a complete and correct copy of the proceedings of the meet- 
ing and all the official actions of the board. I would like to express my 
appreciation to our staff during a very busy and sometimes difllicult 
period. Special thanks go to Dr. Hazenfield and his dedicated work 
as Executive Editor for Publications, and Dr. Curtis Chambers for 
the very significant job as editor of Church and Home. One of the first 
notices that you will find on your desk, as ministers, regarding union 
will be the receipt of a copy of the Christian Ethic, a very significant 

286 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

journal of The United Methodist Church. It will be made available to 
the church through the Board of Education to all the ministers on our 
mailing list. I would like the privilege, Mr. Chairman, to read the 
last paragraph of my report. 

"It is exciting to contemplate the significant contribution that our 
Board of Publication will make to The United Methodist Church. 
Physical and financial assets of ten million dollars will continue to 
be used in the furtherance of our mission to publish the Good News. 
What more important knowledge and experience of about 650 persons 
will be immeasurably valuable as The United Methodist Church be- 
comes a vital force for Jesus Christ in our time. It is therefore excit- 
ing to be in the midst of planning for the future. We solicit your con- 
tinued friendship." (DC A 49.) 

Bishop Heininger : Will you approve the report of the Publisher of 
our Board of Publications? 

It is moved. Is it seconded? 

Any questions or comments, if not all in favor please say Aye. 
(Vote: Aye.) 

Any opposed? 

It is approved. {DCA 49.) 

Report of the Board of Pensions — Dr. Harley E. Hiller 

Bishop Heininger: We call upon Dr. H. E. Hiller to report on the 
Board of Pensions. 

Dr. Hiller: Bishop Heininger, members of this General Conference: 
The brevity of my report is no indication of the important work which 
the Board of Pensions has been doing in the life of our denomination. 
You will find my report on pages 66, 67 and 68 of the Blue Book. 
(Appendix, page 1659.) We have now been able to come to an auditor's 
report of our assets in the Board of Pensions, the precise listing of 
our assets, and are glad to report that following the transfer of the 
printing establishment equities to the Board of Pensions, at the Chi- 
cago General Conference, we now have assets book value in excess of 

At a meeting with the General Board of Pensions of The Methodist 
Church on Friday afternoon and evening of this past week, we dis- 
covered that in the General Board of Pensions of The United Meth- 
odist Church, we will have assets of market value in excess of $250,- 
000,000, which is one-quarter of a billion. 

I would like at this time to thank Bishop Herrick for his work 
and leadership in the Board of Pensions, serving as our President. 
We would like to take all of the present members of our Board of 
Pensions over into the membership of the General Board of Pensions 
of The United Methodist Church. This we cannot do. However, we 
will be represented well in the General Board of Pensions of The 
United Methodist Church. 

I would like at this time to introduce some very important people 
in staff relationships in the Board of Pensions, but before I do this, 
may I present again to this General Conference, Brother Chairman, 
the Executive Secretary Emeritus of the Board of Pensions, Dr. John 
H. Ness, Sr. We would like to have him stand if he will. He rendered 
long and distinguished service in the Board of Pensions of our de- 
nomination. I would like also to introduce the Treasurer of our Board, 
the Rev. G. L. Fleming, minister of the Ohio Sandusky Conference; 
and Dr. Sherman A. Cravens who has done a very fine job with us in 
the short period of time, a member of the Illinois Conference, Dr. 

We are going to have a meeting of the Early Birds tomorrow morn- 
ing at the Adolphus Hotel at 6:45, which will be the last annual 

The United Methodist Church 287 

meeting of the Board of Pensions. Because of the historical character 
of this meeting, we are going to take particular pains to write into 
the minutes of this last annual meeting of the Board of Pensions of 
the Evangelical United Brethren Church, a considerable amount of 
very valuable and historical data. We will also write into that record 
the final audited report up to December 31, 1967. {DCA 97.) 

Dr. Hiller: Brother Bishop, this is my report to this General Con- 

Bishop Heininger : Will you approve the report of the Board of 
Pensions? Is it seconded? Are there any questions to the Executive 

All in favor, please say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) 

Any opposed? 

It is approved. {DCA 97.) 

Report of the General Church Treasurer — ^Dr. Cawley H. 

Bishop Heininger: Dr. C. H. Stine will take the microphone. 

Dr. Stine: Mr. Bishop, Board of Bishops, and Members of our Gen- 
eral Conference: The General Church Treasurer's report for the 
fiscal year of 1967 had not been properly audited at the time the 
Blue Book was printed. Therefore, you have received this morning 
as you came into this theatre a supplementary report which is now, 
of course, in your hands, which gives the details, and also the reports 
for 1966 and 1967. At the General Conference in 1966 in Chicago we 
reported up to December 31, 1965, taking this report, and adding it 
to the report at that time, we have the entire report up to December 
31, 1967. (Appendix, page 1573.) 

These reports, as has been indicated, have been properly audited 
for each fiscal year, 1966 and 1967. For further details, any questions 
or investigations you wish to make, if you will come to Room 300 of 
this particular building, we will be glad to try to help you understand 
the situation if you will inquire and request it there. So, therefore, 
that is the report of the Treasurer. {DCA 97.) 

Bishop Heininger: Will you approve the Report of the Treasurer? 
Is it seconded? 

Any questions or comments? If not, all in favor of approving this 
report, please say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) 

Any opposed? It is approved. (DCA 97.) 

Report of the Department of Christian Social Action — Dr. 
Cawley Stine 

Bishop Heininger: Now Dr. Stine will report for the Department of 
Christian Social Action. 

Dr. Stine: Mr. Chairman, the report of Christian Social Action is 
found on pages 19, 20 and 21 in the Blue Book. (Appendix, page 1614.) 
The record there indicates the activities that have been carried for- 
ward, and I might say here that we have had very fine fellowship with 
the General Board of Social Concerns of The Methodist Church, co- 
operating and working with them in every possible way. We de- 
lighted to share with them ; to come in and help make plans for the 
United Church. We were glad to do this as far as our time and effort 
was possible. 

We are looking foi-ward to greater things in the days ahead for the 
simple reason we will have a representative on the General Board 
from our denomination beginning July 1, of this particular year. So, 
with the limited staff and also limited finances, we have endeavored 

288 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

to carry forward, ar.d we are very hopeful that in the new church 
greater things will be accomplished. The report is as you have here in 
the Blue Book. {DCA 97.) 

Bishop Heininger: Is there a motion to approve the report of the 
Department of Christian Social Action? 

It is moved. Is it seconded? All in favor, please say Aye. 

Any opposed? It is approved. {DCA 97.) 

Report of the Committee on Chaplaincy and National Service 
—Dr. C. H. Stine 

Bishop Heininger: Now the Chaplaincy. 

Dr. Stine: The report of the Chaplaincy and National Service Com- 
mittee is found on pages 21 and 22 in the Blue Book. (Appendix, page 
1616.) You will notice there that we have 71 active duty Chaplains, 
full time or part time, including the Veterans' Administration. Some 
of these men are here to attend this Conference for which we are very 
happy and very proud of them. Also, I wish to state that we have 
been working very closely with the Board of Chaplains of The Meth- 
odist Church, and at the conclusion of this conference, of course, as 
we unite, all our Chaplains will be included and on the same basis 
then as the Chaplains of The United Methodist Church. 

We are proud of the work that they have been doing, and we pray 
God's blessing upon them as our missionaries in uniform as they con- 
tinue in this new endeavor, and if I may, Mr. Bishop, I would like to 
meet the Chaplains who are attending this Conference here to my left, 
your right, at the adjournment of this particular session. {DCA 97.) 

Bishop Heininger: Will you approve the report of the Department 
of Chaplaincy? It is moved. Is it seconded? 

All in favor, please say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) 

Any opposed? It is approved. {DCA 97.) 

Report of Historical Society — Dr. John Ness, Jr. 

/. H. Ness, Jr.: Mr. Chairman, John Ness, Jr. of the Historical So- 
ciety. Our report is listed on pages 79-81 (Appendix, page 1670), and 
we -will not take time to lift up any of the items there. When we had 
our meeting, though, late in March, there was a resolution that was 
approved on the basis of our incorporation and the fact that our Con- 
stitution requires members to be elected by the General Conference, 
vacancies to be filled by the Council of Administration, and in view 
of the fact that there may be a vacancy between this time and the 
time when we unite into the Commission on Archives and History. 
Because our incorporation needs to keep a full board up to that point, 
we would like to present this resolution if we may at this time, for 

WHEREAS, the Discipline of The Evangelical United Brethren 
Church indicates that vacancies on the Trustee Board of the Histori- 
cal Society of the Evangelical United Brethren Church, a nonprofit 
Ohio corporation, may only be filled by the General Conference or the 
General Council of Administration of the Evangelical United Brethren 
Church ; 

WHEREAS, it is possible that a vacancy may occur on the Trustee 
Board of the Historical Society prior to its merger with the Associa- 
tion of Methodist Historical Societies in late 1968; 

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Historical Society recom- 
mends to the General Conference that it be empowered to fill any and 
all vacancies that may occur on its Trustee Board. 

The United Methodist Church 289 

Bishop Heininger: You have heard the report of the Historical So- 
ciety, which includes this resolution. Is there a motion to approve 
the report, including the endorsement by this General Conference of 
the resolution? 

(Motion made by Delegate.) 

Bishop Heininger: It is moved. Is it seconded? (Seconded.) Are 
there any questions concerning it? If not, all in favor, please say Aye. 
(Vote: Aye.) 

Any opposed? Your report is approved and the resolution endorsed. 
{DCA 97, 98.) 

Report of Commission on Church Union — Dr. Paul Wash- 

Bishop Heininger: I now call upon Dr. Paul Washburn to report for 
the Commission on Church Union. {DCA 98.) 

Paul Washburn: Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen: You will 
find no report in the small Blue Book from the Commission on Church 
Union, but about January 15, you did receive from the Publishing 
House a copy of the large Blue Book and a copy of the White Book. 
Now, these I am sure you have studied and restudied and now are 
prepared to debate and decide upon them during these days. 

Tomorrow you will receive an additional report from the Joint 
Commissions on Union, which presents additional revisions and ad- 
ditional resolutions, which we want dealt with by the Uniting Con- 
ference. We know that you have received from us an abundant report 
which will become the work of this Uniting Conference. Now before I 
conclude, I want you to see and to meet the persons who have worked 
with us on the Commission on Union. 

I am sorry I do not have the list here. You do know that all of our 
bishops served, and then we had equal numbers of laymen and minis- 
ters. I would like to ask all the commissioners to stand, please, who 
serv^ed on the Commission on Union. {DCA 98.) 

Bishop Heininger: Will you approve the report orally given from 
the Commission Church Union? 

(Motion made by Delegate.) 

Bishop Heininger: Is it seconded? (Seconded by Delegate.) All in 
favor, please say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) Any opposed? The report is ap- 
proved. {DCA 98.) 

Report of United Theological Seminary — President John 

Bishop Heininger: We will hear the report of the theological semi- 
naries, presented by the two presidents, Joh7i R. Knecht and Wayne 
Clymer. {DCA 98.) 

J. R. Knecht: Bishop Heininger, delegates, and friends. The report 
of United Theological Seminary is found on pages 84-87 of your Blue 
Book. (Appendix, 1675.) 

I think, perhaps, one of the most significant things that we have 
been seeking to do at United Seminary, since the 1966 General Con- 
ference is in the area of curriculum revision. We believe that we must 
seek to provide the best possible training for effective ministry in our 
complex society. 

I would like to say that the other thing that has occupied the major 
portion of our time has been the implication of union for the future of 
theological education in the United Church. We deal with this in some 
length on page 85. We have been at work ^vith sister institutions, both 

290 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

on the national level, the jurisdictional level, and at the conference 
level within Ohio itself, working with our sister Methodist schools 

On page 86, we lift up areas of cooperation with other institutions, 
for these are days when we must be working not only with schools of 
the United Methodist Church, but with Roman Catholic institutions, 
secular institutions of higher learning as well. This afternoon a num- 
ber of constitutional changes will be before you for United Seminary. 
I hope that you will give your approval to these. We certainly are 
hopeful that two recommendations that will be coming to the General 
Conference — the Uniting Conference — will be approved. 

The one calls for a national study of theological education to deter- 
mine how we should best deploy our theological resources of the 
United Church, how many seminaries we should have and where they 
should be located. We believe that this is a crucial matter. And also, 
the support for theological education which will be coming before the 
conference, known as the Ministerial Education Fund, or the Two 
Percent Plan. This has received unanimous support of all 14 schools 
of The United Methodist Church. We do consider this a tremendous 
time in which to be engaged in theological education. We appreciate 
the opportunity which is ours to be working at this task in this day. 
Thank you. {DCA 98.) 

Report of Evangelical Theological Seminary — President 
Wayne Clymer 

Bishop Heininger: Now we'll hear from Evangelical Seminary, from 
its president, Wayne Clymer. 

Wayne Clymer: The report of Evangelical Theological Seminary is 
found on pages 82 and 83. (Appendix, page 1673.) In homiletical form, 
I should like to make three points relative to the report. Since this 
report was submitted, Evangelical Theological Seminary has become 
a charter member and an active participant in the Association of 
Chicago Theological Schools. We shall together be pioneering in cur- 
riculum development and cooperative work. We have also been in 
close conversation with Garrett Theological Seminary and will be 
cooperating in our program the next few years. Special attention is 
called to the creation of a center for research and training to en- 
courage development. 

This center was born out of two convictions — one, that no longer can 
the church assume that its responsibility for theological education is 
complete by asking a young man to take three years after his com- 
pletion of college and then say we have done our bit. We now believe, 
as I am sure you do, that the church has responsibility for the con- 
tinuing education and nurture of its clergymen. There is also the firm 
conviction that the hope of the future in this fluid age demands 
renewal and strengthening of parish life, and we are giving ourselves 
to research in the area of the practice of ministry, that we may make 
a contribution to the ongoing life of The United Methodist Church, 
in this area, as well as the more traditional emphases in the Master 
of Divinity program. 

The last word I wish to speak is a word of appreciation for the 
years of cooperation with United Theological Seminary. The Evangel- 
ical United Brethren Church has been most fortunate in this respect, 
that the theological schools of this church have worked closely together 
since the time of merger. It has been a joy and a privilege to think 
together, work together, in supplying to this church a program of 
theological education. We trust that this same spirit of cooperative 
endeavor may be carried over in the United Methodist Church. Thank 
you. {DCA 98.) 

The United Methodist Church 291 

Bishop Heininger: You have heard the two reports of the theological 
seminaries. All of us are indebted to these centers of incentive for our 
younger ministers. Is there a motion to approve their reports? 

(Motion made by Delegate) 

Bishop Heininger: Is it seconded? (Seconded by Delegate) We wish 
we had time to discuss more fully the import of these reports; how- 
ever, those who are in favor of adopting the same, please say Aye. 
(Vote: Aye.) Any opposed? They are approved. (DC A 98.) 

Action on Constitutional Changes of Seminaries Postponed 

Dr. Bragg: Mr. Bishop, these two reports on the Constitutional 
Revision, I believe are to be presented later today. 

Bishop Heininger: May I explain that the constitutional matters 
referred to by the two presidents will be before us in the afternoon 
session, under the report. 

Dr. Bragg: Will the report of the Evangelical School also be part 
of the record? 

Bishop Heininger: Yes. Well it was part of their statement. It ought 
to be in the record that these items of constitutional change will be 
presented this afternoon, in connection with the report of the Council 
of Administration, through which they have been channeled. {DCA 
98, 99) 

Presentation by Colleges 

Bishop Heininger: Now will you gentlemen all stand and let's take 
a look at them in a group. Kalas, you seem to be nearest the micro- 
phone. We'll call on Westmar first. 

President H. H. Kalas, Westmar College: The report for Westmar 
College will be found on pages 106-110 of the Blue Book, (Appendix, 
page 1697.) I shall only make a brief statement and four points. 

First of all, I would like to call attention especially to the fact that 
there has been a complete revamp of the curriculum of Westmar 
College, and that is reported in the book. 

Second thing I would like to reiterate is the fact that Westmar 
College has renewed its commitment as a part of the mission of The 
United Methodist Church and has endeavored to strengthen its pro- 
gram and church relationship. 

Third, I would like especially to call the attention of this conference 
to the fact that this college has anticipated merger with The Metho- 
dist Church in The United Methodist Church through its relationship 
with Morningside College. We have a constant, almost day-to-day 
relationship with that college, which is twenty-three miles from us, 
endeavoring in every sense to maintain the integrity and the separate- 
ness of this institution, but we are constantly doing new things 
together. My last remark has to do with the fact that my successor 
as president of Westmar College has been elected. Dr. Lawrence Smith, 
the president-elect of Westmar College, will begin his work on July 1, 
1968. (DCA 99.) 

Bishop Heininger: We will now hear from Dr. Turner, pi'esident of 
Otterbein College. 

Dr. Lynn Turner, Otterbein College : I cannot testify that the report 
of Otterbeing College may be found on any particular page of the 
Blue Book because I haven't seen a Blue Book. (Appendix, page 1691.) 
I can say, however, that we look forward to the 125th anniversary of 
this oldest institution of higher learning of our church in 1971-72, 
and we are laying plans for that celebration. 

We are also looking forward to continued cooperative work with 

292 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

the Methodist institutions of higher learning in Ohio, of which there 
are already four. When The United Methodist Church conies into 
being, there will be five such institutions in our state. We have al- 
ready been incorporated into their work, and we are cooperating with 
them. We think that higher education will be strengthened in our 
section of the country by the united efforts of these five very fine 
colleges. {DC A 99.) 

Bishop Heininger: Thank you. Dr. Racey, will you report for 
Shenandoah College? 

Dr. Forrest Racey (Shenandoah College) : Since Shenandoah is the 
smallest of our colleges, I suppose I should take the smallest amount 
of time. The report of Shenandoah College and Conservatory of Music 
is to be found on pages 103-105 of the Blue Book. (Appendix, page 
1694.) All I can say is that we are endeavoring to fulfill all of the 
things which we reported in the Blue Book. Thank you. (DCA 99.) 

Bishop Heininger: Thank you. Dr. I. Lynd Esch will report for 
Indiana Central College. 

Dr. I. Lynd Esch (Indiana Central College) : Bishop Heininger, I 
am real happy to join this parade of stars. The Bishop said he was hav- 
ing difficulty knowing how to present seven colleges. He's retiring. 
I wonder what he would do in the next General Conference with 123. 

The report for Indiana Central College is found on pages 90-91 of 
your Blue Book. (Appendix, page 1681.) I want to express my appreci- 
ation to the entire Evangelical United Brethren Church, particularly 
to the supporting territory, for the fine support and cooperation that 
we have had through the years for our institution. 

And then I would like to present three young people. The Student 
Council at Indiana Central College is very much interested in this 
Uniting General Conference, and it voted to send three official ob- 
servers for our college, to report back to the student body. Those 
obsei'vers are present here this morning in the presence of Miss 
Donna Stone, Miss Majorie Schmidt, and Mr. Bob Coleman. I think 
they are sitting right over here in the area. We are looking forward 
with enthusiasm to the continued opportunity that will be ours for 
expanded service in Christian higher education under The United 
Methodist Church. (DCA 99.) 

Bishop Heininger: Dr. Allen Mund, acting president of Lebanon 
Valley College. 

Dr. Allen Mund (Lebanon Valley College) : I am very happy to be 
here as a fellow delegate to this historic conference, and I can refer 
to pages 92-96 for Lebanon Valley College's report. (Appendix, page 
1683.) While I am quite sure that most of you will not read the com- 
plete report, I am therefore going to take the privilege of reading just 
a few excerpts from it. 

Much has been said these days about the future of church related 
colleges. And indeed, if one looks upon the financial problems, they are 
difficult. But to look at only the financial problems which confront us, 
would be to overlook challenges which are far more stimulating, en- 
couraging, and which can be met by determined effort and sacrificial 
zeal. If our nation is to maintain, as most of us feel it must maintain, 
the diversified system of higher education; and if the church desires 
to continue its central influence into the development of young people, 
as I'm sure all of us do, then the years ahead can be glorious ones for 
the church and for the college. For despite all difficulties and obstacles, 
we can make Lebanon Valley College an ever-increasing positive force 
in the total program of the church by keeping its academic sights high 
and its spiritual tones sincere. I share with you great hope in the 
union and know that the new United Church will give added strength 
and substance to its educational arm. It will always be a privilege 

The United Methodist Church 293 

and a pleasure to serve the church as a part of its great venture into 
the future. Thank you. {DC A 99.) 

Bishop Heininger: Dr. Arthur Schultz, president of Albright Col- 

Dr. Arthur Schultz (Albright College) : Bishop Heininger, members 
of the General Conference. The Evangelical United Brethren Church 
has been good to Albright College, and we want you to know how much 
we appreciate your support, interest, and prayers. The report of Al- 
bright College since the last General Conference session in Chicago 
appears on pages 88 and 89 in your Blue Book. (Appendix, page 1679.) 

These are exciting days on our campus. We call to your attention 
that we are entering the very involved computer center program at 
Albright College. We are embarking on a baccalaureate nursing pro- 
gram — a four-year nursing program at Albright College, starting in 
1969. Other details of the future are listed in this summary. We are 
proud to continue the name of Albright into The United Methodist 
Church. We might say that since the middle of March we have had a 
waiting list of freshmen students for next fall, one of the earliest 
times we have had to close off the admission to the college for a num- 
ber of years; and a large indication of what is coming from increased 
applications from Evangelical United Brethren and Methodist young 
people in eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. 

I conclude with the final paragraph that we wrote into the Blue 
Book — that Albright College is grateful to the Evangelical United 
Brethren Church for financial support and outstanding students. 
These are indeed great days in which to be engaged in the work of 
Christian higher education. The challenges are many. The problems 
must be solved. More than ever, we are convinced that together with 
God our objectives can and will be reached, and the growth and in- 
fluence of Albright College will continue to increase mightily in the 
years that lie ahead. We pray that God may give us all the vision, 
strength, couragre, and dedication which we need to face the future. 
Thank you. {DCA 99, 100.) 

Bishop Heininger: The Chair now inquires as to whether Dr. Schil- 
ling has arrived to represent North Central College. Have any other 
provisions been made? If not, let us have the understanding that the 
material on page 97, following, represents the report of North Central 
College. (Appendix, page 1688.) Is there a motion to approve the re- 
ports of the college presidents? 

(Motion made by a delegate.) 

Bishop Heininger: It is moved. Is it seconded? (Seconded by a 
delegate.) All in favor, please say Aye and give a good hand. (Con- 
ference vote by applause.) The reports are approved. {DCA 100.) 

Report of Hillcrest Christian College 

Bishop Heininger: Now we have only one other item on the college 
list. Who reports for Hillcrest College of Northwest Canada Confei'- 
ence? Will the representative from Northwest Canada Conference 
indicate where the report is to be found? Brother T. E. Jesske is 
coming forward. 

T. E. Jesske: The report is found on page 123 of the Blue Book. 
(Appendix, page 1713.) Mr. Maetche, the president of the college, is 
unable to be present at this General C-^nference. He wrote the report. 
There are two things I think I would like to say. First of all, draw to 
your attention the Memorial Chapel which will be dedicated this sum- 
mer in memory of Bishop Elmer W. Praetorius who for twenty years 
was the Bishop of our Conference and Bishop at the time when Hill- 
crest College had its beginning. Also, to state that there are plans 

294 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

underway now, if approved and if they develop in which Hillcrest 
Christian College will assume a larger influence in cooperation with 
other Bible Colleges of similar nature. {DCA 100.) 

Bishop Heininger: You have heard this report. Is there a motion 
to approve the matter under President Maetche's name which is found 
on page 123. Is it seconded? All in favor, please say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) 

The report of Hillcrest College was approved. {DCA 100.) 

Presentation by Benevolent Homes — J. I. LaFavre 

Bishop Heininger: Will the representatives of the Benevolent Homes 
and administrators please present themselves here on the platform. 
First of all, I am going to ask these men to come to the microphone 
and give their name and the institution which they represent. At this 
moment no speeches: J. I. LaFavre, administrator of Western Home, 
Cedar Falls, Iowa; W. H. Nelson, administrator of Friendly Acres 
Home, Newton, Kansas; Fred Christman from Quincy Evangelical 
United Brethren Orphanage and Home, from Quincy, Pa.; Mearl 
Dustin, administrator of the Haven Hubbard Home of New Carlisle, 
Indiana; Lewis Johnson, Flat Rock Children's Home, Flat Rock, Ohio; 
Paul S. Wheelock, administrator of the Evangelical Home at Lewis- 
burg, Pennsylvania; William Watkins, administrator of the Pacific 
Evangelical United Brethren Home, Burbank, California; Herb Ryan, 
Evangelical Manor, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Charles Dilgard, administrator- 
treasurer, Otterbein Home, Lebanon, Ohio. 

Bishop Heininger: The Chairman is informed that these brothers 
have chosen one voice to speak for the time. Who presents the speaker? 

J. I. LaFavre: Bishop, members of the Conference, and friends: 
There is one of our members not present. Rev. O. B. Devine, Adminis- 
trator of Baker Home, California. I have been drafted in the last few 
minutes to speak for this group, but I don't know of any group I would 
rather speak for and be associated with than these administrators. 

I want to say to you that the Homes for the children and retired 
people of our church can make a real strong contribution in The United 
Methodist Church. I want to say to you that when you go back home, 
one of the finest things you can do is to encourage your local people 
to become acquainted with the Homes in their areas within the bounds 
of the Annual Conference. Probably this will be the Home that they 
will be associated with, they should be concerned about it, know about 
it, visit it and support it. There are members of some of our homes 
for retired people right here — active voting members in this Con- 
ference. Dr. O. T. Deever is one, and has already been introduced. He 
is a person who is a member in residence at Friendly Acres at New- 
ton, Kansas. He is active, although he is retired; also, Mr. Frank 
Grandy (Ohio Sandusky), Haven Hubbard Home in New Carlisle, 
Indiana, a voting member of this conference. This just illustrates the 
fact that the people in these Homes are in the mainstream of activity 
in our lives ; they are not always on the shelf. 

I want to say, too, that the staffs of these Homes provide a very 
fine opportunity for Christian service and a person can be just as 
dedicated and do just as fine a piece of Christian service as can any 
other avenue of Christian activities. There is a great responsibility in 
these Homes to keep on making improvements and to keep construct- 
ing buildings, to keep up with the demand which we have for homes 
for children and aged people. There are many persons who come to 
our homes who do not have resources of their own and their way must 
be paid by somebody else. There are those who have not suflftcient 
funds because they are on fixed incomes and therefore the amount that 

The United Methodist Church 295 

they pay must be supplemented. We want to thank you people for 
Christmas oflFerings and for other contributions and bequests for 
support you have given for our Homes and w^e hope you will continue 
to pray for us and our Homes and continue by any avenue that you 
have, by an offering or by a budget, to support the Homes so that we 
may continue to be strong in this work of service which is ours to do. 
Thank you. (Applause) {DCA 100.) 

Bishop Heininger: Thank you, Dr. LaFavre. Is there a motion to 
approve the presentation of the Benevolent Homes? Is it seconded? 
All in favor, please say Aye. (Vote: Aye) Opposed? 

The Conference approved the reports of the Benevolent Homes 
(DCA 100). The reports are in the Appendix, pages 1702 ff. 

Report of Special Commission on Unity — Dr. Warren 

Bishop Heininger: You will recall that we have added to this list 
No. 20 by your action earlier this morning. There was appointed a 
special committee — Commission on Unity — to negotiate with various 
groups. That Commission should report to the General Conference. 
We are asking Dr. Warren Meyitzer to present that report at this time. 

Warren Mentzer: Our Commission was appointed January 27, 1967, 
by the General Council of Administration under the authorization of 
the General Conference. We have reported as we were expected to 
report to the Executive Committee and to the General Council of 
Administration. I believe in the action this morning in the approval of 
the report of the General Council of Administration, which includes a 
report of the Commission on Unity on pages 4 through 9 (Appendix, 
page 1597) , that we have taken action to approve our report. I wish to 
express appreciation for this privilege of representing the General 
Conference in a very serious responsibility and yet in a most unusual 
privilege, and I trust that the members of the Commission, there were 
several of us who were appointed — Dr. E. N. Funkhouser, a Layman; 
Mr. Rolland Osborne, a Layman; Rev. Marvin Leist; Dr. Paul Wash- 
burn; Bishop Sparks, and I serve on this Commission. 

We visited these conferences upon two occasions. We are heartened 
by the fact that there are those who still remain loyal to the church 
and these persons have been going through much difficulty and many 
troubles. We are heartbroken by what we have found and experienced. 
I would pray God that even in this moment when we still have no 
report of any mass withdrawals of members from any of the churches, 
that the minds and hearts of the peoples of the Pacific Northwest and 
Montana Conferences might be changed and that we might experience 
the unity which as a Commission we sought to represent and express 
as representatives of this General Conference. (DCA 100, 101.) 

Bishop Heininger: Doctor, could I ask you to call the names again 
of the persons who cooperated on this difficult assignment and have 
them stand if they are present. 

Warren Mentzer: Dr. E. N. Funkhouser, Mr. Rolland Osborne, two 
laymen; Rev. Marvin Leist, Dr. Paul Washburn, Bishop Sparks. 

Bishop Heininger: Will all of you please remain standing a moment? 
Members of this Commission, may I as a Bishop of the Church, report 
that our contact with your labors has indicated that you prepared 
yourselves in mind and heart through spiritual discipline for this 
difficult assignment. You have carried forward this assignment as 
Christian gentlemen and brothers. You have interpreted on behalf 
of the entire church the desire for reconciliation. You have really 
been mediating the love of Christ, and when in a moment we approve 
your report we want to say thanks for the hours of prayer and 

296 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

listening and interpretation which you have contributed creatively to 
the on-going life of the church. We have the confidence that the 
fruitage of your labors will yet be realized, at least in part. Is there 
a motion to approve this repoi't of this special commission? Is it 
seconded? All in favor, please say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) Opposed? The 
report is approved, and thank you very much. {DC A 100, 101.) 

Report of Tellers, Ballot for Bishop — U. S. Estilow 

Bishop Heininger: I will call upon Dr. Estilow to present a report 
from the tellers. 

Dr. Estilow: This is a report on the ballot that was lifted for Bishop; 
there were 399 ballots cast, none were void. Therefore, there is needed 
200 for election. Paul Washburn received 211; John F. Schaefer, 27; 
Warren F. Mentzer, 27; Paul Church, 23; Russell Praetorius, 22; 
Geyie Sease, 19; William K. Messmer, 13; Wayne Clymer, 9; Kenneth 
Krueger, 6; Craig Brandenburg, 6; John Knecht, 5; Paul Horn, 4; 
T. E. Jesske, 3 ; John F. Wichels, 3 ; Joseph Yeakel, 2; C. R. Findley, 2 ; 
Harry Kalas, 2; Joseph Graham, 2. The following received one vote 
each: George Barth, William Obaugh, L. Magsig, William, Wood, 
Norman Klump, H. Colpitis, John Bouldin, Paul Eller, Arthur Core, 
Kenneth Hulit, Paul Frees, Lloyd Nicholds, John Bergland. 

Bishop Heininger : You have elected as bishop of the Church, Paul A. 
Washburn. (This declaration of election was greeted with applause 
from members and visitors of the Conference.) The Chair and I 
request two of his brethren of the Illinois Conference, namely, 0. F. 
Landis and Sherman Cravens, to escort the newly elected Bishop to 
the platform. We have arranged a proper installation of Bishop for 
the afternoon, but here in the climax of our morning we wish to make 
proper recognition of this vote and have these brethren bring the 
newly chosen Bishop to the platform. (Applause.) 

Bishop Heininger: You may be seated. It is now my pleasant duty 
to fall into the pattern of our procedure in Europe. I learned over 
there at the conferences that when a man is chosen for an important 
office, after his brothers have expressed themselves with regard to their 
ballot, he is questioned directly as to whether he is willing to assume 
the responsibilities of their choice. This, I believe, is a good practice, 
although we will install him properly this afternoon. So I am going to 
ask you. Brother Paul, in the light of the judgment of your friends 
and delegates here, are you prepared under God to assume the re- 
sponsibilities in obedience to Christ and the church? 

Dr. Washburn: I am, God being my helper. 


Bishop Heininger: Let us stand to pray. . . . And now may the grace 
of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Love of God, the Father, the communion 
of the Holy Spirit be with us all this day and ever. Amen, (DC A 101.) 

MONDAY, APRIL 22, 1968 
Bishop J. Gordon Howard, Presiding 

Bishop Howard: Will the house now be in order. You should have 
in your hands a copy of the program entitled "Service of Memory." 
This will be used in the next part of our program. Bishop W. Maynard 
Sparks is in charge of this service, and we now give the floor to him. 
(DCA 102.) 

Service of Memory — Bishop W. Maynard Sparks 

Bishop Sparks: The service of memory covers a period of 18 months 
since the adjournment of the General Conference session in Chicago. 
This is a very brief service, and we invite you to participate as the 
program may call upon you. 


To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by this blood 
and made us a kingdom, priests to his God and Father, to him be 
glory and dominion for ever and ever. Worthy is the Lamb who 
was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and 
honor and glory and blessing! Amen. 


Leader : Almighty God, before whom do stand the spirits of the 

living and the dead, we thy children, whose mortal life 

is but a hand's breadth, give thanks to thee for all 

those through whom thou hast blessed our pilgrimage. 

Response: Thanks be to thee, O God. 

Leader: For all lives that have quickened us, whose influence 

through the years has been a healing grace. 
Response : We praise thee, Lord. 

Leader: For the dear friends and kindred of our homes whose 
faces we see no more, but whose love is with us for 
Response : We lift our thankful hearts. 

