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ess mgr 

Now, you are getting ready to go home for the summer, or 

going home for good. It is the end of what the misty - 

eyed sentimentalists call "college days' and what the 

hardened intellectuals never quite ^manage to forget 

When you get home or out in the world, college life 

is just a memory. But memories soon fade. That 

is where the Royal Purple comes in. Between the 

covers of this book, you will see yourself, your 

friends, and your school as they were in 

1953-54. For it was a good year at Kansas 

State and the Royal Purple has recorded 

it for you in pictures and in story . . . 

These lives and times constitute one 

link in your chain of college memories. 

—jljjp,^™.,^ ••'«mHHgnHSS| 

Wildcats 9 lair is the 13,000 seat capacity Field House 

Assembly's out, and the crowd heads back to the classrooms 

Connecting wing of Waters hall was put into use this fall 

/,.'■■ ■ .'«• 






11 till . 

'»■:«■ ■ 

Cats and Sooners battle before 23,000 Homecoming fans 

New dorms help K-State beat the housing shortage for women 


Steam and electricity are produced in the power plant 

Shade trees overhang the street in front of Willard 

Students idle on the 

way to and from 

the Library 

Cigarettes and jokes are shared before class 

Engineers call 
their building the 
Engine House 

Walks lead to Calvin, Nichols, and the College Auditorium 

Anderson 9 s spire slyly peeps down on K-Staters and their cars 


It-State's president lives in this home of native limestone 


BOOK ONE ••• Students searching 

for an education; 

faculty there to help; 

administrators paving the way; 

these are essentials 



Faculty meetings are held to guide, direct, and supervise the 
future plans and activities of the College and its students. 



The President Has a Two-Man Job 

President James A. McCain summed up all he has 
to do with "You really need two presidents — one to 
make speeches and one to run the College." During 
a five-month period this year President McCain 
made 43 speeches on a wide variety of subjects here 
on the campus, over the state, and elsewhere. 

The President worked with Governor Edward F. 
Arn, and attended the monthly meetings of the 
Board of Regents. He requested board approval for 
staff changes, new courses, and changes in the 
budget. He is directly responsible to the Board of 
Regents and submits the budget to them each year. 
President McCain serves on such public service as- 
signments as Director of the State Chamber of Com- 
merce and usually has committee assignments com- 
mon to all presidents of land-grant colleges. 

K-State, founded February 16, 1863, under the 
Morrill Act, has expanded steadily. A new endow- 

ment program has been established to help raise 
money from private sources to support College ac- 
tivities. The program is headed by A. F. Peine, 
director of the endowment association. 

During the year, work will be started on the new 
extension building and the new animal industries 
building and pavilion. Before the end of summer 
the new veterinary hospital and the new library unit 
should be ready for occupancy. Offices of the 
School of Agriculture were moved into the new con- 
necting wing between East and West Waters hall 
last June. A campaign to raise money for a men's 
dormitory will get under way this year. 

A foreign policy forum and a rural art project 
were added to K-State's activities this year. In the 
educational field, plans are being made to supple- 
ment the comprehensive courses with other types 
of courses. 

Kansas State's first family is composed of President James A. McCain, his wife Janet, and daughter Sheila. The McCain 
family posed for this picture in the living room of their on-campus limestone home, which is located east of Anderson hall. 


President James A. McCain 


Faculty Senate 

Edward F. Arn, Governor of Kansas, was a frequent 
visitor at K-State athletie events. 

Responsibility for the activities of the College 
and approval of new staff members is part of the 
job of the State Board of Regents. Members are 
Walter Fees, chairman, Iola; Hubert Brighton, sec- 
retary, Topeka; Ed Burge, business manager, To- 
peka; Drew McLaughlin, Paola; Willis N. Kelly, 
Hutchinson; LaVerne B. Spake, Kansas City; Les- 
ter McCoy, Garden City; Mrs. Elizabeth Haughey, 
Concordia; Arthur W. Hershberger, Wichita; and 
Grover Poole, Manhattan. 

The Faculty Senate represents the general facul- 
ty body and is elected to act for the whole faculty 
in working out problems such as curriculum 
changes. Paul M. Young is chairman and Eric 
Tebow, secretary. 

All-College problems are discussed by Faculty Senate members in their monthly meeting. Recommen- 
dations made by members are subject to approval by the President and the state Board of Regents. 


Tackles Problems 

A. L. Pugsley, dean of academic administration 
and director of summer school, helps prepare the 
College budget and tabulates various records. He 
helps select new faculty members and prepares the 

summer school budget. 

Paul M. Young, dean of students, is organizing 
current student activities connected with the new 
Union. He is planning a year-round student orien- 
tation and an orientation for foreign students. Philip 
H. Sorensen, assistant dean of students, answers 
letters of inquiry from prospective students. He is 
adviser for two Student Council committees. 

Dean of Women Helen Moore supervises living 
quarters for girls and offers counseling services. 

A. L. Pugsley, dean of administration and summer school 
director, unites school and department administrations. 

STUDENTS WITH college-connected problems or questions go to Anderson III and usually find a solution with the help of 
Assistant Dean of Students Phil Sorensen (left). Dean of Students Paul Young (middle), and Dean of Women Helen Moore. 

A. R. Jones, dean of financial administration, returned to 
Kansas State second semester, after five months of advanced 
graduate work at the University of Colorado. Dean Jones 
supervises the budgeting and spending of money by the 
various schools and departments of the College. 

Dean Jones 
Allots Money 

Responsibility for financial management of the 
College and all its branches belongs to A. R. Jones, 
dean of financial administration. 

Dean Jones allots money for the operations of all 
the branches of the College and consolidates and 
prepares the budget requests for the legislature. He 
assists President McCain in presenting the institu- 
tion's needs to the legislature. 

Dean Jones draws up the College budget annually 
and works out financial plans for the future. He 
has been seeking the best possible bids for the new 
Student Union bonds. 

The Placement Bureau, directed by Chester E. 
Peters, was created this year to deal with job oppor- 
tunities for graduates and part-time work for under- 

The new department of general studies, organized 
this year, is designed to integrate technical instruc- 
tion and general education. 

K-STATE ADMINISTRATORS — TOP ROW: William Baehr, librarian; C. M. Correll, historian; Theodore Cross,, director of student counseling service; A. Thornton 
Edwards, director of housing; F. D. Farrell, president emeritus; Kenney L. Ford, alumni secretary. BOTTOM ROW: R. F. Gingrich, maintenance superintendent; 
Dr. Benjamin Lafene, director of student health; Max W. Milbourn, director of public service; Ralph Perry, comptroller; Chester E. Peters, director of place- 
ment bureau; Dean Emeritus Roy A. Seaton, building expediter; and Eric T. Tebow, director of admissions and registrar. 

Serves All 

The Division of Extension carries new knowledge 
to all Kansas. Agricultural agents, home demonstra- 
tion agents, and 4-H workers extend the classroom 
to every Kansas county, spreading knowledge 
through newspaper articles, demonstrations, radio 
talks, and personal visits. Dealing mostly with agri- 
culture and home economics, they aim to give Kan- 
sans the latest research results, techniques, and 
scientific information. 

Extension Service is supported by federal, state, 
and county funds. A new section, general extension, 
was added this year with Carl Tjerandsen as di- 
rector. Correspondence courses from the extension 
division are offered in many subjects, and students 
in Kansas, other states, and several foreign countries 
are enrolled. The new head of the home study 
division is Herbert Maccoby. 

EXTENSION HEADS— TOP ROW: W. G. Amstein, agricultural specialist; 
Harry C. Baird, district agent; Frank 0. Blecha, district agent; John M. 
Ferguson, extension engineering; Arthur L. Hjort, extension administrative 
assistant; J. Harold Johnson, state 4-H club leader. BOTTOM ROW: L. L. 
Longsdorf, extension information; Earl H. Teagarden, district agent; Geor- 
giana Smurthwaite, home economics and state home demonstration leader; 
Herbert Maccoby, home study and community service; and Carl Tjerandsen, 
director of general extension. 

L. C. Williams has the dual job of Dean of Exten- 
sion and Director of Agricultural Extension Services. 

Associate Dean Paul W. Griffith helps Dean Wil- 
liams in giving Kansans latest scientific know-how. 


STUDENT COUNCIL— STANDING: T. Bill Varney, J. Joe Swanson, Roy E. Beauchene, Marilyn L. Benz, Carl F. Karst, Edith L. Schmid, Franklin D. Houser, 
Kathryn K. Dunn, Everett T. Hart, Becky Thacher, Eddie Larson. SEATED: E. Carolyn Olsson, Bob B. Landon, Nancy A. Schneckloth, Gerald L. Shadwick, Bob 

N. Skiver, Paul Young, Norma A. Owen. 

Council Unites Charity Drives 

The Student Council sponsored a United Funds 
Drive this year to combine the various fund drives 
held on the campus in the past. Homecoming and 
Parents' Day also were under the direction of the 
Council for the first time. Members proposed a pre- 
enrollment plan and are working on an all-College 
open house plan. They also are revising the present 
system of social fines. 

The Council is composed of student representa- 
tives, one for each 300 students in each school of the 
College. Arts and sciences has six representatives; 
engineering, three; agriculture and home economics, 
two each; veterinary medicine and graduate school, 
one each. They are chosen in an all-school election in 
the spring, and hold office a year. Last spring an 
election assembly was held to give all students a 
chance to meet the candidates. 

The Council tries to coordinate actions of the stu- 
dent body with the work of the faculty and adminis- 
tration. They are responsible to the student body 
and to President McCain. 

Student Council officers are Bob Skiver, chair- 
man; Bill Varney, treasurer; and Edith Schmid, cor- 
responding secretary. Nancy Schneckloth is recorder. 

Student Body President is Gerald Shadwick, a speech 
senior from Emporia. Elected by the student body each 
spring the president's job is to carry out legislation passed by 
the Student Council, and to serve as an ex-officio member. 






Merlin Dennis, agricultural administration senior 
from Kensington, acts as chief justice, or chancel- 
lor of the Tribunal. The chancellor is appointed 
each year by the President from among the stu- 
dent justices. 

K-Staters Settle 
Their Own Disputes 

Hearing disciplinary and traffic cases is the job of the 
Tribunal. Most of the cases involve traffic tickets and parking 
violations. Trials can be open to the public, if the person 
being tried requests or agrees. 

The Tribunal is the judicial branch of student government 
and consists of six student and three faculty justices, ap- 
pointed by the President from nominations submitted by 
each school council. 

Infractions of K-State rules and other cases come to the 
Tribunal from the Dean of Students' office or through the 
attorney general. Anyone can refer a case to the Tribunal 
through one of these sources. Tribunal decisions are sub- 
mitted to President McCain for his approval. The Tribunal 
decisions are administered by the Dean of Students' office, 
and printed in The Collegian. 

The chancellor is Merlin Dennis. Byron Bird is attorney 


TRIBUNAL— John Ladesich, Raymond E. Dill, Arland V. Hicks, Merlin L. Dennis, Byron G. Bird, Laura Speer, Helen Clark, Roy Langford. NOT IN PICTURE: 

M. Blythe Guy, Wilson Tripp. 


dux, Clifford C. Bizek, George Six, Rich- 
ard Steffens, Stuart Whitcomb, Philip 
H. Sorenson. SEATED: Phyllis A. Con- 
ner, Janet L. Myer, Mary Quinlan, 
Karolyn King, Connie Berkeybile, Becky 
Thacher, Robert N. Sliver. 

Young, Roger P. Reitz, B. Marlene My- 
ers, Walter E. Schoen. SEATED: Ger- 
trude Lienkaemper, Gerald L. Shad- 
wick, H. Henley Haymaker. 

Committees Distribute Money and Fun 

Social activities and recreation of the College are 
planned and coordinated by the social and recrea- 
tional committee, headed by chairman Phyllis Con- 
ner. The committee is responsible for all-College 
varsities, name-band dances, free movies, and the 
crafts shop. Ralph Flanagan, Sauter-Finnegan, and 
Buddy Morrow were the year's attractions. 

Soc and rec has made possible a dark room; 
bridge lessons and a bridge tournament; chess les- 
sons; and dancing instruction. The group puts out a 
free monthly social calendar and makes possible the 
reading room in the Temporary Student Union. 

Another branch of College government is the 
Apportionment Board. This committee of four stu- 
dents and three faculty members distributes the stu- 
dent fees. Any organization that feels it has a right 
to be supported by part of the incidental student fees 
applies to the board. The board then decides if the 
group is eligible. 

Heading the group is Gerald Shadwick, chairman. 
Other student members are Walter Schoen, Roger 
Reitz, and Marlene Myers. Faculty members are 
H. Henley Haymaker, Paul M. Young, and Ger- 
trude Lienkaemper. 


MITTEE—SEATED: Dean Emeritus 
Roy A. Seaton, Dean A. L. Pugsley, 
Dean Paul Young, Mrs. Leone Kell. 
STANDING: Stuart E. Whitcomb, 
Paul Weigel, Philip H. Sorenson, 
Charles F. Crews, W. Gregg Williams. 

Kansas limestone is be- 
ing combined with steel 
girders from Chicago to 
form the framework for 
the new Student Union. 
Costing $1,650,000, the 
new Union will be 
equipped with eating fa- 
cilities, conference 
rooms, a dance floor, and 
a set of bowling alleys. 

Committee Plans Union Progress 

The main objective of the Student Union Planning 
Committee is to get the new building to the point 
where it can be occupied. 

It is a sub-committee of the Faculty Senate and 
consists of six faculty members and se^en students. 
Student members are recommended by the Student 
Council and appointed by the president. 

The committee worked on a schedule for furni- 
ture and equipment for the new building, and listed 
and specified items of equipment for the kitchen. 

A schedule of keys to be used in the the building 

was also prepared. The committee laid out office 
specifications for the people who will be running the 
Union. A chart of operation of the Union was work- 
ed out and many hours have been spent in seeking a 
Union director. When he is finally chosen, he will 
work along with the committee on the Union plans. 
Current faculty members are chairman A. L. 
Pugsley, Paul M. Young, Philip H. Sorensen, Mrs. 
Leone Kell, Paul Weigel, and Stuart E. Whitcomb. 
Student members are Charles Crews, Edith Schmid, 
Don Gadberry, Bill Murray, Gary Baetz, Ruth Wal- 
ler, and Gregg Williams. 


TOP ROW: Jane R. Koefod, Don- 
na M. Turnbull, Patricia J. An- 
gell, Ethel M. Johnson, Eleanor 
A. Herr, Thomasine L. Gleason, 
Donna L. Childs. SECOND ROW: 
Norma A. Owen, Patricia A. Mc- 
Cluskey, Martha A. Blum, Doro- 
thy C. Runbeck, Shirley A. Cars- 
well, Irlene M. Rawlings, Bonnie 
R. Hofman. BOTTOM ROW: G. 
Joanne Ketchum, Winnie E. Clark, 
Joan V. Engle, Jane E. Compton, 
E.Carolyn Olsson, Nancy A. West, 
Sue C. Van Deventer. 


ROW: Lloyd W. Pottroff, Donald 
L. Waddell, Otto S. Shill, Ray- 
mond 0. Cooper. SECOND ROW: 
Earl C. Wood, Rollin W. Vickery, 
Alton J. Wilson. BOTTOM ROW: 
Clarence G. Heath, James T. Sim- 
per, Norman R. Meriweather, 
Walter T. Gier. 

Councils Plan School Activities 

Each school on campus has an individual student 
council. Each council is concerned with projects or 
problems of special interest to its school. 

Kenneth Gowdy was president of the 19-member 
engineering council and Dean M. A. Durland is 
sponsor. The council held a meeting at K-State this 
year with councils from Kansas and Nebraska uni- 
versities to discuss problems of the engineering stu- 
dents and schools. 

The biggest project of the agricultural council 
this year was the annual Ag Barnwarmer. The coun- 
cil is made up of 17 members with Dick Brown as 
president, and Asst. Dean Clyde Mullen as sponsor. 

The 11-member veterinary medicine council, or- 
ganized in 1952, is sponsored by the K-State chapter 
of the AVMA. Their officers consist of AVMA 
officers plus one representative from each of the 
four vet medicine classes. The AVMA officers are 
elected from among the organization's 240 members. 
Class representatives are appointed by the AVMA 
officers. Norman Meriweather presided this year. 

The home economics council sponsored a scholar- 
ship for a home economics student this year. They 
gave a chili supper with the profit going to a foreign 
scholarship fund. The Snowball and a Christmas 
tea are annual council projects. 

The council has 316 members with Joan Engle as 
president and Mrs. Jane Koefod as sponsor. The 
council consists of nine interest groups which spon- 
sor activities. All the groups work together on 
Hospitality Days. 

The cabinet of the graduate student association 
plans monthly social events for the association. Dean 
Harold Howe acts as sponsor for the seven-member 
cabinet. This year's president was Tom Clark. 

Barbara Hart heads the arts and sciences council. 
Dean Rodney W. Babcock is sponsor. 

The council sponsored an annual spring carnival 
for the first time last year. Money from the carnival 
is being used to print a brochure about the school. 
The council also plans to take part in the Science 
Fair this year. 



ED: Dale L. Fooshee, Mark 
Drake, Clyde W. Mullen, Dan 
Henley, Dick A. Pickett, Warren 
Prawl, Dick E. Brown, Dean A. 
Weber. STANDING: Wayne 
David, Bill H. Bergman, Dean 


Edward Larson, 
E. Schoen. 









Duncan, R. Theodore Weaver, Bill 
K. Binford, Ernest E. Rempe, Mer- 
ell C. Folsom, Don R. Longabach, 
Byron E. Batthauer, Ken K. Gowdy, 
T. Keith Blair, Dean M. A. Durland, 
Gerald B. Ireland, Jerry A. Friesen, 
John W. Hooper, Everett T. Hart, 
Bob B. Landon, John A. Weese. 

STANDING: A. B. Cardwell, Wil- 
liam Rosenberger, Byron S. Bird, 
P. Gene Arnold, Roger P. Reitz, 
Donald L. Cordes. SEATED: Bar- 
bara A. Hart, Nancy Hassebroek, 
W. Gregg Williams, Jane A. Martin, 
Sue R. Shirling, Mary Quinlan. 


Beauchene, Charles W. Cole, Blanch- 
ard L. Mickel, Burnadine L. Lewis. 


MACHINE GUN maintenance, operation, and construction 
(above) is being explained (by the sergeant) to a freshman 
class in basic Army ROTC. BREAD-TO-BE (left) is sifted 
and poured into 100-pound flour sacks by this student in 
milling technology class. 

Learning by Doing 

Kansas State has many courses in which 
students learn with the help of visual and 
manual instruction. From their fresh- 
man year until graduation, home ec ma- 
jors are cooking, sewing, and weaving. 
The ROTC departments instruct cadets 
how to assemble and take apart weapons. 
Millers are constantly working to im- 
prove their flour. 

Deans and sub-deans are kepi 
busy straightening out stu- 
dent difficulties similar to this 
in the Arts and Sciences office. 



Dr. Arthur D. Weber has the major task of direct- 
ing the 17 departments of the school and the Agri- 
cultural Experiment Station. He is now in his second 
year as Dean of the School of Agriculture. 

Ags Get Buildings; 

International recognition was added to the 
School of Agriculture's achievements the past year 
through the outstanding activities of Dean Arthur D. 
Weber. Dr. Weber became the first American ever 
to judge at the 155-year-old Smithfield Livestock 
show in London. He obtained further honor by be- 
coming the only American to select the grand cham- 
pion for six consecutive times at the Chicago Inter- 
national Livestock Exposition. Dr. Weber also acted 
as judge at the State Fair in Topeka, and at the 
Western Livestock show in Denver. 

The School of Agriculture's facilities and equip- 
ment were greatly increased by the completion of 
new buildings. An early dream became a reality 
when east and west Waters hall were united with a 
connecting wing. A $35,000 structure to house pure- 
bred dairy bulls was also completed. Future build- 
ing plans include a new addition to Waters hall 
which will house the only flour and feed milling 
industries department in the world. This building 
is to be completed during 1954, and will provide 
classrooms and research equipment. A new animal 
industries building, which is to be started this year, 

partment heads— TOP ROW: F. 
W. Atkeson, dairy husbandry; 
Rufus F. Cox, animal husbandry; 
Herbert Knutson, entomology; 
George Montgomery, agricultural 
economics. BOTTOM ROW: Ray- 
mond V. Olson, agronomy; Loyal 
F. Payne, poultry husbandry; Wil- 
liam F. Pickett, horticulture; and 
John A. Shellenberger, flour and 
feed milling industry. 


and Recognition 

will, when completed, have cost more than the giant 
Field House. It will include facilities that will 
enable the College to integrate production and proc- 
essing research and instruction with large farm 

The awards accumulated by agricultural students 
show the degree of proficiency that the School of 
Agriculture has attained in its 91 years of instruc- 
tion. The junior livestock judging team took the 
championship at the Western Livestock show in Den- 
ver, and the Kansas Agriculture student magazine 
won first place in the United States for outstanding 
cover pages, at the national conference in November. 

This year $950,000 in state and federal funds 
went into research problems facing Kansas farmers 
and livestock men. Research by the Agricultural 
Experiment station for Kansas is facilitated by 
twelve experiment fields, four irrigation develop- 
ment farms, and five branch stations. The experi- 
ment station's personnel consists of persons from the 
schools of Home Economics, Engineering, Vet 
Medicine, Arts and Science, and Agriculture. 


Able aides in administration are C. Peairs Wilson, 
assistant director of the Experiment Station, and 
Harold E. Myers and Clyde Mullen, assistant deans. 

Aggie magicians learn, in meats lab class, how to wield knife and saw in such a manner that they convert 
the 1,500 pounds of meat and bone on a Hereford carcass, into inch-thick sirloins, and juicy hamburger. 


Seniors in 

* ;• 

m ' 



m W* 


Top Row 





Theta Xi. 


Agricultural Administration 


Agricultural Administration 

Sigma Phi Epsilon; Arnold Air Soc. ; 
Wampus Cats; AFROTC Rifle Team 
Award; Intramurals. 

Second Row 




Animal Husbandry 


La Cygne 



Milling Technology 

Farm House; Blue Key; Alpha Mu; Persh- 
ing Rifles; Alpha Zeta; Collegiate 4-H, V. 
Pres. ; Atty. Gen. Tribunal; Religious Co- 
ordinating Council ; All-College Open 
House Comm. ; ROTC, Sr. Award; Intra- 

Third Row 


Agricultural Education 

RAEHR, DAVID J. Manhattan 

Milling Administration 


Feed Technology 
Phi Delta Theta; SPC; Milling Assn. 

Fourth Row 


Klod and Kernel; ISA; Band. 

BARBER, PAUL A. South Haven 

Soil Conservation 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Arnold Air Soc; 
Klod and Kernel; Collegiate 4-H; Young 
Republicans; Ag. Student Magazine; Bap- 
tist Youth Fellow.; Intramurals. 

BARNARD, JAMES I. Archie, Mo. 


Fifth Row 


Animal Husbandry 

Theta Xi, Pres., V. Pres.; Wool Judging 
Team; Young Democrats, Pres., V. Pres.; 
Ag. Student Magazine, Business Mgr., 
Asst. Business Mgr.; Wampus Cats; Cheer- 
leader; Intramurals. 


Animal Husbandry 

Acacia; IFC; SPC; Soc. and Rec. Comm.; 
Block and Bridle; Collegiate 4-H; Intra- 
murals; High School and Jr. College Re- 
lationship Comm.; Wesley Found. 


Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture 

Alpha Xi Delta; Hort. Club; YWCA, Cab.; 
Collegiate 4-H; Ag. Student Magazine, 
Asst. Ed.; SPC, Campus Development; 
Promenaders, Sec.-Treas. ; Ag. Barn warmer 

Sixth Row 

BOHART, RICHARD C. Arkansas City 

Animal Husbandry 

Block and Bridle; Frog Club; Newman 
Club: ISA; Meat Judging Team. 

BONNETT, CHARLES O. Moscow, Idaho 

Animal Husbandry 
Delta Tau Delta. 


Animal Husbandry 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

Seventh Row 


Agricultural Administration 
Alpha Gamma Rho. 


Agricultural Education 

Alpha Zeta: Sigma Theta Epsilon; Ag. 
Ed. Club; Carl Raymond Gray Scholar- 
ship; Phi Kappa Phi; ISA; Collegiate 4-H; 
Wesley Found. Council; FTA; Block and 
Bridle; Dean's Honor Roll; Klod and Ker- 
nel; Grain Judging Team. 


Dairy Manufacturing 

Dairy Club, Pres., V. Pres., Sec; Blue 
Key, Treas. ; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta; 
Little Amer. Royal Exec Council; Milk 
Industry Found. Ag. Award; Ag. Assn., 
Pres., Sec; Ag. Council, Pres.; Borden 
Scholarship; Dairy Cattle and Dairy Prod- 
ucts Judging Teams. 

Bottom Row 

BROWN, ROBERT M. Kansas City, Mo. 

Animal Husbandry 

Phi Delta Theta; Block and Bridle; Persh- 
ing Rifles; Wildcat Fencers. 




DSF: Collegiate 4-H; Who's Whoot. 



Top Row 


Agricultural Administration 
Ag. Econ. Club, V. Pres. 

CHANDLER, SCOTT S. Kansas City, Mo. 

Animal Husbandry 

Beta Theta Pi; Gamma Sigma Delta; 
Alpha Zeta; Arnold Air Soc. ; Debate 
Team; Block and Bridle; Alpha Phi 
Omega; Young Republicans; Cadet Col. 
AFROTC; Dist. Mili. Stud.; North Amer. 
Aviation Corp. Award. 


Milling Technology 
Beta Theta Pi; Milling Assn. 

Second Row 

CLARK, KEITH H. Strong City 

Agricultural Administration 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. 




CONWELL, JERRY S. Manhattan 

Agricultural Administration 

Sigma Chi; Ag. Econ. Club; Wesley 
Found.; YMCA; Flying Club. 

Third Row 

COX, WILLIAM E. Elsmore 

Agricultural Administration 
Ag. Econ. Club; Collegiate 4-H; YMCA. 


Technical Agronomy 

Farm House; Alpha Zeta; Klod and Kernel, 
Pres., Corres. Sec; Collegiate 4-H; 
YMCA; SPC; Crops Judging Team. 


Agricultural Administration 
Farm House. 

Fourth Row 

deforest, charles Peabody 

Agricultural Administration 
Beta Theta Pi. 

DENNIS, MERLIN L. Kensington 

Agricultural Administration 

Farm House; Alpha Zeta; Blue Key; Phi 
Kappa Phi; Tribunal, Chancellor; Col- 
legiate 4-H; Intramurals. 

Fifth Row 


Alpha Gamma Rho. 


Feed Technology 
Phi Delta Theta. 

DUTCHER, G. MONTE Overland Park 

Agricultural Administration 

Chaparajos Club, Pres.; Wildcat Fencers; 
Collegiate 4-H; Block and Bridle; Col- 
legian; Rodeo Team. 

Sixth Row 



Animal Husbandry 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. 



Animal Husbandry 

Beta Sigma Psi; Scabbard and Blade: 
Collegiate 4-H; Block and Bridle; Wam- 
pus Cats; Lutheran Stud. Assn.; Intra- 

ELLIS, BOYD G. Havensville 


Alpha Zeta; Arnold Air Soc; Klod and 
Kernel; Phi Kappa Phi; Dist. Mili. Stud. 


Milling Chemistry 

Lambda Chi Alpha, V. Pres.; Alpha Mu, 
V. Pres.; Intramurals. 

Seventh Row 


Yates Center 

Animal Husbandry 

Alpha Gamma Rho; Pershing Rifles: 
Young Republicans, Sec; Jr. Livestock 
Judging Team. 


Agricultural Education 


Agricultural Administration 
Farm House. 

Bottom Row 


Agricultural Education 
Ag. Ed. Club; Alpha Phi Omega, Pres. 


Agricultural Administration 
Farm House. 


Milling Chemistry 

Hyfe (Mm 


eniors in 

:.j,\ Y 

Top Row 



Conservation Club, Pres., V. Pres. ; Col- 
legiate 4-H; Klod and Kernel. 


Alpha Gamma Rho. 

FOX, GEORGE H. Severy 

Animal Husbandry 
Block and Bridle; Collegiate 4-H; Intra- 


Second Row 

FREY, JULIUS M. Council Grove 

Animal Husbandry 

Signa Phi Nothing; Scabbard and Blade, 
V. Pres.; Collegiate 4-H; Intramurals. 

GANTZ, RALPH L. Nickerson 


Ag. Ed. Club; Klod and Kernel; Con- 
servation Club; Intramurals. 

GEHRT, EARL B. Manhattan 

Animal Husbandry 

Beta Sigma Psi; Arnold Air Soc; Block 
and Bridle; Gamma Delta; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Third Row 


Agricultural Education 
Scabbard and Blade; Intramurals. 

GHOSHEH, NAJATI S. Hebron, Jordan 

Hort. Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Arab Club. 


Klod and Kernel; Soil Conservation Club; 


Fourth Row 



Animal Husbandry 

Beta Sigma Psi; Alpha Zeta; Pershing 
Rilles: Gamma Delta; Block and Bridle; 
Arnold Air Soc; Dist. Mili. Stud. 


Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture 

Lambda Chi Alpha; Wampus Cats; Hort. 
Club, V. Pres. 



Acropolis, Pres. ; DSF, V. Pres 
Christian Fellow.; Alpha Zeta 
Sigma Delta; ISA; Ag. Student Maga-; 
zine; Collegian; Senior Leader Award; 
Phi Kappa Phi; Intramurals. 


Fifth Row 



Animal Husbandry 

Alpha Zeta; IFYE Delegate; Rifle Team; 
A Cappella; Collegiate 4-H; Crops Judg- 
ing Team; Intramurals. 


Kansas City, Mo. 

Milling Administration 
Delta Tau Delta. 


Animal Husbandry 

Sixth Row 





Klod and Kernel; ISA; Intramurals; Phi 
Kappa Phi; Standard Milling Co. Schol- 

HAMASU, MASAOO Paauilo, Hawaii 

Agricultural Education 

HARMS, ERNEST L. Great Bend 

Agricultural Administration 

Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres., V. Pres.; Scab- 
bard and Blade; SPC; Wampus Cats; 
Cheerleader; Ag. Econ. Club; Intramurals. 

Seventh Row 



Agricultural Education 

Ag. Ed. Club, V. Pres.; Collegiate 4-H; 
Young Republicans: Westminster Found.; 
Phi Alpha, Pres.; Masonic Club. Pres., V. 
Pres., Treas., Corr. Sec; ISA; Intramurals. 

HEFLEY, JAMES R. Baxter Springs 

Agricultural Education 

Ag. Ed. Club; Collegiate 4-H: Dairy Club, 
V. Pres., Sec: Wesley Found.; Sears 


Agricultural Administration 

Sigma Phi Epsilon; Arnold Air Soc; Ag. 
Econ. Club. Pres. 

Bottom Row 


Garden City 


Alpha Zeta: YMCA, V. Pres.; ROTC 
Cadet Welfare Fund, Pres.; Crop Judging 
Team; Kansas Seed Dealers Assoc Award. 

HENLEY, DAN L. Olathe 

Agricultural Journalism 

Sigma Delta Chi; Plow and Pen; Col- 
legiate 4-H; Ag. Student Magazine, Ed.; 
Sears Scholarship. 

HILTGEN, CLEOD. Greenleaf 

Agricultural Administration 



Top Row 

HOLLAND, JOHN J. Hutchinson 


HOLT, WILLIAM L. Jr. Dodge City 

Agricultural Economics 

Ag. Econ. Club; Gamma Delta; Scabbard 
and Blade. 



Second Row 

HOOVER, BERNARD L. Junction City 

Animal Husbandry 


Agricultural Education 

HUBBARD, REX E. Wichita 

Milling Technology 

Third Row 



Agricultural Education 

Acacia; Ag. Ed. Club, V. Pres. ; Collegiate 
4-H, Corr. Sec; Wesley Found.; ISA; 
ROTC Rifle Team. 


St. Gallen, Switzerland 

Milling Chemistry 


Agricultural Engineering 

Engineering Student Council; Steel Ring; 
Sigma Tau; ASAE, Pres. 

Fourth Row 


Agricultural Education 

Ag. Ed. Club, Sec; Hilltop Council; Phi 
Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. 


Animal Husbandry 

Beta Sigma Psi; Gamma Delta; Collegiate 
4-H; K-Club. 


Agricultural Administration 

Fifth Row 

KAMAL, ABDUL L. Tulkarm, Jordan 

Hort. Club, Pres.; Arab Club, Sec. 

KARST, CARL E. Galatia 

Agricultural Education 

Beta Sigma Psi, Pres., V. Pres.; Alpha Zeta; 
Arnold Air Soc ; Ag. Ed. Club, Sec, Treas. ; 
Lutheran Stud. Assn., Pres., V. Pres.; 
Student Council; Lift Week, Co-Chm. 


Agricultural Administration 
Ag. Econ. Club. 

Sixth Row 

KIHN, DONALD R. Ellsworth 

Agricultural Administration 

Farm House; Alpha Zeta; Arnold Air 
Soc: Block and Bridle; Ag. Econ. Club; 
Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog.; Intramurals. 


Agricultural Administration 

Beta Sigma Psi, Corr. Sec; Ag. Econ. Club, 
Corr. Sec; Gamma Delta, Regional Ed.; 

KIRK, JAMES R. Overland Park 

Animal Husbandry 

Seventh Row 


Animal Husbandry 


Alpha Gamma Rho; All-College Political 
Party, Pres.; Block and Bridle, Sec: Ar- 
nold Air Soc. ; Student Council ; Ag. Coun- 
cil; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. 


Milling Chemistry 

Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres. ; Alpha Mu, Sec, 
Treas.; IFC; Intramurals. 


Agricultural Education 

Beta Sigma Psi; Ag. Ed. Club; Collegiate 
4-H; Gamma Delta. 

Bottom Row 


Agricultural Education 


Beta Sigma Psi; Gamma Delta; Arnold 
Air Soc; Ag. Econ. Club; Pershing Rifles; 


Agricultural Education 


Sigma Theta Epsilon, Sec; Ag. Ed. Club; 
Collegiate 4-H; ISA: Wesley Found.; In- 








! 1* 

jM' '*N8Bb 


Top Row 


Animal Husbandry 


LUCAS, JAMES M. Wichita 

Agricultural Administration 
Phi Delta Theta. 

LUEKER, RALPH R. Herington 

Milling Administration 

Beta Sigma Psi, Pres., V. Pres., Treas. ; 
Gamma Delta; Scabbard and Blade: In- 

Second Row 

LUPTON, EARL D. Montezuma 

Agricultural Administration 
Sigma Phi Epsilon; Masonic Club. 

LUX, FRANCIS A. Newark, N. J. 

Feed Technology 


Milling Technology 
Beta Theta Pi; Milling Assn. 

Third Row 

MADDUX, LYLE G. Deerfield 

Agricultural Administration 
Phi Kappa Tau. 


Feed Technology 



Bogota, Colombia 

Animal Husbandry 

Fourth Row 


Conservation Club; Hort. Club. 

Mesa, Ariz. 


Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture 

Block- A- Way; K-State Christian Fellow., 
Corr. Sec; Hort. Club; Religious Coordi- 
nating Council; Band; Who's Whoot, 
County Rep.; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean's 
Honor Roll; Blood Award for Outstand- 
ing Hort. Sr. ; Gamma Sigma Delta; In- 

McKIM, PAUL A. Morrill 

Soil Conservation 
Tau Kappa Epsilon; Arnold Air Soc. 

Fifth Row 



Animal Husbandry 

Signa Phi Nothing; Circle Burners, Pres.; 
ISA; Arnold Air Soc; YMCA; Collegiate 

Seniors in 


Milling Administration 

Phi Kappa, Sec; Milling Assn.; Alpha 
Mu; Scabbard and Blade, V. Pres.; Mili- 
tary Ball Chm. ; Newman Club; Intra- 


Osage City 

Agricultural Administration 

Phi Delta Theta; K-Club; Ag. Econ. Club; 
Varsity Football. 

Sixth Row 

MEYER, GERALD J. Fairview 

Agricultural Education 

Phi Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; 
Ag. Council; Ag. Ed. Club, Pres.; FTA; 
ISA; Collegiate 4-H; Newman Club; In- 


Klod and Kernel. 


Agricultural Education 

Seventh Row 

MILLER, ROBERT J. Omaha, Neb. 

Animal Husbandry 

Phi Kappa, Pres.; Newman Club; Lift- 
Week, Treas,; Religious Coordinating 
Council; Intramurals. 

MILLER, RONALD A. Partridge 

Dairy Husbandry 

Dairy Club; Collegiate 4-H; Jr. Dairy Cat- 
tle Judging Team; Winner of KSC Dairy 
Cattle Judging; Intramurals. 


Dairy Manufacturing 

Signa Phi Nothing; Dairy Club, V. Pres.; 
Alpha Zeta; Arnold Air Soc; Collegiate 
4-fl; Dairy Judging Team; Intramurals. 

Bottom Row 


Landscape Design 




Agricultural Education 
Ag. Ed. Club, Sec; Arnold Air Soc. 

MOTES, WILLIAM C. Longmont, Colo. 

Agricultural Administration 

Farm House; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. 
Recog. ; Alpha Zeta; Student Council Co- 
ordinating Comm., Chm.; SPC; A Cap- 
pella; Westminster Fellow.: Westminster 
Found., Exec Board; Ag. Econ. Club; 
Fresh. Counselor; Intramurals. 



Top Row 

MULLEN, MAX H. Red Cloud, Neb. 

Agricultural Economics 
Delta Sigma Phi; Arnold Air Soc. ; Ma- 
sonic Club; Collegiate 4-H; Ag. Econ. 
Club; Ag. Extension Club. 


Agricultural Education 
Farm House; FTA, Pres. 


Animal Husbandry 
Farm House. 

Second Row 

PACHA, LEONARD E. Marysville 

Soil Conservation 

Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade, Pres. ; 
Alpha Zeta; Newman Club; K-Fraternity; 
Conservation Club; Klod and Kernel; Phi 
Kappa Phi; Crops Judging Team; Varsity 

PARK, C. GENE Sterling 

Poultry Husbandry 

Lambda Chi Alpha; Poultry Club, Pres.; 
Arnold Air Soc; Poultry Judging Team; 
Ag. Council; SPC. 


Minneapolis, Minn. 

Milling Administration 

Alpha Mu; Arnold Air Soc; Dist. Mili. 

Third Row 


Agricultural Economics 

Phi Kappa. Pres., V. Pres. ; Collegiate 4-H; 
Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade; Cos- 
mopolitan Club ; Newman Club ; Student 
Welfare Council : ROTC Rifle Team. 


Agricultural Education 

PHERIGO, DAN L. Cottonwood Falls 

Animal Husbandry 

Fourth Row 

PIESCHL, FRANCIS W. Minneapolis 

Animal Husbandry 
House of Williams; ISA: Newman Club. 

POE, HAROLD P. Peabody 

Animal Husbandry- 
Alpha Tau Omega. 


Animal Husbandry 

Block and Bridle; Klod and Kernel: 
Gamma Sigma Delta. 

Fifth Row 


Dairy Husbandry 

Alpha Gamma Rho; Dairy Club, V. Pres., 
Sec; Ag. Council; Collegiate 4-H, Coir. 
Sec; Sears Scholarship; Little American 
Royal Dairy Champion: Who's Whoot. 
Bus. Mgr. 

PRAWL, WARREN L. Severance 

Agricultural Education 

Collegiate 4-H, V. Pres.; Ag. Assn., V. 
Pres.; Sigma Theta Epsilon; Dairy Club, 
Sec, Treas.; Dairy Products Judging 
Team: Who's Whoot, Bus. Mgr., Ed., Asst. 
Ed.: Wesley Found., Cab.; Little Amer- 
ican Royal, Chm.; ROTC Rifle Team; 

PRINGLE, JAMES R. Yates Center 

Animal Husbandry 

Alpha Gamma Rho; Young Republicans, 
Pres., V. Pres.; Masonic Club; Block and 
Bridle, Corr. Sec; Little American Royal; 
Ag. Barn warmer; All-College Political 
Party: Parents Day Comm. ; Band; Intra- 

Sixth Row 


Agricultural Economics 


Pershing Rifles; Collegiate 4-H; United 
Stud. Fellow.; Intramurals. 


Animal Husbandry 


QUINT, JAMES E. Bunkerhill 

Dairy Husbandry 

Seventh Row 

RATCLIFFE, ROGER H. Arlington, Va. 

Klod and Kernel; Intramurals. 


Animal Husbandry 

Alpha Gamma Rho, Pres., Sec, Treas.; 
Block and Bridle, Sec; Collegiate 4-H, 
Pres., V. Pres., Corr. Sec; Blue Key; 
Alpha Zeta; Treas. Senior Class; Meats 
Team; Junior Livestock Team; Senior 
Livestock Team: Ag. Barn warmer, Mgr.: 
Little American Royal, Chm. 


Wbite Cloud 

Agricultu ral Aim in istration 
Bottom Row 


Agricultural Education 
Ag. Ed. Club; Wesley Found. 


Animal Husbandry 


Agricultural Education 




* *<- ^ 








eniors in 

Top Row 

ROBSON, DEAN E. Abilene 

Agricultural Administration 
Delta Tau Delta; Collegiate 4-H: Ag. 
Econ. Club; Alpha Zeta; Miniwanca Club; 
Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog.; Carl Ray- 
mond Gray Scholarship; Dean's Honor 
Roll; Varsity Track; Intramurals. 

ROHRER, PHILIP O. Junction City 

Agricultural Administration 
Newman Club; Collegiate 4-H; Ag. Econ. 
Club, Pres., Sec; Alpha Zeta; ISA; Phi 
Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog.; Intramurals. 


Delta Sigma Phi, Pres.; Ag. Ed. Club; 
Collegiate 4-H; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard 
and Blade; Intramurals. 

Second Row 

RUCKMAN, ROBERT L. Farmer City, 111. 

Agricultural Administration 
Masonic Club; Collegiate 4-H; Arnold Air 
Soc; ISA; Wesley Found.; Cab.; Intra- 

SAYRE, ROBERT N. Cottonwood Falls 

Animal Husbandry 
Farm House; Alpha Zeta; Block and 
Bridle; Collegiate 4-H; Meats Judging 
Team; Wool Judging Team; Little Amer- 
ican Royal. 


Agricultural Education 

Third Row 

SCOTT, RONALD J. Garfield 

Delta Sigma Phi; Young Republicans; Col- 
legiate 4-H; Intramurals. 


Animal Husbandry 
Alpha Gamma Rho; Phi Alpha, Pres.; 
Collegiate 4-H; Block and Bridle; Dairy 
Club; Westminster Found.; ROTC Rifle 


Agricultural Administration 

Fourth Row 


Agricultural Education 



Agricultural Journalism 

Beta Sigma Psi; Plow and Pen; Collegiate 
4-H; K-Key Award; Soc. and Rec. Comm.; 
Ag. Student Magazine; Lift Week. 


YMCA; Sigma Theta Epsilon. 

Fifth Row 

STORLA, LLOYD S. Mt. Vernon, S. D. 

Animal Husbandry 
STOVALL, DON O. Rossville 

Business Administration 


Animal Husbandry 
Sigma Chi; Intramurals. 

Sixth Row 

STUMBO, FLOYD I. Lawrence 

Dairy Husbandry 
Dairy Club. 

TALBOT, RICHARD B. Marysville 

Animal Husbandry 

Alpha Gamma Rho: All-College Political 
Party; Ag. Econ. Club; Collegiate 4-H; 
Who's Whoot ; Intramurals. 

TAYLOR, ROBERT E. Cuba, 111. 

Animal Husbandry 
Sigma Chi; Meats Judging Team. 

Bottom Row 

TEETER, ARLON M. Marquette 

Animal Husbandry 


Agricultural Administration 

Phi Delta Theta, Pres.; Alpha Zeta; Jr. 
Livestock Judging Team; Sr. Livestock 
Team; Ag. Econ. Club; Block and Bridle. 


Animal Husbandry 

Acacia; Collegiate 4-H; Block and Bridle; 
SPC; Wesley Found.; Little American 



Top Row 


Beta Sigma Psi. 

Kings, 111. 


Agricultural Administration 

Phi Kappa; IFYE Delegate; Cosmopol- 
itan Club; Ag. Econ. Club; Young Demo- 
crats; Collegiate 4-H; Newman Club; In- 

WAIGHT, RORERT D. Raytown, Mo. 

Animal Husbandry 

Alpha Kappa Lambda; Young Republi- 
cans; Intramurals. 

Second Row 

WALTER, R. WAYNE Lawrence 

Agricultural Administration 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Block and Bridle; 
Little American Royal; Ag. Student Maga- 
zine ; Intramurals. 

WARD, JOHN K. El Dorado 

Animal Husbandry 

WATERS, JERRY R. St. Francis 

Ag. Econ. Club; Pershing Rifles; Arnold 
Air Soc; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. ; 
Collegian; Varsity Wrestling. 

Third Row 


Milling Technology 
Sigma Nu; Alpha Mu; Arnold Air Soc. 


Milling Technology 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres., Treas.; Alpha 
Mu, Treas.; Ag. Council; Milling Assn., 
Pres.; Apportionment Board; Intramurals. 

WERE, ADIN R. Lincoln, Neb. 

Animal Husbandry 

Fourth Row 


Animal Husbandry 

Block and Bridle; Scabbard and Blade; 
Livestock Judging Team. 


Animal Husbandry 
Collegiate 4-H; Block and Bridle. 


Business Administration 

Fifth Row 

WILSON, JAMES W. Wakeeney 

Agricultural Education 


Clarksburg, W. Va. 

Agricultural Education 

Ag. Ed. Club, Pres.; Collegiate 4-H; Wild- 
cat Fencers; Cosmopolitan Club; ISA. 

WITTY, CHARLES J. Parma, Idaho 

Agricultural Education 

Sixth Row 

WOOD, DEAN E. Parsons 

Agricultural Administration 

Collegiate 4-H; Extension Club; ISA; Ag. 
Econ. Club. 



Acacia; Block and Bridle; Klod and Ker- 
nel; Collegiate 4-H; Soil Conservation 
Club; United Stud. Fellow. 


Agricultural Administration 
Sigma Nu. 

Bottom Row 


Delta Tau Delta; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. 
Recog.; Newman Club; Intramurals. 



Twenty-four years as dean has enabled Dr. Rod- 
ney Babeock to initiate many progressive changes. 

Assistant Deans Orval Ebberts (top), Joe Eisen- 
baeh (bottom) are friendly figures to many students. 

A & S Offers Widest 

Thirty-eight per cent of the Kansas State student 
body or 1,912 students are enrolled in the School of 
Arts and Sciences. The remaining 62 per cent take 
part of their courses in the School of Arts and 
Sciences. The new Arts and Sciences building has 
almost as many people passing through its doors 
daily as Anderson hall, for no person, regardless of 
his curriculum, graduates without taking courses in 
the Arts and Sciences school. 

The nature of the courses offered in Arts and 
Sciences explains why so many people come within 
its area. The required freshman courses such as writ- 
ten and oral communications are included in the 
school's jurisdiction, as well as many courses which 
are electives for students majoring in other schools. 
The main reason for the number of students is the 
wide range of fields in which to major. Whether a 
student's ambition is directed toward the physical, 
biological, and social sciences, humanities, business, 
geology or education, he will find the subjects to 
meet his needs. 




School Combines Compreheiisives 

As more and more emphasis is placed upon desirable qualities of 
general education, the School of Arts and Sciences decided to make one 
administrative group out of the four areas of general education, pre- 
viously called comprehensives. The department of general studies, 
headed by Earl E. Edgar, is unusual in that its purpose is not to offer 
degrees or provide majors, but to give students majoring in technical 
fields an acceptable liberal education. 

The number of students within the circumference of the school makes 
it necessary to have a large faculty. There are 420 faculty members, 
including graduate assistants. Dean Rodney Babeock, Associate Dean 
Alvin B. Cardwell, and Assistant Deans Joe Eisenbach, Jr., and G. 
Orval Ebberts occupy the administrative positions. 

One of the most rapidly growing departments is education. More 
than 17 per cent of K-State students are working for teaching certifi- 
cates. The department was officially accredited this spring, following 


Range of Courses 

the investigation by a national accrediting commit- 
tee. In 1953, enrollment in the new elementary edu- 
cation curriculum reached 125. This fall, however, 
the figure doubled with 251 students enrolled. 

Plans for a department of business were officially 
approved this spring. The music department also re- 
ceived accreditation. 

Council Plans Carnival 

The newest council of the College is the Arts and 
Sciences council. Besides discussing problems and 
questions of Arts and Sciences students, they spon- 
sor an annual carnival, at which organizations and 
clubs on the campus have booths and concessions. 

Dr. Alvin B. Cardwell became associate dean in 
1953. Formerly head of the department of physics, 
he took a leave of absence during the war to work 
on the Oak Ridge Atomic Energy Project. 

From atomic bombs to students has been the transi- 
tion made by Associate Dean Alvin Cardwell. 

SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES department heads— TOP ROW: Donald J. Ameel, zoology; Arthur H. Brayfield, psychology; Laurence C. Brown, military 
science; Joseph Chelikowsky, geology and geography; Earle R. Davis, English; Earl E. Edgar, general studies; Thomas M. Evans, physical education. MIDDLE 
ROW: Vernon D. Foltz, bacteriology; Finis M. Green, education; Howard T. Hill, speech; Milford F. Itz, air science; Ralph R. Lashbrook, technical journalism; 
Luther 0. Leavengood, music; George Montgomery, economics and sociology. BOTTOM ROW: Fritz Moore, modern languages; Laurence A. Mullins, director of 
athletics; Stuart M. Pady, botany and plant pathology; Fred L. Parrish, history, government and philosophy; Ralph G. Sanger, mathematics; Ralph G. Silker, 

chemistry; and Stuart E. Whitcomb, physics. 






Top Row 




ADRANLY, ISSA G. Jerusalem, Palestine 

Medical Technology 

Arab Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Inter- 
varsity Christian Fellow.; YMCA; West- 
minster Found.; Phi Alpha. 

AITKEN, PERCY G. Potosi, Bolivia 

History and Government 

Phi Kappa Tau; Cosmopolitan Club, Pres. ; 
Cervantes Club, V. Pres.; Newman Club; 
Phi Lambda Alpha, Sec, V. Pres.; SPC. 

Second Row 



Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Gamma Ep- 
silon; Williston Geology Club; Student 
Calendar Comm.; Arts and Sciences Coun- 
cil, V. Pres.; SPC, Co-Chm.; YMCA. 




Westminster Found.; 4-H; English Club; 
FTA; YWCA; Phi Alpha Mu; Dean's 
Honor Roll; Waltheim Hall, Treas.; In- 



Third Row 
ANDREWS, FRANK C. Manhattan 


Delta Tau Delta; National Collegiate Play- 
ers; Phi Lambda Upsilon, Treas.; Phi 
Kappa Phi; Soc. and Rec. Comm.; Traffic 
Control Board; Bridge Club, Pres.; A 
Cappella; KSC Quartet; K-State Players, 
Pres.; H. H. King Scholarship; AFROTC, 
Pres. Aide; Intramurals. 

ARNOLD, PAUL E. Sheridan, Wyo. 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres.; Phi Alpha 
Theta, V. Pres.; Scabbard and Blade; Arts 
and Sciences Council; SPC, Chm.; Dist. 
Mili. Stud.; Intramurals. 

ASBURY, FRANCIS L. Leavenworth 

Business Administration 

Fourth Row 


Lambda Chi Alpha. 


Business Administration 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 

AL-BALDAWI, JAWAD H. Baghdad, Iraq 

Business Administration 
Bus. Stud. Assn.; Cosmopolitan Club; Arab 
Club, V. Pres. 

Seniors in Arts 

Fifth Row 


Business Administration 
Sigma Chi. 


Business Administration 

Bus. Stud. Assn.; ISA; Collegiate 4-H; 
YMCA; Newman Club. 

BARR, WILLIAM T. Manhattan 

History and Government 

Sixth Row 


Elementary Education 

Pi Beta Phi, Pres. ; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. 
Recog. ; Intramurals; FTA; WAA. 

BECK, ROBERT E. Dodge City 

Industrial Physics 



Chi Omega, Pres.; Delta Phi Delta, Sec; 
Chimes; Mortar Board, Sec; Student 
Council; Bd. of Student Publications; Soc 
and Rec. Comm.; Activities Comm.; 
Friends of Art; SPC; Phi Kappa Phi 
Fresh. Recog.; YWCA; College Chorus; 

Seventh Row 

Crete, Neb. 


Gamma Delta; Dean's Honor Roll. 


Elementary Education 

Delta Delta Delta; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. 
Recog.; YWCA; Promusica; Panhellenic, 


Physical Education 

Phems, Sec-Treas.; Collegiate 4-H; WAA; 
Amicossembly; Kappa Phi; YWCA; SPC; 
Wesley Found.; Inter-Dormitory Council, 
V. Pres.; Southeast Hall, Pres.; ISA; 

Bottom Row 


Business Administration 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 


Elementary Education 


Business Administration 

Alpha Delta Pi; SPC; Bus. Stud. Assn.; 
Intramurals; Organist Guild; College 
Chorus; FTA; YWCA. 


and Sciences 

Top Row 

BOLT, JOHN C. Hutchinson 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 


Pittston, Pa. 

Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Williston Geology 
Club: Newman Club. 



Clay Center 

Beta Theta Pi; Sigma Delta Chi; K-State 
Players; English Club; A Cappella; Arts 
and Science Council; Collegian. 

Second Row 


Citizenship Education 

FTA; Criticorum; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. 
Recog. ; SPC; Fresh. Counselor. 

BOYD, JAMES W. Beloit 

Business Administration 
Sigma Nu. 


Los Angeles, Calif. 

Masonic Club, Sec. 

Third Row 

BBADFOBD, JOHN N. Dearborn, Mich. 

Poultry Husbandry 
Delta Sigma Phi. 

BBOMAN, PHYLLIS J. Hutchinson 

Music Education 

Delta Delta Delta; FTA; A Cappella; 
Organist Guild. 


Poultry Husbandry 



Fourth Row 

BUCKLE, AUDINE P. Arkansas City 

Technical Journalism 


Modern Languages 
Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Military Ball Queen. 

BUBKE, SUE E. Wichita 

Art Adaptation 

Chi Omega; Purple Pepsters, Pres. ; Delta 
Phi Delta, Treas. ; Young Democrats; K- 
State Players. 

Fifth Row 


Business Administration 
Beta Theta Pi. 


Technical Journalism 


Alpha Delta Pi; UNESCO; Newman Club; 
Young Republicans. 


Business Administration 

Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade; IFC, 
Treas.; Bus. Stud. Assn. 

Sixth Row 

CABBOLL, CHARLES F. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sigma Chi. 



Alpha Delta Pi; English Club; Purple 


Business Administration 
Phi Delta Theta; K-Club; Football. 

Seventh Row 

CHADD, BEBNABD K. Greensburg 

Physical Education 
Newman Club; Baseball. 


Technical Journalism 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 



Technical Journalism 
Sigma Delta Chi ; Collegian. 

Bottom Row 


Alpha Chi Omega. 



Signa Phi Nothing: Scabbard and Blade: 
Sigma Gamma Epsilon. 


Business Administration 
Sigma Nu. 





r ~-*K"*?> 





Top Row 


Business Administration 

Beta Theta Pi; Newman Club: Bus. Stud. 
Assn.; K-Key Award; Royal Purple, Bus. 
Staff; Varsity Track. 

COE, RORERT R. Salina 

Business Administration 
Sigma Nu; Bus. Stud. Assn.; Band; Tennis. 



Second Row 


Business Administration 



Alpha Delta Pi; YWCA; Canterbury Club; 
English Club; Young Republicans; Re- 
ligious Coordinating Council; Intramurals. 

COOKE, ERNEST S. Webster Groves, Mo. 


Third Row 


Theta Xi. 


COREY, DONALD L. Manhattan 

Business Administration 

Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Ar- 
nold Air Soc. ; Bus. Stud. Assn.; Wesley 
Found.; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. ; 
Dean's Honor Roll ; Intramurals. 



Arkansas City 

AIP; Pershing Rifles; Alpha Phi Omega, 
V. Pres. ; Newman Club; Amateur Radio 

Fourth Row 




Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. 
Recog.; Delta Sigma Rho, Sec, Treas. ; 
Pres. Freshman Class; Student Council; 
Debate Team; Activities Comm. ; Union 
Planning Comm. 


Business Administration 
Delta Tau Delta. 


Elementary Education 
Band; Young Republicans; YWCA; FT A. 

Seniors in Arts 

Fifth Row 



Valley Falls 

Mu Phi Epsilon, Sec; Phi Alpha Mu; 
Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog.; ISA, V. 
Pres.; English Club, V. Pres.; A Cappella. 



Bus. Stud. Assn.; Chancery Club; Band; 
SPC; Arnold Air Soc; Wesley Found. 



Pi Beta Phi, Sec. ; Apportionment Board, 
Sec: YWCA; Collegian; Royal Purple: 
K-Key Award; English Club; KSDB-FM 

Sixth Row 

DETTKE, DALE H. Marysville 

Business Administration 

Beta Sigma Psi; Bus. Stud. Assn.; Scab- 
bard and Blade; Gamma Delta; Dist. 
Mili. Grad. 



Revere, Mass. 



Music Education 
Organist Guild; Newman Club, V. Pres. 

Seventh Row 


Business Administration 

Delta Sigma Phi; Bus. Stud. Assn.; In- 

DUNN, RORERT E. Kansas City, Mo. 

Business Administration 

EELLS, DWIGHT N. Jr. Newton 

Art Adaptation 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

Bottom Row 

ELLIS, WAYNE I. Kansas City, Mo. 

Business Administration 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Bus. Stud. Assn. 


Music Education 

Alpha Xi Delta, Pres.; Mu Phi Epsilon, 
Pres.; Wesley Found.; FTA, Pres.; Or- 
ganist Guild, V. Pres.; Collegiate 4-H; A 
Cappella, V. Pres.; Phi Alpha Mu; Music 
Dept. Scholarship; Dean's Honor Roll; 
Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. ; Intramurals. 

EURTON, JOYCE Hutchinson 

Physical Education 

Alpha Xi Delta; Phems; WAA; YWCA; 
FTA; Intramurals. 


and Sciences 

Top Row 


Elementary Education 
Alpha Chi Omega; FTA; YWCA; SPC. 



Pi Beta Phi; Phi Alpha Mu; Williston 
Geology Club ; YWCA ; Westminster Found. 


Business Administration 
Delta Sigma Phi. 

Second Row 




Sigma Nu; Alpha Epsilon Rho; KSDB- 
FM Staff. 


Business Administration 
Pi Kappa Alpha. 


Business Administration 

Alpha Kappa Lambda, Treas. ; Lutheran 
Stud. Assn.; Bus. Stud. Assn.; Student 
Council; V. Pres. Senior Class; Intra- 

Third Row 





Business Administration 
Delta Tau Delta; KClub; Varsity Football. 



Alpha Chi Omega, V. Pres.; Panhellenic; 
YWCA; SPC; Phi Alpha Mu; Activities 
Comm.; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. 

Fourth Row 



Business Administration 

Alpha Xi Delta, Treas.; Phi Kappa Phi 
Fresh. Recog.; YWCA; Bus. Stud. Assn. 


History and Government 


Business Administration 

Phi Kappa, Treas.; Newman Club, Treas.; 
Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Soc. ; 
Bus. Stud. Assn. ; Intramurals. 

Fifth Row 


Business Administration 
Delta Tau Delta. 


Sigma Gamma Epsilon. 


Business Administration 
Acacia, Pres. 

Sixth Row 

GRAUER, LINDELL E. Marysville 


Kappa Delta; Pi Epsilon Delta, Pres.; K- 
State Players, Pres., Sec; Band; YWCA; 
Fine Arts Scholarship; Two K-State 
Player "Oscars." 

GRAY, JAY D. Goodland 

History and Government 


Business Administration 


Phi Delta Theta; Arnold Air Soc; Engi- 
neer Magazine; ASCE; Bus. Stud. Assn. 

Seventh Row 




Kappa Sigma; Arnold Air Soc; Varsity 


Kappa Kappa Gamma. 



Technical Journalism 
K-Key Award; Royal Purple; Collegian. 

Bottom Row 


Social Science 
Chi Omega; A Cappella. 




Busijiess Administration 
Tau Kappa Epsilon; YMCA; Intramurals. 




Arnold Air Soc; Varsity Tennis; Intra- 






Top Row 

HANSON, THEODORE E. Jr. Concordia 

Varsity Track; Intramurals. 




YMCA; K-State Christian Fellow.; FTA; 


Business Administration 

Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas. ; Alpha Kappa 
Psi, Treas. ; Bus. Stud. Assn. 

Second Row 

HART, GERALD E. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Business Administration 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Newman Club; Bus. 
Stud. Assn. 

HART, JANE E. Topeka 

Alpha Delta Pi; Panhellenic. 

HART, LOIS M. Perry 

Elementary Education 
Delta Delta Delta: FTA. 

Third Row 

HART, LOREN M. Wetmore 

Sigma Nu. 

HARTMAN, JOANN R. Junction City 

Elementary Education 

Alpha Delta Pi; SPC; Intramurals; Col- 
lege Chorus; YWCA; FTA. 

HAUER, MARY B. Manhattan 

Music Education 

Alpha Xi Delta; Mu Phi Epsilon, Treas.; 
Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. ; Music Dept. 
Scholarship; Organist Guild; Band; Or- 
chestra; Canterbury Club; FTA. 

Fourth Row 


Delta Delta Delta. 

HELD, NORMAN M. Great Bend 

P re-Veterinary Medicine 

Seniors in Arts 


Long Island, N. Y. 

Hui Hawaii; Young Republicans. 

Fifth Row 



English Club; FTA; Phi Alpha Mu. 


Business Administration 
Roger Williams Fellow. ; Fresh. Counselor. 

HILL, FRANK E. Salina 

Business Administration 
Kappa Sigma. 

Sixth Row 

HILTON, DUKE Kansas City 

Physical Science 
Kappa Sigma; Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Pres. 

HINDS, GEORGE W. Hutchinson 

Applied Geology 
Beta Theta Pi. 

Franklin, Pa. 


Williston Geology Club. 

Seventh Row 

HOCKMAN, D. R. Cheboygan, Mich. 

Business Administration and Electrical 


Elementary Education 



Arkansas City 

Business Administration 

Bottom Row 





Business Administration 
Cosmopolitan Club; BSA. 


Business Administration 


ISA, Treas.; Bus. Stud. Assn., Sec; WAA; 
Collegiate 4-H; FTA; Intramurals. 


ind Sciences 

Top Row 


Music Education 

Delta Delta Delta; Mu Phi Epsilon; Phi 
Alpha Mu; Phi Kappa Phi; Theta Ep- 
silon; Baptist Youth Fellow.; YWCA 
Band; Promusica, Pres. ; Organist Guild 
A Cappella; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. 
Phi Alpha Mu Scholarship; Mu Phi Ep- 
silon Scholarship; Soph. Honors; Dean's 
Honor Roll. 

HOWE, H. PHIL Manhattan 

Business Administration 

Beta Theta Pi; Newman Club, Pres.: De- 
bate; Dist. Mili. Grad. ; Intramurals. 


Business Administration 

Second Row 


Business Administration 


Phi Kappa; Newman Club; Bus. Stud. 



Williston Geology Club; Sigma Gamma 

HUGHES, CHARLES W. Kansas City, Mo. 

Delta Tau Delta. 

Third Row 

HUGHES, JOHN J. Kansas City, Mo. 


Phi Delta Theta; SPC: K-State Players: 
All-College Political Party; President's 
Comm. ; Intramurals. 

HDA, RICHARD M. Honolulu, Hawaii 

Business Administration 

Bus. Stud. Assn.; Hui Hawaii; Intra- 



Fourth Row 


Poultry Husbandry 
Delta Tau Delta. 


Alpha Chi Omega; SPC, Co-Chm. 


Business Administration 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega. 

Fifth Row 



Delta Delta Delta, Corr. Sec; Wildcat 
Fencers, Treas.; English Club; K-State 
Players; Intramurals. 




Alpha Delta Pi, V. Pres.; K-State Players, 
Sec: Natl. Collegiate Players; Board of 
Student Publications. 


Kappa Sigma. 

Sixth Row 


Business Administration 


Medical Technology 

Chi Omega: Alpha Delta Theta, Treas.; 
Young Republicans; Intramurals. 

KELLER, AUGUST J. St. Louis, Mo. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

Seventh Row 


Phi Delta Theta. 



Business Administration 
Theta Xi. 



Industrial Chemistry and Business 

Bottom Row 

KING, KAROLYN Manhattan 

Art Adaptation 

Pi Beta Phi; Delta Phi Delta; Chimes; Pi 
Alpha Mu; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog.; 
SPC: Westminster Found.; YWCA; Pan- 
hellenic, Pres. 

KIPPER, ALLEN B. Manhattan 

History and Government 
Delta Tau Delta. 

KNOLL, JOHN K. Topeka 

Business Administration 
Phi Delta Theta. 


*• -** 

■^ V w 


- . . .. .. 

A» «. 

Top Row 


Busin ess Adm in istration 
Kappa Sigma. 



Physical Education 

Kappa Sigma; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Varsity 


History and Government 
Kappa Sigma; YMCA; Intramurals. 

Second Row 

KRAMER, LESLIE J. Vermillion 

Physical Education 


Medical Technology 
Alpha Delta Theta. 

KURTZ, LOIS E. Oakley 

Elementary Education 

Third Row 


Business Administration 
Pi Kappa Alpha. 

KYLE, JAMES H. Manhattan 

Physical Education 

Beta Theta Pi; Arnold Air Soc; Phi 
Epsilon Kappa; Fresh. Basketball. 


Business Administration 

Phi Kappa Phi; Hillel Found., Treas. ; 
Hui Hawaii ; Bridge Club ; Intramurals. 

Fourth Row 


Medical Technology 
Delta Sigma Phi. 


Business Administration 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

LASHELL, LOIS E. Manhattan 

Technical Journalism 

Fifth Row 


Technical Journalism 

Beta Theta Pi; Sigma Delta Chi, Pres. ; 
Arnold Air Soc.; Scabbard and Blade; 
Arts and Sciences Council; K-Key; Sky- 
streak, Ed.; Royal Purple, Co-Ed., Co- 
Asst. Ed.; Assoc. Collegiate Press Conven. 

Seniors in Art 



Delta Delta Delta; Home Ec. Club; 
UNESCO; English Club. 


Music Education 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mu Phi Epsilon; 
A Cappella. 

Sixth Row 


Business Administration 

Delta Tau Delta; Bus. Stud. Assn.; Alpha 
Kappa Psi. 

LYTLE, BEVERLY D. Ft. Wayne, Ind. 



Business Administration 
Delta Sigma Phi. 

Seventh Row 


Physical Education 

Purple Pepsters, V. Pres.; Phems, Pres.; 
FTA; WAA, Pres.; Intramurals. 

MANZ, LEONA E. Junction City 

Elementary Education 

Clark's Gables, Pres.; Sigma Eta Chi, 
Pres.; Collegiate 4-H; Organist Guild; 
FTA; United Stud. Fellow.; ISA; Am- 
icossembly; K-State Christian Fellow. 

MARR, WILLIAM H. Atchison 

Newman Club; Math. Club. 

Bottom Row 

MARSHALL, JANET E. New Orleans, La. 

Technical Journalism and Education 

Pi Beta Phi, Pres.; Royal Purple, Co-Ed., 
Co-Asst. Ed.; Theta Sigma Phi; Phi Alpha 
Mu, Pres., V. Pres.; Mortar Board; First 
Reading Quartet; Purple Pepsters; FTA; 
WAA; All-College Political Party; Assoc. 
Collegiate Press Conven. ; Chm. of Leader- 
ship Comra.; Dean's Honor Roll; Phi 
Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog.; K-Key; Pan- 
hellenic; Collegian; Intramurals. 




Signa Phi Nothing; Alpha Phi Omega; 
Newman Club. 

MASON, ALLEN S. Independence 


Phi Lambda Upsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; 
ACS, V. Pres.; Arnold Air Soc; Wildcat 
Fencers; Armed Forces Chem. Assn. 
Award; Dist. Mili. Grad. 


and Sciences 

Top Row 



Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

Mccormick, lavina p. 

Physical Education 

Phems, Sec, Treas.; WAA, V. Pres.: Wes- 
ley Found.; Purple Pepsters; FTA; In- 



Alpha Xi Delta. 

Second Row 

Mcdonald, jack i. 

Sigma Nu. 


La Fiel. 



Third Row 


El Dorado 






Phi Delta Theta; AFROTC, Cadet Col., 
Cadet Commander; Arts and Sciences 
Council; Alpha Phi Omega, V. Pres.; 
Wampus Cats; Cheerleader; Arnold Air 
Soc; AWS. 


Delta Sigma Phi. 

MEARS, RUTH A. Quindaro 

Alpha Chi Omega. 

Fourth Row 

MEENEN, DORA W. Clay Center 

Business Administration 

Band; Westminster Found.; Bus. Stud. 
Assn.; WAA, Treas.; Intramurals. 


Business Administration 
Theta Xi. 


MERZ, PAUL E. Manhattan 


Phi Kappa; Newman Club; College Chorus; 

Fifth Row 


Medical Technology 



Ardmore, Okla. 

Alpha Xi Delta. 

MOON, CLAYTON E. Junction City 

Social Science 

Sixth Row 


Social Science 
Delta Tau Delta. 



History and Government 

Delta Delta Delta; Chimes; Mortar Board, 
Treas.; Phi Alpha Mu, Sec.-Treas. ; Phi 
Kappa Phi; FTA; YWCA; SPC, Campus 
Beautification Chm.; Kappa Phi; Intra- 


Elementary Education 
Pi Beta Phi, V. Pres.; Intramurals. 

Seventh Row 


Business Administration 

Phi Kappa, Pres.; Newman Club; Bus. 
Stud. Assn.; Intramurals. 


Colorado Springs, Colo. 


Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Delta Theta, Treas.; 
Cosmopolitan Club; Westminster Found.; 
Phi Kappa Phi. 


Kappa Delta. 

Bottom Row 

MURRAY, NANCY D. Ft. Baker, Calif. 

Elementary Education 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; FTA; Frog Club; 
Orchesis; Child Welfare Club. 



Kappa Kappa Gamma; Delta Sigma Rho, 
Pres.; Royal Purple, Ed., Chapter Ed.; 
Stud. Directory Ed.; Debate Team; Ap- 
portionment Board; Journalism in Me- 
moriam Award; K-Key. 

MYERS, HAROLD L. Manhattan 

Technical Journalism 

Phi Kappa; Sigma Delta Chi, V. Pres.; 
Newman Club; Collegian, Ed., Wire Ed., 
News Ed.; K-Key. 


y^HS^I *#& 



Seniors in Arts 

c* arr* 

Top Row 


Kappa Sigma. 





Second Row 


Music Education 





Mu Phi Epsilon; Organist Guild, Sec, 
Treas.; MENC, Pres.; Band; Orchestra; 
FTA; YWCA; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. 
Recog. ; Presser Found. Music Scholar- 
ship; Fresh. Counselor; Band Key Award. 




Sigma Chi, Pres., Treas. ; Arnold Air Soc. ; 
Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Sec; Williston 
Geology Club; Band. 




Sigma Chi; Wampus Cats, Sec; Col- 
legiate 4-H. 

Third Row 

PARKER, DON L. Pleasanton 

Business Administration 


Physical Education 


Pershing Rifles; Debate. 

Fourth Row 



Kappa Kappa Gamma: Phi Alpha Mu; 
Chimes; Panhellenic; Frog Club, Pres.; 
Purple Pepsters. 

PENCE, EDWARD L. Manhattan 

Beta Theta Pi; Varsity Football. 

PENNER, W. LAWRENCE Arkansas City 

English Club; K-Fraternity; Varsity Tennis. 


Fifth Row 


Elementary Education 


Kappa Delta; K-State Players; FTA; 
Panhellenic; Purple Pepsters; Intramurals. 

PICKENS, CARROL F. Hutchinson 

History and Government 
Sigma Nu, Pres. 

PIERCE, VELMA A. Manhattan 


Sixth Row 

PINHERO, CARROLL A. Riverside, Calif. 

Business Administration 
Bus. Stud. Assn. 

PORTER, CAROLYN A. Overland Park 

Technical Journalism 

Alpha Chi Omega, Treas.; YWCA; SPC; 
Home Ec. Journalism Club; Collegian. 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Basketball. 

Seventh Row 


Kappa Kappa Gamma. 


Business Administration 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Bus. Stud. Assn.; 

REID, JEAN R. Manhattan 

Applied Music 

Bottom Row 


Business Administration 

Alpha Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade; 
Newman Club; Bus. Stud. Assn. 

REJBA, CARL P. Kansas City 

Art Adaptation 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 


Phi Delta Theta. 


and Sciences 

Top Row 


Business Administration 

Alpha Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade; 
Bus. Stud. Assn.; Tennis. 


Elementary Education 




Radio Speech 

Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Phi 
Alpha Mu; Theta Sigma Phi; Collegian, 
News Ed.; KSDB-FM. 

Second Row 


Physical Science 

Pershing Rifles, Pres., V. Pres., Sec; Col- 
legiate 4-H. 

ROBBINS, JAMES H. Pleasanton 

Business Administration 


Women's Physical Education 

Phi Alpha Mu; WAA, Pres.; Phems; 
Dean's Honor Roll ; Intramurals. 

Third Row 

ROGERS, WILLIAM C. Mt. Vernon, Iowa 

ISA; Cosmopolitan Club; Sigma Delta Chi. 

ROSS, THOMAS C. Wellington 


Pi Kappa Alpha: Pershing Rifles: Arnold 
Air Soc.; Flying Club; Tennis. 

ROWE, JERVIS C. Marysville 


Arnold Air Soc.; K-Fraternity, Treas. ; 
Conservation Club, Sec; Pershing Rifles; 
Collegiate 4-H ; Varsity Track. 

Fourth Row 

RUBY, ROGER M. Bonner Springs 

Busin ess Administration 




Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Alpha Mu: Art Club; 
Lutheran Stud. Assn. ; Home Economics 
Council; Hospitality Days. 


Music Education 

Alpha Xi Delta; Phi Alpha Mu, Pres.; 
Mu Phi Epsilon, Treas.; College Orches- 
tra; College Band: Organist Guild; Gamma 
Delta; Collegiate 4-H; FTA: Phi Kappa 
Phi Fresh. Recog. : Presser Found. Schol- 
arship: Phi Kappa Phi: Music Dept. 
Scholarship; Dean's Honor Roll. 

Fifth Row 


Elementary Education 

Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club: FTA; 
UNESCO; Young Democrats; Intramurals. 

SAMS, SALLY J. Kansas City, Mo. 

Radio Speech 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Epsilon 
Rho; K-State Players. 


Industrial Arts 

Sixth Row 


Busin ess Administration 
Phi Delta Theta; Bus. Stud. Assn.; Youn 



Farm House. 

Fort Scott 

SCHICKTANZ, DOUGLAS Belleville, 111. 

Busin ess Administration 
Bus. Stud. Assn.; Phi Kappa Phi: Alpha 
Kappa Psi: Dist. Mili. Stud.; Outstand- 
ing Senior Signal Stud. 

Seventh Row 

SCHILLER, CLARKE E. Junction City 

Social Science 

Delta Tau Delta: Wampus Cats; Arnold 
Air Soc; Phi Delta Kappa. 



Elementary Education 

Delta Delta Delta, Treas.: Mu Phi Ep- 
silon; Chimes; Mortar Board; Phi Alpha 
Mu: Phi Kappa Phi; Student Council, 
Coir. Sec; YWCA, Sec; Gamma Delta, 
Rec Sec; SPC, Co-Chm.: Arts and 
Sciences Council, Sec; Lift Week; Intra- 
murals; A Cappella; Frog Club; Stud. 
Union Committee. 


Battle Ground, Wash. 

Citizenship Education 

Sigma Theta Epsilon ; ISA ; YMCA : Wes- 
ley Found.: Young Democrats: SGA, Co- 
ordinating Chm. ; Intramurals. 

Bottom Row 


Physical Science 


Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Alpha Mu; 
Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog.; Math. 
Club, Sec: All-College Political Party, 
Sec; YWCA; Student Council, Sec; PTA 
Scholarship: K-Key Award; SPC. 


Business Administration 


Tau Kappa Epsilon; Bus. Stud. Assn.; 




I* «. 

Top Row 

SCHUYLER, DANNY C. Anderson, Ind. 

Beta Theta Pi. 

SCHWARTZ, DALE L. Manhattan 

Beta Theta Pi, Pies.; Phi Kappa Phi 

Fresh. Recog. 



Elementary Education 

Pi Beta Phi; Orchesis; K-State Players: 
FTA; Hon. Cadet to Military Ball Queen: 

Second Row 

Newark, N. J. 



Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Found., V. Pies.; 
Arnold Air Soc.; Bus. Stud. Assn. 

SELRY, JACK M. Manhattan 

ACS; Phi Lambda Upsilon; DSF, V. 
Pies. : Junior Deacon, V. Pies.; ISA; SPC; 
Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. ; H. H. King 
Scholarship; Dist. Mili. Stud. 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon; K-State Players; 
Alpha Epsilon Rho; Arnold Air Soc; Blue 
Key; K-Club: Student Body Pres.; Ap- 
portionment Board Chm.; Student Coun- 
cil; Athletic Council; Arts and Sciences 
Council, Pres.; Varsity Track. 

Third Row 

SHANNON, DORIS J. La Crosse, Wis. 


SHEARER, DAVID L. Pleasanton 

Business Administration 

SHERMAN, ROGER W. Manhattan 


Fourth Row 


Social Science 

Phi Alpha Mu; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. 


Technical. Journalism 
Chi Omega, V. Pres.; Theta Sigma Phi, 
V. Pres.; Arts and Sciences Council; K- 
State Players; Purple Pepsters; SPC; Col- 
legian; City Ed. Kansas Day Edition of 
Topeka Capital. 

Junction City 


Alpha Xi Delta. 

Fifth Row 


Citizenship Education 

Criticorum, Pres.; Wesley Found.; YMCA; 
SPC; Campus Health Advisory Comni. 


Seniors in Arts 

SHURERT, NEAL A. Hiawatha 

Medical Technology 



Sixth Row 


Citizenship Education 

Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel Found., Pres.; 
Young Democrats; Lift Week Comm. 

SILKER, GWEN G. Manhattan 

DSF; Kappa Beta, Treas. ; SPC; Phi 
Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. 

SKIVER, RORERT N. Manhattan 

Business Administration 
Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi 
Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. ; Arnold Air Soc. ; 
Student Council, Pres., Treas.; Soc. and 
Rec. Comm.; Golf. 

Seventh Row 


Social Science 
Sigma Chi. 

Garden City 

SMITH, WILLIAM S. Independence 

Business Administration 


Social Science 
Criticorum; Pershing Rifles. 


Eighth Row 


Tau Kappa Epsilon: Pershing Rifles; Psy- 
chology Club; Collegiate 4-H; IPC; DSF; 




Physical Education 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon; K-Club; Phi Ep- 
silon Kappa, Pres.; Varsity Basketball and 


Business Administration 

Ninth Row 


Business Administration 



Business Administration 
Pi Kappa Alpha; Pershing Rifles; Arnold 
Air Soc. 


Physical Science 
Acacia; K-Fraternity; Golf. 

Bottom Row 


Kappa Kappa Gamma. 


Music Education 
Sigma Chi; Band; Civic Orchestra. 

Business Administration 


and Sciences 

Top Row 


Physical Education 

Delta Delta Delta, Pres.; Phi Alpha Mu; 
Phems; WAA; Purple Pepsters; Arts and 
Sciences Council, V. Pres.; Panhellenic; 
Sec. senior class; Ag Barn warmer Queen; 
Attendant to Homecoming Queen; Intra- 


Medical Technology 

THOMAS, CARROL J. Phillipsburg 

Radio Speech 
Chi Omega; Alpha Epsilon Rho; A Cap- 
pella; K-State Players. 

Second Row 


Citizenship Education 
Criticorum; Cosmopolitan Club; Phi Kappa 


Business Administration 
Alpha Kappa Psi; Arnold Air Soc; Bus. 
Stud. Assn. 


Business Administration 
Alpha Kappa Psi; Bus. Stud. Assn.; Col- 
lege Jr. Chamber of Congress. 

Third Row 



Business Administration 
Phi Kappa; Newman Club; Bus. Stud. 
Assn.; Young Democrats; IPC; SPC; In- 



Fourth Row 


Business Administration 
Beta Theta Pi, Pres.; Alpha Kappa Psi, 
V. Pres.; National Collegiate Players; K- 
State Players; Westminster Found., 
Treas.; YMCA, V. Pres.; KSDB-FM Staff; 
College Band, Pres.; Bus. Stud. Assn.; 
Arnold Air Soc, Treas.; Student Council; 
SGA, Treas.; Arts and Sciences Council. 


Business Administration 

Scabbard and Blade; Newman Club; Bus. 
Stud. Assn.; Intramurals. 


Business Administration 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Fifth Row 

WATSON, STANLEY L. Kansas City, Mo. 

Physical Education 

WATTERS, RONALD R. Brookville 

Business Administration 
Tau Kappa Epsilon; Wampus Cats, Sec; 
Alpha Kappa Psi; Newman Club; Cheer- 


Elementary Education 
Kappa Kappa Gamma; FTA; YWCA. 

Sixth Row 


Kappa Kappa Gamma; Chimes, Pres.; 
Mortar Board; Phi Alpha Mu; Orchesis, 
Treas.; SPC, Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. 

WELLS, DEE Wichita 

Elementary Education 

Alpha Delta Pi. 

WEMPE, MARK C. Seneca 

Business Administration 

Seventh Row 


Business Administration 

WILBUR, ROBERT O. Manhattan 

Tau Kappa Epsilon; A Cappella; College 
Quartet; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; YMCA; 
Cosmopolitan Club; United Stud. Fellow. 

WILSON, EVE R. New York, N. Y. 


Eighth Row 

Elementary Education 
Alpha Chi Omega; FTA; Wesley Found. 

WINGATE, EDWIN H. Wellington 

History and Government 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

Elementary Education 
Alpha Chi Omega; Newman Club; FTA. 

Ninth Row 

Sigma Phi Epsilon, Treas.; Pershing 
Rifles, Treas.; Young Republicans; Arnold 
Air Soc, Pres.; Intramurals. 


Medical Technology 

Alpha Chi Omega, Pres.; Phi Alpha Mu; 
Soc and Rec Coram. 

Bottom Row 
WRIGHT, WILLARD A. Arkansas City 

Business Administration 

YANCEY, JAY D. Agate, Colo. 

Radio Speech 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pres.; Alpha Epsilon 
Rho; Fresh. Football. 

YODER, MARY E. Conway 


Waltheim Hall, Pres.; FTA; Collegiate 
4-H; Phi Alpha Mu; Westminster Found.; 
SPC; Dean's Honor Roll. 

HEWITT, GEORGE D. Valley Falls 

History and Government 

Phi Kappa Tau; Hist., Gov't, and Phil. 
Club; YMCA; FTA; A Cappella; ISA; 
Wesley Found.; Young Republicans; Lit- 
tle American Royal; Intramurals. 





r ▼ 

Dean M. A. Durland coordinates the varied activi- 
ties of the School of Engineering and Architecture. 

An increase in enrollment, additional equip- 
ment, and various technical and curricular improve- 
ments are the year's outstanding highlights of the 
School of Engineering and Architecture. 

The fall semester found the school with its 1,050 
students able to claim the greatest increase in en- 
rollment of any school in the College. This figure 
is ten per cent higher than the number of students 
enrolled the previous year. 

The school has been able to draw an increasing 
number of students because of its constant improve- 
ments and additions. Through a two-year study pro- 
gram by a committee from the engineering school, 
and upon the recommendation of the Kansas Indus- 
trial executives, an industrial engineering curricu- 
lum has been established. This curriculum empha- 
sizes administrative, production, and personnel 
problems and will provide the necessary training 
for management and sales positions. Remodeling 
was done in the Engineering building to provide a 
time-and-motion study laboratory for this program. 

Kansas State is one of the first colleges to offer a 
nuclear engineering curriculum of study. The pro- 

Engineers Have Top 

gram, which was begun last year, now has an enroll- 
ment of 16 students who are being prepared not only 
for employment in government laboratories, but also 
for the private industries which do research and 
developmental work in atomic energy. 

The Engineering Experiment station, also directed 
by Dean M. A. Durland, conducts industrial surveys 
of Kansas communities in cooperation with local 
chambers of commerce. These surveys cover such 
items as population, wages, markets, transportation, 
taxes, industrial sites, and other facilities which 
make up characteristics of the city. Final reports 
are prepared so the community can distribute facts 
to companies and individuals who might be interest- 
ed in locating industries. 

A grant of $17,800 was awarded to the Experi- 
ment Station by the United States navy early in 
1953. It was a contract for research on "dust and 
erosion problems along the airfield runways." This 
was the largest contract ever received by the experi- 
ment station and one of the largest ever allocated 
by the navy in the state of Kansas. 

An electronic analog computer, often referred to 
as a mechanical brain, is being constructed by the 
electrical engineering staff members. This com- 
puter will work in minutes, problems now requiring 
months of work by individual scientists. Purchased 
outright, such a machine would cost $30,000. 

The spring semester of 1953 marked the comple- 
tion of the $675,000 wing to the main Engineering 
building. Agricultural, civil, and mechanical engi- 
neering classes were moved into the modern and 
well-equipped building at this time. The formal 

Richard Pot- 
ter is Assistant 
Dean of the 
School of En- 
gineering and 


Enrollment Increase 

opening and dedication ceremony was one of the 
main events during the Engineers' Open House last 

The thirty-fifth annual Engineers' Open House, 
featuring the theme "Frontiers in Engineering," was 
March 19, 20. This major project of the School of 
Engineering enables engineering students to put into 
effect the knowledge and professional skills they 
have obtained. The Open House also is recognized 
by students and teachers throughout the state as an 
unique opportunity to view the curricula in engi- 

Four-year programs in industrial arts and elec- 
trical, industrial, mechanical, nuclear, civil, chemi- 
cal and agricultural engineering, lead to the degree 
of Bachelor of Science in the particular field of 
study. In addition, the School of Engineering and 
Architecture offers a five-year curriculum in archi- 

Future Engineers get practical experience casting 
metal forms in a foundry class in the Engineering 

All departments of the school offer the Master of 
Science degree. The Doctor of Philosophy degree is 
offered in applied mechanics. 

Engineering scholarships are offered annually 
by Magnolia, Westinghouse, and General Electric. 
Boeing has provided three new scholarships. 

SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE department heads— TOP ROW: Fredrick C. Fenton, agricultural engineering; Linn Helander, mechanical engi- 
neering; Leland S. Hobson, assistant director of Engineering Experiment station; Royce G. Kloeffler, electrical engineering; Reed F. Morse, civil engineering. 
BOTTOM ROW: Clinton E. Pearce, machine design; Charles H. Scholer, applied mechanics; Gabe Sellers, shop practice; Henry T. Ward, chemical engineering; Paul 

Weigel, architecture and allied arts. 


Seniors in Engineering 



i_ \ 

Top Row 


Kansas City 

Electrical Engineering 

AYERS, DAVID Webster Groves, Mo. 

Electrical Engineering 
Delta Tau Delta. 


Industrial Arts 
SIAA; RWF, V. Pres.; Intramurals. 

Second Row 

BARNETT, KENNETH J. . Manhattan 

Industrial Arts 

BARTA, GEORGE J. . . . Ellsworth 

Industrial Arts 
SIAA, V. Pres., Sec, Treas.; FTA, Sec. 

BATTHAUER, BYRON E. . Hutchinson 

Civil Engineering 

Sigma Tau; Steel Ring; ASCE, Pres.; 
Engineering Council; Intramurals. 

Third Row 

BELL, BRUCE W. . . . Whitewater 

Electrical Engineering 


Mechanical Engineering 
ISA; Intramurals. 

BINFORD, WILLIAM K. . Hutchinson 

Civil Engineering 

Beta Theta Pi; Steel Ring; ASCE; Ar- 
nold Air Soc; YMCA; Engineering Open 
House Chm. ; Senior Honors Comm.; En- 
gineering Council. 

Fourth Row 

BLAIR, TUNICE K. . . . Manhattan 

Tau Sigma Delta; AIA, Pres.; Engineer- 
ing Council; Fine Arts Co-ordinating 
Council, Pres.; Engineering Open House 

BLEW, JAMES M. . . Pensacola, Fla. 

Mechanical Engineering 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Steel Ring; ASME; 
Pi Tau Sigma. 


Electrical Engineering 

Alpha Tau Omega, Treas.; IRE; AIEE; 
YMCA; ACP; SPC; Intramurals. 

Fifth Row 

BOMAN, LOWELL H. . . . Topeka 

Mechanical Engineering 
Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. 


Electrical Engineering 

BRISLAWN, MARK G. JR. . Manhattan 

Mechanical Engineering and Business 
Sigma Nu; Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; 
Steel Ring; Blue Key, V. Pres.; IAS, 
Pres.; Engineering Council; Engineering 
Open House Chm.; Sr. Leader Certifi- 
cate; Dist. mili. Grad.; ME Jr. Class Pres. 

Sixth Row 

BROYLES, DONALD L. . . Mankato 

Civil Engineering 
ASCE; ISA; YMCA; Intramurals. 

BUCK, HERBERT R. . . . Sawyer 

Mechanical Engineering 

BURTON, CHARLES J. . Arkansas City 

Architectural Engineering 

Seventh Row 

CARLSON, CHARLES R. . Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Architectural Engineering 

CLAIR, RONALD K. . . . St. John 

Mechanical Engineering 
Varsity Football. 

CLARK, STANLEY J. . . McPherson 

Agricultural Engineering 
Sigma Tau; ASAE, Pres.; Lutheran Stud. 
Assn.; K-State Christian Fellow.; Dist. 
Mili. Grad. ; Engineering Open House 
Coram. : Dean's Honor Roll : Intramurals. 

Bottom Row 

CLARK, WALTER W. . . . Meriden 

Electrical Engineering 

COLLIER, BOBBY D. . . Manhattan 

Civil Engineering 

COLLINS, KENNETH R. . Kansas City 

Mechanical Engineering 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Steel 
Ring; Pi Tau Sigma, Pres.; Arnold Air 
Soc.; ASME: Engineering Council, V. 
Pres. ; Dist. Mili. Grad. 


and Architecture 

Top Row 


Electrical Engineering 

Sigma Nu; Alpha Phi Omega; AIEE, 
Sec; IRE; Soph. Honors. 


Mechanical Engineering 

Pi Tau Sigma; Sigma Tau; Arnold Air 
Soc.; ASME, Sec. 


Sigma Chi. 

Second Row 

DRIMMEL, EDWIN J. Fort Smith, Ark. 

Theta Xi. 


Mechanical Engineering 

Alpha Tau Omega; Wampus Cats; Pi 
Tau Sigma; ASME, Pies. 


Civil Engineering 

Alpha Kappa Lambda; Steel Ring; ASCE, 
Pres. ; Engineering Council ; Newman Club. 

Third Row 

DUNN, KATHRYN O. Kansas City 

Architectural Engineering 

Pi Beta Phi; Chimes; Mortar Board; 
Alpha Alpha Gamma; AIA; Tau Sigma 
Delta; Engineer Magazine, Co-Editor; 
Engineering Council; Campus Develop- 
ment Comm.; Student Council; Phi Kappa 
Phi Fresh. Recog.; Frog Club; St. Patricia; 
First Attendant to Royal Purple Queen. 


Kansas City, Mo. 

Architectural Engineering 

EYMAN, DONALD K. Deerfield 

Civil Engineering 

Fourth Row 



Mechanical Engineering 
Tau Kappa Epsilon; ASME. 


Electrical Engineering 

Industrial Arts 
Steel Ring, Treas. ; IAA, Pres.; Engineer 



ing Council. 

Fifth Row 


Chemical Engineering 
Alpha Kappa Lambda; AICE. 


Electrical Engineering 

Eta Kappa Nu, Pres.; Sigma Tau; AIEE; 
IRE; Phi Kappa Phi; Engineers Open 
House Comm., Chm. ; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. 
Recog.; Sigma Tau Fresh. Scholarship 
Medal; Soph. Honors; Engineer Maga- 
zine; Hon. Assoc. Member Kan. Eng. Soc. 

GALE, THOMAS C. Kansas City 

Pi Kappa Alpha. 

Sixth Row 


Tehran, Iran 

Chemical Engineering 

Steel Ring; AICE, Sec; Soc. and Rec 
Comm; Intramurals; NCAA Doubles Table 
Tennis Champ. 


Electrical Engineering 

Phi Kappa Phi; Arnold Air Soc; AIEE; 
Sigma Tau, Corr. Sec; Eta Kappa Nu; 
Westinghouse Achievement Award EE; 
Sigma Tau Gold Medal; Phi Kappa Phi 
Fresh. Recog.; Soph. Honors; Dist. Mili. 

GOERTZ, DONALD D. Hutchinson 

Architecture and Architectural Engineering 

Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Delta Phi 
Delta; Tau Sigma Delta; Steel Ring. 

Seventh Row 


Mechanical Engineering 

Sigma Chi; Blue Key; Sigma Tau; 
ASME; Athletic Council; Engineering 
Council, Pres.; Pres. Senior Class; Phi 
Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog.; Soph. Honors; 
Air Force Assoc. Medal; St. Pat.; ASME 
Junior Award; Varsity Football; North- 
South Shrine Game. 

GRAHAM, RORERT D. Coffeyville 

Mechanical Engineering 

Beta Theta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma, Pres.; Sigma 
Tau; Steel Ring: Engineering Open House 
Comm., Chm.; ASME. 


Mechanical Engineering 

Bottom Row 

GUMM, GERALD R. Kingsdown 

Civil Engineering 


Electrical Engineering 
Amateur Radio Club; DSF. 

HALE, WILLIAM R. Hamburg, N. Y. 

Architectural Engineering 

Delta Sigma Phi; Tau Sigma Delta; Steel 
Ring; Intramurals. 


8k »A 



Seniors in Engineering; 

Top Row 


Mechanical Engineering 


HARTKE, JEROME L. Herington 

Electrical Engineering 
Delta Sigma Phi: Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma 

Tau; Eta Kappa Nu. 



Chemical Engineering and Business 

Beta Theta Pi, Pies.; Sigma Tau; Steel 
Ring; AICE, Pres.; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. 
Recog. : Intramurals. 

Second Row 


Electrical Engineering 

Sigma Tau; Eta Kappa Nu; Pershing 
Rifles; K-State Players. 


Electrical Engineering 


Electrical Engineering 

Third Row 


Chemical Engineering 
Steel Ring; AICE. 




Civil Engineering 

Signa Phi Nothing, Pres.; ASCE, Sec.; 
Sigma Tau; Phi Kappa Phi; Collegiate 
4-H; Tribunal; Applied Mech. Open House, 
Chm. ; Intramurals. 

HILL, CHARLES E. Wellington 

Civil Engineering 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

Fourth Row 



Masonic Club, Pres.; YMCA; Pershing 
Rifles; Engineer Magazine, Arch. Ed.; 



Electrical Engineering and Business 

Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau; AIEE; IRE; 
K-Fraternity ; Engineering Council; Engi- 
neer Magazine; Varsity Track. 



Civil Engineering 

Phi Delta Theta; Steel Ring, V. Pres.: 

Fifth Row 



Industrial Arts 
House of Jerichos; SIAA; ISA; Frog Club. 


Architectural Engineering 

JOHNSON, ROBERT M. Independence 

Industrial Arts 

Sixth Row 



Civil Engineering 

JONES, RAMON W. Leavenworth 

Mechanical Engineering 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

Seventh Row 


Mechanical Engineering 

Beta Sigma Psi, V. Pres.; Pi Tau Sigma; 
Gamma Delta; Intramurals: Religious Co- 
ordinating Council. 


Agricultural Engineering 
Steel Ring; ASAE. 

KOUNTZ, ROBERT M. Farlington 

Mechanical Engineering 
AIEE: Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Tau; ASME. 

Bottom Row 

KRAUSE, MERLE G. Scott City 

Agricultural Engineering 

Tau Kappa Epsilon; ASAE; Engineer 
Magazine; Wesley Found.; Engineering 
Open House Comm. 

KREUNEN, CONRAD L. Kansas City, Mo. 

Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Chi. 


and Architecture 

Top Row 



Electrical Engineering 

Sigma Tau; Eta Kappa Nu; AIEE; Rifle 
Team ; Amer. Legion Auxiliary Scholarship. 



Electrical Engineering 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Steel 
Ring; Arnold Air Soc.; Eta Kappa Nu; 
Sigma Tau, V. Pres. ; Engineering Maga- 
zine, Editor; AIEE; Eta Kappa Nu, V. 
Pres.; Blue Key; IRE; Student Council, 
V. Pres.; Engineering Council; SPC: Boe- 
ing Scholarship; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. 

LILLICH, NED L. St. Francis 

Civil Engineering 
Sigma Tau. 

Second Row 

LIMES, JAMES R. Springfield, Mo. 

Mechanical Engineering 

Delta Tau Delta, V. Pres.; ASME; Engi- 
neering Open House Comm. ; K-Frater- 
nity; Varsity Football. 


Electrical Engineering 


Alpha Phi Omega, Sec, Treas. ; Pershing 
Rifles; YMCA; ISA; Amateur Radio Club, 
Pres.; Mgr., K-State Mascot. 


Agricultural Engineering 

ASAE, V. Pres.; Open House Committee, 
Chm. ; Sigma Tau, Treas.; Engineering 
Council, V. Pres.; Phi Kappa Phi; Eastern 
Star Scholarship. 

Third Row 

LUEBBERT, DON Kansas City, Mo. 

Architectural Engineering 
Phi Kappa. 


Civil Engineering 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 


Mechanical Engineering 

Alpha Tau Omega; ASME; Arnold Air 
Soc; Intramurals. 

Fourth Row 

MARIS, ROBERT D. Sterling 

Architectural Engineering 





Mechanical Engineering 
Pi Kappa Alpha. 

Fifth Row 

McCUTCHEON, JAMES W. Osawatomie 

Civil Engineering 


Industrial Arts 
Delta Sigma Phi. 

McSHULSKIS, JOHN E. Kearny, N. J. 

Civil Engineering 

Sixth Row 


Electrical Engineering 





Beta Sigma Psi; AIA; Scabbard and 
Blade; Gamma Delta; SPC; Engineering 
Open House Comm.; Intramurals. 


Mechanical Engineering 

Seventh Row 


Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Chi; Pershing Rifles; Bridge Club. 

MILLER, RAY A. Independence 

Mechanical Engineering 


Pi Kappa Alpha. 

Bottom Row 


Electrical Engineering 
Delta Sigma Phi. 


Electrical Engineering 
Delta Tau Delta. 





-i TS. t 


/ J 

Seniors in Engineering 

Top Row 

MOUSER, HAROLD R. Independence 

Mechanical Engineering 
Kappa Sigma. 


Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. 


Electrical Engineering 

Second Row 

PAGE, WILLIAM Kansas City 

Electrical Engineering 


Delta Tau Delta, Pres. 



Agricultural Engineering 

ASAE; Wesley Found.; Steel Ring; Col- 
legiate 4-H; YMCA. 

Third Row 


Electrical Engineering 
Sigma Tau; Eta Kappa Nu; IRE. 

PERRY, RICHARD D. Manhattan 

Mechanical Engineering 

REIDEL, RORERT L. Matfield Green 

Electrical Engineering 
IRE; AIEE; Radio Amateur Club. 

Fourth Row 

REMPE, ERNEST E. Plainville 

Civil Engineering 

Phi Kappa; Sigma Tau; Steel Ring; 
Scabbard and Blade; ASCE; Newman 
Club; Engineering Council; Engineers 
Open House Comm. ; Intramurals. 


Civil Engineering 

Sigma Tau; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Lambda 
Delta Lambda; ASCE. 

RORR, DELRER S. Denison 

Agricultural Engineering 

ASAE, Sec; Conservation Club, Sec; 
Steel Ring. 

Fifth Row 


Civil Engineering 
ASCE; Sigma Tau; Intramurals. 

ROSS, WILLIAM M. Jr. Sabetha 

Mechanical Engineering 
Delta Tau Delta, Pres.; ASME. 

ROTH, DON C. Glen Ellyn, 111. 

Mechanical Engineering 

Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Kappa 
Phi Fresh. Recog.; ASME; Hon. Assoc 
Member, Kan. Eng. Soc; Band, Pres.; 
Engineering Open House Comm. 

Sixth Row 

ROTH, MILTON A. Wakeeney 

Architectural Engineering 

Sigma Tau; Tau Sigma Delta; AIA; New- 
man Club. 

ROWLAND, JAMES C. Hutchinson 

Mechanical Engineering 
Pi Kappa Alpha. 


Industrial Arts 
Kappa Sigma. 

Seventh Row 


Mechanical Engineering 

Sigma Chi; Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; 
Arnold Air Soc; Dist. Mili. Grad. 


Mechanical Engineering 
Arnold Air Soc; Scabbard and Blade. 


Mechanical Engineering 
Delta Tau Delta. 

Bottom Row 

SCHLEMM, PETER J. Union City, N. J. 

Civil Engineering 
ISA; Newman Club; ASCE, Sec. 


Mechanical Engineering 
Pi Tau Sigma, V. Pres.; ASME, Treas. 


and Architecture 

Top Row 

SCHOOF, RUSSELL R. Council Grove 

Agricultural Engineering 

Sigma Tau; Conservation Club; ASAE, V. 
Pres.; Engineering Open House Comm. ; 
Engineer Magazine; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. 


Civil Engineering 


SHANNON, LEON H. Hiawatha 

Agricultural Engineering 

Second Row 

SHIPPERS, ERNON J. Marysville 

Industrial Arts 

Ind. Arts. Assn.; Rifle Team; Scabbard 
and Blade. 


Civil Engineering 


St. John 


Civil Engineering 

Sigma Tau; Steel Ring; ASCE; Engineer- 
ing Open House Comm. 

Third Row 

SNELL, VIRGIL H. Winfield 

Architectural Engineering 

AIA; Tau Sigma Delta; Alpha Phi Omega; 
Pershing Rifles. 

STEVES, RAY R. Topeka 

Mechanical Engineering 
Phi Delta Theta. 


Electrical Engineering 

Fourth Row 


Electrical Engineering 
Delta Tau Delta. 


Civil Engineering 
Sigma Nu. 



Electrical Engineering 

Fifth Row 


Electrical Engineering 
Sigma Nu. 


Civil Engineering 
Sigma Chi; ASCE. 


WAY, AUSTIN R. Wichita 

Architectural Engineering 

AIA; Tau Sigma Delta; Sigma Tau; Soph. 
Honors; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. 

Sixth Row 


Chemical Engineering 

Beta Theta Pi, V. Pres.; AICE, V. Pres.; 
Sigma Tau; Steel Ring; K-Fraternity; 
Varsity Wrestling. 

WEBSTER, KALE R. Hutchinson 

Mechanical Engineering 


Kappa Sigma. 

Seventh Row 


Electrical Engineering 


Agricultural Engineering 
Kappa Sigma. 

WHITE, DAVID Kingsdown 

Agricultural Engineering 

Bottom Row 


Mechanical Engineering 
ASME; Varsity Gymnast. 






Mechanical Engineering 


Dean Harold Howe, in addition to his academic 
duties, is the mayor of Manhattan this year. 

ment with emphasis on obtaining an acute awareness 
of world-wide relationships. This aim is furthered 
through participation in those college courses and 
activities which are most likely to enable students to 
gain such specific ends. 

In addition to being of educational value to the 
students themselves, work done toward earning grad- 
uate degrees is extremely beneficial to society. Grad- 
uate students have made enormous contributions to 
scientific knowledge, both theoretical and practical. 
Much of the research is carried on through, or in, 
close cooperation with the experiment stations of 
agriculture and engineering. 

To encourage graduate study, graduate assistant- 
ships have been established by the College in most 
departments. These assistantships provide students 
with the opportunity of gaining practical experience 
in teaching, and enables them to do research work. 
Industrial fellowships are available each year to 
deserving students. 

Graduate Students 
Seek MSs and PhDs 

As education COMES to play an increasingly im- 
portant role in the life of today, the Graduate School 
finds more and more students interested in studying 
for advance degrees. At the present time, 650 stu- 
dents in 60 departments are doing major work lead- 
ing to the degree Master of Science. Students in 12 
fields are doing work leading to the degree, Doctor 
of Philosophy. Since granting the first in 1871, the 
College has conferred 2,825 Master's degrees. The 
first Doctor of Philosophy degree was granted in 
1933, and 91 Doctor's degrees have since been 

With changing times and conditions, the Graduate 
School has intensified its general education pro- 
visions. A program has been designed to help the 
student achieve the maximum possible general edu- 
cation while pursuing the specialized professional 
courses of study. Graduate students are encouraged, 
therefore, to aspire to a well-rounded self-develop- 

Grad students take a night off from hitting the 
books to play some bridge at their monthly meeting. 


In 1919, a need was felt for a coordinating body 
to officially represent graduate students. It was at 
this time that the Graduate Council was developed. 
This council includes ten faculty members chosen 
from the various schools on the campus. Dean Har- 
old Howe as chairman, makes decisions determining 
matters of policy, admission standards, degree can- 
didacies, and expansion of the graduate program. 
An additional function of the council is for its mem- 
bers to be chairmen of the oral examinations com- 

Before 1931 there was no School to supervise 
graduate studies. That year a Division of Graduate 
Study, supervised by a dean, was organized. In 
1942, the Division decided to adopt the name Grad- 
uate School. Dr. Harold Howe became dean in 
1945, following 20 years as a Kansas State staff 
member in the department of Economics and So- 

An unusual characteristic of the Graduate School 
is that it has no department heads or faculty of its 

own. Instead, the faculty of the undergraduate 
schools offering graduate courses, are used in the 
school's instruction. 

Graduate students strive to become active campus 
members by participating in activities and taking 
part in student government. In 1950, an amendment 
to the Student Council constitution provided for a 
representative from the graduate group to be chosen 
yearly by petition. 

The Graduate Student association, of which all 
graduate students are automatically members, has 
as an avowed purpose "to provide acquaintance and 
fellowship" among those enrolled. The GSA is a 
means to counterbalance with social contacts, the 
individualism stressed in research and studies at 
the graduate level. 

In addition to the association, students have or- 
ganized the Men's Graduate House, the newly 
formed Women's Graduate House, Phi Delta Kappa, 
a local chapter of the national sorority for graduate 
women, and the Graduate Wives Club. 

GRADUATE COUNCIL — Ralph Silker, Finis Green, R. W. Babcock, Fred Parrish, Florence McKinney, Harold Howe, G. K. L. Underbjerg, H. E. Myers, S. 

Reed Morse. 



Top Row 



Cairo, Egypt 


Onitsha, Nigeria 






Bloomfield, N. J. 

Electrical Engineering 

Second Row 

ASSEM, MAHMOUD A. Cairo, Egypt 

Animal Nutrition 

BAUER, ROGER D. Rockford, 111. 


BECK, HORST Porto Alegre, Brazil 

Milling Industry 



Third Row 

BOWER, RAYMOND K. Kansas City, Mo. 


BRENNA, LEROY S. Yankton, S. D. 


BROWNE, MOYNE W. Smith Center 




Fourth Row 






CONN, PAUL K. Akron, Ohio 


DAHL, CARL O. Everest 

Modern Languages 

DAVIS, JOYCE A. Pocatello, Idaho 

Household Economics 

Fifth Row 


St. Joseph, Mo. 


EPPS, WALTER B. Covington, Tenn. 

Agricultural Economics 


Household Economics 


San Antonio, Texas 


Sixth Row 

FOSTER, JOHN T. Manhattan 

Architectural Engineering 

GRAY, ROBERT T. Manhattan 


GREVE, ROBERT W. Freeport 

Agricultural Economics 



Milling Industry 

Seventh Row 










HARRIS, JOHN J. Olivet, S. D. 


Eighth Row 




HEAD, EDWARD C. Manhattan 

Physical Education 


Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Foods and Nutrition 

HURTIG, HENRY G. Manhattan 


Bottom Row 



KESHISHIAN, VAHE Bethlehem, Jordan 


KLINE, RICHARD M. Carlisle, Pa. 


KLOTZ, ROBERT J. Junction City 




Top Row 

LI, HSIOH CHIEN Hanoi, Indo China 


LINDSEY, JOHN A. Canon City, Colo. 

Dairy Husbandry 

LOTHERS, JACK E. Stillwater, Okla. 


MANN, HERCHARAN S. Punjab, India 


Second Row 


Animal Husbandry 

MEIDINGER, THOMAS A. Danville, 111. 


MENTZOS, JOHN Athens, Greece 

Milling Industry 

MILLER, RONALD D. Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Third Row 

MISRA, DAYA K. Manhattan 





NEELY, THOMAS A. Tuekahoe, N. Y. 




Fourth Row 

OLSON, DALE R. Lindsborg 



Manila, Philippines 

Agricultural Engineering 

PARAKH, JAL S. Hyderabad, India 


RADISSON, JEAN J. Villeneuve, France 

Animal Nutrition 

Fifth Row 


Applied Mechanics 



Clothing and Textiles 

RONIS, SIDNEY L. Bridgeton, N. J. 

Poultry Husbandry 

Sixth Row 




Averill Park, N. Y. 



Fergus Falls, Minn. 


SCOTT, GENE E. Oberlin 


Seventh Row 



SHOGREN, MERLE D. Lindsborg 

Milling Industry 





Eighth Row 

SPIAGGI, LUIS P. Cochakamta, Bolivia 






SWARUP, GOPAL Azamgarh, India 


Bottom Row 


Animal Nutrition 










The expansion and progress of the School of Home Economics is directed hy Dean Margaret M. Justin (right) 
and Assistant Dean Martha Kramer (left). In the ahsence of Dr. Justin, Dean Kramer fulfills the duties of dean. 

Dean Margaret M. Justin to Retire 

Following thirty-one years of outstanding work as 
head of the School of Home Economics, Dean Mar- 
garet M. Justin will retire June 30. The succeeding 
dean will be Doretta M. Schlaphoff, who has been 
Dean of Home Economics at the University of 
Nebraska. For the past year, Dean Justin has been 
in Holland conducting a series of workshops in ad- 
ministrative management for home economists. This 
Fulbright assignment was given to her in recognition 
of her prominent contributions to the field of home 

economics. This year Dr. Martha Kramer was act- 
ing dean. 

Home Economics — Good for a lifetime. This, the 
motto of the 1954 Hospitality Days, accurately de- 
scribes the feeling that prevails among the students 
and instructors in the school. They find that home 
economics contains a three-way horizon. If a student 
wants to learn how to make a good home with prep- 
aration for future family responsibilities, be able to 
have a career as a home economist, and also have a 


A stitch IN time is taught to home ec girls in this sewing class on the second floor of Calvin. The girls are 
turning yards of colorful printed cotton material into fresh summer blouses and skirts. 

knowledge of the natural, social, and cultural 
sciences, she will find the proper course of study in 
the home economics curriculum. 

