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ROYAL FTLTRIPI-.E] • nineteen-sixty 




Published by Student Publications, Inc., Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas 

Eldon Miller, editor 

Irene Mangelsdorf, business manager 



"What is the end of university ed- 
ucation? . . . Knowledge is capable of 
being its own end . . . Knowledge is 
not merely a means to something beyond it, 
or the preliminary of certain arts into which 
it naturally resolves, but an end sufficient to 
rest and pursue for its own sake." 

These words by Cardinal Newman, a 19th 
century philosopher, are the key to a subtle 
transition that has been taking place at Kan- 
sas State for a number of years. It is a trend 
that was officially recognized in 
m the spring of 1959 when the 

word "University" became a part 
of the school's name. 

President James A. McCain 
lias pointed out three gradual changes giv- 
ing this school a university status : 

1 ) An increasing emphasis on liberal ed- 
ucation. There has been an increase in arts 
and sciences students and students major- 
ing in technical fields are required to take 
more liberal arts courses. 

2) A marked tendency to reduce the 
number of applied courses and replace 

m them with scientific or theoretical courses. 

3) An increased emphasis on basic re- 
search with no practical application as its 

We hope the following pages will make 
you aware of this subtle development of 
our University and give you a complete ac- 
count of the school year. 


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School of Agriculture 
School of Arts and Sciences 
School of Engineering and Architecture 
School of Home Economics 
School of Veterinary Medicine 
Graduate school 
Honor Societies 
Religious Groups 
General Clubs 
Greek Housing 
Independent Housing 
Fine Arts 
Spring Features 
Graduate Students 
Advertising and Index 

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School of 

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School of Arts and 

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School of Engineerin; 
and Architecture 

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School of Home 

page 44 

School of Veterinary 

page 50 

Graduate School 

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Anderson hall, with its ivy-covered walls and resound- 
ing bell, is a symbol of the traditions upon which Kansas 
State is founded. Its quiet dignity is characteristic of a 
sound, academic institution. 

From the administrators come the policies that influ- 
ence the activities of the classrooms and laboratories. 

Here a watchful eye is kept on the 
quality of the schools educational 
program and the progress of its re- 
search and extension work. Here also 
is maintained the link between the 
state's citizens and the operation of 
the University. 

Students are given the opportunity 
to develop valuable leadership skills by serving on vari- 
ous committees and councils. Student governing groups 
check extra-curricular activities to be certain the largest 
number of students are getting the greatest amount of 
benefits. Outstanding students work with the administra- 
tion to see that everyone is given a chance to gain a broad 
social and scholastic education. 


All persons wishing to see the president are politely 
received by his secretary, Mrs. Grace Lindqnist. 

The McCain family is an active one, both on campus 
and in the community. Mrs. McCain is honorary presi- 

India Trip Is Highlight 
of Year for President 

Highlighting President James A. McCain's tenth 
year at K-State was an official visit to India. Dr. 
McCain and Whitley Austin, a Board of Regents 
member, joined presidents and regents from three 
other midwestern universities for consultation with 
Indian officials on the progress of the economic 
assistance program. 

Dr. McCain's active building program was an 
outstanding accomplishment in the 1959-60 year. 
The new Student Health was finished and addi- 
tions to Eisenhower and Kedzie halls were nearly 
completed. Next fall the first men's dormitory and 
the Smurthwaite house for women will be occupied. 

Past experience in various fields enables Dr. James 
A. McCain to handle all facets of his administration. 

dent of the faculty social club. Sheila, a local high 
school student, lists music as her major interest. 


■ ■-■ ■-■'■:■ 


Working with the regents and the legislature in bud- 
geting money is one of Gov. George Docking's jobs. 

Regents Make Policy 
For Kansas Colleges 

Nine leading Kansas citizens representing various 
areas of the state comprise the Board of Regents. 
This board functions as the policy-making body 
for the five state-supported colleges and the schools 
for the deaf and the blind. Ray Evans was chosen 
chairman of the group early in the year. 

At their monthly meetings, the members of the 
board handle all non-administrational business of 
the institutions, including general policies, matters 
relating to the budget and building programs, cur- 
riculum changes, authorization for leaves of ab- 
sence, and appointments to the staff. 

The board presents the schools' budget requests 
to the state legislature. Kansas State this year re- 
ceived appropriations sufficient to remodel Ander- 
son and Vet halls, to give faculty members merit 
increases, to enlarge the program of basic research, 
to establish a new language laboratory, to add to 
the books and periodicals collection in the Library, 
and to expand services to Kansas agriculture and 
the livestock industry. 

Board of Regents— Top Row: Russell R. Rust, Topeka; Ray N. 
Evans, Kansas City; George B. Collins, Wichita; Charles V. 
Kineaid, Independence; Harry Valentine, Clay Center; Whitley 

Austin, Salina; Hubert Brighton, secretary, Topeka. Bottom 
Row: Leon N. Roulier, Colby; Clement H. Hall, Coffey ville; 
Claude C. Bradney, Columbus. 


- /.-/ 



|s: : * 

To better fulfill collegiate healtli needs, the new 
Student Health Center was opened in the fall with such 

added facilities as an expanded physical therapy depart- 
ment, a new X-ray unit, and a larger treatment room. 


Student Aid Main Job 
Of University Officials 

Coordinating and directing student personnel is 
the job of Herbert J. Wimderlieh, dean of students. 
The plans and policies of each student's campus 
life are his concern. In this, his fifth year at 
Kansas State, Dean Wunderlich is helping with 
plans for the Union's expansion, health service pro- 
grams, scholarship loans, and international students. 
Student welfare, which includes all of the phases of 
personal and educational needs, is also his concern. 
Also of prime concern now are plans for future 
men's and women's residence halls. 

New Dorm To Be Open in Fall 

Plans are being made to move into the new men's 
dormitory next fall. The outer shell is completed 
and the extensive interior work is underway. The 
six-floor, red-brick dormitory, located west of the 
ROTC drill field, will house about 600 men. A food 
center will be constructed near the dorm. 

Plans also are being made to construct a new ad- 
dition to women's housing by 1962. This new 

Problems associated with the university life are di- 
rected to the dean of students, Herbert J. Wunderlich. 

Advising international students and also giving coun- 
sel is Ronald Jackson, the assistant dean of students. 

Margaret Lahey, associate dean of women, assists 
women students and counsels KSU living groups. 

dormitory, still on the drawing boards, will be the 
first of several buildings that will be bnilt in the 
future for the women. These structures will be 
built in the general vicinity of the three women's 
dorms that are now located at the northeast of the 
campus. The first dormitory will encircle a sepa- 
rate and centrally located food center. The build- 
ing, which will be larger than the present dorms 
and which will house about 300 women, will be the 
first newly built women's dormitory since 1949. 
This building is expected to help satisfy the over- 
occupied conditions which now exist in the women's 

Women's Scholarship House To Be Built 

The Smurthwaite Scholarship house for women 
also will be completed in the near future. About 
50 to 60 women will occupy the scholarship hall, 
the first of its kind for women on the campus. Sev- 
eral K-State organizations are contributing to a 
fund for constructing the hall. 

Margaret Lahey, associate dean of women, works 
to improve the existing conditions for the women 
students. Individual personal problems and coun- 
seling take much of her time. She also advises the 
Panhellenic Council, Associated Women Students 
council, organized house directors, and is concerned 

Research grants and faculty salaries are dealt with 
by Albert L. Pugsley, dean of academic administration. 


Max Milrourn, the assistant to the President, works to 
provide information about K-State to the public. 

with the personnel and counseling in the residence 

Ron Jackson, assistant dean of students, advises 
international students, is the executive secretary of 
scholarships, and works with the men's counseling 

The assistant to the President, Max Milbourn, 
has been described as the man on "the opposite 
end of the President's buzzer." Assisting President 
McCain, coordinating university matters, and work- 
ing with the State Legislature in Topeka are some 
of his tasks. Being known as the President's right- 
hand man, Milbourn works closely with the press 
and publicity agencies by providing information of 
interest and importance to the general public about 
Kansas State. 

Albert L. Pugsley, dean of academic administra- 
tion, deals with the problems of fellowships, stu- 
dent and research grants, faculty rank, salaries, and 
retirement plans. Dean Pugsley serves on numer- 
ous universitv committees in coordination with his 

position on the President's administrative staff. 
Beatty Prepares Annual Budget 

Daniel D. Beatty, official business manager for 
the school, prepares the annual budget and appro- 
priation requests. The business and financial prob- 
lems of the University are sent to him. 


Chester E. Peters, director of the Placement Cen- 
ter, assists students in finding jobs. E. M. Gerritz 
is the director of admissions and registrar and di- 
rects a high school visitation program. The Coun- 
seling Center is headed by Donald P. Hoyt, while 
A. Thornton Edwards is the housing director. The 
new Student Health building was opened this year, 
and is directed by Dr. Benjamin W. Lafene. F. D. 
Fair ell is the President emeritus. 

School History Kept by Correll 

The university's history dating from the time of 
Bluemont college is kept bv Charles M. Correll, 
historian, and the alumni secretary is Kenny Ford. 
The new librarian is Melvin J. Voigt. Thomas D. 
O'Brien is the director of academic research, while 
A. B. Cardwell is the director of the General Re- 
search bureau. R. F. Gingrich supervises the main- 
tenance of buildings. The comptroller, Ralph Perry, 
manages general business transactions. The Vet- 
eran's Service director is Wendell Kerr and the En- 
dowment and Development director is K. M. Hey- 

Administrative Officials— Top Row: A. B. Cardwell, Director 
of General Research Bureau; C. M. Correll, Historian; A. Thorn- 
ton Edwards, Housing Director. Second Row: F. D. Farrell, 
President Emeritus; Kenny Ford, Alumni Secretary; E. M. Ger- 
ritz, Director of Admissions and Registrar. Rottom Row: R. F. 
Gingrich, Physical Plant Superintendent; Thomas D. O'Brien, 
Director of Academic Research; M. J. Voigt, Librarian. 

Business, budget, and financial problems are referred 
to the business manager of K-State, Daniel D. Beatty. 

Administrative Officials— Top Row: K. M. Heywood, Director 
of Endowment and Development; Donald P. Hoyt, Director of 
Counseling Center; Wendell Kerr, Veterans' Service Director. 
Rottom Row: Dr. Benjamin Lafene, Director of Student Health, 
Ralph Perry, Comptroller Director; Chester Peters, Director of 
the University's Placement Center. 


Fairchild hall is the home of the Zoology, Biology and 
Entomology departments, and also the Graduate school. 

KS Faculty's Policies 
Determined by Senate 

The Faculty Senate to a large extent, controls 
the policies of the Kansas State university faculty. 
The Senate normally met the second Tuesday of 
each month, at the close of each semester, includ- 
ing summer school, and when called. Any faculty 
member could attend meetings, but only Senate 
members were allowed votes. 

The Faculty Senate had control of all matters 
dealing with courses and curriculums to be offered 
at K-State, and approved candidates for both grad- 
uate and undergraduate degrees from the Univer- 
sity. The Senate has the authority to participate in 
establishing policies for supervision and control of 
student affairs, faculty affairs, and public relations. 
It also was concerned with the formulation of poli- 
cies pertaining to many all-University problems. 

The Faculty Senate was concerned with the vari- 
ous phases of the over-all academic program and 
extra-curricular activities, and determined personnel 
policies such as faculty selection, assignment, re- 
muneration, leaves, improvement of instruction, 
and retirement. It also directed relations between 
the University and the public within the state and 

Membership on the Faculty Senate consists of 
two elected senators from each undergraduate 
school and the Extension division, plus one senator 
for every 35 faculty members in that school or di- 

Faculty Senate— Top Row: G. Orval Ebberts, Robert E. Pyle, 
E. E. Leasure, Dean S. Folse, Marjorie M. Hemphill, Doretta 
S. Hoffman, Gwendolyn L. Tinklin, Nina Browning, Ruth Hoef- 
lin, Leonard F. Neff, Harold Howe. Second Row: J. G. Rob- 
bins, Jack L. Lambert, J. A. Hobbs, M. F. Hansen, T. B. Aver- 
ill, Roseoe Ellis, Jr., Harlan Copeland, H. C. Fryer, Lowell 
Brandner, H. D. Anthony. Third Row: Herbert J. Wunderlich, 

Thomas M. Hahn, Jr., E. M. Gerritz, Abram E. Hostetter, Harry 
C. Mussman, C. Peairs Wilson, S. Thomas Parker, Herbert T. 
Bates, Henry V. Beck, Edwin C. Lindly, Paul E. Sanford. Rot- 
torn Row: Claude W. Shenkel, Robert H. McFarland, William R. 
Kimel, Kenneth K. Gowdy, Ralph G. Nevins, Kling L. Anderson, 
Russell M. Kerchner, W. G. Amstein, William F. Baehr, Milton 
L. Manuel. 




.. ■■, " i> 

il*a mJK urn m 


SGA Aims To Benefit 
K-State Student Body 

The Student Governing association's purposes 
are to establish and maintain student body govern- 
ment, to enact and enforce laws, and to promote 
activities that are considered appropriate for the 
student body. All students enrolled in more than 
six hours are automatically members of SGA and 
have the privilege of voting. 

Steve Douglas, student body president, signs all 
bills passed by Student Council, sees that the laws 
are properly executed, and handles SGA's corres- 
pondence. His other duties include representing 
the student body at various activities. Sid Jones, 
chairman of Student Council, presides at council 
meetings and represents the students at meetings 
of the Faculty Council on Student Affairs. 

Larger turnouts in SGA elections were promoted 
by the Council by setting up more voting booths 
on campus. Other objectives of the Student Council 
included moving the proposed new University 
auditorium up on the building program priority 
list, recommending optional ROTC, and getting 
extended weekend library hours. Council members 
representing the six schools and the student body 
president are elected in the spring. 

Keeping the SGA machine well-oiled and running is 
the main job of Steve Douglas, student body president. 

Student Council-Top Row: Bill Taylor, Lyle E. Clum, Larry 
J. Bingham, Jay L. Knox, Charles F. Moggie, Ralph E. Gillmore. 
Second Row: Chester E. Peters, Leslie Dole, Barbara Huff, Sara 
F. Umberger, Jim L. Lisher, Mary Jo Cochran, Robert W. Lewis, 

C. J. Austermiller, Claire Fryer, Ronald Jackson. Rottom Row: 
Larry D. Jefferies, Betty J. King, Fran Schwartz, Sidney R. 
Jones, Steve A. Douglas, John M. Nelson, Marilyn Hansen, Larry 
E. North. 


Rehabilitation Purpose 
Of K-State's Tribuna 

Chancellor of the Tribunal until her graduation in 
January was Barbara David. She served one semester. 

Tribunal members serve on the judicial board until 
graduation. Top Row: Dr. Ralph Nevins, Wayne As- 

Rebabilitation, not punishment, is the purpose of 
Kansas State's Tribunal. It carried out, during the 
school year, a "friendly study" of violations of the 
Honor Code of the University. 

There were seven student justices on Tribunal 
and three faculty justices. Student members were 
nominated by the Student Council and the faculty 
members by the Faculty Council on Student Af- 
fairs. The Tribunal does not have power of the 
final decisions on student affairs, but makes recom- 
mendations to Dean of Students Herbert J. Wun- 
derlich, who either approves or overrules the rec- 

Determining what is fair and reasonable is a 
major concern of the Tribunal. It can recommend 
such punishments as dismissal, probation, letters to 
students' parents, payment for damages, and cur- 
tailment of University rights and privileges of the 
student. The Tribunal meets when cases arise. 
Max Peterson was chancellor in the spring. 

pinall, Marilyn McCord, and Gene Olander. Bottom 
Row: Mary Richardson, Barbara David, John Carlin. 


AWS Council— Top Row: Claudia Beatty, Sue Abrahams, Kay 
Moyer, Pat Webber, Karen Joerg, Barbara Stout, Martha Sam- 
uelson, Carole Kerr, Ann Hanson, Linda Burge. Second Row: 
Dean Margaret Lahey, Mary Jo Mauler, Carolyn Morieoni, 

Judith A. Mai, Judy A. Young, Janice MeClenahan, Peggy J. 
Ogan, Marilyn Hansen, Lynn Meehesney. Bottom Row: Doris J. 
Miller, Donna J. Winkelman, Linda K. Roy, Colene Henson, 
Margene Edwards, Sue Young, Judy Allen. 

K-Staters line up at the front door of the Auditorium 
while waiting to attend an all-University assembly. 


AWS Goal Unification 
And Welfare of Coeds 

Every woman on campus is automatically a mem- 
ber of the Associated Women Students. The AWS 
council is made up of one representative for every 
50 women living in an organized house or dormi- 
tory. Duties of the council include, with the aid of 
committee chairmen and a judicial board, working 
for the unification and the social and educational 
welfare of the women students. Associate Dean of 
Students Margaret Lahey advises the council and 
Judy Young was its president this year. 

"Holy, fair, and wise is she'' was the theme of the 
AWS annual All Women's dav. The theme was 
chosen to emphasize the religious and intellectual 
growth of the coed, and to enumerate the other 
feminine characteristics a woman should cultivate. 
Penny-a-minute night, at which men pay a penny 
for every minute past 1 a.m. they keep their dates 
out, brought in $165 this fall. The AWS is trying to 
get enough money through this activity to furnish 
a room in the proposed women's scholarship hall. 

The service committee provided entertainment 
at the Fort Riley hospital each Sunday afternoon 
and was in charge of the Christmas caroling there. 
Other activities included revision of the campus 
queen rules, dinner at the freshman dorms to ex- 
plain the functions of AWS, and taking charge of 
the Artist Series ticket sales. 


Dividing activity fees among organizations are Appor- 
tionment board members John W. DeMand, Gene 

Olander, Joyce Rogers, Dean Herbert Wunderlieh, 
Martyn Apley, Susan Mechesney and Steve Douglas. 

Boards Divide Money, 
Guide KS Publications 

Allocating money from student fees is done by 
the Apportionment board. The board divides 
money among campus organizations after requests 
are made at hearings before the board. A total of 
$204,060 was divided among 30 organizations this 

The board is composed of three students appoint- 
ed by Student Council, three faculty members ap- 
pointed by the President, and the student body 
president. The group meets each spring and tenta- 
tively apportions money to requesting organiza- 
tions. Meeting again in the fall, the board makes 
its final allocation following payment of fees by 
enrolled students. 

Student Publications received the largest amount 
last fall, $63,787, or $10.32 a student. The Student 
Union followed closely with $61,760, or $10 a stu- 
dent. The Athletic department was allocated $33,- 
967, or $5.50 a student. 

The board makes all allocations according to or- 
ganizations' need and campus importance. Organ- 
izations requesting money are required to give 
valid reasons for needing the money. The March- 
ing Band trip is the only activity that received 
more money than had been requested. Most or- 
ganizations get less money, since there is not 
enough money from student fees to pay all the re- 
quested amounts. 

The Board of Student Publications decides poli- 
cies concerning the Collegian, Royal Purple, and 
Student Directorv. Three student members are 


elected to the board in the Student Governing as- 
sociation election each spring. The President ap- 
points three faculty members to serve on the board. 
The board appoints editors and business managers 
of publications, employs the graduate manager of 
Student Publications, and awards contracts. 

Board of Student Publications— Top Row: Fritz Moore, Ches- 
ter Peterson, Larry Meredith. Bottom Row: Ralph Lashbrook, 
Irene Mangelsdorf, Byron Ellis. 


Curriculum Is Altered 
In Agriculture Schoo 

The administration this year altered the curricu- 
lnm in the School of Agriculture, so that all fresh- 
men entering the University will take practically 
the same courses through the sophomore year. Stu- 
dents in Agriculture will take all the basic science 
courses before specializing in any one field. 

This change will apply to all the fields in the 
School of Agriculture except students enrolling in 
Agricultural Education, Landscape Design, Milling 
Technology, and Dairv Manufacturing. These four 
curriculums were changed a few years ago to re- 
quire students to take the basic sciences in prep- 
aration for the more specific courses required for 

Revision To Upgrade Academic Quality 

The purpose of the revision is to upgrade the 
academic quality of education in agriculture and to 
meet the rapid changes in the agricultural industry. 
The new curriculum will prepare students for serv- 
ice in any phase of agriculture, including the pro- 
vision of goods and services used in farming and 
the production, processing, marketing, and distribu- 
tion of farm products. 

The basic science courses required for freshmen 
and sophomores include botany, zoology, psychol- 
ogy, political science, economics, bacteriology, ge- 
netics, entomology, geology, chemistry, and physics. 

The oven is usually hot in the milling department as 
students learn to bake bread to test flour quality. 

Arthur D. ( Dad ) Weber, dean of Agriculture, made a 
tour of India as a member of the USDA-ICA project. 

During the junior and senior years a student is 
required to take one course in each of the broad 
areas of agriculture: soils, plant science, animal sci- 
ence, agricultural engineering, and agricultural 
economics. These courses combine the old "ele- 
ments" courses that freshmen and sophomores were 
required to take. The "elements" courses were in- 
troductory courses in animal husbandry, dairy hus- 
bandry, poultry, horticulture, meats, and crops. 

K-State is participating in its fourth year in tech- 
nical and educational assistance to India under the 
Internation Cooperation Administration. The ICA 
is financed by the federal government and con- 


The Animal Industries building, located at the north 
end of the campus, has many offices and classrooms. 

tracts have been awarded to five land-grant uni- 
versities to carry out the project. 

Besides K-State, Ohio State university, Missouri 
university, Illinois university, and Tennessee uni- 
versity are under contract with ICA. India is di- 
vided among the five universities and K-States 
region is in central India. 

Six agriculture students from India attended 
K-State in the fall semester under the ICA contract 
and 22 were scheduled to enroll the second semes- 
ter. All of these students have had previous college 
training and are taking advanced work in ag. 

Seven Faculty Members in India 

Seven full-time K-State faculty members are giv- 
ing technical assistance in India. These faculty 
members work through the established institutions 
in improving crops, soils, education, and extension. 
Dr. George Montgomery, head of the Economics 
and Sociology department, heads the K-State team 
in India. Specialists in veterinary medicine, home 
economics, agronomy, and poultry are aiding the 

President James A. McCain and Whitley Austin, 
a member of the Board of Regents from Salina, 
toured India in January. They conferred with high 
Indian officials on the aid K-State is giving the 
country. Regent members and presidents from Mis- 
souri, Ohio State, and Illinois universities were in 
India at the same time. 

Dean of Agriculture Arthur D. Weber went to In- 
dia last fall as "chief of party" for the whole United 
States Department of Agriculture-ICA project. 

During the year the Little American Royal and other 
ag shows are presented in the buildings large arena. 

Helping ag students with academic problems is the 
job of Assistant Dean of Agriculture Clyde Mullen. 


Directing the three divisions of Agriculture at Kan- 
sas State university are C. Peairs Wilson, School of 

Agriculture; Glenn H. Beck, Agricultural Experiment 
Station; and Harold E. Jones, Extension Service. 

The purpose of the trip was to make recommenda- 
tions to the government of India to improve their 
agriculture, extension, production, and education 
programs. Dean Weber toured all of India and was 
given a leave of absence from K-State for this pur- 
pose. His trip was financed by ICA. 

Dean Weber's trip last fall was the third trip he 
has made to India. On his first trip he toured the 
K-State region to make recommendations to K-State. 
His second trip was sponsored by the Ford Foun- 
dation to appraise all of India's agriculture. 

A new building is being constructed to house the 
flour mill, which was destroyed by fire in 1957. 
The building will be located east of Waters hall, 

adjoining the Feed Technology wing. East Waters 
hall is being rehabilitated. It was gutted in the 
same fire that destroyed the mill. The whole proj- 
ect will cost $1.4 million. 

The student governing body of the School of Ag- 
riculture is the Ag Council, consisting of represen- 
tatives from each department in the School. The 
council is responsible to all Agriculture students. 
Gary Cromwell, a senior in Agricultural Education, 
was president of the Council and Assistant Dean 
Clyde W. Mullen was faculty adviser. The Council 
coordinates the Ag Barnwarmer, a social dance for 
all Agriculture students, and Ag Science Day, an 
open house for all departments in the School. The 


Waters hall houses the office of the dean of the 
School of Agriculture and many departmental offices. 

Students in poultry husrandry are examining the 
wing feathers of a chicken in a poultry laboratory class. 

Ag Council— Top Row: Robert Reid, Lee Hackett, Lloyd Roo- 
ney, William Sehultz, Richard Rees, Louis Rasplicka, Melvin 
Hubbell, Lawrence Stoskopf. Middle Row: Norman Werner, 

Robert Lewis, Richard Vanderlip, Hall Moxley, Earl Beck, Ron- 
ald Hill. Rottom Row: Ronald McCune, Darrell Webber, Gary 
Cromwell, Larry Laverentz. 


A student explains the features of his landscape de- 
sign to fellow students in a landscaping class. 

Agriculture Department Heads— Top Roiv: Thomas B. Avery, 
Poultry Husbandry; Rufus F. Cox, Animal Husbandry; J. A. 
Hodges, Agricultural Economics. Second Row: Herbert Knutson, 
Entomology; C. L. Norton, Dairy Husbandry; Raymond V. Ol- 
son, Agronomy. Bottom Row: William F. Pickett, Horticulture; 
John A. Shellenberger, Flour and Feed Milling Industries. 

Council appoints the editor of the Ag Student 

Ag Week is during the week preceding Ag Sci- 
ence Day and the Little American Royal on Satur- 
day. Students in Agriculture are required to wear 
red neckerchiefs and blue jeans or get thrown in a 
horse tank. Ag Council had abolished the horse 
tank several years ago, but it was brought out of 
retirement last year. 

Agriculture at K-State is divided into three divi- 
sions—Agricultural Experiment Station, Extension 
Service, and the School of Agriculture. Dean Weber 
is the head of all three divisions and has three di- 
rectors under him— Glenn H. Beck, Harold E. Jones, 
and C. Peairs Wilson. 

Experiment Station Coordinates Research 

The Agricultural Experiment Station coordinates 
and publishes research findings in all schools of the 
University. Most of the research is directed toward 
rural life, but a large amount of the research find- 
ings can be applied to urban living. 

Extension Department Heads— Top Row: W. G. Amstein, 
Agricultural Extension Specialist; Miss Margaret A. Koenig, 
Home Economics Extension; John M. Ferguson, Agricultural 
Engineering Extension. Second Row: Paul W. Griffith, Associ- 
ate Director; Roger E. Regnier, Boys and Girls Club Work; 
Lisle L. Longsdorf, Extension Information. Bottom Row: Wilber 
E. Ringler, Assistant Director; Jack M. Burke, Radio Extension; 
Roman J. Verhaalen, Continuing Education. 


The Extension Service has a staff of about 400, 
of which at least one person is located in every 
county in the state. These persons work with farm- 
ers, home makers, as well as non-rural people in 
improving the level of living. This is done through 
4-H clubs, Home Demonstration units, and farm 
demonstration work. 

Ag School Has Eight Departments 

There are eight departments in the School of 
Agriculture which coordinate in giving students a 
knowledge of all phases of agriculture. Practically 
all the professors do research work along with their 
teaching chores. About 40 per cent of the profes- 
sors have their PhD degrees. Dean Mullen was in 
charge of enrolling students and changing classes 
for them. He also approved substitutions of courses 
and his approval was required for students who 
wished to graduate. 

The beef qualities of a heifer are examined by stu- 
dents in an animal husbandry laboratory. These stu- 

Entomology class members look for the distinguish- 
ing marks on a beetle taken from a tray of insects. 

dents learn the skills of cattle judging and many are 
able to participate on the varsity judging teams. 


Arts and Sciences Gets 
New Dean, New Dept. 

A new dean, Thomas M. Hahn, jr., accepted the 
position as head of the School of Arts and Sciences 
this vear. Dean Hahn came to K-State from Vir- 
ginia Polytechnic institute, Blacksburg, Va., where 
he was a professor and department head five years. 

Another "new" in the School this year is the Sta- 
tistics department created last July. Statistics was 
taught in a mathematical laboratory prior to that 
time. Establishment of the department was in rec- 
ognition of the scope of work being done in this 
area. Full-time administration in the new depart- 
ment consists of five faculty members and three 

Associate Dean Paul M. Young, besides assisting the 
dean with academic problems, directs summer school. 

Directing the policies and programs of the School of 
Arts and Sciences is new dean, Thomas M. Hahn, Jr. 

graduate assistants. Enrollment in the School of 
Arts and Sciences is 2,697, or 158 more students 
than were enrolled last year although all-University 
enrollment has remained the same. The percentage 
of women students enrolling in the school this year 
was higher than had been predicted. 

Working closely with Dean Halm on student 
records and problems are Orval Ebberts, assistant 
dean, and John Murry, academic adviser. Assoc. 
Dean Paul Young shares the responsibility of many 
things which normally requires a dean's attention. 

New department heads this year were H. C. Fry- 
er, Statistics; William Bevan, Psychology; and P. M. 
Rice, History, Government and Philosophy. 

New buildings receiving the finishing touches 
this spring are the Kedzie hall addition, costing 
$375,000 and the Eisenhower hall addition, costing 
$525,000. The Kedzie addition serves to expand 


Classes dismissed, students leave Eisenhower hall, the 
center of the School of Arts and Sciences. The build- 

ing's new addition, which was to be completed in the 
spring, contains classrooms, offices and a lecture hall. 

activities of the university press and journalism; the 
Eisenhower addition provides space for large class- 
es to meet and faculty offices. It contains a lecture 
hall which seats 300 and ten rooms which seat 100 

The construction plans for the future include a 
physical science building to be located where the 
old business administration barracks now stand. 
The building will house mathematics, physics, and 
statistics, and will have space for biological and 
physical science lectures. Cost of the new building 
is estimated to be 2.7 million dollars. 

Changes in department locations have been made 
or are planned because of the erection of Justin 
hall. Business administration has moved from the 
barracks west of Waters to Calvin hall. Plans have 
been completed for remodeling Thompson hall 

With the use of data sheets and microscope, geology 
students are able to date the time of rock formations. 

Senior education majors get on-the-job training by 
spending time practice-teaching in local schools. Edu- 

cation students are able to observe the regular teachers' 
methods and then teach the classes themselves. 

Arts and Sciences Department Heads— Top Row: D. J. Ameel, 
Zoology; William Bevan, Psychology; A. F. Borg, Bacteriology; 
A. B. Cardwell, Physics; J. B. Chelikowsky, Geology and Geo- 

graphy; Earle Davis, English. Bottom Row: Earl Edgar, General 
Studies; T. M. Evans, Physical Education; H. C. Fryer, Sta- 
tistics; F. M. Green, Education; J. A. Hodges, Economics and 
Sociology; S. T. Keim, Jr., Business Administration. 


Orval Ebberts, assistant dean, and John Murry, aca- 
demic adviser, work with the dean on student records 

and problems. They also take care of absences and 
advise students about their graduation requirements. 

for geology and geography, and plans are being 
made for remodeling the second floor of Anderson 
hall for psychology. Formerly, Thompson contained 
institutional management and the second floor of 
Anderson housed home economics art. 

The Arts and Sciences school council is composed 
of 16 members elected by students to represent the 

various curriculums. The main undertaking of the 
Council is Arts and Sciences Day, an annual event 
for college and high school students. Arts and Sci- 
ences Day was November 14. Twenty-three ex- 
hibits, represented by the same number of depart- 
ments were displayed in six buildings. The council 
also serves in a new advisory capacity to the Dean 

Arts and Sciences Department Heads— Top Row: Ralph R. 
Lashbrook, Technical Journalism; Luther Leavengood, Music; 
H. B. Lee, Athletics; Carl F. Lyons, Military Science and Tac- 
tics; Fritz Moore, Modern Languages; T. D. O'Brien, Chemistry. 

Bottom Roiv: Stuart M. Pady, Botany and Plant Pathology; P. M. 
Rice, History, Government, and Philosophy; R. G. Sanger, Math- 
ematics; Gordon K. Stallings, Air Science; Forest L. Whan, 


. w;s :: : v:: ; v :: ; :: : i;*;::::::::: /-::? S; ■■ ■ :::^m:° ■■ : ;: - : : W : : : - : : : im .MUM - :;;. ■ ■ : ;: WiSp : ::':/ 

, , , , . . . . 



by reflecting student opinion. Dean Hahn is ad- 
viser and Judy Tyler is president of the council this 

Rogerson Heads Honors Program 

The Honors program, headed by Brewster Roger- 
son, associate professor of English, has a student 
membership of about 120. Privileges offered to 
students participating in the Honors program are 
use of a special reference shelf in the library and 
permits to use the library stacks. 

Major curriculum changes in the school this year 
include a transfer of the wildlife conservation cur- 
riculum from agronomy to a major in biological 
science, and a transfer of the industrial education 
curriculum from English to secondary education. 

Physical Science Increase Largest 

The highest increase in curriculum enrollment 
went to the physical sciences with 31 per cent. The 
seven education curriculums taken collectively have 
the highest total enrollment and business admin- 
istration is second high. Research in the School of 
Arts and Sciences is extensive by individual faculty 
members and graduate students. Some research is 
done in cooperation with the Agricultural Experi- 
ment station and the Engineering Experiment sta- 
tion, and some is on contract with government or 
private associations. 

Beautiful landscaping and weird interior odors are 
features of Willard hall, home of physical sciences. 

Music department students discuss individual parts of 
a string sonata during one of many practice sessions. 

Arts and Sciences Council— Top Roiv: Jim R. Fairchild, 
Charles Moore, Carol J. Clark, L. Lee Atkins, Sandra K. Swan- 
son, Neal D. Meitler, Jacque Glover, Judy Hoy, Harold Al- 

brecht, Dick Thyden. Bottom Row: Tausea L. McClintoek, 
Robert G. Byers, Ruth A. Glendening, Judy E. Tyler, Peggy J. 
Ogan, Kathryn Crouch. 


Engineers To Operate 
New Nuclear Reactor 

The addition of a 10-kilowatt, $175,000 critical 
reactor, the Triga Mark II, to the Nuclear Engi- 
neering department will give the School of En- 
gineering and Architecture one of the outstanding 
nuclear laboratory facilities in the Great Plains 
area. The reactor will be installed and in operation 
early in 1961. It will be an integral part of a new 
building, to be built between the Military Science 
building and the Physical plant. 

Dean Durland Heads School 

M. A. Durland is dean of the School of Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. He also serves as director of 
the Engineering Experiment station and the Divi- 
sion of Engineering and Industrial services. He was 
aided this year by Assistant to the Dean K. K. Gou- 
dy, and Prof. L. S. Hobson, who served as associ- 
ate director of the Engineering Experiment station 
and the Division of Engineering and Industrial 
services. Associate Dean Richard Potter was on 
leave to General Atomic in California, a division of 
the General Dynamics corporation, primarily con- 

Heading the School of Engineering and Architecture 
and other engineering divisions is Dean M. A. Durland. 

Map making and plotting is as much a part of civil 
engineering as is surveying. Students learn to copy 

maps in perfect detail with the use of the modern 
equipment available in civil engineering laboratories. 

Engineering Council— Top Row: Dean M. A. Durland, James 
Winzeler, Larry D. Jefferies, John Harri, Chester D. Shupe, Roy 
L. Harder, DeWayne H. Ruwe. Second Row: Jay L. Knox, 

James D. Callen, Ken Ingram, Bill Taylor. Third Row: Garry D. 
Chegwidden, Kenneth A. Brewer, Leo W. Scully, R. Fred Gar- 
denhire, Albert L. Engle. Bottom Row: Karl K. Stevens, Larry 
E. North. 

cerned with the design and manufacture of atomic 

Dr. Irvin L. Reis replaced Gabe A. Sellers as 
head of the Industrial Engineering department. Dr. 
Reis was an associate mechanical engineering pro- 
fessor at Nebraska university, where he received his 
BS and MS degrees. He received his PhD from 
Illinois university. 

There are 25 full-time educators to teach the 
1,570 engineering students and the 300 architecture 
students. The engineering curriculum is divided 
into eight departments— agricultural, architectural, 
chemical, civil, mechanical, nuclear, electrical, and 
industrial. This year there were 12 women students 
in the school, 4 of whom were in architecture. 

Receive Many Large Grants 

Many outstanding grants were received by the 
school. The largest one-year grant was given by 
the Air Force to finance a project in satellite track- 
ing. The $36,000 went to the Applied Mechanics 
and Electrical Engineering departments. 

Research projects are abundant in the Engineer- 
ing school. One of the most interesting projects is 
the "Determination of the Orbits of Artificial Satel- 
lites." The aim of the project is the development 
of the theory for the accurate determination of or- 
bits of artificial satellites using the least possible 

A student checks the mixture in a chemical engineer- 
ing project designed by a graduate faculty member. 

The steam-powered electric generator is one of many 
machines used by mechanical engineering students to 

information. A related project involves research in 
satellite tracking. A city-planning project was dis- 
played in the Student Union. Architecture students 
made models of the campus, of Manhattan, and of 
a suburban city. 

"Engineering Unlimited— 1960" was the theme of 
Engineering Open House March 18 and 19. The 
theme was carried out by an adventure into the 
problems confronting today's engineers and the 
technical preparation which will lead to solutions. 
The Open House was geared to high school stu- 
dents who may be interested in engineering and 
Kansas State. John Harri was chairman of the 

Council Coordinates School Activities 

Leo Scully was chairman of the Engineering 
council, which had 16 members. Duties of the coun- 
cil were to coordinate activities in the Engineering 
school, which involved primarily the Open House. 
The council also acted as a liaison between the 
students and Dean Durland. The K-State Engineer, 

gain practical experience in their field. They check 
and record dial settings to keep the pressure constant. 

a monthly magazine written by a staff of 30, was 
edited by Kenneth Ingram. Purpose of the maga- 
zine is to bring news of engineering developments 
to students. As it is distributed free to high schools 
in Kansas, it tries to interest high school students 
in engineering and Kansas State. The magazine 
publishes non-technical and technical articles, plus 
informative features about the school. The maga- 
zine has a circulation of about 3,000. 

The Division of Engineering and Industrial serv- 
ices, organized in 1958, is to assist in the develop- 
ment of industries in the state. Most of Kansas' 
industries are small and often need help with tech- 
nical problems. 

Division Helps New Industries 

The division supplies such help as can be given 
by members of the engineering staff in connection 
with research being done in the school. It also 
helps with engineering, manufacturing, and man- 
agerial problems. The division is especially con- 
cerned with helping new industries. 


Curriculum changes and alteration of entrance 
requirements took place in the School of Engineer- 
ing and Architecture early in the 1959-60 school 
year. Industrial education was switched from the 
Engineering school to the Secondary Education de- 
partment of the School of Arts and Sciences and 
the Engineering school dropped its degree in indus- 
trial technology. 

Previously, students in the Engineering school 
were required to have one and a half units of alge- 
bra, one unit of plane geometry, and one-half unit 
of advanced math. This has been changed to two 
units of algebra, one of plane geometry, and one- 
half of trigonometry. If students do not meet these 
requirements, they will have to take college algebra 
and plane trigonometrv for no credit. 

After making a cement cylinder in applied mechan- 
ics, a student crushes it to test the breaking strength. 

Electrical engineering students check connections 
before throwing the switch to start current flowing in 

an electricity experiment. The laboratory work involves 
much of the time of all KSU engineering students. 

Surrounded ry heautiful trees, the 4-story Farrell li- 
brary is a busy building. Besides furnishing a quiet 

place for studying, the library is an ideal source of 
reference and reading with its 220,000 volumes. 

Windows on the north side of 
the Student Union provide an 
excellent view of the front of 
Engineering's Seaton hall. 

Engineering and Architecture 
Department Heads — Top Row: 
Emil C. Fischer, Architecture; Le- 
land S. Hobson, Experiment Sta- 
tion; Russell M. Kerchner, Electri- 
cal; W. R. Kimel, Nuclear; George 
H. Larson, Agricultural. Bottom 
Row: Reed F. Morse, Civil; Ralph 
Nevins, Mechanical; Milton Raville, 
Applied Mechanics; Irvin L. Reis, 
Industrial; Henry T. Ward, Chemi- 




« m mm #»- 



'^"S*** <*■• 

, * 





\ mam*'- .f&t'Ms'v '• ■ 

,■'-■- ■■ : - ■ vv* J j 

v • ** • 







TE» ' ■■■:■ ■■:- " j*fe" J ■ ■ > 

■* # 

pMRfc. *WK&0 

Home Economics Dean Doretta Hoffman coordinates 
functions of the school and curriculum revisions. 


Justin Hall Completion 
Is Home Ec Highlight 

From the sewing and millinery department in 
the chapel of Bluemont College in 1877, the School 
of Home Economics has made many strides. In the 
past the Domestic Science department has been 
housed in many types of buildings. The first kitch- 
en lab was in a corner of the chemistry building. 
Sewing classes first met in the corner of an old re- 
modeled barn. 

This year the school of Home Economics took a 
gigantic step as it started the long process of mov- 
ing all the departments under one roof— the Mar- 
garet M. Justin hall. This involved moving the six 
departments from four buildings into the new 
$1,900,000 structure. The departments which are 
now in this building are Art, Clothing and Textiles, 
Family and Child development, Family Economics, 
Foods and Nutrition, and Institutional Manage- 
ment. The only branch not included in Justin hall 
is the Nursery school, which is located in a house 
at 311 N. Fourteenth street. Long-range planning 
includes the construction of a Nursery School be- 
hind Justin. 

Some Equipment Has Not Arrived 

Although the structure is completed, late arrival 
of new equipment has delayed the relocation of 
many classrooms. By the fall of 1960 each room in 
the building probably will be ready for use. 

Justin hall is a modern, three story limestone 
structure. It contains well lighted classrooms, nu- 
merous display cases, an auditorium, an experi- 
mental room, and office space. The facilities are 

Students try their skills in pottery making in classes 
in the Art department of the Home Economics school. 

A student plays with children in the Home Eco- 
nomics nursery. Five days a week family and child 

development majors take care of the children in the 
nursery, who usually are about two to five years old. 

adequate for future homemakers, providing much 
opportunity for a good education in any of the six 
departments. Summer school students having 
classes in Justin will be luckv— it is the only state- 
owned structure on the campus cooled by a central 
air conditioning unit. 

This marks the second year for the Home Eco- 
nomics Honors program. Six freshmen were hon- 
ored by being selected for this program. In order 
to participate the girls must show outstanding abil- 
ity, and be in the top five per cent of the freshman 
class. Those selected were Ellen Carnahan, DIM; 
Patricia Cook, HE; Marilyn Hensley, HE; Alberta 
Kibbey, HT; Jeanettia Mannen, DIM; and Janet 
Linder, HE. This plan allows these advanced stu- 
dents to obtain a more general education while 
concentrating intensely on their major field. Ruth 
Hoeflin is the faculty member in charge of the 
Home Ec Honors program. 

Dean Hoffman Coordinates Functions 

Mrs. Doretta S. Hoffman is dean of the School 
of Home Economics. She is in charge of curriculum 
revisions, and coordinating the functions of the 
school. The assistant dean, Martha M. Kramer, 
works with the students. It is her job to help them 
with graduation requirements and other academic 

Martha M. Kramer, assistant dean, helps students 
with academic problems and graduation requirements. 

Home Economics Council— Top Row: Margaret Raffington, 
Kay Nordstrom, Harriet Tedrow, Sharon Keif, Grace Wallace, 
Carolee Moore, Helen Splichal, Linda Akin, Beverly Richardson, 

Barhara David. Second Row: Sara Umberger, Mary Jo Mauler, 
Kathy Bryan, Judy Mai, Marilyn Hansen. Bottom Row: Peggy 
Tlioll, Wanda Eggers, Vera Wierenga, Rita Torkelson. 

Using a magnifier and stylus, a student separates the 
threads of a piece of cloth in clothing and textiles. 

problems. The present enrollment of the school is 
480, slightly under last year's enrollment. 

The Home Economics council is the governing 
body for home economics clubs and also co-ordi- 
nates the clubs' activities. It has twenty-two mem- 
bers: the presidents of the home economics clubs; 
chairmen of the standing committees; four elected 
officers; and S. G. A. representatives. Kathy Pile 
Bryan is the president of the council, and Margaret 
Raffington is its sponsor. Its two main annual 
projects are the Snowball dance in the fall and the 
Home Economics Hospitality Day in the spring. 

Favorite Men Honored At Snowball Dance 

The annual Snowball dance was November 14 
in the K-State Union. This formal dance gives the 
coeds the opportunity to invite their favorite men 
to an all school event. Highlighting the evening 
was the crowning of Joe Vader as Favorite Man On 
Campus. He was selected by the girls in an all 
school election. FMOC attendants were: Norman 
Newton, Acacia; Jim Carpenter, Delta Tau Delta; 
Frosty White, Delta Upsilon; and John Engleman, 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

About 1,500 high school girls, teachers, and spe- 
cial guests attended the Home Economics Hospi- 
tality day last spring. The purpose of the Home 
Economics day is to enable future college students 
to become acquainted with college life and the 
home economics program which Kansas State of- 
fers. The program included campus tours, exhibits 
in Justin hall, and a luncheon planned by the die- 
tetics students. Members of the eight home ec 
clubs planned the program under the chairmanship 
of Kay Nordstrom. 

Each year a Margaret Justin Home Economics 
club interest award is given to the outstanding 
Home Economics club on the campus. This is given 
on the basis of over-all attendance, programs, and 
projects. Last year's award was given to the Pro- 
fessional Foods Club. 

Danforth chapel is the center of all religious activi- 
ties on campus. Services are held by religious groups 

Home Economics Department Heads— Top Row. Dorothy 
Barfoot, Art; Dorothy Harrison, Foods and Nutrition; Ruth 
Hoeflin, Family and Child Development. Bottom Row: Alpha 
Latzke, Clothing and Textiles; Richard L. D. Morse, Family 
Economies; Grace Shugart, Institutional Management. 

in the Chapel or in the All-Faith auditorium. During 
the school year some students are married in the Chapel. 



Students slice and weigh a beef roast in the dietetics 
kitchen in Thompson hall. Class members learn to 

plan meals while keeping the calorie count down and 
yet providing the proper nutritional value. 

Women diagram and test the texture of a piece of 
cake using a mirror to allow the rest of the class to see 

their work. The experimental foods class offers a 
chance to improve cooking skills by technical methods. 


9 1 

Ill II I Hl^l'"' 

*•*» vv - . :.- 


Justin hall, a beautiful new $1,900,000 building, was 
opened to home economics students in the fall. The 


modern structure is air-conditioned and contains, in 
addition to classrooms, an auditorium and offices. 

Calvin hall, the old home economics building, lost 
most Home Ec classes to the new structure. Some of 

the classes remained and rooms left vacant were put 
into use by the Business Administration department. 

Veterinarians Conduct 
25 Disease Projects 

The School of Veterinary Medicine has had ap- 
proximately 25 formal research projects in animal 
diseases in operation this year. Some of these proj- 
ects concerned virus diseases such as rabies, respi- 
ratory diseases in fowls, animal parasitic diseases, 
and metabolic diseases. These projects are sup- 
ported by state appropriations, federal grants, and 
commercial grants. 

Highlights of the 1959-60 academic year includ- 
ed the third annual Veterinary Medicine Open 
House which was attended by 5,400 persons. 

Business Conference Conducted 

A one-day business conference for Kansas vet- 
erinarians was conducted for the first time and in- 
cluded on its program a financial evaluation of a 
veterinary practice and various business methods 
for veterinarians. Last August, Dean E. E. Leasure, 
administrator of the school, was elected president- 
elect of the American Veterinary Medicine Asso- 

The Veterinary school received two National De- 
fense Education Act fellowships which were used 

Anatomy class members examine a skeleton during a 
laboratory session in Kansas State's Veterinary hall. 

Dean E. E. Leasure of the School of Veterinary Medi- 
cine was elected president of the AVMA last August. 

by two graduate veterinarians working toward 
PhDs. Twenty doctors of veterinary medicine, elev- 
en of whom are from India, were working toward 
advanced degrees in the school during the year. 

Remodeling was carried on in two of the three 
veterinary medicine buildings. The principal con- 
struction was in Burt hall, which houses the path- 
ology, physiology, and research departments. One 
wing was remodeled for animal disease research, 
where colonies of rabbits, guinea pigs, and other 
animals will be maintained. The remodeling also 
will allow for virus research work and research 
work in radio-isotopes. The west end of Veterinary 
hall, the oldest veterinary building, underwent re- 
modeling to provide a bacteriology lab and a path- 
ology lab. The veterinary hall also houses the anat- 
omy department. 


Over 30,000 animal patients are treated annually at 
the five-year-old Dykstra Veterinary hospital. Student 

interns and veterinarians are on dutv at all hours to 
care for the patients of all kinds and sizes. 

With the use of microscopes, students are able to ex- 
amine bacteria movement in the Dykstra hospital lab. 

Using an X-ray machine, veterinary medicine students 
are able to get a negative of a dog's bone structure. 


The five-year-old Dykstra Veterinary hospital 
houses the surgery and medicine department. The 
hospital offers facilities for training in large and 
small animal clinics and has facilities for caring for 
115 small animals and 44 large animals at one time. 
The building has an auditorium with a seating ca- 
pacity of 327, a conference room, display cabinets, 
student lockers, and intern quarters for 10 seniors. 

1959-60 Enrollment Is 263 

The 1959-60 enrollment in the school was 263, 
including five women. Sixty-nine were seniors ex- 
pecting to graduate in June. A total of 1,873 men 
and women have been graduated from the school 
since the first graduating class of 1907. 

The curriculum in Veterinary Medicine is dis- 
tinctive, in comparison to others at Kansas State 
university, in that it is a six-year curriculum. Two 
years are spent in pre-veterinary courses and four 
years are spent in Veterinary school. A student re- 
ceives a Bachelor of Science degree after four years 
and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree after 
six years. The school is the only one at K- State 
which is selective in its enrollment. Students are 
picked on the basis of pre-veterinary grades, and 
many intangible assets. Kansas students are given 
preference over those from out of state. 

KSU Has Only Veterinary School In State 

The School of Veterinary Medicine is the only 
veterinary school in the state and is one of 18 in 
the country. The Veterinary School's main activity 
is to provide an adequate education for its students 
in the field of veterinary practice. It also provides 
training for students who are interested in employ- 


joint on a horse's hind leg in the large animal clinic. 

Veterinary Medicine Department Heads— Dr. Graves L. Un- 
derbjerg, Physiology; Dr. Edwin J. Frick, Surgery and Medicine; 
Dr. Donald M. Trotter, Anatomy; Dr. Marvin J. Twiehaus, 

Jr. AVMA Officers— Top Row: William Welty, Richard Webb, 
Howard Sieler, Harold Lange. Bottom Row: Charles Eck, Toe 

Kashner, Merton Dierks, Tracy Clark, Dan Burbach. 



ment in any one of the many fields of veterinary 
medicine including teaching, public health, and re- 

Students Spend Summer as Interns 

Students spend the summer after their third year 
in Veterinary school as interns under veterinary 
practitioners. The students spend their fourth year 
mainly at Dykstra Veterinary hospital. Mornings 
are spent in classes and labs and afternoons are 
spent in clinical work at the hospital. For the after- 
noon clinical work, the students are divided into 
groups which work for a week in one area of study 
under a staff member. 

At the end of the week, the group rotates to an- 
other area of study; there are a total of ten areas, 
and this continues throughout the year. Some of 
the areas of study include the small animal groups, 
the general autopsy group, the meat inspection 
group, and the ambulatory group. 

The student governing group of the school is the 
Junior American Veterinary Medical Association. It 
encompasses all students in the curriculum and is 
the counterpart of the American Veterinary Medi- 
cal Association. 


A toy French poodle gets a thorough checkup before 
diagnosis is given as to the cause of the illness. 

An operation on a cat is in progress in one of the op- 
erating rooms in Dykstra hospital. Advanced students 

and instructors perform the operations using all modern 
methods in the new hospital's facilities. 

Grad School Total 
Continues To Increase 

Enrollment in the Graduate school, which was 
nearly doubled since World War II, was 690 for 
the fall semester. Forty-one states and 27 countries 
were represented in the enrollment. The largest 
number of graduate students in any particular ma- 
jor field was 66, enrolled in chemistry. Education 
was second with 53 grad students. 

For the first time since 1884, a Master of Arts 
degree was offered to graduate students at Kansas 
State. This degree was offered in philosophy. Three 
other new degrees available to the graduate students 
were a Master of Science degree in geography and 
in anatomy, and a Master of Regional Planning 

GSA Promotes Fellowship 

The Graduate Student cabinet includes all elect- 
ed officers of the Graduate Students association 
and the dean of the Graduate school, Harold Howe. 
The cabinet is empowered to make decisions con- 
cerning the organization and activities of associa- 
tion. All students enrolled in the Graduate school 
are members of the Graduate Students association. 
Objectives of the organization are to promote fel- 
lowship among those enrolled in graduate work. 

The Graduate council is the executive committee 
of the graduate facultv. The council is headed by 

Harold Howe, dean of the Graduate school for 14 
years, is also chairman of the Faculty Graduate council. 

Student Graduate Council: William L. Sigafoos, Leila 
Zayas, Howard Shipotofsky, and Robert A. Sanchez. 

Dean Howe and includes nine other elected faculty 
members from various fields of study. Its purpose 
is to formulate and review policies concerning the 
conduct of graduate study at Kansas State. 

Faculty Lectureships In Fifth Year 

Faculty lectureship programs, which are in their 
fifth year at K-State, again were sponsored by the 
Graduate council. The lectureship programs help 
identify the institution's top scholars, encourage 
scholarship on the campus, and aid in the profes- 
sional growth of the faculty. This year the gradu- 
ate faculty chose F. D. Farrell and Fred L. Parrish 
as the ninth and tenth lecturers. 

Another project sponsored by the Graduate 
school is the Guest Scholar program. Its purpose 
is to bring in outstanding scholars in various fields 
whose visits challenge, stimulate and interest fac- 
ulty, graduate students and advanced undergradu- 


Summer school students find a pleasant place to 
study and socialize on the lawn north of Farrell library. 

The large quadrangular lawn, one of two on campus, 
was formed after construction of Willard hall in 1939. 


!■■ !■! !■! i ! - 

IM 1M1 I'M !■! 

im mi im im 

im mi mi 

iHi im 

The new men's dormitory, located at Denison and 
Claflin roads, is scheduled to open in September. It 

Kedzie hall's $375,000 addition was completed in 
March but will not be ready for use until September. 

is K-State's first men's dormitory, and will house 604. 
Cost of the L-shaped structure was $2.4 million. 

Campus Construction 
To Total $10 Million 

Construction on the K-State campus totaling $10 
million— the highest figure in history— is to be com- 
pleted by the end of the summer. Six buildings or 
additions to buildings, and eleven Jardine Terrace 
brick apartments make up the total. 

A new wing to Kedzie hall, headquarters of the 
Journalism department, was completed early this 
spring. The addition to Eisenhower hall was fin- 
ished in April, providing 11 large classrooms in two 

The largest new building, in terms of size and 
appropriation, the men's dormitory, will be ready 
for occupancy in September. It will house 604 men. 

Rehabilitation of East Waters hall, which burned 
in the summer of 1957, was begun in March, 1959. 
It will contain Agronomy department facilities and 
a laboratory for the Flour and Feed Milling depart- 

Construction money comes from a .75-mill state 
levy, and dormitory appropriations from a .25-mill 
levy. The money is administered by the Educa- 
tional Building Fund. 


Rehabilitation of East Waters hall, which burned 
down in the summer of 1957, is near completion. The 

wing will house the Agronomy department, and addi- 
tional construction will replace the flour and feed mill. 

The Eisenhower addition was begun in 1959 with the 
razing of Illustrations hall. Seating capacity will be 

1,200. The building will contain 11 classrooms de- 
signed for large classes. The building cost $525,000. 


Kansas State's modern Student Union was construct- 
ed five years ago entirely from student fees at a cost of 

$1,650,000. Its facilities include a cafeteria, a ballroom, 
a theatre, lounges, and meeting rooms. 

Union Heart and Sou 
Of University Activity 

The activity center of the K-State campus is its 
modern $1,650,000 Union. The spacious building 
boasts a ballroom which can accommodate 1000 
couples; a browsing library with books, magazines, 
and background music; a television room; a theatre 
for weekend movies, concerts, and debates; a main 
lounge; and an art lounge-gallery. 

A complete food service area with a cafeteria 
and the state room for short orders and fountain 
items is provided for students. The games facilities 
include bowling, billiards, table tennis, and shuffle- 
board with the "Dive" close by for informal danc- 
ing. Headquarters for all campus activities is the 
Activities center. Meeting rooms are provided for 

Construction on an addition to the Union is 
scheduled to begin soon. The food service area will 
be enlarged, the third floor will be completed, new 
meeting rooms will be added, and there will be a 
larger games area. 


Union director Loren Kottner spent his fifth year as 
supervisor of the five Union departments in 1959-60. 

Union Governing Board— Top Row: Gary Rumsey, Neil Meit- 
ler, Lowell Novy, Max Bishop, Loren Kottner. Bottom Row: 

Barbara Huff, Robert Clack, Marjorie Adams, Monne Smith, Gil 
Veeoni, Joyce Rogers. 

The director of the Union, Loren Kottner, works 
with the Union Governing board, which is com- 
prised of nine students, three faculty members, and 
one alumni, in determining Union policy. The 
Union Program council, a student group in charge 
of Union activities, consists of the chairmen of 13 
major committees which are responsible for pro- 
viding the campus with a balanced program of cul- 
tural, recreational, social, and educational activities. 
The committees are responsible for such activities 
as art exhibits and talks in the art lounge, weeklv 
movies, dances, and coffee hours after assemblies. 

Union Program Council— Top Row: Connie Cristler, Susan 
Schutz, Shari Krueger, Ken Keefer, Mary Kay Davidson, Becky 
McMahon, Loren Kottner. Second Row: Dee A. Baker, J. David 
Farris, Susan C. Burgess, Barbara D. Ericson. Bottom Row: 
Jeneane C. Hubert, David C. All, Beryl D. Stewart, Sue Gar- 

Students crowd around a booth in the Union to pur- 
chase tickets for the Prison party dance last fall. 


Instructors Can Relax, 

Enjoy Social Activities 

Faculty members showed their agreement with 
the adage "all work and no play makes Jack a dull 
boy" by active "extra-curricular" participation. Be- 
sides patronizing such events as Artists' Series and 
sponsoring campus organizations, departmental 
bowling leagues and a folk dance club were formed. 
Many departments had seasonal functions to en- 
courage better inter-faculty relations. 

Approximately 550 faculty women and wives of 
University staff are members of the Social club. 
Mrs. Paul Young, acting president, and Mrs. James 
McCain, honorary president, planned a versatile 
club agenda, including luncheon meetings, a tea 
with a guest lecture on church architecture, a Swe- 
dish dinner-dance, a fashion show, and a demon- 
stration on packing for air travel. 

It's easy to find a fourth for bridge at the faculty par- 
ties during the year for relaxation and enjoyment. 

Tickets were sold out in advance for the three nights 
of the Swedish smorgasbord in the Union. Students, 

faculty members, and other town people attended and 
had a hard time making selections from the foods. 

Honor Societies page 64 

Religious Groups page 80 

General Clubs page 92 

Greek Housing page 138 


Housing page 202 



Since students spend most of their 
time outside the classrooms, campus or- 
ganizations have much influence on 
them. In groups, K-Staters form ideas, 
attitudes, and friendships that will re- 
main with them the rest of their lives. 

Religious centers lead stu- 
dents in developing the beliefs 
that will help guide their con- 
duct both now and after gradu- 
ation. Membership in honorary 
groups is granted as reward for 
high grades and outstanding 
achievement. Living groups 
teach members that and working 
together can be enjoyable. 

Not to be overlooked as a part of university life 
are the friendships which develop into romances. 
The thrill of a pinning ceremony and the quiet 
moments together provide memories which will 
never be forgotten. Many of these romances turn 
into happy marriages. 


- _ 



MUM ' 


Small -^,54 Large - s 2.05 

Displaying mum corsages for a prospective buyer is a 
Mortar Board member. The honorary sponsors mum 

sales during each Homecoming week to raise money 
for scholarships for outstanding freshmen women. 

Blue Key 

Selected for outstanding scholarship, leadership, 
and service to Kansas State university were the 13 
members of Blue Key, senior men's honorary. 

Blue Key, under the leadership of its president, 
Max Bishop, and adviser, Dr. Chester Peters, or- 
ganized and sponsored the Homecoming queen 
contest, which included the election of the queen, 

the half-time ceremonies at the K-State-Oklahoma 
football game, and the Homecoming ball. Blue Key 
originated in Florida for the specific purpose of co- 
ordinating Homecoming festivities. The organiza- 
tion now has 95 chapters throughout the country 
which continue the same basic service program. 

Other activities for the year included participa- 
tion in the high school visitation program and ush- 
ering at the opening of Student Health and at other 
campus functions. 

Blue Key— Top Roiv: Gene Olander, Bill Guthridge, Larry 
Foulke, Lyle Clum, Steve Douglas, Lowell Novy, Gary Crom- 

well, Martyn Apley, Edward Bicknell, Chester Peters. Bottom 
Row: John Harri, Gene Westhusing, Max Bishop, Ron McCune. 

Mortar Board— Top Row: Irene Mangelsdorf, Kay Nordstrom, 
Kathy Bryan, Mary Jo Moricini, Carol Woodmansee, Wendy 

Gray, Lynne Martin. Bottom Row: Fran Schwartz, Virginia 
Taylor, Susan Meehesney, Emily Douthit, Joanne Taylor, Linda 

Mortar Board 



Chimes, junior women's honorary, selects stu- 
dents in the spring of their sophomore year who 
have been outstanding on campus in both grades 
and activities. In the fulfillment of one of their 
chief goals— service— members ushered and were 
hostesses at many University activities, including 
the Artists Series, the President's convocation, Stu- 
dent Health Open House, and the All Women's 
Day banquet. 

At this banquet, Marilyn McCord, Chimes presi- 
dent, presented the third annual award to the sen- 
ior woman with the top cumulative grade average. 

In addition to service projects, the group added a 
cultural program, which included attendance at 
campus lectures and private lectures by faeultv 
members. Miss Golda Crawford was the sponsor 
of Chimes. 

Chosen for their exemplification of the qualities 
of scholarship, leadership, and service were the 13 
members of local chapter of Mortar Board. 

Highlight of the organization's year is the tradi- 
tional scholarship dinner, at which the sophomore 
woman with the highest freshman grade average 
is honored. Further academic recognition at the 
banquet is given to three Mortar Board scholarship 
recipients. Profits from the honorary's annual 
Homecoming mum sale finance these awards. 

With the guidance of three sponsors— Miss Doro- 
thy Pettis, Miss Gertrude Lienkaemper and Mrs. 
Kathleen Peters— and Lynne Martin, president, the 
organization had a joint meeting with alumnae, 
several cultural meetings, a Christmas party, and 
purchased Christmas gifts for a needy child. 

Chimes— Top Row: Sara F. Um- 
~* berger, Mary S. Sehroeder, Mary 
E. Strahm, Leslie A. Dole, Joyce 
M. Rogers, Judith A. Young, Vir- 
ginia J. Baxter, Judith A. Mai, 
Donna S. Stratton. Bottom Row: 
Claire Fryer, Marilyn McCord, 
Judith E. Tyler, Janice R. Mc- 
Clenahan, Betty J. King, Wanda 
C. Eggers. 

Phi Kappa Phi 

One hundred-thirteen students were elected to 
Phi Kappa Phi, student and faculty scholastic hon- 
orary, during the school year. Seniors elected were 
in the upper seven per cent of their class and grad- 
uate students in the upper 10 per cent. A small 
percentage of juniors also was elected. 

School of Agriculture 

Balding, James L. Kohfeld, Kenneth 

Bodenhamer, Howard G. Oordt, Gerald H. 

Einhelling, Frank A. Smith, Wade T. 

Forrest, John C. Stirtz, Ned K. 

Fuller, Billy B. Unger, Samuel G. 

Hackett, Lee S. Warnken, Philip F. 

School of Arts and Sciences 

Adrian, Sharon E. 
Atkins, Martha A. 
Austin, Bosalie A. 
Baer, Bobert L. 
Baxter, Virginia J. 
Crumley, Sarah A. 
Czerwinski, Henry B. 
Davis, Franklin F. 
Dickson, Mary B. 
Dillinger, Marilyn 
Dole, Leslie A. 
Fiskin, Arthur M. 
Frey, Linda L. 
George, Suzanne 
Glasco, Mary E. 
Gray, Wendy L. 
Hall, Mary Ruth 

Hoffman, Trudie G. 
Hopson, Ivona L. 
Hostetler, Norman H. 
Johnson, Robert L. 
Lamb, Imogene E. 
Lonsinger, Mary C. 
Mangelsdorf, H. Irene 
Nelson, Sheila J. 
Olson, Barbara J. 
Peerson, M. Kay 
Beed, Norman D. 
Binard, Phillip M. 
Bogers, Joyce M. 
Shannon, Margaret B. 
Smith, Marcia B. 
Spencer, Wayne E. 
Steiner, Ann M. 

Stratton, Donna S. 
Tobey, William H. 
True, Susan S. 
Van Sickle, Buth A. 

Walters, William B. 
Watson, Mary D. 
Whitaker, Phillip L. 
Zook, Loren E. 

School of Engineering and Architecture 

Balzer, Gerry C. 
Carpenter, Kenneth H. 
Chelikowsky, Richard 
Dunster, Donald E. 
Egbert, Gilbert W., Jr. 
Emrick, Billy B. 
Gardenhire, Boy F., Jr. 
Guthrie, Lynn G. 
Hansen, Stanley W. 
Johnson, Garv L. 
Kile, Bobert L. 

Knobbe, Edward J. 
McMillen, Bobert A. 
Miller, Stanley B. 
Mortensen, Alvin N., Jr. 
Pivonka, Edward D. 
Porath, William W. 
Begnier, Edward P. 
Schmidt, Donald B. 
Stucky, Howard A. 
Turner, Rolland D. 
Van Pelt, Larry G. 
Wootton, Wayne F. 

School of Home Economics 

Aberle, Esther M. 
Eggers, Wanda C. 
Hollingsworth, Irene A. 

Mai, Judith A. 
Bailsbaek, Virginia 
Scott, Mary L. 

School of Veterinary Medicine 

Bieri, Bussel O. Mengeling, William L. 

Hartke, Glenn T. Olsen, John D. 

Weiss, Earl W. 

Graduate School 

Adams, Calvin K. 
Anneberg, Nella L. 
Bieber, John 
Call, Edward P. 
Cha, Lin-Chuan 
Chen, Der Hwa 
Clapp, Geraldine S. 
Elrod, Thomas H. 
Ganapathy, Maharajapuram 
Griffin, Conrad W. 
Hopkins, Theodore L. 
Hwang, Ching-Lai 


Hwang, Vincent Y. 

Jones, Donald E. 

Leslie, George 

Muggli, Bobert 

Noble, Bobert L. 

Peterson, Chester 

Poorbaugh, John H. 

Ouinn, Bobert J. 
S. Bao, Karkaka T. 

Richards, Verlyn D. 

Strohmeyer, Donald K. 

Swain, James E. 

Phi Alpha Mu 

Phi Alpha Mu is an honorary for junior and sen- 
ior women in the School of Arts and Sciences. 
Members are chosen from the upper 15 per cent 
of students having B or better grade averages. 

Sophomore women with at least B averages were 
honored at a tea in the spring. At the tea, the or- 

ganization awarded a scholarship to the junior 
woman who had maintained the highest grade 
average throughout her freshman and sophomore 

Joanne Taylor served as president of Phi Alpha 
Mu, while Miss Helen Wroten acted as faculty 
sponsor. The group was organized in 1919 as Theta 
Chi Gamma, an English honorary. In 1921 it was 
reorganized under its present name. 

Phi Alpha Mu— Top Row: Carol I. Harris, Marilyn E. Nelson, 
Joyce M. Rogers, Elisabeth D. Nonamaker, Fran Schwartz, Mary 
R. Hall. Second Row: Virginia I. Taylor, Diane Watson, Vir- 

ginia J. Baxter, Donna Stratton, Sharon Adrian, Sheila J. Nelson. 
Bottom Row: Marilyn McCord, Trudie Hoffman, Donna DeCou, 
Marcia Smith, Claire Fryer, Leslie Dole. 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Alpha Lambda Delta, an honorary for women 
making high grades their freshmen year, has initiat- 
ed 116 persons since its establishment here in 1958. 
A candidate for membership must have at least a 
3.5 grade average her first semester or a cumulative 
3.5 average the first two semesters. 

The group participated in a study program for 
the freshman women's dormitories. The organiza- 
tion and Phi Eta Sigma had a banquet for new 
members of the two honoraries. Kathy Reeves was 
president of Alpha Lambda Delta and Miss Mar- 
jorie Adams was faculty adviser. 

Phi Eta Sigma 

Phi Eta Sigma, an honorary for men with high 
freshmen grades, was established here in 1957. 
Since then 132 men have been awarded member- 
ship. Members must have a 3.5 average their first 
semester or a 3.5 cumulative average their first two 

The group made available to all entering fresh- 
men a pamphlet on studying and offered an in- 
formal tutoring service. A smoker in the spring 
honored all freshmen men who had high grades the 
first semester. Richard Mistier was president and 
Brewster Rogerson was faculty sponsor. 

^ © Q^Q -M 

Alpha Lambda Delta— Top Row: Margaret L. Cooper, Sharo- 
lyn S. Sanborn, Ferol D. Beck, Margene F. Edwards, Lucinda L. 
Keller, Caroline E. Preddy. Second Roiv: Judy J. Allen, Sally M. 
Nelson, Marjorie Adams, Judith L. Krug, Polly R. Armstrong. 
Bottom Row: Sara J. Hybskmann, Kathryn M. Reeves, Karen K. 
Bozarth, Marilyn J. Mauck, Mary J. Starkey, Marilyn MeCord. 

Omicron Nu— Top Row: Mary A. Knewtson, Sharon B. Oberle, 
Karen L. Peterson, Mary J. Harbour, Mary L. Seott. Bottom 
Row: Judith A. Mai, Virginia Railsbaek, Wanda Eggers, Doris 

Phi Eta Sigma— Top Row: Paul R. Prevo, Robert E. Wiltz, El- 
ton D. Aberle, Jon B. Bryan. Second Row: Earl W. Hoffman, 
Gene F. Koester, Thomas D. Sims, Richard S. Aberle, Richard G. 
Pannbacker. Third Row: Donald D. Brewer, Raymond L. Du- 
gan, Jerald J. Wray, Richard E. Mistier. Bottom Row: Richard 
L. Powell, Donald R. Wier, Jerrv D. Spencer, Ronald L. Pfister, 
Charles E. Wilson. 

Omicron Nu 

Omicron Nu, Home Economics honorary for 
junior and senior women, has been active on the 
campus since 1915. Mary Alice Knewtson led the 
members as president, while Mrs. Marjorie Hemp- 
hill, Mrs. Jane Barnes, and Mrs. Ivalee MeCord 
were faculty sponsors. 

The organization sponsored a tea for all new 
students in Home Economics and a dessert for the 
sophomores with high grade averages. An award 
was made to the sophomore who had made the 
highest grades during her freshman year. 


Alpha Mu— Top Row: Richard J. Baker, Joseph C. Nothern, 
Charles W. Colson, Lloyd W. Rooney, Richard D. Rees, Carl A. 
Stevens, Elton D. Aberle. Second Row: Don Miller, Maurice D. 
Faidley, Gerald D. Miller, John A. Johnson, William A. Rad- 
eliff, Robert G. Reid, James H. Booth. Third Row: J. Dennis 

Bassett, Robert L. Gardner, Royce O. Pence, Ronald K. Watson, 
Gordon L. Rubenthaler, Scott Hackett, Gary A. Hohner. Rottom 
Row: Ron VV. McCune, Kenneth R. McCullough, Donald P. 
Adee, Wm. Larry Justice, Lee R. Young, Roger D. Wolfe, James 
L. Balding. 

Alpha Mu 

Alpha Mu, milling honorary, sponsored fall and 
spring banquets plus a smoker to acquaint the 
freshmen with upperclassmen and faculty members. 
An award was presented to the freshman with the 
best grades in the Milling department. Members 
also gave a trophy to the group which arranged the 
outstanding display for Ag Science day. Richard 
Rees was president of Alpha Mu. 

Alpha Zeta 

Alpha Zeta is an honorary national organization 
for students majoring in agriculture or veterinary 
medicine. To obtain membership, a student must 
be in the upper two-fifths of his class and have 
demonstrated leadership ability. 

Members helped conduct the Formula Feed con- 
ference and assisted with the Little American Roy- 
al. New initiates were honored at the annual spring 
and fall banquets. Edward Bicknell served as Al- 
pha Zeta president, and the faculty sponsor was 
Prof. Walter Smith. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Previous training in scouting is a membership re- 
quirement of Alpha Phi Omega, service honorary. 
This group cared for the K-State mascot, Touch- 
down VII, and took the wildcat to all football and 
basketball games. Touchdown VII was a gift to the 
University from Alpha Phi Omega after the death 
of the preceding mascot. 

Other projects included the annual Ugly Man on 
Campus dance, the Student Book exchange, and the 
'Ride Board," which helped students find transpor- 
tation and riders during vacations. 

Alpha Zeta-To/j Row: Philip F. Warnken, Billy Ray Fuller, 
Lawrence E. Stoskopf, Lloyd W. Rooney, Edward J. Bicknell, 
Howard V. Sieler, Janver D. Krehhiel, Eugene H. Harter. Sec- 
ond Row: Fred G. Clary, Charles E. Eck, Earl W. Weiss, Robert 
A. Baruth, Benny I. Osburn, Douglas J. Bolt, Martyn L. Apley, 

Joe Kashner. Third Row: Wade T. Smith, Ron W. McCune, 
Alfred E. Davis, Harold D. Knewtson, Robert W. Lewis, Ronald 
E. Janasek, Robert L. Gardner. Rottom Row: James A. Will, 
Gary L. Cromwell, Richard E. Bowen, Jesse V. Unruh, Richard 
D. Bair, Walter H. Smith, W. Arthur Godfrey, S. Galen Unger. 

Tau Sigma Delta 

Tau Sigma Delta is a national architecture hon- 
orary. To become a member, architecture students 
must be in the upper 20 per cent of their class. The 
organization annually gives a $100 scholarship to an 
incoming freshman who shows promise in the pro- 

Members this year took a field inspection trip 
and presented an engineering assembly skit. Dr. 
John F. Helm was the faculty sponsor and Douglas 
Moore served as president. Other officers included 
Dwight Bennett, vice president and treasurer, and 
Gary Carlat, secretary. 

Tau Sigma Delta— Top Row: Jan E. Jester, Stan Hansen, Max 
Bishop, Bob Kile. Second Row; Douglas W. Moore, Carl D. 
Gaede, Gilbert J. Veconi, Paul Lu. Bottom Row: Duane Huber, 
Arthur Johnson, Bill Wunsch, Dwight Bennett. 

Alpha Phi Omega— Top Row: Biehard L. Kiee, Gary B. Agron, 
Ernie Vine, M. Viers Smith, John Q. Straehota, William H. Hon- 
stead. Second Row: A. Thornton Edwards, Duane V. Chun, 
George E. Weckel, James W. Taylor, Biehard J. Jewett, Leon 

D. Swenson. Bottom Row: Lynn J. Hellebust, Edward P. Fabri- 
cius, Donald D. Billau, Howard H. Heflin, Jon Trentman, Charles 

Order of Artus 

Order of Artus— Top Row: J. A. Hodges, Curtis H. Adams, 
Jack J. MeCulliek, Eleanor B. Hansen. Second Row: Tae Won 
Kim, Wallace B. Nelson, John B. Hildebrand, Donald F. DeCou. 
Bottom Row: James B. Hoath, Bobert B. Kerchner, Walter D. 
Fisher, Charles F. Moggie, Edgar S. Bagley. 


Order of Artus, economics honorary, began its 
third year on the campus by electing Charles Mog- 
gie as president. Other officers included Robert 
Kerchner, secretary, and Tae Won Kim, treasurer. 
Prof. W. B. Nelson was faculty sponsor. 

Requirements for membership in this national 
organization are credit in at least 12 hours of eco- 
nomic courses with a "B" average or better in these 
classes, and an interest in economics. Activities this 
semester included 12 professional meetings. 


"I resolve . . .," a novice debater's gestures emphasize 
a point in her debate during Arts and Sciences Day. 

Pi Epsilon Delta 

The awarding of Oscars for outstanding per- 
formances in K-State Players' productions climaxed 
activities for Pi Epsilon Delta, national collegiate 
players. Standing for the betterment of drama and 
the raising of standards in college theaters, the or- 
ganization included 31 members who had B aver- 
age or better in drama courses. The Players' Oscar 
banquet, Arts and Sciences day, Players' produc- 
tions, a program for the spring High School Drama 
festival, a costume party, and an initiation banquet 
were a few of the projects entered. 

Delta Sigma Rho 

To honor outstanding students in the field of de- 
bate is the main purpose of Delta Sigma Rho, a 
national forensic honorary. This year the national 
student forensic convention was at Indiana univer- 
sity, where the four pledges of the K-State chapter 
were initiated. 

Delta Sigma Rho sponsors two contests annually. 
One is a speaking contest for organizations. Sigma 
Chi fraternity and Southeast hall won this year. 
The other event is an international debate the sec- 
ond semester. Dan Halm was president, and James 
G. Robbins was faculty adviser. 

Pi Epsilon Delta— Top Roiv: Lau- 
rel L. Johnson, Martha A. Atkins, 
Randi M. Johnson. Second Row: 
James L. Johnson, Jeanne M. Hill, 
Don Hermes, Wendy Gray. Bot- 
tom Row: Elliott S. Parker, Ken 
Keefer, Darwin K. Klein. 

Delta Sigma Rho — Top Row: 
Mary R. Hall, Virginia J. Baxter, 
Mary E. Richardson, Anita Taylor. 
Bottom Row: C. J. Austermiller, 
D. F. Hahn, James G. Robbins, 
Bill Hiett. 


Sigma Alpha Eta 

With creating and stimulating an interest among 
college students in the field of speech and hearing 
as their goal, the members of Sigma Alpha Eta, 
national speech therapy and hearing honorary, were 
directed by Dr. Albert Knox, adviser, and Jeanne 
Hill, president. Projects included a candy sale for 
fund raising, social meetings with guest speakers, 
and attendance at conferences throughout the state 
for speech therapists. 

Sigma Alpha Eta— Top Row: Jane E. Venard, Sandra K. Swan- 
son, Loretta D. Weixelman, Carolyn Huber. Bottom Row: Judy 
A. McAlister, Al Knox, Jeanne M. Hill. 

Mu Phi Epsilon 

Mu Phi Epsilon, national women's music honor- 
ary, is a group united by the motto, "Musicianship, 
Sisterhood, Scholarship." The 16 members attain a 
2.8 grade average for initiation, having in addition 
musical ability. Under the leadership of Jo Ellen 
Cooley, president, and Miss Jean Sloop, facultv 
sponsor, the organization participated in Arts and 
Sciences Day, the Homecoming parade, and Artist 

Delta Phi Delta 

The stimulation of art interests among students 
and the community, high scholarship and the recog- 
nition of professional ability were the basic pur- 
poses of Delta Phi Delta, national art honorary, 
jeneane Hubert, president, and J. Cranston Heint- 
zelman, faculty sponsor, led the 17-member group. 
Requirements for membership include a 3.0 in art 
courses, and a 2.5 over-all average for art or art- 
architecture majors. 

Mu Phi Epsilon— Top Row: Bar- 
bara R. Coolidge, Sbaron S. To- 
buren, Lois M. Hadin, Esther M. 
Aberle, Laura G. Coon. Second 
Row: Jo Ellen Cooley, Jean E. 
Lumb, Rebecca K. McArthur, 
Jean C. Sloop. Bottom Row: 
Rebecca S. Dudrey, Carol D. 
Stewart, Vicki M. Meier, Judy A. 
Young, Donna D. DeCou. 

Delta Phi Delta— Top Row: 
Willard D. Burgess, Paul C. Lu, 
Dwight Bennett, Gilbert J. Ve- 
coni, J. Cranston Heintzelman. 
Bottom Row: Marilyn Summers, 
Karen Braman, Jeneane Hubert, 
Carolyn Dyer. 


Phi Lambda Upsilon— Top Row: Antonio A. Sandoval, Raimond 
Liepins, Francis C. Lanning, Jack L. Lambert, Howard L. 
Mitchell, Alfred T. Perkins. Second Row: Dinesh D. Sharma, 

Alpha Kappa Psi— Top Row: Darwin K. Klein, James E. Meeks, 
Virgil N. Brummer, Paul R. Thompson, John M. Nelson, L. Dale 
Pflieger, William M. Shilling. Second Row: Larry C. Bowser, 
George F. Lesovsky, Don F. Hazlett, Richard C. Hoisington, 
Dale V. Horn, E. James Steiner, James E. Logback, Jerome R. 

James F. Kneller, Joseph S. Cantrell, Herman W. Knoche, 
Thomas E. Shellenberger, Herbert C. Moser. Bottom Row: 
William B. Walters, Clifton E. Meloan, D. B. Parrish, W. S. 
Ruliffson, A. M. Gawienowski, Ivan C. Smith. 

Moritz. Third Row: Robert J. Monroe, George M. Hill, Law- 
rence F. Alwin, James L. Mechling, Dale E. Sturgeon, Duane 
E. Hoover, Fred S. Quincy, Tom P. Carrico. Bottom Row: Ro- 
land W. Floberg, David D. Bryan, Dale N. Lyon, John W. 
Stark, Pat B. McKenzie, Paul M. Ham, Jerrold A. Burnette, 
John K. Simmons. 

Phi Lambda Upsilon 

Phi Lambda Upsilon, national chemistry honor- 
ary, was successful in forwarding their nominee, 
Dr. George B. Kistiakowsky, for the honorary mem- 
ber award of the American Chemical society. The 
honorary participated in Arts and Sciences Day, 
the national convention in Arizona, and granted an 
award to the outstanding graduate student for re- 
search, and scholarships to both graduate and un- 
dergraduate members for scholastic achievement. 
President Ivan Smith forwarded the society's pur- 
pose of scholarship and investigation. 

Alpha Kappa Psi 

Students majoring in business administration or 
economics and having a grade average of 2.4 or 
above can be members of Alpha Kappa Psi, na- 
tional business honorary. Promoting and encourag- 
ing all activities concerned with the field of busi- 
ness, the organization participated in Arts and Sci- 
ences Day and held several smokers, a business 
machine school for graduating seniors, and profes- 
sional tours. Presiding over Alpha Kappa Psi was 
John Simmons, while Eugene J. Laughlin steered 
the group in an advisory capacity. 


Sigma Gamma Epsilon 

Phi Alpha Theta 

Phi Alpha Theta, national history honorary, this 
year was under the leadership of Carol Woodman- 
see, president, and Miss Hazel Riggs, faculty spon- 
sor. Approximately 40 members, both students and 
faculty, participated in the various activities of the 
honorary. These included several seminars con- 
ducted throughout the year, and a banquet for new 
initiates in the spring. 

Two qualifications for membership were that the 
individual must have a minimum of 12 hours of 
history with above a B average in these courses and 
that he be in the upper 35 per cent scholastically in 
the rest of his subjects at Kansas State university. 

The promotion of professional, scholastic, and so- 
cial interest among geology students kept the mem- 
bers of Sigma Gamma Epsilon engaged in activi- 
ties. The sponsors of a departmental banquet in 
the spring and of the Williston Geology club, the 
organization also sold geological field equipment, 
conducted a field trip as a supplement to classroom 
material, and participated in Arts and Sciences Day 
and Boy Scout Week. 

The members were available for service to the 
Geology department for any special projects. Each 
of the 25 members had at least a 2.8 in geology. 
Gaylord Hinshaw was president and Dr. Henry V. 
Beck and Dr. Page C. Twiss were faculty sponsors. 

Sigma Gamma Epsilon— Top Row: Paul S. Wingard, Louis 
Riseman, Jamel J. Qasim, John B. Butler, Joseph R. Chelikow- 
sky, Kenneth E. Francis. Second Row: Page C. Twiss, William 
K. Clark, Arthur B. Sperry, David H. Lobmeyer, Marion L. 

Phi Alpha Theta— Top Row: Ada Billings, Inez Alsop, Vera 
Pletcher, Margaret L. Strobel, Carol Woodmansee. Second Row: 
JoAnn S. Mayer, Hazel Riggs, Arnold C. Plank, Verne S. Sweed- 

Maderak. Third Row: Dale V. Baysinger, Ralph H. Witte, Joe 
A. Dooley, Melverne Heble, William E. Grossniekle, John Hep- 
burn. Bottom Row: Henry V. Beck, Arthur L. Booth, Charles 
P. Walters, Gaylord C. Hinshaw, Maurice A. Korbe, Ray Milsap. 

lun, A. Bower Sageser. Bottom Row: James C. Carey, Philip 
M. Rice, Finnan G. Gladow, Homer E. Socolofsky, William 

Sigma Delta Chi— Top Row: R. R. 
Lashbrook, Darryl Heikes, Murvin 
Perry, Loren Henry. Second Row: 
George Eaton, James O. Bell, El- 
bert Macy, Chester Peterson, Gary 
Vacin. Bottom Row: Donald Ver- 
aska, Byron Ellis, G. Eldon Miller, 
Jerry Ratts. 

Theta Sigma Phi— Top Row: Mary J. Mauler, Helen P. Hostet- 
ter, Imogene Lamb. Second Row: Wanda Eggers, Martha Steps. 
Third Row: Helen Splichal, Doris J. Miller, Janice Bates. 

Journalism Societies 

Two honor societies are represented in the De- 
partment of Journalism. Sigma Delta Chi is a pro- 
fessional society for men in journalism and is dedi- 
cated to the highest ideals of the profession. The 
twelve members were led by Eldon Miller, presi- 
dent, and C. J. Medlin, faculty adviser. One of the 
journalists' yearly projects is the publication of the 
April Fool issue of the Collegian. Members also 
sponsored luncheons for guest journalists and all- 
University assembly speakers. 

Members of Theta Sigma Phi have to be junior 
or senior women with a B average in Journalism 
courses and a C average over-all, plus interest and 
ability in journalism. Imogene Lamb was president 
this year, Miss Helen Hostetter faculty sponsor. 

Alpha Delta Theta— Top Row: 
Carolyn A. Foreman, Phyllis C. 
Strnad, Carin L. Slentz. Second 
Row: Judy K. Reid, Susie Ramsey, 
Jane Byler. Bottom Row: Sonja D. 
Goetsch, Patricia Ryan, C. Jane 


Eta Kappa Nu— Top Row: Richard D. Chelikowsky, Robert A. 
McMillen, Don L. Wagner, Duane E. Walker, William D. Kast- 
ner, Jay S. Huebner. Second Row: Bill D. Matthews, Kenneth 
H. Carpenter, Harold D. Ogburn, Marvin E. Daniel, Robert C. 
Eslinger, Keith W. Jeffers, Michael D. King. Third Row: Ken- 
neth G. Ingram, Keith D. Pugh, Gary L. Johnson, Leigh A. 

Eta Kappa Nu— Top Row: John W. Walters, Boyd E. Mathes, 
Dennis L. Esslinger, Hubert R. Van Wie, Richard D. Markley. 
Second Row: Wayne F. Wootton, Allen I. Wright, Thomas L. 
Brown, Wilfred E. Layman, Albert L. Engle. Third Row: Don- 

Roehr, Claude W. Peters, John I. Garrett, James E. Browne, 
Harold P. Wasinger. Bottom Row: Gerry C. Balzer, Bill R. Em- 
rick, Terry L. Parsons, Marvin H. Hammond, John W. Locke, 
Karl F. Anderson, Clayton L. Griffin, Larry L. Jones, Frank B. 

aid R. Schmidt, Dennis J. Marfice, William J. Hardenburger, 
Leonard A. Munger, Louis J. Vallas, M. Viers Smith. Bottom 
Row: John A. Showalter, Lyle E. Gum, John E. Dahl, Jerry J. 
Jones, Robert W. Janzen, Bobby J. Thomas, John S. Tripp. 

Alpha Delta Theta 

The Alpha Delta Theta honorary is open to all 
Medical Technology students who have an over-all 
C average. Its president this year was Kay Gard- 
ner and the faculty sponsor was Prof. V. D. Foltz. 

Tonrs were taken to the Fort Rilev hospital and 
the Kansas universitv medical center. Other activi- 
ties included tvping of blood for Arts and Sciences 
Day and a spring cookie sale. Monev from the sale 
went into the Dorf Memorial scholarship fund. 
Prof. Carl A. Dorf was one of the founders of the 
K-State chapter and also partly responsible for the 
founding of national Alpha Delta Theta. 

Eta Kappa Nu 

Furthering the profession of electrical engineer- 
ing is the purpose of Eta Kappa Nu, electrical en- 
gineering honorary. The organization has a mem- 
bership of 75 and is guided by president Larry 
Jones and faculty sponsor Prof. R. M. Kerchner. A 
candidate for membership must be in the upper 
fourth of his junior class and the upper third of his 
senior class in electrical engineering. 

Activities of the chapter included a smoker, 
initiation, and banquet. The group had its own 
display at Engineers Open House and members 
also directed all electrical engineering projects. 


Engineering honoraries all took active parts in the an- 
nual Engineers' Open House. Members of Eta Kappa 

Nu, an electrical engineering honorary, built a robot 
on wheels with movable arms and a taped voice. 

Pi Tau Sigma 

Pi Tau Sigma, mechanical engineering honorary, 
requires members to be in the top fourth of their 
junior class and the top third of their senior class 
in mechanical engineering. Also required is sound 
engineering ability along with a good personality. 

One of the purposes of Rho chapter is to develop 
in students of mechanical engineering the attributes 
necessary for effective leadership and the assump- 
tion of the responsibilities of a citizen in a demo- 
cracy. The 51 active members were headed by 
president Lester F. Luehring and faculty sponsor 
A. O. Flinner. 

Pi Tau Sigma— Top Row: Daniel V. Hines, Robert L. Rees, 
Ronald D. Tucker, Richard L. Goudy, Karl K. Stevens, John H. 
Kopp. Second Row: Lee B. White, Lester F. Luehring, Ronald 
L. Rasmussen, Dean E. Gladow, Lester W. Wurm, Joe Grennan. 

Third Row: Gene H. Dettmer, Jay L. Knox, John G. Harri, Rob- 
ert W. Martin, Gary R. Culberson, Dale R. Galliart. Rottom 
Row: John C. Counter, Richard W. Stolarczyk, Donald D. Van- 
ous, Stanley R. Miller, Roy L. Harder, Fred W. Loseke, Leo W. 

Steel Ring— Top Row: Dean E. Gladow, Waldo D. Lang, John 
Harri, Ralph I. Lipper, William D. Kastner, Donald G. Living- 
ston. Second Row: John E. Pawlowski, Lyle E. Clum, John A. 

Showalter, Garry D. Chegwidden, Karl K. Stevens. Bottom Row: 
Gary G. Goetsch, Maurice P. Schrag, Billy D. Wunsch, Larry 
E. Eriekson, Wilson Tripp, N. Dean Eckhoff. 

Honors Committee 

To advance engineering education and to develop 
the civil engineering student in the fundamental 
characteristics of his profession are the purposes of 
the Civil Engineering Honors committee. Headed 
by Henry Renollet, president, and Dr. R. F. Morse, 
faculty sponsor, the group this year had fall and 
spring smokers, a spring banquet and an Engineers' 
Open House project. 

Steel Ring 

To encourage underclass participation in activi- 
ties promoting engineering and architecture is one 
of the purposes of Steel Ring, professional engi- 
neering society. Leadership, social compatibility, 
professional ability, and a 2.0 grade average are the 
requirements for membership. Dwight Bennett was 
president with Dr. Wilson Tripp and Prof. Ralph 
Lipper as faculty advisers. 

Civil Engineering Honors Committee— Top Row: James D. 
Reid, Dalton C. Hostetler, James M. Vredenhurg, Reed F. Morse, 
Henry C. Renollet, Terry G. Howes. Second Roiu: Rudy Dir- 

seherl, Jordan T. Olson, Nelson E. Funston, George A. Carson, 
Larry C. Bennington, Duane A. Ringel, Merle L. Braden. Bot- 
tom Row: John A. Eberwein, Jay W. Zimmerman, Jere J. Hinkle, 
Clyde W. Anthem, Larry Rohloff, Garry D. Chegwidden. 

Arnold Air Society— Top Row: Donald L. Gish, Philip D. Wil- 
gers, William M. Shilling, Larry A. Nelson, Lee B. White. Sec- 
ond Row: Darwin K. Klein, Loren W. Conrad, Harold O. Den- 

ton, Richard L. Goudy, Madison R. Jones. Rottom Row: Gary R. 
Dicks, George D. Burgess, Larry N. Lydick, William E. Bayless, 
Gary J. Toy. 

Arnold Air Society 

Maintaining a 2.5 over-all grade point average 
and a 3.0 average in air science and showing out- 
standing leadership characteristics are the require- 
ments for membership in Arnold Air society, honor- 
ary for advanced cadets in air science. The 16 
members of the organization co-sponsor the Army- 
Air Force ball each year. 

Scabbard and Blade 

Scabbard and Blade's rifle team placed first in 
the nation over other chapters. The honorary for 
military science cadets increased its membership 
20 per cent over last year. The purpose of the or- 
ganization is to unite the military departments of 
universities in a closer relationship and to increase 
knowledge of military practices. 

Scabbard and Blade— Top Row: William D. Critser, Wayne E. 
Spencer, Capt. M. L. Coy, Nicholas V. Hudelson, Monte G. Ray. 

Second Row: Kenneth A. Brewer, J. Mike Smith, Donald A. 
Kesinger, James D. Nielson. Rottom Row: L. Lee Atkins, Rod- 
ney K. Vincent, Don E. Wise, Jerry J. Jones, Richard H. German. 

Phi Epsilon Kappa— Top Row: T. M. Evans, Gary D. Delforge, 
John A. Sheldon, C. Dee Gard, James Akin, Jerry Bonner, Wil- 
liam White, Anton Mayne. Second Row: Edwin T. Dillinger, 
Don T. Goodpasture, Robert T. Groszek, Richard L. Haas, Ron- 
ald Johnson, Allan Thaemert, Glenn Hamilton, Bill Guthridge. 

Third Row: Jimmy J. Krob, H. Duane Saunders, David P. Reh- 
feld, Don Darter, Elton E. Green, Duane Shaw, Bill Gieber, 
Veryle Snyder. Bottom Row: Gordon W. Harper, George F. 
Shroyer, Warren S. Brown, Glen Long, Dale Evans, Clancy Nor- 
ris, Glen Richter, Oree Banks. 

Phi Epsilon Kappa 

Angel Flight 

K-State's Angel Flight joined the national flight 
sponsored by the Donald H. Varhies squadron of 
Arnold Air society last fall. The purposes of the 
women's drill team are to serve as official hostesses 
for the Air Force ROTC and heighten interest in 
the armed services. The flight is composed of 29 
active members and ten alternates. 

More than 40 projects were completed by mem- 
bers of Phi Epsilon Kappa, enabling the men's 
physical education honorary to win the "National 
Efficiency Award" for the second consecutive year. 
The honorary won over 40 other chapters. One of 
the main projects for the 30 members was the an- 
nual free throw contest for fifth and sixth graders. 

Angel Flight— Top Row: M. Kay Mox, Judy L. Harbaugh, 
Merry G. Bankey, Marthanne Jarvis, Jeanie Steele, Linda R. 
Burge, Juanita R. Wille. Second Row: Nancy A. McVicar, Gayla 
Shoemake, Sharon E. Robson, Judy A. McAlister, Darlene Y. 

Couch, Kathlyn J. Sullivan. Third Row: Ruth E. Hanson, Claire 
Fryer, Eva L. Craig, Ellen M. Wierenga, Karen L. Smith, Donna 
M. Dunlap, Nancy J. Nation. Rottom Row: Mary K. O'Loughlin, 
Vivian Patterson, Becky O'Connor, Ann Heaton, Judy Pilkenton, 
Mateele L. Blessing, S. Beth Wilson. 

Many unusual gifts are examined by students at the 
annual Y-Mart. Items from other nations were sold at 

the mart last November and profits were used for the 
expenses of YWCA, one of the oldest clubs on campus. 

Religious Counci 

The purpose of the Religious Coordinating Coun- 
cil is to promote cooperative social, humanitarian, 
and religious programs on the campus and in the 
University community. The major activity of the 
council is the sponsorship of Religious Emphasis 
Week and of the discussions during this time. 
Speakers are brought in during the week to speak 
at seminars and an assembly. 

The group also sponsored the Bishop Company's 

"The Great Divorce." The council worked closely 
with Dr. William Tremmel, director of religious 
activities, to plan Christmas and Easter programs 
and an all-University religious program each month. 
Brotherhood Week is scheduled by the group and 
many additional speakers are brought to the cam- 
pus during the year by the RCC. 

The council is made up of representatives elected 
from each of the eighteen religious groups on cam- 
pus. Any religious group on campus is eligible to 
participate. The council was led by Neal Meitler, 
president, and Dr. William Tremmel and Dr. Web- 
ster Sill, faculty sponsors. 

Religious Coordinating Council— Top Row: Marilyn McCord, 
James C. Walker, Mary S. Schroeder, James D. Goetzinger, Jo- 
Ann Cool, Sarah Sheldon, Diane Dufva, John R. Clifford. Sec- 
ond Roiv: Ronald A. Zentz, Dale V. Horn, Harold R. Albrecht, 
Allan M. Bailey, Neal D. Meitler, W. H. Sill, Jr., Virginia Rails- 

back, Betty J. King. Third Row: Robert L. Baer, Robert J. Mon- 
roe, David K. Felton, Harold D. Knewtson, William C. Trem- 
mel, Bert R. Biles, Roger L. Riggert, Dennis C. Duell. Rottom 
Row: Larry K. Wangerin, Richard P. Feleay, Larry A. Norris, 
Larry J. Chaput, Duane E. Fredrickson, Douglas Erbeck, David 


YWCA— Top Row: Gay A. Missildine, Harriet Wetlaufer, Joan 
Faulconer, Barbara Seammell, Judy L. Allemang, Ruth A. Speirs, 
Diane McGauhey. Second Row: Connie L. Dick, Irene Ross, 
Mary S. Snider, Karen Armstrong, Ada M. Church, Mary A. 

Humes, Sondra Fair, Linda Gemmell. Third Row: Lou Ann 
McKinnon, Pat Webber, Marie Wuthnow, Kay Nordstrom, Nan- 
cy Nation, Jean Reehling, Carolyn Moate. Bottom Row: Linda 
A. Bare, Nancy Thornton, Barbara J. Blackburn, Suzanne M. 
Stoner, Eugenia Mangelsdorf, Suzanne Fairbank, Fran Boyd. 


The Young Women's Christian Association in- 
cluded in its many activities the annual Y-Mart 
sale of gift items from foreign countries. Picnics 
with international students were in the spring and 
fall, and the group set up coffee booths for faculty 
members during registration. Christmas favors were 
given in the children's wards at city hospitals. The 
YWCA is an organization working to further the 
Christian way of life through its members. Presi- 
dent Nancv Thornton and sponsor Miss Janet Wil- 
son led the 85 members. 

Christian Fellowship 

"To know Christ and to make Him known" is the 
motto of the Kansas State Inter- Varsity Christian 
fellowship. The main activities of the group in- 
cluded a week of discussions in organized houses, a 
camp in the Rocky Mountains for international stu- 
dents during the Christmas holidays, and two week- 
end retreats with other chapters in the state. The 
fellowship is the local chapter of the Inter- Varsitv 
Christian Fellowship of America and was started 
here in 1946. Bob Monroe led the group with Dr. 
Herbert Moser as faculty adviser. 

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship— Top Row: Nita Reno, 
Joyce Case, Janice Wanklyn, Leah J. Ottaway, Laura G. Coon, 
Lois Hadin, Barbara Coolidge, Carol S. Bundy. Second Row: Becky 
O'Connor, Sue Young, Judy Leach, James Walker, Anita Jacob- 
son, Patty Boyd, Marylyn Kroenlein, Carolyn K. Rundell, Mary 

K. Rundell. Third Row: Karen S. Fields, Irene E. Porter, Naomi 
J. Erickson, Suzanne M. Stoner, Jack D. Larsen, Byron D. Bell, 
Darryl E. Matter, William P. Bunger. Bottom Row: Paul Burk, 
Owen D. Tibbetts, Bob Thomas, Gary L. Cromwell, Robert J. 
Monroe, Norman Hildebrand, Bill E. Cowell, Dennis C. Duell. 


Grace Baptist Student Fellowship— Top Row: Barbara R. 
Coolidge, Sharon B. Oberle, Mary E. Strahm, Mary K. Rundell, 
Anita Jaeobson. Second Row: James C. Walker, Byron D. Bell, 

Bob Monroe, Darryl E. Matter, Owen D. Tibbetts, Karen Fields. 
Bottom Row: Gary L. Cromwell, Lawrence E. Chapman, Robert 
L. Thomas, Bill E. Cowell, Silas E. Weisendanger. 

Alpha Iota— Top Row: Ronald W. Campbell, Sharon Kay 
Randel, Ted Norton. Second Row: Rex F. Allen, Marjorie Nor- 
ton, Jolene Hazen, Nancy J. Roberts. Bottom Row: Gary L. 
Johnson, David Roggendorff, Larry A. Norris. 

Alpha lota 

The purpose of newly-formed Alpha Iota is to 
give student members of the Church of Christ and 
their friends an opportunity to relate their faith to 
their school life. The group was organized in the 
spring of 1959. 

Its activities include cooperation with the Inter- 
national Student Relations board and devotionals 
twice a week at Danforth Chapel. The group also 
has meetings bi-weekly, a party each month, semi- 
nars on religious questions, and speakers. President 
David Roggendorff led the group with Ronald 
Campbell as faculty sponsor. 

Baptist Student Union— Top Roiv: Carmen J. Wassom, Doris 
E. Park, Dixie R. Bullard, Mary M. Harris. Second Row: Clif- 
ford C. Burdick, Lynn Stewart, Ronald E. Dungey, P. Douglas 
Cron. Bottom Row: Robert L. Harris, C. R. Roberts, Charles 
E. S. Ueng, Gary L. Mitchell. 


Baptist Union 

The Baptist Student Union worked toward its 
motto— "to provide the connecting link between the 
student's campus life and church life "—under the 
leadership of president Ronald Dungey. Activities 
of the group included a Thanksgiving dinner for 
international students attended by more than 100 

The group had a retreat before the start of school 
and members also prepared Christmas treats for 
needy families. The group sponsored student sum- 
mer missions to areas outside the state. The di- 
rector for the 40-member group was Lynn Stewart 
and C. R. Roberts was faculty sponsor. 


Roger Wlliams Fellowship— Top Row: Donna E. Severance, 
Patsy L. Johnson, Ileen J. Rundle, Peggy A. Donavan, Donna M. 
Fox, Helen C. Segelquist, Ann Singleton, Janet Eddy. Second 
Row: Julie C. Palmquist, Janet K. Sehroek, Janet F. Oyler, 
Judith C. Donham, Mary J. Starkey, Prudy Elliott, Kay Rowland, 

Vicki Matthews. Third Row: Duane V. Gum, Norman K. Hilde- 
brand, Errol L. Parthemer, James R. Christiansen, Ronald E. 
Rich, George H. Reyer, Dale Horn, Charles Swanlund. Bottom 
Row: Don H. Mabry, Howard Wallace, Dick McGuire, Max A. 
Godfrey, Milton Pippenger, Dave Woolfolk, Jim Coburn, Lyle 

Baptist Fellowship 

To bring Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to all 
persons and to promote the development of Christ's 
teachings in students' lives is the purpose of the 
Grace Baptist Student fellowship. The group's 
meetings, suppers, and programs are led by presi- 
dent Bill Cowell and faculty sponsor Dr. Herbert 

Roger Williams 

The purpose of the Roger Williams fellowship is 
the development of meaningful Christian living and 
to join with fellow Christians in the evangelization 
of the campus. The group is led in activities such 
as a Thanksgiving banquet for international stu- 
dents by president Gordon Cooper and faculty 
sponsor Paul Young. 

Roger Williams Fellowship— Top Row: Carol J. Salmans, 
Kathryn L. Chism, D. Ann Roberts, Joyce M. Comstock, Ronda 
L. Edwards, Anna M. Edwards, Phyllis Jacobson, Judy Thomp- 
son, John Clifford, Ru-Hsin Mo. Second Row: Marie Wuthnow, 
Sue Hiebert, Charlene Langford, Beverly Richardson, Donald L. 
Gish, Leeman Lazarus, Duane E. Thiel, Richard Behrens, Larry 

Daggett, Richard Bayles. Third Row: Beverly K. Hower, Palmer 
R. Haynes, Ross R. Freeman, Paul B. Priefert, Billy J. Jones, 
Gordon Hildebrand, John P. Wilson, Don Barnes, Edward E. 
Yotter, Eugene W. Allen. Bottom Row: Dale R. Turner, Peter 
W. Hopkins, Gordon L. Coppoc, Roger W. Lemon, Charles C. 
Moore, Don R. Wester, George G. Johnson, Don King, Roy M. 
Allen, David E. Waters, Jack F. Reffner. 


Newman Club— Top Row: Barbara J. Pivonka, Jean C. Leis, 
Alice F. Bosh, Rita M. Ohnmacht, Marty Mulloy. Second 
Row: Robert L. Schuetz, Lloyd W. Rooney, Tom P. Carrico, 
Gerald P. MacFee, Thomas H. Bush, Donald Oswald. Third 

Newman Club— Top Row: Marjorie D. Roeekers, Margaret A. 
Hund, Joseph F. Mink, Mary Weigel, Anne Clarkson, Sandra 
White, Joyce Banks. Second Row: The Rev. Carl Kramer, James 
D. Goetzinger, Mike Dziura, Leon Spacil, Mike Horrell, Don 
Krasko, Caroline Davidson, The Rev. E. J. Weisenberg. Tliird 

Father Kramer descends from an improvised altar in 
Luckey high gym to give club members communion. 

Row: Rudolf Dirscherl, Howard Ubert, Norman Youngberg, 
Patrick Myers, John Erbert, Donald Mavers, Jim Lackey. Bot- 
tom Row: Herman F. Jasper, Jim Boss, Mike Fickel, Paul E. 
Verbrugge, Jim Rempe, Gary Peltier, Joe Giarrusso, Jr., Frank 

Row: James M. Vredenburg, James F. Conner, J. Dennis Dlabal, 
Michael T. Healy, Marion G. Loper, David A. Majofsky, Patrick 
Dunn. Bottom Row: John S. Pitchford, Joseph F. Banks, Don- 
ald L. Marx, Donald O. Christy, Arthur F. Muller, Charles 
Schaller, Arthur Mick, William J. Ice. 

Newman Club 

The Kansas State Newman club took first place 
in the club division of the Homecoming parade 
this year. Other activities included a retreat for all 
students, a skating party, picnics, and a banquet 
and ball. There were also weekly discussions for 
married students and general panel discussions. 
The group, the largest religious organization on 
campus, also had bi-weekly meetings for its 380 

The purpose of Newman club is to promote the 
spiritual and intellectual aspects of a Catholic stu- 
dent's life. The group was led by Larry Chaput, 
president, and faculty sponsor J. P. Callahan. The 
organization was started in 1912, but did not have 
a permanent chaplain until the Rev. Carl Kramer 
came to the new student center last year. 




Newman Club— Top Row: Loretta D. Weixelman, Rachel Gari- 
bay, Joan Toepfer, Larry Magette, Keith P. Nevins, Kenneth A. 
Miller, James W. Nass, Frank Gloggner, John D. Harris, William 
E. Gallagher. Second Row: Larry L. Desilet, Alicia L. Cordova, 
Thomas J. Zink, Herbert Z. Langland, Carey L. Smith, David 
M. Popplewell, Martha A. Lobmeyer, Ruth A. Raleigh, Patricia 
J. McHugh, Janice R. Drapel, Jean E. Naiman. Third Row: 

^»****v . 



felt *^Gk 9 m 

fiT j *"% **r^^ y 


H i 

' ■ISp*" 3 * (c: % t 

r 1 

\ "IP 

1 V i/. 

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i J- 

Steve F. Sauer, David H. Lobmeyer, Tom C. Clarkson, John E. 
Pawlowski, Paul J. Connolly, Gayle T. Kantack, Francis J. 
Komarek, Ronald F. Cantrell, Carl L. Schuler, John Buser. Rot- 
torn, Row: Jerry L. Stenberg, Thomas C. Behner, Timothy N. 
Etzel, Urban G. Wise, Charles V. Giamalvo, John R. Mick, 
Benton D. Harman, Larry E. Deal, Mark Zoeller, Donald M. 
Miller, Ron Burkhardt. 

Newman Club— Top Row: Joseph F. Lichtenauer, Jr., Margaret 
E. Gatz, Karen K. Kern, Joanne M. Dailey, Elizabeth A. Stapf, 
Nancy L. Fuller, Pat Malloy, Dianne Pribyl, Dorothy Hertel, 
Maureen Conlon, Michael J. Hennessy. Second Row: John R. 
Glassmaker, Melvin R. Walters, Richard J. Paynter, Ken A. 
Schmidt, Greg Schmidtlein, Ralph T. Johnson, Jr., Jose D. Cor- 
dova, Dennis L. Esslinger, Gabriel R. Faimon, Alfred J. Manne- 

bach, Francis L. Depenbusch. Third Row: James E. Carrico, 
Joseph W. Conant, Larry Pribyl, Robert A. Cebula, Ralph V. 
Johnson, Eugene W. Mater, J. Dale Kirn, Edward J. Oborny, 
Jr., James Mentgen, Ralph Balaun, Robert Heiman. Bottom Row: 
Jerry M. Carrico, Jake Kennedy, Richard R. Irvine, Fred Rick- 
son, Daniel J. Gieber, Richard J. Connell, William M. McKin- 
ney, John T. Chehaske, Warren C. Babcock, Thomas W. Swerc- 
zek, Harold P. Wasinger. 

Newman Club— Top Row: Phyllis J. Dolecek, Mary A. Riordan, 
Mary A. Werts, Omer A. Knoll, James F. Gieber, Donna M. 
Dlabal, Jane Konop, Nancy Fritton, Loretta Roeckers. Second 
Row: Virginia J. Gaume, Jimmy J. Krob, Maureen J. Berls, 
Janice M. Jaax, Margaret M. Schwarz, Karen M. Kistner, Sarah 
F. Robohn, Vincent F. DeRouchey, Norman A. Werner. Third 

Row: John F. Schicke, Charles L. Caspar, Pablo Rodriguez, 
Robert R. DeRusseau, Robert Rippe, Arlyn Engelken, Gary L. 
Van Leeuwen, Leo Voet, Vincent Sweat. Bottom Roiv: Lawrence 
H. Wetter, Charles Wieland, Rich Ruda, Larry Chaput, Charles 
Schofield, John B. Coufal, Grady F. Ghrer, Stephen Lange, Jo- 
seph H. Kramer. 


United Student Fellowship— Top Row: Polly R. Armstrong, 
Melissa M. Hale, Susan R. Warnken, Grace L. Wallace, Eliza- 
beth E. Harrison. Second Row: Elisabeth D. Nonamaker, Rich- 
ard L. Vanderlip, Eric W. Sandell, Ernest Goertzen, Douglas 

Gunn. Third Row: Shawkat M. Mashal, Duane A. Ringel, David 
K. Felton, Margretta Flinner, D. Kent Thompson, Virginia Rails- 
back. Bottom Row: John J. Ameel, John P. Walters, Richard 
M. Gunn, Marvin H. Hammond, Jr., M. D. Woolf, Henry J. 
Tiarks, Jr. 

United Fellowship 

Uniting the students of the Congregational and 
Evangelical Reformed denominations and discuss- 
ing subjects of social and intellectual nature is the 
purpose of the United Student Fellowship. The 
organization, led by Virginia Railsback, president, 
and Dr. Maurice Woolf, faculty sponsor, partici- 
pated in folk singing, ice-skating, and Halloween 
and Christmas parties. 

Disciple Fellowship 

Conferences, retreats, and fellowship meetings 
were activities enjoyed by the Disciple Student 
Fellowship. Members also participate in weekly 
study groups and church classes. Since 1913, when 
the Bethany Circle was founded, the Christian 
church has been working closely with the K-State 
students. DSF president was Richard P. Feleay 
and the faculty adviser Willis G. Jackson. 

Disciple Student Fellowship— Top Row: Delores J. Hutchin- 
son, Judith A. Hammons, Franque Chilcote, Joan Russ, Linda 
M. Chandley, Joyce C. Lovin. Second Row: Carolyn K. Cling, 
Willis G. Jackson, Robert E. Lovin, Robert A. Cassell, Judith 

A. Heaton, Donna J. Winkelman. Third Row: L. Ann Burch, 
Margaret V. Severns, Galene Hess, Doris J. Miller, E. Jeannette 
Wells, Marvin D. Edwards. Bottom Row: Jan E. Cipra, Gerald 
D. Clubine, Francis F. Miller, Richard P. Feleay, Perry A. 
Gardner, Jerald J. Wray. 


Evangelical United Brethren Student Fellowship— Top 
Row: Phyllis D. Moody, Naomi J. Erickson, Carol L. Johanning, 
Beulah M. Staats, Barbara L. Lewis, Sara C. Rodewald, Jean- 
ette J. Mathias. Second Row: Sandra S. Cloyes, Paul H. Bern- 

hardt, David E. Bernhardt, Wayne D. Geist, Robert G. Lort- 
scher, Ron Zentz. Bottom Row: Gary Lynn Kilgore, W. Cecil 
Findley, Robert L. Baer, S. Galen Unger, Ned K. Stirtz, Rich- 
ard Meisinger, Gene F. Koester. 

Mennonite Fellowship 

One of the highlights this year for the Mennon- 
ite Fellowship was a smorgasbord of German, Prus- 
sian, Russian, and Swiss foods. The group had about 
50 members. Its president was Monroe H. Bartel 
and Ernest J. Goertzen was the faculty sponsor. 
Other activities included a Christmas banquet, pic- 
nics, and musical programs. 

Evangelical Fellowship 

Since its beginning in 1955 the Evangelical United 
Brethren Student Fellowship has grown to its pres- 
ent size of approximately 30 members. Robert 
Baer, president, and the Rev. Cecil Findley, spon- 
sor, lead the way in fulfilling the purpose of the 
organization by maintaining fellowship among the 
college students. 

Mennonite Fellowship— Top Row: Connie L. Dick, Louise A. 
Esau, Mrs. Doris Bartel, Mrs. Janet Epp, Mrs. Melita Graber, 
Lutfy S. Theodossy. Second Row: Wanda J. Goertzen, Keith 
M. Hostetler, Ernest Goertzen, Dwight Klaassen, Waldeen M. 

Epp, Don Goertzen, James O. Krehbiel. Tliird Row: Monroe H. 
Bartel, Sara Regier, Albert Isaak, Harold Classen, Sally Jo 
Dickey, Sharon Klaassen, Alvin Dale Schrag. Bottom Row: 
Donald R. Schmidt, Fremont A. Regier, Ken Esau, Oren R. 
Voth, Dick Graber, Eldon E. Ortman, John W. Ensz. 



Lutheran Student Association— Top Row: Margaret E. Miller, 
Mary L. Zavesky, Francis J. Dobrovolny, Lyle E. Rasmussen, 
William M. Martin, Dennis Shields, Haven Rolander, Elaine 
Smith, Marilynn Schaus, Marilyn A. Scheleen. Second Row: 
Karla S. Bock, Linda G. Wetzel, LuAnn H. Fager, Carol F. 
Johnson, Barbara A. Neitzel, Patricia L. Mathews, Joy Duffner, 
Kathy Forssberg, Rita Torkelson, Joye Struss. Third Row: Larry 

L. Laverentz, Keith A. Springer, Larry J. Nelson, Larry A. Ol- 
son, Clark L. Bair, Anne C. Brandt, Harold R. Albrecht, Larry 
K. Dannenberg, Wendell Nelson, Glennys Runquist. Bottom 
Row: Eugene O. Johnson, Ronald A. Havenstein, Alvin J. John- 
son, LaRue L. Anderson, Jon D. Struss, Joshua N. Gottfrid, 
Larry E. Erickson, Gary Gabrielson, Frederick T. Hanson, Willis 
I. Peterson. 

Lutheran Students 

The Lutheran Student association, active for 21 
years at Kansas State, organized a study group with 
the topic, "The Lutheran Reformation." The LSA 
has 75 active members, with Larry Dannenberg as 
president. Members attended a conference at Ne- 
braska university and had Halloween and Christ- 
mas-caroling parties, and a senior banquet during 
the spring term. 

Gamma Delta 

Promoting Christian knowledge and service 
among Lutheran students on campus is the purpose 
of the Gamma Delta organization. The Kansas State 
chapter members were hosts to the Rocky Plains 
Regional convention last fall. Roger Riggert was 
president of the 35-member group and Robert 
Cochran was the faculty sponsor. 

Gamma Delta— Top Row: Anita L. Torluemke, Linda L. Ahl- 
stedt, Judith A. Mai, Herschel D. Richter, Marjorie R. Suelter, 
Betty J. Mai, Sharolyn S. Sanborn. Second Row: Irmgard W. 
Feldman, Charles K. Krueger, Roland Gall, Richard L. Rosen- 

hagen, Roger L. Riggert, Ed C. Reinemann, Sandra K. Guets- 
chow. Bottom Row: Gary G. Bitter, Larry E. Wolgast, Larry K. 
Johnson, Gary L. Eilrich, Vernon B. Schweer, Warren W. 
Schmidt, Larry K. Wangerin. 


Westminster Fellowship— Top Row: Mary E. Connet, Mary 
Ann Jarvis, Margaret M. Dickinson, Carol Doran, Marilyn K. 
Hensley, Judy R. Schmidt, Marietta Knoffloch. Second Roiv: 
Ruena J. Quinn, Linda L. Birch, Emerson Abendroth, Joyce M. 
Rogers, Leslie Dole, Jeanne Hill, Judy A. Oberhelman. Tliird 

Row: Bill J. Ryan, James W. Taylor, Larry C. Hixson, Bert R. 
Biles, Jack D. Edwards, Janice K. Oberhelman, Maria B. Sim- 
mons. Bottom Row: Jim W. Neal, Howard H. Heflin, Lee Cook, 
Robert T. Leick, Douglas Erbeck, Raymond G. Hawiey, Stanley 
J. Buller. 


Participating in a discussion led by a faculty member 
are members of Gamma Delta at their Sunday meeting. 

Hillel Foundation 

Activities primarily of interest to Jewish students 
are under the guidance of the B'nai Brith Hillel 
Foundation. Cultural exchanges with various K- 
State groups and joint programs with other schools 
highlight the Hillel activities. The organization 
also works closely with the Jewish chapel at Fort 
Riley. Organizing barbecues, dances, and business 
meetings were Stuart W. Rose, president, and Ar- 
thur S. Krival, faculty sponsor. 

One of the larger religious groups on the campus 
is Westminster Fellowship, which had about 250 
students in their weekly programs. Since 1921 this 
organization of college students interested in the 
Presbyterian faith has been meeting at the West- 
minster house. 

The opening of a new campus center will be 
later this year. The 1960 objective, "Seeking Rele- 
vance in the Modern World," which includes a 
plan of worship, study and discussion, was coordi- 
nated by Dr. Paul Sanford, faculty sponsor, and 
Leslie Dole, president. 

Hillel Foundation— Top Row: Herman T. Kamerman, Sue 
Abrahams, Marvin Winitz, Celia Pincus, Jack L. Rosenzweig. 
Second Row: Stewart H. Millstone, Ernest L. Vine, Jo A. Bailey, 
Gary B. Agron, Frances Goldman, Bert Rosenquit. Bottom Row: 
Murray J. Miller, Allan M. Bailey, Dennis L. Rosenzweig, Hans 
J. Goldman, Stuart W. Rose. 


Sigma Theta Epsilon— Top Row: Wade T. Smith, John T. 
Church, Donald A. Schneider, Herbert L. Wenger, Gerald W. 
Hundley, Clinton R. Hinman. Second Row: Melvin E. Grusing, 
Duane D. Daily, Darrell K. Huddleston, Earl R. Arnold, William 

P. Bunger, Frank A. Rogers, Loren Manges. Third Row: Larry 
R. Kepley, Merrill E. Bishop, H. Dean Knewtson, Al L. Mid- 
dleton, Jerry P. Hefling, Max L. Moller. Rottom Row: James V. 
Carver, Philip N. Rogers, Earl D. Stevens, The Rev. Warren 
Rempel, Garry D. Kepley, George Martin, Jack S. Wyckoff. 

Methodist Groups 

Wesley foundation, Sigma Theta Epsilon, and 
Kappa Phi are the three organizations at K-State 
for Methodist preference students. Wesley founda- 
tion is the Methodist church's higher educational 
ministry of worship, teaching, counseling, fellow- 
ship, and service to the students. The directors are 
The Rev. and Mrs. Warren Rempel and The Rev. 
and Mrs. Everett Dennis. 

The group, led by Clinton Hinman, president, 
had a pony ride for children to raise money for fos- 
ter children in Greece. The group is also sponsor- 
ing a European Cycle Seminar for 12 students this 
summer. A "Let's Talk About" series of study 
groups was conducted throughout the year as well 
as the fellowship, supper, and forum every Sunday 

Sigma Theta Epsilon is the Methodist men's 
service group. Under the leadership of Larry Kep- 
ley, president, the group participated in the religi- 
ous census of Manhattan. Other activities included 
the weekly clean-up at Wesley foundation, serving 
of meals at the Methodist Men's club, an annual 
Spring Sweetheart banquet, and a regional con- 
clave meeting at K-State. Faculty sponsor for the 
group was Norman French. 

Kappa Phi is the Methodist women's service 
group. Activities the members participated in in- 
cluded a missionary fund for Dean and Marjorie 
Schwengerdt, missionaries to Korea and K-State 
graduates. The group also assisted Wesley founda- 
tion in the support of a boy in Greece. The women 
managed the church nursery during services and 
Sunday school and sponsored a party at the Odd 
Fellows home. The 65 members of Kappa Phi were 
led by Dolores Wilken, president, and Mrs. Warren 
Rempel, faculty sponsor. 

Kappa Phi— Top Row: Karen E. Teagarden, Janice Oppenlander, 
Evelyn J. Goldsby, Connie L. Clary, Norma White, Judith J. 
Ross, Mary A. Knewtson, Janice K. Laidig, Gloria J. Ousdahl, 
Gayla J. Cress, Martha L. Broyles, Pearl M. Arnold. Second 
Row: Karen Templer, Betty K. Emery, Judy A. Dearborn, Mrs. 
Warren Rempel, Mary E. Dickerson, Maurine M. Neal, Marilyn 
Tindall, Barbara Tanner, Lois Sayre, Ann McElfresh, Janice 

fV QftQ 

Scott, Dolores J. Wilken. Third Row: Rosetta P. Skinner, Mary 
A. Moline, Patty Stevens, Judy Stevens, Virginia K. Waugh, Jo- 
vita A. Redding, Allene Cox, Norma Shoup, Shirley L. Mc- 
Adams, Zoe Ann Myers, Darlene Dewey, Carolyn Sargent. Rot- 
tom Row: Janet K. McAdams, Katherine Middleton, Barbara 
Coolen, Janice McClenahan, Virginia Taylor, Anita K. Swim, 
Nancy C. Harden, Jeanette M. Shepherd, Fayeann Sandstrum, 
Carolyn Apley, Janiece Brown, Maurine Cantrell. 



C "^ £^ 

Wesley Foundation— Top Row: Betty K. Emery, Lois Stowell, 
Thorn Norbury, Mary A. Knewtson, Barbara Tanner, Carolyn 
Sargent, Marilyn Tindall, Gloria J. Ousdahl, Gayla J. Cress, Ann 
McElfresh, Lois Sayre, Janice K. Laidig. Second Roiu: Fayeann 
Sandstrum, Pat Landon, Judy Dearborn, Eleanor Randels, Anita 
K. Swim, Darlene Dewey, Mary E. Diekerson, Martha L. 
Broyles, Zoe Ann Myers, Karen Lowell, Loretta L. Claycamp. 

Tliird Row: Lorrin E. Lowe, Walter L. Fisher, William P. Bun- 
ger, Melvin E. Grusing, Frank A. Rogers, Darrell K. Huddleston, 
Larry R. Kepley, Herbert L. Wenger, Jane F. Grimble, Carolyn 
M. Apley, Carol D. Stewart. Bottom Row: Dale R. Carr, James 
V. Carver, Chester W. Cusic, Douglas E. Dempsey, Philip N. 
Rogers, H. Dean Knewtson, George J. Martin, Jack S. Wyckoff, 
John T. Church, Duane D. Daily. 

Wesley Foundation— Top Row: Alberta G. Kibbey, Maurine 
M. Neal, Janet K. McAdams, Karen Templer, Dolores J. Wilken, 
Patty Stevens, Mary A. Moline, Connie L. Clary, Janiece Brown, 
Mary J. Scoby. Second Row: Nancy C. Harden, Pearl M. Ar- 
nold, Judith J. Ross, Janice J. Scott, Sally A. Bradshaw, Judy A. 
Stevens, Maurine Cantrell, Katherine Middleton, Norma Shoup. 

Third Row: Lois Evans, Barbara Coolen, Elizabeth Jones, Kathy 
Frick, Jeanette Shepherd, Janice McClenahan, Gail Lake, Vir- 
ginia K. Waugh, Janice Lilly, Gerald W. Hundley. Bottom Row: 
Clinton R. Hinman, Judy J. Hundley, Keith M. Hostetler, Don- 
ald A. Schneider, Earl D. Stevens, Merrill E. Bishop, Mrs. War- 
ren Rempel, Rev. Warren Rempel, Garry D. Kepley, Earl R. 

Wesley Foundation— Top Row: Norma White, Margie Besse, 
Jolene Proctor, Anita Woolley, Rosetta Skinner, Lorraine Lam- 
born, Karen Teagarden, Linda L. Fields, Evelyn J. Goldsby. 
Second Row: Jovita A. Redding, Barbara L. Brown, Barbara H. 

Lewis, Wayne E. Brownlee, Alvin L. Middleton, Arlyn C. Bie- 
ber, Wayne M. Grover, Peggy P. Harper, Violet J. Day. Bottom 
Row: Valgene W. Henton, Wade T. Smith, Lawrence E. Stos- 
kopf, Loren Manges, Paul Rhine, Richard C. Trentman, Reuben 
D. Shepek, Jerry P. Hefling, Max Moller. 


Equipment in the military science building is used 
by members of the Amateur Radio club. The or- 

ganization stresses cooperation between members 
in improvement of radio knowledge and ability. 

Amateur Radio Club 

Training members to qualify for an amateur 
radio license, and participating in national amateur 
radio contests are two activities of the Kansas State 
Amateur Radio club. 

The club also functions to improve and enlarge 
the club station, and helps members to obtain sur- 

plus radio equipment. Aiding an exchange of in- 
formation and cooperation between members, and 
promoting radio knowledge and individual operat- 
ing ability are purposes of the club. 

Organized in 1949, the club has been instru- 
mental in promoting interest in amateur radio 
among K-State students and has a record of public 
assistance during times of emergency and disaster. 

Amateur Radio Club— Top Row: Michael M. Trollman, Donald 
J. Bunney, Mary G. Toburen, Howard H. Benton, Steven B. 
Cress. Second Row: Clifford A. Wilson, Dale D. Koelling, John 

L. Mock, Gary L. Johnson, Dale L. Patterson, William J. Hart. 
Bottom Row: Charles K. Adams, Roy A. Seaton II, Gerry C. 
Balzer, Karl F. Anderson, Charles W. Meisinger. 


Chaparajos Club— Top Row: Ileen J. Rundle, Betty I. Mears, 
Mary K. Bradshaw, Frank Taggart, Elizabeth Harrison. Second 
Row: Dave R. Slyter, Arden J. Vernon, Henry F. Thome, Ar- 



thur L. Slyter, Jim Houck, Douglas Taylor. Rottom Row: Byron 
K. Nelson, Laurice M. Margheim, Ronald E. Gustafson, James 
R. Coffman, Gary L. Shepherdson. 

Flying Club 

Students, faculty, and graduates of K-State are 
eligible for the K-State Flying club after they each 
have passed a medical examination and purchased 
one share of stock. 

The club owns three airplanes, two of which are 
equipped with radios and can land at nearly all 
municipal airports. Club members use the planes 
to travel to basketball games, interviews, and fish- 
ing and boating resorts. The club promotes and 
encourages students to become pilots, and provides 
aircraft for members to use at the lowest possible 
cost. There are 33 members in the club. 


a pa raps 


The Chaparajos club's main event is sponsoring 
the annual Collegiate Rodeo. Members work out 
during the year, particularly in the spring when the 
club rents rodeo stock and members practice events 
they plan to enter. 

Five schools represented by a total of 40 con- 
testants entered the rodeo last year. K-State con- 
testants received top awards in all seven events and 
a K-Stater was picked as the all-around cowboy. 
Other activities of the 50-member club are advising 
the K-State Rodeo team, and sponsoring an annual 
cross-country trail ride. 

K-State Flying Club— Top Row: Richard C. Trentman, John 
J. Smiley, Dale O. Eckerberg, Gary W. Champlin, Mary E. 
Richardson. Second Row: Marvin A. Thompson, Dale E. Har- 

per, William C. Mills, Jr., Gilbert Egbert, Karl Schilling. Rot- 
tom Row: Daniel B. Dick, Marvin H. Hammond, Jr., Charles 
A. Anderson, R. Harris Laing, Robert B. Sexton. 

Frog Club 

The annual water show and a swimming exhibi- 
tion at Arts and Sciences Day highlighted the KSU 
Frog club's swimming activities this year. Effi- 
ciency in swimming, one of the club's aims, is gain- 
ed by regular, synchronized swimming practice. 

To become a member, a student must pass swim- 
ming tryouts using five common strokes and two 
simple dives. Form, not speed, and the coordina- 
tion of strokes are checked for admission to the 

The club did not allow men students to become 
members until 1951. Miss Nola Mae James was 
sponsor of the club and Mary Moak was president. 

Frog Club— Top Row: Marietta Knoffloeh, Loretta A. Fox, 
Carolyn Beardmore, Linda K. Roy, Althea J. Nelson. Second 
Row: Gay K. Smith, Mary L. Moak, Doris E. Park, Mary M. 
Pruitt, Pat Kahrs. Third Row: Nola M. James, Kathleen L. 
Hayes, Linda E. Lee, Jeanette M. Shepherd, Emily L. Hink- 
house, Anne H. Wood. Bottom Row: Judy B. Hubbard, Charles 
Elson, Richard C. Reed, John R. Coblentz, James D. Reid. 

' ; 

Varsity Rifle Team— Top Row: Everad F. Horton, Bill G. 
Davis, Doug Erway, Harry D. Wullsehleger, Dean Eustace, Wil- 
liam M. Shilling, Charles Pokorny, III, Kenneth Thompson, Don- 
ald A. Yoder. Second Row: Jim A. McQueen, Jim W. Fansler, 
Jim L. VanDuyne, Larry B. Hofman, Lawrence E. Schrader, 

Kansas State Sports Car Club— Top Row: Enrico P. Mercanti, 
Ed Reinemann, Charles Elson, Klio Hobbs. Second Row: Robert 
K. Salmon, Donald W. Welch, Roy E. Allbritten, Gordon D. 
Teall. Bottom Row: Robert E. Cox, Larry K. Johnson, Robert K. 
Hubbard. Donald R. Wester. 

Donald J. Keck, George F. Heyne, David L. Sharp. Third Row: 
Gary L. Mitchell, Carl L. Nichols, Henry F. Thorne, John C. 
Black, Terry L. Barnhart, John A. Thomas, William J. Noble, 
Larry Poort, Donald G. Schroeder. Bottom Row: Fred H. Koh- 
man, R. M. Casey, Allen D. Boge, Larry L. Oehlert, James N. 
Allee, Arthur T. Zielke, Earl D. Stevens, Jim D. Brink. 

Sports Car Club 

A sports car show at Engineers' Open House and 
joint events with the Kansas university and Wash- 
burn university clubs highlighted the year for the 
K-State Sports Car Club, Inc. 

The club encourages the ownership of sports 
cars, acts as a source of technical information about 
cars, provides and regulates events and exhibitions 
for sports cars, and encourages better driving on 
public roads and on the streets and drives of the 

The 30 members of the club are students and 
faculty who own or are interested in both foreign 
and U. S. sports cars. Robert Hubbard was presi- 
dent of the club and Enrico P. Mercanti was fac- 
ulty sponsor. 




A variety of activities are presented annually by 
Junior and Senior Orchesis, the modern dance 
groups at K-State. Purposes of Orchesis are to pro- 
mote interest and understanding of dance and to 
give it expression. The club gives performances to 
help members develop self-confidence, poise, friend- 
liness, and skill. 

Activities of the groups this year included a con- 
cert, a performance during Religious Emphasis 
Week, a performance at Arts and Sciences Day, and 
a performance tour. President was Linda Ate and 
faculty sponsor was Miss Judith Hodge. 

Varsity Rifle Team 

The Kansas State varsity rifle team was unde- 
feated in the fall semester's competition. During 
the 1958-59 school year, the team was undefeated 
in 23 matches. Two K-Staters were selected as 
members of the intercollegiate ail-American rifle 
team last year. They were Thurston T. Banks and 
Douglas K. Erway. 

Team membership totals 250 this year, an in- 
crease of 100 over last year. Eligibility require- 
ments for the team are the same as those of the 
University. In an effort to carry out its purpose- 
to develop and further rifle marksmanship — the 
team does more than compete in matches. This 
year it successfully sponsored its first annual tur- 
key shoot. 

Orchesis— Top Row: Lynette Bour- 
que, Judith K. Hodge, Jacqueline 
C. Johnson, Linda Ate. Second 
Row: Ann T. Hanson, Marby 
Connet, Janice Forbes, Lynn A. 
Buenning, Janet Smith. Third 

Row: Deanna J. Smith, Sheila K. 
Bose, Cynthia D. Kleitz, Suzanne 
Morefield, Dianne Depenbrink. 
Bottom Row: Bandi M. Johnson, 
Vaughn N. Simon, Bradley E. 
Smith, Billy J. Jones, Deanna M. 

Vets' Organization 

The purpose of the Kansas State Veterans' or- 
ganization is to develop better social relations 
among the veterans on campus and to perform 
beneficial services to both the community and Uni- 

Planned projects and activities for the year were 
participation in intramural sports, social events, 
meetings twice a month (with scheduled speakers 
on appropriate subjects and current business), and 
participation in campus politics. Since the club 
was organized in 1955, membership, open to all 
veterans at K-State, has climbed to 130. 