Leader: For those who have been tender, true and brave in all 
times and places, for those who have been devoted 
ministers and faithful shepherds of souls in thy holy 
Church, and for all who have been one with thee in the 
communion of Christ's Spirit and in the strength of 
his love. 
Response: We praise thee, God, and bless thy name. 
Leader: That we may behold them in continual remembrance, 
and ever think of them as with thee in that city whose 
gates are not shut by day and where there is no night. 
Response: We beseech thee to hear us, O God. 
Let us stand and remain standing throughout the service. 
In the reading of the Record of Remembrance, there are a few names 
that were submitted too late for the printing. These names will be 
included in the reading and will be bound in the permanent journal 
of the work of this day. 


298 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

And now in the spirit of reverence, let us give heed to the reading 
of the names of ministers and lay persons who have served in the 
General Conference sessions of the Evangelical United Brethren 
Church and some of them in the predecessor denominations. 


F. R. Witmer 

H. C. Hollingsworth 

P. B. Gibble 

C. E. Willson 

E. Walenski 

Claude C. Grover 

Virgil G. Hunt 
L. A. Huddleston 
I. L. Baumgartner 

East Germany- 

Indiana South 





Pacific Northwest 


Western Pennsylvania Frank B. Gilchrist 

West Virginia 


Mrs. H. C. Mallory 
Walter W. Bechtold 

George H. Bopp 
J. Willard Jacobs 

Lester A. McKinley 
R. A. Thompson 
J, E. Haehlen 

T. J. Miller V. L. Hall 

Guy Matlack 

Garfield H. Kellerman, Sr. 

A. LaVern Spajford, Sr. 

A. E. Olson 

Joseph H. Miller 

Ernest Friesen 

Harold Nutter 
John Trautmann 

General Officers' Wives and Widows 

Mrs. George Edward Epp 
Mrs. Edna Weekley Ulrich 

THE HYMN Tune: Bo7jlston: Servant of God, Well Done 
Servant of God, well done! 

Rest from thy loved employ; 
The battle fought, the victory won, 

Enter thy Master's joy. 
Soldier of Christ, well done! 

Praise be thy new employ; 
And while eternal ages run 

Rest in thy Savior's joy! 

(James Montgomery, 1771-1854) 


Bishop Sparks: Let us pray. Almighty God, and Father, accept 
we pray our spirit of gratitude this day for these faithful servants 
of Christ and the Church for their love and devotion within the 
families of which they have been a part, and for their service 
in the annual conferences in the episcopal areas and in the work 
of the general church, we honor these devoted ones. And because 
they have lived and loved and served so faithfully, may we take 
heart and as we go from this day into the larger circle of thy 
work, grant that we may carry with us the qualities of life that 
we have found in these ones that we revere this day. Grant, dear 
Father, that because they have lived and have had eternity within 
their hearts, so may we have the courage and strength to look 
out into the future and set the accent on eternity upon everything 
that we attempt to do, so that those who have preceded us will 
no have labored in vain. And into thy keeping we pray that they 
may ever be found until we shall join them in thy house not made 
by hands but eternal in the heavens. The peace of God keep your 
hearts and minds through Christ Jesus for ever and ever. Amen. 

The United Methodist Church 299 

Recognition of Retirees — Bishop Hermann W. Kaebnick 

Bishop Howard: Next on the program for this afternoon is the 
recognition of retirees. This service will be in charge of Bishop 
Hermann W. Kaebnick. We give him the floor at the present time. 

Bishop Kaebnick: Bishop Howard, members of the General Confer- 
ence, if the retirees would come here to the floor, the first one being 
Bishop Heininger, who is here. Will Dr. Raymond Veh, Dr. Cawley 
Stine, Dr. Paid Price, and Rev. Charles Bartsch come here to the floor 
so that recognition may be given at the proper time? 

It is eminently fitting in this abbreviated session that we should 
pay grateful tribute to our general church officers who are retiring 
from active sei'vice. To these men, undoubtedly today active service 
in the church takes on the nature of reluctance to relinquish it, but 
this range of service is never completed in or by any one of us. It 
passes on toward its consummation through all of us. There are many 
servants but only one service — that of the Christ. There's neither 
novelty nor antiquity, only continuity toward a full fniition. And it 
is well that in this concluding General Conference session that their 
valedictory be heard and that their retirement be recognized. 

Obviously time does not permit a lengthy tribute, and yet such 
a tribute could adequately express the intimate, personal affection and 
esteem which flow warmly from our hearts to them. Only such an 
expi'ession can do justice to the sentiments of our church toward them. 
These men who are retiring and who are surrounding me at this 
moment have been loyal colleagues, untiring and selfless servants of 
the Christ of the church, lavish givers of themselves to their ap- 
pointed tasks, persuasive speakers, beloved leaders of generations of 
youths, true friends, good ministers of Jesus Christ. Alike in their 
ministry and their assigned areas and in their endless helpfulness to 
the various boards and agencies in the church with which they have 
been identified. They have endeared themselves to all and it is with 
profound regret that we accept today and later on as they will 
relinquish their active service in accordance with the terms of their 
retired activity. 

We accept their severance of this official active tie with our church, 
but we know they will always belong to us. Even in their retired 
relationships what they have put into the life of our Christian fellow- 
ship will go on working as witness to the reality and the vitality of 
their ministry. What they themselves, no doubt, will care for most 
of all will be true also that they will always remain cherished in our 
affection. Our goodwill and our prayers for them in retirement will 
follow them wherever they go and like the Apostle Paul, speaking 
of his Philippian coworkers, so we are saying of them this afternoon, 
we thank God upon every remembrance of them. 

There's an old saying that "when you took your leave, I found 
God's footsteps and footprints on my floor." These servants of God 
have left their footprints on the church, on their families, on the 
Christian community, on all of the relationships of life and in paying 
our tribute of esteem and gratitude and affection to each of them, 
the highest tribute that we can say as we turn to them in affection 
is to assure them that they have left their footprints on our floor. 

The first token of our gratitude is presented to Harold R. Heininger 
in remembrance, grateful remembrance, of your dedicated service as 
bishop and the term of office in the Evangelical United Brethren 
Church. I am privileged to present this to you. Bishop. (And after you 
take this, will you retain your place?) (Applause.) You may remain 
standing while the others join the bishop. 

Presented to Raymond M. Veh in grateful remembrance of his 
dedicated service as editor of the Evangelical Endeavor, 1927; The 

300 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Evangelical Crusader, 1928-46; and Builders, 1948-68. It has been 
noted by others that Dr. Veh undoubtedly has a record of sei-ving the 
church in the general office capacity for a period extending over 40 
years. Dr. Veh, I'm honored to present this to you. (Applause.) 

The next one is presented to Cawley Stine in grateful remembrance 
of his dedicated service as general church treasurer, director of 
Christian social action, and secretary for the Committee on Chap- 
laincy, 1955-68. Dr. Stine, I am happy to present this to you. (Ap- 

The next one is presented to Dr. Paul Price in grateful remembrance 
of his dedicated service as director of Church School Administration 
and leadership, 1955-68. (Applause.) 

I am personally deeply embarrassed of the fact that it was not our 
knowledge and we did not become cognizant of the fact that the next 
one was retired by the Board of Missions and therefore your speaker 
did not have occasion to have a plaque cast for him, but this will be 
done and will be presented to him within the next few weeks. We are 
happy, however, to give recognition and pay tribute to Charles G. 
Bartsch in grateful remembrance of his dedication and service as 
regional secretary of the Board of Missions, 1959-68. Your plaque 
will be sent to you Dr. Bartsch. (Applause.) (DCA 102, 103.) 

Response by Bishop H. R. Heininger 

Bishop Heininger: Mr. Chairman, in Ecclesiastes we read that for 
everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven. 
This might be a time for me to confess as a bishop the sins charged 
against my administrative responsibilities for 14 years. It might be 
somewhat therapeutic for me thus to do. I have some sympathy for 
the historical fact that the man who invented the eraser for a pencil 
is reported to have been a man who made many mistakes. I think, 
however, this is the time to sing The Doxology. I have not in mind 
that the conference should rise and do this as a body under these 
circumstances, but I feel in may heart a real desire to praise God. 

I thank God for the church. I thank God for the church that con- 
veyed through dedicated parents the thought of the contagion that 
religion has — life to life, mind to mind in the home. I am grateful 
for the opportunity which this church has given to me as an individual 
for study and preparation to teach young men how to preach the 
Gospel. Thirty-two wonderful years in the classroom seeking to 
interpret the New Testament and Christian doctrine to those who 
came to Naperville for their training. I am grateful to God for the 
conception of the church which dawned upon my mind in 1937 through 
the kindness of a friend who made it possible for me to go to Oxford, 
England, at a time of the meeting of the Commission on Life and 
Work. The horizons of my mind were pushed back, the consciousness of 
the living church of God in the whole world dawned upon my mind as 
a teacher, and in the subsequent 31 years my ministry has been 
enlarged by that concept of the living church. I therefore am here 
to thank the church for the opportunities thrown my way as the 
bishop of the church and as a member of the various boards and 

I was telling my wife the other day in thinking about this event 
that 51 years ago, believe it or not, I was a member of a track team. 
(Laughter.) I ran a mile for the Class of 1917. I recall the relief 
with which I passed the mace to the next member of the relay, and 
after these 14 years as an active bishop of the church I think it not 
a matter of escaping duty but rather the performance of the same. To 
pass on to another the privilege of this high office as we enter The 
United Methodist Church. (Applause.) {DC A 103.) 

The United Methodist Church 301 

Richard Tholin (Illinois) : Mr. Chairman, may I move that we sing 
The Doxology? 

The Conference sang The Doxology. 
Response by Dr. Raymond Veh 

Dr. Veh: Mr. Chairman, friends, it is said that the funeral oration 
for Louis XIV of France was given in four words by the Cardinal at 
that time. He said, "Only God is great." I should like to put my tribute 
for the life which has been wonderfully enriched by so many of you 
and by our Church into three words: God is good. He has been good 
to me, in giving me forty and a half years now of editorial outreach, 
of good health so that we never met — or missed, I should say — have 
never missed a deadline in forty and one-half years. (Applause.) 

We've had the privilege of having our office alongside of four of 
the bishops of our church and that has been, indeed, a rare privilege. 
We've had associations with general officers in the top level, individ- 
uals who have been in leadership in our church throughout these 
four decades. Indeed, it has been a rich privilege, and we must say 
that God is good. It has been a privilege to reach literally thousands 
of young people and adults in our publication outreach, in our speak- 
ing, so that we have had the privilege of influencing, if a youth 
generation is four years, ten generations. And that, we feel, is a great 
outreach and a happy privilege. God is good. We've had the privilege 
of a good wife who has supported us through these years. Many times 
we had to be away, and yet she has been faithful. We are grateful. 
God is good. We are grateful for the privilege of tomorrow when we 
want to say that we shall continue active in our church outreach and 
interest, but we hope to do as much speaking and writing as possible, 
doing the things we want to do, doing some traveling, having the 
privilege of serving in other ways without meeting deadlines weekly. 
Through it all, we want to say thank you to you and to the Christian 
Church, to the Evangelical United Brethren Church, for making this 
long tenure of service possible. God is good. (Applause.) {DCA 103 
and 152.) 

Response by Dr. Cawley H. Stine 

Dr. Stine: Having been informed that we would not have time for 
responses such as this; however, realizing also that a preacher is 
supposed to be able to preach, pray and take up a collection at any 
time, I shall endeavor to respond. I am indeed most grateful to God 
for his goodness and his blessings to me; the opportunity to serve. I 
am grateful to my church for the privilege that has been afforded me. 
My sincere regret is, and has been, that I have not been able to do 
much better work than thus I have accomplished. However, we see 
the sense of the future. We realize the privileges and the opportunities 
that lie ahead and my hope and prayer is that God's rich blessings and 
his benediction may continue now upon The United Methodist Church. 
And so, after 31 years of active responsibilities and duties in the 
parish, coming to the general church for a period of 14 years, I 
express to you and to God and to my fellow men my sincere gratitude 
for this opportunity, and may God bless us all as we look forward 
into the days which are ahead. (Applause.) {DCA 152.) 

Response by Dr. Paul Price 

Dr. Price: Members of this General Conference, a couple dozen of 
you have said in the last hour or two, "Price, we can't believe it." 
Well, I can't believe it either, but the record of the years is written. 

302 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Dr. Charles Kachel, Bishop Epp and a few other persons should be 
here now because they weren't exactly around when I started. Twenty- 
five years ago on the 25th of April, in the session of what was then the 
East Pennsylvania Conference of the Evangelical Church, Charles 
Kachel reached across the secretary's desk where I was sei-ving next to 
Paul Wert and said they had just nominated me to be director of 
Christian Education of the Conference. After a little while I was 
elected, so it will be 25 years within two or three days that I have been 
a member of the Board of Christian Education, either as a conference 
director or as a staff member the last 13 years. Some years before 
that it was my privilege to serve as minister of Education and Youth 
in what was then our largest church in Canada — Zion Church — by the 
way, that is where I met Mable and she is still with me. It has been a 
happy privilege for me to serve in my own conference as well as in 
the Canada Conference for a few years and in the work of the general 
church. The church does not owe me a thing. I owe her my life, my 
devotion, my service as long as I am privileged to render it. I shall 
be happy to serve another day wherever and whenever the Lord and 
the church call me to do the work to which my life was pledged a long 
time ago. 

I cannot help but remember the many good words that my sainted 
mother and father who came out of very poor circumstances in the 
Northeastern Pennsylvania community used to say to me when I left 
for college and when I left for other tasks across the church. Mother's 
words to me were : "Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in him 
and he shall bring to pass the desires of thy heart." To you my church, 
and The United Methodist Church, beginning tomorrow, and to all the 
other agencies and areas of the life and work of this denomination 
and the church of Christ in the world, I commit the rest of my life, 
God being my helper. (Applause.) {DCA 152.) 

Response by Rev. Charles Bartsch 

Rev. Bartsch: Members of the Conference and friends. Forty-three 
years ago when I entered the ministry I entered with the conviction 
that wherever the church called and wherever I believed the will of 
God was to be found there I was to go. I cannot say that this has been 
particularly an easy way but it has been filled with a great deal of 
joy and satisfaction, but as I moved along through the years, I have 
become conscious of the relationships that have sustained me and I 
am sure every one of you in this great fraternity of those who seek 
to minister and to be obedient to the will of God. 

I think first of all of the local congregation from which I came. I am 
conscious of the love of those people who saw in me something that 
seemed to be worthwhile and who placed their confidence in me and 
the recommendation which was given to me for the ministry. I think 
of the one who walked by my side, for a good many years now across 
the way. I have become conscious of eternity, and another who came 
to take her place and I cherish the loyalty, the companionship and 
the faithfulness of these great ladies. 

Then I think of those with whom I have been associated in my 
annual conference and in the general church throughout these years. 
I have come to appreciate that Christian fellowship is more precious 
than anything else in this world, and how wonderful it is to be a 
part of the great church of Jesus Christ, and to be a part of the great 
faith that binds us together and which we hope by the grace of God 
will grow ever more inclusive as we reach out in love to our Christian 
brethren here and around the world. 

These things are indeed precious and as I come now to the close 
of my active ministry, I still shall be active in many other relationships 

The United Methodist Church 303 

with the church, and I assure you that we shall continue to pray and 
to remember all of you before the throne of grace. We shall hope to be 
a part of the church vitally every day until God calls us home. We 
believe that our interest shall continue and because of the great debt 
which we owe to our beloved church, we want to be faithful to the end. 
May the Lord bless you all and grant you a rich day and years ahead 
in our new United Methodist Church. (Applause.) (DCA 152.) 

Bishop Kaebnick: Bishop Howard, before these retirees leave the 
platform, may we invite the ladies of these who are retiring to stand, 
please, at this time. Mrs. Heininger, Mrs. Veh, Mrs. Stine, Mrs. Price 
and Mrs. Bartsch. 

Installation of Bishop Paul A. Washburn 

Bishop Howard: We thank all of those who have led and participated 
in the program so far this afternoon. I am sure this was an inspira- 
tion. Now we come to the impressive service, the installation of the 
newly elected Bishop. Bishop Mueller has charge of this. We will turn 
the meeting over to him at this time. 

Bishop R. H. Mueller: It is the privilege of every one of us here this 
afternoon to share in this installation service where the new Bishop, 
whom we have elected for our church and. by that act, also have 
elected him to a position in the New United Methodist Church. By the 
Plan and Basis of Union the active Bishops of the Evangelical United 
Brethren Church are received on that basis into the Council of Bishops 
of The United Methodist Church. 

Before we begin the formal ceremony or ritual of installation, it is 
my happy privilege to invite the family of Dr. Washburn to the plat- 
form. I would like to have Mrs. Washburn and Mrs. Ronald Smith, the 
daughter whom we all got acquainted with as the organist at the 
Chicago General Conference, and their two grandsons Allen and 
Phillip, and their daughter and her husband, Dr. and Mrs. Edwin 
Eigenbrodt. If you will kindly come to the platform now and take 
the chairs which we have provided here as a background for this 
service. I think a man has a right to be surrounded by his immediate 
family on an important occasion such as this. In addition to that, these 
people made a great contribution to what Paul has become and they 
have a right to share in the results. (Applause.) 

At the time when Mr. Francis Asbury, and I say Mr. Asbury be- 
cause he was a layman when they started; at the time when he was 
chosen to be one of the first Bishops of The Methodist Church and by 
a rapid process of ordination moved from deacon to elder to Bishop 
in three days, I understand. Well, I have heard two versions of it, one 
was that they didn't have enough ordained elders present to have the 
qualified number to lay on the hands in their sei*vice of consecration. 
Now that is a Methodist version I picked up in Pennsylvania. The one 
that I always followed that came through Paul Holdcraft, our his- 
torian in the East, was that Philip William Otterbein and Francis 
Asbury were close personal friends. The careful study that Manning 
Potts has made of the personal corespondence that went on between 
these two men shows how intimate their friendship was. And when 
it came time for Asbury to be consecrated as Bishop he insisted that 
Philip William Otterbein should be one of those who would be present 
for that consecration and who would .loin in the laying on of hands. 
Now this ceremony of laying on of hands we do not have in our 
installation sei^ice, but I would like to at least repeat the compliment 
and even the story and so I have invited the Secretary of the Council 
of Bishops of The Methodist Church, Bishop Roy H. Short, of 
Louisville, Kentucky, to come and share in the installation service. 
And that ought to make both Asbury and Otterbein glad this afternoon 
as they are looking over the battlements and ramparts of heaven to 

304 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

what is going on in Dallas, Texas during these days. So we begin this 
installation sei'vice with prayer . . . 

"Almighty God, who by thy Son Jesus Christ, didst give unto thy 
apostles many good and beneficent gifts, and didst charge them to 
feed and tend thy flock, grant through thy Holy Spirit, we beseech 
thee, grace unto all thy ministering servants that they may be able 
so to minister the doctrine, the sacraments and Christian discipline 
that thy holy name may be glorified, thy church edified, and thy 
kingdom extended into all the earth, through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Bishop Mueller: Now, Bishop Short, I invite you to come to read the 
Scripture Lesson for this occasion. 

Bishop Roy H. Short: Therefore, having this ministry by the mercy 
of God, we do not lose heart. We have renounced disgraceful, under- 
handed ways; we refuse to practice cunning or to tamper with God's 
word, but by the open statement of the truth we would commend our- 
selves to every man's conscience in the sight of God. And even if our 
gospel is veiled, it is veiled only to those who are perishing. In their 
case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to 
keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, 
who is the likeness of God. For what we preach is not ourselves, but 
Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus' sake. 
For it is the God who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," who 
has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the 
glory of God in the face of Christ. 

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, to show that the 
transcendent power belongs to God and not to us. We are afflicted in 
every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; 
persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed; always 
cari-ying in the body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may 
also be manifested in our bodies. For while we live we are always 
being given up to death for Jesus' sake, so that the life of Jesus may 
be manifested in our mortal flesh. So death is at work in us, but life 
in you. 

Since we have the same spirit of faith as he had who wrote, "I 
believed, and so I spoke," we too believe, and so we speak, knowing 
that he who raised the Lord Jesus will raise us also with Jesus and 
bring us with you into his presence. For it is all for your sake, so that 
as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanks- 
giving, to the glory of God. 

So we do not lose heart. Though our outer nature is wasting away, 
our inner nature is being renewed every day. For this slight 
momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory 
beyond all comparison, because we look not to the things that are 
seen but to the things that are unseen; for the things that are seen 
are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal. (II 
Corinthians 4.) (DCA 153.) 

Bishop Mueller: Will the secretary of the General Confei*ence please 
present the candidate for installation. 

Dr. Emerson Bragg: Bishop Washburn, will you please stand at your 
place. Esteemed Bishops, in the name of the General Conference of 
The Evangelical United Brethren Church, I present unto you this holy 
man of God to be installed as Bishop of The Evangelical United 
Brethren Church. 

Bishop Mueller: Thank you. Dr. Bragg. I would know of nothing 
more appropriate or fitting just now than for Bishop Heininger who 
was president of the Seminary dui'ing the days when Dr. Washburn 
attended that institution, and was a member of the congregation 
which Dr. Washburn served as pastor over a long stretch of years to 

The United Methodist Church 305 

come and present the beginning of the charge to the candidate for 
this office. 

Bishop Heininger: Brother Paul, the Evangelical United Brethren 
Church has expressed its confidence in you, in your character, in your 
devotion to Christ and his cause and your ability so to superintend 
and promote the general affairs and interests of the entire Church. 
The Church has signally honored you by selecting you to the highest 
office within her gift. The Bishop, as good stevi^ard, must be blameless, 
he must not be arrogant or quick tempered or a drunkard or violent or 
greedy for gain but hospitable, a lover of goodness, master of himself, 
upright, holy and self-controlled. He must hold firm to the sure word as 
taught so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and 
also to confute those who contradict it. 

Our Discipline states that the duties of the Bishops of the Evan- 
gelical United Bi-ethren Church are to oversee the spiritual and 
temporal concerns of The Evangelical United Brethren Church in 
general, to take care that everything is done according to the word 
of God and the order and Discipline of the Evangelical United 
Brethren Church. He shall travel throughout all the Annual Con- 
ferences in his area and such other parts of the Evangelical United 
Brethren Church as the General Conference or the Board of Bishops 
may direct. He is to observe the whole of the church Discipline, his 
official function and according to the word of God watch faithfully 
over the flock of Christ, feeding them with wholesome doctrine and 
guiding them with strict discipline. 

He is to preside at the sessions of the Annual and General Con- 
ferences, to ordain the ministers, and to gather with the conference 
superintendents assigned annually to fields of labor to the ministers. 
He is to plan with the conference superintendents for the promotion 
of the interest of the whole church in his own area and to gather with 
his colleagues, to review the work of all the areas and departments of 
the church, to make recommendations to the various annual con- 
ferences, boards and institutions of the Evangelical United Brethren 
Church, to interpret the church Discipline, to present to the General 
Conference a message as to the state of the church and to review its 
work and achievements and offer helpful and expedient recommenda- 

Bishop Mueller: Now Brother Paul, inasmuch as the Holy Scriptures 
enjoin that no man is to be placed hastily in supervision of the 
affairs of the church of Christ, and in order that those here may 
know your mind and purpose concerning this sacred office, will you in 
the fear of God answer the questions we ask you in the name of Christ 
and his church? 

Will you endeavor to live soberly, righteously and godly as a Bishop 
in the church so that you may be an example to all others in Christian 
living? Then answer / will by the help of God. 

Paul Washburn: I will by the help of God. 

Bishop Mueller: Will you instruct those who come under your care 
out of the Word of God to the edification of the whole church and will 
you seek to protect the church against all doctrine contrary to the 
Word of God? If so, then say, / wiU do so the Lord being my helper. 

Dr. Washburn: I will do so the Lord being my helper. 

Bishop Mueller: Will you give diligence, faithfully to perform all 
the duties assigned to you as a Bishop in the church of Christ, accord- 
ing to the order and Discipline of the Evangelical United Brethren 
Church? Then answer, / will by the help of God. 

Dr. Washburn: I will by the help of God. 

Bishop Mueller: Will you ever seek in true humility to deal justly 
and kindly with your brethren in the ministry over whom you are 

306 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

placed as a Bishop of the Church? Then say, / will do so by the help 
aivd grace of God. 

Dr. Washburn: I will do so by the help and grace of God. 

Bishop Mueller: The Almighty who has given you the will to do all 
these things grant also to you grace and strength to perform them 
that you may be found blameless through Jesus Chi'ist our Lord. Amen. 

I am going to invite the other members of the Board of Bishops to 
come and give this duly installed Bishop the right hand of Christian 
brotherhood and fellowship as we stand as a body. 

And now will the family stand up back there too and join the circle 
a little closer. 

The prayer of dedication is going to be prayed by our Bishop 
Emeritus George Edward Epp. It couldn't be more fitting or proper 
that he should be here to do this because of the long friendship be- 
tween these two men. 

Bishop George E. Epp: May we bow in silent prayer (silent prayer). 

Almighty God, giver of every good and perfect gift, who by the 
Holy Spirit has appointed various offices and ministries in thy church, 
graciously behold thy servant now called to the office and the ministry 
of a Bishop in the church. Replenish him with Thy truth, adorn 
him with holiness of life, that both by word and deed he may serve 
thee faithfully in this office and ministry to the glory of thy name 
and to the edification of thy church and its faithful supervision. Send 
now upon Thy servant, we beseech, thee. Thy heavenly blessings, and 
so endow him with the Holy Spirit that he may preach the word, be 
diligent in season and out of season, reprove, rebuke, exhort with all 
long suffering and teaching that he may be to them that believe an 
example in word, in manner of life, in love, in faith and in purity. 

Grant unto this Thy servant we beseech thee such grace that he 
may attend faithfully the flock of Christ, exercising the oversight, 
not of constraint, but willingly according to the will of God, nor yet 
for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind neither as lording over the charge 
allotted to him but making himself an example to the flock. So that 
when the Chief Shepherd shall be manifested, thy servant shall receive 
the crown of glory that fadeth not away, through Jesus Christ our 
Lord, and let the Conference answer, AMEN. 

And now may grace, mercy and peace be our abiding portion and 
we will give Thee glory and honor. Lord God Almighty, forever. Amen. 
{DCA 153, 154.) 

Bishop Mueller: I would like to have the privilege now to make a 
matter record, the presenting to this General Conference of Bishon 
Roy H. Short. For a number of years he has been the continuing 
officers of the Council of Bishops of The Methodist Church, the 
Secretary of that Council, a very good friend of every one of us and 
we look forward to fellowship in that Council, very much because he 
is there, because he exemplifies the spirit of the fellowship of that 
group of Bishops. Bishop Short. (Applause.) 

Greeting by Bishop Short : 

Bishop Short: Bishop Mueller and friends, let me say just this. 
I started out in this ministry a long time ago when I was a boy in 
college. I was only seventeen when I went to my first charge. I 
wasn't much of a preacher and it wasn't much of a charge. One of my 
churches told the District Superintendent it would pay me whatever 
came in and it brought in $4.67 that year, but it was a glorious op- 
portunity to preach. 

I used to walk my circuits and walking those circuits gave you a 
chance to dream, but I never had enough imagination to realize all 

The United Methodist Church 307 

the things that life might bring in the afterdays. I feel so sorry for 
any young preacher who's afraid of the road. I don't know any reason 
to be afraid of the road. One of the interesting things about this 
blessed itinerant road is the delightful surprises of it. And now here 
today is another delightful surprise. I can't overstate how deeply I 
appreciate the privilege of being asked over here by Bishop Mueller to 
share in this service, as this Brother that I did not know a few years 
ago, but whom I have come to love and know comes into this office in 
the gallery of memory. This surprise experience this afternoon will 
linger for a long, long time, and I thank Bishop Mueller and the rest 
of you for letting me share. (Applause.) {DCA 155.) 

Bishop Howard: We are very glad that Bishop Short could be here. 
He is the Secretary of the Council of Bishops and has been a great 
help to the Board of Bishops of The Evangelical United Brethren 
Church in helping us get oriented into our new relationships. We are 
glad he could be here with us this afternoon. 

Bishop Short: Mr. Chairman, may I say this. The only reason I 
want to rush off is this. My college is in session, and the last time I 
missed a meeting they moved me. So I think I'll go back. (Applause.) 

Recommendations from General Council of Administration — 
Paul V. Church 

Bishop Howard: Before we come to the next item which is a business 
item, if Rev. Aaron Shaeffer is in the room and within the hearing 
of my voice, would he please come to the platform just a minute. I 
am told he is in a rehearsal so he probably isn't here. We come now 
to the recommendations from the General Council of Administration. 
If Dr. Paul V. Church, the Secretary of this Council will bring these 
recommendations to us. {DCA 155.) 

Dr. Paul Church: In our General Council meeting in March we 
made an effort to process certain matters that might come before the 
General Conference in order to expedite our work today. The recom- 
mendations were sent to the delegates some days ago, and you should 
have had them in your hands. The overseas delegates did not get 
them. There may have been certain other persons who were omitted 
from the list. We have some extra copies and the ushers have them 
available at the rear of the room if you would hold up your hand if you 
need a copy, especially if you didn't get them and let's have these 
people served first. Then if you forgot youi copy then we will take 
care of you afterwards. Will the ushers please care for this particular 
item for us? 

Also, the Coordinating Council has brought over a number of their 
reports for distribution at our Conference. The Coordinating Council 
is a body that handles a good many matters which are similar to 
items which our General Council deals. It's not quite as broad in 
terms of its scope of responsibilities but it was thought that you 
would be interested in this report which it is bringing in terms of its 
work this last quadrennium and these will also be distributed by the 
ushers during the period of the report of the Council. Turning directly 
to the report of the Council, the first item on the report is that of the 
reaffirmation of the travel expense for delegates. (Appendix, page 
1578.) The recommendation comes from the General Council. It should 
be noted that the recommendation is identical to that which we 
followed in Chicago, except that no allowance is made for the 
garage charge. The garages at all of the hotels are furnished, that 
is all of the major hotels where you are staying are furnished, on a 
complimentary basis, and so we do not have that additional item of 
expense. {DCA 155.) 

I think the General Conference should know that this is a very 

308 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

costly session for us. We have had to finance finally the last dollars 
we will need taken off the top of the Christian Service Fund and 
deducted from the allocation of all of our Boards and Agencies, and it 
does not seem possible to be more generous than we are in terms of 
these recommendations. Our Conference pays the expense of all 
delegates to the meeting. The other expenses of the General Con- 
ference we share, paying one-fifth of the expense, while The Meth- 
odist Church pays four-fifths. Mr. Chairman, this first item is before 
you. Do you wish to take them item by item? 

Bishop Howard: I believe we will just pause after each paragraph 
and see if we have any questions and if not we will just go on. We will 
have just one motion at the end to approve the whole report. Come 
to the mike if you wish to speak. Any questions here? Don't see any. 
(DCA 155.) 

Dr. Church: The next item deals with the matter of petitions from 
the Pacific Northwest and the Montana Conferences to the 1966 
General Conference. The petitions in the one instance ask for the 
withdrawal on the part of the churches of the conference, this was 
Pacific Northwest; the other petition asks for withdrawal on the 
matter of the Conference as a whole. These petitions were never 
accepted or denied. They were referred to the General Council of 
Administration for further consideration in connection with the 
appointment of the Commission on Unity. Some question was raised, 
I think this morning, by some as to whether or not the report of the 
Commission on Unity had been properly adopted. The General Con- 
ference of 1966 authorized the Commission on Unity to report to the 
General Council of Administration and the General Council of 
Administration was authorized to act in behalf of General Conference 
regarding the work of the Commission. In the Blue Book this morning 
was a report of the action of the Council. This report was adopted. 
The report contained the action taken by the Council in which it 
received the report of the Commission and instructed the Commission 
to continue to deal with the problems arising in Montana and Pacific 
Northwest Conferences within the charter of responsibility given to 
it by the General Conference and within the orbit of its report to the 
Council of Administration. 

So within those limitations the Committee now continues its work. 
It is not concluding its work. It now continues and will seek to carry 
on the reconciling work which it has carried to date, and also will seek 
to adjudicate any matters arising out of this situation in the best 
possible way. This is their charter, and we have approved this pro- 
cedure in approving the report this morning. However, we have not 
taken any action directly on these petitions, and Item No. 2 is a 
resolution and I will simply read the part of it on page 2, and the 
resolution itself resolves that the General Conference of the Evan- 
gelical United Brethren Church deny the petition from the Montana 
and the Pacific Northwest Conferences. The third item we have 
already taken care of. It was reported this morning in the statement 
of the Board of Bishops, and it has been acted upon so we can skip it. 
{DCA 155.) 

The next item is one dealing with the transfer of title of the 
Administrative Offices Building and the two adjoining lots on Central 
Avenue to an agency of The United Methodist Church and it should 
be said in The United Methodist Church Boards and Agencies rather 
than the church at large holds title to property. These titles, of course, 
are held in trust for the chuixh but the titles are not vested directly 
in the denomination but rather in a Board and this particular action 
would authorize our Board of Trustees, or the successor of the Board, 
to transfer the property at 601 West Riverview Avenue and these 
two adjoining lots which have been purchased to an agency which 

The United Methodist Church 309 

would be located in this building and thus keep it in harmony with 
the practice of the Church. 

The Resolution on page 3 resolves that the Board of Trustees of 
The Evangelical United Brethren Church, or its legal successor, be 
and hereby is authorized to convey titles to said properties to the 
general Church agency designated by the Uniting Conference to hold 
titles to said properties. {DC A 155-156.) 

Shall I proceed, Mr. Chairman? 

Bishop Howard: Yes. Please do. 