The 18 plans of study in the school provide the 
student with the opportunity to find courses that are 
suitable for her needs and aptitudes. She may be- 
come a teacher, a home demonstration agent, a 
nursery school director, a journalist, or work in 
radio and television. 

Home economics, once a no-man's land, has been 
invaded the past few years by men students. Par- 

ticularly the curriculum of restaurant management, 
which was inaugurated last year, has proven to be of 
interest to men students. It is expected that the 
enrollment in this course will increase each year. 

The spring semester found the 600 girls of the 
school working together to promote a successful 
Hospitality Days. On April 9 and 10 the College 
became a scene of life and activity as high school 
girls from every part of the state met to become 
acquainted with Kansas State College and the School 
of Home Economics. 

SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS department heads — Dorothy Barfoot, art; Alpha Latzke, clothing and textiles; Florence McKinney, household economics; Lois 
Schulz, child welfare; Gwendolyn Tinklin, food and nutrition, acting head; and Bessie B. West, institutional management. 


Seniors in 




T^ $^W^ 


'<k *» *- 

Top Row 


Home Economics 
Kappa Delta, V. Pies.; Commercial Dem- 
onstration Club, Pres. ; Home Ec. Exec. 
Council; Home Ec. Dietetics and Food 
Club; YWCA; Canterbury Club; IPC; 
K-State Players; Sears Scholarsbip. 


Home Economics Education 
Clovia: Collegiate 4-H; FTA; Home Ec. 
Teaching Club; Kappa Beta; YWCA. 


Home Economics Education 
Clovia; Collegiate 4-H; Kappa Beta; Pur- 
ple Pepsters; College Extension; Home Ec. 
Extension Club; Intramurals. 

Second Row 


Clothing and Textiles 
Kappa Delta: Home Ec. Clothing- Retail- 
ing Club; K-State Players. 

BEAM, HELEN J. Ottawa 

Home Economics Education 
YWCA,V. Pres.; Omicron Nu; Phi Kappa 
Phi; Home Ec. Teaching Club: West- 
minster Found.; Kappa Phi; SPC. 



Home Economics 
Kappa Kappa Gamma; Home Ec. Exten- 
sion Club; SPC; Young Democrats Club, 
Pres.; Newman Club. 

Third Row 

BOWEN, VERYL E. Richland 

Home Economics Education 
Lutheran Stud. Assn., Sec; K-State Chris- 
tian Fellow., Sec; Home Ec. Teaching 
Club; Purple Pepsters: Pal-O-Mie House, 
V. Pres.; Collegiate 4-H; Amicossembly; 
Amicossembly Honor Roll. 


Overland Park 

Home Economics Extension 

BRETT, MARILYN G. Kansas City, Mo. 

Child Welfare 
Delta Delta Delta: Child Welfare Club, 
V. Pres.; WAA; Purple Pepsters. 

Fourth Row 

BROWN, SALLY A. Minneapolis 

Home Economics and Art 
Alpha Delta Pi; Purple Pepsters; Home 
Ec. Art Club; Homecoming Parade Comm. 


Home Economics Extension 


Home Economics Education 
Collegiate 4-H; Home Ec. Teaching Club; 
FTA; Home Ec. Exec. Council; Carl Ray- 
mond Gary Scholarship. 

Fifth Row 

CHILDS, DONNA Belleville 

Home Economics Extension 
Clovia; Panhellenic; Home Ec Extension 
Club, V. Pres.; Wesley Found.; Cosmo- 
politan Club; Collegiate 4-H, Corr. Sec; 
College Comm. on Scholastic Eligibility; 
Home Ec. Exec. Council; Radio Comm.; 
IFYE Delegate; Home Demonstration 
Council Scholarship. 


Home Economics 

CLARK, WINNIE E. Hardy, Neb. 

Home Economics and Journalism 
Alpha Chi Omega, Corr. Sec: Theta Sigma 
Phi; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. ; Dean's 
Honor Roll; Hospitality Days Steering 
Comm.: Home Ec. Journalism Club, Pres. ; 
Home Ec. Exec. Council; YWCA; DSF, 
Sec; SPC; Collegian Staff. 

Sixth Row 


Home Economics Education 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wildcat Fencers; 
Home Ec Teaching Club; FTA. 


Home Economics Education 
Omicron Nu, Treas. 

CRUSE, MARGIE W. Spring Hill 

Home Economics and Journalism 
Theta Sigma Phi, Treas.; Collegian Staff; 
Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog.; Margaret 
Justin Home Ec. Club Scholarship; Intra- 

Seventh Row 

Home Economics Education 
Clovia; FTA; Collegiate 4-H; Newman 


Home Economics and Art 
Alpha Chi Omega; Kappa Beta, Pres.; 
Home Ec. Art Club; DSF, Cab.; Hospital- 
ity Days Steering Comm.; YWCA. 

DUNTON, ERIS G. Smith Center 

Home Economics Specialization 
Alpha Xi Delta. 

Bottom Row 


Home Economics and Foods 
Commercial Demonstration Club; YWCA. 

ENGLE, JOAN V. Abilene 

Home Economics Extension 
Clovia, Pres.; Mortar Board; Home Eco- 
nomics Exec. Council, Pres.; Chimes; Col- 
legiate 4-H; Miniwanca Club; Extension 
Club; SPC; IFYE Delegate; Tribunal; 
Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog.; Danforth 
Freshman Award; Home Demonstration 
Scholarship; Purple Pepsters; Intramurals. 

ESHBAUGH, ANN G. Manhattan 

Home Economics and Art 
Delta Delta Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Omi- 
cron Nu, Pres.; Wesley Found.; Danforth 
Home Ec. Sr. Scholarship: Miniwanca 
Club; Kappa Phi; YWCA; A Cappella. 


Home Economics 

Top Row 


Home Economics 



Home Economics Education 

Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pies.; Mortar 
Board; Hospitality Days, Chm. ; Home Ec. 
Extension Club; Home Ec. Exec. Council, 
V. Pies. ; Home Ec. Teaching Club; Col- 
legiate 4-H; Band; SPC; Newman Club; 
Who's Whoot-County Staff. 


Home Economics 

Second Row 


Home Economics 
Kappa Kappa Gamma. 


Home Economics Extension 

Extension Club, V. Pres.; YWCA, Cab.; 
Y-Mart, Chm.; Wesley Found. Council; 
RCC; Kappa Phi, Sec. 


Home Economics Education 

Home Ec. Teaching Club; Gamma Delta; 
FTA; LaVerne Noyes Scholarship. 

Third Row 


Home Economics Extension 

Clovia; Collegiate 4-H; Wesley Found.; 
Wildcat Ed.; Kappa Phi; Home Ec. Ex- 
tension Club. 


Home Economics Education 

Chi Omega; FTA; Home Ec. Extension 
Club; Collegiate 4-H. 


Home Economics Extension 

Home Ec. Extension Club; Collegiate 4-H; 
Wesley Found.; Kappa Phi. 

Fourth Row 

Kansas City 


Child JFelfare 

Clark's Gables, Pres.; YWCA: ISA; Ami- 
cossembly; Wesley Found.; FTA; Intra- 


Home Economics Education 

FTA, V. Pres.; Home Ec. Teaching Club, 
Pres.; A Cappella; Civic Orchestra; Home 
Ec. Exec. Council; Kappa Phi; Sears 

HIRSCH, MARY E. Mahaska 

Home Economics Education 

Waltheim Hall, V. Pres. ; Home Ec. Teach- 
ing Club; Westminster Found., Sec. 

Fifth Row 


Home Economics and Art 


Child Welfare 

Child Welfare Club; YWCA; Baptist 
Youth Fellow.; Chm. Hospitality Day Ex- 


Home Economics Education 
Home Ec. Teaching Club; FTA. 

Sixth Row 

IBSEN, JANE R. Manhattan 

Child Welfare 
Delta Delta Delta. 


Home Economics Extension 

Home Ec. Extension Club, V. Pres., 
Treas. ; Extension Club, Sec. : Purple Pep- 
sters; Collegiate 4-H; ISA; WAA; Home 
Demonstration Council Scholarship; Intra- 

JOHNSON, MARY L. Lindsborg 

Home Economics Education 

Alpha Delta Pi; FTA; SPC; Home Ec. 
Teaching Club; YWCA, Cab.; College 
Chorus; Intramurals. 

Seventh Row 

KALB, MARY M. Wellsville 

Home Economics Extension 

Clark's Gables, V. Pres.; Home Ec. Ex- 
tension Club; Extension Club; Collegiate 
4-H; Amicossembly; Little American 
Royal; Dairy Club; ISA; Wesley Found. 

KENNEY, KAREN M. Kansas City, Mo. 

Clothing and Textiles 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Home Ec. Cloth- 
ing-Retailing Club, V. Pres.; YWCA; 
WAA; Bridge Club. 

KLEE, MARY L. Barnes 

Home Economics Education 

Bottom Row 


Home Economics Extension 

Clovia, Sec; Home Ec. Exec. Council; 
Collegiate 4-H, Sec, Treas.; Kappa Beta, 
Sec; Extension Club; DSF; Home Ec. 
Extension Club. 


Home Economics 



f** **T* 



Seniors iri 



(**% r ('^\ 

Top Row 


Home Economics Extension 

Kappa Delta; Home Ec. Extension Club, 
Pres., Treas. ; Home Ec. Exec. Council; 
Collegiate 4-H; Extension Club; Chm. Hos- 
pitality Days; Who's Whoot-County Rep. 

LEGANT, JOANN E. Kansas City, Mo. 

Dietetics and Institutional Management 


Home Economics 

Second Row 


Home Economics Education 

YWCA; Home Ec. Teaching Club; Ami- 
cossembly; Fresh. Counselor. 


Child Welfare 

Delta Delta Delta; Child Welfare Club, 
Sec, Treas. 


Home Economics Education 
FTA; Kappa Phi, Pres.; Wesley Found. 

Third Row 


Junction City 

Home Economics and Art 
Clovia, V. Pres.; Collegiate 4-H; Home Ec. 
Exec. Council; Westminster Fellow.; Hos- 
pitality Days Comm. ; Purple Pepsters; 
Home Ec. Art Club, Pres.; WAA. 


Home Economics Education 
YWCA; Home Ec. Teaching Club; West- 
minster Found. 


Child Welfare 
Alpha Delta Pi, Pres.; Panhellenic; New- 
man Club; Child Welfare Club; UNESCO; 

Fourth Row 


Dietetics and Institutional Management 

Home Ec. Dietetics and Food Club; Sky- 
wood Hall, Treas.; Maisonelle, V. Pres.; 
Amicossembly, Treas.; Collegiate 4-H; 
ISA; Westminster Fellow. 

MORGAN, A. NORENE Portales, N. M. 

Dietetics and Institutional Management 
Home Ec. Dietetics and Food Club; ISA; 
K-State Christian Fellow.; Baptist Student 

MUECKE, JO A. Pratt 

Child Welfare 

Fifth Row 

MYLES, MARILYN R. Bloomington 

Home Economics Extension 

Kappa Phi; Home Ec. Extension Club; 
Extension Club; Collegiate 4-H. 


Home Economics Education 
Home Ec. Teaching Club: YWCA Cab.; 
ISA; FTA; Band; Van Zile Hall, Treas.; 


Child Welfare 

Clovia; Collegiate 4-H: Child Welfare 
Club; Sears Scholarship; YMCA-YWCA 
Square Dance Team. 

Sixth Row 


Home Economics Education 
Alpha Chi Omega; Chimes, V. Pres. ; Mor- 
tar Board; Omicron Nu; Band; Student 
Council; Home Ec. Exec. Council; Phi 
Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. ; Dean's Honor 
Roll; Lutheran Stud. Assn., Sec; Home 
Ec. Clothing- Retailing Club, Pres.; Hos- 
pitality Days Comm.; Collegiate 4-H; 
SPC ; Intramurals. 

OWEN, NORMA A. Topeka 

Dietetics and Institutional Management 
Student Council; Home Ec. Dietetics and 
Food Club, Pres.; Kappa Phi: WAA; 
Martha Pittman Award; Purple Pepsters; 
Home Ec. Exec. Council. 

PASCAL, MARY E. Bucyrus 

Home Economics and Art 
Alpha Xi Delta. 

Seventh Row 

PILANT, GLENDA J. Wellington 

Home Economics Education 
Canterbury Club; Home Ec. Teaching 
Club; FTA. 

PLYLEY, GRACE R. Ogden, Utah 

Home Economics Education 
Pi Beta Phi. 


Home Economics Education 
Clovia; FTA; Home Ec. Teaching Club; 
Promenaders; Wesley Found., Sec; Kappa 
Phi, V. Pres.; SPC; Collegiate 4-H; 
Fresh. Counselor; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. 
Recog. ; WAA ; Intramurals. 

Bottom Row 


Home Economics Education 
Omicron Nu; Home Ec. Teaching Club; 
LaVerne Noyes Scholarship. 


Home Economics Extension 
Van Zile Hall, Pres., Treas.; Mortar 
Board, Pres.; Collegiate 4-H; Miniwanca 
Club; Chimes; Omicron Nu; Who's Whoot 
Staff; Home Ec. Extension Club; Exten- 
sion Club; Hospitality Days Comm.; Home 
Ec. Exec. Council; Intramurals. 

REID, BETTY M. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Clothing and Textiles 
Kappa Kappa Gamma; YWCA; Sigma Eta 
Chi; Frog Club; Phi Sigma Chi; Purple 
Pepsters; Home Ec. Clothing- Retailing 
Club; YWCA, Cab. 


Home Economics 

Top Row 

REID, MARY L. Wichita 

Home Economics in Business 

Alpha Delta Pi; Business Club; All Col- 
lege Political Party; Kappa Beta; Intra- 


Child Welfare 
Chi Omega. 

Home Economics Extension 

Home Ec. Extension Club; College Ex- 
tension Club. 

Second Row 


Home Economics and Journalism 

SCHARTZ, ANN T. Ellinwood 

Home Economics and Journalism 

Clovia; Collegiate 4-H; Newman Club. 


Home Economics Education 

Kappa Delta; Home Ec. Teaching Club: 
FTA; Gamma Delta; SPC; YWCA; Home 
Ec. Hospitality Days; Intramurals. 

Third Row 


Home Economics Education 

Omicron Nu; Home Ec. Teaching Club; 
FTA; YWCA; Collegiate 4-H; Phi Kappa 
Phi; Fresh. Counselor; Phi Kappa Phi 
Fresh. Recog. ; Borden Home Ec. Scholar- 


Home Economics 
SKINNER, SUE K. Wichita 

Home Economics 

Kappa Kappa Gamma: Frog Club: YWCA; 
Home Ec. Clothing- Retailing Club. 

Fourth Row 

SLADE, MATTIE L. Stafford 

Home Economics Education 

Alpha Chi Omega; Frog Club; FTA; 

SMITH, LIDA G. Rethel 

Home Economics 
STACY, SUE J. Arkansas City 

Home Economics Education 

Fifth Row 


Home Economics Extension 

YWCA, Cab.; Home Ec. Extension Club; 
Hui 0' Hawaii. 


Dietetics and Institutional Management 


Springfield, Mo. 

Dietetics and Institutional Management 

Home Ec. Dietetics and Food Club; Frog 


Sixth Row 


Home Economics and Art 

Delta Delta Delta; Mortar Board, V. Pres.; 
Chimes; Home Ec. Art Club, Pres.; Home 
Ec. Exec. Council; Phi Kappa Phi; Kroger 
Scholarship; Soroptimist Scholarship; Delta 
Delta Delta Scholarship; Kappa Phi, V. 
Pres.; YWCA, Worship Chm. 


Home Economics and Journalism 

Kappa Phi; Theta Sigma Phi; Omicron 
Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Assoc. Editor of 
Summer Collegian. 

WATSON, NELDA J. Neodesha 

Home Economics Education 

Alpha Xi Delta; FTA; YWCA; Home Ec. 
Teaching Club; Young Republicans. 

Seventh Row 


Home Economics Education 

WEST, NANCY L. Nekoma 

Home Economics Extension 

Clovia, Treas. ; Collegiate 4-H, Council; 
Who's Whoot, Collegiate Ed., Art Ed.; 
Home Ec. Exec. Council, Sec, Treas.; Ex- 
tension Club, Pres.; Home Ec. Extension 
Club: Wesley Found. Council; Kappa Phi, 
Council ; Sears Scholarship ; Home Dem- 
onstration Unit Scholarship; Lift Week 

WILLIAMS, L. ANNE Manhattan 

Child Welfare 

Bottom Row 

WURSTER, WANDA C. Smith Center 

Child Welfare 
Alpha Xi Delta. 


Dietetics and Institutional Management 

K-State Christian Fellow.: Home Ec. Di- 
etetics and Food Club; Steering Comm. 
Hospitality Days. 


Home Economics Extension 

Collegiate 4-H; Kappa Phi; Extension 
Club; Home Ec. Extension Club; Home 
Demonstration Council Scholarship; IFYE 
Delegate; Home Demonstration Assn. 


Dean of Veterinary Medicine, Elden E. Leasure will 
complete his sixth year as school head this spring. 

sary space and equipment for increased training for 
students. The present hospital will be remodeled as 
early as possible for use by the departments of 
physiology and pathology, and thus provide addi- 
tional space for teaching and research. 

The School of Veterinary Medicine was estab- 
lished 49 years ago. The first Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine degree was conferred in 1907. In 1949 a 
provision was made to the effect that two years of 
pre-veterinary medicine would be required for ad- 
mission to the professional curriculum instead of 
one, as previously required. The 1953 graduating 
class was the first to graduate under the six-year 
plan. The change was made to correlate the school's 
curriculum with the advancement of veterinary 
medicine and its expansion into new fields. 

The first two years of the veterinary curriculum 
are administered by the School of Arts and Sciences. 
These are devoted to the basic sciences and general 
education courses. The next four years are spent in 
studying professional courses. This includes class- 
room, clinic, and laboratory work. During the 

Vets Prepare to Occupy New Hospital 

One of the outstanding professional schools on 
the campus is the School of Veterinary Medicine. 
Always noted for its achievements, both in produc- 
ing successful veterinarians and in the field of re- 
search, the School is expected to further its reputa- 
tion with the completion of the new veterinary 
hospital. The new hospital, which will be ready 
for occupancy by late fall, will provide the neces- 

junior and senior year, the veterinary student's 
learning is applied to practical application as he 
makes calls in the Manhattan area under the guid- 
ance of able instructors. 

The veterinary graduate receives two degrees, one 
a Bachelor of Science and the other a Doctor of 
Veterinary Medicine. At least 209 semester credit 
hours are required to obtain the degrees. 

Vet students will be 
able to practice in the 
new hospital by the 
fall semester of 1954 
if the construction is 
finished according to 


Medical subjects such as anatomy and physiology are taught and demonstrated to veterinary students via the 
lecture method. These future vets are seated in one of two amphitheaters used by the vet school. 

Entrance into the School of Veterinary Medicine 
is by application, and each applicant is screened by 
a committee on selection. Requests from every part 
of the United States and foreign countries are re- 
ceived, but only a small percentage of these can be 
given consideration. Selection is based on scholar- 
ship, character, background, and future possibilities. 
Preference is given to Kansas residents. 

The veterinarian serves all the people of the state 
by controlling many infectious diseases, some of 
which may be transmissible to man. Research in the 
field of veterinary medicine has brought about many 
remarkable discoveries. Many common animal dis- 
eases, which once plagued the livestock of farmers, 

have been brought under man's control. A new 
research program being vigorously investigated is a 
study of the so-called "pinkeye" of cattle. This 
disease has proved to be of serious economic im- 
portance to the cattle producer. 

Kansas State has long been a leader in research, 
for the College established a department of veteri- 
nary medicine in the experiment station on the 
campus 57 years ago. The station preceded the or- 
ganization of the school itself by seven years. 

The school, under the direction of Dean Elden E. 
Leasure, is divided into departments of anatomy, 
pathology, physiology, surgery and medicine, and 
the experiment station. 

ICINE department heads — Dr. Ed- 
win J. Frick, surgery and medi- 
cine; Dr. Marvin J. Twiehaus, 
pathology; Dr. William M. Mc- 
Leod, anatomy; and Dr. Gravers 
L. Underbjerg, physiology. 


v?^ W : 


I . 



Seniors in 

Top Row 

Sixth Row 


Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine 


Veterinary Medicine 
Jr. AVMA. 


Veterinary Medicine 
Jr. AVMA; Student Council. 

Second Row 

BOYDSTON, DEWEY L. Rogers, Ark. 

Veterinary Medicine 


Veterinary Medicine 

BRUCE, ERNEST E. Orchard, Neb. 

Veterinary Medicine 

Third Row 


Veterinary Medicine 

CUMRO, DENNIS E. Hollenberg 

Veterinary Medicine 
Jr. AVMA. 

CUMRO, LOUIS B. Hollenberg 

Veterinary Medicine 
Jr. AVMA; Phi Kappa Phi. 

Fourth Row 

DARLING, DEAN A. Hooper, Neb. 

Veterinary Medicine 

DILL, RAYMOND E. Manhattan 

Veterinary Medicine 

EARLY, CHARLES M. Manhattan 

Veterinary Medicine 

Fifth Row 

FULLER, CHARLES E. Leavenworth 

Veterinary Medicine 


Veterinary Medicine 


Veterinary Medicine 

Jr. AVMA; Alpha Zeta, Pres.; Phi Kappa 



Veterinary Medicine 
Jr. AVMA; Phi Kappa Phi. 

HAINES, CHARLES E. Altus, Okla. 

Veterinary Medicine 
Jr. AVMA. 

Seventh Row 


V eterinary Medicine 
Jr. AVMA. 


Veterinary Medicine 

HERBERG, WILLIAM W. St. Peter, Minn. 

V eterinary Medicine 

Eighth Row 


Veterinary Medicine 

HERREN, CHARLES E. Little Rock, Ark. 

Veterinary Medicine 
Jr. AVMA. 

JOHNSON, PETER Jr. Newark, N. J. 

Veterinary Medicine 

Ninth Row 

KAISER, FRANCIS F. Osawatomie 

Veterinary Medicine 

KUHLMAN, JAMES H. Lincoln, Neb. 

Veterinary Medicine 


Veterinary Medicine 

Bottom Row 

LESLIE, GLENN L. Belvidere, Neb. 

Veterinary Medicine 


Veterinary Medicine 

Phi Kappa: IFC; Jr. AVMA; Newman 
Club; Intramurals. 

Veterinary Medicine 

Top Row 


Veterinary Medicine 
Phi Kappa; Jr. AVMA; Newman Club. 


Veterinary Medicine 

McDONALD, CLIAL D. Garden City 

Veterinary Medicine 

Second Row 


Veterinary Medicine 


NICKERSON, DON L. Manhattan 

Veterinary Medicine 

O'DONNELL, FRANK A. Manhattan 

Veterinary Medicine 
Jr. AVMA. 

Third Row 



Veterinary Medicine 

Sigma Chi; Alpha Zeta; Blue Key, Pres. ; 
IPC; Collegiate 4-H; Wampus Cats; Jr. 
AVMA, Pres.; Vet. Medicine Council, 
Pies. ; Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog. ; Soph. 
Honors; President's Comm. on Student 

PAUL, CHARLES H. Mayfield 

Veterinary Medicine 
Jr. AVMA. 

PETERSON, JOHN T. Junction City 

Veterinary Medicine 
Jr. AVMA; Newman Club. 

Fourth Row 


Veterinary Medicine 

RUMSEY, REED R. Garfield 

Veterinary Medicine 

Farm House; Alpha Zeta; Jr. AVMA; In- 


Veterinary Medicine 

Fifth Row 

SCHRADER, JACK W. Manhattan 

Veterinary Medicine 


Veterinary Medicine 

Jr. AVMA; Alpha Zeta, Sec; Masonic 
Club, V. Pres.; Vet. Medicine Council; 
Phi Kappa Phi Fresh. Recog.; Dean's 
Honor Roll. 

SHILL, OTTO S. Mesa, Ariz. 

Veterinary Medicine 

Sixth Row 


Veterinary Medicine 
Jr. AVMA, Pres.; Alpha Zeta; ISA, Pres. 


Veterinary Medicine 

SPROWLS, J. A. Arkansas City 

Veterinary Medicine 

Seventh Row 


Veterinary Medicine 
Farm House; Jr. AVMA; Newman Club. 


Veterinary Medicine 

Alpha Phi Alpha; Newman Club; Jr. 

SW ANSON, J. JOE Kansas City 

Veterinary Medicine 
Blue Key; Jr. AVMA; Student Council. 

Eighth Row 


Veterinary Medicine 


TODD, ELDON M. Clay Center 

Veterinary Medicine 


Veterinary Medicine 

Ninth Row 


Veterinary Medicine 

WASSON, GORDON B. Bonner Springs 

Veterinary Medicine 


Veterinary Medicine 
Jr. AVMA; Masonic Club. 

Bottom Row 

WOOD, EARL C. Elmdale 

Veterinary Medicine 


Veterinary Medicine 








TICKET-PEDDLERS (above) find Anderson hall a good 
market place. Here students buy tickets for the Ralph 
Flanagan dance, at which RP queens will be announced. 
ORGAN PRACTICE (right) fills up gaps between classes 
for music-minded students. 

Not a Dull Moment 

Roads to college entertainment go in 
many diverse directions, as Staters dance 
to the music of a name hand, cheer for 
their favorite team in intramural con- 
tests, elect queens, or cultivate hohhies 
and interests. But whatever they do, 
Staters will remember it, for entertain- 
ment is a vital part of college life. 

PROFICIENT in English? You'll see after you've taken re- 
quired English proficiency tests (middle right). COKES and 
conversation reign at intermission of the Sauter-Finegan 
dance (right). FLUSH BOWL rooters and queen candidates 
spur the teams on (below). 

With books in arms and studies in mind, underclassmen stream from 
building to building and from class to class, during the ten-minute break. 




-™t ■--•■-, . ■-■■■ 

A. Mil 

IT* JH J*13E 1 ' » 

Top Row 

Abram, Arlene G. Jewell 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Abram, Charles T. Jewell 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Achenbach, Dolores J. Wichita 

Junior in Home Economics 

Acker, Stevens B. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Ackerman, Edward S. Lincoln, Neb. 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Acre, Kenneth E. Oakley 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Adair, Brent Burlingame 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Adair, R. Carolyn Kansas City 

Junior in Home Economics 

Third Row 

Adamek, Kenneth C. Wichita 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Adams, David S. Maple Hill 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Adams, Harry D. Lewis 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Adams, Nugent R. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Fourth Row 

Adams, Pelham E. Topeka 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Adamson, Virginia L. Sedgwick 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Adams, Robert M. Overland Park 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Ade, Donald R. Gypsum 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Fifth Row 


Adee, Grover M. 

Junior in Agriculture 

Adee, Marilyn Belleville 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Ahlstrom, Patricia L. Durham 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Ahrens, Franklin A. Clarkson, Neb. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Sixth Row 

Albers, Bernard F. Oakley 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Albers, Charles L. Kansas City 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Alderman, Barbara A. Ottawa 

Junior in Home Economics 

Alexander, Dorothy J. Parsons 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Seventh Row 

Alexander, Roger E. McPherson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Alexander, Roland D. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Allen, Clarence D. Wichita 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Allen, Doris A. Norwich 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Allen, Nancy Marysville 

Junior in Home Economics 

Allen, Ronald D. Norton 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Allingham, Lawrence Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Allison, Jerry G. Salina 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ninth Row 

Allison, Patricia Brewster 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Amend, Eldon R. Sterling 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Amick, Beverly A. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Amick, Vera J. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Tenth Row 

Amis, Mary A. Smith Center 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Amos, John M. Wichita 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Amstein, Charles A. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Amundaray, Hiram A. Puerto Rico 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Anderson, Britta C. Dodge City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Anderson, Gloria D. Clay Center 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Anderson, Janis C. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Anderson, Jay A. Paradise 

Freshman in Agriculture 


Top Row 

Anderson, Jerry E. Salina 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Anderson, Marilyn Topeka 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Anderson, Margaret L. Salina 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Anderson, Ronald R. Scandia 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Andler, Harold E. Topeka 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Andrews, Valda J. Phillipsburg 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Andrews, Winfred A. Bethel 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Anschutz, Ella M. Lucas 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Anthony, Marc E. Omaha 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Antic, Carol N. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Apley, Nadine L. Colby 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Appleby, Arnold P. Formoso 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Second Row 


Applegate, Lester D. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Arbab, Ali Akbar Teheran, Iran 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Archibald, Dianne L. Garden City 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Arensman, Elton E. Kinsley 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Argabright, John W. Hiawatha 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Armantrout, Leon H. Scott City 

Second Year in Engineering and 

Armbrust, Arthur J. Ellsworth 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Armstead, Donna L. Ozawkie 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Arn, Barbara C. Topeka 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Arnold, Donald L. 


Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Arnold, Richard A. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Amone, Robert M. Manhattan 

First Year in Engineering and Architecture 

Bottom Row 

Ashford, Teddy R. Stafford 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Ashley, Joyce K. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ashley, Ruth Topeka 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Asmus, Robert C. Sand, Neb. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Atkeson, George W. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Atkinson, Gary D. Wamego 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Atwood, William H. Arkansas City 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Atzenweiler, Walter L. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Austin, Janice G. Salina 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Aye, William R. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Ayers, Donald W. 

Webster Groves, Mo. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Babcock, William H. Lyons 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Collegian readers snicker at Bibler, read about who got pinned to whom, 
and get the latest scoop on Wildcat athletics, in the K-State daily newspaper. 


Top Row 

Back, Harrison M. 


Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bacon, Elizabeth C. El Dorado 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Baetz, Gary D. Smith Center 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Baetz, Robert L. Smith Center 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Second Row 

Bailey, Jo S. Wichita 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Bailie, Wayne E. Overland Park 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Baird, Thomas B. Arkansas City 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Baker, Ellen Mae Manhattan 

Junior in Home Economics 

Third Row 

Baker, Harold W. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Baker, La Verne L. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Baker, Lorena E. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Baker, Richard J. Hays 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Fourth Row 

Baker, Ronald L. Blue Rapids 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Balaun, Joe P. Randolph 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Balaun, John R. Randolph 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Bales, Norma J. Brewster 

Junior in Home Economics 

Fifth Row 

Bales, William H. Marshall 

Junior in Agriculture 

Ball, John K. Hereford, Tex. 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Ballard, Virginia L. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ballou, Laverne K. Delphos 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Sixth Row 

Balthazor, Dell M. Concordia 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Balthazor, Merle E. Clifton 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Balthrop, John C. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Balthrop, Virginia L. Wichita 

Junior in Home Economics 

Seventh Row 

Balzerick, Robert F. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Banman, Vera K. Centralia 

Junior in Home Economics 

Barb, Darold K. 


Freshman in Engineering and 

Barber, Warren K. South Haven 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Barbour, Dorothy A. Olathe 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Barclay, Theodore C. Atchison 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Barker, Carmen L. Oblong, III. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Barnes, Philip G. Dodge City 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Ninth Row 

Barnes, Roger E. Valley Falls 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Barnes, Sondra S. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Barnett, Barbara A. Mission 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Barnhart, Ralph D. Coldwater 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Tenth Row 

Barrett, Jackie D. Topeka 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Barrett, John W. Topeka 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bartel, Luetta F. Hillsboro 

Junior in Home Economics 

Barthuly, Marleen L. Topeka 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Bottom Row 

Bartlett, Vernon W. St. John 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Bartley, Elizabeth A. Great Bend 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bartley, Ray E. Hiawatha 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Barton, Mary E. Osborne 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 


Top Row 

Barton, Kathleen A. Wiehita 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Bartz, Helen L. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Baseom, James F. 


Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Basham, Paul IN. Mission 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bassett, Daryl D. Wiehita 

Freshman in Engineering and Agriculture 

Battin, Melvin A. Lamed 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bauer, Greta A. Clay Center 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Baugher, Wymetta J. Parsons 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Baunian, Wilma J. Salina 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Baxendale, John R. Salina 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Bayer, Teddy R. Great Bend 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bayles, Joseph A. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Bearg, Marjory A. Hiawatha 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Beattie, Sidney Topeka 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Beck, Billie J. Lane 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Beck, Earl M. Silver Lake 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Beck, James B. Kansas City 

Junior in Agriculture 

Becker, Dean H. Salina 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Becker, Edward P. Kansas City 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Becker, Larry L. Great Bend 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Beckmeyer, Ann J. Chapman 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Beightel, Jack L. Holton 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Beikman, Raymond H. Palmer 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Belden, John R. Winfield 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Boifom Row 

Bell, Catherine Topeka 

Fourth Year in Engineering and 

Bell, Charlene Randolph 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bell, Helen M. Moscow 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bell, Lois V. Yates Center 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bell, Shirley K. Herington 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Bell, William D. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Belt, Stephen L. Salina 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Bemis, Albert R. Burlington 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Bemis, George W . 

Great Bend 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Benedix, Diane L. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bengtson, Andrew N. Lindshorg 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Bennett, Richard V. 

Atlantic Highlands, N. J. 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Beginning \Steve Wilsons' and "Lorelei Kilhourns' pound out hot copy for 
the Collegian and Royal Purple on the typewriters in Kedzie's news room. 


Top Row 
Bennetts, Harry C. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Benson, Harvey D. Clay Center 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Benteman, Arland E. Randolph 

Junior in Agriculture 

Bentson, Rodney E. MePherson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Berg, George A. Easton 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bergman, William H. 


Junior in Agriculture 

Bergsten, Arlis J. Randolph 

Junior in Home Economics 

Berkeybile, Constance Ellsworth 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Third Row 

Berkihiser, Charlotte Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Bernhardt, Carol M. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Berning, Irene M. Marienthal 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Berrigan, Joan Solomon 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fourth Row 

Berryman, Robert D. Pittsburg 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Bertnolli, Edward C. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Bervy, Maxim A. Chatham, N. Y. 

Junior in Agriculture 

Besthorn, Melvin A. Holyrood 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Fifth Row 
Bettis, Beverly A. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Home Economics 
Betz, George Asherville 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Bezemek, Ludwig A. Ellsworth 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Biel, Warren D. Linn 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Sixth Row 
Biggs, Arthur Allen 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Biggs, Lloyd W. Holton 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Biggs, Walter G. Holton 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Bilderback, Snowdie Olathe 

Junior in Home Economics 

Seventh Row 

Billings, Charles R. Kansas City 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Billings, G. Stanley Kensington 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Billings, Sara J. Valley Falls 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 
Binder, Robert J. Hays 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Eighth Row 

Birch, Betty L. Manhattan 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Bircher, John H. Ellsworth 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Bird, Byron G. Great Bend 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Bird, Donna M. Johnson 

Junior in Home Economics 

Ninth Row 

Birtell, Craig C. Topeka 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Birtell, William E. Wakarusa 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Birzer, Harold L. Hoisington 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Bitter, Marvin D. Hoisington 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Tenth Row 
Bixby, Howard R. Wetmore 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Black, Henry C. Stockton, N. J. 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Black, William H. Toronto 

Junior in Agriculture 

Blackburn, Nancy E. Stafford 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 
Blackwood, Duane A. Marysville 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Blair, Betty Junction City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Blakely, Max F. Wichita 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Bland, Richard L. Larned 

Sophomore in Engineering and 


Top Row 
Blauer, Jeanice A. Stockton 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Blehm, John S. Ellinwood 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Block, William E. Seneca 

Third Year in Engineering and Architecture 

Blubaugh, Albert L. Wichita 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Blum, Martha A. Kansas City 

Junior in Home Economics 

Blumberg, Noreen A. Denison 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Blume, Irvin D. Atwood 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Bohbitt, Lucille J. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Boddiger, James F. Polo, 111. 

Junior in Agriculture 

Boettcher, Janet C. Beloit 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Boettcher, William H. Lindsborg 

Junior in A rts and Sciences 

Bokelman, Delwin L. Greenleaf 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Bokelman, Jerald L. Linn 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Bolen, Don L. Manhattan 

Junior i?i Arts and Sciences 

Boline, Leanna R. Admire 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Bollenbacher, Arnold Great Bend 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Bolze, Martha L. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bonner, James T. Stafford 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Book, Jolene F. Elmo 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Boone, William C. Topeka 

Junior in Agriculture 

Booth, Donald W. Manhattan 

Junior in Agriculture 

Booth, Roderick D. Osage City 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Boring, John E. Topeka 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Borland, Billy B. Cimarron 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Bottom Row 

Bortz, Janelda J. Downs 

Junior in Home Economics 

Bosko, J. Leroy East Aurora, N. Y. 

Second Year in Engineering and 

Bosko, Mary E. East Aurora, N. Y. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bosse, Loleta M. Wheaton 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Boster, Jan S. Burrton 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Bosworth, Robert W. Leavenworth 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Botkin, Lyle D. Weskan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bott, Joyce E. Hoisington 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bott, Ruth A. Alexander 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Boucek, Marian L. Ada 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bounous, Kathryn A. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bowdon, Edward K. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

HDAs, that's Home Demonstration Agents, from Kansas counties receive practi- 
cal training in upholstering chairs and divans in a K-State extension course. 


Top Row 

Bowlby, Robert D. Mulvane 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Bowman, Darlene K. Stafford 

Junior in Home Economics 

Bowman, William C. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Bowser, Eugene O. 

Fall River 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Second Row 

Bowver, Marjorie A. El Dorado 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Boyd, Barbara E. Topeka 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Boyd, James E. Plevna 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Boyd, Patricia M. Phillipsburg 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Third Row 

Boyd, Richard F. Twin Falls, Idaho 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Boyd, Robert A. Mankato 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Boyer, John E. Wichita 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Brack, Darrel D. Leoti 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Fourth Row 

Bracken, William J. Leona 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Brackett, Raymond B. Manhattan 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Braddock, William H. Garden City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bradley, Gerald A. Richland 

Junior in Agriculture 

Fifth Row 

Bradley, Howard R. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bradshaw, John A. Oakley 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Bradshaw, Marianne J. Langdon 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Brainard, Diane G. Abilene 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Sixth Row 

Braman, Stanley W. El Dorado 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Brammell, Betty L. Perry 

Junior in Home Economics 

Branch, Frankie L. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Brandon, Elizabeth F. Minneapolis 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Seventh Row 

Brandt, George R. Russell 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Brandyberry, Barbara Hill City 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Brandyberry, Willis Hill City 

Junior in Agriculture 

Brass, James H. Wilmore 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Eighth Row 

Brazil, Robert W. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Brecheisen, Barbara Eudora 

Junior in Home Economics 

Breeden, Donald C. Quinter 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Breithaupt, John C. Baldwin 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Ninth Row 

Breithaupt, Robert C. Topeka 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Bremenkamp, Anna L. Colby 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Brenner, Willis F. Culver 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Brethour, John R. Clay Center 

Junior in Agriculture 

Tenth Row 

Bretz, Shirley T. Wallace 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Breuel, Jerry F. Centerville 

Junior in Agriculture 

Brewster, Constance Salina 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Brink, John J. Leroy 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Bottom Row 

Brinkman, Donald K. Humboldt 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Brinkman, James F. Corona, Calif. 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Britton, Logene S. Salina 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Brock, Joseph W. Hattiesburg, Miss. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 


Top Row 

Brockett, Joleene F. Lincoln 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Broddle, Jack L. Eureka 

Junior in Agriculture 

Brodrick, Joyce Holbrook 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Brollier, Grant E. Sublette 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Broman, Charles R. Salina 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bronaugh, Robert W. Frankfort 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Brooks, Charlene K. Manhattan 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Brooks, Jay R. Hutchinson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Brooks, Loretta A. Blue Rapids 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Brose, Melvin L. Valley Falls 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Brower, Orlan L. Manning 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Brown, Barbara D. Mound City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Brown, Berta Y. Prairie View 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Brown, Donald D. Delphos 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Brown, Donna J. Atwood 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Brown, Earl M. Altamont 

Junior in Agriculture 

Brown, Gary D. Great Bend 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Brown, Laura J. Burr Oak 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Brown, Leslie P. Manhattan 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Brown, Marilyn D. Haviland 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Brown, Norma L. Wakarusa 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Brown, Richard H. Salina 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Brown, Rose M. Prairie View 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Brown, Valeta R. Council Grove 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Third Row 

Brownlee, Lola M. Burdett 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Brumm, Jan R. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Brummell, Anita T. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Brune, Harold E. Bethel 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Brunswig, Berdine E. 


Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Bruske, Edward G. Topeka 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Bryant, Ronald C. Tahlequah, Okla. 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Bryce, Robert L. Great Bend 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Bryson, William R. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Buck, John R. Portland, Ore. 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Buell, Ted E. 


Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Buick, Marilyn J. St. John 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Bullock, Warren G. Norton 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bunch, Jo Ann A. Olathe 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Burgener, James R. 


Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Burgess, John F. Wamego 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Burgess, Phyllis J. Pratt 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Burgoon, Kenneth L. Pomona 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Burk, Shirley A. Clifton 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Burke, Franklin A. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Burke, James P. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Burmeister, Henrv P. Holvrood 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Burmeister, Louis C. Holyrood 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Burnett, William M. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 



Top Row 

Burns, Kathleen El Dorado 

Sophomore in Home Economics 
Burns, Robert R. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 
Burre, Harold J. Leavenworth 

Junior in Agriculture 

Burtis, G. Karen Manhattan 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Second Row 

Burton, James R. Topeka 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Burwell, Jackie J. Kansas City 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Bush, Robert E. Halls, Mo. 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Butler, Frank E. Hays 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Third Row 

Byer, Glenn D. Stafford 

Freshman in Agriculture 
Cain, Catherine W. McCraeken 

Sophomore in Home Economics 
Cain, Judith A. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Caldwell, Suzanne B„ 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Sophomore in Home Economics 

Fourth Row 

Cales, Kenneth W. Caney 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Calhoon, Olyn D. Colby 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Callahan, Charles D. Independence 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Callaway, Ronald E. Clearwater 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Fifth Row 

Callen, Barbara J. Scott City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Calvert, Mary E. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Campbell, Gwendolyn Council Grove 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Campbell, Howard I. Mound City 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Sixth Row 

Campbell, Joan L. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Home Economics 
Carlson, Carolyne R. Moline, 111. 

Junior in Home Economics 

Carlson, James W. Garden City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Carlson, Roger B. Randolph 

Sophomore in Agriculture 


Seventh Row 

Carnahan, Warren P. Garrison 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Carpenter, Donald T. Pawnee Rock 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Carr, Paul W. Concordia 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Carr, Richard R. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Carra, Emil F. Niotaze 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Carrier, Virgil E. Wichita 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Carstens, Joann Norton 

Second Year in Engineering and 

Carswell, Cynthia Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Ninth Row 

Carter, Frances A. Topeka 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Carter, Martha N. Kansas City 

Junior in Home Economics 

Carter, William H. Winnetka, 111. 

First Year in Engineering and 

Cartwright, Corrine Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Tenth Row 

Cary, Jo Ann Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Cary, Leon R. Brewster 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Casey, Patricia C. Arkansas City 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Caspar, Phyllis J. Junction City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Casterline, Fred C. Dodge City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Castle, Coralie Norton 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Castonguay, Armond W. Concordia 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Caywood, Bert C. Hutchinson 

Sophomore in Engineering and 


Top Row 

Chalk, Paul M. 


Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Chambers, Arthur C. Norcatur 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Chambers, Thomas A. Ashland 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Chandler, Robert A. Sabetha 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Chapman, Karen K. Oakley 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Chappel, Philip E. Rockford, 111. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Charles, Frederick T. Jetmore 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Chase, Edward M. El Dorado 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Chastain, Robert L. Wichita 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Chatfield, Elton L. Goodland 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Cheatham, Loyce E. Beloit 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Cherry, Charlotte J. Union City, Tenn. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Chesney, Carolyn R. Natoma 

Junior in Home Economics 

Chestnut, Merlin M. Wakefield 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Chilcott, Ferris W. Mankato 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Childers, Dalene L. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Chiles, Marvin W. Zenith 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Chisman, Robert B. Augusta 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Chizek, Gaylord J. Ramona 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Chrisman, Keith S. Hutchinson 

Second Year in Engineering and 

Christie, Larry L. Belleville 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Christie, Lloyd E. Rantoul 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Christopher, J. Gilbert McPherson 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Cilek, Patricia L. Hutchinson 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Bottom Row 

Circle, James E. Hazelton 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Circle, Richard L. Arkansas City 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Circle, Robert R. Hazelton 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Clark, Carol E. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Clark, Paul H. Dodge City 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Clark, Marilyn S. Norton 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Clarke, Glen A. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Clarke, Robert L. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Clarke, Roger S. Elizabeth, N. J. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Clayton, Eunice N. Murdock 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Clayton, Frank B. Glasco 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Clayton, Stephanie A. Partridge 

Junior in Home Economics 

K-State's West Point is the ROTC buildings on the northwest corner of the 
campus. Four years' study entitles male graduates to second lieutenant's bars. 


Top Row 

Clem, Edward E. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Clifford, Kerry F. Wiehita 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Clowers, Janet J. St. John 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Clugston, Donna J. Ft. Worth, Tex. 

Junior i?i Home Economics 

Second Row 

Cobun, Naney R. Hiawatha 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Cochran, Jan D. Mission 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Coffin, Calvin B. Kansas City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Coffin, Patricia A. St. John 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Third Row 

Colherg, Estelle L. Lyons 

Freshman in Home Economics 
Colburn, Ann L. MePherson 

Freshman in Home Economics 
Collingwood, Cynthia Johnson 

Junior in Home Economics 

Collins, Alice E. Concordia 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Fourth Row 

Collins, Bruce V. Junction 

Freshman in Agriculture 
Collins, Carol M. Salina 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Collins, James E. Overbrook 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Colson, Theodore J. Stilwell 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Fifth Row 

Combs, Gary P. Spring Hill 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Compton, Jane E. Manhattan 

Junior in Home Economics 

Conboy, James W. Larned 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Conboy, Phyllis L. Larned 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Sixth Row 

Conger, Gordon O. Iola 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Congleton, Roberta J. Haddam 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Conley, Fred M. Gypsum 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Conner, Phyllis A. Wichita 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Seventh Row 

Connor, Joseph L. Wakeeney 

Junior in Agriculture 

Conrad, Robert N. Council Grove 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Conway, Joseph E. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Cook, Carol K. Garden City 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Eighth Row 

Cook, Charles E. Meriden 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Cook, Donald M. Kansas City 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Cook, Kenneth W. Hays 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Cooley, Duane W. Abilene 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Ninth Row 

Cooley, John H. Abilene 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Cooney, Gary D. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Coonrod, Dale O. Mahaska 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Cooper, Jacquelin R. Scandia 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Tenth Row 

Cooper, Myron R. Moscow 

Junior in Agriculture 

Copeland, Edgar R. Waterville 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Copeland, James C. Great Bend 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Copple, Charles M. Winfield 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Bottom Row 

Copple, Edward J. Winfield 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Cordes, Donald L. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Cordon, Carole V. Wetmore 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Cordry, Harold L. Manhattan 

Freshman in Agriculture 


Top Row 
Cornelius Kay L. Vermillion 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Cornett, Mike W. Neodesha 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Cornett, Raymond A. Great Bend 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Corwin, Janet M. Salina 

Junior in Home Economics 

Coryell, Myron R. Junction City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Cotner, Edwin C. Coffeyville 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Counter, Duane N. York, Neb. 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Coup, Leon J. Hope 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Coupe, John R. Effingham 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Courtright, Gordon L. McDonald 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Courville, Rena M. Clyde 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Cousins, Kenneth D. Kansas City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Cowan, Virginia M. Lucas 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Cowden, Donald R. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Cowen, Marilyn L. Cullison 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Cox, Billy R. El Dorado 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Cox, Donald F. Cedarvale 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Cox, Jean Kiowa 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Cox, Jerry W. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Cox, Joanne E. Sedan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Coyle, Joseph F. Kansas City 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Craft, Roger L. Garden City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Craig, Laurence I. 


Freshman in Agriculture 

Craig, Lloyd E. Winfield 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Bottom Row 

Crain, Mary L. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Cramer, Carolyn R. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Crandall, Eugene D. Hunter 

Junior in Agriculture 

Crawford, Dorothy M. Ottawa 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Crawford, Janis Stafford 

Junior in Home Economics 

Crawford, John C. Pratt 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Crawford, Roland W. Salina 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Crawford, Rose A. Ottawa 

Junior in Home Economics 

Crawford, William A. 

Bartlesville, Okla. 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Creger, Clarence R. Scammon 

Junior in Agriculture 

Crist, Marilynn M. El Dorado 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Cronkite, Doreen L. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Lots of groceries are eaten by athletes at the training table. Most of the 
boys attending school on full or part time scholarships eat their meals here. 



Top Row 

Crosby, Lloyd L. Osawatomie 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Crossfield, Carmen C. Elk City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Crosswhite, Carol A. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Crumbaker, Corrine Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Cullins, Robert B. Overland Park 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Culver, Barbara L. Concordia 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Cummins, John R. Salina 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Cunningham, Franklin Kiowa 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Third Row 

Currie, Virginia A. Wichita 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Curry, Alice L. Norton 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Curry, Bert L. Prescott 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Custer, Bernetta J. Menlo 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fourth Row 

Dahl, Gilmore M. Everest 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Dahlquist, Peter H. Garfield 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Dale, Frank D. Coldwater 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Dameron, Ada M. Minneapolis 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Fifth Row 

Danforth, Walter J. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Dannels, Kenneth D. Wichita 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Darling, Francis E. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Darner, Dennis L. Clay Center 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Sixth Row 

Darrin, Paul F. Herington 

Junior in Agriculture 

Darrow, Clement C. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Dary, David A. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

David, Joan A. Winfield 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Seventh Row 

Davidson, Margery B. Manhattan 

Junior in Home Economics 

Davis, Dewey D. Lakin 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Davis, Elmer G. Abilene 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Davis, Francis A. Lakin 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Davis, Richard G. Peabody 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Davis, Sally A. Prairie View 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Davis, Shirley A. Ashland 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Davis, Vaden E. Red Cloud, Neb. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Ninth Row 

Davison, Cynthia A. Waterville 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Davisson, Joyce E. Inman 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Dawson, Norman B. 


Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Day, Frederick G. Emporia 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Tenth Row 

Day, Richard E. Mound City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Deal, Mary L. Topeka 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Dean, Suzanne L. Bethel 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

DeCamp, Roger A. 

Collingswood, N. J. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Decker, Marvin L. Holton 

Junior in Agriculture 

Decker, Patricia A. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Decou, Donald F. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Dederick, Norman E. Blue Rapids 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 


Top Row 

DeForest, John D. Peabody 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

DeForest, Joyce K. Moundridge 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

DeForest, Richard L. Peabody 

Freshman in Agriculture 

DeForest, Sally A. Peabody 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Delanooke, Larry G. Rochester, N. Y. 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Delay, Charles R. Haddam 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Dellinger, Walter J. Howard 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Delp, Arrilla B. Edniond 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Denholm, Byron E. Tonganoxie 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Denholm, Wilma I. Tonganoxie 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Denio, William D. Stockton 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Denison, Scott A. Olathe 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Second Row 

Dennis, Shirley A. Independence, Mo. 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Denton, Jane A. Topeka 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Depew, Carol M. Norton 

Freshman in Home Economics 
Deschner, Norval D. Halstead 

Junior in Agriculture 

Deters, Shirley A. Cawker City 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Devinish, Virginia L. Salina 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Devore, Carolyn P. Macksville 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Diamond, Sharon E. 

Independence, Mo. 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Dible, Harry D. Menlo 

Junior in Agriculture 

Dick, Carolea B. Newton 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Dicken, Sheila J. Pratt 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Dickerson, Gordon W. Ottawa 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Dickerson, Robert L. Gorham 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Dickerson, William J. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Dickinson, Gene A. El Dorado 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Dickinson, Mitzie R. Homewood 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Dickinson, Theodore 

Waterbury, Conn. 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Dickson, Dale E. Miller 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Dickson, William M. Miller 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Diehl, Phillip A. Wichita 

Junior in Agriculture 

Dierdorff, Judith A. Smith Center 

Junior in Home Economics 

Dierdorff, Mary L. Smith Center 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Dietrich, Betty K. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Dietz, Barbara J. Preston 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Halftime funnyworks, performed by the gymnastic team, bring smiles and 
laughter from basketball fans sitting in the bleacher section of the Field House. 


Top Row 

Dietz, Marilyn I. Wakeeney 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Dietz, Walter H. Galatia 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Dillard, Roy W. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Doebele, Mary J. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Dohe, Wilma C. Lineoln 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Dollar, John P. Topeka 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Dolsberry, Charles E. Leavenworth 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Dome, Rita M. Ashland 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Third Row 

Donaldson, Lola L. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Home Economics 
Dondlinger, Connie I. Hntehinson 

Sophomore in Home Economics 
Dooley, Phyllis M. Wichita 

Freshman in Home Economics 
Doran, Lawrence R. Wilson 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fourth Row 

Doran, Marilyn B. Wilson 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Dorian, Robert A. Kansas City 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Dorsey, Jacob R. Minneola 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Dorst, John E. Olathe 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Fifth Row 

Douglas, Charlotte E. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Douglass, Donald H. Mullinville 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Douglass, Mary E. Burlington 

Sophomore in Home Economics 
Douglass, Roger L. Burlington 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Sixth Row 

Doupnik, Gary D. Linn 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Dow, Martha N. Burdett 

Sophomore in Home Economics 
Downing, John E. Denver, Colo. 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Downing, Robert C. Glasco 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Seventh Row 

Doyle, Sally J. Douglass 

Junior in Home Economics 
Dozer, Gayle W. Burden 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Drake, Calvin L. Piedmont 

Junior in Home Economics 

Drake, Mark K. Rock 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Eighth Row 

Draney, Jerald L. Fairview 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Dreese, James R. Salina 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Drolte, James E. Pretty Prairie 

Junior in Agriculture 

Drum, Roy E. Topeka 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Ninth Row 

Drumm, Marjorie Longford 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Dubois, Robert N. Topeka 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Duffield, Joan L. Wichita 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Dufford, Donald W. Minneola 

Junior in Agriculture 

Tenth Row 

Duncan, Virginia A. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Dunham, Kenneth Eudora 

Freshman in Agriculture 
Dunlap, Gabriel L. Eudora 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Dunn, Marilyn E. Topeka 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Duntz, Delvin D. Smith Center 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Duren, Edward P. Rising City, Neb. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Dutton, Roger W. Parsons 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Duy, Janet H. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 


Top Row 
Dyck, Leslie W. Moundridge 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Dye, Vernon H. Meade 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Dyer, Dean P. Clearwater 

Junior in Agriculture 

Eads, Riehard R. Cullison 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Early, Janiee O. Kansas City 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Eaton, Darroll M. Scott City 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Eby, Martin K. Wichita 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Eckert, Carolyn K. Moline 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Eckhart, Phillip F. Clayton 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Ecord, Marcella A. 


Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Eddy, Burton A. Quincy 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Eddy, Janet M. Russell 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Eddy, Steven K. Havensville 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Eddy, Thomas A. Havensville 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Eddy, William B. Havensville 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Edinger, Wayne F. Mitchell, S. D. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Edmonds, Ann P. Hiawatha 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Edwards, Carl E. McPherson 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Edwards, Roger S. McPherson 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Eells, Hoyt S. Newton 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Egger, Marilyn C, Ellis 

Junior in Home Economics 

Eggerman, Marie C. Green 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Eggers, Raleigh L. 


Sophomore in Agriculture 

Egidy, Delaphine E. Garnett 

Junior in Home Economics 

Third Row 

Ehlers, Lawrence E. Junction City 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Eih, George L. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Eidson, John R. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Eisiminger, Eugene Wathena 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Ek, Mary L. Dwight 

Freshman in Home Economics 

El Mosa, Husein M. Tulkarm, Jordan 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Elder, Hayden O. Troy 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Elgaard, Robert J. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Elliott, Barbara F. White CitT 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Elliott, Meredith Louisburg 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Elliott, Nancy L. Wilmot 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Elrod, Thomas H. Shallow Water 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Bottom Row 

Ely, Duane V. Hutchinson 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Ely, Mason F. Superior, Neb. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Emerson, Barry C. Severna Park, Md. 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Emigh, Donna F. Selden 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Engborg, Paul J. 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 




England, Ray D. 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Engle, Rodney J. Great Bend 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Epler, John P. Russell 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Erickson, Duncan M. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Ericson, Bill D. Marquette 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Eriksen, Douglas C. Manhattan 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Ernst, Carol L. Salina 

Freshman in Home Economics 




Top Row 

Ernzen, Dorothy Atchison 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Ernzen, Marie M. Atchison 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Erskine, Helen J. Topeka 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Esterl, Robert M. Salina 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 


Evans, David W. 

Junior in Agriculture 

Evans, Lawrence Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Evans, Marjorie L. Russell 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Evans, Phyllis J. Leavenworth 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Third Row 

Everhart, Parker T. Olathe 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Eversole, Norma E. Mahaska 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ewy, Carolyn F. Stafford 

Junior in Home Economics 

Ewy, Jeanette M. Hutchinson 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Fourth Row 

Exline, Robert W. Salina 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Fabin, Mary F. Sterling 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Facht, Roberto G. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Fahlsing, Betty L. Great Bend 

Junior in Home Economics 

Fifth Row 

Falick, Howard New York, N. Y. 

Fourth Year in Engineering and 

Fankhauser, Richard Madison 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Farmer, Floyd W. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Farmer, Janice E. Eureka 

Junior in Home Economics 

Sixth Row 

Farrar, Hila L. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Farrell, Daniel J. Manhattan 

Freshman in Engineering and 


Farrell, Frank M. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Farthing, Geraldine Olpe 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Seventh Row 

Faubion, Elinor A. Hutchinson 

Junior in Home Economics 

Featherston, Rex W. 

Michigan Valley 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Favreau, Nancy F. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Featherston, Robert Michigan Valley 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Eighth Row 

Fedde, Marion R. Mankato 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Feder, Lawrence I. New York, N. Y. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fehlman, Arlene M. Wakefield 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fell, Ardith Alford Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Ninth Row 

Fell, Ferol S. Fellsburg 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Fellows, Diana 


Freshman in Home Economics 

Fendorf, Carolyn M. Kansas City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Ferguson, Gerald J. Mulvane 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Tenth Row 

Fick, Leon L. Rock Island, III. 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Fiedler, Carol S. Abilene 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Figge, Freddie W. Wheaton 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Filbert, Jeanette Ness City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Finch, Joyce L. Kansas City 

Junior in Home Economics 

Finholt, Kay Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fink, Jimmie L. 


Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Fink, Patsy R. Fredonia 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 


Top Row 

Finkle, Maryanne McPherson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Fish, Richard Westboro, Mass. 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Fish, Vernon R. Parsons 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Fitzgerald, Barbara Turon 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Flagler, Kenneth J. Wakeeney 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Fleming, Norma J. Kanopolis 

Junior in Home Economics 

Flinn, Joyce E. Randall 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Florko, Donald J. Union, N. J. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Floyd, Dean E. Herington 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fobes, Patricia L. Beloit 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fogle, Charles R. Ottawa 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Follis, Dee L. Hoxie 

Junior in Agriculture 

Second Row 

Folmer, Janet J. Topeka 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Folsche, Ann L. Troy 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Folsche, Shirley Troy 

Junior in Home Economics 

Folse, Jean D. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Foltz, Janet C. Wichita 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Fooshee, Dale L. Garnet 

Junior in Agriculture 

Foote, Ronald E. Lyons 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Forbes, Mary J. Neodesha 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ford, Glen R. Jetmore 

Junior in Agriculture 

Ford, Wilbur S. Medicine Lodge 

Junior in Agriculture 

Forrester, Harold C. Kansas City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fosha, Janice F. Manhattan 

Junior in Home Economics 

Bottom Row 

Fotopoulos, Mary Hutchinson 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fowler, Eddie R. Russell 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Fowler, Eula F. Circleville 

Junior in Home Economics 

Fox, Earl G. St. John 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fox, Gladys V. Burden 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Fox, Lela D. Agenda 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Frahm, Ronald L. Colby 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Frahm, Sharon M. Colby 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Frame, Nancv A. Parsons 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Frank, Claudette Mission 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Frank, Robert F. Manhattan 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Franklin, Deelores F. Atwood 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

FMOC winner and runners-up take a bow during the Snow Ball. They are 
Bob Newlin, Bernie Klover, FMOC Bob Cullins, Dee Follis, Gary Swanson. 


Top Row 
Franklin, Ira L. Newton 

Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering 

Fraser, Paul E. Bethel 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Frederick, Paul E. Lenora 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Frederick, Thomas N. Alden 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Freeman, Paul F. Courtland 

Junior in Agriculture 

Freeman, Ruth A. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Frerking, Arlan N. Herkimer 

Junior in Agriculture 

Freund, Norma J. Sedgwick 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Third Row 
Frevert, Benjamin R. Holyrood 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Frewen, Franklin D. Norcatur 

Junior in Agriculture 

Frey, Alice L. Council Grove 

Junior in Home Economics 

Frey, Janet J. Manhattan 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Fourth Row 

Frey, Janice I. Douglas, Ga. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Frey, Martin R. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Frey, Merwin L. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Friesen, Jerry A. Salina 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Fifth Row 
Frisbie, Thomas W. Grantville 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Fritts, Donald L. Amsterdam, Mo. 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Fritzemeyer, Ray D. Stafford 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Froelich, Donald M. Halstead 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Sixth Row 
Froelich, Norman E. Halstead 

Third Year in Engineering and 

Frohberg, Richard Waterville 

Freshman in Agricultural Education 

Frohn, Carol J. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fruechting, Duane L. Aulne 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Seventh Row 

Fry, Jeanette C. Garden City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Fryer, Gaye Manhattan 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Fulhage, Anita J. 


Freshman in Home Economics 


Fuller, Bonnie J. 

Junior in Home Economics 

Eighth Row 

Fuller, Thomas C. Kansas City 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Fulton, Martha J. Harper 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Fulton, Mary E. Harper 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Funk, Forrest E. Wichita 

Junior in Engineering and Agriculture 

Ninth Row 

Funk, Herbert B. White City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Funk, Jory A. Concordia 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Funk, Monroe L. Hillsboro 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Funk, Norma J. Riley 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Tenth Row 

Gabrielson, Harold W. Lindsborg 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Gadberry, Donald R. Emporia 

Third Year in Engineering and 

Gale, Darrel D. Agra 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Galle, Nelson D. Moundridge 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Bottom Row 

Galyardt, Gary E. Russell 

Second Year in Engineering and 

Gammell, George R. 

Cottonwood Falls 

Junior in Agriculture 

Gammell, James L. 

Cottonwood Falls 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Ganoung, Raymond L. Plainville 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 


Top Row 
Garcia, Fred Liberal 

Freshman in Engineering and Agriculture 

Garcia, Joanna C. Liberal 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Gardner, Frances V. Osage City 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Garner, Harold E. Piedmont 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Garrelts, William E. McPherson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Garregues, Donna Topeka 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Garrett, Donald L. Blue Rapids 

Junior in Engineering and Agriculture 

Garrett, Fred Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Garrison, Calvin C. Emporia 

Junior Arts and Sciences 

Garrison, Margie L. Kansas City 

Junior in Home Economics 

Garrison, Shirley R. Emporia 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Garrison, Willis G. Beaumont, Texas 

Freshman in Engineering and Agriculture 

Second Row 

Gates, Gwendolyn B. Quindaro 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Gatz, Earl E. Preston 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Gebhards, Dale L. Weskan 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Geiger, Frederic M. Millsboro, Del. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ceil, Gene W. Great Bend 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Gelok, Robert J. Roseland, N. J. 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

George, Eleanor L. Lebo 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Gerber, Anita Ottawa 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Gerstenkorn, Jerome Claflin 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Gerstberger, Bonita Marienthal 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Gerstner, Patricia Sharon 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ghormley, Harold E. Partridge 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Bottom Row 

Gibson, George A. Lenora 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Gibson, Mary C. Cherryvale 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Gibson, Pauline E. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Home Economics 

Gideon, Eldon L. Topeka 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Gier, Donald A. Manhattan 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Gier, Ronald E. Manhattan 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Gieseman, Raymond W. Williamstown 

Junior in Agriculture 

Giffin, Edward L. Kansas City 

Junior in Agriculture 

Gigot, Marjorie A. Garden City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Gigstad, Dale C. Effingham 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Gilbert, Wayne E. Simpson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Gilbreath, Jim A. Chanute 

Junior in Engineering and Agriculture 

The mob congregates at the new Classroom building for a brief ten min- 
utes before dispersing into the dens of intellect to study English and history. 


Top Row 
Gill, Donald L. Harper 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Gilliland, Mary E. Denison 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Gillette, Edward L. Coffeyville 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Gilmore, Doris A. Medieine Lodge 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Second Row 

Gilmore, Gordon M. Turon 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Ging, Mona Elaine Hutchinson 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Ging, Robert C. Hutchinson 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Gingrich, Nancy Jo Wakefield 

Junior in Home Economics 

Third Row 

Ginter, Duane L. 


Sophomore in Engineering and 

Ginter, Marvin L. Topeka 

Sophomore in Agriculture 
Gladhart, Rosemary Highland 

Freshman in Home Economics 
Glasco, Wilma A. Clay Center 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fourth Row 

Glasscock, Donald C. St. John 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Glocker, Carl L. Topeka 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Glover, Elizabeth A. 


Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Goar, Linda Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Filth Row 
Gochis, Helen L. Arkansas City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Goddard, Joan Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Godfrey, Carolyn C. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Godwin, Marjorie C. Beloit 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Sixth Row 
Goebel, James W. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Engineering and 


Goeckler, James W. 


Goeller, Sara A. Wichita 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Goering, Geraldine J. McPherson 

Junior in Home Economics 

Seventh Row 

Goering, Greta M. Newton 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Goff, Maurice L. 


Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Goff, Shirley D. Columbus 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Goforth, Kay A. McPherson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Good, Lavoy Ashland 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Goodin, Robert H. Springfield, Mo. 

First Year in Engineering and 

Gordon, Marcia L. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Goss, Jerry E. Wichita 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Ninth Row 

Goss, Max T. McPherson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Graber, Kenton A. Pretty Prairie 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Grabs, Eugene F. Zenda 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Grabs, Lucille M. 


Sophomore in Engineering and 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Tenth Row 

Gracia, Nunez A. 

Barcelona, Puerto Rico 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Graham, Archie R. Kiowa 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Graham, Nancy J. Wichita 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Graham, Samuel L. Kiowa 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 
Graham, Ted J. Dexter 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Grandy, Charles N. Winfield 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Grant, Gwendolyn R. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Grant, Lawana R. Udall 

Freshman in Home Economics 


Top Row 
Grantham, Margaret Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Grasch, Gerald D. Cawker City 

Freshman in Engineering, and Architecture 

Graves, James T. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Gray, Arline L. Kansas City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Gray, Leo D. Salina 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Gray, Twila J. Geneseo 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Green, Patricia K. 


Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Green, Sue H. Garden City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Gregg, Gwen A. Hiawatha 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Gregory, Philip C. Independence, Mo. 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Gress, Ruth A. Medicine Lodge 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Grieshaher, Alherta St. Marys 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Grieshaher, Charles St. Marys 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Griff ee, Barhara J. Oketo 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Griffith, Eleanor K. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Griffiths, Donald D. Frankfort 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Griffiths, Meredith F. Augusta, Ark. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Griggs, Floyd D. Deerfield 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Griswold, Mary A. Newton 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Grittman, Ronald L. Glasco 

Junior in Agriculture 

Gritton, Charles F. Kansas City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Groody, James I. Washington 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Groth, William D. Salina 

Fourth Year in Engineering and 

Grundeman, Ruth J. Holton 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Guest, Huhert E. Coffeyville 

First Year in Engineering and Architecture 

Guinty, Beverly L. Wichita 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Gunter, Sterling W. Manhattan 

Sophomore i?i Arts and Sciences 

Guttridge, Eldon Liheral 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Guttridge, Mary E. Liberal 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Guy, Margaret B. Hutchinson 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Guv, Robbie L. Hutchinson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Haas, Barbara A. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Haas, Eugene C. Ness City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Haas, Virginia L. Wamego 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Haas, Wayne C. Enterprise 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Haas, Wayne T. Ness City 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Cows contribute the merchandise consisting of milk, cream, cheese, and ice 
cream, which is sold at the Dairy Bar in the basement of West Waters hall. 


Top Row 

Haherman, Roger L. Larned 

Sophomore in Agriculture 
Habig, Kenneth N. Marysville 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Hackerott, Edward H. Natoma 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Haegert, Daryl L. Esbon 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Second Row 

Haggard, Nancy E. Bethel 

Sophomore in Home Economics 
Hahn, Bonnie L. St. John 

Sophomore in Home Economics 
Hahn, Lois A. Ellsworth 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Hahn, Patricia K. Norton 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Third Row 

Haines, Richard D. Manhattan 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Hair, Ruth A. Ness City 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Hake, Alan T. Tipton 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Halbert, John G. Merriam 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Fourth Row 


Hall, Donna M. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Hall, James M. Salina 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Hall, Lawrence B. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Hally, Rose M. Delphos 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Fifth Row 

Hamilton, Carl L. Cherryvale 

Freshman in Agriculture 
Hamilton, Dewayne E. Mahaska 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Hamilton, Donald F. Partridge 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Hamilton, Helen L. Topeka 

Junior in Home Economics 

Sixth Row 

Hamilton, Marian L. Stockton, Cal. 

Junior in Home Economics 
Hamilton, Robert J. Partridge 

Junior in Agriculture 

Hamilton, Robert L. Stockton 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Hammeke, Eldon M. Wichita 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Seventh Row 

Hammond, Dean A. Great Bend 

Junior in Agriculture 
Hammond, Earl J. Wakefield 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Hamon, Marjorie J. Valley Falls 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Hampton, Jerry L. Junction City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Hamrick, Samuel L. Atchison 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Haney, Lewis P. Larned 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Hanna, William C. Dighton 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Hannaford, Mary M. Marion 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Ninth Row 

Hansbearry, Sharon L. Topeka 

Freshman in Home Economics 
Hansen, Robert H. Salina 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Hanzlick, Neil T. Hoisington 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Harding, Joan H. Cheney 

Junior in Home Economics 

Tenth Row 

Harmon, Jack L. Topeka 

Freshman in Agriculture 
Harmon, Margaret V. Kansas City 

Junior in Home Economics 

Harper, Kermit G. Manhattan 

Fourth Year in Engineering and 

Harreld, Carolyn J. Kansas City 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Bottom Row 

Harrenstien, Leona M. Cedar 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Harris, Loren E. Clayton 

Junior in Agriculture 
Harrison, Eddie E. Pratt 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Harsch, Donna L. Topeka 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 


Top Row 

Hart, Barbara A. Hutchinson 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Hart, Donald D. Hutchinson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Hart, Richard W. Manhattan 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Hart, Robert H. Salina 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Hartly, Jon H. Howard 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Hartman, Richard L. McCune 

Junior in Agriculture 

Hartshorn, Harold E. Meade 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Harvey, Loren R. Beloit 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Harwick, Dorinda A. Columbus 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Hassebroek, Nancy Riley 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Hassebroek, Hazel E. Riley 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Hastings, Charles Jetmore 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Hatch, Clark A. Horton 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Hatch, Thomas P. Kansas City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Haun, Donald H. Larned 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Haun, Virginia A. Jetmore 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Hawkins, Richard C. Axtell 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Hawkins, Roosevelt J. St. Louis, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Hawthorne, John L. Eureka 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Hay, Rosemary A. 


Sophomore in Home Economics 

Hayes, Donald R. Herington 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Haymaker, Robert H. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Haynes, Gary A. Salina 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Hays, Luree J. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Third Row 

Hazard, Stuart G. Topeka 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Hazlett, Marion R. Edna 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Heath, Allan Coffeyville 

Junior in Agriculture 

Heath, Theodore D. Peabody 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Heaton, Richard R. Rush Center 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Hebrank, Kenneth E. Wilsey 

Junior in Agriculture 

Hedquist, Thomas G. McPherson 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Hedrick, Robert Wayne Leavenworth 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Hedrick, Robert Wilkes 

Weslaco, Texas 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Hedstrom, Richard L. Marysville 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Heins, Joan D. Abilene 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Heikes, Marilyn L. Riley 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Bottom Row 

Heil, Edith A. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Heitschmidt, Corinne Natoma 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Helander, Rita Chicago, 111. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Helmers, Martha R. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Helmke, Sylvia D. Kingman 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Helms, Thomas J. Mission 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Henderson, Jo Ann Hutchinson 

Junior in Home Economics 

Henderson, Mary L. Abilene 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Henke, Edwin Osborne 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Hennessey, Steve E. Tecumseh 

Junior in Agriculture 

Henning, Cynthia J. Ottawa 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Henning, Delores Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 



Top Row 
Henre, James M. Kansas City 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Henry, Charlotte E. Clay Center 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Henry, George B. Hugoton 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Henry, Harriet R. Dellvale 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Second Row 

Henry, Larry G. Colby 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Henry, Patricia A. Marion 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Heptig, Anthony B. Sabetha 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Herman, John C. Smith Center 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Third Row 

Herman, Walter J. Wakefield 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Hermon, Judith A. Kirkwood, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Herndon, Charlet J. Leoti 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Herod, Jon G. Walnut 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Fourth Row 

Herpick, Donald H. Herington 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Herrman, Gloria J. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Hershberger, Edith Newton 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Hess, Dolores J. 


Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fifth Row 
Hester, Darwin D. Great Bend 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Heter, Marilyn A. Sterling 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Hicks, Luanne Goodland 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Hiebert, Marilyn McPherson 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Sixth Row 
Higgason, Freeman I. Clayton 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Higginbotham, Yvonna Wellington 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Higgins, Mary J. Clearwater 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Hilbert, Willie H. Wayside 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Seventh Row 

Hildebrand, Arnold Stafford 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Hill, Donald R. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Hill, Howard T. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Hills, Diane A. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Hilt, Charles I. Wilmore 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Hilton, Myrna M. Keats 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Hinkle, Ken H. Kingman 

First Year in Engineering and 

Hinman, Jacqueline Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ninth Row 

Hippie, M. Janice Hutchinson 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Hlavacek, Robert J. Salina 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Hoatson, Sally Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Hoatson, Susann Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Home Economics 

Tenth Row 

Hobson, Carl D. Hardy, Neb. 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Hockensmith, James M. 

Junction City 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Hocott, James K. McPherson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Hodel, Twila A. Peabody 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Bottom Row 

Hodges, John A. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Hodges, Seth B. Monument 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Hodgson, Dale R. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Hodgson, Donald F. Manhattan 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 


Top Row 

Hoff, Barbara V. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Hoff, Joanne E. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Hoffman, Jack W. Newton 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Hoffman, Howard L. Norton 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Hoffman, Max R. Pretty Prairie 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Hofman, Bonnie R. St. George 

Junior in Home Economics 

Hofman, Kay D. St. George 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Hogan, Earl A. Kansas City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Hoge, Samuel R. Overland Park 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Hohlfeld, David H. Greenleaf 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Hoke, Caryl A. Bunker Hill 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Holdren, Charles R. Syracuse 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Holl, Harold H. Lincoln 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Holland, Woodrow W. Walnut 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Hollar, Edwin L. Reading 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Holliday, Jerry D. Neodesha 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Holliday, John N. Phillipsburg 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Hollis, James A. Fredonia 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Holloway, Caroline G. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Holm, Dennis W. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Holmes, Francis E. Abilene 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Holmes, Richard R. Emporia 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Holmgren, Dale Salina 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Holshouser, Jo Ann Dwight 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Holt, Wendell D. El Paso, Texas 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Hood, Roy E. 


Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Hoon, Marguerite E. Kansas City 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Hoon, Marilyn E. Kansas City 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Hooper, J. Lester Manhattan 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Hoover, George K. Manhattan 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Hoover, Thomas J. Junction City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Hopkins, Frank F. Dodge City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Hopmann, Marbeth Overland Park 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Hopson, Cornelius A. Phillipsburg 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Horchem, Rex D. Ransom 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Horlacher, Thelma D. Colby 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Fenders and feelings were banged in the Student Union parking lot as 
K-Staters tried to outwit each other in getting in and out of the parking places. 



Top Row 

Horridge, Elizabeth Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Home Economics 

Horseman, Nadine C. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Hoseney, Russell C. Coffeyville 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Hosier, Daryl L. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Hoskins, Betty Minneapolis 

Junior in Home Economics 

Hoskinson, Glenn E. Stafford 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Hostetler, Donavan F. Harper 

Fourth Year in Engineering and 

Hostettler, Carter B. Summerfield 

Junior in Agriculture 

Third Row 

Hostinsky, Suzanne Manhattan 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Hotehkiss, James D. Topeka 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Hott, Jerrilee J. Wiehita 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Hougland, Robert L. Great Bend 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Fourth Row 

Houser, Franklin D. Wellington 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Hoverson, Donald D. Phillipsburg 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Howard, Lois J. McDonald 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Howard, Margaret A. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Fifth Row 

Howard, Sara E. Mount Hope 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Howard, Warren B. Burrton 

Junior in Agriculture 

Howell, Vernon C. Ashland 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Hoyt, Leon E. Brewster 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Sixth Row 

Hoyt, Rodger S. Salem, N. Y. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Hubbard, Robert K. Scranton 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Huddleston, Neva K. Hoisington 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Huebner, David H. Wilson 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Seventh Row 

Hufford, Duane C. Harper 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Hulse, Donald C. Wellington 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Humburg, Jay M. LaCrosse 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Hummell, Dennis P. Concordia 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Humphrey, Gwen L. El Paso, Texas 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Humphreys, Betty L. Sterling 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Hundley, James L. Horton 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Hunsberger, Joan C. Mount Hope 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Ninth Row 

Hunt, Donald W. Arkansas City 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Hunt, Jo Ann Arkansas City 

Junior in Home Economics 

Hunt, Marvin W. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Hunt, William D. Mission 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Tenth Row 

Hunter, Barbara M. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Hunter, Carolyn R. Topeka 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Hunter, Donald D. Great Bend 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Hunter, Mary J. Wichita 

Junior in Home Economics 

Bottom Row 

Hurley, Phoebe A. Salina 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Hurtig, Virginia L. Courtland 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Huseman, Melva J. Kanopolis 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Hutcherson, Anne C. McPherson 

Freshman in Home Economics 


"*1 &* £| .*M» 

7"op Row 

Hutchinson, Delburn Dodge City 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Hutchinson, Kay Delavan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Hutchison, Donald P. Wichita 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 


Hyde, Sylvia J. 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Hylton, Gary K. Mission 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Idtse, Frederick S. Beloit, Wis. 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Ilsley, Mary E. McPherson 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Iniler, Mary L. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Imthurn, Charles E. Paxico 

Junior in Agriculture 

Iott, Beverly A. Topeka 

Junior in Home Economics 

Irvine, Twila J. Delphos 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Isaac, Sandra A. Norton 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Ismert, George G. Larned 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Isom, James K. Baldwin 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Jackson, Janice S. Overland Park 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Jackson, Jimmie M. Americus 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Jackson, Shirley S. Hutchinson 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Jacobson, Charles H. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Jacobson, Marvel L. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

James, William R. Clay Center 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Jamison, Marlene L. Quinter 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Janasek, Marjorie A. Munden 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Janes, Donald R. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Jaime, Jack E. Great Bend 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Bottom Row 

Jaime, Keith W. Wilson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

J ant/, Orlo K. Gypsum 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Jarchow, Donald F. Oshkosh, Neb. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Jeffers, Robert D. Highland 

Junior in Agriculture 

Jeffery, Virginia M. Morland 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Jenkins, Blaine E. Caney 

Second Year in Engineering and 

Jenkins, Donald L. Holton 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Jenkins, Edwin K. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Jensen, Shirley A. Olathe 

Freshman in Home Economics 


Jenson, Marilyn I. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Jepsen, Delbert D. Lincoln 

Junior in Agriculture 

Jepson, Robert E. Eskridge 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Gallons of coffee perk, boil, and are finally drunk by K-Staters in the Stu- 
dent Union. A battery of pots is put into action for the mid-morning rush. 


Top Row 

Jern, Eugenia M. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Home Economics 
Jessup, Paul B. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Jewett, Melvin D. Halstead 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Jimenez, Bibe A. Valley Center 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Second Row 

John, Edward S. Kansas City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Johnson, Barbara A. Fredonia 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Johnson, Betty A. Wichita 

Sophomore in Home Economics 
Johnson, Beverly A. 

Corpus Christi, Texas 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Third Row 

Johnson, Carla J. Fairfield, Iowa 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Johnson, Carleton B. Concordia 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Johnson, Charles E. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Johnson, Clair E. Smolan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Fourth Row 

Johnson, Duane A. Hutchinson 

Freshman in Agriculture 
Johnson, Einar L. Smolan 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Johnson, Eldon H. Manhattan 

Freshman in Engineering and 


Johnson, Eldon E. Great Bend 

Sophomore in Agriculture 
Fifth Row 

Johnson, Eldon B. Assaria 

Junior in Agriculture 
Johnson, Ethel M. Jennings 

Junior in Home Economics 
Johnson, Frank E. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Johnson, Gerald R. 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Sixth Row 

Johnson, Gilbert E. Salina 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Johnson, Gloria M. Dwight 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Johnson, Harriet C. Kanona 

Junior in Home Economics 

Johnson, Jacqueline Belleville 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Seventh Row 

Johnson, James A. Fairfield, Iowa 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Johnson, John W. Cleburne 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Johnson, Max A. Council Grove 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Johnson, Nancy J. Kanona 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Eighth Row 

Johnson, Ralph D. Wichita 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Johnson, Ralph T. Salina 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Johnson, Richard G. Manhattan 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Johnson, Shirley P. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ninth Row 

Johnson, William H. 

Greenwood, S. C. 

Third Year in Engineering and 

Johnson, William J. El Dorado 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Johnson, William O. Wellington 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Johnston, Earl C. Attica 

Junior in Agriculture 

Tenth Row 

Johnston, Lorelei Kansas City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Johnston, Nancy C. Wichita 

Freshman in Home Economics 
Johnston, Nancy L. Osborne 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Johnston, K. Wesley Haddam 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Bottom Row 

Jolley, Charles D. Princeton, 111. 

First Year in Engineering and 

Jolley, Sarah K. Princeton, 111. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Jones, Dexter L. Ness City 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Jones, Donald D. Lebo 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 


Top Row 

Jones, Mariellen Wichita 

Junior in Home Economics 

Jones, Mary C. Lyons 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Jones, Paul E. Lyons 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Jordon, Donald L. Topeka 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Joslin, Dean F. Harper 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Joss, Betty A. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Josserand, Oliver W. Johnson 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Joy, Denretta L. Prairie Village 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Jung, Jerry W. Hutchinson 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Kadel, John E. Hunter 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Kaine, Albert A. Wamego 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Kaiser, David P. Long Island 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Second Row 

Kaiser, Joyce I. Miltonvale 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Kallenbach, Keith A. Hill City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Kamal, Marwan R. Tulkarm, Jordan 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Kamdar, Vasantlal C. Bombay, India 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Kaminsky, Ira M. Bellaire, N. Y. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Kamisato, Jane S. Kaneohe, Hawaii 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Kannarr, Harold E. Topeka 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Kappler, Karl H. Liberal 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Karns, M. Kathleen Newton 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Karst, Lilbourn D. Hoisington 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Karstensen, Elmer L. Haven 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Kastens, James L. Anthony 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Bottom Row 

Kastens, Karl C. Kiowa 

Freshman in Agriculture 
Kastner, Norman D. Westmoreland 

Junior in Agriculture 

Kaufman, Donald R. South Mound 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Keating, James R. Haddam 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Keefe, Terence E. Lincoln, Neb. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Keeling, Jay R. Salina 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Keiswetter, Betty J. Hill City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Keith, Cecil G. Birmingham, Ala. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Keller, Charles D. Ford 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Kelling, Keith W. Cedar 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Kelly, Joseph W. Jeffersonville, Ind. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Kelly, Kathleen Wichita 

Junior in Home Economics 

Collegians and catalogs are cast into lead type on the linotype machines 
which comprise part of the Kansas State print shop located in Kedzie hall. 


Top Row 
Kelly, Steve D. Kansas City 

Third Year in Engineering and 

Kelsey, Peggy F. Ottawa 

Junior in Home Economics 

Kemp, Marilyn J. Ellinwood 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Kempthorn, Kuhrman Manhattan 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Second Row 

Kendall, Leland D. White City 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Kennedy, Charles D. Topeka 

Junior in Agriculture 

Kennedy, Rosemary Leon 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Kennedy, William C. St. John 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Third Row 

Kent, Kenneth B. Kansas City 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Kenworthy, Ralph F. Frankfort 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Kerbs, Gerald K. Great Bend 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Kerr, Delores E. Garden Plains 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fourth Row 

Kersenbrock, Jaek J. Colby 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Kester, Larry D. Cambridge, Neb. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Ketchum, Greta J. Wichita 

Sophomore in Home Economics 
Ketter, William E. Osborne 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Fifth Row 
Khankan, Riyad Y. Aleppo, Syria 

Junior in Agriculture 

Kiddoo, Clyde H. Coffeyville 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Kiddoo, John G. Kismet 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Kincaid, Wayne S. Mulvane 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Sixth Row 
Kind, Robert E. Herington 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

King, Dale E. McPherson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
King, Donna J. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

King, George E. Rushville, Ind. 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Seventh Row 

King, Paul W. 


Second Year in Engineering and 

Kinsinger, John R. Garden City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Kipfer, Margaret S. 


Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Kirk, Ronald L. Salina 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Eighth Row 

Kirkeminde, Thomas W. Alta Vista 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Kirkham, Jack E. Wichita 

First Year in Engineering and 

Kirkland, John K. Minneapolis 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Kirkland, Richard E. Minneapolis 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Ninth Row 

Kirkwood, Robert L. 

Haddonf ield, N. Y. 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Kissick, Robert J. Beverly 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Klahr, Alma J. Netawaka 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Klee, Robert W. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Tenth Row 

Klein, Kendall L. Brudett 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Klover, Bernard D. Marysville 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Knapp, Carl B. Concordia 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Knapp, Ruth L. Gridley 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Bottom Row 

Knepper, Elmer D. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Knoche, Jimmie G. Hillsdale 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Knostman, Harry D. Wamego 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Knox, Carol D. Tonganoxie 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 


Top Row 

Knudsen, Donald D. Menlo, Iowa 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Kobs, Donald E. Meade 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Kobs, Larry R. Meade 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Kocher, Edward T. Aurora 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Koci, Avanelle La Crosse 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Koch, James R. Kansas City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Kohlschreiber, Richard Topeka 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Kohr, Ruth M. Salina 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Kollman, Patricia A. Woodston 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Kolman, Armand K. Cuba 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Kolterman, Greta R. Onaga 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Kozisek, Donald J. Holyrood 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Second Row 

Kracht, Lavern J. Marysville 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 
Kraemer, Kathryn A. Marysville 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Kramer, James C. Seneca 

Sophomore in Agriculture 
Kranz, Jo Ann Brownell 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Kratochvil, Milo V. Irving 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

k raus, Thayne L. Otis 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Krauss, Clede A. Gypsum 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Kreft, Delia M. Natoma 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Krepps, Marvin D. Winfield 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Krizek, Kenneth R. Dresden 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Krob, Elaine A. Belleville 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Kruckenberg, Homer A. Great Bend 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Third Row 

Kruger, Arvilla G. Soldier 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Krumme, Shirley M. Concordia 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Kubik, David L. Caldwell 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Kugler, Harold J. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

k nil I man, Dorothy A. Linn 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Kulp, Kathleen K. Haddam 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Kulp, Marilyn A. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Kunkle, Ann E. Leavenworth 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Kupfer, John R. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Kush, William J. Augusta 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Kuttler, Ross A. Tribune 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Kvasnicka, John L. Wakeeney 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Kvasnicka, William G. Lucas 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Kvitle, Martin D. Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Lagasse, Orville L. 


Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Lair, John M. Piqua 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Laird, Jerry L. Anthony 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Lamb, Vearl Hays 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Lambert, Mary E. Wilson 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Landon, Vera M. Wichita 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Lane, Gallard Johnson 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Langford, James M. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Lanterman, Harlan K. Great Bend 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Larkin, Wilma J. El Dorado 

Junior in Home Economics 



Top Row 
Larson, Beverly A. McDonald 

Junior in Home Economics 

Larson, David L. Prairie Village 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Larson, Delbert L. Effingham 

Junior in Agriculture 

Larson, Janet Wamego 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Larson, Joyce E. Concordia 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Larson, Joyce E. May Day 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Larson, Laverne S. Effingham 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Larson, Rosa E. Concordia 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Third Row 
Larson, Roxanne L. Clay Center 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Larson, Stanley L. Effingham 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Larson, Thelma J. McDonald 

Junior in Home Economics 

La Rue, Billy Joe Chanute 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Fourth Row 

Larue, Joe N. Erie 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Lasher, Arthur T. Kansas City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Last, Robert H. Leavenworth 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Latham, Gary E. Osborne 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Fifth Row 
Lathan, Ramona R. Wichita 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Latter, Donald D. Topeka 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Latzke, Phyllis Junction City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Lauber, Datha D. Yates Center 

Junior in Home Economics 

Sixth Row 

Laughlin, James A. Goodland 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Laverentz, Donald L. Marysville 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Laverentz, Loren S. Bendena 

Junior in Agriculture 

Lawrence, Gary D. Topeka 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Seventh Row 

Lawson, Wayne E. 


Freshman in Engineering and 

Lay, Dorothy A. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Layton, Robert F. Wichita 

Junior in Agriculture 

Leasure, Elden E. Manhattan 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Eighth Row 

Lee, Beverly A. Herington 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Lee, Constance H. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Lee, Hazel J. Merriam 

First Year in Engineering and 

Lee, Herbert L. Bonner Springs 

Junior in Agriculture 

Ninth Row 

Lee, Richard S. Raytown, Mo. 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Lee, Thomas F. Independence 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Leeper, Marilyn L. Lyndon 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Legill, Lester A. Westphalia 

Junior in Agriculture 

Tenth Row 

Lehman, Ellen M. Halstead 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Lehman, Lawrence D. Gypsum 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Leider, Charles Howard 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Leinweber, Carl E. Frankfort 

Junior in Agriculture 

Bottom Row 
Lemon, Margie J. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Lenhert, Donald H. 


Sophomore in Engineering and 

Leonard, Alice L. Sublette 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Less, Loren J. Canf ield 

Freshman in Engineering and 


Top Row 
Lessor, Leo C. Vesper 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Lester, Joyce A. Topeka 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Leverton, Dolan D. Portis 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Levin, Jon A. 

Freshman in Agriculture 


Lewelling, Carl V. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Lewerenz, Arthur L. Lineolnville 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Lewis, Barbara J. Hazelton 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Lewis, Dollie J. Topeka 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Lewis, Donald N. Quenemo 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Lewis, Joanne Overland Park 

Freshman in A rts and Sciences 

Lewis, Robert D. Gibbon 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Liebl, Ronald C. Nashville 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Second Row 

Liggett, Patricia A. Kansas City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Lillard, Bonnie L. Great Bend 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Lilliequist, Vera I. Medicine Lodge 

Junior in A rts and Sciences 

Lincoln, Donna M. Wichita 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Lindblad, Delores Assaria 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Lindblom, Mary J. Salina 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Lindell, David L. Prescott 

Junior in Agriculture 

Lindeman, Gerald Sublette 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Lindeman, Marilyn L. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Lindquist, John F. Topeka 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Lippitt, Judith L. Topeka 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Lippoldt, Victor D. Dodge City 

Junior in Agriculture 

Bottom Row 

Livengood, Dale L. 

Clay Center 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Lizotte, Robert J. Topeka 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Lloyd, Theodore R. Spring Hill 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Lodholz, Dorothy J. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Logan, Bobby L. Beloit 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Logan, Dale L. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Logan, Samuel H. Salina 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Logsdon, Richard J. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Londeen, Jane A. Chapman 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Londene, James R. Enterprise 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Long, Carollyn J. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Long, Kenneth D. 


Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Friends and fans gather around the roundballers (here guard J. R. Snyder) 
between the court and dressing rooms to get autographs and to say "hello. " 


Top Row 

Long, Robert C. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Long, William C. 


Junior in Agriculture 

Longerot, George E. Pittsburg 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Looby, George P. Middletown, Conn. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Looinis, James A. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Lortseher, James P. Bern 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Loseke, Phyllis J. Gem 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Lothman, John A. Kansas City 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Third Row 

Lowe, Larry E. Osage City 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Lowell, Darrel D. Concordia 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Lowell, Dona Lee Concordia 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Ludes, Joan F. Salina 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Fourth Row 

Ludes, Richard E. Salina 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Lueck, Lloyd M. Holyrood 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Luginsland, Loris L. Dunlap 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Lundberg, Anna L. Manhattan 

Junior in Home Economics 

Fifth Row 

Lundgren, Ann L. Topeka 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Lundgrin, Nelson E. Lucas 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Lunt, Leon F. Pratt 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Lupton, Anelle M. Montezuma 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Sixth Row 

Lurtz, Donald K. Concordia 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Lusk, Carolyn Olivet 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Lynch, Amory S. San Diego, Calif. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Lynch, Robert D. Dodge City 

Junior in Agriculture 

Seventh Row 

Lyne, Carol S. Cleburne 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Lyon, Anne K. Wichita 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Lyon, Lynn C. Americus 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Mabry, Doris A. Augusta 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Mabry, John D. Great Bend 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Macek, Bernadine M. Wilson 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Mackender, Edward L. Clay Center 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Mackender, Richard L. Riley 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Ninth Row 

Mackie, Deaun R. Maple Hill 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Mackintosh, Mary Belle Manhattan 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Macy, Melvin E. Kinsley 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Madden, Marcille Hoxie 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Tenth Row 

Magette, Louis D. Beloit 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Mahany, Shirley Kansas City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Male, Walter N. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Malir, Eugene D. Wilson 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Bottom Row 

Malir, Margaret J. Ellsworth 

Junior in Home Economics 

Malm, Gerhard A. Topeka 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Malone, Norman H. Hugoton 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Maloney, Robert L. Hope 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 


Top Row 

Mancuso, Robert P. Omaha, Neb. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Manly, Maryolive Kansas City 

Junior in A rts and Sciences 

Mann, William E. Couneil Grove 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Mansfield, Charles R. Clay Center 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Mansfield, Hubert D. Clay Center 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Manson, Janiee L. St. Francis 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Mardis, Joan C. Preston 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Markley, Janet S. 

Freshman in Home Economics 


Markley, John R. Mound City 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Marks, Keith H. Zenith 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Marler, Carole A. Simpson 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Marrs, Leon C. Lamar 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Marsh, James D. Mulvane 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Marshall, Eddy R. Parsons 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Marti, Bonnie M. Webster Groves, Mo. 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Martin, Duain C. Junction City 

Junior in Agriculture 

Martin, Gene B. Burdick 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Martin, Jane A. Kansas City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Martin, Peter A. Olathe 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Martin, Suzanne K. Salina 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Martin, Wilma P. Rossville 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Martinez, Edmund F. Marysville 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Marttinen, Pekka Fort Leavenworth 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Mase, Norma J. St. John 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Mathews, George H. Lecompton 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Matson, Andrew A. Belmont 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

f*\ f^ ^i 

Mattson, James I. Salina 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Mattson, Sanford E. Salina 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Maxwell, Edith M. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Maxwell, Gwenlynn B. Topeka 

Junior in Home Economics 

May, Harley E. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Maycumber, Larry A. Fort Scott 

Second Year in Engineering and 

Mayden, Earl L. Lindsborg 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Mayden, Mark A. Abilene 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Mayer, John P. Chicago, HI. 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Panhellenic relations are discussed at the Alpha Chi house by sorority 
representatives as part of the experimental workshop set up by Panhellenic. 


Top Row 
Mayer, Rex I. Brewster 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Mayes, Margaret K. Luray 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Maywahl, Gerda H. 

Rintelin, Germany 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Mazza, Chester A. Shawnee 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

McAlister, Jay E. Atchison 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

McBurney, Ruth E. Quinter 

Freshman in Home Economics 

McCallum, George D. Elmdale 

Freshman in Agriculture 

McCandless, George S. St. John 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Third Row 
McCarter, Harvey J. Manhattan 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

McCartney, Judith K. Wichita 

Freshman in Home Economics 

McCauley, Curtis L. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

McChesney, Richard W. Norton 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Fourth Row 

McClellan, Clair D. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

McClelland, Shirley Washington 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

McClun, David E. Preston, Idaho 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

McCoid, James H. Rossville 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Fifth Row 

McCormick, Charlotte Menlo 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

McCowen, Don I. Great Bend 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

McCoy, Fred E. Wellington 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

McCoy, Harold E. Paola 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Sixth Row 
McCracken, Patti J. Ellsworth 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

McCrea, James R. Ottawa 

Freshman in Engineering and 

McCready, Marylyn A. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

McCulley, Robert M. Moran 

Third Year in Engineering and 

Seventh Row 

McDaniel, Dolan K. Norton 

Freshman in Engineering and 

McDaniel, Jerry R. Goodland 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

McDaniel, Roland N. Goodland 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

McDonald, Donald G. Oakley 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

McDonald, Hugh J. Harris 

Junior in Agriculture 

McDowell, Sue C. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

McFadden, Lois M. Kansas City 

Freshman in Home Economics 

McFall, Keith J. Lakin 

Junior in Agriculture 

Ninth Row 

McGehee, A. LeRoy Manhattan 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

McGehee, John A. Manhattan 

Freshman in Engineering and 

McGhee, Larry L. Centralia 

Freshman in Agriculture 

McGill, Joel S. Junction City 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Tenth Row 

McGregor, Harrison E. Leon 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Mcllvain, Alice H. Clay Center 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Mcintosh, James L. Rochester, N. Y. 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Mcintosh, Merlyn R. Rochester, N. Y. 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Bottom Row 

McGinnis, Howard M. Wisner, Neb. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Mclntyre, David G. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

McKay, David B. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

McKelvey, Mary M. Salem, 111. 

Sophomore in Home Economics 


Top Row 

McKelvy, Barbara J. Leoti 

Junior in Home Economics 

McKenna, Leonard J. Osborn 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

McKenna, Tim E. Kingman 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

McKibben, Mary E. Stafford 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

McKim, Walter L. Frankfort 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

McKnight, David E. Eskridge 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

McLeland, James R. Hiawatha 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

McMillan, Mary J. Randall 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

McMillen, Thomas E. Mission 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

McMillen, Wesley R. Salina 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

McMullen, Phyllis J. Phillipsburg 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

McNary, Harry D. Sabetha 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Second Row 

McNelis, Marilyn M. Coffeyville 

Freshman in Home Economics 

McNutt, Janet A. Winfield 

Freshman in Home Economics 

McReynolds, Martha D. Scott City 

Junior in Home Economics 

McReynolds, Peggy L. Coffeyville 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Mc Williams, Jerry D. Topeka 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Meador, Marlin R. Independence 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Mears, Dorinda J. Beloit 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Meek, Alice L. Idana 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Mehl, Wayne Lorraine 

Junior in Agriculture 

Meisinger, Merlin K. Otis 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Melcher, Alvin E. Ottawa 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Melcher, Wayne F. Wichita 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Bottom Row 

Menefee, Marilyn G. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Menehan, Judy F. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Mentgen, Mary A. Marysville 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Mentgen, Ronald P. Salina 

Second Year in Engineering and 

Merrill, Sarah M. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Mershon, Jerry L. Oakley 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Merz, Norman C. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Metz, Jerry P. St. John 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Meyer, Charles K. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Meyer, Henry L. Riley 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Meyer, Ross E. Great Bend 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Meyers, Donalee Woodston 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Waldo takes time out from his campus wanderings to "talk" to journalism 
students on the steps of Kedzie. Phi Kappa fraternity sponsors and owns Waldo. 


Top Row 

Meyers, Galen J. Topeka 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Meyers, Jerry R. Merriam 

Second Year in Engineering and 

Meyers, Robert L. Kansas City 

Freshman in Engineering and 
A rchitecture 

Meyers, Ronald J. Hiawatha 

Junior in Agriculture 

Second Row 

Michaels, Gavona J. 

Michigan Valley 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Michel, Darl Garden City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Miksch, Eldon D. Oswego 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Miller, Andrew J. Junction City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Third Row 

Miller, Beverly J. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Miller, Bryce B. Wichita 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Miller, Carol S. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Miller, Donald R. 


Freshman in Agriculture 
Fourth Row 

Miller, Eugene F. Bogue 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Miller, Eula B. Tribune 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Miller, Gary L. Home 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Miller, Gerald J. Olpe 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Fifth Row 
Miller, Janice J. Milford 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Miller, Jim R. Sublette 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Miller, Kathryn A. Sabetha 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Miller, Kenneth W. Lansdowne, Pa. 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Sixth Row 

Miller, Raymond E. Conway 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Miller, Richard C. Newton 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Miller, Robert B. Eureka 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Miller, Ross J. Twin Falls, Idaho 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Seventh Row 

Miller, Shirley A. Garden City 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Miller, Tommy L. Oakley 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Miller, Verna M. Sublette 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Mills, Ivan R. St. John 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Mills, Marvin L. St. Francis 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Miner, Jolene Great Bend 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Misak, Dale E. Freeport 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Mishler, Robert D. Ransom 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Ninth Row 

Mitchell, Donald L. Lakota, N. D. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Moberly, Darrel L. St. Francis 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Moden, Walter L. Jr. Wakeeney 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Mog, Willis L. Mankato 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Tenth Row 

Mohl, Keith L. Russell 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Molesworth, Dale R. Colony 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Molzen, Marilyn Newton 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Money, Joe E. Parsons 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Bottom Row 

Monroe, Clarence D. Hoisington 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Monroe, John K. Jr. Lakewood, Colo. 

Third Year in Engineering and 

Monteith, Richard C. Oxford 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Montgomery, James D. McDonald 

Freshman in Agriculture 


Top Row 

Moore, Anna L. Roanoke, Va. 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Moore, Bobby L. Iuka 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Moore, Jaek B. Iuka 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Moore, James A. Seott City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Moore, James I. Eudora 

Junior in Agriculture 

Moore, Janis L. Byers 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Moore, Jarry V. Muscotah 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Moore, Jimmy R. Cimarron 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Moore, Marilyn R. Mission 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Moore, Robert D. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Moore, Warren E. 


Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Moorhead, Philip D. Pratt 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Second Row 

Moors, Glen E. McPherson 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Moranville, Ronald E. 

Guide Roek, Neb. 

Freshman iji Arts and Sciences 

Morf ord, Larry G. Delia 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Morgan, John T. Oshkosh, Wis. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Morgan, Maurice G. Herington 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Morgan, Patricia A. Russell 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Morgan, Patsy A. Hutchinson 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Morine, Donna J. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Morris, Galen Z. Topeka 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Morris, Helen L. Coldwater 

Junior in Home Economics 

Morris, Mary A. Stafford 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Morrisey, Ann Topeka 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Third Row 

Morrow, Beverly A. Berryton 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Morrow, Norman R. Garfield 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Morse, J. Howard Jr. La Crosse 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Morton, Marilyn E. Wamego 

Junior in Home Economics 

Moser, Carter H. Wellington 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Moses, Donald H. Topeka 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Moshier, Roberta J. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Mosier, Richard H. 


Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Moss, Joseph A. Beloit 

Junior in Agriculture 

Moss, Treva M. Atlanta 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Mover, Charles I. Topeka 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Muecke, Allen R. Pratt 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Mueller, Elwood L. Little Falls, N. Y. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Mueller, Sandra G. Wichita 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Mugler, Martin G. Oak Hill 

Junior in Agriculture 

Muir, Lewis A. Stockton 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Mulligan, Virgil E. Omaha, Neb. 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Munkres, Kenneth D. Rexford 

Junior in Agriculture 

Murdie, David H. Meriden 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Murphey, Lewis L. Protection 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Murray, James L. Menlo Park, Calif. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Murray, James W. Mound City 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Murray, John M. Jr. Beloit 

Junior in Agriculture 

Murray, William J. Menlo Park, Calif. 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 





3 ^ '■■■ f- 


Top Row 
Myer, Janet L. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Myers, Carl R. Garden City 

Junior in Agriculture 

Myers, Harriet R. El Dorado 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Myers, James A. Mulvane 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Myers, Monte H. Abilene 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Myers, Richard Salina 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Nash, Harold K. Topeka 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Natzke, Mary J. Leavenworth 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Third Row 

Neal, David M. Whitewater 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Neal, Richard W. Williamsburg 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Needels, Orval T. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Needham, James A. Lancaster 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Fourth Row 

Neff, Earl D. Wakeeney 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Nehrig, Dean A. Marysville 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Neifert, Jim D. Glen Elder 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Neilan, Gary J. St. Francis 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Fifth Row 
Neis, Glenn E. Wellsville 

Junior in Agriculture 

Nelson, Alvin L. Corbin 

Freshman in Agriculture 
Nelson, Dee W. Bridgeport 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Nelson, Dorine K. Riley 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Sixth Row 

Nelson, Dorothy A. Mission 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Nelson, Elmer Pratt 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Nelson, Larry R. Sylvan Grove 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Nelson, Leona M. Clifton 

Freshman in Home Economics 
Seventh Row 

Nelson, Loii E. Burlington 

Freshman in Engineering and 
A rchitecture 

Nelson, Robert D. Scott City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Nelson, Vern A. Concordia 

Freshman in Engineering and 
A rchitecture 

Nemeth, Dianne S. Oberlin 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Nery, Ronald D. Cheswick, Pa. 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Nesmith, Kenneth L. Osborne 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Nestler, Carl M. Atchison 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Nethercot, Hubert S. Hutchinson 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Ninth Row 
Neuer, Frederick W. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 
New, Albert E. Stilwell 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Newby, Jack S. Eureka 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Newcomer, Carl G. El Dorado 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Tenth Row 

Newcomer, John E. Marion 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Newell, Jacqueline A. Stafford 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Newlin, Theodore R. 

Parseppany, N. J. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Newton, Chacella T. 


Junior in Home Economics 
Bottom Row 

Neyer, Philip Jr. Brownell 

Sophomore in Agriculture 
Nichols, Elgene R. Ottawa 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Nichols, Warren D. Alton 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Nicholson, Joyce A. Great Bend 

Junior in Home Economics 



Top Row 

Nicholson, M. Jean Hardin 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Nicklaus, Beth E. Mount Hope 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Nickols, Calvin J. Phillipsburg 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Niernberger, Floyd F. Ellis 

Junior in Agriculture 

Nieveen, Margery C. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Nixon, Paul Cimarron 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Nolan, James J. Junction City 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Nolan, William B. Jr. Junction City 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Noll, Patricia L. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Nolle, Gerald M. Falls City, Neb. 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Norton, Clinton C. Augusta 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Novak, Robert L. Lost Springs 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Second Row 

Noyce, Edwin C. Manhattan 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Nuttle, James R. El Dorado 

Junior in Agriculture 

Nuzman, John W. Topeka 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Nyberg, Shirley J. Clay Center 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Nye, Derald D. Oakley 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Oberg, Janet I. Clay Center 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Ogbom, Walter W. Iola 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ogburn, Carolyn A. Garden City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ogg, William D. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

O'Hara, Duane L. Partridge 

Freshman in Agriculture 

O'Hara, Ruth E. Mankato 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Ohse, David E. Topeka 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Olsen, Leslie A. Hardy, Neb. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Olsen, William O. Council Grove 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Olson, Harold A. Salina 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Olson, Janice C. Gypsum 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Olson, Janice J. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Olson, Lois E. Council Grove 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Olson, Lynne K. Wichita 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Olson, Marilyn M. Kansas City 

Junior in Home Economics 

Olson, Phyllis L. Scandia 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Olsson, Roger L. 


Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Olt jen, John L. Robinson 

Junior in Agriculture 

Oltjen, Ladonna J. Leona 

Junior in Home Economics 

They're not witches portraying Shakespeare's "Round about the cauldron 
go." They are coeds attired in leotards practicing for an Orchestra production. 


Top Row 

Oltjen, Marilyn M. Robinson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Oltjen, Nadine C. Leona 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
O'Neal, Judith A. Kansas City 

Freshman in Home Economics 
O'Neal, Marvin P. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Orban, Roger F. Chicago, 111. 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Orme, Larry D. Murdoek 

Freshman in Agriculture 
Orme, Lila J. Murdoek 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Ortel, Judith Downs 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Third Row 

Ostenberg, Eugene M. Salina 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Osterheld, John R. Matawan, N. J. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Oswald, Kitty L. Wakefield 

Junior in Home Economics 

Ottaway, Lucille A. Viola 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Fourth Row 


Ottman, Donna L. 

Freshman in Home Economics 
Overall, Douglas Turon 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Overby, Helen C. Sunflower 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Owen, Patricia M. Goodland 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Fifth Row 

Owens, Alice K. Mission 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Painter, Elsie M. Meade 

Junior in Home Economics 

Palermo, Peter J. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Pang, Norman Helena, Ark. 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Sixth Row 

Panzer, Keith L. Lincoln 

Junior in Agriculture 

Paramore, Evelyn A. Topeka 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Park, Gilbert N. Meade 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Parker, Bob D. Wellington 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Seventh Row 

Parker, Clarence Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Parker, Daryl D. Whiting 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Parker, Elizabeth S. Wichita 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Parker, Gary A. Arkansas City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Parks, Leslie C. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Parks, Richard D. Mapleton 

Junior in Engineering and Agriculture 
Parks, Ronald D. Overland Park 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Parrack, Dean K. Mahaska 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ninth Row 

Parshall, Ilene R. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Parsons, Donnie L. Brewster 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Parsons, Roger N. Hugoton 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Patchin, Peter J. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Tenth Row 

Patterson, John D. Salina 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Patterson, Warren E. Ellsworth 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Patton, Billy P. Scott City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Patton, Duane Y. Council Grove 

First Year in Engineering and 

Bottom Row 

Patton, Melvin N. Council Grove 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Patton, Patricia A. Arkansas City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Patzell, William A. 


Sophomore in Engineering and 

Paugh, Constance M. Salina 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 


Top Row 

Paul, William D. Weskan 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Pauls, Lester D. Inman 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Paulsen, Kathleen Zenith 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Paulson, Arnold E. Lindsborg 

Freshman in Engineering and Agriculture 

Paulson, Robert J. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Payne, Betty A. Kansas City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Payne, James K. Burrton 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Peak, Richard P. Manhattan 

Junior in Agriculture 

Pearson, Francis M. Derby 

Sophomore in Engineering and Agriculture 

Pearson, Margaret A. Clifton 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Peck, Harold M. Greensburg 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Peddicord, Rita R. Wamego 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Pelton, Dorothy L. Topeka 

Third Year in Engineering and Agriculture 

Peltzer, Henry J. Andale 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Penner, Keith G. Great Bend 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Pennick, Donna F. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Peppiatt, Sam Ellsworth 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Perkins, Dale E. Neodesha 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Perkins, James R. Howard 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Perkins, Mary F. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Perry, Lois E. Wakarusa 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Peter, Helen L. St. George 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Peters, Leroy L. Walnut 

Sophomore in Engineering and Agriculture 

Petersen, Carol F. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Petersilie, Lawrence 

Ness City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Petersilie, William Ness City 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Peterson, Carol M. St. John 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Peterson, Carolyn J. Coldwater 

Junior in Home Economics 

Peterson, Cynthia Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Peterson, Donald C. Clifton 

Junior in Agriculture 

Peterson, Donald K. Yates Center 

Junior in Agriculture 

Peterson, Donald W. Burdick 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Peterson, Elda R. Delavan 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Peterson, James R. Marquette 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Peterson, Janet S. Leonardville 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Peterson, Lee A. Norton 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

The Fabulous Redhead, Agnes Moorehead, dazzled her audience in the Audi- 
torium when she portrayed her famous role in "Sorry, Wrong Number." 