Kansas State Veterans' Organ- 
ization — Top Row: Bobert L. 
Popp, Hans J. Goldman, George 
S. Carbaugh, Charles C. Brockett, 
Richard W. Sump. Second Row: 
R. A. Chambers, James W. Hol- 
land, Tommy G. Lee, Richard E. 
Bills, James E. Bose, Boyd L. 
Blair. Bottom Row: Jack L. But- 
termore, Donald J. Haberer, Dale 
L. Clear, F. N. Lundblom, Grady 



Purple Pepsters— Top Row: Mary L. Moak, Eleanor R. Hansen, 
Linda L. AMstedt, Janice J. Scott, Alice L. Lobenstein, Nancy 
J. Harris, Virginia Von Riesen, Fern L. Jahnke, Carolyn L. Hum- 
burg, Patricia J. McHugh, Sherry K. Henderson. Second Row: 
Maureen K. McMillin, Virginia K. Waugh, Vivian M. Brown, 
Charlene M. Murphy, Suzanne Taschetta, Jacquie C. Johnson, 
Jane Byler, Diane Watson, Helen Foltz, Joanne Eckert, Mary A. 
Jarvis, Ann McMillin. Third Row: Jean Keane, Judy A. Bowers, 

Paula B. Wildgen, Marcia L. Butler, Margean Westerhouse, Kay 
Slade, Grace L. Wallace, Marty Mulloy, Diane Coufal, Peggy 
Rogers, Sandra Veatch, Janice Lilly. Fourth Row: Melissa M. 
Hale, Dorothy A. Parker, Judith L. Kettler, Thyra S. Krauss, 
Fayeann Sandstrum, Janice Bates, Sharon C. Wagner, Pamela C. 
Given, Anne Clarkson, Rogene J. Davis, Carolyn K. Buck, 
Glenda A. Reed. Rottom Row: Doris A. Lyon, Anita L. Tor- 
luemke, LaDonna L. Ackerman, Phyllis C. Strnad, Katherine 
Geyer, Joyce M. Banks, Juanita R. Wille, Donna J. Baker. 


The K-Fraternity is composed of men who have 
been awarded an official athletic letter at Kansas 
State. The main objectives of the organization are 
to foster a spirit of loyalty, increase interest in 
K-State athletics, encourage scholarship, develop 
sportsmanship, and foster social activities. Sixty 
men belonged to the organization this year. Dale 
Evans was president and Fritz Knorr was faculty 
adviser. The K-Fraternity was founded here in the 
early 1920s. One of the projects of the organization 
this year was the construction of a large papier- 
mache wildcat. 

Pep Clubs 

The Purple Pepsters are organized to promote 
the principles of good sportsmanship, instill pep, 
and secure cooperation among students at Kansas 
State. The group had seventy members this year. 
Katherine Geyer was faculty sponsor and Ann Mc- 
Millin was president. 

Whi-Purs, the freshman women's pep club, is de- 
signed to engage in projects that will benefit Kan- 
sas State athletics. Members provide support for 
all home athletic contests and some away from 
home. Sammie Goff was president and Barbara 
Ericson was faculty adviser. 

K-Fraternity— Top Row: Fritz G. Knorr, John R. Dooley, C. 
Dee Gard, Jim J. Caster, Melvin L. Kopf, Mike J. Dziura, Robert 
T. Groszek. Second Row: Larry E. Word, Charles W. Couch, 
Jerry W. Allen, Loren F. Ray, Bill Guthridge, Ivan Loomis, 
David W. Cudney. Third Row: Duane B. Holman, Kent Mc- 

Connell, Ross B. Ballard, Craig A. McNeal, Dave B. Hinderliter, 
Ralph D. Peluso, L. Rex Stucker, Gordon W. Harper. Bottom 
Row: Terry L. Knowles, Robert K. Graham, Dale Evans, Steve 
J. French, Wally D. Frank, Glen Long, Joe Vader, John Solmos, 
Don Darter. 

Whi-Purs— Top Row: Patricia A. Beard, Barbara Blair, Jackie 
Kellogg, Suzie Griffiths, Marilyn Gregg, Sara Hollinger, Sharon 
A. Morris. Second Row: Loretta L. Claycamp, Marion M. 
Davies, Linda L. Hahn, Ruth A. Speirs, Barbara L. Scammell, 
Linda M. Chandley, Leah J. Ottaway. Third Row: Karen Kern, 


Joyce A. Laverentz, Dana C. Harper, Margaret E. Gatz, Marilyn 
F. Moore, Mary O. Wilson, Helen Woody, Jan Erni. Bottom 
Roiv: Karin Anderson, Marshia Beard, Judy Wilhelm, Diane Mc- 
Gauhey, Patti Halladay, Sherry MacPherson, Jodi Rullman, Mary 
Werts, Jane Evans. 

Whi-Purs— Top Row: Sammie M. Goff, Marilyn K. Larson, 
Karen A. Paxson, Althea J. Nelson, Gigi Schlaefli, Carol L. 
Fleming, Mary J. Scoby, Linda J. Arthur, Sandy L. Drake, 
Geneva L. Lewis, Linda R. Piercy. Second Row: Judy K. 
Norton, Lauda K. Fallis, Mary A. Lebbin, Bea Babcock, Connie 
L. Rankin, Verna B. Wilborn, Dorothy M. Allerheiligen, Mary 
L. Nelson, Carol D. Hill, Janet M. Grieshaber, Carolyn D. 

Ill m ^ £| 

Stratton, Sally S. Schmelzel. Third Row: Phyllis Y. Ball, Judi 
A. Ingraham, Jean A. Nickell, JoAnne Jenison, Sheila K. Rose, 
Linda L. Stoskopf, Colleen Ungeheuer, Linda Wright, Karol K. 
Durham, Janice Wanklyn, Sybil Barrett. Bottom Roiv: Patricia 
R. Sharp, Marian C. Tobin, Linda G. Myers, Mary L. Sweeney, 
Sandra S. Horchem, Linda Butler, Joan McNeal, Mary Biggs, 
DeeAnn St. John, Susan G. Sheppard, Barbara Gench, Mae M. 

ff *t0L f* 

Whi-Purs— Top Row: Jeanette L. Gamba, Sally J. Swift, Mere- 
dith C. Smith, Nancy A. Myers, Phyllis J. Jacobson, JoAnna M. 
Lowell, Mary A. Griffith, Mary B. Kern, Carole D. Baker, Nancy 
J. Miller, Sidonia M. Moore, Sandra E. Rhodes, Elaine K. Clark. 
Second Row: Marie M. Wuthnow, Judy Whitesell, Brenda C. 
Boyle, Suzanne K. Garrison, Donna L. Van Gieson, Sandra 
Guetschow, Sally Holbrook, Pat King, Pat J. Riker, Judy Toevs, 
Celia Pincus, Carol Evans. Third Row: Anne L. Warren, Jerre 

rs f> <ci & j& 

. -. *' > .»;aSF' •••-'.4, „. x. 

J. Schwab, Connie J. Hoendorf, Sandra K. Stuckey, Patricia A. 
Smith, Judy A. Oberhelman, Anne Wood, Linda E. Loughmiller, 
Beverly K. Hower, Carolyn J. Arnett, Susie Martin, Peggy J. 
Dalton, Audrey L. Meckfessel. Bottom Row: Eileen Warder, 
Barbara Martin, Suzanne Stoner, Janice Goertz, Nancy Noyes, 
Judy Gorrell, Anne Brandt, Barbara J. Blackburn, Karen Kirk- 
wood, Karen Lowell, Kathy French, Sondra Holman, Barbara 
Bain, Nancy Hugill. 

hl&J^ §k§ 4 

~ . n A O 0s 

£& & (^ J^ t$ 


© a 

Dames Club— Top jRouj: Aileen R. Garvin, Frances L. Windle, 
Syble K. Mortensen, Jane Hendricks, Elenora Wagner, Cathy 
Chartier, Bette Newman, Jean Cromer, Pat Luehring, Patsy 
Dickey, Carolyn McKain, Mary Martinson, Delia Handkins. 
Second Row: Bonnie J. Wenzl, Lorene Carbaugh, Glenice Dame, 
Beverley Ladner, Ramona Blevins, Karen Craig, Barbara Fun- 
ston, Velma Mullen, Corieta J. Davis, Marilyn Dimmitt, Billye 
K. Purcell, Sonja Lowe. Third Row: Dorothy J. Hunter, Mary 

Pfanenstiel, Sharon Fox, Patsy Lobmeyer, Marilyn B. Cramer, 
Rena A. McWilliams, Dana R. Luster, Joan E. Bertan, Helen F. 
Marnix, Nina A. Hendrickx, Loretta K. Burgat, Barbara Mc- 
Kown, Marilyn R. Young. Rottom Row: Barbara A. Brent, Jan- 
ice A. Plank, Dolores A. Pearson, Deanna L. Solt, Phyllis A. 
Paulson, Jean G. Kimbell, Barbara J. Gordon, Betty R. Anker- 
holz, Cleo A. Clarkson, Ruth E. Pfeifer, Donis K. Sowell, Joan 
E. McBride. 

Dames Club— Top Row: Carolyn V. Van Pelt, Gail Simmons, 
Aurora L. Holloway, Pat Peugh, Kay Cummings, LaVon Swen- 
son, Shirley Holland, Mitsuko Van Wie, Barbara Graber, Bonnie 
Booe, Beverly Palmateer. Second Row: Dixie L. Dickens, Nancy 
Johnson, Pat Floberg, Belva Orbison, Connie Ruder, June Mc- 
Ginnis, Charlene McPheeters, Jeanne Slade, Jackie Bonner, 
Bette Bochow, Delores Rubenthaler, Cara Hein. Third Row: 

Verdell Oliverson, Maryem Floyd, Joan Foster, Darlene Wank- 
lyn, Alta Townsend, Billie Schelp, Donna Welch, Eleanor Ost- 
lind, Mary A. Thaemert, Sharon Huggins, Jean Isaacson, Sandi 
Neal, Joan Waite. Rottom Row: Joellen W. Michaelis, JoAnn S. 
Mayer, Louise N. Kemplay, Jayne E. Rolf, Jane J. Shoup, Mar- 
ian Rogge, Sharon M. Clear, Opal M. Ham ami, Beverly J. 
Jones, Nelva L. Just, Helen W. Thompson, Gera Matson. 

Dames Club— Top Row: Norma L. Pease, Pat C. McMickell, 
Gvven Polley, Erma Tindell. Second Row: Betty L. Bailey, Jean 
Glenn, Judy Sellers, Margaret Bishop. Third Row: Imarie B. 

Patton, Patricia K. Conine, Elna Ensley, Bonnie K. Oshel, Angie 
Noble. Rottom Row: Susan N. Sutton, Sue Holland, Barbara 
A. Howes, Carol J. Wells, Lorna J. Elliott, Twila G. Branfort. 

Dames Club 

Dames club is an organization composed of wives 
of students or married women students on the Kan- 
sas State campus. Three hundred women belonged 
to the organization this year. The club sponsored 
the Dames Club cookbook, a bridge tournament, a 
semi-formal dance in the spring, and numerous 
other activities for its members. 

Mrs. Emil C. Fischer served as faculty adviser 
for the organization. Margo Wilson was president. 
The group has as its purpose the promotion of 
friendship and general culture among members. 
The K-State club is one of the five state chapters 
in the national organization, University Dames. 



Phems, the organization for women majoring in 
physical education at Kansas State university, had 
35 members this year. The purpose of the group is 
to promote interest and professional growth in 
physical education and good will and friendship 
among members of the Phys Ed department. Miss 
Eva Lyman served as faculty sponsor of the club 
this year and Peggy Griebat was president. 

Activities of the organization included a party 
with men majoring in physical education, a tea for 
alums and parents, a senior banquet, an initiation 
picnic, and professional meetings with speakers. 

Dames Club— Top Row: Carole Kugelman, Diane Sanborn, Bon- 
nie Simms. Bottom Row: Connie J. Zwahl, Margo E. Wilson, 
Joyce E. Fiskin, Lois Cowley. 

Girls from 12 high schools took part in the Women's 
Physical Education department "Play Day" last fall. 

Phems— Top Row: Brenda C. Boyle, Pat L. Anderson, Nancy K. 
Knrtze, Sharon K. Coder, Marian M. Davies, Barbara E. Ball, 
Judith K. Hodge, June L. Beiter. Second Row: Marilyn E. El- 
gin, Scotty L. Gates, Sue K. Moore, Cynthia Kleitz, Jeanne M. 
George, Lynn A. Buenning, Carolyn D. Stratton, Katherine 

Geyer. Third Row: Deanna J. Smith, Phyllis Y. Ball, Mary L. 
Moak, Nola M. James, Eva C. Lyman, Linda L. Stoskopf, Kath- 
eryn A. McKinney, Carolyn R. Larson, Pamela L. Huntington. 
Bottom Row: Margaret A. Dodson, Sally J. Hardwick, Virginia 
A. Channell, Carolyn K. Buck, Ruth A. Byler, Peggy R. Griebat, 
Susan G. Sheppard, Jeanette F. Hamilton. 

Collegiate Young Republicans— Top Row: Linda L. Myers, 
Lanny Brent, Jerry Weigand, Jon Sederquist, Ross R. Freeman, 
Arlen Keith, Bob Rector, Rae R. Stover, Judy Reid. Second Row: 
Frances Boyd, Roger D. Brannon, Larry D. Loomis, William A. 
Siebert, Jr., Fred Steffens, Von Lauer, Mel W. Minnis, John 

Throop, Barbara Huff. Third Row: Gloria J. Eckermann, Dar- 
win E. Johnson, Edwin L. Nutt, King Foster, Lewis Watson, 
Duane Levin, James B. Shields, Robert O. Worley, Charles 
Burger, Mark Edwards. Bottom Row: Susan P. Miller, Gary 
Gabrielson, Larry Wolgast, Roy Allbritten, Richard Irvine, Rich- 
ard Gunn, Darold Cole, Warren Slocombe, Thomas Henrichs. 

Young Democrats— Top Row: Mary A. Sheve, C. Diane Hill, 
Jeanie Steele, Julie C. Elting, Margaret M. Schwarz, Mary A. 
Dunn, Julie Stafford, Toni Vieux. Second Row: Louis R. Fina, 
Tom P. Carrico, Frederick J. Chapman, Ron R. Winkler, James 

Young Democrats 

The purpose of the Young Democrats is to stimu- 
late political interest on the campus. The group's 
president this year was Jim Carrico and Dr. Louis 
Fina was sponsor. The Young Democrats sent 40 
students to Emporia to hear Eleanor Roosevelt 

Members assisted with the Mock Political con- 
vention. One of their projects was house to house 
canvassing of Manhattan to determine eligible vot- 
ers and obtain other political information. Well- 
known state politicians spoke to the Young Demo- 
crats at regular meetings. The 75-member organi- 
zation met monthly. 

E. Carrico, George E. Sullivan, Ray E. Tyson. Third Row: Gary 
J. Lazarus, Thomas D. Meyers, Terry L. Barnhart, Barry A. 
Dukes, Larry L. Sutton, Robert D. Olsen. Bottom Row: Allan 
Wiechert, Jack Birkinsha, Dick Warren, Jack Crocker, Jim God- 
dard, Maurice Schrag, Jake Kennedy. 

Collegiate Republicans 

All students interested in politics and govern- 
ment are eligible to belong to Collegiate Young 
Republicans. Membership increased from 95 in 
1958-59 to 160 this year. At the state convention 
Gene Olander was elected third vice-president. 

Young Republicans assisted with the Mock Po- 
litical convention. They also participated in a field 
trip to see the Kansas legislature. Speakers during 
the year included Congressman William Avery and 
District Judge Lewis McLaughlin from Marysville. 
Barbara Huff was president of the organization and 
Dr. Dallas Nelson was its sponsor. 


The Will O' the Wisp leads the city girl to the moors 
in a one-act play presented by the K-State Players. 

K-State Players 

The Kansas State Players further dramatic ideals 
and standards among students. They present pro- 
ductions of artistic merit for the college and com- 
munity. The four main productions of the year 
were "Guys and Dolls," an all university musical; 
"Diary of Anne Frank"; "Born Yesterday"; and "The 
Infernal Machine," a modern adaptation of the 
classic Oedipus myth. Other productions included 
"Sleep of Prisoners," a contemporary morality play 
during Religious Emphasis week; three one act 
plays, and three original one act plays. 

Membership is open to all interested students 
who acquire points by participating in Player pro- 
ductions. The 200-member organization was pre- 
sided over by Jim Johnson. Don Hermes was 
sponsor of the Players. 

Kansas State Players— Top Row: Sue Abrahams, Jane Adams, 
Pat King, Lynette Bourque. Second Row: Mary A. Ensz, Mari- 
lyn Tindall, Lu Richards, D. L. Miller, Jeanette Gamba. Third 

Row: John A. Throop, Judy A. Oberhelman, Ross Miracle, Bill 
Gleue, C. Patricia Campbell, Darwin K. Klein. Bottom Row: 
Ronnie J. Burkhardt, Richard L. Mikesell, Nelson E. Rudy, Mar- 
gretta Flinner, Ken Keefer, Dick Gunn, Don Hermes. 

Kansas State Players— Top Row: Patsi A. Boyer, Mary Connet, 
Herman Kamerman, Linda L. Ate, Pat L. Flory. Second Row: 
Barbara J. Stott, Fayeann Sandstrum, Randi M. Johnson, Jerry 
L. Holloway, Laurel Lee Johnson, Dale Bowersock. Third Row: 

Kathy J. French, Jim Johnson, Tausca L. McClintock, Steve 
Southerland, Jeanne M. Hill, Martha Atkins, Wendy Gray. 
Bottom Row: Elliott S. Parker, Bobby R. Jones, Jim Pryor, Harry 
Lehew, Janet Reinke, John Stone, Larry Pribyl, Dennis Denning. 

Psychology Club— Top Row: Ken 

D. Cross, Roger Ulrich, Dale Har- 
per, Jr., Patricia J. McHugh, Joe 

E. Money, Gary L. Straley. Sec- 
ond Row: Sharon L. Skupa, Judy 
L. Howard, Karen K. Strand, Pa- 
tricia L. Gross, Paula Oppy. Bot- 
tom Row: Franz Samelson, Rich- 
ard G. Siever, Bradford K. Bo- 
chow, Vaughn E. Miller, Bruce 
Dimmitt, Don Downing. 

Psychology Club 

Chancery Club 

The Chancery club acquaints students with law 
school and prepares them for it. There were 45 
members this year, an increase of 15 over last year. 
An interest in law, payment of dues, and attend- 
ance are necessary to become a member. A Kansas 
State Chancery club member never has failed a bar 
exam, or failed to pass at any law school. 

The organization visits the Kansas university and 
Washburn law schools each year. Charles A. Char- 
tier, was chief justice of the Chancery club. Prof. 
A. D. Miller was sponsor. 

Reorganization of the Kansas State Psychology 
club was begun in the spring of 1959. Twenty-five 
members joined in the fall. Membership is open to 
students majoring or minoring in psychology and 
they must have a minimum of six hours in psychol- 
ogy to belong. Dr. Lowell Schipper sponsored the 
club and Pat McHugh was its president. 

The organization had a display during Arts and 
Sciences Day. The club had several speakers at 
regular meetings and a psychological movie, "The 
Three Faces of Eve" was shown at one meeting. 

Chancery Club— Top Row: A. D. Miller, Gerald Schamahorn, 
Ed Home, Warren Heikes, Nancy Butcher, Diane Endicott, 
Georgia Thouvenelle. Second Row: John F. Clark, Frederick J. 
Chapman, David W. Parr, Stewart P. Harris, Richard K. Cham- 
pagne, Charles H. Hostetler, Stephen K. Lester, Terry L. Bul- 

lock. Third Row: John R. Warnhoff, Don A. Rhoads, William 
P. Haas, Robert C. Mueller, Stanley R. Miller, Mark J. John- 
ston, R. Kent Fincham, Donald H. Flowers, Lawrence A. Dim- 
mitt. Bottom Row: Gordon E. Coulter, Ralph G. Wilson, Charles 
A. Chartier, Keith L. Ebeling, Finnan G. Gladow, Scott P. 
Cochran, Jack B. Schlehuber, Gary N. Howell. 


Music Educators National Con- 
ference — Top Row: Laura G. 
Coon, Lois M. Hadin, Averill 
Brougher, Marshia Beard, Sandy 
Tenorio, Martha Evans. Second 
Row: Michael M. Trollman, Jo 
Ellen Cooley, Rebecca S. Dudrey, 
Judy R. Schmidt, Billy J. Jones, 
Don L. Meredith, Vicky L. Tiers. 
Third Row: Jean H. Lumb, Rebec- 
ca K. McArthur, Carol D. Stewart, 
Martha A. Lobmeyer, Nancy L. 
Vacin, Sylvia Y. McAlavey. Rot- 
tom Row: Ruel K. Werner, Paul 
R. Joines, Jerry H. Cundiff, Lynn- 
ford N. Bammes, John B. Coufal, 
Dean R. Koeneke, Manuel J. Pas- 

Music Educators 

The Music Educators National Conference this 
year had 33 members. Those who are music edu- 
cation majors and are interested in promoting music 
education in the schools are eligible for member- 

MENC was in charge of the Music department 
display on Arts and Sciences Day. Members at- 
tended the district convention at Lawrence in Feb- 
ruary. Martha Evans was president and Morris D. 
Hayes was sponsor. 

Political Science 

Organ Guild— Top Row: Suzanne Webster, Marshia Beard, 
Averill Brougher, R. W. Hays, Carolyn Beardmore. Second Row: 
Joleen J. Irvine, Jo Ellen Cooley, Vicky Tiers, Anita Russell. 
Rottom Row: Carol D. Stewart, Donna D. DeCou, Manuel J. 
Pasquil, Clifford I. Ochampaugh, Rebecca S. Dudrey. 

The Kansas State Political Science club met 
monthly to discuss political issues in a group and 
hear outstanding speakers. Speakers were chosen 
from local government officials and those in sur- 
rounding counties. The purpose of the group is to 
gain knowledge concerning theory and practice of 
political science. 

This organization is the K-State affiliate of Col- 
legiate Council for the United Nations. The poli- 
ticos initiated plans for the Mock Political conven- 
tion. Helen Anderson was president. Prof. Louis 
Douglas and Prof. Joseph Hajda were faculty 

Organ Guild 

The Kansas State student group of American 
Guild of Organists this year consisted of 20 mem- 
bers. These students must either be organists or 
have an interest in the promotion of church music. 

Highlighting the year was a spring recital, where 
members displayed their musical talent. Faculty 
adviser, Robert W. Hays, was university organist. 
Donna DeCou was president of the organization. 

Political Science Club — Top 
Row: Rae Rankin, Robert Olsen, 
Barbara Huff, Frederick J. Chap- 
man, Adviye Azmaz. Second Row: 
Helen K. Anderson, Virginia J. 
Baxter, Richard E. Smith, Jim Car- 
rico, Emmett Haywood, Gary Laz- 
arus. Rottom Row: Allen Wie- 
chert, Jack Birkinsha, Louis Doug- 
las, Joseph Hajda, Maurice Schrag, 
John McGee. 

Student Education Association— Top Row: Janet Robinson, 
Sharon Adrian, Norma White, Karen Paxson, Sandra Stuckey, 
Joleen Irvine, Donna Dunlap, Donna Fox, Joan Ryan, Elaine 
Danielson, Patsi Boyer, Karen Herthel. Second Row: Mary J. 
Atchison, Deanna Osborn, Deanna Purcell, Sally Frantz, Marilyn 
Mann, Marietta Knoffloch, LaNora Young, Connie Cristler, Mary 
E. Glasco, Judy Chinn, Jean Swaim, Vieki Matthews. Third 

Row: Linda E. Loughmiller, Winnifred Hazen, Joyce Taylor, 
Joanne Taylor, Deanna McKinnie, Maria Simmons, Rogene J. 
Davis, Ginger A. Shannon, Janice Bassett, Carolyn Arnett, Co- 
lene Henson, Pat Zajic. Bottom Row: Carolyn Banks, Ruena J. 
Quinn, Martha A. Atkins, Ellen Grimsley, Sharon Frick, Susan 
Mechesney, Ruth E. Brandt, Joan Toepfer, Karen Klinger, Judy 
Tyler, Millie Heiken. 

Student Education Association— Top Row: Dianne Pribyl, 
Shirley Rollins, Janet Nelson, Jolene Hazen, Karen J. Oldham, 
Karen Rosser, Anne Clarkson, Eleanor Zeornes, Carol Doren, 
Judy K. Stevens, Kay F. Wurm. Second Row: Rosemary J. Haas, 
Jean C. Leis, Judy A. Stevens, Linda S. Butler, Marcia L. But- 
ler, Mary Ann Dunn, Janet Pearce, Carolyn K. Cling, Melissa 
M. Hale, C. Anne Phillips, Peggy A. Rogers, Beverly A. Turn- 

bull. Third Row: Ada M. Church, Evelyn J. Goldsby, Rosemary 
Cloe, Fern Jahnke, Julia Jahnke, Maureen Berls, Anita K. Swim, 
Lois Sayre, Barbara Gentry, Carolyn Apley, Joanne Eckert, 
Judith J. Ross. Bottom Row: Sandra H. Wurster, Patty Stevens, 
Susan P. Miller, Mary K. Davidson, Nancy F. Nelke, Virginia 
Railsback, Carolyn Sargent, Janice Fauss, Eugenia Mangelsdorf, 
Barbara E. Alt, Lynne Martin, Nan Johnson. 

Student Education Association— Top Row: Carolyn L. Hum- 
burg, A. Kay Nordstrom, Linda L. Fields, Connie K. Tuma, 
Carolyn R. Moate, Peggy J. Ogan, Kay Berghaus, Loretta Roeck- 
ers, Florence Garrett, Janet White, Diane Ayers. Second Row: 
Loretta D. Weixelman, Sondra K. Fair, Alice J. Baker, Rosalie J. 
Bivin, Kay P. Seaton, Judy Krug, Janet Macy, Delores J. Hutch- 
inson, Marilyn K. Johnston, Sandy J. Newman, Judith G. Mills, 

Sherry K. Henderson. Third Row: Zelma I. Rust, Imogene L. 
Meadows, Judy A. Bowers, Martha C. Samuelson, D. Anne 
Taylor, Carolee Orme, Elizabeth D. Nonamaker, Linda K. 
Grothusen, Gretchen Cleveland, Deanna Degnan, Beverly Rich- 
ardson. Bottom Row: Jeanette M. Shepherd, Fayeann Sand- 
strum, Janet S. Elliott, Larry E. Pribyl, Harley E. Becker, Thom- 
as A. Johnson, Wendell A. Nelson, James R. Phelps, Sharon 
C. Wagner, Carolyn K. Buck, Carolyn R. Larson. 


m Q 

Student Education Association— Top Row: Sandra K. Swan- 
son, Carol L. Bliss, Sandra S. Cloyes, De Ann Seaman, Dee 
Baker, Pat Shannon, Edna M. Heady, Emily A. Douthit. Second 
Row: Margaret J. Cantrell, Mary K. Rundell, Marilyn DuBois, 
Charlene Murphy, Shirley Worthy, Nancy J. Roberts, Kay Slade, 
Bonnie Nicodemus, Geneva L. Lewis, Gay Missildine. Third 

Row: JoAnn S. Mayer, Elizabeth Kempthorne, Irene Mangels- 
dorf, Diane Watson, Jacque Glover, Jan Collins, Wendy Gray, 
Dianne Hiebert, C. Kaylene Blecha, Marilyn Grosse, Janice 
Thompson. Bottom Row: J. W. DeMand, Duane Shaw, Roland 
VanGieson, Gary Lazarus, Gene Olander, Don Haresnape, Barry 
Dukes, Charles K. Ellison, Boyd L. Blair, Richard C. Hoisington. 

Education Association 

The Carl Douglas chapter of the Student Educa- 
tion association had 604 members this year. Pur- 
pose of the organization, which is open to all stu- 
dents enrolled in some phase of education, is to 
provide pre-vocational experiences in teaching. 
President was Irene Mangelsdorf and Dr. John De- 
Mand was faculty sponsor. Programs this year in- 
cluded demonstrations by students from the State 
School for the Blind at Kansas City. 

Debate Squad 

Trips almost every weekend kept the debate 
squad busy this year. The group took the sweep- 
stakes trophy at Colorado university and second 
place at Idaho State college. James Robbins and 
Anita Taylor, speech instructors, were coach and 
assistant coach. Individual trophies also were won 
by members during the year. Debate teaches par- 
ticipants how to think quickly, analyze problems, 
and see all sides of an issue. 

Debate Squad— Top Row: Patsi A. Boyer, Jane Evans, Bill 
Hiett, Frederick J. Chapman, Ginger A. Shannon, Deanna K. 
Atkinson, Anita Taylor. Second Row: Gracella Lane, Mary R. 

Hall, Virginia J. Baxter, Josette L. Maxwell, Mary E. Richard- 
son, Maureen Mahar. Bottom Row: Stanley R. Clowers, Kath- 
leen Bryson, C. J. Austermiller, Helen K. Anderson, Dan F. 
Hahn, Toni Vieux, James G. Robbins. 





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Pershing Rifles— Top Row: Willard F. Frantz, Byron D. Burris, 
Lanny L. Loeppke, Richard A. Lemon, William E. Kitterman, 
Alan E. Yabui, H. M. Murphy. Second Row: Richard A. Pywell, 
David R. Jones, Robert A. Cassell, Harry D. Wullschleger, H. 
David Cox, James D. Barbour, Ronald L. Ibbetson, Loren D. 

Haresnape. Third Row: John R. Starrett, Milton L. Pippenger, 
Peter W. Hopkins, Paul F. Habiger, Donald Joy, Michael D. 
Corazin, Dudley G. Loomis, Jr., Edwin L. Pippenger, G. Charles 
Clark. Bottom Row: Harold S. Cole, Dwight L. Hayden, Doug 
Erway, James Allerheiligen, Dwight G. Fields, Marvin H. Ham- 
mond, Jr., Richard H. Lenhart, Charles M. French. 

Pershing Rifles 

Attending invitational drill meets and providing 
a sabre squad at the Air Force and Military balls 
are some of the main projects of the Pershing Rifles. 
The 37-member group is made up of basic ROTC 
students. Dwight G. Fields was president and fac- 
ulty sponsors were 1st Lt. Willard F. Frantz, 1st Lt. 
Walter J. Ford, and M. Sgt. Harrison M. Murphy. 

Air Force ROTC 

Being co-sponsor for the AFROTC Ball and Angel 
Flight are the main activities of the AFROTC Asso- 
ciation. To be a member, the student must be a 
cadet in the AFROTC. Larry A. Nelson was presi- 
dent of the association and Captain Victor H. Ja- 
shinski was adviser. There were 21 seniors, 21 jun- 
iors, and 120 freshman and sophomore members. 

Am Force ROTC Association— Top Row: Herbert N. Whitney, 
Vaughn N. Simon, William M. Martin, Larry A. Nelson. Second 
Row: Philip D. Wilgers, Melvin D. Felch, Lee B. White. Bot- 
tom Row: Jerry L. Winsor, Victor H. Jashinski, David W. Pear- 
son, William M. Shilling. 

Geography Club— Top Row: J. R. Chelikowsky, W. L. Estlow, 
Huber Self, Karl Stacey. Bottom Row: Han S. Lee, Jack Hard- 
ing, Duane Pearce, Grady Ghrer, James Phelps. 

Geography Club 

The Kansas State Geographical Society, better 
known as the Geography club, was led this year by 
Grady Ghrer, president, and Huber Self, faculty 
sponsor. Purpose of the club is to further profes- 
sional interest in geography and to strengthen stu- 
dent and professional training. 


Geology Club— Top Row: Louis 
Riseman, Jamel J. Qasim, Arthur 
B. Sperry, John B. Butler, Joseph 
R. Chelikowsky, Kenneth E. Fran- 
cis, James H. Meisner. Second 
Row: Paul S. Wingard, Page C. 
Twiss, Joe A. Dooley, William E. 
Grossnickle, Marion L. Maderak, 
Ray Milsap, David Lobmeyer. 
Third Row: Jay E. Sternin, Wil- 
liam K. Clark, Dale V. Baysinger, 
Melverne G. Heble, Dale L. Snow, 
John Hepburn, Henry V. Beck. 
Bottom Roiv: Arthur L. Booth, 
Ralph H. Witte, Charles P. Wal- 
ters, Gaylord C. Hinshaw, Richard 
E. Ruda, Maurice A. Korbe. 

Geology Gems— Top Row: Bon- 
nie K. Wassell, Aldona L. Rise- 
man, Dolores R. Milsap, Marcia E. 
Sternin, Nancy L. Francis, Bonnie 
K. Meisner. Second Row: Shirley 
A. Kent, Judy L. Henry, Mary L. 
Vincent, Martha K. Butler, Martha 
A. Lobmeyer. Bottom Row: Katie 
Grossnickle, Donna M. Dooley, 
Patty L. Hinshaw, Ruth Shenkel, 
Marjorie T. Snow, Sheila F. Heble. 

Geology Clubs 

All geology majors are members of the Williston 
Geology club. The purpose of the club is to pro- 
mote academic and professional interest among 
members. The only functions of the club this year 
were monthly geology seminars. 

The Geology Gems, composed of wives of geol- 
ogy students, was organized to increase the knowl- 
edge of its members in the geology profession. The 
club sponsored a spring picnic and tea. 

Entomology Club 

Membership in the Entomology club is open to 
persons interested in, associated with, or actively 
engaged in entomological work. The 40 members 
of the organization met and discussed entomology 
and related subjects this year. 

The K-State club is the sponsor of the Kansas 
Entomological society and is responsible for its 
journal. The club's president this year was Roger 
B. Boren and the faculty sponsor was Dr. Hugh E. 

Entomology Club— Top Row: Herbert H. Walkden, W. Keith 
Whitney, Lazaro Posada, John R. Pedersen, Eldon E. Ortman, 
Robert L. Harris, W. Harold Arnett, Hugh E. Thompson. Second 
Row: Ronald W. Intermill, Gerald L. Greene, Gary F. Krause, 
John H. Poorbaugh, John L. Zaharis, Carl S. Bulger, Albert 

Isaak. Third Row: Phillip K. Harein, Fred W. Knapp, Ken 
Esau, Norman Marston, Clarence D. Guldner, Jr., Billy R. Wise- 
man, Elmer T. Jones, William L. Sigafoos. Bottom Row: Fred 
A. Lawson, T. L. Hopkins, Philip B. Morgan, Roger B. Boren, 
Chris C. Burkhardt, Harry W. Somsen, R. H. Painter, Leroy L. 
Peters, Herbert Knutson. 

K-State Masonic Club— Top Row: Galen D. Smith, Larry E. 
Hall, Howard E. Hall, Fred C. Isch, Magtangool Ambrosio, Don 
Pease. Second Row: Jack B. Seaton, Wayne L. Torneden, Mel- 

vin V. Martinek, Don L. Sutton, Don Downing, Arby L. Durnil. 
Bottom Row: Alvin L. George, Donald D. Randel, Edward P. 
Fabrieius, James E. Browne, Art J. Quinn, Donald F. Tidd. 

Masonic Club 

The Masonic club is composed of members who 
have been initiated as entered apprentices and who 
are affiliated with Kansas State. Annually, the club 
makes a donation to a Masonic Children's home at 
Christmas, it coaches its members on their degrees, 
and it regularly has social events. The preservation 
of the Masonic reputation and cooperation with the 
Masonic Committee of Education and the Man- 
hattan lodge are duties of the 33 members. Don 
Pease was the club's president. 

Cosmopolitan Club 

The promotion of an all-campus integrated pro- 
gram and the improvement of social activities were 
established as goals of the Cosmopolitan club. 
Working toward these objectives, the club had the 
Feast of Nations, educational trips, exchange pro- 
grams, and panels. Members also participated in 
international conferences and had several social 
events. By their actions, the 125 members try to 
promote a spirit of brotherhood among all peoples. 
Stains Panagides was president. 

Cosmopolitan Club— Top Row: Samir F. Kawar, Domokos 
Hajdo, Pundrick I. Almaula, Ramesh Shura, M. K. Desai, Fouad 
Habib, Adviye Azmaz, Ekanath Sangle, Monir M. Sidhom, Judy 
Stevens, Leona Dobson, Ernestina Vera, Rachel Garibay. Second 
Roiv: Ada Billings, Shyam Dube, Arjan Mansukhani, Margaret 
L. Strobel, John T. Shieh, Ping H. Sih, Lin-chuan Cha, Wilson 
D. Frank, John D. Peterson, Cindy L. Keller, Antonio A. Sando- 

val, Yasuo Wada. Third Row: Jamel J. Qasim, Sudhakar S. 
Thorat, Mahavir M. Simlot, Luciano G. Amutan, Paul G. Addoh, 
Humayun Akhtar, Jesus C. de Jesus, Azmi Abdulhadi, Janice 
Oberhelman, Sarah F. Sheldon, Chandresh Bahadur, M. M. 
Mansukhan, Stahis Panagides. Bottom Row: Dale R. Turner, 
Mufid A. Samarai, Wayne L. Torneden, Ara A. Yahnian, James 
W. Taylor, Purshottamdas K. Gupta, Robert L. Baer, Ishwar D. 
Chawla, Darryl E. Matter, Ziyad M. Khatib, Nejat M. Sonmez. 


Club Cervantes— Top Row: Mrs. Antonia I. Searles, Rachel 
Garibay, S. Gay Singular, Mary Ruth Hall. Second Row: Man- 
uel D. Ramirez, Joy Caldwell, Linda L. Myers, Augusto Fuka- 
zawa, Antonio Sandoval. Third Row: Jorge H. Diaz, Claudio M. 

Melendez, Steven R. Cress, Malcolm H. Gehrke, Roberto San- 
chez, Jose Antonio Mendez. Bottom Row: Celestino E. Rrolo, 
Ernesto T. Arriaga, Roger D. Rrannan, Fernando Figueroa, 
Emilio J. Gallegos, Pablo Rodriguez, Placido Vanderlinden. 

Arab-American Club 

The first annual Scheherazade Night last fall was 
sponsored by the Arab-American club. In addition 
to the selection of a queen, a program of Arabian 
culture was presented. An Arabian dinner given by 
the club featured a well-known Arab speaker. The 
organization's purpose is to promote better under- 
standing and stronger ties with American people 
and international students. President of the Arab- 
American club was Azmi Abdulhadi. 

Club Cervantes 

Members of the Club Cervantes promote an in- 
terest in the Spanish language and understanding 
between English-speaking and Spanish -speaking 
people. Members also profit socially and culturally 
from familiarity with the Spanish language. Club 
activities included the annual Pan-American Day 
dinner, panel discussions, films, and a special cele- 
bration of Columbus Day. Emilio J. Gallegos was 
the club's president. 

Arab-American Club— Top Row: Jamel J. Qasim, Taniel Gara- 
bedian, Joan Bertan, Paul Bertan, Monir M. Sidhom. Second 
Row: Ahmad M. Hamad, Mutazz Bilbisi, Mufid A. Samarai, 
Nazeeh Abdul-Hadi, Ali H. Mahmoud, Foudd Habib. Third 
Row: Shawkat M. Mashal, Mohamed S. Alsharief, Lutfy S. 

Theodossy, Azmi Abdulhadi, Ziyad M. Khatib, Bander M. Al- 
Rawi. Fourth Row: Daniel S. Siyahian, Sabah N. Samarrai, 
James C. Carey, Badi I. Naddih, Samir F. Kawar, Ara A. Yah- 
nian, Mohamed-Tewfik F. Abdu. Bottom Row: Winonah M. 
Carey, Jimmy Carey. 


4-H in Review staff members— Top Row: Rodney Vin- 
cent, Janice Laidig, Harry Lehew, Janet Robinson, 

Jean Leis. Bottom Row: Karen Simpson, Rarbara Saw- 
er, Marjorie Roeckers, Marilyn Hansen, Clyde Roberts. 

4-H Club 

Future Farmers 

The collegiate Future Farmers of America work 
to develop agriculture, leadership, cooperation, and 
citizenship. Organized in February of 1959, the 
K-State chapter now has 50 members. Assisting 
with the state FFA farm mechanics and agricul- 
tural contest and in housing high school FFA mem- 
bers attending the contest here were activities of 
the club this year. Larry Johnson was president 
and Paul N. Stevenson was adviser. 

"To make the best better" is the motto which 
inspires the 225 members of the Collegiate 4-H 
club. Members participated in many 4-H and cam- 
pus activities, such as publishing the "4-H in Re- 
view," the state 4-H journal; an all college mixer; 
assisting and judging at fairs; and a monthly radio 
program. The main social event was the fall Har- 
vest ball, a dinner and dance. Connie Clary was 
president and Charles Hoyt was faculty sponsor. 

Collegiate Future Farmers of 
America — Top Row: Larry E. 
Johnson, Wesley R. Ibbetson, Paul 
N. Stevenson, R. J. Agan, George 
A. Huitt. Second Row. Ronald L. 
Ibbetson, Gary D. Harmon, Jerry 
L. Gardner, Gary R. Swarner, Wil- 
liam T. McGinnis, Hollie Thomas. 
Bottom Row: Lawrence E. Schra- 
der, Gary L. Eilrich, R. Steve 
Robb, Howard Wallace, Darrel M. 
Kleeman, Joseph C. Seibert. 


Collegiate 4-H— Top Row: Barbara J. Sawer, Joyce M. Banks, 
Gloria J. Ousdahl, Janice K. Laidig, Linda L. Hahn, Ileen J. 
Rundle, Sara C. Rodewald, Carolyn D. Stratton, Janice Wanklyn, 
Janice E. Bassett. Second Row: Karlyne M. Banister, Ruth A. 
Raleigh, Brenda L. Miller, N. Karen Simpson, Ralph E. Gill- 
more, David W. Wilson, Darlene Dewey, Geneva L. Lewis, 
Phyllis D. Moody, Leah J. Ottaway. Third Row: Katherine 

Middleton, Mary K. Bradshaw, Nancy J. Roberts, Dorothy C. 
Johnson, Linda K. Brown, Kathy L. Frick, Ginger A. Shannon, 
Gloria J. Eckermann, Patricia I. Cook, Carol L. Johanning. Bot- 
tom Row: Francis F. Miller, Norman B. Jernigan, John W. 
Roohms, Duane D. Daily, Jack Frick, Frank Filinger, Jr., Henry 
Payne, Jerry Minnis, Charles Swanlund, Darryl E. Matter, Al- 
bert C. Kientz. 

Collegiate 4-H— Top Row: Mary J. Scoby, Lois Evans, Anne 
Grape, Ada M. Church, Margaret L. Cooper, Linda L. Ahl- 
stedt, Janet K. McAdams, Myrna S. Blakeman, Sherry K. Hen- 
derson, Connie L. Clary, Janice R. Drapel. Second Row: John 
W. Carlin, Mary E. Dickerson, Lilly M. Dreiling, Carolee Orme, 
Frank Einhellig, Kenneth E. Riepe, Rita K. Torkelson, Thehna 

M. Perkins, Beulah M. Staats, Rogene J. Davis, Ruth Zwey- 
gardt. Third Row: Larry E. Bengtson, Larry C. Asher, Raymond 
G. Hawley, Gary R. Swarner, Vernon R. Schweer, Dale E. Stur- 
geon, Roy M. Allen, Roger A. Heller, Eugene W. Allen, L. Dale 
Bathurst. Bottom Row: Hal E. Judy, Robert Rees, Gary G. 
Bitter, Ronald E. Adams, R. Steve Robb, John G. Sayler, Larry 
D. Abbett, Earl D. Stevens, H. L. Trentman, Walt Rudolph. 

Collegiate 4-H— Top Row: Jolene Hazen, Evelyn J. Goldsby, 
Sharon K. Biehler, Elizabeth A. Jones, Rita M. Ohnmacht, Kay 
E. Hurtt, Margaret M. Dickinson, Jean C. Leis, Jane Beck, 
Martha Samuelson, Ellen M. Johnson. Second Row: Sally A. 
Bradshaw, Pat Webber, Fern Jahnke, Kay Gardner, Marilyn J. 
Mauck, Judith Kettler, Betty I. Mears, Nancy B. Weber, Donna 
Fox, Evelyn M. Hoyt, Keith Bennett. Third Row: Doris M. Im- 
hof, Kathryn Rudolph, Jan Collins, Lanny L. Loeppke, R. Wes- 

ley Ibbetson, Arnold E. Tillberg, David Sharp, Richard E. 
Smith, Carl L. Nichols, Jerry P. Hefling, Judith C. Blount. 
Fourth Roiv: Bill New, Clark L. Bair, Charles E. Hamon, Clay 
D. Woolfolk, Max A. Godfrey, James S. Birkbeck, Rodney K. 
Vincent, Harry Lehew, George H. Beyer, Ronald L. Ibbetson. 
Bottom Row: Oneta L. Bright, Patsy L. Johnson, F. Elaine 
Henderson, Loretta M. Roeckers, Irene Ross, Janet Robinson, 
Marjorie Roeckers, Sara Hollinger, Mary Jo Mauler, Jean Reeh- 



Horticulture Club— Top Row: James J. Nighswonger, George 
A. Filinger, L. R. Quinlan. Second Row: Donald E. Calkins, 
Harold E. Dornbusch, Ted J. Weir, Gale Webb. Bottom Row: 
John C. Pair, J. K. Greig, Larry W. Cain. 

Horticulture Club 

To promote good fellowship among the members 
and to advance interest in horticulture is the aim of 
the Horticulture club. To be eligible for member- 
ship in the organization a student or faculty mem- 
ber must have an interest in horticulture. 

The club raises and sells bedding plants as a 
major project. Participation in Ag Week displays 
and hosting spring and fall picnics are also activi- 
ties of the club. The Horticulture club published a 
newsletter for horticulture graduates and other in- 
terested persons. Ted Weir guided the club as 
president, while Ray Ken acted as faculty adviser. 
Twenty students joined the organization this year. 

University Extension Club— Top Row: Gloria J. Ousdahl, 
Shelby S. Wells. Second Row: Gayla J. Cress, Janice K. Laidig, 
M. Carolyn Lynch. Bottom Row: Annetta B. Long, Max A. 
Godfrey, Larry Kepley, Lilly M. Dreiling. 

Extension Club 

The University Extension club almost tripled its 
membership this year as it reached 20. The club 
was organized to provide the members with oppor- 
tunities to become better acquainted with exten- 
sion methods and personnel and to promote inter- 
est in cooperative extension work. 

Gloria Ousdahl served as president and E. H. 
Teagarden was faculty adviser for the club. Any 
student interested in extension work is eligible for 
membership in the organization. The organization 
was founded in 1947 by a group of students who 
were working with the Extension Service as junior 
assistants and who had similar interests. 

Block and Bridle Club— Top Row: Joe F. Lichtenauer, John B. 
Teagarden, Pat H. Koons, Ken Kocher, Dave Slyter, Jr.> J nT1 
Houck, James Warta, Galen W. Postier, Don Balch, Alan D. 
Lewis, Malcolm C. Goodrich. Second Rotv: Darrell L. Webber, 
David L. Mackintosh, John A. Thomas, Wade T. Smith, Mary 
K. Bradshaw, Vivian Brown, Larry L. Laverentz, Douglas J. 
Bolt, Chris A. Johnson, Balph E. Gillmore, James A. Lindahl, 

John C. Forrest. Third Row: Charles V. DeGeer, Kenneth L. 
Herbster, Jerry L. Wilson, Stanley L. Steere, Gaylor Taylor, 
Jack Frick, Richard Janssen, Clait Braun, Walt Rudolph, Stephen 
A. Beal, Larry B. Waite. Bottom Row: Larry E. Scott, Larry J. 
Theurer, Gary L. Bieck, Boger Polkinghorn, Louis Anderson, 
Norman B. Jernigan, Max A. Godfrey, Ivan Kanak, H. L. Trent- 
man, Robert W. Lewis, Richard E. Smith. 


Poultry Science Club— Top Row: Minor E. Chappell, Larry D. 
Bacon, Dale Tindell, M. E. Jackson, Ray W. Morrison. Second 
Row: Byron F. Miller, Elmer G. Davis, James V. Craig, Paul 

E. Sanford. Third Row: Wayne Bacon, S. E. Trieb, Virgil J. 
Capron, Louis D. Rasplicka, Loyal F. Payne. Bottom Row: 
Robert A. Baruth, Max A. Godfrey, Thomas B. Avery, Gerald 
Havenstein, Ned K. Stirtz, Jack L. Fry. 

Poultry Science 

To create and further an interest in poultry hus- 
bandry and to gain closer friendship and coopera- 
tion between faculty and students are the aims of 
the Poultry Science club. Membership in the club 
is open to any K-State student or faculty member 
who is interested in poultry. 

Heading the 34-man organization was Louis 
Rasplicka, and Jack Fry was faculty adviser. As 
fund raising projects the club catered for barbecues 
at conferences. 

Block and Bridle 

The Block and Bridle club represents students 
interested in all phases of animal husbandry work. 
It tries to promote higher scholastic standards and 
bring about closer relationships among students in- 
terested in the field. 

Darrell Webber was president of the 75-member 
club, and D. L. Mackintosh was faculty adviser. 
The organization sponsored a scholarship for a 
member of the junior class, and presented an award 
to the outstanding senior club member. 

Independent Students 

The purposes of the Independent Students asso- 
ciation are to unite independent students and en- 
courage them to participate in campus activities; 
to give members more social activities, and to 
promote cooperation between Independents and 

The year's activities included a Christmas dance 
at which Vivian Brown was crowned as ISA Christ- 
mas queen. Leon Durnil was president of the 200- 
member organization and Wendell Kerr was the 
faculty sponsor. 

Independent Students Association— Top Row: Errol Parthe- 
mer, Doris Miller, Vincent Hayden. Bottom Row: Joleen Proc- 
tor, Leon Durnil, Joan Anderson. 

Ac. Education Club— Top Row: Larry L. Larson, Gary J. Rey- 
nolds, M. Bruce Cleveland, Billy R. Fuller, Raymond L. Ellis, 
David E. Witty, Herbert L. Wenger, Donald J. White, Doyle 
B. Brown. Second Row: Lawrence D. Bathurst, Clint Birken- 
baugh, Theodore Samuelson, Earl R. Arnold, Larry C. Asher, 

Larry Kepley, Earl D. Beck, Donald G. Miller. Tliird Row: Bob 
A. Hays, Forrest L. Holliday, Boyd M. Mundhenke, Jerry L. 
Gardner, Ronald K. Hill, David F. Thompson, Darrel L. Odle, 
Rudy Titsworth, John R. Baird. Rottom Row: Bud Tolman, 
Bud Cline, Gary L. Cromwell, Norman H. Staats, Clinton O. 
Jacobs, William R. Gordon, Howard Wallace, Earl B. Wright. 

Ag Education Club 

Any student enrolled in agricultural education or 
any student planning to enter the field is eligible 
for membership in the Agricultural Education club. 
The object of the organization is to strengthen the 
confidence of members in both their work and 
themselves while they are preparing to be instruc- 
tors of vocational agriculture. 

An interschool farm mechanics contest for all 
students was an outstanding project for the year. 

Earl Beck headed the 90-member group during the 
year, and Howard R. Bradley served as faculty ad- 
viser. In connection with the Ag Ed club was the 
Ag Ed Wives, composed of women whose husbands 
have declared agricultural education as their major. 

Its purpose is to help the wives become well in- 
formed of the nature of the vocational teacher's 
work. There are 22 members in the club, whose 
president is Mrs. Earl Beck. Mrs. R. J. Agan, Mrs. 
H. R. Bradley, Mrs. Clinton Jacobs, Mrs. Paul Ste- 
venson and Mrs. Lawrence Hall assisted the club as 
faculty advisers. 

Ag Education Club— Top Row: Jon W. Thole, Jerry D. Hall, 
Rex E. Ladner, Steve G. Miller, Ivan Loomis, Darrell Stites, 
Gerald W. Hundley, James O. Krehbiel. Second Roic: Duane C. 
Purcell, Carey L. Smith, William T. McGinnis, Lyle C. Berges, 
Howard R. Bradley, Lowell D. Satterlee, Lawrence R. Cordell, 

Raymond L. Studer. Third Row: Lester F. Richard, Donald E. 
Haresnape, Frederick G. Clary, Richard D. Winder, James H. 
Shenk, Gary L. Van Leeuwen, Donald A. Schneider, Harold D. 
Knewtson. Rottom Row: Donald D. Randel, Max E. Turner, 
George E. Racette, George A. Cramton, Lawrence R. Wasson, 
Don M. Gronau, Richard E. Mattas. 


Agricultural Economics Club— Top Row: Rodney T. Symes, 
Steven E. Wright, Charles D. Clinkenbeard, Maurice H. Ham- 
mer, John Sjo, J. A. Hodges, Roger A. Bell, Philip F. Warnken, 
Mark E. Hueftle, C. Wendell White. Second Row: Marvin D. 
Swart, Paul N. Johnson, Curtis L. Graber, Jim Lawson, Lionel 
R. Chambers, Francis Habiger, Larry L. Ihrig, Melvin L. Hub- 
bell, Ralph E. Gillmore, David R. Eklund. Third Row: Gary R. 

Swarner, Kenneth L. Streets, Ron W. Slade, Robert E. Rippe, 
Leonard R. Miller, Merlin L. Lampe, Albion D. Visser, John A. 
Kazmaier, Shelby L. Bailey, Wendell W. Kellogg. Rottom Row: 
Melvin V. Martinek, Harold R. Salmon, William L. Sehultz, 
Clay D. Woolfolk, Herschel R. Pickett, James S. Birkbeck, 
Larry L. Coon, Donald W. Ungerer, Larry L. Rose, Greg 

Ag Economics Club 

Kansas State's student section of the American 
Farm Economics association had a total of 45 mem- 
bers this year. This was an increase of five over 
last year. The purpose of the club is to further pro- 
fessional and social interests in agricultural eco- 
nomics. It also strives to foster a closer relationship 
between students and the faculty of the Depart- 
ment of Agricultural Economics. The motto of the 

club is "the door to success is labeled push." 

The organization is open to all students who are 
majoring in agricultural economics. Bill Sehultz 
was president of the Farm Economics association. 
John Sjo aided the club as faculty adviser. In order 
to accomplish its purpose of getting a closer rela- 
tionship between students and faculty, the club 
sponsored a fall smoker and a spring steak fry. The 
group also served a meal for the Farm Business 
Day conference in December and had a display for 
Ag Science day. 

Ac Education Wives Club— Top Row: Mrs. R. J. Agan, Bar- 
bara G. Miller, Virginia F. Roberson, Billye K. Purcell, Carol A. 
Beck, Beverley Ladner, Christeen L. Satterlee, Nola L. Odle, 
Helen F. Lambert. Second Row: Mary A. Knewtson, Shirley H. 

Hill, Gretchen A. Cleveland, Helen I. Racette, Phyllis M. Hall, 
Tvvila M. Ellis, Shirley M. DeLano, Nell W. Cline. Rottom Row: 
Mary A. Weiser, Judy J. Hundley, Deanna R. Fuller, Gladys M. 
Turner, Doris E. Titsworth, Betty A. Samuelson, Judy A. Warren. 


American Nuclear Society— Top Row: Rex C. Neff, Irwin R. 
McKown, Howard S. Forrer, Chandresh Bahadur, Scott W. Lee, 
Kenneth E. Riepe, Paul Prevo, Gale Simons, Lee Kent Clark, 
Robert C. Didelot. Second Row: Pablo Rodriguez, David E. 
Bernhardt, Darrol H. Timmons, Leon D. Swenson, Vivian C. 
Rodriguez, James C. Stone, Larry D. Noble, Jerry L. Rathbun, 
Larry L. Gramme, Bryce E. Rohrbaugh. Third Row: Earl W. 

Hoffman, Charles A. Winter, Michael L. Parsons, Ron L. Hol- 
ton, Larry L. Linscheid, F. M. Carroll, T. B. Amerine, P. W. 
Morton, William W. Porath, Robert R. DeRusseau. Rottom Row: 
Barton L. Bigge, Robert J. Troxell, Patrick B. Waugh, Aryl B. 
Clason, Larry K. Johnson, Francis E. Baker, Jr., James A. Kohr, 
William M. Sanders, Maurice P. Schrag, Dean Eckhoff, Ronald 
E. Converse. 

Nuclear Society 

Those interested in the fields of nuclear science 
and engineering are eligible for membership in the 
American Nuclear society. President of the group 
this year was Maurice P. Schrag and R. C. Bailie 
was faculty sponsor. The 75 members help put up 
exhibits of the nuclear engineering department for 
Engineers' Open House, and have an honors ban- 
quet for graduating seniors and a picnic for all the 

Chemical Society 

To foster a professional spirit and instill in the 
members a professional pride is the purpose of the 
student affiliate of The American Chemical society. 
The 21 members of the organization were guided 
by William B. Walters, president, with Clifton E. 
Meloan as faculty sponsor. 

The activities of the group included a field trip, 
lab picnic and co-sponsorship of the Chemistry ex- 
hibit for Arts and Sciences Day. 

American Chemical Society- 
Top Row: Ronel M. Yost, E. Jean- 
nette Wells, Sheila J. Nelson, Mari- 
lyn J. Mauck, Carolyn S. Kings- 
bury, Franque M. Chilcote. Sec- 
ond Row: Karl L. Johnson, John 
C. Hassler, Charles C. Brockett, 
Oliver W. King, James W. Hol- 
land. Third Row: Phil B. Bow- 
man, Garold W. Johnson, Richard 
G. Pannbacker, William K. Woelk, 
Jerry P. Hefling. Rottom Row: 
William B. Walters, Jere B. Eng- 
land, Cliff E. Meloan, Martin D. 
Shetlar, Joe H. Doyle. 



Plow and Pen Club— Top Row: 
David W. Good, Richard L. Van- 
derlip, Chester Peterson, Jr., Loren 
D. Henry, Neil E. Dowlin. Bottom 
Row: Nonnan A. Werner, Elbert 
B. Macy, Laurice M. Margheim, 
Donald J. Haberer, Fred Beeler. 

Plow and Pen Club 

To further agriculture journalism is the purpose 
of the Plow and Pen club. A student must be an 
ag journalist or at least have had basic courses in 
the agriculture journalism field for membership. 
Richard Vanderlip was president of the organiza- 
tion while Elbert Macy served as faculty sponsor. 

Activities include sponsorship of an FFA agri- 
culture writing contest, and participation in Ag 
Science Day. The group presently is working with 
a similar club at Missouri university to form a na- 
tional organization. 

Dairy Science Club 

The Dairy Science club provides a means of dis- 
seminating information on topics of interest to its 
members. President of the group, which had a 
membership of 35, was Gary Albright. Ross Mickel- 
son and Dr. George Ward were the faculty sponsors. 

Activities of the group included a fall and spring 
steak fry and square dance, and luncheons for Dairy 
Day and Dairy Progress Days. Anyone who has an 
interest in some phase of the dairy industry is eli- 
gible to become a member of the club. 

Dairy Science Club— Top Row: Wesley R. Ibbetson, Ronald L. 
Ibbetson, T. J. Claydon, Joseph Mink, Ali H. Mahmoud, Gary 
L. Albright. Second Row: Erie E. Bartley, Rodney K. Vincent, 
Emery R. Corbett, Norris E. Nichols, Dean D. Vincent, Byron 

J. Warta, Donald Finical. Third Row: Ray R. Schooley, C. L. 
Norton, G. M. Ward, Keith Huston, Ross Mickelsen, Richard 
Bassette. Bottom Row: Charles D. Frederick, Kenneth McCosh, 
Albert Buckbee, Ronald E. Gustafson, Richard Rosenhagen, 
William Coddington, John Schuetz. 


American Institute of Physics— 
Top Row: Billy C. Hudson, Kent 
Crawford, Shih-Chi Chang, John H. 
Kitterman. Second Roiv: James E. 
Swain, Richard R. Streets, Jerald 
L. Harper, Charles T. Prevo. Bot- 
tom Row: John E. Lawrence, Wil- 
liam H. Tobey, Glen E. Harland, 
Donald E. Jones. 

nstitute of Physics 

The advancement and diffusion of knowledge 
concerning the science of physics is the purpose of 
the student section of the American Institute of 
Physics. The president this year was J. E. Swain 
and Dr. E. B. Dale was faculty sponsor. Member- 
ship is open to anyone interested in physics. 

Mechanical Engineers 

The Kansas State student section of the Ameri- 
can Society of Mechanical Engineers had 257 mem- 
bers this year. The president this year was Karl K. 

Stevens and the faculty adviser H. M. Neely. ASME 
was host to the annual KU-KSU student section ex- 
change banquet. Other activities included attend- 
ance at an industrial forum, and submitting techni- 
cal papers to the regional conference. 

Milling Association 

Students enrolled in either milling technology or 
feed technology are eligible for membership in the 
Milling association. Llovd W. Rooney was president 
and Dr. John A. Johnson was faculty adviser. The 
group sponsored a seminar each month with guest 
speakers from industry. 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers— Top Row: Ger- 
ald E. Marnell, Harry Woolverton, John E. Craig, Karl K. Stev- 
ens, Gene H. Dettmer, Dorothy F. Rodgers, Dale E. Chambers, 
George W. Bennett, John H. Kopp, John A. Reynolds. Second 
Row: Larry D. Geske, Charles K. Wanklyn, Donald D. Vanous, 
Lester F. Luehring, Larry D. Foster, Loren C. Ellis, Hubbard 
E. Glenn, W. Joseph Grennan, Charles W. Rowland, H. M. 

Neely. Third Row: Lester W. Wurm, John C. Counter, Dean 
E. Gladow, John G. Harri, Leo W. Scully, Neil W. Denton, 
Robert W. Martin, Gary R. Culberson, Dale H. Nordstrom, Don 
D. Schroeder. Bottom Row: Fred W. Loseke, Mark A. Nieland, 
David W. Pearson, Harold D. Larson, Don E. Neal, Roger R. 
Eaton, Ronald E. Wilson, Forest M. McGinnis, Jay L. Knox, 
Fred H. Kohman. 



Milling Association— Top Row: Dudley H. Green, Don K. 
Davis, Charles W. Colson, Roger D. Wolfe, Gary A. Hohner, 
James L. Balding, Ronald K. Watson, John A. Johnson, Arthur 
Johnston, Lloyd L. Richards, Lowell F. Alley. Second Row: 
Wayne Heder, Floyd Shoup, Bill Nuzum, Roger Kramer, Jacob 

B. Ochs, Robert G. Reid, Charles H. Butler, Kenneth McRee, 
Kent Salisbury, Rudy Fritz, Fred Franz. Bottom Row: Charles 
W. Sauder, Jack R. Chapman, Robert O. Worley, Harlan W. 
Oltjen, W. Lee Kaff, Norman B. Jernigan, William L. Justice, 
G. Richard Heiman, Harold L. Morton, Ron W. McCune, Jack 
D. Coffman. 

Milling Association— Top Roic: Maurice D. Faidley, Joseph C. 
Nothern, Gerald D. Miller, Ormund M. Isaacson, J. Roger 
Craig, Alfred I. Broddle, Armando Monroy, Ernesto T. Arriaga. 
Second Roiv: Hillis D. Bowen, Don Miller, Mike Craig, Eugene 
Lee, Dale O. Eckerberg, Rodney R. Behrhorst, Herbert C. Jef- 
fers, Clifford Gruver. Tliird Row: Curtis E. Bechtel, Kenneth 

R. McCullough, Robert L. Gardner, Rene L. LaVoie, Galen J. 
Hubbs, James H. Booth, Jose D. Cordova, Darel Wendelburg, 
Roy M. Allen. Bottom Row: Donald P. Adee, Lloyd W. Rooney, 
Valgene W. Henton, Royce O. Pence, William A. Radcliff, Al- 
lan Oltjen, Marion W. Karr, Larry P. McKinsey, Wayne E. 

Milling Association— Top Row: David W. Ginn, Walter R. 
Wright, Will Channon, Peter Hopkins, Scott Hackett, J. Dennis 
Bassett, Robert H. Tolar, Richard D. Rees, Elton D. Aberle, 
Carl A. Stevens, Darwin L. Siefkes. Second Row: Eddie L. Ed- 
wards, Gary L. Ladner, William Bunger, Melvin Scheller, J. D. 
Wilson, Warren H. Brown, Jerry L. Kintigh, Edward C. Reine- 
mann, William S. Edwards, Terry R. Petitt, Larry M. Sheets. 

Third Row: Robert A. Mayr, Curtis L. Eicher, Keith L. Hall, 
Richard J. Baker, Wayne W. Schope, Gordon L. Rubenthaler, 
William A. Siebert, Jr., John G. Cersovsky, Virgil J. Capron, 
Larry L. Kaump, Gerald E. Poley. Bottom Row: Charles E. 
Waknitz, Kenneth L. Hayes, Scott D. Helmke, James E. Rempe, 
Carroll B. Arndt, Alan O. Keeler, Everett A. Abercrombie, Lee 
R. Young, Dale A. Rodman, Donald A. Kesinger, Roger L. 


Sigma Tau— Top Row: Von L. Hefling, John E. Pawlowski, Hal 
E. Judy, Leo W. Scully, John C. Counter, John Harri, Dean 
Eckhoff, Jay L. Knox. Second Row: William M. Sanders, Gerry 
C. Balzer, Lawrence H. Wetter, Gary G. Goetsch, Richard L. 

Goudy, Dean E. Gladow, Edward D. Pivonka, William E. Bay- 
less, George A. Carson. Bottom Row: Elmer E. Jones, Jr., Roy 
L. Harder, Larry G. Rohloff, Herman F. Jasper, Mark A. Nie- 
land, Theodore M. Wire, David W. Pearson, Joseph J. Ohmes, 
John P. Jones, Harold G. Boone. 

Sigma Tau— Top Roiv: Robert C. Mallon, Glenn L. Channell. 
Second Row: Eldon L. Rush, Karl K. Stevens, John C. Totten, 
James E. Rader, Dennis Zitterkopf, Merle Braden, James Reid, 
Waldo Lang, Jerry L. Rathbun, Harold D. Ogburn, Derald D. 
Nye. Third Roiv: James J. Mathias, Dale E. Chambers, Jerry 

D. Neal, C. J. Austermiller, Virgil D. Rogge, Nelson Funston, 
Leigh Roehr, Henry Renollet, Gene Dettmer, William J. Gren- 
nan. Bottom Row: Loren W. Conrad, Max R. Peterson, Ran- 
dolph C. Matson, Paul E. Beyer, Alan B. Campbell, Terry L. 
Parsons, Roger R. Eaton, John E. Dahl, Robert W. Martin, Dale 
R. Galliart, Richard W. Stolarczyk. 

Sigma Tau— Top Row: Robert R. Derusseau, Richard D. Cheli- 
kowsky, Kenneth G. Ingram, Marvin E. Daniel, Louis J. Vallas, 
Albert L. Engle, Duane E. Walker, Harold P. Wasinger. Second 
Row: Leon D. Swenson, Kenneth H. Carpenter, Lyle E. Clum, 

Keith D. Pugh, John S. Tripp, John I. Garrett, Michael D. King, 
Bobby J. Thomas, Leonard A. Munger. Bottom Row: Bill D. 
Matthews, Charles R. McDonald, Franklin J. Appl, John G. 
Winchester, Bill R. Emrick, John W. Locke, Frank B. Bartow, 
V Wayne Gustafson, Jerry J. Jones, Keith W. Jeffers. 


Institute of Radio Engineers— Top Row: James R. Wright, 
Eldon L. Rush, Glenn P. Donnell, Dennis J. Marfice, Donald 
D. Weinmeister, Edward J. Knobbe, Don F. Ruder, Jacob R. 
Dorsey, Richard L. Sowell, Leroy E. Lakey, Tillman A. Prest- 
wood, Jr. Second Row: Richard D. Markley, David Roggendorff, 
Owen D. Tibbetts, Robert P. Thudin, William R. Carson, Rob- 
ert W. Shue, Verlan R. Nesbitt, Michael D. King, John E. Dahl, 

John I. Garrett, James E. Rader. Third Row: James B. Hall, 
James E. Browne, Keith D. Pugh, Verlin G. Campbell, Gene S. 
Luckfield, Frank B. Bartow, Gary L. Johnson, Kenneth H. Car- 
penter, James F. Meyer, Von L. Hefling, Thomas L. Brown. 
Rottom Row: Larry E. Reid, Robert B. Sexton, Bill R. Emrick, 
Wayne A. Wagner, Terry L. Parsons, Karl F. Anderson, Clayton 
L. Griffin, Bill D. Matthews, Beryl L. Barber, William L. West- 

Sigma Tau 

Sigma Tau fraternity recognizes outstanding 
achievement and ability in the Engineering school 
and the engineering profession. Candidates for 
membership must be upperclassmen, rank in the 
upper third in scholarship, and demonstrate ability 
in practical problems. 

St. Pat's spring dance, cleaning and repainting of 
K-Hill, and sponsoring the Marathon race and St. 
Pat and St. Patricia at the Engineers' Open House 
are planned by the fraternity. Its president was 
Roy L. Harder and sponsor Enrico P. Mercanti. 

Radio Engineers 

The Institute of Radio Engineers is an organiza- 
tion open to those students enrolled in electrical en- 
gineering. Smokers and monthly meetings with 
speakers from various industries help disseminate 
knowledge on theory and practice of electronics, 
communications, and other related fields of en- 
gineering and science. 

Around 75 members participate in these discus- 
sions. Chester D. Shupe was chairman of the Insti- 
tute of Radio Engineers and the faculty sponsor 
was C. A. Halijak. 

Sigma Tau— Top Row: John W. Walters, William D. Kastne. 
William B. Bickford, Dennis L. Esslinger, Hubert R. Van Wie. 
Second Row: Boyd E. Mathes, Daniel J. Hines, Louis E. Perrier, 
Don L. Wagner, Thomas L. Brown. Third Row: Thomas M. 

Albright, Leroy E. Kashka, Don F. Paddleford, Garry D. Cheg- 
widden, Jay S. Huebner, Richard D. Markley. Rottom Row: 
Claude O. Gieger, Donald D. Vanous, James A. Selby, Jordan 
T. Olson, Duane A. Huber, Warren H. Blacklock, James E. 


Graduate students apply finishing touches to a city 
planning exhibit on display in the Union last fall. 

American Society of Agricultural Engineers— Top Row: 
James E. Winzeler, Waldo D. Lang, Glenn Robe, Marvin 
Winitz, Albeit C. Kientz, F. C. Fenton, Jerry F. Buebbeim, 
Frank Anderson, Francis J. Komarek, Keitb A. Springer, Carl L. 
Schuler. Second Row: Hal E. Judy, Gerald L. lessen, Raymond 
J. Lobmeyer, Waldeen M. Epp, Allen D. Tilley, Phillip G. Bar- 
ger, Karl W. Eisele, Olin L. Vandersliee, Dean McWilliams, 
Larry J. Nelson, Jack D. Buebbeim. Third Row: Thomas M. 
Albright, Raymond D. Stratton, William E. Bayless, Charles L. 

The student chapter of the American Institute of 
Architects increased its size by 90 members this 
year. With 125 members, a representative number 
from each class, the group discusses future goals of 
the architectural profession. 

These students in architecture unite for the pur- 
pose of striving for the betterment of each indi- 
vidual and of the profession. Dances and coffee 
hours were highlights of the year's activities. Jerry 
Exline was president of the club this year and Jack 
Durgan was faculty sponsor. 

The American Institute of Architects Auxiliary 
is composed of about 45 women and is designed to 
promote an understanding among themselves in 
the architectural profession. Membership is com- 
posed of the wives of AIA members. 

Ag Engineers 

The student branch of the American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers promotes the interest of the 
students in the improvement of their professional 
and parent society, the American Society of Agri- 
cultural Engineers. 

Membership is composed of undergraduate stu- 
dents enrolled in the professional curriculum of ag- 
ricultural engineering. President James Winzeler 
and faculty sponsor Frederick C. Fenton organized 
the activities of the vear, which included fall and 
spring picnics and displays for the Engineers' Open 

Blaser, John V. Ramsour, Neil W. Schild, Lawrence H. Wetter, 
Charles W. Johnson, Marvin L. Proctor, Curtis Gardner, Gary 
M. Ryland. Fourth Row: Francis F. Miller, Lawrence L. Dor- 
gan, John E. Miller, Herman F. Jasper, Claude O. Geiger, Jon 
D. Struss, Harold L. Greer, Lynn R. Shuyler, William A. Har- 
ris, Bobby E. Wunsch, Elmer E. Jones, Jr. Rottom Roiu: Albert 
L. Woody, Clinton R. Himnan, Norman L. Roelfs, Alvin D. 
Schrag, Glen Creager, Alfred J. Mannebach, Adrian L. Suiter, 
Thomas B. Baird, Don F. Morton. 


American Institute of Architecture Auxiliary— Top Row: 
Shirley A. Ford, Nina L. Stucky, Evelyn L. Miskimen, Carol M. 
Exline, Karolyn VandeVenter, Doris Badaracco. Second Row: 

Shirley Faulkender, Marilyn J. Klug, Alice L. Ruthe, Deanna L. 
Solt, Marge Mitchell, Sally L. Anduss, Su Lin Carr. Bottom 
Row: Joanne L. Covert, Mary Pfanenstiel, Merri A. Zickefoose, 
Margo E. Wilson, Beverly J. Ritter, Catherene A. Dent. 

American Institute of Architecture— Top Row: N. Carl 
Manka, Ronald W. Ford, Kenneth A. Miller, M. Lowell Potten- 
ger, Frank L. Smith, William O. Powell, Homer L. Williams. 
Second Row: Charles M. Geiger, Marshall L. Reed, James W. 
Unruh, James LeGroth, Jr., Elwin H. Nickols, Douglas Klug. 

Third Row: Jack S. Miller, James F. Conner, William H. Pe- 
tersilie, Gary K. Carlat, Gary E. Latham, Errol L. Frailey, Don- 
ald L. Goertzen. Bottom Row: John A. Britton, Kenneth M. 
Frashier, Max A. Jewell, John L. Badaracco, Larry A. Norris, 
Charles T. Conner, John R. Fox, Leroy E. Kashka. 

American Institute of Architecture — Top Row: Jay W. 
Hoover, William Hecht, Edward Wimmer, Keith Rhoades, Steve 
Sauer, R. Gale Mauk, William T. Warren, Gilbert Veconi, Rich- 
ard K. Nagashima, Paul C. K. Lu. Second Row: G. Norman 
Wells, Allen Wiechert, Mike Shaughnessy, Dwight Bennett, 
Donald A. Dietrich, Harold Classen, Dean L. Faulkender. 
Thomas Colvin, Lynn E. Anduss, Jim Bum garner. Third Row: 

E. Dale Knepper, Gordon K. Stucky, Joe L. Mitchell, Clifton D. 
Rutledge, Linden B. Carr, LeRoy W. Covert, Chuck Zickefoose, 
Richard B. Rinehart, Thomas L. Rowland, Jerry K. Exline, Har- 
ry D. Orbison. Bottom Row: Ronald L. Reid, Mike Fickel, Ar- 
thur L. Johnson, Billy D. Wunsch, Franklin C. Schultz, Earl D. 
Miskimen, Fred M. Colson, Carl D. Gaede, Thomas C. Wilson, 
William L. Fix, John P. Good. 


American Institute of Chemical Engineers— Top Row: Ron- 
ald A. Havenstein, Frank E. Bianco, Ralph W. Unger, Richard 
A. Ochs, Edward P. Regnier, Myron L. Hauschild. Second Row: 
Dan J. Miller, Richard K. Adams, Ernest A. Draeger, John M. 
Richardson, Ralph V. Johnson, Donald J. Lank, Donald D. 

Brewer. Third Row: Taylor Merrill, John G. Winchester, Don 
H. Lundquest, Otis Miller, Merrill F. Sproul, Ralph E. Ayres, 
Fred D. Shaw, David M. Popplewell. Bottom Row: Darrell L. 
Childs, Thurston E. Banks, Harold L. Ewy, Paul W. Carr, Rob- 
ert B. Perry, Arthur H. Lupfer, Larry E. Erickson. 

Chemical Engineers 

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers is 
organized to promote the professional development 
of the student and to contribute to the development 
of chemical engineering. There were 82 members 
in the club this year, an increase of 32 over last 
year. Activities included making a display for the 

Engineers' Open House, an annual conference with 
Kansas university and Nebraska university, plant 
inspection trips, and a spring banquet for members 
and their dates. Guest speakers were often invited 
to the meetings. Prof. Henry T. Ward was faculty 
sponsor. Ralph Ayres was president; Larry Erick- 
son, vice-president; Don Livingston, secretary; and 
Paul Carr, treasurer. The organization is a student 
branch of the professional group. All chemical en- 
gineering students are eligible for membership. 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers— Top Row: John 
Thomas, Jerry Fankhouser, Ramesh Shura, Chandru Sipahimalani. 
Second Roiv: Donald G. Livingston, Ken Watkins, Arthur E. 
Smith, Humayun Akhtar, Homer Y. Mar. Third Row: Charles 

M. French, Ross L. Thornbrugh, Donald M. Rasmussen, Henry 
T. Ward, Jim Mathias, Robert Meyers. Bottom Row: Mel W. 
Minnis, Stuart R. Leonhart, Donald F. Cooley, Clayton D. Ijams, 
Kenneth D. Fowler, George L. Kidwell, Ronald E. Dungey. 


American Institute of Electrical Engineering— Top Row: 
Eldon L. Rush, James R. Wright, Glenn P. Donnell, Leroy E. 
Lakey, Thomas L. Brown, Donald D. Weinmeister, Don F. 
Ruder, Harold D. Pease, Richard L. Sowell. Second Row: Boyd 
E. Mathes, Owen D. Tibhetts, James E. Browne, Robert P. 
Thudin, William R. Carson, Wayne F. Huning, Verlan R. Nes- 

bitt, David D. Roggendorff. Third Row: Leon R. Harris, Darrell 
G. Welch, Norman E. Deiter, Joseph W. Conant, Robert A. 
Cebula, Frank B. Bartow, Charles F. Schofield, James F. Myer, 
James B. Hall. Rottom Row: Larry E. Reid, Robert B. Sexton, 
Wayne A. Wagner, Terry L. Parsons, Karl F. Anderson, Clayton 
L. Griffin, BillD. Matthews, Beryl L. Barber, William L. West- 

Electrical Engineers 

Keith W. Jeffers headed the American Institute 
of Electrical Engineers this year and was assisted 
by Melvin L. Kopf, vice-chairman; Harold P. Was- 
inger, recording secretary; Harley Macklin, cor- 
responding secretary; Paul E. Beyer, treasurer; and 
Terry L. Parsons, sergeant-at-arms. Purpose of the 
organization is to further the interest of the electri- 

cal engineering profession among the students en- 
rolled in the curriculum. Prof. Melvin C. Cottom is 
faculty adviser. 

A joint meeting with the Kansas City section of 
AIEE and listening to several speakers from vari- 
ous industries were part of the year's activities. The 
organization also had a display in the Open House 
and members participated in the AIEE student 
paper contest. The club was organized here in Jan- 
uary, 1909. 

American Institute of Electrical Engineers— Top Row: 
Leigh A. Roehr, Fred C. Isch, S. Paul Hitz, Hubert R. Van Wie, 
Dave DeSteiguer, Marvin E. Daniel, Dennis L. Esslinger. Sec- 
ond Row: Allen I. Wright, Richard D. Markley, Duane E. Wal- 
ker, Don L. Wagner, Melvin L. Kopf, William A. Powell, Roger 

L. Riggert. Tliird Row: Paul E. Beyer, John F. Schicke, Don A. 
Rathbun, John H. Peters, Donald R. Schmidt, Gary L. Foss, 
John S. Tripp. Bottom Row: Harold P. Wasinger, Melvin D. 
Koci, Leland M. Peterson, Von L. Hefling, John W. Locke, Har- 
ley R. Macklin, Keith W. Jeffers. 

r 1 


Society for the Advancement of Management— Top Row: 
Richard C. Hannay, Chiarella R. Juan, Charles T. Johnson, 
Tillman A. Prestwood, Jr., Ralph W. Snider, Lawrence Garvin, 
Klaus H. J. Jaeckel, Robert S. McClung. Second Row: Gilbert 
O. Sears, G. Paul Dobson, John L. Compton, Floyd A. Zwahl, 

Thomas E. Hassler, Larry M. Johnson, Melvin R. Handkins, 
John E. Pawlowski. Third Row: Donald M. Pease, Dave White, 
Harold M. Garrison, Larry Wangerin, Jerry L. Collins, Richard 
Still, John C. Wiley, Lonnie W. Myers. Rottom Row: Dale 
Wempe, Terry Waugh, Gary Goetsch, Carlton Ross, Glen J. 
O'Brien, Kenneth R. Crawford, Kent Sanborn. 

Management Society 

Any student above the freshman level with an 
interest in management can become a member of 
the Society for the Advancement of Management. 
The purpose of the organization is to inform mem- 
bers of developments in industrial engineering and 

management and to promote the professional de- 
velopment of members. 

The society had an awards banquet and meet- 
ings with speakers from industry, and was co- 
sponsor of the Industrial Relations conference. War- 
ren H. Blacklock was president of the 74-member 
group and Prof. John P. Clifton was faculty sponsor. 

Society for the Advancement of Management— Top Row: 
Robert J. McMickell, Robert E. Swanson, Garry W. Lassman, 
John P. Clifton, John L. Pate. Second Row: Mike Prewett, Rob- 
ert L. Main, Gene R. Schwinn, Wilbur R. West, David G. Rose, 

Paul L. Diehn. Third Row: Ronald G. Michaelis, Earnest W. 
Sumpter, Warren H. Blacklock, Ted Ochs, Charles J. Wieland, 
Glenn L. Linaweaver. Rottom Row: Tim L. Goddard, Jimmie L. 
Mattox, Mike S. Gottschalk, Charles R. Magill, Theodore M. 
Wire, Henry J. Mitchell. 


Astronomy Club — Top Row: 
James R. Wright, Ronald C. Ab- 
bott, Derald D. Nye. Bottom Row: 
Owen D. Tibbetts, S. Brent Ku- 
feld, Charles R. Bills. 

Astronomy Club 

All interested students and staff members may 
join the Astronomy club. This organization has a 
monthly meeting the Friday nearest the full moon. 
Other Fridays members participate in voluntary 
observation using equipment from the Physics de- 
partment. Charles Bills was president of this 10- 
member organization and Jack H. Robinson was 
facultv sponsor. 

industrial Education 

With the transfer of industrial education from 
the Engineering school to the School of Arts and 
Sciences, membership in the Industrial Education 
association became voluntary. Previously, it was 
a mandatory part of the engineering assemblv. 
Robert W. Johnson was president and Prof. Earl G. 
Darbv was faculty sponsor. 

Industrial Education Association— Top Row: Earl G. Darbv, 
Robert J. Craft, Larry D. Gilmore, Rex Allen, Byron D. Bell. 
Second Row: Arlen W. Beemer, Robert E. Reist, Charles L. 

Errett, Richard K. Marnix, Robert L. Coyan, Robert W. John- 
son. Bottom Row: Thomas A. Johnson, Jim K. Vilander, John S. 
Heitmann, Arthur W. Post, Kenneth E. Berndt. 


Alpha Epsilon Rho 

Recognizing and encouraging outstanding radio 
and television students is the goal of Alpha Epsilon 
Rho. The organization increased its membership 
from 11 to 18 members this year. 

Headed by James Harrison, president, and Rob- 
ert L. Snyder, faculty adviser, the honorary was 
host for the second regional Alpha Epsilon Rho 
convention and sent delegates to the national con- 

Alpha Epsilon Rho— Top Row: Judy Scott, Nedra Ross, Pat 
Myers, Linda Stout. Bottom Row: Robert L. Snyder, James 
Harrison, Kenneth Keefer, Jim Johnson. 

Civil Engineers 

Helping civil engineering students enrich their 
college courses by making professional associations 
which will continue through their lives is the pur- 
pose of American Society of Civil Engineers. Mem- 
bers must be juniors or seniors in civil engineering 
or be chosen by special election. 

The 101-member organization's main project is 
the Civil Engineering departments exhibit in En- 
gineers' Open House. About 10 members attended 
the Mid-Continent conference in Columbia, Mo., 
this spring. DeWayne Ruwe was president during 
the fall semester, and Frank Schemm was president 
in the spring. John G. McEntyre was faculty ad- 

American Society of Civil Engineers— Top Row: Cheng-yee 
Wang, James D. Reid, Thomas C. Colson, Charles W. Grove, 
Lewis C. Gray, William F. Dilley, Prof. Reed F. Morse, Ronald 
L. Barker, Dalton C. Hostetler, S. M. Jamil, Dean A. Steward. 
Second Row: James M. Vredenburg, Garry D. Chegwidden, 
James E. Oliverson, Edwin E. Smith, Jay W. Zimmerman, Mel- 
vin D. Jewett, Dean B. Englund, Leo H. McCormick, Jimmie R. 

American Society of CrvrL Engineers— Top Row: Donald G. 
Eliason, Harinder S. Attri, Arjan M. Mansukhani, Abdul Wa- 
heed, Merle L. Braden, David W. Craig, Ronnie D. Cramer, 
Patrick M. Quinn, Hector Puig, Deney Geist, Lester D. Peck. 
Second Row: Bob L. Smith, Kurt A. Booe, Roy E. Jeffery, Don- 
ald J. Jensen, Robert C. Braden, Julie G. Bond, Duane A. Ringel, 
Wilber A. Copenhafer, Tai J. Chu, Karlton K. Naylor. Third 

Campbell, Larry Bennington. Third Row: Jordan T. Olson, Rich- 
ard A. Gaschler, James S. Sandstorm, Sidney R. Smith, Howard 
M. Lachenmayr, Jr., Ferris E. Heaston, Wayne T. Haas, John A. 
Eberwein, Nelson E. Funston, George A. Carson, Dee E. Kim- 
bell. Bottom Roiv: Donald E. Hoff, William J. Brown, James 
F. Lueb, Joe R. Franzmathes, William E. Brown, Herb G. Haas, 
Gary St. John, Larry Rohloff. 

Row: Keith N. Switzer, Winston E. Knechtel, David A. Majof- 
sky, Frank W. Schemm, Don P. Mullen, Harvey J. Page, Rudy 
Dirscherl, Joseph F. Banks, Henry C. Renollet, Duane A. Jones, 
Terry G. Howes. Fourth Row: Philip R. Wilkins, Duane A. 
Huber, John D. Palmateer, Harold C. McDowell, Robert K. 
Hubbard, Clyde W. Anthem, Robert L. Schuetz, Bob Baldwin, 
Donley D. Jones, DeWayne H. Ruwe. Bottom Row: Robert R. 
Snell, John G. McEntyre, James W. Guthrie. 

i"** 1 MM- 





,. ' 






O Q o 




Jr. AVMA Seniors— Top fioty; Larry K. Mosier, Lonnie S. 
Crichfield, Lucky Simpson, Joseph F. Cukjati, Gill C. Wright, 
George E. Ross, Robert V. Goodweiler. Second Row: James K. 
Isom, J. B. Jones, Alfred E. Davis, Mark P. Elliott, Calvin D. 
Glenn, Dan C. King, Stanley D. Johnson, Bert R. Lewis. Third 

Jr. AVMA Seniors— Top Row: Aura E. McConnell, Roy B. 
Hand, Bruce C. Champlin, Charles E. Eck, James R. Brighton, 
Phil D. Lukert, John J. Smiley, Jose A. Simonet, Paul E. Brass- 
field, Jean E. Swengel. Second Row: Robert N. Swanson, Wil- 
liam C. Bogenschultz, Robert D. Halting, Stanley G. Harris, 
Karl R. Hansen, Arthur W. Gillum, Edward J. Bicknell, Robert 

E3 3 





Row: James A. Will, William L. Mengeling, Lowell L. Novy, 
Gene New, Hugh A. Schantz, Jerry K. Stillabower, Doug Er- 
beck. Bottom Row: David M. Carlson, Donald C. Van Riper, 
Richard D. Bair, Jesse V. Unruh, Carl L. Zink, Bruce C. Detter, 
Jr., Leighton L. Linn, W. Arthur Godfrey. 

L. Evans, Earl W. Weiss. Third Roic: Frank James, Martin E. 
Nodurfth, Howard V. Sieler, Orival W. Linder, Gene Berghaus, 
Clyde L. Ward, Glenn T. Hartke, Gene E. Dressier. Bottom 
Row: Donald E. Seibel, Walter J. Pitzer, John O. Snyder, Jerome 
K. Regier, Tracy L. Clark, Wayne W. Randall, Ralph W. Mitch- 
ell, Roy C. Russell, Don B. Witcher. 


Sponsoring the third annual Open House for the 
School of Veterinary Medicine was the biggest 
project of the Kansas State student chapter of the 
American Veterinary Medical association this year. 
Members spent many hours erecting the displays 
which explained and demonstrated the work of the 
various departments in the school. The organiza- 
tion, better known as the Jr. AVMA, had approxi- 
mately 260 members, 100 per cent of the students 
enrolled in veterinary medicine. 

The students were co-hosts together with the 
Missouri university chapter to the delegates to the 
annual AVMA convention in Kansas City last Au- 
gust. Delegates attended the convention from the 
17 student chapters of veterinary medicine schools 
in the United States and from the two chapters in 

Members of the Oklahoma State university Jr. 
AVMA were guests of the K-State chapter for a 
picnic in the spring. The chapters of the two schools 
alternate visits each year to give students an op- 
portunity to study and compare the operation and 
facilities at both veterinarv schools. 


Jr. AVMA Juniors— Top Row: Robert D. McNemar, John D. 
Olsen, Noble Saunders, George E. Meyer, Harold N. Lange, 
Joseph H. Rairrman. Second Row: Robert N. Parker, Richard 
A. Jones, Robert Torrenee, Marvin E. Freel, Ivan R. Nicholson, 

Richard D. Wiltfong, F. T. Szatalowicz. Third Row: William A. 
Grant, Alfred D. Jaax, Richard J. Connell, George VV. Daily, 
Vern L. Lindell, John P. Flolo. Bottom Row: John R. Kennedy, 
Clifford V. Hulse, Merton L. Dierks, Russel O. Rieri, Robert F. 
Playtcr, John D. Samuelson, Sidney R. Jones. 

Jr. AVMA Juniors— Top Row: Gerald D. Hanneman, Robert G. 
Skaggs, Paul A. McRae, Jerry D. Harris, Charles G. Greene, Ren 
R. Craig, John D. Lambert, LeRoy E. Ensley, Robert G. Gilles- 
pie. Second Row: H. Robert Bixby, George D. Suddaby, Le- 
land D. Jensen, Richard J. Gayek, Glenn E. Getz, Robby R. 
Jones, Neil M. Boodman, Richard R. Hilmer, Ronald Wesner. 

Third Row: John P. Seacat, Robert H. West, James E. Drolte, 
Roger L. Rankin, Charles T. Campbell, Benny I. Osburn, Chad 
W. Clark, Dan M. Burbach. Bottom Row: Wayne E. Mathes, 
James R. Hasler, Wayne L. Aspinall, Walter R. Weatherford, 
Evret C. Newman, Billy L. Deyoe, Art J. Quinn, Donald J. 
Burrough, Joseph J. Bailey, Jr. 

Jr. AVMA Sophomores— Top Row: Boyd E. Burhoop, Whayne 
B. Hill, Arthur H. Becker, jerry F. Breuel, James H. Withers, 
Jerald A. Doornbos. Second. Row: Richard C. Whitmore, Bobby 
J. Trimmell, Ronald C. Chaplain, John A. Minneman, Jerry D. 

Neeley, Charles E. Lingle. Third Row: Warren C. Babcock, Jo- 
seph M. Gross, Clinton L. Stalker, James E. Osborn, Frank Mc- 
Laughlin, Oscar F. Clabaugh, Maurice L. Hubbs. Bottom Row: 
Tom E. Knappenberger, George H. Phipps, Douglas O. Krous, 
James R. Coffman, Stanley R. Agenbroad, Duane E. Cole. 

Jr. AVMA Sophomores— Top Row: Vera R. Polehna, James C. 
Walker, Janice M. Lilly, Eugene E. Murphy, Robert M. Snyder, 
Dennis Elliott, Janver Krehbiel, Don Mosier. Second Roic: 
George P. Pierson, Lewis C. Foster, William A. Welty, Robert 
L. Borne, Thomas W. Parks, Paul W. Schilling, Ray Drum- 

right, Norman W. Umphenour. Third Row: George C. Fergu- 
son, Kenneth C. Ross, Harold Garner, Gerald P. MacFee, Rob- 
ert F. Crawford, John M. Dial, Alfred L. Schuetz. Rottom Row: 
Edward M. O'Brien, Thomas W. Martin, Jay A. Anderson, 
Harold E. McCoy, Merridith Mathes, Forrest Powell, Marvin 
Bowman, Douglas Battershell. 

Social activities for the year started with a smok- 
er for freshmen veterinary students to acquaint 
them with the organization, its members, and fac- 
ultv of the veterinary school. Other social events 
included the annual spring and fall dances. In ad- 
dition, Jr. AVMA members actively participated in 
all intramural sports. 

President of the organization for the fall semester 
was Merton L. Dierks, while Tracy Clark presided 
during the spring semester. Other officers included 
Joe Kashner, vice-president; Dan Burbach, secre- 
tary; and Charles Eck, treasurer. Robert Barrett 

and Brian C. Cummings were sponsors. 

The organization was established on the K-State 
campus in 1906. Jr. AVMA provides an opportunity 
for its members to gain professional knowledge and 
an understanding of professional ethics and con- 
duct. It also promotes friendly relations among 
veterinary medicine students and makes available 
to them the opportunities offered by the American 
Veterinary Medical association. Members of Jr. 
AVMA strive to develop leadership while conduct- 
ing the chapter's affairs and to encourage and 
praise those who have done outstanding work. 

Jr. AVMA Freshmen— Top Row: Wilbur Jay, Vincent De- 
Rouchey, Gordon L. Coppoc, Jarvis R. Brink, Dewey F. Gillett, 
Darrell L. Bower, Irwin K. Liu, Larry Caster. Second Row: 
Bruce P. Hull, John Molesworth, Floyd Smith, Dan Winger, 
John Buser, Rodney Oliphant, Jerry Allen, Wayne Hagemoser, 
Dallas L. Glenn. Third Row: Jon R. Ayers, Brad W. Broady, 

Jim R. Dicken, Duane E. Fredrickson, Henry R. Michaux, Stu- 
art Ratcliff, Malcolm L. Blessing, Bob L. Myers, Duane A. 
Thomas, John Vogel. Rottom Row: William H. Whitenack, Le- 
roy F. Munk, John W. Austerman, Jim Austin, Darrell Johnson, 
Jerre L. Johnson, Lloyd E. Christie, Dan Houser, Paul Tillot- 
son, Clifford Noffsinger. 


Jr. AVMA Freshmen— Top Row: James E. Hall, Lyle E. Ras- 
mussen, John Cerny, Anne Scully, Jim Caster, Michael J. Hen- 
nessy. Second Row: A. Richard Webb, Marian Francis, Max 
Mann, J. Alan Fankhauser, Devon Miller, Donald Hofmaier. 

Third Row: John J. McVaney, Raymond T. Baran, Stanley J. 
Lewengrub, Carlos E. Clavell, Edward A. Frankel, Ross D. 
Clark. Bottom Row: Stephen E. Williams, Ray W. Ely, A. Lee 
Elliott, Richard T. Falter, Charles R. Hall, Thomas C. Martin, 
Jay B. Seyferth. 

Members of the Jr. AVMA auxiliary have the chance to 
learn the fundamentals of bridge at weekly meetings. 

Bridge games, bowling, and business meetings are the 
main activities of auxiliary members during the year. 


Jr. AVMA Auxiliary— Top Row: Donna M. Greene, Peggy 
L. Hilmer, JoAnn Bowman, Evelyn Agenbroad, Dorothy 
L. Eck, Nancy L. King, Leola Mathes, Lela Gillespie, Verna L. 
McNemar. Second Row: Kay D. Clark, Barbara J. Stillabower, 
Lisabeth L. Isom, Pat A. Kennedy, Jean M. Burhoop, Dolores 

Weiss, Jo H. Gillum, Ruby Swanson, Marge Van Riper. Third 
Row: Shirley S. Lindell, Delaine Stalker, Sherrill Neeley, Helen 
Jones, Shirley Ensley, Rosemary Hasler, Carol Seaeat, Opal No- 
durfth, Marie Hartke. Bottom Row: Mary L. Mitchell, Mitzi W. 
Torrence, Sue McLaughlin, Georgene B. Davis, Marilyn Saun- 
ders, Janet E. O'Brien, Helene R. Flolo, Shirley J. Becker. 

Jr. AVMA Auxiliary 

Wives of veterinary medicine students at Kansas 
State founded the first student chapter of the Amer- 
ican Veterinary Medical association auxiliary in 
1941. The women work together to understand bet- 
ter how they can help their husbands in the pro- 
fession of veterinary medicine. 

Projects of the group included selling coffee at 
the annual Veterinary Medicine Open House and 
making and selling candles at Christmas time. In 

October, the wives of faculty members had a tea 
for the student wives. Social activities were a fam- 
ily Christmas party and spring picnic, plus a Valen- 
tine dance. In May, the wives of seniors have a 
mock graduation complete with caps and diplomas. 
Various interest groups such as bridge and bowl- 
ing help Jr. AVMA auxiliary members get acquaint- 
ed. Practitioners Wives is a monthly interest group 
which invites outside speakers to discuss the wom- 
en's place in their husbands' profession. Marty Mc- 
Creary was president and Bessie Burt and Shirley 
Barrett were faculty sponsors. 

Jr. AVMA Auxiliary— Top Row: Eunice Evans, Wahetta N. 
Allen, Kay Berghaus, Connie Godfrey, Margaret A. Webb, La- 
Vonne Craig, Carolyn Seyferth, Loula Jay, Donna Gillett. Sec- 
ond Row: Diane Ayers, Mary Anderson, Joan Bovven, Sally L. 
Rogers, Ethel Hulse, Belva Burrough, Trudy Boodman, Dee 

Noffsinger, Connie Parker. Third Row: Charlene J. Glenn, Gerry 
Brighton, Use Smith, Shirley Bogenschultz, Mary E. Trimmell, 
Frances Myers, Venna Glenn, Kathy Bower, Jean Winger, Edith 
L. Goodweiler. Bottom Row: Gloria L. Dierks, Lajuana Ward, 
Barbara Molesworth, Joy Whitenack, Aloyth Bieri, Violet Aus- 
terman, Neva Linn, Virginia Grant, Shirley Hall. 


"si '" ■": 

Professional Foods Club— Top 
Row: Jan C. Smith, L. Kay 
Moyer, Helen C. Segelquist, Mar- 
cia J. Gordon, Ann Singleton. 
Second Row: Sandra K. Veateh, 
Helen Lonning, Rita K. Torkel- 
son, Bessie K. Coleman, Mary J. 
Stevenson. Bottom Row: Phyllis 

A. Dyer, Barbara H. Lewis, Nancy 

B. Weber, Chestine A. Smith, Eva 
L. Craig. 




Any students interested in the foods field may 
join the Professional Foods club. This group strives 
to further the student's interest in foods and re- 
lated fields, and it gives the members an oppor- 
tunity to know students, faculty and leaders in the 
foods field. Sponsoring this group was Mrs. Grace 
Schugart and Rita Torkelson was president this 
year. Among the projects of the club were a for- 
eign foods dinner, reorganization of the club files, 
and making officers' manuals. 

Home Ec Journalism 

All women majoring in home economics and 
journalism are eligible to belong to the Home Eco- 
nomics Journalism club. The purpose of this group 
is to help members better understand the work 
they will be doing in their profession. Most of the 
club's 21-members took a trip to Kansas City where 
it toured television and newspaper facilities and a 
department store. Club members also toured radio 
and newspaper facilities in Manhattan. One of their 
projects was to give food to a needy family at 
Christmas. Mary Jo Mauler was president; Miss 
Helen P. Hostetter was sponsor. 

Home Economics Journalism 
Club— Top Row: Barbara J. Saw- 
er, Mary J. Scoby, Mary J. Mauler, 
Jean Hodler, Margaret L. Cooper. 
Second Row: Linda L. Hitchcock, 
Beverly J; : MeMaster, Karen L. 
Peterson, -Linda L. Akin. Bottom 
Row: "Charlotte F. Southerland, 
Helen Splichal, Wanda Eggers, 
Marian C. Tobin, Janice Bates. 


Home Economics Extension Club 
—Top Row: Brenda L. Miller, Jan- 
ice K. Laidig, Margaret A. Hund, 
Gayla J. Cress, Gloria J. Ousdahl, 
Jeanette J. Mathias. Second Row: 
Annabelle J. Dickinson, Annetta B. 
Long, Margaret A. Koenig, N. 
Karen Simpson, F. Elaine Hender- 
son. Bottom Row: Marilyn K. 
Hensley, Doris M. Imhof, Grace L. 
Wallace, Mary E. Dickerson, M. 
Carolyn Lynch, Shirley L. Mc- 

Home Ec Extension 

Home Ec Art 

Students who are interested in art may belong to 
the Home Economics Art club. Membership this 
year was 20. The president was Pam Given and 
Alice Geiger served as sponsor of the organization. 
The Art club is for the purpose of furthering art 
education for interested persons. One of the proj- 
ects of the year was a visit to Manhattan high school 
to view the art department and its activities. At a 
regular meeting a member of the K-State faculty 
talked to club members about contemporary art. 
Members helped with decorations for the Snowball. 

Open to all home ec students, the Home Eco- 
nomics Extension club has 20 members. Grace Wal- 
lace was president of the group. Margaret Koenig 
and Annabelle Dickinson are sponsors. The activi- 
ties of the Extension club included an exhibit in 
the Home Ec Council booth at the Union Activities 
carnival; a Valentine party; and a booth for Hos- 
pitality Day. The organization strives to provide an 
opportunity for fellowship among Home Ec stu- 
dents at KSU. They also give financial assistance 
to home economics students who would otherwise 
be unable to attend college. 

Home Economics Art Club— Top 
Row: Elaine K. Clark, Alice L. 
Geiger, Beverly K. Bass, Myrna S. 
Blakeman, Jeanne S. Booth, Karen 
Templer. Second Roiv: Marilyn K. 
Larson, Barbara M. Tanner, Eve- 
lyn L. Lewis, Charlotte C. Boley, 
Lois A. Sayre. Bottom Row: Laura 
R. Bathurst, Katherine Middleton, 
Barbara E. Alt, Anthony W. James, 
Glenda A. Reed, Marsha C. Mc- 


Clothing Retailing Club— Top 
Row: Judy Kolterman, Patty Noller, 
Esther Aberle, Janice Forbes, Betty 
J. Wehking. Second Row: Ann T. 
Hanson, Naney Hugill, Harriet 
Tedrow, Martha E. Lewis, Colleen 
Hayes, Carole Gaede. Bottom Row: 
Judy Pilkenton, Caroline David- 
son, Patricia I. Cook, Karen S. 
Richel, Dee Ann St. John. 

JMp ( ^*^* f* 

An assembly stressing the theme "My Fair Lady" was 
presented during the 1959 Home Ec Hospitality Day. 

Clothing Retailing 

The Clothing Retailing club has as its purpose 
promoting acquaintances among those interested in 
retailing. Membership is open to anyone who has 
an interest in clothing retailing. The annual spring 
style show highlighted the year for the 31-member 
organization. Other activities included talks and 
round table discussions. President of the club was 
Harriet Tedrow. Alpha Latzke and Gertrude Lien- 
kaemper were faculty advisers. 

Family Development 

Students majoring in family and child develop- 
ment or elementary education may join the Family 
and Child Development club. The aim of the group 
is to increase practical knowledge of families and 
children. The club's activities this year included 
reading stories at the public library for groups of 
children, baby-sitting for Manhattan citizens, and 
making toys at Christmas. Sharon Keif was presi- 
dent of the club and Mrs. Louise Langford was 
faculty sponsor. 

Family and Child Development 
Club — Top Row: Kathleen M. 
Eads, Marilyn Hansen, Lynne S. 
Clark, Rachel Ganibay. Second 
Row: Anita L. Torluemke, Rar- 
bara L. Krasny, Carolyn L. Hum- 
burg, Harriet E. Wetlaufer, Kay 
M. Walker. Third Row: Connie 
L. Rankin, Diane E. McGauhey, 
Katherine Ekstrom, Sharon R. Keif, 
Kay E. Hurtt, Margaret J. Can- 
trell. Bottom Row: LaNora E. 
Young, Margean Westerhouse, De- 
anna McKinnie, Evelyn M. Hoyt, 
Ellen M. Johnson, Marilyn A. 
Meyer, Kathryn M. Forssberg. 

Home Economics Teaching Club— Top Row: Edna M. Heady, 
Marjorie D. Roeckers, Judith A. Hammons, Alberta G. Kibbey, 
Linda L. Ahlstedt, Cecilia A. Martindale, Mary M. Clark, Lois 
K. Evans, Ada M. Church, Dolores J. Wilken. Second Row: 
Mary A. Griffith, Bonnie J. Nicodemus, Karen Rosser, Kathy R. 
Mikesich, Janice Wanklyn, Rita M. Ohnmacht, Sharolyn S. San- 

born, Betty J. Mai, Joan A. Ryan. Third Row: Alice F. Bosh, 
Zelma I. Rust, Beverly Richardson, Doris Geisler, Imogene L. 
Meadows, Marjorie D. Stoecker, Charlotte Guthrie, Naomi J. 
Erickson, Peggy A. Rogers. Bottom Row: Joye E. Struss, Judith 
L. Kettler, Maria B. Simmons, Sharon L. Frick, Sharon C. Wag- 
ner, Virginia Railsback, Raleighta F. Barclay, Janet F. Oyler, 
Judith M. Hahn, Millie Heiken. 

Home Ec Nursing 

The members of the Home Economics Nursing 
club visited the KU Medical center as one of 
their major projects this year. Other projects were 
writing letters for the blind, work on Hospitality 
Day, the Home Economics Snowball dance, and a 
picnic. Students in the nursing curriculum may be- 
long to this group. The club enables members to 
get a better understanding of their profession. This 
year's membership was 32. Carolee Moore served 
as president and Dr. Ruth Hoeflin was sponsor. 
The organization is an affiliate of the Margaret 
Justin Home Economics club. 

Home Ec Teaching 

Sixty-two members comprised the Home Eco- 
nomics Teaching club this vear. The aim of this 
club is to further the development and interest in 
the teaching of home ec as a profession. Projects 
for the year included making favors for hospitals 
and selling apples. The club also helped sponsor 
the Snowball dance. All K-State students who are 
interested in teaching or home ec teaching majors 
may belong to this group. Beverly Richardson was 
president and Mrs. Laura Baxter and Mrs. Lucille 
Rust were sponsors. 

Home Economics Nursing Club— Top Row: Gayle Johnson, 
Judy Kent, Sharon Toburen, Karin Anderson, Caroline Rolan, 
Martha Broyles. Second Row: Emma M. Schmidt, Donna Boyer, 
Karen Teagarden, Karlyne M. Banister, Kay J. Scholten, Dana C. 

Harper, Patricia L. Bradley. Third Roiv: Carolee Moore, Irene 
Porter, Linda L. Birch, Phyllis Moody, Jane Wullschleger, Mar- 
garet E. Gatz. Bottom Row: Jolayne Kraft, Anita Woolley, Bar- 
bara Stout, Janice Bergsten, Sandra Guetschow, Patti Halladay, 
Karen Stanley. 

Blushes are conveniently hidden under sacks as the 
"Derby Darling" contestants await the judge's decision. 

Happy Alpha Xis circle their song leader to see the 
coveted first-place trophy for Interfraternity Sing. 

Sorority contests at the Sigma Chi Derby Day also in- 
clude an egg toss, sack race, and deck-a-pledge event. 

Panhel, IPC, and IFC 
Guide Greek Groups 

Three councils— Panhellenic, Interfraternity, and 
Interfraternity pledge coordinate and regulate 
Greek activities in order to benefit the sororities, 
fraternities, and the University. 

Each organization stresses high academic goals. 
Panhel honors the sorority with the highest yearly 
grade average by engraving its name on a plaque. 
IFC awards two scholarship cups each semester, 
one to the house with the highest average, the 
other to the group showing the greatest improve- 
ment. Beginning this year, IPC presented traveling 
trophies to the fraternity and sorority pledge classes 
with the highest fall semester averages. IPC also 
plans to award a fraternity and a sorority pledge 
with $150 scholarships. 


Rush week, a most important time for Greeks, 
is planned and supervised by Panhel and IFC. 
These groups determine rush rules and regulations. 
Panhel plans an annual spring tea for high school 
seniors. This year the upperclass tea and summer 
rush were abolished. Further change in rush pro- 
cedure was made by the enforcement of a member- 
ship quota system limiting the number of members 
a sorority can have. 

The united efforts of the councils are utilized for 
the planning and supervision of Greek Day. Pan- 
hel and IFC work on committees planning the 
clean-up, picnic, banquet, dance, and Interfrater- 
nity Sing. Due to the excessive amount of time 
spent on activities, regulations limiting Greek par- 
ticipation were passed. IFC voted to withdraw 
from the Homecoming decorations competition. 
Panhel passed a restriction limiting sororities to 
Y-Orpheum or Interfraternity Sing participation. 

One of the primary Panhellenic goals is to en- 
courage better relations among sororities. For this 
purpose, a picnic is held before Rush Week for all 

Explaining fraternity policies and activities to pros- 
pective Greeks is Jim Henderson, president of IFC. 

Jan Horsch, 1959 Flush bowl queen, and her attend- 
ants, Carol Lala and Cheryl Barnett, received presenta- 

tion bouquets from Dean Herbert Wunderlich at half 
time of the Sig Alph-Phi Delt touch football game. 

Panhellenic Council— Top Row: Peggy Tholl, Elaine Daniel- 
son, Marilyn McCord, Brenda Morgan, Jacqueline Johnson, Mary 
A. Pearce, Charlene Cox, Marcy Smith, Kayla Stover, Barbara 

Gentry. Middle Roiu: Vivian Patterson, Irene Mangelsdorf, Caro- 
lyn Humburg, Virginia Bailsbaek, Mary S. Schroeder, Mary F. 
White. Bottom Row: Mary Pruitt, Susan Mechesney, Jan Collins, 
Lou Ann Hollinger, Judy Bowers. 

members. Panhel and IFC strive to develop friend- 
ship among international students as well as Greeks. 
A Christmas banquet for foreign students is given 
by the councils. 

The Interfraternity pledge council, consisting of 
one member from each pledge class, works closely 
with Panhel and IFC. The group's annual project 
is the sponsorship of the IPC dance, at which a 

pledge king and queen are selected by popular 
vote. Candidates are presented by skits the night 
preceding the dance. 

Presidents and advisers of the Greek co-ordinat- 
ing groups were Carolyn Humburg and Mary 
Frances White, Panhellenic; Jim Henderson and 
V. D. Foltz, IFC; Lonnie Meeker and Dorothy 
Craig and Mel Baughman, IPC. 

Interfraternity Council— Top Row: Bill Aldridge, V. D. Foltz, 
Ritchey Woods, Ron Holeman, Robert Wilderson, Bill Chapman, 
Ray Heubner, Max McReynolds, Harold Dorssom, H. Duane 
Saunders, Garry W. Lassman, Jim Lisher, Loren Mall, Arlen 
Frank, George Sullivan, Don Morton, Richard Aberle, Jerry 

Kintigh, Dan Miller. Second Row: John Schuetz, Dave Fiser, 
Jim Henderson, John Dial, Lee Atkins, Mert Stoneking, Bill 
Yung, Bob Suttles, Del Mayhew, Leslie Ogg, A. Darnel Vogel, 
Larry McLenon, Terry Bullock. Bottom Row: Jack Birkinsha, 
Don Argabright, John Cowan, Harlan Oltjen, Richard Nickum, 
Gary Comfort, Ken Heidebrecht. 

Clovia— Top Row: Mrs. El- 
eanor Griffin, Mary J. Atchi- 
son, Jane C. Beck, Karla S. 
Bock, Judy A. Bowers, 
Oneta L. Bright, Janice E. 
Collins, Gayla J. Cress. 

Second Row: Darlene K. 
Dewey, Margaret Dickinson, 
Nancy C. Harden, Judy L. 
Kettler, Alberta G. Kibbey, 
Thyra S. Krauss, M. Carolyn 
Lynch, Janet S. Macy. 

Rottom Row: Leah J. Cuta- 
way, Carolyn E. Pickens, 
Janet M. Robinson, Loretta 
Roeckers, Marjorie Roeckers, 
Martha C. Samuelson, Rosa- 
lie J. Ward, Shelby S. Wells. 

Three chapters • Founded 
Kansas State university 1931 
• Alpha chapter established 
1931 • President: Jan Col- 


A Clovia sorority member and her boy friend smile as 
they offer chocolates after announcing their pinning. 

Marjorie Roeckers led the list of active Clovias 
as an International Farm Youth Exchange student 
to Brazil last year. Marjorie spent almost one school 
year visiting with Brazilians and learning how they 

Other members of the sorority were active in 
Alpha Delta Theta, medical technology honorary; 
and Phi Upsilon Omicron, new home economics 
honorary. They held the Brundage scholarship and 
were Putnam and P.T.A. scholars. An officer in the 
Home Economics club and the editor of the 4-H 
journal also were Clovias. Members of Clovia visit- 
ed the aged at Christmas time as their special proj- 
ect for the year. 

Social life at Clovia included the annual Crystal 
ball dinner-dance; Halloween house party; a tea 
honoring the new housemother, Mrs. Eleanor Grif- 
fin; the Spring formal; and a weekend open house 
for high school girls during Hospitality Day. 

The second floor was redecorated and new furniture 
was added to the Clovia sorority house at 303 N. 16th. 

Entertaining and Studying were the main activities 
of Alpha Chi Omega in its home at 1835 Todd Road. 

Ninety-two chapters • Founded 
DePauw university 1885 • Gamma 
Zeta chapter established 1947 • 
President: Vera Wierenga 

Alpha Chi Omega 

The night before Rush Week, Alpha Chi Omega 
moved into a new $175,000 Mediterranean style 
home. The 50-woman house was designed by an 
Alpha Chis father, and the interior decorator was 
an Alpha Chi alumna. The 76 Alpha Chi Omegas 
teamed their efforts to win the first place trophy 
in Homecoming floats. Presiding at YWCA meet- 
ings was an Alpha Chi. Two of the six Alpha Chis 
on Home Economics council held major offices — 
vice-president and treasurer. An Alpha Chi was 
also vice-president of the state Home Economics 

IFYE delegates to the British Isles and to Aus- 
tralia were Alpha Chis. Other campus activities in- 
cluded Mortar Board, Chimes, Collegian and Royal 
Purple editorial staffs, Angel Flight, A Cappella 
choir, and numerous honoraries. Heading the list of 
social events were the Halloween party, Parents' 
weekend, Silver Bells Christmas party, and annual 
Paradise prom. 

Riding in Glory through Aggieville in the Homecoming 
parade is a K-State Wildcat who has beheaded an Okla- 

homa Sooner. The float won the Alpha Chi Omegas 
the first place trophy in the sorority float division. 

Wh'at It Wos.Was Homecoming 28 A.D 

Wm% hk aitk. fy,t for the M 


Alpha Chi Omega— Top Row: 
Mrs. Grover C. Clingan, La- 
Donna L. Ackerman, Polly R. 
Armstrong, Twila S. Barrett, 
Linda L. Birch, C. Kayleen 
Blecha, Sharon A. Brabec, 
Karen L. Braman. 

Second Row: Ada M. Church, 
Susan K. Detrick, Connie L. 
Dick, Sally J. Dickey, Phyllis 
J. Dolecek, Emily A. Douthit, 
Janice R. Drapel, Wanda C. 

Third Row: Mary A. Ensz, 
Mary G. Faulconer, Sharon L. 
Frick, Nancy L. Fritton, Nan- 
cy L. Fuller, V. Joyce Gaume, 
B. Ellen Grimsley, Helen J. 

Fourth Row: Mary R. Hall, 
Jeannette L. Harris, Karen A. 
Henderson, Dianne Hiebert, 
Alice M. Hunton, Janice M. 
Jaax, Martha E. Lewis, An- 
netta B. Long. 

Fifth Row: Linda E. Lough- 
miller, Susan K. Matkin, Mary 
J. Mauler, Beverly J. McMas- 
ter, Susan L. Mendlick, Gay 
A. Missildine, Carolyn R. 
Moate, Patricia L. Noller. 

Sixth Row: Carolyn M. North, 
Mary K. O'Loughlin, Alvina 
M. Otte, Vivian M. Patterson, 
Karen A. Paxson, Mary K. 
Peerson, Mary E. Pettijohn, 
Frances E. Proudfit. 

Seventh Row: Virginia L. Rails- 
back, Constance L. Rankin, 
Jean E. Reehling, Jane L. 
Reiff, Sandra E. Rhodes, Bev- 
erly A. Richardson, Mary A. 
Riordan, Sarah F. Robohn. 

Eighth Row: Irene Ross, Mel- 
anie J. Rullman, Jeanette M. 
Shepherd, Kay Slade, Char- 
lotte F. Southerland, Helen J. 
Splichal, Beulah M. Staats. 

Ninth Row: Sandra K. Stuck- 
ey, Sara K. Sylten, Frances K. 
Towner, Sherigay Trammell, 
L. Jean Turner, Sharon C. 
Wagner, Grace L. Wallace. 

Rottom Row: Lois E. Webber, 
Patricia R. Webber, Margean 
E. Westerhouse, Vera M. Wie- 
renga, Suzanne H. Woelfer, 
Jane F. Young, Ruth E. Zwey- 


Alpha Delta Pi— Top Row: 
Mrs. W. P. Dunagan, Barbara 
J. Anderson, Reta J. Angle- 
myer, Sandra J. Baekman, 
Barbara E. Ball, Virginia J. 
Baxter, Mary J. Beach, Paula 

Second Row: Jane E. Berger, 
Marlene K. Besack, Diana S. 
Betton, Jeanne S. Booth, Bren- 
da C. Boyle, Kathleen M. Bry- 
an, Lynn A. Buenning, Sharon 
K. Coder. 

Third Row: Bonnie L. Coons, 
Connie L. Cristler, Janet Daw- 
dy, Marcia S. Dawson, Judith 
E. Dickey, Lavonda S. Edger- 
ton, Martha A. Evans. 

Fourth Row: Carol A. Evvy, 
LuAnn H. Fager, Helen H. 
Foltz, Loretta A. Fox, Kath- 
ryn J. French, Claire Fryer, 
Marilyn J. Fryhofer, Suzanne 

Fifth Row: Peggy R. Griebat, 
Judith L. Harbough, Carol 
Harris, E. Ann Heaton, Mari- 
lyn K. Hensley, Lou Ann Hol- 
linger, Beverly K. Hower, 
Carol L. Jensen. 

Sixth Row: Mina E. Jones, Pa- 
tricia A. King, Jolayne Kraft, 
Sharon L. Krueger, Carol A. 
Lala, Doris A. Lyon, Frances 
Ann McMillin, Joan McNeal. 

Seventh Row: Janyce L. Mil- 
ler, Marilyn F. Moore, M. Kay 
Mox, LaDonna K. Moyer, 
Mary Ann Mueller, Kay L. 
Murphy, Julee A. Newcomer, 
Karen J. Oldham. 

Eighth Row: Merrilyn J. Ol- 
son, Karen J. Pottorff, Bertie 
Lou Powell, Sharon K. Query, 
Shelby Reaugh, Patricia A. 
Salmon, Barbara L. Scammell, 
Mary Louise Scott. 

Ninth Row: Margaret B. Shan- 
non, Patricia R. Shannon, Su- 
san G. Sheppard, Vaneta M. 
Shreve, Mary Ann Simpson, 
Helen A. Smith, Judith S. 
Smith, Marcia R. Smith. 

Rottom Row: Kathlyn J. Sul- 
livan, Sally J. Swift, Margaret 
J. Sylvester, Mary D. Watson, 
Mary Anna Werts, Judith A. 
Whitesell, Linda K. Williams. 


Alpha Delta Pi 

The Alpha Delta Pi sorority boasts a victory over 
the Kappa Kappa Gammas in the first annual pow- 
der puff football game this year. The game was 
sponsored by two K-State fraternities. The ADPi's 
also participated in intramurals. Other special 
events were Father's weekend, Little Sister's week- 
end, and Christmas caroling at Fort Riley. 

Outstanding members included Bonnie Coons, 
Homecoming queen attendant; Carol Lala, Flush 
bowl attendant; Virginia Baxter, debate team and 
Chimes; Kathy Bryan, Mortar Board, and president 
of the Home Ec council; and Ann McMillin, presi- 
dent of Purple Pepsters. The Alpha Delta Pis also 

Many trophies and honors were brought home by the 
residents of Alpha Delta Pi house, 518 Sunset avenue. 

are represented in Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha 
Mu, and Angel Flight. Social highlights of the year 
were the Christinas formal, Black Diamond formal, 
pledge chili supper, Founders day banquet, and a 
hayrack ride. 

One hundred one chapters 
• Founded Macon, Georgia 
1851 • Alpha Eta chapter 
established 1915 • Presi- 
dent: Peg Shannon 

A take-off on the song 'Ti- 
juana Jail' is presented by two 
pledges at their chili supper for 
the actives, alumnae, and dates. 


Braving the cold and wind, Alpha Xis stuff napkins 
into their Homecoming house decoration. The soror- 

ity's theme featured a K-State Wildcat eating an Okla- 
homa Sooner in a large coliseum with Nero watching. 

Alpha Xi Delta 

Alpha Xi actives returning to classes last fall 
found the first floor of their house remodeled in 
Swedish Modern. The modern interior decoration, 
in colors of aqua and beige, was planned by alum- 
na Dorothy Barfoot. 

The 60 voices of Alpha Xi Delta won first place 
in the 1958-59 Interfraternity sing for the second 
consecutive year. During this school year the Alpha 
Xis entertained with exchange dinners, a Thanks- 
giving dinner, a Christmas tree decorating party, a 
Christmas party, and their annual Pink Rose ban- 
quet and ball. 

Alpha Xi Delta participants in campus activities 
included five members of Angel Flight, the secre- 
tary-treasurer of Phems, a Y-Orpheum executive 
committee member, the chairman of tickets for 
both the Artist Series and Y-Orpheum, and the 
chairman of an AWS committee. Carolyn Humburg 
was the president of Panhellenic, and two A Cappel- 
la Choir members were Alpha Xis. 

Ninety-six chapters • Found- 
ed Lombard college 1893 • 
Alpha Kappa chapter estab- 
lished 1922 • President: 
Sue Shriver 

The first floor of the Alpha Xi Delta house at 601 
Fairchild terrace was remodeled in Swedish Modern. 


* . ■ 


Alpha Xi Delta— Top Row: Mrs. 
Ruth Thorpe, Sue Abrahams, Shar- 
on Adrian, Lee Ann Austin, Bar- 
bara Bain, Linda A. Bare. 

Second Row: Janice E. Bassett, 
Nancy L. Blanchard, Charlotte 
Boley, Linda Brandenburg, Ann 
Brownell, Marilyn Burdorf. 

Third Row: Elaine Kay Clark, 
Lynne Clark, Rosemary Cloe, Dar- 
lene Couch, Toni Crist, Linda 

Fourth Row: Carol L. Dickerson, 
Margaret Dodson, Prudence Elliott, 
Diane Endicott, Martha Erickson, 
Lauda Fallis. 

Fifth Row: Ann Fox, Nancy Fru- 
in, Scotty Gates, Judy Halm, Pa- 
tricia D. Halladay, Marilyn Han- 
na, Sandra Hanson. 

Sixth Row: Diane Huddleston, 
Carolyn Humburg, Fern Jahnke, 
Julia Jahnke, Jo Anne Jenison, 
Ruth Lash, Sharon Linville. 

Seventh Row: Virginia Longeneck- 
er, Jaclyn Mall, Saundra McDan- 
iels, Sondra McQuillan, Betty I. 
Mears, Loretta Mizell, Donna Ogil- 


Eighth Row: Roberta Opie, Mary 
Ann Pearce, Kathryn Rudolph, 
Sandra Shilling, Suzanne Shriver, 
Karen Smith, Rosetta Snyder. 

Bottom Row: Kayla Stover, Joye 
Struss, D. Anne Taylor, Georgia 
A. Thouvenelle, Charla Vinckier, 
Sandra Walker, Mary Welsh. 


Chi Omega— Top Row: Mrs. 
Marie Trego, B. Jane Adams, 
L. Bea Babeoek, Floy Bald- 
Merry G. Bankey, Cathy 


Barber, Carolyn Basore, Bev- 
erly Bass. 

Second Row: Jane Beach, 
Doris Binder, Barbara Burnes, 
Betty Butcher, Kay S. Camp, 
Carol Clark, Mary J. Coch- 
ran, Jo Ellen Cooley. 

Third Row: Susan D. Cribb, 
K a t h r y n Crouch, Diane 
Dufva, Kathleen Eads, Mar- 
gene Edwards, Ruth Glen- 
dening, Jacque Glover, Bar- 
bara Goddard. 

Fourth Row: Susan Hamlin, 
Marilyn Hansen, Nancy J. 
Harris, Carol D. Hill, Sandra 
S. Horchem, Jeneane Hubert, 
Pamela Huntington, Marth- 
anne Jarvis. 

Fifth Row: Sharon Keif, La- 
Donna Keller, Betty King, 
Marlyn Kratzer, Sara Lewis, 
Marilyn Mann, Jacqueline G. 
Matthews, Rebecca McArthur. 

Sixth Row: Carol I. MeKim, 
Brenda Miller, Jerre J. Miller, 
Carolee Moore, Martha S. 
Mulloy, Althea J. Nelson, 
Barbara Nichols. 

Seventh Row: Peggy Ogan, 
Barbara A. Perkins, Mary Pru- 
itt, Judy L. Quirk, Myrna 
Roberts, Judy K. Roes, La- 
Reta Royer. 

Eighth Row: Geraldine J. 
Schwab, Mary J. Scoby, Mary 
A. Sheue, Carolyn Smith, Gay 
K. Smith, Ruth A. Speirs, 
Carol S. Starosta. 

Ninth Row: Jeanie Steele, 
Ann Steiner, Linda Stout, 
Sandra Swanson, Sue Tanner, 
Joanne Taylor, Joyce E. Tay- 

Bottom Row: Peggy S. Tholl, 
Mickey K. Thompson, Leigh 
A. Vieux, Virginia Von Rie- 
sen, Eileen Warder, Patty J. 
Zajics, Barbara E. Zimmer- 


One little witch and her four cute helpers present a 
skit at a fraternity house to introduce their Homecom- 

ing queen candidate. The skit tells of the candidate's 
personality and why the men should vote for her. 

One hundred twenty- three 
chapters • Founded Uni- 
versity of Arkansas 1895 • 
Kappa Alpha chapter estab- 
lished 1915 • President: Jo- 
anne Taylor 

Many campus offices and titles were claimed by the 
residents of Chi Omega house at 1803 Laramie street. 

Chi Omega 

Sweethearts reigned at the Chi Omega house 
this year as Sue Tanner was chosen sweetheart of 
Beta Sigma Psi, Brenda Miller was picked as Alpha 
Gamma Rho sweetheart, Paula Lehmann was 
crowned sweetheart of Delta Tan Delta, and Pat 
Zajic was the dream girl of Delta Sigma Phi. Dur- 
ing the year, members participated in Chimes, 
Mortar Board, and Phi Kappa Phi. A Chi Omega 
was both Mortar Board secretary and senior class 
secretary while others were on the Union Program 
council and Student Council. 

Social events during the year included the an- 
nual fall Hav Hop on Halloween night, a Christmas 
house party, the spring White Carnation ball, and 
Dad's and Mom's weekends. Buffet suppers were 
held on Parent's Day and on Homecoming. The 
annual Social Science award to an outstanding 
woman graduating in sociologv was presented at 
the end of the year. 


Delta Delta Delta 

Delta Delta Delta sorority members were active 
participants in campus activities this year. They 
were in Mortar Board, Chimes, Union Program 
council and Union Governing board. Gayla Shoe- 
make was Kansas State's entry in the 1959 Miss 
Football contest in Berkeley, Calif. She was chosen 
Miss Congeniality. 

Barbara Howard was head cheerleader and two 
of her sorority sisters also were cheerleaders. Joan 
Moore was a Homecoming queen attendant and 
Coleen Ungeheuer reigned as Ag Barnwarmer 
queen. Members participated in Y-Orpheum and 
Interfraternity Sing. The sorority also captured sec- 
ond place in the Homecoming house decorations 
competition. The Tri-Delt social activities included 
a Mother's and Father's weekend, Legacy weekend, 
a Firebug party, and Spring and Christmas formals. 
The sorority has 89 members. 

The tri-delt house at 1834 Laramie was the setting 
of the second place Homecoming house decorations. 

One hundred four chapters 
Founded Boston university 1888 
• Theta Iota chapter established 
1915 • President: Maryanne Kel- 

For the second consecutive year, the Delta Delta Del- 
ta entry won the first place trophy for the best float in 


p * 

the Flush Bowl parade. Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Phi 
Delta Theta fraternities sponsored the fall event. 






Delta Delta Delta — Top 

Row: Mrs. Blanche Thomas, 
Jane A. Anderson, Linda Ate, 
Dee A. Babst, Dee A. Baker, 
Kay Balderson, Janice Bauers- 
feld, Judith Bauersfeld, Clau- 
dia Beatty. 

Second Row: Mateele Bless- 
ing, Donna Boyer, Lenita 
Childers, Mary C. Clark, San- 
dra Coleman, Carolyn Cook, 
Diane Coufal, Karen L. Crum, 
Caroline R. Davidson. 

T]iird Row: Patricia Dawe, 
Janice DeVore, Sandra L. 
Drake, Jan Erni, Carol Flem- 
ing, Margretta Flinner, Janice 
Forbes, Carol Gaede, Janice 

Fourth Row: Ruth Hanson, 
Harriet Harwiek, Kay Hen- 
ning, Marilyn Hetzer, Martha 
S. Hicks, Mary S. Hill, Judith 
A. Holle, Barbara Howard, 
Judith Howard. 

Fifth Row: Dorothy Johnson, 
Jacquie Johnson, Judith Jones, 
Sharon Jones, Karen Jury, 
Vlaryanne Keller, Marlene Lin- 
dell, Mary E. Malmberg, 
Elaine Matlack. 

Sixth Row: Judith McAlister, 
Jane McCaslin, Janice Mc- 
Clenahan, Vicky Meier, Linda 
Merritt, Joan Moore, Jean 
Nickell, Julie Palmquist, Joan 

Seventh Row: Susan G. Peter- 
son, Mary E. Pierce, Patricia 
Prentup, Virginia K. Rapp, 
Joyce Rector, Jeanette Robson, 
Sharon Robson, Barbara L. 
Rogg, Terry Rooney. 

Eighth Row: Nancy Ross, Lin- 
da A. Roth, Mary S. Schmed- 
emann, Sally S. Schmelzel, 
Mary S. Schroeder, De Ann 
Seaman, Judith A. Sewell, 
Gayla Shoemake, Jan C. 

Ninth Row: Karen Stanley, 
Betsy Stapf, Carol Stewart, 
Linda L. Stoskopf, Marjorie 
Suelter, Marilyn Summers, 
Virginia Taylor, Harriet C. 

Rottom Row: B. Colleen Unge- 
heuer, Jane Venard, Janet Vi- 
ar, Mary L. Wallerstedt, Mar- 
cia Watt, Sharon Weigand, 
Juanita Wille, S. Beth Wilson. 


Gamma Phi Beta— Top Row: 
Mrs. Thomas H. Stuart, Helen 
K. Anderson, Janet Applebee, 
Carolyn J. Arnett, Anita L. 
Arnold, Deanna K. Atkinson, 
Judith A. Barnaby, Ferol D. 

Second Row: Patsi Boyer, 
Loretta Brown, Lois R. Cales, 
Ellen Claydon, Karen A. Cole- 
man, Carman L. Couch, Char- 
lene R. Cox, Linda B. Cream- 

Third Row: Elaine L. Daniel- 
son, Janice L. Edwards, Janet 
S. Elliott, Dorothy K. Gard- 
ner, Jeanne M. George, Doro- 
thy L. Groomer, Judith M. 
Hafford, Lynne E. Hardy. 

Fourth Row: Nancy J. Har- 
ris, Florence C. Haymond, Sa- 
bra K. Headley, Sondra J. 
Holman, Janice E. Horsch, 
Jeri A. Howard, Judy B. Hub- 
bard, Karolyn K. Insley. 

Fifth Row: Glenda L. Ison, 
Evelyn K. Johnson, Katherine 
S. Jones, Patsy J. Kahrs, Lin- 
da Lee, Sharon Livengood, 
Maureen M. Mahar, Judith A. 

Sixth Row: Aura McConnell, 
Diane McGauhey, Rebecca S. 
McMahon, Barbara Middaugh, 
Marilyn M. Miller, Karen S. 
Mock, Mary G. Morris, Sharon 
D. Morris. 

Seventh Row: Charlene M. 
Murphy, Julie A. Paradise, 
Dorothy A. Parker, Sally P. 
Porter, Caroline E. Preddy, 
Jnell M. Quanz, Sharon S. 
Reasor, Geney C. Reed. 

Eighth Row: Kathryn M. 
Reeves, Sheila K. Rose, Mar- 
cia M. Ross, Nedra J. Ross, 
Sharolyn S. Sanborn, Barbara 
A. Schrader, Lorene Servos, 
Ellen K. Shannon. 

Ninth Row: Penelope A. Short- 
man, Martha J. Steps, Bar- 
bara J. Stout, Rita K. Sutter, 
Sharon A. Tatge, Cibyl C. 
Teichman, Terry S. Thies. 

Bottom Row: Judy E. Tull, 
Kay M. Walker, Deanna J. 
White, Ellen M. Wierenga, 
Mary O. Wilson, Rosemary A. 
Wineinger, Helen J. Woody. 

*&£&*. >J fllfcf> fiiBTfc ^^^ 



Five queen crowns were won by the women living at 
the three-year-old Gamma Phi Beta house, 1807 Todd 


Seventy-four chapters • 
Founded Syracuse universi- 
ty 1874 • Beta Upsilon 
chapter established 1957 • 
President: Jan Elliott 

Gamma Phi Beta 

A high point of the year for the Gamma Phi 
Betas was the crowning of Judy Mai as Homecom- 
ing queen. Other Gamma Phi royalty included Jan 
Horscb, Flush Bowl queen; Becky McMahon, Der- 
by Darling; Charlene Cox, Sigma Nu-Alpha Tau 
Omega Blackfoot-Whitefoot queen; and Charlene 
Murphey, Miss Scheherazade. The Gamma Phis 
also captured first place in Homecoming decora- 
tions and for their skit in the Sigma Phi Epsilon-Pi 
Kappa Alpha Duad productions. Caroline Preddy 
was honored by Mortar Board for having the high- 
est grades her freshman year. 

Gamma Phis were elected to national offices in 
Chancery club and Alpha Delta Theta. They also 
held offices in Chimes, Mock Political convention, 
Student Education association, Associated Women 
Students, Home Economics council, Alpha Epsilon 
Bho, Theta Sigma Phi, and Putnam Scholars. So- 
cial highlights were the "Come As You Were" 
pledge party and the spring Crystal Crescent ball. 

"I doubt it!" challenges a card-playing guest at the 
Gamma Phi Beta Christmas party for the children of 

Manhattan alumnae. About 40 children, ranging in 
age from one to 15 years, attended the Christmas party. 


From a beautifully set table, Kappa Deltas serve 
guests at their annual Faculty Tea. In addition to the 

university faculty members, the guest list included all 
sorority and fraternity presidents and housemothers. 

Ninety-eight chapters • Founded 
Longwood college 1897 • Sigma 
Gamma chapter established 1920 
♦President: Eleanor Zeornes 

The K-State Kappa Delta house at 1716 Fairchild 
was headquarters of the KD province workshop in April. 

Kappa Delta 

Kappa Delta sorority started off the year with a 
new housemother, Mrs. Charles Duncan, who re- 
placed Mrs. James Naismith. Michele Shultz was 
named Kappa Sigma Sweetheart and Linda Burge 
became a member of Angel Flight during the fall 
semester. Linda Grothusen was on the advisory 
council of the Student Education association and 
Sue Greene was a Union sub-committee chairman. 