Dr. Church: Item No. 5 is the authority to sell properties and to 
transfer titles to seven Episcopal Residences therein described and 
the location of these residences. They are residences now occupied by 
our Board of Bishops and the titles of these properties now rest in the 
Board of Trustees of the denomination. Here again the practice in 
The Methodist Church and in The United Methodist Church is dif- 
ferent than ours. Titles of properties with us have been held by the 
denomination. In The Methodist Church the residence of the Bishop 
is either purchased by the Bishop himself (this is his privilege), or, 
if not, the title to the residence is purchased by the Bishop's Area. 
Or in some cases, the conference in which he resides. An allowance 
for the purchase of the property in any event is made as a part of the 
compensation of a Bishop and it would seem wise in view of the fact 
that we do not have adequate funding for the pensions for our Board 
of Bishops who will now become members of the pension fund of the 
Episcopal Plan of The United Methodist Church, it seemed wise that 
these residences be sold and that the assets be transferred to the 
Pension Fund of the Episcopal Fund. 

The Resolution No. 5 is simply the matter of the authorization to 
sell. Resolved that the Board of Trustees of The Evangelical United 
Brethren Church or its legal successor be and is hereby authorized 
either to sell these episcopal residences and transfer the proceeds of 
selling said episcopal residences to the Council on World Service and 
Finance of The United Methodist Church for the purpose indicated 
above, or to transfer titles to said residences to the Council on World 
Service and Finance. {DC A 156.) 

The next item is the transfer of assets of Episcopal Residence Fund 
to the Council on World Service and Finance for use in funding 
episcopal pensions for former Evangelical United Brethren bishops 
and widows. Let me read the resolution : 

WHEREAS, the bishops of The United Methodist Church will 
receive their pensions from a funded episcopal pension plan; 

WHEREAS, the amounts which can be credited to our bishops' 
accounts and transferred from the Board of Pensions to this Episcopal 
Pension fund is wholly inadequate to meet the funding requirements 
for our bishops and bishops' widows pension; 

WHEREAS, there are assets in the Episcopal Residence Fund 
which will be augmented by the sale of the seven episcopal residences ; 

RESOLVED, that authorization is hereby given to transfer the total 
assets of the Episcopal Residence Fund, including the funds received 
from the sale of the seven episcopal residences to the Council on 
World Service and Finance of The United Methodist Church for the 
purpose of partially funding the episcopal pensions of the former 
Evangelical United Brethren bishops and bishops' widows; and be it 

RESOLVED, that any balances in the Episcopal Residence 
Maintenance funds also be transferred to the Council on World Service 
and Finance for the same purpose. It is understood that such balances 
in the last resolution would not be transferred until our bishops vacate 
these residences. {DCA 157.) 

310 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Item No. 7, the authorization to use Christian Service Fund receipts 
for General Conference expense. This is the item that we referred 
to a while ago in terms of expense of General Conference. 

WHEREAS, the cost of this adjourned session of the General 
Conference of The Evangelical United Brethren Church, the Uniting 
Conference of The United Methodist Church, and the General Con- 
ference of The United Methodist Church will probably run beyond 
the amount available in the General Conference Fund even after 
grants of $100,000 from other funds have been added to the amount 
which would regularly be available to the General Conference Fund, 
May 31, 1968. 

RESOLVED, that the General Conference authorize the payment 
of any expenses over and above the amount in the General Conference 
Fund through May 31, 1968, from the Christian Service Fund with 
the understanding that the amount which is spent for this purpose 
shall be deducted on a pro-rata basis from the payments made to all 
beneficiaries of the Christian Service Fund, including those which 
have preferred claims. {DC A 157.) 

No. 8 has been dealt with this morning in the report which Bishop 
Howard brought on the ruling of the Board of Bishops, and has been 
taken care of. {DC A 157.) 

No. 9. During the report period when our two Seminaries were 
reporting this morning, constitutions of the United Theological 
Seminary and the Evangelical Theological Seminary were distributed. 
These proposed constitution changes were before the General Council 
of Administration for examination. You have them in your hands, 
(see Appendix, page 1584) for a chance to glance through them for 
the changes wei-e underlined in the constitutions. They revolve 
primarily around the same matters we were concerned about with 
our homes and that is that a way for amendment of constitution be 
found which would not necessitate General Conference action and this 
way of amendment is found and also a procedure, a new procedure, 
for the electing of the trustees for these two institutions. 

We have elected all of these trustees at our General Conference 
and now both of these institutions propose to elect only a part in this 
way. These are the primary changes in these Constitutions, although 
there are some other minor changes in them. The resolution here is 
on page 5, that the General Conference ratify the constitutional 
changes which have been adopted by the Board of Trustees of the 
Evangelical Theological Seminary and the Board of Trustees of The 
United Theological Seminary. Now, Mr. Chairman, we have actually 
four petitions to deal with, and I think that it would be well to deal 
with those petitions separately to adopt this part of the report first. 

Bishop Howard: Have you finished all through 9? 

Dr. Church: Yes. 

Bishop Howard: You have heard this presentation. You had an 
opportunity to ask questions as we went along, but maybe before we 
have a motion to approve these nine recommendations, you have some 
questions. Is there a motion to approve these nine recommendations 
from the General Council of Administration? 

Delegate (unidentified) : Made a motion. 

Bishop Howard: It is supported. Is there any discussion? All in 
favor, indicate by saying Aye. Vote: Aye.) Contrary, no. Motion pre- 
vailed. And the recommendations (1-9) are approved. {DC A 157.) 

Petition from Ohio Miami Conference Regarding Election of 
Bishops — Paul V. Church 

Dr. Church: Now, Mr. Chairman, there were four petitions which 
were either addressed to this one day conference or they were peti- 

The United Methodist Church 311 

tions which in our judgment ought to be referred to the Joint Com- 
mission for some decision on recommendation at least before they 
would be passed on to the Uniting Conference. The first petition which 
was addressed both to our General Conference and the Uniting Con- 
ference was from the Ohio Miami Conference referred to under No. 
10, and the substance of the petition is described in the paragraph. 

A petition from the Ohio Miami Conference on a possible method of 
electing persons from the former E.U.B. Church to fill a vacancy 
created by the resignation or death of a former E.U.B. bishop before 
December 31, 1970, was referred to the Joint Commissions on Church 
Union with the understanding that a recommendation on it will be 
made to the adjourned session of our General Conference. 

The substance of the proposal was that in the event of death or 
resignation of one of our former bishops before this particular date 
which was the term of office which they orginally were elected that 
the matter would be referred for decision in the election of a new 
bishop to the delegates of this body either in called General Session 
or by mail ballot. The Joint Commissions considered this matter. Has 
Dr. Washburn returned yet? 

Bishop Howard: No. 

Dr. Church: He has reported to me the action of the Joint Commis- 
sions on them. The action : the procedure was deemed by the Joint 
Commission to be unconstitutional procedure. Thus the Constitution 
specifically states that the bishops of The United Methodist Church 
must be elected by the Jurisdictional Conference, and there is no way 
of circumventing that Constitution at this particular time. Therefore, 
the report for the Joint Commission is that the recommendation is not 
a constitutional one, and our recommendation according to the action 
here would be that w^e adopt this decision as our disposition of this 
particular petition. 

Bishop Howard: You make a motion to approve this report. It is 
moved and seconded. Any comments? All favorable say Aye. (Vote: 
Aye.) Contrary, No. The Ayes have it. The motion prevails. {DC A 

Petition from Susquehanna Conference Regarding Council 
of Administration — Paul V. Church 

Dr. Church: The second petition was from, depending upon memory 
here, I believe was either Susquehanna or Eastern Conference. It was 
dealing primarily with the matter of powers of Conference Councils 
of Administration in the period following the close of our General 
Conference and the Uniting Conference here and Annual Conference 

In the E.U.B. Church we have depended largely on these Councils 
of Administrations to help us tidy things up and get ready for an 
annual conference session and the question raised by this petition 
was whether or not those conferences, those councils had any au- 
thority after our General Conference since they are not included in 
the new Discipline. 

The ruling of the Joint Commissions on this particular matter was 
that a resolution is being brought to the Uniting Conference which 
would authorize the continuance of agencies and practices until such 
time as procedures were w^orked out for going into the new structures 
and as was pointed out, that these new structure boards cannot be 
immediately combined, and it is the opinion of the Joint Commissions 
that when this resolution is adopted by the Uniting Conference that 
this will in itself authorize the continuance of our Council of Admin- 
istration up until the time of Annual Conference session if they need 
to act. 

312 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Mr. Chairman, I'm not quite sure whether or not we need to take 
any action on it. Think that this is simply a report in terms of the 
facts of the matter on this. {DC A 158.) 

Bishop Howard: Well, to be on the safe side, let's approve the re- 
port. Is there a motion to approve it? Seconded. 

All in favor, say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) Opposed, say No. Approved. 
{DCA 158.) 

Petition, Northwest Canada Conference Regarding Name of 
Conference — Paul V. Church 

Dr. Church: The third of these petitions came from the Northwest 
Canada Conference. It was addressed to the Joint Commissions for 
decisions and then for such disposition within the General Confer- 
ences as they saw fit. The petition changed the request for the con- 
tinuation of the name under which the Conference now functions, and 
also asked permission to enter into conversations with other groups 
looking toward the possibility of a union in Canada with some other 
group so that the following resolution has been adopted by the Joint 

The Joint Commissions on Church Union, having received and dis- 
cussed the proposal to them from the Northwest Canada Conference 
of the E.U.B. Church, adopted the following resolution: 

One, the Joint Commissions having received an earlier petition from 
the Northwest Canada Conference asking for affiliated relationship 
with The United Methodist Church, and having responded to it by 
drafting and presenting to the United Conference a recommendation 
for the Northwest Canada Conference to use the name The Evan- 
gelical Church, Northwest Canada Annual Conference, Affiliated 
with The United Methodist Church, urges the Northwest Canada 
Annual Conference to give this relationship a fair trial. 

Two, The Joint Commissions give assurance to the Northwest Can- 
ada Annual Conference that while historically the Evangelical 
Church, the United Brethren Church, and the Northwest Canada 
Conference have taken strong positions that all annual conferences 
within territorial United States are bound by the application of 
the system. Both churches have repeatedly considered request and 
judgments of conferences outside the United States for the estab- 
lishment of a church or union with another church. 

Three, The United Methodist Church having as part of its organiza- 
tion a Commission on Structure of Methodism Overseas. This con- 
tained in the report of Joint Commissions on page 152, whose duties 
are to review and make recommendations regarding request of con- 
ference outside the United States, refers the Petition of Northwest 
Canada Conference to this Commission, with the request that they 
carefully and sympathetically study with the Northwest Canada 
Conference their problems and hopes, and bring to the General Con- 
ference of 1972 a report and recommendation. Bishop Heininger 
was requested to convey this resolution of the Joint Commissions 
to the Northwest Canada Conference. 

Mr. Chairman, I would feel that the proper action here would be to 
adopt this particular recommendation from the Joint Commissions, 
which would place this matter in the hands of this agency known as 
COSMOS for further study and reports subject to General Confer- 
ence. {DC A 158.) 

The United Methodist Church 313 

Bishop Howard: The motion is made that we follow this suggestion 
and approve this recommendation. Is this seconded? Are there any 
questions or comments? All favorable, please say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) 
{DC A 158.) 

Rev. Jesske is seeking the floor. 

Rev. Jesske: Mr. Chairman, just a question or two. Does this mean 
that the suggestions for the request of the resolution from the North- 
west Canada Conference need be carried on within this coming quad- 
rennium, that is, we may proceed with organizations with the guidance 
of COSMOS? Is that what the study means? 

Bishop Howard: Yes, it is our opinion that it means they may proceed 
under the guidance of COSMOS to seek a solution to your problems 
to do the things that we have outlined in our resolution. 

Well, we are not going to commit ourselves what the final result is, 
but you can make a study under the guidance of COSMOS. 

Rev. Jesske: We don't know what the final result is either, Mr. 
Chairman, but just so that it is clear in our minds that we do the 
thing that is in the minds of the Mission and the Conference that we 
may proceed with conversations, and if as we stated in the resolution, 
if we find favorable response with another denomination, proceed to 
set up a basis of union with the cooperation of the church which will 
be presented in 1972, is that what this means? 

Bishop Heininger: Brother Jesske, I believe that the instrumentality 
referred to as COSMOS, the Commission on the Structure of Method- 
ism Overseas has ways of guiding and directing you in this study, and 
the Resolution involves your cooperation with their guidance in The 
United Methodist Church. It makes no commitment at this particular 
time concerning other actions in terms of mergers or unions without 
that approval. I don't know whether I have answered your question 
or not. 

Rev. Jesske: Not altogether. It is still vague in my mind what the 
crucial point is there. If COSMOS, for example, would decide that we 
were not permitted to set up a basis of union even though we find 
some favor of response, would that happen? 

I'll ask Bishop Mueller if he desires the floor. 

Bishop Mueller: May I try to answer his question as one of the 
chairmen of the Commission on Church Union. Where this matter 
was the other day, and where this report was formulated, the North- 
west Canada Conference petitioned earlier for the privilege of be- 
coming an affiliated conference of The United Methodist Church, and 
the Commissions on Church Union granted that, and that is in the 
Plan and Basis of Union, and we think you are under obligation to 
try that out instead of rushing into something else before you have 
given that a chance. This does not close the door to negotiations 
through COSMOS for any other alternative, but I think you are under 
bond of your good word to follow through on Affiliation first, and I 
think I speak for the Commission on Church Union. 

Rev. Jesske: Mr. Chairman, we realize that, but on the other hand 
we are on Canadian soil, and we have a lot of problems that are 
Canadian. Our Ontario folks elected our fellowship ; the picture is 
entirely different for a number of reasons than it was three years ago. 

Bishop Mueller: The affiliation, Mr. Chairman, was not our idea, it 
was your suggestion. It is what you asked for, and let's give it a trial 
and see if it will work. 

Bishop Heininger: Brother Jesske, have I made it clear that the 
instrumentality in The United Methodist Church for discussions of 
such matters beyond the bounds of the United States is COSMOS? 
Your group vowed, when I visited you in January, that you wanted 

314 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

to work within the law and discipline of the church and true loyalty. 
We have passed on to this instrumentality to The United Methodist 
Church, therefore, the matter of procedure, and we will have to work 
with them. In other words, you are in no position to make unilateral 
agreements without such channels. 

Rev. Jesske: Mr. Chairman, may I repeat my question once more? 
My original question was, that is it the mind of the Committee on 
Church Union, and the Board of Bishops, that we may, however, ex- 
periment and explore the field and do the things that we have asked 
for if this develops? This is my question; I have got to know. If the 
answer is no, it's entirely different than if it is yes. 

Bishop Mueller: May I ask you a question? Are you going to experi- 
ment with affiliation? 

Rev. Jesske: We have to for a while, don't we? 

Bishop Mueller: Well, I think you are the ones that are pledged to it. 

Rev. Jesske: And at this same time, in the day in which we are living 
if things are moving very fast and there are several groups in our 
area that unless we act now and explore the field now, in four years it 
will be too late for us. 

Bishop Mueller: You will have COSMOS as your bishop has said. 
You have COSMOS as the unit of the church through which to do the 
things you want to do at that point, if the other thing doesn't work. 

Rev. Jesske: If COSMOS will cooperate with us and help us in this 
then we are satisfied. 

Bishop Howard: I think I should just say this, we cannot here this 
afternoon pledge what COSMOS will do. We have asked COSMOS to 
take your problem into consideration. COSMOS has a very good repu- 
tation and very good record for helping Methodist Churches outside 
the boundaries of the United States working out their problems, and I 
am sure they will be very helpful to you. We can't take any action 
here today pledging what COSMOS will do. I think we have gone as 
far as we can go. 

Rev. Jesske: We could, however, could we not recommend that the 
Northwest Canada Conference be permitted to explore the field. We 
live up there. 

Bishop Howard: By explore you mean unofficial conversations and 
discussion. I don't see anything wrong with that. I don't think you 
could commit yourself to anything definite until you work through 

Rev. Jesske: I have nothing else to say, but I am not satisfied with 
the answer. 

Bishop Howard: Is there any other discussion? 

Bishop Heininger : Let's have the resolution reread. 

Dr. Church: The Joint Commissions, ha\ing received an earlier 
petition from the Northwest Canada Conference asking for affiliated 
relationship with The United Methodist Church, and having responded 
to it by drafting and presenting to the Uniting Conference a recom- 
mendation for the Northwest Canada Conference to use the name the 
Evangelical Church, Northwest Canada Annual Conference affiliated 
with The United Methodist Church, urges the Northwest Canada An- 
nual Conference to give this relationship a fair trial. 

Tivo. The Joint Commissions give assurance to the Northwest 
Canada Annual Conference that while historically the Evangelical 
United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church have taken strong 
nositions that all annual conferences within teritory of the United 
States are bound by the obligations of the connectional system. Both 
churches have respected considerable requests and judgments of con- 

The United Methodist Church 315 

ferences outside the United States for the establishment of an autono- 
mous church or union with another church. 

Three. The United Methodist Church, having as part of its organi- 
zation a Commission on the Structure of Methodism Overseas, whose 
duty it is to review and make recommendation regarding requests of 
conferences outside the United States, refers the petition of the 
Northwest Canada Conference to this Commission (known as COS- 
MOS) with the request that they carefully and sympathetically study 
with the Northwest Canada Conference their problems, hopes and 
aspirations and bring to the General Conference of 1972 a report and 
recommendation. {DC A 159.) 

Bishop Howard: We have this before us. We've had some discussion 
on it. Is there any further discussion? I'll put the motion. . . . All 
favorable, say Aye. (Vote: Aye.) Contrary, no. The Ayes have it. 
The motion is passed. {DCA 159.) 

Petitions from Churches in Erie Conference Requesting 
Withdrawal— Paul V. Church 

Dr. Church: These three petitions were before the Joint Commis- 
sions. The fourth one which I have has not come by that route, but 
has come by a route which I will describe in a moment. Let me read a 
matter of background, however, in order that we might get the setting 
for this particular resolution. (May I state that I am reading from the 
Executive Committee of the January 13th Journal, 1968.) The Con- 
ference Council of Administration of Erie Conference referred peti- 
tions from 13 Local Conferences representing nine charges, asking 
permission to withdraw as local churches from the denomination. 

Dr. Glenn E. Donaldson, Conference Superintendent of the Erie Con- 
ference, reported on the situation, stating that he had personally taken 
the stand these petitions were not in harmony with the law of the 
Evangelical United Brethi'en Church and had encouraged these con- 
gregations to withdraw their petitions. A special committee composed 
of Warren F. Mentzer and Paul Washburn also reported on a meeting 
which they had with persons from these congregations. The following 
resolution was adopted : 

WHEREAS, the Erie Conference has referred petitions from thir- 
teen local conferences which petition withdrawal from the denomi- 
nation bpcanse of union with The Methodist Church, and 
WHEREAS, the Executive Committee of the General Council of 
Administration has heard a statement from Conference Superin- 
tendent Glenn Donaldson in which he informs the Council of the 
position which he has taken in regard to these petitions, namely, 
that the law of the church does not permit the withdrawal of the 
local church from the denomination, 

RESOLVED, that we commend Dr. Glenn Donaldson for the position 
which he has taken in regard to these petitions and support him in 
it, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Executive Committee 
of the General Council of Administration deny each of these peti- 
tions from the thirteen local Conferences because they are not in 
harmony with the law of the Evangelical United Brethren Church, 
and directs the Erie Conference to be guided by this decision in 
dealing with these local churches. 

At the March 7 and 8 meeting of the full Council of Administration, 
the following resolution was adopted: The resolution on local church 
petitions to withdraw from the denomination was presented by Bishop 
Howard and adopted, and here is the resolution. It is really a resolu- 
tion, supporting the action of the Executive Committee. 

316 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

BE IT RESOLVED, that this Council of Administration affirms that 
local church petitions for withdrawal from the denomination are 
contrary to the order and Discipline of the Evangelical United 
Brethren Church, and this Council supports the action of its Execu- 
tive Committee denying all such local church petitions. 
A couple of weeks ago I received a petition — it was longer than two 
weeks ago, a matter of a month or six weeks — I received a petition 
from the Sawyer Church of the Erie Conference requesting a property 
settlement and permission not to enter into church union with The 
Methodist Church. The petition which I have in my hand was sub- 
mitted by an attorney which the church had secured. The petition has 
several whereas, and they cite the following facts in their whereas — 
that the annual conference delegation did not support organic union 
in the 1966 Conference, that on many occasions the Erie Conference's 
local churches have objected to it, that the layman's association of 
the Conference expressed their desire not to enter into union with 
The Methodist Church, the local church expresses its serious appre- 
hension in a number of points relating to ministerial delegates, the 
way in which conference superintendents are appointed, election of 
Bishops for life, matters of the general direction of which the church 
is moving in terms of further possible unions, the commitment of what 
it believes that Church to be toward liberal trends, the possible break- 
up of the Erie Conference, and then comes their resolution: 

Therefore, he it resolved: That we as members of the Sawyer Evan- 
gelical United Brethren Church declare ourselves at this duly called 
meeting of the congregation to be in agreement with the actions of 
the statements above which are in opposition to entering the union, 
and that we commit ourselves to the proposition that we will not 
enter the church union and will seek an equitable property settle- 
ment with the denomination, and 

Be it further resolved, that we petition the Erie Annual Conference 
that we desire to retain without litigation the property which has 
been paid for by the congregation and that any borrowed money 
received from the Erie Conference shall be subject to negotiations 
and that any existing indebtedness shall be assumed by the congre- 
gation, and 

Be it further resolved, that these acts be conveyed to the proper 
committee of the Erie Conference Council of Administration and the 
Erie Conference Annual Session, 1967, and 

Be it fiirther resolved, that if this petition is not granted by the 
annual conference that it be referred to the General Conference in 
April, 1968, and 

Be it further qualified, that in the event that the Erie Conference 
should be granted a like petition to the General Conference of 
April, 1968, and there is no such petition before us that the Sawyer 
Church wishes to remain part of the Erie Conference. 
After consultation with the Board of Bishops regarding this particu- 
lar petition, and the route by which it has come, the position was taken 
that it had not followed the regular Constitutional route which re- 
quires the Annual Conference or the Conference Council of Adminis- 
tration or the Conference Delegation to pass it on or to reject the 
petition, to pass it on -without recommendation or to pass it on with 
recommendation. I wrote to the attorney who had mailed me this 
particular petition informing him of this particular fact and indicat- 
ing that if the petition was to be presented to the Conference that it 
must come through the Erie Delegation. I have been informed by 
Superintendent Donaldson that he has had no further word from the 
attorney. This letter was addressed to him I would say some three 
weeks ago. The Delegation, as many as could be assembled, however. 

The United Methodist Church 317 

of the Erie Conference, was called together. They were divided in 
terms of whether or not the petition should be presented. Superin- 
tendent Donaldson, however, in conversation with me this morning in- 
dicated that they would be willing for the petition to come without any 
recommendation from the Conference. This is the position of this 
particular petition, Mr. Chairman. 

Bishop Howard: Now will you clarify the situation. You presented 
the Sawyer Church. 

Dr. Church: Yes, this was one of the churches from the Erie Con- 
ference, one of the thirteen churches from which we had petitions in 
January which at that time were denied by the Executive Committee 
of the Conference Council of Administration. It rejected this position, 
denying it, saying that it was not possible for a church to withdraw 
as they proposed from the denomination. That position was supported 
by the Conference Council of Administration meeting in March, and 
that now the petition comes from the local church to the General Con- 
ference without recommendation by its Delegation. 

Bishop Howard: It would be proper for us to make a motion, make a 
motion reaffirming the action of the Council of Administration, deny- 
ing these petitions. 

Dr. Church: That would be proper, Mr. Chairman. 

Bishop Howard: Is there such a motion? Motion made. 

Is it seconded? Seconded. 

Is there any discussion? (None.) All in favor, say Aye. (Vote: 
Aye.) Contrary, No. {DC A 162.) 

Statement Regarding Erie Conference — Bishop Howard 

Bishop Howard: Now just lest you be uncertain here I want to say 
that the Erie Conference Council has not approved any of these peti- 
tions from local churches. The Council and the Superintendent, Dr. 
Donaldson, have been consistently loyal to our denomination. They 
are not in any sense in the same category with some other Conferences 
that are seeking withdrawal. 

Dr. Church: This completes the report, Mr. Chairman. (DC A 162.) 

Closing Items — Miscellaneous Business 

Bishop Howard: Now we have next on the program reports of Com- 
mittees, but as I understand it no committees have met, no business 
was referred, so we have no committees to report. Is that correct? 

Dr. Bragg: That's correct, Mr. Chairman. 

Bishop Howard: Now we come toward the close. Let us hold steady. 
I would like to make this announcement — that the man who is manag- 
ing the transportation said that there will be buses going from this 
theatre back toward the hotel at 4:30 and 4:45, at the front of this 
theatre, not over in front of the other building, but in front of this 
theatre, which I think is right out here to the right, 4:30, 4:45. 

Now, is there any miscellaneous news before we enter into the clos- 
ing moments of this general conference session? 

Bishop Mueller: Mr. Chairman, I was asked earlier in the day to 
explain the voting in the Uniting Conference as compared with voting 
in this Conference, and the voting in the United Conference which 
will be the last day of our stay here in Dallas. 

The Uniting General Conference which begins tomorrow morning is 
made up of the present Methodist General Conference and the present 
Evangelical United Brethren General Conference. There are over 900 
Methodist members and some 450 EUB members. In other words, we 
have just put the two bodies that met in Chicago together in the one 

318 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

uniting conference, and in this body it will be, if matters could be 
settled this way, half the number of votes as the Methodists have, 
which is manifestly disproportionate in size; but since the United 
Conference will be dealing with agreements in the planning of union, 
only in Part Four, which will be changes in Discipline which have 
already been approved in principle, and which stands unless changed, 
it can be changed only by the necessary majority of votes in each of 
the two segiuents of the Uniting Conference, in other words, you 
have to have the majority of EUB's and the majority of Methodists 
voting separately in order to carry a proposition. We call that voting 
by order by voting by houses, and this procedure has been adopted in 
order to make it difficult to change Part Four in the first time that we 
are together. After this first General Conference, Part Four can be 
changed by the majority voting of the United General Conference of 
The United Methodist Church. 

Now, in order to meet possible legal developments or legal require- 
ments, after we have closed the Uniting Conference, we are planning 
to have one day of a United Conference whose membership will be ac- 
cording to the formula of the relationship of EUB to Methodist, which 
is 1 to 14, and in that United Conference, on that one day, there will 
be only 130 of us with voting rights in that United Conference. That 
United Conference will only pass ratifying legislation of everything 
that has been passed by the Uniting Conference in order to give it 
legal status so that nobody can call anything into question. 

Now, when you go to the Jurisdictional Conferences the last week in 
July, each of our annual conferences will have twice as many voting 
delegates as they had in the United Conference. In other words, our 
EUB constituency will have 260 voting members in all of the Juris- 
dictional Conferences. That is our ratio, twice as much as 14 to 1 
ration which has been agreed upon. I don't know if I have made it 
clear or not. It's perfectly clear to me. If there are questions I will be 
happy to try to answer them, either here now or in between sessions. 
If this question was raised I was asked to give the answer to it. {DC A 

Bishop Howard: Are there any questions? Do not seem to be any. 

Yes, over here, Dr. Hallman of the former Canada Conference. Will 
you get to the microphone, please. We want to get this down in print. 
We do not have a court stenographer. We are recording this all on 
tape, so it is necessary to get everything through the microphone. 

Appreciation by Canada Conference — Dr. E. E. Hallman 

Dr. Hallman (Canada) : It is a question of privilege. I feel perhaps 
this is the time that a few things should be said. I think we are here 
today as a delegation through the courtesy of The Evangelical United 
Brethren Church, through the action of the Board of Bishops who 
gave us our release from membership to become a part of the United 
Church of Canada. This is our last session here in this gathering, and 
we feel that it is only right that we express words of appreciation of 
the long years of relationship that this Conference has had. 

First of all for the Evangelical Church and the Evangelical United 
Brethren Church, and the very happy associations that we have had 
over these years. Most of our ministers in the Conference have been 
trained in our schools, particularly North Central College and Evan- 
gelical Theological Seminary. Bishops of this denomination have 
served our Conference over many years. The relationships have been 
most happy, and as we come to the end of this road which began way 
back in 1837, we would certainly want to express the deep appreciation 
of the people of the Canada Conference for these years of association 
together as a part of our denomination. 

The United Methodist Church 319 

As we move into a new relationship, we are finding this relationship 
to be most cordial, and provisions of the plan of union have been most 
gracious and generous. Our people are moving forward in a wonder- 
ful spirit. They have appreciated the attitude of the General Con- 
ference in affording us this privilege at the Conference. We look 
forward to being a more vital part of the Christian church in our 
country, and again as we say our farewell in this session, it is with 
appreciation of the wonderful association we have had over these 
years, and our prayers will be with you as you enter into this new 
relationship in The United Methodist Church. {DCA 161.) 

Bishop Howard: Thank you. Dr. Hallman. (Applause.) 

Whereas this breaks our relationship with the Canada Conference 
in an organizational way, I am sure that the spiritual ones are not 
broken, and we will continue to be in spiritual fellowship with our 
brethren in The United Church of Canada. 

I think I will just pass on to you something that most of you know, 
but of which we need to be reminded. Some conferences who seek 
cessation from our denomination say, "Well, you let the Canada Con- 
ference join the United Church of Canada. Why can't you let us go 
and join somebody of our choosing?" The fact is, the Canada Confer- 
ence has joined The Methodist Church in Canada. There is no separate 
Methodist Church in Canada. The Methodist Church in Canada many 
years ago became a part of the United Church, so if the Canada Con- 
ference is to join The Methodist Church in Canada it must join the 
United Church and it has done so. Please keep that in mind. {DCA 

A delegate on the floor from Florida is now coming to the micro- 

Question Regarding Conference of United Church — ^W. R. 

Rev. W. R. Obaugh (Florida) : Mr. Chairman, I would like to just 
ask the question for clarification concerning the item of the United 
Conference in one day which closes the General Sessions. I would 
like for that to be carried on just a bit further. Is that one day going 
to be on the fourth of May? Has the date been set? 

Bishop Mueller: We don't know yet, depends on how business goes. 
Our hotel contracts cover the fourth of May. 

Rev. Obaugh: I see. My second question then. I believe you said we 
have 160 voting delegates — 130, all right, thank you. Are all delegates 
supposed to be present even though they have no vote? Or will it be 
limited only to voting delegates? 

Bishop Mueller: I am sure all delegates will be welcome to be present, 
but voting delegates will be the ones that will be seated on the floor. 
The rest of us will have to be seated in the visitors section during that 
session, I suppose. Thank you. (DC A 161.) 

Bishop Howard: Are there any announcements? 

Remember that at 7:30 tonight there is a session in the auditorium 
where we were last night, when the Episcopal Address of the United 
Conference will be given. 

Question Regarding Voting by Orders — Harvey Chinn 

Rev. Harvey Chinn, California: I discovered in this Handbook that 
they have a rule, No. 13, voting by orders which can separate the 
votes of laymen and ministers, and if one-third of the laymen asked 
for a separate vote, and one-third of the ministers asked for separate 
vote, that they can vote separate by orders. My question is, In the 
voting procedures the next two weeks, will both of these voting orders, 

320 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

EUB's and Methodist, laymen and ministers, apply at the same time? 
Can we get in the position of having four different groups vote, and 
have more power over the others? 

Bishop Mueller: The answer, Mr. Chairman, if I may give it, is no. 
It will always be explained what the voting process is when it is called 
for. I think you are referring to certain things on which ministers 
can vote and certain things on which only laymen can vote. At the 
same time, in the Uniting General Conference when it comes to 
changes in Part 4 it will take the majority of vote in each separate 
house in order to effect those changes. That is the only time that will 
be called into question. Into use, I mean. {DCA 161.) 

Bishop Howard: I do not hear any call for further announcements, 
so we will proceed with the program. 

Closing Service of Consecration — Bishop Milhouse 

Bishop Howard: Bishop Paul W. Milhouse will now lead us in a 
Service of Consecration. At the conclusion. Bishop Mueller will make 
a declaration and then the Board of Bishops as a unit will adjourn 
this session of the 41st General Conference. 

Bishop Paul W. Milhouse: If Aaron Sheaffer is here I would like for 
him to come to the platform. 

Tomorrow morning we will become United Methodist, and this is an 
adventure of faith. We believe, we have said we believe, that we can 
come together as the EUB and Methodist into one United Methodist 
Church. We have done the voting, we can't go back, and we have even 
taken a new name, bringing all of our past history and our traditions 
together. We have set our faces toward the future. Our whole past 
reputation is at stake, and now we move forward in this daring ad- 
venture of bringing all of our property, all of our institutions, all of 
our people into one church. We have never been one church before. 

In 1939 when the Methodists united it was simply a reunion of 
Methodist bodies which at one time had been together. We have always 
been separate churches, we were never one. Our beginnings, although 
similar, and interwoven with each other, were never identical. The 
Methodist Church came from England, out of the Church of England. 
They brought with them English traditions and worked among English 
speaking people. Otterbein came out of the German Reformed Church 
in Germany, came to America under the Dutch Reformed Church 
Board of Missions, and worked among the German-speaking people 
in Pennsylvania and Virginia and Maryland. Albright came out of 
the German Lutheran background. Now we bring all of our various 
traditions together in faith and determined purpose that we will be 
one church. 

I not only believe this is an adventure in faith, I believe it can be 
for us a step for spiritual enrichment and new effectiveness. This will 
depend a great deal upon our response to the opportunities that come 
to us. This can mean new spiritual enrichment because there will be 
some opportunities that come through an enlarged fellowship that we 
have never had before. The most important thing we bring to this 
union is ourselves and the people of our congregations, and as we 
come into this larger fellowship and share our vsntnesses, our faith, 
and our experience, and covenant together to give our lives, our 
bodies and souls, our minds, our skills, energies and resources in the 
one church, we can find new experiences that will bring new visions 
and new enrichment. 