Top Row 

Peterson, Lowell B. Norton 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Peterson, Richard L. Burdiek 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Peterson, Rita M. McDonald 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Petr, Raymond L. Blue Rapids 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Second Row 

Petr, Richard D. Blue Rapids 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Petracek, Howard A. Jennings 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Pettit, Melvin U. Benkelman, Neh. 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Pettit, Thomas G. Topeka 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Third Row 

Pf uetze, David Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Phelps, Eleanor L. Sedgwick 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Phillips, Alan L. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Phillips, Beverly J. Great Bend 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Fourth Row 

Phillips, Norman W. Topeka 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Piccola, Ralph J. Hackettston 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Pickett, Duane I. Emporia 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Pickett, Richard A. Topeka 

Junior in Agriculture 

Fifth Row 

Pickett, Ruth A. Topeka 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Pierce, Gary L. Wichita 

First Year in Engineering and 

Pierpoint, Robert M. Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Pilcher, Paula M. Concordia 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Sixth Row 
Pinet, Robert L. Wamego 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Piper, William C. 


Junior in Engineering and 

Pippin, Raymond E. Augusta 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Pishny, Janice F. Cleburne 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Seventh Row 

Playter, Robert F. 

Great Neck, N. Y. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 
Poelma, John C. Beloit 

Freshman in Agriculture 
Pohlman, Donald L. Ellinwood 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Pollom, James E. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Poison, Louise N. Vermillion 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Poore, Lee K. Anderson, Ind. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Pope, Donald L. Brea, Calif. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Porch, James E. Abilene 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ninth Row 
Porter, James A. Okmulgee, Okla. 

Freshman in Engineering and 
A rchi lecture 

Porter, Phillip G. Garden City 

Junior in Agriculture 

Poston, Carl W. Rose Hill 

Freshman in Engineering and 
A rchitectu re 

Pottorff, Gary N. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Tenth Row 

Potts, Jack G. Ottawa 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Potwin, Ann McPherson 

Junior in Home Economics 

Potwin, Arlan G. Lyons 

Junior in Agriculture 
Poulter, Patricia A. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 
Pratt, Betsy J. White City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Prawl, Phillip W. Severance 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Pretz, Charles O. Olathe 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Pretzer, Don D. Garnett 

Junior in Agriculture 


Top Row 

Prewett, Mary P. Salina 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Price, Darold W. Salina 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Price, Mary Alice Liberty 

Freshman in A rts and Sciences 

Price, Sandra Junction City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Prickett, Wanda M. Simpson 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Prigmore, Donald G. Leon 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Ptacek, Patricia Manhattan 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Puckett, Virginia E. Augusta 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Puett, Joseph F. Ft. Riley 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Puhr, Barbara A. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Pulliam, Barbara J. Anthony 

Junior in Home Economics 

Pults, Daryl E. 

Junior in Agriculture 


Second Row 

Purcell, Mary F. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Quanz, Robert Eugene Glade 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Quick, Nathaniel L. Salina 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Quinlan, Mary Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Quint, Thomas E. Bunkerhill 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Rader, Wells R. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Raff erty, Robert W. Newton 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Raile, Elaine M. St. Francis 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Railsback, Jack D. Lincoln, Neb. 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Raitt, Marjorie A. Suwankee 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Raleigh, Reta M. 


Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Ramsey, Marion D. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Randall, Kay Protection 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Randall, Philip R. Protection 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Randels, Phyllis L. Bluff City 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Rankin, Martha E. Merriam 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Rankin, Roger Bernardsville, N. J. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Rankin, Serena Port Arthur, Texas 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Ransdell, Josephine 

Independence, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Rasch, Gloria L. Mission 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Rash, Larry A. Thayer 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Rasher, Nancy Abilene 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Rasic, Lily P. Lima, Peru 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Rathbone, David Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Nicotine addicts and refreshment seekers crowd around the concession stand 
in the Field House before the basketball game starts and during the halftime. 


Top Row 

Rawlings, Charlene Beloit 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Rawlins, Marilyn Holton 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Razor, Willis Lee Washington 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Reece, Katharine Gardner 

Junior in Home Economics 

Second Row 

Reece, Robert S. Gardner 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Reed, Dale V. Wichita 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Reed, Joan M. Mission 

Second Year in Engineering and 

Reed, Richard C. Topeka 

Freshman in Engineering and 
A rch itecture 

Third Row 

Reeder, George Kansas City 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Reese, Jerry W. Hiawatha 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Regier, Kathryn Hampton, Va. 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Regnier, Joseph Miltonvale 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Fourth Row 

Regnier, Nancy C. Concordia 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Reich, Elmer R. Barron, Wis. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Reichle, Virgil D. Cummings 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Reid, James A. Brewster 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Fifth Row 

Reid, Royal D. Brewster 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Reida, Byron D. Zenda 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Reiff, Velda J. Elmo 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Reinecker, Jo Eva Quinter 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Sixth Row 

Reinhardt, Richard Erie 

Junior in Agriculture 

Reiter, Robert C. Stafford 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Reitz, Roger P. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Renf ro, Richard Hutchinson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Seventh Row 

Renken, Gloria L. Lebanon 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Renz, Richard H. Riley 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Reser, Thomas Lebanon 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Reusser, Dwayne Mulvane 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Reusser, Marilyn Wellington 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Reynolds, James Wichita 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Reynolds, Warren D. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Rezac, Rosalie M. Onaga 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ninth Row 

Rhoades, James A. Cawker City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Rhoades, Keith R. Quinter 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Rhodes, Vera May Garden City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Rhodes, Robert R. Council Grove 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Tenth Row 

Rhyne, Robert R. Arcadia 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Riat, Lois Jean Wamego 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Rice, Richard C. Concordia 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Richards, Diane Lee Council Grove 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Richards, Verlyn D. Culver 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Richardson, Charlene El Dorado 

Junior in Home Economics 

Richardson, Jack H. Wichita 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Ricklefs, Delus W. Bendena 

Freshman in Agriculture 


Top Row 

Ricklefs, John E. Salina 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Rieg, Edwin G. Wichita 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Riley, Marilyn J. Holton 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Riley, Wayne K. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Rinehart, Marilyn E. Hutchinson 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Ritter, Mary K. Junction City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Rizek, Eugene L. Munden 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Roberts, John R. Hermann, Mo. 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Roberts, Marya M. Wichita 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Roberts, Max K. St. John 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Roberts, Thomas E. Liberal 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Robertson, Phil R. Brownstown, Ind. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Second Row 

Robinson, Ann Marie Soldier 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Robison, Fred L. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Rockwell, Richard A. Frankfort 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Rodman, Ivan F. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Roesler, Joe E. Claflin 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Roether, Douglas D. Milford 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Rogers, Charles L. Oskaloosa 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Rogers, Dennis R. Burr Oak 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Rogers, Don K. Manhattan 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Rogers, Donna F. Manhattan 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Rogers, Gary B. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Rogers, Ira Jr. Topeka 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Third Row 

Rogers, Marilyn J. Topeka 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Rogers, Patricia R. Topeka 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Rogers, Terence F. Ganaan 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Rogers, William E. 

Fort Scott 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Roggenorff, George Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Rolfs, Patricia L. Lorraine 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Roosa, Margaret L. Greensboro, N. C. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Root, Barbara L. Junction City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Root, Thomas B. Atchison 

Second Year in Engineering and 

Rose, Adelaide Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Roseberry, Charles A. Derby 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Rosell, Charlotte L. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Rosenberger, William Hiawatha 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Rosendal, Edward S. Dannebrog, Neb. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Ross, Karen D. Pawnee Rock 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Roth, Leon L. Osborne 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Rousseau, Gerald D. Waldron 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Rowland, Charles W. Hutchinson 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Roy, Wayne L. Kiowa 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Ruda, Jack F. Atwood 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Rudman, Richard L. 


Freshman in Agriculture 

Rudrauff, Patsy R. Wichita 

Junior in Home Economics 

Ruggels, W. Lee Beverly 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Rumford, Fred K. Jetmore 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 



Top Row 
Rumold, Lloyd D. 


Freshman in Engineering and 

Rumsey, Thomas A. Council Grove 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Rundell, Jo A. Pierceville 

Sophomore in Home Economics 
Rundell, Marjorie H. Bavaria 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Second Row 

Rundle, Linda L. Clay Center 

Freshman in Home Economics 
Rundquist, Harvey W. Assaria 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Runyan, John G. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 
Rupert, Stephen Minneapolis 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Third Row 

Rush, Carol L. Milford 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Rush, Jay D. Sioux City, Iowa 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 
Rush, Marilyn L. Haviland 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Rusher, James F. Tulsa, Okla. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Fourth Row 

Rusk, Ardella R. Wellington 

Sophomore in Home Economics 
Rusk, Carol L. Wellington 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Russell, Beverly R. Ulysses 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Russell, Dorothy M. Rozel 

Junior in Home Economics 

Fifth Row 

Russell, Frances L. Garden City 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Russell, John W. Mankato 

Freshman in Agriculture 
Russell, June B. Fredonia 

Junior in Home Economics 

Russell, Richard K. St. John 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Sixth Row 

Russell, Virginia L. Rozel 

Junior in Home Economics 
Russell, Weldon E. Howard 

Junior in Agriculture 

Ruthrauff, Phyllis A. Overland Park 

Junior in Home Economics 

Sabhiok, Mohinder D. Simla, India 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Seventh Row 

Sackett, Charles S. Tonganoxie 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Saenger, Fred O. Sylvan Grove 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Salah, Yahya A. Tulkarm, Jordan 

Junior in Agriculture 

Salisbury, Johnny F. Lecompton 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Salisbury, Sally J. Lecompton 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Salter, Doris J. Wakefield 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Salter, Edith S. Wakefield 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Salter, Francis R. Turon 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Ninth Row 

Sambol, Richard M. Bethel 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Sampson, Jeannene L. Abilene 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Samuelson, Marvin L. Vermillion 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Sanders, Georgia L. Tribune 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Tenth Row 

Sanford, Robert E. Independence 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Santoro, Frank Staten Island, N. Y. 

Third Year in Engineering and 

Sapp, Shirley J. Hoxie 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Sargent, Beverly A. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Bottom Row 

Sargent, Janice C. Council Grove 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Sargent, Joan K. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Sartorius, William Summit, N. J. 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Sarvis, Shirley J. Norton 

Freshman in Home Economics 



Top Row 

Saulters, Raymond L. Kansas City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Savage, Robert J. Hackettstown, N. J. 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Saville, Darrell D. Marysville 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Sawyer, Charlene M. Fairview 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Sayler, John L. Jetmore 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Schafer, James R. Vermillion 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Schaller, Gordon D. Offerle 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Schartz, Toni M. Great Bend 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Schaulis, William E. 


Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Schicktanz, Robert T. Junction City 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Schimpf, Donald Lee Stafford 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Schlender, Wilda J. Quinault, Wash. 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Second Row 

Schmid, Walter C. 


Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Schmidt, Daniel H. Hillsboro 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Schmidt, Ernst H. Freeport 

Junior in Agriculture 

Schmidt, Jack Haven 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Schmidt, Jocelyn A. Goodland 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Schmidt, Paul G. Council Grove 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Schmidtlein, Grace 

Battleground, Wash. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Schmidtlein, Jessie 

Battleground, Wash. 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Schmitz, Lucele M. Mission 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Schneblin, Gloria S. Peoria, 111. 

Junior in Home Economics 

Schneck, Merle R. Lawrence 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Schneider, David L. Norton 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Schneider, Donald W. Natoma 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Schober, Robert L. Great Bend 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Schoen, Walter E. Cawker City 

Junior in Agriculture 

Schoenfeldt, Susan G. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Scholer, Charles F. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Scholler, Mary M. El Dorado 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Schoneweis, David A. Miltonvale 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine 

Schoneweis, Rachel L. Miltonvale 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Schoof, Donna J. Council Grove 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Schoof, Richard 

Council Grove 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Schrader, Jerry L. Great Bend 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Schrenk, Sara K. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Stuffed specimens populate K-State's museum in Fairchild hall. Live 
snakes and lizards are housed in cages and glass boxes on the second floor. 


"\ ft, ^ 


8 J£ # 

Top Row 

Schroeder, Edward C. St. Francis 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Schroeder, Marlene A. Holyrood 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Schroer, Joann M. Randolph 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Schuetz, Richard J. Mercier 

Second Year in Engineering and 

Second Row 

Schulte, Norman Alma 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Schultis, Estel J. Great Bend 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Schultz, Herbert M. Holton 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Schultz, Millicent B. Pawnee Rock 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Third Row 

Schultze, Roger G. Waldo 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Schumacher, Carl R. Kansas City 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Schumacher, Dorothy Kansas City 

Junior in Home Economics 

Schuman, Robert H. Powhattan 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Fourth Row 

Schwab, Leonard P. Madison 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Schwalm, Irvin M. Baldwin 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Schwarz, Carol L. Gypsvim 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Scoby, Connie L. Hays 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Fifth Row 

Scott, Charles A. 


Sophomore in Engineering and 

Scott, Inez M. Loring 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Scott, James L. St. George 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Scott, Jeanette Tulsa, Okla. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Sixth Row 

Scott, B. Kay Emporia 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Scott, Marvel J. Scott City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Scott, Opal A. Solomon 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Scott, Virginia L. Loring 

Junior in Home Economics 

Seventh Row 

Scribante, Adrian J. La Cygne 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Seaman, Arlen D. Gypsum 

First Year in Engineering and 

Seaton, Mary K. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Seeley, James C. Hiawatha 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Seibert, Twila M. Great Bend 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Seidler, Donna S. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Seirer, Myron P. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Seitz, Richard L. Lindsborg 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Ninth Row 

Sekavec, Norman P. Brownell 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Sell, Hazel K. Melvern 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Semisch, Floyd D. Leon 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Serrano, Pedro A. Puerto Rico 

Fourth Year in Engineering and 

Tenth Row 

Sessler, Carl W. Garden City 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Setzekorn, William D. Wichita 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Sewing, Alice M. Herington 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Shafer, Mary E. Silver Lake 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Shafer, Sally J. Overland Park 

Junior in Home Economics 

Shaffer, Jerry A. Lindsborg 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Shamburg, Harold K. Beloit 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Shank, Harry L. Abilene 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 


Top Row 
Shaw, Annalou Macksville 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Shaw, Don L. McPherson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Shaw, Kenneth A. Charleston 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Shea, Beverly B. Beloit 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Sheel, Harold Moline 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Sheets, Scott E. Topeka 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Sheets, Wayne O. Enterprise 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Sheets, William E. Havertown, Pa. 

Junior in Agriculture 

Sheldon, Charles M. 


Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Shenk, Carolyn China Lake, Calif. 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Sherman, George J. Toronto 

Junior in Agriculture 

Sherrell, Bette I. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Sherwood, Howard K. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Shields, James B. Falls City, Neb. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Shields, Janet E. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Shinier, Richard D. Topeka 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Shimp, J. Keith Madison 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Shipp, Robert L. Manhattan 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Shippy, Vida M. Chapman 

Junior in Home Economics 

Shirkey, Robin A. Garden City 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Shivers, Claude W. Clay Center 

Second Year in Engineering and 

Shoemaker, Marvin A. Narka 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Shore, Frederick L. Big Bow 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Shoup, Olive W. Udall 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Bottom Row 

Shoup, Robert G. Council Grove 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Shove, Cecil R. Havensville 

Junior in Agriculture 

Shove, Henry L. Havensville 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Shupe, Patricia J. McPherson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Shute, George E. Esbon 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Shutler, Marvin E. Arkansas City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Siegel, Hillard Baltimore, Md. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Siegle, Ross F. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Siemers, Diana Wakefield 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Siemsen, Donald H. Holyrood 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Si II in. Evelyn M. Hudson 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Simmonds, Cleo G. Hutchinson 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Chair-stuffers are future homemakers who enrolled in this home furnishings 
class in order to learn some of the domestic crafts such as furniture remodeling. 


Top Row 
Simmons, Adrea D. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Simmons, William C. Salina 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Simms, Roberta L. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Simon, Harold M. Colwich 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Second Row 

Simon, John W. Madison 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Simonet, Jose A. Puerto Rico 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Simonson, Charles R. Great Rend 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Simpson, Clare L. Stafford 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Third Row 

Simpson, Eleanor J. Quinter 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Simpson, Janet N. Wichita 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Simpson, Marlene K. Quinter 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Simpson, Mary H. Rerryton 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Fourth Row 

Simpson, Raymond A. Enterprise 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Simpson, William E. Salina 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Sims, Jean C. Oakley 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Sinderson, Lee N. 

Downers Grove, 111. 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Fifth Row 

Sinderson, Samuel W. Kansas City 

Junior in Engineering and Agriculture 

Sinderson, William S. Kansas City 

Freshman in Engineering and 


Sis, Janice L. 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Sis, Raymond F. Relleville 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Sixth Row 

Six, George Lyons 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Skinner, Thomas W. Clay Center 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Skinner, Willis D. Council Grove 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Seventh Row 

Skiver, Karen Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Skupe, Joan K. Haddam 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Slade, Don E. St. John 

Junior in Agriculture 

Slankard, Rex D. Princeton 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Eighth Row 

Slaughter, John R. Topeka 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Sleeper, Gerald R. Topeka 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Slentz, Mary L. Lewis 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Slocombe, Janet L. Peahody 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Ninth Row 

Slyter, Leonard L. Paola 

Junior in Agriculture 

Small, Keith L. Conway Springs 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Smaltz, Earl J. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Smart, James H. Washington 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Tenth Row 

Smies, Mary E. Courtland 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Smika, Darryl E. Scott City 

Junior in Agriculture 

Smischny, Susimae Ellsworth 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Smith, Retty Jo Ness City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Great Rend Smith, Conrad C. 


Skinner, Maurice M. 

Great Rend 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Smith, Dale I. Topeka 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Smith, Darlene Y. Sabetha 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Smith, Dean J. Jetmore 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 


Top Row 

Smith, Delaine 


Sophomore in Home Economics 

Smith, Donald E. Bison 

Junior in Agriculture 

Smith, Donald O. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Smith, Gene O. Jetmore 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Smith, Geraldine A. Courtland 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Smith, Hubert W. Great Bend 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Smith, James A. Brainerd, Minn. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Smith, James D. Hutchinson 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Smith, James L. Haven 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Smith, Joan B. Minneapolis 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Smith, Kenneth D. St. Joseph, Mo. 

Junior in Agriculture 

Smith, Larry L. Kingsdown 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Second Row 

Smith, Marilyn C. El Dorado 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Smith, Marion F. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Smith, Mary S. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Smith, Nancy E. Mission 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Smith, Norris E. Newton 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Smith, Ralph L. Topeka 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Smith, Richard D. Berryton 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Smith, Richard M. Colby 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Smith, Robert E. Topeka 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Smith, Robert W. Hope 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Smith, Rodney C. Topeka 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Smith, Ruth Ann Waterville 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Smith, Sharlene M. Belleville 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Smith, Shirley A. Waterville 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Snell, Lila L. St. John 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Snider, David F. Ottawa 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Snider, George L. Jr. Parkville, Mo. 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Snider, Johnny R. Russell 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Snodgrass, Carol A. Clay Center 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Snyder, John R. Elwood, Ind. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Snyder, Linna S. Topeka 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Sobba, Roberta M. Medford 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Socolof sky, Lowell Ramona 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Soder, Marion F. Washington 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Open-air classroom is provided by the grassy slope east of the College Audi- 
torium. The art class looks toward Danforth Chapel, which they are drawing. 


Top Row 

Soeken, Howard L. Claflin 

Junior in Agriculture 
Sommer, Warren T. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Sondergard, Barbara Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Speer, Laura E. Clearwater 

Junior in Home Economics 

Second Row 

Speneer, Claude E. Junction City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Spicher, Kenneth Glasco 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Spiker, David M. Manhattan 

First Year in Engineering and 

Spitzer, Howard L. Scott City 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Third Row 

Springer, Roy J. Great Bend 

Sophomore in Engineering and 
A rchitecture 

Srajer, Dolores R. Tampa 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Staadt, Imogene M. Pomona 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Stack, John R. Kansas City 

Third Year in Engineering and 

Fourth Row 

Stadel, Naomi E. Pratt 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Staff, Bonner W. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Stagemeyer, Merlin D. 

Holhrook, Neb. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Staggs, John A. Tucson, Ariz. 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Fifth Row 

Stahl, William E. Delanco, N. J. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Stairrett, Sandra L. Jetmore 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Stalcup, Wanda I. Stafford 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Staley, Verlyn G. Russell 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Sixth Row 

Stalker, Clinton L. Topeka 

Junior in Agriculture 

Stamm, James D. Washington 

Sophomore in Agriculture 
Standley, Joleen E. Cherryvale 

Junior in Home Economics 
Stanley, Jane C. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Seventh Row 

Stanley, Melodee Wichita 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Stanners, William Oak Park, 111. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 
Stanton, Gaylord D. Ogallah 

Freshman in Agriculture 
Stanton, Leon S. Johnson 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Eighth Row 

Starr, Evangeline M. Phillipsburg 

Junior in Home Economics 
Starr, Lowell E. Welda 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Stauder, Mary L. Wichita 

Sophomore in Home Economics 
Steadman, Lois Ann Great Bend 

Junior in Home Economics 

Ninth Row 

Stearns, James W. Arcadia 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Stebbings, Sally St. Louis, Mo. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Steinbach, Clarence Clay Center 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Steinle, Ervyl L. Wichita 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Tenth Row 

Stenbouli, Riad Saudi Arabia 

Special Student 
Stephenson, Lewis E. Bucklin 

Freshman in Agriculture 
Steunenburg, Albert Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Stewart, Andrew J. Davenport, Iowa 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Stewart, James C. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Stewart, Joyce I. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Stewart, Raymond A. Topeka 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Stilley, Kenneth W. Riley 

Freshman in Agriculture 


Top Row 

Stoekebrand, Wayne W. Garnett 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Stockmyer, John G. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Stocks, Kenneth D. 


Sophomore in Arts and Science 

Stolzer, Leo W. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Stone, Sax A. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Stone, Thomas B. Jr. Alexandria, Va. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Stoskopf, Duane M. Great Bend 

Junior in Agriculture 

Stoss, Marvin C. Great Bend 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Stotler, Parker L. Dodge City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Stover, Margie J. Robinson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Stover, Nancy C. Goddard 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Stover, Rebecca L. Ransom 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Second Row 

Stowell, Martha L. Olsburg 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Strahm, Samuel E. Fairview 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Strand, Ronald E. Lost Springs 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Strathman, Evelyn I. Seneca 

Junior in Home Economics 

Strecker, Palmer L. Russell 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Streeter, Margaret Kansas City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Strobel, Marion C. Pratt 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Strong, Richard M. Medicine Lodge 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Struble, James R. Salina 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Strunk, Paul M. Abilene 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Stryker, Gerald R. Albuquerque, N. M. 

Junior in Agriculture 

Stunkel, Norvin G. Belle Plaines 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Third Row 

Sturgeon, Dorothy L. Cherryvale 

Junior in Home Economics 

Sturgeon, Larry J. Dodge City 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Stutz, William R. Utica 

Junior in Agriculture 

Sucht, Leon A. Rozel 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Suddath, Patricia Kansas City 

Junior in Home Economics 

Suellentrop, Frederick Great Bend 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Sutherland, Larry W. Labette 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Swaffar, Jerilyn K. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Swanson, Gary W. Council Grove 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Swart, Kenneth E. Riley 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Swartley, Kenneth W. Garden City 

Junior in Agriculture 

Swartz, Donald F. Everest 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Bottom Row 

Sweedlun, Eugenia L. 


Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Swenson, Keith G. Morganville 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Swenson, Vernon W. 


Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Swim, Roland M. Genoa, Neb. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Swiney, Patricia A. Kansas City 

Junior in Home Economics 

Swinson, William C. Anthony 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Swope, Velda L. Yates Center 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Swoyer, Glen Glasco 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Tacha, Betty G. Jennings 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Tajuldin, Kamal Baghdad, Iraq 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Takahaski, Katherine Waipahu, Oahu 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Talbott, Carolyn Y. Goodland 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 



Top Row 
Talbott, Sharon McPherson 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Talley, Marion K. Zurich 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Tangeman, James H. Newton 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Tangeman, John E. 


Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Second Row 

Tannahill, Carol R. Yates Center 

Junior in Home Economics 

Taplin, Glen O. Waterville 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Tatge, Haylan D. Herington 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Tatge, Sandra A. Herington 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Third Row 

Taylor, Betty R. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Taylor, Cecil R. Jr. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Agriculture 

Taylor, Constance C. Newton 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Taylor, Donald E. Hiawatha 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Fourth Row 

Taylor, Donald M. Garden City 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Taylor, Forest E. Richland, Wash. 

Junior in Home Economics 

Taylor, Janet L. Oakley 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Taylor, Mary M. Studley 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Fifth Row 

Taylor, Reginald C. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Taylor, Richard G. Harveyville 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Taylor, Ronald C. Zenith 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Tedrow, Douglas E. Jr. Mullinville 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Sixth Row 

Teed, Charles M. Jetmore 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Teeple, Nancy D. Mankato 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Teichgraeber, Norma Eureka 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Templer, Lyle F. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Seventh Row 

Terrill, Mary E. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Terry, Donald E. Grand Island, Neb. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Terry, Glenn T. Wichita 

Third Year in Engineering and 

Tetidrick, Melba J. Junction City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Eighth Row 

Tetlow, Norman J. Downs 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Thacher, Rebecca Topeka 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Thebert, Ellsworth Rice Lake, Wis. 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Theden, John H. Bonner Springs 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Ninth Row 

Theiss, Mary E. Independence, Mo. 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Thies, Wayne E. Overland Park 

Junior in Agriculture 

Thorn, Robert K. Isabel 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Thomas, Edwin A. Phillipsburg 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Tenth Row 

Thomas, Janet L. Wichita 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Thomasson, Betsey A. Belleville 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Thompson, Arlon M. 

Michigan Valley 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Thompson, Charles L. 

Michigan Valley 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Thompson, Edith L. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Thompson, Janet C. Leavenworth 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Thompson, Janet R. Watertown, S. D. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Thompson, Richard A. El Dorado 

Second Year in Engineering and 


Top Row 

Thompson, Richard M. Topeka 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Thompson, Scott L. Minneapolis 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Thorp, Barrie W. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Thorpe, Norval H. Fort Scott 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Thurow, Avis A. Macksville 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Thurow, Barbara L. Macksville 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Thygerson, Robert D. Altamont 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Tibbetts, Benton L. Densmore 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Tighe, James J. El Dorado 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Tilgner, William L. Gypsvim 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Tillotson, Betty J. Shields 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Tirado, Pedro J. 

Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 

Tittel, John D. Great Bend 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Tittel, Leona P. Bazine 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Titus, Margaret E. Closter 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Tobler, Earl E. Lyndon 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Toburen, Mary A. Riley 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Todd, Jackson E. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Todd, Mary A. Rexford 

Junior in Home Economics 

Todd, Norma J. Manhattan 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Todd, Sherrill A. Kansas City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Toevs, Loren E. Halstead 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Tointon, Robert G. Almena 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Tointon, Roger W. Almena 

First Year in Engineering and Architecture 

Bottom Row 

Tolen, Floyd St. Louis, Mo. 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Tomona, Marylin T. Kona, Hawaii 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Tompkins, Allen K. Dodge City 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Torres, Ruben L. Manhattan 

Junior in Agriculture 

Tovera, Leonard B. Brewster 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Tower, Dulcenia R. Anthony 

Junior in Home Economics 

Townsend, Sharon L. Clay Center 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Tracy, Margaret A. 


Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Trapp, Ladonna L. Sylvan Grove 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Traugott, Patricia L. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Home Economics 

Traywick, Nancy E. Waverly 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Tregellas, Loren D. Topeka 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Business Students Association awards are given to Leona R. Kraus and Don 
Cordes by Prof. George Montgomery for outstanding scholarship in business. 


Top Row 
Trimmell, Joan E. Garnett 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Triplett, Carol S. Fort Scott 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Tromble, Avis M. Lincoln 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Trout, Merleen S. Pratt 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Second Row 
Trowbridge, Frederick Jetmore 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

True, Idamay A. Topeka 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

True, Jacqueline Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Truelove, Betty J. Burlington 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Third Row 

Trull, Gary E. Bern 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Trussell, William E. Randall 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Tubbs, Austin L. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Tucker, Donald A. 

Grand Island, Neb. 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Fourth Row 
Tucker, Ramona S. Moline 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Tuma, Harold J. Narka 

Junior in Agriculture 

Turley, Bob D. Goodland 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Turnbull, Donna M. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Home Economics 

Fifth Row 
Turner, Betty J. Valley Center 

Junior in Home Economics 

Turner, John D. Pawnee Rock 

First Year in Engineering and 

Turner, Max E. Quinter 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Tuttle, John R. Topeka 

Junior in Agriculture 

Sixth Row 
Twell, Nancy K. Studley 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Ubel, Don C. Louisville 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Uhlnian, Virgil L. Emporia 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Ulrich, V. Maurine Quinter 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Seventh Row 

Unger, Kenneth W. Herndon 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Unger, Matthew P. Andale 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ungerer, Bruce L. Marysville 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Unruh, Glennis M. Pawnee Rock 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Eighth Row 

Upson, Donald V. Hutchinson 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Urbain, Donald E. Elmwood Park, 111. 

First Year in Engineering and 

Vahsholtz, Robert J. Canton 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Vail, Harold M. Cherryvale 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Ninth Row 

Vallentine, Carol R. Ashland 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Vandenbos, Leroy D. Valley Falls 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Vanderbur, John E. Greensburg, Ind. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Vanderweide, Joseph Atchison 

First Year in Engineering and 

Tenth Row 

Van Deventer, Sue C. Wellington 

Junior in Home Economics 

Vanmeter, Nancy J. Ada 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Van Nice, Alan D. Topeka 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Van Patten, David L. 


Freshman in Agriculture 

Bottom Row 

Van Tilburg, Jack F. Willis 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Varner, Herman J. Grandview, Ind. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Vaughn, Ronald F. Madison 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Valesquez, Harold A. Anthony 

Sophomore in Engineering and 


Top Row 

Veil, Donald C. Council Grove 

Junior in Agriculture 

Venburg, Avis A. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Vernon, Patricia P. Pauline 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Vernon, Robert L. Danbury, Neb. 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Vice, Irvin D. 


Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Vickery, Rollin W. Wichita 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Victor, Herman J. Omaha, Neb. 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Vincent, Larry L. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Vincent, Robert L. Concordia 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Vis, Adrianus W. Manitoba, Canada 

Junior in Agriculture 

Visser, Albion D. Riley 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Vohs, Paul A. Kansas City 

Junior in Agriculture 

Second Row 

Von Bose, Marliene J. Miami, Fla. 

Junior in Home Economics 

Von Fange, Joleen M. Clay Center 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Von Riesen, Richard D. Topeka 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Von Soosten, Arnold G. Girard 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Voss, Wilbur Bushton 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Wade, Jacqueline L. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Wagner, Richard L. Rozel 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Wahl, Caroline L. Gorham 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Wahler, Suzanne E. Leavenworth 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Waide, R. E. Perryton, Texas 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Wainscott, Donald L. Hazelton 

Freshman in Veterinary Medicine 

Waite, Marilyn M. Winfield 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

Waite, Ralph B. Winfield 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Walberg, Janet R. Kansas City 

Junior in Home Economics 

Walker, Charlotte Beloit 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Walker, Hayes III Kansas City 

Sophomore in Agriculture 
Walker, Jean M. Bonner Springs 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Walker, Marilyn Goodland 

Junior in Home Economics 

Walker, Phyllis J. Junction City 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Wallace, Harry E. Minneapolis 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Wallace, Paul D. Macksville 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Wallace, Sue J. Kingman 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Waller, Ruth A. Atchison 

Junior in Home Economics 

Wallingford, Gorman Effingham 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Ticket-punchers are members of the College faculty who have the job of 
punching the 5,000 student activity tickets every time K-State plays a home game. 


Top Row 
Wampler, Richard L. Courtland 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Wancura, Eldon N. Dighton 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Wann, Janet Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Ward, Galen E. McPherson 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Second Row 

Wareham, William A. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Warford, Myrna L. Winfield 

Junior in Home Economics 

Warner, Jane K. Ottawa 

Sophomore i?i Home Economics 

Warner, Sidney T. Cimarron 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Third Row 
Warren, Donald C. Medicine Lodge 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Warren, Elizabeth E. Troy 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Warren, John N. Medicine Lodge 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Warren, Trexel D. Ottawa 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Fourth Row 

Wary, Raymond E. Salina 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Wassell, Gordon C. Eureka 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Wasson, Richard L. Wichita 

First Year in Engineering and 

Waters, Beth E. St. Francis 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Fifth Row 
Watkins, Larry L. Soldier 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Watkins, Maryvern Westwood, Calif. 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Watkins, Robert R. Alma 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Waugh, Richard N. 

Great Bend 

Watson, Jorita A. 


Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Sixth Row 

Watson, Martha L. Wichita 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 
Watt, John E. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Agriculture 
Watters, Phyllis J. Great Bend 

Junior in Home Economics 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Seventh Row 

Weatherd, Kenneth N. Tescott 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Weatherford, James J. Atchison 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Weathers, Ann M. Topeka 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Weaver, Archibald J. 

Falls City, Neb. 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Eighth Row 

Weaver, Jerry D. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Webb, Herbert G. Salina 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Webb, Ralph L. Parker 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Webb, Ronald V. Dodge City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Ninth Row 

Weber, David L. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Weber, Jerral A. Troy 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Webster, Russell C. Scott City 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Wechel, Stephen G. Wichita 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Tenth Row 

Weese, John A. Manhattan 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Wehner, Francis E. Delia 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 
Weich, Carroll K. Hoskins, Neb. 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Weidenhaft, Ellen C. Robinson 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Bottom Row 

Weidler, Charles R. Minneapolis 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Weigel, Fleeta D. Collyer 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Weilert, Otto S. Hays 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Weir, Carl G. Spring Hill 

Sophomore in Agriculture 


Top Row 

Weiss, Carolyn A. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Welch, Orlo D. Washington 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Welliever, Robert J. Frankfort 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Wells, Mary A. Ottawa 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Welter, Paul R. Westmoreland 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Wendland, Susan J. Randolph 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Wenger, Lavon G. Sabetha 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Wennerstrom, Robert 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Werhan, Lawrence L. Salina 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Wess, Peggy C. Partridge 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Wesselowski, Thomas Beloit 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

West, Howard W. Yates Center 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Second Row 

West, Keith Canfield, Ohio 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Westf all, Treva G. Alton 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Westrup, Kay M. Woodbine 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Westrup, Robert L. Lyons 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Wetter, Lawrence H. 


Freshman in Agriculture 

Wettig, Lola M. White City 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Wheeler, Barney E. Hays 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Whistler, Jackie Topeka 

Second Year in Engineering and 

White, Barbara Fort Riley 

Freshman in Home Economics 

White, Harvey A. Sharon 

Junior in Agriculture 

White, Joann L. Bennington 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

White, Joyce A. Topeka 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Bottom Row 

White, Virginia L. Hill City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

White, Wilbur F. Augusta 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

White, Wilda M. Great Bend 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Whitehair, Richard J. Abilene 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Whitelaw, Mary B. Fort Riley 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Whittaker, Jo Ann Huntington, Calif. 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Wieland, Richard L. Morrowville 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 


Wierenga, Doris J. Cawker City 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Wikoff , Maurice D. Leoti 

Junior in Agriculture 

Wilbur, Frances C. Lawrence 

Junior in Home Economics 

Wilcox, Constance I. Concordia 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Wilcox, Eldridge D. Salina 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Cat cadavers lie in racks awaiting ex- 
ploring knives of zoology students. 



Top Row 
Wilcoxon, Herman O. Iola 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Wilderson, William C. Oakley 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Wiley, Harold G. Harper 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Wilkin, Charles J. Charlotte, N. C. 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Second Row 

Wilkinson, Jane E. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Wille, Bernard W. Rohinson 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Wille, Oshorne E. Rohinson 

Junior in Agriculture 

Williams, Charles L. Topeka 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Third Row 

Williams, Gail F. Kansas City 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Williams, John H. Beloit 

Freshman, in Engineering and 

Williams, Margaret Osage City 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Williams, Marjorie C. Lawrence 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Fourth Row 
Williams, Michael B. Greenshurg 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Williams, Sheldon C. McPherson 

First Year in Engineering and 

Williams, Shirley A. Kansas City, Mo. 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Williams, Shirley J. Kansas City 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Fifth Row 
Williams, William G. Wichita 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Williamson, Ann E. Leavenworth 

Junior in Home Economics 

Williamson, Clair Q. Wichita 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 
Williamson, Ilomay Hoisington 

Junior in Home Economics 
Sixth Row 

Williamson, Michael Beloit 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 
Willis, Mary C. Newton 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Wilmoth, Phyllis M. Colony 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Wilson, Alleta J. Manhattan 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Seventh Row 

Wilson, Clark B. Wheaton 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Wilson, Donald D. Syracuse 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Wilson, Edwin V. Jetmore 

Freshman in Engineering and 

Wilson, Ellen L. Rush Center 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Eighth Row 
Wilson, George W. McPherson 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Wilson, Kathleen J. Burlingame 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Wilson, Kerry M. Syracuse 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Wilson, Lanny R. Norton 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ninth Row 

Wilson, Patsy R. Hutchinson 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Wilson, Rohert L. Topeka 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Wilson, Verdel A. Wellington 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Wiltfong, Lawrence Dellvale 

Junior in Agriculture 

Tenth Row 

Wiltfong, Meredith Norton 

Junior in Veterinary Medicine 

Winder, Ivan D. Norton 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Windle, James L. Colhy 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Windsor, Wayne W. Peahody 

Junior in Agriculture 

Bottom Row 

Winegardner, William Kansas City 

Sophomore in Engineering and 

Wing, Gary W. Minneapolis 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Winget, Dennis L. Oakley 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Wingate, Stanley E. Pretty Prairie 

Freshman in Engineering and 


Top Row 

Second Row 

Boftom Row 

Wingert, Frederick Wellsville Wolfinger, Mary E. Pleasanton Wormeringer, John P. Great Bend 

Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine Sophomore in Arts and Sciences Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Winkley, Betty D. Coats 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Winslow, Elizabeth A. Wichita 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Winter, Joan L. Irving 

Junior in Home Economics 

Winzeler, Doris A. Lamont 

Junior in Home Economics 

Winzeler, Richard D. Gridley 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Wipf, Rheta J. Plevna 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Wise, Kenneth W. Lebo 

Freshman in Engineering and Agriculture 

Witty, Benjamin M. Parma 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Wolf, Edward D. Quinter 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Wolf, Ellen L. Topeka 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Wolf, Sarabel Marion 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Wollner, Patricia J. Salem, 111. 

Sophomore in Home Economics 

Wood, Billy L. Trousdale 

Junior in Agriculture 

Wood, Byron K. Greensburg 

Junior in Agriculture 

Woodbury, Fred H. Olivet 

Junior in Agriculture 

Woodbury, Marjorie E. Emporia 

Junior in Home Economics 

Woods, William F. 


Freshman in Agriculture 

Woodson, Nancy K. Penalosa 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Woodward, Eldon D. Richland 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Wooldridge, John W. Marion 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Woolley, Lola M. Osborne 

Junior in Home Economics 

Worley, R. Philip Salina 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Wren, W. Bruce Muncie 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Wright, Suzanne E. Kansas City, Mo. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Wright, Vergil N. Scott City 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Wright, Wendell A. Scott City 

Third Year i?i Engineering and 

Wright, Wilbur L. Hiawatha 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Wulfkuhle, Duane H. Topeka 

Junior in Agriculture 

Wyatt, Agnes A. Hiawatha 

Junior in Home Economics 

Wylie, Frank G. Clay Center 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Wyman, Laura J. Brownell 

Freshman in Home Economics 

Yandell, William L. Union, N. J. 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Yapp, George J. Manhattan 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Yatsook, John C. Kansas City 

Sophomore in Agriculture 


Top Row 

Second Row 

Bottom Row 

Yenzer, Robert D. Leavenworth Bigge, Donald L. Stockton Krehbiel, Wayne L. Moundridge 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences Junior in Agriculture Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Yost, Larry M. 


Freshman in Agriculture 

Young, Edmond E. Stilwell 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Young, Franklin L. Kingman 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Youngberg, John A. Kansas City, Mo. 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Youngstedt, Gene L. Waterville 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Yung, Thelnia 


Sophomore in Home Economics 

Zachariah, Gerald L. McLouth 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Zecha, Bernard C. St. John 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Zimmerman, John D. South Haven 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Zimmerman, Ray A. Olathe 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Zveglich, Joseph E. Arcadia 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Black, Jay I. New York, N. Y. 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Bohn, Robert L. Manhattan 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Butcher, Don L. Topeka 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Ernsting, Elizabeth A. 


Sophomore in Home Economics 

Finney, Raymond C. Lindsborg 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Fish, John J. Centerville 

Junior in Agriculture 

Foster, Richard M. Wauneta 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Hassig, Cecil Kansas City 

Junior in Arts and Sciences 

Heitschmidt, Ernest J. Natoma 

Junior in Agriculture 

Hight, Charles W. Jr. Wichita 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Kraus, Don R. Wichita 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Meierhoff, Don R. Atchison 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Payne, William M. Clyde 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Perkins, Bill E. Howard 

Sophomore in Agriculture 

Roth, James S. Galva 

Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture 

Sargent, Wayne A. Manhattan 

Junior in Agriculture 

Shepherd, Darrell Dover 

Freshman in Engineering and Architecture 

Shimek, Roger L. Jennings 

Freshman in Agriculture 

Shipley, Ralph R. Mission 

Freshman in Arts and Sciences 

Sojka, Nickolas J. Page 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Van Zant, Jerry Arkansas City 

Junior in Engineering and Architecture 

Welsh, Rosann Great Bend 

Sophomore in Arts and Sciences 

Whipple, Richard P. Beeler 

Sophomore in Agriculture 


BOOK TWO "'People form, groups 

to live together, 

honor one another, 

pursue common interests, 

and worship God. 

These groups are called 


jp .^.. ;'-'.' \^i^- ■■ - 


More than 400 girls live in the two new dormitories, built 
to house comfortably and modernlv. the Kansas State coed. 




RUSHEES REGISTER (above) for the five big rush days. 
NO LONGER RUSHEES, new pledges (left) rush to the Tri 
Delt house to meet their new sorority sisters. "ALICE IN 
ALPHA CHI LAND" (middle left) is the theme of a 
function and skit to entertain rushees . . . and actives. 

The Five Big Days 

Probably the biggest week for many 
freshmen and transfer girls is sorority 
rush week. In 1953, the week September 
1-5 was a whirl of soeial aetivity for 
sorority members and prospective 
pledges. At the end, 187 girls donned 
colored ribbons, and eight groups of 
sorority girls breathed sighs of relief as 
they beamed at their pledges. 

rushees as they register at the dorm. THE LAST NIGHT 
(upper right) is formal, and all houses, like the Kappa Delts, 
entertain with a final ceremony. PI PHIS (middle right) are 
sailors on Good Ship Pi Phi Day, the second day of rush. 

Heels and Formals 

A new system for registering for rush- 
week was set up and used by Panhellenic 
in 1953. All girls sending in registration 
blanks to K-State were automatically ex- 
tended an invitation to come. Rush 
booklets, also devised by Panhellenic, 
were sent during the summer to those 
accepting, and later rush rules giving 
rushing instructions. 

WISHING WELL (lower right) and pennies are part of the 

last night's formal ceremony at the ADPi house. RUSHEES 

WAIT (below) to enter the Alpha Xi house for the Jast 

formal function . . . then go home and wait. 

Alpha Chis gather in front of their home at 615 N. 
Delaware to discuss a picnic, date, or week-end fun. 

Seventy-seven chapters 

Founded De Pauw University 1885 

Gamma Zeta chapter estahlished 1947 

President: Mary Lou Woodward 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Starting the year with a bang, Alpha Chis worked 
hard on their Homecoming decorations and won 

Social activities for the year included a spring 
formal with the theme, "Paradise Prom," a Shovel- 
Inn Christmas party, and a Christmas egg-nog party. 

Joan David was a national 4-H achievement win- 
ner; Carolyn Olsson belongs to Mortar Board, Stu- 
dent Council, and Omicron Nu; and Norma Owens 
is also a member of Student Council. 

Alpha Chis are active in Orchesis, K-State Play- 
ers, Theta Sigma Phi, Phi Alpha Mu, SPC, and are 
Collegian staff members. 

ALPHA CHI OMEGA — TOP ROW: Mrs. Paul Jones, Barbara A. Barnett, Elizabeth A. Bartley, A. Noreen Blumberg, Jacqueline Christensen, Winnie Clark, Jacque- 
line R. Cooper, Janet M. Corwin, Corrine Crumbaker, Joan A. David. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Dietz, Mary E. Douglass, Ramona A. Dudley, V. June Fegley, Caro- 
lyn M. Fendorf, B. Anne Glanville, Gwendolyn R. Grant, Luree J. Hays, Helen R. Jassmann, Lorelei Johnston. THIRD ROW: Anne Kunkle, Lavern S. Larson, 
Anelle M. Lupton, Edith M. Maxwell, Gwenlynn B. Maxwell, Ruth A. Mears, Mary Jo Natzke, Patricia Noll, E. Carolyn Olsson, Norma A. Owen. FOURTH ROW: 
C. Ann Porter, Beverly J. Phillips, Elaine M. Raille, Virginia E. Puckett, Doris J. Salter, R. June Russell, Lucelle M. Schmitz, Beverly A. Sargent, M. Lou Slade, 
Donna S. Seidler. BOTTOM ROW: Evangeline M. Starr, Idamay True, Jacquelyn True, Marcia Winegardner, Shirley Winterscheidt, Mary Lou Woodward. 


Alpha Delta Pi 

Alpha Delta Pi celebrated its 102nd anniversary 
at Banff, Canada, in June. ADPis are proud of the 
fact that they contributed 100 per cent to the United 
Fund drive and to the fraternity's national philan- 
thropic project, the National Crippled Children's 

Chimes members are Bonnie Hofman, president; 
Betty Hoskins, secretary; and Janice Sis; Shirley 
Johnson is on the Board of Student Publications; 
and Doreen Cronkite is SPC co-chairman. ADPis are 
also active in Omicron Nu, Phi Alpha Mu, Lift 
Week, Home Economics council, and Alpha Epsilon 

ADPis at 518 Sunset may be planning their party for 
Fort Riley hospital patients, or other soeial events. 

Eighty-one chapters 
Founded Macon, Georgia, 1851 
Alpha Eta chapter established 1915 
President: Jo Ellen Menehan 

ALPHA DELTA PI — TOP ROW: Mrs. Luna N. Campbell, Patricia L. Ahlstrom, Margaret L. Anderson, Charlotte Berkihiser, Shirley J. Bloyd, Constance S. Brewster, Berta Y. 
Brown, Rose M. Brown, Sally A. Brown, Maureen K. Burt, Jackie J. Burwell, Ann F. Carter, Patricia C. Casey, Joyce Cashman. SECOND ROW: Janet J. Clowers, Pat A. Coffin, 
Elizabeth A. Conover, Lucille M. Crain, Marilynn M. Crist, Doreen L. Cronkite, Shirley A. Davis, Carolea B. Dick, Carolyn W. Dohe, Lola L. Donaldson, Rita M. Dome, C. Ilene 
Dondlinger, Jeanette M. Ewy, Patricia L. Fobes. THIRD ROW: Janet C. Foltz, Mary Jo Forbes, Nancy A. Frame, Ruth A. Freeman, Carol J. Frohn, Gaye Fryer, Mona E. Ging, 
Nancy J. Gingrich, Marge C. Godwin, Ruth J. Grundeman, Jane E. Hart, Joann R. Hartman, Delores Y. Henning, Gloria J. Herrman. FOURTH ROW: Luanne Hicks, Bonnie R. 
Hofman, Kay D. Hofman, Betty S. Hoskins, Marvell Jacobson, Mary L. Johnson, Shirley A. Johnson, Nancy C. Johnston, Vera M. Landon, Datha D. Lauber, Dollie J. Lewis, Donna 
M. Lincoln, Alice L. Meek, Jo Ellen Menehan. FIFTH ROW: Judy F. Menehan, Kathryn A. Miller, Marilyn E. Morton, Carolyn J. Peterson, Betsy J. Pratt, Joann Ransdell, Mary 
Lou Reid, Vera M. Rhodes, Nancy Rittenoure, Mary K. Ritter, Sharon A. Salyer, Jan C. Sargent, Connie L. Scoby, Jeanette Scott. BOTTOM ROW: Janice Sis, Delaine Y. Smith, 
Barbara A. Sondergard, Dolores R. Srajer, Jane C. Stanley, Nancy C. Stover, Velda L. Swope, Barbara L. Thurow, Margaret A. Tracy, Phyllis J. Walker, Sue Jean Wallace, Ann 

M. Weathers, Dee Wells, Jo Ann Whittaker, Shirley A. Williams. 


The scene of many gay times is 601 N. Delaware as 
Alpha Xis enjoy college life in all of its phases. 

Fifty-five chapters 

Founded Lombard College 1893 

Alpha Kappa chapter established 1923 

President: Gwen Emel 

Alpha Xi Delta 

April 17 was a proud day for members of Alpha 
Xi Delta. They burned the mortgage on their 15-year 
old house. It is the newest sorority house on the 

Queen of the Phi Delta Theta-Sigma Alpha Ep- 
silon Flush Bowl football game was Diana Fellows. 
Alpha Xis belong to Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Delta 
Theta, Mu Phi Epsilon, YWCA cabinet, Frog club, 
Orchesis, and Future Teachers of America. 

Alpha Xis and dates enjoyed their formal Christ- 
mas party and the annual Pink Rose formal held in 
the spring. 

ALPHA XI DELTA — TOP ROW: Mrs. A. W. Landstrom, Marilyn J. Adee, Mary A. Amis, Diane Blackburn, Mary Calvert, Corrme V. Cartwright, Stephanie A. Clayton, Cynthia Col- 
lingwood, Roberta J. Congleton, Shirley A. Deters, Mary L. Dierdorff, Judy A. Dierdorff, Betty K. Dietrich. SECOND ROW: Eris C. Dunton, Gwendolyn R. Emel, Carolyn F. 
Ewy, Joyce E. Burton, Diana Fellows, Mary E. Fulton, Lucille M. Grabs, Nancy E. Haggard, Lois A. Hahn, Mary B. Hauer, Jo Ann Henderson, Judith M. Hermon, Caroline G. 
Holloway. THIRD ROW: Sara E. Howard, Mary J. Hunter, Janice S. Jackson, Gloria M. Johnson, Rosemary Kennedy, Beverly A. Larson, Marilyn L. Leeper, Ellen M. Lehman, Vera 
I. Liiliequist, Sue J. McCormick, Sue C. McDowell, Marilyn G. Menefee, Glenna Y. Montgomery. FOURTH ROW: Donna J. Morine, Helen L. Morris, Mary E. Pascal, Betty A. 
Payne, Mary F. Perkins, Joan M. Reen, Nancy C. Regnier, Marilyn J. Riley, Margaret L. Roosa, Karen D. Ross, Nadine M. Salmans, Toni M. Schartz, Alice M. Sewing. BOTTOM 
ROW: Edna L. Shoffner, Joleen Standley, Lois A. Steadman, Joyce I. Stewart, Phyllis D. Watters, Carolyn A. Weiss, Kay M. Westrup, Wilda M. White, Patsy R. Wilson, 

Patricia J. Wollner, Suzanne E. Wright, Carol W. Wurster, 



CHI OMEGA — TOP ROW: Mrs. P. J. Groody Ann B. Alderman, Nancy Allen, Dianne L. Archibald, Charlene Bell, Marilyn L. Benz, Connie Berkeybile, Jo An P. Berrigan, Jean J. 
Bortz, Joleene F. Brockett, Sue E. Burke, Suzanne B. Caldwell. SECOND ROW: Eleanor A. Clark, Marilyn S. Clark, D. Jone Clugston, Phyllis A. Conner, Carol A. Crosswhite, 
Barbara L. Culver, Joyce K, DeForest, Joan L. Duffield, Virginia A. Duncan, Mary Louise Ek, Marjorie L. Evans, Elinor A. Faubion. THIRD ROW: Shirley R. Garrison, Gwyn B. 
Gates, Sara A. Goeller, Dolores H. Gowdy, Mary A. Griswold, Beverly L. Guinty, Carolyn B. Hamrick, Carolyn M Hanson, Jean C. Harreld, Jackie A. Hinman, Sally Hoatson, 
Susann Hoatson. FOURTH ROW: Jo Ann Holshouser, Phoebe A. Hurley, M. Carolyn Jones, Carolyn J. Kaiser, Bonnie L. LM lard, Bonnie M. Marti, Suzanne K. Martin, Elizabeth 
S. Parker, Patricia A. Poulter, Mary F. Pursell, Marjorie A. Raitt, Patricia A. Reynolds. BOTTOM ROW: Sally J. Shafer, Carolyn M. Shenk, Susan R. Shirling, Adrea D. Simmons, 
Mary Lee M Stauder, Carrol J. Thomas, Janet L. Thomas, Merleen S. Trout, Patricia P. Vernon, Gail F. Williams, Ann E. Williamson. 

Chi Omega 

A $25 SOCIOLOGY award is given by Chi Omegas to 
the senior woman ranking highest in sociology. Chi 
Os also sponsor an annual Christmas Kiddie party 
for underprivileged children. 

Bales of hay were used as decorations at the Hay 
Hop. Other parties were a picnic for members and 
alumnae in the fall, and a White Carnation ball in 
the spring. 

Cheerleaders from the Chi house are Keri 
Shenk and Joyce DeForest; and Adrea Simmons 
was attendant to the Flush Bowl queen. Other activ- 
ities for Chi Os include Mortar Board, Chimes, Stu- 
dent Council, Theta Sigma Phi, YWCA cabinet, 
Delta Phi Delta, Alpha Delta Theta, Phi Alpha Mu, 
and Alpha Epsilon Rho. 

One hunched fifteen chapters 
Founded University of Arkansas 1895 
Kappa Alpha chapter in 1915 
President: Elinor Faubion 

Big brick house on the corner is the way they 
descrihe the Chi Omega house at 1803 Laramie. 




fc &^ ' 



' -*»"■■ 



I 1 

I *** rWB 


1 ^ 

\ J2^* 




J ' s i Ml i am I ' Ifii 

iliiiifctiSl 4S£ 

CLOVIA — TOP ROW: Mrs. Catherine Johnson, Marilyn Arensman, Margaret E. Arwood, Vera K. Banman, Helen L. Bartz, Jeanice H. Blauer, Donna L. Childs, Pat 
Draney. SECOND ROW: Joan V. Engle, Joanne Fulton, Eleanor L. George, Pat E. Haltom, Joan H. Harding, Mariellen Jones, Aldean Knoche, Clede Ann Kraus. 
THIRD ROW: Margaret Mase, Pat McClusky, Sandra E. Nichols, Helen A. Poston, Dorothy M. Russell, Frances L. Russell, Virginia L. Russell, Millicent B. 
Schultz. BOTTOM ROW: Virginia L. Scott, Olive W. Shoup, Mary H. Simpson, Jean C. Sims, Imogene M. Staadt, Lida G. Smith, Mary Alice Todd, Nancy A. 

West, Doris J. Wierenga. 

Two chapters 

Founded Kansas State College 1931 

Alpha chapter estahlished 1931 

President: Joan Engle 

Clovia girls at 303 N. 16th are experienced home- 
makers, as each takes a turn at cooking, cleaning. 

w* f- 


Clovias are proud of the fact that they were recog- 
nized for having the greatest number of members 
participating in the women's intramural program 
for 1952-53. 

Aldean Knoche and Pat Draney went to Europe 
as International Farm Youth Exchange students; 
Joan Engle is president of Home Economics council; 
and every girl is a member of Collegiate 4-H. 
Clovias also belong to K-State Players, Orchesis, 
Chimes, and Mortar Board. 

Along the social line, Clovias have an annual 
Crystal ball formal and a tea for extension per- 


Delta Delta Delta 

Queens shine at the Tri Delt house. Homecoming 
queen was Blythe Guy, and her attendant was Ruth 
Pickett. Rachel Schoneweis was Ag Barnwarmer 
queen, and Joyce Ashley, pledge queen. Tri Delts 
also won first in Homecoming decorations. 

President of Omicron Nu is Ann Eshbaugh. Betty 
Taylor is secretary of the Senior class; Edith Schmid 
is on Student Council; three Tri Delts belong to Mor- 
tar Board, two to Chimes, and five to the Arts and 
Sciences council. Tri Delts were honored at State 
Day for their high scholastic rating. 

A long, curving drive marks entrance to native 
stone Tri Delt house. The address is 1834 Laramie. 

Ninety-six chapters 
Founded Boston University 1888 
Theta Iota chapter established 1915 
President: Betty Taylor 

DELTA DELTA DELTA — TOP ROW: Mrs. Thomas A. Clark, Joyce K. Ashley, Jan C. Austin, Elizabeth C. Bacon, Greta A. Bauer, Phyllis J. Binford, Darlene K. Bowman, Barbara 
E. Boyd, Frankie L. Branch, Marilyn G. Brett, Phyllis J. Broman, Jan D. Cochran, Sharon E. Diamond. SECOND ROW: Ann G Eshbaugh, Nancy F. Favreau, Claudette Frank, 
Janice F. Fosha, Janice I. Frey, Janet J. Frey, Helen L. Gochis, Joan Goddard, Carolyn C. Godfrey, Kay Ann Goforth, Marcia L. Goroon, Gwen A. Gregg, Ruth Ann Gress. THIRD 
ROW: M. Blythe Guy, Robbie L. Guy, Bonnie L. Hahn, Barbara A. Hart, Lois M. Hart, Nancy Hassebroek, Edith J. Hershberger, Yvonna R. Higginbotham, M. Janice Hippie, Gwen 
L. Humphrey, Jane R. Ibsen, Olive J. Jantz, Marilyn M. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Denretta L. Joy, Janet Larson, Cle Juan Leatherman, Margie J. Lemon, Janet L. Loughbom, 
Jane A. Martin, Marilyn Molzen, Charlene M. Mordy, D. Adele Nelson, Alice K. Owens, Evelyn A. Paramore, Patti A. Patton, Kathleen Paulsen. FIFTH ROW: Lois E. Perry, Ruth 
A. Pickett, Mary Quinlan, Kay Randall, Marya A. Roberts, Donna F. Rogers, Patricia L. Rolfs, Jeannene L. Sampson, Edith L. Schmid, Rachel E. Schoneweis, Patti Shupe, Janet N. 
Simpson, Melodee Stanley. BOTTOM ROW: Geney L. Sweedlun, Elizabeth A. Taylor, Janet L. Taylor, Sherrill A. Todd, Sue C. Van Deventer, Marilyn Walker, Maryvern Watkins, 

Joyce A. White, Virginia L. White, Doris A. Winzeler, Agnes A. Wyatt. 


KAPPA DELTA — TOP ROW: Mrs. Kate Rawley, Doris A. Allen, Vera J. Amick, Patricia J. Angell, Mary H. Bates, Wilma J. Bauman, Mary E. Bosko, Marjorie A. 
Bowyer, Logene S. Britton, Carolyne R. Carlson, Patricia L. Cilek. SECOND ROW: Ann L. Colburn, Phyllis M. Dooley, Marie C. Eggerman, Betty L. Fahlsing, 
Barbara Fitzgerald, Jory A. Funk, Twila J. Gray, Lindell E. Grauer, Barbara J. Griffee, Carolyn R. Hager, Joan D. Heines. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Hilbert, Mar- 
beth Hopmann, Mary E. Ilsley, Marilyn I. Jenson, M. Kathleen Karns, Joanne G. Ketchum, Shirley M. Krumme, Wilma J. Larkin, Emalyn A. Larson, Joyce E. 
Larson, Rosa E. Larson. BOTTOM ROW: Dianne S. Nemeth, Barbara A. Perkins, Nancy Rasher, Mary J. Schroedel, Diana Siemers, Patricia A. Swiney, Donna 

M. Turnbull, Betty J. Turner, F. Caroline Wilbur, Ilomay Williamson. 

Eighty-two chapters 

Founded Longwood College 1897 

Sigma Gamma chapter estahlished 1920 

President: Mary Schroedel 

Kappa Delts pause at the door of 1716 Fairchild 
for an informal ehat before dinner or after elasses. 

Kappa Delta 

The forty-two members of Kappa Delta were busy 
this year in many of the activities, both on and off 
campus, which add so much to college life. 

Social activities for Kappa Delts included an 
Emerald ball, hay rack ride, fall house party, Christ- 
mas party, faculty tea, Founders' Day dinner, many 
hour dances and exchange dinners with fraternities, 
and Parents' Day in the spring. 

First attendant to the Flush Bowl queen was Diana 
Siemers; Jan Grothusen was Military Ball attendant 
last spring, and Donna Turnbull, a Pershing Rifle 
queen attendant. 

Kappa Delts are presidents of three home eco- 
nomics clubs; Arlene Wilcox is president of Delta 
Phi Delta; and Lindell Grauer is president, and 
Logene Britton vice-president of K-State players. 

Scholarship is also important to Kappa Delts. Two 
Kappa Delts graduated with honors. Martha Copen- 
ing was elected to Phi Kappa Phi. 


Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Scholarship was important to the Kappas this 
year. The active chapter had the highest grades of 
any Greek organization, and the pledge class ranked 
first in scholarship among sorority pledges. Other 
important firsts for the Kappas were winning both 
Y-Orpheum and Interfraternity Sing last spring. 

Marlene Weaver and Thomasine Gleason are in 
Mortar Board; Martha Nell Carter belongs to Chimes; 
Sally Mayer is president of Orchesis; and Marlene 
Myers is editor of the Student Directory. 

The Christmas party theme was "Kappa Wonder- 
land." Kappas also had a picnic and spring formal. 

Kappas enjoy the spring sun at 517 Fairchild Ter- 
race, and think of simhathing on the porch roof. 

Eighty-three chapters 
Founded Monmouth College 1870 
Gamma Alpha established 1916 
President: Thomasine Gleason 

KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA — TOP ROW: Mrs. Eura Harding, Ardith L. Alford, Ruth Ashley, Kathleen A. Barton, Marjory A. Bearg, Sidney Beattie, Ann J. Beckmeyer, Frances N. 
Bender, Diane l_. Benedix, Carol M. Bernhardt, Snowdie D. Bilderback, Kathryn A. Bounous, Patricia M. Boyd, Diane G. Brainard. SECOND ROW: Pat L. Bullock, Billie J. Burn- 
ette, Kathleen Burns, Karen Burtis, Cynthia L. Carswell, Martha l\l. Carter, Carol M. Collins, Waneta J. Conine, Mary L. Deal, Jane A. Denton, Marilyn B. Doran, Charlotte E. 
Douglas, Ann P. Edmonds, H. Jean Erskine. THIRD ROW: Thomasine L. Gleason, Greta M. Goering, Margaret J. Grantham, Patricia K. Green, Eleanor K. Griffith, Margaret V. 
Griffith, Virginia L. Haas, M. Jody Haines, Martha Helmers, Marilyn Heter, Margaret A. Howard, Joan C. Hunsberger, Virginia Hurtig, Sylvia J. Hyde. FOURTH ROW: Sandra 
A. Isaac, I. Jane Isaacson, Karen M. Kenney, Carol D. Knox, Mary E. Lambert, Joye E. Larson, Nancy R. Leavengood, Judith L. Lippitt, Ann L. Lundgren, Anne K. Lyon, Mary- 
belle Mackintosh, Mary Olive Manly, Sally J. Mayer, Ann Morrissey. FIFTH ROW: Sandra G. Mueller, Nancy D. Murray, B. Marlene Myers, Harriet R. Myers, Joyce A. Nichol- 
son, Elaine L. Olson, Janice J. Olson, Lynne K. Olson, Judy C. Paustian, Carol F. Petersen, Reta M. Raleigh, Gloria L. Rasch, Betty M. Reid, Pat R. Rudrauff. BOTTOM ROW: 
Sally J. Sams, Nancy Schneckloth, Mary M. Scholler, Opal A. Scott, Janet E. Shields, Sue K. Skinner, Sally A. Stebbings, E. Ann Study, Jerry K. Swaffar, Janet Wann, Marilyn 

L. Wayman, Marlene E. Weaver, M. Barbara Whitelaw, Jane E. Wilkinson, Verdel A. Wilson. 

^ 7 ^ 


Pi Phis at 505 Denison discuss the scholarship they 
give each year to some freshman or sophomore girl. 


One hundred chapters 

Founded Monmouth College 1867 

Kansas Beta chapter established 1915 

President: .Janet Marshall 

Pi Beta Phi 

Pep could easily be used to describe the Pi Phis. 
Three cheerleaders, Becky Thacher, Mickey Ecord, 
and Mary Hannaford are Pi Phis. Sandra Tatge is 
president of Purple Pepsters and Marilyn McCready 
is president of Whi-Purs. 

Nancy Graham is first attendant to the Royal 
Purple Queen; three Pi Phis are Mortar Board mem- 
bers; four belong to Chimes. Pi Phis are presidents 
of 12 college clubs, co-editor of the Royal Purple, 
and business manager and associate editor of the 
Collegian. Two are on Student Council and one be- 
longs to the Tribunal. Pat Barker was valedictorian 
of the Senior Class of 1953. 

PI BETA PHI — TOP ROW: Mrs. R. W. Torrey, Janis C. Anderson, Carol N. Antic, Virginia L. Ballard, Kay J. Baskett, Beverly A. Bettis, Martha A. Blum, Charlene K. Brooks, 
Gwen Campbell, Carol E. Clark, Nancy R. Cobun, Jane E. Compton, Janis Crawford, V. Ann Currie. SECOND ROW: Sally A. DeForest, S. Ann Dennis, Dixie J. Des Jardins, Mary 
J. Doebele, Sally J. Doyle, Katy K. Dunn, Marilyn E. Dunn, Janet H. Duy, Marcella A. Ecord, Marilyn C. Egger, Janice E. Farmer, Kay Finholt, Janis M. Finney, E. Ann Glover. 
THIRD ROW: Linda Goar, Nancy J. Graham, Mary M. Hannaford, Sue G. Harpster, Cynthia J. Henning, Diane A. Hills, Barbara V. Hoff, Joanne E. Hoff, Elizabeth Horridge, 
Sue Hostinsky, Jeanie Hunter, Beverly A. Iott, Beverly A. Johnson, Sarah K. Jolley. FOURTH ROW: Karolyn King, Dorothy A. Lay, Marilyn L. Lindeman, Ann L. Lundberg, Judith 
K. McCartney, Marilyn A. McCready, Phyllis J. McMullen, Janet E. Marshall, Carol S. Miller, Jolene Miner, P. Ann Morgan, Gretchen Morgenstern, Elizabeth R. Mosley, Janet L. 
Myer. FIFTH ROW: Cynthia Peterson, Grace L. Plyley, Ann Potwin, Patricia Ptacek, M. Diane Ramsey, Serena Rankin, Phyllis A. Ruthrauff, Joan K. Sargent, Gloria S. Schneblin, 
S. Gayle Schoenfeldt, B. Kay Scott, Susan R. Sears, Annalou Shaw, Karen Skiver. BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn C. Smith, Marion F. Smith, Linna S. Snyder, Laura E. Speer, Sharon 
Talbott, Sandra A. Tatge, Norma Teichgraeber, Rebecca Thacher, M. Betty Theiss, Marliene J. von Bose, Ruth A. Waller, L. Ann Williams, Ellen L. Wolf, Sarabel Wolf. 

ivS OEI 


4& f* 






n t '* 






FRONT LAWN (above) of the Alpha Delta Pi house is 
strewn with ADPis, Phi Delts, and food, as the two houses 
have a picnic. SERENADE (right) by the Kappa Delts 
brings fraternity boys out to listen. HAY HOP (lower right) 
is the annual Chi fall party. 

^~v£- I ' 

Pins and Parties 


f~ <?\ 



• - . 

- - 

Between books and bed, there is always 
time for social life, and if it is around, 
Staters will find it. Sororities and fra- 
ternities have exchange functions, pic- 
nics, hour dances, serenades, and par- 
ties. Pinnings are always big events, and 
chocolates, cigars, and roses abound as 
engagements and weddings are an- 
nounced. College is a remarkable place 
— you can get a degree or a mate — or 










CHOCOLATES! scream the Pi Phis (lower right) as a gaily 
wrapped box is brought to the housemother, to announce 
that another girl has caught her man. THE FRATERNITY 
PIN (below) is proudly added to the sorority pin as others 
look on in envy. 


«■ Mk 








f* -ȣ ( 



■ **»gg|--' 



PANHELLENIC COUNCIL— TOP ROW: Katherine Geyer, adviser; Karolyn 
King, president; Ann Glanville, Alpha Chi Omega; Jane C. Hart, Alpha Delta 
Pi; Marilyn Riley, Aipha Xi Delta. BOTTOM ROW: Marjorie Raitt, Chi 
Omega; Blythe Guy, Delta Delta Delta; Barbara Perkins, Kappa Delta; Judy 
Paustian, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ruth Ann Waller, Pi Beta Phi. 

Greeks Have Three Governing Units 

The three governing bodies for the sororities and 
fraternities at Kansas State are Panhellenic, Inter- 
fraternity council, and Interfraternity Pledge coun- 
cil. Through these three councils, the Greek groups 
on the campus can work more closely with each 
other, and with the College. 

Winners of this year's Homecoming decorations 
received gold trophies purchased by Panhellenic and 
IFC. Winners were announced at half-time of the 
Homecoming game. Decorations were judged on 
their originality, appropriateness, effectiveness, and 
how well they fit into plan of the house and yard. 
In the sorority division, Delta Delta Delta was first, 
Alpha Chi Omega, second, and Alpha Delta Pi re- 
ceived honorable mention. In the fraternity division, 

Sigma Nu won first, Sigma Phi Epsilon, second, and 
Alpha Gamma Rho, third. 

Last May, members of Beta Theta Pi sang their 
way to another first place trophy in Interfraternity 
Sing, the annual songfest. Sigma Chi was second, 
and Sigma Phi Epsilon was third, in the fraternity 
bracket. For sororities, Kappa Kappa Gamma was 
first, Alpha Delta Pi, second, and Pi Beta Phi, third. 
In all, eight fraternities and all eight sororities par- 
ticipated. Each sang two songs and were judged on 
pitch, appearance, showmanship, tone quality, and 
over-all effectiveness. 

Gifts and refreshments are purchased by IFC and 
Panhellenic for the underprivileged childrens' party 
at Christmas. Each sorority and fraternity sends 
members to help entertain the children. 

For the first time in several years, Panhellenic 
sponsored a workshop for Kansas State sorority 
women. Two representatives from each sorority ate 
lunch at the other houses, then all of the sorority 
members attended one of the nine discussion groups 
to talk over problems and to get new ideas. The 
problems could involve one house or be of interest 
to all groups. Specific topics for discussions were 
finance, scholarship, rushing, pledge training, house 
rules, activities, and intangibles. After the discus- 
sions, reports were given by the chairman at a gen- 
eral meeting. Philip H. Sorenson, assistant dean of 
students, was guest speaker at the meeting. Follow- 
ing the meeting, there was a tea for all guests and 

This year Panhellenic is setting up a fund to offer 
scholarships to Kansas State girls. The scholarship 

INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL— TOP ROW: Prof. V. D. Foltz, faculty ad- 
viser; Howard Hill Jr., president; Cliff Bizek, Acacia; Fred Wingert, Alpha 
Gamma Rho. SECOND ROW: Bill Rosenberger, Beta Theta Pi; Dick 
Wampler, Alpha Kappa Lambda; Roll in Vickery, Alpha Tau Omega; Harold 
Holl, Beta Sigma Psi. THIRD ROW: Bill Kush, Delta Sigma Phi; E. G. 
Davis, Delta Tau Delta; Ferol Fell, Farm House; Veryl Switzer, Kappa Alpha 
Psi. FOURTH ROW: Tom Whipple, Kappa Sigma; Pete Patchin, Lambda Chi 
Alpha; Bill Bailey, Phi Delta Theta; Jim Kastens, Phi Kappa. FIFTH ROW: 
Charles Mansfield, Phi Kappa Tau; Fred Rumford, Pi Kappa Alpha; Pete 
Martin, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Don Janes, Sigma Chi. BOTTOM ROW: Dennis 
Campbell, Sigma Nu; Carl Heinrich, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Dean Stackfleth, Tau 
Kappa Epsilon; Dick Rice, Theta Xi. 

INTERFRATERNITY PLEDGE COUNCIL — TOP ROW: Joan David, Alpha Chi Omega; Gaye Fryer, Alpha Delta Pi; Bobbie Congleton, Alpha Xi Delta; Sara 
Goeller, Chi Omega; Joanne Fulton, Clovia; Ruth Pickett, Delta Delta Delta; Diana Siemers, Kappa Delta; Eleanor Griffith, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Karen Skiver, 
Pi Beta Phi; Jerry Bruel, Acacia. SECOND ROW: Tim McKenna, Alpha Gamma Rho; Bob Wilson, Alpha Kappa Lambda; Roger Clarke, Alpha Tau Omega; 
Dean Nehrig, Beta Sigma Psi; Russ Bradley, Beta Theta Pi; Kenny Dannels, Delta Sigma Phi; Richard Haines, Delta Tau Delta; Dick Baker, Farm House; Don 
Kaufman, Kappa Sigma; Ferris Chilcott, Lambda Chi Alpha. BOTTOM ROW: Clair Q. Williamson, Phi Delta Theta; Don Wilcox, Phi Kappa; Ed Martinez, Phi 
Kappa Tau; Don Johnson, Pi Kappa Alpha; Bud Pearson, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Norvin Stunkel, Sigma Chi; John Miller, Sigma l\lu; Bill Atwood, Sigma Phi Epsilon; 

Don Smith, Tau Kappa Epsilon; H. 0. Wilcoxon, Theta Xi. 

will be listed in the College catalogue, and will be 
available to a freshman or sophomore girl for one 
or two semesters. 

Each spring a tea is given for freshman and up- 
perclass girls who are interested in attending rush 
week the next fall. The girls are given a chance to 
visit each house, meet the girls, and get a birds-eye 
view of sorority life. 

Other activities of Panhellenic include girls' rush 
week, writing a rush booklet, and revising rush rules. 
To renew acquaintances after a summer vacation, as 
well as to strengthen relations, Panhellenic sponsors 
a picnic for all sorority women the day before rush 
week begins in the fall. 

President of Panhellenic this year was Karolyn 
King, Pi Beta Phi. Officers are rotated each year 
among the sororities. Katherine Geyer is sponsor. 
The Panhellenic group is composed of a senior and 
a junior representative from each sorority, and the 
president of each. 

President of IFC this year was Howard Hill Jr., 
of Sigma Chi. The council is composed of one mem- 
ber from each of the 22 national fraternities on the 
K-State campus. Representatives are elected by their 
fraternity. Faculty adviser is Prof. Vernon D. Foltz. 

Besides helping with Homecoming and Interfra- 
ternity Sing, IFC also sponsors men's rush week and 
publishes a rush booklet. 

Interfraternity Pledge council is composed of one 
member from each sorority and fraternity pledge 

class. Dick Haines of Delta Tau Delta was presi- 
dent. Officers are elected by the group. 

The main function of the group is having a pledge 
dance in the fall. At the dance the Pledge King and 
Queen are crowned. Each group has a candidate, 
and puts on a skit to get votes. King this year was 
Don Taylor of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Queen was 
Joyce Ashley of Delta Delta Delta. 

Pledge Royalty of 1953 are Don Taylor, SAE, and 
Joyce Ashley, Tri Delt, crowned by Dick Haines, IPC 
president, at the annual pledge dance in Nichols. 


DELTS (above) do their rushing with an atmosphere of 
ultra-modern surroundings in the new chapter house at 1001 
Sunset. SIG ALPHS (left) give rushees a big handshake dur- 
ing an evening date. PHI KAPS (lower left) believe in open- 
air type rushing on their front porch. 

Rush! Rush! Rush! 

Beginning with a 6 o'clock dinner date 
on Thursday, and ending with a 9 to 11 
date Sunday night, the four hectic days 
of hoys' rushweek are a busy time for all 
fraternity members and rushees alike. 
In the slack time between rush dates, 
the rushees are taking freshmen tests 
and the fraternity boys are scrubbing 
and preparing themselves and their 
houses for the next go-around. 

SIGMA CHIS (left) entertain the rushees with the help of 
their scrapbook. SIG EPS (lower left) take some of the 
boys upstairs to give them the "straight scoop." RUSHEES 
(below) relax and clean-up between dates. Their quarters 
this year were the gym section of the Field House. 

ACACIA — TOP ROW: Mrs. T. N. Lyles, Clifford C. Bizek, William H. Boettcher, Ray B. Brackett, S. Weldon Braman, John R. Brethour, Jerry Breuel, Donald D. 
Brown, Billy R. Cox, Richard Day. SECOND ROW: Herbert B. Funk, Marvin Ginter, Robert L. Grandle, Jay M. Humburg, Samuel J. Hundley, Hans U. Hunger- 
buehler, Delbert D. Jepsen, Robert E. Jepson, J. W. Johnson, Norman D. Kastner. THIRD ROW: Robert E. Kind, Carl B. Knapp, William G. Kvasnicka, Donald 
D. Latter, N. Eugene Lungrin, W. Newton Male, Charles K. Meyer, Robert B. Miller, Dale R. Molesworth, Gene New. BOTTOM ROW: James R. Nuttle, Keith 
Panzer, Don L. Pohlman, Richard L. Seitz, John H. Stretcher, Wayne Thies, Don R. Tillotson, Barney E. Wheeler, George R. Yost, Larry M. Yost. 


Social activities were many for Acacias this year. 
The fall social program started with a chicken barbe- 
cue. Later there was a Black and Gold formal. Other 
parties included a Christmas party, an annual Phi 
Kappa-Acacia smoker, Valentines party, Indian 
party, spring formal, Founders' Day banquet, and 
Mothers' Day dinner. 

Acacias participated in all intramural sports, win- 
ning second place in their fraternity division in 
basketball. A special project of Acacias was partici- 
pating in the Sertoma club minstrel show. The men 
sang in the Show Boat chorus. At Christmas they 
gave gifts to underprivileged children. 

John Brethour is on the poultry judging and live- 
stock judging teams, and John Stretcher captains the 
College golf team. 

Forty-one chapters 

Founded University of Michigan 1904 
Kansas State chapter estahlished 1913 
President: Bob Grandle 

Acacias enjoy chat outside their home at 340 N. 
16th, waiting for more fraternity hrothers to appear. 


Home at 421 N. 14th, the AGRs gather to talk 
ahout winning their hraeket in intramural I ootball. 

Thirty-three chapters 

Founded University of Illinois 1908 

Alpha Zeta chapter established 1928 

President: Harold Reed 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

AGRs began the year by winning third in Home- 
coming decorations with their cleverly arranged 
soap boxes. Social events included a Roulette party, 
Sister-Sweetheart dance, and Pink Rose formal. 

Members of AGR are especially busy in agricul- 
tural activities. Eight men belong to the various 
College judging teams; four AGRs are members of 
Alpha Zeta; and two belong to Blue Key. President, 
secretary, and yearbook chairman of Block and 
Bridle are AGRs, and president, corresponding sec- 
retary, and reporter of Collegiate 4-H are also 
AGRs. Ed Larson is on Student Council and presi- 
dent of the All-College political party. An AGR is 
manager of Ag Barnwarmer, and one is chairman of 
the Little American Royal. 

ALPHA GAMMA RHO— TOP ROW: Mrs. Olive Kipfer, Winfred A. Andrews, Robert A. Asmus, William H. Bergman, William J. Bracken, Garman L. Breitenbach, John C. Breit- 
haupt, John J. Brink, Henry P. Burmeister, Armond W. Castonguay, Theodore J. Colson, Gordon 0. Conger. SECOND ROW: Mark L. Drake, Don W. Drake, James E. Drolte, 
Jerald L. Draney, Maynard L. Englebrecht, Mason F. Ely, Alfred 0. Gigstad, Boyd Forester, Ted J. Graham, Dale C. Gigstad, Richard L. Hartman, Donald D. Griffiths. THIRD 
ROW: Marvin D. Krepps, Einar L. Johnson, Edward Larson, John M. Lair, Loren S. Laverentz, James A. Laughlin, Edward T. McKenna, Hugh J. McDonald, Tommy L. Miller, David 
L. McKnight, Warren D. Nichols, Glenn E. Neis. FOURTH ROW: James R. Perkins, Walter W. Ogborn, Alan Phillips, Donald K. Peterson, James R. Pringle, Sherlund D. Prawl, 
Richard R. Reinhardt, Harold W. Reed, Joe E. Roesler, Eugene L. Rizek, Walter E. Schoen, Marvin L. Samuelson. BOTTOM ROW: Clair L. Seglem, Donald H. Siemen, Donald E. 
Slade, Raymond F. Sis, Samuel Strahm, William R. Stutz, Richard B. Talbot, William L. Tilgner, Howard W. West, Frederick D. Wingert. 


y / /2i 


ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA — TOP ROW: Mrs. Ethel Lienhardt, Mrs. Michael Birmingham, Harry C. Bennetts, James T. Bonner, Gordon W. Dickerson, John W. 
Duncan, Vernon H Dye, Jerry A. Friesen. SECOND ROW: Milton A. Galyardt, Gary E. Galyardt, Neil T. Hanzlick, Harold E. Hartshorn Jr., Robert L. Hougland, 
Donald E. Kobs, Larry R. Kobs, Richard S. Lee. THIRD ROW: Curtis E. Lohrding, Keith H. Marks, Warren E. Moore, F. William Neuer, Gilbert N. Park, Robert 
S. Reece, Charles M. Sheldon, Hubert W. Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Conrad C. Smith, Donald E. Smith, Wayne W. Stockebrand, Gary W. Swanson, Ronald C. 

Taylor, Gary E. Trull, Robert D. Waight, Richard L. Wampler, Robert L. Wilson. 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Substituting Help Week for Hazing Week, AKLs 
had their initiates clean the basement of the Com- 
munity house. 

Vice-president of the Senior class is Andy Gal- 
yardt. Gary Swanson was FMOC attendant. Other 
AKLs belong to Steel Ring, Alpha Kappa Psi, Engi- 
neering council, Arnold Air society, Pershing Rifles, 
Alpha Phi Omega, ASCE, ASME, Collegiate 4-H, 
Block and Bridle, Sigma Delta Chi, Newman club, 
Jr. AVMA, and are on the Collegian and Royal 
Purple staffs. 

Social events for the year included hour dances, 
house parties, a Mardi Gras party, Christmas formal, 
spring formal and picnics. 


Fifteen chapters 

Founded Stanford University 1914 
Iota chapter estahlished 1930 
President: Jerry Friesen 


AKL members discuss a few of their many activities 
and parties, in front of their home at 413 N. 17th. 

\ 5 f ,. 

ALPHA TAU OMEGA^TOP ROW: Mrs. E. L. Keefer, Norman Blubaugh, William, C. Boone, Robert Brethaupt, Ronald E. Calloway, Richard R. Carr, Roger S. 
Clarke, John R. Cummins, Walt J. Danforth, Dan Y. Dunbar. SECOND ROW: Tom C. Fuller, Carl L. Glocker, James W. Goebel, Eugene F. Grabs, Jack L. Harmon, 
Tom P. Hatch, Edwin L. Hollar, Donald D. Hutchinson, Duane C. Hufford, James K. Isom. THIRD ROW: Earl Johnston, Dean F. Joslin, John R. Kupfer, Ronald 
C. Liebl, William W. Mahood, Earl L. Mayden, William Page, Harold P. Poe, Gary Pottorff, Ken A. Shaw. BOTTOM ROW: Lee Shore, Allan P. Van Nice, Rollin 

W. Vickery, Maurice D. Wikoff, Don S. Williams, Fred H. Woodbury, W. Bruce Wren. 

Alpha Tau Omega 

,-g*ff" "*^ 

One hundred seventeen chapters 

Founded Virginia Military Institute 1865 

Delta Theta chapter estahlished 1920 

President: Rollin Vickery 

The ATO house, at 1730 Claflin Road, is north of 
the campus and away from most of fraternity row. 

ATOs are proud of the fact that they were the first 
national fraternity to adopt Help Week. Also, ATOs 
were the first fraternity to adopt it on the K-State 
campus. The Help Week project for this year was 
fixing up a church. 

President of Jr. AVMA is Rollin Vickery, who is 
also a member of Alpha Zeta; Don Williams is a 
member of Alpha Kappa Psi; and Bill Mahood be- 
longs to Arnold Air society. 

ATOs participated in all major intramural events 
of the College. 

Social activities were a Blackfoot-Whitefoot for- 
mal, and the White Tea Rose spring formal. The 
theme for one of the various house parties was the 
Underworld, when ATOs and dates dressed as des- 
perate criminals and gun molls. 


Beta Sigma Psi 

This national fraternity for Communicant Lu- 
theran students is one of the most recent on the 

K-State campus. Next year they hope to be in their 
new house. 

Three Beta Sigs, Bill Herberg, Carl Karst, and 
Ken Gnadt, are members of Alpha Zeta; Carl Karst 
is also on Student Council and a co-chairman of 
LIFT Week; Bernie Klover was attendant to FMOC; 
and Jim Jorns is a member of K-Club and on the 
College track team. Other Beta Sigs are active in 
Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air society, Ag Econ 
club, and are on the Ag Mag staff. 

Social activities for the year included hour dances, 
exchange dinners, Christmas party, spring formal, 
and Parents' day. 


The Beta Sigs are living at 1414 Fairehild, waiting 
until they can get a permanent house next fall. 

Five chapters 

Founded University of Illinois 1925 
Zeta chapter established 1951 
President: Jim Jorns 

BETA SIGMA PSI — TOP ROW: Mrs. Elizabeth Seaton, Warren D. Biel, Delwin L. Bokelman, James E. Boyd, Duane Blackwood, Donald Brinkman, James F. Brink- 
man, Harold J. Burre, Dale H. Dettke, Walter H. Dietz. SECOND ROW: Norman R. Elliott, Benjamin R. Frevert, Richard C. Froberg, Donald M. Froelich, Norman 

E. Froelich, Earl B. Gehrt, Kenneth L. Gnadt, William W. Herberg, Harold H. Holl, Lawrence E. Holthus. THIRD ROW: Keith W. Janne, William J. Jorns, Carl 

F. Karst, Elmer L. Karstensen, Karl W. Karstensen, Charles R. Kinast, Bernard D. Klover, Richard Kohlschreiber, Donald J. Kozisek, Layle D. Lawrence. FOURTH 
ROW: Walter C. Lietz, Ralph R. Lueker, Dale H. Meyer, Dean A. Nehrig, Robert W. Raffety, Walter C. Schmid, Robert H. Schumann, James L. Smith, Howard L. 

Soeken. BOTTOM ROW: Richard H. Steffens, Clarence H. Suelter, Wallace R. Timm, John D. Tittel, Robert Vahsholtz, Wilbur C. Voss, Robert R. Watkins. 


Betas stand outside their ivy-covered home at 500 
Sunset, waiting to begin their evening song practice. 

Ninety-four chapters 

Founded Miami University 1839 

Gamma Epsilon chapter established 1914 

President: Dennis Wiimet 

Beta Theta Pi 

Beta started with firsts by winning Interfrater- 

nity Sing last spring. 

Important Betas on campus include Bob Skiver, 
president of Student Council, and Bill Varney, treas- 
urer. Bob Lawrence is co-editor of the Royal Purple; 
John Edison is sports editor of the Collegian; Ed 
Pence was picked on the All-Big Seven football team. 

Betas joined with Sigma Chis and Phi Delts to 
give the annual Triad formal. Other parties for the 
year were the Li'l Abner costume party, Beta Pig 
formal, and the Beta barbecue. 

BETA THETA PI — TOP ROW: Mrs. E. A. Coady, Charles A. Amstein, Jerry E. Anderson, George W. Atkeson, Walter L. Atzenweiler, William H. Babcock, Gary D. Baetz, James 
F. Bascom, George W. Bemis, William K. Binford, Gregg R. Borland, William C. Bowman, Robert A. Boyd, Howard R. Bradley. SECOND ROW: Jay R. Brooks, Leslie P. Brown, 
Stanley C. Burnette, Scott S. Chandler, Winston D. Chapin, Roderick J. Clarahan, Robert N. Conrad, Donald L. Cordes, Charles K. DeForest, J. D. DeForest, Richard L. DeForest, 
John R. Eidson, Robert J. Elgaard, Frank M. Farrell. THIRD ROW: Ronald E. Foote, Martin R. Frey, Merwin L. Frey, Earl E. Gatz, Robert D. Graham, James M. Hall, Jerry L. 
Hampton, Donald D. Hart, Stuart B. Hartman, Robert H. Haymaker, George Hinds, James D. Hotchkiss, Philip H. Howe, Gilbert E. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Harry D. Knostman, 
John H. Kugler, James H. Kyle, Robert M. Lawrence, James A. Loomis, Thomas D. Machin, William J. Murray, James L. Murray, Elgene R. Nichols, Kenneth L. Nesmith, Leon- 
ard E. Pacha, Gary A. Parker, John D. Patterson, Duane Y. Patton. FIFTH ROW: David Pfuetze, Edward L. Pence, Roger P. Reitz, John E. Ricklefs, John D. Riddell, Gordon E. 
Rieg, Fred L. Robison, Gary B. Rogers, William M. Rosenberger, Charles F. Scholer, Danny C. Schuyler, Dale L. Schwartz, William E. Simpson, George Six. BOTTOM ROW: Robert 
N. Skiver, James D. Smith, William L. Stolzer, Donald V. Upson, T. William Varney, Hayes Walker, R. Theodore Weaver, Robert L. Westrup, Dennis L. Winget, George J. Yapp. 

r w <. 




""**|k : »»*i^ 



DELTA SIGMA PHI — TOP ROW: Mrs. Paul F. Smith, Tom B. Baird, John R. Balaun, John N. Bradford, Melvin L. Brose, Howard I. Campbell, James W. Conboy, 
Donald L. Corey, Peter H. Dahlquist, Kenneth D. Dannels, Richard G. Davis. SECOND ROW: Donald F. Decou, Richard D. Drury, Samuel L. Fisher, Dean E. Floyd, 
Duane L. Fruechting, Calvin C. Garrison, Robert W. Greve, William B. Hale, Jerome L. Hartke, Donald H. Haun, Donald R. Hayes. THIRD ROW: Galen L. Heritage, 
James N. Hockensmith, William J. Kush, James R. Larkin, Jon A. Levin, William R. Machin, Claire F. McGinnis, Donald S. McPherron, Herbert L. Mitchell, Ronald 
E. Moranville, Max H. Mullen. BOTTOM ROW: John M. Murray, Raymond L. Nicholas, Ralph J. Piccola, Lawrence H. Rood, Richard M. Sangster, Robert J. 

Savage, John R. Scott, DeWain Vice, Darrell Wincer, John Wooldridge. 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Delt Sigs are busy with a fund raising campaign, 
and are planning to build a new house soon. The 
plans are drawn up and the lot is purchased. 

Meanwhile, Delt Sigs are busy in many activities. 
Jerry Hartke is a member of Sigma Tau and Eta 
Kappa Nu and Bill Hale belongs to Steel Ring and 
Tau Sigma Delta. Delt Sigs are also active members 
of Frog Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Klod and Kernel 
Klub, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Collegiate 4-H, Persh- 
ing Rifles, Band, Arnold Air Society, and Scabbard 
and Blade. 

Bill Kush is on the College baseball team. Delt 
Sigs participated in all major intramurals and won 
honors in bowling. 

Along the social line, Delt Sigs had an Apache 
party, Winter Carnival party, Sailors' ball, White 
Carnation formal, and a Rendezvous party. 

Seventy-eight chapters 
Founded City College of New York 1889 
Alpha Upsilon chapter estahlished 1923 
President: Lawrence Rood 

Delt Sigs at 1642 Fairchild plan one of the parties 
that are so much fun for them and their dates. 


DELTA TAU DELTA — TOP ROW: Mrs. Fred Coulson, Frank C. Andrews, Donald L. Arnold, Dave C. Ayers, Don W. Ayers, Roger E. Barnes, Charles 0. Bonnett, Bob W. Brazil, 
0. D. Calhoon, Dick Cunningham, E. G. Davis, F. Gerry Day. SECOND ROW: Phil A. Diehl, Bob F. Frank, Jack Frewen, Don R. Gadberry, Price A. Gentry, Ed L. Gillette, 0. S. 
Gossard, Ron L. Grittman, Chauncey Gundlefinger, S. W. Gunter, Jerry Hagerty, Richard D. Haines. THIRD ROW: Larry B. Hall, Stu G. Hazard, Douglas T. Heath, Dale R. Hodg- 
son, Howard L. Hoffman, Carl R. Hoseney, Del Hutchinson, George K. Hoover, Charles W. Hughes, Charles E. Imthurn, Wendell E. Jacobs, Dale Kendall. FOURTH ROW: Kuhr- 
man Kempthorne, Allen B. Kipper, David L. Larson, Gary E. Latham, James R. Limes, Dick A. Loyd, Mark A. Mayden, Monte H. Myers, Chet A. Mazza, John K. Monroe, Eldon 
L. Moore, Howard J. Morse Jr. FIFTH ROW: Dean Morton, David M. Neal, Bob L. Novak, Jim L. Parks, Bill P. Patton, Don L. Pope, Robert E. Quanz, Dean E. Robson, Don 
K. Rogers, Bill M. Ross, Lee W. Ruggels, Don D. Schaper. BOTTOM ROW: Clarke E. Schiller, Harry L. Shank, Scott E. Sheets, Bonner W. Staff, Verlyn G. Staley, Paul M. 

Strunk, Bob L. Taber, Cecil R. Taylor Jr., D:ck M. Thompson, Wayne W. Windsor. 



Eighty-six chapters 

Founded Bethany College 1858 

Gamma Chi chapter established 1919 

President: Bill Ross 

The ranch-style Delt house at 1001 Sunset is 
the newest fraternity home on the K-State eampus. 


Delta Tau Delta 

Celebrating the first year in their new Delt shelter, 
Delts held open house for invited guests. Alumni 
from several states attended the dedication of the 
house in October. 

Parties for the Delts were a Hobo party, spring 
formal, and the annual Delt barbecue. 

President of ASME is Bill Ross. Frank Andrews 
is president of K-State players; E. G. Davis is presi- 
dent of IFC; and Dick Haines is IPC president. 

Delts Price Gentry, Corky Taylor, and Bob White- 
head are on the K-State football team. Taylor is also 
on the track team. 

Farm House 

Farm House members, with their consistently high 
grades, won the scholarship cup for the 1953 spring 
semester, topping all other fraternities on campus. 

FMOC this year was Bob Cullins, who is also 
president of the Square Dance club. Editor of the 
Ag Mag is Herb Lee. Ferol Fell is a co-chairman of 
SPC and member of Sigma Tau; Wayne David is 
president of Klod and Kernel Klub; five Farm 
House members are on judging teams; fourteen are 
members of Alpha Zeta; Bill Nelson is president of 
Future Teachers of America; Bob Davies won the 
Swift company essay contest; Neal Atkinson and 
Merlin Dennis are members of Blue Key; Dennis is 
also chancellor of the Tribunal; and Max Teeter is 
vice-president of Block and Bridle. 

Social events were the Star and Crescent formal, 
Christmas party, Sisters Day, and Sweetheart dinner. 

Farm House men at 1409 Fairchild look forward 
to the day when they can build their new house. 

Thirteen chapters 

Founded University of Missouri 1905 
Kansas chapter established 1921 
President: Bill Nelson 

FARM HOUSE — TOP ROW: Mrs. L. E. Taylor, Arthur J. Armbrust, Lewis N. Atkinson, Richard J. Baker, Edwin C. Cotner, Robert B. Cullins, Wayne L. David, 
Brian E. Davies, Merlin L. Dennis, Norvel D. Deschner, Donald L. Esslinger. SECOND ROW: Harold E. Fearing, Ferol S. Fell, Dale L Fooshee, Darrell D. Gale, 
Raymond W. Gieseman, Allan L. Heath, Seth B. Hodges, Donald W. Hunt, Orlo K. Jantz, Eldon B. Johnson, Donald R. Kihn. THIRD ROW: Delbert L. Larson, 
Stanley L. Larson, Herbert L. Lee, William C. Motes, Lewis E. Murphy, William M. Nelson, Robert R. Oltjen, John L. Oltjen, Sam Peppiatt, Melvin U. Pettit, 
Donald R. Reese. BOTTOM ROW: Reed R. Rumsev, Robert E. Sanford, Robert N. Sayre, David A. Schoneweis, Leonard D. Schwab, Irvin M. Schwalm, James D. 

Stamm, Albert C. Strafuss, A. Max Teeter, Harold J. Tuma, Meredith J. Wiltfong. 


• *W*T 

Kappa Sics, at 1221 Thurston, discuss the third- 
place trophy won hy their 1953 Y-Orpheum skit. 

One hundred twenty-six chapters 

Founded University of Virginia 1869 

Gamma Chi chapter established 1919 

President: Tom Whipple 

Kappa Sigma 

The Red Dog was again the social event of the year 
for the Kappa Sigs. This year the theme was cen- 
tered around a French street scene. Kappa Sigs 
were hosts to various sororities for hour dances and 
exchange dinners. Kappa Sigs and dates enjoyed 
the Christmas formal, Christmas house party, and 
the Black and White spring formal. 

A busy Kappa Sig this year was Bill Kohl. Be- 
sides being their FMOC candidate, Bill was on the 
varsity basketball squad and a member of Phi 
Epsilon Kappa. Larry Hadley is on the baseball 
team; Harold Mouser is a member of Pi Tau Sigma; 
Tom Whipple belongs to Sigma Tau and Gary Row- 
ley to Steel Ring; and Duke Hilton is president of 
Sigma Gamma Epsilon. 

KAPPA SIGMA— TOP ROW: Mrs. Verne Sibley, Robert R. Burns, Charles 0. Callahan, James W. Carlson, Fred C. Casterline, Edward E. Clem Jr., Dale 0. Coonrod, Jerry W. Cox, 
Lawrence I. Craig, Marvin L. Decker, John E. Downing, Roger W. Dutton. SECOND ROW: Lawrence L. Evans, Larry M. Hadley, Frank E. Hill, Duke Hilton, Jim A. Hoi lis, Rex D. 
Horchem, Richard G. Horchem, William D. Hunt, Donald L. Jenkins, William B. Johnson, Donald L. Jordan, Donald R. Kaufman. THIRD ROW: DeVere Kennedy, Charles W. Knouse, 
William F. Kohl, Donald J. Komarek, H. Kent Lanterman, Thomas F. Lee, Leon F. Lunt, Ross E. Meyer, Joe E. Money, Bobby L. Moore, Jack B. Moore, Harold R. Mouser. FOURTH 
ROW: Ronald E. Myers, James A. Needham, Carl M. Nestler, Phil Neyer Jr., Calvin J. Nickols, Peter J. Palermo, Phillip G. Porter, George C. Reeder, Gary D. Rowley, James C. 
Seeley, Johnny R. Snider, David M. Spiker. BOTTOM ROW: Palmer L. Strecker, Edwin A. Thomas, Allen K. Tompkins, Eldon N. Wancura, Donald L. Wenger, Ira T. Whipple, Vergil 

N. Wright, Wendell A. Wright. 


LAMBDA CHI ALPHA — TOP ROW: Mrs. E. M. May, Albert R. Angevine, Leon H. Armantrout, Loris E. Asmussen, Wesley C. Baker, Curtis Blickenstaff, Albert 
L. Blubaugh, George R. Brandt, Earl M. Brown, William M. Burnett. SECOND ROW: Ferns Chilcott, Joseph F. Coyle, Roland W. Crawford, Stanley W. Elsea, 
Dee L. Follis, Irl L. Franklin, George A. Gibson, Robert D. Graham, Earl J. Hammond, William C. Hanna. THIRD ROW: Wesley D Harms, Steve E. Hennessey, 
Walter J. Herman, Freeman L. Higgason, Jack W. Hoffman, George F. Johnson, Ramon W. Jones, La Vern J. Kracht, James F. Lawrence, Walter R. Luffell. 
FOURTH ROW: Gene B. Martin, Larry A. Maycumber, David G. Mclntyre, Richard C. Miller, Donald R. Miller, Richard H. Mosier, William D. Ogg, Curtiss G. 
Park, Peter J. Patchin, Carl P. Rejba. BOTTOM ROW: Richard F. Salter, Arlen P. Seaman, Norris E. Smith, Thomas B. Stone, James R. Struble, Austin L. 

Tubbs, David L. Van Patten, Otto S. Weilert, Franklin L. Young. 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

Lambda Chis public relations project for the year 
was painting the outside of the Louisville church. 

Parties are always going on at the Lambda Chi 
house. Some of their house parties were The Red 
Sock Hop, Alcatraz, and Suppressed Desires. Two 
formals for the year were based on the themes of the 
White Rose formal and Crescent ball at which they 
crown their "Crescent Queen." 

Dee Follis was attendant to FMOC. Other Lambda 
Chis are active in many of the campus organizations. 
Lambda Chis participated in all intramural contests. 

One hundred forty-four chapters 
Founded Boston University 1909 
Gamma Xi chapter established 1924 
President: Jim Lawrence 

Lambda Chis at 1334 Fremont wait outside before 
sorority girls arrive for one of their hour dances. 



5^" .W ,^| ^± * 

" v ~ dim 'U*k 

PHI DELTA THETA — TOP ROW: Mrs. J. R. Hurley, Steven B. Acker, William L. Bailey, Robert F. Balzerick, Max F. Blakely, Charles R. Broman, Robert M. Brown, William R. 
Bryson, James P. Burke, Gerald A. Cashman, Robert L. Clarke, Kerry F. Clifford. SECOND ROW: Bill F. Duckworth, Duncan M. Enckson, Bill D. Ericson, Bob G. Facht, Floyd F. 
Farmer, Rex W. Featherston, Robert Featherston, Fred Garrett, Ronald E. Gier, James Grove, Charles H. Haberkorn, Everett T. Hart. THIRD ROW: Charles R. Hastings, Donald F. 
Hodgson, Bill J. Howard, John J. Hughes, Edward S. John, Charles E. Johnson, William J. Johnson, William E. Keller, John K. Knoll, Darrel D. Lowell, James M. Lucas, John 
R. McKone. FOURTH ROW: Marlin R. Mea or, Earl H. Meyer C. Graham Newcomer, T. Robert Newlin, Will, am 0. Olsen, Robert F. Playter, Jack G. Potts, Donald G. Prigmore, 
W. R. Rader, Phillip R. Randall, Richard C. Reed, Richard A. Renfro. FIFTH ROW: Billy J. Reynolds, Thomas E. Roberts, Phil R Robertson, Tom B. Root, William G. Sartorius, 
Charles A. Savidge, Robert T. Schicktanz, Jerry A. Shaffer, John W. Simon, W. Stoner Smith, Al F. Steunenberg Raymond R. Steves. BOTTOM ROW: James C. Stewart, Sax A. 
Stone, Gerald R. Stryker, Thomas Sullivan, Charles F. Thomas, John R. Tuttle, Richard N. Waugh, W. Gregg Williams, Clair Q. Williamson, Michael M. Williamson, George W. 

Wilson, Robert P. Worley. 

One hundred fifteen chapters 

Founded Miami University in 1848 

Kansas Gamma chapter established in 1921 

President: Robert Featherston 

Phi Delts at 508 Sunset discuss a costume party, 
and make plans for the Beta-Phi Delt-SAE triad. 

Phi Delta Theta 

Phi Delts have many prominent men in campus 
activities. Among them are Everett Hart, a member 
of Blue Key and Student Council; Gerald Cashman 
and Earl Meyer, football players; and Bob Newlin 
FMOC attendant; Phi Delts also have memberships 
in Steel Ring, Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Tau, SPC, 
YMCA, Pershing Rifles, Arts and Sciences council 
and Athletic council. 

Social activities included an annual Triad with 
Beta Theta Pi and Sigma Chi. The Phi Delts also 
play the Sig Alphs in a yearly touch football classic, 
the Flush Bowl. Phi Delts placed first in intramural 


Phi Kappa 

Phi Kaps are proud of their 100 per cent member- 
ship in the Newman club. Harold Myers was editor 
of the fall Collegian; Gene Rempe is president of 
Sigma Tau; and Harry Vis is president of Cosmopol- 
itan club. 

Paul Whitehair and Don Weixelman were Inter- 
national Farm Youth Exchange students to Syria and 
Portugal. Waldo, that dog about campus, endorsed 
Bill Block, Phi Kap candidate for FMOC. 

The new look was carried out in front of the Phi 
Kap house when they added a new retaining wall 
and did some landscaping. 

After being runner-up in intramural softball for 
the third straight year, Phi Kaps are planning on a 
winner this year. 

Two social activities were the annual Hard Times 
fall costume party and the annual spring Fish 
formal. Other social events were exchange dinners, 
picnics, smokers, and hour dances. 

Phi Kaps at 1909 Anderson sit outside and discuss 
more new ways to landscape their new-look home. 

Thirty-five chapters 
Founded Brown University 1889 
Iota chapter established 1921 
President: Tom Moritz 

PHI KAPPA — TOP ROW. Mrs. William T. Theisen, John R. Baxendale, William E. Block, John P. Epler, Robert M. Estrel, Jerome Gerstenkorn, William T. Gor- 
man, Robert J. Hlavacek, Harry F. Huerter, Ralph T. Johnson Jr., James L. Kastens. SECOND ROW: Karl B. Kastens, Joseph W. Kelly, James R. Koch, Nor- 
an A. Luckeroth, Donald J. Luebbert, Amory S. Lynch, Robert L. Melroy, Ronald P. Mentgen, Paul E. Merz, Robert J. Miller, Thomas D. Moritz. THIRD ROW: 


Virgil E. Mulligan, Harold L. Myers, Hubert S. Nethercot, Floyd F. Niernberger, William A. Patzell, Daniel L. Petracek, James E. Quint, Thomas E. Quint, Ernest 
E. Rempe, John G. Runyan, Harold M. Simon. BOTTOM ROW: James J. Tighe, Marion J. Tongish, John B. Uhlrich, Kenneth W. Unger, Herman J. Victor, 

Adrianus W. Vis, Raymond E. Wary, Francis E. Wehner, Richard J. Whitehair, Eldridge D. Wilcox. 


PHI KAPPA TAU — TOP ROW: Mrs. Wallace Applegate, Percy G. Aitken, J. Leroy Bosko, Frederick T. Charles, Bruce V. Collins, Gary P. Combs, Joseph E. 

Conway, Kenton A. Graber. SECOND ROW: Floyd D. Griggs, David H. Huebner, Donald D. Jones, Lyle C. Maddux, Charles R. Mansfield, Alberto S. Martinez, 

Edmund F. Martinez, Kenneth W. Miller. BOTTOM ROW: Frank A Santoro, Richard J. Schuetz, Richard L. Wieland, Kenneth W. Wise. 

Phi Kappa Tau 

Seventy chapters 

Founded Oxford, Ohio 1906 

Mplia Epsilon chapter established 1925 

President: Lvle Maddux 

Phi Kappa Taus at 830 Bluemont discuss the intra- 
murals in which they have participated this year. 

Phi Kappa Taus at Kansas State are quite proud of 
the Chapter Achievement award they won at their 
national convention last summer. This is awarded 
to the Phi Kappa Tau chapter which has the most 
outstanding achievements in 1952-53. Over-all im- 
provement is also considered in choosing the winner. 

In December, Phi Kappa Taus entertained their 
dates at a Klondike Klomp, the fall costume party. 
In March, everyone enjoyed the spring formal. Phi 
Kappa Taus also had a costume house party. 

An unusual event for this year was when the 
pledges took the whole active chapter for a ride and 

Phi Kappa Taus busy in activities include Richard 
Wieland, treasurer of Wampus Cats, and Charles 
Mansfield, corresponding secretary of Interfrater- 
nity Council. Phi Kappa Taus also belong to A. I. A., 
Jr. AVMA, Pershing Rifles, and the K-State chapter 
of the American Chemical Society. 


Pi Kappa Alpha 

Seven cheerleaders in the past four years have 
been PiKAs. This year Bob Ging and Gary Halbert 
are two of the cheerleaders. John Saylor was chosen 
as an alternate, and later became a regular. 

The fortieth anniversary of the founding of the 
local chapter was celebrated October 4. Founders' 
Day was in March. More social activities included 
the Dixie ball, Beachcomber party, Roaring Twen- 
ties party, and Corn jigger party. Also for the first 
time this year a Manhattan Duad was held in con- 
junction with Sigma Phi Epsilon. This is planned to 
be an annual formal event. PiKAs gave a Christmas 
party for underprivileged children. 

On the front steps at 331 N. 17th, PiKAs wait for 
others to join them hefore leaving for their classes. 

One hundred nine chapters 
Founded University of Virginia 1868 
Alpha Omega chapter established 1913 
President: Ernie Harms 

PI KAPPA ALPHA— TOP ROW: Mrs. William Bensing, Kenneth E. Acre, Harold E. Andler, John W. Argabright, Gary D. Atkeson, Michael H. Back, Darrell D. Bassett, Melvin A. 
Battin, Roger Bauer, Bob Binder, John C. Bolt, Rodney D. Booth. SECOND ROW: Richard F. Boyd, John E. Boyer, Robert L. Bryce, John F. Burgess, Donald R. Cox, Duane N. 
Counter, Hilton D. Derrick, Donald L. Funk, Thomas C. Gale, Robert C. Ging, John G. Halbert, Ernest L. Harms. THIRD ROW: Samuel M. Hoge, J. Neal Holliday, Gary K. Hylton, 
Danny R. Johnson, William 0. Johnson, Albert A. Kaine, Phillip F. Kurtz, James M. Langford, Lloyd M. Lueck, Charles J. Maurer, Harvey J. McCarter, Jerry P. Metz. FOURTH 
ROW: Jerry Ray Meyers, Richard M. Miller, Ross T. Miller, Carl R. Myers, Lon E. Nelson, Robert Pinet, Tom Ross, James C. Rowland, Fred K. Rumford, John L. Sayler, James 
Lee Scott, William D. Setzekorn. BOTTOM ROW: Howard Sherwood, Robert L. Shipp, Cleo G. Simmonds, Ralph C. Simonson, Bernard Stoecker, Charles M. Teed, Richard A. 

Thompson, Donald C. Ubel, Jerry L. Weaver. 

^ o 

to mm 

\ f 



The Sig Alphs, near Field House at 1856 College 
Heights, discuss seeond eonseeutive Flush Bowl win. 