Social events for the 56 members included a 
Christmas house party and the Emerald ball in the 
spring. Their Christmas project was giving baskets 
of food to needy families. Making scrapbooks for 
hospitals was their social service project. Members 
were active in A Cappella choir, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Union committees, International Relations 
board, Purple Pepsters, Clinic club, Phi Upsilon 
Omicron, Alpha Delta Theta, Sigma Alpha Eta, 
College chorus, Women's Glee club, Orchesis, 
K-State Players, Royal Purple staff, and Cervantes 



Kappa Delta— Top Row: Mrs. 
Martha Duncan, Maureen J. Berls, 
Karen A. Bloomberg, Karen K. 
Bozarth, Linda K. Burge, Maxine 
L. Burton. 

Second Row: Gretchen Cleveland, 
Saundra S. Cookson, Carol J. Dues- 
berg, Pickie J. Evans, Irmgard W. 
Feldman, Barbara M. Gentry. 

Third Row: Judy K. George, Jean- 
ette L. Ginn, Sue Greene, Nancy 
M. Gresty, Linda K. Grothusen, 
Carolyn M. Holbrook. 

Fourth Row: Sally A. Holbrook, 
Marilyn K. Johnston, Karen L. 
Kirkwood, Loretta E. Lasho, Nan- 
cy A. McCoy, Ann McCurley. 

Fifth Row: Ann McElfresh, Vera 
L. McGinnis, Audrey L. Meckfes- 
sel, Marilyn A. Meyer, Linda S. 
Mortimer, Nancy F. Nelke. 

Sixth Row: Paula J. Oppy, Janet 
M. Reinke, Judie Robertson, Nancy 
J. Rowland, Betty A. Rushton, Pa- 
tricia Ryan, Lois A. Sayre. 

Seventh Row: Margaret M. 
Schwarz, Patricia R. Sharp, Michele 
A. Shultz, Sandi Shurts, Gay Sin- 
gular, Sharon L. Skupa, Phyllis C. 

Eighth Row: A. Kay Swim, Eliza- 
beth Ann Teas, Marilyn Tindall, 
Judy A. Toevs, Anita Torluemke, 
Linda S. Ungeheuer, Betty Jean 

Rottom Row: Loretta D. Weixel- 
man, Linda G. Wetzel, Karla M. 
White, Sharon V. Wissing, LaNora 
E. Young, Eleanor J. Zeornes, 
Elaine Zerbe. 


Kappa Kappa Gamma — Top 
Row: Mrs. Helen Jewitt, Julia 
Abrahams, Judith Anthony, 
Martha A. Atkins, Carolyn S. 
Banks, Mary E. Bobek, M. 
Lynette Bourque, Ruth Elaine 

Second Roiv: Jean Broek, Lin- 
da Butler, Mareia L. Butler, 
Virginia A. Caldwell, Harriett 
L. Carr, Susan Conlon, JoAnn 
Cool, Susan Cooper. 

Third Row: Cathra Cunning- 
ham, Phyllis Cunningham, Bar- 
bara J. David, Mary Kay Dav- 
idson, Janet L. Davis, Bar- 
bara A. Detriek, Leslie A. 
Dole, Carol A. Doran. 

Fourth Row: Donna M. Dun- 
lap, Joan E. Durham, Karol 
Durham, Susan Fowler, Char- 
maine Geib, Barbara Geneh, 
Marianne Gench, Joanne 

Fifth Row: Marilyn J. Grove, 
Rosemary J. Haas, Janice S. 
Hanks, Karen G. Herthel, 
Jeanne M. Hill, Martha C. 
Hollis, Sue Hostetler, Carolyn 

Sixth Row: Barbara A. Huff, 
Joleen Irvine, Patricia Isbell, 
Karen P. Joerg, Carolyn 
Keane, Jean Keane, Joan 
Keane, Jackie Kellogg. 

Seventh Row: Lois Kinney, 
Imogene Lamb, L. Lee Lutz, 
Sharon MacPherson, Judy 
Mawdsley, Tausca L. McClin- 
tock, Marilyn McCord, Mar- 
sha C. McDonald. 

Eighth Row: M. Ellen Mc- 
Laughlin, Nancy Mc Vicar, 
Susan E. Mechesney, Deanna 
Mickey, Sharon Milam, Nan- 
cy Miller, Susan P. Miller, 
Carolyn S. Moriconi, Mary Jo 

Ninth Row: Nancy Myers, 
Judith M. O'Laughlin, Susan 
J. Peterson, Judith A. Pilken- 
ton, M. Susan Ramsey, Pa- 
tricia E. Roberts, Beverly A. 
Reinhardt, May Rogers, Su- 
zanne Schoolcraft. 

Bottom Row: V. Rosalie Stock- 
am, Suzanne Taschetta, Bar- 
bara K. Taylor, Mary H. Wei- 
gel, Julie A. Wilks, Patricia 
Wilson, Barbara A. Winfrey, 
Anne Wood, Judith A. Young. 


Leading carols at the Kappa Kappa Gamma Christmas 
party are five "dreamy" pledges. The pledges, who an- 

nually give the party, turned the house into a Kappa 
dreamland with candy, sugarplum trees, clouds, stars. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Kappa Kappa Gamma was very active on campus 
this year as wearers of the Kappa Key served as 
presidents of Angel Flight, Young Republicans, As- 
sociated Women Students, Chimes, Sigma Alpha 
Eta, Theta Sigma Phi, and Westminster fellowship. 
Four Kappas received the honor of being tapped 
for Mortar Board, as well as four for Chimes. Kap- 
pa Kappa Gamma also was represented by two 
members of Student Council and five of Angel 
Flight. Barbara Huff was elected senior class treas- 
urer and Pat Roberts was a Homecoming queen 

Other queens candidates included Barnwarmer 
queen finalists, Karol Durham and Marilyn Mc- 
Cord. The Kappa house also claimed Jan White, 
who was Miss K-State and a runner-up to Miss 
Kansas, and Judy Young, PiKA-Sig Ep Duad queen. 
Two social activities were initiated, the Powder 
Puff Derby and the Monmoutli Duo. The Kappas 
also had their traditional Christmas party and 
spring formal. 

Eighty -eight chapters • 
Founded Monmouth college 
1870 • Gamma Alpha chap- 
ter established 1916 • Presi- 
dent: Mary Jo Moriconi 

Presidents of many campus organizations were women 
living at the KKG house at 517 N. Fairchild terrace. 


Pi Beta Phi 

For the fourth straight year, women living in the Pi 
Phi house, 505 Denison, were first in scholarship. 

One hundred four chapters 
• Founded Monmouth col- 
lege 1867 • Kansas Beta 
chapter established 1915 • 
President: Fran Schwartz 

Pi Beta Phi was first in scholarship in 1958-59 
for the fourth consecutive year. The Philadelphia 
bowl, signifying the third best Pi Phi chapter in the 
nation, was awarded to the Kansas Beta chapter. 
Prominent Pi Phis were Lvnne Martin, Mortar 
Board president; Judy Tyler, Arts and Sciences 
council president; Irene Mangelsdorf, Royal Purple 
business manager and Student Education associa- 
tion president; and Nancy Thornton, YWCA presi- 

Judy Hoy was an attendant to the Homecoming 
queen, Jan Stewart was the 1959 Royal Purple 
queen, and Cheryl Barnett was an attendant to the 
Flush bowl queen. Five Pi Phis were fraternity 
sweethearts. Two Student Council members, four 
cheerleaders, four Mortar Board members, and 
three Chimes members were Pi Phis. The pledge 
party "Jungle Jamboree," Christmas party, Mon- 
mouth Duo, Father's weekend, and spring formal 
were their main social activities. 

A Pi Beta Phi Santa Claus hands out presents at the 
sorority's annual Christmas party for actives and dates. 

The house and Christmas tree were decorated with 
pink pine cones for the theme of Pine Cone Paradise. 


Pi Beta Phi— Top Row: Mrs. 
J. I. Hollingsworth, Judy Al- 
lemang, Judy Allen, Karen B. 
Armstrong, Anna C. Attwa- 
ter, Cheryl A. Barnett, Carol 
L. Bliss, M. Frances Boyd. 

Second Row: Peggy Dalton, 
Jean DeForest, Karen Dier- 
dorff, Suzanne Fairbank, Joan 
Faulconer, Judy Gorrell, Judy 
Graham, Pat Harrison. 

Third Row: Billie Heller, Co- 
lene K. Henson, A. Sue Hig- 
don, Eunice J. House, Judy L. 
Hoy, Carolyn Huber, Mary A. 
Humes, Sara Hybskmann. 

Fourth Row: Judi Ingraham, 
Nancy Itz, Nancy Johnson, 
Jane G. Johnston, Mary C. 
Kennedy, Karen K. Kern, 
Karen Klinger, Alice Loben- 

Fifth Row: Deborah J. Low- 
man, B. Eugenia Mangels- 
dorf, H. Irene Mangelsdorf, 
M. Lynne Martin, Susan Mar- 
tin, Kay McAninch, Lou Ann 
McKinnon, Emily K. Mohri. 

Sixth Row: Brenda J. Mor- 
gan, Constance K. Morgan, 
Ann Morganstern, Linda 
Myers, M. Pat Myers, Nancy 
J. Nation, Sylvia B. Neal, A. 
Kay Nordstrom. 

Seventh Roiv: Nancy Noyes, 
Joan K. Peters, Judy Prewitt, 
Rae Rankin, Judy Reid, Mary 
E. Richardson, Pat Riker, 
Joyce M. Rogers. 

Eighth Row: Constance Schaf- 
er, Kay J. Scholten, Susan B. 
Schutz, M. Frances Schwartz, 
Elizabeth A. Slaughter, Judy 
A. Smith, Monne W. Smith. 

Ninth Row: Mary S. Snider, 
Marcia Steerman, Jan E. 
Stewart, Donna L. Thies, 
Nancy G. Thornton, Judy E. 
Tyler, Sara F. Umberger. 

Bottom Row: Judy Wareham, 
Harriet E. Wetlaufer, Rebec- 
ca A. Whitfield, Sally Wil- 
cox, Paula B. Wildgen, Susie 
Young, Diane Zeckser. 


Acacia— Top Row: Mrs. OraP. 
Brammer, Tommy B. Amer- 
ine, Larry E. Bartlett, James 
D. Bassett, Donald R. Beaver, 
James O. Bell, James S. Birk- 
beck, Clyde L. Bolin. 

Second Row: Bob M. Bosler, 
Bill R. Boswell, Travis S. Bo- 
wie, Roger D. Brannan, Lan- 
ny R. Brent, Jack A. Britton, 
Robert D. Brougbam, DeVir- 
da H. Bureham. 

Third Row: William R. Bureh- 
am, William Chapman, Rich- 
ard H. Coffey, Larry Coon, 
Jay P. Crabb, Donald Dawes, 
Robert L. Derstein, Donald 
R. Douglas. 

Fourth Row: Kenneth L. Dun- 
can, Donald P. Edson, Larry 
L. Figgs, Ben Finch, Kenneth 
M. Frashier, Lee H. Fuller, 
Ward Ginn, John Haas. 

Fifth Row: Gary L. Hawk, 
Donald G. Hefty, Larry L. 
Ihrig, Richard Jones, Harvey 
H. Kemper, Woody M. Kim- 
sey, Darwin K. Klein, John H. 

Sixth, Row: George Lasho, 
Donald G. Livingston, Fred 
W. Loseke, Arthur L. Maison, 
Lynn McClelland, Keith Mc- 
Cluskey, Harold S. MeCub- 
bin, Jerry W. Merker. 

Seventh Row: Stanley R. Mil- 
ler, Roger J. Mochamer, 
Douglas Moore, Larry A. Nel- 
son, Gene E. New, Norman 
Newton, Vonne E. Nicklaus, 
Ronald E. Nitcher. 

Eighth Row: Hersehel R. 
Pickett, Tim E. Poling, 
Charles L. Pyne, Donald M. 
Rasmussen, Marshal L. Reed, 
Berye L. Reese, Lawrence 
Rogler, Eric Sandell. 

Ninth Row: Robert M. Seute, 
Roger W. Sherman, Jon D. 
Struss, Galen S. linger, Ralph 
W. Unger, James W. Unruh, 
Robert A. Voisinet, Jr., Dean 
K. Wallace. 

Bottom Row: Curtis M. Wann, 
William L. White, William E. 
Wiggins, Robert L. Wilder- 
son, James D. Wilson, Donald 
L. Woofter, Emil F. Zetmeir. 



Members of Acacia were active in Phi Kappa 
Phi, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, and Alpha Mu. Don 
Edson represented the Agriculture school as master 
of ceremonies for the Little American Royal. K-State 
coeds honored Norman Newton by naming him a 
runner-up in the Favorite Man on Campus contest. 

Clvde Bolin directed the Air Force ROTC march- 


ing band. 

The men demonstrated their construction ability 
by building a basketball court and barbecue pit as 
well as a retaining wall around the parking lot. 
Galen Unger was awarded a Blue Key scholarship. 
The Acacias increased their membership to 85. A 
majority of the members participated in intramurals. 

Social activities included the annual "Nite on the 
Nile" formal and a Halloween party. The men used 
their new barbecue pit during several exchange 
dinners with sororities. The Acacias began making 
the first plans for an addition to their present home. 

A basketball court and barbecue pit were added to 
the four-year-old Acacia house located at 2005 Hunting. 

Forty-five chapters • Found- 
ed Michigan university 1904 
• Kansas State chapter es- 
tablished 1913 • President: 
Larry Figgs 

Wondering what they are walking into, Acacias and 
their dates hesitate before stepping through the witch's 

mouth at the Halloween party. But on the other side 
was dancing, games, food, and a good time for all. 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

Members of Alpha Gamma Rho, a fraternity of 
agriculture and biological sciences, received recog- 
nition as presidents of Alpha Mu, Block and Bridle 
club, and Social Co-ordinating council. Chester Pe- 
terson was editor of the Agriculture magazine and 
a member of the Student Publications board. 
AGRs also were active in Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha 
Zeta, Phi Eta Sigma, and Gamma Sigma Delta 
honoraries, as well as the Ag School council and 
K-State Collegiate 4-H. 

The winning 440 yard relay team was composed 
of AGRs in track intramurals last spring. The fra- 
ternity men also participated in all other intra- 
mural sports. A Roulette party, a sister-sweetheart 

New dining room equipment was added to the modern 
Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity house, 1919 Piatt avenue. 

dinner and dance, and a Christmas party were on 
the fall social calendar. The annual Pink Rose 
formal was the high point of spring activities. Mrs. 
Edith Lloyd was welcomed by the men and began 
her first year as Alpha Gamma Rho housemother. 

Thirty-seven chapters • Founded 
University of Illinois 1908 • Alpha 
Zeta chapter established 1927 • 
President: Brad W. Broady 

Mistletoe was more than dec- 
oration at the Alpha Gamma 
Rho annual Christmas party 
for members and dates. 






, >lf» ljft 

'-«#*■- .*fc^ 

|S5» jshi *tfK 

-• .<*fe? 



- *► HP 



» <s* 


j*» *P ! 


Alpha Gamma Rho — Top 
Row: Mrs. Edith Lloyd, Elton 

D. Aberle, Dell M. Allen, Ben 

E. Brent, Jarvis R. Brink, 
Brad W. Broady, David 

Second Row: Jim P. Buchele, 
Steve Burgess, Jack Chapman, 
Fred L. Clemence, James 
Copple, Emery R. Corbett, 
Joseph F. Cukjati. 

Third Row: Jerry H. Cundiff, 
Larry V. Cundiff, Jim R. 
Dieken, John C. Dicken, Ed- 
win T. Dillinger, Ray W. Ely, 
Jack R. Engelland. 

Fourth Row: Jean A. Fank- 
hauser, Frank Filinger, Jr., 
Marian L. Francis, Duane E. 
Fredrickson, Jack Frick, Gary 
L. Giles, Scott Hackett. 

Fifth Row: Charles E. Ham- 
on, Kenneth L. Hayes, James 
A. Houck, Melvin L. Hubbell, 
Bruce P. Hull, Richard Jans- 
sen, Stanley D. Johnson. 

Sixth Row: Tom E. Knappen- 
berger, Kenneth L. Kocher, 
Larry L. Laverentz, David 
Lowe, Stephen B. Owen, 
Henry D. Payne, Gary Peter- 

Seventh Row: Ralph W. Pe- 
terson, Ron Poor, Richard D. 
Rees, Robert L. Rees, Jerome 
K. Regier, Richard L. Rosen- 
hagen, John R. Ross. 

Eighth Row: Walter F. Ru- 
dolph, Tom E. Schultz, Wil- 
liam L. Schultz, Larry C. 
Schwintz, Gary R. Swarner, 
Rodney T. Symes, Jr., Gay- 
lord M. Taylor, John R. Tea- 

Rottom Row: Larry J. Theur- 
er, Allen D. Tilley, Rudolph 
L. Titsworth, Harry L. Todd, 
Lewis Trentman, Larry B. 
Waite, Darrell L. Webber, 
Steven E. Wright. 


Alpha Kappa Lambda— Top 
Row: Mrs. W. B. Granger, 
Jack E. Birkinsha, Ellis L. 
Blevins, Gary Bunney, James 
V. Carver, John B. Clifford, 
Darold F. Cole, Bonald E. 

Second Roiv: Gilbert M. Cor- 
dova, Thomas H. Cour, Jack 
W. Crocker, Barry A. Dukes, 
James P. Eater, Loren C. El- 
lis, Donald M. Ernst, Larry L. 

Third Row: Bonald K. Gar- 
low, James I. George, John 
Grot ennuis, Charles E. Hage- 
man, Dennis Hartsook, Kent 
D. Haury, David Hawkins, 
Kenneth D. Heidebrecht. 

Fourth Row: Edward M. Hei- 
ken, William B. Hensley, Har- 
ley E. Holmes, Norman H. 
Hostetler, Henry H. Hynd- 
man, Paul B. Joines, Arlen L. 
Keith, Winston E. Knechtel. 

Fifth Row: Gary J. Lazarus, 
Gregory N. Lohr, Larry D. 
Loomis, John W. McGee, 
James E. Meeks, Bruce E. 
Miller, Mel W. Minnis, David 
A. Morris. 

Sixth Row: Daniel Y. Motoga- 
wa, Don E. Neal, David A. 
North, Edmund L. Oborny, 
Earl B. Pegg, Charles C. Pe- 
terson, John D. Peterson. 

Seventh Row: Jon E. Peter- 
son, Michael D. Pritchard, 
Bobert Bector, Carl D. Beedy, 
Leslie B. Bernhardt, James D. 
Boberts, Donald L. Sanders. 

Eighth Row: Jerry D. Schletz- 
baum, Maurice P. Schrag, 
Harry L. Seyler, Bichard E. 
Smith, Bichard B. Steudtner, 
Boger W. Suttner, Henry J. 

Ninth Roiv: Bobert G. Tiche- 
nor, Gale D. Urban, William 
T. Urban, Poland M. Van 
Gieson, Edward C. Varner, 
Elmer D. Walton, Allen L. 

Rottom Row: Gary E. Wil- 
liams, Don E. Wise, Phillip L. 
Woods, Donald J. Woodward, 
Bobert O. Worley, Lester W. 
Wurm, Dennis L. Zitterkopf. 



^ #* 111" 

(*% f* *a% 

,:■■■. : ' 

-V JC&i 


^fi . \:, .Ifciifc 




^inwmimy .g' ^^--*#^pm ,,,-rfh §■■■ 


<*zm>t 4W£' 


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•-.XT, -v 

' ih 

JKf* •■ 

1L*toM*jkA k& :k iki^ikf i 



An Arabian prince chats quietly with his princess and 
a Frenchman jokes with his sweet cherie at the Alpha 

Kappa Lambda International party. AKLs and their 
dates donned costumes of many nations for the party. 

Eighteen chapters • Found- 
ed California university 1914 
• Iota chapter established 
1930 • President: Dennis 

Landscaping their four-year-old house at 1919 
Hunting was a project initiated by members this year. 


Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Alpha Kappa Lambda this year increased its total 
membership to 75. A special project was the begin- 
ning of landscaping for their house, which was 
built in 1956. A Christmas party for underprivi- 
leged children also was a project of the AKLs. 

Social events included the Golden Yellow Pernet 
Rose formal, Christmas formal, International party, 
and various exchange functions with sororities. 
Members of Alpha Kappa Lambda were active in 
Steel Ring, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma 
Tan, Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Tau Sigma, 
Phi Epsilon Kappa, Arnold Air Society, and A Cap- 
pella Choir. Outstanding members included Nor- 
man Hostetler, associate editor of "Touchstone," 
the new university literary magazine; Jack Birkin- 
sha, finalist in the Delta Sigma Rho Speech contest; 
and Mel Minnis, vice-president of the United Stat- 
ers party and chairman of the Parents Dav com- 


Alpha Tau Omega 

Director and assistant producer of Y-Orpheum 
last year were ATOs. They were Jim Johnson and 
Harry Lehew, respectively. Johnson was also presi- 
dent of K-State Players and received the Player's 
"Best Actor of the Year" award for 1958-1959.' 

The Blackfoot-Whitefoot, an annual function 
with the Sigma Nus, was one of the main social 
events of the year. Other parties and formals which 
sparked the active ATO life were the Hawaiian 
party, the Christmas party, the White Tea Rose 
formal and sorority dinner and dance exchanges. 

Members of the 67-man fraternity were active in 
Alpha Epsilon Rho, Alpha Mu, Alpha Phi Omega, 
Alpha Zeta, Eta Kappa Nu, and Pi Tau Sigma. 
They also participated in all intramural sports. As- 
sistant pastor of the First Lutheran church, vice- 
president of Young Republicans club, and several 
members and the advertising manager of the Kan- 
sas State Engineer were chapter members. 

Repainting the interior and adding a new roof were 
major changes made at the ATO house, 1408 Denison. 

One hundred eighteen chap- 
ters • Founded Virginia 
Military institute 1865 • 
Delta Theta chapter estab- 
lished 1920 • President: 
Clayton Griffin. 

An appreciative audience of sorority women hear the 
Alpha Tau Omegas serenade during a holiday. Serenad- 

ing sororities and residence halls at pinnings, engage- 
ments and holidays is a fraternity tradition. 



* »Fr 


f 1 

.*** iwk 


*kATl4fc ifc* 

*£$& wSSi; 


tfifck i< A* 

Alpha Tau Omega— Top Row: 
Mrs. L. E. Keefer, Roy E. Allbrit- 
ten, Jack P. Allegrucci, Karl F. 
Anderson, LaRue L. Anderson, 
Ben W. Barber. 

Second Row: Darryl D. Bauman, 
Walter A. Besecke, Roland J. Bon- 
neau, Phil B. Bowman, Donald G. 
Brooks, Richard D. Calliham. 

Tliird Row: Carroll J. Conyac, 
Charles W. Couch, Roy K. Craw- 
ford, Paul L. Diehn, Mark J. 
Dreiling, Joseph J. Fettes. 

Fourth Row: Lloyd W. Fields, 
James K. Foster, Clair D. Gard, 
William H. Glocker, John E. 
Going, Clayton L. Griffin. 

Fifth Row: Richard L. Haas, Allen 
H. Hess, Klio K. Hobbs, Darwin 
E. Johnson, Garold W. Johnson, 
James L. Johnson. 

Sixth Row: Donald Joy, Ronald 
Joy, Royce A. Keyser, Roger W. 
Kramer, John W. Macy, James R. 
Maxwell, Kenneth L. McDonald. 

Seventh Row: Jerry J. Minnis, 
David W. Newton, Larry D. 
Nichols, Joe C. Nothern, Edwin 
L. Nutt, Leslie L. Ogg, Richard 
G. Pannbacker. 

Eighth Row: John E. Peel, Dar- 
rell P. Schmidt, Phillip H. Schu- 
ley, Jon C. Sederquist, Charles M. 
Shaughnessy, Frederick M. Sol- 
berg, Norman H. Staats. 

Bottom Row: John P. Upton, 
James L. Van Duyne, Daniel 
Vogel, James H. Wagner, Lewis 
W. Watson, Jerome L. Weigand, 
Wendell White. 


Beta Sigma Psi— Top Row: 
Mrs. Elizabeth Seaton, Harold 
R. Albrecht, Howard R. An- 
derson, Clark L. Bair, Albert 
L. Bieber, Gary G. Bitter. 

Second Row: Charles L. Bla- 
ser, Malcolm L. Blessing, 
Bruce R. Brauer, Warren H. 
Brown, Melvin L. Callabresi, 
Gordon E. Carlson. 

Third Row: Garry D. Cheg- 
widden, Larry K. Dannen- 
berg, Lloyd ' H. DeWerff, 
Francis J. Dobrovohny, Har- 
old L. Dorssom, Philip M. 

Fourth Row: Larry E. Erick- 
son, Max W. Farrow, Gary D. 
Gabrielson, Dale R. Galliart, 
Fredrick T. Hanson, Scott D. 

Fifth Row: Robert M. Hen- 
richs, Thomas A. Henrichs, 
Galen J. Hubbs, Eugene O. 
Johnson, Larry K. Johnson, 
Howard V. Kanitz. 

Sixth Row: Ernest W. Lass- 
man, Garry W. Lassman, Wil- 
liam M. Martin, Vernon O. 
Meinert, Neal D. Meitler, 
Gary E. Neuschafer, Kenneth 
G. Quade. 

Seventh Row: Lyle E. Ras- 
mussen, Michael A. Raymond, 
David R. Reinert, James P. 
Rensenhouse, John Z. Rey- 
nolds, Haven B. Rolander, 
Stephen D. Rose. 

Bottom Row: Clarence J. 
Rust, Melvin L. Scheller, E. 
Gary Scholoh, Wayne W. 
Schope, Larry C. Schultis, 
Richard A. Wheat, Larry E. 


tii tit « Ae 

jpp* ■**#■> 

lifri if til 


t feM 7k 


-3% <•£>, 


k'ti it* 


Beta Sigma Psi, 221 N. Delaware, plans to build a new 
house in about four years, on a lot purchased last year. 

Six chapters • Founded Uni- 
versity of Illinois 1925 • Ze- 
ta chapter established 1951 
• President: Lerov Bieber 

Beta Sigma Psi 

Members of Beta Sigma Psi, who have been liv- 
ing at their present location six years, purchased a 
lot for a new house last year. The building site is 
located northwest of the new men's dormitory. 
President of Religious Coordinating council this 
year was Beta Sig, Neil Meitler. He also was a 
member of Union Governing board, Activities 
board, and Arts and Sciences council. Phi Kappa 
Phi elected two members of the Lutheran men's 
fraternity to membership this year. They were 
Larry Erickson and Gordon Carlson. 

Social events of the 55-man chapter during the 
vear were a Hobo party, Snowman's Hop, Gold 
Rose formal, and other house parties and exchanges. 
Members participated in minor intramural sports 
as well as football, basketball, volleyball, and soft- 
ball. Haven Rolander won the horseshoes champion 
title for the fraternity, and the Beta Sig softball 
team placed fourth. 

A Santa Claus with spectacles gave out the gifts at 
The Beta Sigma Psi Snowman's Hop. The brightly 

wrapped package contained a poodle dog in a com- 
pository jar. These were favors for the Beta Sig dates. 

, *4 \. .x 

® ■ ■ ' :,:, 


Sitting on Santa Claus' knee at the Beta Theta Pi's 
Stag Christmas party, a pledge reads a poem telling 

what he wants for Christinas and what he thinks of the 
actives. After the poems, Santa handed out the gifts. 

Ninety-six chapters • Found- 
ed Miami university 1839 • 
Gamma Epsilon chapter es- 
tablished 1914 • President: 
George Phipps 

Added to the Beta Theta Pi house at 500 Sunset was a 
$6,000 dorm containing sleeping rooms for 28 persons. 

Beta Theta Pi 

Beta Theta Pi participated in all sports during 
the 1958-59 school year to win the intramural sports 
crown. Active in Kansas State varsity athletics were 
six basketball players, one football player and four 
track team members. The fraternity also won first 
place in the chariot relays last spring. Beta Theta 
Pi placed high in scholarship as well as in sports 
last year. 

Representing the house in campus activities were 
Gene Westhusing and John Harri, members of Blue 
Key; and Drew Critser, president of Scabbard and 
Blade. Participating in Interfraternitv Sing was an- 
other activity of Beta Theta Pi. A new dormitory 
was added to the chapter house during the fall se- 
mester. Entertainment on the fraternity's social 
calendar included house parties, barbecues, a 
pledge party, a Christmas party, the Miami Triad, 
and the Beta Pig. 



' — 

kk± kL d*1klM^ tekfoih 


/^s^ ^^S /^^ 


Bfcitt&iBk^ A. B 



-*\ * 

<& **nii 



life i; kfefcllftk^iitfeBtl 

C/--*\ /+ -> ^^S - ^"^j (**\ ^^1 

X^ L 

Beta Theta Pi— Top Row: 
Mrs. Nellie J. McKay, Robert 
Baker, Ross B. Ballard, Jim 
Baxter, William Bayless, Rex 
Beach, Frederic Biederman, 
Warren Brown. 

Second Row: David Carlson, 
Dennis Chiles, David Chop- 
lin, John Compton, Loren 
Conrad, Murray Corbin, Drew 
Critser, Carl Dahling. 

Third Row: Richard Ewy, 
Cedric Fortune, Charles 
Frankenfeld, Timothy Grace, 
John Harri, Jerry Hess, Steve 
Huff, Robert Ihde. 

Fourth Row: Richard Irvine, 
Charles Johns, Jerry Johnson, 
Jerry Jones, Larry Jones, Rob- 
ert Jones, John Koepke, Ken- 
yon Kugler. 

Fifth Row: Gary Lafferty, 
Bruce Larson, Don Leffing- 
well, Jim Lehr, Jim Lonker, 
Tom Martin, James McNeal, 
Taylor Merrill. 

Sixth Row: Jim Mertz, Noel 
Morgan, Ron Nelson, Bill 
Nicholson, Larry Nicholson, 
Steve Noble, Mike Nolte, 
Gary Peters. 

Seventh Row: Roger Peterson, 
George H. Phipps, Henry 
Pierce, Mark Piper, Tom Pur- 
inton, Arlin Raedeke, Jon 
Ramsey, Lowell Renz. 

Eighth Roiv: John Reppert, 
Larry Reynolds, Clyde Rob- 
erts, Fred Robison, Jim Ro- 
denbeek, George Ross, Mi- 
chael E. Schafer, Paul W. 

Ninth Row: Chuck Shepard, 
Gene Smerchek, Jared Smith, 
Rex Stephenson, John C. 
Stewart, Gordon Taff, Junior 
Thiry, Ross Thornbrugh. 

Bottom Row: Wayne T. Thum- 
mel, Fred Truog, Lee S. Tur- 
ner, Dan Weaver, Darel F. 
Wendelburg, Gene D. Wes- 
thusing, Jerry B. Wurster. 


Delta Sigma Phi— Top Row: 
Mrs. F. Paul Smith, James E. 
Allerheiligen, John D. Alstatt, 
Robert Arbuckle, Howard H. 
Benton, Royle J. Birk. 

Second Row: Paul D. Bough- 
ton, Daniel Burke, Paul Burns, 
Jerry Corn, Steven Cress, Jay 
J. Cress. 

Third Row: Fred V. Dellett, 
Larry R. Denton, Dick Evers, 
Byron Freeby, James F. Gie- 
ber, Dean E. Gigstad. 

Fourth Row: David W. Ginn, 
Daryl E. Hatfield, David A. 
Hotehkiss, Harry House, Don- 
ald P. Jennison, Jim Jensen. 

Fifth Row: Jim Kerby, Theo- 
dore Knapp, Roy J. Kramer, 
Robert B. Lowe, Loren L. 
Mall, Myron E. Meek. 

Sixth Row: Maurice Mon- 
ninger, Harvey J. Page, Mor- 
ton D. Plunkett, Wayne Pow- 
ell, James R. Purfurst, Thomas 
E. Ruhlman. 

Seventh Row: Keith D. Rush, 
Wayne Rush, Harold D. 
Saunders, Chester D. Shupe, 
J. A. Swartz, Gene Swearin- 

Rottom Row: Larry Taylor, 
Allen Tenner, Raymond E. 
Tyson, Ronald A. White, 
Larry W. Wilburn, Ronald L. 


Admiring a plaster of Paris sphinx head, one of Delta 
Sigma Phi's symbols, are Delta Sigs and dates at the 

fraternity Founder's Day formal last fall. Tommy Lee's 
band played for the dance at the Wareham hotel. 

Delta Sigma Phi 

The first major addition to the Delta Sigma Phi 
house was dedicated Homecoming Day by the Del- 
ta Sig national officers. The local chapter's found- 
er, now national secretary-treasurer of Delta Sigma 
Phi, returned to officiate at the ceremony. The 
$70,000 wing is composed of a living room, house- 
mother's quarters, and sleeping and study rooms for 
twenty men. The living room was done in modern 
styling with Egyptian highlights to set off the fra- 
ternity's symbols. Diamond shaped motifs set off 
the diamond shaped Delta Sigma Phi pin. 

Delta Sigs were active in Scabbard and Blade, 
Pershing Rifles, Varsity Glee club, and band. Other 
activities included Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Phi Epsilon Kappa, ASME, and Newman club. The 
Delta Sigs participated in all intramural sports. So- 
cial activities included the Founder's day formal, 
White Carnation ball, Apache party, Sailor's ball, 
and exchange parties with the sororities. 

Ninety-five chapters • 
Founded City College of 
New York 1889 • Alpha 
Upsilon chapter established 
192.3 • President: Loren 

The Delta Sigma Phis changed their address to 1100 
Fremont, with the completion of the $70,000 addition. 


With the completion of a $27,000 addition, the Delta 
Tau Delta fraternity, 1001 Sunset, can house 75 men. 

Eighty-eight chapters • 
Founded Bethany college 
1858 • Gamma Chi chapter 
established 1919 • Presi- 
dent: David Craig 

Delta Tau Delta 

Buying new living room furniture and complet- 
ing a $27,000 addition highlighted the Delta Tau 
Delta's year. The 85-member fraternity was well 
represented on campus. Chairmen of Veterinary 
Open House, Traffic Appeals board, and Union 
Program council were Delts, as was the president 
of Blue Key. Two other Delts were in Blue Key, 
three were members of the Union Governing Board, 
and the Delt candidate in the FMOC contest was 
a runnerup. 

The fraternity took first place in intramural ten- 
nis and basketball and was second in football. An 
addition to the list of annual social activities of the 
Delts this year was the Powder Puff in conjunction 
with Kappa Sigma. The Delts won the touch foot- 
ball game with the Kappa Sigs and sponsored the 
winning sorority. Other social events included the 
Paddle partv and the Rainbow formal. 

Sitting around the fireplace at a house party after a 
basketball game are Delts and their dates. A highlight 

during the evening of dancing, singing, and card play- 
ing was a pinning announced through a skit. 




*a» a»* 

Delta Tau Delta— Top Row: 
Richard S. Aberle, David C. 
All, Bill F. Balfanz, Charles 
G. Ball, Gary B. Beardslee, 
Tom D. Bergkamp, Larry J. 

Second Row: Charles N. Bur- 
ger, James H. Carpenter, Da- 
vid W. Craig, Alan E. Crow, 
John W. Denesha, Russell B. 
Dickinson, John A. Erickson. 

Third Row: Jim R. Fairchild, 
Larry R. Foulke, Gene W. 
Francis, Michael C. Gibson, 
Gary E. Grove, James W. 
Guthrie, Donald F. Hazlett. 

Fourth Row: Dean Hoar, Jer- 
ry Hooker, Dee J. Hubbard, 
Kent L. Hutchins, Larry D. 
Jefferies, Richard E. Johnson, 
Frank R. Jordan. 

Fifth Row: Joel R. Kesler, 
Charles C. Kipfer, Larry R. 
Kraft, Mike A. Lanning, Von 
C. Lauer, Rex S. LeForgee, 
Jon C. Londeen. 

Sixth Row: Curtis G. Maxwell, 
Lonnie D. Meeker, David W. 
Merrill, Devon L. Miller, Mon- 
te M. Miller, John R. Nelson, 
Bill G. Nichols. 

Seventh Row: Lowell L. No- 
vy, Dennis C. Owen, Richard 
L. Pieschel, Steve C. Piper, 
Ardene K. Prather, Edward 
P. Regnier, Dave P. Rehfeld. 

Eighth Row: James E. Rizek, 
Donald E. Ryan, Gary R. Sal- 
yer, Ray L. Salyer, Russell G. 
Smith, Norman N. Stockham, 
Karl Stutterheim. 

Rottom Row: David Temple- 
ton, Jon R. Thompson, R. 
Steve Thompson, Derald D. 
Vincent, Duane C. VonFange, 
Herbert N. Whitney, Jerry L. 
Winsor, Alvin L. Zwick. 


Delta Upsilon— Top Row: Mrs. 
Dorotha Roberts, Herman R. Alt- 
wegg, D. Keith Anderson, Henry 
L. Andrade, Norman D. Barton, 
J. David Berry. 

Second Row: Terry L. Bullock, 
Ryan C. Burns, James D. Callen, 
Duane V. Clum, Lyle E. Clum, 
Wm. W. Curtis. 

Third Row: Bruce A. Dahlinger, 
Billy G. Davis, John H. Davis, 
Wayne K. Denton, David A. Dun- 
can, Ralph L. Ewy. 

Fourth Row: Ross R. Freeman, 
Max Ginter, Wm. R. Gordon, Rich- 
ard L. Goudy, Harold W. Grin- 
staff, Joseph G. Hickert. 

Fifth Row: Thomas A. Holmberg, 
Jim Holt, Larry R. Johnson, James 
D. Keyte, Jay D. King, Jerry L. 

Sixth Row: Wm. Laubengayer, 
George F. Lesovsky, Michael Ma- 
haffey, David H. Mangelsdorf, 
Dale H. Nordstrom, David W. 

Seventh Row: Terry L. Parsons, 
Donald F. Peterson, Larry L. Rea- 
sor, Darrel B. Richardson, Michael 
D. Ruff, Gerald L. Schamahorn. 

Eighth Row: Phillip A. Scott, Lar- 
ry J. Shryock, Eugene C. Smylie, 
Robert J. Smylie, Steven Souther- 
land, Karl K. Stevens, John W. 

Rottorn Row: Roger A. Suddeth, 
Royer K. Ulrich, Gary Walter, 
John R. Warnhoff, Louis A. West- 
man, Forrest E. White, Richard F. 


Delta Upsilon 

Delta Upsilon moved into its new $150,000 house 
located at 1425 University Drive in December. The 
64-man house brought consolidation to the frater- 
nity as members had been living in several houses 
throughout Manhattan. Two awards were placed 
in the fraternity trophy case. The DUs received 
the Most Improved Scholarship award at the Greek 
Week banquet last spring, and in September, at 
the Delta Upsilon General Fraternity convention, 
they received the honor of having the most out- 
standing new chapter. 

Participating in many phases of campus and so- 
cial life, outstanding DUs were president of the 
senior class, K-State rifle team president, American 
Society of Mechanical Engineers president, and 
FMOC runner-up. Members also were in Blue 
Key, K-State Singers, Student Governing associa- 
tion, and Engineering council. DUs participated in 
most intramural sports and won their softball divi- 
sion in 1959. 

Over Christmas vacation, Delta Upsilon members mov- 
ed into a new colonial-style house at 1425 University. 

Eighty chapters • Founded 
University of Missouri 1905 
• Kansas State chapter 
established 1921 • Presi- 
dent: William R. Gordon. 

The ideals and standards of Delta Upsilon fraternity 
are read to five men during the initiation ceremony in 

the All-Faith chapel. Delta Upsilon is the only K-State 
fraternity with an open initiation ceremony. 


Farm House— Top Row: Mrs. Ha- 
zel Hawbecker, Martyn L. Apley, 
Dean V. Armbrust, Benjamin A. 
Atteberv, Tohn P. Baird, Douglas 
J. Bolt. 

Second Row: Wayne E. Brownlee, 
Boyd E. Burhoop, John W. Carlin, 
William D. Coddington, Charles 
W. Colson, James E. Congrove. 

Third Row: Gary L. Cromwell, 
John W. Dahlsten, Sheldon E. De- 
Lange, Jerald A. Doornbos, Law- 
rence L. Dorgan, G. Fred Eisele. 

Fourth Row: Maurice D. Faidley, 
Arlen D. Frank, Jerry L. Gardner, 
Robert L. Gardner, Ralph E. Gill- 
more, Wayne M. Grover. 

Fifth Row: Wayne A. Hagemoser, 
Gary A. Hohner, Darrell D. John- 
son, Hal E. Judy, Albert C. Kientz, 
Janver D. Krehbiel. 

Sixth Row: Raymond E. Kuhlman, 
Larry L. Larson, Robert W. Lewis, 
Gerald P. MacFee, Ronald W. Mc- 
Cune, Donald G. Miller. 

Seventh Row: Boyd M. Mundhen- 
ke, Rodney G. Oliphant, Harlan 
W. Oltjen, Gerald H. Oordt, Rog- 
er C. Pine, Lloyd W. Rooney. 

Eighth Row: Larry L. Rose, Ray 
R. Schooley, Larry M. Seitz, Floyd 
K. Shoup, Donald B. Stinson, Ned 
K. Stirtz. 

Bottom Row: Lawrence E. Stos- 
kopf, John A. Thomas, Norman W. 
Umphenour, Philip F. Warnken, 
David W. Wilson, James H. With- 


-ssfc •ttt9 

'^A^L ^X ^\ 


A -^ ^ ^ 
M^mJm l**rt| ? -^«rr i mm 

ife r 

t ■«%» *^*\ ^"S 


»*^ «*»■* «••) 

A / V' ^ 4^. » Hfci^M ■*• ^^* A. ♦ lBlsMk a 

p^U** *S6»? *J| 

^ BhSL'ill Ha. — ^^^ 


Farm House 

Men in the Farm House at 1830 College Heights fin- 
ished first in fraternity scholarship 52 semesters. 

Eighteen chapters • Found- 
ed University of Missouri 
1905 • Kansas State chap- 
ter established 1921 • Pres- 
ident: Ron W. McCune 

The Farm House fraternity was tops in grades 
again last semester. This is nothing new to the 
group, which has been first 52 times and second 15 
times since it has been a fraternity at Kansas State. 
The 51 members were well represented in campus 
activities. Ron McCune and Martyn Apley were 
members of Blue Key and Robert Lewis and Ralph 
Gillmore were on the Student Council. Members 
were Ag association president and Ag Week mana- 
ger. They also participated in judging teams, Al- 
pha Zeta, and Alpha Mu. 

A special Christmas project of the Farm House 
fraternity this year was a monetary donation to the 
Dean Schowengerdt Equipment fund in Korea. 
The social activities of the members included a 
Parents day, Sisters day, faculty tea, and the Spring 
Star and Crescent formals. Numerous exchange 
functions and a Christmas party rounded out the 
vear's activities. 

A Christmas cexterpiece made by a Farm House 
member is admired by the fraternity men and dates at 

the house Christmas party. Other decorations made by 
members also brightened the house during the holidays. 


Kappa Sigma— Top Row: Mrs. 
Verne W. Sibley, Terry L. 
Barnhart, David O. Bear, Gary 

D. Bennett, Larry C. Ben- 
nington, Robert B. Benson, 
Raymond L. Bentz, William 

E. Brown. 

Second Row: Thomas H. Bush, 
James E. Carrieo, Jerome M. 
Carrico, Thomas P. Carrieo, 
Frederick J. Chapman, Rich- 
ard D. Chelikowsky, Joseph 
L. Cleland, Jerry B. Coffman. 

Third Row: George R. Comp- 
ton, Robert G. Comstock, 
Martin R. Connell, Lawrence 
M. Cox, Robert E. Cox, Gary 
G. Criss, Charles J. Downing, 
Richard L. Downing. 

Fourth Row: Eugene Dressier, 
Dean L. Ebel, Albert L. En- 
gle, William E. Enright, Da- 
vid J. Fiser, James H. God- 
dard, Paul M. Ham, Larry J. 
Holm an. 

Fifth Row: Dale V. Horn, 
Kenneth G. Ingram, Charles 
R. Jacobs, Mark J. Johnston, 
Langley R. Jones, Kenneth L. 
Keefer, Allen L. Kellams, Alan 
R. Kempster. 

Sixth Row: Nolan T. Ken- 
nedy, Daniel C. King, Jr., 
Ralph M. Lambing, David C. 
Laurie, John C. Laurie, Wil- 
liam F. Lee, Garry M. Leon- 
ard, Glen O. Lewelling. 

Seventh Row: James D. Le- 
welling, Ronald D. Lutz, 
Thomas D. Meyers, Louis G. 
Montre, Bryce B. Moore, 
James T. Moore, Marion K. 

Eighth Row: Ronald V. Moore, 
David A. Mott, Kenneth H. 
Nash, Peter J. Palermo, James 
W. Price, Lawrence E. Price, 
Robert E. Schultz. 

Rottorn Row: James A. Selby, 
Kenneth R. Smart, Wayne E. 
Spencer, George E. Sullivan, 
Larry L. Sutton, Douglas F. 
Ward, Charles N. White, John 
M. Williamson, Ronald R. 



-* HI 

~s»» M9 


*~\ f^ f^\ /^k 


*^^ /^% JHt 

■*• » 

; ~°^W 

■ ■■ ^^ • 

^**^ J"^ : ^^ ^Ok 4^^ ^^ 

«** "BR" 

~*> 10 

^t± muAtA 

\t*> #51 

m — -* 


Flapper dresses and caps from the same era were 
brought back in style at Kappa Sigma fraternity's "Gay 

Twenties" party. Fraternity members and their dates 
went partying like Mom and Dad used to, years ago. 

One hundred thirty-two 
chapters • Founded Univer- 
sity of Virginia 1869 
Gamma Chi chapter estab- 
lished 1919 • President: 
Jim Lewelling 

Kappa Sigma 

Partially destroyed by fire in March, 1959, the Kappa 
Sigma house at 1221 Thurston was rebuilt, decorated. 

A new tradition was initiated by Kappa Sigma 
this vear with the first Stardust ball and the crown- 
ing of the Stardust ball queen selected by Hoagy 
Carmichael. The Kappa S-igs, with Delta Tau Del- 
ta, also sponsored the first Powder Puff football 

trame between two sororities. Social events includ- 

ed house parties, the annual Red Dog party, the 
Christmas party, the Black and White formal, and 
hour dances and exchange functions with sororities. 

In campus activities, Ken Ingram was editor of 
the Engineer magazine, with several other members 
working on the publication. Kappa Sigma was well 
represented in honoraries with four members elect- 
ed to Sigma Tau, engineering honorary, and four 
members elected to Alpha Kappa Psi, business ad- 
ministration honorary. David Fiser was a repre- 
sentative to the National Interfraternity conference. 


Lambda Chi Alpha 

The Lambda Chi Alpha Chariot relays is an an- 
nual spring event sponsored by the fraternity. Pro- 
ceeds from the relays comprise a scholarship ior a 
Kansas high school senior who will be attending 
K-State the next fall. The scholarship recipient is 
chosen by the Kansas State Endowment associa- 
tion. Plans for a new house are completed and the 
Lambda Chis hope to have construction started in 
the near future. Their building site is on Todd road 
west of the Alpha Chi Omega house. 

The annual Crescent ball is the main event of 
the fraternity's social year. A South Sea Island 
party, a Christmas party, a steak fry after the Cha- 
riot relavs and sorority dinner or dance exchanges 
rate high on their calendar. Lambda Chi Orlo Mc- 
Nary is a member of Phi Kappa Phi. Other honor- 
aries having Lambda Chi members are Phi Eta 
Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, 
and the Order of Artus. 

Sponsoring the Chariot Relays is an annual event of the 
men living at the Lambda Chi house, 1334 Fremont. 

One hundred fifty-one chap- 
ters • Founded Boston uni- 
versity 1909 • Gamma Xi 
chapter established 1924 • 
President: Bobby Suttles. 

Singing carols around the tree ended the Lambda Chi 
Alpha Christmas party. The semi-formal party included 

a gift exchange, dancing, and special entertainment by 
the "Three Coachmen", a ballad-singing trio. 


Lambda Chi Alpha— Top 
Row: Mrs. Ada B. Estes, Gail 
D. Anspaugh, Robert B. Aus- 
tin, John L. Bloom, Clarence 
B. Brannam. 

Second Row: Bob B. Brenton, 
Charles E. Burnett, Keith D. 
Burt, Edgar E. Carol, Robert 
L. Cowman. 

Third Row: Gary R. Culber- 
son, Thomas A. Gibson, Dean 
R. Graham, Russel Grant, 
Gerald L. Greene. 

Fourth Row: Herbert G. 
Haas, Gilbert D. Helling, 
Walter E. Hillman, Harold E. 
Howard, Thayne A. Lippoldt. 

Fiftli Row: Dennis W. Knapp, 
Larry C. Martin, Delmar D. 
Mavhew, Jon E. McKovvn, R. 
Orlo MeNary. 

Sixth Row: Jack S. Miller, 
Roy L. Oblander, Joe Ohmes, 
Richard L. Powell, Roy M. 
Schnttenhelm, David Shier. 

Bottom Row: Kenneth L. 
Streets, Richard R. Streets, 
Bobby D. Suttles, Richard E. 
Thornton, D. David Vietti, 
Harvey L. Young. 



"Just what I've always wanted," exclaims a date at the 
Phi Delta Theta Christmas party after unwrapping a 

climbing bug and play telephone. The gifts, which 
were all toys, were donated to orphans after the party. 

Phi Delta Theta 

The Phi Delta Thetas won the intramural foot- 
ball championship this year. They also participated 
in all other intramural sports. Chuck Moggie and 
Gene Olander represented the fraternity in Blue 
Key. Bud Annan was chairman of Homecoming 
and producer of Y-Orpheum. Phi Delts are repre- 
sented in Steel Ring and Sigma Tau. 

An outstanding accomplishment for Phi Delts 
was the winning of first place in Y-Orpheum for 
the fourth time out of the past five years. High- 
lighting the social activities of the 65 members this 
year were the Flush bowl, Miami Triad, Spring 
formal, Casino party, Christmas party, "She Delta 
Theta" party, and exchange functions with sorori- 
ties. Since Phi Delta Theta was established on the 
Kansas State university campus, 614 men have been 
initiated into the local chapter. National member- 
ship includes more than ninety thousand college 

One hundred twenty-two 
chapters • Founded Miami 
university of Ohio 1848 • 
Kansas Gamma chapter es- 
tablished 1921 • President: 
Nick Hudelson 

Y-Orpheum winners for four out of the past five years 
are the men living at the Phi Delt house, 508 Sunset. 


Phi Delta Theta— Top Row: 
Mrs. J. R. Hurley, Kent 
Adams, Robert H. Annan, 
Raymond T. Baran, Phil Bar- 
ger, Terrence L. Black, Max 
F. Blakely, Albert W. Buck- 

Second Row: Robert W. Bull, 
Larry E. Cook, Dale L. Cow- 
en, Joe Davis, John F. Davis, 
Thomas D. Dunn, Mark P. 
Elliott, Larry R. Esau. 

Third Row: James W. Fans- 
ler, Richard Featherston, Jer- 
ry F. Fife, Max Fiskin, Brian 
M. Flack, John I. Garrett, 
Richard H. German, Lynn 

Fourth Row: Barry Hercules, 
Ronnie G. Holeman, Richard 
C. Hoyt, Nicholas V. Hudel- 
son, Lee Johnson, Kenneth E. 
Jones, Donald A. Kesinger, 
Richard L. Kice. 

Fifth Row: Jim Kirk, Ronald 
H. Laing, Mitchell S. Lane, 
Stuart R. Leonhart, Donald 
Mai, Keith A. Maxwell, Jim 
McQueen, Dennis M. Miller. 

Sixth Row: Charles Moggie, 
Bill Nelson, Gary Nelson, 
James D. Nielson, Clarence 
W. Norris, Gene M. Olander, 
Loren D. Pearson, Max R. 

Seventh Row: Steve M. Poort, 
Gary L. Randolph, Merle D. 
Roberts, Mike Robinson, Da- 
vid G. Rose, Kenneth W. 
Schafer, Larry G. Schlotfelt. 

Eighth Row: Mike Seitz, Gary 
L. Shepherdson, Bruce L. 
Stover, Daniel C. Sullivan, 
William A. Taylor, David 
Walker, Larry J. Walkin. 

Rottom Row: Allan G. Wil- 
liams, Stephen E. Williams, 
Joe Wood, Harold D. Wood- 
ward, Kent G. Worley, Bill 
B. Yung, David E. Yust. 


^ i] «*; • 


Like fun! Phi Kappa Theta members and their dates 
go beatnik for a night at the Downbeat party. The Phi 

Kap house was turned into "The Mad Pad" for the 
party, with all of the furniture taken from party rooms. 

Sixty chapters • Founded 
Ohio State university 1958 
• Kansas State chapter es- 
tablished 1959 • President: 
Richard Conn ell, Joseph 

Residents of the Phi Kappa Theta house at 1965 Col- 
lege Heights completed their first year under new name. 

Phi Kappa Theta 

The fraternity men at 1965 College Heights spent 
their first full year under a new name— Phi Kappa 
Theta. Formerly the fraternity was known as Phi 
Kappa. In April of 1959 it consolidated with an- 
other Catholic organization, Theta Kappa Phi, to 
form the present fraternity. With the addition of a 
record number of pledges last fall, membership in 
the fraternity increased to 62, which is seven more 
than last year. 

Members were president and treasurer of New- 
man club, Interfraternity Pledge king several years 
in a row, Ugly Man on Campus in 1959 and a 
Favorite Man on Campus runnerup in 1959. This 
year's social calendar listed the Fall formal, Fish 
formal, Christmas party and Hard Times party. Phi 
Kaps also were active in intramurals. This is the 
third year Phi Kappa Theta members have been 
living in their new house. 


;^^i ^^ ^\ f^% ^"^ 


jm <gp 

' ' '\ Cj (^ ^ ^ 

-i J^» , "3** • - • - a 

BffiMHl^lHjKii Hi BH^HnH 






r^ ^"^ f^^ f™^ 

•^ 4 "% j^^\ ^WSk <^1^ 


Aik J3tot&MT*d$k*TM 

Phi Kappa Theta— Top Row: 
Mrs. Catherine Tagader, 
Ralph E. Balaun, Joseph F. 
Banks, Edward A. Becker, 
Thomas C. Behner, John F. 
Borgerding, Jim Boss. 

Second Row: Brad M. Brun- 
ell, Ronald Burkhardt, Ron- 
ald F. Cantrell, Charles Cas- 
par, Larry Chaput, Thomas 
C. Clarkson, Richard J. Con- 
... II 

Third Row: James Conner, 
Larry E. Deal, Robert R. De- 
Russeau, Frank DeStefano, 
Rudolph Dirscherl, John P. 
Dunn, David Ekart. 

Fourth Row: Arlyn Engelken, 
John R. Erbert, Tim N. Etzel, 
Bill Gallagher, Joseph Giar- 
russo, Francis J. Gloggner, 
Benton D. Harman. 

Fifth Row: John D. Harris, 
Michael T. Healy, Richard B. 
Heigele, Omer Knoll, Gerald 
J. Kreske, Max Kruse, Marion 

Sixth Row: Larry Magette, 
Patrick Malloy, Donald E. 
Mavers, William M. McKin- 
ney, Carl N. Mentgen, James 
R. Mentgen, John R. Mick. 

Seventh Row: Daniel Miller, 
Donald M. Miller, Kenneth A. 
Miller, James W. Nass, Con- 
rad J. Nelke, Keith P. Nevins, 
Glen J. O'Brien, John H. Pe- 

Eighth Row: James E. Rem- 
pe, Charles Richter, Frank A. 
Ruff, Stephen F. Sauer, Greg- 
ory P. Schmidtlein, John H. 
Schuetz, Robert B. Sexton, 
Arthur E. Smith. 

Bottom Row: Carey L. Smith, 
Jerry L. Stenberg, Richard W. 
Stolarczyk, Leo F. Voet, Rich- 
ard G. Warren, Urban G. 
Wise, Thomas J. Zink, Mark 
J. Zoeller, Jr. 


Pi Kappa Alpha— Top Row: 
Mrs. R. M. Dannenberg, Wil- 
liam F. Aldridge, David J. 
Banta, Gary W. Beck, Larry 
D. Beggs, Ronald J. Bennett, 
Daniel M. Bird. 

Second Row: John C. Bird, 
William W. Bottorff, William 
M. Bouchey, Kenneth A. 
Brewer, George D. Burgess, 
Eriek F. Carlgren, James L. 

Third Roiv: Steve F. Chap- 
pell, Anthony J. Comfort, Rob- 
in R. Domer, Edward M. Ed- 
dy, Gene D. Ellis, Tames B. 
Ellis, Robert C. Eslinger. 

Fourth Row: J. Dale Evans, 
Gerald K. Faust, Lyle D. 
Fletcher, David H. Funk, 
William A. Gintzel, Donald L. 
Gish, George W. Grant. 

Fifth Row: Don W. Gresso, 
William W. Guthridge, Rich- 
ard B. Harman, Thomas G. 
Harman, Jerry W. Hedrick, 
Charles A. Helwig, Ronald J. 

Sixth Row: David B. Hinder- 
liter, Raymond P. Hoffmans, 
Charles W. Holle, Russell S. 
Jay, William E. Johnson, Rob- 
ert H. Kolterman, Larry E. 

Seventh Row: Harlan E. 
Leuszler, John R. Leutert, 
Tames E. Logback, Michael 
A. McAuliffe, V. Kent Mc- 
Connell, Jerry A. McLean, 
Garth W. McMillen, Craig A. 

Eighth Row: John P. McNeal, 
Richard E. Morrison, Karl 
Muenzenmayer, James R. 
Neff, David W. Payne, John 
L. Petterson, Robert E. Pul- 
ford, John H. Rodda. 

Rottom Row: Vaughn N. Si- 
mon, James J. Stone, John E. 
Stone, G. John Teichgraeber, 
Bonald O. Walker, Philip E. 
Wilkinson, Roger E. Winn, 
Colby P. Zebarth. 



1 ' 

It was Greek to them when Pi Kappa Alphas and 
dates donned togas for the Orgy party of the PiKA-Sig 

Ep Duad. In keeping with the theme, white standing 
columns and a gold tub of fruits decorated the room. 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Pi Kappa Alpha enjoyed the second year in its 
new colonial house under the supervision of a new 
housemother, Mrs. R. M. Dannenberg. The Pikes, 
in conjunction with Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, 
initiated "Orgy Productions" following the Christ- 
mas formal, the Duad. Colorful Greek productions 
were presented by six sororities who vied for tro- 
phies. The southern origin of the fraternity was 
evident at the Dixie ball in the spring, at which the 
fraternity sweetheart was crowned. 

Projects included an Easter Egg hunt for neigh- 
borhood children and the sale of Kingston Trio 
records for the March of Dimes. The PiKAs placed 
fifth in 1959 intramurals and were active in all 
sports this year. Outstanding members included 
Jim Henderson, past president, who officiated at 
IFC meetings, and George Burgess, named the out- 
standing senior AFROTC cadet last fall. 

One hundred twenty-seven 
chapters • Founded Univer- 
sity of Virginia 186S • Al- 
pha Omega chapter estab- 
lished 1913 • President: 
Bob Fulford 

About $1,000 worth of landscaping was added to the 
2-year-old Pi Kappa Alpha house, 2021 College Heights. 



Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1015 Denison, was the first na- 
tional social fraternity on the Kansas State campus. 

One hundred forty-seven 
chapters • Founded Tusca- 
loosa, Alabama 1856 • Kan- 
sas Beta chapter established 
1913 • President: Loren 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the first national fraternity 
on campus, has 110 members this year. Joe Vader 
was given the Favorite Man on Campus award last 
fall at the annual Snowball dance. John French 
was named the first Army ROTC general at K-State. 

Social functions included the Bowery party, Belle 
ball, Island party, spring formal, and hour dances 
and exchange dinners with sororities. A Christmas 
party for underprivileged children also was given. 
The Nastv Nine, a choral group composed of SAEs 
and led by Bob Sanders, performed both on and off 

Up to this year, Sigma Alpha Epsilon had been 
overall champion of the fraternity intramural divi- 
sion six out of seven years. The fraternity also had 
members on all varsity athletic teams this year. Mrs. 
D. H. Buie was the group's housemother. 

"Go man go!" Sig Alts and dates jitterbug at a house- 
party after a basketball game. The informal party was 

in the fraternity's basement recreation room. The Nasty 
Nine singers performed during the intermission. 


E>«^ /*^ • <&\ f®^s {**» ^Qfc ~N ■ *A ^t| 


l ^i^k 'i-m#^lfk4ii 

-» fW,,#rfi> 

,s» a** ,.s 

i^'^lr. < l-f Wlk ^fclk ^k, 0^\ ^j^^ 

ill f; Ifi wM^i^L^ i* ,i 

rW!S^ : J^HUSi JF**1^ J0S^t 

I 1 J 

ktf /^ - Til M- M , ik ^i MM t M 

<rm, rmw : 

SR «!S»! 


13VW : **C?" I 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon— Top 
Row: Dale F. Alexander, John 
S. Barlow, Dan E. Bartholo- 
mew, Michael J. Beach, Wil- 
liam F. Beck, Timothy C. 
Benson, Jerry W. Boettcher, 
Franklin S. Boone, James R. 

Second Row: John C. Brisbin, 
Charles H. Butler, Jesse J. 
Butts, Scott P. Cochran, 
Thomas A. Colaw, Ronald J. 
Consolino, David B. Cool, 
Michael D. Corazin, Roger 
W. Coulter. 

Third Row: James E. Cox, 
Roger L. Cranmer, Thomas F. 
Cunningham, Edwin C. Derks, 
Gene L. Derks, John M. Dial, 
Raymond L. Dugan, John M. 
Engel, Anthony E. Ewert. 

Fourth Row: Gary S. Falcon- 
er, Robert K. Fincham, Ron- 
ald B. Finney, Donald H. 
Flowers, Dennis E. Ford, 
Charles D. Foster, Steve J. 
French, John C. Frey, Darrell 
J. Gabel. 

Fifth Row: Gordon S. Gib- 
son, Robert K. Graham, John 
E. Hansel, Gerald R. Heiman, 
Warren C. Hixson, Charles H. 
Hostetler, Joe D. Howe, Rob- 
ert G. Jacobs, Madison R. 

Sixth Row: Terry Knowles, 
Stephan R. LaBerge, Richard 
K. LaQuey, William F. La- 
Shell, Stephen Lester, Dallas 
B. Livengood, Thomas E. 
Lowman, Don H. Lundquest, 
Charles A. McCabe. 

Seventh Row: Edward A. Mc- 
Conwell, Jay W. McDonald, 
Richard McLaughlin, James 
E. Messer, John P. Milliken, 
Richard E. Mistier, Thomas 
E. Mistier, Donald Moehring, 
John K. Morris. 

Eighth Row: James A. Peck, 
Robert G. Reid, Ronald L. 
Reid, Laurence Rively, Drexel 
D. Rohde, Michael C. Rose, 
Richard M. Rose, Thomas D. 
Runyan, Richard Russell. 

NintJi Row: Gary L. Sager, 
Robert D. Sanders, Donald B. 
Schone, Franklin C. Schultz, 
David R. Scott, Edward D. 
Shamburg, Edwin Smith, Ron- 
ald D. Sondergard, William 
H. Soupene. 

Tenth Row: Stanley E. Stout, 
Gaylen Sullivan, Loren A. 
Swenson, Jesse V. Unruh, Jo- 
seph N. Vader, Lawrence H. 
Wagner, Jeffrey C. Wall, 
Tames Wareham, Thomas F. 

Bottom Row: Jon A. Wei- 
gand, Robert E. Welker, Jack 
Whittier, Glen P. Wigles- 
worth, Chester C. Wilcox, 
John G. Winchester, Alan A. 
Word, Larry E. Word. 


Sigma Chi— Top Row: Mrs. 
Henry T. Boss, William F. Al- 
lison, L. Lee Atkins, Carl J. 
Austermiller, Don H. Bald- 
win, Bobert C. Baldwin, Bay- 
mond D. Barrier. 

Second Row: William T. Ben- 
son, Joseph Biggs, Larry P. 
Bilotta, Clayton A. Buck, 
Bobert G. Byers, Wayne E. 
Campbell, H. David Cox. 

Third Row: William F. Cus- 
ter, Gary D. Delforge, C. T. 
Denesha, William N. Denton, 
Stephen A. Douglas, Stanley 
C. Drevets, Dale K. Eggle- 

Fourth Roiv: Howard S. For- 
rer, John B. Gaither, Boger E. 
Giddings, Keith L. Hooper, 
Thomas E. Horton, Forest B. 
Irons, Bonald E. Janasek. 

Fifth Row: Gary D. Johnson, 
Richard L. Johnson, Jay B. 
Jones, Sidney B. Jones, Terry 
J. Kern, Stephen J. Klint, 
Jerry L. McKay. 

Sixth Row: Larry G. Me- 
Lenon, Larry K. Meredith, 
Bonald J. Mihordin, D. Wil- 
liam Miller, Richard J. Miller, 
Hall H. Moxley, Leonard A. 
Munger, Theodore Oehs, Jr. 

Seventh Row: Bobert C. 
Pangbnrn, C. Richard Patter- 
son, Ronald D. Pleteher, Den- 
nis E. Poer, B. Nelson Balls, 
Arthur D. Bhoads, James C. 
Schroeder, Gary G. Servos. 

EightJi Row: John K. Sim- 
mons, John M. Smith, Nils K. 
Soelberg, John M. Thies, 
David L. Thomas, Bichard E. 
Thyden, Darrel H. Timmons, 
Bodney K. Vincent. 

Bottom Row: Patrick B. 
Waugh, Warren D. White, 
Larry K. Williams, Galen E. 
Winegardner, Paul A. Wright, 
Gary Young, Bobert L. 
Young, Loren E. Zook. 

tm m 



■**•!»■ m? 

k* it 4» it ti k 

m Wm 

Jggk ^^ J^^ 





Sigma Chi 

This year marked the tenth anniversary of Sigma 
Chi fraternity on the campus. Outstanding mem- 
bers of Sigma Chi were Steve Douglas, president of 
the student body and a basketball player; Sid Jones, 
president of Student Council; and Wally Frank, an- 
other Wildcat basketball player. Sigma Chi placed 
third in intramural athletics at Kansas State last 
year. First place in basketball was won this year 
by the fraternity. 

The 75-member fraternity sponsored the fourth 
annual Derby day, athletic competition for women's 
organized living groups. The event, initiated at the 
University of Georgia, is put on by most Sigma Chi 
chapters across the nation. The Sweetheart of Sig- 
ma Chi was crowned at the Sweetheart ball in the 
spring. Other social events included the Miami 
Triad with Phi Delta Theta and Beta Theta Pi fra- 
ternities and the Pajama party. The second floor of 
the chapter house was remodeled to provide more 
study rooms and part of the recreation room was 
converted into a television room. 

Men living at the Sigma Chi house, 1224 Fremont, 
celebrated their tenth year on the Kansas State campus. 

One hundred thirty chapters 
Founded Miami univer- 
sity 1855 • Delta Upsilon 
chapter established 1949 • 
President: Richard J. Miller 

Welcoming rushees to their house during Rush Week 
are Sigma Chi actives. After a week of friendly smiles, 

hearty handshakes, and informal "bull sessions," the 
fraternity pledged 12, making a total of 75 members. 


Members of the Sigma Nu fraternity look forward to 
observing a tradition popular in most colleges and uni- 

versities in the United States. Cigars are passed after 
dinner to celebrate the pinning of a brother. 

Sigma Nu 

One hundred twenty-six 
chapters • Founded Virginia 
Military institute 1869 • 
Beta Kapa chapter estab- 
lished 1913 • President: 
David B. Cogdill. 

The Beta Kappa chapter of Sigma Nu extensively 
redecorated the interior of its house at 513 Sunset 
this past year. One of the first fraternities to be 
founded at Kansas State, Sigma Nu had 65 mem- 
bers this year, an increase of 6 over 1958-59. 

Social functions of the group include the annual 
Blackfoot-Whitefoot formal in the fall semester, 
and the White Rose formal during the spring semes- 

Outstanding members of the group during the 
past year included Jerry Ratts, assistant editor of 
the Collegian, Jim Lasher, vice-president of the 
senior class, vice-president of IFC, and a member 
of the Student Council, Dan Hahn, national chair- 
man of the Mock Political Convention at Kansas 
State, and Al Schierling, a starting pitcher for K- 
State's baseball team. 

The interior of the Sigma Nu house at 513 Sunset was 
redecorated, but the classical exterior is the same. 




• as 



^ .Htk.1^^^4 I 



Sigma Nv—Top Row: Mrs. 
Allan B. Burch, John R. Behr- 
horst, Rodney R. Behrhorst, 
Robert F. Bestgen, H. Robert 
Bixby, Larry E. Brainard. 

Second Row: James H. Brown, 
Edwin R. Cannon, Karl R. 
Childs, David B. Cogdill, 
Gerald L. Ratts, Frank R. 

Third Row: Ronald A. Dial, 
Gary R. Dicks, Fred A. 
Franz, Daniel J. Gieber, Clar- 
ence D. Guldner, Jr., Daniel 
F. Hahn. 

Fourth Row: Darryl L. 
Heikes, Fredrick L. Henley, 
Ronald A. Henry, Alfred D. 
Jaax, William D. Kastner, 
Elgene M. Lentz. 

Fifth Row: Thomas E. Lewis, 
Jim L. Lisher, Robert S. Mc- 
Farland, Glenn E. McGinnis, 
Kenneth W. McRee, Bill S. 

Sixth Row: Ronald G. Mich- 
aelis, Gene Moherman, Jack 
D. Moore, Don A. Nelson, 
Peter J. Pallesen, Dean A. 
Pease, Ed N. Perry. 

Seventh Row: William A. 
Radcliff, Rodney L. Cook, 
Edward D. Russell, Donald 
K. Salisbury, Al Schierling, 
Richard F. Searles, Michael 
B. Seaton. 

Bottom Row: Gary W. Stan- 
ley, William J. Thorp, Phil- 
lip A. Wachtman, Phil Watt, 
Mike T. Wilkerson, Gary L. 
Wright, Charles B. Yancy. 


Sigma Phi Epsilon — Top Row: 
Everett A. Abererombie, Willis 
Adams, Bennett L. Allison, Rod- 
erick Athey, Richard L. Bach, 
James D. Barbour, Sam Brookover. 

Second Row: John Coblentz, Gary 
L. Cooper, William K. Dalton, 
Bob Douglass, Robert C. Downs, 
Gary N. Edmonds, John A. En- 

Third Row: Charles Englund, 
Dean Englund, Douglas W. Ex- 
line, Jerry Exline, Jay E. Faul- 
coner, Fred Gardenhire, James 

Fourth Row: Richard Gordon, Jon 
Harris, Stephen J. Harris, Bill 
Haas, Richard S. Hays, J. Winston 
Hodges, James A. Hott. 

Fifth Row: Orville A. Keeler, 
Richard Lenhart, Albert C. Marth, 
Clinton H. McDiffett, William F. 
Mohri, -Craig W. Moody, Francis 
P. Moynagh. 

Sixth Row: Robert C. Mueller, 
John L. Nelson, Roger K. Patter- 
son, Derril Peabody, Charles L. 
Perrier, Louis E. Perrier, Gary L. 

Seventh Row: Ron L. Pfister, 
Darell Reichel, William M. Shill- 
ing, William C. Shively, Bruce E. 
Smith, Roger Somerville, Louie 

Eighth Row: H. Dennis Tatge, Har- 
vey Tedrow, Robert E. Thomas, 
Bruce L. Tomlinson, William War- 
ren, Monty Weckel, Lee B. White. 

Bottom Row: Homer L. Williams, 
Charles E. Wilson, Roger D. 
Wolfe, Ritchey P. Woods, Earl 
Wright, David W. Zeckser. 

* wm 

ti*±\ Kit* cat* 

s m 

5^ mm 

^ 40 


^.ht m l± «. Wtm V ws~ = 

■Hak *la I mtm JnHIBSA ■ flUL. 9k * ■ •. ■ MMSttSBm MEM i 



Fresh fruits in a gold tub are surrounded by toga 
attired Sig Eps and dates at the Orgy night of Sigma 

Fhi Epsilon-Pi Kappa Alpha Duad. The Duad, a two- 
day event, included a formal and the Orgy productions. 

One hundred sixty-four chap- 
ters • Founded Richmond, 
Virginia 1901 • Kansas Beta 
chapter established 1918 • 
President: Roger Wolfe. 

Pine wall paneling and a new ceiling were added to 
the basement of the Sig Ep fraternity, 1015 Sunset. 

— -.~ ; 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Sigma Phi Epsilon had a new housemother this 
year, Mrs. Ruth Johansen. A member of the group, 
John Englemann, was runner-up for the K-State 
title of Favorite Man On Campus. The local chap- 
ter was chartered in 1918, and since that time has 
initiated over 750 men. It moved to its present lo- 
cation at 1015 Sunset in 1954. Approximately 70 
men now belong to the chapter. 

Social activities for the organization included a 
Western party and Duad formal in the fall semes- 
ter, and a Hawaiian party and Golden Heart ball 
during the spring term. A special project of the 
group this past year was assisting with collections 
for the American Heart association. 

The organization also gave Christmas gifts to 
underprivileged children and attempted to develop 
relations with alumni of the chapter. Participation 
in all intramural sports also was an important part 
of the fraternity's activities. 


Tau Kappa Epsilon 

The Harbaugh Memorial scholarship, in honor of 
Prof. M. J. Harbaugh, an alum who died a lew 
years ago, was initiated by the Tekes this year. The 
scholarship recipient must be a Teke with a grade 
average of 3.5 or better. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon is now an international fra- 
ternity with chapters in the United States and Can- 
ada. Active K-State members of the fraternity are 
on the Collegian staff, in Pershing Rifles, Alpha 
Zeta, Delta Phi Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Sigma 

Two Tekes, John Nelson and Larry North, are on 
Student Council and Charles Moore is on the Arts 
and Sciences Council. Chapter members are also 
active as chairmen of the Student Activities board, 
Union Art Lounge, and Art Lending Library com- 

Social events of the 55-member fraternity includ- 
ed an annual Corral party, a spring Red Carnation 
ball, an Oriental party, a sock hop, and Christmas 
and Halloween parties. 

Men living at the Tau Kappa Epsilon house at 1606 
Fairchild are well represented in university activities. 

One hundred sixty chapters 
• Founded Illinois Wesley- 
an university 1899 • Alpha 
Lambda chapter established 
1931 • President Larry 

Proudly showing one of their trophies, Tau Kappa 
Epsilon members entertain rushees during the 1959 

Rush Week. Tekes have a special room in their house 
for the many trophies and plaques that they have won. 



tifJm&\**3& I fc^ tfc m M^M. 

IM- W 


as* m 

^n ^& 



^M^^ ill Blk ^ Ji 


I J 

T SJ% *SC yj 

HI Ml 







\ • * 


«!» iff 

ifcfcfcitJti ,'W^L 

Tau Kappa Epsilon— Top Row: 
Mrs. Metz Wright, Charles L. Al- 
bers, Calvin C. Barnhard, Robert 
Baruth, Dennis W. Benner, Lourin 

Second Row: Curtis M. Beyer, 
Ron Brock, Virgil J. Capron, David 
L. Christian, Robert Claybaugh, 
John A. Cowan. 

Third Row: Dave DeSteiguer, Jo- 
seph Doyle, Darrel Dyer, David 
C. Frederick, Lloyd D. Gillet, Jer- 
ald Harper. 

Fourth Row: Wallace D. Houser, 
Duane Huber, Mark E. Hueftle, 
Don Ingle, Arthur R. Johnston, 
Carl V. Long. 

Fifth Row: David McLaughlin, 
Dale Monroe, Charles C. Moore, 
David W. Moore, David L. Mor- 
genson, Jack W. Munden. 

Sixth Row: Samuel T. Myers, Da- 
vid Nelson, John M. Nelson, Larry 
E. North, Norman D. Olsen, Ran- 
dall Parker. 

Seventh Row: Terry R. Petitt, Lar- 
ry Rader, Ronald Rader, Nathaniel 
P. Ralls, John E. Robertson, Fred 
D. Shaw, George L. Sherer. 

Eighth Row: Paul V. Sherer, Gary 
D. Shields, Dale K. Shipps, John 
J. Smiley, John W. Stark, Merton 
R. Stoneking, Robert R. Swenson. 

Bottom Row: Gordon Teall, Gary 
L. Vacin, Maurice Vorhies, Larry 
D. Wagenbach, George E. Weckel, 
Darrel Welch, James E. Winzeler. 


A familiar noise at football games was the sound of 
the Phi Tau cannon after the Kansas State touchdowns. 

Phi Kappa Tau 

With the removal of part of the porch, the Phi Kappa 
Tau house, 1623 Fairchild, has a bigger front lawn. 

A new housemother, Mrs. Ruth Moate, was with 
the fraternity. The men went caroling at Christ- 
mas, and emphasized scholarship this year. Mem- 
bers were active on the Games and Rallies com- 
mittee, presidents of Wampus Cats, Hillel founda- 
tion, and Philosophy club; and co-chairman of a 
departmental display for Engineers' Open House. 

Phi Kappa Tau participated in men's intramural 
football, basketball, and vollevball this vear. Social 
activities of the 22-man fraternity included the Pa- 
jama party, Cannon ball, Christmas dance, Klon- 
dike Klomp, and Spring formal. 

Seventy-three chapters • 
Founded Miami University 
of Ohio 1906 • Alpha Ep- 
silon chapter established 
1925 • President: Jay S. 

Phi Kappa Tau— Top Row: 
Mrs. Ruth Moate, Paul J. 
Connolly, Francis L. Depen- 
busch, Thomas H. Dickson, 
Lawrence E. Erbes, Charles 
V. Giamalvo, Joseph H. 

Second Row: Jay S. Hueb- 
ner, Ray E. Huebner, Ralph 
V. Johnson, Fred H. Jurge- 
meyer, David H. Lobmeyer, 
Max A. McReynolds, Jr., 
Murray J. Miller. 

Bottom Row: Carl Nelson, 
Larry L. Oehlert, John M. 
Park, Jr., Roger L. Rickard, 
Jerry V. Schuetz, John C. 



•w^' ^Sri"' 

•CS^'i /^swSr h - 


mk r mUmk 






Bik ". ill Ifl^ t ■■& 

,-^ fcM k J^S^*w v^flUfek • ^""Rll * # ""^hk 

k Siix 

Theta Xi— Top Row: Mrs. Ben 
Barr, Dennis Bryant, Bill E. 
Campbell, Gary L. Comfort, 
Richard L. Epard, Dwight G. 
Fields, Ronald Guse, Donald 
S. Hamilton. 

Second Row: Dwight L. Hay- 
den, Vernon A. Horton, Jr., 
Thomas M. Howard, Norman 
E. Jackson, Richard G. Nick- 
um, Bruce Peterson, Richard 
A. Pywell, Terrance M. Quinn. 

Bottom Row: Ronald Riggen- 
bach, Donald A. Shore, Ray- 
mond E. Simpson, Brad E. 
Smith, Earl E. Smith, John R. 
Starrett, Oren E. Welch. 

Theta Xi 

A lot on Todd road has been purchased by Theta 
Xi fraternity for its future home and a $180,000 
split-level structure is being planned to house 60 
men. Theta Xis participated in intramural swim- 
ming, golf, football, basketball, track and softball. 
Social activities for the past school year included a 
hayrack ride, the annual Tuffv Strut, Unicorn ball, 
and a date night once a month. Special projects 

Fifty-two chapters • Found- 
ed Rensselaer Polytechnic in- 
stitute 1864 • Alpha Iota 
chapter established 1931 
President: Terry M. Quinn. 

Members oe Theta Xi fraternity, 1643 Fairchild, are 
planning to build a $180,000 split-level structure. 

of the group this year included emphasis on schol- 
arship and membership. The fraternity has an ad- 
ditional 10 men this year, raising the total to 25. 
Theta Xi members are active in Pershing Rifles, 
military drill team. They hold positions as com- 
pany commander, finance officer, personnel officer, 
and supply officer. Members are also active in 
Alpha Kappa Psi, men's business honorary. 

"I swear it was this high, a Theta Xi exclaims at a 
before-dinner bull session with fraternity brothers. 


Three of the four dormitories for women at Kansas 
State are located on the campus. An upperclass wom- 

Interdorm Council— Top Row: Mary A. Ensz, Diane McGauhey, 
Janet Linder, Sally Hardwick, Joanne Eckert, Joyce Banks. Sec- 
ond Row: Betty Mai, Carolyn Cling, Kathy French, Deanna 
Degnan. Bottom Row: Judy Sewell, Millie Heiken, Billie Heller. 

en's dormitory— Van Zile hall— stands between the two 
freshmen dorms— Northwest hall and Southeast hall. 

Council Coordinates 
Dormitory Activities 

The Interdorm council coordinates activities and 
establishes policies for students living in the wom- 
en's residence halls. The council deals with the 
problems and projects not covered by the Associ- 
ated Women Students or other University authori- 
ties. Each dormitory has three representatives on 
the Interdorm council, including the dormitory 

To help send delegates to the American Council 
of University Resident Halls, the council sold dor- 
mitory stationery. Other activities included the an- 
nual presentation of a scholarship cup. 

Coming under the jurisdiction of the Interdorm 
council next school year will be the new women's 
scholarship house, Smurthwaite hall. Betty Mai was 
president of the council this year and Dean Mar- 
garet Lahey was faculty sponsor. 


Van Zile Hall 

Van Zile hall was named volleyball champion in 
women's intramurals last fall. Residents of the up- 
perclass women's dormitory also participated in 
volleyball, swimming, basketball, softball, badmin- 
ton, tennis and table tennis. 

Special projects of the residents this year were 
caroling at Ft. Riley and adopting a needy Man- 
hattan family at Christmas time. Some of the up- 
perclass coeds also visited elder Manhattan resi- 
dents throughout the school year. 

Van Zile coeds entertained dates, relatives and 
other guests at a spring open house, spring formal, 
faculty tea, Christmas formal, and special dinners 
and hour dances. One Van Zile resident was a 
member of Chimes and another was president of 
the Interdorm council. The dormitory also housed 
one of the attendants to the Royal Purple queen. 

At almost any hour of the day or night the most im- 
portant discussions in Van Zile hall are about men. 

Van Zile Hall— Top Row: Mrs. Howard Stone, Marilyn Abra- 
ham, Niran Alkhayal, Barbara Alt, Joan Anderson, Carolyn Ap- 
ley, Pearl Arnold, Carol Baekstrom, Sharon Bailey. Second Row: 
Joy Baker, Donna J. Baker, Joyce M. Banks, Lanra B. Bathurst, 
Nancy Bodenhamer, Janiece Brown, Linda Brown, Karen Bruce, 

Ruth Bybee. Third Row: Jane Byler, Carolyn R. Chandler, Jan- 
ice Cheatham, Judith Chinn, Anne M. Clarkson, Connie Clary, 
Carolyn K. Cling, Bessie Coleman, Geraldine Colson. Rottom 
Row: Allene Cox, Eva Craig, Joanne M. Dailey, Violet J. Day, 
Jean DeForest, Barbara Denholm, Judith C. Donham, Pat Doug- 
lass, Lily Dreiling. 


Van Zile Hall— Top Roiv: Phyl- 
lis Dyer, Gloria Eekerman, Janet 
Eddy, Marilyn Elgin, Linda Erick- 
son, Rita Ernzen, Linda Fields. 

Second Row: Brenda Fisher, Judy 
Fisher, Patricia Flory, Emma L. 
Forbes, Carolyn Foreman, Kathy 
Forssberg, Joyce Foster. 

Third Row: Sally Frantz, Doris 
Geisler, Marcia J. Gordon, Sandra 
Greenegard, Jane F. Grimble, 
Charlotte Guthrie, Melissa Hale. 

Fourth Row: Judith Hammons, 
Catherine Haney, Eleanor Hansen, 
Janice M. Hansen, Ann Hanson, 
Peggy Harper, Kathleen Hayes. 

Fifth Row: Edna M. Heady, Mil- 
dred A. Heiken, Sherry K. Hender- 
son, Janis G. Hess, Mary Heyl, 
Mary S. Hiebert, Evelyn Hoyt. 

Sixth Row: Shirley Hubbard, Pa- 
tricia Hubbs, Margaret Hund, De- 
lores J. Hutchinson, Judith Jean- 
nin, Ellen M. Johnson, Greta L. 

Seventh Row: Patsy Johnson, Ran- 
di M. Johnson, Helen Jones, Eliza- 
beth Jordan, Carole Kerr, LaVonne 
Kirkendoll, Marietta Knoffloeh. 

Eighth Row: Carolyn Koch, Judy 
Kolterman, Barbara Krasny, Mari- 
lyn J. Kufahl, Betty Kummer, 
Louise N. Kusuda, Janice Laidig. 

Ninth Row: Lorraine Lamborn, 
Judy Leece, Judith Lewallen, Hel- 
en J. Lonning, Sarah Lynn, Jean 
MacEachern, Betty Mai. 

Rottom Row: Vicki Matthews, 
Ileene Mayer, Pat McHugh, De- 
anna M. McKinnie, Maureen Mc- 
Millan, Carol Means, Doris Miller. 


Van Zile Hall— Top Row: Jo- 
anne Minniek, Mary A. Moline, 
Sue Morgan, Linda Myers, Zoe 
Ann Myers, Jean Naiman, Barbara 

Second Row: Janet Nelson, Jo- 
Anne Nichols, Pauline S. Normura, 
Sharon Oberle, Carolee Orme, 
Gloria J. Ousdahl, Janet Oyler. 

Third Row: Doris E. Park, Caro- 
lyn Pearson, Thelma Perkins, Anne 
Phillips, Barbara Pivonka, Jolene 
Proctor, Ruth A. Proctor. 

Fourth Row: Mimi E. Puckett, 
Ruena J. Quinn, Kay Randel, 
Eleanor Randels, Jovita A. Red- 
ding, Glenda A. Reed, Maxine Reh. 

Fifth Row: Karen S. Richel, Doro- 
thy Roclgers, Shirley Rollins, Ju- 
dith J. Ross, Karen Rosser, Mary 
K. Rundell, Barbara Sawer. 

Sixth Row: Susan Schmidt, Janet 
Schrock, Charlene Scott, Norma 
Shoup, Maria B. Simmons, Nancy 
K. Simpson, Rosetta Skinner. 

Seventh Row: Chestine Smith, De- 
anna Smith, Sherrill Smith, Kath- 
erine Smrha, Karen J. Stanosheck, 
Mary J. Stevenson, Carol Stilley. 

Eighth Row: Marjorie I. Stoecker, 
Donna Stratton, Laurel Strobel, 
Joyce R. Taylor, Karen Teagarden, 
Janice K. Thompson, Joan Toepfer. 

Ninth Row: Judy Towner, Connie 
Tuma, Beverly Turnbull, Carol 
Walker, Carmen Wassom, Virginia 
Waugh, Carolee Weisser. 

Bottom Row: Janet White, Sandra 
White, Kathy Wildman, Delores 
Wilken, Anita Woolley, Barbara 
Wulf, Mary Zavesky. 


Knitting is the rage among women students living in 
Waltheim hall. Upperclass coeds spend many hours 

knitting and trading advice as to the best techniques 
for finishing their work in the dormitory living room. 

Waltheim Hall 

This year the governmental system of Waltheim 
hall was revised and a tutoring system within the 
dormitory was inaugurated. Waltheim was redeco- 
rated during the summer. 

Members of the group were active in the Arts 
and Sciences honors program, AWS, Interdorm 
council, and Union committees. Janice Fauss was 
an IFYE to Israel and Sally Hard wick was the 
Colorado state amateur golfing champion. Mem- 
bers of the hall had a Christmas party for under- 
privileged children and adopted a needy family 
this year. 


Waltheim hall at 1436 Laramie was redecorated last 
summer. Approximately 80 women lived in the dorm. 

Waltheim Hall-Top Row: 
Miss Mary Jane Denton, Kir- 
sten M. Anderson, Patricia L. 
Anderson, Sherin V. Axe, Dix- 
ie D. Baker, Marjorie A. Bes- 
se, Bonnie J. Binggeli, Alice 
H. Bosh. 

Second Row: Judith L. Bou- 
stead, Sandra S. Brookover, 
Vivian M. Brown, Bonnie 
Bryan, Carolyn K. Buck, Ka- 
ya I. Caldwell, Lynne S. 
Clark, Sandra Cloyes. 

Third Row: Patricia S. Craft, 
Rogene J. Davis, Deanna M. 
Degnan, Mary A. Dunn, Jo- 
anne E. Eckert, Ruth E. El- 
liott, Janice J. Fauss, {Cather- 
ine M. Fleming. 

Fourth Row: Donna M. Fox, 
Anne L. Grape, Patricia L. 
Gross, Sally J. Hardwick, Dor- 
othy A. Hertel, Kay E. Hurtt, 
Karen S. Ioerger, Karen E. 

Fifth Row: Joy A. Kean, Lu- 
cinda L. Keller, Karla J. Kirk, 
Karen K. Kiser, Cynthia D. 
Kleitz, Carolyn R. Larson, 
Jean C. Leis, Judith C. Long. 

Sixth Row: Sandra L. Maple, 
Donna M. Marshall, Mary L. 
Moak, Suzanne Morefield, Eva 
J. Murillo, Maurine M. Neal, 
Sandra J. Newman, Rebecca 
D. O'Connor. 

Seventh Row: Rita M. Ohn- 
macht, Deanna Osborn, Sher- 
ryl A. Osborn, Joanne Powell, 
Deanna A. Purcell, Dianne 
Pribyl, Peggy A. Rogers. 

Eighth Row: Joan A. Ryan, 
Nancy K. Sebolt, Helen C. 
Segelquist, Dixie L. Sherra- 
den, Ann Singleton, Carin L. 
Slentz, Katherine Spiros. 

Ninth Row: Julie S. Stafford, 
Judy A. Stevens, Patricia S. 
Stevens, Karen K. Strand, 
Doris A. Tetlow, Rita Torkel- 
son, Nancy L. Vacin. 

Bottom Row: Carmen M. War- 
ner, Nancy B. Weber, Nancy 
K. Westfield, Shannon Wiens, 
Donna J. Winkelman, Shirley 
E. Worthy, Patsy C. Younkin. 


Serving punch and cookies at their first social function 
are Northwest hall residents. All K-State men were in- 

vited to the open house in October. The dorm was 
decorated to carry out the theme of "Abstraction." 

Northwest Hall 

Scholarship, the adoption of a family at Christmas, 
etiquette, and a mother-daughter weekend were 
special projects for the residents of Northwest hall 
this year. 

The women were active socially by hosting at a 
Christmas formal, spring dance, hour dances, a fac- 
ulty tea, and special dinners. Coleen Ungeheuer 
was crowned Barnwarmer queen. 

In intramural sports the Northwest hall swim- 
ming team won first place for the second year. 

The Northwest hall women of 1958-59 gave a 
stereophonic record player to the dormitory this: 

Northwest Hall— To p Row: 
Mrs. Keith S. Peters, Miss 
Faye Pritchard, Mrs. Bob Sut- 
tles, Julia L. Abrahams, Janet 
L. Adcock, Linda L. Ahlstedt, 
Linda L. Akin, Jane A. An- 

Second Row: Karin S. Ander- 
son, Linda J. Arthur, Lonna B. 
Babcoek, Dee A. Babst, Carole 
D. Baker, Karlyne M. Ban- 
ister, Linda A. Bare, Twila S. 

Third Row: Carolyn A. Basore, 
Janice Bauersfeld, Margaret C. 
Baxter, Marshia M. Beard, 
Carolyn A. Beardmore, Mar- 
lene Bell, Janice J. Bergsten, 
Marlenc K. Besack. 

Bottom Row: Diana S. Betton, 
Mary E. Biggs, Nancy L. Blan- 
chard, Deanna K. Bloomquist, 
Karla S. Bock, Carol A. Borg- 
mann, Carol J. Bousman, Pat- 
ty J. Boyd. 



Northwest H a l l — T o p Row: 
Brenda C. Boyle, Mary K. Brad- 
shaw, Sally A. Bradshaw, Anne C. 
Brandt, Sylvia L. Brase, Jean 
Brock, Carol S. Bundy. 

Second Row: Josephine E. Burke, 
Linda S. Butler, Mary F. Cady, 
Janice Caldwell, Eula M. Cartmill, 
Kathryn L. Chism, Mary C. Clark. 

Third Row: Nancy G. Clark, Shir- 
ley G. Claycamp, Connie E. Cline, 
Sandra R. Coleman, Patricia I. 
Cook, Barbara Coolan, Margaret 
L. Cooper. 

Fourth Row: Susan L. Cooper, Su- 
san D. Cribb, Mildred L. Criswell, 
Karen L. Crum, Peggy J. Dalton, 
Marian M. Davies, Darlene K. 

Fifth Row: Judy E. Dickey, Donna 
M. Dlabal, Peggy A. Dona van, 
Sandra L. Drake, Eleanor R. East- 
wood, Prudence A. Elliott, Julie C. 


Sixth Row: Carol D. Emmerich, 
Jan L. Erni, Pickie T- Evans, Lau- 
da K. Fallis, Carol Fitzhugh, Nan- 
cy L. Fritton, Carol A. Gallagher. 

Seventh Row: Margaret E. Gatz, 
Barbara E. Gench, Jeanne M. 
George, Mary Gilman, Janice L. 
Goertz, Judy Gorrell, Janet M. 

Eighth Row: Susie Griffiths, Linda 
Grimshaw, Sandra K. Guetschow, 
Linda L. Halm, Patricia D. Halla- 
day, Jeanette Hamilton, Dana C. 

Ninth Row: Jeanette L. Harris, 
Elizabeth E. Harrison, Patricia A. 
Harrison, Sabra K. Headley, Mary 
E. Hebrank, Billie L. Heller, Mari- 
lyn K. Hensley. 

Bottom Row: Mary S. Hill, Linda 
L. Hitchcock, Jean I. Hodler, Con- 
nie J. Hoendorf, Sara A. Hollin- 
ger, Sandra S. Horchem, Mae M. 


Northwest Hall — Top Row: 
Pamela L. Huntington, Michael 
Hurt, Doris M. Imhof, Patricia J. 
Isbell, Nancy J. Itz, Mary T. Jack- 
son, Carol L. Johanning. 

Second Roiv: LeRoyce Johnson, 
Julia E. Jones, Jackie J. Kellogg, 
Karen K. Kern, Mary Beth Kern, 
Karen L. Kirkwood, Jane Konop. 

Third Row: Judy Krug, Nancy K. 
Kurtze, Evelyn J. Lagoski, Gail M. 
Lake, Pat Landon, Marilyn K. Lar- 
son, Joyce A. Laverentz. 

Fourth Row: Mary A. Lebbin, El- 
len Lees, Barbara H. Lewis, Eve- 
lyn L. Lewis, Virginia M. Longe- 
necker, Linda E. Loughmiller, Jo- 
anna M. Lowell. 

Fifth Row: Karen M. Lowell, Mary 
E. Mahnberg, Barbara K. Martin, 
Margaret F. Mason, Jeanette J. 
Mathies, Alice E. Matlack, Mari- 
lyn J. Mauck. 

Sixth Row: Janet K. McAdams, 
Mary K. McAninch, Diana J. Mc- 
Donald, Karen McDonald, Diane 
E. McGauhey, Beverly J. McMas- 
ter, Joan McNeal. 

Seventh Row: Christina L. Mer- 
rell, Katherine L. Middleton, Mari- 
lyn I. Miller, Nancy J. Miller, Pa- 
tricia J. Miller, Phyllis D. Moody, 
Sidonia M. Moore. 

Eighth Row: Judith A. Morris, 
Linda S. Mortimer, Marilyn A. 
Moxley, Linda L. Mull, Nancy A. 
Myers, Sharon S. Neill, Althea J. 

Ninth Row: Patricia L. Noller, 
Judy K. Norton, Nancy J. Noyes, 
Janice K. Oberhelman, Karen A. 
Paxson, Mary B. Pierce, Celia Pin- 

Bottom Row: Janet Pine, Jean M. 
Potter, Constance M. Pyle, Jnell 
M. Quanz, Sharon K. Query, Con- 
stance L. Rankin, Betty J. Regier. 


Northwest Hall— Top Row: San- 
dra E. Rhodes, Patricia T. Riker, 
{Catherine J. Rohrbaugh, Sheila K. 
Rose, Nancy J. Rowland, Ileen J. 
bundle, Betty A. Rushton. 

Second Row: Carol J. Salmans, 
Marilynn L. Schaus, Judy R. 
Schmidt, Geraldine J. Schwab, 
Margaret M. Schwarz, Carol Scott, 
Janice J. Scott. 

Third Row: Kay P. Seaton, Caro- 
lynn J. Senior, Judy A. Sewell, 
Sarah F. Sheldon, Susan F. Shep- 
pard, Mary A. Sheue, Penny A. 

Fourth Row: Norma J. Siddens, 
Gay K. Smith, Jan C. Smith, Janet 
L. Smith, Judith S. Smith, Mary S. 
Snider, Barbara L. Spaulding. 

Fifth Row: Sandra J. Spaulding, 
Ruth A. Speirs, Linda L. Stoskopf, 
Loraine F. Stoughton, Carolyn D. 
Stratton, Virginia L. Strnad, San- 
dra K. Stuckey. 

Sixth Row: Sally J. Swift, Barbara 
M. Tanner, Linda H. Tapp, Joyce 
E. Taylor, Karen Tempi er, Mickey 
K. Thompson, Sandra M. Toadvine. 

Seventh Row: Sharon K. Toburen, 
Judy A. Toevs, Frances K. Town- 
er, Sherigay Trammell, Coleen B. 
Ungeheuer, Linda S. Ungeheuer, 
Donna L. Van Gieson. 

Ei^htli Row: Sandra K. Veatch, 
Nola E. Veley, Leigh A. Vieux, 
Jan L. Wade, Iris L. Wagner, 
Janice Wanklyn, Eileen Warder. 

Ninth Row: Susan R. Warnken, 
Anne L. Warren, Judith A. White- 
sell, Verna R. Wilborn, Phyllis A. 
Williams, Malinda S. Wilson, Mary 
O. Wilson. 

Rottom Row: Carole L. Wray, 
Linda Wright, Suzanne C. Young, 
Diane Zeckser, Loyalea V. Zim- 
merman, Melva J. Zimmerman, 
Sammy L. Zumwalt. 


Residents of Southeast hall took on all challengers 
at a snowball fight during the first big winter snow in 

January. But when their opponents went home, some 
of the more enthusiastic freshmen fought each other. 

Southeast Hall 

A special project of the women at Southeast hall 
this year was adopting a family at Christmas. The 
women also caroled at the Ft. Riley hospital. Or- 
ganization of a dorm choir and participation in the 

Interdorm sing also kept residents busy. 

Karol Durham was assistant to the Barnwarmer 
queen and Judy Leach was queen of the dorm's 
Christmas formal. Michele Schultz was Kappa 
Sigma sweetheart and Interpledge queen. South- 
east hall's social activities included a fall open 
house and dance, the Christmas formal, spring Cot- 
ton ball, and special dinners. 

Southeast Hall — Top Row: 
Miss Gladys Grace, Mrs. Max 
D. Bishop, Miss Kathryn Ek- 
strom, Nancy G. Allbritten, 
Judith L. Allemang, Judy J. 
Allen, Dorothy M. Allerheili- 
gen, Sheila J. Amos. 

Second Row: Charlotte K. An- 
derson, Genevieve P. Ander- 
son, Judy T. Anthony, Car- 
olyn J. Arnett, Lee Ann Aus- 
tin, Barbara A. Bain, Phyllis 
Y. Ball, Susan K. Bannister. 

Bottom Row: Kenna J. Barnes, 
Ann M. Bass, Janice E. Bas- 
sett, Janice L. Bates, Patricia 
A. Beard, Florence L. Ben- 
ninghoven, Linda L. Birch. 


Southeast Hall— Top Row: Bar- 
bara J. Blackburn, Barbara F. Blair, 
Myrna S. Blakeman, Judith C. 
Blount, Carolyn E. Brauer, Eliza- 
beth J. Brindle, Patsy V. Broad- 

Second Row: Averill Brougher, 
Nancy W. Brown, Martha L. 
Broyles, Lynn A. Buenning, Mari- 
lyn E. Burdorf, Janet S. Butel, 
Joyce Caldwell. 

Third Row: Kay S. Camp, Ellen P. 
Carnahan, Joyce I. Case, Linda M. 
Chandley, Elaine K. Clark, Eliza- 
beth E. Clark, Mary M. Clark. 

Fourth Row: Loretta L. Claycamp, 
Karen A. Coleman, Saundra S. 
Cookson, Martha K. Cooley, Jo- 
anne I. Copeland, Karen L. Cos- 
terisan, Carman L. Couch. 

Fifth Row: Cathra-Anne Cunning- 
ham, Charlotte Davis, Barbara A. 
Detrick, Susan K. Detrick, Jac- 
queline D. Dewey, Mary E. Dick- 
erson, Karen J. Dierdorff. 

Sixth Row: Janice B. Drapel, Joy 
L. Duffner, Joan E. Durham, Karol 
K. Durham, M. Kathleen Eads, 
Patricia A. Elder, Mary A. Ensz. 

Seventh Row: Martha Erickson, 
Carol J. Evans, Lois K. Evans, Lu- 
Ann H. Fager, Sondra K. Fair, 
Karen S. Fields, Carol L. Fleming. 

Eighth Row: Susan L. Fowler, 
Kathryn French, Kathryn L. Frick, 
Jeanette L. Gamba, Suzanne K. 
Garrison, Jeanette L. Ginn, Sam- 
mie M. Goff. 

Ninth Row: Evelyn J. Goldsby, 
Beth A. Greene, Marilyn B. Gregg, 
Laura L. Greiveldinger, Mary A. 
Griffith, Sandra J. Hanson, Lynne 
E. Hardy. 

Bottom Row: Buthann Harper, 
Nancy J. Harris, Nola E. Harrison, 
Katherine L. Hayes, Florence E. 
Henderson, Sandra S. Henry, Mar- 
tha S. Hicks. 


Southeast Hall— Top Row: C. 
Diane Hill, Sally A. Holbrook, 
Judy A. Holle, Sondra J. Holman, 
Phyllis M. Horalek, Jeri A. How- 
ard, Beverly K. Hovver. 

Second Row: Virginia M. Hughes, 
Nancy S. Hugill, Carol J. Ihrig, 
Judith A. Ingraham, Marjorie Ir- 
vine, Anita E. Jacobson, Phyllis J. 

Third Row: Alice J. James, Jo 
Anne Jenison, A. Gayle Johnson, 
E. Kay Johnson, Elizabeth A. 
Jones, Judith A. Kent, Alberta G. 

Fourth Row: Patricia A. King, 
Karen M. Kistner, Karen Klinger, 
Linda R. Krueger, Karen M. Lar- 
sen, Barbara L. Lasley, Judith A. 

F if th Row: Barbara L. Lewis, Ge- 
neva L. Lewis, Martha E. Lewis, 
Vivian K. Lindamood, Janet G. 
Linder, Annetta B. Long, Geraldine 
L. Lyddane. 

Sixth Row: Sharon S. MacPherson, 
Darlene D. Maddy, Maureen M. 
Mahar, Jeanettia M. Mannen, Su- 
san Martin, Cecilia A. Martindale, 
Jacqueline G. Matthews. 

Seventh Row: Judy A. Mawdsley, 
Penelope S. MeCalla, Marilyn S. 
McCullough, Imogene L. Mead- 
ows, Audrey L. Meckfessel, Jo- 
Anne Mehl, Marilyn A. Meyer. 

Eighth Row: Deanna D. Mickey, 
Kathleen R. Mikesich, Sharon K. 
Milam, Barbara J. Moore, Ileen J. 
Moore, Marilyn F. Moore, Mary 
G. Morris. 

Ninth Row: Sharon A. Morris, 
Sharon D. Morris, Kay L. Mur- 
phey, Buenta L. Myers, Linda G. 
Myers, Mary L. Nelson, Gaye J. 

Bottom Row: Jean A. Nickell, 
Bonnie J. Nicodemus, Carol M. 
North, Judy A. Oberhelman, Leah 
J. Ottaway, Harriett D. Owens, 
Barbara A. Perkins. 


Southeast Hall— Top Row: Vicki 
L. Phifer, Linda R. Piercy, Sally 
Porter, Nadene L. Poteet, Nancy J. 
Powell, Connie M. Proctor, Adri- 
enne M. Quinn. 

Second Row: Judy L. Quirk, Ruth 
A. Raleigh, Christina M. Redding, 
Linda A. Reece, Geney C. Reed, 
Nancy J. Roberts, Sara C. Rode- 

Third Row: Barbara L. Rogg, Lin- 
da A. Roth, M. Jo Rullman, Glen- 
nys J. Runquist, Joan M. Russ, 
Zelma I. Rust, Saloma D. Salter. 

Fourth Row: Linda L. Santee, 
Barbara L. Scammell, Gloria G. 
Schlaefli, Sally S. Schmelzel, Em- 
ma M. Schmidt, Scharmal K. 
Schrock, Mary J. Scoby. 

Fifth Row: Donna R. Scott, Vir- 
ginia A. Shannon, Patricia R. 
Sharp, Rosemary A. Shores, Mi- 
chele A. Shultz, Charlene I. Small, 
Elaine E. Smith. 

Sixth Row: Meredith A. Smith, 
Patricia Anne Smith, Patricia Ann 
Smith, Dee Ann St. John, Mary J. 
Starkey, Carol E. Starosta, Suzanne 
M. Stoner. 

Seventh Row: Barbara J. Stott, 
Mary E. Strahm, Rita R. Summers, 
Rita K. Sutter, Rebecca J. Swal- 
low, Mary L. Sweeney, Mary G. 

Eighth Row: Judith C. Thompson, 
Marian C. Tobin, Mary J. Towner, 
Pat Van Lew, Carlene J. Von 
Fange, Gloria W. Wagner, Gracie 
M. Walter. 

Ninth Row: Mary A. Werts, Judy 
K. Wilhelm, Patricia Wilson, Su- 
zanne H. Woelfer, Patricia A. Wol- 
ford, Anne H. Wood, Helen J. 

Rottom Row: Karen K. Wright, 
Betty J. Wullschleger, Marie Wuth- 
now, Jane F. Young, Karen E. 
Young, Sue J. Young, Rebecca A. 


West Stadium 

1959-60 marks the thirteenth and final year of 
operation for West Stadium hall. The 150-man 
lesidence will be closed because of the fall opening 
of the new men's dormitory. Stadium members are 
formulating student governing plans for the new 
men's residence. 

A scholastic scholarship award was established 
this year. Campus scholastic recognition was given 
to eight members listed on the dean's honor roll. 
One resident claimed membership in Phi Kappa 

The independent division intramural champion- 
ship was the reward for active group participation 
in all sports in 1958-59. Individual members were 
letter winners in most varsity and freshmen sports. 


Residents of West Stadium can participate in table 
tennis during study breaks and in their spare time. 

The annual Christmas party was the highlight of 
the social year for the members of Acropolis and 
their dates. During the year, the 15 residents par- 
ticipated in many campus activities and organiza- 
tions, including Pershing Rifles, Block and Bridle 
club, Newman club, Varsity Men's Glee club, Band, 
and Collegiate 4-H. 

An outstanding engineering student, Donald R. 
Schmidt was on the Dean's Honor Roll. The inde- 
pendent intramural tennis champion was an Acro- 
polis member, Arlyn C. Beiber. President of the 
independent living group was Joe Lichtenauer, Jr. 

Acropolis— Top Row: Dr. Chester E. Peters, Mrs. Ethel Stock- 
well, Arlyn C. Bieber, Don E. Buchanan, John W. Ensz, Melvin 
E. Grusing, Kenneth L. Herbster, Duane C. Huber. Bottom 

Row: Norman B. Jernigan, Bichard E. Lee, Joe F. Lichtenauer, 
Murle Mordy, Edward J. Oborny, Daniel S. Peters, Donald B. 
Schmidt, Harry D. Wullschleger. 

i mmk WEk m 


r Wa^K 

•ait. 0K 


r^ "'^ ,~*i ^ #■! 



Bl 4f mI^aW t ™ I*- ^IH 


West Stadium Hall — Top 
Row: C. W. Thomas, Jr., Mrs. 
C. W. Thomas, Jr., James C. 
Bailey, Michael M. Balach, 
Bernard Behrends, William C. 
Bergin, John C. Black, Charles 
M. Blair, Charles T. Bowman. 

Second Row: Gale E. Britton, 
Donald J. Bunney, Jerrold A. 
Burnette, Jim Carlisle, Harley 
L. Carlson, Robert J. Coambes, 
Jon Conley, Charles T. Con- 
ner, Jose D. Cordova. 

Third Row: Dale R. Covalt, 
Rex E. Cross, John W. Davis, 
Clayton Depue, John L. Di- 
vine, George P. Dobson, Rus- 
sell Dowell, Vance J. Dyk- 
house, Mike J. Dziura. 

Fourth Row: Melvin D. Felch, 
Carl E. Felver, Fernando Fi- 
gueroa, William L. Fix, James 
W. Fleming, Dale E. Friesen, 
Augusto Fukazawa, Max A. 
Godfrey, John A. Gostnell. 

Fifth Roiv: Joshua N. Gott- 
frid, Robert T. Groszek, Ron 
E. Gustafson, Paul F. Habi- 
ger, Gary D. Harmon, Myron 
L. Hauschild, Palmer R. 
Haynes, Emmett L. Haywood, 
Michael J. Hennessy. 

Sixth Row: Orville M. Hett, 
Raymond K. Hill, Duane Hol- 
man, Peter W. Hopkins, Glenn 
E. Hubbard, Ronald L. Ibbet- 
son, Jorge I. Izaguirre, Paul 
N. Johnson, W. Lee Kaff. 

Seventh Row: Ray E. Kovar, 
Don G. Krasko, Delwin H. 
Locke, Lanny L. Loeppke, 
Tony Marquez, Gary A. Mar- 
riott, Kenneth L. Martin, Lar- 
ry D. Matlock, Benjamin F. 

Eighth Row: Larry D. Mc- 
Lean, Armando Monroy, Jack 
Moore, Curtis L. Newby, 
Howard W. Newsom, Salva- 
tore Nocella, Arnold L. Nu- 
zum, James E. Osborn, Charles 

Ninth Row: Allen E. Peith- 
man, Ralph D. Peluso, Duane 
R. Phillips, Gerald K. Reeves, 
Dwayne Rumsey, Charles E. 
Schaller, Joe Schueler, Rich- 
ard G. Scott, A. Duane Shaw. 

Tentli Row: James N. Smith, 
Neal B. Spence, Steve E. 
Sproat, Gerald Strathman, 
Aubrey L. Strawn, Dale E. 
Sturgeon, Kenneth K. Tanaka, 
Minoru Tashima, Douglas J. 

Eleventh Row: Leverne N. 
Thompkins, Steven M. Todd, 
James D. Trapp, James J. Val- 
las, Cecil Van Allen, Gary L. 
VanLeeuwen, Gilbert J. Ve- 
coni, Marvin L. Vialle, Rich- 
ard E. Voeltz, Wayne Wag- 

Bottom Row: Robert C. Wash- 
ington, John Wells, George C. 
Whitney, Laurence L. Wick- 
lund, Kyle Williams, Leo O. 
Williams, Alan E. Yabui, R. 
Clinton Young, Thomas J. 
Young, Larry Zimmerman. 


Residents of the Scholarship house emphasize study, 
being well aware of the main objective at college. 

Scholarship House 

In its second vear of existence, the Maitland E. 
Smith Scholarship House, first living group of its 
kind at KSU, housed 45 men. The residents, with 
the help of a paid student manager and president, 
Michael King, ran the house and helped defray 
their living expenses. 

Besides meeting the 2.5 cumulative grade-aver- 
age requirement, many members excelled in ac- 
tivities. Residents of the Scholarship house were: 
the National Chancery club supreme justice, on 
the gymnastics team, on the Engineers' Open House 
executive council, and on the champion crops judg- 
ing team. 

Maitland E. Smith Scholarship House— Top Row: Mrs. Lu- 
cille P. Little, Warren C. Babeock, Gary D. Barrens, David E. 
Bernhardt, Barton L. Bigge, Bertram B. Biles, Merrill E. Bishop, 
John W. Carlson, Kenneth L. Cation. Second Roiv: John T. 
Chehaske, Glen Creager, Jr., David Edelblute, Gary L. Eilrieh, 
Dennis L. Esslinger, Gabriel B. Faimon, W. Neil Friend, Boland 
A. Gall, John P. Grove. Third Row: Richard A. Hanson, Ken- 
neth M. Heatherman, Gregory K. Henry, Michael P. Horrell, 

Michael D. King, Jimmy J. Krob, Alfred J. Mannebach, James J. 
Mathias, Larry D. Miller. Fourth Row: Edgar W. Mitchell, 
Harry F. Moberly, Larry A. Olson, Michael L. Parsons, Willis 
I. Peterson, Elden R. Pickinpaugh, Marvin L. Proctor, Keith D. 
Pugh, Jerry L. Rathbun. Bottom Row: Pablo Rodriguez, Jon M. 
Rueck, Larry J. Runyan, Jay C. Schlegel, Richard D. Schwartz, 
David Spence, Frank R. Toman, Louis J. Vallas, Kenneth A. 
Wolf, Burrton G. Woodruff. 

,A*h : > kirtfctal 


M^i i 

riAttt. f 


La Citadel— Top Roa - : Mrs. L. T. Smith, Larry C. Asher, Larry 
D. Combes, Albert J. Feltz, Edmundo R. Gonzalez, Raymond 
G. Hawley, Neel Holler, Ronald L. Horinek. Bottom Row: 

Marion W. Karr, Gary L. Kilgore, James O. Krehbiel, Joe H. 
Mallory, Gary L. Pack, Lloyd W. Rogers, Alvin D. Schrag, 
Frank C. Woods. 

Signa Phi Nothing 

The Signa Phi Nothing house, which was found- 
ed in 1945 bv veterans, this year was the home of 
14 men. John Strachota was president of the group. 
Members participated in intramural football, bas- 
ketball, volleyball, softball, track, tennis, and horse- 
shoes. In addition to the active intramural parti- 
cipation, the group enjoved a variety of social 

La Citade 

During its fourth year of operation, La Citadel 
housed 15 men. Raymond Hawley was president. 
Group activities included participation in Religious 
Emphasis Week and having foreign students as 
dinner guests. Individual residents were members 
of Collegiate 4-H, Varsity Men's glee club, Varsity 
rifle team, ROTC rifle team, Agricultural Educa- 
tion club, and Agricultural association. 

Signa Phi Nothing— Top Row: Mrs. Julia Schimmels, M. Ray 
Albertson, Don Barnes, James Bebermeyer, Byron H. Bergman, 
Clint Bowers, Richard Burbank, John R. Conklin. Bottom Row: 

Roy D. Davis, Daniel H. Forbes, Stanley Jensen, James Meek- 
ling, Bill E. New, James H. Shenk, John Strachota. 


O. K. House - Top Row: Mrs. 
Oliver Kientz, Lawrence F. Alwin, 
Stephen A. Beal, William P. Bun- 
ger, Lyle G. Campbell, Robert W. 

Second Row: Gary M. Corns, Bill 
E. Cowell, John E. Craig, Kenny 
Dunbar, Eldon Eastman, Karl W. 

Third Row: Larry B. Ferguson, 
John D. Flanagin, Stephen W. 
Fuller, Larry D. Geske, Larry E. 
Hall, Donald E. Haresnape. 

Fourth Row: Loren D. Haresnape, 
Harry H. Hartner, Larry A. Hig- 
erd, Ron Holton, Ron Horney, 
Gary K. Hubbard. 

Fifth Row: Darrell K. Huddleston, 
John A Kazmaier, Wayne R. Kent, 
Charles O. Kientz, Earl N. Kientz, 
Richard A. Lemon. 

Sixth Row: Dennis J. Marfice, Ger- 
ald E. Marnell, Eugene W. Mater, 
Bob McClure, Richard L. Mc- 
Guire, Milton W. McMinimy. 

Seventh Row: Jacob B. Ochs, Ken- 
neth F. Ostmeyer, David Popple- 
well, Bill Rollins, Martin D. Shet- 
lar, Gale Simons. 

Rottom Row: Gary S. Spencer, 
Richard E. Sims, Howard J. Ubert, 
Don D. Walker, Donald J. White, 
Harry T. Woolverton. 


kd * 


1 jr 




« -* 

./ -***■ ,., 

*~*4* ;^A' 


Delta Chi Colony— Top Roto: Mrs. Fred Coulson, Charles A. 
Anderson, Kelvin L. Davis, Kent I. Drew, Jon I. Flint, Lawrence 
K. Hamm, Dale E. Henry. Second Row: Darrell G. Hutchinson, 

Larry R. Lytle, Donald E. Mach, Richard L. Mach, Richard L. 
Marx, Rolf O. Osland, Paul R. Prierert. Bottom Row: Duke R. 
Reiber, Lawrence L. Scoville, W. A. Siebert, Jr., Robert L. Silva, 
M. Viers Smith, Phillip D. Smith, Carleton W. Vandeman. 

Delta Chi Colony 

Interfraternity Council officially recognized Del- 
ta Chi colony in the spring semester. The group 
will be eligible for a national charter at the start of 
the spring semester in 1961. Presiding over the 30 
members last fall was Rolf Oslund, while Carl Van- 
deman held the position in the spring. Members 
were active on KSDB-FM; ran for Student Council, 
and in the FMOC and UMOC contests; and partici- 
pated in intramural athletics. 

Members of Delta Chi colony entertain alums and 
rushees at an after-dinner bull session in the spring. 

O. K. House 

The 48 members of O. K. house were active in 
several campus honoraries and most intramural 
sports this year. The members had hour dances, 
picnics, a hayrack ride, and Thanksgiving and 
Christmas programs. They also participated in Re- 
ligious Emphasis Week. 

Gary Hubbard was president of the house this 
year and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Kientz were the or- 
ganization's directors. 



Pal-O-Mie, the only graduate women's house at 
K-State, derives its name from an Irish word mean- 
ing friendship. In the seven years of its existence 
as an organized residence, Pal-O-Mie has well ex- 
emplified this title, for many of its residents have 
been international students. 

Two members of the group, Dorothy Meyer and 
June Dunham, were General Foods fellowship hold- 
ers. Individual residents were members of Omicron 
Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, American Home Economics 
association, Mu Phi Epsilon, and Phi Upsilon Omi- 
cron. Betty Emery was president of the group. 

Pal-O-Mie— Top Row: Mrs. Lillian B. Fuller, Ruei-chen Chen, 
Jane A. Dunham, Betty K. Emery. Bottom Row: June L. Krebs, 
Dorothy D. Meyer, Mary E. Perisho, Maria D. Phillips. 


Three first-place trophies show the success of 
Kasbah's entries in the most unique class in the 
chariot relays of the last five years. Group efforts 
were also exemplified this year in Kasbah's active 

participation in intramural sports. All events were 

Phil Litwak brought individual honors by win- 
ning the breaststroke swimming competition. He 
also placed first in handball by defeating another 
house member, Ronnie Hiatt, in the finals. Many 
social activities, including exchange functions, hay- 
rack rides, and a Christmas party, were enjoyed by 
members. Kasbah president was Jim Quillin. 

Kasbah— Top Row: Mrs. E. E. Rogers, Jerry L. Banzer, Stanley 
L Caldwell, John H. Cerny, R. Joe Craft, Gale W. Donaldson, 
Donald G. Eliason. Second Roio: Verl W. Haas, Howard D. 
Hester, Ronald E. Hiatt, Philip Litwak, Loren E. Manges, Wes- 

ley L. Mathis, Jim E. Quillin. Bottom Row: Robert L. Poe, 
Philip M. Rinard, Frank A. Rogers, Philip N. Rogers, Bruce E. 
Sehlosser, Vernon R. Schweer, Claude D. Sykes, Francis E. Tyson. 

hfcwk fk 





House of Williams— Top Row: Lynn B. Bergen, Harold C. 
Burkland, Clayton L. Burklund, Glenn B. Chalmers, Dale K. 
Christensen, Larry M. Johnson, Gene F. Koester, Boger J. Kvas- 

m m I 

nieka, Duane L. Line. Bottom Row: Bobert D. Meyer, Frank 
H. Naaf, Donald A. Novak, Donald A. Schneider, Jerry D. 
Spencer, Brad K. Steele, Thomas B. Welch, Leon Z. Yawitz. 

House of Williams 

House of Brec 

Two freshmen athletes in football and track, were 
among the 18 residents of the House of Brec. An- 
other outstanding freshman performed in the Fresh- 
man Talent show. 

Campus activities and intramural sports kept 
many members busv. Social highlights were sea- 
sonal parties, including Halloween, Christmas, and 
spring dances. Presiding officer was Duane Hoover. 

As a result of active group participation, the 
House of Williams placed second in the inde- 
pendent division of the 1959 intramural program. 
Residents also scored academically, as six men had 

President Gene Koester and the 16 other mem- 
bers enjoyed a full social calendar. Included in the 
year's functions were a Homecoming open house, 
hayrack ride and weiner roast, and spring formal. 

House of Brec — Top Row: 
Frances D. Brecheisen, Jack E. 
Baber, Ronald L. Barker, Har- 
old F. Crawford, Kent J. 
Drew, Billie L. Hale. 

Second Row: Ralph E. Hicks, 
Duane E. Hoover, Rodney R. 
Jarrett, Don J. Kidwell, Walter 
B. Linthacum, Jerry J. Mellin- 

Bottom Row: Cecil W. Pearce, 
David A. Reusser, Robert L. 
Thomas, Stanley M. Tovrea, 
Don L. Wertz, Floyd E. 
Yount, Arthur T. Zielke. 


Like many other married Kansas Staters, a student 
takes time off from his books for play time with his 

Eight Councils Govern 
KS Married Students 

Eight mayors and councils were the governing 
bodies of the K-State married students' housing 
groups. One council each from Hilltop, Elliot, 
West Campus courts, North Campus courts, and 
four from Jardine Terrace made up the governing 

South Jardine Terrace Council— Top Row: Stuart Crichfield, 
Sherman Parsons. Second Row: Leigh Roehr, James D. Wilson, 
Ivan Ubben, John Seacat, Paul Beckett. Bottom Row: Charles 
Eck, John Ward. 

young children. About 1,400 men students at the uni- 
versity are married, and about 200 coeds are married. 

Council members and mayors were elected by 
residents of the housing facilities. The councils 
wrote a constitution; arranged social events and 
intramurals, participated in campus politics; made 
regulations concerning soliciting, parking, and traf- 
fic; and acted on any problems that came up in the 
housing groups. A. Thornton Edwards and Wen- 
dell R. Kerr were sponsors of the councils. 

About 460 students lived in Jardine Terrace 
apartments, 52 lived at North Campus courts, and 
about 120 lived in Hilltop, Elliot, and West Cam- 
pus courts. 

Hilltop Court Council— Top Row: Les Holland, Edward M. 
O'Brien, Charles G. Greene. Bottom Row: James F. Becker, 
John Detter. 



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mm, m 


Sports play a big role at any school 
and K-State is no exception. Enthusias- 
tic cheerleaders and a band are as much 
a part of football season as crisp weather 
and multi-colored leaves. Even snow 
storms don't keep fans from crowding 
the Fieldhouse for basketball games. 

Beauty and talent have then- 
day as coeds are honored with 
crowns, bouquets, and con- 
gratulations. Special activities 
give students a chance to use 
their imaginations and their 
hands in building decora- 
tions, floats, or demonstration 

Long hours of practice, costume fittings, and 
make-up sessions precede the performance of 
campaign skits and three-act University plays. 
Rivalry is intense as organizations compete with 
each other for various honors. Students enjoy a 
few hours of outstanding music when big-name 
bands appear on the campus. 




H. B. (Bebe) Lee served his fourth year as athletic 
director. Doug Weaver was hired as football coach. 

University Participates 
In Ten Varsity Sports 

The hiring of a new football coach was just one 
of the many highlights in athletics this year. Doug- 
las Weaver was hired in November and took over 
duties early in January. He replaced Bus Mertes, 
who resigned at K-State early in November and 
later took the head coaching job at Drake univer- 

Weaver was Assistant at Missouri 

Only 29 years old, Weaver just completed two 
years as assistant coach at Missouri and had served 
as assistant at Michigan State the previous two 
years. Weaver retained Corky Taylor, offensive 
backfield coach, and Ed Dissinger, freshman coach, 
on the staff and hired three new assistants, John 
Kadlec, Bob Hailey and Ken LaRue. 

Kadlec is 31 years old and will serve as line 
coach. He played college football at Missouri and 
served as assistant coach there for seven years. 
Hailey, 30, who will be defensive backfield coach, 
also played at Missouri and served there as as- 
sistant coach for two years. He coached in high 
school for seven years. LaRue played college ball 
at Ball State, Indiana. The 29-year-old end coach 

Examining basketball player Wally Frank, are trainer 
Laurence (Porky) Morgan and Dr. Donald Cooper, 

team physician. Morgan and Cooper were responsible 
for keeping K-State athletes in good physical condition. 

Athletic Council— Top Row: Donald Hoyt, Herbert J. Wun- 
derlich, John G. MeEntyre, Joe Smerehek, Leon R. Quinlan, 

Charles Hostetler, Dean S. Folse. Bottom Row: T. M. Hahn. 
Bill Guthridge, M. A. Durland, H. B. (Bebe) Lee, Dr. N. D. 

played high school ball with Weaver at Goshen, 
Indiana. His coaching experience includes eight 
years in the high school ranks. 

Athletic competition, a large part of Kansas State 
university life, is supervised by the Department of 
Intercollegiate Athletics. The University competes 
in the Big Eight conference in ten varsity sports- 
football, basketball, indoor and outdoor track, base- 
ball, wrestling, tennis, golf, gymnastics, swimming 
and cross-countrv track. 


Heading this vast program the past four years 
has been H. B. (Bebe) Lee, athletic director. Lee 
assumed duties on April 1, 1956, after spending six 
years as basketball coach at Colorado University. 

Council Governs Athletics 

The chief governing body of K-State athletics is 
the Athletic Council. Composed of students, fac- 
ulty and alumni, the 12-member Council is guided 
by M. A. Durland, chairman. 

Fritz Knorr served as assistant Athletic Director 
and also completed his ninth year as coach of K- 
State's wrestling team. Paul DeWeese handled the 
year-round job of publicizing athletics. He covered 
all sport competitions K-State entered. Frank Mo- 
sier served as ticket manager. He processed over 
100,000 ticket requests during the year. 

Paul DeWeese, Fritz Knorr, and Frank Mosier were 
important behind-the-scenes men in K-State athletics. 


Dale Evans (12) won this battle for possession of a 
K-State pass, and scored against Nebraska university. 


Finale Win Brightens 
Dull Football Season 

Kansas State's football team suffered a losing 
season in 1959— winning only 2 of 10 games— but 
the Wildcats closed out their season, and also Coach 
Bus Mertes' career at K-State, with an inspiring 
29-14 victory over Nebraska at Manhattan. The 
win over the Huskers was the Cats' only Big Eight 
win of the season, leaving them in the conference 
cellar. The other victory was over South Dakota 
State at Brookings. 

Coach Mertes turned in his resignation to the 
Athletic Council the week following the victory 
over Nebraska. After screening about 200 candi- 
dates, the Athletic Department named Doug Weav- 
er as head coach. 

Stolte Gets Most Post-Season Honors 

John Stolte, 275-pound senior tackle, got most 
of the team's post-season honors. Stolte was named 
to the United Press International second team all- 
Big Eight and received honorable mention in the 
Associated Press poll. In addition, he received 
honorable mention all- America honors in both polls. 
J. B. Littlejohn, senior fullback, was an honorable 
mention choice on the AP all-conference team. 

Bowing out on a happy note, Coach Bus Mertes re- 
signed after Kansas State blasted Nebraska's Huskers. 


Although Kansas State's 1959 record was its poorest 
in seven seasons, there were bright moments when 

K-State fans had something to cheer about. Alternate 
cheerleader Linda Ate sees hope for better seasons. 

The high spot— Jubilant Wildcats carry Coach Mertes off the field after upsetting 
Nebraska. Said Mertes, "It left them with a good taste in their mouths for football." 

1959 Football 






S. D. State 



Okla. State 








Iowa State 












Picking up help from Don Darter (82) and George 
Whitney (40), Dale Evans fights for yards against WU. 

Three K-Staters were drafted by professional 
football teams in the post-season. Stolte, drafted by 
the Philadelphia Eagles in 1958, was also drafted 
by the Los Angeles Chargers of the new American 
Football league. Senior end Joe Vader was a choice 
of the Dallas Texans of the same league. Littlejohn 
was chosen by the Green Bay Packers. 

Wichita Outclasses Wildcats 

The Wildcats were slight favorites over Wichita 
in their opener at Manhattan, but the Shockers, led 
by quarterback Dick Young and fullback Ted 
Dean, outclassed the Cats, 19-0. Following a K-State 
punt midway through the first quarter, Wichita 
started a drive on the K-State 45-yard line that 
ended 13 plavs later when Dean plunged over from 
the one-foot line. It was the same story on the next 
series of downs as the Wildcats punted, Wichita 
took over on the 50, and marched in for the score. 
K-State had good scoring opportunities in each half, 
but was stopped each time deep in Wichita terri- 

Cats Top Jackrabbits 

The Wildcats evened their record at 1-1 the fol- 
lowing weekend with a 28-12 victory over South 

K-State's Joe Vader looks for a pass, but OSU defender Vern Sewell snags the ball over Vader 's back. Interferem 

Dakota State. The under-dog Jackrabbits showed 
they were no pushovers when they put together 
two sustained marches to gain a 12-7 halftime lead. 
Halfback John Marcoline accounted for the Wild- 
cats' first score on a five-yard run. George Whitney 
set up K-State's second touchdown with a gain to 
the Jackrabbit five. Fullback Gene Bassetti went 
over for the score. Marcoline made the game's out- 
standing play, taking a punt and running 57 yards 
for another touchdown. Quarterback John Solmos 
ended the K-State scoring with a 15-yard pass to 
end Vern Osborn in the final period. 

Cowboys Outscore Kansas State 

K-State returned home a week later to meet Ok- 
lahoma State. The Wildcats wasted little time as 
Solmos completed a 51-yard pass on the second 
play and scored seconds later. The Cowboys came 
right back, marching 69 yards with Dick Soergal 
throwing a touchdown pass from the five. After 
Solmos punted to the OSU 1 yard line, the Cow- 
boys marched the length of the field for their sec- 
ond score. A K-State fumble set up still another 
Oklahoma State score, but the Wildcats pulled 
close at 21-13 when Littlejohn went over from the 

was ruled, and the Cats got the ball and a first down. 

Wishing for a handle on an elusive football, George 
Whitney fumbles after a hard tackle in the CU game. 

Dale Evans (left) led K-State pass receivers and ball 
carriers, while end Joe Vader was 1959 team captain. 

iiH^ \<iM£?': * 


Junior quarterback John Solmos (left) and senior J. B. 
Littlejohn were key men in the '59 Wildcat backfield. 

one. Each side tallied a TD in the final period, 
making the final score OSU 27, K-State 21. 

Colorado Edges Kansas State 

The following weekend proved very costly to the 
Wildcats. Not only did they lose to Colorado, 
20-17, but they lost both Solmos and end Cedric 
Price. Price was lost for the season when he dis- 
located a shoulder while breaking up a CU pass. 
Solmos, after outpassing the Buffs' Gale Weidner for 
three quarters, suffered a sprained elbow when he 
tried to recover a fumble. K-State could not con- 
tain Weidner in the final 15 minutes, and the Buff 
star scored once and passed for another touchdown 
to lead Colorado to the victory. 

Jayhawks Pad Cat Losing Streak 

The Wildcats suffered their third straight defeat 
the next weekend, 33-14 to Kansas at Lawrence. 
The Jayhawks jumped into an early lead, but Sol- 
mos combined with Osborn for a 64-yard TD pass. 
Jack Bichardson then pulled K-State back into the 
game at 19-14 late in the first half with a 15-yard 
scoring run. But with 19 seconds left, KU's Lee 
Flachsbarth fired a 71-yard touchdown pass to John 
Hadl. The Wildcats outplayed KU in the second 
half, but were unable to cut down the Jayhawkers' 

Wildcats Whitewashed by Cyclones 

The over-all speed of Iowa State's "Dirty Thirty" 
overpowered K-State the following weekend at 
Ames, as the Cyclones prevailed, 26-0. Iowa State's 
all-American, Dwight Nichols, turned in perhaps 

1959 Football Squad— Top Row: Alan Yabui, Bob Liddy, Bus 
Mertes, Herb Cormack, Bill Walsh, Corky Taylor, Porky Mor- 
gan. Second Row: Billy Williams, Paul Kemp, Ron Carbone, Al 
Demos, Ray Kovar, Marian Ray, Rich Corrigan, John Solmos, 
Bill Gallagher. Third Row: Chuck Clinkenbeard, Jack Richard- 
son, Don Goodpasture, Donn Gresso, Tom Brettschneider, Lou 

Mitchell, Eddie Taylor, Gary Kershner, John Winchester, Larry 
Jones. Fourth Row: John Thanos, Fred Scott, Don Darter, Gary 
Lafferty, Billy Rich, Dale Evans, Ron Blaylock, Al Kouneski, 
Gene Bassetti. Bottom Row: George Whitney, Vern Osborn, 
Kent McConnell, J. B. Littlejohn, Joe Vader, Ralph Peluso, Max 
Falk, John French, John Stolte, Tony Tiro. 


:- " i. _'• ■•:. * V ' 

Balancing the ball on his fingertips, Wildcat end 
Vern Osborn steps away from two Kansas university 

defenders. He held onto the ball after catching a John 
Solmos pass, but the Jayhawks won the game, 33-14. 

the finest performance of his career, rushing for 161 
yards, passing for 108, scoring on a 42-yard run, 
and firing two touchdown passes. Little John had 
57 yards in 12 carries to lead the Wildcats. 
Hawkeyes Humiliate Kansas State 

The powerful Iowa Hawkeyes were next for 
K-State, and had little trouble pounding out a 53-0 
win at Iowa City. Iowa ran wild in the first half 
and left the field with a 45-point lead. The Hawk- 
eyes' first unit saw little action in the second half, 
but picked up another score while it was in. Gene 
Bassetti had 34 yards in six carries for K-State. 

Oklahoma Repeats Plot in Saturday Matinee 

K-State then returned home and was shut out 
once again, bowing to Oklahoma, 36-0, on Home- 
coming Day. The Wildcats played fine defensive 
ball the first half, holding the Sooners to a 7-0 lead 
and stopping them three times deep in K-State ter- 
ritory. Oklahoma started to pick up steam follow- 
ing two pass interceptions in the third quarter and 
turned the game into a rout. The deepest K-State 
could penetrate was to the Sooner 36-yard line. 
Missouri Conforms To Cat Tragedy 

It was much the same story a week later at Co- 
lumbia as Orange Bowl-bound Missouri handed 

"Most Inspirational" Vern Osborn (left) and tackle 
John Stolte were regulars in the K-State forward wall. 


v i" - FY 

K-State its fourth straight whitewashing, 26-0. The 
Tigers scored in each quarter and held the Wildcats 
to 54 yards rushing, 38 passing, and only four first 
downs. K-State never got bevond the Missouri 30- 

O J 

yard line. 