We have had to take a look again at our faith and restudy our con- 
fession of faith. Do we really believe what we say we believe? And a 
re-examination and rethinking of our faith can open doors for spirit- 
ual renewal. It has done it in the past, it can do it again. We have 

The United Methodist Church 321 

been forced to take a new look at our social relationships and our 
social practices in the light of our union. We have been forced to re- 
examine the organization structure of our church. Organization is the 
way by which we work together as a group of people toward some 
goal, and I am glad to know the spirit that seems to prevail as we 
come to union, that structure must be an instrument, an agency, to 
be a channel through which we can carry out the mission of the 
church. As we come into this United Church tomorrow, I hope that 
every one of us will be responsible members of the Uniting Confer- 
ence. This means that we must carry our responsibility in giving our 
best thinking to the issues that come before us. We must be willing 
to share responsibility in committees and other groups, and what we 
must do here we must do back home when we go to our congregations, 
and to our own commvinities. If we dare to take an attitude that we 
will simply let somebody else do the work, if we hide behind the idea 
that we are small in many communities compared to the larger 
Methodist Churches, we will defeat the purpose of our union. 

In many ways we will need to take some new initiative in becoming 
acquainted with people in The Methodist Church. We will find our- 
selves meeting in larger groups, with people we don't know, and fol- 
lowing procedures that are unfamiliar to us, but we must meet these 
situations as responsible people of The United Methodist Church, and 
if we do this, we can share in bringing some new spiritual life into 
our union. This should be our goal, therefore, in the words of Paul, 
"Be watchful, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong, but 
let all you do be done in love. I appeal to you therefore, brethren, by 
the mercies of God, to present yourselves, body and soul, as a living 
sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship." 
Let us pray. 

God, we bring ourselves to the close of this session of our Gen- 
eral Conference, and on the opening of our Uniting Conference, and 
with sincere hearts, and with faith in the Holy Spirit to lead us into 
the future on an untrodden path. We come with confidence that the 
future is in Thy Hands. Grant, Lord, that we will act responsibly 
under the guidance of Thy Holy Spirit to every new situation which 
we face. We pray that thou will not let us become overcome with fear. 
Help us to be realistic. Guide us, we pray, in making decisions. Every 
action with Thy Love, and help us to carry untarnished into the new 
church the great and glorious heritage which we bring as Evangelical 
United Brethren People. Fire us with zeal and enthusiasm. Help us 
to walk with steady feet and humility before Thee. We bring our- 
selves, our church, our people, our institutions and lay them before 
Thee in The United Methodist Church. Use us to Thy Glory, we pray. 

Now I would like for us to sing, two stanzas of Rise Up, Men of 
God. Since we only have one hymn book I will read these two verses. 
I think this will help you be able to sing them together. The first verse 

"Rise up, Men of God, 

Have done with lesser things. 

Give heart and mind and soul and strength 

To serve the King of Kings. 
And the second verse, 

"Lift high the cross of Christ, 

Tread whei-e his feet have trod. 

As brothers of the Son of Man, 

Rise up, Men of God." 
Let's stand and sing. (Hymn: "Rise Up, Men of God) 

Bishop Howard: You will remain standing. Bishop Mueller will con- 
tinue our service with the Declaration. {DCA 163.) 

322 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Declaration of Continuance of the Evangelical United Breth- 
ren in The United Methodist Church — Bishop R. H. 

Bishop Mueller: Because it is the faith of the members of the Board 
of Bishops that the Evangelical United Brethren Church is not dying, 
that we are not ending our life here this afternoon, and that with our 
full strength we are entering into a new union and relationship, in 
order that we may be more effective in the service of Jesus Christ, 
even though we realize that there is a necessity of bringing a General 
Conference Session to a proper legal close, and a resolution of ad- 
journment, we nevertheless declare that it is our high and holy pur- 
pose that this church shall go on rendering service through the en- 
larged United Methodist Church for Christ, and for his church in 
the generations to come, in the Name of God, the Father, the Son, 
and the Holy Spirit, Amen. {DCA 163.) 


Bishop Howard: Is there a motion to adjourn? All favorable indi- 
cate by saying Aye. (Vote: Aye.) Opposed, no. 

Rather than the chairman alone declaring this session adjourned. 
The Board of Bishops as a panel will make this declaration. (Bishops 
holding hands.) 

Repeat after me: "The business of this adjourned meeting having 
been completed, we the Members of the Board of Bishops of The 
Evangelical United Brethren Church do now declare the 41st Session 
of the General Conference of The Evangelical United Brethren 
Church be adjourned, and under God we now move into The United 
Methodist Church, in the Name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

In a mood of nostalgia and reverence, with certain regrets, 
yet v^ith expectation, with sadness at the passing of the old 
but with the joy of anticipation of greater experiences and 
broader opportunities, this adjourned session of the Forty- 
first and final session of the Evangelical United Brethren 
Church was adjourned. 


FRIDAY, MAY 3, 1968 

Bishop R. H. Mueller, Presiding 

At the closing session of the Uniting Conference held in 
Dallas Memorial Auditorium it was announced by Mr. 
Charles Parlin, Secretary of the Joint Committee on Union, 
that it was necessary to have a brief meeting of the Evan- 
gelical United Brethren General Conference. Bishop James 
Mathews was presiding officer of the Uniting Conference at 
this time. 

Special Session of the Evangelical United Brethren Church 
General Conference 

Bishop Mathews: All right, we have to vote giving permission to the 

EUB Church to meet as a General Conference, as I understand it. But 

we must wait until this is put by Bishop Mueller, I believe proposed 

by him. 

Bishop Mueller: Mr. Chairman, the permission that would come 

from the vote of the Uniting Conference is on page 368 of the Blue 

Book, Item No. 6: 

"Having completed their respective necessary business, the two 
General Conferences of 1968 shall unite for a Uniting Conference, 
all voting members of both General Conferences being voting mem- 
bers of the Uniting Conference; provided that, by vote of the 
Uniting Conference, it may at any time and from time to time 
suspend its business in order to permit the two General Conferences 
to meet separately for the preparation of nominations for the boards 
and agencies of The United Methodist Church, or other necessary 
We need to elect some board members that only the EUB General 

Conference can elect at this time. If you will give us pei'mission, then 

we will proceed to take this up. 

Bishop Mathews: With your permission, this is in accordance with 

the enabling acts; so if you will give your permission, will you lift 

the hand? (Show of hands.) Those opposed, the same sign. It is 

done. (DCA 795.) 

Dr. Wertz, do you still want ... Oh, you have two more. 
Bishop Mueller: No, I'm not through. 
Bishop Mathews: Oh, I'm sorry. 

Election, Board of Publication, Evangelical United Brethren 

Bishop Mueller: I call on our publisher now to present the matter 
that is before the Adjourned Session of the Evangelical United 
Brethren General Conference. Mr. Theuer. 

Don Theuer: Thank you. Bishop Mueller. The reason that we could 
not take this action a week ago Monday was that one petition dealing 
with tenure on boards was before the Uniting Conference. The Uniting 
Conference disposed of this petition through the blanket non-con- 


324 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

curx-ence. This means, then, that our slate of board members which 
are to be elected by the General Conference are as follows: For a 
four-year term: Harvey Hahn, Lloyd Nichols; for an eight-year term: 
Harry Fravert, Horace Smith; for a twelve-year term: L. T. Hicks, 
Milton Stauffer. 

Bishop Mathews: I take it that Bishop Mueller puts this question. 
Is this correct? All right. I can't preside over the EUB General Con- 
ference it seems. 

Bishop Mueller: All right. On page 90, in the Blue Book, under 
Paragraph 853, about half way down: 

"The Special Session of the Evangelical United Brethren Confer- 
ence of 1968 shall elect six members, two each for terms of one, 
two, and three quadrenniums respectively." 
This is to the Board of Publications. It has to be elected by us, and 
then by the agreement, automatically they become a part of the Board 
of Publications of The United Methodist Church. You have heard the 
names presented as the Board of Bishops has prepared them. Will 
somebody offer a motion that they be elected? Dr. Masters has offered 
the motion; it is properly seconded. Those who favor this will raise 
the hand. (Show of hands.) Thank you. Any opposed? They are 
elected. Thank you, Don. {DC A 795.) 

Election, Boards of Trustees of Theological Seminaries 

Bishop Mueller: I call now on Dr. Paul Church, the Executive 
Secretary of the Council of Administration, to present the matter of 
trustees of our two seminaries. 

Dr. Church: Mr. Chairman, both Trustee Boards, the United The- 
ological Seminary and Evangelical Theological Seminary, have voted 
to request the General Conference to continue the present membership 
of the two Boards of Trustees until their successors are properly 
elected. A motion would be in order. 

Bishop Mueller: Will somebody make a motion consistent with this? 
It is properly made. Is it seconded? Properly seconded. Those who 
favor the election of these two Board of Trustees will raise the hand. 
(Show of hands.) Thank you. Those opposed? They are elected. 
{DC A 795.) 


Bishop Mueller: I now declare that this Adjourned Session of the 
41st General Conference of the Evangelical United Brethren Church 
is adjourned, and this is how you streamline things. (Laughter.) 
{DCA 795.) 






Opening Session — Bishop Donald H. Tippett 

The 1968 session of the General Conference of The Meth- 
odist Church (being the Eighth General Conference since 
the uniting of the three constituent churches, and the Forty- 
seventh General Conference since the establishment of 
Methodism in America in 1784) convened in the Crystal 
Ball Room of the Baker Hotel, Dallas, Texas, Monday, April 
22, 1968 at 8 :30 a.m. vi^ith Bishop Donald H. Tippett of the 
San Francisco Area, Western Jurisdiction and President 
of the Council of Bishops, presiding. 

Bishop Tippett called the Conference to order at 8 :30 a.m. 
and presented Dr. Pfautsch, Choir Director of Southern 
Methodist University. The choir sang three numbers as the 
opening of the devotional period. 

Bishop Tippett then introduced Bishop R. Marvin Stuart, 
Denver Area, Western Jurisdiction to conduct the balance 
of the devotional service. 

Devotions — Bishop R. Marvin Stuart 

Bishop Stuart: Let us bow for a moment of prayer. Most Merciful 
and Gracious God, who art the strength of all who put their trust in 
Thee, prepare us now to worship Thee in fear and in truth. Amen. 

Hymn No. 1 : "0 For a Thousand Tongues to Sing" was 

Bishop Stuart then called upon Bishop Arthur Moore to 
read the Scripture and lead in prayer. 

Scripture Reading and Prayer — Bishop Arthur Moore 

Bishop Moore: The Lesson of the morning is in the Eighth Chapter 
of the Book of Romans beginning to read at the 9th verse: 

"Now if any man have not the spirit of Christ, he is none of his. And 
if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin ; but the Spirit is life 
because of righteousness. But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus 
from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead 
shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in 
you. Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after 
the flesh. For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die; but if ye through 
the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live. For as many 


326 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. For ye have 
not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received 
the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. The Spirit itself 
beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God." 

I begin to read again at the 31st verse: "What shall we then say to 
these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? He that spared 
not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not 
with him also freely give us all things? "Who shall lay anything to the 
charge of God's elect? It is God that justifieth. Who is he that con- 
demneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who 
is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us. 
Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or 
distress or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? 
As it is written. For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are 
accounted as sheep for the slaughter. Nay, in all these things we are 
more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded, 
that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor 
powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, 
nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of 
God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." 

Will you stand for the prayer, please : "Eternal God, our merciful 
Heavenly Father, we begin this day and open this Conference with 
supplication and thanksgiving. This is for us a day both of review 
and of resolution. Our thoughts turn quickly to the manifold blessings 
thou hast sent our way, food and shelter, families and freedom and 
for all these and more we give thanks to thee. We've come to this 
place from the ends of the earth, we represent many nations and many 
peoples and we pray thy richest blessings to abide with our people, 
with thy people whatever their sign or name. We ask thee to perfect 
and preserve these United States of America. Lead us as a people 
toward even greater destiny than we have known hitherto. Grant that 
neither arrogance begotten of prosperity nor conceit bred of successful 
achievement shall cause us ever to forget our inexpressable debts 
to thee. 

"Endow the President of these United States and his counselors 
with wisdom and courage and patience as they seek to establish peace 
in Viet Nam. We give thee thanks for our beloved church. We are 
surrounded this morning by great clouds of witnesses. We pause 
before we begin the work of the day to lean thou lovingly upon their 
names. Just when we thought them gone we discovered them at our 
side, teaching us to be awake and never to be afraid. And we shall do 
our woi'k this day with stouter courage and larger hope and with 
firmer tread because of the lessons these departed ones taught us. We 
pray now for this United Methodist Church. 

"We thank thee for our approaching fellowship with our comrades 
of the Evangelical United Brethren Church. Grant to us in our ap- 
proaching, Heavenly Father, a more intimate fellowship with our 
Lord. Never allow us to despair of the world's redemption or to run 
away from the problems of the earth. Give us a more tenacious hold 
this day upon the everlasting certainties of our faith and help us with 
those certainties to initiate a great spiritual offensive. Save us from 
fear and from futility and from despair. Deliver us from temporizing 
and shallow makeshift. Sustain us with an eager expectancy of Soul. 
Let our hearts glow this day and in all the coming days with a faith 
in the ultimate triumph of our Blessed Lord. Never allow us to mistake 
the clatter of the ecclesiastical machinery with the winds of heaven. 
Help us to march to our task as a world church not with crutch and 
bandage but with the sound of trumpets and marching feet. Send us 
before long another great spiritual awakening of quickening power 
and let it begin with us. For Christ's sake. Amen." 

The United Methodist Church 327 

Bishop Stuart gave the devotional address (see Appendix, 
page 987). 

Telegram: Bishop Donald H. Tippett 

Bishop Tippett: Thank you very much Bishop Stuart. I have a very 
interesting telegram that I think you will want me to read. It comes 
from Havana from our newly consecrated Bishop Hermando Rod- 

"God Bless the Uniting Conference. Cuban Methodist people are 
present in spirit and prayer," And he referred to Isaiah 54:2. We will 
have the roll call, if you please, Mr. Secretary. 

Roll Call — J. Wesley Hole, Secretary 

J.Wesley Hole (Southern California-Arizona — W) : Bishop Tippett, 
members of the General Conference : The rules of the General Confer- 
ence require that as part of the roll call the names of the bishops that 
have died since last we met, the names of the delegates-elect, the 
reserve delegates-elect for the 1968 General Conference who are 
deceased. It is customary for the Conference to stand as these names 
are read: 

Bishop P. C. Balaram 

Bishop A. Raymond Grant 

Bishop Ivan Lee Holt 

Mr. Harry G. Bell 

Dr. Lacy H. Burns 

Mr. Kenneth R. Morgan 

Mr. Alonzo C. Edwards 

Mr. Arthur W. Tobey 
Bishop Tippett: Will you remain standing while Bishop Frederick 
Newell leads us in prayer. 

Bishop Frederick B. Newell (Retired N.E.) : Let us unite our hearts 
and minds in reflection and in meditation and in supplication. Let us 
pray: Almighty and eternal God, we stand before thee quietly now 
to acknowledge thy sovoreignty throughout time and in this moment, 
as the Word reminds us Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name 
in all the earth, from everlasting to everlasting thou art God and in 
this moment as we bow quietly before thee, thou art God our God. 
We thank thee for the dear departed dead who served thee, loved 
thee, and now by circumstance have been denied the privilege of 
joining us here. We praise thee for their lives, for their goodness, for 
their devotion to their church and the faith and to thee. We thank 
thee for Thou didst prepare a place for them not made with hands, 
eternal in the heavens. Now grant to us this day — all the days of this 
Conference and all the days of this new church — sense of the eternal. 
Teach us never to confuse immediacy with eternity. Fit us for the 
age in which we live and serve and make us this day wise and just, 
and in all our actions, thine shall be the glory, world without end. 

J. Wesley Hole: The roll call will be completed as follows: 
The secretary of the Council of Bishops will report in writing the 
attendance of the members of the Council of Bishops. The secretary 
of the Judicial Council will report in writing the attendance of that 
body. The chairman of each delegation will be furnished a roll call 
blank on which he will report the attendance of members of the 
delegation, noting absentees and substitutions. This will be done 
tomorrow morning. There are complete instructions in the envelope 
which will be furnished to each delegation chairman; and when this 
roll is completed, the blank is to be returned to the secretary's table 

328 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

or to room 200 in the Theater Building of the Auditorium. This 
procedure for the roll call will comply with the rules of order of the 
General Conference. 

Quorum Declared Present — Bishop Tippett — J. Wesley Hole 

Bishop Tippett: Mr. Secretary, I am required to ask the question 
before we proceed: Can you assure us that there is a quorum? 

J. Wesley Hole: As of the close of registration last night, 821 voting 
delegates had registered. This is more than a majority of the total 
number of elected delegates, and therefore I certify that a quorum as 
required in Paragraph 506 of the 1964 Discipline is present. 

Report of Commission on Entertainment and Program — J. 
Otis Young 

Bishop Tippett: A report, please, from the Commission on Entertain- 
ment and Program, Dr. J. Otis Young. 

/, Otis Young (Northeast Ohio — NC) : Mr. Chairman and members 
of the Conference, You are aware, probably, by this time that there is 
no Daily Christian Advocate for this morning. The first issue will be 
placed on your desk tomorrow morning. In the absence of the Daily 
Christian Advocate, it will be necessary for me to read the items that 
are on the agenda for this conference. I shall go slowly if you desire to 
take down the major ones. My report this morning will be confined 
purely to the making of announcements of the agenda. The complete 
report of the Commission on Entertainment and Program will be 
made at the first session of the Uniting Conference tomorrow morning. 

The first item on the Agenda following my report, will be the 
Report of the Council from the Council of Secretaries on the vote on 
union by Bishop Short. 

The second item will be the report of the Quadrennial Emphases, 
Bishop Raines and Dr. Powers in charge; followed by a report on the 
Advance, Bishop Werner; and then a report from the Commission 
on Promotion and Cvdtivation by Dr. Howard Greenwalt and Bishop 
Donald Tippett. 

That will be followed by the presentation of the Quadrennial Report 
and their reference to the Committees on Legislation. There will be a 
report from the Judicial Council by the president, Mr. Paul R. Ervin. 
A report from the Co-ordinating Council by Bishop Mathews and Mr. 
Wright. There will be a brief report on the World Family Life 
Movement, Bishop Hazen G. Werner. There will be a report from the 
Ad Hoc Committee, Dr. Charles Parlin. 

There will be a report from the Board of Lay Activities on the 
Stewardship Creed which was ordered by the 1964 General Conference, 
Dr. Robert Mayfield. And then we would like for Dr. Parlin to be 
ready to propose the suitable motion that would adjourn this Con- 
fei-ence after we have the announcements and before the closing 

And then I would like to state that it is our feeling, Mr. Chairman 
and members of the Conference, that all business on this agenda can 
be cared for in this morning session; and if that is true, then there 
will be no afternoon session, so far as the General Conference of The 
Methodist Church is concerned. We then shall assemble this evening 
at 7:30 in the Memorial Auditorium for the hearing of the Episcopal 
Address. Delegates are requested to take their places as they did last 
evening, irrespective of where you may be seated when the conference 
has been given its assignment. But on Tuesday morning when you 
come in at 8:00 and before the doors are closed at 8:20, those who 
can find their places — they will be definitely marked at that time — it 

The United Methodist Church 329 

will help us in the confusion between the time we close the Service of 
Unification and before we open the first official conference of The 
United Methodist Church. Mr. Chairman, I should like to move the 
adoption of this Agenda. 

There is one item I failed to mention here, because we have had to 
readjust this. I apologize to Dr. Don Cooke. There is to be instruction 
from the General Conference treasurer, Dr. Cooke, Never overlook the 
man who has the money. I'm sori-y for that. 

Bishop Tippett: Will you adopt the Agenda? If you will, show the 
hands. Opposed? It is done. 

Bishop Tippett: I now turn to the report from the Council of Bishops 
on the vote on Union. Bishop Short, please. 

Bishop Roy H. Short (Louisville Area — SE) : Mr. Chairman, on 
behalf of the Council of Bishops I submit this formal report on the 
voting in the annual conferences on the proposed Constitution of the 
United Methodist Church. Voting Yes— 31,061; Voting No — 4,198; 
Abstentions — 24. And this means that the required approval has been 
secured in the respective annual conferences. 

Bishop Tippett: Will you receive the report? If you will, show the 
hands. If you are opposed, the same sign. It is done. 

I call on Bishop Raines for a report on the Quadrennial Emphasis, 

Quadrennial Emphasis Report — Bishop Richard C. Raines — 
R. Merrill Powers 

Bishop Richard C. Raines (Indianapolis Area — NC) : Mr. Chairman 
and members of the General Conference. The Committee on Quad- 
rennial Program is grateful to you and to the Commission on Enter- 
tainment and Program for this privilege. Many of you will remember 
that, beginning in 1944 with the Crusade for Christ and His Church. 
followed in 1948 by the Advance for Christ and His Church— which I 
was privileged to present to the General Conference at Boston; suc- 
ceeding General Conferences have lifted special phases of the life of 
the church and designated them a quadrennial program for emphasis. 
One Witness in One World has been the banner under which the 
quadrennial program has sought to carry out its mandate this quad- 

The Commission was saddened and its work badly handicapped by 
the sudden death of Bishop Vernon Middleton, its chairman, and also 
by the death of Dr. Elliott Fisher, head of the Commission on Promo- 
tion and Cultivation. The Commission has asked me to assume the 
responsibility so ably carried by my beloved colleague, and the Com- 
mission turned to Dr. R. Merrill Powers to serve as its associate 
secretary and program director. Dr. Powers' task has been both 
difficult and delicate, for the authority given the Commission exalted 
voluntary participation. He has carried on the work of the Commission 
across the church with ceaseless encouragement and given counsel 
and assistance whenever requested and the church is deeply indebted 
to him for his wisdom and his devotion. Will you welcome him and 
express to him your gratitude, as he makes a brief report to you of 
our work. Dr. Powers. 

Dr. R. Merrill Powers: Mr. Chairman, Bishop Raines, members of 
the Commission and the Committee, and of the General Conference, 
and distinguished guests. It will help us to understand the nature and 
scope of this quadrennial emphasis on One Witness in One World, if 
we remind ourselves of two aspects of Methodist history and tradi- 
tion, brought down through the days of John Wesley. First, that The 
Methodist Church is not a sect, but is truly a member of the body of 

330 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Christ. And second, that as such it shares a common responsibility with 
all other denominations for the moral and spiritual welfare of man- 
kind. It follows that the effectiveness of the church's witness is condi- 
tioned by the depth of its spiritual experience and the conditions of the 
society within which it is set, at any given time. 

The plan of this quadrennial program involves a serious study of 
the nature and the implications of the Christian Gospel, and an equally 
serious inquiry into the readiness and willingness of Methodists as 
individuals and in groups to accept the discovery of needs thus made 
as mandates for witness and action. The words, "Renewal and Re- 
lationship," appeared at the very outset of the program. The one to 
emphasize the spiritual nature of the quest, and the other to indicate 
its ethical and social characteristics. Bishop Roy H. Short, who 
wrote the manuscript for the study book One Witness in One World, 
kept these two ideas in the forefront throughout the book. The 
chapters were designed to promote discussion, to stimulate self- 
examination, and lead into a spirit of personal resolution as areas of 
Christian need were explored and plans of remedial action set forth. 

This emphasis on self-determination puts a premium on local 
initiative and tests the creativity of leadership at every level of the 
church. Freedom and local responsibility have had full opportunity 
for expression in this program. No new structures have been called 
for. There were no required reports to be given, nor check sheets to 
be completed and turned in. It is not proposed to issue any statistical 
averages, nor final conclusions. The results of this four-year long 
eflFort toward identification as the church in mission are long-range. 
Such program emphases as have been developed by congregations and 
annual conferences are encouragements to individuals and groups to 
discover for themselves the meaning of Christian life and the thrill of 
effective Christian witness and move us as we now face the coming 

A more complete and documentary report of this quadrennial com- 
mission appears at page 545 in the book of Quadrennial Reports, a 
copy of which has been mailed to the members of this General Con- 
ference or will be placed on their desks later in the week. At this 
point, and because we are at the very threshold of the new United 
Methodist Church, and looking forward, I beg your indulgence con- 
cerning some observations growing out of our association with this 
particular emphasis. 

First, church-wide programs, however good they may be, designed 
by boards and agencies of the church, cannot be counted upon by 
themselves to excite spontaneous acceptance nor enthusiastic coopera- 
tion on the part of local churchmen. They need adequate interpreta- 
tion and administrative co-operation on the part of leadership at 
every level of the church. 

Secondly, Pi'otestant churches today practice a very free interchange 
of membership — one of the by-products of the ecumenical spirit. Many 
of our Methodist people today were not born Methodist and lack the 
tradition and background of earlier generations as stimuli toward 
program development. However, this is not to say that today's member- 
ship may not experience even a deeper loyalty to the Christian move- 
ment as they identify with the church in mission in thete crucial times. 

Thirdly, each generation of Methodists will and should claim the 
right to determine what sort of quadrennial program is needed. My 
experience indicates a strong desire on the part of the leadership of 
our congregations for specific guidelines so that they may know what 
is expected of them from time to time. At best, any quadrennial 
program is but a tool by which consecrated churchmen may give 
expression to their Christian witness. I think it does not militate 

The United Methodist Church 331 

against the spirit of freedom if broad outlines can be indicated with 
which individuals and groups can shape their own progi-am. 

Permit me now a word of personal appreciation to my colleagues 
on the staff of the Commission, to the members of both the Commission 
and the Quadrennial Committee. One and all have been singularly- 
patient and co-operative, as we have worked together, sometimes in 
situations difficult beyond our control. I am particularly grateful to 
Bishops Tippett and Raines for their guidance in planning the work, 
and to Dr. Greenwalt who has been able to open many a door of op- 
portunity to us across the quadrennium now closed. My sincere 
appreciation to you, one and all. Respectfully submitted, R. Merrill 

Bishop Raines: Mr. Chairman and delegates, a friend sent me here 
a little book of children's prayers, or rather children's letters to God. 
And one of them reads: "Dear God, what is it like when you die? 
Nobody will tell me. I just want to know. I don't want to do it." 

Now the contrary to this letter, this Commission does want to cease 
its earthly existence, and I would be most grateful if someone who is 
able to do so, would move that the complete report which was men- 
tioned of the work of the Commission, together with the report just 
made by Dr. Powers, would be received by the General Conference, 
and that the Quadrennial Program of 1964-68 should be honorably 
discharged with appreciation for its efforts. 

Bishop Tippett: Is there someone who desires to make that motion? 

Vinson M. Mouser (Louisiana — SC) : I make the motion. 

Bishop Tippett: Thank you very much. As many as will adopt will 
show the hands. If you are opposed, the same sign. It is adopted. 

Vinson M. Mouser: Mr. Chairman, may I have the privilege now of 
identifying the members of the Commission? 

Bishop Raines making this report. Bishop Ward was vice-chairman; 
Mrs. Charles W. Mead, secretary; the bishops were Raines, Love, 
Short, Ward; Mrs. Porter Brown, Dr. Howard Ham, Dr. Robert May- 
field, Mr. Frank Baker, Mr. W. Davis Cotton, Mrs. John Gridley, Dr. 
Offie Hathaway, Dr. Theodore C. Mayer, Dr. Eugene L. Smith, Bishop 
Paul Garber and Bishop James Mathews, Bishop W. Angie Smith, 
Bishop Hazen G. Werner; also Dr. Don A. Cooke, Dr. Kermit L. Long, 
Dr. Harry C. Spencer, Dr. Lloyd M. Bertholf, Mr. Raymond E. Dewey, 
Dr. W. P. Handy, Jr., Mr. Taylor McConnell, Mrs. Charles W. Mead, 
Dr. H. Conwell Snoke, Samuel Raya from Chile, and Samuel Tsopotsa 
from Rhodesia, Yah Kim Hao from Malaysia, Eric Mitchell from 

We are very grateful also for the assistance of Dr. Howard Green- 
wait. May I have the privilege of asking, these, some of whom are 
delegates and are here, and others who would not be in the room, to 
stand that you may identify them and recognize them. You who are 
members of the committee, whose names I have just read, stand please. 

Thank you, and this completes our report. 

Report of Advance Committee — Bishop Hazen Werner 

Bishop Tippett: The report on the Advance. Bishop Hazen Werner, 

Bishop Hazen G. Werner (Hong Kong and Taiwan) : Mr. President, 
this is the report of the Advance Committee to the General Conference 
of 1968. This report, may I say, just in a parenthetical sense comes 
at the close of my relation to the Advance, the cause of which I have 
been concerned since 1952. The close of this quadrennium in The 
Methodist Church will witness twenty years of benevolent giving 

332 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

through the Advance. The final report of the period 1948 through 1968 
reveals that $132,000,000.00 have been raised by the Advance for the 
work of the church at home and overseas. Advance giving experienced 
an incredible rise in 13 millions of dollars in 1948-52 to 48 millions of 
dollars for the quadrennium, 1964-68. 

This remarkable achievement of the Advance, as a committee of the 
Commission on Promotion and Cultivation, moves us to profound 
gratefulness to the church and to every participant. With every year 
the roots of the Advance grow deeper into the life of the church, 
written into the Discipline of 1952, and written now into the notable 
Blue and White Books of the Uniting Conference. But more sig- 
nificantly still, the Advance has been written into the conviction of 
the church itself. It has earned the right to the confidence of The 
Methodist Church. The Methodist people believe that the Advance is 
an investment in an unshakable kingdom. True, in a day of political 
uncertainty in lands here and there, buildings may be taken over, 
religious activities curtailed, and visas of missionaries cancelled. 

However, if the truth of Christ has been brought in the meantime 
to the hearts of people in these lands, the work of faith will not die out, 
but go on; and this is the work of the Advance. Let it be said to our 
enheartenment that in many of these previously perilous situations, 
the door now is opening — just a little — making it possible for the 
compassionate service to mankind to be resumed with increasing 
freedom. In Angola, for example, church attendance is up, and new 
congregations have been organized. In the Dominican Republic, where 
Methodists and EUBs work together, the growth in the number of 
ministers and members has been exceptional. 

Recently from some of the central European countries word has 
come of greater freedom for the church. I think we need to take a new 
look at the situations in many places of the earth and realize that the 
work is opening up again in ways that are perfectly encouraging to 
all of us. As the bishop of Taiwan and Hong Kong, I realize as never 
before the value of the Advance. 

In Hong Kong the Methodist Church ministers to thousands of the 
disadvantaged. 1 stood one morning down in that Resettlement House 
area in Hong Kong and said to a young Chinese minister, "How many 
people would be resident within five minutes' walk of where we stand?" 
And he said, "Well, I would say conservatively, 150,000 people." And 
then, I turned and said this to him, "Lincoln, what difference does it 
make that we make Christians of these people?" He said, "Bishop, 
they are happier, they are more honest, and they are cleaner." 

And I've carried that impression; for if you knew how they lived, 
where they lived, you would understand that something of a strange 
invincibility was created for their possession, over against conditions 
that probably will not change, but they in their own lives have a new 
sense of well being. Fifteen hundred children are being given an 
education on the rooftops and the flats in resettlement houses, and 
these children would not receive a day of schooling were it not for the 
Advance and the church. Now, note likewise through the ministry of 
MCOR to the refugees in Viet Nam — there are more than 2 million of 
them — and the uprooted unemployed of the Middle East — there are 
1,500,000 of them. Approximately one-third of the resources of 
MCOR are supplied by Advance Special giving. From our concern 
here to their hope and healing there, the church moves ahead through 
the Advance. 

In place after place, church extension, for example is made possible 
through the Advance have put the kingdom ahead 10 years. And yet, 
the Advance is no picture book enterprise. It faces some quite hard 
going for the future. The Advance needs to be reshaped to function in 
a context of change. This is the first necessity. Legislation is needed to 

The United Methodist Church 333 

establish more clearly the eligibility of projects as Advance Conference 
Specials. We become rather casual in our definition and interpretation 
of Advance down in the annual conferences. The proposal to bend the 
Advance toward a plan of lump-sum giving will require very careful 
examination. Such a plan may aid in a broadening sweep of concern, 
as well as perhaps to secure support for those services and agencies 
now failing to attract designated gifts. But on the other hand, the 
nondesignated or generalized giving, the giver loses the satisfying 
feeling of personal relationship with the mission field. Impersonalized 
or undesignated giving dulls the incentive, it thins out the element of 
choice, and weakens communication between the field and the home 

We have not sufficiently realized the value of the personal nature 
of the Advance. More than any other instrument in the church, the 
Advance has won the heart of the church in bringing people together in 
a spiritual fellowship that knows no distance. Well, let me quote the 
Discipline. It reads: that a General Advance Special is a designated 
gift to a specific object. With an increasing world population and the 
shrinking value of the dollar and an nonrelating political timetable, we 
must find ways of greatly increasing the funding of mission enter- 
prises or resign ourselves to a lesser effect. There are 16 thousand 
churches, approximately half of the churches in Methodism, that give 
nothing through the Advance. If each one would give one $25.00 Ad- 
vance Special, this would make available an additional $400,000.00, 
and think of what this would do for the cause of Christ in the world. 

Further, we must work toward a recovered sensitivity of our people. 
I think there has been a strange kind of desensitizing that perhaps is 
not as obvious as we might think. Our people are not dusting off their 
hands of benevolences and their claims. Perhaps they are a little less 
shaken by needs and a little too preoccupied with themselves to under- 
stand these needs. Affluence does not increase compassion. They must 
once again be made to feel the desire to feed the hungry and en- 
lighten the mind and heal the body and bring persons everywhere 
into the fair kingdom of our Lord. The Advance must begin to rest 
upon a more mature accountability — not pity, but love and under- 

We will no longer be able to say to a church or a person, "Here is a 
project. Where is your money?" Not just that people are cold and 
need a blanket, or sick and need a doctor. The present calls for a 
deeper motivation. The Advance challenges us to a deeper ministry and 
a deeper dedication to human spiritual needs. A few weeks ago in 
Hong Kong in our room in the hotel, Mrs. Werner and I had finished 
our breakfast, and the floor man — a Chinese person — came in and 
gathered up the dishes. As he did, he turned to me and smilingly said, 
"You're the head of religion." I said, "No, I will explain to you. I am 
a bishop in The Methodist Church here in Hong Kong and bishop also 
of the church in Taiwan." 