One hundred thirty-six chapters 

Founded Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 1856 

Kansas Beta chapter established 1913 

President: Gene Arnold 

Sigma Alpha Epsil >n 

Sports-minded Sig Alphs have six members of the 
varsity basketball squad. Sig Alphs won their second 
consecutive all-school touch football championship 
this fall, winning 18 games in a row. The Sig Alphs 
also won the intramural trophy last year. 

Gerald Shadwick is student body president, and 
a Blue Key member; Bob Landon is on Student 
Council, editor of the K-State Engineer, and in Blue 
Key; Ed Fowler is chairman of SPC and The United 
Fund drive; Don Taylor, SAE, was 1953 Pledge 
King. Sig Alphs had the first-place float in the 
Homecoming parade. 

SIGMA ALPHA EPS1L0N— TOP ROW: Mrs. P. W. Henry, David S. Adams, Pelham E. A 
liam R. Aye, Paul E. Barber, J. B. Beck, George Betz, Henry C. Black, James M. Blew, 
Burgener, Alfred A. Chandler, Kenneth R. Collins, Fred M. Conley, Francis E. Darling S 
Harold F. Forrester, Edward R. Fowler, Paul E. Fraser, Edward L. Giffin. THIRD RO 
Darwin D. Hester, Charles E. Hill, Dale 0. Holmgren, Franklin D. Houser, Paul E. Jone 
FOURTH ROW: Hcmer A. Kruckenberg, Robert B. Landon, Robert S. Law, Richard J. L 
M. McCulley, Wesley R. McMillen, Jerry D. McWilliams, Keith L. Mohl, M. Pat O'Neal, R 
James E. Pollom, Jesse W Prisock, Ralph E. Rawline, Dale V. Reed, Ira J. Rogers, Jac 
W. Skinner, James A. Smith, Robert W. Smith, John R. Stack. BOTTOM ROW: Gene A. 
Glenn T. Terry, John R. Tregonning, R. E. Waide, Robert W. Walter, William A. Ware 

Edwin H. 

dams, Robert L. Allison, Lawrence K. Allingham, Marc E. Anthony, Paul E. Arnold, Wil- 
William H. Braddock, Leonard T. Brannin. SECOND ROW: Gary D. Brown, James R. 
cott A. Denison, Martin K. Eby, Wayne F. Edinger, Dwight N. Eel Is, Wayne I. Ellis, 
W: Jerry E. Goss, James T. Graves, Gerald E. Hart, Gary A. Haynes, Edward C. Head, 
s, Jerry W. Jung, Alvin J. Karetski, Terrance E. Keefe, August J. Keller, Clyde H. Kiddoo. 
ogsdon, Kenneth D. Long, Robert L. Maloney, Peter A. Martin, Andrew A. Matson, Robert 
oger F. Orban, Leslie C. Parks. FIFTH ROW: Richard P. Peak, Francis M. Pearson, 
k W. Schrader, Gerald L. Shadwick, Harold K. Shamburg. William S. Sinderson, Thomas 

Stauffer, Kenneth D. Stocks, James H. Tangeman, John E. Tangeman, Donald M. Taylor, 
ham, Charles W. Weathers, Ronald V. Webb, Stephen G. Weckel, Lawrence L. Werhan, 




Sigma Chi 

The Sigma Chis won second in Interfraternity Sing 
last spring, and have a new addition to their house, 
including a 24-man dorm and kitchen. 

Ken Gowdy is president of the Senior class, St. 
Pat, on the Engineering council and the football 
team. Howard Hill is president of Interfraternity 
council; and Lloyd Orsborn is president of Blue 
Key. Dick Pickett is on The Student Council and Ag 

Sigma Chis placed first in swimming, track, and 
Softball intramurals. Along the social line, Sigma 
Chis had their Sweetheart ball, Parisian ball, faculty 
tea, and Triad. 

With two members on the team, Sigma Chis at 
1224 Fremont wait to go to a fall football game. 

One hundred twenty-five chapters 
Founded Miami University 1855 
Delta Upsilon founded 1949 
President: Dick Pickett 

SIGMA CHI— TOP ROW: Mrs. Henry Boss, Donald R. Ade, Ronald D. Allen, D. Bruce Anderson, Richard A. Arnold David J. Baehr, Robert E. Balderston, Merle G. Balthazor, 
William D. Bell, Rodney E. Bentson, Edward C. Bertnolli, Donald L. Boien, Donald W. Booth, Ronald C. Bryant. SECOND ROW: Jan R. Brumm, Warren G. Bullock, Frank A. 
Burke, Charles F. Carroll, Phillip E. Chappel, Larry L. Christie, Jerry S. Conwell, John P. Dollar, Luciene R. Downing Jr., Burton A. Eddy, Paul Engborg, David W. Evans, 
Jimmie L. Fink, Duane L. Ginter. THIRD ROW: Max Goss, Ken K. Gowdy, Robert T. Gray, Philip C. Gregory, Samuel L. Hamrick, Thomas J. Helms, Donald R. Hill, Howard R. 
Hill Jr., James K. Hocott, J. Lester Hooper, Gene G. Ismert, Don R. Janes, Blaine E. Jenkins, Kenneth L. Jenkins. FOURTH ROW: Dale E. King, Conrad L. Kreunen, Ross A. 
Kuttler, David M. Kvitle, Robert L. Logan, Hubert D. Mansfield, Jerry L. Mershon, Dolan K. McDaniel, William H. Mikesell, M. Lee Mills, Joseph A. Moss, Jerry Nolte, John 
W. Nuzman, David E. Ohse. FIFTH ROW: Daniel H. Oplinger, Lloyd E. Orsborn, Merle M. Orsborn, Lee A. Peterson, Lowell B. Peterson, Thomas G. Pettit, Richard A. Pickett, 
Duane I. Pickett, Larry A. Rash, A. W. Sandring, Jack D. Schmitt, David L. Schneider, Donald L. Shaw, James B. Shields. BOTTOM ROW: Melvin D. Smith, Wayne D. Striegel, 
David S. Steuwe, Norvin G. Stunkel, Keith G. Swenson, Lyle F. Templar, Robert E. Taylor, Barrie W. Thorp, Donald L. Wainscott, Harvey E. Wallace, John E. Watt, Carroll 

K. Weich, Sheldon C. Williams, Kevin Winegardner, Edward D. Wolf. 

'¥ .** J : ■* " * ' ' ■*» *- .*■ 


~ Jki^ ^M shk del v ^ 

-% o (T: r5 3 3 c; 


Sigma Nus at 513 Sunset have the asset of being 
able to look down into a sorority house front yard. 

One hundred eighteen chapters 

Founded Virginia Military Institute 1869 

Beta Kappa chapter established 1913 

President: Carrol Pickens 

Sigma Nu 

This year the Sigma Nus held their 40th reunion. 
It was the largest fraternal reunion ever held at K- 
State. The Sigma Nus also had a service week. 

Sigma Nus are active in Blue Key, Sigma Tau, 
Pi Tau Sigma, Steel Ring, IAS, Arnold Air society, 
Scabbard and Blade, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Fenc- 
ing club, Jr. AVMA, Band, Wampus Cats, and 
ASME. Sigma Nus have the vice-presidency of Blue 
Key, and treasurer of IFC. 

Some of the social events were hour dances, ex- 
change dinners, White Rose formal, Blackfoot- 
Whitefoot formal, Hawaiian costume party, and 
Roman costume party. 

Using the planets as a background, Sigma Nus won 
first place in Homecoming decorations. 

SIGMA NU — TOP ROW: Mrs. Ila H. Wells, Edward S. Ackerman, Robert Bixby, James W. Boyd, Mark G. Brislawn, Dennis G. Campbell, William H. Carter, Bert 
C. Caywood, Thomas A. Chambers, Robert L. Chastain, Elton L. Chatfield. SECOND ROW: Bobby J. Church, Robert R. Coe, W. Roilin Coryell Jr., Jack C. Craw- 
ford, Norman B. Dawson, Harry D. Dible, Hoyt S. Eel Is, Barry C. Emerson, Daniel J. Farrell, Richard C. Fraley, Leo D. Gray. THIRD ROW: Robert J. Gelok, 
William D. Groth, Loren M. Hart, Dennis W. Holm, Charles D. Jolley, Charles H. Jacobson, Stephen D. Kelly, Donald L. Lurtz, George D. McCallum, Jerry R. 
McDaniel, Jack T. McDonald. FOURTH ROW: Howard M. McGinnis, Andrew J. Miller, Philip D. Moorehead, John E. Newcomer, Carrol F. Pickens, Lee K. 
Poore, Arlan Potwin, Joseph F. Puett, Daryl E. Pults, Richard A. Ramsey, William E. Schaulis. BOTTOM ROW: John R. Snyder, James E. Stinson, Loren E. 
Toevs, Jack M. Toliver, Robert D. Turley, Neil R. Vander Dussen, Galen E.Ward, Gordon C. Wassell, Ronald K. Watson, Thomas G. Wesselowski, Charles L. Young. 


SIGMA PHI EPSILON — Mrs. Doris Erickson, Nugent R. Adams, E. R. Amend, Gary M. Antenen, Ted R. Ashford, William H. Atwood, Ronald L. Baker, Phillip G. Barnes, Jackie D. 
Barrett, John W. Barrett, Dean H. Becker, Larry L. Becker, James H. Brass, Marvin W. Chiles, Keith H. Clark. SECOND ROW: Paul H. Clark, Kenneth D. Cousins, Roger L. Craft, 
Charles F. Crews, Cecil G. Denton, Rodney J. Engle, Douglas C. Ericksen, Robert W. Exline, Donald J. Florko, Thomas N. Frederick, William E. Garrelts, Donald D. Goertz, Eugene 

C. Haas, Wayne C. Haas, John L. Hawthorne. THIRD ROW: Carl L. Heinrich, Norman M. Held, Thomas J. Hoover, Gerald K. Kerbs, John R. Kinsinger, Thayne L. Kraus, Jerry L. 
Laird, Victor D. Lippoldt, Earl D. Lupton, Edward L. Mackender, Don J. McCowen, Joel S. McGill, David B. McKay, Galen J. Meyers, Robert D. Mishler. FOURTH ROW: Dari 

D. Michel, James A. Moore, Jimmy R. Moore, Maurice G. Morgan, Donald H. Moses, Charles I. Moyer, James D. Neifert, Joseph K. Nevins, Eugene M. Ostenberg James K. 
Payne, Lawrence Petersilie, James R. Peterson, Jack D. Railsback, Robert C. Reiter, Richard A. Rockwell. FIFTH ROW: Douglas D. Roether, Darrell D. Saville, J. Dick Schaffer, 
Robert L. Schober, Jerry L. Schrader, Adrian J. Scribante, Claude W. Shivers, Marvin D. Shutler, William C. Simmons, Clare L. Simpson, Dean J. Smith, Gene 0. Smith, Robert E. 
Smith, Clinton L. Stalker, Duane M. Stoskopf. BOTTOM ROW: Gerald B. Sleeper, Marvin C. Stoss, Larry J. Sturgeon, Parker L. Stotler, William C. Swinson H. Dennis Tatge, 

Douglas E. Tedrow, Leroy D. Vandenbos, Donald D. Volker, Richard D. Von Riesen, Joseph W. Wagner, Alfred W. Woellhof, Robert J. Welliever, Jay D. Yancey. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

SiG Eps are anxiously waiting to move into their 
new home which is now being constructed. 

Two Sig Eps are on the varsity basketball team. 
They are Roger Craft and Nugent Adams. Bill 
Woellhof is president of Arnold Air society. The 
Sig Eps contributed to the Sig Ep camp fund. 

'Drilling' for a Wildcat victory in their front 
yard, the Sig Eps won second in Homecoming dec- 
orations for the fraternity division. 

The Golden Heart ball is one of their big social 
events. For the first time this year, the Sig Eps and 
PiKAs held a Manhattan Duad formal. A Western 
party, paddle party, and Hawaiian party were held 
at the house. 

One hundred twenty-four chapters 
Founded Richmond, Virginia 1901 
Kansas Beta chapter founded 1918 
President: Jay Yancey 

Sig Eps at 221 N. Delaware take a last look. Next 
year they will move into a modern new home. 


TAU KAPPA EPSILON— TOP ROW: Mrs. Edith A. Johnson, Kenneth C. Adamek, Lynn C. Albers, John C. Balthrop, Edward P. Becker, Robert D. Bowlby, Glenn 
D. Byer, Donald T. Carpenter, Dale M. Cook, Mike W. Cornett, Robert A. Dorian. SECOND ROW: John E. Dorst, Roy E. Drum, Dean P. Dyer, Duane V. Ely, 
John A. Fleming, Richard W. Fish, Robert E. Hanneken, Richard D. Hawkins, Frank E. Johnson, Paul W. King, Jack E. Kirkham. THIRD ROW: Merle G. Krause, 
Dale L. Logan, Melvin Macy, James D. Marsh, George S. McCandless, Paul A. McKim, Dale E. Misak, Clarence D. Monroe, Richard C. Monteith, Lewis A. Muir. 
FOURTH ROW: Orval T. Needels, Lester D. Pauls, Robert J. Paulson, Charles W. Rowland, Gordon D. Schaller, William R. Schroeder, Richard D. Shimer, Roy A. 
Shields, Nelson L. Sinderson, Samuel W. Sinderson Jr. BOTTOM ROW: Donald 0. Smith, Evan D. Stackfleth, John D. Turner, Robert L. Vernon, Paul A. Vohs 

Jr., Ronald R. Watters, Robert 0. Wilbur, Michael B. Williams, Richard D. Winzeler, William F. Woods. 

One hundred chapters 

Founded Illinois Wesleyan 1903 

Alpha Lambda chapter established 1931 

President: Robert Hanneken 

TKEs at 1606 Fairchild converse while waiting to 
take their housemother to church or Sunday dinner. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 

TKEs won first place in Y-Orpheum with their 
skit "Her Mother Never Told Her." 

The TKEs held their annual touch football "skin 
game" with the Theta Xis, and participated in all 
intramural sports, topping the fraternity bowling 

TKEs won the scholarship cup for the highest 
pledge grades. Sam Sinderson had the highest grades 
in chem engineering. 

Social events for the TKEs this year were the 
barbecue, western dance, Sweetheart ball, hour 
dances, exchange dinners, house parties, and a re- 
versal day for actives and pledges. 

Mike Cornett is vice-president of Miniwanca club. 
TKEs are active in Steel Ring, Sigma Tau, Pershing 
Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, and Arnold Air society. 


Theta Xi 

Theta Xi won its national headquarters General 
Improvement trophy for the past year, and also re- 
ceived a scholarship award from the national head- 

Ed Drimmel is president of Wampus Cats; Tom 
Hedquist is president of the Institute of Radio Engi- 
neers; Wayne Sheets is treasurer of Alpha Epsilon 
Rho; Chuck Bellman is business manager of the Ag 
Mag; Arlan Frerking is on the football team; and 
Glen Taplin on the track team. Theta Xis also belong 
to Sigma Delta Chi, Tau Sigma Delta, Sigma Tau, 
and Alpha Zeta. 

Theta Xi won second in this year's Homecoming 
parade with the theme "St. Meek and the Sooner 
Dragon." This is the second year Theta Xi has placed 
in the parade. 

Social events were the Tuffy Strut, Unicorn Ball, 
Turnabout party, and house parties. 

Theta Xis at 1614 Fairehild have clone extensive 
remodeling and building on their present home. 

Sixty chapters 

Founded Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1864 
Alpha Iota chapter established 1931 
President: Tom Hedquist 

THETA XI — TOP ROW: Mrs. Jessie Conkey, Eugene S. Adams, Arthur D. Apley, Elton E. Arensman, Robert L. Baetz, Charles J. Bellman, Duane W. Cooley, 
John H. Cooley, Billy J. Cooney, Edgar R. Copeland, Dennis L. Darner. SECOND ROW: Norman E. Dederick, Edwin J. Drimmel, J. Robert Dorsey, Darroll M. 
Eaton, Ronald L. Frahm, Arlan N. Frerking, Donald L. Garrett, Donald F. Hamilton, Thomas G. Hedquist, Dale L. Livengood, Dan J. Kennaley. THIRD ROW: 
George P. Looby, W. Lynn McKim, Joe C. Merrill, Robert D. Moore, James I. Moore, Harold A. Olson, J. Eugene Porch, Willis L. Razor, David L. Rathbone, 
Richard C. Rice, Wayne K. Riley. BOTTOM ROW: Wayne 0. Sheets, William J. Stanners, Leon S. Stanton, Glen 0. Taplin, Donald E. Terry, Ruben L. Torres, 
Donald A. Tucker, James J. Weatherford, Arch J. Weaver, Robert L. Wennerstrom, Herman 0. Wilcoxon, Frank G. Wylie. 


THE BOWERY (above) is full of questionable characters 

like Sig Alphs and their dates at the SAE Bowery ball. 

SHAKING HANDS (left) with chaperones in the receiving 

ine at the Acacia formal precedes the dance. 

Let's Have a Party! 

Outlandish costumes and formals or tux- 
edos take the place of school clothes on 
week ends, when Staters doll-up for the 
sorority, fraternity, or dorm parties. 
Cowboys, hums, hillbillies, and gang- 
sters . . . all are represented at one 
party or another, as each group strives 
for new ideas and themes. 

GET 'EM UP! (left) the Sig Ep cowboy tells his Western 

date. PUNCH AND COOKIES (lower left) are served at 

the Van Zile party. PUTTIN' ON THE DOG (below) are 

Kappa Sigs and dates at the Red Dog party. 


'■ * • 

h &* 



-. <*- ; 




SANTA CLAUS left packages (above) under the tree at the 

Delt Sig Christmas party for the boys and their dates. 

GO MAN GO! L'il Abners and Daisy Maes (right) listen to 

music at the Beta Dogpatch party. 




Costumed Capers 

A gunny sack or an old beret sometimes 
added the finishing touches to a unique 
party costume. A popular idea this year 
was the party where each came repre- 
senting his "secret desire." But formals, 
Valentine parties, and Christmas parties 
with the traditional tree and gifts were 
favorites too. 







YUMMY! AKLs and dates (right) help themselves at the 
Tacky party. BLACK AND WHITE (lower right) are the 
main colors at the Sigma Nu White Rose dance. ROARIN' 
20's (below) are revived each year by PiKAs and flappers. 

%$)$$■ . 




e jm^-** 


' J _> 



* w 


Oldest dorm, Van Zile, housing only upperclass 
girls, is the middle member of the dorm hill trio. 

Van Zile Has 153 

Van Zile hall, which housed freshman girls last 
year, was reconverted into a dorm for upperclass in- 
dependent girls this year. Irlene Rawlings was presi- 
dent and Mrs. Helen Atherton is the house director. 

Van Zile's 153 occupants had their share of cam- 
pus royalty again this year. Joan Ludes was Military 
Ball Queen, and Berdine Brunswig and Beverly Shea 
were honorary Cadet Colonels for Arnold Air So- 
ciety. Carol Tannahill was an attendant to the Ag 
Barnwarmer Queen last fall. 


ginia L. Balthrop, 
Martha L. Bolze, J 
Berdine E. Brunswi 
E. Cox, Rose Anne 
Dorothy E. Ernzen. 
Pauline E. Gibson, 
Helen L. Hamilton, 
Kamisato, Peggy F. 

Norma J. Bales, Vir- 

Birkholtz, Betty Blair. SECOND ROW: Janet C. Boettcher, 

Brammell, Lucille A. Bremenkamp, Marilyn D. Brown, Anita L. Brummell 

"OP ROW: Mrs. 0. T. Atherton, director, Dolores J. Achenbach, Beverly A. Amick, Jean Andrews, Donna L. Armstead, 
ary E. Barton, Helen M. Bell, Arlis J. Bergsten, Irene M. Berning, Elaine A. ' . 

olene F. Book, Ruthann A. Bott, Catherine E. Bowman, Betty L. 
g, Phyllis J. Burgess, Barbara J. Callen, Shirley A. Carswell. THIRD ROW: Phyllis J. Casper, Carolyn R. Chesney, Norene E. Clayton, Joann 
Crawford, Alice L. Curry, Bernetta J. Custer, Patricia L. Davies, Sally A. Davis, Mitzi R. Dickinson, Martha N. Dow, Delaphine E. Egidy, 
FOURTH ROW: Marie M. Ernzen, Mary E. Fabin, Betty L. Fahlsing, Joyce L. Finch, Mary Ann Finkle, Shirley G. Folsche, Gladys V. Fox, 
/larjorie A. Gigot, Ann D. Gilmore, Marjorie Godwin, Lavoy Good, Lucille M. Grabs. FIFTH ROW: Meredith Griffiths, Mary Ann Griswold, 
Eleanor A. Herr, Judith C. Hertneky, Genevieve A. Hockman, Twila A. Hodel, Eveiyn L. Horak, Jerri J. Hott, Betty Ann Johnson, Jane S. 
Kelsey, Margaret S. Kipfer. BOTTOM ROW: Avanell Koci, Patricia A. Kunkle, T. Jane Larson, Ramona R. Lathan, Marilyn L. Leeper, Bar- 
bara R. Lindberg, Mary Jo Lindblom, Donna L. Lowell, Joan F. Ludes, Charlotte 

/IcCormick, Lavina P. McCormick. 


Active Upperclassmen Residents 

Built in 1926, Van Zile is the oldest dormitory, 
but it has a personal and homey atmosphere hard to 
find in most large college residence halls. The girls 
worked together this year on a float for the Home- 
coming parade; took part in the all-dorm choral pro- 
gram at Christmas; and went caroling at the Fort 
Riley hospital. Residents participated in intramurals, 
entering swimming, ping-pong tournaments, and win- 
ning the volleyball championship. 

Many activities and honors are represented among 

the Van Zile residents. They claim membership in 
Chimes, Mortar Board, Orchesis, A Cappella, Col- 
lege chorus, band, orchestra, and Home Ec council. 
Irlene Rawlings and Dorothy Runbeck were chosen 
Senior Leaders. 

Social activities were abundant, also. In addition 
to hour dances and af terhours' parties, Van Zile resi- 
dents had a Christmas party, a spring picnic, faculty 
tea, senior dinner, a tea honoring the house director, 
a Mothers' Day dinner, and a spring formal. 

VAN ZILE HALL—TOP ROW: Alice H. Mcllvain, Mary M. McKelvey, Martha 
Maywald, Donalee Meyers, Janet L. Meyers, E. Bernice Miller, Norene A. Morg 
Janet I. Oberg, Phyllis L. Olson, LaDonna J. Oltjen, Marilyn M. Oltjen, Lila J. 
Pat M. Prewett, Virginia E. Puckett, Elaine M. Raile. THIRD ROW: Phyllis L. R 
ardson, Margaret L. Robbins, Dorothy C. Runbeck, Marilyn L. Rush, Ardella R. R 
Sell. FOURTH ROW: Beverly B. Shea, Maxine M. Sillin, E. June Simpson, Mar 
Smith, Ruth A. Smith, Shirley A. Smith, Roberta M. Sobba, Sue J. Stacey, Wa 
Stowell, Evelyn I. Strathman, Dorothy L. Sturgeon, Patricia J. Suddath, Mario 
Tromble, Caroline Turrentine, Jacqueline L. Wade. BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn L. W 
Martha L. Watson, Connie I. Wilcox, Phyllis M. Wilm 

D. McReynolds, Marcille Madden, Margaret J. Malir, Joan C. Mardis, Gerda H 
an, Treva M. Moss, Joyce M. Naegele. SECOND ROW: Chacella Talbert Newton 
me, Elda Ruth Peterson, Connie M. Paugh, Eleanor L. Phelps, Louise N. Poison 
andels, Irlene M. Rawlings, Katherine E. Reece, Gloria L. Renken, Nancy L. Rich- 
usk, Donna J. Schoof, Marlene A. Schroeder, Dorothy Schuhmacher, Hazel K 
y L. Slentz, Janet L. Slocumbe, Mary E. Smies, Darlene Y. Smith, Nancy E 
nda I. Stalcup. FIFTH ROW: Marjorie J. Stover, Rebecca L. Stover, Lois M 
n K. Talley, Katherine Takahashi, Sachiko Taniguchi, Carol R. Tannahill, Avis M 
ahl, Janet R. Walberg, Myrna L. Warford, Jane K. Warner, Beth E. Waters 
oth. Rheta J. Wipf, Mary E. Wolfinger, Thelma Yung. 


The first home away from home for many of its 
208 freshman residents, Northwest hums with activi- 
ty and enthusiasm for parties, projects, and fun. 

Northwest Hall 

Because it is usually their first home away from 
home, Northwest hall holds the spirit and enthusiasm 
of 208 freshman girls. Here they eat, sleep, study, 
have parties, and get to know each other. 

In its third year of organization, Northwest has 
house rules and an elected group, the Tribunal, 
which enforces the rules. After using the trial and 
error method to find a workable type of organization 
during its first year in operation, Northwest has now- 
settled down to a system with a written constitution. 

Northwest residents have been busy socially, giv- 

NORTHWEST HALL— TOP ROW: Miss Yvonne Yeater, director, Miss Mary Jane Gibbons, asst. director, Marilyn S. Anderson, Dianne Archibald, Joyce Ashley, Jo Bailey, Marleen 
L. Barthuly, Kathleen A. Barton, Marjory A. Bearg, Joan Berrigan, Nancy E. Blackburn, Leanna Boline. SECOND ROW: Mary Bosko, Patricia M. Boyd, Connie Brewster, Joyce 
D. Brodrick, Norma L. Brown, Marilyn J. Buick, Jo Ann Bunch, Karen G. Burtis, Joan Campbell, Frances A. Carter, Coralie Castle, Karen K. Chapman. ' THIRD ROW: Loyce F. 
Cheatham, Patricia L. Cilek, Janet J. Clowers, Nancy R. Cobun, Jan D. Cochran, Estelle Colberg, Laura A. Colburn, Carol K. Cook, Virginia M. Cowan, Leone M. Cowen, Dorothy 
A. Crawford, Cynthia A. Davison. FOURTH ROW: Virginia L. Devenish, Sharon E. Diamond, Carolea B. Dick, Carolyn DeVore, Mary Dierdorff, Lola Donaldson, Virginia Duncan, 
Janice Early, Marilyn C. Egger, Mary L. Ek, Barbara F. Elliott, Nancy L. Elliott. FIFTH ROW: Donna F. Emigh, Carol L. Ernst, Norma E. Eversole, Arlene M. Fehlman, Jean- 
ette Filbert, Barbara Fitzgerald, Pat A. Fobes, Ann L. Folsche, Janet Foltz, Mary Jo Forbes, Claudette Frank, Janet S. Frey. BOTTOM ROW: Anita S. Fulhage, Jory A. Funk, 
Shirley Garrison, Gwen B. Gates, Mary C. Gibson, Rosemary Gladhart, Wilma A. Glasco, Greta Goering, Arline L. Gray, Ruth Gress. 


Has Many Activities and Queens 

ing informal house parties, hour dances, a formal 
Christmas dinner, and a Homecoming coffee. One of 
the biggest parties was the Valentine formal dance, 
at which a King and Queen of Hearts were crowned. 
Norma Mase, a counselor, was chosen queen, and 
her date, Roger Craft, was King of Hearts. 

An extra large share of the campus royalty be- 
longs to Northwest this year. Joyce Ashley was 
Pledge queen; Marleen Barthuly was AKL Mardi 
Gras queen; Kathryn Regier and Ruth Pickett were 
attendants to the Homecoming queen; Sandra Muel- 

ler was second attendant to the Royal Purple queen; 
Bev Guinty was second attendant to the Military Ball 
queen, and Kathryn Miller was a finalist; De Aun 
Mackie was honorary Company Commander of 
Pershing Rifles; and Sandra Mueller, Jayne Lee, 
and Kathryn Regier were all candidates for St. Pa- 
tricia at the Engineers' Open House ball. 

Active on the campus, Northwest girls claim wide 
membership in Whi-Purs, the freshman pep club. 
Marilyn McCready was president and Virginia Dun- 
can was secretary-treasurer. Girls also belong to K- 

NORTHWEST HALL — TOP ROW: Alberta Grieshaber, Beverly L. Guinty, Ruth K. Hair, Rose M. Hal ly, Marian L. Hamilton, Marjorie J. Hamon, Sharon Hansbearry, Jean Herreld, 
Dorinda Harwick, Rita Helander, Marion R. Hazlett, Charlotte E. Henry. SECOND ROW: Judy Hermon, Edith Hershberger, Marilyn Hiebert, Jackie A. Hinman, Marguerite E. Hoon, 
Marilyn E. Hoon, Melva J. Huseman, Twila J. Irvine, Janice Jackson, Sue S. Jackson, Marjorie A. Janasek, Shirley A. Jensen. THIRD ROW: Eugenia M. Jern, Barbara A. John- 
son, Jacqueline Johnson, Nancy J. Johnson, Nancy L. Johnston, Denni L. Joy, Betty J. Keiswetter, Jone Kemp, Ruth M. Kohr, Jo Ann Kranz, Arvella G. Kruger, Roxanne L. Lar- 
son. FOURTH ROW: Jayne Lee, Joyce A. Lester, Joanne Lewis, Judy Lippitt, Dorothy J. Lodholz, Jane Londeen, Phyllis J. Loseke, Ruth E. McBurney, Judith K. McCartney, 
Patti J. McCracken, Marilyn H. McCready, Lois M. McFadden. FIFTH ROW: Mary E. McKibben, Mary Jo McMillan, Janet A. McNutt, Bernadine M. Macek, DeAun R. Mackie, 
Norma J. Mase, Dorinda J. Mears, Gavona J. Michaels, Carol Miller, Kathryn Miller, Shirley A. Miller, Verna M. Miller. BOTTOM ROW: Anna L. Moore, Marilyn R. Moore, 
Patsy A. Morgan, Mary A. Morris, Sandra G. Mueller, Jacqueline A. Newell, Beth E. Nicklaus, Carolyn A. Ogburn, Ruth E. O'Hara. Lynne K. Olson. 


This is the way they wash and iron their clothes at 
Northwest hall — with modern, convenient facilities. 

State Players, A Cappella, College chorus, religious 
groups, and the Collegian and Royal Purple staffs. 

Group activities, as well, kept the girls busy. Resi- 
dents competed in intramural girls' sports, and won 
honors in volleyball. A special project was a talent 
show, with proceeds going to the United Fund Drive. 
They also put up Homecoming decorations, and par- 
ticipated in the all-dormitory caroling program held 
in front of Van Zile at Christmas. 

Thirteen of the girls living in Northwest are up- 
perclassmen counselors, who help the freshmen girls 
adjust to college and dorm life. 

President of Northwest this year was Jan Glowers. 
The new house director is Yvonne Yeater, and her 
assistant is Mary Jane Gibbons. 

NORTHWEST HALL— TOP ROW: Nadine C. Oltjen, Judith A. O'Neal, Lucille A. Ottaway, Donna L. Ottman, Elizabeth S. Parker, Carol M. Peterson, Ruth Pickett, Janice F. 
Pishny, Patricia Poulter, Sandra Price, Kay Randall, Joann Ransdell. SECOND ROW: Kathryn Regier, Marilyn J. Rawlins, Marilyn J. Rogers, Marilyn A. Reusser Linda L Run- 
die Barbara L. Root, Nancy Rasher, Carol L. Rush, Carol L. Rusk, Sally J. Salisbury, Edith S. Salter, Shirley J. Sapp. THIRD ROW: Shirley J. Sarvis, Jo A. Schroer, Mary E. 
Shafer, Carol L. Schwarz, B. Kay Scott, Inez M. Scott, Opal A. Scott, Katherine Seaton, Donna S. Seidler, Janet N. Simpson, Joan K. Skupa, Betty J. Smith. FOURTH ROW: 
Joan B. Smith, Carol A. Snodgrass, Naomi E. Stadel, Melodee Stanley, Margaret Streeter, Sharon Talbott, Mary M. Taylor, Betty Theiss, Janet Lee Thomas Betsey A Thomas- 
son, Avis A. Thurow, Margaret E. Titus. FIFTH ROW: Joan E. Trimmell, Jacquelyn True, Karen Twell, Glennis M. Unruh, Carol R. Vallentine, Joleen M. Van Fange Charlotte 
Walker, Jean M. Walker, Phyllis Walker, Elizabeth Warren, Maryvern Watkins, Ann M. Weathers. BOTTOM ROW: Fleeta D. Weigel, Treva G. Westfall, Kay G. Westrup/Lola Wet- 
tig, Barbara White, Joann L. White, Gail F. Williams, Shirley A. Williams, Betty D. Winkley, Laura S. Wyman. 


Waltheim Hall 

Waltheim hall, the only dormitory occupying an 
off-campus location, is well-known for its friendly 
and relaxed atmosphere. The 74 girls living here en- 
joy the comfort of individual apartments and study 
rooms. Waltheim girls won first place in girls intra- 
mural basketball, and worked together on a float 
which they entered in the Homecoming parade. At 
Christmas, instead of exchanging gifts with each 
other, they gave gifts to the American Legion to dis- 
tribute to needy families in Manhattan. Social activ- 
ities included hour dances, special dinners, a faculty 

Waltheim girls spend a little free time on their 
front steps before first bell is rung for luneh. 

tea, picnics, a Christmas party, an inter-dorm mixer, 
and a spring formal in conjunction with Van Zile. A 
senior dinner is also held at the end of each semester. 
President was Shirley Malcolm and the housemother 
is Mrs. Jane L. Prier. 

WALTHEIM HALL — TOP ROW: Mrs. Jane L. Prier, Arline G. Abram, Dorothy J. Alexander, Carolyn B. Anderson, Crystal A. Anderson, Helen J. Beam, Katherine Bell, Lucille J. 
Bobbitt, Barbara Brecheisen, Loretta A. Brooks, Valeta R. Brown, Lola M. Brownlee, Audine P. Buckle. SECOND ROW: Alice E. Collins, Phyllis L. Conboy, M. Betty Criger, Lura 
L. Daniels, Joyce E. Davisson, Suzanne L. Dean, Wilma I. Denholm, Dee L. Franklin, Jeanette C. Fry, Donna Garrigues, Geraldine J. Goering, Donna L. Harsch, Virginia A. Haun. 
THIRD ROW: Patricia A. Henry, Charlet J. Herndon, Mary E. Hirsch, Nadine C. Horseman, Betty L. Humphreys, Jo Ann Hunt, Carla J. Johnson, Ethel N. Johnson, Joyce I. 
Kaiser, Lois E. Lane, Phyllis A. Latzke, Joann E. Legant, Betty J. Leinweber. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn L. Lusk, Marjorie B. McCrea, Barbara J. McKelvy, Peggy L. McReynolds, 
Shirley V. Malcolm, Shirley J. Mahany, Dora W. Meenen, Jo Ann Muecke, Marilyn R. Myles, Shirley C. Nelson, Narvelle B. Oglevie, Janice C. Olson, Marilyn M. Olson. FIFTH 
ROW: Kitty L. Oswald, Elsie M. Painter, Margaret A. Pearson, Rita R. Peddicord, Dorothy L. Pelton, G. Jean Pilant, Paula M. Pilcher, Barbara A. Puhr, Martha E. Rankin, 
Jo Anne Rundell, Joyce A. Schmidt, Margaret J. Shoemaker, Patricia L. Shumate. BOTTOM ROW: Mary A. Smith, Ramona V. Thompson, Patricia L. Traugott, Margaret A. 

Williams, Marjorie C. Williams, Marie E. Winkler, Joan L. Winter, Marjorie E. Woodbury, Mary E. Yoder. 



llli: B 


Sister-dorm to Northwest is Southeast hall, which 
houses the 210 freshman girls and their eounselors 
who live in rooms they have deeoratecl themselves. 

Southeast Girls 

Now A sister to Northwest hall is the freshman 
girls' dormitory, Southeast hall, which this year 
houses 210 girls. Some upperclassman girls lived 
there, of whom eleven were counselors for the fresh- 
men. The freshmen dormitories are divided into 
counseling groups, one group for each counselor. 
These groups hold meetings about once a week in 
which they discuss many of the problems the fresh- 
men face, from etiquette and dating to disliked pro- 
fessors and low grades. The counselors also help 
the girls with any personal problems the girls bring 
to them. 

SOUTHEAST HALL — TOP ROW: Mrs. Virginia Moore, director, Miss Clare Leonard, asst. director, Virginia L. Adamson, Pat Allison, Margaret Anderson, Ella Mae 
Anschutz, Dorothy A. Barbour, Carmen L. Barker, Sondra S. Barnes, Dell M. Balthazor, Wymetta J. Baugher, Lois Bell. SECOND ROW: Shirley K. Bell, Beverly 
A. Bettis, Jan S. Boster, Joyce Bott, Marian L. Boucek, Kathryn A. Bounous, Pat M. Bourne, Marianne J. Bradshaw, Elizabeth F. Brandon, Barbara Brandberry, 
Shirley T. Bretz, Barbara D. Brown. THIRD ROW: Donna Jane Brown, Laura Jane Brown, Shirley Burk, Jackie Burwell, Catherine Cain, Judith A. Cain, Joan 
Carstens, Charlotte J. Cherry, Carole V. Cordon, Rena M. Courville, Jean Cox, Carmen C. Crossfield. FOURTH ROW: Sally A. DeForest, Arrilla Delp, S. Ann Dennis, 
Carol M. Depew, Sheila J. Dicken, Barbara J. Dietz, Phyllis M. Dooley, Marilyn B. Doran, Charlotte E. Douglas, Gayle W. Dozer, Marjorie A. Drumm, Carolyn K. 
Eckert. FIFTH ROW: Janet Eddy, M. Ann Elliott, Phyllis J. Evans, Hila L. Farrar, Geraldine Farthing, C. Sue Fielder, Patsy R. Fink, Joyce E. Flinn, Jan J. 
Follmer, Mary Fotopoulos, Eula F. Fowler, Sharon M. Frahm. BOTTOM ROW: Norma J. Freund, Alice Frey, Bonnie J. Fuller, Norma Funk, Margie L. Garrison, 

Bonnie Gerstberger, Patricia A. Gerstner, Gwen Grant, Lawana Grant, Patricia K. Green. 


Bring Problems to Counsel Groups 

Southeast is organized much like its older com- 
panion dormitory, Northwest, with a tribunal and a 
house council. The tribunal is composed of eight 
girls, who serve a nine-week term. It handles disci- 
plinary problems, such as giving campuses to girls 
who successively come in late. The house council, 
which is made up of the dorm officers and a repre- 
sentative from each counsel group, decides on social 
activities and business to discuss at house meetings. 

Girls from Southeast have been busy this year 
having hour dances, a Valentines party, and a spring 
formal. They celebrated Christmas in a big way by 

having a Christmas formal, a party at which they 
gave gifts to their house directors and brought small 
gifts to give to Manhattan orphanages. They also 
participated in the all-dormitory Christmas caroling 
in front of Van Zile hall. During the year they have 
had many different kinds of dinners featuring the 
foods of foreign countries. Chinese, Swedish, Ha- 
waiian, chuck wagon food, and a smorgasbord were 
included. The girls showed good team spirit when 
they went out for intramural sports. With freshman 
enthusiasm they were active in many campus or- 

SOUTHEAST HALL— TOP ROW: Barbara J. Griffee, Ruth J. Grundeman, Barbara A. Haas, Pat Hahn, Donna M. Hall, Margaret Harmon, H. Betty Hassebroek, 
Edith A. Heil, Corinne Heitschmidt, Sylvia D. Helmke, Mary L. Henderson, Cynthia Henning. SECOND ROW: Delores Henning, Harriet Henry, Gloria Herrman, 
Virginia A. Hester, Mary J. Higgins, Caryl A. Hoke, Lois J. Howard, Neva K. Huddleston, Gwen Humphrey, Barbara M. Hunter, Virginia L. Hurtig, Anne C. Hutch- 
erson. THIRD ROW: Marlene Jamison, Virginia M. Jeffrey, H. Christine Johnson, Sarah K. Jolley, D. Eileen Kerr, Alma J. Klahr, Ruth L. Knapp, Pat A. 
Kollman, Kathryn A. Kreamer, Delia M. Kreft, Elaine A. Krob, Dorothy A. Kuhlman. FOURTH ROW: Kathleen K. Kulp, La Verne Larson, Beverly A. Lee, Connie 
H. Lee, A. Lavella Leonard, Barbara J. Lewis, Patricia A. Liggett, Bonnie L. Liliard, Dolores Lindblad, Marilyn L. Lindeman, Shirley F. McClelland, Marilyn 
McNelis. FIFTH ROW: Doris A. Mabry, Janice L. Manson, Janet S. Markley, Carole A. Marler, Pauline W. Martin, Beverly J. Miller, Mary A. Mentgen, Jolene 
Miner, Janice J. Miller, Beverly A. Morrow, Ann Morrisey, Mary J. Natzke. BOTTOM ROW: Leona M. Nelson, Jean M. Nicholson, Shirley J. Nyberg, Elaine L. 
Olson, Judith Ortel, Patricia M. Owen, Carol H. Overbey, Donna F. Pennick, Helen A. Poston, Wanda M. Prickett, Mary A. Price. 


Relaxing in their recreation room before dinner, 
Southeast girls knit, play bridge, or read magazines. 

Southeast girls worked together on Homecoming 
decorations and entered a float in the Homecoming 
parade. This is the first year the dormitories have 
decorated independently for Homecoming. 

Many campus activities and honors belong to 
Southeast this year. Bev Miller was Sweetheart of 
Sigma Chi and Sharon Talbott was her first attend- 
ant. Jolene Miner was a finalist for Military Ball 

This year's president was Sue Wallace and the 
house director is Mrs. Virginia Moore. Assistant 
director is Mrs. Clara Leonard. 

In the fall after everyone had settled down into 
dormitory living, Southeast girls held an open house 
for parents, friends, faculty, and anyone who wanted 
to see the dorm. Southeast girls were especially 
proud of their rooms because they had chosen their 
own curtains and bedspreads. Some even made their 

A faculty coffee hour once a week last fall was 
an occasion enjoyed by all who took part in it. An 
opportunity for the students and faculty to get better 
acquainted was presented when several faculty 
members were invited to the dorm each Wednesday 

SOUTHEAST HALL — TOP ROW: Lily P. Rasic, Charlene M. Rawlings, Nancy C. Regnier, Velda J. Reiff, JoEva J. Reinecker, Lois J. Riat, Marilyn E. Rinehart, Marjorie H. Rudell, 
Beverly R. Russell, Georgia L. Sanders, Charlene M. Sawyer, Tonie M. Schartz, Jane W. Schlender. SECOND ROW: Grace Schmidtlein, Jessie M. Schmidtlein, Gloria S. Schneblin, 
Twila M. Seibert, Virginia L. Shepherd, Marlene K. Simpson, Roberta L. Simms, Susimae Smischny, Delaine Smith, Geraldine Smith, Marilyn Smith, Sharlene Smith, Sandra L. 
Stairrett. THIRD ROW: Velda L. Swope, Carolyn Y. Talbott, Connie C. Taylor, Nancy D. Teeple, Melba J. Tetidrick, Mary E. Ten-ill, Janet R. Thompson, Betty J. Tillotson, 
Leona P. Tittle, Marlin Tomona, Sharon L. Townsend, Dot R. Tower, LaDonna L. Trapp. FOURTH ROW: Nancy E. Traywick, Carol S. Triplett, Betty J. Truelove, Ramona S. 
Tucker, V. Maurine Ulrich, Nancy J. Van Meter, Suzanne E. Wahler, Marilyn M. Waite, Sue J. Wallace, Jorita A. Watson, Carol Weidenhaft, Carolyn A. Weiss, Mary A. Wells. 
BOTTOM ROW: Joanne S. Wendland, Charlene Wess, M. Barbara Whitelaw, Jane E. Wilkinson, Shirley J. Williams, M. Carolyn Willis, Kathleen J. Wilson, Louise E. Wilson, 

Patsy P. Wilson, Elizabeth A. Winslow, Ellen L. Wolf, Nancy K. Woodson, Doreen L. Yeoman. 

it fe & 

m \ 



KISS FOR THE QUEEN (above) comes during intermission 
of the annual Sweetheart Ball at Northwest as Norma Mase 
is crowned by dorm president, Jan Clowers. DORM SWEET- 
HEART and escort (right) come to the front. 

Freshmen Frolic 

Dorm days are happy days . . . and 
busy ones. Freshman girls eat, live, 
study, and sleep together. They even 
crown queens. At their Sweetheart ball, 
residents of Northwest nominate candi- 
dates, and from these they choose a 
queen to reign at the dance. Norma 
Mase, a counselor, was sweetheart this 
year. Meals are eaten in the spacious 
dining room in each dorm by residents 
and their guests. 

DINNER TIME (right) and dorm girls pour downstairs to 
stand in line for chow. CAFETERIA-style service (lower 
right) gets everyone served in a hurry. FOOD AND FOLKS 
here for a game (below) make dinner almost a family affair. 

West Stadium Revises Constitution 

West Stadium council's project for this year has 
been rewriting its constitution. The council, which is 
West Stadium's governing body and is composed of 
a delegate from each section of the Stadium, meets 
once a week and decides on social activities and gov- 
erning policy. Social activities include one large 
social function, usually a dance in the spring, and 
hour dances. Members also participate in intramural 
sports. The boys entertain themselves by using the 

many recreational facilities available in West Sta- 
dium lounge. They also have a swimming team, an 
orchestra, and other projects. 

The Stadium, which was first occupied during the 
second semester of 1946, puts out a paper about 
once a month containing news of the residents. Paul 
Chalk, infantile paralysis victim, was president and 
Stephen Davol is director. 

WEST STADIUM HALL— TOP ROW: Stephen H. Davol, Franklin A. Ahrens, Hiram A. Am 
Paul N. Basham, Gale W. Biggs, Lloyd W. Biggs Jr., John E. Boring, James F. Brinkma 
Clement C. Darrow, Roger A. Decamp, Charles R. Delay, Theodore P. Dickinson, Roy W. D 
Fink, Vernon R. Fish, Hubert E. Guest. THIRD ROW: Kenneth l\l. Habig, Alan T. Hake, R 
Jimenez, James A. Johnson, William H. Johnson, K. Wesley Johnston, Keith A. Kallinbac 
Robert L. Kirkwood, Wayne E. Lawson, Lawrence D. Lehman, Donald H. Lenhert, Loren J. 
McShulskis, Thomas E. McMillen, John Mayer, Rex I, Mayer. FIFTH ROW: Thomas A 
Ronald D. Nery, John C. Poelma, James A. Porter, Byron D. Reida, James A. Rhoades, Iv 
Jose A. Simonet, Willis D. Skinner, John B. Slaughter, Ernest H. Schmidt, Duane R. Sm 
Larry W. Sutherland, Kenneth W. Swartley, Reginald C. Taylor, Norman J. Tetlow, Ped 

weide, Gorman C. Wallingford, Keith West, William H. Wikl 

undaray, Jay A. Anderson, Arnold P. Appleby, Warren K. Barber, Theodore C. Barclay, 
n, Paul M. Chalk, Ronald K. Clair. SECOND ROW: Kay L. Cornelius, William A. Crawford, 
Ward, Donald H. Douglass, Gabriel L. Dunlap, Robert E. Dunn, Richard R. Eads, Leon L. 
oosevelt J. Hawkins, Robert W. Hedrick, Charles R. Holdren, Rodger S. Hoyt, Bibe A. 
h, Vasu C. Kamdar, Ira M. Kaminsky, James R. Keating. FOURTH ROW: Cecil G. Keith, 
Less, James W. Linthacum, Larry E. Lowe, Loris L. Luginsland, Elwin F. McCoy, John E. 
eidinger, Ronald A. Miller, Donald L. Mitchell, Galen Z. Morris, Raymond E. Morris, 
an F. Rodman, James F. Rusher, Raymond L. Saulters, Hilliard Siegel. SIXTH ROW: 
ith, Merlin D. Stagemeyer, James W. Stearns, Andrew J. Stewart, Wilbur A. Stocks, 
ro J. Tirado-Lameiro. BOTTOM ROW: Floyd Tolen, John E. Vanderbur, Joe H. Vander- 
e, John H. Williams, John D. Zimmerman, Joseph E. Zveglich. 


House of Williams 
in Its 14th Year 

The House of Williams is proud that this year 
is the fourteenth that the house has been organ- 
ized at Kansas State. It's the oldest independent 
organized house on the campus. House of Wil- 
liams also is the only one that has an active 
alumni association. 

The school highlight of the year was a house 
party with the theme "Bill's Reno Room." Other 
social activities of the house are picnics, hour 
dances, participation in intramural athletics, 
and a dinner honoring the housemother. The 
house has nineteen members. Outstanding mem- 
bers include Paul Carr, varsity baseball team; 
Kenney Spicher, varsity wrestling team; and 
Bob Tointon, ISA president. The president was 
Paul Carr and the housemother is Mrs. K. M. 

The nineteen members of Signa Phi Nothing 
headed their social calendar with their annual 
"Mark P. Medved Steak Fry," named after the 
past member who originated the occasion. An- 
other social activity is the annual reunion. The 
Signa Phi Nothings publish a yearly paper 
which keeps the alumni informed on happen- 
ings in the active chapter. For this paper each 
member writes a story about his roommate. 

Other activities of the chapter are hour 
dances, exchange dinners, and participation in 
all intramural sports. 

An outstanding member is Signa Phi Nothing 
president Arland Hicks, who is a member of the 
Tribunal, Sigma Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, and was 
Engineers' Open House chairman. John Lade- 
sich was also a Tribunal member. 

The housemother is Mrs. Julia Schimmels 
and the president was Arland V. Hicks. 

Signa Phi Nothing was founded by World 
War II veterans in the fall of 1946. 

■■■■HHHnK' " lii— ii MMMWIilliM MIWffiMMM^Mi 

i ' ^ 1 

HOUSE OF WILLIAMS— TOP ROW: Mrs. Katherine Williams, Stanley G. Billings, Paul 
W. Carr, Frank B. Clayton, Carleton B. Johnson. SECOND ROW: Max A. Johnson, 
Keith W. Kelling, Charley Lindholm, Robert D. Lynch, Richard D. Parks. THIRD ROW: 
Richard L. Peterson, Francis W. Pieschl, Elmer R. Reich, Robert M. Schneider, Ken- 
neth N. Spicher. BOTTOM ROW: Ellsworth E. Thebert, Robert G. Tointon, Roger W. 
Tointon, Donald C. Veil, Dean E. Wood. 

SIGNA PHI NOTHING—TOP ROW: Mrs. Julia Schimmels, Ronald R. Anderson, Earl 
M. Beck, Craig C. Birtell, William E. Birtell. SECOND ROW: Robert W. Bozworth, 
Charles R. Billings, John E. Christensen, Julius M. Frey, Arland V. Hicks. THIRD 
ROW: Arnold G. Hildebrand, Robert W. Klee, Robert D. Lewis, James H. McCoid, 
Elden W. Martin. BOTTOM ROW: Lambert D. Miils, Max W. Meinen, Harold K. Nash, 
Norman P. Schulte, Max E. Turner. 

Many K-Staters 

LA FIEL — TOP ROW: Mrs. E. E. Rogers, Shirley Y. Edmundson, Lolita 

M. Bosse, Gloria D. Anderson. SECOND ROW: Thelma D. Horlacher, 

Donna L. Houdek, Mary Lou Imler, Helen E Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: 

Helen E. McDonnall, Charlene S. Richardson, Allene L. Wenger. 

MAISON-ELLE — Miss Mattie A. Cassity, Lela Don Fox, Mary E. Gi 
land, Ann M. Robinson. 

This year's social calendar of La Fiel included such 
activities as Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, birth- 
day parties, a Christmas party, and picnics for girls in 
the house. One of their projects for the year was giving 
a box of food to a needy family at Christmas. Members 
belong to the College chorus, A Cappella choir, Purple 
Pepsters, ISA, Frog Club, church organizations, Busi- 
ness Students association, Collegiate 4-H, FTA, and 
Home Ec Extension club. Two of the girls were judges 
at 4-H events and two took part in intramural volley- 
ball. La Fiel was organized in 1942. Mrs. E. E. Rogers 
is housemother and Allene Wenger was president. 

A feeling of close companionship is often promoted 
by the atmosphere of a small organization. Maison-Elle 
is such a group. With only three members, Maison-Elle 
is the smallest organized house on the campus. Two of 
the members are in church organizations and one is on 
the staff of Who's Whoot, the 4-H magazine. Mrs. 
Mattie A. Cassity is housemother. 

Hills' Heights, which two years ago became a boys' 
organized house, has twenty-one members this year. 
Besides the usual week-end dates and parties, along the 
social line, an exchange dinner was held with Clovia. 
Members of Hills' Heights belong to the College band, 
Collegiate 4-H, College chorus and Phi Kappa Phi. 
They also participated in intramural basketball. Mel- 
vin Besthorn was president the past year. The house- 
mother is Mrs. W. H. Hills. 

HILLS' HEIGHTS— TOP ROW: Mrs. W. H. Hills, Russell Bemis, Louis C. Burmeister, Melvin A. Besthorn, Harold E. Brune, Kenneth W. Cales, Larry Connor, 

Fred E. Carra, Lawrence R. Doran, Roger L. Douglass. BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth R. Dunham, Roger M. Fedde, Gerald D. Grasch, Willie H. Hilbert Jr., Max R. 

Hoffman, Jim D. Montgomery, Melvin N. Patton, Rex D. Slankard, Gaylord A. Swartz, Robert D. Thygerson, Bernard C. Zecha. 


Live Off Campus 

The fourteen residents of the Men's Grad- 
uate House have little organized social activi- 
ties because their common aim is to further 
their education by doing graduate work at 
K-State. They do have one annual party which 
is a Christmas party, sponsored by the house- 
mother for the members. Men's Grad House 
was reorganized in 1951, after stopping opera- 
tions during the war. Residents of this house 
remain there for the entire year which is not 
true of many of the other organized houses. 
The housemother is Mrs. Pearl Power and the 
president was Ben Simmons. 

One of the first men's houses to be organ- 
ized, the House of Jerichos has nine members 
this year. A picnic in the fall and spring are 
included in the social plans. Members are 
active in several organizations on the campus. 
Mrs. Nell Ingraham is housemother and Del- 
bert Johnson was president. 

Acropolis operates under the committee sys- 
tem and elects its members. Members this year 
are proud of the fact that they won their inde- 
pendent bracket in intramural basketball. As a 
social activity they hold an annual Parents' Day 
picnic in the spring. Members belong to Phi 
Lambda Upsilon, K-State Christian Fellowship, 
Disciple Student Fellowship, Alpha Zeta, and 
Gamma Sigma Delta. One member received a 
Senior Leader award last spring. Mrs. Ethel 
Stockwell is housemother and John Kiddoo was 

MEN'S GRADUATE HOUSE— TOP ROW: Mrs. Pearl Power, Lewis B. Bernstein, Paul 
K. Conn, Janis Grava, Thomas Griffith. SECOND ROW: Morris P. Grotheer, Richard R. 
Hahn, Richard M. Kline, Robert J. Klotz, Ronald D. Miller, BOTTOM ROW: Thomas A. 
IMeely, Jean J. Radisson, Rudolph A. Schroeder, Benjamin A. Simmons, Merle D. Shogren. 

HOUSE OF JERICHOS— TOP ROW: Mrs. Nell Ingraham, Keith S. Chrisman, Warren B. 

Howard, Delbert M. Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: Armand K. Kolman, John T. Morgan, 

Stuart H. Segall, Lawrence W. Wiltfong. 

ACROPOLIS — TOP ROW: Mrs. Ethel Stockwell, Robert M. Adams, John H. Bircher, Robert W. Bronaugh, Robert A. Chandler, Charles M. Copple, Edward J. 
Copple, Donald H. Gramly. BOTTOM ROW: Henry G. Hurtig, John G. Kiddoo, Duain C. Martin, Allen S. Mason, Nathaniel L. Quick, Gerald D. Rousseau, Marvin 

A. Shoemaker, Lowell E. Starr. 


CLARK'S GABLES— TOP ROW: Mrs. Edith M. Clark, Marilyn L. Heikes, 

Mary A. Henre, Mary M. Kalb. BOTTOM ROW: Leona E. Manz, Janet S. 

Peterson, Vida M. Snippy, Lola M. Woolley. 

Clark's Gables 
Wins Grade Cup 

Clark's Gables was awarded the Amicossembly schol- 
arship cup for the highest grade average among the in- 
dependent organized houses in 1953. This house, which 
was organized in 1941, had seven members this year. 
Social activities for this year included a hayrack ride 
in the fall, a Christmas dinner, and a Senior dinner in 
the spring. The members are active in many campus 
and church organizations. The housemother is Mrs. 
Edith M. Clark and the president was Marilyn Heikes. 

CAMPUS VIEW— TOP ROW: Mrs. Willia Scanlan, Orlan L. Brower, Willis 

L. M03, Dee Wayne Nelson. BOTTOM ROW: Roger L. Olsson, John W. 

Russell, Darryl I. Smika, Robert K. Thom. 

Residents of Campus View participated in intramural 
basketball and had a Christmas dinner as part of their 
social activities this year. President was Darryl Smika 
and housemother is Mrs. Willia Scanlan. 

Although only in its second year, the OK house is 
working toward being the top in its classification. Mem- 
bers participated in basketball, free-throw tournament, 
ping-pong, and wrestling intramurals. Two of the mem- 
bers belong to the Rifle Team. Social activities 
included picnics, house parties, and dress dinners. The 
housemother is Mrs. Oliver Kientz and the president 
was Robert Last. 

O.K. HOUSE — TOP ROW: Mrs. Oliver Kientz, George A. Berg, Robert W. Hedrick, Dean C. Hobson, Wayne S. Kincaid, Robert H. Last, Eugene D. Malir. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Pekka Marttinen, George H. Mathews, James A. Myers, Leslie A. Olsen, Dwayne M. Reusser, John F. Salisbury, Rod C. Smith, John A. Staggs. 


ISA OFFICERS, old and new, (above) meet after election. 
They are Grace Schmidtlein, Judy Ortel, Jerry Ferguson, 
Roger Tointon, Bob Tointon, outgoing president, Joyce Bott, 
Phillip Prawl, incoming president, Aves Vindberg, and Ilene 
Parshall. DATES WAIT (right) in the front hall of Northwest. 

The Social Whirl 

The Independent Students association 
each year sponsors activities and projects 
for the non-Greek students on the cam- 
pus. Their biggest social event of the 
year was the Sweetheart hall in April, at 
which they crowned the 1954 ISA Sweet- 
heart. Bob Tointon was president. Other 
organized groups also have hour dances, 
parties, and informal relaxation. 

INDEPENDENTS (right) belonging to ISA meet in the Union 
to plan the Sweetheart ball. HOUR DANCES (lower right) 
like this one between Waltheim and Sigma Chi are familiar 
to all. RECREATION (below) in the dorm basements pro- 
vides entertainment and relaxation for girls and guests. 


1 ft 


TEATIME at Southeast (above) brings par- 
ents and faculty to visit. VACATION over, 
bags are stored (left). VAN ZILE phone 
booth (center) is a popular place. 

Dorm Doin's 

Planned by the residents and 
the directors, dorm activities 
are varied and educational. 
Teas teach the girls to be good 
hostesses and give them valua- 
ble experience in entertaining 
guests. In the formal or in- 
formal contacts, such as wait- 
ing for the phone, the girls 
learn to get along with each 

DORM DIRECTORS Mrs. Virginia Moore 

(left) of Southeast, and Miss Yvonne Yeater 

(right) of Northwest, are both newcomers to 

the Kansas State campus this year. 

A sense of serenity and wonder- 
ment can be felt in Danforth 
Chapel, the center of religious 
life on the college campus. 



LIFT WEEK banner (above) tells all who pass that this 
week is religious emphasis week and the theme is Science 
and/or Religion. CHAIRMEN (left) of LIFT Week were 
Herb Pifer, YMCA executive secretary, Betty Hoskins, and 
Carl Karst. 

I Believe 

Once a year students are asked to stop 
and evaluate their religion, to question 
it, learn others' beliefs, and to revitalize 
their own. This time of religious em- 
phasis is called LIFT Week. Speakers 
of all faiths are brought to the campus 
to talk to and to answer questions of 
faculty and students at seminars and 

COMMITTEES and speakers (left) meet and eat in the 
Cafeteria. SEMINARS (lower left) in organized houses like 
this one in the Delt house, give students a chance to ask 
personal and specific questions. SKEPTICS HOUR (below) 
is held in Calvin lounge. 

Y MCA— TOP ROW: Jim D. Smith, Steve B. Acker, J. Ray Wonder, Carl S. Hetmle, George Roggendorff, James F. Bascom. SECOND ROW: H. John Kugler, 
Theodore R. Varney, Ward H. Haylett, Howard T. Hill, Edgar S. Bagley, Herbert E. Pifer, James C.Carey. BOTTOM ROW: Rollin W. Vickery, Don L. Cordes, T.Bill 

Varney, Charles A. Amstein, Gordon L. Courtright, Ralph S. Titus. 

YWCA Members Unite to Serve Others 

Organized at K-State in 1907, the Young Women's 
Christian Association is one of the oldest organiza- 
tions on campus. YWCA's creed is: "We unite in 
the desire to realize the full and creative life through 
growing knowledge of God, and to have a part in 
making this life possible for all. We seek to under- 
stand and follow Jesus." 

Special activities include the annual Y-Mart, Y- 
Knot Frolic, Christmas caroling to Manhattan shut- 
ins, and tea dances and shows at Ft. Riley. Ruth 
Ann Waller was president. Dolores A. Potts is staff 

Y-Orpheum, the all-College variety show, is spon- 
sored by the Young Men's Christian Association. 
The group also sponsors the Easter assembly and 
participates in LIFT Week activities. Weekly meet- 
ings are held in which members discuss effective 
citizenship, racial understanding, the Bible, inter- 
national understanding, and dates and mates. 

During the year the YM sponsored folk and 
square dance instructions for students. Twice a 
month the YM holds meetings with the YWCA. Jim 
Bascom served as president. Herb Pifer is the ex- 
ecutive director. 

Mary Quinlan, Janet E. Shields, 
Joanne E. Cox, Elizabeth Chapin, 
Sandy Taniguchi. SECOND ROW: 
Lois A. Hahn, Diane Blackburn, 
Kathleen Paulsen, Karolyn King, 
Carolyn Ewy, Betsy Bacon. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Ruth A. Waller, Cyn- 
thia A. Collingwood, Laura E. 
Speer, Elinor A. Faubion, Chris- 
tina M. Groth. 

L. Lundberg, Marilyn Walker, Mary 
L. Johnson, Janet L. Myer, Vir- 
ginia Shepherd, Donna J. King. 
BOTTOM ROW: Helen J. Beam, 
Janice E. Farmer, Dolores A. Potts, 
Jane E. Compton, Martha Nell 

Newman Club Serves K-State Catholics 

The Newman club is an organization of Catholic 
culture and Catholic fellowship which fosters the 
spiritual, intellectual, and social interests of the 
Catholic student at Kansas State. All Catholic stu- 
dents are eligible for membership. The group now 
has 505 members. 

Newman clubs are organized in non-Catholic col- 
leges and universities in the United States and Can- 
ada to promote spiritual fellowship among Catholic 
in 1912. 

students. The K-State Newman club was organized 

The club name of Newman is in honor of John 
Henry Newman, a cardinal in the Roman Catholic 

n n ^ r\ ^ f . a (^ 

church in England during the nineteenth century. 

The club has regularly scheduled coffee hours, 
mixers, and meetings. The group participates in Col- 
lege intramural activities. A club banquet and a 
picnic are held in the spring. During Lent, members 
conduct Mass in the chapel. An annual retreat is 
held the second semester. One Sunday every month 
club members rise early and meet in the basement 
of the Seven Dolors church to have breakfast to- 
gether. They also meet once a month for a Sunday 
morning coffee hour. 

Phil Howe served as president. J. P. Callahan is 
faculty sponsor. 

Gerstberger, Rasic, Keegan, E. Du- 
ren, Dome, M. Griffith, Marr, 
Binder, Gorman, Breitenbach, Ann 
Schartz. SECOND ROW: G. Hock- 
man, Book, Riat, Wess, M. Ern- 
zen, D. Ernzen, Beckmeyer, Berri- 
gan, Macek, J. Johnston, Courville. 
THIRD ROW: K. Burns, Pauline 
Martin, Bremenkamp, Shea, Rae- 
mer, Downey, Berning, Sobba, Burt, 
Scholler, Deal. BOTTOM ROW: 
Clarahan, Sweat, W. Nolan, Cur- 
ran, B. Hoover, J. B. Schafer, L. 
Green, J. Downing, B. Albers, Boc- 
quin, F. Sellentrop. 

Paugh, J. Ludes, Rejba, LeGill, C. 
Henning, Kennaley, Zecha, A. Blu- 
baugh, J. E. Menehan, T. Gleason, 
Morrisey. SECOND ROW: Patzell, 
Jane Wilkinson, Winslow, Conner, 
Huguenard, Hake, Rita Peterson, 
J. Davis, Stauder, Tighe, Salyer. 
THIRD ROW: Kalivoda, Melroy, D. 
Petracek, Moritz, Harry Huerter, 
Bonchonsky, Zeller, Hertramph, 
Chizek, Drimmel, P. Merz. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Duggan, Connor, Brune, 
Uhlrich, J. Kastens, Strafuss, Rod- 
man, W.C.Smith, J. Nolan, Wetter. 

Griffith, Bender, Ekart, Antic, Cal- 
velt, S. Tatge, Puhr, Noll, Strath- 
man, B. Schneider. SECOND ROW: 
Grantham, Magette, M. Morgan, 
Mulligan, H. D. Tatge, J. I. Moore, 
Zatorski, W. Melcher, J. Kvas- 
nicka, Haymaker, Mancuso. THIRD 
ROW: J. Amundaray, R. R. Wat- 
ters, Pacha, Scribante, Stoss, D. 
Weber, J. L. Murray, Stolzer, Car- 
tier, R. Mentgen, Robert J. Miller. 
BOTTOM ROW: R.J.Hamilton, E. 
Beck, Schulte, I. Ross, Joe P. Ba- 
laun, H. L. Myers, Peak, Runyan, 
Hogan, G. J. Miller, H. Baldwin. 

NEWMAN CLUB (bottom)— TOP 
ROW: R. Ludes, Rohrer, G. F. 
Meyer, E. Malir, M. Mentgen, W. 
Holland, Kock, Geiger, Ralph T. 
Johnson, Ketter. SECOND ROW: 
Henke, E. Martin, Schmiedeler, 
Colson, L. Roth, L. Meyer, Wary, 
R. Duncan, T. Hatch. BOTTOM 
ROW: E. Wilcox, Birzer, Leider, 
Howe, Father E. J. Weisenberg, J. 
P. Callahan, Luckeroth, Hlavacek, 
Baxendale, R. J. Whitehair. 

a r^ r^ 



Lutherans Sponsor Foreign Student 

Lutheran Students association is one of the 125 
similar organizations on campuses throughout the 
United States. It has been on this campus 15 years. 
The 70 members are primarily students belonging 
to the National Lutheran Council of Churches. They 
meet every Sunday evening to discuss student inter- 
ests and problems. The association sponsors a Lat- 
vian student in college. "To strengthen and encour- 
age Lutheran students as well as others desiring to 
participate in its activities in a more meaningful 
Christian life" is the purpose of the group. Carl 
Karst was president and Inez Ekdahl and Melvin 
Osburn are sponsors. 

Knowledge and Service" is the motto of Gamma 
Delta, Lutheran religious group. Mu chapter en- 
courages and maintains a spirit of Christian fellow- 
ship and endeavors to make the scriptural view a 
greater influence on the campus and in the lives of 
students. A national project is the raising of money 
to send a medical missionary to school, while the 
local project is instruction in the ceremonies of the 
Lutheran church. Activities of Gamma Delta in- 
clude a student choir, picnics, and services every 
Thursday in Danforth chapel. There are 60 mem- 
bers this year. Harold Holl was president and 
William F. Baehr is faculty sponsor. 


TOP ROW: P. Olson, M. Olson, M 
Oltjen, Devinish, A. Folsche 
Schwarz, D. Armstead, Wahl, S 
Folsche, L. Poison. SECOND ROW 
L. Oltjen, D. W. Peterson, Osburn 

C. Karst, Boddiger, Ringstrom, N 
R. Elliott, Strand, R. L. Peterson 

D. E. Gigstad, M. Dietz. THIRD 
ROW: Glen Olson, H. Peterson, 
Stamm, L. S. Larson, J. Oltjen, 
D. C. Peterson, 0. Wille, Delbert 
Larson, E. Schroeder, C. Dahl. 
FOURTH ROW: L. Hanson, Miksch, 
L. Laverentz, Belt, S. Clark, L. 
Olsen, Vandenbos, E. B. Johnson, 
K. Janne, Flagler. BOTTOM ROW: 
L. Larson, L. Tittel, Sweedlun, N. 
Oltjen, W. Dietz, P. Davies, S. Dean, 

E. C. Olsson, Bowen, S. Nelson. 

Schmid, Bosse, Harz, G. Kolter- 
man, Billiar, Holl, R.Wagner, Kin- 
ast, G. Johnson, Sewing, Hager. 
SECOND ROW: Jorns, Grasch, 
Vahsholtz, Raffety, K. Karstensen, 
Voss, Bruer, W. Schmid, Timm, L. 
Slyter, K. Westrup. THIRD ROW: 
Bitter, D. Slyter, VonSoosten, Ko- 
zisek, C. H. Sueller, D. Froelich, 
D. Baehr, E. Karstensen, D. Meyer, 
Burre, VonFange. BOTTOM ROW: 
Dettke, W. Baehr, Steffens, Fre- 
vert, Schumann, England, Saenger, 
Soeken, Zuroeveste, R. Paulson, 

Meenen, Myles, Sondergard, Janet 
Shields, Lila Orme, Felicitas, J. 
Hunt, Horseman, M. Quinlan, Ann 
Potwin, Hirsch, McClelland. SEC- 
OND ROW: Beth Fulton, Deters, 
Margaret Williams, Yoder, B. Hoff, 
J. Kaiser, Janis Anderson, Paul- 
sen, M. Bowyer, L. M. Nelson, B. 
J. Lewis. THIRD ROW: Adranly, 
Baird, V. Prather, E. Martinez, 
Dale Smith, C. F. Borth, Barney, 
DeLapp, Shultz, Ekwebelem. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Barkley, D. Myers, 
Small, D. Gier, Bair, Speer, Var- 
ney, Langford, Greve, W. Austin. 

O £V A £) ts 



TOP ROW: Sharon Hansbearry, 
Crystal Anderson, Elizabeth Bran- 
don, Helen Beam, Carolyn Adair, 
Carol May Peterson, Glennis Un- 
ruh. SECOND ROW: Betsy Thomas- 
son, Dianne Nemeth, Betty Hos- 
kins, Rosemary Gladhart, Marjorie 
McCrea, Genie Jern, Ruth Ann 
Waller, Janis Finney. THIRD ROW: 
Mason Ely, LaVerne Seglem, John 
Riddell, Gary Parker, Dave Schone- 
weis, Ronald Gier, Stephen Rupert. 
BOTTOM ROW: Karl Kappler, Dean 
Parrack, William Rosenberger, John 
Kugler, Marvin Shoemaker, Charles 
Amstein, Kenneth Miller, Darrel 


Prather, Thomas Baird, Robert 
Greve, Theodore Barkley, Stephen 
Rupert, Wallace Shultz, Zaccha 
Ekwebelem, Issa Adranly. SEC- 
OND ROW: Edmund Martinez, 
Mason Ely, Donald Myers, John 
Riddell, Karl Kappler, Myrvin De- 
Lapp, Ronald Gier, Keith Small, 
Kenneth Miller. BOTTOM ROW: 
Donald Gier, Clair Seglem, Gary 
Parker, Dean Parrack, John Kug- 
ler, William Rosenberger, Darrel 
Brack, Jim Langford. 

Presbyterians Give Scholarships 

Westminster Fellowship is an organization of 
Presbyterian students. Each semester the group gives 
an $80 scholarship to a needy student. At Christmas 
the 215 members fix Christmas baskets and distri- 
bute them to needy families. The fellowship also 
helps support the Buckhorn mission in Buckhorn, 
Ky. Every Sunday morning a coffee hour is held 
and in the evenings the group conducts a worship 
service. Bible studies are held during the week. 
Westminster Fellowship owns Camp Alta Vista near 
Colorado Springs, and each summer a group of col- 
lege men and women go there for a week's vacation. 
David Schoneweis was president. The student pastor 
is Rev. A. Myrvin DeLapp. Paul Sanford is faculty 

Phi Alpha, men's Presbyterian group, this year had 
many work parties and redecorated the Westminster 
House basement. The group also provided ushers 
for church services and furnished transportation for 
the Westminster Fellowship group. The purposes of 
Phi Alpha are to provide Christian fellowship among 
Presbyterian men; to establish contacts with men 
newly enrolled in college; to strive to attain a high 
standard of Christian life and conduct by making 
the principles of Jesus more real; and to provide 
religious training and wholesome social life to make 
members stronger and more efficient men of the 
church. Clair L. Seglem was the president. Faculty 
sponsors are the Rev. A. Myrvin DeLapp and Tom 


SHIP—TOP ROW: Robert D. Guy, 
Mary Ardis Smith, Lela Don Fox, 
Ramona A. Dudley, Dallas W. Free- 
born, Marianne J. Bradshaw. SEC- 
OND ROW: Jack M. Selby, Gwen 
G. Silker, Marvel J. Scott, Ray- 
mond A. Cornett, Joseph E. Hor- 
ton, Clinton C. Norton. THIRD 
ROW: Marjorie A. Gigot, Howard 
V. Campbell, Donald H. Gramby, 
E. Richard Flottman, Martha D. 
McReynolds, Rebecca L. Stover. 
BOTTOM ROW: Jo S. Bailey, Wal- 
ter H. Abel, Jeanette C. Fry, Keith 
W. Kelling, E. Dale Knepper, Ger- 
ald D. Rousseau, Winnie E. Clark. 


Bailey, Mary A. Smith, Ramona A. 
Dudley. SECOND ROW: Marjorie 
A. Gigot, Martha D. McReynolds, 
Gwen G. Silker, Lela D. Fox. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Rebecca L. Stover, 
Marvel J. Scott, Jeanette C. Fry. 

Kappa Beta's Watchword is "Service" 

Disciple Student Fellowship provides the setting 
for Christian growth of young men and women while 
at K-State. The group's purpose is to encourage 
Christian men and women through Sunday School, 
evening meetings, social functions, and Bible study 
groups. There are 125 members. 

The local DSF has been an active and growing 
organization for 25 years. The group entertained 
soldiers one Saturday evening at the Manhattan 
Community center and brought a child from the 
Colorado Christian home for Christmas. Members 
get leadership experience by serving on gospel teams 
in Kansas churches. Gerald Rousseau was presi- 
dent. Faculty sponsor is J. 0. Elliott. Walter Abel 
is minister to students. 

Kappa Beta is a religious sorority for all college 
girls who affiliate with the activities of the Disciples 
of Christ church. "Service" is the watchword of the 
group. Kappa Beta maintains the Disciple Student 
Foundation at 1633 Anderson. The Foundation is 
the scene of many informal gatherings for ping-pong 
or checkers, as well as many discussions and Bible 
study groups. On Band Day last fall the members 
set up a concession stand to earn money for group 

Kappa Beta was founded nationally in 1911, at 
the University of Illinois. In 1952, Kappa Beta was 
incorporated as a part of the national Disciple Stu- 
dent fellowship. Ramona Dudley was president of 
Kappa Beta. Faculty sponsor is Gwendolyn Tinklin. 


CI £1 


ROW: B. A. Rogers, Mark Drake, 
John Stevenson, Keith McFall, Her- 
ald Kruse, Charles Harden, Harold 
Brecheisen, James Hundley, Philip 
Prawl, Howard Holmes. SECOND 
ROW: Clayton Herman, Roland 
Swim, James Parshall, Russell Be- 
mis, George Kennedy, Harold Peck, 
Edward Rhoades, Duane Semisch, 
Robert Layton, James Browne. 
THIRD ROW: Robert Long, Jack 
Kersenbrock, James Coryell, Rob- 
ert Ruckman, Melvin Jewett, Ross 
Miller, James Collins, Jim Windle, 
Lester Hooper, Homer Socolofsky. 
BOTTOM ROW: Robert Lynch, Alan 
Heine, Elgene Nichols, Eddy Mar- 
shall, Don Roth, Charley Lindholm, 
Eugene Bowser, David Huebner, 
Carldon Broadbent, James Dema- 
ree, Richard Reinhardt. 

Kappa Phi Helps Korean Missionaries 

Welfare projects are sponsored by the Methodist 
men's club, Sigma Theta Epsilon, to create more in- 
timate Christian fellowship among men of Methodist 
preference and to organize life around Jesus Christ. 
H. Merlin Peck was president and H. E. Socolofsky 
is sponsor. 

Members of Kappa Phi, Methodist girls' sorority, 
participated in a WSCS bazaar to aid two hometown 
missionaries in Korea. With "Others" as their 
motto, the girls entertained at the Old Folks Home 
at Christmas. Mary Maclean was president and Mrs. 
B. A. Rogers and Mrs. Ferral Cowan are sponsors. 

lores Gowdy, Norma J. Fleming, 
Shirley A. Miller, Ilene R. Parshall, 
Grace E. Schmidtlein, Bette I. 
Sherrell. SECOND ROW: E. Louise 
Wilson, Billie J. Beck, Mary A. 
Maclean, Carla J. Johnson, Vir- 
ginia E. Puckett, Sarabel Wolf. 
THIRD ROW: Carole V. Cordon, 
Virginia L. Scott, Jeanice A. Blauer, 
Nancy A. West, Doris A. Wingeler, 
Jo Ann Cary, Laura Baxter. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Carol E. Clark, Dar- 
lene K. Bowman, Jane E. Comp- 
ton, Shirley J. Sarvis, Olive J. 
Jantz, Joyce I. Kaiser, Christina 
M. Groth, Nadine L. Apley. 

A. Herr, Patricia J. Wollner, Char- 
lene S. Richardson, Charlotte I. 
Johnson, Janet M. Ogg, Mrs. Fred 
Eshbaugh, Mrs. B. A. Rogers. 
SECOND ROW: Helen A. Poston, 
Patsy E. Haltom, Joanne E. Cox, 
Betty D. Winkley, Elizabeth E. 
Warren, Eula F. Fowler. THIRD 
ROW: Eleanor L. George, Marta J. 
Schroer, Donalee Meyers, Evelyn 
Horak, Vera K. Banman, Lola M. 
Woolley, Betty A. Joss. BOTTOM 
ROW: Ann G. Eshbaugh, Marilyn 
C. Smith, Lois E. Lane, Catherine 
W. Cain, Beverly A. Sargent, Cyn- 
thia Collingwood, Sara K. Schrenk. 



ROW: Inez Scott, Eleanor Herr, 
Elizabeth Warren, Shirley Miller, 
Leone Cowen, Betty Winkley, Carol 
Vallentine, Kathy Seaton, Shirley 
Burk. SECOND ROW: Gavona 
Michaels, Marlene Schroeder, Nancy 
West, Christina Groth, RuthO'Hara, 
Marjorie Hamon, Donna Emigh, 
Mary Ann Wells, Vera Branman, 
Betty Tillotson. THIRD ROW: Nor- 
ene Clayton, Gladys Fox, James 
Hundley, Harold Brecheisen, Rus- 
sell Bemis, James Parshall, Jerry 
Holliday, Philip Prawl, Janet Mc- 
Nutt, Arvilla Kruger. BOTTOM 
ROW: Keith McFall, George Ken- 
nedy, Herald Kruse, William Dodrill, 
Carldon Broadbent, Robert Lynch, 
Richard Wilson, Ronald Meyers, 
James Demaree, James Collins. 

Wesley Foundation Serves Methodists 

The Wesley foundation was organized in 1916 to 
provide a place for worship, recreation, religious 
education, and fellowship projects for Methodist 

The Wesley Singers furnish the choir for church 
services and the Wesley Players present religious 

dramatics. Students do the custodian work at the 
Wesley Center. The Center is open to all students 
each day until late in the evening for informal dis- 
cussion and informal recreation. Robert Kennedy 
was president and faculty sponsors are Rev. B. A. 
Rogers and Rodney W. Babcock. 


ROW: Rita Peddicord, Doris Wool- 
ley, Grace Schmidtlein, Alice Frey, 
Marion Tal ley, Patricia Allison, 
Carolyn Lusk, Carolyn Anderson, 
Carla Johnson, Eula Fowler. SEC- 
OND ROW: Lola Woolley, Virginia 
Puckett, Lois Lane, Martha Sto- 
well, Martha Rankin, Donald Mc- 
Reynolds, Robert Schneider, Sam- 
uel Hundley, Dale Fooshee, Mary 
Harrouff, Jane Compton. THIRD 
ROW: Warren Lynn, Eugene May- 
hugh, Robert Long, Willis Rigen, 
Larry Petersilie, Robert Ruckman, 
Jim Windle, Harold Peck, David 
Hockman, John Stevenson. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Ross Miller, J. Circle, 
R. Kind, D. Tillotson, D. Roth, J. L. 
Hooper, D. Huebner, E. Bowser, C. 
Lindholm, M. Dennis, L. Jones. 



ROW: Donalee Meyers, B. A. Rog- 
ers, Bobby Parker, Roland Swim, 
Clayton Herman, Howard Holmes, 
James Browne, Moyne Browne, 
Betty Ann Joss, Helen Poston. 
SECOND ROW: Carl Poston, Larry 
McGhee, Kay Cornelius, Francis 
Holmes, Edward Rhoades, Darryl 
Smika, Robert Pasley, Don Swartz, 
Jack Kersenbrock, Duane Semisch. 
BOTTOM ROW: Bob Circle, James 
Kilgore, Don Reed, Alan Heine, 
Eddy Marshall, Melvin Jewett, Rob- 
ert Layton, Gerald Johnson, James 
Coryell, Gordon Dickerson. 


Alice L. Geiger, Wanda I. Stalcup, 
Norma J. Todd, Dulcenia R. Tower. 
BOTTOM ROW: Janet L. Myer, 
Harriet R. Henry, Phyllis J. Loseke, 
Marilee S. Shockey, Ann L. Colburn. 

Baptists Worship in Three Groups 

Three Baptist groups serve the students of K-State. 
Theta Epsilon, the sorority, was led hy president 
Janet Myer, and sponsor Alice Geiger. The Roger 
Williams fellowship was a new organization on cam- 
pus last fall, having previously been the Baptist 

Youth fellowship. Kenneth Kent was president, Dr. 
and Mrs. Paul Young, sponsors, and Mrs. Marilee 
Shockey, student director. The College Baptist 
Youth fellowship promotes Christ's teachings. Dick 
Myers was president. Verlin Easterling is sponsor. 


—TOP ROW: Mary Jo McMillan, 
Charlotte R. Walker, Virginia A. 
Hester, Wilma A. Glasco, Eugene 
T. Eisiminger, Richard H. Brown, 
Edith A. Heil, Dulcenia R. Tower. 
SECOND ROW: Bruce R. Balman, 
Joe A. Bayles, John F. Clausen, 
John M. Amos, Neill F. Werner, 
William T. Hansen, Mrs. Marilee 
Shockey, Dorothy Schuhmacher. 
THIRD ROW: Ramona R. Lathan, 
Dick V. Bennett, Harriet R. Henry, 
Paul A. Barber, J. D. Mabry, Ar- 
nold C. Hildebrand, Phyllis J. 
Loseke, Margie L. Garrison. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Kenneth B. Kent, Paul 
M. Young, John A. Hodges, Stan- 
ley D. Clemmons, Vernon E. Cates, 
Nathaniel L. Quick, Robert H. 
Hansen, Leon A. Sucht. 

taway, Lois J. Howard, Janet S. 
Peterson, Dorothy E. Applegarth, 
Mildred E. Applegarth, Marjorie H. 
Rundell, Carol H. Overbey. SECOND 
ROW: Verna M. Miller, Marilyn L. 
Heikes, Donald E. Kershner, Grover 
M. Adee, Jon G. Herod, Doreen L. 
Yeoman, A. Norene Morgan. BOT- 
TOM ROW: J. Lucien Regnier, Ken- 
neth D. Smith, Leroy L. Peters, F. 
Elwin McCoy, John P. Good, James 
P. Reynolds, Dick P. Myers. 


Many Faiths Active on Campus 

The purpose of B'nai B'rith Hillel Counselor- 
ship is to foster religious, social, and cultural activi- 
ties among Jewish students at Kansas State. The only 
requirement for membership is affiliation with the 
college and the faith. 

The group, which has been a campus organization 
for eight years, is a local organization affiliated 
with the National B'nai B'rith Hillel foundation. 
The 30 local members sponsor religious services and 
cultural meetings. Gordon Grosh was president. Max 
Milner is faculty sponsor. 

The Kansas State Christian Fellowship gathers 
used clothing and toys for a children's home in Colo- 
rado Springs. KSCF is an inter-denominational 

group affiliated with the national organization, In- 
ter-varsity Christian fellowship. The Kansas State 
group was organized in 1946. It now has 35 mem- 

"To Know Christ and to Make Him Known" is 
the KSCF motto. There are no formal requirements 
for membership. The Inter-varsity Christian fellow- 
ship sponsors Christian camps in Canada, California, 
and Colorado. It also sponsors Bible study confer- 
ences during Christmas vacation, and International 
Students' Conference during summer vacation. 

Kansas State Christian Fellowship sponsored 
Bible studies, religious movies, a caroling party at 
Christmas, and picnics. Elwin McCoy was presi- 
dent. Herman Smith is faculty sponsor. 


ROW: Albert Derin, Gisela Boren- 
sztayn, Max Milner, Stuart H. Se- 
gall. SECOND ROW: Sidney L. 
Ronis, Florence J. Suss, Lewis B. 
Bernstein, Robert Siegel. BOTTOM 
ROW: David M. Suss, Paul B. Sie- 
gel, Sheldon S. Goldberg, Ira M. 
Kaminsky, H i I lard Siegel. 


« © 

SHIP—TOP ROW: L. Howard, Lois 
Ottaway, M. Hamilton, K. Twell, M. 
Watson, Overbey, N. Morgan, Yeo- 
man, Lucille Ottaway, Adranly. SEC- 
OND ROW: Peddicord, Janet Peter- 
son, Heikes, Clausen, Stevenson, G. 
Adee, M. Rundell, V. Miller, Sell, 
A. Grieshaber. THIRD ROW: Wal- 
berg, Stowell, D. N. Lewis, Ryan, 
Rousseau, R. P. Myers, K. Smith, 
Steinbach, Loseke, M. Gibson. BOT- 
TOM ROW: K. McBurney, Quick, H. 
Benson, Mugler, G. Irwin, S. Clark, 
Elwin McCoy, Richard Parks, L. 
Regnier, R. McBurney. 


Joyce D. Brodrick, Leona E. Manz, 
Joan H. Harding, Rose Anne Craw- 
ford, Marlene K. Simpson, E. June 
Simpson, Marjorie A. Wilson. SEC- 
OND ROW: Linna S. Snyder, B. 
Kay Scott, S. Gayle Schoenfeldt, 
Emily B. Kerchner, Gwen Camp- 
bell, Elizabeth K. Chapin, Dorothy 
M.Crawford. BOTTOM ROW: Kath- 
leen A. Barton, Marilyn C. Egger, 
Patricia J. Suddath, Kathleen 
Kelly, Mary F. Perkins, Betty K. 
Dietrich, Patricia A. Decker. 

All Faiths Worship in USF 

''Her candle goeth not out by night" is the 
motto of Sigma Eta Chi, Congregational sorority. 
Sigma Eta Chi is a group in which spiritual develop- 
ment may advance in harmony with education so 
that the women of the church of the future may be 
both broadminded and loyal. 

The national organization was founded at Ohio 
State university in 1923. K-State's Iota chapter was 
founded in 1944, under the leadership of the Rev. 
Charles Brewster and Mrs. L. E. Call. This year 
Sigma Eta Chi has 27 members. A national project 
is supporting the Lotts Creek Community school in 
Kentucky. The local chapter sends Christmas gifts, 
clothing, and money, to underprivileged children, 
and helps support a missionary. Marilyn Egger was 
president and Eileen Roberts is faculty sponsor. 

United Student Fellowship provides Christian 
fellowship for all college students regardless of 
faith. The group meets Sunday evenings for re- 
ligious discussions and programs. 

United Student Fellowship entertained foreign 
students and had them take part in discussions, sev- 
eral becoming members of the group. Meetings in- 
cluded lectures, panels, square dancing, parties, 
movies, picnics, and a booth at the Arts and Sciences 
carnival. A Thanksgiving party was held for 18 
first and second graders, mostly underprivileged 
children, and each child was given a present. Last 
fall the group collaborated with DSF to hold a noon 
service at Danforth chapel during World Week of 
Prayer and World Fellowship. Kathleen Kelly was 
president and Jack Northam is faculty sponsor. 

— TOP ROW: Elizabeth Chapin, 
Joyce Brodrick, Dorothy Crawford, 
Wilma Denholm, Rose Crawford, 
Marilyn Egger, Joan Harding, June 
Simpson. SECOND ROW: Barbara 
Pulliam, Patricia Decker, Kathleen 
Kelly, Roger Bell, Don Pohlman, 
Mary Perkins, Alberta Grieshaber, 
Marlene Simpson. THIRD ROW: 
Duane Pulliam, William Keeney, 
Patricia Suddath, Lillian Velasquez, 
Robert Wilbur, Earl Hammond, 
Horst Beck, Keith Rhoades. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Franklin Burke, Har- 
old Kannarr, Edward Wolf, Harold 
Velasquez, Charles Shaw, Paul Carr, 
Robert Tointon, George Yost. 

GlM <JV n '.-: n *<%£!■><* 


Dallas W. Freeborn, Donald H. 
Gramly, Robert D. Guy. SECOND 
ROW: Howard V. Campbell, Jack 
M. Selby. BOTTOM ROW: Walter 
H. Abel, Keith W. Kelling, Gerald 
D. Rousseau. 

Council Sponsors LIFT Week 

The Board of Junior Deacons of the Christian 
church is composed of junior deacons chosen from 
the student body to serve as deacons of the First 
Christian church in Manhattan. To be elected to the 
group, college men must be members of the church 
and must be voted upon by the group. 

The purpose of the group is to further church- 
manship among college men. This is accomplished 
through service as deacons and by religious training 
at monthly meetings. During the year the junior 
deacons help take care of the Disciple Student 

The group helped sponsor a Christmas vacation 
for a child from a Colorado orphanage. 

LIFT Week is sponsored each year by the Religious 
Coordinating council. The council, composed of 
members from the 14 different religious groups on 
the Kansas State campus, integrates and coordinates 
the religious activities of these groups. 

The Religious Coordinating council was reorgan- 
ized two years ago as a committee of the Student 
Council. However, representatives on the council 
are elected by the individual church groups. 

In addition to LIFT Week, the council sponsored 
World Week of Prayer the second week in Novem- 
ber. Charles Amstein was president, and Rev. A. 
Myrvin DeLapp, Gwen Tinklin, and Milton Raville 
are sponsors. 

Crawford, Karl W. Karstensen, Joe 
A. Bayles, Carolyn Adair. SECOND 
ROW: Lorelei Johnston, Robert 
Siegel, Robert Miller, Christina M. 
Groth. BOTTOM ROW: L. Neal At- 
kinson, James R. Rankin, Charles 
A. Amstein, Harold L. Cordry. 













F % 

. H 









I T""S^ ^* 



: ■■■.!... 's:»: ■• ■ " 



DANFORTH CHAPEL (above) is the scene of many devo- 
tional services and student weddings. RELIGIOUS groups 
(left) meet in the chapel for talks and prayer. WEST- 
MINSTER fellowship (lower left) meets every Sunday. 







r «V 


r j»c 

Every student at Kansas State has a 
church to attend, for the College is the 
center of 22 religious student groups of 
ten different denominations. These 
groups hold regular meetings, devotion- 
al services in Danforth Chapel, social 
mixers, and most have a philanthropic 

Y-MART (lower left) in Rec Center is sponsored each year 

by the YWCA. SWING YOUR PARTNER (below) shouts the 

caller as he calls steps for the Gamma Delta square dance 

at the Community House for Ft. Riley soldiers. 

■ JW*> 

% vF^i 



' v«* 





Members of honorary organizations, like Mortar Board, are 
recognized for their scholarship, leadership, and character. 



Honor Key Awarded to 32 

The highest scholastic honor that can be re- 
ceived on the Kansas State college campus is election 
to Phi Kappa Phi. Equivalent to Phi Beta Kappa, 
this national scholastic honorary was established at 
K-State in 1919. Each semester the organization rec- 

ognizes the upper ten per cent of the seniors in each 
school. Thirty-two were elected to Phi Kappa Phi 
for the fall 1953-54. Outstanding freshman scholars 
are honored each year by the Phi Kappa Phi Fresh- 

man Recognition award. 

Richard E. Brown 
Merlin L. Dennis 


Donald H. Gramly 

Kenneth A. McBurney 
Lawrence G. O'Neill 

William T. Barr 
Myrth Blickenstaff 
Gwendolyn R. Emel 
Allen S. Mason 


Charlene M. Mordy 
Dorothy C. Runbeck 
Nadine M. Salmans 

Douglas Shicktanz 

Edith L. Schmid 

Kenneth N. Thompson 

Elden L. Westhusing 

Alfred H. Galbraith 
William B. Goeckler 


Jerome L. Hartke 

Arland V. Hicks 
Donald R. Longabach 

Helen J. Beam 
Ann G. Eshbaugh 


Grace R. Plyley 
Virginia L. Shepherd 

Louis B. Cumro 


Winston K. Goering 

James R. Albert 
Liang T. Fan 


John E. Katon 

Dorothy A. Larery 
Audrey K. Patterson 


34 Are Named 
Senior Leaders 

Outstanding seniors of the class of '54 were honored 
in an all-College assembly May 4. These 34 seniors, 
who will graduate in May, August, or January, repre- 
sent the upper 3 per cent of the senior class in each 
school. The Senior Leaders are selected by a nine- 
member committee, on a scale counting 60 per cent 
for activities and 40 per cent for scholarship. 

Inaugurated last year, the local Senior Leaders 
system replaces the national Who's Who in American 
Colleges and Universities. Helen Elcock was chairman 
of the election committee. 

Officers of the 1954 Senior Class were Betty 
Taylor, secretary; Andy Galyardt, vice-president; 
Ken Gowdy, president; Harold Reed, treasurer. 

SENIOR LEADERS— TOP ROW: Eugene S. Adams, Frank C. Andrews, Marilyn L. Benz, Richard E. Brown, Scott S. Chandler, Charles F. Crews, Merlin L. Dennis, 
Sally J. Doyle. SECOND ROW: Kathryn Keene Dunn, Joan V. Engle, Alfred H. Galbraith, W. Blaine Goeckler, Kenneth K. Gowdy, Everett T. Hart Jr., Bonnie R. 
Hofman, Betty S. Hoskins. THIRD ROW: Carl F. Karst, Karolyn King, Robert B. Landon, Janet E. Marshall, Charlene M. Mordy, William C. Motes, Narvelle B. 
Oglevie, Lloyd E. Orsborn, Leonard E. Pacha. BOTTOM ROW: Irlene M. Rawlings, Harold W. Reed, Dorothy C. Runbeck, Edith L. Schmid, Gerald Shadwick, 

Otto S. Shill Jr., Robert N. Skiver, T. William Varney, R. Theodore Weaver. 


Senior Honorariesl 

The top all-school national honoraries are Mortar 
Board for senior women, Blue Key for senior men, 
and Chimes for junior women. All three organizations, 
which perpetuate their own membership, choose new 
members on the basis of high scholarship, outstand- 
ing leadership, and good character ratings. 

Publicized K-State 

Mortar Board, in conjunction with Blue Key, pub- 
licized K-State to high school students by sending 
students with faculty teams which visited Kansas 
high schools. 

This is the first time a student organization has 
been able to sponsor representatives on these trips. 
A plan was initiated to interest other students in ap- 
pearing before their home high schools to talk about 

The twelve Mortar Board members also sold the 
traditional mums at Homecoming last fall. Profits 
were used to finance the group's service projects. 

The purpose of Mortar Board is to provide for 
cooperation between senior honorary societies for 
women, to promote college loyalty, to advance the 
spirit of service and fellowship among university 
women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, 
and to stimulate and to develop a finer type of col- 
lege woman. 

CHIMES— TOP ROW: M. Blythe Guy, Bonnie R. Hofman, Sally J. Doyle, Janice L. Sis. SECOND ROW: Mariellen Jones, Phyllis A. Conner, Golda M. Crawford, 
Martha Nell Carter, Betty S. Hoskins. BOTTOM ROW: Jane E. Compton, Karolyn King, Ruth A. Waller, Jane Larson. 

WMftwimmWm &BS* 

MORTAR BOARD— STANDING: Janet E. Marshall, Carolyn Olsson, Irlene E. 
Rawlings, Kathryn K. Dunn, Olive J. Jantz, Marilyn L. Benz, Edith L. 
Schmid. SEATED: Marlene Z. Weaver, Joan V. Engle, Thomasine L. Gleason, 

Charlene M. Mordy 

Promote K-State 

Junior women with a minimum grade average of 
1.8 who are outstanding in campus activities, may be 
eligible for membership. 

Has scholarship dinner 

A scholarship dinner is held each fall and the 
three sophomores with the highest grades during their 
freshman year are honored. This fall these girls were 
Rachael Schoneweis, Ardith Alford, and Mary Lou 
Deal. Mrs. K. F. Bascom was the banquet speaker. 
Another service project is the awarding of a $100 
scholarship each year to a deserving college girl. 

Other activities included a dinner with Blue Key, 
hostessing at the Shakespeare dinner, and attending 
a regional conference at KU in February. 

Irlene Rawlings was president, and Gertrude Lien- 
kaemper, Mrs. Phil Sorenson, and Mrs. John Helm, 
are sponsors. 

Blue Key Sponsors Homecoming 

Each year members of Blue Key help with the 
Homecoming celebration by planning the Ball and 
presenting the queens. 

Blue Key also worked with Mortar Board in spon- 
soring students on high school visitation trips with 
faculty teams. This year it was Blue Key's turn to 
have a dinner for Mortar Board members. 

The group, which traditionally has 13 members, 
chooses men who rank high in activities and scholar- 
ship on the K-State campus. 

The national organization was founded at the Uni- 
versity of Florida in 1924, for the purpose of recog- 
nizing outstanding men students on college campuses 
and to form them into service groups. "Serving, I 
live," is the motto of Blue Key. 

Lloyd Orsborn was president of Blue Key this 
year, and President James A. McCain and William 
Kimel are faculty sponsors. 

Chimes chooses juniors 

Outstanding junior women may be elected to 
Chimes. Members must have a minimum grade aver- 

BLUE KEY—STANDING: Lloyd E. Orsborn, Everett T. Hart, Ken K. Gowdy, 

Merlin L. Dennis, Mark G. Brislawn, Robert B. Landon, T. William Varney, 

Joe Swanson, Gerald L. Shadwick. SEATED: Otto S. Shill, L. Neil Atkinson, 

Richard E. Brown, Harold W. Reed. 

age of 1.8 and must have shown qualities of leader- 
ship and service to the College. 

"To lead with knowledge, to follow with intelli- 
gence, to seek the worthwhile in life," is the motto 
of the group. 

Chimes is now in its second year on the Kansas 
State campus. Formerly, the junior honorary organ- 
ization was Prix. The local Chimes chapter is the 
fourteenth in the nation. 

Help with Orientation 

Chimes participates in services to K-State, such as 
helping with freshman orientation, conducting vis- 
itors on tours, and handing out programs at assem- 
blies. The group also plans a service project and a 
money-raising event. In addition to these, the 13 
members have business and social meetings, dinners, 
and parties. 

Bonnie Hofman was president this year, and 
Golda Crawford is faculty sponsor. 


thy A. Larery, Corine J. Hamilton, 
Carolyn A. Pretzer, M. Betty Cri- 
ger, Grace L. Plyley. SECOND 
ROW: Diane M. Vadnais, Virginia 
L. Shepherd, E. Carolyn Olsson, Ir- 
lene M. Rawlings. BOTTOM ROW: 
Jane E. Compton, Eleanor H. 
Hoesli, Ann G. Eshbaugh, Helen J. 
Beam, Bonnie R. Hofman. 

Sigma Tau Maintains K-hill "KS 


Omicron Nu, home economics honorary, chooses its 
members from the upper scholastic percentages of 
the junior and senior classes. The 14 members honor 
top-ranking students in home economics at scholar- 
ship teas. Ann Eshbaugh was president and Nina M. 
Browning is sponsor. 

Alpha Zeta is a professional fraternity in agri- 
culture honoring scholarship, fellowship, character. 
The group has meeting programs of agricultural and 
educational interest, and provides ushers for the 
Little American Royal. Each semester the group has 
an initiation banquet. Chancellor was Winston K. 
Goering. Faculty advisors are Merton Otto, chair- 
man, Paul M. Sanford, and Leigh Baker. 

Sigma Tau, honorary engineering fraternity, spon- 
sors St. Pat's prom. Members are chosen from the 
upper one-third of junior and senior engineers on 
the basis of scholarship, practicability, and sociabil- 
ity. The organization maintains the white letters 
"KS" on K-hill. Ernest Rempe was president and 
L. V. White is sponsor. 

Phi Alpha Mu is the women's scholastic honorary 
in Arts and Sciences. The upper 15 per cent of 
junior and senior women are eligible for member- 
ship. The 45 members give a tea in the spring for 
sophomores and juniors who will be eligible the next 
fall. Janet Marshall was president, and Golda Craw- 
ford, sponsor. 

ALPHA ZETA — TOP ROW: Harold Tuma, Vaughn Seaton, Carl Karst, John Brethour, Eugene Adams, Carl Helmle, Donald Shuman, Harold Reed, Dale Fooshee, 
Paul Sanford. SECOND ROW: John Oltjen, Dick Pickett, Lambert Mills, Charles Thomas, Leonard Slyter, Walter Gier, Walter Schoen, Herb Lee, Philip Rohrer. 
THIRD ROW: Otto Shill, Reed Rurmsey, Raymond Dill, Merwin Frey, Eldon Johnson, Winston Goering, David Schoneweis, Scott Chandler, Robert Sayre, Damon 
Slyter. BOTTOM ROW: William Herberg, Norman Meriweather, Carldon Broadbent, Lloyd Orsborn, Donald Kihn, Jack Grier, Richard Reinhardt, Kenneth Gnadt, 

Richard Brown, Merlin Dennis. 


SIGMA TAU — TOP ROW: Ernest E. Rempe, Jack M. Toliver, Donald D. Goertz, Byron E. Batthauer, Don D. Schaper, Milton A. Roth, William R. Edmonds. 

SECOND ROW: Alfred H. Galbraith, Arland V. Hicks, Kenyon W. Phillips, Thomas G. Hedquist, Bob D. Graham, Ronald J. Rogers, Russell R. Schoof, James L. 

Riggs. BOTTOM ROW: Ned L. Lilhch, A. R. Way, Bob B. Landon, Don C. Roth, Donald R. Longabach, Stanley J. Clark, Christopher E. Dalton. 

SIGMA TAU — TOP ROW: Kenneth B. Michaels, Carl R. Schumacher, John R. Belden, Adrian J. Scribante, Jerrel J. Larson, Robert R. Snell, Thomas H. Elrod. 

SECOND ROW: Bryce B. Miller, William M. Burnett, Robert M. McCulley, Richard D. Shimer, Ferol S. Fell, Gerald L. Zachariah, C. Dale Allen, Robert R. Reed. 

BOTTOM ROW: Samuel V. Sinderson, Roy E. Drum, Virgil E. Carrier, Richard A. Peal, Roger B. Wilcox, Harry D. Knostman, Robert G. Tointon. 

PHI ALPHA ML) — TOP ROW: Virginia White, Dorothy C. Runbeck, Marian J. Shippers, Sarah M. Merrill, Carol M. Collins, Judy C. Hertnecky, Pat L. Davies, 
Maryolive Manly, Nadine M. Salmans. SECOND ROW: Anne Glanville, Edith L. Schmid, Gwen A. Gregg, Blythe Guy, Marcia L. Gordon, Becky Thacher, Nancy 
A. Schneckloth, Crystal A. Anderson, Beth G. Wisecup. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth A. Taylor, Charlene M. Mordy, Rita M. Dome, Nancy Rittenoure, Janis M. 
Finney, Pat M. Boyd, Nora L. House, Louise N. Poison, Judy C. Paustian, Janet E. Marshall. BOTTOM ROW: Karolyn King, Doris J. Salter, Mary Lou Wood- 
ward, Dol lie J. Lewis, Gwendolyn R. Emel, Shirley A. Smith, Mary E. Yoder, Saliy J. Mayer, Joanne M. Mundell, Ann J. Beckmeyer, Carmen L. Schoen. 


3»^tl l 

PI TAU SIGMA — TOP ROW: Donald D. Schaper, William F. Schmidt, Carl R. 
Schumacher, Kenneth R. Collins. SECOND ROW: Mark G. Brislawn Jr., 
James R. Grove Kenneth B. Michaels, Robert D. Graham. BOTTOM ROW: 
Don C. Roth, Albert W. Sandring, Everett T. Hart, Christopher E. Dalton. 

ALPHA KAPPA PSI— TOP ROW: Donald D. Volker, Clifford I. Gould, Elden 
L. Westhusing, Calvin B. Coffin, Harold M. Townsend. SECOND ROW: Duane 
F. Taylor, Richard A. Loyd, Ronald L. Frahm, Richard S. Reynolds, Edgar S. 
Bagley, Jerry W. Reese. BOTTOM ROW: Conrad Eriksen, Bob N. Skiver, Wes 
D. Harms, J. D. DeForest, Byron G. Bird. 

Honoraries Require 

An honorary recognizing outstanding mechanical 
engineering students is Pi Tau Sigma. Members are 
chosen from the upper 33 per cent scholastically of 
the senior class, and the upper 25 per cent of the 
junior class. Pi Tau Sigma was founded at the Uni- 
versities of Illinois and Wisconsin, in 1916, and 
started at K-State in 1939. The engineers' reading 
room on the third floor of the engineering building 
is maintained by club members. Bob Graham served 
as president. Robert E. Crank is sponsor. 

Tau Sigma Delta captured third place for its float 
in the Homecoming parade. Students in architecture 
and architectural engineering who have finished 
three-fifths of their college work and rank in the 
upper 20 per cent in their curriculum are eligible 
for membership. Group projects included rebuilding 
of drafting tables in the department, sponsoring 
architecture movies, and editing a 1954 architec- 
tural yearbook. Chapter master was Howard Har- 
renstien and faculty sponsor is John F. Helm. 

The Labor-Management Roundtable is sponsored 
each Spring by Alpha Kappa Psi, professional busi- 
ness fraternity. Requirements for membership in 
the group are a 1.75 grade average for two semesters 
and approval by the active members. Alpha Kappa 
Psi was founded in 1904 at New York university. 
K-State's Alpha Omega chapter was formed in 1933. 
In addition to professional meetings Alpha Kappa 
Psi sponsors picnics, banquets, and dances for its 
members. Ben Coffin was president and Conrad 
Eriksen and Norman French are faculty sponsors. 

TAU SIGMA DELTA — TOP ROW: Howard Falick, Charles L. Marshall, Roberto U. Lampo, Margot Lampo, William R. Edmonds, Robert R. Reed, Don Hostetler, 
Walter G. Steiger. SECOND ROW: Edwin J. Drimmel, Donald D. Goertz, William B. Hale, Virgil H. Snell, Woodrow M. Wilson, Tumice K. Blair, Chet Zdunek. 
BOTTOM ROW: Milton A. Roth, Howard P. Harrenstien, Austin R. Way, Lewis A. Rightmier, Al Karetski, Chas. J. Burton, Chas. R. Carlson, Robert M. McCulley. 

High Grade Average 

Theta Sigma Phi, honorary fraternity for women in 
journalism, annually brings an outstanding woman 
in journalism to the campus to speak at the group's 
Matrix Table dinner, attended by more than 200 
women from all over the state. The group also gives 
a coke party for new girls in journalism. To be 
eligible for membership, a woman has to meet scho- 
lastic requirements and be outstanding in journalism 
activities. Kathleen Kelly was president, and Helen 
Hostetter is faculty sponsor. 

Mu Phi Epsilon, national women's music hon- 
orary, awards a scholarship to an outstanding fresh- 
man woman in the music department each year. 
"Music, Friends, and Harmony" is the motto of Mu 
Phi Epsilon, which is celebrating its golden anniver- 
sary this year. It was founded at the Cincinnati con- 
servatory in 1903. Music majors or minors with a 
2.00 grade average are eligible to become members. 
The group has six members. Gwen Emel served as 
president. Clarice Painter is faculty sponsor. 

Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalism frater- 
nity, had Frank Noel, Associated Press photographer 
who was a Korean War prisoner, as guest speaker at 
a dinner last fall. The April Fool edition of the 
Collegian is the annual project of SDX. Gregg Bor- 
land was sent to the national SDX convention in St. 
Louis last fall. Journalism picnics are co-sponsored 
by Sigma Delta Chi and Theta Sigma Phi. Bob 
Lawrence was president, and C. J. Medlin is sponsor. 

THETA SIGMA PHI— TOP ROW: Sally J. Doyle, Diane M. Vadnais, Sue R. Shir- 
ling. SECOND ROW: Nancy Rittenoure, Janet E. Marshall, Winnie Clark, Helen 
P. Hostetter. BOTTOM ROW: Elizabeth Horridge, Kathleen Kelly, Marie Winkler. 

PHI MU EPSILON— TOP ROW: Nancy R. Leavengood, Nadine M. Salmans, 

Patricia L. Davies. SECOND ROW: Edith L. Schmid, Narvelle B. Oglevie. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jane E. Compton, Mary B. Hauer, Gwen R. Emel. 

SIGMA DELTA CHI— TOP ROW: Carl Rochat, Gary W. Swanson, Bert Cross, Stan C. Burnette, Herb L. Lee, C. J. Medlin. SECOND ROW: Bob M. Lawrence, 
W. Lee Ruggels, Merrill E. Samuelson, Dick P. Myers, Sam H. Logan, R. Don Alexander. BOTTOM ROW: Bill E. Chisham, Ken D. Nicholson, Harold L. Myers, 

Robert D. Ecklund, Oren E. Campbell, Paul De Weese. 

PHI LAMBDA UPSILON— TOP ROW: Gerald D. Miller, Donald G. Kundiger, Roy E. Beauchene, Paul V. Peurifoy, Ernest A. Ikenberry, C. H. Whitnah, F. C. 

Lanning. SECOND ROW: Donald D. Wheeler, Frank C. Andrews, Jack M. Selby, Alfred T. Ericson, Benjamin A. Simmons, Karl Altau, B. L. Mickel. THIRD 

ROW: Guy B. Homman, Donald W. Emerich, Elwin Ovist, Huey Pledger Jr., Clarence H. Suelter, Frank A. Moore, Paul K. Conn. BOTTOM ROW: Willard S. 

Ruliffson, Ralph E. Guerrant, W. G. Schrenk, Richard E. Hein, Morris P. Grotheer, A. D. Berneking, R. S. Pearson. 