Wildcats Topple Nebraska in Finale 

K-State gave Coach Mertes a fine going-away 
present the following Saturday in the form of a 
29-14 upset of Nebraska in the season's finale at 
Manhattan. The Wildcats unveiled a new offense, 
the spread formation, which baffled the Huskers. 
Sophomore quarterback Ron Blaylock plaved the 
finest game of his career, completing 12 of 15 pass- 
es for 120 yards and two touchdowns. 

Nebraska scored in the first two minutes of play, 
but K-State ended its scoring drought when John 
French booted a 45-yard field goal. Blaylock and 
Solmos directed two touchdown drives of 89 and 
65 yards in the second and third periods. French 
kicked another field goal, this one from 34 yards, 
and K-State scored a safetv when it tackled a NU 
ball carrier in the end zone. After the game Mertes 
was carried from the field to the locker room on 
the shoulders of his team. 

Frosh Lose Two 

The K-State freshman team had no more luck 
than did the Varsity. The young Cats were de- 
feated by the Kansas frosh, 27-12, in their opener 
at Lawrence, after leading 12-7 at halftime. Two 
weeks later at Lincoln the Nebraska freshmen had 
even less trouble with K-State, winning, 19-0. 

Junior Billy Rich is tripped up by an Oklahoma Soon- 
er. So were the Wildcats, 36-0, in Memorial stadium. 

1959 Freshman Football Squad— Top Row: Keith Laquey, 
Gary Kauffman, Don Ellis, Mike Beach, Gene Meier, Rudy 
Bletscher, Ralph Pfeifer, Gary Delforge, Jerry Cunningham, 
Arnie Graham. Second Row: Larry Wilburn, Darrell Elder, Wil- 
lis Crenshaw, Gary Heinz, Lee Kaff, John Warhurst, Benny 
Cochrun, Ralph Walters, Duane Deyoe, John Finfroek. Third 
Row: Arthur Zielke, George Kontoyianis, Jack Clanton, Dennis 

< ::,~ 

jb»*~ \i« 

Winfrey, Bill Nelson, Lloyd Richards, Dean Powell, Conrad 
Hardwick, Ed Roos, Jack Cruise. Fourth Roiv: John Divine, Jim 
Colbert, Dave Hankins, Jerry Kreske, Jim Fleming, Darrell 
Shurtz, Kenneth Martin, Tom Runyan, Mike Justice, Ed Dissin- 
ger. Bottom Row: Mike Corazin, Ronald McDonald, Kenneth 
Nash, David Laurie, Russell Dowell, John Kupka, Sonny Calta, 
Paul Thomas, Bob McDaniel, Bill Schultz. 

i » - 

jtx : * 



■ ■*:■ ■: ■■■■■ 



*<*»«* *y 


;| ft ft H *|/H 


wf grn^*'"" "^s^K m 


Kansas State's 1959 coaching staff looks over game 
movies. Standing: Head Coach Bus Mertes; Bill Walsh, 

line; Herb Cormack, backs; Ed Dissinger, freshmen. 
Seated: Corky Taylor, backs; and Bob Liddy, line. 

Straining for more yardage, senior halfback Max Falk 
is thrown to Memorial stadium turf by Nebraska de- 

fenders in the 29-14 K-State win. Falk scored the first 
touchdown of his collegiate career in the game. 

Leaving the floor in a graceful leap, Wildcat center 
Cedric Price hooks over the outstretched hand of KU's 

Wayne Hightower. K-State took a 68-57 regular-sea- 
son victory over the Jayhawkers in Ahearn fieldhouse. 


Wildcat, Hawk Cagers 
Share Big Eight Title 

Kansas State's basketball team kept a portion of 
the Big Eight crown in Manhattan as the Wildcats 
battled to a tie with the Kansas Jayhawks during 
the 1959-60 season. It was the third straight year 
K-State either won or shared the Big Eight cham- 
pionship. K-State and Kansas university each won 
10 and lost 4 in conference competition. 

Several Wildcats shared the spotlight during the 
season. Wally Frank led the Cats in rebounding 
and scoring, averaging 14.7 points a game. Steve 
Douglas was slow to round into form, but played 
outstanding ball during the last eight games of the 
season. Mike Wroblewski, who also got started 
slowly, developed quickly late in the season. 

Frank was a selection on the Associated Press 
and United Press International all-conference first 

Head Coach Tex Winter completed his seventh year at 
K-State and upped his record to 117 wins, 53 losses. 

Larry Comley grabs in vain for a rebound as South Dakota State's Mike Sisk (10) 
prepares to take possession. Kansas State d owned the Jackrabbits in its opener, 85-52. 

I960 Basketba 





South Dak St. 



St. Louis 



North Car. St. 



North Carolina 






Brigham Young 



San Francisco 



Iowa State 






Oklahoma State 









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"Where is it?" asks Cedric Price (32) as Steve Doug- 
las (22) and a St. Louis player try to get hold of the 

ball. Billiken center Bob "Bevo" Nordmann (55) and 
K-State's Wally Frank watch the frantic action. 

Everyone watches which way the ball will bounce in 
the Cats' 83-62 victory over the San Francisco Dons. 

teams. Douglas was named to the AP second team 
and was an honorable mention selection by UPI. 
Wroblewski and Cedric Price were honorable men- 
tion selections in both polls. 

The Wildcats opened their season against South 
Dakota State in Ahearn fieldhouse. With Frank 
grabbing 15 rebounds and scoring 35 points— in- 
cluding 16 field goals for a new school record— the 
Cats rolled to an easy 85-52 victory over the Jack- 

Cats Beaten by St. Louis 

St. Louis was the Wildcats' next opponent and 
the tough Billikens handed K-State its first home- 
court loss in two years. Frank scored 20 points and 
Larry Comley added 12, but no one could stop the 
Bills' big center, Bob Nordmann, who dumped in 
23 points and snared 15 rebounds. 

The Cats then hit the road and found there was 
no place like home as they lost three straight games. 


Sophomore guard Dick Ewy (12) and BYU guard 
Gary Ernest race for the ball in a game at Lawrence. 

Sonny Ballard grabs a rebound in the Cats win over 
San Francisco. Ballard led the Cats with 33 points. 

Whoa, hall! Wally Frank and Mickie Heinz (23) look 
on as Colorado's Wilky Gilmore and Frank Javernick 

try to find the handle on a loose ball. The action was 
in Kansas State's 69-37 victory over the Golden Buffs. 

Wally Frank, here battling CU's Frank Javernick, was 
the top KSU scorer and an all-conference selection. 

North Carolina State was the first K-State oppo- 
nent, and the Wolfpack was a rude host as it jolted 
the Wildcats, 66-59, at Raleigh. K-State led most of 
the way, but North Carolina State caught up and 
late in the game and went ahead to stay. Comley 
led the Wildcats with 17 points and Sonny Ballard 
had 16. 

Powerful North Carolina downed the Cats the 
following night, 68-52. Frank hit 11 points to lead 
K-State. The Cats suffered their fourth straight 
setback two nights later at Bloomington, 67-58, to 
Indiana's tall Hoosiers. Ballard got 20 points and 
Frank scored 18. 

K-State Bombs Brigham Young 

The next outing was against Brigham Young at 
Lawrence in a Sunflower Doubleheader, with Kan- 
sas and San Francisco playing the second game. 
The Wildcats had little trouble outclassing the Cou- 
gars, 86-55, with Ballard scoring 16 points and 
Frank and Price 11 each. The Jayhawks downed 
San Francisco, 73-42. 

The following night the four teams shifted to 
Manhattan and switched opponents. The Wildcats 
had one of their finest shooting nights of the year 

Fighting for possession during the Iowa State game at 
Manhattan are Pat McKenzie and Sonny Ballard ( 10 ) . 

The Cats downed the Cyclones, 68-66, to avenge Iowa 
State's overtime win in the pre-season tournament. 

as they beat San Francisco, 83-62, while hitting 57.9 
per cent. Ballard led K-State scoring with 33 points 
and Price added 16. Kansas also won again, 96-64, 
over BYU. 

The next attraction was the Big Eight preseason 
tournament at Kansas City. K-State met Iowa State 
—tournament champions to be— and lost a 74-73 
thriller in overtime. Regulation play ended at 67- 
67, but the Cyclones' fine sophomore, Vinnie 
Brewer, gave Iowa State the edge in the extra 
period. Price and Warren Brown each scored 12. 

Coach Tex Winter shuffled his starting lineup 
after this defeat, and Frank found himself out of 
the starting lineup for the first time in two years 
when the Cats met Nebraska in the consolation 
bracket. But Frank didn't stay on the bench long. 
He scored 26 points and picked off 13 rebounds to 
lead K-State to a 71-63 win. 

Steve Douglas, driving for a layup against Baylor, was 
K-State's top guard during the late-season play. 

Grabbing a rebound against Colorado is senior forward 
Mickie Heinz, one of the Wildcats' top hustlers. 

Warren Brown drives around an Oklahoma player on 
the way to a basket in the Cats' 76-68 victory here. 


1960 Varsity Basketball Squad— Top Row: Freshman Coach 
Ernie Barrett, Cedric Price, Wally Frank, Mike Wroblewski, 
Larry Comley, Pat McKenzie, Manager Mike Schafer. Second 
Row: Assistant Coach Howie Shannon, Mickie Heinz, Bob Gra- 

ham, Phil Heitmeyer, Glen Long, Steve Douglas, Manager Don 
Ungerer, Coach Tex Winter. Bottom Row: Trainer Porky Mor- 
gan, Bex Beach, Joe Giarusso, Bill Guthridge, Jerry Johnson, 
Dick Ewy, Sonny Ballard, Warren Brown. 

Ced Price hunts for the hoop in a game against Mis- 
souri. He was the Cats' No. 2 scorer and rebounder. 

Frank Paces Win Over Cowboys 

Next afternoon Frank was high Wildcat scorer 
again, tossing in 16 points as K-State took a 52-49 
win from Oklahoma State for the consolation title. 
Mickey Heinz got 14 points and Price 12. 

The Wildcats opened conference play against 
Colorado in Ahearn fieldhouse. After building up 
a big lead in the early minutes, K-State romped to 
a 69-37 win. Frank had 15 points and Ballard 14. 
Next time out the Wildcats toppled Missouri at 
Columbia, 65-60. Frank hit 20 points and nabbed 
16 rebounds in leading K-State to its second 
straight conference win. Price and Heinz scored 11 

The Cats were rematched with Oklahoma State's 
Cowboys two nights later at Stillwater. Price was 
the big gun in this one, scoring 15 points to lead 
K-State to a 54-49 win in what was a tight game all 
the way. 

Wildcats Edge Sooners 

Back home again the Wildcats edged the Okla- 
homa Sooners, 76-68. Price was high man in both 
scoring and rebounding, with 20 and 14, respec- 
tively. Frank tallied 20 points and grabbed 10 re- 
bounds and Heinz scored 14 points. 

K-State then took on Iowa State here in a re- 
venge meeting. It was close all the way, but the 
Cats came out on the long end of a 68-66 score for 
their fifth straight conference win. Frank hit 12 
points, Price got 11 and Dick Ewy added 10. 


It's anybody's ball as Mike Wroblewski and Pat Mc- 
Kenzie fight Oklahoma State's Eddie Bunch (51), 

Todd Ikard (43), and David Miller (45) for possession 
in K-State's 74-65 home win over the Cowpokes. 

The Wildcats made it eight straight wins by 
downing Baylor in a non-conference game at Man- 
hattan. The Bears started fast and raced to a 43-41 
halftime lead, but K-State switched to a zone de- 
fense in the final period and pulled away, 77-63. 
Frank and Price combined for 39 points and 25 re- 

One week later at Boulder, Colorado's Buffaloes 
handed the Cats their first conference defeat, 65- 
50. The Buffs out-rebounded K-State, 46-24, and 
got a great performance from sophomore Wilkv 
Gilmore, who hit 22 points, including 14 straight 
free throws. Frank led the Wildcats with 18 points. 

Kansas Stops Wildcat Comeback Bid 

The Cats then headed for Lawrence to meet 
Kansas. The Jay hawks could do nothing wrong for 
the first 20 minutes and left the court leading 47- 
27. Winter jerked his entire lineup late in the first 
half and put in five substitutes. Wroblewski scored 
18 points in the final half as K-State fought back 
and took a narrow lead, but Wayne Hightower hit 
two buckets for Kansas in the last two minutes to 
give the Jayhawks a 64-62 win. Wroblewski had 22 
for the game. 

Back on their home floor once more, K-State 
built up a 50-38 halftime lead and held on to down 
Missouri, 89-80. The Cats had their most balanced 
scoring attack of the year, as Frank hit 22, Douglas 
19, Price 13 and Ballard 12. 

Mike Wroblewski rebounds against Kansas at Law- 
rence. He scored 22 points to spark a comeback bid. 


Phil Heitmeyer (45) and Pat McKenzie (42) screen 
off a potential Nebraska rebounder and get the ball. 

Cats Beat Cyclones with Late Shot 

In the rubber match of the series, the Wildcats 
downed Iowa State at Ames, 72-70, two nights 
later. Frank scored on a jump shot in the final 26 
seconds to give K-State its winning margin. Frank 
had 26 points and Douglas and Comley had 13 each. 

K-State saw its title hopes take a turn for the 
worse when Nebraska ambushed the Cats at Lin- 
coln, 70-60. The Huskers pulled away in the last 
half thanks to some red-hot shooting. Frank had 17 
points and Douglas added 13. 

The Wildcats then evened the score with Kansas 
by taking a 68-57 win before a full house at Man- 
hattan. Wroblewski supplied the punch in the first 
half with 15 points. Frank took over in the second 
period and kept the Cats ahead with his long-range 
shooting. He finished with 19 points. 

Sooners Shatter Cats 

In its next outing, K-State ran into a stingy bunch 
of Oklahoma Sooners and suffered its worst defeat 
of the season, 58-35, at Norman. Douglas led K- 
State scoring with 7 points. The Cats then returned 
home to whip Oklahoma State, 74-65. Wroblewski 
scored 26 points and got 14 rebounds. 

K-State closed out its regular season the next 
Saturday with an 83-74 victory over Nebraska at 
Manhattan clinching a tie for the Big Eight title. 
Wroblewski hit his personal high with 28 points. 
Douglas scored 13 points and Ballard had 10. 
Sophomore Pat McKenzie grabbed 18 rebounds for 
the highest single-game total by a K-Stater all year. 

I960 Freshman Basketball Squad— Top Row: Gary Marriott, 
Bob Coambes, Joe Gottfrid, Roger Suttner, Carl Felver, John 
Meeker, Dave Nelson. Second Row: Assistant Coach Howie 
Shannon, James Jensen, Gary Magill, Jim Baxter, Don Mitchell, 

Al Peithman, Head Coach Tex Winter. Bottom Row: Delwin 

Locke, Dean Pease, Jerry Roy, Don Sanders, Ed Matuszak, 

Marion Carr, Harold Owens, Graduate Assistant Coach Bob 



Looking for operating room, Pat McKenzie drives out 
of trouble in K-State's playoff loss to Kansas. The Jay- 

hawkers' victory enabled them to represent the Big 
Eight conference in the NCAA Midwest regionals here. 

Kansas then downed the Cornhuskers at Lawrence 
to set the stage for a plavoff to determine the con- 
ference NCAA entrv. 

The teams met two davs later in Ahearn field- 
house. K-State grabbed a nine-point lead earlv in 
the game, but Kansas went back on top in the first 
half. The Javhawks pulled awav to a 13-point lead 
midway through the final half. K- State fought back 
and had the lead in the final two minutes, but regu- 
lation plav ended with the score 72-72. Kansas 
struck quicklv in the overtime and led by five. K- 
State fought back again, but fell short this time and 
KU won, 84-82. 

Frosh Go Undefeated 

K-State's freshman team had a fine vear as it 
swept to four straight victories. The young Cats 
opened by taking a 78-71 win from Kansas at Law- 
rence. Thev then downed Parsons Junior College, 
71-62; Wichita, 111-89; and Nebraska, 87-53; all at 
Manhattan. Gary Marriott topped the frosh in scor- 
ing. He received solid support from Al Peithman, 
Jerry Roy, Dave Nelson and Roger Suttner. 

Assistant Coach Ernie Barrett shouts encouragement, 
but Coach Tex Winter seems to foresee a Cat defeat. 


Wildcat heavyweight Don Darter gets a pin hold on 
Wayland Blake of Mankato State in a match at Man- 

hattan. Darter pinned Blake in 7:38 to give the Wild- 
cats an 18-13 victory over defending NAIA champions. 

Young Cat Wrestlers 
Win 7 Dual Matches 

Composed entirely of sophomores and juniors, 
K-State's 1959-60 wrestling team enjoyed its finest 
season in many years as it posted a 7-4 mark in dual 
matches and won a quadrangular meet. 

Two Wildcat matmen shared the spotlight during 
the season. John Dooley won the Big Eight con- 

ference championship in the 115-pound division. 
Dee Gard turned in an 11-2 record at 147 pounds in 
regular season competition to lead the team in 

Several other Wildcats had outstanding records. 
Heavyweight Don Darter had a mark of 7-2-1; 
Jerry Allen won 7 of 10 matches at 177 pounds; 
Larry Word turned in an 8-4-1 mark at 137 pounds; 
and Darrell Huggins was 7-4 at 130 pounds. 

Except for several bad breaks the Wildcats might 
have had an even finer year. Four Cats— Huggins, 
Word, Allen, and Wayne Stanley— were hampered 

Putting the pressure on Larry Green of Northwest 
Missouri State, Dee Gard, K-State 147-pounder, works 

for position in the finals of a quadrangular meet at 
Manhattan. Gard scored a 5-0 decision over Green. 

1960 Wrestling Squad— Top Row: Coach Fritz Knorr, Arlen 
Keith, Darrell Huggins, Bill Edwards, John Dooley. Second 
Row: Dee Gard, Larry Byers, Larry Darter, Bob Ireland, John 

Fettes, Bosalio Garcia. Third Row: Larry Word, John Thompson, 
Charles Couch, Bob Stroh, Tom Lundy, Wayne Stanley. Bottom 
Row: Charles Kelley, Jerry Allen, Don Darter, Don Walker, Jack 
Grove, Jerry Knight. 

by injuries. Larry Byers, a promising sophomore, 
was lost at the end of the first semester because of 
low grades. 

The Wildcats got off to a good start as they won 
a quadrangular meet from South Dakota State, 
Omaha, and Northwest Missouri State. They 
downed Mankato State, 18-13, and Northern Illi- 
nois, 19-12, but lost to Northwestern, 9-17. Then 
followed a string of five straight K-State wins. Iowa 

State ended the Wildcat streak by taking a 32-0 
win at Ames. Allen and Darter were injured in this 
meet and were forced to default their individual 

The Cats then closed out their regular season 
with only three regulars in the lineup, losing to Ok- 
lahoma State, 33-2, and to Oklahoma, 28-5. At the 
conference tournament, Word finished second and 
Gard and Tom Lundy finished fourth. 

Larry Byers, Wildcat 167-pound wrestler, struggles for a takedown against Lewis Han- 
kenson of Illinois. Byers won on a 5-2 decision and Kansas State defeated Illinois, 23-3. 

1960 Wrestling 




Mankato St. 



Northern 111. 












Air Force 



Fort Hays 





Iowa State 



Oklahoma St. 






1|:- WW 


Wildcat cross country runner Larry Wagner passes a 
Kansas competitor at the Big Eight meet at Lawrence. 

Cross Country Team 
Competes in 5 Meets 

Kansas State's cross country team was paced by 
senior Duane Holman, who placed first or second 
in four dual and triangular meets during the 1959 
season. The Wildcats placed third behind Nebraska 
and Colorado in a season-opening triangular here. 
Holman won individual honors with a time of 
15:56.9. He placed second in a dual against Mis- 
souri as Kansas State was defeated, 19-40. 

In the third meet of the season Drake and Iowa 
State finished ahead of the K-State team. Drake 
won with 33 points and Iowa State had 38 and 
Kansas State 52. In the final meet of the regular 
season, Kansas State finished second against Wich- 
ita and Drake. Drake took the meet with 29 points, 
Kansas State had 46, and Wichita 49. Holman 
placed second. 

Final competition was in the Big Eight meet at 
Lawrence, where K-State finished seventh. Hol- 
man again was the top Cat performer, placing 11th. 
Other performers for Coach Ward Haylett were 
Larry Wagner, Bob Groszek, Gene Mater, Bob 
Jadlow, and Jerry Schletzbaum. 

Members of the Kansas State university cross country 
team competed in five meets during the season. Top 

Row: Gene Mater, Bob Jadlow, Jerry Schletzbaum. Bot- 
tom Row: Duane Holman, Larry Wagner, Bob Groszek. 

... ■ ■■ ■■' ■:■ ■■™ ■■>■:::., ■■:■: 

Larry Wagner finishes ahead of Iowa State's Harlan 
Milliken in the 880-yard run at a triangular here. 

Tracksters Participate 
in Six Indoor Meets 

Kansas State's indoor track team competed in six 
meets this season. The Cats opened with a loss to 
Nebraska in a dual. They then gathered three firsts 

J o 

at the Michigan State Relays, as Rex Stucker won 
the low hurdles, Duane Holman won the two-mile 

Breaking the tape is Bob Groszek of Kansas State as he 
edges Colorado's Bill Toomey in the 600-yard run. 

run, and the shuttle relay team finished first. Colo- 
rado won a triangular meet here with Kansas State 
finishing second and Iowa State third. 

K-State was last in the Big Eight meet as Okla- 
homa took the title. At the Colorado Invitational 
relays the Cat trackmen won three firsts, with 
Stucker taking both the high and low hurdles and 
Larry Wagner winning the 880-yard run. Two first 
place medals were won by Cat performers at the 
K-State Invitational relays in the last indoor meet 
of the season. 

On his way to a new Field House record is Rex Stuck- 
er, Kansas State's ace hurdler. Stucker set the record 

time of 6.8 seconds for the 60-yard low hurdles in the 
annual meet here with Colorado and Iowa State. 

-1 :<■*?-.■■■ 

Practicing baton exchanges for the mile relay are Larry French (57), Chuck Burgat (73), Jim Vader (56), Deloss Dodds ( 59' 

Thane Baker, (left), former Kansas State track stand- 
out, talks things over with Head Coach Ward Haylett. 




Track Team Captures 
Fourth in Big-8 Meet 

Boasting a handful of individual standouts but 
lacking in team depth, Kansas State's track team 
recorded two meet victories and a fourth-place fin- 
ish in the Big Eight meet in the 1959 outdoor sea- 

The Wildcats outclassed Wichita in a dual meet 
at Manhattan and downed Nebraska and Houston 
in a triangular at Lincoln. Cat trackmen also par- 
ticipated in several other meets. 

Four men paced the Cats in scoring all season— 
DeLoss Dodds, senior quartermiler; Jim Cain, sen- 
ior shot-putter; Rex Stucker, sophomore hurdler; 
and Tom Rodda, senior distance man. Another con- 
sistent point-getter was the mile relay team, which 
ranked among the finest in the nation. Dodds, Bob 
Groszek, Jim Vader, and Larry French formed the 
top foursome, with Stucker and Chuck Burgat see- 
ing part-time duty. 

hese four and Bob Groszek and Rex Stucker competed on the team during 1959. The team was second in the Big Eight meet. 

Clearing 6-2 at the Big Eight conference meet, Kansas 
State's Steve French earns a tie for fifth place. 



i-» ' 

K-State miler Tom Rodda runs second to Oklahoma's 
Gail Hodgson in the 1959 conference meet at Norman. 

4» ik-w -^> : ;-: m4 Mm 

Trailing Kansas university's Charlie Tidwell, Rex 
Stucker heads toward a second-place in the low hurdles. 

Cedric Price, sophomore high-jumper, clears the bar at 
6-4 to tie for third place in the Big Eight meet. 

K-State opened its season at the Texas relays at 
Dallas and placed in six events. The Cats next saw 
action at the Kansas relays and placed in five 
events. The mile relay team finished second for the 
top Wildcat performance. Steve French cleared 
6-2% to tie for second in the high jump. K-State's 
sprint medley relay team finished third, and so did 
Cain in the shot and Stucker in the 400-meter AAU 

Cats Win Seven Events at Lincoln 

At the Lincoln triangular, Stucker won both the 
high and low hurdles. Other Cats firsts were by 
Cain in the shot, Al Hamilton in the javelin, Dodds 
in the 440-yard dash, and the mile relay team. Ced 
Price and French tied for first in the high jump. 
The following weekend, the Cats split forces for 
the Drake and Colorado relays. Stucker won the 
400-meter hurdles at Drake. At Colorado, Hamil- 
ton and Lowell Renz finished second and third, 
respectively, in the javelin. Price and French tied 
for fourth in the high jump. 

Wichita Loses to Cats, 106-30 

Making their only home appearance of the sea- 
son, the Wildcats swept four events and won 10 
others to romp Wichita, 106-30. Stucker won the 
100-yard dash and the high hurdles, Rodda took 
both the mile and two-mile, and Dodds won the 
440- and 220-yard dashes. K-State swept all three 
places in the 440- and 220-yard dashes and in the 
high and low hurdles. Al Hamilton bettered his 
own varsity javelin record with a throw of 218 feet. 

Two weeks later, K-State finished fourth in the 
conference meet at Norman. Kansas won the crown 
for the eighth straight time, followed by Oklahoma 
State and Oklahoma. The Cats failed to win an 

1959 Outdoor Track Squad— Top Row: Coach Ward Haylett, 
Rex Stucker, DeLoss Dodds, Dave Chelesnik, Al Hamilton, 
Lowell Renz, Steve French, Dale Evans, Billy Rich, team mana- 

ger Eddie McKean. Bottom Row: Bob Groszek, Jerry West, 
Larry French, Jim Vader, Tom Rodda, Chuck Burgat, Jerry 
Hess, Murray Corbin, Max Falk. 

Sophomore Bob Groszek leaves the blocks on the first 
leg of the mile relay in the meet against Wichita. 

Shot-putters Jim Cain (left) and Ced Price watch in- 
tently as the tape is stretched to measure a throw. 

Taking the baton from Bob Groszek in the mile relay, 
Rex Stucker strains to keep the lead over Wichita. 

event, but scored five seconds and three thirds. The 
mile relay team finished second, as did Rodda in 
the mile, Renz in the javelin, Stucker in the low 
hurdles, and Dodds in the quarter. Price tied for 
third in the high jump, and Cain and Stucker fin- 
ished third in the shot and high hurdles, respec- 

Five Wildcat trackmen competed in the NCAA 
meet at Lincoln, three of them placing. Rodda was 
fifth in the mile, Dodds was sixth in the quarter, 
and Stucker placed sixth in both the high and low 

Dodds finished fourth in the 400-meters in the 
National AAU meet at Boulder in July, earning a 
spot on an all-star track team which competed in 

Triangular Results 

Kansas State 69 

Nebraska university 57 

Houston university 44 

Dual Results 

Kansas State 106 

Wichita university 30 


Iowa State Coach Cap Timm and K-State Coach Ray 
Wauthier talk over the ground rules with two umpires. 

1959 Baseball Squad— Top Row: Dick Skelton, Al Thaemert, 
Jim Haggard, Ken Jones, Marvin Daniels, Galen Sullivan, Tom 
Dunn, Mel Kopf, Dave Fiser, Assistant Coach Bob Bremner, 

Kansas State Escapes 
Big-8 Baseball Cellar 

K-State found the going rough in baseball during 
1959, but the Wildcats did manage to escape the 
conference cellar, thanks to Missouri university. 
The Cats ended play with a 4-9 record, but three 
of these wins came when Reaves Peters, executive 
director of the Big Eight, ruled that Missouri had 
used an ineligible player in its three-game sweep 
over K-State. 

The Wildcats opened their season with the series 
against Missouri at Columbia. K-State battled the 
Tigers on even terms for five innings in the opener, 
but came out on the short end of a 3-0 score as 
Missouri scored a run in the sixth inning and two 
more in the seventh. Al Schierling went the dis- 
tance for the Cats, allowing only six hits. The Wild- 
cats, however, got only two hits. Missouri went 

Coach Ray Wauthier. Bottom Row: Al Schierling, Wayne 
Campbell, Terry Knowles, Dan Whitmore, Joe Vader, Harold 
Saunders, Ken Nakari, Paul Bader, Clarence Norris, Bob Gra- 
ham, Brad Bochow. 


wild in the doubleheader the next day, pounding 
out 22-0 and 26-3 victories. In the final game, 
K-State scored a run in the first and two more in 
the seventh. The Missouri victories, however, were 
wiped away by the forfeitures. 

Rains plagued the Wildcats the following week- 
end as the series with Colorado at Manhattan was 
cancelled due to wet grounds. K-State then jour- 
neyed to Stillwater to meet Oklahoma State, the 
team which was to win the NCAA tournament in 

Cowboys Sweep Three from Cats 

The Cowboys had little trouble disposing of the 
Wildcats, 19-0, 15-0, and 8-3. K-State got only two 
hits in the opener, and gave up 23 hits in the dou- 
bleheader. The Wildcats scored their runs in the 
fourth inning of the final game as Al Thaemert and 
Joe Vader singled and Dan Whitmore doubled to 
score Thaemert. Whitmore and Vader then came 
home on an OSU error. 

K-State made its first home appearance of the 
season the following weekend, hosting Iowa State. 
The Wildcats exploded for their biggest inning of 
the year when they scored nine runs in the seventh 

Right fielder Joe Vader chats with an umpire before 
the second game of the doubleheader with Kansas. 

The long stretch— First baseman Galen Sullivan reach- 
es for a throw. Sullivan batted .462 for the Wildcats. 

1959 Baseball 











Okla. State 
Okla. State 
Okla. State 
Iowa State 
Iowa State 

o PP . 






'forfeited by Missouri 




Shortstop A\ Thaemert gets set to field a grounder. 
Thaemert hit .271 for K-State, tops among regulars. 


: . ■ 

Strike one— A KU batter looks at a strike thrown by 
Bob Graham in K-State's victory over the Jayhawkers. 

inning of the opener, but the Cyclones had built up 
a 13-0 lead in the first four innings and went on to 
score five in the eighth and one more in the ninth. 
Iowa State also won the second game, 9-5, and was 
leading in the nightcap when the game was called 
because of rain. 

The rains came again the following weekend at 
Norman, and the entire series with Oklahoma was 
rained out. 

The K-State team then met Kansas at Manhat- 
tan. After losing the first two games, 12-0 and 8-7, 
the Wildcats beat the Jayhawks, 15-11, to break a 
21-game losing streak. After being held to only 
four hits in the opener Saturday, K-State's come- 
back fell short in the second game after Kansas had 
built up an 8-1 lead in the first three innings. 

Cats Go Wild Against Kansas 

The Wildcats combined 11 hits, 11 walks, and 
took advantage of five Kansas errors to break into 
the victory column. Paul Bader was the big gun 
for K-State, getting a home run and two singles and 
driving across 6 runs. His homer in the second 
inning of the finale put the Wildcats ahead for 
good. Bob Graham started and got the win, but 
needed help from Dick Skelton in the seventh, 
when Kansas erupted for four runs. Skelton, who 
worked 5 scoreless frames in a relief role in the first 
game of the twinbill, walked one but retired two 
hitters to preserve the win. 

K-State again was rained out in its first game 
with Nebraska at Lincoln a week later. Despite 
getting their finest pitching of the season, the Wild- 
cats lost both games Saturday by the score of 1-0. 
The Huskers scored in the fifth inning of the open- 
er and in the sixth inning of the nightcap. Skelton 
allowed only 3 hits as he went the distance in the 
first game. Schierling came back in the finale with 
a 5-hitter. K-State could get only 4 hits in each 
of the games. 

Paul Bader patrolled centerfield for K-State. 
He hit a homer and two singles against KU. 

Starting pitchers in most of K-State's games in 1959 
were Brad Bochow (left), Bob Graham and Al Schier- 

ling. Graham was the only Wildcat pitcher to record a 
win, getting credit for the 15-11 victory over Kansas. 



Golfers Take Seventh 
in League Tournament 

K-State's golf team finished its 1959 season with 
a 2-11-1 record, placing seventh in both the con- 
ference standings and the Big Eight tournament. 

The Wildcat team managed wins over Wichita 
and Washburn universities for its only victories of 
the season. 

George Hooper lead the Wildcat golfers in dual 
competition with a 7-7 season's mark. Charles 
Hostetler and Dennis Buck each posted a 6-8 rec- 
ord for the season. Other Wildcat lettermen were 
Jerry Hendricks, 2-12, and Dick Martin, 0-3. Non- 
lettering Cat golfers were Fred Saunders and 
Wayne Denton, each with an 0-1 mark. 

Buck was Coach Mickey Evans' top scorer, mark- 
ing up 22/2 points while allowing opponents 19/2. 
Hooper scored 20% points. 

Holding the flag for George Hooper as he practices 
putting is Dennis Buck. Looking on is Jerry Hendricks. 

Four members of Kansas State's 1959 golf squad confer with Coach Mickey Evans. 
They are George Hooper, Dennis Buck, Charles Hostetler, and Jerry Hendricks. 

1959 Golf 



3V 2 



5V 2 

Iowa State 


5V 2 



5V 2 












5V 2 

Okla. State 


3V 2 






7V 2 













Tennis Team Finishes 
With 7-6 Dual Record 

Kansas State's tennis team posted a dual meet 
record of 7 wins and 6 losses for the 1959 season. 
Coached by Karl Finney, the Cat netmen defeated 
Big Eight rivals Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa State 
in dual matches. 

Other wins came over Southwestern, Pittsburg 
State, and Washburn twice. The biggest disappoint- 
ment of the season was the last place finish in the 
Big Eight tournament, which was won by Oklaho- 
ma State. 

Winston Tilzey led the K-State netmen as num- 
ber one singles man, and ended the season with a 
7-6 record. Ed Frankel played behind Tilzey, and 
was 5-8 for the season. Jim Holwerda played num- 
ber three singles, finishing the season with a 9-4 
mark, best on the squad. Lee Atkins was number 
four man on the team, and compiled a 5-8 season's 
record. Steve Poort had a 6-6 record as number five 


Tilzey and Holwerda combined for the number 
one doubles team in most of the matches, while 
Frankel and Atkins teamed up to play number two 
doubles through most of the season. Tilzey and 
Holwerda posted a 7-3 mark in their doubles 
matches. Frankel and Atkins ended the season 
with a 3-4 mark in doubles competition. 

Teaming up for doubles competition on the tennis 
squad last season were Jim Holwerda and Ed Frankel. 

Displaying winning form is Winston Tilzey, who 
played in the number one position for Kansas State. 

Receiving instructions from Coach Karl Finney are three members of the 1959 Kansas 
State University tennis team. They are Steve Poort, Jim Butts, and Lee Atkins. 


ggy fcjpjyf M i » ll l,» »'» l » - *"** 


1959 Tennis 











Okla. State 









Pitt. State 













Iowa State 






o o 


I960 Gymnastics Squad— Front Row: Coach Frank Thompson, 
Burt English, Bob Bector, Jon Harris, Elden Pickinpaugh, Boger 
Pine, David Spence, Mike Dziura, Don Krasko, Lou Fina, as- 

sistant coach. Back Row: A. B. Fisher, Jerry Grace, Bichard 
Burbank, Darrell Black, Clayton DePue, Marion Karr, John 
Warnhoff, Bichard Page. 

Gymnasts Undefeated 
In Seven Dual Meets 

The 1959-60 gymnastics team became the first in 
the history of the sport at K-State to go undefeated. 
The Wildcats posted a 7-0 record in dual matches, 
including three victories over Kansas. 

Coach Frank Thompson's team was composed 
mostly of juniors and had only one senior, Ivan 
Loomis, who was team captain. Loomis was the 

team's leading scorer last year, but was hindered 
by injuries this season. He still finished as third- 
high scorer with 77 points. Mike Dzima led the 
team with 97 points and Bob Rector was second 
with 85. 

Dziura was undefeated in his specialty, the free 
exercise event, and also performed creditably on the 
flying rings and parallel bars. Rector's chief events 
were the parallel bars, flying rings and hi bar. 
Loomis excelled in rebound tumbling and on the 
hi bar and flying rings. David Spence ranked fourth 
on the team in scoring with 72 points and had a 
6-1 record in tumbling. 

Captain Ivan Loomis competes in rebound tumbling in a double dual-triangular 
meet with Kansas and Northwest Oklahoma State. Loomis was the team's only senior. 

1960 Gymnastics 







Ft. Hays 



Colorado St. U. 



Ft. Hays 






NW Okla. St. 






On the way to one of his several dual-meet victories 
during the 1959-60 season is K S diver Ron Converse. 

Jerry Fitzgerald turns the corner and heads for the 
finish in the butterfly event during a home dual meet. 

Swimming Team Wins 
4 of 13 Dual Matches 

Kansas State's Swimming team won 4 of 13 dual 
matches and finished sixth in the Big Eight confer- 
ence meet at Boulder during the 1959-60 season. 
The Wildcat swimmers defeated Emporia State, 58- 
34, at Emporia and Pittsburg State, 57-37, at Pitts- 
burg. The other wins were at Manhattan, 64-30 
over Emporia State and 53-42 over Pittsburg State. 

The most consistent scorers for K-State were 
Dave Hinderliter in the 50- and 100-yard freestyle 
events and the 400-yard freestyle relay team, com- 
posed of Jerry Fitzgerald, Chuck Englund, Craig 
McNeal and Hinderliter. 

This quartet finished third in the conference 
meet. Hinderliter finished in a tie for sixth in the 
50-yard freestyle event and Fitzgerald finished 
sixth in the 100-yard butterfly event. The Wildcat 
400-yard medley relay team, composed of Ray 
Bentz, Bruce Smith, Jim Callen and Ron Converse, 
also finished sixth. Coaching the Wildcats was Gor- 
don Harper, who was a member of the K-State 
team a year ago. 

I960 Swimming Squad— Top Row: Manager Duane Daily, Dave Hinderliter, Craig MeNeal, Jim Cal- 
len. Second Row: Ron Converse, Bruce Smith, Chuck Englund, Larry Rader, Ray Bentz. Rottom Row: 
Gary Beck, Coach Gordon Harper, Jerry Fitzgerald. 

1960 Swimming 







Emporia State 



Pitt. State 






Iowa State 



Pitt. State 



Colo. St. Coll. 









Colo. St. U. 









Emporia State 


K S Women Compete 
n Full IM Program 

Miss Katherine Geyer, the head of women's physical 
education, also was director of women's intramurals. 

Van Zile hall for the second consecutive year 
won the softball title in the 1958-59 women's intra- 
murals. Southeast hall was runnerup. Connie Crist- 
ler, Southeast hall, defeated Melissa Hale, North- 
west hall, to win the tennis singles crown. Table 
tennis champion in 1958-59 was Kathy Horridge, of 
Pi Beta Phi sorority. This year, Carolyn Larson, 
Waltheim hall, defeated Phyllis Dolecek, Alpha Chi 
Omega, for the table tennis crown. Gylaine Faul- 
coner and Lois Webber, Alpha Chi Omega, claimed 
the badminton title by upending Melissa Hale and 
Joyce Foster, Van Zile hall. 

Northwest hall racked up the most points in 
swimming to win the 1959-60 title. Northwest in- 
dividual winners were Gay Smith, front and back 
crawl, and Jeannette Hamilton, breast stroke. Gay 
Smith, Joan McNeal, and Carolyn Beardmore made 
up the winning medley relay team. Other meet 
winners were Wanda Eggers, Alpha Chi Omega, 
back stroke; Loretta Fox, Alpha Delta Pi, side 
stroke; and Becky Whitfield, Pi Beta Phi, diving. 

Northwest Hall Swimming Team— Top Row: Nancy Kurtze, 
Diana Betton, Gay Smith, Margaret Schwartz, and Tina Merrell. 

Bottom Row: Carol Fitzhugh, Carolyn Beardmore, and Dee 


Carolyn Lajrson, Van Zile hall, was champion in table 
tennis singles in the 1959-60 intramural competition. 

Alpha Chi Omegas Gylaine Fanlconer and Lois Web- 
ber won 1959-60 title in intramural badminton doubles. 

Van Zile Hall Softball Team— Top Row: Carolyn Cling, Anne 
Clarkson, Ruth Bybee, Carolyn Koch, Jean Swengle, Bobbie 

Rittgers. Bottom Row: Carolyn Foreman, Mildred Leiken, Joyce 
Banks, Millie Heiken, Donna Jean Baker. 


Van Zile Hall Volleyball Team— Top Row: Judy Leece, 
Carolyn Cling, Melissa M. Hale, Ann Hanson, Eleanor Randels, 

Joanne Dailey. Bottom Row: Anne Clarkson, Donna Jean B 
Joyce Banks, Sherry Henderson, Millie Heiken. 

Kathy Horridge ( right ) , Pi Beta Phi, defeated Annette 
Tighe, Chi Omega, to win 1958-59 table tennis title. 


Representing Southeast hall, Connie Cristler capti 
the 1958-59 tennis singles intramural championship 



: ; ! ; 




* ■ - 

Betas, West Stadium 
Win 1959 IM Titles 

Intramural champions last year were Beta Theta 
Pi in the fraternity division and West Stadium in 
the independent division. The Beta victory ended 
a six year reign by Sigma Alpha Epsilon. It was 
the second straight championship for West Stadium. 

In 1959 the Betas defeated Delta Tau Delta to 
win the fraternity volleyball crown. The Vets were 
independent volleyball winners. Sigma Alpha Ep- 
silon captured the fraternity track title for the sec- 
ond consecutive season and the Betas finished sec- 
ond. West Stadium also won the track crown for 
the second straight vear. The Sig Alphs totaled 67 
points to win the fraternity crown, and West Sta- 
dium scored 90/1 

YMCA defeated West Stadium for the independ- 
ent softball championship for the second straight 

Frank Myers has been associated with Kansas State 52 
years. He has been intramural director since 1948. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Swimming 
Team — Top Row: Pat Milliken, 
John Hansel, and Jay McDonald. 
Bottom Row: James Peek, Steve 
Boone, and Don Schone. 

West Stadium Swimming Team- 
To p Row: Ron Gustafson, Carl 
Felver, Duane Holman. Bottom 
Row: Burt English, Bob Groszek, 
Jon Conley, and Duane Shaw. 


The Rebels Football Squad- 
Top Roic: Jere Hinkle, Robert Dit- 
toe, Leon Smith, Ken Nakari, Jerry 
McKee, George Callison. Bottom 
Row: Jon Brake, Dan Kershaw, Leo 
Gardner, Al Thaemert. 

Phi Delta Theta Football Squad 
—Top Row: Dave Neilson, Dee 
Woodward, Rick German, Tom 
Dunn, Clarence Norris, Ron Hole- 
man, Jim McQueen, Phil Barger. 
Bottom Row: Ken Jones, Bill Tay- 
lor, Joe Davis, Dick Hoyt, Gene 
Olander, Stuart Leonhart. 

Pi Kappa Alpha's intramural free throw champions- 
Bill Bouchey, Jerry Hedriek, Bob Kolderman, Dan Bird. 

Westminster Fellowship's victorious free throw team 
—Leo Williams, Duane Shaw, James Vallas, Al Hamilton. 


Sigma Chi Basketball Squad— Top Row: Sid Jones, William 
Miller, Richard Johnson, Forrest Irons, Wayne Campbell, Ron 

Janasek, Bob Young. Bottom Row: Gary Delforge, Bob Black- 
welder, Joe Biggs, Gene Reinhardt, Pat Waugh, Lee Atkins. 

year. Sigma Alpha Epsilon won over Beta Theta Pi 
for the fraternity softball title. 

Last fall Phi Delta Theta won over Delta Tau 
Delta to cop the fraternity football crown, and the 
Rebels won the independent football title, defeat- 
ing the Playboys in the championship game. 

Sonny Ballard and Dick Corbin teamed to win 
the handball doubles title for the Betas. Ray Eaton 
won the table tennis singles championship for AIA, 
and Gary Vacin captured the fraternity table tennis 
title for Tau Kappa Epsilon, while Ernie English 
and Frank Folsom won the independent table ten- 
nis doubles crown for West Stadium. Jim Holwerda 
and Lane Brown won the fraternity table tennis 
doubles for Sigma Chi. 

Phil Litwak, representing Kasbah, captured the 
independent handball singles title. Sigma Chi won 
over Sigma Alpha Epsilon to claim the fraternity 
basketball championship, and Westminster Fellow- 
ship defeated the Fat Daddies for the independent 

A member of Sigma Chi's winning intramural basket- 
ball team drives in the final game with the SAE's. 

Westminster Fellowship Bas- 
ketball Squad— Top Row: Doug 
Erbeck, Al Hamilton, Lee Cook, 
James Vallas, Jim McKain. Bottom 
Row: Leo Williams, Duane Shaw, 
Ray Eastwood. 


Winner in fraternity horseshoes was Haven Rolander, 
and Arlyn Bieber was champion in independent tennis. 

Jardine Terrace's victorious golfers were Gary Beards- 
lee, Frank Minor, Jack Bradrick, and John Gurst. 

Independent free throw 
champ was Al Hamilton. 

Winning handball performer in the independent 
singles division was Phil Litwak of the Kasbah. 

Fraternity free throw 
champ was Bill Bouchey. 


Independent division horseshoes singles winner 
was William Hecht. He participated for the AIA. 

Winners of fraternity doubles in tennis were Maurice 
Smith and Lane Brown. They represented Sigma Chi. 

Richard Aberle, representing Delta Tau Delta frater- 
nity, was winner of the intramural tennis singles. 

>•■'■•■ . 

Beta Theta Pi and Delta Tau Delta battle it out in the 
championship game of fraternity division volleyball. 

The Vets Volleyball Team— Top Row: John Palmateer, Bud 
Tolman, LeRoy Covert, Jerry Darnold. Bottom Row: Warren 
Blaekloek, Robert McMickell, Bill Rexroad. 

Beta Theta Pi Volleyball Team Top Roiv: Hank Pierce, 

Mike Schafer, Warren Brown, Mickey Heinz, Richard Ewy. 
Bottom Row: Daryl Mackender, Tom Thummel, Dick Corbin, 
Gary Luck, Sonny Ballard. 


Fraternity Division Track Winners— Top Row: Ed Cannon, 
Hank Pierce, Bob Merten, John French, Ray Booth. Second 
Row: Joseph Seay, Larry Word, and Vaughn Shamburg. Tliird 
Row: Ed Dillinger, Gary Giles, and Don Moehring. Bottom 
Row: Marian Francis, Jim Dicken, and Stan Peterson. 

Independent Division Track Winners— Top Row: Paul Dob- 
son, Dick Scott. Second Row: Leo Williams, Jack Marcoline. 
Third Row: Oree Banks, Eddie Taylor. Bottom Row: Duane 
Shaw, Duane Engle, Francis Habiger. 

Doubles winners in fraternity horseshoes were Larry 
Wilson and Bill Bryson, representing Phi Delta Theta. 

Doubles champions in fraternity handball were Dick 
Corbin and Sonny Ballard, representing Beta Theta Pi. 

Table Tennis Winners— Ernie English and Frank Fol- 
som, independent division doubles; Gary Vacin, frater- 

nity division singles; Bay Eaton, independent division 
singles; Lane Brown, Jim Holwerda, fraternity doubles. 

YMCA Softball Squad— Top Row: 
Dallas Konerar, Jon Londeen, Leon 
Durnil, Jim Lovell, Les Krull, Dan 
Kershaw. Bottom Row: Loren Ray, 
Darrell Rosenow, Gary Rosenow, 
Homer Kruekenburg, Marian Ray. 

Mervyn Stuckey, Glenn Chalmers 
won independent horseshoes. 

YMCA and West Stadium met in intramural softball finals of independent 
division last year. YMCA won the division for the second consecutive year. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Softball 
Squad — Top Row: Rob Reid, Al 
Word, Rob Merten, Scott Cochran, 
Don Flowers, Jerry Pettle. Bottom 
Row: Roger Cranmer, Jack Whit- 
tier, Con Moehring, Eddie Smith, 
Jerry Emerson. 


Carol Stewart, who was selected and crowned by 
band leader Woody Herman, is the second consecutive 

Stewart to reign as queen of the Royal Purple. Jan 
Stewart (no relation) was queen of the 1959 book. 


Carol Stewart 

Delta Delta Delta 

Stewart Named Queen 
Of '60 Royal Purple 

The highlight of the 1960 Royal Purple dance 
was the crowning of Carol Stewart as Roval Purple 
queen by band leader, Woody Herman. Herman 
announced the queen and her four attendants Mary 
Ann Simpson, Pat Isbell, Sandra Greenegard, and 
Svlvia Neal and presented them with bouquets at 
the intermission of the dance. The royal court was 
chosen from photographs of 17 candidates sent to 

Royal Purple queens have been selected from 
pictures submitted to a judge or judges chosen by 
the annual staff for 30 years. In 1931, a group of 
judges decided on the beauties; editors and busi- 
ness managers of four university yearbooks collab- 
orated in the queen selection. Fredric March judged 
in 1933 and, on staff request, picked five queens, 
each typifving one of five distinct kinds of beauty. 
In early Royal Purples, the beauties were chosen 
by popular student ballot. 

While her attendants look on, Carol Stewart, repre- 
senting Delta Delta Delta sorority, is crowned queen 

of the 1960 Royal Purple. The attendants: Sandra 
Greenegard, Pat Isbell, Sylvia Neal, Mary Ann Simpson. 


Emily Douthit 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Ruth Lash 

Alpha Xi Delta 


Jean Steele 

Chi Omega 

Mary Ann Simpson 

Alpha Delta Pi 

Pat Isbell 

Northwest Hall 

Judy Bowers 


Charlene Cox 

Gamma Phi Beta 





Ann McCurley 

Kappa Delta 



Mary Bobek 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Mary Ellen Malmberg 

Northwest Hall 

Carolyn Brauer 

Southeast Hall 

Sylvia Neal 

Pi Beta Phi 

Sandra Greenegard 

Van Zile Hall 

Jean Nickell 

Southeast Hall 

Carol Lee Weisser 

Van Zile Hall 

Pat Youngkin 

Waltheim Hall 


Good places in line for enrollment come hard for those 
who aren't early, as is evident by this stream of late- 

School Doesn't Grow; 
Enrollment Still 6,706 

Enrollment at Kansas State remained at a stand- 
still the fall semester as the student population 
numbered 6,706— the same number as the fall se- 
mester a year earlier. This was the first year since 
1952 that the number of students has not been 

This lack of increase was a tendency felt by all 
of the schools in the Big Eight conference, with the 
exception of Missouri university, and has been par- 
tially accounted for by the large number of degrees 
conferred in the spring and summer of 1959. 

Men Still Have Control 

However, there was an increase in the number of 
women students enrolled although they still were 
outnumbered about 3 to 1 by men. Fall registra- 
tion was in the Field House, and produced a marked 
change from the 1959 spring enrollment which took 

arrivals outside the Field House. However, the waiting 
is shortened by the appearance of old friends. 

Filling out IBM cards is the most tedious part of en- 
rollment. Holes in the cards make writing impossible. 


Meeting with one's adviser is an important and neces- 
sary part of each student's enrollment, as these students 

are well aware. Tables for consultation with advisers 
take up most of available space in Ahearn field house. 

place in the Animal Industries pavilion. The larg- 
er amount of open space facilitated the tedious 
process of enrollment. Students new to Kansas 
State found themselves filling out IBM cards, hav- 
ing their pictures taken, consulting advisers, and 
signing checks with confusion only slightly greater 
than that of the time-worn seniors. 

One hundred fifty international students were at- 
tracted to Kansas State, raising their number to 2.2 
per cent of the entire University enrollment. Grad- 
uate school also became more popular as there was 

an increase over last year. 


Education Up and Agriculture Down 

The rising number of women students brought 
about an increase in the teacher education curricu- 
lum and correspondingly a decrease in the School 
of Agriculture. This was a nation-wide tendency as 
schools throughout the country had an education 
population increase. 

Less than 5 per cent of the K-State student body- 
failed to return for the spring term as about 6,500 
enrolled in February. Usually 6 to 8 per cent drop 
out. And although nearly 400 persons were gradu- 
ated in January, enrollment was higher than a year 

Paying out the summer's hard-earned money is often 
difficult for K-Staters, but the end readily justifies it. 


College would not be college without lots of clothes 
as this freshman girl seems to have well in mind. 

This is a familiar scene at sorority houses and dorms 
as K-State women readily make use of willing parents. 

New Staters 'Snowed' 
By Orientation Agenda 

As new students arrived at K-State last fall, they 
found themselves immediately caught up in the 
whirlwind of Orientation Week. In between the 
discussion groups, tours, testing sessions, lectures, 
physicals, registration, and festivities, freshmen and 
transfer students became acquainted with room- 
mates and made many new friends. 

Activities started Sunday afternoon, September 
20, and continued through Saturday. Freshmen 
who had not pre-enrolled found themselves increas- 
ingly busy. The traditional President's Convoca- 
tion and a reception for students and their parents 
was Sunday. Monday brought the associated wom- 
en students conference and a watermelon feed 
sponsored by the Manhattan Chamber of Com- 
merce. Discussions, sessions and registrations, were 
climaxed by the Freshman Talent show Friday 
night. The Orientation program was brought to a 
close Saturday with an all-university dance. 

Greeting students and their parents, President and 
Mrs. James A. McCain participate in the annual recep- 

tion following the President's Convocation, the event 
which inaugurates the Orientation Week activities. 

Forced out of the crowded state room, new students 
relax on a Union stairway after an orientation tour. 

A new K-State student gets into the campus spotlight 
by presenting a dance in the Freshman Talent show. 

Munching away at slices of watermelon are the K- 
State cheerleaders. Watching with obvious enjoyment 

and amusement are members of the Manhattan Cham- 
ber of Commerce, which sponsors the watermelon feed. 


K S Sororities Pledge 
262; Fraternities 381 

Nine sororities pledged a record number of girls 
as 262 rushees received the bright new pins of their 
choice. A total of 381 men joined twenty-one fra- 
ternities, an amount 18 less than last year. 

Gamma Phi Beta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon set 
college records as they welcomed pledge classes of 
45 and 46 respectively. Clovia and Farm House do 
not participate in the regular fall rush system. 

"We made it" smile these men after opening invita- 
tions to pledge from the houses of their choice. 

Floors will sparkle when rushees enter the Sigma Nu 
house after the fraternity members finish cleaning. 

An extra day was added to sorority Rush Week 
to replace the summer rush period abandoned by 
Panhellenic council last year. Every girl going 
through Rush Week attended teas at all the sorori- 
ties Sunday, September 6, and open houses Mon- 
day. Rushees began to evaluate and make choices 
as the bids were issued for the preferential parties. 
For the rest of Rush Week, they returned by invita- 
tion to the houses that impressed them the most. 

Sorority members put on their best smiles and 
tried to hide the tired lines on their faces as they 
worked at a feverish rate. In an hour or two be- 
tween parties, they tore down decorations, put up 
new ones, changed costumes, memorized a few more 
names, and opened the door to another group of 
rushees which was arriving. 

Salesmanship plays a big part in a fraternity's success, 
as each tries to convince the rushees of the house's 

merits. Sigma Alpha Epsilon actives give prospective 
members one of many such lectures they will hear. 

Paperwork plays a big part in Rush Week. Rushees 
get their first samples as they check into their rooms. 

Foreign countries often provide the themes for parties 
and skits such as this one at the Kappa Delta house. 

After the last party, the rushees signed their pref- 
erence cards and began an eternity of waiting. At 
the same time, sorority members made out their 
bid lists and hoped the rushees had liked them. On 
Friday afternoon, the Greeks opened their doors to 
the new pledges amid tears of joy and relief. 

Fraternities began issuing date cards for Rush 
Week to high school boys in May, but the prospec- 
tive rushees could sign any time during the sum- 
mer. The hopefuls could accept three dates with 
four different houses. The three dates could not be 
on the same day, and these did not include sum- 
mer rush parties. 

On Wednesday, September 9, fraternity men 
started their campaign. At dinners and smokers, 
they worked hard convincing the rushees of the 
values their houses had to offer. Most of the fra- 
ternities entertained without the elaborate decora- 
tions, costumes, and skits characteristic of sorority 
rush. A customary part of the program was a trip 
to the sorority houses to see the tearful, screaming 
pledges welcomed into their new college homes. 

Although the rushees could pledge orally during 
the week, nothing was official until they had signed 
their preference cards and the fraternities had com- 
piled their pledge lists. 

Parties, parties, and still more parties as the week 
rolls toward a close. These rushees are returning by 

invitation to the Alpha Delta Pi house as they try 
to decide which sorority is best for them to join. 


Beaming Judy Mai is crowned 1959 Homecoming queen by Max Bishop, 
Blue Key president, at the annual Homecoming ball. 

Non-Participation, OU 
Hinder Homecoming 

Homecoming 1959 had a slightly non-traditional 
air after the fraternities voted not to decorate, but 
sororities and independent houses continued to 
brave cold weather in competition with each other. 

Gamma Phi Beta dominated activities as it won 
first place in house decorations and its representa- 
tive, Judy Mai was elected Homecoming queen. 
Waltheim captured the independent house decora- 
tion trophy. Alph Chi Omega was awarded first 
place in the Greek float division. In the independ- 
ent section, Newman club took first. "What It Was 
Was Homecoming" provided the basic theme for 
all decorations. Kansas State lost to Oklahoma, 
36-0, in the Homecoming game November 7. 

Tri Delts worked their way to second place in home- 
coming decorations with a "Hustle Your Bustle" theme. 


Threatening to break Oklahoma's winning streak won the Gamma Phi Betas the first place trophy in 
the house decorating contest. Alpha Chi Omega and Newman club received first place float trophies. 

Queen Judy and her attendants, Pat Roberts, Joan 
Moore, Judy Hoy, and Bonnie Coons, are radiant with 

smiles after being presented their trophies. The queen 
and her attendants reigned over Homecoming festivities. 

Smiling confidently, Coleen Ungeheuer gets ready to 
milk a cow while practicing for the Aggie Chore Night. 

Coleen Ungeheuer, is crowned Barnwarmer queen by 
Clyde W. Mullen, assistant agriculture dean, at the 

Coleen Chosen Queen 
Of Charm and Chores 

Charm and chore talent won Coleen Ungeheuer 
the title of Barnwarmer queen last fall during the 
Barnwarmer festivities. The queen, who represent- 
ed Northwest hall, was selected by the agriculture 
students and crowned by C. W. Mullen, assistant 
dean of the School of Agriculture. She was pre- 
sented an engraved silver tray October 9 at the 
Barnwarmer dance. 

The queen's four attendants were Floy Baldwin, 
Chi Omega; Karol Durham, Southeast hall; Marilyn 
McCord, Kappa Kappa Gamma; and Rosemary 
Wineinger, Gamma Phi Beta. 

The five finalists were selected from a group of 
17 contestants by the agriculture students after the 
contestants had been questioned and interviewed 
at an ag seminar. Voting on the finalists was com- 
pleted after they displayed their farm abilities 
during Chore Night. Chores by the girls included 
milking a cow, driving a tractor, calling hogs, and 
saddling and riding a horse. Queen Coleen also 
reigned over the activities during Agriculture week 
in the spring, including the K-State Little American 

Barnwarmer dance. Attendants are Rosemary Winein- 
ger, Floy Baldwin, Marilyn McCord, Karol Durham. 


Cleaning the teeth of a canine during the Veterinary 
Medicine Open House, a student explains the funda- 

To demonstrate the effect of new drugs on cold- 
blooded animals, a student shows a tranquilized snake. 

mentals of looking for evidence of gum and teeth in- 
fection in dogs. About 5,400 persons saw the exhibits. 

Student Veterinarians 
Exhibit KS Facilities 

To show the facilities of K-State's School of Vet- 
erinary Medicine and to alleviate errors which the 
public has about veterinary medicine were the aims 
of the third annual Veterinary Medicine Open 
House last fall. About 5,400 persons toured the 
veterinary medicine buildings and viewed exhibits. 
The Open House was planned and carried out by 

An unexpected attraction was an emergency 
Caesarean section on a Pekingese dog. About 200 
persons crowded into Dvkstra hospital amphithea- 
ter to see the operation. Lowell Novy was Open 
House chairman and co-ordinator of the six ex- 
hibits—anatomy, public service, physiology, path- 
ology, surgery and medicine, and education. 

The physiology exhibit showed a sheep that was 
half white and half black because of a special diet. 
A mechanical heart and preserved heart specimens 
were featured in the anatomy exhibit to show the 
different animal hearts. Other exhibits included a 
dog show and methods of artificial respiration. 


Bravely lending his hand, an Arts and Sciences Day 
visitor has a blood test taken by members of Alpha 

Drugs labeled with radioactive isotopes were traced 
through research rats in the biochemistry exhibit. 

Delta Theta. The medical technology honorary deter- 
mined blood types of about 250 persons at Open House. 

More Than 500 See 
A&S Day Exhibitions 

Twenty-three departments in the School of Arts 
and Sciences presented counseling, demonstrations, 
and exhibits to more than 500 visiting high school 
students during Arts and Sciences Day. The event 
was sponsored last fall by the Arts and Sciences 

Ruth Glendening served as student chairman 
for the day. Prof. Marjorie Adams and Prof. Jack 
Lambert served as faculty advisers for the activities. 

The day was opened with an address by Presi- 
dent McCain in the Union ballroom, followed by a 
buffet luncheon. A tour of the displays completed 
the day's activities. The Department of Modern 
Languages was awarded a plaque for having the 
best display. 


FMOC Joe Vader is crowned by Home Economics 
council president Kathy Bryan at the annual Snowball 

dance. Attendants were Jim Carpenter, John Engle- 
man, Norman Newton, and Forrest White. 

Women Choose Vader 
As Favorite KS Male 

Joe Vader, representing Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 
was crowned "Favorite Man on Campus" at the an- 
nual Snowball dance sponsored by the School of 
Home Economics last fall. 

K-State women selected Vader from a field of 23 
candidates representing fraternities and organized 
houses. Vader was crowned by Kathy Bryan, presi- 
dent of the Home Economics council. 

The attendants to the 1959 FMOC were Jim Car- 
penter, Delta Tau Delta; John Engleman, Sigma 
Phi Epsilon; Forrest White, Delta Upsilon; and 
Norman Newton, Acacia. Each of the houses pre- 
sented skits at the sororities and dormitories to in- 
troduce their candidates. 

Introducing their FMOC candidate at a sorority house 
are the Sigma Chis in a rootin' tootin' western skit. 

.. ■ 

Saints Pat and Patricia, Lyle Clum and Gayla Shoe- 
make, cut a ribbon to open the Engineers' Open House. 

A student shows interested bystanders a part of the 
Mechanical Engineering departments display. The 

About 6,500 Persons 
See Engineer Exhibits 

The 1960 Engineers' Open House during the 
weekend of March 19 was visited by approximately 
6,500 persons, many of them high school students. 
Gayla Shoemake, St. Patricia, and Lyle Clum, St. 
Pat, opened the annual event by cutting a ribbon 
in front of Seaton hall. 

Miss Shoemake and Clum were officially crowned 
Saints Patricia and Pat at the St. Pat prom in the 
Union ballroom. They previously had been elected 
by engineering students. Attendants were Carolyn 
Brauer, Judy Whitesell, Warren Blacklock, and Karl 

The Chemical Engineering department was 
awarded a prize for the outstanding Open House 
exhibit, as judged bv professional engineers select- 
ed by the Kansas Engineering society. The exhibit 
was an illustrated display course in unit operations, 
and featured a large instant coffee-making appara- 
tus. The department also showed how keys are 
plated, and explained the fluidation of solids on 
fine sand. 

The Electrical Engineering exhibit robot won 
the award for individual honors. The remote-con- 
trolled robot, built of sheet metal, could smoke, 
walk, move both arms, and pick up objects. Ex- 
hibits were entered by the Mechanical, Electrical, 
Chemical, Industrial, Civil, and Nuclear Engineer- 
ing groups. 

Wankel rotary engine is an interesting development in 
engineering, having only two main working parts. 


tern****"—*' 1 ''' 

umem> '«•*>' 
&rm cm* 

This robot won the first place individual honors for 
the Electrical Engineering department at the Open 

House. The robot, which was seven feet tall, was able 
to smoke and pick up objects by remote control. 

This elaborate instant coffee-making machine helped 
get the Chemical Engineering department an award for 

the outstanding exhibit at the Open House. The unit 
was planned to make coffee for all Open House visitors. 


Jan White put her talent for playing the marimbas to good use last year and won the Miss Man- 
hattan-Miss K-State contest. Miss White was a runner-up in the Miss Kansas contest last summer. 

Charlene Murphy won the first Miss Scheherezade 
contest, sponsored by the Arab-American club. 

Campus Queen List 
Continues To Grow 

Queen contests became more frequent at K-State 
as two new ones were added to the list of annual 
contests. Charlene Murphy reigned over the Arab- 
American club's first Miss Scheherazade night in 
December. About 800 persons attended the variety 
show and dance. 

Vivian Brown was crowned queen at the Inde- 
pendent Students association dance the same week- 
end. About 85 couples attended the first such ISA 
dance. Jan White was crowned Miss K-State-Miss 
Manhattan last year by Jan Stewart, the previous 
contest winner. Miss White later was named a run- 
ner-up in the Miss Kansas contest at Pratt. 

Gayla Shoemake was selected K-State's Miss 
Football last year and went to Berkeley, Calif., in 
September to compete with coeds from all over the 
United States for the national Miss Football title. 
She was named Miss Congeniality by the other 

Gayla Shoemake demonstrates the form that won her the title of K-State's Miss Football. Miss 
Shoemake also was named Miss Congeniality at the National Miss Football contest in California. 

Vivian Brown is crowned queen at the Independent 
Students association dance by President McCain, as 

the two queen attendants look on. This year was the 
first in which ISA sponsored a queen contest and dance. 

Performing before a near capacity audience in the 
Auditorium on Parents' Day, Count Basie won the ad- 

miration of many persons. After the concert, the jazz 
favorite and his band played for a dance in the Union. 

Popular Personalities 
Perform for Students 

Big-name entertainers invaded the K-State 
campus during both semesters when students had 
an opportunity to hear the Cell Block Seven, Count 
Basie, the Kingston Trio, and Woody Herman. 
Opening the school year on September 19 was the 
Prison party, which featured the Cell Block Seven, 
a popular jazz band. 

Parents' Day brought the appearance of Count 
Basie, another jazz favorite. A near capacity crowd 

attended the concert in the Auditorium prior to the 
dance. A special feature of the group was blues 
singer Joe Williams. The band has appeared at 
Carnegie Hall, several jazz festivals, and in Europe. 

The most popular attraction first semester was 
the Kingston Trio, outstanding young showmen, 
musicians, and singers of folk songs and ballads. 
The Trio presented a variety of numbers featuring 
tunes from Hawaii, Mexico, Spain, United States, 
and calypso rhythms from the West Indies. The 
songs of intelligent thought and good taste had 
high appeal to the responsive audience. 

Woody Herman and his dance band were fea- 
tured second semester at the coronation of the 
Royal Purple queen. 


The Kingston Trio— Bob Shane, Dave Guard, and Nick 
Reynolds— talk with a radio correspondent after their 

concert in the Field House. The Trio attracted the 
largest concert audience of the year at Kansas State. 

Jazzing it up at the first all-University dance of the 
year in September are the Cell Block Seven, a college 

unit from Dallas. Before the dance in the Union, the 
combo presented a concert in the Auditorium. 

Roger Wagner's 24-voice Chorale entertained a Sun- 
day afternoon audience with selections ranging from 

Caught in a moment of contemplation between ques- 
tions on his speech is author Harrison Salisbury. 

17th century Masses to American folk ballads. The 
Chorale was accompanied by its own chamber orchestra. 

Students Able To See 
Interesting Programs 

The combined efforts of the Manhattan Artist 
Series and the University's assembly program 
brought opportunity for students to see interesting 
cultural programs. Personalities who appeared in 
the Artist Series included Jerome Hines, Metro- 
politan Opera star; the Roger Wagner Chorale; 
Andres Segovia, famed guitarist; and the Dallas 
Symphony Orchestra. Increased interest and sup- 
port shown by capacity audiences has helped bring 
good programs to the campus through the years. 

The assembly schedule this year brought such 
outstanding persons to the campus as Dr. Huston 
Smith, noted philosopher, who spoke during Reli- 
gious Emphasis Week; Dr. Nicholas Nyaradi, for- 
mer finance minister of Hungary; Pulitzer prize- 
winner Harrison Salisbury; Dr. Benjamin Fine, edu- 
cator; Dr. Preston W. Slosson, historian; Ivy Baker 
Priest, U. S. Treasurer; Judson T. Landis, author; 
John P. Stapp, noted for rocket sled tests; and Nor- 
man Cousins, editor of the Saturday Review. 


Journalism students honored Benjamin Fine (right), a 
Pulitzer prize winner, at a post-assembly luncheon. 

Opening the 1959-60 Artist Series with a 5-encore per- 
formance was Jerome Hines, Metropolitan Opera basso. 

Nicholas Nyaradi, former Hungarian finance minister, 
relaxes after his assembly speech, "Shall We Survive?" 

Applying principles of effective national government 
to the student level is past U. S. congressman, T. V. 

Smith. Dr. Smith, presently of Syracuse university's 
School of Citizenship, was the SGA assembly speaker. 

Marching with the band were four twirlers : Mary Ann 
Simpson, Ellen Shannon, Jeanne George, Patty Smith. 

Music Enriches Lives 
of University Students 

Music plays a big part in the lives of many 
K-Staters. Membership in the various music groups 
is not limited to music majors. Students from a 
wide variety of curriculums enrich college lives by 
participating in organizations such as band or 
choir. These groups meet at times during the week 
that are planned not to interfere with classes. 

Almost as soon as enrollment is completed and 
the fall session of the University is underway, the 
K-State band begins to organize. By the time of 
the first football games, the band members have 
practiced drilling and are ready to march. Leading 
them upon the field this year was Bill Sigafoos, 
drum major. 

Band Has Four Majorettes 

Assisting him were the baton-twirling, white- 
uniformed majorettes: Jeanne George, Ellen Shan- 
non, Mary Ann Simpson, and Patty Smith. They 
joined with the band as the members formed de- 
signs on the field for half-time entertainment. 

K-State Band— Top Row: Joe Cleland, John Sayler, Maureen 
Maher, Paul Lu, Mary Moak, Marilyn Mauck, Bill Sigafoos, 
Boyd Mundehenke, Wanda Stallings, Benny Brent, Bita Sum- 
mers, Bob Johnson, Don Meredith, David Parr, James Shields. 
Second Row: James Fraser, Lois Burch, Gail Lake, Mildred 
Criswell, Gabriel Fiamon, Judy Long, Bert Biles, George Gruen, 

Lynnford Bammes, John Coufal, Raymond Simpson, Tom John- 
son, Kenneth Capron, Richard Meisinger. Third Row: Kathy 
Fleming, Mike Trollman, Alan Hanson, Marilyn Meyer, Ellis 
Meeks, Mary Toburen, Martha Broyles, Judith Blount, Dixie 
Tessman, Nancy Clark. Bottom Row: Jean Lumb, Stephen 
Lang, Audrey Meckfessel, Bobby Jones. 


Approximately 100 students began the fall term 
in the football band. Later, director jean Hedlund 
divided the instrumentalists into the varsity and 
concert bands. The concert band was a more select 
group. Still another band, the basketball band, was 
formed of members of either of the two band divi- 
sions who wanted to play at the University games. 

The band members entertained crowds at all 
home football and basketball games, the football 
game at KU, and several pep rallies. The fall pa ja- 
ma pep ralley was started bv small groups of band 
members who led students from various living 
areas and provided marching music as they moved 
to a central meeting place south of the Union. 

Band Presents Three Concerts 

In addition, the band presented three concerts 
January 17, April 24, and May 15. The concert 
band provided the music at the first two. The final 
concert was a joint presentation by both the varsity 
and concert bands. 

Jean Sloop was a newcomer to the K-State music 
department faculty and she began her first year as 
director of the Women's Glee club. This group pre- 
sented fall and spring concerts in conjunction with 
the Varsity Men's Glee clubs. The spring program 


Bill Sigafoos, the first drum major KSU has had in 
seven years, led the marching band at football games. 

K-State Band— Top Row: Jerry Post, Pete Mueller, Larry Mc- 
Lean, H. Jean Hedlund, James Seheetz, Gale Britton, Robert J. 
Quinn, George Heyne, Howard Kanitz, John Kaplan, David 
Reusser, Connie Fisher, John Schmidt, Judy Mai. Second Row: 
Dale Pickering, Robert Hill, Curtis Graber, Robert Lortscher, 
Richard Doyle, Sylvia McAlavey, David Bothwell, John Hassler, 

Ileen Rundle, Ben McLaurin, Deanna Ross, Virginia Railsback, 
Mary Ann Simpson. Third Row: Saloma Salter, Roger Lemon, 
Martha Lobmeyer, Billy Jones, A. B. Fisher, Howard Stapleton, 
Dixie Sherraden, Ronald Bell, Janet Adcock, Nancy Vacin. Rot- 
torn Row: Patty Smith, Betty Brindle, Jeanne George, Jane 
Grimble, Rebecca McArthur. 


Women's Glee Club— Top Roid: Greta Johnson, Mary Jeanne 
Scoby, Sondra Fair, Marshia Beard, Lareta Royer, Shirley Rol- 
lins, Joyce Bieker, Patty Stevens, Charlotte Davis, Roberta Opie, 
Marjorie Norton, Bertie Lou Powell, Karen Richel, Carolyn 
Sargeant, Nancy McCoy, Linda Creamer, Susy Fowler, Donna 
Boyer, Jeanette Robson, Violet Day. Second Row: Ruth Anne 
Raleigh, Jnell Quanz, Barbara Lasley, Harriet Tedrow, Diane 
Zeckser, Linda Ate, Janice Bauersfeld, Jan Caldwell, Adrienne 
Quinn, Caroline Davidson, Linda Strong, Karen Kistner, Averill 
Brougher, Sandra Toadvine, Connie Proctor, Judy Kent, Edna 

Heady, Carolyn Pearson. Third Row: Harriet Wetlaufer, Patsy 
Johnson, Rosie Wineinger, Carol Doran, Eleanor Zeornes, Pat 
Riker, Karen Herthel, Sue Bannister, Judith Long, Margretta 
Flinner, Carolyn Apley, Janiece Brown, Gloria Wagner, Vickie 
Meier, LaDonna Ackennan, Phyllis Jacobson, Sharon Milam, 
Joanne Jennison, Leslie Dole. Bottom Row: Judie Morris, Althea 
Nelson, Carman Couch, Buenta Myers, Dixie Sherraden, Sue 
Morgan, Judy Stevens, Mayme Kauffeld, Colleen Ungeheuer, 
Joy Caldwell, Thyra Krauss, Nancy Noyes, Mary Alice Humes, 
Dorothy Allerheilger, Karin Anderson, Jane Young. 

was preceded by a recognition banquet. The wom- 
en also sang at several outside engagements. 

All K-State music groups combined for the an- 
nual Christmas production of Handel's "Messiah." 
The Men's and Women's Glee clubs, the A Cappella 
choir, the K-State Singers, and the orchestra spent 
many hours working together to make this tradi- 
tional feature a success. Large audiences always 
attend the assembly presentation of this favorite. 

The 70-voice A Cappella choir, directed by Wil- 
liam Fischer, presented 13 concerts on its four-day 
tour of the state. In addition, this group of ad- 
vanced singers entertained at the annual Christmas 
Vespers and a spring concert. The choir sang a 
wide range of music during the year. Traditional 
church music and modern jazz were delivered 
equally well in the same concert. 

Featured soloists with the choir who performed 

A Cappella Choir— Top Row: Harold Crawford, Peggy Dan- 
iels, Forrest White, Maureen Berls, Leonard Munger, Karen 
Crum, Darel Wendelburg, Jackie Matthews, Steve Huff, Rebecca 
Zook, Rebecca Dudrey, Jim Selby, Ross Freeman, Laura Coon, 
Barbara Anderson, Dick Siever, Sue Hostetler, Terry Bullock, 
Donna Scott, Dick Patterson, Mary Hebrank, Norman Hostetler, 
Sue Peterson, Kenyon Kugler. Second Row: Bill Dick, Ann 
Wood, Margaret Dodson, Paul Joines, Alvina Otte, Sandra 
Tenorio, Clement Stang, Judy Whitesell, Barbara Coolidge, Ron 
Garlow, Rex Andrews, Sharon Toburen, Anita Arnold, Jim Fair- 
child, Anita Torluemke, Jean Steele, John Stone, Carol Clark, 

Carol Stewart, Jay Crabb. Third Row: Dick Streets, Kent Smith, 
Jerry Cundiff, Sandra McDaniel, Bill Gleue, Joanne Powell, 
Lois Hadin, Ken Streets, Janice DeVore, Diane Dufva, Carl 
Mentgen, Pam Huntington, Julia Stafford, Bob Austin, Cathy 
Cunningham, Rowland Williams, John Stewart, Bob Thomas, 
Deanna Atkinson. Bottom Row: Scharmal Schrock, Judy Jeanine, 
Vera McGinnis, Tom Purinton, Dean Newsom, Judy Bauersfeld, 
Joleen Irvine, Paul Priefert, Dean Graham, Kay Walker, William 
R. Fischer, Esther Aberle, Jim Logbaek, Francis Dobrovolny, 
Jo Ellen Cooley, Barbara Taylor, Anton Davidson, Stanley Stout, 
Judy Pilkenton, Joan Moore, Sandra Veatch. 


Varsity Men's Glee Club Section I— Top Row: Tom Colaw, 
Merton Stoneking, Melvin Grusing, Alvin Middleton, Bruce 
Brauer, John Gaither, David Bryan, Richard Feleay, L. Gary 
Montre, Charles Wilson, Roger Kramer, Richard Thyden, Harlan 
Oltjen, Kenneth Wolf, Paul Joines, Robert Benson, David Hin- 
derliter, D. William Miller, jon Weigand. Second Row: Curtis 
Beyer, John Dahlsten, Harry Wullschleger, Larry Walklin, Frank 
Markel, Ron Finney, Larry Williams, Larry Bruington, Dave 
Moore, Robert Sanders, Dennis Poer, John Cowan, John Smith, 

Garry Schloh, Edward Regnier, Jerry Boettcher, Charles Baker, 
Richard Aberle. Third Row: Robert Swenson, Kurt Werner, 
Harold Albrecht, Ian Hobbs, David Templeton, Dean Koeneke, 
James Burton, Ed Derks, Larry Holman, Lourin Bergstrom, 
Sheldon DeLange, Roger Kvasnicka, William Allison, Norman 
Pfeifer, James Gieber, Lynn McClelland. Bottom Row: Ralph 
McCann, John Berry, George Sherer, Gerald Schamahorn, Paul 
Wright, Mike Seitz, John Nelson, Raymond Hawley, Kent Mor- 
gan, Will Channon, Manuel Pasquil, Ronald White, Larry Bi- 

throughout the year were Sharon Toburen, Esther 
Aberle, Mary Hebrank, and Scharmel Schrock, so- 
pranos; Kent Smith, Forrest White, and John Stone, 
tenors; Vera McGinnis, alto, and Bob Thomas, bari- 

The Varsity Men's Glee clubs under the direc- 
tion of Morris Hayes appeared before more than 
30,000 persons at their concerts this year. In Feb- 
ruary, these popular campus singing groups made 

their annual tour of the Topeka, Atchison, Leaven- 
worth, and Kansas City areas. They made many 
appearances on campus at banquets and meetings. 
The glee clubs are divided into two sections on 
the basis of their musical ability and experience. 
The members of Section I are more advanced and 
are given more difficult assignments than the mem- 
bers of Section II. The groups frequently appear 

Men's Varsity Glee Club Section II— Top Row: Keith Hooper, 
Jerald Johnson, Malcolm Gigstad, John Ensz, Lawrence Erbes, 
Jan Flora, Fred Jurgemeyer, James Rempe, Carroll Arndt, Larry 
Wolgast, Craig Smith, Carold Johnson, Lynn Wren, Dave de 
Steiguer, Wayne Spencer, Nelson Ralls, Robert Seute, Dan Wil- 
kerson. Second Row: William White, Dale Bathurst, George 
Callison, Royce Keyser, Robert Bull, Mark Hueftle, David Nel- 
son, Albion Visser, Norbert Zander, Lawrence Schrader, Paul 
Davies, Larry Hixson, Larry Smith, Clarence Vergo, Lester 




Town, Frank Woods. Third Row: David Frederick, Ron Guse, 
Donald Schmidt, Harlan Leuszler, Robert Downs, George Sherer, 
Richard Reed, R. Harris Laing, Eugene Swearingen, Darrell 
Schletzbaum, Wayne Kent, Gary Swarner, Darryl Matter, Den- 
nis Shields, Dick Kice, Alan Lewis. Bottom Row: LeRoy Ewy, 
J. Winston Hodges, Paul Wright, Donald Richardson, Richard 
Mikesell, Lyle Beiges, Larry Cundiff, Larry Dimmitt, Floyd 
Shoup, Jeffrey Wall, Nelson Rudy, Stephen Sauer, John Warn- 
hoff, Hall Moxley, Douglas Bolt. ' 

^* *■» 

~ . Ail I w 

! I I i I i I I - • 



Orchestra— Top Row: Harold Beighley, Robert Austin, Michael 
Trollman, Patricia Bradley, Eulalia Lewis, William Beckman, 
Dixie Tessmann, Roger Lemon, Charles Matthews. Second Row: 
William Davis, Kenneth Frashier, Jolayne Kraft, Ru-Hsin Mo, 

Audrey Meckfessel, Marilyn McCord, Judy Mawdsley, Jean 
Lumb. Third Row: Judy Young, Brock Dale, Murle Mordy, 
Susan O'Bryan, Joan Stevens, Philip Kirmser, Rebecca McAr- 
thur. Bottom Row: George Leehdam, Homer D. Caine, Jr., 
William Dick, John Harri. 

Members Have New Blazers 

New blazers helped give the men in Section I a 
polished look at their appearances. Cambridge 
grey jackets with the crest of the KSU Varsity Glee 
clubs on the pocket added greatly to the appear- 
ance of the groups. 

Approximately 60 per cent of the University- 
Civic orchestra members were K-Staters. The or- 
chestra was directed by Luther Leavengood, head 
of the Music department. The remainder of the 
members were music teachers and other residents 
of Ft. Riley and the Manhattan area. 

The highlight of the year for the orchestra mem- 
bers was their winter concert. Later, during Music 
week in May, the group combined with the A Cap- 
pella choir for a joint concert. 

Some of the instrumentalists made up an orches- 
tra which accompanied the University production 
of the musical "Guys and Dolls." In April, the 
whole organization appeared before humanities 
classes to illustrate the uses of the instruments in 
the orchestra and to present a demonstration con- 

cert. The orchestra gave persons an opportunity 
to associate with others having the same musical 

The ever-popular K-State Singers, also directed 
by William Fischer, were busy as usual. This talent- 
ed group sang publicly about 40 times during the 
year. In addition to singing, members of the group 
also danced and accompanied themselves instru- 

Singers Give Benefit Performance 

The Singers biggest single concert was their an- 
nual benefit performance for the music scholarship 
fund. This presentation netted the Music depart- 
ment about $400. A special asset to both the K- 
State Singers and the A Cappella choir was their 
accompanist Carol Stewart. In addition to accom- 
panying many of the numbers for both groups, she 
performed as a solo pianist several times. 

Through their tours and special appearances, 
these groups create favorable publicity for the Uni- 


Orchestra— Top Row: Donna DeCou, Robert DeCou, Art Hob- 
son, John Teichgraeber, John Kaplan, Jerry Post, Lee Johnson, 
Patty Stevens, Judy Stevens, Patricia Sharp, Dave Yust, Ruth 
Hanson, Glenn Axelton, David Majofsky. Second Row: Carol 

Stewart, Anion Woodworth, Don Meredith, Robert Johnson, 
Lynnford Bammes, Robert Cotton, Nancy Blanchard. Third 
Row: Sue Young, Carol Honstead, Sally Schmelzel, Loren Pow- 
ell, Carole Baker, Barbara Taylor, Paul Joines. Rottom Row: 
Dorothy Miller, Clyde Jussila, Steven Hilding, Martha Evans. 

K-State Singers— Top Row: Carol Stewart, Paul Priefert, Terry 
Bullock, Darel Wendelburg. Rottom Row: Forrest White, Joan 

Moore, Joleen Irvine, Sharon S. Toburen, Jim Fairchild, Esther 
Aberle, Sandra Tenorio, Sue Peterson, Dick Streets. 


Royal Purple editor Eldon Miller is one of the few 
persons who have edited both the Collegian and RP. 

Efforts of Many Key 
To Producing Annual 

The 1960 yearbook, the 51st Royal Purple, was 
edited by Eldon Miller. Chosen by the Board of 
Student Publications, he began his duties last spring 
and worked continuously until the RP's were given 
out this spring. His job included assigning copy to 
writers, selecting pictures, laying out pages, and 
choosing the cover. 

Changes in this year's book included two pages 
each for most of the Greek organizations, larger 
pictures, more color pictures, and different margins. 

Assistant editors were Helen Splichal and Caro- 
lyn Moriconi. Miss Splichal arranged for pictures. 
Miss Moriconi was Royal Purple ball co-ordinator 
and was in charge of the senior class section. The 

Royal Purple Business Staff— Top Row: Mary Atchison, Fran- 
ces Boyd, Ruth E. Brandt, David Bryan, Carl L. Burnett, Janice 
E. Collins, Jean DeForest, Karen Dierdorff. Second Row: Nancy 
L. Fritton, Barbara Gentry, Linda Grothusen, Melissa Hale, 
Sherry K. Henderson, Emily L. Hinkhouse, Mary Holbrook, San- 

dra S. Horchem. Third Row: Judi Ingraham, Dorothy Johnson, 
Karen Kirkwood, Elaine Knorr, Eugenia Mangelsdorf, Stanley 
Nemerowicz, Leah Ottaway, Pat Riker. Rottom Row: Sandra 
Stuckey, Joyce Taylor, Mickey Thompson, Frances Towner, 
Sherigay Trammell, Carole L. Wray, Diane Zeckser. 


main student photographer was Darryl Heikes and 
Karen Oldham was in charge of the underclass sec- 

Business Manager Is Irene Mangelsdorf 

Business manager Irene Mangelsdorf, also select- 
ed by the Board of Student Publications, was in 
charge of selling ads for the Royal Purple and lay- 
ing out the advertising pages. 

Ad sellers were David Bryan, Eugenia Mangels- 
dorf, Monte Miller, Marilyn Tindall, and Judy Ty- 
ler. The office staff, under the supervision of Mrs. 
Charlene Glenn, student publications secretary, 
sold picture receipts, typed picture identifications, 
made out the index, and proof-read copy. 

Copy writers for the yearbook were Wanda Eg- 
gers, John Petterson, Jerry Ratts, Joyce Rector, Wil- 
liam Siebert, Martha Steps, Gary Vacin, Don Ver- 
aska, Heikes, Miss Oldham, Miss Moriconi, and 
Miss Splichal. 

Medlin Is Yearbook Adviser 

Adviser of the Royal Purple was C. J. (Chief) 
Medlin, graduate manager of student publications. 
Under his guidance, the Royal Purple has been 
awarded 24 consecutive ail-American ratings, the 
longest such string in the country. Medlin, who 
was editor of the RP when he went to K-State, has 
supervised an all- American Royal Purple every year 
he has been graduate manager except his first. 

At the K-Key banquet May 10, 21 gold keys were 
awarded to Royal Purple staff members who had 
done outstanding work on the yearbook for two 
consecutive semesters. Editorial staff members re- 

Heading advertising sales for the yearbook was the re- 
sponsibility of business manager Irene Mangelsdorf. 

ceiving keys were Darryl Heikes, Eldon Miller, 
Carolyn Moriconi, Karen Oldham, Jerry Ratts, Hel- 
en Splichal, Martha Steps, and Gary Vacin. 

Ad staff members awarded keys were David 
Bryan, Eugenia Mangelsdorf, Irene Mangelsdorf, 
Monte Miller, Marilyn Tindall, and Judy Tyler. 
Students awarded keys for work on the business 
staff were Frances Boyd, Nancy Fritton, Dorothy 
Johnson, Karen Kirkwood, Sandra Stuckey, Joyce 
Taylor, and Frances Towner. 

Royal Purple Editorial Staff— Top Row: Darryl Heikes, Car- 
olyn Moriconi, Karen Oldham, John Petterson, Jerry Ratts, Joyce 

Rector. Bottom Row: William Siebert, Helen Splichal, Martha 
Steps, Gary Vacin, Don Veraska. 


Fall Collegian Business Staff— Top Row: Dan Kershaw, and 
Wesley Shoup. Bottom Row: Dianne Depenbrink, and Barbara 
Barge, business manager. 

Don Veraska worked long hours in his Kedzie hall of- 
fice as he was editor of the Collegian both semesters. 

Long Hours Required 
To Put Out Collegian 

Kedzie hall is one of the few buildings on cam- 
pus in which the telephone is answered even after 
midnight. Journalism students put in many late 
hours struggling to meet deadlines for the next Col- 

legian issue. Reporters for the University newspa- 
per could be found at most important meetings and 
sporting events, taking notes for publication. 

Don Veraska served as editor of the Collegian 
both the fall and spring semesters. Through his 
editorial columns, he waged campaigns criticizing 
student apathy, student government, and disciplin- 
ary policies of the administration. 

Assistant editors during the fall semester were 
Jerry Ratts and Joyce Rector. They gave assign- 
ments to reporters and handled the editorial page. 

Fall Collegian Editorial Staff— Top Row: Jerry Hiett, Gary 
Vacin, John Shirley, Terry Knowles, Jerry Ratts, Fred Beeler, 

Loren Henry. Bottom Row: Joyce Rector, Wanda Eggers, Mar- 
garet Cooper, Janet Dawdy, Marilyn Tindall. 


Checking on advertising for an issue of the Collegian 
is Wesley Shoup, spring term business manager. 

Spring Collegian Business Staff— Bill Treloggen, Gary Lentz, 
Steve Southerland, Doris Miller, Dan Kershaw, Wesley Shoup. 

Barbara Barge was manager of the business staff. 
News editors who supervised the paper each day 
were Wanda Eggers, John Shirley, Janice Bates, 
Loren Henry, and Gary Vacin. 

Pinning and engagement announcements were 
the specialty of Marilyn Tindall, who served as fall 
society editor. Terry Knowles covered the sports 
news while Janet Dawdy edited copy about the ac- 
tivities of student religious groups. 

During the spring semester, Veraska was assisted 
by Joyce Rector and Wanda Eggers. Wesley Shoup 
became the new business manager. 

Daily news was edited by Larry Meredith, Helen 
Splichal, Martha Steps, John Petterson, and Jerry 
Batts. Mary Jo Mauler handled the society news, 
while Gary Vacin presented sports facts and fig- 
ures to Collegian readers. Church news was the 
responsibility of Charlotte Southerland. 

Spring Collegian Editorial Staff— Top Row: Fred Beeler, 
Darryl Heikes, Jerry Batts, Gary Vacin, Helen Splichal, Char- 

lotte Southerland, Larry Meredith, Martha Steps, Mary Jo 
Mauler, Jerry Hiett. Bottom Row: John Petterson, Joyce Bector, 
Wanda Eggers. 


Summer Collegian Staff— From left: Chester Peterson, Jr., 
reporter; Karen Peterson, reporter; Judy Krug, exchange editor; 
Marge Penrod, society editor; Don Dailey, photographer; Janice 

Marshall, ad salesman; John Rodriguez, sports editor; Dean 
Rogers, ad salesman; John Shirley, assistant editor; Ann Mc- 
Elfresh, ad salesman; and Arnold Good, reporter. 

Loren Henry Directs 
1959 Summer Paper 

Directing the Collegian's activities during the 
summer months were Loren Henry, editor and 
Charles Kempthorne, business manager. The sum- 
mer Collegian published eight weekly issues during 
the 3-month summer session beginning in June. 

Henry was aided on the editorial staff by John 
Shirley, assistant editor, and Kempthorne was as- 
sisted by Janice Marshall in the business depart- 
ment. The remainder of the editorial staff consisted 
of John Rodriguez, sports; Marge Penrod, society; 
Judy Krug, exchange editor; Don Dailey, photo- 
grapher; and four reporters who covered campus 
activities. Ann McElfresh and Dean Rogers were 
on the business staff. 

A summer school directory of students and facul- 
ty was included in the second edition of the sum- 
mer Collegian. 

Editor of the summer Collegian, Loren Henry put 
out a weekly newspaper covering campus activities. 

Supervising the advertising sales staff for the summer 
paper was Charles Kempthorne, business manager. 

As adviser of 24 all-American yearbooks, C. J. (Chief) 
Medlin, has compiled the best record in the nation. 

K-State Students Edit 
4 School Publications 

Under the watchful eye of C. J. (Chief) Medlin, 
professor of journalism and graduate manager of 
student publications, KSU students edited the Royal 
Purple, Collegian, and Student Directory. Another 
publication, the K-Book, was printed for new stu- 
dents. Prof. Medlin, a noted authority on yearbook 
production, has served as student publications ad- 
viser since 1934. 

The 1960 Student Directory, edited by Laurel 
Johnson, included names, telephone numbers, Man- 
hattan and hometown addresses of students and 
addresses and home and extension telephone num- 
bers of faculty members and university employees. 
Presidents, directors and advisers of all living 
groups and organizations were also listed in the 

Information concerning all facets of university 
life at Kansas State was made available to new 
students through the K-Book, edited by Jim Bell. 

For the second year, Jim Bell edited the K-Book, an 
informative guide for new students on life at K-State. 

One of the school's most used books, the Student Di- 
rectory, was edited and compiled by Laurel Johnson. 

Keeping student publications records and supervising 
the business office staff is the job of Charlene Glenn. 


Ken Ingram and Al Engle get journalistic experience 
as the Engineer magazine editor and business manager. 

Engineer Mag Cover 
Awarded High Rating 

The Kansas State Engineer magazine was rated 
fourth out of 40 magazines for its covers during the 
1958-59 school year by the Engineering College 
Magazine association. The award was received last 

Circulation of the publication reached 2,800 this 
year. It is distributed free to all K-State engineers 
and faculty members. Kansas high schools and all 
schools in the ECMA also receive copies. 

Ken Ingram edited the magazine during the first 
semester with Al Engle as business manager. Edi- 
tor for the spring semester was Al Engle and Rich- 
ard Chelikowsky was business manager. 

Kansas State Engineer Staff- 
Top Row: Wayne Wagner, Nelson 
Funston, Larry Bennington, Paul 
Anderson, Gary Johnson. Second- 
Row: Gary Montre, Bob Benson, 
Klio Hobbs, Don Baldwin, Herb 
Whitney. Bottom Row: George 
Grant, Bob Eslinger, Gigi Schaefli, 
Prudy Elliott, Dorothy Bodgers. 

Kansas State Engineer Staff- 
Top Row: Leon Swenson, Dave 
Bear, Langley Jones, Bill Benson, 
John Wilson. Second Row: Alan 
Hess, Bex Uhler, Larry Price, Rich- 
ard Chelikowsky, Gordon Teal, 
Ritchey Woods. Bottom Row: 
Ben Barber, Homer Williams, Jack 
Britton, Alan Kempster, Glen 


Agricultural Magazine 
Given National Honors 

Kansas State's Ag Student was rated the top ag- 
riculture magazine in the nation this year. For the 
third year in a row the magazine placed in every 
class at the Agricultural Colleges' Magazines Asso- 
ciated convention. It was the first time any agri- 
culture magazine had placed in all classes three 
consecutive years. The awards included first in 
general excellence, first in popular presentation of 
technical material, first in articles of interest to 
women, and second in covers. 

Six issues of the magazine are published each 
year and distributed free to students. Lowell Brand- 
ner was faculty adviser for the magazine. Richard 
Vanderlip was spring editor and Chester Peterson 
was editor last fall. 

Looking with pride at the nations top ranking Ag stu- 
dent magazine is the editor, Chester N. Peterson, Jr. 

Staff members of the Ag Student magazine— Top 
Row: Laurice Margheim, Richard Vanderlip, Neil Dow- 

lin, Arnold Good, Larry Ihrig, Jerry Dalrymple. Bottom 
Row: Janet Dawdy, Karen Peterson, Mary Jo Mauler. 


Members of the Kansas State university dairy prod- 
ucts team proudly display trophies won in competition 

Wool Judging Team: Wayne Bacon, Deloran Allen, Coach 
Carl Menzies, Jim Houck, David Slyter. 

this year. From left: Coach Ross Mickelson, Charles 
Frederick, Dean Vincent, Dean Gigstad, John Scheutz. 

Three Judging Teams 
Win 1st Place Honors 

K-State's judging teams placed fifth or better in 
12 of the 17 contests they entered this year. Among 
these honors were three first places won by the 
dairy products and crops teams at Chicago and 
the meats team at Kansas City. 

Both the junior and senior wool judging teams 
won second place honors in contests at Kansas City 
and Denver, respectively. The junior livestock team 
placed second in the carlot contest at Denver. 

Third place honors went to the dairy products 
team at Miami Beach, Fla., the poultry team at 
Chicago, the crops team at Kansas City, and the 
junior meats team at Fort Worth, Texas. Placing 


Weighing and inspecting a sample of grain is the crops 
judging team, first place winners at the Chicago Live- 

stock exposition. From left: Earl Beck, Billy Fuller, 
Frank Toman, Coach E. L. Mader, and Don Wagner. 

Meat judgers receive a trophy from A. G. Pickett, 
chairman of the Livestock and Meat board. From left: 

Larry Cundiff, Hall Moxley, Deloran Allen, Bonald 
Janasek, Bobert Lewis, Coach B. A. Merkel, Pickett. 

Senior Dairy Cattle Judging Team: Coach G. B. Marion, 
Eugene Harter, Norman Hildebrand, James E. Swiercinsky. 

Poultry Judging Team: Ned Stirtz, Darrel Odle, Coach Ray 
Morrison, Jerry Gardner, Larry Bacon. 

fifth in their contests were the meats team at Chi- 
cago and the junior livestock team at Denver. The 
junior livestock team also placed sixth in its contest 
at Fort Worth. 

Other Teams Also Compete 

Other teams competing this year were the senior 
dairy team at Waterloo, Iowa; the senior livestock 
team at Kansas City and Chicago; and the junior 
dairy team at Chicago. 

In the 17 contests, four students won high indi- 
vidual honors and seven others placed in the top 
three. A unique situation occurred at Chicago when 
the dairy products team members placed 1-2-3 in- 
dividually. Members in the order they finished 
were Dean Gigstad, Dean Vincent, and Charles 

Win Honors at Chicago and Denver 

Other students winning high individual honors 
were Frank Filinger in the carlot contest at Den- 
ver, Dennis Herbster in the wool contest at Denver 
and Robert Lewis in the meats contest at Chicago. 
Don Wagner was second in crops at Chicago, Dave 
Slyter second in wool at Kansas City, and Bill Ful- 
ler third in crops at Chicago. 

The team coaches estimate that each team mem- 
ber spends about 40 hours a week in preparation 
for these contests. Most of the students get college 
credit for participating in the judging work. 

Senior Livestock Judging Team: 
Jerry Johnson, Gary Cromwell, 
Frederick G. Clary, James Lonker, 
Gary Winninger, Donald Miller, 
Coach Don Good, Miles McKee. 


Cheerleaders helped stimulate interest at basketball 
and football games— Top Row: Judy Hoy, Brenda Mor- 

The rand leads the way to a pajama pep rally the night 
before the Colorado football game here last fall. 

gan, Gayla Shoemake, Cheryl Barnett. Bottom Row: 
Jan Stewart, Dee Baker, Barbara Howard, Pat Roberts. 

Athletic Cheers Led 
By 8 K-State Coeds 

A precedent was set at K-State when the 1959- 
1960 version of the Wildcat cheerleaders were all 
women. The group, led by head cheerleader Bar- 
bara Howard, appeared at all home football and 
basketball games. The cheerleaders also went to 
the Missouri and Kansas football games and the 
Colorado, Missouri and Kansas basketball games 
away from home. 

The women promoted pep rallies, organized send- 
offs and receptions and sent telegrams to the teams 
at their games away from home. The group also 
gave a demonstration of cheerleading techniques 
and K-State yells to the high school girls here for 
Home Economics Hospitality Day. 


Student Drama Group 
Gives Four Big Plays 

Four major plays and several minor productions 
kept the campus drama group, the K-State Players, 
busy throughout the year. Students earned points 
by working with costumes, stage props, and light- 
ing, in addition to acting and directing. 

During Religious Emphasis week, the Players 
presented Christopher Fry's "Sleep of Prisoners" in 
the Chapel auditorium. The action pictured the 
spiritual awakening of four soldiers imprisoned in 
a bombed-out cathedral in World War II. Jim John- 
son directed. 

3,000 See Guys and Dolls 

Attendance at the three performances of "Guys 
and Dolls" was estimated at 3,000 by the director, 
Don Hermes. This joint production by the Music 
and Speech departments was an adaptation of the 
show which had 1,500 performances on Broadway. 

'Just one more Dulce de Leche drink," Paul Fleener 

Linda Ate as Miss Adelaide sings one 
of the hit songs in "Guys and Dolls." 

Members of the cast in "Diary of Anne Frank" take advantage of a 

says to Linda Ate in "Guys and Dolls. 

break to look at a copy of the diary. 

Anne Frank, played by Jane Venard, and Peter Van Daan, played by 
Ron Burkhardt, search for happiness despite fear of Nazi persecution. 


Being educated to act like a society girl proves diffi- 
cult for Billie Dawn, the slightly dumb ex-chorus girl 

in "Born Yesterday." Billie, played by Judy Hoy, pon- 
ders the situation with help from Hank Kamerman. 

A stage production is more than meets the eye. Hours 
of work are required to prepare the set for a play. 

Linda Ate portrayed Miss Adelaide, a beautiful 
blonde dancer, and Hank Kamerman played Nathan 
Detroit, proprietor of a floating crap game. He had 
also been Miss Adelaide's fiance for 14 years. 

Esther Aberle was cast as Sarah Brown, head of 
the Save A Soul Mission. Paul Fleener played the 
role of Sky Masterson, one of Nathan's chief cus- 

When Detroit needed a thousand dollars to rent 
a room for his crap game, he bet Masterson that the 
latter couldn't get Miss Brown to go to Havana 
with him. Masterson won by promising the social 
worker 12 genuine sinners for her failing mission. 
Players Give Three One-Act 

The K-State Players' annual presentation of three 
one-act plays was in November. "Sunday Costs 
Five Pesos," directed by Eleanor Zeornes, con- 
cerned the struggle between two women to keep 
from fighting on Sunday, since that would mean a 
five pesos fine. 

A social drama dealing with a strike during the 
depression in 1935, called "Waiting for Lefty," was 
directed by Ross Miracle. "Will-o-the-Wisp," di- 


rected by Randi Johnson, was a haunting tale from 

During World War II, a young girl recorded the 
suffering and despair of her Jewish family and their 
friends hiding to escape Nazi concentration camps. 
Her writings were shaped into "The Diary of Anne 
Frank." Dennis Denning directed this production 
for which the stage was arranged on four levels. 
Jane Venard portrayed the role of Anne Frank. Her 
parents were played by Jim Johnson and Lu Rich- 

The next production was the Broadway favorite 
"Born Yesterday." Judy Hoy was cast in the lead- 
ing role as Billie Dawn, a dumb but honest ex- 
chorus girl. Harry Brock, the junk dealer who 
wanted to corner the world's junk market, was 
played by Harry Lehew. Dennis Denning directed. 

Infernal Machine Presented in Spring 

In the spring, the Players presented "The Infernal 
Machine," an adaptation by Jean Cocteau of Sopho- 
cles' tragedy "Oedipus Rex." Ron Burkhardt starred 
as Oedipus. Queen Jocasta was portrayed by Patsy 
Campbell. The traditional Greek chorus was omit- 
ted in this story of a man who tried to outwit the 
prediction that he would kill his father and marry 
his mother. Don Hermes directed the show. 

Each stage property, no matter how small, is impor- 
tant. Here two coeds check props for a coming play. 

Harry Brock, the ambitious junk dealer in "Born Yes- 
terday," finds that one of the nice things about being 

rich is all the attention he gets from Mary Connet and 
Margretta Flinner. Harry Lehew played Brock. 

Miss Helen P. Hostetter checks copy for the K-Stater 
magazine. She is editor of the alumni publication. 

Carl Rochat, who heads the campus news bureau, 
sends out stories and pictures about students and faculty. 

School's Press Prints 
Numerous Publications 

The University Press did $211,444 worth of 
printing for the various departments in the school 
last year. The Press prints the Collegian; Student 
Directory; K-Stater, Ag Student and Engineer mag- 
azines; Student and General catalogs; Agricultural 
and Engineering Experiment Station bulletins; as 
well as tickets, announcements, mimeographing, 
and letterheads. 

The Press employed 20 civil service workers and 
about 15 students this year. Letterpress and offset 
printing are both done in the Press under the direc- 
tion of George Eaton. Alvin Estes is foreman of 
the pressroom while Clyde Spring is foreman of 
the composing room. 

Carl Rochat heads the K- State News bureau, 
through which stories were written and pictures 
taken of student and facultv activities. The News 


bureau sends about 20 stories a week and about 40 
pictures a week to communication media. Miss 
Helen Hostetter edits the K-State magazine, pub- 
lished for all Alumni association members. 

George Eaton, director of the University Press, and 
Alvin Estes, the pressroom foreman, examine booklets. 


Re-checking results from various schools in the 1960 
SGA election is the victorious University party can- 

didate for student body president, Les Dugan. Dugan 
was elected by a 141 -ballot margin in the spring voting. 

University Party Wins 
Spring SGA Elections 

With the slogan "Let's bring SGA up to Univer- 
sity level," the newly-formed University party 
dominated in the 1960 SGA election. KSU students 
supported the University candidate for president, 
Les Dugan, on a platform emphasizing analysis, 
reorganization, and efficiency in student govern- 
ment. University party candidates obtained 15 
Student Council positions, while Integrity party 
captured seven. 

Student Council members elected were Tausca 
McClintock, Virginia Baxter, Warren Brown, Con- 
nie Cristler, Gayla Shoemake, Caroline Preedy, Jan 
Stewart, Bob Byers, Loren Conrad, Bob Eslinger, 
Steve Huff, Bill Bayless, David DeSteiguer, Ken 
Ingram, Joyce Banks, Kathy Reeves, Scott Hackett, 
and Steve Owen. New Board of Student Publica- 
tions members were Larry Word, Carolyn Mori- 
coni, and Doris Miller. 

The final test of the success or failure of campaigning 
by candidates are the marks on a student's ballot. 


Editor-in-chief of Touchstone is Robert Johnson. He 
originated the idea of a literary magazine at K-State. 

Touchstone Magazine 
Born in Spring Term 

Kansas State's new literary magazine, Touch- 
stone, published two issues during the spring se- 
mester. The first edition was released in Febru- 
ary and the second in April. All copy in the maga- 
zine was written by K-State students. It included 
short stories, poems, and a few non-technical essays. 

The magazine came about through the work of 
Robert Johnson, editor-in-chief, who thought the 
school needed a literary magazine. He received 
encouragement and support from faculty members 
and was given $700 by the apportionment board to 
publish the first two issues. Alwyn Berland, asso- 
ciate professor in English, was faculty adviser for 
the magazine. 

Staff members of Touchstone, the new literary maga- 
zine—Top Row: Norman Hostetler, Keith Peters, Art 

Hobson. Bottom Row: Pat Campbell, Dale Bowersock, 
Imogene Lamb. Two issues were published. 


KSDB-FM Staff— Top Row: Ed Taylor, Larry Bengtson, Carol 
McKim, Larry Scoville, Errol Parthemer, Bob Silva, George 

Carroll, Bill Enright. Bottom Row: Lu Richards, Darrell Hutch- 
inson, Laurel Johnson, Sue Morefield, Mike Seaton. 

Station Aids Students 
In Radio Broadcasting 

KSDB-FM, one of the five non-commercial radio 
stations in Kansas, is designed to train students in 
the techniques of radio broadcasting. 

The station is on the air nightly Monday through 
Friday from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m., and on Saturday 
from noon until 10 p.m. The station is almost en- 
tirely operated by students with a minimum of fac- 
ulty supervision. 

KSDB-FM broadcasts K-State athletic events, 
assemblies, and dances as well as Manhattan high 
school games. Bob Silva was station manager for 
the fall semester, and Jim Harrison directed the 
station's activities in the spring. 

The station has no commercials and public serv- 
ice announcements are used as station breaks. 

Lights, camera, action, roll 'em— K-State students prac- 
tice in televising programs from the KSDB-FM studio. 


Gangsters and their girl friends enact the Gamma Phi 
Beta-Sigma Chi modern version of "Flapperella." 

Pi Phi-Phi Delt Show 
Wins '59 Y-Orpheum 

A wide variety of subject matter and methods of 
staging were put to use in the 1959 Y-Orpheum, 
"The Late, Late Show." Months of practice and 
hard work paid off as students presented a crowd- 
pleasing selection of acts. Seven combined entries 
and one single entry competed for honors after their 
scripts had been selected for presentation. 

Pantomine and spectacular lighting, blended with 
modern dance, helped the Pi Beta Phi-Phi Delta 
Theta skit to first place. Delta Delta Delta and 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon revealed rocket launching in a 
new light as they captured second place. A back- 
ward glance to the Charleston era brought the third 
place trophy to Gamma Phi Beta and Sigma Chi. 

Sigma Nu received the single entry prize for 
"Harvey Goes to College," its presentation of gang- 
sters' attempts to take over K-State. Sigma Nu was 
the only single entry for the second straight year. 

Charlotte Riley directed the show and Ken Na- 
kari acted as master of ceremonies. The Men's Var- 
sity glee club opened the program with a song 
written especially for Y-Orpheum by Bob Hoffman. 
Entertainment between acts was provided by the 
Harmonica Duo from Fort Riley, Joan Taylor, and 
the Four Delts. 

Witchcraft ceremonies highlighted the Pi Beta Phi- 
Phi Delta Theta skit portraying "Tragic Magic." Off- 

stage narration told of an artist hopelessly in love with 
a beautiful model who became a witch at night. 

Night club chorus girls entertain during a scene show- 
ing the prohibition period in "The Beat," the story of a 

jazz pianist lamenting the lost days of the 20's. The 
skit was given by Kappa Delta and Phi Kappa Theta. 

An irate geranium lover demands the removal of a 
nose cone from her flower garden in the Delta Delta 

Delta-Sigma Alpha Epsilon presentation of "The Last 
Blast," which took place at fictitious Cape Carnival. 

University fashion ideas are given to attentive 
Hospitality Day visitors in the Union ballroom. 

"Fair ladies" from high schools throughout the state 
line up for Home Ec Hospitality Day instructions. 

Styles in the 30-minute show are modeled by Kansas 
State women who made them in clothing classes. 

Home Ec Open House 
Attracts 1,550 Persons 

"Home Economics for You, My Fair Lady," was 
the unifying theme of the 1959 Hospitality Day, 
annual School of Home Economics Open House. 

A record attendance of 1,550 high school girls, 
teachers, and townspeople viewed departmental 
and club exhibits in Nichols gym. Each exhibit was 
based on a song title from "My Fair Lady." 

Tours through various home economics class- 
rooms and labs and the women's dorms showed 
prospective home economics students what to ex- 
pect at K-State. 

Two careers programs provided guidance in cur- 
riculum choice; a fashion show featured clothes 
made by K-State coeds in clothing classes; and a 
K-State Hour concluded the day by introducing the 
aspects of the University other than the study of 
home economics. 


Little American Royal, 
Ag Science Combined 

Two of the School of Agriculture events— the Lit- 
tle American Royal and Ag Science Dav — were 
combined last spring. Approximately 1,500 persons 
attended Ag Science Day the afternoon of April 11 
and about 4,500 turned out to see aggies show 111 
head of university livestock that night at the Little 
American Royal. 

All Ag school departments constructed booths 
and the Horticulture club's exhibit was named win- 
ner for the second straight year. 

The Little American Roval, sponsored by the 
Block and Bridle and Dairv clubs, was staged for 
the 31st time. Two sophomores were named win- 
ners. Jim Houck showed a Duroc hog to champion- 
ship in the Block and Bridle division and Larry 
Larson won in the Dairy division. 

First place trophy in the Block and Bridle division 
is presented James Houck by retired Prof. F. W. Bell. 

Trick roper J. W. Stacker, one of the youngest in 
his profession, performs at the Little American Royal. 

Dairy division winner, Larry Larson, was presented a 
first place trophy by Dr. Glenn H. Beck at the Royal. 



i m urn ,na- _ <**«si& » 

1 ?l " &} "^i^r, 

All eyes are fastened on the director and thoughts on 
the first place trophy as the members of Beta Theta Pi 

raise their voices in song. The Betas competed against 
five other fraternities in the 1959 Interfraternity Sing. 

Hungry Greeks join together in helping hot dogs dis- 
appear after a morning of cleaning the city parks. 

Betas, Alpha Xis Win 
Greek Week Trophies 

Alpha Xi Delta and Beta Theta Pi won first place 
in the sorority and fraternity divisions of the 1959 
Interfraternity Sing Sunday, April 19. The event 
led off the third annual Greek Week. 

Judy Stark led the Alpha Xis to their second 
straight victory, while the Betas were under the 
direction of Leland Reitz. Sigma Chi, last years 
fraternity winner, placed second. The third place 
trophy was awarded to Delta Tau Delta. 

The week's activities included a film on rushing 
and fraternity life presented by Interfraternity 
Council, followed by a discussion period. Dr. U. B. 

Voices ring as the Alpha Xi Deltas sing their way 
to a first place in the sorority division of Interfra- 

ternity Sing. Gleaming blue fans help provide 
bright color against the traditional white formals. 

. -, 1 'i :f i II Lamtsr. Mi ' 




"«•«*€ a i i 

.,;■:.-- ■ ■; 

Breaking the tape to finish several yards ahead of 
their opponents are Bob Baker and Sonny Ballard of 

Beta Theta Pi. The victory gave the Betas perma- 
nent possession of the 35-inch first place trophy. 

Dubach, national scholarship advisor for Sigma 
Phi Epsilon, spoke at the Greek Week banquet. 
The evening was climaxed by five workshops on 
various aspects of fraternity living. 

Approximately 600 Greeks painted booths, dug 
ditches, and picked up trash as they cleaned up the 
city parks Saturday morning to end regular Greek 
Week activities. Members of the 22 fraternities 
and 10 sororities gathered in Sunset park for a pic- 
nic when the work was completed. 

Beta Theta Pi set two records as it retired the 
traveling trophy at the fifth annual Lambda Chi 
Alpha chariot relays Saturday afternoon. The 1956 
record of 51.9 seconds held by Sigma Chi fell as the 
Betas bettered it by one-tenth of a second. 

In addition, Beta Theta Pi was the first fraternity 
to win the relays three times, which enabled them 
to keep the trophy. Karen Kelso, Alpha Delta Pi, 
rode the winning chariot in the record-breaking 
dash. Sigma Alpha Epsilon placed second and Phi 
Delta Theta captured third place. The "Most 
Unique" trophy was awarded to Phi Kappa Theta. 

Diaper-clad Phi Kappa Theta runners admire the baby 
buggy symbolizing the birth of their new fraternity. 


Parents and visitors look on from the balcony and 
bleachers in Ahearn fieldhouse as June 1959 graduates 

wait for their names to be called and their diplomas 
given. At the ceremony 1,004 degrees were given. 

1,004 K-Staters Given 
Degrees in June, 1959 

Graduation was the 'big' day for 1,731 students 
receiving diplomas in 1959. These graduates came 
from all parts of the world with very little in com- 
mon, but they always will have one thing in com- 
mon now. They can always say, T am a graduate of 
Kansas State university.' 

Despite concentration on the ceremony and 
hopes or apprehensions about the future, most of 
the graduates thought about the years they had 
spent working for this day: burning midnight oil 
for the big exams, the basketball and football 
games, parties, dates, initiations, 'bull' sessions, and 
perhaps marriage. 

Of the 1,731 degrees conferred, 413 were in Jan- 
uary, 1,004 in June, and 314 in August. It could have 
been the last time three commencement exercises 

are held in one year as the administration now has 
combined the graduations into one exercise in June. 
Another change in the commencement procedure 
was the presentation of Bachelor degrees simul- 
taneously to graduates in the five schools— Agricul- 
ture, Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Architec- 
ture, Home Economics, and Veterinary Medicine. 
The graduates received diplomas from their respec- 
tive deans. 

The Graduate school conferred the largest total 
number of advanced degrees in the history of the 
University— 260. Of these, 234 were Master of Sci- 
ence and 26 were Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Kan- 
sas State graduated 1,360 men and 371 women last 
year. The School of Arts and Sciences graduated 
the largest number of students with 721; School 
of Engineering and Architecture, 366; Graduate 
school, 260; School of Agriculture, 203; School of 
Home Economics, 111; and School of Veterinary 
Medicine, 70. Of the degrees conferred, 1,353 were 
Bachelor of Science, 48 Bachelor of Arts, 234 Mas- 
ter of Science, 26 Doctor of Philosophy, and 70 
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees. 


The last walk through the K-State campus— as stu- 
dents—for many of these graduates brings back memo- 

ries of the miles walked in going to classes. They pass 
the steps of Seaton hall on way to Ahearn fieldhouse. 

Five of the 314 August graduates check the program 
to see if their names are listed. August and January 

commencement ceremonies have been discontinued 
and now exercises for all graduates will be in June. 


Winding their way from Anderson hall, summer school 
graduates enter the Union to receive their diplomas. 

314 Receive Degrees 
In Summer Graduation 

Last of the summer commencement exercises 
were in the air-conditioned Student Union with 
President McCain conferring degrees on 314 can- 
didates. Six students received PhD degrees, 108 
Master of Science degrees, 10 Bachelor of Arts de- 
grees, and 190 Bachelor of Science degrees. 

The 1,994 students who attended summer school 
in 1959 took advantage of movies, family nights, 
jazz sessions, and dances provided by the Union. 
Refuge from the heat was found in the Union, li- 
brary, and other air-cooled buildings. 

The University auditorium was the setting for 
"Mrs. McThing," a presentation by the K-State 
Players. The Music department contributed its 
share of entertainment by presenting two operas: 
"The Telephone" and " The Committee." 

In the exercises, President McCain conferred degrees 
on 314 candidates before proud relatives and friends. 

"Mrs. McThing," a comic opera about gangsters in the 
1920's was presented by the K-State Players in July. 



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Graduate Students page 393 

Underclassmen page 398 

and Index 

page 497 



For some K-Staters, college days are almost gone. To 
them it seems such a short time since freshman orienta- 
tion, and memories of the first year are still vivid. For 
others, this is just the beginning and graduation seems 
far away. 

Everyone wants to graduate . . . until the ceremony, 
that is. Then comes the period of looking back and the 
realization of what is being left be- 
hind. Someday students will hear 
themselves referring to the "good 
old college days." 

Students come to Manhattan from 
all over the world. Most are aver- 
age individuals when they come 
and most are average individuals 
when they leave. However, they are better citizens for 
the time they spend here. They are richer both in knowl- 
edge and in friends. Students meet as classmates and 
differences are lost in scholastic competition. 


The 1960 senior class officers discussing plans for Senior 
Week and making suggestion for a class gift to Kansas State 

are Lyle Clum, president; Barbara Huff, treasurer; Jim 
Lisher, vice-president; and Joanne Taylor, secretary. 

Abbreviations for Activities— Acctg.— Accounting; Act.— Activities; 
Adm.— Administration; Ad.— Advertising; Ag.— Agriculture; Ag. Mag. 
—Agricultural Magazine; AFROTC— Air Force Reserve Officers Train- 
ing Corps; AIA— American Institute of Architects; AIChE— American 
Institute of Chemical Engineers; AIEE— American Institute of Elec- 
trical Engineers; AIP— American Institute of Physics; Am.— American; 
ANS— American Nuclear Society; ASAE— American Society of Agricul- 
tural Engineers; ASCE— American Society of Civil Engineers; ASME— 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers; ASRM— American Society 
of Restaurant Management; ASTM— American Society of Testing Ma- 
terials; A&S— Arts and Sciences; Asst.— Assistant; Assoc— Associated; 
AKLA— Association of Kansas Landscape Artists; AWS— Associated 
Women Students; Assn.— Association; Aux.— Auxiliary. 

RSU— Baptist Student Union;— Bus.— Business; BSA— Business Stu- 
dents Association; Cab. — Cabinet; Chem. — Chemical, Chemistry; 
Comm.— Committee, Commission; Corres.— Corresponding; Coun.— 
Council; Dept.— Department; Dem.— Democrats; Diet.— Dietetics; Dist. 
—Distinguished; DMS— Distinguished Military Student; DSF— Disciple 
Student Fellowship; Ed.— Education, Educators, Editorial; Engr.— 
Engineering; Evan.— Evangelical; EUB— Evangelical United Brethren; 
Exec— Executive; Ext.— Extension; Fellow.— Fellowship; FMOC— Fa- 
vorite Man on Campus; Found.— Foundation; Fr.— Freshman; FTA— 
Future Teachers of America. 

Gen.— General; Govt.— Government; Hort.— Horticulture; Hosp.— 
Hospitality; IAS— Institute of Aeronautical Sciences; IFC— Interfrater- 
nity Council; Ind.— Independent; IOHC— Independent Organized 
House Council; IPC— Interfraternity Pledge Council; IFYE— Interna- 
tional Farm Youth Exchange; IRE— Institute of Radio Engineers; ISA 
—Independent Students Association; Jr.— Junior; Jr. AVMA— Junior 
American Veterinary Medical Association; KSCF— Kansas State Chris- 
tian Fellowship; LSA— Lutheran Students Association; LUNA— Little 
United Nations Assembly; Mgr.— Manager; ME— Mechanical Engi- 
neering; MENC— Music Educators National Conference; MPC— Mock 
Political Convention; Natl. — National; NE A — Nuclear Engineering 
Association; NW — Northwest; Org. — Organization; Panhel. — Pan- 
hellenic; Pol. Sci.— Political Science; Pres.— President; Pub.— Publicity, 
Publications; Pub. Rel.— Public Relations. 


Senior Class Gives 
School 50-Star Flag 

K-State's seniors celebrated Senior Week in March by 
wearing badges and receiving pennants and member- 
ship cards. There was a senior section at the Nebraska 
basketball game and senior women had midnight clos- 
ing hours for the week. 

The senior gift to the school was a 20 by 30 foot, 
50-star American Flag to hang in Ahearn fieldhouse. 
Along with this, the initial contribution was made to 
a fund for the 100th anniversary memorial fountain to 
be constructed in 1963. 

RA— Resident Assistant; RCC— Religious Coordinating Council; Rec 
—Recipient, Recognition; Rep.— Representative, Republican; S.A.M.— 
Society for the Advancement of Management; S. A. M.E.— Society of 
American Military Engineers; SE— Southeast; S.E. A.— Student Education 
Association; Sec— Secretary; SGA— Student Governing Association; 
Soc— Social, Society; Soph.— Sophomore; Sr.— Senior; Stu.— Student; 
Tech.— Technical; Treas.— Treasurer; UMOC— Ugly Man On Campus; 
UGB— Union Governing Board; Union— Student Union; USP— United 
Staters Party; USCC-United Student Christian Council; Vet. Med.- 
Veterinary Medicine; Veterans Org.— Veterans Organization; V-Pres.— 
Vice President; WAA— Women's Athletic Association. 



,*!*m*~- M*& t 

' *^^Ur^ 



Adams, C. 

Adams, W. 




I960 Seniors: Abe - Ate 

ABERLE, Esther M.-Sabetha, Clothing and Textiles: Mu Phi 
Epsilon, Clothing Retailing Club, K-State Singers, A Cappella 
Choir. ADAMS, Charles K.— Russell, Electrical Engineering: 
IRE, Radio Club. ADAMS, Willis F.-Virgil, Physical Educa- 
tion. ADDINGTON, Charles E.-Salina, Electrical Engineering: 
IRE. AKIN, James N.-Wamego, Physical Education. ALBERS, 
Charles L.— Kansas City, Business Administration: Tau Kappa 
Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec. 

ALBRECHT, Harold R.-Manhattan, Mathematics. ALBRIGHT, 
Thomas M.— Colby, Agricultural Engineering: Sigma Tau, ASAE, 
S.A.M.E., Sigma Theta Epsilon, Band, ROTC Rifle Team. AL- 
LERHEILIGEN, James E.— Hanover, Business Administration: 
Delta Sigma Phi, Wampus Cats, Pershing Rifles, Martin K. Eby 
Scholarship. ALSTATT, John D.— Hutchinson, Electrical En- 
gineering. ALT, Barbara E.— Carrollton, Mo., Home Economics 
Art: Home Ec. Art Club, S.E.A., Wesley Found., Kappa Phi, 
Collegiate 4-H, ISA. AMERINE, Tommy B.-Goodland, Nu- 
clear Engineering. 

ANDERSON, Charles A.-Altoona, Mathematics: Delta Chi 
Colonv, Alpha Phi Omega, Flving Club, AFROTC Assn. AN- 
DERSON, LaRue L.-Osage City, Mathematics: Alpha Tau 
Omega, S.A.M.E., LSA. ANDRADE, Henry L.-Liberal, Busi- 
ness Administration. ANDUSS, Lynn E— Newton, Architecture: 
AIA Treas., EUB Stu. Fellow., RCC. ANNAN, Robert H.- 
Kansas City, Business Administration: Phi Delta Theta, Alpha 
Kappa Psi, K-State Players, A&S Coun., Homecoming Chm., 
Y-Orpheum Producer. ANTHEM, Clyde W.-McPherson, Civil 
Engineering: ASCE, Civil Engr. Honor Comm. 

APLEY, Martyn L.— Washington, Secondary Education: Farm 
House, Blue Key, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Mu, S.E.A., Stu. Coun., 
Apportionment Bd. APPL, Franklin J.— Great Bend, Mechanical 
Engineering: Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, 
DSF. ARMBRUST, Dean V.-Ellsworth, Technical Agronomy. 
ARNOLD, Earl R.— Johnson, Agricultural Education: Sigma 
Theta Epsilon, Ag. Ed. Club, Wesley Found. ARNOLD, Pearl 
M.— Johnson, Home Economics Teaching: Home Ec. Teaching 
Club, Collegiate 4-H, Wesley Found., S.E.A., Kappa Phi, Band. 
ATCHISON, Mary J.— Pauline, Secondary Education: Clovia, 
S.E.A., Collegiate 4-H. 

Anderson, C. 

Anderson, L. 








Arnold, E. 

Arnold, P. 



I960 Seniors: A+h - Bel 

■•™ •*}'. 

:,»»> «*SP?' f % 









Baker, D. A. 

Baker, D. J 










ATHERTON, Louis J.-Mission, Landscape Design. ATKINS, 
Martha A.— Fort Seott, Speech; Kappa Kappa Gamma V-Pres., 
Debate Team, K-State Players, S.E.A, Pi Epsilon Delta, YWCA, 
Union Coffee Hours Comm., Young Dem., LUNA, Canterbury 
Club, Integrity Party. ATTEBERY, Ben A.- Paola, Agronomy: 
Farm House, Klod & Kernel, Soil Judging Team. 

AYRES, Ralph E.— Nickerson, Chemical Engineering: AIChE 
Pres., ISA, Sigma Tau. BACH, Richard L.— Wichita, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. BAER, Robert L.— Chapman, Business Admin- 
istration Accounting: Phi Eta Sigma, RCC, Cosmopolitan Club 
Pub. Chm., EUB Stu. Fellow. Pres., First Natl. Bank Scholar- 

BAIR, Richard D.— Mission, Veterinary Medicine: Alpha Zeta, 
Westminster Fellow. Treas., Dairy Club Treas., Little Am. 
Royal Pub. Chm., Pershing Rifles Rifle Team, Varsity Rifle 
Team, DSF, Jr. AVMA, Finance Chm., Band, Phi Kappa Phi 
Fr. Rec. BAKER, Dee A.— Haven, Elementary Education: Del- 
ta Delta Delta, Whi-Purs, Union Pub. Comm., Jazz Club, 
YWCA, AWS Orientation Comm., Westminster Fellow., Am. 
Guild of Organists, UPC Sec, Purple Pepsters, Fr. Orientation 
Leader, Union Personnel & Research Sub-Chm., USP, S.E.A. 
Exec. Bd., Barnwarmer Princess, Cheerleader. BAKER, Donna J. 
—Peck, Business Administration Accounting: Phi Chi Theta, Col- 
legiate 4-H, Purple Pepsters, Dorm. Coun., Social Chm., In- 
tramural Chm., Intramurals. 

BALDING, James L.— Medicine Lodge, Feed Technology: Al- 
pha Mu, Phi Kappa Phi. BALDWIN, Robert C.-Kansas City, 
Civil Engineering & Technical Journalism: Sigma Chi, Alpha 
Phi Omega V-Pres., ASCE, Engr. Coun., Engineer Mag. Editor, 
Wildcat Fencing Club Pres. BALFANZ, William F.-Evanston, 
111., Business Administration: Delta Tau Delta, ROTC Rifle 
Team, Varsity Rifle Team, Pershing Rifles Exec. Officer, Special 
Officer, Scabbard & Blade Rifle Team, S.A.M.E. V-Pres., Wes- 
ley Singers. 

BALLARD, Ross B.— Manhattan, Secondary Education. BAL- 
ZER, Gerry C— Inman, Electrical Engineering: Sigma Tau, Eta 
Kappa Nu, Amateur Radio Club. BANKEY, Merry Gay-El Do- 
rado, Elementary Education: Chi Omega, Angel Flight, S.E.A. 

BANKS, Joseph F., Jr.— Atchison, Civil Engineering: Phi Kappa 
Theta Pres., Newman Club, ASCE. BARBER, Benjamin W.- 
Beloit, Architecture. BARR, William E.-El Dorado, Electrical 
Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, IRE. 


BARTOW, Frank B.-Manhattan, Electrical Engineering. BA- 
RUTH, Robert A.-McCook, Neb., Poultry Husbandry: Tau 
Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, Poultry Judging Team, Poultry 
Science Club, Ag. Science Day Comm. Co-Chm., Loyal F. 
Pavne Scholarship, Flash Cards Comm., Intramurals. BASS, 
Beverly K.— Joplin, Mo., Home Economics Art: Chi Omega Sec, 
Pub. Chin., Home Ec. Art Club V-Pres., AWS Judicial Bd., 
Hosp. Day Steering Comm., Fr. Orientation Leader, AWS 
Coun., FMOC Dance Comm., Whi-Purs. 

BASSETT, James D.— Dover, Feed Technology: Acacia Pres., 
Alpha Mu, Ag. Econ. Club, Collegiate 4-H, IFC, Little Am. 
Royal, Who's Whoot Ad. Staff, Integrity Exec. Comm., Milling 
Assn., Carl Raymond Gray Scholarship, Intramurals. BATES, 
Janice L.— Augusta, Home Economics Journalism: Theta Sigma 
Phi, K-Key Journalism Award, Collegian News Editor, Church 
Editor, Home Ed. Journalism Club, Home Ec. Coun. Historian, 
Hosp. Day Steering Comm., Snowball Comm., Whi-Purs, Purple 
Pepsters, R.A. BAYLESS, William E— Blue Mound, Mechanical 
Engineering: Beta Theta Pi, Arnold Air Soc. Commander, Sig- 
ma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, Stu. Coun., United Fund Campaign 

BEACH, Jane L.— Kansas City, Sociology: Chi Omega, Phi Kap- 
pa Phi, Phi Alpha Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Purple Pepsters, 
LUNA, MPC, Putnam Scholarship. BECHTEL, Curtis E.- 
Admire, Feed Technology. BECK, Earl D.— Horton, Agricul- 
tural Education: Alpha Zeta, Ag. Ed. Club Pres., Sec, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Gamma Sigma Delta Soph. Honors, Ag. Coun., 
Fribourg Found. Scholarship, Crops Judging Team. 

BECKER, Edward A.— Leavenworth, Mechanical Engineering: 
Phi Kappa Theta, ASME, Newman Club, Intramurals. BECK- 
ER, James F.— Manhattan, Physics: Hilltop Courts Councilman. 
BEEMER, Arlen W.— Emporia, Industrial Education: S.E.A., 

BEFFORT, Steven R.— Salina, Business Administration: New- 
man Club, Young Rep., Intramurals. BEGGS, Larry D.— Iola, 
Architecture. BEHRMANN, Paula H.-Bluff City, Home Eco- 
nomics Teaching: Alpha Delta Pi, Home Ec. Teaching Club, 
Hosp. Day Steering Comm., Whi-Purs, Snowball Steering 
Comm., S.E.A. 

BELL, Byron D.— Beverly, Industrial Education: Industrial Arts 
Assn. Sec, Treas., Christian Fellow., S.E.A., Carl Raymond 
Gray Scholarship. BELL, Jackie W.— Moscow, Electrical En- 
gineering: AIEE, IRE. BELL, Roger A— Ottawa, Agricultural 
Economics: Ag. Econ. Club, Veterans Org., Intramurals. 

Becker, E. 
Bell, B. 

Becker, J. 
Bell, J. 






Bell, R. 


i m m. m I 

Bennett Berghaus, G. 

Bergmeier, D. Bergmeier, G. 

Bicknell Bieber 

Berghaus, M. 



BINGGELI, Bonnie J— Marysville, Elementary Education: 
S.E.A., ISA, Whi-Purs. BIRD,' John C.-Topeka, Chemical En- 
gineering. BISBY, Dennis D.— Herington, Electrical Engineer- 
ing: IRE, Newman Club. 

BISHOP, Max D.-Leoti, Architecture: Delta Tau Delta, Blue 
Key Pies., Steel Ring, Tau Sigma Delta, AIA, Stu. Act. Bd. 
Chm., UGB, College Calendar Comm., Integrity Party Treas., 
Traffic Appeals Bd., Campus Entertainment Comm., Weigel 
Scholarship. BLACKLOCK, Warren H.-Chicago, 111., Industrial 
Engineering: Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Tau, S.A.M. Pres., Veter- 
ans Org., Intramurals. BLAIR, Boyd L.— Manhattan, Secondary 
Education: Veterans Org., S.E.A., Intramurals. 

BLECHA, Carole K— Munden, Elementary Education: Alpha 
Chi Omega, S.E.A., Collegiate 4-H, YWCA, Women's Glee 
Club, Intramurals. BLEVINS, Kenneth E.-Fort Scott, Electri- 
cal Engineering: AIEE. BLISS, Carol L.— Denver, Colo., Ele- 
mentary Education: Pi Beta Phi, S.E.A., Phi Kappa Phi Fr. 
Rec, Dean's Honor Roll, Orchesis, A Cappella Choir, Parents 
Dav Comm. Chm. 

BOECKER, Robert J.— Parsons, Chemical Engineering: New- 
man Club, AIChE, Intramurals. BOGENSCHULTZ, William C. 
—Sheboygan, Wis., Veterinary Medicine: Jr. AVMA, Alpha 
Zeta, Dean's Honor Holl. BONNER, Jerry L.-Stafford, Physi- 
cal Education: Phi Epsilon Kappa. 

I960 Seniors: Ben - Bry 

BENNETT, George W.-Garnett, Mechanical Engineering: 
House of Williams Pres., ASME, Integrity Party, SGA Parents 
Day Chm., Engineer Mag., ISA, Engr. Open House, Intra- 
murals. BERGHAUS, Gene— Meade, Veterinary Medicine: Jr. 
AVMA. BERGHAUS, M. Kay-Meade, Elementary Education: 
Jr. AVMA Aux., S.E.A. 