Then I said to him, "What are you?" I said, "Are you a Lutheran?" 
He said, "No." I said, "Are you a Catholic?" And he said, "No." I 
said, "Are you Buddhist?" He said, "No." I said, "What are you?" 
And he said, "Nothing." 

And then I said to him, "Well, why aren't you a Christian?" And he 
said, "No one ever asked me." "Well," I said, "I'm asking you now." 
I said, "I'm going to get a Bible for you today down at the office and 
bring it to you and give it to you." 

And of course, it would be essential for him to come to know some- 
thing about the faith before he could even prepare for Baptism. I 
brought him a Bible; it had the Old Testament and the New Testa- 
ment together. I asked him to read the Gospel of John, but he didn't 
want to. He wanted to start at the very beginning. He started with 

334 Jowmal of the 1968 General Conference 

Genesis. I saw him out in the hall, again and again as I passed him, 
reading the Bible. And then he said to Mrs. Werner this astounding 
thing, "I've read in this book that God made this whole world and 
everything in it." And then he went on and said, "And God made a 
man. Then he took a piece of a man and made a lady." Well, I think 
we realize what amazing opportunities there are in just such instances 
as this. 

We need a new sense of aggression. We need a new sensitivity to 
the needs — the human spiritual needs of people all about us. It gives 
me great pleasure to present this report on the Advance to the Gen- 
eral Conference. Will someone move its adoption? 

Martin H. Singh (Lucknow — OS) moved its adoption. 

Bishop Tippett: Thank you. As many as will receive the report will 
show the hands. Opposed? It is adopted. 

Report of the Commission on Promotion and Cultivation — 
Dr. Howard Greenwalt 

Bishop Tippett: As chairman of the Commission on Promotion and 
Cultivation, I have asked Dr. Howard Greenwalt to bring the report. 
Before he comes, I must remind you that he had a very great respon- 
sibility suddenly thrust upon him in the death of our very dear mutual 
friend, Elliott Fisher, on his way to see me. He died suddenly at the 
New York airport. 

Dr. Greenwalt took over with amazing effectiveness. He has done a 
tremendously fine job. I want you to know how grateful I am to him 
for his many courtesies and his fine leadership. I wanted him to have 
the opportunity of presenting the report to you. Dr. Greenwalt, please. 

Howard Greenwalt: Bishop Tippett, Council of Bishops, and dis- 
tinguished delegates, and Methodists, it is a privilege to stand here 
and give this report for the Commission on Promotion. I had planned 
on Bishop Tippett giving this report, and when he was in the chair, 
the lot then fell to me. Bishop Tippett is also my bishop in the annual 
conference. Some men in positions such as a general agency, have a 
means of escape between two bishops. I have no such avenues open 
to me. 

The report of our commission is to be found in the Quadrennial 
Report Book on page 531. I wish that there was sufficient time to go 
into the details of this report, since it involves the entire church. But 
I know that there is not time, and I've been around this church long 
enough to know that some of you will not read the reports. There are 
several things in the report that I do want to call to your attention. 
Our Commission stands in a rather unique position in the structure 
of the church. We represent the whole church and try to tell the whole 
story of its work in the whole world. Very few other agencies have 
this privilege. And we are both encouraged and humbled by such re- 

The Discipline assigns us to the responsibility in these words: "To 
the end that our people may be informed and may adequately support 
the work of The Methodist Church." Well, how do you inform over 10 
million people? How do you tell the story of a benevolence program 
that reaches into 48 other nations? That seeks a depth of penetration 
of American society? How do you move the Methodists to adequately 
support the work of their church? Well, we use a good many avenues 
to tell this story. We tell the story of World Service and its 13 agen- 
cies. All of you are familiar with the work of these agencies, at least 
in varying degrees. There are 13 other agencies outside the World 
Service scope that also have the story of our church. There are special 

The United Methodist Church 335 

funds — the One Great Hour of Sharing, the Fellowship of Suffering 
and Service, the work of TRAFCO and the TV-Radio Ministry Fund, 
and a host of other claims that need your attention because these are 
the sole means of support for many of them. 

We seek to tell this story through individual leaflets on the World 
Service agencies. We single out a board and in a specified month we 
try to lift up something that that board is doing that is vital and 
relevant and is a matter of concern for every Methodist anywhere he 
lives. Incidentally, these go out over 3 million a month, and are read 
in the pew sometimes when the preacher is preaching. One of the ob- 
jections of some of the ministers to the leaflets being distributed in 
the church service, is that they are read instead of the words reaching 
the worshiper through his ears. 

The other major means that we seek to tell the story is The Meth- 
odist Story. This magazine came into being in 1957 as the result of 
what some of the preachers called "proliferation of materials." You 
will recall that in 1948 and in 1952 this General Conference struggled 
with this matter of all the mailings that the local church receives ; and 
in 1956 the General Conference acted. It said that there shall be fewer 
publications, fewer communications to the local church and to the 
pastor, at least they shall be channeled. And they were channeled 
through The Methodist Story. 

I would like to ask a rather risky question of this General Confer- 
ence. I would like to ask all of you who do not receive The Methodist 
Story to hold up your hand — who do not receive it. Thank you very 
much. That was a long shot, but it was a good one. I hold in my hand 
the April issue, which is the last issue of The Methodist Story to be 
issued by The Methodist Church. Incidentally, it had a message from 
the president of the Council of Bishops. It was well worth reading, 
even if he is my bishop. 

I hold also in my hand a new publication. It is the first issue of the 
new United Methodist Church, and it is called The Methodist Story- 
Spotlight. This will be placed on your desk a little later in the week. 
The Methodist Story is now published in two languages. It is published 
in Spanish for the Spanish-speaking people of our church. This edition 
is called Accion Metodista. It goes to only about 5,000 people, but it 
has been greatly appreciated by the pastors of some 300 churches in 
the mainland United States, and by others in the Caribbean area. The 
English edition goes now to 28,000 preachers and to 280,000 laymen, 
making a total of over 300,000 copies that go out each month, except 
in the month of August. We combine July and August because so 
many people are on vacation. 

To keep us moving together, another one of the assignments given 
the Commission was the matter of a calendar of meetings. Twice a 
year we canvass all the leadership of Methodism who have anything 
to do with the arranging of meetings, and we publish a calendar, in- 
dicating who is having a meeting where, and what people are involved. 
Sometimes this task gets rather discouraging. The current issue of 
the meetings yet ahead is something like 15 pages, double-spaced, for 
The Methodist Church and the new United Methodist Church. Of 
course, that goes through 1971. These meetings are already scheduled. 
Heaven help us when the rest get on the calendar. 

Another function which our office has had is that of creating an 
organization of mailing to the preachers. Nobody is supposed — now 
this doesn't always obtain, you understand — but nobody is supposed 
to write a general letter to a pastor in Methodism without first asking 
us when they can do it because, in the past, when it was not cleared, 
a niinister would sometimes receive as many as two or three communi- 
cations in a single mail, and that didn't help his blood pressure any. 

Another thing that we seek to do as your representative is to send 

336 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

men into the field to work with the bishop and the district superin- 
tendents, representing all the agencies of the church in a matter of 
field cultivation and interpretation. At the beginning of each quadren- 
nium there has been, and there will be, a convocation of district super- 
intendents and other leaders. For those of you who have responsibili- 
ties related to an annual conference, that meeting will be held No- 
vember 14-17 at the Conrad Hilton in Chicago. I hope you will keep 
those dates for that particular time. 

Sometimes our office takes quite a little drubbing over the fact that 
many people think that we are so mercenary, so mundane, so promo- 
tion minded. I have a thick skin. I get lots of these letters. They don't 
bother me very much except at this point: they are a reflection on us 
all, because our office is not created in a Madison Avenue concept. We 
are seeking to reflect what you want done. It is necessary to have the 
funds to do these things with. You have listened to our bishop speak 
in sermons, thus far, in this conference, and you have heard a number 
of references that words alone are not enough, and we are well aware 
of that. And we are dedicated to doing what you tell us to do at the 
General Conference, and we are doing our utmost to reflect what you 
want done. 

So when a man writes me and says, "What did you send me this 
letter for? Don't you think I know what my job is?" We are dis- 
couraged a little by that, but it doesn't trouble us because there are 
28,000 and one or two letters. If we didn't get those, we'd be alarmed. 
Somebody always is on the other side of anything that is going on, 
and we expect letters. But when we get a large number of letters from 
our ministers, we know that something needs attention and we try to 
give it the attention it needs. 

We want you to know that in our office we are not as insensitive to 
the needs of the Kingdom as we are sometimes accused of being. We 
are not in business merely to raise money; we are raising money with 
all of you for a purpose. If there weren't this money available, Bishop 
Werner wouldn't have been able to buy that Bible for this man in 
Hong Kong. Or you could go across the world anywhere there are 
needs. Maybe that was a poor illustration. 

Bishop Werner, some of your colleagues over here are coming up 
with some observations. The bishop said, for the information of his 
colleagues, he paid for that Bible himself. I would like to call to your 
attention the fact that if we secure a gift without the giver, our office 
in The Methodist Church has failed in its task, of serving the King- 
dom. I would like also to say to you that we are working on things of 
the heart as much as anything in the church is. At the present time we 
have the research and survey department of Dr. Cooke's office, working 
on a motivation in depth study in Illinois that is typical — we think 
as typical as we could aff'ord to pay for — of any town in Methodism. 
It is Decatur, Illinois. 

We are trying to find out what it is that makes two different people 
react differently to the same preacher. 

I want you to know that we are not going to tell you everything we 
find out. We have been puzzled, and I'm sure each of you has, for a 
long, long time over how it is that two men can stand at the altar of 
the church, take the pledge of membership, and then one of them 
will become a part of one-third of that congregation who can be 
counted upon, who pay 90 percent of the income, who accept assign- 
ments on the official board, and who do the work of the Kingdom. The 
other fellow, what becomes of him? He joins one of the other two 
thirds of the church, one third of which comes when it is convenient 
and puts money in when he's got a little extra; or he may join the 
other third that hardly ever shows up again at church. Now what 

The United Methodist Church 337 

The same words were spoken, the same pledge was taken. What is 
the motivating factor or differential that makes two men join a 
church side by side, one of them willing to put his life on the line, 
and the other one isn't. This study will help us, at least to try to get 
some insight into this question. We had hoped to have it ready for 
you at General Conference, but we did not succeed. It will be ready in 
another three or four months. 

In conclusion, I would like to say to you that this final report — in it 
we take great satisfaction because of the size of the task that you have 
assigned to us in the past. You have given us an assignment, an in- 
terpretive assignment that is tremendous. You have asked us to tell 
the story of our 12 theological seminaries, our 77 colleges, our 20 
junior colleges, our 289 hospitals and homes, our 9,000 Methodist 
Men's groups, our 36,000 Woman's Societies, and Service Guilds, our 
Sunday schools — 37,000 of them. 

You will receive in your hands a report indicating that last year we 
gave — this past year, not '68 but '67 — ^we gave 664 million dollars for 
all causes, 100 million of which went to expand the Kingdom. This is a 
sizable task. We thank God that we have been privileged to work with 
all the bishops, the district superintendents, the pastors, and the 
10,289,000 Methodists. We would say to you, "Thanks for this task. 
We hope we have discharged our stewardship as you wished." 

And we are very mindful of the fact that as we go into the new 
church, it'll be a different church. We have recommended to the Coun- 
cil on World Service and Finance a $25 million goal for World Service. 
We have heard some static from that, but we are of the opinion that 
we are a great church and a great church ought not to do unworthy 
things. And so we offer ourselves to you not for judgment but for 
guidance. We hope you will be kind with the judgment part. Thank 
you very much. 

Bishop Tippett: Is there a motion to receive the report? (Moved 
and seconded from the floor.) It is moved. It is seconded. As many as 
will receive the report will show the hands. Opposed? It is done. 

May I ask that all the members of the Commission on Promotion 
and Cultivation, and several of the staff members who are here, stand 
for just a moment that we may salute you for a remarkably fine job 
during the quadrennium. Thank you very much. 

Quadrennial Reports — J. Otis Young 

/. Otis Young (Northeast Ohio — NC) Mr. Chairman: The General 
Conference has placed with the Commission on Entertainment and 
Program the responsibility of preparing this quadrennial, this report, 
which has been mailed to all of the delegates. As chairman of the 
Commission, I should like to move that this report be received and re- 
ferred to the 14 Legislative Committees. 

Bishop Tippett: Did I hear a motion? And it is seconded. As many as 
will receive and order parts of it sent to the proper Legislative Com- 
mittees will show the hands. Opposed? It is done. 

Co-ordinating Council Report — Bishop James K. Mathews 

Bishop James K. Mathews (Boston Area N.E.) : Mr. Chairman, 
members of the General Conference, and friends. I trust that the 
members of the Co-ordinating Council who know that they will have a 
part in the presentation of this report are near at hand. I'm not sure 
there is enough room right on the podium up here for them to be 
present. The report of the Co-ordinating Council is the printed docu- 
ment which should have been in your places upon your arrival. It is 
about that which we will speak. This is a kind of wrap-up report by 

338 Journal of the 1968 General Coyiference 

its very nature. We are ordered to make it directly to the General 
Conference, according to the Discipline. 

Our labors have to do with those responsibilities assigned to us by 
Paragraph 1091-1095 of the Discipline of The Methodist Church. You 
will find on the inside cover the names of the members of the Co- 
ordinating Council. I shall not read the names ; but, as in other cases 
here this morning, I should like to ask that those who are present 
stand that we may acknowledge their presence here. Will they please 
stand, the members of the Co-ordinating Council? 

I should like to express appreciation especially to the officers of the 
Council. The vice-president is Mr. Richard C. Erwin, an attorney from 
Winston-Salem, N.C.; and to the secretary, Mr. P. Russell Wright of 
Manhattan, Kans. — Mr. Wright is here; he particularly has rendered 
a great service to all of Methodism, and I want publicly to acknowl- 
edge this debt and to thank him. You will see, of course, the dates of 
meetings of our Council during the quadrennium now ending. We 
have a variety of responsibilities, not only those listed especially in 
the Discipline, but those referred to us by the General Conference of 
1964 and 1966. 

Some of these I may say are rather thankless tasks. There are other 
responsibilities which we have assumed on our own initiative. Now 
this report is a kind of summary of our activities. I should say, on 
page 1, the quadrennial program will not be reported to this General 
Conference, but arrangements have already been made for a proposal 
to be made to the General Conference of The United Methodist Church. 
If you will look, for example, on pages 10, 11 and 12, you will see an 
indication of the wide range of activities which have consumed our 
attention during the four years just passed. Now we have been in- 
formed by the Ad Hoc Committee that it will be important for us to 
bring certain resolutions here. We do not believe that they are in the 
nature of very controversial ones, but in order that references may 
be made of certain items which must be acted upon by the General 
Conference of The United Methodist Church, they will be brought by 
various members as they make reports on sections of this book. 

Now, without any further introduction of them than the one I shall 
give now Francis P. Cunningham of the South Carolina Conference 
will report briefly and bring one resolution. These are all members of 
the Council. Paul A. Duffey of the Alabama-West Florida Conference 
will bring a brief report of a part of this booklet with an appropriate 
resolution. J. Kenneth Forbes of the Indiana Conference, another 
section regarding publication. Mr. Hubert El. Orton of the Southern 
California-Arizona Annual Conference that which has to do with 
property matters. And then John B. Warman of the Western Pennsyl- 
vania Conference will report the section Long-Range Planning and 
bring a resolution. And then after I have a final word, there will be 
two concluding resolutions placed before you. Thank you. Mr. Cun- 
ningham first. 

Francis T. Cunningham (South Carolina SE) : Bishop Mathews, Mr. 
Chairman, and members of the Conference. The Co-ordinating Council 
has had the responsibility for recommending special days for General 
Conference, but since this matter now involves two churches in the 
union, we make the following recommendations: The Co-ordinating 
Council of The Methodist Church recommends that the matter of 
designating special days for the 1968-72 quadrennium be referred to 
the appropriate Legislative Committee of the General Conference of 
The United Methodist Church with the request that all proposed spe- 
cial days be given careful scrutiny before being recommended to the 
General Conference. 

The United Methodist Church 339 

Bishop Tippett: The motion is before you. Do you wish to discuss it? 
Apparently the house is ready. If you will adopt the resolution you 
will show the hand. If you are opposed the same sign. And it is 

Paul A. Duffey (Alabama-West Florida — SE) : Bishop Mathews, 
Bishop Tippett, and members of the Conference, I speak now to that 
section relating to the responsibility of the Co-ordinating Council hav- 
ing to do with overseas delegates, delegates from lands outside the 
United States to the Genei'al Conference here. We were charged with 
the responsibility of surveying to discover the extent of the involve- 
ment of delegates from lands outside of the United States, and the 
boards and agencies of the general work of the church through each 
quadrennium. Such a survey was conducted with the assistance and 
under the direction of Dr. Alan Waltz of the Department of Research. 
We found that such participation was negligible due to the expense in- 
volved and the time related to distance involved in the persons living 
outside the United States. We found further that there was a feeling 
that this would be impractical to involve such persons on a continuing 
and direct relation. 

The second part then was to refer this to the Committee on the 
Structure of Methodist Overseas and in co-operation with them to seek 
a solution to a more adequate and brotherly sharing of responsibility 
and program for the entire Methodist work. The second phase had to 
do with the involvement of the distribution of literature to delegates. 
We found that many delegates from lands outside the United States 
did not receive literature before they left to come to the Conference. 
We therefore have accomplished some measure of success in arrang- 
ing for duplicate materials to be available to them here under the ad- 
ministration of the Committee on International Representation of the 
Co-ordinating Council so that no delegate from lands outside the 
United States should have to do without this literature. 

The third level was an opportunity to involve our mutual friendship 
at the site of the General Conference and we established an interna- 
tional section of the Friendship Lounge with co-operation of the Com- 
mittee on Program and Entertainment of the General Conference. 
This was accomplished on a trial-run basis in Chicago and has been 
duplicated here with an orientation session prior to the opening of the 
Conference for all delegates from lands outside the United States, 
this year including our friends from the Evangelical United Brethren 
Church. This has met with some degree of success and certainly with 
some enthusiasm on the part of all of us. It is to this then that I direct 
the attention and ask that this recommendation be adopted: The Co- 
ordinating Council of The Methodist Church recommends that a pro- 
gram of orientation at the sessions of the General Conference of The 
United Methodist Church for delegates from lands outside the United 
States of America be continued as a service to such delegates and to 
the General Conference and that the prosecution of such plan be as- 
signed to the appropriate committee in The United Methodist Church. 
Mr. Chairman, I move its adoption. 

Bishop Tippett: It is seconded and the motion you will notice carries 
the matter of continuation and also the matter of reference to proper 
Legislative Committees. As many as will adopt will show the hand. 
As many as are opposed? And it is adopted. 

James Kenneth Forbes (Indiana — NC) : Bishop Mathews, Bishop 
Tippett, and members of the General Conference, I present the por- 
tion of the report of the Committee on Publications Policy which is 
found on pages 4 through 10 in the report which is before you. Dur- 
ing the 1964-68 quadrennium the Committee on Publication Policy of 
the Co-ordinating Council has endeavored to carry out the directions 

340 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

of the General Conference of The Methodist Church by eliminating 
duplications in its periodicals and concentrating promotion of program 
and editorial discussion into Together, The Methodist Story, Christian 
Advocate, and World Outlook. 

Consultations have been held through the quadrennium with all who 
have been so concerned. As has been indicated in this report, great 
caution was taken to effect the satisfactory arrangement for the phas- 
ing out of the Central Christian Advocate into the general subscription 
of Together. Final action was taken when the College of Bishops of 
the Central Jurisdiction indicated that the publication vras no longer 

The General Board of Evangelism presented to us a need for a 
Newsletter to conference and district secretaries and local church 
pastors for the main purpose of advertising available evangelistic lit- 
erature. Upon the discovery that the Newsletter was expanding for 
publication of position papers and general promotional articles, and to 
an increased circulation, it was called to the attention of the general 
secretary at Miami Beach, Florida, on November 17, 1967. He readily 
recognized the problem and subsequent issues of the Newsletter have 
been curtailed in both material and breadth of circulation. 

The publication of Concern by the General of Christian Social Con- 
cerns has been under review at each session of the General Confer- 
ence over a period of 12 years. In 19.56 the General Conference, upon 
suggestion of the Co-ordinating Council, decided that a single pro- 
motional journal be established to take the place of all promotional 
periodicals of general boards and agencies. Shortly thereafter, the 
Board of Temperance, the Board of World Peace, and the Board of 
Social and Economic Concerns, gradually expanded their news re- 
leases into what finally evolved as Concern. During that quadrennium 
the Co-ordinating Council received protests that the new magazine 
violated the spirit and letter of the 1956 legislation. No formal appeal 
was made for review, however, and no recommendation could be made 
for final disposition at the time of the 1960 General Conference. 

The 1960 General Conference referred Concern to the judgment of 
the Co-ordinating Council. Hesitating to arrive at a hasty decision, 
the Council made a study of the entire field of Methodist magazines. 
The study suggested the danger of a segmented approach by diverse 
publications pursuing singular points of view. Observing the limited 
circulation of Concern magazine, the Council reported to the 1964 
General Conference that the periodical spoke only to those already 
concerned and raised the question, if there is anjnhing worth saying 
should it not be said most eloquently to the whole church in periodicals 
with larger circulation? With this background, the 1964 General Con- 
ference took the action outlined in the report before you. 

Moving slowly and thoughtfully through the quadrennium the 
Council found that it could arrive only at the conclusion that the 
publication of the periodical should cease. It weighed the matter in the 
light of the 14,000 circulation of Concern as against the 650.000 circu- 
lation of Together, 325.000 circulation of The Methodist Story, and 
42,000 circulation of The Christian Advocate. The council further 
concluded that the increased coverage of social issues as pointed out 
specifically in the section of this report referring to Together maga- 
zine guarantees the essential message of social concerns reaching the 
widest possible readership of The United Methodist Church. 

It is conceded that the recommendation for the cessation of the 
publication of Concern was approached with great caution because of 
the tenor of our time. It should be noted, however, that immediate 
protests to the Co-ordinating Council numbered only 11 communica- 
tions, 9 of which were expressions of indi%idual opinion. 

It is our understanding that in response to requests for expression 

The United Methodist Church 341 

of opinion the Board of Christian Social Concerns has received a 
larger number of communications. In the face of differing opinions as 
to the best method of presenting the position of The Methodist Church 
on the social issues, the Council has sought to faithfully discharge the 
directives of the General Conference. The Council remains of the 
opinion, however, that the policy established by the General Confer- 
ence of presenting these views through the general periodicals is the 
best possible method and a deviation from this principle could only 
cause proliferation of materials. 

Ted Hightower (Louisville — SE) asked a question to 
which Dr. Forbes answered : 

In answer to Dr. Ted Hightower. I don't believe that the position 
of the Publications Policy Committee is one which wants in any way 
to designate certain kinds of issues. I think our main concern is that 
the full round of social issues will reach not a very limited minority 
in The Methodist Church but have a wide readership coverage through- 
out the church. It is also our opinion that if there is no journal such 
as Concern Magazine, the pressure automatically comes upon our 
general publication to increase the circulation in regard to the social 

Harold Bosley (New York — NE) asked a question to 
which Dr. Forbes answered : 

Dr. Bosley, I do not believe this would be true. I believe in some 
sense the Committee on Publication Policy is endeavoring to do the 
General Conference a favor by resolving an issue which has been 
before us for 12 years, and in the publication of the magazine which 
during this whole process of time has more or less been floating under 
a cloud, both of insecurity and its legality. Anything then that would 
come before this Uniting Conference in the way of clarifying the will 
of the Uniting Conference would be apropos. 

Everett Jones (Baltimore — NE) : Mr. Chairman, to avoid further 
discussion here, I would move a matter of reference pages 4 and 5 to 
Legislative Committee No. 1. I move the reference of this section to 
Legislative Committee No. 1, Mr. Chairman. 

Bishop Tippett: You have heard the motion. As many as are in favor 
will show the hand. If you are opposed? It is referred. 

Hubert E. Orton (Southern California-Arizona — W) : Bishop 
Mathews, and members of the General Conference: the real estate 
matters are on page 13 and on page 14 of the Coordinating Council 
Report. In addition to that I have a motion that I will present after 
awhile. Plans of the Methodist Corporation to develop its 11 acre site 
in Washington, D.C. in conjunction with the American University, a 
Methodist institution, development to include a 3,000-seat auditorium, 
community center, and athletic facility, use to be on a co-operative 
basis but building to be financed and paid for by the American Univer- 

This 11-acre site is now free and clear of indebtedness. The balance 
of the land is to be developed for a Methodist Center which will pro- 
vide for various Methodist related agencies. The Methodist Corpora- 
tion estimates that this facility will be self-supporting, but it would 
need 500,000 to 1 million dollars additional gifts from interested 
parties as well as a basic loan against the property of $1,500,000.00. 
The annual contribution of $75,000.00 from the Council of World 
Service and Finance would be necessary for this coming quadrennium. 
And I would like to move the adoption of this report. 

342 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Raoul C. Calkins (Ohio — NC) : I do not exactly understand that 
upon which we ai-e voting. Are we voting to recommend to the Com- 
mission on World Service and Finance that this appropriation be in- 
corporated in the appropriations for the next quadrennium? I think 
that we need to know exactly what we are voting on at this time. 

Bishop James Mathews: Mr. Chairman, I am not a member of the 
body and could not make the motion, but I think the appropriate 
motion might be one of reference of this matter to the appropriate 
body which is a part of the General Conference of The United Meth- 
odist Church. It is not one which I think could really appropriately be 
settled by this General Conference. I can't make that motion. 

Raoul C. Calkins moved referral. The motion was sec- 
onded and adopted. 

John B. Warman (Western Pennsylvania — NE) : Bishop Tippett, 
Bishop Mathews, brethren. On pages 14 and the top of 15 there are 
two sections, one entitled Long Range Planning, the other Mission in 
the Seventies. I have a recommendation to make concerning the second 
of these. The Co-ordinating Council of The United Methodist Church 
recommends that The United Methodist Church co-operate with and 
be a part of Mission in the Seventies and that this matter be referred 
to the General Conference of The United Methodist Church for ap- 
propriate action. 

Bishop Tippett: Your motion is valid. Is there a second? It is before 
you. As many as will adopt and refer, show the hands. Opposed? It is 

Bishop Mathews: Mr. Chairman, I should like on behalf of the Co- 
ordinating Council to call the members' attention to that material 
which is found on page 16 and following. The Co-ordinating Council 
was brought into being by action of the General Conference of 1952. 
Here you will have a brief survey or summary of our stewardship 
during these 16 years. I hope you will find the opportunity to read this 
material. Especially would I call your attention to the tabulation which 
is found on page 19, Cost of Operation of the Co-ordinating Council. 

We have operated within the budget each year save two and in 
those instances we have operated well within the quadrennial budget 
which was allocated for this Council. I would point out however, I 
would be remiss if I did not, that behind this woi'k and behind these 
figures on page 19 there lies voluntary service in hundreds and indeed 
thousands of hours of talented people from every walk of life within 
the membership of our church. I believe that this has been an incalcul- 
able service. We have no staff and have never had in the Co-ordinating 
Council. We do believe that we have not been in a league but a cross- 
section of bishops, of other ministers and of laity not only from within 
these United States but from other parts of the world as well. 

And may I point out one other thing in all modesty. We have been 
the body responsible in consultation with others to put before the 
General Conference from time to time quadrennial programs, one of 
these had one of its aspects higher education, the yield from that was 
in excess of $150 million. Now we are not taking credit for that entire 
amount but the Co-ordinating Council did in fulfillment of its responsi- 
bility propose such an action to the General Conference. Now you 
wonder why all this modesty. It is as becomes a body which will, if 
the proposals before the General Conference of The United Methodist 
Church, commends themselves to that body, the Co-ordinating Council 
will go out of existence. I think this will be one of the few instances 
in which such process of euthanasia has taken place. Its responsibili- 
ties will be subsumed as proposed under that of the Program Council. 

The United Methodist Church 343 

I should like on behalf of the Co-ordinating Council to thank the 
boai'ds and agencies of the church who have co-operated thoroughly 
through the years, even though we had some rather difficult matters 
to take up with them. I should like to thank the Council of Bishops, 
the Council of World Service and Finance which has done our office 
work as it were for us. The predecessor officers and members of the 
Co-ordinating Council and then I think by the very nature of the case, 
all of you and those you represent here. 

We do come to a conclusion of these 16 years with a sense of pride 
in difficult tasks which we feel have been at least reasonably well done, 
and then there are two concluding resolutions so that the responsi- 
bilities which are assigned to us and we could not fulfill in this body 
can be fulfilled in the successor one and Dr. Warman will bring those, 
Mr. Chairman. 

John B. Warman (Western Pennsylvania — NE) : The first recom- 
mendation is this: It is moved that the 1968 General Conference of 
The Methodist Church recommend that the General Conference of 
The United Methodist Church provide for an appropriate agency to 
appoint a committee for the 1968-1972 quadrennium to review the 
adequacy of the procedure contained in the Discipline for the election 
of members of the Judicial Council in an expeditious manner by the 
General Conference. The agency designated shall record its findings 
and recommend legislation, if any, to the 1972 General Conference 
of The United Methodist Church. I move the adoption of this recom- 

Bishop Tippett: It is before us. As many as will adopt and refer will 
show the hands. Opposed? It is done. 

John B. Warman: And finally, brethren, the Co-ordinating Council 
recommends that the printed report of the Co-ordinating Council 
dated April 22, 1968 be accepted by the General Conference as ful- 
filling the obligation of the Co-ordinating Council to make a report 
to the General Conference as provided in the 1964 Discipline. I move 
the adoption of this recommendation. 

Bishop Tippett: As many as favor the motion will show the hands. 
Opposed? It is done. 

Report of Ad Hoc Committee — Charles Parlin 

Charles Parlin (Northern New Jersey — NE) : The Ad Hoc Com- 
mittee will make no lengthy report at this time. The joint commission 
will bring to the floor of the Uniting Conference a mass amount of 
material and we will have to plead with the delegates for co-operation 
in keeping to the business at hand. You remember at Chicago we 
adopted two important documents which will be contained in this — 
which will be called the Blue Book — and all delegates must have this 
in order to follow the work. 

In this is the Constitution of The United Methodist Church and the 
Enabling Legislation. Those two documents are frozen. They have the 
constitutional status and can be changed only by the machinery of 
constitutional amendments. Those are our governing documents. In 
this Blue Book is also contained, socalled Chapter 4 which is Or- 
ganization and Administration and is what we Methodists have 
known as the Disciplinary Part. The rules are that this part of the 
Discipline was adopted by the two General Conferences in Chicago 
in principle and that means that the provisions in the Blue Book stand 
unless and until amended by the Uniting Conference. Now there will 
be amending amendments. 

The two General Conferences in Chicago indicated dissatisfaction 
with certain sections, particularly the section on the ministry, the 

344 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

section on the local church I mention in particular, and the Joint 
Commissions were instructed to continue their study and to bring 
to Dallas the suggestions of the Joint Commissions in the light of the 
discussions which took place in Chicago. Subcommittees have been 
woi'king on both of these issues, and in this report, which will be 
known as the "White Book" comes the work of the Joint Commissions 
proposing amendment to the legislation in the basic book. 

Now in addition to these amendments, which appear in the White 
Book, there will be current suggestions for amendment arising both 
from the Joint Commissions made since this report was mailed out 
on about January 1, because we have been receiving an avalanche of 
suggestions and many of them are veiy good. We tried to present the 
ones that we think worthy of consideration. So that the third working 
tool of the Conference will be your Daily Christian Advocate, which 
will be in this format. I am holding up as an exhibit the one used in 
Chicago. Therefore, every delegate to do his work, both in the Legis- 
lative Committee and subsequently on the floor of the Uniting Con- 
ference, must have three work books. First, the Blue Book which is 
basic. And this legislation stands unless and until amended. Secondly, 
the report of the Joint Commissions, the White Book, and thirdly, you 
must have before you the reports which will appear from time to time 
in the Daily Christian Advocate. This is just a report on procedures 
which I hope will be helpful for work in the legislative committees 
and on the floor. 

The reports of the Legislative Committees will then come to the 
floor of the Uniting Conference sorting out this material and recom- 
mending, for example in the ministry, that this be the new legislation 
on the ministry and it will be open to debate on the floor. Our Joint 
Commissions have been awarded, I think, 30 minutes for tomorrow 
morning's session. It is our intention that instead of going into a 
lengthy exposition of the work of the Commission, which I think most 
delegates of both houses have been familiar with, we would make a 
very brief introduction through Bishop Wicke, the chairman of our 
Methodist Commission, and then we might try the adoption of a couple 
of resolutions not dealing with legislation, but the resolutions which 
appear in this White Book. This would give us a sort of working run 
and education on how to use these books in the legislative processes 
of the Uniting Conference. And with good luck we might get through 
a couple of these resolutions ; so if you want to have a preview of what 
may come up tomorrow, read the resolutions which appear in the 
White Book. 

World Family Life Committee Report — Bishop Hazen G. 

Bishop Hazen G. Werner (Hong Kong and Taiwan) : This report 
will take just a few minutes. This is the report of the World Family 
Life Committee to the General Conference of The Methodist Church 
in 1968. To trace the history of the family life movement is really to 
outline a miracle. In 1962 the delegates to the National Family Life 
Conference held in Chicago requested to launching of a family life 
work on a world scale. The General Conference of 1964 took action 
approving this venture and the World Methodist Council in its execu- 
tive session named a provisional committee on Family Life and 
assigned to me the responsibility of chairing that committee. 