ALPHA MU— TOP ROW: Bert L. Curry, Ronald K. Watson, Byron S. Miller, John A. Johnson, Floyd F. Niernberger, Rex Hubbard. SECOND ROW: C. J. Gun- 
delfinger, Peter Patchin, L. Neal Atkinson, John R. Pedersen, Thomas D. Machin, Gerald D. Miller. BOTTOM ROW: Robert L. Melroy, Hans V. Hungerbuehler, 

Harry C. Kaper, E. P. Farrell, Don L. Palmer, Jim Lawrence. 

Alpha Mu Mills Flour for Needy 

Phi Lambda Upsilon promotes high scholarship and 
original investigation in all branches of pure and 
applied chemistry. Upper class chemistry students 
with a minimum 2.0 grade average are eligible for 

Phi Lambda Upsilon was founded in 1899 at the 
University of Illinois. The 63 members of Alpha 
Epsilon chapter took an active part in the high 
school chemistry conference at the college, and had 
a synthetic honey exhibit. Awards for scholarship 
are presented to chemistry majors. Huey Pledger 
Jr. was president and R. E. Hein is faculty advisor. 

The goal of Alpha Mu, scholastic honorary for 
students in the flour and feed milling department, 
is to further the interest of the profession and to 
promote scholarship. 

Every year the club holds an annual smoker, pub- 
lishes an annual newsletter, and has a spring ban- 
quet financed through one of the large milling cor- 
porations, and featuring a guest speaker in the field. 
As a Christmas project, they supply milling flour to 
needy families. Regular meetings are held off cam- 
pus in private homes. Tom Machin was president, 
and R. 0. Pence and Gerald Miller are sponsors. 


Engineering Honoraries Laud Endeavor 

Eta Kappa Nu, electrical engineering honorary, an- 
nually presents an award to the department junior 
with the highest scholarship during his sophomore 
year. Founded at the University of Illinois in 1904, 
the national organization has nearly 25,000 mem- 
bers. The local chapter was started in 1939, and 
this year has 22 members. Members are selected 
from the upper 25 per cent scholastically of the 
junior class, and upper 33 per cent of the senior 
class, in electrical engineering. The purpose of Eta 
Kappa Nu is to promote scholarship and advance 
the standards of the profession. Members are active 
in Sigma Tau, AIEE, and Engineers' Open House. 
Alfred Galbraith wielded the gavel this year, and 
R. M. Kerchner is the faculty advisor. 

Steel Ring annually awards a trophy to the out- 
standing exhibit at Engineers' Open House. The or- 
ganization was founded at K-State in 1928 by 13 
senior engineers. Since 1937 Steel Ring has pub- 
lished "Intake and Exhaust", a humor magazine, 
and sponsored the Engineer's Alloy. Membership is 
open to junior and senior students in engineering 
who possess leadership, ability, personality, and 
practicality. The purpose of the organization is to 
promote the activities of the School of Engineering 
and school spirit. The directory of faculty members, 
which is in the engineering building, was purchased 
and is maintained by members of Steel Ring. Ken- 
yon Phillips was president and L. M. Jorgenson and 
Reed F. Morse are faculty sponsors. 

ETA KAPPA NU— TOP ROW: J. E. Wolfe, W. Blaine Goeckler, Wm. E. Rogers, Russell M. Kerchner, John R. Buck, L. Dean Darbe. SECOND ROW: Earl R. 
Bullock, Thomas E. Laisure, Jerome L. Hartke, John W. Hooper, Thomas G. Hepquist, John B. Moore. BOTTOM ROW: Everett L. Westfahl, Alfred H. Galbraith, 

Bob B. Landon, Richard A. Peal, Herbert L. Mitchell, Myron C. Hayes. 

M. Jorgenson, George Ghahraman- 
ian, Ernest E. Rempe, Dan K. 
Henderson. SECOND ROW: James 
M. Blew, Byron E. Batthauer, Ken- 
neth R. Collins. BOTTOM ROW: 
Reed F. Morse, Bob B. Landon, Clair 
F. McGinnis, Kenyon W. Phillips. 


ALPHA DELTA THETA— TOP ROW: Virginia L. White, Marion F. Smith, Rheta J. Wipf, Merleen S. Trout, Rose Anne Crawford, Helen L. Gochis. SECOND 
ROW: Suzanne K. Martin, Donna J. Morine, Louise N. Poison, Phyllis J. Caspar, Pat A. Kunkie, Margie J. Lemon, Evelyn I. Strathman. THIRD ROW: Alice L. 
Meek, Reta M. Raleigh, Sandra A. Isaac, Marilyn J. Adee, Caryl A. Hoke, Nancy C. Stover, Marilyn E. Rinehart. BOTTOM ROW: Patti J. Shupe, Dollie J. 

Lewis, Marbeth Hopmann, C. A. Dorf, Ellen M. Lehman, Mary K. Ritter, Carolyn J. Kaiser. 

SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON— TOP ROW: Richard E. Gramly, Donald D. Geil, Duke Hilton, Ross F. Siegle, Robert L. Vincent, Joseph R. Chelikowsky. SECOND 
ROW: Kenneth B. Huffer, Keith D. Heiniger, John E. Christensen, Arthur B. Sperry, Robert 0. Wilbur, Huber Self, Henry V. Beck. THIRD ROW: Dennis L. Win- 
get, Harold L. Metz, Charles P. Walters, Robert L. Chastain, Loren M. Hart, Page C. Twiss. BOTTOM ROW: Truman F. Logsdon, Robert L. Hartig, Warren L. 

Palmer, Eugene 0. Bowser, Robert M. Hutchinson, 0. W. Tollefson, Marion C. Strobel. 

Med Techs Give Christmas Baskets 

Alpha Delta Theta, honorary medical technology 
sorority, promotes social and intellectual coopera- 
tion and fellowship. 

The national organization was founded in 1944 at 
the University of Minnesota. The K-State chapter, 
chartered in 1946, has 26 members. 

Alpha Delta Theta holds regular meetings and 
tries to bring in several professional speakers each 
year to talk on phases of medical technology. Proj- 
ects include selling Christmas cards and preparing 
food baskets for needy families. Ellen Lehman was 
president and C. A. Dorf is faculty sponsor. 

Sigma Gamma Epsilox, honorary and professional 
geology fraternity, sponsored a field trip to Colo- 
rado this spring. The group's object is to promote 
the scholastic, scientific, and social advancement of 
its members. Requirements for membership are 
sophomore standing and 1.8 grade average in geolo- 
gy courses. The organization sponsors the Williston 
Geology club and has prominent geologists speak at 
seminars. A special project was to make a miniature 
plaster oil rig to be displayed in Fairchild. Bob 
Hartig was president, and Henry Beck is faculty 


PHI EPSILON KAPPA — TOP ROW: Louis P. Washburn, Robert W. Smith, Marceilus B. Schwartz, T. M. Evans. SECOND ROW: Robert E. Parker, Jim H. Tan- 
geman, Gene A. Stauffer, Jim A. Vlach, Gene L. Youngstedt. BOTTOM ROW: Theodore R. Lloyd, Joe Powell, Roger L. Craft, Bill F. Kohl. 

K-FRATERNITY — TOP ROW: Ray A. Wauthier, Leonard E. Pacha, William J. Jorns, Leslie J. Kramer, Kenneth N. Spicher, Robert P. Mancuso, Fritz G. Knorr. 
SECOND ROW: Thomas J. O'Boyle, Stan C. Burnette, Boyd B. Forester, John H. Stretcher, Elmer G. Creviston, Cletis L. Wilson, Fred D. Wingert. THIRD ROW: 
W. Lawrence Penner, Ron J. Marciniak, Ed Linta, Larry L. Hartshorn, Gene A. Stauffer, Dick P. Myers, Gerald L. Shadwick. BOTTOM ROW: Ronald K. Clair, 

Alvin C. Ogden, Robert E. Parker, Jerry W. Jung, Jervis C. Rowe, Jerry Sartorious. 

K-Fraternity Sells Freshmen Caps 

"A Sound Mind in a sound body" is the motto of 
Phi Epsilon Kappa, professional physical education 
fraternity. Members are physical education majors 
who do superior work. The K-State chapter was or- 
ganized in 1930. "To promote and elevate the ideals 
and ethics of our profession" is the fraternity's pur- 
pose. Projects include selling cowbells at football 
games, buying books for the physical education de- 
partment library, and sponsoring social affairs for 
members. Gene Stauffer was president of the 22- 
member organization, and L. P. Washburn is faculty 

Athletes who earn a varsity letter in an inter- 
collegiate sport are eligible for membership in the 
K-Fraternity. The purpose of the group is "To build 
the mind, spirit, and body to their possibilities." 
Group projects are selling freshman beanies at the 
beginning of the school year, and selling sunshades 
at football games. The profits go into a fund to 
furnish the K room, a lounge for members and visit- 
ing athletes. K-Fraternity, which was started shortly 
after World War I, this year has 34 members. Al 
Ogden was president, and Fritz Knorr and Ray 
Wauthier are sponsors. 


r^. £a. f^ 

Donald R. Showalter, Chester F. 
Templer, Orval Ebberts, Gerald J. 
Meyer, A. L. Strickland. SECOND 
ROW: Karl D. Anderson, John W. 
Gilbaugh, Delbert H. Donnell, Joe 
Eisenbach Jr. BOTTOM ROW: 
Howard R. Bradley, Walter R. 
Gehlbach, Clarke E. Schiller, Mer- 
win M. Stearns, Douglas Roberts. 

\ . i 

Miniwanca Club Sends Freshmen to Camp 

Promotion of free public education as an essen- 
tial to democracy is the purpose of Phi Delta Kappa. 
D. L. Donnell was president and D. F. Showalter is 

Delta Phi Delta sponsors art festivals and ex- 
hibits. Members are high-ranking students in art 

and architecture. Don Goertz was president and 
John F. Helm, sponsor. 

The Miniwanca club gives a scholarship each year 
to a freshman for two weeks at Camp Miniwanca, in 
Selby, Mich. Marilyn Heter was president and Mr. 
and Mrs. Harold Kugler are sponsors. 

Marion K. Talley, Diane A. Hills, 
Elmer J. Tomasch, Marilyn L. 
Benz. SECOND ROW: Karolyn 
King, J. Cranston Heintzelman, 
John F. Helm, Sue E. Burke. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Howard Falick, C. 
Louis Hafermehl, Donald D. Goertz, 
Jimmy D. Neifert. 

Janet E. Shields, Mark K. Drake, 
Vera K. Banman, Marilyn M. Mc- 
Nelis, Linda L. Rundle. SECOND 
ROW: Paul E. Sanford, Merton L. 
Otto, Harold L. Kugler, Genie M. 
Jern. BOTTOM ROW: Dale L. Foo- 
shee, Rosemary Gladhart, Mike W. 
Cornett, Richard H. Steffens, Mari- 
lyn A. Heter. 


B. Marlene Myers, John E. Boyer 
Bill A. Patzell, Verdel A. Wilson 
BOTTOM ROW: Howard T. Hill 
Frederick G. Day, Don L. Cordes 
Franklin D. Houser, Chas. F. Crews 

Dramatists Win "Oscars" 

Distinguished students in forensic activities are 
eligible for membership in Delta Sigma Rho. The 
group participates in public speaking activities. Mar- 
lene Myers was president and H. T. Hill, sponsor. 

National Collegiate Players, Pi Epsilon Delta, 
have a banquet to award six outstanding drama stu- 

dents "Oscars". Roger Sherman was president, and 
Earl G. Hoover, sponsor. 

Junior radio speech majors with a B average may 
join Alpha Epsilon Rho, national radio honorary. 
Ralph Titus was president, and Virginia Howe spon- 
sor of the group. 

ERS—TOP ROW: Shirley A.John- 
son, Donald F. Hermes, Lindell E. 
Grauer, Charlotte E. Berkihiser. 
SECOND ROW: Roger W. Sherman 
Jr., Frank C. Andrews, Lawrence 
L. Evans. BOTTOM ROW: Bruce 
. Bellamy, Allen B. Kipper, Earl 
G. Hoover, Bill Varney. 

ROW: Carrol J. Thomas, Rita 
Peterson, Nancy Rittenoure. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Richard C. Fraley, 
Ralph S. Titus, Jim A. Loomis, 
Jay D. Yancey. 



Arnold Air Gains 100 New Members 

"The Warrior Who Cultivates His Mind, Polishes 
His Arms" is the motto of Arnold Air society. 
Membership is open to top-ranking advanced air 
force ROTC students. The purpose of Arnold Air 
society is to further interest in air force ROTC, to 
develop leadership, and to act as a service organiza- 
tion to the ROTC program at Kansas State. 

Six coeds are selected by the group each year to 
be honorary reviewing officers at wing reviews. One 
girl is designated honorary cadet colonel and the 
others are honorary cadet lieutenant colonels. Hon- 
orary reviewing officers at the fall review were Ber- 
dine Brunswig, Carol Clark, Margaret Griffith, 
Diane Lanigan, Mary Quinlan, and Beverly Shea. 

Arnold Air co-sponsored the Military Ball with 
Scabbard and Blade. The Military Ball Queen, 

chosen by both groups, was crowned at the dance. 
Blue Barron and his orchestra furnished the music. 

The group also sponsored an exhibit at Engineers' 
Open House, and sent two delegates to the national 
convention in Omaha. 

Arnold Air society grew considerably in member- 
ship, when 100 new members were initiated at a 
banquet last fall. Col. Donald R. Conard, former 
executive officer of the K-State detachment, was 
guest speaker. 

National Arnold Air society headquarters is at 
Cincinnati university, area headquarters in Wichita, 
and the K-State chapter is the Lloyd Vohries 

Bill Woellhof served as leader, and Capt. James 
A. Griffith is faculty advisor. 

ft P 






ROW: Chas. Maurer, Gary Atkin- 
son, Hilton Derrick, Wm. Gorman, 
Dan Oplinger, Jerry Friesen, Don- 
ald Jordon, Larry Hadley. SEC- 
OND ROW: Elgene Nichols, John 
Eidson, Jim Loomis, Chas. Am- 
stein, Richard Ford, Ernst Schmidt, 
Ralph Titus, Clair Seglem. THIRD 
ROW: Hugh McDonald, Martin 
Mugler, Thomas Gillen, Don Peas- 
letree, Gary Antenen, Clinton 
Stalker, Kenneth Gnadt, Jas. Kyle. 
BOTTOM ROW: Joseph Nevins, 
Jervis Rowe, Duain Martin, John 
Mayer, Allen Mason, Raymond 
Morris, Gene Park, Roger Gustafson. 


ROW: John Oltjen, W. Nelson, 
Stuart Segall, Wm. Hansen, Robt. 
Oltjen, Jas. Stinson, Carl Hein- 
rich, Paul Barber. SECOND ROW: 
Max Teeter, Emil Shadrasky, Ker- 
mit Harper, Lowell Peterson, Chas. 
Grandy, Gerald Bradley, Donald 
Brown, Don Pretzer, Jerry Mer- 
shon. THIRD ROW: Donald Reese, 
Lambert Mills, Loren Harris, Cur- 
tis Lohrding, Donald Peterson, 
Norman Fitzsimmons, Wm. Eddy, 
Bob Welliever. BOTTOM ROW: Eu- 
gene Adams, Carl Karst, A. W. 
Woellhof, Bill Varney, Jerry Wa- 
ters, Walter Lietz, Edw. Larson. 


ROW: Arland Benteman, Harold 
Burre, Wm. Mahood, Dick Pickett, 
Fred Casterline, Bill Binford, Earl 
Gehrt. SECOND ROW: Bernard 
Stoecker, Frank Hopkins, Gilbert 
Park, Walter Schoen, Paul Schmidt, 
LeRoy McGehee, Keith Heiniger, 
Neil Hanzlick. THIRD ROW: Mor- 
ris Jones, Max Meinen, Tom Ross, 
Jerry Reese, Ronald Myers, Norman 
Kastner, Herbert Funk, Jerry Brevel. 
BOTTOM ROW: Boyd Ellis, John 
Pederson, Ronald Watson, John Mc- 
Kone, Paul McKim, Walter Mc- 
Kim, Donald Hulse, Jack Scanlan. 


Dwight D. Eisenhower inspects Kansas State's Pershing 
Rifles during ceremonies held for the President at Abilene. 



Marjorie A. Wilson, Rosalie M. 
Rezac, Jan L. Manson, F. Ann Car- 
ter. SECOND ROW: A. Bob To- 
daro, Mary E. Calvert, Jack A. 
Hurd, Hillard Siege!. BOTTOM 
ROW: Jay D. Bodenhamer, Cor- 
nelius A. Hopson, Joseph F. Coyle, 
Jim W. Carlson. 

Cowboys and Cowgirls Join Chaparajos 

An active interest in horses and good horseman- 
ship is the requirement for membership in Chapara- 
jos, an organization for rodeo enthusiasts. The club 
was originally started by a group of rodeo cowboys, 
and at present is a member of the National Intercol- 
legiate Rodeo association. Many past members have 
competed in college rodeos throughout the country. 
Social activities include an annual Barbecue at Rock 
Springs Ranch and participation in the Homecoming 
parade, rodeo practice, horse show activities, and 
showing movies on horses and care of equipment. 
Dee Follis headed the group this year. T. D. Bell is 
the faculty sponsor. 

At the present time the Milling Industry associa- 
tion is working on a $35,000 grant to increase the 
amount of honey that can be used in bread and 
wheat products. By next August the new feed tech- 
nology building will be completed and the Milling 
association will then offer degrees in livestock feed- 
ing rations, and manufacture and control of com- 
mercial feeds. Kansas State is the only college in 
the world which gives training in these two fields. 
Each spring the undergraduate students hold a pic- 
nic honoring the milling department faculty. 

J. A. Shellenberger is advisor of the 73-member 

MILLING ASSOCIATION— TOP ROW: Patchin, Shipp, W. Bowman, R. W. Featherston, C. Meyer, J. R. Schafer, Shimp, Bennetts, Donald E. Smith, Rosendal, 

Wallingford. SECOND ROW: Frewen, Boddiger, T. Machin, Fitzsimmons, Byron S. Miller, John A. Johnson, W. E. Simpson, Pope, J. E. Downing, Bermel, T. C. 

Fuller, Rex Hubbard. THIRD ROW: B. L. Curry, H. Beck, L. N. Atkinson, Melroy, R. K. Watson, Gundelfinger, W. Riley, Gerstenkorn, Niernberger, K. Smith, 

Mentzos, G. J. Miller. BOTTOM ROW: Pedersen, Gies, Donald L. Palmer, Hungerbuehler, Kaper, E. P. Farrell, Romeiser, Peak, Lux, J. F. Lawrence, R. R. Robertson. 


CLUB— TOP ROW: Carter Hostet- 
tler, William Cathcart, Philip Roh- 
rer, George Shute, James Peter- 
son. SECOND ROW: Dale Fooshee, 
Charles Kinast, John Kemmerer, 
William Stutz, John Amos. THIRD 
ROW: C. F. Bortfeld, William Cox, 
LaRue Kabance, Jerry Waters, 
Dean Robson,, Carl Henrich. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Walter Lietz, Garold 
Jones, Charles Andress, Robert 
Schumann, Arnold Bollenbacher, 
Vaden Davis, Larry Webb. 

Aggies Form Social Groups 

To strengthen confidence in themselves and in 
their work is the purpose of the agricultural educa- 
tion club, organized to serve those interested in be- 
coming vocational agriculture teachers. Howard 
Bradley is advisor; Kenneth R. Wilson, president. 

All students enrolled in ag economics or ag ad- 
ministration are eligible for membership in the 
Agricultural Economics club, which sponsors many 
business and social activities during the year. J. A. 
Hodges is advisor, Philip Rohrer, president. 

AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION CLUB — TOP ROW: Warren Prawl, Jon Levin, Eugene Armstead, Grover Adee, Boyd Miller, Eugene Eisiminger. SECOND ROW: Ralph 
Kenworthy, Samuel Hundley, Harold Kugler, Charles Copple, Kenneth Wilson, Gerald Meyer. THIRD ROW: Robert Hamilton, Robert Schneider, Richard Horchem, 
Lloyd Hanson, Layle Lawrence, Robert Julian. BOTTOM ROW: Carldon Broadbent, Raymond Morris, Fred Saenger, Charley Lindholm, Ed Harrison, Willis Ringen. 

AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION CLUB— TOP ROW: Howard Bradley, James Hundley, Arnold Appleby, Billy Wood. SECOND ROW: Daniel Schmidt, Nelson Galle, 

Keith McFall, Damon Slyter, Glen Swayer, R. M. Foster. THIRD ROW: Donald Taylor, David Brenner, Daryl Halgert, Jay Anderson, Marvin Shoemaker, Maurice 

Wikoff. BOTTOM ROW: James Marstall, Gilmore Dahl, Martin Mugler, Jack Van Tilburg, James Wilson, Virgil Norton. 


ROW: Spurgeon M. Talley, Harlen 
D. Kleiner, Sabahat S. Unel, Sid- 
ney L. Ronis, Walter J. Del linger, 
Paul E. Sanford. SECOND ROW: 
Clyde D. Mueller, Franklin E. Cun- 
ningham, Gerhard A. Malm, Riad 
Stanbank, Mahmoud A. Assem. 
BOTTOM ROW: Loyal F. Payne, 
Paul B. Siegel, Thomas B. Avery, 
C. Gene Park, Roger L. Gustafson, 
Roscoe W. Lewis. 

Poultry Club Helps With Contests 

The Poultry Science club sponsored the poultry 
judging contests, sold refreshments at the Flock Se- 
lectors school, held a banquet and several barbecues. 
Gene Park was president. Don Alexander sponsors 
the Plow and Pen club, composed of students major- 

ing in agricultural journalism. Bob Ecklund was 
president. The Extension club helps prepare future 
county agents and home demonstration agents. Jo 
Ann Hunt was president. Naomi Johnson and Eu- 

gene Warner are advisers. 

ROW: Donald L. Alexander, Rich- 
ard D. Haines, Cortland C. Dean, 
Herb L. Lee. BOTTOM ROW: Hayes 
Walker III, James W. Murray, Rich- 
ard H. Steffens, Robert D. Eck- 
lund, Dan L. Henley. 


TOP ROW: Ardella R. Rusk, Lida 
G. Smith, Donna L. Childs, Helen 
E. Johnson, Katharine E. Reece. 
SECOND ROW: Margaret E. Ar- 
wood, Donna J. Schoof, Jo Ann 
Hunt, Norma J. Bales. BOTTOM 
ROW: Nancy A. West, Jon G. 
Herod, Dean E. Wood, Christina 
M. Groth, Billie J. Beck. 


DAIRY CLUB— TOP ROW: G. B. Marion, M. B. Schultz, W. H. Martin, R. A. Miller, M. M. Kalb, F. C. Forinlacue, F. I. Stumbo, T. J. Claydon, J. R. Struble, 
F. L. Young Jr. SECOND ROW: F. W. Atkecon, E. E. Bartley, S. D. Prawl, R. W. Bozworth, W. H. Bergman, H. K. Nash, H. W. Knoche, B. L. Boman, L. C. 
Lyon, A. P. Appleby, A. G. Smith. THIRD ROW: E. L. Gideon, G. W. Atkeson, G. L. Krumme, L. L. Slyter, D. G. Brenner, J. R. Hefley, L. D. Mills, D. E. Sly- 
ter, H. E. McCoy, W. C. Long, M. A. Bervy. BOTTOM ROW: J. W. Armstrong, A. Health, R. W. Shue, J. A. Lindsey, D. E. Harris, L. E. Christie, R. D. England, 

J. L. Doering, R. E. Brown, A. L. Phillips, R. S. Hoyt. 

Clubs Promote Cows, Plants, and Bugs 

The Dairy" club co-sponsors the Little American 
Royal and edits an annual for alum dairy club mem- 
bers. Leonard Slyter was president, and T. J. Clay- 
don, advisor. Robert Layton heads the Horticulture 

club which advances interest in horticulture. R. W. 
Campbell is advisor. D. A. Wilbur advises the 37 
members of Entomological club, in furthering the 
pursuit of that subject. H. P. Boles was president. 

ENTOMOLOGICAL CLUB— TOP ROW: E. L. Eshbaugh, H. H. Walleden, R. T. Cotton, H. P. Boles, S. Togashi, J. R. Pedersen, J. E. Brady, R. V. Connin, W. K. 

Whitney. SECOND ROW: E. W. Tilton, J. N. Kaplanis, A. Deededar, R. C. Smith, W. W. Gibson, J. J. Cartier, Salah El-Din Rashad, V. R. Bayles, M. P. Breit- 

haupt. THIRD ROW: E. T. Jones, R. L. Parker, H. Knutson, L. 0. Warren, S. E. D. Afifi, J. C. Wiebe, F. A. Lawson, I. M. Kheiri, C. F. Henderson. BOTTOM 

ROW: R. H. Painter, C. C. Burkhardt, J. C. Buff, D. C. Peters, M. B. Flemings, G. B. Mulkern, H. D. Nelson, N. M. Dennis, H. R. Bryson. 

HORTICULTURE CLUB— TOP ROW: B. K. Wood, M. H. Abdullah, G. A. Filinger, D. Blackburn, A. Kamal, N. Ghousheh, J. R. Kupfer, D. E. Steffey. SECOND 
ROW: K. A. McBurney, M. R. Kamal, D. A. Hammond, Y. A. Salah, W. F. Pickett, W. J. Carpenter, R. W. Campbell, L. R. Quinlan. BOTTOM ROW: R. C. Long, 

H. J. Burre, C. J. Hall, W. C. Louderback, J. K. Greig, R. F. Layton, R. E. Mayhugh, G. L. Eib. 

ROW: John J. Holland, JimmieW. 
Smith, John R. Brethour, Ronald 
R. Searl, Boyd G. Ellis, Wayne L. 
David. SECOND ROW: Ronald D. 
Parks, Francis E. Holmes, Irwin C. 
Porter, Donald C. Peterson, Robert 
B. Cullins. BOTTOM ROW: Donald 
L. Reed, Arnel R. Hallauer, Roger 
H. Ratcliffe, Paul F. Darrin, Lud- 
wig A. Bezemek, David L. Lindell. 

^iH * 


\ \ 

,1 -' . . 


Ag Clubs Serve As Sponsors 

Klod and Kernel Klub is for students interested 
in agronomy. Main activities are the student crop 
judging contest, a steak fry and various money- 
making activities. Wayne David was president, J. A. 
Hobbs and E. L. Mader are sponsors. 

Co-sponsoring the Little American Royal is the 
main project of the Block and Bridle, which main- 
tains a portrait gallery of outstanding livestock men, 
has a steak fry, banquet, and chili feed. Harold 
Reed was president, D. L. Mackintosh sponsor. 

BLOCK AND BRIDLE (top)— TOP ROW: H. J. Tuma, B. D. Ericson, J. W. Simon, R. N. Sayre, R. L. Douglass, J. R. Pringle, L. E. Gideon, W. C. Root, A. W. 

Dettmer. SECOND ROW: G. V. O'Blenon, R. R. Oltjen, R. I. Glanville, D. L. Pherigo, C. E. Imthurn, F. Baker, R. L. Rankin, E. B. Johnson, E. Heitschmidt. 

THIRD ROW: J. M. Jackson, C. D. Keller, J. L. Gammell, G. R. Gammell, H. J. McDonald, C. L. Stalker, N. H. Malone, I. C. Porter, B. E. Perkins. BOTTOM 

ROW: L. S. Laverentz, A. J. Armbrust, D. R. Tillotson, C. C. Bizek, E. L. Johnson, R. R. Reinhardt, D. R. Kihn, N. Deschner, R. F. Playter. 

BLOCK AND BRIDLE (bottom)— TOP ROW: D. L. Mackintosh, D. W. Drake W. E. Brandyberry, A. Benteman, P. F. Freeman, C. L. Drake, G. E. Neis, W. R. 
Stutz, D. L. Sweat, R. P. Soule. SECOND ROW: G. H. Fox, W. M. Dickson, C. E. Rhoads, J. R. Brethour, A. J. Brent, S. Peppiatt, G. L. 
Shackelton, C. L. Hamilton, B. M. Witty. THIRD ROW: N. R. Elliott, K. D. Dannels, J. J. Brink, W. E. Schoen, E. Larson, H. Reed, D. Pickett, M. Ely, W. 
Russell, J. E. Drolte. BOTTOM ROW: D. E. Wittum, R. J. Flanders, C. E. Lohrding, M. Teeter, M. A. Wendland, J. L. Oltjen, J. B. Sleeper, J. H. Todd, L. Sankey. 

Meetings and Mixers 

In addition to their regular business 
meetings, clubs and campus activities 
have social functions, projects, and ini- 
tiations. The project of the combined 
home ec clubs is the annual Snowball, at 
which the FMOC is crowned. Other 
clubs hear speakers in their profession, 
have picnics, and mixers. 

PEPSTER INITIATES (above right) gather by the wall. 
HOT CINDERS (right) make the fire just right for the Dairy 
club steak fry. UNDERSTUDIES (lower right) of Florence 
Nightengale's profession belong to the Nursing club. 
THRUST HOME! say Wildcat fencers (below). 

lores R. Srajer, Ann E. Morrisey, 
Joan L. Winter, Mary B. White- 
law, Joan C. Hunsberger. SECOND 
ROW: Ruth A. Smith, Arline L. 
Gray, Glenna Y. Montgomery, Jean 
C. Sims, Judith C. Hertneky. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Joyce S. Cashman, 
Jane E. Wilkinson, Jordan Y. Mil- 
ler, Marya M. Roberts, Crystal A. 

Geologists Tour Eastern Colorado 

The English club, organized in 1951 to interest 
English majors and other students in English and 
American letters, helps the students and faculty of 
the English department become better acquainted 
outside of the classroom. The club got under way 
last fall with a picnic at the home of Professor 
Homer C. Combs. During the year, Professors Fred 
Higginson and Philip Young gave talks on well 
known authors. Tom Helms was president and Jor- 
dan Miller and James D. Koerner are the faculty 

The Williston Geology club is sponsored by 
Sigma Gamma Epsilon. The geology faculty and all 
geology majors are automatically members of the 
club, which was named in honor of a well-known 
Kansas geologist who spent some time at K-State. 
This group sponsors the geology and geography 
seminars held once a month, and also the annual 
geology spring field trips which this year covered 
the east central portion of Colorado. R. L. Hartig 
served as president this year, and J. R. Chelikowsky 
is the faculty sponsor. 

WILLISTON GEOLOGY CLUB— TOP ROW: Stanley Harder, Richard Gramly, Keith Heiniger, Donald Geil, Bernard Albers, Keith Janne, Huber Self, Benton Tib- 
betts, Paul Strunk, Ross Siegle, James Stewart. SECOND ROW: Jerry Laird, Duke Hilton, Kenneth Huffer, Leonard Hitzeman, Arthur Sperry, Harold Metz, Larry 
Vincent, Henry Beck, Robert Wilbur, Robert Chastain. THIRD ROW: Marion Sundberg, John Christensen, Dennis Winget, Andrew Bonchonsky, Truman Logsdon, 
Robert Hutchinson, Loren Hart, James Moore, Robert Worley, Page Twiss, John Kiddoo. FOURTH ROW: Warren Patterson, Robert Hartig, Charles Walters, 
Warren Palmer, Keith Kallenback, Eugene Bowser, 0. W. Tollefson, Marion Strobel, Galen Morris, Al Steunenberg. BOTTOM ROW: William Austin, Merlin Chest- 
nut, Dean Heinze, Lanny Wilson, Janis Finney, Joseph Chelikowsky, Alex Kotoyantz, Robert Vincent. 


Ronald V. Webb, Peter A. Martin, 
Mary J. Forbes, Tom J. Helms, 
Orval Ebberts. SECOND ROW: Bob 
J. Welliever, Jerry L. Mershon, 
Lyle F. Templer, John R. McKone. 
BOTTOM ROW: Don L. Cordes, 
Pel E. Adams, Jim T. Graves, Hil- 
ton D. Derrick, G. Duane Brown. 

Phems Are Hosts for Play Day 

Trips to law schools at Kansas and Washburn uni- 
versities is one of the major projects of the Chancery 
club this year. This club is organized to acquaint 
students who plan to enroll in law school with vari- 
ous aspects of the legal profession. Through this 
club, members have an opportunity to hear and meet 
practicing attorneys, law school professors, and local 

The Chancery club is now four years old, the first 
one of its kind. It has about 20 members. President 
of the club this year was Pete Martin and the faculty 
sponsor is G. 0. Ebberts. 

Phems, which is an organization for women ma- 
joring in physical education, held a Christmas party 
and dance with the men majoring in physical educa- 
tion. Members also kept busy socially by having a 
fall picnic and initiation services. Seniors in Phems 
hold a senior dinner each spring. 

Phems acted as hostesses for a Play Day for Kan- 
sas high school girls. 

The club has been active for the past 17 years and 
has a membership this year of 45 girls. This year's 
president was Shirley Malcolm and the club is spon- 
sored by Eva Lyman. 

PHEMS — TOP ROW: Katherine Geyer, Greta D. Bauer, Elizabeth A. Taylor, Shirley V. Malcolm, Pat R. Fink, Joyce E. Eurton, Donna F. Pennick, Grace Schmidt- 
lein, Connie M. Paugh. SECOND ROW: Norma E. Eversole, Dorothy E. Ernzen, Marie M. Ernzen, Geney S. Sweerilun, Barbara A. Puhr, DeAun R. Mackie, Beverly 
R. Russell, Marilyn L. Rush, Marilyn D. Tavares. THIRD ROW: Kathryn A. Bounous, Donna L. Harsch, Marylyn A. McCready, Saliy A. Davis, V. Clarine Robson, 
Lavina McCormick, Charlotte McCormick, Pat R. Rogers, Becky Thacher, Katheryn A. McKinney. BOTTOM ROW: Mickey A. Ecord, Sandra A. Tatge, Evangeline 
M. Starr, Donna M. Lincoln, Joyce E. Larson, Joyce E. Davisson, Delores J. Hess, E;a C. Lyman, A. Lucy Bremenkamp, Shirley A. Smith, Wanda J. Maurer. 


' ** <fi 


ROW: Keith D. Nelson, Terry J. 
Hoye, James W. Linthacum, J. E. 
Wolfe. SECOND ROW: John P. 
Moore, David H. Hohlfeld, Orlan Q. 
Cook. BOTTOM ROW: Neil Vander 
Dussen, Jim A. Gilbreath, Herbert 
L. Ailslieger, Richard E. Kirkland. 


— TOP ROW: Patricia M. Boyd, 
Robert W. Bronaugh, Delbert A. 
Nauman, Jack M. Selby. SECOND 
ROW: Marvin D. Cunningham, War- 
ren D. Reynolds, Frank C. An- 
drews, Louis E. Ott. BOTTOM 
ROW: Duncan E. Dodds, W. G. 
Schrenk, Allen S. Mason, Keith G. 

Hams Form Amateur Radio Club 

The Cosmopolitan club, organized to bring to- 
gether the foreign students on the campus, was 
headed by Harry Vis. 

Jack Shelby was president of the student affiliates 
of the American Chemical Society, and William 

Schrenk is adviser. 

The K-State amateur radio club offers an oppor- 
tunity to all those interested in continuing work in 
amateur radio. James W. Linthacum was president 
and J. E. Wolfe and G. W. McBride are sponsors. 


ROW: Aris Merijanian, Vishnu 
Swarup, Z.O.N. Ekwebelem, Joyce 
D. Brodrick, Jayne Lee, Patrick C. 
Agusiobo, Gopal Swarup. SECOND 
ROW: Yahya Amin Salah, AN Ar- 
bab, Jim Tighe, Karl Altau, Axel 
Kruppa, Daya K. Misra, Issa G. 
Adranly. THIRD ROW: Afifi, Grace 
I. Smith, Mohinder Parkash Sabh- 
lok, C. Kesavamurthy, John M. 
Kainski, Robert 0. Wilbur, Najati 
Ghosheh, Vahe K. Keshishian. 
FOURTH ROW: Muhammad Husni 
Abdullah, G. A. Shivnani, H. S. 
Mann, Walter Rose, Harry Vis, El- 
win McCoy, Hans Hungerbuehler, 
Jawad H. Baldawi. BOTTOM ROW: 
Leona S. Dobson, Ruth Dexter. 


Business Students Award Merit Keys 

A picnic and A first annual dance were held this 
year by members of the Business Students' associa- 
tion. At the dance, the outstanding boy and girl en- 
rolled in business administration were awarded 
merit keys for scholarship, and their names were 
engraved on a plaque in the business administration 

Outstanding speakers in the field of business were 
brought in to talk to the group. The main guest 
speaker was Henry Blake, Kansas director of the 
National Association of Manufacturers and presi- 

dent of Capper publications. He is considered one 
of America's top ten speakers in the field of selling. 

Any student enrolled in business administration is 
eligible for membership in the 175-member club. 
Its purpose is to acquaint students with the actual 
business world, so they may make a wise choice as 
to the field they enter. 

Future plans of the group include pre-enrollment 
for business administration students, and starting a 
movement for a separate school of business. Ben 
Coffin was president and Conrad Eriksen is advisor. 

BUSINESS STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION (D— TOP ROW: Calvin Coffin, Ronald Frahm, David Ohse, Charles Maurer, William Trussell, Thomas Abram, Wayne Mel- 
cher. SECOND ROW: Norman Schulte, Thomas Skinner, James Mattson, Hilton Derrick, Wesley Baker, Gary Swanson, Leslie Parks, James Boyd. THIRD ROW: 
Conrad Eriksen, Byron Bird, David Weber, Bill Varney, Jawad Baldawi, Lawrence Werhan, Wesley Harms. BOTTOM ROW: Matthew Unger, Charles Haberkorn, 

Harvey Baldwin, John Tangeman, Bob Facht, Milton Galyardt, Donald Latter, William Kennedy. 

BUSINESS STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION— TOP ROW: Vera Landon, Thelma Horlacher, Donna Houdek, Jeanette Scott, Arlene Fehlman, Dorothy Barbour, Mary Amis, 
Joanne Lewis. SECOND ROW: Douglas Schicktanz, Kenneth Sherrer, Cleo Lard, Carroll Pinhero, Robert Bronaugh, Robert Balzerick, Ralph Rawline, Milton Welch. 
THIRD ROW: Kenneth Houk, Marshall Schulke, Wendell Forsse, Richard Iida, Stuart Segall, Richard Wagner, John Kvasnicka, Dean Alexander. FOURTH ROW: 
Roland Swim, Norman French, Roger Ruby, James Stinson, Curtis Blickenstaff, Earl Hammond, Robert Jepson, Morris Hostetter. BOTTOM ROW: Connie Scoby, 

Anne Lyon, Phyllis Walker, Bernadine Macek, Mary Reid. 


INDUSTRIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION—TOP ROW: Robert W. Exline, Bruce R. Balman, James B. Cleary, George J. Barton, Earl G. Darby, Gary D. Rowley, Aaron 
W. Kinberg, Marvin D. Bitter, Ray E. Bartley. SECOND ROW: Lowell E. Socolofsky, William C. Piper, Don M. Froelich, Karl H. Kappler, Kenneth J. Barnett, 
Arnie E. Grotenhuis, Robert M. Johnson, Wayne F. Melcher. THIRD ROW: Maurice L. Goff, Ernon L. Shippers, LeRoy McGehee, Howard I. Campbell, Carvel C. 
Oldham, Arthur R. Willis, William J. Sangster, Samuel L. Griffin. BOTTOM ROW: Robert J. Savage, Wilbur W. Sterling, Harold A. Velasquez, Donald W. Pohl- 

hammer, Rod C. Smith, James A. Reid, Frederick L. Shore, Lloyd E. Craig. 

Beaux Arts Ball is Work of Artists 

All students at K-State enrolled in either indus- 
trial arts or industrial engineering are eligible for 
membership in the student chapter of the Industrial 
Arts Association. The group strives to inform stu- 
dents of the developments in the industrial arts field 
and to promote social fellowship among the mem- 
bers. The club was organized in 1949, and has grown 
to more than 40 members. Special projects of the 
group included a smoker which is held every fall, 
participation in the exhibits at Engineers' Open 
House, and a spring picnic. Earl G. Darby is the 
faculty sponsor, and Merell C. Folsom served as 

The Fine Arts Coordinating Council was founded 
in 1952, in order to coordinate the activities of the 
various departments of fine arts on the campus in 
theatrical presentations and exhibitions of art and 
sculpture. The council is composed of representatives 
from each of the fine arts groups: the American In- 
stitute of Architects, Tau Sigma Delta, Delta Phi 
Delta, Alpha, Alpha Gamma, FLW, Home Eco- 
nomics Art club, K-State players, and the landscape 
design department. Tunice K. Blair heads the eight- 
member group this year and their special project is 
the presentation of the Beaux Arts Ball. E. J. 
Tomasch is the faculty sponsor. 

Tomasch, Roger W. Sherman Jr., 
Tunice K. Blair. BOTTOM ROW: 
Donald D. Goertz, James R. Ran- 
kin, Howard P. Harrenstien. 


AIChE — TOP ROW: Aris Merijanian, Gary Rogers, George Ghahramanian, Wm. Honstead, Jack Janne, Kenneth Shaw. SECOND ROW: Lucien Regnier, Henry Ward, 
Jerry Anderson, Robert Thorn, James Copeland, Gary Lawrence, Bill Buckhannan. THIRD ROW: Reed Partridge, Richard Shimer, Ted Weaver, Stuart Hartman, 
Robert Klee, Marwan Kamal, Norman Tetlow. BOTTOM ROW: Don Lockwood, Gordon Rieg, David Huebner, Raymond Pippin, Lyle Ochs, Paul Carr, Harley May. 

Technical Students Form Study Clubs 

Students enrolled in chemical or nuclear engi- 
neering are eligible for membership in the student 
chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engi- 
neers. Stuart Hartman presided at the weekly meet- 
ings held to discuss technical subjects. Business and 
social meetings occur monthly. 

Dr. Henry T. Ward advises the group, whose goal 
is to promote fellowship among chemical and nu- 
clear engineering students. The main project of the 
club is their annual Engineers' Open House display. 

Students and faculty in electrical engineering are 
encouraged to become members of the American 
Institute of Electrical Engineers. The club holds two 
basic types of meetings, one hearing noted speakers 
in the field and the other based on student participa- 
tion. Each spring the group features a student tech- 
nical paper contest, with the winner representing 
AIEE at the district student branch conference. John 
Hooper acted as chairman this past year, and Pro- 
fessor E. L. Sitz is the faculty sponsor. 

AIEE— TOP ROW: Russell Kerchner, Earl Bullock, Frank Headrick, John Moore, Merle Noakes, E. L. Sitz. SECOND ROW: Otho Harden, Jerome Hartke, John 
Belden, Clair Williamson, Robert Reidel, Richard Flottman, Dean Darbe. THIRD ROW: Thomas Elrod, Norman Blubaugh, Thomas Laisure, John Hooper, Wm. 
Rogers, Donald Ludlum. BOTTOM ROW: Everett Westfahl, Alfred Galbraith, Robert Baetz, Bob Landon, Blaine Goeckler, Thomas Hedquist, Neil Vander Dussen. 


ASCE— TOP ROW: A. V. Hicks, 
P. J. Schlemm, M. D. Jewett, D. 
L. Garrett, R. G. Benedict, M. V. 
Kratochvil. SECOND ROW: J. J. 
Nolan, V. D. Pohlhammer, K. W. 
Phillips, R. G. Tointon, B. J. 
Howard, D. G. Prigmore. THIRD 
ROW: W. D. Holm, N. L. Lillich, 
W. D. Skinner, E. E. Arensman, 
D. D. Brack, W. D. White. BOT- 
TOM ROW: B. D. Collier, D. L. 
Jones, M. K. Eby, R. K. Hub- 
bard, C. F. Scholer, J. A. Friesen. 

<a.$m- ■ 

ASCE— TOP ROW: J. L. Riggs, 
H. E. Wallace, Leo Waniewski, L. 
L. Watkins, G. A. Wood, R. R. 
Snell. SECOND ROW: H. W. 
Baker, R. H. Lage, E. E. Rempe, 
Paul Nixon, R. D. Seaman, H. D. 
Adams. THIRD ROW: Vearl 
Lamb, R. J. Rogers, J. W. Dun- 
can, D. E. Heath, D. L. Broyles, 
J. N. Vaughn. BOTTOM ROW: 
J. N. LaRue, B. E. Batthauer, R. 
R. Esau, J. D. Marsh, D. K. Ey- 
man, G. R. Gumm. 

Each Engineer Has An Organization 

Upperclassmen in civil or mechanical engineer- 
ing are eligible for membership in the student 
branch of the American Society of Civil or Mechani- 

cal Engineers. William Ross was president of the 
mechanical engineers, and Byron Batthauer of the 

ASME— TOP ROW: F. E. Funk, M. R. Meador, E. W. Rhoades, G. E. Trull, J. R. Burton, R. L. Circle, K. R. Collins, J. A. Fleming, C. J. Maurer, J. M. Scanlan. 
SECOND ROW: R. A. Miller, K. W. Karstensen, K. W. Miller, H. H. Holl, G. B. Martin, R. H. Doremus, R. C. Monteith, I. A. Ghalib, K. W. Johnston, R. L. 
LaRue, D. D. Schaper. THIRD ROW: K. B. Michaels, C. F. Dalton, E. R. Nelson, B. E. Ficken, R. K. Clair, D. L. Schimpf, J. R. Limes, W. M. Ross, K. R. 
Webster, C. C. Birtell. FOURTH ROW: R. G. Nevins, J. A. Weese, P. L. Miller, E. R. Marshall, W. W. Stockebrand, D. C. Roth, J. F. Mayer, A. W. Sandring, 
L. A. Rash, P. C. Gregory, G. R. Horton. BOTTOM ROW: W. W. Mahood, R. R. Anderson, B. W. Thorp, R. 0. Barton, F. W. Chilcott. 


Engineers Show Off at Open House 

The American Institute of Architects, student 
chapter, works to foster appreciation of the ideas of 
architecture, and to promote fellowship and coopera- 
tion between the students and faculty of the architec- 
ture department. Any architecture student is eligible 
for membership in the group. The thirty AIA mem- 
bers hold regular business meetings, have smokers 
with speakers or films of interest, and sponsor an all- 
department picnic. They also participated in Engi- 
neers' Open House and entered a float in the Home- 
coming parade. Tunice K. Blair was president and 
Theodore A. Chadwick is faculty adviser. 

The student branch of the American Institute of 
Radio Engineers was organized at K-State shortly 
after the second world war, to advance the art and 
science of radio communications. The national group 
was organized in 1912. The local club has a mem- 
bership of about twenty students who are primarily 
in the electrical engineering curriculum. The most 
important project of the group is the exhibit during 
Engineers' Open House. The organization also spon- 
sors special guest speakers in the field of radio engi- 
neering, and has several social functions. J. E. Wolfe 
is faculty adviser, Thomas Hedquist was president. 

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS— TOP ROW: Pedro A. Serrano, Wendell A. Wright, Howard Falick, M. Keith Roberts. SECOND ROW: Steve D. Kelly, 
George W. Jeffers, Warren M. Allen, Charles L. Marshall, Dale H. Meyer, Leon H. Armantrout. THIRD ROW: Glenn T. Terry, Thomas l\l. Johnson, Bob M. Mc- 
Culley, William H. Johnson, Tunice K. Blair, Donald L Moore, Robert C. Melland. BOTTOM ROW: Howard P. Harrenstien, Charles J. Burton, A. R. Way, J. R. 

Rankin, Jere L. Johnson, Charles R. Carlson, Joe B. Hollingsworth. 

INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS— TOP ROW: Earl R. Bullock, John P. Moore, Gaylord A. Swartz, J. E. Wolfe. SECOND ROW: Otho C. Harden, Jerome L. 
Hartke, Robert L. Reidel, E. Richard Flottman, Charles D. Cowan. THIRD ROW: Norman M. Blubaugh, Robert L. Baetz, John W. Hooper, William F. Rogers, C. 
Dale Allen, Dale R. Bear. BOTTOM ROW: Alfred H. Galbraith, Bob B. Landon, Richard A. Peal, Herbert L. Mitchell, Thomas G. Hedquist, Neil Vander Dussen, 

Bruce W. Bell. 


Physics Students Make Two Trips 

Serving to strengthen the spirit of the physics 
department is the student section of the American 
Institute of Physics, which two years ago was ac- 
cepted into the national organization. The year's 
highlights include a trip to Kansas City to visit scien- 
tific companies, a trip to Washburn university, lec- 
tures, and movies pertaining to the physics field. 
Main projects were a physics quiz file for student 
use, and a display for the annual gathering of high 
school science students. R. H. McFarland is sponsor, 
and Bill Winter was president. 

Forty-five students enrolled in agricultural engi- 
neering are members of the American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers. The society is a corpora- 
tion which was organized in 1907, and chartered in 
the state of Michigan. The purpose of the group is 
to utilize the forces of nature so that they may be 
of benefit to agriculture and agricultural people, 
and to society as a whole. Under the direction of 
Gustave E. Fairbanks and Gerald Ireland, sponsor 
and president respectively, the society sponsored an 
evening social and a picnic each semester. 

AMERICAN INSTITUTE of PHYSICS— TOP ROW: Ralph W. Deltenre, Robert J. Klotz, John Ladesich, Robert E. Beck, Vahe Keshishian, Clarence A. Bell. SEC- 
OND ROW: Jerome L. Johnson, Marvin R. Root, Maurice P. Chrysler, Robert H. McFarland, Eugene N. Cramer, Richard A. Anderson, William K. Winter. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Donald D. Brown, Elgene R. Nichols, Richard M. Miller, Warren T. Sommer, Don G. McDonald, Herald W. Kruse. 

ASAE — TOP ROW: Juanito L. Ordoveza, Charles E. Cook, Seth Burt Hodges, Gerald B. Ireland, Don A. Kesinger, Jack D. Higginbotham, Jerrel J. Larson. SEC- 
OND ROW: Ferol S. Fell, E. Fred Carra, Russell R. Schoof, Gerald L. Zachariah, David G. White, Loyd T. Moore, Leon H. Schallehn. THIRD ROW: Norval H. 
Thorpe, Kenneth L. Larson, Keith W. Kelling, Leroy L. Peters, Leon H. Shannon, John F. Lindquist, John D. Mabry. BOTTOM ROW: Delber S. Robb, Stanley J. 
Clark, David G. Batchelder, Gustave E. Fairbanks, Donald A. Longabach, Richard D. Parks, Harvey D. Benson. 


WATER WINGS are not needed for members of Frog club 
(above), here planning for their annual spring show. YULE- 
TIDE FUN (right) for the whole family was provided by the 
Jr. AVMA Auxiliary with their party complete with a Santa 
Claus and gifts for the kids. 

Take Your Choice 

Hobbies, interests, or excess energy find 
outlets in the campus extracurricular ac- 
tivities. Those who like to swim may join 
Frog club; those who write can be Theta 
Sigs or SDXs; and those who like to 
cheer louder than the rest can be mem- 
bers of one of the three pep clubs. What- 
ever the interest, there is a club to pro- 
mote it! 

FRESHMAN JOURNALISTS (right) are given a tea by Theta 
Sigma Phi, journalism sorority. HOMECOMING PARADE 
(lower right) was sponsored by the pep clubs who also en- 
tered a float. PEACE PACT dinner (below) was held here 
by the KU and K-State Student Councils. 

KANSAS STATE RIFLE TEAM — TOP ROW: Dale A. Jerman, Robert L. Vincent, James A. Myers, Floyd Bayer, John E. Stanton. SECOND ROW: Robert C. 
Long, Roger L. Rankin, R. M. Foster, Thomas E. Laisure, Charles L. Wilson. THIRD ROW: Charles R. Billings, S. Weldon Braman, George J. Vetsch, Ernon L. 
Shippers, William C. Long, Arnold Hildebrand. BOTTOM ROW: William B. Johnson, Clair L. Seglem, Philip C. Gregory, David H. Huebner, Richard D. Bair, 

Charles J. Wilkin, John T. Gangel. 

Rifle Team Shoots 'Em Up 

The Kansas State College ROTC Rifle Team is 
under the sponsorship of the military department of 
the college. The group has taken part in many rifle 
matches this past year including matches with Ne- 
braska university, Kansas university, Wichita uni- 
versity and the Manhattan Rifle club. They also shot 
in the William Randolph Hearst match, the area and 
national intercollegiate rifle, and the Big Seven rifle 
match. Clair L. Seglem and Charles L. Wilson were 
captains of the team. 

The graduate student organization was started at 
K-State in 1923, and was then known as the Gradu- 
ate club, taking their present name in 1950. All 
graduate students are eligible to join the group, 
whose purpose is to help promote fun and fellowship 
to those students enrolled in advanced work. Each 
semester one business and three social functions are 
held. These include picnics, educational motion pic- 
tures, and card parties. Lewis Bernstein was presi- 
dent and Dean Harold Howe is adviser. 

GRADUATE STUDENT ASSOCIATION— TOP ROW: Burnadine L. Lewis, Spurgeon M. Talley, Robert J. Klotz, Thomas Griffith, Clarence A. Bell, T. S. Bolaria, 
Eleanor Huguenard, Daya K. Misra, Patrick C. Agusiobo, John Ladesich, Vahe K. Keshishian. SECOND ROW: Joan E. Johnston, Sidney L. Ronis, Margaret L. 
Robbins, Roy E. Beauchene, Benjamin A. Simmons, G. A. Shivnani, Blanchard L. Mickel, Horst Beck, Paul V. Peurifoy, James H. Williamson. THIRD ROW: Joyce 
A. Davis, Roscoe W. Lewis, Harcharan S. Mann, Page C. Twiss, John A. Lindsey, John D. Riddel I, Saad E. D. Afifi, Lewis B. Bernstein, Salah El-Din Rashad, 
Jean J. Cartier, Virgil R. Bayles. BOTTOM ROW: Sheldon S. Goldberg, Paul B. Siegel, Frank A. Moore, Milton B. Flemings, Robert L. Hartig, Gregory B. Mulkern, 

Morris P. Grotheer, Paul K. Conn, Jacques De La Selle, William C. Smith. 


TOP ROW: Janet M. Corwin, Do- 
lores J. Achenback, Ardith L. Al- 
ford, Ramona A. Dudley, Lois E. 
Perry, Helen L. Bartz. SECOND 
ROW: Bonnie L. Hahn, Doris Anne 
Winzeler, Dorothy Russell, Virginia 
Russell, Roberta L. Simms, Mary 
E. Pascal, Patricia A. McCluskey. 
BOTTOM ROW: Ann B. Alderman, 
Eleanor H. Hoesli, Patricia J. Sud- 
dath, Marty Scholler, Sally Brown, 
Olive J. Jantz. 

Koefod, Ramona A. Dudley, Mar- 
ian L. Hamilton, Doreen L. Yeo- 
man, Ethelind S. Gibson, Iva M. 
Mullen. SECOND ROW: Mariellen 
Jones, Irlene M. Rawlings, Bar- 
bara E. Densmore, Kathleen Burns, 
Emalyn A. Larson, Thomasine L. 
Gleason. BOTTOM ROW: Sue C. 
VanDeventer, Elinor A. Faubion, 
Kathleen Kelly, Darlene K. Bow- 
man, Irene M. Berning, Margaret 
J. Malir. 

Art Club Decorates for Snowball 

The outdoor art show and decorations for the 
annual Snowball are the projects of the Home Eco- 
nomics Art club. Patricia McCluskey was president. 
Acquainting girls with extension and home demon- 
stration work is the purpose of the Home Economics 

Extension club, which was headed by Emalyn Larson 
this year. Thomasine Gleason was the over-all chair- 
man of the steering committee which plans, directs, 
and supervises Hospitality Days, the home econom- 
ics open house, which is held each spring. 

& A # <n> m 

^ i«% tt 01 

■ f. 

CLUB— TOP ROW: Ardella Rusk, 
Helen Johnson, Suzanne Dean, Lu- 
anne Hicks, Donna Chi Ids, Sandy 
Taniguchi, Rose Mary Hally. SEC- 
OND ROW: Norma Bales, Avanelle 
Koci, Carol Peterson, Kathleen 
Wilson, Kay Huddleston, Mariellen 
Jones, Virginia Balthrop. THIRD 
ROW: Jane Kamisato, Shirley Bes- 
sey, JoAnn Hunt, Jeanice Blauer, 
Donna Schoof, Martha McRey- 
nolds, Virginia Devinish. BOTTOM 
ROW: Mary Kalb, Joan Engle, 
Nancy West, Harriet Henry, Mar- 
jorie Hamon, Velda Swope, Ra- 
mona Lathan, Jo Ann Kranz. 


CLUB— TOP ROW: Shirley Y. Ed- 
mundson, Patricia J. Angell, Linda 
L. Rundle, Judith A. O'Neal. SEC- 
OND ROW: Patricia C. Casey, Vera 
J. Amick, Anelle M. Lupton, Rosa 
E. Larson, Kathleen Paulsen, Janet 
C. Foltz. BOTTOM ROW: Joyce A. 
Lester, Rosemary Gladhart, Bar- 
bara A. Johnson, Jacqueline John- 
son, Marion R. Hazlett. 

Clubs Provide Interest and Give Service 

Home EC majors with an interest in foods or equip- 
ment demonstration belong to the Commercial Dem- 
onstration club. Patricia Angell was president, Elsie 
Miller and Dorothy Larery, sponsors. Helping to 
sponsor the state meeting at Manhattan of the Kan- 
sas Pre-School association was the project of the 

Child Welfare club this year. Jane Compton was 

president and Gladys Bellinger and Lois Schulz, 


Christmas Tea and 

schools to recruit students. Sue Van Deventer was 

president, Grace Shugart, sponsor. 

The Dietetics club gave the Home Ec club 
sent representatives to high 

Mary E. Smies, Eula F. Fowler, 
Bonnie J. Gerstberger, Marilyn J. 
Rogers, Marilyn C. Smith. SEC- 
OND ROW: Janet L. Loughbom, 
Ruth Ann Gress, Marilyn E. Mor- 
ton, Jeanette M. Ewy, Marleen L. 
Barthuly. BOTTOM ROW: Gwen- 
dolyn J. Holt, Jane E. Compton, 
Gladys I. Bellinger, Marilyn G. 
Brett, Carolyn Adair. 

Marylin Tomona, Phoebe Hurley, 
Marilyn Leeper, Mary Mentgen, 
Sally DeForest, Shirley Davis, Eliz- 
abeth Chapin. SECOND ROW: Jo- 
ann LeGant, Wilma Larkin, James 
Lowry, Marjorie Miniard, Marian 
Hamilton, Doreen Yeoman, Glen- 
nis Unruh. THIRD ROW: Jeanette 
Fry, Norman Owen, Sue VanDe- 
venter, Melva Huseman, Phyllis 
Randels, Norene Morgan, Barbara 
Fitzgerald. BOTTOM ROW: Mar- 
garet Harmon, Nancy Smith, Mar- 
vin Hunt, 0. W. Calhoon, Dale 
Halmgren, Anita Fulhage, Mrs. 
Grace Shugart, Kathleen Burns. 


CLUB— TOP ROW: Sue Caldwell, 
Rachel Schoneweis, Arlis Bergsten, 
Snowdie Bilderback, Linda Goar, 
Francis Gardner. SECOND ROW: 
Judy Lippett, Verna Miller, Mar- 
tha Rankin, Martha Blum, Fletta 
Weigel, Martha Dow, Lois Riat. 
THIRD ROW: Jennie Williams, 
Clede Krauss, Beverly Morrow, Pa- 
tricia Cilek, Janice Fosha, Caro- 
lyn Ewy, Marilyn Moore. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Nancy Johnson, Carol 
Schwarz, Janice Farmer, Donna 
Ottman, Wymetta Baugher, Jane 
Londeen, Ruth McBurney. 

Clothing Retailers Convene in Topeka 

The Clothing Retailing club sent delegates to a 
home ec workshop, sponsored a radio program con- 
cerning clothing courses offered at K-State, and at- 
tended the state home economics convention at To- 
peka. Joanne Ketchum was president. Speakers and 
activities centering around the journalism profession 

made up the meetings of the Home Ec and Journal- 
ism club. Winnie Clark was president. Sue Cald- 
well headed the Nursing club, which any girl in 
home ec and nursing is eligible to join. The group 
holds a chili supper each fall and sponsors a Hos- 
pitality Days exhibit in the spring. 

Shirley Deters, Ruth Hair, Mar- 
guerite Hoon, Marilyn Hoon, Loyce 
Cheatham, Betty Turner. SECOND 
ROW: Pauline Gibson, Bonnie Ful- 
ler, Karen Kenney, Shirley Ann 
Miller, Betty Winkley. THIRD 
ROW: Datha Lauber, Pat Ahl- 
strom, Janis Anderson, Cynthia 
Henning, Shirley Garrison, Carol 
Tannahill. BOTTOM ROW: Ruth 
Waller, Joanne Ketchum, Janet 
Frey, Shirley Sarvis, Ruth O'Hara, 
Marjory Bearg, Wilma Denholm. 

^ ^ (T) 

CLUB— TOP ROW: Joan Campbell, 
Mary Louise Ek, Wanda Stalcup, 
Helen Hostetter, Ann Schartz, La- 
Donna Trapp, Betty Theiss. SEC- 
OND ROW: Winnie Clark, Marliene 
von Bose, Beverly Sargent, Eliza- 
beth Horridge, Sally Doyle, Peggy 
Howard, Karen Burtis. BOTTOM 
ROW: Phyllis Ruthrauff, Shirley 
Samuelson, Judy McCartney, Do- 
reen Cronkite, Dorine Nelson, Eli- 
nor Faubion, MaryBelle Mackin- 
tosh, Janet Follmer. 


Home Ec Teachers on KSAC 

The Margaret Justin Home Economics Teaching 
club is the largest of the individual home ec interest 
clubs. The purpose of the club is to acquaint its 80 
members with the home economics teaching profes- 
sion. The group, under the leadership of Eleanor 
Herr, sponsored several projects this past year. Many 
of their meetings are of an informational nature to 
give the girls an insight into the home economics 
teaching profession. Guest speakers from foreign 
countries often speak at the meetings and Miss Grace 

Smith, of the K-State faculty, talked on the educa- 
tional system in New Zealand. The club has also 
held a radio program on KSAC to help educate the 
public to the activities of the Home Ec Teaching 
club and to acquaint girls interested in teaching with 
the problems they will meet in profession. The group 
often has discussion panels consisting of their own 
members. A picnic and party have also been given. 
Lucille Rust and Laura Baxter serve as the club's 
faculty advisors. 

HOME ECONOMICS TEACHING CLUB— TOP ROW: Marlene L. Jamison, Marilyn L. Heikes, Lola M. Wettig, Martha L. Stowell, Caroline F. Wilbur, Helen J. 
Beam, Ruth L. Knapp. SECOND ROW: Kay Horchem, Mary A. Tohuren, Rosemary C. Kennedy, Carol L. Rusk, M. Elaine Woodbury, Ann L. Folsche, Betty L. 
Brammell, Arvilla G. Kruger. THIRD ROW: Treva M. Moss, Mary A. Wells, LaDonna J. Oltjen, Ruth Ann Bott, Lois E. Lane, Betty S. Hoskins, Vera K. Banman. 
BOTTOM ROW: Marjorie A. Janasek, Gladys V. Fox, Elda R. Peterson, Phyllis J. Loseke, Beverly A. Larson, Leanna R. Boline, Eleanor A. Clark, Ramona S. Tucker. 

HOME ECONOMICS TEACHING CLUB— TOP ROW: Mary Ellen Hirsch, Ellen M. Baker, M. Ann Elliott, Mary Louise Slentz, Sylvia J. Hyde, Jo Anne Wendland, 
Eleanor A. Herr, Maurene V. Ulrich. SECOND ROW: Sara E. Howard, Carolyn R. Hofman, Delaphine E. Egidy, Gavona J. Michaels, Jo Eva Reinecker, Carolyn 
A. Pretzer, Shirley T. Bretz. THIRD ROW: Ann Potwin, Marilynn Arensman, Helen A. Poston, M. Joyce Naegle, Shirley A. Carswell, Barbara R. Lindburg, 
Margaret Shoemaker, E. Dolores Gowdy, Hazel K. Sell. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Lee Klee, Virginia L. Shepherd, Joan K. Skypa, Marilyn Walker, Virginia E. Puckett, 

Carolyn L. Lusk, Mary K. McKelvey. 


Vets Belong to AVMA 

Since its founding, the Kansas State student chap- 
ter of the American Veterinary Medical association 
has been active in promoting technical development 
along veterinary lines to the 239 vet medicine stu- 
dents belonging to the organization. 

The AVMA also takes an active part in social 
affairs. Business meetings are held twice each 
month and prominent men in the field of veterinary 
medicine often speak. Each fall the club holds a 
smoker for freshmen vet students in order to give 
the newest members an opportunity to become ac- 

quainted. Combined meetings are often held with 
the AVMA Auxiliary, composed of the wives of vet 
medicine students. This gives the women an oppor- 
tunity to become more familiar with their husband's 
future profession. AVMA is also active in all phases 
of the intramural program. 

The group was organized here in 1906, by a stu- 
dent in veterinary medicine. The national AVMA 
granted Kansas State a charter in 1939. Rollin 
Vickery presided. Dr. M. J. Twiehaus and Dr. D. D. 
Goetsch are faculty co-sponsors. 

VETERINARY MEDICINE SENIORS— TOP ROW: Glenn L. Leslie, Joseph W. Wagner, Lloyd W. Pottroff, Ernest E. Bruce, Joseph S. Wheatley, Raymond E. Dill, 

Frank A. O'Donnell, Burrell D. Spahr, Vaughn A. Seaton. SECOND ROW: Leslie B. Crawford, Soronda N. Swann, Reed R. Rumsey, Earl C. Wood, Dean A. 

Darling, Leonard A. Anderson, James H. Kuhlmann, John J. Swanson, Maurice C. Morrissette. BOTTOM ROW: Charles E. Fuller, Francis E. Kaiser, Lloyd E. 

Orsborn, Alfred 0. Gigstad, Harry F. Blanchard, Joseph M. Magrath, Charles H. Paul, Patrick G. Leonard, Melvin L. Worthington, Robert W. Allen. 

VETERINARY MEDICINE SENIORS— TOP ROW: Peter Johnson Jr., Dewey L. Boydston, Howard F. Bennett, Donald L. Nickerson, Charles M. Early, Charles H. 
Maloney, Charles B. Swenson, Donald G. Shuman, Thomas L. Branigan. SECOND ROW: Edward M. Gofreed, Dennis E. Cumro, Robert G. Heiser, J. A. Sprowls, 
John T. Peterson, Winston K. Goering, Otto S. Shill Jr., Robert L. Gross, Charles E. Haines, Charles E. Herren. BOTTOM ROW: Harold W. Heiser Jr., F. Charles 
Schnitzler, John N. Tuttle, William W. Herberg, Norman A. Luckeroth, Albert C. Strafuss, Eldon M. Todd, Louis B. Cumbo, Jack W. Schrader, dial D. McDonald. 


VETERINARY MEDICINE JUNIORS (top picture)— TOP ROW: Richard L Parker, Harold E. Jenkins, Bob L. Caraway, Robert V. Tuma, John W. Gordon, Olen 
R. Stauffer, Jim R. BeDell, Bob L. Novak, Doug L. Church. SECOND ROW: Charles 0. McCullough, Marcus R. Humphrey, Thomas D. Pollard, Hiram H. Faubion, 
Norman R. Meriweather, Robert H. Featherston, Dale C. Gigstad, Richard M. Sambol. BOTTOM ROW: Richard W. Fish, Clair E. Butler, R. B. Miller, Byron E. 

Denholm, James T. Simper, Steward W. Cole, Jr., Carroll K. Weich, John A. Allen, Walter T. Gier. 

VETERINARY MEDICINE JUNIORS (second picture)— TOP ROW: Harry J. Baker, Donald L. Waddell, Eugene L. Rizek, Charles L. Olson, James W. Feeter, Larry 
E. Barbee. SECOND ROW: Ross A. Kuttler, George H. Barney, George E. King, Raymond 0. Cooper, James K. Payne, Ed S. Ackerman, Melvin V. Pettit. THIRD 
ROW: M. Vern Shires, Donald F. Hodgson, Ridge L. Scott, Barry L. Emerson, Dale W. Claybaker, Dudley D. Pautz, Danforth D. Taylor, Theodore C. Sims. 
BOTTOM ROW: Rollin W. Vickery, Meredith J. Wiltfong, Richard E. Hudson, Donald F. Cox, M. David Kvitle, W. J. Bracken, W. A. Andrews, E. E. Thebert, 

Richard L. Wampler. 

VETERINARY MEDICINE SOPHOMORES (bottom picture)— TOP ROW: Glen E. Nicholson, John C. Deam, Jack E. Vanderlip, Bill G. Kvasnicka, Dave A. Schone- 

weis, Raymond L. Russell, Martin R. Frey, James R. Butler, Claude P. Bates. SECOND ROW: Merwin L. Frey, Raymond R. Walker, Henry C. Black, Richard A. 

Hartkope, James K. Benedict, Charles R. Jones, Donald C. Breeden, Glen L. Krumme, David M. Suss. BOTTOM ROW: Leo N. Taylor, Norman E. Gray, Jack D. 

Railsback, Ernest A. Henderson, Earl E. Gatz, Gene L. Shores, R. J. Kirkeminde, Gerry F. Day, Richard Vandercook. 


VETERINARY MEDICINE SOPHOMORES (top picture)— TOP ROW: Gordon T. Jamieson, Ralph G. Buckner, Wayne G. Bradley, Fred D. Wingert, Bill J. LaRue, 

John E. Krienzi, Jim A. Walsdorf, Dane W. Bruster, Joe E. Landholm. SECOND ROW: Gordon L. Rasberry, Byrn S. Johnson, Donald D. McReynolds, Marvin L. 

Samuelson, Edward L. Gillette, Stuart G. Hazard, Jr., Thomas B. Hanshew, Perry E. Schurr. BOTTOM ROW: Gilbert M. Stahl, Paul M. Nesbitt, Richard D. 

Baxter, Alton J. Wilson, Richard D. Schmitz, Don D. Griffiths, Robert J. Gelok, Marvin L. Mills, Woodrow W. Holland. 

VETERINARY MEDICINE FRESHMEN (second picture)— TOP ROW: Philip D. Moorhead, Jim A. Laughlin, David E. McKnight, Joseph F. Coyle, Thomas E. 

Roberts, William L. Tilgner, Gerald J. Miller, Larry A. Jackson, George K. Hoover. SECOND ROW: Fred S. Idtse, Wayne M. Frerichs, Max H. Zahner, Clarence 

G. Heath, Glenn E. Hoskinson, John G. Ravnikar, Eldon D. Miksch, R. D. Lewis, Jay A. Peterson. BOTTOM ROW: Keith Van Steenbergh, Jay D. Rush, Thomas 

W. Kirkeminde, Wayne E. Bailie, Robert E. Kind, Paul 0. Thomas, L. Keith Huff, Alvin E. Melcher, William G. Wisecup. 

VETERINARY MEDICINE FRESHMEN (bottom picture)— TOP ROW: Brian C. Cummings, Louis E. Schindler, Bob F. Frank, Donald L. Wainscott, Harold C. 

Brecheisen, Leonard E. Hays, Gerhard A. Malm, Perry W. Page. SECOND ROW: Phillip F. Eckhart, William J. Murray, John R. Markley, Robert C. Asmus, 

Ralph L. Ebers, Tom F. Burton, Charles S. Sackett, Jerry L. Schrader, Robert V. Van Camp. BOTTOM ROW: Leland D. Kendall, Ray F. Sis, Irv M. Schwalm, 

Franklin J. Heim, Theron A. Haufler, T. Doug Heath, Wayne G. Gaulke, Richard J. Bergin, Jay M. Humburg. 


4-H on the College Level 

The Collegiate 4-H club at Kansas State was or- 
ganized twenty-seven years ago, and had 60 charter 
members in the original group. Shortly after the 
war, the membership grew to more than six hundred, 
and this year approximately 275 students belong. 
Any former high school member of 4-H is eligible 
to join the club whose purpose is to "Make the Best 

Harold Reed served as president of the club and 
J. Harold Johnson is the faculty sponsor. Warren 
Prawl edited the group's publication, "Who's 
Whoot," which is patterned after the "Who's Who in 

America." It lists 4-H club activities and recognizes 
various outstanding high school members belonging 
to 4-H clubs in Kansas. 

The Collegiate 4-H Club sponsors social and edu- 
cational activities including a Fall-dinner dance, a 
spring picnic, and a spring formal. They also sup- 
port the International Farm Youth Exchange pro- 
gram, and have regular bi-monthly meetings. One of 
the most important projects this year was entertain- 
ing Ft. Riley soldiers at the Community House with 
singing, square dancing and a general social and get 
acquainted period, followed by refreshments. 

COLLEGIATE 4-H CLUB — TOP ROW: Carol L. Rusk, Lucille A. Ottaway, M. Colleen Gibson, Mary Alice Todd, Mariellen Jones, Patricia A. McCluskey, Donna L. 
Childs, Margie J. Stover, Caroline F. Wilbur, Marjorie A. Janesek, Jacqueline Johnson. SECOND ROW: Joan V. Engle, Margaret J. Malir, Martha D. McReynolds, 
Nancy J. Johnson, Phyllis J. Loseke, Carol R. Tannahill, Norma L. Brown, Jo Ann Kranz, Anita J. Fulhage, Donna J. Schoof. THIRD ROW: David A. Brace, 
Duane A. Johnson, Robert M. Schneider, Dick Fankhauser, Carl W. Poston, LaRue B. Kabance, R. M. Foster, Lloyd R. Hanson, Thomas W. Frisbie, Donna F. 
Emigh. FOURTH ROW: James E. Collins, Carldon H. Broadbent, Gilmore M. Dahl, James E. Circle, Robert D. Lynch, James R. Perkins, Richard W. Wilson, Rex 
A. Bantz, Stephen C. Rupert, William M. Dickson. BOTTOM ROW: Betty Turner, Gavona J. Michaels, Virginia E. Puckett, Joan K. Skupa, Verna M. Miller, 

Arvilla G. Kruger, Joyce M. Rawlins, Myrna M. Hilton, Carol R. Vallentine. 

COLLEGIATE 4-H CLUB— TOP ROW: Virginia M. Cowan, Kay M. Westrup, Arlis J. Bergsten, Joan H. Harding, Jean C. Sims, Fran Russell, Fredrick M. Trow- 
bridge, Thomas N. Frederick, Jeanice A. Blauer, Shirley G. Folsche, Berdine Brunswig. SECOND ROW: Imogene M. Staadt, Virginia L. Scott, Carole V. Cordon, 
Barbara F. Elliot, Naomi E. Stadel, Irlene M. Rawlings, Beverly A. Morrow, Dolores Lindblad, Betty J. Truelove, Lyle E. Steiner, Sylvia J. Hyde. THIRD ROW: 
Delores E. Kerr, Doris J. Wierenga, Leanna R. Boline, Joan E. Trimmell, Carter B. Hostettier, Richard A. Pickett, Marvin D. Bitter, Richard L. Peterson, Leon- 
ard L. Slyter, Donna L. Houdek. FOURTH ROW: Willis E. Brandyberry, Sylvia D. Helmke, Harriet R. Henry, Harold E. Kannarr, Garth H. Renken, Norvin G. 
Stunkel, Bernard W. Wille, Larry Petersilie, R. Eugene Mayhugh, Vaughn D. Prather, Eugene D. Malir. BOTTOM ROW: Kathleen J. Wilson, Nancy J. Van Meter, 

Alice L. Frey, Virginia L. Balthrop, L. Elaine Olson, Helen E. Johnson. 


COLLEGIATE 4-H CLUB (top picture) — TOP ROW: Larry Henry, Robert Glanville, Larry Smith, Ronald Strand, Roger Douglass, Estelle Colberg, Betty Tillotson, 
Mary Wells, Dorothy Russell, Virginia Russell, Ann Folsche. SECOND ROW: Albion Visser, John Cooley, Gene Geil, Richard Ahlvers, Harrell Duncan, Norman 
Elliott, Joyce Kaiser, Nancy West, Clede Krauss, Margaret Mayes, Jo Ann Hunt, Rosalie Rezac. THIRD ROW: Leslie Dyck, Richard Smith, Leon Marrs, Chas. 
Andress, Russell Bemis, Jim Windle, Leroy Spade, Carroll Chambers, Carl Lafferty, Dale Stead, Lola Brownlee, Beth Shafer. FOURTH ROW: Jay Anderson, 
James Gammell, Alan Phillips, George Gammell, Richard Steffens, Myron Cooper, Dean Parrack, Bob Circle, Arnold Paulson, Roger Parsons, Kendall Klein. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Mill icent Schultz, Helen Bartz, Janice Olson, Shirley Bretz; Marian Boucek, Shirley Burk, Suzanne Dean, Luanne Hicks, Treva Westfall. 

COLLEGIATE 4-H CLUB (second picture) — TOP ROW: Olive Shoup, Donna Bird, Elizabeth Warren, Marilyn McNelis, Louise Wilson, Virginia Devinish, Kay Hof- 
man, Bonnie Hofman, Eleanor George, Carol Rush, Phil Wendland. SECOND ROW: Sandra Nichols, Ted Graham, Gordon Conger, William Bergman, George Yost, 
Mary Ellen Yoder, Don Slade, Crystal Anderson, Carolyn Anderson, Lynn Lyon. THIRD ROW: John Brink, Walter Schoen, Jr., William Stutz, Glen Neis, 
Denis Sweat, Bruce Collins, Lyle Maddux, Richard Hartman, Sherlund Prawl, Philip Prawi, James Drolte. BOTTOM ROW: Ronald Meyers, Warren Nichols, Nelson 
Galle, Byron Bird, Einar Johnson, Donald Harris, Loren Laverentz, Donald Peterson, Leon Sucht, Robert Pasley. 

COLLEGIATE 4-H CLUB (bottom picture)— TOP ROW: Herb L. Lee, Meredith Wiltfong, Nancy E. Blackburn, Dale L. Fooshee, Harold W. Reed. SECOND ROW: 
Darrel D. Gale, Robert E. Sanford, Richard J. Baker, Allan L. Heath, Melvin U. Pettit, Delbert L. Larson. THIRD ROW: Carl L. Hamilton, Stanley L. Larson, 
James D. Stamm, Dan L. Henley, A. LeRoy McGehee, Robert L. Ruckman, Curtis E. Lohrding. BOTTOM ROW: Eldon B. Johnson, Don W. Hunt, Charles D. Keller, 

Raymond W. Gieseman, Merlin L. Dennis, John L. Oltjen. 




FROG CLUB — TOP ROW: Martha E. Rankin, Jane A. Denton, Jeanie R. Hunter, Helen L. Morris, Dorinda J. Mears, Martha A. Blum, G. Jean Harreld, M. Lou 
Slade, Pat R. Fink, Carol M. Collins. SECOND ROW: Judy C. Paustian, Janice I. Frey, Kay Randall, Norma J. Mase, Mary E. McKibben, Thelma D. Horlacher, 
Peggy A. Howard, Sarah K. Jolley, V. Ann Currie, Luree J. Hays, Mrs. Lucille R. Takes. THIRD ROW: Jo Ann Cary, Kay Finholt, Ralph J. Piccola, Harry L. Knox, 
Thoman E. McMillen, Warren B. Howard, Joyce A. Nicholson, A. Lucy Bremenkamp, Carolyn Turrentine, Beverly R. Russell. BOTTOM ROW: Don L. Arnold, James 
R. Dreese, C. Q. Williamson, Phil R. Randall, Keith S. Chrisman, Harry D. Knostman, Ira M. Kaminsky, Charles N. Grandy, Kenneth W. Miller, Leon J. Coup. 

Staters Dance and Swim 

Practicing on diving and synchronized swimming 
for the major part of the school year gets members 
of the Frog club in shape to put on their annual 
aquacade in the spring. This year the theme for the 
show was "American Holidays." Frog club was or- 
ganized about twenty years ago for women students 
at K-State. In 1951, the constitution was changed to 
include men students as members. As a requirement 
for membership students must pass a swimming skill 
test. President was Judy Paustian. The club is spon- 
sored by Lucille Takes. 

To dance is to live is the motto of Orchesis, mod- 
ern dance organization. A dance program is pre- 
sented by this club every year. This year the theme 
of the program was book titles, with such numbers 
as "Gaslight," "Romeo and Juliet," and "Gone With 
the Wind." This spring Orchesis will take trips to 
surrounding colleges to present and to learn differ- 
ent techniques. Members must pass skill try-outs to 
become members of Senior Orchesis. This year's 
president was Ann Lundberg and the faculty spon- 
sor is Marilyn Tavares. 

ORCHESIS — TOP ROW: Shirley C. Nelson, Adrea D.Simmons, Ardith L. Alford, Yvonna R. Higginbotham, Ellen M. Baker, D. Adele Nelson, Ann L. Lundberg, Bev- 
erly J. Phillips, Janet M. Corwin, Carla J. Johnson. SECOND ROW: Barbara A. Puhr, Marilynn M. Crist, Marilyn Tavares, Mickey A. Ecord, Marie M. Ernzen, 
Dorothy E. Ernzen, Patricia M. Boyd, LaVerna L. Baker, Margie J. Lemon. BOTTOM ROW: Carol N. Antic, Nancy D.Murray, Donna M. Lincoln, Sally J. Mayer, 

Marya M. Roberts, Greta R. Kolterman, Donna L. Harsch, Joan Goddard. 


TION—TOP ROW: Barbara A. 
Puhr, Shirley V. Malcolm, Dora W. 
Meenen. SECOND ROW: Katheryn 
A. McKinney, Joyce E. Eurton, Pat 
R. Rogers, Geney L. Sweedlun. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Clarine Robson, Dolores 
J. Hess, Lavina P. McCormick. 

Women Athletes Sponsor Sports Day 

The women's intramural program and annual 
sports day with other colleges is sponsored by Wom- 
en's Athletic association. Katheryn McKinney is ad- 
visor, Clarine Robson, president. 

Fostering interest in the teaching profession is 
the purpose of the Future Teachers of America, 
sponsored by John DeMand, 0. K. O'Fallon, and 
G. A. Olson. Bill Nelson was president. 

FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA— TOP ROW: E. Clark, J. S. Peterson, Houdek, J. Hartman, Mary L. Johnson, Sewing, Steadman, S. Howard. SECOND ROW: 

Keiswetter, Cynthia Peterson, L. Snyder, L. Grabs, Blauer, D. Winzeler, C. Godfrey, N. Murray, Brammell. THIRD ROW: Puhr, Sears, Sawyer, Bloyd, D. Bowman, 

Collingwood, Yoder, M. Scott. BOTTOM ROW: Barta, C. Ballou, W. Nelson, A. Harder, Cates, R. Morris, Broadbent, Shore. 

FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA — TOP ROW: M. Winegardner, Dameron, Srajer, Brewster, Brockett, P. Vernon, Joye Larson, P. Bullock, G. Montgomery, 

Grundeman, Bourne. SECOND ROW: Schroder, Hannaford, Morgenstern, P. Ann Morgan, L. Hahn, H. Poston, Shepherd, M. Malir, Sobba, G. Hockman, Wilmoth. 

THIRD ROW: Malcolm, D. Salter, Brunswig, S. Carswell, S. Folsche, M. Walker, Lois Hart, Carla Johnson, Hertneky, Herr, M. Henre. BOTTOM ROW: A. Gries- 

haber, E. Thompson, G. Campbell, Egger, R. Schneider, Moon, Misak, Wayman, C. Anderson, P. Gallagher, Manz, R. M. Brown. 


PERSHING RIFLES— TOP ROW: John E. Kirkham, Frank E. Butler, Lloyd D. Rumold, Larry W. Sutherland, Howard T. Dodd, Walker Brock. SECOND ROW: Paul 
W. Carr, Harley E. May, Philip C. Gregory, R. E. Waide, David H. Huebner, Gary K. Hylton. THIRD ROW: Richard C. Hawkins, P. Wayne King, Eugene N. 
Cramer, Harold E. Andler, Donald H. Lenhert, Roy W. Dillard. BOTTOM ROW: Joe W. Hellstern, Gerald A. Bradley, Myron C. Hayes, Charles J. Wilkin, Wil- 
liam E. Paterson Jr., Howard A. Petracek. 

PERSHING RIFLES— TOP ROW: Clarence L. Parker, Richard L. Wasson, Cleo G. Simmonds, Rod D. Booth, Carl L. Glockea, Carlos E. Burgos. SECOND ROW: 

Gary D. Lawrence, Ken W. Cook, Charles W. Rowland, James A. Johnson, James W. Linthacum, Jack E. Janne. THIRD ROW: Bob E. Bush, Richard C. Rice, 

Marc E. Anthony, Richard N. Foster, Robert C. Long, Robert D. McElroy. BOTTOM ROW: Richard L. Rudman, Leon L. Roth, Sherman D. Scruggs, Robert D. 

Yenzer, Edward T. Kocher, Ted J. Colson. 

PRs Helped With Ike's Homecoming 

Pershing Rifles, founded at the University of Ne- 
braska by General John J. Pershing in 1894, now 
has over 100 chapters in colleges and universities 
which offer army or air force ROTC programs. 

Membership is open to all basic cadets in either 
army or air force ROTC who have an interest in 
military leadership and drill procedure, and a grade 
average necessary to meet the requirements of the 
advanced ROTC program. The group fosters a spirit 
of friendship and cooperation among the men in the 
military department, and maintains a highly effi- 

cient drill company. Myron Hayes was commanding 
officer. Major Erland G. Johnson and Major Allen 
L. Myers are sponsors. 

This club performs a public service for the college 
before each home football game by being responsible 
for the raising of the flag. The drill team also per- 
formed in the Homecoming parade and at the half- 
time of the Manhattan-Topeka high school game. 
The most important project of the entire year was 
the club's presentation of the Honor Guard at Presi- 
dent Eisenhower's homecoming in Abilene last fall. 


INDEPENDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION— TOP ROW: Arland E. Benteman, Donald F. Swartz, Sharlene M. Smith, Velda J. Reiff, Charlotte L. Rosell, Kenneth 
R. Krizek, Eugene T. Eisiminger. SECOND ROW: Eugene F. Miller, Virginia M. Jeffery, Robert R. Jacobs, Keith W. Kelling, Darrel D. Brack, Betty S. Tillotson, 
Mary Ann Wells. BOTTOM ROW: Byron G. Bird, Robert D. Lynch, Roger W. Tointon, Carldon H. Broadbent, Fred 0. Saenger, Robert G. Tointon, Loren E.Harris. 

INDEPENDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION — TOP ROW: Kendal G. Hower, Daya K. Misra, Alan W. Dettmer, Larry L. Smith, Grace Schmidtlein, Jo Anne Wend- 
land, Philip W. Prawl, M. Keith Roberts, Ilene R. Parshall. SECOND ROW: Donna M. Bird, Avis A. Venburg, A. Norene Morgan, M. Joyce Naegele, Francis E. 
Holmes, Joyce E. Flinn, Shirley Johnson, Perry W. Page. THIRD ROW: Richard L. Peterson, Kenneth N. Spicher, Guy S. Billings, C. Thomas Abram, Larry 
Petersil'ie, Eddie G. Bruske, Norman W. Phillips, Dalene L. Childers. BOTTOM ROW: Larry L. McGhee, William E. Trussell, David G. Brenner, Gerald J. Fergu- 
son, Paul W. Carr, Carleton B. Johnson, LeRoy McGehee, John A. McGehee, Curtis L. McCauley. 

Independent Students Elect a Queen 

Any student at Kansas State College who is not ac- 
tively affiliated with some social sorority or fra- 
ternity is eligible for membership in the Independent 
Students association. The purpose of the ISA is to 
aid in the fuller development and adjustment of the 
independent students at Kansas State and also to act 
as a constructive force in developing the aims and 
ideals of the College of which it is a part. 

ISA meetings consist of business, programs of 
local talent, dances and mixers. Some of the special 
projects carried out during the year included a 

coffee hour during Parents' day, hayrack rides, and 
the annual Sweetheart Ball at which they crown the 
Sweetheart of ISA. 

The K-State chapter also took an active part in the 
state and regional ISA conventions and sent dele- 
gates to the regional convention which was held at 
Boulder, Colo. 

Robert Tointon served as president of the 180 
student member organization. A. Thornton Edwards, 
Merle Gugler, and Golda Crawford are the faculty 


1 r^% \T y ' f **«* 

CRATS—TOP ROW: Anne K. Lyon, 
Frances N. Bender, Marilyn E. 
Morton, Diane L. Benedix. SEC- 
OND ROW: Carol N. Antic, James 
I. Moore, Ann J. Beckmeyer. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Tom J. Helms, Donald 
H. Moses, Homer A. Kruckenberg, 
Chuck J. Bellman. 

Staters Play Politics 

There are 75 members of the Kansas State Col- 
legiate Young Democrats this year. At each meeting 
members of the organization take turns giving re- 
ports concerning different phases of political his- 
tory, both past and present. Reports are followed by 
active discussion by the other members. The high- 
light of the year was the dinner meeting featuring 
Kenneth Anderson, democratic national committee- 
man from Kansas, as the guest speaker. Several 
other leaders in the political field have talked to the 
group during the year. Frances Bender was president 
of the club. 

The Kansas State Collegiate Republican club was 
formed to create student interest in campus politics. 
The group boasts five times as many members as 
they had last year and membership now numbers 125. 
The club has been active for many years in con- 
nection with the Kansas Republican club, and was 
represented by delegates to Kansas Day, Young Re- 
publican's convention, Collegiate Republican's Con- 
vention, and SPC. Maynard Englebrecht of K-State 
was elected first vice-president of the Collegiate Re- 
publicans. Dick Pringle was president of the local 
group this year. F. E. Eldridge served as adviser. 

YOUNG REPUBLICANS— TOP ROW: Robert E. Jepson, Don W. Drake, Billy J. Cooney, Harold A. Olson, John H. Cooley, William H. Bergman. SECOND ROW: 
James R. Pringle, Peter A. Martin, Richard L. Hartman, William R. Stutz, J. Eugene Porch, Jerry F. Brevel. THIRD ROW: Boyd B. Forester, Donald H. Siem- 
sen, Maynard L. Englebrecht, Barney Wheeler, Frank Wylie, Herbert B. Funk, Walt E. Schoen. BOTTOM ROW: William M. Rosenberger, Donald K. Peterson, 

R. B. Miller, Don Latter, Melvin Bareiss, Robert D. Moore, William J. Stanners, Leon S. Stanton. 


1 i ^ <\ 


McCormick, Vernon H. Dye, Jack 
W. Hoffman, Fred J. Sellentrop, 
Charles D. McPhail. SECOND 
ROW: Mark G. Brislawn Jr., Jos- 
eph K. Nevins, John F. Mayer, Aus- 
tin L. Tubbs, Richard D. Rowland. 

'~ s\ f^^p ,;-«*' ^^^ "-*(*►,! 

Two Clubs Publicize Air Age 

The aero display at Engineers' Open House is the 
job of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Mark 
Brislawn was president, Frank J. McCormick ad- 

Two air shows are held each year by the Circle 
Burners club, for model aviation fans. Leon Ar- 
mantrout presided. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Tebow are 

CIRCLE BURNERS— TOP ROW: Edward W. Rhoades, Ralph Bock, Jim R. Hostetter, John P. Wormeringer, Kenneth R. Collins, Jim Hurd. SECOND ROW: John 
W. Meyer, Vernon E. Cates, John C. Buff, Austin L. Tubbs, Melvin L. Bareiss, Max W. Meinen. BOTTOM ROW: Eddie Olson, Fred Sellentrop, Harold Heuser, 

Leon Armantrout, Harold Gier, Bruce Miller, Ellis Simon. 


Durward C. Danielson, Donald H. 
Bastian, John J. Harris, Vaughn 
A. Seaton. BOTTOM ROW: Her- 
bert Knutson, David M. Suss, Joe 
Hollingsworth, Roy E. Hood, 
Thomas A. Rumsey. 

Katherine S. Takahashi, Sachiko 
Taniguchi, Jane Kamisato, Mary- 
lin Tomono. BOTTOM ROW: How- 
ard Hishimura, Wing Chin, Satoru 
Togashig, Richard M. Iida, Masao 

Hawaiians, Masons, Organists, in Clubs 

Albert 0. Bumpus was president of the Masonic 
club, which any student who is a first degree Mason 
may join. Wilfred Chong headed Hui Hawaii, an 

interest group for Hawaiian students. The American 
Guild of Organists fosters worthy church music. 
Nancy Leavengood was president. 

AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS— TOP ROW: Nancy Leavengood, Mary Jo McMillan, Edith Schmid, Narvelle Oglevie, Nadine Salmans, Blythe Guy. SECOND 
ROW: Robert W. Hays, Nancy Blackburn, Jane Larson, Doris Winzeler, Leona Manz, Joyce Brodrick. BOTTOM ROW: Gwendolyn Emel, Phyllis Randels, Phyllis 

McMullen, Mary Hauer, Shirley Bloyd, Louise Poison, Wilma Larkin. 


via J. Hyde, Mark K. Drake, Rol- 
lin W. Vickery, Don W. Drake, 
Mary A. Todd. SECOND ROW: 
Bonnie R. Hofman, Joan A. David, 
Helen A. Poston, Diane Blackburn, 
Vera K. Banman. BOTTOM ROW: 
Wayne L. David, Robert B. Cul- 
lins, Mike Murphey, Don L. Ess- 
linger Richard J. Baker. 

Alpha Phi Omega Sponsors Cats' Cat 

The Promenaders, exhibition square dance group, 
are one of the most recent interest clubs on campus. 
New members are chosen by tryout and invitation. 
The club, directed by Bob Cullins, was organized 
chiefly to provide an opportunity for experienced 
dancers to get together, and to promote square danc- 
ing. The Promenaders attend various square dance 
festivals during the year where they match their 
ability against old-time dancers all over the United 
States. They also perform exhibition dancing for 
small groups both on and off the campus. Jake 
Ubel is their faculty sponsor. 

Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity 
of college men who are or have been Boy Scouts. 
Requirements for membership include previous 
training in scouting, a desire to render service, and 
satisfactory scholarship. The goal of the organiza- 
tion is "to assemble college men in fellowship and 
to promote service to humanity." Probably the best 
known of Alpha Phi Omega's projects is their ex- 
hibition of Touchdown IV, K-State's wildcat mascot, 
at many of the home games. The club also sponsors 
the student holiday ride service. Joe LaRue was the 
president, and Ralph Nevins is sponsor. 

ALPHA PHI OMEGA — TOP ROW: Paul N. Basham, Michael J. Fabiano, Ronald E. Gier, Edward W. Rhoades, Elden W. Martin, Arthur T. Lasher, Robert E. 
Dunn. SECOND ROW: Joe N. LaRue, James W. Linthacum, Donald H. Lenhert, Donald L. Mitchell, Kenneth B. Kent, Eugene N. Cramer, John R. McKone. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Clement C. D arrow Jr., James T. Bonner, Harry D. Muller, E. Dale Knepper, William R. Bryson, William M. Rosenberger, Kenneth W. Swartley. 

^7 ^1 



Shirley H i ggenbotham, Beverly 
Pedersen, Elsie Robb, Evelyn Jami- 
son. SECOND ROW: Cloti Jracia, 
Wanda Ruthrauff, Marguente Rob- 
inson, Nora Ann Baldwin. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Rajean F. Rogers, 
Delores M. Watson, Wynona 
Gramly, Alice J. Schopp. 

While Hubby Studies, th 

Wives of veterans formed a club in 1947 to pro- 
vide recreational and educational activities for them- 
selves. This year members of the Veterans' Wives club 
held monthly meetings, and weekly meetings for in- 
terest groups in hand sewing, bridge, or swimming. 
This year the group also had a tea and style show. 

Mrs. Beverly Pederson was president, and Mrs. 
Harold Kugler and Mrs. Francis Robohn, advisers. 

The wife of any veterinary medicine student is 
eligible for membership in the women's auxiliary of 
the American Veterinary Medicine association. Nicki 
Orsborn was president, and Mrs. E. E. Leasure and 
Mrs. W. M. McLeod are advisers. 

The group strives to further their own personal 
interests in their husbands' field by bringing in pro- 
fessional men and their wives as speakers. The 

JR. AVMA AUXILIARY — TOP ROW: June I. Bradley, Ann J. Ravnikar, Betty Sprowls, Peggie Dill, Mary Blanchard, Edith Darling, Joan Wheatley, Lorll Baker. 
SECOND ROW: Norma G. Nesbitt, Mildred R. Pottroff, Mary Fran Huff, Lou Ann Melcher, Jeanne M. Andrews, Shirley Simper, Florence Suss, Evelyn King, 
Esther Kuhlman. THIRD ROW: Donna J. Bracken, Yetta Stahl, Barbara Ackerman, Margaret Z. Jamieson, Kaye Deam, Marya Johnson, Austina Cummings, Lucille 
Crawford. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Fuller, Norma Spahr, Shirley Samuelson, Roberta Gigstad, Shirley Schmitz, Iris Krumme, Barbara LaRue, Evangeline Russell. 


Gloria Howell, Ruth Wood, Joy 
Antenen, Arbutus Simpson, Ruth 
Trout. SECOND ROW: Helen M. 
Ericson, Bertha A. Brown, Mrs. 
David L. Mackintosh, Connie 
O'Bleness, Joan Clark. BOTTOM 
ROW: Florence Suss, Mary Steves, 
Audrey Mcintosh, Betty Way, 
Peggy DeForest. 

1/Vife Joins Organizations 

group was organized shortly after the war when most 
of the vet students were married when they started 

The Jr. AVMA Auxiliary plans four social and 
four professional meetings. The climax of the year 
is the mock senior commencement, when wives of 
seniors are given honorary degrees for all of the as- 
sistance they have given in educating their husbands. 

The Student Wives Educational association was 
organized in 1947 to provide recreational and edu- 
cational activities for wives of K-State students. There 
are interest groups for beginning bridge, advanced 
bridge, swimming, and knitting. Regular meetings 
are held each month and there are guest speakers, 
and get-acquainted sessions. Mrs. David Mackintosh 
is sponsor, and Mrs. James Mcintosh was president. 

JR. AVMA AUXILIARY — TOP ROW: Helen L. Cooper, Virginia D. Rasberry, Frances J. Feeter, Elizabeth S. Hanshew, Phyllis Ward, Barbara Bergin, Janice Sis, Janet 
Early. SECOND ROW: Jacqueline Buckner, Marjorie S. Gofreed, Wilma Johnson, JoAnn Hudson, Mary Rumsey, Marge Kuttler, Margaret Goering, Betty Heath. 
THIRD ROW: Margaret E. McCullough, Hazel Boydston, Jane Kirkeminde, Sharlene Shuman, Carol Waddell, Fausta L. Kaiser, Ruth E. Leslie, Beth Wisecup. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Shirley J Benedict, Rose M. Wasson, Nancy A. Brecheisen, Eleanor B. Rizek, Mary L. Heiser, Vera D. Page, Donna M. Worthington, Patricia A.Allen. 


Club Members Conserve Wildlife 

Thirty-five students at K-State are members of 
the Kansas State Conservation club, one of the newer 
organizations on the campus. Various aspects of 
soil, water, and wildlife are studied by the group 
with the most emphasis on wildlife conservation. A 
quail feeding project was one of the outstanding 
events last year. The Conservation club's plans in- 
clude plantings for wildlife cover. Otto Tiemeier is 
faculty sponsor. Jack DeForest was president. 

Theatrical-minded students may belong to K- 
State Players, which presents both major and minor 
plays for the entertainment of the public and for 
practical experience. A total of five points, earned 
by participation in productions, is the requirement 
for membership. The productions of the group are 
often noted in the National Collegiate Player's Mag- 
azine and the Kansas City Star. Frank C. Andrews 
was president, and Earl G. Hoover is advisor. 

KANSAS STATE PLAYERS— TOP ROW: Ann Weathers, Shirley Johnson, Adele Nelson, Nancy Regnier, Mary Bosko, Charlotte Berkihiser, Norma Todd, Jeanie 
Hunter, Claudette Frank, Adelaide Rose, Sondra Barnes. SECOND ROW: Shirley Nelson, Patricia Casey, Wilma Glasco, Barbara Hunter, Genie Jern, Mary Bates, 
Dale Reneau, Lloyd Biggs, Bonnie Li I lard, Jo An Berrigan, Edith Heil. THIRD ROW: Andy Bengtson, Gilbert Park, Lawrence Evans, Bob Nelson, Roger Sherman, 
Donald Hermes, Ann Shaw, Frank Andrews, Lindell Grauer, Sue Jackson, Sharon Diamond. FOURTH ROW: Ed Bowdon, Bruce Bellamy, Bill Yandell, James Reynolds, 
Myron Hayes, E. G Hoover, Allen Kipper, William Rosenberger, Bill Varney, Dave Course. BOTTOM ROW: Dolores Srajer, Jayne Lee, Merleen Trout, Jone Kemp. 

CONSERVATION CLUB— TOP ROW: Ronald Liebl, William Brown, Paul Miller, Delber Robb, Floyd Bayer, Dale Stead, 0. W. Tiemeier. SECOND ROW: Edmund 
Martinez, Harold Chilson, Jim Flanders, Edward Fleming, Dick Bennett, Marvin Breithaupt, David Shearer. BOTTOM ROW: Earl Mayden, Harold Poe, Charles 

DeForest, Jack DeForest, Don Parker, James McLeland, Lawrence Wiltfong, Leroy Spade. 






Whi-Purs Push Freshmen Pep 

The first pajama pep rally ever held at K-State 
was successfully planned this year by the Whi-Purs. 
This freshman girls' pep organization, organized in 

1951, has been given more and more responsibility 
in planning school pep functions. This year, together 
with the Purple Pepsters and Wampus Cats, the Whi- 
Purs built and decorated a pep club Homecoming 
float. The club also marched in the parade. They 
have part of the special cheering section at all foot- 
ball and basketball games, and take an active share 
in planning and carrying out all pep rallies. 

The name Whi-Purs is a contraction of the school 
colors, white and purple. The members wear purple 
skirts and white sweaters at all pep functions. Mem- 
bership, steadily increasing each year, now stands at 
about 200. Any freshman girl may join. 

Whi-Purs was organized to promote sportsman- 
ship, cooperation, pep, enthusiasm, spirit, and to rep- 
resent the student body cheering section to other 

Marilyn McCready was president and Marilyn 
Tavares is facultv adviser. 

WHI-PURS (1)— TOP R0W:Terrill, 
W. P. Martin, M. C. Smith, B. 
Hunter, N. L. Johnston, Chapman, 
Filbert, Newell, B. Lee, Leona Nel- 
son, Kreft, Manson, Jean Walker. 
SECOND ROW: Berrigan, E. Park- 
er, Kraemer, Guinty, A. Weathers, 
G. Michaels, C. Rusk, B.J. Miller, 
Jean Cox, Courville, Marler, Dicken. 
THIRD ROW: Poulter, I. Scott, 
Ruth Pickett, Hinman, Farrar, 
Marilyn Hoon, Marguerite Hoon, 
Harreld, G. Williams, C. Brooks, 
M. J. Anderson, Skupa, Hazlett. 
BOTTOM ROW: Janet Frey, J. 
Thomas, P. Walker, Foltz, V. Dun- 
can, F. Ann Carter, Kemp, G. 
Gates, C. Henning, Lester, N. 

Brown, Londeen, McClelland. 
Jensen, S. DeForest, S. Jolley, 
McCready, S. Dennis, Ellen Wolf, 
S. Garrison, Farthing, P. Green, 
Barbour, Mackintosh, S. Barnes. 
SECOND ROW: Eckert, Bunch, S. 
Jackson, Bearg, Burtis, Jacqueline 
Johnson, Janasek, N. Oltjen, Heil, 
Cochran, S. Talbott, K. Barton. 
THIRD ROW: C. Rawlings, Forbes, 
DePew, Ernst, P. Decker, E. Salter, 
J. S. Jackson, Joy, S. Diamond, 
R. S.Tucker, McCartney, S. Muel- 
ler, Tavares. FOURTH ROW: J. 
Cain, Burwell,Truelove, M. Perkins, 
Tetidrick, H. Henry, Sarvis, Mc- 
Nutt, Cobun, L. Olson, Williams, 
Theiss. BOTTOM ROW: L. E. Ol- 
son, Dooley, Joan Campbell, C. Lee, 
M. Rogers, Kohr, M. Seaton, M. 
Watkins, C. Frank, Regier, L. 

WHI-PURS (3)— TOP ROW: Frohn, 
Stairrett, Fink, E. Douglas, White- 
law, True, Elliott, Cowan, West- 
rup, Wettig, Barthuly. SECOND 
ROW: Brandon, Sondergard, Boun- 
ous, Wilkinson, Hosier, Miner, Ran- 
dall, Hershberger, Ashley, Rans- 
dell, Gress, B. Lewis. THIRD ROW: 
Lindeman, Seidler, Scott, Tray- 
wick, Mackie, J. Lewis, Mary J. 
Forbes, Ogburn, Jern, FitzGerald, 
Gray, Hutcherson, Hansbearry. 
FOURTH ROW: Skiver, Colburn, 
Dick, Griffee, Wonder, Goering, 
Calvert, Mears, Dierdorff, Ek, Nat- 
zke, Thompson. BOTTOM ROW: 
Winslow, Morrisey, Hiebert, Evans, 
Eversole, Boucek, Ottaway, Fobes. 

A A *S f l . f* . © . fi # ^ r\ O O 




.*. f .' *-v /»i ^v /** /5 f*\ fi r\ f. 




... -.WM raj 'V> n i ^" n 

o a, n ^ a ft p a fi n cy/i 



fa & 

fc^AM ', 


Peppy Boys Join Wampus Cats 

This year the Wampus Cats, along with the Purple 
Pepsters and Whi-Purs, sponsored the Homecoming 
parade. The combined pep clubs also entered a pur- 
ple and white float in the parade. 

The Greek-letter name of the Wampus Cats is Pi 
Epsilon Pi. It was founded before World War II by 
two men from Kansas university. Chapters were 
established at Kansas university, K-State, Nebraska 
university, and Washington university. 

The 65 members of Wampus Cats help in the 
selection of cheerleaders. Together with the Purple 
Pepsters and Whi-Purs they plan, sponsor, and 
publicize all pep rallies. 

Wearing dark purple sweaters and white duck 
pants, the Wampus Cats sit in a special pep club sec- 
tion at all games. Sometimes a large K is formed in 
the section by seating the Wampus Cats and Purple 
Pepsters in K shape, surrounded by Whi-Purs in 
white sweaters. 

The only requirement for membership in Wampus 
Cats is to be a regularly enrolled male student of 
K-State. This year's president was Ed Drimmel. 
Dobby Lambert is the faculty sponsor. 

The motto of the organization is "to promote 
sportsmanship and pep for the student body of K- 

WAMPUS CATS— TOP ROW: John E. Dorst, John D. Turner, Duane I. Pickett, Richard D. Von Riesen, James A. Moore, Robert D. Mishler, Parker L. Stotler, Pete 
J. Patchin, Richard F. Salter, Franklin L. Young Jr., Ramon W. Jones, Irl L. Franklin. SECOND ROW: Harold C. Forrester, Terry E. Keefe, Norman E. Dederick, 
Robert D. Bowlby, H. Dennis Tatge, Norman R. Elliott, Don U. Smith, Rex W. Featherston, Gary M. Antenen, Duncan M. Erickson, Dick C. Reed, Dennis V. Dar- 
ner. THIRD ROW: George Betz, Bob Wennerstrom, Ed J. Drimmel, Paul E. Jones, James R. Dreese, Lyle F. Templer, Edward P. Becker, Jim D. Marsh, George 
S. McCandless, Dale V. Logan, Lyle C. Maddux, Earl C. Johnston. BOTTOM ROW: David S. Adams, Scott A. Denison, Bob D. Lynch, Lavern Jones, Bill M. 
Burnett, Bob T. Newlin, Stephen L. Belt, Richard L. Wieland, Howard A. Petracek, Larry Petersilie, Ron R. Watters. 



£S £\ <£> 

& & 4$ Q c** 

PURPLE PEPSTERS— TOP ROW: Mickey A. Ecord, Marie C. Eggerman, Sue E. Burke, Sue R. Shirling, Patricia McCluskey, Barbara A. Perkins, Joann E. LeGant, 
Bette I. Sherrell, Helen E. Johnson, Berdine Brunswig, Shirley V. Malcolm, Pat R. Rogers, Barbara J. Callen. SECOND ROW: Betty L. Brammell, Jane A. Den- 
ton, Kathleen Burns, Jo Ann Cary, Nita M. Madden, Dolores J. Achenbach, Judy C. Paustian, Norma A. Owen, Elizabeth A. Taylor, Marilyn G. Brett, Marilyn 
R. Moore, Betty J. Keiswetter, Jo Carstens. THIRD ROW: Dorothy E. Ernzen, Marie M. Ernzen, Charlotte McCormick, Lavina P. McCormick, Mary E. Douglass, 
Wanda I. Stalcup, Diana Siemers, Geraldine J. Goering, Vera K. Banman, Marjorie C. Williams, Sandra A. Tatge, Marian L. Hamilton, Judy F. Menehan, Sue 
J. McCormick. BOTTOM ROW: Serena Rankin, Joan V. Engle, Marjorie C. Godwin, Maryjo Lindblom, Nancy C. Stover, Beverly A. Larson, Janet Larson, Mar- 
beth Hopmann, Sally Brown, Evelyn I. Strathman, Marilyn E. Morton, Glenna Y. Montgomery, Wanda C. Wurster. 

Pepsters Whoop-lt-Up At Ball Games 

K-State's Purple Pepsters brought credit to them- 
selves and to the College this past year when their 
national organization, Phi Sigma Chi, granted them 
permission to enlarge their membership from 64 to 
100 because of the great interest in pep which is 
shown here at Kansas State. 

All upperclass girls with at least a C grade point 
average, and an interest in the promotion of school 
spirit and pep, are eligible for election to member- 
ship in Purple Pepsters. 

Among the more known activities of the group is 
their annual initiation ceremony in which new 
pledges and prospective members dress in anything 
from Santa Claus suits to replicas of the Kansas uni- 
versity Jayhawk and Little Bo-Peep. They gloriously 
parade the campus for a day, to the amusement of 
the active members and the rest of the student body. 

Before each home football game, members of the 
Purple Pepsters meet with the pep coordinating com- 
mittee of the Student Council and plan a pep rally 
complete with theme, such as the "Buffalo Bar- 
becue" when K-State played host to the Colorado 
Buffalos. Another highlighting factor of the group 
this past year was the first pajama parade which was 
held the night preceding a home game. Prizes were 
given for the loudest pajamas and the event was so 
successful that the group hopes to make it an annual 

Three members of the local pep club attended the 
national Phi Sigma Chi convention which was held 
in Lawrence. Sandra Tatge, president of the local 
chapter, was elected vice-president of the national 
pep club organization. Eva Lyman is the faculty 
sponsor of the group. 







BIG BUSINESS (above) is discussed by members of the 
home economics council. MORTAR BOARD (left) annually 
gives a scholarship dinner in the cafeteria. VETS (lower 
left) hear "how it is done" at AVMA meeting. 