BERGMEIER, Dixie L.-Wakefield, Elementary Education: Phi 
Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Mu, S.E.A. BERG- 
MEIER, Gary F.-Wakefield, Animal Husbandry: FFA, Intra- 
murals. BERNDT, Kenneth E.— Salina, Secondary Education. 

BICKNELL, Edward J.-Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine: Al- 
pha Zeta, Blue Key, Jr. AVMA, Phi Kappa Phi. BIEBER, Al- 
bert L.— Bazine, Business Administration: Beta Sigma Psi Pres., 
Traffic Control Bd. BILOTTA, Larry P.-Prairie Village, So- 
cial Sciences: Sigma Chi, Cheerleader, Homecoming Comm., 
Men's Varsity Glee Club. 






BOOE, Kurt A.-Oswego, Civil Engineering: ASCE. BOONE, 
Harold G— Eureka, Electrical Engineering: Sigma Tau, Eta 
Kappa Nu, Veterans Org. BOWERSOCK, Dale D.-Fort Worth, 
Texas, Business Administration Accounting. 

■ ■ 

BOWSER, Larry C.-Larkinburg, Business Administration Ac- 
counting: Alpha Kappa Psi, First Natl. Bank Scholarship, Dean's 
Honor Roll. BRADRICK, Jack D.-Mankato, Physical Educa- 
tion. BRAMAN, Darrell N.-Buffalo, Electrical Engineering: 
Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau. 

BRETZ, Herbert L.-Wamego, Business Administration. BREW- 
ER, Kenneth A.— Winfield, Civil Engineering: Pi Kappa Alpha, 
Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard & Blade, Civil Engr. 
Honor Comm., Engr. Coun., Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec. BRIGH- 
TON, James R— Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine. 

Brown, D. 
Brown, K. 

Brown, J. E. 
Brown, L. 

Brown, J. H. 
Brown, T. 
Bryan, B. 










BROCKETT, Charles C.-Augusta, Chemistry. BRODDLE, Al- 
fred D.— Eureka, Feed Technology: Block & Bridle, Collegiate 
4-H, Milling Assn. BROOKOVER, Sam E.-Scott City, Agri- 
cultural Economics. 

BROWN, Doyle B.— Jennings, Agricultural Education: Ag. Ed. 
Club, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Meats Judging Team, Fr. Football. 
BROWN, James E.— Manhattan, Radio & Television: Young 
Rep., K-State Players, KSDB-FM. BROWN, James H.-Man- 
hattan, Business Administration: Sigma Nu. 

BROWN, Kay A.-Jennings, Music Education. BROWN, Lanny 
K.— Lyons, Psychology. BROWN, Thomas L.— Pretty Prairie, 
Electrical Engineering. 

BROWNE, James E.-Burdett, Electrical Engineering: Eta 
Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, AIEE, IRE, Masonic Club V-Pres., 
Engr. Open House. BRUMMER, Virgil N.-Beloit, Business Ad- 
ministration Accounting: Alpha Kappa Psi, Boeing Scholarship. 
BRYAN, Bonnie J.— White Cloud, Home Economics Teaching: 
AWS Coun., S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Club. 


Bryan, D. 
Bryan, K. 
Bur dick 






I960 Seniors: Bry - Cha 

-Stafford, Physical Education: PHEMS, S.E.A., Frog Club, 
Band, ISA. BULOTA, Giedre M. -Chicago, 111., Architecture: 
AIA, MPC. BURDICK, Clifford C.-Riley, Mechanical En- 
gineering: ASME, BSU. 

BRYAN, David D.— Prairie Village, Business Administration: 
Alpha Kappa Psi, A&S Day Chm., Men's Varsity Glee Club 
Pres., Royal Purple, K-State Players. BRYAN, Kathleen M.- 
Kansas City, Mo., Dietetics & Institutional Management: Alpha 
Delta Pi, Mortar Bd., Phi Kappa Phi, Chimes, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Omicron Nu, Martha S. Pittman Award, Borden Award, 
Home Ec. Coun. Pres., Professional Foods Club, Snowball Chm., 
AWS Council, Miss K-State 1st Runner-up. BUCK, Carolyn K. 

BURGESS, George D.— Manhattan, Radio Television: Pi Kappa 
Alpha, Arnold Air Soc, Angel Flight Coordinator, Alpha Epsi- 
lon Rho. BURNES, Barbara A.-Kansas City, Mo., Physical 
Education: Chi Omega, PHEMS, Union Games Comm., Whi- 
Purs, Frog Club, K-State Players, S.E.A. BURT, Keith D.- 
Concordia, Economics. BURTON, James W.— Summerfield, 
Secondary Education. BUTLER, Charles H.— Glasco, Milling 
Technology: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Newman Club, Young Rep. 

The K-State Placement Center, under the direction of Dr. 
Chester Peters, gave information concerning job opportuni- 

ties to K-State seniors, and served as a convenient location 
for interviews with representatives from companies. 


Caldwell, S. 

Caldwell, V. 

Campbell, A. 

Campbell, B. 

Campbell, D. 

Campbell, V. 



BUTTERMORE, Jack L.-Woodston, Geology: Veterans Org. 
BYBEE, Ruth A.-Pratt, Physical Education: PHEMS, S.EA. 
CALDWELL, Stanley L.— Garden City, Animal Husbandry. 
CALDWELL, Virginia A.-Kansas City, Mo., Textiles & Cloth- 
ing: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Clothing Retailing Club. CAMP- 
BELL, Alan B.— Independence, Electrical Engineering: Phi Eta 
Sigma, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, K-State Players. 

CAMPBELL, Bill E.-Grosse Point, Mich., Mechanical En- 
gineering. CAMPBELL, Darrell W.— Russell, Business Adminis- 
tration. CAMPBELL, Verlin G.— Conway, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. CANDREIA, Thomas A.— Effingham, Electrical Engineer- 
ing: AIEE, Veterans Org. CANNON, Edwin R.-Hillsdale, 
Business Administration Accounting. 

CARLAT, Gary K.— Dover, Architecture: Acacia, Tau Sigma 
Delta Scribe, AIA. CARLIN, James I— Frankfort, Electrical 
Engineering: AIEE, IRE. CARLSON, David M.-Manhattan, 
Veterinary Medicine: Beta Theta Pi, Newman Club, Jr. AVMA, 
Alpha Zeta. 

CARPENTER, James H.-Phillipsburg, Feed Technology. CARR, 
Harriett L.— Fort Scott, Homemaking: Kappa Kappa Gamma. 
CARR, Paul W.— Concordia, Business Administration & Chemi- 
cal Engineering: House of Williams Pres., AIChE, Pershing 
Rifles, Fr. Baseball. 

CARSON, William R.— Harveyville, Electrical Engineering: 
AIEE, IRE. CHAMBERS, Dale E.-Ames, Mechanical En- 
gineering: Newman Club, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, 
Western Electric Scholarship, Continental Oil Co. Scholarship, 
J. B. Ehrsam & Sons Mfg. Co. Scholarship, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. 
Rec. CHAMBERS, Lionel R— Wichita, Agricultural Economics 
& Animal Husbandry: Ag. Econ. Club, Block & Bridle, Collegi- 
ate 4-H, Livestock Judging Team, Little Am. Royal. 

CHAMBERS, Royce A.— McPherson, Business Administration 
Accounting: Veterans Org. CHAMPLIN, Bruce C.— Jamestown, 
Veterinary Medicine: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Jr. AVMA. CHAMP- 
LIN, Natalia M.— Jamestown, Elementary Education: S.E.A., Sr. 
Orchesis, Jr. AVMA Aux. 

•....-/',- . 

Chambers, R. 

Carr, H. 
Chambers, D. 
Champlin, B. 

Carr, P. 
Chambers, L. 
Champlin, N. 










Cleveland, G. 

Cleveland, M. 





Collins, J. E. 

Collins, J. L. 

Colson, C. 

Colson, T. 

I960 Seniors: Cha - Dah 

CHAPUT, Larry J.— Clvde, Business Administration: Phi Kappa 
Theta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Newman Club Pres., RCC. CHAR- 
TIER, Charles A.-Clyde, Pre-Law: Chancery Club Chief Jus- 
tice, Assoc. Chief Justice, Dean's Honor Roll, Honorary Key 
Award, S.E.A., Young Rep., Fr. Football, Intramurals. 
CHEATHAM, Janice E.— Colorado Springs, Colo., Business Ad- 

CHEGWIDDEN, Garry D.-Lucas, Civil Engineering: Beta 
Sigma Psi, Sigma Tau, Steel Ring, Civil Engr. Honors Comm. 
Pres., ASCE Sec, S.A.M.E., Engr. Coun., Foster A. Hinshaw 
Scholarship. CLARK, Tracy— St. Edward, Neb., Veterinary 
Medicine: Jr. AVMA Pres., Intramurals. CLARKE, J. Donald 
—Great Bend, Electrical Engineering. 

CLARY, Connie L.— St. George, Elementary Education: S.E.A., 
Collegiate 4-H Pres., V-Pres., Wesley Found. Coun., Kappa 
Phi 2nd V-Pres., Coun., "4-H In Review" Editor. CLEMENCE, 
Frederick L.— Abilene, Agricultural Economics: Alpha Gamma 
Rho, Ag. Econ. Club, Collegiate 4-H, Plow & Pen, Young Dem., 
LUNA, Ag. Mag. Bus. Mgr., Intramurals. CLEVELAND, 
Gretchen L.— Concordia, Elementary Education: Kappa Delta, 
S.E.A., Young Rep., YWCA, Band, Integrity Party. 

CLEVELAND, M. Bruce— Concordia, Agricultural Education: 
House of Williams, Ag. Ed. Club, S.E.A., Ag. Mag. Staff, 
Campus Industries Comm., Integrity Party. CLEVER, Ernst E.— 
Kansas City, Electrical Engineering. CLINKENBEARD, Charles 
D.— Holton, Agricultural Economics: Ag. Econ. Club Pres., Carl 
Raymond Gray Scholarship, K-Club, Ag. Coun., Football Mgr., 

CLUM, Lyle E.— Humboldt, Electrical Engineering: Delta Up- 
silon, Blue Key, Eta Kappa Nu Sec, Sigma Tau, Steel Ring, 
Scabbard & Blade, AIEE, IRE, S.A.M.E., Senior Class Pres., 
Stu. Coun. V-Chm., UPC V-Chm., RCC Pres., Alpha Phi Omega 
Pres., Roger Williams Fellow. Treas., Blue Key Scholarship. 
COGDILL, David B.-Menlo, Zoology: Sigma Nu, Young Rep. 
COLLINS, Janice E.— Overbrook, Secondary Education: Clovia 
Pres., Treas., Kappa Phi, Collegiate 4-H, Phi Sigma Chi, S.E.A., 
Panhel. Coun. 

COLLINS, Jerry L— Atchison, Industrial Engineering: S.A.M. 
COLSON, Charles W— Mankato, Feed Technology: Farmhouse, 
Milling Assn., Alpha Mu. COLSON, Thomas C- Paola, Archi- 
tectural Engineering: AIA, Engr. Assn., ASCE, Engr. Open 
House Architectural Display, Natl. Newman Club Fed., ISA, 
AFROTC Assn., Intramurals. 


4k Jk 




Cooper, G. 

Cooper, L. 
Craig, D. 

Craig, J. 

COMFORT, Gary L.— Russell, Business Administration Account- 
ing: Theta Xi, Scabbard & Blade, IFC, ROTC, DMS. COMP- 
TON, John L.— Manhattan, Industrial Engineering: Beta Theta 
Pi, Scabbard & Blade. COOLEY, Jo Ellen-Kansas City, Mo., 
Music Education: Chi Omega, Mu Phi Epsilon, Kappa Phi, 
Wesley Found., A Cappella Choir, MENC, Am. Guild of Or- 
ganists, Dean's Honor Roll. COOPER, Gary L.— Sterling, Tech- 
nical Agronomy: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Young Rep., Klod & Kernel 
Klub. COOPER, Lvle E.— Stockton, Electrical Engineering. 
CORBETT, Emery R.— Lawrence, Dairy Husbandry: Alpha 
Gamma Rho, Dairy Club, Collegiate 4-H. 

CORDOVA, Gilbert M. -Manhattan, Pre-Medicine: Alpha Kap- 
pa Lambda, Newman Club, LUNA. CORSON, James L.- 
Wichita, Business Administration. COUCH, Charles W.— Kings- 
down, Technical Agronomy: Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity Wres- 
tling. CRAFT, R. Joe-El Dorado, Industrial Education. CRAIG, 
David W— Peabody, Civil Engineering. CRAIG, John E— Erie, 
Mechanical Engineering: ASME. 

CRESS, Galya J.— Humboldt, Home Economics Extension: 
Clovia, Home Ec. Ext. Club, University Ext. Club, Collegiate 

4-H, Purple Pepsters, Kappa Phi, Wesley Found. CRESS, Jay 
]., Jr.— Arcadia, Calif., Electrical Engineering: Delta Sigma Phi. 
CRICHFIELD, L. Stuart-Halls, Tenn., Veterinary Medicine: 
Jr. AVMA. CRISS, Gary G— Manhattan, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing: Kappa Sigma, ASME, Scabbard & Blade. CRITSER, Wil- 
liam D.— Wichita, Mathematics: Beta Theta Pi, Scabbard & 
Blade, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec. CROMWELL, Gary L.-Salina, 
Agricultural Education: Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Blue Key, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Gamma Sigma Delta, Ag. Ed. Club, Ag. Assn., Ag. 
Coun., KSCF, BSU, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Soph. Honors, Jr. 
& Sr. Livestock Judging Teams. 

CUKJATI, Joe F.— Franklin, Veterinary Medicine: Alpha Gam- 
ma Rho, Newman Club, Jr. AVMA, Vet. Open House. CUL- 
BERSON, Gary R.— Burrton, Mechanical Engineering: Lambda 
Chi Alpha, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME. CUMMINGS, Gary K.- 
Kingsdown, Animal Husbandry: Block & Bridle, Little Am. 
Royal Winner, Sr. Livestock Judging Team. CUNNINGHAM, 
Donnie E.— Glade, Landscape Design: Veterans Org. CUN- 
NINGHAM, Gordon R.-Webber, Wildlife Conservation: North 
Am. Wildlife Soc. DAHL, Ellis J— Mankato, Secondary Educa- 
tion: Young Dem. 

Cress, G. 

¥ Cress, J. 


Criss Critser Cromwell 

Cunningham, D. Cunningham, G. Dahl, E. 


I960 Seniors: Dah - Dre 

DAHL, John E.— Mankato, Secondary Education: Sigma Tau, 
Eta Kappa Nu, IRE Sec. DANEWITZ, Larry E. -Lyons, Math- 
ematics. DANIEL, Marvin E.— Dexter, Electrical Engineering: 
AIEE, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, K-Club, Roger Williams Fel- 
low., Collegiate 4-H, Boeing Scholarship, Varsity Baseball, In- 

DANIELSON, Elaine L.— Topeka, Elementary Education: Gam- 
ma Phi Beta V-Pres., Social Chm., S.E.A. Rec. Sec, A Cappella 
Choir, Young Dem., Panhel. Coun. DAVID, Barbara J.— Win- 
field, Home Economics Teaching: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Home 
Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A., Barnwarmer Queen, Tribunal Chan- 
cellor. DAVIDSON, Caroline R.-Kansas City, Mo., Elemen- 
tary Education: Delta Delta Delta, S.E.A. , YWCA, Young Rep., 
Whi-Purs, Orchesis, Women's Glee Club. 

DAVIS, Alfred E.-Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine. DAVIS, 
Billy G.— Liberal, Business Administration Accounting. DAVIS, 
Janet L.— Wichita, Elementary Education: Kappa Kappa Gam- 
ma Pub. Rel. Chm., Registrar, S.E.A., Union Art Comm. Sec, 
Union Games Comm. Sec. 

DAVIS, John H.— Topeka, Electrical Engineering: Delta Upsi- 
lon, AIEE, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Staff Coordinating Coun. 
DAVIS. Rogene J.— Harper, Elementary Education: Waltheim 
Hall Pres., Treas., Judicial Board, Intramurals, Interdorm Coun., 
S.E.A., Wesley Found., ISA, Whi-Purs, Purple Pepsters, Col- 
legiate 4-H Sec, Corres. Sec. DELFORGE, Gary D.-Concor- 
dia, Physical Education. 






Dahl, J. 




Davis, A. 

Davis, B. 

Davis, J. H. 

Davis, R. 

Davis, J. L. 

DELLETT, Fred V., Jr.-Garfield, Mechanical Engineering: 
Delta Sigma Phi, ASME, Engr. Open House, Intramurals. DE- 
LONG, Duane W.— Manhattan, Business Administration. DEM- 
ORET, Charles W.-Princeton, Geology. 

DENESHA, Charles T.-Kansas City, Medical Technology-Pre- 
Medicine. DENTON, William N.-Bushton, Mechanical Engi- 
neering: Sigma Chi, ASME Treas. DERSTEIN, Robert L.-El 
Dorado, Business Administration: Acacia. 

DETTER, Bruce C, Jr.— Hutchinson, Veterinary Medicine. 
DETTMER, Gene H.-Randolph, Mechanical Engineering: 
ASME, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau. DICKSON, Thomas H.- 
Trenton, N. J., Art. 





DOUGLASS, Patricia A.— Mullinville, Home Economics Teach- 
ing: Home Ec. Ext. Club, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Collegiate 
4-H, S.E.A., EUB Fellow., Whi-Purs. DOUTHIT, Emily A.- 
St. Francis, Elementary Education: Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Kap- 
pa Phi Fr. Rec, Chimes Sec, Mortar Board, S.E.A., Newman 
Club, Panhel. Coun. Sec, IFYE, SGA Comms., A&S Coun., 
Collegiate 4-H Corres. Sec, Union Library Comm., Fr. Orien- 
tation Leader. DOWNING, Charles J.— Denver, Colo., Business 

DOWNING, Donald D.-Fowler, Psychology: Psychology Club, 
Masonic Club, Veterans Org. DOYLE, Joe H.— Leonardville, 
Chemistry: Tau Kappa Epsilon Sgt. at Arms, Am. Chemical 
Soc V-Pres., Astronomy Club Sec, Treas., Natl. Science Found. 
Undergraduate Research Grant. DOYLE, Leanne— Clearwater, 
Home Economics Extension: Home Ec. Ext. Club, Collegiate 

DRESSLER, Donald G.-Humboldt, Civil Engineering: ASCE. 
DRESSLER, Eugene E— Claflin, Veterinary Medicine: Kappa 
Sigma, Jr. AVMA. DREVETS, Stanley C.-Salina, Business Ad- 
ministration Accounting. 

DIETRICH, Donald A.-Manhattan, Architecture. DIFFLEY, 
Gary G.— Paxico, Physical Education: S.E.A., Fr. Baseball, In- 
tramurals. DILLINGER, Edwin T.-Brewster, Physical Edu- 
cation: Alpha Gamma Rho, Phi Epsilon Kappa, DSF Pres., 
Varsity Gymnastics, Intramurals. 

DIRSCHERL, Rudolf-Bunker Hill, Civil Engineering: Phi Kap- 
pa Theta, Civil Engr. Honors Comm. V-Pres., ASCE, Newman 
Club, Engr. Open House, Intramurals. DOEBBELING, Rob- 
ert D.-Ness City, Electrical Engineering: IRE. DOLECEK, 
Phyllis J.— Ellsworth, Business Administration: Alpha Chi Omega, 
Newman Club Sec, Social Chm., Phi Chi Theta, S.E.A., Wom- 
en's Glee Club, Angel Flight Historian. 

DONNELL, Glenn P.-Rochester, N. Y., Electrical Engineering: 
AIEE, IRE. DOOLEY, Joe A.-McPherson, Geology: Sigma 
Gamma Epsilon Sec. -Treas., Veterans Org. DORGAN, Law- 
rence L.— Cullison, Agricultural Engineering: Farm House, 
ASAE, Newman Club. 

DORNBUSCH, Harold E.-Wamego, Horticulture: Horticulture 
Club Treas., Sec. DORSEY, Jacob R.— Geneseo, Electrical En- 
gineering: IRE. DOUGLAS, Steve A.— Manhattan, Govern- 
ment: Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Blue Key, 
K-Club, Westminster Fellow., A&S Coun., Stu. Body Pres., Phi 
Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Koefod Award, Varsity Basketball, Fr. 
Basketball, Intramurals. 

Downing, D. 
Dressier, D. 

Doyle, J. 
Dressier, E. 

Downing, C. 
Doyle, L. 


Summer school graduates received their diplomas August 
7 at ceremonies in the Student Union ballroom. Three 

hundred forty-two seniors were awarded degrees at the 
final commencement held after summer school sessions. 

I960 Seniors: Dre - Eri 

DREW, Kent I.-Parkville, Landscape Design. DUDREY, Re- 
becca S.— Preston, Music Education. DUELL, Dennis C— 
Ruleton, Agricultural Economics: KSCF Pres., Ag. Econ. Club., 
Fr. Basketball. DUNSTER, Donald E.-Atchison, Electrical En- 
gineering: Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE. DURHEIM, Harold W.- 
Great Bend, Business Administration: Dean's Honor Roll. DUR- 
NIL, Arby L.— Long Island, Business Administration Account- 
ing: ISA Pres., AFROTC Assn., Masonic Club, YMCA, Young 

DYER, Carolyn-Riley, Art: Delta Phi Delta. DYER, Darrel V. 
—Clearwater, Biological Science: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Band, 
Varsity Men's Glee Club, College Chorus, Clinic Club, YMCA, 
Varsity Track. DZIURA, Mike J.— Kansas City, Modern Lan- 
guages. EATON, Roger R.— Dover, Mechanical Engineering: 
Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, A Cappella Choir, ASME. EBEL, 
Dean L.— Wamego, Agricultural Education: Kappa Sigma, 
IFYE, Ag. Ed. Club, Collegiate 4-H, Band Gold Key Award. 
ECK, Charles E.— Bismarck, N. D., Veterinary Medicine: Alpha 
Zeta, Jr. AVMA, Fribourg Award. 







Dyer, C. 

Dyer, D. 






ECKERT, Joanne E.— Dodge City, Home Economics Teaching: 
Interdorm Coun., Purple Pepsters, ISA, S.E.A. ECKHOFF, N. 
Dean— Meade, Nuclear Engineering: Steel Ring, Sigma Tau, 
ANS. EDSON, Donald P.-Topeka, Agricultural Education: 
Acacia, Collegiate 4-H, Little Am. Royal Master of Ceremonies, 
Pub. Chm., Ag. Science Day, Ag. Week, Intramurals. 

EICHER, Curtis L.-Brewster, Feed Technology. EINHELLIC, 
Frank A.— Bonner Springs, Animal Husbandry: Collegiate 4-H, 
Liahona Fellow., Dean's Honor Roll, Fribourg Scholarship, 
Farm Mech. Contest Jr. Carpentry Div. 1st Place. EISEN- 
BARTH, William— Corning, Electrical Engineering. 

ELLIOTT, Janet S.— Winfield, Elementary Education: Gamma 
Phi Beta Pres., S.E.A. Chm. of Comm, Young Rep. ELLIOTT, 
Mark P.— Sublette, Veterinary Medicine: Phi Delta Theta, Jr. 
AVMA, Young Rep., YMCA, MPC. ELLIS, Kenneth P., Jr.- 
Tulsa, Okla., Business Administration Accounting. 

ELLIS, Raymond L.— Garden City, Agricultural Education. 
ELLISON, Charles K.-Atchison, Social Sciences: S.E.A. EM- 
RICK, Bill R.— Ft. Scott, Electrical Engineering: Sigma Tau, 
Eta Kappa Nu, IRE Chm., Engr. Open House, Intramurals. 

ENDICOTT, S. Diane— Kingman, Secondary Education. ENSZ, 
John W.— Newton, Mechanical Engineering: Acropolis Sec, 
Treas., ASME, Mennonite Fellow., Varsitv Men's Glee Club, 
Intramurals. EPP, Waldeen M.— Henderson, Neb., Agricultural 
Engineering: ASAE. 

ERBECK, Douglas H.-De Pere, Wis., Veterinary Medicine: Jr. 
AVMA, Westminster Fellow. 1st and 2nd V-Pres., Finance 
Chm., RCC Exec. Bd., Intramurals. ERBERT, John R.-Zurich, 
Geology: Phi Kappa Theta, Social Chm., Act. Chm., Williston 
Geology Club., IFC, Newman Club V-Pres., United Fund 
Comm.', Greek Week, Cleanup Comm. Chm., USP. ERICK- 
SON, John A.— Moraca, Calif., Business Administration. 







Elliott, J. 

Elliott, M. 

Ellis, K. 

Ellis, R. 








Erickson, J. 


I960 Seniors: Eri - Fou 

ERICKSON, Larry E.-Wahoo, Neb., Chemical Engineering: 
Beta Sigma Psi, Steel Ring Treas., Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Lambda 
Upsilon Awards, Sigma Tan, AIChE, V-Pres., USCC Pres., LSA 
Treas., V-Pres., Engr. Open House Sec., SGA Comm., Dean's 
Honor Roll. ERNST, Donald M.- Wichita, Physics: Alpha 
Kappa Lambda, AIP, USF, Intramurals. ESAU, Larry R.— 
McPherson, Mathematics. 

ESSLINGER, Dennis L.-Clifton, Electrical Engineering: Eta 
Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, AIEE Chm., Sec, IRE, Newman Club, 
Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Electrical Contractors Assn. Scholar- 
ship, M. E. Smith Scholarship House Mgr., Engr. Open House 
Treas. EVANS, Martha A.— Manhattan, Music Education: Al- 
pha Delta Pi Historian, Mu Phi Epsilon Historian, MENC Pres., 
S.E.A., Orchestra, Young Rep., YWCA Y-Mart Food Chm., 
Music Chm., Dean's Honor Roll, Westminster Fellow., Orchesis. 
EVANS, Robert L.— Tecumseh, Neb., Veterinary Medicine: Jr. 

EVERS, Richard L.-Holton, Physical Education. EUSTACE, 
Charles D.— Topeka, Zoology: Varsity Rifle Team, Scabbard & 
Blade, Pershing Rifles, Conservation Club, ROTC Rifle Team, 
Geology Club. EWERT, Anthony E.— Hutchinson, Mechanical 

EWY, Carole A— Norton, Home Economics Teaching. EXLINE, 
Douglas W.— Salina, Industrial Technology. EXLINE, Jerry K. 
— Salina, Architecture: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Tau Sigma Delta, 
Engr. Coun., AIA Pres., Dean's Honor Roll. 

FABRICIUS, Edward P.-Hill City, Mathematics: ISA, Masonic 
Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Math. Club. FAIDLEY, Maurice D.- 
Clay Center, Feed Technology: Farm House, Alpha Mu, Block 
& Bridle. FAULKENDER, Dean L.-Leonardville, Architecture: 
AIA, Veterans Org. 

FAUSS, Janice J.— Wichita, Home Economics Extension: Home 
Ec. Ext. Club, S.E.A., ISA, Collegiate 4-H, Dorm Sec, DSF, 
IFYE. FAUST, Gerald K.-Holton, Industrial Technology. 
FELDMAN, Hervey A— Wichita, Animal Husbandry. 

Erickson, L. 



Evans, M. 




Exline, D. 





Evans, R. 
Exline, J. 
Feldman, H. 


Feldman, I. 















Foster, D. 

Foster, L. 


FELDMAN, Irmgard W.-Smith Center, English: Kappa Delta, 
Gamma Delta, S.E.A., K-State Players, Royal Purple Bus. Staff, 
Union Art Lending Library Comm., K-Key Journalism Award. 
FELTZ, Albert J.— Penfield, N. Y., Mechanical Engineering: 
Engr. Open House. FERGUSON, Burgess A— Onaga, Geology. 

FIELDS, Dwight Gene— Canev, Agricultural Economics. FIFE, 
Jerry F.— Arkansas City, Chemical Engineering: Phi Delta The- 
ta, AIChE, Union Games Comm., Westminster Found. Pub. & 
Recreation Chm. FIGGS, Larry L.— Valley Falls, Mechanical 

FILINGER, Frank, Jr.-Cuba, Animal Husbandry. FINICAL, 
Donald A.— Le Roy, Dairy Manufacturing: Dairy Club. FISH- 
ER, Judith M.— Benton, Home Economics Teaching: Phi Upsi- 
lon Omicron, Collegiate 4-H, Purple Pepsters, Home Ec. Teach- 
ing Club, AWS Coun., Block & Bridle Corres. Sec., S.E.A., 
Wesley Found., Little Am. Royal, Dean's Honor Roll, Sears 
Scholarship, Home Demonstration Coun. Scholarship, Snowball 
Comm., Hosp. Day Comms. 

FISKIN, A. Max-Stockton, Bacteriology: Phi Delta Theta, Phi 
Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Phi Eta Sigma Treas., NSF Undergraduate 
Research Grant, Jardine Terrace Councilman. FITZGERALD, 
Jerald B.— Manhattan, Physical Education: K-Club, Varsity 
Swimming. FLACK, Brian M.— Topeka, Landscape Design. 

FLOBERG, Roland W— Randolph, Business Administration 
Accounting: Alpha Kappa Psi. FOLTZ, Helen H.— Wichita, 
History: Alpha Delta Pi, S.E.A., Westminster Fellow., MPC, 
AWS Orientation Comm., Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec. FORREST, 
John C— Lamed, Agriculture: Alpha Zeta, Block & Bridle Re- 
porter, Ralston-Purina Scholarship Award, St. Joseph Livestock 
Market Found. Trip Award, Little Am. Royal Showman. 

FOSTER, Donald E.-Penalosa, Agricultural Education: Ag. Ed. 
Club, DSF, Martin K. Eby Scholarship, Intramurals. FOSTER, 
Larry D.— Prescott, Mechanical Engineering: ASME, S.A.M., 
Engr. Open House, Intramurals. FOULKE, Larry R.— Kiowa, 
Nuclear Engineering. 


I960 Seniors: Fox - Gou 

FOX, Mary A.-Salina, English. FRANS, John G.-Kansas City, 
Nuclear Engineering. FRENCH, Steve J.— Pretty Prairie, Feed 

FREY, Linda L— Manhattan, Music Education: Delta Delta 
Delta, MENC, Women's Glee Club, YWCA, S.E.A., Dean's 
Honor Roll. FRICK, Sharon L.— Durham, Home Economics 
Teaching: Alpha Chi Omega, S.E.A., Rand, Home Ec. Teach- 
ing Club. FRIEDRICH, Robert W.-Green, Business Adminis- 
tration Accounting. 

FULLER, B. Ray— Miltonvale, Agricultural Education: Alpha 
Zeta, Ag. Ed. Club Pres., Collegiate 4-H, Pershing Rifles, Ag. 
Coun., S.E.A., Crops Judging Team, 1st place at Chicago Expo- 
sition. FULLER, Nancy L.— Kansas City, Mo., Dietetics: Alpha 
Chi Omega, Professional Foods Club, Newman Club, AWS 
Coun. GAEDE, Carl D.— Newton, Architecture: Phi Kappa 
Phi, Tau Sigma Delta, Christian Fellow., AIA, Kansas Concrete 
Masonry Assn. Scholarship, KCMA Competition 1st Place, 
Weigel Scholarship. 

Gaede, C. J. 


















Fuller, B. 

Fuller, N. 

Gaede, C. D 

GAEDE, Carole J.-Manhattan, Clothing & Textiles: Delta 
Delta Delta, Clothing Retailing Club, Hosp. Days, Union 
Dance Dec. Comm, Frog Club. GAITHER, John R.-Colum- 
bus, Agronomy. GALLIART, Dale R.— Dorrance, Mechanical 
Engineering: Beta Sigma Psi, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, ASME. 

GARDENHIRE, Roy F.-Salina, Mechanical Engineering: 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, ASME, Engr. 
Coun., Dean's Honor Roll, Pi Tau Sigma's Outstanding Fr. 
Award. GARDNER, Robert L— Louisburg, Feed Technology: 
Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Mu, Arnold Air Soc, Mini- 
wanca Club, Milling Assn. Pres., Collegiate 4-H, Block & Bridle, 
Ag. Coun., Sears Roebuck Scholarship, Feed Technology 
Scholarship. GARLOW, Ronald K.-Wichita, Electrical En- 
gineering: Alpha Kappa Lambda, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau, 
Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma Pres., Stu. Coun., Debate, A 
Cappella Choir, K-State Players, Boeing Scholarship. 

GARRETT, John I.— Manhattan, Electrical Engineering: Phi 
Delta Theta, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, IRE. GARRISON, 
HAROLD M.-Pratt, Industrial Engineering: S.A.M. GARVIN, 
Lawrence M.— Hutchinson, Industrial Engineering: S.A.M. 

GEHRKE, Malcolm R.-Mexico, Horticulture. GEIGER, 
Claude O— Parsons, Agricultural Engineering: ASAE, Sigma 
Tau, Engr. Open House, Ag. Engr. Day. GEISLER, Doris A. 
—Alma, Home Economics Teaching: Omicron Nu Soph. Rec, 
Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A., Wm. 
H. Danforth Summer Fellow., Hazel Buck Memorial Scholar- 
ship, Dean's Honor Roll. 


Gladow, D. 

Gladow, F. 




GLENN, Calvin D.— Cunningham, Veterinary Medicine: Jr. 
AVMA, Veterans Org. Pies. GLOVER, Jacqueline-Salina, Ele- 
mentary Education: Chi Omega, S.E.A., A&S Coun., Whi-Purs. 
GODDARD, Tim L.-Liberal, Industrial Technology: S.A.M., 
Integrity Party, Young Rep. 

GODFREY, W. Arthur— Louisburg, Veterinary Medicine. 
GOETSCH, Gary G.-Rrewster, Industrial Engineering: S.A.M., 
Sigma Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Steel Ring, 
Putnam Scholarship, Dean's Honor Roll. GOETSCH, Joanne- 
Manhattan, Secondary Education: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi 
Sigma Psi, LUNA, SGA Comms., Union Comms. 

GONZALEZ, Julio C— Puerto Rico, Rusiness Administration: 
Latin Am. Catholic Club, Cervantes Club, Cosmopolitan Club, 
Newman Club. GOOD, John P.— Chicago, 111., Architecture. 
GOODWEILER, Robert V.-Muscoda, Wis., Veterinary Medi- 

GORDON, Richard G.-Ulysses, Chemical Engineering. GOR- 
DON, William R.— Highland, Agricultural Education: Delta 
Upsilon Pres., Ag. Ed. Club, Young Rep., S.E.A. GOUDY, 
Richard L.— Sharon Springs, Mechanical Engineering: Delta 
Upsilon, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, Arnold Air Soc, AFROTC 
Assn., DSF, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec. 

GENCH, Marianne— Fort Scott, Dietetics and Institutional Man- 
agement: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi 
Upsilon Omicron Pres., Professional Foods Club, Traffic Ap- 
peals Bd., Home Ec. Hosp. Day, FMOC Chm. GIBSON, 
Thomas A.— Kansas City, Mo., Electrical Engineering. GIG- 
STAD, Dean E.— Nortonville, Dairy Manufacturing and Business 
Administration: Delta Sigma Phi, Pi Epsilon Pi, Dairy Club, 
Dairy Products judging Team, High Individual at Chicago Ex- 

GILLUM, Arthur W— Dumas, Ark., Veterinary Medicine. 
GILMORE, Larry D.— Highland, Industrial Education: Sigma 
Tau, IEA, S.E.A., Miniwanca Club, Muchnic Found. Scholar- 
ship, Order of Eastern Star Scholarship, Carl Raymond Gray 
Scholarship. GIVEN, Pamela C— Manhattan, Home Economics 
Art: Home Ec. Art Club Pres., Purple Pepsters, Home Ec. 
Dietetics Club, YWCA. 

GLADOW, Dean E.— Alma, Mechanical Engineering. GLA- 
DOW, Firman G.— Manhattan, Government: Chancery Club, 
Phi Alpha Theta. GLASCO, Mary E.-Weskan, Elementary 
Education: S.E.A., Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Kappa Phi, Phi 
Alpha Mu, Wesley Found. Soph. Honors, Phi Kappa Phi. 





Goetsch, G. 

Goetsch, J. 




Gordon, R. 

Gordon, W. 


f * mm 



Graham, R. D. 

Graham, R. K 


Greene, P. 

Greene, S. 







I960 Seniors: Gra - Han 

GRABER, Curtis L.— Pretty Prairie, Agricultural Economics: 
Ag. Econ. Club, Concert & Marching Bands. GRAHAM, R. 
Dean— Columbus, Pre-Dental: Lambda Chi Alpha. GRAHAM, 
Robert K.— Independence, Mo., Art: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta 
Phi Delta, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball. 

GRANT, Russell E.-Wichita, Sociology. GREENE, Priscilla A. 
— Ruleton, Secondary Education: Clovia, S.E.A., Collegiate 4-H, 
Kansas 4-H Journal, Debate, Larry Woods Speech Contest. 
GREENE, S. Sue— Lincoln, Home Economics Art. 

GREENWOOD, Bobby D.-Carlton, Electrical Engineering. 
GRENNAN, William J.— Jewell, Mechanical Engineering: Sig- 
ma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma Treas., Newman Club, ASME, Engr. 
Open House. GRIFFIN, Clayton L.-Liberal, Electrical Engi- 
neering: Alpha Tau Omega, Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE, IRE, Phi 
Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Collegian Photographer, Y-Orpheum Pro- 
grams Comra. 

GRIMSLEY, B. Ellen-Wichita, Secondary Education: Alpha 
Chi Omega, S.E.A., Orchestra, College Chorus, Young Rep., 
YWCA, Wesley Found., Union Hosp. Comm, AWS Coun. 
GRINSTAFF, Harold W.-Wichita, Business Administration. 
GROSSE, Marilyn K.— Hanover, Home Economics Teaching: 
Home Ec. Ext. Club, S.E.A., Whi-Purs, Home Ec. Teaching 

GRUMME, Larry L— Clay Center, Nuclear Engineering: ANS. 
GRUVER, Clifford N.-Scott City, Feed Technology. GUSTAF- 
SON, Ronald E.— Kansas City, Animal Husbandry: Block & 
Bridle, Dairy Club, Chaparajos Club, Varsity Swimming Mgr., 
Varsity Track Mgr. GUSTAFSON, V. Wayne-Sewell, N. J., 
Nuclear Engineering: Sigma Tau, AIChE, Engr. Open House. 
GUTHRIDGE, William W.-Parsons, Physical Education: Pi 
Kappa Alpha, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Blue Key, Athletic Coun., 
Varsitv Basketball. 

HAAS, Herbert G.— Plevna, Civil Engineering. HAAS, William 
P.— Ness City, Pre-Law: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Alpha Theta, 
Chancery Club, Newman Club. HABERNIGG, Helen J.-Wich- 
ita, Humanities: Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, 
YWCA, Frog Club, Philosophy Club, Astronomy Club, S.E.A., 
Wesley Found., Unitarian Religious Rep., Whi-Purs. HABIGER, 
Edwin F.— Bushton, Agricultural Economics: Ag. Econ. Club, 
AFROTC Assn. HADIN, Lois M.-Leonardville, Music Educa- 
tion: Mu Phi Epsilon, Women's Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, 
K.S.C.F. Sec, Am. Guild of Organists, S.E.A., MENC. 

Gustafson, R. 
Gustafson, V. 

Haas, H. 
Haas, W. 





Hall, E. 
Hall, J. B. 
Hall, J. D. 

Hall, M. 







HALL, Edith M.— Clay Center, Elementary Education. HALL, 
James B.— Clifton, Elementary Education. HALL, Jerry D.— 
Fredonia, Agricultural Education: Ag. Ed. Club, Collegiate 4-H, 
S.E.A. HALL, Mary Ruth— Manhattan, Modern Languages: Al- 
pha Chi Omega, Newman Club, Club Cervantes, Delta Sigma 
Rho, Phi Alpha Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Panhel. Coun., Interna- 
tional Relations Bd., IPC, Debate. HAM, Paul M.-Kansas City, 
Business Administration: Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Union 

HAMILTON, Jeanette F. — Kingman, Physical Education: 
PHEMS, S.E.A., Frog Club, RA. HAMMER, Maurice H.- 
Norway, Agricultural Economics: Ag. Econ. Club, Fr. Baseball. 
HAMON, Charles E— Valley Falls, Agronomy: Alpha Gamma 
Rho, Collegiate 4-H, Block & Bridle, EUB Fellow. HAND, 
Roy B— Mulvane, Veterinary Medicine: Jr. AVMA. HAND- 
KINS, Melvin R.— Kingman, Industrial Engineering: S.A.M. 

K-State's Army rifle team members practice in the ROTC 
building firing range. The team was undefeated in shoul- 

der to shoulder competition, winning 17 dual matches. It 
also defeated 186 other teams in nine major tournaments. 


Hansen, E. 

Hansen, K. 

Hanson, D. 

Hanson, G. 
Harris, C. 

Harris, S. 

I960 Seniors: Han - Hen 

HANNA, L. Marilyn-Dighton, Pathology. HANSEN, Eleanor 
R.-Staten Island, N. Y., Economics. HANSEN, Karl R.-Sar- 
gent, Neb., Veterinary Medicine: Jr. AVMA. HANSON, Dar- 
rell L.— Marys ville, Animal Husbandry: ISA, Williston Geology 
Club, Wrestling. HANSON, Glen A.-Medicine Lodge, Rusi- 
ness Administration. HARROUR, Mary Jo— Fredonia, Home 
Economics Teaching: Alpha Lambda Delta, Omicron Nu, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Home Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A., Delta Sigma Rho 
Speech Contest, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Soph. Honors, Dean's 
Honor Roll, Putnam Scholarship. 

HARDIN, Gary L.-Clyde, Business Administration. HARMAN, 
Richard R.-Los Alamitos, Calif., Geology. HARPER, Dale- 
Tacoma Park, Md.-Psychology. HARRI, John G.-Brookville, 
Mechanical Engineering: Reta Theta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, Blue Key, Steel Ring, 
ASME, Engr. Coun., Engr. Open House Mgr., University-Civic 
Orchestra, Putnam Scholarship, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Soph. 
Honors. HARRIS, Carol I.— Topeka, Mathematics: Alpha Delta 
Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Mu, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi 

Kappa Phi, Jr. AVMA Aux., Band, Putnam Scholarship. HAR- 
RIS, Stanley G.— Rose Hill, Veterinary Medicine: Farm House, 
Jr. AVMA. 

HARRIS, William A.— Lincoln, Agricultural Engineering: ASAE 
Scribe, Engr. Open House. HARRISON, James A.— Topeka, 
Speech: Alpha Epsilon Rho. HARTER, Eugene H.— Bern, Dairy 
Husbandry: Alpha Zeta, Dairy Science Club, Jr. & Sr. Dairy 
Cattle Judging Teams, Ag. Mag., Little Am. Royal Reserve 
Champion. HARTING, Robert D.-Madison, S. D., Veterinary 
Medicine: Jr. AVMA. HARTKE, Glenn T.-Lincolnville, Vet- 
erinary Medicine: Jr. AVMA. HARWICK, Harriet J.— Colum- 
bus, Elementary Education: Delta Delta Delta, Young Dem., 
Panhel. Coun., S.E.A., AFROTC Queen, Angel Flight. 

HAYES, Alfred F.-Fort Scott, Electrical Engineering. HAYES, 
Delmer D.— Iola, Electrical Engineering: Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma 
Tau, IRE. HAYES, Kathleen L.— Superior, Neb., Teaching Cer- 
tificate. HAYNES, Palmer R.— Evansville, Wis., Architecture. 
HAYWOOD, Emmett L.-Cuero, Texas, Government: Political 
Science Club, Chancery Club, MPC. HAZLETT, Don F.-Ster- 
ling. Business Administration: Delta Tau Delta, Chancery Club, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, Union Games Comm. 

Harris, W. 






Hayes, A. 

Hayes, D. 

Hayes, K. 



Hazlett, D 


HAZLETT, Vernie C, Jr.-Norton, Geology: Veterans Org., 
Williston Geology Club. HEBLE, Melvern G.- Atwood, Ge- 
ology: Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Flving Club, Veterans Org., 
Williston Geology Club. HECHT, William-Alton, Architecture: 
AIA, Newman Club, Bowling Team, Intramurals. 

HEFLING, Von L.— Hutchinson, Electrical Engineering. HEI- 
DEBRECHT, Kenneth-Wichita, Architecture. HEIGELE, 
Richard B.— Salina, Business Administration: Phi Kappa Theta, 
Newman Club, Stu. Orientation Comm., Young Dem., LUNA, 

HEIKEN, Millie A.— Bushton, Home Economics Teaching: Van 
Zile Pres., K-State Players, Collegiate 4-H, S.E.A., Home Ec. 
Teaching Club, Intramurals. HEIKES, Darryl L.— Salina, Tech- 
nical Journalism: Sigma Nu, Sigma Delta Chi Sec, K-Key 
Journalism Awards, Collegian Photographer, Photo. Editor, 
Royal Purple Photographer, K-Stater Photographer. HEISER, 
Herbert D.— Lincoln, Business Administration: Veterans Org., 
Masonic Club. 

HELLING, Glenda K.-Dighton, Elementary Education. HEMP- 
HILL, Dorothv A— Manhattan, Home Economics Art. HEN- 
DERSON, Ronald J .-Arkansas City, Pre-law. 

HENDERSON, Sherry K.-Anthonv, Elementary Education: 
S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Club, Phi Sigma Chi, Whi-Purs, 
Collegiate 4-H, Intramurals. HENDRICKS, William T.-War- 
ren, Ariz., Electrical Engineering. HENLEY, Frederick L.— 
Kansas City, Landscape Design: Sigma Nu, AKLA. 

HENNING, Katherine A— Manhattan, Elementary Education. 
HENRY, Loren D.— Colby, Agricultural Journalism: Sigma Del- 
ta Chi, Collegiate 4-H, Plow & Pen Sec, Block & Bridle Re- 
porter, Wesley Found., Ag. Mag. Editor, Collegian Editor, 
News Editor, Royal Purple Staff, Little Am. Royal Pub. Chm., 
Ag. Week Pub. Co-Chm., Sears Roebuck Scholarship. HEN- 
RY, Ronald A.— Junction City, Secondary Education: Sigma Nu, 
S.E.A., Integrity Party. 

Hazlett, V. 




Henderson, S. 



He ikes 
Henry, L. 


Henderson, R. 
Henry, R. 








Hill, J. 

Hill, R. 





I960 Seniors: Hen - Ija 

HENSON, Colene K.-Topeka, Elementary Education: Pi Beta 
Phi, S.E.A., YWCA, Young Rep., Whi-Purs, Union Comms., 
AWS Coun., SGA, AWS. HERTEL, Dorothy A.-Hanston, 
Clothing and Textiles: Clothing Retailing Club, Newman Club, 
ISA. HERTHEL, Karen C— Hoisington, Elementary Educa- 
tion: Kappa Kappa Gamma, S.E.A., Whi-Purs, Women's Glee 
Club, College Chorus, YWCA. 

HESS, Jerry M.-Scott City, Geology: Beta Theta Pi, K-Club, 
Williston Geology Club, Varsity Track. HIEBERT, Sue-To- 
peka, Pre-Medicine: Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Mu, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Roger Williams Fellow., Clinic Club, A&S Honors 
Program, K-Key Journalism Award, Mortar Bd., Fr. Scholarship 
Award, Phi Alpha Mu Soph. Scholarship Award, Am. Heart 
Assn. Research Fellow. HIGDON, A. Sue— Cottage Grove, Ore., 
Secondary Education: Pi Beta Phi, Whi-Purs, S.E.A., Young 
Rep., AWS Queens Comm., Alpha Delta Theta, A Cappella 

HILL, Jeanne M.— Wellington, Speech: Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
Frog Club, Social Coordinating Coun., Sigma Alpha Eta Pres., 
Westminster Fellow., Debate Team, Pi Epsilon Delta, K-State 
Players, S.E.A., Dean's Honor Roll. HILL, Ronald K.— Hamil- 
ton, Mo., Agricultural Education: Ag. Ed. Club, Ag. Coun. 
HINKLE, Jere J— Culver, Civil Engineering: ASCE, Sigma 
Tau, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Phi Kappa Phi, Putnam Scholar- 
ship, Dean's Honor Roll. 

HINMAN, Clinton R— Detroit, Mich., Agricultural Engineer- 
ing: ASAE, Wesley Found. Pres., Sigma Theta Epsilon, Col- 
legiate 4-H. HOAR, Dean L.— Idana, Secondary Education: 
Delta Tau Delta, AFROTC Assn., Industrial Arts Assn., S.E.A., 
Fr. Baseball. HOFF, Donald E.— Salina, Civil Engineering: 
ASCE, Newman Club, ISA. 

HOFFMAN, Trudie A.— Manhattan, Secondary Education: 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Alpha Mu, Frog Club. HOISING- 
TON, Richard— Enterprise, Secondary Education: Alpha Kappa 
Psi, S.E.A. HOLEMAN, Ronnie G.— Herington, Business Ad- 
ministration: Phi Delta Theta, IPC, Fr. Baseball. HOLLE, 
Charles W.— Topeka, Civil Engineering: Pi Kappa Alpha, 
ASCE. HOLMAN, Larry J— Geuda Springs, Pre-Medicine. 

HOLMES, Jon F.-Derby, Geology: Williston Geology Club. 
HOOPER, Fonda E.— Manhattan, Elementary Education. 
HOOVER, Duane E.— Topeka, Business Administration Ac- 
counting: House of Brec Pres., Alpha Kappa Psi, Bowling 
Team, ISA. HORNBAKER, Harold W.-Stafford, Mechanical 
Engineering: ASME, Engr. Open House. HOSTETLER, 
Charles H.— Manhattan, Pre-Law: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chan- 
cery Club, Natl. V-Pres., A&S Coun., Traffic Appeals Bd., Ath- 
letic Coun., LUNA, Varsitv Golf Team. 






Hostetler, C. 


' Wfal—. 

1M1 m * I 


HOSTETLER, Norman H.-Hillsboro, Humanities: Alpha Kap- 
pa Lambda, Arnold Air Society, Apportionment Bd., SGA Elec- 
tion Comm., Leadership Training School, Forensics Union, 
USP Campaign Mgr., Touchstone Assoc. Editor, LUNA Dele- 
gation Chm., KSU-Civic Orchestra, A Cappella Choir, Wesley 
Found., Delta Sigma Rho Speech Contest, A&S Honors Pro- 
gram, Putnam Scholarship. HOWARD, Gerald L.— Mankato, 
Business Administration Accounting: Veterans Org. HOWARD, 
Judith L.— Wichita, Psychology. 

HOWES, Terry G.-Whiting, Civil Engineering: Civil Engr. 
Honor Comm., ASCE. HOWEY, Ray A.-Hutchinson, Civil 
Engineering. HOWLAND, Kenneth E— Neosho, Mo., Eco- 

HOWLAND, Warren L— Garden City, Technical Agronomy. 
HUBBARD, Glenn E— Kansas City, Mechanical Engineering. 
HUBBELL, Carl L.— Spearville, Technical Agronomy. 

HUBBELL, Melvin L.— Howard, Agricultural Economics: Alpha 
Gamma Rho, Block & Bridle, Ag. Econ. Club, Collegiate 4-H. 
HUBER, Carolyn— Junction City, Elementary Education: Pi 
Beta Phi, S.E.A., AWS, Sigma Alpha Eta, Whi-Purs, Phi Kappa 
Phi Fr. Rec. HUBER, Duane A.-El Dorado, Architectural En- 
gineering: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Tau Sigma Delta, 
Engr. Open House Exec. Comm. 

HUDELSON, Nicholas V., Jr.— Pomona, Agricultural Economics: 
Phi Delta Theta, Young Rep., MPC Sgt. at Arms, Scabbard & 
Blade, LUNA. HUEFTLE, Mark E.-Oakley, Agricultural Ad- 
ministration: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Ag. Econ. Club, Fr. Wres- 
tling. HUERTER, Rodney C.— Seneca, Business Administration. 
HUFF, Barbara A.— Manhattan, Government: Kappa Kappa 
Gamma, Chimes, Political Science Club, Ed McCoy Pol. Science 
Award, Stu. Coun., Natl. Stu. Coun. Congress, Sr. Class Treas., 
UGB, Homecoming Queen Attendant, A&S Coun., Parents Dav 
Chm., Young Rep., RCC, Traffic Control Bd., YWCA, Leader- 
ship Training School. HUMBURG, Carolyn L.— LaCrosse, Ele- 
mentary Education: Alpha Xi Delta, S.E.A., Kappa Phi, Panhel. 
Coun., AWS, SGA Leadership School Comm. 

HUND, Margaret A.— Paxico, Home Economics Extension: 
Home Ec. Ext. Club, Newman Club, Collegiate 4-H, Band. 
HUNDLEY, Gerald W.-Horton, Agricultural Education: Wes- 
ley Found., Sigma Theta Epsilon, Ag. Ed. Club, Collegiate 4-H. 
HURTT, Kay E.-McDonald, Family & Child Development: 
Kappa Phi, Collegiate 4-H, Family & Child Development Club. 
IHRIG, Larry L.— Goodland, Agricultural Economics: Acacia, 
Ag. Econ. Club, Ag. Mag. Staff. IJAMS, Clayton D.-Topeka, 
Chemical Engineering. 


Hostetler, N. 
Howland, W. 
Hubbell, M. 

Howard, G. 
Huber, C. 

Howard, J. 
Howland, K. 
Hubbell, C. 
Huber, D. 










I jams 


Gov. George Docking presents a model airplane to Ken 
McNeill last spring in recognition of McNeill's being wing 

commander of the Air Force cadets. Gary Rumsey (right) 
was honored as Army cadet colonel, regimental commander. 










I960 Seniors: Int - Jon 

INTERMILL, Ronald W— Jewell, Entomology: Entomological 
Assn. IRVINE, Richard R.— Manhattan, Technical Agronomy: 
Beta Theta Pi, Young Rep., Newman Club. ISOM, James K - 
Baldwin, 111., Veterinary Medicine: Jr. AVMA. 

IZAGUIRRE, Jorge I.— Honduras, Architectural Engineering: 
Cervantes Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Natl. Intercollegiate Bil- 
liards Tournament. JACK, Walter F.— Augusta, Electrical En- 
gineering. JACKSON, Norman E.— Palco, Electrical Engineering. 

JACOBS, Charles R.— Potwin, Business Administration: Kappa 
Sigma. JAMES, Frank B.— Mayetta, Veterinary Medicine: Jr. 
AVMA, Flying Club. JANZEN, Robert W.-Hillsboro, Electrical 





Johnson, C. 

Johnson, D. D. 

Johnson, D. R. 

JARVIS, Mary A— Arkansas Citv, History: Purple Pepsters, 
S.E.A., Westminster Found., LUNA. JASPER, Herman F- 
Cawker City, Agricultural Engineering: Newman Club, ASAE 
Pres., Scribe, Sigma Tau, Engr. Coun., Dean's Honor Roll, 
Band. JEFFERS, Keith W.— Lincoln, Electrical Engineering: 
Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec. 
JENKINS, James L.— Wamego, Electrical Engineering: IRE, 
S.A.M.E., Newman Club. JENNISON, Donald P.-LaCrosse, 
Geology. JENSEN, NaDeane— Republic, Elementary Education. 

JESTER, Jan E.— Erie, Architecture: Tau Sigma Delta, AIA, 
Weigel Scholarship. JEWETT, Melvin D.-Halstead, Civil En- 
gineering: Sigma Theta Epsilon, ASCE, Pershing Rifles, Roger 
Williams Fellow. JOHNS, Charles J.— Wamego, Agricultural 
Economics. JOHNSON, Charles T.— Chanute, Industrial Engi- 
neering. JOHNSON, Darrel D.— Cambridge, Electrical Engi- 
neering. JOHNSON, Don R.— Kansas City, Mo., Radio Televi- 
sion: Newman Club, IPC Pres., KSAC Outline Series Originator. 

JOHNSON, James L.-O'Neill, Neb., Speech: Alpha Tau Ome- 
ga, K-State Players, Pi Epsilon Delta, Alpha Epsilon Rho, 
Dean's Honor Roll, Y-Orpheum Director, KSDB-FM Dramatics 

Chief. JOHNSON, Jerold F.-Hutchinson, Animal Husbandry. 
JOHNSON, Larry M.-Burdick, Industrial Technology: House 
of Williams, S.A.M., ISA. JOHNSON, Nancy E.-Dodge City, 
Elementary Education: Pi Beta Phi, S.E.A., AWS Coun., All 
Women's Day Chm., Whi-Purs, YWCA, Dorm Coun. JOHN- 
SON, Richard L— Norton, Business Administration. JOHNSON, 
Robert L.— Favetteville, N. Y., English. 

JOHNSON, Robert W.-Chevy Chase, Md., Secondary Educa- 
tion: S.E.A., Industrial Ed. Assn., Veterans Org., Amateur Radio 
Club. JOHNSON, Ronald W.-Norton, Physical Education: Phi 
Epsilon Kappa, S.E.A., Fr. Baseball. JOHNSON, Stanley D.- 
South Haven, Veterinary Medicine: Alpha Gamma Rho, Jr. 
AVMA, Vet. Medicine Open House Dept. Chm. JOHNSON, 
Thomas A.— Osage City, Industrial Education: S.E.A., Industrial 
Ed. Assn., LSA, Veterans Org., Band. JOHNSTON, Marilyn K. 
— Scandia, Elementary Education: Kappa Delta House Mgr., 
Westminster Fellow., Purple Pepsters, Union Comms., YWCA, 
AWS Coun., Young Dem., USP, Dean's Honor Roll. JONES, 
Billy J.— Roanoke, Texas, Music Education: K-State Players, 
Orchesis, Band, Orchestra, ISA, Music Scholarship, Fr. Baseball. 

Johnson, J. L. Johnson, J. F. 

Johnson, Robt. W. Johnson, Ron 

Johnson, L. 
Johnson, S. 

Johnson, N. 
Johnson, T. 

Johnson, Rich 

Johnson, Robt. L. 
Jones, B. 


Jones, D. 
Jones, E. 
Jones, J. J. 
Jones, J. B. 
Jones, L. 

Jones, M. R. 
Jones, M. E. 
Jury, K. 
Jury, R. 

■ «dc**- M «':; : | . ™^-— ****** 

I960 Seniors: Jon - Kra 

JONES, Duane A.-Wichita, Civil Engineering: ASCE, Engr. 
Open House. JONES, Elmer E., Jr.— Manhattan, Agricultural 
Engineering: Sigma Tau, ASAE, Dean's Honor Roll, Engr. 
Open House. JONES, Jerry J.— Hutchinson, Electrical Engineer- 
ing: Beta Theta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Scabbard & Blade, Sigma 
Tau, Union Games Comm. JONES, John B.— Montezuma, Vet- 
erinary Medicine: Alpha Zeta, Jr. AVMA. JONES, Larry L — 
Hutchinson, Electrical Engineering: Beta Theta Pi, Eta Kappa 
Nu, Scabbard & Blade, Young Dem., Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, 
DMS, Electrical Contractors Assn. Scholarship. 

JONES, Madison R., Ill— Prairie Village, Government: Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon. JONES, Mina E.-Ft. Scott, Art: Alpha Delta 
Pi, Delta Phi Delta, Whi-Purs, Orchesis, Union Art Comm., 
Y-Orpheum Program Comm. JURY, Karen K.— Topeka, Ele- 
mentary Education: Delta Delta Delta. JURY, Robert S— To- 
peka, Agricultural Economics: Ag. Econ. Club. KAMERMAN, 
Herman T.— Brooklyn, N. Y., Speech. 

KASHKA, Leroy E.— McDonald, Architectural Engineering: 
Sigma Tau, AIA, Boeing Scholarship. KASTNER, William D — 
Salina, Electrical Engineering: Sigma Nu, Eta Kappa Nu, Sig- 
ma Tau, Steel Ring, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Radio Club, Astronomy Club, Open House Treas., Varsity 
Wrestling. KAUFMAN, Darrel D— Moundridge, Mechanical 
Engineering: ASME. 

KEANE, Carolyn-Kansas City, Zoology. KEEFER, Kenneth L. 
—Pittsburgh, Pa., Radio Television: Kappa Sigma, Alpha Epsi- 
lon Rho, Pi Epsilon Delta, K-State Players, Jazz Comm. Chin., 
UPC. KEELER, Orville A.-Garden City, Milling Technology. 

KEIF, Sharon R.-Wichita, Family & Child Development: Chi 
Omega, Phi Upsilon Omicron, S.E.A., Purple Pepsters, Whi- 
Purs, A Cappella Choir, Family & Child Dev. Club, Hosp. Day, 
Home Ec. Coun. KELLER, LaDonna B.-Ellis, Art: Chi Ome- 
ga, S.E.A., Delta Phi Delta, Whi-Purs. KELLER, Maryanne- 
Garden City, Textiles & Clothing: Delta Delta Delta', Pres., 
Clothing Retailing Club, AWS Comm., SGA Comm., Hosp. 
Day, USP, Dorm. Comm. 

KELLEY, Robert W.-Valley Falls, Electrical Engineering: 
AIEE. KEMPLAY, Kenneth L.-Centralia, Civil Engineering: 
ASCE, Veterans Org. KENT, Robert C.-Arkansas City, Ge- 








Keller, L. 

Keller, M 










King, C. 
King, D. 

King, J. 
King, M. 





Knewtson, H. 

Knewtson, M. 







Kramer, P 

KEPLEY, Larry R.— Ulysses, Agricultural Education: Ag. Ed. 
Club, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Collegiate 4-H, Ext. Club, Wesley 
Found. KERR, Carole J.-Overland Park, Sociology: AWS 
Coun., Royal Purple Bus. Staff. KESINGER, Donald A.-White 
Hall, 111., Feed Technology: Phi Delta Theta, Scabbard and 
Blade, S.A.M.E., Varsity Golf. KESLER, Joel R.-Kansas City, 
Mo., Electrical Engineering: Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Tau, Eta 
Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, AIEE, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, 
Alpha Phi Omega. KIENTZ, Charles O.-Manhattan, History. 

KING, Clyde M.-Fostoria, Electrical Engineering. KING, 
Daniel C— Salina, Veterinary Medicine: Kappa Sigma, Jr. 
AVMA. KING, Jay D.-McPherson, Industrial Education. KING, 
Michael D.— Shady Bend, Electrical Engineering: Scholarship 
House Pres., Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, IRE Treas., ISA. 
KINTIGH, Jerry L.-Norton, Feed Technology: Delta Upsilon, 
Alpha Mu, IFC, Milling Assn., Young Rep. 

KIRN, J. Dale— Salina, Business Administration. KLEIN, Dar- 
win K.— Lucas, Business Administration Accounting: Acacia, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, Pi Epsilon Delta, Arnold Air Soc, K-State 
Players, AFROTC Assn., Union Campus Entertainment Comm. 
Chm., Varsity Men's Glee Club, Band, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec. 
KLEITZ, Cynthia D.— Kansas City, Physical Education. 

KNEWTSON, Harold D.-Altamont, Agricultural Education: 
Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Sigma 
Delta, Soph. Honors, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, RCC, Wesley 
Found., Sigma Theta Epsilon, Ag. Ed. Club, Collegiate 4-H, 
West Stadium House Coun., Martin K. Eby Scholarship, Gen- 
eral Scholarship, Fribourg Found. Scholarship. KNEWTSON, 
Mary A.— Altamont, Home Economics Teaching & Extension: 
Omicron Nu, Wesley Found., Kappa Phi, Collegiate 4-H, Home 
Ec. Ext. Club, S.E.A., Orchesis, Ag. Ed. Wives, Concert & 
Marching Bands, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Home Demonstration 
Unit Scholarship, Mortar Bd. Scholarship. KNOBBE, Edward J. 
— Marinthal, Electrical Engineering: IRE, Veterans Org. 

KNOFFLOCH, Marietta J.-Wichita, Elementary Education: 
S.E.A., Westminster Fellow., Young Rep., Frog Club. 
KNOWLES, Terry L.— Great Bend, Technical Journalism: Sig- 
ma Alpha Epsilon, K-Club, Astronomy Club, Collegian Sports 
Editor, News Editor, Royal Purple staff, Y-Orpheum Pub. Chm., 
Varsity Baseball. KOHMAN, Fred H.-Elmo, Mechanical En- 
gineering: ASME, Varsity Rifle Team. 

KOPF, Melvin L.— Beverly, Electrical Engineering: AIEE 
V-Pres., K-Club, Varsity Baseball. KORBE, Maurice A.-Ness 
City, Geology. KRAMER, Paul W.-Spearville, Electrical En- 


Kramer, R. 










Lang, L. 

Lang, W. 

I960 Seniors: Kra - Lut 

KRAMER, Roger W.-St. Joseph, Mo., Feed Technology. 
KROUS. Douglas G.-Home, Biological Science: Jr. AVMA, 
Conservation Club, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec. KRUCKENBERG, 
Larry— Great Bend, Business Administration Accounting. KU- 
FAHL, Marilyn J.— Onaga, Family & Child Development: 
S.E.A., Family & Child Development Club, Band, Women's 
Glee Club, ISA. LADNER, Rex E.-Manhattan, Agricultural 
Education. LAKEY, Lerov E.— Neodesha, Electrical Engineer- 
ing: AIEE, IRE. 

LALA, Carol A.— Kirwin, Home Economics Art: Alpha Delta 
Pi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Angel Flight, Art Club, Y-Orpheum 
Program Comm. Chm., Hosp. Day, Snowball Dec. Comm. 
Chm., Blackfoot-Whiteloot, Flush Bowl, and Royal Purple 
Queens' Attendants. LAMB, Imogene E.— Manhattan, English; 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, 
SGA Comm., Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Orchesis. LAMBING, 
Ralph M.-Chicago, 111., History. LAMPE, Merlin L.-Pratt, 
Agricultural Economics. LANG, Leroy A.— Norton, Agricultural 
Education: Ag Ed. Club, Newman Club, Alpha Zeta, Young 

Rep., Little Am. Royal & Ag Science Day. LANG, Waldo D- 
Chapman, Agricultural Engineering: Steel Ring, Sigma Tau, 

LARSON, Harold D.— Scandia, Mechanical Engineering. LASS- 
MAN, Garry W— Humboldt, Industrial Engineering. LAUBEN- 
GAYER, William C— Salina, Electrical Engineering: Delta Up- 
silon, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, AIEE, IRE, 
DSF, Band, Engr. Open House. LAVERENTZ, Larry L.-Ben- 
dena. Agricultural Economics: Alpha Gamma Rho Chaplain, 
Alpha Zeta, LSA, Block & Bridle, Ag. Assn., Jr. & Sr. Livestock 
Teams, Block & Bridle Jr. Scholarship. LAWSON, Jimmy D.- 
Sylvan Grove, Agricultural Administration. LAZARUS, Leeman 
D.— El Dorado, Business Administration. 

LeGROTTE, James J.-Mission, Architecture. LEIBBRANDT, 
Benjamin— St. Francis, Agricultural Education: Ag. Ed. Club. 
LENTZ, Gary D.— Cheney, Business Administration. LESTER, 
Stephen K.— Wichita, Pre-Law: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chancery 
Club, Fr. Football. LEWELLING, James D.-Delia, Electrical 
Engineering: Kappa Sigma, Engineer Mag. Editor, Engr. Open 
House, Engr. Coun., AFROTC Assn., Masonic Club. LEWIS, 
Bert R.— Hutchinson, Veterinary Medicine: Jr. AVMA. 












Lewis, B 


Lewis, T. 


Lobmeyer, D. 





Lobmeyer, M. 
Lutz, L. 






Lutz, R. 

LEWIS, Thomas E.— Eureka, Sociology: Sigma Nu, Chancery 
Club, Young Rep. LINDER, Orival W.— Turon, Veterinary 
Medicine. LINN, Leighton L— Miller, S. D., Veterinary Medi- 
cine: Jr. AVMA, Intramurals. 

LINVILLE, Sharon S.— Kansas City, Mo., Elementary Educa- 
tion. LISHER, Jim L.— Topeka, Rusiness Administration: Sigma 
Nu, Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard & Rlade, Fr. Honors Program, 
Sr. Class V-Pres., Stu. Coun., Public Rel. Chm., IFC V-Pres., 
Natl. Stu. Congress Delegate, Rig-8 IFC Delegate, Leadership 
School, SGA Senior Leaders Comm., Intramurals. LIVING- 
STON, Donald G.— Topeka, Chemical Engineering: Acacia, 
AIChE Sec, Steel Ring. 

LORMEYER, David H.-Garden City, Geology: Phi Kappa Tau 
Treas., Social Chm., Scholarship Chm., Sigma Gamma Epsilon, 
Williston Geology Club, Am. Mineralogical Soc, Newman 
Club. LORMEYER, Martha A.-Pittsburg, Music Education: 
S.E.A., MENC, MTNA, Geology Gems, Concert & Marching 
Rands, Women's Glee Club, Orchestra, Newman Club, Dorm 
Music Chm. LONGHOFER, Paul D.-Salina, Secondary Edu- 
cation: Phi Epsilon Delta, K-State Plavers, S.E.A. 

LONKER, James M.— Medicine Lodge, Animal Husbandry; 
Reta Theta Pi, Alpha Zeta, Jr. & Sr. Livestock Judging Teams, 
Rlock & Rridle, Sr. Livestock Judging Contest Winner, Marching 
Rand, Chaparajos Club, Collegiate 4-H Annual Staff, Flying 
Club. LOOMIS, Harold I.— Fredonia, Agricultural Education: 
K-Club, Ag. Ed. Club, Collegiate 4-H, Gymnastics Captain. 
LOVIN, Robert E.— Hoxie, Elementary Education: Fr. Wrestling. 

LOWELL, Russell D.-Concordia, Psychology. LUKERT, Phil 
D.— Topeka, Veterinary Medicine: Alpha Zeta, Jr. AVMA. 
LUMR, Jean H— Manhattan, Music Education: Mu Phi Epsilon 
Treas., MENC, Marching & Concert Rands, Orchestra, Wood- 
wind Ensemble, Presser Found. Music Scholarship, First Natl. 
Rank Scholarship, Fine Arts Scholarship. 

LUNDY, Thomas K.— Salina, Secondary Education. LUTZ, L. 
Lee— Wichita, Secondary Education. LUTZ, Ronnie D.— Mav- 
etta, Rusiness Administration Accounting: Kappa Sigma, Young 
Dem., Engineer Mag., IFC Scholarship Chm. 


K-State seniors voted for class officers at the election No- 
vember 18 and 19. Officers elected were Lyle Clum, presi- 

dent; Jim Lisher, vice-president; Joanne Taylor, secretary; 
and Barbara Huff, treasurer. Over 373 persons voted. 

I960 Seniors: Lyo - McC 

LYON, Dale N.— Iuka, Business Administration: Alpha Kappa 
Psi, ISA, Veterans Org. LYTLE, Larry R.-Humboldt, Mathe- 
matics. MACH, Donald E.— Narka, Animal Husbandry: Delta 
Chi Colony, Ag. Assn., Block & Bridle, Collegiate 4-H, Little 
Am. Royal Champion Showman, Meats Essay Winner, Jr. & Sr. 
Wool Contest Winner, Barnwarmer Queen Chm., KSDB-FM. 

MACY, Janet S.— Manhattan, Family & Child Development. 
MAGILL, Charles R.— Humboldt, Industrial Engineering: S.A.M. 
MAI, Betty J.— Garden City, Home Economics Teaching: Home 
Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A., Gamma Delta, Band, Interdorm 
Coun. Pres. 

MAIN, Robert L.-Dodge City, Industrial Technology: Sigma 
Phi Epsilon, S.A.M. Pres., Achievement Award, Engr. Coun., 
St. Patrick Attendant, Engr. Open House, Varsity Rifle Team. 
MALL, Jaclyn G.-Clay Center, History: Alpha Xi Delta, Angel 
Flight. MALLON, Robert C.-Ogden, Electrical Engineering: 
Sigma Tau, Newman Club. 









MANGELSDORF, David H.-Short Hills, N. J., Mechanical 
Engineering: Delta Upsilon, ASME, ARS, Sports Car Club, Phi 
Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Engineer Mag., Engr. Open House. MAN- 
GELSDORF, H. Irene— Kansas City, Elementary Education: 
Pi Beta Phi, Mortar Board, Chimes, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, 
Phi Alpha Mu, Soph. Honors, Dean's Honor Roll, K-Key Jour- 
nalism Awards, S.E.A. Pres., Panhel. Coun., Royal Purple Bus. 
Mgr., Board of Stu. Pub., YWCA, Purple Pepsters, Y-Orpheum 
Program Comm. MARFICE, Dennis J.-Table Rock, Neb., 
Electrical Engineering: Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi 
Kappa Phi, IRE. 

MARGHEIM, Laurice M— Ness City, Agricultural Economics: 
Ag. Econ. Club, Collegiate 4-H, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Chapara- 
jos Club, Ag. Mag. Asst. Editor. MARKLEY, Richard D.-Ben- 
nington, Electrical Engineering: Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, IRE, 
AIEE. MARNELL, Gerald E.-Erie, Mechanical Engineering. 

MARNIX, Richard K— Arkansas City, Industrial Education. 
MARTIN, Larry C.-Peck, English: Lambda Chi Alpha Pres., 
S.E.A. MARTIN, M. Lynn— Topeka, Elementary Education: Pi 
Beta Phi, Mortar Board Pres., Sigma Alpha Eta, S.E.A., Chimes, 
YWCA, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Westminster Fellow., Stu. 
Coun., SGA Stu. Act. Bd., AWS Coun., Royal Purple Bus. 
Staff, Asst. Editor, Dorm Tribunal, Whi-Purs, Purple Pepsters, 

MARTIN, Robert W.— McPherson, Mechanical Engineering: 
Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma Pres., Phi Kappa Phi 
Fr. Rec, ASME, Engr. Coun. MAUK, R. Gale-Prairie Village, 
Architecture: AIA, Fr. Baseball. MAYER, Jo Ann— Manhattan, 
Elementary Education: Phi Alpha Theta, S.E.A., YWCA, ISA, 
Dames Club, Newman Club^ K-State Players. 

McConnell, A. 

McConnell, V. 




i>9^* '^w^!&% 

.— — — - V ■^ r . 7 m 

Mangelsdorf, D. 

Mangelsdorf, H. 






Martin, L. 

Martin, M. 

Martin, R. 



MAYNE, Anton W— Severy, Physical Education: Phi Epsilon 
Kappa, S.E.A., Veterans Org. McBRIDE, Norman L — Winfield, 
Electrical Engineering: AIEE. McCABE, Charles A.— Cotton- 
wood Falls, Wildlife Conservation: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Clinic 
Club, Newman Club, Conservation Club, Chaparajos. 

McCANDLESS, Richard L.— Hutchinson, Industrial Technologv, 
Business Administration: S.A.M., Young Dem., Engr. Open 
House IE Dept. Chm. McCHESNEY, Richard W.-Norton, 
Technical Agronomy. McCOLLOUGH, Don E.-Eureka, Me- 
chanical Engineering. 

McCONNELL, Aura E.— Coffeyville, Veterinary Medicine: 
Gamma Phi Beta, Jr. AVMA. McCONNELL, V. Kent-Dodge 
City, Business Administration: Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa 
Psi, K-Club, Varsity Football. McCOSH, Kenneth E.-Abilene, 
Dairv Manufacturing: Dairy Science Club, Dairy Club Report- 
er, Treas. 









I960 Seniors: McC - Moc 

McCREARY, Marvin L.-Opolis, Veterinary Medicine. McCUL- 
LOUGH, Kenneth R.-Paola, Feed Technology: Alpha Mu, 
Milling Assn., Feed Technology Scholarship. McCUNE, Ron- 
ald W.— Reloit, Feed Technology: Farm House Pies., Phi Eta 
Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Zeta Fr. Scholarship Award, Alpha 
Mu, Rlue Key, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Gamma Sigma Delta Soph. 
Honors, Stu. Coun., Ag. Week Mgr., Santa Fe Railroad Scholar- 
ship, General Motors Scholarship. McCURDY, Warren W.- 
Arlington, Va., Philosophy: Philosophy Club, Dean's Honor 
Roll, Fr. Baseball. McDOWELL, Harold C-Scandia, Civil 
Engineering: ASCE, Engr. Open House, CE Chm. 

McGINNIS, Forest M.-Beloit, Mechanical Engineering: ASME. 
McGRATH, Robert J.-Beloit, History. McGREGOR, Ronald 
J.— Borger, Texas, Mechanical Engineering: ASME. McHUGH, 
Patricia J.— Osborne, Psychology: Purple Pepsters, Newman 
Club, Psychology Club Pres., Whi-Purs, Young Rep., S.E.A. 
McKINNEY, William M.— Hutchinson, Mechanical Engineering: 
Phi Kappa Theta. 

McKINNIE, Deanna M— Glen Elder, Elementary Education: 
S.E.A., RA, Orchesis Accompanist, Whi-Purs, Jazz Club, Union 
Summer Program Comm., Family & Child Development Club. 
McLAUGHLIN, M. Ellen— Marysville, Government: Kappa 
Kappa Gamma, Young Rep., Chancery Club, Political Science 
Club, Union Pub. Rec. Comm., Integrity Party. McMICKELL, 
Robert J.— Salina, Industrial Technology: S.A.M., Veterans Org. 

McMILLEN, Robert A.— Florence, Electrical Engineering: Eta 
Kappa Nu. McMILLIN, F. Ann— Junction Citv, Mathematics: 
Alpha Delta Pi, A&S Coun., Purple Pepsters Pres., S.E.A., Traf- 
fic Appeals Bd., Newman Club, Games & Rallies Comm., 
Cheerleaders Advisory Bd., Flash Cards Comm. McNARY, R. 
Orlo— Sabetha, Mechanical Engineering: Lamba Chi Alpha, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, ASME. 

MECHESNEY, Susan E.— Shawnee, Elementary Education: 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, Chimes, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi 
Fr. Rec., Soph. Honors, Dean's Honor Roll, S.E.A., KSTA State 
V-Pres. Apportionment Bd., Traffic Control Bd., A&S Coun., 
AWS Coun., AWS Judicial Bd., Attorney General, Band Twirl- 
er, Panhel. Coun. MECHLING, James L— McCune, Business 
Administration: Alpha Kappa Psi, Dean's Honor Roll, Varsity 
Football. MEINERT, Vernon O— Easton, Business Administra- 

MEINSEN, William D.-Kansas City, Mo., Mathematics. 
MEISNER, James H.-Osage City, Geology: Williston Geology 
Club, Veterans Org. MEITLER, Neal D.-Lucas, Business Ad- 
ministration: Beta Sigma Psi, A&S Coun., Gamma Delta Pres., 
Regional Treas., Convention Chm., RCC Pres., Stu. Act. Bd., 
Flash Card Sub-Comm. Chm., Union Pub. Comm. Chm., UPC, 
UGB, USP Campaign Chm. 















Miller, D. 
Miller, L. 
Miller, S. R. 

Miller, G. 
Miller, O 
Miller, S. G. 

Miller, J. 
Miller, R. 
Miller, S. P. 

MENGELING, William L.-Cottage Grove, Wis., Veterinary 
Medicine: Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, Jr. AVMA. MER- 
RITT, Linda— Haven, English: Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Lamb- 
da Delta, Mortar Board, Stu. Coun., YWCA, Dorm Tribunal, 
K-State Players, Whi-Purs, Purple Pepsters. MIHORDIN, Ron- 
ald J.— Kansas City, Pre-Medicine: Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Phi Kappa Phi, K-Club, Young Dem., Varsity Swimming. 

MILLER, Donald G.— Everest, Agricultural Education: Farm 
House, Block & Bridle, Ag. Ed. Club, Poultry Club, Poultry 
Judging Team, Jr. & Sr. Livestock Judging Teams. MILLER, G. 
Eldon— Colby, Technical Journalism: Sigma Delta Chi Pres., 
Collegian Editor, Royal Purple Editor, K-Key Journalism 
Awards, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Kansas City Press Club 
Scholarship. MILLER, Jerre J.— Kansas City, Elementary Edu- 

MILLER, Leonard R.— Everest, Agricultural Economics: Acacia, 
Collegiate 4-H, Wampus Cats, Ag. Econ. Club, Veterans Org. 
MILLER, Otis F.— Caney, Chemical Engineering: AIChE, ISA, 
Engr. Open House. MILLER, Richard J.— Kansas City, Ar- 
chitectural Engineering. 

MILLER, Stanley R.— Wichita, Mechanical Engineering. MIL- 
LER, Steven G.— Ensign, Agricultural Education: Ag. Ed. Club, 
Wesley Found., Sears Scholarship, Standard Oil Co. Scholar- 
ship, Farm Bureau Scholarship. MILLER, Susan P.— Augusta, 
Secondary Education: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Young Rep., Or- 
chesis, S.E.A., Union Movies Comm. 

MILLS, William C.-Lake City, Animal Husbandry: Block & 
Bridle, Flying Club, Band. MINARCINI, Ronald J.-Rib Lake, 
Wis., Civil Engineering: ASCE, Veterans Org. MINOR, Frank V. 
— Holton, Electrical Engineering: Engr. Open House. MINSCH, 
John H— Westmoreland, Geophysics. MIRACLE, Herbert R.— 
Wamego, Secondary Education: K-State Players, Varsity Gym- 

MISKIMEN, Earl D.-Preston, Architecture. MITCHELL, Hen- 
ry J.-Topeka, Industrial Engineering. MITCHELL, Ralph W. 
—Lost Springs, Veterinary Medicine: Jr. AVMA. MOAK, Mary 
L.— Prairie Village, Physical Education: Phems, Band, Purple 
Pepsters, Frog Club Pres. MOCHAMER, Roger J.-Osage City, 
Business Administration. 








— rm 



Mitchell, H. 

Mitchell, R. 



S *^ 


Monroe, R. 





Monroe, C. 
Morgan, C. 

I960 Seniors: Moc - Nye 

MOCK, John L.— Topeka, Electrical Engineering: Phi Kappa 
Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, Amateur Radio Club, Newman Club. 
MOEHRING, Donald— Carnegie, Pa., Rusiness Administration. 
MOHRI, Emily K.— Ames, Iowa, Elementary Education: Pi Reta 
Phi, Whi-Purs, S.E.A., YWCA, Royal Purple Queen. MOLES- 
WORTH, Dale R.-Colony, Rusiness Administration. MOLLER, 
Max L.— McPherson, Geology; Wesley Found., Sigma Theta 
Epsilon, Cosmopolitan Club, Geology Club. MONROE, C. Dale 
— Hoisington, Agricultural Engineering. 

Constance K.— Goodland, Elementary Education: Pi Reta Phi, 
S.E.A., Angel Flight, Rand, Miss Football, Rarnwarmer Queen, 
Homecoming Queen Attendant. 

MORGAN, Maurice G.— Herington, Rusiness Administration. 
MORICONI, Mary Jo— Wichita, Home Economics Teaching: 
Kappa Kappa Gamma Pres., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Mortar 
Roard, Panhel. Coun., Angel Flight. MORITZ, Jerome R.- 
Reloit, Rusiness Administration: Phi Kappa Theta, Alpha Kappa 
Psi. MOSIER, Larry K.— Hoxie, Veterinary Medicine: Jr. 
AVMA. MYER, James F— Silver Lake, Electrical Engineering: 

MONROE, Robert J.— Portis, Rusiness Administration: Alpha 
Kappa Psi, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellow. Pres. MONROY, 
Armando— Mexico, Milling Technology: Milling Assn. MON- 
TRE, Louis G., Jr.— Wichita, Mechanical Engineering: Kappa 
Sigma, Engineer Mag., ASME, Men's Varsity Glee Club. 
MOORE, Douglas W.— Pittsburg, Architecture: Acacia, Tau 
Sigma Delta, AIA, K-State Players, Engr. Coun., Charles Shaver 
Annual Architectural Award Winner. MOORS, Russell M.— 
McPherson, Rusiness Administration Accounting. MORGAN, 

MYERS, M. Patricia— Kansas City, Mo., Radio Television: Pi 
Reta Phi, Pi Epsilon Delta, Alpha Epsilon Rho, A&S Coun., 
Women's Glee Club, K-State Players, Y-Orpheum Asst. Direc- 
tor, Whi-Purs. MYERS, Patrick H.— Chanute, Mechanical En- 
gineering: ASME. NEAL, Jerry D.— Salina, Electrical Engineer- 
ing: Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, Veterans Org., IRE. NELKE, 
Conrad J.— Oakley, Mechanical Engineering: Phi Kappa Theta, 
ASME, Newman Club. NELKE, Nancy F.-Mission, English: 
Kappa Delta, Newman Club, S.E.A., K-State Players, Panhel. 
Coun., A&S Honors Program. 

Morgan, M. 





Myers, M. 
Myers, P. 
Nelke, C. 
Nelke, N. 




Nelson, G. 

Nelson, L. 

Nelson, W. 





Nichols, J. 

Nichols, W. 


NELSON, Garrett E.-Curtis, Neb., Agronomy: Klod & Kernel 
Club. NELSON, Larry A.— Ruleton, Zoology: Acacia, Arnold 
Air Soc, AFROTC Assn. Pres. NELSON, Wendell A.-Bridge- 
port, Secondary Education: LSA Director, SEA. NEVINS, 
Keith P.— Atchison, Civil Engineering: Phi Kappa Theta, ASCE, 
Newman Club, USP, Jazz Club, Engr. Open House. NEW, 
Eugene— Olathe, Veterinary Medicine. 

NEWCOMER, Julee A— Kansas City, Mo., Business Adminis- 
tration. NEWTON, Norman A.— Mission, Industrial Engineering. 
NICHOLS, JoAnne L.— Auburn, Home Economics Teaching: 
Phi Upsilon Omicron, SEA, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Frog 
Club, Whi-Purs, PTA Scholarship, Sears Roebuck Scholarship. 
NICHOLS, William C— Kansas City, Mo., Electrical Engineer- 
ing: Delta Tau Delta. NICHOLSON, Bill L.-Hoisington, Busi- 
ness Administration. 

NICKEL, John G.-Winfield, Electrical Engineering. NIE- 
LAND, Mark A.— Wall Lake, Iowa, Mechanical Engineering: 
Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, ASME, Newman Club. NIELSON, 
James D.- Wichita, Business Administration. NIGHSWONGER, 
James J.— Blunt, S. D., Landscape Design: Kan. Landscape 
Arch. Assn., Sigma Theta Epsilon, Hort. Club Pres., Ag. Coun. 
NONAMAKER, Elisabeth D.- Manhattan, Zoology: Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, SEA, Sigma Eta 

Chi, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Soph. Honors, Collegiate 4-H. 
NORDSTROM, A. Kay-McPherson, Home Economics Teach- 
ing: Pi Beta Phi, Mortar Board, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. 
Coun. Sec, SEA, YWCA, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Chimes, 
Home Ec. Soph. Rec, Stu. Act. Bd., Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, 
Hosp. Day, AWS, Whi-Purs, Dorm Tribunal. 

NORDSTROM, Dale H.-Bushton, Mechanical Engineering: 
Delta Upsilon. NORRIS, Clarence W.— Leavenworth, Physical 
Education: Phi Delta Theta, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Young Dem., 
YMCA, SEA, Fr. Basketball, Varsity Baseball. NORTH, Larry 
E.— Kansas City, Mo., Mechanical Engineering: Tau Kappa Ep- 
silon Pres., Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, Alpha Phi Omega, Pres. 
SAME, Pres. Scabbard & Blade, DMS, ASME, Stu. Coun., Eng. 
Coun., IFC, Dow Chemical Scholarship, Integrity Party, Varsity 
& Concert Bands, SGA & Union Comms., Varsity Gymnastics. 
NOTHERN, Joseph C.-Salina, Feed Technology: Alpha Tau 
Omega, Alpha Mu, Band, Cheerleader, Feed Technology Schol- 
arship. NOVY, Lowell L.— Friend, Veterinary Medicine: Delta 
Tau Delta, Blue Key, Jr. AVMA, UGB, UPC, Union Planning 
Comm. Chm., Originator Big 8 Talent Show, Vet. Med. Open 
House Chm., Sr. Commencement Comm. NYE, Derald D.— 
Oakley, Electrical Engineering: Astronomy Club, Sigma Tau, 
Flying Club Pres. 

Nordstrom, D. 





Nordstrom, A. 



President James A. McCain spoke to visitors at the open- 
ing of the new $550,000 K-State Student Health center No- 

vember 1. Members of Blue Key, senior men's honorary, 
and Chimes, junior women's honorary, acted as guides. 

Seniors: Obe - Pel 

OBERLE, Sharon B.— Carbondale, Home Economics Teaching: 
Omicron Nu, S.E.A., YWCA, Christian Fellow., Interdorm 
Coun., Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec., Soph. Honors, Dean's Honor 
Roll. OBRIEN, Glen J.— St. Francis, Industrial Engineering. 
ODLE, Darrel L.— Stockton, Agricultural Education: Veterans 
Org., Poultry Science Club, Ag. Ed. Club, Poultry Judging 
Team. OGG, Leslie L.— Ottawa, Business Administration Ac- 
counting. OHMES, Joseph J., Jr.— Garden City, Mechanical 
Engineering: Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Tau Sigma, Newman Club, 
Sigma Tau, ASME. 

OLANDER, Gene M.— Topeka, Secondary Education: Phi 
Delta Theta Pres., Young Rep. Pres., State Chm., Order of 
the Artus, Tribunal Attorney General, K-State Players, Blue 
Key, S.E.A., Y-Orpheum Comm., UPC, Stu. Coun. Outstanding 
Member Award, Big 8 Conference Arrangement Chm., Flash 
Card Field Director, Chancery Club, MPC, USP Pres., Appor- 
tionment Bd. OLIVERSON, James E.— Ashland, Civil Engineer- 
ing: ASCE. OLSON, Jordan T.-Mankato, Civil Engineering: 
Chi Epsilon Honor Comm., Sigma Tau, ASCE. OORDT, Gerald 
H.— Hospers, la., Feed Technology: Scholarship House, Alpha 
Mu, Phi Kappa Phi, Milling Assn., Wesley Found. O'REAR, 
Billie H— Coffey ville, Electrical Engineering. 











i- h >. 


'WitlStr *M'C5 

m # I- , i 1. 

Jpfc *9*J 











Parcel, D. 

Parcel, M. 


ORME, Carolee— Kingman, Elementary Education: S.E.A., Sig- 
ma Alpha Eta, Collegiate 4-H. OSTMEYER, Kenneth F.-Oak- 
ley, Business Administration. OUSDAHL, Gloria Jean— Law- 
rence, Home Economics Extension: Ext. Club Pres., Home Ec. 
Ext. Club, Kappa Phi, Wesley Found., Collegiate 4-H. OWEN, 
James N.— Elk Citv, Electrical Engineering. PABST, Don H.— 
Colby, Geology. 

PALMATEER, John D.-Longford, Civil Engineering: ASCE, 
Veterans Org. Pres. PANZITTA, Joseph-Newark, N. J., Electri- 
cal Engineering. PARCEL, Donald D.— Protection, Horticulture. 
PARCEL, Mae L.-Meriden, Textiles and Clothing. PARK, 
John M., Jr.— Clifton, N. J., Landscape Design: Phi Kappa Tau, 
Hort. Club. 

PARSONS, Terry L.— Girard, Electrical Engineering: Delta 
Upsilon, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Engr. Open House Co-ordinating Chm., Phi Kappa Phi Fr. 
Rec. PASQUIL, Manuel J.— Junction City, Music Education: 
Varsity Men's Glee Club, Am. Guild of Organists, Cosmopolitan 
Club, Newman Club, S.E.A. PATE, John L.— Chanute, Indus- 
trial Engineering. 

PATTERSON, Dale L.-Kansas Citv, Electrical Engineering: 
Amateur Radio Club, Varsity Gymnastics. PATTERSON, Roger 
K.-Ellsworth, Geology. PEARSON, Loren D.-Ottawa, Busi- 
ness Administration: Phi Delta Theta. 

PEASE, Donald M— LaCvgne, Industrial Engineering: S.A.M., 
Engr. Open House Co-Chm., Masonic Club Pres., Veterans Org. 
PEASE, Harold D.— LaCygne, Electrical Engineering: Veterans 
Org., AIEE. PECK, Lester D.-Iola, Civil Engineering. 

PEDERSEN, Randall E.-Boelus, Neb., Pre-Veterinary. PEER- 
SON, M. Kay-Kansas Citv, Sociology: Alpha Chi Omega, S.E.A., 
YWCA, AWS. PELUSO', Ralph D.-Pittsburgh, Pa., Physical 
Education: Newman Club, K-Club, Varsity Football, Varsity 

Patterson, D. 
Pease, D. 

Patterson, R. 
Pease, H. 





Peters, J. K. 

Peters, J. H. 

Peterson, K. 

Peterson, L. 

Peterson, M. 






I960 Seniors: Pen - Ree 

PENROD, Margery L— Manhattan, Technical Journalism: 
Kappa Phi, Collegian Church Editor, Soc. Editor, Royal Purple 
Ed. Staff, Wesley Found. PERKINS, Thelma M.-Hanover, 
Business Administration Accounting: Phi Chi Theta, Collegiate 
4-H. PETERS, Joan K.-Edson, Elementary Education: Pi 
Beta Phi, S.E.A., Young Rep., Women's Glee Club, RCC, 
YWCA, SE Dorm V-Pres., Asst. Cheerleader, Orchesis. 

PETERS, John H.— Topeka, Electrical Engineering: Phi Kappa 
Theta, AIEE, Newman Club, Young Dem., USP. PETERSON, 
Karen L.— Caldwell, Home Economics Journalism: Home Ec. 
Journalism Club, Omicron Nu, YWCA, Collegiate 4-H, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, A Cappella Choir, Ag. Mag. Staff, Collegian 
Reporter, Little Am. Royal Showman, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, 
Putnam Scholarship. PETERSON, Leland M.-Humboldt, Elec- 
trical Engineering: AIEE. 

PETERSON, M. Bruce— McPherson, Mechanical Engineering. 
PHILLIPS, David H.-Wichita, Restaurant Management. 
PHLIEGER, Alvin P.-Quinter, Geology: Newman Club, Wil- 
liston Geology Club, ISA, Veterans Org. 

PICKENS, Carolyn E.— Nortonville, Home Economics Teach- 
ing: Clovia, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Collegiate 4-H, S.E.A., 
Whi-Purs. PIERSON, Donna J.-Ft. Wayne, Ind., Elementary 
Education: S.E.A., Jr. AVMA Aux. PIPER, J. Mark-Parsons, 
Agricultural Economics. 

PITZER, Walter J.-Bala, Veterinary Medicine. PIVONKA, 
Barbara J.— Timken, Home Economics Teaching: Home Ec. 
Teaching Club, S.E.A., Whi-Purs, Newman Club. PLANK, Ar- 
nold C— Hope, Secondary Education: Phi Alpha Theta, S.E.A., 
Dean's Honor Roll. PLENERT, Marvin L.— Hillsboro, Zoology. 
POLEY, Gerald E.-Sioux Falls, S. D., Feed Technology: New- 
man Club. 

POLKINGHORN, William R.-Dodge City, Animal Husbandry: 
Block & Bridle. POPP, Robert L.-Russell, History: Veterans 
Org. POPPLE WELL, David M.-Ft. Scott, Chemical Engineer- 
ing: Newman Club, AIChE, ISA. POST, Arthur W.-Irving, 
Texas, Industrial Education. PRESTWOOD, Tillman A., Jr., 
Wichita, Industrial Technology: S.A.M., IRE. 












PRIBYL, Lawrence E— Paxton, Neb., Secondary Education: 
Lambda Chi Alpha, S.E.A., Newman Club, K-State Players. 
PRICER, Norman L.-Palco, Geology: Williston Geology Club, 
ISA. PRITCHARD, H. Leroy-Dunlap, Technical Agronomy: 
Collegiate 4-H, Klod & Kernel Klub, Soil Judging Teams, 
Sears Roebuck Fr. Scholarship. 

PUGH, Keith D.-Dodge City, Electrical Engineering: M. E. 
Smith Scholarship House, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, IRE. PUL- 
FORD, Robert E.-Topeka, Economics. PULTZ, Charles H.- 
McPherson, Electrical Engineering. 

QASIM, Jamel J— Jordan, Geology: Sigma Gamma Epsilon, 
Arab-Am. Club, International-Relations Bd. QUINN, Ruena J.- 
Oakley, Elementary Education: S.E.A., Westminster Fellow., 
Cosmopolitan Club, Carl Raymond Gray Scholarship, West- 
minster Scholarship, Wilfred Park Scholarship. QUINN, Terry 
M.— Clay Center, Radio Television: Theta Xi Pres., K-State 
Players, Phi Epsilon Delta, Newman Club. 

RACETTE, George E.-Clyde, Agricultural Education: Ag. 
Ed. Club, Newman Club, S.E.A., Dean's Honor Roll. RAD- 
CLIFF, William A.— Fostoria, Ohio, Milling Technology: Sigma 
Nu, Alpha Mu. RALLS, Nathaniel P.-Winfield, Geology. 

RAMSOUR, John V.— Junction City, Agricultural Engineering. 
RANDALL, Wayne W.— Mesa, Ariz., Veterinary Medicine. 
RANDOLPH, Gary L.-McPherson, Medical Technology. 
RATTS, Gerald L.— Junction City, Technical Journalism: Sigma 
Nu, Sigma Delta Chi, Young Dem., USP, Collegian Asst. Edi- 
tor, News Editor, K-Key Journalism Award. REAUGH, Shelby 
J.— Topeka, Family and Child Development. 

RECTOR, Joyce— Topeka, Technical Journalism: Delta Delta 
Delta, Band, Union Comms., Collegian Soc. Editor, News Edi- 
tor, Asst. Editor. RECTOR, Robert— Independence, Physical 
Education: Alpha Kappa Lambda, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Varsity 
Gymnastics. REDDING, Jovita A.-Altamont, History: S.E.A., 
ISA, Cosmopolitan Club, Orchestra. REED, Glenda A.— Lyons, 
Home Economics Art: S.E.A., Home Ec. Art Club, Purple 
Pepsters, Collegiate 4-H, Whi-Purs, ISA. REEDY, Carl D.- 
Treece, Nuclear Engineering. 








Quinn, R. 

Quinn, T. 









Rector, J. 

Rector, R. 





Rees, R. D. 
Rees, R. L. 

Reid, L. 
Reid, R. 




Richardson, B. 

Richardson, D. 







Roberts, J 

. . • fc4 tfe 

i960 Seniors: Ree - Rud 

REES, Richard D.— Coffeyville, Feed Technology: Alpha 
Gamma Rho, Alpha Mu, Alpha Zeta, Collegiate 4-H, Ag. Coun., 
Milling Assn., Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Ag. Mag. Staff, Sears 
Roebuck Scholarship, Feed Tech. Scholarship, Who's Who 4-H 
Scholarship, General Scholarship. REES, Robert L.— Coffey- 
ville, Mechanical Engineering. REETZ, Roger P.— Augusta, 
Business Administration: Sigma Nu. REGIER, Jerome K.— 
Moundridge, Veterinary Medicine: Alpha Gamma Rho Pres., 
Jr. AVMA, IFC. REGNIER, Edward P.- Manhattan, Chemi- 
cal Engineering: Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, 
Phi Lambda Upsilon, AIChE, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Soph. 
Honors, Union Hosp. Coram., Book Exchange Comm., Union 
Jazz Club, Engr. Open House, Varsity Men's Glee Club, AIChE 
Annual Scholarship Award. 

REID, Larry E.— Manhattan, Electrical Engineering: AIEE, 
IRE, Wesley Found. REID, Robert G.-Hutchinson, Milling 
Technology: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Mu. REINEMANN, 
Edward C.-Beedsville, Wis., Feed Technology. REINHARDT, 
Beverly A.— Salina, Home Economics Art. RENOLLET, Henry 
C— Bison, Civil Engineering: Sigma Tau, Civil Engr. Honors 
Comm. Pres., Veterans Org., ASCE, Engr. Open House, Phi 
Kappa Phi Fr. Bee, Soph. Honors, Kansas Contractors' Assn. 
Scholarship, Dean's Honor Boll, Mid-Continent Conference 

BENZ, Lowell E.-Biley, Pre-Medicine: Beta Theta Pi, Varsity 
Track. RIAT, Thomas R.-Wamego, Sociology. RICHARD, 
Lester F.— Redfield, Agricultural Education: Ag. Ed. Club, 
S.E.A., Flying Club. 

RICHARDSON, Beverly A.-Howard, Home Economics Teach- 
ing: Alpha Chi Omega, Van Zile Hall Pres., Miniwanca Club 
V-Pres., Home Ec. Teaching Club Pres., Home Ec. Coun., Col- 
legiate 4-H, Roger Williams Fellow., S.E.A., Sears Roebuck 
Scholarship, P-TA Scholarship, Hazel Buck Memorial Scholar- 
ship. BICHABDSON, Darrel B. -Belleville, Business Admin- 
istration. BICHTEB, Glen E.— Green, Physical Education: Phi 
Epsilon Kappa. 

BIGGENBACH, Ronald J.-Ramsey, N. J., Bacteriology. BIG- 
GEBT, Roger L.— Preston, Electrical Engineering: M. E. Smith 
Scholarship House, AIEE, IRE, Gamma Delta Pres., RCC, 
Engr. Open House. RINGEL, Duane A.— Alma, Civil Engineer- 
ing: Civil Engr. Honor Comm., ASCE. 

RIPPE, Robert E— Ludell, Agricultural Economics: Ag. Econ. 
Club, Newman Club, Varsity Wrestling. RITTER, Victor L.- 
McDonald, Architecture. ROBEBTS, James-Manhattan, Pre- 
Medicine: Alpha Kappa Lambda, Clinic Club, Boger Williams 
Fellow., 2nd Place Larry Woods Speech Contest, 1st Place 
Delta Sigma Bho Speech Contest, LUNA, A&S Honors Program. 


Roberts, M. 










ROBERTS, Merle D— Liberal, Mechanical Engineering and 
Geology: Phi Delta Theta, ASME, S.A.M.E. ROBERTSON, 
Jerry R.— Greensburg, Electrical Engineering: AIEE, Engr. 
Open House. ROBINSON, Janet M.-Eskridge, Elementary 
Education: Clovia, S.E.A., Collegiate 4-H Pianist, 4-H Journal 
Staff. RODGERS, Dorothy F.-Burbank, Calif., Mechanical 
Engineering. RODRIGUEZ, John— Ellsworth, Technical Jour- 
nalism: Newman Club, Club Cervantes, S.E.A. 

ROLLET, Lavern D.— Kanopolis, Architectural Engineering. 
ROSS, George E., jr.— Hutchinson, Veterinary Medicine: Beta 
Theta Pi, Jr. AVMA. ROSS, John R.-Formoso, Agricultural 
Economics: Alpha Gamma Rho. ROSS, Judith J.— Mayfield, 
Home Economics Teaching: S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Club, 
Kappa Phi, Wesley Found. ROSS, Nedra J.— Hutchinson, 
Radio Television: Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Y- 
Orpheum Asst. Dir. 

ROECKERS, Marjorie D.— Richmond, Home Economics Teach- 
ing: Clovia, Newman Club, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Col- 
legiate 4-H, S.E.A., Home Ec. Ext. Club, Miniwanca Club, 
Band, 4-H in Review Editor, District Mgr., IFYE. ROEHR, 
Leigh A.— Liberal, Electrical Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu, 
Sigma Tau, AIEE. ROGERS, Peggy A.— Augusta, Home Eco- 
nomics Teaching: Home Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A., Collegiate 
4-H, Purple Pepsters, ISA, ROGGENDORFF, David D.-Man- 
hattan, Electrical Engineering: AIEE, IRE, Alpha Iota Pies., 
RCC. ROLANDER, Haven-McPherson, Mechanical En- 

ROSWURM, Claude D.-Council Grove, Technical Agronomy: 
Masonic Club, Am. Soc. of Range Mgmt. ROWE, David T.— 
Great Bend, Electrical Engineering: Tau Kappa Epsilon. 
ROWLAND, Charles W— Hutchinson, Mechanical Engineering: 
ASME. RUBART, William F.-Larned, Electrical Engineering. 
RUDA, Richard E.— Atwood, Geology: Tau Kappa Epsilon, 
Williston Geology Club, Newman Club, Young Dem. 

mm *"^» 

Ross, G. 

Ross, J. R. 

Ross, J. J. 
Ross, N. 







: i 



K-State's marching band forms a K during a football half- 
time performance. The band put on six half-time routines 


last fall, including a show at Lawrence. The 
marched in the annual Homecoming parade and 


group also 
pep rallies. 

I960 Seniors: Rud - Sco 

RUDOLPH, Walter F.-Manhattan, Animal Husbandry: Alpha 
Gamma Rho, Block & Bridle, Little Am. Royal Chm., Collegiate 
4-H, Sr. Meats Judging Team, Jr. Livestock Judging Team. 
RUHLMAN, Thomas E. — Atchison, Electrical Engineering. 
RUNDELL, Mary K— Bavaria, Elementary Education: S.E.A., 
Christian Fellow., Grace Baptist Youth Fellow. RUSH, Eldon 
L.— Independence, Electrical Engineering. RUSSELL, Roy C— 
Eureka, Veterinary Medicine: Jr. AVMA, Masonic Club, Flying 

RYAN, Donald E.— Norton, Business Administration. RYAN, 
Joan A.— Caney, Home Economics Teaching: S.E.A., Home Ec. 
Teaching Club. SALCEDO, Jose B.— Peru, Technical Agronomy: 
Club Cervantes Pres., Newman Club, Cosmopolitan Club. SAL- 
MON, Harold R.-Hiattville, Agricultural Economics. SALMON, 
Patricia A.— Fort Scott, Business Administration: Alpha Delta Pi. 






Ryan, D. 
Ryan, J. 
Salmon, H. 
Salmon, P. 


Salmon, R. 

S chafer 












Schultz, D. 

Schultz, J. 

Schultz, W 



Scott, M. 

SALMON, Robert K— Fort Scott, Business Administration: 
Sports Car Club, Masonic Club. SANDERS, Robert D.-Salina, 
Music Education: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A&S Coun., Men's 
Varsity Glee Club Pies., Big 8 Talent Show, A Cappella 
Choir,' Fr. Baseball. SANDSTRUM, Faveann-Rock, English: 
Kappa Phi, S.E.A., Purple Pepsters, ISA, K-State Players, 
YWCA, Whi-Purs. SCHAFER, Kenneth W.-Conway, Business 
Administration: Phi Delta Theta. SCHANTZ, Hugh A.-Win- 
field, Veterinary Medicine. 

SCHEIBLER, Richard D.— Bennington, Technical Agronomy: 
Klod & Kernel Klub. SCHEMM, Frank W.-Hutchinson, Civil 
Engineering: ASCE Pies., Veterans Org., Engr. Open House. 
SCHILD, Neil W— Phillipsburg, Agricultural Engineering: 
ASAE, Ag. Engr. Day, Engr. Open House. SCHILLING, Karl 
D.-Hovt, Animal Husbandry. SCHLATTER, Ralph J.-Solo- 
mon, Business Administration. 

SCHMEDEMANN, Mary S.-Manhattan, Elementary Educa- 
tion. SCHMIDT, Donald R.— Emporia, Electrical Engineering: 
Acropolis, Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE, Mennonite Fellow., Men's 
Glee Club, Boeing Scholarship. SCHNEIDER, Donald A.- 
Logan, Agricultural Education: House of Williams, Ag. Ed. 
Club, AFROTC Assn., ISA, Collegiate 4-H, Sigma Theta Epsi- 
lon, Rifle Team, Wesley Found., Integrity Party, Sears Roe- 
buck Scholarship. 

SCHOFIELD, Charles F.-Manhattan, Electrical Engineering: 
AIEE, Newman Club, Veterans Org., Engr. Open House. 
SCHOLTEN, Edward W., Jr.— Kansas City, Business Adminis- 
tration: Veterans Org. SCHRADER, Barbara A.-Topeka, Tex- 
tiles & Clothing: Gamma Phi Beta, K-State Players, Home Ec. 
Art Club. 

SCHULTZ, Donald F.-Kansas City, Mo. 

ins: Sigma Phi Epsilon, ASME. SCHULTZ, Judith S 

Mechanical Engineer- 

6 . ^ 6 _„ ^ ^ , .._._. ___, _,„_„ „. Wich- 
ita, Elementary Education: Alpha Chi Omega, S.E.A., YWCA, 
Union Music-Library Comm., AWS Comm. SCHULTZ, Wil- 
liam L.— Chanute, Agricultural Economics: Alpha Gamma Rho, 
Block & Bridle, Ag. Econ. Club Pies., Ag. Assn., AFROTC 
Wing Staff. 

SCHWARTZ, M. Fran-Manhattan, Medical Technology: Pi 
Beta Phi Pres., Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Board, Chimes, Phi 
Alpha Mu, Alpha Delta Theta, S.E.A., Natl. Merit Scholarship, 
A&S Honors Program, Student Coun., Stu. Act. Bd., Parents' 
Day Comm., A&S Coun., Angel Flight, Hosp. Comm., Phi Alpha 
Mu Scholarship Award. SCHWINN, Gene B -Leavenworth, 
Industrial Engineering: S.A.M. SCOTT, Mary L.— Coffey ville, 
Home Economics Teaching. 


I960 Seniors: Sco - Smi 

SCOTT, Richard G.-Waterburv, Conn., Business Administra- 
tion. SCOTT, William L. -Humboldt, Nuclear Engineering: 
ANS, Astronomy Club. SCOVILLE, Lawrence L.-Erie, Radio 
Television: Delta Chi Colony, Alpha Epsilon Rho, KSDB-FM 
Program & Sports Dir., Varsity Men's Glee Club, Varsity Base- 

SCULLY, Leo W— Wichita, Mechanical Engineering: Pi Tau 
Sigma, Sigma Tau, ASME V-Pres., Engr. Coun. Pres., Mech. 
Engr. Jr. Class Pres., Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec. SEARLS, Richard 
F.-Junction City, Psychology. SEIBEL, Donald E.-Ellis, Vet- 
erinary Medicine: Alpha Zeta, Jr. AVMA, Veterans Org., New- 
man Club. 

SERVOS, Gary G— Kansas City, Geology: Sigma Chi, Union 
Coram. Sub.-Chm. SERVOS, Lorene E.-Stafford, Textiles & 
Clothing: Gamma Phi Beta, Women's Glee Club, A Cappella 
Choir, Panhel. Coun., Clothing Retailing Club. SEXTON, Rob- 
ert B.— Abilene, Electrical Engineering. 

SHANNON, Margaret B.— Iola, Business Administration Ac- 
counting: Alpha Delta Pi Pres., Scholarship Chin., Phi Chi 
Theta Treas., Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Integrity Party Treas., 
A&S Coun., Concert Band, Young Rep., Union Personnel & 
Research Comm. SHANNON, Patricia R.-Iola, Elementary 
Education: Alpha Delta Pi Sec, S.E.A., Young Rep., Whi-Purs, 
Westminster Fellow. SHAW, Anna K.— Ellis, Elementary Edu- 
cation: S.E.A. 

SHAW, A. Duane— Pomona, Physical Education: West Stadium 
Hall Exec. & House Coun., Phi Epsilon Kappa, S.E.A. , Young 
Rep., Westminster Fellow., Fr. Basketball, Intramurals. SHAW, 
Fred D.— WaKeeney, Chemical Engineering: Tau Kappa Epsi- 
lon Pres., Sec, Rush Chm., AIChE. SHENK, James H.-Silver 
Lake, Agricultural Education: Ag. Ed. Club, Intramurals. 

SHEPARD, Clayton B.-Clay Center, Biological Sciences: Beta 
Theta Pi, Chaparajos, MPC.' SHERMAN, Judie K.-Manhattan, 
Psychology: Alpha Chi Omega Song Leader, Math. Club, Psy- 
chology Club, A Cappella Choir, Young Rep., Phi Kappa Phi 
Fr. Rec, Kappa Phi, Wesley Found., Panhel. Scholarship, Man- 
hattan Music Club Scholarship. SHETLAR, Martin D. -Conway 
Springs, Chemistry: Wesley Found., Collegiate 4-H, Am. Chemi- 
cal Soc, A&S Honors Program, Dean's Honor Roll, Frontier 
Chemical Company Scholarship, H. H. King Scholarship. 

Scott, R. 

Scott, W. 





Servos, G. 

Servos, L. 


Shannon, M. 

Shannon, P. 

Shaw, A. K 

Shaw, A. D. 

Shaw, F. 












SHIELDS, Gary D.— Great Bend, Business Administration: Tau 
Kappa Epsilon, IFC, Union Dance Comm., Sports Car Club. 
SHILLING, William M.— Salina, Business Administration: 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Arnold Air Soc., AFBOTC Assn., DMS, 
Alpha Kappa Psi, Pershing Rifles, SGA, Varsity Rifle Team. 
SHIPPS, Dale K.-Rantoul, Secondary Education. SHIRLEY, 
John D.— Arkansas Citv, Technical journalism: Collegian News 
Editor. SHOUP, Wesley D.-Riverside, 111., Technical Journal- 
ism: Collegian Bus. Mgr. SHOWALTER, John A.-LaCrosse, 
Electrical Engineering: Steel Ring, Veterans Org., Eta Kappa 
Nu, IRE, Engr. Open House. 

SHRIVER, Suzanne M.— Manhattan, Elementary Education: 
Alpha Xi Delta Pres., Forensics, Debate Team, S.E.A., Psy- 
chology Club, Panhel. Coun., Fine Arts Scholarship. SHUE, 
Robert W— Fredonia, Electrical Engineering: IRE. SHUPE, 
Chester D.— Ashland, Electrical Engineering: Delta Sigma Phi, 
AIEE, IRE, Engr. Coun. SHUYLER, Faye J.-Lyons, Elemen- 
tary Education: Clothing Retailing Club, Family & Child De- 
velopment Club, S.E.A., Whi-Purs, Collegiate 4-H. SIEBERT, 
William A., Jr.— Lafavette, Calif., Feed Technology: Delta 
Chi Colony, Young Rep., MPC, Fr. Tennis. SIELER, Howard 
V.— Butte, Neb., Veterinary Medicine: Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha 
Zeta, Jr. AVMA. 

SILVA, Robert L.-Manhattan, Speech. SIMMONS, John K.- 
Barnard, Business Administration Accounting: Sigma Chi, Al- 
pha Kappa Psi, Dean's Honor Roll, Varsity Men's Glee Club. 
SIMMONS, Maria B.— Strong City, Home Economics Teaching: 
S.E.A., Collegiate 4-H, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Westminster 
Fellow., Hosp. Day. SIMONET, Jose A.-Puerto Rico, Veteri- 
nary Medicine. SIMPSON, Lucky C— Medicine Lodge, Veteri- 
nary Medicine. SKUPA, Sharon L.— Haddam, Psychology: 
Kappa Delta, YWCA, Women's Glee Club, Orchesis, Psychol- 
ogy Club, Whi-Purs, K-Key, Royal Purple Bus. Staff. 

SLENTZ, Carin L.-Lewis, Medical Technology; Alpha Delta 
Theta. SLOCOMBE, W. Warren-Peabody, Agronomy: Delta 
Tau Delta, Young Rep. SMILEY, John J.-Eureka, Mont., Vet- 
erinary Medicine: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Jr. AVMA, Flying Club. 
SMITH, Chestine A.-Great Bend, Dietetics & Institutional 
Management, Professional Foods Club, Collegiate 4-H, EUB 
Fellowship, Whi-Purs. SMITH, Edwin E.-Great Bend, Civil 
Engineering: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ASCE, Varsity Men's Glee 
Club, Engr. Open House. SMITH, Frank L.— Quinter, Archi- 
tecture: AIA. 


Simmons, J. 

Simmons, M. 

Smith, C. 

Smith, E. 

Smith, F. 


Smith, K. 

Smith, L. 

Smith, M. 

Smith, S. 

Smith, W. 








I960 Seniors: Smi - Swa 

SMITH, Kent A— Le Roy, Animal Husbandry: Alpha Gamma 
Rho, Block & Bridle. SMITH, Leon E.-Larned, Architectural 
Engineering: Scabbard & Blade, S.A.M.E., Engr. Coordinating 
Coun. SMITH, Monne Kay— Concordia, Elementary Education: 
Pi Beta Phi, Union Dance Comm., UGB, A&S Coun., Chimes, 
S.E.A., AWS Coun., Judicial Bd. 

SMITH, Sidney R.-McPherson, Civil Engineering. SMITH, 
Wade T.— Dresden, Animal Husbandry: Block & Bridle, Wesley 
Found., Sigma Theta Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, Little Am. Royal 
Showman, Martin K. Eby Fr. Scholarship. SMRHA, Katherine 
A.— Topeka, Homemaking. 

SMYLIE, Robert J.— McPherson, Business Administration. 
SNIDER, Ralph W.-Council Grove, Industrial Technology: 
S.A.M. SNODGRASS, Lavern W.-Brownell, Geology: Sigma 
Gamma Epsilon, Williston Geologv Club. 

SNOW, Dale L.-Partridge, Geology: Williston Geology Club. 
SNYDER, John O.-Jewell, Veterinary Medicine. SPEIGHT, 
James R.— Middletown, Conn., Physical Education: S.E.A., 
Varsity Football, Asst. Fr. Football Coach. 

SPENCER, Gary S.-Oxford, Mathematics. SPENCER, Wayne 
E.— Manhattan, Pre-Medicine: Kappa Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, 
Clinic Club, Men's Varsity Glee Club, Scabbard & Blade, Phi 
Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Soph. Honors, Dean's Honor Roll, A&S 
Honors Program, Putnam Scholarship. SPIROS, Katherine— 
Kansas City, Mo., Home Economics Teaching. STAATS, Lu- 
etta J.— Penokee, Elementary Education: Collegiate 4-H, S.E.A., 
Gamma Delta. STANTON, Donald W.-Wichita, Pre-Dental. 

ST. CLAIR, Ellis— Hagerstown, Md., Business Administration. 
STEINER, Ann M.-Wichita, English: Chi Omega, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi. STEUDTNER, Richard R.- 
Wichita, Electrical Engineering. STEVENS, Karl K.— Dover, 
Mechanical Engineering: Delta Upsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Steel 
Ring, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME Pies., Engr. Open House, Engr. 
Coun., Continental Oil Co. Scholarship, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, 
Dean's Honor Roll. STILLABOWER, Jerry K.-Edinburg, Ind., 
Veterinary Medicine. 

Spencer, G. 
Spencer, W. 

St. Clair 






STILLWELL, Charles E.-Colonia, N. J., Zoology: Band, Con- 
servation Club. STIRTZ, Ned K.-Abilene, Poultry Husbandry: 
Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Poultry Judging Team, Poultry 
Science Club, EUB Student Fellow. Sec, Intramurals. 
STOCKHAM, Norman N.-McPherson, Business Administra- 
tion: Delta Tau Delta. 

STOCKHAM, V. Rosalie— Lyons, Secondary Education: Kappa 
Kappa Gamma, S.E.A. STONE, James J.-Dodge City, Busi- 
ness Administration: Pi Kappa Alpha V-Pres., Alpha Kappa 
Psi. STONE, John E.-Winfield, Business Administration: Pi 
Kappa Alpha, A Cappella Choir, Basketball Stu. Mgr., Varsity 

STOUT, M. Linda-Raytown, Mo., Radio Television: Chi 
Omega Soc. Chm., Alpha Epsilon Rho Sec, Phi Sigma Chi, K- 
State Players, Whi-Purs, Young Rep., Cheerleader. STOVER, 
Bruce L.— Manhattan, Mechanical Engineering: Phi Delta 
Theta, Scabbard & Blade, IFC Sec, Exec Coun., ASME, 
Band, Fr. Golf, Intramurals. STRAUB, Robert R.-Wamego, 
Business Administration Accounting. 

STREETS, Richard R.— Altoona, Physics: Lambda Chi Alpha, 
AIP, Sports Car Club, K-State Players, Collegiate 4-H, Wesley 
Found., Wampus Cats, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Cheerleader, 
Union Entertainment Comm., K-State Singers. STROBEL, 
Margaret L.— Pratt, History: Phi Alpha Theta, Cosmopolitan 
Club Program Chm., Sec, S.E.A., Cervantes Club, ISA, Wesley 
Found., Women's Glee Club, A&S Honors Program. STUTTER- 
HEIM, Karl R.— Phillipsburg, Electrical Engineering. 

SUITER, Adrian L.— Macksville, Agricultural Engineering. 
SULLIVAN, Gaylen R.-Great Bend, Landscape Design. SUM- 
MERS, Marilyn L.-Clay Center, Art. 

SUTTLES, Bobby N.— Emmett, Electrical Engineering: 
Lambda Chi Alpha, Eta Kappa Nu. SWANSON, Robert N.- 
Ashland, Veterinary Medicine: Jr. AVMA. SWANSON, 
Sandra K.— Wichita, Elementary Education: Chi Omega Corres. 
Sec, Sigma Alpha Eta Corres. Sec, S.E.A. Advisory Bd., Phi 
Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Leadership School Sub-Chm., Parents 
Day Sub-Chm., Elections Comm. Sec, SGA Outstanding Mem- 
ber Awards, AWS Corres. Sec, Coun., Queens' Comm., LUNA 
Italian Head Delegate, Fr. Orientation Comm., Coffee Hours 
Sec, Browsing Library Chm., UPC, A&S Coun. 



Stockham, N 

Stockham, V. 

Stone, J. J. 

Stone, J. E. 











Swanson, R. 

Swanson, S. 


St. Pat and St. Patricia candidates are entertained at a 
smoker and tea by members of Sigma Tan. The School of 

Engineering and Architecture elected the Open House roy- 
alty from six finalists chosen by the engineering honorary. 

I960 Seniors: Swa - Tob 

SWART, Marvin D.— Seneca, Agricultural Economics: Ag. Econ. 
Club, Veterans Org. SWEARINGEN, Harold L.-Independence, 
Electrical Engineering: AIEE, IRE. SWENGEL, Jean E.- 
Highlands, Texas, Veterinary Medicine: Jr. AVMA, Chaparajos 
Club. SWENSON, Loren A.-Kansas City, Mo., Technical 
Agronomy: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Conservation Club. SWIER- 
CINSKY, James E— Belleville, Dairy Husbandry: Collegiate 
4-H, Little Am. Royal, Dairy Club, Jr. & Sr. Dairy Cattle Judg- 
ing Teams. 

SWILER, Clinton D.-Chanute, Electrical Engineering: AIEE, 
IRE. TASHIMA, Minoru-Holualoa, Hawaii, Electrical En- 
gineering: IRE. TATGE, H. Dennis— Herington, Radio Televi- 
sion: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Frog Club, Young Rep., Jazz Club, 
Union Games Comm., KSDB-FM Program Dir., USP, Wampus 
Cats. TATGE, Sharon A.-Smith Center, Elementary Educa- 
tion: Gamma Phi Beta, K-State Players, Young Dem., Purple 
Pepsters, S.E.A., AWS Coun. TAYLOR, Joanne-Topeka, Ele- 
mentary Education: Chi Omega Pies., Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar 
Bd., Chimes, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Mu Pres., S.E.A., 
Stu. Coun., Sr. Class Sec, UPC, Union Comms., Parents' Day 
Comm. Chm., AWS Orientation Comm., Panhel. Coun., NW 
Hall Coun. 






Tatge, H. 
Tatge, S. 
Taylor, J. 


TAYLOR, Joyce R— Atchison, Elementary Education: S.E.A., 
Kappa Beta. ' TAYLOR, Virginia I.— Hutchinson, Mathematics 
& Science: Delta Delta Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Mortar Bd. 
Historian, Chimes, Phi Alpha Mu, AWS Pres., UPC, S.E.A., 
YWCA, SGA International Relations Comm., Kappa Phi, Put- 
nam Scholarship, A&S Honors Program, Soph. Honors, Dean's 
Honor Roll. TAYLOR, William A.-Topeka, Mechanical En- 
gineering: Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, AS ME, 
Stu. Coun., Engr. Coun., UPC, Jazz Comm., SGA Elections 

TEALL, Gordon D— Hiawatha, Pre-Dentistry: Tau Kappa Ep- 
silon, Engineer Mag. Staff, Amateur Radio Club, Sports Car 
Club, Collegian Photographer. TEDROW, Harriet C. -Hutch- 
inson, Clothing and Textiles: Delta Delta Delta, Clothing Re- 
tailing Club Pres., YWCA, USP, Whi-Purs, Westminster Fellow. 
TEDROW, Harvey A.— Greensburg, Business Administration: 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

TEICHMAN, Cibyl C.-Stafford, Clothing and Textiles: Gamma 
Phi Beta, Clothing Retailing Club, YWCA, Collegiate 4-H. 
TEMPLETON, David E.-El Dorado, Agricultural Economics: 
Delta Tau Delta, IPC Pres., Union Comms., Ag. Mag. Asst. 
Editor, Ag. Econ. Club, AFROTC Assn., Varsity Men's Glee 
Club. TEMPLETON, Nancy C.-Scott City, Dietetics & Insti- 
tutional Management: Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Beta, AWS. 

TENORIO, Sandra J.-Wichita, Music Education. TERRIL, 
Stanley L.— Altamont, Electrical Engineering: IRE. THAE- 
MERT, Allan L.— Sylvan Grove, Physical Education: Phi Epsi- 
lon Kappa, K-Club, Varsity Baseball. 

THOMAS, Bobby J.-Tulsa, Okla., Electrical Engineering: Phi 
Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu. THOMPSON, David F. 
—Arkansas City, Agricultural Education: Ag. Ed. Club, Santa 
Fe Scholarship. THOMPSON, Paul R.-Chanute, Business Ad- 
ministration: Alpha Kappa Psi, Order of Artus, Veterans Org., 
Young Dem., Dean's Honor Roll. THYDEN, Richard E.-New 
York, N. Y., Government. TIBBETTS, Owen D. -Trinidad, 
Electrical Engineering: AIEE, IRE, Astronomy Club, Grace 
Baptist Stu. Fellow. 

TILLEY, Allen D.— Frankfort, Agricultural Engineering: Alpha 
Gamma Rho, ASAE, Collegiate 4-H, Vocal Ensemble, A Cap- 
pella Choir, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Carl Raymond Gray 
Scholarship. TILLOTSON, Paul J.-Shields, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. TINDALL, Marilyn-Bartlesville, Okla., Technical Jour- 
nalism: Kappa Delta, Orchesis, Kappa Phi, K-State Players, 
Weslev Found., Collegian Soc. Editor, Royal Purple Bus. Staff, 
Ed. Staff. TITSWORTH, Rudolf L.-Beloit, Agricultural Edu- 
cation: Alpha Gamma Rho, Ag. Ed. Club. TOBEY, William H. 
-Oak Park, 111., Physics: ASME Pres., Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu 
Epsilon, AIP, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec. 

Taylor, J. R. 

Taylor, V. 

Taylor, W. 


Tedrow, H. C. 

Tedrow, H. A 


Templeton, D. 

Templeton, N 




i* m 


Thompson, D. 

Thompson, P. 



1 ^ted^^. ^f ^ 













Tucker, R. D. 
Tucker, R. L. 

I960 Seniors: Tob - Was 

Turner, L. J. 

Turner, L. S. 







Van Deman 


Van Riper 


TOBUREN, Sharon S.-Manhattan, Music. TODD, Harry L.- 
Rexford, Animal Husbandry: Alpha Gamma Rho, Chapara- 
jos, Block & Bridle, Jr. Livestock Team, Sr. Meats Team. 
TOEPFER, Joan-Victoria, English. TOLMAN, Glen E.-Kan- 
sas City, Agricultural Education: Collegiate 4-H, Ag. Ed. Club, 
Veterans Org. TORKELSON, Rita K.-Horton, Dietetics & In- 
stitutional Management: Home Ec Teaching Club, Professional 
Foods Club Pres., ISA, Collegiate 4-H, LSA, Hosp. Day, Home 
Ec. Coun. 

TORNEDEN, Wayne L.— Pleasanton, Business Administration: 
Masonic Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Arab-Am. Club, LSA. 
TRIPP, John S.— Salina, Electrical Engineering: Sigma Tau, 
Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE, Phi Kappa Phi, Wesley Found., Putnam 
Scholarship. TUCKER, Ronald D.— Palco, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing: Pi Tau Sigma, ASME. TUCKER, Roy L.-Mission, Geol- 
ogy. TURNBULL, Beverly A.— Summerfield, Humanities: 
S.E.A., ISA. 

TURNER, L. Jean— Wichita, Home Economics Teaching: Alpha 
Chi Omega, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Club. TURNER, Lee 
S.-Wichita, Architecture: Beta Theta Pi, AIA. UNDER- 
WOOD, Jerry D.— Norton, Business Administration. 

UNGER, Duane 
Zeta, Ag. Econ. 
Roebuck Found, 
erinary Medicine 
Sports Car Club, 
UPTON, John P 
Tau Omega Pies 

A.— Oberlin, Agricultural Economics: Alpha 
Club, Gamma Delta, Collegiate 4-H, Sears 
Award. UNRUH, Jesse V— Pretty Prairie, Vet- 
: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, Jr. AVMA, 
K-Club, Varsity Track, Varsity Cross Country. 
.—St. Francis, Mechanical Engineering: Alpha 
, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, Veterans Org. 

VACIN, Gary L— Colby, Technical Journalism: Tau Kappa 
Epsilon, Sigma Delta Chi, Table Tennis Team, Collegian Sports 
Editor, Daily Editor. VADER, Joseph N.-Kansas City, History: 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, K-Club, FMOC, Varsity Football Cap- 
tain, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball. VAN DEMAN, 
Carleton— Mission, Architectural Engineering: Delta Chi Col- 
ony, Tau Sigma Delta, Sigma Tau, AIA, Weigle Award. 

VANDERLIP, Richard L.-Woodston, Technical Agronomy: 
Plow & Pen Pres., Ag. Mag. Editor. VAN RIPER, Donald- 
Solomon, Veterinary Medicine. VECONI, Gilbert J.— Kenosha, 
Wis., Architecture: Delta Phi Delta, Tau Sigma Delta, AIA, 
Stu. Leadership Award, Jazz Club, UPC, UGB Chm. 






Wagner, D. F. 

Wagner, D. L. 

Wagner, S. 

Wagner, W. 



VIAR, Janet A.-Topeka, Elementary Education: Delta Delta 
Delta. VINCENT, D. Dean-Manhattan, Dairy Manufacturing: 
Delta Tau Delta, Dairy Club, A Cappella Choir, Dairy Products 
Judging Team. VISSER, Albion D.-Riley, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics: ISA, Collegiate 4-H, Ag. Econ. Club, Carl Raymond 
Gray Scholarship. VOSE, Lloyd N— Speed, Electrical Engineer- 
ing: IRE, Veterans Org. WAGNER, Don F.-Liberty, Techni- 
cal Agronomy: Klod & Kernel, Crops Judging Team. 

WAGNER, Donald L.-Zenda, Electrical Engineering: Sigma 
Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE. WAGNER, Sharon C. -Manhattan, 
Home Economics Teaching: Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Upsilon 
Omicron, S.E.A., Home Ec. Coun., Home Ec. Teaching Club, 
Professional Foods Club, K-State Players, Young Rep., Purple 
Pepsters, Whi-Purs, YWCA. WAGNER, Wayne A.-Topeka, 
Electrical Engineering: West Stadium House Coun., IRE, 
AIEE, Engr. Mag. Staff. WAHEED, Abdul-West Pakistan, 
Civil Engineering. WAITE, Herald B— Junction City, Busi- 
ness Administration. 

WAKNITZ, Charles E.-Bazine, Feed Technology: ISA, Milling 
Assn. WALKER, Duane E— Green, Electrical Engineering: 
Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, AIEE. WALLACE, J. Howard- 
Kingman, Agricultural Education: Collegiate FFA, S.E.A., Ag. 
Ed. Club, Roger Williams Fellow., Sears Roebuck Scholarship, 
P-TA Scholarship. 

WALTERS, John W— Vermillion, Electrical Engineering: Sigma 
Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, Engr. Open House, Stu. Bowling League, 
Veterans Org. WALTERS, William B. -Highland, Chemistry: 
Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Am. Chemical Soc. Pres., 
Dean's Honor Roll, Natl. Science Found. Scholarship. 
WANKLYN, Charles K— Winifred, Mechanical Engineering: 
Masonic Club, ASME. 

WARD, Clyde L.— Protection, Veterinary Medicine: Jr. AVMA. 
WARD, Douglas F.— Norcatur, Business Administration. 
WARNER, William R.— Larned, Secondary Education: S.E.A., 
Am. Chemical Soc, Newman Club, Band, Civic Orchestra 
Coun., K- State Players. 

WARNKEN, Philip F.— Hutchinson, Agricultural Economics: 
Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, SGA, Tribunal, Ag. 
Econ. Club, Ag. Econ. Debate. WARTA, Byron- Valley Falls, 
Dairy Manufacturing: Dairy Club, Wesley Found. WASH- 
INGTON, Robert C. -Dallas, Texas, Milling Technology. 

Walters, J. 
Ward, C. 

Walters, W. 
Ward, D. 





Waugh, V. 









Waugh, T 









I960 Seniors: Was - Wil 

WASINGER, Harold P.-Hays, Electrical Engineering: Sigma 
Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE Rec. Sec, Dean's Honor Roll. 
WASSOM, Carmen J.— Independence, Elementary Education: 
S.E.A., BSU. WASSON, Lawrence R.-Garden City, Agricul- 
tural Education. 

WATKINS, Thomas F.— Alma, Business Administration. WAT- 
SON, M. Diane, Wichita, Elementary Education: Alpha Delta 
Pi Treas., House Mgr., Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Mu, 
Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, S.E.A. Pub. Chm., Purple Pepsters, 
Kappa Phi, Union Tours Comm. Chm., Whi-Purs, Women's 
Glee Club, Fr. Orientation Leader. WAUGH, Terry L.-Great 
Bend, Industrial Engineering: Phi Delta Theta, S.A.M., Intra- 

WAUGH, Virginia K.— Wellington, Home Economics Teaching: 
Weslev Found., Home Ec Teaching Club, Kappa Phi 1st V- 
Pres., S.E.A., Collegiate 4-H, Purple Pepsters. WEBBER, Dar- 
rell L.— Winfield, Agricultural Economics: Alpha Gamma Rho, 
Ag. Econ. Club, Block & Bridle Pres., Ag. School V-Pres., Meats 
Judging Team, Forney Scholarship, Intramurals. WEIGAND, 
Ion A.— LaCrosse, Geology: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Scabbard & 
Blade, Varsity Men's Glee Club Sec. -Treas., Young Dem., Ma- 
sonic Club, Union Harmonizers Comm. Sub. -Chm., Big 8 Talent 

WEIGEL, Mary— Dodge City, Elementary Education: Kappa 
Kappa Gamma.' WEINMEISTER, Donald-Bushton, Electrical 
Engineering: AIEE, IRE. WEIR, Ted J.-Spring Hill, Horti- 
culture: ISA, Horticulture Club Pres., Young Rep., Fr. Track. 

WEISER, Donald P.-Harlan, Agricultural Education: Ag. Ed. 
Club. WEISS, Earl W.-Offerle, Veterinary Medicine: Jr. 
AVMA, Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Sigma Delta Soph. 
Honors, Fribourg Scholarship, General Motors Scholarship. 
WEISSER, Carolee S.— Paxico, Radio Television: Alpha Epsilon 
Rho, Band Coun., ISA, K-State Players. 