This world committee moved out into an open sea without compass 
or precedent, but with firm confidence in the unmistakable necessity 
of the movement itself. Much could be said concerning the organization 
and what it has done, but I want to limit my comments largely to what 

The United Methodist Church 345 

is the major interest, the major activity of this committee, namely the 
World Family Life Conference. 

We are pleased to report concerning the first World Family Life 
Conference held in Birmingham and London, in August 1966. The 
results of these two family-life meetings surpassed our greatest hope. 
Let me point out several things that have some intangible character- 
istics to them, but nevertheless I think are highly important, par- 
ticularly work in this field of Christian Family Life. The first thing 
is this. People came to Birmingham from 42 countries. Hungary, 
Brazil, Taiw^an, Rhodesia, the Fiji Islands, Cuba, Indonesia and other 
lands. These persons from across the virorld, 150 of them, came to- 
gether as if they had known one another all of their lives, and things 
happened right there. 

I walked into a discussion group of Asians. One man was saying "I 
am going back to be a better father and a better husband." A Psy- 
chiatrist who is a delegate to this Uniting Conference from Scandi- 
navia said, "This is the best thing of this kind that I have ever 

What took place in Birmingham became a part of our lives. And it 
was so unmistakable that God was there in our fellowship and in 
what we said and also in what we did there. Cutting through ideo- 
logical, ethnic, racial and cultural differences the minds of the 
conference probed the needs of the family everywhere and explored 
the practical ways of establishing better understanding in family 
relations and how to implement these. This whole matter of getting 
a better situation, respect of members of the family related to one 
another — we know how crucial that is just now, and particularly in 
this land as well as in other countries too. 

This matter of getting good family relation reminds me of that 
small boy who went to the door to answer the doorbell, opened the 
door and then called back to his mother and said "It is only daddy." 
And she said, "Well don't say it is only daddy even if it is only daddy." 
Well to implement these better family relations is of course one of 
the major interests we have. 

The really wonderful phase of this movement came about when 
after the conference in Birmingham and London, each person started 
his trek across the world to his home to translate the wisdom con- 
cerning Christian family living into action. To carry back to the local 
scene the Christian proved workable and family relation to be pre- 
sented in both annual conference and local church levels. And this 
happened all over the world. 

And the interesting thing about this and so characteristic to the 
National Council held in Chicago — many of you have been there — it is 
simply just phenomenal the way in which people go back from these 
conferences and go to work. And get these truths which are workable 
down before people and accepted by people and implemented in their 
homes in places far hidden from the eye and really from our under- 
standing. Well, it was apparent at the conference that the family needs 
and problems are astonishingly alike the world over. This gives our 
basis for assuming that this is a sound procedure to work on a world 
basis. No country has a corner on tyrannical fathers, or interferring 
in-laws, or incorrigible sons. Teen-agers are kicking up the dust in 
San Jose as in Seoul. The revolt of youth is going on in Spain and 
Japan, and absentee fathers in Rhodesia, who have to leave their 
homes to go work in distant mines, reminds one of the growing number 
of fathers in America who are only home on the week-end. Permissive- 
ness in excess is to be found in the Iban family and among the Ibans as 
well as in the culture of America. 

I think one could say in an overall sense the fact is that the families 
of the world are being drawn into the same materialistic cultural 

346 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

context with the effects that one might expect. Much lies ahead of us. 
A progi-am is in process to hold regional meetings in seven regions 
to be set up across the globe during this quadrennium. These meetings 
are to be held in conjunction with National Council of Churches 
wherever possible. And in these meetings we purpose to prepare able 
persons to further infiltrate the communities and homes where they 

It is interesting to see the composition of this committee in the sense 
of these vice-chairmen who are regional chairmen. Men like S. Tui 
Lovoni in the Fiji Islands and Leonard Brown in England who 
has related the work for us along in Europe as well. Eric Mitchell, 
who is here, was in India with South Asia group, and Mrs. Pang of 
Korea of the East Asian group, and Carlos Gattinoni of South 
America. All these persons are doing great work. J. Otis Young is the 
chairman of the North American section, doing our particular part 
here in the United States. 

Last August the World Methodist Council called for a second World 
Conference in Family Life to be held near the location and time of the 
next World Methodist Convocation, namely, Washington, D.C. in 1971. 
We are engaged now in the preparation of this second World Con- 
ference. The general overall theme will be, now please do note this 
theme — I think this is a highly important area to investigate — The 
Family of the Arriving Generation. And here are the six subjects 
briefly that will be discussed in this conference: 

The impact of a changing society and the growing life. 

The responsibilities of parenthood to the growing person. 

The growing person and sex education. 

Youth and the new morality. 

The widening gap between youth and the adult society. 

The church's ministry to the growing person. 

These are the six subjects. Papers will be read on these themes and 
discussions, with considerable adequate time, will go on with respect 
to the important aspects of these themes. We need your help if this 
gathering is to be as effective as the first one. We are concerned to 
help restore family solidarity, strengthen the understanding between 
family members and narrow the gap between growing persons and 
their parents. In a context of either plenty or want this alienation 
between children and parents goes on. The most formidable thing on 
the whole scene, social and universal, is this fact. 

"And children," said Friedenberg the sociologist, "are no longer 
fighting their parents, they are abandoning them." The consequences 
of this strange revolution of the young, the living together in the 
flat of New York or in the Haight Street of our great San Francisco, 
frustrated and bitter and occurring heartache and desolation in homes 
everywhere. This is not a problem that arises exclusively out of 
poverty. Let's not fool ourselves about this. One teen-ager said this: 
"As far as my home and parents are concerned, my father provides 
everything I need on the outside, but he hasn't given me anything 
for the inside." 

The crisis we face in the world today pretty well can distill itself 
into a fact that its roots are in the family. Every one of you will 
agree with this. The family is deteriorating, but you will never face 
society in any land without the family. This is our predicament. We 
ought to face this. The family is sick today. Adults are losing control, 
the parental vocation of moral discipline is in decline. The fact is our 
own adult life is in bad shape morally. As if the Physician Himself 
were ill. 

And in America prosperity is one of the contributing factors to that 
illness. But it is equally true that materialism with its moral and 
spiritual paralysis is creeping over the whole world. Now we as a 

The United Methodist Church 347 

committee believe that it is the Christian home that can best rear 
adequate and sound persons in a difficult world. Materialism is drying 
up the springs of the spiritual life across the world, and the resultant 
vacuum at the heart of the modern family rightly appalls us and more 
than that presses upon us for an answer. Religion will not work in 
society unless it works in the home. We want to propose and present 
to you now our claim that the answer is the Christian family and to 
seek your help and support of this world-wide movement. 

Bishop Tippett: If you will adopt the report you will show the hands. 
If you are opposed, the same sign. It is done. I call now on the Board of 
Lay Activities for the Stewardship Creed — Dr. Robert Mayfield. 

Report on Stewardship Creed — Robert G. Mayfield 

Robert G. Mayfield: Mr. Chairman and ladies and gentlemen of the 
Conference. This report has been prepared in response to a resolution 
which was passed by the 1964 Pittsburgh General Conference request- 
ing that the Board of Lay Activities prepare a Stewardship Creed to 
be presented to the 1968 Conference. It is being presented here in 
report form for you to receive and not to debate its passage. A 
national seminar was the first step that was taken in order to begin 
to develop this report. We had in March of 1967 a series of lectures by 
professors from the seminaries of our church and in this seminar we 
brought together what we felt was the best thinking in The Methodist 
Church to help develop this creed. 

From these seminar lectures then a committee appointed by the 
Board of Lay Activities began its work of refining and developing 
this Stewardship statement. This committee was under the chairman- 
ship of Dr. Lloyd M. Bertholf, of our Board, who is the chairman of 
our stewardship committee. It was also under the staff direction of 
Dr. Edwin A. Briggs, a member of our stewardship staff. Now very 
briefly, the purpose of the statement as originally requested was to 
provide a working definition of stewardship; to provide a basic 
outline of stewardship which could serve as a guideline for writers of 
curricula materials and other literature; to interpret stewardship 
more broadly than from a narrow viewpoint in which you place it 
with finance and more concretely than from a viewpoint that classifies 
all phases of Christian thought as the stewardship of something, with 
the result that the identity and significance of the concept be not there 
by law; to encourage the entire membership of the church to in- 
corporate the philosophy of stewardship in their daily lives and in all 
phases of the church's program. Now with these purposes in mind, the 
committee counseled with professors from our seminaries and pro- 
fessors and leaders of The Evangelical United Brethren Church. And 
Mr. Chairman, I am not in a position to make a motion, but if some 
one will this matter may be received and referred to the Uniting 

Motion made by delegate from floor. 

Bishop Tippett: As many as will adopt the motion, show the hands. 
Opposed the same sign. It is done. 

Instructions on Expenses — Don A. Cooke, Treasurer 

Dr. Don Cooke: Bishop Tippett and members of the Conference, this 
brief statement. The Council on World Service and Finance has pre- 

348 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

pared a blank for giving information as regards the expenses of the 
delegates. At the rear of the auditorium this morning as you leave the 
auditorium we have the expense blanks for all delegations made up 
in alphabetical order according to the name of your Conference, not 
the name of the chairman of the delegation, but the name of the 
annual conference. There w^ill be four tables arranged alphabetically 
and you will see them in the rear of the auditorium. Will the chair- 
man, or someone designated by the chairman pick up this packet of 
expense blanks. These expense blanks have the names of each delegate 
on the blank. Now if the reserve delegate is here in the place of the 
principal delegate and you are entitled to the travel expenses, will you 
change the name from the name of the principal delegate, which is on 
that blank and for whom you are making the substitution so that we 
will have the accurate record. 

These expense blanks will cover your travel from your place of 
residence to Dallas and return. Be sure to estimate the cost of your 
return travel from your place of residence. One item perhaps needs 
explanation, although we have put on the back of each blank rules by 
which these expenses are calculated, one question is not quite clear. It 
says that 1(^ a mile will be paid to the owner of an automobile if two 
delegates come in that car. Of course other expenses included. 

The question has been asked me by several who have come to the 
conference, "I drove my own car and no one came with me. How 
much travel allowance shall I receive?" And the answer that we have 
come up with in our office is this. If your round trip distance from 
your home to Dallas exceeds 500 miles, will you calculate that or let 
us do it in our office on the basis of air travel — coach. Now if it is 
less than 500 miles, you came in your own car, calculate on the basis 
of 14 a mile. We think that is reasonable. 

The per diem which will be voted on by the General Conference, the 
proposed per diem I believe now stands at $17.00 per day, and by 
common consent the per diem will start as of today. Any expenses that 
you have incurred, if you have had to come several days ahead of 
time to attend meetings of committees and so on, any expenses up 
until midnight of last night, beginning with today, which is the 
opening session of the Conference, will be placed on your travel 
voucher. Then as soon as the adjournment date has been set we shall 
pass out blanks for the calculation of the per diem and we hope to 
have those distributed not later than Friday, May 3. The banks will 
be closed on Saturday and it may be difficult to get these checks 
cashed. This further word. We have on deposit in the First National 
Bank here in Dallas approximately half a million dollars with which 
to pay these travel expenses, and the bank has assured us that any 
of these expense checks or per diem checks will be cashed in the main 
lobby of the First National Bank, which is on Akard Street in the 
opposite direction from the hotel — from the auditorium. Just two 
blocks north. The First National Bank will be glad to cash your checks. 

If you have any difficulties, if the chairman of the delegation does 
not pick up the blanks here, and there will be some difficulty because 
you are not seated by delegations as is usually the case when we 
distribute these blanks, they will be taken to our office, Room 300 in 
the auditorium, and any questions you have we will be glad to try to 
answer. Thank you. 

Several questions were asked for clarification which Don 
Cooke answered. 

John Herr (Philadelphia — NE) : Mr. Chairman, in view of the fact 
that there was a Communion Service and committee meetings last 

The United Methodist Church 349 

night, I move that the per diem rate be for yesterday as well as for 
today and subsequent days. 

Bishop Tippett: If you are in favor of the motion you will show 
the hand. If you are opposed. It is carried. 

Ted Hightower (Louisville — SE) : I am not sure now how I 
designate the matter we are amending. We had a letter from Dr. Cooke 
and how official this is I am not just certain. But in this communication 
he said that the per diem was to be $17.00 per day. I would like to move 
that in place of $17.00 we insert $20.00. 

J. Wesley Hole (Southern California- Arizona — W) : The report of 
the Commission on Entertainment and Program, which includes the 
recommendation for per diem, will be in the Daily Advocate for 
tomorrow morning for action by the first session of the Uniting 
Conference. There are many items in that report, and if that should 
be amended I should think that the appropriate time to amend it is 
when the report is under consideration. 

Bishop Tippett: What provision, Dr. Hole, will be made to keep the 
two budgets separate? 

J. Wesley Hole: It is stated in the report of the Commission on 
Entertainment and Program that by arrangement the expenses of 
Methodist delegates will be paid by the Council on World Service and 
Finance and the expenses of the EUB delegates will be paid by their 
treasurer. That is in the recommendation. 

Bishop Tippett: I understand, Dr. Hole, am I correct that there are 
two different figures to be given for two different denominations? 

J. Wesley Hole: The only figure in the recommendation is the per 
diem of $17 by the Commission on Entertainment and Program. 

Bishop Tippett: Does this apply to both? 

J. Wesley Hole: It is my understanding that The Evangelical United 
Brethren Church has followed a different method of providing ex- 
penses for their delegates than the Methodist Church has provided. 
In our case, the per diem is paid and no suplemental amount is paid by 
Annual Conferences. In the case of the EUB Church, a lower per diem 
is paid but it is supplemented by the action of annual conferences. 
Now I cannot answer specifically what that rate is for them, but it is 
in the recommendation of the Commission on Entertainment and 
Program in the Advocate tomorrow m.orning. 

Ted Hightower (Louisville — SE) : Mr. Chairman, I am trying to 
amend our statement of the secretary of the Council on World Service 
and Finance which I assume is official for that body. And that is the 
thing I would like to get clear in this General Conference before we 
go to a Uniting Conference about it. 

John D. Herr (Philadelphia — NE) : Mr. Chairman, the question, is 
it not the case, in view of the fact that each of the former denomina- 
tions are taking care of the per diem for their General Conferences 
before coming to the Uniting Conference, that Dr. Hightower's motion 
is well in order in our General Conference? 

J. Otis Young (Northeast Ohio — NC) : Speaking as chairman of the 
Committee on Entertainment and Program, we will make our complete 
report tomorrow, and I have a feeling that it might be well for us to 
lift this one item up out of our report today, and indicate to you what 
our recommendation would have been tomorrow, and let you take 
whatever action you may wish to take. Our recommendation, then, 
would be, if I may continue . . . Our recommendation from the Com- 
mission on Entertainment and Program was that the per diem be 

350 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Pedro S. Angeles (Philippines — OS) : With the announcement of the 
Chairman of the Entertainment Committee I wish to make a substitute 
motion. I move that this motion with this action be referred to that 
committee for its study and action because they have yet to report 
finally on that item. So I move that this motion be referred to the 
committee, the Entertainment Committee. 

/. Otis Young: Mr. Chairman, I would oppose the motion for re- 
ferral. If we are going to discuss the per diem, I think it is better to do 
it in our own body than in the presence of the entire delegation 

Bishop Tippett: The motion for referral is before you. If you will 
refer you will show the hand. If you are opposed, you will show the 
hand. The motion to refer is lost. 

Duncan Hunter (North Alabama — SE) : I would like to ask the 
Treasurer to give us an estimate of the additional cost if this motion 
of Dr. Hightower is passed. 

Don A. Cooke (Florida — SE) : Mr. Chairman, our secretary here is 
calculating $3.00 per day for 14 days. For the group it would amount 
to $42,000. 

Kenneth Metcalf (North Iowa — NC) : There isn't a one of us here 
that couldn't use more money, I am sure, and we know that the costs 
here are high, but we came here with the knowledge and recommenda- 
tion that this would be $17 a day. I think most of us can make it. The 
one feeling that we are much concerned about, especially those of us 
who are chairmen of World Service and Finance Commission of our 
local Annual Conference is that we try to keep some of these costs 
down and so I highly recommend that we do not accept this proposal 
that has been made. Thank you. 

Vinson M. Mouser (Louisiana — SC) : I wanted to ask Dr. Cooke if 
this increase in cost would place any serious strain upon the available 
funds in the General Administration Fund. 

Dr. Don A. Cooke: Judge Mouser, I believe that we have sufficient 
funds to take care of this increase. However, as you know, at the 
General Conference in Pittsburgh it cost the Methodist Church ap- 
proximately $750,000. We are anticipating that this one will cost about 
$800,000 to $850,000. Of course, we are interested in keeping our 
expenses at as modest amount as possible, but this is your matter 
to decide. 

Bishop Tippett: Thank you judge. Now are you ready for the ques- 
tion? You are voting on Dr. Hightower's motion to change the sug- 
gested $17 to $20 per diem as you will adopt this motion, you will show 
the hand. If you are opposed, show the hands. The Chair believes that 
the motion is lost. The motion is lost. 

$17 Per Diem Voted— John R. Van Sickle 

John R. Van Sickle (Rock River — NC) : Bishop, I move we adopt the 

motion for $17.00. 

Bishop Tippett: As many as will adopt the $17.00 will show the 
hand. If you are opposed, the same sign. It is adopted. 

Personal Privilege — Pedro S. Angeles 

Pedro S. Angeles (Philippines— OS) : Mr. Chairman, Council of 
Bishops, distinguished guests; with the previous successive announce- 
ment by the Chair of accidents and illness, I'm quite prompted to 
make this special request and I feel before it may be too late. We are 
not hopeless. We are just alarmed. Some of us may already know the 

The United Methodist Church 351 

sudden illness which befell one of our distinguished Bishops, Dr. 
Benjamin I. Guansing who is now in Detroit. May I, the lay delegate 
from the Philippines Annual Conference of the Manila Area, and I 
hope the Philippine delegate will be with me in my request in appeal 
to this august body to pray together imploring God's healing power 
to save and strengthen him to be able to participate in the historical 
events of our church? 

Bishop Tippett: I think that there will be no objection to that. As 
many as will honor this request, show the hand. 

Personal Privilege — Gregorio R. Bailen 

Gregorio R. Bailen (Northwest Philippines — OS) : Mr. Chairman 
and members of this General Conference this question of high privilege 
that I am bringing is in relation to the Ad Hoc Committee report as 
presented by Dr. Parlin. During the last session in Chicago when we 
were perfecting the matters on the organizations and provisions for 
the unification of the EUB and the Methodists, the minutes of the 
proceedings at the time that Dr. Parlin was being interrogated by the 
delegates, appears to be erroneously printed and recorded in the 
printed document showed us this morning and even in the official 
records of the daily proceedings of this particular session of the 
Conferences in Chicago of November 1966, as now appearing on page 
2766, Volume III, Journal of the 196^(1966) General Conference, in 
the sense that the interrogation by the delegate from the Philippines 
appears to be my humble self, but it is not. 

That is why it is my special request that a correction, or at least, 
the fact should be noted that the one who has been interrogating Dr. 
Parlin at that time should be E. G. Gacutan and not Gregorio R. 
Bailen. Mr. Chairman, I intend to speak against, or for some of these 
things that will come before the Conference of The United Methodist 
Church. If this is not corrected my stand will be jeopardized, because 
there are statements in that dialogue between the reporting repre- 
sentative of the Ad Hoc Committee and the representative of the 
Philippines to the United Church of Christ; especially that the 
chairman of the National Council of Churches in the Philippines is 
now in the EUB Conference here and he may be present in the 
conference. I happen to be his vice-chairman. Hence this special 

I hope that this General Conference may take notice thereof and 
govern itself accordingly, in order that I shall not be put out of order 
at the time that I may speak on the conference floor relative thereto. 

Bishop Tippett: You are asking for reprint. I am sure acknowledge- 
ment can be made through the Daily Christian Advocate. Would that 
be agreeable? Dr. Hole, you will be happy to do that, will you not? 
I think it needs no vote, then are you satisfied with that? Thank you 
very much. 

Motion to Adjourn — J. Otis Young 

/. Otis Young (Northeast Ohio — NC) : Mr. Chairman, I would like 
to make this motion that we adjourn this session of General Conference 
of The Methodist Church following the announcements and the closing 
prayei'. I therefore move that to make possible seating of the elected 
delegates and delegates of the Uniting Conference the Methodist 
General Conference of 1968 now be adjourned. 

Bishop Tippett: The motion is before you that after our announce- 
ments and prayer we stand adjourned. This will be the final adjourn- 
ment, a very solemn occasion, a very historic one. 

352 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Several announcements were made. 

Bishop Tippett: I have a very interesting announcement to make. 
Dr. Paul Washburn was elected Bishop on the first ballot. 

I am going to do perhaps an unprecedented thing, I think it is an 
open secret that Dr. J. Wesley Hole will ask to be relieved of the 
responsibilities of Secretary of the General Conference. He has been 
our Secretary, this is a matter within our fraternity, it seems. I am 
sure that a more appropriate way of saluting him will take place before 
the Conference is over, but I thought we in this delegation might be 
apprized of the matter. If you would like, salute him and express by 
that salute your great appreciation for the splendid work he has done 
as Secretary of our General Conference. I'd like now that I have said 
this to have a motion so that it can go in our record. 

A. A. Wright (Southern California- Arizona — W) made 
the motion. 

Bishop Tippett: Thank you very much. The motion is before us. As 
many as will extend to Dr. Hole our great appreciation, show the 
hand, please. (Standing ovation — prolonged applause.) 

Bishop Tippett: As many as will adjourn after prayer will show the 
hand. As many as are opposed the same sign. It is done. Bishop 
Brashares will you dismiss us — and may the Chair suggest that you 
include in your prayer a fervent request on the part of all of us for the 
well-being of Bishop Guansing that will help implement a motion 
that was made as a matter of privilege. Will you please stand and 
receive the benediction. 

Bishop Brashares (Retired — NC) : Our Father, God, as we come to 
the adjournment of this final curtain of the General Conference of the 
Churches that has been completely loved by us, we thank thee for the 
victories that have been won for thy Kingdom in the days past. We 
thank thee for the fellowships that we have had with one another and 
our prayers are joined for this person whom we now lift up in our 
prayers for Thy special blessings and as we go from the Church, as it 
was to the Church with its broader fellowship, we pray that concern 
for the daily welfare of every person which characterized the life of 
our Lord may torture and strengthen us daily to keep before us the 
spirit of Him who put before everything else the welfare of His peo- 
ple. And may we be so strengthened in the days to come that the future 
shall far outrun the past and the Church may be renewed, in bearing 
the Cross until all men shall be greatly blessed to Him who died for us. 
And so rejoicing as we go forward, we go with great faith and already 
thank thee to that faith for things that are still to come. Make us 
worthy of them and now dismiss us from this session with Thy bless- 
ing. Amen. 






Opening Session — Bishop Donald H. Tippett 

The Uniting Conference of The United Methodist Church 
convened in Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas, on 
Tuesday, April 23, 1968, at 8 :30 a.m. with Bishop Donald 
H. Tippett of the San Francisco Area, Western Jurisdiction, 
and President of the Council of Bishops of The Methodist 
Church, presiding. 


The Order of Worship 


The Evangelical United Brethren Church 


The Methodist Church 

to form 

The United Methodist Church 


Bishop Donald Harvey Tippett 

declaring the union 

Bishop Reuben H. Mueller 

Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke 

eight-thirty o'clock in the morning 

April 23, 1968 

Dallas Memorial Auditorium 

Dallas, Texas 


354 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

The Order of Worship 

t Let the people he in silent meditation and prayer upon 

entering the place of ivorship. 
t All are invited to participoie audibly in portions of the 

service printed in boldface type. 


Prelude and Fugue in E" major J. S. Bach 

Festival Fanfare on "Sine Nomine" . . . Lloyd Pf autsch 


For All the Saints William W. How 

For all the saints, who from their labors rest, 
Who thee by faith before the world confessed, 
Thy Name, O Jesus, be forever blest. 
Alleluia, Alleluia! 

Thou wast their rock, their fortress, and their might; 
Thou, Lord, their captain in the well-fought fight; 
Thou, in the darkness drear, their one true light. 
Alleluia, Alleluia! 

O may thy soldiers, faithful, true, and bold. 
Fight as the saints who nobly fought of old. 
And win with them the victor's crown of gold. 
Alleluia, Alleluia! 

O blest communion, fellowship divine ! 
We feebly struggle, they in glory shine ; 
Yet all are one in thee, for all are thine. 
Alleluia, Alleluia! 

And when the strife is fierce, the warfare long. 
Steals on the ear the distant triumph song. 
And hearts are brave again, and arms are strong. 
Alleluia, Alleluia! 

From earth's wide bounds, from ocean's farthest coast. 
Through gates of pearl streams in the countless host, 
Singing to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
Alleluia, Alleluia! Amen. 


Dearly beloved, we are assembled here to unite The 
Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Method- 
ist Church and thus to form The United Methodist 
Church. All here present are exhorted with eyes wide 
open to the mercies of God, and in the holy intention of 
love and obedience, to offer this union to God in the 
confident hope that it is acceptable to him and will be 
a blessing to his people. 

In the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, let us go on to the 
perfection of our unity in him and in his Church. 

The United Methodist Church 355 


This is the day the Lord hath made. 
We will rejoice and be glad in it. 

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus 
Christ! By his great mercy, we are born anew to a 
hving hope through his resurrection from the dead. 

THE HYMN f The people standing 

Spirit of Faith, Come Down Charles Wesley 

Spirit of faith, come down, reveal the things of God; 

And make to us the Godhead known, and witness with the blood. 

'Tis thine the blood to apply and give us eyes to see. 

Who did for every sinner die hath surely died for me. 

No man can truly say that Jesus is the Lord, 

Unless thou take the veil away, and breathe the living Word. 

Then, only then, we feel our interest in His blood. 

And cry, with joy unspeakable, "Thou art my Lord, my God!" 

O that the world might know the all atoning Lamb! 
Spirit of faith, descend and show the virtue of His name. 
The grace which all may find, the saving power, impart; 
And testify to all mankind, and speak in every heart. 

Inspire the living faith, which whosoe'er receives 
The Avitness in himself he hath, and consciously believes; 
That faith that conquers all, and doth the mountain move, 
And saves whoe'er on Jesus call, and perfects them in love. 


THE INVOCATION f By the minister, the people standing 
Almighty and everlasting God, who has built thy 
Church upon the foundation of the apostles and 
prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner- 
stone; We pray thee to inspire the Church universal 
with the spirit of truth, unity and concord: and grant 
that all who confess thy holy name may abide in thy 
truth and live in unity and godly love; through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 


t By the minister, the people seated 
Dearly beloved, the Scriptures move us to acknowledge 
and confess our sins before almighty God, our heavenly 
Father, with a humble, lowly, penitent, and obedient 
heart, to the end that w^e may obtain forgiveness by his 
infinite goodness and mercy. Wherefore I pray and 
beseech you, as many as are here present, to accompany 
me with a pure heart and humble voice, unto the 
throne of heavenly grace. 

356 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

THE CONFESSION f The -people seated, bowed, and saying 
Our heavenly Father, who by thy love hast made us, 
and through thy love hast kept us, and in thy love 
wouldst make us perfect: We humbly confess that we 
have not loved thee with all our heart and soul and mind 
and strength, and that we have not loved one another as 
Christ hath loved us. Thy life is within our souls, but 
our selfishness hath hindered thee. We have not lived by 
faith. We have resisted thy Spirit. We have neglected 
thine inspirations. 

Forgive what we have been; help us to amend what w^e 
are; and in thy Spirit direct what we shall be, that thou 
mayest come into the full glory of thy creation, in us 
and in all men; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

THE WORDS OF ASSURANCE f By the minister 
God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, 
that everyone who has faith in him may not die but have 
eternal life. St. John 3:16. 

But should anyone commit sin, we have one to plead our 
cause with the Father, Jesus Christ, and he is just. He 
is himself the remedy for the defilement of our sins, not 
our sins only but the sins of all the w^orld. 1 John 2:1, 2. 


Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. 
They kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is 
in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive 
us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass 
against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver 
us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, 
and the glory forever. Amen. 

THE VERSICLE f The people standing 
Lord open our lips. 

And our mouth shall show forth thy praise. 
Praise the Lord. 
The Lord's name be praised. 


come, let us sing unto the Lord ; 

let us heartily rejoice in the strength of our salvation. 

Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving; 

and show ourselves glad in him with psalms. 

For the Lord is a great God ; 

and a great king above all gods. 

In his hand are all the corners of the earth ; 

The United Methodist Church 357 

and the strength of the hills is his also. 

The sea is his, and he made it ; 

and his hands prepared the dry land. 

come let us worship and fall down ; 

and kneel before the Lord our maker. 

For he is the Lord our God ; 

and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of 

his hand. 

worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness ; 
let the whole earth stand in awe of him. 

For he cometh, for he cometh to judge the earth ; 
and with righteousness to judge the world, and the peo- 
ples with his truth. 

Glory be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy 
Ghost ; 

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, 
world without end. Amen. 

THE EPISTLE f The people seated 

1 Corinthians 12:12-13:13 


I Will Extol Thee , (Psalm 145:1-10) . . Daniel Moe 

THE GOSPEL f The people standing 
St. John 17:13-26 



WE BELIEVE in one God: the Father Almighty, 

Maker of heaven and earth, 

and of all things seen and unseen. 
And in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, 

begotten of the Father before time began: 
God from God, Light from Light, True God from True God, 

begotten, not made, 

one in essence with the Father, 

and through whom all things were made. 
For us men and for our salvation he came down from heaven, 

and was made flesh of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit, 

and became man. 
He was crucified also for us under Pontius Pilate, 

he suffered and was buried. 
On the third day he arose from the dead, 

as the Scriptures had foretold. 
Hs ascended into heaven, 

where he sits at the right hand of the Father. 
He will come again in glory 

to judge both the living and the dead, 

and His Kingdom will have no end. 

358 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, 

the Giver of Life, 

who proceeds from the Father and the Son. 
Together with the Father and the Son 

he is worshipped and glorified. 

He spoke through the prophets. 
We believe in one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church: 
We acknowledge one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins: 
We await the resurrection of the dead, 

and the life of the world to come. Amen. 

THE SERMON (see page 995) 

Visions and Dreams 
"And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I 
will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and 
your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men 
shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams." 
Acts 2:17 

THE HYMN t The people standing 

Jesus, We Look to Thee Charles Wesley 

Jesus, we look to thee. 

Thy promised presence claim; 
Thou in the midst of us shalt be, 

Assembled in thy name: 

Thy name salvation is, 

Which here we come to prove; 
Thy name is life and joy and peace 

And everlasting love. 

We meet, the grace to take 

Which thou hast freely given; 
We meet on earth for thy dear sake, 

That we may meet in heaven. 

Present Ave know thou art. 

But O thyself reveal! 
Now, Lord, let every bounding heart 

The mighty comfort feel. 

O might thy quickening voice 

The death of sin remove; 
And bid our inmost souls rejoice 

In hope of perfect love. Amen. 

God, most merciful and gracious, 

of whose bounty we have all received : 
Accept this offering of thy people. 
Remember in thy love those who have brought it, 

and those for whom it is given, 

and so follow it with thy blessing 

that it may promote peace and good will among 

and advance the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The United Methodist Church 359 


t Then shall the ministers place the Holy Scriptures on 
the table. 

t Then shall the editors of The Evangelical United 
Brethren Hymnal and of The Methodist Hymnal 
ca7Ty the hymnals to the table and place them side 
by side. 

t The7i shall the book editors of The Evangelical United 
Brethren Church and The Methodist Church carry the 
books of ivorship to the table and place them thereon 
side by side over the hytnnals. 

t Then shall the publishers of The Evangelical United 
Brethren Discipline and The Methodist Discipline 
carry the Disciplines to the table and place them there- 
on side by side over the hymnals and the books of 

t Then shall the secretay^ies of The Evangelical United 
Brethren Commission 07i Church Union and of The 
Methodist Ad Hoc Committee on EUB Union carry 
The Plan of Union to the table and place it over the 
hymnals, the books of worship, and the Disciplines as 
token that the two churches ivhich lived under two 
books of law noiv become one church under one book 
of law. 

t Then shall the chairman of The Evangelical United 
Brethren Commission on Church Union and the chair- 
man of The Methodist Ad Hoc Cojnmittee on EUB 
Union read The Declaration of Union. 


I, REUBEN H. MUELLER, a bishop of The Evangelical 
United Brethren Church, hereby announce that the Plan of 
Union with The Methodist Church has been adopted by The 
Evangelical United Brethren Church in accordance v^^ith the 
procedures prescribed in its constitutional law, namely, by 
an affirmative vote of more than three fourths of the mem- 
bers of the Chicago General Conference present and voting 
on November 11, 1966, and by more than a two-thirds 
affirmative vote of the aggregate number of members of all 
the annual conferences in North America present and voting 

I, LLOYD C. WICKE, a bishop of The Methodist Church, 
hereby announce that the Plan of Union with The Evan- 
gelical United Brethren Church has been adopted by The 
Methodist Church in accordance with the procedures pre- 
scribed in its constitution, namely, by vote of more than a 
two-thirds majority of the members of the Chicago General 

360 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Conference present and voting on November 11, 1966, and 
by more than a two-thirds majority of all members of the 
several annual conferences present and voting thereon. 
We now jointly declare that the Plan of Union between The 
Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist 
Church has, by its terms and by the terms of the Enabling 
Legislation, become effective and henceforth The Evan- 
gelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church 
shall go forward as a single entity to be known as The 
United Methodist Church. 

t Then shall Bishop Mueller and Bishop Wicke come, 
join hands over the Plan of IJyiion, and say 

Lord of the Church, we are united in thee, in thy 
Church, and now in The United Methodist Church. 


t Then shall two children, representing all the children 

of the two churches, come, join hands over the Plan 

of Union, and say 

Lord of the Church, we are united in thee, in thy 
Church, and now in The United Methodist Church. 
t Then shall two youths, representing all the youth of 

the two churches, come, join hands over the Plan of 

Union, and say 

Lord of the Church, we are united in thee, in thy 
Church, and now in The United Methodist Church. 
t Then shall two adults, representing all the adults of 

the tiDo churches, come, join hands over the Plan of 

Union, and say 

Lord of the Church, we are united in thee, in thy 
Church, and now in The United Methodist Church. 


t Then shall six ordained ministers, representing all the 
ordained ministers of the two churches and five 
continents, come, join hands over the Plan of Union, 
and say 

Lord of the Church, we are united in thee, in thy 

Church, and now in The United Methodist Church. 


t Then shall two church officers, representing all church 

officers of the tivo churches, come, join hands over the 

Plan of Union, and say 

The United Methodist Church 361 

Lord of the Church, we are united in thee, in thy 
Church, and now in The United Methodist Church. 


t Then shall the members of the General Conferences of 
The Evangelical United Brethren Church and The 
Methodist Church and all members of these churches 
present, stand, join hands, and say 

Lord of the Church, we are united in thee, in thy 
Church, and now in The United Methodist Church. 