Special Sessions 

£ v: 





Whether it is a speaker well-known in 
his field, a special banquet, or just a 
holiday party, organizations and eluhs 
strive to provide varied programs for 
their members. To recognize outstand- 
ing freshmen and sophomores, Mortar 
Board has a scholarship dinner. The YM 
and YW have special study groups for 
religion, international relations, dating, 
marriage, and other topics of interest to 
the Y members. 







TLA DANCE at Ft. Riley is planned by members of YWCA 
(lower left) with the Red Cross representative. VALEN- 
TINE'S DAY provided the theme for games and refresh- 
ments at the YM-YW mixer held in the Union (below). 


! 5T3« 




BOOK THREE ••• Competition from 

within the walls; 

competition from without; 

intramural or intercollegiate, 

it's the challenge 

that is 


t ^ir-^ - 


1 ~r~ 


<■ .- > - 


1 '# 


-^ .-■ 







Kansas State takes the first shot as the Cats open their 
Big Seven conference race against Colorado's Golden Buffs. 




■■•' v.; 







Laurence (Moon) Mullins (left) checks over the books with assistant athletic director Fritz Knorr and 
ticket manager Frank Mosier (right). As athletic director, Mullins oversees all athletics at Kansas State. 

Threesome Coordinates Sports 

Paving the way for a well-rounded program of ath- 
letics at the College is Laurence A. (Moon) Mullins, 
K-State's athletic director. Mullins has been athletic 
director for three years, coming here from St. Am- 
brose college at Davenport, Iowa, where he was head 
football coach and athletic director. 

His job is to administer the intercollegiate athletic 
program in accordance with the rules and regula- 
tions of the College athletic council and the Big 
Seven conference. "Teach a boy to shoot square in 
athletic competition, and you've taught him to be a 
number one citizen," Mullins says. 

The detailed function of the budget comes under 
the direction of Fritz Knorr, assistant athletic direc- 
tor and business manager. In addition to his respon- 
sibility of overseeing the maintenance of the athletic 
physical plant, Knorr was this year appointed wrest- 
ling coach to succeed Leon (Red) Reynard, who re- 
signed last year. 

All the headaches involved in the sales and distri- 
bution of tickets are assumed by Frank Mosier, ath- 
letic ticket manager. Mosier has been at this job 
since July, 1951. Each year an estimated 100,000 
tickets are handled by his office for K-States sports. 


Sports Publicity 
Helps Attendance 

No athletic program could be complete without a 
man to tell the fans what is happening, and that's the 
job of Paul DeWeese, K-State's sports publicity di- 
rector. DeWeese took over the publicity reins this 
year. Stories, statistics, and football and basketball 
brochures written by DeWeese are sent to approxi- 
mately 400 newspapers, radio and TV stations. The 
programs for home football and basketball games 
are also prepared by the publicity director. 

Good attendance is partially a result of a good 
sports publicity office, and this year football attend- 
ance soared to a record high of 22,500 spectators 
for the K-State-Oklahoma Homecoming game. 

The ten men on the athletic council formulate the 
College's athletic program and policies. The council 
is composed of two students, two alumni, and six 
members of the College staff. The members are ap- 
pointed by President McCain upon the recommenda- 
tion of the students, faculty, and alumni. 

This year the council hired Fred (Tex) Winter as 
the new basketball coach to replace Jack Gardner, 

Paul DeWeese edits some final copy 
to he sent to many state newspapers. 

kept Bill Meek at K-State as head football coach 
after he had been offered a pro-coaching job with 
the Edmonton Canada Eskimos. At that time they also 
raised the number of football scholarships from 75 
to 85 and increased the salaries of all the football 
coaches. With the resignation of Keith (Dobbie) Lam- 
bert as assistant basketball coach at the end of the 
1953-54 season, the council hired Howard Shannon, 
former K-State ail-American, to fill that position. 

Athletic Council Members — W. R. Kimel, Boh Featherston, Ken Gowdy, R. I. Throckmorton, Laurence Mul- 
ling, M. A. I)u Hand, Henley H. Haymaker, A. B. Cardwell. Evan Griffith, and Harry Miller are not in the picture. 

Winning team of football coaches are Bernard Mertes, Clyde 
Van Sickle, Bill Meek, Don Stehley, John Cudmore, Royal Price. 

Up from the Big Seven football cellar to second place came 
K-State, under the direction of head football coach Bill Meek. 

Meek Coaches Cats to a 6-3-1 Record 

"Oregon's Len Casanova did the mostest with the 
leastest. Notre Dame's Frank Leahy did the mostest 
with the mostest, and Kansas State's Bill Meek did 
the mostest (period)." So wrote Bill Schroeder in 
the Football Digest a few months ago. 

Mr. Schroeder's remark could be used to describe 
the opinion of Kansas State students, faculty, and 
alumni as they watched Bill Meek guide the Cats 
through the football season to a record of six wins, 
three losses, and one tie. It was the best season since 

Next to the beginning dust bowl, the winning ways 
of K-State's football team was probably the most 

talked and written about happening in Kansas. Edi- 
torials appeared in papers around the state hailing 
the success of the Cats on the gridiron. Old grads 
who had almost forgotten their allegiance to Kansas 
State suddenly came alive with the knowledge that 
they were affiliated with a winner. In short all the 
Cats, young and old, had a fine feeling. 

Records fell right and left as the team finished in 
a tie with Missouri for second place in the Big Seven 
with a 4-2 conference mark. 

For the first time in K-State grid history, the 
squad received a United Press rating, getting tagged 
as the 23rd best team in the nation at the four-week 


It's the Winningest Team Since 1934 

mark of the season. The next week, the Wildcat 
eleven jumped up into the top football 20, this time 
in the 18th spot. 

Final NCAA statistics showed that K-State had the 
seventh best pass defense in the country, topping all 

other Big Seven schools in that department. 

The Wildcats opened the season by mauling Drake, 
50-0, before 11,000 fans. Veryl Switzer got the sea- 
son off to a good start when he grabbed a Drake punt 
on the K-State seven-yard line and ran 93 yards for 
































Colorado A&M 14 


Iowa State 













; '•' - . "• 


7nlM** 6 4k 





w m; 

j74^24^ 81 ^50^63^65^32^40 7 6^ e4 ^82^ 10. 


-Aulk-^aMf- 1' 

1953 FOOTBALL SQUAD — TOP ROW: Kenny Righter, student manager; Bernard (Bus) Mertes, assistant coach; Clyde Van Sickle, freshman coach; Bill Meek, 
head coach; John Cudmore, assistant coach; Royal Price, assistant coach; Don Stehley, assistant coach; and Laurence (Porky) Morgan, trainer. FIFTH ROW: 
Ted Heath, Paul Crandell, Wilbur Stocks, Doug Foreman, Ralph Waite, Ken Ellis, Neil Kolterman, Bob Whitehead, Burt Schmidt, and Dot Hedges. FOURTH 
ROW: Jim Rhoades, Jon O'Connor, Darrel Gale, Kenny Long Jim Logsdon, Cecil Keith, Bob Moore, Bob Hilliard, Roger Orban, Arlan Frerking, Frank Rodman, 
and Donnie Parsons. THIRD ROW: Leroy Ciboski, Al Karetski, Bob Pernu, Charles Zickefoose, Kerry Clifford, Clair Simpson, Cletis Wilson D. D. LoweJI, Leroy 
Bosco, Eldon Zeller, and Dick Swengel. SECOND ROW: Ed Linta, Ron Marciniak, Jim Furey, John Klbecka, Ron Nery, Bernie Dudley, Cecil (Corky) Taylor, Larry 
Hartshorn, Doug Roether, Bob Dahnke, Jim Rusher, and Tom Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Earl Meyer, Veryl (Joe) Switzer, Ed Pence, Ken Gowdy, Tom Boyle, Price 

Gentry, Bob Balderston, Gerald Cashman, Ron Clair, Dean Peck, Joel Berry, and Jack Chilton. 




f4? fc&Yli 

^^ * '6b W^ ' - ™ f J 

am m y Jam mmmam£> *aM. am* 


M^tgtm^^MMmm mm mitaamwam 

Joe is on his way to score K-State's first touchdown in the NU 
game. Bob Dahnke (14) and Ed Pence (81) help clear a path. 

a first-quarter touchdown. The run erased the school record for 
the longest punt run-back set in 1949 when Ross Estes ran one 
back 76 yards. 

On the following Saturday, K-State lost to Colorado A and M, 
14-13. In the final minute of the first half, the Cats recovered an 
Aggie fumble, and Bob Dahnke flipped a pass to end Paul Cran- 
dell to go out in front. 

The Aggies tied it up in the third period with a touchdown 
pass good for three yards, but in the same quarter, Corky Taylor 

Relieving Switzer and Taylor at right half was Kenny Long 
(upper left). Bernie Dudley at left half was seventh in con- 
ference punting. At left guard on the second team was Bob 
Milliard. Al Karetski (right) also played guard. 

Earl Meyer (upper left) was always tough at tackle. At 

the second string center slot was Jim Furey with Ron Clair 

(upper right) playing right tackle. Eldon Zeller (lower 

right) played left halfhack for K-State. 

galloped 35 yards for a K-State TD. Colorado A and M 
cinched the game with a last-period tally and extra point. 

Wildcat fans went wild when K-State shutout Nebraska 
27-0. The Cats accounted for two touchdowns in the second 
quarter to start the scoring. 

Four seconds after the start of the fourth quarter, Taylor 
took a pitchout on the Nebraska two and scored. A Ne- 
braska fumble on their 41 set up a Bob Whitehead touch- 
down pass to Ed Pence. The extra point try was fumbled, 
but Taylor swept up the ball and ran it over. 

Bernie Dudley tries to get away from a lot of trouhle 
as he skirts around right end in the Drake game. 


An extra point is added to the Cats' score in the Colorado game. Dud- 
ley held the hall while Dahnke did the booting. Larry Hartshorn (left) 
moved up to play second string tackle by the middle of the season. 

The Cats Sink the Cyclones 

Iowa State was the next victim to fall before the Cats. Long runs monopo- 
lized the Wildcat scoring as Whitehead tallied first with a 43-yard dash in 
the second frame. A one-yard buck by Bob Balderston accounted for the next 
touchdown in the third quarter and a long run by Taylor ended in paydirt 
for the Cats. 

One of the best plays of the season came against Colorado as the Cats 
continued their unbeaten conference record with a 28-14 win. Midway in 
the second quarter the Cats had the ball on their own 36, fourth down, and 
17 yards to go. Taylor faked a punt and sped 64 yards to the goal line. 

Price Gentry (left) play- 
ed guard, and Bob Dahnke 
was the top quarterback. 

Top level strategy is being planned 
in the conference between coaches 
Cudmore and Meek. Ken Gowdy 
(above), starting center for the Wild- 
cats, added scholastic honors to those 
which he won on the football field. 

Ed Pence (right) was the main performer 
at left end. Ron Nery (bottom) played tackle. 

All Cat 6-Pointers Come on Long Runs 

All of the scoring for K-State came on long runs. The initial score came on an 80- 
yard punt return by Switzer, followed by Taylor's 64-yard gallop and Dahnke's 53-yard 
scoring jaunt. Early in the fourth quarter, Ed Pence booted a spectacular 38-yard field 
goal that barely cleared the crossbars. 

The final score came on an end run by Switzer that netted 60 yards and six points. 

A third shutout was registered by the Cats as they topped Wichita university, 21-0. 
Going into the contest, K-State ranked second in the nation in rushing, and Wichita 
was third in defense. 

Despite the Shocker defense, the Wildcats' offense proved too much. With the 
game five plays old, Gerald Cashman went over from the seven. 




Veryl Switzer (left) was the team's top seorer and ground-gainer. Giving the Cats' pass- 
ing attack downfield punch were Ed Linta and Paul Crandell (right) who both played end. 


Veryl (Joe) Switzer ended his senior season at Kansas State by doing 
just about everything a football player can do. 

He led the Big Seven conference in punt returns and was third 
in the nation in that department. Joe also tied for second place scoring 
honors in the conference. 

The AP and UP selected Joe for their first all-conference teams. 
The midwest chapter of the Football Writers Association of America 
elected him the Outstanding Back of the Midwest. 

Climaxing his collegiate career, Joe crashed over for two touch- 
downs and led the West all-stars to a 31-7 victory in the Shrine game. 

It was a high spiraling kick — Joe caught it on the twenty, cut out for 
80 yards, and scored his second TD against CU. Wilbur Stocks (right) 

played end for the Cats. 


Faked out are the Golden Buffs as junior halfhaek Corky Taylor speeds for the goal stripe 64 yards 
down field. Taylor took the ball, faked a punt, then completely outsmarted eleven opposition players. 

A Dark Two Hours Spent With OU 

The first conference defeat for the Cats, came at 
the hands of Oklahoma to ruin the Homecoming 
celebration. The Sooners, who later whipped the na- 
tion's top team, Maryland, in the Orange bowl, had 
little trouble drubbing the Cats, 34-0. 

Oklahoma scored in every quarter and marked up 
24 first downs while the Cats were getting 10. The 

Cats almost broke into the scoring column but the 
clock ran out, as a pass took the Cats to the OU two. 

The final win of the season was a 7-0 game with 
Kansas. It was the first win over the Hawks since 
1944. Fumbles marred a game played in a freezing 
drizzle and snow. K-State's only score came on an 
11-yard run by Bernie Dudley. 

Dean Peck (left) was the top right guard until sidelined with an injury. Ron Marciniak strengthened the 
line at tackle. Playing in the fullback slot was Doug Roether with Tom O'Boyle (right) at left guard. 

Ed Pence slams down a Wichita ball carrier. Charles Zicke- 
foose (right) played center and tackle his sophomore year. 

Teamwork Stops Shockers 

'*-.».•••'. ' ' ,a,-A: 

Late in the last quarter, the Jayhawks ran the ball 
to the K-State 1-yard line for a first down. Two Jay- 
hawk halfbacks, Don Hess and John Anderson, tried 
to get that one yard, but couldn't make it over. Then, 
coach Jules Sikes sent in a substitute and a delay-of- 
the-game penalty put the ball back to the six. On the 

next play Ken Gowdy broke through to capture a 
KU fumble. 

Missouri proved too tough for the Wildcats, as the 
Tigers won, 16-6, in the Cats' final conference tilt. 
The lone K-State score came late in the third quarter 
with Taylor going over. 

Corky Taylor (left) at halfback was a scoring threat, and Tom Smith aided the cause at 
tackle. Gerald Cashman (right) was another of the Wildcats' starting backfield men. 

Bob Whitehead (left) was the second man at quar- 
terback, and Cletis Wilson played at right guard. 

A Tie Ends Grid Season 

A 26-26 tie with Arizona ended the '53 grid season. Switzer carried 
the lion's share of the scoring with two touchdowns, both on long runs. 
He took a screen pass from Dahnke and rambled 55 yards for a score; 
then returned a kickoff 82 yards for another Wildcat tally. 

The Wildcats were well represented in post season sectional games. 
Gowdy, Pence, Balderston, and Earl Meyer were selected to play in the 
North-South game at Miami, and Meek was named assistant coach of 
the North Squad. 

Switzer played in the East-West Shrine game, and O'Boyle played 
in the Blue-Gray game at Montgomery, Ala. Dean Peck also received an 

Running the ball for Oklahoma (below) is Buddy Leake, 22. Burt 
Schmidt (upper right) was a guard, and playing end was Bob Smith. 

Doug Roether (30), 
O'Boyle (63), and 
Pence (81) combine 
forces to bring down 
a Missouri halfback. 


Seven Cats Win Conference Honors 

invitation to play, but turned it down because of a 
shoulder injury. 

The Associated Press and United Press selected 
seven Wildcats for conference honors. The UP pick- 
ed O'Boyle and Switzer on the first team, Gowdy 
and Pence on the second team, and Taylor and Ron 
Marciniak on the third team. The AP gave first-team 
honors to Pence and Switzer, second team to Gowdy 
and O'Boyle, and third team to Dahnke and Marci- 
niak. Receiving AP honorable mention were Ed 
Linta, Meyer, Peck, Taylor, and Balderston. Gowdy 
was named on the second all-American academic 

Several Wildcat gridders ranked high in the final 
conference statistics. Switzer was tops in punt re- 
turns with a 31-yard average, tied for second in 
scoring, and took fourth in ball-carrying and pass- 
receiving. Corky Taylor was the fifth top ball-car- 
rier, and Balderston took 13th. 

In the passing division, Dahnke was the Big 
Seven's third best passer with teammate Bob White- 
head ranked number 12. Bernie Dudley added to the 
laurels as the seventh best punter. 

K-State was the second best ground-gainer in the 
conference with a total of 2,884 yards, 2,274 rush- 
ing and 610 passing. 

Doug Foreman (left) was a 
reserve end while Bob Bal- 
derston was the top full- 
back. Jim Khoades (right) 
added to the depth of the 
same position. 




Deciding Factor, Me* ^ftj 

witar. Pence All-Big sW — *'* ^ 

■wildcats Roll at Will J 

Over Jayhav/ks, Cinch 

Tie for Second in Loop 

°pping Nation 

Lead ■' avv ^ SA 
//7 % 5 


Qts C* 

or A- 

"St A 

&M President Praises 
((-State s Football Team 


a PPX Cats R 
l£ ur Cha 

"i Records 
^fed '52 Mart 

Cats Top Shockers; 
Look to OU dash 

Headlines and post season invitations were showered upon the Wildcat football team as 
a result of KSC's winning pigskin performance. Seven K-Staters participated in post season 
games. Guard Tommy O'Boyle played in the Blue-Gray game at Montgomery, Ala. Ed Pence, 
end, Earl Meyer, tackle, Ken Gowdy, center, and Boh Balderson, fullback, followed Bill Meek 
to Miami for the North-South game, in which the K-State coach was an assistant. Halfback Joe 
Switzer was co-captain in the East-West Shrine game in San Francisco. 




Ru7 Dreaks I Drought May ^ 

Wildcats Finish 

Head man of Kansas State basketball is 

Tex Winter who came from Marquette 

university this year. 

Plagued with injuries and the task of finding a replace- 
ment for ail-American center Dick Knostman, Tex Winter 
and the Kansas State basketball team barely managed to 
finish the season with a better than .500 mark with 11 wins 
and 10 losses. 

Under the direction of Tex Winter, who replaced Jack 
Gardner upon the latter's resignation to go to Utah, the 
Cats tied the Cornhuskers of Nebraska for fourth place in 
the Big Seven. 

Just as junior center Jerry Jung started giving impres- 
sions of taking over the pivot spot, he broke a bone in his 
leg and was out for the remainder of the season. Shortly 
after the half-way mark in basketball play, Jesse Prisock 
was sidelined by a severe charley horse in his leg. Jesse 
was only used in a limited capacity during the Cats' last 
five games. 

Going into the final games of conference race, the Cats 
lost or partially lost the services of J. R. Snyder and Jim 
Smith. Snyder was put to bed with a case of glandular 
fever and Smith suffered an internal injury during a game. 
All the players recovered by the time the season was over 
but their loss had hurt the Cats' playing ability. 


There's the toss, the second half is underway," says the announeer as Roger Craft, 44, and Bill Brain- 
ard, 7, of Kansas jump. Gene Stauffer, 40, Harold Patterson, 22, and Len Wilson, 50, await the tip. 


id x if*- 


t& ■■■■■■■ ■ <jH -#P^ WBSHKffl 

. » 

.J. t»< 


41 •*» 

'W\0 T'jt 

•" v ' 


\. v ' : - ' : 

it | 

Season Above the 500 Mark 

The Cats started off the season with a win over 
Denver university, 70-41. K-State had little trouble 
hitting 21 field goals and 28 free throws. Jim Smith 
led the scoring parade with 13 points. 

Indiana was the next opponent, and the Hoosiers 
lived up to their high national ranking by dumping 
K-State, 92-66. Early in the first quarter, Indiana 
swished through 16 points in 2 minutes. 

The Hoosiers' all-American Don Schlundt tallied 
16 points in the first quarter, sat out nearly two 

quarters of the game, and ended the game with 25 
points. Jesse Prisock was high man for the Cats with 
16 points. 

Gene Stauffer, 6-foot guard, broke the scoring 
record for K-State guards against Wyoming to lead 
the Wildcats to a 76-69 victory. Stauffer hit 26 
points to eclipse his own mark of 24 points set in 
the 1952-53 season. 

Wyoming threatened in the third quarter after 
K-State had led by six points at the half. But with 


Kansas State 70 



Kansas State 75 

Kansas State 66 



Kansas State 62 

Kansas State 76 



Kansas State 71 

Kansas State 74 



Kansas State 63 

Kansas State 87 



Kansas State 56 

Kansas State 74 



Kansas State 91 

Kansas State 81 



Kansas State 62 

Kansas State 98 

Iowa State 


Kansas State 74 

Kansas State 63 

Michigan State 78 

Kansas State 79 

Kansas State 66 



Kansas State 90 


Kansas State 76 

• • 










Iowa State 




Iowa State 









1953 BASKETBALL SQUAD — BACK ROW: Dobbie Lambert, assistant coach, Dan Schuyler, Nugent Adams, Jim Smith, Jesse Prisock, Jim Frary, Jerry Jung, 

Joe Powell, Bob Brazil, Dick Stone, Dick Thompson, Tex Winter, head coach. FRONT ROW: Bob Smith, J. R. Snyder, Norman Brandeberry, Jim Tangeman, Bill 

Kohl, Warren Bullock, Gene Stauffer, Perk Reitemeier, John Wilson, Jerald Draney, Kent Poore, Gregg Williams, student manager. 


NU Stops Cats in KC 

about three minutes left in the third quarter, the 
Cats rallied to go ahead by 11 points at the end of 
the frame. 

Going into the holiday games, K-State was tied 
for 19th in the United Press ratings. In two games 
with Washington, K-State won by easy margins of 
74-64, and 87-76. 

At the Big Seven pre-season tourney the Cats were 
beaten out the first round by Nebraska, 78-74. In 
the consolation bracket, the team beat Washington 
for the third time of the season, 81-75; and whipped 
Iowa State, 98-77. This was the highest score for 
the year by the Wildcats. 

The high point of the tourney for Cat fans was 
Jerry Jung's surge of points in the last two games. 
Against Washington, he hit 15, and in the last game 
he gathered 14 despite a leg injury. It looked like 
Tex had found a center. 

Sophomore Joe Pow 
ell was one of the 
three Wildcats to hold 
down the center posi- 

Jesse Prisock was 
the top Cat scorer 
and was 19th in the 
country in free 

Jesse Prisock, 43 (below), hits a setup as Jim Smith, 22, rushes up for a possi- 
ble rebound with Missouri players Bob Reiter, 35, Bob Schoonmaker, 41, and 

Med Park, 32. 

Jerry Jung, 25, goes up 
for a jump-shot as Gene 
Church, 15, of Denver 
tries to hlock it. Kent 
Poore, 4, is in the fore- 

Although not a starter, 
Warren Bullock aided 
the team with his per- 
formance at guard. 

Cats Beat Buffs in Opener 

Prisock was the third highest scorer of the tourna- 
ment with 61 points. The Cats made more field 
goals, 98, and more total points, 253, than any other 
team at the tournament. 

The worst defeat in Field House history was hand- 
ed the Cats by Michigan State, 78-63. The first 
quarter was fairly even, but in the second period, 
the Spartans began hitting and went ahead, 42-34. 

Although the Cats tried to rally in the last quar- 
ter, it was to no avail as the Michigan State five 
stalled out the ball. 

Colorado fell before the Cats as they opened con- 
ference play with a 66-60 win. Jung, back after a 
leg injury, took high scoring honors with 18 points 
hitting eight field goals and two free throws. With 
a six-point lead in the last quarter, K-State began 
stalling the ball. J. R. Snyder and Kent Poore, both 
sophomore guards, made the fans stand up and 
cheer with their fine dribbling and control. 

A first-string guard, 

Gene Stauffer always 

posed a scoring threat 

for the opponents. 

Len Wilson, 50, pushes one up against Kansas with 

Harold McElroy, 19, giving him trouble. Kent 

Poore (right) was a set-shot artist at guard. 

Tex Almost Outwits Phog 


J. R. Snyder gave the Cats 
plenty of hustle at guard. 

The Cats dropped another game to Nebraska, 88-75. After being in 
front at the end of the first quarter, 24-18, the Cats' pace slackened con- 
siderably, and Nebraska went ahead at the half, 42-38. Gene Stauffer 
again went over the 20-point mark hitting 23. 

Coach Winter pulled a new trick from the hat against Kansas and the 
venture almost ended in victory for the Cats. K-State dropped its normal 
fastbreak brand of ball to use a slower, ball-control method. The game 
was close and the lead changed hands eight times, but KU was ahead, 
65-62, at the final gun. The largest crowd of the season was on hand to 
see the two teams clash. 

The K-State hardwood five lost another close one to Missouri the follow- 
ing week, 75-71. Prisock led the Cats with 25 points, one of his best 


Sink Sooners at Norman 

performances of the season. He hit five points in the last quarter to spark a K-State 

rally, but fouls by the Cats gave the game to Mizzou as the Tigers failed to hit a 

field goal the last quarter. 

After being behind, 16-12, in the first quarter against Oklahoma, K-State found 

the range and defeated the Sooners, 63-53. The Cat defense was especially good, 

keeping the Sooners' Bob Waller, the conference's second high scorer from hitting 

from the field. Oklahoma went through the second quarter and five minutes of the 

third without scoring a field goal. Prisock was again high point man with 18. 

For the first time since the 1948-49 season, Iowa State beat the Cats. The 60-56 

victory gave the Cyclones their first Big Seven win of the season. K-State was in 

front for the greater part of the game, but in the second half, Iowa State rallied and 

ended up on top. 

Gene Stauffer, 40 (below), lays 

one up against Denver. Dick Stone 

(right) performed at forward. 


Jerry Jung showed promise of devel- 
oping into a starting eenter, but in- 
juries hampered his play. 

A basket is tallied by Jim Smith, 22, against Wyoming. Looking on are Snyder, 14, 
Stauffer, 40, Bill Sharp, 8, Roger Craft, 44, and Len Wilson, 50. Smith (upper right) 
was dependable at forward, while Roger Craft (lower left) played well at eenter. 

Early NU Loss Avenged 

The Cyclones went ahead late in the third period, 37-36, but the Cats soon retrieved 
the lead. In the final frame, the lead changed possession four times. Prisock kept 
his position as top K-State scorer with 23 points. 

K-State's third conference victory came at the expense of Nebraska, 91-70. With 
Jung out with a broken bone, Joe Powell, 6-8 sophomore, got the starting nod, and hit 
eight points, all in the first quarter. Three fouls in the same quarter put him on the 
bench. Through the first two quarters, the game was close with only two or three 
points separating the ball clubs. With two minutes left in the half, J. R. Snyder put 
the Cats ahead with three quick field goals. In the final quarter Nebraska scored 
eight points and K-State 27. 


Cats Lose by Two at Ames 

In a hectic game that saw both teams surge ahead and then falter, Iowa State 
edged by K-State 64-62. With the score tied 62-62 and five seconds left to go 
in the game, Dick Stone fouled Barney Alleman. Alleman made the two shots and 
cinched the game for the Cyclones. 

Iowa State jumped off to an early lead only to see the Cats come back and 
knot the count in the third quarter at 30-30. The Cats then went on to lead 53-44 
at the end of the quarter. However, the lead soon faded as the Cyclones began 
pumping in the basketball. With Prisock out with a charley horse, Roger Craft 
assumed the scoring duty and hit 18 points for his best game up to that time. 

Kansas continued on its way to a second Big Seven championship 
by whipping the Cats, 85-74. Joe Powell took the scoring laurels for 
K-State with 19 points, while Kansas center B. H. Born got only 11. 

J. R. Snyder, 14, pauses in mid-air to poke one in as Joe Lathrop, 
13, tries to stop him. Dan Sehuyler, 41, is at the left. Bill Kohl 
(left) played guard, and Len Wilson (right) was a speedy forward. 

* tff 

Nebraska's Bill Johnson, 5, catches the Cats napping and sinks a basket to bring the Huskers within two 
points of K-State. Wilson, 50, Powell, 45, Prisock, 43, and Snyder, 14, watch futilely. 

nds Beats Ml) 

K-State's best game of the season was probably 
against Missouri. A setup by Kent Poore in the last 

Nugent Adams (left) and Bob Smith added sup- 
port at forward and guard respectively. 

five seconds gave the Cats the 79-78 win. Five fouls 
were called in the last minute of play, helping to 
change the lead five times. 

Gene Stauffer and Poore were high point men for 
the game, each getting 21 points. The Cats were 
minus the services of Prisock, Snyder, Jung, and 
Jim Smith. 

Roger Craft hit the most points in one game for 
the Cats in the season getting 29 against Oklahoma. 
K-State thumped the Sooners, 90-68, in the final 
home game. Seniors Gene Stauffer and Jesse Prisock 
ended their home season with 15 and 17 points re- 

A Wildcat rally fell short against Colorado as the 
Buffs won, 79-76. Although the Cats hit 26 points 
in the last quarter, a 21 -point lead couldn't be over- 

Dobbie Resigns 
As Freshman Coach 

Keith (Dobbie) Lambert, coach of the freshman basketball 
squad here since 1951, resigned in mid-March this year to 
enter private business. Lambert was responsible for bringing 
to K-State such basketball stars as Kent Poore, J. R. Snyder, 
Dick Peck, Bob Rousey, Gene Wilson, and Dan Schuyler. 

Known among basketball circles as a great team man, he 

was always a ball of fire and enthusiasm both on and off the 

hardwood court. One conference coach remarked it would be 

easier to shake hands with Dobbie's successor than to have 
to meet Dobbie's crushing grip. 

Howard Shannon, Topeka high school coach, was named 
to replace Dobbie. Shannon is a former K-State ail-American 
player and played professional basketball with the Provi- 
dence, R. I. "Steamrollers." He was named "rookie of the 
year." He also played with the Boston Celtics. 

Of this year's freshman team, Dobbie said that it showed 
more hustle and spirit than any freshman team he had 
coached since coming to K-State. But they lacked height, he 
added. Parker Stotler is the tallest player, standing 6 feet, 
6 inches. 

*''- ! 


1 1 

1 M 



Keith (Dobbie) Lambert provided much 

of the foundation for basketball at K-State 

in his job of freshman coaeh. He resigned 

effective July 1. 

FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD— BACK ROW: Keith (Dobbie) Lambert, freshman coach, Bill Harrison, Eddie Delk, Bill Sinderson, Jack Gumbert, Bill Hull, 

Parker Stotler, Ken Hinkle, Fred Schneider, Andy Matson, Jack Kiddoo, Fre:l (Tex) Winter, head basketball coach. FRONT ROW: Eddie Wolf, Jack Kastner, Bob 

Turley, Pachin Vicens, John Moorman, Eddie Wallace, Ron Flynn, Bob Boyd, J. R. Brooks, Dick Dupont, and Dale Dickson, student manager (in front). 


1953 TRACK TEAM — TOP ROW: Coach Ward Haylett, Wes Wilkison, Don Roberts, Veryl Switzer, Jerry Rowe, Ted Hanson. SECOND ROW: Dick Towers, Jerry 
Sartorius, Jack Railsback, Johnnie Caldwell, Thane Baker, Dick Culbertson. BOTTOM ROW: Tom Machin, Fred Wingert, Jim Jorns, Grover Adee, and Elmer Creviston. 

KANSAS STATE Thinclads Shine in Dashes 

Once again Thane Baker's brilliant running high- 
lighted the '53 outdoor track season. In eight meets, 
Baker won the 100-yard dash in all but the NCAA 
and National AAU, in which he took seconds. 

It was almost the same in the 220 as the speedy 
sprinter grabbed four firsts and the national colle- 

Veryl Switzer was a consistent point-getter for the 
Cats last year in field events. Here he confers with 
Coach Haylett. 

giate crown. Baker's wins at the NCAA meet put 
K-State in a tie for sixth place nationally with Mich- 
igan and Kansas. He finished third in the AAU 220. 
While Wes Santee of Kansas was gaining the 
headlines by winning 14 of 23 races on the European 
tour last summer, Baker quietly won all of his for 
a 23-0 record in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Fin- 
land, and Germany. 

Cats Fifth at Big; Seven Meet 

Coached by Ward Haylett, the Cats won two of the 
three dual meets they ran and placed fifth at the 
conference meet at Ames, la. 

Baker won the 100-yard dash at the Texas relays 
and anchored four relay teams. The sprint medley 
relay team of Taylor, Mershon, Towers and Baker 
won second, as did the mile relay team of Sartorius, 
Rowe, Towers and Baker. Taylor, Mershon, Shad- 
wick and Baker won second in the 880, third in the 
440 relays. 

Although Missouri won, 68Y 2 -62%, K-State set 
or tied several dual meet records. Baker won the 
100, 220 and 440, tying records in the first two and 
setting a new mark of 48:8 in the quarter. Towers 
ran the mile in a record 4:25.4, while Veryl Switzer 
jumped 23 feet 41/$ inches for a broad jump record. 
Railsback won the high hurdles. 


Lending strength to the high hurdles event was Jack Rails- 
back (above). Thane Baker (upper center) almost assured 
the Cats of a first in the century. Don RORERTS (upper 
right) excelled in the high jump. Gerald Shadwick (right) 
ran in the 110, 220, 440, and 880 relay teams. Quarter- 
MILER Jerry Rowe (far right) often finished near the top, 
and ran the mile relay. 

Baker First to Win Three 

Baker is first to win three consecutive 100-yard 
titles at the Kansas relays. The half-mile team of 
Mershon, Loomis, Taylor and Baker took first. 

An auto accident on the way to the Colorado re- 
lays put the team out of that meet and a dual meet 
with Kansas because of injuries to Grover Adee and 
trainer Laurence "Porky" Morgan. 

Thane Baker snaps the 
tape in 440-yard dash 
in the meet with Iowa 
State. Jerry Sartorius, 
68, finished second and 
Jerry Rowe, 67, third, 
ahead of Dick Barber 
of Iowa State. 


Jerry Sartorius (upper left) gave the Cats added punch in the quarter mile, low 
hurdles, and mile relay while Wes Wilkison (upper center) put his efforts into high 
jumping. One OF THE team's steady point-getters in the high hurdles was Dick Cul- 
bertson (upper right). Jerry Mershon (left) ranked as Thane Baker's shadow in 
the 100 and 220-yard dashes, usually finishing in second place behind the Olympic 
flash. At THE START of the season Dick Towers (lower left) was the Cats' top threat 
in the half mile, later switching to the mile run. He also ran on the mile relay team. 

K-State next ran against Iowa State and defeated them 71%-59^. The 
Cats took first in the broad jump, javelin, 880-yard run, two-mile run, the 
mile relay, and the 100, 220, and 440-yard dashes. 

Nebraska Defeated, 68-63 

The Cats beat Nebraska 68-63. Machin, Wingert and Switzer tied for 
first in the pole vault. Other Cat wins were the two-mile by Jorns, mile 

Dick Culbertson (beloiv) leads in the field in the high hurdles in a meet here with 
Iowa State while Jack Railsback battles with the other runners. Iowa State won the 
event, but K-State won the meet, 71^4-59^. 






Johnnie Caldwell (above) led the Cats in the 880 and 
mile relay, while Jim Loomis (upper center) ran on the half- 
mile relay. RUNNING THE two-mile was Jim Jorns (upper 
right), and Floyd Niernberger (right) ran the mile. Corky 
Taylor (far right) ran the hurdles, 100, and on the relay 
teams. Fred Wingert (lower right) was a consistent pole 
vault scorer. 

by Hanson, and the mile relay by Towers, Rowe, 
Caldwell and Baker. Wilkison and Roberts tied with 
a Nebraskan in the high jump. Baker flashed to vic- 
tory in the 100, 220 and 440, setting a new meet 
and school mark of 20.6 seconds in the 220. 

For the third straight year Baker won the century 
at the conference meet in 9.8 seconds. He set a new 
record for the 440 in the trials, 47.1, but passed up 
the event in the main running. He also won the 220. 
The mile relay team set a new record of 3:15.4. 

Top Cat SPRINTER, Thane Baker, finishes the 220-yard dash 
against Nebraska at K-State with the usual gap between him 
and the rest of the field. Jerry Mershon finished second. 

R V 



k ' -J W^ 

INDOOR TRACK SQUAD— TOP ROW: Grover M. Adee, Very! Joe Switzer, Carl D. Hobson, Marvin W. Chiles, Jervis C. Rowe, Bill L. Wall, Thomas Wesselowski, 
Harold E. Garner. SECOND ROW: Jerry Sartorius, Clark A. Hatch, Ray Beikman, James A. Delker, Chester Wasson, 0. D. Calhoon, Dolan K. McDaniel, Robert F. 
Playter, David A. Brace. THIRD ROW: Robert Reeder, Darrel Mitchel, Paul Strunk, Gene L. Youngstedt, Bill L. Frohn, Leslie W. Dyck, Hubert E. Guest, Robert 
Miller, Donald D. Hart. BOTTOM ROW: Coach Ward Haylett, Homer A. Kruckenberg, Jim A. Loomis, Glen 0. Taplin, Rickard L. Kalivoda, Jerry L. Mershon, 

J. D. Roberts, freshman coach Gerald Shadwick. 

Indoor Trackmen Win Conference Fifth 

K-State's indoor track squad won a dual meet, took 
second in two triangular meets, got fifth in the con- 
ference indoor meet, and placed one first in the 
Colorado Relays this spring. The team was under 
the direction of Coach Ward Haylett. 

The season opened with a triangular meet with 
Kansas and Oklahoma. Kansas was first with 58J/2 
points, K-State second with 411/o, and Oklahoma 

Jule Sweatte, OU (left), wins the 60-yard dash 
ahead of Corky Taylor and Don Hess, KU (right). 

third with 29. Nebraska was not much trouble as 
the Cats won the dual, 56-48. In the other triangu- 
lar, Colorado was first with 45% points, K-State 
second with 44%, and Iowa State last with 39. 

The Wildcats' efforts in the Big Seven meet were 
highlighted by the marks of two K-State pole vault- 
ers. Fred Wingert vaulted 13 feet, 3 inches, which 
was 6 inches better than any previous attempt. 
Wingert tied for third place in the meet. Paul Miller 
topped the bar at 13 feet, which was also 6 inches 
better than any earlier jumps. 

Marvin Chiles ended up second in the 440-yard 
dash, and the mile relay team which was always a 
threat in any meet finished second. Running in the 
relay team were Jerry Sartorius, Ray Russell, Jerry 
Rowe, and Marvin Chiles. 

A first place was registered at the Colorado In- 
vitational meet by shotputter Allan Muecke. He 
heaved the shot 45.2 feet. Muecke also took second 
in the shotput medley, throwing the 10, 12, and 16 
pound shots in succession with the results added. 

GYMNASTIC SQUAD— TOP ROW: Ray Beatty, Rick Khankan, William Holt, Bobby L. Logan, Coach Frank J. Thompson. BOTTOM ROW: Sid T. Warner, Wendell 

Minkley, Paul Engborg, Earl Mayden, Thomas Baird, Vernon Dye. 


■ ■ 

This year marked the first time that varsity letters 
were awarded to the gym team, and the squad 
showed its gratitude by winning 6 of 10 dual meets. 
The Cat gymnasts whipped Kansas university, the 
Kansas City Turners, Minnesota State, and Colorado 
State, while losing to Nebraska, Western Illinois 
State, and Colorado university. 

Ray Beatty was the top man and captain of the 
squad, and was beaten only once in the season in 
the free exercise event. Beatty was highpoint man 
with 23 in a quadrangular meet here, beating Ne- 
braska's midwest champion Tom Kidd. 

K-State is the defending champion in the Missouri 
Valley AAU gym meet, winning 17 medals and the 
team trophy last year. Coached by Frank Thomp- 
son, the team was composed of Bill Wikle, Al 
Bumpus, Ray Beatty, Bob Logan, and Gene Clark. 

The two lettermen, Beatty and Wendell Holt, rep- 
resented K-State at the NCAA in April. Beatty was 
14th on the flying rings, and Holt was 18th on the 

Ray Beatty placed 14th on the 
flying rings in the NCAA meet. 




Coach Thompson 
gives some pointers 
to his number two 
netman, Larry Pen- 

1953 Tennis Record 

Kansas State 1 Washburn 6 

Kansas State 3 Kansas 4 

Kansas State 3 Pittsburg State Teacher's College 4 

Kansas State 5 Missouri 2 

Kansas State 4 Nebraska 3 

Kansas State 5 Drake 2 

Kansas State 4 .... Iowa State 3 

Wildcats Rally in 

An entirely new team was what Coach Frank 
Thompson had in 1953 but he developed his tennis 
squad into a well co-ordinated unit. Off to a slow 
start, losing their first three contests to Washburn, 
Kansas and Pittsburg State, the Cats put on a burst 
of speed to beat Missouri, Nebraska, Drake and 
Iowa State. 

In the opening tilt with Washburn, the Cats won 
only one match, but at the end of the season, the situ- 
ation was reversed. K-State won five of seven 
matches with Drake. 

In the Big Seven conference tournament at Ames, 
la., the K-State squad placed sixth in the standing. 
Dick Horning, top man on the Cat team, ended up 
the season with a 1-6 record, and Larry Penner, the 
number two man, won five and lost two. The other 
records were Stan Burnette, 4-3, Bill Hansen, 5-2, 
and Bo Forester, 3-3. Horning and Forester played 
doubles and Penner and Burnette constituted the 
other doubles combination. 

1953 TENNIS SQUAD — Dick Horning, Coach Frank Thompson, Bo Forester, Bill Hansen, Stan Burnette, and Larry Penner. 

ate Spring Sports 

Golf in '53 showed definite improvement as the 
Cats broke into the win column for the first time in 
one and a half seasons. Coached by Mickey Evans, 
the team won four dual matches, tied one, and lost 
seven. In the Big Seven tournament at Ames, they 
finished fifth, ahead of Kansas and Missouri. 

Seniors Graham Hunt and Russell Hicks paced the 
golfers. Hunt was medalist twice, tied two other 
times. Hicks led the team in the conference, tieing 
for sixth place, and was medalist in one match. 

The Cats opened with a 17^4-^zo defeat at Wich- 
ita, but later in the year beat the same team at Man- 
hattan. The loss knocked the Shockers from the 
undefeated and untied ranks. 

"Putt 'er there," 
says Graham Hunt, 
top man on the Cat 
golf team last year. 

Golf Record 

Kansas State 

Vi • 

. Wichita 1714 

Kansas State 7^4 


. Missouri 4^4 

Kansas State 


Tulsa 1214 

Kansas State 10 

► ♦ 

Drake 2 

Kansas State 


. Oklahoma A&M 16 

Kansas State 1 


. Nebraska 11 

Kansas State 

6 14 

. Wichita 51/4 

Kansas State 6 

, , 

Kansas 6 

Kansas State 

514 . 

Kansas 6^4 

Kansas State 814 

, . 

Washburn 3}4 

Kansas State 


. Nebraska 9 

Kansas State 6 

t • 

Drake 9 

1953 GOLF TEAM — John Stretcher, Russell Hicks, Graham Hunt, Dale Elliot, and Coach Mickey Evans. 

Ron Marciniak gets an arm lock 
on the leg of Cornell wrestler 
Segura. Ron won the match on a 
decision, and K-State won the 
meet. His season record was two 
wins, one loss. 

Matmen Goto NCAA 

1954 saw wrestling at K-State have one of the best 
seasons in recent years. Under the guidance of 
Fritz Knorr, who this year succeeded Leon (Red) 
Reynard as coach, the grapplers won five and lost 
four dual meets during the season. Two of the Wild- 
cat wrestlers, Ted Weaver and Ken Ellis, took fourth 
places in the NCAA tournament. Weaver was the 
only Cat to win a first place in the Big Seven 

K-State opened the season with wins over Wichita, 
Colorado State, and Cornell. Oklahoma university 
and Oklahoma A&M then both handed the Cats lop- 
sided defeats. Oklahoma A&M went on to win the 
NCAA tournament. Wisconsin and Iowa State also 
whipped the Cats. The other two victories came at 
the expense of Colorado university and Nebraska. 

Ted Weaver was the Cats' leading wrestler in 
number of matches, total points, and most wins. He 
Avon 13 and lost 3, gathering 47 points for the team 
over the season. Bobby Mancuso pinned three of 
his opponents winning nine and losing three. The 
other top K-State wrestler, Ken Ellis, had a 9-4 
record, also pinning three men. 

In over-all individual matches, K-State's matmen 
won 51 and lost 49. 

WRESTLING SQUAD— TOP ROW: Kenneth Ellis, Phillip Weaver, Raleigh T. Weaver, John Cederberg, Benton Tibbetts. MIDDLE ROW: Leonard Pacha, Fred W. 
Figge, John A. Bradshaw, Roland D. Alexander. BOTTOM ROW: Coach Fritz Knorr, Joe E. Landholm, Elton L. Chatfield, Bobby Mancuso, Kenneth N. Spicher. 

1953 CAT BASEBALLERS— TOP ROW: Duane Holder, assistant coach, 
Ray Wauthier, coach. SECOND ROW: John Eidson, Robert Parker, Frank 
Clews, Sax Stone, Sam Sinderson, Ron Bergren. THIRD ROW: Ken Jen- 
kins, Daryl Parker, Don Prigmore, Larry Hadley, Earl Woods, Jim Pollom, 
Harvey McCarter. BOTTOM ROW: Graham Newcomer, Dick Myers, Steve 
Hennessey, Larry Hartshorn, Nugent Adams, Jerry Schnittker, Neil Hanzlick. 

Diamond Cats 
Have Trouble 

Inexperience and lack of depth were the main 
factors that kept the Wildcat baseball team from 
winning more than four of the 17 scheduled 
games. The Cats won one of 13 conference games 
to finish last in the Big Seven standings. 

Although he didn't see much action until the 
latter part of the season, Steve Hennessey, second 
baseman, collected nine hits in 27 times at bat to 
lead the Cats with a .333 average. Larry Hart- 
shorn, outfielder, had the most hits and was sec- 
ond in the batting parade with a .292 average. He 
hit safely 19 times in 65 times at bat. 

Only five Cats sent the ball over the wall for 
home runs. The long-ball hitters were Earl Woods, 
Dick Myers, Hartshorn, Don Prigmore and Jerry 

Coach Ray Wauthier gives catcher Dick Myers some helpful 
tips as assistant coach Duane Holder looks on. This year was 
Wauthier's sixth as head Cat haseball coach. Before coming to 
K-State, he served as head basketball and baseball coach at Iowa 
Wesleyan university. During World War II Wauthier coached 
Marine base teams. 



Frank Clews, left-handed senior, saw the most action for the 
K-State pitching staff. He hurled six games, of which he won two. 
The other two wins posted by the Cat pitchers were won by Earl 
Woods and Ron Bergren, both right-handed fireballers. The final 
pitching records stood, Clews, 2-4; Woods, 1-1; Bergren, 1-1; Sax 
Stone, 0-1; Robert Parker, 0-2; and Daryl Parker, 0-4. 

Cats Lose Opener 

In their initial contest of the '53 season, the Cats were shutout 
by Arkansas State, 12-0, at Jonesboro, Ark. Don Prigmore hit a 
double for the only K-State extra base blow. The following day 
the Cats slammed their way to an easy 20-12 victory over the 
Memphis Naval Air station. 

Opening the home season with Wichita university, K-State 
scored a 16-7 win over the Shockers. Nugent Adams was the 
team's leading hitter, collecting three hits in five times at bat. 

Nebraska Falls, 5-3 

K-State's only conference victory was over Nebraska. The 
Huskers took the opening game 4-1, but the Cats bounced back to 
win the second encounter 5-3. 


Graham Newcomer, 6, (upper left) tries to beat a Missouri player to first 
base. Winning the most games for the Cats was Frank Clews (far left). 
Ron Bergren (left) was a Wildcat fireballer. Clews (belotc) foul tips a 
Missouri pitch. 

•' a»"* 

Two runs in the first inning of the second Nebraska game sent 
the Cats on their way to victory. With the bases loaded, errors by 
the Husker second baseman let two runs over the plate. 

Tigers Rout Cats 

Missouri trounced the Cats in the teams' first encounter of the 
season, 25-3. Dick Myers batted in two runs the next day but 
Missouri again won, this time by a score of 10-2. 

The Cats' final win of the season was scored over Forbes Air 
Force base, 12-7, at Manhattan. In the third inning Jerry Schnitt- 
ker smashed the line drive homer over the right field fence with 
two men aboard that won the ball game. 

In the first game with Kansas the Hawks had little trouble win- 
ning 9-2. The second game was closer. The Cats got off to an 
early 2-0 lead in the second inning, only to see it fade in the fifth 
as KU sent three runs across the plate. Final score 3-2. 

Iowa State Wins 

Home runs accounted for both of the Cats' two runs as they 
lost to Iowa State. Missouri made it two more wins over K-State 
as the Tigers won two games 13-3 and 9-7 at Manhattan. 

Larry Hartshorn (upper left) was the team's leftfielder and top hitter with 19 base hits. 
Playing SHORTSTOP was Don Prigmore (upper right) while Earl Woods (middle left) pitched 
and played centerfield. ROUNDING OUT the outfield was Jerry Schnittker in rightfield (middle 
right). Sam SlNDERSON (right), bespectacled third baseman, didn't see action until late in 
the season, but then managed to hit the ball at a .229 clip. Dick Myers (below), the Cat 
catcher, slaps out a two-base hit in the game with Wichita university. 

1953 Baseball Record 

Kansas State 

Arkansas State 


Kansas State 


Memphis Naval Air Station 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 


Forbes Air Foree Base 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 


Iowa State 


Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Kansas State 




Ken Jenkins slides into third base (upper left) upsetting the Nebraska third 
saeker. Sax Stone (above left) had a 0-1 record for the season. Daryl 
Parker (above right) was one of the workhorses on the Cats' pitching staff. 
Larry Hadley (left) served the team as a utility infielder as did Jim Pollom 
(right). Graham Newcomer, first baseman, sends the ball on its way in the 
Missoviri contest. 


Sig Alphs battle Phi Delts on 
the friendly turf of the intra- 
mural field in the annual Flush 
Bowl football game at the park. 




It Pays to Play" is Intramural Motto 

Established in 1920, Kansas State's intramural 
athletics have now been in existence for 34 years. 

An intramural athletic field was put into use 
during the fall of 1928. Located north of the Field 
House, it included several softball diamonds and 
four touch-football fields. After the war, G. I. stu- 
dents were housed in temporary buildings that were 
built on the intramural field. Intramural contests 
were then played on the field north of the Military 
Science building. However, the construction of the 
new veterinary hospital made it necessary to move 
the playing fields over to the ROTC drill area across 
from the north edge of the campus. Some games are 
also played in the city park. 

Such indoor sports as basketball and volleyball 
are played in the gym section of the Field House. 

Intramurals were originally organized in one 
division. However, in 1937 the program was divid- 
ed into two divisions because of the increased num- 
ber of participants. The two divisions are fraternity 
and independent. Separate schedules are prepared 
for each division and the winners of the division 
have a play-off to decide the school champion. 

The intramural department furnishes all equip- 
ment and facilities needed for the various sports. 
Competent officials are also supplied by the depart- 
ment. Most of the officials are students who are 
physical education majors, although anyone demon- 

Frank L. Myers is the director of the intramural 
sports program for independent and fraternity men. 

strating proper ability may officiate under the su- 
pervision of the intramural department. 

Each year the intramural department prints a 
booklet which lists the previous year's winners, rules 
for all sports, and the intramural constitution and 

In order to enter intramural competition, the or- 
ganization must pay a fee of $3.00 a semester and 
elect an intramural manager. 

The main duty of the intramural manager is to 
compile an eligibility list for the team. 

NEWMAN CLUB football team — TOP ROW: Fred Schmedler, George Meyer, 
Dick Coupe, Bill Ketter, Bill Curran, Father E. J. Weisenberg. BOTTOM 
ROW: Clair Schuler, Leo Green, Bill Craig, Harry Bizer, Hugh P. Howe. 

SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON football team— TOP ROW: Ralph Rawline, Wes 
McMillen, Jim Tangeman, Ted Brannin, Paul Barber, Harold Forrester, Gene 
Arnold, Dwight Eells. MIDDLE ROW: Bob Smith, Ira Rogers, Don Taylor, 
John Stack, Darwin Hester, Wayne Edinger, Peter Martin. BOTTOM ROW: 
Dale Reed, Ralph Ball, Jim Pollom, Bill Aye, Curt Sigmund (mascot). 

. • ■ *. 


HILLBILLIES Softball team (upper left)— STANDING: Ed Linta, Bob De- 
Noon, Carl Lewelling, Bill Lafferty, Jay McDaniels, Joe Pringle, Les Kramer. 
KNEELING: Roland Alexander, Joe Compton, Kennie Spicher, Dean Sheets, 
Bobby Mancuso, Wayne Richardson, Jerry Neeley. 

SIGMA CHI Softball team (upper right)— STANDING: Donald L. Wainscott, 

Lowell B. Peterson, Lane Brown, Wayne D. Striegel, Frank A. Burke, Dick A. 

Pickett. KNEELING: Max T. Goss, Lee A. Peterson, Charles F. Carroll, 

Melvin D. Smith, Jim B. Shields. 

WEST STADIUM volleyball team— TOP ROW: Ed Pence, Izy Simpkin, Ron 
Nery, John Klbecka. BOTTOM ROW: Ron Marciniak, Jim Furey, Tom O'Boyle. 

BETA THETA PI volleyball team— TOP ROW: Russ Hicks, John Matson, Dick 
Knostman, Bill Walker. BOTTOM ROW: Dan Schuyler, Jim Kyle, Harry 


TENNIS champs — Frank Schmidtlein and George Ghahramanian. 

SIGMA CHI basketball team— STANDING: Warren Bullock, Merle Balthazor, 

Rodney Bentson, Melvin Smith, Gene Ismert, James Shields, Duane Pickett, 

Jim Hocott, Max Goss. KNEELING: Wayne Striegel, Don Bolen, Norvin 

Stunkel. Lee Peterson, Ed Wolf, Ronald Allen. 

SUMNER COUNTY LEAGUERS basketball team— STANDING: Duane White, 

Warren Barber, Kenneth Nicholson. KNEELING: Dane Buster, Raymond 

Pippin, Don Barb, John Deam, Gene Wiley. 

YMCA track team — STANDING: John Smedberg, Bill Kennedy, Gary Bergan, 

Delbert Thielman, Jarvis Green. KNEELING: J. R. Snyder, Dwayne Cox, 

Willis Liederkrantz, Dick Spring. 

SIGMA CHI track team— STANDING: Gene Clark, Warren Bullock, Ken 

Jenkins, Jim Hocott, Dick Pickett, Lucien Downing. SITTING: Duane Ginter, 

Bobby Logan, Charles Carroll, Max Goss, Lee Peterson. 

JR. AVMA swimming team (lower left) — BACK ROW: Nelson McCoss, Chester 
Ward, Ray Holder. FRONT ROW: Sam Holder, Chuck Olson, Alton Wilson, 

Reed Rumsey. 

SIGMA CHI swimming team (below) — Lee Peterson, Warren Bullock, Don 
Shaw, Dave Kvitle, John Stover, Charles Carroll, Philip Chappel. 

JR. AVMA golf team — Leonard Anderson, Ridge Scott, J. A. Sprowls 

PHI DELTA THETA tennis team — Sax Stone and Robert Worley. 

SIGMA NU handball team — Tom O'Boyle and Bernie Dudley. 

Awards are made for all sports winners. A 20-inch 
All-Sports Plaque is given to each division with the 
name of the organization earning the largest number 
of points engraved upon it. In the fraternity division 
a plaque is given to each organization which wins an 
event. In the independent division a medal is given 
to each member of the winning team. 

BETA THETA PI golf team— Stu Hartman, Gary Parker, Hayes Walker, 

Dave Pfuetze. 

JR. AVMA tennis team — John Deam and Glen Nicholson. 



"1 i V •/ 

Girls Play Alot 

The women's intramural program at Kansas State 
was started in 1930, and with the exception of the 
war years has been in continuous operation. 

The following sports are offered: volleyball, ten- 
niquoits, swimming, basketball, tennis, softball, 
table tennis, and badminton. 

A total of 549 girls participated in the intramural 
program at Kansas State during the past year. Ac- 
cording to the number of participants, the most 
popular sports were volleyball, softball, and basket- 
ball. A total of 404 girls participated in these three 

The women's intramural program is open to all 
co-eds attending school. Graduate students may also 
take part. Each girl must play for her sorority or 
for the organized house in which she lives, unless 
her group or organization doesn't have a team. Girls 
not in this category are allowed to organize inde- 
pendent teams of their own. 

Each group can field as many teams or individual 
entries as it chooses. Many of the larger groups 
have two or three teams entered in one sport. 

The intramural program for women is a volun- 
tary one sponsored by the Women's Athletic Asso- 

KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA swimming team— STANDING: Margaret A. How- 
ard, Joyce A. Nicholson, Nancy D. Murray. SEATED: Carol D. Knox, Pat 

L. Bullock. 

In charge of women's intramurals is Miss Katheryn McKinney, a member of the women's physical education 
department. Miss McKinney has her office in Nichols gym where most of the intramural contests are held. 

W A A Sponsors 
Girls' Intramurals 

JAN NUZMAN was the runner-up winner in badminton. 

ciation. A sports manager, who is a member of the 
W.A.A., is elected or appointed for each individual 
or team sport to aid the faculty supervisors. 

Miss Katheryn McKinney, assistant professor of 
physical education, is the director of the women's 
intramural program at the College. Since 1945 when 
Miss McKinney took over as director the intramural 
program has been steadily expanded. 

One of the problems which faces Miss McKinney 
at the present time is how to get more independent 
girls to enter into the intramural schedule. Right 
now there is only one independent team, Blitz Babes, 
which takes part in intramurals. Looking to the 
future, Miss McKinney hopes to add bowling to the 
sports agenda. 

Each organization has an intramural manager 
who is responsible for entering the team, arranging 
practice sessions, turning in the team line-ups and 
coaching the team during contests. 

This year volleyball was won by Van Zile hall. 
The swimming meet was taken by the girls from 

WALTHEIM Softball runners up— STANDING: Catherine Bell, Wanda Scovel, 
Everine Heikes, Shirley C. Nelson, Dora W. Meenen. KNEELING: Pat Art- 
man, Katie Brubaker, Shirley V. Malcolm, Joann E. LeGant. 

!!b ifil 



IP- 1 

VAN ZILE volleyball champs— STANDING: Marie M. Ernzen, Shirley A. 

Smith, Evelyn Horak, Bernetta J. Custer, Charlotte McCormick, Lavina Mc- 

Cormick, Martha L. Watson. KNEELING: Lucille A. Bremenkamp, Bernice 

Miller, Margie J. Stover, Virginia Balthrop, Dorothy E. Ernzen. 



BLITZ BABES badminton champ is Pat Rogers (above. 
CHI OMEGA tennis champ is Sue Burke (below). 

Basketball Ends 
In Tie for First 

Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. In tenniquoits 
Blitz Babes won out to give the independents a team 

Table tennis singles was won for the second 
straight year by Lavina McCormick. Her sister, 
Charlotte, came in second. The McCormick sisters 
represented Van Zile hall. The only other repeater 
this year was Sue Burke of Chi Omega sorority. She 
repeated as tennis singles champion. Doubles 
matches were not played in either sport because of 
lack of interest. 

Basketball ended up in a tie between Waltheim 
hall and Delta Delta Delta sorority. This was the 
first time in the history of the intramural program 
there has ever been a tie in any sport. The reason 
for the tie was that the proposed playoff was can- 
celled by a College vacation and was never re- 

In badminton Blitz Babes came through with a 
clean sweep. Pat Rogers took the singles, then 
teamed up with Jan Nuzman to take the doubles. 

The season ended with Southeast hall winning 
softball when they nosed out Waltheim hall in the 

BLITZ BABES tenniquoits champs— STANDING: Delores J. Hess, Rosalie 
M. Rezac, Mary A. Toburen, Myrna M. Hilton. KNEELING: Clarine Ming, 

Pat R. Rogers. 

VAN ZILE table tennis runner-up and champ — Charlotte McCormick and 

Lavina McCormick. 

^m ■ BA * 


YDS ;, 

:. ■ -i.-*^ -■■■■ 

.*» ■%> i. 

THE NEW LOOK (above) for K-State scoreboards showed 
the Cats with the biggest part of the score in six out of 
nine games, they tied one. T-E-A-M TEAM! two cheerlead- 
ers (right) are hard at work in the Field House. DOBBY, 
TEX, and the timer (lower right) are plenty worried about 
a play in the Colorado game. 

Tickets, Please 

"Welcome to big time football and bas- 
ketball played Kansas State style" says 
the announcer before each home game. 
He's right in saying this, too. This year 
79,000 fans packed the stadium to watch 
five home football games and 88,000 
spectators saw nine home basketball 
games. The stadium attendance record 
was broken when 23,000 people came to 
see the OU game. 

THREE FOOTBALLERS (right) O'Boyle, Linta, and Dudley 
gaze out across the football field from the littered stands of 
Ahearn Memorial stadium. SEVERAL ACRES of parking lot 
(lower right) are covered with cars belonging to football 
fans. K-STATE'S "Fight Song' (below) results from a lot of 
hard work by the band. 




p ^ 







■ "*w.-; 

: "0; 

a. •»• . ^ t *mf 



.-Sift'- . i. ' 





^^"^ .Of. •*#»*• ~^^0BJ" m ~ 





WELL-FILLED press box and stands (above) indicate the 
popularity of Kansas State football. SOME WISE GUYS 
from down the Kaw distributed leaflets (left) around the 
campus the day the Cats journeyed to Lawrence where they 
buried the Birds 7 to 0. 


All phases of athletics draw near capaci- 
ty crowds comprised of students, facul- 
ty, Manhattan, and non-Manhattan fans. 
Basketball and football lead other sports 
in attendance, but wrestling, track, and 
baseball draw a considerable number of 

THE PRESS (left) keeps its eye on developments in a bas- 
ketball game from the sports desk in the Field House. 
MATMEN (lower left) are attracting the attention. DUST 
(below) is mopped from the basketball court during the 
halftime of the KU game. 

BOOK FOUR ••• Voted a queen, throwing 

a party, editing a magazine, 

getting initiated, 

or just buying 

toothpaste in AggieviUe— 

all are 


Like many other musical and dramatic 
campus activities, A Cappella Choir carries 
us into a world above classes and books. 




Earl G. Hoover, director of K-State plays, counts 
the tickets to be sold for one of his productions. 

Players Perform 
Classic Favorites 

"Quiet! Take your places, please!" As the last 
rustling of sound dies away and the curtain slowly 
parts, a new world is born to play audiences. Tales, 
emotions, and dreams, arise in the minds of each 
person as they watch scenes take shape before their 

No one is more completely in this "new world" 
than the Kansas State players and their able director, 
Earl G. Hoover. They have spent the past year pro- 
ducing a series of full-length and one-act plays that 
show the varied and difficult acting of which these 
talented students are capable. 

The experience of producing hits is an old and 
well-known one to Hoover, who has been proving his 
imaginative and directive abilities at K-State since 
1943. Among his many and well-deserved honors 
is the presidency of the Kansas Speech association. 

The Salesman (Roger Sherman), recently returned from his final trip as a salesman, tells his wife (Shirley 
Johnson), of his experiences while his sons (John Hughes and Bill Yandell), discuss their recent experiences. 

'You can't trust anyone," Gregg Borland tries to point out to Bill Yandell as John Hughes, Roger Sherman, 
and Shirley Johnson look on in astonishment. The episode is from "Death of a Salesman." 

For the first play of 1953, Hoover and 16 of the 
Players presented "Death of a Salesman." "Death" 
tells its audience, in full-scale drama, of the futile 
search of an unsuccessful salesman, Willy Loman 
(Roger Sherman), into his past life with his wife, 
Linda (Shirley Johnson), and his two sons, Happy 
(John Hughes), and Biff (Bill Yandell). The en- 

tranced audience received an odd sort of triumph as 
Willy's suicide ended the somber production. 

Summer heat and humidity failed to squelch 
Hoover and the Players as they combined for the 
first time with the music and physical education de- 
partments to present the summer musical drama, 
"The Women." This is an excursion into a truly 

Sophisticated members of the female sex gather in the women's lounge scene of the summer production of 
"The Women" (left). Beauty is the object of the efforts of three more in the 25-woman cast (right). 


The lady in 
"Lady in 

the dark (Ann Shaw) dreams she is on trial in the circus scene of the fall production of 
the Dark." Acrohats, clowns, dancers and harkers compose the jury in the fantasy trial. 

Problems are discussed by mixed-up career girl Ann 
Shaw (right) and friends, in "Lady in the Dark." 

feminine world where a group of 25 women strive 
to play their respective roles in an artificial society. 

The dramatic fantasy, "Lady in the Dark," 
brought 1953 to a perfect close for the Players and 
director Hoover. 

In this musical production, Liza Elliot (Ann 
Shaw) as the successful editor of a leading maga- 
zine, tries to recover from a period of unhappiness. 
She is aided in her recovery by a photographer, 
Russel Paxton (Roger Sherman), her business agent, 
Charley Johnson (Allen Kipper), and a cowboy 
movie star, Randy Curtis (Paul Fleener). Interest- 
ing features in this production were the perform- 
ances of dancers, tumblers, and choral groups. The 
cast included 50 students. The illusion from reality 
to dream sequences was created by dropping a blue 
transparent gauze from the ceiling. Scenes were de- 
signed by Don Hermes. 

Sprinkled throughout the busy year of major pro- 
ductions were several one-act plays staged by the 
Players and Hoover in their laboratory in Holton 
hall. These were "Phoenix Too Frequent," "Thurs- 
day Evening," and "The Mad Breakfast." 


THE EXPERT (above) on stage scenery and settings is Don 
Hermes of the speech and drama department. Here he ex- 
plains to Charlotte Berkihiser, the details of his miniature 
"Romeo and Juliet" set. MUSCLES (right) help actors, 
actresses, and stagehands to set the scene. 

The World is a Stage.. 

In the field of dramatics there is oppor- 
tunity for many people to show talent 
and interest. They can act, direct, make- 
up, move scenery, design settings, or 
make noise. Public speaking and debate 
are also sponsored by the speech and 
drama department. Winners of the Oral 
Comm I speech contest this year were 
Denny Hart, Marjorie Bowyer, and Son- 
dra Barnes. 

WINNERS (right) of the Larry Woods Memorial Speech con- 
test are presented awards by Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Woods. 
RESOLVED (below) is a familiar word to members of the 
debate teams. MAGIC TOUCH (lower right) can make a 
K-State Player look his stage role. 

COLLEGE CHORUS— Margaret L. Anderson, Donna L. Armstead, Norma J. Bale 
Blanchard, Roderick D. Booth, Loleta M. Bosse, George R. Brandt, Joleene F. B 
C. Irene Dondlinger, Lawrence R. Doran, Virginia A. Duncan, Kay Eckert, Marie C 
L. Evans, Jeanette M. Ewy, Betty L. Fahlsing, Leon L. Fick, Shirley G. Folsch 
Nancy J. Gingrich, Donald U. Goeckler, Lucille M. Grabs, Arline L. Gray, Patric 
Henning, Delores Y. Henning, M. Janice Hippie, Marbeth Hopmann, Thelma D. H 
Peggy F. Kelsey, Elmer D. Knepper, Shirley M. Krumme, Rosa E. Larson, Mar 
Mardis, Bonnie M. Marti, Jane A. Martin, Eula B. Miller, Jolene Miner, Alice H 
Nicholas, Clinton C. Norton, Janice C. Olson, Lucille A. Ottaway, Helen C. Over 
Philip W. Prawl, Sherlund D. Prawl, Phyllis L. Randels, Marjorie H. Rundell, 
J. Russell, Jeanene L. Sampson, Gordon D. Schaller, Virginia L. Scott, Jean E. S 
Smith, Evangeline M. Starr, Mary L. Stauder, Clarence Steinbach, Margie Stove 

Waller, Jerry D. Weaver, Lo 

s, Barbara A. Barnett, Billie J. Beck, Melvin Besthorn, Jimmie N. Blake, David 
rockett, Duane Brown, Lola M. Brownlee, Berdine E. Brunswig, W. Carolyn Dohe, 
. Eggerman, Delaphine E. Egidy, Carol L. Ernst, Dorothy E. Ernzen, Marjorie 
e, Deelores F. Franklin, Carol J. Frohn, Jeanette C. Fry, Carolyn C. Godfrey, 
ia K. Green, Ruth J. Grundeman, Bonnie L. Hahn, Marilyn L. Heikes, Cynthia J. 
orlacher, Phoebe A. Hurley, Clair E. Johnson, Sarah K. Jolley, Betty A. Joss, 
y J. Lindblom, Lloyd M. Lueck, Anelle M. Lupton, Norman E. Macy, Joan C. 
. Mcllvain, Marilyn M. McNelis, Ada N. Morgan, Shirley D. Nemeth, Carolyn M. 
bey, Norma A. Owen, Gilbert N. Park, Rita M. Peterson, Eleanor L. Phelps, 
arilyn L. Rush, Ardella R. Rusk, Dorothy M. Russell, Frances L. Russell, Roanna 
everud, Carolyn M. Shenk, Margaret Shoemaker, Marvin Shoemaker, Shirley A. 
r, Nancy C. Stover, Nancy D. Teeple, Sherrill A. Todd, Larry L. Vincent, Ruth A. 
la M. Woolley, Eunice Ward. 

A Cappella Choir and College Banc 

A television broadcast and ten concerts were the 
main events in the four-day annual spring concert 
tour of A Cappella choir. The TV show over station 
KTVA in Hutchinson was the first to be given by 
the group. Although the group appeared at high 
schools, the programs were open to the public. 

The choir took the major responsibility in pre- 
senting the Christmas Vespers. They gave a College 
assembly for the Engineers' Open House in March. 
The choir and the College chorus combined with the 
Civic orchestra and gave the Christmas portion of 
"The Messiah." These groups also gave Mendels- 
sohn's "Oratorio Elijah" in an April program. 

The aim of A Cappella choir is to study and pre- 
sent some of the better choral arrangements and to 
familiarize students with different types of litera- 
ture in the choral field. 

Any student who is interested may enroll in the 
College chorus. However, try-outs are held in the 
fall for anyone interested in the A Cappella choir. 
Luther Leavengood chooses members according to 
their ability to sight-read and to hear and find 
pitches, range quality, and over-all vocal quality. 

Professor Leavengood is director of the A Cap- 
pella choir and Charles Wood conducts the College 

A CAPPELLA CHOIR — FIRST SOPRANO: Patricia Davies, Marilyn Doran, Gwendolyn Emel, Mary Lou Imler, Gloria Johnson, Phyllis Latzke, Mary McKelvey, 
Mary Jo McMillan, Pat Morgan, Jean R. Reid, Jo Eva Reinecker, Ida True. SECOND SOPRANO: Marianne Bradshaw, Phyllis Broman, Elizabeth Chapin, 
Gwen Gregg, Gwen Humphrey, Virginia Hurtig, Vera Lilliequist, Janice Manson, Sue McDowell, Patricia Noll, Kathleen Paulson, Charlene Rawlings, Joan Winter. 
FIRST ALTO: Patricia Allison, Sidney Beattie, Joyce Brodrick, Carol Collins, Robbie Guy, Eleanor Herr, Nora L. House, Marlene Jamison, Barbara Root, Edith 
Schmid, Dorothy Schuhmacher, Betsy Thomasson, Betty Wynn. SECOND ALTO: Eleanor A. Clark, Mary G i 1 1 i land, Nancy Hassebroek, Kay Hofman, Helen Jass- 
mann, Nancy Leavengood, Patti McCracken, Donna Morine, Sandra Price, Mary Ritter, Sharon Townsend. FIRST TENOR: Bern Braddock, John Brenneman, 
William Craig, Don Hamilton, Charles Hastings, Don Janes, Bob Parker, Don Taylor. SECOND TENOR: Donald Ade, Darold Barb, Charles Broman, Harold 
Fearing, John Good, John Turner, Leroy Vandenbos. FIRST BASS: Charles Amstein, Frank Andrews, Donald Cox, George Hewitt, Rex Horchem, Kent Lanterman, 
Roger Reitz, George Roggendorff, Robert Wilbur. SECOND BASS: Robert Cullins, William Curran, Jack Grier, David Larson, James Mattson, Walter McKim, 

William Motes, Robert Sanford. 

CONCERT BAND — FLUTES: Ross Miller, Pat Wollner, Betty Hassebroek, Blaine Jenkins, Cynthia Collingwood, John Hodges, Janet Boettcher, Joann White. 
OBOES: Narvelle Oglevie, Roxanne Larson, Sharon Frahm, Jim Smart. BASSOONS: Paul Swan, Nadine Salmans, Mary B. Hauer. Eb CLARINET: Logene Britton. 
CLARINETS: Bob Breithaupt, Bill Varney, Laura Speer, Carol Snodgrass, Rachel Schoneweis, Diane Archibald, Wilma Bauman, Alice Meek, Paul Bocquin, Bill 
Crawford, Anita Fulhage, Dora Meenen, Jory Funk, Ed Martinez, LaDonna Trapp. ALTO CLARINET: Phyllis McMullen. BASS CLARINETS: Kermit Harper, 
Dennis Holm. ALTO SAXOPHONES: Lucele Schmitz, Larry Nelson, Nancy Blackburn, Dean Dyer. TENOR SAXOPHONES: Chet Mazza, Harvey Rundquist, Carol 
Lyne. BARITONE SAXOPHONES: Ernon Shippers, Linda Rundle. BASS SAXOPHONE; Howard Soeken. CORNETS: David Stuewe, Ilomay Williamson, Ronald 
Frahm, Ronald Barton, John Belden, Trexel Warren. TRUMPETS: Henry Burmeister, Louis Burmeister, Dale Gish. HORNS: Gary Rogers, Jim Boyd, Dick 
Williams, Al Steunenberg, Dee Nelson, John Bircher, Jerry Watt, Clement Darrow. TROMBONES: Joe Balaun, Thaine Carpenter, Marilyn Reusser, Betty Tacha, 
Bill Bryson, Donald Haun, William Birtell, Jo Oberg, James Smith, John Downing. BARITONES: John Stockmyer, Gordon Conger, Sam Graham, Warren Nichols, 
Duane Johnson. BASSES: Ronald Gier, Nancy Johnson. TYMPANI: Lura Lu Daniels. PERCUSSION: Dave Schneider, Dave Dary, Pat Henry. 

ake Musical Tours Around Kansas 

The College-Civic orchestra gave four main pro- 
grams this year. Their first was the opening number 
in the Friends of Music series. The program was the 
Schumann Concerto for piano and orchestra. The 
orchestra joined the College chorus and A Cappella 
choir to present the Christmas portion of '"The 
Messiah" for the Christmas assembly. 

They also gave the annual spring concert. The 
final program was Mendelssohn's "Oratorio Elijah" 
given by the orchestra and chorus. 

The Civic orchestra, conducted by Luther Leaven- 
good, is composed of Manhattan citizens, Ft. Riley 
personnel, high school and college students. 

Being the only college band at the dedication of 
the Eisenhower museum in Abilene was the distinc- 
tion of the K-State band this year. 

They first sported their 133 new light blue uni- 
forms for the Colorado football game. The money 
for the uniforms was obtained through drives by the 
band early last spring. 

Director Dick Coy accompanied the band on their 
several trips. They went to the KU game at Law- 
rence in the fall; played for the Big Seven track 
meet in Kansas City; made a two-day tour of West- 
ern Kansas; and are to be the guest band for the 
Topeka Centennial on May 22. 

COLLEGE-CIVIC ORCHESTRA— FIRST VIOLIN: George Leedham, concertmaster; Rosemary Bearden, Gene Bearden, Michael Comins, Norman Paulu, Charles 
Johnson, Marjorie West, Leland Reitz, Richard Massman, Mary Ann Wells. SECOND VIOLIN: Carol Snodgrass, Jane Warner, Janet Boettcher, Kay Hofman, 
Eleanor Herr, Walter Deitz, Basia Miller, Moyne Browne, Twila Jo Gray, Velma Lambette, Otto Eggers, Laverne Baker. VIOLA: Clyde Jussila, Wilma Glasco, 
Dorothy Miller, John Kugler, Jane Massmann. CELLO: Warren Walker, Carol Peterson, Sandra Smerchek, Nancy Baehr, Joanne Garcia, Carole Baker, Martha 
Evans. BASS: Mary B. Hauer, Bunny Cowan, James Langford. FLUTE: Ross Miller, Charlene Wess, Marilyn Heter, Charles Shelton. PICCOLO: Ross Miller. 
OBOES: Narvelle Oglevie, Sharon Frahm, Roxanne Larson, Barbara Jones. CLARINET: Russell Coleman, Richard Coy, Maurice Marotte. BASSOON: Nadine 
Salmans, Beatrice Jones. FRENCH HORN: Richard Williams, Robert DeCou, Al Steunenberg, Lawrence Norvell. TRUMPET: David Stuewe, Ronald Barton, 
Ilomay Williamson. TROMBONE: Jerry Watt, Joe Balaun, Leroy Baxter, Charles Railsback. TYMPANI: Ralph Nevins. 

Board Chooses Personne 

The Board of Student Publications is a student-faculty board 
governing the Collegian, Royal Purple, and selecting an editor 
for the Student Directory and K-Book. Three student repre- 
sentatives are chosen by student election to join the three faculty 
members who comprise the board. 

The board chooses business managers and editors for the 
Collegian and Royal Purple and approves major contracts and 
budgets. Forty top-ranking members of the Collegian and Royal 
Purple staffs are chosen yearly by the board to receive the gold 
K-Key, which signifies outstanding work in K-State journalism. 

Prof. R. R. Lashbrook, head of the journalism department, 
presides ex officio as chairman of the board. 

Prof. C. J. (Chief) Medlin ably supervises the Collegian and 
Royal Purple as well as giving attention to the publication of the 

Ralph R. Lashbrook has been with the department of journal- 
ism since 1934, and has been department head since 1944. 

H. W. Davis. SEATED: Shirley A. Johnson, Ralph R. Lashbrook, Elinor A. Faubion. 


ind Awards K-Keys 


Student Directory. As graduate manager of Student Publica- 
tions, Inc. he is kept busy advising and directing the work in 

Kedzie. Medlin's secretary, Frances Feeter, keeps books, sells 

photo receipts, types copy, and helps everybody. 

Editor Lois Ottaway spent many hours on the 1953 K-Book. 
This book is given to all freshmen entering K-State, and con- 
tains helpful information on student government, social rules 
and regulations, activities, and other worth-while information. 

Telephone numbers and addresses of every student at 
K-State are in the Student Directory edited this year by 
Marlene Myers. The publication also listed organization 
names and sponsors, fraternities and sororities, and the 
Student Governing association constitution. 

C. J. (Chief) Medlin, outstanding yearbook authority, has 
been graduate manager of student publications since 1933. 

Secretary for Student publications is Frances Feeter (left). 
Lois Ottaway (center) edited the 1953 K-Book. Student direc- 
tory editor was Marlene Myers (right). 


Editor and business manager of the 1953 fall 
Collegian were Harold Myers and Sally Doyle. 

son, Betsy Horridge, David M. Neal, Nancy J. Graham, Janet L. Myer. 
SEATED: Sally J. Doyle, Phyllis A. Ruthrauff. 

Collegian Offe 

Picture pages predominated the fall Collegian. 
Staff photographer, Gary Haynes, took pictures for 
a double-page spread on dormitory life at K-State. 
He took single pages of pictures on the veterinary 
clinic and on how the Collegian is edited and 

A special 16-page edition for Homecoming greet- 
ed alums, told of the wonders of the football team, 
and announced the three queen finalists. 

Delegates to the Associated Collegiate Press con- 
vention in Chicago in October were Harold Myers, 
editor, and Sally Doyle, business manager. 

The Collegian is a one-hour credit lab where stu- 
dents gain actual experience in publishing a daily 
newspaper. There is no faculty supervision and stu- 
dents do all the work from selling ads to editing 
copy and checking page proofs. 

Editor Myers is a senior in technical journalism 
and a member of Sigma Delta Chi, journalism fra- 
ternity. He appointed Oren Campbell associate 
editor. Collegian editorial staff members are ap- 
pointed by the editor. 

Miss Doyle is a junior in home economics journal- 
ism, secretary of Theta Sigma Phi, and president of 
the Home Economics Journalism club. Assistant 
business managers were Phyllis Ruthrauff and Gary 

L. Hampton, Cynthia Carswell, John R. Eidson, Gregg R. Borland, Nancy Rit- 
tenoure, Winnie E. Clark, Gary A. Haynes, Sam H. Logan, Bill E. Chisham, 
Margaret A. Tracy, Diane G. Brainard, M. Carolyn Jones, Maureen K. Burt. 
SEATED: Elinor A. Faubion, Sue R. Shirling, Oren E. Campbell, Harold L. 
Myers, Dixie J. Des Jardins, W. Lee Ruggels, C. Ann Porter. 

Vctual Experience 

Firsts were important for the spring Collegian. 
The business and editorial staffs published, for En- 
gineers' Open House, the first 20-page paper in the 
history of the College. For the first time, Collegian 
staffers held weekly press conferences with Presi- 
dent McCain. His answers, ideas, and suggestions 
were printed in a column called "With the President." 

The Collegian held campaigns to improve student 
government by questioning tactics of the Tribunal 
and Student Council. 

Editor was Sam Logan, sophomore in technical 
journalism and a member of Sigma Delta Chi. He 
named Sally Doyle associate editor. 

Business manager was Phyllis Ruthrauff, who 
was also photographic editor on the Royal Purple. 
Gary Swanson and Janet Myer were her assistants. 

K-Keys are awarded to a limited number of stu- 
dents for outstanding work on the Collegian for two 
consecutive semesters. Those receiving K-Keys for 
the editorial staff were Diane Brainard, Oren Camp- 
bell, Bill Chisham, John Eidson, Gary Haynes, Caro- 
lyn Jones, Sam Logan, Ann Porter, Lee Ruggels, 
Elinor Faubion, Cynthia Carswell, Maureen Burt, 
Harold Myers, and Karl Gaston. For business, Sally 
Doyle, Phyllis Ruthrauff, Gary Swanson, Janet 
Myer, Richard Gallion, and Chester LInruh received 

Bill E. Chisham, Doreen L. Cronkite, Gary A. Haynes, Karl K. Gaston, John 
R. Eidson, Elinor A. Faubion, Maureen K. Burt, Cynthia Carswell. SEATED: 
Charles H. Barnes, M. Carolyn Jones, Diane A. Brainard, Sally J. Doyle, Sam 
H. Logan, Gary W. Swanson, W. Lee Ruggels. 

Editor of the 1954 spring Collegian was Sam 
Logan, business manager was Phyllis Ruthrauff. 

Ruthrauff, Gary W. Swanson, Janet L. Myer, Dorothy A. Kuhlman. 

Summer Collegian 
Gets Coach Scoop 

The Tex Winter story was a scoop for the summer 
Collegian. Hearing that the new basketball coach 
for K-State was to be announced the morning the 
paper was published, editor Oren Campbell held the 
presses until the name of the new coach was re- 
leased. Thus, the Collegian was the first paper to 
print the name of the new basketball coach, Tex 

The Collegian also ran a special Welcome Tex 
edition. Advertisers offered congratulations, and 
pictures and stories featured Tex and his family. 

Campbell is a junior in technical journalism, and 
is treasurer of Sigma Delta Chi, journalism frater- 
nity. He also has been associate editor, and was 
sports editor on the Royal Purple and Collegian. 
Diane Vadnais was his summer associate editor. 

Business manager for the summer was Chester 
Unruh, a journalism instructor at Clay Center high 
school. Chuck Hyatt was his assistant. 

The summer Collegian is an 8-page weekly paper 
published each Thursday. There were five staff 
members and two reporters. 

Society was a highlight both on and off the job. 
On the job there was a regular society editor who 
filled a page with pinnings, weddings, and engage- 
ments each week. For off-work relaxation, the staff 
held frequent picnics at Sunset park. 

Editor of the 1953 summer Collegian was Oren 
Campbell. Business manager was Chester Unruh. 

Hyatt, Margaret A. Tracy. SEATED: Oren E. Campbell, Chester Unruh. 

LITTLE RED BOOKS called student directories (above) are 
handed out in the fall. EDITORS and newspapermen (right) 
from all over the state are guests of the journalism depart- 
ment for meetings, and for lunch served by journalism stu- 
dents in the cafeteria. 

Ink in Their Blood 

Kedzie is a home away from home for 
the more than 200 students taking jour- 
nalism courses. They write and edit four 
student publications, contribute to two 
more, entertain Kansas newspapermen 
on Editors' Day, and high school jour- 
nalists in the fall. The lights of Kedzie 
often burn late into the night, as some 
weary editor puts the paper or yearbook 
to bed. 

MARSHMALLOWS, a fire, and journalists (right), make an- 
other journalism student-faculty picnic a success. ON 
THURSDAYS an hour is devoted to hearing talks given by 
members of the profession (lower right). HIGH SCHOOLERS 
(below) come to get journalistic ideas. 

Co-Editors of the 1954 Royal Purple were Bob Law- 
renee and Janet Marshall. Managing the business 
was Dorothy Kuhlman. 

1953 RP Receives 
18th All-American 

For the first time in the history of Student Publi- 
cations, co-editors of The Royal Purple were chosen. 
The co-editors, Janet Marshall and Bob Lawrence, 
both seniors in journalism, were co-assistant editors 
last year. Dorothy Kuhlman, a journalism junior, 
was chosen business manager. 

Rated nationally one of the best yearbooks in its 
class, The Royal Purple received an 18th consecu- 
tive Ail-American rating from the Associated Colle- 
giate Press for the 1953 book. This rating is the 
highest possible recognition given to any book. 
Lawrence, Miss Marshall, and Miss Kuhlman at- 
tended the ACP convention in Chicago last October. 

The editors and business managers choose their 
own staffs from those who are interested and quali- 
fied, and an hour of credit may be given for Royal 
Purple work. 

The book is divided into sections and each has a 
special editor. This editor gathers the material and 
writes it for his section. Receiving K-Keys for their 
work, besides the co-editors, were the eight chapter 
editors: Helen Hamilton, administration; Ann Beck- 
meyer, schools; Gary Swanson, religious and hon- 
orary organizations; Janice Olson, general organiza- 
tions; Sally Doyle, housing; Sam Logan, sports; 
Marliene von Bose, classes; and Phyllis Ruthrauff, 
photography. Others working on the staff were 
Janet Duy, Patsy Ptacek, and Bob Boyd. 

Congratulations for an 18th consecutive All- 
American are extended to Marlene Myers (left) and 
Lois Ottaway, editor and business manager of the 
1953 Royal Purple, by C. J. Medlin. 




Janice J. Olson, Ann J. Beckmeyer, Elizabeth Horridge, Sally J. Doyle, 

Sam H. Logan. SEATED: Gary W. Swanson, Janet E. Marshall, Bob 

M. Lawrence, Phyllis A. Ruthrauff. 

Also receiving K-Keys were members of the busi- 
ness staff who sold, wrote, and laid out the adver- 
tisements. These were Joyce Nicholson, Elizabeth 
Lambert, and Dorothy Kuhlman. 

Detail work such as typing, filing, selling photo 
receipts and student directories, was done by the 
19 members of the office staff. Those receiving keys 
for their work were Doris Allen, Joan Campbell, 
Gaye Fryer, Ann Morrisey, Lucille Ottaway, and 
Bill Rosenberger. 

Joyce A. Nicholson. SEATED: M. Elizabeth Lambert, Dorothy A. 


ROYAL PURPLE OFFICE STAFF— TOP ROW: Doris A. Allen, John M. Amos, Jo S. Bailey, Barbara E. Boyd, Roderick J. Clarahan, Joan L. Campbell, Gaye 
Fryer, Martha R. Helmers, Eleanor K. Griffith, M. Jan Hippie. BOTTOM ROW: Gwen L. Humphrey, Ann E. Morrisey, Lucille A. Ottaway, Phil Robertson, William 

Rosenberger, Gloria S. Schneblin, Marion K. Talley, Marliene von Bose, Jane E. Wilkinson. 


R. Lashbrook, Paul DeWeese, 
Merrill E. Samuelson. SEATED: 
Kenney L. Ford, Helen P. Hostet- 
ter, Elmer J. Tomasch. 

STANDING: Ralph R. Lashbrook, 
Carl Rochat. SEATED: Paul De- 
Weese, Kenney L. Ford. 

Magazines Keep Alumni Informed 

The K-Stater keeps former students and alumni 
briefed on College news through articles on activities 
and developments of the campus. 

The magazine endeavors to give its readers an 
over-all picture of college life. Some type of sports 
article appears in each issue and there are usually 
four pages of alumni news notes. In addition to 
articles on such things as extension work, research 
projects, new courses, and changes in administration 
and faculty, there are articles reprinted from Indus- 
trialists of 25 to 75 years ago. 

The K-Stater is published in October, December, 

March, and June. Most of the articles are written 
by members of the journalism faculty. Miss Helen P. 
Hostetter is the editor. 

The Industrialist supplements the K-Stater and is 
one of the oldest papers in the state. It, too, is sent 
to Kansas State alumni. 

About 7,000 active alumni receive the paper 
regularly, but the entire alum membership, about 
27,000, receive it once a year. Broad and general 
topics make up the K-Stater, but the Industrialist 
contains more timely and specific events. Miss 
Marillyn Weisbender edited most of the copy. 


Editor and business 
manager of the 1953- 
54 Engineer magazines 
are Robert B. Landon 
and Everett T. Hart. 

Robert B. Landon, Jim T. Bonner, 
Tom C. Gale, N. Al Wright, Don 
R. Gadberry, Mike B. Williams, 
Bill D. Hunt, Steve G. Weckel, 
Herbert L. Mitchell, George N. 
Wilson, Bob G. Tointon, Albert L. 
Blubaugh, Eddie R. Fowler, Larry 
Smith. SEATED: Bill 0. Johnson, 
Don G. Prigmore, Glen T. Terry, 
Sara J. Billings, Everett T. Hart, 
Al H. Galbraith, Ray R. Steves. 

Engineer Mag Wins Cover Prize 

The K-State Engineer magazine won honors again 
at the national convention this year. The Engineer 
was awarded third place for all covers in the school 
year 1952-1953. This competition is sponsored by 
the Engineering College Magazine association, of 
which K-State is a member. 

Articles in the magazine are naturally centered 
around engineering, architecture, and related areas. 
Students taking the course in technical reports have 
an opportunity to have their research results pub- 
lished in the magazine. Any prize winning articles 
are also published. 

The Engineer is written by students in the School 
of Engineering and Architecture and is published 
monthly from October through May. About a fourth 
of the 1,200 copies each month are sent off the 
campus to high schools and members of the Engi- 
neering College Magazine association. The re- 
mainder are distributed to K-State students. The 
March issue is dedicated to Engineers' Open House 
with complete coverage of the displays, projects, 
and committees. 

Bob Landon was the editor and Leland Hobson 
and Richard C. Potter are faculty advisers. 



—STANDING: Leon Stanton and 
Chuck Bellman. SEATED: Dan 
Henley and Herb Lee. 

—STANDING: Mark K. Drake, R. 
Wayne Walter, Hayes Walker III, 
Walt E. Schoen, Bob D. Ecklund, 
Dick H. Steffens, Chuck J. Bell- 
man, Bill H. Bergman. SEATED: 
Herb L. Lee, Diane Blackburn, 
Dan L. Henley. 

Ag Mag Wins Cover Prize 

Students in agriculture edit and publish the Kan- 
sas Ag Student magazine, under the supervision of 
Lowell Brandner, who is the new adviser this year. 

Last fall, the magazine was entered in a contest 
sponsored by the "Successful Farming Magazine" 
of Des Moines, Iowa, for all agricultural college 
magazines. First place in the cover division was 
awarded to the K-State Ag Mag for its March 1953 
cover. The staff received a plaque, which now hangs 
in the Ag Mag office in the new wing of Waters 
Hall. The prize-winning issue, written to commem- 
orate the 25th anniversary of the Little American 
Royal, sported a cover showing a K-State aggie pol- 

ishing and preparing his Holstein for the big show. 

The Ag Mag has a circulation of approximately 
2,000 and is published six times each year; twice 
during the fall semester and four times in the spring. 

Herb Lee served as editor first semester and 
Chuck Bellman was the business manager. Under a 
new plan inaugurated this year, the reins of editor 
will shift at the beginning of second semester each 
year. This gives the outgoing editor a semester's 
work as advisory editor, in helping to orientate the 
new editor and staff. Dan Henley served as editor 
during the spring semester and Leon Stanton was ap- 
pointed business manager. 


Who's Whoot Read 
By 30,000 4H-ers 

Who's Whoot, published by members of the Col- 
legiate 4-H club, is the official publication for 30,- 
000 Kansas 4-H club members. This year is the 27th 
anniversary of Who's Whoot, the first state 4-H year- 

A K-State Collegiate 4-H club member from each 
county serves as representative to sell the book in his 
county, and in contacting the county 4-H agent for 
pictures, information, and advertising. 

The 1954 edition of Who's Whoot contains 250 
pages of 4-H work. A special section of the publi- 
cation is devoted to Umberger hall, which will be the 
new extension building when construction is com- 
pleted. The extension building houses the Who's 
Whoot office. Every county in Kansas has at least 
one page in Who's Whoot devoted exclusively to the 
4-H activities in that county. 

Editor and business manager of the 1954 Who's 
Whoot were Warren Prawl and Mark Drake. 

Who's Whoot is distributed in the spring at the 
annual state 4-H club round-up. Heading the staff 
this year were Warren Prawl, editor, and Mark 
Drake, business manager. 

WHO'S WHOOT STAFF— SEATED: Irlene M. Rawlings, Warren L. Prawl, Richard R. Reinhardt, Betty J. Turner. STANDING: Virginia L. Russell, Byron G. Bird, 

Dorothy M. Russell, Daniel L. Petracek, Dale L. Fooshee, Jean C. Sims. 



Don Good, William Nelson, Robert R. Oltjen, Raymond E. 

Adams, Harold W. Reed. BOTTOM ROW: Max Teeter, Dan 

L. Pherigo, Milton A. Wenland, Charles F. Thomas. 


John R. Brethour. BOTTOM ROW: Howard D. Stitt, coach 

T. B. Avery, Richard E. Reinhardt. 

Aggie Judge! 


Kansas State's Livestock Judging team 
composed of William Nelson, Robert 
Oltjen, Raymond Adams, and Harold 
Reed won the Junior International Live- 
stock Judging contest in the National 
Western Livestock show in Denver. Don 
Good is the coach. The team placed 8th 
out of 22 teams in the American Royal 
where Robert Oltjen won first in the 
cattle judging contest. 


Bergman. BOTTOM ROW: Glen Krumme, Richard Brown, 

Leonard Slyter. 

WOOL JUDGING TEAM— Ernie Schmidt, Eugene Anderson, 
Larry Henry, Charles Bellman, coach T. D. Bell. 

MEATS JUDGING TEAM— Walter E. Schoen, Robert N. 
Sayre, Richard Bohart, Donald Slade, Ralph Soule, coach. 

CROPS JUDGING TEAM — Wayne L. David, Garman Breiten- 
bach, Ernest Mader, coach, Leonard E. Pacha, Jimmie W. 


/in Trophies 

The Poultry judging team of Howard D. 
Stitt, Richard E. Reinhardt, Mark K. 
Drake, and John R. Brethour, coached 
by T. B. Avery placed 4th in the Inter- 
national Poultry Judging contest at Chi- 
cago. The Dairy Products judging team 
won 6th in the Collegiate Student Inter- 
national contest at Boston. Carl Myers 
was high man in the ice cream judging 

John R. Brethour, Eldon B. Johnson, Leonard L. Slyter, Har- 
old J. Tuma, Ernest Heitschmidt, Val H. Brungardt, coach 


Myers, Sherland D. 

TEAM— Lambert 

Prawl, Warren L 

Martin, coach. 

KSDB-FM, training station for Kansas State radio students 
is located in Nichols gym and is fully equipped with an 
engineer's room (above) and a broadcasting room. PRO- 
GRAM SCRIPS are rehearsed and rehashed (left) by the 
station operator and broadcaster. 

On the Air 

Students enrolled in the radio depart- 
ment do real programs for training pur- 
poses. Station KSDB-FM has such big- 
station features as disk jockey shows, 
women's shows, news casts, and sports 
casts. A TV station may soon be added 
to KSC's facilities. 

THOUSANDS of records (left) are stored in the record 
room between spins on the turntable. COFFEE CUP news 
cast (lower left) will end when the announcer signs off at 
8:30. RALPH TITUS (below) does a radio interview with 
band leaders Sauter and Finnegan. 

Ag Bamwarmer queen candidates demonstrate their farm skill 
before spectators gathered on the lawn in front of Anderson. 



Sargent is Royal Purple Queen 

The Royal Purple Beauty Queen of 1954 was Janice Sargent, a psychology junior from Council Grove, 
and representing Alpha Delta Pi. The Queen was presented at the Ralph Flanagan dance in January. 

May we introduce to you the 1954 
Royal Purple Beauty Queen, Janice Sar- 
gent (left). She and her attendants were 
chosen by Karl Fitzer, vice-president and 
art director of Burger-Baird Engraving 
company in Kansas City. Pictures of the 
19 candidates were submitted, and from 
these, he chose the ones he thought the 
most beautiful. Bouquets were presented 
to the three girls at the Ralph Flanagan 
dance January 8. 

Nancy Graham (right), first attendant 
to the 1954 Royal Purple Queen, is a 
home economics sophomore from 
Wichita. She represented Pi Beta Phi. 

Sandra Mueller (below), second at- 
tendant, representing Northwest hall, is a 
home economics freshman from Wich- 
ita, and a Kappa Kappa Gamma pledge. 






a- ? 





v&*.:i iio^^':;,p. \w 



oi tYve 

=,ta^ e 

c- ft.S 





*o^ d ? 



v - v? eft^ e 



„ t& 1 * 


to f° u 


rtt*^ 60 



c : - 

ao^ ce 



, place 

t 1 


s ^ ed ' 

%v*& " 


to P* c \.*r *t^ 

t1& e 

stvt.5> • d 

*o^rJkuT* e 


si- J 

» top 

cotf** 1 


Wat- 1 - ^cia 
\ixce- f 






HOMECOMING BALL (above) features an introduction of 
the Homecoming Queen Blythe Guy, and attendants Ruth 
Pickett and Kathryn Regier. Lloyd Orsborn, president of 
Blue Key, does the honors. STEAM ROLLER to "roll over 
Oklahoma" (left) built by the Sig Alphs, wins for them the 
trophy for the best Homecoming float. 





Ki t 


I- I 


r < 



Welcome Home Alums 

The biggest game and biggest week end 
every year is that of Homecoming, this 
year on October 31. Oklahoma ran away 
with the game, but the week end was still 
a successful one. Blythe Guy, Ruth Pick- 
ett, and Kathryn Regier were chosen by 
the students as queen and attendants. 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tau Sigma Epsi- 
lon, and Theta Xi won the Homecoming 
parade float prizes. 

TROPHY-WINNERS (left) line up on the sidelines to receive 
the gold cups. OIL FIELD (lower left), temporarily "drilled" 
by the Sig Eps, shows the Homecoming crowd all of the 
K-State football victories of 1953, and wins second place in 
fraternity decorations. BLUE KEY members and the queens 
(below) are presented at halftime of the game. 










' ■" *K* 


I J ft 



ij 'B"*^' *»*£ '*•''■ ?%" ■I^ • 

1USICAL MANEUVERS (above) are performed by the Kan- 
sas State band in honor of K-State's Homecoming opponent, 
Oklahoma university. BEAT THE SOONERS! (right) scream 
the cheerleaders during a pep rally held in the parking lot 
the night before the game. 

Beat Oklahoma! 

Many people worked many hours to put 
up Homecoming decorations predicting 
Oklahoma's defeat. Most of the predic- 
tions were wrong, but decorations were 
right, and prizes were awarded to Sigma 
Nu, first, Sigma Phi Epsilon, second, and 
Alpha Gamma Rho, third. In the soror- 
ity division, Delta Delta Delta took first, 
Alpha Chi Omega, second, and Alpha 
Delta Pi, honorable mention. 

Blythe Guy Chosen Homecoming Queen 

Climaxing the series of Homecoming festivities is 
the half-time ceremony of the big game. Then the 
winners of the Homecoming queen contest are re- 
vealed to the crowd. This year, the Queen and her 

two attendants were chosen by the student body. The 
top three winners were announced the week before 
the game, but which was queen was kept secret until 
President McCain presented bouquets at half-time. 

Kathryn Regier (left), first attendant 
to the Homeeoming Queen of 1953, 
represented Northwest hall. Katy hails 
from Hampton, Va., and is a freshman 
majoring in home economies and teaching. 


Ruth Pickett (right), second attendant 
to the Queen, also represented Northwest 
hall. Ruth is from Topeka, and is a fresh- 
man in home economics and foods. She 
is pledge of Delta Delta Delta. 

Charm and beauty aptly describe the Homecoming 
Queen of 1953, Blythe Guy. Blythe, an elementary 
education junior from Hutchinson and representing 

Delta Delta Delta, was elected by the student body. 
Among her many activities are Panhellenic, Tribu- 
nal, Chimes, YWCA, and student council committees. 






e m 







1 X 



C, ^ v 


* ,; 

* O" 





THE WAIT (above) in front of Anderson takes about as 
much time as the actual enrolling. BOYS (left) always have 
enrollment business to transact with the ROTC detachments. 
IT'S A SCRAMBLE (lower left) at the cardrack to get the 
right classes at the right time. 


Sorry, the Class is Closed 



» ma, itt» «m »«P»» -*» 

.wngi 'liiiiii i— in, '-mm, ~~*im. — — 

Lasting for three days and coming twice 
during the regular school year, enroll- 
ment is a headache for faculty and stu- 
dents alike. Particularly is enrollment 
a bother to faculty members who must 
manipulate line schedules and catalogs 
for freshmen and give sage advice to 
upperclassmen. More fun for students, 
enrollment offers two free days of "sack- 


K-CLUB MEMBERS (left) "invite" freshmen to buy purple 
and white beanies. BEWILDERED STUDENTS (far left) are 
straightened out at the information booth. FINAL DECI- 
SIONS (below left) are reached at the advisers' table. 
WHAT'S YOUR NAME, (below right) ask the file clerks. 


^ im 



'f : 4ji d 







TESTS (top) for aptitude and interests are given to all stu- 
dents enrolling at K-State for the first time. WELCOME 
FROSH varsity dance (top right) is held on the tennis 
courts. EYE-TESTING (right) is only a part of the physical 
examination given to all new students. 

Here's the Scoop 

Orientation Week is the time for all new 
students to meet Kansas State college. 
It is also the time for the college to meet 
its new students. Tests are given to find 
the aptitudes and interests of each stu- 
dent. The results are used for reference 
in counseling. But the hours spent in 
the auditorium are balanced by tours, 
programs, watermelon feeds, and dances. 

FRESHMAN TALENT practices (right) in preparation for the 
show staged by the freshmen for the upperclassmen in the 
auditorium. WATERMELON FEED (lower right) is sponsored 
by the YWCA for all new girls. WEIGHING IN (below) is 
another essential in the physical exam. 

AG BARNWARMER QUEEN and attendants (above) are La- 
wana Grant, Sandra Tatge, Queen Rachael Schoneweis, Jerry 
Swaffer, and Carol Tannahill. HOME-BREWED cider (left) 
helps to fill up thirsty aggies after the decorations had 
been strung in Nichols gym. 

Every Man's an Aggie 

Aggie abilities must be shown by the 
girls who are ehosen to reign over the 
Barnwarmer dance. Required talents 
include being able to milk a cow, rope 
a steer, drive a tractor, and call a hog. 
Aggie-determining contests are held on 
the quadrangle across from Anderson 
during an afternoon preceding the dance. 

A JUDGE (left) weighs each candidate's pail of milk to see 
who wins the contest. A DROP (lower left) in the bucket is 
about all some of the girls could get. CROWNING CERE- 
MONIES (below) are in progress in a corner of Nichols gym 
under a lucky horseshoe. 

__„ A* v, 


STUDENT PLANNERS (above) disregard summer's heat and 
country chiggers as they discuss some collegiate problem. 
ADMINISTRATIVE BIG WHEELS (right) talk with students 
around a semi-open-air discussion table in one of the ranch 

"We the People . . ." 

Student Planning Conference is an an- 
nual meeting of students, faculty, and 
administrators to formulate plans which 
will be recommended to the Student 
Council for enactment. This year's con- 
ference was held at Rock Springs Ranch, 
a 4-H camp named for an artesian well, 
thirty-five miles southwest of Manhattan. 

A WELL FILLED swimming suit (right) will naturally dis- 
tract student planners. LOTS OF AMMO (lower right) was 
shot on the camp's .22 rifle range. PRESIDENT McCAIN 
(below) confers with conference co-chairmen Helen Jass- 
mann and Franklin Houser. 



ROYAL PURPLE queens (above) Sandra Mueller, Janice 
Sargent, and Nancy Graham, are presented by C. J. Medlin, 
at the Ralph Flanagan dance. JUDGE Karl Fitzer (left) had 
a hard time choosing the winners. FLANAGAN FANS (left) 

watch the man make music. 

Beauties and a Band 

A big name band like Ralph Flanagan, 
and the presentation of the Royal Purple 
beauty queens couldn't help but make a 
successful dance January 8. The dance 
was sponsored by the soc and rec com- 
mittee, and C. J. Medlin, graduate man- 
ager of publications, revealed the queens 
at intermission. Janice Sargent was 
queen, and Nancy Graham and Sandra 
Mueller were her attendants. 

THE BIG MOMENT (left) is when the queens are revealed 
following introductions by Janet Marshall, co-editor of the 
Royal Purple. A SONG REQUEST (lower left) is asked of 
Ralph Flanagan. TICKETS (below) were sold and candi- 
dates' pictures displayed in Anderson. 




SSKS 8 : -i-.. 






MEN'S CHOICE (above) are Bev Guinty, Joan Ludes, and 
Carol Clark. ARCHED SABERS (right) mark the presenta- 
tion of the queen, escorted by Cadet Colonel Leonard Pacha. 
UNIFORMS AND FORMALS (far right) dance to the music 
of Blue Barron. 



ROTC Royalty 


Every year members of the army and 
air force ROTC groups don their uni- 
forms and braid, and go to the Military 
Ball. There, the Military Ball Queen and 
her attendants, chosen by the Scabbard 
and Blade and Arnold Air Society, are 
presented. The honorary cadet colonel 
was Joan Ludes, representing Van Zile. 
Honorary cadet lieutenant colonels were 
Bev Guinty, Northwest, and Carol Clark, 
Pi Beta Phi. 

TWELVE FINALISTS are chosen, six by Arnold Air Society 
(lower right) and six by Scabbard and Blade, after mixers 
where each group meets the candidates nominated by organ- 
ized houses. From these twelve, both groups choose the 
queen and her attendants. 









*! -. 





WILDCATS WOW! shout cheerleaders and fans (above) as 
they give a vigorous ending to the Wildcat yell. TOM 
O'BOYLE (left), backed up by coach Meek and Dean Peck, 
tells the crowd that the Cats will run over CU's Golden 
Buffs on the football field Saturday. 

Rock 'em Sock 'em 

Organized and unorganized pep gener- 
ates from the athletic activities of the 
Wildcats. Sometimes it's the yell 'Rock 
Em Sock 'Em, Beat Nebraska!' led by 
the cheerleaders. At other times, it's a 
thunderous and spontaneous "Go, go, 
go" roared by the crowd when the Cats 
have the ball 10 yards away from Kan- 
sas' goal line. 

MUCH PEP (left) is worked-up by Wildcat rooters in Aggie- 
ville. TOUCHDOWN IV (lower left) gives his snarl a test for 
the benefit of the radio audience. WHI-PURS, Purple Pep- 
sters, and Wampus Cats jump to their feet (below) to back 
the team with some yells. 



to houBE the nntLonnl cEntEr for 
f EE J technoLogy tuning nnd rESERrch 




IL ■*.: ■' .-■*■■■■ ■■■■"■ 

BUILDING BOOM on K-State's campus is proclaimed on the 
sign (above) which tells about the Feed Technology wing. 
BOOK SPACE (right) is provided by the Library stacks addi- 
tion, which should be completed and ready for occupancy 
next fall, at a cost of $340,000. 

Limestone and Steel 

Four new buildings, with a combined 
cost of $2,865,000, are being readied 
for student use in the near future. Be- 
sides current construction, plans call for 
the erection of an animal husbandry 
building within the next few years. The 
Kansas legislature has appropriated 
$1,300,000 for the construction of this 

THIS BLANK wall (right) will someday be the east end of 
the Student Union. A GIFT (lower right) is the Feed Tech- 
nology wing, which is being built from funds donated by the 
feed milling industry. VETS will soon practice in their new 

PARENTS MEET President and Mrs. McCain (above) in 

Rec Center after a football game. FACULTY WIVES (left) 

have a monthly get-together. BENNETT CERF (lower left) 

meets the faculty at a dinner in his honor. 

Faculty Fun 

Students are not the only ones that have 
fun in college. For the faculty members 
are just as active in social, interest, and 
professional clubs, as are the students. 
They give dinners for well-known per- 
sonalities brought to the campus; they 
have teas, square dances, and when Ken- 
ney Ford was celebrating his 25th anni- 
versary, there was a big cake and a 
party. In short, they have lots of fun, too ! 

AMERICAN Association of University professors (lower left) 
meet and eat in the cafeteria. 25TH YEAR of service for 
Kenney Ford (below) is celebrated with a cake, and hon- 
ored at half-time of the football game. 


MID-MORNING COFFEE BREAKERS (above) crowd all avail- 
able space in the Student Union as they practice the popu- 
lar custom of "taking a break." RELIEF FROM HOT STOVES 
(right) is provided Home Ec girls by the soft chairs and 
current magazines in Calvin lounge. 

Taking It Easy 

K-Staters spend their spare time on the 
Hill in many places. There're the off- 
campus Can and on-campus Student 
Union. Both cater to the student demand 
for cokes, coffee, and tobacco. The more 
studious head for the library during free 
hours. Several of the schools maintain 
lounges where students can catch up on 
their reading of newspapers and popular 

HITTING THE BOOKS in the library (right) students prepare 
daily assignments or cram for tests. CARDS AND COFFEE 
in the Can (lower right) help take up time 'til the next 
class starts. THE LINE-UP (below) forms in front of the 
coffee counter in the Union. 


T *tyF? 



I 1 


LIGHTER THAN air, Emily Frankel and Mark Ryder (above) 
give a dance show. "IT IS BETTER to die honorable men 
than to be slaves" says Korean ambassador to the United 
States You Chan Yang (left) as he tells an assembly 
audience about the Red menace in Asia. 

Assembly Time 

The tolling from Anderson's bell an- 
nounces every week or so that assembly 
is about to begin. Programs run from 
serious talks about current problems 
through light drama to laugh-provoking 
humor and joke-telling. Holding a ca- 
pacity crowd of 1,700, the auditorium is 
usually well-filled with students and 
faculty for assembly programs. 

STUDENTS should be more serious while in college advises 
assembly speaker Dr. Lucius Robbins (left). HENRY C. Wolf 
(lower left) explains why he thinks America is a misunder- 
stood nation. HELEN Gahagen Douglas (below) expresses 
confidence in the UN. 