WELKER, Bill D.-Inavale, Neb., Zoology: Jazz Club, Con- 
servation Club. WELLS, E. Jeanette-Albuquerque, N. M., Phy- 
sical Sciences: Jr. Am. Chemical Soc Treas., DSF V-Pres., Whi- 
Purs, College Chorus, USCC, ISA. WEMPE, Dale-Sabetha, 
Industrial Engineering. 












WENGER, Herbert L.-Powhattan, Agricultural Education: 
Ag. Ed Club, Weslev Found., Sigma Theta Epsilon, Carl Ray- 
mond Gray Scholarship. WENZL, Bernard P.— St. Marys, Elec- 
trical Engineering: AIEE. WEST, Wilbur R.— Nekoma, Me- 
chanical Engineering: ASME, S.A.M., Engr. Open House. 
WESTERHOUSE, Margean-Eudora, Family & Child Develop- 
ment: Alpha Chi Omega, Family & Child Development Club 
Pres., Purple Pepsters, AWS Standards Comm. WESTFALL, 
William— Topeka, Electrical Engineering: AIEE, IRE, Engr. 
Open House. 

Teaching: Gamma Phi Beta, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Club, 
Young Rep. WHITE, Forrest E.— Paradise, Mathematics: 
Delta Upsilon, S.E.A., K-State Singers, A Cappella Choir. 
WHITE, Lee B.— Kingsdown, Mechanical Engineering: Sigma 
Phi Epsilon, Arnold Air Soc, Pi Tau Sigma, IAS, AFROTC 
Assn., Finance Bd. WHITE, Sandra A.— Ottawa, Sociology: 
Whi-Purs, Clothing & Retailing Club, Newman Club, Psy- 
chology Club, Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec. 

WESTHUSING, Gene D.-Plainville, Electrical Engineering. 
WESTMAN, Louis A.— Lindsborg, Secondary Education. 
WETHINGTON, Robert N.-Cicero, 111., History. WETTER, 
Lawrence— Norton, Agricultural Engineering: Sigma Tau, ASAE, 
Newman Club. WHEAT, William E.— Medicine Lodge, 
Mechanical Engineering: ASME. 

WHITAKER, Phillip L.-Ottawa, 
counting. WHITE, Deanna J. 

Business Administration Ac- 
-Canton, Home Economics 

WHITE, Vickie R.-Goodland, English: S.E.A., Dames Club. 
WHITE, W. Charles— Goodland, Agricultural Economics: Alpha 
Tau Omega, Ag. Econ. Club, Block & Bridle, Band. WHITE- 
SIDE, Dale B.— Van Nuys, Calif., Secondary Education: S.E.A. 
WIERENGA, Vera M.-Cawker City, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management: Alpha Chi Omega Pres., Phi Upsilon Omicron, 
Phi Kappa Phi Fr. Rec, Home Ec. Coun., Professional Foods 
Club, Miniwanca Club, Union Pub. Comm., Hosp. Day Steering 
Comm. WILCOX, Sally A.-Holton, Art: Pi Beta Phi Pro- 
gram Chm., Young Rep., Westminster Fellow., Frog Club. 

White, D. 
White, F. 
White, L. 
White, S. 

White, V. 

White, W. 






Williams, L. K. 
Williams, L. O. 

Wilson, J. 
Wilson, R. 
Wilson, T. 

I960 Seniors: Wil - Zav 

WILKEN, Dolores J.— Leoti, Home Economics Teaching: Col- 
legiate 4-H, Home Ec. Teaching Club, Wesley Found., Kappa 
Phi Pies., S.E.A. WILKERSON, James L.-Independence, 
Electrical Engineering. WILL, James A.— Wauwatosa, Wis., 
Veterinary Medicine: Alpha Zeta, Jr. AVMA. WILLIAMS, 
Larry K.— Bentley, Business Administration. WILLIAMS, Leo 
O.— Lyndon, Agronomy: West Stadium House Coun., West- 
minster Fellow. 

WINKELMAN, Donna J— Pratt, Business Administration Ac- 
counting: ISA, DSF, AWS Coun. WINZELER, James E.- 
Madison, Agricultural Engineering: Tau Kappa Epsilon, 
ASAE, Engr. Coun., Engr. Open House, Integrity Party. WIRE, 
Theodore M.— Dorrance, Industrial Engineering: Sigma Tau., 
S.A.M., Industrial Engr. Assembly Pres., Engr. Open House. 
WITCHER, Don B.-Elkhart, Veterinary Medicine: Lambda 
Chi Alpha, Jr. AVMA. WITTY, David E. -Parma, Idaho, Agri- 
cultural Education: Ag. Ed. Club, Westminster Found. 

WILSON, James D.-La Crosse, Feed Technology. WILSON, 
Ronald E.— Moline, Mechanical Engineering: Pi Tau Sigma, 
Sigma Tau. WILSON, Thomas C— Salina, Architecture: Young 
Dem., MPC, AIA. WINEGARDNER, Galen E.-Kansas City, 
Pre-Medicine. WINEINGER, Earl D.-Norwich, Agricultural 
Education: Ag. Ed. Club, Collegiate FFA, Collegiate 4-H, 
DSF, S.E.A., Ext. Club, Ag. Assn., Poultry Science Club, Little 
Am. Royal. 

WOLFE, Roger D.— Hiawatha, Feed Technology: Sigma Phi 
Epsilon Pres., Sec., Alpha Mu, Milling Assn. Sec.-Treas., IFC. 
WOODMANSEE, Carol M.-Ellsworth, History & English: 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, S.E.A. Pres., Phi Alpha Mu, Phi Alpha 
Theta Pres., Chimes, Mortar Bel., Phi Kappa Phi, Westminster 
Fellow. WOODWARD, Harold D.-Hutchinson, Business Ad- 
ministration. WRIGHT, Allen I.— Blue Mound, Electrical En- 
gineering: Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE. WRIGHT, Earl B.-Hutchin- 
son, Agricultural Education: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ag. Ed. Club. 







Wright, A. 
Wright, E. 


"Send em to the graveyard, rah, rah, rah!" Enthusiastic 
Wildcat fans carry a dead Jayhawk around the court be- 

fore the K-State-KU basketball game at Manhattan in Feb- 
ruary. The Cats later "buried" visiting Jayhawkers, 68-57. 

WRIGHT, Gill C., Jr.-Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine: Sig- 
ma Alpha Epsilon, Jr. AVMA. WRIGHT, James R.-Humboldt, 
Electrical Engineering: AIEE, IRE, Astronomy Club. WUR- 
STER, Jerry B.-Smith Center, Pie-Medicine: Beta Theta Pi, 
Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Clinic Club Pies., Phi Kappa 
Phi Fr. Rec, Soph. Honors, Dean's Honor Roll, USP. 

YANCEY, Charles B.-Buevrus, Art: Sigma Nu. YOUNG, Har- 
vey L.— Chanute, Mechanical Engineering: Lambda Chi Alpha. 
YOUNG, Lee R— Morganville, Feed Technology: Alpha Mu. 

YOUNGQUIST, Duane R.-Lindsborg, Architectural Engineer- 
ing: AIA. ZAJIC, Patricia J.— Glasco, Elementary Education: 
Chi Omega, S.E.A., Delta Sigma Phi Dream Girl, Whi-Purs, 
Union Comm., Young Rep., Integrity Party. ZAVESKY, Wil- 
liam R.— Kanopolis, Agronomy. 

Wright, G. 

Wright, J. 



Young, H. 

Yoimg, L 





ZINK, Carl L.— Scott City, Veterinary Medicine: Alpha Zeta, 
Jr. AVMA. ZOOK, Loren E— McPherson, Business Administra- 
tion Accounting: Sigma Chi, Dean's Honor Roll. 

*A* , ^4. ♦** 

Zink Zook Bell 

Corwin Friedel Moritz 

Peirce Pickett Smith 

Burke Chrisman Clary 

Grey Jackson Johnson 

Kochner McCosh Ruppelius Ziegler 

Second Semester Seniors 

BELL, Alan— Manhattan, Business Administration. 

CORWIN, Donald-Hutchinson, Electrical Engineering. FRIE- 
DEL, Martha K.— Kansas City, Elementary Education. MO- 
RITZ, Gelane— Manhattan, Elementary Education. 

PEIRCE, Ken-Hutchinson, Government. PICKETT, Lerov- 
Randolph, Agricultural Engineering. SMITH, Roger— Lakewood, 
Ohio, Electrical Engineering. 

Nursing Students 

BURKE, Kay G— McPherson, Home Economics Nursing: Pi 
Beta Phi. CHRISMAN, Janet E. -Hutchinson, Home Econom- 
ics Nursing: Home Ec. Nursing Club, Collegiate 4-H, West- 
minster Found. CLARY, Sally A.— Merriam, Home Economics 
Nursing: Alpha Chi Omega, Home Ec. Nursing Club, Young 

GREY, Edith D.— Greeley, Colo., Home Economics Nursing: 
Kappa Delta. JACKSON, Claudia— Olathe, Home Economics 
Nursing: Alpha Chi Omega, Home Ec. Nursing Club. JOHN- 
SON, Carol J.— Manhattan, Home Economics Nursing: Chi 
Omega, Home Ec. Nursing Club. 

KOCHNER, Marlene R. — Denver, Colo., Home Economics 
Nursing: Pi Beta Phi Sec., Home Ec. Nursing Club, Royal Pur- 
ple Staff, Leadership School, Inter-Dorm Coun. McCOSH, 
Carol L.— Abilene, Home Economics Nursing: Alpha Chi Ome- 
ga, Home Ec. Nursing Club, Collegiate 4-H, YWCA. RUPPE- 
LIUS, Floy K.— Olathe, Home Economics Nursing: Gamma Phi 
Beta, Home Ec. Nursing Club. ZIEGLER, Cynthia M.-Junc- 
tion City, Home Economics Nursing: Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Pledge Class Pres., Collegiate 4-H, Northwest Dorm. Officer, 
Home Ec. Nursing Club V-Pres., Larry Woods Speech Contest 
Winner, Women's Glee Club. 


Graduate Students: Add - Che 

ADDOH, Paul G.-Africa, Botany. AL-HASSANI, Sami-Iraq, 
Dairy Manufacturing. ALMAULA, Pundrick I.— India, Horti- 

AMBROSIO, Matangool— Philippines, Civil Engineering. ANA- 
ZIA, Stephen-Nigeria, Zoology. BARBER, Beryl L.-Scott City, 
Electrical Engineering. 

BELL, James O.— Kansas Citv, Government. BELL, Sandra- 
Manhattan, Technical Journalism. BLEVINS, Ellis L— Stafford, 

BOLARIA, Bhupinder S.-India, Sociology. BRENT, Benny E. 
— Gaylord, Animal Husbandry. BUCK, Clayton A.— Stafford, 

CANTRELL, Joseph S.-Paola, Chemistry. CANTRELL, Mar- 
garet J.— Topeka, Family and Child Development. CARLSON, 
Gordon E.— McPherson, Electrical Engineering. 

CHANG, Szu-Chi-China, Electrical Engineering. CHAWLA, 
Ishwar D— India, Chemistry. CHEN, Der Hwa— China, Electri- 
cal Engineering. 







Bell, J. 

Bell, S. 





Cantrell, J. 

Cantrell, M. 






Graduate Students: Che - Mog 




EMMANUEL, Chandra V.-India, Economics. EUSTACE, Dale 
— Topeka, Milling Industry. FRIEND, Reed E— Hampstead, 
Md., Agricultural Economics. 

GARRETT, Florence — Burlington, Elementary Education. 
GHATALA, Mohamed H.-India, Extension Education. GOLD- 
MAN, Hans J.— Monongahela, Perm., Economics. 

GREENE, Gerald L.-Jewell, Entomology. GULDNER, Clar- 
ence D.— Lyons, Entomology. GUPTA, Purshottamdas— India, 

CHEN, Ruei Chen-China, Chemistry. CHIU, Ren Jong-China, 
Botany. CHOW, Sidney H. H.— China, Chemical Engineering. 

CHUNG, Tze-Chia-China, Applied Mechanics. COOL, David 
B.— Glasco, Agricultural Economics. COUR, Thomas H.— El 
Dorado, Chemical Engineering. 

DARWASH, Adran O.-Iraq, Dairy Husbandry. DEKA, Kho- 
gendra N.— India, Surgery and Medicine. DESAI, M. K— India, 

DUNHAM, Jane A.-Beloit, Clothing and Textiles. DUNN, 
Norman K.— Gunnison, Colo., Animal Husbandry. EMERY, Bet- 
ty—Little Rock, Ark., Foods and Nutrition. 











HAHN, Daniel F.-Gypsum, Speech. HAMILTON, Donald F.- 
Partridge, Extension Education. HARDING, Jack E.— Junction 
Citv, Geology. 

HARLAND, Glen E.-Salina, Physics. HAYES, M. Colleen- 
Bronson, Clothing. HEGDE, Vonthibettu R.— India, Surgery 
and Medicine. 

HEISE, Robert P.-Scranton, Agricultural Engineering. HUND- 
LEY, Samuel J.— Horton, Agricultural Economics. HUNG, Han 
Min— China, Electrical Engineering. 

JAMIL, S. M.-Pakistan, Civil Engineering. KAWAIR, Samir F. 
-Jordan, Farm Mechanics. KERCHNER, Robert B.-Manhat- 
tan, Economics. 















KREBS, June L.— Friend, Neb., Family Economics. KU, Chia 
Kun-China, Electrical Engineering. LAWRENCE, John E- 
Culver City, Calif., Psychology. 

MARSHALL, Delbert A.-Topeka, Chemistry. MAYER, Leo V. 
-Clyde, Agricultural Economics. McGINTY, Ralph J.— Prince- 
ton, Agricultural Economics. 

MEYER, Dorothy D.-Alpena, S. D., Foods and Nutrition. 
MILLS, Joseph H— Bunker Hill, Business Administration. MOG- 
GIE, Charles F.— Manhattan, Economics. 













tm t am 

mm? J* • ^ •» |p V 

1 4ft I 









Sharma, D 

Sharma, K. 



Graduate Students: Mud - Zee 

■BlfflMBBla&Ilt 9HHHHI Hi 

k^ 46 

MUDHOLKAR, D. R.-India, Anatomy. NADDIH, Badii I.- 
Palestine, Agriculture. NATH, Prem— India, Horticulture. NEL- 
SON, Robert H.— Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Business Administra- 
tion. NIAMI, Hazim M.— Iraq, Civil Engineering. 

OGLE, Nancy J.— Sand Springs, Okla., Sociology. PABST, Ger- 
ald G.-Colbv, Zoology. PADGILWAR, N. D.-India, Farm 
Mechanics. PERISHO, Mary E.-Wichita, English. PETER- 
SON, Chester N.-Falun, Dairy Husbandry. 

PHILLIPS, Maria D.— Arlington, Va., Technical Journalism. 
PLETCHER, Vera E.-Manhattan, History. PUROHIT, B. L.- 
India, Pathology. 

ROSENOW, Darrell T.-Clay Center, Agronomy. SANGLE, 
E. M.-India, Dairy Husbandry. SASTRY, Ganti A.-India, Vet- 
erinary Medicine. 

SCHOOLEY, Ray R.-Stark, Dairy Husbandry. SCHUETZ, 
Jerry V.— Mercier, Agricultural Economics. SHARMA, Dinesh 
O— India, Animal Nutrition. 

SHARMA, K. Indu-India, Government. SHIEH, John T.- 
China, Agricultural Economics. SHULTZ, Thomas E.— Han- 
cock, N. H., Dairy Husbandry. 


SIDHU, Jasjit S.— India, Business Administration. SIDHU, 
Karamjit S.— India, Business Administration. SIGAFOOS, Wil- 
liam L.— Hot Springs, S. D., Entomology. 

SIROHI, Amar S.— India, Agricultural Economics. STAATS, 
Norman H.— Sylvia, Agricultural Education. STALKER, Delaine 
— Satanta, Home Economics Art. 

SUCHT, Leon A.-Rozel, Agricultural Economics. THIES, 
John M.-Great Bend, Business Administration. THOMPKINS, 
Laverne— St. Louis, Mo., Agricultural Economics. 

THORAT, Sudhakar S.-India, Extension Education. TURN- 
QUIST, Ralph O.-Lindsborg, Mechanical Engineering. VALA- 
MOTIS, Dimitruis— Greece, Dairy Husbandry. 

WALTERS, Melvin R. — Catherine, Business Administration. 
WESELOH, John W.-Neosho Falls, Agronomy. WIEMAN, 
Charles D.— Tulsa, Okla., Mechanical Engineering. 

Sidhu, J. 

Sidhu, K. 














WILSON, Frank D.-India, Surgery and Medicine. YU, Chen 
N.-China, Mechanical Engineering. YU, Juin S.-China, Me- 
chanical Engineering. ZECH, Arthur C.-Topeka, Agronomy. 


Yu, C. 

Yu, J. 



Students begin the second semester enrollment procedure the utilization of space in both the fieldhouse and the gym- 

by picking up IBM cards in Ahearn fieldhouse. Because of nasium, general enrollment this semester took only two days. 

Aberle, R. 

Adams, J. 

Abercrombie Aberle, E. 
Abrahams, J. Abrahams, S. 
Adams, R. K. Adams, R. E. 


tL ^" Ai A v Jm 

Underclassmen: Abb - And 

ABBETT, Larry D.-Troy, Freshman in Agriculture. ABBOTT, 
Ronald C— Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
ABEBCBOMBIE, Everett— Kansas City, Junior in Agriculture. 
ABEBLE, Elton D.— Sabetha, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

ABEBLE, Richard S— Sabetha, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. ABBAHAM, Marilyn S— El Dorado, Junior in 
Home Economics. ABBAHAMS, Julia L— Topeka, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. ABRAHAMS, Susan P.— Long Branch, 
N. J., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

ACKEBMAN, LaDonna L— Edson, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
ADAMS, Jane— Pratt, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. ADAMS, 
B. Kent— Augusta, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
ADAMS, Ronald E— Enterprise, Freshman in Engineering and 


Adcock Addington, K. Addington, P. Adrian 

Agron Ahlstedt Akhtar Akin 

Albertson Aldridge Alexander Alkhayal 

All Allbritten, N. Allbritten, R. Allee 

Allemang Allen, D. Allen, E. Allen, J. L. 

ALLEN, Judy J.— Centralia, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
ALLEN, Rex F.— Preston, Junior in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. ALLEN, Roy M— Detroit, Junior in Agriculture. ALLER- 
GRUCCI, Jack P.— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

ALLERHEILIGEN, Dorothy-Hanover, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. ALLEY, Norman L.— Bethany, Mo., Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. ALLISON, Bennett L.— Salina, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. ALLISON, William F — Atchison, 03 in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

ALTWEGG, Herman R.— Wakefield, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
ALWIN, Lawrence F.— Holton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
AMOS, Sheila J.— Colbv, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. AN- 
DERSON, Barbara J.— Manhattan, Junior in Home Economics. 

ADCOCK, Janet L.— Superior, Neb., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. ADDINGTON, Karolvn W.-Manhattan, Junior in 
Home Economics. ADDINGTON, Paul H.-Manhattan, 04 in 
Engineering and Architecture. ADRIAN, Sharon E.— Mound- 
ridge, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

AGRON, Gary B.— Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. AHLSTEDT, Linda L.— Smolan, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. AKHTAR, Humavun— Pakistan, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. AKIN, Linda L.— Lawrence, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics. 

ALBERTSON, M. Ray— Wichita, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. ALDRIDGE, William F.— Salina, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. ALEXANDER, Dale F— Hays, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. ALKHAYAL, Niran S.— Iraq, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

ALL, David C— McPherson, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
ALLBRITTEN, Nancy G— Prairie Village, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. ALLBRITTEN, Rov E.— Mission, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. ALLEE, James N.— Arkansas Citv, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. 

ALLEMANG, Judith L.— Lyndon, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. ALLEN, Del M.— Liberty, Junior in Agriculture. ALLEN, 
Eugene W.— Detroit, Freshman in Agriculture. ALLEN, Judith 
L.— Rye, N. Y., Freshman in Home Economics. 

Allen, J. J. Allen, R. F. Allen, R. M. 
Allerheiligen Alley Allison, R. 

Altwegg Alwin Amos 

Allison, W. 
Anderson, R. 


Anderson, C. Anderson, D. Anderson, G. Anderson, 







J. A. 


K. S. 



Anderson, L. 






P. A. 








ANTHONY, Judith T.-Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Home 
Economics. ANTRIM, Larry D.— Kingman, Sophomore in Ag- 
riculture. APLEY, Carolyn M.— Washington, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. APPLEBEE, Janet A.— Belleville, Junior in Arts and 

ARBUCKLE, Robert W.— Kansas Citv, Mo., Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. ARMBRUST, Edward L. -Ellsworth, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. ARMSTRONG, Juan L.— 
Puerto Rico, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. ARMSTRONG, 
Karen E.— Topeka, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

ARMSTRONG, Polly R.-Barre, Vt., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. ARNDT, Carroll B.— Mocksville, N. C, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. ARNETT, Carolyn J.— Belleville, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. ARNOLD, Anita L.— Great Bend, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Underclassmen: And - Bale 

ANDERSON, Charlotte-Russell, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. ANDERSON, D. Keith— Wichita, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. ANDERSON, Genevieve— Kansas 
Citv, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. ANDERSON, Helen K.— 
Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

ANDERSON, Howard R.— Wichita, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. ANDERSON, Jane A.-Clay Center, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. ANDERSON, Joan M.— Randall, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. ANDERSON, Karin S.— McPher- 
son, Freshman in Home Economics. 

ANDERSON, Karl F.— Scranton, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. ANDERSON, Kirsten M— McPherson, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. ANDERSON, Louis— Norcatur, Junior in 
Agriculture. ANDERSON, Patricia L.-Kansas City, Mo., Jun- 
ior in Arts and Sciences. 

ANDERSON, Paul A— Pratt, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. ANDERSEN, Ronald D.-Belleville, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. ANDREWS, W. Aldean— 
Newton, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. ANGLE- 
MYER, R. Jean— Winfield, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

ANKERHOLZ, Donald L.— Hutchinson, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. ANNAN, Patricia J.— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. ANNIS, Daniel R.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. ANSPAUGH, Gail D.— Luray, Sophomore in Arts and 

Anthony Antrim Apley Applebee 

Arbuckle Armbrust Armstrong, J. Armstrong, K. 

Armstrong, P. Arndt Arnett Arnold 


ARTHUR, Linda J.-Valley Falls, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. ASHER, Larry C— Stafford, Freshman in Agriculture. 
ATE, Linda L.— Wellington, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
ATHEY, Rod E— Junction City, Freshman in Engineering and 

ATKINS, L. Lee— Lincoln, Neb., Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. ATKINSON, Deanna K.— Caldwell, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. ATKINSON, John W— Jewell, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. ATTWATER, Anna C— Wichita, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. 

AUSTERMILLER, Carl J.-Great Rend, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. AUSTIN, Lee A.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. AUSTIN, Robert R.— Garden City, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. AVERY, Richard D.— Lvons, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

AXE, Sherin V.— Leavenworth, Junior in Arts and Sciences. AZ- 
HAR, Mohmmad— Pakistan, Sophomore in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. AZMAZ, Advive— Turkey, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. RARCOCK, Lonna R.— Hazelton, Freshman in Home 

RARCOCK, Warren C.-Stella, Neb., Sophomore in Veterinary 
Medicine. RARER, Jack E.— Cunningham, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. RARST, Dee A.— Wichita, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. RACKMAN, Sandra J.— Manhattan, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 


Bacon, L. 

Bacon, W. 

Bailey, A 

Bailey, J. 

Bailey, S. K. 

Bailey, S. L. 




Baker, A. 

Baker, C. 






Atkinson, D, 

Atkinson, J. 



Austin, L. 

Austin, R. 





Babcock, L 

Babcock, W. 




RACKSTROM, Carol A.— Ronner Springs, Freshman in Home 
Economics. RACON, Larrv D.— Tecumseh, Junior in Agricul- 
ture. RACON, Wayne L— Topeka, Junior in Agriculture. RAI- 
LEY, Allan M.— New Redford, Mass., Sophomore in Arts and 

RAILEY, James C— Netherlands Antilles, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. RAILEY, Sharon K.— Silver Lake, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. RAILEY, Shelbv L.— Topeka, 
Freshman in Agriculture. RAIN, Rarbara— Macomb, Ilk, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 

RAIR, Clark L.— Goodland, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
RAIRD, John R.— Arkansas City, Junior in Agriculture. RAKER, 
A. Jovce— St. Joseph, Mo., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
RAKER, Carole D.— Gardner, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 


Baker, D. 

Baker, B. 

Balach, M. 


Balach, D. 


Baldwin, D. 

Baldwin, F 

Ball, B. 

Ball, C. 

Ball, P. 


Banks, C. 

Banks, J. 




Bar an 



Underclassmen: Bak - Bee 

BAKER, Dixie D.— Burr Oak, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
BAKER, Robert L.— Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. BALACH, Michael M.— East Chicago, Ind., Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. BALAUN, Ralph E.— Meulo, 
02 in Engineering and Architecture. 

BALACH, Donald C— Barnes, Sophomore in Agriculture. BAL- 
DERSON, W. Kay— Wamego, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
BALDWIN, Don H.— Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. BALDWIN, Floy L.— Concordia, Sophomore in Home 

BALL, Barbara E.— Augusta, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
BALL, Charles C— Kansas Citv, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. BALL, Phyllis Y.— Chenev, Freshman in Home 
Economics. BANISTER, Karlyne M.— McDonald, Freshman in 
Home Economics. 

BANKS, Carolyn S.— El Dorado, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
BANKS, Joyce M.— Effingham, Junior in Home Economics. 
BANNISTER, Susan K.— Colbv, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
BANTA, David J.— Oberlin, Freshman in Engineering and Ar- 

BANZER, Jerry L.— Wichita, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. BARAN, Ravmond T.— Ord, Neb., Freshman in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. BARBER, Cathy J.— Beloit, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. BARBOUR, James D.— Greensburg, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

BARCLAY, Raleighta F— Manhattan, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. BARE, Linda A.— Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. BARGE, Barbara A.— Paola, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. BARGER, Phillip G.— Canada, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. BARKER, Ronald L.— Winfield, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. BARLOW, John S.— 
Humboldt, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. BARNABY, Judith 
A.— Great Bend, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

BARNER, Ravmond D.— Belle Plaine, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. BARNES, Donald W.— Protection, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. BARNES, Kenna J.— Merriam, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. BARNETT, Cheryl A.— Mission, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. BARNHART, Charles C— 
Wichita, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. BARN- 
HART, Terry L.— Kansas Citv, Freshman in Aits and Sciences. 
BARR, Jim L.— Great Bend, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 








Barnes, D. 
Barnes, K. 
Barnhart, C. 
Barnhart, T. 
Barr, J. 


BARR, Sally A— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
BARRETT, Twila S. -Burlington, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. BARRONS, Gary D.— Emporia, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. BARTHOLOMEW, Dan E.— Kan- 
sas City, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

BARTLETT, Larry E.-Clay Center, 03 in Engineering and 
Architecture. BARTON, Norman D.— Cuba, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. BASORE, Carolyn A.— Sedgwick, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. BASS, Ann M— Erie, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 

BASSETT, Janice E.— Topeka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
BATEMAN, David D— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
BATHURST, Laura R.— Talmage, Sophomore in Home Econom- 
ics. BAUER, Clarence W.— Cherryvale, Sophomore in Arts and 

BAUERSFELD, Janice S.— Wellington, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. BAUERSFELD, Judith K.— Wellington, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. BAUMAN, Darryl D.— Goodland, Junior in 
Agriculture. BAXTER, James N.— Russell, Freshman in Arts and 

BAXTER, Margaret C— Stockton, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. BAXTER, Virginia J.— Russell, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. BAYLES, Richard A.— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. BAYLESS, Patricia I.— Blue Mound, Freshman in 
Home Economics. 

BEACH, Marv J.— Scott City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
BEACH, Michael J.— Bethel, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
BEACH, P. Rex— Kansas City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
BEAL, Stephen A— Mt. Hope, Freshman in Agriculture. BEAR, 
David O.— Wichita, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
BEARD, Marshia M.— Bonner Springs, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. BEARD, Patricia A.— Rochester, N. Y., Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

BEARDMORE, Carolyn A.-Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. BEARDSLEE, Gray B.— Hutchinson, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. BEATTY, Claudia— Topeka, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. BEAVER, Donald R.— Strong City, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. BEBERMEYER, James O -Scott City, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. BECK, C. Jane— Onaga, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. BECK, Ferol D.— Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

f^fcfc t ft 

Barr, S. 















Baxter, J. 



Baxter, M. 

Baxter, V. 




Beach, Mary 

Beach, Michael 

Beach, P. 



Beard, M. 

Beard, P. 







Beck, F. 


President and Mrs. James A. McCain were guests of honor 
at the Student Union's annual Rig-a-Twig party December 

17. All Union organizations and committees put ornaments 
on the tree, which was afterward presented to the McCains. 

Underclassmen: Bee - Big 

BECK, Gary W.— Centralia, Sophomore in Agriculture. BECK, 
William F.— Prairie Village, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
BECKMAN, Harry C— Randolph, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
BEELER, Frederick H— Jewell, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

BEHNER, Thomas C— Topeka, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. BEHRENDS, Bernard D.-Marysville, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. BEHRHORST, John R.— Wichita, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. BEHRHORST, Rodney R.— 
Wichita, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

BELL, Marlene— Wellington, Freshman in Home Economics. 
BELL, Ronald C— McDonald, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. BENGTSON, Larry E— Smolan, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. BENNER, Dennis W— Hiawatha, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Beck, G. 

Beck, W. 





Behrhorst, J. 

Behrhorst, R. 

Bell, M. 

Bell, R. 




Bennett, G. Bennett, R. 
Benson, R. Benson, T. 
Bentz Bergen 

Benninghoven Bennington 
Benson, W. Benton 
Berger Berges 

BERGIN, William C-Hilo, Hawaii, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. BERGKAMP, Thomas D.— Garden Citv, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. BERGMAN, Byron K.— Riley, Freshman in 
Agriculture. BERGSTEN, Janice J.— Randolph, Freshman in 
Home Economics. 

BERGSTROM, Lourin K.-Clay Center, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. BERLS, Maureen J.— Oberlin, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. BERNHARDT, David E— El Dorado, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. BERRY, J. David— Newton, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

BESACK, Marlene K.— Beatrice, Neb., Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. BESECKE, Walter A.— Kansas Citv, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. BESSE, Marjorie A.— New Orleans, La., 
Sophomore in Home Economics. BESTGEN, Robert F.— Man- 
hattan, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

BETTON, Diana S.— Kansas City, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. BEYER, Curtis M.— Gridley, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. BEYER, George H.— Burlington, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. BEYER, Paul E.— Emporia, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

BIEBER, Arlyn C— Bison, Junior in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. BIEDERMAN, Frederic-Glen Ellyn, 111., Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. BIEHLER, Sharon K.— Hering- 
ton, Freshman in Home Economics. BIGFORD, Jane M.— Man- 
hattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

BENNETT, Gary D.-Smith Center, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. BENNETT, Ronald J.-Sabetha, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. BENNINGHOVEN, Florence- 
Strong City, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. BENNINGTON, 
Larry C— Manhattan, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

BENSON, Robert B— Winfield, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. BENSON, Timothy C.-Kansas City, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. BENSON, William T.— Topeka, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. BENTON, How- 
ard H.— Norcatur, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

BENTZ, Raymond L.— Bethel, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. BERGEN, Lynn A.— Marysville, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. BERGER, Jane E.— Salina, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. BERGES, Lyle C— Onaga, 
Junior in Agriculture. 














Beyer, C. 

Beyer, G. 

Beyer, P. 

tto w mm 

IkmM i 

**S8& "TSSgSJ? 




Biggs, J. 

Biggs, M. 





Birch, L. 
Birch, W. 
Bird, D. 
Bird, G. 


Birkenbaugh Birkinsha 

Bivin, R. Bivin, W. 

Black, J. Black, T. 

Blair, C. Blakely 

Blanding Blaser 

Bishop Bitter 

Bixby Black, D. 

Blackburn Blair, B. 

Blakeman Blanchard 

Blessing, Mai. Blessing, Mat. 

Underclassmen: Big - Bow 

BIGGE, Barton L.— Stockton, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. BIGGS, James J.— Abilene, junior in Arts and 
Sciences. BIGGS, Marv E.— Abilene, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. BILES, Bertram R.— Hutchinson, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. BILLAU, Donald D.— Newton, 
junior in Arts and Sciences. BILLS, Richard E.— Salina, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. BINGER, Doris L.— Topeka, 
Junior in Home Economics. 

BINGHAM, Larry J.— Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. BIRCH, Linda L.— Shawnee, Freshman in Home 
Economics. BIRCH, William J.— Great Bend, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. BIRD, Daniel M.— Anthony, Junior in Agriculture. 
BIRD, Galen D.— Lincoln, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
BIRK, Rovle J.— Gridley, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. BIRKBECK, James S.— Burlington, Sophomore in Ag- 

BIRKENBAUGH, Clint— Kingman, Freshman in Agriculture. 
BIRKINSHA, Jack E— Atchison, 02 in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. BISHOP, Merrill E.— Mulvane, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. BITTER, Gary G.— Hoisington, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

BIVIN, Rosalie J.— Concordia, Mo., Junior in Home Economics. 
BIVIN, W. Sheldon— Concordia, Mo., Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. BIXBY, H. Robert— Rossville, Junior in Veterinary Medi- 
cine. BLACK, Darrell D.— Grove, Okla., Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

BLACK, John C— Ottawa, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. BLACK, Terrance L.— Wichita, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. BLACKBURN, Barbara J.-Staf- 
ford, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. BLAIR, Barbara F.— 
Concordia, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

BLAIR, Charles M.— Wichita, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. BLAKELY, Max F.— Wichita, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. BLAKEMAN, Myrna S— Beaumont, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics. BLANCHARD, Nancy L.— Garden 
City, Freshman in Home Economics. 

BLANDING, Michel R.— Minneapolis, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. BLASER, Charles L.— Waterville, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. BLESSING, Malcolm L.— Lenexa, Fresh- 
man in Veterinary Medicine. BLESSING, Mateele L.— Lenexa, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 


BLOOM, Johnwilliam L.-Manteno, 111., Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. BLOOMBERG, Karen A.-Clay" Center, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. BLOOMQUIST, Deanna K.-Falun, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. BLOUNT, Judith C.-Coldwater, 
Freshman in Home Economics. 

BOBEK, Mary E.— Caldwell, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
BOCHOW, Bradford K.-Salina, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
BOCK, Karla S.— Wichita, Freshman in Home Economics. 
BODENHAMER, Nancy J.-Greeley, Junior in Home Eco- 

BOETTCHER, Jarold W.-Beloit, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. BOLEY, Charlotte C— Topeka, Junior in 
Home Economics. BOLIN, Clyde L.— Canton, Junior in Agri- 
culture. BOLT, Douglas J— Isabel, Junior in Agriculture. 

BOND, Julie G— Pittsburg, Junior in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. BONNEAU, Roland J.— Salina, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. BOONE, F. Stephen— Manhattan, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. BOOTH, Jeanne S— Manhattan, Junior in 
Home Economics. 

BORGERDING, John F.-Marysville, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. BORGMANN, Carol A— Goodland, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. BOSH, Alice F.— Marion, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. BOSLER, Robert M.— Colby, Freshman in Arts and 

BOSS, James F.— Marysville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
BOSWELL, William R.— Wichita, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. BOTTORFF, William W.— Winfield, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. BOUCHEY, William M.— 
Palco, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. BOUGHTON, Paul D. 
—Emporia, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. BOURQUE, M. 
Lynette— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. BOUS- 
MAN, Carol J.— Shawnee, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

BOUSTEAD, Judith L.— Prairie Village, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. BOWERS, Clinton D.— Gypsum, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. BOWERS, Judith A.— Gypsum, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. BOWIE, Travis J.— Oakley, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. BOWMAN, Charles T. 
-Dodge City, Freshman in Agriculture. BOWMAN, Phil B.- 
Coffevville, Junior in Arts and Sciences. BOWSER, Barbara R. 
— Holton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Bloom Bloomberg Bloomquist 

Bobek Bochow Bock 

Boettcher Boley Bolin 

Bond Bonneau Boone 

Borgerding Borgmann Bosh 


















Bovvers, C. 

Bowers, J. 


Bowman, C. 

Bowman, P. 



Boyd, M. Boyd, P. 

Boyer, D. 

Boyer, P. 

Boyle Bozarth 


Bradshaw, M 

Bradshaw, S. Brainard 



BRANDENBURG, Linda J.-Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. BRANDT, Anne C— Kansas Citv, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. BRANDT, Ruth Elaine— Augusta, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. BRANFORT, Ronald R.— Green, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

BRANNAM, Clarence B— Lamed, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. BRANNAN, Roger D.— Meade, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. BRASE, Sylvia L.— Junction City, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. BRAUER, Bruce R.— Leoti, Sophomore in Arts and 

BRAUER, Carolyn E.— Leoti, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
BRAUN, Clait E.-Piper, Junior in Agriculture. BREER, Mar- 
lin D.— Brookville, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
BRENEMAN, James R.— Mission, 01 in Engineering and Archi- 

BRENT, Lannv R.— Gaylord, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
BRENT, Roger H.— Alton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
BRENTON, Boh B.— Goodland, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
BREWER, Donald D.— Winfield, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

BRIGGS, Danny— Tescott, Freshman in Agriculture. BRIGHT, 
Oneta L.— Cherrvvale, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
BRIGHTON, Mary L.-Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. BRINDLE, Elizabeth J.— Hooker, Okla., Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Underclassmen: Boy - Bry 

BOYD, M. Frances— Mankato, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
BOYD, Patty J.— Stilwell, Freshman in Home Economics. BOY- 
ER, Donna R.— Wellington, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
BOYER, Patricia A.— Arkansas City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

BOYLE, Brenda C— Burrton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
BOZARTH, Karen K.— Alexandria, Va., Sophomore in Home 
Economics. BRABEC, Sharon A.— Narka, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. BRADSHAW, Mary K.— Winfield, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

BRADSHAW, Sally A— Langdon, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. BRAINARD, Larry E.— Oberlin, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. BRAKE, Jon A.— Blue Rapids, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. BRAMAN, Karen L.— El Dorado, Junior in Arts and 


Brandt, A. 

Brandt, R. 





Brauer, B. 

Brauer, C. 




Brent, L, 

Brent, R. 







% W ^L 


BRINK, James D.— Le Roy, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
BRINK, Jarvis R.— Le Roy, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. 
BRISBIN, John C— Girard, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. BRITTON, Gale E.-Lewis, Junior in Arts and 

BRITTON, John A— Kinsley, 02 in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. BROADFOOT, Patsy V.— Montezuma, Freshman in Home 
Economics. BROADY, Brad W.— Johnson, Neb., Freshman in 
Veterinary Medicine. BROCK, jean— Wichita, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

BROCK, Ronald E.— Norton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
BROOKOVER, Sandra S. -Garden City, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. BROOKS, Donald G.— Prairie Village, 01 in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. BROOKS, James R.— Hays, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 



Brown, H. Brown, L. K 

Brown, L. S. 

Brown, N. 

Brown, T. Brown, V. 

Brown, W. H. 

Brown, W. S. 

Brown, W. E. Browne 



Broyles Bruce 



Bryan Bryant 

Brink, J. D. 
Britton, J. 
Brock, R. 

Brink, J. R. 



Brooks, D. 

Britton, G. 
Brock, J. 
Brooks, J. 

BROUGHAM, Robert D.-Kansas City, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. BROUGHER, Averill-Wakefield, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. BROWN, H. Janiece— Jennings, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. BROWN, Linda K.— Garden Citv, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics. 

BROWN, Loretta S.— Hoisington, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. BROWN, Nancy W.— Neodesha, Freshman in Home 
Economics. BROWN, Tommy W.— Alta Vista, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. BROWN, Vivian M.— Howard, Junior in 
Home Economics. 

BROWN, Warren H.— New Cambria, Junior in Agriculture. 
BROWN, Warren S.— Lee's Summit, Mo., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. BROWN, William E.— Downs, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. BROWNE, David B -Wichita, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. 

BROWNELL, Anne M.— Wichita, Junior in Home Economics. 
BROWNLEE, Wayne E— Burdett, Junior in Agriculture. 
BROYLES, Martha L.— Webber, Sophomore in Home Econom- 
ics. BRUCE, Karen J.— Topeka, Freshman in Home Economics. 

BRUINGTON, Larry L.— Montezuma, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. BRUNELL, Michael B.— Aurora, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. BRYAN, Jon B.— Scott Citv, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. BRYANT, Dennis C— Mission, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 













Bunney, D. 

Bunney, G. 


Burbank Burch Burcham, D. Burcham, W. 

Burdorf Burge Burger Burgess 

Burhoop Burke, D. Burke, J. Burkhardt 

Burkholder Burkland Burklund Burling 

Burnett, C. L. Burnett, C. E. Burnette Burnes 

Underclassmen: Bry - Car 

BRYSON, G. Kathleen-Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. BUCHANAN, Donald E.— Wakarusa, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. BUCHELE, James P.— Cedar 
Vale, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. BUCHHEIM, Jerry F — 
Scranton, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. BUCKBEE, 
Albert W.— Warwick, N. Y., Sophomore in Agriculture. BUEH- 
LER, Jolene K.— Russell, Junior in Home Economics. BUEN- 
NING, Lynn A.— Atchison, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

BULL, Robert W.— Salina, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
BULLOCK, Terry L.— Wilsev, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
BUNDY, Carol S.— Bonner Springs, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. BUNGER, William P.— Beloit, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. BUNNEY, Donald J.— Garden City, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. BUNNEY, Gary L.— Bellevue, Neb., 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. BURANDT, Rich- 
ard L.— Belleville, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

BURBANK, Richard W.— Wichita, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. BURCH, L. Ann— Burrton, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. BURCHAM, DeVirda H— Colby, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. BURCHAM, William R.-Colby, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

BURDORF, Marilyn E.— Mount Hope, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. BURGE, Linda R.— Prairie Village, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. BURGER, Charles N.-Fort Mitchell, Ky., 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. BURGESS, Steve L.— Sub- 
lette, Freshman in Agriculture. 

BURHOOP, Boyd E.-Central City, Neb., Sophomore in Veteri- 
nary Medicine. BURKE, Daniel D.— Ypsilanti, Mich., Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. BURKE, Josephine E.— Prairie 
Village, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. BURKHARDT, Ronald 
J.— Chapman, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

BURKHOLDER, Jimmy C— Goodland, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. BURKLAND, Harold C— Garrison, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. BURKLUND, Clayton L— Gar- 
rison, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. BURLING, William V. 
—Partridge, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

BURNETT, Carl L.-Council Grove, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. BURNETT, Charles E.-Kansas City, Mo., Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. BURNETTE, Jerrold A.-Asherville, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. BURNES, C. Ryan— Kansas City, Mo., 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 








Butler, L. 

Butler, M. 




BURNS, Paul E.-Vallev Falls, Freshman in Agriculture. 
BURROUGH, Don-Hot ' Springs, Ark., Junior in Veterinary 
Medicine. BURTON, Maxine L — Manhattan, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. BUSH, Thomas H.— Atchison, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. BUTCHER, Betty A.— Salina, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. BUTEL, Janet S.— Overbrook, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. BUTLER, Linda S.— Glasco, Freshman in Arts and 

BUTLER, Marcia L.— Glasco, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
BUTTS, Jesse J., Jr.— Lyons, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
BYERS, Robert G.— Chanute, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
BYLER, M. Jane-Newton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. CADY, 
Mary F.— Beloit, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. CALDWELL, 
Janice— Quincy, 111., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. CALD- 
WELL, Joyce— Quincy, 111., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

CALDWELL, T. Kaya— Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. CALES, Lois R.— Caney, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. CALLABRESI, Melvin L— New Cambridge, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. CALLAHAN, William G.— 
Goodland, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

CALLEN, James D.— Wichita, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. CALLIHAM, Richard D— Colby, Freshman in 
Agriculture. CALLISON, George L.— Blue Rapids, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. CALTA, Godfrey A.— Omaha, Neb., 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

CAMP, Kay S— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. CAMPBELL, Lyle G.— Ames, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. CAMPBELL, Patricia D— Bison, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. CAMPBELL, Robert W.— Ames, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

CAMPBELL, Wayne E.-Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. CANTRELL, Maurine L— Wichita, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. CANTRELL, Ronald F — Wellington, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. CAPRON, Kenneth M— Columbus, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 

CAPRON, Virgil J.-Columbus, Junior in Agriculture. CAR- 
BAUGH, George S. -Wichita, Junior in Agriculture. CARL- 
GREN, Erick F— Concordia, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
CARLIN, John W.— Smolan, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

Caldwell, T. Cales Callabresi Callahan 

Callen Calliham Callison Calta 

Camp Campbell, L. Campbell, P. Campbell, R. 

Campbell, W. Cantrell, M. Cantrell, R. Capron, K. 

C apron, V. Carbaugh Carlgren Carlin 



Underclassmen: Car - Chi 

CARLISLE, Jim L.— Topeka, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. CARLSON, Harlev L.— Leonardville, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. CARLSON, John W.— Olsburg, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. CARNAHAN, Ellen P.-Clay 
Center, Freshman in Home Economics. 

CAROL, Edgar E.— Kansas Citv, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
CARPENTER, Kenneth H.-Matfield Green, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. CARRICO, James E.— Beloit, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. CARRICO, Jerome M.— Beloit, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

CARRICO, Tom P.— Beloit, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
CARSON, George A.— Hamilton, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. CARSON, H. Dennis— Hamilton, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. CARSTENSON, Lvle D.-Newton, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. 




Cerny, J. R. 

Cerny, J. H. 
Chapman, F. 

Chapman, J. Chapman, L. Chapman, W. Chappell 

Carrico, T. 

Carlson, H. 
Carson, G. 

Carlson, J. 
Carrico, J. E. 
Carson, H. 

Carrico, J. M. 

CARTMILL, Eula M.— Ottawa, Freshman in Home Economics. 
CARVER, James V.— Miltonvale, 02 in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. CASE, Jovce I.— Wakefield, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. CASPAR, Charles L.— Junction Citv, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

CATION, Kenneth L.— Chanute, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. CEBULA, Robert A.— Goodland, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. CERNY, James R.— Narka, Fresh- 
man in Agriculture. CERNY, John H.— Dorchester, Neb., Fresh- 
man in Veterinary Medicine. 

CHAFFEE, James L.— Wamego, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. CHALK, Roger D.— Shawnee, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. CHALMERS, Glenn B.— Topeka, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. CHANDLER, Carolyn R.— Topeka, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

CHANDLEY, Linda M.— Bonner Springs, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. CHANNELL, Glenn L.— Manhattan, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. CHANNON, Will— Ottawa, Junior 
in Agriculture. CHAPMAN, Frederick J.— Manhattan, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

CHAPMAN, Jack R.-Buffalo, Junior in Agriculture. CHAPMAN, 
Lawrence E.— Leawood, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. CHAP- 
MAN, William Jr.— Oaklev, Junior in Arts and Sciences. CHAP- 
PELL, Stephen F.— Palisades, Calif., Sophomore in Arts and 


Presenting awards to Delta Sigma Rho speech contest win- 
ners is Bill Hiett. Dick Thyden, Sigma Chi, and Judy Hoy, 

Pi Beta Phi, were individual winners, and Sigma Chi and 
Southeast hall were the group winners for the second year. 

CHEHASKE, John T.— Yates Center, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. CHELIKOWSKY, Richard-Manhattan, Jun- 
ior in Engineering and Architecture. CHIARELLA, Juan R.— 
Bolivia, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. CHIL- 
COTE, Franque M.— Iola, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

CHILDERS, Lenita— Bethel, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
CHILDS, James T.— Canada, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. CHILDS, Karl R.— Wichita, 01 in Engineering and 
Architecture. CHILES, Dennis E— Zenith, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

CHINN, Judith C— Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
CHINN, Philip R— Haviland, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. CHISM, Kathrvn L.— Ottawa, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. CHISUM, Gerald M.—Winfield, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

Chehaske Chelikowsky Chiarella 
Childers Childs, J. Childs, K. 

Chinn, J. Chinn, P. Chism 






Underclassmen: Cho - Con 

CHOATE, Jimmie L.— Fredonia, Freshman in Agriculture. 
CHOPLIN, David W.— Mission, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. CHRISTENSEN, Dale K.-Concordia, Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. CHRISTIAN, David L.— 
Mission, Freshman in Home Economics. 

CHURCH, Ada M.— Eskridge, Junior in Home Economics. 
CHURCH, John T.— Eskridge, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
CLARK, Carol J.— Scott City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
CLARK, Elaine K.— Meriden, Freshman in Home Economics. 

CLARK, Elizabeth E— Holton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
CLARK, John F.— Alta Vista, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
CLARK, Lee K.— Sterling, Sophomore in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. CLARK, Lynne S.— Hutchinson, Sophomore in Home 

CLARK, Mary C— Chanute, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
CLARK, Mary M.— WaKeeney, Freshman in Home Economics. 
CLARK, Nancy C— Merriam, Freshman in Home Economics. 
CLARK, Ross D.— Onaga, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. 

CLARKSON, M. Anne— Harper, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
CLARKSON, Thomas C— Harper, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. CLARY, Joseph R.— Fort Scott, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. CLASSEN, Harold I.— Meade, 02 in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

CLAVELL, Carlos E.— Puerto Rico, Freshman in Veterinary 
Medicine. CLAYBAUGH, Robert J.-Independence, Mo., Soph- 
omore in Engineering and Architecture. CLAYCAMP, Loretta 
L.— Rice, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. CLAYCAMP, Shirley 
C— Rice, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. CLAYDON, J. Ellen 
—Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. CLELAND, Jo- 
seph L.— Topeka, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. CLICK, 
Harold E.— Havana, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

CLIFFORD, John R.— Altamont, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. CLINE, Constance E.— Pratt, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. CLING, Carolyn K.— McPherson, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. CLING, Wayne L.— McPherson, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. CLOE, Rosemary— Atwood, Junior in Aits and Sci- 
ences. CLOWERS, Stanley R.— Larned, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. CLOYES, Sandra S.— El Dorado, Junior in Arts and 


Choate Choplin Christensen 

Church, A. Church, J. Clark, C. 

Clark, E. E. Clark, J. Clark, L. K. 

Clark, M.C. Clark, M. M. Clark, N. 

Clarkson, M. Clarkson, T. Clary 

Clark, E. K. 
Clark, L. S. 
Clark, R. 



Claycamp, L. 

Claycamp, S. 






Cling, C. 

Cling, W. 





'"""7 A I 





Cochran, M. 

Cochran, S. 




C off man 


Cole, D. 

Cole, H. 

Coleman, B. 

Coleman, K. 

Coleman, S. 

Colson, F. 

Colson, G. 





Comstock, J 

Comstock, R. 


Con grove 




Connell, M. 

Connell, R. 

Conner, C. 

Conner, J. 




*»*. **» 



i »^» 

«nPi : «^p* 

CLUM, Duane V.— Humboldt, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. COAMBES, Robert J— Richards, Mo., Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. COBLENTZ, John R.— Sa- 
lina, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. COCHRAN, Mary Jo— 
Bonner Springs, Junior in Arts and Sciences. COCHRAN, Scott 
P.— Mission, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. CODDINGTON, 
William— Paola, Junior in Agriculture. CODER, Sharon K.— 
Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

COFFEY, Richard H.— Ulvsses, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
COFFMAN, Jerry B. -Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. COLAW, Thomas A.— Overland Park, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. COLE, Darold F.— Salina, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. COLE, Harold S.— 
Wellington, 01 in Engineering and Architecture. COLEMAN, 
Bessie K.— Hutchinson, Junior in Home Economics. COLE- 
MAN, Karen A.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

COLEMAN, Sandra R.— Topeka, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. COLSON, Fred M.— Hillsdale, 04 in Engineering and 
Architecture. COLSON, Geraldine J.— Hillsdale, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. COLVIN, Thomas L.— Fort Leavenworth, 02 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

COMBES, Larry D.— Lebo, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. COMFORT, Anthony J.— Topeka, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. COMPTON, George R.— Manhattan, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. COMSTOCK, Joyce M.— Silver Lake, 
Freshman in Home Economics. 

COMSTOCK, Robert G— Manhattan, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. CONANT, Joseph W.— Atwood, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. CONGROVE, James E.— Effing- 
ham, Junior in Arts and Sciences. CONKLIN, John R.— Osa- 
watomie, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

CONLEY, Jon M.— Olathe, Freshman in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. CONLON, Susan— Germany, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. CONNELL, Martin R.— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. CONNELL, Richard J.— Tremont, 111., 
Junior in Veterinary Medicine. 

CONNER, Charles T.— Seneca, 02 in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. CONNER, James F.— Leavenworth, 02 in Engineering and 
Architecture. CONNOLLY, Paul J.-Indianapolis, Ind., 01 in 
Engineering and Architecture. CONRAD, Loren W— Salina, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 


Underclassmen: Con - Cra 

CONROW, Janet R.— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
CONSOLINO, Ronald J.— Pittsburg, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. CONVERSE, Leo H.— Eskridge, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. CONVERSE, Ronald E.— Kansas Citv, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

CONYAC, Carrol J.-Stockton, Freshman in Agriculture. COOK, 
Carolyn J.— Santa Fe, N. M., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
COOK, Larry E.— Topeka, Sophomore in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. COOK, Leland B.— Burlingame, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

COOK, Patricia I.— WaKeenev, Freshman in Home Economics. 
COOK, Rodnev L.— Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
COOKSON, Saundra S.— Derby, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
COOL, Joann— Glasco, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

COOLEN, Barbara J.— Manhattan, Freshman in Home Econom- 
ics. COOLEY, Martha K— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. COOLIDGE, Barbara— Ottumwa, Iowa, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. COON, Larry L.— Goodland, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. 

COON, Laura C— Manhattan, junior in Arts and Sciences. 
COONEY, Larry D.— Oak Hill, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
COONS, Bonnie L.— Goodland, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
COOPER, Margaret L— Brattleboro, Vt., Sophomore in Home 

Cooper, S. Copeland 
Coppoc Corazin 

Cordova, J. Corn 

Copenhafer Copple 
Corbin Cordova, A. 

Corns Costerisan 

Cook, P. 
Coon, L. G. 

Cook, C. 
Cook, R. 

Converse, L. 
Cook, L. E. 

Converse, R. 
Cook, L. B. 

Coon, L. L. 
Cooper, M. 

COOPER, Susan L.— Neodesha, Freshman in Home Economics. 
COPELAND, Joanne I.-Clav Center, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. COPENHAFER, Wilber A.-Troy, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. COPPLE, James D.— Coldwater, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. 

COPPOC, Gordon L.— Belpre, Freshman in Veterinary Medi- 
cine. CORAZIN, Michael D.— Kansas Citv, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. CORBIN, Murray D— Manhattan, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. CORDOVA, Alicia L.— Manhattan, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. 

CORDOVA, Jose D— Jaroles, N. M., Freshman in Agriculture. 
CORN, Jerrald A.— Mosinee, Wis., Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
CORNS, Garry M.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
COSTERISAN, Karen L.-Janesville, Wis., Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 


Couch, C. 

Couch, D. 

Coufal, D. 

Coufal, J 










Cox, C. 

Cox, J. 

Cox, H. 

Cox, L. A. 

Cox, L. M. 

Cox, R. 


CRAFT, Lawrence W.— Gridlev, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. CRAFT, Patricia— Kinslev, Junior in Home Economics. 
CRAIG, Eva L.-Olathe, Junior in Home Economics. CRAMER, 
Ronnie D.— Alden, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

CRAMTON, George A.— Tescott, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
CRANDALL, George M.— Seneca, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
CRANMER, Roger L.-Mavfield, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. CRANSTON, Charles S.-Winfield, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

CRANSTON, Gary L.— Winfield, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
CRAWFORD, Harold F.-Ottawa, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. CRAWFORD, Kenneth R.— Lincoln, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. CRAWFORD, Roy K.-Luray, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

COUCH, Carman L.— Phillipsburg, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. COUCH, Darlene Y.— Garden Citv, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. COUFAL, Diane— Wichita, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. COUFAL, John R.— Hanover, Freshman in Arts and 

COULTER, Roger W.— Pratt, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. COURROIS, Francis R.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. COURTRIGHT, Gordon L.— McDonald, Junior in 
Agriculture. COVALT, Dale R.— Whitewater, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

COVERT, Leroy W.— Rapid Citv, S. D., 04 in Engineering and 
Architecture. COWAN, John A.— Hiawatha, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. COWELL, Rill E.— Wakefield, Junior in Agriculture. 
COWEN, Dale L.— Cullison, Sophomore in Engineering and 

COWMAN, Robert L.— Wichita, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. COX, Charlene R.— Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. COX, James E.— Mission, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. COX, H. David, Jr.— Anchorage, 
Alaska, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

COX, L. Allene— Salina, Junior in Arts and Sciences. COX, 
Lawrence M.— Kansas Citv, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
COX, Robert E.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
CRARB, Jay P.— Colbv, 02 in Engineering and Architecture. 

Craft, L. Craft, P. Craig Cramer 

Cramton Crandall Cranmer Cranston, C. 

Cranston, G. Crawford, H. Crawford, K. Crawford, R. 



Crocker, R. 
Crumley, S. 

Cundiff, J. 

Cundiff, L. 

Crocker, J. 
Crumley, G. 

Underclassmen: Cre - Den 

CREAGER, Glen, Jr.— Boicourt, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. CREAMER, Linda B.— Smith Center, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. CRESS, Steven B.— Arcadia, Calif., Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. CRIBB, Susan D.— 
Pratt, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

CRIST, Toni L.— Garden City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
CRISTLER, Connie L.— Mission, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. CRISWELL, Mildred L.— Humboldt, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. CROCKER, Jack W.-Mt. Vernon, 111., Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

CROCKER, Rex D.— Attica, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. CRON, P. Douglas— Alamo, Texas, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. CROSS, Rex E.— Trenton, Neb., 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. CROUCH, Kathryn J.— Mis- 
sion, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

CROW, Alan E— Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
CROWL, Clarence E.— Keats, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. CRUM, Karen L.— El Dorado, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. CRUMLEY, Gerald P.— El Dorado, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. 

CRUMLEY, Sarah S.— El Dorado, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
CUNDIFF, Jerry H.— Talmage, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
CUNDIFF, Larry V.-Talmage, Junior in Agriculture. CUN- 
NINGHAM, Cathra A— Prairie Village, Freshman in Arts and 

CUNNINGHAM, Phyllis-Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. CUNNINGHAM, Thomas F.- Wichita, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. CURTIS, Gary W.— Hopewell, 
Freshman in Agriculture. CURTIS, William W.— Hastings, 
Neb., Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. CUSTER, 
William F.— Omaha, Neb., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
CYPHERT, Thomas E.— Geneseo, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. DAHLING, Carl W.-New Haven, Ind., Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 

DAHLINGER, Bruce A.— McPherson, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. DAHLSTEN, John W.— Lindsborg, Junior in Agricul- 
ture. DAILEY, Joanne M.— Odell, Neb., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. DAILY, Duane D.— Abilene, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. DALRYMPLE, Lee A.— Broughton, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. DALRYMPLE, R. Jerry— Jewell, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. DALTON, Margaret J.— River- 
side, Calif., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 



Curtis, G. 
Curtis, W. 


Dalrymple, L. 
Dalrymple, R. 
Dalton, M. 

r , wf *n ***• | 

^^ fen*, 

kil^I m I I 

ji^tgjpp^ >y°°Qi % 


;..- :> ' ->v-:".'> » 


DALTON, William K.— Virgil, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. DANIELS, Richard C— Ellsworth, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. DANNENBERG, Larry K.-Smith Center, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. DAVIDSON, Mary K. 
—Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

DAVIDSON, Nelson E.— Yates Center, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. DAVIES, Marian M.— Lebo, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. DAVIS, Charlotte— Elmdale, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. DAVIS, James M.— Salina, Sophomore in Arts and 

DAVIS, John F.— Phillipsburg, Junior in Arts and Sciences. DA- 
VIS, John W.— Sedan, Sophomore in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. DAVIS, Joseph S.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. DAVIS, Kelvin L. — Olathe, Sophomore in Arts and 

DAVIS, Roy D.— Rossville, Freshman in Agriculture. DAVIS, 
William D.— Ferguson, Mo., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
DAWDY, Janet— Salina, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
DA WE, Patricia J.— Abilene, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

DAWES, Donald W.— Brewster, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. DAWSON, Marcia S.— Russell, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. DAY, Violet J.— Lenora, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. DEAL, Larry E.— Topeka, Sophomore in Arts and 

DEAN, Judith C— Independence, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
DEARBORN, Judith A.— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. DECKER, Marcia L.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. DeCOU, Donna D.— Riley, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. DeFOREST, Jean— Peabody, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. DeFREES, James E.— Topeka, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. DEGNAN, Deanna M.— Garden City, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

DEINES, H. Franklin— Olmitz, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. DEITER, Norman E.— Paxico, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. DeJESUS, Jesus C— Junction City, Soph- 
omore in Engineering and Architecture. DeLANGE, Sheldon 
E.— Girard, Sophomore in Agriculture. DENESHA, John W.— 
Kansas City, 02 in Engineering and Architecture. DENHOLM, 
Barbara A.— Tonganoxie, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. DEN- 
TON, Larry R.— Atchison, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 

Dalton, W. Daniels 
Davidson, N. Davies 
Davis, J. F. Davis, J. W. 
Davis, R. Davis, W. 
Dawes Dawson 

Dannenberg Davidson, M. 

Davis, C. Davis, J. M. 

Davis, J. S. Davis, K. 

Dawdy Dawe 

Day Deal 














Denton, L. 


Underclassmen: Den - Dom 

DENTON, Wayne K.— Denton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
DEPENBUSCH, Francis-Zenda, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
DePUE, Clayton S.— Wichita, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. DERKS, Edwin C— Norton, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

DERKS, Gene L.-Norton, Junior in Agriculture. DeRUSSEAU, 
Robert R.— Concordia, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
DeSTEFANO, Frank— Steubenville, Ohio, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. DeSTEIGUER, David M. -Kansas City, 
Mo., Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

DETRICK, Barbara A.— Caldwell, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. DETRICK, Susan K.— Kansas Citv, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. DeVORE, Janice K.— Winfield, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. DeWERFF, Llovd H.— Ellinwood, Junior in 


» *,,. ;? 



Denton, W. Depenbusch DePue 
Derks, G. DeRusseau DeStefano 
Detrick, B. Detrick, S. DeVore 

m tl 

Derks, E. 



Presenting a bouquet of roses to the Honorary commander 
of Pershing Rifles, Marthanne Jarvis of Chi Omega sorority, 

is Col. Gordon K. Stallings. Marthanne was installed by Col. 
Carl F. Lyons (right) and was given the rank of captain. 


DEWEY, Darlene K— Delphos, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
DEWEY, Jacqueline D— Belleville, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. DIAL, John M— Pampa, Texas, Sophomore in Veterinary 
Medicine. DIAL, Ronald A— Manhattan, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

DIAZ, Jorge H.— Honduras, Junior in Agriculture. DICK, Con- 
nie L.— Buhler, Sophomore in Home Economics. DICKEN, 
James R.— Winfield, Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. DICK- 
EN, John C— Winfield, Freshman in Agriculture. 

DICKEN, Linda K.— Hutchinson, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. DICKERSON, Carol L— Prairie Village, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. DICKERSON, Mary E— Parsons, Junior in 
Home Economics. DICKEY, George L.— Satanta, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

DICKEY, Judy E.— Mulvane, Freshman in Home Economics. 
DICKEY, Sally Jo.— Newton, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
DICKINSON, Margaret— Natoma, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. DICKINSON, Russell B.— Hutchinson, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

DICKS, Gary R.— Clay Center, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
DICKSON, Willard J.-Miller, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
DIDELOT, Robert C.— Floyd's Knobs, Ind., Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. DIEHN, Paul L.— Prairie Village, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Dierdorff Dillon Dimmitt Divine 

Dlabal Dobrovolny Dobson Dodds 

Dodson Doebbeling Dole Domer 

Dewey, D. Dewey, J. Dial, J. Dial, R. 

Diaz Dick Dicken, J. R. Dicken, J. C. 

Dicken, L. Dickerson, C. Dickerson, M. Dickey, G. 

Dickey, J. Dickey, S. Dickinson, M. Dickinson, R. 

Dicks Dickson Didelot Diehn 

DIERDORFF, Karen J.-Smith Center, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. DILLON, Ronald L.— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. DIMMITT, Lawrence A— Piper, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. DIVINE, John L— Lyndon, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

DLABAL, Donna M.— Wilson, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
DOBROVOLNY, Francis-Waterville, Junior and Arts and Sci- 
ences. DOBSON, G. Paul— Moweaqua, 111., Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. DODDS, Clayton G— Onaga, Junior in 

DODSON, Margaret A.— Ellsworth, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. DOEBBELING, Mary L— Bazine, Junior in Home 
Economics. DOLE, Leslie A.— Norton, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. DOMER, Robin R.— Centralia, Freshman in Agriculture. 
















Drake, A. 

Drake, S. 


Dreiling, L. 

Dreiling, M. 


Underclassmen: Don - Elg 

DONALDSON, Gale W.-Nevada, Mo., Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. DONAVAN, Peggy A— Belpre, Freshman in 
Home Economics. DONHAM, J. Carol— Fairborn, Ohio, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. DOORNBOS, Jerald A.— El Dorado, 
Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine. 

DORAN, Carol A.-Wilson, Junior in Arts and Sciences. DORS- 
SOM, Harold L.— Lancaster, Junior in Arts and Sciences. DOUG- 
LAS, Donald R.— Wichita, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. DOUGLASS, Robert O.— Burlington, Freshman in Ag- 

DOWELL, Russell T.-Hickman Mills, Mo., Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. DOWLIN, Neil E.— Barnard, Junior 
in Agriculture. DOWNING, Richard L.-Denver, Colo., Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. DOWNS, Robert C— Kansas City, 
Mo., Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

DOYLE, Richard L.— Belle Plaine, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. DRAEGER, Ernest A.— Columbus, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. DRAKE, Anthony B.— Dayton, Ohio,. 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. DRAKE, Sandra L.— Abilene, 
Freshman in Home Economics. 

DRAPEL, Janice R.— Cuba, Freshman in Home Economics. 
DREILING, Lilly M.-Garden City, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. DREILING, Mark J.— Topeka, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. DRESSLER, Charles W.— Valley Center, Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

DROUILLARD, Dennis W.— Augusta, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. DUESBERG, Carol J.— Selden, Junior in 
Home Economics. DUFFNER, Joy L.— Kansas City, Freshman 
in Home Economics. DUFVA, Diane— Manhattan, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. DUGAN, Raymond L.— Manhattan, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. DUKES, Barry A.— Benton, Ky., 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. DUNBAR, Kenny M.— Arkansas 
City, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

DUNCAN, David A.— Wichita, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. DUNCAN, Kenneth L.-Overland Park, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. DUNLAP, Donna M.— Salina, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. DUNN, John P.— Kansas City, Mo., 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. DUNN, Mary Ann- 
Prairie Village, Junior in Arts and Sciences. DUNN, Thomas D. 
—Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. DUNNING, Bever- 
ly K.— Melvern, Junior in Home Economics. 








Duncan, D. 
Duncan, K. 
Dunn, J. 
Dunn, M. 
Dunn, T. 
Dunning, B. 



Dunning, J. 

Durham, J. 

Durham, K. 






Eastwood, E. 

Eastwood, R. 




Eddy, E. 

DUNNING, James E— Grady, N. M., Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. DURHAM, Joan E— Philadelphia, Pa., Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. DURHAM, Karol K— Scottsville, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. DUTTON, Ronald D.— Kingman, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. DYER, Phvllis A.— Clearwater, 
Junior in Home Economics. DYKHOUSE, Vance J.— Luverne, 
Minn., Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. EADS, 
Kathleen M.— Cullison, Freshman in Home Economics. 

EASTMAN, Eldon E.— Winfield, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
EASTWOOD, Eleanor R.— Summerfield, Freshman in Home 
Economics. EASTWOOD, Raymond L.— Summerfield, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. EATER, James P.— Mt. Vernon, 111., 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. ERERHART, Richard A.— El- 
linwood, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. ECKERMANN, 
Gloria J.— Wellington, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. EDDY, 
Edward M.— Centralia, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

EDDY, Janet E.— Maple Hill, Freshman in Home Economics. 
EDELRLUTE, David J.— Garden City, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. EDGERTON, Lavonda S.— Prairie Village, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. EDMONDS, Gary N.— Oskaloosa, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

EDWARDS, Anna Mae— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. EDWARDS, Janice L.— Concord, Calif., Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. EDWARDS, Margene F.— Wichita, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. EDWARDS, Philip M.— Mission, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

EDWARDS, Ronda L.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. EDWARDS, William S.— Irving, Junior in Agriculture. 
EGGERS, Wanda C— Rrewster, Junior in Home Economics. 
EGGLESTON, Dale K.-Wilmore, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 

EILRICH, Gary L.— Ellsworth, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
EISELE, G. Fred-Altoona, Junior in Agriculture. EISELE, 
Karl W.— Eudora, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
EKART, David E.— Manhattan, Freshman in Engineering and 

EKLUND, David R.-Scranton, Junior in Agriculture. ELDER, 

K. Darrell— Salina, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. ELDER, 

Patricia A— Salina, Freshman in Home Economics. ELGIN, 
Marilyn E.— Rurlingame, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Eddy, J. Edelblute Edgerton Edmonds 

Edwards, A. Edwards, J. Edwards, M. Edwards, P. 

Edwards, R. Edwards, W. Eggers Eggleston 

Eilrich Eisele, G. Eisele, K. Ekart 

Eklund Elder, K. Elder, P. Elgin 


Underclassmen: Eli - Fie 

ELIASON, Donald G.— Arapahoe, Neb., Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. ELLIOTT, A. Lee— Lenexa, Fresh- 
man in Veterinary Medicine. ELLIOTT, Elaine J.— Clay Cen- 
ter, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. ELLIOTT, Lonnv L.— 
Sterling, Freshman in Agriculture. 

ELLIOTT, Prudence A.— Topeka, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. ELLIOTT, Ruth C— Salina, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. ELLIS, G. Dirk— Topeka, 04 in Engineering and 
Architecture. ELLIS, James B.— Topeka, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

ELLIS, Loren O— Mt. Vernon, 111., Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. ELSON, A. Charles— Kansas Citv, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. ELTING, Julie C.— Topeka, 
Freshman in Home Economics. ELTISTE, Loren M.— Phillips- 
burg, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

Ely Emmerich 

Engelland Engelmann 

Englund, D. Enright 

Erbes Erickson, L. 

Erickson, S. Erni 

Engel Engelken 

Engle Englund, C. 

Ensz Epard 

Erickson, M. Erickson, N. 

Ernzen Errett 

t <JS 

Hi . '"-*/ 


Elliott, A. 

Elliott, E. 

Elliott, L 

Elliott, P. 

Elliott, R. 

Ellis, G. 

Ellis, J. 

Ellis, L. 




ELY, Ray W.— Superior, Neb., Freshman in Veterinary Medi- 
cine. EMMERICH, Carol D.-Ft. Riley, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. ENGEL, John M.— Wellington, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. ENGELKEN, Arlyn F.-Baileyville, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

ENGELLAND, Jack R.-Lyons, Junior in Agriculture. ENGEL- 
MANN, John A— Hiawatha, Junior in Arts and Sciences. EN- 
GLE, Albert L.— Abilene, Junior in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. ENGLUND, Charles E.— Eureka, 03 in Engineering and 

ENGLUND, Dean B.— Eureka, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. ENRIGHT, William E.— Atchison, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. ENSZ, Mary Ann— Newton, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. EPARD, Richard L.— Colbv, Junior in Agriculture. 

ERBES, Lawrence E.— La Crosse, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
ERICKSON, Linda A.— Eureka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
ERICKSON, Martha— Garden Citv, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. ERICKSON, Naomi J.— Mission, Junior in Home 

ERICKSON, Stephen T.-Garden City, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. ERNI, Jan L.— Bison, Freshman in Home Economics. 
ERNZEN, Rita M.— Atchison, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
ERRETT, Charles L.— Elmdale, Junior in Engineering and 





Evans, C. 

Evans, J. 

Evans, L. 

Evans, P. 

Evans, R. 

Ewy, R. L. 

Ewy, R. D. 

Fager, L. L. 

Fager, L. H. 


FAIR, Sondra K.— Alden, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
FAIRBANK, Suzanne— Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. FAIRCHILD, jimmy R.— McPherson, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. FALCONER, Gary S.— Kansas City, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. 

FALLIS, Lauda K.— Luray, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
FANKHAUSER, Jean A.— Lyons, Freshman in Veterinary Medi- 
cine. FANSLER, James W.— Hot Springs, S. D., Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. FARROW, Max W.— Leaven- 
worth, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

FAULCONER, Jav E.— Topeka, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. FAULCONER, Joan— Augusta, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. FAULCONER, Mary G.-El Dorado, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. FEATHERSTON, Richard-Whit- 
ing, Freshman in Agriculture. 

FELCH, Melvin D.— Topeka, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. FELEAY, Richard P.— Bonner Springs, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. FELTON, David K.— Great Bend, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. FELVER, Carl E.— Willard, 
Ohio, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

FERGUSON, Larry B.— Abilene, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. FETTES, Joseph J.— Colbv, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. FICKEL, Michael T.— Chanute, 
03 in Engineering and Architecture. FIELDS, Karen S.— S til- 
well, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

ESLINGER, Robert C— Topeka, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. ETZEL, Tim N— Topeka, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. EVANS, Carol J.-Topeka, Freshman in 
Home Economics. EVANS, J. Dale— Topeka, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

EVANS, Lois K.— Gove, Freshman in Home Economics. 
EVANS, Pickie J— Plainville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
EVANS, Ray E— Wellington, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
EWY, Ralph L., Jr.— Halstead, Freshman in Agriculture. 

EWY, Richard D.— Stafford, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
FAGER, Larry L.— Topeka, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. FAGER, LuAnn H. -Osage City, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. FAIMON, Gabriel R. -McDonald, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

Fair Fairbank Fairchild Falconer 

Fallis Fankhauser Fansler Farrow 

Faulconer, J. E. Faulconer, J. Faulconer, M. Featherston 
Felch Feleay Felton Felver 

Ferguson Fettes Fickel Fields, K. 


Fields, L. L. 

Fields, L. W. 








Fisher, A. 

Fisher, B. 




Underclassmen: Fie - Ful 

FIELDS, Linda L.— Caney, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
FIELDS, Llovd W— Manhattan, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. FIGUEROA, Fernando L.— Peru, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. FINCH, Ben B.— Manhattan, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. FINCHAM, Robert K.— Pratt, 
Junior in Aits and Sciences. FINLEY, Virginia L.— Keats, Jun- 
ior in Arts and Sciences. FINNEY, Ronald B— Stafford, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

FISER, David J.— Manhattan, junior in Arts and Sciences. FISH, 
John H.— Ft. Bragg, N. C, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
FISHER, A. B.-McDonald, Freshman in Agriculture. FISHER, 
Brenda J.— Benton, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. FITZ- 
HUGH, Carol B.— Salina, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. FIX, 
William L.— Stockton, 03 in Engineering and Architecture. 
FLANAGIN, John D.— Gem, Freshman in Engineering and 

FLEMING, Carol L.— Emporia, Freshman in Home Economics. 
FLEMING, James W— Marshfield, Wis., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. FLEMING, Katherine M.— Larned, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. FLETCHER, Lyle D.— Holton, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. 

FLINNER, Margretta— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. FLINT, Jon— Paola, Junior in Arts and Sciences. FLORY, 
Patricia L. — Wichita, 01 in Engineering and Architecture. 
FLOWERS, Donald H.— Kansas City, Junior in Arts and Sci- 

FLYNN, David L.— Norton, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. FORBES, Daniel H.— Neodesha, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. FORBES, Emma Lee— Neodesha, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. FORBES, Janice K.— Lyndon, 
Junior in Home Economics. 

FORD, Dennis E.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
FOREMAN, Carolyn A.— Parsons, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
FORRER, Howard S.— Ulysses, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. FORSSBERG, Kathryn M.-Stockton, Junior in 
Home Economics. 

FORTNER, Leroy B. — Fredonia, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
FORTUNE, Cedric B— Garden City, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. FOSTER, Charles D— La Crosse, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. FOSTER, James K— Sedan, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Fleming, C. Fleming, J. Fleming, K. Fletcher 

Flinner Flint Flory Flowers 

Flynn Forbes, D. Forbes, E. Forbes, J. 

Ford Foreman Forrer Forssberg 

Fortner Fortune Foster, C. Foster, J. K. 


k >r ^i#B^ 

Foster, J. M. 



Fox, D. 

Fox, J. 

Fox, L. 

Fox, W. 

Francis, G. 

Francis, M. 









Freeman, L 

Freeman, R. 



Frick, J. 

Frick, K. 









Fuller, H. 

Fuller, S. 


A *mm ■ 

V "^ hk <djik "^W l^fc 

FOSTER, Joyce M.— Leavenworth, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. FOUNTAIN, Robert L.— Langdon, Junior in Agricul- 
ture. FOWLER, Susan L.— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. FOX, Donna M.— St. John, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. FOX, John R.— St. John, 01 in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. FOX, Loretta A.— Winfield, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. FOX, Wayne C— South Haven, Sophomore in Agri- 

FRANCIS, Gene W.— Leawood, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. FRANCIS, Marian L.— Harper, Freshman in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. FRANK, Arlen D.— Lawrence, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. FRANKENFELD, Charles-Chicago, 111., Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. FRANTZ, Sally J.— Atchison, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. FRANZ, Fred A.— Topeka, Junior 
in Agriculture. FRASHIER, Kenneth M.-Kansas City, Mo., 02 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

FREDERICK, David C.-Caldwell, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. FREDRICKSON, Duane E.-Osage City, Freshman in 
Veterinary Medicine. FREEBY, Byron O.— Barnes, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. FREEMAN, Leslie A.— Oak- 
lev, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

FREEMAN, Ross R— Belleville, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
FRENCH, Kathryn J.— Liberal, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
FREY, John C— Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
FRICK, Jack D.— Scott City, Junior in Agriculture. 

FRICK, Kathryn L.— Scott City, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
FRIEND, W. Neal— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
FRIESEN, Dale E.— Lushton, Neb., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. FRITTON, Nancy L.— Topeka, Freshman in Arts and 

FRUIN, Nancy V.— St. Joseph, Mo., Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
FRYER, Claire— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. FRY- 
HOFER, Marilyn J.— Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. FUHRMAN, John D.— Lancaster, Junior in Arts and 

FUKAZAWA, Augusto K.— Peru, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. FULLER, H. Lee— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. FULLER, Stephen W.— Rus- 
sell, Freshman in Agriculture. FULTZ, William E.— Altamont, 
Junior in Agriculture. 


Underclassmen: Fun - Gid 

FUNK, David H.— Chevenne, Wvo., Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. GABEL, Darrell J— Ellis, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. GABRIELSON, Gary D.-Lindsborg, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. GAGNON, Michael J— Man- 
hattan, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

GALL, Roland A.— Offerle, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. GALLAGHER, Bill G.-Marysville, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. GALLAGHER, Carol A— Paola, 
Freshman in Home Economics. GAMBA, Jeanette L.— Osage 
Citv, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

GARD, Clair D.— Goodland, Junior in Arts and Sciences. GARD- 
NER, Curtis K.— Miltonvale, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. GARDNER, Dorothv K— Louisburg, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. GARDNER, Jerry L.— Clay Center, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. 

GARDNER, Perry A.— Wichita, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. GARDNER, Wendell J.— Smith Center, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. GARRISON, Suzanne— Omaha, Neb., Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. GARRISON, Suzanne K.— Cheney, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

GASCHLER, Richard A.— Scott City, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. GATES, Jimmy D.— Paola, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. GATES, Ronald W.— Penokee, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. GATES, Scotty L.— Hutchinson, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

Gatz Gaume Geib Geist 

Gemmell Gench Gentry, B. Gentry, K. 

George, J. I. George, J. M. George, J. K. George, R. 






Gallagher, B. 

Gallagher, C. 



Gardner, C. 

Gardner, D. 

Gardner, J. 

Gardner, P. 

Gardner, W. 

Garrison, S. 

Garrison, S. K 


Gates, J. 

Gates, R. 

Gates, S. 

GATZ, Margaret E.— Newton, Freshman in Home Economics. 
GAUME, V. Joyce— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
GEIB, Charmaine A.— Chanute, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
GEIST, Wavne D.— Junction City, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

GEMMELL, Linda L— Brookhaven, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. GENCH, Barbara E.— Ft. Scott, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. GENTRY, Barbara M.— Topeka, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. GENTRY, Kay V.— Clay Center, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

GEORGE, James I.— Neosho Falls, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. GEORGE, Jeanne M.— Merriam, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. GEORGE, Judith K.— Manhattan, Junior 
in Home Economics. GEORGE, Riche C— Thayer, Freshman 
in Home Economics. 


GERARDY, Charlene E.-Vicksburg, Miss., Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. GERDES, Gilmer G— Hanover, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. GERMAN, Richard H.— Kansas 
Citv, Mo., Junior in Arts and Sciences. GESKE, Larry D — 
Abilene, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 


GHORMLEY, David A.-Partridge, Junior in Agriculture. 
GHRER, Grady F— Herington, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
GIAMALVO, Charles V— Kansas Citv, Mo., 01 in Engineering 
and Architecture. GIARRUSSO, Joseph M.-Pittsburgh Pa., 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

GIBBS, David E.— Hamlin, Sophomore in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. GIBSON, Gordon S.— Lyons, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. GIBSON, Michael C.-Garden Citv, 03 in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. GIDDINGS, Roger E.— Beloit, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. 


;- tarn % ^^ww*^^™ 

ri ( i 


4 "irf, J dM± 





Gibson, G. 

Gibson, M. 




Student body president Steve Douglas and Fran Schwartz, 
Student Council secretary, helped familiarize pre-enrolling 

freshmen with Kansas State's campus during the summer. 
This was a part of the regular freshman orientation program. 


Gieber, D. 

Gieber, J. 






Gillmore, M. 
Gillmore, R. 
Ginn, D. 
Ginn, J. 
Ginn, W. 


.JMK **-«> 

I M\ 

Underclassmen: Gie - Gro 

GIEBER, Daniel J.-Ogden, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. GIEBER, James F -Belleville, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. GIES, Larry W.-Alliance, Neb., Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. GIGSTAD, Malcolm E.-Everest, 
Freshman in Agriculture. GILES, Gary L.-Sublette, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. GILLET, Lloyd— Pea- 
body, Sophomore in Agriculture. GILLEY, Thomas S. -White- 
house, N. J., 02 in Engineering and Architecture. 

GILLMORE, Marlin E.-Neodesha, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. GILLMORE, Ralph E.— Wichita, Junior in 
Agriculture. GILMAN, Mary— Leavenworth, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. GINN, David W— Caldwell, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. GINN, Jeanette L— Concordia, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. GINN, Ward L— Concordia, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. GINTER, Max M— Troy, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

GINTZEL, William A.— Mission, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. GISH, Donald L.— St. George, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. GLAD, Albert E— Atwood, Freshman in 
Agriculture. GLASCO, Rex D— Kanorado, Junior in Arts and 

GLAUM, Stanley A.— Phillipsburg, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. GLENDENING, Ruth A.-Topeka, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. GLEUE, Raymond E.— Bremen, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. GLEUE, William F.— Bremen, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

GLOCKER, William H. -Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. GLOGGNER, Francis J. — St. Joseph, Mo., Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. GODDARD, Barbara S.— Kansas City, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. GODDARD, James H.— Liberal, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

GODFREY, Max A.-Parsons, Junior in Agriculture. GOERTZ, 
Janice L.— Hiawatha, Freshman in Home Economics. GOERT- 
ZEN, Donald L.— Hampton, Neb., 02 in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. GOETSCH, Sonja D.— Brewster, Junior in Arts and 

GOETZ, L. Frank— Victoria, 02 in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. GOFF, Sammie M.— Wichita, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. GOING, John E— Ottawa, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. GOLDSBY, Evelyn J— Dellvale, Sophomore in Arts and 







Gleue, R. 

Gleue, W. 



Goddard, B. 

Goddard, J 










Gonzalez, C. Gonzalez, E. Gooch 

Good, D. Gordon Gorrell 

Gottfrid Gottschalk Grace 

Grant Grape Greene 

Gregg Greiveldinger Gresso 

Good, A. 





GONZALEZ, Cesar, Jr.— Puerto Rico, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. GONZALEZ, Edmundo R.— Laredo, Texas, Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. GOOCH, James L.— Hugoton, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. GOOD, Arnold G.— Rarnard, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. 

GOOD, David W.— Barnard, Freshman in Agriculture. GOR- 
DON, Marcia J.— Hutchinson, Junior in Home Economics. GOR- 
RELL, Judith A.— Topeka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
GOSTNELL, John A.— Arnold, Freshman in Engineering and 

GOTTFRID, Joshua N.— Assaria, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
GOTTSCHALK, Michael— Colby, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. GRACE, Timothy A.— Manhattan, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. GRAHAM, Judy— El Dorado, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

GRANT, George W.— Mission, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
GRAPE, Anne L.— Atchison, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
GREENE, Beth A.— Ashland, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
GREENEGARD, Sandra S.— Cleburne, Junior and Arts and 

GREGG, Marilyn R.— Wilmore, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
GREIVELDINGER, Laura-St. Marys, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. GRESSO, Donn W.— Jackson, Mich., Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. GRESTY, Nancy M.— Prairie Village, Junior in 
Home Economics. 

GRIEBAT, Peggy R.— Morrill, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
GRIESHABER, Janet M.-St. Marys, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. GRIFFITH, Mary A.— Hill City, Freshman in Home 
Economics. GRIFFITHS, Suzanne— Kansas City, Mo., Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. GRIMBLE, Jane F.— Turon, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. GRIMES, Joseph H.— Augusta, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. GRIMSHAW, Linda— Mission, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

GRISWOLD, Lynn C— Topeka, 01 in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. GROOMER, Dorothy L.— Kansas City, Mo., Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. GROSS, Patricia L.— Overland Park, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. GROSZEK, Robert T.— Olathe, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. GROTENHUIS, John H.— Independence, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. GROTHUSEN, Linda 
K.— Parsons, Junior in Arts and Sciences. GROVE, Gary E.— 
Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 











Grove, G. 


IV: 1 ^ 

Grove, J. 

Grove, M. 





Gunn, C. 

Gunn, R. 


Guthrie, C. 

Guthrie, J. 

Haas, J. 

Haas, R. L. 

Haas, R. J. 

Haas, V. 






HAHN, Harvey D.— Minneapolis, 01 in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. HAHN, Judith M.— Whiting, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. HAHN, Linda L.— Almena, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. HALE, Billie L.— Eureka, Freshman in Engineering and 

HALE, Melissa M.— McPherson, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
HALL, Charles R.— Medicine Lodge, Freshman in Veterinary 
Medicine. HALL, Larry E.— Eureka, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. HALLADAY, Patricia D.-Glendale, Mo., Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. 

HAMLIN, Susan K.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. HAMM, Lawrence K.— Buhler, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. HAMMOND, Marvin H— Great Bend, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. HAMMONS, Judith A— Mapleton, Soph- 
omore in Home Economics. 

Underclassmen: Gro - Har 

GROVE, John P.— Hutchinson, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. GROVE, Marilyn F.— Wichita, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. GROVER, Wayne H.— Stockton, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. GRUBB, Harold G.— Tribune, Junior in Agriculture. 

GRUSING, Melvin E.— Leoti, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
GUETSCHOW, Sandra K.-Cheney, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. GUNN, C. Douglas— Great Bend, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. GUNN, Richard M.— Great Bend, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

GUSE, Ronald R.— McPherson, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
GUTHRIE, Charlotte S.— Wichita, Junior in Home Economics. 
GUTHRIE, James W.— Peabodv, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. HAAS, John C— Lamed, Sophomore in Agricul- 

HAAS, Richard L.— Riley, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
HAAS, Rosemary J.— Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
HAAS, Verle W.— Abilene, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. HABIGER, Paul F.— Parsons, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

HACKETT, L. Scott— Fairfax, Mo., Junior in Agriculture. HAF- 
FORD, Judith M.— Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. HAGEMAN, Charles E.— Hutchinson, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. HAGEMOSER, Wayne A.— Seward, 
Neb., Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. 

Hahn, H. 

Hahn, J. 

Hahn, L. 

Hale, R. 

Hale, M. 

Hall, C. 

Hall, L. 







HANEY, Harlow L.— Carlton, Sophomore in Agriculture. HA- 
NEY, M. Catherine— Broughton, Freshman in Agriculture. 
HANKS, Janice S.— Prairie Village, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. HANNAY, Richard C— Topeka, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

HANSEL, James A— Wellington, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. HANSEL, John E— Wellington, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. HANSEN, Dwaine E— Minneola, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. HANSEN, Janice M.-Staten Island, N. Y., 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

HANSEN, Marilyn M.— Greenleaf, Junior in Home Economics. 
HANSON, Ann T.— Topeka, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
HANSON, Frederick T.-Bertrand, Neb., Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. HANSON, Richard A.— Galena, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

HANSON, Ruth E.-Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sciences. HAN- 
SON, Sandra J.— Clifton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. HAR- 
BAUGH, Judy L — Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sciences. HAR- 
DEN, Nancy C— Centralia, Junior in Home Economics. 

HARDWICK, Sallv J.— Longmont, Colo., Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. HARDY, Lynne E.— Mission, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. HARESNAPE, Donald E.— Smith Center, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. HARESNAPE, Loren D.— Smith Center, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Harman, B. 
Harper, J. 

Harman, T. 
Harper, P. 
Harris, J. L. 

Harmon Harper, D. 

Harper, R. S. Harper, R. 
Harris, J. D. Harris, J. K. 

kMt J : Mi^ 

Haney, H. 
Hansel, J. A. 
Hansen, M. 
Hanson, R. E. 

Haney, M. 
Hansel, J. E. 
Hanson, A. 
Hanson, S. 

Hansen, D. 
Hanson, F. 
Haresnape, D. 

Hansen, J. 
Hanson, R. A. 
Haresnape, L. 

HARMAN, Benton D.-St. Joseph, Mo., Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. HARMAN, Thomas G— Los Alamitos, 
Calif., Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. HARMON, 
Gary D. -Ellsworth, Sophomore in Agriculture. HARPER, Dana 
C— Salina, Freshman in Home Economics. 

HARPER, Jerald L.-Salina, Junior in Arts and Sciences. HAR- 
PER, Peggv D.— McCracken, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
HARPER, R. Steve— Topeka, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. HARPER, Ruthann— Kansas City, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

HARRINGTON, Ronald R.-Wheaton, Freshman in Engineer- 
and Architecture. HARRIS, Jeanette L.-Phillipsburg, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. HARRIS, John D — Bucklin, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. HARRIS, Jon K.— 
Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 


" AM 

%&' ' " 


Harris, Nancy Harris, Nancy Harris, S 

Jane Janes 

Harrison, N. Harrison, P. Harrison, R. Hart 
Hartner Hartsook 

Haury Hauschilcl 

Hawk, A. Hawk, G. 

Harrison, E. 

Hassler Hatfield 

Havenstein, G.Havenstein, R. 
Hawkins Hawley 

Underclassmen: Har - Her 

HARRIS, Nancy J.— Kirkwood, Mo., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. HARRIS, Nancy J.— Chanute, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. HARRIS, Stephen J.— Kansas City, 02 in Engineering 
and Architecture. HARRISON, Elizabeth— Sterling, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. 

HARRISON, Nola E.— Topeka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
HARRISON, Patricia A— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. HARRISON, Richard D.-Winfield, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. HART, Vaughn E.— Glasco, Junior in Arts and 

HARTNER, Harry H.-Riley, Freshman in Agriculture. HART- 
SOOK, Dennis P.— Bern, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
HASSLER, Thomas E.— Chapman, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. HATFIELD, Daryl E— Valley Falls, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. 

HAURY, Kent D.-Halstead, Junior in Agriculture. HAUS- 
CHILD, Myron L.— Sterling, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture'. HAVENSTEIN, Gerald B.-Manhattan, Junior in 
Agriculture. HAVENSTEIN, Ronald A.-Osage City, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

HAWK, Arvid L.— Norton, Sophomore in Agriculture. HAWK, 
Gary L.— Colbv, Sophomore in Agriculture. HAWKINS, David 
A.— Mt. Vernon, 111., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. HAWLEY, 
Raymond G.— Cambridge, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

HAYDEN, Dwight L.— Garnett, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
HAYDEN, Francis G— Plains, Sophomore in Agriculture. HAY- 
DEN, Vincent E.— Plains, Sophomore in Agriculture. HAYES, 
Katherine L.— Mankato, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. HAYES, 
Kenneth L.— Gurley, Neb., Junior in Agriculture. HAYES, Mar- 
garet R.— Arlington, Va., junior in Arts and Sciences. HAY- 
MOND, Florence C— Clay Center, Sophomore in Arts and 

HAYS, Richard S.— Atchison, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. HAZEN, Freeda J.— Le Roy, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. HAZEN, Winnifred G.— Le Roy, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. HEADLEY, Sabra K.— Salina, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. HEADY, Edna M.— Erie, Junior in Home Economics. 
HEALY, Michael T.— Wichita, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. HEATHERMAN, Kenneth— Kingman, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Hayden, D. 
Hayden, F. 
Hayden, V. 
Hayes, Katherine 
Hayes, Kenneth 
Hayes, M. 


Hazen, F. 

Hazen, W. 






HEATON, E. Ann— Mission, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
HEBRANK, Mary E— Wilsey, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
HEDRICK, Jerry W.-Wellington, Junior in Agriculture. HEF- 
LIN, Howard H.— Omaha, Neb., Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

HEFLING, Jerry P.— Halstead, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
HEFTY, Donald C— Valley Falls, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. HEIKEN, Edward M— Bushton, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. HEIKES, Warren J.— Riley, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

HEIMAN, Gerald R.-Beloit, Sophomore in Agriculture. HEI- 
MAN, Robert G— Garden City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
HEINZ, Gary J.— Dighton, Freshman in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. HEITMANN, Dennis G.— Topeka, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

HELLEBUST, Lynn }.— St. Marys, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. HELLER, Billie L.— Omaha, Neb., Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. HELLER, Roger A.— Rilev, junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. HELLING, Gilbert D.-Dighton, 04 in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

HELMKE, Scott D.-Iola, Junior in Agriculture. HELWIG, 
Charles A.— Columbus, Sophomore in Agriculture. HENDER- 
SON, Donald K.— Topeka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
HENDERSON, Florence— Glasco, Sophomore in Home Eco- 

HENDERSON, Karen A.— Lenexa, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. HENNESSY, Michael J.— Vineland, N. J., Freshman in 
Veterinary Medicine. HENRICHS, Robert M. -Humboldt, Jun- 
ior in Engineering and Architecture. HENRICHS, Thomas A.— 
Humboldt, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. HENRY, Dale E.— 
Gridley, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. HENRY, Greg- 
ory K.— Lyons, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. HENRY, San- 
dra S.— Jennings, Freshman in Home Economics. 

HENSLEY, Marilyn K.— Wichita, Freshman in Home Econom- 
ics. HENSLEY, William R.— Burrton, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. HENTON, Valgene W.— Leonardville, Soph- 
omore in Agriculture. HEPLER, Wayne C— Marion, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. HERBSTER, Kenneth L.— Mor- 
rill, Junior in Agriculture. HERCULES, Barry A.— Overland 
Park, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. HERR, Charles S.— 
Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 









Heiman, G. 

Heiman, R. 




Heller, B. 

Heller, R. 







Henderson, K. 

Henriehs, R. 
Henrichs, T. 

Henry, D. 

Henry, G. 

Henry, S. 

Hensley, M. 

Hensley, W. 







Independent Student association members play bridge at 
their Halloween party in the Student Union third floor. The 

members also danced, bobbed for apples, and drank cider. 
The room was decorated with black pumpkins, orange cats. 

Underclassmen: Hes - Hoi 

HESS, Allen H— Pittsburg, Sophomore in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. HESS, Janis G.— Pratt, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. HESTER, Howard D.— Kansas City, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. HETER, Thomas M.— Sterling, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

HETT, Orville M.— Marion, Freshman in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. HETZER, Marilyn H.— Kansas Citv, junior in Arts 
and Sciences. HEYL, Mary K.— Sharon Springs, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. HIATT, Ronald E.— Wichita, junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

HICKERT, Joseph G.— New Almelo, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. HICKERT, Louis L.— New Almelo, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. HICKS, Martha S.— Norton, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. HICKS, Ralph E.— Satanta, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

Hess, A. Hess, J. Hester Heter 

Hett Hetzer Heyl Hiatt 

Hickert, J. Hickert, L. Hicks, M. Hicks, R. 


Hiebert, G. 
Hill, C. 
Hill, R. E. 

Hiebert, K. 
Hill, D. 

Hill, M. 

Hill, R. K. 

HINKLE, Garland E.— Salina, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
HINNERGARDT, Larry C.-Ransom, Freshman in Agriculture. 
HITCHCOCK, Linda L.— Cherrvvale, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. HITZ, S. Paul— Hudson, Junior in Engineering and 

HIXSON, Larry C— WaKeenev, Freshman in Agriculture. HIX- 
SON, Larry R.— Hiawatha, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
HIXSON, Warren C— Manhattan, junior in Arts and Sciences. 
HJELMFELT, David C— Shawnee, Sophomore in Arts and 

HOAR, Kenneth R— Willis, Freshman in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. HORRS, Klio K— Penokee, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. HODGES, J. Winston-Wichita, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. HODLER, Jean I.— Reloit, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. 

HOENDORF, Connie J.-Kansas City, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. HOFFMAN, Bruce R— Reece, Junior in Agriculture. 
HOFFMANS, Raymond P.— Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. HOHNER, Gary A.-Smith Center, Sophomore in 

HOLBROOK, M. Carolyn— Topeka, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
HOLBROOK, Sally A.— Topeka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
HOLE, Lester L.-Chanute, Junior in Agriculture. HOLLAND, 
Los Vegas— Pittsburg, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

HIERERT, Garil A.— Marion, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. HIEBERT, K. Diane— Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. HIGREY, James G.— Smith Center, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. HIGERD, Larry A.— Gem, 01 in Engineering and 

HILL, Carol D.— Wichita, Freshman in Home Economics. 
HILL, Denis E.— Halstead, Sophomore in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. HILL, Marv S.— Topeka, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. HILL, Ravmond K.— Salina, 01 in Engineering and 

HILL, Robert E.— Cawker Citv, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
HILLMAN, Walter E.-Corning, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. HINDERLITER, David B.-Wichita, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. HINKHOUSE, Emily L.— Newton, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. 

Hinkle Hinnergardt Hitchcock Hitz 

Hixson, L. C. Hixson, L. R. Hixson, W. Hjelmfelt 

Hoar Hobbs Hodges Hodler 

Hoendorf Hoffman Hoffmans Hohner 

Holbrook,M. Holbrook, S. Hole Holland, L. 


Holland, T. 
Hollinger, L. 
Hollinger, S. 
Holloway, J. 

Holloway, L. 

Holman, D. 

Holman, S. 





ih4 ivLIm 

Horney, R. 
Horton, V. 

Hostetler, K. 

Hostetler, S. 

Horney, A. 
Horton, T. 

Underclassmen: Hoi - Hug 

HOLLAND, Thomas V.— Sterling, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. HOLLE, Judith A.— Topeka, Freshman in 
Home Economics. HOLLER, K. Neal— Gorham, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. HOLLINGER, Lou Ann— Norton, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. HOLLINGER, Sara A.— Lyons, 
Freshman in Home Economics. HOLLIS, Martha O— Fredonia, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. HOLLOWAY, Jerry L.— 
Washington, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

HOLLOWAY, Leon A.— Jewell, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. HOLMAN, Duane B.— Topeka, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. HOLMAN, Sondra J.— Dodge City, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. HOLMBERG, Thomas A.— 
McPherson, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. HOLMES, 
E. Harlev, Topeka, 02 in Engineering and Architecture. HOLT, 
James J.— Liberal, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. HOLT- 
GREN, Donald L.— Clay Center, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

HOLTON, Ronald L.— Sylvia, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. HOLYOKE, Donald W.-San Marino, Calif., 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. HOOKER, Jerry 
— Leoti, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. HOOPER, Keith L.— 
Manhattan, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

HOOPS, Robert F.— Republic, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
HOPKINS, Peter W.-Greenfield, N. H., Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. HORALEK, Phvllis M.— Irving, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. HORCHEM, Sandra S.— Ransom, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

HORINEK, Ronald L.— Ludell, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. HORN, Dale V.— McPherson, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. HORNBAKER, E. Irene— Manhattan, Junior in 
Home Economics. HORNEY, Arthur E.— Kinsley, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

HORNEY, Ronald D.— Coats, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. HORRELL, Michael P.— Emporia, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. HORSCH, Janice E.— Yates Center, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. HORTON, Thomas E.— Omaha, 
Neb., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

HORTON, Vernon A.— Hutchinson, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. HOSTETLER, Keith M.— Harper, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. HOSTETLER, Sue — Manhattan, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. HOTCHKISS, David A.— 
Shelby ville, Ind., Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 


HOTT, James A.— Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
HOUCK, James A.— Bushong, Junior in Agriculture. HOUDEK, 
Gary L.— Munden, Freshman in Agriculture. HOUSE, Eunice J. 
— Goodland, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

HOUSE, Harry L.— Kansas City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
HOUSER, Wallace D.— Columbus, Freshman in Veterinary 
Medicine. HOUSER, Weslev C— Columbus, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. HOWARD, Barbara J.— Topeka, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

HOWARD, Harold E.— Oxford, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
HOWARD, Jeri A.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
HOWARD, Thomas M.— Center Line, Mich., Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. HOWE, Joe D.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and 

HOWER, Beverly K.— Arkansas City, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. HOY, James F.— Cassoday, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
HOY, Judy L.— El Dorado, Junior in Arts and Sciences. HOYT, 
Evelyn M.— Brewster, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

HOYT, Richard C— Lake City, Minn., Junior in Agriculture. 
HUBBARD, Dee J.— Minneapolis, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. HUBBARD, Gary K.— Kansas City, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. HUBBARD, Judy B.— Kansas City, Soph- 
omore in Arts and Sciences. 

HUBBARD, Robert K.— Scranton, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. HUBBARD, Shirley J.— Kansas City, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. HUBBS, Galen J.— Wilson, Freshman in 
Agriculture. HUBBS, Patricia A.— Dorrance, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. HUBER, Duane C— Wichita, 02 in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. HUBERT, Carolyn J— Garden City, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. HUBERT, Jeaneane G— Mis- 
sion, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

HUDDLESTON, Darrell-South Haven, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. HUDDLESTON, Diane— Wichita, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. HUEBNER, Jay S.— Bushton, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. HUEBNER, Ray E.— Bushton, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. HUFF, Steven S.— Manhattan, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. HUGHES, Virginia 
M.— Los Altos, Calif., Freshman in Home Economics. HUGILL, 
Nancy S.— Olathe, Freshman in Home Economics. 

fc k a*'* 

... .-_***£• 

Hott Houck Houdek House, E. 

House, H. Houser, W. D. Houser, W. C. Howard, B. 

Howard, H. Howard, J. Howard, T. Howe 

Hower Hoy, J. F. Hoy, J. L. Hoyt, E. 

Hoyt,R. Hubbard, D. Hubbard, G. Hubbard, J. 

m/M >i 

Hubbard, R. 

Hubbard, S. 

Hubbs, G. 

Hubbs, P. 


Hubert, C. 

Hubert, J. 





Huebner, J. 

Huebner, R. 






Hull, B. 

Hull, M. 



H uning 







HUTCHINSON, Delores— Delavan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
HYBSKMANN, Sara J— Horton, Sophomore in Home Econom- 
ics. HYNDMAN, Henry H— Wichita, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. IBBETSON, Ronald L.-Yates Center, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. 

IBBETSON, Russell W.-Yates Center, Junior in Agriculture. 
IHDE, Robert H— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. IHRIG, Carol J.-Goodland, Freshman in 
Home Economics. IMAN, Ronald" L— Logan, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

IMHOF, Doris M— Brewster, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
INGLE, Don W., Jr.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
INGRAHAM, Judith A. -Cincinnati, Ohio, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. INGRAM, Kenneth G.-Baxter Springs, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

INSLEY, Karolyn K.-El Dorado, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

IOERGER, Karen S.— Harper, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

IRONS, Forest R. -Atchison, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

IRVINE, Joleen J— Stafford, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

IRVINE, Marjorie K.-Delphos, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
ISAACSON, David L.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. ISBELL, Patricia J.-Hays, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. ISON, Glenda L.— Kansas Citv, Mo., Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

Underclassmen: Hui - Joh 

HUITT, George A.— Cainsville, Mo., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. HULL, Bruce P.— Weston, Mo., Freshman in Veteri- 
nary Medicine. HULL, Mae M.— Beloit, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. HUMES, Mary A.— Topeka, Sophomore in Arts and 

HUNDLEY, Judith J.— Lawrence, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
HUNING, Wayne F.— Girard, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. HUNTINGTON, Pamela L.-Eureka, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. HUNTON, Alice M.— Salina, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

HUPE, Carol E.— Wamego, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
HURT, Michael— Madison, N. ]., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
HUTCHINS, Kent L.-Scott " Citv, Freshman in Agriculture. 
HUTCHINSON, Darrell-Delavan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Hutchinson, Hybskmann Hyndman Ibbetson, R. L. 


Ibbetson, R. W. Ihde Ihrig Iman 

Imhof Ingle Ingraham Ingram 

Insley Ioerger Irons Irvine, J. 

Irvine, M. Isaacson Isbell Ison 


ITZ, Nancy J.— Osage City, Freshman in Home Economics. 
JAAX, Al D.— Conway Springs, Junior in Veterinary Medicine. 
JAAX, Janice M.— Conway Springs, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. JACKSON, Mary T.— Prairie Village, Freshman in Home 

JACOBS, Robert G.— Mission, 02 in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. JACOBSON, Anita E.— Elmo, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. JACOBSON, Phyllis J.— Elmo, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. JACQUES, Gary E.— Wichita, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

JAHNKE, Fern L.— Junction City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
JAHNKE, Julia R.— Junction City, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. JAMES, Alice J.— Clay Center, Freshman in Home 
Economics. JANASEK, Ronald E.— Munden, Junior in Agricul- 



Jeffers, H. E. 
Jensen, G. S. 

Janzen Jarrett 

Jeannin Jefferies 

Jeffery Jenison 

Jensen, G. L. Jensen, J. 
Jewett Joerg 


Jeffers, H. C. 
Jensen, C. 

Itz Jaax, A. Jaax, J. Jackson 

Jacobs Jacobson, A. Jacobson, P. Jacques 

Jahnke, F. Jahnke, J. James Janasek 

JANSSEN, Richard L.— Lorraine, Freshman in Agriculture. 
JANZEN, Edward L.— Florence, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
JARRETT, Rodney R.— Goodland, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. JARVIS, Marthanne— Valley Falls, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

JAY, Russell S.— Arkansas City, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
JEANNIN, Judith A.— Great Bend, Junior in Home Economics. 
JEFFERIES, Larry D.— Wichita, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. JEFFERS, Hubert C.— Lincoln, Freshman in Agri- 

JEFFERS, Hubert E.— Lincoln, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
JEFFERY, Kenneth L.— Horton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
JENISON, Joanne— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. JENSEN, Carol L.— Wichita, Junior in Home Eco- 

JENSEN, G. Stanley— Goodland, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. JENSEN, Gerald L.— Vesper, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. JENSEN, James R.— Wichita, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. JERNIGAN, Norman B.— Waka- 
rusa, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

JEWELL, Maxwell A.— Goodland, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. JEWETT, Richard J.— Halstead, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. JOERG, Karen P.— Manhattan, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. JOHANNING, Carol L.— 
Baldwin, Freshman in Home Economics. 


Johnson, A. J. 
Johnson, A. G. 
Johnson, C. 
Johnson, D. D. 
Johnson, D. E. 
Johnson, D. C. 
Johnson, E. M. 

Johnson, E. O. 
Johnson, E. K. 
Johnson, G. W. 
Johnson, G. D. 
Johnson, Gary 
Johnson, G. G. 
Johnson, Greta 

Johnson, J. Johnson, K. Johnson, L. E. Johnson, L. K. 

Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, L. L. Johnson, L. 

L. Rae L. Richard 

Johnson, P. L. Johnson, P. N. Johnson, P. C. Johnson, R. V. 

Johnson, R. M. Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, S. 

R. Ellery R. Eugene 

Johnson, W. L. Johnson, W. A. Johnson, W. E. Johnston, A. 

Underclassmen: Joh - Kee 

JOHNSON, Alvin J— Cortland, Neb., Freshman in Agriculture. 
JOHNSON, A. Gayle-Chevy Chase, Md., Freshman in Home 
Economics. JOHNSON, Charles W.-Oberlin, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. JOHNSON, Darrell D — Watford, 
N. D., Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. JOHNSON, Darwin 
E.— Salina, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. JOHN- 
SON, Dorothy C— Zenith, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
JOHNSON, Ellen M.— Wakarusa, Junior in Home Economics. 

JOHNSON, Eugene O.— Courtland, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
JOHNSON, Evelyn K.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
JOHNSON, Garold W— Lindsborg, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. JOHNSON, Gary D.— Concordia, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. JOHNSON, Gary L.— Osage City, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. JOHNSON, George G— Viola, 
Junior in Agriculture. JOHNSON, Greta L.— Cimarron, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics. 

JOHNSON, Jacqueline— Great Bend, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
JOHNSON, Karen K.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. JOHNSON, Larry E.— Fredonia, Junior in Agriculture. 
JOHNSON, Larry K.— Topeka, Sophomore in Engineering and 

JOHNSON, Larry R— Salina, 02 in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. JOHNSON, Larry R.— Lindsborg, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. JOHNSON, Laurel L.— Larned, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. JOHNSON, LeRoyce— Cambridge, Junior 
in Home Economics. 

JOHNSON, Patsy L.— Viola, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
JOHNSON, Paul N.-Chanute, Junior in Agriculture. JOHN- 
SON, Phillip C.— Norton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
JOHNSON, Ralph V.— Cactus, Texas— Junior in Engineering and 

JOHNSON, Randi M.— Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
JOHNSON, Richard E.-Kansas City, Mo., 01 in Engineering 
and Architecture. JOHNSON, Richard E.— Salina, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. JOHNSON, Sherman L.— Kansas 
City, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

JOHNSON, W. Lee— Colorado Springs, Colo., Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. JOHNSON, William A— Great 
Bend, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. JOHNSON, Wil- 
liam E.— Seattle, Wash., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
JOHNSTON, Arthur R.-Lyons, Junior in Agriculture. 


Johnston, J. 

Johnston, M. 


Jones, D. 

Jones, E. 

Jones, H. 

Jones, J. R. 

Jones, J. A. 

Jones, J. E. 

Jones, K. S. 

Jones, K. E. 

Jones, L. 

Jones, R. 
Jones, R. L. 

JOHNSTON, Jane G.— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
JOHNSTON, Mark J— Kansas City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
JOINES, Paul R.-Topeka, Junior in Arts and Sciences. JONES, 
David R.— Salina, Freshman in Agriculture. JONES, Elizabeth 
A.— Cottonwood Falls, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. JONES, 
Helen B.— Mexico, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. JONES, 
Jay R.— Junction City, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 

JONES, Judith A.— Kansas City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
JONES, Julia E.— Tonganoxie, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
JONES, Katherine S.— McPherson, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. JONES. Kenneth E.— Leawood, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. JONES, Langley R.— Liberal, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. JONES, Richard— Colby, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. JONES, Robert L.— Mission, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

JONES, Sharon R.— Hutchinson, Junior in Home Economics. 
JONES, Sidney R.— Leavenworth, Junior in Veterinary Medicine. 
JORDAN, Elizabeth M.-Beloit, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. JORDAN, Frank R — Abilene, Sophomore in Arts and 

JOY, Donald— Hays, Sophomore in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. JOY, Ronald— Hays, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
JUDY, Hal E.— Hutchinson, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. JURGEMEYER, Frederick-Wichita, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

JUSTICE, William L.— Shawnee, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. KAFF, W. Lee— Carbondale, Freshman in Agriculture. 
KAHRS, Patsy J.— Wichita, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
KANITZ, Howard V.— Wellington, Freshman in Arts and 

KARR, Marion W— Emporia, Freshman in Agriculture. KAUF- 
MAN, Karen E— Augusta, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
KAUMP, Larry L— Riley, Sophomore in Agriculture. KAZ- 
MAIER, John A.-Eudora, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

KEAN, Joy A— Great Bend, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
KEANE, Jean— Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
KEANE, Joan— Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
KEEGAN, Thomas M.— Great Bend, Sophomore in Arts and 

Jones, Sharon Jones, Sidney Jordan, E. Jordan, F. 

Joy, D. Joy, R. Judy Jurgemeyer 

Justice Kaff Kahrs Kanitz 

Karr Kaufman Kaump Kazmaier 

Kean Keane, Jean Keane, Joan Keegan 

sm *&'\ 

)W* ! <r^g» tms» 

1 1 m mi m I m *M 


Underclassmen: Kei - Kir 

KEITH, Arlen L.— Salina, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
KELLAMS, Allen L.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. KELLER, Harry L.— Ford, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. KELLER, Lucinda L.— Sioux City, Iowa, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

KELLEY, Charles D.— Oberlin, Freshman in Agriculture. KEL- 
LOGG, Earl D.— Stockton, Freshman in Agriculture. KEL- 
LOGG, Jackie J.— Prairie Village, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
KELLOGG, Wendell W.— Lebanon, Freshman in Agriculture. 

KELLUM, Jerome D.— Winfield, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. KEMPER, Harvey H— Kansas City, Mo., 01 in 
Engineering and Architecture. KEMPSTER, Alan R.— Kansas 
City, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. KENNEDY, 
Mary C— Beloit, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Kennedy, N. 

Kent, J. 

Kent, W. 



Kern, K. 

Kern, M. 

Kern, T. 












Kientz, A 


Keith Kellams Keller, H. 

Kelley Kellogg, E. Kellogg, J. 

Kellum Kemper Kempster 

Keller, L. 
Kellogg, W. 
Kennedy, M. 

KENNEDY, Nolan T.— Beloit, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
KENT, Judith A.— Kansas City, Freshman in Home Economics. 
KENT, Wayne R.— Wakefield, Freshman in Agriculture. KEP- 
LEY, Garry D.— Ulysses, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

KERBY, James H.— Abilene, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
KERN, Karen K.— Palco, Freshman in Home Economics. KERN, 
Mary B.— Wahiawa, Hawaii, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
KERN, Terry J.— Leavenworth, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

KERNOHAN, Frederic W.— Culver, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. KERSHAW, J. Dan— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. KETCHAM, Michael D.— Merriam, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. KETTER, Larry F.— Osborne, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

KETTLER, Judith L.— Paola, Junior in Home Economics. KEY- 
SER, Royce A.— Maple Hill, Freshman in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. KEYTE, James D.— Marquette, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. KHATIB, Ziyad M.— Chicago, 111., 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

KIBBEY, Alberta G.— Jefferson City, Mo., Freshman in Home 
Economics. KICE, Richard L.— Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. KIDWELL, Donald J.— Kansas City, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. KIENTZ, Albert C— Wamego, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 


Larry Woods Speech contest winner, Larry Laird, is 
awarded a $30 first place prize for his talk on satellites 

for peace. The contest is a living memorial to Woods, a 
former Kansas State speech major killed in World War II. 

Kientz, E. 
King, B. 

King, P. 

King, R. 
Kirk, J. 

King, T. 
Kirk, K. 

KIENTZ, Earl N.— Manhattan, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. KILE, Robert L.— Ottawa, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. KILGORE, Garv L.— Mullinville, Freshman 
in Agriculture. KIMSEY, Forest M.— Colby, Junior in Arts and 

KING, Retty J.-Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sciences. KING, 
Patricia A.— Liberal, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. KING, 
Richard A.— Larned, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 
KING, Thad A.— Wichita, Junior in Engineering and Architec- 

KINNEY, Lois W.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
KIPFER, Charles C— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. KIRK, James H.— Scott City, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. KIRK, Karla J.— Rucklin, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. 


Underclassmen: Kir - Lan 

KIRKENDOLL, Lavonne— Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Home 
Economics. KIRKWOOD, Karen L — Topeka, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. KISER, Karen K.— Wichita, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. KISTNER, Karen M— Sabetha, Freshman in Arts and 

KIVETT, Stanley L.— Concordia, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
KLEEMAN, Darrel M. — Lakin, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
KLINGER, Karen— Ashland, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
KLINT, Stephen Jon— Hastings, Neb., 03 in Engineering and 

KNAPP, Dennis W.— Oxford, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. KNAPP, Theodore F.— Hartford, 02 in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. KNAPPENBERGER, Tom E.-Olathe, 
Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine. KNECHTEL, Winston E. 
—Hutchinson, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

KNIGHT, Larry D.— Lyndon, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. KNOLL, Omer A.— Victoria, 02 in Engineering 
and Architecture. KNORR, M. Elaine— Manhattan, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. KNOX, Jay L.— Kansas City, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

KOCH, Carolyn F.— Kingman, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
KOCHER, Kenneth L.— Hiawatha, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
KOCI, Melvin D.— Topeka, Junior in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. KOEPKE, John W— Herington, Sophomore in Arts and 

KOESTER, Gene F.— Ames, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. KOHR, James A.— Salina, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. KOLTERMAN, Judith— Wamego, Junior in 
Home Economics. KOLTERMAN, Robert H.-Wamego, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. KONOP, Jane— Kansas Citv, Mo., 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. KORIEL, John A.— Rush Cen- 
ter, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. KOVAR, Ray E.— Ross- 
ville, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

KRAFT, Jolayne— Coffey ville, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
KRAFT, Larry R.— Overland Park, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. KRAMER, Joseph H— Vermillion, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. KRAMER, Rov J— Oskaloosa, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. KRASKO, Donald 
G — Yonkers, N. Y., 02 in Engineering and Architecture. KRAS- 
NY, Barbara L.— Topeka, Junior in Home Economics. KRAT- 
ZER, Marlyn K.— Geneseo, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

4* > till 

17* if 









Knapp, D. 

Knapp, T. 













Kolterman, J. 

Kolterman, R. 




Kraft, J. 
Kraft, L. 
Kramer, J. 
Kramer, R. 



mk. !^bH Hi ' iS 



Krehbiel, J. O. 

Krehbiel, J. D. 




Krueger, C. 

Krueger, L. 

Krueger, S. 


























'iB piflk ifiitfr^^i jjklu 


KRAUSS, Thyra S.— Gypsum, Junior in Home Economics. 
KREHBIEL, James O.— Pretty Prairie, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. KREHBIEL, Janver D.— Prettv Prairie, Sophomore in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. KRESKE, Gerald J.-Woodland Hills, Calif., 
01 in Engineering and Architecture. KROB, Jimmy J.— Cuba, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. KROENLEIN, James H.— 
Lincoln, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. KRUEGER, Charles 
K.— Leavenworth, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

KRUEGER, Linda R.— Bonner Springs, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. KRUEGER, Sharon L.— Omaha, Neb., Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. KRUG, Judith L.— Marysville, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. KRUGER, John H.— Columbus, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. KRUSE, Max J.— Leo- 
ville, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. KUFELD, S. Brent- 
Great Bend, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
KUGLER, Kenyon K.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and 

KUHLMAN, Raymond E.— Belleville, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. KUMMER, Bettv A.— Junction City, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. KURTZE, Nancy K.— Junction City, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. KUSUDA, Louise N.— Lahaina, Hawaii, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

KVASNICKA, Roger J.— Haddam, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
LaBERGE, Stephan R.— Mission, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
LACKEY, Michael R.— Belleville, 01 in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. LADNER, Gary L.— Onaga, Freshman in Agriculture. 

LAFFERTY, Gary L.— Mcpherson, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
LAGOSKI, Evelyn J.— Kansas Citv, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. LAHR, Orris W.— Abilene, 02 in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. LAIDIG, Janice K.— Danburv, Neb., Junior in Home 

LAING, Ronald H.— Abilene, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
LAIRD, Larrv K.— Oberlin, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
LAKE, Gail M.— Kingman, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
LAMBORN, Lorraine A.— Leavenworth, Sophomore in Home 

LANDON, Patricia J.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. LANE, Mitchell S.— Wichita, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. LANGE, Stephen J.— Conway Springs, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. LANNING, Michael A.— Abi- 
lene, Sophomore in Aits and Sciences. 


Underclassmen: Laq - Lip 

LAQUEY, Richard K.— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. LARSEN, Karen M.— Vesper, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. LARSON, Bruce N.— Clay Center, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. LARSON, Carolvn R.— McDonald, junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

LARSON, Larry L— Effingham, Junior in Agriculture. LAR- 
SON, Marilyn K.— Olsburg, Freshman in Home Economics. 
LESH, Richard— Norton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. LASH, 
Ruth M.— Manhattan, Freshman in Aits and Sciences. 

LaSHELL, William F.— Manhattan, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. LASHO, George S.— Kansas City, Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. LASHO, Loretta E.— Kansas 
City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. LASLEY, Barbara L.— 
Mission, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

LASSMAN, Ernest W.— Wichita, Freshman in Agriculture. LAT- 
TER, Thomas R.— Topeka, Freshman in Agriculture. LAUER, 
Von C— Elmo, Freshman in Agriculture. LAURIE, David C— 
Atchison, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

LAURIE, John C— Atchison, Sophomore in Aits and Sciences. 
LAVERENTZ, Joyce A.— Pratt, Freshman in Home Economics. 
LAZARUS, Gary J.— Norwich, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
LEACH, Judith A.— Bird City, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Lee, W. 


Lee, L. 


Lee, R. 

Lemon, R. A. 

Larson, L. 
Laurie, J. 

Larson, M. 
Lasho, G. 

Larson, B. 
Lasho, L. 

Larson, C. 
Laurie, D. 

LEBBIN, Mary A— Ellinwood, Freshman in Home Economics. 
LEBER, Larry E— Ft. Riley, Freshman in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. LEE, Linda E— Kansas City, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. LEE, Richard E— Chapman, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

LEE, William F— Liberty, Mo., Sophomore in Agriculture. 
LEECE, Judith K— Superior, Neb., Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
LEES, Ellen— Kansas City, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
LEFFINGWELL, Donald— Manhattan, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing end Architecture. 

LeFORGEE, Rex S— Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
LEHR, James A— St. Joseph, Mo., 01 in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. LEIS, Jean C— Yates Center, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. LEMON, Richard A— Smith Center, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 


Lemon, R. W. Lenhart Lentz Leonard, G. M. 

Leonard, G. L. Leonhart Lesh Lesovsky 

Leuszler Leutert Lewallen Lewelling 

Lewis, A. Lewis, B. H. Lewis, B. L. Lewis, E. 

Lewis, G. R. Lewis, G. L. Lewis, M. Lewis, R. 

LEWIS, Sara B.— Eureka, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
LICHTENAUER, Joe F.-Lenexa, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
LILLY, Janice M.— Mentor, Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine. 
LINAWEAVER, Glenn L.— Lansing, Junior in Engineering and 

LINDAMOOD, Vivian K— Quincy, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. LINDELL, Francis E.— Pleasanton, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. LINDELL, Marlene R.— Hutchinson, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. LINDER, Janet G.— Sharon Springs, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. 

LINE, Duane L.— Haddam, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
LINSCHEID, Larry L.— Arlington, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. LINTHACUM, Walter B.-Goodland, Freshman 
in Agriculture. LIPPOLD, Thane A— Dodge City, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

LEMON, Roger W.— Viola, Freshman in Agriculture. LEN- 
HART, Richard H.— Moline, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
LENTZ, Eugene M— Cheney, Junior in Agriculture. LEON- 
ARD, Garry M.— Smith Center, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

LEONARD, Gayle L.— Smith Center, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. LEONHART, Stuart R.— Topeka, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. LESH, Rodney L.— Pratt, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. LESOVSKY, George F.— Mun- 
den, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

LEUSZLER, Harlan E.— Almena, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
LEUTERT, John R.— Topeka, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. LEWALLEN, Judith L— Oakley, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. LEWELLING, Glen O.— Delia, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

LEWIS, Alan D.— Rock, Sophomore in Agriculture, LEWIS, 

Barbara H.— Scott City, Freshman in Home Economics. LEWIS, 

Barbara L.— Concordia, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. LEWIS, 
Evelyn L.— Wakefield, Freshman in Home Economics. 

LEWIS, Gail R— Osage City, Freshman in Agriculture. LEWIS, 
Geneva L.— Valley Center, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
LEWIS, Martha E.— Larned, Freshman in Home Economics. 
LEWIS, Robert W.— Larned, Junior in Agriculture. 

Lewis, S. Lichtenauer Lilly 

Lindamood Lindell, F. Lindell, M. 
Line Linscheid Linthacum 





kk tiki 

ttfe r 

Litwak Livengood, D. Livengood, S. Livingston 

Lobenstein Lockard Locke Loeppke 

Logback Lohr Londeen Long, A. 

Long, C. Long, J. Longnecker Lonning 

Loomis Loper Lortscher Loseke 

Underclassmen: Lit -Mar 

LITWAK, Philip-New York City, N. Y., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. LIVENGOOD, Dallas B.-Clay Center, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. LIVENGOOD, Sharon M.- Clay Center, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. LIVINGSTON, Nelda A.-Manhat- 
tan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

LOBENSTEIN, Alice L.-Arlington, Va., Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. LOCKARD, Daniel W.— Salina, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. LOCKE, Delwin H.— Natoma, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. LOEPPKE, Lanny L.— Johnson, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

LOGBACK, James E.— Clay Center, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. LOHR, Gregory N.— Neodesha, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. LONDEEN, Jon C— Chapman, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. LONG, Annetta B.— Ellsworth, 
Freshman in Home Economics. 

LONG, Carl V.— Cameron, 03 in Engineering and Architecture. 
LONG, Judith C— Haddam, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
LONGNECKER, Virginia— Abilene, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. LONNING, Helen J.— Wichita, Junior in Home Eco- 

LOOMIS, Larry D.— Ionia, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. LOPER, Marion G.— Plainville, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. LORTSCHER, Robert G.— Bern, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. LOSEKE, Fred W.— Gem, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

LOUGHMILLER, Linda E.— Topeka, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. LOVELACE, David E.— Kansas City, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. LOVIN, Jovce J.— Hoxie, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. LOWE, David W.— Mahaska, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. LOWE, Norman E.— Winfield, 03 in 
Engineering and Architecture. LOWE, Robert B.— Ft. Leaven- 
worth, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. LOWELL, Joanna M. 
—Concordia, Freshman in Home Economics. 

LOWELL, Karen M.— Concordia, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. LOWMAN, Deborah J— McPherson, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. LOWMAN, Thomas E.— Manhattan, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. LUEB, James F.— Seneca, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. LUKENS, Roger L.— Medicine 
Lodge, Freshman in Agriculture. LUNDBLOM, Franklin N.— 
Lindsborg, Junior in Arts and Sciences. LUNDQUEST, Don H. 
—Pittsburg, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

Lowe, D. 
Lowe, N. 
Lowe, R. 
Lowell, J. 

Lowell, K. 

Lowman, D. 

Lowman, T. 






LYDDANE, Geraldine L— Admire, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. LYNCH, Carolyn— Russell, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. LYNN, Sarah G— Kansas City, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. LYON, Doris A— Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

MABRY, Donald H.-Whitwell, Term., Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. MacEACHERN, Jean A— Arlington, Va., Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. MacFEE, Gerald P.— Lebanon, Neb., Sopho- 
more in Veterinary Medicine. MACH, Richard L.— Narka, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

MACKLIN, Harley R— Hutchinson, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. MacPHERSON, Sharon S.— Mission, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. MACY, John W.— Manhattan, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. MADDY, Darlene D.— Stockton, Freshman in 
Home Economics. 

MAGETTE, Lawrence W.— Beloit, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. MAHAFFEY, Michael K.-Raytown, Mo., 01 in En- 
gineering and Architecture. MAHAR, Maureen M.— Garden 
City, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. MAI, Don L.— Topeka, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

MAI, Judith A— Garden City, Junior in Home Economics. 
MAISON, Arthur L.— Columbus, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. MALL, Loren L.— Clay Center, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. MALLEAN, H. George— Hanover, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

MALLEAN, William R.— Hanover, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. MALLORY, Joseph H.— Tribune, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. MALLOY, Patrick E.— Rochester, Minn., Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. MALM, O. Richard— Valley 
Falls, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. MALMBERG, Mary E. 
—Hays, 01 in Engineering and Architecture. MALONE, Ernest 
C.-Moline, Freshman in Agriculture. MANGELSDORF, Eu- 
genia—Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

MANGES, Loren E.— Sylvia, 02 in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. MANKA, N. Carl— Minneola, 03 in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. MANN, Marilyn A.— Kansas Citv, junior in Arts and 
Sciences. MANNEBACH, Alfred J— Hoxie, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. MANNEN, Jeanettia M.— Paola, 
Freshman in Home Economics. MAPLE, Sandra L.— Kansas 
City, Mo., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. MAR, Homer Y. 
—Junction City, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Lyddane Lynch Lynn Lyon 

Mabry MacEachern MacFee Mach 

Macklin MacPherson Macy Maddy 

Magette Mahaffey Mahar Mai, D. 

Mai, J. Maison Mall Mallean, H. 

Mallean, W. 















Markel Marquez Marriott 

Marshall, J. Marth Martin, B. 

Martin, K. Martin, S. Martin, T. 

Marshall, D. 
Martin, G. 
Martin, W. 

MARTINDALE, Cecilia— Onaga, Freshman in Home Economics. 
MARTINEK, Melvin V.— Silver Lake, Junior in Agriculture. 
MARX, Richard L.— Independence, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. MASON, Margaret F.— Superior, Neb., Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

MATER, Eugene W.— Olmitz, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
MATHEWS, Patricia L.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. MATHIAS, James J.— Le Roy, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. MATHIAS, Jeanetta J.— Le Roy, Freshman 
in Home Economics. 

MATHIS, Wesley L.— Claflin, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
MATKIN, Susan K.— Liberal, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
MATLACK, A. Elaine— Clearwater, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. MATLOCK, Larry D.— Kansas City, Junior in Arts and 

MATTER, Darryl E.— Portis, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. MATTHEWS, Jacqueline— Clearwater, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. MATTHEWS, Vicki A.— Clearwater, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. MAUCK, Marilyn J.— Goddard, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

MAULER, Mary Jo— Olmitz, Junior in Home Economics. 
MAVERS, Donald E.— Coffeyville, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. MAWDSLEY, Judith A— Wichita, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. MAXWELL, Curtis C— Emporia, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Underclassmen: Mar - McC 

MARKEL, Frank L.— Cimarron, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. MARQUEZ, Antonio— Kansas City, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. MARRIOTT, Gary A.— Osage City, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. MARSHALL, Donna M.— Kan- 
sas City, Mo., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

MARSHALL, Janice J.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. MARTH, Albert C— Bethel, 02 in Engineering and 
Architecture. MARTIN, Barbara K.— WaKeeney, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. MARTIN, George J.— Weldon, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

MARTIN, Kenneth L.— Madrid, Iowa, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. MARTIN, Susan— Topeka, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. MARTIN, Thomas C— South Charleston, W. 
Va., Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. MARTIN, William M.— 
Glasco, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 







Matthews, J. 

Matthews, V. 

Maxwell, C. 


Honorary Mom and Dad at the Colorado-Kansas State 
football game September 23 were Mr. and Mrs. Karl K. 

Koch of Kingman, parents of Carolyn Koch. They were 
chosen by a drawing from names submitted by students. 

MAXWELL, James R.— Mission, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
MAXWELL, Josette L.— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
MAXWELL, Keith A.— Salina, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. MAYER, Ileene A.— Clifton, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

MAYHEW, Delmar D.— Plainville, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
MAYR, Robert A.— Beaver Dam, Wis., Junior in Agriculture. 
McADAMS, Janet K— Manhattan, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. McALISTER, Judith A— Wellington, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

McANINCH, M. Kay— Salina, Freshman in Home Economics. 
McARTHUR, Rebecca K.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. McAULIFFE, Michael A.— Salina, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. McCALL, Melvin G.— Salina, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Maxwell, J. R. Maxwell, J. L. Maxwell, K. Mayer 
Mayhew Mayr McAdams McAlister 

McAninch Mc Arthur McAuliffe McCall 



McCoy, J. 

McCoy, N. 






McCoy, H. 
McDonald, D. 

Underclassmen: McC - Mee 

McCALLA, Penelope S.— Garnett, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. McCASLIN, Jane E.— Stockton, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. McCLELLAND, Lvnn A.— Colbv, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. McCLENAHAN, Janice R.— Clay Center, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

MeCLINTOCK, Tausca L.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Aits and 
Sciences. McCLUER, Robert R.— Goddard, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. McCLUNG, Robert J.— Goodland, 
junior in Engineering and Architecture. McCLUSKEY, Keith 
—Junction Citv, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

McCONNELL, Edward A.-Overland Park, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. McCORD, Marilyn— Manhattan, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. McCORMIC, Kenneth R— Man- 
hattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. McCOY, Harold E.— 
Paola, Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine. 

McCOY, John R— Tokoma Park, Md., Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. McCOY, Nancy A.— Hiawatha, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. McCUBBIN, Harold T.— Norton, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. McCULLOUGH, Marilyn- 
Medicine Lodge, Freshman in Home Economics. 

McCURLEY, E. Ann— Fort Scott, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. McDANIEL, Saundra D.— Norton, Junior in Home 
Economics. McDIFFETT, Clinton H.— Alta Vista, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. McDONALD, Diana J.— Blue Mound, Freshman 
in Home Economics. 

McDONALD, Jay W.— Newton, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. McDONALD, Karen— Junction City, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. McDONALD, Kenneth L.— Salina, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. McDONALD, Marsha 
C— Liberty, Mo., Sophomore in Home Economics. McEL- 
FRESH, S. Ann— Satanta, Junior in Home Economics. McFAR- 
LAND, Robert S.— Guam, Sophomore in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. McGAUHEY, Diane E.— Robinson, Freshman in 
Home Economics. 

McGEE, John W.— Kiowa, Junior in Arts and Sciences. McGIN- 
NIS, Glenn E.— Junction Citv, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
McGINNIS, Vera L.— Valley Falls, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
McGINNIS, William T— Norton, Freshman in Agriculture. 
McGUIRE, Richard L.— Parsons, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
McKAY, Jerry L.— Bethel, Sophomore in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. McKIM, Carol I.— Salina, Junior in Arts and 

McDonald, J. 
McDonald, K. 

McDonald, M. 

McGinnis, G. 
McGinnis, V. 
McGinnis, W. 


McKINNON, Lou Ann— Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. McKOWEN, Jon E.— Kansas City, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. McLAIN, Elvin G.— Blue Rapids, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. McLAUGHLIN, David L.— Kansas 
City, Mo., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. McLAUGHLIN, 
Frank, Ft. Smith, Ark., Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine. 
McLAUGHLIN, Richard— Prairie Village, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. McLAURIN, Benjamin E.— Clarksdale, Miss., Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. 

McLEAN, Jerry A.— Longmont, Colo., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. McLEAN, Larry D.— Lewis, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. McLENON, Larry G.— Atchison, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. McMAHON, John W— Marysville, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. McMAHON, Rebecca S.— Osawatomie, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. McMANUS, Ronnie M— McLouth, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. McMASTER, 
Beverly J.— Topeka, Freshman in Home Economics. 