THE HYMN OF UNITY f The peoj^le still standing 
All Praise to Our Redeeming Lord ... Charles Wesley 

All praise to our redeeming Lord, 

Who joins us by his grace, 
And bids us, each to each restored, 

Together seek his face. 

The gift Avhich he on one bestows, 

We all delight to prove, 
The grace through every vessel flows 

In purest streams of love. 

He bids us build each other up; 

And, gathered into one. 
To our high calling's glorious hope. 

We hand in hand go on. 

We all partake the joy of one; 

The common peace we feel: 
A peace to sensual minds unknown, 

A joy unspeakable. 

And if our fellowship below 

In Jesus be so sweet. 
What height of rapture shall we know 

When round his throne we meet! 


The Lord be with you. 
And with thy Spirit. 

Let us pray. 


t The minister will offer the prayers with the people re- 

Almighty God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ : We 
give thee praise and hearty thanks for all thy goodness 
and tender mercies. We bless thee for the love which 

362 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

hath created and doth sustain us from day to day. We 
praise thee for the gift of thy Son, our Saviour, through 
whom thou hast made known thy will and grace. We 
thank thee for the Holy Ghost, the Comforter ; for thy 
holy Church, for the Means of Grace, for the lives of all 
faithful and godly men, and for the hope of the life to 
come. Help us to treasure in our hearts all that our 
Lord hath done for us; and enable us to show our 
thankfulness by lives that are given wholly to thy 
service ; 

We beseech thee to hear us Lord. 
Lord Jesus Christ, who didst pray that thy Church 
might be one even as thou and the Father are one : 
Make us who profess one Lord, one faith, and one 
Baptism, to be of one heart and of one mind. Deliver us 
from blindness and prejudice, from intolerance and 
evil-speaking, that, joined in one holy bond of faith and 
charity, we, whom thou hast reconciled to thyself, may 
be reconciled to one another, and so make thy praise 
glorious ; through the same thy Son Jesus Christ our 
Lord, who with the Father and the Holy Spirit liveth 
and reigneth ever, one God, world without end. 

We beseech thee to hear us Lord. 
We beseech thee, Lord, to remember thy holy Church 
on earth ; teach us to love thy house above all dwellings ; 
thy Scriptures above all books; thy Sacraments above 
all gifts; the communion of saints above all company; 
and grant that, as one family, we may give thanks and 
adore thy glorious name; through Jesus Christ our 

We beseech thee to hear us Lord. 
Raise up, we pray thee, faithful servants of Christ to 
labor in the Gospel. 

We beseech thee to hear us Lord. 
We pray thee especially, heavenly Father, to bless our 
homes with thy light and joy. Keep our children in the 
covenant of their baptism, and enable their parents to 
rear them in a life of faith and godliness. 

We beseech thee to hear us Lord. 
Bless, we pray thee, the schools of the Church, uni- 
versities and centers of research, all institutions of 
learning, and those who exercise the care of souls 

We beseech thee to hear us Lord. 
Give to all men the mind of Christ, and dispose our days 
in thy peace, O God. Take from us all hatred and 
prejudice, and whatever may hinder unity of spirit and 
concord. Prosper the labors of those who lead and take 

The United Methodist Church 363 

counsel for the nations of the world, that mutual under- 
standing and common endeavor may be increased 
among all peoples; 

We beseech thee to hear us Lord. 
We remember with gratitude those who have loved and 
served thee in thy Church on earth, who now rest from 
their labors. Keep us in fellowship with all thy saints, 
and bring us at last to the joy of thy heavenly kingdom ; 

We beseech thee to hear us Lord. 

THE COVENANT f The bishop presiding leading 

We are no longer our own, but thine. Put us to what thou 
wilt, rank us with whom thou wilt ; put us to doing, put 
us to suffering ; let us be employed for thee or laid aside 
for thee, exalted for thee or brought low for thee; let us 
be full, let us be empty; let us have all things, let us 
have nothing; We freely and heartily yield all things 
to thy pleasure and disposal. 

And now, glorious and blessed God, Father, Son, and 
Holy Spirit, thou art ours, and we are thine. So be it. 
And the covenant which we have made on earth, let it 
be ratified in heaven. Amen. 


Come, Let Us Use the Grace Divine . . . Charles Wesley 

Come, let us use the grace divine. 

And all with one accord, 
In a perpetual covenant join 

Ourselves to Christ the Lord. 

Give up ourselves, through Jesus' power. 

His name to glorify; 
And promise, in this sacred hour 

For God to live and die. 

The covenant we this moment make 

Be ever kept in mind; 
We will no more our God forsake, 

Or cast his words behind. 

We never will throw off this fear 

Who hears our solemn vow; 
And if thou art well pleased to hear. 

Come down and meet us now. Amen, 

THE BENEDICTION f Bij the bishop presiding 

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God 
and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 


The Heaven's Declare 

the Glory of God (Psalm 19) Beneditto Marcello 

364 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 


(in the order of their appearing in the procession) 
The Marshalls 

The Reverend Paul V. Church, Evangelical United 
Brethren Vice-Chairman of the Commission on Enter- 
tainment and Program. 

The Reverend J. Otis Young, Methodist Chairman of the 
Commission on Entertainment and Program. 
The Acolytes 

Bearing the cross 

Mr. George Christian Engelhardt, Connecticut 
Bearing the lights 

Miss Carolyn M. Hardin, Arkansas 
Miss Marlu Liwag Primero, The Philippines 
Bearing the Scriptures 

Mr. Nobuhiro Imaizumi, Japan 
Bearing the flags of the Church and the United States 
Mr. Quentin J. Faulkner, New Jersey 
Mr. John Felix Munjoma, Rhodesia 
The Delegates from Countries where the Uniting Churches 
Minister Bearing Flags of Their Countries 




Puerto Rico 












Sierra Leone 








South Africa 














Hong Kong 















Costa Rica 




The Councils of Executives and Secretaries 

The Judicial Council 

The Board and Council of Bishops 

The Representatives Placing the Symbols of Union 
Placing the hymnals 

The Reverend Paul H. Eller, Editor of The Evan- 
gelical United Brethren Hymnal 
The Reverend Carlton R. Young, Editor of The 
Methodist Hymnal 
Placing the books of worship 

The Reverend Emory Stevens Bucke, Book Editor 
of The Methodist Church 

The Reverend Curtis A. Chambers, Book Editor of 
The Evangelical United Brethren Church 

The United Methodist Church 365 

Placing the Disciplines 

Mr. Lovick Pierce, Publisher of The Methodist 

Mr. Donald A. Theuer, Publisher of The Evan- 
gelical United Brethren Church 

Placing The Plan of Union 

Mr. Charles C. Parlin, Sr., Secretary of The Meth- 
odist Ad Hoc Committee on EUB Union 
The Representatives Offering the Union to God. 


Miss Rhonda Elizabeth Renfro, Methodist child 
from Dallas, Texas 

Master Robert 0. Tupper II, Evangelical United 
Brethren child from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 


Miss Jean Boening, Methodist youth from St. Paul, 


Mr. Lester Kurtz, Evangelical United Brethren 

youth from Topeka, Kansas 


Mrs. Emma Tousant, Evangelical United Brethren 
laywoman from Quincy, Massachusetts 
Mr. J. P. Zepeda, Methodist laymen from Fort 
Worth, Texas 


Evangelical United Brethren : The Reverend B. A. 
Carew of Sierra Leone, West Africa; The Rev- 
erend Merle A. Dunn, Rochester, Minnesota; The 
Reverend Herbert Eckstein, Berlin, Germany. 
Methodist : The Reverend Paul A. Duff ey, Dothan, 
Alabama; The Reverend Eric Mitchell, Bombay, 
India; The Reverend Roberto E. Rios, Republic of 

General Officers 

Mrs. Porter Brown, General Secretary of The 
Board of Missions of The Methodist Church 
The Reverend Harold H. Hazenfield, Executive 
Editor, Church School Publications of The Evan- 
gelical United Brethren Church 
The Laymen Reading the Scriptures 

Mrs. D. Dwight Grove, President of the Women's So- 
ciety of World Service of The Evangelical United 

Brethren Church 

Mr. Samuel L. Meyer, President of Ohio Northern 

The Ministers Conducting the Order of Worship 

The Reverend Paul Washburn, Executive Secretary of 

The Commission on Church Union of The Evangelical 

366 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

United Brethren Church 

Bishop Lance E. Webb, Chairman of The Commission 

on Worship of The Methodist Church 
The Preacher of the Word 

The Reverend Albert C. Outler, Professor of Historical 

Theology at Southern Methodist University 
The Bishops Declaring the Union 

Bishop Reuben H. Mueller, Indianapolis, Indiana 

Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke, New York, New York 
The Bishop Presiding 

Bishop Donald Harvey Tippett, San Francisco, Calif. 

Organist — Mr. Phil Baker, Dallas, Texas 
Director of combined choirs — The Reverend Carlton R. 

Young, Dallas, Texas 
School of Theology choirs represented in the combined choir 
Evangelical Theological Seminary, Naperville, Illinois 

The Reverend Eugene Wenger, Director 
Perkins School of Theology, Dallas, Texas 

The Reverend Carlton R, Young, Director 
Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, Missouri 

The Reverend James Evans, Director 
United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio 

The Reverend Aaron M. Sheaffer, Director 
The Reverend Norman L. Conard 

Some prayers in this sei'vice adapted from 
Service Book and Hymnal of The Lutheran Church in America. 

Words of Welcome — Bishop W. Kenneth Pope — Governor 
John Connally 

Bishop Tippett presented Bishop Kenneth Pope, one of 
the host bishops, who presented Governor John Connally, 
Governor of the State of Texas. 

Bishop W. Kenneth Pope: Fathers and brethren, of the now United 
Methodist Church, I have the high honor of presenting the No. 1 
citizen of the State of Texas, who is here to salute this occasion and 
to express on behalf of the state, a welcome to this body. He has been 
for three times an outstanding governor of this state. A few months 
ago one of the leading newspapers of the state said that he has been 
the most popular governor in this state during this century. He is not 
only the No. 1 citizen of this state, but I don't have to tell you who are 
here who remember him as former Secretary of the Navy, that he has 
been a national figure and is not less so today. 

I want to present him, not only in secular citizenship, but I'm very 
happy to present him to you today as a Methodist — a former Methodist, 
pardon me. Governor Connally, I have the privilege of pronouncing 
as the first announced individual in The United Methodist Church and 
I am happy to call you to this occasion to present him to you, my 

The United Methodist Church 367 

fellow citizens ... I wasn't through, but it's all right for you to stand. 
The occasion is worthy of it. 

I want to say this — as a Methodist, he is one with appreciation and 
sensitivity. The last time I saw him, he arose out of a sick bed to 
address a group of Methodists who had gathered in the capital city 
for a special purpose. He is always with an appreciative, sympathetic, 
and warm hearing when not only leaders of The Methodist Church, but 
religious leaders anywhere approach him on a matter of state. I 
could go on. It gives me great high honor to present His Excellency, 
the Governor of the State of Texas, the Honorable John Connally. 

Governor John Connally: Thank you very much. Please be seated. 
Bishop Pope, members of the Council of Bishops, members of the 
general congregation of The United Methodist Church, may I express 
my deep personal appreciation for the opportunity to be here today on 
such a very significant occasion. I do so as a Methodist; I do so as 
governor of this state. I need not tell those of you assembled here 
what an historic and significant occasion this is. You know it better 
than I, but may I also say to you that those of us in Texas, in this city, 
appreciate, understand the significance of this great Uniting Confer- 
ence, and so it is a rare privilege for me to address you this morning. 

I would be presumptuous, indeed, if I attempted to speak to you 
about grave religious matters to come before this Uniting Conference ; 
so if you will permit me to do so, let me take a little different track 
by saying to you that for all time, for all the years, for all the gen- 
erations, throughout all of the religious ceremonies and sermons and 
activities throughout the world, Dallas and Texas will be remembered 
as the site of this Uniting Conference, and for that we are profoundly 
grateful. We know who you are, we know why you're here, and I 
would like to spend a few moments telling you something about where 
you are. 

You know you are in Dallas, of course, and Dallas is in the State of 
Texas. This state sometimes is a little bit misunderstood. I think we 
are very much like the blind men in the fable, each of whom had a 
different part of the elephant and were asked to describe it, and they 
came up with very different descriptions. That's about the way we are 
because when you see Dallas, you see a great wonderful city of 
America, but you don't see all of Texas. 

I want to lay aside the thought that perhaps many of you have in 
your mind about how those of us in Texas constantly extol the virtues 
and the grandeurs of this state and brag too much about it. We like to 
think that we are not ever guilty of bragging, but rather, in such a 
great Uniting Conference as we have here, I think it behooves each of 
us to stick strictly to the facts and to the truth. And I intend to do 
precisely that. I want to tell you a little about this land in which you 
meet because I know that as you go back to your homes throughout 
the United States and the countries of the world where The United 
Methodist Church has, and will have, such profound influence, that you 
will want to carry home with you a few of the facts and a little 
knowledge and information about where you gathered, because you 
have contributed much to us, and we want you to leave with a feeling 
of warmth and fellowship, that your meeting here has been a very 
meaningful one, not only for us, but for you. 

You know, there are many different phases of Texas. Strangely 
enough, very few people realize the width and the breadth of this 
great state, but it is not alone large in terms of geography and 
topography. Very few people realize that Texarkana, Texas, on the 
eastern boundary of this state, is closer to Chicago, Illinois, than it is 
to El Paso, Texas, on the western extremity of this state. Very few 
realize it is almost 900 miles from the northern tip of the Panhandle 

368 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

to the southern tip of the lower Rio Grande Valley. Some of you have 
heard many of the tales about the distances, but there are a great 
many other things that I'm sure you are not familiar with. 

You know, in 1963 we created the Texas Tourist Development 
Agency. You know, you're making changes in the church, but you know 
this state has made some changes, too. Because it was not until 1961 
that we repealed a constitutional amendment permitting us to adver- 
tise for tourists. For almost a hundred years there was in our consti- 
tution a direct prohibition against the expenditure of any state money 
whatsoever for the purpose of attracting "immigrants." We had a 
little uniting conference of our own, and we changed that. 

In 1963 we created this Tourist Development Agency because we 
really were seized by the spirit of generosity and fellowship, that we 
didn't feel that we should selfishly enjoy the glories and the grandeurs 
of this state without making them available and known to other people. 
So we've done that. We attempted to find out what people thought 
about Texas. We ran polls — you know, that's the thing to do these days, 
run polls. And I am embarrassed to tell you what people thought about 
Texas. At least, I'm not going to tell you all of it. 

I will say to you that they thought of us as a barren, treeless, arid 
wasteland, a great flat plain. This is true. This is basically what the 
people of the United States thought about this land called Texas. How 
untrue it is, because far from being arid — we have some portions of it 
around El Paso that are fairly arid with an annual rainfall of about 
eight inches a year, if they are lucky — but far from being arid. You'd 
be surprised, those of you from the midwest and up along the 
Canadian border perhaps will be a little embarrassed when I tell you 
that, or if I asked which state in this Union has the most inland water. 
I'm sure you'd say the land of 10,000 lakes, but you'd be wrong. Be- 
cause Texas has more inland water than any state in the Union, 4,500 
square miles of it. Well, again because of the nature of this Conference, 
I want to make one exception. We have more inland water than any 
state except Alaska, but we don't count them because 90 percent of 
theirs is frozen 80 percent of the time. 

You know, when they speak of us as arid, very few people realize 
that we have 80,000 miles of rivers and streams. They think of us as 
a flat plain, flat area, but how many of you here realize that we have 
over 90 mountain peaks in this state over a mile high? Very few of 
you, I'm sure. They think of us a treeless wasteland. That isn't quite 
so, either. Not counting the mesquite and the scrub brush and the 
black brush and the white brush of southwest Texas, but talking only 
and speaking only of the great pine forests, the hardwood forests of 
east Texas, I know you will be interested in carrying back to your 
parishioners and your friends throughout the world the fact that 
Texas has 25 million acres of forest land — pine forest, hardwood 

Now, these are big numbers, not in terms of the federal budget, but 
they are big numbers, and to put it into perspective, which we all lose 
too often these days, but it put it into perspective, 25 million acres is 
enough to blanket all of the New England states. Very few people 
throughout this country felt that Texas had anything that people 
could enjoy, and I'm sure many of you have that impression. Now I 
don't want you to leave this Conference for one moment to see Texas, 
but when it's over I hope you will take a little time from your delibera- 
tions and your conferences and your meetings here to travel this state 
and see something of it, because there is a great deal to do. 

Now if you like to hunt, you can certainly do that — in season, be- 
cause we have some of the finest hunting available in the Western 
Hemisphere. As a matter of fact, just 20 short years ago we were 
fifth among the states in the Union in the number of white-tailed deer 

The United Methodist Church 369 

population; but because of wise conservation laws and strict enforce- 
ment of those laws, today we have 3,500,000 white-tailed deer, compris- 
ing approximately 30 percent of all the white-tailed deer in the United 
States of America. Now I know that you want those figures. We have 
the largest wild turkey population of any state in the Union, and I 
know that's of interest to you. 

If you are not interested in shooting rifles, if you have no proclivity 
in this regard, but rather like the shotgun, we have a lot of things to 
attract you. We are in the central flyway of the United States — no 
state has better geese and duck shooting than do we. I might also point 
out that even the birds love us more than most people, because we 
have the great Aransas Wildlife Refuge, which is the home of the 
great birds that are now being protected, down on the coast of Texas. 
Last year we harvested — not shot at now, there is a vast difference — 
but we harvested over 14 million mourning doves and 7 million bob- 
white quail, and if you like to fish, oh you should feel right at home 
here. In the great thousand miles of Gulf Coast that we have along the 
Gulf of Mexico, the bays and inlets, we have over 424 species of marine 
life. But if you don't like salt water, then come to some of the inland 
lakes, where over 225 species of fresh water fish abound. Those of you 
who love fish should remember that about one out of every three times 
you eat it, you are eating fish from Texas, because we produce 30 
percent of all the fishery products of the United States of America. 

Now if you don't like to hunt and fish, you are transported by 
looking and watching the beauties and the glories of nature, the birds, 
come on down to Texas. Spend some time here, because it just so 
happens that of the approximately 700 species of birds on the North 
American continent, we have more than 525 species in Texas. And 
you'll be interested to know that this is 100 more than any other state 
in the Union. 

Now I don't want to neglect — I'm talking about the outdoors, the 
bounties of nature in this state — and I don't want to neglect a few 
other things that really are hand made. Because we have some great 
universities and colleges, a tremendous number of libraries, museums 
— over 175 of them, some of the great art collections — private col- 
lections and museum collections— in the United States. And again, 
if I asked some of you from California and New York, particularly, 
which state in the Union has the largest number of major symphony 
orchestras, I'm sure you'd say immediately, out of provincial pride, 
California or New York. But you'd sure be wrong. Because New York 
has two and California has two and Texas has three. 

We are profoundly grateful for being chosen as the site for this 
Uniting Conference. I wish I had the ability and the eloquence and the 
vocabulary to say to each of you how significant a day this is for 
Texas and for all United Methodists. Perhaps I can sum it up by 
simply saying that those of us who profess this faith, those of us who 
enjoy the bounties and the benevolence of this land which is God-given, 
do so in the realization that we have a solemn duty and an obligation 
to try to preserve it, to try to conserve it, to try to expand upon it, in 
order that all of us might live a more fruitful life and live a more 
enriched life. May I close with the words which I think reflect my own 
feeling, words of Tennyson in his unforgettable poem In Memoriam, 
in which he said: 

"Our little systems have their day. 
They have their day and cease to be. 
They are but broken lights of thee. 
And Thou, Lord, art more than they." 
Thank you very much. 

370 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Bishop Tippett: Your Excellency, we are grateful beyond measure 
for this heartwarming welcome. We appreciate it from the depths of 
our hearts. We know its sincei'ity, and so we appreciate it all the more. 
We know that you came, sir, at a great deal of inconvenience to your- 
self this morning, and for that also we are grateful; but especially for 
the extension of southern and western hospitality, please accept our 
grateful thanks. I wish I might respond more fully to this delightful 
address that the Governor has brought us, but we do have some chores 
ahead of us today, and we want to get on with them as quickly as 
possible, and I am asking for your indulgence now. It will help us 
greatly if you vdll co-operate with a simple request. Will you please 
remain in your places while the Recessional takes place, and then 
will you give us about 40 minutes to make ready for the business 
session of the morning. 


The Conference was in recess for forty minutes. 

Official Opening — Bishop Donald H. Tippett — Carlton R. 

Bishop Donald H. Tippett, President of the Council of 
Bishops, the Presiding Officer, called the Conference to 
order at 10 :30 a.m. for the opening session, and announced 
Hymn No. 336, "And Are We Yet Alive," which was led by 
the Uniting Conference Director of Music, Carlton R. Young 
(N.E. Ohio— NC). 

Prayer — Bishop W. Kenneth Goodson 

Bishop W. Kenneth Goodson offered the opening prayer. 

Bishop Kenneth Goodson (Birmingham Area) : Let us pray: Al- 
mighty and ever-living God, we turn to Thee in this Holy moment to 
thank Thee for all Thy blessings and for all Thy goodness. For joys 
we have had, what sorrows thy honored us by giving, we come to this 
holy moment in the life of our church, the important and greatness 
and the meaning of it causes us to tremble in our boots but the chal- 
lenge of it and the thrill of it and the excitement of it causes us yet to 
leap across the days that are ahead. We confess that we have not 
always loved thee with our own heart, that we have strayed from thy 
ways and have erred like sheep, yet thou are the same Lord whose 
property is always to have mercy. Grant us gracious Lord that we 
should love thee by doing thy will and glorifying thy name would 
be the single end of each of our lives. We have been moved by this 
day. Whatever else happens to us today, do not let all of this be 
confined to the archives of history but wilt Thou keep our beloved 
new church alive, contemporary, modern, not following the pack but 
leading the battle. Now as we turn to the deliberations of the General 
Conference, remind us every now and again whose church this is and 
in whose hands is the ultimate responsibility, keep ever in our mind 
whose we are and whom we delight to serve, our prayer we make 
through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen. 

Roll Call— J. Wesley Hole 

J. Wesley Hole (Southern California-Arizona — ^W), 
Secretary of the General Conference of The Methodist 

The United Methodist Church 371 

Church, announced the procedure by which the chairman of 
each Annual Conference Delegation, on prepared blanks, 
had certified that the following delegates were in at- 

California (EUB) 

Ministerial — O. E. Schafer, E, C. Schneider, Harvey N. Chinn, 

L. H. Gustafson. 
Lay — Chris W. Schmidt, O. A. Bosshardt, Percy Grumbein, Jr., J. 

Melvin Brawn. 
Canada (EUB) 

Ministerial— H. L. Brox, F. H. Faist, E. E. Hallman. 
Lay — L. G. Bauman, Harry Breugeman, Norman Draker. 
Dakota (EUB) 

Ministerial — 0. A. Gehring, L. A. Kruckenberg, N. C. Neumann, 

Robert H. Strutz. 
Lay — Loren Clark, Cliff Haugen, Leonard Stengel. 
Lay Reserve — Donald Oilman. 
Eastern (EUB) 

Ministerial — Warren F. Mentzer, Henry W. Zehner, Charles E. 

Kachel, Ezra H. Ranck, Carl M. Schneider, Thomas W. Guinivan, 
' Warren A. Loesch, Daniel L. Shearer, Walter E. Deibler, Harry 

W. Zechman, Mark J. Hostetter, H. S. Peiffer, Thomas May, 

George W. Bashore, Robert M. Daugherty, D. L. Fegley. 
Lay — U. S. Estilow, James H. Whitcraft, Lawton W. Shrover, Paul 

W. Hoffer, Harold W. Quickel, Fred G. Bollman, Mrs. Emma S. 

Tousant, Harry V. Masters, William C. Troutman, Albert F. 

Schuster, Mrs. D. Dwight Grove, A. C. Spangler, William D. 

Bryson, Frederick H. Barth, Paul M. Leininger, Roy K. Garber. 
East Germany (EUB) 

Ministerial — D. H. Eckstein, W. Meinhardt. 
Erie (EUB) 

Ministerial — Glenn E. Donelson, H. Ray Harris, Ivan G. Huns- 

berger, John F. Olexa. 
Lay— Gilbert Ledebur, Mrs. Ruth McGill, G. Eugene Rote. 
Lay Reserve — Carl Childs. 
Florida (EUB) 

Ministerial — William G. Hawk, William R. Obaugh. 
Lay— Jay Stark, Jr., Clarence Stein. 
Illinois (EUB) 

Ministerial — Samuel Batt, John R. Bouldin, Sherman A. Cravens, 

Warren R. Ebinger, Paul H. Eller, Virgil J. Hague, Wayne C. 

Hess, 0. F. Landis, E. J. Larson, Eugene J. Moore. 
Lay — Doit Biggs, Fred C. Durbin, Floyd Eager, Walter P. Getz, 

L. R. Moore, Walter Muller, Homer Wolfensberger, Wallace 

Yenerich, Paul Zimmerman. 
Ministerial Reserve — Richard Tholin. 
Lay Reserve — Mary Jane Boynton. 
Indiana No7-th (EUB) 

Ministerial — V. A. Carlson, John Chambers, M. W. Chambers, A. 

Hunter Colpitts, Merrell Geible, A. L. Keller, W. S. Parks, J. O. 

Penrod, Garth Shepherd. 
Lay — C. H. Ade, Glen Beams, Wilkie Bush, Russell Creighton, 

George Davis, Forest R. Heyde, Clarence Liechty, Orville Van- 
Lay Reserve — David Earnhardt. 
Indiana Soiith (EUB) 

Ministerial — Homer W. Achor, Heedlie M. Cobb, Gene P. Crawford, 

C. David Hancock, R. P. Hawkins, Robert W. Koenig, K. K. 

Merryman, A. Glen O'Dell, Philip Stone, Russell Youngblood. 

372 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Lay — R. M. Crawford, John Easley, Gordon France, Mrs. John 

Gooch, Frank Hardy, Justin E. Marshall, Maynard W. Mylin, 

Mrs. Charles Taylor, Francis M. Wilcoxon. 
Lay Reserve — George St. Angelo. 
Iowa (EUB) 

Ministerial — L. E. Deaver, J. A. Dowd, R. R. MacCannon, P. 0. 

Pfaltzgraff, R. L. Russell, H. A. Varce, A. E. Wilken. 
Lay — Harold L. Bergeman, Lloyd Epley, Carl Faust, James Stanton, 

Milo Lease, Wayne Marty. 
Lay Reserve — James Bogenrief. 
Kansas (EUB) 

Ministerial— LeRoy A. Bott, Walter R. Brant, Paul S. Deever, C. R. 

Findley, E. R. Ford, Lawrence Kurth, Henry W. Vogel, M. M. 

Lay — Paul B. Adrian, Walter Dreier, Melvin C. Schlender, Homer 

Stiller, O. K. Webster, Mrs. Ernest Woolworth. 
Lay Reserve — Lester Melrose, Walter Mugler. 
Kentucky (EUB) 

Ministerial — John W. Bischoff. 
Lay — Edward Slothour. 
Michigan (EUB) 

Ministerial — Gerald Fisher, Stanley Forkner, Robert Horton, Gar- 
field Kellermann, Newell Liesemer, John Murbach, Prentice W. 

Peck, Lawrence Taylor. 
Lay — Ray Allen, P. Edison Chamberlain, Willard Haist, John 

Iwaniuk, John Kennaugh, Ralph Klump, Arden Peterson, Mrs. 

Frieda Spafford. 
Minnesota (EUB) 

Ministerial — E. Russell Praetorius, A. B. Utzman, Floyde E. Boss- 

hardt, Delmont K. Gordy, Merle A. Dunn. 
Lay — Garland Hubin, Gerald Rufer, Wesley Mellgren, Vern Scholer, 

Kermit Decker. 
Missouri (EUB) 

Ministerial — C. H. Crandall. 
Lay — Orval McMillan. 
Montana (EUB) 

Ministerial — Harvey E. Bartram, 
Lay — Bruce Packer. 
Ministerial Reserve — Lewis E. Magsig. 
Lay Reserve — Lester Oilerman, 
Nebraska (EUB) 

Ministerial — Richard A. Heim, Donald J. Nunnally, D. R. Roker, 

Harvey J. Schroeder, John F. Wichelt. 
Lay — James Hoyt, Mrs. Milton Mundhenke, Odin Poppe, Karl Ras- 

mussen, Clarence Schroeder. 
New York (EUB) 

Ministerial — Sherman B. Eckel, John D. Rein. 
Lay — Clayton Alt, Leslie Straight. 
Northwest Canada (EUB) 

Ministerial— T. E. Jesske, F. W. Snyder, S. B. Taetz. 
Lay — E. E. Deimert, Roy Hehr. 
Lay Reserve — W. Schindell. 
Ohio East (EUB) 

Ministerial — R. E. Appel, A. L. Brandyberry, E. P. Eberly, Paul W. 

Frees, Kenneth W. Hulit, Melvin A. Moody, Kenneth H. Pohly, 

George E. Schreckengost, Allen H. Zagray. 
Lay — Gene Boyer, Merritt Clymer, Mrs. Jane Frence, Mrs. Pauline 

Harrold, Melvin Hayes, Luther Limbaugh, Paul Maibach, William 

S. Wagner, Virgil Zimmerman. 

The United Methodist Church 373 

Ohio Miami (EUB) 

Ministerial — John Bergland, Emerson D. Bragg, Owen Delp, Carl 

B. Eschbach, William K. Messmer, Louis 0. Odon. 
Lay — Harold Boda, Hubert Fellers, Harvey Hammick, J. Jacoby, 

R. L. Pounds, Sam Upton. 
Ministerial Reserve — -Walter Miranda. 
Lay Reserve — Hazel Dover. 
Ohio Sa-ndiisky (EUB) 

Ministerial — Daniel D. Corl, Joseph R. Graham, Harry L. Adams, 

R. W. Faulkner, Laurence E. Feaver, J. Paul Jones, Jr., Howard 

McCracken, John F. Osborn, John C. Searle, Sr., Kenneth Stover. 
Lay — Robert E. Cochran, George Gilts, Charles Haldeman, Torrey 

A. Kaatz, Wayne Leatherman, Ed Nietz. 
Lay Reserve — Wajme Luke, Sanford Price, Frank Grandey, Oliver 

Ohio Southeast (EUB) 

Ministerial — Harold Dutt, Clayton F. Lutz, Howard Buckley, Ken- 
neth E. Wrightsel, Carl Butterbaugh, Rex C. Smith, Irvin H. 

Lay — Lyle J. Michael, Walter LaPlante, Mrs. Mary Cubbage, Dale 

DeLong, David Herbert, Marion Prosch. 
Lay Reserve — Lawrence Beardmore. 
Oklahoma-Texas (EUB) 

Ministerial — Roderick E. Gray, James F. Williamson. 
Lay — Irvin Hamburger. 
Lay Reserve — Jay Anderson. 
Pacific Northwest (EUB) 
Ministerial — T, R. Buzzard. 
Ministerial Reserve — Dean L. Vermillion, Delbert M. Keller, Lloyd 

Uecker, Kenneth D. Dooley. 
Lay Reserve — Harvey E. Anderson, R. E. Randle, H. R. Praetorius, 

Mrs. Oscar Carlson, Mrs. Don Warner. 
Rocky Mountain (EUB) 

Ministerial — Ralph C. Hines, Allen L. Unger, Lloyd C. Nichols. 
Lay — Oscar Marks, Romane G. Moeller, Rolland Osborne. 
Sierra Leone (EUB) 

Ministerial — B. A. Carew. 
Lay— S. H. Thomas. 
South Germany (EUB) 

Ministerial — H. Sticher, J. Gaehr. 
Susquehanna (EUB) 

Ministerial — Paul E. Horn, Clair C. Kreidler, William F. Woods, 

Arthur W. Stambach Gerald D. Kauffman, Woodrow A. Bartges, 

Roy H. Stetler, Jr., Wilson A. Shearer, Fred W. Mund, Robert H. 

Stolte, David H. Andrews, Calvin B. Haverstock, Jr., Melvin 

Geiman, Jr., Ben F. Heiser, Robert L. Close, William J. Lippert, 

R. Kenneth Heim. 
Lay — Chester R. Heidlebaugh, J. Britain Winter, Paul G. Gilmore, 

Ralph Ritter, Gordon S. Kunkel, E. N. Funkhouser, Harry P. 

Kissinger, Paul Cressman, Sr., A. W. Mund, R. G. Mowery, E. D. 