Hi ^ 

CLICKING CASTENETS (above) provided music for Jose 
Greco and his Spanish dancers. ORGAN MUSIC, Hayes- 
style (right), was featured at a faculty recital. BOUQUETS 
(lower right) were presented to Claudette Dorel, pianist, by 
admirers Mary Beth Hauer and Nadine Salmans. 

Curtain Calls 

Dramatic and musical programs featur- 
ing local or nationally-known talent are 
sponsored by the College. Artist Series 
programs, presented several times a se- 
mester, give town and College people a 
glimpse at well-known personalities in 
the art fields. "Caine Mutiny Courtmar- 
tial," a Paul Gregory production, was 
one of the biggest attractions this year. 

SONGS by Rev. Charles Wood (right) provided entertain- 
ment for another program. SAYING A FEW WORDS to the 
audience (below) were stars of "Caine Mutiny Courtmar- 
tial" John Hodiak, Lloyd Nolan, and Henry Fonda, being 
interviewed by Ralph Titus of KSDB-FM. 


\kj — «. 


/ j 


ST. PAT Bill Ross and St. Patricia Diana Fellows (above) 
are crowned and introduced by Dean of the School of Engi- 
neering, M. A. Durland at St. Pat's Prom. ALL-EYES (left) 
are on torch-bearers as they climb K- Hill to light the big 
white K. 

Sliderule Show 


■ B. 



Ail estimated 17,000 spectators attended 
the 30th annual Engineers' Open House 
in March. First place display award went 
to the architectural and agricultural en- 
gineers, candidates from the mechanical 
engineering department, Bill Ross and 
Diana Fellows, were elected St. Pat and 
St. Patricia; and the eight runners in 
the marathon set a record of 12 minutes 
and 17 seconds between the campus and 



SCALE MODEL (left) of Danforth, shown by Bill Binford, 
open house chairman, helped the architectural engineers win 
first place. TORCH in his hand, Jim Loomis, (lower left) 
starts the marathon. RAINMAKERS (below) were ag engi- 
neers with a winning display. 




@7,rf # 

BEEF and aggies replace the roundball and players when 
the Little American Royal is held in the Field House 
(above). MILK, butter, and cheese producers line up for 
inspection (right). CURRY COMBS are used just before 
judging time (lower right). 

Blue Ribbons 

Held in the Field House, the Little 
American Royal annually gives the stu- 
dents enrolled in the Ag school a chance 
to show their stuff. Patterned after the 
American Royal which is held in Kansas 
City, the K-State model features the ex- 
hibition and judging of livestock. 

SOAP and water were used by the boys to get these wool- 
lies (right) snow-white. WINNING cutting horse and rider 
(lower right) pose with their cup. Dr. F. D. Farrell (below 
awards the first place steer prize. Captain Borg (lower 
right) did some precision riding. 

tf-. — -» v l % 



WINNING SKIT DIRECTORS (above) are Janet Marshall, Pi 
Beta Phi; Sally Mayer, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Roger Reitz, 
manager of the Y-Orpheum; Tom Carpenter, Tau Kappa 
Epsilon; Gene Arnold, Sigma Alpha Epsi Ion; and Larry 
Evans, Kappa Sigma. PI PHIS (left) have a "Heavenly 
Problem." KAPPA SIGS (below left) perform a 3rd place 

The Play's the Thing 

YMCA-sponsored, the big spring variety 
show is presented two nights by the four 
sororities and five fraternities whose 
seripts win in eampus-wide competition. 
Among sororities in 1953, the seven 
judges ranked Kappa first, Pi Phi sec- 
ond; and among the fraternities, TKE 
first, Sig Alph second, Kappa Sig third. 
The student manager of the show was 
Roger Reitz. 

PI PHI cast (left) gets last minute instructions and "butter- 
flies" backstage. TKE chorus line (lower left) runs through 
chorus routine that won them first place. KAPPA engineer 
Casey Jones (bottom right) prepares for "his" last train 
ride. SIG ALPH Private Eye (below) solves his assault and 
battery case at his own desk. 


Bob Coloney (right), congratulates Beta director. WINNING 
DIRECTORS are Duane Stoskoph, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Dave 
Schneider, Sigma Chi; Charles Amstein, Beta Theta Pi; Kay 
Patterson, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Coloney; Sally Brown, 
Alpha Delta Pi; and Phyllis McMullen, Pi Beta Phi. 

Hit the High Note 

Interfraternity council sponsors a song 
fest each spring in which any sorority or 
fraternity may compete. In the 1953 
Sing last May, eight fraternities and all 
eight sororities participated. The tro- 
phies were awarded to Kappa, first; 
ADPi, second; and Pi Phi, third, in the 
sorority division; and Beta, first; Sigma 
Chi, second; and Sig Ep, third, among 
the fraternities. 

FIRST PLACE cup is handed to Kappa director by Coloney 
(lower right). SIG EPS (bottom right) descend the platform 
after their performance. KAPPAS (below) provide back- 
ground for Kay Patterson's solo, while trophies gleam in the 
foreground. ON STAGE (bottom left) the Betas follow the 
direction of leader Charles Amstein. 


^L-f^- ff f> %', tj, *■* ~c? -. n . 

* f* V ' w Id *0~ v 4* V '%, T- <S 

'" f*t'. *T f 1 -: -■ -• A 

DREAMS MATERIALIZE (above) as Gerald Shadwick, stu- 
dent body president, takes the first shovel-full of dirt to 
begin the new Student Union. ARTS AND SCIENCES Car- 
nival (left) features a water penny-pitching contest at one 
booth. SGA ELECTIONS (below left) in the spring bring 
students out to vote for their favorite candidate. 

Spring Fever 

The spring of '53 was an eventful one at 
K-State. The new Student Union was at 
last begun, after years of planning. The 
official ground-breaking ceremony was 
held at noontime. The School of Arts 
and Sciences sponsored a carnival on 
the tennis courts, and organizations put 
up booths. The social committee brought 
Woody Herman to the campus so stu» 
dents coidd dance to big-time music. 

THIRD HERD of Woody Herman (below left) was the name 
band attraction at the spring all-school dance. ROYAL 
PURPLE of 1953 is distributed (lower left) to lines of stu- 
dents in Kedzie. "DUNK A DAME" (below) is another 
booth idea at the Arts and Sciences Carnival. PENNY 
TOSSING (lower right) also drew quite an interested crowd. 


* h 

DORMITORY HOSTESS (above) meets and visits with high 
school girls invited to Northwest hall for refreshments. 
FASHION SHOW (right) is one of the highlighted events 
during the Hospitality Days week end. BUNNY-HOPPING 
Fine Arts students and their dates (lower right) make the 
first annual Beaux Arts Ball a "hoppin' " success. 

Home Ec On Display 

The School of Home Economics added 
to the parade of events last year with 
their annual Hospitality Days, April 17- 
18. More than 2,000 high school girls 
from all over Kansas came to see the 
college, the School, and the displays. 
Later, students dressed in weird and 
clever costumes got together for the col- 
lege's first Beaux Arts Ball, sponsored 
by the Fine Arts council. 

REFRESHMENTS are served at the dormitories (below) for 
the hundreds of high school girls here for Hospitality Days. 
HOME EC STUDENT (lower left) comes through the arch- 
way modeling a dark taffeta dress. GUESTS STREAM in 
and out of the dorms (bottom center). BEST-DRESSED at 
the Beaux Arts Ball were these three (lower right). 


SENIORS (above) keep hats and tassels in place in windy 
Kansas weather as they walk to the Field House. MEM- 
BERS of the class of '53 (upper left) wait for their 
diplomas. PRESIDENT McCAIN (left) addresses the gradu- 
ates and their friends and relatives. 

"Pomp and 

Graduation comes only after four long 
years of studies, classes, parties, and 
cokes at the canteen. June graduation 
last year had a total of 700 seniors re- 
ceiving their diplomas in the Field 
House. Other graduations are held in 
January and at the end of summer 
school in August. More than 1,000 grad- 
uated from Kansas State college last year. 

GUESTS and graduates (left) listen to the commencement 
program. SENIORS (lower left) wait for the moment they 
will be "old grads." NEW LIEUTENANTS (below) will soon 
fill the vacant chairs, from which they will take their oath 
of allegiance to the United States army or air force. 

Center of much student off- 
campus buying, Aggieville was a 
scene of gaiety during merchant 
sponsored -Aggieville Jamboree. 




712 N. Manhattan 

'Delicious Desserts' 

City Typewriter & Office Supply Co. 

Corner 4th and Houston 

Phone 8-3908 

Free Delivery 


Music & Musical Merchandise 
Toys Hobby Shop Supplies 

429 Poyntz Phone 8-3432 


Make us your Flower Headquarters 

21 South 4th 

Phone 8-3314 

Manhattan Mutual 

Life Insurance 

Home Office, MANHATTAN 

Start the Game Right 
— Let Insurance Be 
Your Helping Hand 


Established 1918 







For The Past 32 Years — The Stevenson's Label — 
Has been worn by Kansas State's Best Dressed 

Men and Women. 


Coeds head for the Canteen after finishing Fall enrollment. 

Compliments Of Manhattan 

New Car Dealers Association 

Brewer Motor Co. 
Cadillac - Chevrolet 

Bredenberg Auto Co. 
Dodge - Plymouth 

Groetsch-lrvine Motor Co., Inc. 
Chrysler - Plymouth 

Manhattan Motors, Inc. 
Buick - Oldsmobile 

Miller Auto Exchange 
Pontiac - Packard 

Skagg's Motors, Inc. 

Stubblefield, Inc. 
Lincoln - Mercury 

Stantord-Weese-Nash, Inc. 

Tri-County Motor Co. 




Dress 4 Less 

Brad street Jewelers 

"The Jewel Box of Treasured Gifts" 
Cor. 4th & Houston State Theater Bldg. 

Dial 8-4023 

PHONE 3236 


KROEHLER Cushionized Furniture 

MAGIC CHEF Gas Ranges 

FRIGIDAIRE Appliances 

LEES Heavenly Carpet 


We Feature Select 

Men's Apparel 


Custom Tailoring 






Kansas State Players perform "Death of a Salesman. 
"17 Qualified K-State Alumni an Important Part in Our Organization" 







Manhattan, Kansas 

Continuous Shows Every Day . . . 


Movies Are Your Greatest Entertainment 

Carpets and Linoleums 
Awnings Asphalt Tile 

Rubber Tile 


Storm Windows 

Plastic Tile 

♦ ♦ 

Hill Linoleum 


Rug Company 

1123 Moro St. 

Phone 8-4358 



♦ ♦ 




♦ ♦ 

Distributors for 



What € 
you want \ 
is a 
Coke_ r 



«EC. U. S. PAT. -OFF 

i' ■ A 

IIm ' ^ 


sire" is a registered U 

oJe murl\ Jp^| 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 


Johnson Brothers 







Two Big Floors 
of Friendly Service 





Phone 8-3551 





The Friendly Store 
for Men 




212 SOUTH 4TH PHONE 8-2518 


. . . is what our chef says when he tastes 

before we serve. 
You'll agree. Come in to dine in the finest 

<?*Dei L^ic 






Shop in Manhattan's Largest 
and Finest Super Market 

523 South p# ^ Free, Easy 
17th Street HOI U Parking 

Super Market 



Leo "Chapie" Chapman 

PHONE 8-2222 1112 MORO 

Remember .... 

Brownie's Coffee Shop and 

M08Moro • Route 3 • Across the Viaduct 


The ground-breaking ceremony for the long awaited Student Union begins with President McCain at the 
microphone. Last year's student body president John Schovee holds the ceremonial shovel. 

^Jhe ^Lumber \^owipctnie5 of / nccnnauan 

S^eruina the J eopte 


Phone 8-3170 
231 Pierre 


Phone 8-3024 
112 N. 2nd 


Phone 8-4477 
3rd & Humboldt 


Phone 8-391 I 
I 3 I Houston 


you'll like 



Air Conditioned 

Guest Rooms, Dining Room 

and Coffee -Shop 

The Sigma Nus entertain rushes in front of their trophy ease. 

Also Operated by Boone Hotel Co. 

Hotel El Dorado 
Hotel Vinita 
Hotel Townseiicl 
El Monte Inn 

El Dorado, Kansas 

Vinita, Oklahoma 

Casper, Wyoming 

Granhy, Colorado 

Manhattan Orchestra Service 

Music for All Occasions 



Phone 8-5470 

Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry - Silverware 

Reed and Elliott 


Opportunity is knocking when you 
welcome Reddy Kilowatt, your elec- 
tric servant. He's the most versatile 
and economical servant you can hire 
these days. 

Kansas Power and Light Company 



The Friendly Mid-West Bank 

Is An Organization Built Through 

* Service Since 1889 
■Jf Honesty 

•jr Integrity 

^ Experience 

^ Leadership 

Your Future As Is Ours 
Is Based On These Five Words 


Deposits Insured By FDIC 

Roberts Furniture Store 

New and Used 
We Buy, Sell and Trade 

Phone 8-2364 Res. Phone 8-2560 

I 120 MORO 


The Home of Fine Foods 

Varsity Drug Store 

224 Moro Phone 8-2044 











eae \^anieen 






PHONE 8-5490 


Richards Conoco 

030 Poyntz 

Phone 6-9961 

Campus Beauty Shop 

1321 Anderson Dial 8-2522 


Everything Photographic 

World Insurance Company 


R. B. Stauffer 
District Agent 



4th and Houston 


Manhattan Ice and Cold Storage 

Co., Inc. 

Lockers — Cold Storage — Ice 
209 Yuma Phone 8-4465 


Washing and Greasing Service 
Tires and Accessories 

Every Service for the Motorist 

PHONE 6-9814 I 101 MORO 








All popular brands of beer 
by can, bottle or keg to go 

712 North 12th 


25 MORO 

PHONE 8-4325 


Drive In and Tavern 

Your Favorite Beer 
Chicken in a Basket 
Sandwiches, Malts 
Sundaes, Shakes 
Keg Root Beer 










201 Yuma Street Phone 8-4113 

Manhattan Wholesale Meat Co. 


Catering to 

Hotels, Restaurants, Institutions 

"We Specialize in Portion Control" 

J. N. Miller Ray Ince 


Dixie Carmel Corn Shop 


"The Best Place in Town for Candies" 
301 Poyn+z 



Topeka, Kansas 


^Tlt ^CnOOl vOook 

una Supplies 

Arts and Science students vote for favorite candidates in Anderson. 


The Friendly Book Store Nearest the College 


niuiO ^^ 

Official Royal Purple Photographers 



Laurence W. B laker 

1200 Moro 

Dial 8-3434 


All Big Seven Nebraskan center Bill Johnson breaks through the Cat defense to rack up two points. 

The Wildcats took Nebraska 91-70 in the revenge game. 


as in 52 other Kansas communities 



for your everyday needs and 
school supplies 


320-22-24 Poyntz Ave. 



619 N. Manhattan 

Serving 61 Communities in Kansas & Colorado 



417 Poyntz Avenue 
Home of General Electric Merchandise 



722 North 


DIAL 8-3555 




I 15 South 


DIAL 8-3556 

The Palace Drug 

Prescriptions a Specialty 

Student Headquarters 

Photographic Supplies 

in Aggieville 




Specialists on Ladies' Apparel 

E. B. (Pete) PETERSON 

1 206i/ 2 MORO PHONE 8-3273 



Chinese and American Dishes 

We invite you 

to make our bank 

your banking headquarters 

while you are living 

in Manhattan. 

Try the "FIRST" first. 

First National Bank 


Member Federal 
Reserve System 

Anderson Hall at enrollment time. 



62/ tlorth fflanhatian CZvenus 




Gifts for All Occasions 

1222 Moro 


201 Colorado 

Phone 8-4166 

For the Finest in 


go to the 




DIAL 8-2323 

H. H. Langford 

1219 MORO 

Aggie Hardware 






All Star Jesse Prisock leaps high for a basket. 


PHONE 8-2993 

1205 MORO 


Thankyou, K-State — 

for the privilege of helping to record this newest of your many years 
of achievement and of service to the State and Nation .... 

Thankyou, Janet and Bob and Dorothy — 

for your excellent direction and cooperation, foryour steadiness 
when the chips were down, for your firm grasp of a complex pro- 
duction .... 

Thankyou, Professor Medlin — 

for the good sense and team spirit with which, as usual, you invest- 
ed the whole enterprise and its many personalities .... 

Thankyou, Staff — 

you who, without glamour or limelight, did so many tedious chores 
so competently and cheerfully (the Index, for example) . . . 

Thankyou, One-and-AII — 

for the sheer pleasure of being associated with such a campus-ful 
of attractive people. 


f-^rlnters C^ [^ublidners 
West Seventh Street, May to Central Kansas City 
















Homemade Pies 

Jim Romig's Conoco 

Phone 8-4043 60 1 N. Manhattan 



The Place to Go, for 
The Names You Know 

328 Poyntz Ave. 

Phone 8-3065 

midwest landmarks- 

Kansas State's Anderson Hal 

Tower and the . . . 



Aggie Hardware and Eleetric 400 

Betton's 386 

Blue Lounge 394 

Bootery 390 

Bottger's 400 

Bradstreet Jewelers . . . 388 

Bredenberg Auto Co. . . 387 

Brennan's Skelly Service . 394 

Brewer Motor Co. . . . 387 

Brownie's 390 

Burd & Fletcher Company . 402 

Burger-Baird Engraving Co. 401 

Campus Beauty Shop . . 394 

Campus Bookstore . . . 404 

Campus Cleaners .... 400 

Campus Theater .... 389 

Catheryn's Gifts .... 400 
City Typewriter and Office 

Supply Company . . . 386 

Coca-Cola Bottling Company 389 

Coed Theater 389 

Cole's 390 

College Bookstore . . . 396 

College Canteen .... 393 

College Drug 400 

Dairy Queen 386 

Del Close Jewelers . . . 390 

Dixie Carmel Corn Shop . 396 

Dodd's Inc 399 

Dolly's K-Lunch .... 403 

Paul Dooley Jewelers . . 394 

Don and Jerry .... 390 

Duckwall's 396 

First National Bank . . . 399 

Gillette Hotel 392 


Goetsch-Irvine Motor Co. . 387 

Golden Belt Lumber Co. . 391 

Golden Crust Bakery . . 400 

Griffith Coal & Lumber Co. 391 

Hill Linoleum 389 

Ideal Cleaners 399 

Johnson Brothers 

Construction Co. . . . 389 
Kansas City Life Insurance 

Company 403 

Kansas Power and Light Co. 392 

Kansas State Fair .... 403 

Kaup Furniture .... 388 

Ward-Keller's 402 

Lambert Lumber Company 391 

Manhattan Camera Shop . 394 
Manhattan Ice and 

Cold Storage .... 394 

Manhattan Motors, Inc. . . 387 
Manhattan Mutual 

Insurance Co 386 

Manhattan Orchestra Service 392 
Manhattan Wholesale 

Meat Co 396 

Mar Cafe 399 

Margaret's Flowers . . . 386 

Martin K. Eby Construction 388 

Meade Insurance Company . 396 

Miller Auto Exchange . . 387 

Murphy's 394 

NuWay Cleaners .... 399 

Palace Drugs 399 

Patrick Cafe 393 

Penney's 399 

Peterson's 393 

R and G Grocery .... 389 
Ramey Brothers Lumber 

and Coal 391 

Reed and Elliot Jewelers . 392 

Richards' Conoco .... 394 

Roberts' Furniture Store . 393 

Romig's Conoco .... 403 

Salisbury's 393 

Salina Supply 389 

Sears 394 

Skaggs Motor Inc. . . . 387 

Smart Shop 400 

Stanford- Weese-Nash, Inc. . 387 

State Theater 389 

Stevenson's 386 

Stubblefield Inc 387 

Studio Royal 397 

Tap Room 390 

Tri-County Motor Co. . . 387 

Union National Bank . . 393 

Urguhart's 388 

Van's Auto 394 

Varsity Drug 393 

Wareham Hotel .... 395 

Wareham Theater . . . 396 

Warren Cafe 390 

Western Grocer .... 389 

Woody's 388 

World Insurance Co. . . 394 

The Kansas State 
Field House is the 
largest state building 
in Kansas. 

k.»— a*l 

"A Progressive College ... 

Demands a Progressive Book Store" 

Campus Book Store 




Abdullah, Muhammed H. 243,248 

Abel, Walter H. 221 

Abram, Arlene G. 84, 197 

Abram, Charles T. 84,249,271 

Acacia 169 

A Cappella Choir 342 

Achenbach, Dolores J. 84, 192, 257 

Achten, Kenneth E. 38 

Acker, Stevens B. 84, 211 

Ackerman, Barbara 274 

Ackerman, Edward S. 84, 186, 262 

Acre, Kenneth E. 84, 183 

Acropolis 205 

Adair, Brent 84, 244 

Adair, Ruby C. 84, 21 I, 214, 258 

Adamek, Kenneth C. 84, 188 

Adams, David S. 84, 184, 278 

Adams, Eugene S. 38, 189, 225, 228, 238 

Adams, Hairy D. 84, 252 

Adams, Nugent R. 84, 187, 301, 308, 319 

Adams, Pelham E. 84, 184, 247 

Adams, Raymond E. 356 

Adams, Robert M. 84, 205 

Adams, Robert R. 48 

Adamson, Virginia L. 84, 198 

Ade, Donald R. 84, 185, 342 

Adee, Srover M. 84, 218, 219, 241, 310, 314 

Adee, Marilyn J. 84, 158, 234 

Administration, Dean of 24 

Administrative Officers 24 

Adranly, Issa G. 48, 213, 214, 219, 248 
Afifi, Saad E. 70, 243, 248, 256 

Agriculture, Dean of 36 
Agricultural Economics Club 241 
Agricultural Education Club 241 
Agriculture Student Magazine 354 
Agusiobo, Patrick C. 70, 248, 256 
Ahlstrom, Patricia L. 84, 157, 259 
Ahlvers, Richard L. 265 
Ahrens, Franklin A. 84, 202 
Ailslieger, Herbert 248 
Aitken, Percy G. 48, 182 
Alber, Charles A. 62 
Albers, Bernard F. 84, 212, 246 
Albers, Charles L. 84, 188 
Albert, James R. 70 
Alderman, Barbara A. 84, 159, 257 

Dean E. 249 

Dorothy J. 84, 197 

Roger E. 84 

Don R. 231 

Roland D. 84, 318, 325 
163, 257, 266 
229, 252 






Alford, Ardith L. 

Allen, Clarence D. 

Allen, Doris A. 84, 162, 351 
Allen, Nancy 84, 159 
Allen, Patricia A. 275 
Allen, Richard D. 84 
Allen, Robert W. 261 
Allen, Ronald D. 185, 
Allen, Warren M. 253 
Alexander, Donald L. 
Allingham, Lawrence 
Allison, Jerry G. 84 
Allison, Patricia 84, 198, 217 
Allison, Robert L. 48, 184 
Alpha Chi Omega 156 
Alpha Delta Pi 157 
Alpha Delta Theta 234 



84, 184 


Alpha Epsilon Rho 237 

Alpha Gamma Rho 170 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 171 

Alpha Kappa Psi 230 

Alpha Mu 232 

Alpha Phi Omega 273 

Alpha Tau Omega 172 

Alpha Xi Delta 158 

Alpha Zeta 228 

Altau Karl 232, 248 

Ameel, Donald 47 

Amend, Eldon R. 84, 187 

American Chemical Society 248 

American Guild of Organists 272 

American Institute of Architects 253 

American Institute of Electrical Engineers 

American Institute of Physics 254 
American Society of Agricultural Engineers 

American Society of Chemical Engineers 

American Society of Civil Engineers 252 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers 

84, 192 
162, 258 
i 56, 249 
241, 351 
84, 174, 21 I, 214, 240, 

Amick, Beverly A. 
Amick, Vera J. 84, 
Amis, Mary A. 84, 
Amos, John M. 84, 
Amstein, Charles A 

342, 381 
Amstein, W. G. 27 
Amundaray, Hiram A. 
Amundaray, Jose 212 
Anderson, Britta C. 8 
Anderson, Crystal A. 

Anderson, David B. 4 
Anderson, Eugene W. 
Anderson, Gloria D. 
Anderson, Janis C. I 
Anderson, Jay A. 84 
Anderson, Jerry E. 
Anderson, Karl D. 

84, 202 

♦, 197, 217, 265 

48, 197, 214, 246, 265, 

8, 185 

84, 204 

4, 164, 213, 259 
202, 241, 265 

174, 251 


Anderson, Leonard A. 80,261,327 
Anderson, Margaret L. 85, 157, 198, 342 
Anderson, Marilyn J. 85, 194, 279 
Anderson, Richard A. 254 
Anderson, Ronald R. 85, 203, 252 
Andler, Harold E. 85, 183, 268 
Andress, Charles I. 241, 265 
Andrews, Frank C. 48, 176, 212, 225, 232, 

248, 275, 342 
Andrews, Jeanne M. 192, 274 
Andrews, Valda J. 85 
Andrews, Winfred A. 85, 170, 262 
Angell, Patricia J. 32, 74, 162, 258 
Angevine, Albert R. 70, 179 
Anschutz, Ella M. 85, 198 
Antenen, Gary M. 38, 187, 240, 278 
Antenen, Joy 275 
Anthony, Marc E. 85, 184, 268 
Antic, Carol N. 85, 164, 212, 266, 270 
Apley, Arthur D. 38, 189 
Apley, Nadine L. 85, 216 
Appleby, Arnold P. 85,202,241,243 
Applegate, Lester D. 85 
Applegarth, Dorothey E. 218 
Applegarth, Mildred E. 218 
Applegate, Mrs. Wallace 182 

Apportionment Board 30 

Arbab, Ali A. 85, 248 
Archenbach, Dolores J. 279 
Archibald, Dianne L. 85, 159, 194, 343 
Arensman, Elton E. 85, 189, 252 
Arensman, Marilyn 74, 160, 260 
Argabright, John W. 85, 183 
Armantrout, Leon H. 85, 179, 253, 271 
Armbrust, Arthur J. 85, 177, 244 
Armstead, Claude E 241 
Armstead, Donna L. 85, 192, 213, 342 
Armstrong, Joe W. 243 
Arn, Barbara C. 85 
Arn, Gov. Edward F. 24 
Arnold Air Society 238 

Arnold, Donald L. 85, 176, 266 
Arnold, Paul E. 33, 48, 184, 324, 380 
Arnold, Richard A. 85, 185 
Arnone, Robert M. 85 
Artman, Pat 329 

Arts and Sciences, Dean of 46 

Arwood, Margaret E. 74, 160, 242 

Asbury, Francis L. 48 

Ashford, Teddy R. 85, 187 

Ashley, Joyce K. 85, 161, 194, 279 

Ashley, Ruth 85, 163 

Asmus, Robert C. 85, 170, 263 

Assem, Mahmoud A. 70, 242 

Asmussen, Loris E. 48, 179 

Atherton, Helen 192 

Athletic Council 287 

Atkeson, F. W. 36, 243 

Atkeson, Gary D. 185 

Atkeson, George W. 85, 174, 243 

Atkinson, Gary D. 85, 240 

Atkinson, Lewis N. 38, 177, 211, 227, 232, 

Atwood, Charles W. 38 
Atwood, William H. 85, 167, 187 
Atzenweiler, Walter 85, 174 
Austin, Janice G. 85, 161 
Austin, William R. 213, 246 
Avery, Thomas B. 242, 356 
Aye, William R. 85, 184, 324 
Ayers, David C. 62, 176 
Ayers, Donald W. 85, 176 



William H. 85, 174 
Dean Rodney 46, 69 


251, 252 

Back, Harrison M. 86, 183 

Bacon, Elizabeth C. 86, 161, 211 

Badders, Richard G. 38 

Baehr, David J. 38, 185, 213 

Baehr, Nancy 343 

Baehr, William 26 

Baetz, Gary D. 86, 

Baetz, Robert L. 8 

Bagley, Edgar S. 211, 230 

Bailey, Jo S. 86, 194, 215, 351 

Bailey, William L. 38, 166 

Bailie, Wayne E. 86 

Bair, Richard D. 213, 256 

Baird, Harry C. 27 

Baird, Thomas B. 86, 213, 214, 

Baker, Carole ?43 

Baker, Ellen M. 86, 260, 266 

Baker, Frank 244 

Baker, Harry J. 262 

Baker, Harold W. 86, 252 

Baker, Laverne L. 86, 266, 243 

Baker, Lorena E. 86 


Baker, LoRee 274 
Baker, Richard J. 
Baker, Ronald L. 
Baker, Thane 3 10, 
Baker, Wesley C. 
Balaun, Joe P. 86 
Balaun, John R. 86 
Baldawi, Jawad H. 

86, 167, 177, 265, 273 
!6, 187 
311, 313 
48, 179, 249 
212, 343 

248, 249 

192, 257, 264, 329 
86, 249 
, 160, 216, 236, 260, 273, 

Balderston, Robert E. 48, 185, 289, 292, 298. 

Baldwin, Everley V. 38 
Baldwin, Harvey C. 48, 212, 249 
Baldwin, Nora A. 274 
Bales, Norma J. 86, 192, 242, 257, 342 
Bales, William H. 86 
Ball, John K. 86 
Ball, Ralph G. 324 
Ballard, Virginia L. 86, 164 
Ballou, Corliss J. 267 
Ballou, Laverne K. 86 
Ballou, Mary H. 74 
Balman, Bruce 62, 250 
Balthazor, Dell M. 198 
Balthazor, Merle E. 86, 185, 326 
Balthrop, John C. 86, 188 
Balthrop, Virginia 86, 
Balzerick, Robert F. 
Banman, Vera K. 86 

Bantz, Rex A. 265 
Barb, Darold K. 86, 326, 342 
Barbee, Larry D. 262 
Barber, Paul A. 38, 238, 324 
Barber, Warren K. 86, 202, 326 
Barbour, Dorothy A. 86, 198, 249, 279 
Barclay, Theodore C. 86, 202 
Barfoot, Dorothy 73 
Bareiss, Melvin L. 270, 271 
Barker, Carmen L. 86, 198 
Barkley, Theodore 213,214 
Barnard. James I. 38 
Barnes, Charles H. 347 
Barnes, Philip G. 86, 187 
Barnes, Roger E. 86, 176 
Barnes, Sondra S. 86, 198, 275, 279 
Barnett, Barbara A. 86, 156, 342 
Barnett, Kenneth J. 62, 250 
Barney, George H. 213, 262 
Barnhart, Ralph D. 86 
Barr, William T. 48 
Barrett, Jackie D. 86, 187 
Barrett, John W. 86, 187 
Barta, George J. 62, 267 
Bartel, Luetta F. 86 

Barthuly, Marleen L. 86, 194, 213, 258, 297 
Bartlett, Vernon W. 86 
Bartley, Elizabeth 86, 156 
Bartley, E. E. 243 
Bartley, Ray E. 86, 250 
Barton, George J. 250 
Barton, Kathleen A. 87, 163, 194, 279 
Barton, Mary Ellen 86, 192 
Barton, Ronald O. 252, 343 
Bartz, Helen L. 87, 160, 257, 265 
Bascom, James F. 87, 174, 21 I 
Baseball 319 

Basham, Paul N. 87, 202, 273 
Basketball 301 
Baskett, Kathryn L. 48, 164 
Bassett, Daryl 87, 183 
Bastian, Donald H. 272 
Batchelder, David G. 254 
Bates, Claude P. 262 
Bates, Mary H. 162, 275 
Batthauer, Byron E. 33, 62, 229, 233, 252 
Battin, Melvin A. 87, 183 


Bauer, Greta A. 87, 161, 247 

Bauer, Roger Duane 70, 183 

Baugher, Wymetta J. 198,259 

Bauman, Wilma J. 87,162,343 

Baumunk, Jon F. 188 

Baxendale, John R. 87, 181, 212 

Baxter, Laura 216 

Baxter, Leroy 343 

Baxter, Richard 263 

Bayer, Floyd H. 256,275 

Bayer, Teddy R. 87 

Bayles.JoeA. 87,211 

Bayles, Virgil R. 243, 256 

Beam, Helen J. 74, 197, 214, 228, 260 

Bear, Dale R. 252 

Bearden, Gene 343 

Bearden, Rosemary 343 

Bearg, Marjory A. 87, 163, 194, 259, 279 

Beattie, Sidney 87, 163, 342 

Beatty, Raymond L. 315 

Beauchene, Roy E. 28, 33, 232, 256 

Beck, Billie J. 87, 216, 242 

Beck, Earl M. 87, 203, 212 

Beck, Henry V. 234, 246 

Beck, Horst 70, 240, 256 

Beck, James B. 87, 184 

Beck, Robert E. 48, 254 

Becker, Dean H. 87, 187 

Becker, Edward P. 87, 188, 278 

Becker, Larry L. 87, 187 

Beckmeyer, Ann J. 87, 163, 212, 270, 351 

Beightel, Jack L. 87 

Beikman, Raymond 87, 314 

Bell, Bruce W. 62, 252 

Belden, John R. 87, 229, 251, 343 

Bell, Catherine 87, 197, 329 

Bell, Charlene 87, 159 

Bell, Clarence A. 254, 256 

Bell, Helen M. 87, 192 

Bell, Lois V. 87, 198 

Bell, Shirley K. 87, 198 

Bell, F. D. 356 

Bell, William D. 87, 185 

Bellamy, Bruce M. 212, 275 

Bellinger, Gladys I. 258 

Bellman, Charles J. 38. 189, 270, 354, 356 

Belt Stephen 87, 213, 278 

Bemis Albert R. 87, 204. 216, 217,265 

Bemis, George W. 87, 174 

Bender, Frances 74, 163, 212, 270 

Benedict, James K. 262 

Benedict, Richard G. 252 

Benedict, Shirley J. 275 

Benedix, Diane L. 87, 163, 270 

Bengtson, Andrew N. 87, 275 

Bennett, Howard F. 80, 261 

Bennett, Richard V. 87, 275 

Bennetts, Harry C. 88, 171, 240 

Bensing, Mrs. William 183 

Benson, Harvey D. 88, 219, 254 

Benson, Jay R. 62 

Benteman, Arland E. 88,238,244,271 

Bentson, Rodney E. 88, 185, 326 

Benz, Marilyn L. 28, 48. 159, 225, 226, 236 

Berq. George A. 88, 206 

Bergin, Barbara 275 

Bergin, Richard J. 263 

Bergman, William H. 33, 88, 170, 243, 265, 

270, 354, 356 
Be'grent, Ron 319, 320 
Bergsten, Arlis J. 88, 192, 259, 264 
Berkeybile, Constance 30, 88, 159 
Berkihiser, Charlotte 88, 157, 212, 275 
Bermel, Blaine L. 240 
Berneking, Armour D. 232 
Bernhardt, Carol M. 88, 163 
Berning, Irene M. 88, 192, 212, 257 
Bernstein, Lewis 70, 205, 219, 256 
Berrigan, Joan 88, 159, 194, 212, 275, 279 
Berry, Joel H. 289 

Berryman, Robert D. 88 

Bertnolli, Edward C. 88, 185 

Bervy, Maxim A. 88, 243 

Bessey, Shirlev M. 257 

Besthorn, Melvin A. 88, 204, 342 

Beta Sigma Psi 173 

Beta Theta Pi 174 

Bettis, Beverly A. 88, 164, 198 

Betz, George 88, 184, 278 

Bezemek, Ludwig A. 88, 244 

Biehler, Thomas W. 185 

Biel, Warren D. 88, 173 

Bigg, Donald L. 148 

Biggs, Arthur 88 

Biggs, Lloyd W. 88, 202, 275 

Biggs, Walter G. 88, 202 

Bilderback, Snowdie 88,163,259 

BiM, Raymond E. 228 

Billiar, Robert R. 48, 213 

Billings, Charles R. 88, 203, 256 

Billinqs, G. Stanley 88, 203, 271 

Billings, Sara J. 88, 353 

Binder, Robert J. 88, 183, 212 

Binford, Phyllis J. 48, 161 

Binford. William K. 33, 62, 174, 238, 378 

Birch. Betty L. 88 

Bircher, John H. 88, 205, 343 

Bird Byron G. 29, 33, 88 230, 249, 265, 355 

Bird Donna M. 88, 265, 271 

Birkholtz, Elaine A. 48. 192 

Birmingham, Mrs. 171 

Birtell, Craig C. 88, 203. 252 

Birtell, William E. 88, 203, 343 

Birzer, Harold L. 88, 212 

Bitter, Marvin D. 88,213,250,264 

Bixby Howard R. 88, 186 

Bizek. Clittord C. 30, 38, 166, 169, 244 

Bizer, Harry L. 324 

Black Henry C. 88, 184, 262 

Black, Jay I. 148 

Black, William H. 88 

Blackburn, Diane 38, 158, 211, 243, 273, 354 

Blackburn, Nancy E. 88, 194, 265, 272, 343 

Blackwood, Duane A. 88, 173 

Blair, Betty 88, 192 

Blair, Tunice K. 33,62,230,250,253 

Blake, Jimmie Neal 342 

Blakely, Max F. 88 

Blanchard, Harry F. 80, 261 

Blanchard, Marion D. 342 

Blanchard, Mary 274 

Bland. Richard L. 88 

Blauer, Jeanice A. 89, 160, 216, 257, 264, 

Blecha, Frank O. 27 
Blehm,JohnS. 89 
Blew. James M. 62, 184, 233 
Blickenstaff, Curtis 48, 179, 249 
Blickenstaff, Myrth 48 

Block and Bridle 244 

Block, William E. 89, 181 
Bloyd, Shirley J. 48, 157, 267, 272 
Blubaugh, Albert L. 89,179,212,353 
Blubaugh, Norman M. 62,172,251,252 

Blue Key 227 

Blum, Martha A. 32,89,164,259,266 

Blumberg, A. Noreen 89, 156 

Blume, Irvin D. 89 

Bobbin, Lucille J. 89, 197 

Bock, Ralph 271 

Bocquin, Paul E. 212, 343 

Boddiger, James F. 89,213,240 

Bodenhamer, Jay D. 240 

Boettcher, Janet C. 89, 192, 343 

Boettcher, William H. 89, 169, 343 

Bogen, Sheldon B. 89 

Bohart, Richard C. 38, 357 

Bohn, Robert L. 148 

Bokelman, Delwin L. 89, 173 

Bokelman, Jerald L. 89 

Bolaria, Tetwant S. 256 

Bolen, Don L. 89, 185, 326 

Boles, Hobart P. 243 

Boline, Leanna R. 89, 194, 260, 264 

Bollenbacher, Arnold 89, 241 

Bolt, John C. 49, 183 

Bolze, Martha L. 89, 192 

Boman, Benny L. 243 

Boman, Lowell H. 62 

Bonchonsky, Andrew P. 49,212,246 

Bonner, James T. 89, 171, 273, 353 

Bonnett, Charles O. 38, 176 

Book, Jolene F. 89, 192, 212 

Boone, William C. 89, 172 

Booth, Donald W. 89, 185 

Booth, Roderick D. 89, 183, 268, 342 

Borenstzayn, Gisela. 219 

Boring, John E. 89, 202 

Borland, Billy B. 89 

Borland, Gregg R. 49, 174, 346 

Borst, George E. 62 

Bortfeld, C. F. 241 

Borth, Carl F. 213 

Bortz, James J. 89, 159 

Bosko, J. Leroy 89, 182, 289 

Bosko, Mary E. 89, 162, 194, 275 

Boss, Mrs. Henry T. 185 

Bosse, Loleta M. 89. 204, 213, 342 

Boster, Jan S. 89, 198 

Bosworth, Robert W. 89 

Botkin, Lyle D. 89 

Bott, Joyce E. 89, 198, 207 

Bott, Ruth A. 89, 192, 260 

Boucek, Marian L. 89, 198, 279 

Bounous, Kathryn A. 89, 163, 198, 247, 279 

Bourne, Patricia M. 49, 198, 267 

Bowdon, Edward K. 89, 275 

Bowen, Veryl E. 74, 213 

Bower. Raymond K. 70 

Bowlby, Robert D. 90, 188, 278 

Bowman, Darlene K. 90. 161, 216, 257, 267 

Bowman, Katherine E. 74, 192 

Bowman, William C 90, 174, 240 

Bowser, Eugene O. 90. 216, 217, 234, 246 

Bowyer, Mariorie A. 90, 162, 213 

Boyd, Barbara E. 90, 161, 351 

Boyd, James E. 90, 173 

Boyd James W. 49, 186, 249, 343 

Boyd, Patricia M. 90, 95, 163, 194, 248, 266 

Boyd. Richard F. 90, 183 

Boyd, Robert A. 90, 174. 309 

Boydston, Dewey L. 80, 261 

Boydston Hazel 275 

Boyer. John E. 90. 183. 237 

Bozworth, Robert W. 203, 243 

Brabander. Wayne J. 49 

Brace David A. 265. 314 

Brack. Darrel D. 90 214, 252, 271 

Bracken, Donna J. 274 

Bracken. William J. 90, 170 262 

Brackett Raymond B. 90, 169 

Braddock, Bern, 342 

BracHock William H. 90, 184 

Bradford, John N. 49. 175 

Bradley. Gerald A. 90. 238 268 

Bradley, Howard R. 90, 167, 174, 236, 241 

Bradley, June Q. 274 

BraHlev. Wayne D. 263 

Bradshaw, John A. 90,318 

Bradshaw, Marianne J. 90, 198, 342 

Brady. James E. 243 

Brainard. Diane G. 90.163,346,347 

Braman S. Weldon 90.169 256 

Brammel, Betty L. 90. 192, 260, 267, 279 

Branch Frankie L. 90, 161 

Brandeberry. Norman 301 

Brandner, L. 344 

Brandon. Elizabeth F. 90. 198. 214, 279 

Brandt. George R. 90, 179, 342 

Brandyberry, Barbara 90, 198 

Brandyberry, Willis 90,244,264 

Branigan, Thomas L. 80, 261 

Branman, Vera K. 217 

Brannin, Leonard T. 38, 184, 324 

Brass, James H. 90, 187 

Brayfield, Arthur 47 

Brazil, Robert W. 90, 176, 301 

Brecheisen, Barbara 90, 197, 263 

Brecheisen, Harold C. 216, 217 

Brecheisen, Nancy A. 275 

Breeden, Donald C. 90, 262 

Breitenbach, Garman 38, 170, 212, 357 

Breithaupt, John C. 90, 170 

Breithaupt, Marvin P. 243, 275 

Breithaupt, Robert C. 90, 172,343 

Bremenkamp, Anna L. 90, 192, 212, 247, 266, 

Brenna, Leroy S. 70 
Brenner, David G. 241, 243, 271 
Brenner, Willis F. 90 

Brethour, John R. 90, 169, 228, 244, 356, 357 
Brett, Marilyn G. 74,161,258,279 
Bretz. Shirley T. 90, 198, 260, 265 
Breuel, Jerry F. 90, 167, 169, 238, 270 
Brewster, Constance 90, 157, 194, 267 
Brink, John J. 90, 170, 244, 265 
Brinkman, Donald K. 90, 173 
Brinkman, James F. 90, 173, 202 
Brislawn, Mark G. 62, 186, 227, 230, 271 
Britton, Logene S. 90, 162, 343 
Broadbent, Carldon H. 38, 216, 217, 228, 

241, 265, 267, 271 
Brock, Joseph W. 90, 268 
Brocketr, Joleene F. 91, 159, 267, 342 
Broddle, Jack L. 91 

Brodrick, Joyce D. 91, 194, 248, 272, 342 
Brollier, Grant E. 91 
Broman, Charles R. 91, 342 
Broman, Phyllis J. 49, 161, 342 
Bronaugh, Robert W. 91,205,248,249 
Brooks, Charlene K. 91, 164, 279 
Brooks, Jay R. 91, 174, 309 
Brooks, Loretta A. 91, 199 
Brose, Melvin L. 91, 175 
Brower, Orlan L. 91, 206 
Brown, Barbara D. 91, 198 
Brown, Berta Y. 91, 157 
Brown, Bertha A. 275 
Brown, Donald D. 49,91,169,238,254 
Brown, Donald D. 247 
Brown, Donna J. 91, 198 
Brown, Earl M. 91, 179 
Brown, Gary D. 91, 184, 342 
Brown, Lane 325 
Brown, Laura J. 91, 198 
Brown, Laurence C. 47 
Brown, Leslie P. 91, 174 
Brown, Marilyn D. 91, 192 
Brown, Norma L. 91,194,265,279 
Brown, Richard E. 33, 38, 225, 227, 228, 243, 

Brown, Richard H. 91 
Brown, Robert M. 38 
Brown, Rose M. 91, 157, 267 
Brown, Sally A. 74, 157, 257, 279, 381 
Brown, Valeta R. 91, 197 
Brown, William G. 275 
Browne, James E. 38, 216, 217 
Browne, Moyne W. 70, 343 
Brownlee, Lola M. 91,197,265,342 
Broyles, Donald L. 62, 252 
Bruce, Ernest E. 80, 261 

Bruer, Roger D. 213 

Brumm, Jan R. 91, 185 
Brummell, Anita T. 91, 192 
Brune, Harold E. 91, 204, 212 

Brungardt, Val H. 357 

Brunswig, Berdine E. 91, 192, 264, 267, 279, 

Bruske, Edward G. 91, 271 

Bruster, Dane W. 263 

Bryant, Ronald C. 91, 185 

Bryce, Robert L. 91, 183 

Bryson, William R. 91, 180, 273, 343 

Bryson, H. R. 243 

Buck, Herbert R. 62 

Buck, John R. 91, 233 

Buckhannan, William 251 

Buckle, Audine P. 49, 197 

Buckner, Jacqueline 275 

Buckner, Ralph G. 263 

Buell Ted E. 91 

Bueton, James R. 252 

Buff. John C. 243.271 

Buffinqton, Barbara J. 77 

Buick. Marilyn J. 91, 194 

Bullock, Earl R. 233, 251. 252 

Bullock, Patty L. 49, 163. 267, 328 

Bullock, Warren G. 91, 185, 301, 303, 326 

Bunch, Jo Ann A. 91, 194. 279 

Burgener, James R. 91, 184 

Burgess, John F. 91, 183 

Burgess, Phyllis J. 91, 192 

Burqoon, Kenneth L. 91 

Burgos, Carlos E. 268 

Burk, Shirley A. 91, 198, 217, 265 

Burke, Franklin A. 91, 185, 325 

Burke, James P. 91, 180 

Burke. Sue E. 49. 159, 236, 279, 330 

Burkhardt, Christian C. 243 

Burmeister, Henry P. 91, 170, 343 

Burmeister, Louis C. 91, 204, 343 

Burnett, William M. 91 179, 229, 278 

Burnette, Billie J. 74. 163 

Burnette, Stanley C. 49, 174, 231, 235, 316 

Burns. Kathleen 92, 163, 212, 257, 258, 279 

Burns, Robert R. 92, 178 

Burre. Harold J. 92, 173.213, 238, 243 

Burt, Maureen K. 49, 157, 212, 346, 347 

Burtis, G. Karen 92, 163, 194, 259, 279 

Burton, Charles J. 62, 230, 253 

Burton, James R. 92 

Burton, Thomas F. 263 

Burwell, Jackie J. 92, 157, 198, 279 

Bush, Robert E. 92, 268 

Business Students Association 249 

Buster, Dane F. 326 
Butcher, Don L. 148 
Butler, Frank E. 92, 268 
Butler. James R. 262 
Byer, Glenn D. 92, 188 

Cain, Catherine W. 92, 198, 216 
Cain, Judith A. 92, 198, 279 
Caldwell, Johnnie L. 310, 313 
Caldwell, Suzanne B. 92, 159, 259 
Cales, Kenneth W. 92, 204 
Calhoon, Olyn D. 92, 176, 258, 314 
Callahan, Charles D. 92, 178 
Callahan, J. P. 212 
Callaway, Ronald E. 92, 172 
Callen, Barbara J. 92, 192, 279 
Calvert, Mary E. 92, 158, 212, 240, 279 
Campbell, Dennis G. 49, 166, 186 
Campbell, Gwendolyn 92, 164, 267 
Campbell, Howard I. 92, 175, 250 
Campbell, Howard V. 38, 221 
Campbell, Joan L. 92, 194, 259, 279, 351 
Campbell, Mrs. Luna 157 
Campbell, Oren E. 231,346,348 
Campbell, Ronald W. 243 
Camp Miniwanca Club 236 
Campus View 206 
Cantrell, Joe S. 70 
Cardwell, A. B. 33, 47, 287 
Carey, James C. 211 
Carlson, Carolyne R. 92, 162 
Carlson, Charles R. 62, 230, 253 
Carlson, James W. 92, 178, 240 
Carlson, Roger B. 92 
Carnahan, Warren P. 92 
Carpenter, Donald T. 92, 188, 343 
Carpenter, Tom D. 380 
Carpenter, William J. 243 
Carr, Paul W. 92, 203, 251, 268, 271 
Carr, Richard R. 92, 172 
Carra, Emil F. 92, 204, 254 
Carrier, Virgil E. 92, 229 
Carroll, Charles F. 49, 185, 325, 326 
Carstens, Joann 92, 198, 279 
Carswell, Cynthia 92, 163, 346, 347 
Carswell, Shirley A. 32, 74, 192, 260, 267 
Carter, Frances A. 92, 157, 194, 240, 279 
Carter, Martha N. 92, 163, 21 I. 226 
Carter, William H. 92, 186 
Cartier, Jean J. 212, 243, 256 
Cartwright, Corrine 92, 158 
Cary, Jo Ann 92,216,266,279 
Cary, Leon R. 92 
Casey, Patricia C. 92, 157, 258, 275 
Cashman, Eleanor J. 49, 157, 246 
Cashman, Gerald A. 49, 180, 289, 296 
Caspar, Phyllis J. 92, 192, 234 
Cassity, Mrs. Mattie 204 
Casterline, Fred C. 92, i 78, 238 
Castle, Coralie 92, 194 
Castonguay, Armond W. 92, 170 
Cates, Vernon E. 70, 267, 271 
Cathcart, William E. 39, 241 
Caywood, Bert C. 92, 186 
Cederberg, John A. 318 
Cerf, Bennett 374 
Chadd, Bernard K. 49 
Chalk. Paul M. 93, 202 
Chambers, Arthur C. 93,265 
Chambers, Thomas A. 93,186 
Chancery Club 247 

Chandler, Alfred A. 49, 184 
Chandler, Robert A. 93. 205 
Chandler, Scott S. 39, 174, 225. 228 

Chaparajos Club 240 

Chapin, Elizabeth K. 211, 258, 342 
Chapin, Winston D. 39, 174 
Chapman, Karen K. 93, 194, 279 
Chappel, Philip E. 93, 185, 326 
Charles, Frederick T. 93, 182 
Chase, Edward M. 93 
Chastain, Robert L. 93, 186, 234, 246 
Chatfield, Elton L. 93, 186, 318 
Cheatham, Loyce E. 93, 194, 259, 279 
Chelikowsky, Joseph 47, 234, 246 
Cherry, Charlotte J. 93, 178 
Chesney, Carolyn R. 93, 192 
Chestnut, Merlin M. 93, 246 
Chilcott, Ferris W. 93, 167, 179, 252 
Childers, Dalene L. 93, 271 
Childs, Donna L. 32, 74, 160, 242, 257, 265 

Child Welfare Club 258 

Childs Marvin W. 93, 187, 314 

Chilson, Harold G. 275 

Chilton, Jack L. 289 

Chimes 226 

Chin, Winq C. 67, 272 

Chi Omega 159 

Chisam, William E. 49,231,346,347 

Chrisman, Keith S. 93, 205, 266 

Chisman, Robert B. 93 

Chizek, Gaylord J. 93,212 


Christensen, Jacqueline 49, 156 

Christensen, John E. 49, 203, 234, 246 

Christie, Larry L. 93, 185 

Christie, Lloyd E. 93, 243 

Christopher, J. Gilbert 93 

Chrysler, Maurice P. 254 

Church, Bobby J. 49, 186 

Ciboski, Leroy M. 289 

Cilek, Patricia L. 93, 162, 194, 259 

Circle Burners 271 

Circle, James E. 93, 217, 265 

Circle, Robert R. 93, 217, 265 

Circle, Richard L. 93, 252 

Civic Orchestra 343 

Clair, Ronald K. 62, 202, 235, 252, 289, 291 

Clarahan, Roderick J. 50, 174, 212, 351 

Clark, Mrs. Bill 161 

Clark, Carol E. 93, 164, 216, 371 

Clark, Mrs. Edith M. 206 

Clark, Eleanor A. 74, 159, 260, 267, 342 

Clark, Helen 29 

Clark, Gene 326 

Clark, Joan 27b 

Clark, Keith H. 39, 187 

Clark, Marilyn L. 93, 159 

Clark, Paul H. 93, 187 

Clark, Stanley J. 62, 213, 219, 229, 254 

Clark, Walter W. 62 

Clark, Winnie E. 32, 74, 156, 230, 259, 346 

Clarke, Glen A. 93 

Clarke, Robert L. 93, 180 

Clarke, Roger S. 93, 167, 172 

Clark's Gables 206 

Clausen, John F. 219 
Claybaker, Dale W. 262 
Claydon, T. J. 243 
Clayton, Eunice N. 93, 192, 217 
Clayton, Frank B. 93, 203 
Clayton, Fred L. 39 
Clayton, Stephanie A. 93, 158 
Cleary, James B. 250 
Clem, Edward E. 94, 178 
Clews, Frank 319, 320 
Clifford, Kerry F. 94, 180, 289 

Clovia 160 

Clowers, Janet J. 94, 157, 194 
Clugston, Donna J. 94, 159 
Cobun, Nancy R. 94, 164, 194, 279 
Cochran, Jan D. 94, 161, 194, 279 
Coady, Mrs. E. A. 174 
Coe, Robert R. 50, 186 
Coffin, Calvin B. 94, 230, 249 
Coffin, Patricia A. 94, 157 
Colberq, Estelle L. 94, 194, 265 
Colburn, Ann L. 94,162,194,218,279 
Coleman, Russell 343 
College Baptists 218 
College Chorus 342 
Colleqe Extension Club 242 
Collegian 346, 347, 348 
Collegiate 4-H Club 264,265 
Collegiate Young Democrats 270 
Collegiate Young Republicans 270 
Collier, Bobby D. 62, 252 
Collier, Jacqueline 50 
Collingwood, Cynthia 94, 158, 211, 216, 

267, 343 
Collins, Alice E. 94, 197 
Collins, Bruce V. 94, 182, 265 
Collins, Carol M. 94,163,266,342 
Collins, Kenneth R. 271 
Collins, James E. 94,216,217,265 
Collins, Kenneth R. 62, 184, 230, 233, 252 
Colony, Bob 381 

Colson, Theodore J. 94,170,212,268 
Combs, Gary P. 94, 182 
Comfort, Charles R. 50 
Comins, Michael 343 
Compton, Jane E. 32, 94, 164, 21 I, 216, 217, 

226, 228, 231, 258 
Compton, Joe 325 
Conboy, James W. 94, 175 
Conboy, Phyllis L. 94, 197 
Concert Band 343 
Conger, Gordon O. 94, 170, 265, 343 
Congleton, Roberta J. 94,158,167 
Conine, Waneta J. 74, 163 
Conkey, Mrs. Jessie 189 
Conley, Fred M. 94, 184 
Conn, Paul K. 70, 205, 232, 256 
Conner, Phyllis A. 30, 94. 159, 212, 226 
Connor, Joseph L. 94, 204, 212 
Conover, Elizabeth A. 50, 157 
Conrad, Robert N. 94, 174 

Conservation Club 276 

Conway, Joseph E. 94, 182 
Conwell, Jerry S. 39, 185 
Cook, Carol K. 94, 194 
Cook, Charles E. 94, 254 
Cook, Dale M. 94, 188 
Cook, Kenneth W. 94, 268 
Cook, Orlan Q. 248 
Cooke, Ernest S. 50 
Cooley, Duane W. 94, 189 
Cooley, John H. 94, 189, 265, 270 
Cooney, Billy J. 50, 189, 270 
Cooney, Gary D. 94 
Coonrod, Dale O. 94, 178 
Cooper, Helen L. 275 
Cooper, Jacquelin R. 94, 156 
Cooper, Myron R. 94, 265 
Cooper, Raymond O. 32, 262 
Copeland, Edgar R. 94, 189 
Copeland, James A. 94, 251 

Copple, Charles M. 94, 205, 241 

Copple, Edward J. 94, 205 

Cordes, Donald L. 33, 94, 174, 211, 237, 247 

Cordon, Carole V. 94, 198, 216 

Cordry, Harold L. 94, 21 I 

Corey, Donald L. 50, 175 

Cornelius, Kay L. 95, 202, 217 

Cornett, Mike W. 95, 188, 236 

Cornett, Raymond A. 95 

Correll.C. M. 26 

Corwin, Janet M. 94, 156, 257, 266 

Coryell, James B. 216, 217 

Coryell, Myron R. 95, 186 

Cosmopolitan Club 248 

Cotner, Edwin C. 95, 177 

Coulson, Mrs. Fred 176 

Counter, Duane N. 95, 183 

Coup, Leon J. 95, 266 

Coupe, John R. 95, 324 

Course, David A. 275 

Courtright, Gordon L. 95, 21 I 

Courville, Rena M. 95,198,212,279 

Cousins, Kenneth D. 95, 187 

Cowan, Bunny 343 

Cowan, Charles D. 63, 252 

Cowan, Virginia M. 95, 194, 264, 279 

Cowden, Donald R. 95 

Cowen, Marilyn L. 95, 194, 217 

Cox, Billy R. 95, 169 

Cox, Donald F. 95, 183, 262, 342 

Cox, Jean 95, 198, 279 

Cox, Jerry W. 95, 178 

Cox, Joanne E. 95, 192, 211, 216 

Cox,Rufus F. 36 

Cox, William E. 39, 241 

Coy, Richard V. 343 

Coyle, Joseph F. 95, 179, 240 

Craft, Roger L. 95, 187, 235, 306 

Craig, Laurence I. 95, 179 

Craig, Lloyd E. 95, 250 

Craiq, William H. 324, 342 

Crain, Mary L. 95, 157 

Crist, Marilynn M. 266 

Cramer, Carolyn R. 95 

Cramer, Eugene N. 50, 254, 268, 273 

Crandall, Eugene D. 95 

Crandeil, Paul H. 289, 294 

Crawford, Dorothy M. 95, 194 

Crawford, Golda M. 226 

Crawford. Jack C. 186 

Crawford, Janis 95, 164 

Crawford, John C. 95 

Crawford, Leslie B. 80, 261 

Crawford, Lucille 274 

Crawford, Roland W. 95, 179 

Crawford, Rose A. 95, 192, 211, 234 

Crawford^ William A. 95, 202, 343 

Creger, Clarence R. 95 

Creviston, Elmer G. 235, 310 

Crews. Charles F. 31, 50, 187, 225, 237 

Criger, Marian B. 74, 197, 228 

Crist, Marilynn M. 95, 157 

Cronkite, Doreen L. 95, 157, 259, 347 

Crosby, Lloyd L. 96 

Cross, Bert 231 

Cross. Theodore 26 

Crossfield, Carmen C. 96, 198 

Crosswhite, Carol A. 96, 159 

Crumbaker, Corrine 96, 156 

Cruse, Marqie W. 74 

Cudmore, John 288, 289 

Culbertson. Dick 310, 312 

Cullins, Robert B. 96, 101. 177, 244, 273, 342 

Culver, Barbara L. 96, 159 

Cumbo, Louis B. 261 

Cummings, Austina 274 

Cummings, Brian C. 263 

Cummins, John R, 96, 172 

Cumro, Dennis E. 80, 261 

Cumro, Louis B. 80 

Cunninqham, Franklin 96 242 

Cunningham, Marvin D. 246 

Cunningham, Richard 50, 176 

Curran, William J. 212,324.342 

Currie, Virginia A. 96, 164, 266 

Curry, Alice L. 96, 192 

Curry, Bert L. 96, 232. 240 

Custer, Bernetta J. 96, 192, 329 

Dahl, Carl O. 70,213 
Dahl, Gilmore M. 96, 241, 265 
Dahlquist. Peter H. 96, 175 
Dahnke, Robert E. 289, 290, 292 

Dairy Club 243 

Dale, Frank D. 96 

Dalton, Christopher 63, 229, 230, 252 

Dame, Rita M. 212 

Dameron, Ada M. 96, 267 

Danforth, Walter J. 96. 172 

Daniels, Lura L. 50, 197, 343 

Danielson, Durward C. 272 

Dannels, Kenneth D. 96, 167, 175, 244 

Darbe, Loyce D. 233, 251 

Darby, Earl G. 250 

Darling, Dean A. 80, 261 

Darling, Edith 274 

Darling, Francis E. 96, 184 

Darner, Dennis L. 96, 189, 278 

Darrin, Paul F. 96, 244 

Darrow, Clement C. 96, 202, 273, 343 

Dary, David A. 96, 343 

David, Joan A. 96, 156, 167, 273 

David, Wayne L. 33, 39, 177, 244, 273, 357 

Davidson, Margery B. 96 

Davies, Brian E. 39, 177 

Davies, Patricia L. 50, 192, 213, 231, 343 

Davis, Dewey D. 96 

Davis, Earle R. 47 

Davis, Elmer G. 96, 166, 176 

Davis, Francis A. 96 

Davis, H. W. 344 

Davis, Joyce A. 70,212,256 

Davis, Richard G. 96, 175 

Davis, Sally A. 96, 192, 247 

Davis, Shirley A. 96, 157, 258 

Davis. Vaden E. 96, 241 

Davison, Cynthia A. 96, 194 

Davisson, Joyce E. 96, 197, 247 

Davol, Stephen H. 202 

Dawson, Norman B. 96, 186 

Day, Frederick G. 96, 176, 237, 262 

Day, Richard E. 96, 169 

Deal, Mary L. 96, 163, 212 

Deam, John C. 262, 326, 327 

Deaman, Ronald D. 252 

Dean, Cortland C. 242 

Dean, Kaye 274 

Dean, Suzanne L. 96, 197, 213, 257, 265 

DeCamp, Roger A. 96, 202 

Decker, Marvin L. 96, 178 

Decker, Patricia A. 96, 279 

DeCou, Robert 343 

DeCou, Donald F. 96, 175 

Dederick, Norman E. 96, 189, 278 

Deededar, Akbar 243 

DeForest, Charles 39, 174, 275 

DeForest, John D. 97, 174, 230, 275 

DeForest, Joyce K. 97, 159 

DeForest, Peggy 275 

DeForest, Richard L. 97, 174 

DeForest, Sally A. 97, 164, 198, 258, 279 

Deitz, Walter 343 

Delanooke, Larry G. 97 

DeLapp, Archie M. 213 

DeLapp, Myrvin A. 214 

Delay, Charles R. 97, 202 

Delk, Eddie R. 309 

Delker, James A. 314 

Dellinaer, Walter J. 97,242 

Delp, Arrilla B. 97, 198 

Delta Delta Delta 161 
Delta Phi Delta 236 
Delta Sigma Phi 175 
Delta Sigma Rho 237 
Delta Tau Delta 176 

Deltenre, Ralph W. 254 

Demaree, James L. 216 

Denholm, Byron E. 97 

Denholm, Wilma I. 97, 197, 259 

Denio, William D. 97 

Denison, Scott A. 97, 184, 278 

Dennis, N. M. 243 

Dennis, Merlin L. 29, 39, 177, 217, 225, 227, 

228, 265 
Dennis, Shirley A. 97, 164, 198, 279 
DeNoon, Bob 325 
Denton, Cecil G. 39, 187 
Denton, Jane A. 97, 163, 266, 279 
Depew, Carol M. 97, 198, 279 
Derrick, Hilton D. 50, 183, 240, 247, 249 
Derin, Albert 219 
Des Jardins, Dixie J. 50, 164, 346 
Deschner, Norval D. 97, 177, 244 
Deters, Shirley A. 97, 158, 213, 259 
Dettke, Dale H. 50, 173, 213 
Dettmer, Arlan W. 244, 271 
Devinish, Virginia L. 97, 194, 213, 257, 266 
Devore, Carolyn P. 97, 194 
DeWeese, Paul 231, 252, 287 
Dexter, Ruth 248 
Diamond, Frederick C. 50 
Diamond, Sharon E. 97, 161, 194, 275, 279 
Dible, Harry D. 97, 186 
Dick, Carolea B. 97, 157, 194, 279 
Dicken, Sheila J. 97, 198, 279 
Dickerson, Gordon W. 97,171,217 
Dickerson, Robert L. 97 
Dickerson, William J. 97 
Dickinson, Gene A. 97 
Dickinson, Mitzie R. 97, 192 
Dickinson, Theodore 97, 202 
Dickson, Dale E. 97, 309 
Dickson, William M. 97, 244, 265 
Diehl, Phillip A. 97, 176 
Dierdorff, Judith A. 97, 158 
Dierdorff, Mary L. 97, 158, 194 

Dietetics Club 258 

Dietrich, Betty K. 97, 158 
Dietz, Barbara J. 97, 198 
Dietz, Marilyn I. 98, 156, 213 
Dietz, Walter H. 98, 173, 213 
Dill, Peggie 274 
Dill, Raymond E. 29, 80, 261 
Dillard, Roy W. 98, 202, 268 

Disciples Students' Foundation 215 

Dobson, Leona S. 248 
Dodd, Howard T. 268 
Dodds, Duncan E. 246 
Dodrill, William E. 217 
Doebele, Mary J. 98, 164 
Doerinq, James L. 243 
Dohe, Wilma C. 98, 157, 342 
Dollar, John P. 98, 185 
Dolsberry, Charles E. 98 

Dome, Rita M. 98, 157 

Donaldson, Lola L. 98, 157, 194 

Dondlinger, Connie 98, 157, 342 

Donnell, Delbert H. 236 

Dooley, Phyllis M. 98, 162, 198, 279 

Doran, Lawrence R. 98, 204, 342 

Doran, Marilyn B. 98, 163 198 342 

Dorel, Claudette 377 

Doremus, Robert H. 252 

Dorf, C. A. 234 

Dorian, Robert A. 98, 188 

Dorsey, Jacob R. 98, 189 

Dorst, John E. 98, 188, 278 

Douglas, Charlotte E. 98, 163, 192, 198 

Douglas, Helen Gahagan 377 

Douglass, Donald H. 98, 202 

Douglass, Mary E. 98, 156, 279 

Douglass, Roger L. 204, 244, 265 

Doupnik, Gary D. 98 

Dow, Martha N. 98, 192, 259 

Downey, Rita J. 50, 212 

Downing, John E. 98, 178, 212, 240, 343 

Downing, Lucien R. 63, 185, 326 

Downing, Robert C. 98 

Doyle, Sally J. 98, 164, 225, 226, 231, 259, 

346, 347, 351 
Dozer, Gayle W. 98, 198 
Drake, Calvin L. 98, 244 
Drake, Don W. 39, 170, 244, 270, 273 
Drake, Mark K. 33, 98, 170, 216, 236, 273, 

354, 356 
Draney, Jerald L. 98, 170, 301 
Draney, Pat 74, 160 
Dreese, James R. 98, 266, 278 
Drimmel, Edwin J. 63, 189, 212, 230 278 
Drolte, James E. 98, 178, 244, 265 
Drum, Roy E. 98, 188, 229 
Drumm, Marjorie A. 98, 198 
Drury, Richard D. 50, 175 
Dubois, Robert N. 98 
Dubowsky, Edward L. 70 
Duckworth, William F. 39, 180 
Dudley, Bernard C. 289, 290, 291, 292, 325 
Dudley, Ramona A. 74, 156, 215, 257 
Duffield, Joan L. 98, 159 
Dufford, Donald W. 98 
Duggan, Thomas E. 212 
Dunbar, Danny K. 63, 172 
Duncan, Harrell D. 265 
Duncan, John W. 33, 63, 171, 252 
Duncan, Robert P. 212 
Duncan, Virginia A. 98, 159, 194, 279, 342 
Dunham, Kenneth 98, 204 
Dunlap, Gabriel L. 98, 202 
Dunn, Kathryn O. 28, 63, 164, 225, 226 
Dunn, Marilyn E. 98, 164 
Dunn, Robert E. 50, 202, 273 
Dunton, Eris G. 74, 158 
Duntz, Delvin D. 98 
DuPont, Richard W. 309 
Duren, Edward P. 98, 212 
Durland, M. A. 33, 60, 287, 378 
Dutcher, George M. 39, 347 
Dutton, Roqer W. 98, 178 
Duy, Janet H. 98, 164 
Dyck, Leslie W. 99, 265, 314 
Dye, Vernon H. 99, 171. 271, 315 
Dyer, Dean P. 99, 188, 343 

Eads, Richard R. 99, 202 

Early, Charles M. 80, 261 

Early, Janet 27b 

Early, Janice O. 99, 194 

Eaton, Darroll M. 99, 189 

Ebers, Ralph L. 263 

Ebberts, Orval 46, 236, 247 

Eby, Martin K. 99, 184, 252 

Eckert, Carolyn K. 99, 198, 279, 342 

Eckhart, Phillip F. 99. 263 

Ecklund, Robert D. 231, 242, 354 

Ecord, Marcella A. 99, 164, 247, 266, 279 

Eddy, Burton A. 99, 185 

Eddy, Janet M. 99, 198 

Eddy, Steven K. 99 

Eddy, Thomas A. 99 

Eddy, William B. 99, 236 

Edgar, Earl E. 47 

Edinger, Wayne F. 99, 184, 324 

Edmonds, Ann P. 99, 163 

Edmonds, William R. 63, 229, 230 

Edmundson, Shirley Y. 74, 204, 258 

Edwards, A. Thornton 26 

Edwards, Carl E. 99 

Edwards, Roger S. 99 

Eells, Dwight N. 50, 184, 324 

Eells, Hoyt S. 99, 186 

Egger, Marilyn C. 99, 164, 194. 267 

Eggerman, Marie C. 99, 102, 279, 342 

Eggers, Otto J. 343 

Eggers, Raleigh L. 99 

Egidy, Delaphine E. 99, 192, 260, 342 

Ehlers, Lawrence E. 99 

Eib, George L. 99, 243 

Eidson, John R. 99, 174, 240, 319, 347 

Eisenbach, Joe Jr. 46, 236 

Eisiminger, Eugene T. 99,241,271 

Ek, Mary L. 99, 159, 194, 259, 279 

Ekart, Dolores A. 212 

Ekwebelem, Zacchaeus 213, 214, 248 


El Mosa, Husein M. 99 

Elder, Hayden O. 99 

Elgaard, Robert J. 99, 174 

Elliot, Dale 317 

Elliott. Barbara F. 99, 194, 264, 279 

Elliott, Meredith A. 99, 198, 260 

Elliott, Nancy L. 99, 194 

Elliott, Norman R. 39, 173, 213, 244, 265, 278 

Ellis, Boyd G. 39, 238, 244 

Ellis, Kenneth P. 289, 318 

Ellis, Wayne I. 50, 184 

Elrod, Thomas H. 99,229,251 

Elsea, Stanley W. 39, 179 

Ely, Duane V. 99, 188 

Ely, Mason F. 99, 170, 214, 244 

Emel, Gwendolyn R. 50, 158, 231, 272, 342 

Emerich, Donald W. 232 

Emerson, Barry C. 99, 186, 262 

Emigh, Donna F. 99, 194, 217, 265 

Engborg, Paul J. 99, 185, 315 

Engineer Magazine 353 

Engineering and Architecture, Dean of 60 

England, Ray D. 99, 213, 243 

Engle, Joan V. 32, 74, 99, 160, 225, 226, 257, 

264, 279 
Engle. Rodney J. 187 
Englebrecht, Maynard 39, 170, 270 
Engler, James A. 39 
English Club 246 
Entomological Club 243 

Epler, John P. 99, 181 

Epps, Walter B. 70 

Erickson, Mrs. Doris 189 

Erickson, Duncan M. 99, 180, 278 

Ericson, Alfred T. 232 

Ericson, Bill D. 99, 180, 244 

Ericson, Jelen M. 275 

Eriksen, Conrad 249 

Eriksen, Douglas C. 99, 187, 230 

Ernst, Carol L. 99, 194, 279, 342 

Ernsting, Elizabeth A. 148 

Ernzen, Dorothy E. 100, 192, 212, 247, 266, 

279, 329, 342 
Ernzen, Marie M. 100, 192, 212, 247, 266, 

279, 329 
Erskine, Helen J. 100, 163 
Esau, Ronald R. 252 
Eshbaugh, Ann G. 74,161,216,228 
Eshbaugh, Elbert L. 243 
Eshbaugh, Fred 216 
Esslinger, Don L. 39, 177, 273 
Esterl, Robert M. 100, 181, 212 

Eta Kappa Nu 233 

Eurton, Joyce E. 50, 158, 247, 267 

Evans, David W. 100, 185 

Evans, Larry 380 

Evans, Lawrence L. 100, 178, 212, 275 

Evans, Mar]orie L. 100, 159, 342 

Evans, Martha 343 

Evans, Mickey 317 

Evans, Phyllis J. 100, 198, 279 

Evans, Thomas M. 47, 245 

Everhart, Parker T. 100 

Eversole, Norma E. 100. 194, 247, 279 

Ewy, Carolyn F. 100, 157, 158, 211, 258, 259 

Ewy, Jeanette M. 100, 342 

Exline, Robert W. 100, 187, 250 

Extension, Dean of 27 
Eyman, Donald K. 63, 252 
Ezzard, Joanne 70 

Fabiano, Michael J. 39, 273 

Fabin, Mary F. 100, 192 

Facht, Roberto G. 100, 180, 249 

Faculty Senate 31 
Fahlsing, Betty L. 100, 102, 192, 342 
Falick, Howard 100, 230, 236, 253 
Fankhauser, Richard 100 
Farmer, Floyd W. 100, 180 
Farmer, Janice E. 100, 164, 259 

Farm House 177 

Farrar, Hila L. 100, 198, 279 

Farrell, Daniel J. 100, 186 

Farrell, E. P. 232, 240 

Farrell, F. D. 26, 379 

Farrell, Frank M. 100, 174 

Farthing, Geraldine 100, 198, 279 

Faubion, Elinor A. 100, 159, 211, 257, 259, 

344, 346, 347 
Favreau, Nancy F. 100, 161 
Fearing, Harold E. 39, 177, 342 
Featherson, Bob 287 
Featherston, Rex W. 100, 180, 240, 278 
Featherston, Robert 100, 180 
Fedde, Marion R. 100, 204 
Feder, Lawrence I. 100 
Feeter, Frances J. 275, 345 
Feeter, James W. 262 
Fegley, Vala J. 51, 156 
Fehlman, Arlene M. 100, 194, 249 
Felicitas, Beniamin 213 
Fell, Ferol S. 166, 177, 229, 254 
Fellows, Dianna 100, 158, 378 
Felzer, Karl 370 

Fencing Club 273 

Fendorf, Carolyn M. 100, 156 

Fenton, Frederick C. 61 
Ferguson, Gerald J. 100,207,271 
Ferguson, John M. 27 
Ferlemann, Marlene A. 51 
Fick, Leon L. 100, 202, 342 
Ficken, Bruce E. 252 
Fiedler, Carol S. 100, 198 
Figge, Freddie W. 100. 318 
Filbert, Jeanette J. 100, 194, 279 
Filinger, George A. 243 
Finch, Joyce L. 100, 192 

Fine Arts Coordinating Council 250 

Finholt, Kay 100, 164, 266 

Fink, Jimmie L. 100, 185 

Fink, Patsy R. 100, 192, 198, 247, 266 

Finkle, Maryanne 101, 192 

Finney, Janis M. 51, 164, 214, 246 

Finney, Raymond C. 148 

Fish, John J. 148 

Fish, Richard 101, 188 

Fish, Vernon R. 101, 202 

Fisher, Samuel L. 51, 175 

Fitzgerald, Barbara 101, 162, 194, 258, 279 

Fitzsimmons, Norman 39, 238 240 

Flagler, Kenneth J. 101, 213 

Flanders, Raleigh J. 244, 275 

Fleming, Edward L. 40, 275 

Fleming, Norma J. 101, 216 

Fleming, John A. 63, 188, 252 

Flemings, Milton B. 70, 243, 256 

Flinn, Joyce E. 101, 198, 271 

Florko, Donald J. 101, 187 

Flottman, Ernest R. 63, 251, 252 

Floyd, Dean E. 101, 175 

Flynn Ronald J. 309 

Fobes, Patricia L. 101, 157, 194, 279 

Foqle, Charles R. 101 

Follis, Dee L. 101, 179 

Follmer, Janet J. 101, 198, 259 

Folsche, Ann L. 101, 194, 213, 260, 265 

Folsche, Shirley G. 101, 192, 213, 264, 267, 

Folse, Jean D. 101 
Folsom, Merell C. 33, 63 
Foltz, Janet C. 101, 157, 194,258,279 
Foltz, V. D. 47, 166 
Fonda, Henry 377 
Fooshee. Dale L. 33, 101, 177, 217, 228, 241, 

265, 355 

Football Team 289 

Foote, Ronald E. 101, 174 

Forbes, Mary J. 101. 157, 194, 247, 279 

Ford, Glen R. 101, 240 

Ford, Kenney 26, 352 374 

Ford, Wilbur S. 101 

Foreman, Douglas C. 289, 298 

Forester, Boyd B. 40, 170, 235, 270, 316 

Forinlacue, F. C. 243 

Forrester, Harold C. 101, 184, 278, 324 

Forsse, Wendell S. 249 

Fosha, Janice F. 101, 168, 259 

Foster, John T. 70, 148 

Foster, Richard M. 241,256,265,268 

Fotopoulos, Mary 101, 198 

Fowler, Eddie R. 101, 184. 353 

Fowler, Eula F. 101, 198, 216, 217, 258 

Fox, Earl G. 101 

Fox, George H. 40, 244 

Fox, Gladvs V. 101. 192. 217, 260 

Fox, Lela D. 101, 204, 215 

Frahm, Ronald L. 101, 189. 230. 249, 343 

Frahm, Sharon M. 101, 198, 343 

Fraley, Richard C. 51, 186, 237 

Frame, Nancy A. 101, 157 

Francis, Robert D. 63 

Frank, Claudette 101, 161, 194, 275, 279 

Frank. Robert F. 101, 176, 263 

Franklin, Deelores F. 101.197,342 

Franklin. Irl L. 102, 179, 278 

Fraser, Paul E. 102, 184 

Frederick, Paul E. 102 

Frederick, Thomas N. 102, 187, 264 

Freeborn, Dallas W. 221 

Freeman, Paul F. 102. 244 

Freeman, Ruth A. 102, 157 

French, Norman D. 249 

Frerkinq. Arlan N. 102, 189, 289 

Freund, Norma J. 102. 198 

Frevert, Benjamin R. 102, 173, 213 

Frewen, Franklin D. 102. 176. 240 

Frey, Alice L. 102, 198, 217, 264 

Frey.JanetJ. 102.161,194,259,279 

Frey, Janice I. 102, 161 

Frey, Julius M. 40. 203 

Frey, Martin R. 102, 174. 262 

Frey, Merwin L. 102, 174. 228, 262 

Frick, Dr. Edwin J. 79 

Friesen, Jerry A. 33, 102, 171, 240, 252 

Frisbie. Thomas W. 102, 265 

Frjtts, Donald L. 102 

Fritzemeyer, Ray D. 102 

Froelich, Donald M. 102. 173, 213, 250 

Froelich, Norman E. 102, 173 

Froberq, Richard 173 

Frog Club 266 

Frohberg, Richard C. 102 

Frohn, Carol J. 102, 157, 279, 342 

Frohn, William L. 314 

Fruechting, Duane L. 102, 175 

Fry, Jeanette C. 102, 197, 215, 258, 342 

Fryer, Gaye 102, 157. 167, 351 

Fulhaqe. Anita J. 102. 194, 258. 265, 343 

Fuller, Bonnie J. 102, 198, 259 

Fuller. Charles E. 80, 261 

Fuller, Judy 274 

Fuller, Thomas C. 102, 172, 240 

Fulton, Martha J. 102, 160, 167 

Fulton Mary L. 102, 158, 213 

Funk, Donald L. 51, 183 

Funk, Forrest E. 102, 252 

Funk, Herbert B. 102, 169, 238, 270 

Funk, Jory A. 102, 162, 194, 343 

Funk, Monroe L. 102 

Funk, Norma J. 102, 198 

Furey, James A. 289,291,326 

Future Teachers of America 267 

Gabrielson, Harold W. 102 

Gadberry, Donald R. 102, 176, 353 

Gaddis, Evelyn J. 75 

Galbraith, Alfred H. 63, 225, 229, 233, 251, 

252, 353 
Gale, Darrel D. 102, 177, 265, 289 
Gale, Thomas C. 63, 183, 353 
Gallagher, Patricia 267 
Galle, Nelson D. 102, 241, 265 
Galyardt, Gary E. 102, 171 
Galyardt, Milton A. 51,171,225,249 
Gamble, Dean D. 51 

Gamma Delta 213 

Gammell, George R. 102,244,265 

Gammell, James L. 102,244,265 

Gangel, John T. 256 

Ganoung, Raymond L. 102 

Gantz, Ralph L. 40 

Garcia, Fred 103 

Garcia, Joanna C. 103, 343 

Gardner, Frances V. 103, 259 

Garner, Harold E. 103, 314 

Garrelts, William E. 103, 187 

Garrett, Donald L. 103, 189, 252 

Garrett, Fred 103, 180 

Garrigues, Donna 103, 197 

Garrison, Calvin C. 1 03 . 175 

Garrison, Margie L. 103, 198 

Garrison, Shirley R. 103, 159, 194, 259, 279 

Garrison, Willis G. 103 

Gaston, Karl K. 347 

Gates, Gwendolyn B. 103, 159, 194, 279 

Gatz, Earl E. 103, 174, 262 

Gaulke, Wayne G. 263 

Gebhards, Dale L. 103 

Gehlbach, Walter R. 236 

Gehrt, Earl B. 40, 173, 238 

Geiger, Alice L. 218 

Geiger, Fraderic M. 103, 212 

Geil, Donald D. 234, 246 

Geil, Gene W. 103, 265 

Geiseman, Raymond W. 103 

Gelok, Robert J. 103, 186, 263 

Gentry, Austin P. 176, 289, 292 

George, Eleanor L. 103, 160, 216, 265 

Gerber, Anita 103 

Gerber, Benny E. 40 

Gerstenkorn, Jerome 

Gerstberger, Bonita 

Gerstner, Patricia A. 

Geyer, Katherine 166, 247 

Ghahramanian, George 63, 233, 251, 325 

Ghalib, lyad A. 252 

Ghormley, Harold E. 103 

Ghousheh, Najati S. 40, 243, 


181, 240 
198, 212, 258 



214, 273, 343 

177, 265 

ibbons, Mary J. 

ibson, George A. 103, 179 

ibson, Mary C. 103, 194, 219, 265 

ibson, Pauline E. 103, 192, 259 

ibson, William W. 243 

ideon, Eldon L. 103, 243, 244 

ier, Donald A. 103, 213, 214 
Harold 271 
Ronald E. 103, 180, 
Walter T. 32,228 
. Robert L. 240 

ieseman, Raymond W. 

iffin, Edward L. 103, 184 

igot, Marjorie A. 103, 192, 215 

igstad, Alfred O. 80, 170, 261 

igstad, Dale C. 103, 170 

igstad, Dean E. 213 

iqstad, Roberta 274 
Ibaugh, John W. 236 

ilbert, Wayne E. 103 

ilbreath, Jim A. 103,248 

ill, Donald L. 104 

illen, Thomas A. 240 

illette, Edward L. 104, 176, 263 

illiland, Mary E. 104, 204, 342 

ilmore, Doris A. 104, 172 

ilmore, Gordon M. 104 

ing, Mona E. 104, 157 

ing, Rogert C. 104, 183 

ingrich, Nancy J. 104, 157, 342 

ingrich, R. F. 26 

infer, Duane L. 104, 185, 326 

inter. Marvin L. 104, 169 

ish, Dale W. 343 
Gladhart, Rosemary 104, 194, 214, 236, 258 
Glanville, Barbara A. 51, 156, 166 
Glanville, Robert I. 244, 265 
Glasco, Wilma A. 104, 194, 275, 343 
Glasscock, Donald C 104 
Gleason, Merrill R. 40 
Gleason, Thomasine L. 32, 75, 163, 212, 226, 

Glocker, Carl L. 104, 172, 268 
Glover, Elizabeth A. 104, 164 
Gnadt, Kenneth L. 40, 173, 228, 
Goar, Linda 104, 164, 259 
Gochis, Helen L. 104, 161. 233 
Goddard, Joan 104, 161, 266 


Godfrey, Carolyn C. 104, 161, 267, 342 
Godwin, Marjory C. 104, 127, 192, 279 
Goebel, James W. 104, 172 
Goeckler, Donald V. 104, 342 
Goeckler, William B. 63, 225, 233, 251 
Goeller, Sara A. 104, 159, 167 
Goering, Geraldine 104, 197, 279 
Goering, Greta M. 104, 163, 194, 279 
Goering, Margaret 275 
Goering, Winston K. 80, 228, 261 
Goertz, Donald D. 63, 187, 229, 230, 236, 

Goff, Maurice L. 104, 250 
Goff, Shirley D. 104 
Goforth, Kay A. 104, 161 
Gofreed, Edward M. 80, 261 
Gofreed, Marjorie S. 51, 275 
Golt 317 

Good, John P. 218, 342 

Good, Lavoy 104, 192 

Goodin, Robert H. 104 

Gordon, Marcia L. 104 161 

Gorman, William T. 51,181,212,240 

Goss, Jerry E. 104, 184 

Goss, Max T. 104, 185, 325, 326 

Gossard, Oscar S. 51, 176 

Gould, Clifford I. 230 

Gowdy, Ethel D. 75, 159, 216, 260 

Gowdy, Kenneth K. 33, 63, 185, 225, 227, 

287, 289, 293, 299 
Graber, Kenton A. 104, 182 
Grabs, Eugene F. 104, 172 
Grabs, Lucille M. 104, 158, 192, 267, 342 
Gracia, Nunez A. 104 

Graduate School, Dean of 68 
Graduate Student Assn. 256 

Graham, Archie R. 104 

Graham, Nancy J. 104, 164, 346, 370 

Graham, Robert D. 179, 229 

Graham, Robert D. 40, 63, 174, 230 

Graham, Samuel L. 104, 343 

Graham, Ted J. 104, 170, 265 

Gramley, Donald H. 40, 205, 221 

Gramly, Richard E. 51,234,246 

Grandle, Robert L. 51, 169 

Grandy, Charles N. 104, 238, 266 

Grant, Gwendolyn R. 104, 156, 198 

Grant, Lawana R. 104, 198, j68 

Grantham, Margaret J. 105, 163, 212 

Grasch, Gerald D. 105,204,213 

Grauer, Lindell E. 51, 162, 212, 275 

Grava, Janis 205 

Graves, James T. 105,184,247 

Gray, Arlme L. 105, 194, 246, 279, 342 

Gray. Jay D. 51 

Gray, Leo D. 105, 186 

Gray, Norman E. 262 

Gray, Robert T. 70, 185 

Gray, Twila J. 105, 162, 343 

Greco, Jose 377 

Green, Leo J. 212, 324 

Green, Patricia K. 105, 163, 198, 279, 342 

Green. Fenis M. 47 

Gregg, Gwen A. 105, 161, 342 

Gregory, Philip C. 105, 185, 252, 256, 268 

Gress, Ruth A. 105, 161, 194, 258, 279 

Greve, Robert W. 70,175,213,214 

Grier, Jack W. 40, 220, 342 

Grieshaber, Alberta 105, 195, 219, 267 

Grieshaber, Charles 105 

Griffee, Barbara J. 105, 162, 199, 279 

Griffin, Samuel L. 250 

Griffith, Eleanor K. 105, 163, 167, 212, 351 

Griffith, Margaret V. 75, 163, 212 

Griffith, Paul W. 27 

Griffith, Thomas J. 70,205,256 

Griffiths, Donald D. 105, 170, 263 

Griffiths, Meredith 105, 192 

Griggs, Floyd D. 105, 182 

Griswold, Mary A. 105, 159, 192 

Grittman, Ronald L. 105, 176 

Griffon, Charles F. 105 

Groody, James I. 105 

Groody, Mrs. P. J. 159 

Gross, Robert U. 80, 261 

Grotenhuis, Arnold E. 250 

Groth, Christina M. 75, 211, 216, 217, 242 

Groth, William D. 105, 186 

Grotheer, Morris P. 70, 205, 232, 256 

Grove, James 63, 180, 230 

Grundeman, Ruth J. 26, 105, 157, 199,267, 

Guerrant, Ralph E. 232 
Guest, Hubert E. 105, 202, 314 
Guinty, Beverly L. 105, 159, 195, 279, 371 
Gumbert, Jack L. 309 
Gumm, Gerald R. 63, 252 
Gundelfinger, Chauncey 40, 176, 232, 240 
Gunter, Sterling W. 105, 176 
Gustafson, Roger L. 40, 240, 242 
Guttridge, Eldon 105 
Guttridge, Mary E. 105 
Guy, Margaret B. 105, 161, 166, 226, 272, 

362, 364 
Guy, Robbie L. 105, 161, 342 
Guy, Robert D. 63, 221 
Gymnastic Team 315 


Haas, Barbara A. 105, 199 

Haas, Eugene C. 105, 187 

Haas, Virginia L. 105, 163 

Haas, Wayne C. 105, 187 


Haas, Wayne T. 105 

Haberkorn, Charles H. 51, 180, 249 

Haberman, Roger L. 106 

Habig, Kenneth N. 106, 202 

Hackerott, Edward H. 106 

Hadley, Larry M. 51, 178, 240, 319, 322 

Haegert, Daryl L. 106 

Hafermehl, C. Louis 236 

Hager, Carolyn R. 75, 162, 213 

Hagerty, Jerry 45, 176 

Haggard, Nancy E. 106, 158 

Hahn, Bonnie L. 106, 161, 257, 342 

Hahn, Lois A. 106, 1 58, 211, 267 

Hahn, Patricia K. 106, 199 

Hahn, Richard R. 205 

Haines, Charles E. 80, 261 

Haines, Mary Jo 51, 163 

Haines, Richard D. 106, 167, 176, 242 

Hair, Ruth A. 106, 195, 259 

Hake, Alan T. 106,202,212 

Halbert, John G. 106, 183 

Hale, William B. 63, 175, 230 

Halgert, Daryl L. 241 

Hall, Charles J. 243 

Hall, Donna M. 106, 199 

Hall, James M. 106, 174 

Hall, Lawrence B. 106, 176 

Hallauer, Arnel R. 40, 244 

Hally, Rose M. 106, 195, 257 

Haltom, Patsy E. 75, 168, 216 

Hamasu, Masaoo 40, 272 

Hamilton, Carl L. 106, 244, 265 

Hamilton, Corinne J. 228 

Hamilton, Dewayne E. 106 

Hamilton, Donald F. 106, 189, 342 

Hamilton, Helen L. 106, 192, 351 

Hamilton, Iris F. 51 

Hamilton, Marian L. 106, 195, 219, 257, 258, 

Hamilton, Robert J. 106, 212, 241 
Hamilton, Robert L. 106 
Hammeke, Eldon M. 106 
Hammond, Dean A. 33, 106, 243 
Hammond, Earl J. 106, 179, 249 
Hamon, Mariorie J. 106,195,217,257 
Hampton, Jerry L. 166, 174, 346 
Hamrick, Carolyn J. 51, 159 
Hamrick, Samuel L. 106, 185 
Haney, Lewis P. 106 
Hanna, William C. 106, 179 
Hannaford, Mary M. 106, 164, 267 
Hanneken, Robert E. 51, 188 
Hansbearry, Sharon L. 106, 195, 214, 279 
Hansen, Robert H. 106 
Hansen, William T. 51,238,316 
Hanshew, Thomas B. 263 
Hanshew, Elizabeth S. 275 
Hanson, Carolyn M. 75, 159 
Hanson, Lloyd R. 213, 241, 265 
Hanson, Theodore E. 52.310 
Hanzlick, Neil T. 106, 171, 238, 319 
Harden, Otho C. 216.251 
Harder, Asel W. 52, 267 
Harder, Stanley F. 246 
Harding, Mrs. Eura 163 
Harding, Joan H. 106, 160, 264 
Hurley, Mrs. J. R. 180 
Harmon, Jack L. 106, 172 
Harmon, Margaret V. 106, 199, 258 
Harms, Ernest L. 40. 183 
Harms, Wesley D. 52. 179, 230, 249 
Harper, Kermit G. 106. 238, 343 
Harpster, Sue Green 105, 164 
Harreld, Carolyn J. 106. 159. 195. 266, 279 
Harrenstien, Howard 230, 250, 253 
Harrenstien, Leona 106 
Harris, Anton A. 40 
Harris, Donald E. 243, 265 
Harris, John J. 272 
Harris, Loren E. 106, 238, 271 
Harrison, Billy J. 309 
Harrison, Eddie E. 106, 241 
Harrouff. Mary E. 75,217 
Harsch, Donna L. 106, 197, 247, 266 
Hart, Barbara A. 33, 107, 161 
Hart, Donald D. 107, 174, 314 
Hart, Everett T. Jr. 28, 33, 64, 180, 225, 227, 

23C, 353 
Hart, Gerald E. 52, 184 
Hart, Jane E. 32, 157, 166 
Hart, Lois M. 52, 161, 267 
Hart, Loren M. 52, 186, 234, 246 
Hart, Richard W. 107 
Hart, Robert H. 107 
Hartig, Robert L. 234, 246, 256 
Hartke, Jerome L. 64, 175, 233, 251, 252 
Hartkopf. Richard A. 262 
Hartley, Daniel B. 175 
Hartley, Jon H. 107 
Hartman, Joann R. 51, 157, 267 
Hartman, Richard L. 107. 170. 265. 276 
Hartman, Stuart B. 64, 174, 251, 327 
Hartshorn, Harold E. 107. 171 
Hartshorn, Larrv L. 235, 289, 292, 319, 321 
Harvey. Loren R. 107 
Harwick.Dorinda A. 107, 195 
Harz, Elaine C. 213 
Hassebroek, Hazel E. 107. 199, 343 
Hassebroek. Nancy 33, 107, 161, 342 
Hassio, Cecil 148 
Hastings. Charles R. 107, 180, 342 
Hatch, Clark A. 107 314 
Hatch, Thomas P. 107. 172, 212 
Hauer, Mary E. 52, 158, 231, 272, 343, 377 
Haufler, Theron A. 263 
Haun, Donald H. 107, 175, 343 
Haun. Virqinia A. 107, 197 
Hawkins, Richard C. 107, 188. 268 
Hawkins, Roosevelt J. 107.202 
Hawthorne, John L. 107, 187 
Hay, Rosemary A. 107 


Hayes, Donald R. 107, 175 
Hayes, Myron C. 64, 233, 268, 275 
Haylett, Ward H. 211, 314 
Hayes, Robert 377 
Haymaker, H. Henley 
Haymaker, Robert H. 
Haynes, Gary A. 107, 
Hays, Leonard E. 263 
Hays, Luree J. 107, 156 
Hays, Robert W. 272 
Hazard, Stuart G. 107 
Hazlett, Marion R. 107 
Head, Edward C. 184 
Howard, Margaret A. 
Head, Meredith H. 52 
Headrick, Homer F. 
Heath, Allan L. 107 

Betty 275 

Clarence G. 

Don E. 252 

Theodore D. 

Theodore W. 
Richard R. 

30, 287 
107, 174, 
184, 346, 


176, 263 
195, 258, 279 

110, 163, 259, 266, 328 

64, 251 
177, 243, 



32, 107, 176 

107, 263 

Hebrank, Kenneth E. 107 
Hedges, Donald E. 289 
Hedquist, Thomas G. 107, 189, 229, 233, 

251, 252 
Hedrick, Robert W. 107, 206 
Hedrick, Robert W. 107, 202 
Hedstrom, Richard L. 107 
Hefley, James R. 40, 243 
Heiens, Joan D. 107, 162 
Heikes, Everine 329 
Heikes, Marilyn L. 107, 206, 218, 219, 260, 

Heil, Edith A. 107, 199, 275, 279 
Heim, Franklin J. 263 
Heim, Richard E. 232 
Heine, Alan L. 216, 217 
Heiniger, Keith D. 238, 246 
Heinrich, Carl L. 40, 166, 187, 238 
Heintzelman, J. Cranston 236 
Heinze, Dean E. 246 
Heironimus, Harold E. 64 
Heiser, Harold W. 80, 261, 271 
Heiser, Mary L. 275 
Heiser, Robert G. 80, 261 
Heitschmidt, Corinne 107, 199 
Heitschmidt, Ernest 148, 244, 357 
Helander, Linn 61 
Helander, Rita 107, 195 
Held, Norman M. 52, 187 
Hellstern, Joe W. 268 
Helm. John F. 236 
Helmers, Martha R. 107, 163, 351 
Helmke, Sylvia D. 107, 199, 264 
Helmle, Carl S. 40,211,228 
Helms, Thomas J. 107, 185, 247, 270 
Henderson, Dan K. 233 
Henderson, Ernest A. 262 
Henderson, Henry C. 52 
Henderson, Jo Ann 107, 158 
Henderson, Mary L. 107, 199 
Henke, Edwin 107, 212 
Henley, Dan L. 33, 40, 242, 265, 354 




212, 259, 

107, 157, 
106, 267 

08, 195 


199, 342 

Hennessey, Steve E. 
Henning, Cynthia J. 

279, 342 
Henning, Delores Y. 
Henre, James M. II 
Henre, Mary A. 75, 
Henrich, Carl L. 241 
Henry, Charlotte E. 
Henry, George B. Jr. 
Henry, Harriet R. 108, 199, 218, 257, 264, 279 
Henry, Larry G. 108, 265, 356 
Henry, Patricia A. 108, 197, 343 
Henry, Mrs. P. W. 184 
Hepler, Ernest M. 64 
Heptig, Anthony B. 108 
Herberg, William W. 80, 173, 228, 
Heritage, Galen L. 80, 175 
Herman, John C. 108,216,217 
Herman, Walter J. 
Hermes, Donald F. 
Hermon, Judith A. 
Herndon, Charlet J. 
Herod, Jon G. 108 
Herpich, Donald H. 
Herr, Eleanor A. 32 

267, 342, 343 
Herren, Charles E. i 
Herrman, Gloria J. 
Hershberger, Edith J 
Hertneky, Judith C 
Hertramph, Paul J. 






75, 192 


158, 195 
, 197 

216, 217, 260, 

0, 261 

108, 157, 199 
. 108, 161, 195, 279 
52, 192, 246, 267 

Hess, Dolores J. 108, 247, 267, 330 
Hester, Darwin D. 108, 184, 324 
Hester, Virginia A. 52, 199 
Heter, Marilyn A. 108,163,236,343 
Hewitt, George D. 59. 342 

1, 203 


, 257, 









cks, Arland V. 29, 64 

cks, Luanne 108, 157 

cks, Russell 317, 325 

ggason, Freeman L. 

ggenbotham, Shirley 

gqinbotham, Jack D. 

gginbotham, Yvonna 108, 161, 266 

ggins, Mary J. 108, 

qht, Charles W. Jr. 148 

Ibert, Marilyn 108. 162, 195, 279 

Ibert, Willie H. 108, 204 

Idebrand, Arnold G. 108, 203, 256 

II, William 309 

II. Charles E. 64, 184 

II, Donald R. 108, 185 

II, Frank E. 52, 178 

II, Howard T. 47, 211 

II, Howard T. Jr. 108, 



234, 246 

159, 195, 279 

Hilliard, Robert G. 289, 290 
Hills, Diane A. 108, 164, 236 

Hills Heights 204 

Hills, Mrs. W. H. 204 

Hilt, Charles I. 108 

Hiltgen, Cleo D. 40 

Hilton, Eugene M. 52, 

Hilton, Myrna M. 108, 

Hinds, George W. 52, 

Hinkle, Ken H. 108, 309 

Hinman, Jacqueline A. 

Hippie, Mary J. 108, 342, 351 

Hirsch, Mary E. 75, 197, 2i3, 260 

Hishimura, Howard 272 

Hitzeman, L. Gene 52, 246 

Hiort, Arthur L. 27 

Hlavacek, Robert J. 108,181,212 

Hoatson, Sally 108, 159 

Hoatson, Susann 108, 159 

Hobson, Carl D. 108, 206, 314 

Hobson, Leland S. 61 

Hockensmith, James M. 108, 175 

Hockman, David 52, 217 

Hockman, Genevieve 52, 192, 212, 267 

Hocott, James K. 108, 185, 326 

Hodiak, John 377 

Hodel, Twila A. 108, 192 

Hodges, John A. 108, 343 

Hodges, Seth B. 108, 177, 254 

Hodgson, Dale R. 108, 176 

Hodgson, Donald F. 108, 180, 262 

Hoesli, Eleanor M. 75, 228, 257 

Hoff, Barbara V. 109, 164, 213 

Hoff, Joanne E. 109, 164 

Hoffman, Howard L. 109, 176 

Hoffman, Jack W. 109, 179, 271 

Hoffman, Max R. 109, 204 

Hofman, Bonnie R. 32, 109, 157, 225, 226, 

228, 265, 273 
Hofman, Carolyn R. 260 
Hofman, Kay D. 

Hogan, Earl A. 
Hoge, Samuel R 

Hohlfeld " 

109, 157, 265, 342, 343 
109, 212 
109, 183 

166, 185, 237 

David H. 109, 248 
Hoke, Caryl A. 109, 199, 234 
Holder, Duane 319 
Holder, F. Sam 326 
Holder, Ray 326 
Holdren, Charles R. 109,202 
Holl. Harold H. 109, 166, 173, 213, 252 
Holland, John J. 41 
Holland, Woodrow W. 109,212,263 
Hollar, Edwin L. 109, 172 
Hollenback, Donald L. 52 
Holliday, Jerry D. 109,217 
Holliday, John N. 109, 183 
Hollingsworth, Joe B. 64,253,272 
Hollis, James A. 109, 178 
Holloway, Caroline G. 109, 158 
Holm, Dennis W. 109, 186, 343 
Holm, William D. 252 
Holmes, Francis E. 109, 217, 244, 271 
Holmes, Howard A. 216, 217 
Holmes, Richard R. 109 
Holmgren, Dale O. 184, 258 
Holshouser, Jo Ann 109, 159 
Holt, Gwendolyn J. 75, 258 
Holt, Wendell D. 109 
Holt. William Jr. 51,315 
Holthus, Lawrence E. 41, 173 
Home Ec Art Club 257 
Home Ec Commercial Demonstration Club 

Home Economics, Dean of 72 
Home Ec Extension Club 257 
Home Ec Journalism Club 259 
Home Ec Nursing Club 259 
Home Ec Retailing Club 259 
Home Ec Teaching Club 260 
Homman, Guy B. 232 
Honstead, William H. 251 
Hood, Roy E. 109, 272 
Hoon, Marguerite E. 109, 193, 249. 279 
Hoon, Marilyn E. 109, 195, 259, 279 
Hooper, J. Lester 109, 185, 216, " 
Hooper, John W. 33,64,233 
Hoover, Bernard L. 41, 212 
Hoover, Earl G. 237, 275 
Hoover, George K. 109, 176 
Hoover, Thomas J. 109, 187 
Hopkins, Frank F. 109, 238 
Hopmann, Marbeth 
Hopson, Cornelius A. 
Horak, Laura E. 52, 
Horchem, Kay 75 
Horchem, Rex D. 109, 178 
Horchem, Richard G. 41,178,241.342 
Horlacher. Thelma D. 109, 204, 249, 266, 34 
Horninq, Dick 3 16 
Horridge, Elizabeth I 10, 164, 231, 259, 346, 

Horseman, Nadine C. I 10 

Horticulture Club 243 

Horton, Glen R. 252 

Hoseney. Russell C. 110, 

Hosier, Daryl L. 110, 279 

Hoskins, Betty S. 1 10, 157, 210, 214, 225, 226, 

Hoskinson, Glenn E. 110 

Hospitality Days Steering Committee 257 

Hostetler, Donavon F. 110. 230 
Hostetter, Helen P. 231, 259, 352 
Hostetter, Jim R. 271 
Hostetter, Morris D. 52, 249 
Hostettler, Carter B. 110,241,246 
Hostinsky, Suzanne 110, 164 


109, 162, 234 

109, 240 
192, 216, 329 


279, 342 

Hotchkiss, James D. I 10, 174 

Hott, Jerrilee J. I 10, 172 

Houdek, Donna L. 52, 204, 249, 264 267 

Hougland, Robert L. I 10, 171 

Houk, Kenneth E. 249 

House, Nora L. 53, 342 

Houser, Franklin D. 28, 110, 184, 237, 369 

House of Jerichos 205 

House of Williams 203 

Hoverson, Donald A. 110 

Howard, Bill J. 64, 180, 252 

Howard, Lois J. 110,199,218 219 

Howard, Sara E. 110, 158, 260 267 

Howard, Warren B. 110 205 266 

Howe, Hugh P. 53, 174, 212, 324 

Howell, Gloria 275 

Howell, Vernon C. I 10 

Howell, Wallace F. 53 

Hoye, Terrance J. 248 

Hoyt, Leon E. 110 

Hoyt, Rodger S. 110, 202, 243 

Hubbard, Rex E. 41, 232, 238 

Hubbard, Robert K. 110, 252 

Huddleston, Neva K. I 10, 199, 257 

Hudson, JoAnn 275 

Hudson, Richard E. 262 

Huebner, David H. I 10, 182, 216, 217, 251, 

256, 268 
Huerter, Harry F. 53, 181, 212 
Huff, Mary F. 274 
Huffer, Kenneth B. 53, 234, 246 
Hufford, Duane C. 110, 172 
Hughes, Charles W. 53, 176 
Hughes, John J. 53, 180 
Huguenard, Eleanor A. 212, 256 
Hui O Hawaii 272 

Hulse, Donald C. 110, 238 

Humburg, Jay M. 110, 169, 263 

Hummell, Dennis P. I 10 

Humphrey, Gwen L. I 10, 161, 199, 342, 351 

Humphreys, Betty L. I 10, 197 

Hundley, James L. 110,216,217,241 

Hundley, Samuel J. 41, 169, 217, 241 

Hungerbuehler, Hans 41, 169, 232, 240, 248 

Hunsberger, Joan C. 110, 163,246 

Hunt, Donald W. 110, 177, 265 

Hunt, Graham 315, 317 

Hunt, Jo Ann I 10, 197, 213, 242, 257, 265 

Hunt, Marvin W. I 10, 258 

Hunt, William D. 110, 178, 252 

Hunter, Barbara M. 110,199,275,279 

Hunter, Carolyn R. I 10, 164, 266, 275 

Hunter, Donald D. I 10 

Hunter, Mary J. 110, 158 

Hurd, Jack A. 240 

Hurd, James M. 271 

Hurley, Mrs. J. R. 180 

Hurley, Phoebe A. 110,159,258,342 

Hurtig, Henry G. 205 

Hurtig, Virginia L. 110. 163. 199, 342 

Huseman, Melva J. 110, 195, 258 

Hutcherson, Anne C. I 10, 199, 279 

Hutchinson, Delburn III, 176 

Hutchinson, Kay 1 1 1 

Hutchinson, Robert M. 234, 246 

Hutchison, Donald P. Ill, 172 

Hyde, Svlvia J. Ill, 163. 260. 264, 273 

Hylton, Gary K. Ill, 183, 268 

197, 213 


Ibsen, Jane R. 75, 161 

Idtse, Frederick S. Ill 

lida, Richard M. 53, 249, 272 

Ikenberry, Ernest A. 70, 232 

llsey, Mary E. I I I, 162 

Imler, Mary L. Ill, 204, 342 

Imthurn, Charles E. Ill, 176, 244 

Independent Students Association 269 

Indoor Track Team 3!4 

Industrial Arts Association 250 

Industrialist 352 

Ingraham, Mrs. Nell 205 

Institute of Aeronautical Sciences 271 

Institute of Radio Engineers 253 

Interfraternity Council 166 

Interfraternity Pledge Council 167 

lott, Beverly A. Ill, 164 
Ireland, Gerald B. 33,41,254 
Irvine, Twila J. Ill, 195 
Irwin, Glenn M. 219 
Isaac, Sandra A. III. 163. 234 
Ismert, Georqe G. III. 185, 326 
Isom, James K. I I 1 , 172 
Itz, Milford F. 47 

Jackson, Janice S. Ill, 158, 195, 279 
Jackson, JimmieM. Ill, 244 
Jackson, Shirley S. 195. 275, 279 
Jacobs, Robert R. 53, 271 



265, 279 

Jacobs, Wendell E. 53, 176 

Jacobson, Charles H. I I I, 186 

Jacobson, Marvel L. Ill, 157 

James, William R. Ill 

Jamieson, Gordon T. 263 

Jamieson, Margaret Z. 274 

Jamison, Delbert E. 41 

Jamison, Evelyn 274 

Jamison, Marlene L. 111,199,260, 

Janasek, Marjorie A. Ill, 195 260 

Janes, Donald R. Ill, 166, 185, 342 

Janne, Jack E. I I I, 251, 268 

Janne, Keith W. Ill, 173, 213, 246 

Jantz, Olive J. 161, 226, 257 

Jantz, Orlo K. 111,177, 216 

Jarchow, Donald F. Ill 

Jassmann, Helen R. 53,156,342,369 

Jetfers, George W. 253 

Jeffers, Robert D. Ill 

Jeffery, Virginia M. Ill, 199, 271 

Jenkins, Blaine E. Ill, 185, 343 

Jenkins, Donald L. I I I, 178 

Jenkins, Edwin K. Ill, 185, 319, 322, 326 

Jensen, Shirley A. Ill, 195, 279 

Jenson, Marilyn I. I I I, 162 

Jepsen, Delbert D. I I I, 169 

Jepson, Robert E. 111,169,249,270 

Jerman, Dale A. 256 

Jem, Eugenia M. 1 12, 195, 214, 236, 275, 279 

Jessup, Paul B. I 12 

Jewett, Melvin D. 112,216,217,252 

Jiminez, Bibe A. 112, 202 

John, Edward S. I 12, 180 




























































Barbara A. I 12, 195, 258 

Betty A. 112, 192 

Beverly A. I 12, 164 

Bill O. 353 

Byron S. 263 

Carla J. 112, 197, 216, 217, 266, 267 

Carleton B. I 12, 203, 271 

Mrs. Catherine 160 

Charles E. 112, 180, 343 

Charlotte 216 

Clair 342 

Delbert M. 64, 205 

Duane A. 112, 265, 343 

Mrs. Edith A. 188 

Einar L. 112, 170, 244, 265 

Eldon B. 112, 177, 213, 228, 265 357 

Eldon E. I 12 

Eldon H. I 12, 244 

Ethel M. 32, 112, 197 

Frank E. I 12, 188 

Gary W. 64 

George F. 53, 179 

Gerald R. 112, 217 

Gilbert E. 112, 174 

Gloria M. I 12, 158, 213, 342 

Harriet C. 112, 199 

Helen E. 75. 204, 242, 257, 264, 279 

J. Harold 27 

Jacqueline 112, 195, 258, 265 279 

James A. 112, 202, 268 

Jere L. 253 

Jerome L. 254 

John A. 232, 240 

John W. I 12, 169 

Marilyn M. 53, 161 

Mary L. 75, 157, 267 

Marya 274 

Max A. 112,203 

Nancy J. 112, 195, 259, 265, 343 

Peter 80, 261 

Ralph D. I 

Ralph T. I 

Richard G. 