McMILLAN, Maureen K.— Belle Plaine, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. McMILLEN, Garth W— Coldwater, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. McMINIMY, Milton W— Sitka, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. McNEAL, Craig 
A.— Council Grove, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

McNEAL, James D.— Wayzata, Minn., Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. McNEAL, Joan— Council Grove, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. McNEAL, John P.— Wayzata, Minn., Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. McNEIL, Michel R.— Manhattan, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. 

McQUEEN, fames A.— Phillipsburg, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. McQUILLAN, Sondra K.— Clearwater, Soph- 
omore in Arts and Sciences. McREE, Kenneth W.— Newton, 
Junior in Agriculture. McREYNOLDS, Larry S.— Salina, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. 

McREYNOLDS, Max A., Jr.-Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. McVICAR, Nancy A.— Decatur, 111., Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. MEADOWS, Imogene L.— Ellinwood, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. MEANS, Carol E.— Iola, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. 

MEARS, Betty I.— Beloit, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
MECKFESSEL, Audrey L— Rozel, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. MEEK, Myron E.— Perry, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. MEEK, Paul T.— Idana, Sophomore in Agri- 

McMillan McMillen 

McNeal, J. D. McNeal, J. 
McQueen McQuillan 


M. McVicar 

Mears Meckfessel 




McLaughlin, D. 

McLaughlin, F. 

McLaughlin, R. 

McLean, J. 

McLean, L. 


McMahon, J. 

McMahon, R. 



McMinimy McNeal, C. 
McNeal, J. P. McNeil 
McRee McReynolds, 

Meadows Means 

Meek, M. Meek, P. 


Underclassmen: Mee - Mis 

MEEKER, Lonnie D.— Garden City, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. MEEKS, Ellis M.— Hutchinson, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. MEEKS, James E.— Leon, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. MEHL, Joanne— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and 

MEIER, Vicki C— Bunker Hill, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. MEISINGER, Richard K.— Marion, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. MELLINGER, Jerry J.— Milford, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. MELLOTT, Willard M— Bonner Springs, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 

MENDLICK, Susan L.— Mission, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. MENTGEN, Carl N — Marysville, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. MENTGEN, James R.— Salina, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. MERCHANT, William S.-Wichita, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Meredith Merker Merrell 

Merrill, H. Mertz Messer 

Meyer, M. Meyer, R. Meyers 
Michaelis, R. Mick Mickey 

Middleton, A. Middleton, K. Mikesell 

Merrill, D. 
Meyer, L. 
Michaelis, J. 


Meeks, E. 

Meeks, J. 







Mentgen, C. 

Mentgen, J. 


MEREDITH, Larry K.— Bushton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
MERKER, Jerry W— Salina, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
MERRELL, Christina L.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. MERRILL, David W.— Abilene, Sophomore in Arts and 

MERRILL, H. Taylor— La Crosse, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. MERTZ, James L.— Wamego, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. MESSER, James E.— Olathe, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. MEYER, Lou Ann^- Wamego, Junior in Arts and 

MEYER, Marilyn A— Kenmore, N. Y., Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. MEYER, Robert D.— Washington, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. MEYERS, Thomas D.— Herington, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. MICHAELIS, Joellen W.— Osborne, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. 

MICHAELIS, Ronald G.— Osborne, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. MICK, John R.— Topeka, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. MICKEY, Deanna D.— Norton, Freshman 
in Home Economics. MIDDAUGH, Barbara A.— Muncie, Soph- 
omore in Home Economics. 

MIDDLETON, Alvin L.-Oxford, Freshman in Agriculture. 
MIDDLETON, Katherine-Oxford, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. MIKESELL, Richard L.— Belleville, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. MIKESICH, Kathleen R.— Bonner 
Springs, Freshman in Home Economics. 




Miller. B. L. 

Miller, B. E 









Miller, Doris 

Miller, F. 

Miller, J. S. 

Miller, J. L. 

MILLER, John E.— Cherryvale, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. MILLER, Kenneth A.— Little River, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. MILLER, Larry D.— Phillipsburg, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. MILLER, Lee R. 
— Osawatomie, 04 in Engineering and Architecture. 

MILLER, L. Devon— Lebanon, Ind., Freshman in Veterinary 
Medicine. MILLER, Marilyn I.— Scott City, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. MILLER, Marilyn M.— Burrton, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. MILLER, M. Monte— Belleville, Sophomore 
in Aits and Sciences. 

MILLER, Murray J— W. Orange, N. J., Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. MILLER, Nancv J.— Lawrence, Freshman in 
Home Economics. MILLER, Patricia J. — \Vinfield, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. MILLIKEN, John P.— Wichita, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

MILLS, Judith C— Lake Citv, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
MILLS, Leon J.— Enterprise, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
MINNICK, R. Joanne— Junction Citv, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. MINNIS, Jerry J— St. John, Sophomore in Arts and 

MINNIS, Mel W.— Newton, Sophomore in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. MINTURN, Carol A— Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. MINTURN, Jean M— Manhattan, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. MISEMER, Bill C.-Stanberry, Mo., 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

MILAM, Sharon K.— Kansas City, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. MILES, Larrv L.— Green, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. MILLER, Brenda L.— Cottonwood Falls, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. MILLER, Bruce E.— Newton, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

MILLER, Daniel J.— Topeka, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. MILLER, Dennis M.— Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. MILLER, Donald M.— Little River, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. MILLER, D. William— Chappell, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

MILLER, Doris J.-Pratt, Junior in Arts and Sciences. MILLER, 
Francis F.— Sublette, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
MILLER, Jack S.— Scott City, 04 in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. MILLER, Janyce L— Hays, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Miller, J. E. Miller, K. Miller, Larry Miller, L. R. 

Miller, Lyle Miller, M. I. Miller, Mariivn Miller, Merle 

Miller, P. Milliken 

Minnick Minnis, J. 

Minturn, J. Misemer 

Miller, M. J. Miller, N 
Mills, J. Mills, L. 

Minnis, M. Minturn, C 


Mistier, R. 
Mistier, T. 
Mitchell, E. 
Mitchell, G. 








Underclassmen: Mis - Mus 

MISSILDINE, Gay A.-Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. MISTLER, Richard E.— Topeka, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. MISTLER, Thomas E.— Topeka, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. MITCHELL, 
Edgar W.— Hazelton, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. MITCHELL, Gary L.— Riverton, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. MIZELL, Loretta K.— Norton, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. MOATE, Carolyn R.— Smith Center, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

MOBERLY, Harry F.— Kansas City, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. MOCK, Karen S.— Ottawa, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. MOCKABEE, M. Eugene — Concordia, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. MOHERMAN, L. Eugene- 
Manhattan, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. MOHRI, 
William F.— Ames, Iowa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
MOLINE, Mary A.— Gypsum, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
MONNINGER, Maurice E.— Topeka, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. 



Craig W.— Topeka, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
Phyllis D.— Riley, Freshman in Home Economics. 
Barbara J.— Garden City, Freshman in Aits and 
MOORE, Bryce B— Muscotah, Junior in Arts and 

MOORE, Carolee— Cullison, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
MOORE, Charles C— Colby, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
MOORE, David W.— Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
MOORE, Ileen J.— Valley Center, Freshman in Arts and 

MOORE, Jack D— Wheeling, W. Va., Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
MOORE, Jack E.— Wichita, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. MOORE, James T.— Salina, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. MOORE, Joan E.— Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

MOORE, Marilyn F.— Mission, Freshman in Arts and Sciences'. 
MOORE, Marion K.— Muscotah, Sophomore in Aits and 
Sciences. MOORE, Ronald V.— Whiting, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. MOORE, Sidonia M.— Hiawatha, Freshman in Home 

MORDY, L. Murle— Independence, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. MOREFIELD, Suzanne J.— Wichita, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. MORGAN, Brenda J.— Goodland, Junior in Home 
Economics. MORGAN, Noel F.— Kansas City, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Moody, C. Moody, P. Moore, B. J. 

Moore, C. Moore, C. C. Moore, D. 

Moore, J. D. Moore, Jack Moore, J. T. 

Moore, M. F. Moore, M. K. Moore, R. 

Mordy Morefield Morgan, B. 

Moore, B. B. 
Moore, I. 
Moore, Joan 
Moore, S. 
Morgan, N. 


Morgan, V. 




Morris, C. 

Morris, D. 

Morris, J. K. 

Morris, J. A. 

Morris, M. 

Morris, S. A. 

Morris, S. D. 




Mott Mox Moxley, H. Moxley, M. 

Moyer Moynagh Mueller, M. Mueller, P. 

Mueller, R. Muenzenmayer Mull Mulloy 

Munden Mundhenke, B. Mundhenke, G. Munger 

Murillo Murphey, C. Murphey, K. Mustard 

MORGAN, V. Sue— Concordia, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
MORGENSON, David L.— Salina, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. MORGENSTERN, Ann— Salina, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. MORICONI, Carolyn S.— Wichita, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. MORRIS, Clay A.— Coldwater, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. MORRIS, David E.— Salina, 
01 in Engineering and Architecture. MORRIS, John K.— Lyons, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

MORRIS, Judith A.— Wellington, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. MORRIS, Mary G— Emporia, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. MORRIS, Sharon A.— Wamego, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. MORRIS, Sharon D.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. MORRISON, Richard E.— Great Bend, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. MORTIMER, Linda S.— Gypsum, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. MOTOGAWA, Daniel L.— Kailua, 
Hawaii, 04 in Engineering and Architecture. 

MOTT, David A.— Kansas City, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. MOX, M. Kay— Ottawa, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. MOXLEY, Hall H.— Council Grove, Junior in Agri- 
culture. MOXLEY, Marilyn A.— Osage City, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

MOYER, L. Kay— Pratt, Junior in Home Economics. MOY- 
NAGH, Francis P.— Hiawatha, Junior in Agriculture. MUEL- 
LER, Marv Ann— Manhattan, Sophomore, in Home Economics. 
MUELLER, Peter W.— Haven, Sophomore in Engineering and 

MUELLER, Robert C— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
MUENZENMAYER, Karl E.-Junction City, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. MULL, Linda L.— Dighton, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. MULLOY, Martha S— Wichita, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

MUNDEN, Jack W.— Independence, Mo., Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. MUNDHENKE, Bovd M.— Lewis, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. MUNDHENKE, Gary L.— Ains- 
worth. Neb., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. MUNGER, Leon- 
ard A.— Dodge City, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

MURILLO, Eva M.-Pratt, Junior in Arts and Sciences. MUR- 
PHEY, Charlene M.— St. Francis, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
MURPHEY, Kay L.— Memphis, Tenn., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. MUSTARD, Marvin E.— Talmage, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 


Myers, B. 

Myers, D. 

Myers, L. G. 

Myers, L. L 

Myers, N. 

Myers, S. 

Myers, Z. 






Neal, D. 

Neal, J. 

Neal, M. 

Neal, S. 


Neff, R. 



NELSON, Althea S.— Ellis, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
NELSON, Billy W.-Hickman Mills, Mo., Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. NELSON, Carl E — Wichita, 02 in 
Engineering and Architecture. NELSON, David B.— McPherson, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

NELSON, Donald A.— Los Angeles, Calif., Junior in Agricul- 
ture. NELSON, Gary W.— Summerfield, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. NELSON, Glen A.— Biley, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. NELSON, Janet J.— Culver, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. 

NELSON, John L.— Kansas City, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. NELSON, John M.— McPherson, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. NELSON, John R.— Sublette, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. NELSON, Larry J.— Bridgeport, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

Underclassmen: Mye - New 

MYERS, Buenta L.— Clay Center, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. MYERS, David L.— Minneapolis, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. MYERS, Linda G— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. MYERS, Linda L.— York, Neb., Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

MYERS, Nancy A.— Topeka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
MYERS, Samuel T.— Hiawatha, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
MYERS, Zoe Ann— Minneapolis, Junior in Home Economics. 
NAAF, Frank H.— Marysville, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

NAIMAN, Jean E.— WaKeeney, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. NASH, Kenneth H.— Atchison, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. NASS, James W.— Atchison, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. NATION, Nancy J.— Great Bend, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

NEAL, Don E.— Mt. Vernon, 111., Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. NEAL, James W.— Salina, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. NEAL, Maurine M.— Williamsburg, Jun- 
ior in Home Economics. NEAL, Sylvia L— Mt. Vernon, 111., 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

NEFF, James R.— Topeka, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
NEFF, Rex C— Udall, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
NEILL, Sharon S.— Vassar, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
NEITZEL, Barbara A.— St. Francis, Junior in Home Economics. 

Nelson, A. Nelson, B. Nelson, C. Nelson, D. B. 

Nelson, D. A. Nelson, G. W. Nelson, G. A. Nelson, J. J. 
Nelson, J. L. Nelson, J. M. Nelson, J. R. Nelson, L. 


Nelson, M. S. Nelson, M. L. Nelson, R. 
Nelson, S. J. Nemerowicz Neuschafer 


Newman, E. 

Newman, S. 

Nelson, S. L. 

Newsom, D. 

NELSON, Marlene S.— Randolph, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. NELSON, Mary L.— Prairie Village, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. NELSON, Ronald E.— Wamego, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. NELSON, Sharon L.— Randolph, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

NELSON, Sheila J.— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
NEMEROWICZ, Stanley-Newark, N. J., Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. NEUSCHAFER, Gary E.— Hope, Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. NEW, Bill E.— Leavenworth, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. 

NEWBY, Curtis L.— Eureka, 02 in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. NEWMAN, Evret C— Wichita, Junior in Veterinary 
Medicine. NEWMAN, Sandra J.— Leon, Iowa, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. NEWSOM, Dorian L.— Lewis, Junior in Engineer- 

ing and Architecture. 

"They don't do this back home!" laugh Cosmopolitan mem- 
bers at their skating party. The Cosmopolitan club, an in- 

ternational organization, has as its purpose the promotion 
of brotherhood among students from all nations. 


Newsom, H. 
Nichols, B. 
Nichols, C. 
Nichols, L. 








Underclassmen: New - Owe 

NEWSOM, Howard W.-Lewis, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
NEWTON, David W.-Spring Hill, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
NICHOLS, Barbara B. -Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. NICHOLS, Carl L -Westphalia, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. NICHOLS, Larry D.-Alton, 01 in 
Engineering and Architecture. NICHOLSON, Larry M.-Hois- 
ington, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. NICKEL, 
Gaye J— Colby, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

NICKELL, Jean A.-Wellington, Freshman in Home Economics. 
NICKLAUS", E. Vonne-Mt. Hope, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. NICKUM, Richard G— Kansas City, Junior 
in Arts and Science. NICODEMUS, Bonnie J.— Newton, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. NITCHER, Ronald E.-Valley Cen- 
ter, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. NIXON, Bernard T.— 
Brattleboro, Vt., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. NOBLE, 
Stephen R.— El Dorado, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

NOCELLA, Salvatore-Paterson, N. J., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. NOFFSINGER, Clifford-Osborne, Freshman in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. NOLLER, Patricia L— Hebron, Neb., Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. NOLTE, J. Michael— Hiawatha, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

NOMURA, Pauline S.— Honolulu, Hawaii, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. NORBURY, James T— Prescott, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. NORRIS, Larry A.— Wellington, 
04 in Engineering and Architecture. NORTH, Carolyn M.— 
Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

NORTH, David A.— Coffeyville, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. NORTHUP, Russell L.— Blaine, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. NORTON, Judy K.— Hoisington, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. NORTON, Marjorie A.— Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

NOVAK, Donald J.— Haddam, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. NOYES, Nancy J.— McPherson, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. NUTT, Edwin L.— Waverly, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. NUZUM, Arnold L.— Baxter, Iowa, Freshman in 

OBERHELMAN, Janice K— Independence, Mo., Sophomore in 
Home Economics. OBERHELMAN, Judy A— Independence, 
Mo., Freshman in Home Economics. OBERLE, Carol M.— Car- 
bondale, Junior in Home Economics. OBLANDER, Robert L.— 
Liberal, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

Nocella Noffsinger Noller Nolte 

Nomura Norbury Norris North, C. 

North, D. Northup Norton, J. Norton, M. 

Novak Noyes Nutt Nuzum 

Oberhelman, Oberhelman, Oberle Oblander 
J. K. J. A. 




y ^ggM^l dHB. ill " ^fe ^ft 'JlSi Bfc V 

1 faAilAit * 

Oborny, E. L. Oborny, E. J. O'Bryan 
Ochs,J. Ochs,R. Ochs,T. 

Oehlert Ogan Ogilvie 

Ohnmacht Oldham Oliphant 

O'Loughlin, M. Olsen Olson, L. 

O'Loughlin, J. 
Olson, M. 

OBORNY, Edmund L.— Timken, Freshman in Agriculture. 
OBORNY, Edward J., Jr.— Bison, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
O'BRYAN, Susan E.— Clay Center, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. O'CHAMPAUGH, James R.— St. George, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

OCHS, Jacob B.— Hoisington, Sophomore in Agriculture. OCHS, 
Richard A.— Hoisington, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. OCHS, Theodore— Hoisington, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. O'CONNOR, Rebecca D.-Macksville, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

OEHLERT, Larry L.— Haysville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
OGAN, Peggy J— Overland Park, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. OGILVIE, Donna D.— Lucas, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. OHLMEIER, Lee H— Paola, Freshman in Agriculture. 

OHNMACHT, Rita M.-Larned, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. OLDHAM, Karen ].— Hays, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. OLIPHANT, Rodney G.-Offerle, Freshman in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. O'LOUGHLIN, Judith M.— Hays, Junior in 
Home Economics. 

O'LOUGHLIN, Mary K.-Hays, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. OLSEN, Norman D.— Omaha, Neb., 03 in Engineering 
and Architecture. OLSON, Larry A.— Erie, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. OLSON, Merrilyn J.— Minneapolis, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

OLSON, Robert— Burlingame, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
OLTJEN, Allan C.-Leona, Freshman in Agriculture. OLTJEN, 
Harlan W.— Leona, Junior in Agriculture. OPIE, Roberta A.— 
Great Bend, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. OPPY, Paula J. 
—Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. OSBORN, De- 
anna— Grand Island, Neb., Junior in Arts and Sciences. OS- 
BORN, Howard W.— Colony, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

OSBORN, James E.— Columbus, Sophomore in Veterinary Medi- 
cine. OSBORN, Sherrvl A.— Ashland, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. OSLAND, Rolf O.— Chicago, 111., 04 in Engineering and 
Architecture. OSWALD, Donald D.— Greeley, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. OTTAWAY, Leah J.— Goddard, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. OTTE, Alvina M.— Great Bend, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. OWEN, Dennis O— Kansas 
Citv, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

«•* life-*, r" 

1 1 ft* T i 

Olson, R. 

Oltjen, A. 

Oltjen, H. 



Osborn, D. 

Osboni, H. 

Osborn, J. 

Osborn, S. 





Owen, D. 


Underclassmen: Owe - Phi 

Owen, S. 














Parker, D. 

Parker, R. 




Patterson, C 

PATTERSON, Vivian M.— Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. PATTON, Duane Y.— Council Grove, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. PAXSON, Karen A.— Burlington, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. PAYNE, David W— Prairie Vil- 
lage, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

PAYNE, Henry D.-Buffalo, Freshman in Agriculture. PEA- 
BODY, Derril E.— Muscotah, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
PEARCE, Cecil W.— Wallace, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. PEARCE, Mary A.-Oklahoma City, Okla., Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

PEARSON, Carolyn V— Clyde, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
PEASE, Dean A— Balboa Island, Calif., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. PECK, James A— Kansas City, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. PEEL, John E. -Prairie Village, Junior in Arts and 

OWEN, Stephen B. -Kinsley, Junior in Agriculture. OWENS, 
Harriett D.— Kansas Citv, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
OYLER, Janet F.— Norwich, Junior in Home Economics. PACK, 
Gary L.— Winfield, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

PAGE, Harvey J.— Oakley, Junior in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. PALERMO, Peter J.— Mission, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. PALLESEN, Peter J.— Topeka, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. PALMQUIST, Julie C— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

PANCOST, Robert D.— Great Bend, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. PANGBURN, Robert C.-Dayton, Ohio, 03 in 
Engineering and Architecture. PANNBACKER, Richard— Wash- 
ington, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. PAPH, Charles L.— 
Wichita, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

PARADISE, Julie A.— Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. PARK, Doris E.— Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. PARKER, Dorothy A.— Clearwater, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. PARKER, Randall L.— Omaha, Neb., Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. 

PARR, David W.— McPherson, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
PARSONS, Michael L.— Great Bend, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. PARTHEMER, Errol L.-Frankfort, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. PATTERSON, C. Richard-Garden City, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

Patterson, V. Patton 


Payne, D. 

Payne, H. Peabody 

Pearce, C. 

Pearce, M 

Pearson Pease 



& ~ifc ska MUl ^-'fc y 


PEGG, Earl R.— Wichita, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. PEITHMAN, Allen E.-Hebron, Neb., Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. PELTIER, Gary V.-Concordia, Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. PERKINS, Barbara A.— Kan- 
sas City, Mo., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

PERRIER, Charles L— Eureka, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. PERRIER, Louis E.— Eureka, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. PERRY, Edward N.— Wichita, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. PERRY, Joan E— Wakarusa, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. 

PETERS, Daniel S.— Merriam, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
PETERS, Garv L.— Goodland, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
PETERSEN, Robert E.— Goessel, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
PETERSILIE, William H.-Ness City, 03 in Engineering and 

PETERSON, Charles C— Junction City, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. PETERSON, D. Fred-Wichita, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. PETERSON, Gary E.— 
Bazaar, Sophomore in Agriculture. PETERSON, Gary L.— 
Marquette, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

PETERSON, John D.-Grand Island, Neb., Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. PETERSON, Jon E — Basking 
Ridge, N. J., Junior in Arts and Sciences. PETERSON, Max R. 
—Marquette, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. PETER- 
SON, Ralph W.— Council Grove, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Peterson, R. K. Peterson, S. G. Peterson, S. J. Peterson, W. 
Petitt Petterson Pettijohn Peugh 

Pfeifer Pfister Pflieger Phifer 


Perrier, C. 
Peters, D. 
Peterson, C. 

Peterson, J. D. 

Peltier Perkins 

Perry, E. Perry, J. 

Petersen Petersilie 

Peterson, G. E. Peterson, 

Peterson, J. E. Peterson, M. Peterson, 

R. W. 

Perrier, L. 
Peters, G. 
Peterson, D. 

PETERSON, Roger K.-Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. PETERSON, Susan G.— Princeton, 111., Sophomore in 
Home Economics. PETERSON, Susan J.— Prairie Village, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. PETERSON, Willis I.— Lost 
Springs, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

PETITT, Terry R.— El Reno, Okla., Sophomore in Agriculture. 
PETTERSON, John L.— Topeka, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
PETTIJOHN, Mary E.-Russell, junior in Arts and Sciences. 
PEUGH, William E.— Mankato, Sophomore in Engineering and 

PFEIFER, Norman I.— Great Bend, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
PFISTER, Ronald L.— Hiawatha, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. PFLIEGER, L. Dale— Phillipsburg, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. PHIFER, Vicki L.— Ulysses, Freshman in Home Eco- 


Phillips, C. Phillips, D. 

Pickinpaugh Pierce, C. 

Pierce, Piercy 


Pincus Pine, J. 

Pivonka Piatt 

Phipps Pickett 

Pierce, H. Pierce, Mary 

Pieschl Pilkenton 

Pine, R. 


Underclassmen: Phi - Qui 

PHILLIPS, C. Anne— Kansas City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
PHILLIPS, Duane R.— Hutchinson, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. PHIPPS, George H.— Mission, Sophomore in 
Veterinary Medicine. PICKETT, Herschel R.-Goodland, Soph- 
omore in Agriculture. 

PICKINPAUGH, Elden R.-Hastings, Neb., Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. PIERCE, Charles L.— Hill City, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. PIERCE, Henry F. 
—Hays, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. PIERCE, Mary 
E.— Hays, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

PIERCE, Michael E.— Colony, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
PIERCY, Linda R.— Kansas Citv, Mo., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. PIESCHL, Richard L.— Minneapolis, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. PILKENTON, Judith A.-Kansas City, Mo., 
Sophomore in Home Economics. 

PINCUS, Celia— Mission, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. PINE, 
Janet H.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. PINE, 
Roger C— Lawrence, Junior in Agriculture. PIPER, Stephen C. 
—Overland Park, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

PIVONKA, Edward D.— Albert, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. PLATT, Robert G.— Great Bend, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. PLETCHER, Ronald D.-Wichita, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. PLUNKETT, Mor- 
ton—Minneapolis, 04 in Engineering and Architecture. 

POE, Robert L.— Merriam, Junior in Arts and Sciences. POER, 
Dennis E.— Hoisington, Junior in Arts and Sciences. POLEHNA, 
Vera R.— Ely, Iowa, Sophomore in Veterinary Medicine. PO- 
LING, Tim E.— Goodland, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
POOR, Ronnie — Chanute, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
POORT, Steve M.— Topeka, Junior in Arts and Sciences. PO- 
RATH, William W.— Erie, Pa., Junior in Engineering and Ar- 

PORTER, Sally P.— Junction City, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. POTEET, Nadene L.— Kingman, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. POTTER, Jean M.-Cody, Wyo., 02 in Engineering 
and Architecture. POTTORFF, Karen J.— Wichita, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. POWELL, Bertie L.— Liberal, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. POWELL, H. Dean— Garnett, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. POWELL, Jonanne— Kansas City, Junior in 
Home Economics. 








Powell, B. 
Powell, H. 
Powell, J. 

K Jt 





POWELL, Nancy J.— Parsons, Freshman in Home Economics. 
POWELL, Richard L.— Bonner Springs, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. POWELL, Wayne M— Pittsfield, Mass., Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. POWELL, William A.— Wichita, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

PRATHER, Ardene K — Wichita, Freshman in Aits and Sciences. 
PRATT, Norman L.— Alton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
PREDDY, Caroline E.— Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. PRENTUP, Patricia L.— Boulder, Colo., Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

PREWITT, Judith C. -Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. PRIBYL, M. Dianne— Paxton, Neb., Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. PRICE, James W.— Baxter Springs, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. PRICE, Lawrence E.— Baxter 
Springs, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

PRIEFERT, Paul B.-Liberal, Junior in Agriculture. PRITCH- 
ARD, Mary L.— Burdick, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
PRITCHARD, Michael D.-Wichita, Sophomore in Aits and 
Sciences. PROCTOR, Connie M.— Soldier, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

PROCTOR, D. Jolene-Mound Valley, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. PROCTOR, Marvin L.— Haviland, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. PROCTOR, Ruth A.-Soldier, Junior in 
Home Economics. PROFFITT, Gary R.— Sterling, junior in 

PROUDFIT, F. Elizabeth-Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. PRUITT, Mary M— Wichita, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. PUCKETT, Mimi E.— St. George, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. PURCELL, Deanna A— Horton, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. PURFURST, James R— Wichita, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. PURINTON, P. Thomas— Mission, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. PYLE, Constance M — Plain ville. Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

PYNE, Charles L.— Columbus, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. PYWELL, Richard A.— Zurich, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. QUADE, Kenneth G.— Hunter, 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. QUANZ, Jnell M. 
—Glade, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. QUERY, Sharon K.— 
Edson, Freshman in Home Economics. QUILLIN, James E — 
South Haven, Sophomore in Agriculture. QUINN, Adrienne M. 
—Oakley, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Powell, N. Powell, R. Powell, W. M. Powell, W.A. 

Prather Pratt Precldy Prentup 

Prewitt Pribyl Price, J. Price, L. 

Priefert Pritchard, M. L. Pn'tcharcl, M. D. Proctor, C. 

Proctor, D. Proctor, M. Proctor, R. Proffitt 









Quinn, A. M. 


Performing at a Beat Hour are the drummer and bass viola 
player of the Dale Norris sextet. The Beat Hours, spon- 

sored by the Union Jazz committee, featured local, modern 
jazz groups in the Student Union Dive Friday afternoons. 

Underclassmen: Qui - Rei 

QUINN, Art J.— Bennington, Junior in Veterinary Medicine. 
QUIRK, Judy L.— Prairie Village, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. RADER, fames Edgar— Paola, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. RADER, Larry D.— Caldwell, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

RADER, Ronald D.— Caldwell, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. RAEDEKE, Arlin H.— Alma, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. RAILSBACK, Virginia— Ellsworth, 
Minn., Junior in Home Economics. RALEIGH, Ruth A.— Clyde, 
Sophomore in Home Economics. 

RALLS, R. Nelson— Omaha, Neb., Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. RAMSEY, Jon M.— Scott City, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. RAMSEY, M. Suzanne— Kansas 
City, Mo., Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. RANDEL, S. Kay 
—Redwood City, Calif., Sophomore in Home Economics. 

Quinn, A. J. 


Rader, J. 

Rader, L 

Racier, R. 





Ramsey, J. 

Ramsey, M. 



Randels Rankin, C. Rankin, R. Rapp 

Rasmussen, D. Rasmussen, L. Rasmussen, R. Rathbun, D. 
Rathbun, J. Ray, M. E. Ray, M. G. Raymond 

REASOR, Larry L— Arkansas City, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. REASOR, Sharon S.— Arkansas City, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. REDDING, Christina M.— Topeka, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. REECE, Linda A.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

REED, Geney C— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
REED, Marshall L.— Monument, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. REEHLING, Jean E.— Cottonwood Falls, Sopho- 
more in Home Economics. REESE, Rerye L.— Logan, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

REEVES, Gerald K.— Winter Haven, Fla., Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. REEVES, Kathryn M.— Kansas City, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. REFFNER, Jack F.— Valley Center, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. REGIER, Retty Jo- 
Newton, Freshman in Home Economics. 

REGIER, Donna L.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. REH, Maxine C— Rennington, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. REHFELD, David P.— Alhambra, Calif., Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. REIRER, Duke B.— Junction City, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

REICHEL, Darell R.— Bison, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. REID, James D.— Atwood, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. REID, Judith K.— Kansas City, Mo., Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. REID, Ronald L.— Hutchinson, 03 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

RANDELS, Eleanor A. -Bluff City, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. RANKIN, Constance L— Poland, Ohio, Freshman in 
Home Economics. RANKIN, Rae— Phillipsburg, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. RAPP, Virginia K.— Manhattan, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

RASMUSSEN, Donald M.— Oakley, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. RASMUSSEN, Lyle E.-St. Paul, Neb., 
Freshman in Veterinary Medicine. RASMUSSEN, Ronald L.— 
Vliets, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. RATHBUN, 
Don A.— Tescott, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

RATHRUN, Jerry L.— Tescott, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. RAY, Marian E.— Wakefield, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. RAY, M. Gene— Leoti, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
RAYMOND, Michael A.— Leavenworth, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

Reasor, L. 

Reasor, S. 



Reed, G. 

Reed, M. 



Reeves, G. 

Reeves, K. 


Regier, B 

Regier, D. 





Reid, J. D. 

Reid, J. K. 

Reid, R. 









Reynolds, G. 
Reynolds, J. 
Reynolds, L. 

?. ""^asar* ,<js?rv 


* *e< -y ^ry^ 

■H ';. * --fSr 


Richards, Lloyd Richards, Lucia Richardson, D. 

Richardson, J. Richardson, M. Richel 

Rickard Rieck Riepe 

Riley Rinard Rinehart 

Riordan Rively Rizek 

Roberts, C. 


Underclassmen: Rei - Rol 

REIFF, Jane L.— Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. REINERT, David R.— Washington, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. REINHARDT, Leslie R.— Bison, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. REINHART, Wade W.— Vermillion, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. REINKE, Janet 
M.— Kansas City, Mo., Junior in Home Economics. REIST, 
Robert E.— Bern, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. REMPE, 
James E.— Plainville, Junior in Agriculture. 

RENSENHOUSE, James P.— Merriam, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. REPPERT, John C.-Anna, 111., Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. REUSSER, David A.— Wellington, 
Freshman in Agriculture. REYNOLDS, Gary J.— Neodesha, 
Freshman in Agriculture. REYNOLDS, John Z.— Kansas City, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. REYNOLDS, 
Larry L.— Wichita, 01 in Engineering and Architecture. 
RHOADS, Arthur D— Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

RHODES, Sandra E.— Jamestown, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. RICHARDS, Lloyd L.— Hoyt, Freshman in Agriculture. 
RICHARDS, Lucia L.— Hays, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
RICHARDSON, Donald W.-Belleville, Freshman in Arts and 

RICHARDSON, John M— Pittsburg, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. RICHARDSON, Mary E. -Stafford, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. RICHEL, Karen S.— Topeka, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. RICHTER, Charles E.— Teaneck, N. J., 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

RICKARD, Roger L.— Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
RIECK, Gary L.— Burlingame, Junior in Agriculture. RIEPE, 
Kenneth E.— Sun City, Sophomore in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. RIKER, Patricia T.— Salina, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 

RILEY, William M.— Washington, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. RINARD, Phillip M.— Salina, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
RINEHART, Richard B.— Arkansas City, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. RINGEL, Larry H.— Alma, Freshman in Agri- 

RIORDAN, Mary Ann— Solomon, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. RIVELY, Laurence N.— Kansas City, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. RIZEK, James E.— Belleville, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. ROBERTS, Clyde A.— Kansas City, Sophomore in Agri- 


ROBERTS, Myrna K.— Centralia, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. ROBERTS, Nancy J.— Pratt, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. ROBERTS, Patricia E.— Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. ROBERTS, Richard G.— Jamestown, Ind., 
Sophomore in Agriculture. 

ROBERTSON, Charles E.— Greensburg, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. ROBERTSON, John E.-Kansas City, 
Mo., Junior in Engineering and Architecture. ROBERTSON, 
Judith— Kansas Citv, Mo., Junior in Home Economics. ROB- 
ERTSON, Kenneth D.— Chanute, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

ROBINSON, J. Michael-Stockton, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. ROBINSON, Fred L.-Wichita, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. ROBOHN, Sarah F.— Manhattan, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. ROBSON, Jeanette— Abilene, Junior in 
Home Economics. 

ROBSON, Sharon E.— Topeka, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
RODDA, John H.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
RODENBEEK, James E.— Scott City, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. RODEWALD, Sara C— Eudora, Freshman in Home 

RODMAN, Dale A— Toronto, Sophomore in Agriculture. ROD- 
RIGUEZ, Pablo {.—Venezuela, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. ROECKERS, Loretta M.— Richmond, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. ROELFS, Norman L.— Stockton, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

ROES, Judv K.— Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
ROGERS, Frank A.— Augusta, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. ROGERS, Joyce M.— Mission, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. ROGERS, Llovd W.— Emporia, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. ROGERS, May E.— Manhattan, Freshman in 
Home Economics. ROGERS, Philip N.— Rose Hill, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. ROGG, Barbara L— Russell, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

ROGLER, Lawrence C— Kincaid, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. ROHDE, Drexel D.— Pittsburg, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. ROHLOFF, Larry C— Manhattan, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. ROHRBAUGH, Bryce E.-Great Bend, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. ROHRBAUGH, Kath- 
erine— Cimarron, Freshman in Home Economics. ROLLER, 
Francis M.— Phillipsburg, Junior in Arts and Sciences. ROL- 
LINS, Bill— Rose Hill, Freshman in Agriculture. 

Roberts, M. Roberts, N. 
Robertson, C. Robertson, 

J. E. 
Robinson, J. Robinson, F. 
Rob son, S. Rodda 
Rodman Rodriguez 

Roberts, P. Roberts, R. 

Robertson, J. Robertson, K. 

Robohn Robson, J. 

Rodenbeek Rodewald 

Roeckers Roelfs 

«/ ^^ isiiit 


' - 


Rogers, F. 

Rogers, J. 

Rogers, L. 

Rogers, M. 

Rogers, P. 





Rohrbaugh, B. 

Rohrbaugh, K. 


Rollins, B. 



Rollins, S. 


Rooney, L. 

Rooney, T. 

Rose, D. 

Rose, L. 

Rose, M. 

Rose, R. 

Rose, S. K. 

Rose, S. D. 



ROSS, Deanna J.— Lovewell, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
ROSS, E. Irene— Centerville, Junior in Home Economics. ROSS, 
Marcia M.— Hutchinson, Junior in Home Economics. ROSS, 
Nancy L.— Wellington, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

ROSSER, Karen E.— Delia, Junior in Home Economics. ROTH, 
Linda A.— Garden City, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
ROTHERS, Paul L.— Havensville, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. ROWLAND, Nancy J.— Freshman in Home Eco- 

ROYER, Lareta J.— Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. RUDOLPH, Kathryn L.— Manhattan, Junior in Aits and 
Sciences. RUECK, Jon M.— Gardner, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. RUFF, Frank A.— Rossville, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

RUFF, Michael D.— Newton, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. RUGGLES, Charles M.— Jewell, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. RULLMAN, Melanie J.— Winfield, Freshman in 
Home Economics. RULLMAN, Richard L.— Wichita, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. 

RUMSEY, Dwayne I.— Wichita, 01 in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. RUNDLE, Ileen J.— Clay Center, Freshman in Home 
Economics. RUNQUIST, Glennys J.— Falun, Freshman in 
Home Economics. RUNYAN, Larry J.— Pittsburg, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Underclassmen: Rol - Saw 

ROLLINS, Shirley F.— Kinsley, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
ROOHMS, John W.— St. John, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. ROONEY, Lloyd W— McDonald, Junior in Agri- 
culture. ROONEY, Terry E.— Ft. Knox, Ky., Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

ROSE, David G.— Kansas City, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. ROSE, Larry L.— Tonganoxie, Junior in Agriculture. 
ROSE, Michael C— Overbrook, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
ROSE, Richard M.— Overbrook, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

ROSE, Sheila K.— Junction City, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
ROSE, Stephen D.— Kansas City, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. ROSENHAGEN, Richard— Cheney, Junior in Agriculture. 
ROSENQUIT, Bert-Brooklyn, N. Y., Freshman in Arts and 

Ross, D. 

Ross, E. 

Ross, M. 

Ross, N. 








Ruff, F. 

Ruff, M. 


Rullman, M. 

Rullman, R, 




Runyan, L. 


RUNYAN, Thomas— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Agriculture. 
RUSH, Keith D.— Haviland, Junior in Arts and Sciences. RUSH, 
Wavne— Haviland, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. RUSHTON, 
Bettv A.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

RUSS, Joan M.— Stockton, Freshman in Home Economics. 
RUSSELL, Anita F.— Eureka, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
RUSSELL, Edward D.— Hutchinson, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. RUSSELL, Richard B.— Manhattan, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

RUST, Clarence J.— Goodland, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. RUST, Zelma I.— Smith Center, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. RYAN, Patricia— Manhattan, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. SACHSE, C. Raymond— Easton, Pa., Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Sager Salisbury, D. Salisbury, R. Salmans 

Salter Salyer, G. Salyer, R. Samuelson, J. 

Samuelson, M. Sanborn Sandell Sanders, D. 

Sanders, W. Santee Sargent, C. Sargent, R. 

Sauder Sauer Saunders Sawer 

Runyan, T. 

Rush, K. 

Rush, W. 



Russell, A. 

Russell, E. 

Russell, R 

Rust, C. 

Rust, Z. 



SAGER, Gary L.— MePherson, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. SALISBURY, Donald K.— Wichita, Junior in Agri- 
culture. SALISBURY, Richard D.— Topeka, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. SALMANS, Carol J.— Cimarron, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

SALTER, Saloma D.— Wakefield, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. SALYER, Gary R.— Garden Citv, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. SALYER, Ray L.— Garden Citv, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. SAMUELSON, John D— Olsburg, Junior in Veter- 
inary Medicine. 

SAMUELSON, Martha C.-Olsburg. Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. SANBORN, Sharolvn S.— Augusta, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. SANDELL, Eric W.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. SANDERS, Donald L.— Ridgwav, 111., Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

SANDERS, William M.— Burlington, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. SANTEE, Linda L.— Parsons, Freshman in Home 
Economics. SARGENT, Carolyn J.— Manhattan, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. SARGENT, Robert L.— Kansas Citv, Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

SAUDER, Charles W.— Tremont, 111., Freshman in Agriculture. 
SAUER, Stephen F.— Overland Park, 01 in Engineering and 
Architecture. SAUNDERS, Harold D.— Downs, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. SAWER, Barbara J.— Ludell, Sophomore in Home 





Schafer, C. 

Schafer, M. 











Schierling Schilling Schimke 

Schlegel Schletzbaum Schloh 

Schlotfelt Schmelzel Schmidt, D. 

Schmidt, J. Schmidt, K. Schmidt, S. 

Schneider Scholten Schone 

Schmidt, E. 

Underclassmen: Say - Sco 

SAYLER, John C— Great Bend, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. SAYRE, Lois A.— Cottonwood Falls, Junior in Home 
Economics. SCAMMELL, Barbara L.— Girard, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. SCHAFER, Connie J.— Sterling, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. SCHAFER, Michael E.— Norton, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. SCHALLER, Charles E.— Kinslev, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. SCHAMAHORN, Gerald L.-Lindsborg, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

SCHAUS, Marilvnn L.— WaKeeney, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. SCHAWE, David H.— Great Bend, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. SCHEETZ, Philip G.— Oakley, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. SCHELEEN, Marilyn A.— Manhattan, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. SCHELLER, Melvin L.— Waterville, Junior 
in Agriculture. SCHICK, Larry L.— Logan, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. SCHICKE, John F.— Independence, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

SCHIERLING, Allen C— Inman, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
SCHILLING, Paul W.— Independence, Mo., Sophomore in Vet- 
erinary Medicine. SCHIMKE, Ralph H.— Leavenworth, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. SCHLAEFLI, Gloria G. 
— Hobbs, N. M., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

SCHLEGEL, Jay C— Onaga, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. SCHLETZBAUM, Jerry D.-Atchison, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. SCHLOH, E. Gary— 
Natoma, 03 in Engineering and Architecture. SCHLOSSER, 
Bruce E.— Kansas City, Freshman in Engineering and Architec- 

SCHLOTFELT, Larry G — Augusta, 02 in Engineering and 
Architecture. SCHMELZEL, Sally S.— Topeka, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. SCHMIDT, Darrell P.-Catherine, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. SCHMIDT, Emma M.— 
Larned, Freshman in Home Economics. 

SCHMIDT, Judy R.— Freeport, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
SCHMIDT, Kenneth A.— Catherine, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. SCHMIDT, Susan E.— Mission, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. SCHMIDTLEIN, Gregory— Topeka, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

SCHNEIDER, George W.— Manhattan, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. SCHOLTEN, Kathryn J.— Salina, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. SCHONE, Donald B.— Kansas City, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. SCHONING, Delbert 
D.— Morganville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 


^gggm^. jgMi^k M^Kt^. 

*<••* mm -* <wi ;.' * ■;# *""" T^ 

■r If k 

SCHOOLCRAFT, Suzanne— Fredonia, Junior in Home Econom- 
ics. SCHOPE, Wayne W.— La Crosse, Junior in Agriculture. 
SCHRADER, Lawrence E.— Lancaster, Freshman in Agriculture. 
SCHRAG, Alvin D.— Hutchinson, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. SCHRAG, Maurice P.— Kingman, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. SCHROCK, Janet K.— Topeka, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. SCHROCK, Scharmal K.— Hazelton, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

SCHROEDER, Donald G.-Marysville, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. SCHROEDER, James C— Leavenworth, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. SCHROEDER, Mary S — Mt. 
Vernon, 111., Junior in Arts and Sciences. SCHUELER, Joseph 
M.— Hays, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. SCHUETZ, John 
H.— Powhattan, Junior in Agriculture. SCHUETZ, Robert L.— 
Horton, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. SCHULER, 
Carl L.— Nortonville, Sophomore in Engineering and Architec- 

SCHULER, J. Alan— Nortonville, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. SCHULEY, Phillip H.— Kansas Citv, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. SCHULKE, Kurt P.— Lyons, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. SCHULTIS, Larry C— McPherson, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

SCHULTZ, Franklin C— Mission, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. SCHULTZ, Robert E.-Lovell, Wyo., 04 in En- 
gineering and Architecture. SCHUMAN, Merlin D.— Neodesha, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. SCHUTTEN- 
HELM, Roy W.— Lemay, Mo., Freshman in Engineering and 

SCHUTZ, Susan B.— Mission, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
SCHWAB, Geraldine J.— Chapman, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. SCHWARZ, Margaret M.— Wichita, Freshman in Home 
Economics. SCHWARTZ, Richard D.-Pretty Prairie, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 

SCHWEER, Vernon R.— Garden Citv, Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. SCHWINTZ, Larry C.-Winfield, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. SCOBY, Mary J.— Fairview, Freshman in Home Econom- 
ics. SCOTT, Carole A.— Clay Center, Freshman in Arts and 

SCOTT, Charlene A.— Brewster, Sophomore in Home Econom- 
ics. SCOTT, David R.— Jennings, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. SCOTT, Donna R.— Lewis, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. SCOTT, Janice J.— Canev, Sophomore in Home Eco- 

Schuler, J. 
Schultz, F. 


Schultz, R. 






Schrag, A. 

Schrag, M. 

Schrock, J. 

Schrock, S. 

Schroeder, D. 

Schroeder, J. 

Schroeder, M. 


Schuetz, J. 

Schuetz, R. 

Schuler, C. 

Scott, Carole 

Scott, David Scott, Donna Scott, J. 


Underclassmen: Sco - Shi 

SCOTT, Phillip A.— Manhattan, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. SEAMAN, De Ann— Beattie, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. SEATON, Kay P.— Chatham, N. J., Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. SEATON, Michael B.— Manhattan, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

SEATON, Roy A.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
SEBOLT, Nancv K.— Independence, Mo., Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. SEDERQUIST, Jon C— Mission, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. SEDIVY, Janice A.— Bigelow, Freshman in Arts and 

SEGELQUIST, Helen C— Scranton, Junior in Home Economics. 
SEIBEL, Jack N.— Ellis, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 
SEITZ, C. Michael— Junction City, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. SEITZ, Larry M.— Hutchinson, Sophomore in Arts and 

Settergren Seute 

Sewell Seyler 

Shannon, E. Shannon, V. 

Shaughnessy Shawver 

Sheldon Shepek 

Sharp, D. 
Sheets, L. 

Sharp, P. 
Sheets, W. 



¥*. INH . IB mm H 9 mm. ^^k 

*^K^ mmmm* ^ ' mmV ^ 

mm* mi 

Scott, P. 


Seaton, K. 

Seaton, M 

Seaton, R. 






Seitz, C. 

Seitz, L. 

SELBY, James A.— Manhattan, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. SENIOR, Carolvnn J.— Kansas Citv, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. SETTERGREN, Richard-Wichita, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. SEUTE, Robert M.— 
Lancaster, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

SEVERANCE, Donna E.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. SEVERNS, Margaret V.— Norton, Sophomore in Home 
Economics. SEWELL, Judith A.— Pratt, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. SEYLER, Harry L.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

SHAMBURG, Edward D.-Beloit, Sophomore in Aits and Sci- 
ences. SHANK, Edward F.— New Cambria, Ark., Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. SHANNON, Ellen K.— Wichita, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. SHANNON, Virginia A.— 
Rossville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

SHARP, David L.— Effingham, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
SHARP, Patricia R.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
SHAUGHNESSY, Charles-Ottawa, 03 in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. SHAWVER, S. Herbert— Wichita, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

SHEETS, Larry M.— Dover, Freshman in Agriculture. SHEETS, 
Wesley F.— Dover, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. SHEL- 
DON, Sarah F.— Caney, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. SHE- 
PEK, Reuben D.— Salina, Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 


With radiant smiles, Michele Schultz of Kappa Delta and the Interfraternity Pledge dance in February by last year's 

Bob Cox of Kappa Sigma are crowned queen and king at Greek royalty, Greg Schmidtlein and Karen Bloomberg. 

Shepherd Shepherdson Sheppard Sherer, G. 

Sherer, P. Sherman, Ralph Sherman, Roger Sherraden 
Sheue Shields, D. Shields, J. Shier 

feiyyfc W 

SHEPHERD, Teanette M.— Harper, Junior in Aits and Sciences. 
SHEPHERDSON, Gary L.-Beloit, Wis., Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. SHEPPARD, Susan G.— Omaha, 
Neb., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. SHERER, George L.— 
Mullinville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

SHERER, Paul V. — Mullinville, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
SHERMAN, Ralph W.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
SHERMAN, Roger W.— Silver Spring, Md., Junior in Agri- 
culture. SHERRADEN, Dixie L.— Abilene, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

SHEUE, Mary Ann— Kansas City, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. SHIELDS, Dennis L.— Lindsborg, Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. SHIELDS, John A.— Chetopa, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
SHIER, David G.— Gypsum, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 


Underclassmen: Shi - Smi 

SHILLING, Sandra K.— Salina, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
SHIVELY, William C— Kansas City, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. SHOEMAKE, Gayla L— El Dorado, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. SHORE, Donald A.— Wellington, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

SHORES, Rosemary A.— Goodland, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. SHORTMAN, Penelope A.— Topeka, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. SHOUP, Floyd K.— Mulvane, Sophomore in Ag- 
riculture. SHOUP, Norma J.— Udall, Sophomore in Arts and 

SHREVE, V. Marnell— Great Bend, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
SHULTZ, Janet J.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
SHULTZ, Michele A.— Lawrence, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. SHURTS, Mary S.— Asherville, Sophomore in Arts and 

SHURTZ, Daryl L.— Sharon Springs, Freshman in Agriculture. 
SHYROCK, Larry J.— Wichita, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. SIDDENS, Norma J.— Tonganoxie, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. SIEFKES, Darwin L.— Hudson, Freshman 
in Agriculture. 

SIEGLE, Franklin B.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. SILVIUS, Bryce A.— Wellsville, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. SILVIUS, Terry L.— Wellsville, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. SIMECKA, Karl D.— Saint Marys, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

SIMON, Vaughn N.— Westmoreland, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. SIMONS, Gale G.— Kingman, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. SIMPSON, Joe C— Abilene, Fresh- 
man in Engineering and Architecture. SIMPSON, Mary Ann- 
Colby, Junior in Arts and Sciences. SIMPSON, Nancy K.— Win- 
field, Sophomore in Home Economics. SIMPSON, Raymond E.— 
Kiowa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. SIMS, Richard E.— 
Bunker Hill, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

SIMS, Thomas D.— La Cygne, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. SINGLETON, Ann— Englewood, Colo., Junior in 
Home Economics. SINGULAR, S. Gav— Abilene, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. SIPAHIMALANI, Chandr— India, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. SKINNER, Rosetta P.— Union- 
town, Sophomore in Home Economics. SLADE, Ronnie W.— 
Preston, Freshman in Agriculture. SLADE, U. Kav— Stafford, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 








Shoup, F. 

Shoup, N 


Shultz, J. 

Shultz, M. 







Silvius, B. 

Silvius, T. 


Simpson, J. 
Simpson, M. 
Simpson, N. 
Simpson, R. 
Sims, R. 

Sims, T. 





Slade, R. 

Slade, U. 



Slvter, A. 
Slyter, D. 




Smith, A. 

Smith, Bradley 

Smith, Bruce 

Smith, Carey 

Smith, Carolyn 

Smith, D 

Smith, E. E. 
Smith, J. C. 
Smith, J. M. 
Smith, L. 
Smith, N. 

Smith, E. C. 
Smith, J. L. 
Smith, J. A. 
Smith, M. V. 
Smith, P. Ann 

Smith, G. 
Smith, J. H. 
Smith, J. S. 
Smith, M. R. 
Smith, P. Anne 

Smith, H. 
Smith, J. N. 
Smith, K. 
Smith, M. A. 
Smith, P. 

SLAGLE, Roy E.— Hugoton, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. SLAUGHTER, Elizabeth— Salina, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. SLOAN, Kenneth W.— Colby, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. SLYTER, Arthur L.— Paola, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. SLYTER, David R.— Paola, Junior in Agriculture. 
SMALL, Charlene I.— Horton, Freshman in Home Economics. 
SMART, Kenneth R.— Atchison, Freshman in Engineering and 

SMERCHEK. Gene A.— Manhattan, 01 in Engineering and 
Architecture. SMITH, Arthur E.— Topeka, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. SMITH, Bradley E.— Wellington, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. SMITH, Bruce E.— Greensburg, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. SMITH, Carey L — 
Claflin, Freshman in Agriculture. SMITH, Carolyn L.— Cald- 
well, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. SMITH, Deanna J.— 
Minneapolis, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

SMITH, Earl E— Wichita, 04 in Engineering and Architecture. 
SMITH, Elaine C— Osage, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
SMITH, Gav K.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
SMITH, Helen A.— Kansas Citv, Mo., Junior in Arts and Sci- 

SMITH, Jan C— Greenville, 111., Freshman in Home Economics. 
SMITH, Janet L.— Parsons, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
SMITH, Jared H.— Prairie Village, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. SMITH, Jim N.— Wichita, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

SMITH, John M.— Manhattan, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. SMITH, Judith A.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. SMITH, Judith S.— Chanute, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. SMITH, Karen L.— Mount Hope, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

SMITH, Larry L.— Horton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
SMITH, M. Viers— Colbv, Junior in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. SMITH, Marcia R.— Junction Citv, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. SMITH, Meredith A.— Dorrance, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

SMITH, Norman E.— Parsons, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. SMITH, Patricia Ann— Louisburg, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. SMITH, Patricia Anne— Wichita, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. SMITH, Phillip D.— Overland Park, Soph- 
omore in Arts and Sciences. 


Underclassmen: Smi - S+e 

SMITH, Richard E.-Scott City, Freshman in Agriculture. 
SMITH, Richard N.— Mound Ridge, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. SMITH, Russell G.-Rattle Creek, Mich., 
Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. SMITH, Sherrill 
L.— Kansas Citv, junior in Arts and Sciences. 

SMYLIE, Eugene C— McPherson, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. SNIDER, Mary S.— Abilene, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. SNOW, Clifford N.— Manhattan, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. SNYDER, Donald L.— Norton, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. 

SNYDER, Rosetta P.— Wichita, Junior in Home Economics. 
SODERSTROM, G. Douglas- Junction City, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. SOELRERG, Nils K.— Omaha, Neb., Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. SOLBERG, Frederick M.— Kansas City, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

SOMERVILLE, Roger A— Dallas, Texas, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. SONDERGARD, Ronald D.-Manhattan, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. SORENSON, David A.— Wil- 
sey, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. SOUPENE, William H.— 
Manhattan, Freshman in Aits and Sciences. 

SOUTHERLAND, Charlotte-Garnett, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. SOUTHERLAND, Steven— Saint Marys, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. SOWELL, Richard L.— Manhattan, Junior in 
Engineering and Architecture. SPACIL, Leon L.— Ellinwood, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

Spaulding, B. Spaulding, S. Speirs Spence, D. 

Spence, N. Spencer Splichal Spoelstra 

Springer Sproat Sproul St. John 


Smith, R. E. Smith, R.N. Smith, R. G. Smith, S. 

Smylie Snider Snow Snyder, D. 

Snyder, R. Soderstrom Soelberg Solberg 

Somerville Sondergard Sorenson Soupene 

Southerland, Southerland, Sowell Spacil 
C. S. 

SPAULDING, Barbara L.-Herington, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. SPAULDING, Sandra J— Hiawatha, Freshman in 
Home Economics. SPEIRS, Ruth A.— Dodge City, Freshman in 
Home Economics. SPENCE, David A— Beatrice, Neb., Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. 

SPENCE, Neal B.— Leavenworth, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. SPENCER, Jerry D.— Marysville, Sophomore 
in Engineering and Architecture. SPLICHAL, Helen J.— Man- 
hattan, Junior in Home Economics. SPOELSTRA, John H.— 
Prairie View, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

SPRINGER, Keith A— Waterville, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. SPROAT, Steve E.— Sedan, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. SPROUL, Merrill F.— Clay Center, 
Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. ST. JOHN, Dee 
A.— Salina, Freshman in Home Economics. 









Stanley, G. 

Stanley, K. 

Stanley, R 







Steele, B. 

Steele, J. 

Steele, R. 




STEGMAN, Anthony J— Hugoton, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. STENBERG, Jerry L.— Clyde, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. STENZEL, Howard K.— Marion, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. STEPHENSON, B. Rex— Lyons, Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

STEPS, Martha J.— Topeka, Junior in Arts and Sciences. STEV- 
ENS, Earl D.— Valley Falls, Junior in Arts and Sciences. STEV- 
ENS, Judith A.— Ottawa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
STEVENS, Patricia S.— Ottawa, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

STEVENSON, Man- J.-Mound Valley, Junior in Home Eco- 
nomics. STEWART, Carol D.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. STEWART, Jan— Hays, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. STEWART, John C— Manhattan, Sophomore in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. 

STAATS, Beulah M.— Sylvia, Sophomore in Home Economics. 
STAFFORD, Julia S.— Leonardville, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. STALCUP, John C— Salina, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. STALKER, Clinton L.— Topeka, Sophomore 
in Veterinary Medicine. 

STANG, Clement G— Oakley, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
STANLEY, Gary W.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
STANLEY, Karen S.— Kansas City, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. STANLEY, Ralph R.— Minneapolis, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

STANOSHECK, Karen J.-Odell, Neb., Sophomore in Home 
Economics. STAPF, Elizabeth A.— Abilene, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. STARK, John W.— Bonner Springs, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. STARKEY, Mary J.— Mission, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

STAROSTA, Carol E.— Dodge City, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. STARRETT, John R.— Overland Park, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. STEELE, Bradley K.— Hutchinson, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. STEELE, Jeanie— Leoti, Sophomore in Arts and 

STEELE, Robert L. — Salina, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
STEERE, Stanley L.— Alta Vista, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
STEERMAN, Marcia J.— Emporia, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. STEFFENS, Fred T.— Phillipsburg, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 






Stevens, E. 

Stevens, J. 

Stevens, P. 


Stewart, C. 

Stewart, Jan 

Stewart, J. C 



Stewart, J. W. Stewart, W. Still Stilley 

Stinson Stoecker Stolarczyk Stoneking 

Stoner Stoskopf, L. E. Stoskopf, L. L. Stott 

Stoughton Stouse Stout, B. Stout, S. 

Stover, K. Stover, S. Strachota Strahm 

Underclassmen: S+e - Tan 

STEWART, John W.— Edna, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
STEWART, Wendall P. — Hutchinson, Junior in Agriculture. 
STILL, Roger D.— Falls City, Neb., Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. STILLEY, Carol J.— Rilev, Junior in Home 

STINSON, Donald B. -Tribune, Junior in Agriculture. STOECK- 
ER, Marjorie I.— Oakley, Junior in Home Economics. STOLAR- 
CZYK, Richard— Yorkville, N. Y., Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. STONEKING, Merton R.-Kiowa, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

STONER, Suzanne M.— Coffey ville, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. STOSKOPF, Lawrence E.— Hoisington, Junior in Agri- 
culture. STOSKOPF, Linda L— Hiawatha, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. STOTT, Barbara J.— Kansas Citv, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

STOUGHTON, Loraine F.-Inman, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. STOUSE, Lawrence D.— Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore 
in Agriculture. STOUT, Barbara J.— Kansas City, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. STOUT, Stanley E. — Cottonwood Falls, 
Freshman in Agriculture. 

STOVER, Kayla S.— Winona, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
STOVER, Steven C.-Beverly, Junior in Agriculture. STRA- 
CHOTA, John Q.— Greendale, Wis., 03 in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. STRAHM, Mary E.— Fairview, Junior in Arts and 

STRAND, Karen K.— Marvsville, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
STRATHMAN, Gerald J.— Seneca, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. STRATTON, Carolyn D— Louisville, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. STRATTON, Donna S.— Louisville, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. STRAWN, Aubrey L.— Scottsville, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. STREETS, Kenneth L.— Altoona, Junior in 
Agriculture. STRNAD, Phyllis C— Brewster, Junior in Aits and 

STRNAD, Virginia L.— Brewster, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
STROBEL, Laurel L.— Topeka, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
STRONG, Linda J.— Highland, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
STRUSS, Jon D.— WaKeeney, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. STRUSS, Jove E.— WaKeeney, Junior in Home 
Economics. STUCKEY, John W.— Lansing, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. STUCKEY, Sandra K.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and 

Stratton, C. 
Stratton, D. 
Strnad, P. 

Strnad, V. 
Struss, J. D. 
Struss, J. E. 
Stuckey, J. 
Stuckey, S. 


STUDER, Raymond L— Fairview, Junior in Agriculture. STUR- 
GEON, Dale E— Nickerson, Junior in Arts and Sciences. STUT- 
TERHEIM, Keith M— Prairie View, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. SUDDETH, Roger A.-Wichita, 02 in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

SUELTER, Marjorie R — Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. SULLIVAN, Daniel C— Ulysses, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. SULLIVAN, George E.— Kansas City, Mo., Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. SULLIVAN, Kathryn J.— Alma, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

SUMMERS, Rita R.-Coffeyville, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. SUPICA, Louie Jr.— Kansas Citv, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. SUTTER, Rita K.— Wichita, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. SUTTNER, Roger W— Ridgway, 111., Fresh- 
man in Agriculture. 

SUTTON, Larry L.— Salina, Freshman in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. SWAIN, Steven F.— Kansas City, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. SWALLOW, Rebecca J.— Kansas Citv, Mo., 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. SWARNER, Gary R.— Cold- 
water, Sophomore in Agriculture. 

SWARTZ, J. A.— Hiawatha, Sophomore in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. SWEARINGEN, Eugene L.— Hiawatha, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. SWEAT, Richard L.— Cedar, Freshman in Agri- 
culture. SWEAT, Vincent E.— Kensington, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

SWEENEY, Mary L.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
SWENSON, Leon D.— Alta Vista, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. SWENSON, Robert R.— Lyons, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. SWIERCINSKY, Kenneth-Belleville, Freshman 
in Agriculture. SWIFT, Sally J.— Abilene, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. SWIM, Anita K.— Newton, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. SWINNEY, Mary G— Kansas City, Freshman in Home 

SWINSON, Kenneth E.— Pratt, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
SYKES, Claude D.— Oswego, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. SYLTEN, Sara K.— Hiawatha, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. SYLVESTER, Margaret— Quiney, 111., Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. SYMES, Rodney T.— Elmdale, Sophomore in Ag- 
riculture. TAFF, R. Gordon, Kansas Citv, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. TANAKA, Kenneth K.— Lahaina, Hawaii, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. 







Sullivan, D. 

Sullivan, G. 
Sweat, R. 

Sullivan, K. 
Sweat, V. 


Swenson, L. 

Swenson, R. 













Underclassmen: Tan - Tom 

TANNER, Barbara M.— Wamego, Freshman in Home Econom- 
ies. TANNER, Sue K— Salina, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
TAPP, Linda H.— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. TASCHETTA, Suzanne I.— Topeka, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

TAYLOR, Barbara K.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. TAYLOR, Bill L.— Harvevville, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. TAYLOR, Dorothv A.— Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. TAYLOR, Douglas— Newton, Freshman 
in Agriculture. 

TAYLOR, Gaylord M.-Winfield, Freshman in Agriculture. 
TAYLOR, James W. -Manhattan, Junior in Agriculture. TAY- 
LOR, Joyce E.— Topeka, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. TAY- 
LOR, Larry W.— Hiawatha, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

Taylor, M. Taylor, R. Teagarden, J. Teagarden, K. 

Teas Teichgraeber Templer Tenner 

Tetlow Theurer Thiel Thies, D. 

Thies, T. Thiry Thole Tholl 

Thomas, D. Thomas, H. Thomas, J. A. Thomas, J. C. 





Tanner, B. Tanner, S. Tapp Taschetta 

Taylor, B. K. Taylor, B. L. Taylor, D. A. Taylor, D. 
Taylor, G. Taylor, J.W. Taylor, J. E. Taylor, L. 

* kikth 

TAYLOR, M. Hal— Kechi, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
TAYLOR, Richard G.-Harveyville, Junior in Agriculture. TEA- 
GARDEN, John R— La Cygne, Freshman in Agriculture. TEA- 
GARDEN, Karen E.— Frankfort, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

TEAS, Elizabeth A.— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
TEICHGRAEBER, G. John— Chapman, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. TEMPLER, Karen S.— Manhattan, Fresh- 
man in Home Economics. TENNER, Allen R.— Oak Park, 111., 
01 in Engineering and Architecture. 

TETLOW, Doris A. — Downs, Junior in Home Economics. 
THEURER, Larry J. — Wellington, Freshman in Agriculture. 
THIEL, Duane E.— Gypsum, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. THIES, Donna L.— Mission, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

THIES, Terry S.— Great Bend, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
THIRY, Junior K.— Kansas City, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. THOLE, Jon W.— Marion, Junior in Agriculture. 
THOLL, Peggy S.— Topeka, Junior in Home Economics. 

THOMAS, David L.— Ulysses, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. THOMAS, Hollie B— Edna, Sophomore in Ag- 
riculture. THOMAS, John A.— Troy, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
THOMAS, John C— Independence, Mo., Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. 


Thomas, R. E. Thomas, R. L. Thompson, H. Thompson, 

Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, M. Thompson, R. 

J. R. J. C. 

Thornbrugh Thornton, N. Thornton, R. Thorp 

THOUVENELLE, Georgia— Russell, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. THROM, Billv G.— Marvsville, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. THROOP, John A.— Wamego, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. THUDIN, Robert P.— Newton, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. 

THUMMEL, Wayne T.— Selden, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. TIARKS, Henrv J.— Council Bluffs, Iowa, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. TICHENOR, Robert— Burrton, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. TIDD, Donald F.— Neosho Falls, 
Wash., Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

TIERS, Vicky L.— Junction City, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. TILLBERG, Arnold E.— Salina, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. TIMMONS, Darrel H.— Bushton, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. TOADVINE, Sandra M.— Tribune, Fresh- 
man in Aits and Sciences. 

TOBIN, Marian C— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. TOBUREN, Marv G.— Blue Rapids, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. TOBUREN, Sharon K.— Cleburne, Freshman in 
Home Economics. TODD, Arthur M.— Dover, Sophomore in 

TODD, Stephen M.— Sedan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
TOEVS, Judith A.— Newton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
TOLAR, Robert H.— Hutchinson, Junior in Agriculture. 
TOMAN, Frank R.— Wilson, Junior in Agriculture. 

THOMAS, Robert E.— Pittsburg, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. THOMAS, Robert L.— Topeka, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. THOMPSON, H. Pat-Manhattan, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. THOMPSON, Janice K.— Harvevville, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. 

THOMPSON, Jon R.-Goodland, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. THOMPSON, Judith C— Shawnee, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. THOMPSON, Mickey K— Wichita, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. THOMPSON, R. Steve-Joplin, Mo., Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. 

THORNBRUGH, Ross L.— Hoisington, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. THORNTON, Nancy G.-Edina, Minn., 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. THORNTON, Richard E.— Reece, 
Freshman in Agriculture. THORP, William }.— Kansas Citv, 
Mo., Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 














Toburen, M. 

Toburen, S. 

Todd, A. 

Todd, S. 





C M*# | 


>"'*~^«**»sg* ! 


Tomlinson Torluemke Totten 

Town Towner, F. Towner, J. 

Trammell Trapp Treloggen 

Trentman, J. Trentman, R. Tressin 

Trimmell, M. Trollman Truog 

w ~ 

Towner, M. 
Trentman, H. 
Trimmell, B. 

Underclassmen: Tom - Voi 

TOMLINSON, Bruce L.— La Harpe, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. TORLUEMKE, Anita L — Oberlin, Junior in 
Home Economics. TOTTEN, John C— Jewell, Junior in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. TOVREA, Stanley M.— Brewster, 
Freshman in Agriculture. 

TOWN, Lester M.— Paola, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
TOWNER, Frances K— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
TOWNER, Judith A.— Dallas, Texas, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. TOWNER, Mary J.— Dallas, Texas, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

TRAMMELL, Sherigay— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. TRAPP, James D.— Wichita, 01 in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. TRELOGGEN, William R.-Chanute, Sophomore in 
Aits and Sciences. TRENTMAN, H. Louis— Fairview, Sopho- 
more in Agriculture. 

TRENTMAN, Jon O.— Kingman, 01 in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. TRENTMAN, Richard C.-Derby, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. TRESSIN, Deanna— Junction City, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. TRIMMELL, Bobbv J.— Liberal, Sophomore in 
Veterinary Medicine. 

TRIMMELL, Mary H— Liberal, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
TROLLMAN, Michael M— Arkansas City, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. TRUOG, Frederick S.— 02 in Engineering and 
Architecture. TUCKER, Peggy D.— Palco, Junior in Arts and 

TULL, Judy E.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
TUMA, Connie K.— Haddam, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
TYLER, Judith E.— Topeka, Junior in Arts and Sciences. TY- 
SON, Francis E.— Stockton, Freshman in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. TYSON, Ramond E.— Wichita, 03 in Engineering 
and Architecture. UBERT, Howard J.— Bunker Hill, Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. ULRICH, Royer K.— Linds- 
borg, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

UMBARGER, M. Keith— Earlton, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. UMBERGER, Sara F.— Minneapolis, Minn., Junior in 
Home Economics. UMPHENOUR, Norman W.-Galena, Sopho- 
more in Veterinary Medicine. UNDERWOOD, Warren L — 
Burr Oak, Junior in Agriculture. UNGEHEUER, Colleen-Cen- 
terville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. UNGEHEUER, Linda 
S.— Topeka, Freshman in Home Economics. UNGER, Ralph W. 
—El Dorado, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

Turn a 
Tyson, F. 
Tyson, R. 

Ungeheuer, C. 
Ungeheuer, L. 
Unger, R. 


— **w« i • -*ijf A 



Unger, S. 


Unruh, J. P. 

Unruh, J. W. 

Urban, G. 

Urban, N. 

Urban, W. 


Vallas, J. 

Vallas, L. 

Van Allen 


Van Duyne 

Van Gieson, D. 

UNGER, S. Galen-El Dorado, Junior in Agriculture. UNGER- 
ER, Donald W.-Marysville, Junior in Agriculture. UNRUH, 
James P.— Sterling, Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 
UNRUH, James W.— Wichita, 01 in Engineering and Architec- 
ture. URBAN, Gale D.— Salina, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
URBAN, Norman P.— Brookville, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. URBAN, William— Salina, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

VACIN, Nancy L.— Colbv, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
VALLAS, James J.— Topeka, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. VALLAS, Louis J.— Topeka, Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. VAN ALLEN, Cecil L.— Sharon Springs, 
02 in Engineering and Architecture. VANDERLINDEN, Placi- 
do— Netherlands Antilles, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. VAN 
DUYNE, James L.— Salina, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. VAN GIESON, Donna L.— Norwich, Freshman in Home 

VAN GIESON, Roland M.-Norwich, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. VAN LEEUWEN, Gary L.-St. Paul, Junior in Agricul- 
ture. VAN LEW, Patricia F.— Belleville, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. VAN LOENEN, Richard E— Bogue, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

VAN PELT, Carolyn A.— Beloit, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
VARNER, Edward — Iola, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
VEATCH, Sandra K.— Anthonv, Sophomore in Home Econom- 
ics. VELEY, Nola E.— Winfield, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

VENARD, Jane E.-Olathe, Junior in Arts and Sciences. VER- 
GO, Clarence O.— Central Citv, Neb., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. VERNON, Rex C— Oberlin, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. VIALLE, Marvin L.— Osage City, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

VIETTI, D. David — Pittsburg, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
VIEUX, Leigh A.— Augusta, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
VINCENT, Rodney K. — Manhattan, Junior in Agriculture. 
VINCKIER, Charla R.— Norton, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

VOELTZ, Richard E. — Ellsworth, Freshman in Agriculture. 
VOET, Leo F.— Oketo, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. VO- 
GEL, A. Daniel— Kansas City, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
VOISINET, Robert A.— Iola, Freshman in Engineering and Ar- 

Van Gieson, R. Van Leeuwen Van Lew 
Van Pelt Varner Veatch 

Venard Vergo Vernon 

Vietti Vieux Vincent 

Voeltz Voet Vogel 

Van Loenen 





Sbmaaftp HH rat VI 


Von Fange, C. Von Fange, D. Von Riesen 
Vorhies Vredenburg Wachtman 

Wagenbach Wagner, G. Wagner, I. 

Von Waaden 
Wagner, J. 

WAGNER, Lawrence H— Coffeyville, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. WAITE, Larry B.— Winfield, Junior in Agriculture. 
WALKER, Carol A.— Overland Park, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. WALKER, David S.— Junction City, Freshman in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

WALKER, Donald D.— Kansas City, Freshman in Agriculture. 
WALKER, Kav M.— Cimarron, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
WALKER, Ronald O.— Junction Citv, 02 in Engineering and 
Architecture. WALKER, Sandra B.— WaKeeney, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. 

WALKLIN, Larry J.— Green Island, Neb., Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. WALL, Jeffrev C— McPherson, Sophomore in Agri- 
culture. WALLACE, Dean K.— Kingman, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. WALLACE, Grace L.— Eureka, Junior in Home Eco- 

WALLACE, Michael J.— Merriam, Freshman in Agriculture. 
WALLERSTEDT, Mary L— Manhattan, Freshman in Aits and 
Sciences. WALTER, Gary L.— Belleville, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. WALTER, Grade M.— Lewis, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

WALTON, Elmer D.— Stafford, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
WANGERIN, Lawrence K.-Rochester, N. Y., Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. WANKLYN, Janice R— Winifred, 
Freshman in Home Economics. WANN, Curtis M.— Hays, Soph- 
omore in Engineering and Architecture. 

Underclassmen: Von - War 

VON FANGE, Carlene J.— Clav Center, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. VON FANGE, Duane C— Clay Center, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. VON RIESEN, Virginia— Tope- 
ka, Sophomore in Home Economics. VON WAADEN, Dennis 
C— Washington, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

VORHIES, Maurice E.— Augusta, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. VREDENBURG, James M.— Leavenworth, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. WACHTMAN, Philip A.— 
McPherson, 02 in Engineering and Architecture. WADE, Jan- 
ice L.— Kansas Citv, Mo., Freshman in Home Economics. 

WAGENBACH, Larry D.— Augusta, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
WAGNER, Gloria W.— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. WAGNER, Iris L.— Concordia, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. WAGNER, James H.— Merriam, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. 

Wagner, L. Waite 
Walker, D. D. Walker, K. 
Walklin Wall 

Wallace, M. Wallerstedt 
Walton Wangerin 

Walker, C. 
Walker, R. 
Wallace, D. 

Walker, D. S. 
Walker, S. 
Wallace, G. 

Walter, G. L. Walter, G. M. 
Wanklyn Wann 

■'im >m% 



Shivering but staunch K-Staters blockade the campus after 
the Wildcats' basketball victory over KU last February. 

Seventeen fraternities and one sorority were placed on 
social probation for their participation in the blockade. 

WARD, Rosalie J.— Osawatomie, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. WARDER, Eileen— Liberty, Mo., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. WAREHAM, James E.— Manhattan, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. WAREHAM, M. Judy— Manhattan, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. 

WARNER, Carmen M.— Wichita, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. WARNER, R. Kurt— Axtell, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. WARNHOFF, John R.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. WARNKEN, Susan R.— Hutchinson, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

WARREN, Anne L— Prairie Village, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. WARREN, Don R— Kansas City, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. WARREN, Melvin R— Spray, N. C, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. WARREN, Richard G— Wichita, Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. 

Ward Warder Wareham, J. Wareham, M. 

Warner, C. Warner, R. Warnhoff Warnken 
Warren, A. Warren, D. Warren, M. Warren, R. 


Warren, W. 
Watson, J. 
Watson, L. 
Watt, M. 
Watt, P. 

Webber, L. 
Webber, P. 
Weckel, G. 

Underclassmen: War - Wil 

WARREN, William T.— Chanute, 04 in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. WATERS, David E.— Greensburg, junior in Arts and 
Sciences. WATKINS, Larry A.— Hoxie, Sophomore in Agricul- 
ture. WATSON, John E.— Kingman, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. WATSON, Lewis W.— Hunter, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. WATT, Marcia L.— Colbv, Junior in Home Econom- 
ics. WATT, Philip G.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 

WAUGH, Patrick B.— Relle Plaine, Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. WEAVER, W. Don— Augusta, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. WEBBER, Lois E.— Winfield, Sophomore in 
Arts and Sciences. WEBBER, Patricia R.— Winfield, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. WEBER, Nancy B.— Troy, Sophomore in 
Home Economics. WEBSTER, S. Suzanne— Manhattan, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. WECKEL, George E.— Roslvn Har- 
bor, N. Y., Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. 

WECKEL, Monty P.— Salina, Freshman in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. WEEKS, Kenneth R.— Kansas City, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. WEHKING, Betty J.— Lancaster, 
Junior in Home Economics. WEIGAND, Jerry L.— Ottawa, Jun- 
ior in Arts and Sciences. 

WEIGAND, Sharon S.— La Crosse, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
WEIXELMAN, Loretta D.— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. WELCH, Darrell G — Kent, Wash., Junior in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. WELCH, Oren E.— Cherryvale, Junior in 

WELCH, Thomas B.— Emporia, Freshman in Agriculture. WEL- 
KER, Robert E.-Beloit, Junior in Arts and Sciences. WELLS, 
G. Norman— Mulvane, 03 in Engineering and Architecture. 
WELLS, John C— Ottawa, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

WELLS, Shelby S.— Independence, Junior in Home Economics. 
WELSH, Mary M— Alma, Junior in Arts and Sciences. WEN- 
DELBURG, Darel E— Stafford, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
WERNER, Norman A— Ellinwood, Junior in Agriculture. 

WERTS, Mary A— Beloit, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
WERTZ, Don L.— Sharon Springs, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. WESSELOWSKI, Daniel-Beloit, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. WEST, Richard R.-Blue Mound, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. 

Weckel, M. Weeks 

Weigand, S. Weixelman 

Welch, T. Welker 

Wells, S. Welsh 

Werts Wertz 

Wehking Weigand, J. 

Welch, D. Welch, O. 

Wells, G. Wells, J. 

Wendelburg Werner 

Wesselowski West 






White, D. 

White, G. 

White, J. 

White, K. 

White, M. 

White, N. 

White, R. 
White, W. D. 
White, W. L. 


Whitfield Whitney, G. Whitney, H. Whittier 

Wicklund Wiechert Wieland Wiens 

Wierenga Wiggins Wiglesworth Wilborn 

Wilburn Wilcox Wilderson Wildgen 

Wildman Wilhelm Wilkerson, L. Wilkerson, M. 

WESTFIELD, Nancy K.— Trona, Calif., Sophomore in Aits and 
Sciences. WETLAUFER, Harriet— Topeka, Junior in Home 
Economics. WETZEL, Linda G.— Hutchinson, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. WHEAT, Richard A.— Kansas City, 04 in En- 
gineering and Architecture. WHITE, Donald J.— Oberlin, Soph- 
omore in Agriculture. WHITE, Glen H.— junction City, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. WHITE, Janet S.— Bennington, Junior in 
Home Economics. 

WHITE, Karla M.— Coldwater, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
WHITE, Melvin J.— Wellington, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
WHITE, Norma L.— Centralia, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
WHITE, Ronald A.— Coldwater, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
WHITE, Warren D.— Atchison, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. WHITE, William L.— Colbv, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. WHITESELL, Judith A.— Montezuma, Freshman in 
Home Economics. 

WHITFIELD, Rebecca A.— Shawnee, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. WHITNEY, George C— Topeka, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. WHITNEY, Herbert N.— Wichita, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. WHITTIER, John— Kansas City, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. 

WICKLUND, Laurence L.— Herington, Junior in Engineering 
and Architecture. WIECHERT, Allen L— Independence, 04 in 
Engineering; and Architecture. WIELAND, Charles J.— Hills- 
boro. Mo., Sophomore in Engineering and Architecture. WIENS, 
Shannon— Manhattan, Sophomore in Home Economics. 

WIERENGA, Ellen M.-Cawker City, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. WIGGINS, William E.— Eureka, Freshman in Engi- 
neering and Architecture. WIGLESWORTH, Glen P.-Kansas 
City, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. WILBORN, Verna R.— 
Hoisington, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

WILBURN, Larry W.— Wichita, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
WILCOX, Chester C— Sedan, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. WILDERSON, Robert L.-Oakley, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. WILDGEN, Paula B.— Lamed, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

WILDMAN, Kathrvn M— Olathe, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. WILHELM, Judith K.— Hoisington, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. WILKERSON, Larry M.— Manhattan, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. WILKERSON, Michael T.— Leawood, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. 



Williams, A. 
Williams, G. 
Williams, H. 

Williams, K. 
Williams, L. 
Williams, P. 
Williams, S. 
Wilson, C. 
Wilson, D. 
Wilson, J. 

:..y ; >< 

-«% #0£ 

Underclassmen: Wii - Wul 

WILKINS, Philip R.— Walnut, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. WILKINSON, Philip' E.-Wichita, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. WILKS, Julie A.— Kansas City, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. WILLE, Juanita R.— Wamego, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. WILLIAMS, Allan G.— Salina, 01 in Engineering and 
Architecture. WILLIAMS, Gary E— Wichita, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. WILLIAMS, Homer L.-Smithville, Mo., 03 in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

WILLIAMS, Kyle E.— Vermillion, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. WILLIAMS, Linda K.— Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. WILLIAMS, Phyllis A.— Newton, Freshman in 
Home Economics. WILLIAMS, Stephen E.— Topeka, Freshman 
in Veterinary Medicine. WILSON, Charles E.— Abilene, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. WILSON, David W.— 
Osawatomie, Sophomore in Agriculture. WILSON, John P.— 
Cherryvale, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

WILSON, Mary O.— Kansas City, Freshman in Home Econom- 
ics. WILSON, Patricia— Kansas City, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. WILSON, S. Reth— La Crosse, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. WILTFONG, Richard D.— Norton, Junior in Veterinary 

WIMMER, Edward J.— Manhattan, 03 in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. WINCHESTER, John G.-Pittsburg, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. WINDLER, Gene E.— Paola, 
Freshman in Agriculture. WINEINGER, Rosemary— Reloit, 
Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 

WINFREY, Barbara A— Topeka, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. WINGERT, Robert E.-Wellsville, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. WINKLER, Ronald R.— Bucyrus, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. WINN, Roger E.— Wichita, Sophomore in Arts 
and Sciences. 

WINSOR, Jerry L.— Virgil, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
WINTER, Charles A— Udall, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. WISDOM, Lloyd L.— Pittsburg, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. WISE, Don E.— Wichita, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. 

WISE, Urban G— St. Joseph, Mo., Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. WISSING, Sharon V.— Abilene, Junior in 
Home Economics. WITHERS, James H.— Wichita, Sophomore 
in Veterinary Medicine. WITT, Richard F.— Wichita, Freshman 
in Engineering and Architecture. 

Wilson, M. 

Wilson, P. 

Wilson, S. 













Wise, D. 

Wise, U. 





Woelfer Wolf, K. 

Wolgast Wood, A. 

Woodruff Woods, F. 
Woods, R. W. Woodson 
Woofter Woolley 

Wolf, W. 
Wood, J. 
Woods, P. 

Woods, R. P. 
Word, A. 

WOELFER, Suzanne H.— Ft. Leavenworth, Freshman in Heme 
Economics. WOLF, Kenneth A.— Abilene, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. WOLF, Wallace W.— South Haven, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. WOLFORD, Patricia A.— 
Prairie Village, Freshman in Home Economics. 

WOLGAST, Larry E.— Alta Vista, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. WOOD, Anne H.— Alexandria, Va., Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. WOOD, Joseph N.— Manhattan, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. WOODMANSEE, Phillip C. -Ellsworth, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

WOODRUFF, Burrton G.— Hutchinson, Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. WOODS, Franklin C— Tribune, Fresh- 
man in Arts and Sciences. WOODS, Phillip L.— Hutchinson, 
Junior in Engineering and Architecture. WOODS, Ritchev P. 
—Kansas City, Mo., 03 in Engineering and Architecture. 

WOODS, Robert W.— Wilson, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. WOODSON, Larry D.— Kingman, Sophomore in 
Agriculture. WOODWARD, Donald J.-Mt. Vernon, 111., Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. WOODY, Helen J.— Topeka, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

WOOFTER, Donald L.— Colby, Sophomore in Agriculture. 
WOOLLEY, Anita R.— Osborne, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. WOOLVERTON, Harry T.-Detroit, Junior in En- 
gineering and Architecture. WORD, Alan A.— Wellington, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

WORD, Larry E.— Wellington, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
WORLEY, Kent G.-Salina, Junior in Agriculture. WORLEY, 
Robert O.— Portales, N. M., Sophomore in Agriculture. WOR- 
THY, Shirley E.— Atwood, Junior in Arts and Sciences. WRAY, 
Carole L.— Winchester, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. WREN, 
E. Lvnn— Muncie, Sophomore in Agriculture. WRIGHT, Don- 
ald E.— Blue Mound, Freshman in Engineering and Architecture. 

WRIGHT, Gary L — Wichita, Freshman in Engineering and 
Architecture. WRIGHT, Karen K.— Seward, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. WRIGHT, Linda— Abilene, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. WRIGHT, Paul A.— Mission, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. WRIGHT, Steven E.— Sublette, Sophomore 
in Agriculture. WRIGHT, W. Rav— Hutchinson, Junior in Ag- 
riculture. WULF, Barbara J.— Humboldt, Sophomore in Home 


Word, L. 

Worley, K. 

Worley, R. 




Wright, D. 

Wright, G. 
Wright, K. 
Wright, L. 
Wright, P. 
Wright, S. 
Wright, W. 


Underclassmen: Wul - Zwi 

WULLSCHLEGER, Betty-Home, Freshman in Home Eco- 
nomics. WULLSCHLEGER, Harry— Home, Junior in Agricul- 
ture. WURM, Kav F.— Bazine, junior in Arts and Sciences. 
WURM, Lester W.— Herndon, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 

WUTHNOW, Marie M— Geneseo, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. WYCKOFF, Jack S.— Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. YABUI, Alan E.— Lahaina, Hawaii, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. YARROW, Ronnie L.— Clay Center, 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

YAWITZ, Leon Z.— University, Mo., Sophomore in Engineering 
and Architecture. YOTTER, Edward E.— Leoti, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. YOUNG, Gary W.— Kingman, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. YOUNG, Jane F.— Kansas Citv, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

YOUNG, Judith A.— Manhattan, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
YOUNG, Karen E.— Centralia, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
YOUNG, Lanora E.— Clyde, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
YOUNG, Robert L.— Clav Center, 04 in Engineering and Archi- 

YOUNG, R. Clinton— Laurel, Del., Junior in Agriculture. 
YOUNG, Sue J.— Clay Center, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
YOUNG, Suzanne C.— Prairie Village, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. YOUNG, Thomas J.— Topeka, Sophomore in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. 

Youngkin Yount Yung 

Zander Zavesky Zebarth 

Zeckser, D. Zentz Zeornes 


Zeckser, D. W. 

Wullschleger, Wullschleger, 

B. H. 
Wuthnow Wyckoff 
Yawitz Yotter 
Young, J. A. Young, K. 

Wurm, K. 

Wurm, L. 

Young, G. 
Young, L. 

Young, J. F. 
Young, R.L. 

Young, R. C. Young, S. J. Young, S. C. Young, T. 

YOUNGKIN, Patsy C.-Wichita, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. YOUNT, Flovd E— Sublette, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. YUNG, Bill G.— Sedgwick, Sophomore in En- 
gineering and Architecture. YUST, David E.— Wichita, Sopho- 
more in Engineering and Architecture. 

ZANDER, Norbert J.— Oberlin, Freshman in Agriculture. 
ZAVESKY, Mary L — Ellsworth, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
ZEBARTH, Colby P.— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Engineer- 
ing and Architecture. ZECKSER, David W.— Holton, Junior 
in Arts and Sciences. 

ZECKSER, Diane— Holton, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
ZENTZ, Ronald A.— Jewell, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 
ZEORNES, Eleanor J.— Concordia, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
ZERBE, A. Elaine— Salina, Sophomore in Arts and Sciences. 





Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, 

G. J.W. J.L. L. 

Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Zink 

M. J. M. H. R. 

Zitterkopf Zoeller Zook Zumwalt 

Zveglich Zweygarclt Zwick Ackley 

Second Semester Underclassmen 

ALBRIGHT, Deanna— Ottawa, Junior in Home Economics. 
BARTEL, Ronald— Great Bend, junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. BLOCK, Joan— Salina, Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. BURNS, Kent B— Pomona, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 

DHILLON, Raj K— India, Freshman in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. EDWARDS, Marvin— Coffevville, Junior in Arts and Sci- 
ences. GIGSTAD, Sonja K.— Everest, Sophomore in Home Eco- 
nomics. GROSSBECK, Arthur-Manhattan, Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. 

HIGGENS, Janet— Leavenworth, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
LANDMAN, Errol D.— Sabetha, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. LEAVENGOOD, David-Manhattan, Junior in 
Arts and Sciences. LINDH, Thomas O.— Sweden, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

ZERBY, Mary A.— Manhattan, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
ZETMEIR, Emil F.— Kansas City, Mo., Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. ZIELKE, Arthur T.— Goodland, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. ZIMMERMAN, Barbara E— Prairie Village, Freshman in 
Arts and Sciences. 

ZIMMERMAN, Gerald W.-Udall, Freshman in Engineering 
and Architecture. ZIMMERMAN, Jay W— South Haven, Junior 
in Engineering and Architecture. ZIMMERMAN, J. Larry— 
Olathe, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. ZIMMERMAN, 
Loyalea V.— Sterling, Freshman in Home Economics. 

ZIMMERMAN, Melva J— El Dorado, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. ZIMMERMAN, Milton H— Osborne, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. ZIMMERMAN, Roger G— Wichita, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. ZINK, Thomas J.— Ellinwood, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

ZITTERKOPF, Dennis— Durham, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. ZOELLER, Mark J.— Manhattan, Freshman in 
Engineering and Architecture. ZOOK, Rebecca A.— Larned, 
Freshman in Home Economics. ZUMWALT, Sammy L.— 
Leavenworth, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 

ZVEGLICH, Joseph E.— Alma, Junior in Engineering and Ar- 
chitecture. ZWEYGARDT, Ruth E.-St. Francis, Sophomore 
in Home Economics. ZWICK, Alvin L.— Sterling, Junior in Arts 
and Sciences. ACKLEY, Kalen— Derby, Junior in Arts and Sci- 

Albright Bartel Block Burns 

Dhillon Edwards Gigstad Grossbeck 

Higgens Landman Leavengood Lindh 





Medley, L. J. 

Medley, L. 











Second Semester Underclassmen 

LONDON, Marilyn— Coffeyville, Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 
LUNDGREN, Donald E.— Osborne, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
McMASTER, Barton— Topeka, Junior in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. MEDLEY, Larry J.— Woodbine, Freshman in Arts and 
Sciences. MEDLEY, Loren— Woodbine, Sophomore in Arts and 
Sciences. MORITZ, Wayne— Manhattan, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. MOSER, Lowell— Powhattan, Junior in Agriculture. 

RASHER, Susan— Abilene, Junior in Arts and Sciences. ROBIN- 
SON, William C, Jr., Manhattan, Sophomore in Arts and Sci- 
ences. ROLLAND, Camille— WaKeenev, Freshman in Home 
Economics. ROSENZWEIG, Dennis— Queens, N. Y., Freshman 
in Arts and Sciences. ROSENZWEIG, Jack-Queens, N. Y., 
Junior in Arts and Sciences. ROSS, Karen— Mankato, Sopho- 
more in Arts and Sciences. ROWLAND, Charles— Washington, 
Sophomore in Agriculture. 

NICKOLS, Edwin H.— Manhattan, 04 in Engineering and Archi- 
tecture. OTTE, Arnita— Great Bend, Junior in Arts and Sciences. 
PALLATH, Emmanuel G.— India, Junior in Engineering and 
Architecture. PEARSON, Fred— Redding, Freshman in Agricul- 
ture. PIPER, Tom— Lamar, Colo., Freshman in Arts and Sci- 
ences. POTWIN, Alice— Plymouth, N. H., Freshman in Arts 
and Sciences. RANDHAWA, Tejinder S.— India, Sophomore in 
Engineering and Architecture. 

RUSHTON, Robert J.— Norton, Sophomore in Engineering and 
Architecture. SHARP, Wayne— Manhattan, Junior in Aits and 
Sciences. WALKER, Wendell— Gvpsum, Junior in Arts and 
Sciences. WILDERSON, Dan-Wichita, 03 in Engineering and 
Architecture. WILLIAMSON, John M— Manhattan, Sophomore 
in Arts and Sciences. WOMACK, Mary F.— Junction City, 
Freshman in Arts and Sciences. 




Rosenzweig, D. 

Rosenzweig, J. 










Advertising and Index 


Leading his teammates, Kansas State's 1959 football 
captain, Joe Vader (81), heads the rush onto the Me- 

morial Stadium field for another grid meeting. The 
Wildcats upset Nebraska, 29-14, for a season high spot. 

^Jhe cU-umber Companies of 1 1 lunnattan 

S^eruina the J^eople 


Phone PR 8-3170 
231 Pierre 


Phone PR 8-4477 
112 N. 2nd 


Phone PR 8-3911 
1 3 1 Houston 


Phone PR 8-5313 
431 S. 5th 



— An Organization Built Through 

* Honesty * Integrity * Experience 

* Leadership * Service Since 1889 



Evan Griffith 

EVAN GRIFFITH Trust Department C. C. Brewer 

chairman of board T. J. Griffith 

Safety Deposit Boxes J. E. Arnold 

J. E. ARNOLD N. D. Harwood 

president Savings Accounts W. B. Glenn 

J. Robert Wilson 

W. B. GLENN Checking Accounts W. F. Farrell 

vice-president Charles D. Green 

Walk-Up Window Charles S. Arthur 


cashier Time-Temperature Check R. P. Martin 

















Established 1918 

1205 Moro Phone 8-2993 




All Types Pastries 
Specialty Breads 
Special Occasion Cakes 

1201 Moro 

Phone 6-9965 


5th & Poyntz 

PR 8-3882 


124 Yuma 



24-Hour Service 

1 030 Poyntz 

Phone 6-996 1 


Lockers — Cold Storage — Ice 

209 Yuma 

Phone 8-4465 

complete line of hardware - gifts 


406 Poyntz 

PR 8-4250 

For the Finest in 


go to the 



PHONE 8-42 1 7 




We have expanded our facilities; a new Motor Bank 
is located at Poyntz and Juliette 

The First National Bank 




Member Federa 


Reserve System 


Jrging their team on, members of Kansas State's Whi- Stadium. Whi-Purs cheered the Wildcats loyally at all 
Purs whoop it up at a 1959 football game in Memorial home football and basketball games during the year. 

"A Progressive College . . . 

Demands a Progressive Book Store" 



S^faaieville ^hoe ^3^ 



1214 Moro 

Manhattan, Kansas 

College Beauty Shop 

PR. 8-3101 

"Where the best people meet 

and the operations can't be beat" 

Lumb's Hy-Klas Food Store 

Good Things To Eat 

1407 Denison 

City Typewriter & Office Supply 

Corner 4th and Houston 

Powell Bros. 
Plumbing Co, 


PR 8-3303 

Kaup Furniture Co. 

Everything for the Home 
304 Poyntz Phone 8-3236 

WARD m. KtLLtft, 


The Place to Go, for 
The Names You Know 

328 Poyntz Ave. 

Phone PR 6-8836 



New Car 




Mb JM 

I 1 

PwC' " j '-' 

K-State's Glen Long finds clear sailing for a laynp against San Francisco. 


Cadillac - Chevrolet 





Chrysler - Plymouth 


Studebaker - Lincoln - Mercury 



We Feature Select 

Young Men's Appare 


The Latest Styles 





University Shopping Center Since 1924 


"The Best Place in Town for Candies" 

30 1 POYNTZ 

PR 8-2454 

Jim Romig's Texaco 

601 North Manhattan 


Catering to 

Hotels . . . Restaurants . . . Institutions 

"We Specialize in Portion Control" 






.... Where Friends Meet 

505 POYNTZ 6 a.m. - 1 a.m. 


Specialists on Ladies' Apparel 


1 206 MORO PHONE 8-3273 


'Ding" and "Cooney" 
Next Door to Kite's 

Bird Music Co., Inc. 



PR 8-4265 126 Poyntz 






Topeka, Kansas 

Losses paid promptly for over thirty-nine years 

Looking for wide-open spaces, Kansas State halfback Buffs in the Wildcats' 20-17 loss in Memorial stadium. 
George Whitney (40) faces a closing vise of Colorado CU caught Kansas State late in the game for the win. 


inest in ivlouie C^ntertainmeni 



When in Manhattan 

meet your friends at the 


Operated by Wareham Brothers 

Kansas State Alumni 

Air Conditioned 


Banquet and Party 


Eddie Botterman, Manager 



Music & Musical Merchandise 

429 Poyntz Phone 8-3432 


417 Poyntz Avenue 

Home of General Electric Merchandise 



Whites Whiter Colors Brighter 


Dial 8-2323 

1219 Moro 

The Style Center 

Latest Campus Fashions 

iKotltrock 6 



9-5:30 Daily Thursday Till 8:30 

Courtesy Parking 




Homemade Pies 

Coddle $ (/J>euutu ^ulc 

te 3 (/jyectuiu 



Throughout the years twin lion- 
esses have stood as symbols of 
strength and protection before 
the columned building that is the 
Home Office of Kansas City Life 
Insurance Company. 

Their bearing is strong and proud 
as though they knew how the 
funds entrusted to us are held to 
provide a security assured for our 
policyowners and their families. 



JjJjjiSk n 

Home Office — Broadway at Armour 
Kansas City, Missouri 







Two Big Floors 
of Friendly Service 



Phone 8-3 5 51 

Where All Manhattan 
Shops and Saves 

We Have A Credit Plan 
For Your Every Need 

oz, pom money Jac£ 


4th and Houston in Manhattan 

CRAZY TED pays you highest prices for used books 









with the green sidewalks 


Shekel's Cleaners 

714 N. 12 
Quality Work — Moderate Prices 



Chinese and American Dishes 


Distributors of Fresh and Frozen 


The Year Around 

PR 8-4446 Manhattan, Kansas 

Manhattan Orchestra Service 

Music for All Occasions 



Phone 8-5470 



Since 1925 


Shoes for the Entire Family 
404 Poyntz 

City Dairy 


Phone PR 8-2005 313 South Fourth 


Washing and Greasing Service 

Tires and Accessories 


Phone 6-9814 1101 Moro 


Inside and Hours: 
Carry-Out Service 5 p.m. 'til Midnight 

Thelma 's 


Sizzling Hot From Our Ovens 
Call 9-3671 2000 College Heights Road 


20 1 Colorado Phone 8-4 1 66 


UQiUG fc ^tt 

Official Royal Purple Photographers 



Laurence W. B laker 

1200 Moro 

Dial 8-3434 


Going up for a layup, Larry Comley (44) of the Wild- against South Dakota State in the season opener, 
cats provides a two-pointer in a successful fast-break K-State won, 82-53, on the Ahearn fieldhouse floor. 




for your everyday needs and 
school supplies 

Serving Manhattan and vicinity for over 50 years 

320-22-24 Poyntz Ave. 

619 N. Manhattan 



You'll Like Manhattans 


Air Conditioned 

Guest Rooms 
and Dining Room 

Also Operated by 
Boone Hotel Company 

Hotel El Dorado . El Dorado, Kansas 

Hotel Vinita . . . Vinita, Oklahoma 

Counting two points against South Dakota State, 6-4 forward 
Mickie Heinz scores during first-half action in Ahearn fieldhouse. 

OLYMPIA the big O's of Office Equipment OLIVETTI 
Precision Typewriters . . . Printing Calculators 

• Office equipment and supply headquarters 
• Sales, service and rentals 
• Olympia typewriter agency 
• Free delivery 

Manhattan Typewriter Co. 

217 South 4th 

PR 8-4174 


621 north ITUinhtitian (Ivenit* 

For Your Wardrobe Needs 


402 Poyntz 


Conde Music & Electric 

Manhattan's Finest and Most Complete 

Record Department 

RCA Victor Television and Stereo Hi-Fidelity 

PR 8-2350 407 Poyntz 

The friendly store for men 





I'm a busy little atom 

I split myself in two, 

I multiply as many times 

As I have jobs to do. 

In summer, winter, spring or fall 

I'm ready every hour; 

Just push a switch and watch 

me zip 
With . . . light ... or heat 

... or power. 

Yes, keep your eye on KPL . . . 
the company with a future! 
Growing with a progressive 
Kansas since 1881. 






Building a Wall of Security 

around the Kansas 

farm family. 


Insurance Companies 
Service \^ompanie5 of- 



;' / A** l 

* * * **. * 

Dress Right! 
You Can't Afford Not To! 

Manhattan's Fashion Shop 

«1S I !!' 




Burd & Fletcher Company 


7th Street, May to Central, Kansas City 5, Mo. 


Kecks Steak House 

2'/ 2 Miles East on Hiway 24 
3120 Huntoon 

Manhattan, Ks. 
Topeka, Ks. 

Specializing in the Best in 

Charcoal Broiled Steaks and 

Aged Beef 

Member of Diner's Club and American Express 

Deluxe Cleaners & Shirt Laundry 

706 North Manhattan 
Regular 24-Hour Service 

Charlson and Wilson 




PRescott 8-3565 

Pollom's Book Store 

Books * Hallmark Cards • Stationery 

Anything for a Complete Wardrobe 

State Motel 

I Mile West on Alternate Hiway 24 
PHONE JE. 9-2363 


Insurance - Real Estate - Loans 
114 SOUTH FOURTH PR. 8-3090 

Diamonds -:- Watches -:- Jewelry 



\^/ WAMHAM THCATit «10< 


Registered Jewelers^ 1 American Gem Society 

Wareham Theater Bldg. 

General Index 

Abbett, Larry D. 1 1 1,398 
Abbott, Ronald C. 127,398 
Abdu, Mohamedtewfik 109 
Abdulhadi, Azmi A. L. 108,109 
Abdul, Hadi N. 109 
Abendroth, Emerson 89 
Abercrombie, Everett 196,398 
Aberle, Elton D. 67,68,163,398 
Aberle, Esther M. 71,136,300,303,337 
Aberle, Richard S. 67,140,175,271,301, 

Abraham, Marilyn S. 203,398 
Abrahams, Julia L. 1 56,208,398 
Abrahams, Susan P. 24,89,101,147,398 
Acacia 161 
A Cappella Choir 300 
Ackerman, LaDonna L. 96,143,300,398 
Ackley, Kalen 495 
Acropolis 216 
Activities 225-332 
Adams, B. Jane 101,148,398 
Adams, Charles K. 92,337 
Adams, Curtis H. 69 
Adams, Marjorie 59,67 
Adams, Richard K. 124,185,398 
Adams, Ronald E. 1 1 1,398 
Adams, Willis F. 196,337 
Adcock, Janet L. 208,299,399 
Addington, Charles E. 337 
Addington, Karolyn W. 399 
Addington, Paul H. 399 
Addoh, Paul G. 108,393 

Adee, Donald P. 68,1 19 

Administration 9-60 

Adrian, Sharon E. 66,104,147,399 

AFROTC Association 106 

Agan, R. J., Mrs. 1 10,1 15 

Agenbroad, Stanley R. 130 

Agenbroad, Evelyn 133 

Agricultural Council 29 

Agricultural Education Club 114-115 

Agricultural Education Wives Club 1 1 5 

Ag Student Magazine 311 

Aggie Hardware & Electric Co. 499 

Aggieville Barber Shop 503 

Aggieville Shoe Service 501 

Agron, Gary B. 69,89,399 

Ahlstedt, Linda L. 88,96,1 1 1,137,208, 

Akhtar, Humayun 108,124,399 
Akin, James N. 79,337 
Akin, Linda L. 46,134,208,399 
Albers, Charles L. 199,337 
Albertson, M. Ray 219,399 
Albrecht, Harold R. 37,80,88,168,301, 

Albright, Deanna 495 
Albright, Gary L. 1 1 7 
Albright, Thomas M. 121,122,337 
Aldridge, William F. 140,188,399 
Alexander, Dale F. 191,399 
Al-Hassani, Sami 393 
Alkhayal, Niran S. 203,399 
All, David C. 59,175,399 
Allbritten, Nancy G. 212,399 
Allbritten, Roy E. 94,100,167,399 
Allee, James N. 94,399 
Allemang, Judith L. 81,159,212,399 
Allen, Deloran M. 163,312,313,399 

Allen, Eugene W. 83,111,399 

Allen, Jerry W. 96,131,249 

Allen, Judith L. 159,399 

Allen, Judy J. 24,67,212,399 

Allen, Rex F. 82,127,399 

Allen, Roy M. 83,1 1 1,1 19,399 

Allen, Wahetta N. 133 

Allergrucci, Jack P. 167,399 

Allerheiligen, Dorothy 97,212,300,399 

Allerheiligen, James 106,172,337 

Alley, Lowell F. 1 19 

Alley, Norman L. 399 

Allison, Bennett L. 196,399 

Allison, William F. 192,301,399 

Almaula, Pundrick I. 108,393 

Alpha Chi Omega 142 

Alpha Delta Pi 145 

Alpha Delta Theta 74 

Alpha Epsilon Rho 128 

Alpha Gamma Rho 162 

Alpha lota 82 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 165 

Alpha Kappa Psi 72 

Alpha Lambda Delta 67 

Alpha Mu 68 

Alpha Phi Omega 69 

Alpha Tau Omega 166 

Alpha Xi Delta 146 

Alpha Zeta 68 

Al-Rawi, Bander M. 109 

Alsharief, Mohamed S. 109 

Alsop, Inez 73 

Alstatt, John D. 172,337 

Alt, Barbara E. 104,135,203,337 

Altwegg, Herman R. 180,399 

Alwin, Lawrence F. 72,220,399 

Amateur Radio Club 92 

Ambrosio, Magtanggol 108,393 

Ameel, John J. 86 

Ameel, D. J. 34 

American Chemical Society 117 

American Institute of Architects 123 

American Institute of Architects 

Auxiliary 123 
American Institute of Chemical 

Engineers 124 
American Institute of Electrical 

Engineers 125 
American Institute of Physics 1 1 8 
American Nuclear Society 117 
American Society of Agricultural 

Engineers 122 
American Society of Civil Engineers 128 
American Society of Mechanical 

Engineers 118 
Amerine, Tommy B. 116,160,337 
Amos, Sheila J. 212,399 
Amstein, W. C. 19,30 
Amutan, Luciano G. 108 
Anazia, Stephen N. 393 
Andersen, Ronald D. 400 
Anderson, Barbara J. 144,300,399 
Anderson, Charles A. 69,93,221,337 
Anderson, Charlotte 212,400 
Anderson, D. Keith 180,400 
Anderson, Frank A. 122 
Anderson, Genevieve 212,400 
Anderson, Helen K. 103,105,152,400 
Anderson, Howard R. 168,400 
Anderson, Jane A. 151,208,400 
Anderson, Jay A. 131 
Anderson, Joan M. 113,203,400 
Anderson, Karin S. 97,137,208,300,400 


Anderson, Karl F. 75,92,121,125,167, 

Anderson, Kirsten M. 207,400 
Anderson, Kling L. 19 
Anderson, Louis 112,400 
Anderson, LaRue L. 88,167,337 
Anderson, Mary 133 
Anderson, Patricia L. 99,207,400 
Anderson, Paul A. 310,400 
Andrade, Henry L. 180,337 
Andrews, Gerold R. 300 
Andrews, W. Aldean 400 
Anduss, Lynn E. 123,337 
Anduss, Sally L. 123 
Angel Flight 79 
Anglemyer, R. Jean 144,400 
Ankerholz, Betty R. 98 
Ankerholz, Donald L. 400 
Annan, Patricia J. 400 
Annan, Robert H. 185,337 
Annis, Daniel R. 400 
Anspaugh, Gail D. 183,400 
Anthem, Clyde W. 77,1 28,337 
Anthony, H. D. 19 
Anthony, Judith T. 156,212,400 
Antrim, Larry D. 400 
Apley, Carolyn M. 90,91,104,203,300, 

Apley, Martyn L. 25,64,68,178,337 
Appl, Franklin J. 120,337 
Applebee, Janet A. 152,400 
Apportionment Board 25 
Arab-American Club 109 
Arbuckle, Robert W. 172,400 
Argabright, Don L. 140 
Armbrust, Dean V. 178,337 
Armbrust, Edward L. 400 
Armstrong, Juan L. 400 
Armstrong, Karen E. 81,159,400 
Armstrong, Polly R. 67,86,143,400 
Arndt, Carroll B. 301,400 
Arnett, Carolyn J. 97,104,152,212,400 
Arnett, William H. 107 
Arnold Air Society 78 
Arnold, Anita L. 1 52,300,400 
Arnold, Earl R. 90,91,1 14,337 
Arnold, Pearl M. 90,91,203,337 
Arriaga, Ernesto T. 109,119 
Arthur, Linda J. 97,208,401 
Artist Series 296-297 
Arts and Sciences Council 37 
Arts and Sciences Duy 288 
Assemblies 296-297 
Asher, Larry C. 111,114,219,401 
Aspinall, Wayne L. 23,130 
Associated Women Students 24 
Atchison, Mary J. 104,141,304,337 
Astronomy Club 127 
Ate, Linda L. 95,101,151,231,300,316, 

Atherton, Louis J. 338 
Athey, Rod E. 196,401 
Athletic Council 229 
Atkins, L. Lee 37,78,192,261,269,401 
Atkins, Martha A. 70,101,104,156,338 
Atkinson, Deanna K. 105,152,300,401 
Atkinson, John W. 401 
Attebery, Ben A. 178,338 
Attri, Harinder, S. 128 
Attwater, Anna C. 159,401 
Austerman, John W. 131 
Austerman, Violet 1 33 
Austermiller, Carl J. 22,70,105,120,192, 

Austin, James D. 131 
Austin, Lee A. 147,212,401 
Austin, Robert B. 183,300,302,401 
Austin, Whitley 1 4 
Averill, T. B. 19 
Avery, Richard D. 401 
Avery, Thomas B. 30,113 
Axe, Sherin V. 207,401 
Axelton, Karl G. 303 
Ayers, Diane E. 104,133 
Ayers, Jon R. 131 
Ayres, Ralph E. 124,338 
Azhar, Mohmmad 401 
Azmaz, Adviye 103,108,401 


Babcock, Lonna B. 97,148,208,401 

Babcock, Warren C. 85,130,218,401 

Baber, Jack E. 223,401 

Babst, Dee A. 151,208,264,401 

Bach, Richard L. 196,338 

Backman, Sandra J. 144,401 

Backstrom, Carol A. 203,401 

Bacon, Larry D. 113,314,401 

Bacon, Wayne L. 1 13,312,401 

Badaracco, Doris 123 

Badaracco, John L. 123 

Bader, Paul 256,259 

Baer, Robert L. 80,87,108,338 

Baehr, William F. 19,73 

Bagley, Edgar S. 69 

Bahadur, Chandresh 108,116 

Bailey, Allan M. 80,89,401 

Bailey, Betty L. 98 

Bailey, James C. 217,401 

Bailey, Jo A. 89 

Bailey, Joseph J. 130 

Bailey, Sharon K. 203,401 

Bailey, Shelby L. 1 15,401 

Bain, Barbara A. 97,147,212,401 

Bair, Clark L. 88,1 1 1,168,401 

Bair, Richard D. 68,129,338 

Baird, John R. 1 14,178,401 

Baird, Thomas B. 122 

Baker, A. Joyce 104,401 

Baker, Carole A. 303 

Baker, Carole D. 97,208,401 

Baker, Charles W. 301 

Baker, Dee A. 59,105,151,315,338 

Baker, Dixie D. 207,402 

Baker, Donna J. 96,203,265,266,338 

Baker, Francis E. 1 16 

Baker, Joy 203 

Baker, Richard J. 68 

Baker, Robert L. 171,329,402 

Balach, Michael M. 217,402 

Balaun, Ralph E. 85,187,402 

Balch, Donald G. 1 12 

Balderson, Willa K. 151,402 

Balding, James L. 78,119,338 

Baldwin, Don H. 192,310,402 

Baldwin, Floy L. 148,286,402 

Baldwin, Robert C. 128,192,338 

Balfanz, William F. 175,338 

Ball, Barbara E. 99,144,402 

Ball, Charles G. 175,401 

Ball, Phyllis Y. 97,99,212,401 

Ballard, Ross B. 96,171,241,242,244, 

Balzer, Gerry C. 75,92,120,338 
Bammes, Lynnford N. 103,298,303 
Band 298-299 

Banister, Karlyne M. 111,1 37,208,402 
Bankey, Merry G. 79,148,338 
Banks, Carolyn S. 1 04, 1 56,402 
Banks, Joseph F., Jr. 84,128,187,338 
Banks, Joyce M. 84,96,1 1 1 ,202,203,265, 

Banks, Oree 79,272 
Banks, Thurston E. 124 
Bannister, Susan K. 212,300,402 
Banta, David J. 188,401 
Banzer, Jerry L. 222,402 
Baptist Student Union 82 
Baran, Raymond T. 132,185,402 
Barber, Benjamin W. 167,310,338 
Barber, Beryl L. 121,125,393 
Barber, Cathy J. 148,402 
Barbour, James D. 106,196,402 
Barclay, Raleighta F. 137,402 
Bare, Linda A. 81,147,208,402 
Barfoot, Dorothy 47 
Barge, Barbara A. 306,402 
Barger, Phillip G. 122,185,268,402 
Barker, Ronald L. 128,223,402 
Barlow, John S. 191,402 
Barnaby, Judith A. 152,402 
Barner, Raymond D. 192,402 
Barnes, Donald W. 83,219,402 
Barnes, Kenna J. 212,402 
Barnett, Cheryl A. 139,159,315,402 
Barnhard, Calvin C. 199 
Barnhart, Charles C. 402 
Barnhart, Terry L. 94,100,180,402 
Barnwarmer Queen 286 
Barr, Mrs. Ben 201 
Barr, Jim L. 402 
Barr, Sally A. 403 
Barr, William E. 338 
Barrett, Ernie 244,247 
Barrett, Twila S. 97,143,208,403 
Barrons, Gary D. 218,403 
Bartel, Monroe H. 87 
Bartel, Mrs. Doris 87 
Bartel, Ronald 495 
Bartholomew, Dan E. 191,403 
Bartlett, Larry E. 160,403 
Bartley, Erie E. 1 1 7 
Barton, Norman D. 180,403 
Bartow, Frank B„ Jr. 75,120,121,125, 

Baruth, Robert A. 68,132,199,339 
Baseball 256-259 
Basie, Count 206 
Basore, Carolyn A. 148,208,403 
Bass, Ann M. 212,403 
Bass, Beverly K. 135,148,339 
Bassett, James D. 68,160,339 
Bassett, Janice E. 104,1 1 1,147,212,403 
Bassette, Richard 1 17 
Bassetti, Eugene L. 234 
Bateman, David D. 403 
Bates, Herbert T. 19 
Bates, Janice L. 74,96,134,212,339 
Bathurst, Laura R. 135,203,403 
Bathurst, Lawrence D. 111,114,301 
Battershell, Douglas 131 
Bauer, Clarence W. 403 
Bauersfeld, Janice S. 151 ,208,300,403 
Bauersfeld, Judith K. 151,300,403 
Bauman, Darryl D. 167,403 
Baxter, James N. 171,246,403 
Baxter, Margaret C. 208,403 
Baxter, Virginia J. 65,66,70,103,105, 

Bayles, Richard A. 83,403 
Bayless, Patricia I. 403 
Bayless, William E. 78,120,122,171,339 
Baysinger, Dale V. 73,107 
Beach, Jane L. 148,339 
Beach, Mary J. 144,403 
Beach, Michael J. 191,236,403 
Beach, P. Rex 171,244,403 
Beal, Stephen A. 112,220,403 
Bear, David O. 180,310,403 
Beard, Marshia M. 97,103,1 1 5,208,300, 

Beard, Patricia A. 97,212,403 
Beardmore, Carolyn A. 94,103,208,264, 

Beardslee, Gary B. 175,270,403 

Beatty, Claudia 24,151,403 

Beatty, Daniel D. 18 

Beaver, Donald R. 160,403 

Bebermeyer, James O. 219,403 

Becher, Harley E. 104 

Bechtel, Curtis E. 1 19,339 

Beck, Carol A. 11 5 

Beck, Cathleen J. 74,141,403 

Beck, Earl D. 29,1 14,313,339 

Beck, Ferol D. 67,152,403 

Beck, Gary W. 1 88,263,404 

Beck, Glenn H. 28,327 

Beck, Henry V. 19,73,107 

Beck, Jane 1 1 1 

Beck, William F. 191,404 

Becker, Arthur H. 130 

Becker, Edward A. 187,339 

Becker, James F. 224,339 

Beckett, Paul E. 224 

Beckman, Harry C. 404 

Beckman, William 302 

Beeler, Frederick H. 1 17,306,307,404 

Beemer, Arlen W. 127,339 

Beftort, Steven R. 339 

Beggs, Larry D. 188,339 

Behner, Thomas C. 85,187,404 

Behrends, Bernard D. 217,404 

Behrens, Richard L. 83 

Behrhorst, John R. 195,404 

Behrhorst, Rodney R. 195,404 

Behrmann, Paula H. 144,339 

Beighley, Harold S. 302 

Beiter, June L. 99 

Bell, Byron D. 81,82,127,339 

Bell, F. W. 327 

Bell, H. Alan 392 

Bell, Jackie W. 339 

Bell, James O. 74,160,309,393 

Bell, Marlene 208,404 

Bell, Roger A. 1 15,339 

Bell, Ronald C. 299,404 

Bell, Sandra A. 393 

Bengtson, Larry E. 1 1 1 ,323,404 

Benner, Dennis W. 1 99,404 

Bennett, Dwight E. 69,71,123 

Bennett, Gary D. 180,405 

Bennett, George W. 118,340 

Bennett, Keith L. 1 1 1 

Bennett, Ronald J. 188,405 

Benninghoven, Florence 212,405 

Bennington, Larry C. 77,128,180,310, 

Benson, Robert B. 180,301,310,405 
Benson, Timothy C 191,405 
Benson, William T. 192,310,405 
Benton, Howard H. 92,172,405 
Bentz, Raymond L. 180,263,405 
Bergen, Lynn A. 223,405 
Berger, Jane E. 144,405 
Berges, Lyle C. 114,301,405 
Berghaus, Gene 129,340 
Berghaus, M. Kay 104,133,340 
Bergm, William C. 217,405 
Bergkamp, Thomas D. 175,405 
Bergman, Byron K. 219,405 
Bergmeier, Dixie L. 340 
Bergmeier, Gary F. 340 
Bergsten, Janice J. 137,208,405 
Bergstrom, Lourin K. 199,301,405 
Berls, Maureen J. 85,104,155,300,405 
Berndt, Kenneth E. 127,340 
Bernhardt, David E. 87,116,218,405 
Bernhardt, Paul H. 87 
Berry, John D. 180,405 
Bertan, Joan E. 98,109 
Bertan, Paul B. 109 
Besack, Marlene K. 144,208,405 
Besecke, Walter A. 167,405 
Besse, Marjorie A. 91,207,405 
Bestgen, Robert F. 195,405 
Beta Sigma Psi 169 
Beta Theta Pi 170 
Betton, Diana S. 144,208,264,405 
Betton's 505 
Bevan, William 34 
Beyer, Curtis M. 199,301,405 
Beyer, George H. 83,111,405 
Beyer, Paul E. 120,125,405 
Bianco, Frank E. 124 
Bickford, William B. 121 
Bicknell, Edward J. 64,68,129,340 
Bieber, Albert L. 168,340 
Bieber, Arlyn C. 91,216,270,405 
Biederman, Frederic 171,405 
Biehler, Sharon K. 1 1 1,405 
Bieri, Alorth 133 
Bieri, Russel O. 130 
Bigford, Jane M. 405 
Bigge, Barton L. 116,218,406 
Biggs, James J. 192,269,406 
Biggs, Mary E. 97,208,406 
Bilbisi, Mutazz 109 
Biles, Bertram R. 80,89,218,298,406 
Billau, Donald D. 69,406 
Billings, Ada 73,108 
Bills, Charles R. 127 
Bills, Richard E. 95,406 
Bilotta, Larry P. 192,301,340 
Binger, Doris L. 148,406 
Binggeli, Bonnie J. 207,340 
Bingham, Larry J. 22,175,406 
Birch, Linda L. 89,137,143,212,406 
Birch, William J. 406 
Bird, Daniel M. 188,208,406 
Bird, Galen D. 406 
Bird, John C. 188,340 
Bird Music Co. 503 
Birk, Royle J. 172,406 
Birkbeck, James S. 111,115,160,406 
Birkenbaugh, Clint 114,406 
Birkinsha, Jack E. 100,103,140,164,406 
Bisby, Dennis D. 340 
Bishop, Margaret 98 

Bishop, Max D. 59,64,69,284,340 

Bishop, Mrs. Max D. 212 

Bishop, Merrill E. 90,91,218,406 

Bitter, Gary G. 88,111,168,406 

Bivin, Rosalie J. 104,406 

Bivin, Warren S. 406 

Bixby,Howard R. 130,195,406 

Black, Darrell D. 262,406 

Black, John C. 94,217,406 

Black, Terrence L. 185,406 

Blackburn, Barbara J. 81,97,213,406 

Blacklock, Warren H. 121,126,271,340 

Blackwelder, Robert E. 269 

Blair, Barbara F. 97,213,406 

Blair, Boyd L. 105,340 

Blair, Charles M. 217,406 

Blakely, Max F. 185,406 

Blakeman, Myrna S. 111,135,213,406 

Blanchard, Nancy L. 147,208,303,406 

Blanding, Michel R. 406 

Blaser, Charles L. 122,168,406 

Blaylock, Ronald D. 234 

Blecha, Carole K. 105,143,340 

Blessing, Malcolm L. 131,168,406 

Blessing, Mateele L. 79,151,406 

Bletscher, Rudy 236 

Blevins, Ellis L. 164,393 

Blevins, Kenneth E. 340 

Blevins, Ramona 98 

Bliss, Carol L. 105,159,340 

Block, Joan 495 

Block & Bridle Club 112 

Bloom, Johnwilliam L. 183,407 

Bloomberg, Karen A. 155,407 

Bloomquist, Deanna K. 208,407 

Blount, Judith C. 111,213,298,407 

Blue Key 64 

Board of Regents 14 

Board of Student Publications 25 

Bobek, Mary E. 1 56,277,407 

Bochow, Bette 98 

Bochow, Bradford K. 102,256,259,407 

Bock, KarlaS. 88,141,208,407 

Bodenhamer, Nancy J. 203,407 

Boecker, Robert J. 340 

Boettcher, Jarold W. 191,301,407 

Boge, Allen D. 94 

Bogenschultz, Shirley 133 

Bogenschviltz, William C. 129,340 

Bolaria, Bhupinder S. 393 

Boley, Charlotte C. 135,147,407 

Bolm, Clyde L. 160,407 

Bolt, Douglas J. 68,1 12,178,301,407 

Bond, Julie G. 128,407 

Bonneau, Roland J. 167,407 

Bonner, Jackie 98 

Bonner, Jerry L. 79,340 

Boodman, Neil M. 130 

Boodman, Trudy 133 

Booe, Bonnie 98 

Booe, Kurt A. 128,341 

Boone, F. Stephen 191,267,407 

Boone, Harold G. 120,341 

Bootery 508 

Booth, Arthur L. 73,107 

Booth, James H. 68,1 19 

Booth, Jeanne S. 135,144,407 

Booth, Ray 272 

Boren, Roger B. 107 

Borg, A. F. 34 

Borgerding, John F. 187,407 

Borgmann, Carol A. 208,407 

Borne, Robert L. 131 

Bosh, Alice F. 137,207,407 

Bosler, Robert M. 160,407 

Boss, Mrs. Henry T. 192 

Boss, James F. 187,407 

Boswell, William R. 160,407 

Bothwell, David L. 299 

Bottger's IGA 51 1 

Bottorff, William W. 188,407 

Bouchey, William M. 188,208,270,407 

Boughton, Paul D. 172,407 

Bourque, Maria L. 95,101,156,407 

Bousman, Carol J. 208,407 

Boustead, Judith L. 207,407 

Bowen, Mi I Irs D. 1 19 

Bowen, Richard E. 68 

Bowen, Joan 1 33 

Bower, Darrell L. 131 

Bower, Kathy 133 

Bowers, Clinton D. 219,407 

Bowers, Judith A. 96,104,140,141,276, 

Bowersock, Dale D. 101,322,341 
Bowie, Travis J. 160,407 
Bowman, Charles T. 217,407 
Bowman, Marvin M. 131 
Bowman, JoAnn 133 
Bowman, Phil B. 116,167,407 
Bowser, Barbara R. 407 
Bowser, Larry C. 72,341 
Boyd, M. Frances 81,100,159,304,408 
Boyd, Patty J. 81,208,408 
Boyer, Donna R. 137,151 ,300,408 
Boyer, Patricia A. 101,104,105,152,408 
Boyle, Brenda C. 97,99,144,209,408 
Bozarth, Karen K. 67,155,408 
Brabec, Sharon A. 143,408 
Braden, Merle L. 77,120,128 
Braden, Robert C. 128 
Bradley, Howard R. 114 
Bradley, Patricia L. 137,302 
Bradney, Claude C. 14 
Bradrick, Jack D. 270,341 
Bradshaw, Mary K. 111,112,209,408 
Bradshaw, Sally A. 91,111,209,408 
Bramard, Larry E. 195,408 
Brake, Jon A. 268,408 
Braman, Darrell N. 341 
Braman, Karen L. 71,143,408 
Brammer, Mrs. Ora P. 160 
Brandenburg, Linda J. 147,408 


Brandner, Lowell 1 9 

Brandt, Anne C. 88-97,209,408 

Brandt, Ruth E. 104,156,304,408 

Branfort, Ronald R. 408 

Brantort, Twila G. 98 

Brannam, Clarence B. 183,408 

Brannan, Roger D. 100.109,160,408 

Brase, Sylvia L. 209,408 

Brassfield, Paul E. 129 

Brauer, Bruce R. 168,301,408 

Brauer, Carolyn E. 213,277,408 

Braun, Clait E. 1 12,408 

Brecheisen, Frances D. 223 

Breer, Marlin D. 408 

Bremner, Bob 256 

Breneman, James R. 191,408 

Brcnnan Skelly Service 508 

Brent, Barbara A. 98 

Brent, Benny E. 163,298,393 

Brent, Lanny R. 100,160,408 

Brent, Roger H. 408 

Brenton, Bob B. 183,408 

Brettschneider, Thomas 234 

Bretz, Herbert L. 341 

Breuel, Jerry F. 130 

Brewer, Donald D. 67,124,408 

Brewer, Kenneth A. 39,78,188,341 

Brewer Motor Company 502 

Briggs, Danny T. 408 

Bright, Oneta L. 1 1 1,141,408 

Brighton, Gerry 133 

Brighton, Hubert 14 

Brighton, James R. 1 29,341 

Brighton, Mary L. 408 

Brindle, Elizabeth J. 213,299,408 

Brink, James D. 94,409 

Brink, Jarvis R. 131,163,409 

Brisbin, John C. 191,409 

Britton, Gale E. 217,299,409 

Britton, John A. 123,160,310,409 

Broadfoot, Patsy V. 213,409 

Broody, Brad W. 131,163,409 

Brock, Jean 156,209,409 

Brock, Ronald E. 199,409 

Brockett, Charles C. 95,116,341 

Broddle, Alfred D. 1 19,341 

Brolo, Celestino E. 109 

Brookover, Sam E. 196,341 

Brookover, Sandra S. 207,409 

Brooks, Donald G. 167,409 

Brooks, James R. 409 

Brougham, Robert D. 160,409 

Brougher, Averill 103,1 15,213,300,409 

Brown, Barbara L. 91 

Brown, Doyle B. 1 14,341 

Brown, H. Janiece 90,91,203,300,409 

Brown, James E. 341 

Brown, James H. 195,341 

Brown, Kay A. 341 

Brown, Lane 271,272 

Brown, Lanny K. 1 1 1,341 

Brown, Linda K. 203,409 

Brown, Loretta S. 152,409 

Brown, Nancy W. 213,409 

Brown, Thomas L. 75,121,125,341 

Brown, Tommy W. 409 

Brown, Vivian M. 96,1 12,207,293,409 

Brown, Warren H. 168,409 

Brown, Warren S. 79, 1 7 1 ,243,244,27 1 , 

Brown, William E. 128,180,409 
Brown, William J. 128 
Browne, David B. 163,409 
Browne, James E. 75,108,121,125,341 
Brownell, Anna M. 147,409 
Browning, Nina 1 9 
Brownlee, Wayne E. 91,119,178,409 
Broyles, Martha L. 90,91,137,213,298, 

Bruce, Karen J. 203,409 
Bruington, Larry L. 301,409 
Brummer, Virgil N. 72,341 
Brunell, Michael B. 187,409 
Bryan, Bonnie J. 207,341 
Bryan, David D. 72,301,304,342 
Bryan, Jon B. 67,409 
Bryan, Kathleen M. 46,65,144,289,342 
Bryant, Dennis C. 201,409 
Bryson, Bill 272 
Bryson, G. Kathleen 105,410 
Buchanan, Donald E. 216,410 
Buchele, James P. 163,410 
Buchheim, Jack D. 122 
Buchheim, Jerry F. 122,410 
Buck, Carolyn K. 96,99,104,207,342 
Buck, Clayton A. 192,393 
Buck, Dennis 260 
Buckbee, Albert W. 117,185,410 
Buehler, Jolene K. 410 
Buenning, Lynn A. 95,99,144,213,410 
Bulger, Carl S. 107 
Bull, Robert W. 185,301,410 
Bullard, Dixie R. 82 
Buller, Stanley J. 89 
Bullock, Terry L. 102,140,180,300,303, 

Bulota, Giedre M. 342 
Bumgarner, Jim G. 123 
Bundy, Carol S. 81,209,410 
Bunger, William P. 81,90,91,220,410 
Bunney, Donald J. 92,217,410 
Bunney, Gary L. 164,410 
Burandt, Richard L. 410 
Burbach, Daniel M. 52,130 
Burbank, Richard W. 219,262,410 
Burch, Mrs. Allan 195 
Burch, Lois A. 86,298,410 
Burcham, DeVirda H. 160,410 
Burcham, William R. 160,410 
Burd and Fletcher Printing Company 513 
Burdick, Clifford C. 82,342 
Burdorf, Marilyn E. 147,213,410 
Burgat, Chuck 252,254 

Burgat, Loretta K. 98 

Burge, Linda R. 24,79,155,410 

Burger-Baird Engraving Company 506 

Burger, Charles N. 100,175,410 

Burgess, George D. 78,188,342 

Burgess, Steve L. 163,410 

Burgess, Susan C. 59 

Burgess, Willard D. 71 

Burhoop, Boyd E. 130,178,410 

Burhoop, Jean M. 133,410 

Burk, Paul F. 81 

Burke, Daniel D. 172,410 

Burke, Jack M. 30 

Burke, Josephine E. 209,410 

Burke, Kay G. 392 

Burkhardt, Chris C. 107 

Burkhardt, Ronald J. 85,101,187,317, 

Burkholder, Jimmy C. 410 
Burkland, Harold C. 223,410 
Burklund, Clayton L. 223,410 
Burling, William V. 410 
Burnes, Barbara A. 148,342 
Burnes, Charles R. 180,410 
Burnett, Carl L. 304,410 
Burnett, Charles E. 183,410 
Burnette Jerrold A. 72,217,410 
Burns, Kent B. 495 
Burns, Paul E. 172,41 1 
Burns, Byron D. 106 
Burrough, Belva 133 
Burrough, Don 130,41 1 
Burt, Keith D. 183,342 
Burton, James W. 301,342 
Burton, Maxine L. 155,411 
Buser, John D. 85,131 
Bush, Thomas H. 180,411 
Butcher, Betty A. 148,411 
Butcher, Nancy K. 102 
Butel, Janet S. 213,41 1 
Butler, Charles H. 119,191,342 
Butler, John B. 72,107 
Butler, Linda S. 97,104,156,209,41 1 
Butler, Martha K. 107 
Butler, Marcia L. 96,104,156,411 
Buttermore, Jack L. 95,343 
Butts, Jesse J., Jr. 191,261,41 1 
Bybee, Ruth A. 203,265,343 
Byers,Larry R. 249 
Byers, Robert G. 37,192,41 1 
Byler, Martha J. 74,96,203,411 
Byler, Ruth A 99 

Cady, Mary F. 209,41 1 
Cain, Jim 255 
Cain, Larry W. 1 1 2 
Caldwell, Janice 209,300,411 
Caldwell, Joyce 109,213,300,411 
Caldwell, Kaya I. 207,41 1 
Caldwell, Stanley I. 222,343 
Caldwell, Virginia A. 156,343 
Cales, Lois R. 152,41 1 
Calkins, Donald E. 1 1 2 
Callabresi, Melvin L. 168,41 1 
Callahan, William G. 41 1 
Callen, James D. 39,180,263,411 
Calliham, Richard D. 167,411 
Callison, George L. 268,301,411 
Calta, Godfrey A. 236,41 1 
Camp, Kay S. 148,213,41 1 
Campbell, Alan B. 120,343 
Campbell, Bill E. 201,343 
Campbell, C. Patricia 101 
Campbell, Charles T. 130 
Campbell, Darrell W. 343 
Campbell, Jimmie R. 128 
Campbell, Lyle G. 220,41 1 
Campbell, Patsy D. 322,411 
Campbell, Robert W. 220,411 
Campbell, Ronald W. 82 
Campbell, Verlin G. 121,343 
Campbell, Wayne E. 192,256,269,411 
Campbell's Gift Shop 500 
Campus Book Store 501 
Campus Cleaners 505 
Campus Pastries 500 
Campus Theater 503 
Candreia, Thomas A. 343 
Cannon, Edwin R. 195,272,343 
Cantrell, Joseph S. 72,393 
Cantrell, Margaret J. 105,136,393 
Cantrell, Maurine L. 90,91,411 
Cantrell, Ronald F. 85,187,411 
Capron, Kenneth M. 298,41 1 
Capron, Virgil J. 113,199,411 
Carbaugh, George S. 41 1 
Carbaugh, Lorene 98 
Carbone, Ronald E. 234 
Cardwell, A.B. 18,34 
Carey, James C. 109 
Carey, Winonah M. 109 
Carlat, Gary K. 123,343 
Carlgren, Erick F. 188,41 1 
Carlin, James I, 343 
Carlin, John W. 23,1 1 1,178,41 1 
Carlisle, Jim L. 217,412 