Warner, Russell P. Hummel, Clair Trout, Mrs. Kenneth L. Ben- 

fer, W. J. R. Rein, Eugene A. Fuhrman, H. LeRoy Marlow, T. C. 

Ministerial Reserve — D. Rayborn Higgins. 
Switzerland (EUB) 
Ministerial — D. Roser. 
Lay — E. Gautschi. 
Tennessee (EUB) 

Ministerial — J. Castro Smith, E. B. Jeffers. 
Lay — Charles Ellis, L. D. Lusby. 

374 Journal of the 1068 General Conference 

Virginia (EUB) 

Ministerial — Floyd L, Fulk, Howard L. Fulk, John R. Sawyer, 

Charles B. Weber, George S. Widmyer. 
Lay-^ack C. Allen, Elwood Frye, Carl G. Ritchie, E. C. Tutwiler, 

Lay Reserve — Raymond Swadley. 
West Germ-any (EUB) 

Ministerial — I. Mohr, F. Harriefeld. 
West Virginia (EUB) 

Ministerial — Bland Brady, Harry Eckels, Clarence Edman, Jack 

Lay — Mrs. Floyd Rogers, Roy Blessing. 
Ministerial Reserve — Robert E. Dille, James H. Reed. 
Lay Reserve — Wilbur Tardy. 
Western Pennsylvania (EUB) 

Ministerial — George Biggs, Harold R. Burgess, Donald N. Ciampa, 

Clyde W. Dietrich, Arthur T. Moffat, John W. Russell, Elmer 

A. R. Schultz, Gene E. Sease, James A. Woomer. 
Lay — Mrs. G. 0. Bishop, Dwight M. Bittner, Harry R. Blanset, 

George A. Eschbach, Mrs. Carroll Gray, George Hershberger, 

D. W. Hummel, Paul R. McCormick, George W. Nicely, Paul D. 

Ministerial Reserve — Bruce H. Bishop, Oscar A. Burkel. 

Lay Reserve — A. Ford Boucher. 
Wisconsin (EUB) 

Minister — Gordon R. Bender, Roy E. Bosserman, Solomon G. 
Cramer, Milton W. Giese, Willard W. Schulz, Harvey Schweppe, 
Herbert E. Zebarth. 

Lay — Roy Boettcher, Lawrence Hinz, Donald Lowater, Ora Lueptow, 
Rolland Mitchell, Mrs. Walter Rilling. 

Lay Reserve — Mrs. Melvin Sprecher. 
United Church of Christ of the Philippines 

Minister — Onofre Fonceca. 
United Church in China 

Minister — Peter Wong. 
Agra Annual Conference (OS) 

Ministerial Reserve — Munshi R. Utarid. 

Lay — Burty A. Turner. 
Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference (SE) 

Ministerial— Paul A. Duffey, Charles H. Hildreth, Joel D. McDavid, 
John B. Nichols, H. Paul Mathison. 

Lay — J. Herbert Orr, Mrs. F. S. Arant, George H. Proctor, Harry 

E. McDavid. 

Lay Reserve — Thomas West. 
Angola Annual Conference (OS) 

Ministerial Reserve — Zacarias J. Cardoso. 
Lay — Loyd Schaad. 
Argentina Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Roberto E. Rios. 
Lay — Ovidio R. Torres. 
Baltimore Annual Conference (NE) 

Ministerial — Edward G. Carroll, Merrill W. Drennan, Edward H. 
Porter, John B. Jones, Marion S. Michael, William E. Bishop, 
William E. Firth, Raymond L. Roderick. 
Lay — Everett R. Jones, Mrs. Leighton E. Harrell, W. C. Beatty, 
Carroll D. Bristow, Thurman L. Dodson, D. S. Patterson, Hurst 
Anderson, Mrs. Edwin A. Ross. 
Belgium Annual Coyiference (OS) 
Ministerial — Andre J. Pieters. 
Lay — Frederick G. Griffin. 

The United Methodist Church 375 

Bengal Annual Conference (OS) 

Ministerial — George E. Somers. 

Lay — Miss Kumudini Mozumdar. 
Bolivia Annual Conference (OS) 

Ministerial — Jorge Pantelis. 

Lay — Jaime Mendoza. 
Bombay Annual Conference (OS) 

Ministerial — Eric A. Mitchell. 

Lay — Clement W. Thomas. 
Calif ornia-N evada Annual Conference (W) 

Ministerial — Arthur V. Thurman, Robert W. Moon, D. Clifford 
Crummey, Kenneth W. Adams, John V. Moore, A. Cecil Williams, 
Lloyd K. Wake. 

Lay — Frank Webber, Donald Winne, George H. Atkinson, Georgia 
Harkness, Robert E. Burns, Mrs. John W. Carrell, J. Everett 
Central Alabama Annual Conference (C) 

Ministerial — Joseph E. Lowery. 

Lay — Quinton D. Adams. 
Central Congo Annual Conference (OS) 

Ministerial — Joseph M. Davis. 

Lay — Paul Kimbulu. 
Central Germany Annual Conference (OS) 

Ministerial — Johannes Schauble. 

Lay — Walter Pfeiffer. 
Central Illinois Annual Conference (NC) 

Ministerial — W. Harold Loys, R. Benjamin Garrison, Joseph H. 
Albrecht, Jack B. North, Dale E. Pitcher, Frank H. Nestler. 

Lay — Lloyd M. Bertholf, Mrs. Charles Galbreath, Miss Charlotte 
Gurtner, Reid Tombaugh, Richard E. Reeves. 

Lay Reserve — Mrs. Lloyd Hanna, Hal Gronlund. 
Central Kansas Annual Confereyice (SC) 

Ministerial — Clarence J. Borger, Glenn E. Matthew, Lyman S. 
Johnson, Charles M. Curtis, Oren F. McClure. 

Lay — ^Mrs. D. E. Watson, Walter J. Hickerson, Thomas W. Rupert. 

Lay Reserve — Mrs. Elbert DeForest, Mrs. H. L. Georg. 
Central New York Annual Conference (NE) 

Ministerial — Lester SchafF, Robert McCune, Warren G. Odom. 

Lay — -Lester R. Bascom, Mrs. Hollis Hayward. 

Lay Reserve — Frederick Sears. 
Central Pennsylvania Annual Conference (NE) 

Ministerial — Earl N. Rowe, D. Frederick Wertz, Paul E. Myers. 

Lay — Robert E. Knupp, Mrs. Abram D. Belt, Richard A. Lank, 
Ned S. Bly. 

Ministerial Reserve — John B. Howes. 
Central Texas Annual Conference (SC) 

Ministerial — R. Bruce Weaver, Maggart B. Howell, William M. 
Greenwalt, L. William Stanley, Gaston Foote. 

Lay — Morris D. Walker, Roy J. Grogan, Eugene F. Jud, Mrs. R. W. 

Lay Reserve — Dean F. Davis. 
Chile Annual Confereyice (OS) 

Ministerial — Helmut Gnadt. 

Lay — Arturo Chacon. 
Costa Rica Annual Coyiference (OS) 

Ministerial — Samuel Calvo. 

Lay — Carlos Fajardo. 
Delhi Annual Conference (OS) 

Ministerial — Elliot D. Clive. 

Lay — Sherwood S. Roberts. 

376 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Denmark Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Robert H. Nielsen. 
Lay — Henning Bjerno. 
Detroit Annual Conference (NC) 

Ministerial— Jesse R. DeWitt, John E. Marvin, Orville H. McKay, 
Woodie W. White, Hoover Rupert, Dwight S. Large, Frederick 
C. Vosburg. 
Lay — Harold Karls, Mrs. Earl W. Price, Prentiss M. Brown, Jr., 
Mrs. William H. Cansfield, Carl Ammerman, James Crippen, 
Lionel Thompson. 
East Wisconsin Annual Conference (NC) 

Ministerial — Marvin A. Schilling, Alvin J. Lindgren, Richard W. 

Lay — Mrs. R. Lee Hundley, Ray Gile, James I. Martin. 
Florida Anyiual Conference (C) 
Ministerial — William Ferguson. 
Lay — Richard V. Moore. 
Florida Annual Conference (SE) 

Ministerial — John J. Rooks, George A. Foster, C. Dui-iA'ard Mc- 
Donnell, Millard C. Cleveland, W. Scott Bozeman, A. A. Hed- 
berg, Robert M. Blackburn, Albert D. Hagler, Ralph B. Huston. 
Lay — William A. Meadows, Mrs. Bruce Gray, Edd W. Gentry, 
John Sargeant, Charles L Babcock, Jr., Robert T. Mann, Mrs. 
H. V. Weems, Glenn Gold, Campbell Thornal. 
Georgia Anmial Conference (C) 
Lay— T. R. Wilson. 

Ministerial Reserve — Anderson C. Epps. 
Gujart Arinual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Raijibhai M. Rathod. 
Lay — Rameschandra E. Parmer. 
Holston Annual Conference (SE) 

Ministerial — Edgar A. Eldridge, Mack B. Stokes, Spurgeon Mc- 

Cartt, Robert L. Wilcox, Sam N. Varnell, Thomas F. Chilcote. 
Lay — Holiday H. Smith, L. T. Prigmore, Raymond C. Campbell, 
Olin Armentrout, Charles A. Hutchins, John E. Steffner, Mrs. 
Moody Dunbar. 
Hyderabad Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Guntupalli Reuben. 
Lay — Narsappa John. 
Idaho Annual Conference (W) 
Ministerial — Earl W. Riddle. 
Lay — Erwin H. Schweibert. 
Indiana Annual Conference (NC) 

Ministerial — A. James Armstrong, James K. Forbes, Leroy C. 

Hodapp, Richard E. Hamilton, William N. Borton. 
Lay — Edward Susat, Mrs. C. 0. Harris, Ernest Jones, Sr., Basil H. 
Lorch, Jr., Russell Kibler. 
Indus River Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — John V. Samuel. 
Lay — Mangal D. Taj. 
Kansas Annual Confer oice (SC) 

Ministerial — Albert F. Bramble, Clare J. Hayes, Don W. Holter, 

Roger E. Biddle. 
Lay — C. I. Moyer, Floyd H. Coffman, Mrs. Barton Dean, Charles S. 
Kentucky A^inual Conference (SE) 

Ministerial— Russell R. Patton, Edward L. Tullis, Albert W. Sweazy. 
Lay — William E. Savage, Mrs. Earl T. Curry, Howard Jones. 

The United Methodist Church 377 

Liberia Annual Conference (OS) 

Ministerial — Charles O. Nance. 

Lay — Harrison Grigsby. 
Little Rock Annual Conference (SC) 

Ministerial — Otto W. Teague, Connie Ray Hozendorf, Robert E. L. 

Lay — S. H. Allman, Dale Booth, Mrs. Edgar F. Dixon. 
Louisiana Annual Conference (C) 

Ministerial — William T. Handy, Jr. 

Lay — George L. Netterville, Jr. 
Louisiana Annual Conference (SC) 

Ministerial — Benjamin R. Oliphint, David L. Dykes, Jr., Carl F. 
Lueg, Sr., George F. Pearce, Jr., Henry A. Rickey. 

Lay — W. Cotton Davis, Thomas H. Matheny, Robert P. Lay, Vinson 
M. Mouser, Dudley V. Snow. 
Louisville Annual Conferetvce (SE) 

Minister — George S. Wood, Ted Hightower, Rual T. Perkins, James 
W. Averitt. 

Lay — Evan C. Evans, Mrs. E. L. Crabtree, Thomas McQuary, Al- 
bert T. Hubbard. 
Lucknou' Annual Conference (OS) 

Ministerial — Ratbhan Singh. 

Lay — Martin H. Singh. 
Madhya Pradesh Annual Conference (OS) 

Ministerial — John V. Hulasi Rae. 

Lay — Prem P. Singh. 
Maine Annual Conference (NE) 

Ministerial — H. Travers Smith, Lester L. Boobar. 

Lay — Walter E. Upham. 

Lay Reserve — A. Stanley Getchell. 
Malaya Annual Conference (OS) 

Ministerial — Kim-Hao Yap. 

Lay — Chee-Khoon Tan. 
Malaysia Chinese Annual Conference. (OS) 

Ministerial — Chung-Nan Fang. 

Lay Reserve — Chye-Heng Teh. 
Memphis Annual Conference (SE) 

Ministerial — F. Alton Flatt, Carl M. Robbins, Lloyd W. Ramer, 
James A. Fisher. 

Lay — Charles L. Yancey, James L. England, Lloyd S. Adams, Jr. 

Lay Resei*ve — William B. Black. 
Michigan Annual Conference (NC) 

Ministerial — John W. Tennant, Robert H. Jongeward, James W. 
Wright, Carlos C. Page. 

Lay — Bernard Shashaguay, Donald E. Holbrook, Mrs. Russell Finch, 
Dr. Katherine Wilcox. 
Middle Philippines Annual Conference (OS) 

Ministerial — Fidel P. Galang. 

Lay — Rodolfo C. Beltran. 
Mindanao Annual Conference (OS) 

Ministerial — Josue R. Guzman. 

Lay — Henry B. Inis. 
Minnesota Annual Conference (NC) 

Ministerial — Charles Sweet, Chester A. Pennington, Delton H. 
Krueger, Charles B. Purdham, Dennis F. Nyberg. 

Lay — Fran H. Faber, Mrs. John W. Gridley, Fremont C. Fletcher, 
Mrs. Clarence W. Richardson. 

Ministerial Reserve — Gerald B. Needham. 

378 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Mississippi Annual Conference (C) 
Ministerial — Alphonso Crump, 
Lay — Fred 0. Woodard. 
Mississippi Annual Conference (SE) 

Ministerial — J. Willard Leggett, Jr., G. Eliot Jones, Seth W. Gran- 
berry, R. Inman Moore, Sr. 
Lay — John C. Satterfield, Edwin E. Moorhead, Bert Jordan. 
Lay Reserve — Ralph Hays. 
Missouri East Annual Conference (SC) 

Wesley H. Hager, Monk Bryan, Floyd V. Brower, Gregory K. 

Poole, J. J. Johnson, Jr. 
Lay-— J. Clinton Hawkins, Mrs. Edward Brandhorst, Leslie Black, 
Sara Clardy, Oscar G. Schupp. 
Missouri West Annual Conference (SC) 

Ministerial — Lyman Firestone, Forrest L. Standard, Charles A. 

McEowen, C. Jarrett Gray, F. Hauser Winter. 
Lay — Mrs. Norton Brown, Mrs. Ernest Mehl, N. Guy Hall, Kenneth 
Hart, Ernest Mehl. 
Montana Annual Conference (W) 
Ministerial — George A. Harper. 
Lay — Robert Wix. 
Moradabad Anyiual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Samuel B. Sherring. 
Lay — Robert C. Singh. 
Nebraska Annual Conference (SC) 

Ministerial — C. Edwin Murphy, Alva H. Clark, Laurence R. Davis, 

Emmet T. Streeter, Clarence J. Forsberg. 
Lay — Wilbert K. Flaming, John H. Frey, Mrs. Russell Brown, G. 

Alan Dunlap, Mrs. Ed. Cobb. 
Lay Reserve — Mrs. Charles Mead. 
Neiv England Annual Conference (NE) 

Ministerial — Lemuel K. Lord, Wilbur C. Ziegler, Walter G. Muelder, 

Blaine E. Taylor. 
Lay — Edward C. Drake, Mason N. Hartman, Mrs. Emil Hartl, Mrs. 
Winthrop Anderson. 
Ne%v England Southern Annual Conference (NE) 
Ministerial — E. McKinnon White, John Post. 
Lay — -Thomas Bell, Mrs. F. Morris Cochran. 
New Hampshire Annual Conference (NE) 
Ministerial — Donald H. McAninch. 
Lay — Forest W. Laraba. 
Neiv Mexico Annual Conference (SC) 

Ministerial — Ralph H. Seller, B. C. Goodwin, Jr. 
Lay — Sam Steel. 
Lay Reserve — Wm. C. Patten. 
New York Annual Conference (NE) 

Ministerial — Harold A. Bosley, Douglas F. Verdin, Roy Nichols, 
Richard A. Thornburg, Walter L. Scranton, William M. James, 
Burton F. Tarr, H. Burnham Kirkland. 
Lay — Mrs. C. E. Transom, Robert W. Preusch, William T. Staubach, 
Jr., Ethel R. Johnson, Louis C. Hauser, Mrs. Everett B. Kennedy, 
Howard H. Darling, William H. Veale. 
North Alabama Annual Conference (SE) 

Ministerial — Calvin M. Pinkard, R. Laurence Dill, Jr., R. Edwin 
Kimbrough, Denson N. Franklin, Paul L. Clem, Lorenzo D. 
Tyson, Duncan Hunter, John E. Rutland. 
Lay — Jesse A. Culp, Mrs. S. V. Capps, Jr., William C. Brannon, 
Burt Purdy, Frank Dominick, H. Keener Barnes, Edward Mont- 
Lay Reserve — Newman M. Yielding. 

The United Methodist Church 379 

North Arkansas Annual Conference (SC) 

Ministerial — John A. Bayliss, Joel A, Cooper, Ethan W. Dodgen. 
Lay — E. Clay Bumpers, I. Nels Barnett, Henry M. Rainwater. 
North Carolina Annual Conference (SE) 

Ministerial — Nicholas W. Grant, Cecil W. Robbins, William M. 
Howai'd, Jr., Chancie D. Barclift, Henry G. Ruark, Leon Russell, 
Robert E. Cushman, Clarence P. Morris. 
Lay — Roy L. Turnage, J. Nelson Gibson, Walter F. Anderson, L. 
Stacy Weaver, Leo V. Jenkins, Mrs. Sam A. Dunn, Arnold K. 
King, Paul Hardin, III. 
North Carolina-Virginia Annual Conference (C) 
Ministerial — Joseph B. Bethea. 
Lay — Clarence M. Winchester. 
North Dakota Annual Conference (NC) 
Ministerial — William W. Morrison. 
Lay — LeRoy Meier. 
North Georgia Annual Conference (SE) 

Ministerial — William R. Cannon, Nat G. Long, William H. Riiff, 
T. Cecil Myers, Gordon G. Thompson, L. Bevel Jones, Eugene T. 
Drinkard, W. Earl Strickland. 
Lay — William A. Sutton, Mrs. Victor B. Yeargan, David W. Brooks, 
Paul L. Webb, Jr., Mrs. Ethan L. Taylor, Virgil Y. C. Eady, 
Bert Lance. 
Lay Resei*ve — Mrs. Arthur Styron. 
North India Annual Confereyice (OS) 
Ministerial — R. D. Joshi. 
Lay— Mrs. M. D. Patial. 
North Indiana Annual Conference (NC) 

Ministerial — Virgil V. Bjork, Donald Barnes, Gerald H. Jones, 

Evan H. Bergwall, Robert W. Fribley. 
Lay — Owen DeWeese, Milton V. Schubert, Jr., Roy R. Roudebush, 

Leo M. Hauptman. 
Lay Reserve — Mrs. Wilbur D. Shown. 
North Iowa Annual Conference (NC) 

Ministerial — Lawrence D. Havighurst, Wayne E. Shoemaker, Ken- 
neth E. Metcalf, M. Trevor Baskei-ville, Frank A. Nichols. 
Ministerial Reserve — Harvey A. Walker. 

Lay — Mrs. A. N. Caines, William P. Applegate, Clarence E. Parker, 
Mrs. Edward E. Sears, Edgar W. McCracken, Rainsford A. 
Brown, Sr. 
North Mississippi Annual Conference (SE) 

Ministerial — George R. Williams, Jamie G. Houston. 
Ministerial Reserve — William F. Appleby. 
Lay — Roy Black, Al N. Waltman. 
Lay Reserve — Virginia Thomas. 
North Texas Anmial Confereyice (SC) 

Ministerial — Albert Outler, Bob W. Middlebrooks, Alsie H. Carleton. 
Lay— Willis M. Tate, Leo L. Baker, R. L. Dillard, Jr., Mrs. John L. 

Lay Reserve — C. Truett Smith. 
North East Germany Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Ernst Scholz. 
Lay — Harry Schneidereit. 
North East Ohio Annual Conference (NC) 

Ministerial — Robert H. Courtney, J. Meade Letts, Sumpter M. Riley, 
Jr., J. Robert Nelson, Howard J. Wiant, Paul 0. Mayer, Thomas 
L. Cromwell. 
Ministerial Reserve: Paul Ward. 

380 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Lay — Mrs. Monroe Cooke, Mrs. Clarence E. Achberger, Alfred B. 
Bonds, Francis M. Glasgow, Charles R. Layton, Francis Lang, 
John W. Chittum, Joseph D. Rouhlac. 
Northern New Jersey Anyiual Conference (NE) 

Ministerial — Eugene L. Smith, Robert Goodwin, Forest M. Fuess. 
Ministerial Reserve: Dean Lanning. 

Lay — Charles C. Parlin, Mrs. Robert M. Taylor, Mrs, Preston M. 
Harrington, Robert W. Carson. 
Northern New York Annual Coyiference (NE) 

Ministerial — Arthur B. Got, Jr., Carlton G. Van Ornum. 
Lay — W. Glenn Larmonth, DeWitt C. LeFevre. 
Northern Philippines Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Benjamin I. Asis. 
Lay — Froilan B. Calata. 
North West Germany Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Walther Zeuner. 
Lay — Johann M. Bruns. 
Northivest Indiana Annual Conference (NC) 

Ministerial— Ralph S. Steele, John D. Wolf, Donald F. McMahan, 

S. Jameson Jones. 
Lay — John Thomas, Russell Rayburn, Mrs. Fred Wintle. 
Lay Reserve — James Gulp. 
Northivest Philippines Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Gregorio R. Bailen. 
Lay — Francisco S. Caspar. 
Northwest Texas Annual Conference (SC) 

Ministerial — Marvin L. Boyd, J, Howard Crawford, S. Duane Bruce, 

Charles E. Lutrick, Timothy W. Guthrie. 
Lay — Gordon Bennett, James M. Willson, Jr., Ray H. Nichols, Mrs. 
J. P. Elms, Harold O. Harriger. 
Norway Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Rolf Moster. 
Lay — Einar Teigland. 
Ohio Annual Conference (NC) 

Ministerial — Raoul C. Calkins, Emerson S. Colaw, Edwin H. Dickey, 
Paul M. Vandergriff, Claude Garrison, W. Arthur Milne, Lee C. 
Moorehead, Donald W. Cryer, J. Otis Young, Samuel R. Wright, 
Sydney C. G. Everson. 
Lay — Miss Marion Brown, Mrs, Everett Goodwin, Paul B. Momberg, 
Samuel L. Meyer, Mrs. Carl E. Ware, Leonard D. Slutz, Mrs. 
James M, Leonard, Clenzo B, Fox, Darrell Hottel, Edward H. 
Laylin, John Bowen, 
Oklahoma Annual Conference (SC) 

Ministerial — Finis A, Crutchfield, Robert W. Smith, Irving L. Smith, 
Lloyd A, Peters, J. Chess Lovem, Dorsey J, Kelly, Wayne W. 
Lay — James A. Egan, Mrs, Wayne C. Scott, William C. Doenges, 
Mrs, George Metzel, Robert R, Price, Tal Oden, Dolphus Whitten, 
Oregon Annual Conference (W) 

Ministerial — Gene Albertson, James Jenkins, William Walker, 
Lay — Mrs. Russell O. Watson, Harold E. Rose. 
Lay Reserve — Mrs. L. S. Uppinghouse. 
Pacific Northivest Annual Conference (W) 

Ministerial — Jack M. Tuell, John C. Soltman, Joe A. Harding, Wil- 
liam H. Ritchey, Melvin M. Finkbeiner. 
Lay — Mrs, John Eby, Lyle Truax, Robert M. Thorpe, Robert J. 

Lay Reserve — Willard Zellmer. 

The United Methodist Church 381 

Peninsula Annual Coiiference (NE) 

Ministerial — Paul E. McCoy, John R. Shockley, R. Jervis Cooke, 

Howard M. Amoss. 
Lay— John F. Kelso, George P. Chandler, James C. Hardcastle, Mrs. 
William J. Garrett. 
Pei'u Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Ismael Fernandez. 
Lay — Carlos Carrasco. 
Philadelphia Annual Conference (NE) 

Ministerial — F. Lewis Walley, Harold D. Flood, John D. Herr, 

George N. Hippel, Walter R. Hazzard. 
Lay — John R, Harper, Mrs. Kenneth S. Barto, J. Holland Heck, 
William C. Jason, Jr., Frank E. Baker. 
Philippines Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Clemente M. Zuniga. 
Lay — Pedro S. Angeles. 
Poland Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Joseph Szczepkowski. 
Lay — Ryszard Rode 
Puerto Rico Provisional Annual Co7iference (NE) 
Ministerial — Tomas S. Rico. 
Lay — Ishmael Cabrera. 
Rhodesia Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Jonah B. Kawadza. 
Lay — Nathan F. Goto. 
Rio Grande Animal Conference (SC) 
Ministerial — Josue Gonzalez. 
Lay — J. P. Zepeda. 
Rock River Anyiual Conference (NC) 

Ministerial — Merlyn W. Northfelt, Dow Kirkpatrick, Edsel A. 
Ammons, Harry B. Gibson, Jr., William D. White, Charles S. 
Jarvis, Roy W. Larson. 
Lay— Mrs. Alvin B. Pfeiffer, John R. VanSickle, Mrs. Ralph 
Hetherlin, Arvarh Strickland, William J. Laskey, Roy Fisher, 
' Mrs. William H. McCallum. 
Rocky Mountain Annual Conference (W) 

Ministerial — Harvey H. Potthoff, William R. Persons, Donald J. 

Grooters, Henry H. Baker. 
Lay — R. S. Doenges, John Mclntyre, Chester M. Alter, Mrs. Wesley 
Sarawak Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Teck Soi Yu. 
Lay — Ping Hua Yao. 
South Carolina Annual Conference (C) 

Ministerial — Warren M. Jenkins, C. J. Smith. 
Lay— Robert J. Palmer, R. E. Fields. 
South Carolina Anmial Conference (SE) 

Ministerial — Adlai C. Holler, C. LeGrande Moody, Jr., Francis T. 
Cunningham, R. Wright Spears, W. W. Fridy, Samuel R. Glenn, 
Victor R. Hickman, Eben Taylor. 
Lay — W. J. Ready, J. E. Jerome, Harry R. Kent, Spencer M. Rice, 
J. C. Holler, Charles F. Marsh, Roy C. Moore, W. L. Brannon. 
South Dakota Annual Conference (NC) 

Ministerial — Robert G. Vessey, Harvey H. Sander. 
Lay — Ervin Ortman. 
Lay Reserve — Warren Kuhler. 
South Georgia Annual Conference (SE) 

Ministerial — David A. Duck, Frank L. Robertson, J. Frederick 
Wilson, C. Wilbourne Hancock, George L. Zorn, G. Ross Freeman. 

382 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Lay— George A. Wright, W. S. Parks, B. I. Thornton, Mrs. J. E. 
Williams, Zach S. Henderson, Chester Murray. 
South Germany Annual Conference (OS) 

Ministerial — Walter Fritz, Johannes Riedinger. 
Lay— Alfred Kalble, Heinz P. Fisher. 
South India Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Kariappa Samuel. 
Lay — D. Sundara Raju. 
South loiva Annual Conference (NC) 

Ministerial — Paul M. Hann, Glenn R. Parrott, C. Dendy Garrett, 

Lester L. Moore. 
Lay — Paul V. Shearer, Mrs. Lester V. Coons, Waldo E. Don Carlos, 
Max W. Kreager. 
Southeast Africa Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Gideon Jamella. 
Lay Reserve — Mabel P. Michel. 
Southern Calif ornia- Arizona Annual Conference (W) 

Ministerial — Richard W. Cain, K. Morgan Edwards, F. Thomas 
Trotter, L. L. White, Melvin E. Wheatley, Jr., Edwin E. Reeves, 
Ray W. Ragsdale, Will M. Hildebrand, Thomas K. Farley, 
Donald R. Locher, Randall C. Phillips, Melvin G. Talbert. 
Lay — J. Wesley Hole, Ernest C. Colwell, Mrs. John B. Hutchinson, 
Hubei't E. Orton, Ernest K. Akamine, Verne Orr, Sr., A. A. 
Wright, Marion R. Walker, James J. M. Misajon, Lester G. 
Wahrenbrock, Robert L. Fletcher, Mrs. Byrle Brown. 
So7ithern Congo Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial— Kenneth D. Enright. 
Lay- — Gedeon Ndala. 
Southern Illinois Anmial Conference (NC) 

Ministerial — William B. Lewis, Joseph C. Evers, Edward L. Hoff- 
Lay — Everett K. Thompson, Mrs. J. H. Mount, Ernest H. Teagle. 
Southern New Jersey Annual Conference (NE) 

Ministerial — Charles A. Sayre, George R. Propert, William Guffick, 

Robert E. Acheson. 
Lay — Robert J. Mumford, Henry L. Backenson, Mrs. Dorothy 

Lay Reserve — Walter P. VanSant. 
Southwest Annual Conference (C) 
Ministerial — Negail R. Riley. 
Lay — Henry W. Johnson. 
Southwest Germany Annual Conference 
Ministerial — Carl E. Sommer 
Lay — Rudolf Schiele. 
Southwest Texas Annual Conference (SC) 

Ministerial — John W. Deschner, Claus H. Rohlfs, Ted L Richardson, 

Donald E. Redmond, Elmer J. Hierholzer, George M. Ricker. 
Lay — Tom Reavley, James M. Walker, Mrs. Non-is McMillan, Glenn 
L. Lembke, Mrs. C. A. Barr, Claude W. Brown. 
Sweden Annual Conferences (OS) 
Ministerial — Thorvald E. Kallstad. 
Ministerial Reserve — Sixten E. Lindell. 
Lay — Curt Amark, Carl-Axel Holm. 
Switzerland Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Hans Bickel. 
Lay — Ernst Ryser. 
Tennessee-Kentucky Annual Conference (C) 
Ministerial — Major J. Jones 
Lay — Vernon H. Dixon. 

The United Methodist Church 383 

Tennessee Annual Conference (SE) 

Ministerial — H. Thornton Fowler, Farris F. Moore, Elbert E. 

Walkup, W. Bruce Strother. 
Lay — Lloyd Stone, George C. Gate, Jr., Mrs. Raymond W. Waller. 
Lay Reserve — Joe A, Hundley. 
Texas Annual Conference — (G) 
Ministerial — Luther B. Felder. 
Ministerial Reserve — Robert E. Hayes. 
Lay — Thomas W. Gole, Lucious A. Humphrey. 
Texas Annual Conference (SG) 

Ministerial — Wayne H. McGleskey, John W. Hardt, J. Kenneth 
Shamblin, E. Leo Allen, Harry V. Rankin, Harold Fagan, Nace 
Ministerial Reserve — Derwood Blackv^^ell. 
Lay — Ray W. Goens, Sam Bramlett, T. E. Acker, Don Strickland, 

A. D. Moore. 
Lay Reserve — Frank Robinson, Mrs. E. M. Faubion, W. E. Greer. 
Troy Annual Conference — (NE) 

Ministerial — C. Walter Kessler, Gharles D. Schvsrartz, Paul V. 

Lay — Donald A. Waterfield, Frederick K. Kirchner, Don S. Robb. 
Upper Mississippi Annual Conference (G) 
Ministerial— John H. Graham. 
Lay — Isaac P. Presley. 
Uruguay Annual Conference (OS) 
Ministerial — Jose R. Beltrami. 
Lay — Gesar Zoppolo. 
Virginia Annual Conference (SE) 

Ministerial — Garl J. Sanders, Roland P. Riddick, Harold H. Hughes, 
Sr., George S. Lightner, Harold H. Fink, R. Kern Eutsler, 
Theodore E. Landis, Carl H. Douglass, Jr., Edgar A. Potts, O^en 
T. Kelly, A. Purnell Bailey. 
Lay — Jerry G. Bray, W. Roland Walker, A. G. Jefferson, Gharles M. 
Earley, John H. Rixse, Jr., William G. Vaughan, Albert L. White, 
Jr., William T. Robey, Jr., Joseph W. Pope, Jr., Gharles G. 
Manning, Mrs. Richard Owen III. 
Western New York Annual Conference (NE) 

Ministerial — Gharles S. Aldrich, Donald E. Modisher, Richard W. 

Lay — Thomas B. Glay, Arthur S. Marrow, George W. Gooke. 
Western Texas Annual Conference (G) 
Ministerial— Ernest T. Dixon, Jr. 
Lay — John T. King. 
West Virginia Annual Conference (NE) 

Ministerial — Henry R. High, Garrett H. Evans, Ramsey Bridges, 

James G. Jarvis, Alfred E. Bennett, Truman W. Potter. 
Ministerial Reserve — Aldred P. Wallace. 

Lay— Mrs. James T. Harvey, William A. Byus, Jr., H. P. Shaffer, 
Mrs. A. N, Allen, David Peck, Damon Engle, Harry S. Blethen. 
West Wisconsin Annual Conference (NG) 

Ministerial — Winslow M. Wilson, Robert H. Adams, Jr. 
Lay — Clifford Lau, Mrs. Deane Irish. 
Western North Carolina Annual Conference (SE) 

Ministerial— Gharles D. White, J. Glay Madison, Robert G. Tuttle, 
R. Herman Nicholson, Gecil L. Heckard, Philip L. Shore, Jr., 
Julian A, Lindsey, Wilson 0. Weldon, Gharles E. Shannon, Harlan 
L. Greech, Jr., Emmett K. McLarty, Jr. 

384 Journal of the 1968 General Conference 

Lay — Robert M. Smith, Gordon L. Goodson, Thomas M. Little, 

Hugh Massie, M. Thomas Lambeth, Charles W. Phillips, Mrs. 

Leslie E. Earnhardt, J. Frank Scott, Edwin L. Jones, Sr. 
Lay Reserve — Phillip N. Sales, E. M. Dudley. 
Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference (NE) 

Ministerial — -John B. Warman, Harold T. Porter, Willia