Robert M. 

Shirley A. 

Shirley P. 

Thomas N. 

William B. 

William H. 

William O. 

William J. I 

Wilma 275 
Earl C. 112, 
Joan E. 212 
Kenneth W. 
Lorelei I 12, 
Nancy C. 
Nancy Lu 
Wesley K. 

12, 183 
12, 181, 212 
I 12 

64, 250 

53, 157, 212, 275, 344 

112, 271 


53, 178, 256 

202, 253 
112, 167, 183 





Jolley, Charles D. I 

J one s 


2, II 




Sarah K 
A. R. 26 
Charles R 
Dexter L. 
Donald D 
Elmer T. 
Garold D. 
James P 
Lavern 278 
Mariellen I 13 
Mary C. 113. 
Morris C. 238 
Paul E. 113, 184, 278 
Mrs. Paul 156 
Ramon W. 64 179 278 
Donald L. 113. 178, 240 


112. 217, 

112, 182 


199, 266, 279, 342 


160, 226, 257, 265 
59, 346, 347 

Jorgenson. Louis M. 233 

Jorns, William J. 41. 173, 213, 235, 310, 313 

Joslin, Dean F. 113 172 

Joss. Betty A. 113. 216. 217, 342 

Josserand, Oliver W. 113 

Jussila, Clyde 343 

Joy, Denretta L. 113, 161, 195, 279 

Jr. AVMA 261,262,263 

Jr. AVMA Auxiliary 274 

Judging Teams 356, 357 

Julian, Robert E. 241 

Jung, Jerry W. 113, 184, 235, 301, 303, 305 

Junior Deacons 221 

Just, Charles A. 53 

Justin, Dean Margaret 72 


Kabance, La Rue 41, 241, 265 

Kadel, John E. 113 

Kaine, Albert A. 113, 183 

Kainski, John M. 248 

Kaiser, Carolyn J. 53, 159, 234 

Kaiser, David P. I 13 

Kaiser, Fausta Lois 275 

Kaiser, Francis E. 80, 261 

Kaiser, Joyce I. I 13, 177, 213, 216, 265 

Kalb, Mary M. 75, 206, 243, 257 

Kalivoda, Richard L. 212, 314 

Kallenbach, Keith A. 113,202,246 

Kamal, Abdul L. 41, 243 

Kamal, Marwan R. I 13, 243 

Kamal, Sabah A. 251 

Kamdar, Vasantla 

Kaminsky, Ira M. 

Kamisato, Jane S. 

Kanarr, Harold E. 

K-State Players 276 

Kaper, Harry C. 232 

Kappa Beta 215 

Kappa Delta 162 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 163 

Kappa Phi 216 

Kappa Sigma 178 

Kaplanes, John N. 243 

Kappler, Karl H. I 13, 2 

Karetski, Alvin J. 64. IE 

C. 113,202 
113, 202, 219, 266 

113, 192, 257, 272 

I 13, 264 


4, 250 

I, 230, 289, 290 
, 213, 225, 228, 238 

Karns, M. Kathleen 113, 
Karst, Carl F. 28, 41, 173 
Karst, Lilbourn D. 113 
Karstensen, Elmer L. 113,173,213 
Karstensen, Karl W. 64, 173, 21 I, 213, 
Kastens, James L. 113,166,181,212 


113, 181 

113, 169 
I 13, 167 
184, 278 



195, 267, 

113, 244, 265 

53, 180 

I 13, 203, 221, 254, 271 

I 13, 181 

113, 231, 257, 346 

114, 186, 253 
114, 192, 342 

E. 41,241 

114, 195, 275. 279 

Kastens, Kar. 
Kastner, Jack 309 
Kastner, Norman D 
Kaufman, Donald R 
Keating, James R. 
Keefe, Terence E. 113 
Keefer, Mrs. E. L. 172 
Keegan, Charles P. 212 
Keeling Jay R. 113 
Keiswetter, Betty J. I 13 
Keith, Cecil G. 113,202 
Keller, August J. 53. 18' 
Keller, Charles D. I 
Keller, William E. 
Kelling, Keith W. 
Kelly, Joseph W. 
Kelly, Kathleen 
Kelly, Steve D. 
Kelsey, Peggy F. 
Kemmerer, John 
Kemp, Marilyn J. 
Kempthorne, Kuhrman I 14, 176 
Kendall, Leland D. I 14, 176 263 
Kennaley, Daniel J. 53, 189, 212 
Kennedy, Charles D. 114 
Kennedy, Devere 178 
Kennedy, George R. 216, 217 
Kennedy, Rosemary 114, 158 260 
Kennedy, William C. I 14, 249 
Kenney, Karen M. 75, 163, 259 
KenT, Kenneth B. I 14, 273 
Kenworthy, Ralph F. I 14. 241 
Kerbs. Gerald K. 114, 187 
Kerchner, Russell M. 233, 251 
Kerr, Delores E. I 14, 199, 264 
Kersenbrock, Jack J. 114,216 
Kershner, Donald E. 219 
Kesavamurthy, C. 248 
Keshishian, Vahe 70, 248, 254, 
Kesinger, Donald A. 64, 254 
Kester, Larry D. I 14 
Ketchum, Greta J. 32, I 14. 
Ketter, William E. I 14, 212 
K-Fraternity 235 

Khankan, Rich Y. 114 315 
Kheiri. Izzat M. 243 




162, 259 

ddoo, Clyde H. 114, 184, 309 

ddoo, John G. I 14, 205, 246 

entz. Mrs. Oliver 206 

hn, Donald R. 41, 177, 228, 244 

Igore, James R. 217 

mble, Kenneth D. 53 

mel, W. R. 287 

nast, Charles R. 41, 173, 213, 241 

nberg, Aaron W. 250 

ncaid, Wayne S. I 14, 206 

nd, Robert E. I 14, 169, 217 

nq, Dale E. 114, 185 

nq, Donna J. 114 

nq, Evelyn 274 

ng, George E. I 14, 262 

ng, Karolyn 30, 164, 166, 211, 225, 226, 236 

nq, Paul W. 114, 188, 268 

nsinger, John R. I 14, 187 

pfer. Margaret S. 114, 192 

pfer, Mrs. Olive 170 

Kipper, Allen B. 53, 176, 212, 275 

Kirk, James R. 41 

Kirk, Ronald L. I 14 

Kirkeminde, Jane 275 

Kirkeminde, Richard 262 

Kirkeminde, Thomas W. I 14 

Kirkham, Jack E. I 14, 188, 268 

Kirkland, John K. I 14 

Kirkland. Richard E. I 14, 248 

Kirkwood, Robert L. I 14, 202 

Kissick, Robert J. I 14 

Klahr, Alma J. 114, 199 

Klbecka.John 289,326 

Klee, Mary L. 75, 260 

Klee, Robert W. I 14, 203, 251 

Klein, Kendall L. 114, 265 

Kleiner, Harlen D. 242 

Kline, Richard M. 70, 205 

Klod and Kernel Klub 244 

Kloeffler, Royce G. 61 

Klotz, Robert J. 70, 205, 254, 256 

Klover, Bernard D. 101, I 14, 173 

Knapp, Carl B. I 14, 169 

Knapp, Ruth L. 114, 199, 260 

Knepper, Elmer D. 114,273,342 

Knoche, Aldean 75, 160 

Knoche, Herman W. 243 

Knoche, Jimmie G. 114 

Knoll, John K. 53, 180 

Knorr, Fritz G. 235, 286, 318 

Knostman, Dick 325 

Knostman, Harry D. I 14, 174, 229, 266, 325 

Knouse, Charles W. 24, 178 

Knox, Carol D. I 14, 163, 328 

Knox, Harry L. 266 

Knudsen, Donald D. I 15 

Knutson, Herbert 36, 243, 272 

Kobs, Donald E. 115, 171 

Kobs Larry R. 115, 171 

Koch, James R. 115, 181, 212 

Kocher, Edward T. I 15 268 

Koci, Avanelle 115, 192, 257 

Koefoa, Jane R. 32, 257 

Kohl, William F. 24, 178, 235, 301, 307 

Kohlschreiber, Richard 115, 173 

Kohr, Ruth M. 115, 195, 279 

Kollman, Patricia A. 115, 199 

Kolman, Armand K. I 15, 205 

Kolterman, Greta R. 115,213,266 

Kolterman, Neil E. 289 

Komarek, Donald J. 54, 178 

Kotoyantz, Alex A. 246 

Kountz, Robert M. 64 

Kozisek, Donald J. I 15, 173, 213 

Kracht, Lavern J. 115, 179 

Kraemer, Kathryn A. 115, 199, 279 

Kramer, James C. 115 

Kramer, Leslie J. 54, 235, 325 

Kranz. Jo Ann 115, 195, 257, 265 

Kratochvil, Milo V. 1 15, 252 

Kraus, Don R. 148 

Kraus, Thayne L. 115, 187 

Krause, Merle G. 64, 188 

Krauss, Clede Ann I 15, 160, 259, 265 

Kreft, Delia M. 115. 199, 279 

Krepps, Marvin D. I 15, 170 

Kreunen, Conrad L. 64, 185 

Krienzi, John E. 263 

Krizek. Kenneth R. 115, 271 

Krob Elaine A. 115, 199 

Kruckenberq, Homer A. 115, 184, 270, 314 

Kruqer, Arvilla G. 115, 195, 217, 260, 265 

Krumme, Glen L. 243, 262, 356 

Krumme, Iris 274 

Krumme, Shirley M. I 15, 162, 342 

Kruppa, Axel F. 248 

Kruse, Herald W. 216, 217, 254 

Kubik, David L. 115 

Kugler, Harold J. 115, 174, 211, 214, 236, 

241. 343 
Kuhlman, Dorothy A. 115, 199, 347, 350, 351 
Kuhlmann, Esther 274 
Kuhlmann, James H. 80, 261 
Kulp, Kathleen K. I 15, 199 
Kulp. Marilyn A. 115 
Kundiqer, Donald G. 232 
Kunkle, Ann E. 115, 156 
Kunkle, Patricia A. 54. 192. 234 
Kupfer, John R. 115, 172, 243 
Kurtz, Lois 54 
Kurtz, Phillip F. 54, 183 
Kush. William J. 115, 166, 175 
Kuttler, Marqe 275 
Kuttler, Ross A. 115, 185. 262 
Kvasnicka, John L. 115, 212, 249 
Kvasnicka, William G. 115,169,262 
Kvitle, Martin D. 115. 185. 326 
Kyle, James H. 54. 174, 240, 325 

Ladesich, John 29,254,256 
Lafene, Dr. Benjamin 26 
Lafferty, Carl C. 265 

La Fie I 204 

Lagasse, Orville L. 115 

Lage, Richard H. 252 

Lair, John M. 115, 170 

Laird Jerry L. 115, 187, 246 

Laisure, Thomas E. 65,233,251,256 

Lamb, Vearl 115,252 

Lambert, Keith 301, 309 

Lambda Chi Alpha 179 

Lambert, M. Elizabeth 115,163,351 

Lambette, Velma 343 

Lampo, Roberto J. 230 

Landholm, Joseph E. 263, 218 

Landon, Robert B. 28, 33, 65, 184 225 227 

229, 233, 251, 252, 353 
Landon, Vera M. I 15, 157, 249 
Landstrom, Mrs. A. W. 158 
Lane, Lois E. 75, 197, 216, 217, 260 
Langford, James M. 115, 183, 213, 214 343 
Langford, Roy 29 
Lanning, F. C. 232 
Lanterman, Harlan K. 115, 178 342 
Lappen, Willard S. 54 
Lard, Cleo K. 249 
Larery, Dorothy A. 228 
Larkin, James R. 54, 175 
Larkin, Wilma J. 115,162,258,272 
Larson, Beverly A. I 16, 158, 260, 279 
Larson, David L. I 16, 176, 342 
Larson, Delbert L. 116,177,213 265 
Larson, Edward 28, 33, 41, 170, 238, 244 
Larson, Emalyn A. 76, 162 257 
Larson, Janet I 16, 161, 272, 279 
Larson, Jerrel J. 229. 254 
Larson, Joyce E. I 16, 162, 247 
Larson, Joye E. 116, 163, 267 
Larson, Kenneth L. 254 
Larson, Laverne S. 116,156,199,213 
Larson, Rosa E. 116, 162, 258, 342 
Larson, Roxanne L. I 16, 195, 343 
Larson, Stanley L. 116,177,213,265 
Larson, Thelma J. I 16, 192, 226 
LaRue, Barbara 274 
LaRue, Billy J. 116, 263 
LaRue, Joe N. 116, 252, 273 
LaRue, Ray L. 252 
LaSelle, Jacques D. 256 
Lashbrook, Ralph 47, 344, 352 
LaShell, Lois E. 54 
Lasher, Arthur T. I 16, 273 
Last, Robert H. I 16, 206 
Latham, Gary E. I 16, 176 
Lathan, Ramona R. I 16 192 257 
Latzke, Alpha 73 

Latter, Donald D. 116, 169, 249 270 
Latzke, Phyllis A. I 16, 197, 342 
Lauber, Datha D. I 16, 157, 259 
Laughlin, James A. 116, 170 
Laverentz, Donald L. 116 
Laverentz, Loren S. I 16, 170, 213, 244, 265 
Law, Roberts. 54, 184 
Lawrence, Gary D. 116,251,268 
Lawrence, James F. 41,179,232,240 
Lawrence, Layle D. 41. 173, 241 
Lawrence, Robert M. 54, 174, 231, 350, 351 
Lawson, Fred A. 243 
Lawson, Wayne E. I 16, 202 
Lay, Dorothy A. I 16, 164 
Layton, Robert F. 116 216 217 243 
Leake, Buddy 297 
Leasure, Elden E. 116 
Leatherman, Cle Juan 54, 161 
Leavengood, Luther O. 47 
Leavengood, Nancy R. 54, 163 231 272 342 
Lee, Beverly A. I 16 199 279 
Lee, Constance H. I 16, 199, 279 
Lee, Hazel J. I 16, 195, 248. 275 
Lee, Herbert L. I 16, 177, 228, 231, 242, 265, 

Lee, Richard S. I 16, 171 
Lee, Thomas F. I 16, 178 
Leedham, George 343 
Leeper, Marilyn L. I 16, 158, 192, 258 
Legant, Joann E. 76, 197 258 279,329 
Leggett, Patricia A. I 17, 199 
Legill, Lester A. I 16, 212 
Lehman, Ellen M. 116, 158, 234 
Lehman, Lawrence D. 116, 202 
Leider. Charles 116.212 
Leinweber, Betty J. 76, 197 
Leinweber, Carl E. Jr. I 16 
Lemon, Margie J. 116,161,234,266 
Lenhert, Donald H. I 16, 202, 268, 273 
Leonard, Alice L. 116, 199 
Leonard, Clare 198 
Leonard. Patrick G. 80, 261 
Leslie. Glenn L. 80, 261 
Leslie, Ruth E. 275 
Less, Loren J. I 16, 202 
Lessor, Leo C. I 17 
Lester, Joyce A. I 17. 195, 258, 279 
Leverton, Dolan D. I 17 
Levin, Jon A. 117, 175, 241 
Lewelling, Carl V. I 17 
Lewerenz, Arthur L. 117 
Lewis, Barbara J. 117. 199, 213, 279 
Lewis, Burnadine L. 33, 256 
Lewis, Dollie J. 117, 157, 234 
Lewis, Donald N. 117, 219 
Lewis, Joanne 117. 195. 249, 279 
Lewis, Robert D. 117 203 
Lewis, Roscoe W. 242.256 
Li, Hsioh Chien 71 
Liebl. Ronald C. 117, 172, 275 
Lienhardt, Mrs. Ethel 171 
Lienkaemper. Gertrude 30 
Lietz, Walter C. 41, 173, 238, 241 

LIFT Week 210 

Lillard, Bonnie L. I 17, 159, 199, 275 
Lillich, Ned L. 65, 229, 252 
Lilliequist, Vera I. 117, 158, 342 
Limes, James R. 66, 176, 252 
Lincoln, Donna M. 117,157,247,266 
Lindblad, Delores 117, 199, 264 
Lindblom, Mary J. 117,192,279,342 
Lindburq. Barbara R. 76, 192, 260 
Lindell, David L. I 17, 244 
Lindeman, Marilyn L. I 17, 164, 199, 279 


Lindholm, Charley A. 41, 203, 216, 217, 241 

Lindquist, John F. 117, 254 

Lindsey, John A. 71,243,256 

Linta, Edward 234, 294, 325 

Linthacum, James"W. 65, 202, 248, 268, 273 

Lippitt, Judith L. 117, 163, 175, 257 

Lippoldt, Victor D. 117, 187 

Livengood, Dale L. I 17, 189 

Lizotte, Robert J. 117 

Lloyd, Theodore R. 117, 23b 

Lockwood, Don L. 251 

Lodholz, Dorothy J. 117, 175 

Logan, Bobby L. I 17, 185, 315, 326 

Logan, Dale L. I 17, 188, 278 

Logan, Samuel H. 1 17, 231, 346, 347, 351 

Logsdon, Richard J. I 17, 184, 287 

Logsdon, Truman F. 234, 246 

Lohrding, Curtis E. 42, 171, 238, 244, 265 

Londeen, Jane A. I 17, 175, 257, 277 

Londene, James R. I 17 

Long, Carollyn J. 117 

Long, Kenneth D. 117, 184, 289, 290 

Long, Robert C. 1 18, 216, 217, 243, 256, 268 

Long, William C. 118,243,256 

Longabach, Donald R. 33,65,227,254 

Longerot, George E. 118 

Longsdorf, L. L. 27 

Looby, George P. 118 

Loomis, James A. I 18, 174, 237, 240, 313, 

314, 318 
Lortscher, James P. 118 
Loseke, Phyllis J. I 18, 175, 218, 217, 260, 265 
Lothers, Jack E. 71 
Lothman, John A. 118 
Louderback, William 243 
Loughbom, Janet L. 76,171,258 
Lowe, Larry E. 118, 202 
Lowell, Darrel D. 118, 180, 289 
Lowell, Dona L. 118, 192 
Lowry, James L. 258 
Loyd, Richard A. 54, 176, 230 
Lucas, James M. 42, 180 
Luckeroth, Norman A. 80, 181, 212, 261 
Ludes, Joan F. 118, 192, 212, 371 
Ludes, Richard E. 118, 212 
Ludlum, Donald G. 251 
Luebbert, Don 65, 181 
Lueck, Lloyd M. 118, 183, 342 
Lueker, Ralph R. 42. 173 
Luffel, Walter R. 65, 179 
Luginsland. Loris L. I 18, 202 
Lundbert, Anna L. I 18, 164, 266 
Lundgren, Ann L. 118, 163 
Lundgrin, Nelson E. I 18, 169 
Lunt, Leon F. I 18, 178 
Lupton, Anelle M. I 18. 156, 258, 342 
Lupton, Earl D. 42, 187 
Lurtz. Donald L. I 18, 186 
Lusk, Carolyn L. I 18, 197, 217, 260 
Lutheran Students Association 213 

Lux, Francis A. 42, 240 

Lyles, Mrs.T. N. 169 

Lyman, Eva C. 247 

Lynch, Amory S. I 18, 181 

Lynch, Robert D. I 18, 203, 216, 217, 265, 

271, 278 
Lyne, Carol S. 118,343 
Lvnn, Warren 217 
Lyon, Anne K. I 18, 163, 249, 270 
Lyon, Lynn C. 118. 243, 265 
Lytle, Beverly D. 54 


McAlister, Jay E. 120 
McBurney, Kenneth A. 42,219,243 
McBurney, Ruth E. 120, 195, 219, 259 
McCain, Mrs. James A. 22,374 
McCain, Pres. James A. 22, 23, 369, 374 
McCain, Sheila 22 
McCallum, George D. 120, 186 
McCandless, George S. 120, 188, 278 
McCarter, Harvey J. 120, 183, 319 
McCartney, Judith K. 120, 164, 195, 259, 279 
McCauley, Curtis L. 120, 271 
McChesney, Richard W. 120 
McClelland. Shirley 120, 197, 213, 279 
McClellan. Clair D. 120 
McClun, David E. 120 

McCluskey, Patricia 32. 76, 160, 257, 265, 279 
McCoid, James H. 120, 203 
McCormick, Charlotte 120, 193,247,279, 

McCormick, Frank J. 271 
McCormick, Lavina P. 55, 193, 247, 267, 

279. 329 
McCormick, Susan J. 55, 158, 279 
McCoss, Nelson 326 
McCowen. Don I. 120, 187 
McCoy, Elwin F. 202 
McCoy, Fred E. 120. 218, 219, 248 
McCoy. Harold E. 120. 243 
McCracken, Patti J. 120, 195, 342 
McCrea, James R. 120 
McCrea. Mariorie B. 76. 197, 214 
McCready, Marylyn A. 120, 164, 195, 247, 

McCulley, Robert M. 120, 184. 229, 230, 253 
McCullough, Margaret E. 275 
McCutcheon, James W. 65 
McDaniel, Dolan K. 120, 185, 314 

McDaniel, Jerry R. 120, 186 

McDaniel, Roland N. 120 

McDonald, Clial D. 81 

McDonald, Donald G. 120, 254 

McDonald, Hugh J. 120,170,238,244 

McDonald, Jack T. 55, 186 

McDonnall, Helen E. 55, 204 

McDowell, Sue C. 120, 158, 342 

McElroy, Robert D. 268 

McFadden, Harold L. 55 

McFadden, Lois M. 120, 195 

McFall, Keith J. 120, 216, 217, 241 

McFarland, Robert H. 254 

McGehee, Archie L. 238, 250, 265, 271 

McGehee, John A. 120,271 

McGhee, Larry L. 120, 217, 271 

McGill, Joel S. 120, 187 

McGinnis, Clair F. 65, 175, 186, 233 

McGinnis, Howard M. 120 

McGregor, Harrison E. 120 

Mcllvain, Alice H. 120, 193, 342 

Mcintosh, Audrey 275 

Mcintosh, James L. 120 

Mcintosh, Merlyn R. 120 

Mclntyre, David G. 120, 179 

McKay, David B. 120, 187 

McKelvey, Mary M. 120, 173, 260, 342 

McKelvy, Barbara J. 121, 197 

McKenna, Leonard J. 121 

McKenna, Tim E. 121, 167, 170 

McKibben, Mary E. 121, 195, 266 

McKim, Paul A. 42, 188, 238 

McKim, Walter L. 121,189,238,342 

McKinney, Katheryn A. 247, 267, 328 

McKinney, Florence 73 

McKnight, David E. 121, 170 

McKone, John R. 55,238.247,273 

McLeland, James R. 121, 275 

McLeod, Dr. William M. 79 

McMillan, Mary J. 121,195,272,342 

McMillen, Thomas E. 121,202,266 

McMillen, Wesley R. 121, 184, 324 

McMullen, Phyllis J. 121, 164, 272, 343, 381 

McNary, Harry D. 121 

McNelis, Marilyn M. 121, 199, 236, 265, 342 

McNutt, Janet A. 121, 195, 217. 279 

McPhail, Charles D. 271 

McPherron, Donald S. 55, 175 

McReynolds, Donald 217, 263 

McReynolds, Kenneth 71 

McReynolds, Martha D. 121, 193, 215, 257, 

McReynolds, Peggy L. 121, 197 
McShulskis, John E. 65,202 
McWilliams, Jerry D. 121, 184 


Mabry, Doris A. 118, 199 

Mabry, John D. 118, 254 

Maccoby. Herbert 27 

Macek, Bernadine M. I 18, 195, 212, 249 

Machin, Thomas D. 42, 174, 232, 240, 310 

Machin, William R. 54, 175 

Mackender, Edward L. 118, 187 

Mackender, Richard L. 118 

Mackie, Deaun R. 118, 175, 247, 279 

Mackintosh, David L. 244, 275 

Mackintosh, Mary B. 1 18, 163, 259, 279 

Maclean, Mary A. 76, 216 

Macy, Melvin E. 118, 188 

Macy, Norman Edgar 342 

Madden, Nita M. 118, 193, 279 

Maddux, Lyle C. 30, 42, 182, 278 

Maddux, Ray E. 265 

Mader, Ernest 357 

Magette, Louis D. 118, 212 

Magrath, Joseph M. 81, 261 

Mahany, Shirley 118, 197 

Mahood, William W. 65, 172, 238, 252 

Maisonelle 204 

Malcolm, Shirley V. 54, 197, 247, 267, 279, 

Male, Walter N. 118, 169 
Malir, Eugene D. 118, 206, 212, 264 
Malir, Margaret J. I 18, 193, 257, 265, 267 
Malm, Gerhard A. 118,242,263 
Malone, Norman H. I 18, 244 
Maloney, Charles H. 81 
Maloney, Robert L. 118 
Mancuso, Robert P. I 19, 212, 235, 318, 325 
Manly, Maryolive I 19, 163 
Mann, Hercharan S. 71,248,256 
Mann, William E. 119 
Mansfield, Charles R. 119, 166, 182 
Mansfield. Hubert D. 119, 185 
Manson, Janice L. I 19, 199, 240, 279, 342 
Manz, Leona E. 54, 206, 267, 272 
Maple, Larry B. 42 

Marciniak, Ronald J. 235, 289, 295, 326 
Mardis, Joan C. 119, 193, 342 
Marion, G. B. 243, 356 
Maris, Robert D. 65 
Markley, Janet S. 119, 199 
Markley, John _R. 119,263 
Marotte, Maurice 343 
Marks, Keith Herbert 119, 171 
Marler, Carole A. 119 199, 279 
Marr, William H. 54 212 
Marrs, Leon C. I 19 265 
Marsh, James D. I 19, 188. 278, 252 
Marshall, Charles L. 65,230,253 

Marshall, Eddy R. I 19, 216, 217, 252 
Marshall, Janet E. 54, 164, 225, 226, 229, 

231, 350, 351, 370, 380 
Marstall, James J. 241 
Marti, Bonnie M. I 19, 159, 342 
Martin, Duain C. I 19, 205, 238 
Martin, Elden W. 54,203,212,273 
Martin, Gene B. I 19, 179, 252 
Martin, Jane A. 33, 119, 161, 342 
Martin, Peter A. I 19, 166, 247, 270, 324 
Martin, Suzanne K. I 19, 159, 234 
Martin, Walter W. 243 
Martin, Willard H. 357 
Martin, Wilma P. I 19, 199, 212, 279 
Martinez, Alberto S. 42, 182 
Martinez, Edmund F. 119, 167, 182, 213, 214, 

275, 343 
Marttinen, Pekka I 19, 206 
Mase, Margaret 160 
Mase, Norma J. I 19, 195, 266 
Mason, Allen S. 54,205,238,248 

Masonic Club 272 

Massmann, Jane 343 

Massmann, Richard 343 

Mathews, George 119, 206 

Matson, Andrew A. I 19, 309 

Matson, John 325 

Mattson, James I. 119, 249, 342 

Mattson, Sanford E. I 19 

Maurer, Charles J. 65, 183, 238, 240, 252 

Maurer, Wanda J. 247 

Maxwell, Edith M. I 19, 156 

Maxwell, Gwenlynn 119, 156 

May, Harley E. I 19, 251, 268 

May, Mrs. E. M. 179 

Maycumber, Larry A. I 19, 179 

Mayden, Earl L. 119, 172, 275, 315 

Mayden, Mark A. 119, 176 

Mayer, John F. 202, 238, 252, 271 

Mayer, John P. I 19 

Mayer, Rex I. 120, 202 

Mayer, Sally J. 55, 163, 266, 380 

Mayes, Margaret K. 120, 265 

Mayhugh, Richard E. 42,217,243,264 

Maywald, Gerda H. 120, 193 

Mazza, Chester A. 120,176,343 

Meador, Marlin R. 121, 252 

Mears, Dorinda J. 121,195,266,277 

Mears, Ruth A. 55, 156 

Mecke, Robert M. 65 

Medlin.C. J. 231,344,345,350,370 

Meek, Alice L. 121, 157, 234, 343 

Meek, Bill 288, 289 

Meenen, Dora W. 55, 197, 213, 267, 329, 343 

Meidinger, Thomas A. 71,202 

Meierhoff, Don R. 148 

Meinen, Max W. 42,203,238,271 

Meisinger, Merlin K. 121 

Melcher, Alvin E. 121 

Melcher, Lou A. 274 

Melcher, Wayne 121,212,240,250 

Melland, Robert C. 253 

Melroy, Robert L. 42, 181, 212, 232, 240 

Memdrel, James L. 217 

Menefee, Marilyn G. 121, 158 

Menehan, Jo E. 76, 157, 212 

Menehan, Judy F. 121, 157, 279 

Men's Graduate House 205 

Men's Intramurals 324 

Mentgen, Mary A. 121,199,212,258 

Mentgen, Ronald P. 121, 181, 212 

Mentzos, John 71,240 

Merijanian, Aris V. 248, 251 

Meriweather, Norman 32, 228 

Merrill, Joe C. 55, 189 

Merrill, Sarah M. 121 

Mershon, Jerry L. 121, 185, 238, 247, 312, 314 

Mertes, Bernard 288, 289 

Merz, Paul E. 55, 181, 212 

Metz, Harold L. 234, 246 

Metz, Jerry P. 121, 183 

Meyer, Charles K. 121, 169, 240 

Meyer, Dale H. 65, 173, 213, 253 

Meyer, Earl H. 42, 291, 289, 299 

Meyer, Georqe F. 212, 324 

Meyer, Gerald J. 42,236,241 

Meyer, Henry L. 121 

Meyer, Lynwood F. 212 

Meyer, Ross E. 121, 178 

Meyers, Donalee 121, 193, 216, 217 

Meyers, Galen J. 122, 187 


, Janet L. 55. 173 


, Jerry R. 122, 183 


, Robert L. 122 


, Ronald J. 122, 217, 265 


Is, GavonaJ. 122,175,217,260,265 



Is, Kenneth B. 65, 227, 230, 252 


Darl D. 122, 187 


Blanchard L. 33,232,265 


1, Donald E. 42 


II, William H. 65, 185 


Eldon D. 122, 213 

Milbourn, Max W. 26 


Andrew J. 122, 167, 186 


Basia 343 


Beverly J. 122, 179, 279 


Bruce 271 


Bryce 122, 192, 229 


Byron S. 232, 240 


Carol S. 122, 164. 195 


Donald R. 122, 179 


Dorothy D. 343 


Eugene F. 122, 271 


Eula B. 122, 193, 329, 342 


GaryL. 122 


Gerald D. 232, 240 


Gerald J. 122,212,232 

Miller, Janice J. 122, 199 

Miller, Jim R. 122 

Miller, Jordan Y. 246 

Miller, Kathryn A. 122, 157, 195 

Miller, Kenneth W. 122, 182, 214, 252, 266 

Miller, Marion B. 42, 241 

Miller, Paul L. 252, 275 

Miller, Ray A. 65, 252 

Miller, Raymond E. 122 

Miller, Richard C. 122, 179 

1 'Mler, Richard M. 65, 183, 254 

Miller, Robert B. 122, 169, 270 

Miller, Robert J. 42, 181, 211, 212 

Miller, Ronald A. 42, 202, 243 

Miller, Ronald D. 71, 205 

Miller, Ross J. 122, 183, 216, 217, 343 

Miller, Shirley A. 122, 195, 216, 217, 257 

Miller. Tommy L. 122, 170 

Miller, Verna M. 122, 195, 218, 219, 259, 265 

Milling Association 240 

Milner, Max 219 

Mills. Ivan R. 122 

Mills, Lambert D. 42, 203, 228, 238, 243, 357 

Mills, Marvin L. 122, 185, 263 

Miner, Jolene 122, 164, 199, 279, 342 

Ming, Clarine 329 

Miniard, Marjorie 76, 258 

Minkley, Wendel 3 15 

Misak, Dale E. 122, 188, 267 

Mishler, Robert D. 122, 187, 278 

Misra, Daya K. 71, 248, 256 

Mitchell, Daryl 

Mitchell, Donald L. 122, 202, 273, 314 

Mitchell, Herbert L. 65, 175, 233, 253, 353 

Moberly, Darrel L. 122 

Moden, Walter L. Jr. 122 

Mog, Willis L. 122, 206 

Mohl, Keith L. 122, 184 

Molesworth, Dale R. 122, 169 

Molzen, Marilyn 122, 161 

Money, Joe E. 122, 178 

Monroe, Clarence D. 122, 188 

Monroe, John K. 122, 176 

Monteith, Richard C. 122, 188, 252 

Montgomery, George 36 

Montgomery, Glenna Y. 55, 158, 246, 267, 

Montgomery, James D. 122, 204 
Moon, Clayton E. 55, 267 
Moore, Anna L. 123 

Bobby L. 123, 178, 289 

Donald L. 253 

Eidon L. 55, 176 

Frank A. 256 

Fritz 47 

Helen 25 

Jack B. 123, 178 

James A. 123, 187, 278 

James C. 246,270 

James I. 


Janis L. 
Jarry V. 
Jimmy R 
John B. 
John P. 
Loyd T. 
Marilyn R. 
Robert D _ 
Mrs. Virginia 
Warren E. 123 

123, 189 

123, 187 

238, 251 



123, 195, 259, 
123, 189, 270 


218, 219, 258, 

187, 212 


Moorhead, Philip D. 123, 186 
Moorman, John T. 309 
Moors, Glen E. 123 
Moranville, Ronald E. 123, 175 
Mordy, Charlene M. 55, 161, 225 
Morford, Larry G. 123 
Morqan, Norene 76, 193, 2 

Morqan, John T. 123.205 
Morqan, Laurence 289 
Morgan, Maurice G. 123. 
Morgan, Patricia A. 123, 195 
Morqan, Patsv A. 123. 164, 267, 342 
Morqenson, Carroll 42 
Morqenstern, Gretchen 55, 16' 
Morine, Donna J. 123, 158, 234 
Moritz Thomas D. 55, 181, 212 
Morris, Galen Z. 202, 246 
Morris, Helen L. 123. 153, 266 
Morris, Mary A. 123, 195 
Morris. Raymond E. 42 238. 241 
Morrisev, Ann E. 123. 163 

279. 351 
Morrison, Ray W. 202 
Morrissette, Maurice 81,261 
Morrow, Beverly A. 123. 199, 259, 264 
Morrow, Norman R. 123 
Morse J. Howard Jr. 123, 176 
Morse, Reed F. 61, 233 
Mortar Board 226 

Morton, Dean 65, 176 
Morton, Marilyn E. 123 
Moser, Carter H. 123 
Moses, Donald H. 
Moshier, Roberta J. 
Mosier, Frank 286 
Mosier, Richard H. 
Mosley. Elizabeth R 
Moss, Joseph A 
Moss, Treva M 

199, 212, 246, 

123, 187 

123, 179 
. 55. 164 
123. 185 
123. 193. 260 

57, 258, 270, 279 

Motes, William C. 42, 177, 225. 342 

Mouser, Harold R. 66. 178 

Moyer, Charles 123. 187 

Muecke, Allen R. 123 

Muecke, Jo A. 76, 177 

Mueller, Clyde D. 242 

Mueller, Elwood L. 123 

Mueller, Sandra G. 123, 163, 175, 279, 370 

Muqler Martin G. 123,219,238,241 

Muir, Lewis A. 123, 188 


Mulkern, Gregory B. 243, 256 
Mullen, Clyde 33, 37 
Mullen, Iva M. 257 
Mullen, Max H. 43, 175 
Muller, Harry D. 273 
Mulligan, Virgil E. 123, 181, 212 
Mullins, Lawrence 47, 286, 287 
Mundell, Joanne M. 55 
Munkres, Kenneth D. 123 
Mu Phi Epsilon 231 

Murdie, David H. 123 

Murphey, Lewis E. 123, 177, 273 

Murray, James L. 123, 174, 212 

Murray, James W. 123, 242 

Murray, John M. Jr. 123, 175 

Murray, Nancy D. 55, 163, 266, 267, 328 

Murray, William J. 123,174,263 

Myer, Janet L. 30, 124, 164, 218, 346, 347 

Myers, Carl R. 124, 183, 235, 357 

Myers, Donald E. 71, 213, 214 

Myers, Harold C. 37 

Myers, Harold L. 55, 181, 212, 346 

Myers, Harriet R. 124, 163 

Myers, Irvin H. 231 

Myers, James A. 124,206,256 

Myers, Marlene 30, 55, 163, 237, 345, 350 

Myers, Monte H. 124, 176 

Myers, Richard P. 124, 218, 219, 231, 319, 

320, 321 
Myers, Ronald E. 56, 178, 238 
Myles, Marilyn R. 76, 197, 213 


Naegele, Melva J. 76, 193, 260 271 

Nash, Harold K. 124, 203 243 

Natzke, Mary J. 124, 156, 199, 279 

Nauman, Delbert A. 56 248 

Neal, David M. 124, 176 346 

Neal. Richard W. 124 

Needels, Orval T. 124, 188 

Needham, James A. 124,178 

Neeley, Jerry 325 

Neely Thomas A. 71, 205 

Neff, Earl D. 124 

Nehrig, Dean A. 124, 167, 173 

Neifert, Jim D. 124, 187, 236 

Neilan, Gary J. 124 

Neis, Glenn E 124, 170 244 265 

Nelson, Alvin L. 124 

Nelson, Dee W. 124, 206 343 

Nelson, Dorine K. 124, 259 

Nelson, Dorothy A. 124 161 266 275 

Nelson, Elmer R. 124, 252 

Nelson, Howard D. 243 

Nelson, Keith D. 248 

Nelson, Larry R. 124. 343 

Nelson, Leona M. 124 199 213 279 

Nelson, Lon E. 124 183 

Nelson, Robert D. 124, 275 

Nelson, Shirley C. 56,197,213 266,275 329 

Nelson, Vern A. 124 

Nelson, William M. 43, 177 238 330 

Nemeth, Shirley D. 124 163 214 342 

Nery, Ronald D. 124, 202, 289 293 326 

Nesbitt, Norma G. 274 

Nesbitt, Paul M. 263 

Nesmith, Kenneth L. 124. 174 

Nestler, Carl M. 124, 178 

Nethercot, Huberts. 124, 181 

Neuer, Frederick W. 124 171 

Nevins, Joseph K. 66, 187, 238 271 

Nevins, Ralph 252, 343 

New. Albert E. 124. 169 

Newby, Jack S. 124 

Newcomer, Carl G. 124,319,320,322 

Newcomer, John E. 124, 186 

Newell, Jacqueline A. 124,195,279 

Newlin, Theodore R. 101,124,351 

Newman Club 212 

Newton, Chacella T. 124 193 

Neyer, Phil Jr. 124, 178 

Nicholas, Carolyn M. 342 

Nicholas, Raymond H. 71, 175 

Nichols, Elgene R. 124, 174, 216, 238 254 

Nichols, Sandra E. 76, 160 265 

Nichols, Warren D. 124, 170 265 343 

Nicholson, Glen E. 262, 327 

Nicholson, Joyce A. 124, 163, 266, 328, 351 

Nicholson, Kenneth 231, 326 

Nicholson, Mary J. 125, 199 

Nickerson, Donald L. 81 

Nicklaus, Beth E. 125, 195 

Nickols, Calvin J. 125, 178 

Niernberger, Floyd F. 125, 181, 232, 240, 313 

Nieveen, Margery C. 125 

Nixon, Paul 125, 252 

Noakes, Merle E. 66, 251 

Nolan, James J. 125,212,252 

Nolan, Lloyd 377 

Nolan, William B. Jr. 125,212 

Noll, Patricia L. 125, 156, 212, 342 

Nolte, Gerald M. 125, 185 

Northwest Hall 194, 195, 196 

Norton, Clinton C. 125, 342 
Norton, Virgil J. 241 
Novak, Robert L. 125, 176 
Norvell, Lawrence 343 
Noyce, Edwin C. 125 
Nuttle, James R. 125, 169 
Nuzman, Jan 329 
Nuzman, John W. 125, 185 
Nyberg, Shirley J. 125, 199 
Nye, Derald D. 125 

Oberg, Janet I. 125. 193, 343 

O'Bleness, Connie 275 

O'Bleness, George V. 244 

O'Boyle, Thomas J. 235, 289, 295, 299, 326, 

Ochs, Lyle D. 251 
O'Connor, Jon J. 289 
O'Donnell, Frank A. 81, 261 
Ogborn, Walter W. 125, 170 
Ogburn, Carolyn A. 125, 195, 279 
Ogden, Alvin C. 235 
Ogg, Janet M. 216 
Oqg, William D. 125, 179 
Oglevie, Narvelle B. 56, 197, 225, 231, 272, 

O'Hara, Duane L. 125 
O'Hara, Ruth E. 125, 195, 217, 259 
Ohse, David E. 125, 185, 249 
O K House 206 
Oldham, Carvel C. 250 
Olsen, Leslie A. 125, 206, 213 
Olsen, William O. 125 
Olson, Charles L. 262, 326 
Olson, Dale R. 71 
Olson, Eddie 271 
Olson, Glen W. 213 
Olson, Harold A. 125, 189 
Olson, James A. 270 
Olson, Janice C. 125, 197, 342 
Olson, Janice J. 125, 163, 351 
Olson L. Elaine 163, 199, 264 279 
Olson, Lynne K. 125, 163, 195, 279 
Olson, Marilyn M. 125, 197, 213 
Olson, Phyllis L. 125. 193, 213 
Olson, Raymond V. 36 
Olsson, Esther C. 28, 32, 76, 156, 213, 226, 

Olsson, Roger L. 125, 206 
Oltien, John L. 125, 177, 213, 228, 238, 244 

Oltien, LaDonna J. 125,193,213,260 
Oltien, Marilyn M. 125, 193, 213 
Oltien, Nadine C. 126,196,213,279 
Oltien, Robert R. 43, 177, 238, 244, 356 
Omicron Nu 228 

O'Neal, Judith A. 126 196, 258 
O'Neal, Marvin P. 125, 184 
Oplinger. Daniel H. 56, 185, 238 
Orban, Roger F. 126, 184, 289 
Orchesis 266 

Ordoveza, Juanito L. 71,254 

Orme, Larry D. 126 

Orma, Lila J. 126, 193, 213 

Orsborn, Lloyd E. 81, 185, 225, 227, 228, 261 

Orsborn, Merle M. 56, 185 
Ortel, Judith 126, 207. 199 
Osburn, Melvin W. 213 
Ostenberg, Eugene M. 126, 187 
Osterheld, John R. 126 
Oswald, Kitty L. 126, 197 
Ott, Louis E. 248 
Ottaway, Lois 218, 219 
Ottaway, Lucille A. 126, 196, 219, 265, 279, 

342, 351 
Ottman, Donna L. 126, 196, 259 
Otto, Merton L. 236 
Overall, Douglas 126 
Overbey, Helen C. 126, 199, 218, 219, 342 
Ovist, Elwin B. 232 
Owen, Norma A. 28, 32, 76, 156, 258, 279, 

Owen, Patricia M. 126, 199 
Owens, Alice K. 126, 161 

Pacha, Leonard E. 43, 174, 212, 225, 318, 

357, 371 
Pady, Stuart M. 47 
Page, Perry W. 263, 271 
Page, Vera D. 275 
Page, William 66, 172 
Painter, Elsie M. 126, 197 
Painter, Reginald H. 243 
Palermo, Peter James 126, 178 
Palmer, Don L. 232, 240 
Palmer, Warren L. 234, 246 
Pang, Norman 126 
Panhellenic Council 166 
Panzer, Keith Lee 126, 169 
Parakh, Jal S. 71 
Paramore, Evelyn A. 126, 161 
Park, Curtis G. 43, 179, 238, 242 
Park, Gilbert N. 126, 171, 238, 275, 342 
Parker, Bobby D. 126, 217, 342 
Parker, Clarence 126 
Parker, Clarence L. 268 
Parker, Daryl D. 319, 322 
Parker, Don L. 56, 275 
Parker, Elizabeth 126, 159, 196, 279 
Parker, Gary A. !26, 174, 214, 327 
Parker, Ralph L. 243 
Parker, Robert E. 56, 235, 319 
Parks, James L. 65, 176 
Parks, Leslie C. 126, 184, 249 
Parks, Richard D. 126, 203, 219, 254 

Parks, Ronald D. 126, 244 

Parrack, Dean K. 126, 214, 265 

Parrish. Fred L. 47 

Parshall, llene R. 126, 207, 216, 271 

Parshall, James F. 216, 217 

Parsons, Donnie L. 126, 289 

Parsons, Roger N. 126, 265 

Partridge, Reed A. 251 

Pascal, Mary E. 76, 158, 257 

Pasley. Robert M. 66, 217, 265 

Patchin, Peter J. 126, 166, 179, 232, 240, 278 

Paterson, William E. 56, 268 

Patterson, John D. 126, 174 

Patterson, Kay 381 

Patterson, Warren E. 126, 246 

Patton, Billy P. 126, 176 

Patton, Duane Y. 126, 174 

Patton, Melvin N. 126, 204 

Patton, Patricia A. 126, 161 

Patzell, William A. 126, 181, 212, 237 

Paugh, Constance M. 126, 193, 212, 247 

Paul, Charles H. 81.261 

Paul, William D. 127 

Pauls, Lester D. 127, 188 

Paulsen, Kathleen 127, 169, 21 1,213, 258, 

Paulson, Arnold E. 127, 265 
Paulson, Robert J. 127, 188, 213 
Paulu, Norman 343 

Paustian, Judith C. 56, 163, 166, 266, 279 
Pautz, Dudley D. 262 
Payne, Betty A. 127. 158 
Payne, James K. 127. 187, 262 
Payne, Loyal F. 36, 242 
Payne William M. 148 
Peak, Richard P. 127, 184. 212. 240 
Peal, Richard A. 66 229, 233, 253 
Pearce, Clinton E. 61 
Pearson, Francis M. 127. 167. 184 
Pearson, Marqaret A. 127, 197 
Pearson, Robert S. 232 
Peasletree, Don L. 238 
Peck, Harold M. 127, 216 
Peck. Leslie D. 289, 295 
Peddicord Rita R. 127,197,217,219 
Pedersen, Beverly 274 
Pedersen, John R. 43. 232, 238, 243, 240 
Pelton, Dorothy L. 127, 197 
Peltzer, Henry J. 127 
Pence. Edward L. 28, 56, 174, 290, 293, 296, 

299, 326 
Penner, Keith G. 127, 248 
Penner, Waldo L. 56 235.316.360 
Pennick, Donna F. 127. 199. 247 
Peppiatt. Sam 127, 177, 244 
Perkins, Barbara A. 56 162, 166, 279 
Perkins, Bill E. 148. 244 
Perkins, Dale E. 127 
Perkins, James R. 127, 170. 265 
Perkins, Mary F. 127. 158 279 
Perry, Lois E. 127, 161, 257 
Perry, R*lph 76 
Perry. Richard D. 66 

Pershing Rifles 268 

Peter, Helen L. 127 

Peters, Chester A. 26 

Peters, Don Clayton 243 

Peters, Leroy L. 127, 218, 254 

Petersen, Carol F. 127, 163 

Petersilie, Larry 187, 264, 278 

Petersilie, Lawrence 127, 217, 271 

Petersilie, William 127 

Peterson, Carol May 129, 196, 214, 257 

Peterson, Carolyn J. 127,162,343 

Peterson, Cynthia 127, 164. 267 

Peterson, Donald C. 127, 213, 238, 244 

Peterson, Donald K. 127. 170. 265, 270 

Peterson, Donald W. 127, 213 

Peterson, Elda R. 127, 193, 260 

Peterson, Howard E. 113 

Peterson, James R. 127, 181, 241 

Peterson, Janet S. 151, 206, 218, 219, 267 

Peterson, John T. 81 

Peterson, Lee A. 127. 185. 325, 326 

Peterson, Lowell B. 128. 185. 238, 325 

Peterson, Richard L. 128. 203. 213. 264, 271 

Peterson, Rita M. 128, 212, 237, 342 

Petr, Raymond L. 128 

Petr, Richard D. 128 

Petracek, Daniel L. 43. 181, 212, 355 

Petracek, Howard A. 128, 268 

Pettit, Melvin U. 128. 177. 262, 265 

Pettit. Thomas G. 128, 185 

Peurifoy, Paul V. 232, 256 

Pfaff, Kenneth A. 43 

Pfuetze, David 128, 174, 327 

Phelps, Eleanor L. 128, 193, 342 

Phems 247 

Pherigo, Dan L. 43, 244, 356 

Phi Alpha 214 

Phi Alpha Mu 229 

Phi Delta Kappa 236 

Phi Delta Theta 180 

Phi Epsilon Kappa 235 

Phi Kappa 181 

Phi Kappa Tau 182 

Phi Lambda Upsilon 232 

Phi Tau Sigma 230 

Phillips, Allan L. 128, 170, 243, 265 

Phillips, Beverly J. 128, 156, 266 

Phillips, Kenyon W. 229, 233, 252 

Phillips, Norman W. 228, 271 

Physics Club 254 
Pi Beta Phi 164 

Piccola, Ralph J. 128, 175, 266 
Pickens, Carrol F. 56, 186 

Pickett, Duane I. 128, 185, 278 

Pickett, Richard A. 33, 128, 185, 228, 238, 

244, 264, 325, 326 
Pickett, Ruth A. 128, 161, 167, 196, 279, 362, 

Puckett, William F. 36, 243 

Pi Epsilon Delta 237 

Pierce, Gary L. 128 
Pierce, Velma A. 56 
Pierpoint, Robert M. 128 
Pieschl, Francis W. 43, 203 
Piter, Herbert E. 210, 211 

Pi Kappa Alpha 183 

Pi Kappa Phi 224 

Pilant, Glenda J. 76, 197 
Pilcher, Paula M. 128, 197 
Pinet, Robert L. 128, 183 
Pinhero, Carroll A. 56, 249 
Piper, William C. 128,250 
Pippin, Raymond E. 128,251,326 
Pishny, Janice F. 128, 196 
Playter, Robert F. 128, 180, 244, 314 
Pledger, Huey Jr. 232 

Plow and Pen Club 242 

Plyley, Grace R. 76, 164. 228 

Poe, Harold P. 43, 172. 275 

Poelma, John C. 128,202 

Pohlhammer, Donald W. 250 

Pohlhammer, Vernon D. 252 

Pohlman, Donald L. 128. 169 

Pollom, James E. 128, 184, 319, 322, 324 

Poison, Louise N. 128, 193, 213, 233, 272 

Poore, Lee K. 128. 186, 301, 304 

Pope. Donald L. 128, 176, 240 

Porch, James E. 128. 189. 270 

Porter, Carolyn A. 56. 156, 346 

Porter, Irwin C. 43. 244 

Porter. James A. 128,202 

Porter, Philip G. 128, 178 

Poston. Carl W. 128,217,265 

Poston, Helen A. 76, 160, 199, 216, 217, 260, 

267, 273 
Potter, Richard 60 
Pottorff, Gary N. 128, 172 
Pottroff, Mildred 274 
Pottroff. Lloyd W. 32,81,261 
Potts, Dolores A. 211 
Potts. Jack G. 128, 180 
Potwin, Ann 128, 164. 213, 260 
Potwin, Arlan G. 128, 186 
Poulter, Patricia A. 128, 159, 196, 279 
Poultry Science Club 242 
Powell, Larry J. 235, 301, 302 
Power, Mrs. Pearl 205 
Prather, Vaughn E. 213, 214, 264 
Pratt, Betsy J. 128, 157 
Prawl Philip Wayne 128,207,216,217,265, 

271, 342 
Prawl Sherlund D. 43, 170. 243 765 ^42, 357 
Prawl, Warren L. 33,43,214,355,357 
President of Kansas State College 22 

Pretz Charles O. 128 

Pretzer, Carolyn A. 76 228. 260 

Pretzer, Don D. 124 128 238 

Prewett, Mary P. 129, 193 

Price, Darold W. 129 

Price, Mary A. 129. 199 

Price, Royal 288, 289 

Price, Sandra 129. 196 342 

Prickett, Wanda M. 129, 199 

Prier, Jane L. 197 

Prigmore, Donald G. 129, 180, 252, 319, 321, 

Pringle, James R. 43, 170, 244, 270 
Prisock, Jesse W. 56, 184, 301, 302 

Promenaders 273 

Ptacek, Patricia 129, 164 

Puckett. Virginia E. 129, 156, 193, 216, 217, 

260, 265 
Puett, Joseph F. 129. 186 
Pugsley, A. L. 25,31,374 
Puhr, Barbara A. 129, 197, 212, 247, 266, 267 
Pulliam, Barbara J. 129 
Pulliam, Duane W. 43 
Pults, Daryl E. 129, 186 
Furcell, Mary F. 129, 159 

Purple Pepsters 279 

Putnam, Truman D. 43 

Ouanz, Robert E. 129, 176 

Quick Nathaniel L. 129, 205, 219 

Quinlan, L. R. 243 

Ouinlan, Mary 30, 33, 129, 161, 211, 213, 371 

Ouint, James E. 43, 181 

Quint, Thomas E 129, 181 

Rabun, Dr. Lewis L. 376 
Rader, Wells R. 128, 180 
Radio Club 248 
Radisson, Jean J. 71, 205 


Raemer, Mary E. 212 

Raffety, Robert W. 129, 173 

Raile, Elaine M. 129, 156, 193 

Railsback, Charles 343 

Railsback, Jack D. 129, 187, 262, 310 

Raitt, Marjorie A. 129, 159, 166 

Raleigh, Reta M. 129, 163, 234 

Ramsey, Marion D. 129, 164 

Ramsey, Richard A. 71, 186 

Randall, Kay 129, 161, 196, 266, 279 

Randall, Philip R. 129, 180, 193, 266, 272 

Randels, Phyllis L, 129, 258, 342 

Rankin, James R. 211, 250, 253 

Rankin, Martha E. 129, 197, 217, 259, 266 

Rankin, Roger L. 129, 244, 256 

Rankin, Serena 129, 164, 279 

Ransdell, Josephine 129, 157, 196,279 

Rasberry, Gordon L. 263 

Rasch, Gloria L. 129, 163 

Rash, Larry A. 129, 185, 252 

Rashad, Salah E. 71, 243, 256 

Rasher, Nancy 129, 196, 162 

Rasic, Lily P. 129,200,212 

Ratdiffe, Roger H. 43, 244 

Rathbone, David L. 129, 189 

Ravnikar, Ann J. 274 

Rawley, Mrs. Kate 162 

Rawline, Ralph E. 56, 184, 249, 324 

Rawlings, Charlene 130, 200, 279, 342 

Rawlings, Irlene M. 32, 76, 225, 226, 228, 

257, 264, 355 
Rawlins, Marilyn J. 130, 196, 265 
Razor, Willis L. 130, 189 
Reck, Harold M. 217 
Reece, Katherine E. 130, 193, 242 
Reece, Robert S. 130, 171 
Reed, Dale V. 130, 184, 324 
Reed, Donald L. 217, 244 
Reed, Harold W. 43, 170, 225, 227, 228, 244, 

265, 346, 356 
Reed, Joan M. 130, 158 
Reed, Richard C. 130, 180, 278 
Reed, Robert R. 229, 230 
Reeder, George C. 130, 178 
Reeder, Robert 314 
Reese, Donald G. 43, 177, 238 
Reese, Jerry W. 130,200,238 
Regier, Kathryn L. 196, 279, 364 
Regnier, Joseph L. 130,218,219,251 
Regnier, Nancy C. 130, 158, 200, 275 
Reich, Elmer R. 130, 203 
Reichle, Virgil D. 130 
Reid, Betty M. 76, 163 
Reid.JamesA. 130,250 
Reid, Jean R. 56, 342 
Reid, Mary L. 77, 157, 249 
Reid, Royal D. 130 
Reida, Byron D. 130, 202 
Reidel, Robert L. 66, 251, 253 
Reiff, Velda J. 130,200,271 
Reinecker, Jo E. 130,200,260,324 
Reinhardt, John J. 56 
Reinhardt, Richard R. 130, 170, 216, 228, 

244, 355, 356 
Reitemeier, Clarence 301 
Reiter, Franklin 376 
Reiter. Robert C. 130, 187 
Reitz, Leland 343 

Reitz, Roger P. 30, 33, 130, 174, 347, 380 
Rejba, Carl P. 56, 179, 212 

Religious Coordinating Council 221 

Rempe, Ernest E. 33, 66, 181, 229, 233, 252 

Reneau, Dale M. 275 

Renfro, Richard A. 130, 180 

Renken, Garth H. 264 

Renken, Gloria L. 130, 193 

Renz, Richard J. 130 

Reser, Thomas S. 130 

Reusser, Dwayne M. 130, 206 

Reusser, Marilyn A. 130, 196,343 

Reynolds, Billy J. 56, 180 

Reynolds, James P. 130, 218, 275 

Reynolds, Patricia A. 77, 159 

Reynolds, Richard S. 57, 230 

Reynolds, Warren D. 130, 248 

Rezac, Rheva B. 57 

Rezac, Rosalie M. 130, 240, 265, 330 

Rhoades, Edward W. 216, 217, 252, 271, 273 

Rhoades, James A. 130,202,289,298 

Rhoades, Keith R. 130 

Rhoads, Cecil E. 244 

Rhodes, Robert R. 130 

Rhodes, Vera M. 130, 157 

Rhyne, Robert R. 130 

Riat, Lois J. 22, 130, 200, 259 

Rice. Richard C. 130, 166, 189, 268 

Richards, Diane L. 130 

Richards, Verlyn D. 130 

Richardson, Charlene 130, 204, 216 

Richardson, D. 325 

Richardson, Jack H. 130 

Richardson, Nancy L. 77, 193 

Ricklefs, Delus W. 130 

Ricklefs, John E. 131, 174 

Riddell, John D. 71, 174, 214, 256 

Rieg, Edwin G. 131, 174, 251 

Rifle Team 256 

Rigen, Willis E. 217 

Riggs, James L. 66, 229, 252 

Righter, Kenny 289 

Riley, Marilyn J. 131, 158, 166 

Riley, Wayne K. 131, 189, 240 

Rinehart, Marilyn E. 131, 199, 234 

Rinford, Bill 378 

Ringen, Willis E._ 43, 241 

Ringstrom, Martin T. 213 

Rittenoure, Nancy 57, 157, 231, 237, 346 

Ritter, Mary K. 131, 157, 234, 342 

Rizek. Eleanor B. 275 

Rizek, Eugene L. 131, 170, 262 

Robb, Delber S. 66, 254, 275 

Robb, Elsie 274 

Robbins, Durreth D. 57 

Robbins, James H. 57 

Robbins, Margaret L. 71,193,256 

Roberts, Donald E. 43, 310, 311 

Roberts, Douglas 236 

Roberts, J. D. 314 

Roberts, John R. 131 

Roberts, Marya M. 131,161,246,266 

Roberts, Max K. 131, 253, 271 

Roberts, Thomas E. 131, 180 

Robertson, Richard R. 131, 180, 240, 351 

Robinson, Ann M. 131, 204 

Robinson, Marguerite 274 

Robinson, Walter J. 43 

Robison, Fred L. 131, 174 

Robson, Dean E. 44, 176, 241 

Robson, Verla C. 57, 247, 267 

Robkwell, Richard A. 131, 187 

Rochat, Carl 231 

Rodman, Ivan F. 131, 205, 212, 289 

Roesler, Joe E. 131, 170 

Roether, Douglas D. 131, 186, 289, 295 

Roffety, Robert W. 213 

Rogers, B. A. 216, 217 

Rogers, Charles L. 131 

Rogers, Dennis R. 131 

Rogers, Don K. 131, 176 

Rogers, Donna F. 131, 161 

Rogers, Gary B. 131, 174, 251 

Rogers, Mrs. E. E. 204 

Rogers, Gary 131,343 

Rogers, Ira J. 131, 184, 324 

Rogers, Marilyn J. 131,196,258,279 

Rogers, Patricia R. 131, 247, 267, 279, 330 

Rogers, Rajcan F. 274 

Rogers, Ronald J. 66, 229, 252 

Rogers, Terence F. 131 

Rogers, William C. 57 

Rogers, William E. 131,233,251,253 

Roggendorff, George 131,211,342 

Rohrer, Philip O. 44, 212, 228, 241 

Rolfs, Patricia L. 131, 161 

Romeiser, Max L. 240 

Ronis, Sidney L. 219,242,256 

Rood, Lawrence 44, 175 

Roosa, Margaret L. 131, 158 

Root, Barbara L. 131, 196, 342 

Root, Marvin R. 256 

Root, Thomas B. 131, 180 

Root, William C. 244 

Roseberry, Virginia D. 275 

Rose, Adelaide 131,275 

Rose, Walter 248 

Roseberry, Charles A. 131 

Rosell, Charlotte 131,271 

Rosenberger, William 33, 131, 166, 174, 214, 

270, 273, 275, 351 
Rosendal, Edward S. 131, 240 
Ross, Irvin F. 212 
Ross, Karen D. 131, 158 
Ross, Thomas C. 57, 183, 238 
Ross, William M. 66, 176, 252, 378 
Roth, Don C. 66, 216, 217, 229, 230, 252 
Roth, James S. 148 
Roth, Leon L. 131, 212, 268 
Roth, Milton A. 66, 229, 230 
Rousseau, Gerald D. 131, 205, 219, 221 
Rowe, Jervis C. 57, 235, 240, 310, 311, 314 
Rowland, Charles W. 131,188,268 
Rowland, James C. 66, 183 
Rowland, Richard D. 271 
Rowley, Gary D. 67, 178, 250 
Roy, Wayne L. 131 

Royal Purple 350, 351 

Ruby, Roger McK. 57, 249 

Ruckman, Robert L. 44, 216, 217, 265 

Ruda, Jack P. 131 

Rudman, Richard L. 131, 268 

Rudrauff, Patsy R. 131, 163 

Ruggels, William L. 131, 176, 231, 346, 347 

Ruliffson, Hillard S. 232 

Rumford, Fred K. 131, 166, 183 

Rumold, Lloyd D. 132, 268 

Rumsey, Mary 275 

Rumsey, Reed R. 81,177,228,261,326 

Rumsey, Thomas A. 132, 272 

Runbeck, Dorothy C. 32, 57, 193, 225 

Rundell, Jo Anne 132, 197 

Rundell, Marjorie H. 132, 200, 218, 219, 342 

Rundle, Linda L. 132, 196, 236, 258, 343 

Rundquist, Harvey W. 132, 343 

Runyan, John G. 132, 181, 212 

Rupert, Stephen C. 132, 214, 265 

Rush. Carol L. 132, 196, 265 

Rush, Jay D. 132 

Rush, Marilyn L. 132, 193, 247, 342 

Rusher, James F. 132, 202, 289 

Russell, B. June 132, 200, 244, 247, 266 

Rusk, Ardella R. 132, 193, 242, 258, 342 

Rusk, Carol L. 132, 196, 260, 265, 279 

Russell, Beverly R. 132, 200, 247, 266 

Russell, Dorothy M. 132, 160, 257, 265, 342, 

Russell, Evangeline 274 
Russell, Frances L. 132. 160, 262, 342 
Russell, John W. 132,206 
Russell, Raymond L. 262 
Russell, Richard K. 132 
Russell, Roanna J. 132, 156, 342 
Russell, Virginia L. 132, 160, 257, 265, 355 
Russell, Weldon E. 132, 244 
Ruthrauff, Phyllis A. 132, 164, 259, 346, 347, 

Ruthrauff, Wanda 274 
Ryan, Michael D. 219 

Saad, El Den 150 

Sabhiok, Mohinder P. 132, 248 

Sackett, Charles S. 132, 263 

Saenger, Fred O. 132, 213, 241, 271 

Salah, Yahya Amin 132,243,248 

Salisbury, Johnny F. 132, 206 

Salisbury, Sally J. 132, 196 

Salmans, Nadine M. 57, 158, 231, 343, 377 

Salter, Doris J. 132, 156, 267 

Salter, Edith S. 132, 196, 279 

Salter, Francis R. 132, 179, 278 

Salyer, Sharon A. 57, 157, 212 

Sambol, Richard M. 132 

Sampson, Jeannene L. 132, 161, 342 

Sams, Sally J. 57, 163 

Samuelson, Marvin L. 132, 170, 263 

Samuelson, Merrill E. 231, 352 

Samuelson, Shirley A. 74,77,259 

Sanders, Georgia L. 132, 200 

Sandring, Albert W. 66, 185, 230, 252 

Sanford, Paul E. 228, 236, 242 

312. 314 
Sarvis, Shirley J. 132, 196, 216, 259, 279 
Saulters, Raymond L. 133, 202 
Savage, Robert J. 133, 175, 250 
Savidge, Charles A. 57, 180 
Saville, Darrell D. 133, 187 
Sawyer, Charlene M. 133,200,267 
Sayler, John L. 133, 183 
Sayre, Robert N. 44, 177, 228, 244, 357 
Scanlan, Mrs. William 206 
Scanlan, Jack M. 66,238,252 
Schafer, James R. 133, 187, 240 
Schafer, John B. 57,212 
Schallehn, Leon H. 254 
Schaller, Gordon 133, 188, 342 
Schaper, Donald D. 66, 176, 229, 230, 252 
Schartz, Ann T. 77,212,259 
Schartz, Toni M. 133, 158, 199 
Schaulis, William E. 133, 186 
Schauarz. Carol L. 259 
Schenker, Arnold M. 71 
Schicktanz, Douglas 57, 249 
Schicktanz, Robert T. 133, 180 
Schiller, Clarke E. 57, 176, 236 
Schimmels, Mrs. Julius 203 
Schimpf, Donald L. 133, 252 
Schindler, Louis E. 263 
Schlemm, Peter J. 67, 252 
Schlender, Wilda J. 133,200 
Schmid, Edith L. 28, 57, 161, 213, 225, 226, 

231, 272, 342 
Schmid, Walter C. 133, 173, 213 
Schmidt, Burton W. 247, 289 
Schmidt, Daniel H. 133, 241 
Schmidt, Ernst H. 133, 202, 238, 356 
Schmidt, Jack 133 
Schmidt, Jocelyn Ann 133, 197 
Schmidt, Paul G. 133, 238 
Schmidt, William F. 66, 230 
Schmidtlein, Frank 57, 325 
Schmidtlein, Grace 133, 200, 207, 216, 217, 

243, 247 

Schmidtlein, Jessie 133,200 

Schmiedeler, Fred J. 212, 324 

Schmitz, Lucele M. 133, 156, 343 

Schmitz, Richard 263 

Schmitz, Shirley 274 

Schneblin, Gloria 133, 164, 200, 351 

Schneck, Merle R. 133 

Schneckloth, Nancy A. 28, 57, 163 

Schneider, Barbara A. 212 

Schneider, David L. 133, 185, 343, 381 

Schneider, Donald W. 133 

Schneider, Fred J. 309 

Schneider, Robert M. 44, 203, 217, 241, 265, 

Schnittker, John A. 319 
Schnitzler, F. Charles 81 
Schober, Robert L. 133, 187 
Schoen, Walter E. 30. 33, 133, 170, 228, 238, 

244, 265, 270, 354, 357 
Schoenfeldt, Susan G. 133, 164 
Scholer, Charles F. 133, 174, 252 
Scholer, Charles H. 61 

Scholler, Marv M. 133, 163, 212, 257 
Schoneweis, David A. 133, 177, 214, 228 
Schoneweis, Rachel 133, 161, 259, 262, 343, 

Schoof, Donna J. 133, 193, 242, 257, 265 
Schoof, Richard L. 133 
Schoof, Russell R. 67, 229, 254 

School Councils 32, 33 

Schopp, Alice J. 274 

Schopp, Robert E. 67 

Schrader, Jack W. 81, 184 

Schrader. Jerry L. 133, 187, 263 

Schrenk, Sara K. 133, 216 

Schrenk, H. G.^ 232. 248 

Schroder. Harriet 267 

Schroedel, Mary J. 77, 162 

Schroeder, Edward C. 134, 213 

Schroeder, Marlene A. 134,193,217 

Schroeder, Rudolph A. 71,205 

Schroeder, William R. 57. 188 

Schroer, Joann M. 134. 196. 216 

Schuetz, Richard J. 134. 182 

Schuler, Bernard C. 324 

Schulke, Marshall E. 249 

Schulte, Norman P. 134,203,212,249 

Schultis, Estel J. 134 

Schultz, Herbert M. 134 

Schultz, Millicent B. 134, 160, 243, 265 

Schultze, Roger G. 134 

Schulz. Lois 73 

Schumacher, Carl R. 134, 229, 230 

Schuhmacher, Dorothy 
Schumann, Robert H. 
Schurr, Perry E. 263 
Schuyler, Danny C. 58, 174, 301 
Schwab, Leonard D. 134, 177 
Schwalm, Irvin M. 134, 177, 263 
Schwartz, Dale L. 58, 174 
Schwartz, Marcellus 235 
Schwarz, Carol L. 134, 196 
Scoby, Connie L. 134, 157 
Scott, Barbara K. 

Charles A. 

Gene E. 71 

Inez M. 134 

134, 193, 342 
34, 173, 213, 241 



66, 134, 


96, 279 

196, 279 

James L. 134, 183 

John R. 44, 175 

Marvel J. 134,215,267 
Scott, Opal A. 134, 163, 196 
Scott, Ridge L. 262, 327 
Scott, Jeanette 134, 157, 249 
Scott, Virginia L. 134, 160, 216, 264, 342 
Scovel, Wanda 329 
Scribante, Adrian J. 134, 187, 212, 229 
Scruggs, Sherman D. 268 
Seaman, Arlen P. 134, 179 
Sanford, Robert E. 132, 177, 265, 342 
Sanger, Ralph 47 
Sangster, Richard M. 57, 175 
Sangster, William J. 250 
Sankey, Don L. 357 
Sankey, Larry 244 
Santoro, Frank A. 132, 182 
Sapp, Shirley J. 132, 196 
Sargent, Beverly A. 132, 156, 216, 259 
Sargent, Janice C. 132, 157, 370 
Sargent, Joan K. 132, 164 
Sargent, Wayne A. 148 
Sartorius, William G. 132, 180, 235, 310, 
Seaman, Ronald D. 67 
Searl, Ronald R. 244 
Sears, Susan R. 58, 164, 267 
Seaton, Mrs. Elizabeth 173 
Seaton, Mary K. 196, 217, 279 
Seaton, Roy A. 26, 31 
Seaton, Vaughn A. 81,228,261,272 


58, 205, 219, 238, 249 

44, 170, 214, 238, 256 


196, 279 



213, 267 

28,30,58, 184,225, 

Seeley, James C. 

Segall, Stuart H. 

Seglem, Clair L. 

Seibert, Twila M. 

Seidler, Donna S. 

Seitz, Richard L. 

Selby,JackM. 58,221,232,248 

Self, Huber 246 

Silker, Ralph 47 

Sell, Hazel K. 193, 219, 

Sellers, Galen A. 61 

Semisch, Floyd D. 216, 

Senior Leaders 225 

Serrano, Pedro A. 253 
Setzekorn, William D. 
Sewing, Alice M. 148 
Shackelton, George L. 
Shadrasky, Emil 238 
Shadwick, Gerald L. 

227, 235, 311, 314 
Shafer, Mary E. 196 
Shafer, Sally J. 159 
Shaffer, Jerry A. 180 
Shamburg, Harold K. 
Shank, Harry L. 134. ' 
Shannon, Doris J. 58 
Shannon, Leon H. 67, 254 
Shaw, Annalou 135, 164, 275 
Shaw, Don L. 135, 185, 326 
Shaw, Kenneth A. 135, 172, 251 
Shea Beverly B. 135, 193, 212 
Shearer, David L. 58, 275 
Sheel, Harold F. 135 
Sheets, Dean 325 
Sheets, Scott E. 135, 176 
Sheets, Wayne O. 135, 189 
Sheets, William E. 135 
Sheldon, Charles M. 135, 171 
Shelton, Charles 343 
Shellenburger, John A. 36 
Shenk, Carolyn M. 135, 159, 342 
Shepherd, Darrell 148 
Shepherd, Virginia L. 77, 200, 228, 260, 267 
Sherman, George J. 135 
Sherman, Roger W. 58, 21 
Sherrell, Bette I. 135, 216, 
Sherrer, Kenneth L. 249 
Sherwood, Howard K. 135, 

134, 184 


12, 250, 




225, 227, 228 
188, 229, 251 

ields, James B. 135, 185, 325 

ields, Janet E. 135. 163, 211, 213 

ields. Roy A. 44, 

ill, Otto S. Jr. 32 

imek, Roqer L. 148 

imer, Richard D. 135, 

Imp, John K. 135, 240 

ipp, Robert L. 135, 183, 240 

ippers, Ernon L. 67, 256, 259, 343 

ippers, Marion J. 58 

ipley, Ralph R. 148 

ippy, Vida M. 135,206 

ires, Maurice V. 262 

irkey, Robin A. 135 
ing, Susan R. 33, 58 

ivers, Claude W. 135. 

ivnani, Gurdasmal 71 
Shockey. Marilee S. 218 
Shoemaker, Margaret 77. 197. 260, 342 
Shoemaker, Marvin A. 135, 205, 214, 241 
Shoffner, Edna L. 58, 158 
Shogren, Merle D. 71, 205 
Shore, Frederick L. 135, 172, 250, 267 
Shores, Gene L. 262 
Shoup Olive W. 135, 160, 265 
Shoup, Robert G. 135 
Shove, Cecil R. 135 
Shove, Henry L. 135 





231, 279, 346 



Showalter, Donald R. 236 

Showalter, Ronald D. 58 

Shubert, Neal A. 58 

Shue, Robert W. 243 

Shugart, Mrs. Grace 258 

Schultz, Wallace E. 213, 214 

Shuman, Donald G. 81, 228 

Shuman, Sharlene 275 

Shumate, Patricia L. 58, 197 

Shupe, Patricia J. 135, 161, 234 

Shute, George E. 135, 241 

Shutler, Marvin D. 135, 187 

Sibley, Mrs. Verna 178 

Siegel, Hillard 135, 202, 219, 240 

Siegel, Paul B. 219, 242, 256 

Siegel, Robert 58, 211, 219 

Siegle, Ross F. 135, 234, 246 

Siemers, Diana 135, 162, 167, 279 

Siemsen, Donald H. 135, 170, 270 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 184 

Sigma Chi 185 

Sigma Delta Chi 231 

Sigma Eta Chi 220 

Sigma Gamma Epsilon 234 

Sigma Nu 186 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 187 

Sigma Tau 229 

Sigmund, Curt 324 

Signa Phi Nothing 203 

Steel Ring 233 

Silker, Gwen G. 58,215 

Sillin, Evelyn M. 135, 193 

Simmonds, Cloe G. 135, 183, 268 

Simmons, Adrea D. 136, 159, 266 

Simmons, Benjamin A. 71, 205, 232, 256 

Simmons, William C. 136, 187 

Simms, Roberta L. 136, 200, 257 

Simon, Ellis 271 

Simon, Harold M. 136, 181 

Simon, John W. 136, 180, 244 

Simonet, Jose A. 136,202 

Simonson, Charles R. 136, 183 

Simper, James T. 32 

Simper, Shirley 274 

Simpkin, Izy 326 

Simpson, Arbutus 275 

Simpson, Clare L. 136, 187 

Simpson, Eleanor J. 136, 193 

Simpson, Janet N. 136, 161, 196 

Simpson, Marlene K. 136, 200 

Simpson, Mary H. 136, 160 

Simpson, Raymond A. 136 

Simpson, William E. 136, 174, 240 

Sims, Jean C. 136, 160, 246, 264, 355 

Sims, Theodore 262 

Sinderson, Lee N. 136 

Sinderson, Samuel W. 136, 188, 229, 319, 321 

Sinderson, William S. 136,184,309 

Sis, Janice L. 136, 157, 226, 275 

Sis, Raymond F. 136, 170, 263 

Sitz, E. L. 251 

Six, George 30, 136, 174 

Skinner, Maurice M. 136 

Skinner, Sue K. 77, 163 

Skinner, Thomas W. 136,184,249 

Skinner, Willis D. 136, 202, 252 

Skiver, Karen 136, 164, 167, 279 

Skiver, Robert N. 28, 30, 58, 174, 225, 230 

Skupa, Joan K. 136, 196, 200, 265, 279 

Slade, Don E. 136, 170, 265, 357 

Slade, Mattie L. 77, 156, 266 

Slankard, Rex D. 136, 204 

Slaughter, John B. 136, 202 

Sleeper, Gerald B. 136, 187, 244 

Slentz, Mary L. 136, 193, 260 

Slocombe, Janet L. 136, 193 

Slyter, Damon E. 44, 213, 228, 241, 243 

Slyter, Leonard L. ) 36. 213, 228, 243, 264, 

356, 357 
Small, Keith L. 136, 213, 214 
Smaltz, Earl J. 136 
Smart, James H. 136, 343 
Smerchek, Sandra 343 
Smies, Mary E. 136, 193, 258 
Smika, Darryl E. 136, 206, 217 
Smischny, Susimae 136, 200 
Smith, Albert 243 
Smith, Betty J. 136, 196 
Smith, Conrad C. 136, 171 
Smith, Dale I. 136, 213 
Smith, Darlene Y. 136, 193 
Smith, Dean J. 136, 187 
Smith, Delaine 137, 157, 200 
Smith, Donald E. 137, 171, 240 
Smith, Donald O. 137, 167, 188 
Smith, Duane R. 202 
Smith, Gene O. 137, 187 
Smith, Geraldine A. 137, 200 
Smith, Grace I. 248 
Smith, Hubert W. 137, 171 
Smith, James A. 137,301,302,306 
Smith, James D. 137, 174, 21 I 
Smith, James L. 137, 173, 184, 343 
Smith, Jimmy W. 244,357 
Smith, Joan B. 137, 196 
Smith, Kenneth D. 137, 218, 219, 240 
Smith, Larry L. 137, 265, 271, 383 
Smith, Lida G. 77, 160, 242 
Smith, Marilyn C. 137, 164, 200, 216, 258, 279 
Smith, Marion F. 137, 164, 234 
Smith, Mary A. 137, 197, 215 
Smith, Melvin D. 58, 185, 325, 326 
Smith, Nancy E. 137, 193, 258 
Smith, Norris E. 137, 179 
Smith, Mrs. Paul F. 175 
Smith, Ralph L. 137 
Smith, Richard D. 137, 265 
Smith, Richard M. 137 

Smith, Robert E. 137, 187, 235, 297 

Smith, Robert W. 137, 184, 301, 308, 324 

Smith, Rodney C. 137, 206, 250 

Smith, Roger C. 243 

Smith, Ruth A. 137, 193, 246 

Smith, Sharlene M. 137, 200, 271 

Smith, Shirley A. 137, 193, 247, 329, 342 

Smith, Thomas F. 289, 296 

Smith, William C. 71, 180, 212, 256 

Smith, William S. 58 

Smity, Don U. 278 

Smurthwaite, Georgiana 27 

Snell, Lila L. 137 

Snell, Robert R. 67, 229, 252 

Snell, Virgil H. 67, 230 

Snider, David F. 137 

Snider, George L. 137 

Snider, Johnny R. 137, 178 

Snodgrass, Carol A. 137, 196, 343 

Snyder, John R. 137, 186, 301, 304, 307 

Snyder, Linna S. 137, 164, 267 

Sobba, Roberta M. 137,193,212,267 

Social and Recreational Committee 30 
Socolofsky, Homer E. 216 
Socolofsky, Lowell E. 137, 250 
Soder, Marion F. 137 
Soeken, Howard L. 138, 173, 213, 343 
Sojka, Nickolas J. 148 
Sommer, Warren T. 138, 254 
Sondergard, Barbara 138, 157, 213, 279 
Sorensen, Phillip H. 25, 30, 31 
Soule, Ralph P. 244, 357 

Southeast Hall 198, 199, 200 

Spade, Clifford L. 265, 275 

Spahr, Burrell D. 81, 261 

Spahr, Norma 274 

Speer, Laura E. 29, 138, 164, 21 1,213, 343 

Spencer, Harold R. 58 

Sperry, Arthur B. 234, 246 

Spencer, Claude E. 138 

Spiaggi, Luis P. 71 

Spicher, Kenneth N. 138, 203, 235, 271, 318, 

Spiker, David M. 137, 178 
Spitzer, Howard L. 138 
Springer, Row J. 138 
Sprawls, Betty 274 
Sprowls, J A, 81, 327 
Srajer, Dolores R. 137, 157, 246, 267, 275 
Staadt, Imogene M. 138, 160, 264 
Stack, John R. 138, 184, 324 
Stackfleth, Evan D. 58, 166, 188 
Stacy, Susie J. 77, 193 
Stadel, Naomi E. 138, 196, 264 
Staff, Bonner W. 138, 176 
Stagemeyer, Merlin D. 138, 202 
Staggs, John A. 138, 206 
Stahl, Gilbert M. 263 
Stahl, William E. 138 
Stahl, Yetta 274 
Stairrett, Sandra L. 138, 200, 279 
Stalcup, Wanda I. 138, 193, 218, 259, 279 
Staley, Verlyn G. 138, 176 
Stalker, Clinton L. 138, 187, 238, 244 
Stamm, James D. 138,177,213,265 
Stanbank, Riad 242 
Standley, Joleen E. 138, 158 
Stanley, Jane C. 138, 157 
Stanley, Melodee 138, 161, 196 
Stanners, William J. 138, 189, 270 
Stanton, Gaylord D. 138 
Stanton, John E. 256 
Stanton, Leon S. 138, 189, 270, 354 
Starr, Evangeline M. 138, 156, 247, 342 
Starr, Lowell E. 138, 205 
Stauder, Mary L. 138,159,212,342 
Stauffer, Gene A. 58, 184, 235, 301, 303, 305 
Stead, Allen D. 265, 275 
Steadman, Lois A. 138, 158, 267 
Stearns, James W. 138,202 
Stearns, Merwin M. 236 
Stebbings, Sally A. 138, 163 
Steffey, Delvis E. 243 
Steffens, Richard H. 30, 44, 173, 213, 236, 

242, 265, 354 
Stehley, Don 288, 289 
Steiger, Walter G. 230 
Steinbach, Clarence 138,219,342 
Steiner, Lyle E. 264 
Steinle, Ervyl L. 138 
Stenbow, Riad 138 
Stephenson, Lewis E. 138 
Sterling, Wilbur W. 250 
Steunenberg, Albert 138, 180, 246, 343 
Stevenson, John R. 44,216,217,219 
Steves, Mary 275 
Steves, Ray R. 67, 180, 353 
Steward, James C. 246 
Stewart, Andrew J. 138,202 
Stewart, James C. 138, 180 
Stewart, Joyce I. 138, 158 
Stewart, Raymond A. 138 
Stilley, Kenneth W. 138 
Stinson, James E. 58, 186, 238, 249 
Stitt. Howard D. 356 
Stockebrand, Wayne W. 139, 171, 252 
Stockmyer, John G. 139,343 
Stocks, Kenneth D. 139 184 
Stocks, Wilbur A. 58,202,289 
Stockwell. Mrs. Ethel 205 
Sfoecker, Bernard G. 58, 183, 238 
Stolzer. Leo W. 139. 174, 212 
Stone, Francis R. 301. 305 
Stone, Sax A. 139, 180, 319, 322, 327 
Stone, Thomas B. 139 179 
Stoskopf Duane M. 139, 187. 381 
Stoss, Marvin C. 139, 187, 212 
Stotler, Parker L. 139, 187, 278, 309 
Stovall, Don O. 44 
Stover, John E. 326 

Stover, Margie J. 139, 193, 265, 329, 342 

Stover, Nancy C. 139, 157, 234, 279, 342 

Stover, Rebecca L. 139, 193, 215 

Stowell, Martha L. 139, 193, 217, 219, 260 

Strafuss, Albert C. 81, 177, 212 

Strahm, Samuel E. 139, 170 

Strand, Ronald E. 139, 213, 265 

Strathman, Evelyn I. 139, 193, 212, 234, 279 

Strecker, Palmer L. 139, 178 

Streeter, Margaret 139, 196 

Stretcher, John H. 58, 169, 235, 317 

Strickland, A. L. 236 

Striegel, Wayne D. 44, 185, 325, 326 

Strink, Paul M. 246 

Strobel, Marion C. 139, 234, 246 

Strong, Richard M. 139 

Struble, James R. 139, 179, 243 

Strunk, Paul M. 138, 176, 314 

Stryker, Gerald R. 139, 180 

Student Board of Publications 344 

Student Council 28 

Student Tribunal 29 

Student Wives 275 

Study, Elizabeth A. 58, 163 

Stuewe, David S. 58, 343 

Stulz, William R. 270 

Stumbo, Floyd I. 44, 243 

Stunkel, Norvin G. 139, 167, 185, 264, 326 

Sturgeon, Dorothy L. 139, 193 

Sturgeon, Larry J. 139, 187 

Stuntz, Denis L. 244 

Stutz, William R. 139, 176, 241, 244, 265 

Sucht, Leon A. 139, 265 

Suddath, Patricia J. 139, 193, 257 

Suellentrop, Frederick 139, 212, 271 

Suelter, Clarence H. 71, 173, 213, 232 

Sullivan, Thomas 58, 180 

Sundberg, Marion A. 246 

Suss, David M. 219, 262, 272 

Suss, Florence J. 219, 274, 275 

Sutherland, Larry W. 139,202,268 

Swaffar, Jerilyn K. 139, 163, 363 

Swallow, Clarence W. 71 

Swan, Paul R. 343 

Swann, Soronda N. 81, 261 

Swanson, Gary W. 101, 139, 171, 231, 240, 

344, 346, 347, 351 
Swanson, John J. 28,81,227,261 
Swart, Kenneth E. 139 
Swartley, Kenneth W. 139,202,273 
Swartz, Donald F. 139, 217, 271 
Swartz, Gaylord A. 67, 204, 253 
Swarup, Gopal 71, 243 
Swarup, Vishnu 248 
Swayer, Glen F. 241 
Sweat, Denis L. 212, 244, 265 
Sweedlun, Eugenia L. 139, 161, 213, 247, 267 
Swengel, Richard M. 289 
Swenson, Charles B. 81 
Swenson, Keith G. 139, 185 
Swenson, Vernon W. 139 
Swim, Roland M. 139, 216, 217, 249 
Swiney, Patricia A. 139, 162 
Swinson, William C. 139, 187 
Switzer, Veryl A. 166, 289, 294, 299, 310, 314 
Swope, Velda L. 139, 157, 200, 257 
Swoyer, Glen I 39 

Taber, Robert L. 67, 176 

Tacha, Betty G. 139, 343 

Tajuldin, Kamal 139 

Takahashi, Katherine 139, 193, 272 

Takes, Mrs. Lucille R. 266 

Talbot, Richard B. 44, 170 

Talbott, Carolyn Y. 139,200 

Talbott, Sharon 140, 164, 196, 279 

Talley, Marion K. 140, 193, 217, 236, 351 

Talley, Spurgeon M. 242, 256 

Tangeman, James H. 140, 184, 235, 301, 324 

Tangeman, John E. 140, 184, 249 

Taniguchi, Sachiko 77, 193, 211, 258, 272 

Tannahill, Carol R. 140, 193, 259, 265, 368 

Taplin, Glen O. 140, 189, 314 

Tatge, Haylan D. 140,187,212,278 

Tatge, Sandra A. 140, 164, 212, 247, 279, 368 

Tavares, Marilyn D. 247, 266, 279 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 188 

Tau Sigma Delta 230 

Taylor, Betty R. 140 

Taylor, Cecil R. 140, 176, 289, 290, 296, 313 

Taylor, Constance C. 140, 200 

Taylor, Danforth D. 262 

Taylor, Donald E. 140, 241, 342 

Taylor, Donald M. 140, 184, 324 

Taylor, Duane F. 230 

Taylor, Elizabeth A. 59, 161, 225, 247, 279 

Taylor, Forest E. 140 

Taylor, Janet L. 140, 161 

Taylor, Mrs. L. E. 177 

Taylor, Mary M. 140, 196 

Taylor, Reginald C. 140, 202 

Taylor, Richard G. 140 

Taylor, Robert E. 44, 185 

Taylor, Ronald C. 140, 171 

Teagarden, Earl H. 27 

Tebow, Eric T. 26 

Tedrow, Douglas E. 140, 187 

Teed, Charles M. 140, 183 

Teed, Patricia J. 59 

Teeple, Nancy D. 140, 200, 342 

Teeter, Arlon M. 44, 177, 238, 244, 356 

Teichgraeber, Norma 140, 164 

Templer, Chester F. 236 

Templer, Lyle F. 140, 185, 247, 278 

Tennis Team 316 

Terrill, Mary E. 140, 200, 279 
Terry, Donald E. 140, 189 
Terry, Glenn T. 140, 184, 253, 353 
Tetidrick, Melba J. 140, 200, 279 
Tetlow, Norman J. 140,202,251 
Thacher, Rebecca 28, 30, 140, 164, 247 
Thebert, Ellsworth E. 140, 203, 262 
Theden, John H. 140 
Theisin, Mrs. William T. 181 
Theiss, Mary E. 140, 164, 195, 259, 279 

Theta Sigma Phi 231 
Theta Xi 189 

Thies, Wayne E. 140, 169 

Thorn, Robert K. 140, 206, 251 

Thomas, Carrol J. 59, 159, 237 

Thomas, Charles F. 44, 180, 228, 356 

Thomas, Edwin A. 140, 178 

Thomas, Janet L. 140, 159, 196, 279 

Thomasson, Betsey A. 140, 196, 214, 342 

Thompson, Arlon M. 140 

Thompson, Charles L. 140 

Thompson, Edith L. 140, 267 

Thompson, Frank J. 315,316 

Thompson, Janet C. 140, 200 

Thompson, Janet R. 140,279 

Thompson, Kenneth N. 59 

Thompson, Ramona V. 77, 197 

Thompson, Richard A. 140, 183, 301 

Thompson, Richard M. 141, 176 

Thompson, Scott L. 141 

Thorp, Barrie W. 141, 185, 252 

Thorpe, Norval H. 141, 254 

Thouvenelle, Norman 59 

Throckmorton, R. I. 287 

Thurow, Avis A. 141 , 196 

Thurow, Barbara L. 141, 157 

Thygerson, Robert D. 141,204 

Tibbetts, Benton L. 141, 246 

Tiemeier, O. W. 275 

Tighe, James J. 141, 181, 212, 248 

Tilgner, William L. 141, 170 

Tillotson, Benton 318 

Tillotson, Betty J. 141, 200, 217, 265, 271 

Tillotson, Don R. 44, 169, 217, 244 

Tilton, Elvin W. 243 

Timm, Wallace R. 45, 173, 213 

Tinklin, Gwendolyn 73 

Tirado, Pedro J. 141, 202 

Tittel, John D. 141, 173 

Tittel, Leona P. 141, 200, 213 

Titus, Margaret E. 141, 196 

Titus, Ralph S. 211, 237, 238 

Tjerandsen, Carl 27 

Tobler, Earl E. 141 

Toburen, Mary A. 141, 330 

Todaro, Andrew R. 240 

Todd, Eldon M. 81 

Todd, Jackson E. 141 

Todd, James H. 244 

Todd, Mary A. 141, 160, 265, 273 

Todd, Norma J. 141, 218, 275 

Todd, Sherrill A. 141, 161, 342 

Toevs, Loren E. 141, 186 

Togashi, Satoru 243, 272 

Tohuren, Mary A. 260 

Tointon, Robert G. 141, 203, 207, 229, 252, 

271, 353 
Tointon, Roger W. 141,203,207,271 
Tolen, Floyd 141, 202 
Toliver, Jack M. 67, 186, 229 
Tcllefson, O. W. 234, 246 
Tomasch, Elmer J. 236, 250, 352 
Tomona, Marylin T. 141,200,258,272 
Tompkins, Allen K. 141, 178 
Tongish, Marion J. 45, 181 
Torres, Ruben L. 141, 189 
Torrey, Mrs. R. W. 164 
Tovrea, Leonard B. 141 
Tower, Dulcenia R. 141, 200, 218 
Towers, Dick 310, 312 
Townsend, Harold M. 59, 230 
Townsend, Sharon L. 141,200,342 

Track Team 310 

Tracy, Margaret A. 141,157,346,348 

Tramey, Wynona 274 

Trapp, LaDonna L. 141 200 259, 343 

Traugott, Patricia L. 141, 197 

Traywick, Nancy E. 141, 200, 279 

Tregellas, Loren D. 141 

Tregoning, John H. 59 

Tregonning, John R. 184 

Trimmell, Joan E. 142, 196, 264 

Triplett, Carol S. 142, 200 

Tromble, Avis M. 142, 193 

Trout, Ruth 275 

Trout, Merleen S. 142, 159, 234, 275 

Trowbridge, Fredrick 142, 264 

True, Idamay A. 142, 156, 342 

True Jacauelyn 142 156, 196, 279 

Truelove, Betty J. 142, 200, 264, 279 

Trull, Gary E 142, 171. 252 

Trussell, William E. 142. 240. 271 

Tubbs, Austin L. 142 179. 271 

Tucker, Donald A. 142. 189 

Tucker, Ramona S. 142, 200, 260, 279 

Tucker, Richard C. 67 

Tuma, Harold J. 142, 177. 228, 244, 357 

Turley Bob D. 142, 186, 309 

Turnbull. Donna M. 32, 142. 162 

Turner, Betty J. 142, 162, 259, 265, 355 


Turner, John D. 142, 188, 278, 342 
Turner, Max E. 142, 203 
Turrentine, Carolyn 77, 173,266 
Tuttle, John N. 81, 180 
Tu+tle, John R. 142 
Twell, Nancy K. 142, 196, 219 
Twiehaus, Marvin J. 79 
Twiss, Page C. 234, 246, 256 
Tyler, Mrs. T. N. 169 


Ubel, Don C. 142, 183 
Ubel.OliveJ. 77 
Uhlman, Virgil L. 142 
Uhlrich, John B. 59, 181, 212 
Ulrich, V. Maurine 142, 200, 260 
Underbjerg, Gravers L. 79 
Unel, Sabahat S. 242 
linger, Kenneth W. 142, 181 
linger, Matthew P. 142, 249 
lingerer, Bruce L, 142 
United Student Fellowship 


Unruh, Glennis M. 142,196,214,258 
Unruh, Chester 348 
Unruh, Harold D. 142 
Upson, Donald V. 174 
Urbain, Donald E. 142 

Vadnais, Diane M. 77,228,231,238 

Vahsholtz, Robert J. 142, 173, 213 

Vail, Harold M. 142 

Vallentine, Carol 142, 196, 217, 265 

Van Camp, Robert V. 263 

Vanderbos, LeRoy D. 142, 187, 213, 342 

Vanderbur, John E. 142, 202 

Vandercook, Richard 262 

Vander Dussen, Geraldine 59, 186, 251 

Vander Dussen, Neil 67, 248, 253 

Vanderlip, Jack E. 262 

Vanderweide, Joseph 142, 202 

Van Deventer, Sue C. 32, 142, 161, 257, 258 

Van Meter, Nancy J. 142,200,264 

Van Nice, Alan D. 142, 172 

Van Patten, David L. 142, 179 

Van Sickle, Clyde 288, 289 

Van Tilburg, Jack R. 142, 241 

Van Zant, Jerry 148 

VanZile Hall 192, 193 

Varner, Herman J. 142 

Varney, Theodore W. 28,57, 149, 174,211, 

212, 213, 225, 227, 238, 275, 343 
Vaughn, James N. 252 
Vaughn, Ronald R. 142 
Velasquez, Harold A. 142, 250 
Veil, Donald C. 143, 203 
Venburg, Avis A. 143, 207, 271 
Vernon, Patricia P. 143, 159, 267 
Vernon, Robert L. 143, 188 

Veterinary Medicine, Dean of 78 
Vet Wives 274 

Vetsch, George J. 256 

Vice, Irvin D. 143, 175 

Vicens, Juan P. 309 

Vickery, Rollin W. 32, 143, 166, 172, 21 I, 

262, 273 
Victor, Herman J. 143, 181 
Vincent, Larry L. 143, 246, 342 
Vincent, Robert L. 143, 234, 246, 256 
Vis, Adrianus W. 143, 181, 248 
Visser, Albion D. 143, 265 
Vlach, James A. 235 
Vlach, William R. 59 
Vohs, Paul A. 143, 188 
Volker, Donald D. 59, 187, 230 
Von Bose, Marliene J. 143, 164, 259, 351 
VonFange, Joleen M. 143,196,213 
VonRiesen, Richard D. 143, 187, 278 
VonSoosten, Arnold G. 143, 213 
Voss, Wilber C. 143, 173, 213 


Waddell, Carol 275 

Waddell, Donald L. 32, 262 

Wade, Jacqueline L. 143, 193 

Wagner, Joseph W. 81,187,261 

Wagner, Richard L. 143,213,249 

Wahl, Caroline L. 143, 193, 213 

Wahler, Suzanne E. 143, 200 

Waide, R. E. 143, 184, 268 

Waight, Robert D. 45, 171 

Wainscott, Donald L. 143, 185, 263, 325 

Waite, Marilyn M. 143, 200 

Waite, Ralph B. 143, 289 

Walberg, Janet R. 143 193 219 

Walker, Bill 325 

Walker, Charlotte 143, 196 

Walker, Hayes III 143, 174, 242, 354, 437 

Walker, Jean M. 143, 196, 279 

Walker, Marilyn 143, 161, 260, 267 

Walker, Phyllis J. 143, 157, 196, 249, 279 

Walker, Raymond F. 262 

Walker, Warren 343 

Wall, William L. 314 

Wallace, Harry E. 143, 309 

Wallace, Harvey E. 67, 185, 252 

Wallace, Paul D. 143 

Wallace, Sue J. 143, 157, 200 

Walleden, Herbert 243 

Waller, Ruth A. 143, 164, 166, 211, 214, 226, 

259, 342 
Wallingford, Gorman 143, 202, 240 
Walsdorf, James A. 263 
Walter, Robert W. 45, 184, 354 
Walters. Charles P. 234, 246 
Waltheim Hall 197 
Wampie-, Richard L. 144, 166, 171, 262 
Wampus Cats 278 

Wancura. Eldon N. 144, 178 

Waniewski, Leo 252 

Wann, Janet 144, 163 

Ward, Chester J. 326 

Ward, Eunice L. 342 

Ward, Galen E. 144, 186 

Ward, Henry T. 61, 251 

Ward, John K. 45 

Ward, Phyllis 275 

Wareham, William A. 144,184 

Warlord, Myrna L. 144, 193 

Warner, Jane K. 144,193,343 

Warner, Sidney T. 144, 315 

V/arren, Donald C. 144 

Warren, Elizabeth E. 144, 196, 216, 217, 265 

Warren, John N. 144 

Warren, Lloyd O. 243 

Warren, Trexel D. 144, 343 

Wary, kaymond E. 144, 181, 212 

Washburn, Louis V. 235 

Wassell, Gordon C. 144 

Wasson, Gordon B. 81 

Wasson, Richard L. 144, 268 

Wasson, Rose M. 275 

yVasson, Chester 314 

Waters, Beth E. 144, 193 

Waters, Jerry B. 45, 238, 241 

Watkins, Larry L. 144, 252 

Watkins, Maryvern 144 161, 196 279 

Watkins, Robert R. 144, 173 

Watson, Delores M. 274 

Watson, Jorita A. 144, 200 

Watson, Martha L. 144, 193, 219, 329 

Watson, Nelda J. 77 

Watson, Ronald K. 45, 186, 232, 238, 240 

Watson, Stanley L. 59 

Watt, Jerry B. 343 

Watt, John E. 144, 185 

Watters, Phyllis J. 144, 158 

Watters, Ronald R. 59, 188, 212, 278 

Waugh, Richard N. 144, 180 

Wauthier, Ray A. 235, 319 

Way, Austin R. 67, 229, 230, 253 

Way, Betty 275 

Wayman, Marilyn L. 59, 163, 267 

Wayne, David L. 357 

Weatherd, Kenneth N. 144 

Weatherford, James 144,189 

Weathers, Ann M. 144, 157, 196, 275, 279 

Weathers, Charles W. 45, 184 

Weaver, Archibald J. 144, 189 

Weaver, Jerry D. 144, 183, 342 

Weaver, Marlene E. 59, 163, 226 

Weaver, Phillip 318 

Weaver, Raleigh T. 33, 67, 174, 225, 251, 318 

Webb, Adin R. 45 

Webb, Herbert G. 144 

Webb, Larry L. 241 

Webb, Ralph L. 144 

Webb, Ronald V. 144, 184, 247 

Weber, Dr. Arthur D. 33, 36 

Weber, David L. 144, 212, 240 

Webe-, Jerral A. 144 

Webster, Kale R. 61, 252 

Webster, Russell C. 144 

Weckel, Stephen G. 144, 184, 353 

Weese, John A. 33, 144, 252 

Wehner, Francis E. 144, 181 

Weich, Carroll K. 144, 185 

Weidenhaft, Ellen C. 144, 200 

Weidler, Charles R. 144 

Weigel, Fleeta D. 144, 196, 259 

Weigel, Paul 31, 61 

Weilert, Otto S. 144, 179 

Weir, Carl G. 144 

Weisenberg, Father E. G. 212,324 

Weiss, Carolyn A. 145, 158, 200 

Welch, Milton A. 249 

Welch, Orlo D. 145 

Welliever, Robert J. 145, 187, 238, 247 

Wells, Dee 59, 157 

Wells, Mrs. Ila 186 

Wells, Mary A. 145, 200, 217, 260, 265, 271, 

Welsh, Rosann 148 
Welter, Paul R. 145 
Wempe, Mark C. 59 
Wendland, Milton A. 45,244,356 
Wendland, Phillip C. 45, 265 

Wendland, Susan J. 145,200,260 
Wenger, Allene L. 77, 204 
Wenger, Donald L. 67, 178 
Wenger, Lavon G. 145 
Wennerstrom, Robert 145, 189, 278 
Werhan, Lawrence L. 145, 184, 249 
Wesley Foundation 217 

Wess, Peggy C. 145, 200, 212, 343 

West, Bessie B. 73 

Wesselowski, Thomas 145,186,314 

West, Howard W. 145, 170 

West, Keith 145, 202 

West, Marjorie A. 343 

West, Nancy A. 32, 77, 168, 216, 217, 242, 

257, 265 
Westminster Foundation 214 
Westfahl, Everett L. 67, 233, 251 
Westfall, Treua G. 145, 196, 265 
Westrup, Kay M. 145, 158, 196, 213, 264, 279 
Westrup, Robert L. 145, 174 
Westhusing, Elden L. 59, 230 

West Stadium 202 

Wetter, Lawrence H. 145, 212 
Wettig, Lola M. 145, 196, 260 
Wheatley, Joan 274 
Wheatley, Joseph S. 81, 261 
Wheeler, Barney E. 145, 169, 270 
Wheeler, Donald D. 2i2 
Whipple, Ira T. 67, 166, 178 
Whipple, Richard P. 148 

Whi-Purs 279 

Whistler, Jackie D. 
Whitcomb, Stuart E. 
White, Barbara 145, 


White David G. 
White, Harvey A. 
White. Joann L. 
White, Joyce A. 
White, Virginia L 
White, Wilbur F. 
White, Wilda M. 
White, Willis D. 
Whitehair, Richard J 
Whitehead, Robert T 

30, 31, 47 
196, 343 
145, 161 
145, 161 

145, 158 
252, 326 


Whitelaw, Mary B. 
Whitnah, C. H. 232 
Whitney, Wendell K. 243 
Whittaker, Jo Ann 145, 1.57 
Who's Whoot 355 

181, 212 
45, 163, 200, 246, 279 


212, 246, 

koff, Maurice D. 
Ibur, Frances C. 
Ibur, Robert O. 
Icox, Constance I. 145, 1 93 
Icox, Eldridge D. 145, 167, 181, 212 
Icox, Roger B. 229 
Icoxon, Herman O. 146, 167, 189 
Iderson, William C. 
ley, Harold G. 146 
Ikin, Charles J. 146, 
Ikinson, Jane E. 146 
279, 351 
Ikinson, Wes 310, 312 
lie, Bernard W. 146, 264 
lie, Osborne E. 146, 213 
lliams, L. C. 27 
lliams, Charles L. 146 
lliams, Craig 301 

Dickie R. 343 

Donald S. 45, 172 

Gail F. 146, 159, 196, 279 

lloma 343 

Jennie 259 

John H. 146, 202 

Mrs. Katherine 203 

Louise A. 77, 164 

ebe, John C. 243 
eland, Richard L. 
erenga, Doris J. 
kle, William H 

145, 182, 278 

145, 160, 264 
67, 202 

145, 172, 241 

145, 162, 260, 265 
59, 188, 234, 246, 248, 342 

, 256, 



Wilson, Verdel A. 146, 163, 237 

Wilson, Woodrow M. 230 

Wiltfong, Lawrence W. 146 205 265 275 

Wiltfong, Meredith 146, 177, 262 

Winder, Ivan D. 146, 175 

Windle, James L. 146,216,217,265 

Windsor, Wayne W. 146, 176 

Winegardner, Marcie 59, 156, 267 

Winegardner, William 146, 185 

Wing, Gary W. 146 

Wingate, Edwin H. 59, 184 

Wingate, Stanley E. 146 

Wingert, Frederick D. 147, 166, 170, 233, 

263, 310, 313 
Winget, Dennis L. 146, 174, 234, 246 
Winkler, Marie E. 197, 231 
Winkley, Betty D. 147, 196, 216, 217, 259 
Winslow, Elizabeth A. 147, 200, 212 
Winter, Joan L. 147, 197, 246, 342 
Winter, Fred 300, 301, 309 
Winter, William K. 254 
Winterscheidt, Shirley 59, 156 
Winzeler, Doris A. 147, 161, 216, 257, 267, 272 
Winzeler, Richard D. 147, 188 
Wipf, Rheta J. 147, 193, 234 
Wise, Kenneth W. 147, 182 
Wisecup, Beth G. 275 
Wittum, Donald E. 244 
Witty, Benjamin M. 147, 244 
Wittv. Charles J. 45 
Woellhof, Alfred W. 59, 187 
Wolf, Edward D. 147, 185, 309, 326 
Wolf, Ellen L. 147, 164, 200, 277 
Wolf, Henry C. 376 
Wolf, Sarabel 147, 164 
Wolf, Sylvia K. 216 
Wolfe, J. E. 233,248,253 
Wolfinger, Mary E. 147, 193 
Wonder, J. Ray 211 
Wollner, Patricia J. 147, 158, 216, 343 
Women's Athletic Association 267 
Women's Intramurals 328 
Wood, Betty M. 59 
Wood, Billy L. 147, 241 
Wood, Byron K. 147, 243 
Wood, Rev. Charles 377 
Wood, Dean E. 45, 203, 242 
Wood, Earl C. 32, 81, 261, 319 
Wood, Gerald A. 252 
Wood, Ruth 275 
Woodbury, Fred H. 147, 172 
Woodbury, Marjorie E. 147, 197, 260 
Woods, William F. 147, 188 
Woodson, Nancy K. 147, 200 
Woodward, Eldon D. 147 
Woodward, Mary L. 59, 156 
Wooldridqe, John W. 147,175 
Woolley, Doris M. 217 
Woolley, Lola M. 147. 206, 216, 217, 342 
Worley, Robert P. 147, 180, 246, 327 
Wormeringer, John P. 147. 271 
Worthinqton, Donna M. 275 
Worthinqton, Melvin 81, 261 
Wren, Wallace B. 147, 172 

Wrestling 318 
Wright, Suzanne E. 147, 158 
Wright, Vergii N. 147, 178 
Wright, Wendell A. 147, 178, 253 
Wright, Wilbur L. 147 
Wriqht, Willard A. 59 
Wulfkuhle, Duane H. 147 
Wurster, Wanda C. 77, 158, 279 
Wyatt, Agnes A. 147, 161 
Wyatt, Chuck 348 
Wylie, Frank G. 147, 189, 270 
Wyman, Laura J. 147. 196 
Wynn, Alice E. 71,342 

Marjorie C 
Michael B. 
Sheldon C. 
Shirley A. 

lliams, Shirley J. 

lliams, William G. 

Iliamson, Ann E. 

Iliamson, Clair Q. 

Iliamson, llomay I 

Iliamson, James H. 

Iliamson, Michael 

146, 197, 213 
. 146, 197, 279 

146, 188, 353 

146, 185 
146, 157, 196 
146, 200, 279 

31, 33, 146, If 
146, 159 

146, 167, 180, 
146, 162, 343 
71, 256 

146, 180 

251, 266 

His, Arthur R. 250 

His, Mary C. 146, 200 

lliston Geology Club 246 

Imoth, Phyllis M. 146, 193, 267 

Ison, Alleta J. 146 

Ison.AltonJ. 32.263,326 

Ison, C. Peairs 37 

Ison, Charles L. 256 

Ison, Clark B. 146 

Ison, Cletis L. 235, 289, 297 

Ison, Donald D. 146 

Ison, Edwin V. 146 

Ison, Ellen L. 146, 200, 265 

Ison, Eve R. 59 

Ison, George N. 353 

Ison, George W. 146, 180 

Ison, James W. 45,241 

Ison, John L. 301, 304, 307 

Ison, Kathleen J. 146, 200, 257, 264 

Ison, Kenneth R. 45 

Ison, Kerry M. 146 

Ison, Lanny R. 146. 246 

Ison, Marjorie A. 240 

Ison, Patsy R. 146, 158, 200 

Ison, Richard W. 217. 265 

Ison, Robert L. 146, 167, 171 


Yancey, Jay D. 59, 187, 237 

Yandell. William L. 147,275 

Yapp, George J. 147, 174 

Yatsook, John C. 147 

Yeater, Yvonne 194, 209 

Yenzer, Robert D. 148, 268 

Yeoman, Doreen L. 77. 200, 218, 219, 257, 258 

Yoder, Mary E. 59.179,213,265,267 

Yost, Georqe R. 45, 169, 265 

Yost, Larry M. 148, 169 

Young, Charles D. 45, 186 

Young, Edmond E. 143 

Young, Franklin L. 148. 179, 243, 278 

Young, Dean Paul 25. 28, 30, 31 

Youngberg, John A. 148 

Youngstedt, Gene L. 148,235,314 

Yunq, Thelma 148, 193 

YMCA 2ll 

YWCA 211 

Zachariah, Gerald L. 148, 229, 254 

Zatorski, Floyd F. 71, 212 

Zdunek, Chester 230 

Zecha, Bernard C. 148, 204, 212 

Zeller, Eldon W. 212, 291 

Zickefoose, Charles 289, 296 

Zimmerman, John-D. 148,202 

Zimmerman, Ray A. 148 

Zuroeveste, Charles 213 

Zveglich, Joseph E. 148, 202 


Alma Mater 

/ know a spot that I love full well , 
'TIs not in forest nor yet in dell ; 
Ever it holds me with magic spell, 
I think of thee, Alma Mater. 


K.S.C., we' II carry thy banner high; 
K.S.C., long may thy colors fly! 
Loyal to thee, thy children will swell the cry 
Hail! Hail! Hail! Alma Mater. 

«? i %