Carlson, David M. 129,171,343 

Carlson, Gordon E. 168,393 

Carlson, Harley L. 217,412 

Carlson, John W. 218,412 

Carnahan, Ellen P. 213,412 

Carol, Edgar E. 183,412 

Carpenter, James H. 175,289,341 

Carpenter, Kenneth H. 75,120,121,412 

Carr, Dale R. 91 

Carr, Harriett L. 156,341 

Carr, Linden B. 123 

Carr, Marion 246 

Carr, Paul W. 124,343 

Carr, Su L. 123 

Carrico, James E. 85,100,103,180,412 

Carrico, Jerome M. 85,180,412 

Carrico, Tom P. 72,100,180,412 

Carroll, Francis M. 116 

Carroll, George 323 

Carson, George A. 77,120,128,412 

Carson, H. Dennis 412 

Carson, William R. 121,125,343 

Carstenson, Lyle D. 412 

Cartmill, Eula M. 209,412 

Carver, James V. 90,91,164,412 

Case, Joyce I. 81,213,412 

Casey, Ralph M. 94 

Casper, Charles L. 85,187,412 

Cassell, Robert A. 86 

Caster, Jimmie J. 96,132 

Caster, Larry C. 131 

Cation, Kenneth L. 218,412 

Cebula, Robert A. 85,125,412 

Cell Block Seven 295 

Cerny, James R. 412 

Cerny, John H. 132,222,412 

Cha, Lin C. 108 

Chaffee, James L. 188,412 

Chalk, Roger, D. 412 

Chalmers, Glenn B. 223,273,412 

Chambers, Dale E. 118,120,343 

Chambers, Lionel R. 115,343 

Chambers, Royce A. 95,343 

Champagne, Richard K. 102 

Champlin, Bruce C. 129,343 

Champlin, Gary W. 93 

Champlin, Natalia M. 343 

Chancery Club 102 

Chandler, Carolyn R. 203,412 

Chandley, Linda M. 86,97,213,412 

Chang, Szu-Chi 393 

Chang, Shih-Chi 1 18 

Channell, Virginia A. 99 

Channell, Glenn L. 120,412 

Channon, Will 301,412 

Chaparajos Club 93 

Chaplain, Ronald C. 130 

Chapman, Frederick J. 100,102,103,105 

Chapman, Jack R. 119,163,412 
Chapman, Lawrence E. 82,412 
Chapman, William, Jr. 140,160,412 
Chappell, Minor E. 113 
Chappell, Stephen F. 188,412 
Chaput, Larry J. 80,85,187,344 
Charlson and Wilson Abstractors 514 
Chartier, Cathy 98 
Chartier, Charles A. 102,344 
Chawla, Ishwar D. 108,393 
Cheatham, Janice E. 203,344 
Cheerleaders 315 
Chegwidden, Garry D. 39,77,1 21 ,1 28, 

Chehaske, John T. 85,218,413 
Chelesnik, David F. 254 
Chehkowsky, Joseph 34,106,107 
Chelikowsky, Richard 73,75,120,180, 

Chen, Der Hwa 393 
Chen, Ruei C. 222,394 
Chiarella, Juan R. 126,413 
Chilcote, Franque M. 86,116,413 
Childers, Lenita 151,413 
Childs, Darrell L. 124 
Childs, James T. 413 
Childs, Karl R. 195,413 
Chiles, Dennis E. 171,413 
Chinn, Judith C. 104,203,413 
Chinn, Philip R. 413 
Chi Omega 149 
Chimes 65 

Chism, Kathryn L. 83,209,413 
Chisum, Gerald M. 413 
Chiu, Ren Jong 394 
Choate, Jimmie L. 414 
Choplin, David W. 171,414 
Chow, Sidney H. 394 
Chrisman, Janet E. 392 
Christensen, Dale K. 223,414 
Christian, David L. 199,414 
Christiansen, James R. 83 
Christie, Lloyd E. 131 
Christy, Donald O. 84 
Chu,Tai Jon 128 
Chung, Tze Chia 394 
Church, AdaM. 81,104,1 1 1,137,143,414 
Church, JohnT. 90,91,414 
Cipro, Jan E. 86 
City Dairy 508 

City Typewriter and Office Supply 501 
Civil Engineering Honors Program 77 
Clabaugh, Oscar F. 130 
Clack, Robert 59 
Clanton, Jackie E. 236 
Clark, Carol J. 37,148,300,414 
Clark, Chad W. 130 
Clark, Elaine K. 97,135,147,213,414 
Clark, Elizabeth E. 213,414 
Clark, Gilbert C. 106 
Clark, John F. 102,414 
Clark, Kay D. 133 
Clark, Lee K. 1 16,414 
Clark, Lynne S. 136,147,207,414 

Clark, Mary C. 151,209,414 

Clark, Mary M. 137,213,414 

Clark, Nancy G. 209,298,414 

Clark, Ross D. 132,414 

Clark, Tracy 52,129,344 

Clark, William K. 73,107 

Clarke, James D. 344 

Clarkson, Cleo A. 98 

Clarkson, M. Anne 84,96,104,203,265, 

Clarkson, Thomas C. 85,187,414 
Clary, Connie L. 90,91,111,203,344 
Clary, Frederick G. 68,114,314 
Clary, Joseph R. 41 4 
Clary, Sally A. 392 
Clason, Aryl B. 116 
Classen, Harold I. 87,123,414 
Classes 336-496 
Clavell, Carlos E. 132,414 
Claybaugh, Robert J. 199,414 
Claycamp, Loretta L. 91,97,213,414 
Claycamp, Shirley G. 209,414 
Claydon, June E. 152,414 
Claydon, T. J. 117 
Clear, Dale L. 95 
Clear, Sharon M. 98 
Cleland, Joseph L. 180,298,414 
Clemence, Frederick 163,344 
Cleveland, Gretchen 104,1 1 5,1 55,344 
Cleveland, M. Bruce 1 14,344 
Clever, Ernst E. 344 
Click, Harold E. 414 
Clifford, John R. 80,83,164,414 
Clifton, John P. 126 
Cline, Constance E. 209,414 
Cline, David H. 1 14 
Cline, Nell W. 1 15 
Cling, Carolyn K. 86,104,202,203,265, 

Cling, Wayne L. 414 
Clingan, Mrs. G. C. 143 
Clinkenbeard, Charles 1 1 5,234,344 
Cloe, Rosemary 104,147,414 
Clothing Retailing Club 136 
Clovia 141 

Clowers, Stanley R. 105,414 
Cloyes, Sandra S. 87,105,207,414 
Club Cervantes 109 
Clubine, Gerald D. 86 
Clum, DuaneV. 69,83,180,415 
Clum, Lyle E. 22,64,76,77,120,180,290, 

Coambes, Robert J. 217,246,415 
Coblentz, John R. 94,196,415 
Coburn, Ralph J. 83 
Cochran, Mary J. 22,148,415 
Cochran, Scott P. 102,191,273,415 
Cochrun, Benny K. 236 
Coddington, William 117,178,415 
Coder, Sharon K. 99,144,415 
Coffey, Richard H. 160,415 
Coffman, Jack D. 1 19,269 
Coffman, James R. 130 
Coffman, Jerry B. 180,415 
Cogdill, David B. 195,344 
Colaw, Thomas A. 191,301,415 
Colbert, James J. 236 
Cole, Darold F. 100,164,415 
Cole, Duane E. 130 
Cole, Harold S. 106,415 
Coleman, Bessie K. 1 34,203,41 5 
Coleman, Karen A. 152,213,415 
Coleman, Sandra R. 151,209,415 
Coles Department Store 507 
College Beauty Shop 501 
College Drug Store 51 1 
Collegian Staff 306-308 
Collegiate 4-H 110-111 
Collegiate Young Republicans 100 
Collins, George B. 14 
Collins, Janice E. 105,1 1 1,140,141,304, 

Collins, Jerry L. 126,344 
Colson, Charles W. 68,119,178,344 
Colson, Fred M. 123,415 
Colson, Geraldine J. 203,415 
Colson, Thomas C. 1 28,344 
Colvin, Thomas L. 123,415 
Combes, Larry D. 219,415 
Comfort, Anthony J. 188,415 
Comfort, Gary L. 140,201,345 
Comley, Lawrence R. 239,244 
Compton, George R. 180,415 
Compton, John L. 126,171,345 
Comstock, Joyce M. 83,415 
Comstock, Robert G. 1 80,41 5 
Conant, Joseph W. 85,125,415 
Concerts 294-295 
Conde Music & Electric 51 1 
Congrove, James E. 178,415 
Conine, Patricia K. 98 
Conklin, John R. 219,415 
Conley, Jon M. 217,267,415 
Conlon, Susan 156,415 
Conlon, Maureen G. 85 
Connell, Martin R. 180,415 
Connell, Richard J. 85,130,187,415 
Conner, Charles T. 123,217,415 
Conner, James F. 84,123,187,415 
Connet, Mary E. 89,95,101,319 
Connolly, Paul J. 85,200,415 
Conrad, Loren W. 78,120,171,415 
Conrow, Janet R. 416 
Consolino, Ronald J. 191,416 
Converse, Leo H. 416 
Converse, Ronald E. 1 16,164,263,416 
Conyac, Carrol J. 167,416 
Cox, Rufus 30 
Cook,Carolyn J. 151,416 
Cook, Larry E. 185,416 
Cook, Leland B. 269,416 
Cook, Patricia I. 1 1 1,136,209,416 
Cook, Rodney L. 89,195,416 


Cookson, Saundra S. 1 55,21 3,41 6 

Cool, David B. 191,394 

Cool, Joann 80,156,416 

Coolen, Barbara J. 90,91,209,416 

Cooley, Donald F. 124 

Cooley Jo E. 71,103,148,300,345 

Cooley, Martha K. 213,416 

Coolidge, Barbara 71,81,82,300,416 

Coon, Larry L. 1 15,160,416 

Coon, Laura G. 71,81,103,300,416 

Cooney, Larry D. 416 

Coons, Bonnie L. 144,284,416 

Cooper, Dr. Donald 228 

Cooper, Gary L. 196,345 

Cooper, Lyle E. 345 

Cooper, Margaret L. 67,1 1 1 ,1 34,209, 

Cooper, Susan L. 156,209,416 
Copeland, Harlan 19 
Copeland, Joanne I. 213,416 
Copenhafer, Wilber A. 128,416 
Copple, James D. 163,416 
Coppoc, Gordon L. 83,131,416 
Corazin, Michael D. 106,191,236,416 
Corbett, Emery R. 117,163,345 
Corbin, Murray D. 1 7 1 ,254,27 1 ,272,41 6 
Cordell, Lawrence R. 114 
Cordova, Alicia L. 85,416 
Cordova, Gilbert M. 1 64,345 
Cordova, Jose D. 85,119,217,416 
Cormack, Herb 234,237 
Corn, Jerrald A. 172,416 
Corns, Gary M. 220,416 
Correll, CM. 18 
Corrigan, Richard F. 234 
Corson, James L. 345 
Corwin, Donald G. 392 
Cosmopolitan Club 108 
Costerisan, Karen L. 213,416 
Cotton, Robert 303 
Couch, Carman L. 152,213,300,417 
Couch, Charles W. 96,167,249,345 
Couch, Darlene Y. 79,147,417 
Coufal, Diane 96,151,417 
Coufal, John B. 85,103,298,417 
Coulson, Mrs. Fred 221 
Coulter, Gordon E. 102 
Coulter, Roger W. 191,417 
Counter, John C. 76,1 18,120 
Cour, Thomas H. 164,394 
Courbois, Francis R. 195,417 
Courtright, Gordon L. 417 
Covalt, Dale R. 217,417 
Covert, Joanne L. 1 23 
Covert, Leroy W. 123,271,417 
Cowan, John A. 140,199,301,417 
Cowell, Billie E. 81,82,220,417 
Cowen, Dale L. 185,417 
Cowley, Lois E. 99 
Cowman, Robert L. 183,417 
Cox, Charlene R. 140,152,276,417 
Cox, James E. 191,417 
Cox, H. David, Jr. 106,192,417 
Cox, Laura A. 90,203,417 
Cox, Lawrence M. 180,417 
Cox, Robert E. 94,180,417 
Coy, M. L. 78 
Coyan, Robert L. 127 
Crabb, Jay P. 160,300,417 
Craft, Lawrence W. 417 
Craft, Patricia 207,417 
Craft, Robert J. 1 27,222,345 
Craig, Ben R. 130 
Craig, David W. 128,175,345 
Craig, Eva L. 79,134,203,417 
Craig, James V. 113 
Craig, Jerry R. 1 1 9 
Craig, John E. 1 18,220,345 
Craig, Karen 98 
Craig, La Vonne 133 
Craig, Michael L. 1 19 
Cramer, Marilyn B. 98 
Cramer, Ronnie D. 1 28,41 7 
Cramton, George A. 114,417 
Crandall, George M. 417 
Cranmer, Roger L. 1 91 ,273,41 7 
Cranston, Charles S. 417 
Cranston, Gary L. 417 
Crawford, Harold F. 223,300,417 
Crawford, Kenneth R. 118,417 
Crawford, Robert F. 131 
Crawford, Roy K. 126,167,417 
Creager, Glen J. 122,218,418 
Creamer, Linda B. 152,300,418 
Crenshaw, Willis C. 236 
Cress, Gayla J. 79,90,91,135,141,345 
Cress, Jay J., Jr. 172,345 
Cress, Steven B. 92,109,172,418 
Cribb. Susan D. 148,209,418 
Crichfield, Lonnie S. 129,224,345 
Criss, Gary G. 180,345 
Crist, Toni L. 147,418 
Cristler, Connie L. 59,104,144,266,418 
Criswell, Mildred L 209,298,41 8 
Critser, William D. 78,171,345 
Crocker, Jack W. 100,164,418 
Crocker, Rex D. 418 
Cromer, Jean 98 
Cromwell, Gary L. 29,64,68,81 ,82,1 14, 

Cron, Paul D. 82,418 
Cross, Kenneth D. 102 
Cross, Rex E. 217,418 
Crouch, Kathryn J. 37,148,418 
Crow, Alan E. 175,418 
Crowl, Clarence E. 418 
Cruise, Jack 236 
Crum, Karen L. 151,209,300,418 
Crumley, Gerald P. 418 
Crumley, Sarah A. 418 
Cudney, David W. 96 
Cukjati, Joe F. 129,163,345 
Culberson, Gary R. 76,118,183,345 

Cummings, Gary K. 345 
Cummings, Kay 98 
Cundiff, Jerry H. 103,163,300,418 
Cundiff, Larry V. 163,301,313,418 
Cunningham, Cathra A. 156,213,300, 

Cunningham, Donnie E. 345 
Cunningham, Gordon R. 345 
Cunningham, Jerry J. 236 
Cunningham, Phyllis 156,418 
Cunningham, Thomas F. 191,418 
Curtis, Gary W. 418 
Curtis. William W. 180,418 
Cusic, Chester W. 91 
Custer, William F. 192,418 
Cyphert, Thomas E. 418 

Daggett, Larry L. 83 

Dahl, John E. 75,120,121,346 

Dahling, Corl W. 171,418 

Dahlinger, Bruce A. 180,418 

Dahlsten, John W. 178,301,418 

Dai ley, Don 308 

Dailey, James L. 263 

Dailey, Joanne M. 85,203,266,418 

Daily, Duane D. 90,91,111,418 

Daily, George W. 130 

Dairy Science Club 116 

Dale, Brock 302 

Dalrymple, Lee A. 418 

Dalrymple, Ralph J. 31 1,418 

Dalton, Margaret J. 97,159,209,418 

Dalton, William K. 196,419 

Dame, Glenice 98 

Dames Club 98-99 

Dances 294-295 

Danewitz, Larry E. 346 

Daniel, Marvin E. 75,120,125,256,346 

Daniels, Richard C. 419 

Danielson, Elaine L. 104,140,152,346 

Dannenberg, Larry K. 88,168,419 

Darley, Earl G. 127 

Darnold, Jerry 271 

Darter, Don A. 79,96,232,234,248,249 

Darter, Larry J. 249 

Darwash, Adnan O. 394 

David, Barbara J. 23,46,156,346 

Davidson, Caroline R. 84,136,151,300, 

Davidson, Mary K. 59,104,156,419 
Davidson, Nelson E. 419 
Davies, Marian M. 97,99,209,419 
Davies, Paul W. 301 
Davis, Alfred E. 68,129,346 
Davis, Billy G. 94,176,346 
Davis, Charlotte 213,300,419 
Davis, Don K. 1 19 
Davis, Earle 34 
Davis, Elmer G. 113 
Davis, Georgene B. 1 33 
Davis, James M. 419 
Davis, Janet L. 156,346 
Davis, John F. 185,419 
Davis, John H. 176,346 
Davis, John W. 217,419 
Davis, Joseph S. 185,268,419 
Davis, Kelvin L. 221,419 
Davis, Rogene J. 96,104,1 1 1,207,346 
Davis, Roy D. 219,419 
Davis, William D. 302,419 
Dawdy, Janet 144,306,311,419 
Dawe, Patricia J. 151,419 
Dawes, Donald W. 160,419 
Dawson, Marcia S. 144,419 
Dawson's Conoco 500 
Day, Violet J. 91,203,300,419 
Deal, Larry E. 85,187,419 
Dean, Judith C. 419 
Dearborn, Judith A. 90,91,419 
Debate Squad 105 
Decker, Marcia L. 419 
DeCou, Donald F., Jr. 69 
DeCou, Donna D. 66,71,103,303,419 
DeCou, Robert 303 
DeForest, Jean 159,203,304,419 
DeFrees, James E. 419 
DeGeer, Charles V. 112 
Degnan, Deanna M. 104,202,207,419 
Deines, Herman F. 419 
Deiter, Norman E. 125,419 
DeJesus, Jesus C. 108,419 
Deka, Khogendra N. 394 
DeLange, Sheldon E. 178,301,419 
DeLano, Shirley M. 115 
Delforge, Gary D. 79,192,236,269,346 
Dellett, Fred V. 172,346 
DeLong, Duane W. 346 
Delta Chi Colony 221 
Delta Delta Delta 1 50 
Delta Phi Delta 71 
Delta Sigma Phi 173 
Delta Sigma Rho 70 
Delta Tau Delta 174 
Delta Upsilon 177 
Deluxe Cleaners 514 
DeMand, John W. 25,105 
Demoret, Charles W. 346 
Demos, Albert L. 234 

Dempsey, Douglas E. 91 
Denesha, Charles T. 1 92,346 
Denesha, John W. 1 75,41 9 
Denholm, Barbara A. 203,419 
Denning, Dennis 101 
Dent, Catherene A. 123 
Denton, Harold O. 78 
Denton, Larry R. 172,419 
Denton, Mary J. 207 
Denton, Wayne K. 176,420 
Denton, William N. 118,192,346 
Depenbrink, Dianne M. 95,306 
Depenbusch, Francis 85,200,420 
DePue, Clayton S. 217,262,420 
Derks, Edwin C. 191,301,420 
Derks, Gene L. 191,420 
DeRouchey, Vincent F. 85,131 
Derstein, Robert L. 160,346 
DeRusseau, Robert R. 85,1 16,120,187, 

Desai,M. K. 108,394 
Desilet, Larry L. 85 
DeStefano, Frank 187,420 
DeSteiguer, David M. 125,199,301,420 
Detrick, Barbara A. 156,213,420 
Detrick, Susan K. 143,213,420 
Defter, Bruce C, Jr. 129,346 
Detter, John R. 224 
Dettmer, Gene H. 76,118,120,346 
DeVore, Janice K. 151,300,420 
DeWeese, Paul 229 
DeWerff, Lloyd H. 168,420 
Dewey, Darlene K. 90,91,1 1 1,141,209, 

Dewey, Jacqueline D. 213,421 
DeYoe, Billy L. 130 
DeYoe, Duane R. 236 
Dhillon, Raj K. 495 
Dial, John M. 131,140,191,421 
Dial, Ronald A. 195,421 

. 98 

Diaz, Jorge H. 
Dick, Connie L, 
Dick, Daniel B. 
Dick, William J. 
Dicken, James R 
Dicken, John C. 
Dicken, Linda K 
Dickens, Dixie L 
Dickerson, Carol L. 147,421 
Dickerson, Mary E. 90,91,1 1 1,135,213, 

ickey, George L. 421 

ickey, Judy E. 144,209,421 

ickey, Patsy 98 

ickey, Sally J. 87,143,421 

ickinson, Annabeile 135 

■ickinson, Margaret 89,1 1 1,141,421 

ickinson, Russell B. 175,421 

icks, Gary R. 78,195,421 

ickson, Thomas H. 200,346 

•ickson, Willard J. 421 

idelot, Robert C. 1 16,421 

iehn, Paul L. 126,167,421 

ierdorff, Karen J. 159,304,421 

ierks, Gloria L. 1 33 

ierks, Merton L. 52,130 

etrich, Donald A. 123,347 

ffley, Gary G. 347 

lley, William F. 128 

llinger, Edwin T. 79,163,272,347 

lion, Ronald L. 421 

mmitt, Herbert B. 102 

mmitt, Lawrence A. 102,301,421 

rscherl, Rudolf 77,128,187,347 

sciples Student Fellowship 86 

ssinger, Ed 236,237 

ttoe, Robert C. 268 

vine, John L. 217,236,421 
Dixie Cormel Shop 502 
Dlabal, Donna M. 85,209,421 
Dlabal, James D. 84 
Dobrovolny, Francis 88,168,300,421 
Dobson, George P. 126,217,272,421 
Dobson, Leona 108 
Governor George Docking 14,360 
Dodds, Clayton G. 421 
Dodds, Darrell D. 252,254 
Dodd's Inc. 505 

Dodson, Margaret A. 99,147,300,421 
Doebbeling, Mary L. 421 
Doebbeling, Robert D. 347 
Dole, Leslie A. 22,65,66,89,1 56,300,421 
Dolecek, Phyllis J. 85,143,347 
Doley Jewelers 502 
Dolly's K-Lunch 505 
Domer, Robin R. 188,421 
Don and Jerry Clothiers 51 1 
Donaldson, Gale W. 222,422 
Donovan, Peggy A. 83,209,422 
Donham, Judith C. 83,203,422 
Donnell, Glenn P. 121,125,347 
Dooley, Donna M. 107 
Dooley, Joe A. 73,107,347 
Dooley, John R. 96,249 
Doornbos, Jerald A. 1 30,1 78,422 
Doran, Carol A. 89,156,300,422 
Doren, Carol 104 
Dorgan, Lawrence L. 122,178,347 
Dornbusch, Harold E. 112,347 
Dorsey, Jacob R. 121,347 
Dorssom, Harold L. 140,168,422 
Douglas, Donald R. 160,422 
Douglas, L. 103 
Douglas, Stephen A. 22,25,64,192,243, 

Douglass, Patricia A. 203,347 
Douglass, Robert O. 196,422 
Douthit, Emily A. 65,105,143,276,347 
Dowell, Russell T. 217,236,422 
Dowlin, Neil E. 1 17,31 1,422 
Downing, Charles J. 180,347 
Downing, Donald D. 102,108,347 
Downing, Richard L. 180,422 

Downs, Robert C. 196,301,422 

Doyle, Joe H. 1 16,199,347 

Doyle, Leanne 347 

Doyle, Richard L. 299,422 

Draeger, Ernest A. 124,422 

Drake, Anthony B. 422 

Drake, Sandra L. 97,151,209,422 

Dramatics 316-319 

Drapel, Janice R. 85,1 1 1,143,213,422 

Dreiling, Lilly M. 79,111,203,422 

Dreiling, Mark J. 167,422 

Dressier, Charles W. 422 

Dressier, Donald G. 347 

Dressier, Eugene E. 129,180,347 

Drevets, Stanley C. 192,347 

Drew, Kent I. 49,221,223,348 

Drolte, James E. 130 

Drouillard, Dennis W. 422 

Drumright, Ray 131 

Dube, Shyam K. 108 

DuBois, Marilyn J. 105 

Duckwall's 510 

Dudrey, Rebecca S. 71,103,300,348 

Duell, Dennis C. 80,81,348 

Duesberg, Carol J. 155,422 

Duffner, Joy L. 88,213,422 

Dufva, Diane 80,148,300,422 

Dugan, Raymond L. 67,191,320,321,422 

Dukes, Barry A. 100,105,164,422 

Dunagan, Mrs. W. P. 144,178 

Dunbar, Kenny M. 220,422 

Duncan, David A. 176,422 

Duncan, Kenneth L. 160,422 

Duncan, Mrs. Martha 155 

Dungey, Ronald E. 82,124 

Dunham, Jane A. 222,394 

Dunlap, Donna M. 79,104,156,422 

Dunn, John P. 84,187,422 

Dunn, Mary A. 100,104,207,422 

Dunn, Norman K. 394 

Dunn, Thomas D., Jr. 1 85,256,268,422 

Dunning, Beverly K. 422 

Dunning, James E. 423 

Dunster, Donald E. 348 

Durham, Joan E. 156,213,423 

Durham, Karol K. 97,156,213,286,423 

Durheim, Harold W. 348 

Durland, Dean M. A. 38,39,229 

Durnil, Arby L. 108,113,273,348 

Dutton, Ronald D. 423 

Dyer, Carolyn 71,348 

Dyer, Darrel V. 199,348 

Dyer, Phyllis A. 134,204,423 

Dykhouse, Vance J. 217,423 

Dziura, Mike J. 84,96,217,262,348 

Eads, Kathleen M. 136,148,213,423 

Eastman, Eldon E. 220,423 

Eastwood, Eleanor R. 209,423 

Eastwood, Raymond L. 269,423 

Eater, James P. 1 64,423 

Eaton, George 74,320 

Eaton, Roger R. 118,120,348 

Ebberts, G. Orval 19,35 

Ebel, Dean L. 180,348 

Ebeling, Keith L. 102 

Eberhart, Richard A. 423 

Eberwein, John A. 77,128 

Eck, Charles E. 52,68,1 29,224,348 

Eck, Dorothy 133 

Eckerberg, Dale O. 93,1 19 

Eckermann, Gloria J. 1 1 1 ,204,423 

Eckert, Joanne E. 96,104,202,207,349 

Eckhoff, Normon D. 77.116,120,349 

Eddie's Beauty Salon 505 

Eddy, Edward M. 188,423 

Eddy, Janet E. 83,204,423 

Edelblute, David J. 218,423 

Edgar, Earl 34 

Edgerton, Lavonda S. 144,423 

Edge-wood Theater 503 

Edmonds, Gary N. 196.423 

Edson, Donald P. 160,349 

Edwards, A. Thornton 18.69 

Edwards, Anna M. 83,423 

Edwards, Jack D. 89 

Edwards, Janice L. 1 52,423 

Edwards, Margene F. 24,67,148,423 

Edwards, Marvin D. 86,495 

Edwards, PhiliD M. 100,168,423 

Edwards, Ronda L. 83,423 

Edwards. William S. 249,423 

Egbert, Gilbert W. 93 

Eggers, Wanda C. 46,65,67,74,134,143, 

Eggleston, Dale K. 192,423 
Eicher, Curtis L. 349 
Eilrich, Gary L. 88,110,218,423 
Einhellig, Frank A. 1 1 1,349 
Eisele, George F. 178,423 
Eisele, Karl W. 122,220,423 
Eisenbarth, William 349 
Ekart, David E. 187,423 
Eckermann, Gloria J. 100 
Eklund, David R. 1 15,423 
Ekstrom, Astrid K. 136,212 
Elder, K. Darrell 236,423 
Elder, Patricia A. 213,423 
Elgin, Marilyn E. 99,204,423 
Eliason, Donald G. 128,222,424 
Elliott, Arlen L. 132,424 
Elliott, Dennis D. 1 3 1 


Elliott, Elaine J. 424 

Elliott, JanetS. 104,152,349 

Elliott, Lonny L. 424 

Elliott, Lorna J. 98 

Elliott, Mark P. 129,185,349 

Elliott, Prudence A. 83,147,209,310,424 

Elliott, RuthC. 207,424 

Ellis, Bryon 25,74 

Ellis, Donald J. 236 

Ellis, Gene D. 188,424 

Ellis, James B. 188,424 

Ellis, Kenneth P., Jr. 349 

Ellis, LorenC. 1 18,164,424 

Ellis, Raymond L. 1 14,349 

Ellis, Roscoe, Jr. 19 

Ellis, Twila M. 115 

Ellison, Charles K. 105,349 

Elson, Andrew C. 94,424 

Elting, Julie C. 100,209,424 

Eltiste, Loren M. 424 

Ely, Ray W. 132,163,424 

Emerson, Jerry 268 

Emery, Betty K. 90,91,222,394 

Emmanuel, Chandra V. 394 

Emmerich, Carol D. 209,424 

Emrick, Billy R. 75,120,121,349 

Endicott, Sarah D. 102,147,349 

Engel, John M. 191,424 

Engelken, Arlyn F. 85,187,424 

Engelland, Jack R. 163,424 

Engelmann, John A. 196,289,424 

Engineering Council 39 

Engineer Magazine Staff 310 

Engineer's Open House 290-291 

England, Jere B. 116 

Engle, Albert L. 39,75,120,180,310,424 

Engle, Duane 272 

English, Burt F. 262,267 

English, Ernie 272 

Englund, Charles E. 196,263,424 

Englund, Dean B. 128,196,424 

Enright, William E. 180,323,424 

Enrollment 278-279 

Ensley, Elna 98 

Ensley, Leroy E. 1 30 

Ensley, Shirley 1 33 

Ensz, John W. 87,216,301,349 

Ensz, Mary A. 101,143,202,213,424 

Entomology Club 107 

Epard, Richard L. 201,424 

Epp, Mrs. Janet 87 

Epp, Waldeen M. 87,122,349 

Erbeck, Douglas H. 80,89,129,269,349 

Erbert, John R. 187,349 

Erbes, Lawrence E. 200,301,424 

Erickson, John A. 175,349 

Erickson, Larry E. 77,88,124,168,350 

Erickson, Linda A. 204,424 

Erickson, Martha 147,213,424 

Erickson, Naomi J. 81,87,137,424 

Erickson, Stephen T. 424 

Ericson, Barbara D. 59 

Erni, Jan L. 97,151,209,424 

Ernst, Donald M. 164,350 

Ernzen, Rita M. 204,424 

Errett, Charles L. 127,424 

Erway, Douglas K. 94,106 

Esau, Kenneth L. 87 

Esau, Larry R. 185,350 

Esau, Louise A. 87 

Esiinger, Robert C. 75,188,310,425 

Esslinger, Dennis L. 75,85,121,125,218, 

Estes, Ada B. 183 
Estes, Al 320 
Estlow, W. L. 106 
Eta Kappa Nu 75 
Etzel, Tim N. 85,187,425 
Eustace, Charles D. 94.350 
Eustace, Dale 394 
Evangelical United Brethren 87 
Evans, Carol J. 97,105,213,425 
Evans, Dale 79,230,232,233,234 
Evans, Donald V. 96 
Evans, Eunice 1 33 
Evans, Jay D. 188,254,425 
Evans, Lois K. 91,111,137,213,425 
Evans, Martha A. 103,144,303.350 
Evans, Pickie J. 97,155,209,425 
Evans, Ray E. 425 
Evans, Ray N. 1 4 
Evans, Robert L. 129,350 
Evans, T. M 34,79 
Evers, Richard L. 172,350 
Ewert, Anthony E. 191,350 
Ewy, Carole A. 144,350 
Ewy, Harold L. 124 
Ewy, Ralph L. Jr. 176,301,425 
Ewy, Richard D. 171,241,244,271,425 
Exline, Carol M. 1 23 
Exline, Douglas W. 196,350 
Exline, Jerry K. 123,196,350 
Extension Club 1 12 

Fabricius, Edward P. 69,108,350 
Faculty Senate 19 

Fager, Larry L. 164,425 
Fager, LuAnn H. 88,144,213,425 
Faidley, Maurice D. 68,119,178,350 
Faimon, Gabriel R. 85,218,425 
Fair, Sondra K. 81,104,213,300,425 
Fairbank, Suzanne 81,159,425 

Fairchild, Jimmy R. 37,175,300,303,425 

Falconer, Gary S. 425 

Falk, MaxC. 234,237,254 

Fallis, Lauda K. 97,147,209,425 

Falsom, Frank 272 

Falter, Richard T. 132 

Family £r Child Development 136 

Fankhauser, Jean A. 132,163,425 

Fankhouser, Jerry W. 124 

Fansler, James W. 94,185,425 

Farm House 179 

Farrell, F. D. 18 

Farris, James D. 59 

Farrow, Max W. 168,425 

Faulconer, Jay E. 196,425 

Faulconer, Joan 81,159,425 

Faulconer, Mary G. 143,265,425 

Faulkender, Dean L. 123,350 

Faulkender, Shirley 123 

Fauss, Janice J. 104,207,350 

Faust, Gerald K. 188,350 

FMOC 289 

Featherston, Richard 185,425 

Felch, Melvin D. 106,217,425 

Feldman, Hervy A. 350 

Fieldman, Irmgard W. 88,155,351 

Feleay, Richard 80,86,301,425 

Felton, David K. 80,86,425 

Feltz, Albert J. 219,351 

Felver, Carl E. 217,246,267,425 

Fenton, F. C. 122 

Ferguson, Bergess A. 351 

Ferguston, George C. 131 

Ferguston, John M. 30 

Ferguston, Larry B. 220,425 

Fettes, Joseph J. 167,249,425 

Fiamon, Gabril 298 

Fickel, Michael T. 123,425 

Fields, Dwight G. 106,201,351 

Fields, Karen S. 81,82,213,425 

Fields, Linda L. 91,104,204,426 

Fields, Lloyd W. 167,426 

Fife, Jerry F. 185,351 

Figgs, Larry L. 160,351 

Figueroa, Fernando L. 109,217,426 

Filinger, George A. 112 

Filinger, Frank Jr. 1 1 1,163,351 

Fina, Louis R. 100,262 

Finch, Ben B. 160,426 

Findley, W. Cecil 87 

Fincham, Robert K. 102,191,426 

Fine, Benjamin 297 

Finfrock, John R. 236 

Finical, Donald A. 1 17,351 

Finley, Virginia L. 426 

Finney, Karl 261 

Finney, Ronald B. 191,301,426 

First National Motor Bank 500 

Fischer, Emil C. 42 

Fischer, William R 300 

Fiser, David J. 140,180,256,426 

Fish, John H. 426 

Fisher, A. B. 262,299,426 

Fisher, Brenda J. 204,426 

Fisher, Connie J. 299 

Fisher, Judith M. 204,351 

Fisher, Walter D. 69 

Fisher, Walter L. 91 

Fiskin, A. Max 185,351 

Fitzgerald, Jerald B. 263,351 

Fiskin, Joyce E. 99 

Fitzhugh, Carol B. 209.264,426 

Fix, William L. 123.217,426 

Flack, Brian M. 185,351 

Flanagin, John D. 220,426 

Fleener, Paul E. 317 

Fleming, Carol L. 97.151.213,426 

Fleming, James W. 217.236.426 

Fleming, Katherine M. 207,298,426 

Fletcher, Lyle D. 188.426 

Flinner, Margretta 86,101,151,300,319, 

Flint, Jon I. 221,426 
Floberg, Pat 98 
Floberg, Roland W. 72,351 
Flolo, Helene R. 133 
Flolo, John P. 130 
Flora, Jan L. 301 
Flory, Patricia L. 101 .204.426 
Flowers, Donald H. 102,191,273,426 
Floyd, Maryem 98 
Flying Club 93 
Flynn, David L. 426 
Folse. Deon S. 19,229 
Foltz, V. D. 140 
Foltz, Helen H. 96,144,351 
Football 230-237 
Forbes, Daniel H. 219,426 
Forbes, Emma L. 204.426 
Forbes. Janice K. 95.136,151,426 
Ford, Dennis E. 191,426 
Ford, Kenny 1 8 
Ford, Shirley A. 123 
Ford, Ronald W. 123 
Foreman. CaroNn A. 74 204 265,426 
Forrer, Howard S. 116.192,426 
Forrest, John C. 1 12,351 
Forssberg, Kathryn M. 88,136,204,426 
Fortner, Leroy B. 426 
Fortune, Cedric B. 171,426 
Foss, Gary L. 125 
Foster, Charles D. 191,426 
Foster, Donald E. 351 
Foster, James K. 100,167,426 
Foster, Joan 98 
Foster, Joyce M. 204,427 
Foster, Larry D. 118,351 
Foster, Lewis C. 131 
Foulke, Larry R. 64,175,351 
Fountain, Robert L. 427 
Fowler, Kenneth D. 124 
Fowler, Susan L. 156.213,300,427 
Fox, Donna M. 83,104,111,207,427 

Fox, John R. 123,427 

Fox, Loretta A. 94,144,427 

Fox, Mary A. 147,352 

Fox, Sharon 98 

Fox, Wayne C. 427 

Frailey, Errol L. 1 23 

Francis, Gene W. 175,427 

Francis, Kenneth E. 73,107 

Francis, Marian L. 132,163,272,427 

Francis, Nancy L. 107 

Frank, Arlen D. 140,178,427 

Frank, Waldene D. 96,228,242,244 

Frank, Wilson D. 108 

Frankel, Edward A. 132,261 

Frankenfeld, Charles 1 7 1 ,427 

Frans, John G. 352 

Frantz, Sally J. 104,204,427 

Frantz, Willard F. 106 

Franz, Fred A. 1 19,195,427 

Franzmathes, Joe R. 128 

Fraser, James E. 298 

Frashier, Kenneth M. 1 23,1 60,302,427 

Frederick, Charles D. 1 1 7,3 1 2 

Frederick, David C. 199,301,427 

Frednckson, Duane E. 80, 1 3 1 , 1 63,427 

Freeby, Byron O. 172,427 

Freel, Marvin E. 1 30 

Freeman, Leslie A. 427 

Freeman, Ross R. 83,100,176,300,427 

French, Charles M. 106,124 

French, John D. 234 

French, John R. 272 

French, Kathryn J. 97,101,144,202,213, 

French, Larry 252,254 
French, Steve J. 96,191,254,352 
Frey, John C. 191,427 
Frey, Linda L. 352 
Frick, Dr. Edwin J. 52 
Frick, Jack D. 1 1 1,1 12,163,427 
Frick, Kathryn L. 91,111,213,427 
Frick, Sharon L. 104,137,143,352 
Friedel, Martha K. 392 
Friedrich, Robert W. 352 
Friend, Reed E. 394 
Friend, William N. 218,427 
Friesen, Dale E. 217,427 
Fritton, Nancy L. 85,143,209,304,427 
Fritz, Rudolph A. 1 19 
Frog Club 94 
Fruin, Nancy V. 147,427 
Fry, Jack L. 11 3 

Fryer, Claire 22,65,66,79,144,427 
Fryer, H. C. 19,34 
Fryhofer, Marilyn J. 144,427 
Fuhrman, John D. 427 
Fukazawa, Augusto K. 109,217,427 
Fuller, Billy R. 68,1 14,313,352 
Fuller, Deanna R. 115 
Fuller, Herman L. 160,427 
Fuller, Mrs. Lillian B. 222 
Fuller, Nancy L. 85,143,352 
Fuller, Stephen W. 220,427 
Fultz, William E. 427 
Funk, David H. 188,428 
Funston, Barbara 98 
Funston, Nelson E. 77,120,1 28,310 
Future Farmers of America 110 

Gabel, Darrell J. 191,428 

Gabnelson, Gary D. 88,100,168,428 

Gaede, Carl D. 69,123,352 

Gaede, Carole J. 136,151,352 

Gagnon, Michael J. 428 

Gaither, John R. 192,301,352 

Gall, Roland A. 88,218,428 

Gallagher, Bill G. 85,187,428 

Gallagher, Carol A. 209,428 

Gallagher, William J. 234 

Gallegos, Emilio J. 109 

Galliart, Dale R. 76,120,168,352 

Gamba, Jeanette L. 97,101,213,428 

Gamma Delta 88 

Gamma Phi Beta 153 

Ganibay, Rachel 136 

Garabedian, Taniel A. 109 

Garcia, Rosalio 249 

Gard, Clair D. 79,96,167,248,249,428 

Gardenhire, Roy F. 39,196,352 

Gardner, Curtis K. 1 22,428 

Gardner, Dorothy K. 152,428 

Gardner, Jerry L. 1 10,1 14,178,314,428 

Gardner, Kay 1 1 1 

Gardner, Leo A. 268 

Gardner. Perry A. 86,428 

Gardner, Robert L. 68,119,178,352 

Gardner, Wendell J. 428 

Garibay, Rachel 85,108,109 

Garlow, Ronald K. 164,300,352 

Garner, Harold E. 131 

Garrett, Florence 104,394 

Garrett, John I. 75,120,121,185,352 

Garrison, Harold M. 126,352 

Garrison, Suzanne 144,428 

Garrison, Suzanne K. 59,97,213,428 

Garvin, Aileen R. 98 

Garvin, Lawrence M. 126,352 

Gaschler, Richard A. 128,428 

Gates, Jimmy D. 428 

Gates, Ronald W. 428 

Gates, Scotty L. 99,147,428 

Gatz, Margaret E. 85,97,137,209,428 

Gaume, Virginia J. 85,143,428 

Gawienowski, A. W. 72 

Gayek, Richard J. 130 

Gehrke, Malcolm R. 109,352 

Geib, Charmaine A. 1 56,428 

Geiger, Alice L. 1 35 

Geiger, Claude O. 121,122,352 

Geisler, Doris A. 67,137,204,352 

Geist, Deney J. 128 

Geist, Wayne D. 87,428 

Gemmell, Linda L. 81,428 

Gench, Barbara E. 97,156,209,428 

Gench, Marianne 156,353 

Gentry, Barbara M. 104,140,155,304, 

Gentry, Kay V. 428 
Geography Club 106 
Geology Club 107 
Geology Gems 107 
George, Alvin L. 108 
George, James I. 164,428 
George, Jeanne M. 99,1 52,209,298,299, 

George, Judith K. 155,428 
George, Riche C. 428 
Gerardy, Charlene E. 429 
Gerdes, Gilmer G. 429 
German, Richard H. 78,185,268,429 
Gerritz, E. M. 18,19 
Geske, Larry D. 1 1 8,220,429 
Getz, Glenn G. 130 
Geyer, Katherine 96,99,264 
Ghatala, Mohamed H. 394 
Ghormley, David A. 429 
Ghrer, Grady F. 85,95,106,429 
Giamalvo, Charles V. 85,200,429 
Giarrusso, Joseph M. 187,244,429 
Gibbs, David E. 429 
Gibson, Gordon S. 191,429 
Gibson, Michael C. 175,429 
Gibson, Thomas A. 1 83,353 
Giddmgs, Roger E. 192,429 
Gieber, Daniel J. 85,195,430 
Gieber, James F. 85,172,301,430 
Gieber, William J. 79 
Gies, Larry W. 430 
Gigstad, Dean E. 172,353 
Gigstad, Sonja K. 495 
Gigstad, Malcolm E. 301,430 
Giles, Gary L. 163,272,430 
Gillespie, Lela 1 33 
Gillespie, Robert G. 130 
Gillet, Lloyd D. 199,430 
Gillett, Donna 133 
Gillett, Dewey F. 131 
Gillett Hotel 511 
Gilley, Thomas S. 430 
Gillmore, Marlin E. 430 
Gillmore, Ralph E. 22,1 1 1,1 12,1 15,178, 

Gillum, Arthur W. 129,353 
Gilman, Mary 209,430 
Gilmore, Larry D. 127,353 
Gingrich, R. F. 18 
Ginn, David W. 172,430 
Ginn, Jeanette L. 155,213,430 
Ginn, Ward L. 160,430 
Ginter, Max M. 176,430 
Gintzel, William A. 188,430 
Gish, Donald L. 78,83,188,430 
Given, Pamela C. 96,353 
Glad, Albert E. 430 
Gladow, Dean E. 76,77,118,120,353 
Gladow, Firman G. 73,102,353 
Glasco, Mary E. 104,353 
Glasco, Rex D. 430 
Glassmaker, John R. 85 
Glaum, Stanley A. 430 
Glendening, Ruth A. 37,148,430 
Glenn, Calvin D. 129,353 
Glenn, Charlene J. 133,309 
Glenn, Dallas L. 1 3 1 
Glenn, Jean 98 
Glenn, Venna 1 33 
Gleue, Raymond E. 430 
Gleue, William F. 101,300,430 
Glocker, William H. 167.430 
Gloggner, Francis J. 85,187,430 
Glover, Jacque 37,105,148,353 
Goddard, Barbara S. 148,430 
Goddard, James H. 100,180,430 
Goddard, Tim L. 126,353 
Godfrey, Connie 1 33 
Godfrey, Max A. 79,83,1 1 1,1 12,1 13,217, 

Godfrey, W. Arthur 68,129,353 
Goertz, Janice L. 97,151.209.430 
Goertzen, Donald L. 87,123,430 
Goertzen, Ernest 86,87 
Goertzen, Wanda J. 87 
Goetsch, Gary G. 77,120,126,353 
Goetsch-lrvine Motor Company 502 
Goetsch, Joanne 156,353 
Goetsch, Sonja D. 74,430 
Goetz, Frank F. 430 
Goetzinger, James D. 80,84 
Goff, SammieM. 97,213,430 
Going, John E. 167,430 
Golden Belt Lumber Company 498 
Golden Krust Baking Company 508 
Goldman, Frances 89 
Goldman, Hans J. 89,95,394 
Goldsby, Evelyn J. 90,91,104,1 1 1,213, 

Golf 260 

Gonzalez, Cesar Jr. 431 
Gonzalez, Edmundo R. 219,431 
Gonzalez, Julio C. 353 
Gooch, James L. 196,431 
Good, Arnold G. 308,3 1 1 ,43 1 
Good, David W. 1 17,431 
Good, Don 314 
Good, John P. 123,353 


Goodpasture, Don T. 79,234 

Goodrich, Malcolm C. 112 

Goodweiler, Edith 133 

Goodweiler, Robert V. 129,353 

Gordon, Barbara J. 98 

Gordon, Marcia J. 134,204,431 

Gordon, Richard G. 196,353 

Gordon, William R. 114,176,353 

Gorrell, Judith A. 97,159,209,431 

Gostnell, John A. 217,431 

Gottfrid, Joshua N. 88,217,246,431 

Gottschalk, Michael 126,431 

Goudy, Richard L. 76,78,120,176,353 

Graber, Barbara 98 

Graber, Curtis L. 1 1 5,299,354 

Graber, Melita 87 

Graber, Richard A. 87 

Grace Baptist Student Fellowship 82 

Grace, Gladys 21 2 

Grace, Thomas J. 262 

Grace, Timothy A. 171,431 

Graduate Student Council 54 

Graduate Students 393-397 

Graduation 330-331 

Graham, Arnold R. 236 

Graham, Judy 159,431 

Graham, Robert D. 183,300,354 

Graham, Robert K. 96,191,244,256,257, 

Granger, Mrs. W. B 164 
Grant, George W. 188,310,431 
Grant, Russell E. 183,354 
Grant, Virginia 1 33 
Grant, William A. 130 
Grape, Anne L. 111,207,431 
Gray, Lewis C. 1 28 
Gray, Wendy L. 65,70,101,105 
Greek Week 328-329 
Green, Dudley H. 119 
Green, Elton E. 79 
Green, F. M. 34 
Greene, Beth A. 213,431 
Greene, Charles G. 130,224 
Greene, Donna 133 
Greene, Gerald L. 107,183,394 
Greene, Priscilla A. 354 
Greene, Sonie S. 155,354 
Greenegard, Sandra S. 204,275,277,431 
Greenwood, Bobby D. 354 
Greer, Harold L. 122 
Gregg, Marilyn R. 97,213,431 
Greig, J. K. 112 
Greiveldinger, Laura 213,431 
Grennan, William J. 76,118,120,354 
Gresso, Donn W. 188,234,431 
Gresty, Nancy M. 155,431 
Grey, Edith D. 392 
Griebat, Peggy R. 99,144,431 
Grieshaber, Janet M. 97,209,431 
Griffin, Clayton L. 75,121,125,167,354 
Griffin, Mrs. Eleanor 141 
Griffith Cool & Lumber Company 498 
Griffith, Mary A. 97,137,213,431 
Griffith, Paul W. 30 
Griffiths, Suzanne 97,209,431 
Grimble, Jane F. 91,204,299,431 
Grimes, Joseph H. 200,431 
Grimshaw, Linda 209,431 
Grimsley, Barbara E. 104,143,354 
Grinstaff, Harold W. 176,354 
Griswold, Lynn C. 185,431 
Gronau, Don M. 114 
Groomer, Dorothy L. 152,431 
Gross, Joseph M. 130 
Gross, Patricia L. 102,207,431 
Grossbeck, Arthur 495 
Grosse, Marilyn K. 105,354 
Grossnickle, Katie 107 
Grossnickle, William 73,107 
Groszek, Robert T. 79,96,205,217,251, 

Grotenhuis, John H. 164,431 
Grothusen, Linda K. 104,155,304,431 
Grove, Charles W. 128 
Grove, Gary E. 175,431 
Grove, John P. 218,432 
Grove, Marilyn F. 156,432 
Gowdy, Kenneth K. 19 
Grover, Wayne M. 91,178,432 
Grubb, Harold G. 432 
Gruen, George E. 298 
Grumme, Larry L. 116,354 
Grusing, Melvin E. 90,91,216,301,432 
Gruver, Clifford N. 1 19,354 
Guard, Dave 206 
Guetschow, Sandra K. 88,97,137,209, 

Guldner, Clarence D. 107,195,394 
Gunn, Charles D. 86,432 
Gunn, Richard M. 86,100,101,432 
Gupta, Purshottamdas 108,394 
Gurst, John 270 
Guse, Ronald R. 201,301,432 
Gustafson, Ronald E. 1 17,217,267,354 
Gustafson, Wayne 120,354 
Guthridge, William W. 64,79,96,1 88, 

Guthrie, Charlotte S. 137.204,432 
Guthrie, James W. 128,175,432 
Gymnastics 263 


Haas, Herbert G. 128,183,354 
Haas, John C. 160,432 
Haas, Richard L. 79,167,432 
Haas, Rosemary J. 104,156,432 
Haas, Verle W. 222,432 
Haas, Wayne T. 128 


Haas, William P. 102,196,354 

Haberer, Donald J. 95,1 17 

Habernigg, Helen J. 143,354 

Habib, Fouad 108,109 

Habiger, Edwin F. 272,354 

Habiger, Paul F. 106,115,217,432 

Hackett, Scott 29,68,163,432 

Hadm, Lois M. 71,81,103,300,354 

Hafford, Judith M. 1 52,432 

Hageman, Charles E. 164,432 

Hagemoser, Wayne A. 131,178,432 

Haggard, Jim 256 

Hahn, Daniel F. 70,105,195,395 

Hahn, Harvey D. 432 

Hahn, Judith M. 137,147,432 

Hahn, Linda L. 97,111,209,432 

Hahn, Thomas M., Jr. 1 9,32,229 

Hajda, Joseph 103 

Hajdo, Domokos 108 

Hale, Billie L. 223,432 

Hale, Melissa M. 86,96,104,204,266, 

Hall, Charles R. 132,432 
Hall, Clement H. 14 
Hall, Edith M. 355 
Hall, Howard E. 108 
Hall, James B. 121,125,355 
Hall, James E. 132 
Hall, Jerry D. 1 14,355 
Hall, Larry E. 108,220,432 
Hall, Mary R. 66,70,105,109,143,355 
Hall, Phyllis M. 1 15 
Hall, Shirley 133 
Halladay, Patricia D. 97,137,147,209, 

Ham, Paul M. 72,180,355 
Hamad, Ahmad M. 109 
Hamann, Opal M. 98 
Hamilton, Albert A. 254,269,270 
Hamilton, Donald S. 201,395 
Hamilton, Glenn W. 79 
Hamilton, Jeanette F. 99,209,355 
Hamlin, Susan K. 148,432 
Hamm, Lawrence K. 221,432 
Hammer, Maurice H. 1J_5,_355 
Hammond, Marvin H 
Hammons, Judith A. 
Hamon, Charles E. 1 
Hand, Roy B. 129,355 
Handkins, Delia 98 
Handkins, Melvin R. 126,355 
Haney, Catherine 204,433 
Haney, Harlow L. 433 
Hankins, David M. 236 
Hanks, Janice S. 156,433 
Hanna, Lola M. 147,356 
Hannay, Richard C. 126,433 
Hanneman, Gerald D. 130 
Hansel, James A. 433 
Hansel, John E. 191,267,433 
Hansen, Dwaine E. 433 
Hansen, Eleanor R. 69,96,204,356 
Hansen, Janice M. 204,433 
Hansen, Karl R. 129,356 
Hansen, M. F. 19 
Hansen, Marilyn M. 22,24,46,1 10,136, 

Hansen, Stanley W. 69 
Hanson, Alan 298 

Hanson, Ann T. 24,95,1 36,204,266,433 
Hanson, Darrell L. 356 
Hanson, Frederick T. 88,168,433 
Hanson, Glen A. 356 
Hanson, Richard A. 218,433 
Hanson, Ruth E. 79,151,303,433 
Hanson, Sandra J. 147,213,433 
Harbaugh, Judy L. 79,144,433 
Harbour, Mary J. 66,356 
Harden, Nancy C. 90,91,141,433 
Hardenburger, William 75 
Harder, Roy L. 39,76,120 
Hardin, Gary L. 356 
Harding, Jack E. 106,395 
Hardwick, Conrad E. 236 
Hardwick, Sally J. 99,202,207,433 
Hardy, Lynne E. 1 52,21 3,433 
Harein, Phillip K. 107 
Haresnape, Donald E. 105,1 14,220,433 
Haresnape, Loren D. 106,220,433 
Harland, Glen E. 1 18,395 
Harman, Benton D. 85,187,433 
Harman, Richard B. 188,356 
Harman, Thomas G. 188,433 
Harmon, Gary D. 110,217,433 
Harper, Dale E. 93,102,356 
Harper, Dana C. 97,137,209,433 
Harper, Gordon W. 79,96,263 
Harper, Jerald L. 118,199,433 
Harper, Peggy D. 91,204,433 
Harper, Ramon S. 433 
Harper, Ruthann 213,433 


John G. 39,64,76,77,118,120,171, 

ngton, Ronald R. 433 
s, Carol I. 66,144,356 
s, Jeanette L. 143,209,433 
s, Jerry D. 130 
s, John D. 85,187,433 
s, Jon K. 196,262,433 
s, Leon R. 125 
s, Nancy J. 152,213,434 


s, Mary M. 
s, Nancy J. 
s, Robert L. 
s, Stanley G. 
s, Stephen J. 
s, Stewart P. 
s, William A. 


son, Dorothy 47 

son, Elizabeth 86,209,434 

son, James A. 128,356 

son, Nolo E. 213,434 

son, Patricia A. 1 59,209,434 

Harrison, Richard D. 434 

Hart, Vaughn E. 434 

Hart, William J. 92 

Harter, Eugene H. 68,314,356 

Hartmg, Robert D. 129,356 

Hartke, Glenn T. 129,356 

Hartke, Marie 1 33 

Hartner, Harry H. 220,434 

Hartsook, Dennis P. 164,434 

Harwick, Harriet J. 151,356 

Dr. N. D. Harwood 229 

Hosier, James R. 130 

Hosier, Rosemary 133 

Hassler, John C. 116 

Hassler, Thomas E. 126,434 

Hatfield, Daryl E. 172,434 

Haury, Kent D. 164,434 

Hauschild, Myron L. 124,217,434 

Havenstein, Gerald B. 1 1 3,434 

Havenstein, Ronald A. 88,124,434 

Hawbecker, Hazel 178 

Hawk, Arvid L. 434 

Hawk, Gary L. 160,434 

Hawkins, David A. 164,434 

Hawley, Raymond G. 89,111,219,301, 

Hayden, Dwight L. 106,201,434 
Hayden, Francis G. 115,434 
Hayden, Vincent E. 1 1 3,434 
Hayes, Alfred F. 356 
Hayes. Delmer D. 356 
Hayes] Katherine L. 213,434 
Hayes, Kathleen L. 94,204,356 
Hayes, Kenneth L. 163,434 
Hayes, Margaret R. 434 
Hayes, Marjorie C. 1 36,395 
Haylett, Ward 252,254 
Haymond, Florence C. 152,434 
Haynes, Palmer R. 83,217,356 
Hays, Richard S. 196,434 
Hays, Robert A. 1 14,1 15 
Haywood, Emmett L. 103,217,356 
Hazen, Freeda J. 82,104,111,434 
Hazen, Winnifred G. 104 ,434 
Hazlett, Don F. 72,175,356 
Hazlett, Vernie C. 357 
Headley, Sabra K. 152,209,434 
Heady, Edna M. 105,137,204,300,434 
Healy, Michael T. 84,187,434 
Heaston, Ferris E. 128 
Heatherman, Kenneth 218,434 
Heaton, Elinor A. 79,144,435 
Heaton, Judith A. 86 
Heble, Melvern 73,107,357 
Heble, Sheila F. 107 
Hebrank, Mary E. 209,300,435 
Hecht, William 123,270,357 
Heder, Wayne C. 119 
Hedlund, Jean H. 299 
Hedrick, Jerry W. 188,268,435 
Heflin, Howard H. 69,89,435 
Hefling, Jerry P. 90,91,1 1 1,1 16,435 
Hefling, Von L. 120,121,125,357 
Hefty, Donald G. 160,435 
Hegde, Vonthibettu R. 395 
Heidebrecht, Kenneth 140,164,357 
Heigele, Richard B. 187,357 
Heiken, Edward M. 164,435 
Heiken, Mildred A. 104,137,202,204, 

Heikes, Darryl L. 74,195,305,307,357 
Heikes, Warren J. 102,435 
Heiman, Gerald R. 119,191,435 
Heiman, Robert G. 85,435 
Hem, Cara 98 

Heintzelman, J. Cranston 71 
Heinz, Gary J. 236,435 
Heinz, Michael K. 243,244,271 
Heise, Robert P. 395 
Heiser, Herbert D. 357 
Heitmann, Dennis G. 435 
Heitmann, John S. 127 
Heitmeyer, James P. 244,246 
Hellebust, Lynn J. 69,435 
Heller, Billie L. 159,202,209,435 
Heller, Roger A. 1 1 1,435 
Helling, Gilbert D. 183,435 
Helling, Glenda K. 357 
Helmke, Scott D. 168,435 
Helwig, Charles A. 1 88,435 
Hemphill, Dorothy A. 357 
Hemphill, Marjorie M. 19 
Henderson, Donald K. 435 
Henderson, Florence 1 1 1 ,1 35,21 3,435 
Henderson, Karen A. 143,435 
Henderson, Ronald J. 139,140,188,357 
Henderson, Sherry K. 96,104,1 1 1,204, 

Hendricks, Jane 98 
Hendricks, Nina A. 98 
Hendricks, William T. 357 
Henley, Frederick L. 195,357 
Hennessy, Michael J. 85,132,217,435 
Henning, Katherine A. 151,357 
Henrichs, Robert M. 168,435 
Henrichs, Thomas A. 100,168,435 
Henry, Dale E. 221,435 
Henry, Gregory K. 218,435 
Henry, Judy L. 107 
Henry, Loren D. 74,117,306,308,357 
Henry, Ronald A. 195,357 
Henry, Sandra S. 213,435 
Hensley, Marilyn K. 89,135,144,209,435 
Hensley, William R. 164,435 
Henson, Colene K. 24,104,159,358 
Henton, Valgene W. 91,119,435 
Hepburn, John 73,107 
Hepler, Wayne C. 435 
Herbster, Kenneth L. 112,216,435 
Hercules, Barry A. 185,435 
Herman, Woody 275 
Hermes, Don 70,101 
Her- Charles S. 435 

Hertel, Dorothy A. 85,207,358 

Herthel, Karen G. 104,156,300,358 

Hess, Allen H. 167,310,436 

Hess, Janis G. 86,204,436 

Hess, Jerry M. 171,254,358 

Hester, Howard D. 222,436 

Heter, Thomas M. 436 

Hett, OrvilleM. 217,436 

Hetzer, Marilyn H. 151,436 

Heyne, George F. 94,299 

Heyl, Mary K. 204,436 

Heywood, K. M. 18 

Hiatt, Ronald E. 222,436 

Hickert, Joseph G. 176,436 

Hickert, Louis L. 436 

Hicks, Martha S. 151,213,436 

Hicks, Ralph E. 223,436 

Hiebert, Gail A. 437 

Hiebert, Kathryn D. 105,143,437 

Hiebert, Mary S. 83,204,358 

Hiett, Jerry D. 306,307 

Hiett, William R. 70,105 

Higbey, James G. 437 

Higdon, Alberta S. 1 59,358 

Higerd, Larry A. 220,437 

Higgens, Janet 495 

Hightower, Wayne 238 

Hildebrand, Gordon R. 83 

Hildebrand, John R. 69 

Hildebrand, Norman 81,83,314 

Hilding, Stephen R. 303 

Hill, Carol D. 97,100,148,214,437 

Hill, Denis E. 437 

Hill, George M. 72 

Hill, Jeanne M. 70,71,89,101,156,358 

Hill, Mary S. 151,209,437 

Hill, Raymond K. 217,437 

Hill, Robert E. 299,437 

Hill, Ronald K. 29,1 14,358 

Hill, Shirley H. 1 15 

Hill, Whayne B. 130 

Hillel Foundation 89 

Hillman, Walter E. 183,427 

Hilltop Courts Council 224 

Hilmer, Peggy 1 33 

Hilmer, Richard 130 

Hinderliter, David B. 96,188,263,301, 

Hines, Daniel J. 76,121 
Hines, Jerome 297 
Hinkhouse, Emily L. 94,304,437 
Hinkle, Garland E. 437 
Hinkle, Jere J. 77,268,358 
Hinman, Clinton R. 90,91,122,358 
Hinnergardt, Larry C. 437 
Hinshaw, Gaylord C. 73,107 
Hinshaw, Patty L. 107 
Hitchcock, Linda L. 1 34,209,437 
Hitz, Sherill P. 125,437 
Hixson, Larry C. 437 
Hixson, Larry R. 89,301,437 
Hixson, Warren C. 191,437 
Hjelmfelt, David C. 437 
Hoar, Dean L. 175,358 
Hoar, Kenneth R. 437 
Hoath, James R. 69 
Hobbs, J. A. 19 
Hobbs, Ian B. 301 
Hobbs, Klio K. 94,167,310,437 
Hobson, Arthur S. 303,322 
Hobson, Leland S. 42 
Hodge, Judith K. 95,99 
Hodges, James A. 30,34,69,115 
Hodges, James W. 196,301,437 
Hodler, Jean I. 134,209,437 
Hoendorf, Connie J. 97,209,437 
Hoeflin, Ruth 19,47 
Hoff, Donald E. 128,358 
Hoffman, Bruce R. 437 
Hoffman, Doretta 19,44 
Hoffman, Earl W. 67,1 16 
Hoffman, Trudie A. 66,385 
Hoffmans, Raymond P. 188,437 
Hofmaier, Donald J. 132 
Hofman, Larry B. 94 
Hohner, Gary A. 68,119,178,437 
Hoisington, Richard 72,105,358 
Holbrook, M. Carolyn 1 55,304,437 
Holbrook, Sally A. 97,155,214,437 
Hole, Lester L. 437 
Holeman, Ronnie G. 140,185,268,358 
Holland, James W. 95,1 16 
Holland, Les 224 
Holland, Los Vegas 437 
Holland, Shirley 98 
Holland, Sue 98 
Holland, Thomas V. 438 
Holle, Charles W. 188,385 
Holle, Judith A. 151,214,438 
Holler, Kenneth N. 219,438 
Holliday, Forrest L. 1 14 
Hollinger, Lou A. 140,144,438 
Hollinger, Sara A. 97,1 1 1 ,209,438 
Hollingsworth, Mrs. J. I. 159 
Hollis, Martha C. 156,438 
Holloway, Aurora L. 98 
Holloway, Jerry L. 101,438 
Holloway, Leon A. 438 
Holman, Duane B. 96,217,250,267,438 
Holman, Larry J. 180,301,358 
Holman, Sondra J. 97,152,214,438 
Holmberg, Thomas A. 1 76,438 
Holmes, E. Harley 164,438 
Holmes, Jon F. 358 
Holt, James J. 176,438 
Holtgren, Donald L. 438 
Holton, Ronald L. 116,220,438 
Holwerda, Jim 261,272 
Holyoke, Donald W. 438 
Homecoming 284-285 
Home Economics Art Club 135 
Home Economics Council 46 
Home Economics Extension Club 135 


Home Economics Hospitality Day 326 
Home Economics Journalism Club 134 
Home Economics Nursing Club 137 
Home Economics Teaching Club 137 

Hommar, Ron 268 

Honstead, Carl 303 

Honstead, William H. 69 

Hooker, Jerry 175,438 

Hooper, Fonda E. 358 

Hooper, George L. 260 

Hooper, Joy 289 

Hooper, Keith L. 192,301,438 

Hoops, Robert F. 438 

Hoover, Duane E. 72,223,358 

Hoover, Jay W. 123 

Hopkins, Peter W. 83,106,217,438 

Hopkins, Theodore L. 107 

Horalek Phyllis M. 214,438 

Horchem, Sandra S. 97,148,209,304,438 

Horinek, Ronald L. 219,438 

Horn, Dale V. 72,80,83,180,438 

Hornbaker, E. Irene 438 

Hornbaker, Harold W. 358 

Home, Edward F. 102 

Homey, Arthur E. 438 

Homey, Ronald D. 220,438 

Horrell, Michael P. 84,218,438 

Horridge, Kathy 266 

Horsch, Janice E. 139,152,438 

Horticulture Club 112 

Horton, Everad F. 94 

Horton, Thomas E. 192,438 

Horton, Vernon A. 197,438 

Hostetler, Charles H. 102,191,229,260, 

Hostetler, Dalton C. 77,128 
Hostetler, Keith M. 87,91 ,438 
Hostetler, Norman H. 164,300,322,359 
Hostetler, Sue 156,300,438 
Hostetter, Abram E. 19 
Hostetter, Helen 74,320 
Hotchkiss, David A. 172,438 
Hott, James A. 196,439 „„„,-_ 

Houck, James A. 1 1 2,1 63,31 2,327,439 
Houdek, Gary L. 439 
House, Eunice J. 159,439 
House, Harry L. 172,439 
House of Brec 223 
House of Williams 223 
Houser, Wallace D. 131,199,439 
Houser, Wesley C. 439 
Howard, Barbara J. 151,315,439 
Howard, Gerald L. 359 
Howard, Harold E. 183,439 
Howard, Jeri A. 152,214,439 
Howard, Judith L. 102,151,359 
Howard, Thomas M. 197,439 
Howe, Harold 19,54 
Howe, Joe D. 191,439 
Howell, Gary N. 102 
Hower, Beverly K. 83,97,144,214,439 
Howes, Barbara A. 98 
Howesjerry G. 77,128,359 
Howland, Kenneth E. 359 
Howland, Warren L. 359 
Hoy, James F. 439 

Hoy! Judy L. 37,159,284,315,318,439 
Hoyt, Donald 18,229 
Hoyt, Evelyn M. 111,136,204,439 
Hoyt, Richard C. 185,268,439 
Hubbard, Dee J. 175,439 
Hubbard, Gary K. 220,439 
Hubbard, Glenn E. 118,217,359 
Hubbard, Judy B. 94,152,439 
Hubbard, Robert K. 94,128,439 
Hubbard, Shirley J. 204,439 
Hubbell, Carl L. 359 
Hubbell, Melvin L. 29,115,163,359 
Hubbs, Galen J. 119,168,439 
Hubbs, Maurice L. 130 
Hubbs, Patricia A. 204,439 
Huber, Carolyn 71,159,359 
Huber, Duane A. 69,121,128,199,359 
Huber, Duane C. 216,439 
Hubert, Carolyn J. 156,439 
Hubert, Jeneane C. 59,71,148,439 
Huddleston, Darrell 90,91,220,439 
Huddleston, Diane 147,439 
Hudelson, Nicholas V. 78,185,359 
Hudson, Billy C. 1 18 
Huebner, Jay S. 75,121,200,439 
Huebner, Ray E. 140,200,439 
Hueftle, Mark E. 115,199,301,359 
Huerter, Rodney C. 359 
Huff, Barbara A. 59,100,103,156,336, 

Huff, Steven S. 171,300,439 
Huggins, Darrell F. 249 
Huggins, Sharon 98 
Hughes, Virginia M. 214,439 
Huaill, Nancy S. 97,136,214,439 
Huitt, George A. 1 10,440 
Hull, Bruce P. 131,163,440 
Hull, MaeM. 97,209,440 
Hulse, Clifford V. 130 
Hulse, Ethel 133 
Humburg, Carolyn L. 96,104,136,140, 

Humes, Mary A. 81,159,300,440 
Hund, Margaret A. 84,135,204,359 
Hundley, Gerald W. 90,91,114,359 
Hundley, Judith J. 91,115,440 
Hundley, Samuel J. 395 
Hung, Han M. 395 
Huning, Wayne F. 125,440 
Hunter, Dorothy J. 98 
Huntington, Pamela L. 99,148,210,300, 

Hunton, Alice M. 143,440 
Hupe, Carol E. 440 
Hurley, Mrs. J. R. 185 
Hurt, Michael 210,440 
Hurtt, Kay E. 111,136,207,359 

Huston, Keith 1 17 
Hutchins, Kent L. 175,440 
Hutchinson, Darrell 221,323,440 
Hutchinson, Delores 86,104,440 
Hybskmann, Sara J 67,159,440 
Hyndman, Henry H. 164,440 

Ibbetson, Ronald L. 100,106,1 11,1 17, 

Ibbetson, Russell W. 1 10,1 1 1,1 17,440 
Ice, William J. 84 
Ideal Cleaners 503 
Ihde, Robert H. 171,440 
Ihrig, Carol J. 214,440 
Ihrig, Larry L. 1 15,160,31 1,359 
liams, Clayton D. 124,359 
I man, Ronald L. 440 
Imhof, Doris M. 111,135,210,440 
Independent Students Association 1 1 3 
Industrial Education Association 127 
Ingle, Don W. 199,440 
Ingraham, Judith A. 97,159,214,304, 

Ingram, Kenneth G. 39,75,108,120,180, 

Insley, Karolyn K. 152,440 
Institute of Radio Engineers 121 
Interdorm Council 202 
I nterfraternity Council 140 
Intermill, Ronald W. 107,360 
Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship 81 
Intrcmurals 264-273 
loerger, Karen S. 207,440 
Ireland, Robert E. 249 
Irons, Forest R. 192,440 
Irvine, Joleen J. 103,104,1 56,300,303, 

Irvine, Marjone K. 214,440 
Irvine, Richard R. 85,100,171,360 
Isaacson, David L. 440 
Isaacson, Jean 98 
Isaacson, Ormund M. 119 
Isaak, Albert 87,107 
Isbell, Patricia J. 156,210,275,276,440 
Isch, Fred C. 108,125 
Isom, James K. 129,360 
Isom, Lisabeth L. 133 
Ison, Glenda L. 152,440 
Itz, Nancy J. 159,210,441 
Izaguirre, Jorge I. 217,360 

Jaax, Al D. 130,195,441 

Jaax, Janice M. 85,143,441 

Jack, Walter F. 360 

Jackson, Claudia 392 

Jackson, Mary T. 210,441 

Jackson, M. E. 113 

Jackson, Norman E. 197,360 

Jackson, Ronald 16,22 

Jackson, Willis G. 86 

Jacobs, Charles R. 360 

Jacobs, Clinton O. 114 

Jacobs, Robert G. 191,441 

Jacobson, Anita E. 81,82,214,441 

Jacobson, Phyllis J. 83,97,214,300,441 

Jacques, Gary E. 441 

Jadlow, Robert L. 250 

Jaeckel, Klaus H. 126 

Jahnke, Fern L. 96,104,111,147,441 

Jahnke, Julia R. 104,147,441 

James, Alice J. 214,441 

James, Anthony W. 135 

James, Frank B. 129,360 

James, Nolo M. 94,99 

Jamil, S. M. 128,395 

Janasek, Ronald E. 68,192,269,313,441 

Janssen, Richard L. 112,163,441 

Janzen, Edward L. 441 

Janzen, Robert W. 75,360 

Jarrett, Rodney R. 223,441 

Jarvis, Marthanne 79,148,441 

Jarvis, Mary A. 89,96,361 

Jashinski, Victor H. 106 

Jasper, Herman F. 84,120,122,361 

Jay, Loula 1 33 

Jay, Russell S. 188,441 

Jay, Wilbur D. 131 

Jean Peterson's 514 

eannin, Judith A. 
efferies, Larry D. 
effers, Herbert C 
effers, Hubert E. 
effers, Keith W 

1 19,441 



effery, Kenneth L. 441 

effery, Roy E. 128 

enkins, James L. 361 

enison, Joanne 97,147,214,300,441 

ennison, Donald P. 172,361 

ensen, Carol L. 144,441 

ensen, Donald J. 128 

ensen, G. Stanley 219,441 

ensen, Gerald L. 441 

ensen, Gertrude N. 361 

ensen, James R. 172,246,441 

ensen, Leland D. 1 30 

ernigan, Norman B. 1 1 1 , 1 1 2,1 1 9,21 6, 

essen, Gerald L. 122 
ester, Jan E. 69,361 
ewell, Maxwell A. 123,441 
ewett, Mrs. Helen 1 56 
ewett, Melvin D. 128 361 
ewett, Richard J. 69,441 
oerg, Karen P. 24,156,441 
ohanning, Carol L. 87,111,210,441 
ohns, Charles J. 171,361 
ohnson, Alvin J. 68,88,442 

Arthur L. 69,123 

Audrey G. 214,442 

Carol F. 88,392 

Charles T. 126,361 

Charles W. 122,442 

Chris, A. 1 12 

Darrel D. 361 

Darrell D. 131,178,442 

Darwin E. 100,167,442 

Don R. 361 

Dorothy C. 111,151,304,442 

Ellen M. 1 1 1,136,204,442 

Eugene O. 88,168,442 

Evelyn K. 152,214,442 

Garold W. 1 16,167,301,442 

Gary D. 192,442 

Gary L. 75,82,92,121,310,442 

Gayle 137 

George G. 83,442 

Greta L. 204,300,442 

Jacqueline 95,96,140,151,442 

James L. 70,101,128,167,361 

Jerold F. 171,301,314,361 

JerreL. 131 

Jerry 244 

John R. 1 19 

Karen K. 442 

Karl L. 1 16 

Larry E. 1 10,442 

Larry K. 88,94,1 16,168,442 

Larry M. 126,223,361 

Larry Rae 442 

Larry Richard 176,442 

Laurel L. 70,101,309,323,442 

Lee 303 

LeRoyce 210,442 

Nancy 98 

Nancy E. 104,159,361 

Patsy L. 83,117,204,300,442 

Paul N. 1 15,217,442 

Phillip C. 442 

Ralph T. 85 

Ralph V. 85,124,200,442 

Randi M. 70,95,101,204,442 

Richard Ellery 175,442 

Richard Eugene 442 

Richard L. 192,361 

Richard W. 269 

Robert L. 322 

Robert W. 127,298,303,361 


Ronald W. 
Sherman L. 
Stanley D. 
Thomas A. 
Waynan L. 
William A. 
William E. 
, Arthur R. 







1 19,199,442 

ohnston, Jane G. 159,443 

ohnston, Marilyn K. 104,155,361 

ohnston, Mark J . 102,1 80,443 

oines, Paul R. 103,164,300,301,303,443 

ones, Beverly S. 98 

ones, Billy J. 83,95,103,299,361 

ones, Bobby R. 101,130,298 

ones, David R. 106,443 

ones, Donald E. 118 

ones, Donley D. 128 

ones, Duane A. 128,362 

ones, Elizabeth A. 91,111,214,443 

ones, Elmer E. 107,120,122,362 

ones, Harold E. 28 

ones, Helen B. 104,204,443 

ones, J. B. 129,362 

ones, Jay R. 192,443 

ones, Jerry J. 75,78,120,171,362 

ones, John P. 1 20 

ones, Judith A. 151,443 

ones, Julia E. 210,443 

ones, Katherine S. 1 52,443 

ones, Kenneth E. 185,256,268,443 

ones, Langley R. 1 80,3 1 0,443 

ones, Larry C. 234 

ones, Larry L. 75,171,362 

ones, Madison R. 78,191,362 

ones, Mina E. 144,362 

ones, Richard 160,443 

ones, Richard A. 130 

ones, Robert L. 171,443 

ones, Sharon R. 151,443 

ones, Sidney R. 22,130,192,269,443 

ordan, Elizabeth M. 204,443 

ordan, Frank R. 175,443 

oy, Donald 106,167,443 

Joy, Ronald 167,443 
Judging Teams 312-314 

Judy, Hal E. 1 1 1,120,122,178 

Jr. AVMA 129-132 

Jr. AVMA Auxiliary 133 

Jurgemeyer, Fredrick 200,301,443 
Jury, Karen K. 151,362 
Jury, Robert S. 362 
Jussila, Clyde 303 
Just, Nelva L. 98 
Just, William R. 68 
Justice, Michael E. 236 
Justice, William L. 1 19,443 


K-Fraternity 96 

Kaff, W.Lee 119,217,236,443 

Kahrs, Patsy J. 94,152,443 

Kamerman, Herman T. 89,101,318,362 

Kanak, Ivan E. 112 

Kanitz, Howard V. 168,299,443 

Kansas City Life Insurance 505 

Kansas Farm Bureau 512 

Kansas Lumber Company 498 

Kansas Power & Light 512 

K-State Masonic Club 108 

K-State Players 101 

K-State Rifle Team 94 

K-State Singers 303 

K-State Veterans' Organization 95 

Kantack, Gayle T. 85 

Kaplan, John C. 299,303 

Kappa Delta 1 54 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 157 

Kappa Phi 90 

Kappa Sigma 181 

Karr, Marion W. 119,219,262,443 

Kasbah 222 

Kashka, Leroy E. 1 21 ,1 23,362 

Kashner, Joe 52,68 

Kastner, William D. 75,77,121,195,362 

Kauffeld, Mayme L. 300 

Kauffman, Edwin G. 236 

Kaufman, Darrel D. 362 

Kaufman, Karen E. 207,443 

Kaump, Larry L. 1 19,443 

Kaup Furniture Company 501 

Kawar, Samir F. 108,109,395 

Kazmaier, John A. 115,220,443 

Kean, Joy A. 207,443 

Keane, Carolyn 1 56,362 

Keane, Joan 1 56,443 

Keane, Jean 96,156,443 

Keck, Donald J. 94 

Keek's Steak House 514 

Keefer, Kenneth L. 59,70,101,128,180, 

Keegan, Thomas M. 443 
Keeler, Orville A. 119,196,362 
Keim, S. T. 34 

Keif, Sharon R. 46,136,148,362 
Kellams, Allen L. 180,444 
Keith, Arlen L. 100,164,249,444 
Keller, Cindy L. 108 
Keller, Harry L. 444 
Keller, LaDonna B. 148,362 
Keller, Lucinda L. 67,207,444 
Keller, Maryanne 151,362 
Kelley, Charles D. 249,444 
Kelley, Robert W. 362 
Kellogg, Earl D. 444 
Kellogg, Jackie J. 97,156,210,444 
Kellogg, Wendell W. 1 1 5,444 
Kellum, Jerome D. 444 
Kemp, Lloyd P. 234 
Kemper, Harvey H. 160,444 
Kemplay, Kenneth L. 362 
Kemplay, Louise N. 98 
Kempster, Alan R. 1 80,3 1 0,444 
Kempthorne, Charles 308 
Kempthome, Elizabeth 105 
Kennedy, John R. 130 
Kennedy, Mary C. 159,444 
Kennedy, Nolan T. 85,100,180,444 
Kennedy, Pat A. 133 
Kent, Judith A. 137,214,300,444 
Kent, Robert C. 362 
Kent, Shirley A. 107 
Kent, Wayne R. 220,301,444 
Kepley, Gairy D. 90,91,444 
Kepley, Larry R. 79,90,91,114,363 
Kerby, James H. 172,444 
Kerchner, Robert B. 69,395 
Kerchner, Russell M. 19,42 
Kern, Karen K. 85,97,159,210,444 
Kern, Mary B. 97,210,444 
Kern, Terry J. 192,444 
Kernohan, Frederic W. 444 
Kerr, Carole J. 24,204,363 
Kerr, Wendell 18 

Kershaw, J. Daniel 268,306,307,444 
Kershner, Gary J. 191,234,444 
Kesinger, Donald A. 78,119,185,363 
Kesler, Joel R. 175,363 
Ketcham, Michael D. 444 
Ketter, Larry F. 444 
Kettler, Judith L. 96,1 1 1,137,141,444 
Keyser, Royce A. 167,301 ,444 


Keyte, James D. 1 76,444 

Khatib, Ziyad M. 1 08,1 09,444 

Kibbey, Alberta G. 91,137,141,21 4,444 

Kice, Richard L. 69,185,301,444 

Kidwell, Donald J. 223,444 

Kidwell, George L. 124 

Kientz, Albert C. 111,122,178,444 

Kientz, Charles O. 220,363 

Kientz, Earl N. 220,445 

Kientz, Mrs. Oliver 220 

Kile, Robert L. 69,445 

Kilgore, Gary L. 87,219,445 

Kim, Tae W. 69 

Kimbell, Dee E. 128 

Kimbell, Jean G. 98 

Kimel, W. R. 19,42 

Kimsey, Woody M. 1 60,445 

Kincaid, Charles V. 14 

King, Betty J. 22,65,80,148,445 

King, Clyde M. 363 

King, Daniel C. 129,180,363 

King, Donald L. 83 

King, Jay D. 176,363 

King, Michael D. 75,120,121,218,363 

King, Nancy 1 33 

King, Oliver W. 116 

King, Patricia A. 97,101,144,214,445 

King, Richard A. 445 

King, Thad A. 445 

Kingsbury, Carolyn S. 116 

Kinney, Lois W. 156,445 

Kintigh, Jerry L, 119,140,176,363 

Kipfer, Charles C. 175,445 

Kirk, James H. 185,445 

Kirk, Karla J. 207,445 

Kirkendoll, LaVonne 204.446 

Kirkwood, Karen L. 97,155,210,304,446 

Kirmser, Philip 302 

Kirn, Dale 85,363 

Kiser, Karen K. 207,446 

Kistner, Karen M. 85,214,300,446 

Kites 508 

Kitterman, John H. 1 18 

Kitterman, William E. 106 

Kivett, Stanley L. 446 

Klaassen, Dwight H. 87 

Klaassen, Sharon 87 

Kleeman, Darrel M. 110,446 

Klein, Darwin K. 70,72,87,101,160,363 

Kleitz, Cynthia D. 95,99,207,363 

Klinger, Karen 104,159,214,446 

Klint, Stephen J. 192,446 

Klug, Marilyn J. 123 

Klug, Walter D. 123 

Knapp, Dennis W. 183,446 

Knapp, Fred W. 107 

Knapp, Theodore F. 172,446 

Knappenberger, Tom E. 130,163,446 

Knechtel, Winston E. 128,164,446 

Kneller, James F. 72 

Knepper, Elmer D. 1 23 

Knewtson, Harold D. 68,80,90,91,1 14, 

Knewtson, Mary A. 66,90,115,363 
Knight, Jerome R. 249 
Knight, Larry D. 446 
Knobbe, Edward J. 121,363 
Knoche, Herman W. 72 
Knoffloch, Marietta 89,94,104,204,363 
Knoll, Omer A. 85.187,446 
Knorr, Fritz G. 229 
Knorr, Mary E. 304,446 
Knowles, Terry L. 96,191,256,306,363 
Knox, Al 71 

Knox, Jay L. 22,39,79,118,120,446 
Knutson, Herbert 30,107 
Koch, Carolyn F. 204,265,446 
Koch, Karl K. 453 
Koch, Mrs. Karl K. 453 
Kocher, Kenneth L. 112,163,446 
Kochner, Marlene R. 392 
Koci, Melvin D. 125,446 
Koelling, Dale D. 92 
Koeneke, Dean R. 103,301 
Koenig, Margaret A. 30,135 
Koepke, John W. 171.446 
Koester, Gene F. 67,87,223,446 
Kohman, Fred H. 94,118,363 
Kohr, James A. 1 16,446 
Kolterman, Judith 136,204.446 
Kolterman, Robert H. 1 88,268,446 
Komarek, Francis J. 122 
Konerar, Dallas 273 
Konop, Jane 85,210,446 
Kontoyianis, George 236 
Koons, Patrick H. 1 12 
Kopf, Melvin L. 96,125,256,363 
Kopp, John H. 76,1 18 
Korbe, Maurice A. 73,107 
Koriel, John A. 446 
Kottner, Loren 58,59 
Kouneski, Alfred C, 234 
Kovar, Ray E. 217,234,446 
Kraft, Jolayne 137,144,302,446 
Kraft, Larry R. 175,446 
Kramer, Father 84 
Kramer, Joseph H. 85,446 
Kramer, Martha M. 45 
Kramer, Paul W. 363 
Kramer, Roger W. 119,167,301,364 
Kramer, Roy J. 172,446 
Krasko, Donald G. 84,217,262,446 
Krasny, Barbara L. 136,204,446 
Kratzer, Marlyn K. 148,446 
Krause, Gary F. 107 
Krauss, Thyra S. 96,141,300,447 
Krebs, June L. 222,395 
Krehbiel, James O. 87,114,219,447 
Krehbiel, Janver D. 68,131,178,447 
Kreske, Gerald J. 187,236,447 
Krob, Jimmy J. 79,85,218,447 
Kroenlein, James H. 447 
Kroenlein, Marylyn 81 
Krous, Douglas G. 130,364 

Kruckenberg, Larry 273,364 

Krueger, Charles K. 88,447 

Krueger, Linda R. 214,447 

Krueger, Sharon L. 59,144,447 

Krug, Judith L. 67,104,210,308,447 

Kruger, John H. 160,447 

Krull, Les 273 

Kruse, Max J. 187,447 

KSDB-FM 323 

Ku, Chia K. 395 

Kufahl, Marilyn J. 204,364 

Kufeld, Stephen B. 127,447 

Kugelman, Carole 99 

Kugler, Kenyon K. 171 ,300,447 

Kuhlman, Raymond E 178,447 

Kummer, Betty A. 204,447 

Kupka, John C. 236 

Kurtze, Nancy K. 99,210,264,447 

Kusuda, Louise N. 204,447 

Kvasnicka, Roger J. 223,301,447 

LaBerge Stephan R. 191,447 
La Citadel 219 

Lackey, James R. 84 

Lackey, Michael R. 447 

Ladner, Beverly 98,1 15 

Ladner, Gary L. 1 19,447 

Ladner, Rex E. 1 14,364 

Lafene, Dr. Benjamin 18 

Lafferty, Gary L. 171,234,447 

Lagoski, Evelyn J. 210,447 

Lahey, Margaret 16,24 

Lahr, Orris W. 447 

Laidig, Janice K. 79,90,91,1 10,1 1 1,204, 

Laing, Ronald H. 93,185,301,447 
Laird, Larry K. 445,447 
Lake, Gail M. 91,210,298,447 
Lakey, LeRoy E. 1 21 ,1 25,364 
Lala, Carol A. 139,144,364 
Lamb, Imogene E. 74,156,322,364 
Lambda Chi Alpha 182 
Lambert, Helen F. 115 
Lambert, Jack L. 19,72 
Lambert, John D. 130 
Lambing, Ralph M. 180,364 
Lamborn, Lorraine A. 91 ,204,447 
Lampe, Merlin L. 1 1 5,364 
Landman, Errol D. 495 
London, Patricia J. 210,447 
Lane, Gracella 105 
Lane, Mitchell S. 185,447 
Lang, LeRoy A. 364 
Lang, Waldo D. 77,120,122,364 
Lange, Harold N. 52,130 
Lange, Stephen J. 85,298,447 
Langford, Charlene 83 
Langland, Herbert Z. 85 
Lank, Donald J. 124 
Lanning, Michael A. 175,447 
Laquey, Richard K. 191,236,448 
Larsen, Jack D. 81 
Larsen, Karen M. 214,448 
Larson, Bruce N. 171,448 
Larson, Carolyn R. 99,104,207,265,448 
Larson, George H. 42 
Larson, Harold D. 1 18,364 
Larson, Larry L. 114,178,327,448 
Larson, Marilyn K. 97,135,210,448 
Lash, Ruth M. 147,276,448 
Lashbrook, R. R. 25,74 
LaShell, William F. 191,448 
Lasho, George S. 160,448 
Lasho, Loretta E. 155,448 
Lasley, Barbara L. 214,300,448 
Lassman, Ernest W. 168,448 
Lassman, Garry W. 126,140,168,364 
Latham, Gary E. 123 
Latter, Thomas R. 448 
Latzke, Alpha 47 
Laubengayer, William 176,364 
Lauer, Von C. 100,175,448 
Laurie, David C. 180,236,448 
Laurie, John C. 180,448 
Laverentz, Joyce A. 97,210,448 
Laverentz, Larry L. 29,88,1 12,163,364 
LaVoie, Rene L. 1 1 9 
Lawrence, John E. 118,395 
Lawson, Fred A. 107 
Lawson, Jimmy D. 115,364 
Layman, Wilfred E. 75 
Lazarus, Gary J. 100,103,105,164,448 
Lazarus, Leeman D. 83,364 
Leach, Judith A. 81,214,448 
Leasure, E. E. 19,50 
Leavengood, David 495 
Leavengood, Luther 35 
Lebbin, Mary A. 97,210,448 
Leber, Larry E. 188,448 

Lee, H. B. 228,229 

Lee, Han S. 106 

Lee, Linda E. 94,152,448 

Lee, Richard E. 1 19,216,448 

Lee, Tommy G. 95 

Lee, William F. 180,448 

Leece, Judith K. 204,266,448 

Leedham, George 302 

Lees, Ellen 210,448 

Leffingwell, Donald 171,448 

LeForgee, Rex S. 175,448 

LeGrotte, James, Jr. 123,364 

Lehew, Harry D. 101,110,111,319 

Lehr, James A. 171,448 

Leick, Robert T. 89 

Leis, Jean C. 84,104,1 10,1 1 1,207,448 

Lemon, Richard A. 106,220,448 

Lemon, Roger W. 83,299,302,449 

Lenhart, Richard H. 106,196,449 

Lentz, Eugene M. 195,449 

Lentz, Gary D. 307,364 

Leonard, Garry M. 1 80,449 

Leonard, Gayle L. 449 

Leonhart, Stuart R. 124,185,268,449 

Lesh, Richard L. 448 

Lesh, Rodney L. 449 

Lesovsky, George F. 72,176,449 

Lester, Stephen K. 102,191,364 

Leuszler, Harlan E. 188,301,449 

Leutert, John R. 188,449 

Levin, Duane E. 100 

Lewallen Judith L. 204,449 

Lewelling, Glen O. 180,310,449 

Lewelling, James D. 180,364 

Lewengrub, Stanley J. 132 

Lewis, Alan D. 1 12,301,449 

Lewis, Barbara H. 134,449 

Lewis, Barbara L. 87,91,210 214,449 

Lewis, Bert R. 129,364 

Lewis, Eulalia 302 

Lewis, Evelyn L. 135,210,449 

Lewis, Gail R. 449 

Lewis, Geneva L. 97,105,1 1 1,214,449 

Lewis, Martha E. 136,143,214,449 

Lewis, Robert W. 22,29,68,1 12,178,313, 

Lewis, Sara B. 148,449 
Lewis, Thomas E. 195,365 
Lichtenauer, Joe F. Jr. 85,1 12,216,449 
Liepins, Raimond 72 
Liddy, Bob 234,237 
Lilly, Janice M. 91,96,131,449 
Linaweaver. Glenn L. 126,449 
Lindahl, James A. 112 
Lindamood, Vivian K. 214,449 
Lindell, Francis E. 449 
Lindell, Marlene R. 151,449 
Lindell, Shirley M. 133 
Lindell, Vernon L. 130 
Linder, Janet G. 202.214,449 
Linder, Orival W. 129.365 
Lindh, Thomas O. 495 
Lindly, Edwin C. 19 
Lindquist, Mrs. Grace 1 2 
Line, Duane L. 223,449 
Lingle, Charles E. 130 
Linn, Leighton L. 129,365 
Linn, Neva 1 33 
Linscheid, Larry L. 116,449 
Linthacum, Walter B. 223,449 
Linville, Sharon S. 147,365 
Lipper, Ralph I. 77 
Lippold, Thane A. 1 83,449 
Lisher, JimL. 22,140,195,336,365 
Little American Royal 327 
Littlejohn, John B. 234 
Little, Mrs. Lucille P. 218 
Litwak, Philip 222,270,450 
Liu, Irwin K 131 
Livengood, Dallas B. 191,450 
Livengood, Sharon M. 1 52,450 
Livingston, Donald G. 77,124,160,365 
Livingston, Nelda A. 450 
Lobenstein, Alice L. 96,159,450 
Lobmeyer, David H. 73,85,107,209,367 
Lobmeyer, Martha A. 85,103,107,299, 

Lobmeyer, Patsy 98 
Lobmeyer, Raymond J. 122 
Lockard, Daniel W. 450 
Locke, Delwin H. 217,246,450 
Locke, John W. 75,120,125 
Loeppke, Lanny L. 106,111,217,450 
Logback, James E. 72,188,300,450 
Lohr, Gregory N. 160,450 
Londeen, Jon C. 175,273,450 
London, Marilyn 496 
Long, Annetta B. 79,135,143,214,450 
Long, Carl V. 199,450 
Long, Glen C. 79,96,244 
Long, Judith C. 207,298,300,450 
Longenecker, Virginia 147,210,450 
Longhofer, Paul D. 365 
Longsdorf, Lisle L. 30 
Lonker, James M. 171,314,365 
Lonning, Helen J. 134,204,450 
Loomis, Dudley G. 106 
Loomis, Harold I. 96,114,365 
Loomis, Larry D. 100,160,450 
Loper, Marion G. 84,187,450 
Lortscher, Robert G. 87,299,450 
Loseke, Fred W. 76,118,160,450 
Loughmiller, Linda E. 97,104,143,210, 

Lovelace, David E. 450 
Lovell, James F. 273 
Lovin, Joyce C. 86,450 
Lovin, Robert E, 86,365 
Lowe, David W. 163,450 
Lowe, Lorrin E. 91 
Lowe, Norman E. 450 
Lowe, Robert B. 172,450 
Lowe, Sonja 98 
Lowell, Joanna M. 97,210,450 

Lowell, Karen M. 91,97,210,450 

Lowman, Deborah J. 159,450 

Lowman, Thomas E 191,450 

Lu, Paul C. 69,71,123,298 

Luck, Gary E. 271 

Luckfield, Gene S. 121 

Lueb, James F. 128,450 

Luehring, Lester F. 76,1 18 

Luehring, Pet 98 

Lukens, Roger L. 450 

Lukert, Phil D. 129,365 

Lumb, Jean E. 71,103,298,302,365 

Lumb's Hy-Klas Food Store 501 

Lundblom, Franklin N. 95,450 

Lundgren, Donald E. 496 

Lundquest, Don H. 124,191,450 

Lundy, Thomas K. 249,365 

Lupfer, Arthur H. 124 

Luster, Dana R. 98 

Lutheran Student Association 88 

Lutz, Laura L 156.365 

Lutz, Ronnie D. 180,365 

Lyddane, Geraldine L. 214,451 

Lydick, Larry N. 87 

Lyman, Eva C. 99 

Lynch, M. Carolvn 79 135,141,451 

Lynn, Sarah G. 204.451 

Lyon, Dale N. 72,366 

Lyon, Doris A. 96,144.451 

Lytle, Larry R. 221,366 


Mabry, Donald H. 83,451 
MacEachern, Jean A. 204,451 
MacFee, Gerald P. 84,131 178 451 
Mach, Donald E. 221,366 
Mach, Richard L. 221,451 
Mackender, Daryl 271 
Mackintosh, David L. 112 
Macklin, Harley R. 125,451 
MacPherson, Sharon S. 97 156 214 451 
Macy, Elbert B. 74,1 17 
Macy, Janet S. 104,141,366 
Macy, John W. 167,451 
Maddy, Darlene D. 214 451 
Mader, E. L. 313 
Maderak, Marion L. 73,107 
Magette, Lawrence W. 85,187 451 
Magill, Charles R. 126,366 
Magill, Garry A. 246 
Mahaffey, Michael K. 176,451 
Mahar, Maureen N. 105,152 214 298 

Mahmoud, Ali H. 109,117 
Mai, Betty J. 88,132,202,204,366 
Mai, Don L. 185,451 
Mai, Judith A. 24,46,65,67,88,152,284 

Main, Robert L. 126,336 
Maison, Arthur L. 160,451 
Maitland E. Smith Scholarship House 

Majofsky, David A. 84,128,303 
Mall, Jaclyn G. 147,336 
Mall, Loren L. 140,172,451 
Mallean, Henry G. 451 
Mallean, William R. 451 
Mallon, Robert C. 120,336 
Mallory, Joseph H. 219,451 
Malloy, Patrick E. 85,187,451 
Malm, Oscar R. 451 
Malmberg, Mary E. 151,210,277,451 
Malone, Ernest C. 451 
Mangelsdorf, B. Eugenia 81,104,159, 

Mangelsdorf, David H. 176,367 
Mangelsdorf, H. Irene 25,65,105,140, 

Manges, Loren E. 90,91,222,451 
Manhattan Ice and Cold Storage 

Company 500 
Manhattan Motors, Inc. 502 
Manhattan Mutual Life Insurance 

Company 498 
Manhattan Orchestra Service 508 
Manhattan Typewriter Company 511 
Manhattan Wholesale Meat Company 

Manka, Norris C. 123,451 
Mann, Marilyn A. 104,148,451 
Mann, Max E. 1 32 
Manebach, Alfred J. 85,122,218,451 
Mannen, Jeanettia M. 214,451 
Mansukhani, Arjan 108,128 
Mansukhani, Manku M. 108 
Manuel, Milton L. 19 


Maple, Sandra L. 207,451 
Mar Cafe 508 

Mar, Homer Y. 124,451 

Marcoline, John J. 272 

Marfice, Dennis J. 75,121 220,367 

Margheim, Laurice M. 93,117,311 ,367 

Marion, G. B. 314 

Markel, Frank L. 301,452 

Markley, Richard D. 75. 1 2 1 1 25,357 

Marnell, Gerald E. 1 1 8,220,367 

Marnix, Helen F. 98 

Marnix, Richard K. 127,367 

Marquez, Antonio Jr. 217,452 

Marriott, Gary A. 217,246,452 

Marshall, Delbert A. 395 

Marshall, Donna M. 207,452 

Marshall, Janice J. 308 452 

Marston, Norman L. 107 

Marth, Albert C. 196,452 

Martin, Barbara K. 97,210,452 

Martin, George J. 90,91,452 

Martin, Kenneth L. 217,236,452 

Martin, Larry C. 183,367 

Martin, M. Lynn 65,104.159.367 

Martin, Robert W. 76,118,120,367 

Martin, Susan 97,159,214,452 

Martin, Thomas C. 132,171,452 

Martin, Thomas W. 131 

Martin, William M. 88.106,168.452 

Martindale, Cecilia 137,214.452 

Martinek, Melvin V. 108,115,452 

Martinson, Mary 98 

Marx, Donald L. 84 

Marx, Richard L. 221,452 

Mashal, Shawkat M. 86,109 

Mason, Margaret F. 210,452 

Mater, Eugene W 85,220,250,452 

Mathes, Boyd E. 75,121,125 

Mathes, Leola 1 33 

Mathes, Merridith L. 131 

Mathes, Wayne E. 1 30 

Mathews, Patricia L. 88,452 

Mathias, James J. 120,124.218 452 

Mathias, Jeanette J 87,135,210,452 

Mathis Wesley L. 222,452 

Matkin, Susan K. 143,452 

Matlack, Alice E. 151,210,452 

Matlock, Larry D. 217,452 

Matson, Gera 98 

Matson, Randolph C. 1 20 

Mattas, Richard E. 1 14 

Matter, Darryl E. 81,82,108,1 1 1,301.452 

Matthews, Billy D. 75,120,121,125 

Matthews, Charles W. 302 

Matthews, Jacqueline 148,214,300,452 

Matthews, Vicki A. 83,104,204,452 

Mattox, Jimmie L. 126 

Matuszak, Edwin J. 246 

Mauck, Marilyn J. 67,1 1 1,1 16,210,298, 

Mauk, R. Gale 123,367 
Mauler, Mary J. 24,46,74,1 1 1,134,143, 

307,31 1,452 
Movers, Donald E. 84,187,452 
Mawdsley, Judith A. 156,214,302,452 
Maxwell, Curtis G. 175,452 
Maxwell, James R. 167,453 
Maxwell, Josette L. 105,453 
Maxwell, Keith A. 185,453 
Mayer, lleene A. 204,453 
Mayer, Jo Ann S. 73,98,105,367 
Mayer, Leo V. 395 
Mayhew, Delmar D. 140,183,453 
Mayne, Anton W. 79,367 
Mayr, Robert A. 1 19,453 
McAdams, Janet K. 90.91.1 1 1,210,453 
McAdams, Shirley L. 90,135 
McAlavey, Sylvia Y. 103.299 
McAlister, Judith A. 71,79,151,453 
McAninch, Mary K. 159,453 
McArthur, Rebecca K. 71,103,148,299, 

McAuliffe, Michael A. 188,453 
McBride, Joan E. 98 
McBride, Norman L. 367 
McCabe, Charles A. 191,367 
McCain, James A. 12 
McCain, Mrs. James A. 12 
McCain, Sheila 1 2 
McCall, Melvin G. 453 
McCalla, Penelope S. 214,454 
McCann, Ralph W. 301 
McCandless, Richard 367 
McCaslin, Jane E. 151,454 
McChesney, Richard W. 367 
McClelland, Lynn A. 160,301,454 
McClenahan, Janice R. 24,65,90,91,151, 

McClintock, Tausca L. 37,101,156,454 
McCluer, Robert R. 220,454 
McClung, Robert J. 126,454 
McCluskey, Keith 160,454 
McCollough, Don E. 367 
McConnell, Aura E. 129,152,367 
McConnell, Edward A. 191,454 
McConnell, Kent 234 
McConnell, Vernon K. 96,188,367 
McCord, Marilyn 23,65,66,67,80,140, 

McCormic, Kenneth R. 454 
McCormick, Leo H. 128 
McCosh, Carol L. 392 
McCosh, Kenneth E. 117,367 
McCoy, Harold E. 131,454 
McCoy, John R. 454 
McCoy, Nancy A. 155,300,454 
McCreary, Marvin L. 368 
McCubbin, Harold T. 160,454 
McCullick, Jack J. 69 
McCullough, Kenneth R. 68,119,368 
McCullough, Marilyn 214,454 
McCune, Ronald W. 29,64,68,1 19,1 78, 


McCurdy, Warren W. 368 
McCurley, Evalee A. 155,276,454 
McDaniel, Robert E. 236 
McDaniel, Saundra D. 147,300,454 
McDittett, Clinton H. 195,454 
McDonald. Charles R. I 20 
McDonald, Diana J. 210,454 
McDonald, Jay W. 191,267,454 
McDonald, Karen 210,454 
McDonald, Kenneth L. 167,454 
McDonald, Marsha C. 135,156,454 
McDonald, Ronald T. 236 
McDowell, Harold C. 128,368 
McEltresh, Sara A. 90,91 ,155,308,454 
McEntyre, John G. 128,229 
McFarland, Robert H. 19 
McFarland, Robert S. 195,454 
McGauhey, Diane E. 81 ,97,1 36,1 52,202, 

McGee, John W. 103,160,454 
McGinnis, Forest M. 1 1 8,368 
McGinnis, Glenn E. 195,454 
McGinnis, June 98 
McGinnis, Vera L. 155,300,454 
McGinnis, William T. 110,114,454 
McGinty, Ralph J. 395 
McGrath, Robert J. 368 
McGregor, Ronald J. 368 
McGuire, Richard L. 83,220,454 
McHugh, Patricia J. 85,96,102,204,368 
McKain, Carolyn 98 
McKain, Jack R. 269 
McKay, Mrs. Nellie J. 171 
McKay, Jerry L. 192,454 
McKee, Jerry B. 268 
McKee, Richard M. 314 
Mckenzie, Patrick B. 72,242,244,246, 

McKim, Carol I. 148,323,454 
McKinney, Katheryn A. 99 
McKinney, William M. 85,187,368 
McKinnie, Deanna M. 95,104,136,204, 

McKinnon, Lou Ann 81,159,455 
McKinsey, Larry P. 119 
McKown, Barbara 98 
McKown, Irwin R. 116 
McKown, Jon E. 183,455 
McLain, Elvin G. 455 
McLaughlin, David L. 199.455 
McLaughlin, Frank 130,455 
McLaughlin, Margaret 156,368 
McLaughlin, Richard 191,455 
McLaughlin, Sue 133 
McLaurin, Benjamin F. 217,299,455 
McLean, Jerry A. 188,299,455 
McLean, Larry D. 217,455 
McLenon, Larry G. 140,192,455 
McMahon, John W. 455 
McMahon, Rebecca S. 59,152,455 
McManus, Ronnie M. 455 
McMaster, Barton 496 
McMaster, Beverly J. 134,143,210,455 
McMickell, Pat C. 98 
McMickell, Robert J. 271,368 
McMillan, Maureen K. 204,455 
McMillen, Garth W. 188,455 
McMillen, Robert A. 75,368 
McMillin, Frances A. 96,144,368 
McMinimy, Milton W. 220,455 
McNary, R. Orlo 183,368 
McNeal, Craig A. 96,188,263,455 
McNeal, James D. 171,455 
McNeal, Joan 97,144,210,455 
McNeal, John P. 188,455 
McNeil, Ken 360 
McNeil, Michel R. 455 
McNemar, Robert D. 1 30 
McNemar, Verna L. 133 
McQueen, James A. 94,185,268,455 
McQuillan, Sandra K. 147,455 
McRae, Paul A. 130 
McRee, Kenneth W. 119,195,455 
McReynolds, Larry S. 455 
McReynolds, Max A., Jr. 140,200,455 
McVaney, John J. 132 
McVicar, Nancy A. 79,156,455 
McWilliams, Dean 122 
McWilliams, Rena A. 98 
Meade Insurance Company 503 
Meadows, Imogene L. 104,137,214,455 
Means, Carol E. 204,455 
Mears, Betty I. 93,111,147,455 
Mechesney, Lynn 24 
Mechesney, Susan E. 25,65,104,140,156, 

Mechling, James L. 72,219,368 
Meckfessel, Audrey L. 97,1 55,214,298, 

Medley, Larry J. 496 
Medley, Loren 496 
Medlin, C. J. 309 
Meek, Myron E. 172,455 
Meek, Paul T. 455 
Meeker, John H. 246 
Meeker, Lonnie D. 191,456 
Meeks, Ellis M. 298,456 
Meeks, James E. 72,160,456 
Mehl, JoAnne 214,456 
Meier, Gene R. 236 
Meier, Vicki C. 71,151,300,456 
Meinert, Vernon O. 1 68,368 
Meinsen, William D. 368 
Meisinger, Charles W. 92 
Meisinger, Richard K. 87,298,456 
Meisner, Bonnie K. 107 
Meisner, James H. 107,368 
Meitler, Neal D. 37,59,80,168,368 
Melendez, Claudio M. 109 
Mellinger, Jerry J. 223,456 
Mellott, Willard M. 456 
Meloan, Clifton 72,1 16 

MENC 103 

Mendez, Jose A. 109 

Mendlick, Susan L. 143,456 

Mengeling, William L. 129,369 

Mennonite Fellowship 87 

Men's Varsity Glee Club 301 

Mentgen, Carl N. 187,456 

Mentgen, James R. 85,187,300,456 

Menzies, Carl 3 1 2 

Mercanti, Enrico P. 94 

Merchant, William S. 195,456 

Meredith, Donald L. 103,298,303 

Meredith, Larry K. 25,192,307,456 

Merkel, R. A. 313 

Merker, Jerry W. 160,456 

Merrell, Christina L. 210,264,456 

Merrill, David W. 175.456 

Merrill, Harry T. 124,171,456 

Merritt, Linda 65,151,369 

Merten, Bob 272,273 

Mertes, Bus 230,231,234,237 

Mertz, James L. 171,456 

Messer, James E. 191,456 

Meyer, Dorothy D. 222,395 

Meyer, George E. 1 30 

Meyer, Lou Ann 456 

Meyer, Marilyn A. 136,155,214,298,456 

Meyer, Robert D. 223,456 

Meyers, Robert L. 124 

Meyers, Thomas D. 100,180,456 
























chaelis, Joellen W. 98,456 

chaelis, Ronald G. 126,195,456 

chaux, Henry R. 131 

ck, Arthur A. 84 

ck, John R. 85,187,456 

ckelsen, Ross 1 17,312 

ckey, Deanna D. 156,214,456 

ddaugh, Barbara A. 152,456 

ddleton, Alvin L. 90,91,301,456 

ddleton, Katherine 90,91,111,135, 


R 137,214,456 

hordin, Ronald J. 

kesell, Richard L. 

kesich, Kathleen 

lam, Sharon K. 

Ibourn, Max 1 7 

les, Larry L. 457 

Her, A. D. 102 

Her, Barbara C. 115 

Her, Brenda L. 1 11,135,148,457 

Her, Bruce E. 164,457 

Her, Byron F. 1 1 3 

Her, Daniel J. 124,140,187,457 

Her, Dennis M. 185,457 

Her, Donald G. 68,114,178,314,369 

Her, Donald M. 85,119,187,457 

Her, Donald W. 192,301,457 

Her, Doris J. 24,74,86,1 13,204,307, 


Her, Dorothy D. 303 

Her, Duane L. 101 

Her, Francis F. 86,1 1 1,122,457 

Her, G. Eldon 74,304,369 

Her, Gerald D. 68,1 19 

Her, JackS. 123,183,457 

Her, Janyce L. 144,457 

Her, JerreJ. 148,369 

Her, John E. 122,457 

Her, Kenneth A. 85,123,187,457 

Her, Larry D. 218,457 

Her, Lee R. 457 

Her, Leonard R. 115,369 

Her, L. Devon 132,175,457 

Her, Margaret 88 

Her, Marilyn I. 210,457 

Her, Marilyn M. 152,457 

Her, M. Monte 175,304,457 

Her, Murray J. 89,200,457 

Her, Nancy J. 97,156,210,457 

Her, Otis F. 124,369 

Her, Patricia J. 210,457 

Her Pontiac Company 502 

Her, Richard J. 192,369 

Her, Stanley R. 76,102,160,369 

Her, Steven G. 114,369 

Her, Susan P. 100,104,156,369 

Her, Vaughn E. 102 

Her, William 269 

lliken, John P. 191,267,457 

Ming Association 119 

lis, Joseph H. 395 

lis, Judith C. 104,457 

lis, Leon J. 457 

lis, William C, Jr. 93,369 

llstone, Stewart H. 89 

Isap, Dolores R. 107 

Isap, Ray F. 73,107 

narcini, Ronald J. 369 

nk, Joseph F. 84,1 17 

nneman, John A. 130 

nnick, Ronnie J. 205,457 

nnis, Jerry J. 1 1 1,167,457 

nnis, MelW. 100,124,164,457 

nor, Frank V. 270,369 

nsch, John H. 369 

nturn, Carol A. 457 

nturn, Jean M. 457 

racle, Herbert R. 101,369 

semer, Bill C. 457 

skimen, Earl D. 123,369 

skimen, Evelyn L. 123 

ssildine, Gay A. 81,105,143,458 

stler, Richard E. 67,191,458 

stler, Thomas E. 191,458 

tchell, Don M. 246 

tchell, Edgar W. 218,458 

tchell, Gary L. 82,94,458 

tchell, Henry J. 126,369 

tchell, Howard L. 72 

tchell, Leon J. 123 

tchell, Louis S. 234 

tchell, Marge 123 

tchell, Mary L. 133 

Mitchell, Ralph W. 129,369 

Mizell, Loretta K. 147,457 

Mo, Ru H. 83,302 

Moak, Mary L. 94,96,99,207,298,369 

Moate, Carolyn R. 81,104,143,200,458 

Moberly, Harry F. 218,458 

Mochamer, Roger J. 160,369 

Mock, John L. 92,370 

Mock, Karen S. 152,458 

Mockabee, M. Eugene 458 

Moehring, Donald 191,272,273,370 

Moggie, Charles F. 22,69,185,300 

Moherman, Gene 195,458 

Mohri, Emily K. 159,370 

Mohri, William F. 196,458 

Molesworth, Barbara 133 

Molesworth, Dale R. 370 

Molesworth, John R. 131 

Moline, Mary A. 90,91,205,458 

Moller, Max L. 90,91,370 

Money, Joe E. 102 

Monninger, Maurice E. 172,458 

Monroe, Clarence D. 199,370 

Monroe, Robert J. 72,80,81,82,370 

Monroy, Armando 119,217,370 

Montre, Louis G., Jr. 180,301 ,310,370 

Moody, Craig W. 196,458 

Moody, Phyllis D. 87,111.137,458 

Moore, Barbara J. 214,458 

Moore, Bryce B. 1 80,458 

Moore, Carolee 46,137,148,458 

Moore, Charles C. 37,83,199,458 

Moore, David W. 199,301,458 

Moore, Douglas W. 69,160,370 

Moore, Fritz 25 

Moore, I leen J. 214,458 

Moore, Jack D. 195,458 

Moore, Jack E. 458 

Moore, James T. 180,458 

Moore, Joan E. 151,284,300,303,458 

Moore, Marilyn F. 97,144,214,458 

Moore, Marion K. 180,458 

Moore, Ronald V. 180,458 

Moore, Sidonia M. 97,210,458 

Moore, Sue K. 99 

Moors, Russell M. 370 

Mordy, Murle 216,302,458 

Morefield, Suzanne J. 95,207,323,458 

Morgan, Brenda J. 140,159.315,458 

Morgan, Constance K. 1 59,370 

Morgan, Kent 301 

Morgan, Laurence 228,234,244 

Morgan, Maurice G. 370 

Morgan, Noel F. 171,458 

Morgan, Philip B. 107 

Morgan, Virginia S. 205,300,459 

Morgenson, David L. 199,459 

Morgenstern, Ann 1 59,459 

Monconi, Carolyn S. 24,156,305,459 

Moriconi, Mary J. 65,156,370 

Moritz, Jerome R. 72,370 

Moritz, Wayne C. 496 

Morris, Clay A. 459 

Morris, David E. 459 

Morris, John K. 191,459 

Morris, Judith A. 210,459 

Morris, Mary G. 1 52,21 4,459 

Morris, Sharon A. 97,214,459 

Morris, Sharon D. 152,214,459 

Morrison, Ray 1 13,314 

Morrison, Richard E. 188,459 

Morritz, Gelane 392 

Morse, Reed F. 42,77,128 

Morse, Richard L. D. 47 

Mortensen, Syble K. 98 

Mortimer, Linda S. 155.210,459 

Morton, Don F. 122,140 

Morton, Harold L. 1 1 9 

Morton, Philip W. 1 1 6 

Mortar Board 65 

Moser, Herbert C. 72 

Moser, Lowell A. 496 

Mosier, Donald L. 131 

Mosier, Frank 229 

Mosier, Larry K. 129,370 

Motogawa, Daniel Y. 164,459 

Mott, David A. 180,459 

Mox, Moreen K. 79,144.459 

Moxley, Hall H. 1 1 7.1 92,301 ,31 3,459 

Moxley, Marilyn A. 210,459 

Moyer, LaDonna K. 24.134.144,459 

Moynagh, Francis P. 196,459 

Mudholkar, D. R. 396 

Mueller, Mary A. 144,459 

Mueller, Peter W. 299,459 

Mueller, Robert C. 102,196.459 

Muenzenmayer, Karl E. 188,459 

Mull, Linda L. 210,459 

Mullen, Clyde 27,286 

Mullen, Donald P. 128 

Mullen, Velma 98 

Muller, Arthur F. 84 

Mulloy, Martha S. 84,96,148,459 

Munden, Jack W. 1 99,459 

Mundhenke, Boyd M. 114,178,298,459 

Mundhenke, Gary L. 459 

Munger, Leonard A. 75,120,192,300,459 

Munk, LeRoy F. 131 

Mu Phi Epsilon 71 

Murillo, EvaM. 207,459 

Murphey, Kay L. 144,214,459 

Murphy, Charlene M. 96,105,152,292, 

Murphy, Eugene E. 131 
Murphy, H. M. 106 
Murry, John P. 35 
Mussman, Harry C. 19 
Mustard, Marvin E. 459 
Myer, James F. 121,125,370 
Myers, Bob L. 131 
Myers, Buenta L. 214,300,460 
Myers, David L. 460 
Myers, Frances 133 


Myers, Frank 267 
Myers, Linda G. 97,159,214,460 
Myers, Linda L. 100,109,205,460 
Myers, Lonnie W. 126 
Myers, M. Patricia 159,370 
Myers, Nancy A. 97,156,210,460 
Myers, Patrick H. 84,128,370 
Myers, Samuel T. 1 99,460 
Myers, Zoe Ann 90,91,205,460 


Naaf, Frank H. 223,460 

Naddih, Badii I. 109,396 

Nagashima, Richard K. 123 

Naiman, Jean E. 85,205,460 

Nakari, Kenneth W. 256,268 

Nash, Kenneth H. 180,236,460 

Nass, James W. 85,187,460 

Nath, Prem 396 

Nation, Nancy J. 79,81,159,460 

Naylor, Karlton K. 128 

Neal, Don E. 1 18,164,460 

Neal, James W. 89,460 

Neal, Jerry D. 120,370 

Neal, Maurine M. 90,91,207,460 

Neal, Sandi 98 

Neal, Sylvia L. 159,275,277,460 

Neeley, Gerold D. 130 

Neeley, Sherril 1 33 

Neely, Henry M. 1 1 8 

Neff, James R. 188,460 

Neff, Leonard F. 19 

Neft, Rex C. 1 16,460 

Neill, Sharon S. 210,460 

Neilson, Dave 268 

Neitzel, Barbara A. 88,205,460 

Nelke, Conrad J. 187,370 

Nelke, Nancy F. 104,155,370 

Nelson, Althea J. 94,97,148,210,300, 


Billy W. 185,236,460 

Byron K. 93 

Carl E. 200,460 
Nelson, Dallas L. 301 
Nelson, David B. 199,460 
Nelson, David E. 246,301 
Nelson, Donald A. 195,460 
Nelson, Garrett E. 371 
Nelson, Gary W. 185,460 
Nelson, Glen A. 460 
Nelson, Janet J. 104,205,460 
Nelson, John L. 196,460 
Nelson, John M. 22,72,199,460 
Nelson, John R. 175,460 
Nelson, Larry A. 87,160,371 
Nelson, Larry J. 88,122,460 
Nelson, Marilyn E. 66 
Nelson, Marlene S. 461 
Nelson, Mary L. 97,148,214,461 
Nelson, Robert C. 246 
Nelson, Robert H. 396 
Nelson, Ronald E. 171,461 
Nelson, Sally M. 67 
Nelson, Sharon L. 461 
Nelson, Sheila J. 66,116,461 
Nelson, Wallace B. 69 
Nelson, Wendell A. 88,104,371 
Nemerowicz, Stanley 304,461 
Nesbitt, Verlan R. 121,125 
Neuschafer, Gary E. 168,461 
Nevins, Keith P. 85,187,371 
Nevins, Ralph 19,23,42 
New, A. Eugene 129,160,371 
New, Bill E. 1 1 1,219,461 
Newby, Curtis L. 217,461 
Newcomer, Julee A. 144,371 
Newman, Bette 98 
Newman Club 84-85 
Newman, Evret C. 130,461 
Newman, Sandra J. 104,207,461 
Newsom, Dean L. 300 
Newsom, Dorian L. 461 
Newsom, Howard W. 217,462 
Newton, David W. 167,462 
Newton, Norman A. 160,289,371 

ami, Hazim M. 396 

chols, Barbara B. 148,462 

chols, Carl L. 94,1 1 1,462 

chols, Joanne L. 205,371 

chols, Larry D. 167,462 

chols, Norris E. 117 

chols, William G. 175,371 

cholson, Bill L. 171,371 

cholson, Ivan R. 1 30 

cholson, Larry M. 171,462 

ckel, Gaye J. 214,462 

ckel, John G. 371 

ckell, Jean A. 97,151,214,462 

cklaus, E. Vonne 160,462 

ckols, Elwin H. 123,496 

ckum, Richard G. 140,197,462 

codemus, Bonnie J. 105,137,214 462 

eland, Mark A. 118,120,371 

elson, James D. 78,185,371 

ghswonger, James J. 112,371 

tcher, Ronald E. 160,462 

Nixon, Bernard T. 462 

Noble, Angie 98 

Noble, Larry D. 1 16 

Noble, Stephen R. 171,462 

Noble, William J. 94 

Nocella, Salvatore 217,462 

Nodurfth, Martin E. 129 

Nodurtth, Opal 133 

Noffsinger, Clifford 131,462 

Noffsinger, Dee 133 

Noller, Patricia L. 136,143,210,462 

Nolte, John M. 171,462 

Nomura, Pauline S. 205,462 

Nonamaker, Elisabeth 66,86,104,371 

Norbury, James T. 462 

Nordstrom, A. Kay 45,65,81,104,159, 

Nordstrom, Dale H. 118,176,371 
Norris, Clarence W. 79,185,256,268,371 
Norris, Larry A. 80,82,123,462 
North, Carolyn M. 143,214,462 
North, David A. 160,462 
North, Larry E. 22,39,199,371 
Northup, Russell L. 462 
Northwest Hall 208 
Norton, C. L. 30,1 17 
Norton, Judy K. 97,210,462 
Norton, Marjorie A. 82,300,462 
Norton, Ted 82 

Nothern, Joseph C. 68,119,167,371 
Novak, Donald J. 223,462 
Novy, Lowell L. 59,64,129,175,371 
Noyes, Nancy J. 97,159,210,300,462 
Nutt, Edwin L. 100,167,462 
Nuzum, Arnold L. 119,217,462 
Nyaradi, Nicholas 297 
Nye, Derald D. 120,127,371 

Oberhelman, Janice K. 89,108,462 
Oberhelman, Judy A. 89,97,101,210, 

Oberle, Carol M. 462 
Oberle, Sharon B. 67,82,205,372 
Oblander, Robert L. 183,462 
Oborny, Edmund L. 164,463 
Oborny, Edward J., Jr. 85,216,463 
O'Brian, Thomas D. 18 
O'Brien, Edward M. 131,224 
O'Brien, Glen J. 126,187,372 
O'Brien, Janet E. 133 
O'Bryan, Susan E. 302,463 
Ochampaugh, Clifford I. 103 
Ochampaugh, James R. 463 
Ochs, Jacob B. 1 19,220,463 
Ochs, Richard A. 124,463 
Ochs, Theo 126,192,463 
O'Connor, Rebecca D. 79,81,207,463 
Odle, Darrel L. 1 14,314,372 
Odle, Nolo L. 115 
Oehlert, Larry L. 94,200,463 
Ogan, Peggy J. 24,37,104,148,463 
Ogburn, Harold D. 75,120 
Ogg, Leslie L, 140,167,372 
Ogilvie, Donna D. 147,463 
Ogle, Nancy J. 396 
Ohlmeier, Lee H. 463 
Ohmes, Joe J. 120,183,372 
Ohnmacht, Rita M. 84,1 1 1,137,207,463 
O. K. House 221 
Olander, Gene M. 23,25,64,105,185,268, 

Oldham, Karen J. 104,144,305,463 
Oliphant, Rodney G. 131,178,463 
Oliverson, James E. 128,372 
Oliverson, Verdell 98 
O'Loughlin, Judith M. 156,463 
O'Loughlin, Mary K. 79,143,463 
Olsen, John D. 130 
Olsen, Norman D. 199,463 
Olsen, Robert 103 
Olson, Jordan T. 77,121,128,372 
Olson, Larry A. 88,218,463 
Olson, Merrilyn J. 144,463 
Olson, Raymond V. 30 
Olson, Robert 100,463 
Oltjen, Allan C. 463 
Oltjen, Harlan W. 1 19,140,178,301,463 
Omicron Nu 67 
Oordt, Gerald H. 178,372 
Opie, Roberta A. 147,300,463 
Oppenlander, Janice 90 
Oppy, Paula J. 102,155,463 
Orbison, Belva 98 
Orbison, Harry D. 123 
Orchesis 95 
Orchestra 302-303 
Order of Artus 69 
O'Rear, Billie H. 372 
Organ Guild 103 
Organizations 61-224 
Orientation 280-281 
Orme, Carolee 104,111,205,373 
Ortman, Eldon E. 87,107 
Osborn, Deanna 104,207,463 

Osborn, Howard W. 463 

Osborn, James E. 1 30,21 7,463 

Osborn, Sherryl A. 207,463 

Osborne, Verlyn D. 234,235 

Osburn, Benny I. 68,130 

Oshel, Bonnie K. 98 

Osland, Rolf O. 221,463 

Ostlind, Eleanor 98 

Ostmeyer, Kenneth F. 220,373 

Oswald, Donald D. 84,463 

Ottaway, Leah J. 81 ,97,1 1 1 ,1 41 ,21 4, 

Otte, Alvina M. 143,300,463 
Otte, Arnita 496 
Ousdahl, Gloria J. 79,90,1 1 1,135,205, 

Owen, Dennis C. 175,463 
Owen, James N. 373 
Owen, Stephen B. 163,464 
Owens, Harold P. 246 
Owens, Harriett D. 214,464 
Oyler, Janet F. 83,137,205,464 

Pabst, Don H. 373 

Pack, Gary L. 219,464 

Paddleford, Donald F. 121 

Padgilwar, N. D. 396 

Page, Harvey J. 128172,464 

Page, Richard L. 262 

Painter, R. H. 107 

Pair, John C. 1 1 2 

Palermo, Peter J. 180,464 

Pallath, Emmanuel G. 495 

Pallesen, Peter J. 195,464 

Palmateer, Beverly 98 

Palmateer, John D. 1 28,27 1 ,373 

Palmquist, Julie C. 83,151,464 

Pal-O-Mie 222 

Pancgides, Stahis 108 

Pancost, Robert D. 464 

Pangburn, Robert C. 192,464 

Panhellenic Council 140 

Pannbacker, Richard 67,1 16,167,464 

Panzitta, Joseph 373 

Paph, Charles L. 217,464 

Paradise, Julie A. 152,464 

Parcel, Don D. 373 

Parcel, Mae L. 373 

Park, Doris E. 82,94,205,464 

Park, John M. 200,373 

Parker, Connie 1 33 

Parker, Dorothy A. 96,152,464 

Parker, Elliotts. 70,101 

Parker, Randall L. 199,464 

Parker, S. Thomas 19 

Parker, Robert N. 130 

Parks, Thomas W. 131 

Parr, David W. 102,176,298,464 

Parrish, D. C. 72 

Parsons, Michael L. 116,218,464 

Parsons, Sherman R. 224 

Parsons, Terry L. 75,120,121,125,176, 

Parthemer, Errol L. 83,113,323,464 
Pasquil, Cornelio, Jr. 373 
Pasquil, Manuel J. 103 
Pate, John L. 126,373 
Patterson, C. Richard 192,300,464 
Patterson, Dale L. 92,373 
Patterson, Roger K. 196,373 
Patterson, Vivian M. 79,140,143,464 
Patton, Duane Y. 464 
Patton, Imarie B. 98 
Paulson, Phyllis A. 98 
Pawlowski, John E. 77,85,120,126 
Paxson, Karen A. 97,104,137,210,464 
Payne, David W. 1 88,464 
Payne, Henry D. 111,163,464 
Payne, Loyal F. 113 
Paynter, Richard J. 85 
Peabody, Derril E. 196,464 
Pearce, Cecil W. 223,464 
Pearce, Garland D. 106 
Pearce, Janet 104 
Pearce, Mary A. 140,147,464 
Pershing Rifles 106 
Pearson, Carolyn V. 205,300,464 
Pearson, David W. 106,118,120 
Pearson, Dolores A. 98 
Pearson, Frederick L. 496 
Pearson, Loren D. 185,373 
Pease, Dean A. 195,246,464 
Pease, Donald M. 108,126,373 
Pease, Harold D. 125,373 
Pease, Norma L. 98 
Peck, James A. 191,267,464 
Peck, Lester D. 128,373 
Pedersen, John R. 107 
Pedersen, Randall E. 373 
Peel, John E. 167,464 
Peerson, Mary K. 143,373 
Pegg, Earl R. 160,465 

Peirce, Ken 392 

Peithman, Allen E. 217,246,465 

Peltier, Gary V. 84,465 

Peluso, Ralph D. 96,217,234,373 

Pence, Royce O. 68,1 19 

Penny's 508 

Penrod, Margery L. 308,374 

Pepsi Cola Bottling Company 500 

Perisho, Mary E. 222,396 

Perkins, Alfred T. 72 

Perkins, Barbara A. 148,214,465 

Perkins, Thelma M. 111,205,374 

Perrier, Charles L. 196,465 

Perrier, Louis E. 121,195,465 

Perry, Edward N. 195.465 

Perry, Joan E. 151,465 

Perry, Murvin 74 

Perry, Ralph 18 

Perry, Robert B. 124 

Peters, Chester E. 18,22,64 216 

Peters, Claude W. 75 

Peters, Daniel S. 216,465 

Peters, Gary L. 171,465 

Peters, Joan K. 159,374 

Peters, John H. 125,187,374 

Peters, Keith S. 322 

Peters, Mrs. Keith S. 208 

Peters, LeRoy L. 107 

Petersen, Robert E. 455 

Petersilie, William H. 123,455 

Peterson, Charles C. 164,465 

Peterson, Chester N., Jr. 25,74,1 17,308, 

31 1,396 
Peterson, Donald F. 176,465 
Peterson, Gary E. 163,465 
Peterson, Gary L. 196,465 
Peterson, John D. 108,164,465 
Peterson, Jon E. 164,465 
Peterson, Karen 67,134,308,374 
Peterson, Karlen E. 311 
Peterson, Leland M. 125,374 
Peterson, M. Bruce 197,374 
Peterson, Max R. 120,185,465 
Peterson, Ralph W. 163,465 
Peterson, Roger K. 171 ,465 
Peterson, Stanley G. 272 
Peterson, Susan G. 151 ,300,303,465 
Peterson, Susan J. 156,465 
Peterson, Willis I. 88,218,465 
Petitt, Terry R. 1 1 9, 1 99,465 
Petterson, John L. 188,305,307,465 
Pettijohn, Mary E. 143,465 
Pettle, Jerry 273 
Peugh, Pat 98 
Peugh, William E. 465 
Pf ^renstiel, Mary 98,123 
Pfeifer, Norman I. 301,465 
P'eifer, Raloh J. 236 
Pfeifer, Ruth E. 98 
Pfister, Ronald L. 67,196,465 
Pflieger, Lo-en D. 72,465 
Phelps, James R. 104,106 
Phems 99 
Phi A!ph3 Mu 66 
Phi Aloha Theta 73 
Phi Delta Theta 184 
Phi Easiion Kappa 79 
Phi Et3 Sigma 67 
Phi Kappa Tau 200 
Phi Kappa Theta 186 
Phi Lambda Upsilon 72 
Phifer, Vicki L. 215,465 
Phillips, C. Anne 104,205,466 
Phillips, David H. 374 
Phillips, Duane R. 217,466 
Phillips, Maria D. 222,396 
Phipps, George H. 130,171,466 
Phlieger, Alvin P. 374 
Pi Beta Phi 158 
Pi Epsilon Delta 70 
Pi Kappa Alpha 189 
Pi Tau Sigma 76 
Pickens, Carolyn E. 141,374 
Pickering, Marvin D. 299 
Pickett, A. G. 313 
Pickett, Herschel R. 115,160,466 
Pickett, Leroy 392 
Pickett, William F. 30 
Pickinpaugh, Elden R. 218,262,466 
Pierce, Charles L. 466 
Pierce, Henry F. 171,272,466 
Pierce, Mary E. 151,210,466 
Pierce, Michael E. 466 
Piercy, Linda R. 97,215,466 
Pierson, Donna J. 374 
Pierson, George P. 131 
Pieschl, Richard L. 175,466 
Pilkenton, Judith A. 79,1 36,1 56,300,466 
Pincus, Celia 89,97,210,466 
Pine, Janet H. 210,466 
Pine, Roger C. 178,262,466 
Piper, James M. 171,374 
Piper, Stephen C. 175,466 
Piper, Thomas D. 496 
Pippenger, Edwin L. 106 
Pippenger, Milton L. 83,106 
Pitchford, John S. 84 
Pitzer, Walter J. 129,374 
Pivonka, Barbara J. 84,205,374 
Pivonka, Edward D. 120,466 
Plank, Arnold C. 73,374 
Plank, Janice A. 98 
Piatt, Robert G. 466 
Playter, Robert F. 130 
Plenert, Marvin L. 374 
Pletcher, Ronald D. 192,466 
Pletcher, Vera E. 73,396 
Plow & Pen Club 116 
Plunkett, Morton D. 172,466 
Poe, Robert L. 222,466 
Poer, Dennis E. 192,301,466 
Pokorny, Charles 94 
Polehna, Vera R. 131,465 


Poley, Gerald E. 1 19,374 
Poling, Tim E. 160,466 
Political Science Club 103 

Polkinghorn, William 112,374 
Pol ley, Gwen 98 
Pollom's Book Store 514 

Poor, Ronnie 163,466 

Poorbaugh, John H. 107 

Poort, Larry W. 94 

Poort, Steve M. 185,261,456 

Popp, Robert L. 95,374 

Popplewell, David M. 85,124,220,374 

Porath, William W. 116,466 

Porter, Irene E. 81 137 

Porter, Sally P. 152,215,466 

Posada, Lazaro 107 

Post, Arthur W. 127.374 

Post, Jerry L. 299,303 

Postier, Galen W. 1 1 2 

Poteet, Nadene L. 215,466 

Pottenger, Marion L. 123 

Potter, Jean M. 210,466 

Pottorff, Karen J. 144,466 

Potwin, Alice 496 

Poultry Science Club 113 

Powell, Bertie L. 144,300,466 

Powell Brothers 501 

Powell, Forrest N. 131 

Powell, H. Dean 236,466 

Powell, Jonanne 207,300,466 

Powell, l.oren 303 

Powell, Nancy J. 215,467 

Powell, Richard L. 67,183,467 

Powell, Wayne M. 1 72,467 

Powell, William A. 125,467 

Powell, William O. 123 

Prather, Ardene K. 1 75,467 

Pratt, Norman L. 467 

Preddy, Caroline E. 67.1 52,467 

Prentup, Patricia L. 1 51 ,467 

President 12-13 

Prestwood, Tillman A., Jr. 121,126,374 

Prevo, Charles T. 67,1 16 

Prevo, Paul R. 118 

Prewett, Ralph M. 126 

Prewitt, Judith C. 159,467 

Pribyl, Lawrence E. 85,101,104,375 

Pribyl, M. Dianne 85,104,207,467 

Price, Cedric L. 238,244.254,255 

Price, James W. 180.467 

Price, Lawrence E. 180,310,467 

Pricer, Norman L. 375 

Priefert, Paul B. 83,221,300,303,467 

Pritchard, Homer L. 375 

Pritchard, J. Faye 208 

Pritchard, Mary L. 467 

Pritchard, Michael D. 164,467 

Proctor, Connie M. 215,300.467 

Proctor, Day le J. 91,113,205,467 

Proctor, Marvin L. 122,218,467 

Proctor, Ruth A. 205,467 

Professional Foods Club 1 34 

Proffitt, Gary R. 467 

Proudfit, F. Elizabeth 143,467 

Pruitt, Mary M. 140,148,467 

Pryor, James 1 01 

Psychology Club 102 

Puckett, Mimi E. 205,467 

Pugh, Keith D. 75,120,121,218,375 

Pugsley, Albert L. 17 

Puig, Hector 128 

Pulford, Robert E. 188,375 

Pultz, Charles H. 375 

Purcell, Deanna A. 104,207,467 

Purcell, Duane C. 114 

Purcell, Billye K. 98,1 15 

Purfurst, James R. 172,467 

Purinton, Paul T. 171,300,467 

Purohit, B. L. 396 

Purple Pepsters 96 

Pyle, Constance M. 210,467 

Pyle, Robert E. 19 

Pyne, Charles L. 160,467 

Pywell, Richard A. 106,197,467 

Qasim, Jamel J. 73,107,108,109,375 

Quade, Kenneth G. 168,467